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The PIOS1 will run Linux and BeOs. The BeBox operating system. But most interestingly it will run pOS. The AmigaDOS replacement operating system from ProDAD. German authocs of Amiga software such as ClariSSA and Monument Titler. POS is said to be two thirds AmigaDOS compatible, with ANSI C and C+ + code recompiling in a single pass with very minor modifications, so a lot of utility software could be converted at minimum effort. POS is an RTG system, which means that graphics and sound can be retargeted onto whatever card is plugged into the PCI slot. It will run on PPC and 680x0 systems, ensuring good cross platform compatibility. We hope to get our hands on a PIOS1 as soon as possible to have a proper look at it. In the meantime, techie junkies can get some idea of what it's about from the schematic on the left. Keep it here for all the latest news on this exciting machine CU Amiga Presents TFX The legendary TFX will be on show exclusively at the CU Amiga Magazine stand during the forthcoming World of Amiga Show. Never before revealed to the public, the Amiga version of this next generation flight simulator was finished but then shelved indefinitely. Visitors to the show, which will take place over the 17th and 18th of May this year at London's Novotel Hotel, will finally be able to see and even play TFX. This could well be the only public viewing it ever gets, so make sure you don't miss itl pOS and PIOS announce cooperation Other exhibitors at the show will include Nova Design flmage FX and Aladdin 4DI, Blittersoft (with some new tower Amiga options). Hid (Siamese retar- getable graphics system), and Scala UK (multimedia display). Direct Software will also be unveiling their new Amiga 7000*. At the show. This is based on an A1200 motherboard housed in a tower case with seven Zorro slots and two video slots. It comes with a 68060 CPU and 16Mb of Fast RAM, a Picasso IV graphics card, a 1Gb hard drive and fast CD-ROM drive and a 15 bit sound card is also planned. Do you need any more reasons to attend the show? We don't think so. TFX Sadeness software, who made the infamous Women of the Web CD return to their 'netty haunts to bring us their latest production. Hidden Truths. This CD is a presentation of all the weirdest sites the Internet has to offer, from UFOs to serial killers. Just about every weird web site possible has been packed on this CD. Which runs on the Amiga, Mac and PC. The Truth is out Thereon CD-ROM Sadeness assure us that Hidden Truth will be more Amiga friendly than Women of the Web.

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Document sans nom April 1997 £5.99 USS13.50-122500-ASCH235 • BFR 520 *051251)) Revitalise your Amiga with J this top file manager and M Workbench replacement AH WORTH FULL PROGRAM!
Liberate your A1200 fi £50 with our exclusive guidj Ueries!
L lo CD-ROM? Ask your Newsagent!
Open ’ Late Night Opening I lam to 4prn Wednesday A Thursday nil* Jopni LOW COST DELIVERY
• 2-4 Week Days £3.99 'ROOM f EASY ACCESS I ROM M42.
F*ST amra ¦ *'•
• Next Week Day £5.99
• Saturday Delivery £ 15.00 OPEN7DAYSAWEEK Amiga A1200 MagicPack
Includes. Wordworth V4SE. Daustorr.
Organner. Turbocal. 3.5. Personal PamtV* 4.Photngmics I.2SE. Pinball Mania A Whin.
Very Limited Stocks Available, Early Purchase Recommende „ (£379.99 Amiga A1200 Magic Pack Inc. 170Mb HD &ScataMM300 Includes same software pack as Magic Pac h. But also includes ScalaMM100(Req 4Mb).
£479.99 l( kuiCAl M1438S Monitor Only!! *£259.99 „ ] First Starter Pack B A1 200 dust cover B 10 x DSDD disks * labels All for
• Top quality Joystick Only B Deluxe mouse mat iq QQ
• 1 xAI 200 games LI . ThePrimaATOMPSU 1 J.UuflB Heavy Duty
PSU £49.99
• H b* Quality 100 Walt PSU. |'..'u'.1
• Colour Co-Ordinated Casing. V’.'’Va~ ‘
• 4 x The Power of Std. Amiga PSU " ‘u.dV« ~
• 12 Month Warranty v A Iir.'Shpi ' ) Ultra CD ROM Drives 6 X
£189.99 8 X £199.99 16 X £229.99 Kit No Drive £1 19.99 Quick
ft Eacy Co install. Fits via Ihc Internal IDE Connector, does
not interfere with resting H.D. .
External SCSI CD ROM Drives DuakQuad SCSI CD COM
• Quality Sanyo Drive
• Own Internal PSU I 7W
• Fast SCSI Transfer Rates
• I 2 Month Warranty . 'A SCSI Cmnrglitr't Internal SCSI CD ROM
Drives 1 Sanyo254V.4S*~d £89.99 Teac CDS6S.4s-« £121-99 I
Toshiba 5701.u*~« £149.99 SCSI Controllers GVP 4008* Oktagon
SCSI £99.99 ¦t,boa ftisp.( SCSI C.~rv»n Squirrel Surf
Squirrtl£4S.OO £7S.OO
* A««purO%nnl»inwC0»O»10ts» **«le.vs__ _
3. S" Hard Disk Drives IDE SCSI S40Mb...£ I 19.99 270Mb....£99 99
850Mb. ..£ 142.99 540Mb. .£ 149.99
1. 6 Gig.£ 185.99 l .08Gig..£249 99 ,2.1 Gig..£ 206.99 2.1
Gig..£3 19.99 Build Your Own SCSI Hard Drive
• SCSI case with built in PSU £69.99
• SCSI Hard Drive. Select from above
• SCSI Squirrel Interface £45 .00 .•12 Month Warranty.__
2. S" Hard Drives for A600 A I 200 with installation kit Inc.
software, screws, cables _and instructions_ Seagate jyrsu
CSMMDI 80Mb £64.99 120Mb....£80.99 I 70Mb....£85.99 250Mb..£l
19.99 420Mb..£l 29.99 540Mb..£ I 39.99 810Mb.£149.99
3. 5" Hard Drive Install Kit£19.99 Includes set up software.
CaMcs and Ml instructions, no Hard Drive II r II New ¦ II -*
| Amiga Monitors Multi-Sync Monitors 14" 1438s....£269.99 141
IS" Monitors inc. Built In Speakers 17" 1701......£399.99
17'Mult*-Sync Monitor, all screen model Amiga External drive
£44.99 Amitek l.76Mbdrive £69.99 A I 200 600 Internal drive
£39.99 A500 500+lnternaldrive £39.99 Surf Squirrel
• Hi speed serial port
• SCSI-11 interface -
• Autobooting HO I I Squirrel
• SCSI-II interface From only *£45.OQ, £54.99 il pure hftsrd RAM
Expansion Accelerators SupraFAXModem Modems T Robotics
• If.400 Data 14.400 Fax £85.99
• 11,600 Data 14.400 Fax £161.99
• Class I Fax • Personal Voice Mail
• Fax on Demand • Call Discnminatlo Amiga SuriWare software pack
The complete software suit for all your Modem needs |*Nel
Software «Weh Browse.
• IRC....Only £29.99 Only GP Fax Software only £44.99 Full Send
and Receive Fax Software for Amiga Computers with a Fax Data
J V34+ Fax Modem PRIMA Amazing Price Performance
833. 6 Baud Rate«Class I Fax
• BABT & CE approved.
Only...£99.99 Complete with caoies A Amiga N-comm Software Amiga SuriWare bundle when punr.iTwrtm Bargains V32Bis 14.4 Fax Modem £49.99 V22Bis 2400 9600 Modem Fax £24.99 Modem Accessories ] Phone Line Extension Cables... 5M. £6.99 I 0M. £8.99 I5M.£I0.99 I Socket Adaotor £6 99 AI 200 RAM Expansion A I 200 I MB RAMSpecia prfce f £49.99 A I 200 2 MB RAM £59.99 A I 200 4 MB RAM £70.99 A I 200 8 MB RAM £89.99 AI200 I MB 33Mhz Co Pro £75.99 AI2002MB 33MhzCoPro £85.99 AI200 4 MB 33Mhz Co Pro £95.99 AI2008 MB 33Mhz Co Pro £1 15.99 PRIMA MASSIVE PRICE REDUCTIONS 2 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £9.99 4 Mb 72 Pin SIMM
£17.99 8 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £34.99 I 6 Mb 72 pin SIMM £80.99 I Mb 30 pin SIMM £10.99 256x4 DRAM (each)£4 C Accelerator Cards J I Viper 11-33 £ 129.99 | Up to 128Mb RAM. FPU socket A AT Clod Blizzard 1230-50Mhz 1159.99 | Up to I 28Mb RAM. FPU SochM A R.T clock Blizzard 1260-50 £479.99 | Up to 64Mb RAM. MMU A F PU A RT Clock Blizzard SCSI Module £89.99 I 68882-33Mhz PLCC £29.991 68882-50Mhz PGA £99.99 I (aSQQ 600 RAM ExpansiofT)| A500 5I2W RAM no clock £I9.9 A500* I Mb RAM £29.99 1 A600 I Mb RAM no clock £29.99 I Part exchange available on your old memory.
Consumables Printers Ribbons Cm.re tm* ABC mono Cmlien S ih ABC colour Star IcfO mono ribbon Star LCI • 106 mono Star LC10* 100 colour Star LC240c colour Star LC240. Mono Star LC 240 mono Star 1C 24-10 200,100 Colour Re-Ink Spray for mono ribbons PREMIER-INK Cartridge Refills Disks Bulk DSDD [ 10 a £3.49 100 X £26.99 10 x £9.99 200 x £49.99 , 50 x£ 14.99 500 x £114.99 | Branded DSDD , 10 x £4 49 100 x £31.99 I 10 x £11 99 200 x £84.99 I SO x £17 99 400 i £155.99 I Bulk DSHD 10 x £3 99 100 x £29.99 10 x £ 10 99 200 x £55.99 y 40 a £ 14 99 SOOx £129 99 ’ Branded DSHD y 10 x £4.99 100 x £36.99 y
10 x £12.99 200 x £69.99 9 50 x £18.99 SOOx £159.99 J Disk labels x500 £6.99 » Disk labels x 1000 £9.99 I Canon BJ 2 40 Colour £190.99 ABC Colour printer £119.99 “ ' ¦ "loop b W iwyliftK)l lwl tHie«)v 11 OOColour £195.99 Cm-”Awoi~«.
»)c im«5S’ »4!w 'ssajialiE, . Canon ftlCft20Colour *£32&9I -**1 *"
• I-,W HEWLETT* PACKARD I HP J«0 Colour Portabl. CIM.M £149.99 I
Styfus800Colour £199.99 HP49© 49)Col. £249.‘99 £269.99 I I 4ft
Cm* I|m.» ait, I Ttinn. CaJ«tur UO.MO«it-~i ek™.iiwm.W I Stylus
Pro £389.99 HP870 Colour £414.99 V ri.-.ly i.icp.v.
*M.ft40.i|.H»«.ftleyoikcoto- IcpsonCT SOOOScanner £329.99
HPSLLaverprinter £339.99 £22 99'£24" £21.*9'£24" £27 49 £28 '
£H.**I£27" :of.£ 17.*9'£24 ¦ I I Ift lftblftft' uSfftft
C l»hW M.
SmgterefUH (22ml) Twin refills (4«ml) Three colour hit (80ml) Full colour hM (88ml) (IHrnl) ACCESSORIES Pnncer Switch Ao. 1 way Pnncer Switch Bo• I way I printer cable ) Metre printer c able 5 Metre printer cable 0M-lr-|i(-il.i cable Epioci 200 ¦ M. Warranty t Epson 1008Me Warranty I Epson Iron-On Transfer Paper£12 99 Epson 720d|M Pape. Pack £12.99 T Sh»t Transfer Pack (POA BC 06PhotoCart £24.99 BCM Fluorescent 1 BC 2 2 Photo Kit £ Canon BC • 2* Fluorescent £ ).t Pape. T MPDJ894 Photo Cartridge £ HP Photon*phy Paper HP Banner Paper HP DeskJet Paper Pack (590)£10 99 Premium Gloss, P.pec( 10)
(» 88, Studio 2 New veriro ’ EmW, . ________aserket!
Hewlett Packard LaserJet 5P £75.»» , - Hewlett Pa. Hard LaserJet 4L £68.99 * »*»•« JiT
H. Packard L.let 4IM 5 M N £99.99 Single sheet 2000sheets £21.
Canon LPB-460 Toner flMt 0, *11 jT High quabty InkJet aper (500) Ink Cartridges £1299 Canon BJ I •Star S|«8 rai* Canon 8)20*2)0 u Canon BJI0 () pack) Canon BJC 70mono() pack) Canon BJC 70 colour (3 pack) laia Canon BJC 4000.olour (single) re al Canon BJC 4000 mono (single) c iiee c"*°" ¦I0 4000 mono hl*h **«•-
V. . ” Canon BJC AOOe mono'col. £1 Cltlien Pnntiva mono'col.
HP. Desl)et 140mono HP Drsk|et SOOmonolcol HP Desk|el 4*0 mono'col.
HP Oesk|et 840C mono'col Epson Stylus mono'col «¦ * Epson Styftus Col lls me* Epson StyW. 400 momveo. Ca rs £6.09 Slar S) 144 mono colour (wngfte) £11*0 Printer Dust Covers £19.99 £27** Paper Fanfold (tractor feed) 500 sheets Laser printer supplies (or all rr Graphics Graphics Software Video Genlocks uantuml VIDI Amiga 24 (RT)+ Colour Real Time Amiga video capture system
* Composite 1 SVMS input*.
* Time Lapse remote grabbing.
* BMP.TIFF ft PCX File Support.
» Load’Savc 24 Bit ILBM ft Anims £139.99 VIDI Amiga 24 (RT) Pro Professional Colour Real Time Amiga video capture system
- Composite ft SVHS input*.
11. 7 million colour grabbing.
BMP.TIFF. PCX.ANIM. ILBM Processing controls ft effects £219.99 Im
• '1 InckMar. 104 i I.SMb I'm memory £129.99 Genlock 290.
• Full tiding oiml.nl
• ™-| lw po mppl, £639.99 Genlock 292 £264.99 A-Cut 53 £99.99
?ira Fusion Genlock t«-V" Only ! £99.99 Entry level Genlock
New!! Epson GT-5000 ec Edtrif a oc« wA.
£329.99 Amiga rang* o computers Donat drnar soAan bidlrvctoial parallel cl Epson GT-8500
• •Idhecltooal P...IIM A SCSI Interface "S' On y..£450.99 Epson
• •¦devctWnal Parakel 1 SCSI hMcvface i: £629.99 Epson Flatbed
Scanner Software & Cable-£59.99 Hand Scanners Power Scan v4.
£89.99 256 g1 scale on AGA Armps. 44 g'scale non AGA Power Scan
Col. £174.99 24 bit ccAour scanner. 16 7 mllicri ccJcurs
NewPhotOKen.cs 2 CD Plu tof ewis 24-Bit Graphic* Manipulation
Require* 2chip 4 fast RAM minimum.
Hard Disk 8 CD Rom Drive,
K. start 3.0 or higher.
Only!! £89.99 Cinema4D £169.99 Amiga Ray-Tracing software Req. 3Mb of RAM. And Kickstart 2 or higher.
Scala MM400 £279.99 Special Offers X-CAD 2000 .£9.99 Vista Pro Lite £4.99 Full Retail Box and Manuals Blitz Basic 2.1.....£29.99 Home Office Cables Music Technosound Turbo 2 Pro 8 12 bit Stereo Sampler plus many more advanced feature* A bargain at only£29 99 | Mega-Lo-Sound 8 bit direct-to-ditk sampler I Great value only.. £24.99 ProM D Interface ™£39.99 Opus 5.5 £45.99 only!! £17.99 2 X 3metre MIDI cables £9.99 AURA 16 8 £74.99 £29.99 Octamed compatible OctamedSound Studio I version of the bos!
Making program for the Amiga.
Final Writer S Word Processor Publisher Latest version of this award winning software only!! £72.99 FtmilWnJr’ Final Writer Lite Requires Kickstart 2.04 or above, 2Mb of Ram and I Floppy Drive, Hard Drive installable if desired.
£39.99 fbnJW'nk' Wordworth 6 CD
• Any Amiga 2.04 or higher
• 3 Mb of Memory Wordworth 6 Office CD
• Wordworth 6 •Datastorc 2 •Organiser 2
• Mon., M...V, . £49.99 Mini Office ™
• Wordprocessor •Sprccdshcct
• Database •Graphics* Disc Utilities £46.99 Final Data £39.99
• Require*Workbench I.J or more I Mb of memory & I floppy drive.
Twist 2 £74.99 Relational Database
• Require* Workbench 2.1 c above & 2Mb of memory Final Calc
• Requires Workbench 2.0 or above, 2Mb of memory min.,
H. Disk with Smb of free space TurboCalc 4 £49.99 Directory Opus
5 above, and a Hard Drive.
OtherTitles Available Disk Magic 2 £34.99 Ibrowse £23.99 Maxon Magic £26 99 Devpac 3 £63.99 Gamesmith 479 99 Hisoft BASIC 2 £63.99 Hisoft C** £149.99 High Speed Pascal £69.99 Quarterback Disk Suite £34.99 CB Route Plus & GB Route Edit £29 9 Net*.Web £29 99 Net 4 Web 2 £66.99 Termite £11.99 Termite TCP £47.99 Lightwave3D£429.9* Amiga-CD32 5ni.iNci-c.ri cable £24.99 Amiga Par net Parallel Network £14.99 Modem Cable 9-25 25-25 £9.99 ¦ Null Modem Cable £9.99 ¦ Amiga-VGA Monitor Adap. £6.99 H Amiga-RF TV Cable £2.49 ¦ Amiga-CM8833 Monitor £9.99 ¦ Amiga-TV Scart Cable £9.99 ¦ Printer Cable (1.8
metre) £4.99 I Disk Drive Monitor Ext. £14.99 Analogue PC J.stick Adapt. £7.99 H Mouse Joystick Extension £4.99 H Mouse Joystick Autoswitch £9.99 H MIDI Cables (3 metre x2) £9.99 ¦ Centronics-Centronics £9.99 H SCSI D25-50 way Cent. £ I 1.99 ¦ SCSI D25-50 way Micro-D £15.99 ¦ SCSI Adaptors from.. £15.99 ¦ SCSI Terminators from... £19.99 H Internal SCSI Cables from... £9.99 ¦
2. 5" IDE Hard Drive Cable £5.99 ¦ Amiga-3.5" Hard Drive £ 18.99
¦ [Custom Cable Suppliers | I For all you' fusion’ rahlo
requirement* I IcSaE just give us a rail, we can usually
supply I jdSe _ J Amiga CD ROM's Peripherals ° nollwi.ru I
nor rifle or * Delivery £ 1.50 per title or £3.99 for 4* 1078
Weird Textures l7Bit 1 ISO Voi I I 7Bit & LSD Vol.2 17Bit 1
ISO Vol.!
17 Bit Collection 17 Bit Continuation I7BA Phase 4 17B* 5th Dimension £ 1000 (PEG Textures 411*9 I7B« 1 ISO Vol.2 417 ** 30 ImagesObjects 41** AGA fxperience I NFA( 12.95 AGA Experience 2 NFA 12.VS AGA Toolkit *7 41*9 Amiga Developers CO (13 ** Amiga Desktop Video 2 (1191 Amiga Repair K« £J*.99 AmiNet 8 412.** AmiNeC 12 412.** AmiNet 13 4I2.*« AmiNet 14 412.** AmiNet IS 412.** AmiNet 16 412.** AmiNet 17 412.** AmiNet Set 1 2 417.9* Am.Net Set 3 42*.** AmiNet Set 4 42».»* Arcade Cussks Plus 412.9* Artworx 48.9* Assassins CD Vol.)
C44 Games v I. I C44 Sensations .2 CAM 422.99 Caid Games CD 411*9 CO-POI 4S.9* CO-PD 2 4S.99 CO-PO 3 45.99 Colour Library 48.99 Dem Rom 412.9* Demo Collection vI £5.99 Emulator* Unlimited (17 ** Encounter* 412.** Epic CQBection 2 417.** Epic Int Encyclopedia 425.** Euro CD .1 412.** I Fractal Universe 417 *9 I Gamer* Delight 2 428.99 I Gateway I Geek Gadgets 417.** AlfaData Crystal T rackball Only...£34.99 Gig* Graph** 4 (J8.99 Global Amiga E prn c( 21 99 Grafh Sensations I (19.99 Guinness Oise of Rnordsi I 7 99 Horror Sensations (IB)( 17.99 Hottest* 417.99 Image PO CO 417.99 Into-the.Net
417.99 Insight Dinosaurs 44.99 Learning Curve 417.99 Light ROM 4 424.99 Light ROM Gold 417.99 MagK Publisher 4J9.99 Magk WB Enhancer 48.99 Meeting Pearls »4 48.99 Movie Maker Special FX417.99 Multimedia Toolkit 1*2417 99 Multimrdu Batkdrops 11 7 99 Network CO 2 41199 Nothing but Gifs AGAl 17 99 Nothmg but Tetris (9 99 Octamed 4*Sounds Terr.41T 95 Ocumed Sound StudkX72.99 Oh Yes More Worms (199 Pandora s CO 47.99 2 Button Mega-Mouse E £9.99 |Mousemat4mm £2.49 Izip Stick joystick £9.99 |Roboshift nsouse foystick switch £9.99 lAmigaJoystick lAmigaContol Pad I Kickstart 2.04 2.05 ICIA8520AI Ochip
I FPU 25mhz PLCC lFPU33mhzPLCC I Special Offer £7.99 £9.99 £24.99 £18.99 £29.99 £34.99 Prima Shareware vl 49.99 Retro Go*d 417.99 Scene Storm 417.99 Sci f i Sensaoon 2 417.99 Sound FX SemaUon 412.99 Sound library 417.99 Source Code 4IT.99 Space ft Astronomy 418.99 Specul FX Vol. I 417.99 System Booster 417.99 The Spectrum CD 9* 41199 The Personal Suite 417.99 Utilities 2 (PDSolt) 417.99 Utilities Eipenence 412.99 Weird Sc. AMOS PD 414.99 Weird Sc Animations 414.99 Weird Sc. Clip Art 48.99 Weird Sc UPD Gold 417.99 Workbench Add-Ons 420.99 World Atlas 424.99 World Info 95 417.99 Women of the Web
421.99 Zoom 2_41199 I Blitz Basic2.l I Popular BASIC programmln language for all Amiga'* Special offer £29.99 E!! Prima Shareware CD-ROM worth £ 10 with every order of CD-ROM software over £30 Wizard 560-dpi % Amiga Mouse £12.49 A woirvo Mr.4. Zydec Speakers ZyFi-2....£26.99 rfj.
ZyFi Pro..£57.99 Li- I nmBRI Vista Pro Lite Requires 2Mb of Ram & Hard Disk With | Kickstart 2.04 or above.
£4.99 Alfa Data 400-dpi Mega Mouse+ Amiga PSU £34.99 Amiga Developers CD Ver 1.1 £12.95 This CD coeses el the meterlals nee del Is develop sokwsre lor IS k-is teem Amice Teeh-slogln «ernes the coi-fl.le help Deveiopees Tools xnd Do.um.nt.lsw Ideal Xmas Gift!!
Guinness Disc of Records £ I 7.99 CD Version of the ever-popular fact filled book.
Scoop Purchase!! Insight Dinosaurs Designed for the CD32 CD-TV but usable on any Amiga with CD. Now Only£4.99 New!!CD Rom World Atlas £24.99 Full colour Multimedia Atlas for the Amiga.
Rated Absolutely Superb New Photogenic* V2 CD ROM £89.99 New features Animation Support, New Effects System, Virtual Image. Plu. Mora.... Now Available Zoom-2 £18.99 Long awaited New version of this very popular
CD. The latest PD from 2 Libraric*.
Buy Weird Science Network 2 CD & CD-32. Serial Network Cable.
For only, £35.99 New Magic Publisher 4 CD set £39.99 Inc. Wordworth 4 TD, Final Writer 4 SE.
10,000 Fonts and 5.000 Clips and more.
Octamed Sounds Studio CD £22.99 TotaHy revamped new version of this top selling CD.
Includes endless new and improved features New EPIC M M Encyclopedia £2S.99 New AmiNet 17-NowA.aiiaMc £12.99 APRIL 1997 • CONTENTS Tony Horgan, Editor 28 Build Your Own Tower!
Yes, you can believe your eyes, it is a feature on how to build your own tower. Over the past few months we have been bombarded with people asking us how they can make up their own tower. Well, now you can. To keep all you people happy, this is the first of a three-part feature which includes all you need to know about setting up your own tower complete with an easy-to-follow ten step guide. We kick off with a guide to moving all your drives over to a mini tower like this one.
8 Directory Opus 5.11 What a coup! The full version of this wonderful package is yours on this month's technical cover disk. Maybe Christmas has come early this year.
6 Tiny Troops Exercise your grey matter a little with this exclusive demo of Vulcan's latest strategy game. Cannon Fodder meets Time Keepers.
You're in for a treat.
12 Super CD-ROM 9 Our top quality guaranteed Cds have become the expected standard now from CU Amiga Magazine. Never one to disappoint we've managed to pull yet another superb CD out of our hat. More top software than you could ever imagine.
Mark Fortes. Panl Nolan.
Larry Hiclmott Jason Compton.
IfAKtt* UTTERS AM TKMCA1 PROKiMS: Id |*w*l m. teckaul m,0r« uid
• mi Mtn H Hi aUmi akm dwrf, Mitad In IACKCHAT Id Hckmul indlini
sia) tie* cUartf nutit QbA Bkuu il ike uun d nasy tiqiinti tby
cam) hi rand hr pkoii lei wlwiw •' hKhchat@tMmifi.co.nk m Q +
A@ci-inifi co .ah. What a month! It's been a bit mad these past
few weeks, what with getting all of this lot ready for you.
People say this scene is quiet at the moment: don't you believe it! Apart from pulling out all the stops to being you the fabulous Directory Opus 5.11, we've been beavering away at this month's main features. First of all there's our Best 50 Amiga Games Ever chart and competition to win them all. You Feature CONTENTS 16 The Amiga gets back on track with P-OS and TFX is set to finally see the light of day. All this and lots more.
38 Marbelous 38 Kargon 39 Testament 39 Castle Kingdoms 43 Tiny Troops 44 Master Axe 44 Blockhead 46 Tony Crowther Interview 48 Tips Central 52 Cinema 4D 3.0-- 58 Prograb Hi Fi Sampler 59 Teletext Decoder 60 Secal 1.0 62 Draw Studio 1.1 CD 63 Web Explosion 64 PD Scene 67 PD Utilities 70 CD-ROM Scene 72 Art Gallery 76 Imagine 4.0 80 Next Month 82 Desktop Publishing 84 OctaMED SoundStudio 86 Wired World 88 Net God 88 Surf of the Month 95 Frequently Asked Questions 96 Masterclass 98 Q+A 102 Backchat 104 Subscriptions 105 Points of View 106 Back Issues MMGAflHOWWr This demo has three complete
playable levels of the latest top strategy war game to hit the shelves.
• Thinking man's Cannon Fodder
• Works on all Amigas with 1Mb
• Lots of miniature fighting fun What do I do then?
Game Map This is where you see the bigger picture.
Click here if you want to scroll through the level to have a look at the lie of the land: ie where the enemy base is and if there are any enemy soldiers lurking about in out of the way places.
©over disk 155 has three complete playable levels of the latest war game from Vulcan Software. A kind of thinking man’s Cannon Fodder it’s one tough cookie of a game to beat. You’ve got to use all-your best strategy plans and put them into action properly otherwise you'll end up wiped out. Are you up for it? Can you take the challenge? Why not try out this demo and see for yourself.
This demo has most of the options available in the finished game. You will not, however, be able Group Move Holding the left mouse button or joystick down enables you to select a group of men.
Once you've done that you can choose one of these four formations to put them into. Decoy is a pretty handy one for fooling the enemy.
To load or save a game. But there is enough there to keep you busy for a while.
The aim of the demo is simple. Kill or be killed. You’ve got a team of little soldiers at your command (you can choose either side) which you must make your mind as to how to utilise them best to win.
Control is simple: either joystick or mouse but it is best to use a mouse. Clicking on a soldier or icon will activate it immediately. Your general will also give you a few handy hints before each battle as how to approach it best. Check out the box below to see what options are available.
Cover disk 155 will run on all Amigas and is self booting, all you have to do is stick it in your Amiga and turn it on. Simple. Good luck and remember be careful out there.
Fight Flight L Game options. From left: show fighting soldiers, load save game (na for demo), increase decrease viewing area, general status report, run home, clear, total war.
The fist icon denotes attack, the arrow move. Once you've chosen either, hold down the mouse button or joystick and drag it to where you want to attack or move to.
• OFFER PRICE MATCH' minvFTHF tuiat *WE wllL always try to match
Once again CU Amiga Magazine brings you the very best software for your Amiga: Directory Opus
5. 11, live and uncut.
What's a file manager?
• Although it offers many ways of enhancing your system.
Directory Opus 5's main purpose is as a file manager. The aim is to make tedious tasks quicker, easier, and more automated. You can say « good-bye to typing long, cryp- JUWCi tic strings into Shell windows and hello to a slick graphical interface where you just point and click to get the job done.
• You can use Directory Opus 5 to launch programs, view files.
Tidy up your hard drive, format i.- . .. ---m __ disks and do many more things. Best of all, you can do them all at once because you almost never have to wait for one operation to finish before starting another.
Oe prepared to have your Amiga totally rejuvenated by Directory Opus
5. 11. This incredibly powerful file manager has come on in leaps
and bounds since version 4 and now has so much more to
offer. It can even act as a total Workbench replacement
Installation Directory Opus 5 must be installed to a hard
drive. You cannot run it from a floppy disk or the CD. To
install, boot your Amiga as you normally do and wait for
Workbench to load. Insert the cover disk or CD and double
click on the icon that appears for it on the Workbench screen.
A window should appear with an icon called InstallOpus' which
you should double-click on to begin the installation process.
Do not attempt to install Directory Opus by hand, you must use the installer script.
At some stage in the installation you will be given a choice about how you want Opus to be started when your machine boots.
If you choose the Replace Workbench' option your c:LoadWB command will be renamed to c:LoadWB_Old and a new command will replace it which loads Opus Holding down the shift key while booting will cause Workbench to load instead of Directory Opus, should you need it. Please note that you don't have to use Directory Opus 5 as a Workbench replacement if you don't want to.
Directory Opus 5 is probably not what you are used to. Yes, you could set it up just like a 'traditional', Opus 4 style program, but you’d be wasting your time Opus 5 is a new program and a new way of doing things You must retrain Converting Directory Opus 4 config files to the 5.11 version Directory Opus 5 can convert configuration files saved in Directory Opus 4 to the new format. To do this, select the 'Settings Environment Load...' menu item and show the file requester to your Opus 4 settings file. You will be given the option of which bits of the configuration you wish to bring into
Opus 5. The basename which you are asked for will be used in the names of the new settings files so that you can differentiate them from other files.
Yourself to use it and it has a learning curve just like anything else. You can never please everyone, yet there seem to be many people who have a knee-jerk reaction to change and won't even try something new. Believe me, it's worth it. All of it.
Hide away what you were using before and only use Opus 5 for a couple of weeks. You may struggle with it at first but it's worth it.
This article aims to give you a quick introduction on how to use the basics of Directory Opus 5.
The default configuration is described but while the configuration editors may be mentioned in places the details of their operations are not. We may look further into advanced topics in future tutorials, but there is no substitute to the 262 page ring-bound manual which you get when you buy Directory Opus 5.5, and the tutorials will almost certainly be targeted towards the new version and not 5.11. Main window First, let us look at the main Opus window. By default the main window opens as a backdrop window on the Workbench screen, but it can be made into a normal window and
moved to its own screen.
You should see icons for your hard disk and other devices in your system in the window, and it is possible to 'leave out' icons from any directory so that they are available directly on the main window.
Applcons added by other programs will also appear there, and all of these things work in more or less the same way that you are used to from using Workbench.
| 11; I" F'pTF'f F'i What will be new to you is the idea of program 'groups' which allow you to collect frequently used programs and data files in one easy to get to place. Anyone who has used Windows 3 on the PC will know the idea. You can have as many groups as you want, or none at all, but when you first use Opus there is a group called 'Favourites' pre-made for you to drag whatever you want into.
A s it & S’ If you desire a pattern or picture on the window, load up the WBPattern preferences editor which came with Workbench and save the configuration out to a file.
By default it is written to EnvisysAAfBPattern.prefs on Workbench 3. You can then point Opus to this file in the Opus Environment editor which is available from the Settings menu, or by pressing ’Right-Amiga 4‘. Opus Get by with a little on-line help Although it is no substitute for the 262 page manual you will get if you buy Directory Opus 5.5, the version of Directory Opus provided comes with a full on-line help system. This will explain the basics behind most elements of the program, including the configuration editors and pull-down menus. To get help on something put the mouse over
it and press the 'Help' key. If you do this over the main Opus window you will be able to get a complete list of all of the internal commands of Opus.
For further help and advice regarding Opus 5, feel free to Email: leo.davidson@keble.oxford.ac.uk (valid until July 1998). There is also a Directory Opus 5 mailing list on the Internet. For updates, add-ons and other Opus related bits and pieces be sure to look on Aminet and at the Opus web pages maintained by GP Software and Leo Davidson respectively: http: www.livewire.com.au gpsoft index.html http: users.ox.ac.uk --kebl0364
5. 11 doesn't support pictures in icon mode listers (see belowj.
But later versions do.
In Directory Opus 5.5 it is possible to hide any or all device icons, and in 5.51 you are able to define different areas of the screen for displaying different types of icon.
Window snapshots are also saved separately to Workbench in newer versions of Opus, which avoids annoying clashes for those using both programs. Visually, Opus 5.5 improves on 5.11 by allowing you to remove the borders and labels from icons of your choosing, giving it a much sleeker look.
Listers Listers are the most important element of Directory Opus 5. Their main job is to display the contents of directories and allow you to perform operations on programs and files within them.
To open a new lister you can either click on a drive’s icon or use the 'Listers New menu item. Doing the latter will give you a device list from which you can select where to go. You may find it convenient to add a button to one of your but- ton-banks which executes the 'DeviceList' command so that you have quicker access to new listers.
You can also have buttons which execute the 'ScanDir' command with the name of a directory as the argument which open new listers to display certain directories. If you had Directory Opus 5.5 you could also double-click the main Opus window to open new listers.
Button banks Button banks are another important part of Directory Opus 5.
They are floating windows of user- defined buttons similar to the toolbars attached to listers. Banks can either have text buttons or graphical buttons and a large set of images is provided for the latter.
Buttons can have different functions for left, right, and middle mouse buttons, and alt-clicking them brings up the editor. You can edit several banks and buttons at the same time, giving you the ability to drag-n-drop between them. If you right-click in the title bar of a button bank a pop-up menu appears which duplicates most of the Buttons menu and also gives you the option of iconifying the bank to save space.
Pulldowns Opus' pull down menus work the same way as in other programs, but you should make sure an Opus window is activated and that you are not pointing at something where the right mouse button will do something else like activate a button or scroll a lister.
The first five menus are used to control Opus and cannot be edited. On-line help is provided for all items in these menus and you can read it by opening the menu and pressing the Help key when pointing at the item in question.
(Don't let go of the right mouse button until after you press Help.l If you find that this doesn't work and you are running some kind of menu replacement program, try disabling it. Or press Help over the main Opus window and use the Index of the on-line help system to find what you want.
Stick with it Please remember the most important thing: Opus 5 is new and innovative, and it's got to take a while getting used to. But you will get used to it. And once you do.
You'll find using anything else will feel like being trapped in a box. ¦
• A new Icon Action Mode gives all the power of name mode Listers
but with icons.
• Button banks and Listers need no longer be activated first in
order to see right and middle mouse button clicks.
What's Hot in Opus 5.5 The current commercial release of Directory Opus has now reached
5. 5. Here are some of the features and improvements that have
come about since version 5.11.
• More Lister pop-up menus to provide instant access to favourite
• Workbench Replacement Mode has been enhanced.
• An integrated OpusFTP capability lets you access remote
Internet sites directly Irom standard Opus Listers.
• Button banks can now be borderless with a sleek minimal drag-
bar instead of a full window border
• New Filetype-specific pop-up menus allow special menus for
icons and files
• Custom buttons have a pop-up menu giving access to an extend
ed selection of commands
• New independent Hotkeys are now supported
• New Scripts system allows functions to be executed upon most
system events.
• Custom menus have been improved with multiple user menus with
sub items.
• New Automatic Filetype Creator allows you to create and test
Filetypes with ease.
• A font viewer is now included Just double-click on a font to
view it.
• Listers now have field titles, single-click re-sorting by
fields, plus a new version field which reads the internal
version informatiog from each file.
• New colour remapping of button and icon images with support
for Magic Workbench and similar systems.
• Cybergraphics RTG now supported
• You can now selectively hide unwanted drive icons from the Opus
main window.
• Enhanced clipboard support provides full cut. Copy and paste in
gadgets and file Listers
• Listers are no longer blocked while busy - you can now resize,
iconify. And scroll busy Listers.
• Icon and Lister snapshots are now stored separately from
• Listers can now display a background picture or pattern
• New internal Opus CLI allows you quickly test commands and
Arexx scripts.
Directory Opus 5.51 should be available as a free update from version 5.5 sometime in February 1997 from Aminet, the GPSoftware Web Site ( http: www.livewire.com.aU g psoft index.html ). Or your local GP Software distributor. You can upgrade your Directory Opus 5.11 cover disk version to 5.5 from Wizard Developments. Call Wizard Developments on 01322 527800 for ordering details.
HI VULCAN SOFTWARE LIMITED IS PROUD TO PRESENT Multi-Play Up To 4 Players Compatible With Parallel Pint Joystick Adapters AGA Amigas, 6 Meg Mm Playable From Hard Drive Only ¦W. •!' Tunc U push I he Amiga U» M» limits tunnus nuilti pl.iwr action with unpcis.iNr production value* ami in game giaphics of astonishing quality in high icsolutions Talc control of one ol 4 type* of futuristic cars all tendered in supeibdetail, each with their own unique idcniilic* which obey New lomau mcs lianus lot added realism.
L(X '» Fully Rendered In Game Graphics Hires Laced 256 Cols ®25(ps Stereo High Quality Music 6 Channel' Of High Definition Sound Effects Aura-lntcractnc Support New I no tan Meehan us Complex Artificial Intelligence for CPI' Players Mechanics Shop And Weapons
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l. imi 5 Dmcahle OS.CI A506(Uliri5 *'20nniROMs Disks. Manuals) I
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CyberStorm MKII 060i5»AIHrl for A4lW0(T or A.WHH Tl CybrrSlom MKII IMIK.C (4tl lllr) for A4UWR T or A*00t) 11 Btlnard l2M«56Mlb) for A12(H) Blixard I240KCT(4AAIH I for AI2INI To.
SCSI.II Fast for all t VrStorm xcrsloox SCSI-II Fast for Blbiard I26«i and 1240 Eagle 12001E-6V50 As Eagle I200TE but with : 6X060 SOM 11 Bli ard Pr.xe- Phase 5 ipprv'td Phait 5 Dialtr C 549.V5 Motherboard (vrlK OS2.X- implur All our now Amiga's arc built exclusively under full Amiga Technologies OK'I license under fhc
* • Amiga-Based” Trurlemark.
All our new Amiga's are built exclusively under a full Amiga Technologies OEM license under the "Amiga-Hasrd'' Trademark.
Eagle 4000TE £1199.95 J High quality Tower Original Amiga Technologies Motherboard J SCSI-2 and IDE Bus. OS.V I ) 2Mh Chip RAM. 4Mh Fast RAM ) 230W PSC. PC Keyboard and System disks Eagle 4000TK-40 40 £1629.95 As Eagle 4000TE but with : ) 6X040 40.MII CyherStorm Pmecssor J Igh Hard drive Eagle 4000TK-60 50 £ 1799.95 As Eagle 400OTE but w ith : 6X1)60 50MH Cyherxtonn Processoi ) Igh Hard drive StormC Storm Wizard The Advanced C C** Development Syvtem foe the AMIGA !
Si-uat is in mik-oit *sikifsixwi sysin» .ai.ht-~n.ins ill ihxlifw.sw awts i~rn.ro i «i vl’sswi ir iss-oii .• ' *• bits* Jetoffo ml Super!
Say hello to number nine in the CU Amiga Magazine 100% full, quality guaranteed CD series.
Super CD*ROM 9 gpi irJMIIMP Di octpr gant» Tiny Troop* , muLwi ’"‘.'.‘“J Welcome to CUCD9 and the new look CUCD instruction page! CUCD9 can be booted from a CD32 or an A1200 4000 with adequate CD32 emulation. However, to allow you to use this CD just as well when you boot up from your own Workbench, we have included the INITCD icon, which will make various assign to allow software to run from the CD. It also initiates MUI and the Newlcons systems
- so don't be surprised if the look of your Workbench suddenly
changes. It is all temporary and can be removed by clicking on
InitCD again.
We have gone to a lot of effort to make things work when you click on them. Click on a picture icon, and a viewer loads up and displays the image. Click on a mod and a mod- player pops up and plays the tune. As much as possible of the software will run from the CD as well. However, some things on the disc won't run when you click on them. There are several reasons for this. If it is a picture, or especially an animation, you may not have enough memory. If it is a demo, it may clash with your system. If it is a utility it may need to be installed, and so on. If a program doesn't activate, and
no error message comes up to explain what the problem is, then read the documentation.
In the case of games and demos, the problem can get a little complex. Many of these are written in an OS illegal fashion, which means that they may not work on every set up. Run the bare minimum Workbench and try them. If this still doesn't work, boot with no startup sequence and activate the program from the Shell. You will need to be moderately proficient in AmigaDOS to do this.
The CD-ROM standard can be read by all computers. Files can be copied from the CD onto a PC formatted 720k floppy disk on either a Mac or a PC and then transferred over to your Amiga via CrossDOS.
On the disks Directory Opus This month's commercial utility is the amazing Directory Opus
5. 11. This directory handling utility is a step away from the
normal directory lister type, allowing multiple windows to be
opened up and used rather than the traditional two. Check out
our guide on pages 8 to 10 for full instructions.
Directory Opus needs to be installed onto your hard drive. We have not made it work from the CD because it really needs to be installed on your Workbench to operate properly. Just click on the install icon and follow the instructions - it is similar to the way the floppy version installs.
Oh you clever CD buying types' The floppy disk lot may have the same Opus as you have, but they don't have that Opus Extras directory! 6Mb of add-ons to turn your Opus into Opus plus. Read the individual documentation for further details.
Tiny Troops OK! Here it is. You are in charge of some Klutes. They are like, aliens or something. Only someone has shrunk them to the size of ants. Your job is to lead them to victory against some other aliens. Someone has shrunk them too.
Anyway, you have this great battle to win. And the battlefield is someone's garden. You think I'm making this up. Don't you? You couldn't make this up. Well someone could, obviously, but blame Vulcan, not me. Oh look, read all about it on page 6. OK? It's fun.
