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Great expectations. AmigaWorld was ready for the beach this month, but it rained. Damned New England weather; there'll be a foot of snow again before you can say "Legs Diamond" (Linda. Senior Editor News-and-Flooze gal, left center), or "flickerFixer.” Which reminds us: we did spend some considerable time this month (see the feature article and the Reviews) on a product to help you beat the hi-res interlaced blues. Our writers loved it; our Reviews man said "it's leagues ahead of sunglasses.” Well, at S595 it should be! We spent only about S100 to outfit the whole staff, including the Teddy Bears, who were miffed because they were supposed to be on last month's cover. And yes. Bob's dog Mae to the left of Bob, the ramblin’ wreck of Amiga Tech. Right. All to show you a cheaper, and more fun, way to do it. We hope the sun is shining where you are and, by the way, get involved in our Summer ’88 Treasure Hunt and win some good stuff. (Before Barbara does; she’s our Reviews Fashion Editor, right center Barb made her mother change her name and move to Peoria, Illinois, so she could send in a phoney correct solution.) That spacey character in the center rear is Guy, the person responsible for AmigaWorld. The rest of us are Dan (senior word warden, behind the potted palm), Shawn (head manager-type and video mogul, supporting "Legs"), and, of course, the bears. The person who orchestrated this whole scene is Roger Goode of our design staff. The photographer would rather keep his name out of it but, what the heck, Frank Cordelle did it and he should have known better! I'VE BEEN DOING a lot of traveling lately Hannover, Washington, Atlanta, Kansas, Florida, New York and I’m approaching a state of permanent jet lag. My kids don't recognize me anymore, and hotels are beginning to feel like home. I hope you all appreciate my efforts and don't think that T have a glamorous job. It's a lot of fun, but sometimes I feel envious of mall janitors. All they have to do is shamble about, sweeping up cigarette butts. They don't have to travel, make speeches, or write editorials. These past few months have been exciting for Commodore and the Amiga. New products have been announced and talked about. But when are all these things going to be available? When are they going to be real? I heard a number of questions like those when Commodore announced the A2000. Should I wait before buying something because a newer version will be coming along soon? Should I start thinking about trading in my A2000 for an A2500? I don't think so. First, there is no guarantee that a particular new product will ever be for sale. Second, I wouldn't hold my breath on any of these new Amiga products. Some will be ready by the end of the summer, many will d be ready sometime in the fall, and some won't be ready until1989. Which ones will show up First? 1.8 will probably be the first. 1.4 and the new chip set might become 1989 products. The A2500s are just A2()0()s with extra hoards and memory, so if you own a 2000, you already own a 2500 chassis. The Transputer is probably the longest shot of the hunch. 1 have my doubts about the release dates (and quality) of the two video boards, so il you need one, don’t wail for Commodore. The new monitors depend on other manufacturers, so they are anybody’s guess. I'm sure there will be an Amiga 3000 someday but I'm also sure that eventually ihere will be a manned mission to Mars. Commodore is making an effort to make everything upgradable in the Amiga line.

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Amiga World Vol 04 08 1988 Aug

Document sans nom August 1988 USA. $ 3.95 Canada $ 4.50 UK 12.50 An 1DGC I Publication rewind* pc» ¦'.Mwr *> 17408 Chatsworth St.. Granada Hills. CA 91344 InsideCA 818 360-3715, Outside CA 800 522-2041 Circle 138 on Reader Service card. DELIVERS ULTIMATE GRAPHICS POWER Bring the world into your Amiga with Digi-View, the 4096 color video digitizer, in seconds you can capture any photograph or object your video camera can see in full color and with clarity never before available on a home computer. Digi-View’s advanced features include:
• Dithering routines give up to AMIGA 100,000 apparent colors on screen | •NewTek’s exclusive Enhanced Hold-and-Modify mode allows for exceptionally detailed images Digitize images in any number of colors from 2 to 4096 Print, animate, transmit, store, or manipulate images with available IFF compatible programs Digitize in all Amiga resolution modes (320x200, 320x400, 640x200, 640x400) “Digi-View sets new standards for graphics hardware”- n oWor d FjfrriF
• L _ a. Digi-View is available now at your local Amiga dealer or call: 1-913-354-1146 or 1-800-843-8934 I ONLY $ 199.95 All photos actual unretouched Digi-View pictures shot directiy off the 1080 Amiga monitor. Circle 102 on Reader Service card PROFESSIONAL PAGE A Powerful Creativity Tool for Serious Layout Artists, Designers & Business Professionals. EXPERTS SAY IT S THE BEST! It you’re looking lor the best in desktop publishing. Listen to what the experts say about Professional Page. They call it an industry hcary- ireigbt and a work class innovator. That's because it's so richly endowed with sophisticated high end features you won't find anywhere else. But Professional Page is more than a revolutionary page layout tool that combines color graphics and precision tvpesct- hng. In the hands of a professional, like* yon. It’s an unlair advantage. 11 you’re serious about professional page layout and want to experience the llirill of creativity, then get Professional Page. It's at your Amiga dealer now. R WHOLE NEW AGE IS ABOUT TO DAWN , eoryou I ANDYOLR I AMIGA ci Inc??!* Ranks Among The Best Professional Page can hold its head up in the company of such heavy hitters as Ventura Publisher and PageMaker. Electronic Composition C- Publish im> March April %‘S Precision Typesetting Heady stuff ... [will] lake us to entirely new realms in desktop publishing ...is impressive ... can handle typographically demanding documents. . 1 initi>a IVI nit I. Ma y I OSS THE At'.E OF PROFESSIONAL PAOF. More reasons to own Professional Page ... compelling ... innovative deep access to the powers of PostScript ... good range of object oriented draw ing tools ... the program is fast, its features are w ell integrated and Gold Disk appears committed to further refinement ... Electronic Gmifxisitioii P- March April fASVS’ Kind of impressive. >sni«? Were • The bat graph could have been not damVuvi this is the ultimate in imported I tom any Amiga paint ¦ design from Madison Avenue. But drawing package. We drew it w e do think it holds real potential quickly using the but It -in draw mg tor career advancement and civ tools. Hanccd business communications. • The Roles was created in a lust think what this type of pre- paint program, then imported and sentaticm can mean for communi- sized. This v a very versatile tca- cations with your staff, your supe- tuve of Professional Page. You can rior. Your customers and your manipulate pictures and drawings. Suppliers. It gives you impact. It sizing and cropping them at will. Makes your point of view more persuasive. How this page was created The big A was drawn using
• The Gold Disk logo was not digitized. It was created with the built-in draw ing tools m pist a few minutes. Once on disk, a logo No contest ... decimates its Amiga competition. Amiuci World. May I9ss Professional Page's built-in struc- may be used over and over again tured drawing tools
• Gold Disk, above the A at the top. Was set and italicized. Any typeface you use may be bolded, italicized, and underlined, multiplying the impact of each face. GOLD DISK
P. O. bo 7K‘>. SuccuMtlc. M»ssi"sauga. Ontario.CANADA. L5M Phowc-.U 0>S2H tor orders-. -S00AX7-* ‘>- From concept to color seps After years of preparing black and white camera-ready an tor color printing, we can now desjgn an(j compose in color and produce plate-ready final film. Vtfllum Print c- (iraphk Sen lew Concord. Ontario That's only the tip of the iceberg. With time and practice you can learn to produce stunning presentations iu a fraction of the time . Comes with excellent manual. Full telephone support. Requires
• An orange screen was placed in Amiga w ith I Mb of memory, back of the A.Tou can form any Outputs to PostScript laser print- number of patterns, hue weights, ers and typesetters and dot matrix and screens. And y ou can easily printers t color or black N wIntel, center, kern or lead blocks of type. Includes built-in color separation. Ctwite vVxumctW ,uw tfc.1 was created amicoVx scpar.vlcil livingPtvlMsttwil Paco X .l ’,>l on c;ird VOLUME 4, NUMBER 8 CONTENTS AUGUST 1988 I i; AT IRES Workstation Amiga By shetdon Uemon 28 Science, engineering, professional graphics these fields and others all require the power and versatility of computer workstations. What are the Amiga’s strengths and what modifications are needed' to make the Amiga a viable workstation solution? A R TIC L E S The AmigaDOS Workout Disk By w. Jeffrey Biume .40 Cl.I users, get ready for the burn! The developers of ARP (AmigaDOS Replacement Project) may have found the right program to supply greater power, speed, and accessibility than current AmigaDOS commands can offer. The 1.3 Device Squad By Sheldon Leemon ..4ft With its new 1.3 operating system for the Amiga, Commodore is doing a “West Chester Vice’’ bit to clean up one of 1.2’s most serious faults. New mountable device drivers and handlers will now enable you to add almost any kind of standard device type to your system. COM M AS Zeitgeist 6 After dropping a wad at the last poker game, the editor is trying Tartu cards to predict future outcomes. Fortunately, he also gave up half his column so that the rest of us could review an exciting new product to help) you beat flicker on your hi res monitor. BASIC By The Numbers By Bob Ryan . 24 Although he does say this month that "In general, sprites are faster than BOPs,” we believe you’ll think our Bob is pretty sprightly in conveying the essentials of programming animation in Amiga Basic. INFO.PHILE By Bill Catchings and Mark L. Van Name .....57 Our CLI specialists begin a “mini-series” this month Exploring AmigaDOS 1.3 to help you get to know the new features of the 1.3 version of the Amiga’s operating system.
I) E P A R T M E N T S Repartee 8 We thought the recent postage increase might stop you, hut it didn’t. Notepad 10 Our news hounds have put together a synopsis of recent major shows and expositions affecting Amiga users and the Amiga marketplace. Hors doeuvres ....12 Got some nifty tips or helpful hints? This is the place where we publish them. REVIEWS ... 16 Keyboard Controlled Sequencer Source Level Debugger I Photon Paint I IlickerFixer I AproDraw I Impact 2000 I LV Backup I QuartcrBack I saf-T-net, Games: Return to Atlantis. What’s New? .... 80 Aon can't take them to the beach, but these new products for your Amiga might provide some comfort on rainy days. Help Key ...02 We thought Lou was stranded on Martha's Vineyard this month, bul he floated in this Q&A column by note in-a-bottle technology just in the nick of time. Helluva guv! Win an Amiga 2000! Plus a Getaway Weekend for 2. We’ve reached Part Two of AmigaWorld's three-part Summer ’88 Treasure Hunt. A fresh new set of clues is waiting on page 62. Quit cooling your heels and get back on the track! COVER PHOTOGRAPH BA' PAUL AVIS GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC. More New Products From The IMPACT Peripherals People! NEW!! A2000 SCSI HARD CARDS. NOW SHIPPING A2000-HC 20 and A2000-HC 45 The first AFFORDABLE SCSI Hard-Card for the A2000: ° IMPACT AutoRoot A2000-HC 20, $ 599 sugg. Retail ° IMPACT AutoBoot A2000-HG45, $ 850 sugg. Retail
• High-performance, DMA design, SCSI controller with a 20MB or 45MB Hard Disk mounted directly on PCB, freeing up a valuable and scarce A2000 peripheral bay.
• External SCSI connector for attaching up to 6 additional SCSI devices.
• AutoBoot directly from I lard Disk with V1.3 Kickstart and GVT AutoBoot EPROMs installed.
• Easy “click-and-go" software installation. MULTI-FUNCTION SCSI RAM CONTROLLER NOW SHIPPING A2000T 0 and A 2000-2 0 The first Amiga A2000 Multi function Expansion Adapter. 0 Original IMPACT A2000-1 0, $ 325 suggested retail ° NEW IMPACT A2000-2 0 (Max 2MB RAM, OK installed) SCSI RAM controller, $ 360 suggested retail
• Combination high performance DMA SCSI controller and 1MB or 2MB FAST RAM expansion in one slot!
• AutoBoot directly from a hard disk with V1.3 kickstart and GVT AutoBoot EPROMs installed.
• External and internal SCSI connectors for handling up to 7 SCSi devices. A500 SCSI RAM Hard Disk add-on subsystem. AUGUST Availability Offers Everything any A500 owner has ever dreamed of, in one compact, easy-to* install, add-on subsystem. ° I MPA CT A500-S CSI HD2 0, $ 795 suggested retail 0 IMPACT A500-SCSI HD45, $ 1095 suggested retail
• Combines a DMA SCSI controller with a built-in 3.5" (20MB or 45MB) hard disk and an optional 2MB plug-in FAST RAM AutoBoot expansion module, into a single compact A500 add-on unit.
• Comes complete with power supply and built-in FAN.
• External SCSI connector for attaching additional SCSI devices. For MORE INFORMATION and for your nearest GYP DEALER call us TODAY at 215-889-9411. 225 Plank Ave., Paoli, PA 19301 Tel: 215-8.39-941 1 Fax: 215-889-9416 Stephen Robbins, Publisher Guy Wright, Editor-in-chief SHAWN LAFLAMME, Managing Editor Robert M. Ryan, Technical Editor Linda J. Barrett. Senior Editor Dan Sullivan, Senior Editor Barbara Gefverx Rei 'iew Editor Bill Catchings, David T. McClellan, Mark L, Van Name, Lou Wallace, Contributing Editors Howard G. HaPP. Art Director ROGER Goode, Assistant Art Director Anne Dillon, Designer RUTH BENEDICT, Production Advertising Supervisor LAURA JOHNSON, Production Assistant KENNETH BLAKEMAN, Sales Manager MICHAEL McGOLDRJCK, Sates Representative Heather Paquette, Puli Down Menu Sales, 1-800-441-4403 Linda M. Bussiere, Advertising Coordinator GIORGIO SALUTI, Manager, West Coast Sales 1-415-328-3470 DANNA CARNEY. Pull Down Menu Sales Assistant, West Coast 3350 W. Bayshore Road. Suite 201 Palo Alto. CA 94303 Margot L. Swanson, Secretary WEN DIE HAINES, Marketing Manager LAURA LIVINGSTON, Marketing Coordinator BARBARA Harris, Business Manager LlSA LaFLEUR, Customer Sendee Representative Michael S. Perlis, President CEO ROGER Murphy, Vice-President General Manager STEPHEN TWOMBLY, Vice President DENNIS CHRISTENSEN, Director of Corporate Production LlNDA PALMISANO, Typesetting Manager Doreen Means, Typographer SUSAN Gross, Manufacturing Manager LESLIE WALDEN, Assistant Manufacturing Manager Frank S, Smith, Director of Circulation BONNIE WELSH, Circulation Manager PAUL RUESS, Direct Marketing Manager Linda Ruth, Newsstand Sales MICHAEL CARROLL, Direct Sales Manager 800-343 0728 William M. Boyer. Director of Credit Sales 2? Collections Amiga Wbrtit (ISSN 0883-2390) is an independent journal not connected with Commodore Business Machines. Inc. AmigaWtnld is published inomhlv by IDG Communications Peterborough. Inc.. HO Kirn St.. Peterborough. Nil 03458. U.S. subscription rate is 52-1.97. one year; 38.00. two e,us; $ 53.00, three years. Canada $ 34.97 (l S funds}, one year only. Mexico $ 32,97. Foreign Suifate $ 47.97, Foreign Airmail $ 82.97 (L'.S funds drawn on I'.S, bank). All rates are one-year onlv. Second class postage paid at Peterborough. Ml. And at additional mailing ollues. Phone: 903-92-4-9471 Faitiie contents copyright 19HH b IlKi CoiuiiHiilicationsfPeierborough, Inc. No part ot this pub lication may be printed or otherwise reproduced without written permission From the publisher. Postmaster: Send address changes to AMIGA WuHd. Subscription Services. P() Box 58804, Boulder. CO 80322-8804. N'ationalb distributed b Inter'national Circulation Distributors. AmignlVorW makes cvcrs effort in assure the accuracy of articles, listings and circuits published in the maga inc. AmqpAYnrtd as suines no responsibility for damages due to errors nr omissions. DEALERS Circle 145 on Reader Service card CONSUMERS Circle 52 on Reader Service card. Burst the two-dimensional straightjacket that imprisons your video graphics. Enter the full-depth, full-color world of X-Specs 3D. The third dimensional stereoscopic world of human vision. How does it work? The X-Specs advanced high-speed liquid crystal shutters allow your computer to control what each eye sees independently (at 30 frames per second). The results are breathtaking. Objects step out of your computer's display and into the room with lifelike reality. You can add new life to presentations, CAD, molecular and solids modeling. You can play games with more realism than ever imaginable. Easy installation involves plugging interface into joystick port and running software included. Look for the variety of new programs supporting the X-Specs' Real Eyes vision. Ask your local dealer for a demonstration. If he doesn't have X-Specs yet, call or write us. We'll make sure you get a chance to see the new world of X-SPECS 3D. C-64 and VCR interface coming soon. Dealer & distributor inquiries invited. Amiga version list price: $ 124.95 Cirde 136 on Reader Service card. HAITEX RESOURCES, INC. 208 Carrollton Pork • Suite 1207 • CorroSlton, Texas 75006 * (214) 241-8030 X-Specs 30 and Heal Eyes are trademarks of Haitex Resources. Inc- Amiga is a registered Trademark & CommcxJore-Amsga. Inc. Picture above is NOT a computer-generated image. ZEITGEIST Great expectations. AmigaWorld was ready for the beach this month, but it rained. Damned New England weather; there'll be a foot of snow again before you can say "Legs Diamond" (Linda. Senior Editor News-and-Flooze gal, left center), or "flickerFixer.” Which reminds us: we did spend some considerable time this month (see the feature article and the Reviews) on a product to help you beat the hi-res interlaced blues. Our writers loved it; our Reviews man said "it's leagues ahead of sunglasses.” Well, at S595 it should be! We spent only about S100 to outfit the whole staff, including the Teddy Bears, who were miffed because they were supposed to be on last month's cover. And yes. Bob's dog Mae to the left of Bob, the ramblin’ wreck of Amiga Tech. Right. All to show you a cheaper, and more fun, way to do it. We hope the sun is shining where you are and, by the way, get involved in our Summer ’88 Treasure Hunt and win some good stuff. (Before Barbara does; she’s our Reviews Fashion Editor, right center Barb made her mother change her name and move to Peoria, Illinois, so she could send in a phoney correct solution.) That spacey character in the center rear is Guy, the person responsible for AmigaWorld. The rest of us are Dan (senior word warden, behind the potted palm), Shawn (head manager-type and video mogul, supporting "Legs"), and, of course, the bears. The person who orchestrated this whole scene is Roger Goode of our design staff. The photographer would rather keep his name out of it but, what the heck, Frank Cordelle did it and he should have known better! I'VE BEEN DOING a lot of traveling lately Hannover, Washington, Atlanta, Kansas, Florida, New York and I’m approaching a state of permanent jet lag. My kids don't recognize me anymore, and hotels are beginning to feel like home. I hope you all appreciate my efforts and don't think that T have a glamorous job. It's a lot of fun, but sometimes I feel envious of mall janitors. All they have to do is shamble about, sweeping up cigarette butts. They don't have to travel, make speeches, or write editorials. These past few months have been exciting for Commodore and the Amiga. New products have been announced and talked about. But when are all these things going to be available? When are they going to be real? I heard a number of questions like those when Commodore announced the A2000. Should I wait before buying something because a newer version will be coming along soon? Should I start thinking about trading in my A2000 for an A2500? I don't think so. First, there is no guarantee that a particular new product will ever be for sale. Second, I wouldn't hold my breath on any of these new Amiga products. Some will be ready by the end of the summer, many will d be ready sometime in the fall, and some won't be ready until
1989. Which ones will show up First? 1.8 will probably be the first. 1.4 and the new chip set might become 1989 products. The A2500s are just A2()0()s with extra hoards and memory, so if you own a 2000, you already own a 2500 chassis. The Transputer is probably the longest shot of the hunch. 1 have my doubts about the release dates (and quality) of the two video boards, so il you need one, don’t wail for Commodore. The new monitors depend on other manufacturers, so they are anybody’s guess. I'm sure there will be an Amiga 3000 someday but I'm also sure that eventually ihere will be a manned mission to Mars. Commodore is making an effort to make everything upgradable in the Amiga line. The A2000 can be turned into an A2500. Most of the software will work on all A mi gas. Operating system upgrades are possible on all models. It may cost more to upgrade an older Amiga, but that’s life. Eventually you will have to buy a new system or scrap some of your software that’s the cost of progress. We will continue to tell you about everything that Comiiio-
- n dore is working on for the fu- O ture. But keep in mind that until a product shows up on store shelves, it isn't real. If you need something now, bu it now. Excellence! LIMIT excellence! Excellence! In n» Don’t limit your potential! Experience excellence!, a wordprocessor designed for your Amiga, with 250 available fonts, a Spell-As-You-iype 90,000+ word Dictionary, Grammatical Style Checker, Thesaurus, Index and Table of Contents generator, Headers, Footers and Footnotes! Sail through PostScript output, True WYSIWYG, automatic Hyphenation, Math, beautiful resizable Color Graphics, flexible Mail Merge, Columns and an easy-to-use Macro-Language making complex actions a breeze! The fastest wordprocessor for your Amiga is the only one you’ll ever need! Have an excellence! Summer! Micro- Systems Software Committed to excellence since 1978 12798 Forest Hill Boulevard • West Palm Beach, Florida 33414 • 407-790-0770 Sec your local dealer or call for an excellence! Brochure. Dealers Distributors contact Brown-Wagh 800 451-0900 (408 395-3838 in CA), Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines • PostScript Is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems, Inc exccellcnce! Is a registered trademark of Micro-Systems Software, Inc Cude 163 on Reader Service card REPARTEE Comments, complaints, arid, concerns from Amiga World readers. Taming Agnus FRED KUHLMAN’S LETTER in the May issue ["Fat Agnus On The Loose," Repartee, May '88, p. 10] was a lifesaver. When I fii-si purchased my Amiga 500 six months ago, it came out of the box with exactly the same problem that Mr. Kuhlman described. I returned it to my dealer, who told me that he had no idea what the problem was. I received a new computer, which worked well until just recently. T hen, the same problem recurred. I was frustrated to say the least. 1 had the machine packed and ready for the return trip to the dealer when your May issue arrived with Mr. Kuhlman’s timely letter. I quickly unpacked the machine and applied pressure to the Agnus chip and the problem was corrected. Since then, I haven’t had any problems with it. James Lapkoff, M.D. Milwaukee, WI Well-Worded GUY WRIGHT HAS had some solid gripes in his Zeitgeist column for the past few months, and most of us have been in agreement with him. However, he hasn’t mentioned the worst plague of all the horrible state of written documentation. Have you ever driven into a strange city, stopped the nearest guy on the corner and asked him how to get to Main Street? He gives you a ten-minute monologue, you thank him, drive away, and then turn to your wife and say. “Jeez, what did he say?" Your wife tells you she couldn’t understand a word of it either. That's the way I feel when I * plunk down a hundred bucks for a program and, with the aid of five friends, can’t figure out what the manual is trying to say. Don’t say clear and concise instructions can't be written. Thousands of us have built Heathkit computers that were totally new to us. If cake recipes were written like software documentation, no one would eat cake. Larry T. Kitten San Angelo, TX New Motherboard AT THE RECENT NCGA show, I expressed to Paul Hig- ginbottom, Commodore’s Amiga Products Manager, my concern about the future of the Amiga 1000. 1 am worried about the much talked about increase in chip RAM to 1MB or more in the A500 and A2000. I forsee software that will require this and that will not operate on the A1000. I suggested that Commodore attempt to make an upgraded motherboard for the A1000 that would allow us to have the expanded capabilities of the other machines, yet still allow us to use all of the peripherals, such as internal RAM expanders, that we have invested in during these past two and a half years. Unfortunately, Mr. Higgin- bottom was not impressed with the idea. He feels that a new motherboard for the A1000 would cost as much to produce as a complete A500 and would not have a large enough sales potential to justify the costs involved. He did finally agree to consider the idea if we, the A 1000 owners, could prove that there is enough interest in such a product. Now it's up to us. Send letters to Paul Higginbottom and Irving Gould, Chairman of the Board, at Commodore. Get up a petition at your local users group, post messages on the BBSs and commercial services. Don’t be left behind and lose your investment in those expensive add-ons for the A1000. Rick Jones Orange, CA VAX Facts IN A NUMBER of articles, Amiga World has referred to a computer called the VAX PDP- 1 I. Actually, the VAX and PDF-1 1 computers are completely different machines. The PDP-1 1 family consists j of 16-bit minicomputers, while the VAX line consists of newer, 32-bit machines. Both lines are made by Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC). These machines often serve as microcomputer network host systems and database J servers. In fact, Apple recently signed a contract with DEC that establishes the Mac as a business workstation for use with VAX systems. Since all of the networking protocols are or will be published, this would be a great area in which to develop Amiga applications that could work with VAX systems. Macintoshes, and Mac- VAX applications. Christopher R. Hertel Winnrtka, II. Neglected I AGREE WITH Guy Wright [Zeitgeist, June '88, p. 8] that "U.S. manufacturers should he more considerate of Amiga owners overseas." I have purchased a wide range oi soil- ware. And the user support has been non-existent. 1 have filled out registration cards to receive information about upgrades and new products, hut the result of my efforts has been nothing! T his applies even to products like DeluxePrint (Electronic Arts) and DigiPaint (NewT'ek), of which new versions have been released. Do software companies have the insular attitude that Amigas are only used in the U.S.? Wan Kwang Kow Singapore Send your letters to: Repartee, Amiga World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NIT 03458. Letters may be edited for space and clarity. ¦ of oppressive lule by file Tyrans, Lord Mantrex and his Star Warriors rehelled and attemptec tfie freedom of their planet After years of bittei fighting, the remnants of Laid Matreis forci
1) ~ If> HTMt itiIN? Mmf AujMf f&Bfcj (jatheied to lace the final assault by the Ty an Oedthbols I
• m:r ¦ •• • r ¦¦ -ff • V •' y'fi ¦ *’ * *•* -.‘-.V !- - iftif- M*-. ¦ ** JiW- ||*1 : You, as Lord Mantrex, must defeat the TyrBns and win hack tfie freedom of Ganyme «n» mm H Usk Circle ;4 on r iiiifi iii ~ life ~iiiBiiY 'iiiiritffamrii r»>f "ii Please rush me ? Mastercard BOMB BUSTERS @ $ 29.95us($ 34.95 GANYMED @ $ 29.95us($ 34.95 Payment by: ? Check Cant tt._ Exw Date Please add MOO lor shipptng and handkng Ontano residents please add 8% P ST. No C O D. please NAME______ Ready Soft Inc. f?0. Box 1222, Lewiston, N.Y. 14092 CITY TOWN STATE mark pf Commodore Blectroi Compiled by Linda Barrett Artists’ Showcase VIDEO ANIMATORS AND computer graphics artists can now take advantage of a new way to display their talents. The Avant Garde Network (AGN) of Mount Pleasant, Michigan has opened of a graphics animation showcase, giving individuals, groups, and manufacturers a chance to show their works and their wares. Artists can submit their videos and slide shows to AGN, which distributes television programming to broadcast and cable operators, and AGN will consider them for possible broadcast on the showcase programs. “There really has not been an open channel available for these artists to show their stuff," said an AGN spokesperson. In the past, computer trade shows and video fairs were the only way for the public to get a look at the work of computer artists. Artists will receive full credit for their efforts, and each display of artwork will be captioned. Manufacturers of the equipment used in producing the art will also be credited. Awards for outstanding work will be presented bi-monthly. Computer art from all levels of technical sophistication will be considered, and there are no submission fees. Artists should submit their work on S-VHS, VHS, or 3A-inch videotape to Avant Garde Network, PO Box 919, Mount Pleasant, Ml 48804. Submission of a tape authorizes the network to broadcast, cablecast, or satellite telecast the artwork for up to one year from the date the material is received. AGN also reserves the right, if necessary, to edit artwork to accommodate their programming schedule. SL Show Hopping invaded L’ enfant Plaza Hotel for the Amiga Developers Conference, three days of intensive seminars, panel discussions, and speeches. Besides the usual hard-core techie seminars, this year’s conference offered seminars on public relations, marketing, and selling products abroad. Most of the attendees (which for a change included company presidents and marketing directors) agreed that these seminars were a worthwhile addition to the agenda. Commodore gave more detailed information aboui the products announced at Hannover and added a few new ones to the list. While the company openly discussed its products and plans, the general tone was cautious. Version 1.4 of the op- AFTER A WINTER of hiberna- tion, the Amiga awoke with a roar this spring and attended three shows in two and a half months. Commodore and the Amiga jetted from the Hannover Fair in Germany (see “Foreign Correspondence," p. 12 in the June ’88 issue of AmigaWorld) to the Amiga Developers Conference in Washington, D.C. to Comdex in Atlanta, GA. Leaving a trail of press releases behind. Beyond what was said you could watch a deft display of slight of tongue. How products and promises were presented depended on where you were. The Amiga Developers Conference In April, the people behind the programs and peripherals crating system will feature “major revisions" to Workbench and is scheduled to coincide with the new chip set. To display the wonders produced by the new chips, Commodore is working on bisync monitors (15 and 51 Mhz) that will support the non-interlaced modes. There was also some talk about a PVA (Professional Video Adapter* a combination genlock and frame grabber) board for the A2000. Commodore was careful to point out that all the new product announcements were not finalized and things may change between now and when (or if ever) they are finished. Because the products are in the early development stages, listeners had to take the supplied specs with a few shakers of salt. The mere existence of specifications, however, showed the developers that Commodore had progressed beyond the stage of "wouldn't it he nice if we had a. . On the marketing and promotion side. Commodore’s plans for the Amiga are still pretty vague, but the company is beginning to pick a few directions. Vertical markets, education. And video were most frequently mentioned as targets. The overall mood of the Developers Conference was optimism with substance. Attendees came away with a strong impression that the Amiga line is where Commodore aims to make its money in the future. The con- ference was smooth and well run, which indicated that Commodore is getting more serious about their developer support. For a change, developers not only enjoyed themselves hut got the important material and information they needed as well. Comdex The Amiga's presccncc at Comdex also took a change for the better this spring, although it was slightly off the beaten track. Commodore’s booth at the Atlanta show was always crowded, but the real action was across the street. On the first day of the show, Commodore rented three large function rooms in the Omni International Hotel just across from the main convention center. At the morning press conference in the first room, Dr. Henri Rubin, Commodore’s Chief Operating Officer, gave a very stiff talk on Commodore’s plans to release its Unix board, 68020 board, 80286 AT board, 2024 hi res monitor, 2350 PVA board, as well as the improvements in 1.3 and plans for the enhanced chip set. After Hannover and the Developers Conference, the Comdex press conference was a let down. Commodore seemed to fall back into the hype of “the Amiga is a wonderful computer, honest." The company skimmed over the new product announcments and spent most of the time relaunching the Amiga. The conference was more interesting for what it did not mention. Commodore did not describe the A2500s, the bi-sync monitors, the Transputer, the A500 hard disk controler, 1.4, or even a lot about 1.3. The main reason for the omissions was that Comdex is where companies make announcements about products that they are pretty certain will be released (companies that have had trouble with the Federal Trade Commission that is). While this does not mean that the A2500s, monitors. Low-end genlock, and so on are never going to ship, it does mean that Commodore was not sure enough about their configurations. Dates, or viability to talk about them at Comdex. The second room held the dealer luncheon and conference. Commodore turned the third room into a mini-exhibition hall for developers, providing over 75 Amigas, Developers finally had a location that was big enough to properly demon- trate their wares to dealers, distributors. And the press. There was plenty to demonstrate. Future Touch showed off an Amiga touch screen; ASDG had a do-everything board for the A2000; Mimetics ran a 3-D modeling p r o g r a m; F p y x played a handf ul of new games; Haitex Resources proudly wore their high-tech 3-D glasses; Discovery Software rode their wave of hot products, and on and on (for complete descriptions see What's Mew? In this and upcoming issues). Not only were there three limes the number of Amiga developers at this years Comdex than at previous shows, but just about all of them were in one of the three rooms on the first dav. In the shadow of an IBM- obsessed, somewhat stale show, Commodore managed to prove that the Amiga does exist, it is big enough to attract some attention at Comdex, and Commodore can occasionally do things right. GSW Who’s in the Envelo THE AWARDS WILL not be presented until November, but Aegis Development is now accepting entries for their second annual Desktop Video Contest. You can enter as many videos as you like as long as they run no longer than five minutes and were created on the Amiga with at least one Aegis product. Desktop video professionals not associated with Aegis or Commodore will judge the videos for the best animation, special effects, computer and software use, artwork, creativity, editing, story line, sound, and overall quality and ingenuity. Submit your masterpiece on 1 2-inch videotape to either the amateur (not created for pay) or the professional (created for pay) category. You will also need an official entry form, which you can find at any Amiga or Aegis dealer. The deadline is September 1, 1988, Aegis will announce the winners later that month, but will present the awards at the fall Comdex in Las Vegas, NV. Prizes range from an A2000 to gift certificates. For more information, contact Aegis Development Corp., 2115 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405, 800 345-9871 (in California dial 213 392-9972).
- LJB Ill-LSTRATF.I) BY MAC1EK Al.BRKCHT Amiga World I i HORS D’OEIVRES Hints, tips, and techniques from your fellow Amiga users. De-Arc De-Zoo in RAM TRY THIS METHOD for extracting Arc or Zoo Files. When downloading from a BBS or an on-line service, download the file to RAM (if you have enough memory). T hen, when done, de-Arc or de-Zoo the file in RAM. After you have extracted it, run it, and if you like it, copy the file(s) to a disk with a DTR utility or the regular COPY command. If you don't like it, simply warm boot the system, and it's gone. Ryan Kucharski Fairborn, OH Editor's Note: You might want to save the Arc or 7,oo file to a temp file before you run it. That way, if something goes wrong, you still have a copy of the program. C Commands on
5. 25" Drives I FOUND A good use for the 5.25* drive in the quest for more working RAM space. If you are using a RAM disk for commands to free up your 3.5" disk drive, do basically the same thing to your 5.25" drive (you don't really need a subdirectory called C), then ASSIGN SYS:C to DF2:. Or, you might want to use it for an add-on to your SYS:C directory, as I do. Put extra commands, such as DIRUTIL or other public-domain commands (or things like TxED), on the
5. 25" drive and put a PATH command in your startup sequence to direct AmigaDOS to the extra commands. It is by no means fast, hut it does give you a place for all that stuff that doesn’t fit on your Workbench. (Note: This only works under AmigaDOS 1.2.) To Mr. Al Willen of Riverdale, NY, who had the tip about the 5.25" drive stealing 30K [Hors d’oeuvres, July August '87, p. Id]: It’s true, hut if you are going to turn it on no matter what, then you might as well use it for something. Right? Steven Johnston Lacey’s Spring, AL PATH Speedup I HAVE SEEN many tips from Amiga- World readers aimed at speeding up the execution of AmigaDOS commands and freeing the user from the need to have the Workbench disk inserted at all times, but 1 haven’t seen the following method mentioned. This method speeds execution while conserving RAM. The key is the PATH command, which controls the order in which AmigaDOS searches directories for commands. (This command is available only in version 1.2, but I'm assum- J ing anyone who is interested in speed has made the switch.) Insert the following lines into the startup sequence: makedir ramx path add ramx copy cxopy to ramx copy cidelctc to ramx This makes AmigaDOS check in RAM for commands before searching on the disk. The only restrictions on the placement of these lines in the File is that the MAKEDIR and PATH commands should come before any other PATH commands j in the File. Copy only the commands you use most often, with COPY as the first, to speed things up. With the proper choice of commands, you can eliminate over 80% of your disk access for commands, and only use up 25-35K of precious RAM. Also note that this works just as well for any executable File you use i * often, not just AmigaDOS commands. The partial RAM DOS will be activated after you do a warm or cold reboot. John Johnson Ithaca, NY Editor's Note: Em not sure if we have published this tip in the past, but (wen if we have, not everyone has all of our back issues. Faster Marauder II ONE OF THE most noticeable features of Marauder II is its scrolling rainbow background. This background creates an impressive display, but is unnecessarily taxing on the CPU. You can speed up the disk backup process significantly by pushing the Marauder screen behind the Workbench screen. Do this by holding down the left Amiga key and pressing the N key, once the process has begun. You will hear the drive(s) speed up as soon as the Marauder screen is hidden. To return the Marauder screen to the front, hold down the left Amiga key and press the M key. With a single drive and I MB of RAM. I was able to reduce Marauder’s backup time from 4 minutes, 12 seconds to 2 minutes, 55 seconds (in analytical mode, verify on). Erik J. Palm Rockford, IE CLI or Workbench Or Both IF YOU USE the CLI as much, or more than Workbench, try adding these lines to your startup sequence: date ? Ioadwh date ? Endcli > nil: This lets you do the following: load ?
