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Microsoft QuickBASIC for the PC, Workbench 2 and 3 enhanced, with a host of Amiga libraries, this is a fast, interactive compiler that feels like an interpreter. Complete with extensive manual and tutorial. HiSoft Devpac 3 Devpac 3 is the standard assembler development system on the Amiga. Gold-rated by virtually all the magazines, the package includes a 68000-68040 assembler, a fast linker, an integrated debugger and all with more features than most people will ever need. Complete with informative manual. Version 3.14 contains the Workbench 3 includes. Highspeed Pascal Highspeed Pascal is the only commercial Pascal compiler available for the Amiga and is a joy to use. Featuring Turbo Pascal S'* compatibility, a multi-window editing environment, incredibly-fast compilation speed (to memory or to disk), an integrated make utility for project management. Turbo Pascal units and much, much more, this is the package for anyone interested in structured programming on the Amiga.

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Document sans nom WATCH!
Art or pornography?
Internet... but has it lOOIVIb 3.5" floppies for a tenner!
Exclusive review!!!
Alien Breed 3D Plus Gloom the ultimate network shoot 'em up?
SII’IIUKIK Hsb 1399¦ U$ S7 !!! ¦ CASH 9b ¦ IIIjVUIB HIAl.llill¦ II16III) ¦ ASCII 1 U floppy drives .76 xl dr; internal drives overunve nu - £399 A4000 TOWER HEWLETT PACKARD 1 GIGABYTE 3.5 SCSI ..£459 MICROPOLIS 2 GIGABYTE 3.5 SCSI ..£659 4 GIGABYTE 3.5 SCSI .£1099 9 GIGABYTE 3.5 SCSI .£2199 HITACHI 340MB 2.5 IDE ......£189 510MB 2.5 IDE ......£299 810MB 2.5 IDE ......£599 1 GIGABYTE 2.5 IDE ..£719 OTHERS 80MB 2.5 IDE ..£70 120MB 2.5 IDE .£95 External IDE hard disk for the A500 comes complete with an internal ROM
M-TEC AT500 BARE ....£99 M-TEC AT500 420MB ..£259 Save 1.5MB on a standard floppy drive and 3MB when used in conjunction with the XL Drive 1.76. DISK EXPANDER ......£10 128 OPTICAL .£479 230MB OPTICAL .....£719
1. 3 GIGABYTE OPTICAL......£1999 230MB OPTICAL DISK ......£29.95
new product External PCMCIA 3.5" IDE hard disk OVERDRIVE BARE
.....£99 OVERDRIVE 420MB ...£259 2 TO 4 GIGABYTE
....£659 4 TO 8 GIGABYTE ....£899 2 TO 4
CARTRIDGE DL90 £12 4 TO 8 CARTRIDGE DL120 ...£19,95 ZIP
DRIVE 100MB SCSI £199.95 100MB DISKETTE ...£19.95 256 x
32 SIMM 72-PIN (1MB) . . . £40 512 X 32 SIMM 72-PIN (2MB) . .
. £75 1 X 32 SIMM (4MB) ...£139 2 X 32 SIMM
(8MB) ...£279 4 X 32 SIMM (16MB) ..£449 1 X 8 SIMM
32-PIN (1MB) ......£30 4 X 8 SIMM 32-PIN (4MB) .....£139 1 X 4
STATIC COLUMN A3000 . . £25 1 X 4 DIP .£25
256 X 4 DIP £5 1 X 1
DIP ..£5 CIA .....£12 GARY
...£19 PAULA ...£19 DENISE
..£19 SUPER DENISE .£25
KEYBOARD IC .£12 FAT AGNUS 1MB ......£19
£15 WORKBENCH 3.1 A500 2000 . . £85 WORKBENCH
3.1 A3000 4000 . . £95 ROM SHARE DEVICE ...£19
AURA £79.95 MEGALOSOUND ...£29.95
squirrel scsi interface included where you see this logo The
tower comes complete with 6 x
5. 25” drive bays, 5 x 3.5" drive bays, 7 x Zorro slots, 5 x PC
slots, real time clock and a 230 watt power supply.
£349 ScanDoubler II is a full 24-bit AGA f fixer which automatically de-intei all AGA screen modes and scan non-interlaced PAL NTSC modes t VGA monitors to display them. Supports VGA, S-VGA and Multiscan monitors Pixel sharp picture, even at 1440 horizontal resolution and has a standard 15-pin VGA type connector. Comes * composite video S-VHS outputs.
The award winning Power Scanner includes the following features: Scan in 24-bit at upto 200DPI (all Amigas not just AGA)*, Scan in 256 greyscales at up to 400DPI (all Amigas), Thru’port for printer connection. Fully supports AGA chipset. Display HAM8 2 images on a non-AGA Amiga ( image conversion), full editing f included. Works with 2.04 RC above, min 1MB (recommend 2MB).
24-bit colour A4 flatbed scanners, complete with software, cables arc manual. (Squirrel included with Paragon flatbed scanner) EPSON GT-6500 £539.95 24-BIT 1200DPI SCANNER PARAGON 600 .£399.95 24-BIT 600DPI SCSI SCANNER. INCl. SQUIRREL POWER SCAN 4 B W £89.95 POWER SCAN 4 COLOUR £169.95 OCR (BOUGHT WITH SCANNER) . . £20 OCR SOFTWARE .£49.95 POWER SCAN 4 S W ONLY . . £20 PC INTERFACE ? COL S W £49.95 PC INTERFACE + B W S W .£39.95 SCAN DOUBLER I Disk Expander can add upto to 50% to your hard drive capacity and works with all drives including SCSI, IDE, Floppies and even the
RAM disk. Disk Expander works on any Amiga with any Kickstart.
