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The feature this month, about connecting your Amiga to the Psion Series 3 and Siena could prove fortuitous with Christmas approaching. We're big fans of these little computers here in CU Amigaland and if you don’t already have one then check them out now. Of course the big bonus is connecting them to your Amiga. Write documents on the move and then download them to Final Writer or whatever your fave word processor is. Our cover story this month is the long awaited Chaos Engine 2. We thought it might be ready for review but in the end, although it was nearly there, there were a few minor alterations to be made so instead we were given unprecendented exclusive access to the game to test each level and get a feel for the gameplay. And it looks impressive. See the feature on page 34. This is my final month at the helm of CU Amiga Magazine. I am moving off to another project so by the time you read the next issue there will be a replacement face grinning away at you from the top left hand corner of this box. Who will it be? Can’t say, but rest assured whoever it is will maintain the high standards CU Amiga Magazine sets as the most innovative and exciting Amiga magazine in the business. It has been an exciting two and a half years in the editor's seat and the Amiga has seen many changes during it. Like everything it needs the boost of new technology to survive long term, and hopefully this will happen sooner rather than later. CU Amiga Magazine will keep you informed of events as they happen. Goodbye and thanks for everything. Alan Dykes, Editor Feature 20 Psion palmtops & the Amiga The Psion palmtop computer could bring portable computing to the Amiga at last. Like the Amiga, the Psion also has a superb multitasking operating system and makes an excellent portable buddy to the Amiga. We look into the Psion's capabilities and the superb shareware software package for connecting the Psion palmtops to your Amiga.

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Document sans nom R game eve™ ’C On your CD-ROM:
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• Zillions of MIDI files
• Readers' programs Plus!
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Dopus 5.5 A ertpine'Tteplacement for Workbench?
Amiga on the move Linking your Amiga to Psion's palmtop Which Browser?
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£8.99 New" Workbench Add-On* FREE!! Prima Shareware CD-ROM worth £10 with every order Editorial EDITOR Alan Dykes DEPUTY EDITOR Lisa Collias TECHNICAL EDITOR Toay Morgan CD-ROM EDITOR Mat Bettinsea COMPANY ART EDITOR Helea Dauby DEPUTY ART EDITOR Anthony Collias TECHNICAL CONSULTANT John Kennedy GAMES CONSULTANT Matt Broa|hton CONTRIBUTORS Vampyra. Andy Mitchell.
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Sesaeige Park. Lalhkfl Siren Mirtet Haria oagk IE1I «F led 01958 435 354 Aiaual suteenpcoe rales (ac peslage) 12 iss.es UMFFO fS« SURFACE MU II* b EUROPE: Mil AIRMAIL EUROPE Till. UN AIRMAIL (10. See stes page lei special aflan © EMAP teigis 19M Re pen el Ites engine euy be reproduced in any lent etter (dec- Irene a wcheaiuL er said aitheul the eipaess anttee peraissiee el the ptteister Cewi dski naaa the cipp|hl el Am lespectei suppters ate b«t eat be degbceied. Distributed ei said ee *Aaat Aw pernitsaee All aeteiial ate piicas an kebmd la M accurate al Ae tm ol pag le pnss CU Anga Neguine
anwijts u aeieCiie Ue hgtest standards, bet can- Ml be held resjoivbla lei aq urns, lactul a iAubim ahci aar bait inatewuottr oepl tee Ae me. Leu el the niims er prvatas in eery scctin al Ais ugane cMsnaie paid hratetterwsi sabeftd adrtrtsener.’s tar that predoct at suppfau. CU toga Maganne isat iteepeteMl ptAlicaten ate At tyiaitas npnssed Ij iti rtiiewtn an their tan bee it ear PRINTED IN THE UNITED KINGDOM BY ST IVES PETERBOROUGH,ROCHE COVER DISK AND CD-ROM DUPLICATION BY DISKXPRESS ABC: 47.670 Jtey- Dec 1105 NOVEMBER 1996 • CONTENTS Editorial This is the first issue with our monthly CD-ROM
attached (for those who purchased the CD issue that is). And boy do we have some treats in store for you on forthcoming Cds. On both CD and floppy disk this issue there is a superb utility: XCAD 2000.
Those who remember our cover mounted XCAD Designer two years ago, will just love this. On the games side of things check out the demo of Blobz, it really is a cracking little game. If you're a fan of Lemmings then you're on to a good thing. It’s reviewed on page 38.
The feature this month, about connecting your Amiga to the Psion Series 3 and Siena could prove fortuitous with Christmas approaching. We're big fans of these little computers here in CU Amigaland and if you don’t already have one then check them out now. Of course the big bonus is connecting them to your Amiga. Write documents on the move and then download them to Final Writer or whatever your fave word processor is.
Our cover story this month is the long awaited Chaos Engine 2. We thought it might be ready for review but in the end, although it was nearly there, there were a few minor alterations to be made so instead we were given unprecendented exclusive access to the game to test each level and get a feel for the gameplay. And it looks impressive. See the feature on page 34.
This is my final month at the helm of CU Amiga Magazine. I am moving off to another project so by the time you read the next issue there will be a replacement face grinning away at you from the top left hand corner of this box. Who will it be? Can’t say, but rest assured whoever it is will maintain the high standards CU Amiga Magazine sets as the most innovative and exciting Amiga magazine in the business. It has been an exciting two and a half years in the editor's seat and the Amiga has seen many changes during it.
Like everything it needs the boost of new technology to survive long term, and hopefully this will happen sooner rather than later. CU Amiga Magazine will keep you informed of events as they happen. Goodbye and thanks for everything.
Alan Dykes, Editor Feature 20 Psion palmtops & the Amiga The Psion palmtop computer could bring portable computing to the Amiga at last. Like the Amiga, the Psion also has a superb multitasking operating system and makes an excellent portable buddy to the Amiga. We look into the Psion's capabilities and the superb shareware software package for connecting the Psion palmtops to your Amiga.
15 News from Blittersoft, 1C PUG, Harwoods and more 28 Interview with Martyn Brown 30 Gnomes 31 JETPikjt 34 The Chaos Engine 2 38 Blob 38 DNA 40 PM2 Bud 41 Ruffian 48 Directory Opus 5.5 50 Delfina 52 Alfa Quatro 54 Browser War 60 PD Scene 62 PD Utilities 66 CD-ROM Writer 68 CD-ROM Scene 71 CD-ROM Instructions 76 Art Gallery 78 Imagine 3.0 82 Comms 84 Surf of the Month 86 Net God 87 Back Issues 89 Sound Lab 95 Frequently Asked Questions 96 QetA Masterclass 98 QetA lOO Points Of View 102 Backchat 104 Next Month 106 Subscriptions 7 XCAD 2000 Cover disk 142 is something you should always have
handy in case of emergencies as it will help you recover those vital files in the case of a total hard drive breakdown. Upper Disk Tools is really two programs: Recovery and DSBackup and they're both yours on this excellent cover disk.
11 Blobz If wanted a Lemmings clone then you wouldn't find a better one in Blobr.
This little game demo has lots of fund and mayehm as you try to guide your little people with sucicidal tendencies to safety. Try out soem of the levels on this game demo to see what we mean. You won't be sorry you did.
There's top fun to be had.
.. Freezes Frames The Cool way to Grab Images on your Amiga and PCMCIA Interface Compatible ,ith both VHS andS-VHS!_ Grab images wuh your camcorder including S-VHS frwnrs or, fake a signal from a TV with SCART output .. The revolutionary S-VHS ProGrab™ 24RT Plus with Teletext is not only the best way to crisp colour video images into your Amiga. From either live broadcasts or taped recordings.1 also costs less than any of its rivals. This real time PAL SECAM NTSC* 24-Bit colour frai grabber digitiser has slashed the price of image grabbing on the Amiga and, at the sarr time, has received
rave reviews for its ease of use and excellent quality results, ProGrab™ has earned honours from just about every Amiga magazine and Video magazines to And... with ProGrab™ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology, l simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - Real Time, after time STAGE I... Select any video some with S-VHS or composxe twput I could be your camcorder. TV with SCARF output s k receiver, domestic VCR player or standard TV signal pi through your VCR player... the choice is yours.
STAGE 2... With ProGrabS software, select an image you I wish to capture using me on screen preview I window and Grab (because Ihe hardware tji n real time. ThereS no need tor frame faofcy on the soc ce dei Oncegratbed. Simply d vew the ton image o Amiga screen. PrcGcab i includes a Teletext *i and Cawuring facility from Ivor satetee soured oc Use the signal from you saceftte receiver dory.*- vwed .n tiw em vmn Mu* * product for the *nga Ths g w*,i»y [W*ur«j because me awatd ernes torn the Arngi Vx*prr nu vsrrt readers Ou1 Satisfied Cuflomml or. Grab TV or video pictures from your VCRS video
output including S-VHS.
ProGrab is just £129.95... BBSBgmHSigBa . Supports ad went Amegas and is -so fue, A&A Chtpwr compaobte -ou can render images ir WWTS mode retoMKm mrtadmg KAMI mode |Arrw*a RAM permitting!
. Saves and Loads images m IFF UM. Tft UMtU* JffG. IMP FCX. And tARGA Ale fwmati ProGrab laves animations as md jnmaOons with sound iregum PCMCIA mttdac. And separate sound iampt«| as Armi . ISVX Atei image processing eftcen. Pawtr computing mutter |AGA on* and (tthewg methods are featured M fuBy supports hoGrab w*h a custom Load* so enable grabs directly horn
• Man Che program saving rou tone STAGE 3... Use (he grarxwr mage
*»h your tavxrew processor. DIP or graphics package ProGrab
really does make it that simplel svits?t|ET PCMCIA INTERFACE
for A1200 .tnd A600 fVoGiabi optmxi PCMCIA Mfrface mdtdn n» uwm
vrrucn software ax perftemancr for lencuVonAessiotwl uw Otang
the fc**wtg brrrto
• Fa«r OownMacang t*n« (Up » fM tines packer)
• improved ar-miaon weeds of up to I lips |rwno| and 3 Sfps roO«|
• Smesg cf aserutnns and to yew A-mjas two or«ve
• ‘reeng t raj Jntgt Paafcr Port Id u* Of * (mr a caw pNHM
ProGrab is suppled witn just about evefytrung youB need + are
no* *«uar |PCMCl* irquvdi The Mrfi version fWfcro me same 30k*M
Ait) «or*erior used m ihe f'r r tf *' metrung me rrvutmun
ii(iyjm y is crty Smied by the AMIGAS harchvrfe * also has a
rtgher OanOwscRn |40Hr so A W | Pwn me starxianl •encn Standard
Stereo Sampler £19.95 Hi-Fi Stereo Sampler £24.95 ProGrab"*
24RT Plus Digitiser • Latest ProGrab Version 2.6.x Software a
Mains Power Supply Unit • Parallel Port Connecting Cable ¦ User
Manual ¦ Input lockets for Composite and SVHS.
? A vdro xxace tab* wi t* iwpKd to itvam ya* cm« equm*** AP kx d ton av A*iqa aff itae 20* y Mur m a Post or FAX you requremenh gunny trade prices avatotte on the order form crcMded OR. If you'd simply like further Inmalfs): Address: rtormaO County (Country): Postcode: Daytime Phone: CORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS e Department CUA Gordon Harwood Computer! Limited.
S3 New Street. Altreton. Dertrylture D£5S 7BP L i FAX: 01773 831040 g* B t*3 email: l0027I.3SS7acompuierve.com *** g 0170 36781 ProGraOPta" « £12995 £ PCMCIA tntertace • £39 95 £ PfoIfP" WetM Decoder • £44 95 £ Standard Stereo Sampler • £19.95 £ HFFi Stereo Sampler £24 95 £ Standard Deftvery £7 (2 3 MDflung Days) £ or an addeional £3 for Next Wortmg Day Dt*very £_ TOTAL £ ???? ???? ???? Nnnxo Eipiry Date ???? ????
Card No I encloie a Cheque Bank Draft Postal Order lor £ DPS Getting started OK then, cards on the table: XCAD 2000 uses a bit of a quirky interface. While most of it is controlled in the normal way from pull down menus and windows it also has a command line 'console' at the bottom of the screen. This can be used to enter commands directly from the keyboard, although you don't have to use it it all.
M«S»«130 "V,.7 I renujiejstsli i tall, luncnowj.
You'll notice when you make menu selections that commands appear in this box. One way of learning the command line short cuts is to keep an eye on it while you make your menu selections.
The other thing to note is that after you've made your initial menu selection you'll often be faced with a customised sub-menu. These can be different depending on which selection you have made. Sometimes these will also have their own sub-menus for further selections. Generally clicking on Return or Action from these menus will confirm your selection or continue to the next menu. Where a value needs to be selected you'll be presented with a small calculator-style pad. Certain selections require you to first select a parameter then its value, followed by any other parameters that are needed.
For example, to alter the rotation of the viewpoint, you could select X, then the amount of rotation for the X axis, then do the same for any rotation you might require around the other axes.
AMIGA ©elcome to the world of 3D computer aided design: CAD. In effect a CAD system is a computerised draughtsman's table with all the paper and drawing tools transferred to your screen. XCAD 2000 is a professional fully featured CAD package for your Amiga and it's yours with this issue of CU Amiga Magazine. You might remember we cover mounted the previous version of XCAD (XCAD Designer) on the December 1994 issue of CU Amiga Magazine. This time we've brought you the full 3D version.
This month's application program is the highly powerful XCAD 2000.
Professional 3D CAD is now within your grasp.
CAD is used to design everything from spacecraft to toothpaste tubes. In many cases it's also combined with CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture) in which case the CAD designs are used to control robotic machinery that goes ahead and turns the drawings into objects. XCAD 2000 is quite capable of handling professional design work and can output its resulting drawings to full 'A0' size plotters.
Demo drawing To load the demo drawing, first start up the 3D version of XCAD
2000. There are a number of icons you can use to start up the
program. Each one will launch either the 2D or 3D version
in one of a number of screen modfes, as indicated by the
text labels. Lower resolutions with fewer colours require
less memory to run. Select one of the 3D icons. Now you
can open the demo drawing. Select Open Drawing from the
file menu then click on Return. This will bring up a file
requester, in which you should see a drawer called 3D and a
file called Oxford-model, xdr. Click on the 3D drawer and
then select the Oxford-2000 file.
You won't see anything yet. As the program doesn't A automatically snap its scaling to fit the drawing in the window, so select Zoom Extents from the Display window. The window will redraw and you should see a front view of a building in transparent wireframe.
To get a better view of the drawing try altering the rotation values. Select Rotate Display and then click on either X, Y or Z. Now you'll see that little calculator pad mentioned earlier. Use this to enter your required rotation changes in degrees. Alternatively you can use the keyboard to enter the values - you’ll see them appear in the command line window at the bottom of the screen either way. To rotate the view through more than one axis, make another selection rather than selecting Return again. This way you can spin the view through all three axes in one go.
Drawing tools There are tools for drawing basic elements which go to make up your overall projects. These are available from the Draw menu.
Circles, lines, points, points, strings and symbols are on the menu. Objects or 'Entities' can be manipulated from the Edit menu. From here you can clone, rotate, mirror and explode various parts of your drawing to save you having to repeatedly draw out similar parts.
Zooming in The Display menu is loaded with options for zooming in and out of your drawing as well as scrolling commands for moving around in the X and Y axes.
Quick zooms can be achieved with the Zoom Window option, which allows you to drag out a specific area of the drawing for closer scrutinisation. The Layer menu is used for navigation around the various layers of your drawing, while the Plot menu opens the options window for sending your drawing to a plotter. The Verify menu gives a breakdown of your elements while the Select menu is used for picking out specific parts of your project.
Londay, September 26th 1996 ont Sport Sport Sport Spa OCCER BOSS ICKS BUTT.
COX, SEAMAN & DICKS Ivan Ardon (formerly Gavin Smith), manager of Athletic Wednesday is rumoured to have spent £6m on his new signings.
When asked if his player selection is based on shrewd management foresight, or just a product of his obsession with dirty words, he replied "Bugger off. I'm playing with my floppy.” Tragic.
Championship Manager 96-97 is available for PC CD ROM, Amiga and as an update disk for Championship Manager 2.
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Here it is! An easy to use but powerful drawing program with features never before seen in an Amiga drawing package. Fill your text and other elements with bitmaps, create transparent patterns. Gradients and fills and then export the image into your favourite program DrawStudio is compatible with most ! Amiga programs including Wordworth, Final Wnter. ProVector. Art Expression and many more. It will import IFF-ILBM (plus other bitmap lormatsl, DR2D-IFF and DrawStudio pro]ects and export as EPS. DrawStudio and many bitmap formats at a resolution suitable lor your printer!
DrawStudio will work on ECS. AGA and graphics card equipped Amigas You can have multiple projects and cut and paste between the two. You even get a preview so you can see how a special effect will look before you apply It to an object Arexx is also supported by DrawStudio making this a truly powerful package at a price you can afford.
Use DrawStudio to create graphics for your WEB pages, align text to a curve, add a line ending of your choice when creating diagrams, rotate bitmaps and convert structured objects to bitmaps. You can also warp, bulge, distort objects as well as work in layers and on multiple pages.
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Lisks structions cover i* XCAD 2000 Disk number 144 Before you can use XCAD 2000 you need to install it to your hard drive. To do this, boot from your hard drive as usual and insert the XCAD cover disk. Double click the XCAD disk icon and you'll see another icon marked Extract XCAD. Double click this to start the installation. A file requester will appear asking you to select your chosen destination for the program.
Select the destination and click on OK. An XCAD drawer will automatically be created and the program will be extracted to your hard drive.
Once the installation is done you can go ahead and run the program straight away from your hard drive. You can choose to start the program in a number of screen modes and colour depths by clicking on one of a few alternative XCAD icons.
AmigaNCP Disk number 145 As a complement to our Psion-Amiga feature in this issue we’ve included the software required to link the two together. AmigaNCP can be found on cover disk 145 (the Blobs disk). First of all you need to extract the archive to RAM: or any other device, such as your hard drive. Once this archive has been extracted you can then run the proper installation program from the extracted drawer. This will install the program on your system. For more information on using AmigaNCP see the documentation in the archive and also check out the Psion-Amiga feature on page 20 of
this issue.
IF YOUR DISK CD WON'T LOAD lh |l II gnn truth to nun Alt tbo CU Amiga Higaiiio com ink. Mill molt on commoo Amiga ¦•fob. Kowmt it no fa e.penooce problems lotion this simple gaida.
I: Remove all inicesuri npgnfll mf peripherals, such as primers and modems Some trapdoor P 2: Folow tta iastractioos oo dMS and pnvian pages aiactty.
I THE-RATIR. GlOUCtSIIRSHIRt Cut 2R1 III: OltSt IIITU [ SLA. Tel: OltSI S1ITIR. [mail:HCJU.JIt@compiisem.com Pit tbor aim. That tbo Mr is taadty. HR m roar touts ¦ the torn teton. And sead this torn, along nrtb the I taatr covet dist aad a ?Sp stamped self addmssed anvetope to: I CU Amiga Magana Dist Retain. DISIXPRISS. 7 BILLOTY COURT. COURTOU IRDUSTRIA1 PARI. IUURTOR OR.
P Ba aha ngoraaslr nr as duct oar cover ditts oe a branded viros checker. H some escape our atteetioo | no cannot aiume respoosititty ter it | T)n OF AMIGA OWNED I DISK NUMBER:_____________ Blobs*Demo for A1200 A4000 Disk number 145: Blobz is a top little game, reviewed on page 38 of this very issue. So you'll be wanting to play the demo then.
Blobz is archived onto disk 145 so it needs to be uncompressed onto two separate floppy disks.
To do so you'll need to load Workbench first. If you are working from a floppy version of Workbench make sure to write protect it first and, as usual, always write protect your cover disk. Once Workbench is loaded insert disk 145 and double click it with your left mouse button. Three icons will appear. The first two dearchive Blobz disks 1 and 2. The third one is for AmigaNCP and details for it are given opposite. To dearchive the first Blobz disk double click the Unpack_blobz_AGA_Disk1 icon. If you have a hard drive a message will appear telling you that it is copying the disk to RAM. If you
are operating from floppy disk you will have to swop disk 145 with your Workbench disk twice before this message appears. When a screen appears asking you to insert a blank formatted disk, do so and press return. Once Blobz disk 1 has been created (the screen returns to the Disk 145 icon and all disk activity ceases), remove the new disk and re-insert disk 145, then repeat the procedure for the Unpack_blobz_AGA_Disk2 icon. The new Blobz demo disk 1 is autobooting, so restart your Amiga with it in DFO: and then change to disk two when requested.
How to play Blobz is based on Lemmings, and like that pillar of society you have to prevent a load of little creatures (in this case Blobz) from falling over the edge of platforms, getting them to the transporter at the other end of the level. Some transporters have to be activated by picking up diamonds.'Others will be activated already. The intro screen on each level will give you specific instructions on what you have to do. Blobz is mouse controlled, even in the menu screens. At the bottom of the screen are various skills, click on these and then click on a particular blob to make it
carry out the skill. There is a power bar above the skills which determines how many you can use in sequence.
Useful Icons DESCRIBE EXACTLY BHAT HARPERS HIRER YOU TRY TO LOAD IRE DISK: Chomping Horizontal Vertical Reversing Jumping Skill Skill Jet pack Skill Rocket Rocket Launcher Launcher You’ve seen and the software, now buy the 600+ page manual learn how to get the most out of X-Cad 2000.
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system to execute commands in events ? Multiple custom menus
with sus items ? Automatic Filetype Creator to create ano test
TITLES, RE-SORTING BY FIELOS, PLUS A field • Colour re-mapping
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Oithough it was one of the biggest trade shows in recent
history, the ECTS (European Computer Trade Show) had very
little to show for itself on Amiga, Despite millions of pounds
being spent on stands by the likes of Virgin and Acclaim it was
only among the smaller nooks and crannies that Amiga titles
appeared, the main point of contact being the Guildhall
leisure stand.
ECTS flops for Amiga But Guildhall signs important deals Guildhall were displaying the 10 out of 10 range of educational software along with new titles from Audiogenic such as Brian Lara Cricket '96. They were also investigating the distribution of a range of games from a Polish company called Mirage Software - not to be confused with the UK based Mirage, developers of Rise Of The Robots and other titles.
More news from Guildhall concerned the licencing of the rights to MicroProse and Codemasters' one back catalogues of games, to resell as budget titles. The Microprose deal is, according to Guildhall’s Managing Director, Giles Hunter, "very close to completion", while the Codemasters one should be sorted out by mid October. Hunters' ultimate aim is to release a complete back catalogue of games at attractive prices from these publishers in time for Christmas. They are also talking to-other publishers with a view to similar deals, so the shops should be filling up with Amiga games again soon.
Other Amiga games being promoted at the show were Chaos Engine 2 (once again on the Warner stand - and our cover story this month), XP8 and Ruffian. The latter was originally reviewed last year and was due for release at the time by Grandslam, who, at the last moment, dropped the title. The programmers have now decided to go ahead with distributing and publishing the game themselves, having tweaked the product a little (it is re-reviewed on page 41).
Andy Davidson, fresh from being interviewed for The Times computer supplement. Interface, was at the show telling everyone that the PC is crap and the Amiga rules. In fact he was adamant, that Worms AGA (previewed exclusively in CU Amiga Magazine September 1996) is going to be on time and absolutely fantastic.
More news on this (and the Alan Dykes revenge worm he is planning to include in the game) in the coming months.
The ECTS has in the past been a showcase for Amiga software along with every other computer and console format under the sun. Traditionally held in both Spring and Autumn in 1997 it seems likely that the Spring show will be cancelled to make way for a much bigger annual show in the Autumn. If this is the case both hardware and software developers have a full year to get the themselves together to put on a better show than they did (apart from stalwarts Guildhall) this year.
You can contact Guildhall Leisure on 01302 890000 and Team 17 on 01924 267776.
NEWS Direct To Your Door PIOS Proceeds Down Different Path Amiga OS (the buyout, re-scheduled to have been completed on September 18th is still not being confirmed at the time of going to press). As a result they have gone for a new project called 'PIOS V, which will not be based on Amiga OS. But on a different OS called BeOS, which is being developed with the aid of ex- Commodore engineer Dave Hanie. This system is not compatible with Amiga but is. In the words of Mr Smith "in the spirit of Amiga" and is "the fastest way to progress under the current circumstances." PIOS needs to get a
machine on the market as soon as possible, and waiting for VIScorp to sanction a new OS and get licencing arrangements set up will delay this too long.
John Smith of PIOS cleared up the situation regarding their clone computer recently, announcing that it would indeed be a Macintosh clone, based around the PowerPC chip and Mac OS 7.5.3. As far as the Amiga is concerned, and as their Web site indicates, PIOS are having problems communicating with VIScorp over licencing the PIOS were present at the ECTS in an attempt to drum up support from software publishers for their project, but were unwilling to comment on their success apart from saying "some Amiga developers have expressed an interest, but we can’t say more than that.” Mirage of
Poland Mirage Software from Warsaw, in Poland have never had an Amiga game published in the UK. But their Sales Manager. Lech Buszczynski, claims that they have literally dozens of Amiga titles available. There’s one problem however: they’re all in Polish!
(As in the language not stuff you put on your shoes.)
We previewed Super Taekwondo Master and Rock Star two months ago, and they've now sent us even more as yet unpublished titles, with interesting names like: Mortal Weapon, CyberForce, Pinball Hazard. Dan Wilder, Gate 2 Freedom. Domain, Jurajski. Rooster and Project Battlefield. Not all of these are of full price quality but some like the aforementioned Super Taekwondo Master, Pinball Hazard and the Doom Clone. Project battlefield, show some promise. Guildhall showed some interest in the games at ECTS. Although Mirage may have to get some more reliably translated before a UK distributor
takes them on. They might also have to adopt a flexible approach to their company title, as the UK firm of the same name are likely to object.
A new company has set up with the aim of a two pronged attack on the Amiga market: in retail and in software publishing.
Their new game, Haunted, which is in the early stages of development (see screenshot below) will be a murder mystery affair. We should have a preview very soon.
Direct Software's shop, based in Northampton, originally stocked all platforms, however as Amiga sales far outnumbered other formats they are now an Amiga-only shop.
Convinced of the Amiga’s long term success, Amiga Director. Steven Flowers said: "We do not tolerate any discussion on the ’fate of the Amiga’, there is no fate, only a future for this machine".
Stateside Cut price CD-ROMs Fred Fish, grandfather of freely redistributable software on the Amiga, is cutting prices on Amiga CD-ROMs. The budget line of 'CD Sensations’ from Schatztruhe are available for US$ 12 each and the newest Aminet Set 3 is only US$ 36. Virtually all Amiga products have been discounted.
Cronus, the company that grew out of Fred Fish’s Amiga Library Services, publishes original Amiga titles and acts as the distributor for GTI of Germany. Cronus can be reached at +602-491-0442 voice, +602-491-0048 fax. Or http: www.ninemoons.com online.
Myst fake aftermath Spurred on by the amount of supportive response they have received Myst’s creators. Cyan, have begun considering the realities of implementing and publishing Amiga Myst. So far, no commitments have been made.
However, Cyan representatives have discussed the Amiga and the potentials of Myst with both VIScorp and Amiga game developers in the US and Europe.
Cheap memory for A3000s The A3000 is regarded by many as Commodore's best Amiga hardware design. One of the drawbacks to the machine for the modern user is its memory system. At the time it was developed. SIMMs were not the industry standard they are today, and as such Commodore chose a different memory system using now-scarce ZIP chips.
Keith Siders of ProvTech. An American Amiga hardware company, has found a solution. The AmiFAST 3000 card replaces the ZIPs in your A3000 and gives you up to four SIMM slots to expand By Jason Compton your machine to up to 16Mb of Fast RAM. The card is available as a finished product, a kit, or a bare PCB - the latter two options are less expensive, but only recommended for hardware enthusiasts who enjoy building their own projects.
The AmiFAST is already shipping in early order quantities and a fully-decked out AmiFAST board (with 16Mb of memory installed) is expected to cost well under US$ 250 at current RAM pricing.
Finally out Amiga Atlanta has finally released its 10th Anniversary banquet videotape, dubbed X-10. At press time, pricing was not yet available. The videotape commemorates Amiga Atlanta's groundbreaking 10th anniversary celebration, held in a banquet hall with nearly 150 attendees Among the celebrities that were on tap (and on tape) for the evening were RJ Mical. Father of Intuition. Dale Luck, whose name is burned into the early Amiga libraries, and Dave Haynie, Amiga hardware guru.
Amiga Shows coming up October: The Midwest Amiga Exposition.
November 29-Dec 1st: Amiga Fest '96, Toronto. For more information, contact the Amiga Fest organizers at +519 393 6270, amazing@cyg.net, December 13-15: Toronto World of Amiga show. For more information, contact show organizer Christine Vetzal at 613-721-1993.
March 15 and 16: The St Louis Gateway show, Virginia Washington DC. For inquiries, contact show chairman Bob Scharp at 14850 Phelps Dr., Bridgeton. MO 63044 USA.
I IEWS Maurizio Ciccione’s AudioLab 16 is now av ratable in a new version, written specifically for Ftetsoff s new Delfina DSP sound card (reviewed this issue). Rated at an impressive 84% in the August 96 issue of CU Amiga Magazine, AudioLab 16 is a multi purpose sound processing tool and hard drive audio sequencer with an emphasis on professional quality AudioLab for Delfina Turkish American Revolution Sim Unlikely though it may seem, an American Revolution sim has arrived on our desk from Istanbul, Turkey. It is a turn based game where you take over command of either British troops trying to
resist the rebellion. Colonial troops trying to create it. German mercenaries helping the British or the French, who are trying to manipulate Britain's disadvantage to their benefit by helping the colonials. It's neatly put together and you can visit most of the towns, cities and settlements on the east coast of Her Majesty's Colonies and fight histronic battles.