- ----------- Huimumuiiiiuu. MB limiuiuuinm: OBLITERATOR OBLITERATOR $ 39.95 Other Psygnosis Titles Terrorpods $ 3 Barbarian $ 3 Deep Space $ 3 Arena $ 3 All available for 512K Colour, Atari ST, Commodore Amiga. Obliterator is a new and very exciting product from Psygnosis. Which takes full advantage of the features of the Commodore Amiga and Atari ST. whilst supporting the full range of 68000. 68010 and 68020 processors. When compared to Psygnosis’s previously released animated graphic adventure * Barbarian, the player will find over 100 separate locations within the products three-dimensional play- field. The effect of the detail and complexity of the graphics must be seen to be fully appreciated Two other features which Psygnosis have added to this product are a "Save Game' facility and stunning music and amazing sound effects All this should combine to make for yet another award winning product from Psygnosis. PSYGNOSIS 1st Floor Port of Liverpool Bldg Pier Head, Liverpool. L3 1 BY. United Kingdom. Tel. No. 011 44 51 236 8818 Fax. No. 011 44 51 207 4498 Circle 123 on Reader Service card only the CLI (bv entering "A" at the date t v i D prompt); load the Workbench, and keep the CLI (by pressing Return at the first dale prompt and then entering “AM at the second); or load the Workbench and get rid of the CLI (by pressing Return at both prompts). Matthew L. Jones Reno, AT Unstuck With ASSIGN 1 OFTEN USE the RAM: disk to store my frequently accessed commands. If you delete the commands stored on RAM: before reassigning C: to SYS:C [see info.phile, p. 63, in the April '88 issue of AmigaWorid], there is a way to get unstuck. Place the disk you booted with in any drive (let's say DFO:). Then enter the following from the CLI: DFO:c assign c: DF0:c This allows access to the ASSIGN command by specifying the complete path. Now you have access to the commands in the C directory of your boot disk. T his technique can also be used to force AmigaDOS to search only the specified directory when looking for a command. Steve Bakarich Allen, TX Quicker Startup IF YOU ARE used to entering the date and time during your startup sequence, try 111is. Rename your startup sequence as "Rest", then create a new startup sequence with these lines: RUN EXECUTE s Rest Date ? EX DC 1.1 This lets you enter the current date * and time while the rest of your startup sequence is executed. Fetter Urkedal Vat tie, Norway Cure for Ailing Mice I RECENTLY DISCOVERED a mouse cure that may be helpful to others. When I clicked on an icon, it acted as if I had double clicked it, and when 1 used sizing gadgets, they wouldn't always work smoothly. It was as if the computer was receiving the wrong number of mouse- button clicks. I opened the mouse to see if it was a dirty switch. To do this, turn the power off and disconnect the mouse from the computer. Remove the two screws on the bottom where the cable comes into the mouse. This will expose two wafer switches. The switches consist of a dome-shaped piece oi metal with a dimple in the center held over a C-shaped printed-circuit trace with tape. The dimple of the upper contact should be centered so that the mouse button bits it mine was off center. (You should notice marks on the tape where the mouse button is making contact.) I removed the tape, recentered the contact on the trace and replaced the tape. 1 haven’t had any problems with misinterpreted mouse clicks since. Marli A. Olsen Ho n AFS Ireland If you have an idea you'd like to share with our readers, send it to Hors d'oeuvres, Amiga- World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, A77 03458. If your idea gets published, you'll receive an AmigaWorid surprise gift. ¦ GEN ONE’": Professional Quality Gen- locking For All Amiga Computers Specially designed for compatibility with the Amigafi line of computers, GEN ONE is the premier genlocking encoder. If you're serious about your video graphics, this interactive desktop accessory is a no-nonsense component. And to back our commitment to quality and customer support, we give the best warranty in the business. GEN ONE from CSI...Quality. With the commitment to match.sm GEN ONE's Advanced Features Include: USER CONTROL
• Separate RGB and Video Gain
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• Computer or Video Sync Source Selection
• Separate Y C and Video Gain
• 3 Modes of Operation SPECIAL FEATURES
• Super-VHS Compatible Y C Output
• Comb Filtering in Luminance Channel
• Separate Power Supply
• Convenient RGB ComputerOutput $ 895.00 with 1 year warranty Call For More Information And A Free Brochure
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P. O. Box 43167 Austin. Texas 78~-n (512) 328-6630 I'roWritc is a trademark »t New Horizons Software. Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark ol Commodore Amiga. Inc. Circle 38 on Reader Service card I I’M READY TO MOVE UP TO j PROWRITE 2.0! : Here's my word processor master disk and a check or money order for 575 payable to New Horizons Software, Inc. Send me the new ProW rite 2.0! (Texas residents please add $ 6 sales tax). I 1 I _ I NAME I I I __ I ADDRESS I I I - I CITY STATE ZIP I L --------------------------------- REVIEWS Keyboard Controlled Sequencer Music to a MIDI maestro’s ears. By Bob Lindstrom THE DOCTOR IS in, and suddenly professional MIDI music is alive and well on the Amiga. Dr. T’s Keyboard Controlled Sequencer (KCS) turns the Amiga into an outstanding MIDI-controlling computer, whether you're producing your first album or slapping together a musical demo for the local users’ group. At the outset, the Amiga was troubled by some faulty attempts at MIDI products. In KCS though, Amiga musicians have a recognized industry-standard MIDI sequencer. For those not familiar with MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), a sequencer turns your computer into a multi-track tape recorder, recording notes played on a synthesizer or entered one by one in a step-time editor. You can then cut and paste those building blocks of rhythm, harmony, and melody into a full-blown composition. Sequencers will transpose keys, alter rhythm, and recombine individual parts too, and if your fingers betray you with a few clinkers, vou can edit individual notes and fix J your flubs. Once your masterpiece is complete, the sequencer plays it through your MIDI instruments. With a few synthesizers, it’s like having a backup band on 24-hour call. KCS is a 48-track sequencer with realtime recording, a step-time note editor, and the ability to create up to 128 separate sequences. It works with any MIDI port that attaches to your serial port. Program operation is swift and efficient, making the most of the Amiga’s processing muscle. In addition to the cut-and-paste functions that make KCS the equivalent of a musical word processor, the program has dozens of advanced features, detailed in the 278-page manual. Virtually all desirable MIDI functions are included: the ability to quantize during or alter recording, punch in out with an undo option, audible and visible metronome, song pointers, sync to internal or external clock, and a separate program to convert KCS files to the MIDI file standard that several other publishers use. With large windows to display information. KCS is terrific for the MIDI-oriented composer or performer. But KCS displays music only as MIDI data; it does not deliver standard musical notation. The Doctor Will See You Now Versatility is the keynote of KCS; this t program allows you to write music the way you want to. Three systems are available for composing. The Track Mode is a 48-track tape recorder with continuous overdub. Just choose a tempo and MIDI channel, and the program records synthesizer input in real time. The length of the first recorded track determines the length of subsequent MIDI tracks. If the initial track is eight measures long, later tracks will he eight measures as well. Even within this seeming limitation, KCS offers versatility. When using continuous overdub. The Track Mode is prepared to record a new track the instant one is finished. If you want to record a 24-measure solo, KCS will create three consecutive eight-measure tracks to contain the entire piece. Moving to the Open Mode, a highly- fiexible environment for joining and altering fragments, you can combine those tracks into one continuous solo. You can then go on to produce entire scores, writing control sequences that trigger other sequences. KCS allows you to creatively alter sequences to add variety to a composition; you can transpose and mute sequences, change tempos instantly or gradually, transmit patch-change information to MIDI instruments, and even add an element of randomness in pitch and rhythm. The RA command, for example, will make a random choice from a list of specified sequences. When you first write a control sequence, you will probably instruct the computer to initiate a group of sequences and wait until all are completed before moving to the next set. With experience however, you can create an Open Mode control track that begins sequences at any specified point, and then layer and stack fragments at will. While this technique is more painstaking, it provides the ultimate in flexibility. Song Mode offers a less complex way to assemble music in verse- and choruslike structures. Even beginners can quickly assemble scores in this manner. In every mode, KCS provides a full array of editing options. You can accom- ZOOM! At last, a dynamic new game concept A mesmerizing combination of action and strategy 50 levels. 1-2 players or 2 players at once SheTl love it too, so will the kids! 30-day unconditional money- back guarantee WiffS ARKANOID The best just got better Reviewers agree: unparalleled arcade quality Upgraded to 66 knockout levels! At* Twice chosen as arcade Kfl "game of the year" |%jjy • 30-day unconditional Vf money- back j guarantee DISCOVERY SOFTWARE INTURNATIONAI Discovery Software International products are available at your favorite retailer. Call 1-800-34-AMIGA for details. Arkanoid, $ 29.95. ZOOM! $ 29.95. Prices may vary. Circle 89 on Reader Service card. Discovery Software International, Inc., 163 Conduit Street, Annapolis, MD 21401. 301-268-9877. Arkanoid and ZOOM! Are compatible with any AMIGA TM modeL AMIGA TM is the registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga. Inc. Taito' and Arkanoid* are registered trademarks of Taito America Corporation. *1987 Taito America Corporation. All rights reserved. *1987 Discovery Software International, Inc. plish virtually any MIDI track or sequence alteration, from simple note correction to adding crescendo dimi- o nuendo and special effects. Best of all when you finish an edit and hit the Return key, the cursor goes precisely where you’ll most likely need it. Obviously the developers heeded MIDI users’ suggestions. A General Practitioner The numerous keyboard and mouse control options also reflect an effort to accommodate the work habits of composers. The program eschews pull-down menus and puts most features on screen where you can access them via mouse clicks or keystrokes. Unfortunately, kev- •* strokes are rarely logical, so beginners will be glued to the manual. Frequent use will teach efficiency though, and help screens are available lor some of the more complex operations. As a nod to multitasking, KCS includes menu items that transport you to Workbench or a new CLI window. From that point, you can open as many additional programs as RAM allows. You will not however, want to multitask while listening to a sequence. The time-sensitive nature of MIDI dictates that rhythmic glitches will occur if you run another program while replaying. On start-up, the program asks how much memory you wish to allocate to the program. A 512K Amiga has room for a maximum 16,000 note events (which Dr. I s defines as a six-byte entry). One megabyte of RAM will accommodate aproximately 60,000 note events, and three megs can store about 300,000. To bring these totals into perspective, I composed a four-and-a-half-minute piece, making extensive use of a few tracks. It occupied only -IK of RAM. Unrestrained use of a pitch bender or lengthy multitracking will eat memory quickly, hut with a little compositional tidiness, the l(i,000 note events of an unexpanded A500 can go a distance. I was surprised to discover that the manual covers both the Amiga and Atari ST. While otherwise good, the documentation is geared for the Atari. Where references are made to the seven keys not identical on the ST and Amiga keyboards, the manual cites Atari labels. A chart is provided to translate the names for Amiga users. Notes, explaining special Amiga applications, are sprinkled throughout. Dr. T’s promises an Amiga- specific manual shortly, however. The kevdisk copy protection scheme is no more irritating than others like it, but there is one fault. When hooting a KCS copy, the program requests insertion of the original disk. If you replace the working copy with the original, the drive spins, the screen goes blank, and the program seems to hang. In fact, KCS is waiting for reinsertion of the working copy. Because there is no requester to explain the situation though, you might incorrectly conclude that the program has failed. 1 was able to crash the program only once by trying to write to a reserved sequence (KCS saves a few sequence positions for its own use). The system required a warmstart for recovery. Final Diagnosis The ultimate test of a musical tool is whether it stands in the wav or makes « creative juices flow. KCS freed me from constraints imposed by other Amiga MIDI programs. In fact, preparing this review Look much longer than expected because each writing session turned into a new piece of music. KCS creates that kind of inspirational excitement. Dr. T’s is now working on a significant feature they plan to add to 1,6: the ability to play through the Amiga's speakers. This would effectively provide a four-voice multi-timbral synthesizer, and allow you to get started with only one external synthesizer. It looks as though KCS will continue to be Dr, Feelgood for MIDI composers at every level. Keyboard Controlled Sequencer 1.6 Dr. Ts Music Software Inc. 220 Roylston St., Suite 306 Chestnut Hill, MA 02167 617 244-6954 S249 512K required. Source Level Debugger The C programmer’s pain reliever. By Jim Fiore I THOUGHT I’D be sprinkling printf() and ifdef DEBUG throughout my code till raisins rule the planet. Fortunately though, the folks at Manx Software have provided a C interpreter with an interactive editor for spotting errors and massaging data: the Source Level Debugger (SDB). A full-featured C source-code debugger, SDB allows you to trace through a program line by line, function by function, or however you desire while it executes. You can examine or alter variables and constants at any point during the process. SDB, which tips the scales at 90K, works only with the most recent release of the Manx Aztec C compiler: version
3. 6 (you can’t use it with the Lattice compiler, either). The program disk contains a useful demo, actually three separate units, each of which walks you through a debugging session with a different program, via a command file. A File to Debug To use SDB, you must create a debug file fusing the Aztec compiler), by compiling and linking with the SDB options -n and
• g. Respectively. Unfortunately, you must recompile older (prc-3.6) object files in order to create debug files. Flic small increase in the compile assemble link cycle time will vary with program size. I wrote a program that opens a screen and two windows, attaches a short menu, sets up a variety of boolean and proportional gadgets, and does the typical IDCMP processing. The normal cycle took approximately 2 minutes, 22 seconds, and produced an executable file of 18656 bytes. With SDB, the cycle took an extra 16 seconds and produced a debug file of 20032 bytes (the executable size was the same). Once you’ve created the .dbg file, you can start SDB. The easiest way is to enter SDB followed by a space and the program name into the CLI. If your program uses command-line arguments, list them after the program name as usual. Options let you start in assembly mode, set up colors, and more. Invoking SDB opens a full-size, three-part window. The uppermost section shows your C source, and the bottom portion displays SDB output; both have scroll bars and arrows for easy viewing. Separating these parts is a single command-emry line, which you can reposition. Moving the command line up shrinks the source file segment and expands the output section, and vice versa (all proprotions remain ? City Desk Desktop Publishing for the Amiga City Desk 2.0 POWER & FINESSE This Is What Critics Said About City Desk LI "...the best desktop publishing package for the Amiga." Guy Wright, Editor, AmigaWorid, 12-87. "...simple enough to satisfy the needs of the causal or beginning user, City Desk has all the power, controls, flexibility and laser capacity that a serious user will want, sooner or later." "...in many ways, the most powerful and flexible program to yet hit the Amiga market" Gary Ludwick, AmigaWorid, 12-87. Supports PostScript Supports HP LaserJet Supports 24-Pin Printers New Features for Version 2.0!
• Supports 24-pln printers! NEC & Epson)
• Hyphenation routines
• Text flow around irregular graphics!
• Full-screen, sizeable, text editor
• New graphics editor
• Stamp Objects to Background
• Default even odd pages
• Pattern filled boxes
• Gray scale support for 16 shades of gray
• Print multiple copies
• Delete insert move pages
• Append to a Project
• Rulers and x, y, coordinate display
• PAL support
• Scalable PostScript fonts & HP font utility
• Movable columns
• Improved magnify tool
• New manual in a 3 ring binder
• Free newsletters and technical support Supports WordPerfect Supports Scribble! Typesetting Commands Full-Screen Text Editor Supports JctSet Laserfonts WYSIWYG Screen Display Automatically Flows Text Supports All IFF Graphics Converts Color Graphics Not Copy Protected! Hardware Requirements Anae* 500. 1000 or 2000 « 512K. BecsuE of ihe power d thii p*ojr*n. We highly mxomend d feut I Mcj of Ren £3 MicroSearch With City Desk 2.0, you can create great looking newsletters, brochures, flyers, resumes, catalogs, menus, advertisements and business forms. City Desk comes standard with a custom HP LaserJet printer driver and a custom PostScript printer driver. In addition, we support the NEC and Epson 24-pin printers! We support Amiga preferences printers for dot-matrix output. City Desks’ standard features include: no copy protection, automatic kerning In PostScript, movabie toolbox, outline any text or graphics, copy tool which works with both text and graphics, open as many pages as memory allows, and over 50 typesetting commands! Owners of City Desk version 1.0 and 1.1 are eligible for an update to version 2.0. Simply send us your original program disk, your manual and a check for $ 35. At only $ 199.95, the power, flexibility and value of City Desk all add up to make it the finest desktop publishing package for the Commodore Amiga... Period! Perfect Sound 1 Selling Audio Digitizer City Desk Art Companion Desktop Publishing Art Vol. 1,2, & 3 Head Coach Pro Football Simulation MlCRtaSEAHTH Perfect Sound is the only audio digitizer for the Amiga which can digitize both channels simultaneously. Record in mono or stereo, then use the editor to modify the sound. Delete, insert, graph or flip recorded sound. Volume 1 contains 200 medium resolution IFF images of people and technology. Volume 2 has 200 high resolution IFF images of banners, borders and more. Volume 3 contains 104 high resolution screens and 104 hi-rcs brushes for custom pattern-filling your clip an masterpieces. This is simply the finest, most powerful football simulation on ANY personal computer. You call the plays against another player or against the computer. Create your own playbooks. It’s addictive and legal. European Distributor Precision Software, U.K.: (01) 330-7166 Canadian Distributor Air-Stat: (416)477-9440 MicroSearch 9896 S.W. Freeway, Houston, Texas 77074 • (713) 988-2818 User groups may be eligible for free software. Call for details. Tlit* same). Alter treating the window, SDB searches though the source file, finds the part with main( ), loads it, and stops at the main() entry point. SDB numbers each line of source, and highlights the present active line (the one about to be executed). Begin DEBUGuine A variety of commands will start the debugging process. If you have used Manx’s assembly debugger (db), many of these will be familiar. With the single- step (s) option enabled. SDB will execute the present active line and halt at the next line. If the present active line happens to call to one of your own functions, SDB will step into the source for that function. The t command operates the same way. But treats your function call as a single line. To execute a segment of code, use one of the g (go) command variations. Essentially, go sets a temporary breakpoint; if you specify a line number or function, SDB executes until it reaches that point or an associated return. You can also set. Clear, display, and reset permanent breakpoints. The breakpoint-set command lets you specify skips (the number of times SDB is to bypass the point before breaking), and indicate a list of SDB commands to be transacted upon the break. Using this feature, you can zip through the middle 498 iterations of a 500-count loop. The c command centers the present active source line in the display, while df shows you the contents of the source file. A string-search command is helpful for locating every occurrence of a specified function. When SDB comes across an illegal instruction during execution, it stops and displays the contents of the Amiga address and data registers. If your program does something very bad (like closing a window after closing its screen), Mr. Guru will visit; running a program in SDB doesn't insulate you from fatal errors. SDB provides a number of memory- display options. You can examine any memory location in hex and modify the value, and display auto variables and all code and data symbols. SDB also lets you evaluate normal U expressions right on the command line. For example, you might have SDB evaluate ptr = array of_ struct[0]+ I in order to check the address of the second structure in the array (yes. SDB does pointer math). You can redirect the input output of the SDB command line to another file, allowing for convenient macro definition or a debug session log. JlTTERBUGGING Perhaps the most attractive feature is the formatted-print command. You can print just about anything including arrays and structures. If my_window is a pointer to a window structure for instance, by issuing a single command you can print all the fields in a structure, with their labels! You can also directly investigate strings. If you’d like to sec the starting address of the string in element [0] of an Intui- Text array called my_text, you might enter p my_text[0].ltext. I bis will produce the response unsigned char *IText = 0x0. . .some address. The command p * my text[0].IText will yield the ASCII value of the first character. The real fun begins when you use ps instead of p in the last example, the output will be the actual string! There are a few inconsistencies in the print command. Let’s say you’ve declared an array of integers called color_table. As expected, if you enter p color_ta- ble[0], SDB will give you the value of element [0] (by the way, you can get this in either hex or decimal, and it’s also possible to print in octal, or convert lloats and doubles), and entering p &color_ tablc[0] produces element [0]’s address. But when you enter p color_tablc (note that without the subscript this indicates the head of the array), SDB delivers the value of element [0] instead of the expected address. Evaluating with e color- table will yield the address, as will printing or evaluating color_tablc, strangely enough (the exact output is (*color_ta- ble)[0] = . . .address). While you might think this is SDB's way of indicating a pointer to a pointer, if you go back to the preceding example using my_texl, and insert p my_text[0].!Text, SDB responds: unsigned char **ITcxt = ... address (note the **), just as it should. I’ve stopped referring to arrays in this fashion with SDB; after all, you can get the desired results in other ways. Other features include a nice on-line help facility, the ability to move up and down the call frame (to see who called what and to investigate lucal variables that would otherwise be bidden), and the command-line history. SDB also has provisions for testing device drivers and libraries. The short manual is logically laid out and contains most of what you need to know. Experience with Manx db may quicken the starting pace. My favorite trick is using SDB to optimize the look of windows. With the help of SDB's memory modify commands, 1 can open a window, verify positioning. Close the window, modify the positioning values, reopen the window, and so on. When I finally get the values 1 like, I just jot them down, and stuff them into the source. This may not be the quickest route, but it's faster than guessing and recompiling, and it saves the cost of a layout program. SDB is a valuable development tool and instructional program for new C programmers especially considering its price. SDB may not be the perfect Amiga C debugging environment, but it comes much closer than anything else I’ve seen. Aztec Source Level Debugger Manx Software Systems One Industrial Way West Eatontown, NJ 0772 1 800 221-0440 $ 75 Aztec C version 3.6 (or later) required. Photon Paint HAM it up. By Roger Goode AS A PROFESSIONAL artist, 1 can be very demanding of the workability of a graphics program. Photon Paint. A full- featured Hold-and-Moclify (HAM) paint program, is simple to learn and use. Photon’s developers had the good sense to style their interface after the user-friendly DeluxePaint II (Electronic Arts); many tools operate similarly, and some keystroke commands arc the same. For those not familiar with DeluxePaint 11, or even with the Amiga, the excellent manual makes no assumptions about your background. It reads like a primer for the novice Amiga artist; tutorials guide you through the most important features, and each menu entry is described clearly and concisely. Even experienced users will find it a valuable reference tool. The non-copy-protccted Phoion Paint*- GODZILLA MEETS DAN RATHER ¦4m rf m = ¦F .• IBS* ¦ ••¦4m, j i • iSSr- * ‘ J*r** YOU WANT LIVE ACTION, FAST MOTION AND SPECIAL EFFECTS, AND YOU WANT IT ALL AT ONCE. INVIS!ON~GIVES IT TO YOU. YOU'VE GOT IMAGINATION. AND NOW YOU'VE GOT SOMETHING IT CAN RACE WITH. YOU PRESS A KEY, MOVE THE MOUSE AND WATCH THE IMAGE HAPPEN. YOUR CREATIVE POWERS ARE GETTING A WORKOUT LIKE NEVER BEFORE. SOME LIVE ACTION HERE...SOME SPECIAL EFFECTS THERE. MIX IN SOME IMAGES AND YOU'VE GOT SOMETHING WILD AND WONDERFUL. IN VIVID COLOR. THIS IS IN VISION-WORKING WITH YOU. YOUR AMIGA, INVISION VCR AND YOUR LIVE!" VIDEO DIGITIZER TO CREATE ANY IMAGE YOU WANT. EVEN GODZILLA and Dan Rather. INVISION Software from Elan Design. S129. Ask your dealer or CALL US: (415) 621-8673. C.rcle 210 on Reader Serv.ce card. P.o.BOX 31725ASAN R? Nc'iSCo!c k*94l' i NEITHER DAN RATHER NOR GODZILLA ENDORSE THIS PRODUCT. AMIGA AND LIVE! ARE TRADEMARKS OF COMMODORE AMIGA. INC. AND A-SQUARED SYSTEMS RESPECTIVELY. Disk (which supports overscan and the European PAL standard) offers a full complement of tools, a few that are unique, and all of which operate in a refined manner. I he on-screen toolbox has most of the basics a variety of standard brushes in different sizes, freehand draw, straight lines, curved lines, outline and filled shapes, color fill, fonts, a magnifying tool, and the* all-important brush- grabbing tool. I'he toolbox itself occupies a fairly large band across the top of the screen. While von can easily move it up or down and toggle it on or off. A smaller toolbox would not he as like*lv to hinder the flow of creativity, lo the* program’s c redit though, the tools operate behind the toolbox. So, it vou begin a circle whose dimensions go bcvond the boundries of the toolbox, you can draw over the box without toggling it off and still achieve a complete circle. While most standard tools behave as expected, there are a couple of exceptions. The cnlor-fill tool works in three different wavs, flood fill, as usual, c hanges all adjacent pixels of a given color to the newly-selected color. Free- shape fill similarly floods an area outlined by hand. I'lie unique Boundry fill covers all pixels within an area bounded hv a specif ied color. I he magnification tool is about the best I've seen. You can position the intui- tion stvle magnification window anv- . N where on the screen, and size it to anv dimension from llea-hair close right up to lull sc reen size. Gadgets in the window’s borders let vou size, scroll, and reposition the image, and quickly set minimum, medium or maximum magnification with a click of the mouse. Another nral and unusual device is the Pix tool: it gives vour work a mosaic- like, "pixelized” look. You can change the size of the pixel blocks to suit your needs. Mixing Paint on the Palette The most important element of a HAM paint program is the ability to manipulate and display all of the Amiga’s 4096 colors. Photon Paint's well-conceived palette holds an impressive 64 basic colors for straightforward operations, and an extended palette for heavy-dutv color mixing and selection. The expanded palette displays three Digi Paint (NewTek) style squares that represent sides of a 3-D cube containing all 4096 colors. As you move the cursor around in one box. The display in all three changes to reflect the field you’re in. Mm can selec t the* 64 colors for vour palette by c licking in these boxes, or hv manipulating the* RGB (Red. Green, and Blue) and HSY (Hue, Saturation, and Value) sliders. Also in the extended palette are gadgets for copying and swapping colors, and for creating color spreads. As you make changes to the palette, none of the colors that are already part of the image arc affected. Until now. Working with HAM pictures has involved fighting with the odd shad- owing fringing c reated by the juxtaposition of some colors. Photon Paint endeavors to minimize this effect, and while the* program does not eliminate the problem, it comes close. The Amiga holds 16 colors, which arc* the basis of all 4096 shades, in 16 registers. Using these base colors, the program attempts the* best transitions between those used onscreen. The default palette* consists of a carefully-chosen range that should provide the best results in most cases. For paintings that lean heavily to one part of the spectrum, the default palette may not work, so Photon Paint provides options for setting your own base colors. You can conveniently arrange these across the top of the palette, and copv or change them at any time (the manual shows you how to achieve optimal results). Normally, the* program subtly modifies chosen and on-screen colors (onlv the base colors remain unaltered), thus enabling itself to use more than the standard 32. The Exact Color option lets vou override this, however, and gives vou just the color vou’vc chosen. I’d recommend using this option sparingly though, because it can induce fringing in surrounding colors. The Base-color menu lets vou choose base colors from the c urrent brush or the alternate screen, so you can integrate material from other pictures. Brushing Up on Basics Photon Paint’s most impressive* features are under the Brush menu. Here you’ll find all the basics brush flipping, resizing. Bending, rotating that you take for granted. Keep in mind though, this time thev apply to Hold-and-Modify mode. The l ilt feature is much like* Deluxe- Paint's Perspective mode*: it even involves the numerical keypad. Tilt has a pleas- ingle intuitive feel, howeve r. With a brush attached to the pointer, l ilt mode presents a hollow box that you can reposition on various axes with tlu* mouse. It’s easy to envision the outcome as you change planes and positions. Using the brush-twisting mode is sent of like wringing out a printed washcloth. It’s difficult to predict the results ol twisting; you’re working with a hollow outline of the brush, so you can't sec the parts being overlapped and compressed. This option’s usefulness seems limited. I he surface-mapping feature. “Wrap- on. .. ”, spreads a brush onto a three-dimensional shape. When you choose this option from the Brush menu, a submenu appears listing the available shapes. Select one. And the* current brush is replaced with an outline of the shape, which you can reduce in size*. As the program calculates the new brush, the title bar displays a count-down of raster lines- to-go. This considerate convenience (it appears elsewhere* in die* program as well) lets you know whether you have time to run to the fridge before the calculation is complete. L’sually in a minute or less, the brush reappears with the image wrapped convincingly around the selected shape. The shapes submenu consists of‘Tube, Cone, Ball. Ellipse, Free, Cube X, and Cube *3. Free allows you to draw the right side of a shape, which the program mirrors to produce a symmetrical form. The two cube selections allow you to choose the orientation of a cube and then, respectively, wrap the brush across three sides, or stamp the complete image on each surface, in proper perspective. ('.ontinunl on j). 67 WHAT'S A TA TQ? That's a very good question. Taito (pronounced Tie-toe) is one of the oldest and biggest names in the arcade industry. We're the world's largest manufacturer and operator of arcade games. Taito's been in the business since 1953. And that's just the beginning. Taito practically started the video game industry with our classic arcade hit, Space Invaders™ And over the years, Taito has created more than 1,000 other great action games for arcade and home play. Now Taito has something equally exciting for you to slip Into your home computer. Taito is bringing the same pioneering spirit, technical quality and excitement that made us the arcade leader to your Commodore, Amiga, IBM, Apple and Atari computers. Home computers will never be the same. Taito is the arcade leader for a very good reason. We consistently make great video games that bring more action and value to the people who play our games. And literally millions of people play our games in arcades and homes all over the world. Our strength comes from the massive development effort we put into creating the kind of games that satisfy the evergrowing arcade appetite and the research gathered from the more than 100,000 arcade machines Taito operates in Japan. (The money in the coin boxes at the end of the day teiis you very quickly if you've got a good game or not.) And Taito is always working hard to develop the most exciting action-packed new video games that push the technology to its limits * Because arcade games are the benchmark for home video games, Taito's continuing leadership in the arcade industry means that when you buy Taito products you'll know you're getting the most video thrills, mesmerizing arcade quality graphics, spell-binding sound and above all, action! That's why nobody but Taito can bring you more of what you're looking for in home computer video games. One thing's for sure. You don't get to be the biggest in the arcade business by making run of the mill video games. When you buy Taito games you're getting more than just fun. We bring you games that test your nerve and your Ta*to Software Inc, 267 West Esplanade, North Vancouver, BG. Canada V7M1A5. Tel: 604-984-3344 Taito,* Arkanoid.™ Renegade,™ Alcon,™ Rastan,™ Bubble Bobble.™ Operation Wolf™ Sky Shark™ and Gladiator™ are trademarks of Taito America, Inc Copyright ©198& All rights reserved. Amiga, Commodore, Apple. IBM and Atari are trademarks respectively of Commodore- BUBBLE BOBBLE: Laugh-packed addictive action. Up to 100 levels of arcade quality play. One or 2 player action. The number one game in Europe three months in a row. Strategy. Taito games will make you laugh and put you on the edge of your seat with adventure, action and excitement. Taito takes you on voyages to places you've never been before- to brave new worlds of imagination and fantasy. After all, isn't that what great video games are all about? And every action game we put our name on is more than just competitive confrontation. Taito home video games are all about the values of good triumphing over evil, of being the best you can be. That's what you'll get in a game like Bubble Bobble™ Soon we'll bring you Arkanoid,™ Renegade;" A con™ Rastan™ Operation Wolf,™ Sky Shark™ and Gladiator™ And we've got even more arcade block-busters coming on software formats for play on your home computer. Taito's home-bound hit parade of video fun has just begun. Who but the arcade leader could bring you so much ? That's Taito! Aren't you glad you asked? Buy Taito products at leading computer stores everywhere. If no stores are near you, Visa MasterCard holders can order direct from anywhere in the U.S. by calling toil free 1-800-663-8067. JaitS Amiga. Inc. Commodore Electronics, Ltd., Apple Computer Inc, International Business Machines and Atari Corporation. Advertisement by Qually & Company Inc, (Chicago). *lf you think you've got the technical and creative ability to develop mind-blowing video games, write to Taito, Attention: Product Development, at the above address. Circle 56 on Reader Service card BASIC By The Numbers You got to move. You got to move. You got to move, child. A You got to move.’' K. Richards and M. Jagger By Bob Ryan 44 Sprites and BOBs A UNIQUE FEATURE of Amiga Basic is its direct support for animation, making it easy to move objects around in a window. It also provides a tool the Object Editor that you use to create objects you want to animate. No other version of BASIC gives you so much in the way of animation tools. You can manipulate two types of objects (known as graphics elements or GELs) from Amiga Basic virtual sprites and BOBs. In general, sprites are faster than BOBs. On the down side, sprites have a limited size and a limited number of colors. Although you should be aware of these limitations, you need not be too concerned with the differences between BOBs and sprites: Amiga Basic handles both with the same commands. In the drawer labeled BasicDemos on your Extras disk you will find a program called ObjEdit. This program lets you easily create BOBs and sprites. It also saves the BOBs and sprites in a form that is understandable by the Amiga Basic animation commands. Use of the Object Editor is explained on page 7-7 of the Amiga Basic manual. For demonstration purposes I'll use the Ball that Commodore provides on the Extras disk. First Steps 45 THE OBJECT EDITOR saves BOBs and sprites to disk files. Ball is just such a file. To use any BOB or sprite, including Ball, you have to load it into memory. Here's how you do it. OPEN I, 1, “BasicDemos Ball" OBJECT.SHAPE 1, INPUTS(L0F(1),1) The first line opens the file Ball, indicates that the program will read from the file, and designates Ball as file L The second line reads the description of Ball contained in the file and designates it as shape l. The INPUT’S statement reads a string that is as long (LOF = length of file) as file l from file I. Because this string is already in a form BASIC can use, that's all you have to do to define an object. With an object safely defined in memory, you are ready to move it around. You accomplish this by using the many object commands available in Amiga Basic. The simplest command positions an object in the current window. OBJECT.X 1,50 OBJECT. Y 1,50 T hese two lines position the upper-left corner of the object at location 50,50 of the output window. To make the object visible, you use the following: OBJECT.ON 1 You’re now just about ready to move the ball. First, however, you designate the direction and speed you want to move. OBJECT.VX 1,50 OBJECT. VY 1,20 The first statement above indicates that you want to move object 1 at 50 pixels per second from left to right. The second statement tells Amiga Basic to move the object 20 pixels per second from lop to bottom of the window. The result is that the object will move in a diagonal path from upper-left to lower- right. You are now ready to move the ball. But first, lets throw in some background with: LINE (10,70) - 600,9Q)„BF Now, to get the ball rolling, enter: OBJECT.START 1 And, to keep the hall within the output window, a test: WHILE OBJECT.X(1) 600 AND OBJECT.Y(1) 160 WEND Once the object gets beyond 600 in the x direction or 100 in the y direction, tlie WHILE. ..WEND loop ends. The program then cleans up and ends. OBJECT.CLOSE 1 END T hat's it. Your first animation program. ? Order Sntrr Srrt m 1,111 ™ .....