DISK EXPANDER £25 Backup to 520M8 onto a 4hr VHS tape. Version 3 has new backup modes for Amiga's with a 68020 or higher CPU.
VIDEO BACKUP SCART ..£65 VIDEO BACKUP PHONO .£60 OCTOGEN 2008 .....£129 TANDEM CD-DE UPGRADE TO VERSION 3 £20 SCSI-2 controller card for the Amiga 2000 4000. Upgradable to 8MB RAM.
Connect a CD-ROM, Syquest an IDE hd to your A2000 3000 4 Comes complete with cable and ROM 2.04 or above.
Award winning amiga peripheral manufacturers Mac and PC emulators for the Amiga.
MODULE ..£89.95 PC EMULATOR MODULE ) (0MB RAM) £699 00
68060 (0MB RAM) . . . £829 1 STANDARD ADD £139 IGVPADD
.....£159 £159 £549 e cursor control at your finger
alaces the mouse or trackball 1 Tap’ for an instant selection.
£59.95 A 68020 EC processor accelerator card for Increase your Amiga 500 2000 chip RAM to A 2MB RAM board for the A500 which fits the A500 and A500+, with an option to fit a total of 2MB. MegaChip does this by in the trap door slot, a 68881 or 68882 co-processor (PICC or using its own 2MB RAM and also now Ae,yj jMp £Qn PGA). This card can fit upto 4MB FAST includes a 2MB Fat Agnus. No soldering is RAM and is fully auto-configuring. Required. MEMORY CARDS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH GVP HARD DRIVE MEGACHIP RAM £159.95 512X RAM WITH CLOCK £24.95 512K RAM WITHOUT CLOCK £19.95 A500 68020 EC 0MB RAM £99.95
A600 1MB RAM ....£39.95 A500 68020 EC 4MB RAM £239.95 VGA ADAPTOR .....£15 A500. 1MB RAM ...£29.95 (12 £195.95
for the Amiga.
PICASSO II 2MB RAM .....£249.95 ¦QUOING TV PAINT JNR PICASSO II 2MB RAM £399.95 ¦CLUONIG TV PAINT 1 CYBERVISION 64 ..£329.95 aaao graphics engine, includes tmb v»eo oac ..£25 '»*T GRAPHICS ADAPTOR MAXIGEN 3 .... £299.95 CREDIT CARD NO.
EXPIRY DATE DELIVERY 2-3 DAYS £2.50 NEXT DAY £5 SAT £10 i prill bp accepted only s and conditions of tradt.
H are available on raqucst ALLOW UR TO 7 DAYS FOR CHEQUES TO CLEAR for product information sheets please call 01 234 273000 power computing ltd 44A B STANLEY STREET m 01234 352207 Bedford MK41 7rw .power contents CU AMIGA MAGAZINE • AUGUST 1995 Public Domain Get Serious Zip Drive 66 The long awaited latest version of the most famous paint package ever. Is it a significant improvement or an out of date classic?
• PD Scene 89 There's a lot of games this month, which means less
swirly demos than our Tech Ed would like, but there's still a
lot of quality for very little money.
• PD Utilities 93 More programs to enhance your Amiga and make
life easier. M value for money and variety is what you're after
then check these pages out I Goliath 68 The latest and perhaps
greatest of the third party video boards, the CyberVision is a
true 64-bit video engine.
Does it shape up? Will this be the future Amiga's display card?
Discology 68 The fastest Amiga accelerator ever and touted by Amiga Technologies as due for inclusion in the new 4000 060.
Here lies the future and the future is faaaaastl
• AFS 72 A1200 budget accelerator put through its paces. Under
powered accelerator, over powered RAM board or somewhere in
¦e Little Gem 7 Successor to the Mighty Mega Mouse, this high-res rodent turns lab rat.
• PC Task 76 A look at software that promises to give you a
secret edge to pull of the multi-million jackpot.
Players Guides
• Snip Tips
• Vampyra , • Valhalla 2 Solution 62 CD-ROMs, Internet sites and
clip art disks seem to be full to the brim with pictures of
Pamela Anderson and a host of other models and actresses.
It's all innocent fun, the suppliers claim, and many agree. But
where does copyright stand with these sources and who's to say
what's art, glamour or pornography? We examine what's
available to you or your children and delve into the darker
side of freely distributed sexual images.
Just who is being exploited? How do you avoid the wrong material and what do the 'experts' say?
Babe- watch 26 Cover Disks AMIGA 115 FULL PROGRAM OctaMED 5.04 16-Bit Sampling makes all Ihe difference ... Ike full, uncut progiam!
JU IUI Amiaas with WB? K ? IVIIGA AMIGA 116 hthnnt Dcmmi fca-t. II* »a Speris Legacy luttit itfvrnluir tun hum lrjm 11 Time Keepers horn T.ku AMIGA OctaMED 5.04 8 The king of music programs is back, and if you have a 16-bit sampler you'll love it. Pump up that volume, get a beat going and produce some muslcl Speris Legacy 12 Speris Legacy is an adventure akin to the famous Nintendo Zelda series. Guide a young hero through Speris Village and solve the mystery.
Time Keepers 13 Vulcan are back with this 80* .
Rated puzzler. Nothing like Valhalla, except in looks, this exclusive demo will provide you with plenty of brain teasing fun.
• ViroCop A500 53 He's cute, he's out hero. The metal one makes
to the 500 i Base Jumpers CD32 53 Bungee jumping with a lethal
twist. Dipsensible body parts ahoy.