You click on the icon to play it. That is all you need to know. Bother me no more.
The audio tracks Stick CUCD9 into a CD player and you'll see 4 tracks. Track 1 is the data. DON'T PLAY THIS! The other 3 tracks are readers' music.
Tracklist- 2 Suburbia, by Grant Percival. 2.19 3 Those were the days, by Paul Kempster. 3.23 4 The Great Bath, by Paul Kempster. 2.52 What's in your drawers?
In the root directory: The root directory of CUCD9 is set up like a Workbench disk, with all the standard directories
- C, Devs. Libs, Fonts and so on.
You will find that these directories are all nicely packed full of files you can use on your own Workbench if you want. There are plenty of Libraries. Fonts and so on. If you want to copy anything across to your own system, just use a directory utility such as oh ... Directory Opus
5. 11 say ... Covergame: Tiny Troops of course! Just click to
DopusS: If you aren't sure what you'll find in this drawer, you aren't paying enough attention. Go to the bottom of the class.
System: Delilracker.
Hippoplayer. GmPlay, Mui.
Newlcons. ParNET, Flick, Viewtek. VirusZ and more. All the programs that are used to make your CUCD the most friendly, easy to use and attractive Amiga cover CD.
Tools: A fairly standard Workbench tools draw.
Prefs: A fairly standard Prefs drawer.
Utilities: Multiview.
Clock, Toolalias and some Newlcon utils.
WWW: Demo versions of the major Web browsers - Aweb.
Ibrowse and Voyager NG are all here. Use them to browse our on-CD web pages by clicking on the Icon which says Access WWW lb (or Aweb or V-NG) and you will be presented with a page which links you to either the information page for that browser, or the CUCD web site page, which has links to a collection of web sites for your perusal. Browse the web without a modem, and find out the latest news about Quickpak. The Draco and much more.
CUCD : Here's where you'll find the really good stuff.
Online: The massive Aminet indexes! Spend the rest of your life reading about software. Also V-NG.
The new version of Voyager, possibly the Amiga's most powerful Browser.
XPRZmodem, Amterm, Amtelnet and more.
CD-ROM: A collection of CD players for your general amusement. Also AmiCDFS2.
Graphics: The normal collec- tion of Icons and Imagine objects for the visually ori- OS ented reader. Plus a collection of animations ready to watch.
Programming: Support for MUI developers, CybergraphX chunky display source, the C Amigados programmer's tutorial ACE and much, much more.
Demos: A 24Mb demo.
- Overdacode, and a MASSIVE directory of the entries to The Party
'96. The I demo writers party.
Sub directories here cover pics, mods and demos. See and hear some of the best pictures, demos and music Europe has to offer.
Information: The amazing CIA Bworld fact book.
Find out everything you've ever wanted to know about countries you never even heard of (wait a minute there is something wrong there, but I'm not 100% sure exactly what). Also the latest lib.guide. Utilities: STFax. UltraAcc and UltraPayAdv business software.
Also Mui 3.7. ClassAct latest update. Magic Menu. ReqTools. Datatypes and more. Also including a demo of PC Task 4, the 486 PC emulator. For you to compare head to head with Pcx on last month’s disk.
Readers: The usual selection Gof reader's contributions Pics, sound, games.
I utilities. It's a bit shorter this month because we didn't have time to sort through all the disks we have been sent, so if your contribution hasn’t made it this month, don't despair, it may get on next month!
If your CUCD does not load: If your CD does not load contact Diskxpress on 01451 810788. If they advise that the CD is faulty send it along with a SAE to: CU Amiga Magazine Disk Returns, Diskxpress, 7 Willow Court, Bourton Industrial Park, Bourton on the water, Gloucestershire GL54 2HQ.
Games: Boulderdash. Frontal assault, Battleships, plus the usual Worms levels and Klondike card sets. Also Toyland Capers, the next in the reality engine written Seemore Doolittle games as featured on our January cover disk. This time Seemore flies around amongst some toys. Also Strangers AGA. A demo of a new fighting game from Vulcan.
Magazine: This is the drawer where you will find programs which link with magazine articles past, present, and even sometimes future. Wired World contains a couple of utilities referred to in this month's issue.
Also AmigaNCP19. The excellent NCP networking protocols PSION use for there palmtops converted to the Amiga to allow you to link your Psion and your Amiga together, and some MPEG audio utilities.
Previews: A full demo version of TurboPrint 5.0 This excellent demo will drive your printer to within an inch of it's life. Try it now and your printer problems are solved.
Sound: Another foray into the fi -¦ world of Midi, with some utilities to play midi files through your I Amiga's sound hardware. Also a few sample Midi files for you to try.
Anything else: That's it now go and play with your CD.
“ttforfcf of A1200” & “Top lOO Gmhm Cds FROT wftfr «v«y CO JtOflf TOTAL MEMORY EXPANSIONS A1200 trapdoor fitting memory expansions feature a battery backed clock and a socket for an accelerator FPU. Unlike other memory expansions that conflict with the PCMCIA port, our TOTAL memory expansions include unique software that ory to be used even with a PCMCIA fitting device.
4 y NEARLY DOUBLES THE SPEED OF THE A12Q0 the maximum amount of mem 33MHZ 68882 FPU(PLCC) or only hen purchased with above DISCOLOGY Discology is the ultimate in disk copying power for the Amiga. The package conv prises the Discology Disk, manual and Discology cartridge for making copies of heavily protected programs with an external disk drive Discology will also format disks, check disks for errors etc. ANTIVIRUS Anti Virus Professional is the most powerful tool for detecting and removing viruses. Anti Virus p o will check and device hard drives, floppy disks and even CD ROM drives for
viruses. Very straight forward to use. Includes a full 50 page manual.
PLEASE PHONE FOR A FULL INFORMATION SHEET £19.99 MODEMS Our highly rated, top quality feature packed modems are ideal for Amiga users. AH modems include our FREE MODEM ACCESSORIES PACK (worth ; which includes a cable to connect the modem to the Amiga.
NCOMM comms software. Amiga Guide to Comms and a list of Bulletin Boards from which you will be able to download vast amounts of free software as well as have access to E-MAIL facilities.
• MNP 2-4 Error Correction • MNP 5 Data Compression • Fax Class I
and II compatible. Group 3 • Hayes Compatible
• Full 80 page manual • 12 Months guarantee 14400 MODEM £69.99 |
includes CD | ROM drivers and V. J instructions. Mg Dataflyer
is a 16 Rt con signals on the internal IDE interface to also
run SCSI devices at the same time as the IDE hard drive. The
Dataflyer SCSI* will operate up to 5 SCSI devices such as
CD-ROMS, hard drives. Syquest removable drives, tape back up
drives etc. Unlike other SCSI interfaces, the Dataflyer SCSI*
is compatible with all known accel erators etc and it does not
stop you from utilising any of the important expansion ports on
your A1200 A600. The Dataflyer SCSI* easily installs into the
A1200 A600 (simply pushes in. No need to remove the metal
shield) and provides a 25 way D connector through the blanking
plate at the back of the A1200. Full instructions and software
£79.99 DATAFLYER vhen purchsed with a SCSI device SQUIRREL ONLY g-jcutfc when purchsed with ¦ SCSI device SURF SQUIRREL LLATJor vhen purchsed with a SCSI device ALSO AVAILABLE... £49.99 £44.99 £49.99 £12.99 £17.50 £9.99 £19.99 £19.99 EXTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVE A600 A1200 INTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVE A500 INTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVE MOUSE
EPIC ENCYCLOPEDIA CD (full ‘97 version) £19.99 50mhz FPU (for
blizzard 1230) £44.99 WORLD OF A1200 CD and TOP 100 A1200
GAMES CD £7.49 EACH or FREE with every CD ROM drive!!!
Freephone 0500 3405 to placo your order Fully featured SCSI CD ROM drive for use with the A1200 or .
A600. Features include I superb metal enclosure with m-built mams I power supply. Includes all software, cables and use. Full CD32 emulation and Audio CD player software included. No extras needed! Just plug in and go. Choose either PCM CIA fitting Squirrel interface or internally fitting Dataflyer SCSI interface.
TOTAL CD-ROM DRIVES 2 speed £129.99 4 speed £159.99 6 speed £209.99 8 speed £249.99 MEDIAVISION RENO CD-ROM + SQUIRREL £114.99 4MB SIMM £19.99 8MB SIMM £39.99 OR 16MB SIMM £79.99 WHEN 32MB SIMM £169.99 WHEN PURCHASED WITH AN APOLLO ACCEi.EE »Tl R * SIREN SOFTWARE, 178 BURY NEW RD, WHITEFIELD, MANCHESTER M45 6QF, ENGLAND DIRECTIONS: From the M6? Junction 17 head towards Bury.
We are 50 yards on the right hand side afler the third set of lights.
The door to our promises is next to Polar opposite the Masons Pub.
OPEN: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm Saturday 9am to 12pm Personal callers welcome.
Please phone first to check availability of any item.
(credit switch card sales onl for enquiries tel: 0161 796 5279 Send cheques or postal orders (made payable to Siren Software] or credit card details to:- No.l FOR AMIGA IN MANCHESTER No.l FOR MAIL ORDER Order NOW for immediate despatch Access, Visa, Switch, Delta, Connect etc accepted sire fax: 0161 796 3208 NEWS OIOS have announced that the PIOS1 will be ready for shipping within the next couple of months. The PIOS1 is a PowerPC based computer which will ship at first with the 603 family of processors, running at 133 to 200MHz. These processors are comparable or superior to the best
Currently quoted hardware specifications are: Next Generation Amiga About to be Released!
• I O controlled by the HYDRA control chip, with SCSI2 host
adaptor, additional serial ports, CHRP compatibility and some
main board I O functions.
• Industry standard PCI and ISA busses, one PCI slot occupied
with a graphics card.
• 16-bit audio input and output
• CPU Module with 2 DIMM sockets and 1 COAST socket for Cache
memory Although this hardware is more evolutionary than revolu
tionary, it brings Amiga-like systems into the 90s with a com
puter which is forward looking enough to be a very attractive
computer for the power user. Although it doesn't have the specs
of the amazing Phase5 A Box. It is actually imminent. What is
more, the base system is tentatively priced at a bargain
US$ 1000.
The PIOS1 will run Linux and BeOs. The BeBox operating system. But most interestingly it will run pOS. The AmigaDOS replacement operating system from ProDAD. German authocs of Amiga software such as ClariSSA and Monument Titler. POS is said to be two thirds AmigaDOS compatible, with ANSI C and C+ + code recompiling in a single pass with very minor modifications, so a lot of utility software could be converted at minimum effort.
POS is an RTG system, which means that graphics and sound can be retargeted onto whatever card is plugged into the PCI slot. It will run on PPC and 680x0 systems, ensuring good cross platform compatibility.
We hope to get our hands on a PIOS1 as soon as possible to have a proper look at it. In the meantime, techie junkies can get some idea of what it's about from the schematic on the left.
Keep it here for all the latest news on this exciting machine CU Amiga Presents TFX The legendary TFX will be on show exclusively at the CU Amiga Magazine stand during the forthcoming World of Amiga Show. Never before revealed to the public, the Amiga version of this next generation flight simulator was finished but then shelved indefinitely. Visitors to the show, which will take place over the 17th and 18th of May this year at London's Novotel Hotel, will finally be able to see and even play TFX. This could well be the only public viewing it ever gets, so make sure you don't miss itl pOS
and PIOS announce cooperation Other exhibitors at the show will include Nova Design flmage FX and Aladdin 4DI, Blittersoft (with some new tower Amiga options). Hid (Siamese retar- getable graphics system), and Scala UK (multimedia display).
Direct Software will also be unveiling their new Amiga 7000*.
At the show. This is based on an A1200 motherboard housed in a tower case with seven Zorro slots and two video slots. It comes with a 68060 CPU and 16Mb of Fast RAM, a Picasso IV graphics card, a 1Gb hard drive and fast CD-ROM drive and a 15 bit sound card is also planned.
Do you need any more reasons to attend the show? We don't think so.
TFX Sadeness software, who made the infamous Women of the Web CD return to their 'netty haunts to bring us their latest production.
Hidden Truths. This CD is a presentation of all the weirdest sites the Internet has to offer, from UFOs to serial killers. Just about every weird web site possible has been packed on this CD. Which runs on the Amiga, Mac and PC.
The Truth is out Thereon CD-ROM Sadeness assure us that Hidden Truth will be more Amiga friendly than Women of the Web.
And have put a lot of effort into Amiga Ownership Latest No doubt you'll be pleased to know that the months of waiting and waiting to hear what is happening with the Amiga and who the new owners will be should be over when this issue goes on sale.
February 28th 1997 is the date upon which the liquidators of Amiga Technologies are to announce the successful applicant for ownership of the Amiga.
QuikPak is the only applicant that has been vocal about its bid to take over the Amiga, and submitted a final proposal to the liquidators in January. Other rumoured applicants include Phase 5.
The closing date for bids was January 31st of this year, with all bids to be reviewed by the liquidators during February.
QuikPak. The Canadian company that carried out the This month's games chart is based on sales over the past month and is sponsored by Direct Software.
KB Capital Punishment Click Boom 2.
Super Skidmarks 2 Guildhall 3.
Sensi Soccer 96-97 Sensible' 4.
Jet Strike Rasputin 5.
Breathless Guildhall 6.
UFO Unknown Microprose 7.
Gloom Deluxe Guildhall 8.
XP8 Effigy pET Bog rats Vulcan
Jet Pilot Vulcan designing the title pages and links of the document. We will review it as soon as we get it. And hope to have a preview on an upcoming CU cover CD.
Into The Net News in brief Sadeness may be contacted on tel: 01263 722 169.
Manufacture of the Amiga Technologies A4000T, are confident that their bid will succeed and have stated that their vision of what the Amiga should offer is "affordable multi-tasking, multi- media computing for the family".
They also commented on fears that they would price the Amiga out of the home market: "Although it may have seemed that our focus was aimed at the video professional, we remain committed to reintroducing the entry level Amiga back to the marketplace with 1997 features”.
As you read this the February 28th announcement date will have passed and the Amiga may well at last have a new home.
Whether or not that actually happens rest assured we'll bring you bang up to date with events in the next issue of CU Amiga Magazine.
Weird Science have released a CD-ROM for Internetters called Into The Net. It claims to contain all the tools required for the beginner or the expert to do anything they want to do on the Internet - everything legal anyway.
NEWS The disk contains an ultra easy set up system for your TCP stack, making the most difficult thing facing a newcomer to the Web a lot easier. It is also meant to allow users without a hard drive to access the internet, but who has a CD-ROM and modem but no hard drive?
Weird Science have kindly given us 10 copies of this disk to give away. If you want a chance to win this disk, send postcard to our usual address, marked Into The Net, and answer the following questions.
1. What is the organ a spider uses to spin a web?
2. What was the name given to a Roman gladiator who fought with
net and trident?
3. Which American science fiction author coined the phrase
As ever, there's gotta be rules.
So only one entry per household please. No members of Emap ImagesO or Weird Science may enter. The editor's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. And the closing date for all entries is 15 4 97.
There that's your lot.
Stop Press!
Quake Amiga!
A claimed port of the PC hit Quake is on. The Net. The idea is that by copying the data files over from the PC version, you only need replace the executable with a version that runs on the Amiga. See Http: .A vww.angeldos.demon.co.uk index.html for more information.
QUAKE A A I G A CU Amiga has moved CU Amiga Magazine has a new address: CU Amiga Magazine, 37-39 Mill Harbour, Isle of Dogs, London E14 9TX. Phone and fax numbers and Email addresses have not altered.
Check the masthead on the contents page for full details.
Image Studio You asked for it: image processing software rated so highly on your wish list for cover disks according to our recent survey that we've wasted no time in bringing you one the best examples of the genre. Next month's cover disks and CD will include the full version of Image Studio (see page 80).
Survey results We'll be bringing you the results of our reader survey in the next issue. Thanks to everyone who took time to fill in the survey. All that information goes a long way to helping us give you exactly what you want. We'll also be announcing the winner of the Psion Sienna palmtop, which will go to one lucky respondent picked at random from all the entries.
Imagine 5.0 Impulse have just released version 5.0 onto the Amiga.
There had been some speculation that an Amiga version wouldn't be released, but the latest version is available at an amazing knock-down price of £100 US. If they don't get sufficient interest at this price point they won't make any further Amiga releases. Impulse are on 001-612-425-0557 outside the US or toll-free on 1-800- 328-0184 in the States.
Turbo Print 5 upgrade Wizard Developments (tel: 01322 527 800) are offering an upgrade from our Cover CD demo to the full Turbo Print 5 package for a reduced price, including a printed manual. This offer is open until April 30th 1997.
A bit of Oxxi lives on The Age of Sagittarius NEWS Stateside NewsjJ bv Jason Compton: Jason Compton is Editor in Chief of Amiga Report Magazine Oxxi, a long-time developer of productivity and business software for the Amiga, faded into history over the past year or so.
Luckily, not all of their work will disappear with them. Mr. Hardware Computers of New York has picked up the rights and development of Oxxi's relational database SuperBase4Pro and is inviting all SuperBase users worldwide to upgrade to their new Sbase4Pro V1.3n. The new developers have cleaned up some old bugs, are diligently working on future versions and are releasing this version to reassure users of the software that it has a future.
Upgrade prices range from US$ 60 for users of the old SuperBase personal software down to US$ 20 for users of the earlier Sbase4 Pro 1.3 revisions.
Mr. Hardware is not requiring proof of purchase, just the program's serial number as your ownership certification.
Keyboard Facelift for the Amiga Mr. Hardware has been an Amiga-only company since 1985.
And is currently the publisher and developer of other business and professional titles on the Amiga, most notably Retail Escort, which provides all the functions necessary to operate a retail operation on an single Amiga or a network.
For more information tel: 001 516 234 8110 or hardware@li.net. Sagittarius Software has announced the immediate availability of Vulcan Software and 5th Dimension Licenseware software titles for the North American market.
Steve Ocepek, owner of Sagittarius, said that he felt there was a lack of support in the US for customers looking for affordable software, and so started working with 5th Dimension to distribute their product line to Amiga users.
Sagittarius Mr Ocepek has also begun importing Vulcan titles, including the recently popular JETPilot.
Blobz. And Burnout AGA.
SOFTWARE Mr Ocepek is hoping to National Amiga and Archtech Computers of London, Canada are set to release the Insert104, a new PC keyboard adapter that should make replacing aging, worn out big-box Amiga keyboards a much less harrowing land cheaper) task.
The Insert104 will allow you to hook up nearly any available PC clone keyboard, preferably one of the newer 'Win95' variety, to an Amiga 2000, 3000. Or
4000. The layout is virtually the expand Sagittarius' exposure in
the market further, through aggressive promotion to
rekindle interest in the North American games market.
Sagittarius has expressed some interest in attending the upcoming Amiga '97 show in St. same when using a 104-key model, as the new 'Windows' keys are quite similar to the left and right Amiga keys we're used to.
No software drivers will be required - the device will be small, inconspicuous, and ready to use right out of the box.
At a projected price of under £20 UK, the Insert104 looks to be one of the easiest ways to replace an Amiga keyboard to hit the market in recent times.
Louis to allow Amiga users a crack at the new software and see what’s on offer.
For more information, contact Sagittarius Software: 330-794-1889, sro@uakron.edu, http: www.ald.net ~pottery Sag ttarius.html. We'll have more information on this product in an upcoming issue of CU Amiga Magazine so keep a look out.
National Amiga is one of the world's largest online Amiga dealers, with a shop in London, Ontario for walk-in sales as well.
National Amiga can be contacted on tel: 519-858-8760 voice, fax: 519-858-8762, Web:www.nationalamiga.com on the Web and Email: gscott@nationalamiga.com Atari emulator for the Amiga NewTekniques on the block If like me you think that the Atari game Pressure Cooker from Activision is perhaps the finest 8k of game ever produced, or perhaps you want to challenge a friend to a game of Combat but you’ve misplaced or blown up your Atari 2600, a trans-Atlantic team has provided for your happiness.
ATARI The Atari Corporation which finally passed away in 1996 was not without its accomplishments throughout its 20 plus year history, inventing and re-inventing the face of video games throughout the 70s and the early 80s.
Thanks to the combined efforts of the UK and the USA, however, their efforts need not go unremembered.
Alex Hornby of Warwick, England developed an Atari 2600 game console emulator as his third-year project at university.
His efforts were for Linux, however, not the Amiga. However, Matthew Stroup, from Sacramento, California saw Hornby's work and took up the gauntlet. The result is the v2600 emulator for AGA Amigas, now available through Aminet.
To fill the gap left by the abrupt cancellation of Video Toaster User and Lightwave Pro in early 1996, NewTek and Advanstar have co-sponsored the creation of a new magazine, NewTekniques, to serve the Video Toaster. Flyer, and Lightwave market.
Scheduled for launch in the first half of 1997, the magazine creators say that it will cover all topics relevant to NewTek's product line and provide close, detailed coverage of NewTek developments and new releases.
At the time of press, subscriptions were said to cost $ 32.
Current subscription plans are for nine issues: three quarterly issues for 1997 and six bi-monthly issues for 1998. Early subscribers, however, are promised a special (as yet unnamed) gift from NewTek.
For more information about NewTekniques, contact NewTekniques (and former Video Toaster User) editor Joe Tracy at jtracy@main.rosenet. net, or for subscription inquiries call 001 800 346 0085, or mail NewTekniques Magazine.
Subscription Department, 131
W. First Street, Deuluth MN 55802-2065.
Freezes Frames' way to Grab Images on your Amiga The revolutionary S-VHS ProGrab™ 24RT Plus with Teletext is not only the best way to get crisp colour video images into your Amiga, from either live broadcasts or taped recordings, also costs less than any of its rivals. This real time Pal SECAM NTSC* 24-Bit colour frami grabber digitiser has slashed the price Of image grabbing on the Amiga and, at the same time, has received rave reviews for its ease of use and excellent quality results. ProGrab™ has earned honours from just about every Amiga magazine and Video magazines too!
And... with ProGrab™ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology, a simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - Real Time, after time.
STAGE I... Select any video source with S-VHS or composite output. This could he your camcorder. TV with SCART output, satellite receiver, domestic VCR player or standard TV signal passin through your VCR player... the choree is yours.
The Coo STAGE 2... With ProGrab's software, select an image you wish to capture using the cn screen preview window and Grab |because the hardware grab frames in real time, there's no need for a freeze frame facility on the source devicelj Once grabbed. Simply download and view the full image on you Amiga screen ProGrab als ncludes a Teletext viewing Grab images with your camcorder including S-VHS... WHAT THE MAGAZINES SAY.. STAGE 3... Use the grabbed i or. Use the signal fro ProGrab really does make ir that simple!
The 8eu Video Hardware Satisfied ProGrab is just £129.95... ProGrab 24RT P us PCMCIA INTERFACE for A1200 and A600
• Supports all recent Amiga* and n afso fully AGA Chipset
compatible *ou can render Image* In any Workbench screen mode
resefUtion intludng KWI mode jAmga RAM permitting).
Imi and load* .vugcs in IFF llflM. IFF 1 LBM24. JPEG, BMP PCX. End TARGA Me format*. ProGrab uun animation!
AmmS filet and animation* with *ound (reguire* PCMCIA interface and separate sound sampterl as AmmS • 8SVX file* A range of image processing effect*, pdene computing routne* (AGA ortyl and dithering methods are featured in ProGrab Version 2.6*. Photogenc* fully support* ProGrab with a custom loader to enable grabs directly from within the program - saving YOU time!
* Software has Cult in mono and cotai- anmaboo lailltie*. Number
of frame* ai-ornlni uoon Arnm RAM STEREO SOUND SAMPLERS ProGrab
24RT Plus Digitiser • Latest ProGrab Version 2.6.x Software ¦
Mains Power Supply Unit • Parallel Port Connecting Cable W, M*
fWl (In :»1 r» « ASOI to J Cr.gtKifMi«p v'«i C-'-pa to it n] J
Him rvvtto ix ftolW-f ¦W»W tittup a lanwnCil user Manual ¦
input sockets for Composite and SVHS.
Standard Stereo Sampler £19.95 Hi-Fi Stereo Sampler £24.95 Post a FAX your requrements quantity trade prices avatabtel on the order form provided C*. Il you'd sxrpty like further v irfomabon please contact... Mr Mrs Miss Ms: Surname: Address: County |Country): Postcode: Daytime Phone: Evening Phone: ProGrab Plus ® El29 95 E PCMCIA Interface 0E39.95 E ProiejtM Teletext Decoder 9 E44.95 E Standard Stereo Sampler® El 9.95 E Hi-Fi Stereo Sampler 9 E24.95 £ Standard Delivery £7 (2 3 Wbrtting Days) E or an additional £3 for Next Working Day Delivery E Overseas Customers... Please call for prices,
shipping etc Card holders signature: COMPUTERS Department CUA Gordon Harwood Computers Limited.
New Street Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 7BP FAX: 01773 831040 email: I00271.35579compuserve.com ????nr ???????
Card No Expiry Date [ Issue Number: I enclose a Cheque Bank Draft Postal Order for £ made payable to GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS UMITED 501 Rick Dangerous Rick Dangerous is a platformer from a simpler age where you play Rick, a kind of cut price Indiana Jones. Try this one out for a jolt of spear dodging, boulder escaping, rope swinging platform satisfaction. How much you like this game may depend on how nostalgic you get for the old games but this is one of the few that is as good as you remember it being.
The Best After much disagreement we've finally come up with a list of our all time favourite Amiga games that are still available. And here they are.
A c m Heimdall 2 Isometric vikings, that's what you need. Norse puzzling and a bit of horn blowing are all part of the deal with this fascinating arcade adventure RPG kind of affair, in which you find out what it's like to roam the barren wastelands of the north with little else but an itchy goat skin to keep the cockles of your heart from freezing over, a c d U *.
481 Railroad Tycoon Sid Meier just squeezes a third game into the chart. No game for the fainthearted train spotter this. Railroad Tycoon is a game of cutthroat business management. As owner of a new railway line, you must try to develop as much of a monopoly as you can, balancing the need for fast passenger transport with the difficulties of getting goods from where they are made to where they are wanted. One of the best business management games going, b c d U 471 Wings It could be argued that this ageing Cinemaware release is a little short in the game- play department, that it's not the
most technically advanced game, or that it's plain dull. But hang on a minute, strap yourself into that first world war bi-plane, take a sortie out over the Games Evei Somme and that stuff doesn't seem to matter. What matters is returning to base, having lost Ginger and Squiffy to the guns of the Germans and trying to keep a tear from your eye as the sad accordion player heaves out another tune.
45B James Pond2 An unusual combination of comedy and platform action - not as funny as the Monty Python's Flying Circus game, but a lot more playable. James Pond is a half fish, all British secret agent, who starred in a series of some of the most enjoyable platform games going. It's more the slow, thinking man's platformer of old than the fast moving Sega style action games of today, but if you like fish, James Pond has a license to grill.
A U 46B Damocles Paul Woakes' follow up to the 8-bit classic Mercenary, this put you on an abandoned planet, searching a way to deal with the comet Damocles which is on a collision course. The 3D graphics look simplistic compared to today's offerings, but were fast and effective.
Archer Mclean's Pool Sports games are often endorsed by famous personalities. It's supposed to lend them a degree of credibility. If the current big shot footballer hockey player hoop shooter puts his name to it, it must be good. Maybe there was some cost-cutting going on when this was released though, because rather than This was one of those free-form, you-haven't-played- much-like-this sort of games that just aren't written any more. There were whole worlds for you to travel around, and a fantastic sense of place.
a) Direct Software X) 01604 722499
b) Guildhall Leisure f 01302 890000 Suppliers:
c) Premier Mail Order ® 01268 571157
d) CD Soft © 01702 300441
* 0 Available on CD-ROM All Amigas 1| $ Non AGA only fjlfi1 Works
on AGA only rope in a pool star to sign on the dotted line,
they got the programmer to do it instead.
Well he would say it's good, wouldn't he? It just so happens he's right. This is a top 30 pool game. So that's OK then.
Ale U John Madden's Football r e ties irk- Do you sit up with a gallon of coffee and a skipload of popcorn once a year to catch the Superbowl live from the States? If so, it can safely be assumed that you're a gridiron fan. In which case John Madden's Football is an essential purchase No question about it. This is only one that's really got a grip on the whole thing, the plays, the stats, the shoulder pads and most of all, the gameplay. Which is fast and hard like the real thing. A clever 3D viewing angle makes it look pretty snazzy too.
A c U 42B Banshee Vertically scrolling shoot 'em ups came into fashion, then went out of fashion, then some years later Banshee appeared.
If we said 1942. The more mature gamers amongst us would get the picture If we said it’s a vertically scrolling shoot 'em up in which you guide your plane through waves of enemies, blasting everything in your path, the rest of you should get the picture too. A good solid blast a c « 41B Monkey Island 1 In most cases where we've charted a game that has been a sequel or an update, we've not included the original, as the new version has surpassed the old. However, while Monkey Island 2 gets mention further up the charts, the original Monkey Island is a totally separate challenge in itself,
and you really can't have one without the other Not as graphically slick as the sequel. Monkey Island 1 nevertheless has plenty of adventuring meat on offer, with an overriding sense of humour that's a real rarity in adventure games a U 4 OB Genesia It looks like Populous but has more in common with Civilisation's technological progress. A brilliant mixture of playability and depth, and uniquely for games of this type actually had a specific quest to perform, to collect seven crystals together. Technological developments such as cannons and balloons help you search and conquer the world.
Victories are on a capture the flag basis, but it is far too easy to sneak into heavily guarded territory and do this, letting the game down - otherwise would have been some places higher.
A U 39B F15-II Strike Eagle Another one from the Microprose stable, this flight sim is along very similar lines to FI 17a Nighthawk. Although missions tend to be more combat oriented and a little less concerned with night flying and precision strikes.
The mission based system is excellent, with an endless range of objectives for you to hunt down and destroy F15 is fast and full of action, if a little less refined than F117a.
A b c d U 38B Exile Some games never die. They just come back with 'enhanced graphics' which seem to look worse than the originals. Not to| worry, this 'thrust around a subterranean maze and shoot things' game still retains the playability of its 8-bit origins. If you've not seen it before, a first glance at it might suggest we've gone overboard on a double nostalgia trip here, but a few wiggles of the stick later and you'll be hooked b d W 37B Beneath a Steel pMr-f 3GB Roadkill Something must have gone a bit wrong with this one. Maybe it was released at the wrong time. Possibly it didn't get
the press coverage it deserved, or maybe its moon was in Jupiter on the cusp. Whatever, it's a great little game that never seemed to get the applauds from the public it was due. A 2D top-down racer, it's not the most original of games, but it plays like a little puppy with a new ball with a bell in it. And you can shoot each other too, which is nice.
A b c d Desert Strike.
Another of those games which has done the circuit of platforms and been pretty good on all of them. Another isometric helicopter blaster, but not the fast 3D isometric style of Zeewolf 2. Rather the normal scrolling background type.
Flying your helicopter around to pick up weapons and fuel, destroy the enemy, and rescue downed pilots and prisoners of your own side is what all helicopter games have in common; what keeps them apart is how well they play, and this one pays very well indeed, a b U 34* Guardian The popular description for this one is Defender in 3D. If you look at it logically that is quite true, in so much as you shoot the things in the air and defend the bits on the ground. But frankly, it's got sod all to do with Defender when it comes One of those spooky sci-fi graphic adventures, Beneath a Steel Sky is
one of the few games that could realistically be described as an interactive movie, not because it has reels of digitised film clips or voice overs from posh actors, but thanks to the atmosphere built up by the unfolding story, ably illustrated by comic artist Dave Gibbons, well known for his Watchmen strips. You'll need patience and time, but give it those two and you get back an enchanting and enthralling way to spend those late nights.
.u Basing an Amiga game around something that came out on the Nintendo Gameboy in the early 90s doesn't sound like a 251 Gloom Deluxe Once the great rival to Championship Manager for the footie manager crown. Premier doesn't seem to have had quite the lasting power. It's adherents loved the greater depth that this game has. And if you are into the financial aspects of management games, this is the one for you. You even have to negotiate sales of your pitch side advertisement hoardings.
It was never as user friendly and well presented as Champ Manager though.
The only Amiga Doom-alike that managed to incorporate real shoot 'em up gameplay into the format was Gloom, followed by the even better Gloom Deluxe. While the gameplay of other 3D maze games consists of peeping round a comer, picking off the baddies with a peashooter before walking down another empty corridor. Gloom gives you a tin hat, a semi-bullet proof jacket, a big fat plasma gun, and a big kick up the backside. So off you go, blasting away with your green plasma bolts at anything that dares to come in your way, even scooting around the levels at a fair old whack on the most modest
Amiga, c d U shrewd move. However.
Sensible Golf took much of the feel and style of the pocket-sized golf edition and brought it to our favourite computer with a few enhance- _ ments along the way (like ¦ colour graphics for a stari ¦ Using Sensible Software's T trademark little people, it does- I n't try to compete with the I likes of PGA Tour, but still I retains a certain pull that keeps I you coming back « U V %i JiUi £ , Sensible Golf A recent re-release by Guildhall leisure of a not so old Microprose game, UFO scored 93% in the budget games section in our February issue. A weird isometric shooting things tactics sort of
a game, you have to lead a secret group called x-com in a war against the alien invaders. An engrossing game with a lot of variety. Shooting, thinking and experimenting on the corpses of your foes. What more could you ask for?
A b c d U It's the kind of game you'd expect to appear from one of those American Apple Mac software developers. You know, the type of people responsible for Coca Cola screen savers and other excuses to ask your boss for an extra 64Mb of RAM. Flowever.
Theme Park was actually produced by one of the UK's best home grown teams.
Considering its an original twist on the strategy business simulation people management is, once you've got a good pinball simulation engine, the sky is the limit. Or at least the number of disks the game comes on is the limit. Slam Tilt comes on five, has four tables and even manages to incorporate a multi-ball feature by snapping into super high resolution mode to keep the whofe table visible while your multiple balls are in play. Wow!
A b c « 28B Theme Park 29* UFO A top-down football game by Dino Dini. And the inspiration for Sensible Soccer Not as polished as Sensi, and less options, but some people still swear by it.
One truly excellent feature is playing two player co-operative mode, which allows two players to play on the same team and pass the ball around between them A spin-off. Kick Off Player Manager has what remains today about the most sophisticated tactics editor in any football game a U idea, maybe it's not that surprising that it came from Bullfrog. If you're expecting white knuckle thrills, you'll be disappointed.
Flowever, if you want to chance your arm at developing your own Disney World it'll keep you entertained for months to come. ¦ a b c « 27B Kick off 2 Bearing strong visual similarities to Populous, this game, also from Bullfrog, has a much more tactical basis to it The game is all about warfare - 26B Powermonger leading a small band of fighters, you have to take over the local area through conquest and corruption, competing with other powermongers for world domination. An excellent attempt at bringing the war gaming genre into the mainstream. Try to gel the Hit Squad edition with the
World War 1 add on. It adds a lot to the game e U 24* Another World Typical isn't it. There you are.
Working late in the office one night, when something goes wrong with the cyclotron and you find yourself teleported into another world.
Another World is like nothing else in gaming It the closest thing yet to a true 'interactive movie', with a totally intuitive control method, great graphics and a stunning atmosphere Alas, it is far too shod to provide enough of a challenge, but it really does put you in another world.
¦ U Super Skidmarks First there was Sprint, an ancient monochrome coin-op from Atari. Then came Super Sprint and Championship Spnm. Building on the basic top-down racing theme and adding a pseudo 3D slant on the proceedings.
Skidmarks and Super Skidmarks then turned up on the Amiga to take it all a stage further, turning that pseudo 3D slant into a full-on isometric 3D format with bumps, slippy muddy bits, and cows towing caravans. Well, what racing game is complete without some bovine mobile homes?
A b c d W 22 Zeewolf2 Zeewolf2 is a fast and furious 3D-isometric helicopter blaster.
Loosely based on an old Acorn Archimedes game called Zarch.
Renamed Virus on the Amiga.
Zeewolf doesn't quite fit in with any other blaster flight sim sort of game.
The control system is a vast improvement on Virus, and the range of options and weapons far more interesting You can even link up to remotely controlled vehicles and attack the enemy base from the ground and the air.
C W 21B Indy SOO Now we're talking speed. Indy 500 has it in buckets and somehow manages to bring the seat of the pants excitement of driving in the Indianapolis 500 to your Amiga.
Despite the simplicity of its single oval track, the number of options, camera angles, and overall feel of the game is so intense and convincing that you really don't care that you're just going round and round in circles. This game tempted Nigel Mansell across the pond from Formula 1 to become the first ever 'rookie' to take the Indy crown (that's a lie actually but you get the point).
A c U 20* Populous First and possibly greatest of the god games. F’opulous from Bullfrog places you as god over a small tribe By carefully managing the affairs of your worshippers, you can improve their lot by providing them with more fertile ground and blessing their best warriors as knights, and can confound their enemies by inflicting them with floods and earthquakes.
F’opulous 2 is actually a better game - but we unfortunately we couldn't locate a stockist b c d W Bubba and Stix Man With a Stick: now that's what I like, a straight talking game title that gets to the point Unfortunately Man With a Stick was only the working title, and the marketing types decided Bubba and Stix would be more appealing to the Amiga gaming community. Strangely enough, the game centres around a man with a stick. But not just any man. No, this one has a silly hat and wears nothing but a pair of dungarees. His stick isn't just a bit of wood either, it's his best friend and is
pivotal in many of the puzzles sprinkled throughout this highly endearing platform game, a c U ; 181 Chaos Engine 2 I In the beginning there was ; Gauntlet, and folks reckoned it i the greatest game of all time.
; There have been all sort of j games based on it since, but j Chaos Engine 2 is the best, i Lovely graphics in the Bitmap j Brother's own inimitable style.
; decent sound, and best of all ; a game that neatly combines | challenging thought with all j action blasting. Brilliant in two j player mode, great in one.
I The most recent game in our i top 50. This got 90% in our ; January issue, a c U 17« F117a NightHawk Fyobably the best flight sim written for the Amiga by those kings of the flight sim genre.
Mioroprose. The FI 17a is the stealth fighter which was used so famously in the gulf war. In this game you get to fly mission after mission, sneaking under radar surveillance to lake out your assigned targets. The flight engine is smooth, there is plenty to blast, and missions seem to mean something unlike the arbitrary missions of many flight sims.
A b c d U Pinball Fantasies Is that your heart beating, or is it the pulse of an alien hiding just around the next corner? Scary stuff, this Alien Breed. 3D. II. The Killing Grounds Snappy title though, you must admit.
Anyway, that band of opinion makers known simply as 'they' were going around saying it couldn't be done A decent Doom-style game on the Amiga that is. Even though AB3DII didn't have the speed of others, such as Gloom, it Making a computer play a satisfactory game of pinball is tricky thing. The Pinball Dreams Fantasies I llusions series manage it a lot better than most. You get a good sense of the bounce of the balls, the flippers feel good, the bouncers behave properly - this actually feels like pinball.
Which of these gets you going is a matter of taste, of which one has the tables you like. Fantasies wins with us - especially the Stones and Bones table!
A c £ Colonisation Sid Meier's follow up to Civilisation, this game presents you with the challenge of becoming the dominant power in the Americas, having to deal (in whatever way you see fit) with both rival European powers and the locals, who vary 12 ¦ Civilization Sid Meier, author of Civilization, has written such great games that he is considered to be a god by certain computer games playing tribes in Borneo. Civilisation is one of those games which keeps you at your computer for far too long when you first play it, and is tempting enough to make you want to come back again and again.
The scope of Civilisation is vast. You start as ruler of an ancient peoples that have barely learned to talk and make fires, and you try to lead them to glory as the greatest civilisation on the planet, eventually taking them to the stars. You can play the game in several different modes - you can concentrate on scientific development while keeping the peace with other civilisations, you can become a huge trade and exploration power, or you can build a huge army and conquer the world.
The range of games are limitless. One game you may find yourself way behind in the arms race, your charioteers facing tanks, the only solution to race to develop nuclear power, in another you may find your technology so far in advance of everyone else that your rapid transit system is being attacked by barbarians. Utterly engrossing, a b c U Irom the pooi. Peaceful Tupi lo the rich, warlike Aztecs. The depth of this game is huge - trade is complex and realistic, and strategy can be quite mind-bending Games can take months to finish.
11. 99 Me stock a vnoc range of pwnters ano i HE ACCESSORIES FOR
DELUXE PAINT IV AGA PR CD32 Games ACK) ATTACK COANRLAnON GUAPOAAN ROAOKK.L SLFfR WHEN YOU BUY AMY ITEM AY THE SAME TIME AS JOINING OB IENEWING FOB OME YEAB OB MOBE ["VjS THBEI AMIGA I * 1 GAMES Fill I T SfcOma kv Siovo a.ms Snooker ¦ and Football Dueclot 2 Cnee* out the enormous looHround our m Special Reserve Interne! KN software i tento* © httpjspeciai reserve co uk our Special Reserve | Jn-me. Easytouee mow ooerrq Ore* 2.000 Aeirsj via Internet wth »n ftwtl arfwy 0u HUGE dtf snc»J The home cl Fartas» Fonriia i ir SaMMidgewor9i. CM your choree n mn a PlaySialm oc« Bnsttl | All poces
include VAT and . "11190 lo MOST UK mainland WE ONLY SUPPLY MEMBTHS BUT YOU CAN ORDER Asl I TRIAl MEMBERSHIP ONLY tl'J f 'ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP C7S0IUK) CIO 00 (EC) C12B I J Buy c« lom a* you ptr lo- a t*a rtl aeli gne you 4 OXX* d ym OveOOO 0*3 P«(» ha pr«1 and Spcoal Rnene has ¦ I ' suit Mwrccrt a-r iron rooMganoneDui anilhr Oird (BLOCK CAPITALS c [Name & Address GUAHLHAN GULP' PINBALL FANTASIES HOAD KILL STRIKF DUNE Machine BOOKS I CREDIT CARI!
MHZ £279.99 060 50 MHZ £449.99 RAM 8 BOARD
48. 99 RAM 8 33 MHZ FPU £78.99 IMAGE FX 2.6 PC TASK 4 DIRECTORY
£178.99 £68.99 £48.99 £118.99 £43.99 £48.99 £29.99 £29.99
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269-95,a COMPLETE MULTIMEDIA STATIONS (Incl. Dual 0uad device
lead 1Gb HD CDR0L MMS II 8 SPEED 399.95 MMS IV 8 SPEED 449.95
,-p it inte two-player serial link III I ftp mode and things get rather .,f!U$ weaty. as anyone who joined Jn our death match competition last year's World of Amiga w will testily 80 PGA European Tour AWAY 11B Stunt Car Racer Hold onto your lunch) Geoff Crammond cut his teeth on the 8-bit Formula t simulator Revs, but then threw caution to the wind and produced this masterpiece. In which the tracks are like rollercoasters and the cars are souped up dragsters with incredible suspension.