• i - ?r XEROX 4020 Color Hit Jot Printer The Xerox4020Ink-Jet Printer is making If you want to make headlines with your next business presentation, try adding color with the Xerox 4020 Color Ink-Jet ¦i * . Printer. 4020 is a attractively priced printer that mixes text with brilliant color graphics. It employs the latest advances in ink-jet technology to deliver seven distinct colors which combine to produce over
4. 000 different shades. But the 4020 makes more than just a colorful impact It also has a resolution that few color ink-jet printers can match, prints 2 to 3 times faster than comparably priced color printers, and can be instilled by just about anyone in less than 10 minutes. Like all Xerox products, the reliable 4020 is backed by one of the best service and support organizations in the industry: Team Xerox. To learn more about the 4020 Color Ink-Jet Printer, send in the y ¦ -j coupon below or call 1-800-TEAM- iSgSSSSSSSaM XRX, ext 199 A. We’ve got a colorful solution to your business needs. I’d like to learn more about the 4020 Color i Ink-Jet Printer and what it can do for my business presentations. ? Please send me more information. ? Please have a sales representative contact me Send this coupon to: Xerox Corporation, PO. Box 24, Rochester. NY 14692. TITLE NAME COMPANY ADDRESS STATE 7-IP PHONE Or, if you can't wait, call 1-800-TEAM-XRX, ext. 7994. I99A. 0-800-832-6979, ext. 199A-) 999-8 80 XEROX® and 4020 .tic trademark.* of XEROX CORPORATION 46 Watch Out For That Tree: THAT AIN'T REALLY it, of course. Keeping an object in the window by checking its x and y coordinates is slow and cumbersome. The best way to keep track of an object is with collision detection. Amiga Basic keeps track of when an object collides with another object or with the border of a window. By handling these collision events, you can determine what happens when an object threatens to stray beyond the confines of the output window. Here’s a program that incorporates collision detection into the listing from 46. OPEN I, 1, “BasicDemos Ball" OBJECT.SHAPE 1, INPUTS(LOF(1},1) OBJECT.X 1,50 OBJ EOT. Y 1,50 OBJECT.ON 1 OBJECT.VX 1,50 OBJECT.VY 1,20 LINE (10,70)-(600,90),,BF ON COLLISION GOSUB collhandler COLLISION.ON WHILE Z = 0 OBJECT.START 1 SLEEP WEND COLLISION.OFF OBJECT.OFF 1 OBJECT.CLOSE 1 END collhandler: wind = COLLISION( - 1) IF wind > 1 THEN z = 1 RETURN END IF obj = COLLISION(O) IF obj > 1 THEN z = 1 RETURN END IF ctype = COLLISION(obj) IF ctype = -1 or ctype = -3 THEN OBJECT.VY 1, - OBJECT.VY(1) RETURN END IF IF ctype = -2 or ctype = -4 THEN OBJECT.VX 1, - OBJECT.VX(1) count = count + 1 IF count = 10 THEN z=1 RETURN END IF z = 1 RETURN The first changes in this program from the one in 46 are the ON COLLISION GOSUB statement and the COLLISION ON statement. ON COLLISION GOSUB identifies your collision-handling routine the routine that does what you want done when a collision occurs. COLLISION ON tells Amiga Basic to start responding to collisions. You should issue both of these statements before you start moving an object. The next four statements are the main loop in the program. While z is equal to zero, the program starts Object 1 in motion and then goes to sleep while Object 1 goes on its merry way (as defined by your position and velocity statements). The program's “sleep” is interrupted only when an event occurs that the program is interested in. When a collision occurs, Amiga Basic puts Information about the collision into a queue. You use the COLLISION( ) function to find out the window where the collision occurred, the object Involved, and what the object collided with. When this program jumps to collhandler, it accesses the COLLISION ) function using -1 as an argument. This argument causes COLLISION ) to return the number of the window where the collision occurred. Since this program uses only the standard Output window, this function call is unnecessary. I included it in case you want to expand the program. I test to see that the collision did occur in Window 1. If it didn't, I assign a value of one to variable z. This will terminate the WHILE. . .WEND loop when the RETURN statement is executed. The next call to the COLLISION ) function uses 0 as the argument. COLLISION(O) returns the object number of the object involved in the collision. Since I have defined only one object in this program this call is also unnecessary. You will need it, however, in programs that use more than one object. The COLLISION(O) function returns the number of the object to a variable I labeled obj. The program then tests to see if obj is equal to one. If the object is not Object 1, z is set to one and the program returns to the WHILE. , .WEND loop. Now you make one more call to the COLLISION ) function. This time, you use the number of the object as the argument. The function returns the number of the second object involved in the collision or a number that indicates which window border was involved in the collision. The following chart indicates the values that correspond to the four borders: Border Value Top -1 Left -2 Bottom -3 Right -4 In the example program, this last call to COLLISION ) will always return a value to variable ctype that corresponds to a window border. I use a couple of IF. . .THEN statements to test ctype. The first checks to see if the collision was with the top or bottom of the window. If this test Is true, I reverse the y-velocity of the object and return to the WHILE. . .WEND routine. If the first test is false, I test to see if the collision was with the right or left border. If true, I reverse the x- velocity of Object 1. I then increment a counter and test to see If ten collisions have occurred with the right and left borders. If ten collisions have occurred, I set z to one and RETURN. This causes the program to end after ten left and right collisions. The last part of the collision-handling routine ends the program if none of the above tests are true. Note the way the program reverses the direction of both the x and y velocities. It uses the OBJECT.VX and OBJECT.VY statements in both their forms. For instance, the statement OBJECT.VX 1, - OBJECT.VX(1) says “assign Object 1 an x velocity equal to the inverse of the current x-velocity of Object 1.” OBJECT.VX 1, x is a command that assigns a velocity x to Object 1, OB- JECT.VX(1) is a function that returns the current velocity of Object
1. The negative sign changes the direction. When the program returns to the WHILE. . .WEND loop before 10 left- right collisions have occurred, it goes through the loop again, executing the OBJECT.START statement before suspending operation with the SLEEP statement again. This OBJECT.START is necessary because Amiga Basic issues an automatic OBJECT.STOP command to any object involved in a collision. Once 10 left-right collisions have occurred, the program exits the WHILE. . .WEND loop, turns Object 1 off, frees up the memory the object occupied, and ends. On End Gosub Goodbye 47 AEXT TIME, MORE on animation and collisions. Until them send your questions and comments to BASK'. By The umbers. Amiga World, 80 Elm Street. Peterborough, A77 03458. U Suddenly I heard the plaintive cry of o yo terrestrian girl. She was burning in f . Mother? Yes, child. Mother, let us live, . Shouted as she faded away. Penc spaceships blew off with soft explos Wc felt the horror deep inside our bn guts. And that was that. Androm- , Mission. Your most dangerous missi Moybe your last... Andromeda Missk I by DEMONWAR Circle 98 on Reader Servtce card Workstation Amiga Powerful personal computers, including the Amiga, are reshaping the current scientific graphics workstation concept. Here we’ll discover if the Amiga, with a little tooling up, will join the vanguard of this movement, ready to carry the heavy payloads that will be required of workstations of the future. By Sheldon Leemon Up until just a few years ago, t lie idea of computer workstations brought to mind immediately a system of dedicated terminals connected to a large mainframe host. And people working in the Fields of science, engineering, professional graphics, education, and so forth would look to companies such as Apollo and Sun Microsystems for the answers to their high-powered computing needs. Now, however, these same people are turning to more powerful desktop systems that can handle demanding tasks, but offer much greater versatility at significantly lower costs. Apple's Macintosh II, IBM’s PS 2 Model 80, and yes the Amiga are some of the more popular choices. With its powerful graphics and multitasking capabilities, the standard Amiga models are already well-suited to many of the demands of a workstation. But what else would you need in order to modify an Amiga so that it could meet all the requirements of a true workstation? We’ll look at three basic areas dynamic raw computing power, high-resolution display, and networking capability by which workstations are distinguished from more ordinary computer systems to learn how you can enhance the Amiga to meet those requirements. In doing so, we should get a much more clear picture of how the Amiga stacks up against other workstation solutions. Accelerators and Coprocessors The first requirement for a workstation computer is a lot of raw computing power. Current standards demand a 32-bit microprocessor running at a doubledigit clock speed and a floating point math coprocessor chip. Although the 68000 microprocessor used by the Amiga is powerful for a home computer, it is still two generations removed from the 68030 the most powerful member of the Motorola family and it does not have provisions for directly interlacing to a 68881 or 68882 math coprocessor. Therefore, for compute-intensive applications, it is desirable to upgrade the Amiga to run a 68020 or 68030 processor. Changing a computer’s microprocessor usually requires both hardware and software modifications. Fortunately, the Amiga operating system was designed from the beginning with an eye towards upward compatibility with more powerful Motorola processors. This means that almost all Amiga programs run on machines equipped with a 68010, 68020 or 68030 processor without change. The hardware considerations present a thornier problem. Because neither the 68020 nor the 68030 is plug-compatible with the (>8000. You cannot simply drop the new processor into the existing socket meaning that you will need an interface board. Finally Technologies' Hurricane is a piggyback board that drops into the 68000 socket, and it will run on two Amiga models. (See the accompanying sidebar “Like a Hurricane” for am evaluation of this board.) CSA also lias a piggyback board for the A500 and A1000 (although the company is about to release a new, less expensive scries the ND-50Q and ND-1000 which will accelerate standard 68000s so that they run at 14 Mhz). The A2000 also contains a CPU slot for a coprocessor board, and it is in this slot that you would plug CSA’s 68020 CPU board or, if it becomes available in the US. Commodore's recently announced A2620 board. This CPU slot makes it possible to override die 68000 chip without physically removing it. (For a discussion of CSA’s accelerator board and of the CSA 32-bit memory boards mentioned below see “Turbocharging Your Amiga 2000,” p. 26, in the February '88 issue of AmigaWorid.) The speed advantage offered by the 68020 and 68030 chips result largely from the higher clock speeds and full 32-bit data path they can use. Integrating these chips into the existing Amiga system, however, dissipates some of the benefits. Because the Like a Hurricane THE HURRICANE BOARD from Finally Technologies is designed to make your Amiga computer run faster and smarter, The board contains a 68020 microprocessor, a 68881 math coprocessor, and custom circuitry that lets these chips integrate with your Amiga computer. Finally has versions of the board available for two Amiga models. For purposes of review, J tested the Amiga 1000 model in an A100Q and, with the help of an adapter board, in an A2000. The 68020 is the big brother of the Amiga's 68000 microprocessor. With minor exceptions, the 68020 will run software written for the 68000. The advantage to using the 68020 over the 68000 is two-fold. First, the 68020 is a full 32-bit processor it fetches, manipulates, and stores data in 32-bit chunks as opposed to the 16-bit chunks the 68000 stores and fetches. Also, the 68020 typically runs at a much higher clock speed than the 68000, In the case of the Hurricane Board, the 68020 runs at over 14MHz double the clock speed of the 68000. All else being equal and It isn’t the 68020 should run a minimum of twice as fast as the 68000. The 68881 is a cousin to the 68020. Its job is to perform mathematical calculations at blinding speeds, it is very good at this. Hundred-fold increases in mathematical computing power are not unusual when you use the 68881 instead of performing floatingpoint math functions In software alone. Up to now, a major stumbling block to the acceptance of the 68881 has been the fact that so little commercial software has been written to take advantage of the chip. With the advent of Workbench 1.3, which contains automatic support for the 68881, more programs and consequently more users will be able to take advantage of the power of the 68881. Installation The Hurricane board is a piggyback board. Rather than plugging into an expansion slot (or the CPU slot on the Amiga 2000), the Hurricane board plugs directly into the motherboard of your computer. More precisely, the Hurricane board plugs into the socket that normally contains your 68000 microprocessor. Installation consists of opening up your Amiga, removing the 68000, and plugging the Hurricane into the vacated 68000 slot. Taking an Amiga 1000 apart is not too bad as long as you remember where all the screws go. The Hurricane is a tight fit in the A1000, so you have to be careful not to bend any of the long pins that plug the board into the 68000 socket. I installed the board into two different AlOOOs as well as into an A2000 using an adapter board. I had no problems with any of the machines once the board was installed, but all the pulling and plugging weakened one of the pins on the board. When I shipped the board to an associate to look at, the pin broke off in transit. The broken pin is not the result of poor design or workmanship; it is a reminder that you (and I) should take extreme care in handling electronic components. Compatibility and Performance Because Commodore has constantly stressed the importance of 68020 compatibility with software developers, I wasn’t surprised to find that none of the major commercial software packages I ran on the Hurricane board failed to function properly. What was a bit surprising, and pleasantly so, was the fact that the Hurricane board worked properly with all my expansion hardware, including a C Ltd Hard Drive on my A1000 and a BridgeBoard and A2090 Hard Drive Controller on my A2000, As far as compatibility is concerned, moving from the 68000 to the Hurricane Board is a near-seamless transition. Performance is another matter. As the 68020 on the Hurricane Board runs at double the clock speed of the 68000, you might expect to see at least double the performance in an Amiga with the Hurricane installed. Unfortunately, because of the architecture of the Amiga, this theoretical increase in performance doesn’t pan out. In its native configuration, the Amiga bus has a clock speed of 7.16MHz. This clock speed governs the 68000, the custom chips, and access to chip RAM and ROM. Although the Hurricane board uses a 14.3MHz 68020, this chip must throttle back to
7. 16MHz whenever it accesses anything on the Amiga bus. Consequently, as most Amiga functions involve accessing the bus, the 68020 spends much of its time running at 7.16MHz, The result is that you won’t see a great increase in performance with software running on the Hurricane board. When I ran the Dhrystone benchmark program dryr (Dhrystones using register variables) from Fred Fish disk 1, I came up with a figure of 645 Dhrystones with the Hurricane installed. This represents a 36° o increase over the 472 Dhrystones you get from a standard Amiga. When I tested the Hurricane board with software that supports the 68020 68881 combination, I got a more pleasant surprise. A rendering with Sculpt 3D that took 999 seconds with a standard Amiga (and 256 seconds with a CSA 68020 Board), was completed in 158.5 seconds on the Hurricane Board. As you can see, the Hurricane Board provides a modest performance boost to any software your run, ft comes into its own, however, when you run software that can take advantage of the on-board 68881. Math-intensive applications written for the 68881 will see performance increases of an order of magnitude over similar applications running on a native Amiga. Although Sculpt- Animate 3D and Turbo Silver are the only packages that, as of this writing, use the power of the 68881, I expect many more programs will do so in the near future. The Hurricane Board is ideal for heavy-duty graphics and number crunching; its usefulness will grow exponentially as the use of the 1.3 IEEE libraries becomes more widespread. As this review was going to press, Finally Technologies forwarded a prototype 32-bit memory board for evaluation. This board connects to the Hurricane board and provides native 32-bit memory for use by the 68020. When accessing this memory, the 68020 can run at full speed. With 32-bit memory, I got an all-time high of 1215 Dhrystones. Sculpt 3D rendering time decreased to 106.5 seconds. As you can see, 32-bit memory really makes the Hurricane sing. Conclusion Currently, the Hurricane Board is the best way to increase the performance of your Amiga. Although it works best when you use software that supports the 68881, it does increase the performance of your Amiga in general. With 32-bit memory, the performance increase is substantial. The Hurricane Board is excellent for graphics and video applications. For general-purpose applications, however, the promise of the Hurricane Board lies in the future, with the acceptance and widespread use the the IEEE libraries in commercial programs. Bob Ryan existing RAM and ROM on the Amiga use a 16-bit data path, these chips arc limited to the narrower path when they read instructions from normal Amiga memory, or when they execute ROM Kernel routines. The high-speed processors must also pause periodically when communicating with the slower Amiga memory. One way of counteracting these effects is to connect the replacement processor to its own supply of 32-bit memory. This allows it to load programs into the faster memory, and reduces the number of times that processor must access the slower Amiga memory when executing a program. Both Finally Technologies and CSA offer 32-bit memory boards. With the addition of a Memory Management Unit (MMU), a coprocessor can transfer the Amiga ROM Kernel routines into 32-bit memory, and thus speed up all operations that use the operating system. (An MMU is a chip that protects memory from being overwritten and remaps memory locations. Both functions arc used in moving the ROM Kernel routines to 32-bit memory. After the routines are copied into 32-bit RAM, the MMU protects the memory from being overwritten and reassigns the addresses for the routines to the 32-hit RAM. A MMU is standard on Commodore’s A2620 board and is available as an option on the oilier two 68020 boards.) The kind of speed advantage that accelerators provide, therefore, depends on whether or not they are equipped with 32-hit memory and an MMU. A plain 68020 board may not run programs significantly faster than the normal 68000 processor, because it must access the slower bus so often. With 32-bit memory, programs will generally run two to four times faster. Vet, without an MMU. Even this speedup may not be very noticeable. A microprocessor often spends most of its time waiting for input from the user, and a 68020 chip really doesn't “wait" any faster AmigaWorld 31 than a 68000. Also, much of a program’s time is spent calling ROM Kernel routines, which means slowing down to Amiga memory speeds. Therefore, using an MMU to transfer ROM routines to 32-bit memory should result in noticeable speedups in such routine operations as window redraws. Perhaps even more important than the processor- speed increases that accelerator cards offer is the way in which they enable the integration of floating-point math coprocessor chips (such as those provided by CSA, Finally Technologies, and Commodore) into the system. Both the 68000 and 68020 can perform only basic math functions, while most floating-point math is done by software. A 68881 math coprocessor perforins floating-point math in hardware at speeds far faster than software. You could connect a 68881 math coprocessor to a 68000 system by interfacing it as a peripheral device (see MicroBotics) and achieve up to 10 to 20 times faster math calculations than software-based floating-point operations. When interfaced to a 68020 processor, however, a 68881 will do such calculations at speeds from 50 to 100 times faster. (CSA tells us that, in addition to the 68881 math coprocessor it has been marketing, it is now offering a 68882, which should produce even faster calculation speeds.) The problem with using a math coprocessor is that in order to take advantage of it, software must either be written specifically for the 68881, or must be written using the Amiga IEEE math libraries. Because the use of 68881 chips is still so rare, very few programs take them into consideration. Compilers such as the AC Fortran and Manx C make special provisions for generating 68881 code meaning that for custom scientific applications, an Amiga can run faster than a VAX 11 780. Although very few commercially available applications programs take ad-? Vantage of the 68881, this may change as the use of accelerator cards and math coprocessors becomes more widespread and prices continue to fall. One particularly well known example of such a popular commercial software package making use of 68881 technology is a special version of Byte by Byte’s Sculpt-Animate 3D that can generate ray-traced drawings up to 20 times faster when used with a 68020- 68881 accelerator. A similar type of package, Prism's Turbo Silver, also shows dramatic increases in speed when used with a 68881. The Power Players [Note: See the Product Information box for further information about products described below.] Hardware accelerator boards for the Amiga are currently available from CSA and Finally Technologies. CSA offers a 14MHz 68020 hoard with a 68881 math coprocessor, along with two versions of 32-hit memory cards. One type of memory card uses up to 2MB of static RAM chips, which are much faster than dynamic RAMs, but much more expensive as well. The other type of memory card uses the slower dynamic RAMs, but allows you to add up to 32MB of 32-bit memory. CSA also offers a piggyback 68030 board (running at Hi Mhz with a 68882 coprocessor) that offers processing that is up to four times faster than the 68020. The Hurricane hoard from Finally Technologies offers a 14MHz 68020, a 16MHz 68881, and up to 4MB of 32-bit dynamic RAM. Finally also offers a 68030 upgrade that will boost your existing 68020 Hurricane board. It is also possible to obtain 68881 math coprocessors separately, MicroRotics offers a multifunction module for its StarBoard memory card that can add a 68881 to any Amiga. Progressive Peripherals & Software is also planning to offer memory products that will incorporate the 68881, using the same Amigas in the Laboratory COMMODORE MAY HAVE a tough time selling the Amiga in certain markets, particularly the business community, where its name is too closely tied to the home computer market. One market that doesn’t have to be sold on the benefits of the Amiga, however, is the technical market. Reseach labs, universities, video production houses, even employees of other computer manufacturers are not put off by Commodore's past; they recognize an elegant, sophisticated system when they see one. Consequently, the Amiga is being used in ways that would shock anyone who looks upon it is a home computer. From the banks of the Charles to the shores of the Pacific, the Amiga is satisfying the needs of technical users across the country.
• At Ohio State University, Professor Charles Csurl of the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design is integrating the Amiga into the apE (Animation Production Environment) project, apE Is both a set of tools and a development environment that allow researchers, students, and others to visualize the results of experiments and simulations. Currently, apE is being developed on a Cray supercomputer. One of the goals of the project, however, is to make the power of the system available to students at all levels. With its low cost and high performance, the Amiga is an obvious choice as a low-end apE workstation. Using Amiga products such as Animate 3D, the apE project hopes to make the concept of scientific visualization available to students of all ages.
• The University of North Dakota’s Center for Aerospace Sciences has been studying the physics of clouds since 1980. One part of the study is the Aircraft Icing Research Program, designed to determine those cloud structures more likely to produce icing on aircraft. The goal of the program Is to be able to predict and avoid icing situations. The Center uses an Amiga mounted in a Citation jet as a front-end to a powerful minicomputer. The Amiga acts as an intelligent display station for the minicomputer. The information it displays directs the pilot into different parts of a cloud, where critical data is gathered. Without the Amiga's realtime display, flying into the correct spot in a cloud would be a hit-or-miss operation.
• At the University of Lowell (MA), Rich Miner of the Center for Productivity Enhancement directs a team of engineers and students that is looking to create a standard, device-independent image-processing system. Called the Image Kernal System (IKS), this system lets researchers run the same Image-processing programs on different hardware systems. To demonstrate the system, the Center has produced an expansion board for the Amiga 2000 that implements IKS. Future work at the center includes work on pattern- and edge-detection and the development of high-resolution graphics hardware for the Amiga. (For more information on the latter item, see the main article under the section "High-Resolution Displays.”)
• At Palomar Observatory, Fred Harris of Cal Tech uses the Amiga to calibrate the Charged-Coupled Device cameras that have replaced photographic plates as the mainstay astronomical-recording media. The Amiga is also used as a front-end data system for observation and analysis at Palomar. In the future, the tracking system for the giant 5-meter Hale Telescope may be controlled by an Amiga. (For more information, see "Searching the Heavens,” p. 71, in the November '87 issue of AmigaWorld.)
• At the UCLA School of Medicine, Dr. Ron Harper uses the Amiga to combine information from different imaging technologies to obtain a comprehensive view of the human brain. (See “Surgery. . .68000-Style,” p. 57, in the January '88 issue of AmigaWorld, for more Information.) Also at UCLA, Professor John Hodgson uses the Amiga to research how the body moves. These institutions and others, such as NASA and Sandia Labs, have discovered the power and versatility of the Amiga. As more people discover the price performance advantage of the Amiga, you can expect to see it on many more scientific workbenches. ? Bob Ryan Enter the Integrators ONE PROBLEM FACING the Amiga In the workstation market is the fact that every installation must come up with its own hardware and software configuration. Faced with continuously “reinventing the wheel," many customers opt for more mature systems. Such a situation is ripe for companies willing to do the system configuration. Tucked away in a basement office in Ludlow, Massachusetts, is a small company with big plans. Amicore International is a start-up operation that hopes to capitalize on the power of the Amiga 2000 to revolutionize the workstation market. The goal of Amicore Is to develop a "hypermedia" workstation using the Amiga as the foundation. By combining graphics, audio, video, and other media as only the Amiga can, Amicore hopes to be able to produce a product that appeals to scientists and vldeographers alike, and anyone in between. Amicore consists of four principals with varying backgrounds. President Andy Petrie is an inventor with a long history in high- tech companies, Rudi Vogel comes from a marketing background with DEC, Don Petrie is a graphics designer, and Mike Perrella Is the video expert. They hope to provide the know-how needed to catapult the Amiga into the high-end workstation market. Amicore is starling small. To make ends meet, It produces adapter cables that let you run Amiga 1000 peripherals, such as Dlgl-Vlew and FutureSound, on the Amiga 500 and 2000. By November, the principals expect to offer their first workstation system, consisting of an Amiga 2000, advanced graphics hardware (that they plan to license), and commercial and custom software. Amicore wants to hear from other Amiga developers Interested in the hypermedia concept. The address is Amicore International, 451 Center St., Ludlow, MA 01056. To further develop the hypermedia workstation, Amicore Is building a digital media lab. The lab will be a proving ground for the hypermedia concept. In addition to selling bundled turnkey systems, Amicore expects to sell entire hypermedia installations, and to provide training and service. Does Amicore have a chance? Based upon the growing realization of the Amiga's capabilities in the video and scientific markets, the future looks good. Its success will depend upon how well It Integrates technologies and products from different sources. ? Bob Ryan scheme as Microbotics to interface the chip. Official support for the 68881 interfaced as a peripheral device will be included in Workbench 1.3, which should spur software manufacturers to add math chip support to more of their software. A number of other accelerators are currently in r the works. MicroBotics is working on a full line of accelerators for A500 and A2000 computers. Commodore has already announced its own A2620 accelerator card for the A2000 in Europe, containing a 68020, a 68881 math coprocessor, a 68851 MMU, and two or four megabytes of 32-bit RAM. Whether the A2620 will be available in the US is subject to speculation, as Commodore is sensitive about treading on the toes of the growing number of third-party accelerator manufacturers already in the American market. High-Resolution Displays The second characteristic of workstations is a very high-resolution display screen. The Amiga’s 640 x 400 16-color display capability isn’t bad for starters, particularly as its ability to use the overscan area of the screen can push this resolution to over 700x440. In order to get 400 lines of resolution on a 200-line monitor, however, the Amiga must use an interlaced display. This type of display makes the Amiga a good choice for video work, where interlacing is standard, but the "flicker” it causes makes the computer’s high- resolution mode very difficult to work with for more standard computer applications. MicroWay offers a de-interlacing board called the Amiga World 33 flickerFixer, which retails for $ 595 and fits into the video slot of the Amiga 2000. Because the A500 and A1000 both lack this video slot, they cannot take advantage of the MicroWay card. FlickerFixer provides a steady, non-interlaced 400-line output that can be displayed on a multi-scanning monitor, such as the NEC MultiSync. Although the combination of display card and monitor is fairly expensive by Amiga standards, the business or professional user may Find it to be well worth the cost. Using flickerFixer with the A2000 is something of a revelation. It makes programs such as Professional Page and X-CAD look much more like worthy competitors to similar programs on IBM and Macintosh systems. It even makes the Workbench look more professional. FlickerFixer should enhance almost any kind of professional application, except those using video software, which requires an interlaced output. In general, high-resolution animated displays will always appear a little jerky, because flickerFixer combines the interlaced fields. (For a more complete evaluation of flickerFixer, see p. 64 in this month’s Review section.) Commodore has announced that it too is working on several display enhancements, including an enhanced chip set. Consisting of upgraded Agnus, Denise, and Gary chips, the set will output a noninterlaced 400-line display to dual-scanning or multi- scanning monitors. The new chips will not be available until the release of Workbench 1.4 and probably will not work on the Amiga 1000. They will, however, be a cheaper alternative to the flickerFixer, although it is doubtful they can provide all of its functionality. ? Because it would be difficult to increase the existing display bandwidth, the 400-line non-interlaced displays will have only half as many color bit planes as the 200-line displays. This means a maximum of four colors in 640x400 mode, with the same sort of performance penalities for memory operations in chip RAM that you currently get with 16-color hi-resolu- tion displays. Still, a true 640 x 400 color display gets us a lot closer to workstation range. Commodore is also working on a new high-reso* lution grayscale monitor, the A2024, which should sell for under $ 1000. It will work with all Amiga models because it uses the standard Amiga video port. The A2024 can be used to de-interlace the normal Amiga display, providing a 640 x 400 display with up to eight gray levels, and it will also support an extended display of up to 1008x800 pixels at two or four gray levels. Normally, the largest display segment that the Amiga hardware can output at one time is 640 x400 pixels, two color planes deep (four colors). Therefore, a combination of hardware and software trickery is required to create the extended display. The software creates a bitmap made up of from four to six normal-sized displays. It then sends this display out a piece at time to the monitor, which stores each piece in RAM until it can assemble the entire picture. As a result, the screen is only redrawn 10 or 15 times a second, instead of the normal 60 times. This characteristic will make it difficult to do smooth animation on the A2024, but it will not impair its usefulness as a display for desktop publishing or CAD programs. Because the screen memory used for the extended display is organized as one large Amiga bitmap, all graphics and text operations are carried out using the normal Amiga operating system routines. Programs that can adapt to a largei -than-normal size Workbench screen will run on the extended A2024 screen without any changes. Other programs will need only minor modifications to take advantage of the big screen. “Viewing” the Future Such enhancements take the current Amiga display hardware about as far as it can go. In order to get closer to the kinds of screen resolutions typical of workstation computers, entirely new display hardware is needed. A group at the Center for Productivity Enhancement at the University of Lowell in Massa- chusetts has built a prototype of a graphics card for the Amiga 2000 that can display 1024x800 pixels, using 10 color bit planes. This means that 1024 colors (out of a palette of 16.7 million) can be displayed on screen at once. The board uses a Texas Instruments TMS 34010 display chip clocked at 50MHz, and includes 512K of dynamic RAM for on-board programs and 1.25 megabytes of video RAM. The display chip contains its own on-board blitter. Although the group is undecided about manufacturing the board commercially, it points out that similar cards in the IBM PC market cost about $ 2500. (For more information about the Lowell group, see the accompanying sidebar “Amigas in the Laboratory.”) While the Lowell card provides the type of high- resolution color display typical of workstations, the question of how to get software to use that display remains up in the air. The Lowell group plans to provide a graphics library that could be called directly from software, and it is working on display programs to allow several IFF files to be shown on the display at the same lime. It also would like to implement an X Wmdows driver, so that an Amiga with this enhanced display could he used as a high-resolution graphics terminal for X-servers. The most desirable way to integrate this high-resolution display, however, would be to develop Intuition support for it. Existing Amiga software could then lake advantage of it without substantial modifications. To develop such support would require a complete rewrite of the current Amiga ROM Kernel graphics library, which is linked inextricably to the current Amiga display hardware and blitter. As formidable as such an undertaking may seem, it is absolutely necessary if display resolutions on the Amiga are to catch up with the current state of the art. Networking The final requirement for workstations is the ability to connect with mainframe computers and other workstations over a network. In a group development situation, it is vital that all members of the group have access to a collection of shared files. Networking also makes it possible to use the Amiga as a graphics display engine for data generated by a number- crunching mainframe computer. The only full-featured network system for the Amiga is the Internet package from Ameristar. At $ 899, it includes an Ethernet controller board and a number of programs for communicating over the network. The most powerful software it provides is an implementation of the Network File System (NFS) widely used on Unix systems in universities, research labs, and large corporations. Using NFS, the Amiga can transparently access files stored on a Sun or VAX system. For example, what the VAX system sees as the user amiga directory, the Amiga may see as DH0:. Other programs allow the Amiga to run as a terminal on the network, and to execute programs on a host computer. There is also software for retrieving files from non-Unix systems, Ameristar representatives say that the company sells about one-half of its controllers to universities, who want to use the Amiga to add graphics output to mainframe applications, and another half to corporations, who want to use Amigas largely as inexpensive terminals on existing Ethernet systems. Ameristar plans to add support for networked windowing systems, such as X-Windows and Sun Microsystems' NEWS. Support for such systems would make it possible to run mainframe programs using a windowing graphics interface on the Amiga, and X-Win- ? Micron's Amiga Series: Highest quality memory boards from America's Memory Supplier Affordable Memory Expansion from a Company You can Trust ¦ Interchangable on Amiga 2000 1000* 500* « 2 Megabytes
* Quick Memory Diagnostics on Power-up ¦ Zero Wait-States ¦ Discrete DRAM Controller ¦ Hardware Refresh ¦ Diagnostics Included ¦ Recoverable RAM Disk ¦ Auto Configuring (Amiga DOS 1.2) 'Expansion chassis and passthrough required Amiga is a trademark of Commodore Electronics Ltd. America's Memory Supplier Systems Group 2805 E. Columbia • Boise, ID 83706 ¦ (208) 386-3800 Product Information Networks Internet Atneristar Technologies 47 Whittier Ave. Medford, NY 11763 516 698-0834 S899 SCSI Controller and SCSI-Net Software C Ltd 723 East Skinner Witchita, KS 67211 316 267-3807 $ 249 for A500, $ 299 for A1000, S199 for A2000 Hi-Res Displays flickerFixer Microway PO Box 79 Kingston, MA 02364 617 746-7341 $ 595 Multi-sync monitor required. Accelerators and Coprocessors Hurricane Board Finally Technologies 25 Van Ness, Suite 550 San Francisco, CA 94102 415 564*5903 $ 995 for A1000, $ 1095 for A2000, 20MHz and 25MHz versions available for additional $ 100 and $ 250, respectively 32-bit Memory Board Finally Technologies $ 595 unpopulated, up to 4MB (16MB by 1989) possible, call for chip prices 68030 Upgrade Finally Technologies $ 345 for interface card, $ 695 for 030 chip to plug in Hurricane Hurricane Board required. Starboard2 MicroBotics Inc. 811 Alpha Dr., Suite 335 Richardson, TX 75081 214 437-5330 prices range from $ 495 unpopulated to SI 119 2MB Multifunction Module MicroBotics Inc. S99.95 for board, $ 380 for 68881 chip Starboard2 required. EXP-8000 Progressive Peripherals & Software 464 Kalamath St. Denver, CO 80204 303 825-4144 up to 8MB of RAM. 68881 coprocessor of up to 20MHz, price to be announced approximately August ’88. 68020 CPU Board (CPU-992M) Computer System Associates (CSA) 7564 Trade St. San Diego, CA 92121 619 566-3911 $ 995 68881 Coprocessor CSA $ 295 68882 Coprocessor CSA $ 695 for 16 Mhz, $ 995 for 25 Mhz 32-bit Static RAM CSA $ 595 unpopulated, $ 695 for 512K with Kickstart in ROM, $ 1495 for 1MB, $ 2995 for 2MB 32-bit Dynamic RAM CSA $ 695 unpopulated, $ 695 for each additional megabyte 68030 Board (!6MHz with 68882) CSA $ 2580 Piggyback CSA $ 895 When it’s Time to Get Organized, WordPerfect Library is the Key kVhether you're a new Amiga user or a seasoned professional. WordPerfect Library's integrated programs make it easy to organize tour appointments, notes, files, and programs. Fhe Calendar program keeps track of your daily schedule and will remind you of important appointments by sounding a preset alarm. From the information on your Calendar, you can print memos and to-do lists for each day, week, or month. Library’s Notebook program can organize a collection of information into separate records, containing everything from recipes to mailing lists to telephone directories. Each Notebook file is saved in WordPerfect Merge format, allowing you to easily transfer the information to a WordPerfect document. The Calculator program is designed to meet a variety of needs with financial, programming, and scientific functions. For example, with the Financial calculator, you can amortize a loan or calculate the future value of a 10-year bond. The File Manager helps you arrange your program and data tiles into workable groups. You can delete, rename, print, mark, or look product name* are trademarks or registered trademarks cf their respective companies. Circle 64 on Reader Service card at a file from the File Manager screen and sort files by name, size, or date. Changing directories is quick and easy. For those who need the power of a text editor, Library’s Program Editor includes such features as Duplicate Line, Hex Edit, List Files, Macros, Search Replace, Separate Printing, and multiple Block functions. Like other WordPerfect Corporation products, WordPerfect Library is easy to learn with its intuitive commands and on-line help. Full documentation and toll-free support are also included with each package. And at S129.00, you can't find a better value. For enhanced office productivity, the key s within easy reach. WordPerfect Library. Contact your local dealer or WordPerfect CORPORATION 1555 N. Technology Way • Orem. Utah 84057 U.S.A. Tel: (801) 225-5000 • Telex: 820618 ¦ TAX: (801) 227-4288 '.sirred trademark and WordPerfect Library is a trademark of WordPerfect Corporation. .All other brand and WordPerfect .- a regi> Aegis Draw Dynamic CAD 2.3 Aegis Draw Plus Microillusions Aegis Development Corp. 17408 Chatsworth St. 2115 Pico Blvd. Granada Hills, CA 91344 Santa Monica, CA 90405 818 360-3715 213 392-9972 800 522-2041 800 345-9871 $ 499.95 SI 25 $ 259.95 512K required. 512K required. IntroCAD Progressive Peripherals Digital Building System 464 Kalamath St. MicroMaster Software Denver, CO 80204 1289 Broadhead Rd. 303 825-4144 Monaca, PA 15061 $ 79.95 412 775-3000 $ 299 512K required. 512K required. LogicWorks Capilano Computer Systems 1168 Hamilton St., Suite 501 Vancouver, RC Canada V6B 2S2 604 669-6343 $ 299.95 512K required. PCLO Scheme PCLO Plus SoftCircuits Inc. SoftCircuits Inc. (see address above) 701 NW 13th St., Suite C4 $ 199.95 Boca Raton. FL 33432 One megabyte required. 305 368-7024 $ 199.95 UltraCAD $ 499.95 Progressive Peripherals 512K required. (see address above) One megabyte required. To he announced. One megabyte required. PRO-BOARD Prolific Inc. X-CAD 1808 W. Southgate Ave. Taurus-Impex Fullerton, CA 92633 distributed by Haitex Resources 714 447-8792 208 Carrollton Park, Suite 1207 $ 475 Carrollton, TX 75006 One megabyte required. 214 241-8030 $ 599.95 PRO-NET Two megabytes required. Prolific Inc. (see address above) $ 475 One megabyte required. CAD and Circuit Simulation Software clows, which would further enhance the machine’s capabilities as a graphics terminal. Ameristar also hopes to introduce a lower cost Ethernet network card for the Amiga 500. I he only other network currently offered on the Amiga is a low-cost point-to-point system based on the C Ltd SCSI controller. The controller, which ranges in cost from $ 299 for the 1000 version to $ 199 lor the 2000 version, is normally used to interface SCSI hard drives. Using the SCSI-Net software the company packages with the controller, however, it is possible for several Amigas to share a single hard drive over the SCSI bus, at SCSI speeds. While this setup is useful in certain situations, it is subject to a number of limitations. There is a 30-foot maximum on cable lengths between machines, and only eight devices can be connected to the bus at any one time. There are also no provisions for file-locking, a feature that prevents one user from overwriting changes made to a file by another user. The company plans to remedy these deficiencies in the next version
(3. 0) due out shortly after the official release of the
1. 3 version ol the Amiga operatingsystein by adding file-locking, by implementing noding (which will allow the interconnection of up to 255 buses), and by adding other enhancements that should make SCSI- Net a much more LAN-like system. Although not yet available, some other networking systems arc rumored to he in the works. Commodore is reported to he interested in developing a TOPS network system for the Amiga, which would enable communication with Sun, Macintosh, and DEC computers. I he plan calls for a system based on low-cost hardware similar to that of the Macintosh AppleTalk network. As of yet, however, no definite plans for such a system have been announced. Even without the additions described in each of the three sections above, the Amiga stacks up pretty well as a personal workstation. The availability of third-party network systems, display enhancements, and accelerator hoards do, of course, make the machine very attractive to the scientific, educational, and technical communities. This does not mean, however, that Commodore can simply let the third-party developers blaze the workstation trail all alone. Workstations are growing ever more sophisticated and less expensive. Commodore must act quickly to prepare the Amiga for the highcr-resolution displays, 32-bit buses, and built-in networking capabilities that are increasingly becoming standard features on personal computers. ¦ Sheldon Leemon is the author of Inside Amiga Graphics and other hooks. And he is a frequent contributor to AmigaWorld and other computer publications. Write to him do AmigaWorld, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, XII034 58. Jtwsllj :
• lifts »wxt ; IxlitfHfi Bihem ; *Iten r1"14 !«of waJtts = 223 L >at iftfeit; 123 Awai 2000
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- SDB FEATURES- Multiple task debugging Debug your code at the Source Level Set Breakpoints and Single Step by Source Line Access all Global and Local Variables by Name Evaluate and Print the Value of Any C Expression Displays all Structure Element Names and Values Assembly Language Debugger for intermixed routines Debug drivers User Control of Color-background and text Separate Color Windows for Source, Data and Commands Supports 1.2 and 1.3 Amiga resident libraries Supports 68010, 68020 and 68881 processors Re-usable command macros and procedures enables you to customize the debugging environment And with Aztec C you get optimized C, support for scatter loaded and segmented programs, support for all floating point formats, and the clean, fast and compact code you need. _ SDB Special through August 31,1988 - 30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed Source Debugger (Reg S125.) ...... - • • • ONLY $ 75. Aztec C68k Am-p Professional System * ONLY $ 199. Aztec C68k Am-d Developer System .....ONLY $ 299. Library Source ..ONLY 5300. Developer System with Source Debugger and Library Source (Reg S724) ..ONLY $ 474. COD, VISA, MC, Wire (domestic & inti.) & terms MANX (outside NJ) Jhke Advantage of the Introductory Special Calf Tbday 1-800-221-0440 201 542-2121 Telex: 4995812MANX (NJ and Outside U.S.) Fax: 201 542-8386 Through a strict regimen to slim down and strengthen up, ARP will have your CLI commands benchpressing more directories and running more files than their overweight AmigaDOS counterparts thought possible. By W. Jeffrey Blume UNDER THE SUPERVISION of their ARP (AmigaDOS Replacement Project) trainers, the CLI commands are trimming down and toning up. Originally programmed on a diet of the cumbersome BCPL language (Basic Combined Programming Language, a predecessor of C), the AmigaDOS commands are slow and large with limited power. ARP, a joint programming effort led by Charlie Heath of Microsmiths, is whipping the BCPL flab into 68000 assemblylan- guage muscle. The ARP programs, and arp.library that they depend on, will replace the existing C directory commands. Completely backward compatible with AmigaDOS commands, the ARP commands offer you many new features, including greater wildcard capabilities, more on-line help, resident commands, environment variables, resource tracking, and low- memory management. Needing an average of one- half the calories of the current AmigaDOS commands, the ARP replacement programs melt away approximately 35K from your Workbench disk, while supplying more power, speed, and accessibility. Load, Set, Run Tire most apparent ARP improvements are the new commands that have no BCPL equivalents ARUN, LOADLIB, and SET. Two other commands are new to users of AmigaDOS 1.2, but familiar to 1.3 owners ARP’s ASK and RESIDENT. When included in script Files, ASK lets you query the user about performing specific tasks. RESIDENT lets you make commands resident in memory, allowing much faster execution than even RAM-disk-based commands. ARUN combines the capabilities of RUN with those of Heath's public-domain program, RUNBACK. As with AmigaDOS' RUN, ARUN will execute a program in the background and return CLI control to you. ARUN’s additional arguments let you set the stack for the program and its task priority. With many programs, you can even close the CLI while the background program is still running, which frees about 20K of memory. One minor drawback is that you must use escape characters to pass strings through ARUN. The * is ARP’s default escape character; if you prefer to use a different character, the new SET command lets you reassign the default. LOADLIB will load any disk-based library. If your boot disk is too full to include all the libraries you need, you could load them into the system with LOADLIB. With SET you can assign values to environment variables, which let you configure different aspects of the Amiga’s system environment. Similar to the SET provided with Manx Aztec C, ARP SET is corn- ? Patible with programs compiled by Manx that read enviroment variables. ARP currently supports several environment variables copyflags, dateformat, and listarchive. Through SET and the copyflags variable you can instruct the COPY command to reproduce certain characteristics of the original file when it creates the new file. You can duplicate the filenote and the original date, as well as the Read, Write, Execute, Delete, and Archive flags. If you would rather avoid the SET command, you can instruct COPY to duplicate the file characteristics by supplying the FLAGS keyword and its options in the COPY command line. Either method is an improvment over the BCPL COPY, which cannot duplicate filenotes and stamps the current system date on the new file. Comparison oi ARP and AmigaDOS Commands ARP DOS-1.3 Bytes Bytes Added Features of ARP Command ADDBUFFERS 504 876 ARUN 1176 NCS ASK 556 648 ASSIGN 968 2960 AVAIL NCS 1772 BINDDRIVERS NCS 2920 BREAK 452 956 CD 664 1756 CHANGETASKPRI 488 1076 COPY 2244 9296 DATE 1120 4208 DELETE 1060 5568 DIR 2120 8500 DISKCHANGE 400 680 DISKDOCTOR NCS 6672 ECHO 260 564 ED NCS 19564 EDIT NCS 18164 ELSE 540 860 ENDCLI NCS 692 ENDIF 40 40 ENDSKIP NCS 40 EXECUTE NCS 4532 FAILAT 388 1028 FAULT NCS 2688 FF NCS 3200 FILENOTE 356 690 GETENV NCS 916 IF 824 1600 INFO 992 2068 INSTALL 800 2416 JOIN 580 1056 LAB 40 40 LIST 2076 9696 Accepts up to 4 drive buffer pairs Combines RUN and RUNBACK (pd); Stack can be set with STACK keyword; NOIO switch allows closing of CLI while background program Is still active Queries before executing batch file routine Accepts multiple assignment pairs; - option to remove with multiple assignments NCS NCS BC Accepts wildcards; ROOT keyword assigns to drive rather than disk; can report in CLI prompt (see ARP PROMPT) Verifies priority value; keyword TASK can change priority of running tasks FLAGS keyword or copyflags environment variable, filenotes, original datestamps, and protect bits may be copied; enhanced wildcards;* = console NOT supported Leading zeros no longer required; can set and report time to the second; dateformat environment variable ASK switch with enhanced wildcards; no longer limited to 10 filename arguments OPT options, F (Files only), H (Highlight directories), S (File sizes); explicit keywords for all options, ALL, DIRECT, FILES, HILITE, INTERACT, SIZE BC NCS No longer requires strings to be quoted NCS NCS BC NCS BC NCS NCS BC (See ARP WHY command) NCS See ARP COPY [FLAGS] option) NCS BC Reports formatted capacity Writes a consistent set of data to the boot block, improves detection of a boot block virus Accepts and sorts wildcard filenames before joining; no longer limited to 15 files BC SORT option; supports environment variables: dateformat and listarchive; the latter lists the status of a file’s archive bit The daieformat variable specifies the format of input and output for commands such as DATE, LIST, and SETDATE. The default format is day-month year, but with SET and daieformat you can select one of four arrangements. You use the listarchive variable to instruct the LIST command to display the status of a file’s archive flag, in addition to the RVVED llags. An A displayed with the flags indicates the file has been archived by a backup utility. Command ARP Bytes DOS-1.3 Bytes Added Features of ARP LOADLIB 496 NCS Explicitly loads a disk-based library LOADWB NCS 2644 NCS LOCK NCS 2068 NCS MAKEDIR 416 768 Create multiple and nested directories MOUNT 2204 5432 Mounts multiple devices; STARTPROC option loads driver or handler immediately NEWCLI NCS 2784 NCS NEWSHELL NCS 2732 NCS PATH 736 2136 Supports wildcards; no longer limited to 10 directory arguments PROMPT 484 584 New %P option will dynAMIGAlly display current directory in the prompt PROTECT 572 1396 Supports wildcards QUIT 424 1036 BC RELABEL 476 828 BC REMRAD NCS 304 NCS RENAME 984 632 Accepts wildcards, permitting movement of multiple files with one command RESIDENT 1036 2620 Makes commands RAM resident RUN NCS 2716 (See ARP ARUN) SEARCH 1100 6332 Supports wildcards SET 572 NCS Sets the values of environment variables and the system escape character; compatible with Manx SET SETALERT NCS 3312 NCS SETCLOCK NCS 4556 NCS SETDATE 884 2632 Accepts wildcards SETENV NCS 836 (See ARP SET command) SKIP 664 1108 New ? Option queries user for the label to skip to SORT 872 1868 Will not crash If file is too large to sort; CASE switch for case sensitive sorts STACK 384 872 BC STATUS 704 1752 BC TYPE 1196 2284 Supports wildcards; multiple filenames; can join wildcarded files into destination file; files typed to PRT: will be labeled by filename and separated by form-feeds; by leaving out input arguments, console output can be redirected to a file or device VERSION 312 2424 Reports arp.library version, as well as Kickstart and Workbench versions WAIT 664 1372 BC WHICH NCS 1872 NCS WHY 1376 576 Combines WHY with FAULT; if supplied a fault number for an argument, it will print the corresponding error message XICON NCS 3156 NCS NCS = Not Currently Supported (as of AmigaDOS v1.3 and ARP v1.1) BC = simple backward compatibility with AmigaDOS Asterisks Wild Unlike AmigaDOS’ awkward and inconsistent wildcard usage, ARP commands support the * wildcard character similiar to that on MS-DOS. Nearly every command that you would expect to accept wildcard arguments now does, increasing the CLI’s power enormously. For example, with the new RENAME command you can type: RENAME ARP c * to c to move all the commands from a directory named ARP C to the logical device c:. With the BCPL RENAME command you could rename only one file or directory at a time. In addition to accepting the wildcard, several ARP commands can handle multiple sets of arguments. In a single ARP ASSIGN statement, for example, you can transfer all of the system logical devices to a hard drive. With AmigaDOS, you would have to call ASSIGN for each individual device a minimum of seven separate calls. The new ADDBUFFERS lets you assign buffers to four different drives in one statement. While MAKFDIR, RESIDENT, and TYPE also accept multiple arguments. For help remembering all the new ARP commands and options, type a command followed by a question mark. As with the original commands, the system will respond with the command template. Typing a question mark after the template will give you a second line of clarification. No More Crutch Conventions Not as obvious to users, the current operating system presents handicapped power to developers. Constrained by its DOS library and arcane BCPL lan- > guage conventions (see the sidebar "Programming With a Forked Tongue”), programmers are forced to maintain two sets of conventions, one that BCPL understands and one for the rest of the system. With the consistent arp.library, programmers can organize their code, creating more efficient programs. Several of the library’s routines help developers speed up and streamline the dialog between their programs and the users. Programmers can create and include environment variables in their commercial software for setting mulitple defaults. The arp.library’s FileRequcst() function is a greatly enhanced version of the Heath file requester, reputed to be one of the fastest on the Amiga. Most requesters read and display an entire directory before letting you take any action. The Heath requester (used by many Aegis programs, Photon Paint from Microillusions, and City Desk j from MicroScarch) allows you to dick on a file or directory as soon as it is displayed. The requester immediately interrupts its current directory read, and either loads the file or displays the new directory list you specified. You will especially appreciate this shortcut when you access deeply nested directories. The ARP requester improves further on its predecessor by adding a parent gadget, which will send you back one level in the directory hierarchy, and also by allowing programmers to easily append multiple gadgets, such as DFO:, DHO:, and DH1:. Developers can also add string gadgets to supply filters for selectively displaying files. For instance, you could include a filter so that a paint program’s requester would display only files with the suffix .pic. When the user asks for a DIR listing, the requester will not clutter the Using window with extraneous files. To accelerate directory accesses even more, click in the listing window with the right mouse button. The requester will display a listing of all available physical and logical devices, allowing you immediate access to files without having to wade through the intervening levels of the directory tree. While the developers were tinkering they added numerous other useful functions. The GADS() argument parser helps provide a consistent format for CLI commands. Assign() and AsyncRun() allow programs to make logical device assignments and run external programs, without having to access the disk- based ASSIGN and RUN commands. One function needed by any multitasking operating system, but not supplied with AmigaDOS, is resource tracking. In a multitasking system, several programs must he able to share the same resources, such as memory, files, logical devices, and so on, freeing up those resources when they are finished, rather than doing such nasty things as overwriting each others’ data structures or exiting while leaving 200K of memory tied up. Using functions supplied by the arp.library, you can track and free resources automatically when you close it. ARP’s resource tracking also provides low- memorv management, permitting memory reserved by a program to be released in a low-memory situation, if the program is not actually using the memory at that time. Besides offering totally new commands, ARP adds extra capabilities to AmigaDOS staples. You can use CD and PROMPT together to display the current directory, the task number, and a text string in the CLI prompt. The new CHANGETASKPR1 can change the priority of a task that is already running. DELETE now will accept an unlimited number of files as arguments, and it also has an interactive ASK keyword you can use with wildcard deletions. DIR offers options to display file size, to list files only, or to distinguish directories with inverse highlighting, ECHO no longer needs its string arguments to be enclosed in quotes. Through its new ability to accept multiple arguments. MAKEDIR can create a directory, then nest subsequent levels of directories within it, all with one invocation of the command. For a command by command list of ARP’s improvements, see the accompanying chart, "Comparision of ARP and AmigaDOS Commands.” ARP Support ARP’s on-disk documentation is in two sections UserDocs and ProDocs (for programmers) and generally follows the conventions of The AmigaDOS Manual (published by Bantam Books). A few examples and descriptions, however, need to be clarified. The sample command for using ARUN with string arguments? 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• SlOnrdit applies. Offer good for SO days from sign-up. C 1988 General Electric Company. USA. Programming With a Forked Tongue SINCE ITS INCEPTION, AmigaDOS has been speaking out of both sides of its mouth. The original Amiga programmers wrote mosl of the Amiga ROM Kernel (housing the intultlon.llbrary, dos.llbrary, graphlcs.llbrary, and so on, all managed by Exec) In efficient 68000 assembly language or C. Meanwhile in England, Metacomco was programming the DOS (Disk Operating System, which is only a part of the greater OS) (n BCPL (Basic Combined Programming Language, a predecessor to C). The clash comes because the BCPL conventions are much different (some are even exactly opposite) from analogous conventions in C and 68000 assembly language. Consequently, the DOS does not integrate well with the rest of the system. The specific problems lie In the way BCPL addresses memory (BPTRs), how it handles strings (BSTRs), and the stack. BPTRs will allow only longword alignment. To insure that memory addresses are longword aligned, BPTRs divide the addresses by four, before acessing the dos.library. In C, the compiler handles address alignment; odd alignment cannot happen. According to Charlie Heath, one of the principals of the ARP project, the BPTR problem arose from the particular implementation of BCPL that Metacomco used, rather than from problems inherent in the language. BSTRs are constructed quite differently than C strings. The first byte of a BSTR gives the length of the string, then the string itself follows with no terminating character. Because only one byte is used to define its length, a BSTR is limited to 255 characters. A C string can have an unlimited number of characters, marked at the end by a terminating character. Finally, a BCPL stack grows upward from its base in memory, exactly opposite to the way the 68000 processor manages the stack, moving downward from the base. The BCPL stack is decremental, while the 68000 stack is incremental. The language problem requires programmers to maintain two different sets of conventions one for addressing the dos.library and another for addressing the rest of the operating system thus slowing development and increasing code overhead. This convoluted code was a significant motivation for the development of ARP. “The data interfaces are all different. . .that was half the problem, a nasty half,” says Heath. The other half of the problem, according to Heath, stems from the fact that the code in the dos.library and BCPL library is simply inefficient. The BCPL library was undocumented and couid not be used by any programs but the BCPL commands. Programmers were forced into maintaining a parallel set of functions, thus duplicating their efforts. One of the ARP programmers* primary goals was to remove any dependency on the BCPL library by replacing all the BCPL commands and supplying a library of functions that all programs could call. They succeeded in an eloquently compact fashion.