E Alien Breed 3D 40 Eye popping, show stopp«ng shooting action e Super Streetfighter II 48 The beat em up we’ve all been waiting for is here but is it any good?
E Brutal Paws of Fury 50 Thasas skin .n fur firing in this annnal bast ¦•m ap. Fraaitv) Advertisers' Index Editorial This has been a good month for games with a Doom theme. First of all Gloom arrived on the scene with its superb two player link-up, then Alien Breed 3D showed up and swept us away with its incredible playability and superb one-on- one combat mode. And they said Doom could never be recreated on the Amiga? Speaking of which we have a little news piece on a demo which landed on AmiNET around mid- _ July and knocked our socks off. Not only is the 3D rendering in the demo better than
anything else we've seen, even Doom itself, but it includes a 'real' 3D mode. Switch into this, don a pair of 3D viewing glasses (green and red lensesl and it s wicked I Thank you for a superb response to our Amiga technologres questionnaire Unfortunately we haven't been able, as promised, to get answers to the questions many of you raised in letters, because they are holding a UK press conference in the UK on August 16th. Followed by a DevCon on August 17th. It should be good, and we should get some answers there.
Alan Dykes. Editor.
Editorial EDITOR Alan Off at last' Dyke.
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Market Harborough LE16 9EF Tel UK BFPO *47 40 SURFACE ROW *65 00 AIRMAIL EUROPE (80 00 AIRMAIL ROW ZONE 1 *60 00 Q+A Masterclass 120 Brighten up your day with a fancy shell icon, a snazzy workbench and a handy program that makes running another easier.
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Points of View 130 PRINTED IN THE UNITED KINGDOM ABC 51,409 Jul - Dee 1664.
Our new Stateside correspondent dishes the dirt.
1ST COMPUTIR CINTR* 6113-231444 GTI 1? BIT SOFTWAftt ACTIVE SOFTWAW 82 b 83 01325-J62260 AMIGANUTS 34.02 01701-140043 ANALOGIC 71 01I1-S4S-0S7S ANCO 08 C 01122-2S0M18 BRIAN FOWKA COMPUTERS 23 01362466756 CU AMGA CLASS* 110 PAGES 11V11001714724700 DATEL 14 b 15 01702-744707 EPIC MARKETING 18. 70 b 70. 07 01703-400080 EMERALD CREATIVE 64 0101-7164666 EXCLUSIVE PO OS 01706442400 FOURTH LEVEL DEVflOPOMNT 11fe710117-006-4466 FAST COMPUTER SERVICES 81 0171 262 3661 GORDON HARWOOOS 17.44. 57 01771-830781 OILLET MULTIMEDIA 81 01341460203 GREYTRONICS 43 0181-6860073 t To enter one of these simply put n
Perk. LathkUl Street.
S (me postage) 12 H d or sold on without HI SOFT OWL PO SOFT M 40 0171 06837 01526-718181 01S43-260377 011702-466933 POWER COMPUTING LFC, 3, LB.C 01234443388 PREMKR MAX. OROEP 128 01288-277172 SEASOPT SIERRA ON LINE SKICA SYSTEMS SOFTWARE 2000 SOFTWOOO PRODUCTS SPECIAL RESERVE UNDERGROUND PO VISAGE COMPUTERS I WIZARD DEVELOPMENTS I ZONE 1 01734-303322 0181-306-1111 01374478068 32 b 33 86 6 87 74 6 74 01322-272908 01784413365 A TRAIN . CONSTRUCTION SET ADEN BREED T.'ASSAULT(512Ki ARCADE POOL A ARD WINNERS 3 CIVILISATION. ELITE 3. LEMMINGS
19. 49 OUNSHP 2000 ... 32 *9 CRICKET MASTERS PT 30 DAILY C0UM.E
22. 49 DIME 2 • BATTLE FOR ARRAKIS 12 99 ELITE I512K) 1949 I r£
1249 FOFTMULA1 • WORD CHAMPCNSP 14 99 ED TON (512K1 ..
10. 99 • DATA DISK
(4MB4HOR) 64 99 UFO ENEMY UNKNOWN 16 99 OB ROUTE Pll« 36 99
*4 £2 ooal. OAFAP MANAGER ** - DO pfZTr.
• s: :c «u». Sppm »: dpi «.=on-s ANO FREE PRINTER LEAD OTHER
35 99 1 MB A500 RAM WITH
CLOCK TO ..44.99 4 MB RAM
Ggaafc •V.C-. ¦ :v‘. •' ¦aBBfc i-fhfin M iV4te i' asaT M ..... & v.ii.i-
• maUvaly.
* 4 ¦¦ HARO DRIVE 12 MS ACCESS TIME 64K CACHE 279 99 tm m a*o sio
mb 2 r haro DRIVEs have a three year warranty OVERDRIVE CD
ROM169.99 H FOR**?00 coM=ATifiiL v; t», many ¦ TITLES DOUBLE
KOM0AT 2 1949 MR Blf*®Y (S12K) 5 *9 NEW WORLD OF LEAMNGS '9 *9
MANAGER 2 1S.99 PolVERORIVE .....134®
Ti.s 57.99 CD32 GAMES UFO • ENEMY UNKNOWN .....1 A1200 UTILITIES PC TASK V 3 1 ..... PHOTOGEN ICS VI2 VISTA PRO (LITE) I MORI (EDRO* MDR) 21 WOROWORTM V31 ADA (EDRORK3RI 53 AMIGA UTILITIES OATASTORE DATABASE SYSTEM 4a DELUXE PAINT 3......s DELUXE PAINT 5 (WBINCH 2 04.1 53 DIRECTORY OPUSS Si 10am to 8pm 7 days a weel 01279 600204 Or Fu 01279 725842 - conflrm r®c» Member* only but you can order a* you )W Annual UK Membership C7 includes 12 uues o« tha dub magaant with £180 worth ot XS Savars Ova 250.000 people have |o«ned Special R®s®rve and w® are th® large®! Computer gam®* club in th® world.