There is a rolling demo of the game on our CD-ROM this month.
For details of how to get hold of the game contact the developer Murad Omay direct by fax in Turkey on +901212) 259 07 91.
Power at a low price HiQ have announced a special low price edition of their Power Station, the all in one solution for • adding peripherals to your Amiga A1200 without actually ripping its guts out and sticking the motherboard into a tower system. This version of the Power Station comes complete with an 8- speed SCSI CD-ROM drive. 200 watt power supply with plenty of HD points and a HISoft Surf Squirrell as standard, giving fast serial as well as SCSI II capability. The price? £329 95. Various options are also available. HiQ are on 01525 211327.
Results. It's the perfect companion for Delfina, reviewed on page 50 of this issue. AudioLab's effects processing can now be carried out much faster and with higher bandwidth with Delfina's 24 bit DSP chip, while 16-bit input and output should ensure the quality of the end results.
We'll take a closer look at the Delfina AudioLab combination very soon. AudioLab 16 is available from Maurizio Ciccione.
Neghelli 9, Alassio |SV) 17021, Italy. Alternatively contact Petsoff at PO Box 1009. FIN- 53301 LPR, Finland (E-mail: pet- soff@sci.fi fax: 00 358 5 452
3374) . A demo of AudioLab 16 can be found on Aminet in the
mus edit section.
The Amiga I Zone Moves : The Amiga Zone, one of the old- j est online gathering places for Amiga users and information, is moving. Harv Laser, moderator and founder of the Amiga Zone, is moving the service to CalWeb, j a California-based Internet service j provider.
CalWeb is continuing the j Amiga Zone policy of extensive Internet support for Amiga users and unlimited access for US$ 19.95 month. (Connection fees, where they apply, are extra.)
CalWeb will be accessible via Telnet, meaning that Amiga users with existing Internet service can access the Amiga Zone through their own ISP 1ST COMPUTER CENTRE 17IITS0fTWARE ACTIVE SOFTWARE____ ANALOGIC___ APPLAUD SOFTWARE , CARE ELECTRONICS CUCI For signup information, contact CalWeb at 916-641-9320, http: wvyyv.calweb.com. To check out the Amiga Zone's new home page, visit http: www.amiga- zone.com. Bristol Reserve Special Reserve have asked us to let you know that they have just opened a shop in Bristol. They will be supplying Amiga games as well as hardware and peripherals.
The address is 349 Gloucester Road. Horsfield. Bristol.
In the October issue we ran a review of MacLite Emulation which said there was a slight bug Cybergraphics drivers. However there isn’t, once a a suitable screen mode has been set up MacLite works perfectly.
We have a vacancy for a STAFF WRITER Have you got what it takes to cut it as a staffy on the world's best Amiga magazine? Could you work to deadlines and write sparkling copy about the best computer in the world? In short, do you fit the following requirements: An in-depth knowledge of the Amiga The ability to take one apart and put it back together with your eyes closed Experience in programming and a knowledge of the shareware market Preferably some knowledge of 3D rendering and graphics An ability to write to deadlines Tons of ideas for features If so you're a candidate for the job. To
proceed further please send a CV along with an accompanying letter telling us about yourself and a 300 word typed review of a product you have recently bought to: Sandra McClean. Publisher, CU Amiga Magazine. EMAP Images. Priory Court. Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU.
All Cvs will be treated in the strictest confidence. Closing date for receipt of applications is 30 October 1996.
Advertisers' Index World of R1 EDIT & “TiC MEMORY EXPANSIONS A1200 trapdoor fttrg memcry expansions featwe a battery backed dock and a socket for an aocek-r.itor FPU NEARLY DOUBLES THE SPEED OF THE A1200 4mD Memory Expansion f li 8mb Memory Expansion .
33mhz 68882 FPU (picc) j CLOCK CARTRIDGE ONLY (plus £1.00 ooslage and c ASS?'' ZIP DRIVES EZ DRIVES OR Bl or Da rtgify rated SCSI *we wfl store lOOrto per cartndge. Comes Ccmpiete with pcwcr sn I ply. SCSI cable. Instructions and cartndge.
£159.99 £209.99 ZIP DRI' OR with Squl DISCOLOGY Oiscoto© is the ultimate m (Ask copying power for the Amiga. The package composes the D*scology Disk, manual and Dtscology cartndge for making copies of heavily protected programs with an external disk dm*. Discoto® will also format disks, check disks 1 for errors etc. PLEASE PHONE FOR A FULL INFORMATION SHEET SURF SQUIRREL DATAFLYER SCSI* ONLY SQUIRREL SCSI INTERFACE , AVAILABLE FOR ONLY PCMCIA fitting SCSI interface ANTIVIRUS Anti Virus Professional is the nvost powerful W tool for detecting and removtng viruses. Anti m Virus pro will check and
device hard drives.
W floppy disks and even CD ROM drives for I viruses. Very straight forward to use. Includes a ' full 50 page manual.
PLEASE PHONE FOR A FULL INFORMATION SHEET ASIM CDFS 3.6 SPEEDCOM+B (14,400 V32bls) SPEEDCOM+BF (28,800 V34) This Superb package t a must for any CD ROM user Includes C032 & COTV emulation, audc CO player software including ttranan features. Dwct reafrng of 16 M axbo samples. W support for Kodak and Corel Photo CO Discs Includes the F1SHMARKET COROM (Ask packed with public domain Fred Fish disks and a huge 115 page information packed spiral bound manual.
NET AND WEB SOFTWARE GP FAX SOFTWARE |F ffTff! WMt49.99 Freephone Q5QQ 3L.QE fiOO Games' Cds ?m drivelll
2. 5 HARD DRIVES 5 IDE hard dmes for the Amiga A1200& xxne
ccniplete with fitting cable, screws, iare. Full instructions
ana 12 months Irives supplied by us are formatted.
A%e Workbench (WB2 for the A600 and
HOW TO FIT YOUR HAROORIVE’ A50Q4-250mb Hard Drive ¦ 85mb
C50mb P40mb Dmb £209.99 APOLLO 1220 ONLY APOLLO 1220 +4mb
TjTrj es and carrying case for SBB m*3i)(cT° Si2SSy a £149.99
+4MB +8MB i
• I
APOLLO 1240 25mhz ¦ APOLLO 1240 40mhz APOLLO 1260 50mhz
1240 1260 SCSI interfa 8mb SIMM 16mb SIMM 32mb SIMM PANASONIC
CD ROM DRIVES ]2 SPEED I 6 SPEED with squirrel or I I 6 SPEED
with squirrel or Da
* (tQ place LjQur In the palm your Amiga An Amiga in the palm of
your hand? Not quite, but the diminutive Psion mini computer is
the perfect little brother. Together they let you take the
Amiga experience out on the road.
Tiny Psion3, 3a and 3c and Siena models are also relatively inexpensive and like the Amiga have multitasking operating system built-in.
This palmtop description isn't an exaggeration either, these units fit into a pocket and run for many hours off a set of two AA batteries. Often called 'organisers' which sadly understates the worth of these machines, the Psions have built-in networking capability and a serial port. Couple this with the PC serial cable and some superb shareware software on the Amiga and we have more than just a tenuous link, the Psion can be made a par of your Amiga.
Psions have some built in software such as a spreadsheet database, word processor, spell checker thesaurus, agenda organiser, alarm clock, world time, calculator and even a nice little Patience card game. And it's got a built i sampler too. These packages aren't limit- We're going to have to admit it - there's not going to be a true Amiga portable, notebook or whatever any time soon. Much as it might be handy to have such a light weight Amiga, its custom chip-set technology doesn't lend itself to a low power Amiga.
The PAWs machines might be more accurately called lugables' rather than true portables.
That's not to say there isn't a way to work on the move. It's just that such a solution would have to be based around a machine that is truly portable and this machine then needs to be linked to the Amiga in some way. The expensive option is to use a PC notebook and link it to the Amiga "to share the data. A better option that's both a hell of a lot cheaper and a lot smaller than even a notebook comes in the form of the British developed Psion palmtop computer.
Inexpensive It might seem odd that we'd be covering another computer platform in CU Amiga but in this case the Psion can be a very useful thing when coupled with the Amiga. The ¦ ta “CS The Psion Palmtop range _ Psion recently announced two new palmtops in their f range which should be available by the time you read H ~ I this. The Psion 3c is a slightly enhanced 3a model I I with faster communications (57600 baud versus 19200) and infra-red capability. The infra-red func- tion allows 3cs and Sienas to 'beam' data between each other. At the time of writing, Psion were contin- uing with the
policy of shipping the cable only with H I the expensive link software. Psion suppliers Clove H I may be able to advice on a cheaper solution that doesn't involve the expense of the PC software. The 3a's cable has a line driver making it more expensive.
The Siena is the really new baby, however. This cut down 3a is considerably cheaper and smaller. The 3 I screen is half the size of the 3a - the other half of I I the lid is occupied by a numeric keypad. The main keyboard itself is smaller too. It still has the basic VHHHHflP suite of powerful software and facilities though, despite its reduced price and the fact that it looks like a more traditional 'organiser'. Unfortunately 3 I because of the reduced screen size, it's very likely 3 3 that much of the existing Psion shareware software won't work. While this isn't as impressive as the big-
ger models (not that any of them could be described as 'big') it does offer an even better value option for him- who just want the word processor and organis- er features. It's a shame it doesn't have the brilliant 3 3a c spell checker though.
Unlike the 3a, the Siena doesn't have any slots for static RAM and flash RAM cards. These would normally be used as drives | to store data and such forth but since the intention is to connect the machine to your Amiga, storage and the lack of the card slots isn't a serious problem. There is an add-on unit which adds an external slot if this capability is necessary. It's likely that commercial software which will work on the Siena in the future will be provided on PC MS-DOS floppy disks where as for the 3a, special ROM cards were used. Even with no 2Mb version, the Siena packs a punch in an
even smaller package.
Ed lo use only on the Psion, the data created by them can be accessed on the Amiga.
Especially useful in the case of the word processor.
In RAM: on the other machine you examine NET:RAM instead. AmigaNCP is exactly the same except the device is NCP:.
The filesystem on the Psion is based on MS-DOS which means it's limited to
8. 3 filenames. Its drives also look like MS-DOS with single
letter designations, A: and B: are the RAM ROM card slots (yes
the Psion has two), while M: is the internal memory, like a
RAM: drive in the Psion's battery backed internal memory.
This is where all tlje applications and data are stored that aren't present in its ROM.
Up and running Installing AmigaNCP is quite easy via the installer script provided but there is a file Psion shareware Psion software isn't limited to the standard provided packages, it also has its own shareware scene which means you can obtain software for the Psion (usually off the Internet and load it on via the serial cable.
I’ve got quite a bit of software loaded onto my 2Mb Psion i, including a map guide to I London, PsionMan MCP clone, r terminal package. 3D tank game, Boulderdash clone, off I line Web browser, sample , editor and more.
Given that the Psion can do all of that and on the move, how do we use it with the Amiga? Well you need a package called AmigaNCP This is a full networking package for the Amiga which works rather like Parnet. With Parnet you reference a remote device by prefixing is name with NET:, To look The File menu The Loading menu St*p: By selecting this option, yon temporarily stop the program from reading the file. You can, however, still see the part that has already been loaded, Resvae This makes the program read the end of the file, when it has been stopped with the previous option, or when a
memory error has occnred, and you selected “Stop", then: Copy EHVrNCP.confifl ENVARC: Change the number after BAUD to 9600 if you have a Psion 3 and not a 3a.
3c or Siena. All you need to do now is plug in the cable to the Amiga and the Psion and run the software. You run it by clicking on AmigaNCP-FileServer or AmigaNCP-FileSystem. Use the first to allow the Psion to access your Amiga and the second to access the Psion from your Amiga. Note that the link cable has nice 25 and 9 pin connectors on the end, superb for the Surf Squirrel. Plug it in to the Surf Squirrel and alter the DEVICE to squirrel serial.device. Don't feel tempted to change the baud rate to higher than 19200 unless you're the lucky owner of Psion’s latest '3fc' or 'Siena1 which can
handle up to 57600 baud. Once the Amiga side is sorted out.
You'll have to select Remote Link from the Psion's 'Special' menu. Toggle the remote link to On and change the baud rate to the maximum allowed which should match the value in NCPconfig. A warning with the link cable and the 3 3a.
The Psion powers the line driver (the box in the middle of the cable) and so battery life is reduced when in use.
Is all in order?
To test it's all working, get a directory of NCP: as there should be an icon called Psion on your Workbench. You can also use the Shell or a directory utility such as Directory Opus. In the NCP: drive you should see all the Psion's drives listed.
Enter the M drawer and you see the directories in the Psion's main backup memory. You can copy files to and from your Amiga and Psion with ease. This is ¦ There's plenty if software lor the Coatioued overleaf * ? ?
Guide Price list Psion 3a ¦ S12K Psion 3a - 1MB .
Psion 3a - 2MB .
£257.32 £292.57 £329.00 PsiWin link cable (3a) + PC software ...£72.85 (ask about cable with no PC software) Psion MicroFax modem ....£186.82 Psion 3c - 1MB Psion 3c - 2MB £334.88 £393.62 Siena - 512K Siena - 1MB .
£169.20 £229.12 in fact how you install Psion software obtained on disk or from this month's massive archive of Psion software on the covermounted CD.
Now to test the Psion side of it. Enter the Word application.
Type some text and then choose Save As from the menu. Cursor down in the file requester to Disk. Cursor right through this until REM:: appears. You'll be able to move through your Amiga drives like this. Once the drive is chosen cursor down to the filetype and change it to text, fill in a file name and save. Bang, the ASCII file will appear on your Amiga on the chosen drive. Nifty or what?
Psion Amiga Shell There's another trick which can be performed with the Psion and a link cable.
When the remote link is enabled on the Psion, choose install with Psion-I again.
Change the drive to C: and install the comms application ... a little secret terminal package hidden away on a ROM drive.
Turn the remote link off. Set your Amiga's serial prefs to 19200, RTS CTS etc. Run the comms application and also set it up for 19200 baud, RTS DTS and leave all the other handshaking options off.
Psion and CUCD4 We've included virtually all of the Psion's freely redistributable software base on this month's covermounted CD. In fact it's all of Frontiernet's Psion support Internet FTP site. You'll find this all in the Magazine Psion directory. You'll need to access it via the CLI or a directory utility and all of the archives will be in LZX archive format (repacked from the original zips). For this reason there’s an UnLZX program in the root of this directory. Simply CD to where you'd like to extract the archive to and then enter UnZip path to archive . There's almost always
installation instructions but generally this will require you moving files into NCP:M APP and then installing with the Psion-I key combination. This collection should keep your Amiga Psion combination happy for a very long time.
Now on the Amiga, make sure you have AUX: mounted. There may be a mountfile of this name in Devs:Storage Dosdrivers. Mount this by using Mount followed by the full path to the AUX mountfile. Next, type Newshell AUX: and miraculously you should have an AmigaShell open on the Psion in the Comms package. You can do anything on this shell that you can do on a shell running on the Amiga. Run programs, fetch directories etc. A practical application of this would be to have a modem connected to the Amiga on auto-answer. If there’s a newshell AUX: active, you'd be able to use the Psion and its
modem accessory to dial in to your Amiga and control it remotely via a Shell. Psion modems also interface to cellular phones for the ultimate in portable communications. At the moment the Psion has no TCP IP stack (Internet software) of its own but this is apparently coming. There's already Email and WWW clients (though for offline use).
Most of us would find the Psion useful as a go between, as a little piece of the PsiWin link cable (3c + Siena) + PC software ...£79.90 (ask about cable with no PC software) Available from Clove Technology, 43 Springbank Road, Bournemouth, BH7 7EL. Phone: 01202-302796 Email: 100255.3642@com- puserve.com Note: Clove Technologies' Psion pages are on this month's cover CD Amiga in a pocket. Until the Amiga gets truly portable this is the way it will have to be.
However, in the meantime it's still a partnership made in heaven coupling both the best of desktop and palmtop computing.
Find out more Palmtop is a substantial bi-monthly magazine dedicated to this little machine.; It's well worth a look if you want to find out more about it, especially if you're interested in developing your own tools j for use with your Amiga You can phone J them on 01869 249 287 or Email them at 100602.3723@compuserve.com ¦ Mat Bettinson ?UT OF THIS WORLD ?SRFORMANCS. . .
17" n L_9 'I 'Amina MonitorN NEW savailable, now IZVWN h3?f -wh RRICe UPGRADE N0UJT0 17” Special introductory offer £499 e« UHT until Christmas MICROVITEC BOLE WORLDWIDE MANUFACTURER OF AMIGA BRANDED MONITORS Full range auailable 1M” 15” V?” BSP 11 ¦pt*?
111 S iTl At mix Iwt' ‘"I affordable bin monitor' (Amina Format!
' The perfect monitor for the Amina owner' (Amina User International!
‘The monitor the Amina has Iven waithtn for. Buy one' (CU Amina) CALL FOR NEAREST DEALER Telephone: 01244 391204 Facsimile: 01244 391207 One day we may see ihe rebinh of ihe Amiga with a PowerPC processor and olher new features lo enable il (o compete again with today's systems. Sadly though, more than two years since Commodore's demise, very little of substance has happened. We've seen prototypes and promises, but that’s about it... Perhaps some can wait for the final outcome, but if you need more performance, without paying the earth - and you need it today - there's one real alternative to
consider now... Only Apple can offer you both desktop and portable computers that truly match the ease of use the Amiga brought to your desktop.
Affordable Apple Macintosh systems have PowerPC RISC processors with thousands of off-the-shelf programs available in areas where the Amiga was previously so strong.
And, if you need to have the most compatible of all computers, Macintosh is currently the only system that can tun MacOS, DOS and Window s applications via optional DOS Cards or SoftWindows.
• Whv Macintosh?- All Macs arc KmerfC hx1d (except PowerBook I Hj
190s). Even entry level sy*rms run at 100MHz or 120MHz. W«h
200MHz powerhouse and 1H0 Mhz muhi-proco2 systems at the top of
the range.
, Apple is the only mainstream computer company H who has been ahlc to make the transition from the older CISC ample* nstruction set MaC Uh computing) processors m the newer and faster RISC (reduced instruction set computing) processor technology • whilst still retaining full huikwarcl compatihlity with previous software Rememhcr 486, Pentium Pro & 680X0 are merely CISC I Over 1,800 native viftware packages (written specially for PowerPC Macs) have heen shipped since Power Macintoshes were bunched m 19**» • plus there are thmsonds of existing programs w hich can also he used Industry
standard programs such xs Wbrd PagcMn-am. Word Perfect. Page FileMaker Pro.
Excd. Quark Xpress Phcioshop and mam others have all heen developed for the Mac.
The Internet & Communication:
• All Macs are Internet ready; many include a 2H.H)ghps modem
with full send receive fax and answetphone management factors.
• industry standard web browsers, Netscape
• « Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer.
"ere developed for the Mac. Both give full access ¦SSf lo all Web sacs wah new Internet page byout features lice auknahlo and on-screen movies
• The h I mat for sides»tilo. Vailed QuickTime (or QuickTime for
Windows), was an Apple development Of course it comes xs
standard w ah every Mac.
Connectivity & Expandability:
• All Macintoshes have networking built in xs standard, so
connecting systems together and adding shared printers etc.
couldn't he easier
• All Macintoshes have an external SCM connector as standard
(except Duos) - adding external drives, cartridge drives,
scanners etc. really is Plug-and-Play
• Low-cat digital cameras can lie plugged into the Mac for
instant real mage input i
• Inexpensive industry aadad PQ tank can he used in all Mac
systems from the 5400 upwards.
Education & Edutainment:
• Many qualay Macintosh tides arc widely avaiahle Dotting
Kindcrdcy offer superb tides like The Ikmuic Human Body and
History of the World whilst Microsoft B publish Kncarta.
Cincnunu and Dinosaurs Because Macintosh is the preferred
system within many educational cstaUtshmeniv high quality
software is assured
• Apple is the World's No. I Multimedia PC vendor. m&r
• All desktop Macs fuse a fas CD-ROM drive as standard (portables
get internal CD soon loo)
• In 1995.42 of the top 50 selling CD-ROM tides worldwide were
developed on the Macintosh
• Many Macintoshes have built-in TV with teletext so TV dips can
he recorded ikecdy to ikskas QuickTime movies Tth tektext jjjj
Mv UIV Black Mm Mfia,mabomt
• Many Macintoshes have built-in video in and out. For direct
recording to VCRs.
• SOBT Macintoshes have internal digital video editing facilities
is standard. ’ others can he upgraded lo include this facility
with case. M v Cr d Recreation & Games:
• Top games like The Ultimate Doom.
Myst. Rebel Assault II. Dark Forces, Descent. Afterlife. Lost Eden. Legend of Kyrandu. Fill Throttle and Dr Dig have all heen developed for Macintosh Output & Presentation:
• Connecting and using colour pnncers (from Epson. HP, Apple and
others) to Macs is so easy and the results are truly
• Many software packages are availahle offering image
manipulation and superb photo quality output Interested?
All you need is 10% deposit then there’s NOTHING TO PAY until 1997H 5260 Perform . MOO 200MHz ** 2£Wh RAM. E*hi (wl CD, 2.4Gb Hard Dnvr. TV Tuna. T Tdrtcxl. VidcolnArideo Cnmpfcvion * _ aid aitl huh In 2K8 Moton *2699 *00 your rtXAk monitor t .ino«D: . 100MH *«h l»f RAM. Quul YwJ CD. Jttftlb I Uni Dnvc Ifciiit -i If Cobu J*wi *and Kotxunl »GH Pr i £1292 _ 41174 A HlHClUWS 14-IP monitor *_ g22EHZE2H53i Spj, «174' £2699 i*l4a.1»lRlNi .McnmOtfM.lttiMt
11. Tntr Mi'tm* l*r*o* U .
FiUm,Hue .D«n Nmn«W|Cem.
. wsjbsssst.
S. A - • JUST £18.20 PER WEEK «fr JUST £7.92 PER WEEK * o QtS
* 359 lp.o ViKii®)Giliur 1 *279
- 1. -M-Hr tm
* U» NuMic.bnc«M jW • ft"** 079 £33*
* i09
* 6m gCIPTOTOWBSw'~gj ifrltrf jyfca* 19 •'4MVJUrTHrpr k s
* rifr W»K(»ptmo*t mj(Of Credit and Dfbu Cards and JwcSffoU©
SUKMARGU Deferred Payment Plan: . K. CM 10 Jdd patphcnk k) your
UK s b*4 hritM, aid « r*jpiutniptw KEYROAIM ......Aon
fan *575 Ivr ON-SfTE MAINTENANCE *18
• Al far dnA of on *r «* yw
• tnapli Pap M IkyMai» IuIukc lArrilJD ml ihm pay '¦Chinn he t
• Why Harwoods?-
• Why Inexpensive?- Gordon lUrwxxxl Gmputers was fciundcd as a
spcculat Gvnmodore dealer m 1982 and we’re still supporting
Amiga users today. We Ivgan supplying Macintosh systems in 1991
when it became dear that Commodore was failing to capitalise on
the technological advantage it lud. We needed to have
products available that fulfilled tlie needs of our customers
who were demanding
• SyUcn* with a future
• System' with outstanding performance
• v,Men Wth unsurpassed eMe me
• Systems without the problems and disadvantages associated with
DOS Windows, which still persist and trouble users even now.
Today we base grown to become one of the largest Apple Aiahoriscd Rcsrflna in Europe Our extensive product knowledge and solid support facilities emphasise our sums as one of a select group of Apple Authorised Service Centres and accredited Apple Higher and Further Education Alliance Resellers.
Pentium Pro systems - by a considerable margin!
* Macintosh systems have a far lower cos* of ownership tlun
Windows systems » Macs arc much cheaper than comfuraNe AmigaV
Price Comparison: Hocinicsb Sygm
4) 50 U*»Wi Pafcm. S.® 4580 I8A8U Pi «nPC 00)r
4) 00 16Gb Had lime 4259 8i Speed p ROM drtn?
428b 15' Muifkc A Kejboard
41) 5 2R8 Mrxfcm Tax Anwefhmc
• Mi TV tat m Vtafe* ra *nrt Why Macintosh' PRICES INCLUDE VAT 0
- Please send the coupon or pbone us - ue ll rush you your FREE
Why Macintosh' brochure kick•
r. MM PdCaid Facto Mr Mrs Miss Ms: Address: County or Country:
Daytime Phone: Main use(s) of computer: lnitial(s): HOME
* Amiga Syarm £2029 Total far Mac System *1996 Jh» Imuw afcn.p u
Uiff rWy CEC h&rd cnul t Ow Apr*: is dr No. I computer company
wwidwide wah k'h of users purchasing other Macintosh systems.
There arc user
60. 000.axi Macintosh users worldwide... Isn't it time you became
Postcode: Evening Phone: BUSINESS EDUCATION liaise cut uul the coupon and return U HuiF. To... imxT OH 3 ytttr fixed ant % AskforfuBdrta* • FREEPOST GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS ¦ DeptCUA NEW STREET • ALFRETON • DERBYSHIRE • DESS 7BP Tel: 01773 836781 • Fax: 01773 831040 • email: harwood6appleiink.apple.com GASTEINER TEL:0181 345 6000 18 - 22 Sterling Way, North Circular Road, FAX:0181 345 6868 Edmonton London N18 2YZ OFFER vrren OF MONTH wr msnxn I MR I IVI u WwtSIMM cog qc INC VAT MEMORY SIMMS f LOWESTPRICES GUARANTEED SIMMS FOR A4000, VIPIiR, APOLLO.
3. 5" SLIM IDE HARD DRIVES FOR A4000 & A1200 mm sse FPU
2MB 4MB 8MB 16MB 32MB 1MB 4MB £20 £29.95 £39 £99 £189 £15 £70
hz 33mhz 50mhz £20 £29 £59 30PIN 16BIT SCSI HARD DRIVES 100MB
£49 540MB £139
1. 2GIG £219 2GIG £299 4GIG £499 EXTERNAL SCSI CASE with poweh
MODEMS CD-ROMS & CD WRITERS MOTOROLA 28.8 FAX & MODEMS LIMITED STOCK ONLY £116.33 £150.00 £251.33 new 2 speed new 4 SPEED NEC 8SPEED ¦ WE ARE rSom z £129.00 GAME SCENE & fife Hm Chaos Engine is practically ,* V | nanoseconds away from j completion, so we've decided to let you have a look at the most up to date version. This and lots more. See for yourself.
28 With Martyn Brown Previews_ 30 Gnomes 31 JETPilot 34 The Chaos Engine 38 Blobz 38 DNA 40 PM2 budget 41 Ruffian 43 Vampyra 44 Snip Tips Reach for the CU Amiga Magazine talks to Team17's Martyn Brown, a man renowned for superb game production and copious amounts of beer consumption.
CU: When did you iirst become involved in the games industry?
MB: "While I was at Tec’ in 1985 myself “ and a friend wrote a Spectrum game called Henry's Hoard. I was 17 but had been involved with computers and video games since I was about seven or eight. We formed Alternative Software which is still going today although I've had nothing to do with it since the original game."
CU: And your Iirst Amiga experience?
MB: "As soon as I saw an A1000 in 1985. It was a must-have. As a penniless student, I couldn't afford an Amiga until 1987 when I got an A500. The bug kicked in then - it was real whizz-bang stuff then " "Technical feats are cool but I've had lots of good looking, expensive beers that tasted bad."
CU: Last month, Jon Hare said the Amiga is the best thing that's ever happened to the industry. What do you think?
MB: "The Amiga played a massive role in the industry to deliver near arcade quality games with good sounds and visuals. The back-bedroom coding and demo culture gave it a buzz and it was the machine that everyone could get access to. An affordable development system that can deliver quality ideas is exceptionally important."
CU: Which games made the Amiga the great games machine it was?
MB: "Defender Of The Crown. Shadow Of The Beast. Speedball, Kick Off, Pinball Dreams, Sensible Soccer and Worms. The early ones for showing the leap up from other systems, the latter ones for visuals and sheer playability."
CU: Andreas Tadic and Rico Holmes Ialien Breed. Alien Breed 2. Superfrog) played an important role in launching Team17 into the industry. Yet we saw little from them after these titles why?
MB: "Sadly, the next project after AB2, King Of Thieves, didn't work out - there was too much complacency. They'd had a lot of success the previous two years and human nature does make you step down a gear when life gets a little easier, even though they ate both still very capable “ CU: AB3D2 appears to be aimed at high spec Amigas only. This is surely a showpiece rather than a commercial venture?
MB: "AB3D worked really well and. In terms of gameplay. Is as good as it gets on a standard machine AB3D2 was never really a commercial venture because we knew the market was shrinking but we had the opportunity to 'go out with a bang'. We tried to listen to everyone and what they wanted - the upshot was a 4Mb, 030 minimum 3D engine. We tried to deliver that and a good game. Too. But I would rather the company be remembered for good games rather than technological feats."
CU: And Worms, of course. What's the formula to its success?