- WjB uses a as an escape character. You can issue SET to assign as the escape character, but the default is an *. The COPY template in the manual erroneously designates FLAGS as a switch rather than a required keyword; the on-line template shows FLAGS K. Tf you issue a COPY command with all but the flags argument correct, however, COPY displays its extended help message, rather than die template, while neglecting to mention die FLAGS keyword at all. Integrating the commands into your system is quite easy. The distribution disk’s execute file will install ARP automatically on your hoot disk. If you are CLI inclined, you can issue the following commands: copy ARPv 1.1 :libs arp.library to libs: copy ARPvl.Lc to c: loadlib libs:arp.library ARP is freely distributable with certain restrictions, and you can download it from most on-line services and bulletin boards that have Amiga special interest groups. If you prefer the old-fashioned postal service to telecommunications, mail $ 5 per copy of ARP to ARP Support, c o Microsmiths Inc, PO Box 561, Cambridge, MA 02140. I found the ARP commands to be smaller, faster, and more powerful than their BCPL forerunners. Their compact size is especially helpful when you arc running the commands out of a RAM disk. Be warned, however, that all benefits come at a price. ARP version
1. 1 does not currently support BINDDRIVERS, DISK- DOCTOR, ED, EDIT, ENDCLI, EXECUTE, FAULT (ARP’s WHY does double duty for WHY and FAULT), LOADWB, NEWCLI, and RUN (see ARP’s ARUN). Work is in progress, however, and the developers should soon release new additions to ARP’s command set, including support of AmigaDOS 1.3's Fast File- System. Commercial programs are beginning to support ARP. TxEd Plus from Microsmiths Inc. naturally supports the arp.library. Epyx’s Sub Battle Simulator sports the ARP file requestor. Redact (a desktop- publishing program from Fop Down Development) and Wshell (a CLI enhancement program from William S. Hawes) are also joining the ARP parade. Even Commodore is taking notice. According to Heath, the ARP programmers offered the current version of ARP to Commodore free of charge, and would like to sec it in ROM. Apparently Commodore is actively considering it. But because of negotiations, could not comment publicly. In a market where the need for instant gratification pushes products out the door before they are ready, the careful planning and execution demonstrated by its developers make ARP a welcome exception. ¦
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(409) 846-1311. AMIGA is the registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga Inc Studio M and Perfect Vision are registered trademarks of SunRize Industries Digi-View js the registered trademark of New Tek. Inc ? C With its many new device drivers and handlers, Workbench 1.3 will let you add a lot more hardware and software devices to your system than 1.2 did. Hen left to its old devices, the 1.2 operating system's MOUNT command could handle simple peripheral operations adequately, but realized little of the versatility of the Amiga’s system for adding devices. Used in conjunction with the Mountlist text file found in the DEVS: directory, the MOUNT command allows you to add almost any type of hardware or software device to the system. Mountable device drivers let AmigaDOS interact with external hardware devices such as a hard drive. Devices may also consist merely of software drivers that use existing system resources in a new way, as with the RAM disk device. Mountlist describes various device attributes, and specifies the file that contains the device driver or handler software. Squandering potential power, the 1.2 release contained Mountlist entries for adding only the A1020 5 -inch drive as an AmigaDOS device and a hypothetical device called AUX: (similar to the serial device). With the release of Workbench 1.3, Commodore has harnessed much more of the MOUNT command’s power, letting you add many standard device types to your system. For faster data access, Commodore added a recoverable RAM disk and Fast File System. The new PIPES: device and AUX: device let you talk to other commands and terminals, while the SPEAK: device talks back to you. In case you have trouble issuing the new commands. Commodore added a command-line editor. ] By Sheldon Leemon Totally RAD: Perhaps the most interesting of the new devices is RAD:, a second RAM device, which, like the familiar RAM: device, uses part of the computer's working memory as an electronic disk drive. Rather than replacing RAM:, RAD: complements it and has many important differences. RAM: is an integral part of the AmigaDOS system; you create the RAM: device merely by referring to it in an AmigaDOS command. To access RAD:, on (he other hand, you must add it to the system with the MOUNT command, and be sure the file containing its device driver, ramdrive.device, is in the DEVS: directory. RAM: adjusts its size automatically, according to its contents; as you add more files, it grows. Unlike RAM:, whose size is limited only by the amount of available memory, RAD: has a fixed size you specify in the Mountlist entry you use to mount it. Because it is of a fixed size, RAD: acts more like a floppy disk than a RAM disk. Like the standard 3 Vi -inch floppy, RAD: is set up as a double-sided drive, with 512 bytes per sector, and 11 sectors per* track. Each track (also called a cylinder) uses 1 IK of memory (512 bytes per sector x 11 tracks per sector x 2 sides). AmigaDOS determines the number of tracks used for RAD: by the LowCyl and HighCyl entries in the Mountlist. An entry of LowCyl = 0 ; HighCyl = 21, for example, allocates 22 tracks, at 1 IK per track, for a total of 242K of memory, enough to store all of the files in the Workbench’s C directory. If you have a couple of megabytes of fast memory on your Amiga, you could even set the HighCyl value to 79, for an 880K RAD: drive, the exact same size and layout as a floppy disk. With the RAD: drive the same size as a floppy, you can use DISKC.OPY to copy an entire floppy to RAD:, or vice versa. You can even format the RAI): drive, which you can not do to RAM:. The most important difference between RAD: and RAM:, however, is RAD:’s durability. Because both use the computer’s memory to simulate disk storage, when you turn off the computer, you will lose the contents of both devices. A warm boot is another story. While RAM: loses its contents whenever you press the CTRL-Amiga-Amiga key combination, or you encounter a Guru error, RAD:, a recoverable RAM disk, protects its cargo. As long as the error that caused the Guru Meditation did not scramble the contents of memory, with the 1.2 Kickstart ROM you can mount RAD: again, and it will reappear with its contents intact. Not only can you recover the contents of the RAD: drive after rebooting, hut also, with Kickstart 1.3, you can even reboot from the RAD: device. Along with the ability to hoot from such devices as hard disks and network hoards, the 1.3 ROM chip adds the ability to reboot from RAD:, provided that it has been mounted, and the operating system docs not find a bootable disk in drive dfO: at warm-start time. Even if it uses a hoot disk for a warm start, Kickstart 1.3 restores RAD: automatically upon warm boot, so you need not remount it. Of course, if you have an Amiga 500 or 2000, you will have to change Kick- start ROM chips to gain this ability: if you own an Amiga 1000, however, you need only insert the new Kickstart disk. With RAD:, a recoverable RAM disk, your files will survive a warm boot. Move It Along Because RAD: is a mountable device that can be formatted, it can also take advantage of the new Fast File System (FFS). Commodore added this alternate file-system handler to Workbench 1.3 to make hard disk access faster, but, in fact, you can use it for any mountable disk device, except the 3 4-inch floppy drives. Because the FFS stores data differently on disk than the normal AmigaDOS file system, 314 -inch drives using the new system cannot read current AmigaDOS disks. Non-removeable media, however, such as hard disks and RAM disks, do not face this problem. To use the FFS on RAD:, you must add two items to the RAD: entry in the DEVS:MOUNTLIST file. Anywhere after RAD: and before the that ends the entry, insert: GlobVec = - 1 FileSystem = PfastFileSystem J J In addition, you must make sure the FastFileSystem file mentioned in the second line appears in the 1: directory on your Workbench disk. After you have changed the Mountlist entry, use the command MOUNT RAD: to mount the drive. Because you are using a different file system than the default, you must format the drive before you use it, hut using the new QUICK option of the FORMAT command shortens the process: :SYSTEM FORMAT drive RAD: name Speedy QUICK Although using the FFS on the recoverable RAM disk speeds up operations somewhat, because it is a RAM drive, RAD: responds fairly quickly without it. The Fast File System saves time, hut at a price. Under Kickstart 1.3. you cannot reboot from the RAM drive if you format it with the FFS. In fact, with the
1. 3 ROM. You cannot even recover the contents of the RAM drive when you reboot after formatting with the FFS, because the drive is automatically mounted on warm start as a normal DOS file-system device. As Kickstart 1.3 is expecting the RAM drive to he in the old AmigaDOS format, it thinks that RAD: is not a DOS disk. If you use Kickstart 1.2, however, you have built-in protection because the operating system requires you to mount the drive again alter a warm hoot. Even though you cannot reboot from the RAM drive, you can recover its contents even if it is formatted with FFS. AmigaDOS Pppes Up The PIPE: device handler on Workbench 1.3 emulates the pipes feature of MS-DOS that allows you to transfer the output of one program to the input of another. Let’s say you want to display a large disk directory on screen, but do not like using DIR because it outputs file names in a continuous stream and does not pause when the screen fills up. By piping the output of DIR to the MORE program, which displays text one screen at a time, you get the information you want, in the format you prefer. In UNIX or MS-DOS, you would issue a command such as DIR | MORE. Because the Amiga command shell does not recognize the | operator, you must simulate pipes to achieve the same result. As with Workbench 1.2. in 1.3 you can redirect files to a temporary storage area on the RAM: disk. To transfer DIR output to MORE, type: DIR >ram:temp MORE ram:temp DELETE ram:temp A more efficient method, especially for large files, is to mount PIPE:, whose handler is found in ? Anew who b the be Ml. - i OBJECT ORIENTED. * F FSF FOF YOUR OBJECT ORIENTED AMIGA! LIFE SPRINGS FROM YOUR SCREEN WITH THIS HIGHER LEVEL OF PROGRAMMING! WITH FEWER KEYSTROKES 5 LESS EFFORT! HIDE YOUR DATA TO PROTECT IT! BUILD ONE TYPE ON ANOTHER TYPE! DEFINE A GENERIC THEN REDESIGN SPECIFICS WITHOUT MAKING THE PROGRAM FAIL! TRUE DATA ABSTRACTION TO AID IN PORTABILITY AND PROGRAM SIMPLICITY! OVERLOAD OPERATORS AND FUNCTIONS! COMPLEX ARITHMETIC LOOKS LIKE PART OF THE LANGUAGE! Now at a software supplier Ife iWM r, sorts lattice is a registered trademark of Lattice, incorporated. Amiga isa trademark of Commodore-Amiga. Inc. Lattice, Incorporated 2500 S. Highland A enue Lombard, IL 60148 Phone: 800 533 3577 In Illinois: 312 916*1600 Subsidiary of SAS Institute Inc. Circle 23 on Reacer Service card. And output by mounting ihc AUX: device, and typing: NEWCLI AUX: This procedure lets you hook up another computer or terminal to your Amiga, and give AmigaDOS commands from the second machine over the serial port, or even over a modem. While you cannot, of course, run Intuition-based windowing programs on your remote terminal, you can use such CLI commands as DIR and INFO to gain information about the Amiga disks. With the TYPE command you can send files to the remote screen, where they can be captured to a buffer file. While serial-port CLTs do not exactly make the Amiga a multiuser system, they do come pretty close to it. To make the Amiga’s built-in speech synthesis more accessible, Commodore added the SPEAK: device handler to the 1.3 Workbench. SPEAK: is similar to the SAY program in the Utilities drawer, in that it converts text input into speech that is outputted through the audio channels. Like SAY, it uses the translator.library file from the LIBS: directory to convert the text to phonemes, and the nar- rator.device from DEVS: to output the phonetic speech. While SAY takes input only from the keyboard, you mount SPEAK: as a device, meaning it can take its input from any source that can write to a disk file. For example, you can save a file to SPEAK: from a word processor or even open SPEAK: as a capture file for a terminal program. As with the SAY program, you can adjust SPEAK: to vary the output’s sound. You can change the pitch and speed of the speech, choose male or female voice characteristics, and select natural or robot (monotone) speech inflection. To add a voice setting, you include it as part of a SPEAK.opts pathname when you access the device. For example, to listen to a file with a female voice at a pitch setting of 200, you could use the command: COPY filename to SPEAK:opts f p200 The full list of voice options you can add to the SPEAK.opts pathname is shown below: P Set Pitch ( is a number from 65 to 320) S Set Speed ( is a number from 30 to 400) M Use male voice characteristics SPEAK can read aloud any file that you can write to a disk. R Robot speech (uninflected monotone) N Natural speech (natural inflection) 00 Do not allow option settings in input stream 01 Allow option settings in input stream A0 Turn off phoneme input mode A1 Turn on phoneme input mode DO Determine sentence breaks by punctuation alone
1) 1 Determine sentence breaks from carriage ? The file hpipe-handler. I lie PIPE: device acts as a conduit, directing the output of one program to the input of another. One process writes to the pipe, assigning it an arbitrary file name (such as pipe:temp). Each pipe name uses a 4K buffer, which means only that much may be written to the pipe before the writing process is blocked. When the second program reads the 4K buffer (by accessing the same file as was written to), the first program can write 4K more of data, until all of the output is transferred. Once you issue the command MOUNT PIPE:, you could pipe the output of DIR to MORE with the command sequence: RUN DIR >pipe:temp MORE pipe:temp Note that you use RUN to spin off a separate process for DIR. Both commands cannot use the same CLI process because if the directory output is larger than 4K, DIR will not terminate and give back the CLI prompt until MORE has read all of its output. The roundabout method that PIPE: uses to simulate pipes may not be as simple as that available on other systems, but it does have some unique advantages. In addition to the traditional pipe transfer described above, you can use PIPE: for its buffer* ing capabilities alone. Many terminal programs, for example, download files in a synchronous fashion. They receive a block of data, send it to the disk, wait until the disk write is finished, and then ask to receive the next block. Each intermediate disk write slightly delays the transmission. You can avoid the delay by downloading to a file in RAM:, but you run the risk of filling up the RAM disk before the file transfer is completed, or of forgetting to copy the file to a floppy before turning off your computer. A better solution is to use the command COPY pipe:tcmp TO dfO'.downfile before running your terminal program, and then downloading to the file pipe:temp. With this sequence you can buffer large amounts of data before any writes take place, meaning fewer delays. At the same time, you avoid the risks associated with downloading to RAM:. When the download process concludes, your (lie is stored safely on disk. New AUX: and Squawks If you need to transfer data to another terminal, j you will appreciate the new AUX: device, whose handler is located in the file l:Aux-Handler. AUX: transfers data through the serial port, much like the SER: device; the difference is in the buffering. While SER: buffers its output, sending it out only after a 512-byte block has accumulated, AUX: provides unbuffered communication with the serial port. With the unbuffered AUX:, you can create a CLI window that uses the serial port for its input TAKE A DRIVE INTO TOMORROW Tomorrow’s disk drive is here today. From CALIFORNIA ACCESS™ comes the CA-880, a powerful new 3 Vt" disk drive for all Amiga® computers. This highly reliable disk drive formats a 3 Vi " double-sided, doubledensity diskette for 880 kilobytes of storage. The CA-880 is fully compatible with the Amiga 1010 disk drive, but offers much more. The CA-880 is half the size, is considerably quieter, and has an extra long cable. The CA-880 also has a connector that allows you to attach an additional disk drive. So why wait until tomorrow for what your computer needs today. The CA-880 is yours for only $ 229.95 (suggested retail price). For more information call (408) 435-1443, FAX (408) 435-7355, or write to Logical Design Works, Inc., 780 Montague Expwy., 403, San Jose, CA 95131. Return and line feeds, as well as punctuation A New Con Man While your Amiga can talk to you, it cannot tell you how to fix an erroneous command. One of the major complaints about the CLI environment is that its console window does not support command-line editing. If you make a typing mistake in the first word of a command line, you have to erase the whole line and start over again. A new 1.3 device called NKWCON: similar to the shareware program ConMan) finally provides a console window that not only allows editing with the cursor keys, but also adds a 2K coinmand-his- torv buffer. After you mount the NEWCON: device, j (whose handler is located in the file l:Newcon-Han- dler). You can open a CLI window’ that uses this new console device by typing: N EWCLI NEWCON:x v w h name i where x and y specify the position of the upper-left corner of the window, vv and h specify its width and height in pixels, and name designates an optional window name. With a NEWCON: window, you can edit a command line by using the Left- and Right-Arrow’ keys to move the cursor back and forth across the line one space at a time, or in combination with the Shift key to take you to the beginning or end of the line. The up- and down-arrow keys implement a command-history feature. Each time you enter a command line, that line is stored in a 2K circular buffer. Pressing the up-arrow key retrieves the previous entry in the buffer, which appears at the command prompt. Pressing the down-arrow key moves you forward through the buffer. The shift- down-arrow combination takes you to the bottom of the buffer. If you don't want to step through each previous command, you can use the command history’s search feature. Typing a partial command line, and then pressing shift-up-arrow, initiates a search for the last command line that matches the partial string. While the original intent of the 1.3 Operating System was to provide enhanced printer support as well as autobooting and faster access for hard drives Commodore threw in a few extras. New’ devices like the recoverable RAM drive, the speech device, the pipes handler and the rest, increase the speed and extend the reach of your system at the expense of only a few commands. ¦ Sheldon J ’emon is the author of Inside Amiga Graphics and other books, and he is a frequent contributor to many computer publications. Write to him do Amiga- World. Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. C U A ? THE WORLD OF COMMODORE USA The largest and most successful Commodore show in the World is making its American debut in Philadelphia, November 3-6, 1988. The World of Commodore is a showcase of all that’s new and innovative in microcomputers. Hundreds of exhibitors from all over the world will be demonstrating and counselling you on the latest software, accessories and peripherals for your present or future Commodore computer. Many manufacturers, distributors and retailers participating in the World of Commodore will be clearing out millions of dollars worth of inventory at the show this can translate into big savings for you. Don’t miss this once-a-year opportunity to shop for incredible bargains and investigate the many new product introductions. Plan to be part of the biggest Commodore event ever to be presented in America! Exhibitor's phone or fax today to find out how you can take part in the World's largest Commodore Show. For information contact: The Hunter Group
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* Editor's Note: To get the information on version 1.3 to you as quickly as possible, the authors have had to use a ugamma" version of AmigaDOS 1.3. A gamma version is one that Commodore circulates to developers and a feut other groups so that those groups can see what's coming and help shake out any bugs. It is the last unofficial release before the software hits your dealer's shelves. Most likely, the final version will have the same new CLI commands as this gamma version, but Commodore still could make some changes before it releases the final version. To be safe, when you buy a copy of version 1.3, plan to spend a few minutes verifying that everything works as it is described here. THIS MONTH, INFO.PHILE begins a multi part discussion of the new 1.3 version of the Amiga’s operating system. Version 1.3 offers many new capabilities and improves many existing ones. There are new CLI commands, new utilities, improvements to existing commands and utilities, a new “shell” that lets you edit your CLI commands, the ability to make commands “resident” in memory so that you can access them more quickly, tighter integration of the often different Workbench and CLI environments, and many other improvements. Just a simple list of the new features would be extensive and maybe intimidating! In this series of columns, we will wade through that list a piece at a time, showing you the new capabilities and how to use them. We start here with an overview of most of the new CLI commands. We have left two of them, RESIDENT and XICON, until later when we discuss resident commands and the integration of the CLI and the Workbench, respectively. Setting the Scene for a Command Performance The new CLI commands provide a wide variety of capabilities. That’s nice for us as users, but it makes a systematic presentation of them a bit difficult. So, please bear with us as we present them in a relatively arbitrary order. Three of the commands help you use and manage your system more easily. If you have a hard disk, you can use the LOCK command to protect it from accidental damage. For example, you might be testing new public-domain software and want to be sure that no “virus” or other dangerous program can affect the data on your hard disk, or you might want to protect that data from the hands of your co-workers or children while you step away from your Amiga for a break. Its format is simple: LOCK drive> ON | OFF [ password> ] Its use is also straightforward: Give the drive name, then ON to protect the drive, or OFF to turn off a lock that you set earlier. You can make releasing the lock a bit harder by providing the optional, four-character password> when you turn the lock ON. Anyone who wants to turn it OFF must supply the same password>. Once you lock a drive, it stays locked until you either unlock it or reboot your Amiga. You actually can lock parts of a drive as well as the whole thing. If your drive has several partitions, you can give the name of any of those partitions as the drive> parameter. This lets you protect some particularly crucial data on a drive while leaving the rest open to change. There is one important restriction: LOCK only works on hard disks or harddisk partitions that you have mounted with the new version 1.3 Fast File System. This new file system will make your hard disks run much faster, provided you mount them with it. AmigaDOS has traditionally been very slow locating files, but the new file system will stop making your hard disks wait on the AmigaDOS software algorithms and in-? Stead let them run at their top speeds. The Fast File System does not initially work on floppies. Before Commodore puts its support software into ROM, however, it is almost certain to support floppies. Don’t worry too much about this restriction, however; the Fast File System is so much faster on hard disks than the old one that you will be very happy once you move to it. Those of you lucky enough to have a battery-backed clock calendar on your Amiga will be pleased with the new command, SETCLOCK. If you have an Amiga 2000. You have a clock as part of your Amiga’s standard equipment. If you have an A500, your machine did not come with a clock calendar, but several vendors offer relatively inexpensive ones. You also get one if you buy Commodore’s A501 512K Memory Expansion Module. If, like us, you are working on the original Amiga 1000, you also can turn to several vendors for this fairly inexpensive addition. [For more information, sec “The Amiga World Hardware Buyer’s Guide,” p. 48, in the March ’88 issue, or “One Thousand One, One Thousand Two.. .Four Clock Calendars for the Amiga 1000.” p. 18, in the September October '87 issue.] SETCLOCK works with the battery- backed clock calendar and the system clock calendar that you can set in Preferences. As with most CLI commands, its format is simple: SETCLOCK LOAD | SAVE If you specify LOAD, AmigaDOS sets the current system date and time to the time J and date in the clock calendar. If you specify SAVE, it goes the other way and sets the clock calendar to the current system time and date. This command makes a great addition to your startup-sequence File. Just put in the line SETCLOCK LOAD and your Amiga will boot with the system time set to the clock calendar’s time 7'able 1. Sample display given by the AVAIL command. Type Available In-Use__Maximum Largest chip 307304 208560 515864 304712 fast 0 0 0 0 total 307304 208560 515864 304712 and ready to go. You can use the SAVE option for those rare occasions when most clock calendars end up wrong, such as the days when we change in and out of daylight savings time. If you try either form of this command on an Amiga that does not have a clock calendar, your system may appear to be hung. It’s not. Hit RETURN and you will get the message: Internal clock not functioning The last of the three general commands is FF: FF [ - 0 | - n ] FF is a nifty little program developed by Charlie Heath of Microsmiths and included in 1.3 with that firm’s permission. It speeds up the way your Amiga handles text, so that everything from typing files to flipping between screens with most editors will run faster. If you give it the -0 option, or if you just enter it with no arguments, you turn on its faster text handling. It will give you a line crediting Microsmiths and then say Turning on Fast Text To turn it off, use the - n option. Although you will still see the credit line, there is no message telling you that it is off. ... And Now the Plot Thickens Just about everybody can benefit from these first three commands. There are also four other new' commands that are probably most useful to ’’power” users, although all of us may want to use them every once in a while. The ASK command lets you ask a question and get a yes no answer: ASK prompt string> This command is useful really only in batch files, but it can be very helpful there. It displays the prompt string> and then waits for either a Y or an N (or the lowercase versions of either of these), and then the Return key. Hitting Return without entering either Y or N is equivalent to entering N and then Return. If you enter Y. ASK sets the CLI’s command termination, or conditional, dag to 5, which is the value for a WARNing. If you enter N or nothing, it sets that flag to 0, which is the normal termination value. You can check the value of that flag in IF statements in batch files. The IF ERROR statement is true if the conditional flag is 10 or greater, while IF FAIL is true if that flag is 20 or greater. IF WARN is true if the conditional flag is 5 or greater, so you can use this IF version to test the result of an ASK command. ASK is particularly nice when you want a batch file to check for a user’s confirmation before it takes an action. For example, if in a batch file you want to check that a user really wants to delete a file before deleting it, you could use the following set of CLI commands. (All except the first command could go anywhere in your batch file. The first command, like all .KEY commands, must come at the start of the batch file.) .KEY file_name ASK “Do you really want to delete file_name>?” IF WARN DELETE file_name> ECHO “ file_name> is gone.” ELSE ECHO “You did not delete file_name> "ENDIF AVAIL is a technical command of a different sort. It takes no parameters. You simply enter AVAIL and it gives you a breakdown of all of the memory in your Amiga. In the middle of playing with these new commands on an Amiga 1000 with 512K of memory, we entered AVAIL and got the display shown in Table 1. The term “chip” refers to the memory that your Amiga’s three special video and sound chips can use. For now, this is the first 512K of your system’s memory. Knowing the amount of available chip memory can be useful when vou need to I * know how large an image or sound sample a program will be able to manipulate. “Fast” is the term for all of the rest of your Amiga’s memory, which the spe- ? 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(617) 875-1238, or for more information call (213) 427-1227. Circle 60 on Reader Service card. Dal chips cannot use. Because the A1000 we used has only 512K, AVAIL showed 0 in all of the Fast categories. “Available” denotes the memory that is still available for programs to use, while “In-Use” indicates the memory that your executing programs are already using. “Maximum” is the sum of these two, the total amount of each type of memory in your Amiga. The final category, “Largest,” is one in which only programmers are typically interested. It is the biggest single chunk of the available memory, which is a limit on the size of the single largest thing that a program can put into memory. The final two commands, SETENV and GETENV, let you manipulate a new CLI construct: environment variables. An environment variable is a container that can have a string as its value. You can set this value with SETENV and read it with GETENV. AmigaDOS commands can also use environment variables, and many of them will do so in the future. AmigaDOS manages environment variables with the new ENV: handler. Actually, it mill use that handler. Today it simulates that handler by storing these variables in a directory in your RAM: disk (RAM:ENV) and then using the .ASSIGN command to set ENV: to that directory. To set the value of an environment variable, you use SETENV: SETENV environment variable> [ string> ] If you omit string>, you set Environment variable> to the null string (“”). You can retrieve the value of any envi- ronment variable with GETENV: GETENV Environment variable> For example, if you entered SETENV my_data_directory “dfO:mydata” and later typed GETENV my_data_directory the CLI would display dfO any data If you ask GETENV to get the value of a nonexistent environment variable, it will respond Can’t get Environment variab!e> An environment variable that you have never set is not the same as one that you have set to the null string with SETENV. If you do SETENV my_data_directory to set it to the null siring, and then do GETENV my_data_directory the CLI will display a blank line. In a future column we will discuss further environment variables and how CLI commands work with them. These new commands are just the tip of the AmigaDOS 1.3 iceberg. Next time we’ll crawl a little further down its surface and look at the many improvements it makes to existing commands. Until then, try to grab a few spare moments and play around with this new release of the operating system. These new commands and its many other benefits will make you glad you did. ¦ Bill Catchings and Mark L. Van Name are contributing editors to AmigaWorld. Write to them at 10024 Sycamore Road, Durham, NC 21703. FlickerFixer and Microway are trademarks of Micrcwciy. Inc Amiga ts a registered trademark of Commodore. Multisync is a registered trademark of NEC. FlickerFixer eliminates your Amiga 2000’s interlace flicker and visible scan lines. The result: superior quality color or monochrome graphics and text for a full range of demanding applications, including CAD, desktop publishing, graphics, and video. FlickerFixer fits into the Amiga video slot, is fully compatible with all user software, and does not modify the standard Amiga video signals. The board also upgrades the Amiga 2000 with a flicker free 4096 color palette, has an overscan mode that features a screen size of 704x470 pixels and drives most of the popular PC EGA and VGA monitors, including the NEC Multisync and Mitsubishi XC1429C. FlickerFixer is priced at $ 595. It is made in the USA by Microway, Inc. “The World leader in PC Numerics’’ since
1982. For more information or to order, call Microway Sales at (617) 746-7341 or your Amiga Dealer. IifefaFixer Advanced Graphics Adapter For The AMIGA - 2000
P. O. Box 79 32 High St., NOW FCC Microway Kingston, Moss. 02364 USA Kingston-Upon-Thames, U.K., CLASS B APPROVED
(617) 746-7341 01-541-5466 THE READERS’ CHOICE “HOW COULD HE be so positive negative about such an awful outstanding program? I could rate it better than that!” Go ahead, now’s your chance to tell us what you think. For the past two years, we editors have applauded our favorite products with the Editors’ Choice Awards. This year we leave the voting up to you. On the supplied coupon (or a postcard), rate your hardware and software over a scale of one (the lowest) to 10 for each of the three criteria (A, B and C) listed in the appropriate category. Send your votes to: The Readers’ Choice, AmigaWorid, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. In the December issue, we'll present the 1st Annual Reader’s Choice Awards with all the pomp and glitter they deserve. However, unlike the Academy Awards who employ the prestigious accounting firm of Price & Waterhouse for their tabulations, AmigaWorid's results are entrusted to the firm of Cutrate 8c Watergate, infamous for their security leaks. While they can count accurately, they can’t keep secrets. In upcoming issues, watch for pre-ceremony peeks inside the envelopes. CREATIVITY (graphics, video, music, desktop publishing)
A) ease of use
B) flexibility (special equipment needed, integrates with other programs)
C) professional features (Can you use it in your business studio?) Games
A) playability
B) presentation (graphics, sound)
C) longevity (How long does it hold your interest?) HARDWARE (memory expansion, hard drives, digitizers, genlocks)
A) ease of' installation
B) ease of use
C) technical support HOME (educational, finance)
A) ease of use
B) documentation (complete reference, examples, tutorials) . C) flexibility (Does it have a variety of uses or will ! You grow out of it?) » * * ; PRODUCTIVITY (spreadsheets, databases, account- I mg, telecommunications, word processors)
• A) ease of use * ; B) flexibility (import files from other programs, a
* variety of applications)
* C) advanced features (Can you grow into the ! Program?) » ¦ ; PROGRAMMING (languages, utilities) ; A) documentation (complete reference, examples, I tutorials)
* B) flexibility (integrates with other libraries, routines) ; C) advanced features (Will it support more compli- ; cated applications?) * * ‘ Miscellaneous (whatever is left) *
* A) ease of use ; B) documentation (complete reference, examples, I tutorials) ! C) performance (Does it do what was promised?) Products Rating A B Comments Products You Would Like To See Reviewed s Summer Win an Amiga 2000 Plus YOU'VE NOW REACHED Part Two of the Treasure Hunt. If you answered the first 16 clues In Part One correctly, you're one-thfrd of the way to a chance at the Grand Prize: an Amiga 2000 plus a Getaway Weekend to the treasure site (including luxury accommodations for two nights and round trip airfare) to collect the prize. If you qpi sed the first leg of the journey, you can order copies of the July '88 Issue (and first set of clues) by sending $ 4.50 plus $ 1 shipping and handling per copy to AmigaWortd, Attn: Treasure Hunt Back Issue Orders, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458, or call 800 343-0728. Be sure to specify you are on the Treasure Hunt, so you will receive your magazine in time to make the deadline. Remember, all the clues are linked so you will need to solve each one before you can move to the next location. Decipher the clues correctly and at the end of the third set (contained in the September issue) you’ll know the location of the buried treasure. Be sure to save your answers to all the clues each month (you may need them). The exact answer to each clue will correspond to the word or words marked in italics. In the November issue we will publish the winner's name and the trail to the treasure with the answers to each clue In all three parts of the treasure hunt. When you find the spot that X marks, you won’t need a shovel to dig up the treasure. All you have to do is fill out the coupon (or a facsimile) accompanying the third and final set of clues. All entries must be received at the AmigaWortd offices by Thursday, September 15, 1988. Send your entry to AmigaWortd Treasure Hunt, AmigaWortd, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Oniy one entry per return address will be accepted. The winner will be selected in a random drawing of all correct entries held on Friday, September 16, 1988. Listen for your telephone notification on Monday, September 19th. Confirmation will follow by mail. Have your bags packed for the Getaway Weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), October 21-23 or 28 30 depending on your schedule. The odds of winning will depend on the number of correct entries received. If the prize Is not claimed, a second drawing will be held to award It. Taxes and duties on all prizes ere the sole responsibility of the winner. Prizes are not transferrable, nor are they redeemable for cash value. No purchase necessary. All federal, state, and local laws apply. Void wherever prohibited by law. Anyone of any age may enter. Minora muat be accompanied by parent or legal guardian to claim the prize. If the winner resides outside the US or Canada, the Amiga 2000 prize will be shipped to the winner at our expense. There will be no Getaway Weekend In thia case. Employees of IDG Communications Inc., Its affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising and promotion agencies, and their families are not eligible to enter. Entry constitutes permission to use the winner’s name, photograph, or other likenesses for promotional purposes without further compensation to the winner. Submissions become the property of AmigaWortd and cannot be returned. AmigaWortd Is not responsible for lost, misdirected, or late mall. All entries received after September 15 are void and ineligible for the drawing. The winner and his or her companion assume all risks and dangers Incidental to traveling to and from the site of the Getaway Weekend and to their stay during the Getaway Weekend, and agree that AmigaWortd, and IDG Communications Inc. and Its affiliates, are not liable for any Injuries, toss, or other mishaps suffered during the period specified above. The Clues Part Two
17. What do Alfred Hitchcock, Cary Grant, and several American presidents have In common? Proceed appropriately to an interstate and take Greeley’s advice.