Wa Mao hava two vary Impraaaiv* club ahopa which alock our anllro rang* SPECIAL RESERVE CLUB SHOPS 10am 111 8pm 7 DAYS A WEEK!
SIX MOUTHS 4 Itumt £4.00 £4.00 £7.00 Each itau® Fxiu0®t CIS of n®w XS Sav®ra M®rro® * at® unoat no obtgalKH Ajl pncM rncKxM VAT and ca rtag® (o MOST UK mainland addrestas Mardwar® it®ma (Uan®ry or mains) ar® cxVy M plied to lh® UK manland Ovoraeas surcharge C2.00 per software item or 2SS on olher lloms "OUR phone No_Machine_ Emer m®rrf ership number (4 aa*c®D«) Or NEW MEMBERSHIP FEE IAMWUAL UK7.00J pia DISKS ETC.
4. . OiSKSAHf foaou...££ ¦ 1 I AND SjPPuED ¦ ¦ ¦ WITH LABELS PACK
A cross-section of other features 5 TO 8 CHANNEL MODE: This feature puts the Octa in OctaMED allows eight samples to be played simultaneously, doubling the hardware limit. Open the Song Options window (Song menu) and click on one of the channel morlo buttons, answering Halve in the requester. Now open Block Properties IBIock menu) and increase the number of tracks to the number of channels you have chosen. Now use the extra tracks!
TRACK SELECTION: Mute a track (stop its notes being heard) by clicking on its blue button just above the Tracker editor. Click it again to re-enable.
TEMPO CHANGING: The sliders at the top right change the song's speed. It's best to use the longer of the two.
PROGRAMMABLE KEYS (Settings menu): Save time while editing by assigning notes or groups of notes to the key combinations Shift- 1 to Shift-0.
AUTOMATIC SLIDES (Edit menu): Create effective pitch and volume slides the easy way.
CUT COPY PASTE (Block, Track, Edit menus): Wordprocessor-like juggling with whole blocks, tracks or a section of block (drag the mouse over a block to mark a section or 'range').
INSTRUMENT PARAMETERS (Inst Params button): Allows meticulous control over instruments.
MULTI-MODULES (first three items of Song menu): Allows several songs to share the same set of instruments.
For further information on any of these and in fact any aspect of the program, simply press the Help key.
A Sample CITs eenancieg jungle Deck ©elcome to the best musical cover disk giveaway yet! MED in its various incarnations has risen over six years from being just another Soundtracker clone to a supremely comprehensive sound system. It sports many powerful composition and sampling tools unseen in any other package.
And who better to guide you through it than Ed Wiles, author of the OctaMED 5 Companion.
Loading the demo Song Let’s hear what OctaMED can do.
Firstly, select Open from the Project menu. Put OctaMED disk 2 into any drive, then click on Volumes in the file requester then on OctaMED Disk2. Now click on the Modules drawer, and doubleclick on the Jungalistic file.
When it's loaded, click Play Song (top-left corner) and sit back and relax for a bit. Doesn't it look pretty with all those equalizer bars Samples - What are they?
All Ihe instruments we’ve encountered so far have been 'samples'.
Samples are created by feeding a signal from, say, a CD player into the Amiga through a ‘sampler' cartridge. Absolutely any sound can be a sample, from a soothing violin to an insane Riddleresque cackle.
OclaMED provides a comprehensive sample creator editor, opened using the Edit Sample button (top right). The black squiggle in this window is a graphical representation of the sample. Sections of sample can be cut, copied and pasted, just like using a word- processor. Mark a section or 'range' by holding the left mouse button and dragging along the sample, before selecting any range-affecting function. Also try magnifying or reducing the waveform using Zoom In or Out.
In practice, the vast majority of samples have been created for you - any Public Domain library would be happy to provide you with thousands. OctaMED's extremely useful way of keeping track of your possibly mammoth instrument collection is hidden in the Sample List Editor (Display menu): a list of all your samples and their location. Click Add Dir to add a directory full of samples to the list, then save it using Save List.
There are two major alternatrves to samples. One is synthetic sounds - yes, let nostalgia permeate the air as C64-style analogue squelches emanate from your speakers. For an introduction, click Edit SynthS (top right), and in the window select Project menu - New Synthsound before clicking on the large left-hand spotted box.
Choose anything from the Presets menu - how about Ramp Up? - then play the instrument (if it’s too low, use function keys F2 - F5 to The other alternative is MIDI: you can use OclaMED with any instrument sporting MIDI IN and OUT sockets (many keyboards do), and you'll also need a MIDI interface. Connect it all up, then click Inst Params (top middle) and adjust the MIDI Channel. Preset and Volume sliders for each instrument you want to use. Switch MIDI Active and Input Active on (MIDI menu) and you're ready to roll.
The F» G' F G
* fe km-hcU mic Macfc IHNI It M and that? You'll find the long
STOP button up near Play Song when you've had enough. Try using
Cont Song to restart the song.
Very nice. But what does it all mean? Well, there are three components to any OclaMED song: the instruments, the blocks and the playing sequence. Let's look ¦t each in turn.
Instruments The number and name of the currently selected instrument (01.1 got to hold on) runs along the top kne of the screen, together with ts size in bytes (11202). See it?
0*. Now tty changing instruments by holding down Shift and press- r g the right and left arrow keys.