MB: Its popularity was based on complete and utter multi-playing fun. It also hac character and a charming atmosphere. I had a lot of belief in the fact that Worms would make it big time. It helps enormous if you have energy and conviction in all that you do. The gameplay really shone out - and people looked at the game for once rather than fancy packaging. Technical feats are cool but I've had lots of good looking, expensive beers that tasted bad.” CU: You've always had a great relationship with Amiga users, taking time to answer Emails and talk to press. Are you keen to keep Team 17
friendly and as non-corporate as possible?
MB: I have benefited enormously from the Amiga scene. I was on the 'other side' for a number of years and a keen enthusiast. I know what it's like to ogle the 'development dream' I've been fortunate enoug to get myself involved so I always take tirra to talk to the people who put me and the company where we are today. I've always tried to steer Team 17 towards being laid back and approachable."
CU: How important has the Amiga been to Team 17 Software's success?
MB: "Without the Amiga, there wouldn't be a Team17. Simple as that." ¦ Alan Bunker WORLDS's FASTEST and... w the BEST VALUE too!
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6H MktS: time nmwrMr to confirm pnen «• cast you are tooling it an ‘oltf mayune (Victs un (up e« 4owssf before the iMpanse'v com north Isas passed Reas* confirm More twsd Mm by post Men «it VAT at 1T3V cost or oruvwy TO MAINLAND Ul adousszs omy Sundard Ddimy (2 to 4 -orting days tro« dal* M *spM9 • C7 (stress Detvery (not working day trow dal* c4 dttpMds) • £10 HON UK MaiMAMD DISTKAItONS ¦ please ull to tx«v(r«es Me GH AAMANTY Maorfauunn'nmdard wanawes apph a. aik akou OHS nme (osOy dMn Me. Ask GH to M drUUs PREVIEWS Gnomes ¦ DFR: December ¦ Publisher: OTM © 01827 312 302 from Vulcan (pre
viewed last month) only the stars of this game are rather more attractive. However, there is a major difference in that Gnomes will run on both PC and Amiga. The Amiga side was handled by Funrise Entertainment in Germany while the PC side was developed by CyberArts, Finland. And more improved graphics and sound effects are promised for some of the more powerful machines.
As a result of this dual format cooperation. OTM have designed an installer for Gnomes so that the game will recognise which make ©A, HA, HA, HEE. HEE, HEE' sang the little laughing gnome (just before getting horribly spiked to death). Getting spiked surely wasn't in the lyrics of everyone favourite old time tune now was it? No but a bit of poetic license is allowed when we're referring to OTM's latest platform game. Gnomes.
Spanning about 50 levels your job is to lead your little men to safety making sure that they don't get spiked, drop to their certain death or meet a myriad of other grisly fates.
OTM promise lovely graphics and lots of nice tunes to go along with the cheery chappies as they amble along trying to avoid that great big garden centre in the sky.
At this point Gnomes sounds very similar to Bograts of Amiga it is funning on and boot up the relevant version, which is good news for us all.
Cool or what? You'll agree take a look at the screenshots here that it is looking good so Gnomes will run on all 1Mb machines including OCS. ECS and AGA machines and should retail for around E29.95. We should have a full review for you next month. ¦ Lisa Collins Pic'n Mix QRAPHIQS Picn'Mix FONTS WUE5E ivtiMtttfts HEADHUNTER BLOCK WOBBLE Z(S RK®Jx GoxmCfc PEP.SE W be bed to taking Pot Luck" when p buying ClipArf? Now YOU can select your | own preferences from the comfort of your own home Choose from over 3000 images in over 40 Categories Give yourself a break Lid TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! Available
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For Bulk Buyers we offer some very special deals with Fonts'from 7p each We have been in business since 1991 and pioneered the Pic n Mix coocept Our service is unique with a TECHNICAL HELPLINE for all of our valued Customers STEEL STAR mm*x STARS POSTCY sll.VOME OREGONWET Miami oWEATAi. S. H R A PH EL medusa STENCIL STRETCH EQXnCKS VotJGSSbkkE WdSWOOK!
PomemtffigB WtlKrmffljtmr- 'j'JMS 4 JJSLSf 84 Thorpe Road. Hawkwcll. Nr Hockley, Essex. SS5 4JT FAX: 01702 200062 PHONE: 01702 202835 For your FREE 46 Page Information Pack, either Write, Phone, or Fax us._ SELECTAFONT (Dept CU) ETPil November ¦ Publisher: Vulcan Software @ 01705 670 269 ¦ DFR 0 here's a lot of snobb- ism that goes on amongst the games industry something t hasn t got awesome graphics then it's not worth playing. I don't hold to this theory. If a game's fun to play and doesn't cost an arm and a leg then it's worthwhile in my books.
I believe that Vulcan will be based around sta tistics and handling methods of real-life jets such as the Lockheed F-104 and the English Electric Lightning (that should mean something to plane spotters, I presume) Again, Vulcan are catering for all Amiga owners so JETPilot will run on all Amigas.
However, fhey recommend a 2Mb A1200 to get the best out the features on offer. These features will Include the ability to change the weather conditions to suit you and 360 degree cockpit vision which should help you complete the 20 missions that are laid out for you.
Watch this space or another one if you prefer for a review very soon. B Lisa Collins software follow this school of thought. OK maybe AMOS graphics aren't state of the art but most people know that I like the Valhalla series and think that they are value for money.
So I am looking forward to Vulcan's next venture in the gaming world. And let's face it they are one of the few companies who are actually out there consistently producing the goods.
For their latest offering. Vulcan Software have taken a turn away from the path of puzzle and adventure games and this time have aimed for the skies. JETPilot is a flight simulator which PRINTERS ax ABC COLOUR mm high Quality 2* pin CANON BJC 4100 2IS.M SUPERB ALL ROUND CCXOUR PtKJE T CONTROLLERS EKUPSC MOUSE 111* AMIGA RAM SHOCK !!!!!
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Road. Hoathcoto, NSW. 2233 ..¦nyowiQb F.U OT9S2Qg)77 -ForpncesinAusfcafaiS3SstnptydouMoIhoUKCCfpricesfeted ©eve had so many letters and phone calls concerning the Bitmaps’ latest Amiga creation and when and if it would ever be ready that we persuaded the boys from Wapping to give us an exclusive sneak preview of the game, now in its final stages of testing. When we originally interviewed the Bitmap Brothers about this one: their last Amiga creation it was planned for release before the Summer, but a series of prob- from the original, although they have been re-drawn and their computer
player personalities have been enhanced They are the Gentleman, the Brigand, the Nawie and the Mercenary. The former two are more geared towards brain than brawn and as to be traversed more than once to get a result and although the game cycles through the worlds in the above order, the gameplay in the levels is non-linear, so you can play through things in a different order at different times.
The four characters are straight The Chaos Engine 2 ¦ DFR: November ¦ Developer: The Bit map Brothers © 0171 391 4300 only so many brothers to go around. In fact the game was first scheduled for release at Easter
1995. But you never know these days do you?
To recap on the storyline.
Chaos Engine 2 is set in four different worlds where the four main protagonists are acting under orders of the Baron who is trying to reassemble the Chaos Engine.
Each of the four worlds holds a set of components for the machine and the levels are built around retrieving these. The four worlds are: medieval, Almost there ... we take an in-depth pre-production look at what could be the best two player game ever.
Mediaeval capers computer players they pose a fast moving, object stealing threat.
The latter two are combat orientated characters and will try their best to mow you down at every possible moment.
Intelligence This is the key difference between Chaos I and 2. In the first game i you selected another character to help you out, here they are in I competition with you. In the one player game the computer character's artificial intelligence gets better as the game continues and their experience increases. On the future level your task is to collect circuit boards for the baron and find keys to get you out at the end of the level. But the computer character has the same aim. It will collect its own objects and then chase you around to get yours.
It's frustrating to get to the end of Ihe level and. Just as you are about to use the key to activate the exit door, the bloomin' Mercenary shoots you. Making you drop the key, then picks it up and steals through the door ahead of you.
The score is totted up on the Baron's totometer according to the amount of enemies you've axed (including the other player) the amount of objects you pick up and whether you get out the exit first. This latter point is important.
You might be behind in terms of score but if, like the Mercenary in the example above, you can catch your opponent and clobber him you could sneak a win.
As far as the artificial intelligence is concerned I can confirm from a half day's play that it is indeed efficient. I must admit to a certain amount of scepticism when the complexity of Ihe system was originally explained to me, but on later levels these guys get very smart, dodging bullets the way a.human player might and wreaking havoc on your player in a most vindictive manner. A testament to this was when the game was being demonstrated at ECTS one punter demanded to know where the second (human) player was, thinking it was a network game.
Two player It's not a network game, but adopting a standard, horizontally split screen, two players can play effectively. There is a single screen option for playing against the computer if you so wish. It is in two player mode that Chaos engine shines most. According to Simon 'Duck' Knight of the Bitmaps: "you might not believe this, but we had Super Mario Kart in mind when we devised the two-player game". "The intention was to create something you could delve into at short notice without having to play through the full game."
Thus the two player mode is a PREVIEW Medieval World World number two is medieval world. Here things get a little more difficult, with rooms and teleports featuring heav- i ily. In it you meet robotic armoured skeletons and, if you manage to complete the whole thing you'll have to fight the end of level knight (see picture on page 34).
The objects the Baron needs from this world are potions.
He's thirsty.
Challenge game, as opposed to simply a two-player version of the full game. In it you can select from one to four levels to play on each world and then enter into one on one combat to achieve the highest score.
Another good reason for this method is that you can't select a human player for the full game and then cheat by playing it through without any (difficult) computer competition.
In many ways the two player mode is like a 2D version of the ’death match' modes in games like Breed 3D, with added competitive incentive to reach the end first.
Aztek World The Bitmaps are obviously keen historians as they've adapted Aztek mythology to their own ends in creating this level. Its enemies include jaguars (large cats, not cars) and the scenery is also against you ... yes you know the saying "the walls have ears"? Well, they've got laser guns in Aztek world and only an invincibility skill can ensure safe passage.
E3L Chaos World The final world is filled with mysterious hidden rooms and creatures and scenery that can prove lethal. It is heavily overgrown with mutant forms, due to the Chaos Engine's influence. Here you must pick up batteries to complete the Baron's shopping list. Some enemies, like the robotic hands, will be familiar to fans of the original Chaos Engine.
Sounds good Another advantage of sitting down to play and watch the game being played for an afternoon was a chance to check out the impressive Richard Joseph sound effects and music. Through a decent sound system the add a major amount of atmosphere. Each level own theme tune, so then plenty of variety.
The Chaos Engine 2 is no J scheduled for release at the beginning of November, and th« Bitmaps are definitely working * full steam ahead on it. Don't take their word for it: I sneaked around the office and sure enough there was an Amiga on everybody's desk and Chaos Engine 2 was on them. The AGA version I looked at was fully playable and almost reviewable, but there were a couple of tweaks I left which means it's still!
Couple of weeks away fri being signed, sealed ana ished. Due to our policy ( reviewing finished games will get the whole lowdown next month (other magazines who reviewed the game three months ago take note!). The A500 version (yes, there is one) will be delayed longer, but is also due for f release in November. ¦ A Alan Dykes Workbench Add-On Volume 1 XiPaint V4 Aminet Set 2 AM*ter set 2. Dots. Nonxb* 1995.100.0. 4 oppm.«oiU, 4 »flob,m ol u W. » 12 OOOoBtx.. WW* M. Op o go»*» uxxwOioHMI or program, xg its SET gsi yo, ol
* .nsd lot, to IS* .0*0. II.. O-d -O.lt. hsol.s. OB*.
OTCMSAg 4 o pbo*ua f34 95 Aminet 13 AMIUfT y J. do&d W, 1996. CoeMU d appfctmatelp 4 ggob st ol lofrswo " 9000 ontiwsi Abo xilwdsd an Ml
• w-orn ol Ixogne 4 0 XlhttM 3 2. OitoMED 50 aid »m loxns.ciol
ganei Wlsil*. »oo tts opptcatou. Gonsi
• a M«noM«.pM*ww»a ihaSngnn uall iiwM 95 MB UMHst 79 MB
Oocuxant*. *08 MB *» ioH_u. 12 MB (W-® 7 MB I'xt-Qi. IsWsd 756
MB Bous. & Ann**, 208 MB Gmpt.il tcfc-ois. 394 MB Gmphr. 4 .cuM
b»ov 503 MB Goxe* 04 MB Umdoac. 685 MB M* xodda. 28 MB Ms*
-.'‘-II. 131 MB CaxxmsMicn. 9) MB Ds.aloex.nl Wi-OT 88 MS tomo
toftmns Eaiy » on uds.
Ms* and lso.ll! Foot!., rrd. Ocisuxg II o pU.ni C39.9S Amiga Developer CD vl.l All products are available in your local Amiga-shop or through national mail-order-companies World WideWeb: http: www.schatztruhe.de International Distributor: IHB gti Grenville Trading International GmbH Carl-Zeiss-Str. 9 79761 Waldshut-Tiengen • Germany Tel +49-7741 -83040 Fax +49-7741-830438 Email: CompuServe 100336,1245 Mods Anthology Do you lb Msxl Oo you 14s Co««Mon* Do fai HU Co«.*«.«t Than. «... «.W idom f*»d 4 CD Box.
Ml 4 Muiii-Mod.le.1 Mon itoo IBOCO xod. O4 an, Uai IMOO. S3M. XM. IT AX.J0 S iAsHc...) ol onsd b, Coxpon.. « P k«v. B, GmspA **«i o, *nd» oil Bond k .-i-ro-md lone .sofebls ords. At its sorx [¦odo'mi Canng do'e wit. 11 MB 4 Mod Us 1st. IASOI. Ax aGnds J ood 25MB ol Modus Pteyw.
Cxd T-oils.. h - -o-y coxpdan IbboMd -* *s M og.ssnxai fcon sen Bo. 200 nowMtt (fC oxj Axlpa 5cm) w*o pmxdsd
m. -» o pnKxol xIoU. OM Oout. Oi -all at son, p~o«l, uusband
n***at*bo, di. 7,0011 uon -ell 'sp» v lmr to I COO* too.,
ol Mu.ll C29.95 Omxs VOI 1 * *s ftnt *tk 4 o now bmo-lN,
| AlMd
n. s. ol Amgo COBOM, -Mi 0.10"! All AiUpo •stand v 9m.p1 lion
it* M ™ ( *•» MtbiM bolus* obotf 50.000 ol«ls. -bcti oWo* M
n"0«*l iwv bfomoHoii abo.l o« M»« of *• Antes. PmM'sWotst
dKflMn old Aon* won.
» oswvsodc a xdvdsd NslKs-i OH'xs n it* ctsop olsnM d gsSxg o ioocK w* Uni*. £1*95 NetNews Offline Vol. 1 PREVIEWS Oot the most inspiring name for a game, but then look at Worms and how successful that title was. Blobz steals its gameplay style directly from Lemmings, replacing the suicidal rodents with green nondescript things decked out with tiny eyes. While Lemmings' motivation for suicide is biological, blobs just don’t know any better. If they walk into spikes or water they die, but there's no stopping them. A walking they will go. Straight into trouble.
Blobz ¦ Price: £14.99 ¦ Publisher: Apex ® 01709 890 552 As can be seen from the screenshots the landscape types are not as detailed or developed as Lemmings, but Blobz is a Blitz program and so is a little more basic lyes the pun was intended) than the game it's based on. The puzzles themselves are satisfying, if frustrating and they have been well thought out using the various 'skills' which you can assign each Blob. What you can't see from the screenshots is the smooth horizontal scrolling and the neat moving water effects and special touches.
While the platforms themselves might look basic, there is a good reason for this: a level IBRBBBBBBBBRBPIR M UUHUI'l iruBB nn b b RBBBB 0 BB R
• R Ibt'-IBHBHMBBWI-IBk 11-'I designer has been included so you
can make as many as you like, and it's simple to use.
You assign skills to each Blob like Lemmings. First click on one of the skills represented by icons at the bottom of the page, then click on the Blob you want to execute this skill. There is a rocket pack skill, a jumping skill, a reversing skill, a chomping skill (allowing your Blobz to eat horizontally through structures, unless a solid girder is in the way) several directional missile skills and a digging skill. Not all of these are available on each level so. For instance, just when you're comfortable about saving Blobs with the reversing skill, it disappears on the next level. On some
levels you have to pick up skill icons as you go along.
The game is based on six worlds each mapped out like a maze and there are 60 levels in total. To get to the end of a wo you have to negotiate your way around the maze completing the | levels. Although it is possible to f get to the exit by completing maybe just 80% of these if you choose the right path, the ones you miss might contain valuable | clues about completing later ones. The amount of levels and the increasing difficulty means that this is not a fast game to finish. Add the possibility of infinite!
Custom levels and you have a lot of game. A Ohe aliens are a coming.
Lock up your wives, your children, your pet tortoise and hide. Or you could try and stop the little green men from taking over our worid, as we know it. By playing DNA from Applaud Software. It's simple enough to do. It's sort of a two-step with the aliens. You take your turn to try and pulverise them and they in return try to do the same to you. Simple.
DIMA ¦ Price: £14.99 ¦ Publisher: Applaud Software ® 01283 2172708888 The idea of the game is to neutralise each section on a grid.
You've got two characters at your disposal: one human and an android. Each one has their own strengths and varying statistics which you can top up with points accrued from each sector neutralised. You can also increase your players' abilities by implanting them with special skills that you've cloned from any deceased aliens. In this aspect DNA is a bit like Microprose’s UFO.
And you've got a lab where you analyse the various genes that you've picked up and then decide if you want to implant them in your men.
DNA is a game which requires a lot of tactics and advance thinking if you're to avoid being totally annihilated As the game progresses you are informed of the difficulty factor of each sector. One thing that is frustrating about this game is that one false.move and you end up in a situation where you die very rapidly. This normally happens when your weaker player gets trapped by those annoying cannon ball like weapons. Also as your players are linked, if the weaker one dies they both die instantly. You can t predict either where these cannon ball things are going to move to as they spo
radically fly about the screen and hammers into which ever player it decides to target. Unfortun- ately, my human player always seemed to die quickly no matter how much I tried to build him up. I also found it a bit annoying that I'd managed to get a long way into the game and then die in seconds thanks to those ing cannon ball things, no matti how much I'd tried to forearm him. Even the quirky reloading phrases like ‘groove factor five' didn't manage to cheer me or make me want to plow through all the sectors again. If you're heavy on patience enjoy tactics and d mind trial and error too much
then try it il not avoid ¦ way
• with-1 ! Rnov-1 matter I Lisa Collins APPLAUD SOFTWARE vWfc'
33 York Road, Church Cresley Swadlincote v v .* Derbyshire DE11
9QC WK''* UNA "At fine blend of RPC and classic strategy!'
I. : 01604 722499 (241ir Amiga Hollyie 01623 759498) FAX: 01604
722498 Player Manager 2 Price: £16.99 ¦ Publisher: Hit Squad ©
0161 832 6633 Oack in 1995 this version of Player Manager was
very well received. It had great ancestry in one of the most
popular footy management sims ever and as an update it
almost managed the impossible: a sequel which does its
predecessor proud. Similar in style to On the Ball and
Audiogenic's Super League Manager, you can participate in the
games you've planned using the Kick Off 3 game engine
You start off in the second division rather than the third, which makes getting used to the routine easier. So many games expect you to manage upwards from the third division, which can often be difficult and off-putting. PM2 is more accessible in this way.
There are 16 teams from each of the four divisions included and you must create a team capable of winning promotion to the Premier League as well as joining in the fun in Europe. Competition is provided by three other managers who can be ¦ either computer or human controlled.
As usual your tasks will include training, dealing on the transfer market, dealing with sponsors and devising tactics (PM2 has a great tactics editor).
Added realism is provided by the appearance of Alan Hansen, but as in real life, he can be a pain in the neck at times.
The main management menu is represented by a side cutaway of the clubhouse building which allows you to access the various areas essential to the smooth running of the club. Inevitably much action (if that is the right word) takes place in the manager's office where transfer deals and player purchasing takes place.
Unfortunately PM2 is not the most informative game in this area and it can sometimes be confusing just how much money you're spending on players.
After the highlights of the management section actually playing the game in the KO engine is a bit of a disappointment It's not the best arcade footy game by any means. But at least using the advanced tactical editor in the management section you can invent those wild plays you sometimes wish your favourite real life team would adopt.
This is one to watch out for.
Anco subsequently produced an AGA version with allegedly improved graphics. They almost ruined it with superficial cosmetic stunts. This version is much more worthwhile, and now cheaper too It falls in the middle between the two pillars of footy games: Sensible Wodd Of Soccer and Premier Manager 3.
Less fun but more management than the former, and less stats and depth than thp latter. If you really like football management it won’t disappoint though. ¦ I Martin ¦ Davies ( Email: sales@bit17.demon.co.uk WWW: http: www.demon.co.uk bit17 r Ruffian ¦ Price: £14.99 ¦ Publisher: Ruffian Software © 01606 835241
o you haven't stepped into a time warp. And things aren't so bad
on the Amiga games that we're now randomly ing out old games
that we reviewed months back. What am I talking about? For
those of you who don't remember, we reviewed this platform game
back in April 95 when it was planned for release from
Grandslam. However, tunately, it never saw the light day so now
the creators of the Ruffian Software have to release it so we
r- Tv 7i Sr**i** thought it worth a second look.
I'm glad that we are going to eventually see Ruffian in shops.
Not because there is little software out there (well that helpsl but because Ruffian is a good game.
In my original review I said the only real thing that grated on my nerves was the music and I'm glad to say that this has been sorted out and it is not nearly as offensive now.
Another change is that your little cheeky little hero no longer moons at you when he gets bored, though I kinda miss that.
Apart from those changes the game is the more or less the same as the original. Set in the jungle you’ve got a set time limit and energy levels as you leap from branch to branch and explore the hidden depths of the jungle in your aim to free the trapped pixies in that level.
Freeing the pixies is not a very dignified affair. Instead of walking you've got to at them instead. In these days of safe sex don't know if that much exchange of bodily fluids is advisable but it's all for a good cause.
Ruffian can be tricky in places and as the game progresses, it becomes harder. You get more and more pixies to free and the places that they are hidden in become more difficult to access. You got to use a bit of forward thinking for these harder levels. For example, in some places you can use falling monkeys to catapult you to diffi- cult-to-reach platforms. You also get a little help if you want to in the shape of 'helping hands' which point you in the direction of any unfreed pixies and exits. Extra energy and spitting power points are available in the shape of various assorted fruits and
potions. Luckily there is also a password system so you don't have to go through the easier levels once you've completed them.
In all. Ruffian is still a good game. It's hard in place, but it playable. Platform fans won't be disappointed and neither will any- HiQ Limited Serving Ilie At, Serving the Amiga User since 19SS Why not try our Internet site at www.hiq.co.uk Limited Edition Mk2 PowerStation Only 200 to be made, due to PWR connector shortage.
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The Secret of Monkey Island I can’t open the sealed trunks in ttte hold on the ship to Monkey
• nd. I used the rope as a fuse the cannon and used the gun- er
in the nozzle but nothing ~ned. I know that I can use the pot
from the kitchen as a helmet, so I can be fired off this ship
o another one, but when does
* ‘her ship pass by?
Thomas Rutherford, Kirkcaldy.
The reason you can't open the sealed trunks is because they are sealed!
And the reason you can’t blast your- • self off one ship onto another is because it’s Monkey Island that you want to be blasted onto. Here is the complete sequence to get off the ship.
Get the Jolly Roger flag from the mast. Go down into the hold, get the rope, open the chest and then take die wine. Get the gunpowder then go to the galley and get the pot. Open the cupboard and get the cereal.
Open the cereal and take the prize.
Go to your cabin and get the ink, dun use your prize (which is a key) to open the cupboard. Inside is a recipe and cinnamon sticks. Go to the galley and use the cinnamon sticks, the breath mints, the Jolly Roger, the ink, the fine wine, the rubber chicken, the gunpowder and the cereal on the cooking pot. Things will turn nasty for a moment, then you can use the business card which you got from Stan on the fire. Pick up more gunpowder then return to the upper deck.
Monkey Island will now be in sight and you can fix up the cannon to blast yourself off the ship.
Simon the Sorcerer How do you get on top of the Dragon's Cave?
Colin Lowery, Dublin.
Very quietly I would think, because you don't want to wake him. Before you go climbing anywhere use the cold remedy on him to make sure he is fast asleep. You can pick up this handy medicine from the Druid's house. Once the dragon is dozing, grab the fire extinguisher and leave.
Outside the cave you can combine the rope from the Blacksmith's Forge with the hook from the Mine. Now use the hook on the boulder at the top of cave entrance to climb up.
Operation Stealth My girlfriend and I have been thrown overboard With rocks tied to out feet. How do I escape?
R. Eates, Sheffield.
That's typical! You want to know how ‘you’ can escape. What about the poor girl? Well the answer depends on how confident you are about yourself. I mean, would you feel a sissy wearing a bracelet? If you are worried about it, just remember that you are supposed to be an incredibly sexy secret agent and no one will think anything of it.
Provided that when you changed your dollars into the local currency you remembered to do the action twice, you should have enough money to buy a bracelet from the guy on the beach. Wear the bracelet, then just before you are chucked overboard you must ‘Operate’ the bracelet. Once you are in the water, wait until you almost reach the ocean bed, then ‘Operate' the bracelet again to free yourself. Swim towards the girl and ‘Operate Girl’ to free her. Whether you're really sexy or not, somehow I don't think she’ll be in a hurry to go out with you again.
Future Wars To try and escape from the prison I used the key to remove the grille but I don’t know what to do next.
In my inventory I have: a lance, newspaper, blowtorch and documents. Am I missing anything?
Mark Cosgrove, Neath.
Yes. This part of the game always stumps players, because the answer is really unfair. What you are missing is a gas grenade which is nearly impossible to find. Do you remember when you rescued the fair damsel from the glass dome she was imprisoned in?
The grenade is to the right of the glass cylinder. Once you have it, you can put the grenade through the grille and then cover the hatch with the newspaper to prevent the gas seeping back into your cell.
Police Quest III I have recently phoned the Sierra automatic helpline for help with Police Quest III. Day 4. It said that I had to get a note (from my message basket) to go to court, but I don't receive such a note, instead I have to go straight to the murder scene. It also said that I have to get a tracking device from the technician AND it said that I have to see Marie at the end of the day, but the game takes me straight home after Morales has made a phone call.
Is there someone that I need to talk to. Or something I need to do in one of the earlier days?
Adam Noon, Thorngumbald.
have double checked the solution and Sierra are correct. As most guys don't know what day of the week it is, shall we double check with you? Day two began with the boss ringing you at home. Day three began with you at home, then going to work in the Homicide Office. You pick up a memo from your basket which has the address 325 South Second Street on it. You ended the day at Oak Tree Mall and then you went back to the station, then home.
Day four begins at home, then you leave the house and go to the station. Go to the Homicide Office and there is a note on your desk. It is a court summons. Take the note, then go to the third floor where you can pick up a tracking device from the Head Technician. You’ll note that my solution says that the note is on the desk and not in your message tray. I can't recall if I specified the desk deliberately, or if I meant the message tray, but take it from me, that message is somewhere on that desk.
Monkey Island II How do I get the monkey from the bar? I’ve tried offering the monkey my banana, but the barkeeper tells me to get lost.
David Ellams, Borehamwood.
What a lousy technique for picking up people in bars. It’s easy really. You simply attach your banana to the metronome and as it ticks from side to side the monkey will watch it until it becomes hypnotised. You’U now be able to pick it up and take it home with you. ¦ If you’ve got a little problem with your favourite Role Playing Game and would like Vamp to help you out. Drop her a line at CU Amiga Magazine. Priory Court. 30-32 Farringdon Lane.
London EC1R 3AU.
FIRE AND ICE Graftgold Earwig-o again! More cheats, more codes, more tips. What incredible value for money! Matt Broughton will be your driver today. HOLD TIGHT!
Matthew Belshaw from Lowestoft has discovered a hidden goody in this excellent Graftgold classic.
On Green Run (level 2) go to the top of the slope and use a snowflake (ie down and fire). This will reveal a staircase made up from blocks marked with a question mark. Climb this and, at the top, jump straight up to get warped to a further stage. Try this in other levels as somehow (don't ask me how folks!) You'll find yourself with infinite lives! What an excellent cheat! Ta mate.
MORTAL KOMBAT 2 Acclaim Marcelino Salcedo of The Netherlands (gosh we go all over the place, don't we?) Has a nifty little code to remind us about that accesses a diagnostics screen that allows you to choose opponents, change time, and... well, tons of things really! Just go to the options menu and type the code ZEDWEB. If the cheat doesn't work first time, just keep entering ZEDWEB. Ace!
DIGGERS CD32 Millennium Ah, now here's a game that wasted many a happy (if pointless) hour! Well Adam Shailer has a decent little cheat that allows you - to collect tons of jewels without having to go anywhere! Dig a tunnel horizontally at least five squares across. Now dig dowrt one square, then up diagonally until you're back on the level of your original tunnel. Now dig down the SMALLER part of the slope to remove it (you should end up with something that looks like a castle's battlements (you know, ramparts, that sort of thing) anyway ... you can now place a digger inside these
'trenches' and get them to dig diagonally up in the direction of the slope.
They won't actually go anywhere, but will keep digging, miraculously finding jewels regularly!
Crazy, huh?
FRONTIER Gametek Not really a cheat, just some damn good advice from 'Mr Nice Guy' of Herefordshire.
Try this: Start at Lave and buy a Viper Defence craft, along with a beam laser from upgrades.