18. Pass “Bill’s” city and go to a town whose namesake Is famous for a celebrated "bon voyage” In 1940, Do what they did then, and look for a town whose name is similar to their destination.
19. To find your next route, proceed in a boreal direction and think of what Bill Terry, the last of his kind, did during
1930. Proceed in “Mae’s” direction, cross the border, and go to the first major city.
20. Leave town by the “dyslexic prospector’s” route In the same direction and proceed to the 44Cereal City.”
21. Go “Dixie” on the first available interstate and take it to the city where it ends. Leave town in the "melted witch’s” A direction by the route whose number is the ASCII code for J. Cross a state line. Play some rugby (Union) as you proceed: Score a try and make the conversion. Add these to your present route to find a your new route.
22. Cross a state line. Go to a place where Thelonius and Art might feel at home. From this “origin,” travel up the y-axls.
23. Cross the next state line and begin looking for your next route. Burglary is the clue: How much territory did Lou Brock obtain each time on 938 occasions in his career? Ride off into the sunset on the appropriate route.
24. Cross two state lines. Feeling guilty about all this thievery, go into the darkness and find the place where the person who "“made you do it” might reside.
25. Return to the route you were on at the beginning of Clue 24 and proceed in the same direction. Unfortunately, your computer is now bewitched with errors. You’ve got an “undefined label” and you “can’t CONTINUE.” But if you add the Amiga Basic code values for these, you can find a new route to get back on track.
26. Proceed down state, pass through a “ghost town,” cross a state line, and look for salvation in a divine place.
27. You leave tnrs-place In a state of ecstasy by the same route in the same direction. But soon you’re in trouble you’ve run aground. In fact, to put it slangly, you’re really “In da dirt.” But if you unscramble the letters in that slang phrase, you’ll find your next destination.
28. Leave here by Route 10100000 and proceed in a direction that is an essential ingredient of beer minus the first letter. Cross a state line and look for a town that is also the name of a book chronicling the exploits of Steve, Leo, and Moll.
29. Mimic birds in springtime and proceed from here on a little two-bit road. To find your next route, double your stake and go back to making beer.
30. To find your next route, begin at “square one” for the first digit. Add the square root of four to the first digit to get the second digit. Add the cube root of eight to the second digit to get the third digit. Proceed in the direction Scott explored. Your next destination is an “online” city that is also the end of the line, and appropriately the end of Part Two of the Treasure Hunt. Wait here until next month for further instructions. From p. 22 If that isn’t enough, an excellent companion to the Wrap-On feature called LUM shines light across the surface- mapped brush to give it a real three-dimensional feel. The LUM controls allow you to set the intensity and direction of the light source, and although setting the controls takes some getting used to, the result is well worth it. Blend, found under the Mode menu, is similar to Digi-Paint's Tint mode in its ability to overlay colored light on the area being painted. The transparent wash subtly alters every color beneath it. Photon Paint takes this one step further by supplying a “Set...” Blend control window that lets you determine the tint’s intensity, as well as the degree and direction of gradation and dithering. By manipulating the controls in tiiis window you can create a color overlay that is nearly invisible at the edges, and intensifies toward the center (or any other point), until it’s nearly opaque. The flexibility and versatility of this control is almost infinite, and it works with any brush or drawing tool. An Integral Part Photon Paint is excellent. It’s probably not the only paint program you’ll ever want, though. The developers have incorporated all of the basic tools to make Photon Paint a true HAM-paint program, but because it is HAM, there are minor problems. When you choose a standard brush from the toolbox, you can’t see it on screen until you actually start painting. If you are involved in a precise operation and you’re using a large round brush, for example, you see only a crosshair on screen until you press the mouse button and then it’s too late. Another HAM-related difficulty is speed. Photon Paint claims real-time operation of freehand drawing tools, but if you move the brush swiftly, the stroke lags behind the cursor. In fact, Photon Paint is overall a bit slower than I expect a paint program to be, both in terms of operations and calculating. Photon Paint is an essential part of the ideal Amiga graphics studio. For starting a picture from scratch (no digitizing or image imports) I’ll still want DeluxePaint Ips speed and practical tools and I'll rely on Digi-Paint for its colorizing techniques and Rub-through feature. Photon Paint is the program I'll use to bring all the elements together and realize the full potential of Amiga graphics. If only it would print out on canvas.... Photon Paint Microfllusions 17408 Chats worth St. Granada Hills, CA 91344 818 360-3715 800 522*2041 $ 99.95 512K required. FlickerFixer Visionary improvement for the Amiga 2000. By Douglas F. Watt, PhD I WAS SO impressed by the A2000’s numerous other virtues that at first I overlooked the small video slot in the hack- right corner of the motherboard. Thankfully though, MicroWay did not. They have employed this slot to literally transmute the Amiga’s video display, via the FCC Class B-approved flickerFixer video buffer card. FlickerFixer banishes hi res flicker and visible scan lines. The result? Well, compare the difference between night and day. FlickerFixer takes existing video output, buffers it, then adds the output from the next set of 200 scan lines if the output is interlaced (or fills in the other 200 lines with the same information if not), and sends that 400-line composite out at a 60Hz rate. By contrast, the stan- dard interlaced display refereshes at a rate of 30Hz, which is inadequate given that the screen generally decays in one- fiftieth of a second. FlickerFixer does not alter the stock Amiga video signal in any way, and except for the fact that you cannot use a genlock concurrently, it is completely transparent. It even allows you to use the normal video output and monitor simultaneously. The combination of no scan lines in any mode and the total absence of interlace flicker even in stark black-and- white high resolution is impressive. FlickerFixer is a help for desktop publishing and CAD-CAM Computer-Aided Design, Computer-Aided Manufacturing) applications, as well as hi-res and HAM (Hold-and-Modify) interlace painting. FlickerFixer makes working in the normal 640 x 200 Workbench mode more enjoyable because it fills in the scan lines to produce solid characters, thus reducing eye strain. It is leagues ahead of the sunglasses antidote and the various screens that fit over your monitor, not only in effectiveness, but in price as well. The card lists for $ 595. Because flicker* Fixer’s near-industry-standard scan rate of 31.5MHz is not compatible with the Amiga 1080, 1084, and 2002 monitors (which run at about 15MHz), you’ll also need a good multisync or VGA monitor, which cost between $ 425 and $ 800. (flickerFixer’s designer opted for the high scan rate because the lower rate significantly limits resolution.) With flickerFixer and a VGA or multisync monitor that has a reasonable adjustment range, you can get a fill I Workbench screen of 740x470 pixels (something that is hard to do with an Amiga monitor) using the public-domain program MoreRows. On the flip side, you may not be able to get the stock Amiga output to cover the full face of some monitors unless you’re willing to experiment with the potentiometers on the internal monitor board. If in doubt about the compatibility of flickerFixer with a monitor, call MicroWay. If you can’t afford to buy it, I wouldn't recommend trying flickerFixer; it will only leave you depressed when you have to go back to your old display. FlickerFixer Micro Way PO Box 79 Kingston, MA 02364 617 746-7341 $ 595 No special requirements. AproDraw An old CAD and graphics pro, Amiga style. By Gary Ludwick and Louis Wallace THERE’S SOMETHING unnatural about drawing a picture by rolling a little ball around a desktop. Maybe that’s why man invented the graphics tablet.? The Machine To Unleash Your Imagination... The Magazine To Explore Its Vision Ooienl ot Products Pev ewsd sod PiowVewed WA** Power. Univ&OS.-CU txeioVnintt L CompuVef'* v' * 1> >(out »M»Vne»» V f want to discover the full potential of this powerful machine. And save nearly 47% off the cover price. Enter my one year subscription to AmigaWorid for the low price of $ 24.97. If I’m not satisfied at any time, 1 will receive a full refund no questions asked. For a computer as extraordinary as the Amiga?” you need a magazine that can match its excellence, AmigaWorid. AmigaWorid is the only magazine which provides you with ideas and information to get maximum performance from the Amigafe tremendous power and versatility. Each issue gives you valuable insights to boost your productivity and enhance your creativity. Whether you choose the Amiga as a serious business tool for its speed and multi-tasking capabilities... or for its superb graphics, drawing, color, (over 4,000 colors), and animation ... or for its state-of-the-art music and speech ... or for its scientific and CAD abilities, AmigaWorid can help you achieve superior results. With its timely news features, product announcements and reviews, useful operating tips, and stunning graphics, AmigaWdrld is as dynamic as the market it covers. Don’t wait! Become a subscriber and save nearly 47% off the cover price. Return the coupon or the attached card. For immediate service, call toll tree 1-800-258-5473. Me ? Payment Enclosed Name__ Address City_ Canada $ 34.97, Mexico $ 32.97, Foreign Surface $ 47.97, Foreign Airmail $ 82.97 (U.S. Funds drawn on U.S. Bank). All rates are 1 year only. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. AmigaWorid
P. O. Box 58804, Boulder, CO 80322-8804 Amiga is a trademark of Commodore-Amiga. Inc 388B2 THE WORLD’S LARGEST DISTRIBUTOR OF AMIGA" PRODUCTS HARDWARE...HARDWARE...HARDWARE...HARDWARE HARDWARE SPECIALS SCSI Hard Cards
• Takes up one A2000 slot
• Does not use drive bay
• AutoBoot with 1.3 • DMA 30MB: $ 749 50MB: $ 899 Other Sizes Available. Panasonic Printers 10801 Mk.ll: $ 179 1091 i Mk. II: $ 199 s No additional purchase required. Price includes UPS ground shipping. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS IMPACT A2000 SCSI I RAM CARD
• Will autoboot with 1.3 • Compatible with Fast File System
• Up to 2MB RAM • We have SCSI Drives from 20-60MB CALL FOR CURRENT PRICE! ELECTRONIC ARTS SOFTWARE A-SQUARED $ 259 Cali Live! A1QQQ . lj(J Live! A500 ACCESS ASSOCIATES Alegra 512K Call $ 34 S 15 Call S399 Call $ 165 $ 144 AMAZING DEVICES Time Lord Programmers Reference AMICORE
i. ,-1 Transvestor 2500 ANAKIN Easyl . Easyl 500 2000 ANCHOR AUTOMATION Omega 80 ..... APPLIED VISIONS Futuresounc .... ASDG 8MB Board In Stockf RAM Boards Boxes Call Satellite Board Call AVATEX 1200HC Modem $ 115 BYTE BY BYTE Byte Box lor the A500 A2C00 In Stock' TIC S 49
C. LTD. C View Cab:es .... Timesaver ... S 39 .$ 64 CREATIVE MICROSYSTEMS Kickstart Eliminator S109 RF Modulator for the A500..... Call J Video interface for the A2000 ... Call CSA Bernoulli Boxes ... Call vit%' Over 30 Board . Call 68020 Boards for All Amigas ... Call kj.V Turbo Hi-Rise ..... Call DIGITAL CREATIONS SuperGen Call ECE MIDI-500 .. Call ? MIDI A1000 $ 58 MIDI-A2000 $ 58 EPSON EX-800 .... Call iJt* All models available..... Call EXPANSION TECHNOLOGIES n,.' Escort 2 Call Escort 500 ... Call Escort Hard Disks Call External 3.5 Drive SI74 FINALLY TECHNOLOGIES Hurricane Accel Call works w! A5O0 1000. 2000 FUJI 10 D-S Disks S19." GO AMIGA Disk Head Cleaner $ 15 30-Disk Case S TO ImageWriier II Cable . . Call Printer Cables $ 25 Modem Cables. $ 25 Mousepad S 10 Sony Monitor Cable . $ 35 Switch Boxes Call GOLDEN HAWK TECH MIDI Gold S 69 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS
N. J A500 Interlace. Call SCSI Controllr w RAM Call HYPERTEC Deluxe MIDI Interlace $ 74 INKWELL Light Pen ..$ 99 KETEK A500 Command Center Call J Command Clr Deluxe Call LOGICAL DESIGN Vt.' CA-880 3.5" Drive $ 185 MICHIGAN SOFTWARE A500 Expansion . Call Drive Ext Cables Call Insider .. Call Multi-Start Call Quickstart ......S149 MICROBOTICS A2000 Adapter Call A2000 Products ... Call Multifunction Cali Starboard 2MB .. Call Starboard2 A500 .. Call Other Sizes Available MICRON TECH 2MB for A2000 ... Call »A1000. A500 Boards Call MICROWAY Flicker Fixer ...... Call MIMETICS AmiGen Genlock $ 157 Audio Digitizer ..... Call Frame Butter ...... Call MID! Interface $ 45 HU-DATA Externa! SCSI Drives .... Call OKIDATA Oki23 Col. Ribbon S 8 0ki20 Blk Ribbon S 7 Qkimate 20 with Plug n‘ Play $ 199 PACIFIC PERIPHERALS OverDrive Call Subsystem .. Call PANASONIC Camera Lens for DigiView ... Call Variable Ins Lens ...... Call 1080i Mk II Printer S179 I09ti Mk II Printer S199 PHOENIX A50D.'1000 H-Drives Call CPS500 Pwr Supply S 34 ?it,1 Son c Speakers .S 89 PROGRESSIVE
v. j.J Frame Grabber Call ProDrive External ......$ 189 ProDrive lor A2000 . . Call ProGen ... Call SCI-TECH GenKey . Call SPIRIT TECHNOLOGIES 1 SMBforAIOOO .. Call SUN RIZE Perfect Sound S 69 Perfect Vision $ 189 SURFS1DE COMPONENTS ?;,.' Master 3A 3 5" Drive S178 SUPRA CORPORATION 2400B Modem ..... Call Hard Drives ..... Call WICO Trackball .$ 39 XEROX 4020 Color Ink Jet Call Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Mother Goose ... New Tech. Color Book One on One ..... Pub Games Quizam..... Reach for the Stars Return to Atlantis Road wars..., ..... Rockford ... Seasons & Holidays. Seven Cities of Gold . Skyfox .. Skylox II Space Quest II Siarfleet I .. Thexder . Winnie the Pooh $ 33 $ 23 $ 17 519 526 525 S33 $ 36 $ 26 $ 26 $ 23 S19 $ 19 $ 29 S37 S3 6 526 $ 26 Why buy from GO AMIGA? FREE 1986 Teams Disk with Earl Weaver INTERCEPTOR - HERE NOW!
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Cali Vsuai Aural Mmdlgn.17 . $ !45 Wiluam Hawes Arexx ......$ 39 W-Shel .....$ 39 WordPerfect Corp WordPerfect $ 199 WordPeHecI Library Call Zen Software System Mon tor $ 39 Our objective is to carry every product lor the Amiga and sell them al the best prices We sell Amiga products only, so there's no need to specify. New products come In daily - please call lor latest prices and availability. Our policy is to be as competitive as possible on all product prices. If you llnd a lower price, give us a call. Orders Only: 8QQ.BE-AMIGA" 800-843-2842 m in California: Customer Service. • 415-322-0686 - Telex. 981975 ab:GO AMIGA FAX:415-322-5356 EasyLlnk. 62044782 Send Mail Orders to: GO AMIGA 508 Waverley St., Palo Alto, CA 94301 (Money Order, Cashier's Check, or Qualified P. 0. Only. CA residents add sales tax.) SHIPPING INFO: Software Sh pp ng rates are S2 50 item using (JPS Ground service (max $ 7 50) or $ 4 50 i!em using UPS 2nd Diy Air Service (rax St3 50) Other shipping methods available Call lor ha'dvare rates AP0. Man. Foreign sfippmg extra. Call for more info RETURN i REFUND POLICY: AI returns must have an RWA * Ca Cus'cmer Service to request an RMA-* Defective merchandise jnaer warranty wii be repaced or replaced Returned product must be returned postage prepaid with al original packag r.g We do not otter refunds for defective products or (o- products that do not perform satisfactory We make no guarantees for product performance Any money tack guarantees must be na-od-ed directly with ne manufacturer OTHER POLICIES: We da not charge your carduati' the product actuaty sh ps Purchase order customers must have ere* application on file No surcharge for VISA and MasterCa'd When ordering with cred-t card PISAS: include exp:rat-on date and narrieof bank1 Ca! Fridays lor unannounced specials Amiga is a trademark ol CammoCore-Amiga. Go AMIGA is in no way associated with Commodore-Amiga Delivery subiect to product availability * Prices subject !o change * Circle ?6 on Reader Service Card Da Vinci Never Had It So Easy SECRETS OF A COMPUTER ARTIST Techniques for drawing with a personal computer visually demonstrates how you can use your Amiga to create a museum of paintings. Sheryl Knowles, art director of Epyx, clues you in, step by step, on the techniques used by the pros. Make a seagull fly through the air! Da Vinci couldn't, but you can. Secrets of a Computer Artist $ 21.95 plus $ 2.50 postage and handling Specify VHS or Beta Canadian residents send $ 27.95 plus $ 4.00 postage and handling. Send check or money order to: Oasis Productions Suite 2123 550 S. Barrington Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90049 Summagraphics is no newcomer to the graphics tablet field, having produced a variety of such devices over the last fewt years. Until recently, however, Amiga owners were out in the cold if they wanted a Summagraphics tablet, because no software drivers were available. R&DL Productions now packages Summagraphics MM series tablets with Amiga drivers for both freehand-drawing and CAD (Computer-Aided Design) applications in the form of AproDraw. The tablet, finished in Amiga-coordi- nating beige vinyl, comes parceled with a stylus for drawing applications. A four- button mouse with clear-plastic cross-hair sight is available as a $ 50 option lor CAD users, (Note: For the purposes of this review, Gary Ludwick, our graphics-tablet expert, tested AproDraw on his A1000. Using the CAD mouse, Lou Wallace then evaluated it from the CAD perspective on his A2000.) Double Double Not only is the tablet available for two different applications, but in two sizes as well. You need plenty of desk space to accommodate the 16 x 16-inch tablet; the smaller one is 9x6. Each unit comes with its own power supply, and hooks up to the Amiga via the serial port (although providing no pass through connector), The A1000 requires a gender changer for connection (which R&DL thoughtfully provides), and the cable plugs directly into the A500 and A2000. While the large connector presents no problems on the A500, you must remove one of the audio plugs to accommodate it on your A2000 (a minor problem unless von need both sound channels). The SummaDriver software, which intercepts mouse signals, is easy lo install via Workbench or CLI. It provides four utilities, including a configuration table (that allows you alter the tablet's aspect ratio) and three working modes; default (640x206), hi res interlaced, and low-res
(520) . Those with non-standard Amiga systems, particularly third-party monitors, will need these configuration choices, but most people won't. The package comes optimally configured for the Amiga and as such it’s pretty much a plug-in-and-use system, AproDraw’s sliding easel back is unique and particularly useful; it allows you to set the angle from flat to about 30 degrees. Unlike the Easyl tablet, however, the rectangular version works only in the landscape (horizontal) orientation; there is no portrait (vertical) option. The larger tablet, of course, works in a square format. On the Draw Offering a two-button wired stylus with electronic pickup, AproDraw occupies a previously-unfillcd niche. The tip of the stylus functions as the left mouse button; pressing it against the tablet engages it. You can replace the nylon tip with a ball- point-pen refill, tape a piece of paper to the tablet, and work in the conventional manner. For many artists this is an ini- portant consideration it s all a matter of where vou look while vou draw. The right mouse button is on the barrel of the stylus. AproDraw also works in the single- handed style to which mouse users are most accustomed. Like the mouse, the on-screen cursor will follow the relative position of the stylus as long as it is in close proximity to the tablet. With DeluxePaint 11 (Electronic Arts), cursor and screen action were smooth and well controlled. (R&DL says that the unit performs fastest with DeluxePaint II versions 2.1 and later.) Can You Do the CAD CAM? The four-button mouse cursor is suitable for precision CAD work. The crosshair function lets you digitize drawings directly into your CAD program by overlaying them on the tablet. Two of the buttons work as the standard mouse buttons. The other two arc inoperable; they are not needed in the Amiga configuration. The CAD test consisted of putting AproDraw through its paces with six dif- ? Allow 4-5 weeks for delivery. MUSIC Dr T’s Copyist Dr Ts KCS v1.6 Drum Studio .. Dynamic Studio. Amiga is a trademark of Commodore-Amiga. ' ECE Midi interface Midi Go id (500) .. . J Music Mouse ..... Music X ... Perfect Sound...... Pro Midi Studio...... POLICIES: Shipping Info: Software rates are $ 2.50 item ($ 5.00 max) via UPS ground. For UPS Blue add $ 1.50. CODs add $ 2.50. Fed-Ex Next Day only S10.00 (up to 5 pounds). Other carriers, hardware, and Foreign rates ' may be extra. Other policies: No charge to Credit Card until shipping J date. Exchanges for same item only. No refunds. We m cannot guarantee product satisfaction, m ' Sf PRODUCTIVITY j GRAPHICS ANIMATION ¦ • ¦ 25 Acquisition ..St90 Animator Apprentice .. $ 18. .,$ 30 j Beckertext ......$ 99 j Animate 3D ..$ 99 . $ 29 j Dynamic Word $ 99 j Digi Paint ...$ 49 S 35 Excellence! ..$ 199 Digi View2.0 $ 149 j S 45 Kind Words ..$ 65 Director .....$ 49 j ' 30 Haicafc .....$ 44 Forms in Flight $ 59 65 lpd Filer ....$ 85 introCAD ....$ 59
* 6 LPD Planner .$ 85 Pagefiipper ..$ 35 j Y LPD Writer ..$ 85 Photon Paint .$ 65 Maxiplan Pius $ 129 Pixmate ....$ 49 [ Microfiche Filer $ 69 Sculpt 3D ...$ 69 'Superbase Pro $ 199 Silver 3-D ...$ 119 j 'he Works ..$ 129 X-Cad Designer......$ 389 j Studio Magic So nix...... Three Demon . . $ 69 Thunder Boy , . $ 49 Turbo $ 69 Ultimate Mii. Sim. Circle 122 on Reader Service card. Rne fastest Software Development System for forem CAB progrismsj Aegis Draw Pta (Asgis), Bynamis CAB (Mifrs’IlJuslon?), IntrcsCAB (f poptsjjvf Peripherals), L gleWorks (Captigno Cjopipiitfr p? Ttiii)s PCM (f ifid XiCAO (Tauru-Mmpcx). Iseh wmm m m gtctfi, ftni wmmmx, s$ f&$ 4 preCsc. Githoup obi small quirk iW minifin It self. On several occasions the driver be- cane inactivated and control passed back to the regular mouse. Thh was not fatal as it was possible to save the work in progress, exit the program, and restart the tablet. What caused this, however, remains a mystery; no particular keystroke combination or specific mouse activity ?S?m?d Iff If rcsKHidbk: for trijpiiiig the driver pfbltm. Test Dmvt, AsroDw* ig potentially vjyuifolf ftp Amiga anittt sta CAB prefpsimwi. Tat you might do wjjj to fly it with your software, sspsslaiiy if yout s is an older pwUgo. F owjss so many mm ifrttBRl »nd eqpoi»«w? Considerations art In* vpjved wjth fflWw than with othsr hBrd- w»rs pieces, ytro need lb t«f flfh'a tsffv a, ai'able unit befpr? FltRjtaf » pur, iiuse decision. Jta SfBL psckagt* Mf Mflti' lent systfms wgll d«ig«fid and »riOfftfl ftjmcdonlr.c. Make |h|* If»tfm a "must try'" if you «'-'e cousin,.fine syfh ft dpvige. AFFPBr*w Wbt PrvtfutftQut
11. 24 49th Avem«:! Cong Island City, X 11101 mm%4m 844? (mrmw cursor e fp&Ml impact A2QQ9 5CSI RAM HAS© Disk Co p.oller One slot 4qm dwbk duty. By Louk R Wallas iW'O >:-• 1 hr. Most popuiBP expansion devb: -- for the Amiga 2000 are tm-mory cards gnd hari drive?, Great Va,3l«y Frod- Ust? Add: e;.sc:s both th«5f Rffdl f» one sard by c:oi:d;inin| a hsrd*«rlvf JfBWpI- J r w|th expansion RAM pn th* Imfaet A2000 IctoAM bOBfd- The mi I d wr? P®pvi»wd onf megabyte of EAM, buy |hf Impaf! Bfa d unp§puigted sn§ ftfijft emcjry in pJlJI infFfnTfnts. A jypipff, whjfb JWA fflSIt If I If |hf prtptr MM TopJptrfiilm ti IpcIvsiff? Both the RAM and controller auto- configure. One connector is available for an internal SCSI (Small Computer System In- tflrftfifi) hard dCve. And an txtiraa!. MgqjntwhiplniCffinpBMbli t>>r wjjj jfift up sfVfp. |C|i dfviqp|3 jhf poird illi hil fffljly Iff tell If whlfh ym lift ftM ROM fhijif the U opfpfttlfig iystfrn ft fid 13 Riffc Hirt- Mfiih l.|, your A1000 ego bypaw Wfffe fUfh Ifli bit! |u|ft«i|ffaliy from your hirs fbf in ft? Thilf whf bfljfvf ibf Amip pvii gutoboot to be mniMtrsi ft “mi femputBr" Kut vou can Mi Hop On Board JtisallafjQn is slHlfif: just open AJOfP mi pi«f tft* ftogpd taw you; iny etnpl;- Mot. The lf.psp m«IUB! «v
• eiii'cs ;iu: prpcgfluM ftjily but lacks dia- granw. If yta 4.9 m% have experience InsailiBf hart frm w «w «»nt w pt H«lp, Onyf: tiu: cornroiicr is it: pku e. you must prsptsN ths drive ftjf use. The supplied software dOfl (hat for you; It pre, pares and fbrniHtJ your hard drive, and then ers*t«s a Wfyjfottieh di?k with the proper Mound;:-:.; and g StBrtUP'ffdveh?? To tVfth'M? 'he hard dr|vg and (yrn ?on. Trol ovei tu jt m boot ..p. while this system work* fln* fc? A«»i?aBOS, th? ?9ftwar dflffiS Tttl contain Options for propa«»| pa drlv« with the 1,5 F«« F«e Sy?wrti. Qpt fljf ntial ehftfgctSrSSti? Of any d«- vtfs you pjug into ytiM Amiga is Com- Pbtihiiily Mil suwfndy initsiied gprnpoticritf.. Whin I ftSH Ist Vp tie Im, p?ci bta*s *«ft 0.Hifply|i Msniscribc SCSI drive. I hid problem-. (.} hfiv? T-.vo,ir.ee RAM bO«Pd, a C> nv.nodore A209O fojitrfllff, ftiid $ §§ng§.tp 3T23I 4QMII hftrd flftYfi) I WP ifeJi 1° install the SCSI §®Iy prfpsrl>i ail ihf RAM apfwfffi 'Ytihfwi a hlishs fevi when I itvfiHflfi It Wf liih lh A2 Q nd tiie Impgot board, i variety of read on ihf ICII flrfrf rfiult d. Yf!f yfjug i y RAMil|i|e||?jv sofrwfifi bFTOfhi ffif fifft If w!lh 0u?!|t Th® inflnffr m Oreat Vallgy Frtdyfl dftfrmififid ihftt 1 hid sp to Aut:xv( I'm vm w-fi- When you want to talk Amiga...you want to talk to us. SOFTWARE PRINTERS MONITORS MODEMS LATTICE C Regular ...149.00 C Professional ......279.00 MANX SOFTWARE Aztec C: Developer ..219.00 Aztec C: Professional .139.00 METACOMCO Macro Assembler .....66.99 MCC Pascal ,.66.99 MICROILLUSIONS Dynamic Cad 359.00 MICRO SYSTEMS SOFTWARE The Works ..139.00 Analyze 2.0 ..109.00 Scribble ..66.99 KX-P1091! 194cps, 80 col. STAR MICRONICS NX-1000 144cps, 80 col.. . NX-1000 Rainbow Color.. NX-15 120cps, 132 col.. . . PRINTER CABLES A1000 to Parallel . A500 2000 to Parallel.....