OctaMED has room for 63 instruments (memory permitting), but in this song there are no instruments pest number 0D.
Fc allow you to play the instruments, OctaMED arranges the
• eyboard into nearly three piano- styte octaves (see diagram).
So key Z plays note C. X note D and
• o on. Go on. Try out all the instruments: select an
instrument as descnbed above, then use the Wytxjard to play it.
You'll get the
• lee quickly.
The blocks Wtat about the actual music?
* *•. It is in fact the cryptic rows d letters and numbers in the
mid- *• of the screen, a far cry from trMoonal music notation
i*«hoogh this is supported) but
• ener to enter and more flexible.
Tf«s area is known as the Tracker eotor a reference to Soundtracker
* n ch pioneered the system.
Each row or Tine’ contains columns or tracks', corresponding to the Amiga's four sound channels, and each track contains one 'note'. A typical note might be C-2 10C32. This means ‘play note C using octave 2 (keys Q to U) on instrument 01’. The 0C32 bit is a player command' (this one means play the note at half volume') which we'll ignore for now.
Lines are numbered at the very left. Hold the down arrow to move through the music, and notice that the last line is probably number 063: this is a 64-line 'block' (64 because the first line is 000 rather than 0011 OctaMED plays each line of a block in turn as they pass through the white bar.
So a block is a small section of music, and a song consists of many of these blocks. Hold the left Alt key and press the up arrow to move to the first block, block
000. Its number, together with its name (not actually given in
this block) and the number of the song's last block (019),
is shown four lines from the top of the screen on the right.
Try using the down and up arrows while holding Shift to
change blocks.
Seq So does OctaMED play each block in the song in turn, starting from the first block and ending at the last? Nope! You have far more control than that. Blocks can be played in any order, and the same block can crop up over and over again. This is where the block system gets really useful, because repeated sections like choruses need only be entered once.
The order in which the blocks should be played is.called the playing sequence. Now, find the The playing sequence word Chord just above the Tracker editor on the left. Got it? Right, click on the Sq button directly above it. And the Playing Sequence window should appear Drag the scroll bar on the right up to the top if necessary.
Each line in this window is numbered and contains a block number and name. So the second block OctaMED will play in this song is... block 007, right? Not too difficult. If you drag the window down a little bit. You'll be able to reach the Ray Song button to watch the playing sequence in action.
Elay Display Zooe In lanyt Display Nan if or Pitch: [*ir|C-2| Shoe 111 SanylK I B«ffer Digitize The song Right, now that we roughly understand what an OdaMED song consists of. Let's try making one of our own. It’ll only be one block's worth of drum beat, but even Mozart started simply so without any further ado let’s get started ... (Firstly, well clear the existing song, but we'll keep its instruments in memory to save loading in more. Close the Playing Sequence window, then select Project menu - New, and in the window click Clear Current.
2 Find the Edit and Space boxes (above and to the left of the Tracker editor). Click on both of them. When Edit is on. Playing instruments with the keyboard enters the notes played into the Tracker editor. Space skips every second line, a real time-saver as we’ll discover.
Feel that pink aura Gel hold of Hi-Soft's Aura card for the A600 A1200 and OctaMED can play 16-bit samples as well as 8-bit. A sixleenfold increase in quality. To set it up, load any sample and convert it to 16-bit by clicking Aural6 in the Instrument Type window (click on Type, far top right). Then select Settings menu - Aura Sampler, and click Active. Presto!
You'll want to set the minimum period limit, the highest pitch OctaMED can play at using the card. The ideal value depends on the speed of your computer, so find it by repeatedly playing a 16-bit sample at a high pitch and sliding Minimum Pitch down. If OctaMED freezes while playing, the value is too low. When you've found the optimum setting, select Settings menu • Save Settings.
Digitizing (sampling) procedure is as for 8-bit samples, although remember to set 16-bit in Instrument Type. Open the Sample Editor (Edit Sample button), and type the required sample size into the Buffsize box (top row). Now click Monitor to test the incoming signal. And Digitize to begin sampling. Interrupt sampling using the right mouse button.
3 Select instrument number 04.
A bass drum (hold Shift and press left or right arrow).
4Now to enter our first notel Press the O key once (letter 0 not number 0). Then down arrow once. Did you hear a bass drum sound? There should now be note D-3 40000 on line 000. And line 004 should be highlighted. (Notice the effect of Space: lines 001 and 003 were automatically skipped).
5 Everything OK? Goodl Select instrument 07 (using Shift-right as usual), then enter it TWICE using the 0 key again. So you should now be on line 008.
6 Assuming you’re on line 008 without any problems, perform steps three to five a further seven times. You should end up back at line 000. (Don't forget to press down arrow in step 4!)
7 Let’s put an extra kick’ on every eighth line. Press right arrow while holding Alt. And the grey cursor should move across to the second track, track 1 (OctaMED does have this habit of starting at zero). Make sure you’re on line 000. Now select instrument 06, then using the O and down arrow keys, enter note D-3 60000 on every eighth line (000,
008. 016...). 8 To audition our aural artwork, press Play Block
(top left). Well, it probably won’t win a Grammy, but do
feel free to enter it.
If you're feeling ambitious, you could have a shot at a melody on track two. Switch Edit off (see step two), select a suitably melodic instrument (probably 0B) and try picking out a favourite tune on the keyboard. When you’re happy, switch Edit back on, move to track 2 (Alt-right) and fire away.
Here's the start of a seasonal ditty for you: (starting on line 012, press these keys) U 9 P P down P down down 9 U 9 U 6 U And if you really feel like a good experiment, add new blocks using Block menu - New - Append followed by Shift-down.