Also buy an automatic pilot, four homing missiles and atmospheric shielding. Now ask (Sermission for launching (and don't forget some fueU). Your objective is Zaonce, but don't go there yet.
Jump to Tionisla and THEN on to Zaonce. Head for the planet Industry, go to the space station, and check out upgrades. You'll find that you're in a pretty tasty position to progress further (you'll see what I mean when you get there!)
XTREME RACING Guildhall Leisure Tobias Caplen of Hampshire would like to share with us all a handy cheat for accessing the three tracks without having to win the three levels of cup races.
Type IDKFA in any of the menu screens and the screen with all three tracks on will flash (type it in again to deactivate the cheat).
ALIEN BREED 3D II Team 17 Another cheat from Tobias comes in the form of a cheat of sorts that allows you to build up a bit of ammo supply without too much effort. When the game has first loaded, collect both ammo boxes in the first room and then press the Esc key. Select to 'Play Game' again and repeat the process until you've clocked up enough ammo to complete the level without running too low.
Handy, non?
CIVILISATION MicroProse An excellent discovery by Raul Hendrikx from The Netherlands (again!) Means that you can now design your own worlds using a package like Dpaint V! Load into Dpaint a file from the Civilisation directory called 'CIVMAPIbm'. You'll see a map of Earth in the left corner so save this somewhere else. Now you I can draw your own world using the following colour sequence: Light green = Grassland Light blue = Jungle Dark blue = Oceans Brown = Plains Purple = Mountains White = Arctic Dark green = Forest Medium blue = River Yellow = Desert Red = Hills Grey = Tundra Also: If you
save your game before entering 'an advanced tribe' you can load it again if bar- I barians come'out or if you want a new city, unit, or new invention. I Cool or what. ¦ Time gentlemen Sorry gang, but please drink up and LEAVE! Keep your tips coming in though, and don't forget that there's (eventually) a free Hit Squad game for every tip printed.
Don't forget to let me know what machine you've got or you simply shan't get a prize ALL RIGHT! Be seeing you ... - M ¦ REPAI COMPUTERS AND MONITORS Attention Dealers Ring Fax Now for best trade prices | and terms on Repairs, Spares, Floppy Drives, Hard Drives, CD Rom Drives and Memory Upgrades.
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SIMM SXKMS (2 X 72 00 Sk A30CO DesKica S SCSI-2 a CALL (0115) 9444500 OR (0115) 9444501 TO PLACE YOUR ORDE iL As promised, we've brought you the first review of the new Delfina DSP card, along with Directory Opus 5.5, a new IDE solution and a tough web browser head-to-head test.
TECH SCENE 48 Directory Opus 5.5 Everyone's favourite file manager takes another step forward. Could it be enough to completely oust Workbench from your system?
50 Delfina DSP ¦ Commodore promised us a DSP but never delivered. Now Petsoff have come up with the goods: every musician's dream?
52 Alfa Quatro_ With Alfa Data's new gizmo you can now attach up to four hard drives and CD-ROMs to your IDE interface.
Directory Opas 5.5 41 54 Browser War_ As two Internet web browers are released simultaneously we put them head-to-head in a series of tests: Ibrowse vs. Aweb.
60 PD Scene As the nights draw in the demo scene starts to pick up again, throwing up some tasty morsels for the eyes and ears.
62 PD Utilities I One of the most active areas of the Amiga scene, the shareware I circuit continues to produce a wide range of quality software.
©veryone needs a file manager, or so it seems. While in theory the more technically- minded should be happy with the Shell, with Workbench being the choice for those who want the easy option, in practice it doesn't always work like that. Quite often neither option has both the immediacy and the power to get the job done quickly and easily. A good file manager makes light work of tasks that would otherwise require lengthy Shell commands, or be awkward or even impossible to do with the Workbench.
Programs such as CLImate and SID pioneered the file manager theme in the Amiga's early days, but it wasn't long before Directory Opus appeared and promptly left them for dust. Ever since, Directory Opus 5.5 ¦ Price: £49.99 ¦ Developer: GP Software ¦ Supplier: Wizard Developments ® 01322 527 800 Directory Opus has been a regular fixture on just about every serious Amiga user's hard drive.
All change When version 5.0 appeared in early 1995 it took a major detour from the established file manager format. Previously file managers consisted of two fixed-position ‘listers' and a bank of function buttons. Opus 5 threw the whole thing wide open with windows and button banks that could be moved, resized and configured until the cows came home, even going as far as to herald itself as a complete that looks and acts remarkably like Workbench itself. Double clicking an icon opens a window, but unlike Workbench, the window takes the form of a lister containing a sorted directory of the
An icon strip runs along the top each lister. These icons are used to process any selected files in that lister. The icons include functions for Select All Files, Select By Pattern, New Drawer, Copy, Move.
Rename, Move with Rename, Delete, Edit, View, Play and more.
Above the icon strip is a MUI-style menu launcher which can be used as an alternative selection method for the icon functions, along with a few more to boot. These are duplicated on the button bank which also houses some of the more advanced functions such as archive extraction and file searches.
Seems familiar There's a strange familiarity about Opus 5.5 that creeps up on you What's new?
Here's a selection of the new features that have appeared since version 5.0.
• New Icon Action mode
• Built-in FTP lister mode
• Borderless button banks
• Cybergraphics RTG compatible
• Automatic file- type creator
• Font viewer
• Version field available in listers
• New improved clipboard support
• Backdrops in listers
• Internal CLI window
• New internal and Arexx commands Workbench replacement.
Breaking away from its familiar format gave it freedom to introduce a range 6f powerful new features but also had the side effect of alienating some existing Opus fans, since it was no longer as simple to use in its default set up. Since then GP Software have had time to digest the reactions from its worldwide userbase and take Opus on to the next stage.
Gadgets galore If you never used version 5 you could be forgiven for thinking you'd loaded up the wrong software. In contrast to version 4 and below, 5.5 starts up with a worry- ingly empty screen. During the installation process you are given countless configuration choices, which include the option to copy all the 'left out' drive icons from your Workbench onto the Opus screen. If you do choose to do so, you end up with a Opus screen almost subconsciously. While at I first it might seem a bit over com- I plicated and disorganised, before I long it all starts to make sense. It I takes
elements of the Workbench, I such as drive icons and the facility I to drag and drop files from here to I there, alongside the button banks I and listers of old.
If you move the pointer to an I empty part of the Opus screen and I double click on the background, a I new lister opens up right there, I containing a list of all currently mounted drives and assigns for your selection. The ability to have more than two listers open at oi introduces a complication that never occurs on a simple dual-lister file manager. It's no longer a case of one window acting as a source and the other as the destination. Now each lister can be defined as a source or a destina- j tion, not Ihe source or destination.
This is an important point to note, because it means you can have ' ¦•¦e I n‘:e I ' ifii II 1 886 $ 5 192 I $ m -j multiple sources and multiple destinations. For example, you could select a bunch of files from various drives and copy them all to one or more new locations in a single click of the Copy button.
Internet FTP Module One of the most useful new features in Opus 5.5 is the FTP module. This allows you to hook up to an FTP site via the Internet (assuming you have a TCP IP stack up and running) and access it from a normal Opus lister. This makes light work of downloading files. You can even have a number of FTP listers open at the same time, all downloading or uploading specified files at the same time.
However, copying files is just he tip of the iceberg. Opus 5.5 is packed full of configuration options, allowing the system to be customised beyond all recognition.
Once Arexx is brought into the equation it becomes a highly flexi- | ble and powerful tool, capable of graphics h h 4739928 other wh And ill!
Sk.info NT i 11erPro c taMED_Soundstud ITShove . Conf i 9 adapting to all kinds ot specialist jobs. Knocking up automated functions and scripts to be launched from the button bank should present few problems for Shell-heads or anyone with a good understanding of Arexx. The menus are laden with one option after another to let you change this, add that or remove something else Twiddly bits Frankly, if you want something that's going to make your life easier yyhen it comes to simple work-a-day jobs, you'll probably find this all too much to take in.
Maybe GP Software could have renamed it when it got to version
5. 0 to reflect the many changes and additions. Using Opus 5.5 to
simply shovel a few files around is like using a combine
harvester t®. Mow the lawn.
My main criticism of the program is that it's not easier to use right from the start. It would be nice if it was simpler to select one of a few basic set-ups and screen layouts before you dive into the menus and start twiddling all the knobs.
For those with the inclination to set up a throbbing multifaceted file processing systr Opus 5.5 is a godsend. The FTP features are excellent and will probably be the most popular of the new additions. Obviously any seasoned users of version 5.0 won't have the rather steep learning curve to deal with, so in that Protect Datestamp case it's really a matter of figuring out which of the new features to use. Those with an extremely good memory will recall we rated version 5.0 at a big fat 'go buy it now' kind of 95% mark.
For the sake of continuity we could match that score here, but that would be the easy option. It's not perfect, it won't be to everyone's taste, but in the right hands it's an incredibly powerful tool.
But is it Opus?
This is the big question for many Opus users. Should it ever have been developed to this degree of complexity? On the one hand you can enter commands dirfectly into the Shell if you want 'quick and dirty' control over your files, and if you want simple file shovelling, there's Opus 4 and a handful of other similarly capable file managers available from the public domain. Sometimes it seems the effort required to set-up Opus 5.5 for specific tasks could be better spent writing your own DOS scripts or jacking straight into the Shell. Re-configuring previous versions of Opus was a fairly
straight forward affair, but things have a tendency to get rather complicated when you dig into the main power features of Opus 5.5. Directory Opus 5.5 is without doubt a very powerful system but it's not necessarily going to be what every Opus user wants as an upgrade. ¦ Tony Florgan (work DIRECTORY OPUS 5.5 system requirements: ,2Mb RAM. Bad drive, 0S2 or above ease of use ....70% performance ....90% value for money... .....80% OVERALL Much more OT than a X 1% directory tool. 1 Check Fit GetSizes Encrypt Oack in the April 96 issue of CU Amiga Magazine we reviewed
the Toccata from MacroSystem, a fairly simple 16-bit stereo record and replay system on a Zorro card, which we rated at 82%. Until now that's been one of the very few available options for those looking to upgrade from the Amiga's 8-bit audio limitations.
Now, from the land that brought you OctaMED (that's Finland by the way) comes a new sound card with better specs than ever.
Delfina ¦ Price: £400 ¦ Developer and Supplier: (see box out for contact details) A new sound card has arrived with its own onboard 24-bit DSP chip. Could it be the ultimate audio upgrade?
24-bit DSP Whereas Toccata could sample and replay 16-bit stereo samples, Delfina goes one better by adding a DSP chip to the equation. The star of the show is the Motorola digital signal processor which sits bang in the middle of the card, happily processing a continuous stream of stereo sound with 24-bit bandwidth in realtime. It would seem that the main aim of Delfina is to act as a realtime effects processor, but that's not all it can do. Aside from the DSP functions, the AD DA convertor can be used to sample and replay 16-bit stereo sound.
Although there’s no sampling software as such, the output of the effects processing software can be routed to a file, which will result in a sample. Likewise the input can be switched to a file in order to replay a sample.
An output, then I run the DelFX software too, DelFX would fail to run and display a I 'Cannot allocate Delfina' message. I However, you could I run the DelFX soft- I ware in conjunction I with a MIDI On a more practical level, Delfina can be used as a 16 bit stereo output for use with OctaMED SoundStudio, the MIDI sequencer Dominator (a non- MIDI version of which comes with Delfina) and as an output for any other audio software which supports the relatively new AHI retargetable audio system.
Two pairs of stereo RCA phono sockets are mounted on the back plate for line level input and output. There's also a 1 4 inch jack socket which can be switched between line and mic level input, plus stereo mini jack socket for headphones output. An additional plate can be attached to the card which offers alternative parallel and serial ports. There's currently no driver available for the parallel port, although this is under development and should be released soon.
A driver for the serial port is supplied, enabling you to use this instead of the Amiga's slow built-in serial port, allowing faster access times from serial devices, particularly modems.
Practical uses Unfortunately you can't control Delfina from two applications at once, so if you tried to run SoundStudio with Delfina as sequencer, or even a tracker using standard Amiga ' samples and feed any or all of ' those sounds through the Delfina effects. Because the effects processing is carried out by the DSP rather than the Amiga's CPU. This should be quite feasible even on the slowest Amigas.
Using the direct to disk recording options of SoundStudio, you could also use Delfina to add effects to previously recorded loops from hard drive, which could then be used to build up a new module.
This would have the advantage of allowing you to process specific parts independently, and also the resulting module would use fewer tracks, which would mean .
You could probably use the 'smoothing' option in realtime to remove the bulk of the mixing noise (see the SoundStudio review in the September 96 issue of CU Amiga Magazine for more details).
Sampling This is the first sampler or sound card I've seen that doesn't come with some kind of sampling and sample editing software. Petsoff Delfina FX The Delfina hardware comes complete with its own realtime effects software. This is a very neat little MUI application that gives you access to five main types of effects, plus a noise gate and a dry wet balance control to adjust the relative amount of the original and the affected sound.
Each effect has its own collection of windows containing the relevant sliders and controls. A selection of effects settings are supplied with the software, including example set-ups for echo, cho- us, distortion and flange effects. You're free to save out your own settings too, which for example could be especially handy for storing time-critical delays for use with specific projects.
Although the effects work in stereo, in that oth left and right channels are processed and assed to the left and right outputs, you don't get ndependent processing for each channel, nor is here any cross talk between the channels, so what you get is a dual monophonic output from he effects chain, which is then mixed with the rue stereo sound coming from the pass-through.
That means you can't use the effects to add stereo movement and ping-pong effects to either a stereo or a mono sound source, which is a little disappointing. Maybe this will be addressed in future revisions of the DelFX software.
The effect types available are compression, distortion, delay, phaser and equaliser. The signal is passed through any or all of these in that order, with the noise gate sitting at the front of the chain. Let's take a closer look at how they all work.
Noise gate. This mutes the input of the card when there's no incoming sound or when the incoming volume level is below a specified figure.
This is designed to stop interference being picked could have put more time into developing software specifically for the card but I would imagine their main priority at this stage was actually getting the hardware into production and on sale. Even so. It seems a strange omission.
Audio trickery with the currently available software, I can't help feeling than it's got a lot more potential that is on actually show at the moment. With the right software it could do a lot more.
How about multi-track hard disk Ias it is, the only way to take samples with the card is by selecting a file as the output path on the DelFX software. To trim and process the sample you then need to load it into a separate 16- bit sample editor that supports Mina output. It’s hardly the lomplete solution for 16-bit audio s it? Presumably a proper sample editor will be made available lefore too long. Some hard disk ecording and editing features would be good too.
Aside from these omissions; the card is fairly well supported the software side considering 's such a new product. If any of the uses suggested here seem to tch your requirements then ‘re sorted.
Conclusion ile Delfina is possible of ucing impressive displays of up and passed through the effects chain during silent parts of the incoming signal.
Compression. Although the documents call this effect compression it's really limitation. It prevents the 'clipping' distortion that would occur if the input was too loud. It does this by scaling down the sound wave before it's passed onto the rest of the effects. Full compression also does the opposite, scaling up quiet parts of the sound to fit the available headroom, but this is not available here.
Distortion. Designed to add grit and fuzz to sounds, the distortion effect reverses the good work of compressor by amplifying the sound to clipping point. It also uses an unlinear amplifier, which is a more complex type of amplification that injects more character into the effect.
Delay. This is where most of the work is done on reverb and echo effects. The time between the echoes can be altered from very slight (for Robocop speech) to very long. There's also a feedback slider which controls how much of the echo is passed back through the delay.
Phaser. By merging two copies of the same sound, offset from one another at constantly varying degrees, the phaser can create a wide range of effects from subtle 'whooshing' movements to fat choruses to sub-aqua wibbles.
This is the most entertaining of all the effects when you're just messing around and has seemingly endless possibilities available from Its sliders.
Equaliser. Featuring ten frequency bands ranging from 34Hz to 17415Hz, the graphic equaliser is a very useful addition. The sound can be given up to 14dB of cut or boost in any or all of the frequency bands. It works just like a normal graphic equaliser but can be more precise than analogue versions.
Recording with realtime 24-bit effects? Or maybe you fancy running a multi-channel SoundStudio module out in 16-bit stereo with selected parts sent to your own tailor made effects via the DSP in realtime of course? However, How to order At the time of going to press there is no UK distributor confirmed for Delfina, although it looks likely that Blittersoft (tel: 01908 261 477) will be supplying it. For the moment you can order it direct from Petsoff in Finland at the following address: Petsoff Limited Partnership PO Box 1009 FIN-53301 LRP Finland For more information you can Email them at
petsoff@sci.fi or fax them on 00 358 5 452 3347 or 00 358 5 451 5223. Visa, Mastercard and Eurocard are accepted and there's a special discounted price for developers.
Before we get carried away with wishes for the future, it's worth remembering what it can do now, which is quite a lot (not forgetting the parallel and serial ports).
Priced at £400, Delfina comes in at £100 more than its nearest rival Toccata, but while Toccata has already been taken to its limits by the likes of SoundStudio, Delfina still has plenty of potential left in it thanks to the DSP As it stands the Delfina will certainly be the answer to many a musician's dream, but it's not yet the perfect answer to everyone’s audio ambitions. However, with a killer application or two it could really start to shift in large numbers and break into the mainstream. We'll see what happens. ¦ Tony Horgan Delfina Alfa Quatro Price: £59 ¦ Developer: Alfa Data
Supplier: Golden Image UK D 0181 900 9291 Looking to expand your storage options? Need a CD, more than one hard drive and your PCMCIA slot free? How about a four-way IDE interface ... Ohe beauty of having an IDE interface as standard on your A1200 or A4000 is that you can stoke up your machine with the cheapest CD-ROM and hard drives available. Things can get a bit tricky with an A1200 when it comes to power supplies and the practicalities of actually fitting these drives but it's possible and it's cheap. However, you're normally limited to just two devices running from the IDE
interface, which for many situations is just not sufficient. The Alfa Quatro brushes this limitation aside, allowing the connection of up to four IDE drives from the one interface.
This version of the Alfa Quatro (currently the only one available) has been designed primarily for use with the A4000, although with a little enterprise it can be used with the A1200 too, and with the A500 and A500+ if an Alfapower hard drive is present. Once you've paid your £59 and opened the box you might be a little disappointed at what looks like very little for your money: three IDE cables, three IDE connectors mounted on a small piece of circuit board, an installation disk and a few instruction notes.
Nevertheless, remind yourself of how much you might pay an alternative SCSI expansion system, including a SCSI interface and the more expensive drives.
Parts required to do the job, the flipside of which is that in | some cases you'll need to make extra purchases and modifications | to fit your machine. The installati software is a fully registered version of IDE Fix. An excellent and highly configurable IDE hard drive and CD-ROM file system package. | Setting it up on an A4000 is t simple matter. The shorter of the three IDE cables plugs into the IE connector on the motherboard, Do it yourself Reflecting the many different types of Amiga in use today and the adventurous DIY approach of many users, the Alfa Quatro system makes few
assumptions about your system. This has good and bad sides. You're only supplied with and charged for the minimum Buy at TRADE DIRECT PRICES!
Only fruUH.
DEVELOPMENT Leading British Manufacturers of RAM expansions to all major distributors and dealers are having a STOCK CLEARANCE of A500, A500+ & A6(X) RAM Boards at RIDICULOUSLY LOW PRICE: MEMORY EXPANSIONS A500 512k w o clock - £11.95 . A600 I Mb w o clock - £16.95 A500 512k with clock - £16.95 A600 l Mb with clock - £24.95 A500 Plus 1 Mb - £15.95 3.5” External Floppy £39.95 CD32 S-PORT Network your CD32 and Amiga! Gives you CD32 a keyboard and gives your Amiga a CD -ROM.
Simple set-up. Fastest Semct yet for only £24.95 (comes complete with serial cable and Network CD2 software COMBINATION OFFER!
Buy any It.mi 1 Board and "ct a I
3. 5" Floppy | I Drive for 1 only £36.95! J | | I FREE GIFT!
Other products available - 4x CD Roms, Hard | Call to find out more | drives, 030 Accelerator etc...All at competitive prices NOW AVAILABLE AT EVEN LOWER PRICI atible (upto 4 Mb) Omb - £44.95 4Mb - £74.95 8Mb - £94.95 33Mhz FPU -£38.99 Buy an FPL with a RA board for only £34.9 a Internal Real Ti: Clock now only £l 030, 040 & 060’s Also Available - POA STOCK CLEARANCE STOCK CLEARANCE PAYMENT : Simply call with your ACCESS VISA SWITCH or send Cheques P.O.'s made out to : Marpet Developments. 57 & 58 Glasshouses Mill. Glasshouses.
Harrogate N.Yorkshire HG3 5QH DELIVERY : Costs ji £2.50 (including VAT) ' insured delivery!
TEL: (01423) 712600 FAX: (01423) 712601 All items subject lo availability«change without note* ES0E ii the other end plugged into the supplied three-way IDE 'break- «t' card. The two longer cables j are then attached to the remaining ors on the card. Each of two cables can be plugged two IDE devices. Probably the ¦t awkward part of the physical ¦llation regards the setting of ~rs on the drives (master etc). If you’ve got an old drive no jumper diagram this could a bit of fiddling around before 'hing works in harmony, 'ugh newer drives tend to be ¦ clearly labelled.
The software installation is a breeze. Whether you pick the expert or novice option, the stages are explained in plain terms which makes it easy to configure everything precisely to your system. The software you get is the full IDE fix system, not a disabled or time-limited version. With a simple addition to your startup-sequence you'll be up and running in no time.
Complications While this isn't sold as a complete four-way IDE solution for A1200 users, it’s still possible to use it at least as a three-way interface. For some reason the A1200 doesn't seem to like working with four devices from the Alfa Quatro, but three get along fine together. If you intend using this with an A1200 you'll need to specify this when you order, as a 2.5 inch to
3. 5 inch cable is required to connect to the A1200's smaller
IDE interface. The cables can be passed out through the blank
expansion port at the back of the computer by the floppy
drive. The next hurdle will be powering your external drives
(external meaning outside the case of your Amiga) - you could
use bare internal drives so long as you can power them. Golden
Image can supply boxes with power supplies for your drives. In
our tests with the A1200 we used externally-placed internal
drives powered from a MicroniK external power supply, which
now seems to be very hard to get hold of. Golden Image also
offer a powered PC tower casing option for extra drives.
Conclusion Helcone to IDE-fix, CacheCDFS2, CD32-Enulator and PlavCD!
This package is the conplete solution for all IDE and CD-ROM problens!
Your IDEfix allows you to use 4 harddisks and SyQuest drives with your IDE port, flTRPI controls IDE (D-Rons, CacheCDFS, PlayCD and CD32-Enulator power any IDE or SCSI-II CD-Rott!
Enjoy it!
Proceed ifitrM. Tfca IDE Fii sotlware is a clem thing, giving yon access Is fagr IDE drives with the Ms Qnstra.
This is just the kind of little widget that has kept the Amiga a viable platform for many users, and it's bound to solve many people's storage and CD problems in a single hit. If you're reaching the limits of your current storage capacity but don't fancy ditching your drives for totally new ones, this is the perfect solution. You get to keep what you've got and , then chain on extra drives in addition. A1200 users can have two hard drives and a CD- ROM and still keep the PCMCIA port free for any other peripherals. Like video grabbers, samplers and so on. If you don't mind a bit of jiggery
pokery with cables and drives, this,is very highly recommended. ¦ Tony Horgan 13 Russell Terrace. Mundesley.
Norfolk NR118LJ
9. 30 - 6.00 Monday to Friday,
10. 00 - 1.00 Saturdays You can either phone your order, email,
cheque or postal order.
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W*e bre trawl. Bagtxt. Wcrm ls*s etc ele Women of The Web' is an all new CD ROM which is compatible with any AGA Amiga. Apple Mac or PC. It contains over 500 meg of images, sound files, movie clips, anims and text related info for over 200 female celebrities displayed in supert HTML documents which can be viewed using any WEB browser, io, AWEB, Ibrowse, Voyager, Netscape etc. Pre-Order Price £19.99 AGA Experience Vol 2 'The New Batch1 Order the AGA Experience Vol 2 NOW while stocks last. If you haven't purchased it yet, what are you waiting for? It received some good review scores and is still
one of the most up-to-date Cds to date.
94% - AUI, 89% - CU, 82% - AF 90% - Amiga Computing The Utilities Experience The Utilities Experience has been an underrated CD in the eye of the Public.
Look at its review scores to see just how good it really is.
95% - AUI 93% - Amiga Computing 90% - CU Amiga Battle of the I Browse Vs Aweb-ll Aweb-ll Miami came out tops over TermiteTCP in last's months TCP IP stacks head-to-head. Now we decide which WWW browser is the best match for it.
¦ Price: £39.95 ¦ Developer: Amitrix ¦ Supplier: Blittersoft © 01908 261 466 Email: bsoft@wildnet.co.uk Aweb was born at a time when the only available browsers were Amosaic and an early demo version of I Browse. Both of these suffered unexplained crashes to the point of infamy. The source of these breakdowns was generally perceived as being MUI's (Magic User Interface) fault as much as the browsers themselves as the the earlier versions of MUI considerably slowed down the performance of Amosaic especially on unaccelerated machines. As a result of this a Dutch programmer called Yvon Rozijn
created Aweb, designing it to be the Amiga's first graphical MUI-less browser (incidentally, if you're not after graphics then you could try Alynx, which doesn't use MUI either).
Aweb has now been developed through several generations and was originally a shareware product but AmiTrix have recently released the latest version called Aweb-ll in a bundle containing the browser and some support software.
Compared to MUI browsers, Aweb's GUI (Graphic User Interface, or front end) looks extremely basic and that criticism also includes the navigation buttons for forwards, backwards and reload etc. Fortunately support for custom images on the navigation buttons is included so you can ditch the standard ones and either save your own versions if you prefer or try some of the additional text or coloured buttons supplied with the pack.
Aweb uses the Amiga's datatypes to decode in-line images, similar to other Amiga browsers. This means the pictures must be totally downloaded before they are decoded and displayed. It also means that an Aweb user will have to ensure he she is well up to date with the latest GIF and JPEG datatypes.
Also Aweb takes the unusual approach of caching the raw image data after the GIFs JPEGs have been decoded. The advantage of this is that navigating through previously downloaded pages is lightning fast, the disadvantage is that it takes up a lot of disk space.
One at a time Unfortunately Aweb doesn't let the datatypes decode all images at the same time. It does each one separately which means the ¦ Price: £29.95 ¦ Developer: Omnipresence ¦ Supplier: HiSoft ©01525 718181 Email:sales@hisoft.co.uk Ibrowse has had an interesting evolution. Its authors.
Omnipresence, (there are seven of them) conspired in the past to port NSCA's Mosaic to the Amiga, the first professional web browser available for Amiga.
Unfortunately it rapidly attained notoriety for its crash prone nature. Ibrowse is the Omnipresence group’s progression from Mosaic and it was built from the outset as an Amiga only browser as opposed to a port.
There have been beta demo versions of Ibrowse available on the Net for some time now. As development has progressed. All of these have been time- limited so it was only possible to test them for a short period. But now, at last. Ibrowse
1. 0 has been released and is being distributed in the UK by
HiSoft. And you'll be interested to know that it's the most
advanced browser available on the Amiga at this time. Like
Mosaic, the betas of Ibrowse also had problems with stability,
but these problems seem to have been ironed to a degree. I say
‘to a degree', because it’s by no means as rock solid as Aweb
- I still discovered some random trashing of memo- L ry
(enforcer hits) and gurus on trying to decode corrupt GIFs
(though GIFs shouldn't be corrupt in the first placel) with
the internal decoder. It also often crashes on exiting the
package I while cleaning up its I on-disk cache. The authors
know about I the latter problem and I it should be fixed by I
the time you read this I review. However, it's I annoying that
after all I this time there are still I blips to be sorted
out. I Ibrowse 1.0 Decoders Unlike every other Amiga browser.
Ibrowse doesn't use I datatypes as standard. I though it has the option if it's desired. I Instead it has its own I GIF and JPEG decoders built-in.
What's the point of this? You might well I ask and the answer is that once 1 Ibrowse has downloaded the actual HTML document, it looks at the IMG height and width tags (see Wired World HTML tutorials) :es of the images are no- e near as good as you would :t from, say. Voyager, er, Aweb now lays out the ie according the image height width tags which means the doesn't need to refresh as image is loaded. Part of the reason the one-at-a- time practice of image decoding may be because it allows Aweb the luxury of not having to ¦ refresh the entire display all the time. This is smoother and much
easier on the eye than Voyager's constant annoying refreshes.
Originally Aweb's talents at rendering Web pages left something to be desired. Now with Aweb 2.1. things are much better because of vast improvements in the justification alignment of images and text. Support for 'tables’ has also been added which is a powerful HTML feature increasingly used on the Web Unfortunately though there’s still no proper frames' support.
RrniAicprc Instead Aweb displays links at the top of the pages you can view each individual frame separately FTP support isn't built in either but is provided as an add-on in the package in the form of the PD FTP Mount. However. Aweb has another PD utility to save out WWW pages as text which works adequately but I'd be happier if these were built into the browser. Unfortunately, it's necessary to set up a few of the external programs for Mail-To: operation, text editing. HTML source viewing etc. as the defaults will rarely be of use.
Aweb needs many of those functions included internally as standard.
Nice stats The speed Aweb retrieves pages at is very good and it's adept at opening multiple connections to a web site to download in-line images in parallel, making the best use of available bandwidth.