199. 00 AMDEK 410 A W G .... Color 600 Hi-Res RGB. MAGNAVOX 505 RGB Comp Analog. 8762 RGB Comp Analog 873 Multimode . ANCHOR Volksmodem 12 300 1200......99.99 Signalman Exp. 1200 ext......199.00 Omega 80 300 1200 ...119.00 HAYES Smartmodem 300 .....139.00 Smartmodem 1200 ....299.00 Smartmodem 2400 ....459.00 NOVATION Parrot 1200 ...119.00 PRACTICAL PERIPHERALS 1200 External .139.00
169. 00
349. 00
199. 00
279. 00
489. 00 . 179.00 .249.00 .319.00 . .12.99 . .12.99 SOFTWARE ABSOFT AC Basic .136.00 AC Fortran ...189.00 ACCESS SOFTWARE Leader Board ..26.99 AEGIS DEVELOPMENT Animator Images ......83.99 Draw Plus 149.00 Diga ......54.99 Sonix .....49.99 ANAKIN RESEARCH Easyl 500 299.00 Easyl 2000 ...369.00 A SQUARED SOFTWARE Live! .... 279.00 COMMODORE Enhancer 1.2 Dos ......14.99 DISCOVERY Marauder II 26.99 ECE RESEARCH ECE MIDI 500 1000 2000 49.99 MEMORY EXPANSION .CALL .CALL .29.99 THOMPSON 4120 RGB Comp on on Analog Zjy NEC Multisync Plus ......1099.00 THOMSON 4160 RGB Comp Analog 319.00 4375M Ultrascan .....529.00 “Call for Custom Cables” Alegra MIMETICS PRO Studio MIMETICS Midi-Interface A500...... Sound Sampler ... Amigen Gen Lock . NEW HORIZONS Pro Write . NEW TEK INC. Digi View 2.0 .... Digi Paint . NORTHEAST SOFTWARE Publisher Plus .. OXXI SOFTWARE Maxiplan 500 .... Maxiplan Plus .... SEDONA SOFTWARE Money Mentor .... SUBLOGIC Flight Simulator II . Jet Flight Simulator...... TRUE BASIC True Basic Lang .. Runtime .. Libraries (ea.) .... VERSASOFT DBMan .. VIP SOFTWARE VIP Professional .. WORDPERFECT CORP WordPerfect ..... ZUMA GROUP TV Show . TV Text .. Zuma Fonts (ea.) . $ 129 l-u- r” ™ ALEGRA 512K SPIRIT TECHNOLOGY A500 1.5MB W OK A1000 1.5MB W OK. . . . Clock Opt A500 Board. . CALL ......289.00 ......299.00 39.99 DISKETTES MAXELL MD2-DM DS DD 5Y4M. . .9.49 MFD2-DDM DS DD 3V2” 19.49 SONY MD2D DS DD 5Ya' . . . .9.49 MFD-2DD DS DD 3V2’ 19.49
49. 99
99. 99
59. 00
79. 99
39. 00
44. 99
64. 99
96. 99
34. 00
59. 99
39. 99
37. 99
69. 99
99. 99
39. 99
99. 99
12. 00
99. 00
64. 99
64. 99
24. 99 HARD DRIVES WORD PERFECT CORPORATION *A WordPerfect »» ELECTRONIC ARTS Deluxe Music ..62.99 Deluxe Paint II .97.99 Deluxe Video 1.2 ......97.99 Deluxe Production ....159.00 EQUAL PLUS Financial Plus .189.00 GOLD DISK Pagesetter w Text Ed ...89.99 INFINITY SOFTWARE Gallieo ....49.99 Shakespeare ..169.00 JDK IMAGES Pro Video CGI 149.00 Font Library I or II ea ...64.99 SUPRA 20 MB (A2000) 1 y PRINTERS
C. LTD (500, 1000, 2000) BROTHER 33MB (2000) ..... ____899.00 M-1109 lOOcps Dot Matrix. . . . .179.00 44MB (2000) ..... . . .1199.00 EPSON 50MB (2000) .. . . .1229.00 LX-800 150cps; 80 col . .179.00 Call for 500 100 Prices FX-86E 240cps; 80 col...... . . . .Call MINISCRIBE FX-286E 240cps; 132 col.... . . . .Call 20MB 31 2” 40MS . ____349.00 IQ-850 24 wire 80 col . . . .Call 20MB 3V2” 65MS . . . . .319.00 OKIDATA SUPRA (500, 1000, 2000) Okimate 20 Color ... . .129.00 20MB (2000) ..... ____619.00 ML-182 + 180cps. 80 col... . .249.00 30MB (2000) ..... ____699.00 ML-320 + 300cps,; 80 col.. . . .369.00 60MB (2000) ..... . . .1349.00 PANASONIC Call for 500 1000 Prices KX-Pl080i 120cpsf 80 col... . .175.00 1 1 In the U.S.A. and in Canada Call toll-free: 1-800-233-8950 Outside the U.S.A..call 717-327-9575, Fax 717-327-1217 Educational. Governmental and Corporate Organizations call toll-free 1-800-221-4283 CMO, 101 Retghard Ave., Dept. B9, Williamsport, PA 17701 ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED • CREDIT CARDS ARE NOT CHARGED UNTIL WE SHIP. POLICY: Add 3co (minimum S7 00) shipping and handling Larger shipmenis may require additional charges Persona! And company checks require 3 weeks to clear For faster delivery, use your credit card or send cashier's check or bank money order Credit cards are net charged until we ship Pennsylvania residents add 6° o sales tax All prices are USA prices and are subject to change, and air items are subject to availability Defective software will be replaced with the same item only Hardware will be replaced or repaired at our discretion within the terms and limits of the manufacturer s warranty We cannot guarantee compatibility All sales are final and returned shipments are 5ub|eci io a restocking lee COMPUTER MAIL ORDER AMIGA Lowest prices on all hardware 30% OFF LIST PRICE ON ALL SOFTWARE Word Perfect only $ 185 RSISystems 1-800-752-RSIS 1-800-752-7747 20% RESTOCKING FEE ON ALL ITEMS RETURNED Circle 154 on Reader Service card USE YOUR 31 4 880K Drives
N. E.C., Panasonic, etc. E-Z PLUG Module and Cable $ 5900 Shippec Blue U S A Custom RGB Cables Available Call the Weird Cable Company Redmond Cable (206)882-2009 Circle 113 on Reader Service card version of the board one containing old PAL chips that had a history of incompatibilities with the A2090 (and perhaps Commodore’s two-meg card, too). I exchanged it for a replacement card that worked without further difficulty. In spite of my problems with the original unit, I find the Impact SCSI RAM board a powerful addition to my Amiga. With the autoboot ROM chips it will be even more useful. If you are shopping for RAM and a hard drive, consider Impact. It will save you money, as well as a slot. Hardware Software Impact A2000 SCSI RAM Hard Disk Controller Great Valley Products PO Box 391 Malvern, PA 19355 800 426-8957 $ 320, unpopulated No special requirements. LV Backup QuajrterBack saf-T-net Software insurance for your hard work and hard disk. By Carl Mann SO YOUR NEW hard disk is up and running. You’re zipping through work that once bored you to tears with disk swaps and gronking drives. Isn't it wonderful? Sure is, as long as nothing goes wrong. By the way, how many days of work can von recreate from memory? I * A backup utility insures your work. It will back up your hard drive’s contents to a set of Poppies, and restore the information to the hard disk should disaster strike. The right backup can make the critical difference between a temporary glitch, and being out of business for hours or even weeks. 1 tested LV Backup (MKSoft), QuarterBack (Central Coast Software), and saf-T-net (RSN Software). All three perform full or partial backups and restorations (you can dictate that partial operations be performed only on files that have changed since the last backup). Each starts from the Intuition interface. And none are copy protected. Also, all of them back up and restore from a variety of AmigaDOS devices in addition to hard disks. Each will prompt you for the right disk if you try to feed it the wrong one during a restore cycle, and all refuse disks produced by either of the others. The commonality ends there though. The accompanying chart will give you an idea of the differences. LV Backup: Simple Does It LV Backup offers by far the simplest user interface of the bunch. The restore option is pretty pokey, but if you need to use it more than once or twice in a year, there’s something wrong. At any rate, the error messages are easy to understand and the huge busy indicator is impossible to miss, fhe tiny manual is clear, brief, and easy to use, but it does lack an index. LV Backup will back up from any Amiga device except dfO:, which it reserves as its “work drive.** This, combined with the fact that no other Amiga work can be done while the program is running, may seem odd. In defense of this system though, backups are usually the last thing I do at the end of the day, when I don't feel super productive anyway. LV Backup offers a substantial bonus: a full-featured text editor. You’ll gladly discard the Amiga ED for MKSofl’s TexlEd. In addition, there’s a spiffy printer spooler complete with C source code, an excellent version of the classic Go-Mo-Ku game, and an elegant title-bar clock. All in all, a lot of software for a small price. As we go to press, version 5 of LV Backup, the Workbench 1.3-compatiblc update, has arrived. Version 5 offers no speedier backups and restores to RAM:, but because it takes advantage of the 1.3 Fast File System (the only apparent change), a 30-minute backup-to-floppy cycle under 1.2 is reduced to about seven minutes. As a result, the fact that LV Backup ties up dfO: is a lesser consideration. My hat is off to MKSoft; I’m sure the other development houses will offer similar upgrades in the future. Quarterback: Very Friendly QuarterBack appears to set new standards in user friendliness. The program will use all available floppy drives as ? YOU HAVE JUST FOUND WHAT YOU'VE BEEN LOOKING FOB!! THE SOFTWARESHOP INTERNATIONAL ...NOW GOING DISCOVER gUSISJl HORK STATION We have it all! If you don’t see it, call. 1-800-752-0050 FOR ORDERS ONLY CUSTOMER SERVICE 617-756-6452 Alter July Call 508-756-6452 BUSINESS ACCOUNTING BEST S31000 Financial Plus $ 199 00 investor’s Advantage $ 69 00 Ml Amiga Lt-dger S 65.00 Micro Lawyer S 42 00 Nimbus fled. Keepei $ 110 00 The Works $ 142 00 DATABASE MANAGEMENT Acquisition 1.2F $ 21000 Data Retrieve S 5 00 DBMan $ 141 00 LPD Filer S 89 00 Micfoliche Filer $ 73 00 Organize $ 65 00 Rolotiasc Plus S 52 00 Superbase $ 99.00 Superbase Professional $ 230 00 Write and File . $ 69 00 LANGUAGES A UTILITIES VC Basic $ 13900 A C Forlian $ 199 00 Assempro S 6900 Aztec C Developer $ 210 00 Aztec C Commercial $ 33500 Aztec C Professional Si 4500 Benchmark Modula 2 Si 39 00 Climate ...... S 27 00 Custom Screens S 4 7 00 Disk 2 Disk S 3500 Diskwik $ 35 00 DOS 2 DOS $ 39 00 Doug’s Master Aquarium $ 55 00 Examples Programs $ 1800 FACC li $ 2700 Flipside S 39 00 Grid Access S 35 00 Kermil $ 22 00 Lattice C St 65 00 Lattice C Professional $ 26900 Cambridge Lisp $ 145 01) Macro Assembler $ 75 00 Metascope Debugger $ 65 00 Modula 2 Commercial $ 215 00 Modula 2 Developer S110 00 Modula 2 Regular S69.00 Amiga Pascal S 69 00 Power Windows II $ 65 00 Quarter Back $ 47 00 Quick Merge S 42 00 Amiga Shell $ 49 00 Source Level Debugger $ 55 00 Amiga Tool Kit $ 36 00 True Basic Basic Lang S 69 00 Truestat TB S 55 00 WORD PROCESSORS Deluxe Write $ 69 00 Flow $ 6900 Gold Spell S 3300 Kmdworiis ...... $ 69 00 Laser Script $ 30 00 Lex Check S 33 00 LPD Writer $ 8900 Promise $ 35 00 Prowrrte $ 8900 Reason $ 265 00 Talker $ 48 00 Textcralt Plus S 67 00 Textpro $ 5700 LPD Wrnei “Unprotected $ 99 00 Vizawrite ..... S 99 00 Word Perfect $ 22000 COPIERS Marauder !l S 29 00 The Mirror Copier S 3fi 00 Mirror Hacker Pkg. S 35.00 HOME ACCOUNTING Home inventory S 30 00 Money Mentor S 69.00 Phaser 5 69 00 Video Cataloger S 30 00 DESKTOP PUBLISHING City Desk $ 105 00 City Desk Art Companion $ 20.00 Page Setter $ 99 00 Piolessional Page $ 259 00 Publisher 1000 Bus CALL Shakespeare $ 159 00 HARDWARES 256 KAMA 1000 $ 139 00 1200 Baud Modem $ 125 00 Hard Disk w hd Controller S725 00 512K Expansion Board $ 169 00 Alegra (512K) A1000 $ 220.00 Anugen . CALL Avatex 1200 HC $ 115.00 Avalex 2400 $ 239.00 Easyl 1000 $ 369.00 Easyl 2000 $ 395 00 Easyl 500 $ 369 00 Flicker Fixer $ 495 00 M68881 Math Chip $ 189 00 3V? Disk Cabinet S 35 00 S' ?' Disk Holder w lock S 30.00 3'6' Disk Cabinet 74CAP S 28 00 Multilunciion Card S 39 00 Micron 2MEG A2000 CALL NEC 3V?” Inter era i Drive Si 55.00 Okimate Plug n Print S 85 00 Reflect Vision $ I 79 00 Pnoenix 20MEG HD $ 845 00 Phoenix 4GMEG HD A500 SB-15 00 Practical 2400 ... $ 229.00 Pro Drive $ 199 00 Progen CALL Quick Start $ 145 00 SCSI Conlro1ier A?000 $ 175 00 SCSI Internal Hdrive 2GMG 5449.00 SCSMnt H0r.vc40MC S540 00 SCSI In! Hdrivc 65MG $ 599 00 SCSI Card Microbolic $ 115 00 Spirit Tech A! 000 I 5MEG CALL Spirit Tech A500 1.5MEG CALL Supergen . CALL Supra 20MG Hardnve $ 725 00 Supra Modem 2400 Si75 00 Upper Deck S 89 00 WV1-110 Panasonic Camera $ 235 00 COMMUNICATIONS BBS-PC $ 65.00 DIG A ..... $ 55.00 Digital Link $ 49 00 Marco Modem $ 49 00 Online $ 48 00 EDUCATIONALS Adv ol Smbad $ 35 00 Aesop's Fables $ 35 00 All About America $ 4000 Animal Kingdom $ 3500 Decimal Dungeon S 35 00 Discovery Math 5 29 00 Discovery w Math Spelling S 29 00 Discovery Spell ’ $ 2900 Discovery Trivia $ 29 00 Donald Duck's $ 22 00 First Letters & Words $ 35 00 First Shapes $ 35 00 Fraction Action $ 35 GO Galileo 2 0 $ 45 00 Grade Manager $ 59 00 Great States USA S 30 00 Kid Talk $ 35 00 Kmderama S 35 00 Linkword French $ 25 00 linkword German S 25.00 Linkword Italian S 25 00 Linkword Russian . $ 25 00 Lmkwood Spanish $ 25 00 Mad Lids S 1 700 84 Pleasant Street, Worcester, MA 01609 Product subject to availability. Price subject to change. Shipping Into: C.O.D. only S3.50 per shipping, We ship UPS Ground. Air. And overnight shipping available. For taster delivery send Cashier Check. Money Order, or use MasterCard or Visa, Personal checks allow 20 days to clear. Company purchase orders accepted. Call for prior authorization Mass. Residents add 5% aales tax. Amiga is a trademark ol Commodore-Amiga. Inc Return Policy: Returned items must be in original packaging, with all warranty cards and manuals intact. No credit issued alter 30 days from date ot shipping. Non detective returns are subject to 25% restocking lee. We do not guarantee compatibility. All returned items must have a RMA number assigned. Match It $ 30 00 The Big Picture $ 22 00 Grid Start $ 2000 Math Talk $ 35 00 Business Card Maker $ 40 00 Guild of Thieves $ 33 00 Math Talk Fraction $ 35 00 Calligrapher S 65 00 Gunship $ 30 00 Math Wizard $ 35 00 Fasl Fonls S 2700 Hacker .. $ 24 00 Molhergoose S31 00 Font Set I S 25 00 Hacker U $ 29 00 Music Student I $ 52 00 Gizmoz Enhanced $ 4500 Hailey Project $ 33 00 New Tech Coloring Bock 517 00 Grabbd . ...S 24.00 Hardball $ 33 00 Perfect Score S 55 00 Inlellitype $ 3700 Headcoach S 33.00 The Planetarium $ 49 00 Keyboard Cadet S 30 00 Hex S 29 00 Quiz Master S 55 00 Logic Works S 70 00 Hunt Red October $ 31 00 Read A Rhyme S 35 00 Master Type S 30 00 Indoor Sports $ 3500 Read-A-Rama $ 35 00 Precisely S 52 00 Insanity Fight $ 3000 Speller Bee S 3500 Print N’ Wear S 15.00 Inlo The Eagle s Nest... $ 30.00 Tales Irorn Arabian $ 35 00 Text Ed CALL Jackal ...... H 30 00 Talking Coloring Book $ 2100 ACCESSORIES Jet ..... $ 3700 Winnie The Pooh $ 20 00 Jewels of Darkness $ 25 00 The Word Master $ 3500 A-Time Plus. $ 49 00 Kamplgruppe S 39 00 GRAPHICS & VIDEO Bonus Verbatim 3 5 Disks C-View ... $ 2200 $ 49 00 Karate Kid li Karate King $ 30 00 S 15 00 Animator Apprentice Si 99 00 ECE 1000 Midi Interlace S 55 00 Kmg of Chicago $ 35 00 Animate-.3 D $ 105 00 ECE 500 Midi Inierface S 55 00 Kingquest I $ 35 00 Animator w lmages $ 85 00 Eye Res $ 1400 Kingques! II $ 35 00 Art Gallery I S 24 00 Flicker Masler $ 14 00 King s Quest 111 S 35.00 Art Gallery II S 24 00 Gender Changer S 24 00 Kmght Ore $ 33 00 Art Pak 1 $ 25 00 500 XJ Joystick $ 18 00 Land ol Legends $ 35 00 Art Parts 2 S 24 00 Modem Cable $ 1700 Leader Board $ 27 00 Butcher 5 35 00 Modem Cable 500 2000 $ 1700 Leisure Suit Larry .... $ 35 00 Deluxe Help $ 2700 Mouse Pads $ 7 00 Lit lie Computer People $ 25.00 Deluxe Paint II ...... $ 95 00 Printer Cable $ 1700 Marble Madness $ 30 00 Deluxe Print II $ 65 00 Printer Cable 500 2000 $ 1700 Mean 18 $ 30 00 Deluxe Productions S145 00 Super Mouse Pads $ 14 00 Mindwalker $ 36 00 Deluxe Video It $ 95 00 Time Saver $ 65 00 Moebius $ 42 00 Orgi Pamt S 45.00 Trackball $ 39.00 The Pawn. $ 30 00 Oigi-View 2.0 $ 145 00 MONITORS Phantasm...... $ 30.00 The Director $ 49 00 Phantasie 111 S 30.00 Dpaint Art A Utility * 1 5 25 00 Magnavox RGB Analog $ 29900 Piutos 5 23 0C Deluxe Print Art 2 5 24 00 Thomson 4120 S235 00 Portal S 35 00 Draw Pius $ 167 00 Princeton Ullrasync $ 579 00 Ports ol Call ..... S 35.0G Dynamic Cad $ 325.00 Zenith €1490 $ 775 00 Golden Pyramid S 25.00 E7FX Stahun Mgr Si 95 00 ENTERTAINMENT O-Ball S 23.00 Express Paint S 54 00 Quintette $ 3000 Forms In Flight $ 54 00 Alien Fues S 30 00 Quizam ..... $ 27 00 Graphics Studio $ 4200 Amegas $ 2700 Racier . $ 30.00 Impact Introcad $ 60 00 Arazok’s Tomb $ 30.00 Return in Atlantis S 36.00 $ 30.00 $ 55 00 Archon II S 30 00 1 iUIIII 11 I U i 11 1 4 J • 1 k I ¦ • ¦ • Roadwar 2000 Page Flipper $ 39 00 Arctic Fox S 28 00 Roadwar Europa...... S 30.00 Pnolon Pamt S 67 00 Arkanoids S 3700 Rogue ... S 30.00 Pot-Mate $ 4 7 00 Autodual S 37 00 Rush h Attack S 30.00 Print Master Plus S 35 00 Balance ol Powei S 35 00 Sargonlfl. . $ 35.01) Prism $ 45 00 Barbarian ...... S 30 00 Scenery Disk 11 $ 20 00 Provideo CG I $ 135 00 Bard's Tale S 3500 Scenery Disk 17 $ 20.00 PV Plus $ 19900 Black Cauldron S 31 00 SDI $ 35 00 Sculpt 3-D $ 69 00 Black Jack Academy ,, ..S 3000 Shadow Gate S 35.00 Seasons & Holidays $ 24 00 Boot Camp $ 30.00 Shadowgate S 35.00 Silver $ 11500 Brataccas $ 35 00 Shanghai S 2900 TV Show $ 69 00 Breach $ 3000 Silent Service S 30.00 TV Text $ 69 00 Bridge 4 0 $ 24 00 Silicon Dreams $ 25 00 Video Fonts $ 35 00 Bridge 5 0 $ 25.00 Smbad S 35.00 Video Scape 3D $ 133 00 California Games $ 30.00 Skylox . S 17 00 Video Titler CALL Challenger S 25 00 Smooth Talker $ 35.00 X-Cad $ 399 00 Champ Baseball S 30 00 Space Battle S 25 00 SPREAD SHEETS Champ Basketball Champ Football S 30 00 $ 33 00 Space Fight Space Quest $ 22.00 $ 35.00 Analyze $ 99.00 Champ Goll , S 30.00 Starlleet 1 . $ 40,00 Haicalc $ 3900 Chessmaster 2000 S 35 00 Starglider . S 35 00 LPD Planner $ 8900 City Oelense S 15 00 Stellar Conflict $ 3000 Maxi-Plan 500 $ 109 00 Cunsletlation S 1600 Sleet Sports Basketball $ 3000 Maxi-Ptan Pius S135 00 Contra S 30 00 Slnp Poker . $ 30.00 SOUNDS MUSIC Dark Castle S 31 00 Super Huey $ 30 00 Deepspace. . $ 25.00 The Surgeon $ 35 00 Audio Master 5 40 00 Deia Vu 5 35 00 Tass Times in Tonetown S 2900 Deluxe Music Const Set S 69 00 Destroyer S 30 00 Telegames____ $ 2700 Dynamic Drums $ 52 00 Detonator $ 31 00 Teiewars S 2700 Dynamic Studio SI 4000 Defender ol the Crown $ 35 00 Temple ol Apstiai $ 17 00 Future Sound Si 39.00 Diablo S 22 00 Grand Slam Tennis S 35 00 Hot A Cool Jazz $ 24 00 Dr Fruit S 22 00 Terropods S 30 00 Hollicks S 3700 Dr Xes $ 37.00 Tesl Drive $ 35 00 Instant Music S 35 00 Earl Weaver Baseball $ 35 00 Tournament Disk $ 1700 Music X $ 210 00 Faery Tale .. $ 35 00 Turbo $ 20 00 Music Mouse $ 57 00 Famous Courses S 17.00 Ultima IV . $ 42.00 Music Studio S 4200 Ferrari Formula One 5 37.00 Uninvited S 35.00 Perfect Sound S 70 00 Final Trip . .. S 22.00 Vader S 20.00 Perfect Sound A500 A2000 $ 69.00 Fire Power ... S 20.00 Video Vegas S 27.00 Pro Midi Studio $ 134 00 Flight Simulator S 37.00 Vyper Western Games S 24 00 Rock A Roll $ 24 00 Footman S 24 00 S 35 98 Rock & Roll $ 24 00 Galactic Invasion $ 20 00 Winter Games S 30 00 Somx S 55 00 Galaxy Fight $ 24 00 Witchcraft S 27.00 Sound Samplei S 89 00 Garrison $ 35 00 Studio Magrc S 69 00 Gee Bee An Rally $ 35 00 Syntbia S 68 00 Goldrunner $ 30.00 CREATIVITY & PRODUCTIVITY Grand Prix .. . S 20.00 Analytic Art 5 42 00 Gridiron Football S 45 00 Circle 134 an Reader Service card backup devices, automatically switching from one to the next. But this friendliness can seem downright chattv at times. Four preliminary windows stand between you and actually backing anything up. On the other hand, you can speed through the menus by saving your configuration options. Besides, you can. As with LY Backup, select individual directories and all or part of their contents for the session. And once you grow into QuartcrBack. You can forget the menus and invoke it directly from the CLI with a customized command file. Quarterback also records its activities on disk for reference. Unfortunately, though, the log is Spotligh t on Features FEATURE: LV BACKUP QUARTERBACK SAF-T-NET Backup from device Any but dfO: Any Any Backup to device dfO: only df0:-df2: select df0:-df3: select one or more one only Restore from device dfO: only dfO: only df0:-df3: select one only Restore to device Any but dfO: Any Any Support wildcards? No Yes Yes Include exclude No Yes Yes masks? Invokable from CLI? Yes; no user Yes; extensive Yes; no command arguments command files files or arguments Multitasking? No Yes Yes User configurable? No Yes Yes Save user options? No Yes No Activity log file? No Yes; files only Yes; files and errors limited in usefulness because it lists only the files transferred, and h passes any error messages. QuartcrBack crashed twice under load. In both cases though, mv test conditions were severe. I was doing a second restore pass from a floppy in dfl:, and running eight background tasks (as I usually do) when the Guru appeared. The manual is written in conversational Knglish, without an index. Saf-T-net: Power Without The Price The lowest priced of the three. Saf-T-net is a bang-for-ihe-biH k winner. Its user interlace is distinctive. Unlike the other two. Which open onto the Workbench screen, saf-T-net sets up a screen for its exclusive use. This approach makes mul- litasked-system configurations easv to produce. The 29-page manual is comprehensive and slightly terse (UNIX hackers will recognize its style). The error-reporting messages are indexed for diagnostic use. Unlike QuartcrBack. Sal-1 net presents all its configuration options 011 a single display. This makes it easy to correct a? Get on board... Subsystem 1000' Three-Slot Expansion Chassis for A1000 ¦ 3 slots for A2000 expansion cards (Zorro 2). ¦ Space for 3.5-inch half-height hard disk. ¦ Separate power supply. ¦ Pass-through and slots buffered. Overdrive Subsystem 500' Two-Slot Expansion Chassis for the AMIGA 5001 ¦ Allows you to use two (2) Amiga 2000 cards (including Bridgecard**). Optional 3.5-inch floppy drive, i Separate power supply,
• t-2' y ¦ Only 1.5 inches tall. Direct Memory Access (DMA) SCSI Interface ¦ Amiga 2000" hard drive controller card. ¦ Operates 7 hard drives or other SCSI devices. ¦ Attach a hard drive to the OverDrive and it becomes a “hardcard.” ¦ Provide DMA speed for your A500 A1000 in our Subsystem* ¦ Easy to use software... all you need is the mouse. ¦ Supports Amiga Workbench" 1.3 and “auto booting.” ¦ Variety of hard drives available. Call 415-651-1905 (or write) Pacific Peripherals ¦ ft n _ a m r -» r PO Box 14575 Fremont CA 94539 CHECK US OUT! WE MAKE IT EASY 0 SERVICE 0 SUPPORT 0 SELECTION 0 PRICES 0 GUARANTEE AC BASIC 135 UTILITIES | PRODUCTIVITY | ENTERTAINMENT EDUCATION | CREATIVITY AC FORTRAN . 199 Assompro ...... 64 Atalk Plus . 52 Aztec Debugger 49 Aztec Developer ...... 195 Aztec Professional ..... 129 Benchmark Moduta Z .. 129 Butcher 2.0 ... 25 C64 Emulator .. 45 CU Mate .. 27 DOS-2 DOS 35 Diga ..... 52 Disk-Z-Oisk ...... 32 Diskmaster 39 FACC II ... 25 Flipside ... 39 GOMF .... 25 Lattice C Professional ... 245 Lattice C Regular ...... 129 Maurader2 25 Online . 45 Power Windows 2 EA ...59 True SASIC 69 PRODUCTIVITY Business Amigamotion ...65 Deluxe Write ...69 KFS Accountant ...... 195 Microlawyer ..... 39 Money Mentor .. 69 Nimbus Accounting ....95
P. H.A.S.A.R ...61 The Works ... 129 Databases Acquisition ..... 189 DataRetrieve ...52 Logistix .. 95 Microfiche Filer ..... 69 Organize .. 52 Suporbase Personal .....95 Superbase Professional . 199 Spreadsheets Analyze 2.0 ...94 Haicalc ... 39 Maxi Plan ...... 95 Maxiplan Plus . 129 Word processing Becker Text .... 89 Dynamic Word 129 Excellence ..... '59 Reel Check ..... 27 Row .....65 29 . 75 . 29 . 25 . 55 . 75 249 . 55 . 69 . 52 Gold Spell LPD Writer ...... Laser Script ..... Lex Check ..... Precisely . ProWrile . Reason ..... Scribble . Softwood Write Rle Textpro WordPerfect ..225 ENTERTAINMENT AAArg ... 25 Airball .... 27 Alien Fire . 27 Arazok ...29 Archon 2 ..... 17 Arkanoid ..... 35 Artie Fox ..29 Auto Duel .35 Awesome .... 33 BMX Challenge . 19 Balance ol Power .29 Barbarian ..27 Bard’s Tale 33 Beyond Zork ...34 Black Cauldron ...... 29 Black Jack Academy ....27 Block Busters ...... 33 Breach ...27 Bridge 5.0 25 California Games .29 Capone** NEW** .....27 Crown Jewels ..27 Oark Castle . 29 Defender of the Crown ...33 OejaVu ...33 Descartes .25 Destroyer . 29 Dungeon Master * * NEW * * ____ 28 Ebonstar** NEW** ....27 Ferrari Formula One ....33 Fire Power 19 Right Simulator 2 ......35 Footman 22 GB Air Rally 27 GO ...... 28 Galatic Invasion . 19 Gold Runner ... 27 Golden Path ... 29 Grand Slam Tennis ..... 32 Gridiron Football ..42 Guild ol Thieves .. 29 Hardball .. 29 Harrier Combat ... 33 High Roller 35 Hunt lor Red October .... 33 Ice Hockey** NEW** .call Indoor Sports .. 33 Insanity .. 27 Into the Eagles Nest ..... 29 Jet** NEW** .35 Jewels of Darkness ..... 22 Kampgrutte ...... 39 Karate Kid 2 ... 27 King ol Chicago .33 King’s Quest t, 2 OR 3 EA 33; Knight Ore Land of Legends 32 Leaderboard ..... Zt Marble Madness 33 Mean 18 .. 29 Moebius ..39; Pawn . 29! Phantasie 3 27; PhasarGUN ** NEW** .40; Plutos .22; Pori ol Call 32 Power Pak GAMES ..... 25; Racier ... 30 Return to Atlantis ..... 33 Road Europa ... 29; Roadwar 200 .. 27 Rocket Ranger ... 33 Rogue .... 27 Romantic Encounter .... 27 S O I ..... 33 Shadow Gate ...... 33 Shanghai . 27 Sllenl Service .. 33 Silicon Dreams . 23 Sinbad .. 33 Smooth Talker .33 Space Quest 33 Star Fleet 1 39 Star Glider 29 Stellar Conflict .27; Strip Poker 29 Surgeon .. 34 Tass Times in Toncfown . 27 Tele Games 24 Tele Wars .27 Terrorpods 27 Test Drive .29 Thexder** NEW** ....25 Three Stooges** NEW** 32 Timebandits ...27 Turbo . 19 Ultima 3 ..29 Ultima 4 39 Uninvited ..... 32 Video Vegas ... 25 Vyper .... 22 Wrath of Nicodian ...... 27 Demonstrator ...... 22 Discovery Expansion Disks 15 Discovery Titles ALL-CALL 27 Fairy Tale Adventures ... 32 First Letters ... 33 First Shapes ... 33 Great Stales 2 .. 29 KidTalker 33 Linkword Foreign Lang EA ...... 24 Little Computer People ... 25 Mastertype Improved ..... 29 Math Talk . 33 Mathtalk fractions ...... 33 Perlect SAT Score . 55 Planetarium ..... 45 Senor Tutor ...... 52 Speller Bee ..... 33 Publishing Pago Setter ...... 90 Professional Pages .....249 Publisher Plus ..64 Publishing Partner ..... 129 Shakespeare ...... 149 Graphics Analytic Art . 40 Animate 3D . 99 Animator Effects 33 Animator Flipper .... 27 Animator's Apprentice .. 195 Animalor lmages ......85 Award Maker Plus .....call Bumper Sticker Maker ..37 Business Card Maker ...37 Calligrapher ...82 Calligrapher 4-Pak .....59 Centerfolds .... can City Desk .99 Color Separator 129 Comic Setter ...65 Deluxe Painl 2.0 92 Deluxe Photo Lab ......70 Deluxe Print .. 70 Deluxe Video ..... 92 Oigi Paint ...40 Oigi View 2 ... 129 Director 49 Draw Plus .. 165 Dynamic CAD .249 Express Painl 2 ...... 52 Graphics Studio 39 Home Builder's CAD ... 129 Impact ...... 59 Intro CAD .52 Lights ....52 Page flipper .... 35 Photon Paint ... 65 Photon Video Cell ..... 105 Photon Video Translator . 195 Pix Mate . 45 Print Master Plus 33 Print Mst Fonts Borders . 22 Project 0 .. 35 Silver ... 115 TV Show .. 64 TV Text ... 64 Video Tftler 95 Video Toaster ..call Videoscape 30 125 Sound Music Audio Master .. 39 Deluxe Music ..... 7D Dynamic Drums 52 Dynamic Studio 129 Hotlicks .. 34 Instanl Music ..... 34 Music Mouse .. 55 Music Studio ..... 34 Music X . 195 Sonix .... 52 Studio Magic .. 65 Synthia ... 65 BhiWALL Solid Products • Solid Support
P. O. Box 129, 56 Noble St. Kutztown, PA 19530 TOLL-FREE 24 HOURS 1-800-638-5757 OUR PROMISE WE GUARANTEE YOUR SATISFACTION If. For any reason, you are nol satisfied with your selection within 15 days ol your receipt, simply return the product lo us. Wc will either issue you full cedit for exchange on another selection or refund your purchase price, less S5.00 lor restocking and handling Defective items are replaced free of charge! J frit Software inc. ULTRA DOS UTILITIES MODULE I Ultra OOS Utilities - Module I is the ultimate tile handling and backup system lor Ihe Amiga series ol computers. Ultra DOS brings the simplicity and ease ol use ol the intuition operating system to AmigaDOS. Use UltraDQS to:
• Perform virtually all AmigaDOS functions at the click of a mouse button
• Copy de ete tiles from to any legal AmigaDOS device
• Copy by simple or complex wild card patterns
• Copy by creation date, volume device or directory
• Quickly and easly install even the mosl complex software on your hard drive
• Backup valuable hies on a floppy or hard drive
• Perform whole hard drive backup with multi-format feature
• Preview & edit text files
• Preview IFF picture files
• Set & clear all types ol file protection Ultra DOS lltilities ¦ Module I supports "batch" selection ol files for copy deletion and allows file selection across directory or volume boundaries greatly easing software installation on hard drives. Ultra DOS uses double buffering lor lightning fast copies Since Ultra DOS does not monopolize the CPU lo achieve its speed, multi-tasking is fully supported Ultra DOS auto-conligures to multi-hard drive systems or multi-partitions. Ultra DOS will support more than 10 meg of memory Ultra DOS is compatible with all Amiga versions 512K Amiga required). Ultra DOS Utilities • Module I makes all other intuition based DOS utilities . Obsolete. OnlyS39 The fcKickstart*luGuide to the AMIGA... r DO WE HAVE HARDWARE? ! YES ! Call or write for our complete price list of hardware & accessories! SS5SSSSS COLLECT BONUS DOLLARS One bonus dollar, good towards your next purchase,lor every $ 50.00 orderedf CALL FOR LATEST PRODUCTS. PRICES AND COMBINATION SPECIALS! $ 24.95 A most comprehensive guide lo operating the AMIGA iv A best seller in Europe finally offered in the IIS! ADRIADNE SOFTWARE LTD with fElltlllitr $ tXSS Oislrihuti-il h Micro Pace, Inc. 1212 Hawaii. C'hampaijiti. II. 61820 Dealer inquiries welcome (217) 356-1885 ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS VISA. MasterCard, Personal Check. Money Order. COD or School P.O.’S are welcome Shipping USA S4 00 ground. S6 00 2nd Day. 514 OO overnight COD add S3 00 Canada Mexico S6.00 Air Mail Foreign: S12.00 (lor Air Mail use charge & specify maximum). PA residents add 6% sales tax. Include phone number and computer drive model with order. All items will be shipped immediately, if we are oul-ol-stock we will let you know). SHIPPING CHARGE IS PER ORDER! For CUSTOMER SERVICE please call us: Monday thru Friday, 9:30 am * 4 p.m. EST 1 -(215)- 683-5699 NO SURCHARGE configuration error and retry without a lengthy menu cycle. Saf-T-net’s activity log is highly detailed. All error messages are included, and are listed in order of occurrence. On the downside, saf-T-net users cam not do partial restores and backups by clicking on a directory name in the display window. Instead, all files are displayed in a single window with their full pathnames, and you must select each individually. This, however, means that no selected files are ever hidden from view. Saf-T-net disks must be copied with the special utility provided. Attempting to use the AmigaDOS DiskCopy command or Intuition will fail. Marking Time: The Speed Contests Using the Amiga RAM: device on my one-megabyte system to produce universally meaningful results, 1 timed each product as it performed backup and restore operations between RAM: and the floppy drive. I conducted three separate runs, and then averaged the numbers for each. My test disk contained 140 files, totaling approximately 680K of information. The two leaders showed no substantial difference between backups to unformatted or preformatted disks. The first program to cross the backup finish line was QuarterBack, with an average time of 51 seconds. LV Backup came in only four seconds behind at 55 seconds. Saf-T-net trailed with a time of twro minutes, 40 seconds for unformatted disks, and a minute, 45 seconds for preformatted target disks. QuarterBack, that all-around speedster, won the restore contest too, with a time of one minute, 20 seconds. Saf-T-net took the red ribbon with one minute, 50 seconds, and LV Backup clocked in at an even three minutes. Each of the three programs will appeal to a different user. LV Backup’s simplicity will appeal to anyone who wants to get the job done without fussing around. QuarterBack will be the choice of those with slight hackerish tendencies. Although the program broke under heavy use, its configuration and command files and multi-floppy access abilities save time. Saf-T-net is a system developer's delight; it speaks computerese, but its powerful options require extra caution. All three of these programs do the job they set out to, and none has serious bugs. Your choice will depend on how- much of a hacker you consider yourself to be, and how much flexibility you need from a backup utility. LV Backup MKSoft Development 2818 Red Fox Trail Troy, MI 48098 $ 69.95 512K required. QuarterBack Central Coast Software 268 Bowie Drive Los Osos, CA 93402 805 528-4906 S69.95 512K required. Saf-T-net RSN Software Inc. 4122 S. Parker Rd. Aurora, CO 80014 303 690-0102 $ 49.95 5I2K required. ? Accolade Test Drive $ 33 HtrdBall $ 33 Graphic Studio $ 38 Activision Shanghai $ 28 Music Studio $ 35 Gee Bee Air R«Uey$ 28 Aegis Animator $ 84 Audio Master $ 38 Draw Plus $ 156 Arizok’sTomb $ 25 Dlga $ 51 Videoscape 3D $ 127 VideoTItler $ 88 Byte by Byte Animate 3D $ 95 Sculpt 3D $ 66 Discovery Arkanoid $ 35 Marauder II $ 28 Grabbit $ 22 Amnix $ 37 Dr T’s KCS $ 178 Copyist Vl,4 $ 147 Electronic Arts All Products CALL EPX* Winter Games $ 27 World Games $ 27 500 XJ Joystick $ 14 Gold Disk Professional Page $ 227 Laserseript $ 29 Hash Enterprises Anim.Apprentice $ 187 Animator jr. $ 51 Infinity software Shakespeare $ 142 Inter, Softworks Calligrapher 1.05 $ 82 Lions Fonts $ 38 Manx Aztec C Pro $ 149 Aztec C Dev. $ 220 Aztec C Com, $ 344 Source Level Deb. $ 55 Michtron Gold Runner $ 28 Insanity Fight $ 28 Slaygon $ 28 Time Bandits $ 28 Micro Magic Forms in Flight $ 50 Microillusions Discovery Series $ 23 Faery Tale Adv. $ 31 FlrePower $ 16 Galactic Invasion $ 16 Photon Paint $ 66 Planetarium $ 48 MSS Analyze 2,0 $ 95 Excellence $ 190 Flipside $ 38 Online $ 45 Scribble 2.0 $ 66 The Works $ 126 Mindscape King or Chicago $ 35 Harrier Combat $ 35 Indoor Sports $ 35 MasterType $ 28 Perfect Score $ 55 Q-Baii $ 21 SDI $ 35 Shadowgate $ 35 Stnbad $ 35 Rocket Ranger $ 35 Three Stooges $ 35 Uninvited $ 35 NewTek Digi Droid $ 51 Diga FIX Call Dfga Paint $ 41 Diga View $ 139 Wvl410 Camera $ 238 Precision Software $ 95 $ 207 Superbase Supcrbase Pro Progressive IntroCad $ 51 MicroLawyer $ 38 Plxmate $ 44 Pro Gen $ 369 Sound Quest All Products CALL Sub Logic Flight Sim. II $ 36 Jet $ 36 Right Answers Director $ 44 Top Down Dev* Footman $ 22 Space Knight $ 22 Vyper $ 22 Wordperfect Wordperfect $ 199 WP Library CALL Accessories Mouse Pads $ 9 40 Disk Holder $ 10 DSDD Disks (10) $ 15 HARD DRIVES A2000 20 MEG $ 599 40 MEG $ 829 65 MEG $ 899 A1000 20 MEG $ 659 40 MEG $ 879 65 MEG $ 949 FLOPPY DRIVES EXTERNAL PRO DRIVE $ 195 CAL. ACCESS $ 185 AIR DRIVE $ 159.95 INTERNAL PRO DRIVE $ 149 AIR DRIVE $ 139.95 n a A*% INFORMATION If ifs not Listed GALL. We carry over 50(1 Products. 800-443-8236 409-550-2826 105 LYNN ST. NACOGDOCHES, TX 75961 Shipping Info: Software Shipping rates tie $ 1.90Atem UPS Ground Scrviee roa* 6.00) or S3.50 item UPS 2nd Day Air Semix(mut Si 2.00). Call for hud ware shipping. Refund A Return Policy: All return* must have an RA*. Call Customer Service 409-560-2826 to request an RA .. Defective merchandise under warranty will be rcp«red or rcplttd. Returned product mu*t be in original packaging. We do not offer refund* for defective product* or for products that do not perform satisfactorily. We make no guarantee* for product perform«nce. Money back guarantees must be handled directly with manufacturer._ __ Price* *ubjea to change without nonceDelivery subject to Availability. Memory And Storage Technoljogy inc.
3. 5" EXTERNAL DRIVE FOR THE AMIGA from $ 139.95 THE BUDGET DRIVE: For the budget-minded a slim, reliable, kw-power drive in attraetrve metal case. KIT 5139.95 ASSEMBLED $ 149.95 DISK DRIVES FOR THE DISCERNING USER UNIDRIVE™ $ 169.95 THIS RUGGED WORKHORSE IS ONE OF OUR TOP OF THE LINE DRIVES ' Fujitsu drive (from Japan's leading computer co.) * Superslimline (height 1") * Quiet ' 12 months warranty * Quality round cable (detachable) * Hinged dust cover ' Can be powered from the computer or from an external 9v DC powerpack" * Beige metal case ' Very low standby power (typically 6mA) ’ Does not click when diskette removed
* Switch on rear pane! Allows drive to be disabled TWINDRIVE™ $ 299 "DOWNUNDER” BUT NOT OUT MONTHLY AUSTRALIAN MAGAZINE ON A DISK S9.95 TWO 3.5" DRIVES IN ONE CASE
* Pass thru 4 Logic for 5.25" drive REMEMBER M.A.S.T. OFFERS GUARANTEED UPGRADES FROM UNIDRIVE TO TWINDRIVE ' No loss of initial investment ’ No need for messy pass thru (remember long cables - noise + + +) ' A neat compact package, whatever your requirements, now or in the future. Technical Excellence MAST ORDERS & CUSTOMER SERVICE 7631 East Greenway Scottsdale. A2 85260, USA AUSTRALIAN OFFICE Uni 3, 94 Excelsior St Toronto. NSW 2283. Australia Tel (049) 596336 SCANDANAVIA DATA Team Scandanava, EnkstaJtsgatan 71A, 214 65 MaJmoe. Sweden. Tel 040-944-711 DEALERS WELCOME HEAD OFFICE- Suite 100, 1000 E. William St. Carson City. Nevada 89701, USA, Tel: (702)6834904 Amiga3 is a registered trademart of Commodore Amiga Inc The revolutionary AMIGA printing program Fast and compatible multi-purpose for perfect pictures. Resident with hardcopy and nofastmem function TURBO PRUT FT
• ».. ¦ u"i It **1 feifii I m I "rl'H ,*•!*» i ¦ i*"» *? R* , ¦ *»*• 5% M to.. .,
s. 1 . ¦. *
* * ~ .*»» , Jr . ¦* ' . » ’.'""I to
- m i i TURBOprint. The comfortable printer speeder package for your Amiga. B* graphic print up to ten times faster by 100% programming in 68000 Assembler supports all possible screen resolutions of your Amiga Bfr pictures are better and richer in contrast - you can choose four color conversions Ifr now 4096 colors in HAM mode can be printed in sections and rotated, too Bf special turbo drivers for any print density of your dot matrix printer, ink-jet or laser printer If resident hardcopy fuction prints any screen you like Bfr improved and resident nofastmem cuts out problems with expansions Bf thoroughly compatible with Amiga software Bf installed resident in your computer's memory Bf works unnoticed in the background Bf not necessary to copy it on your software £ A Q 95 B* runs with Amiga 500, 1000 and 2000 ¦ 1* be amazed, at your local dealer! Dealer inquiries: American Software Distributors,
R. R. 1 BOX 290, Urbana, IL 61801,800-225-7941
b. Keep a copy of the order and the advertisement. Make sure you have a telephone number for both the magazine and the advertiser, Note Ihe date you mail the order.
C. If using a credit card, check with your credit card company on their policy lor disputing charges.
D. If an item is backordered, the company must notify you by mail within the advertised shipping time period or 30 days. If the item is not shipped 30 days after the first notification, they must notify you again, and every 30 days after lhat, giving you the opportunity to cancel your order.
3. When ordering by telephone:
a. Fill out Ihe order form completely, double check for errors and keep it next to the telephone when calling in your order.
B. Write down the date you call, the name of the person taking the order and ask if it is an order taking service or if ihe person works directly for the company.
4. What to look for on the ad and what to ask for on the phone:
a. Check the prices of the items you are ordering. Ask if the item is on sale. Ask about quantity discounts, if you are ordering more than 1 or 2 items.
B. Ask about shipping charges. How are the items shipped? Do you have a choice? Who pays for shipping? How long will it take?
C. If items are damaged in shipping or incorrect, ask who pays for return shipping.
D. II an item is incorrect or damaged, ask if you need an authorization number or form to return Ihe ilem
e. Ask if there is a restocking fee when an incorrect or damaged item is received.