Arriving at a time when 'solid' 3D was big news, it won us over then to this day has never been surpassed, or even more surprisingly, never cloned or copied on the Amiga or any other platform. Pure adrenalin.
XJSR HOME 552 Bloody action with flamethrowers Brilliant.
¦ c u 9 Championship Manager When is Championship Manager 2 coming out?
Addicts of this king of the footie manager games have been asking this question for well over a year now. This one eschewed the boring financial aspects of management for the excitement of tactics, buying and selling, and getting on with the actual game. I know someone who spent about a year solid playing this game.
The best football manager game on any platform, except possibly Championship .
Manager 2.
F-29 Retaliator 6H Speedball 2 A bit of an oldie, but one which is always totally absorbing. You are in charge of the Speedball team Brutal Deluxe as they attempt to make their way to the top of the first division.
Speedball is a brutal future sport, rugby with cybernetics. There is no referee, so anything goes - gne of the favourite tactics of experienced payers is to pass the ball to an oncoming defender, beat him to a pulp and take the ball back. There are powerups you can collect to activate effects such as freezing your opponents or stealing the ball, and there are coins you can collect to soup up your team after the match or buy in star players. Points are scored in the game by getting a goal, hitting the electrobounce, activating the 5 stars on the walls, or battering one of your opponents so
much that they have to be stretchered off the pitch.
Speedball 2 does show its age in a lack of depth. There are only 18 star players to buy, and once season 2 is over, you have either won or lost It's also a shame that all the players look alike, but it is still one of the best adrenaline pumpers around.
A whole range of levels, featuring deserts, jungles and icy wastes. One of the few games to really successfully integrate strategy and action, a c U Dune 2 reryone needs a decent golf ne and this is about good S they get You can take your incy texture mapped console nd PC attempts and do what Jou like with them - if you frant golf with depth and jracy. A game of skill and bdgement with a few birds eting in the background, j PGA European Tour is your Inan. Building on its very simi- lar predecessor PGA Tour j iGolf. The European Tour adds . Lefined graphics and textured, 1 pf not texture
mapped, greens fend fairways. Lovely.
¦ c d U 10B Syndicate Syndicate is Bullfrog's cyberpunk masterpiece. Like Cannon Fodder set in the city from Bladerunner. This game captures the spirit of cyberpunk very nicety. Taking the role of a multinational corporation fighting for world supremacy, you send cybernetically enhanced agents on missions to capture scientists, assassinate dangerous subversives, and so on. A variety of new technology can be researched, both new cybernetic enhancements and new weapons such a laser guns and force field belts.
So it's got a few bugs in it and it doesn't like AGA Amigas. It's also got the fastest, most exhiF arating gameplay of any Amiga flight simulation. While other flight simulations were putting their efforts into ploughing a deep furrow with as much 'realism' as possible, they were also getting a bit tied up in flight technicalities and losing sight of the fact that they were supposed to be conveying the sense of shooting through the skies at super-sonic speeds. F- 29 Retaliator put action firmly back at the top of the agenda, just where it should be.
Cannon Fodder Loosely based around the Frank Herbert novels and the Dave Lynch film, Dune 2 is a brilliant point and click strategy game. You've probably heard of Command and Conquer, the biggest game on the PC at the moment - well this is basically the same game, written by the same programmers Dune 2 has an awesome array of military units for you to purchase or develop as you harvest spice to pay for your constructions, build your facilities, and drive the forces of your opponents from the surface of the planet Arakkis.
C d W ' This game caused quite an uproar in the tabloid press because of the rather typically humourous take the Sensible lads had on the horrors of war.
Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to lead a hand picked group of small Sensi- style commandos on missions of gun shooting, grenade lobbing, rocket launching and i skidoo driving madness across XTR XTR is not exactly the most realistic racing game on the Amiga, but it is certainly the most fun. Fast 3D graphics with a range of display options to suit the speed of your computer, and a host of tracks to race on. There are weapon pick ups on the course and coins which you READER OFFER
- .OctaMED. _ _ SoundStud Last month CU Amiga Magazine
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such a rate that it's been hard to keep up with each new
development and to a newcomer the array of options can seem
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of the program, turn it to your advantage and you could be on
your way to a sparkling musical future. At the very least you
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Can use to purchase weapon upgrades Very similar to Mario Kart, and just as much fun!
A b c W 21 SWOS 96-97 What can be said that hasn't already been said? A presentation that is very much its own.
Strong management options, and great gameplay Started life as Sensible Soccer, and has evolved through a dozen or so forms to become Sensible World of Soccer '96-97. Its final incarnation. Many thousands of players with individual stats, and no two games are alike.
One major indie band blames SWOS for an album being released a year late! The best footie game on any platform, c U Monkey Island 2 One ol the greatest point and dick adventure games of all time. A glossy production from Lucas Arts, the software division of George Lucas' multimedia empire, this game comes on 11 disks and contains plenty of beautifully drawn graphics and atmospheric sound Your quest takes you across the Spanish Main as you track down the items required for the voodoo ritual that you must perform to rid the world of the ghost pirate Which programmer developed Damocles?
What was the working title of Bubba and Stix?
How many Sensible Software games are in this chart?
It had to be didn't it? Those little critters have become part of the family, even if we seem to get so much satisfaction from blowing them up. The original Worms was one of the Amiga's biggest ever 'exports', spawning conversions to just about every other computer platform and console on the market.
What's even more satisfying is that none of these conversions could match the original, in fact nothing could match the original, until the arrival of The Directors Cut that is. New weapons and better graphics raised the stakes and improved on the core gameplay without fixing what wasn't broke.
Even though SWOS put up a very good fight for the number one slot. Worms TDC got the nod from everyone, football fans or not. Scratch the surface and you’ll find the only bit of dexterity involved is a simple alignment of a sight and well timed stab of the fire button but it still has all the meat of a classic shoot 'em up. Maybe due to that very simplicity, it's also one of the few games you can guarantee that your non-computer gaming mates will happily play for hours on end. We could analyse it for ever, but what's the point? Just play itl a c U To go with The Best 50 Amiga Games Ever,
here's The Best Competition Ever: you can win all 50 of the games featured in our chart! All you have to do is correctly answer the three questions below, send them off to us and pray that your postcard is picked at random from the CU Amiga Magazine 'hat'.
INTO THE NET contains all the tools required to access and explore the internet with ease. The I double CD set contains usable versions of I MIAMI. Voyager. IBrouse, AmiTCP and more. In addition the CD’s contain many utilities for cre- II ating your own WEB pages, down-loding mail.
• I and much more.
Moel rwns tv ( icti« it,**! (-nr. Ttre COS ImJmjr JN-TO-ThE-NET Contains around 5000 erotic hand drawn Images i in the Japanese anime tradition.
I This CD is of an Adult nature and should not be purchased by anyone likely to be offended by I drawings depicting nudity and or sex acts.
- t;---7r "r, BMickDavis's Cartoon SsobnCBPJBMciipmvolumeOp.isa
iM1® ¦ new Amiga CD-ROM con- i ¦ tainmg around 500 commissioned
M cartoon images, all of which can M be used
'royalty-free”. Each image is stored as IFF. And all have
been Eak scanned at the highest possible resolution to ensure
the best L quality when pnnted. Supplied with a 30* page
printed index of each image. Every commissioned image on this
CD is 100% original and does not will not appear on any other
- .~0fr' g The new Magic Workbench CD contains the »;¦ lL I
argest collection of Magic Workbench Icons.
W Q Backdrops and tools ever compiled. Includes 1 well over 5.000 Magic WB Icons. Over 600 specially selected Magic Worknerch back- 1 I drops in 8. 16 ana 256 colours, over LgL I 30megabytes of Workbench tools, gadgets.
'• J patches and desktop enhancer tools'utiiities.
The CD also includes Magic Workbench aswefl as many other items never before released on any Amiga CD ROM. If you want to update enhance you existing Workbench 2 or 3 then this is the perfect Workbench add on CD ROM. This CD is only suitable for any Kickstart2 3 based Amiga’s such as the A500-*. A600. A1200. And A4000.
MAGIC WORKBENCH ENHANCER V2 MICK DAVIS' CARTOON CLIPART Quad(4x) speed CD-ROM drive - complete with interface for the I A1200. Supplied with installation software Includes a FREE 1 copy of the Ep c Collection, k Please Quote: O-Drive Now only £149.00
* C4.00P&P' AMIGA CD-ROM Drl THE HOTTEST AROUND i Adult Sensation
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ot adult related samples.
L adult music modules, tonnes of aduft stories, adult anima- I tions. Black&white 70’s photos, adult games and more.
¦ (OVER 18) (CD115) £19.99 Sexy sensation, this CD contains around 2,000 specially I chosen high quality BMP & GIF Images. Viewers & graphic converters are included for easy and quick access to any I of the pictures on any Amiga. (OVER 18) J (CD 169) £19.99 Adult Sensation 3D actually contains over 2,000 true 3 I Dimensional colour images. 3D viewing software ard top qual- l ity 30 glasses are also supplied. Available nowl (OVER 10) I 90% d (CD146) £19.99 Adult Animations contains hundrods of naughty? Anima- l tions film clips for Adults onfy. Viewing software included I for the Amiga.
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I HURRY!!!! (STRICTLY OVER 18 s ONLY) (CC146X) £29.99 Adult MENsation is u collection of unigue images of the l male body. This CD-ROM has been compiled to forfill the I hundreds of requests for a CD dedicated to the ladies.
I Very easy to use. Okay on any Amiga.
1 (CD 164) £19.99 I We took everyones valid comments with concern to the first release of the V Encyclopedia and changed, modified updated the whole product to the F extent that it now includes over 20.000 subjects. The new 1997 verson of the I Epic Interactive encyclopedia is available now. It features a superb new updated multimedia interface, hundreds of film clips, images, sound samples and subiect information text. The 1997 version now supports a multitude ol new features inludmg: Colour mages. Full-screen filmclips. National anthems, and a unique Inter-ACT™ feature which allows you to
interact with certain subjects like: chess, piano, etc. A superb reference title tor the whole family.
‘it has to be said that the grachics set new precedents in Amiga multimedia presents!kx ” Graeme Sand'tord. Amiga Format
• Why is It you are the only company producing decent Amiga
CD-ROMs' G Hamuron
* lf you’re on the lockout for some iiWactive reference
material then this fits the bil" Tony Morgan. CU A£A version
features include•:
• True 256 colour Multi-media Interface unlike anything seen on
the Amiga'- ¦Produced in the UK unlike most encyclopedias
• Around 16,000 subjects covered from Aalborg to Zygote "Hotlist
editor So you can create lists of subjects ’Hundreds of samples
Music tracks and and over 200 samples Thousands of pictures
Over 3.000 cotour mono pictures included 'Dozens of
film-clips animations Over 200 subject related film-clips ¦View
many film-clips "full-screen" New Zoom option ¦Now includes
Music tracks National anthems and different music styles
• Import new subjects from the Internet or from floppy disk
• Export data to printer or file and use it in your own projects
'Kids Explorapedia Eight kid's interactive ptay-about sections
¦Enhanced speech facility Improved speech synthesis 'Subject
creator Create your own subject data 'Network compatible Can be
run through CD32 or CDTV BUM ' "sP,rgdveeffiUorn U :IV T| to
the 199?
§™ , i| version.
' 11 ¦ 'Simply retun your gl I2s3i3§il "I worked on this title for almost two years, and it still impresses me”. Vince Pike. Epic 71* iobyxt creator HofhV Manager AVAILABLE FOR ALL AGA AMIGA'S [with 4mb. Ram 8 Hard drive) Aminet set one Aminet set two Aminet set three Aminet 14 October Aminet 15 November Aminet 16 Amiga Repair Kit CD Amiga System Booster World Info Turbo Calc v2-1 Spreadsheet Amiga Developers CD Print Studio Pro Magic Publisher (4cd) Meeting at Pearls 4 Mods Anthology (4cd) LightROM Gold 3D Objects. LWO & 108) Octamed Sound Studio CD32 Network set 2 Personal suite Reduced The
Learning Curve DEM Rom Light ROM4 Octamed 6 CD Reduced Xi Paint 4.0 1078 Weird Textures 3000 jpeg Textures Into The NET (2cd) Multimedia Backdrops Sounds Terrific 2 (2cd) epgncami GROLIER AMIGA 1996 1997 1993 1991 NO. Of PICTURES 3000* BACK FOR THE FUTURE MADE IN THE USA USA UK GA INTERFACE UPGRADABLE NQRMAL'CSEP NORMAL FILMCLIPS Infr-ACT
• Requres an «nai 2W and isrO~ otrasv 400ft a nard tr e. A
BGIF SENSATIONS ,2CD Contains around 10.000 colour images
suitable for DTP. CD12B) £19.99 NOTHING BUT GIFS Features
thousands of very high quality images.
ICD197) £19.99 IMAGE CD-ROMS MifaMfOM* 1 LIGHT-ROM 4 £29 99 The I tS*A ~ laiesi ssue contains thou- I Collodionv a- ) sands ate brand ne.v I is a proles-
- 1 'M'lC I lor L Lit-1wave '• I s or al and BSMP unique set
OlU«H LIGHT-ROM GOLD ‘ i99all o1 fonts, back- Contains the
best ¦ drops and tools tor spe- Lightwave'- 3D objects ¦ cial
effects m pictures.
SKTfS from ..ightROM issues 1. I animations, titling and 2 and LightROM 3. Presentaions. £34.99 LIGHT-ROM CD-ROMS a.wl I KARA FONTS CD ROM con- tains over
* ' 10CX) digi- tal elevation maps DEMs).
For use in VisfaPro.
Scenery. Animator or World Construction Set.
DEM-ROM (£14.99) This superb highly rated Amiga CD-ROM World Atlas i features flexible quick access to individual countries I via continental maps, county list, capital or general I ln )ex. Concise, informative county histories Each I country is supported by a series of maps tepjeting regional position, major cities, etc j-t Vfffl ¦I WORLD ATLAS AGA J* M AGA Experience 2 contains 100% V original AGA mate- ? Nal including pictures, AGA demos. AGA games, ry~M a|Y AGA tools. Most infor- .. mation runs direct from the
CD. 'Normally £19.99 EXPERIENCE 2 |cd?10x 13.99) Aminet 16
contains over 600mb of the very latest Amiga software,
including games, demos, animations, music, tools, comms,
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IING BUT TETRIS |cdi»8| ts.w ENHANCER cd2h ei7.au This CD contains almost 100 . Variations of the worlds most I addictive and loved game, k Nearly all the games are ready k to run directly from CD. And i archived versions are also ¦ included. Available Now!
Nlruwt Fan:017935141B7 PLEASE SUPPLY ITEMS PRIORITY ORDER FORM NAME_ ADDRESS_ MACHINE_ PAYMENT METHOD CREDIT CARD DETAILS TOTAL GOODS VALUE POSTAGE 4 PACKING AMOUNT ENCLOSED Build Your Own Tower Yes, it's the feature you've all been waiting for: how to create your own tower in easy to follow steps as advised by the technical experts at CU Amiga Magazine.
When the A500 was released, single box keyboard computers were the standard in the home. Only serious business machines and expensive Amiga 1000s had desktop cases. Why bother when you could tit everything you needed in a single box? The floppy drive had a huge 880k capacity and fitted neatly in the side of the case. Very few people wanted a hard drive and Commodore seemed happy to let third- party manufacturers fulfil the needs of that small minority.
When the A1200 came out, there were mutterings of discontent. Hard drives were becoming common and Commodore were seen to have made a blunder by including a 44 pin IDE hard drive interface, which had the advantage of allowing hard drives within the old.
Successful single desktop box, but had the disadvantage of taking laptop style hard drives, which were slow and very expensive.
When Escom rereleased the A1200 totally unchanged, the mutterings had become deep rumblings. Escom could have used their huge purchasing power to fit an Amiga 1200 into a tower case and given it an industry standard 40 way IDE connector. This would have meant WARNING A This project is designed to be as safe and easy as possible. If you follow the instructions carefully, you should have no problems.
Unplug everything before you open it.
MAINS VOLTAGES CAN KILL If you follow the instructions and use common sense, your computer will come to no harm. However, we can take no responsibility if you blow up your computer or yourself. If you see the above icon, take extra care!
That you wouldn't have any power supply problems. You could buy gigabyte hard drives for about a E100 and £35 CD-ROM drives would plug straight in. It would have added almost nothing to the price.
Unfortunately, they didn't do this, leaving Amiga users a whole host of expansion problems. Until now.
More than half the letters to Q&A recently are from people who have problems that would disappear if they had a tower system, and since we mentioned running an article on the subject, we have been flooded with requests to get on and do it. So here it is.
The options There are several ways you can go about this. The easiest is to use a PC tower case as a drive holder, connected to your Amiga 600 or 1200. Harder is moving the motherboard (the main circuit boardl of your computer into a case and disposing of your old Amiga case altogether, a 'full conversion'. This can be a DIY job if you are prepared to do a bit of cutting and soldering, or if you want an easy life, you can opt for one of the commercial towers on the market.
An important point to take into consideration is future expansion. With the full tower option, the addition of a Zorro breakout board allows you to connect big box expansion cards to your A1200.
Effectively turning it into an A4000T You can still add an accelerator such as Blizzard 1240t erc. An amazingly cheap 40MHz 040 card which scored 95% when we tested it in January. The mini tower option gives less room for expansion. Although there are still may options, which we will look into later.
Over the next three articles we will be examining the options available, from the simplest to the most complex, looking at budget DIV and all-encompassing commercial options. This month we will be showing you how to connect a PC mini tower case to your Al 200 or 600. This is the 'no solder’ option; the construction is easier than putting together a flatpack bedside table from a furniture store and requires common sense but no specialised electrical knowledge.
What's in it for me?
Lois. Why do you even ask?
1. You can use standard 3.5" hard drives.
You can get gigabyte drives for as little as £100
2. You can plug in an ATAPI compatible CD-ROM drive. Two-speed CD
drives are perfectly useable and cost about £20.
And even 16-speed drives are available for under £100.
Ninety-five per cent of respondents to our recent survey said they wanted to buy CD versions of CU Amiga in the future... And if you consider that every month the CD version has the equivalent of about 25 years worth of floppy disk versions, this should be no surprise README. FIRST!
There are a few things you should keep in mind when doing this project.
• Older hard drives and some 2.5" hard drives will not work with
a second device on the chain. They will need to be replaced.
• If you want to hack your motherboard into a case, wait until
next month, don't start with this!
• If you are unsure a CD-ROM is 100% ATAPI compatible, ask the
retailer, and explain that if it turns out not to be, you
will have to return it.
• Check the article on connecting a CD-ROM drive in the December
1996 issue.
• You can only connect two devices to an IDE chain. There are
however several devices on the market that allow you two split
the IDE chain into two channels, such as the IDE-MUX from Ateo
and the Alfa Quatro.
• Look out for details of further expansion possibilities in the
next couple of issues, including the Catweazle, which allows PC
floppy drives to be connected to the Amiga, the Ateo bus board
(see this month's news) and Siamese system options.
3. Your drives will draw power from the tower case's PSU. Leaving
the Amiga power supply to cope with just the computer, disk
drives and accelerators.
4. Looks good. Your PC owning friends will stop laughing at you.
The problems ... The biggest problem is the Amiga's nonstandard IDE interface. Desktop Pcs use a 40 pin IDE connector, whilst the Amiga sports a 44 pin connector, as used in laptops. The four extra pins are used to take power to the hard drive.
Oddly, the 44 pin connector is smaller than the 40 pin version, requiring a different gauge of cable. This means that the obvious solution of putting a 40 way connector on one end of a cable and a 44 way connector on the other is not easy; the wires on the cable would have to separated and carefully slotted into the connector, a tricky operation. The solution is to use a small circuit called a step- down board which links a 44 pin to a 40 pin connector On page 35 is an order form which will allow you to order this stepdown board Unbuffered IDE Several readers have contacted us lately
worried that connecting extra devices to the unbuffered Amiga IDE interface is dangerous.
It is true that an unbuffered interface is less reliable than a buffered one, but thousands of Amigans use this kind of set up, and I haven't heard of a single case of it causing damage. If you want the extra reliability and peace of mind, buy a buffered splitter. Contact Eyetech on 01642 713185.
With a ihree-way cable designed to plug straight into the Amiga IDE port, with one short length to allow a 2.5" drive to remain connected inside the Amiga il you want it. And a longer cable which can be led out of the side of your computer and into a tower.
The stepdown board will then accept industry standard 40 way cables to be used to connect IDE devices in the tower.
Send the CU Amiga coupon to Stack to qualify for the special offer prices.
Master or slave?
The IDE interface allows two peripherals to be plugged into it. Usually two hard drives, or a hard drive and a CD-ROM drive.
To do this, one component has to be specified as master, first in the chain, the other as slave. Your hard drive should come from the factory pre-jumpered as a master device.
If there are no jumpers on the hard drive there are two possibilities. The first is that the drive will work fine as a master. The second, which is only the case with older drives, particularly 2.5" drives, is that it will not recognise a slave device.
If this is the case, you will need a new drive. Use this opportunity to buy yourself a nice fast high capacity 3.5" drive, at Continued oierleaf ? ? ?
HOW much???
PC mini tower £32 IDE 40 to 44-way and cable i « ¦«wcul mkn £17 IDE 40 way cable, 3 headers £4.50 CD-BUM drive 2i £18 CO-ROM drive 4 £35 CD-ROM drive 81 £65 These are prices these components are available for now. It always pays to look around. As you can see, a tower case with CD-ROM drive comes in at around £90.
CO-ROM into the lower today's prices these are very cheap.
The CD-ROM drive will have to be set as a slave device. This is usually a very simple process. Look at the back of your drive and you will see something like figure 1.
The jumper is a small metal clip, which when placed over one of the pairs of pins, tells the drive what to expect. In this case you can see that the jumper is placed over the SLAVE pin.
Making contact Alt is important that you connect the IDE interface the right way around.
Locate which end of the IDE interface on the motherboard is marked with a T (clue - the bottom) and make sure that the edge of the cable which connects to that also connects to the end of the stepdown board with a T marked by it on the underside.
Follow the same principle for the 40- way connector from the stepdown board to your hard drive. If there isn't a number marked on your hard drive, hold it with the back facing you.
The '1' is the right-hand side. Refer to figure 1. Normally one edge of the cable is red. To indicate that this is the edge of the cable which connects to pin 1.
See our CD-ROM article in the December 1996 issue for more.
Some useful contacts These are dealers who have a good range of useful supplies for the tower case DIYers.
Maplin - general electronic supplies, 40 pin IDE cables.
Tel:01702 554000 Ateo Concepts - PC keyboard adaptor, IDE-MUX splitter.
T«l:01705 790711 Eyetech - cables, connectors, buffered interfaces.
Tel:01642 713185 | rl * Gasteiner - tower cases, general computer supplies.
Tel:0181 345 6000 lQ Blittersoft - Catweazle, towers, Zorro boards.
Tel:01908 261488 L__I HiQ - Siamese system, general supplies.
Tel:01525 211327 Stack Computer Solutions - cables and connectors.
Tel: 0151 521 2202 Coilinued on page 35 ? ? ?
RJ-lliLLsU Special Offer Stack Computer Solutions Ltd and CU Amiga Magazine bring you the solution to all your problems! Send your order to:- Stack Computer Solutions. 28-30 Farriers Way. Netherton.
Merseyside L30 4XL Tel: 0151 521 2202 Payment by Postal order or Cheque. Visa and Access also accepted.
K3027B: 44 metric to 40 imperial step down board Normal price: £14.10 line m) CU Price: £8.10 line »nt) ?
K3032:44 way three header cable 36cm long Normal price: £13.50 tinom) CU Price: £7.90 line «ai| Postage £1.00 (no vat) Both parts incP+P: Total: £17.00 Name:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address:_________________________________________________________________________________________________ What software?
The second problem is the software one.
Using multiple devices and connecting CD-ROM drives to your IDE interface will require installing some driver software into your system.
The best solution we have found is the shareware package Atapi Plug and Play, by Georg Campana, which is a breeze to install. We gave a fully functioning demo version away with our December issue of CU Amiga Magazine (available from our back issues department! To coincide with our article on CD on the cheap.
Alternatively ask you favourite PD library for a copy. Check through the issue for some telephone numbers.
Compatible IDE CD-ROM drives Chinon CDS-5251 Chinon CDS-545 Goldstar GLD R520B R540B R560 Mitsumi FX001DE FX300 FX400 FX600 NEC CDR273 Samsung 8x Sony 76E Sony CDU-55E Toshiba XM 5302 Toshiba XM-5302B LOWEST PRICES RAPID DELIVERY MEMORY SIMMS HARD DRIVES QUALITY PRODUCT LOWEST PRICES Can be used with Viper, Apollo, Magnum, Haw and many others.
Call lor latest prices, as memory prices can change daily 72 PIN 32 BIT 4Mb £15 8Mb £50 16Mb £»» 32Mb £!*» 30 PIN 16 BIT 1Mb C17 4Mb £60 INTERNAL J.5" + CABLE + SOFTWARE AE our drWot oro lermolfcd, portAorttii on how Worlcbtnc*. Oil you r*fd jutf ptug * '« 80Mb 2.5" £79.99 250Mb .£124.99 120Mb 2.5" .....£89.99 340Mb .£134.99 170Mb 2.5" ...£109.00 520Mb .£159.99 INTERNAL 3.5" IDE tor AI300 A A4000 850Mb 3.5" ...£139.99 1.6Gb 3.5" .£199.99 1 Gb 3.5" £159.99 2.0Gb 3.5" .£239.99
1. 2Gb 3.5" ....£174.99 2.5Gb 3.5" .£259.99 All 3.5"
IDE Hard drives require an adaptor cable when filled into an
A1200 INTERNAL 3.5" + Sfeel filling bracket + cables + Free
Opus 4.12 +7 disks full of essential software 1Gb . Full
kit......£179.99 1.2Gb + Full kll £179.99 100% CERTIFIED ERROR
£5.99 * 10 see through bos Add £1.00 30 3.5"
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box ...Add £4.00 50 3.5"
Disks .....£10.99 ...£17.09 * 100 cap lockoble
box ....Add £4.00 100 3.5"
Disks ....£20.99 ...£28.99 1 100 cop lockoble
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Disks .....£229.99 ..£229.99 I 10 x 100 lockoble
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PINO Dxhle speed with Squirrel .
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Conor aJ10 200 Block-------------- Canon B lfylOO Rode Ink Mi- Gtiien Project IIC Colour----- j Cfden Project IICMono -------- _Add £2 for delivery ..£22.99 ..£25.99 ..£16.99 £34.00 PRINTERS INK JET - DESKTOP & PORTABLE GENLOCK FUSION VIDEO GENLOCK TOP QUALITY RIBBONS Ujo foNJror l-CMl Upiotn"* « C U p it |F)'rf Nvll •W9H’ CC Ml ¦ 90S J)B »• I” ««l IIW'I Lnf l il)0»09'.99* 10" tt 9*1 Hwruot t* CC I 0»si OV»M Amiga 12M JO0 5O9P 4OO .....14.00 Miirotilel 'Philips Monitors ....£4.001 Stor’Ciliren,Panasonic Printers ...£4.001 ACCESSORIES a-go U
»-«. If ti-e.9 Op.. « U £»««» ¦«»..» Ut C«o «9 in »• M»~« %•4AS0C AMO.ADOOaiJOC £}«£«•: tv M«4.I0I« J .r, -O'ro'If’ SI* Oil
0. A.a Moras* wet .JIM iCM.okel. £••• ) J*0« 94«»: Ua**- t « ¦
i*ttt.» it ?j lew: H ** *« -j*c « *-«•-• U« Ml I ;»«p*-i a*
P‘0 *•« t!5«« I »•»!•: : it* tOJt •*«•'* i$ li| ll'tt Almost?
Otar Uot'TKAM *4*
• tamuj00 tKmBtoaato-ao to**. Io*n terHMLOTMat NKAiMUI'ai) MoVu W
2DO1 COD 2000
* MW*EOP1I2*1IMV0O W« 71» »OV?t ZVF 80 t*»lOOO SfcrLO*ia *200
...... axout OrwnS-424 ... RrxkHc
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337. 99 567.99 609.99 PCMCIA Compatible lor use with ovejflnvo
Including clock £24.99 A500* up to 2Mb Including
clock..£28.99 A600 up to 2Mb Inclvding dock £39.99
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Dorn Gold Award IS The Kvt?Pre The CDPIus Mini Iii*rr A
Desktop rates BT ISDN USE NOW ONLY £199!!!
The Eyetech Zorroll ISDN Adapter gives you high speed Web-browsing and video conferencing on your Amiga for only £189.95 Amiga Driver Software for Epson Colour Printers and Scanners nPrint for tha Stylus Colourll lls Pro ProXl720(V50CV80 Y820 1500 Stemmed ExpetT pack Three months unlimited Internet accost with I MB ol your own World Wide Web tpaoa, 60 minute conbnuous-use-restrlcted Web.
FTP. IBC. News and email software Internal reference book and 24hr technical support r-om NETCOM Oaatgnad kx existing comma uaara MfOIM The Top-Rated Eyetech CDPIus for the A600 & A1200 2-speed and 8-speed CDROM drives What do the reviewers say?
Amiga User International - 97% "... It all worked faultlessly... " Amiga Format - 96% "... An absolutely superb hit of kit.." Amiga Shopper - 90% "... This is a quality product..." Amazing Value - Prices Down 2- or »- speed external CDROM unit In quality 8-Speed Oflly £189.95 CE-approved caae with heavy duty PSU Special Purchase - Limited Availability: Upgradeable 2-speed - )ust £139.95 Considering a PowerStation? The CDPIus is now available with an alternative. 230W, CE-approved. PC MiniTower or Desktop case (which can also power your A1200) - for only £25 extra emmmm T nni | 17"Microvtt«
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Modems, samplers etc Option to add additional HD's, CDRoms, SyQuest*. IDE Zips. Jazs. ATAPI tape streamers etc powered from the CDPIus unit Conies with special Eyetech 4-device EIOE buffered Interface board - easily fitted in minutes wtth no cuninydrilling (Note that I0E CDROMS must never be directly connected to the A1200 •) Superb Amiga Internet packages from Eyetech The CDPIus Is also available as a full kit but without CD mechanlam • ao you can fit your own - for £110.95 Complete with Click-and-Go i The following GetConnected packages are now available from Eyetech: . Complete Software
AMIGA': - AMIGA HEALTH WARNING Please read this in your own interest If you have recently lilted - or intend to fit - an I DE AT A PI CDROM to your A1200 other than an £V*M CDPIus unit) without » buffered interface then your Amiga is in risk of serious damage arising in the futur The A1200 - unlike A4000» and PC's - has SO internal IDE buffering. On the A1200 the IDE interfat connects directly to the A12IHI processor chip which iUclfhaa insufficient output to drive more than one IDI ATAPI device (and only then on a short data cable) for any sustained time period To the best of a knowledge
the Eyetech I lll'lus is the only A1200 ATAPI CDROM supplied with a buffered interfacet standard We arc now making this 4-device buffered interface available separately for use with other kits m D-l-Y CDROM installations At only £39.95 it is a small pnee lo pay to preserve your Amiga's health, j The Amazing Iomega IDE Zip Drive Another first from Eyetech r J fill !¦ can beused I" ptacaofvas wefla*’- I flM| tne internal hard any I jj • ¦ Use a different booiabUi cedndge tor j ! ¦ eacfi application of family memOei f ideal hv hangtemng mufhmadu data 00* T«| betwaan Amgea andot ofhar
ptatforms ____ _ FOB In any AMIGA daahtop nHnitower - -- n°PPY defy* bay or In MW caae % Tha OU may k? Backtp »sx» data The Idf hy Wo. Wart m em AIM Bare IDE Zip drive time Eyetech itpPref tootti - Jusl £119.95 100MB Zip cartndgwp*tn« esn or C39 W3 r*a»i»00B*w. «»• ¦ SX32Mk2 & SX32Pro Internal Expansion for the CD32 The SX32 Pro is now Shipping! Tfhal do the reviewer, toy?
Make your CD32 into a high powered, portable Amiga!
The SX32Pro end SX32Mk2j,dd... Genuine Amiga 99-key compact Keyboard C34 96 4„ mow„ mcUg, (un muvw inm m.v*«iio". wait a SX32 floppy, hard DRIVEa 20MB 1 108. RAM Pfeeae ring •. Co ami cuc.w-.Oo an*.
Just a few SX32 Combo packs left - SX32 Mk2 or Pro-50, CD32, keyboard, 41 memory, hard drive and enhanced power supply - at unbeatable prices!
* 33 or 50MHz 030 MMU CPU and FPU socket (33Mhz FPU aocket only
on (he SX32Mk2) ¦ Snvn socket lor up lo 64MB ol 32 bit last
(60 70na) RAM (up to 8M6 fast (70ne) RAM on the SX32MK2)
Buffered IDE interface tor internal 2.5* hard dnve and second
herd drive SyQuest. Jaz cv even 8 speed COOOM (cpeonal extra cn
me SX32 »*2) Sockets tor RGB wdeo 23 pm) VGA wdeo (15 pm).
Pareael pot (25 pm) Senai port (25 pm) Ftoppy de* port 23 pm) ¦kjmpec «Moctaf« lor PC or Amga ke*x ard ¦nput i external adaptor on SX32!*2) to the CD32» e*iating mouM joysack. Keyboetd audo. RF. Composite video and SVHS ports SX32Mk2 - sale price - £189.95 SX32Pro-50 - sale nrire - £.149 95 ThM package it tan* made for oskette-orty A1200 users Juet 069 95 High epeed pack As Expect psck ¦ pluaVSA
(26. 6) tax dats modem (upgrade to V34.|33 0Kbps) modom - Cl0
00). All cables and M irstallanon instruct*** • Just Ct
19.95 Other options available Please ring for details
ScanOuix lor all Epson scanners f A1200 InstantDrive Hard
Disk Kits InstantDrivea are only available from Eyetech 24
on scantvng wen «* range editing op!tens Bi T'Ht.
Scan-to-disk opbon n jpog or IFF lormats Stand-akme use or ntogralot with your An package printed output ¦ Also available lor HP Mustek and Artec scamors EnPrint V2.1.3 printer driver - only ScanQuix v3.0 scanner s w - only D-l-Y and Bargain Corner Hard-to-find parts tor your Amiga profact 2-5*-2.5" 44-way herd dma cablee lor A600 A A1200 £9.95 3 5' power A dale oetaee lor A600 A A1200 £14.95 35' f* fining kn lor A600 & A1200 (contains everythin C24.9S
3. 5‘ exlemel hard dnve case El *.95
3. 5' removeabie dnve dski.o external HD cate €29 95 3 » 40-way
IDE cable for 3.5“ HOCOROM *AonV7 *’ €9 95 Custom 3 . 40 IDE
cablee to 1 5nV5' (encOae drawing) €19 94
3. 5" hard diva lo 5.25* bay mourning adapters €8 95 2 5- hard
dnve to 35’ Day with 35* dabvtower cable adapters C12.95 3-S"
¦oppy'Sy jeeVZp »ive lo 525" bey mowdng adapters €8 95 40 pm
m-t detachetae data cable torerterrwt J V *OCO«OU* E12 95
Sfcnlne ertsmw kcwtyXX SyOuesstDC Z1P;I0€ Jar case E1285
CC ATAP1 COROM case s*i 40» PSU. Audo 4 data comeci s €69 95
4-oevK* bu"e*ed EIDE menace lor A1200 A600 C39«5 4-oevce EIOC
nwrtsce & cabte assembly lor A4000 €39 95 44-w to 44-way .
40-way unbuttered IDE mlaftaca'adapse. £19.95 Audio, video,
modem and phone cabfea 3 5mm stereo |aok plug lo 2. Phono
plug* lor COROM €6 95 CDROM standard 4 pin (waned T audo
connector A phono pugeC9.95 Phono plug ¦ 2 to phono plu socWt«
2 audio moer leads €8 95 2 . Phono socket lo phono plug mocer
adapter* (OoM 040) €2.50 Phono to coaa RfiUNF aenal lead 10rvS
£4.95 Stareo2.pnonop*jgto2.phonoptugl 1rW4' (4 8rrV16 £9.961
£4.95 IoivW Wteohoneesternn cablee h 2 way phone adapter £9
95 200W Reedy4t lo 45000001200 pau wr Amiga, meme cataes £59
95 Mm-tower or desktop case with 230W* PSU. CO 4 K baye
£59.95 4 Mn M-F eitaneon cabe trom PSU *9 external HOCD 0
9tiV3 £9.95 23 pin m floppy dnve connector to 4 pm HDCDROM
power plug €9 95
* 1200 internal cooing fan - dsn pate that e tra power! £19.95
VOA 23-15 pm adapter tot A5QV6001200 (moe! Moneort) £12.95
23-15 pn buhered VGA adapter (al Arnlgawmonitore) £24.95
002. Board M PC cards in big-box Anvgas £129.95 ChlpOp 1 K 2MB
Chip RAMupgrade lor A50O A1500A2000S £99.95 A20C0 keyboards
(new) lor A200030004000’ 1‘adspSsr .(5) £50.95 Two Major Sew
A1200 Expansion Products from Eyetech PortPhm • high speed
serial and parallel port expansion Z - *tO*beud f erea pots
m*h «. CPV cwerhoAd s p-• ¦ 9MA bytea sec CX'fi1 U-
PC-Ar..;*, & A r*g» Am.j, networking software Leaves PCMCIA
A trepdOO tree mxe)m atoi fri.vKl', 6 ver, easy to U
PorlPlus introductory prlca - just £99.95 Oulckcam for the
Amiga Use a low rcwl PC Oulckcam to caotwe IFF images on
you Ai'igw Wf. • H Fulty rmrltltaeklng - mctuding window
reaving even wtufsi oginsirg MM Corrpat&e MB all AMIGAa wlh
standard Amiga printer pod A WB' 3~ r ' Outckcam hardware
adapter and aoftware - only £39.95!
Apollo Accelerators - Unbeatable pricing 2bMM.- :iC wlh MMU i'=U i Mfgjf-.¦! ;S*‘ f-5 50MMz Turbo 030 with MMU FPU opUon f 39 95 BBH 33MMz Turbo 040 with MMU & FPU ,.V - ¦.• i i. 8 Only C2J9.9S 40MHz Turbo 040 with MMU & FPU pv. 4i.vi,.i(.«« rworr* J.'i J4(KM -'I Only C259.95 50MH Turbo 060 with MMU & FPU V lH|H| i ”4-OnlyCJ4995 SCSI interface Ifor all Turbo s) C79.95 Special memory pricing arlth accelerator purcheaea« M 4MB* • f 19.95; SMB - £34.95; 16MB - £69.95; 32MB - £149.95 tWTO-ws) ia-e e«*ut - fam TaoTMV C3* 95 At iMSt - Professional Colour and m 95 Sound Vid*°cor ferencing - for
all 030+ Amigas with HD & 6MB
• V32 14 4kbpt ta. A dau
- V34 28 Bkbpa data 14.4 tax ¦ V34. 35 6Kbps data. 14 4 tax 20
pin Zip MM 4x1 Mb* chps 60ns for A3000. Oclogon 386 board e«c
£12.95 A1200 RAM boards (clock. FPJ akt) £34.98 with 4M6 RAM
£54 95 Wotht wtfh most Amiga aound A vtdso
• Dgmaen Work, with 268 modems. ISDN ate fueyrnumtaahjng.
Windowed Oaofay RmgNvrfSa for further detain EuU ( ocktrl
software - £99.95 t* 95 Wif* quality colour conferencing OOOQ
camera - only £159.95
• The fastest drive I have tested on any platform...95V
- David Taylor - Amiga Format Fabruary 1» Important Notal 3 5*
hard drives - even those described as S*m - are us* 1725mm high
and wHt not It In an A1200 without significant modrfcanonel the
case and metal shielding - which Itself reduces the value ol
your comp* All fnstantDefvea from Eyetech are less than 20mm
high and tit perfectly.
Rated 99% Aul November 1996. 95% • Amiga Format February 1997 No hole drIBng cnee clipping, or sheld removal raqured All drrvee are brand new wan a 2 year warranty and come Inclusive of tul
2. 1 GB AV £229.95 2.5 GB AV (3MB s) - £249.95
2. 5" InstantDrlveB for the A600, A1200, SX32 A SX32 Pro 21MB
Ideal for user* of mainly CDROM software on the CDPIue end
SX32 £29* 344MB A 25’ drive deal lor (he SX32Mk2 and for the
A120QA600 £129* 540MB A superb, auperslim dnve ideal for ueers
of sanous apptcaliona £149* 1 00GB The tcp-oMhe-range superskm
dnve « perfect «or me SX32Pro £229* Tai UK: 07000 4 AMIGA
Sre *aa &**¦** OSOtt 2*’•* 01642 713 165 “ pTTc .EiC ' Tal
Int'l: +44 1642 713 16S ftu tswemea for other dettvery com
Fax: *44 1642 713 634 UK D.nk*uMng soo«, chequee. W
eyelochOclx.compullnk.co.uk Man-tart-. Bern Oem. Corner Pots
httpi www.ey«t»ch.co.uk ~«yetech Voted Aul Amiga Company of
the Year I996H ** emss. Tests sms Fitting the tower in
Opening your computer is a simple matter of unplugging everything, turning it over, undoing the screws in the base, and carefully lifting the top half of the case off. The cases on A600s and A1200s have small catches to hold them in place. Lift the case carefully apart to avoid damaging them.
2. Locate the IDE interface (see figure
3) and unplug your hard drive from here (if you have one). The
keyboard will have to be lifted out of the way as in the dia
gram. Be very careful not to pull out the keyboard connector.
3. Connect the three-way cable you bought using the order form on
page 32 to the IDE connector on your motherboard (see figure
4). Ensure that the long arm of the cable is to your left,
reaching outside the Amiga as in the diagram. Plug the
middle connector carefully down making sure that it is firmly
seated on the pins.
4. If your drive is a 2.5" internal drive, reconnect it to the
computer via the spare 44-way connector on the three-way cable
to the right of the motherboard interface.
5. Close the case carefully. If you do not tighten the screws at
that side of the case too much, you should find that the ten
easy steps ribbon connector leads fairly comfortably between
the two halves. Alternatively, cut a small notch in the lower
half of the case to allow the lead to pass through with the
case tightly closed.
6. Open up your PC mini tower case.
Place a 3.5" hard drive and or a CD-ROM drive with the jumpers properly set (see separate boxout) into the case, removing a blanking plate for the CD-ROM. Once the case is open, you will see how these fit, it is all very obvious. Small screws, usually supplied with the case, can be screwed into the threads in the side of the CD-ROM drive or hard drive to keep them in place.
7. Inside the tower case you will find a power supply with a
bundle of multicoloured cables sticking out from them.
Most of these will lead into four-way plugs of two sizes, small for floppy disks, the larger for hard drives. In almost all cases these have a red, a yellow and two black cables. Connect one of the larger power connectors to each device. They only fit one way around. Connect a the drives with a standard 40 way IDE cable (see figure
2) . If you are connecting two components, a three headed, 40
way IDE cable should be available for a few quid from your
high street computer store.