Another nice touch is a network statistics window which.
The best progress display I've seen on any browser - watching it keeps you happily entertained and amused during the downloading phase.
The preferences aspect of Aweb is handled better than the previous versions too. With separate pages being divided into browser, program, network and ClassAct settings. The latter is the GUI system Aweb uses which can be loosely described as a poor man's MUI. Unlike MUI browsers, Aweb can be told to open on its own screen very quickly from inside the settings.
Options such as the on-disk cache, proxies and other technical whiz bits are also easily set up.
Cache flushing is easy to reach via a menu of its own. As is CMMnefeal ? ? ?
I and places a box frame where the pictures should be. Aweb I does the same. This is before the I pictures are loaded so the layout ¦S identical to the end product Eltus the pictures.
This makes for very easy tding with no text rewrapping the middle of picture down- The boxes are filled in by pictures 'progressively' as are downloaded. If you're ty enough to be viewing a site special interlaces or progres- saved GIFs JPEGs then the ires will actually resolve from very low resolution progressive- 1 (and quickly) to a higher ilution until finally they are tinted loading. However, one of major reasons this system invented in the first place to avoid unnecessary screen ihes as the display is altered lit the pictures. Ibrowse misses this point and the screen annoyingly way.
After Aweb's clarity this Coming into focus res tiring.
Tables support Like Aweb Ibrowse supports tables though sadly not frames.
Tables are a nice feature of HTML which allows text to be laid out in columns boxed out in'the display.
It makes for superb page design . And browsers which can't support tables have a serious problem as they cannot display many fancy commercial sites.
Frames support still doesn't
* * r shown in ever increasing resolution. This far more pleasing
to the eye than staring at a blank screen until the image is
fully loaded.
Exist but as with Aweb small links are made to display the contents of each of the frames in turn. The Ibrowse authors have informed me that frames support is indeed coming and it would be relatively easy to implement under the MUI system. What's more, Usenet news reading would be implemented at the same time so that the separate frames could control the news reader in the same way as the PC's Netscape does.
Ibrowse is not only a MUI application, it's an incredibly advanced MUI application and it comes as standard with MUI 3.5 bundled. This version has actually been created based on collaboration between Omnipresence and MUI's author.
The navigation buttons can be the image type, or text and can CmaMmW ? ? ?
Images automatically to loading manually which many people prefer to enable fast navigation around the Net.
Aweb has good bookmark support which adds links from your favourite pages to a special hotlists page for fast renavigation to favourite sites. It also has a very handy option which brings up a list of most of the common Web searchers and allows you to execute a search without bothering to go to the sites themselves Introduction tea BSSfc Before you begin Getting started!
Amiga friendly A major advantage of Aweb is that since Aweb doesn't use MUI it can be light on memory resources. When used with AmiTCP (Miami is an MUI application), it would allow a basic 2Mb machine to get on-line without too much difficulty. However, it's going to be slow and not very colourful as greater colour depths will require more than 2Mb.
? Om ol ihe Mia features of Affeh is that it 4mm I use MUI This a easily fet oa liae with it Surprisingly. Aweb actually incorporates a print function that performs a graphical dump of the page currently being displayed. To my knowledge this is the only Amiga browser to do this and it's a most welcome addition. There's sthatahasic 2Mbatacbi.ee. even an option to turn off printing of any background images to make the text much easier to read Unlike Ibrowse, Aweb chooses to sport its documentation on disk in the form of HTML pages which can always be accessed by pressing the Help key. The
quality of the documentation is superb with a main index and several cross- referenced links. I would have liked to have seen some in-line images showing the various aspects in play within the document but such as it is, there's little to fault the superb on-line help.
J-klJ Aweb 1.5 The Amiga Web Bro* The Aweb-ll package comes with a variety of utilities but virtually all of them are really to add a function which really sh have been included in the bro er initially. Only the HTML He WWW helper package is notab as this is a quality package and t welcome addition if you're lookin to make your own pages. Aweb ii a stable and efficient WWW browser which the Amiga has been in need of for some time.
Highly recommended. ¦ Mat Bettinson 41200 Jka system requirements: « internet connection aitd a ICPjlP stack ?Mb el Ire* memoir Hicbstart
3. 0 and GIF Jpeg datatypes ease of use ...88%
performance... .81% value for money u% aioou
OVERALL A masterpiece ED of Amiga Internet engineering E .
A lliomt if a real brawset. Htwem it* aaa el even be relocated to the side of the page by simply dragging the entire button bank! This is a superb feature as screens are always wider than web pages so no vertical space is wasted on navigation buttons. Once I had made use of this feature and moved the buttons to the side of the screen, I wondered how I got along without it before.
Email and FTP facilities are built in to Ibrowse. If they're set up correctly (which is quick and easy) in the lovely MUI preferences pages then they can be forgotten about from then on.
No need to write a script to drive your own Email client.
Ibrowse even has a built in cache-browser like the freeware Voyager but it’s activated from within Ibrowse. Here you can scan back though all the previously downfoad pages and pictures, select view and copy them to use elsewhere.
Features Ibrowse supports Client Side Image Maps though sadly only the RECT shape. Again see the Wired World tutorial on this subject last month. I was told the authors would Took into' implementing full CSIM support soon.
It also supports AnimGIFs and again is the only browser to do so. This facility is another major feature which has increasing support in WWW land so that without this facility much will be missed from modern web sites.
See the Wired World tutorial this month on AnimGIFs for more.
There’s another nice Ibrowse feature in a magic menu-like behaviour when using the right mouse button with the mouse inside the HTML page. You could selectively load the image in (if loading of images wasn't set on automatic). It could be copied elsewhere. If it was a link, a link may be added hotlink added via Browse's superb hot-link manager. It's even possible to select the link and launch a new Ibrowse window at the link while the original page stays where it is. This is truly gorgeousl Memory usage Ibrowse is one hell of a browser.
However it's heavy dependence on MUI makes it impossible to run in 2Mb of memory. One aspect of MUI which is often overlooked by the memory conscious is that once the core libraries are loaded, they are shared by the various MUI clients. Using an Internet set-up based on MUI applications such as Ibrowse, YAM, AmFTR AmlRC and Miami would actually be more efficient than running Gadtools based programs.
In operation Ibrowse is staggeringly fast at presenting what's happening right away and image decoding with its highly opti- the moment, the Web on an Amiga looks best on Ibrowse.
Frames and Java script are promised in forthcoming releas of the package where others scrabble for the features Ibro already has. If the authors can add those features and fix the last niggly stability problems the this will be the ultimate Amiga browser. As it is it's close enough to come highly recommended at any rate ¦ Mat Bettinson Ibrowse 1 I system requirements: J « Internet CMMCtiM aab a ICMP b ol Iree memoir 3 SMB ii
Ill Superb browser.
Shows what an Amiga is capable of.
MAXELL Vl'jy.j AT VULX PRLOEV mBK ¦V lllj 1*1 Ud A-go A1300 Computer ¦ 3Mb RAM
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inside the Al 200. Both IOE and power cables are provided.
Opus 4.12 free ideol to monoge youv hard disk. 7 daks FULL of
essential soltwore.
o high specification video ger*xk that is ideal I polh ihe first
time user |for adding tides. Graphics!
Hects K Some movies! & the sens professional I
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iXBIWlOtoX Mto ¦ to-* IU' » iAK 1 ium,w.ibrvi ¦ o-.. ¦¦ m.
ovr,- in ¦ rv. N rqqoo ¦ e« r*r«rre. Aito ¦ As ¦ jijj L4UC
LXX f&Jh ¦ *.¦...¦ Ojtorxr.
¦ areuraqonxi 'ACT C2 * I ' I. ’JX r.rr 1 QXOUR I 11 QbretoXH ... .....£1299 1 ¦ F p«m« 213V21237180 .. ¦ arriaa'MToo .. .....£1199 ¦ C7.CO ¦ ¦ s&iaoo ... £1230 ¦ ¦ SBWLQ41Q.WQ0 ... £1250 U Adoaw me. CP Fex Vm I I Viper 14.4k int .£74.99 .£114.99 I Viper 14.4k ext £99.99 .£139.99 I Vtpor 28.8k ext......£149.99 £189.99 I Viper 28.8k int £159.99 £19 new: PANASONIC 2135 94 MM COLOUR £159.99 AJI printers free leod & delivery DOT MATRIX 24 PIN COLOUR I PANASONIC 2115 colour inc sheet feeder
1159.99 I Otixen ABC colour .....£114.99 I Add 115 far Mock Hbbon (Dot Makti ontfl. Ml cover, I ptkrter Rand. 500 M paper when purdaeed e i prMer.
1 INK JET - DESKTOP & PORTABLE I Hewlett Packord 600 mono ink jet 1185.95 I Hewlett Pockord 600 colour ink jet 1210.00 I Hewlett Pockord 660 colour ink tel 1259.99 I Hewlett Packard 870 colour ink let 1414.99 I Canon BJ30 mono inc. sheel feed . 1149.99 I Canon BJC70 colour Inc. sheet feed £199.99 ' non BJC210 colour - a* 9s. £169.99 inon BJC4100 colour ink jet ____£239.99 I-.inon BJC610E colour ink jet. . .
Epson Stylus Colour II . Epson stylus colour IIS Citizen Prinlivo 600 colour NEW . .
I Amiga Ml 4385 ....-..£287.991 Mkrovitec 1438 ? Speakers * Free T AMIGA Adop«or_ ..£274.991 Hitachi or Panasonic Monitor TV------------------tm.Wl GREY-TRONICS LTD, UNIT 1015 WHITGIFT CENTRE, finance available - CROYDON, SURREY CRO 1 UU f How to order Lozells Birmingham B19 1PP TEL: 0374 6780 Tamworth B77 5DN ENGLAND TEL: 01827 287377 Pack pnce at Hated All Orders Sam Day Despatches For I ha vary latest catalogue disk plaaaa add 70p MAKE CHEQUE POSTAL ORDER PAYABLE TO: SOFTWARE 2000 SEND TO (ADDRESSES TOP RIGHT) MOUSE MAT worth £2.99 (••••••AMIGA ESSENTIAL* DISK
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I«0* un. 141 g) *GA U« CD-B »ir )«GA UTL VS M Ol mt* 4 above ruuTieooT * wo* «»wiAMD efa; ICWCIA* WOFWBENCH 3 HAROOHfVE INSTALLER AGA321 MOT«A« 1 ® BAJST M OVER A&A322 MOT-8ABE t (2) «• AOA323 MOT BAK 3 (?) BEFORE AGA324 HOT Batt 4 (?) ORDCHANV AOA325 HOT-BME 5 (?) Of TH« HOT BAB6 P*0 lOO'l of Imogtn. Obi BOO Amiga lontA Kwl quality B&W A kcolour dip ail A nwny mo*.
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wcac*. *).oniu-e I 0940 RAISE THE TITANIC • Good 3D Adventure
game 0941 PHANTOM - e.ceilent shoot 0«t« (DEFENDER 96) AGA3B?
BrtonOOgarapMypMIMOOOMi OimrWod yeu news AGA39J PC EMULATOR V3-
AOA4C0 HVPER RACE (25 Scow *Kng gene* AGA4S0 CMDV CUMFOfC CM iwa AGA411 EUE kMCP**R90N (Si AGA4I? CLAUDIA SotfFEB (SI AGA413 MORS 1(3) A0A414 GIRLS GIRLS (2) A0A415NKV TAYLOR ® AGA4I7 KYL* MM0U3E Ol AGA41S FEMALE BCOY BOLDER 31 AGA.H EXCEUINT CARO GAMES1M 094? MACOONA LAND • Bnlluint gems similar to ZOOL (no* A120 0943 JOUST III Br*ent C64 witty KOT. Airvga graprvc 0944 CtLUXE GALAGA V2 6 Ther Ven, Latest (Mob h Reccn- Ci*** LAZER RACE Good Trpn tfl» e.trome*y adOcted to p«y OO-A TRAN-DRIVER SIMULATION Tho most inMC tram «" 0957 MASTER BLASTER - Kill various monitors with bombs 0968
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CALENDAR OB XOB HOT BASE 1 XOT HOT BASE 2 XOB HOT BABE 3 XOO HOT BABE A X too HOT BABE B XIOt BIO GIRL n X 102 FEMALE BODY BUILDER XI03 GIRLS GIRLS XtOB ELLE MACPHERBON XIOB CLAUDIA BCHIEIEER I POKER-MANA - 4 you Ike poker men this « lor you i LETHAL FORMULA - Adveniure similar lo Monkey Island BEGINNER TYPING TUTOR WORD PUZZLE PRO - Create Crossword puzzle or solve puzzle KID DISK 7 • Another very fine education program E258 UK COUNTIES S*n*ar to above but the is based entirely c ENGLAND. WALES. SCOTLAND & NORTHERN ISLANO E259 BASIC ELECTRONIC VI .5 (2 disk) for Electronic fan E26I MASSIVE
GUIDE TO THE INTERNET V2.3 AOA429 POWERORQQ-96 - New Asteroid with brilliant graphics UtOtO WB2 INSTALLER - install A50QA600 workbench to HO U1011 TURBO-CAT PRO V12 (not WB 1.3) create catalogues U101? TEXT-ENQINE VS (not WB 1 3) The very latest word proce-
- nth spaa checker. Th» « the fus version highly recommend U1013
DIARY-2000 - use )ust like the real diary U1014 TOTAL EXLIPS -
Disk Magazine I U1015 NEW CHEAT DISK V2.1 (2 «*sk) mclude some
games Fix U1016 ULTRA ACCOUNT - Another very good account
program UiO* 7 PRO LOTTERY 96 - The very let eel & best lottery
program UtOta PRO GREY HOUND - L*e ProGamMe but tor dog U1021
predictor like ProGa U1023 REMDATE • Remind important date
U1024 SHAPE-SHIFTER V3.3 The very lateet Mac emulator U1025
MESSY SO 3 The latest PC- -AMIGA disk converter U1026 MO GAME
INSTALLER 4 - metat loads more games lo U1027 SOFT-MEMORY -
Doubts your computers memory TN does not require HO or MMU Give
this a try Recommend U1028 MAGIC-USER INTERFACE V3.1 update to
verson 23 U1029 ORIC 48K EMULATOR (Not 1.3) At last it work
U1030 MSX II Emulator v2.1 (WB3.0I MSX computer on U1031 900
Harddrlvo A disk drlvt space double in ruae mm Marne BackDi
Scene Anthony Brice packed up his troubles in his old kit bag
and went off in search of what the world of public domain had
to offer. Here's what he came back with.
Revolution AGA demo This is an interesting demo I picked up on my travels.
It's actually been written by a few English guys which is, as far as I'm aware, quite rare these days, as most of the demo stuff seems to come from abroad.
Revolution is pretty standard fare, but it's all done nicely and all of the still- screens used as a backdrop for the vector balls and doughnut routines are pretty tasty. I recognised one of them from the movie Hackers that came and went a few months back. Also worth mentioning is the funky music track, complete with metallic voice screaming the demo's title at you when you first fire it up. It sounds a bit like the Pet Shop Boys - no bad thing - and kept me watching quite a while after the effects had finished as it played in the background.
There are few better intros out there for those who really get into them, but for the casual observer, this one's definitely well worth viewing.
Available from: AminetPath: demo aga revolution.Iha 82- Australian Scene disk magazine Now this is what I a decent disk M magazine. It's very nicely laid out and aw has lots of images i.~ to go with the iSU'T smaller articles. ( •Fi?.. J&s'StVn ’Sfj: The very profes- sional front-end R v makes it very easy 'I on the eye. It also &2??L "!s”s: looks great with _ ¦ ' .
The green white JJUDL .JS and grey colour ."* * L‘ L , **V,: .. .
Scheme and the navigation around the pages is handled very intuitively via cursor keys or mouse.
Defy 6, (I presume there were a previous five issues of the magazine), is an Australian 'Scene' magazine that goes a lot further than a lot of the other efforts that concentrate on purely Amiga related material and has a huge variety of articles covering other interesting material as well. For example, there are pieces on degrading your system for running poorly written demos that won't work with all Amigas. An interesting read on IRC and information for good Amiga places as well as a reply to Aminet's controversial decision to ban the use of DMS archives.
Apart from Amiga-related material, there's also some stuff on PGP, a great piece on humourous answer-phone messages and much more than I can fit into this space. I could have done without some of the more poorly written articles by the dedicated 'scene' writers, but the good stuff far outweighs the bad. This
- is great stuff nunnnm indeed! It s LOIJUI IXII definitely well
n n n . I worth taking a y look H Available from: I
AminetPath: I demo mag Parakrishna party five demo And now for
something just a little bit different. For those with a little
taste for the extraordinary, have a look at this. However, if
you're offended by anything taking a poke at religion then
leave it alone.
Amongst the messages regarding the supposed bad-vibes in the scene right now, you're treated to exploding hari-krishnas.
Some of us may find this amusing, but others not. If nothing else, this demo is different even though the music is a bit repetitive.
Look up there! Is it a bird? A plane? No, it's a hari- krishna on a parachute. If you don't know what I'm talking about yet, get this demo and you'll get the idea.
Available from: Your Choice PD, 39 Lambton Rd, Chorlton, Manchester M21 OZJ. Tel:0161 881 8994. Price:£1.50 plus 70p P+P.
82 Severed AGA demo At last a themed demo. Too many of the recent batch have all been just fancy graphical effects bolted into a few sequences to show off new ideas without any real thought in presenting them in any themed manor. OK, so that's probably not really the idea of creating a demo in the first place but it certainly makes a change and Severed gets praise for that as well as being pretty neat in its own right. Apparently it also won second prize at a convention called Abduction 96 as well which should prove its pedigree as a worthwhile download despite being nearly 2Mb in size. Set in
a medieval theme.
Severed opens with a castle backdrop and several rendered images of helmets, axe handles and the like doing the rotation thang. The backdrop changes every few objects to relieve the samey-feeling with suitable pictures for the setting such as orna- ¦¦ ¦" mental scrolls and between these effects there's a short - slideshow of some very nice . Aga hand-drawn artwork i which is more than pleasing to the eye. Cut to the end and the music changes tempo to a dramatic piece complete with severed head _HI bouncing around the logo.
¦¦ Very graphic and not for the squea- v mish. I loved it.
F Recommended.
Available from: AminetPath: demo aga severed.Iha Silly Stories word game A regular CU Amiga Magazine reader, Paul Riggs, has come up with a very entertaining game called Silly Stories which will run on any Amiga with 1Mb of memory. Written in Amos, Silly Stories lets you type in a list of words which it will then output into a story for you. Which, depending on your choice of words, can create very funny results. I had great fun playing around with it, and, due to Paul's clever idea of storing multiple banks of words which you can store on disk and recreate classics at a moments notice,
there's potential here for a lot of laughs. Think of the fun you could have especially when there's a group of you playing the game who have just come back from the pub. And no, we at CU have no wish to learn what words you use after all-night drinking.
Another clever idea in the game is the use of different templates that use your words, such as the history lesson and diary. These add long-term appeal and playing around with the game is great fun due to the multiple silly samples playing in the background which had me in stitches. Very good fun. Especially with a group of you competing to see who's is best. And remember: no swearing!
Available from: CU-CD 4.
Price: FreeWare i Television AGA demo To date this ranks as the most bizzare demo I've ever seen. I recommend you take a look but you are going to need a reasonable- spec Amiga to be able to run it. The file alone uncompressed is over two and a half megabytes and needs an 030 machine with an extra 4Mb of fast RAM. If you qualify then grab this and see what it does for you.
Television is, according to its creators Bizzare Arts, an experiment in overlaying demo effects across video output. It looks like they've used grabs from movies here for the backdrops as there are scans of cars skidding and market places, although they must have had a video camera for some of the work as they put themselves into the film.
Very drab colours are deliberately used on this footage to make it stand out and combined with the creepy music which I thought was superb, its a very impressive piece of work. Well worth a look if you're after something a little different from the run-of-the-mill effects these days.
Available from: AminetPath: demo aga BZR TV.Iha NetSurfer volume 6 From art through to Arexx there's something for everyone in this selection of public domain goodies as chosen by Anthony Brice. It's all here and at a knockdown price too. What more could you .
PD UTILITIES PD Utilitie various tools This is not, as the title would lead you to believe, a compilation of tools for the Internet. However, this disk has been obviously designed to have something that appeals to everyone.
For a start, AMOS owners will like it as there is an assembler for the serious code-heads as well as a starfield generator for shoot 'em up lovers.
Unsurprisingly there is yet another new Trashcan (why do they keep writing these things?) Similar to the Macintosh one which stores deleted files like a cache so you can access recently deleted files if you decide not to kill them after all. We also have AppMore, which performs specific functions with particular files when dropped onto its window, similar in style to Class Action (reviewed last month) but not as pretty.
As well as a disk tester there are a couple of disk tools as well, namely DosPrefs, which lets you use Unix wildcards and enable 'no-click' on floppy drives. Finally there is a module to sample conversion tool along with a Prime Factor generator which shows prime factorisations of given numbers, n1, n2 etc. Exactly what the doctor ordered.
Available from: Roberta Smith PD Library, 190 Falloden Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London NW11 6JE.
Tel: 0181 455 1626. Price: 90p per disk plus 50p P+P.
H t 74' replies not welcome) BF " MUIRexx 2.1b Arexx MUI app creator |||PlCTasiS |rilak' 0la!fidc:We l3'! 1 n Ever dabbled in Arexx programming?
If not then skip past now. The same goes for those of you who hate Magic User Interface.
Still here? Good. MUIRexx lets you create front-end GUIs using the powerful features of MUI with simple Arexx scripts. A lot of programs now offer an Arexx port, allowing them to be remotely controlled from script files. This is ideal for automating tedious tasks such as image processing and batch operations.
It is actually possible to create full applications using MUIRexx, as the example demos prove but most people will probably use it purely to generate GUI front ends for scripts that control larger applications.
To make life easier there's even a builder program to help you create the front end GUI so you can put the rest of the script into place later on. Have a look at the pictures here to see the results you can achieve.
MUIRexx doesn't yet support all of the functions within MUI but there's enough to be going on with. Be warned that you need to read the docs and give it some time before you get really good results. Requires OS3.0 + . Very highly recommended.
Of Mice and Mem mice and memory tools Another compila- i ¦ i tion disk, and I what a great z' title I booted this y up expecting some badly ifr T rT1 ' spelled text file of j j i ; the works of Charles Dickens hut soon caught J on O* Mice and | ¦ Mem is actually a I-i group of useful - tools and hacks relating to mice and memory, along with a program for handling assign requesters which seems strangely out of place.
The stuff here ranges from standard tools for displaying available memory, of which there are several, and a couple of handy commands for redirecting where the Amiga looks for mouse input so you use the joystick port if you've broken the original.
There are a couple of small hacks including one that lets you emulate a middle mouse button from the keyboard, and a very strange program that gobbles all your memory - useful for testing applications in low-memory environments. Personally I would just use MUI for that kind of task. It's rather good at it.
Overall there's not much here that you can't do with one of the commodities such as MCP or MultiCX, but it's a good compilation in its own right if you ever have problems with either of the two subjects covered, as one of the programs may be able to help you out.
Available from: Roberta Smith PD Library, 190 Falloden Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London NW11 6JE. Tel: 0181 455 1626. Price: 90p per disk plus 50p P + P. 73 DoodlePaint 2.1 art package DoodlePaint is a nice program flawed by the limitations of Amos, which was the programming language used for its creation. Easy enough to use. It has some nice graphical tools that usually only show up in superior commercial art packages such as Brilliance. However, it sluggish to use and the GUI is unfriendly.
Among the effects on offer are the usual freehand bits with lines, boxes, pattern-fills and circles. You also have more interesting effects like blur, spray and shapes, using triangle and rhombus which appear to be unique. You can even overlay starfields which suggests that these ideas have been bolted on through revisions as the author came up with them.
There are some options generally associated with more advanced software, like brushes (you can flick between nine that are stored in memory, which is clever) but there are major flaws. Changing screen modes results in the loss of the current picture, there's no spare screen and you're limited to IFF formats without AGA.
The documentation claims you can use HAM and later contradicts itself stating that it's not possible. It seems the latter is correct which is a shame as it limits the program severely. I can't really see much appeal for this in its current state but there is potential here if more work is put into it. Features like datatypes, multiple screen modes and AGA support are essential.
Available from: Online PD, 1 The Cloisters, Halsall Lane, Formby, Liverpool L37 uVOlOPtli: 3PX. Tel: 01704 834355.
,TI Price: £1 plus Sop P+P.
65 imdb3_4_bin.lha Internet movie database (V3.4) i . _ ~ “ : established resource for S film information on the I Internet. It is an interna- [ at providing up to r* ~ii ~ "• at r,- date film data, freely f .. . . ---------- available on-line across as many systems as possible. It currently covers over 80.000 different movies. The database contains more than 1,000,000 filmography entries and expands continuously. For movie information, no other source of data even comes close to it yet.
Look out for version four of the browser which promises a lot of new features and should be with us soon according to the author. Naturally only film-nerds, like me, need apply. Ak h Available from: Aminet path: SC M mise imdb. Price: Freeware X M M Helping Hands hardware projects Despite the horrible OS1.3 interface built around scripts and aged display tools to present info the information in this disk is well worth it. This is a veritable gold-mine for the technically-minded who want to improve their Amigas and don’t mind getting their hands dirty. Be warned that the tutorials here are not
for novice Amiga users, or people with no understanding of electronics, as most work entails breaking warranties by opening the Amiga.
These tutorials are mainly text files, some with simple IFF diagrams, covering fitting 3.5 inch hard drives into A1200s and using PC input devices like mice and joysticks. And there’s a lot more. Those who revel in this kind of project will love Helping Hands.
Some of the text is a bit out-dated now, but I could have used it myself for the hard drive info a couple of years back. Recommended provided you can live with the horrible interface.
Available from: Roberta Smith PD Library, 190 Falloden Way, Hampstead A Garden Suburb, London NW11 6JE. U M Tel: 0181 455 1626. Price: 90p per disk plus 50p P + P. !Dept C'‘Z11
* PCJ ‘J5o? 14 JlincoCnsfi-ire
- C? 11 S-C'J United Kingdom 01507 450114 V12-WD 10 PD DISKS FOR
We stock all the collections including Assassin's 1-250, Fred Fish 1-1000. Scope 1-220, Amigan, Arug, New Zealand, Imagine Object collection, Clipart collection.
Barbie. Amos, Legal Tools 1-149 and thousands more, we now also sell CD’s cheaper than everyone else, every Amiga CD available is, erm, available from us!
Titles, that’s more than a library with less than that! | Cut your own CD-ROMs Cutting your own CD-ROMs is now realistic option for anyone with a bit of enteraris Hpheck out a com|inatioimsMasferlSO software ami: a He Welcome to the lection of CU Amiga Magazine dedicated to all things CD.
We kick off this month with a look It a CD-writing
• oftware and hardware combination, MasterlSO and the Hewlett
Packard 40201: the gear used to create this month's Super CD
ROM 4 and the previous two before that. Prices of CD-R drives
are dropping like stones and there's all the software you
need to do the whole thing from your Amiga.
CD-ROM Scene this month is dominated by DTP.
There's DTP Toolbox which ¦ re-release for ProPage 4.0, a print designer in the form of Print Studio Pro and we take a sneak peek at a new drawing package called Draw Studio.
You'll also find a iw M. tinT ckard CD-R drive icene CD-RO to(lyou-need to know about Ydur-CU sees . V PRODUCT TEST Oime's moved on for Cds and now they're the ultimate standard for reproducing large quantities of data cheaply. They're mostly read only but there are CD Writers (CD-R decksl which can write to their own special ’Gold1 disks worth about a tenner a shot.
The HP4020i is one such CD-R deck and operates as a quad speed read and a double speed writer.
HP4020i I MasterlSO The HP4020i is a SCSI unit, though you'll need a quick SCSI interface to use it if the source drive and the CD-R are on the save controller. It's not so much of a problem if the source drive is on your IDE interface so that it doesn't use the same SCSI bus. Note, once CD-Rs get on a roll recording data, they must not be interrupted for even a second or the recording will be irretrievably lost.
Orig- and a Design wise the HP4020i is a standard looking CD-ROM drive with two status lights on the front panel. One indicates read write operations while the other is a general status indicator.
MasterlSO Only PC software is supplied with the HP so you'll need a copy of Asimware’s MasterlSO package which performs the dual tasks of creating an ISO disk image and writing the image to the CD-R.
CD-ROMs don't use an Amiga filesystem, they use a filesystem called ISO 9660. The only reason Cds work on the Amiga is because CD drivers have an ISO 9660 file system built in.
MasterlSO must read the entire source material for the CD and create an ISO image file. This means the ISO file will be slightly larger than all of the’source material. If burning a full CD you'd need a 650Mb partition for the 700Mb partition or so for the source files.
Mastering your own Cds is lot easier than you think once you have the right tools. We test two here.
Don't buy a large drive since building the image will trash the heads about and take quite a long time two drives are better.
MasterlSO only guarantees certain CD-
R. SCSI controller and hard drive combinations will work while
others will carry an element of risk. As a rule if the units
match or exceed the specifications there shouldn't be a
problem. Asim recommend such controllers as the Fastlane and
DKB 4091 Zorro III SCSI controller. Add on SCSI modules for
accelerators should be suitable and perhaps even some of the
quicker Zorro II units.
The PCMCIA Squirrel or Surf Squirrel units, however, are not of high enough specification.