F. Ask if the ilem is in stock and Ihe quantity available. Take your time and do some research on several companies before ordering. Mail order can be easy, safe and save you quite a bit ol money when you do it right. Circle 149 on Reader Service card MAIL ORDER MADE EASY! GAME SHORTIES Return to Atlantis AS AN EXPERT marine biologist of the Foundation, your goal is to preserve the oceanic ecosystem. You must work through 14 linked adventures, becoming further attuned to your subaquatic environment. And eventually fitting together the pieces of an elaborate plot. You receive half your mission statement from a top Foundation agent; the more important part you read in the manual. From your base on Isle Perdida, you proceed to the Sea Thief Cafe where you meet five characters. You can bribe, threaten, or plead with them, and at least one will reveal useful information. Aboard your ship the Viceroy, you get further instructions through ART. The Advanced Robotic Transcoordinator that receives messages and scans the ocean floor. You'll also Find a Medical Beam, capable of restoring your failing health, and a Gear Room filled with equipment. Once vou dive, the real work begins. On sc reen, you see yourself, donning scuba gear and ready to swim, surrounded by sea creatures and plantlife. The mouse seems to be the easiest way to control your direction, hut you can opt for a joystick or the keyboard. At the bottom of the screen is a menu bar. From which you can select maneuvers. You can swim, scan, attack, use equipment, and order ART to beam things up to, or down from, the Viceroy. You can also command RUF (Remote Underwater Friend), your search robot. Unfortunately, the game stops just short of excellence. The mechanisms provided for steering your diver arc awkward, and generate sluggish response. This may reflect the difficulty of moving underwater, hut often the diver doesn’t react at all. Using your weapon is difficult too, and commanding ART is sometimes much work for little payoff. More importantly, the requirement that you complete each mission in order can he frustrating. While some assignments are easy to solve, others are difficult mainly because of weak or ambiguous insti tu tions. Episodes four, seven, and ten took me several attempts (I eventually called Electronic Arts’ hint line); I would rather admit I’d failed and move on. What the game lacks in these areas, it makes up for in concept. The missions take you through an intriguing mystery. Unlike most computer games, this one demands ethical behavior. Your missions are for the sake of ecology, and if you fail to preserve life you are reprimanded and must replay the episode. At times it’s a hit heavy-handed, but overall a refreshing difference. Mechanically, Return to Atlantis suf- fcrs a little, hut graphically it is very good, and conceptually it’s superb. Mildly addictive, it also offers novelty for those interested in the progress of computer games. (Return to Atlantis, Electronic Arts, 1820 Gateivay Drive, San Mateo, CA 94404, 415 571-7171. 5I2K required.) Neil Randall THE 64 EMULATOR 2 LEADS THE WAY! D Use C64 serial printers from Amiga software D Supports sound and color when running ? Improved transfer software allows you to 64 software D Runs most productivity and educational software and some games D Emulates the 1350 1351 mouse with the Amiga mouse D Emulates the 1764 RAM expander with 1 MB of more easily move your 64 data to Amiga disks D Optional Serial Interface allows use of Commodore 64 disk drives and printers during 64 emulation D Reads 1581 disks on Amiga 3b" drives D Reads 1541 1571 disks on Amiga 5%" drives ? Written in 68000 machine code for maxi- ? "Freeze” protected 64 soltware to Amiga mum speed disks D Supports Amiga disk drives, modems and D Includes BASIC 4 0 and invisible M L printers monitor You could go out and buy hardware to use your 64 peripherals, programs to transfer your 64 data, and a whole new library of Amiga software. But why? The 64 Emulator 2 gives you all this in one package for much less. Phone Orders: C416] 731-4175 want to use the thousands of ___Commodore 64 programs on my AMIGA. P ease rush me ? The 64 Emulator 2 @ S39 95 |S49 95 Cdn) ? The 64 Emulator 2 with Serial Iniertace S59 95 (S79 95 Cdn | I awn ? Amiga 500 ? Amiga 1000 C Amiga 2000 _ Payment by ? Check ? Morey Order ? Visa ? M C Card = Pease add S-i.00 tor shipping and handling _ Ontario residents please ajc8ci PS I No C 0 0. Please Expiry date Signature Name _ Read Soft Inc. Address City Town State__ Zip Commodore is a regijtred raJetrarl o‘ Commodore Electronics Limited Amiga is a reg ste-ec trademar4 ci Comnoio'e-Am ga, In: AW TM InterFont 3D Object Font Designer Now you can turn your 3D Modeling program into a Video Titter! Crcaic 3D Object Fonts from the bitmap fonts on your Workbench disk, or any other Amiga fonts. Create the Font just once. Then use the easy Interchange system to create 3D Objects from whole blocks of text. Create fonts for Sculpt 3D, VideoScape 3D, Turbo Silver * or Forms in Flight * A full Intuition interface makes InterFont easy and fun to use. The complete system including the InterFont Designer, Interchange, and die InterFont Conversion Module is just SI 19.95 InterFont Designer and Conversion Module available separately for just S79.95 SYNDESIS A vailable now at your favorite dealer. If not, call us. 20 West Sired Wilmington, Massachusetts 01887 508-657-5585 g ] to great ±1. Music 3 1
• %B r« |
* M WN SB*. I'm ?rTii I I i 6 4 5 «: n I I I l"W i i 1 ... i i a j HI'III 1 'J 1
t. w m i i Ml U *3 b m m ** 9 7 "j • | *iia 1* « *i r i I I i in* i i «:• * ii t IB I II ¦ «a * ii i ¦ 11 t « li
- .HI I I r» * i »¦" 10 Designing, delivering, and supporting advanced music software are the realities we have lived with daily for over four years. The products you see here take full advantage of the Amiga’s high quality graphics, true multitasking, and superb sound. We offer you the tools to sculpt your personal musical statement; from an extremely powerful and affordable entry level sequencer, the MIDI Recording Studio, to the most advanced music composition system on any computer, Level II. Caged Artist editors are simply the most powerful and efficient synthesizer sound editors available. Each fully graphic environment is uniquely tailored to make creating sounds as fun and easy as possible. The Model-A MIDI interface is a one-in, multiple-out device with serial port pass-thru at an affordable price and supports all standard Amiga MIDI software. All of the programs you see here are available now. Try us and see why we are the most respected name in MIDI music software. Dr.T’s products are available wherever fine software is sold. Cali or write for our free brochure and four-color brochure. P ¦I'f
• 1 ’ * kJ •* i*l -Pt 1 ii i 1 ft
f. ‘mtd !«• r; p.*. .aii ¦3 b* ft Fll r« • b (4.1 H irt * ib -4 •
• h. 4 !l ii ji i hhbS 1 ¦1 »•*» m ft . R» i »i Hi U *•**•! * T ¦»* II Wllt’li J HI i ¦ - VI 1 |J lul »-! T i i*-i tmr 11 Bll i ! I•• ¦ i ¦ r 1 1 1 ¦ k J , i,
• i ¦ r ) • i ¦*«« * IMH II tf fj .M la Mil
• Bit ft n n ¦ * *ii* *c i ¦* •
• m i» 3 mi ii«l bit ui • ft -l Pi Roland D-10U10 r:|_j tt t i! L_J Matrix 6! 1000 . -a b* L1
• ; hfr'B ' -4 m I «fc.l ft ¦ «• B. Level II m;i ki ;iini •> « - j uvi * r idr -m ' •. W? Rnia. .1 I I la *
i. i»r *i «i « *-i: : j I Ifl "b 'V. Iti r I 11: ii u is i: ft* ii r.
* M bitf I >1 lib I ft* "1 * U III lib I Ik
* * «i|» I *'M I' I' ; * m it iu iib i h pw rib ii ;.| ii* i ii i ii mi u ti na i H Mi** ni*u ft* DX-Heaven _» .»• • Lb 4 • « I lb. Ill _ I bt .• .1 I I* “ .. 1
- ¦ J 1 1 1 b*rt| e mi * ¦ U 11 "ll* IT
* «-> ki ¦ a -1 «:• n I’ I ¦*» 1- ¦ ¦hi i I f | 4 1 M 'an I V 'I n ¦] mi Lb. , ,¦ 1 ft 11B |! H I I ?
• I* If I Ml ¦* ft ¦•¦* "I • I KCS VI.6 a m i ifi i j , mjr I mtm * i J ftitr rt*» iii'v » ¦ * ¦ i* j II * wr ¦*if L bp *n Ml-32 m r»: • hi |i» >H p»_J5j ¦ Pi 3 * f • p* *B i I i • t •«*" i rt *t'm wi J HI MB P* 'HI 11 u II IIHHI I iP'M «" * * If II I k,|l (.-J Hf-rt -VIA ft *1 I II LkM if* API HU Ii hilM ib 11 ImH 1*1 -ft JJ *»• pr* ¦tit .1 I "¦ I ifiLi -ft rip MIDI Recording Studio : x. iii- UA I ft’ “1 *3 4J MM.If >H .B|«t | ¦¦ i I * fti«ft4l «rim omr air'li I fttJft M ¦! *Hil I'm M l •» i "H I H ESQ-l SQ-80 Roland D-50 »r« ft IB I ¦ * ft1 ft. MM
• ». -¦ CT3P «¦ w »in_ ¦ -m
- *•* 220 Boylston Street, Suite 206, Chestnut Hill, MA 02167 (617) 244-6954 Dr.T’s MUSIC SOFTWARE WHAT’S NEW? Where else can yon find products to shoot gangsters, give the weather report,finger paint, and have your Amiga turn on the coffee pot? Compiled by Barbara Gefvert Print Options GET A CHARGE out of printing with TURBOprint. Because it's programmed in 68000 assembly language, TURBOprint promises fast rendition, it supports all screen resolutions, and yon can choose from four color conversions. The drivers allow for any print density on dotmatrix, thermo, ink jet, and laser printers. Contact Intelligent Memory. Borgsigallce 18, (>000 Frankfurt am Main, West Germany 069-410071 72. With the new 1.3 drivers, you can use a Tektronix 4693D Color Image Printer with your
2000. The printer uses a four- pass thermal wax color printing system for high saturation and a large range of color. Tektronix’s proprietary dithering algorithms enable the printer to reproduce over l(i million display colors. In its two monochrome modes, the machine prints black and Man Your Stations A MODULE-based video graphics series. Station Manager brings you high-end hardware and software at a fraction of the usual cost. I he modules include the Deluxe- Productions “graphics animation engine" ($ 195). A Station Manager Character Generator with over 300 fonts (SI95). The Weather Graphics Weather- Link for downloading maps white only, or up to 256 shades of gray. The frame buffer, expandable to 12 megabytes of memory, will store three images, and the Motorola 68020 microprocessor accepts large amounts of image data. Using an industrv-stan- n j and data from popular weather services ($ 195), a Weather Graphics Map Generator that can produce a high- res map for any spot on the globe ($ 145). The Station Manager Graphics Library containing 300-plus graphics such as maps, backgrounds, and symbols ($ 195), Station Manager's Teleprompter, a module that imports text from any word dat'd Centronics parallel interface, you can connect up to four workstations simultaneously. Get printing for $ 8495. Contact Tektronix Inc., PC) Box 15273, Portland, OR 97215, 503 235-7202, 800 225-5434. Processor ($ 295), a Tape Li- brary Management System ($ 295). An On-Air Time 8c Scheduling module ($ 295). A Station Manager Tape Editor ($ 495), and wireless remote control (SI95). Get the full system for $ 1895 without tape editor, and S2295 with. Contact Associated Computer Services, 1306 E. Sunshine, Springfield, MO 65804, 417 887-7373. Aim and Fire WITH CAPONE. Actionwarc gives new meaning to the term "shoot ’em up." While you can use your mouse to play the game, the program supports Actionware’s Light Phasar Gun (S49.95) as well, so you can literally aim and fire at gangsters in the streets of 1920 Chicago (don’t hit the innocent bystanders though). Capone's maker will release two other phasar-compatible games shortly too POW (bring our boys home) and Creature (protect vour spaceship). The games are 839.95; shoot your questions off to Actionware, 38 W. 255 Deerpath Rck, Batavia, 1L 60510, 312 879-8998, 800 848-2333. Bespectacled WHAT HAPPENS WHEN high-speed liquid crystal shutters allow your computer to control what each of your eyes sees individually (at 30 frames per second)? You peer into another dimension the third dimension of video graphics. Unlike ordinary red-ancl-green 3-D glasses, the X-Specs 3D package ($ 124,95) includes hi- tech shades, software, and a mouse-port interface. Look for supporting programs, and get all the 3-Details from Haitex Resources, 208 Carrollton Park, Suite 1207, Carrollton, TX 75006, 214 241-
8030. ? Don't fumble around with your Amiga files. Let QUARTERBACK manage your valuable data. The Quarterback sneak scores every time! QUARTERBACK is a F4S7Hard Disk to Floppy Backup Utility for the Commodore Amiga, featuring: ? Fast backup
- 20MB in less than 40 minutes • Uses two floppy drives for backup v ith automatic switching • Builds, sorts, and displays catalog of files and subdirectories* Provides Full Subdirectory Individual file backuD restore • Includes or excludes files by name (v ith wild cards), file date, or archive bit-Calculates the number of floppies you’ll need before you start • Handles files of unlimited length, unlimited subdirectories and unlimited files per subdirectory
* Automatically formats diskettes with no delay as it writes • Sequentially numbers and date time stamps backup skettes • Checks the sequence number and date time stamp of each diskette before restoring files from it Detects bad disks during backup or restore • Restores original date time stamp, file notes, and protection bits on both fifes and subdirectories • Runs from Workbench or CLI • Produces backup restore report to disk or printer * Beeps for floppy change • Accepts CLI parameters and batch command files • Convenient user idly error recovery * Multi-tasking * No copy protection * Works with all AmigaDOS compatible hard disk drives. You’ll have fewer “time-outs” with QUARTERBACK managing your file backups. Put Quarterback on your team for only $ 69.95 plus $ 3.00 for shipping and handling, ca residents add 5% sales tax. !| :: ¦ m v. -V ¦Z4 .. m Convert C64 C128 Files to the Amiga! DI$ Kj2HDISK~ makes it easy and convenient to transfer CS4 C128 files to and from the Amiga! D1SK-2-DISK programs the Amiga model 1020 external 5.25' disk drive to read and write 1541 4040 and 1570 1571 disk formats including 1541 'Hippies".
* Converts Commodore PET ASCII to AmigaDOS standard ASCI! And vice versa • Transfers word processing text files (such as PaperClip, SpeecScript and Pocket Writer) to and from the Amiga for use with popular Amiga word processors • Includes 3 public domain programs for converting C64 Koala. PrintShop and Doodle files to IFF format * Finds and~ flags dialect differences between Commodore Basic and Amiga Basic files • Provides VALIDATE BAM and CHECK DISK utilities (VALIDATE 8AM verifies the directory structure of the 1541 1571 diskette: CHECK DISK reads every block of a 1541 1571 diskette to detect diskette Read Write MS-DOS and Atari ST Disks on your Amiga DOS-2-DOS~ Transfers MS-DOS and Atari ST Files To and From AmigaDOS!
* Supports single and double sided 5.25' as well as 3.5" 720KB MS-DOS diskettes • Reads Writes 3.5’ Atari ST diskettes (GEM format) * Converts ASCII file line-ending characters and provides Wordstar compatibility * Supports full directory path names, v ith wild cards in the file names * Allows selection of MS-DOS and AmigaDOS subdirectory and displays sorted directory fisting
* Formats 3.5H and 5.25" MS-DOS diskettes • Provides duplicate file name detection v ith query replace options * Provides TYPE and DELETE commands • Permits renaming of files where file name restrictions occur* Remains resident to permit AmigaDOS disk swapping. Ho oi €o flV TV Central Coast Software IP TV- Bowie Drive. Los Osos. CA 93402 • Telephone (805) 528-4906 * FAX (805) 541-4745 a iMi. Dealer Inat ires Welcome vrsA .. v___ |___if i H sipsi: ' mam Creative Computers Orders only: 800-872-8882 (outside CA) 213-370-2009 (inside CA) Mon.-Sat. 8 A,M, to 6 P.M. Pacific Time I SEE US AT i * £ Special price: $ 37.95 The first flight simulator designed for the Amiga!! FREE pair of EA ray-deflector glasses w purchase!! (while quantities last) The Amiga Event! July 22-24,1988 Chicago Hyatt Regency Booth 11 Creative Computers is the exclusive retailer of AmiExpo-Midwest. BLACK JACK ACADEMY
29. 95 DIGI PIX 2
69. 95 GIZMOZ 2.0
30. 90 DIGI-VIEW
21. 85 BREACH
58. 50 GOLDRUNNER 24,98 BRUSH WORKS 20 . 59 DISK TO DISK 34 .34 GOMF 2. 0
22. 72 BRUSH WORKS 2
16. 95 GREAT STATES 24 . 99 BUTCHER 2.0
38. 98 DOS TO DOS
16. 22 C-ZAR
9. 95
79. 40 DR. FRUIT
19. 46 HACKER II
19. 46 DR. T'S KCS 1.6
25. 96 DR. XES 34 .34 HARDBALL 28 . 12 CASINO FEVER
129. 96 CHESSMASTER 2000
25. 00 HOT i COOL JAZZ
25. 96 HOT LICKS
19. 47 1 ENCHANTER
62. 46 CLI MATE
24. 98 ENHANCER 1.2
25. 94 FACC II
21. 85 INSTANT MUSIC 1.2
22. 71 FEUD 12 . 96 INTERCHANGE
129. 97 FIREPOWER 15 . 60 INTROCAD
25. 96 IT'S ONLY ROCK i ROLL 21 . 60 DEFCON 5
19. 46 J FORTH
37. 46 1 JET
37. 46 DEJA VU
34. 34 FLIP FLOP
54. 95 DELUXE MUSIC 2.0
69. 95 FOOTMAN
13. 23 18 .68 KARTING GRAND PR1X
139. 95
31. 23
13. 79
22. 72
22. 71 GALILEO 2.0 49,95 KICKWORK
18. 73
36. 22
35. 71
29. 95
62. 50 34 .34 32 . 95 DIGA-TELECOM PACKAGE
11. 88 KNIGHT ORC 30 . 90 3-DEMON
71. 95 A-TALK PLUS
51. 98 AAARGHl
199. 00 ACQUISITION 1.3
206. 22 ADR ON
27. 06 AMEGAS
31. 23 ANIMATE-3D
34. 95 ARCHON 14 . 95 ARCHON lit ADEPT 14 . 95 ARCTIC FOX 1.2
26. 40 ARENA
12. 96 AREXX
13. 73 ART PARTS 2 21 .60 ASHA'S FONTS
175. 46
25. 77 BARD'S TALE
36. 00 BASIC Grammar SERIES
19. 46 BBS-PC 62,32 BECKER TEXT
12. 96 LATTICE C 4.0
20. 55 LINT (GIMPLE)
25. 96 MAD LIBS
27. 47 MATCH IT
27. 49 MATH TALK
30. 89 MAXIPLAN 500
14. 96 MEAN 18 GOLF
34. 34 MIND LIGHT 7
34. 95 MOEBIUS
25. 99 OGRE 32 .46 ONE-ON-ONE 14 .40 ONLINE 2.0
43. 56 OO-TOPOS
62. 32 OUTLINE
93. 72 PALADIN
25. 95 PAR HOME I
25. 00 PAR HOME II
62. 48 PAR REAL I 93,15 PASCAL
137. 46 PCLO
199. 95 PCLO +
27. 47 PHANTAS IE 3
97. 95 PINBALL I.0.
28. 56 PIXMATE
19. 46 PLUTOS
247. 50 PROJECT D
31. 23 PROWRITE 2.0
18. 68 Q-BALL
30. 90 QUIZAM
23. 10
19. 48 READ £ RHYME
31. 23 READ-A-RAMA
29. 97 ROADWAR 2000
62. 32 SCULPT-3D
69. 95 SDI
34. 34 SKYFOX 1.2
62. 48 SONIX (AEGIS)
799. 00 AMIGA LIVE!
270. 00 AMIGA 1680 MODEM
110. 40 AMIGA 2052 2 MEG CARD
149. 95 ASDG 8 MEG BOARDS W 0K
399. 00 AVATEX 1200E MODEM
249. 00 C LTD SCSI CNTRLR A1000
219. 95 CA-860 FLOPPY DRIVE
49. 35 ECE MIDI 500 2000
479. 95 EXP-1000 1M UNPOPULATED
219. 95 EXP-500 512K RAM EXP
149. 47 MICRON 2 MEG FOR A2000
399. 00 MICRON 2 MEG FOR A500
499. 95 MIDI GOLD 64 .20 MINISCRIBE 20.M3 3.5" FAST
329. 00 MINISCRIBE 8 0 5 IS SCSI 40M
615. 00 NEC COLOR P6 621 .20 NEC P2200 PRINTER
418. 75 NEC P6 PRINTER
499. 95 NEC P7 PRINTER
169. 95 PRACT. PER. 2400B MODEM
199. 95 PRODRIVE
219. 00 PRODRIVE 2000
545. 96 STAR NX1000 PRINTER
199. 00 STAR NX1000 RAINBOW
199. 95 SUPERGEN
699. 00 SUPRA 2400 MODEM
152. 49 SUPRA DRIVE 20 MEG A500 A1000
699. 00 SUPRA DRIVE 20 MEG A5C0
97. 47 AVATEX 1200E MODEM
81. 25 AVATEX 1200HC MODEM
8. 95 DOCUMATE 2
13. 95 FUJI MF2DD 10 PACK
19. 95 Creative Computers is both a mail order company with a store's support and two store showrooms with mail order prices. If possible, drop by our store and you will be Amazed! Store front addresses: 318 Wiishire Btvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401 Tues.-Sat. 11-7p.m., Sun, 11-5 p.m. phone: (213)394-7779 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260 Mon - Sat. 11-7 p.m. phone: (213) 542-2292_ MINIMUM ORDER: $ 20 SHIPPING INFO: 1% surcharge for Visa and MasterCard; call for shipping rates. RETURN POLICY; Defective merchandise under warranty will be repaired or replaced. Returned product must be in original package. We do not offer any refund on defective products or for products that do not perform satisfactorily. We make no guarantees for product performance. CONDITIONS'. Creative Computers reserves the right to limit the sale of any items to local in-person pick-up only. Prices subject to change without notice. WE ALSO RUN A 24 Hr. BBS: Call (213) 394-5988 with your modem. Amiga 500I1000I2000_ Quality Products At Tube Lowest Prices Call For The iLatest Products & Prices Mon-Fri 9-6 ESI SPRITE TECHNOLOGY For Orders: All Other Inquiries:
(800) 634-9315 (404) 535-8806 Amiga is the registered trade mark ol Commodore Business Machines Circle 206 on Reader Service card AproDraw The Artist's Dream.. Featuring high resolution Summagrapnics tablets with two button stylus for the Amiga. 12 x 12 - $ 549 9 x 6 - - $ 449 Optional cursor - $ 50 - Dealer inquiries are invited. R & DL Productions 11-24 46th Ave.
L. I.C, NY 11.101
(718) 392-4090 Amiga 500 .$ 549 Amiga 2000 ...CALL 1084 Monitor ..$ 299 501 Ram Card ......$ 159 Amiga 1010 Drive .$ 209
3. 5" Internal Floppy......$ 138 2088 Bridgeboard .$ 499 2090 SCSI Board .$ 325 2052 2MB RAM ....$ 399 2010 3.5 Internal ...$ 160 A2000 68020 68881 ....$ 949 A500 68020 68881 ......$ 749 DigiView .....$ 149 ProGEN Genlock ..$ 369 Starboard2 1MEG CALL Supra 20Meg A500......$ 739 Animate 3D .$ 94 Dark Castle .$ 32 Deluxe Paint II .$ 90 Diga! .....$ 45 Digi-Paint .....$ 44 Excellence! ...$ 157 Interceptor ...$ 34 Jet .$ 32 Marauder II ..$ 29 Photon Paint ...$ 69 Professional Page $ 246 SculptSD ......$ 72 Superbase Profesional $ 219 Videoscape 3D .....$ 125 Videotitler ....$ 93 Word Perfect .$ 209 CAN YOU TAKE off and land on an aircraft carrier, fight en- emv aircraft, track and destrov f J U-boats, and dive bomb E- boats and mine fields? If you’re up to the challenge. $ 39.95 puts you in the cockpit of Dive Bomber. If you think vou’re the bad* * dest cat in town, you’ll need to prove it in four events, including sewer swimming and bowling against the Bulldog, in Street Cat. Strut your stuff for $ 24.95 4x4 Off-Road Racing lets you design your own rig and drive it into a rough-and-tum- Change Partners ALL AMIGA parallel ports were not created equal, but Amicore International has three solutions. The Transves- tor 1000 (SI9.90) hooks up to the A1000 and lets you hook up products designed for the A500 and A2000 parallel ports. Transvestor 2500 ($ 19.90) does just the opposite: it connects the A500 or A2000 Rah-Rah for Ram TWO, FOUR, SIX, eight: how many megabytes will you take? If you need an upgradable memory expansion board for your A2000. Then shake a pom-pom for ProRAM 2000. Because you can add to the $ 399.95 unpopulated board in two-meg increments, it is compatible in six-meg form with the A2088 Bridgeboard. Four for Fun ble terrain. You’ll have to plan a strategy and consider topography, temperature, and weight, before you wheel your way around obstacles in a race against maniacal opponents. Gas up and go for $ 39.95. In Death Sword ($ 24.95) you must go metal-to-metal with guards of an evil sorcerer in a variety of settings. Get all the fun from Epyx. PO Box 8020, Redwood City, CA 94063, 415 366-0606. ? To most A 1000-style peripherals, and the plus in Transvestor 2500 Plus ($ 49.95) means you get complete compatibility with all A1000 devices, and an external power supply, too, to ward off voltage problems. Pull the of switch a-roo by call- ing Amicore International, 451 Center Street, Ludlow, MA 01056, 413 589-7879. ProRAM 2000 uses one-megabit DRAM (instead of 256K) chips, and includes a dynamic RAM controller. The auto-configuring boards arc compatible with AmigaDOS 1.2 and 1.3 auto-config software. For more information talk to the team at Progressive Peripherals, 464 Kalamath St., Denver, CO 80204, 303 825-4144. The Problem is designing and implementing a unique, powerful user-interface. The Solution is P®rog Windows New! Version 2.$ 11 ' &© 1T®©fe Urn £3h@ T©®[k Your own professional design team! The brand new 2.5 release of PowerWindows now allows you, the programmer, to design user-interface screens containing not only standard Intuition constructs, but also the unique constructs available in InovaTools 1. Of course, as always, when you've got your screen looking the way you want it, PowerWindows will generate bug-free source code duplicating your design for immediate installation into your program. ]P@W@ir Windows 2.5 only $ 89.95 PW2.5 now supports all these programming languages in one oaokoaei I 68000 Asiem bier 1 Ma ..;. ¦' 1; 1;' • :i'tqtficeidii.l: lil.i CSI Multi-FORTH TDI Modula-2 True BASIC and announcing... AmigaBASIC and AC BASIC compiler tv 1.3) 1 B InovaTools 1 provides a set of function definitions designed to add power and variety to Amiga software. Developed by Todor Fay, author of 3-Demon, it has almost 40 powerful sub-routines. only $ 79.95 j InovaTools 1 allows the following features to be added to PW2.5 interfaces: Pop-Up Menus: anywhere in a window Drag Gadgets: can be moved around display Knob Gadgets: circular, replacing sliders InovaTools 1 also provides ready to use routines for a great file requester, palette editor, list handler, and over 30 more, in linkable C code and system library format. At Inovatronics, we don't just Improve our Amiga software. We improve everybody's. The REAL POWER in Power Programming. 11311 Stemmons Freeway, Suite 8 Dallas, Texas 75229 214 241-9515 Trademarks: Amiga: Commodore Int., PowerWindows and InovaTools: Inovatronics, Inc., Manx: Manx Software Systems, Lattice: Lattice, Inc. Multi-Forth: Creative Solutions, Inc., TD1 Modula-2: TD1 Inc., True Basic: True BASIC, Inc., AmigaBASIC: Microsoft Corp., AC BASIC; Absoft Corp., 3Demon: Mimetics Corp. Professional display and animation language for the Amiga" DEMO DISKS $ 10each Probe Sequence (512K) RGB (1 meg) Don’t be afraid of your own Black Shadow!
• Use any IFF Images, any resolution, any number of colors ¦ Fades, Dissolves, Blits, Wipes. Stencils
• Poge flip hill or partial screens
• Prelood images, fonts and sounds up to your memory limit
• Flexible script-based structure
• Basic-like vocabulary: For Next.-Gosub Retum, If Else EndH
• Arithmetic expressions, random number generator, variables
• Execute AmigaDOS commands from the script
• Text string and file input and output
• Keyboard and mouse interaction ¦ Digitized soundtrack module
• Supports HAM and overscan
• Supports IFF ANIM playback
• Built In drawing commands
• No copy protection
• And much more... $ 69.95 Check or money order payable to: Right Answers Plu* S3 shipping and handling Caltomia wiidanti odd sates tax. Shoot the Shadow CAN YOU OUTGUN the enemy? Black Shadow challenges arcade buffs to save the earth from an invading asteroid. You’ll need to bomb key installations. Whether you select one- j or two-player mode. Start blasting for S3-1.9.5 at Scorpion, 19 Harbor Dr., Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849, 201 663-0202. Twin X’s .and Triple E’s Circle 204 on Reader Service card. AC BASIC™ V1.3 - NEW Easy to use compiler is very fast with great graphics. Plus, AC BASIC is the only BASIC compiler for Amiga that is compatible with the AmigaBASIC interpreter so your existing programs can be compiled with no changes and run up to 50x faster. Easy to use documentation is indexed and includes over 200 examples on disk: plus a full spreadsheet written in AC BASIC and HAM graphics examples Extensions include: SELECT CASE. BLOCK IF, STATIC arrays. Recursive subprograms. Create stand-alone applications (no redistribution fee) NCPS195. AC FORTRAN Mainframe quality, full feature ANSI FORTRAN 77 compiler includes: Debugger, Linker, Library Manager, Runtime Library, IEEE math, and C interface. Supports Complex numbers, Virtual arrays, Overlays and Linking. Not copy protected. $ 295. 68020 68881 version also available $ 495. Ft „ . . Telephone orders welcome Scientific Engineering Software 2781 Bond Street. Auburn Hills, MI 48057 (313) 853-0050 Amiga trademark ’f Commodore Amiga Microsoft trademark of Microsoft Corp AS HOST FOR the industry- standard IEEE 959 expansion module interface (also known as iSBX), ASDG’s Twin-X board intends to pave the way for industrial, academic, and research uses of the Amiga. Twin-X allows you access to the hundreds of IEEE 959 modules that are available for nearly every common form of Hands-on Operation FINGERPAINTING has gone hi-tech with a multitasking, integrated, touch-screen system Future Touch, just touch the the screen for any application; the TouchSystem software controls all screen activity. To create new applications, use the Touch Maker software. The whole setup (including hi-res touch-screen color monitor, floppy drive, 20-meg hard drive, mouse, keyboard, and an Amiga 2000 with a 68000-based CPU and three megs of RAM) is 53500. Input output, control, and computing function. Each auto-config board can host one double-wide or two standard modules (and each A2000 can accommodate up to five Twin-X’s). ASDG will help vou identify the module to lit 4 J your application. Contact them at 925 Stewart St., Madison, WI 53713. 608 273-6585. A scaled-down version with specially-configured monitor plus desktop video, graphics design, 3-D animation, and audio-visual scripting software support is in the works for those who already own A2Q00s. For details, get in touch with Business Technology Services at 485 Fifth Ave., Suite 1012, New York, NY 10017, 212 682-2910. ? SOFTWARE Dl! Of America For Orders Only 1-800-225-7638 PA Orders-1-800-223-7784 Customer Service 412-361-5291 V V I 1 I b I S.D. of A.
• Free shipping on orders u v'N over $ 100 in continental USA
• No Surcharge for VISA MasterCard
• Your card is not charged until we ship m HUM roc RED Breach Scenario Disk . . .$ 16 Paladin ..... ..$ 25 ORIGIN Moebius .... ..$ 39 Ultima 3 .... . $ 25 Ultima 4 .... .Cali PAR SOFTWARE Express Paint 2.0 .... $ 65 PARAGON Alien Fires .. . $ 26 PROFESSIONAL Fleet Check .. $ 25 PROGRESSIVE CLI-Male .... . $ 25 Disk Master . . .$ 32 Dr. Term Professional ..$ 59 Intro Cad ... . ,$ 49 Micro Lawyer ..$ 39 Pix Mate .... $ 44 Superbase Professional S189 SIERRA Black Cauldron...... .$ 26 King's Quest 1, 2 or 3$ 32 Ea. Leisure Suit Larry .... . .$ 26 Space Quest . ..$ 32 Thexder ..... . .$ 23 SOFT LOG IK Publishing Partner Professional Call SUBLOGIC Flight Simulator . . . . $ 32 lei .. $ 32 Scenery Disks Call ABACUS Assem Pro .....$ 49 Becker Text ...$ 89 Data Trieve ....$ 49 Text Pro Word Processor$ 49
• Abacus Books in Stock! Call ACADEMY Typing Tutor ...S23 ACCESS World Class Leader Board$ 29 ACCOLADE Graphics 5tudio ,$ 39 Hardball ......S25 Mean 18 Golf . .$ 25 Famous Course 2 for M18S14 Test Drive .....$ 25 ACTION WARE Capone $ 25 ACTIVISION Gee Bee Air Rally. .... .S25 Shanghai ......$ 25 AEGIS Animator w lmages .... $ 84 Audio Master ..$ 39 Diga $ 49 Draw Plus ....$ 149 Images $ 25 Ports of Call ...$ 32 Sonix ..$ 49 Videoscape 3D $ 129 Video Titler .. .$ 89 ARCADIA Aaargh $ 23 EDYX r f m cotfvri* 500XJ Joystick List $ 19.95 Our Discount Price $ 14 (for right-handed players only!) Mu Print Master-Ilu* Pub Games .. ..Call Roadwars .. . .$ 23 Rockford . . . $ 26 ARTWORX Bridge 5.0 .. . .$ 23 Centerfold Squares . . . .$ 19 Linkword French . .. . .$ 19 Linkword German .. . .$ 19 Linkword Italian .... . .$ 19 Linkword Spanish . .. . .$ 19 Strip Poker . . .$ 25
S. P. Data Disk 4 . .. . .$ 14
S. P. Data Disk 5 . . . . .$ 14 Thai Boxing . .$ 9.88 BAUDV1LLE Video Vegas..... . . S23 BYTE BY BYTE Animate 3-D ..$ 99 Sculpt 3-D . . .$ 65 CINEMAWARE Defender of Ihe Crown .S32 King of Chicago .... . .$ 32 Rocket Ranger..... . .$ 32
S. D.I . .$ 32 Sinbad: Throne of the Falcon$ 32 Three Stooges...... . .$ 32 CONSTELLATION Citv Defense ..$ 14 Emerald Mine...... .,$ 14 Fortress Underground ..$ 14 Gnome Ranger...... . .$ 14 Karate King .. ..$ 14 Larrie & the Ardies. . ..$ 14 Mission Elevator..... ..$ 14 i4 A tLtilPl'MI -MS!-.1 16 color, high-resolution graphics animation solution for video professionals. Broadcast quality image generation make this the ultimate video tool. Includes 2 free art disks! Deluxe Productions List $ 199.95 Our Discount Price $ 129 Hit warp speed in a Ferrari Testarosa, bring your oil to a boil in a Lamborghini Countach. .. Test Drive List Price $ 44.95 Our Discount Price $ 25 vrrm r r~ rvv.i- - Ly- UL Death Sword .
- $ 14 Destroyer .... .$ 25 Sub Battle Simulator .. .$ 25 Temple Apshai Trilogy . $ 14 Winter Games $ 14 World Games . .$ 25 FTL Dungeon Master...... .$ 25 FIREBIRD Carrier Command .... .Call Guild of Thieves...... . $ 29 Jinxter .525 Pawn . .519 StargJider .... .S29 Universal Military SimulatorCall FIRST BYTE First Letters A Words .. .$ 32 First Shapes .. .$ 32 Kid Talk ..... .$ 32 Math Talk .... .$ 32 Math Talk Fractions ... .$ 32 Smooth Talker .$ 32 Speller Bee ... .$ 32 CAME5TAR Champ. Baseball...... .$ 25 GBA Championship Persecutors .. S14 Space Port .. $ 14 DESICNWARE Designasaurus Call DIGITAL SOLUTIONS LPD Writer .. .$ 42 ELECTRONIC ARTS Arctic Fox ... .$ 26 Bard's Tale .. .$ 32 Bard's Tale 2 .rail Chessmaster 2000 . . . .$ 29 Deluxe Music Const. . .565 Deluxe Paint 2 ...... .$ 84 Deluxe Photo Lab . . . Call Deluxe Print 2...... Call Deluxe Productions , . .$ 129 FA 18 Interceptor .... $ 32 Ferrari Formula One . .$ 32 Instant Music S3? Intel I (type ... .$ 32 Marble Madness..... .$ 32 Return to Atlantis.... .$ 32 Weaver Baseball..... $ 32 World Tour Golf .... .Call EPXY California Games .... Call Faery Tale Adventure . . .$ 32 Fire Power .. . . $ 16 Galactic Invasions . .. . .$ 16 Photon Paint . . .$ 65 MICROPROSE Silent Service ..$ 25 MICRO SYSTEMS Scribble W.P . . .$ 49 The Works .. $ 119 MINDSCAPE Balance of Power . .$ 32 Blockbuster .. ..$ 25 De |a Vu .... . .$ 32 Harrier Combat Sim. . . .$ 32 Into the Eagle's Nest . ..$ 25 Perfect Score SAT . . . ..$ 49 Shadowgate . . $ 32 Uninvited ... $ 32 NEWTEK Digi-Paint ... .$ 39 Digi-View 3.0 . Call Video Toaster Tall NORTHEAST Publisher Plus . .$ 59 OMNITREND Breach ..... ..$ 25 Basketball: Two-on-Two529 GFL Champ. Football . . .$ 29 GOLD DISK Professional Page .... ..Call INFOCOM Beyond Zork . , .$ 32 Leather Goddesses ... . .$ 25 Lurking Horror...... . .$ 25 Sherlock: Riddle of the Crown |ewels . . ..$ 25 Zork Trilogy . $ 3? INKWELL Amiga Light Pen . .$ 89 INTERSTEL Empire ..... $ 32 MICHTRON Gold Runner . . .$ 25 Insanity Fighl . .$ 25 Karate Kid 2 ..... $ 25 Leatherneck . $ 25 Slaygon ..... . .$ 25 Tanglewood . . $ 25 Time Bandit . . .$ 25 MICRO ILLUSIONS Blackjack Academy . . . .$ 25 Ebonstar . .$ 25 The Ultimate Joystick! THREE-SIXTY Dark Castle .. ..$ 25 THUNDER MOUNTAIN Winter Challenge .. . $ 9.88 UNICORN Adv. Of Sinbad...... . $ 29 Aesop's Fables...... . .$ 29 All About America ... . $ 35 Animal Kingdom..... . $ 29 Decimal Dungeon ... . .$ 29 Fraction Action...... . .$ 29 Kinderama .. . $ 29 Math Wizard . $ 29 Read A Rhyme ...... . $ 29 Read-A-Rama . $ 29 Word Master $ 29 UNISON WORLD Art Gallery 1 or 2 . .$ 19 Ea. Art Gallery: Fantasy .. ..$ 19 Fonts A Borders..... $ 23 Print Master Plus .... $ ?5 ZUMA TV Show .... . .$ 59 TV Text ..... $ 59 ACCESSORIES CompuServe Starter Kit $ 19 Disk Case (Holds 45). $ 6.88 Disk Drive Cleaner .. $ 6.88 Dow |ones Starter Kit ..$ 19 Epyx 500 XJ Joystick . . $ 14 Suncom Joysticks ... . .Call Supra Hard Drives . .. . Call Wico Bat Handle ... . .$ 17 Wico Ergostick...... . .$ 19 Dahuoft* As captain of Russia's newest state-of-the-art sub your goal is to cross the Atlantic and rendevous with the American Navy. Hunt for Red October List $ 49.95 Our Discount Price $ 32 Everything you need to design and print: Banners, Calendars, Custom Stationery, Flyers, Greeting Cards, Invitations and Posters. Print Master Plus List $ 39.95 Our Discount Price $ 25 PrintMaster Plus. Unison Wood
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v. w,
v. v.y.v.;.' I-:-:-:-;-:-:-:-:-;- m co I-;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.; l-.yv.y ¦•.v.y.y.
3. 5" DS DD 135 TPI Diskettes’ $ 1.19 each Qty of 100 Includes Color-Coded. User Labels S1.29 ea. Qty of 50 $ 1.39 ea. Qty of 25 ¦FREE shipping for orders of $ 100 or more! Otherwise add only $ 3.50!)
3. 5" DISKETTES! Shady Deal WHEN YOU GO shopping for optical accessories, don’t forget your Amiga. Here’s a new pair of shades: The Ferfect-Vu screen filter, with its light-diffusing characteristics, claims to enhance the clarity and contrast of your video display. It’s available in a variety of sizes for $ 29.95 from PerfectData Corp., 1825 Surveyor Ave., Simi Valley, CA 93063. 805 581*4000. If you want a souped-up filter. Cast your eyes toward the NoRad dB60. This unit ($ 129) is designed to eliminate static electricity and dust build up. Block electromagnetic radiation, and eliminate glare and reflection. See your way clear to Brookfield Communications, 3820 Griffith View Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90030, 213 669-0030, 800 533-3260. DIRECT MICRO GUARANTEE co
- Diskettes are 100% certified DS DD 135 TPI Error Free!