8. Lead the end of the cable from your Amiga into the tower case.
You can put it through one of the pre-cut holes in the rear of
the tower case or you can cut a small notch in the side of the
case to let the lead through. The best way to do this is to
slide the cover to the case partially back on, figure out
where the slot should go, and mark it with a pencil. Then
remove the case cover, and saw the slot with a hacksaw. You
may just want to make to small cuts into the bottom of the
case just over 275cm apart and 1 cm 0.5" deep. You can then
bend the flap you have cut into the side with a pair of pliers
to make the slot. If you connect via the back you will find
the tower and the Amiga rather closely tied together;
cutting the slot is a much neater option.
9. Connect the stepdown board to the A cables coming out of the
tower case and the Amiga.
It is important to get the connections the right way around. See the paragraph on making contact for how to do this. It won't work if you get this stage wrong.
Place the stepdown board inside the case. The pins on the stepdown board must not be allowed to come into contact with the metal of your mini tower case. Mount the stepdown board onto a piece of card using sticky pad. Then wrap it tightly with a strip of insulating tape.
The fix the whole thing to your case with more sticky pads.
10. Plug in the tower, switch on. Switch on your Amiga. Install
the Atapi software and off you go! ¦ Andrew Korn Sima*-"*
Tub*®”* FULL 68060 AMIGA 68MOEM and 6H060 ACCELERATORS
v. ,.t .b *. T- ytpfl ¦R • Cl «*'• rua »V. V,„ •« i C sfwAr-
IIVIB. KSfV3 I Wir*io:..«•*•«¦•» w» 1 . MlKf J wk ' *** •
F«**- •* I"**"* :0wtt»K inju«2 W Jm Compa due *» * Mmsnr 10 M
mm m * cmbrd A4QOO DW251 Widi ¥Vnr h* C)bcn*rrn lit ur f«lfy
plug .to play ato A40® users a ,W (he npm ol a SCSI-2 nx*lc
(AJOCXi rm *rtoy h.v SCSI bak into dm Amf| hmhirrl
• Upm ISMbdf tiadad SIMMs can he inwftto ato yuu ca orn inmfer
the 72Pn SIMMS from you Anaga A40W 4radU 00b ywu sc* Cyhemona
• Opuwii SCSI-2 ooWr rabble
• VywMpKaK*}* oB'tnftt «rfaCjhnMlNMBC.yM a*ap
l*TB,teM«M(nvrv-.tacunp»cs ( ybmlonn ? «Mfz OMEBC - 0Mb bpaUfc
to I2SST Cjjjl *329« Cybcnlonn D ttfb 6«W • 0Mb ¦ F.xjUfKiiMc
lo IBM) szssa £529 CybcrMorm D SCSI-2 Module £89* Cybemonn D
SIMM HAM Expansions i please ol for prices) £Gdl . S:- . • - *
- • JPVj sc- ..fliKL =t;1,1-,!-.,: ,, .TuJcC-TtUutJ.. P|J
IniwMlikiwJrtVjft'ghcroMMp'K* Jl Ki.il l-r- ’I) Kcn&nnp IJU
Whm u«l ..ihCybrrCfiphX DI*«y yhcni iunM.3D tut on EJB miiv nl
ilMn'ililmVstn wlWirc iwhw HKIIOML EXPANSION*
• MPEG Decoder • toded lo ihe Font CoMCtor» pn.vOe ml lime MPEG
ratio ml »ideo deceit ai Mi we canon ktctm nr. In Wbrtbendi
»ado» (HQdnpby Mf 1604 Bd mdn Own Cy&aGnffcX W vUea:ki Sroro
atom oapd « pnwtord u (fee upphed dnkatd Ik o*p« yti Lpgnfc b
i Cykenraa 6V30 ad MRG taair ifRai ftnns Criomn Wi far a
SPECIAL LO* PMCE’ - CM far U *Ok wm'
• IlMSaftkr -iAMpKdeMWWki Drived to fr ¦• dr Aagi dd fct g*«
«MUK»«6mafranlfeaadadA*p. toCt6emwaM'3D «'p« Boftcadt out hr
(mrd rude A_VX»ll4jr»i malcK kawqg IhrrcZono-lll d t fra
lybmWon In »... iMI Wniai 4219” EEJ23E5EiZ3 OjNlom..
11»TIBC • 1110 Atauuiw nw fuiuw..." 2040erc 1240t erc d£ A1200T* TURBO ACCELERATOR and MMUrTPU for ’TOWER SYSTEMS 40MHz 68040 - 0Mb Std. Exp. To 128 2S6Mb mm with 60 Hiimemnd SIMM fried Blizzard 1240T ERC Turbo Accckralor Memory Board A «pn LOW COST A1200 Tato Accebam Board. Meal fc« t»mn( ca ay Tonrr Sy*m AI200 nua hnad imntaaul dinrnua»s. High f»»a oo'unfOn ad Ira emnaca reqon a acmecocA op • » thmto ik u iwnnrrraJ fin-g i. uidul AIMOl Mina dr Blizzard 2040F.RC Turbo Accelerator Memory Board] The Bliuad 2CM0QIC is i sufa ir* LOW COST toad *itih often A20Q) J A1200 TURBO ACCELERATOR and
MMU 50MHz 68030 0Mb Standard. Exp. To 12S 2S6Mb
9. 9IMPS radi U Nanosecond SMMI
* rh Or Bh wd I IvirV ad 1260 I240T HtC Turbo «MH* W»0 ft MmlvFPf
Omh. 32-Bit Fad RAM • l. [Xindihlc lo 128 56Mb Blizzard 1-TD
MldS Turbo Accelerator Mem.
Tto Fnthevi pcifemag 6030 accdmm rabbit k, ym AI20X Wiih ru SOMHf MOW ad MMU. Hr 1230-IVcdm BETTER PERFORMANCE a a LOWER PRICE' Wnh a Sy.lnto raring rf 991 itungatONaoKCoaJSIMM) «a canter die I2.WDU A 4 waM?M Va a Far Eifwa Ba. A cgaad SCSI-2 CearaftB att ca he cmS ted Aa adva% uadad SIMM .ntEllBndnlaflptolSMbrfMKcaAfmt I 32-Bb FAST RAM |« B25Mlh.W*e SOL2 i njtin inb( a eura SIMM socteri 1
12. 90 IV Turbo SOMHz 6*W & MMI j JL «49"H Far 60 Nanmccond SIMM
R.LM easyTRApjoor ¦ lfr LVLV A1200 TURBO ACCELERATOR & ffmZ
and MMUTPU 50MHz 68060 0Mb Standard. Expandable to 64 192Mb ?
3171MK with Singk Suftrf 60ff0 Manoiteond SAMM The Blizzard
1260 Turbo Accelerator Memory Board often Amga A1200 o*ien RU
6MW) POWER .ilh a board *1 pbgi mu dr irapdw dot!
Vaa A13» ad cpentr M Knct c» e cn Arrr linrA ih s«d of a 'MO twd gnie ad tf b fee Dan be tprol irf a umlrd VVW Arabble fOi» tack * ftr SCSHV' Kt ad RAM lWJlHboVMi, me 1 MM! M HsttlU' kilUilKjk A15007000 TURBO ACCELERATOR and MMIVFPU - 50MHz 68060 L J 0Mb Standard. Expandable to 128Mb " JtJtMW vadi 4070 Hinosecood SIMM Wwd Blizzard 2060 Turbo Accelerator Memory Board often ALVKVaJMowmdr umr«prvilicjliooaL iheBliHard l260T«rto i i AIVUTIWl »ill cperae x ip in fise linn dr ced ed i siadiii A*H)) I
• tft RU 68050 POWHt ft * aWr. Kak a SCSI-2 anter' I .caj
• arBetaaNAiWTTOarad &iBk zal20W» ” 2060 Turbo SCOftlz HMD ft MMI
F?l »tk buft a SCS7 £ SCSHV KIT SCSI-2 Module for 1230-IY,
1240T ERC and 126U. With addiiionat 128Mb SIMM socket ‘ ns sv
s -. DMA G nmdlcr - up to Milt’** tmnsftr 'nil’s u i ib
(uUiiiotull SIMM $ k kel allotting «oTra memory to he fitted I
• V BMW! Smip*y cNI ou u*m W . *• Kttgi VIM. Nm. S«ni*.
Cttmt D*IU *M!I re lo-6.nl I-on .lore unh’ kt io-6.nl 19 Oum Coir Mi an*, w nUNMCnoa slbc-ab&is GHFaat Bimw mtmbtr lo confmn pmo» «i *v» you mt too*«9 •» in att mifluinr hta up chinji I up o Bow-) Mm r*» n*gurw row* iw!* 6m pMMd. Bltaw confirm btfix* Mndng onlm b* port Bncn n VAT .11J.JV pntotm. 6 °" 9 CAU 10 coamM lo SolunUy.
9 «ai uMI Oluvm We o«e» pmrpr ihicmnr «nh h)*r I»m« wpro dtl«ef» opt on OUR RANGE IIASWOMIORB AWARDS IDAS .IM1 OTHER... What the Magazines think.. (mgfl JfcoppcTllsMAk The Bfcarrf l.WI i» t» fcv.-mr It* ulnnuili-
* fnt of dmre fi* A12"" arum ’ Amiga Computing 9ZVIU11 (HIP *
urnt Oe fatal Amiga iu the VfavM grt this board' COST Ct OTLMBV
TO MAWLANO U* AOOWSMS ONI' Dept CUA D2 New Street. Alfreton.
Deriyyahlre. DE55 TBP 01 773 836781 or FAXi Ol 775 8310.0 mull: 100271.3S570compiMwm.coin ON AAAUHTr Sun0.nl O -OM* mnxry or. M .Mu! Cm c«6on*i lonpnBiOPWf exlinfloS opiom Mi.h .(» mvjp woonwiSM lot p nuon* imn to mn»« cmBy (kr-nW« ArtOHctUI Mun & ' I Reasons to be cheerful I this month: the super HHI vintage games feature, Tony Crowther interview. Master Axe, Kargon, Testament, Tiny Troops and a cracking new tips bonanza.
46 Tony Crowther Previews 38 Marbelous U 38 Kargon 39 Testament 39 Castle Kingdoms I Reviews_ jji 43 Tiny Troops It 44 Master Axe 44 Blockhead 48 Tips Central PREVIEWS Ot's often been said that as far as puzzle games go. The more simple they are, the better they are. This is obviously a view that's been taken with Marbelous; just one of a batch of games on their way from Swindon-based Islona. Marbelous reminds me more of Vulcan's Time Keepers than any of the more obvious comparisons. Although to suggest that Marbelous has an original bone in its body would be a lie. Still, we don't care
about originality. Just as long as we end up with a decent game, eh? The premise behind Marbelous is basic.
Each level follows the progress of a rolling marble that, while not directly under your control. Can have its path affected by the player laying tiles in its path.
All you can do is cause the ball to pause momentarily or change Marbelous Due for release: March ¦ Developer: Islona & APCTCP ® 01793 432176 direction, but it's with these simple abilities that you must plot the most hazard-free course for the marble to take as it attempts to collect a number of power gems and then make it to the exit in one piece. Hitting a wall or colliding with an electrified barrier costs you a life and sends you back to the beginning. Simple stuff, non?
However, the learning curve doesn't take long to transform into a roller coaster, and before you know it you're called upon to activate switches that release extra marbles elsewhere on the screen and then attempt to control both at the same time! The demo I played was both impressive in presentational (crisp looks and smart sound) and addictive gameplay-wise, and at eight quid a shout, puzzle fans should keep an eye open for it soon. ¦ MB Kargon ¦ Due for release: March ¦ Developer: Islona & APCTCP 0 01793 432176 I Ohe very first day I started work on The One (oh you remember... pants,
arse, that sort of thing) David Upchurch told me I'd be "handling the PD section from now on". He handed me this duty with a glint in his eye because he regarded it as a tedious task; sifting through billions of Shoot ’Em Up Construction Kit creations just in case there was a decent game to put on the cover disk.
However. I always looked forward to sitting down with a big pile of disks, wondering whether the next offering might be a Worms, or a Gloom. And why the nostalgia trip? Well, one of the last PD games I ever looked at was called something like Wizard Wars and was a split screen, first-person perspective, two-player Doom-like combat game. You were both wizards with a selection of spells, tasked to hunt down the other player and exterminate them. And now comes Kargon ...Yes. time has passed but good ideas never die. And thus it is that Kargon arrives, boasting an almost identical scenario to
the aforementioned PD game, only with more characters, more spells, and up to four players. As you'd expect from a game that carries a £24.99 price tag, the graphics are somewhat more impressive than the 'pound-a-go' PD disks of old, and the feel of the game is more polished and professional. The action takes place across a number of dungeons, and though you initially spend time collecting powers and potions, it's not long before you meet some of the non-human characters and monsters wandering the tombs and. Eventually the human characters you're up against. Look out for more next
month, because this sounds pretty funky! ¦ MB PREVIEWS Testament ¦ Due for release: May ¦ Developer: Islona & APCTCP © 01793 432176 Oyou just can't stop those Islona folks!
Having already taken over this preview page and presented one Doom-inspired game for appraisal, we now have a COMPLETE rip-off offered upon our grey and keyboard-like plates.
Clever comparisons aside.
Testament is pure Doom: even going as far as to feature a floating weapon that attempts to move in a 'walking' fashion. It's a battle against the living dead as innumerable flesh-eating zombies rise from their resting places with just one aim - to eat your brains. With relish. And mustard. Probably. The plot doesn't thicken much further than that to be honest, and as such it’s really just a case of collecting as much weaponry and ammunition as possible and then getting stuck in. The action moves between outside areas to dun- geon-like buildings, complete with sliding doors and creepy
Various hideous creatures inhabit the dungeons, and split apart with a satisfying squelch should you insert small, fast-moving pieces of lead 'up' them. The baddies in question come in various shapes and sizes, including one very familiar-looking Eye of the Beholder- type chappy Hmm...Testament isn’t due until May. But is pencilled in at £24.99, comes on three disks, and recently earned itself 74% in a German Amiga mag - so we • should be expecting something to keep you occupied for a while. ¦ MB Castle Kingdoms ¦ Due for release: Spring ¦ Developer: Mutation Software ® 01705 G72616 Ohere
was a time (and I'm talking WAY back when Spectrums were thought to be the work ol the devil) when every game's plot featured some object that had been "split into four pieces and scattered across the land".
The moment you read that line you could generally bet your bum that somewhere in the following text would be the words... "Your task is to locate the four pieces of the talisman amulet crystal sausage and heal the broken land." And yet, sadly, t'would seem as though those days are gone. Or are they... Yes. It's three cheers for Mutation Software, for 'tis they who've dug up that age-old story line and thrust it into the 90s via their forthcoming fantasy adventure, Castle Kingdoms.
Billed as a game of battle, magic and adventure,Castle Kingdoms tasks you to lead a part of five characters through five kingdoms to recover the five quite good! See. I could write for a living if I wanted).
Anyway, one glance at the screen shots will show that we're dealing with a colourful and crowded environment, although we'll have to wait until the final product emerges in the Spring (to coincide with the sun coming out for FIVE minutes) before getting to grips with the 'deeper' elements of the game.
Castle Kingdoms is the third release in Mutation's Value n fun series' made up of Tommy Gun magic gem-stones (pretty keen on 'five' aren't they). This includes encounters with various evil monsters and creatures that inhabit the castles, armed with only your wits and a selection of magical spells. Oh. And a joystick. Or five.
The action is viewed through isometric eyes, with your party running around in a fair frantic fashion trying to avoid the seemingly endless stream of gittish gargoyles that spew forth from every orifice (gosh, that was Weird Science Ud. 1 Rowlandson Close, Leicester, luricestershire. Iji4 2SF.
Tel. *44 (0)116 234 0682 Fax. *44 (OH16 235 0045 email, sales@weirdscience.co.uk or tech@weirdscience.co.uk d-ucier and a whole with the all the developers tools a docs, provided to the offici (wi?hPBuild Cl) and the tools you need to get started programming on the Amiga, including advanced C. C++, Fortran and ADA compilers.
Even deleted files hard disks etc. process it will alle problems caused f9i!¥fe* °r PhX*i program that will, Durini jJ-JxJOLDS; fete source code and ries have been from the supplied All tools on the adgets CD can be ecpv from the CD- without the need to any files on to your even if the Rigi has been destrr written.
Recover files fr or corruptet Hard Aminet, the worlds largest Amiga archive, provides compact discs of the latest software uploads. Fach volume contains about 1.1 gigs of I Ol archives with a superb menu system for un-archiving the files and a R simple search facility to help you find exactly the file required. The ».vearc i facility will even list the compact disc that the file is on. The f&blaiest Aminet CD's contain a theme. The Aminet 16 theme is music 4N [Fy modules. Aminet 15 is available now and so is Aminet 16.
Workbench Add-on CD (L'tiUies) C 24.95 Meeting Pearls 4 (Software Collection) £8.9S Giga Graphics Four CD-ROMt Image Collection £ 19.95 Xi-Paint v. 4.0 24 Bil Image Manipulation £49.95 International Distributor: 65 megs. Disk onts 12 megs.
Misc. 6 megs.
GTI Grenville Trading International GmbH Carl-Zeiss-Str. 9 79761 Waldhhut-Tiengen. Germany Tel. +49 7741 83040 Fax +49 7741 830438 Email: amiga@gtigermany.com Asurnm.
Www.weirdscience.co.uk hlnaJinifl -Anr all i*n HorW HW. Hr* i. * *- |(rJrp*n«r M . Tucr'niil ihmi a v .10- fcr «.r ..I* Well .Meet U WITH ALL ORDERS OVER £ 25.00 EXPERIENCE
- ulttl mii online in« . All ,minted •W.
Mb mi iinrmt it e lUemt eel for ihe mm s® asars ItaiMM i S&LSOIW?
IIH1 «*» A MAGICAL JOURNEVTHROUGH EXCITING DIVERSE SUBJECTS £3£fci33Jj l3 DD DDL 'J Hrallh Hhtory Mi IN D»DjJD£7 DDJD JjDDiiilDD jDDj;J=j even bigger and better this year So On With The Show IT’S SACK!
ALL the exciting new releases from the leading Amiga developers Save £100’s On Special Offers ICPUG Free Advice Centre Internet Village High End Applications Presentation Theatre Novotel Exhibition Centre, Hammersmith, London Saturday, May 17th 10am - 5pm and Sunday, May 18th 10am - 4pm 01369 707766 Avoid the queues by booking in advance Credit Card Hotline Cheques and Postal Orders made payable to The World of Amiga at PO BOX 9, Dunoon, Argyll. PA23 8QQ Admission: Adults £8 Children £6 Tiny Troops ¦ Price: £17.99 ¦ Publisher: Vulcan Software © 01705 670269 Fancy a bit of ruff 'n' tumble in
the long grass?
Well, we've got just the game for you then.
Of you've been reading through our vintage games feature this month. I'm sure you'll have spotted many a lamiliar name and sighed to yourself thinking "they don't make em like they used I to". And you'd be right. Take ¦ Cannon Fodder, for example. What a fine classic that was. Good old fashioned fighting with lots of strategy thrown in. Although Tiny Troops will never be in the same league as the aforementioned game it at least borrows some of its better concepts. However, before I go down that road of pointing of why although it's a good game, it will never achieve the greatness of Cannon
Fodder, let's check it out first.
Spice of ... One of the plus points about Tiny Troops is the amount of variety in the numerous levels.
The battle terrain changes a bit and each level gets harder.
Different types of warriors in addition to your bog standard foot soldiers crop up throughout the game adding a bit of interest. For itlni ii ¦ two-player option io liny troops. Here one side il busy example, grenadier Sol- diers are good for firing Sworn enemies the Klutes and the Furfurians have vowed to fight 'till death. Having destroyed pretty much all of their planets, they've chosen Earth for their battleground. However, us Earthlings can't see them 'cos they're only the size of a pinhead but it does mean that most of the terrain in the game is made up of giant-sized flowers and
bits of shrubbery.
And so the scene is set.
Whatever side you decide to be you've got a fixed number of men at your command for each battle (and believe me there are lots).
Your missions will vary along the ones of: either destroy all the enemy or destroy all the enemy plus their base.
Your trusted general normally throws out a few hints beforehand but overall it's up to you to decide your battle plan. A one or two- player game, it's is definitely not a shoot first ask questions later one though, you've got to put a bit of thought in there and plan out how you're going to pick off all the enemies and make it to their base without getting killed.
At objects which are far away, and flying warriors are great for getting quickly over very dodgy ground as is the transporter and so on The playing area is well mapped out as well so it is easy to scroll around to see where these soldiers will come in handy. Other bonus options include the save game option and the ability to see how strong or weak a troop is so you can send off your weak soldiers to be repaired and concentrate on killing the weaker ones amongst the oppositions.
Group mentality However, there a few touches that drag the game down. I found the control to be a bit annoying Vulcan seem to be obsessed with mouse control. Although Tiny Troops will work with a joystick, it responds better to a mouse. But even still. I found it way too fiddly. Although the main screen is well laid out with the various iconified along the bottom (see page 6 for a breakdown for what each icon does!
There doesn't seem to be a quick way of switching from one soldier to another. It’s a painful procedure of clicking on a soldier and then clicking one of the various options below: ie defend, attack, repair, This might sound niggly but it was annoying in the later levels when I had a large team of men all at various points of the game. So while I was busy sorting one out the others were busily being annihilated elsewhere. As a bonus point, though, you can move your troops on mass so that redeemed it a bit.
Almost there Tiny Troops will never be in the same league as Cannon Fodder The graphics are distinctly Vallhallish and the voices of the soldiers are definitely from Timekeepers. It lacks polish and the control system is too fiddly, to put it up amongst the classics. ¦ Lisa Collins TINY TROOPS ¦ workbench version...... ¦ number ol disks .. ...1.1 ...l ¦ RAM ..... ...1Mb ¦ hard disk installable... ...yos graphics ......85% sound .... ......85% lastability .. ......79% Iilarability . ......70% UNO
* 300(1
* 41)1111 Good strategy game just not a classic.
Master Axe ¦ Price: £14.99 ¦ Publisher: Neil Axe © 01296 436182 along by introductory techno oriental type beat And as well as the standard beat ’em up tournament options you've also got options like Spiritual Warrior where you fight against your inner demons, ie a shadow of yourself and (my favourite! The US knockout option when you go up against a sinister-looking presidential bodyguard type outside the Whitehouse.
Sadly, there isn’t a CD32 control option so you have to rely on joystick twiddling alone. But there is a training academy you can the game. It also could a lot more polished. The although not awful, are not the range either. The text on the options screen is very hard to read making it difficult to work out what the options are. But price reflects this and so it is worth checking out at least. ¦ MF Ohose of you around in 1994 will remember that Master Axe was due to be released by Millennium but somehow never quite made it. The game itself generated a lot of interest at the time as it was
based on the adventures of an expert martial artist called Neil Axe who toured the United States. Three years on.
Master Axe is finally here and is available from the man himself.
Master Axe is a little bit different from the standard beat 'em up, due to its Kung-Fu theme. The characters all perform special real- istic-looking Kung-FU moves and the oriental ambiance is helped attend beforehand to practice your skills. Other options include background animations, shadow effects and slow-motion sequences. And according to Mr Axe: ’’If you pause the game and perform certain moves with your joystick you can get turbo mode, blood mode, more animations, and special moves".
However, what drags Master Axe down is the fact that you can’t install it to your drive and it doesn't seem to respond to using a second disk drive so you’re stuck swopping disks throughout Oemember rubix cubes?
Those boxes made up of millions of little coloured cubes that you had to manipulate until they all matched. If you do. You were probably one of two types: either you kept twiddling about with it in the hope that, by some fluke, you’d get all the colours to match up and when you couldn’t, threw it in the bin (category A| or (category B) you logically worked out the best way to do it through trial and error.
Blockhead ¦ Price: £14.99 ¦ Publisher: Applaud Software © 01283 21720 Category A types can leave the room now. Category B types however will love this new top- down view puzzle game from Applaud. Based on a grid system, the basic aim of each level is simple: controlling your little man with your joystick you’ve got to work out the best way to get the coloured blocks to their relevant homes before time runs out and your little bruv is squashed by the falling weight.
There are forty odd levels to complete which as you can imagine get harder as the game progresses. So what starts off as relatively simple exercise becomes increasingly difficult as there are more and more puzzles to solve and copious amounts of obstacles to contend with.
Sounds tricky? Believe me it is.
You’ve got to do a lot of forward planning to get anywhere in this game. Thankfully, there is the usual assortment of fruit available as pick ups along with bombs, health boosts, magic wands, potions and other bonuses.
Applaud have pitched the learning curve rpore realistically for this game than their earlier puzzle game DNA which was way too hard to even play.
Unlike DNA.
Blockhead also has a password system so it’s a lot less frustrating and so much more playable. However, there are some levels which I still found infuriatingly difficult and the occasionally blip in joystick control didn’t help much either.
Puzzle fans will enjoy this game for certain as there is quite a bit of variety in each level. I found it challenging and got a sense of achievement when I managed to work out the best way through a level. The graphics I could have been better though I and it does have a public domain I feel to it. However, if you feel in I the mood for a brainteasing ses- I sion then get this. ¦ LC Bath Street Want to get connected?
FB1....AMITCP v4.5 DIALUP INFWU full TCP CLIENT) Voyager Supports FRAMES!
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HOW TO O Ft DEFT BY POST: Please make cheques and Postal Orders payable to “Visage Computers" Please allow 5 Working days for cheques to clear Special Offers APOLLO 1240 25 £199.99 SUPER LOW SPECIAL OFFER PRICES 12404MB....£219.99 1240-8MB....E234.99 1240-16MB....£274.99 1240-32MB....£329.99 SURF THE NET!
28,800 FAX MODEM £99 99 33,600 V34 FAX MODEM £119.99 INCLUDING CABLES 8 SOFTWARE WE ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS INCLUDING SWITCH & VISA DELTA BY PHONE: Credit Debit card orders taken from 9.30am - 530pm Monday to Saturday DELIVERY CHARGES NEXT DAY - ffi.95 Reach for the Creator of Captive 1 and 2, Tony Crowther, talks to CU Amiga Magazine about what makes him tick and why he loves programming on the Amiga.
Name: Tony Ratt) Crowther Age: 31 Born: Sheffield Occupation: Computer programmer games designer Biggest success: Bombuzai Captive, Knightmare, Liberation: Captive 2.
CU: When did you start as a programmer and what was the first game that inspired you to write your own?
TC: "It started at school, where I was writing educational programs in Basic. I got a Saturday job selling computers and then I bought my own computer, a Vic-20. From then on I just wanted to find out how they made games. So I bought a few books and started. The first game that inspired me and got me into programming was probably Donkey Kong on the Dragon 32."
"If the license holders were a bit more aware of what makes a good game, they would drop the silly rules."
CU: What was the first game you did on the Amiga?
TC: "My first attempt on an Amiga, was a port of the C64 Phobia (which I wrotel to the Amiga. It gave me a chance to learn the machine as I knew the game inside out. I then drew the graphics for the Amiga version of Bombuzai as this was the first time I could really do some true colour graphics.
My first true Amiga title was Captive, where I drew the graphics, sampled the sounds and wrote the game all by myself."
Writing games in 8-bit to the Amiga?
TC: “As I have always written in machine code. I found it very easy to switch from one machine to the next, as the instruction sets are almost identical. The move from 8-bit to 16-bit (C64 to Amiga) was the nicest, as new commands and more registers were available to make life easier.
Learning new hardware is probably the hardest thing, as you have to write in a way that suits the hardware, this covers things like sounds, music, screen and the blitter chip.” CU: How did you come up with the original concept tor Captive?
TC: "Captive, was designed in a strange way. It was me just playing around, there was no true game design. I just made it up as I went along. The original idea was to take Dungeon Master and throw it into a high-tech world to see what happens. The hardest thing with Captive was to make the user believe that he was playing a man- made map. Rather than a computer generated map. This probably took up most of the development time, as small tweaks were made continuously through the project."
CU: The long awaited sequel to Captive, Liberation was released on the CD32, why did you think it was so successful?
TC: "I'm glad to hear it was. Financially I am unaware of this fact. Liberation was a hard slog, too many people requesting new features to improve on the old game slowed the game down, rather than making it better. It took a long time to write, even with two programmers. But at least it was fun. As it was the first time I had done an animation sequence. I think it was so popular on the CD32 because it was probably the first game to make use of all the features of the CD32. So it was good as a look-at-what-a-CD32-can-do-type of game.” TC: "I have done four licensed games so far. Challenge
of the Gobots (C64).
Centurians (C64). Knightmare (ST Am and Captain Planet (ST Amiga). I don't, as a rule, like doing them because people have their own opinions on what the game should and should not be. So if it's not what they thought it would be they usually don't like it. It's always good i game has had pre-advertising (the name has), so sales do seem to be better.
The real problem with a licence is the rules. I like to put things in that make it fun. And if it breaks the rules it has to be dropped, or twisted into a form that the rulemakers accept. If the license holders were a bit more aware of what makes a good game, they would drop the silly rules."
CU: What do you remember being different about the Amiga and why do you think it appealed to you?
TC: "I remember drawing a picture on Dpaint, on Jeff Minter's A1000. And enjoying the ease in which more than four colours could be used. This really convinced me to get my own and about three months later I bought my own A1000, for over £1000 pounds. About five months later, out came the A500 at a quarter of the cost. It was at this point when I decided never to buy a computer again, I felt gutted. Don't get me wrong the A1000 was nice but not four times better than the A500." ¦ Mark Forbes CU: You've produced TV's Knightmare.
Do you like producing licenced games?
CU: How easy was the transition from A Mi Crowthei puts the success ol Liberation: Captive 2 down te the (act that it was the hist game to use all the CD32’s features.
Wuy at TRADE , , .
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TEL: (01423) 712600 FAX: (01423) 712601 All items subject to availability 8 change without notice E80E VULCAN SOFTWARE LIMITED IS PROUD TO PRESENT ULCAN was Vulcan Software Limited. Vulcan House, 72 Queens Road. Buckland. Portsmouth, Hants P027NA England UK Tel: +44 (0)1705 670269 Fax: +44 (0)1705 662226 Email: Paul@vul-soft.dcmon.co.uk World Wide Web Faxes: www.vulcan.co.uk Tips Central You want hints, you wants tips, you want cheats? Matt Broughton and Tony Gill have joined forces to bring you one of the best tips sections ever.
¦ft* RAILROAD TYCOON MicroProse Not as good as the never-released Pizza Tycoon but a right old beauty none the less.
Railroad Tycoon has got Stephen Maw of W3 on the job (er... I and he's come up with the goods turn ...) Anyway, start the game in Western USA (simply because it’s easier) and find two towns that are close together and have harbours. Now build the first station at the town you think you're most likely to build from in the future, and then go and build the second station. Select the level map (F2) so that you can see what supplies need to be picked up, and then build a train with one mail car and one passenger car. Once you have enough money, start to improve your station with the following
extras: Post Office. Hotel.
Switching yard. Restaurant. Build up more money again, and then simply go back and repeat the procedure. Wait until you can afford to buy 10.000 shares of your treasury stock (to avoid being bought out) and then try to build coast to coast! What fun.
DUNE 2 Virgin Young Jamie Seeney from West Yorkshire has an interesting little cheat for the epic Westwood romp that allows you to take factories over with soldiers! Attack a heavy factory with your force, and have a spare soldier standing by. When the factory's damage meter is down to red. Send a soldier in by selecting him and choosing the factory as his target.
Once he is inside, the factory will become yours and with any tuck you'll get yourself a tank alreadygn production which can then be driven right into enemy territory without being shot at. Cool LEGENDS Krisalis "Hey Matt!" Writes Matt Barker of Leicester. "I just finished Legends and figured you needed some tips." A very perceptive guy. Ladies and gentlemen, for this is indeed the tips page.
And so it is that Mr Barker earns himself a free Hit Squad game for the following codes.
- thanks to Simon McCann from Cheshire you can now have as much
dosh as you want!
Simply go to the transfer list on the fax machine and sell the player at the bottom of your list using Fast Sell. On the screen there will be a highlighted space with no name. Go to the Fast Sell and sell as many times as you want. Your money will go higher every time you do this!
WORMS Team 17 Where would we be without our monthly instalment of Worms level codes, eh? Still, thanks to Bruce Sausage Gray of Newmill. There's bloomin' billions of 'em! Take it away. Hose... 843632 Straight Mars 943632 Straight Alien 3221905766 Straight Jungle ULTIMATE SOCCER MANAGER A free game That’s your lot. Drink up and get these people out of my house. I dunno’... you invite a few Amiga chums round to tell you of any cheats they know and they just trash the place and bore your gerbils to death with their talk of multi-level scrolling parallax. Tsch. Anyway, that's it for this
month, but don’t forget that there's a free Hit Squad game for every reader tip printed, so get 'em in! Be seeing you ... FRONTIER Gametek Hello you old classic you! Yep. Craig Rooney keeps Snip Tips at its usual break neck speed thanks to a corking Frontier tip. Fly to CEMIESS system (-2.5, -2.5) and go to the planet Emerald. Land in Patricks Exchange and keep buying precious metals until your cargo hold is full. Then fly to the Cegreeth system (-Vj
3. 5) and sell all your precious metals for a right old profit in
the nearest stock exchange. Then it's back to Ceimess where
you can repeat the procedure until your sphincter blows!
Straight Scrapyard Straight Arctic Two small Forest Islands Two curved Mars Hills Long scrapyard bridge Mars cave Weirdish scrapyard Elephant hiding in a Forest (?!)
Low down Jungle KINKS Indiana Jones - Fate of Atlantis I have a spoked wheel, a handle-shaped thing and I've opened the chest plate on the robot.
But after attaching the chain to the bronze ring.
I can't get him to work Where does the bead inside the chest plate go? And where can I get a rock to put under the door of Sophia's cell?
Before.1 To avoid Ihe Monochrome Roys from running you down, use the 'walk' icon and when they're closing in on you, roll aside to avoid them. In the Sequel Police headquarters, go two screens to the right. Use Ihe acid (the slime in the bottle) on the door to melt the lock. Open the door and go inside.
Kh David Florey, Sittingbourne.
The trick is to replace the missing pans inside the chest of the sentry statue using the diagram from the cupboard where you also find the crescent gear.
When the bronze gear is on the upper left peg a bead will move the arm forward. When it is on the lower peg it will move back. Put the spoked wheel on the central peg, the robot pan on top of it and the position the crescent across the two pegs on the right. You simply feed the bead to the statue to activate iL Use the chain on the door. Move the left arm of the statue forward, then connect the other end of the chain to it. Now change the gear in the robot to move the arm back. A hinge pin will pop out, use , this rescue Sophia. Give her the pin, then lift the door and she'll use the pin to
wedge it open.
Zak McKracken Can you tell me how to get the dolphin to help in Zak McKracken? I have the blue crystal but whatever I order it to do it just refuses to help and I get grabbed by the aliens.
Keith, (mature adventurer).
I Everyone knows that dolphins are very sophisticated and musical creatures, perhaps you could get in its good books by playing it a bit of music? (live it a 1 blast from your kazoo and it will be putty in your kands. If you do get grabbed by the aliens quickly put on the funny disguise and they'll think they've I locked up one of their own and let you out again.
Space Quest IV I am at Ulence Flats in Space Quest IV What do I do after I have pushed over the sand bikes of I the Monochrome Boys and gone back inside the bar and picked up the matches?
Lee Kiff, Muddiford.
I Co back to the time hopper and the Sequel Police I headquarters. (Use the code you wrote down from Dreamweb Can you tell me where the gun is.
And what is Ryan's neighbour's door code?
Honker Island
A. J. May, Newport.
In Ryan bedroom pick up the network cartridge marked important. Put the cartridge inside the network interface near the window. Boot up the machine, type LIST and press enter. Type LOGON RYAN and enter BLACKDRAGON as the password.
Type LIST CARTRIDGE and then READ PRIVATE. You'll now get the codes of Eden and Louis.
To get the gun you'll need to talk to the barman in the Pool llall. Walk left until the end of the corridor and go directly south into Silverman's office using the code 5222. Use Ryan’s credit card on the reader on the desk and then take the gun.
Flight of the Amazon Queen I find it impossible to purchase the alcohol needed to fuel the rocket pack from Trader Bob.
Despite having the ID card and cash. Help?
Donald Wilson, Grimsby.
I'm not sure what the problem is, as I have looked at the official solution and it doesn't say that you need anything else. The best I can do is to list the official answer and let you see if you’ve missed out something. Take the elevator to the library and examine the couch to find a load of money under the cushion. Inside the shop look at the comic book in your inventory and you'll find a tom page. Use the soggy coupon on the page to get the Pocket Rocket blueprints. Use your cash to buy the alcohol.
Simon the Sorcerer In Simon the Sorcerer, how do I get past the snowman in the mountains?
Mark Tucker, Gosport.
Well you're not going to believe this, but you get rid of the snowman using the peppermint sweets which you should have found in the Goblin caves! I know.
I know, iris not very sensible, but what can tell you? The theory is that mints are hot on your breath, snowmen are cold, so eat a mint and your breath will get rid of him. Personally would have thought that some garlic bread and curry would have been a more reasonable answer, but that's adventure games for you.
The Secret of Monkey Island I can’t pass the three trials that I need to become a real pirate I can steal the idol from the mansion and I can defeat the swordsmaster.
But I can’t find the treasure Owen Attewell, Leicester Well everyone knows that pirates bury their treasure. And everyone knows that they draw up a map showing where they buried it. So have you got the map, and the spade to dig it up with?
You can pick up a shovel near the archway in the town and you can buy the map from the citizen in the town. Begin at the road fork on the large map. The treasure map looks like dance steps, where you move left and right or back and forward. If you follow the instructions carefully you will come to a grove with an 'X' marked on Ihe ground. ¦ !
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SELECTAFONT (Dept CU) 84 Thorpe Road. Hawkwell. Nr Hockley. Essex. SSS 41T j* PHONE: 01702 202835 FAX: 01702 200062 The technical section is so packed this month I only have space to say hello and I hope you enjoy all this lovely clobber.
52 Cinema 4D 3.0_ Anew breed of image rendering has arrived, ft's looking good: easy enough for beginners and competent for experts. Superb.
58 ProGrab HiFi Sampler Not only is this sound sampler good, it's versatile too. It can work with ProGrab as well as many other trackers and samplers.
59 Teletext Decoder_ Throw away all those TV listing magazines that you keep piled up.
This gizmo can let you know what's on the box and more.
60 Secal_ Let's give a nice welcome to a new low level programming language that thinks it’s a cut above the rest. Is it?
62 Draw Studio 1.1 CD Lots of extra goodies for the top structured drawing package are on this CD including Image Studio and clip art.
63 Web Explosion_ Anyone who has designs on a creating their own web pages will love this. There are lots of lovely images and pictures ready to go.
64 PP Scene_ More pretenders to the Dune crown vy for a place on these pages as do lots of strobey tunnely demos. Find out which ones made it.
67 PD Utilities_ These pages are lull of those useful little gadgets that cost very little but we don't know how we’d get by without them.
70 CD-ROM Scene_ Three top rated Cds grace the scene this month: Epic Interactive Encyclopedia. AGA Toolkit '97 and Aminet 4.
More quality readers' artwork makes its way onto CU Amiga Magazine's pages.
72 Art Gallery Ohe Amiga has always been spoilt for choice when it comes to image rendering programs. With powerful packages such as Imagine and Lightwave taking all the glory, any new program needs to offer something new and exciting to grab the headlines.
¦ Price: £199 ¦ Developer: Maxon ¦ Supplier: HiSoft © 01525 718 181 Originally applauded for its user interface. Cinema 4D has moved up a gear in the feature stakes.
Thankfully, this situation hasn’t stifled development and a case in point is Cinema 4D. After proving extremely popular in native Germany, Maxon's Cinema 4D was finally launched in the UK over a year ago.
It was originally distributed by UK Amiga stalwarts, HiSoft. And HiSoft are now more involved than ever with the release of shiny new version 3 and some associated 'add ons'.
Cinema 4D differs from the other major rendering programs in several respects. Most importantly, it's probably the only one to even think about adhering to the standard Amiga Intuition style. What this means is that menus, requesters and gadgets all look familiar rather than over- the-top and you can do the usual tricks of opening multiple windows on the screen at once.
We know best When it comes to user interfaces, programmers always seem to have a tendency to think that they know best and it makes a welcome change to feel comfortable using a program, even when you've never seen it before. There is only one slight 'improvement' with the interface and that's to do with the way extra features are accessed by holding down the shift key at the same time as accessing an option.
Don't press shift and the default options are used: press New features list Version 3 of Cinema 4D looks very similar to version 2. At least on the surface. Underneath things have changed with some new features, faster rendering and various other improvements. Here's a list of some of the most important changes.
• Lens flare and glow effects
• Visible light sources
• New faster raytrace engine
• Improved image saving
• Support for JPEG, TIFF and BMP image formats
• New colour and grey shading render modes
• Improved icons, including MagicWB style
• Camera now supports depth of field
• Internal optimisation for 68040 processor
• Object and depth maps
• Faster texture loading and mapping
• Scanline renders now supports transparency
• Improved inverse kinematics
• Faster anti-alias and shadow processing shift and a requester
appears for extra information. It takes about five minutes to
get used to it, and for once, it does make things easier.
Programs and sensible support for screen advanced modes. If you're lucky enough to have a graphics card, then you can bet Cinema 4D will make use of it - either to speed up the editor screen, or to provide a 24-bit 16 million colour display for your images. A special option in the This general Amiga compliance continues with the support for programmable menus, the ability to execute external Lens flare New to version 3 is a realistic lens flare option. Individual light sources can now be configured to introduce simulated flare' to a scene. This takes the form of several circles of
different colours, superimposed over the final image. Lens flare is actually something which real photographers try to eliminate, as it is caused by limitations of the lenses used in the camera, but there is no doubt it adds to the realism of a rendered scene.
From the new light requester, it's possible to control a number of flare parameters. These will be added to the frame after the initial rendering stage, and can be limited to adding "stars" to bright lights or expanded to consist of about a dozen different rings. Flare looks particularly impressive when animated, as their position on-screen depends on the angle between the camera and the light source.
Making light visible is now easy If you want to see light in a render you either have to introduce something reasonably solid to the scene (some fog for example), or create a semi-transparent glowing rod and use this instead. Neither solution is pleasing Cinema 4D bends the laws of physics slightly. And makes it easy to 'see' light. Any light sources can be forced to appear in a scene as a gaseous cloud, cylinder or plane. You can use this to easily make huge glowing stars and laser beams for your space battles, or more mundane spot-lights. Car headlights or animated lighthouses. As
you aren't applying a global layer of fog, the rest of the scene is unaffected.