Burning gold We use the HP4020i with an A4000T and its built in 4091 SCSI controller. The hard drives are high specification but relatively cheap Seagate Medialist models. Building a full 650Mb image takes some time even with a 68060 machine.
Around 15-20 minutes is the norm.
The length of a CD is measured in minutes and seconds, the time taken to write to it is its length divided by two.
Audio tracks can also be written but first 16-bit 44KHz stereo sample files must be converted to raw CDDA format in the same way as building an ISO image. However.
Asimware say that this limitation will be removed from the next version of MasterlSO. Mixed Cds have the data ISO file loaded as track one and the audio tracks loaded after.
MasterlSO sadly has a Shopping list HP4020i is available from First Computer Centre, Tel: 0113 231 9444, Price: £599.99 ¦ For price and details see box to the right kludgy user interface which gurued when I tried to run it under ¦ my CgraphX RTG system. It's best® to run MasterlSO by booting with H no startup-sequence; the Amiga's ¦ multitasking nature may take awayM valuable CPU time from the process of writing to the CD. It also cures any problems running I on RTG systems.
Conclusion MasterlSO is not cheap, but it fl works well. Hopefully with a MasterlSO update some of the I more complex aspects of makingB Cds such as placing track mark-1 ers in the middle of audio data will be implemented. Until then, if you want to get into CD writii on the Amiga, this combination is about the only option and thankfully it's quite competent. ¦ Mat Bettinson MasterlSO 1.23 OVERALL 87 Competent mas- 1 T tering software I but lacking some features.
HP 4020i OVERALL 81 High quality CD II 4 writer but I unfortunately a I bit pricey. A fOIVTOATTMCr EVERYTHING you need to know!
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Prices include VAT & postage. To order send chequcs POs payable to: CARE PRODUCTS Dept CU7, 15 Holland Gardens, Walford, VVD2 6JN or use Visa Mastercard or Education order, mmmm Fax order line 01923 672102 JSE '¦& DART Comp tit vr Lven’ c 13 (KID tqkMNlPMMlfiBlflLBff Welcome to the CD-ROM theme party. This time it's drawing and DTP. Anyone care for a sausage roll?
Print Studio Pro to use. Once you’ve set up your page you can then import your various elements and arrange them on Here’s a brief taster of a new package on the way from the authors of Texture Studio and Image Studio. Andy and Giaham Dean have been at it again and this time they've come up with a structured drawing package that aims to knock spots off the competition. Draw Studio promises a list of features including various types of filled text (including bitmap patterns!. Text wrapping on curves, structured drawing tools, bitmap and structured combinations. Transparent colours,
exporting as EPS, aspect ratio corrected display and lots more. For now here’s some pictures of the pre-release version.
Printers eh? Don’t you just love ’em? As well as using them for all straightforward jobs like printing out invoices with a little bit of imagination you can put your printer to all kinds of uses.
And what with the low cost of colour printers these days, it seems a shame not to adorn your possessions and stationery with customised logos and frills.
Print Studio Pro, the main program on this CD, is a kind of DTP system that's specifically designed for desk top printing, rather than publishing. By combing text, structured drawing and clip art elements you can build up pages of labels, forms, letterheads, coversheets and all that sort of thing.
_ It’s pretty simple Draw Studio the screen using the standard DTP-style boxes and handles. As you’ve probably guessed already, there's a load of clip art and fonts on the CD to get you started. In fact there’s more than enough just to get you started, there’s enough to keep you pumping out those labels for months.
Although you could do most of this with a good DTP program, Print Studio Pro is better suited to the job because it’s not cluttered up with unnecessary options and memory- guzzling features. If you want to get the most from your printer, Print Studio Pro is very highly recommended, InageStudio @1994,1995 Bndy Dun, 6rahan Dean 250 x 200 - lid colours DTP Toolbox New Laser Times Since it absorbed Just Amiga Monthly magazine into its own EM magazine, LH Publishing has been the undisputed nerve centre of Amiga DTP LH’s main man Larry Hickmott will be familiar to most DTP enthusiasts, if not from
EM magazine then surely from his DTP tutorials that seem to have found their way into just about every Amiga magazine on the shelves. It's fitting then that they've compiled this highly worthy stab'at an all-in-one DTP ution CD-ROM.
Top of the bill is a complete fully functioning version of ofessional Page 4.1. This "laimed DTP package may not have seen anything much in the way of development over the last years, it's still a sound piece software and it works too.
Ich is always a bonus. As is ays the case with advanced TP software, you'll need a fast m to get it working at a rea- 'nable speed, otherwise you'll yourself spending quite a 'le watching the screen redraw, is is not the fastest bit of software your Amiga has ever seen - good 030 or faster CPU is rec- "mended. While it's not in the me league as the Apple Mac’s rk Xpress it's still capable of Jucing professional docu- ‘ts. Even entire magazines if r Amiga has enough speed, RAM and hard drive space.
All in one ere’s no printed documenta- n for ProPage or any of the ftware on the CD which could
- sent a problem for newcomers. However, you do get some
prehensive help in the form an AmigaGuide document ich tours
the main areas of the ~ram along with some quick- rt tips.
Running at a far more man- able speed there's a cut
- n version of Final Writer luded on the disc. Final Writer o'
Balance Brightness J Contrast J fiarma Lite. While this isn't
as capable as Professional Page when it comes to big documents
with all the trimmings, for less adventurous newsletters and
presentations it's fine. Somewhere between a full-blown DTP
package and a word processor, it's a lot quicker and easier
to use, with less demanding system requirements. The interface
is nice too, taking in elements of Magic User Interface without
actually using it. If you want something to knock out neat
looking documents with no fuss you can't go wrong with it.
An update to Professional Draw version 3.03 from version
3. 0 is also included. Professional Draw 3.0 was included on the
May 1995 cover disks of CU Amiga Magazine and this update
fixes it for AGA compatibility. If you don't have that cover
disk or the original program. LH Publishing say they have a
few back copies of that they can supply. Professional Draw is
a structured drawing companion program to Professional Page.
Those are the main players on the CD but there's also a supporting cast of smaller programs and tools that are bound to come in handy. Directory Work 1.62 is here to help out with moving files around, handling archives and so on. It’s not everyone's first choice of a file manager but it's quite capable of sorting out those day to day jobs.
Pull together On the image processing front there's Image Studio and GFX Lab. Neither of them are in the league of Photogenics but together they make a surprisingly powerful team, so long as you use the strong points of each program. GFX Lab comes equipped with an impressive array of special effects processes, while Image Studio is a good workhorse application especially for re-colouring, re-sizing and general re-formatting of images (Mat Bettinson swears by it). GFX Lab can be a bit temperamental though, especially if you try to run it straight from the CD.
Fonts and pictures are some of the main beneficiaries of the enormous capacity of CD- ROM. There's around 110Mb of fonts and about 230Mb of pictures. That should keep you going for a bit. The rest of the CD is filled with all kinds of useful bits and pieces, like printer drivers, archivers, Arexx macros, PageStream 3 updates, templates, picture viewers.
Isolated pixels MUI and plenty more.
One unique aspect of this CD is that every one ordered is specially cut onto a gold CD. This has allowed LH Publishing to offer a special service to all customers. Anyone who orders the DTP Toolbox CD can have up to ten floppy disks' worth of their own software included on the CD for no extra charge. More can be included for an additional fee.
If you're short of a good DTP and word processing package this should make an attractive option. With Professional Page as the main attraction, if you've already got yourself setup with ProPage or PageStream the rest of the CD is unlikely to tempt you at this price. However, considering what you get for your cash DTP Toolbox represents a good value DTP package on one neat little gold CD.
Available from: LH Publishing, 13 Gairloch Avenue, Bletchley, MK2 3DH. E-mail: larry@ em.powernet.co.uk Tel: 01908 370 230.
Price: £39.95. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!
A senior member of the maggot community has repeated warnings that a significant number of angling hotspots are being identified each week by the leading angling newspaper.
Commenting on the reports he said, “I need to warn all maggots to steer clear of these danger zones or be prepared to face waters teeming with ravenous fish.” Noting that Angling Times readers are generally better equipped and higher skilled than average anglers, he warned, “This information is now in dangerous hands. These people will be bagging up.” So the message is clear! Don’t get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, because Angling Times readers are Live and Fishing.
First with the News.
Venues that are HMMfljHUlTH are Available every Wednesday CU Amiga Magazine's Cds have earned a reputation for being the best top quality Amiga Cds available. Here's why.
How to use CUCD 4 As with prior cover Cds, CUCD4 can be used either by booting on a CD32 or A1200 4000 with adequate CD32 emulation. The CD will not boot under any Kickstart earlier than 3.0. If using the CD via Workbench and intending to run software directly off the CD then it's important to first click on the Tnit CD' icon. This sets up various assigns and makes MUI 3.6 temporarily available if it is not already installed.
It's worth noting that running software directly from CD is a touch-and-go business. While we've gone to a lot of effort to make many programs run from the CD, others may have to be dragged to your hard drive either manually or by running an included installer. Tnit CD' also runs the New Icons patch so don’t be surprised if the icons change afterwards.
Is a rrotracxer module also only lour channels proving you don't need multiple channel formats to sound superb. As last month, we've given the modules a subtle stereo image and then burned direct to CD as 44Khz 16bit audio. You can play the audio tracks either in your CD-ROM or a standard CD audio player but on the latter remember to avoid track 1 and go straight to track 2 for Compuspace and track 3 for OutWipe.
Have fun exploring CUCD4 and don't forget to send us any work of your own so we can include it on later Cds. Feel free to write into the magazine and tell us what you'd like to see on future Cds or how you'd like to see them organised. Address all letters to CD Editor.
A word on demos and games Demos and games are almost never coded in a so-called OS Legal way. That means that while they may work for us, they might not work for you for several reasons. Either your hardware set-up is slightly different or some third party software running on your Amiga may upset the demo or consume resources that the demo game requires. Please do not assume the CD is simply 'faulty' if any of this software refuses to run.
There are things you can do to make the software more likely to run. Closing down any running software, screens and such forth will free up resources. It might be better to cut to the chase and copy the demo game onto your hard drive and then boot with no startup sequence. This involves resetting and holding down both mouse buttons, then press boot with no startup-sequence.
You'll then be placed into the AmigaDOS shell so you'd need to know enough about that aspect of your Amiga to navigate to where the software is and run it. As a general rule, if the game or demo still doesn't work then it's incompatible with your machine. If you get a requester asking for a specific volume then the software needs 'assigns' set up and so is fairly likely it has an installer that should have been run.
Generally driving CUCDs is as simple as clicking on an icon of something you want to run, play, see etc. You should find it will automatically activate a player, viewer or run the program without further ado. Of course if you access CUCD from a directory utility, then you can use your own preference of players, viewers etc on the specific files.
We can't emphasise enough the importance of clicking on any readme or other documentation files inside each directory. There's simply too much material for us to detail here so you'll have to explore, read the documentation and see if each program or whatever is of use or interest to you.
Tara avar ter rear caarflete juiie ta rear CD ? ? ?
It's similar to last month only this time the MUI installed is version 3.6 and a new Delitracker is included XCAD 2000 This directory contains the full commercial release of XCAD 2000 2D and 3D. It can be run from the CD but would be better being dragged onto your hard drive.
CUCD4 root directory Magazine This month the Magazine directory contains four drawers. The WiredWorld directory contains WhirlGIF to go with the WiredWorld tutorial in this issue. It's also got a bumper collection of iton pictures for Web page use. There's also some example AnimGIFs and FITML creation packages including WebPlug and WebDesign. The PD Scene and PD Utils drawers contain the DMS and LHA archives of the software reviewed in PD Utilities and PD Scene this month. Finally the Psion directory contains the AmigaNCP Psion to Amiga networking package to go with this months Psion palmtop
computer" feature. What’s more there's virtually every item of freely redistributable Psion software included too all in LZX archives.
Workbench The same as previous Workbench versions installed on CUCDs, it's a full installation of Workbench 3.1 minus the Arexx distributions.
Support This directory contains many of the support programs and utilities used to play and view the rest of the files on the CD.
The CUCD drawer Demos This month we have a bumper collection of Scene Demos including the sequel to the CUCD2 massive Data World animation demo. Wild Summer. All of the Demos are unpacked and ready to run though they may need to be run by booting with no start-up sequence. Be sure to check the system requirements in any of the readme files present within the Demo drawers.
Information In this directory there's a collection of text and AmigaGuide documerr ranging from a ShapeShifter survey to an entire stand-alone Star Trek database.
On-line Dedicated to Communications software. A few select packages have been included such as the latest version of the 97% rated Miami Internet software, the YAM and Voodoo Email clients and a voicemail package called SpeakFreely.
WWW As with CUCD3. This month we have a massive collection of Web pages on the CD ready to view without the need of an Internet account. Accordingly demo versions of Aweb 2.1 and Ibrowse 1.0 are provided to access the pages. This month's special is a monster collection of Amiga user's personal home pages from around the world.
CD-ROM Support software for CD usage can be found here. The latest version of the superb PD AmiCDFS 2 filesystem. Megasearch which creates a database of your Cds and a CDID directory containing thousands of audio CD tracklists which when used with several audio CD player applications will automatically recognise Cds and allow you to add to the collection.
Games Entertainment central with a collection of PD and demo games k and the readers sent-in games to boot. As always we can't L guarantee that they'll work on your particular Amiga so please read whatever documentation is provided, checking system requirements and so on.
Weird Science I Ad. I Rowlandson Close, Leicester, Leicestershire. LE4 2SE Tel. +44 (0)116 234 0682 Fax. +44 (0)116 235 0045 email, sales@weirdscience.co.uk or tech@weirdscience.co.uk 3D CD 1 Objects Two fabulous multimedia resource compact- containing images, sounds, animation's and r multimedia tools and utilities. Over 1.2 gij two compact discs and absolutely FREE ' you spend over £ 25.00 on compact discs DXF form* fa pfoUonn*. A' »tll of nylrafd CBM 64 ImIcsI Version £ 19.95 Iniighl Dinosaurs £ 19.95 Spree, 96 iMleti Version £ 19.95 Oh No More Worms VoL I £9.99 £ 19.95 Sci-Fi Sensations 2
Double CD £ 19.95 Movie Maker Special Effects Volume I £ 29.95 fmm Kopm Octamed 6 now £ 19.95 AVAILABLE NOW THE LEARNING CURVE The Ami a Developers CD tom Amii Technologies tome, complete .lift I* all the developers Innfi anrf doe,, provide,I la the official developers.
The CD ha gold mine of toot, and information. Included are Ihe complete Cdii developers Utah wiih Haiti Cdaai ISO CD, Ijtvaj 2.0 package. Cnfoner.
Hoekhench 2.0. .10. XI tool, and datum tan with the updated motive developers kit, SASA II package and °l, muauee edt l package. I&jj*f NFA AGA Experience Volume 2 £ 19.95 NFA AGA Experience £ 14.95 AMIGA DEVELOPERS Cl AVAILABLE NOW___ In-To-The-Net ODDS & END Amiga * CD32 compatible. 7 i 2.94 Interface in AGA.
SET 3 AVAILABLE NOW £ 29.99 MOTE WE Will PRICE MATCH ANY AO VERT IN IMS | MAGAZINE comes complete with Out-Of-The-Net Volume 1 FREE OPEN 9.00 - 6.00 MON - SAT us wevas3 e m.w am tub res* ma a® t .m tm won nw muni ACCESS, VISA 6 SWITCH MOST WELCOME j Please ask for L’llimedia or il will no! Be shipped] O'ttfs only £ 19.95 Everything you need help on to do with your Amiga is here. However, If there is something else you'd like to see that's not here, please write in to CU Amiga Magazine and let us know.
76 Art Gallery U We're starting up a point of contact for budding artists to get in touch with one another. Please send your contact details with any artwork if you want to join in.
05 101 Points of view ¦hm Alan Dykes, in his last month as CU Amiga Magazine's editor bows out with his point of view about the way Amiga game sales are interpreted and used hy some.
102 Backchat The Euroscene feature we ran a few months is still prompting people to write in This time Italy chips in its halfpenny worth Instead of telling you what to do to create great music on your Amiga here's what NOT to do.
95 FAQ_ If you feel it’s time to trade in your TV screen for a monitor then turn to page 95 now.
78 Three ways to avoid indistinct white blobs and create realistic- looking starfields in your animations.
82 Get the help you need with your Amiga from the dynamic duo on the Amiga technical scene: Mat and Tony.
Find out how you can liven up your web site with pretty pictures and make sure that they won't take a long time to download.
Our exploration of the wonders of Workbench continues. This month we look at. Amongst others, fonts in your Workbench drawer.
Surf of the Month 96 Masterclass 89 SoundLab Imagine 4.0 98 Q£rA Comms The first of a new series where a celebrity guest surfer (this month it's Tony Horgan) travels around the web to see what he can find.
Strange goings on in the PIOS web page are unearthed, amongst other things, by our undercover net journalist.
86 NetGod ART GALLERY Art Gallery Thanks to all those who sent in their work this M month. Remember to keep 'em coming.
Imagine 0 Stars in your eyes but not in your animations.
Here are three ways to create realistic-looking starfield effects.
F you have ever tried to render space ships with Imagine, you will have no doubt come across quite an irritating problem: stars. They just don't look right.
Although the Globals menu in the Action editor contains a star density setting, there are several drawbacks with it. For example, stars won't appear through transparent objects, are all single pixels in size, are all pure white and refuse to animate properly.
To illustrate this, imagine (excuse the puns) that you are animating a space ship flying past the camera. The camera pans to follow the ship, but unfortunately the stars don't move as you pan so the illusion is ruined. And the fact that the stars are all single white pixels means that if you render something which you want to print later the stars come out either looking extremely boring and flat or even stand a very good chance of disappearing altogether.
Luckily, there are ways and means of avoiding these pitfalls with stars and I'm here to show you how.
John Kennedy Solution one idea to create a large backdrop (say 640 by
512) and scale it as needed (to 320 by 256 for example).
Step two Create an Imagine project and after loading and positioning your objects, go to the Action editor. Open the Global settings and enter the path and filename of the backdrop image.
First, perhaps the most obvious solution is to use a backdrop texture instead of the default star field objects. Depending on your artistic abilities or your access to NASA images, this can be a fantastically realistic way to spice up your images. Think of Babylon 5's lovely purple star clusters and how they stop the images looking dull.
Here's how to add a backdrop to your images. Remember that a neat trick is to use a backdrop that you've rendered previously.
This will save on rendering time.
Step one Create a starry backdrop using either a paint program or by altering an existing image.
There are plenty of NASA images around such as those taken from the Hubble Space Telescope which are extremely colourful. It is essential to keep the backdrop the same size as the final render, so if you plan on rendering images of different sizes it might be a good .
TUTORIAL lution 2 A backdrop might be OK for a still image but (hat happens when the camera changes posi- bn? Although you can animates backdrop sing multiple images, trying to keep in sync nith camera movement is nearly impossible.
One exception would be a 3D star field roving towards the camera with an object, uch as a space ship, static in the middle of le screen. You can create an animated star ield using an Art Program such as Deluxe Sint, or try digitising the end credits to Star rek TNG with ProGrab. By creating two animators, one with the stars moving into the cen- re of the screen, one with the stars moving awards the edges, you can create great chase eenes. Cut to a sequence with ship one, ing a view from above and behind, using forward-looking star field. Then cut to a sequence of another ship, this time
viewed ram the front. The background stars are mov- ng back into the centre. This gives the impression that the second ship is chasing the first.
However, a simple backdrop doesn't really suit animation. The second approach is to take the background texture and map it onto an object which can be shaped to suit the animation movements. A short pan from left to right might require a long rectangle, whilst a full 360 legree rotation might mean that you will need 0 map your design into a solid sphere and rosition your objects inside. This technique also has the advantage of showing through transparent objects. Here’s how to do it... Step one Create an image for the background, it doesn't matter about the resolution. In Imagine's Detail
editor create a primitive plane to map the texture on to. Change the size to suit the resolution of the picture (if the image is 320 by 256, make the plane 320 units wide and 256 units high) and change the default 10 units to 1.
Step four If you are being adventurous, you can use the transparent colour option to create several layers of backdrop for a bizarre parallax effect.
Make the backdrop pattern a Filter map (in the Brushmap selection window) and use a pure white backdrop with areas of darker detail. The white areas will be transparent, the darker shades more opaque. Now add lots more layers and move them at different speeds for an 'interesting' effect. Great for dream sequences and alien nebulous life forms.
Keep to the default settings. Make sure the Bright setting is on: this will prevent the backdrop from being shaded and keep it uniform in colour. Now save your backdrop object.
Step three Turn to the Stage editor and load in the Plane object. Scale and position it behind the key objects in your scene, making sure you can't see the edges. Don’t use lights which cast shadows, although a Bright background object will be immune to shadows.
Solution three This final solution is my favourite, as it involves creating the entire universe as an Imagine object. As stars are really nothing more than points of light, there is absolutely nothing to stop you from creating several thousand small, bright objects. Nothing that is. Except the three months it would take to do the job properly. Imagine creating an object, copying it.
Moving it and repeating it nine hundred and ninety nine times ... there just has to be an easier way.
There is, although it's taken me several years to find it. I wish I had thought of it, but I didn't: I read it on an old USENET posting so total respect to the genius who thought it up in the first place.
Here is how to create your own universe in a minute or so. You will need a sensible amount of memory to cope with all this (as you might expect, the universe is a big place) so if you get weird crashes try investing in some more Simms. About 8Mb of Fast RAM and a quick 030 is good to start with.
Step one In the detail editor, create a primitive Sphere object (hit F5 and select the default sphere).
Alter the size so that it's about 1000 units in diameter.
Step two Use the Object menu, pick Add and select Axis. This gives our sphere an Axis and makes it a 'proper' object.
Step three Select both objects and use Join from the Object menu. Now select Make Path from the menu too. This changes the Sphere from an object, to a Path which objects can follow (this itself is a wonderful concept to play with!)
Step five Alter the attributes of the star object so that it's white and bright. Later on you can create star objects with different colours if you wish Step six Now the fun part. Select the star object and then use the Functions menu, pick Mold and Replicate. Fill in the following settings (alter the 500 to a smaller number if you don’t have much memory). Notice how the Sphere object is the path (it got renamed to Axis during the Join process) r8PA°ild 7 ’iertUen fttail 0%den OF WORLD- £ 3 50 Please Send Cheques POs Made out to Premier Mail Order or CIS : 10031 Visa Mastercard (Switch +
Issue No) & Expiry Date to: Dept:CU11 9-10 THE CAPRICORN CENTRE, CRANES FARM ROAD, BASILDON, ESSEX SS14 3JJ Mon-Fri 9am-7pm Sat 10am-4pm. Please note: Some titles may not be released at the time of going to press.
Most titles are despatched same day, but can take up to 28 days. VAT is INCLUDED on all titles. E&OE _800 1300 CO_ 500 1200 CD 500 1200 CD 24 99 UG35 Text Plus v4.00 . 14 99 U038 Number Pod For 600 ... 990 U039 Calone Beee ..... 1* 00 UO40 J R Convn_______________
* 90 U041 Race Raptor--------
• U042 Pools Pcot9 V2__ aou r»w« Los----------- 14 99 U04A MasM
NtAck o2 U045D-So*v -- ,o2 U046 Lockjac v2D------ 10 M U047
Reto Igc* .1,4--------- 19 M 0048 Pnxced EectrotO_______ 32 90
0049 OvxJends Wrmer_______ ggg 0052 Essential 1 rtn Kmsr... _
ggg 0053 Soccer League '32 Q0 0054 TERM V
4.0 ... .3290 0056 Wua Checker V 7.18 ..
.24.00 UOMPamel . .24.90 0057
Disksatve______________________ ...090 ...9.99 DEMOS & RAVE
...9.99 D001 Night Breed------------
19. 99-------
19. 9922.99- Ri»e Of The Robots.
Ri*ky Wood* ..... Roedkill ..
17. 9919.9919.99 SeneibieOolf i Total Carnage------------ 19 9919
99 Universe ..... ?......17 99 VIRTUAL
KARTING---- 19 99-..... Warzon ..- . 19
99-..... Wembley Ini Soccer . I Wembley Rugby League.
9. 99 9.99 Wolfchild ...... Strike MASTERS
EDUCATIONAL DQ29 WWF Skdeehow______ 0030 The Gathering
GFX-------- D041 Enterprise Leaving Dock 0042 Qlrt* of
Sport . D043 The Run (1 meg) .... D046
How To Skin A Cat ... 0047 Calendar Gals ... 0049
Techno Warrior ----- Junior Typat (5-10)-----------10.99-
KidPtx ..... 10.99- Magic Math* (4-5)
13.99- Math* Dragon* (6-13) .....10.99- Math* Mania
8-12 ..13.99- Picture Fraction*
(7-10) ..10.99- Reaaomng Wrth Troll* (5-12).. 10.99-
Tidy The House (6-10) .....10.99-
TheCkja .11 The Game*
.....- .10,99- Total Football ..22.99 - Tourlng
Car Challenge ....12.99 Tower of
Soul* .....19.991!
Trap* 5 Treasure* ..17.99- Tretole Chempione 2 . 7.99- Trtp* Action Vol 6 Super Tetris .
Akbe* . Tvne8ant»r 9 99- Tiabo Trax 19.99- Tiarwig Pont* 12.99-
- Bare ..59.90 RAM Expansion 4 MEG 72 Pin
SIMM ...69.99 RAM Expansion 8 MEG 72 Pin SIMM .139.99 RAM
Expansion 16 MEG 72 Pin SIMM .279.90
.MASTERS ....16.99...... Moan Pro ...14.99--- Id
CoSection - Bump N Burr Mo* FaMo* Go* .-- i ONE MASTERS..
ADAPTER FCOLWD 0010 The Fun House . G019 Amo*
Game* ... G020 Game* Galore .. G021 Quadra (pal
21. 9921.99 A lura
12. 9 9-------- BattleVxp* .
9. 99------ Bnttln Vnlley
9. 99------ Beyond The Ice Palace.
12. 99-..... Body Blow*
10. 9912 9912.99 Bubba n St.x ..
- ------19 99 Chuck Rock 2 ....
19. 99------ CtocfcWtaer ..
6. 9 9-----COLONISATION---- 0042 Smurf
Hurt .. w G043 Super League
Manager 23 G044 Qua Master & Editor 2- G045 Revenge Of The
Mutant Came** 23 G046 Tank
Attack . 23 G047 White
Knight ...... 23 G048W*bte World Giddy
. 23 G051 Abanaa----------------- 23 G052 Adventure
SoaAtona (not 1200) 9* G053 Legend O* LcANen--- 23 Q054 bon
Ctads (not 1200) Euro Champ*.
I *96 ... C017XI G056 Fortreas tdemo) ..125 25 G057 Netghboivs Adventure ...2.50 SPORTS 23 SP001 Top Of The League 125 23 SP004 Mr Men Olympics ..2.50 23 SP006 Sismball 1.26 23 SP006 Strikeball .....1.28 23 SP007 Amos Cncket ..1.28 SIMULATIONS 23 SM001 5 Simulation Games (not 1200) 1.28 23 SM002 Return To Earth .....1.26 23 SM003 Napoleonic Warfare San v5 .....126 23 SM0O4 Wheel of Fortune
(not 120C* ..-..1.25 23 SM0O5 Card Sharp i 25 23 SM006 Sub Attack 126 23 SM007Rotdete--------129 A mgs Tools 3 Amiga Utililiaa 2.. AmnaSk1 or i Hockey 17.9917.99 .....12.99------ U010 Autograph Afnnat *9 ia»t OTJ Am r 94 02 AmoeCC ArwOH COOL 0014 Panoscxvc Printer Drrver ... ® " U016 H P. Printer Driver .... ,2'2 U016Seikosha Printer Ohver o'S 0017 Cannon A Citizen Printer Driver
* ” U020 Bad Format---------------------------- U021 Amiga
Begmer* Guide ______ 32 go U022 Better Bench VI2... -...... ggg
U023 De-grader 500 600 1200 ggg U024 Frtermwv-8 Virus
Kaer___________ 19 gg U026Act«on Replay For The 600 . 9
99 UQWAmgaTiAonM- 24 99 0030 AC-E.S Database------ MlW Champ
8.99- ..17.99-
Cket . 6.99-
- League EcMon ----22 99 HATE Wired World fMMMl Pretty pictures
on web sites are great but it's annoying if they take a long
time to download. Here's how you can get around this problem.
After last month's advanced hocus pocus with Client Side Image Maps, we’ll move back to some basics and then add some more advanced techniques later.
I've had a couple of Emails asking about text and image centring so I'll tackle this to begin with.
There's a couple of ways to do this, firstly there's a 'Netscapism' tag called CENTER which does exactly what it says on the tin. You insert CENTER add some text and or images and then terminate with CENTER .
One nice way of using CEN- TER is in conjunction with aligning an image to the left or right rather than simply centring the text above or below. You would do something like this with the following HTML; 1146 align=left SRC="somepic.gif" CENTER This here text will be centred . CENTER address in the form of ?Subject=* and the subject of the Email which would make it easy to identify where the Email was launched from. Fqr example; BR clear=all This example will align the in-line picture to the left of the display. The text is then free to carry on wrapping around the image on the
right as you would expect but it's now centred to the right of the picture. What's more, you can add nice HR tags for horizontal breaker lines and they will frame the centred text quite attractively.