- If you are not completely satisfied, simply return the product for refund or replacement. O o 7s k|l|||L Orders ship in one business day! DIRECT MICRO 1776 Dividend Drive Columbus, Ohio 43228
(614) -771-8771 TO ORDER CALL 1-800-288-2887 Hours: 9 a.m.-7 p.m. EST Monday-Friday Circle 192 on Reader Service card. Say Cheese: COMBINE THE features of a paint program, color processor, and poster maker, and what do you get? Deluxe- PhotoLab. DcluxePhotoLab, companion to DeluxePaint II (another Electronic Arts family member), lets you work on 12 pictures simultaneously, cutting and pasting between them. The digital-retouching program offers eight resolution levels in which you can create and manipulate images using any graphics mode (HAM and Extra Halfbrile included), and 1«3 paint options for alterations. You can produce posters of up to 10 x 10 feel with any Amiga-supported printer, too. The Lab sells for $ 149.99 from Electronic Arts at 1820 Gateway Dr.. San Mateo, CA 94404, 415 571-7171. “The definitive Pascal compiler for the Amiga METACOMCO PASCAL NEW VERSION 2! Metacomco. The authors ot AmigaDOS. Announce the release of version 2 of their unique single pass Pascal compiler. It is the most powerful and useful ISO Pascal on the Amiga with the friendliness and ease-of-use of a Turbo Pascal type environment The new manual even includes a section covering conversion of Turbo Pascal programs to Metacomco Pascal. Ideal for beginners and experienced Ql9Qnc programmers. Q I £3.30 Other extra features in the new release (which are optional extensions to the ISO standard) include: ¦ Dynamic strings ¦ Separate compilation and conditional compilation ¦ Single and double precision floating point ¦ Bitwise integer operations ¦ Futl 32-bit pointers ¦ Enhanced I O error handling ¦ Sequential and random access files ¦ OTHERWISE in CASE statements ¦ Complete access to the graphics and sound capabilities of the Amiga, with extensive examples ¦ Includes linker and MAKE utility ¦ Extensively rewritten 330 page manual. DETRCOHCO i See your local dealer or send order plus check direct to Metacomco. Please add $ 12 for postage. 26 Portland Square, Bristol BS2 8RZ, UK. Telephone 44 272 428781 Fax 44 272 428618 Telex 444874 METAC0 G t METACOMC0198B Amiga is a Trademark ot Commodore-Amifja Inc Turto Pascal is a trademark of Borland International Internal Affairs THE LATEST ENTRIES from Great Valley Products are ex- pansion devices for the A2000. The auto-con figuring, Hayes-compatible Impact Modem2400-1 fits into an A2000 slot, and supports data rates of 2400, 1200, 600, and 300 bps, as well as Bell 103, 212A, and CCITT V.21, V.22 (A and B), and V.22bis standards. It also incorporates a digital signal processor for reliability, and because the circuitry automatically selects a communications standard and baud rate to correctly match the remote modem, all you need to do is dial (touch tone and pulse are both supported) and send, A hard disk on a card, the Impact Autoboot Hardcard is a combination ANSI X3T9.2- compatible SCSI controller and 20- or 45-megabyte hard disk. The hardcard auto configures the controller and leaves your peripheral bays free. It also offers two sockets for autoboot driver ROM I EPROMs, and supports the new 1.3 Fast File System. An 8K disk buffer is provided for 16-bit wide DMA data transfers. Another Impact SCSI RAM Hard Disk Controller, this time with two megabytes of memory, is available, too. Direct your questions about the RAM Controller board ($ 360 unpopulated), tlie 20-meg ($ 599) or 45-meg ($ 850) Hard- card, and the Impact Modem ($ 249) to Great Valley Products. PO Box 391, Malvern, PA 19355, 215 889-9411, 800 426-8957. ? COMMODORE I iw ******4*.x Ibfctol 500 SPECIAL AMIGA 500 1084 MONITOR uuetie 2000 SPECIAL CALL FOR LOWEST PRICES 34 34 CALL 60 42 21 60 30 60 30 36 24 27 24 30 24 15 15 54 60 179 90 60 24 30 236 60 27 T? 2! 2? IS I '9 54 6 36 4a
P. O. BOX 685 NITRO. W.VA. 25143 Want Fonts? A THREE-DISK set, Kara Fonts offers ten textural typefaces in two sizes. St vies include chrome, marble, wood, cast, and chisel serif, and each is drawn in relationship to a consistent light source for a dimensional feel. Four of the styles have one or two pixel outlines which you can drag iti anv direction to create a range of effects. Kara Fonts sells for $ 79.90 Irom Kara Computer Graphics, 6365 Green Valley Circle No. 317, Culver City, CA 99230. 213 670-0493. Chances Are ... WANT TO INCREASE your lottery-winning odds? While the producers of Lottery- Magic make no guarantees, they provide statistical information on most legal lottery O * systems in the US. The program contains seven wheeling systems, computes hot and cold numbers, and keeps track of up to 50 different lotteries. Feel lucky? Lottery Magic is $ 24.95 from Slipped Disk Inc., 31044 John R, Madison Heights, MI 48071, 313 583-
9803. Commodore WE’VE GOT IT ALL! IF YOU DON'T SEE IT .. . SCALL! PRO-GEN.. . . Call PRO DRIVE... S190
• 512K (500). .
* 150
* EXP1 OOOiunpcpi .
* 220
• Starboard 2 ... sCall UNPOPULATED
• INSIDER. ... S1 80
• Micron 2 Mg. . Scall | A Better Mousetrap 79 $ 95 .$ 30 $ 400 Scall . S55 ..$ 8 ..$ 8 from $ 299 130 s190 W Pluq & Print Anybody Home? LIGHTS, APPLIANCES, action! Pul your Amiga in charge while vou’re away with the PowerMaster home re- mote-control system. The program works with the X-10 Home Computer Interface; just plug your electrical devices into X-10 modules (available at electronics and department stores), and then into the sockets. Define module names and locations (using menus, requesters, and gadgets) for PowerMaster, and specify up to 128 on. Off, and dim times for 256 modules! PowerMaster will even accommodate various time definitions ldr different times of the year. Get the program by itself ($ 2 1) or with the X-10 inter- late ($ 51); plug in to Comppli- cations, 1727 Parkview, Red lands, CA 92374, 714 794-5311. IF VOL.* NEED to snap your workstation into shape, set up a Mousetrap. The unit fits all mousepads, and keeps your mouse enclosed yet accessible. Id top it off, the adjustable swivel stand that holds your manuscript (it can even handle Arcade Action IF YOU CAN’T get enough of arcade games, Constellation Software is at your service, not only with options, but affordability, too. Their latest titles, all at $ 19.95, include Crystal Hammer, a Breakout-tvpe bar- rier-bouncer with 30 levels, and Way of the Little Dragon, an eight-level karate adventure with four opponents for one or two players. Mission Elevator challenges you to collect clues and make it to the 62nd floor of a hotel to diffuse the bomb planted there. Spaceport lets you navigate the interior of an asteroid as pilot of a spacecopter. No need to search the heavens, Constellation Software is at 17 Saint Mary’s Court, Brookline, MA 02146, 617 731-8187. ¦ heavy hooks and binders) lifts up to provide a storage compartment for disks and papers. $ 58.60 includes shipping and handling from Gcrecl Corp.. 2401 N.F.. Cornell Rd., Suite 125, Hillsboro, OR 97124, 503 228-4118. 800 852-TRAP, Laser ....SCall 1080HI .$ 1 60* 10911-11 $ 190* 1092i ...$ 280* 1592HI .$ 380* 15241-11 .$ 520*
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2. 0 ACCESSORIES 1410 External s NX100Q Rainbow .... $ 220 Laser Call NXIOOO .....160* NX 1 5 300* NB2410 ..... 380* NR15 420* Powertype L.0 . 200*
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LIVONIA, Ml 48150 We cannot guarantee compatibility, HELP KEY While the other editors were out in the sun, Lou. Wallace put his sunglasses to good use, staring at the computer screen and answering questions. Keep Still Q: I am I hi tilting of using a VC A monitor, such as the Zenith ZCM- 1490 or the IBM Color Display S513 with my Amiga. Arc they Amiga compatible? If so. Will they rid the interlaced mode nj the troublesome picker?
A. Rah matt Binghamton, AT A: 1 am not sure about Amiga compatibility with the specific monitors vuu mentioned, hut Technical Editor Boh “Bit- Plane" Ryan is using an NEC MultiSync monitor (which is VGA conipaiiable) with his A2000. Bv itself, the monitor will not still the interlace flicker, but you can use it in conjunction with the flicker* Fixer hoard from Microway (see review, p. 04), which does completely remove the interlace flicker. The results are impressive. To say the least. II you're willing to wait. Commodore is working on a set of Bi-Sync (dual frequency) monitors for use with the four- color. 640x400 non-interlaced mode on version 1.4 of the Amiga operating system. Neither the monitors nor 1.4 will be available before next year. Subroutine Subterfuge Q: am writing an Amiga Basic program that makes heavy use of Amiga Basie's subprogram module feature. The main program re- By Louis R, Wallace quires a lot of accuracy in its Pouting-potnt math, atul I use the DKFDHL declaration to force it to use double precision as the default for most oj its variables. However, there are some portions of the program that do not need this precision, hut do need to he executed at top speed. These routines are within the subprograms, and am using single precision and integer variables here. The problem is that many of my subprogram variables somehow end up as double precision! What is even more confusing is that they are not SHARED variables, and are supposed to he completely local to the subprogram! Am I crazy, or is this a bug in Amiga Basic? B, Cobham Stillwater, OK A: No. You are not crazy, and in fact my guess is that you have discovered a little known quirk in Amiga Basic. You are quite correct when you say that subprogram variables are completely hidden from the main program unless specifically indicated otherwise with a SHARED variable statement, hut I think your problem lies not within the subprogram, but rather outside in the main calling program. You mentioned you have used the DEFDB1. Declaration to force a range of variables to double precision. This is most likely [lie source of the problem. These variable-type declarations apply not only to your main program, but also to the subprograms themselves, So. If your program has the statement DEFDBL a-e forcing double precision on all variables starting with letters a through e, any variables within the subprogram that meet these requirements will also he double presicion unless explicitly stated otherwise. The problem arises if some of your variables in the subprograms are expected to be the default type of single precision and begin with one of the letters in the a through e range. This problem is true for all five types of variable dec larations. DEFDBL. DEFSNG, DEFSTR, DEFINT and DEFLNG. And the converse is also true.. .meaning type declarations within a subprogram affect the entire program, not just the subprogram they are found in. The solution is to avoid these global-type declarations if possible, or if that isn’t feasible, add a tvpe-declaration character to the end of any variable whose type can be Table 1. Declaration characters. Symbol » Example A ; A! % A % 8c AN$ AS critical to the successful exec ution of vour program. Each type of variable used in Amiga Basic has a distinctive trailing character, indicating that this variable (and only this variable! Is to be considered a specific type of data. (See fable I fur a list of the dec laration characters.) Perhaps you know these declaration characters but find it more expedient to use the DEFTYPK command. You should gel to know them and use them whenever possible, as they can make your program.s more efficient and meaningful. And, if vou must use global tvpe declarations such as DEFDBL, you can use the declaration characters to override the global declaration. Parlez-Vous Francais? J Q: am a loyal subscriber to AmigaWorld, but being French speaking, I would like to find a French-based Amiga journal for the Meaning Double Precision Single Precision (default) Short Integer Long Integer String H|The Pull-Down Menu Qgn ME MicroEd Educational Software K thru ADULT ALL CURRICULAR AREAS * INCLUDES RELIGIOUS PROGRAMS SEND FOR A LIST OF OUR SOFTWARE MicroEd, Incorporated
P. O. Box 24750 Edina. MN 55424 612-929-2242 AMIGA GRAPHICS FOR VOIR DESKTOP VIDEO I'RODl CTIONS Title Screens • Background Mattes • Fonts * Textures • Custom Logos • 2D & 3D Available on VHS BETA & 3.5" Disk Send for free catalog or call: CUSTOM LOGOS & PRESENTATIONS TRANSFER AMIGA FILES TO 35mm SLIDES PIXEWSION 125 White Spruce Boulevard • Rochester, INV14623 • (716)424-5041 Guru's Guide DELUXE PAINT II SHAKESPEARE PAGESETTER CLIMATE THE NEW IMAGE 4875 TAM I AM I TRAIL CHARLOTTE HARBOR, FLA 33980 (VIDEO DEPT) 1 -(813)-62S9001 24 Hrs. Meditation 1 interrupts Meant for serious (or aspiring) Amiga programmers only: specilic details ol the Amiga Exec interrupt system. More than 60 pages covering the design philosophy, general pnncipies. Rules for use, issues to consider, common problems, plus many working examples. Includes details of general interrupts, software interrupts, functions, pnorities. Decoding, dispatching, disabling, and sharing. Two week, money-back guarantee if not satisfied To Order send St 4.95 check or money order to Guru's Guide 1
P. O. Box 1510 UkiahrCA 95482 Calilornia residents: add 6% sales tax. Written by Carl Sassenrath. Pnncipal designer of the Amiga Multitasking Executive (Exec) andauthor of the Amiga ROM Kernel Manual: Exec. Guru's Guido >s a Trademark ol 5assonrath Rosoarcn AUG AMIGA USER’S GROUP of SJ Join the largest user’s group dedicated to the AMIGA. Receive our official newsletter. Evaluations on software and hardware, advanced updatings, technical information, problem-solving, program exchange (over 50 disks in our PD library). Buying discount service, etc. Send $ 18.00 US for Membership to: ™T AUG ““ Box 3761- Attn: Jay Forman-AW! Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 39
(609) 667-2526 Add S1.00 CAT FISH A complete cross-referenced catalog of the Fred Fish AMIGA Public Domain Library for Personal and User Group Reference. Double-sided, three-hole punched, quality laser print. Catalog sort file cross-ref. Listing (21 pp) (91 categories outline). Alphabetic sort file name cross-ref. Listing (17 pp).
L. atest duplicate file names listed first. Complete up-to-date listing of all disk and file descriptions (tOfi pp). Cross-ref. B) disk and listing page numbers. CLI notes, upgrade info., YIRUSX and VCHECK DOCS included. $ 20.00 per copy. $ 15.0(1 for each additional within the USA Tax and shipping included THE AMIGA CLASS AMIGA SCI. & TECH. USER’S GROUP PO BOX 201, LOS ALTOS. CA 94023-0201 One time advertisement I offer: THIS IS IT! M Mueller Visual Productions 1630 5th Ave., Suite 216 Moline, IL 61265 1-309-797-4353 hnityz SvtviceA
* film recording of IFF, HAM images highest quality, best definition
* send for free brochure 8c samples $ 4 per slide! Zorro II Prototyping Board
• Over 4400 Holes on a 0.1" Grid
• Power and Ground Pattern Accepts 64 Pin DIPs and 14x14 PGAs
• Designed for Maximum Flexibility To order: Send Check or M O. for $ 49.95 + Local Sales Tax (CA residents only) with $ 3.00 S H (Continental U.S. only other destinations please write for current rates) to: Celestial Systems 2175 Agate Court, Simi Valley, CA 93065 (805) 582-0729 INTRODUCING . . PROJECT "D”
* An easy to use, friendly & intuitive user interface
• A powerful and fast backup tool that lets you make backups of your copy-protected Amiga software,
* A unique backup tool for duplicating other disk formats including MS-DOS PC-DOS and Atari ST.
• This product is not copy-protected in any way. NOW SHIPPING S49.95 ea TO ORDER Send check or money order to: Fuller Computer Systems Inc.
P. O. Box 9222 Mesa, Arizona 85204-0430 OR CALL (602) 835-501B Includes shipping and handling! Arizona residents add 6.5% sales tax Dealer Inquiries Invited Am:ga is a trademark ol Commodore-Amiga Inc. [Associates, Inc. The DISK SPECIAUSTS- J Featuring C. ITOH, SONY, Etc: DISTRIBUTORS
3. 5", 100% Certified, Lifetime Warranty! Bulk C. ITOH SSDD Blue DSDD Blue DSDD Rainbow 50 .99
1. 29
1. 39 100-350 .97
1. 25
1. 35 Prices subject 10 change without notice. For Sony, others, pease write call Shipping Handling $ 6 00 min., plus $ 3.50 per TOO disks N Y residents add Sales Tax COO's add $ 5 00. American Express, money order or check accepted: Min purchase $ 50.00 We ship worldwide inquire about rales Other brands, and quantity pricing available WriterCall lor AMIGA Product Listings Educational, Corporato, Doaler inquiries invited MCP Associates, Inc., P.O. Box 6260, Dept AW, LJ.C., N.Y. 11106-0260 Tel: (718) 956-9000 Exceptional Service & Quality Fax: (718) 956*9028 Great Amiga PD Software Only $ 4 to $ 6 per Disk!!!!!
• 23-Monopcty Game
* 38-Crmy Sana Command gnrrm l22-50Ma*n card g*me* X12S-G»» y wi i33-DOS rWpw rl37-BtaoUacti irealy fuHeatustf* i 37-Buvea programs 105-30 B'mkx* gar*
* I I4-Aj3-bcc Pmtr Ow Genwaao' 117-OaiaBaio program aiZt-eocagarrnxm 9»me 177-T£kng Wheel o* fV.Lnt g tr* i3i-PKMan -87 1135-Mal V-vager program 140-Vma Kider the highlights* The AMIGA Specialists AMIGA Software AMIGA Peripherals AMIGA Computers 3826 Woodland Park Ave. N., Seattle, TST WE SHIP AROUND THE WORLD Known internationally for exceptional service Knowledgeable, multi-lingual staff.
U. S. overseas personnel! We specialize in APO & FPO shipping' Ask for our Overseas Military Special Pricing! Fast delivery, charged when shipped AX, Discover, VISA, MC, M O, Certified check Authorized AMIGA Dealer WA 98103 206-547-QMNl 206-547-6664 Fax 206-547-6012 » Z7-Ano*ca tnvncsan iberer tram foot* waowsi ¦ 90-Tetarrrnn«oni program 13-TTOJ game pvgran It t&-CAO program i23~Ooi»je go™ 1 M-Floppy Drve Speedup l34~Laoel Maker l3ft-Crysta Hammer riantas.-*: gamwj “Most of the disks contain many programs listed Disks are S6 each Order 5 to 14 disks lor only £5 each S4 each for 15 or more. FREE Same-day shipping (foreign add $ .50 dlsk)“ UPS 2rxFday-eir add $ 3 order FREE catalog wtth order or request Over 100 more disks available NOW! Software Excitement, “Srrvicr with Evdlmcr"
P. O. Box 5069, Central Point, OR 97502 (503) 772-6827_ MADRIGAL ARCHITECTURAL LIBRARIES $ 29,95 The Master 3A Disk Drive For Your Amiga High-Tech Gloss Black Face Plate Quieter Operation $ 189 3-Tuple 3D Animation and Rendering Power Mitchell Ware Systems 481 Spruce Manor. Be Lima wr. NJ 08031 The Pull-Down Menu AMIGAWORLD’S Pull-Down Menu is a great opportunity for those with AMIGA products to reach over 88,000 Amiga owners. Amiga World is the only publication with a subscription card in the box with every Amiga computer, national newsstand distribution by ICO Hearst, and single copy sales in computer stores carrying the AMIGA as well as large bookstores such as B. Dalton and Walden Books. To reserve your Pull-Down Menu ad call Heather Paquette on the East Coast at 1-800-441-4403 or Danna Carney on the West Coast at 1-415-328-3471. We accept checks, money orders, MasterCard or VISA. Analog Spice Q: In the February '88 Help Key, Mr. Castellotti asked about analog circuit sim ulator software for the Amiga. One of the most important is SPICE, available for the IBM PC. The educational version in publicly distributed. Because SPICE can be used without graphics, I assume the Transformer IBM emulator software would let you run it on the Amiga. If Mr. Castellotti has a Bridgeboard, he could run it without any problems. For more information, you can write to SPICE’s manufacturer, MicroSim Corporation, at 23175 La Cadena Drive, Laguna Hills, CA 92653. J, Dudley Amherst, MA A: Thanks for the information. Sake of my kids (who are not as well versed in English as I am). Are you aware of a French-based Amiga publication that I could use as my second source of Amiga information?
M. Gassend PhD Madagascar A: You are in luck! I have just recently heard of a new French-language publication that caters to the Amiga. Called A-News, you can write for more information at the following address: A-News St. Aubin 24500 Eymet, France Half for Denise Q: I recently tested my Amiga WOO for the ability to use Extra HalfBnte Mode. It failed the test! Can I update my graphic chips to support it?
A. C. Heismann FPO San Francisco, CA A: You can take your computer to an Amiga service center and have them replace the chip, or if you are technically The Russian 33 Q: I am using ProWrite 2.0 with my Seikosha SP-180A1 printer and the Amiga 500. My father wants to write tetters in Russian for international correspondence. The problem is that the Russian alphabet contains 33 characters and English has 26. Is there a pro- gram that will allow me to create fonts larger than 26 characters, perhaps using some sort of ALT or CTRL key combination to access the extra seven characters?
M. Kerezman Owega, NY A: Yes. The program is called FED (Font Editor), and you can find it in the Tools directory (drawer) on your 1.2 Amiga Extras disk. FED will allow you to create fonts of various sizes and shapes, including Russian. The default range is from 32-127 ASCII, but you can change it to any range within 0-255. By using the characters above ASCII 127, you can define the non- ASCII characters to anything vou wish. ¦ inclined, you can do it yourself. Be warned that opening your computer and replacing components voids your warranty, and if you are not very careful, you could end up damaging the computer. The chip you need to have replaced is called Denise. According to Commodore, Extra HalfBrile Mode is supported by all A500 and A2000 models, and all A 1000s made after January 1986. These all have a revision 6 or greater Denise chip, so your Amiga 1000 must have an earlier version of this chip. (My A1000 doesn't support EHB mode either, which is not surprising it was purchased in September 1985.) According to the A1000 service manuals, the part number for Denise is C252126*01. For Use with CAD. PAINT, and AEGIS CAD FORMAT Floor plan, parts & room _ modules 2 disk set $ 69,95 Framing, foundation details & parts 2 disk set $ 69.95 Interior design furniture parts 1 disk set $ 39.95 Aegi* is a trademark of Aegis Development Inc.
* 100% Amiga Compatible
* Smaller & Slimmer than the 1010
* 28" Cable » Daisy Chainablc ? 1 Year Warranty SURFSIDE Components International
P. O. Box 1836 Capitola, CA 95010
2. 000.000.000 1 Resolution Vectoriz&Uon of IFF Imports Surface Mapping Free-handed PatLa Parametric Formulated Paths Object-Polyhodron-Facu Breakdown Hierarchical Object Linkage No script flleal Desktop Publishing Programs IFF PAINT FORMAT Floor plan, parts & room modules 1 disk set Interior design furniture parts-1 disk set $ 29.95 True 5e False Ray Tracing Real-Time Mouse Control IFF or Algorithmic Storage All Raeolvitlona Including Overscan! Multiple Moving Cameras 6c Views Multiple Moving Lights Flflh Eye Views! MORE I 1-800-942-WARE In NJ: 1-609-933-3802 MADRIGAL RESIDENTIAL OESIGNS
P. O. Box 2292. Santa Rosa. CA 95405 (707) 539-5675 Call Toll-Free 800-548-9669 In Calif: (408)462-9494 Dcalrr Inquiries Welcome Only (Call far Shipping |H|Tlie Pull-Down Menu H NO SCAN LINES! TOP QUALITY FAST usiness Software Payroll Inventory Accts Receivable Accts Payable Check Ledger General Ledger call or write today for a FREE CATALOG!
(619) 436-3512 COMPUTERWARE SLIDES NEW LOW PRICE!! ANY IFF FILE PROCESSED DIRECTLY FROM YOUR DISK! 2k resolution 35mm slides $ 6.75 each and as low as $ 2.75 each. Also digital color separations. Now accepting Visa MC. Minimum order $ 25.00. Call or write for our full service list: ImageSet 555 19th St., San Francisco, CA 94107
• 100s of titles
• Low prices RENT-A-DISC
• Same day L Frederick Bldg. 220 snipping Huntinaton. WV 25701
• Free brochure (304) 529-3232 Orders Only: Flight Training Devices 312 E. Imperial Ave. El Segundo, CA 90245 800-321 -9139 213-640-9772 $ 39.95 Visa MasterCard AMIGA SOFTWARE Over 90 disks of only the best of the Public Domain and Shareware. Tested and sorted into the following categories: Animation, Applications, Games, Graphics, Information, Music, Programming, Sound, Telecommunications, and Utilities. For a free list, send a business size SASE to: Micro Computer Associates, Amiga Software,
P. O. Box 5533, Katy, TX 77491-5533. All Disks Tested Virus*Free Education Interactive Video PILOT Programmed Inquiry, Learning Or Teaching The standard authoring language lor computer-based instruction now available lor Amiga 500 1000 2000 Displays IFF graphics including HAM and ExtraHalfbrile. Laser Videodisk and Touch-Panel support included. Information: Flight Training Devices AK PO Box 91723 Anchorage, AK 99509-1723 907-276-6719 Computer-Based Instruction LARGEST ENCYCLOPEDIA CATALOG FOR DEDICATED COMPUTERS AND GAME UNITS DIABLD Graphic mind challenge game $ 29.95 Lottery Assistant Increase your odds of winning as much as 500% .....$ 39 95 Hollywood Poker A unique strip poker game, digitized nudes not drawing ..$ 29.95 FAST SERVICE • BIG DISCOUNTS MANY EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS M.W. Ruth Co. AMW1 S&H $ 3.00 us 3100 W, Chapel Ave. S&H $ 4.00 CN Cherry Hill, NJ 08002 US S's ONLY (609) 667-2526 If you have developed software or hardware we would be happy to sell ii for you. We also Market. Publish and Manufacture. Typesetting
• 24 Hour Turnaround * Paper or Film
• 24 Hour Modem Service • Extensive Font Library _Words & Pictures_ 2811 McKinney £320 LB111 • Dallas, TX 75204 214-871-0498 Call Chuck McWilliam for information. SPECIAL OFFER: A2000 MEMORY BOARDS
• Zero Wait State Unpopulated (OK). . . .$ 175
• Auto-Configuring 512K, 1MB, 2MB Call
• 512K 1MB 2MB DIP Switch (415) 792-6216 LEE DATA SYSTEMS 39120 Argonaut Way, Suite 165 • Fremont, CA 94538 18 month warranty on all boards Laser Light Shows on the Amiga The lowest-cost, highest-performance laser show system for any computer anywhere. Produce professional laser graphics for clubs, bands, planetariums, theaters, etc. Requires 1 meg Amiga and laser projector. Software from $ 295 to $ 995. Laser projectors from $ 1500. Send SASE for free information to: Patrick Murphy. Pangolin Laser Software, 1016 N. Daniel St. 2, Arlington, VA 22201 or call (703)527-4880. Now available! Demo disk $ 15 Demo VHS video $ 15 OND I A* PHOT OC OC PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICES FREE AMIGA KNOWLEDGE! With an introductory order of "The Kickstart Guide to the Amiga" by Ariadne Software Lid. With introductory notes by Gail Wellington Mention this ad when you order 6 or more "Kickstart Guides" and receive 1 guide free! This $ 24.95, one-time-only offer is good for Amiga dealers only as an introduction to the "Kickstart Guide" and Micro Pace Distributors! Phone your sales representative today for information on this special offer and about our full line of Amiga software and peripherals. Call and take advantage of this introductory offer today at: MICRO PACE DISTRIBUTORS, INC, 1212 Hagan. Champaign. IL 61B20 Order toil free 800-362-9653; in Illinois 217-356-1885; FAX 217-356-0097 Serving the Commodore community with over 1600 titles since 1982 35mm COLOR SLIDES from your IFF or HAM files
• Brilliant Color • No Curvature Distortion as low as $ 1 slide Call or Write for order form, price list & sample 11280 Washington Place Culver City, Ca. 90230
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P. O. Box 5170 Pittsfield, MA 01203-5170 Or, you may request billing. MAIL August card valid until October 31, 1989. LU o G 13 G 14 C 15 Eveyrvng Database Marvagemar* Frwce Uamgenerl Graohcs EducaOcn Muse Hard*** Ckr ocrmx* SourevSpeach Dew*ximert CAD.CAM DC LU Setae* Gen loc* or Frame Grabber Mtret (Mo. Keyboard. Et) Other CO DC LU Q LU DC C 1 ? 2 ? 3 ? 4 cs JuS H.J'- Too SiTrpta Too ContAs, Fkil UaaU ? 11. How odcrs use tve Amiga G 12. Buyer’s Gusdes C 13 Corrxars.-.e Revews ? U Mu«C G IS GdJtftKs ? 16 Program Lehngs ? 17 How ProdjCS* G IB Qxrvont C 19 Hardware Prcjuca C 20 Cther ? 2 No ? 5 Boih « home aid work ? 6 Beth « tome and school C 7 1 son use an Amga Wrtf) ? 1 2«g«s (Estaar s Page) G 2 Repartee (Lsters! C 3 irtDA’&w C 4 Hob Key (OoeslOTS) O 5 Fotture* ? 6 Tutor** A How would ycxt ra» tvs issue o' AmgaWond? (pck one) ? I GREAT1 GS C 2 Very Good ? 6 Paw C 3 Pr«Jy Good ? T Very Poor C A Good G B Tornth 9 Whif *4 be your led mapt poripherai irirchaan? Aha topes woud )tu i*.» 53 Imartd7 (JSeaae pek three) ? > C Language ? 2 Amga Base C 3 CLI ? 4 Te ecorrvTxjr*a»onj ? 5 Business Apt*a*C>ns G 6 IBM Ccmpirb*, ? 7 Home Aopicaciona ? B Educator ? 9 Ydso C 10 Scenes and Ergnecrng ? I, wcrto* G e ? 2. Prrter ? ?. ? 3 Modem ? 8 C * Memory £*paraon O 9 ? 5. Disk Orrve (hard or fcpp 1 Name_ Address_ City State Zip Telephone_ ? 7 Hors cTocuvrps ihrt&Eps) C 8 Aj.-ertsemerts ? 9 Reve« C 10 Notepad (Newt) O II OgtH Canvas ? 12 Artcta* E What are your tavorxe urgs aooui AjivgfiWprvf? (Ptoaje pcs .A lha C Crwx> a* of the enongs »a bea compKie rv, ssrtense Meet & see covered ft toeure asues C* Amga- ? 6 L«S* ? 7 Imposing C 6 Biased CB ArrvgaWorld K Is tfus your copy ot AmgaWortrf? ? 1, Y« C 2 No
L. « you are net a sutJX3i* . Tdeese C»ae *99 M it you wcMd i*« a one year 9uE«xpSon to AmgaWorld (12 issues) [Aviso Circle 500 OK the card Each sutocrshon « S24.97, Canada 16097 (Canadew Funds). Me*co $ 3297. Forv&t Sutac* 5*7 97. Fortin Ajma* $ 32 97 ft) S Vcdt drawn on U S C*») Ptoase afcjw 10-12 w eAs lor dotwy G Where CW you gel copy & AmgaWcrtJ? ? 1 I subecrt» 03 Oo>e» ? 2 NewsSUWd M Where c» you buy ycxr computer products? IFVtaao pek ere) from m the nan 12 mortbsP ? 1 ErttRMvnani ? 9 G 2 Wpfd Procewg C 10 ? 3 ComyrurwaOom Dll D 4 SorowfePeets ? 12 DS Hc»ne FhcOuCbvty C 13 C 6 PrOQramrTWVg C 14, C 7 Sccware D*v«ocmert ? IS C B VoroGrarrves Creaacn ? 16 D 1 Computer Doefe* C 2 Met Oder ? 3 ManJaourar I Do ycu cwn an Amga? C 1 Yss
J. Where oo you use your A.-nga1 C 1 Home C 2 Work ? 3 School ? 4 At home tor Cirtneoa F When ct ire to*own-g awgonet do you pan so puctaae sottwara ? 4 DrtCOurtOepartmort Stas Cl Ohw- Covers Reader Sarvce C*d I e 11 IB 21 201 206 211 216 221 401 408 411 416 421 2 7 12 17 22 202 207 212 217 222
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* 23 4 9 14 19 24 204 209 214 219 224 404 409
* 14 419
* 24 5 10 15 20 25 205 210 215 220 225 406 410
* 15
* 20 425 26 31 36 41 46 228 231 236 241 246 426 431
* 36 441
* 46 27 32 37 42 47 227 232 23? 242 247 427 432
* 37
* 42 447 26 33 36 43 46 228 233 236 243 246 426 433 436
* 43
* 48 29 34 39 44 49 229 234 239 244 249 429 434 439 444 449 30 35 40 45 50 230 23S 240 245 250 430 435 440 445 450 51 56 61 66 71 251 256 261 266 271 451
* 50 40! 408 471 52 57 62 67 72 252 257 262 267 272 452
* 57 462 467 472 53 56 63 68 73 2S3 258 263 268 273 453 «58 463 460 473 54 59 64 ee 74 254 259 264 209 274 454 458 464 400 474 55 60 65 70 75 255 280 265 270 275 455
* 60 485
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• ram in re ne.: 12 morths7 ? 1 Entortiknmont G 2 Vox a Processing C 3 Corvrsjncaonc ? * Scyoaarwets ? 5 Home Prodictvty C 6 PrcgrarrfTnng C 7 SotTwire Devetomer* C B Voco’Gfaches Creaton D a S tacar ? 7 Goo Lac* or Frame Gutter ? 8 Must (Md Keyboard etc ) C S Cfrer ? I C 2 CD C* ? 5 Aef Too S-mcte ’oo Comiw* Ftofl LMJ ? 11 How others use tie Amga ? 12 Buyer's Gudes C 13 Comoaracve Revwws ? 14 Muse ? 15 GracWcs ? 16 Fvogam Langs ? 17 New Produd* ? Jfl Options ? *19 Hardware Ptoaas C 20 Oher G 2. No C 5 Bw> af home and wgrs ? 6 Both a norre and ktkx* ? 7 i don't u« an Amge scxty) D 1 Ze gess (Eday's Page) C 2 Reo.v!«i (LxCbts) C 3 Ii smews C * Help Key (Oucaons! C 5 Fealu-« C 6 Tutorials A How wood you rate me. Asue ot Amgewyrtd? (pcA one) Cl Gfl£ATI C5 Far C! Very Good C6 Poor ? 3 PrrTy Good C 7 Very Poor ? 4 Good C fl Torroe B Whw w* cm yom ncd major penpherM purchase? Most ot G 8 Uakosa O 7 Intereatng CB Based ? 9 YrysJuodAe see covered in totu-e issues at An-ga Wha toes wouH you We to WsncT (Please xh three ) ? 1 C La-vguage C 2 Arrrga Base C 3 CLI ? 4 TttocOmmunCatons C 5 Bunncs* Apc*cardns C 6 IBM Ccrrpsttary C 7 Home Apfxcacra ? Fl Etlucaton ? 9 Video C 10 Soerce and Engnearng Name_ Address_ City State Zip Telephone_ Check a! At 8» endnga thus tes compsie tie sertanco AmgaWodd a G 7 Hors doeuvres (hmtsflts) C B Advertaerrerrs ? 9 Renews ? 10 Notepad (News? ? 11 Ogiul Canvas C 12 Artcies ? 1 Mentor C 2 Pirter ? 3 Modem D 4 Memory Eroansdn G 5 >* Drrve (hard or Itoppy) E W~a are your lavone tings about Ar-ajsWcnd7 ifPioase pc* U trat K Is t.ts your copy C* AmgaWorld? ? I res C 2- no L F you ore not a sutsCrtjef. Please Orde 409. M r you would lAa a ore year tubscrxton to AmgeWorkJ (12 S9jeS). Please cede 500 on tvs card Each subscncron * $ 24 97, Canada $ 50 97 (Canadart Funds). Mexca $ 32 97, Foragn Sud*» $ 47 97. Fotogn ArraT $ 32 97 (US tondi daw- on US Orii Pvese *Cm 10-12 weeks tar deWwy G Where cJd you gel T>* tswy c* Amgawond7 C i I tuO ifto O 3 Oner D 2 Nowsaano H Vrhrre do you buy your carrtxBer prtxJucisT (Pleeoe pc* one) do you piar u purchase ten war ¦ ? 9 0.eabAH Marutgerreri C 10- Fiwoe ManagamerT ? It Grachc* G 12 Education G 13. Muse C 14. Hardware Devwoomert C 15 Sdund'Speocti Devetotxrierc ? 16 CAOtCAM ? 1 COTTlftJttr OrvtSfn ? 2 MM Oaer ? 3 M*ruf*Guer Do you own an Amiga? ? 1 Yes J Where do ytu use your Amga7 C l Home C2 Won. C 3 Schod C 4 At hcrro tor C 4 DsccuotDepnrvnorr Store C 5 Qhor_ ? 15 tverytsng 1 6 11 IB 21 201 206 211 216 221 401 406 411 418 421 2 7 12 17 22 202 207 212 217 222
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* 86 490 495 500 ?j£ £ S i CAH 10 put the proper postage on the PLEASE USE j first class j POSTAGE J Master at Work.
* '• ¦>£&¦?.*..s-:-' ’• • si’ .- m mm
V. . ¦ ' ' ' BoP life; SiSk£L'; ,-.„ ¥ ¦, ... - JT:- '*’ «'! &&£r
- f,* --f’ am ¦ m. 'iff iH Compatible Disk Drive
mi. :¦ NH ... *¦ :: i; ¦'¦i. ¦ ¦¦¦¦ . . %-i .... ’ - - ¦ ' •' Inside the incredibly small Master 3A is a powerhouse of advanced technology for your Amiga.® Wm Extra long cable lets you position the drive where you want it. Additional serial port allows daisy chaining. 100% compatible. Fully guaranteed. . ; ;¦ ' ‘ v :' ;A «- ... ,7 •
• • • •• • ¦ - • . •• - • v * ;• * Ask your dealer for the Master 3A compatible drive. - ¦ ..... ... i Oceanic America P.O. Box 70587, Eugene, OR 503-741-1222 I Fax 503-741-1535 I DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Manufactured by OlJf await lASV h danger „> p Vv me t,a°e*tls °! Sli?etricl‘)' a.£n 0P,! ¦0f*Z,_„, are1 _wa(cn her net l'they so ,ug thie ®sa ts to aCS liy0ory°u’119 aety°ur ;KiH ur d! •*.. -1 v:. -• rned photJj: - s ii* v ._ ’* itfi ’ bu gel Don :*V
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- -'I rrLv' »• a ca lin julian tne p°°r for ioM iucj.5, S&ttfA
* !?* lout p the r oN f in>on oNeT%e'aCfi jack uR*?.?cO iu(e tile* '°"u ro dei“ofcasl, t!ie Sjde mul® for demY Puliation o lCc te the r 1 ortf" Xrao ' pd re* nol'5' thePr°dPemy01 1** iu«t , 1j nt 01 5 T*« ame.-,nS ac» ,„n a Cra.P* truc $ *'"~: ed ihs Stu i0 }Wer na1 pus C01'0 sen |£dU rdfc“ af0 pEp«! For . .ai yToi>s' P ..lO Astro»ol'”nS *P* All iC,«'afede''T&6J I* 1 •M an (S'**" tion ins,ruC ,1, 41 *t Orth anada Hill 800 latsv, lnsid 8 360-371 FAX 81 464 1 Trademarks of Commodore-Amiga. Inc 2 Trademarks of Pacific Peripherals 3 Know the advertiser: If you haven't seen this company advertising in the past, call Ihe magazine and inquire.
A. Occasionally advertisements will look similar, almost as if one were a direct copy of Ihe other,
b. Be sure you identify the company from which you prefer to buy 4 'Turbo Silver and Forms in Flight Conversion Modules sold separately. All product names arc trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies._

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Amiga World Vol 04 08 1988 Aug

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