You can also turn lights off, and prevent them from emitting any light other than their own. This sounds a bit daft and even selfcontradictory, but it's useful when you have the lighting of a scene perfect and simply want a light object to appear in the sky for effect editor preferences allows you to take advantage of a card's extra speed and if you don't yet have a I graphics card in your Big Box I Amiga, you'll want one if you I ever see it in operation, What this type of user I interfaces and Amiga compliance I all boils down to, is that using Cinema 4D is easy. If you've looked at other
3D programs before and thought they all were too complicated. Cinema 4D could change your perspective.
It's easy to start creating some great images, and when you start to dig deeper, there is even more to discover As with all rendering.
There's more to it than good surface detail.
A maverick Cinema4D is a streamlined program and works in quite a different way from other rendering programs.
For example, there is only one editing screen. Unlike Imagine or LightWave, you don't need to flick between different sections of the program to create, paint, position and then render your scene. After a while you start to wonder why the others don't use this approach as well OK. So this does occasionally Caatiaaad art ileal ? ? ?
Plug ins Cinema has an 'open architecture" which let's other programs interact and effectively become part of the main package. This makes it possible to add new features to the program and for third-party authors to add their own ideas to the package.
HiSoft supplied two of these plug in programs, both written by Maxon. The authors of Cinema
40. The first was 'CinemaWorld' a program designed to create
landscapes. Although Cinema 40 already has a fractal
generator, it's rather limited in scope.
CinemaWorld allows you to define a landscape in terms of the mountains, plains and lakes and assign a different Cinema 40 texture to each. You can either let the program create the landscape randomly, or import a DEM file such as the ones available for VistaPro.
CinemaWorld will then create a new object and import it directly into the rendering program for you. If you want to populate your world with trees, it's possible to select a pre-defined object and have that scattered around your world. There’s no need to stop at trees of course, as the example picture demonstrates.
CinemaWorld will also export a texture bitmap, which you can load into any art program in order to add roads or buildings.
The second plug in was 'CinemaFont", a program designed specifically to make it easy to convert existing fonts into objects which Cinema 4D can use. Existing font support is limited to two sets of characters supplied with Cinema 40.
With CinemaFont it's possible to convert existing PostScript Type 1 fonts into Cinema 4D objects. Varying levels of precision are allowed, and you can either make the conversion a once-off or save the entire font to disk for later use.
CinemaWorld and CinemaFont Cds both cost £39.95 each and are sold separately to the main package.
Labelling to keep track of your objects. If they are too detailed to keep screen refreshes nippy, you can switch to quick outlines or even boundary boxes to speed them’ up.
Mean that the screen can become cluttered, but it also means that it is considerably less confusing for beginners. You can even switch on the on-screen In other respects.
Cinema 40 shares more with Real3D than it does with LightWave or Imagine.
A case in point is the hierarchical approach to objects. Each object can be a parent to one or more objects: move the parent, and you move the associated 'children' objects too. Not only does this make perfect sense la finger is part of a hand which is part of an arm which is part of a body), but it does away with the need for complicated grouping procedures. It also makes it very helpful to make it straightforward to apply textures and animate complicated objects in a realistic way.
Once you have created a few scenes and are ready to settle down to some serious rendering, you'll be pleased to note that there has been some decorators in. The ren- .
Dering windows have been simplified considerably. With more obvious options and a few extra preview modes. As before there is a stand-alone Shell based ray-tracing engine included in the package. This means you can easily have images rendering in the background as you carry on using your Amiga for word processing.
The rendering can be driven by a script, which means you can set up complicated renders for when you go on holiday. As long as your hard drive doesn't fill up or your cat pee on your keyboard, you should come back to all your different scenes and animations rendered to perfection.
Even if there is an error in the first scene, the script will carry on to the next without crashing out.
What's new?
Release 3 isn't a huge leap over the previous version and instead adds a few new features, refines the existing ones and answers what few criticisms there were of version 2. In fact, the changes have been so subtle that the documentation for the new version consists of a forty page addendum to the original fand well- written) manual.
Slim it may be. But the new instructions are certainly more than adequate, and cover the excellent new lighting effects, improved deformations, new rendering modes and updated animation system. It also points out the new features which you might miss, such as bringing up numeric requesters on the move and rotate buttons, speeding up the display on graphics cards, and applying camera filters such as 'sharpen' and "soft focus'.
It was slightly disappointing 10 discover that there was nothing phenomenally breath-takingly I brand new or beyond-state-of- the-art in this release, and in particular there were still no | procedural textures or new spe- I cial animation special effects (my favourite Imagine features).
Support for alien file formats such as JPEG was welcome though, something which I other programs should think I of including.
Speaking oi animation, a copy Iof the shareware version of MainActor is included for post production work. You'll need to register it to get rid of the 'nag' screens though. The existing MagicLink conversion program has been updated and simplified, making it easier to convert objects from Imagine and other formats, into native Cinema 4D format.
Why this one?
Although a slightly restrained update, version 3 is still a worthwhile upgrade to buy. The highlight lor me was the new and improved light source effects, but existing users will be pleased to note that rendering times have also been improved, and code has been re-written for the 68040. If you happen to have seen a demo you'll certainly appreciate the supplied version for floating point unit equipped accelerator cards.
As a quick test. I ray-traced the same 800 by 600 scene on both the old and new floating point versions. Version 2 took eight minutes and 30 seconds, whilst version 3 took only two minutes and 33 seconds.
That's quite a substantial improvement - especially if you are rendering animations.
However, you still might be asking yourself why should you bother with Cinema 4D when you already have access to a package such as Imagine? For one thing.
Cinema 4D is a great deal easier to get to grips with. With its non-standard orange interface and multiple editors. Imagine is frankly, scary at times. Over the years it has had so many new leatures and options built into it that it's now groaning under its own weight.
Cinema 40 is a comparatively modern program, designed with advanced leatures built-in and has always been more Amiga-friendly.
If you do know Imagine inside out, then you'll appreciate that there is a great deal of power available. You can certainly perform certain tricks with Imagine that are not possible Irom Cinema 4D.
However, the question is. Are you prepared to invest the time?
Cinema 4D comes with a comprehensive manual, and UK based technical support, and I wouldn't blame a single soul if this could be the overall deciding factor.
Overall Cinema 4D is an excellent package for both 3D newbies and old- timers. It's easy to use, even quicker at rendering and is capable of some very excellent results. Perfect software to go with that 030 and 8Mb SIMM you've had your eye on ... ¦ John Kennedy One day we may see the rebirth of the Amiga with a PowerPC processor and other new features to enable it to compete again with today's systems. Sadly though, more than two years since Commodore's demise, very little of substance has happened.
We've seen prototypes and promises, but that's about it... Perhaps some can wait for the final outcome, but if you need more performance, without paying the earth - and you need it today - there’s one real alternative to consider now... Only Apple can offer you both desktop and portable computers that truly match the ease of use the Amiga brought to your desktop.
Affordable Apple Macintosh systems have PowerPC RISC processors with thousands of off-the-shelf programs available in areas where the Amiga was previously so strong.
.And, if you need to have the most compatible of all computers, Macintosh is currently the only system that can run MacOS, DOS and Windows applications via optional DOS Cards or SoftWindows.
• Why Macintosh?- All Macs arc PowerPC based (except PowerBor:
190s). Even entry level systems am at 100MHz I or 120MHz. With
200MHz powerhouses and 180 Mhz multi-processor systems at the
top of the range.
, Apple is the only mainstream computer company
K. who has been able to make the transition . F • _ from the
older CISC (complex instruction set iViaC Uo computing)
processors to the newer and faster RISC (reduced instruction
set computing) processor technology - whilst still retaining
full backward compatibility with previous software.
Remember (86. Pentium Pro & 680X0 are merely CISC!
FOver 1.800 native software packages (written specially for PowerPC Macs) have been shipped since Pow er Macintoshes were launched in 199-1 - plus there are thousands of existing programs which can also be used.
Industry standard programs such as Word, Pagestream. Word Perfect, Page FileMaker Pro.
Excel. Quark Xpress, Photoshop and many others have all been developed for the Mac.
The Internet & Communication:
* All Macs are Internet ready, many include .i 28,800bps modem
with full send receive fax and answerphone management
» Industry standard web browsers. Netscape
• » - Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Wcrv devel"M tor the Mac. Both give full access |8L to all Web sites with new Internet page layout
B. !?- ¦ features like auto-tables and on-screen movies.
* The Internet s standard format for video files, called
QuickTime (or QuickTime lor Windows), was an Apple development.
Of course it comes as standard with every Mac.
Connectivity & Expandability: » All Macintoshes have networking Ixnlt in as standard, so connecting systems together and adding shared printers etc. couldn't be easier.
* All Macintoshes have an external SCSI connector as standard
(except Duos) - adding external drives, cartridge drives,
scanners etc. really is Plug-and-Play
* Low-cost digital cameras can he plugged inti the Mac for
instant real image input.
* Inexpensive industry standard PCI cards can Ik- used in all Mac
systems from the K)0 upwar Education & Edutainment:
* Many quality Macintosh titles are widely available.
Dorling Kinilersley offer superb titles like The Ultimate Human Body and History of the Wixld whilst Microsoft publish Encana. Cinemania and Dinosaurs
• Because Macintosh is the preferred system within many
educational establishments, high quality software is assured.
• Apple is llie World’s No. I Multimedia PC vendor.
• All desktop Macs have a fast CD-ROM drive xs standard
(portables get internal CD soon too).
• In 1995, 42 of the top 50 selling CD-ROM titles worldwide were
developed on tlk- Macintosh.
• Many Macintoshes have built-in TV with teletext so IV dips can
be recorded directly to disk as QuickTime movies.
• Many Macintoshes have built-in video in and out. For direct
recording to VCRs.
• Some Macintoshes have Internal digital video editing facilities
as standard, others can Ix upgraded to include this facility
with ease. 9
• Top games like The Ultimate Doom.
Myst. Rebel Assault II. Daik Forces, Descent. .Afterlife. Lust Eden. Legend f Kyrandm. Full Throttle and The Dig have all been developed for Macintosh Output & Presentation: ? Connecting and using colour printers (from Fpson. HP. Apple and others) to Macs is so easy and the results are truly outstanding.
* Many software packages are available offering image
manipulation and superb photo quality output.
All you need is 10% deposit then there's NOTHING TO PAY until Summer!2 I SO s
• t r-'Ap E WO Perfortna Pnwerlul lull) expandibfc Mac with a
sujvib ufllw Hiltc iixtaded £1385 JUST £9.34 PER WEEK + ] tO )
Family Macintosh |
• HIACK MAC Sam Ikttfc •• ft* HAM » «prrd CD. IV *o*« Uch Hr*)
I V'dtvteVKJeo Ocpr™»3T n »* Modem 41996
• U.0STJ3
• *»!-» "ar* - .MnKmicwn •OMiMM.40
• M.UNRI. .INlHirn • PrSxiu(MAit .Th«r rjrAA
• ImnflkMH Hhm 'Owi llaW«pM)(M . «, builmuiole* •Oner,
- .•DrimrllUMtaNUMPM. •MlSranr £ 1 -0*0* »Ts» 1*, of EmpMi Sccc»
£1699 4339 4245 l(~«i y.Vt. tv. V. Colour 4369 1|».ki Vvlu*
IruXL A3 Oaur 4974 m IV,;. T| I Modems 1 Mt ,_i aaa MbKcfprnxt
mjfxC OtaM DrtrtCarrhW MOCwS'cAW ™ B
• Alt the boa |»«raim are avjijrtf far your Mx and cut Ir- than
no mghi expat A very and tdcxum a U»mn hri« »tui a available It
al |4m ami pb.'
449 COREL DRAW SUIR frewri 4116 440 CLARIS WORKS 4 4111 WACOM ARD AI II... 441 SOFTWINDOWS 95. 4293 APPLE DOS CARDS .from 1079 lyr ON STIY MAINTENANCE 418 jfm 4r Pay ION. Ivpf* ¦« a r . *r* a I All and ihcn pa)' Cl.4 i imntlb. I«ut**vi ?
• ml .41 118 .iir.injpmt-nl Iit I ikt.4 .n aiUlik-1in rvqwil
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ihe i r.ri *»rf an,I Marti a PREP to... GORDON HARWOOD
• DERBYSHIRE • DE55 9BR Tel: 01773 836781 . Fax: 01773 831040 .
E-mail: infoeqhc.co.uk .1)1 Ihulmarb a
j. bn* mu ©riced at an attractive £129.95 the ProGrab video
digitiser has probably been responsible for introducing
video grabbing to more Amiga users than any other digitiser
Now ProGrab has its own sound sampler for a companion.
And this sampler is also compatible with a wide range of existing sampling software packages, making it well worth a look from anyone into sound sampling or music.
There are two models of the sampler available. For this review we looked at the Hi Fi Stereo version rather than the alternative Standard Stereo version which costs £5 less. The Hi Fi sampler is an 8-bit digitiser which connects to the Amiga through the parallel port, as standard ProGrab HiFi Sampler ¦ Price: £24.95 ¦ Developer: Elsat ¦ Supplier: Gordon Harwoods t) 01773 836781 If you thought all 8-bit sound samplers were the same, take a look at this little beauty.
However, it also has an additional connection which plugs into the joystick port (and Speed Elsat. The developers.
Claim the sampler will A Ymi cm use ProGral with most nailable trackers and samplers. »ew work at 20KHZ maxi- that's what I call compatihilit). Mum, and "this limit is Not just ProGrab compatible Don't think that this sampler is limited to use with ProGrab. On the contrary, it's compatible with most trackers and sampling software, including OctaMEO SoundStudio which was given away with the March issue of CU Amiga Magazine. Combine this compatibility with its extremely high performance and sound quality, and it looks like a very strong contender to replace your existing sampler if you have one.
If you don't yet have a sound sampler you might be tempted to go for a sampler which comes with its own editing software but remember you already have SoundStudio which has a very powerful sampling section built in.
Includes a joystick pass-through), from which it draws a small current. Unfortunately, the length of the cable on the review model was too short to reach the joystick port of any Amiga other than an A1200 or A500, although this has been drawn to the developer's attention and so should be rectified soon.
The ProGrab video grabber comes in two forms, the basic set-up in which it connects to the parallel port and another which has a PCMCIA interface for A1200 and A600 users. If you have the basic ProGrab you will need to buy the PCMCIA upgrade to use the sampler at the same time, due to them both requiring the parallel port.
As the sampler is sold as an addition to ProGrab. It doesn't have any software of its own.
Instead, the ProGrab software . Has support built into it for the 1 sampler. When used with Y ProGrab the idea is that it records a digital soundtrack in
- realtime as you grab animations from video. This is of limited
use due to the poor performance of ProGrab PCMCIA during
animation grabbing, so don't expect to be able to take full
screen animations with sound at 25 frames per second.
Set by the Amiga hardware".
Nonsense! The Amiga's 8-bit parallel port has to be accessed by the CPU through the hardware. You can write software to do this in any language you like. The speed of the language determines the speed of sampling. I successfully managed sample speeds of lOOKHz using some hastily knocked up Assembler, five times faster than Elsat's claim. The maximum sampling speed really depends on which type of Amiga you sample on. This is important, because the faster you sample, the better your sample will sound.
Some people claim that it is pointless to sample over a certain rate, because "you can't hear the difference". This is not true - super treble frequencies cross modulate .with lower, ’audible’ frequencies.
Conclusion No matter which sampling software you use. This is a great piece of kit for the price. It is a crying shame that it will not fit onto an A1000. A600. A1500. A2000.
A3000 or A4000. Simply because the power lead from the unit is not long enough to reach between the parallel and joystick ports (and the A1000 has a different parallel port).
Interested users of these Amigas should call Gordon Harwoods to check if the design has been modF fied. As this is likely in the future.
There isn't a manual at the time of going to press. Not including any software is one thing, not including a manual is almost insane. If I had a pound for every I blown parallel port because some-1 one plugged something in when I the Amiga was turned on ... The ProGrab Hi Fi Sampler is a I great little sampler, even though I it's only aimed at ProGrab users I who want to take sound samples alongside animations. While the | combination of a ProGrab 24RT and this sampler is far from an ideal realtime audio-visual digitising system, if you're after a new sampler to use with your audio software
this is recommended. ¦ Pat MacDonald PROGRAB HIFI SAMPLER Oot satisfied with offering us a video grabber and now a new sound sampler fsee review oppositel Elsat, via Gordon Harwoods, now present a stand-alone teletext grabber: ProTEL.
Teletext is a primitive graphics and text format that was designed in the 70s for use with on-line computer systems, the like of which you may have seen running on the desktop terminal of a travel agent for example. Due to their simplicity, teletext pages can also be squeezed into the extra bandwidth of a TV signal.
ProTEL Teletext Decoder i I Price: £24.95 ¦ Developer: Elsat I Supplier: Gordon Harwoods © 01773 If you like, the teletext information is hidden in the invisible lines of the picture. ProTEL is a device that downloads these pages into your Amiga, from where you can browse and save them for future reference. The ProGrab video grabber already has facilities for downloading teletext information, but ProTEL offers a cheaper alternative.
Did it grab ya?
Grabbing teletext pages is a simple enough job. You can't just plug a TV aerial into the box and tune in from the ProTEL. The easiest way to use ProTEL is with a home video recorder, connecting the ‘video out' socket of the VCR to the input on the ProTEL. The ProTEL then connects to your Amiga via the parallel port.
To actually grab a selection of pages, you switch to the appropriate TV channel on your receiver (such as a VCR for example) and then specify the range of pages you want to grab (between numbers 100 and 899) from within the ProTEL software.
ProTEL downloads your specified range of pages which you can then browse 'off-line' in the same manner you would il you were browsing them 'on-line' from a live TV signal.
If you want to download the whole range of currently broadcast teletext pages from a certain channel, let’s say the entire Ceefax broadcast for example, you can expect to wait around ten minutes as the information is sucked in and passed onto the software.
However, if you want to then pull in teletext from a different channel you need to close down and restart the ProTEL software for it to work. This is obviously not satisfactory, but I'm hopeful this will be fixed with a future software update.
In analysis Once you've got your pages downloaded you can start flicking through them.
Unfortunately, the pages are rendered to the screen in Super HiRes mode, even though a teletext display could easily fit on a plain old 640 x 256 pixel screen, which would be much more practical when it comes to saving out pages as IFF screens. You can switch the software to run on any screenmode you like from a standard screenmode requester but if you choose a more sensible screenmode you'll then have to scroll around the still-massive rendered bitmap of the current teletext page.
This high resolution default also means that pages saved as IFF images take up far more space then they need to - a standard download of all the BBC Ceefax pages was 900K when saved to disk as IFFs. You can save your pages in any of three formats: IFF. Text or FG24 (ProTEL's own file format). The text export option is particularly useful for clipping out text information for quick and easy access in future.
Conclusion The software is a bit of a minefield, although Gordon Harwoods tell us it's still in development.
The teletext software on the ProGrab digitiser does a much better job with a much simpler interface.
Sure, these problems can be fixed and with any luck they will have been by the time you read this.
For the record, the software version tested here is 1.60. Feel free to call Gordon Harwoods (tel: 01773 836781) to check on the progress of the software if you really would need them fixed up for the system to be of use.
There are many additions Elsat could make to the system, quite apart from fixing what's already there.
An option to edit and display teletext pages would be helpful to those wishing to use the Amiga in cable TV work. Being more flexible about which pages the unit looks for would again be welcome. A better manual would be nice too.
This unit does have its uses though. If you're the sort who buys a TV guide every day. This box could save you money in the long run. For example, using this unit to see what's going to be on TV later in the day could save trees, which is something I approve of. No doubt, however, others will find many more uses for ProTEL. ¦ Pat MacDonald Opart from boasting an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), the Secal package claims that the language "combines the advantages of Assembly and the high-level languages". The degree to which this is true depends on your point of view but if you take
it to mean that it's Assembly with some clever, pre-defined macros you won't be far off Secal 1.0 ¦ Price: £34.99 ¦ Developer: TDS Development ¦ Supplier: OTM © 01827 312302 A new low-level programming language that's got fancy ideas above its station: it thinks it's high-level. We'll see about that.
The good bits Secal provides a thin layer on top of Assembly that comprises of variables' and assignment, some standard constructs such as 'if' and 'while', and simplified linking via 'incobj' and 'inclib' (this last feature is almost hidden by the documentation!). There's also a very useful link library which contains routines that can ease the pain of common Amiga chores like handling audio, animation and sprites.
All these things will be music to the ears of frustrated Assembly coders: there's the speed and flexibility of Assembly with some time- consuming idioms done for you.
That's not all: there's also this neat IDE. That means you get a dedicated source editor with an integrated compiler and debugger.
These three fit together rather well and the IDE is an area where the Secal package shines. Compilation is not particularly speedy when compared to a decent Assembler or something like Amiga E but it does attempt to do some (simple) optimisations. And when you're debugging you can chose to view the code as source, disassembly or hex In fact, the IDE has most of the essential features, although the editor lacks modern tools like syntax highlighting, syntax checking and label lists (for quickly moving around a large source file).
Letdowns The Secal package is extremely promising. The core parts are done very well but there are a number of things that hold it back. The manual is quite poor in places (but very good in others) and some of the best features are virtually ignored This would be forgivable if there were a lot of well-documented examples that started off simply and got progressively more advanced. But. Unfortunately, the few examples are obsessed with fancy graphical effects and optimal coding techniques, rather than teaching how to use the Secal language or the Amiga OS.
The packaging suggests that Secal may be suitable for beginners. But.
Apart from the lack of documentation and good examples, there are other reasons why this is a little optimistic First, the language makes heavy use of macros (like Assembly) and there is no warning about the common problems and misconceptions concerning macro parameters. Secondly.
There's no standard startup code, so if you want your programs to be able to be run from Workbench you need to know how to code it yourself. And finally, while there is support for even multi dimensional arrays they can only be referenced using constants. So. If you want to write, say, a generic routine to sort an array, you’ll peed to do it using Assembly code, rather than Secal array notation.
Another category of potential user is the advanced programmer who might want to consider this as an alternative to Assembly language. However, there is one critical feature which the Secal IDE does not support: multiple source files. An advanced programmer will know the benefits of breaking up large projects into several different source files (or modules), and will want a development system to support this, especially in Assembly where modules are the only way of separating the scope of labels and variables. The. Secal language supports this (through use of ' incobj') but the debugger
will let you debug only the main source file in the source view (the best you can do for the other modules is the disassembly view).
Interestingly, there are no examples that use multiple source files; the largest example is a small space invaders game and the source file is 14KB Another small problem with the debugger is that you can debug a program only if you've compiled it to memory. So if it crashes you have to compile it before you can debug it again. An option to save a version of the compiled code that can be loaded and debugged directly would be helpful.
While we're on the subject of small problems: the IDE will warn you if you try to quit it when the editor has a modified source file.
But it will not warn you when you try to open another file (it just _ throws away any changes you may I have made). And the IDE gener- I ates a lot of Enforcer hits (random I low memory reads) when starting I up and when compiling. This is usually an indication of a danger- I r ous bug somewhere but the IDE I does seem very stable, so maybe I the problem is benign.
Promising start TDS deserve a large pat on the back for trying something new like I this and for doing so well at the I first attempt. Secal is a very rea- I sonably priced and is a promising I product that needs only a couple I of minor updates la better manual, I decent examples and a couple of I minor bug-fixes) to make it recom- I mendable But it's only ever likely I to appeal to fairly advanced users. I and probably lust Assembly coders I that want some relief from the tedium of standard programming I idioms llike 'while' loops) In fact, it I may well be the programmers from the demo
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Women of the Web Is an all new CDRom which ii compatible with
any AGA Amiga. PC or Apple Mac ks an Interactive Multimedia
Encyclopedia of over 450m«g of Images, text reined irfc MPEGS.
WAV and MCV lies fer or 250 pre-order price £24.95 EmAtors
Unlimited- Ipic Encyclopedia 97 fcroCD ... free*
Gadgets--------- Horror Semaoon ----- Imagine 3D
PD------------- hto The Net (2CD) ... m Utils Experience
Vol I - £8.95 Available NOW. Rated 95% - AUI AGA Experience Vol
2 - £12.95 Special offer price. OUT NOW AGA Experience Vol 3 -
£14.95 Release Date - March 97 Desktop Video
2 ..£13.99 Draw Studio (floppy) ..£59.95
Draw Studio (CD) £74.95 ....£17 99
- .£27.99 .£11 99 £1799 £1799
- Cl 7.99 £17 99 Amnet Box Set I .. Amnet Box Set 2------ Aminet
Box Set 3______ Aminet Box Set 4.. Ann Babes Kwim
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Developer .
Afitg* Aepair Kit---- Amo* 14. 15 or I6_.._ Aminet I World Mo . World of Cl*art Plus.
World Atlas NEW RELEASES IN STOCK TEL: 01263 722169 MOBILE: 0370 766679 IESS Software. 13 Russel Terrace. Mundesley. Norfolk. NR 11 8LJ email: rich@sadcness demon.co.uk fOmen ek the. Ki)eh a OUT NOW ** £24.95 www.sadeness Hpmnn co.uk wnrw htm www.sadeness.demon.co.uk x.html Draw Studio V1.1 CD Draw Studio at a glance
• Opens DR2D-IFF
• Places JPEG, BMP GIF. IFF-ILBM , PCX, Illustrator 88
• Bitmaps can be exported from DrawStudio at a any resolution as
well as anti-aliased
• Objects in Draw Studio can be filled with bitmaps
• Objects in Draw Studio can contain solid or transparent colours
or gradients
• Text can be placed on curves or around boxes
• Cutouts can be created using compound objects
• Two or more bitmaps can be rotated and joined together to
create a new bitmap ¦ Price: £74.95 ¦ Publishers: LH Publishing
® 01908 370 230 Version 1.1 sees an updated version of Draw
Studio on CD along with two other useful applications.
Create a piece of text in Draw Studio, export a bitmap version, blur it in ImageStudio and then import thal back into Draw Studio lo combine with the original text to create soft drop shadows. Such shadows can also be done using transparent shadows slightly offset to one another.
Other stuff turns the package into a one stop graphics toolbox. Not only that, you also get primed manuals for both Draw Studio and ImageStudio nicely presented in a proper box. If you're into graphics or desktop publishing, this is a must have because it will let you do things you couldn't do before Let's hope we see more new software of this quality appearing ¦ Tony Horgan Materialistic An application like this is nothing without materials and the CD version is packed with things such as Type 1 fonts for creating text as well as textures for filling objects with. There is also a wide
variety of JPEG photographs. If it's examples you want, then there are plenty of fhese with both Draw Studio files as well as exported bitmap equivalents. This lets you see how a lot of ihe effects on the CD are created.
The layout of the CD is superb with everything where you'd expect it to be and well labelled.
The end result is an excellent combination of a great illustration program with useful support programs and materials Even though not a lot has changed with Draw Studio, the addition of all the Special reader offer Fancy a copy of the Draw Studio CD as well as saving fifteen quid? Then take advantage of a special offer from LH Publishing where you can buy the CD version of the program for only £59.95 (plus £3 postage). This offer is strictly limited for one month from the date this issue is released. Call 01908 370 230 for details.
Oraw Studio, written by Andy and Graham Dean of ImageStudio fame, is an illustration package that lets you integrate structured objects and bitmaps for use in other applications or to be output direct from the program.
When we reviewed it in October 96, il was only available on floppy disks and had two versions of the program, one for Amigas without an FPU as well as one with an FPU. Now, however, at version 1.1 this new release on CD contains updated versions of the main application as well as a number of other applications and support material. So we thought it well worth a look.
Support lor both structured and bitmap formats is a definite bonus as il means that images created in Draw Studio can be used in many areas such as DTR as well as web graphics, video titles, multimedia screens and lots more A major difference between Draw Studio and other similar applications is that Draw Studio relies on MUI for its interface. The result of this unusual combination is thal Draw Studio is incredibly easy to use but al the same time powerful with many unique features on the Amiga.
Three in one With Draw Studio's ability to fill any structured object with a bitmap fill as well as blend solid and transparent objects, you can do many of Ihe things you might already create in a bitmap based application but now it’s easier.
This is because Draw Studio is object orientated. Unlike a paint program, where if you place elements on the page, they are fixed in place, in Draw Studio they can be picked up, resized and much more, all without affecting the quality of the image.
The main changes since our last look at the program include the addition of localisation and the extension of the character set.
Some of the points we raised in the last review, such as the resolution of exported objects limited by the amount of chip RAM you have, will be addressed for version 2 we are told.
Draw Studio, however, is not the only application onjhe CD. Also present is the image processing package ImageStudio as well as a texture generator in the form of TextureStudio. All three applications work well together, especially ImageStudio and Draw Studio.
You can. For example, Web Explosion ¦ Price: £49.95 ¦ Developer: Nova Development ¦ Supplier: HiSoft © http: www.hisoft.co.uk Do you spend hours, days or even weeks trying to find decent pictures for your web site? Yes, well the search is now over.
©hether you're just starting out with designing web pages or are something of a supremo webmaster, it's a hard job finding good quality graphics to suit.
HiSoft claim to have come to our rescue with a double CD set of nothing but images specifically for web design. The breakdown is as follows: 10.000 buttons. 500 bullet points. 750 backgrounds. 250 banners, 1000 dividers, 250 textures.
1000 photos and 7000 clip art images. Wow!
To buy or steal So why buy this set rather than steal your graphics off someone elses site? Well it's quicker to use this is and the sections are themed in a particular style. Pick the style you want and the bullets, buttons, navigation bars and such forth are all there to match. There's also the rather impressive book that comes with the two CD-ROMs. The book has most of the CD graphics in print, about half in colour.
SUPERSTAR for design and could go into commercial web design. That's not an exaggeration, it's a very real reality as there's a shortage of webmasters across the world as every company scrambles to get onto the Net.
All the web pictures are copyright free naturally and though the CD-ROMs are PC style 8.3 filenames only, the Amiga has no problem accessing them. I recommend this package very highly.
It's a fantastic professional collection of graphics for webmasters.
If you’re serious about web design, get this now. ¦ Mat Bettinson cised for not having HTML code on the CD so you could navigate yourself and see them in a real WWW browser but I didn’t find this a major problem given the excellent book. Unlike common Mac generated graphics, the GIF images tend to use only the depth of colours that are required for compact size. Some of the JPEGs are of questionable quality though most are superb.
For one and all It’s not the cheap option but coupled with our Wired World HTML tutorials and a good text editor, virtually anyone with a good eye the rest in black and white.
There's a fantastic array of exactly the kind of graphics you need to make a truly professional web site.
There's some excellent backdrops with the colours toned right down so that you can see the text clearly superimposed as well as the originals if you prefer to do it yourself. But the buttons and navigation bars stand out as there is a mindbending selection which is beautifully crafted.
The names of the directories are descriptive enough for casual browsing through the book and generally send you straight to what you're after. It could be critiPD Scene Andrew Korn has had enough of fast cars and loose demons. But he still likes a good role playing game when he sees one.
Dark Citadel Puzzle ?nBHBnnjr r5i Cyberdrone RPG Cyberdrone is a first person perspective adventure gamn very much in the Dungeon Master mould. It is highly unusual in that your character is dead before the game starts. Of course modern medical technology being what it is. Death should no longer be considered an obstacle to overcome.
In a Robocopesqun piece of cybernastiness, your still- warm corpse has been sold to Technogen Ltd, who are intent on installing your body with all sorts of chips, sockets and things. Fortunately for you, the command interface fails, and your original personality comes back on-line, giving you the opportunity to make your escape from the labs of the evil Technogen Ltd and, presumably, find the nearest cybernetic removals shop and become yourself once moro. This sort of thing happens to me most mornings, but I tend to feel that a nice cup of coffee does the trick.
Wandering around the lab complex as you hunt the exit, you come across all sorts of objects, puzzles and enemies. General gameplay is marred at first by the badly designed icons. They are all drawn in lurid green line art and are quite unintelligible without recourse to the instructions. As you explore you have to keep stocked up with batteries and food, and you can find add on boards which plug into your zorro slots to allow you to see dangerous energy fields and the like.
The graphics of Cyberdrone certainly leave something to be desired, but the game is really atmospheric despite this. Well worth a peek for fans of the genre.
Available from: Classic Amiga PD, 11 Deans- gate, Radcliffe, Manchester M26 2SH. Tel: 0161 723 1638.
Price: £1 plus 75p P + P. 89, You could argue that top- down adventures with a main character who talks to the player is a genre and this is just following the genre, but only if you were trying to wriggle out of admitting that I this is a blatant copy of the Valhalla series. Now personally I think that there is no harm in PD releases based around other games, but a commercial release, even a cheap one like this, which is THIS close to someone else's work seems a tad dodgy to me.
Having had my moan, I have to say that this is a good clone. The graphics are nice and clear, although the update speed is a crawl. Best of all you never try to identify some vague squiggle only to be told "you KNOW what that is!".
If this game engine is ever used to write something with some originality, game of the month is a real possibility.
Available from: F1 Licenseware, 31 Wellington Rd, Exeter, Devon EX2 9DU.
88 Tel: 01392 493580.
Price: £6.99 plus 75p P + P. In Death Jukebox This strangely titled collection from Italy crams an impressive 20 tunes into a very nicely presented two-disk floppy album. The mods have a distinctly hard rock heavy metal flavour, which was par for the course a few years ago but is pretty rare these days. The whole lot lasts a whole hour, so if moshing about in front of your Amiga in a biker jacket is your cup of special export super strength, you're going to think this rocks.
Available from: Classic Amiga PD, 11 Deansgate, Radcliffe, Manchester M26 2SH.
Tel: 0161 723 1638.
Price: £1 plus 75p P + P. of Disco M in ilraftli dip I '• tilm in in flu- in M ink
* «» ii(ifii k' iinm
• il
• ’¦ Ih«im«I nlivr 1 ufiiiiuiiiiiflny 7 kii.li.tb 17 nuiiiiHility
* mm tli M fluml 4 in mpf r t*» lui| pyInimil
• mi'illl Molitnitri!imm
f. mn tp tin lift- 7 tin- mrlpily nt ilriftli tifin.fr ttipiYm
iill O ypp Ippr ltP Bouncing balls, plasma tunnels, swirling
white dots.
These are not the stuff of original demos. In fact there is something about this one which distinctly reminds me of the old Commodore 64 demo scene. I don't mean this in a bad way, this is a _ lot better than anything on the 64, it's just a kind of nostalgic style thing. The demo starts with a spinning bouncing primary coloured sphere thingy, which is pretty relaxing. Then there are some tunnel effects and some white dots which swoop around like mentally disturbed termites in a wind tunnel. I don't think I'd go as far as confirming the title, because there is no effect in this demo which
isn't done better somewhere else, but it does the job.
Available from: Classic Amiga PD, 11 Deansgate, Rad- cliffe, Manchester M26 2SH. Tel: 0161 723 1638. Price: Cl plus 75p P+P.
Amatory Minidemo selection An excellent way to view a bunch of demos, this is a collection of 'intros', or short (frequently under 40k) demos. The demos all run from the nice menu you are presented with on boot-up. They don't all return you to the menu, but that's the fault of the demo programmers, not of the compiler. I find it amazing that demo programmers, who are capable of some truly astonishing feats of programming from advanced plasma animations to ultrafast chunky to planar routines seem to have real trouble coding things like exiting a program cleanly or even being able to exit
it at all without having to reboot.
There are nine demos on this disk, and some of them are really good. OK so the alliterative Bice Twice from Starise is probably only going to appeal to you if you are a Scandinavian (other than a Norwegian), and have been forgetting to take your prescription haloperidol but there are some pretty good things too. Particularly noteworthy are Essence, by Brainbow, which is a realtime spinning lightsourced reflective 3D shapes job- bie, and Stellar, which has some impressive FX, includ- in9 a v®rV nice f fast picture in picture
• _ 1tunnel effect.
Logic |... . .
Puzzle game ¦¦ .... ¦¦ Logic is one of those peb- ¦¦ «.«•« » « . , , .... ¦ T1 PT -Pi bles on a grid sort of games. .¦¦¦.• ... Playing against the comput- "a”1.. a a er or a human opponent, the "Sar a “a “j?
Challenge is to place j FKW4'I coloured pieces on the L »•••»» board to repeat a pattern within a three by three grid next to the board. As each pattern is reproduced, you are presented with a new pattern to make. Your score depends on how successful you are in doing this. The challenge is to balance out the necessity of blocking of your opponent's patterns whilst finding time to make your own.
What makes a board game of this type good or bad is how challenging the problems it presents are. The tactic of this game, which is to place your stones in such a way as to block your opponent at the same time as building useful structures for yourself, provides exactly the right sort of need for forward planning and tactical thinking which keeps you wanting to play.
The computer opponents aren't hard enough to provide a big challenge in the long term but it will provide enough of a challenge to learn on but you'll be wanting to play against human players (iVetty quick. An excellent board game though.
Available from: Classic Amiga PD, 11 Deansgate, Radcliffe, Manchester M26 2SH. Tel: 0161 723 1638. Price: £1 plus 75p P + P. Why can't there be a slideshow of alternative transport systems, that's what I want to know. There do seem to be fair numbers of Amiga users who are into pics of Ferarris judging by the number about, but I’m not one of them. I mean, OK, so they are very high quality GIFs displayed as a self booting slide show with a nice fast GIF displayer, all very professional and so on, but how about something on solar powered trains and lighter-than-air freight vehicles of the
future? Why does no-one send me that sort of thing to review?
Of course, if anyone was thinking of sending me their Ferarri to review, I withdraw the preceding statements in their entirety.
Available from: Classic Amiga PD, 11 Deansgate, Radcliffe, Manchester M26 2SH. Tel: 0161 723 1638.
Price: £1 plus 75p P + P. Available from: Classic Amiga PD, 11 Deansgate, Radcliffe, Manchester M26 2SH. Tel: 0161 723 1638.
A promise for computers!!
Attention Dealers A500, A500+ & A600 Ring Fax Now for best trade prices and terms on Repairs, Spares, Floppy Drives, Hard Drives, CD Rom Drives _and Memory Upgrades. K
14. 4k...£59-95 28 8k,..£124-95 APOLLO ACCELERATORS 1230
Lite...£99-95 1230 50. ...£159-95 1240 25 ...£229-95 1240 40
..£299-95 1260 50 ..£489-95 SIMMS 4Mb .....£29-95
8Mb .....£49-95 16Mb ...£89-95 Heavy discounts on
SIMM prices if bought with an Accelerator For A600 & A1 200
'60Mb £55-00 120Mb.....£75-00 250Mb...£105-00
540Mb...£149-95 80Mb £65-00 170Mb.....£90-00
420Mb...£129-95 1GIG £199-95 All hard drives are
pre-formatted, partitioned with Workbench loaded and include
2-5“ IDE cable and software 2-5" IDE Cable and Software (if
bought separately) .....£9-95 3*5"
HARD DRIVES ......£115-00
1-08GIG ......£ 540Mb 850Mb
......£130-00 2-1 GIG
EXE rtrrm JMHi FPU plus Crp UNBEATABLE 1 PRICES 1 Please can for latest best price 4Mb 8Mb al .C39-95 QUAD SPEED LOLA CD GENLOCKS Squirrel Interface L1S00.....£16995 L2000S ..£349 95 £189*95 SALES SERVICE INTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVES A500 A500+ ..£29-95 A600 A1200 .. .£34-95 CHIPS * SPARES * ACCESSORIES 1 Meg Fatter Agnus .....£19-00 2 Meg Fatter Agnus .....£24-00 8362 Oenise ..'£9-00 8373 Super Denise .....£18-00 5719 Gary ...£7-50 8520 CIA A500 A500+ ..£15-00 8364 Paula A500 A500+ ......£12-00
Kickstart ROM 1 -3 .....£15-00 Kitkstait ROM 2 04 .....£22-00 Kickslait ROM 2 05 .....£29-00 SCART lead Mouse Mol . 10 Boxed Branded Disks ... Prinler Coble . Surl Squirrel £95 00 Squirrel SCSI Interfoce ..£55-00 A500 A500+ Keyboard £50-00 6570 Keyboard (hip .....£20-00 68000 Processor .£8-00 Power Supply A500 A600 A1200 ...£35-00 Exchange A2000 A1500 Power Supply ...£80-00
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* Please call for any chip or spare not listed here A1200 without
hard drive .....£299-95 SPECIAL OFFER A1200 with 80Mb
hard drive ......£349-95 A1200 with 170Mb hard drive £379-95
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* Call for more good deals analog. Analogic Computers (UK) Ltd
STSSSTmT ««* r •“SkX.X Unit 6 Ashway centre, E!m Crescent,
TtfPl+ lUfl Eam Qef E LOGIC Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey KT5
6HH I wK W ID I D ¦ D YD D
* All prices include VAT * All prices & specifications subject to
change without notice * Fixed charge for repair does not
include disk drive keyboard
* We reserve the right to refuse any repair * PSP charges £3-50
by Royal Mail or £7-05 for courier * Please allow 5 working
days for cheque clearance
* All sales repairs are only as per our terms and conditions,
copy available on request.
PD UTILITIES Christmas has moved to March shock. Well, it's always best to be prepared. To figure out how this change of festive seasons occurred you could always try to work it out by mathematical equation using Mathscript, Andrew Korn's utility of the month.
86, Available from: Aminet path: Misc Math or phone local PD library.
Registration for full version: £15.
91 Christmas clip art 97 Um ... Christmas clip art Call me a cynic but I'll bet that a month or two ago this two-disk clip art collection was called Christmas Clip art 96. I mean, Christmas comes earlier every year, but this one arrived in the office in mid January. On the other hand Christmas post gets worse every year, so why not play it safe and get your cards done now.
The clips are pretty standard Christmassy fare with ruddy-cheeked Santas and playful reindeer, exactly the kind of stuff that makes me mention old-fashioned black and white striped boiled sweets, but it is of a very high quality.
Available from: Classic Amiga PD., 11 Deansgate, Radcliffe, Manchester M26 2SH. Tel: 0161 7231638. Price: £2 (for two disks) plus 75p P + P per order.
Blue Rose Colour Fonts Colourfont collection The Road to War AmigaGuide The Road to War is an AmigaGuide overview of the historical trends which lead Europe to World War 2. It is written by Mark Tebbutt, a 15 year old history student, who has decided to share his GCSE research into WW2 with us. Don't expect a multimedia presentation, animations of Junkers bombers diving over London, Mpeg newsreels and samples of Hitler's speeches, because you'll be disappointed.
The level of research in the document is basic but wide reaching. Mark Tebbutt may be a history student not a history teacher, but he is clearly interested in his subject and this comes through in the text. This is a long way from being a complete history, but it is literate and written with an enthusiasm which makes you want to read on, which is exactly what it should do. It would be a mistake to think that reading this file will make you an expert, as the author warns at the start of the text, but if you want an informative and easy to read overview to give you a background for your own
researches, this will do the job nicely.
Aoachc finlrt Rnnrt Ro,cc fomt Janus uustttt a i un ; umufJiCL Titian Kentway Small Credits 1 -m 86: Esperanto Artificial language Esperanto is an artificial language invented a little over a hundred years ago by Polish doctor Ludwig Zamenhof. He had the crazy notion that it would be good if everyone spoke the same language, and even crazier, everyone ignored him.