How about trying your hand at a playing sequence too? When you've finished, select Project menu - Save and type the required filename into the long text box before clicking Save.
As you’ll soon discover, OdaMED really is incredibly versatile - have a look at the box-out: and you’ll be knocking out hits in no time. Enjoy it! ¦ Biwrit | J le on the ultv * iway.
Nal dilty ¦i & i TradeDesk (min qty 3) +44(0)117 Voice: 955 8225 lax: 955 9157 COVJ ANHGA|«* SSff i - fSperisU9»cV Time If Zelda-like adventure takes your fancy then The Speris Legacy could be just what you are after.
Plus Rated 80% last month. Time Keepers is a refreshingly playable and good fun puzzle game from the makers of the Valhalla series.
Demo Ohere was a time, in a land far.
Far away.
A land of heroes A land of kings and maidens. A land full of ordinary folk wandering aimlessly over and back on the same patch of ground muttering clues. A land where strange doors open and aliens appear, shooting great galloping golf balls of destruction at any heroes that might get in their way.
Evil offspring This is Speris land. And in Team 17's demo (and the full game) you play the part of Cho. A young knight who is charged with saving the Kingdom from destruction at the hands of the King's evil son.
The game itself is due for release in September, review of it this ™ month, but a couple of changes have had to be made to it after the first part of play testing was completed, so you're going to have to wait until the next issue for the review. In the meantime have a go at this brilliant demo.
The Speris Legacy is joystick controlled. In this demo you have Timekeepers © Demo It's all a question of control kiS-v|L From left to right: Undo a command, go forward, go back, go left, go right, wait a few moments, jump, operate an object, attack, pause or freeze the game, go back to earlier levels, load save option.
To prepare yourself for the game by collecting an essential item and finding out just exactly what your mission is.
You start off on the top right hand side of the map and from there, using the joystick as a Sectional controller, you will need to visit every single available part of Speris Town and talk to everyone to solve the mystery.
A bit of a chat Ta «ing to people is a simple matte* of walking up to them. When you are beside them a mouth con will appear over Cho's head.
Pressing fire now creates a nxftiple choice speech box on the bottom of the screen. Click on the phrase you want to use erd the other person or creature w* answer you. Answers some- trres create a new speech option Similarly, when you walk up to an object that's strange an eye wii appear oyer Cho's head and pressing fire will bring up a description, in Cho's words, of Remember it all "c- wji have to find and pick up
• .$ items, which is done by
• Msmg the fire button while saandmg in front of them. The fire
taaoon is also used to select Mns »i the inventory. In this
Mreo you will only pick up one of Mae before it ends. This item
is preHy essential for any adventurer : -• you'll find out
what it is as M demo progresses.
Remember. The most impor- «M tfvng to do is gather informa-
* cn from absolutely everyone in M demo. Only then will you tee*
the mystery. Note: you Mil remember what everyone seys because
they will not repeat
* d you return Good luck.
Vulcan Software are perhaps best known for their Valhalla series which featured a cute, talking prince character who was trying to work his way around a kingdom.
TimeKeepers, whilst retaining the same graphical style as Valhalla is a new departure. The puzzles are of a completely different nature to the older games. You've got to lead a band of carefully chosen policemen through a complex series of puzzles.
This demo introduces you to three parts of the first level. After imekeepers is a rather f excellent game from the Vulcan stable.
Un-DMSing the disk to a brand shiny new floppy you simply re-start your Amiga with it in drive and the demo will autoboot.
It's all very simple to get to grips with. There is a control panel at the bottom of the screen which contains commands. These must be placed in front of the soldiers to get them to go in a specific direction, operate something, jump or fight. Use the mouse to select the icon you want and click to place it on a tile, where it will remain until replaced or blanked.
You start off each level at the bottom with all your little men dashing frantically to and fro.
Scrolling up through to the end of the the screen you'll be able to spot exactly where the flashing yellow circle is that you need to get to.
However, before you can send your men on a homeward bound journey, you've go to do some homework first.
Each level and world has its own seemingly unsurmountable obstacles to contend with. It's not easy, you’ve got 14 men and all you can see in their path are ponds of molten lava, broken bridges, angry looking blobs, closed off passageways and plenty of strange looking levers and boulders.
The best way to find out the easiest route to the transporter is to to send one man on ahead to open up passageways and fix bridges, thus making the way clear for all the other chappies.
Normally, this involves pressing a lever or two. But be careful: press the wrong lever and things could go astray. But we don't want to give the game away altogether now do we? Why not try out the demo for yourself and see. ¦ X01782 744707 24hr IVInil Order Hotline buying direct from the manufacturer means both low s and a service second to none With this un-interruptable power supply A The (Jennifer Graphic Tablet ubllses let eel technology to offer up lo 1000 dpi resolution at the tip of a stylus.
A Complete •»«' digitizing area plus super accurate stylus combine to enable fast, accurate and easy control A Works by ¦ mouse emulation- so the Genituer will wort A The Genitusr tits in the serial port of your Amiga SOOftOOWSOO 12QV1SOQHOOO and 'co-exists' with mouse.
A Unlike a mouse, the tablet gives absolute coordinates so that tracking and menu selections are possible from the tablet lace.
A A pressure sensitive switch built Inlo the stylus tip activates the Tablet overriding the normal mouse Input. When you are not using Vie Tablet, you have to continue unaffected.