The word 'here' will be underlined as usual with a link and the Email will have the subject of 'WWW'. It's important to note that this is met by a varying degree of success depending on the browser involved. Aweb and Voyager will need scripts to launch existing mailers while Ibrowse and the PC posse has the Email functions built-in. There’s nothing to stop you from using an image as usual, perhaps a picture of an envelope, just make it clear that it will Email the person involved.
An extra boost Now we'll move on to an advanced topic and one which has taken the WWW by storm. It's one thing having pretty web pages but they can look a little static and this is where a little bit of animation can work wonders. Animating a small aspect here and there can give the documents Return to sender The MailTo tag is one more Netscapism and a worthy addition to HTML which has been taken on-board by most other (wowsers. This is extremely common to add at the bottom of web pages so that people can Email comments directly to the author of the pages by simply clicking on the link.
The MailTo tag looks similar to a standard A link but takes the form of; A HREF="mailto:joe@blogs.com" . This will tell the browser to start the process of Emailing joe@blogs.com when the link is clicked on.
What's more, there's another handy field which can be added right after the Email a little extra life. To create some animation you need AnimGIFs. However, AnimGIFs aren't very efficient as an animation method so you must be spartan when using them or risk annoying your visitors.
Currently the only Amiga browser to support AnimGIFs is the commercial Ibrowse fn HiSoft but the others should implement support for it before too long. This doesn’t offer too much concern since the first frame of AnimGIFs will be displayed on browsers not supporting the standard. ¦ " Firstly, we'll need a tool to create AnimGIFs I and since this is a fairly new development, there's no decent native Amiga software available. Fortunately, there's a port of a Unix command line (shell) driven tool called WhirlGIF which can handle this. WhiriGIF can be found on the CD in the Magazine Wired
World drawer or on the Aminet in the path; gfx conv WhirlGIF20.lha To work properly WhirlGIF needs individual frames of the animation in GIF format (it doesn't matter whether they're 87 or 89a types).
The frames should be of the same size and use the same palette. This can be tricky but exactly how you do this really depends on the graphics manipulation packages you use. One the palette to something all of the frames, load the es as brushes and remap the brushes to I screen palette. Ppaint and Opaint can deal It this easily.
HirlGIF should be driven in the shell with ithing looking like; lirlGIF -o animgif.gif -time 50 el.gif frame2.gif ... he file animgif.gif here is the output GIF and the value after '-time' is the unt of time that each frame will be layed in ticks, so 50 is one second. The ir input GIFs are then specified from first to St. If the AnimGIF is to be transparent, the parent colour should be the same lie the groundl on all frames. An additional nent of '-trans' followed by the number rfthe palette which is transparent, will quired. You can tell this from your t's even possible to specify the time
wiable for each frame in case you want to s a single frame displayed longer or short- lian the rest. In this case a full example ght look like this; foirlGIF -o animgif.gif -trams 0 time 20 fl.gif -time 30 f2.gif time 40 f3.gif The resulting AnimGIF can really only be tested inside Ibrowse so simply create an in-line graphic and specify the AnimGIF. It's still a good idea to use the width and height tags, you may as well let the browser lay out the pages correctly while it waits to load the AnimGIF.
Billboard effect So what sort of things might AnimGIFs be used for? One common but simple method is to have just a few frames sporting some changing text banners. Done correctly, this looks like a kind of stadium billboard which is quite useful for maximising impact and space.
This is quite common on web searcher sites now where every advertiser is allotted a single GIF. Other more interesting uses could be to add a touch to a logo such as on SASG’s superb web site at http: www.sasg.com. Note the spinning globe at the top.
Unfortunately in this case the webmaster has used some PC software which isn't available on the Amiga. The AnimGIF standard lets you animate only a portion of the GIF while using WhirlGIF you'll have to include each whole frame so it's best not to try and replicate what SASG have done with their spinning globe until some proper Amiga AnimGIF processing software appears.
However, SASG's glowing help button is a good example of how a large-time value before a faster sequence of frames is used to achieve the rising and falling luminosity effect. SASG's Tiny rotating bullet points is another excellent example of AnimGIFs. This kind of thing could be easily created in Dpaint using the brush moving function Spin, Twirl or otherwise a small arrow. Colour the 'other' side of the arrow as it turns and save out the individual frames. Then convert the frames to GIFs before giving them the WhirlGIF treatment.
Why not go the full monty and drag out your copy of Imagine from January's copy of CU Amiga Magazine? Load a postscript font into the spline editor's Load Font function. Choose add points, extrude the font some, then save out the points as an object.
Try Imagine's detail editor for applying a nice attribute such as gold too. This text object can then be animated as per John Kennedy's tutorials on the subject. A simple rotation would do. There need only be 10 or so frames and the output renders would only have to be 50 x 50 or so which will make for extraordinarily quick rendering. However, after converting the frames to an AnimGIF, you could have rotating 'NEW' graphics which actually sparkle as the edges pass the camera. There's no limit to what you can add to a Web page given a little bit of imagination and some restraint concerning
the frames, colour depth and size of the image. ¦ Mat Bettinson GIFs and the Amiga nnnnnnnnn [| Its a shame that the AnimGIF has appeared s the most common simple animation Stanford for the Web. Not only is it not a very effi- t standard but it has the same legal xoblems as the standard GIF format with the nisys patent etc. This means it's increasing- y hard to find new software which has sup- t for the GIF file format built-in. Many, like anto's Personal Paint and Nova Design's ImageFX, have used the freely redistributional modules approach. That means that the loader saver modules aren't
present in the actual package but are available to anyone free of charge. This gets around a license code needing to be paid for the use of GIF.
These modules are of no use to anyone else but owners of the package in question but if it keeps the price down who's complaining?
ImageFX is no longer shipped with a GIF loader saver but it can be found on the Aminet in the path biz patch ifxgifb1.lha This is a superb implementation of the GIF standard with full progressive and transparency support. By using ImageFX's effects, an original frame can be modified, saved as a GIF ready for WhirlGIF, the undo function applied, the effect altered slightly and so on.
In the first of a regular new series we take a trip through the World Wide Web to uncover some of the more useful and entertaining sites out there ... chosen to kick off with a tour around the notorious 'secret' US Air Force base known as Area
51. A remote dry lake bed used to test new military aviation
technology. The address is:
(www.ee.fit.edu. users ipinto sec-a51.html). Surf of ie,- r
tech- age I .Ii First port of call for any free-range surfing
session has to be a good search engine. We've put our faith
in the old favourite 'Yahoo' to point us towards some cool
corners of the Web. Digging into the entertainment paranormal
section to reveal some UFO sites. From here we've Located in
the Nevada desert. Area 51 was of course the location of the
Roswell Incident.
In which it is alleged that aliens crash landed their spaceship and were then taken away to the nearby military installation for examinatio The official comment from Area 51 has not been consistent, and the incident has never been explained, leading to hundreds of different theories from UFO enthusiasts. Personally I reckon the crash was simply a prototype aircraft (presumably there are plenty of these at an Air Force site which ’tests new military tech nology') and that the subsequent film footage I of the aliens' post-mortem was a pretty daft fake. Spooky eh? Well, it's a theory
anyway... ¦ There are some photos of the area taken by 1 a visiting UFO fan which include shots of the pi AREA-51 at GROOM LAKE The Rrco 51 F.fl.Q. HIRED 2.92: Stealth Matchers R personal account of a visit to Groom Lake ¦¦1 Photos of the Groom Lake arco. Including the Little fl’Le'Inn, and a strange device overlooking Groom Lake road as it passes into restricted area.
The Roswell Incident | Unidentified Flying Objects | Crop Circles | Abductions Internet Resources | Off-thc-Nct Resources | Miscellaneous | Multimedia | Personal Experiences These pages are maintained by Louis Pinto El 13 Is! E3 ¦I imj Net-buster This month's Site of the Month is the official Carling Premiership site. Unlike many others it's not cluttered with useless sub-pages, but gets straight down to the business of sewing up facts and figures on all the teams and results from the Premier League. It's a nice, simple site, combining decent graphics and all the right info without trying to
be a complete on-line football magazine - a slick site without the usual filler sections.
5 warning people of arrest if they enter 8 area, a 'strange construction' peeping over hill, and the local diner cum motel named s Little Ale Inn. Previews are displayed on B page, with bigger JPEGs available from a ruse click. Cycling back a page or two will I back to almost limitless links to other ) and paranormal sites which should keep S going for hours on end.
Now for something [completely different i club and festival organisers Universe have tularly nice looking site with details on ious and forthcoming events. Although at time of writing it's still adorned with the Gathering graphics (the year's top dance festival) it's got useful information for £ny techno and house fans in the London
1. With full listings of the DJ line-ups for nights at the
Complex club in ton. We've picked it out here mainly ise it's
got some of the best graphics of 1 of the sites we’ve visited
this month - :: no drop-shadowsl it at
http: www.universe.itl.net You’ll find it at
http: www.fa-carling.com COMMS Net God speaks Surf's up!
Censorship reaches the Net, PIOS hit out I out at VIScorp, OctaMED author is flamed and rumours abound about Microsoft.
There have been some disturbing events on the UK Internet of late.
I refer to the great debate of Internet censorship. Some are claiming a victory over Demon Internet Services being forced to agree to block certain obscene newsgroups. Banning the material, however, is not the answer as it will not eradicate the problem and can be gotten around by wrongdoers. For example, an obviously titled newsgroup for illegal pornographic material was banned but then promptly renamed to aK.disney so it could pass by undetected. If this kind of thing happens more and more people will accidentally come into contact with the disturbing material.
The real solution is to catch the individuals posting the obscene material and not to censor the forum in which it is carried out.
Those people are breaking the law in their country of origin and should be caught and punished by their own authorities. The police should Email their international counterparts who have jurisdiction over the wrong doer and have them arrested.
Microsoft on Amiga?_ Rumours that have been circulating that Microsoft is looking to port its free Internet Explorer (IE) browser to the Amiga.
This would be welcome news as IE 3.0 has recently overtaken Netscape as the most popular browser in the world though to date it has only been available in Microsoft Windows and Macintosh versions. We asked Microsoft's head of the IE project whether the rumours were true. A Microsoft representative, Yusef Medhi, replied: "As of now. We have no plans to develop IE for the Amiga.
We are always listening to our customers and if the demand comes in we will reconsider our plans for the Amiga platform".
Some have argued that Microsoft's products on the Amiga would be too large like their PC software, though if the Amiga did have a port of IE it would have an industry standard browser capable of tables, frames, animgifs and Java etc. If this sounds good to you, then please drop Yusef a line on yusufm@microsoft.com and state your case.
PIOS parting shot at VIScorp?
PIOS' web site has been updated with some rather interesting tidbits. First there is a statement about an inability to secure a 'working agreement' with VIScorp. Secondly there is an announcement about their forthcoming PowerPC machines.
Interestingly, these machines will be running MacOS and no announcement has been forthcoming on the availability of an AmigaOS port.
With the current statement concerning VIScorp it would be unlikely that PIOS would actually be free to port AmigaDOS to the PowerPC. This either leaves PIOS to implement a 'compatible' OS ala Phase 5 or to stick with MacOS.
Recent rumours suggest PIOS are looking at the Bebox's proprietary operating system. This is an odd move since as yet it has no significant software support.
Perhaps here's where PIOS parts company with Amiga users? Drop in and decide for yourself at http: www.pios.de FCI offer 5Mb of Web space In response to a users' petition InternetFCI have increased allocated Web space from 512K to 5Mb per user! That's a 10 fold increase which makes InternetFCI and Demon the only two ISPs to offer such space on a dial up account.
Amiga Net user Gerry Hawker petitioned InternetFCI to increase the Web space allocated to its clients. Naturally most of the users of FCI added their Email address to the list and InternetFCI’s Eden Akhavi responded by upping the allocat- I ed web space.
Call InternetFCI on 01273 763000 for more information.
Existing FCI users should make sure they are on the .
AmigaFCI mailing list. Send 'subscribe amigafci' to listserv@cu- * amiga.co.uk. OctaMED SS takes a bashina OctaMed’s author was heavily cri icised recently in comp.sys.amii audio for placing his product in the commercial domain. Several posters thought it should be givr away free. The copy protection used on the CD version of OctaMED sound studio seemed to be the main bone of contention. Comparisons with Fast- Tracker II on the PC were also made and questions raised as to why OctaMED SS doesn't supi FT's file standard.
CU Amiga Magazine's Tony | Horgan, RBF Software and the I author Teijo Kinnunen have all con-1 tributed to make it fascinating reading. Drop in to comp.sys. amiga.audio or check out the OctaMED SS web page on http: www.octamed.co.uk ¦ November 1995 AMIGf ?"
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a. Virtual Karting In Ver Facn'.
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* k»«ele fsit i SERIAL KILLER imagine oo|ecis. Uiem.
Mandel 92. Bluff Iitlei.
Amiga I source code.
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July 1996 August 1996 Oil IHE DISKS: iasiC*IUpR*m)aal Valuta
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music, the are you'll end up with about as challenging bit exciting as daytime TV.
Sound Lab Common pitfalls |ln a refreshing twist to events, s're concentrating on what not to |do instead of what you should do if u want to create great music.
AS Bcwever, breaking away from that pely positive angle for once, this faith’s Soundlab raises some of tethings you might like to avoid p order to improve the quality of tunes.
Nks to you, the readers, we to hear hundreds of modules [fiat pop through our letter box for fie of the Month type competi- fons, not to mention the thousands that weave their way to us [bough the PD channels. Quite en the same mistakes" will be Keard from one mod to another land it's these kinks that this piece fen attempt to iron out.
Bean spilling [One of the most common downfalls of mods is that they reveal entire collection of samples n the first minute or so. This |sn't necessarily a problem if re's enough variety and pro- ssion in the music itself to Seep up the interest level through ,Jhe rest of the tune, but often this knot the case. People's ears get ised to sounds very quickly and Mth repetitive sounds, the brain a habit of blocking them out pf perception before long. For . iple. here at the CU Amiga bgazme offices the din of Ion traffic is constantly blast- 0 through the open windows.
But it's only people at the other end of the phone that seem to notice it. While we seem to become blind' to the noise (or maybe we re just deaf).
If you're not careful, you might turn your listener's ears into involuntary shutdown. Keeping a few samples up your sleeve for later, along with some unexpected twists and turns in the arrangement will give you a better chance of keeping your audience attentive from start to finish. One trick is to give the impression you've spilled the beans early on, but then follow this up with repeated bean spilling whenever attention may be about to wane.
Structure There are no rules about the structure of a piece of music and sometimes it works if you just go with the flow. However, often it's dear that there's been no thought given to the structure of a mod.
Generally because it Peters’out halfway through and then just repeats the first sections with a few half-baked ideas thrown in for good measure. It's an easy trap to fall into especially, if like me. Your attention span seems to shorten drastically once you’ve spent an hour or so on a track One way to improve your chances of coming up with a good balanced track is to think about the overall structure of the song before you start out. Will you follow a straight pop format of verse, chorus and middle eight, or the club-friendly build, drop out, riff, build and repeat... maybe you've got your
own format or sequence of sections in mind. Either way. This can help avert the feeling of having to fill' three and half minutes for a pop song, or 10 minutes for an ambient piece or whatever. You can use each transition period as a time to take a break from composing. Have a cuppa and return with renewed enthusiasm and ideas, a bit like stopping off for a bite to eat at the motorway services during a long car |ourney (well sort of).
Bad tools A bad workmen blames his tools apparently, but it's up to you to make sure your tools are up to the job, or your samples in this case It's frustrating to hear a mod that's full of good ideas but is spoilt by low quality samples. If you have a particular sample that's a pivotal point of your track, but you've got it from some second rate pro-sampled collection there's only so much you'll be able to do to improve its quality. If you've done all you can and it still sounds grainy, muffled or distorted, why not try getting hold of the original source sound and sample it yourself If
it's a riff from an existing record, you'll need to find out where it's from sooner or later if you want the track to be released, so why not do a bit of detective work at your local record shop.
I was once working on a track based around a tiny piece of piano pinched from the old house record Strings of Life, but took the sample from a vinyl compilation with about ten tracks squeezed onto each side, so the sound quality was awful The track was then released on a CD compilation, which I snapped up Unfortunately the quality was just as bad on that (something to do with the original having been pressed on recycled vinyl I think) so I shelved that track.
However, often these remastered CD compilations have come straight from the original master tapes, so the quality is spot on.
Don’t forget though, that you'll need copyright clearance if you want to release a track that samples an existing record.
I'm full up With the arrival of multi-channel trackers like OctaMED SoundStudio it can be tempting to keep layering more tracks on top of one another to fill out the sound. While it’s true that most studios have access to many more tracks on their big 'Bridge of the Enterprise' style mixers, it doesn't follow that you need loads of tracks to come up with a good production.
Over filling a piece with too many sounds at once becomes a problem when the instruments start fighting for your attention, Often because they are using the same frequency ranges. It's loads of fun to have access to all these tracks, especially after being constrained to just four for so long, but take time out to make sure each sound and part of the song is there for a reason, doing a job that's not already taken care of by another part.
As a test, when your tracks Start to fill up. Try playing through a looped section and removing certain instruments, If you don't notice their departure then you can really do without them. If you're particularly fond of such a part, you can always copy it to a spare pattern and use it somewhere else in the song where the arrangement is not so busy. ¦ Tony Horgan FORKzMATLl llh-1.1. (I . !* Box *35. Wool Ion Hwsrll. "ills SN4 HR I 01793 *53802 CLASSIC AMIGA RD Software r Phone for a FREE catalogue disk 0161 723 1638 SHOP OPEN 12-9pm DAILY ¦ FULL RANGE OF CD NOW IN STOCKJ 11, DEANSGATE
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Close Micros P. 90 0(01302)811140 Televideo Productions . .
.P. 90 0(0114) 249 1500 Frequently Asked Questions 11Q. Why a
Still using a TV with your Amiga?
[Here's all you need to know about Kchanging it for a monitor instead.
I A. Monitors produce much bet- r pictures than Tvs. Although top ality TV sets with Scart inputs [re comparable to cheap monitors, iver, certain types of monitor II operate at faster refresh rates an Tvs and that means larger plays with no interlace flicker.
[IQ. Can I use a PC nrtor with an Amiga?
11 A. Most PC monitors are VGA and operate at a refresh fete of about 31 kHz. The stan- lard Amiga output is 15kHz. This ans an Amiga operating in this de will not be able to display a Sure. However, Amigas with 3 AGA chipset can open special ubleScan and Multiscan :reen modes which are very lose to 31kHz. Sadly, in most ases they aren't close enough ) If you are offered a PC moni- ior. Try it before you buy it.
Emember that only with a aphics card can the Amiga drive a PC monitor reliably.
[ ¦ Q. Which can I use?
I ¦ A. There are a few monitors ound which are designed for the Amiga, such as those pro- ced by MicroVitec. Not only will these monitors display standard 15kHz screen modes but oubleScan and MultiScan des too. This means you can display a 640 by 512 Workbench ¦with no interlace flicker.
II Q. What is interlace I flicker? Can I stop it?
¦ A. An Amiga operating in a normal PAL video mode can display a screen of 640 pixels by 256 lines. However, a display of 640 by 512 is too much to be produced in one frame of video.
Instead the Amiga takes two attempts, displaying half the image in alternate frames. The result is a larger display but with an annoying flicker. Interlace is acceptable in some video applications but it's no good for serious Workbench work.
To stop the flicker do two things: speed up the Amiga's video output and display the output on a suitable monitor: a TV simply isn't up to the task with its 15kHz refresh rate. You can speed up the Amiga's video output if you have an AGA chipset by using DoubleScan or MultiScan screen modes but as discussed these aren't compatible with most PC monitors and require a dedicated Amiga monitor. Instead a piece of hardware called a FlickerFixer can be used. This buffers the two halfframes and then resends them at a speed suitable for display on a PC monitor. The only FlickerFixer currently
available is ScanDoubler II from Power Computing and it requires a Zorro slot.
¦ Q. How does a graphics card work?
¦ A. A graphics card (ie Picasso or Cybervision) fits into a standard Zorro slot on big box Amigas. It has special driver software which provides extra screen modes: when you alter an application or Workbench to use these new modes, the video output appears out of the back of the new card.
As well as the drivers provided with the card, many cards are supported by a package called 'CyberGraphics' or 'CyberGFX'. This is a set of drivers which is supported by lots of applications and as long as you have the relevant drivers for your card you can make use of any software which support the CyberGFX standard. It's the nearest there is to a standard for 'retargetable graphics'.
¦ Q. What are the advantages of using a graphics card?
¦ A. Graphics cards can open larger displays with more colours and faster refresh rates than the standard Amiga graphics chipset.
As a result you can use a 256 colour Workbench screen in 800 by 600 pixels or better, without any flicker or shimmer. The Workbench display will work quickly, without using up a lot of Chip RAM.
Unlike the normal Amiga graphics modes which are based on 'bitplanes', graphics cards work in 'chunky' screen modes, which are very suited to moving around large blocks of data such as windows. Page processor DTP programs and rendering packages such as Imagine or Cinema4D will also benefit. It’s also possible to replay animations much quicker: a package such as Main Actor Professional can play back Anim files extremely fast. Apple Mac and PC emulators will also work faster with a graphics card.
Although HAM8 mode can display many colours, graphics cards can display true 24-bit images. TV Paint and Photogenics can use the new graphics modes to display thousands or millions of colours very quickly so your graphics will have never looked so sharp, bright or colourful.
¦ Q. Are there any disadvantages to the card?
¦ A. Yes. For a start you need a suitable Amiga as all graphics cards require Zorro slots. Then you'll need a decent monitor: it would be a waste of time attempting to use a graphics card with a TV or 15kHz monitor. You need a PC style SVGA monitor and the bigger the better. If you want resolutions larger than 800 by 600 you'll need a 17" monitor and that's another £500.
When you do get your graphics card system connected to the new monitor, you'll find that not all programs will work. Most applications will work but hardly any games will run. This is because, for speed reasons, games don't request screen modes or perform graphics tasks via the operating system: and that means they can't be re-directed to the graphics card. So. You'll need to resort to your old monitor or TV for them. The Amiga's standard bitplane graphics are much more video-friendly than the output from graphics cards. Smooth scrolling, genlocking and high-quality video titling is still
best left to the standard Amiga output.
¦ Q. Do all graphics cards require Zorro slots? I have an Al 200, am I stuck?
¦ A. One solution is to buy a Tower Case adaptor which includes Zorro slots but that is an expensive route. A new module called Grafitti might appeal to the Zorro-less or budget minded.
It connects to the standard monitor output and has special chunky graphics modes which can speed up certain applications a lot. More details when we get them.B John Kennedy TUTORIAL Masterclass Our investigation into Workbench's hidden nooks and crannies continues.
This is a Serif Font Fonts are fun: remember that. When your DTP program is refusing to print anything even slightly resembling what is on screen, repeat it to yourself like a mantra: Last month we got on the case of the missing Workbench files and unearthed a few that had been lurking around in the recesses of your Amiga. This month we continue along that vein with some more files that you can find on your Amiga, if you look hard enough.
This isn’t. This is good old Helvetica. Most boring font of the year maybe. Good for headlines and once modern looking text though.
This is a typeface called Times, which is often used with Helvetica It’s a serif font (i.e. it has little bits at the end of the letters) and it is easy to read when used in a small point size. It's also used a lot in newspapers, perhaps with a typeface which has no serifs (sans serif) for headlines. Or vice versa. Those art people, you can't tell what they’ll do next 'fonts are fun, fonts are fun'.
Whenever you see text appear on screen, you are looking at a font. The appearance and the size of the letters is determined by the typeface used and the point size of the text. You can control the fonts used by the Workbench from the Fonts Preference editor. As you use various packages and install new programs, the number of fonts you collect will grow to frightening proportions. It's worth having a clear-out every so often. If you don't, you'll find you have to wait ages every time you want to pick a font in an art package.
L plates The L directory is where you will find various system handlers and file systems. This is one of those drawers which can happily keep itself to itself and leave all us alone. If you take a peek you may find exciting files such as the CrossDOSFileSystem or a CD- ROM or networking filing system if you have installed one. Yes, it's ¦ also where the Shell handler lives, but it’s all a bit much at times.
For more information on the delights of handlers and other Amiga devices, hunt out a book called The Amiga Guru Book' by Ralph Babel. This is the respected ' reference work for those who really enjoy C. Fonts are us There are two types of fonts: bitmapped (sometimes called non-proportional) and scalable.
The default Amiga font is called 'Topaz'. The name doesn't mean anything special, it's just the title the Amiga designers gave to it.
Topaz is a bitmapped font, which means it was designed to look good at a certain size. For example if you scale it up too far it will look blocky. Bitmap fonts are useful because they are memory efficient and fast. A good text editor such as Cygnus Ed can scroll text incredibly fast because it deals exclusively with bitmapped fonts.
The disadvantage of bitmapped fonts becomes obvious when you use them in a DTP program and send them to a printer. Yuck is the word! To get around this, the Amiga uses TUTORIAL CU Rniga CU Amiga A btniwed and scaltUa tonli. Can ion tell the difference? I heft in. If ran can't ren d better visit m oyticinn immediately.
Lellifonts. These are fonts rich are different from rapped fonts in a fundamen- way. Rather than storing a iniature image of each letter, a ription of the text is stored, len drawing a letter A for mple. The Intellifont describes the two lines meeting at an angle and the cross bar. The result is that no matter what size the letter is displayed at. It's always smooth. As you can imagine this process takes up more memory and processing speed. For DTP applications though, it's worth it.
To the printer as though it were a huge graphic image. Result: the ability to include graphics and smooth fonts no matter what size they are displayed in.
The fonts drawer on Workbench (ah. I knew we would get around to it) stores both these types of fonts. You'll see Topaz in there: in fact, you'll see a file called Topaz.font and then a sub-directory called Topaz which contains a file for each size available.
Are you Locale?
So why does your printer produce smooth text when you print a text file from a text editor or the Shell using bitmapped fonts?
Because unlike with a DTP package, the text itself is being sent to the printer. The printer can then use its internal (smooth) fonts to print it.
A DTP program will not send the plain text. Instead it creates an internal image of what the printed document looks like. It then sends this image line-by-line The Amiga is an international computer and this directory was part of an attempt to make it Aha, now we're talking. This is where the Amiga's built-in programming language lives.
Here you'll find the various Arexx commands such as 'RX We've dealt with Arexx is past Masterclass tutorials in a great deal of depth and this is where the magic spells are kept. ¦ John Kennedy Pretty backdrops and icons Maybe you are wondering why my Workbench looks a lot less drab than yours. Is it all down to my sparkling personality? Well, partly, but a lot is also due to a Preferences program called WBPattern. Use it and you can select a standard IFF image to appear in the background of the Window or the Workbench screen.
The only snag is that you are limited to the number of colours of your Workbench display. Unless you have a graphics card, anything more than sixteen can be pretty slow and memory greedy.
Creating your own backdrop patterns can be an interesting evening's entertainment. I like random patterns of pastel shades, because it's still possible to read black text over them. Others prefer stone or marble textures or even digitised images.
Easier for programmers lo provide support in multiple languages (well. English, German, French, Italian, Danish, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian and Dutch). There is a Preferences editor entitled ’Locale' and by setting this your application would hopefully develop the ability to speak to you in your chosen tongue. Nice idea, but few programs actually support it. It's still worth exploring mind you. If you look in locale: help English sys you'll find a file called amigaguide.guide. This is the file which AmigaGuide uses when asked for help.
Altering it can be both useful and amusing too.
Q&A Logos, meanings and mysteries: The dashing duo take a break from getting the best technical products in for review to answer your questions.
Send your technical queries to Q&A, CU Amiga Magazine, Priory Court, 30- 32 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU.
And processors.
A written letter receives full attention and we try our best to come up with a solution. It's good to talk but it's better to write.
We can only answer limited amounts of telephone queries, so please write in to get the help you need.
Plug-in hardware of any kind: scanners, disk drives etc. r pieces Music, s MIDI an thing th i loud n Miscellaneous i tools to keep r your Amiga running smoothly.
Form-feeds, . Page-breaks, [ preferences and lots, lots more!
Monitors, Tvs, modulators, I screen-modes and all that stuff.
Spreadsheets, i databases, | organisers, accounts ... Everything i you need | answering about the internet Not everything , fits into a I pigeonhole, but anything you like fits in here.
Overdrivers I recently pur- chased a second an Archos Overdrive dual- speed CD-ROM drive plugged into the PCMCIA slot. An Archos ‘Over-CD’ installation disk came with it but the installation does not work properly. One executable on the disk called 'update-handier' recognises that I have an EIDE CD-ROM drive present, as it copies a file called 'EIDE' to the RAM-disk. The presence of this file then causes the execution of the correct part of the installer script. The problem Is that the only file that gets installed is 'L:overcd-handler'. The installer script then tries to install some
libraries into UBS: from a disk called 'OVERCD'. Which I do not have.
The person from who I purchased the machine insists that only one installation disk came with the drive. Do you know where I can get another set of installation disks from? In reply to Duncan Strand's letter in the September issue you stated that the Zappo and Archos CD-ROM drives are pretty much the same.
If so, would Zappo CD installation software work with my CD-ROM drive? Would it be possible to replace the drive in the Archos unit with a newer faster one (say four-speed or six-speed)?
Peter Barrack. Pembrokeshire.
Right, first of all lei's check that those missing libraries aren't on the installation disk I which you refer to as 'Over-CD' and the script calls 'OVERCD'). If they are there you can copy them to LIBS: by hand. If not, it sounds like you need another installation disk (how come Ihe original owner never installed Ihe drive?).