There are less than ten million people who speak Esperanto today and being something of an academic curiosity 90% of Esperantists presumably speak English, so isn't it all a hopeless failure? Not if you want to speak a pretty exclusive language and gain 10 million enthusiastic friends worldwide and it is VERY easy to learn.
The language course on this disk is actually rather good, if not very user friendly. It does unfortunately rely a little on the Amiga's speech synth, although it manages to make noises more like a singing crocodile than the normal robot with dysentery, which sounds less irritating but also less intelligible than before.
There is also a CLI command to translate English (or German or Portuguese) to Esperanto, but it has a poor dictionary - it even fell down on hello.
Eddie Barry is back with another o* his disk collections for CD-less Amigans.
This four-disk collection has 27 fonts, much less than on a CD-ROM fonts collection, but Eddie has tried to compensate for this by making the fonts in his collection that much better than normal. These aren't everyday fonts, they are very decorative, but if you want bold, colourful fonts for games, video titling etc, this is a great place to look. The fonts aren't all complete, several don't have lower case or numerals, which is a bit of a minus point, and the range of extra characters is somewhat variable - not that you'd be likely to use the fire font for mathematical formulae.
I really liked this collection. Eddie Barry does his own fonts rather than just compiling other peoples, so they aren't fonts you'll have seen everywhere and disk one is a slideshow of the other disks, which is a big help. Most of the fonts come with a range of palettes just to keep them interesting and a couple are even designed for colour cycling use.
Available from: Eddie Barry, 14 Tudor Brae, Don- aghcloney, Craig- avon, Co. Armagh BT66 7LF Price: €5.00 inc. P + P. Class HD Utility assor This month's entry in the mixed utilities stakes offers a pretty eclectic mix.
Crypt-o-mat, a file encrypter, and padlock, which locks the screen until a password is entered (or the computer is rebooted) are here for the security conscious. NewYear genie, for Delitracker, draws a firework display to go with your mods. Split 'N‘ Join allows you to copy large files onto several floppies, and Tarot Calc tells your fortune.
There are also decent JPEG and PNG datatypes and a list of Playstation cheats. Given the huge number of utilities knocking around, collections like this aren't going to be hard to find. The question is always whether this is the collection for you. The software in this one is all good for what it is but the collection isn't really 'must have’ unless there is something specific you want.
Available from: Classic Amiga PD, 11 Deansgate. Radcliffe. Manchester M26 2SH. Tel: 0161 723 1638. Price: £1 plus 75p P+P.
91 * .£ A MATS } Ami fa, t Atari Sti cno Switched BunoNS Ka Atari ST Switch able I BUTTONS CAN BE USED WITH Hft PROGRAMS SUCH AS Drectory Opus 5 BGE or BLACK £lZ.99 e2.« OR £1 WTTH A MOUSE Books £ VldAOS &DE-A1200 £14.95 CE -A1200 Next Steps £14 95 CE-ASSEMBIER £14.95 6lce - Disks b Drives £14.95 Sri-Workbench 3 A ro Z £14.95 Itat* • Workbench 3 £19.99 Uka -AmigaDOS £2199 bKA Arexx NEW £2199 Ite* - Assemmer £24.99 SAMIGASCRTTS £19 95 ¦Amiga Beg* irs £19 95 iAuga Prwters £19 95 sAmgaDOS 3 Reference £21 95 tPkOGRAMMNG Secrets £21 95 9 m M Send Faxes r§%. To and from r«7»w. Smim r v°ur Amiga.
XmfA, , AU. Even Fax directly FROM YOUR APPLICATION.
Amiga Format Gold. Amiga Computing 9 10. Fax Compatible Modem Required,.!.!
Image FX 2.6 the best '¦ ‘ 2x£r-t ¦ iwxgf ‘nocissiw Package u«e is eor in Amiga. Amiga Format Gao - CU Awards Burble Flue
- EX. W«ELESS V M M • S-I-. 4TS--1.. £ -9 MOOES Fnmam C FimGaajn
Adi R mm 'gM M
I. ,-: OsiOR'i;v.
2mb b Haro Disk Requred £ sairuRN External 1m0 Fltppa Prirt fBrail AmaZ Powrfax ) Power-Up your Amiga with tws 250w Enhanced Amiga PSU FOR LimE MORI THAN THE PRICI OF A NORMAL 25-30W SOCCER MOUSE WORTH £ A1200 expansion Cards Amba PSU! Designed for A500 600 & 1200. Encaseo h Steel Suosysiim, All Cares Suprueo, Monitor ouiui on back of PSU, Only Quality New PSU's used,
Haro Dexs etc. AQ Magnum 68030 68040 LGNUM RAM8 Card & 68060
Cards I hoHASL of 2.3 IMS - 2 88mrs Srno Inwas. » ue to 27 IMS
• 68030.40 w 60 All WIIR 0. 2. 4 OR 8MB OF 32 Bn PROCESSOR
RUFMNG AT 33 40 OR 50MH2INEW irlleo • USES Sianoard 72-pir
Simms Prixessor Cirp NOT OverclocodI • MMU n All i PLCC Ti*l
FPU (floahng row umt) Processors • 040 Fire Standard A1200 •
no Bn Baciso Cixl Caiinoer e Fihua "obiim 6 is supplied wuh a
Heaisinl Fl Fan • Up ihbp Irsiallaiion • Trapdoor Finnic io
32mr of RAM can bi acoeo . Kickstaht flVOO WARRANTY • 0-4MB •
I. ) • Zero Waite State Desion • 68040 60 rave built-in FPU,
68030 card has
- opiioHAi PLCC PGA TYPE FPU Ifloating Powi Unit)
• BanERY Backed Ciock Caienoer * Trapdoor II I M T FillINQ •
or SouiRflfi
- --1 • Zero Wajte State Design.
Omb 4 MB 8m b I6mb 32ms 39h .69,. .89.. N A N A 33MHz FPU ,59- .89.. .109.. N A N A 33MHzsFPU .89*. ,119- ,139- ,179.. ,249.. 40MHz ,109.. ,139.. ,159., ,199- ,269- TOHzsFPU ,129- ,159- ,179- ,219- ,289- '50MHz .129- ,159- .179- ,219- ,289- !5MHz (il mo ,199- ,229- ,249- ,289- .359- 40MHz(tcipu) .269- ,299- ,319- ,359.- ,429- 50MHzkipo).399- .429- .449- ,489- ,559- SCSI-II Interface for the Magnum 68030 08040 6 68060 Carts
- Supplied with software - £79.99 rKU * 7* 1 opus 4 3 C~ft* A12O0
CAPACITY HARO 0«K WIIHOUt CARDeOAPO & « oiuei Our packs oefer
you our exclusive and wLTMR coPYBiGRisn Bhack Ii 1200 Fitting
System Ft WAHAUj CH0(C( m H|GH sp[!B,1()lv [os, 0|sb Brack-It
1200 Pitting System Designed to accommodate the newer drives on
4. 12 IWORTH £501. MUI 3. MCP. Gauga AGA, Virus Checker, Moos,
ReOrg, Abackup ano MUCH MORE.
l. XGB fl69w ABOVE BSKS - UP»«E _ m.IIIKII,..,.. CRSKS AST K
By (Aualified Technicians ? All Amiga Compuiehs Covehed PRICES INCLUDE COLLECTION 6 OCLIVERV ? Pricfs from as Mini as £29.99 ? Many repairs by Wizard require NO Parts ? Prices include Insured Courier Comction b Delivery, Labour, Full Diagnostics, Service, Soak Test & VAT.
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Ledger Based accounts system, Amga Format Gold CALL ABOUT TRIAL OFFER HarcDg* & || n 2ue) RAM Reour® fllTw Other Products A500 512i RAM Expansion d4» A500pvus 1 mb RAM Expan llt.»9 A600 lMB RAM Expansun c19.fi 33MHz FPU Kit - PLCC type FPU & Crystal - win fit MOST CARDS - CALL TO CONFIRM.
£29.99 AumilWORil «•-. No 4M8 72-pin SIMM ,30 8mb 72-pin SIMM 16MB 72-PW SIMM 0 32mb 72-pw SIMM (]60 Disks 50 Disks b Colour Labels ( 100 Disks eCaouR Labels ALL SIMMs ari NEW ako haw a 1 ym Warranty 01322-527800 ¦ or fax 01322-5278101 Adyamcad 48b PC £oft**ro Emulator , m . At last, the long awaited PC . Task 4.0 is now shipping fTJ V J featur*eg: Advanced 486 I SOFTWARE ONLY EMULATION, YP-- J Dynamh: Compilation for faster EMUUTION, UP TO 16MB ACCESSIBLE 'lyilCi 4 unoer MS-DOS, MDA. CGA. EGA.
J VGA & SVGA supported, up to 256 COLOURS ON AGA MACHNES, WC*j CyberGaapmcs support. Multiple hard MSK FUS ANO PARTITION SUPPORTED, CD-ROM ano High Density orives supported. Run MS-DOS APPLICATIONS IN A WINDOWS ON TOUR WORKBENCH! RUN Windows 3.1 in Enhanced mooe! Many times quicker THAN VERSION 3.1! _ RrauMis Unw 2 0 ano M gM k 68020 PROCESSOR OR BETTER. Mm ¦ ¦ CALL ABOUT UPGRADES TurboPrint S rrm.Hr £nham*m~t So hmr, If YOU HAVT A PRINT III - YOU MUST fill TuRRDPriNI II If YOU HAVE A PRINTER - YOU MUST GIT TuRBOPfilNT. Il - RADICALLY ENHANCES THE PHINIOU1S YOU NORMAUY GET BY REPLACING the
Amiga Prinier System wuh the Fasier and Visibly Better TurboPrnt System. Options inciuw Poster Prwting, Colour Correction. Diihering. Colour Baiancmg. On-Screen Preview ano Much More ... Most phintihs are supported -call to cwx STOP PRESS - Version 5 now wcluoes 'Graphics Publisher' to LOAD MULTIPLE PICTURES. INCftnOUAl COLOUR CORRECT, ROTATE. TWIST Ana M0W True Match 5 ¦ 'iJBtdh *0R HP.
• Icon Action Mooe ? Workbench Replacement Mode dramatically
inhanceo ? OpusFTP capability io access Internft FTP sites with
a usier • Boroeiuess BunoN banks
I sue "EMS
• Alhomahc Farm Creator to CWATE and TEST FlfTYPES WTTH EASE ' ?
A font vtewer • Listers hi ids eor mus. Re-sorung by mos.
Plus a 'version' field • Colour re-mapping oe button'icon images WITH SUPPORT eor MAGC WORKBENCH FTC. ? SELECTIVELY H» l, ¦ UNWANTED WVI ICONS • ClIPBOARO SUPPORT FOR CUT.
'CONIIY, ANIl SCROLI BUSY LlSIERS WHBE BUSY ? ICON ano Lister snapshots ari storfo separately from Workbinch so you could snapshot your CD-ROM icons! • Listers can now oispiay a BACKGROUNO PlCTURf PATTfRN • ME Internal Opus CU io qutchy iest ) commands b Arixx scripts • Many NEW INTERNAL COMMANDS AND MANY t ¦ MM . 1 NEW Arixx COMMANDS VERSION I HAVE MIN A0C40 OR IXTINWO WITH NEW J Wn FEATURES. YOU CAN NOW EVEN ADO YOUR OWN mg INTIRNAl COMMANDS!
F Workbench 2 * b Hard Disk Required CONTACT US ON INTERNET I SALES a VVZAWK) C€M J CO UK BETWEEN 9AM AND 5.30PM, MONDAY TO SATURDAY, TO PAY BY CREDIT CARD. TO PAY BY CHEQUE OR POSTAL ORDER PLEASE SEND YOUR ORDER TO - WIZARD DEVELOPMENTS, PO BOX 490, DARTTORD, KENT, DAI 2UH Cheques should be mode peyeWe lo WIZARD OFVEIOPMFNTS Pnces include VAT & cafraflo to The UK mauHand. Ploaso odd £5 lo your ordei for EC dosiinalions and £10 for olhe* counlrms All producls am subject 10 availably E&OF Advertised pnces b spocificalion may cluingo without notice. All sales are sub|«l TO our trading conditions
• cony available on reouest.
BP«a £3499 sa ¦ AmigaDOS b Mashm* l-ftePHNQ USUAllY £43 94 EULYC9 fiRNfR Pack £39.95 to* Al 200 b Nixi StipsI. A 60 Minjii cr PD to oo with the BXK&toaos bratNCH 3 Booster Pack £39.95 c 6 Ohms & WORWNO 3 A to Z). A Vwo. I dk* 6 Reference Cmo Comfa* with ALL Amigas
• High Quality SONY Drn-e ? Robust Metai Case • Anti-Click as
Standard ? Enabie Disable Switch ? Low Power Consumption • Thru
Port for Extra Drives Or £47.99 with PowerCopy Pro 3 - The BEST
Backup System CD-ROMS CD-ROM Scene Andrew Korn takes another
look at those wonderful things called Cds.
When the previous edition of this encyclopedia was released, a lone dissenting voice, Tony Horgan. Who reviewed this last time around, felt there was a distinct lack of multimedia meat, suggesting that too much space was spent on the more frivolous aspects to the detriment of the encyclopedia section. He was also a bit concerned about the lack of a truly authoritative voice in what is after all intended as reference material Epic released the 1997 version with a stated aim of answering all the various criticisms of their previous release.
Have they succeeded ? Let's see.
Epic Interactive Encyclopedia The Epic Encyclopedia installs the driver software and a directory structure on your hard drive.
This makes use far faster at the expense of a mere couple of meg of hard drive space. The installation process takes a little time but there is a nice piccie and a bunch of samples of important historical events such as the moon landing to keep you amused while you are waiting. Because the make-up of the Encyclopedia is actually a directory structure placed on your hard drive by the installer, there is a very easy upgrade path, with new entries or updates to entries just being chucked into the appropriate drawer. It is way off from being the fastest way of running the system, though.
Jumping through the Encyclopedia list to an individual start letter takes about 30 seconds, which is an absurdly long lime for what would have been a simple indexing function if it worked in a more orthodox fashion.
Once the program is up and running, the most obvious change has been that Epic seem to have taken Tony's advice and scrapped the media show, a section which presented a dull slideshow with a rather uninformative voice-over.
Replacing it is a database of Europe; click on the map and you'll get a flag and a paragraph or two of text on the country in question. Not hugely detailed, but it's useful and takes up a lot less memory than the media show.
The Explorapedia is a clever section that is designed for kids, displaying pictures of various scenes which you can click around with the mouse to get a reaction - a drum starts lo play, a dinosaur roars - and if you select learn mode you then get dumped into the Encyclopedia with a small selection of entries available relating to the subject Use of the Encyclopedia proper is very straightforward. It has been improved since the last release with a wide and powerful set of control options, most notably the multimedia switch, which reduced the number of entries in the Encyclopedia by a long
way but ensures that everything you click on will have some multimedia add-ons. Avoiding the all too regular "Sorry there is no image for that subject" messages that crop up during normal use.
You'll probably quickly find that you spend a lot more time with this option on than off The range of multimedia information is noticeably improved from the original; the interface has been changed to show a key for the various inclusions that each file has; sound sample, music track, sound medley, photos. Film clips, or interactive. The film clips remain a touch disappointing. But the sound is now quite impressive. Look up a form of music and you will find an example tune to listen to. Look up monkey and you will hear it whoop, look up Amiga and you'll get quite a laugh. The images are
plentiful on the whole good, and can be oomed up to if the small box seems limiting, but the selection is rather weird. You get the impression that the inclusions in this encyclopedia were ruled more by what they could get than what they actually wanted. Hitler rates a single photo when old newsreel and Nuremberg rally sounds were surely in order, whilst the entry for bricks rates four photos, presumably because they are so easily available as textures Interaction sounds like a good idea, but the only time this icon lit up for me was on computer games • there is a rather average Space
Invaders to play.
There is still a worry about the lack ol an authoritative voice; the information is roughly two thirds by the authors and one third sent to them by various customers. I didn't notice anything actually wrong, and some individual articles are strong, but you wouldn’t trust this as a reference source the way you would something from Collins, for example, and the information can be a little sparse.
Having said that as a learning aid for kids, as a quick reference guide or for the shoer enjoyment of browsing through, this is now a really worthwhile disc.
Available from: Epic. 43 Akers Way. Swindon. Wilts.
SN2 2NF. Tel: 0500 131 486.
Price: £29.99 plus £1 P+P.
Owners of older editions ring for upgrade details.
Weird Science step into the super utilities disc ring with a heavyweight contender The title is slightly deceptive - although AGA stands for Advanced Graphics Architecture, suggesting perhaps that this is a CD full of great graphics utilities, this is in fact a toolkit for AGA machines, and covers as wide a range of software as you would expect from any utilities collection. They seem to have gone for a presentation somewhere halfway between the Aminet style of everything accessible from an AmigaGuide front end.
And the lovely Newlcons presentation of our very own CUCDs.
AGA Toolkit '97 .agin n n n aaua]
S. S. &&&& $
* *; • 04 IW & & & £ £ % SL? I B 000a mm rnmm mm 55 a 5 a 5 aj
ill*® o»-5 Getting at the software from the AmigaGuide was not
as satisfying an experience as it usually is from an Aminet
disc; there was a lot more that didn't work this way and I
rather got the impression that the compilers hadn't really done
a great job in ensuring that there would be a reasonable degree
of functionality from this front end. I don’t expect them to
be able to get everything to work this way, and indeed there
are a fair few files whose entries in the guide contain a
link to the documentation, but no button to activate them.
No problem Unfortunately, there was quite a bit which had a click to start button but didn't work anyway. The AmigaGuide front end is still great for going through all the documentation, but I found myself resorting to the Workbench or a directory utility most times I wanted to actually try out. A piece of software Despite this mild moan about the presentation, there is a huge amount of good software on these discs Don't expect anything revolutionary or new. If you have a subscription to the Aminet collection you probably won't find anything you don't already have, but that is par for the
course with this type of CD It is nice to see a collection that is this solid; there are all the usual fonts, backdrops, icons and so on but there aren't huge, space gobbling quantities. The space is much better employed with the huge collection of utilities. There isn't the room here to do justice to a list of what is on this disc but it the ground that is covered is awesome. There is a truly excellent directory of disc utilities, with good CD utilities, loads of compressors and files systems like Diskspare, which allows 984k on a floppy. Dopus users are catered for with loads of Dopus
utilities. System monitors, file conversion utilities and Workbench add ons abound, and there is a great collection of emulators, from ShapeShifter through Oric Atmos, with a collection of C64 and Speccy games to keep you amused. The quality continues throughout with some real gems in every directory, from the 95% rated Executive to this month's PD utility of the month Math Script. I could go on forever A C10 bargain and yet more proof that owning a CD-ROM drive is worth the cost ten times over.
The latest four-CD Aminet compilation comes with Directory Opus 5.11, coincidentally this month's main cover disk application As is always the case, aside from Directory Opus, you get about four gigabytes of archives taken from the Aminet on-line PD archive. That's the equivalent of around Aminet Collection 4
5. 000 floppy disks. It would cost 20 times the price of this
collection just to buy that many blank floppies If you've ever
used the Aminet, or an Aminet CD, you know what this is about.
All the files on the collection are accessible via the
Aminet AmigaGuide front end and search engine which has become
the standard other disks aim for. Organisation is straight
forward and sensible, which is very important when you have
over a thousand pictures, almost
3. 000 mods, and more than
3. 000 other programs You could spend years going through this.
I'm not going to even start listing the software on here - as this collection covers Aminet disks 13 to 16. You can look at your back issues and scan the reviews of those to get an idea of what is here The 600 odd Mb of extra stuff on this disk will have to remain a mystery.
Unless you've been collecting all those Aminet disks, this is a must have.
Art Gallery Time for a cultural interlude. Relax, sit back and enjoy this selection of reader's art. Once you've done that you can turn to the Workshop section.
% i ' ’ Artist: Jonathan Scutt Amiga: A1200 Apollo 030 50 8Mb RAM Software: Photogenics, Cinema 4D2 W, ' p
* ' 'Artist: Andy Watkinson, Leeds Amiga: A1200, 22Mb RAM,
vBlizzard 1230 Software: Photogenics Artist: Tyler Davidson,
Canada Software: LightWave Amiga: A4000. 18Mb RAM E023 TALKING
reguke 2-4player E027 OSWALD Very cokxirful large E030
EVOLUTION breed yoor own hybrid BUM collection 4 ducatioii
projne rial lor Mdq nrioe i cts «W mint M M at jwt H 5 disk._
£4J| Cgfont pack3 to order CG font pack no:3act Clip-Art El 18
WORKBENCH 2 ti E121 PICTURE PUZZLE bnllant JIGSAW type games
E122 WORD FACTORY BrtBanL teach kid words E128 CHILDREN SONG 2
contain 5 exceUont song El 75 FRANTIC GUIDE TO COMPUTER) 20
)brtUnf E256 EARLY LEARNER loach kids how to read GAMES MCI
III I mono clip art pack 1,2(3,4,or 5 l Colour Clip-art pack
1,2,3,4or 5 (please state pack raqulra 1-5) Fonts pack: m
gamas, highly recomn Agi AGA006 KLONDIKE DELUXE AGA (30) best
A1200 card gomes with glamours lady as cards face 18 * only
WORKBENCH Improve the your WB ft add some function to you. W8
really BRIL LAN T AGA41 ADULT SHOE Vol 1-9 (2 disk each) AGA62
BOOY SHOP VOL 1-7 (2 cSefc each) AGA80 FITCH1CK vof 1 -3(2dtok
each) AGA 102 AGA DIAGNOSTIC - NEW system tester AGA138
rearVwrtte PC flies AGA145 BIG TOPS (18 ? Only)HMMmm AGA170
CINDY CRAWFORD Vol I (2dtsh AGA174 MAGIC WB EXTRA vol 1 ft 2
(2dtsk) AGA230 LOVE 2 dfck-elmpfy brlllant DEMOS AGA295
DE-LUXE MONOPOLY- Beard game AGA296 DONKEY KONG Arcade classic
conversion AGA297 BOMB PAC Extreamly good to play AGA299
DE-UiXE SCRAB8LE-new version AGA303 PAM LA ANDERSON (2) 18*
only AGA321 HOT-BABE 1 (2) MUST BE OVER AGA322 HOT-BABE 15 (2)
PER VOLUME AGA393 PC EMULATOR V3- Latest PC emulator AGA400
HYPER RACE (2) Super racing games AGA410 CINDY CLAWFORD (3)
COLOUR WB make your WB more colourful AGA422 RIDGE RACER Demo
on the Amiga.
AGA431 El 3D ©:i ga Imagines abject pock 1 or 2 (5 'boefogamie «uwfo G| a* Coe-fl jtmet la's Bnrd n*» cails 9*r« p*» II.
"»i*t o m»' J1 *1 nr. C*» g*TM nU*MWI* ii AGA432 BEACH BABE (5)-Over 18 only AGA429 POWER DROID-98 New Asteroid AGA430 ULTIMATUM -The ultimate 30 Tank B | en afhrrjM eaoct (*8 I 5 disk set only £4.99 BIRMINGHAM B1B-1PP Tel: 0374-678068 5 disk set only E4.99 nrvEiaums games mck i
* *' 4 1 v| tm :aW’a'£Z*r‘' "* r** *1"7" rfj-rai v-‘ •e.'Sr
•0-i‘L. ;mc Cjmes H 5 disk set only £4.99 ttARSS SAXU MCK III
,*• 5 disk set only E4.99 rifcZLEGAMadfci I 5 disk set only
£4.99 1 IMCADE GAMES MCI II 5 disk set only £4.99 PUZZLE GAMES
IK -He is® Mat W f ' ? 2.99 too any 3 pact on Us page I dan
fra Im raise rat wtti £29! He. Please add anotra 41 p stanp lor
the rase M postage rkBench Ion* pack 1..(5 disk full of fonts?
1 WorMfonek font pack 2-.(5 disk full of fonts) | Large Colour
ft logo type font pack 1 (S die .
Large Colour ft logo type font peck 2 (5 disk CG-FONTS ThMtUgh'MftytNbpclscateW 1 ait scmwttSf al woon I of OT.P. •Wwo’tti Ibgt-dJMattlPipPipS.niatotK set COMPUTER GRAPHIC FONTS pack 1.2.3,or5 | (6 disk per pack please state packs reQiro) t 1 |5disk per pock) | true 3d font pock I 15 efts*) Caligan object a foie 3D fonts (state* |5 dak each) Light Wave objoct pock la 2 (6 disk per pock) I Light Wave true 3D fonts (5 disk* | Real 3D or true 3D fonts Obecf Istcrtej 5 disk per pock| Other 1 VARIOUS WORKBENCH ESSENTIAL UTIL. I I OVER 18 ONLY DEMOS PACK 1,2,OR,3. | | LOTTER WINNER PACK I 10008
GAMES HINT ft CHEAT II All pack in Ihooo boa como on 5 disks & cost £4.19. I Par pack. All pack are compatible with all amiga | ;iov7 v q To ordrr any pack or title on Dm page just write the pack or the bile name. A send it with your order to (address right All ORDER SAME DAY DESPATCHES VIA FIRSTCLASS POST ALL PACK ARE COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AMIGA UNLESS STATE PRICE ALL SINGLE DISK ARE £1 .00 PER DISK ALL PACK (DISKS) PRICE AS SIAIED MANG 6disk SOWMCKWTHilNGAAJaRAGNESKiQ.
AMUJYM, SLOBKW. ECT MUST FOR MfT WNGk FMHJNONALLNKA 1 £ 6 DISK SETT ONLY 5.99 AM ACK A «do* cofcctan fa* of ank e tap pragrei* -rtten in no*. Ate ill AMOS MmI tor my one W to gtt the rM cf AMOS MGHLY RECQMKND 10 DISK PACK...ONLY t 9.09 PAYMENTS ' fcw, HfKf uuff ntaa maim to PORIKtRU* PlEASf e*GQPC«»T0 UT- U024 D-LOCKS procled your disk A files U334 EMULATOR COLLECTION II (lot of emulator!
U490 207 ublrttoa-COMPILATION U620 HOW TO CODE IN C (2*»k) • many example U622 ACTION REPLAY V1 5 artndge on cksk U623 ACTION REPLAY V4(A1200 ONLY) same as dm U650 COPY A CRACK TOOL 2 powerful copy prom U680 NEW SUPER VIRUS KILLER(nof WB3)M 31«*B U714 ENGINEER KIT various te*t tot kx Anvga U739 TURBO IMPIODER V3.1 powerful tksk crundw U748 30 GARDEN DESIGNER can wiew from anv ap U740 CROSS DOS 5.1 plus readforito PC AMIGAdd U752 EPU STACKER doutte the storage of your DRM U848 C64 emulator V3 (2DISK) lalesl U848 SPECTRUM EMULATOR V2- Lalesl US49 VIC20 Emulator indude ton of games U887 DISK
RERPAIR KIT 44isk repar, undelele.ed U1012 TEXT-ENGINE V5 (not WB13) very latest wordprocessor with spell checker, highly recommtd very good account proga U1022 PRO-FOOTBALL 1.1(2) footbal predclor U1025 MESSY SID 3- Latest PcoAMIGA disk corew* U1026 HD GAME INSTALLER 4- Install more gntsb U1027 Son-MEMORY Double Your Coumpter mm* This does not require HD or MMU.
U1028 MAGtC-USER-INTERFACE V3.1 NEW version U1029 OR 1C 48K EMULATOR (Not 13) At Iasi it Wort U1030 MSXII Emulator V2.1. (WB3.0) MSX compukra U1031900 AMIGA GAMES HINT,* CHEAT V4 (2 dak) U1033 CANNON printer driver for BJ210.61040001 U1034 WITCHES COOK BOOK- anto-aging crea " I DEDUCE PACMAN • beet pacman e» G436 ROULETE amarcan rxNU axceNen 0438 TRAILBLAZER 2 C84 cenvanion 0441 ETYP* 2-8*ne-y tha bret aW-mad G4A6 CAKTLE OF DOOM VO grrmhtc adve 0687 STAR BA SL 13 (20) OrK hka MONKEY ISLAND G867 AMOS I OADSA MONEY boat IRUIT MACHINQ G8G8 MR MEN OLYMPIC (2D) many avant 0873 BOBBY GARDEN *
DIGGER (NEW) BrtK-K G680 SPACE-INVASION 2 - FantaMac Qsman I AMIGA-BOY Game boy amuiaor • lrt.ii 0772 UN SENSIBLE SOCCER very na Uwtin * 1VIM alM * (Ua H ¦* » ¦Mr ect t Zi pan pKk. ConpaTU. Il UK 5 disk set only £ MMKWW'
* 11 new education pact I ME j®r As well as the usual helping of
top tutorials, this month we are kicking off a new series on
desktop publishing starting with how to get your page to print
out looking like it does on screen.
76 Imagine 4.0_ Manipulating objects beyond recognition is always fun but it's even better with our super cover disk from the January 1997 issue.
82 New DTP Series Desktop publishing guru Larry Hickmott has kindly agreed to share some of his secrets with us over the coming months. Good stuff.
84 OctaMED SoundStudio More musical tinkering, experimenting and exciting discoveries with our wonderful cover disk from last month.
86 Wired World Don't believe a word Trevor and Simon say on Transmission Impossible, this is where you find out how the Internet works.
89 Surf of the Month Hmm, what a well balanced person Tony Horgan is, his interests are very varied as this surf selection shows. But who let the pigeons in?
95 FAQ If you're keen on learning more about graphics then look here to learn about the difference between structured and bitmapped images.
96 Masterclass More reasons as to why you should use the Shell more. Not only does it make your life easier, it saves you lots of time.
98 QerA Even though the Amiga is the best computer there is, sometimes it goes wrong or things don't work. Don't worry, we're here to help.
£ re 3 O) re 102 Backchat As the CU Amiga Magazine team are not known for sitting on fences (see page 105) neither are its readers as these two pages prove.
104 Subscriptions If you had to turn to the back issues page more than once in your lifetime then you need a subscription. It makes sense: it saves you time and money so do it now.
105 Points of View The CU Amiga Magazine team are not know for sitting on the fence getting splinters up their bottoms. No sir, if they've got something to say then they'll say it here 106 Back Issues This is the page to turn to if you missed out on any issue of CU Amiga Magazine All the main details of previous issues including cover disk and CD content are here Imagine
4. 0 The Detail Editor is full of secrets and special tools which
can be used to create new objects or alter existing ones
beyond recognition.
The Detail Editor has lots of functions which are designed to help you create interesting and complicated objects.
However, how they operate is far from obvious, so let's look at how some of the more obscure tools work. All the options which follow are available only in the Detail Editor, so you'll need to have selected this editor to start.
Skin (Object Menu) Apply Skin to a selection of shapes and Imagine will create a new object whose surface is defined by the shape's outline. It's easier to see it happening rather than explain, so checkout pics 1,2.3,4. shapes with the same number of points, so use Copy and Paste to duplicate the first object. Secondly, you must place the outline shapes in the order in which they were created. If you mix up the second and third shapes, for example, you will cause the skin to 'double back' on itself. This effect can be useful sometimes. Finally, you don't have to have each outline in
exactly the same shape: as long as the number of points is the same, that is sufficient. Pic 4 is a rather bizarre object created using Skin applied to some differently shaped and ordered outlines.
A disk was created from the Primitives menu and the 'point' at the centre was removed (this makes the object hollow). The disk was then duplicated and resized. Finally all the disks were selected and the Skin function applied.
There are several points to remember when using Skin. First, you can only apply the skin to 1 f ?
Slice (Object Menu) Understanding Slice is easy but using it can be tricky. Slice creates new objects by combining two existing objects. The easiest example is a Sphere being intersected by a Plane. Once Slice is applied there will be four objects: the Plane with a hole in it, a single disk and two hemispheres. (See pics 5, 6) When setting up your objects, you may occasionally see an error message like the one in Pic 7. Don't panic! If this happens all you need to do is select one of the objects and move it very slightly. You should be able to make any object slice in this way and it's for
creating complicated shapes quick- You may sometimes see extra some of the objects. Imagine inserts these lines to make a smooth edge for the new objects. For example, extra lines are required in the Plane object to make a circular- hole in it. As you can see from the these extra lines don't alter the final (See pic 8) Menu) can be used after up any unnecessary faces may have been created. It’s also useful loading in objects from earlier versions Imagine or objects created by other programs. If, when rendering, you see error messages about a particular object, apply Merge to each of the parts
in turn.
Join (Object Menu) Join creates a new object by permanently linking together the selected shapes. Unlike Group which creates a temporary macroobject, Join will link the objects so that they have a single, common axis. The Join cannot be undone, so think carefully before applying it.
Also, some physical attributes (such as Specularity and Roughness) will be lost. (Although the colour, reflectivity and transparency are not lost). Join is sometimes useful as a last-ditch tool to load Imagine objects created by other programs.
Split (Object Menu) Although a Join cannot be undone, Split gets pretty close. As you might expect, Split takes a single object and divorces it into two parts, each with their own axis. During the splitting process some faces may be lost if you select 'Lines' rather than 'Faces', although this can make for a rather interesting effect. (See pics 9,10,11) To select the region of the object you want to Split, you'll need to change from Group editing to Point. Line or Face editing. To do this, select the Object and then use the Mode Menu. Now select Split. Here is Split being used to take a chunk
from a Sphere.
(See pic 12) Fracture (Object Menu) Fracture can be used in two ways: either at object or point level. When editing objects at the point level, it's sometimes desirable to add more detail. For example, you might want to make a corner smoother. By applying Fracture, the face will be split into smaller facets and you can edit in more detail. (See pics 13,14,15) When applied to an entire object, Fracture f, the fractured Sphere, and then overlay it on a non-fractured Sphere of the same size but different colour, you get rather a strange effect. When you make the fractured sphere semi-transparent
and add a texture to the inner sphere, well it just gets like something from the cover of a science-fiction novel.
(See pics 18,19) ¦ John Kennedy causes the individual facets to disconnect from each other. You are asked for a scaling factor and this determines the overall size of the new object. Fracture can be used with Particles for some amazing effects, but more on that in later tutorials.
Pics 16 and 17 show what happens when you Fracture a Sphere, using a factor of
1. 2 to spread the facets out a little. If you take Come into the
light It isn't enough to create nice models and just plonk
them down in a scene. Correct lighting is vital for best
There are several ways to improve upon a typical space scene. Increasing ambient lighting levels works but the image can become 'washed out'. Try adding some extra light- sources such as a nearby planet or illuminating the spaceship with spotlights. An interesting background also does wonders.
(See pics 1,2,3,4) Lighting other types of scene is trickier. In the real world, the sun provides lighting as well as hundreds of other sources. A professional photographer gets around this by using a studio to control all light sources and their reflections. There are a multitude of ways in which lights can be arranged, but there are some golden rules. It's important to keep track of the location of the light source in relation to the camera: imagine a line from the camera to the object, and another line from the light source to the object. This angle is all-important: too small and the
object will appear flat, too large and it won't be illuminated at all Pics 5 and 6 are some examples of light and camera positioning. A 1,1 Overall, for best results, use at least two light sources. The main light source (to make sure the object isn't flat) and a second light source (to brighten the shadows) which is further away or less bright. If you are rendering a 'real world' scene such as a room, you'll want to add light sources where 'ever there are real light bulbs or windows. Dealing with only artificial lights is straightforward. Most rendering programs allow objects to be turned
into lights: this means that creating a realistic flo- rescent strip-light is a matter of creating a long, white, bright cylinder. Likewise, light- bulbs can be created from white spheres. You will need to experiment with ambient lighting settings for best results.
Windows can be a problem. If your want them to be a light source you have to rely on your particular image rendering program.
Some will model rectangular light sources very well, others will allow you to cheat and apply special textures to light sources.
Of course, if the end result looks good then it doesn't matter how you did it!
1 2 4 £- vC A Dark skies aad the spaceship deesa't show ap particularly well.
D soma ambient lighting and yen can see more - although not necessarily better.
A Make the nearby planet a light-source and more A Ditch the tiny stars in (avoir ol a hand-crafted detail is revealed. Purple star-field lor best results.
T remie t flail Orden POSTAGE & PACKING UK -KCLUDCD EUROPE - £ 2.00 REST OF WORLD-£3.50 TEL: 01268 571157 FAX: 01268 733731 EMAIL: 100307.l544@compuserve.com Please Send Cheques POs Made out to Premier Mail Order or Visa Mastercard (Switch + Issue No) & Expiry Date to: Dept: CU03 14 ORWELL COURT, HURRICANE WAY, WICKFORD, ESSEX, SS11 8YJ Mon-Fri 9am-7pm Sat 10am-4pm. Please note: Some titles may not be released at the time of going to press.
Most titles are despatched same day, but can take up to 28 days. VAT is included on all titles 500 1200 CD 500 1200 CO PLAYER MAN 2 EXTRA .. Populous 8 Promised Lands .12 9 Populous 2 ...12.9 Power .... 7 9 PowerBase v3.5 ..(Database) 12 9 Analogue Joystick Adaptor ...... Automatic Joystick Mouse Splitter.. Com caution Pro xtra Clear Joystick C006 Shadow Demo Maker ... C009 Lllioola Labels .... C011 Word
Power C012 Font Farm. C013 Wine Maker . C014 Assassxs C016 Garden Designer C017 X Beat .. UTILITIES U003 The Workshop .... U008 Asteroid ... U010 Autograph ... U014 Panasonic Printer Driver ...... U015 H P Printer Driver .. U016 Seikosna Printer Onver . U017 Cannon 8 Citizen
Printer Driver.. U020 Bad Format U021 Amiga Begin** GuJde ... U022 Better Bench VI .2 ..... U023 De-grader 500 600 1200 ...... U024 Extermin-8 V«u* Killer U028 Action Replay For The 600 Attach Sub 00 APPROACH TRAINER...... 30 2... Competition F ro Xtra Clear Joystick CH FLIGHTSTICK (ANALOGUE)... Causer Joystick External 80OK Floppy Drive ... G«Avt* a ha i OG 9 ¦-*. .1 U .» AVJC
- 88-'* Vh-a .TO a-.
- -- 22.99---- . 9.99-------- ..10.99-------- .....19.99
rerican Gladiators icrer Macleans Pool., s Games ..
Powerdrrve... Poworgames .....
Powermonger 8 D Disk ...... Prem Man 3 Multi Edit System
Premiere .
Pushover . Reach lo» the
Skies ...
Realms .... Rise Of The
Robots ...
R. *ky Woods ..... Roadk,:
...... Road
Rash . Coach ...
IAAR! 19 99 »’W 49 99
12. 99 - 10 99 -
4. 99 -
8. 99 - 12 99 -
10. 99 - 7 FLYING FORTRESS ...
• Sands Pete ..
mshee ....
• tianan 2
mwtoads . toe » ? A *U ' 3C Vts.fo-’
We,,** 400 X » d.rtv w i“- - s’ 'fW '44- * Joystick Y
Splitter .... Logic 3 Delta Ray
Autofire JY156..... Logic 3 Alpha Ray - Autofire ......
Logic 3 Sigma Ray - Autofire ..... POWER SUPPLY UNIT... 7
9. 99
12. 99...... 7 99 7.99 ... 5.99 - ...12.99 - .10.99 - .12.99 -
..10 99 .10.99 10 99 .12.99 ...13.99 - Seek 'n'
Destroy .. Sensible World of Soccer
96 97 .16.99 - SWOS 96 97 DATA
DISK ... 7.99 -
Shuttle ...12
99 - SIMON THE SORCEROR 1 12.99 1 Skeleton
Krew ...
SKIDMARKS ... 7.99 •
Sleepwalker . 8 99
Soccer Kid ..
SOCCER STARS 96 .... Quickioy Pedals
SV129 ...... Ouick(oy II Turbo
SV124 .... Screenbeat 3 Speakers
S82Q3 ..... i Screenbeat 4 Speakers S8204 i Screenbeat
5 Speakers SB205 ..... Screenbeat 25 Speakers SB
225 .. Screenbeat Pro 50 Speakers SB250... Screenbeat
RCA Adapter Cable ... 1 Screenbeat Power Supply
Thrustmaster XL Joystick ... Zipsbck Super
Pro Autofire Joystick. .. rutal.. RUTAL FOOTBALL.. tfcba n
Sfa: .. tb»8Squeak ..
flokm ..... wrp ’o’ Bum anron
Fodder... U038 Number Pad For 600 U039 Calorie
Base .. U040 J R Comm . U04I
Pace Raptor .. U042 Pools Pools V2 ....
U043 Training Log .. LKM4 Mastie
Nibhck ...... U045 D-Solve ..... U047
Relo Kick vl.4 ...... U048 Procad Electrod ..
'U049 Divdends Winn* U052 Essential Viais Killer U0S3 Soccer
League ..... U054 TERM V 4.0 ... U055 Vrus
Checker V 7.18 ONSHIP MANAGER 2---------19.99 - ......
7.99 ...(AAR) 27.99
10. 99 tamp Manager 94 O Disk .. HA0S ENGI tuck Rock..
bckWrser... ...10.9 ...12.99 - AMIGA CDROM Lb Football Th«
Manager bb 8 Country . ctf
World . 0ALA
.... OLONISATION -------
erporation. .
... 7.99 7.99------ ... 7.99--------- ... 5.99 ...
12. 99----
- ---12.99
- 19.9919.99
- 19.99---- Spers Legacy ...... Star
Fighter .. STARLORD ..
SteAar 7 .. Steve Oavis
Snooker Streettighter 2 ......
Strike Floet .... Strip
Pot .
Subversion .... Super League Manage-
Super Skidmarks . Super Streetfighter 2 Turbo
... SUPER TENNIS CHAf “ So Ho CDROM Amiga Tools
3 ... Amiga Utilit.es
2 Aminet Set 1 or
2 .. Aminet or
12 ...... Aminet
94-02 .....
1. 25 . .1.25 ....3.75 .24.99 . 19.99 . 24 99 ..14.99
Spacehead..... OVERGIRL POKER .. rtf for AMOS.
...17.99------- DEMOS 8 RAVE Amos CO Animations .. Artwork Colour ... C-64 Sensations CD Boot .. CD Write .. Art fW rt -* } C ' Ood* *h ’ y i ap* .* tmct- H « Hr -**’ ¦
• ao’t *3C Meeting Pearls 3 Multimedia
Tookit 2 .. Network
CD2 Octamed
6 ... Professional Fonts &
Clipart..... Professional IFF 8 PCX Library... Professional
Utilities 1-1500..... Sound Library 8 GRX Library..... Te.vee
l--H* t, I :.•» * N C-»* Is* I xff -y Tv - l ?
I-euyv nr *» AU 'sS
• a- u 4 - c*n World of Games .. World ot
GIF .... World of
Photo ..... World of
Sound ... World of
Video .... Glamour Titles - Over 18
Only Amiga Adult Sensations . Asian Dream Girls 1 or 2
Asian Pleasures 1 or 2 c Coloureds 8 Asians European
Dream Girls 1 Hoi Pie . .Hot Spot Women
1 or 2 | Oriental Fantasies 1 or 2 Photo
Studio ... Pixels ol Passion 1 or 2.