The SMART UPS 300 has both LED and audible alarm to Indicate that tha mains has lailad. Alerting the user to enable a shut down as required. Because many system lallures are caused by mains fluctuation and not always mains failure theSMART UPS 300 also has EMI and RFI noise filters to deliver super dean power A An easy to handle Scanner featuring 105 n scanning width & 400 dpi resolution enables you to scan graphics taut Into your Amiga soo soowwxyi 2oan 50012000 A Includes hard diak transfer to run under Workbench A Scan Grey Software Included to convert half tone Images to true Grey scales
Includes A editing, zoom A processing featurss. I A Save images in suitable format for most ¦ leading packages including PHOTON PAINT. I DELUXE PAINT, etc. A View window and position control panel.
A Powerful partner for DTP that allows for cul ft pasta editing ol Imegee etc. Thi BEST SELUNG MIDI INTERFACE FOR THE AMIGA A Full •pMMcaMon Midi In, Midi Thru and Hull HJI out toclaU f VE16.99 TURBO FIRE SLOW M0 & AUTOFIRE 8 WAY SUPERSWITCH.
FOR REAL V ARCADE STYLE GAMES Explore the data hidden on Credit Cards.
Debit Cards. Dit Security & Membership Cards etc. Simply swipe your card and read the contents Reads tracks 1.2 and 3 Plugs into your Amiga Joystick Port.
AUTOFIRE SPEED SELECT A low price real time video frame grabber for the A500 Save images as Raw or IFF Mono digitizing at an affordable price Goliath is a direct power supply replacement with a difference! If you have an Amiga with a large hardrive. Extra memory, accelerator board or Indeed any powerful add-on then a standard Amiga power supply just cannot cope. The Gollialh packs more power than you can possibly naad.
A Fan cooled. A On Off switch.
A Heavy duly case. A 13 Amp uk approved mains lead.
A Switch mode electronic system a Direct plug-ln replacement.
A Full 200 watt output. A Also available for cd 32.
IDEAL FOR DTP etc THE ANSWER TO ALL YOUR DISK BACKUP PROBLEMS SYNCRO EXPRESS Is a sophisticated hardware and software package that works by directly controlling your second drive aa a slave device ignoring the Amiga's own disk drive controller.
This way SYNCRO EXPRESS delivers power to backup programa.whan other backup sv MP a The most powerful disk backup system ever a Menu driven selection of start end conceived. Irack. Upfo 05 tracks. IV A Very simple fo use requires no user interface. A Totally "transparent" hardware a Powerful SYNCRO MOOE' actually switches out automatically when no!
Synchronises your drives lo echieve even greater In uaa.
Here at Datel we have , been A designing 1 exciting ¦ computer I peri ph era !-.U Joi over W ¦ 0 years.
By dealing direct with the a manufacturer you can t V* be sure we offer the latest products at V the keenest prices.
Our sales and Q* technical staff will be pleased to advise you and we will deliver your order to your door i within days.
Why not give us a try.
1500 2000 POWER SUPPLY A This Amiga video interlace allows you to output S-VIOEO or COMPOSITE PAL from your Amiga.
A Connects to Amiga monitor port Thru connector allows standard Monitor to be connected simultaneously A Separate output gives S-VIOEO or COMPOSITE PAL output (please slate which required) A Ideal tor many video applications Including titles etc. Switch Mode Electronic System.
Direct replacement Cool Running Fits 1500 end I
Low. Low price A Blasts out A Clip onto 10 watts your TV of power! Monitor.
A Allows Amiga to be used with any SCART TV it you don't have an Amiga monitor r -A-oware Software Mctodlng Sound Sampler contents a Built -In 2 bass refle amplifier.
A Built -In 2 way I bass reflex I amplifier.
2" tweeter 3" woofer. 1 50 WATT WOOFER Built-In high quality 50 peak output power amplitler.
Delivers un-matched low end power.
Can be combined with speakers above to create a total sound system.
Master volume conlrol ¦¦ to- wddIc- as well as Bj ty Quiet operation.
Small footprint slimline design.
Built-in anti-dick feature.
Daisy chainable via thru port.
No need for external PSU.
A Chinan Mechanism . W A Features special ' H eject button. V a Quiet operation.
A Includes mounting pillars.
A Comprehensive Instruction manual.
Amiga 500 500plub order am ACTION LINE BBS | fc*C*FTX* 4 VIEW NUMBER J1782 744199 cover How to disks I am,ga aanrn "T12VT - OctaMED 5.04 SpensUgacy [if YOUR DISK WON'T LOAD , W« ga It gnat trouble to more that the CU Amiga Magazine com disks mil work on cannon Amiga mol I ah Howrvet if yau *• esperieace problems Mew this single guile We also wgereasfy vires check oar | cam inks so a hraaioi vires checker H seme etcage ear atteabea we caeaol assant respeesitahty hi ft.
J1: lenave al arf aggrades aad pengh h- « griaters aad modem Sam trapdoor exgansi ..... 11 tkt ¦ | 3 Iisou •,--- | Urn If I la art Spa zzzsrjE DiskXgress helgime oa MSI 111 711 h 'cr- If they advise that tho disk h faulty. Fill ia year details in the farm below, and sand this lorn, along with the » n mey aowse uiai ibc i 1 faulty cover disk and a 2!p stamped self addressed envelope to: ' CU Aaiiga Magazine Disk Returns. DiskXgress. Unit 7, Willow Court Benton Industrial Pari Bourton-on-lhe- Watet Gloucestershire GLM 2HQ.
(RAMI:---- I ADORISS I I | DISK NUMHI:-------------------------------------------------------- I DESCRIBE EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TRY TO LOAD THE DISK: I Im OF AMIGA 0W1IED Before you start ... Make a back-up copy of your cover disks before you do anything. This will save you endless trouble if you erase or damage your disks.