Zappo installation disks would probably work if you could gel hold of some. Replacing Ihe drive with another IDE mechanism should present no problem.
We'll keep your address on record in ease any nice reader feels Ihe urge to send us in any replacement installation software for you.
PC monitor I recently acquired a Philips 9CM053 fiF 00b PC colour monitor. There was no manual with it so I phoned Power Computing to ask if their VGA adaptor would work with this monitor. They said the 9 pin connection on the monitor would not fit their adaptor and recommended phoning RSD Connections in Hertford, which I did. RSD said there should be no problem connecting my A1200 to the Philips monitor. They supplied me with an adaptor cable but-l could not get a picture on the monitor from Workbench. I got a pale multiple image when I tried the game Soccer Kid on it.
I wrote to RSD but they replied that they only supplied cables and could not help with technical advice. Is there anything I can do to get this working or is it just a case of incompatibility and £15 wasted on a cable?
Monitor will not modes, Ihe defati ed by your AI20i most other games) will not work on this monitor because they too use a video screen mode. There’s no way you can change the screen mode used by most arcade-style games, sc you'll have to use a TV or a video- capable monitor lo view those.
- yum I have a few points concerning kf - OctaMED ™ ,(91
1. When I try to
- 4*' use the echo effect in a fairly big module I get 'not
enough memory' even though I have a 4Mb RAM card.
2. To get SoundStudio to work without the owner check failing, I
; have to put the entire disks' contents into the RAM disk.
Why is this?
3. My setup is an A1200 with 6Mb of RAM and a Gillet Micro . When
I try to use the pan t '2E‘ you can't notice the . But I still
want to put my modules through the Micro Mixer.
4. Most of my breakbeats are split and saved as segments (ie.
'bass shot.ameri. 'snare- riff 1 amen' etc). I know very little t Arexx scripts but I want to ite a script that would load all i relative segments of a sample I clicked on just the first.
5. Where and how do you get the Startup.omed script to work? I
would like SoundStudio to load a metronome module with a 4 4
beat as a default. I can get it to work from a keypress but
I'd much rather just have it work automatically every time I
start a new module.
6. I'm on a tight budget. Can you recommend a 50MHz accelerator
for about £200?
Mike Fishwick, Isle of Wight.
1. First check you have ‘1-64 channel mixing' selected from the
Song Options window. If so, try altering the size of the Mix
Buffer from the Mix Settings window.
2. We’re not sure on this one. Ours works fine when installed to
hard drive from floppies, although the CD version requires the
disc to be in the CD drive even if loading from the hard
3. This panning effect works fine for us. As with question I,
check that ‘I- 64 channel mixing’ is enabled. Also make sure
you are using the correct values (FO-FF.for left and 00-10 for
right panning).
4. This is tricky. We’re starting up a whole new Arexx series
very soon, so keep 'em peeled - that should sort you out.
5. Likewise, an Arexx tutorial is really in order here.
6. The cheapest 030 accelerator for your A1200 is the Magnum 030
card, which is available with a very capable 40mHz 68030,
optional FPV and no RAM for £139.99 from Wizard Developments
(tel: 01322 527 800).
The Blizzard cards available from Gordon Harwoods have just been reduced in price and are now better buys than ever. The 1230 Mk 4 (with a SomHz 030 and MMU) is now £159.99. Call Harwoods on 01773 836 781 for details.
If your existing RAM card has a SIMM on it, check before hand with your dealer because you should be able to carry it over to your new accelerator.
CD music Can I sample snatches of audio Cds for use within OctaMED 5.04?
My CD-ROM details are as lows: Make: Matshita Model: CR-581 Quad Speed Unit: 1 Device: Tandemat_PCM- CIA.device Is this possible with my current set up or is separate software or a icated sample needed?
Graeme Milne, Northumberland.
Certain types of CD-ROM drives can pass the sample data from audio CD tracks across to your Amiga. There are a few tools available from the public domain which will allow you to do this, such as Audiolxib 16 for example (which was included in a rather earlier form on our CUCD II).
Your particular drive is not listed as being compatible with it, but that doesn't mean that it's not. Try hunting down that and any other similar software (search PD Cds for "cdda” which is short for CD digital audio).
PCMCIA RAM I've had my Amiga 1200 for almost a year now and v 3PEJB Since I purcuiscd it I have been try- ing all over Hull and the local area to find anywhere that sells memory cards for the PCMCIA port, but as yet I have had no luck. Any ideas where I might get one?
Paul Collins, North Humberside.
A PCMCIA RAM card will be slower and probably more expensive than an equivalent RAM card for your trapdoor expansion slot, so you may as well ditch that idea. A trapdoor RAM card will free up your PCMCIA slot for other peripherals, such as a CD-ROM drive, a video digitiser, hard drive and so on. If you’re determined to get a PCMCIA RAM card you might try looking ay some PC dealer’s adverts. These should work fine in your Amiga, even if they are a bit slow.
Cheapo CD32 I have required a CD-ROM drive for my A1200 for some time now and recently have been offered a CD32 for £99.99. Please could you help me by answering the following questions:
1. Is it true that a CD32 could be connected to an A1200 via a
Parnet cable, or indeed any other cable?
2. Would the above connection enable both the A1200 and the CD32
to share the CD-ROM, the hard drive, and the floppies?
Or at least could the A1200 access the CD-ROM in a fast and reliable way?
3. Where can I get a Parnet cable from, and for how much, or
could I make one?
4. What is the speed of the CD32’s drive?
Send your QerA problems to ... You can send your technical problems [or answers - Ed] to CU Amiga by the following means: By letter to Q&A, CU Amiga, Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London, EC1R 3AU Email: Q + A@cu Amiga.co.uk. NO SAES PLEASE We regret that we can't respond to readers' questions by post or over the phone. Please do not include a stamped addressed envelope with your letters as we simply don't have time to answer the thousands we receive.
Responses are only available through the pages of this magazine
5. Is there any difference between the At 200 and the CD32
6. Has the CD32 got stereo sound outputs for connection to an
amplifier and will the machine play music Cds?
7. Is £100 a good price to pay for a brand new CD32?
8. Is it possible to attach a floppy drive to the CD32 and load
Workbench? Can a keyboard be attached also?
C Purle, Lancashire.
1. Yes you can.
2. Yes, but the data transfer rate is not very fast.
3. You can get all the necessary software and cables from
Marpet Developments for £24.95. They call the package CD32
Call them on 01423 712 600 for more details.
4. It’s a double speed drive.
5. Ye' there are a few differences, but the CD32 is based on the
6. Yes it has stereo audio outputs and will play audio Cds.
7. You could probably get one cheaper if you shop around.
8. Not without adding an expander system, such as the CD32
ProModule, as reviewed in the July 1996 issue of CV Amiga
Talking trash Is it true? Did the Gurus at CU Amiga Magazine actually advise people to format their hard drive, just to eliminate an annoying trashcan (Masterclass, CU Amiga September 96)? What nonsense.
There are two perfectly simple ways of removing a trashcan from a directory. These are as follows:
1. Open a Shell and type 'delete workbench3.0:trashcan ?'. This
will delete both the trashcan and its icon.
2. Use the IconEdit program supplied with Workbench to change
the trashcan icon into a drawer icon (Type menu, select
Drawer), save the changes then delete the trashcan from
Workbench by selecting it and using Delete from the Icon menu.
There, now isn't that a lot easier than reformatting your entire hard disk? Not mention a-damn site safer. I will consider this a brief lapse of concentration on your behalf and trust it will not happen again.
Scott Strachan, Portsmouth.
Yes, you could do either of those things, but John says that if you follow point one and then at a later date selected Empty Trash (either deliberately or by accident) the system may well get confused and do something rather horrid. When faced with your second suggestion John says that yes, you can go right ahead an do what you like with your Trashcan, getting rather tired of the whole affair, perhaps wishing he never mentioned it in the first place. But he’s not wrong!
Oh go on ... In Kays Catalogue I saw an Amiga 1200 Internet Surfer pack with 2Mb of RAM expandable to 4Mb for £629.99. Is this a good purchase? I am looking for a computer that can handle graphics, wordprocessing etc as well as having good gaming capabilities.
Also, as I use a Mac and PC computers on a daily basis I was wondering if there was a piece of software that can translate Amiga files into PC format and vice-versa (ie a program similar to Apple file Exchange on the Mac) as this would greatly benefit me and my studies.
And finally, with ail the speculation surrounding the Amiga's future, I was wondering if the Amiga would continue to be one of the leading home computers.
Tony Smith, N Ireland First of all, yes it’s a good buy, although the Internet software in the bundle is now quite dated. Once you’re on-line you can get all the latest from the Internet. The Amiga 1200 can actually be expanded to at least 130Mb RAM with cards such as the Blizzard 1230140160 range, not just 4Mb, Yes, it’s excellent for graphics and productivity software and also has a wide variety of games available.
You don’t need any extra software.
The AI200 comes with Cross-Dos as standard, which will read and write to PC format disks, as well as format them from scratch. Mac disk emulation systems are also available. As for the machine’s future, it’s holding up amazingly well so far... Are You Getting It Every Month?
Q Please reserve order a copy of the December CD-ROM edition of CU Amiga Magazine'for me Q CU Amiga Magazine now has monthly CD- ROMs, please reserve order one for me every month until further notice Q Please reserve the standard floppy disk version of CU Amiga Magazine for me until further notice My name is My Address is Newsagent: CU Amiga Magazine is distributed by Frontline. Please contact your local wholesaler for copies of the CU Amiga Magazine CD edition, monthly at £5.99 from November 1996.
It's official. CU Amiga Magazine Super CD-ROMs are good for you!
Praise for our Super CD-ROMs just keeps coming in. And the good news is that we are determined to stick to our pledge to bring you the best Amiga Cds you can buy. Our monthly Cds are packed with top utilities, games, artwork, music modules and exclusive applications and goodies.
Don't miss out on the CD or the superb floppy issues, ring subscriptions now on: 01858 435 350 or place a reserve order with your newsagent using the form here.
POINTS OF VIEW I Points of view Charts and hearts By Alan Dykes I would like to take this opportunity, my last as it turns out. To comment on the situation the Amiga community finds itself in at the moment. On one hand tens of thousands of people are still buying CU Amiga Magazine, still enjoying it and still finding it the invaluable source of information it always has been. On the other hand magazines are closing down and software houses are deserting Amiga because sales aren't as high as they
• 4 Accusations of recycfing are fi*y justified, but vwhat the
he*, if Stock, Aitken and Waterman coiid do it vrtiy can’t
SensUe? were. And who can blame them? You can't survive.on
good will alone.
But don't let the begrudgers drag you down. Mail order sales of CD software, of hardware, of games even, is stronger than the charts let on. If people can't get games in shops by golly they'll get them elsewhere, and many of-these sales will not be recorded by those who compile charts. You haven’t been able to get productivity software in shops for years now but that hasn't stopped people upgrading via mail order to later, more powerful versions.
Sour power Some weeks ago Stuart Campbell, ex- Amiga Power staffer (a mag sadly no longer with us - and pretty sad too while it wasl. Penned a typically vitriolic put-down of Amiga games hi Mi Mti. Sales for the console dominated TV Teletext report Digitizer. Mr Campbell is a respected computer games journalist of considerable experience, and even if his reference to Amiga Power's mighty oaken doors' is a little overstated - token would have been more accurate for the last 12 months considering its size and its anti-Amiga attitude - he should certainly be taken seriously. Or should he?
His report centred around sales of three games in July, with figures complied from the Gallup ELSPA charts top ten. The three games were Gloom (no position stated). Premier Manager 3 (number 5) and Worms (number 2). The first sold 118 units.
Hmm. The second sold 332. Dearie me. Worms sqld 526 copies. Oh no!
More information on total sales follows and. Getting out his calculator.
Stuart works out that Worms has sold approximately 19,666 copies on Amiga since it was launched. Is that including or excluding the 526 in sold July? Never mind. By the way Team 17 disagree with his sales figures but he's using industry standard information so let's stick with it.
Fact finding What Mr Campbell fails to point out is that each of these games has been on sale for over six months. Gloom Deluxe is no doubt the version of Gloom he is referring to (it's the only one on sale in my local HMV). Which is itself a 10 month old sequel to a game well-nigh 18 months old.
Premier Manager 3? Another old sequel. Worms, the only original game, was also released before Christmas 1995. Using Stuart's gloomy benchmark figures would mean that at an average of just over 500 games per month Worms would, even by now. Have sold just 5500 copies and not the 19.666 he himself quotes (that's 500 per month for the 11 or so months it has now been on sale for).
But hold on, is it possible the reason these games aren't selling well is that they're just too damn old now.
No doubt the vast majority of Worms' total sales were achieved within the first month or two, like any piece of software. You see these three old timers are still in the top ten because nothing has ever been released that’s worthy of replacing them there.
You can’t have sales without products to sell!
Another odd onflssion was the number 1 game that month. No prizes for guessing what it was, I'm not suggesting that SWOS is selling tens of thousands every month, but it's ahead of Worms and due to Warner's policy of bringing out a new version almost every time the Amiga community breaths the game remains at the top. Accusations of recycling are fully justified, but what the hell, if Stock Aitken and Waterman could do it why can't Sensible ? The real point is that you can't sell the same old stuff forever, it has a shelf life and if it isn't replaced it won’t be sold. A computer format cannot
hope to survive long if its manufacturers keep going out of business either.
Software producers will always pick the newest and most exciting platform to develop for. If and when VIScorp finally conclude their buyout, produce or licence for production the next generation Amiga and manage to avoid the receiver, things will change.
But in the meantime there are still lots of people out there looking for the latest NEW software to run on their A1200s, and where there is demand legitimate supply usually follows (in the free world anyway).
If you want the Amiga to stay around then remember you have the power to keep it going. You could do worse than trying to program your own games and applications: anything is possible. As Jean-Luc Picard would say: Make It So'. ¦ ®Backchat Last month, it was Spain, this time it s the Italians who are having their say concerning our Euroscene feature. And one brave young boy takes on the software publishers. Isn't it time you wrote in?
Letter of the Month An inspiration to us all I originally gol an Amiga 500 about six or seven years ago to play games on. Every boy in my year had one, it was the in thing to have and we had them because we enjoyed playing games. Since then I have upgraded to an A1200, a Blizzard 1230 IV and a CD-ROM drive for the purpose of playing better games. The A1200 was bought to play AGA games, the CD-ROM drive to play CD32 games and the Blizzard to play new Doom clones such as TKG.
However, I have become increasingly frustrated by the lack of new games coming out that really push my system to the limit. I wrote to a number of games companies asking them'why games such as Putty Squad, TFX and Myst were never released. I am asking that other Amiga users do this and join together to write similar letters to publishers so we can finally see games such as TFX and Putty Squad which I am sure would be a huge success on the Amiga.
I believe that if all the active Amiga games users group together and pressurise the publishers we could get more games in the shops that people actually want to buy. The Amiga users have grown up. We are no longer a group of school kids with A500s but a group of students with Amigas which are easily a match for some of today's Pcs. I feel that the software industry needs to be told what the other underlying trends in the Amiga games market are. So please write to them and let them know that you are out there. Remember it is always games that sell home computer systems not hardware specs or
business software. Therefore the future of the Amiga still lies with quality games.
Richard Hunter, Nottingham.
Thai's what we like lo hear: stories about people who are actively doing something to keep the Amiga alive and make people ware that there is still a huge atnounl of people out there ready and willing to part with lots of cash.
A few ideas right, but I agree with Grant Sutcliffe (Backchat, Sep 96) these will be over priced machines for the average user. The A1200 market is desperate for a cheap machine that is very powerful.
A better idea would be if the A1200 motherboard was upgraded with PC components. The operating system could be modified to make use of the new chips, so the processor would stay the same but increase to 40MHz, with an option of an accelerator board in the trap-door, which would contain an Intel chip (a Pentium), which would allow the user to use the machine as an Amiga or a PC. Hopefully the machine would cost in the £400-5500 price range.
Mr Symonds, Basildon.
Surely that would make it a PC? And it would be expensive. Sorry.
About eight months ago I sold my Amiga 1200 and I finally started to use a PC I bought about a year and a half ago. After selling my A4000.
However, I just could not get on witfrthe PC so I purchased a secondhand A1200 until Windows '95 turned up. Even so. I still buy your magazine because the PC world is so dead (it's all business or games, no productivity) and there is just no magazine like yours for the PC. I think it's because the Amiga had this great family behind it who are dedicated users squeezing the last bit out of the machine, whereas PC coders just expect you to upgrade your processor or RAM. And now you have put a CD on the cover. I can also use some of the pictures, sound modules, etc on my PC. Giving me a little
bit of the Amiga again. Thanks.
I"think that Phase 5, etc have got the idea Are you listening?
Attention games developers for the PowerPCAmiga and VisCorp AT. If the new machine is to get off the ground outside the current Amiga community, it needs a really good advertising plan, i.e bill-boards and TV ads, maybe even an advert in The Times' 'Interface' supplement. A slogan could be: 'The Technophobes' Computer For The Future', indicating the fact that the Amiga is an easy-to-use. Easy-to-set up computer.
None of this 'Plug 'n' Play Multimedia' junk.
Also, to all the software developers out there: get quality games in the stores To coincide with the release of the machine. The Amiga community wants, nay. Needs top games if the PPC is going to compete with Bill Gates' monster. Games such as Command and Conquer, Quake, Duke Nukem 3D, Resident Evil and the like really need to be programmed, but BETTER. PC? Pa!
Primitive calculator!
Jonathan Hopper, Email: hops@thenet.co.uk ROM cards please We all remember the days when the Amiga was the ultimate home computer, when all graphics artists used Dpaint and all games- players played the latest games like Lemmings. But all this has changed now, it looks like the PC is winning the race as the ultimate home computer. This is mainly due to CD-ROM drives being standard on all Pcs. But there is something Commodore made standard also. Are we forgetting the Amiga 600 and Amiga 1200 both came equipped with PCMCIA slots as standard? When the A600 was launched, everyone thought we
would be seeing new ROM card software. But software developers didn't do this mainly because most Amiga owners had A500s instead. Now though, almost every Amiga owner is an A1200 owner, if not at least an A600 owner. So I urge Amiga software developers to start developing ROM cards! It may make it the ultimate storage device! And to the readers of this excellent magazine to write or Email them.
From Joe Betro, Croydon.
You're great After reading your magazine for years I decided to finally write in and
1. Commend you on a brilliant magazine (suck up). The cover
mounted software.
I on CD or disk is excellent. Also thank u for recognising that the A1200 is now the ard Amiga and making most of the r mounted software run only on chines like these (it might encourage tuple to finally upgrade). Thanks also for r awesome homepage. It is one of the st I've seen in ages.
2. Grumble about all the people writing in j whining about not
having the money to grade so software developers should make
sir software 1.3 compatible.
[ I didn't have a proper job until three months . Until then I was working for £25 a week.
Ver, I still have enough money for your igazine, I also scrounged enough for an slerator and 4Mb of ram. If you don't have 5 money for the magazine don't write in and ihine. These guys need to make a living too. If j don't want to fork out the dosh for d software then send it down here, my ds and I will buy it. We are not afraid of grading. Between the four of us we have 12Mb of Ram 6 Gig of Hard Disk space, 2 Zip jrives, 10 Zip Disks. 2 4000 040's, 1 30, 1 1200 020, 3 SCSI cards, 1 ergraphics board, 1 Flat Bed scanner, $ 1000's in software. 1 modem. 1 multiface d, 2 CannonBJ4000, 1 Panasonic
I Laser printer. Over here if you want to run [ the software you either grin and bear or you grade - you just don't moan about it.
Steven Covi, Western Australia.
A collector's item I have been an Amiga user for over eight ars now and have been a CU Amiga lagazine reader for most of that time, vitably then I have a lot of CU Amiga lagazine cover disks.
My collection presently stands at 131 disks, ranging from cover disk 139 on the front of last month's magazine, all the way | back to cover disk eight from October 1990 hich features a playable demo of Robocop2 [ and Lemmings.
What I am now aiming to do is complete my collection by getting cover disks 7 to 1 and the two 'Commodore User' Amiga disks.
Is there some way of getting hold of these disks and if so ... how? I'd be very grateful for any advice.
Al Angus, Edinburgh.
Email: bono@post.almac.co.uk Sorry Al we sold out of those cover disks a long, long time ago but anybody out there with those cover disks to spare can contact Mr Angus on the Email address shown above.
For the record With regard to your August issue, I noticed a letter about minimum quantities of record pressing. Actually, the minimum in Europe is by a very reliable company called Gramafonove Zavody in the Czech Republic FAX: 0042 311 962143. They are also extremely cheap and offer pressing run quantities as low as a 100 unitsl I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for running the CU Amiga FCI Internet offer, which I took full advantage of.
The process was cheap and simple and I can now take my record label onto the net.
Thanks also go the those support guys at FCI whose patience and advice was invaluable.
Justin Mitchell, Cold Spring Records.
Thanks for the tip off A show of support After reading Andrew Clarke's letter in August’s CU Amiga Magazine, I rang The Computer Store he referred to. To confirm that they had CD32 games in stock. I then drove my son to Doncaster, where he bought six games (five CD32s and one Amiga ) for less than £28.
So, I have a suggestion. If Amiga users know of a local retailer who is supporting this vastly under-rated computer of ours, write to CU Amiga Magazine and make it known. This will make it easier for other users to find the Software they want locally, it rewards local outlets for supporting our forsaken format. So here's two to kick off with: Game in . Meadowhall, Sheffield stock games for both Amiga and CD32 and at Virtual reality, also in Meadowhall. I recently bought AB3D for a mere £5.97. David Green, South Yorkshire.
This is good news to hear David. Yes we would be very interested in hearing from other readers who want to mention a particular store that is supporting the Amiga in their area. Please send in the details to “I got it here’, CU Amiga Magazine, Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London ECLR 3AU.
Tight wads Who the hell do those Amiga owners who say 'Why won’t The Killing Grounds work on my ,5Mb A500 (VI .2)'... think they are? The rest of us go and spend hard earned cash on accelerators and RAM upgrades in order to keep the technology scene moving, but these maggots seem to be oblivious to this fact... How many 286 8086 owners query why they can't run Quake or GP2 ? None because they’d never get over the slagging. Now I have both an A4000 and a Pentium PC. But technology marches ever onwards. I started off with an Atari 800XL and upgraded to the A500 then to the A1200 then added
4Mb CD Rom, sold it and bought... etc ... etc So this is how it works. And if people cannot appreciate this then too bad.
I just read in your mag Worms (VI .511) is AGA only ... GOOD, ABOUT TIME why should I have to suffer because certain people won't upgrade. I invested time and money in my machine and I should be able to enjoy the benefits. Games like the Killing Grounds kick ass on faster machines and this rings true with many other types of games: racing, adventure etc. The Great Cornholioill :-), Emailand.
In the club I have been using the Amiga for about three years and have collected quite a few emulators. As I have not heard of an Emulators club for the Amiga I would like to start a club of my own. I would like feedback from anyone using emulators or people who are interested in using them can get in touch with me by contacting me at the following address: Mr Vincent Andrews, 35 Byron Close, Newark, Nottinghamshire NG24 4DX.
Those crazy cows I am an old Italian Amiga user and I want to congratulate you on an interesting magazine. I've bought CU Amiga Magazine since 1992 and, in my opinion, the 'Workshop1 is the most useful section.
However. I'm writing to remonstrate you wt the article which appeared on CU 1996 page 28. In the submitted arti- n Bunker wrote that my country is 'famous for: Ferraris: fashion; MAFIA'.
Thank GOD he forgot about 'Spaghetti; Mandolini: Pizza and Luciano Pavarotti'. But above all I want to know how you feel ring that in other countries only for: 'the crazy (mad] ; hooligans and sexual interlacements in the Royal Family.’ Also, Mr. Bunker should inform himself before writing an article like this because there are other magazines apart from The Games Machine which cover the Amiga such as 'Jackson Amiga Magazine' (81 pages with 1 disk full of PD). 'Enigma Amiga Run' (CD-Rom); 'Amiga Byte' etc ... These magazines deal with the Amiga only, and don't just delegate it only eight
pages so they can pack in as many readers as possible.
Fabio Sanna, Italy.
Email: Fabio_ Sanna @amp flashnet.it Of course you're right.
Coming soon... Design I Works Featuring:
• A revolutionary drawing interface
• Multiple drawing layers
• Arexx support
• Multi-page images
• Multiple document support
• Multiple undo and redo levels
• Customisable multi-colour fill patterns
• Support for the following file formats: IFF, GIF, BMP, PCX,
JPEG, TARGA, TIFF, EPS and DR2 Published by Canada's Wonder
Computing, Design Works has proved popular on the other side of
the Atlantic and now it's about to be released here in the UK.
One of the Amiga's most powerful design packages, it will bring
unrivalled ease to your drawings and artwork.
The ultimate structured artwork package from Leading Edge will be making its UK debut this winter.
M ' Co .
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NEW! Get Started Demo (AGA Machines) NEW! All the Professional
Sound Samples (50 Disks] NEW! Over 25MB* of read-to-view use
Magic WB icons etc NEW! Special -programming' themed area _
ZOOM RELEASE 2 owpmenl suite Scene Storm I natures an easy lo
use Magic Workbench i that n simple lo sot up and a |oy lo use.
Much ol I ho contents ol Seen® re presented as ready-to-iun Mo*
through custom designed icons. No rating through archives and
lilting your hard disk with Nos Includes ore korn over 20 Scene
Parlio* held throughout the world in 1995 Ai the nos and ntros
from the last year, slideshows, music disks, the most pop niga
Format J Amiga
- niga Computing 90% - (Gold Award) 91% - “This is a must tor all
demo tans' 89% - “...good value for money" SPACEBALLS SCENE
CLIENT] MUI 3.6 (Shareware) new TRACEROUTE & PING & CD 'extras'
(call for info!)
MI k E?" V Id a' Choose y°ur country
* 7“* ij* b. Choose an ISP C-O m! ¦! C C • c. Input a few
variables Wanting to get onto the Internet? NetConnect gives
you all you need to get onto and use the Internet. Containing a
suite of commercially licenced software you won't find an
interface as easy-to-use as NetConnect s' We have spoken at
length to so many of our customers about getting onto the
Internet - we know exactly what you need and what you want. You
want software you can USE - not shareware but commercial
software, you want the hassle taken out of the installation and
you want a suite of the very best Amiga Internet software.
Indeed, to make NetConnect the very best we organised
programmers to enhance their software - so you get previously
non-released software. NetConnect contains a full TCP client
worth over £35 m itself! You can save masses of CCC's from
buying NetConnect as there is no need to licence the Internet
software - full versions all licenced for you!
NetConnect s GUI does more than control manage AmiTCP! It afso gives you a completely editable con bar (see pcs). A ‘Tools Daemon" style menu system and also a txne accumulator (which allows you to monitor time on the Internet and costs (which are much cheaper than people think!). No other Internet pack meets the specifications of NetConnect! Ask for a demo version for proof!
Modem Offer & Specifications 8 Modem!
E run-of-the-mill old PD CD releases coot hrs CD contains the complete collection ot Ft 100 Over 100 Mies or more than 200 d . If the daks were bou** separately There coiloctions from pte- OsnoewM titles from Tha CD is worth well methng for everyone AMITCP CONTROL GUI Supported by ISP's I ¦Worldwide* ARGAIN!
NetConnect allow* you to select I your country then select an ISP I Send your ordor lo:
* .ive Software. PO Box 151, 'iington. County Durham, 38YT,
3+44 (0)1325 352260 active** enter prise .net Wa stock many other com-1 pact discs. If you do not seel what you want listed call us for possible availability New CO's arriving deify!
NetConnect Software 3.5inch Disks E 54.95 NetConnect Software CD version E 54.95
28. 800 Modem £149.95
128. 800 Modem & NetConnect ico „ o-a.) £169.95 [Complete modem
and Internet suite ¦ Super Bargain!!] listed from over 30
different countries (28 from the UK!).
Nearly 100% of the WORLD is covered for any user who wants to buy NetConnect! No problem!
FI LICENCEWARE CD VOL I Sove over £30 with Enterprise!
• "One of the best gomes ever" AMIGA COMPUTING "There's only one
word for the graphics - superb!"
AMIGA FORMAT "The best Amiga fighting game ever" AMIGA GAMES , Germany "Technical Knock-Out!"
AMIGA JOKER f Germany JOLD _j 9 SUPERSTAR CLICK clkboom@io.org www.io.org -dkboom amiga
• f. ' $ 1 '
• a»-
• ar s 4 fi *f ! :: If-¦* . _ - - - r ’ - tr * * ACTUAL AGA
AMIGA SCREENSHOTS Amiga Workshop: Imagine • Soundlab • Wired
World plus: November 1996 £5.99 USS13.50-122500-ASCH23!
HIGHEST RATED GAME ast games ever" AMIGA COMPUTING ne word for le graphics - superb!'
AMIGA FORMAT ga fighting game eve AMIGA GAMES , Gc JOKER , Germany I C K On your CD-ROM:
• X-CAD 2000, the professional's computer aided design package
• Zillions of MIDI files
• Readers' programs Plus!
Games, demos and more... No CD-ROM? Ask your Newsagent NOW!
1 Macintosh still dominak-s the creative world w«h an 80S market share m colour publishing.
• 69% of post-production video editing is on Macs.
• Macintosh is the most w idely used system for the creatkm of
Internet web pages.
• Mat magazines (prntnhty the one you're reading right now ) are
created m Macintosh 3 TIME WOI NDS Al.l. HEELS-.

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