Sexy Sensations MCKET MASTERS.. soger cos Streets......
• Lae Paint V ...... smonmaraac
iwrtStnke . 00 FIGHT
16. 99 .. D003 Good Morning Vietnam .. D004
Creep Show . D005 Fraction
Horror Show D006 Total Ftecall
Slideshow ... D007 Evil Dead (1 meg I
D008 Batman Cartoon . D009
Robocop .. D010 Viz
Slideshow ...... D011 Not The 9
Octock Nows . D012 Rader Of The Lost Ark D013
Predator Demo .... 0014 safe
Sex ... D015 Stealthy 2 (1
meg) .... D016 Jimi Hendrix Slideshow .. D018
Holsten Pils .. fX.'lQ T». -V
,-; .
UC21 Mpc• "*** Demo OC22M ,v*- •
* ®v ixx2b L*e y 0IX‘.'
19 99
32. 99 32 99
9. 99
9. 99
19. 99
9. 99 12 99 SUPER TENNIS CHAMP 2 D D 5.99 - ...12.9 Supremacy..
Syndicate ... Test Match
Cncket ..... The
Cycles The
Games Thoatre ol
Death ..
Torvak . TOTAL
.10.99 - .12.99 -
4. 99 -
4. 99
8. 9 9 ...------19.99------ ...12.99---------
8. 9 9---------- ... 7.99 7.99---- ... 5.99--------- ...------
5.99---- .24.9 ro oean Champions.
9. 99 - ...24.99 ...1.25 ...1.25 ...1.25 ...1.25 ...1.25
Data Disk Dreme Racing ..... IE RACING
DATA DISK.. 18 STEALTH FIGHTER________________ _____ 3.99 4.99
4.99 Touring Car Cha*enge.. Treble Champions 2
Trolls ..... Turbo Pack
3 ... 117A.. .14.99 ...1.25 . 1.25 ...1.25 .1.25
...1.25 ...1.25 ...1.25 ...1.25 ...1.25 ...1.25 ...1.25
* LDS OF GLORY .. Harder ......
email Glory 00TBALL MASTERS ....
ootball Statistician Pro _______ ORMULA ONE MASTERS... ilaxy
Force ..
MfWO-kS ...
T. Championship Football... total
Effect .. UFO..
9. 99 ...19.99 .19.99 . . 19.99 ...32.99 . 9.99 ... 9.99 .32.99
.32.99 ...24.99 . .24.99 ... 9.99 .... 9.99 .... 9.99 ... 9.99
.. 9.99 .... 9.99 CDROM .19.99 . 14.99
29. 99 ... 8.99 8.99- ...16.99 -...... ...14.99 . VIRTUAL
KARTING.. Vital Light Watch Tow D029WWFS D030 The Gathenng
GFX D041 Enterprise Leaving Dock ..
0042 Girls of Sport ... D043 The Run
(1 meg) .. CXM6 How To Skin A Cat D047
Calendar Girls . D049 Techno
Warrior ..... D050 Jesus Loves
Acid ... D052 Rave
Length .... MUSIC M028 P«nk Floyd The
Wall Remix... M029 No Limits .....
Wembley International Soccer... Wembley Rugby
League ..... White Death ......
Wing Commander .
Wizkid ....
Wonderdog .. 4.1
SOCCER .. 4.1 Worlds at
War .... 4.1
WORMS 9.1 ..
3.99-------- ..- ... 4.99
- ---- 7.99 7.99 .. 7.99---------- .... 4.99 - ...12.99 - .10.99
- LOOM ... LOOM DELUXE . Gooch- WC Test
Match..... iGooch-W Class Cricket...... Gooch - Battle fo-
Ashes ardian .... Id
Nova ......
* ndaA .. . 4.99 - ' 8.99 - M031
Motiv-8 M032 Sound
Track Sampler (4 cfcsks).. GAMES G014
Zalycon G015 Earth
Invaders G017 Mayhem
... G018 The Fun
House ...... G019 Amos Games G020 Games
Galore G021 Ouadrix (pal
only) ...... G022
Buzzard G023 Break
Out ... G024 Demolition
Mrssion .. G025 Lady Bog (not 600 or 1200) . . . .
G026 Depth Charge . G029 Dual ..... ...... 7.99 9.99 .13.99---------- ...-----14.9910.99
• Her Skelter ..... mans 3 .....
modal Uanapolis 500 ...... .10.9
.14.99 .15.99 .29.99 .19.99 10 10
Dinosaurs 10MO Early Essentials
(3-7) 10 10 English (6-16) . 10 10
Essential Maths (5-12)..... 10 10 Essential Science (5-12)
10 10 French (6-16) . 10 10 German
(8-16) 10 10 Junior Esseniials (5-11)...
10 10 Maths Algetxo 16-16) 10 10 Maths Geometry (6-16) 10 10
Maths Numbers |6-16|..... 10 10 Maths Statistics (6-16).....
10 10 Spelling Puncuation 10 10 Structured Spelling ...
Better Spelling (8-10) Better Maths (12-16)
...v ...... Cave Maze (8-12) .....
Fraction Goblins (8-13) Insight
Dinosaws ..... 1A.
Mag-e Ms-'s « ¦ • We L Swons .*» is MfTt-* MW*. ‘ 12 f‘V’-V* * • t-A «C BER WORLD . lemational One Day Cricket.... Hmational Sports Challenge.
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fcOtrike ..... nrrvy White's
Snooker ...... tn Madden Football .. Scandanavian
Cover Girls 1 c Women From Lesbos 2 ... World Of Pinups
Vol 1 .... World Of Pinups Vol 2 .... .. 15.99
9. 99 .12.99 IG034 Top
Secret ... IG035
Flagcatcher .. G036
Wizwar ... G038
Calculus Combat ... IG039
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Cncket . SIMULATIONS SM001 5
Senulation Games (not 1200).. SM002 Return To
Earth .... SM0O3 Napoleonic Warfare Sim
vS ... SM004 Wheel of Fortune (not 1200)... SM005 Card
Sharp SM006 Sub
Attack SM007
Roulette ..... SM0O8 Act Of
War .. SM009 Micro
Market .. ... 9.99 9.99 9.99
10. 99 ...... .12.99 ...... ...----- 9.99--- ......
1299------ .10.99 ..... ...---- 8.99 8.99 RECYCLED
BLANK 3.5” DISKS 10® 2.99 20 @ 5.50 50 ©12.50 100 @22.50
BUSINESS B001 A-Gene (t meg) . B004
Ami Cash .. BOOS Amibase
Prof ...... B006 600 Business Letters
...... B011
A-Gragh ... B013 Analytic
ALC . B015 Stock
Analyst ...... B017 Budgets VI
.34 ..... EDUCATIONAL E002 The Bible
(4 Disks) .... E0Q3 World
Databank .. E006 Total
Concept* .... E007 Bonk
Talk ... E008 Di«*s
OTP ... I £009 Colour The
Alphabet . ¦ E010 The Highway
Code ..... E011 Junior
Moths E012 Electron.: Train
Set (1 MEG) . .. E013 Learn 8 Play
t ... E014 Learn 8 Play
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Hunt ..... _ E016 Wraithed
One .....
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Cricket .. The Ball League Edition.. wation
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Ball Fantasies .. Ball lllusons .... Ball Mania .... NBALL PRELUDE... ... ¦ COO? Label Designer..... C003 Super Fonts C005 Defuxe Paint Tutor .
.16.99 16.9916.99 NEXT MONTH Next Month ... ImageStudio!
It's yours next month only with CU Amiga Magazine: ImageStudio, the complete full version of the highly acclaimed 24-bit graphics and image processing package is coming your wayl While some graphics packages limit your Amiga to just 256 colours, ImageStudio works in 16 million colours whatever Amiga you have, performing functions ranging from colour reductions and resizing to flamboyant special effects. The built-in virtual memory is a Godsend, allowing you to work on enormous images far in excess of your RAM capacity, while its intelligent loaders and savers can handle just about any
graphics format you're likely to come across. Ideal for all kinds of graphics work. ImageStudio can bend to perform all manner of jobs. ImageStudio could well be the answer to your prayers, but don't just take our word for it, have a good look at the screenshots here and check out these amazing features:
• Works in 24-bit for the ultimate in picture quality
• Display images in up to 256 colours on an AGA machine
• Fast internal picture viewer
• Export IFF-ILBM (including. HAM formats), BMP, GIF, PCX, TARGA,
• Copy and paste images to and from the Clipboard
• Crop pictures with ease
• Undo and Redo operations
• Change the colour balance of images
• Reduce the colours of an image (great for doing Web graphics)
• Scale pictures
• Sharpen, Blur, Remove Pixels, Create Shadows, Emboss and lots
more special effects
• Convert batches of images from one format to another
• Loads of pictures on the CUCD for you to muck around with I o
©I 994.1995 Hndy Dean, Grahan Dean Jsl Effect ;,ipY pSKJWAt
fegative tandon isolated pixels apply till _OU jsfsSirtSA***
UiseLou_ Hew | Edit I _ Load... | Save apply 256 _U 256
Heckbert F loyd-Ste inberg Cancel I Colour napped Mo. Colours :
_ Colour cboice Q-| Cither Q| 16 nillion colours UK I PI New...
| Edit... Load... Qther... apply I La.
Lie I I I _LSl ? I Co-ords _La InfoBar 649, 369 75? X 490 - 16M colours Also starring... We've got a top magazine lined up for you next month. The April issue will be packed as usual with all the regular tips and tutorials, along with the unrivalled reviews sections. The desktop publisher's favourite PageStream 3.2 is currently undergoing extensive soak testing in our review lab; the results are due back on March 15th. We'll also be bringing you a full review of a brilliant new gizmo for anyone who wants to turn their Amiga into an interactive music video machine. Rather than spoil the
surprise, we'll refrain from telling you about some of the even bigger reviews we're currently working on. Let's just say we know you won't be disappointed.
Our DIY tower conversion series is set to move up a gear as we take a look at the just-available towers from Blittersoft and tackle the tricky issue of re-locating the entire Amiga motherboard into a tower case. All of this, plus an investigation into one of the most exciting technological developments of the past few years: Internet radio. It's cheap, it's easy, it's fun, but is it legal?
Right, that's all we're telling you for now. It wouldn't do to let all of our cats out the bag now would it? So make spire you don't miss the April issue of CU Amiga Magazine for all of this and much more besides.
You know it makes sense.
APRIL ISSUE ON SALE 15TH MARCH Desktop Publishing This month sees the introduction of a new regular column devoted to DTP hosted by our resident DTP guru Larry Hickmott.
Welcome to the first in a series of workshops about publishing. In this instalment, we are going to take a detailed look at printing and come up with some solutions to common problems that tend to crop up again and again.
Printing for many Amiga owners is hard work. A lot of this is because there is very little documentation on the subject available.
Most manuals are mainly written for the PC and or the Macintosh and the ones that cover the Amiga do not go into sufficient detail to help you out when a problem crops up.
However, it would be impossible to produce a manual that addressed all your printer's problems as most sources of difficulty are normally due to an error with an application not the printer. Also, most printer drivers used for modern printers are part of third- party enhancement packages and so the guidelines for printing become much more complex depending not only on what enhancement package you use but also which printer.
It may sound complex but we're here to try and address the more frequent problems.
To begin with here's one solution to the common problem of trying to get your final printed page to resemble the one on your monitor (or TV).
Ready, set, go ... The aim here is to help you make sure you can get all the elements on-screen to print out where you want them to. The first step is to find out what your printer's hardware margins are. Most, if not all printers, have an area around the edges of the paper they cannot print on. This is known as the printer's hardware margins or printable area.
Finding out your printer's hardware margins is fairly simple. Most manuals for a printer will have the figures, however even these may not be right for you depending on the printer drivers you are using.
Here is a more reliable method: start off by making sure you have the correct printer driver selected in Printer Prefs. Run the application you use most such as a word processor. In this tutorial. I'm using Wordworth 6 and Final Writer 5. Create an A4 page if one does not already exist. In Final Writer, go to the ‘Page...' item in the Layout menu. If you're using Wordworth 6, then choose 'Print Setup' from the Project menu.
The attributes you need to change in Final Writer are in the Print Area part of the requester. Make sure 'Custom' is selected and the figures are all zeroed. In Wordworth, check all the print borders are set to zero. Final Writer users click on Use while those with Wordworth chose OK.
You are now free to cover the entire page with a coloured box. It doesn't matter how you do this, whether it's one box or several boxes. Once you have done this, print the page. The white areas around the edges that are not printed are the hardware margins of your printer printer driver combination. Measure these margins on the left. Top. Bottom and right and write down the figures in your printer's manual or keep the figures somewhere safe.
Now re-select the 'Layout Page' menu item in Final Writer or 'Printer Setup’ in Wordworth.
Take the figures you have come up with and enter them into the appropriate gadgets. To test whether you have been successful, place an object on the page within in the printable area. For example you could use a box that is two inches from the left and two inches from the top of the page. Print the page and measure the distance between the edges of the paper and the box. They should now match the figures you had on screen.
If they don't, try changing the 'Paper Format' in Printer Prefs and see if that makes any difference. Or. If that doesn't work, print the same page with the box two inches from the left and top with the ’Print Borders' or Print Area Margins' set to zero like before and see how much difference that makes.
Types of work, is to go to my local printers and get them to supply some over-sized A4 paper. This type of paper is not usually available in stationers but printers use it all the time. The advantage of using this type of paper is that you can fill a normal A4 area on the oversize paper and then have the finished work trimmed either by the printers or by doing it yourself using a suitable cutting method. This requires a printer that can take oversized paper so make sure your particular printer can before ordering materials.
Hold the front page Digita (tel: 01395 270 273) tell me that the rumours that they have sold out of manuals for Wordworth, are untrue. Those who have upgraded to version 6 from a version other than 5 (like 3 for example), can buy the version 5 manual for a fiver. A truly remarkable offer! The Wordworth 6 manual is on-disk only. No printed version is available as far as I know.
News from SoftLogi'k is that PageStream 3.1 and 3.2 are out and shipping. I understand there have been some staff changes at SoftLogik which may have affected whether you already have yours but the really excellent news is that new versions of this heavyweight package are still being developed and 3.3a is the latest I have heard of. More news soon in CU Amiga Magazine with a full review.
Filling your page Another common problem is not being able to print to the bottom of a page. This is quite easy to fix if you're prepared for some sticky business, although don’t try the following with a laser printer.
To print to the bottom of a page, you need to fool the printer that the page you have in your printer is longer than it is. So. Cut a strip of paper about 2" high and slightly thinner than the normal width of your page and tack it onto the under side of your page using a type of adhesive that leaves no residue.
Set your page to be longer than it is in the various printer preferences in Workbench and your application. Next print a page with elements that stretch right to the bottom of the page. The margin necessary at the bottom of the page will be provided by the temporary strip which can be removed once you have finished.
Another method and one I prefer for some Better looking Finally, I am constantly bombarded these days with questions about how to get photographs to print looking as good as the samples you see in your local PC shops. The solution is twofold.
One is to get a printing enhancement package with the best printer drivers available for your printer. The other is to experiment with the dithering options. Both Studio II Professional and TurboPrint offer excellent dithers to help you produce super cool-looking photographs.
Using the standard Workbench preferences, when you try and print continuous tone images (such as photographs) you'll end up with dark, muddy looking images with what is known as contouring. This is simply a term used to describe the visible steps noticeable when a printer attempts to simulate the change of colour from one shade to another. The best results in producing smooth gradients will come from printing them using a print enhancement package rather than an Amiga without such software.
The use of images on the page has changed dramatically since my days working for a newspaper when everything was decidedly sticky cut and pasting elements the traditional way.
In case you're wondering how I found all about getting the right margins and printing to the bottom of the page, it was by experimenting and taking note of what happens when I changed certain parameters and that fellow Amigians, is how you too can find out more about how your Amiga and printer work together. Just be sure to have plenty of patience. You'll need it!
In next month's workshop, the topic of discussion will be graphics formats for DTP See you then! ¦ Larry Hickmott With a program as feature-packed as SoundStudio it can be hard to know where to start. This month you'll see we've gone for a step by step guide to producing a multichannel 16-bit song rather than embarking on a tour of the various sections of the program Hopefully Ihis will get you up and running in as little time as possible. In order to get SoundStudio to work just as you want it's important that you have all the settings adjusted accordingly - one wrong move and you could
be foxed for hours wondering why nothing is happeningl So take a few minutes to run through the routine here and you'll soon be Ill* Imp* -- Channel Rode Other Options II J 4 OiSMeli HllI Cileciiul folmesltoneertl J ( Channels J 7 Channels J 8 Channels f 1-M Ch Nixing _f Modi* Eilter Iktieo _| Higti Ooilitv Rode _|Ho Elide on 1st Tick flay Transpose a I o I familiar with all the major controls. Seasoned OctaMED users will be up to speed with some of the process, but bear with it and keep an eye out for the new bits. Right then, here we go Step 1 Load SoundStudio and select Set Options from
the Song menu. Click on the button marked 1-64 Ch Mixing, then Exit. This puts the program into multichannel mode Step 2 Select Mixing Settings from the Settings menu This is where you choose your output mode. If you have one of the sound cards listed in the box then select that. Otherwise click on either Amiga 8-bit or Amiga 14-bit The 14- bit output is recommended. Set the Stereo button to on (so that it displays a tick).
Step 3 From the Mixing Settings panel you can now select the mixing frequency If you are using Amiga 8-bit or 14-bit output and are using a standard PAL or NTSC screenmode (such as Hi-Res or Interlace rather than Productivity for example) you will be limited to a maximum mix rate of 28370Hz. If you have a multi sync monitor you can change to a non-video screen
- LBLE _ Mixing Mode Rmiga 8-bit nmiga 14-bit Toccata 16-bit
oelfina 16-bit Dish 8-bit Dish 16-bit MaestroPro 16-bit ca
Stereo I smoothing mode and make use of higher rates. A higher
mix rate leads to better quality sound Here's a step by step
guide to your first multi-channel 16-bit song with our superb
OctaMED SoundStudio cover disk plus some trouble shooting.
OctaMED SoundStudio Step 4 Set the Maximum Channels slider to 12. This will allow you to use up to 12 tracks at once.
You can come back and alter this setting at any time if you want to use more or fewer tracks during the course of a session.
Step 5 Click on the Panning button and drag each of the channel panning sliders to the centre. It's a good idea to have everything panned to the middle before you start You can then come back to this section and pan out the tracks as and when required.
Step 6 Select Set Properties from the Block menu.
Move the Tracks slider up to 12. You could also raise the Cmd Pages figure to 2 or more.
This gives the current block additional command pages, which are extensions of the original block that allow you to put more than one command on each line of a track. When you have more than one command page, use Shift and Tab together to cycle through the pages.
Step 7 Now you can load some samples and start to build up your song. Use the Sample List, the Instrument menu or the Disk gadget (directly above the Slist button on the main control Tips and shortcuts jNfixing Frequo icy Here are a few tips and shortcuts to get you going.
• jLz j 1FFTL 1 Select eejtt'previous Mock Max. channels Mix
Buffer size Uolume Rdjust Panning... |3DO
- §*!» | J 12 ipres | Mec*_ Pajes Effects... j ¦ Shift and Cursor
DowrvUp lsce e keJ
n. I'll
- Shift Teh
• Onflefl.
Sr 1 1 " _il TensaaiHBP w i panel) to load a sample. This can be an IFF (8SVX). AIFF, WAV. VOC or RAW sample.
Stereo samples can be used just like mono samples but will retain their stereo panning, even though they only occupy a single track. If you're familiar with OctaMED you can now go ahead and create your song as normal.
Newcomers are best advised to follow the last few steps and take a look at the General Operations panel for some tips.
Step 8 Making up a song from your samples is fairly straightforward. The idea is you program a series of blocks and then arrange them into a pattern using the Playing Sequence section.
So once you've made your first block, go to the Block menu and select New-Append to add a new blank block. Use Shift and Cursor Down to move to the new block and then program this as before.
Step 9 When you have more than one block, click on the Sq button on the Information panel to bring up the Playing Sequence panel. Use Shift and the cursor keys to select different blocks and insert them in the sequence in whatever order you like. Select Save from the Project menu every now and then to save your song to disk. Leave all the save settings as they are for now.
Trouble shooting There's nothing worse than hitting a problem and having absolutely no idea what's gone wrong. We'll finish off this month's guide with a few solutions to common problems.
Can't allocate audio channels Another program is already using the Amiga audio channels, even though this other software may not be making a sound at the time.
You will need to find the software using the channels and close it down before you can play a song from SoundStudio through the normal Amiga channels.
QlctaMED SoundStudio " 1991-1996 Teijo Kinnunen & Ray Burt-Frost. Fc| lEie Song Play 1 Coot l| Block Play Cont | kI ctaq 1 1 si i eii_______ i ------- Inst: Slist... | lype... Crops... | Edit,.. |l °| instrument Load window jjc jdLoop1.wav II AcidNote.wav 1 Analo Guitar.wav 1 BigRi f.uav ¦ Class c.wav DarkL op.uav Eleva tngLoop.uav FastT angeLoop.uav FilterBleeps.wav 7 FlangeLoop.wav 7 «Preu Free | «Preu Inst (F M _| Spaco _J Chord Oct JJI45] t .. Mnfo Med User Group The official MED Users Group (MUG for short) was formed in March 1993 with the aim to provide OctaMED users all over
the world with technical support for the program and a forum for their creativity and opinions.
The group produces a disk magazine around six times a year packed with the latest information about the program, modules created by members and related articles and reviews.
If you would like more information, please write enclosing an SAE to: MED Users Group, 6 Glevum Road, Swindon SN3 4AF, UK. Or you can Email them at: rjb595@soton.ac.uk The whole system locks up Playback is totally mangled If you have a multichannel module loaded and try to play it back with the Song Options set to anything but 1-64 Ch Mixing, you will hear total garbage instead of the real song. Make sure you have followed all of the steps on this and the previous page to avoid this.
Samples are played too slowly You might find sometimes you load a song and when you hit Play, half of the samples are replayed at an octave or two lower than they should. To get around this, go to the Miscellaneous selection from the Settings menu and turn on Use Mixing for both MMD mods and tracker mods. Save the settings and then reload the module.
Sample editor trouble The easiest way to set the default sample and replay rate within the sample editor is to select your preferred octave range using the keys F1 to F5. Then hold down the note at which you want to sample or replay the instrument and click on the box just to the right of the numeric display marked Pitch. This saves you having to enter a numeric value into the Pitch box, which would pose the problem of entering a value which exactly matched the replay rate of one of the notes in order to retain its true pitch.
This will happen if you demand too much from your system. In other words, if you set up the program to play more tracks than the CPU can actually pump out, if you set the mix rate too high or if you invoke Smoothing mode without sufficient CPU power available As a general rule, you won't be able to use Smoothing with realtime playback if you have more than a couple of tracks playing, even on a 68030-based system. However, smoothing should always be used when recording a section to disk, as the process does not have to be performed in realtime. If you are using an Aura sound sampler you may
also experience lock ups. See the online documentation for more details. To exit from a lock up situation, hold down both mouse buttons.
Only four tracks are played Even though you might have set up all of your blocks to have more than four tracks, you might find that only the first four are being played. This is likely to be due to one of two factors: either you are still in standard four channel mode (Song Options) or you have not set the Max Tracks (Mixing Settings) to the required number.
That should be enough to get you going for now. If you have any specific problems then write in to us at the normal Q+A address (see contents page) and mark your envelope with 'SoundStudio Q+A". ¦ Tony Horgan Telnet is probably one of the better known terminal packages on the Internet. It's a simple system which sends your typed text or characters to another machine and displays them there. We've covered it to a degree in a previous Wired World tutorial However, this time we'll use a Telnet client to access other services apart from standard Telnet services such as BBSes and look at how we
can, for example. Read our Email using it.
Many of you will have used a terminal package before so this will not be a new idea.
However, not only does a terminal display received characters but they can optionally interpret special control codes to move the cursor, change colours, clear screens and more. The most popular method of doing this is via Ansi control or eight colour graphics built out of a fixed graphic character set, a bit like the C64's if you remember that.
Wired World We're going back to basics this month as we take a look at good old fashioned text and how it can be typed in one computer screen and appear seconds later on another.
Manual services Telnet client is an excellent tool for driving certain some Internet services such as TCP IP manually. TCP IP requires a host and port number and with Telenet these ports may either be unused or reserved for essential services such as Email, news, FTP and WWW.
Enter NEW if you have no account.
LEnter your handle.
A CmS|«w| AnTelnet to me 00 IBM loot via MUI profs Mtoco* tfco correct resells ia Ansi, shorn hero leffot solo the Efes ol toes BUS.
AmTelnet is a new wonderful graphical shareware Telnet client which is MUI driven and comes from the same camp that brought you AmlRC, AmFTP and Voyager. It works great on all flavours of AmiTCP and Miami. It's on the cover CD-ROM of this month's edition, just check the usual Wired World drawer in the magazine directory. You can also find AmTelnet on the Aminet at comm tcp AmTelnet! 1 .lha. Emailand For this tutorial we're going to use AmTelnet to read your Email. Installing AmTelnet is simple and once it's linked up to your ISP you are free to run it.
When the AmTelnet GUI appears change the Terminal type to VT100 as this is an ancient terminal type which will interpret some of the basic formatting codes used by Unix servers. What we're going to do is log into our local mailhost and send the special POP3 commands manually. Of course if you're a Demon customer this won't work as you have a SMTP mailserver at the moment so skip the section on SMTP Find the name of your mail host. It's what you would have entered into an Email package such as YAM in the pop3 server' box.
Now change the port number from the default 23 to 110, which is the POP3 service which we want for now. Another thing we need to change in AmTelnet is the settings for returns.
At the moment it's set for Amiga style Lfs only, change it to Return and Linefeed as CR + LF. You'll find these two check-boxes in the settings menu.
Friendly ISP mailhost Now we re ready to go, hopefully you can do this before downloading mail so there’s some Email to play with Hit the open connection button and you should be greeted by your friendly ISP's mailhost. If not, double check the server and port settings. The POP3 protocol is simple and very easy to deal with.
Firstly you need to identify yourself. Type 'USER' followed by a space and your log-in name. For most people this will be the same as the username used to log on to your account. If you were joe@thenet co.uk. your username is joe. Again you'll have this in your Email package already.
Right without using delete etc to correct any mistakes, as the servers don't expect terminals so they don't interpret control codes.
The server will return with an OK and request a password. Put 'PASS’, space and your password that you use to log in. Same as your Email package again. From here you can use the LIST' command to obtain a list of Email currently waiting on the POP3 server. You may be lucky and given Email addresses in this list but more likely it will just be a column of two numbers with the message number far left and the byte size to the right, You can see what the messages are without reading the whole thing by typing TOP', space, the message number, space and then 'O' This will show only the header of
the Email. It will appear as text in Telnet. Fear not though, nothing you do here yet will delete this mail so your Email package will download this mail later anyway. If you want to read the full Email, type 'RETR', space and the message number. Neat huh?
Nasty large ones If someone nasty sends you a rather large unwanted binary Email, it could be deleted from here without ever downloading it. When your Email package starts downloading some monster Email (and you probably don't know who it's from) you can exit quit or in the case of less behaved clients you could reset and the mail will still be on the server. Then Telnet into the server and have a look at the header of the mail and decide whether to delete it or not.
Do NOT type RETR or the whole mail will be spooled down your Telnet consolel If you need to read a little more of the mail to figure out if you want to download the monster, then use TOP cmessage number no of lines .
Ie put TOP 1 20 to read the first 20 lines of the body (after the header which you will always get) of the first Email. If you do want to delete the mail, simply use 'DELE' and the message number to scrap it on the spot.
It’s a very quick and easy way to read Email from any other machine connected to the Internet. This will work from whatever account you access the Internet through so long as you have access to a Telnet client Beware though, other people watching will see your username and password as this isn't made invisible during log-in.
Of utmost urgency You can also use Telnet to access SMTP servers for posting Email. This is slightly more complex and not freeform like POP3. It requires a certain sequence. So why bother?
Well if you need to send an Email to somewhere urgently, there's no faster way than to connect to the actual machine and type an Email directly into their SMTP daemon. It's also useful for Emailing from other accounts as you can insert your normal from address rather than hijacking someone else's Email package This time you type in the relevant SMTP server address in the server gadget but change the port number to 25 for SMTP When you connect there's no password phase since anyone is allowed to connect to an SMTP system to deliver mail.
Normally other systems will call in to deliver mail to users of that local server. If you connect to your local SMTP server and insert a mail, that server will do the same to another SMTP server elsewhere.
Here's an example of sending an Email to joe@bloggs.com BBSes eyesoftime.com:23 - Telnet BBS in Austin. Texas belfry.org:23 - Gothic themed BBS flagnet.qtm.net:23 - Flag Net Amiga BBS Note the form site : port number that the addresses are given in.
RCPT TO! Joe»blogaa.com DATA
- E-mail data hete - RETURN RETURN QUIT Note. RETURN
means to hit return at this point. The means to finish the
Again you must type this perfectly, no control codes will be recognised.
Telnet can be used on any port to access any service that replies on a plain text protocol.
However, the most standard use for Telnet will always be to call into an on-line BBS or perhaps that fantastic age-old network computer pastime. The MUD or Multi User Dungeon. There's loads of these about, see the list of Telnet sites shown here for example The best bet to find Telnet services is use a Web search engine, insert a topic and the word telnet. Try dictionary -r-telnet' in Altavista I managed to find a nice on-line Websters dictionary at citi.umich.edu:2627, when connected type DEFINE followed by a word.
Next month Anthony Brice will looking at a little known but effective way of accessing Email and News, with fidonet software. ¦ Mat Bettinson Net God speaks Hmmm, I feel a bit different this month.
Must be the coffee.
At any rate, the upcoming months could well be interesting for Amiga netizens. The cold winter months were warmed quite a bit by some new applications and some great updates to old favourites, and now it seems that, once again, Java capabilities may be right around the corner.
Besides the prospect of allowing Amiga users to sling around yet another industry buzzword (thanks to Voyager 2, we've recently been permitted to talk about 'frames'), Java would open up a whole new realm of platform- independent tools, utilities and tons of applications that are both fun and useful for users of the Internet. At least, that's what the hype machines say. But just about everybody who's anybody among the online movers and shakers have at least indicated a token interest in supporting Java, so it's worth keeping an eye on.
Witn you very soon. Other new arrivals will include AmTerm, AmTel and Microdot II.
AmTerm and AmTelnet Out Matthias Mischler, author of AmFTR has struck not once but twice with new comms and network utilities. AmTerm 1.1 and AmTelnet 1.1. AmTerm is Mischler's entry into the well-populated pack of terminal software for day-to-day BBSing, utilising the MUI system like the other suite of network tools with the Am' prefix.
AmTelnet (see this month's Wired World tutorial) is rather similar but intended only for accessing Telnet sites while online For those of you who, like me, are tired of the shortcomings of Napsaterm, the AmiTCP standby almost all of us have been using, AmTelnet is a godsend.
Both utilities are shareware, with the same registration channels as other VaporWare products such as AmFTP and Voyager.
Making a Full Search_ The Aminet search engines online have always had decent tools like Websearch prompts or the ADT (Aminet Download Tool) which allows you to hunt for certain keywords. But now a new service launched by Torsten Hiddessen allows for full text queries, including author searches (for completists).
A number of full Aminet mirrors may be queried by the service. To give it a try, check out http: harvest.tu-clausthal. de AmiNET and do your worst! ¦ Microdot II. Coming Soonl I Oliver Wagner, best known for I his Voyager NG web browser and I the author of such notable pack- I ages as AmlRC and AmigaNCR is I hard at work on MicroDot II, a new full-featured Usenet news reader for the Amiga, Details are still sketchy but MicroDot II should bring Amiga users to the daily postings and collected wisdom of the world that much quicker, and in style.
Keep your eyes on Vaporware s home page at http: www.vapor.com or your favourite Aminet mirror for MicroDot ll s release. But beware Java For the Amiga?
Finale Development, a new Amiga software company based in the US, is planning the launch of a line of titles for AmigaOS and pOS, including a Java implementation to be known as 'MOca.'
Moca uses 'Just In Time' Java technology, which will compile applications written in the slow but reliable Java language into speedy Amiga code. This should allow Amiga users access to everything from customised online animations to complex interactive applications, such as real-time multiplayer games which rely on Java's portability and network nature. As well as Moca, Finale will be distributing the Phantom Development line of software, including the upcoming New York Usenet newsreader.
Phantom Development is behind the ClassAct GUI construction and Finale is behind ClassAct as a result. Finale Web Cruiser, a browser whose feature list would put it in strong contention with the Ibrowses, Awebs and Voyagers of the world, is also due for release before mid-year. Web Cruiser promises to support HTML 3.2, complete with frames and tables, and will interface with Moca for Java applications. Finale can be reached at http: www.finale-dev.com. Surf of the Month Pigeon droppings, golf, pop bands and science fiction are on the agenda for this month's journey into the world wide
We'll kick oft this month with a quick look at the on-line version of Mixmag, the 'original' dance music and club culture magazine.
Mixmag On-line has been around for a while but it seems timely to mention them now as they have just recently been taken over by EMAR the same publishing company responsible for CU Amiga Magazine.
Exciting stuff eh? Anyway, their web site reflects the magazine's focus on the UK and global dance scenes, covering styles from hip hop to hardcore, house, techno and all the other peripheral styles that shoot off from that lot. Mixmag's sister publication. Mixmag Update, also has a section on the site which caters specifically for Djs in the form of charts and news covering the latest releases and 'promos'. The site uses frames, so you'll be able to view it from a simple browser but it will look better with the latest version of Voyager.
While we're plugging fellow EMAP magazines we may as well point you in the direction of emap.com. from where you can access web sites run by a range of other EMAP rags, such as Q, Total Sport. Empire. FHM, Select.
Golf World and loads more.
The Lair is a new on-line magazine aimed at Amiga users. At the time of writing there’s not much to see but by the time you read this it should have expanded to a more substantial site. It seems to have quite a broad manifesto, so why not mail the webmaster with suggestions of what you'd like to see in future.
Maybe pigeon racing is more your kind of thing? The UK Pigeon Racing Page claims to be the first ever pigeon Internet site, and who are we to argue? It’s maintained by a Dr John Carnie, who "scrapes out, feeds, trains, races pigeons" and does the Internet bit purely for the enjoyment of fellow fanciers. The site has lots of neat touches dotted around it. Including animated GIFs and sections split up into frames, so this is another one that's best viewed with a browser that supports these features. Areas include news, an international fanciers directory, champion pigeons, a beginner's guide to
pigeons, lost pigeons and plenty more.
If you've got a few grand burning a hole in your pocket and a wall in your living room that's looking rather plain, take a look at the Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell on-line galleries, from where you. Can buy original artwork for £5000 upwards.
These pages can be access from the SF-Lovers web site, which has a substantial list of links to other fantasy artwork sites. You'll also find links to science fiction related sites too. This is a great starting point if you just want to drift around the net looking at some decent artwork.
Yet another wonder of the modern age that gives us one less reason to leave our homes is on-line shopping. CD Now is a service that specialises in selling music Cds. It's based in the USA, which has advantages and disadvantages for European customers. The disadvantage are obvious, mainly the time lag due to the transatlantic postage. However, the main advantage is that you can pick up American Cds sooner and cheaper than if you bought them in Europe. Most music shops put a hefty price on imported Cds, so you can make quite a saving, especially if you order a few at a time. We've used the
service and found that timing of your credit card billing can be a bit erratic, and it seems to be hit or miss as to whether you're charged import duty or not when they arrive at your end. Overall it's not a bad way to get hold of certain Cds that would otherwise be unavailable or very expensive. I Tony Horgan PD Shareware CD-ROM FREE CATALOGUE DISK (FREE P&Pand FREE updates) PI) Shareware from only 45p disk CL READER CD-ROM SPECIALS (Limited offer) Oh Y(Sm.Mor W orms!
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REALITY - THE ULRMATE SOFTWARE CONSTRUCTION KTT is a REVOLUTIONARY new product from B.P.M. Promotions, a company involved in the AMIGA software market for over five years. This product is a BREAKTHROUGH in software design and allows anyone with an AMIGA computer, regardless of their age or intelligence, to create both Public Domain and Commercial software products in vrrtually no time at all using nothing more than their computer's mouse! It can be used to create games, demos, educational software etc, much much faster and easier than ever before throughout the history ol computers!
REALITY is like nothing you've ever seen before on the AMIGA.
Now tor the first time you can access the awesome power of your computer with bewildering ease and use It to create TOP CLASS AMIGA software in few days by doing nothing more than clicking the buttons on your mouse or moving the mouse cursor around the screen - that's it! It's so easy you will not believe It! No programming is required whatsoever!
Here Is a small example ol what you can achieve In minutes with Reality by using nothing more that your Amiga's mouse:
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• Make your games main character shoot all sorts of different
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• Define monster attack patterns and choose from the HUGE amount
Of already made variations!
• Create intelligent enemies that home In on your main character!
• Add text messages to the software with hundreds of different
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monsters just like the very best commercial games!
• Produce scenery that your main character reacts to : Ladders,
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• Define complex puzzles to make your games much more
• Make other games characters that your main character can
interact and communicate with!
• Select and define all sorts of weapons, bonuses and objects
that your main character can collect and use!
• Create characters that have to fight each other in a beat 'em’
• Produce ALL sorts of demo effects from groovy text scrdllers to
on screen 3D rotation just like the very best PD demos!
• Create Educational software from a simple slideshow to a full
blown disk magazine!
• Add graphics, music and sound effects to your software with
THE LIST IS ENORMOUS!!!! - Teat your software in seconds to see If everything is working the way that YOU want It to! There’s no need for any slow compiling or testing like certain other packages!
REALITY can be used to create many types of different software products! It's ideal for TOP notch games!
Create HIGH speed shoot 'em' ups. Addictive scrolling platform games, Beat 'em ups. Point and Click Graphic Adventures, HUGE Arcade games, Puzzle games, Racing games, Card games and much much more! Even create your own mind-blowing special effects demos or user friendly Educational software!
Just look at the screenshots in this advertisement and see just what this system is really capable of! ' Over four man years of work has gone Into the development of this Software!
The result Is: A STATE OF THE AHT SOFTWARE CREATION SYSTEMI It's versatile - it's easy to use - it’s incredibly last -It's the biggest ever breakthrough In Amiga software creation and has already been used to create twenty commercial games and a multitude ol PD software!!
If you can use an AMIGA you can use REALITY!
All the hard work has been done for you! With once complicated programming routines reduced to simple mouse actions that anyone can understand! That's the hidden power of REALITY!
Absolutely no knowledge of programming is required whatsoever Reality is unique! It is a completely new way ol creating software!
What you get!
The very latest version of the REALITY software construction kit which incorporates a whole batch of useful and essential utilities. These include: an Animation and Sound Studio, a Graphics toolkit, a Background creation system, Picture and Introduction creators, a FULL blown paint package, Text editing and disk utilities plus much much more! You'll also receive a fully detailed user friendly instruction guide and a handy hints and tips guide! Two further guides that will show you how to make two full blown games from scratch!
Two full blown commercial games that have been created using REALITY for you to adapt and learn from! Issue one of the REALITY USER CLUB disk magazine! Two packed disks full of sound effects, music tracks and a MASSIVE amount of graphic images that can be used in your own software!
These include characters, enemies, weapons, bonuses, scenery, fonts and MUCH MUCH MORE!!
You get everything you need for creating your own full blown top quality software with ease!
You'll also get FREE membership to the Reality User Club!
This will provide you with a phofie helpline, a penpal list allowing you to contact and work with the already -MASSIVE REALITY userbase from around the globe! You will also have access to a HUGE range of software that has been created using the REALITY system and 1000's of graphic images, sound effects and music tracks which you can use with your own software! We are willing to publish any software that you create using REALITY or if you wish you can have other companies publish your work! The REALITY user club can supply you with ALL the graphics, music, sound effects and ideas that you
need to create superb software with this system. ALL the hard work has been done for you!
So what do you hava to pay for thim totally amazing system?
Only £29.99! This product is worth many times this price and only due to forecasted large sales, low cost advertising and direct sales to the customer are we able to offer It at this unbeatable price! By creating only one piece ol software you should get your money back many many times over! How much software do you wish to create? What more can we say other than you would be crazy not to take up this very special offer! Creating software is much more interesting than using it, and REALITY is the perfect tool! Please note that the REALITY package is compatible with ALL AMIGA computers and is
hard disk installable!
HOW TO ORDER „ ; ' - : o ' - : ¦ • J Please send a cheque, Postal Order, ' International money order to:
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Essential reading for any budding games makers!
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1997 issue of CU Amiga Magazine is not available. No orders placed for this offer will be fulfilled due to insufficient stocks of the instruction manual. All cheques and money orders sent to Impulse Inc in connection with this offer will be returned. CU Amiga Magazine apologises for any inconvenience this has caused its readers.
Search of that elu- lg your head as in does ... I rhis offer is being handled directly b' se Inc at their USA headquarters. Fi information you can contact lm| ie, fax. Mail or Email at the followings Impulse Inc, 8416 Xerxes Avenue North, Brooklyn Park, MN. 55444, USA Tel: (001) 612 425 0701 Fax: (001)-612-425-0557 Email: sales@coolfun.com se send me one Imagine 4.0 manual, dose a cheque money order lor £25 sterling post and packaging mm Send this coupon with payment to Imagine 4.0 .
Manual Offer. Impulse Inc, 8416 Xerxes Avenue North, Brooklyn Park, MN. 55444, USA. Frequently Asked Questions ¦ Q. What’s the difference between structured and bitmapped graphics?
Different graphics programs offer varying features but is there any real difference between them?
CU Amiga Magazine explains it all.
¦ A. A structured art program works with co-ordinates and other information to build its display, rather than processing a block of memory containing pixels of different colours. For example, a circle would be stored as a location and radius, rather than a collection of pixels in the shape of a circle.
Other information stored includes details on the colour and thickness of the line which describes the circle and whether or not it's filled with a pattern A structured art program will use these descriptions to create a display on-screen so you can see what the image looks like: but remember, this display is only an approximation, limited by the resolution of the screen mode used to display it.
¦ Q. What's good about structured graphics?
¦ A. The obvious advantage is that structured graphics are resolution independent. When you zoom in on a structured drawing, it is still stored with the same detail, it doesn't get 'blocky' like a bitmapped image. Take clip art for example: there are megabytes of clip art in structured format in the public domain. When you load in a piece of clip art, you can shrink it and stretch it and it will still look as good as the original.
Structured art often takes up less storage space than a bitmap graphic and is easier to edit. For example, you may wish to change the colour of part of the drawing: with structured art this means selecting only the lines and shapes you require and changing their properties. A structured art drawing is like many layers applied one or top of the other - it's easy to adjust one element without messing up any others. With a bitmapped program this would be difficult if not impossible.
Many people also find it easier to draw using a structured art program. The ability to draw a line and move it or add a shape and then resize it. Is a big advantage ¦ Q. Any disadvantages?
¦ A. Whilst perfect for line drawings and other 'sketched' shapes, structured art is useless at storing a detailed image such as a scanned photograph A bitmap which has information on the colour of each pixel is much better. With bitmapped paint programs you can also apply filters (for example, blur or emboss) and use shading and air-brush options.
This is impossible with structured art programs. File formats are also more standard with bitmapped images and sharing GIF and JPEG images between other platforms is much easier. Finally, the Amiga can animate bitmapped pictures much easier than structured ones.
¦ Q. What about scanned photographs?
¦ A. If you want to play with detailed images, use a bitmapped program such as Personal Paint, Photogenics or Art Effect. You'll need to be able to process each pixel, as well as apply filters and paint directly onto the image.
¦ Q. Which one is suited to the graphics on my World Wide Web site?
¦ A. As you will need to save out your images in GIF and JPEG format, the obvious answer is to use a bitmapped paint program.
However, a structured art program such as Draw Studio is very useful, especially when it comes to creating buttons and so forth.
Draw Studio allows work to be carried out in vector form and the final image can be saved as a GIF bitmap. It's also easy to create a button and add different text to it.
And save the image out as a GIF.
¦ Q. Which is better for desktop publishing?
H A. Apart from when you are including photographs, structured art is much better. Artwork stored in vector format will be printed at the resolution of your printer: which is usually very high - much higher than a monitor, for example. This means curves and lines will appear totally smooth and very crisp and sharp. In addition, if you like playing with typefaces, structured art programs usually offer more tools and features than a paint program.
¦ Q. What about video?
¦ A. Bitmaps are best, although the ability of Draw Studio to output bitmap images means that it's possible to make use of its font handling tools and then save the image out in IFF format. This can then be loaded in a bitmap program (say, Deluxe Paint or a video titling program) and used with a genlock to provide captions for video.
¦ Q. Animations?
¦ A. Structured art programs are rarely used in animation, although technically a package such as 'MovieSetter' has more in common with vector than bitmap systems.
¦ Q. Can I use structured art with my WP?
¦ A. That depends on the formats in which your structured art program saves images, and the formats which your word processor loads, so the answer is 'it depends'. Contact the companies responsible for both to make sure they can talk before buying.
¦ Q. Which type should I buy then?
¦ A. Ideally both you will find that you use both a vector and a bitmapped program depending on the application at hand. For example, you may find yourself drawing a graph or chart in a structured art program, and then loading it into the bitmapped program to add more details. Or you might render an object in Imagine and then load it into the structured art program to add labels ¦ John Kennedy Paint programs Here are some examples of well known bitmapped and structured packages.
Bitmapped Structured Deluxe Paint Draw Studio Personal Paint WordWorth Art Effect Xcad Photogenics Design Works Masterclass
- LEaia If time is money then switching to using the shell will
save you a small fortune. So stop hanging around with WIMPs and
make the change.
It might seem strange to use Command Line Interface (CLI or Shell) on the Amiga, when there is such a good Graphical User Interface (GUI) such as Workbench available Surely the point of the GUI is to remove the need for typed commands in the first place?
Owners of other computer platforms might agree but the Amiga is different. Yes. It's possible to achieve practically everything from the GUI but the Shell provides a powerful and succinct way of doing the same things Here's an example Imagine you need to delete all the JPG files from your hard drive in a hurry. From the Workbench, you'd have to look through the icons and select them one by one before hitting ’Delete’ from the pull-down menu. What happens if the files are scattered in multiple directories? Well, you’d have a long night in front of you.
The alternative is to open a Shell window and enter something like: delete »?.jpg This highlights one of the main differences between how a GUI and a CLI work With a GUI. It’s up to you to select the files by either clicking on them or dragging a box around them. This is great for selecting a small number of files but if you don’t know where the files are or if there are a lot of them, it can be tiresome.
You might be wondering how the Shell can make it possible to find and delete ALL the JPG files stored on the computer, no matter where they are stored. It’s not particularly easy and I made a mistake last month when I fell into the trap of thinking that I knew how to use LIST properly My mistake concerned the use of the ALL keyword. If you use ALL, then any pattern matching is only done at the topmost level. So, if you were to enter: list *7.jpg ALL Then only those files ending in JPG in the current directory will be displayed, not those in any subdirectories. This is a bit of a nuisance.
However, I’ve been working to discover a way around this and the result is one heck of an amazing LIST command. If you like logic problems, then you'll love this I promise. If you do work your way through it. I can guarantee that you'll know a heck of a lot more about AmigaDOS than when you started. I certainly did, anyway.
So. Here’s the problem We need to find and delete every file ending in JPG, no matter where it is located on the hard disk. Just for the moment. I’m going to substitute 'vt’ for 'delete’.
This is the name of a program which will display the JPG file. It’s always a good idea to try something instead of delete when you are experimenting with scripts. Let’s get started.
Step one First, let’s look at how you would get a list of all files ending in JPG if you knew the directory they were located in. Assuming the directory was called ’pictures’, you would use a command like this: list pictures ?.jpg Step two However, we want to create a list of instructions which will automatically display (or deletel the files To achieve this, we use the LFORMAT option. This allows us to add text and control how the filename and path are displayed.
The version of LIST we use looks like this (-*: indicates no return here).
List lformat "vt p n" -b pictures ?.jpg When you enter this command, you will see something like this: vt pictures picl.jpg vt pictures pic2.jpg vt pictures pic3.jpg Which is exactly what we want.
Step three Having the above displayed at the Shell isn’t useful. Although the right text is appearing, it’s not doing anything. Instead we need to redirect to a file. This means that the same text isn’t display but instead is stored in a text file.
The file can then be used with EXECUTE, the command which loads a file and runs each command line by line.
To redirect the output, we would alter the original LIST to become this: list lformat "vt %p n" pictures -b 7. Jpg ram: script This creates a new file in the RAM disk called ’script’ and you can make the commands inside happen by using execute, like this: execute ram:script Step four Now we are half way there. AM we need to do Is somehow automatically provide the LIST command with a list of all the directories it should search through. But hold on: this is exactly what LIST is for! So to obtain a list of directories, we would use LIST like this: list all dirs quick However, we need the list
to include the path to the directories rather than the names alone, so we use the LFORMAT keyword again, like this: list lformat "%pkn" all dirs quick This provides a list of all the directories, and their paths.
Step five Now we need to combine the two different LIST commands above into one. This is where it starts to get a little tricky! As you can see.
It's possible to include extra commands in the LFORMAT string to make a new script. This means we can include the first LIST command in the LFORMAT string of the LIST command used above Here's a first attempt: liat lformat "list lformat "vt -* pkn" 96p%n ?.jpq quick -* ram:script" all dirs quick This looks pretty scary to start with but look carefully and you'll see it consists of a list command which creates a list of other list commands. There are several problems with it though.
List lformat "vt %pkn" -* pictures ?.jpg Step six You cannot have quotation marks nested like this The quotation marks which make up the internal LFORMAT string will need to be replaced There is a magic AmigaDOS command to do this: instead of a quotation mark you use an asterisk and a quotation mark together.
Secondly, there is a problem creating the script. Ignoring one other problem for the moment, the above LIST is designed to create output like this: list lformat "kpkn" pictures -* ?.jpg quick rasi:script list lformat "%pkn" graphics -* ?.jpg quick ram: script list lformat "kp%n" games -* If? • jpg quick ram:script The problem is that each line will replace the script created by the previous line. Instead of the ' ' redirection symbol, we need the ' ' symbol as this appends each new line of text to the end of the file, rather than creating a new one.
Step seven There is still one flaw left. In the mammoth LIST command, the %p%n appears twice.
These are the special markers which are replaced by the path and name of the file or directory. But we don’t want the first pair to be replaced by the file and path name, as we want this to happen when the created file is executed. Unfortunately I haven't yet worked out a way around this (perhaps if you do, you'll be good enough to get in touch) so in the meantime I've substituted an '!' For a '%'. This means tfiat at some point you'll need to load a text file into a word processor and perform a global search and replace Step eight OK, let's use our awesome list command to find all the JPGs on
the hard drive, and create a script which will display them all. First of all.
Enter this: liet lformat "liet lformat *"vt -* After all that, you might be wondering if it wouldn't be simpler to make do with the GUI and spend several days hunting for all the files yourself. Well, that's one of the amazing things about computers, very often you'll find yourself spending a long time trying to find an easy way to perform a tedious task. This exercise is no exception, but you might find it useful.
After all, you can easily adapt it you search for IFF. Anim or LHZ files which could then be copied to removable disk. It's incredible how much disk space you can free up when you purge your system from graphics files you are unlikely to ever need again ¦ John Kennedy A wise man once said: "No-one can have all the answers." Piffle, he'd obviously never read CU's Q£rA pages where Andrew Korn and Mat Bettinson are two men with all the answers when it comes to anything Amiga related.
I'm an all round type of guy so I'll give any questions that you'd like to throw at me my best shot.
I'm a bit more on the specialist side. Questions on the internet and anything Comms related are just my cup of tea.
Get knitted I have recently bought an Amiga
1200. 1 am starting I to design my own cross stitch pat- terns. I
need a printer, preferably one that prints the patterns in
colour but can also print the black and white symbols are
used in the patterns. Any suggestions? Also, being a com
pete beginner to computing, could you suggest some
information and software so I can learn about the language
etc. and know the capabilities of the machine, as OS and
Kickstart etc. mean nothing to me?
Mrs. H. A. Elsom, Hull.
Needs the printout should be f'r than photographic, so a fridge colour printer should mix black from the colours tg used, but A Canon BJ70 or colour should do the job.
Mall and cost around £160.
C100 more an Epson Stylus like OS and Kickstart may midating at first but don't you. They are the basic at makes an Amiga an ?p reading the magazine II be an expert in no time!
Hard drivin' I recently pur- chased an At 200 MR ifi ¦ drive I am sick of swopping disks so I want to buy a hard drive. So:
1. Which one do you recommend?
2. What will I get for £200?
3. How will it improve my Amiga?
4. Will I have to take my computer apart to fit it?
5. Could you give me a list of alternatives to buying a hard
Colin Burg, Morley, Leeds.
1. Check our advertisements for a huge choice. The only decision
(apart from cost) is between 3.5 " and 2.5 ” drives. 3.5"
drives are cheaper, but the
2. 5" ones are cheap enough and fit more easily.
2. You could get a 1.1Gb Instant Drive from Eyetech which is a
3.5 " drive but one which fits quite easily.
Alternatively a 2.5" drive of around 850Mb would fit even easier and draw less power, a consideration if you wish to buy an accelerator in the future.
850Mb is likely to be more than you will ever need.
3. Let's count the ways. You may think it just reduces disk
swopping and speeds things up, but it is much more than that.
The whole way the Workbench functions cries out for a hard
drive. It is the best thing that
4. Many shops will fit it for you at a cost. However fitting a
2.5" drive is only a little harder than changing the fuse in a
plug, and instructions should come with the drive.
5. There is no real alternative.
A build up M 1.1 want to buy a CD-ROM drive Mi and acoelerato' to use Cds I i - thinking about getting Eyetech's CDPIus. Eyetech sell CDPIus without a mechanism.
Would this mean that I could fit any PC IDE drive?
2. Would I have to buy a power supply if I get an accelerator,
say a Blizzard 1260. As well? If this is the 1*1 case, will a
tower case do? The HiQ Powerstation costs hundreds but Eyetech
sell a much cheaper PC Mini tower case.
3. 1 like the look of the Blizzard 1240T erc and 1260.1 have
heard the '040 board only fits into a tower Amiga. Is this
true and if so where can I get a tower Amiga?
How do the two boards compare?
4. Like many Amiga users I have a PC at work and would like to
transfer files between these two platforms. I am thinking
of buying a ZIP drive or an HD floppy. Help?
Henry Chung, Hong Kong.
. Yes, if il is 100% Atapi compatible.
2. If you fit the CD drive lo the internal power from your
Amiga, then yes. If you use the Eyetech CDPIus, your CD-ROM
drive will lake Us power from that, leaving your power
supply lo cope with Ihe l alor. You could even move your
internal hard drive to the Eyetech unit to take the strain
from your Amiga power supply. HiQ's Powerstation includes a
SCSI connecter and a CD- ROM drive. We guess you are refer-
for he CDPIus. With this the whole lot comes in around £100
less but doesn't have SCSI.
3. The l240T erc runs hot - it needs good air circulation, which
a tower has. You could follow our series on fitting your Amiga
into a tower case or hunt down a commercial design but be
warned that it doesn 7 like MicroniK towers.
Comparing accelerators is tricky.
Rlizzard rate the ‘040 model at 30 MIPS, the ‘060 at 38.71 but this isn't the whole story. In some cases the 1260 will be much faster, but for a few the ‘040 will beat the '060.
4. A I)I) floppy formatted as a 720k PC disk can be understood by
your Q&fl Amiga if you use CrossDos. The zip is a great
alternative, if rather more expensive.
Blurred vision
- rG I recently pur- chased an AT 1438s multisync monitor from
lire first tre. When I plugged it in everything seemed fine,
except the image was slanted, and when I changed screen- mode
to DBLPal or Productivity, the screen sort of wobbled at the
bottom. Is the wobbling normal?
I rang up First and they immediately got Microvitec to send me a replacement- This one had a slanted tube too and the screenmode problems still hounded my Amiga, so I rang up First and asked for a refund, which they immediately gave me. Their service is first class and I recommend them to anyone.
Are the problems caused by my Amiga or am I unlucky enough to have received two faulty monitors?
Also, please run a feature on hacking an A1200 into a tower case. I have been waiting to buy a pack to do this from a German company but can't afford it. So please tell us how to DIY.
Graham Hamilton, Ottery St. Mary, Devon.
It's very unlikely that the Amiga is the culprit. Is there a loudspeaker near your desk? It may be that a stray magnetic field is at fault. Put a portable TV in the same place and see if you get the same problem. If not.
Then you were almost certainly unlucky with a bad batch of monitors.
Try another one, with a very different serial number if possible!
We've been flooded with requests for a upgrade feature. You got it! If all goes to plan part one is in this very issue. Now stop asking already!
Card games I've upgraded my A4000 to a high spec with a Cybervision 64 graphics card.
I have some questions for you:
1. The Cybervision came with a very small manual and a disk
containing some libraries, I would like to write some pro
grams which use the Cybervision libraries but I have no
documentation on them, where can I get this information?
2. Does Dpaint support Cyber displays? If not. Are there any
similar packages which do?
3. I have a SCSI CD-ROM drive which came with a very basic dri
ver. I would like to emulate a CD32 - can you recommend any
James Taylor, Winyates West, Redditch.
1. On this month’s cover CD, you will find the CyberGraphX
development kit in the Programming drawer.
2. Dpaint was written well before graphics cards were common
It tends to use the native hardware only, though version 5.0 will open RTG screens with some success.
Ppaint 7.0 works well under CyberGraphX. See our review in the January issue.
3. AsimCDFS as sold by Blittersoft has reasonable CD32 emulation
though these are only partially successful at running CD32
Cubase control Being new to the Amiga I would like your advice on Amiga music software hardware. Having used an Atari 1040ST with Cubase V3. I was wondering if it was possible to run this program with an ST emulator without causing detrimental effect on an A1200 (there are versions of this software for ST, PC and Mac).
Cubase is suited to my requirements and I don't want to downgrade to a program with less functions and tracks for sequencing. I have heard about OctaMED and I am sceptical of the amount of tracks available considering Cubase has more, and I really don’t want to have to compress the tracks.
Music lover, London.
In theory you should be able to run Cubase via an Atari ST emulator.
However, software emulators put a big strain on the computer's processor, with the result that the software will generally run slower under emulation than on the computer it was intended for. This could cause problems, especially as timing is crucial with a MIDI sequencer.
Send your Q.&A problems to ... You can send your technical problems [or answers - Ed] to CU Amiga by the following means: By letter to Q&A, CU Amiga, Priory Court. 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London, EC1R 3AU.
Email: Q + A@cu Amiga.co.uk. NO SAES PLEASE We regret that we can't respond to readers' questions by post or over the phone. Please do not include a stamped addressed envelope with your letters as we simply don't have time to answer the thousands we receive.
Responses are only available through the pages of this magazine.
While OctaMED SoundStudio free with March 1997 issue of CU Amiga Magazine) is without doubt the best all round music package on the Amiga, with up to 64 tracks available, it works in quite a different way to mainstream MIDI sequencers like Cubase. If you want a similar working environment your best bet is to get hold of Music X 2.0 or track down Camouflage, a very powerful shareware sequencer available from the Aminet on-line archive and good PD libraries.
Perfect match I am interested in buying a Blizzard 1260 with 16Mb but I need to know if it is PCMCIA ' compatible because I have an Amiga 1241 Q drive CD-ROM. I have written to White Knight Technology who sell cheap 1260s and they say that they are not sure if the board will work with the Q drive, so I am writing to you because you seem good at answering problems.
S. Longden, Redford, by Arbroath.
Oh dear, you’ve got us there. Iff never got a Q drive, so we aren't sure. The Blizzard boards have been known to cause a few problems with PCMCIA equipment, although mostly this has been solved with software updates.
This is one of the ones that might well still be a problem though. The only way to be sure is to try it- ask your dealer if you can return the unit in case of incompatibility, and if they say no then go somewhere else. For that money they should be happy to do this.
DOSsing about
1. Are there any manuals lists of the Amiga Shell commands
2. Are there any simple programs to make Workbench run easier?
CUCD5 on the December Issue was laid out really well with
brilliant Icons.
How can I make my Workbench look like that? I want to impress my friends with the layout and user-friendliness.
3. I’m having trouble finding stockists in the Birmingham area.
Anywhere in the West Midlands would do, Coventry, Birmingham,
Lemmington, Kenilworth, Solihull etc. Steve Best, Birmingham.
7. Most releases of the Amiga had a basic list in the manuals.
Alternatively check out the AmigaDos Guide v2 from Online PD
(tel: 01704 834335), a basic but cheap disk guide, or phone
Bruce Smith Books (tel: 01923 894355) for a more in-depth
2. There are millions! We are planning an article on this in
the future.
As for the icons, you already have them. Check out the System drawer on CVCD5 and you will see the full Newlcons package, with documentation and installers.
3. Try mail order - it is often the best way to do your computer
Connections I have an A1200 and am thinking of buying an A600 with a hard drive.
1. 1 would like to install Imagine 4 to hard drive. Could I
install it to the A600 and then connect the A1200 and the A600
together? Could I install AGA games on the A600 to use on the
2. 1 have lost the two Imagine3 Installer disks CU123a and
CU123b. Can anyone help?
3. Are you going to cover mount old games? Some of the golden
oldies that made the Amiga what it is are impossible to find.
4. Are you going to review the Reality Construction Kit and run
tutorials on it?
7. Networking Amigas won't make them work as one machine. You
could send programs from the A600 to the A1200 but it would be
slow. If you want software on a hard drive, the best solution
is to put one in your AI200.
2. Imagine 4 is better, stick to that.
3. Check out this month's vintage games feature!
4. We will review it when it comes in.
A tutorial depends on what we think when we’ve had a good look at il.U Calling J.McDonald A reader wrote in to offer help with your GVP problems, but we've lost your addressl Write in and we will forward his letter to you.
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ENGINE V5 (not WB 1.3) The very latest word processor with soel
checker The e the «u ver»on rvghty recommend U1013 DtARV-2000
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more gamee to HO U1027 SOFT MEMORY - Double your computer*
memory This version does not require HO or MMU Give this a try
Recommend U1028 MAGiC-USER INTERFACE V3.1 update lo veroon 2.3
U1Q29 ORIC 4AK EMULATOR (Not 1.3) Al Met 4 work U1030 MS* ¦
Emdetor *2 i (WB3.0) MSX computer on U1031 900 AMKiA GAMES HU A
CHEAT V4 Q dak*) 332 VIRUS CHECKER V8 2 (not WB 1.3) Latest_
HARDWARE PROJECT III UTTLE OFFICE 2 Harclclnv.t & dink drive
1-150 SCOPE 1-220 FRI fflsrsss:; ftBackchat Dogs, London El
Please note our new address will be CU Amiga Magazine, EMAP
Images, 37-39 Millharbour, Isle of Tower power You recently
mentioned that you would be doing a (eature pro|ect on adapting
PC power supplies for use with an A1200 and putting an A1200 in
a tower case.
Although I already have a Goliath power supply I would be very interested in a project to put an A1200 into a tower case and using a PC power supply which normally comes built into the tower. This would enable me to use my two IDE hard disk drives and CD-ROM and to get a Blizzard 1240 accelerator. I have only seen the Eagle tower for the A1200 advertised but at £180 for the case and £60 for the power supply this seems rather steep. A standard PC tower costs about £40 50 including power supply.
The only problem I see is with the backplane where it would be nice to have the Amiga motherboard slot in to provide straight access to all the ports - no need for major rewiring! If a cheap enough solution came up it would probably interest loads of readers who would rather buy 16Mb of RAM than spend twice that amount on a box!
Karim Akhtaremail, Emailand.
You and a thousand people like you have been writing in to us on this subject. So to please you all the first of a series on how to build your own tower starts this issue. Turn there now.
Demos for me
* I just want to give my views on the 'demos killing company
profits' argument. For me this could not be further from the
There has been many a time when I have used a demo of 9TX.
Some software which I would never have dreamed of buying, for example Ibrowse, Super Tennis Champs and Syndicate.
But after playing the various cover disks and demos. I went straight out to the shops and bought them. I also would probably have never upgraded from my 600 if I hadn't tasted the 'serious' side of Amigas. Your PageStream demo, was one such thing that made me go out and buy a printer. Then, when magazines started putting Cds on the covers ... I went out and got a CD drive, a hard drive and a modem.
Realising the need for extra memory and speed to make use of all my new toys. I purchased an 030 accelerator and 4Mb Fast RAM. All this from a few cover disks ... and this is killing the Amiga! And what about all the Internet demos of AmlRC and AmFTP? Surely the shareware demos are the main income for the programmers?
I say piff to those far-off and unresearched ideas, the software demos FIELP the Amiga a great deal ... Now if only you mags could start putting time limited hard drives and accelerators on covers ... then the market would really pick up ... James Caygill, Emailand.
A colourful job We are a new team of games developers who are looking for a graphical artist to work on our planned commercial releases.
Experience with Imagine and Real3D is required.
For more information please contact Alvaro Thompson, Team Mango,17 Bank Gardens, Ryde, Isle of White P033 2SY.
Spain says no to floppy disks!
Hello, I'm a Spanish Amiga user who reads your great magazine. I have a CD drive and I buy your mag every month but I'd like to know why you don't send the CD version of CU Amiga Magazine over here. I have a lot of floppies with a few Mb on but compared to the massive 650Mb that I could be getting from your CD it's a shame. Nobody would prefer a floppy instead of a CD ... even if someone doesn't have a CD unit, when they get about five or six Cds they'll soon realise that they need one. This situation happened in the PC market three years ago. Help users to wake up! Nowadays no serious
magazines sell floppy disk versions. We are giving the computer community reasons to laugh at us. How can we expect people to think that the Amiga is a serious computer if you are still putting out floppy disk versions in 1997? So please, stop editing the floppy issue, you are holding back the Amiga's development. It's a leap backward ... Pep, Spain.
And another one In Spain it's impossible to buy a copy of your special CD edition. I suppose you make two different editions because some users want to spoil it for others. But you must progress like PC magazines did three years ago.
Then, no PC user had a CD-ROM drive, the magazines started to sell CD-mounted cover discs and everybody began to buy CD-ROM drives. It's true you can 'motivate' the Amiga community to improve their setup by giving away only Cds in your cover, when the 'NO CD-ROM owner' realises that he has three or four CDS full of Mb, surely he will buy a CD-ROM drive. The funniest letters I read in your mag was the one which told you that you were fooling the customer by giving away gifts and books on your mag and another one telling you that you were pulling his leg by including a lite version of 'Vista' on
the CUCDIII. I think that these are the kind of people who will send you letters telling you that they would prefer a 800K floppy to a 650Mbs CD! Please, print this letter, it could help people to wake up!
Miguel Ramos, Spain.
These two letters were just two of many simitar ones that we have been receiving lately. We have contacted out distribution department about the matter and they will be trying to improve the situation. While we agree that there is so much more material on the CD, there are still a lot of people who want the floppy disc versions only.
You lie full but when I loaded it I found it was only 389Mb. If it was full it would be 650Mb. CD-ROM 6 was only 488Mb full and CD-ROM was I've just purchased your latest mag with super CD-ROM 7. On the CD inlay it says that the CD is 100% BACKCHAT 610Mb full. It seems to me it's getting lower every month. At this rate it will not be worth getting the CD version of the magazine because the floppy disk issue will have more on it at this rate. Please could you tell me where the missing Mbs have gone. All the above mentioned CD covers say 100% full.
Mine are not.
Mr M Stevens, Kent.
When we say the CD-ROM is full, it is full. The months in question where the data tracks have less than 650Mb present, audio fills the rest of the CD. You can access this by using a CD audio player program or playing track 2 onwards on a normal HiFi CD player. Sometimes when the data track is not 100% full we make sure it is by using the rest of the space to present ultra high quality 16-bit remixes of readers modules. We're sure no-one could argue that our CUCDs are not excellent value for money even with half the material present on them.
Happy to be I remember about a year or so ago we were told we users should show the developers and supporters that were left on the Amiga scene that we did care and that we were still prepared to spend our money on it. Whilst I'm not naive enough to think that myself and a few others spending a few hundred pounds on some new hardware and software would tempt developers and such like to return wholesale. I did however agree, and still do agree, that the Amiga is worth our time, effort and money, for the foreseeable future.
With the PD and shareware side of the Amiga truly buzzing now, things are surely a lot brighter than you would think.
However, the attitude of the software companies doesn't reflect this, I have come through the ranks as you might say, having used a Spectrum 48K for many years before getting the Amiga. When the 8 bits eventually succumbed to the power and popularity of the 16 bits, it was a slow, gradual process, companies were still prepared to release software on multi platforms. Whereas now, before the nails are in the coffin on the Amiga, almost all of the people who grew rich from us Amiga users have not only abandoned the Amiga but the many thousands of people who have invested time and money in it. I
can only believe now that these companies cared little for their customers, putting profit far above anything else. Profit is important to a certain extent but surely if these companies maintain such a short sighted outlook, all they will create in the long run is a vastly fragmented market!
Take for instance all the old 8-bit users who lingered on. Then the Amiga and ST users who in turn have refused to jump ship, simply for the sake of flashier graphics.
Then there's the SNES and Megadrive owners, who again have seen their market for software collapse, again with companies stopping production.
'because it isn’t economical'! With each advance in technology that the softcos and hardware manufacturers foist upon us, the market grows increasingly divided. I see little point in abandoning those who choose to stay with an older machine, when there is surely plenty of money to be made in it. I mean we don't see the tremendous sales now that software used to enjoy do we?
The choice now for computer people who only wish to use computers is either a PC, or the Mac. Surely the PC choice is a step back from where us Amiga users have been heading? And for the Mac, well just how much do Mac users have to pay for software, especially serious software, when in comparison with the Amiga prices are far above what we are used to paying. Is the price of ever greater technology an ever greater financial cost?
Granted we get more power from computers for our money now than ever before, but exactly where is the affordable 'home' computer of years before? Who can afford to go into Dixons and pay £1500 for a computer?
Considering the uses to which most get put to at home, this is obviously absurd! Well I bought my A1200 for what I know it can do and with so much shareware being available I see little reason to move on. I guess that makes me yet another addition to the ever growing fragmented market.
David Cowdalt, Warrington.
Group sessions Just got a new Amiga? Want to know more about it? You are welcome to attend the Huddersfield Amiga User Group. Meetings are held fortnightly covering various topics such as DTP graphics, comms, word processing. CD- ROM, music, art, programming and beginners' corner. If you want to know more about any subject there will probably be someone there who knows about it. Find out how to connect the Amiga to the Internet. For further information please contact: Geoff: Wjh n Hm U 01484 543534, Tony:01484 460888.
Robert:01484 654291.
Robert Crawshaw, Huddersfield.
And another one.
Please could you inform the Amiga users of Norfolk that there is a new Amiga group that has been started. We currently have over 30 users and are welcoming any other Amiga users to come and join our Amiga group which offers a meeting place for all Amiga owners. The Group is based near Norwich in Felbrigg, and the organiser of this group, John Kelly can be contacted on 101263) 515056.
Carl Warren, Emailand.
Faster breed Several months back I issued a challenge to coders to hack Alien Breed 3DII to make it faster on 060 equipped amigas. Well, to those of you out there who were disappointed by the frame rate on 060s I urge you to download and try TKGTurboPatch By Aki Laukkanen. Running as ’tkgpatch c en f this nearly doubles the frame rate in full screen mode and makes the game very playable with all the goodies switched on! You even get an onscreen frame rate indicator (which Aki informs me is actually lower than the frame rate achieved), I have received Email from Aki indicating that much more
can be done with the engine if Team 17 will release the source code for AB3DII into the public domain and that there will be no more updates to tkgpatch until this happens. I realise that this is no small request but maybe Team 17's might make it happen. Think of the good it would do the Amiga programming community if the source to such an advanced program were available.
Ron Hill. Belfast.
The source code for AB3DII was actually included on last month's cover CD, so if anyone else wants to have a go, it's all there.
Off a six month rr subscription to Priority Order Form Ordering by phone The easiest way to take out a subscription to CU Amiga Magazine is to order it by phone. Simply call 01858 435350 between 8.30am and 6pm, quote the type of subscription you want (e.g.: UK 12 months, UK 6 months. Rest of World 12 months) the source code and the relevant offer code. Both codes can be found below.
Ordering by post:
A. 6 month subscription Please tick which one of the following
subscriptions you want: United Kingdom and Nl Disk version
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subscriptions you want: United Kingdom and Nl Disk version £54
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Name ... Surname
V dl I 01858 435350 How are you paying?
By cheque CD money order CD Total £ .. By Visa CD Access CD American Express CD Mastercard I I Credit card number I Card expiry date Date ......Signature .. Source codes: CD edition 0013 Oder codes: DD edition IA2L 6 month: CD edition 01U DD edition A2P DD edition A2F 12 month: CD edition OIK POST TO: Frwn UK aily:CU Amiga Magazine Subscriptions, EMAP Consumer Magazines, FREEPOST (LE5 981) Leicester LE87 4AB, UK.
ErtN Overseas: CU Amiga Magazine Subscriptions, EMAP Consumer Magazines, Tower Publishing, Leicester LE87 4PA, UK.
..Postcode.. Points of view Carry on as you are by Tony Horgan It’s taken a while, but at last it seems the average Amiga user now has a pretty powerful system at their disposal. There have always been those who would upgrade their Amigas to keep abreast of the latest software developments but until recently there was still a significant number of Amiga users running very basic set-ups but still expecting to be able to work wonders. It’s nobody's right to dictate the buying decisions of another, despite the 'upgrade or die' themed editorial comments we've all read too many times in the Amiga
press, and if someone still finds their 1 Mb floppy-only A500 sufficient for their needs, then fine.
Everyone has their own specific uses for their computer and will modify their system accordingly.
However, now that many more Amiga users are running far more capable systems (as preliminary findings from our recent reader survey suggest), the whole Amiga scene is in a much better position to move forward. This issue sees the first of a three-part series on how to overcome the limitations of the A1200 by transplanting it into a PC tower case, in direct response to an overwhelming number of requests for such a feature.
If you're one of those who has yet to expand the Amiga beyond its basic set-up. You’re in luck. There has never been a better time to bring your Amiga up to date, especially if you're an A1200 owner. You can now get a 25MHz 68030 accelerator card with an extra 4Mb of RAM on board for 5p less then £1001 For around the same price you could add a hefty 850Mb hard drive. Just these two additions alone with revolutionise a stock A1200 beyond all belief and open the door to all kinds of new possibilities. And then of 44you can now get a 25MHz 68030 accelerator card with an extra 4IVIb of RAM on
board for 5p less than £100. course there's the ever-cheaper CD- ROM drive, which you could add to your Amiga for as little as £50 (as covered in the December 1996 issue of CU Amiga Magazine).
There will inevitably be a certain sector of the Amiga scene which stays firmly rooted in the low end and there's a good reason for that.
Walk into any high street computer retailer and you'll be lucky if you're offered anything for less than £1,000.
There is no reason why this should be the base price for a home computer but that's the way it is at the moment. Apart from, of course, the Amiga option.
Name another computer that you can plug into your TV to play games and use tons of applications so inexpensively, but also upgrade cheaply and efficiently to match current popular PC systems as and when required.
Most Amiga users have now travelled down that upgrade path to an extent that's beneficial for the whole scene. Let’s keep it rolling. ¦ ¦ Tony Horgan is CU Haiga Magazine’s Editor.
Get off that fence ¦I software companies on the fence getting splinters up their bottoms. A worrying trend amongst the bigger names seems to be to stick one lonely little toe into the Amiga market to test the water and before said digit has time to even get wet, snatch it back out again until further notice. What am I talking about? Broken promises, that's what. I'm tired of listening to software companies drone on about their latest nearly finished game that will be the best game ever to be seen on the face of the earth honest'. Don't get me wrong. I’m never bored hearing about new Amiga
releases, it's just when you get all the information about a new wonder release, see it in a nearly finished form, do a preview on it, ring up a few weeks later for the final review and hear:"oh yes, well we are going to concentrate on our other formats until we know what is happening on the Amiga before we release the game or develop any further games."
"Until we know what is happening with the Amiga market" generally refers to until we find out who owns it.
44 Currently a lot of software companies are too busy sitting on the fence getting splinters up their bottoms ... 59 Let's get this straight: 1997 sees us in a much stronger position than ever before. We are no longer relying on one company to save the day. There are several big companies such as QuikPak, Phase 5 and PIOS who are already developing either Amiga clones or Amiga Operating Systems. Having one named owner will reassure many but it won't change the fact that there is and always will be an Amiga market.
There are thousands of people who already have Amigas. Who have the cash and are just dying for a half decent game to come out so they can buy it. Now if that isn't a ready-made market then I don't know what is. ¦ Magazine's LSB Deputy Editor IS* Back Issues You don't miss a thing do you? Yes. Well why are looking at this page then?
November 1996 AfrilQs’ 5J5PI fife w October 1996 ON THE DISKS: “I Priority Order Form Upper Disk Tools: ideal Idi sorting out those awkward disks and drives!
FEATURES: Amiga in America. Net software... MSIDE: The speed issue, or something Three top accelerators, a TCP,IP stack comparison and Capital Punishment Issue date ft type (CD or disk) Quantity Price Total price January 1997 [- j-d ON THE DISKS: lAMIP Imagine extras on CD.
CD-ROM or floppy edition FEATURES: Get a |ob in computer graphics, plus eight pages ol Imagmc 4.0 INSIDE: Eftecl Pparnt 7.
SWOS 96-97. Fighting Spoil Chaos Engine 2.. December 1996 Method of payment Q Visa Q Amex Q Access Q Diners Club card Q Cheque (£ Sterling) Card no ...Expiry date .. Signature Date ...... Please make cheques payable to EMAP Images Ltd.
Title Initials .; Surname .. Address ... March 1997 February 1997 ON THE DISKS Design Works. Minskies Furiialls plus Worms - the Director's Cut extras and Imagine extras on the CD FEATURES: The new Abox and working in computer graphics part II.
INSIDE: Wnrdworth 6 Office Turho Calc. Minskies Furiiafls. Bograts reviewed.
Postcode..... Dreamt v- ¦ VfrTC l I Daytime telephone number Complete this form and send it with your payment to: CU Amiga Magazine Back Issues, Tower Publishing, Tower House. Sovereign Park. Lathill St, Market Harborough. Leics LE16 1EF. Tel: 01858 435 350.
‘Rates: UK: £5.99 Europe and rest of world: £6 50. Except for CD-FTOM editions: UK £6.99 Europe and rest of world: £7.50. All prices include postage and packing.
Disks CDs are included with all orders. CD edition is available for the April 1996 issue, and monthly starting from the November 1996 issue.
Please allow 28 days for fulfilment upon receipt of-request. All orders subject to availability r iScft SYSTEMS niw low rmcis _ ’ Ibrowse V1.tO(-»Hf-~.worn £29.95 Net&Web ...£39.95 B Net&Web 2 £69.95 Termite-------------------------------£39.95 g TermiteTCP_________________£39.95 ||| = Cinema4D V3 ..£199.95 Ul O CinemaWORLD__________________£39.95 B q CinemaFONT ....£39.95 Bfe 997 HiSoft Systems. E&OE Studio II Professional ...£49.95 B o DiskMACIC 2 ....£39.95 9; MaxonMAGIC
...£29.95 B I MediaMAGIC------------£49.95 BL ' HiSoft C+ + .....£169.95 g HiSoft C++ Lite £79.95 g Devpac 3 ....£49.95 = Highspeed Pascal______________£79.95 ° HiSoft BASIC 2 ..£49.95 z Camesmith .. £79.95 x Twist 3 Database -----*99.95 5 ProFlight Simulator ......£19.95 Hi Aura 8 ..£34.95 WM g Aura 16 £99.95 | Clarity 16 .£129.95 S ProMidi Interface -------£24.95 g Megalosound
....£34.95 4 VideoMasler ......£69.95 B B O VideoMaster RI.B £109.95 ui VideoMaster AGA ..£79.95 VideoMaster A(.A RGB .....£ 129.95 fll I ColourMaster ....£69.95 MH J |a Drive ..£449.00 O SMD-100 MPEG decoder ..£199.95 kL g Classic Squirrel .£69.9.5 “ Surf Squirrel ......£99.95 BflB 2x CD-ROM Drive ...» .£89.95 Bcb 5 4x CD-ROM Drive ...«* .... £129.95 1 12x CD-ROM Drive ..~a, .. £229.95 ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED zip S100 MEGABYTES OF REMOVEABLE
STORAGE ON ONE CARTRIDGE INCLUDES £30 OF EXTRAS HiSoft’s Amiga Zip Tools Software 25-50 war SCSI lead converter One FREE zip cartridge NO HIDDEN EXTRAS 2* CD-ROM Drive Classic squirrel £(508$ nvee cd-roms ' “ WITH «» CD-Rom Drive THREE iSSSS £199% CD-ROMS ... 121 CD-ROM Drive Classic Squirrel A flnn, ThreeCD-roms CHOOSE ANY THREE FROM: Personal Suite 6.4 Sweet touch Utilities Experience ACA Experience 2 «r-WS«rf squfrref ADOtJO HiSott Systems The Old School Greenfield Bedford MK4S SDE VALUE CD-ROMS Personal Suite 6.4 .Cl 7.95 Personal Paint 7...... C24.95 Personal Paint 7
upgrade ... Cl7.95 Kara Collection ...C24.9S Clobal Amiga Experience Cl 1.95 Utilities Experience-------Cl 1.95 ACA Experience 2--------------Cl 1.95 Epic Encylopaedia---------------£24.95 Sweet Touch (glamour) £9.95 Phone 01525 718181 Fax 01525 713716 Email sales@hisoft.co.uk L ..L CALL OSOO 223 6GO FREE NEW WMEB EXPLOSION iSsft I SYSTEMS NIWIOW PKICIS _ » Cinema4D V3 ..£199.95 _ ' CinemaFONT ....£39.95 m CinemaWORLD 139.95 3 I O Termite 139.95 Ilk E TermileTCP £39.95 g Studio II
Professional ...£49.95 q Disk Magi. 2 .....£39.95 ¦¦ -J Maxon Magic .....£29.95 o ’ Media Magic .....£49.95 Sz Upper Disk Tools________________£14.95 " HiSoft C-e ? .....1109.95 ' HiSoft C++Lite £79.95 g Detpac 3_______________£49.95 g Highspeed Pascal .£79.95 HiSoft BASIC 2 ..£49.95 ° Camesmith .....£79.95 z
- Twist 3 Database ...£99.95 i ProFlight Simulator
...... £19.95 5 Aura
8 ..£34.95 ilj Aura
16-------------------£99.95 HH g Clarity
16 .1129.95 = ProMidi
Interface ..£24.95 R Megalosound
£34.95 J
VideoMaster...- .£69.95 «t VideoMaster
RGB £109.95 I ]| g VideoMaster
AGA ..179.95 uj VideoMaster AGA RGB _____£129.95 S
ColourMasler ....169.95 flj | Zip Drive hm*
nun £159.00 |a Drive
...a ..£449.00 VS O SMD-100 MPEG decoder
..£199.95 hL 8 Classic Squirrel .£69.95 “ V
Surf Squirrel ......£99.95 Iflb j» 2x CD-ROM
Drive . ...a 1119.95 Bal 5 4x CD-ROM Drive .... £129.95 ¦
12x CD-ROM Drive lornD .. £229.95 ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS
10. 000 Buttons 1,000 Dividers 500 Bullets 250 Textures M+i!
750 Backgrounds 1,000 Photos 250 Banners 7,000 Clip art images Compatible with iBrowse and most other browsers INCLUDES 120-PACE COLOUR BW MANUAL
• ••••••••••••••• HiSoft Systems The Old School Greenfield
Bedford MK45 5D£ Phone 01525 718181 Fax 01525 713716 Email
sales@hisott.co.uk [Soft STEMS NfW IOW PRICES
3 .£199.95 _ ~
f. ...£39.95 m ID £39.95 5 I Q
......«9.95 ||| E
......£39.93 U| g essional ......£49.95 q
.....£39.95 11 .. £29.95 g
.....£49.95 a "ools ..£14.95 ||
2 ...£169.95 IL Lite £79.95
g ..«9-»5 Pfc g fiscal .....£79.95
'.2 ..£49.95 O ... £79.95 z
ase ...£99.95 3C lulator ......£19.95 S
- .£34.95 Oj
- ....£99.95 g ....£129.95 =
¦face ..£24.95 %
I. ...£34.95 g £69.95 *1
RGB £11)9.95 II g AGA ..£79.95 uj
AGA RGB .....£129.95 S
r. ...£69.95 III °- m s £159.00
ai .£449.00 Pf O ¦EG decoder.. £199.95 |L °
rel .£69.95
- ...£99.95 |H 5 Drive . £89.95 Kjl S Drive
i ~ai.... £129.95 ¦ I Drive ««cd .. £229.95 1 MAJOR CREDIT
CARDS ACCEPTED HiSoft Systems The Old School Greenfield Bedford
MK45 5D£ L ...L !•••••••••« CALL £ OO 223 660 FREE lo CD-ROM?
Ask y HiSoft Systems Your Safe Passage Through The Jungle 1
simulation on the Amiga.
Attention to detail and realism are the keys here This is no Ridge Racer, more a flight simulation on wheels, going round tracks, in a racing car. With handy "getting started' modes that even a blind gibbon could get on with, it gives you the chance to slip into its depths with transparent ease Once you're there you'll be captivated for hours on end.
A b U 2 Macintosh still dominates the creative world with an 80% market share in colour publishing.
• 65% of post production video editing is on Macs
• Macintosh is the most widely used system for the creation of
Internet web pages.
• Most magazines (probably the one you're reading right now) are
created on Macintosh

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