If you aren't sure about how to make a back-up just follow our guide to the right. Make sure to rename your back-up disks to match the originals.
For example, the copy of OctaMED 5.04 will be automatically renamed ‘Copy of Disk 115' by the Amiga. Use the Rename option from the Workbench menu, deleting the Copy of prefix. This is absolutely essential, because the program may not work otherwise.
Ike Ml. Won !»"«"” AM,ga II lW» r-1- “ Making a back-up is easy:
1. Take a spare blank disk.
2. Boot with your Workbench disk and load the Shell program. This
can be found in the System drawer double click on it.
3. Now type in the following line and press Return: diskcopy from
dfO: to dfO:
4. You'll now be prompted to insert the source disk (115.116
etc). After a few minutes you'll be asked to insert your blank
On some Amigas you may have to swop disks more than once during copying.
5. Once finished type in the following, and then press Return:
endcli You now have a back-up.
Time Keepers OctaMED 5.04 OctaMED 5.04 has boon compressed to tit onto one disk. It normally resides on two disks though so you will need two blank disks to decompress it and get it running.
Start oil by inserting your COPY o( cover disk 115 into the internal drive ol your Amiga. Reboot the machine and alter a shor while a loading screen will appear. This will feature two mini OctaMED disks in the bottom right hand corner.
Double click with the tight mouse button on Disk 1 (or press FI to decompress the first disk. Swop the cover disk for a blank one when the on-screen prompt tells you. When your disk has been decompressed onto the blank you will see a prompt which asks you to insert cover disk 115 again. Do ttirs, then label your newly created disk 'OctaMED 5.04 disk 1' Now, with your second blank disk to hand, click on the disk icon entitled Disk 2 This will start decompressing OctaMED 5.04 disk 2. Once agoin insert the blank disk when prompted to and when your AMIGA finally tells you replace disk 115 do so
and ther label your new disk OctaMED 5.04 disk 2'.
Store your covor disk copy in a sale place and you now hove a fully functioning two disk version of OctaMED 5.04 See instructions for use on page 10.
Time Keepers Time Keepers is tho second demo on this disk and is also tightly packed. To uncompress it put tho COPY of disk 116 in your internal drive and reboot. After a short while a screen will appear ask ing you to type 'Time' to uncompress tho file. With a single blank disk to hand, type Time and press return. Then follow the onscreen instructions which tell you when to insert the blank disk After this a prompt will appear that states All Done ... actually no which is Mat s little joke. You actually have to put disk 116 back into the disk drive to unpack a second lot of tracks. Follow
the prompt which tells you to do this and wait for it to ask you tc insert tho blank disk again (which should already has one half of the demo on it at this stage). This time when it says All Done!' It means it. Replace disk 116 in the drive when prompted to and label your new disk Time Keepers demo. To run it, simply reboot your Amiga with your new disk in the internal drive.
The Speris Legacy The Speris Legacy is also packed lightly to fit onto disk 116. To uncompress it insert your COPY of disk 116 into the internal drive ol your Amiga. Reset the machine and after a short while a loade screen will appear which asks you to type 'Speris' to uncompress this demo. With a single blank disk ready to hand, type Speris an press return. Then follow the on-screen instructions which tell yo when to insert the blank disk. After it has unpacked you will bo asked to insert disk 116 again. This will return you to the original loading screen. Label your new disk ‘Speris Legacy
demo’. To rut it put this disk in your drive and reset your Amiga.
WRITE PROTECT YOUR DISKS Belore you do anything, write protect your cover disks. Cover disk 111 must be write protected before you begin the decompression process, otherwise you may overwrite the original data. Disk 112 does not need to be write protected, but it's a good idea to do so anyway as a precautionary measure.
H*S The World s Fastest Amiga!
CYBERSTORM - THE FIRST and ONLY 68060 ACCELERATOR FOR THE A4COO taAfrrJeia& a&xti AM conpatMtf toct).
When CdrcRttm a 5CMHz tttfO txard.
Ren&is a toi graphic with Imagine 2.0 software, the processing time is FAST.. Ju« 2.45 minutes • Compare this with
10. 34 mitts on a standard A40O3 OMV25!
Cybcrslorm 68060 50 50MHz fflttO, Qmh Ihp. To IfflMb) iPHONE!
«bal A*HV*«VlVXV20n0 o.Syfl3!
Suodnd A120» GAINS YOU'LL i
* "» wtfttHtW AtnmuTO '» '-h.)-*, ¦» »« 28MHz 68EC020 A1200
TURBO 4Mb, 32-Bit RAM Expandable to 8Mb i a«ard-wlnning BUZZARD
1220 4 4Mb TURBO... br the best price, performance ratio of any
A1200 32-Bit RAM a on the market incorporating everything a
good memory n should - such as a Real Time Clock. RAM
Ffl etc. And, with its Motorola Processor running the 32-Bit 4 ai an amazing 28MHz. The 1220 4 has broken all the harriers!
R facts for yourself and fit the BEST Amigi A12X1 Turbo Memory Ka wsl mrFRtE Technical Brochure rraed 28MHz 68EC020 Clock Speed Douhlcr for up to 300* al perfomuiKe increase cry Installed A Tested 4Mb 32-Bit FAST RAM mdahlc to8Mb with Blizzard Add-t Board (Med Battery Backed Real Time Clock Trapdor Installation if full tames- 1220 4 Turbo 28MHz 68EC020 1 €fc 52-BX Fast RAM. Expandalvlc to 8Mb il99« l*4-t Board ¦ extra 4Mb for 1220 4 1 BWS-M Fast RAM acklixs £169* Wwrola Maths Co processors ¦MI HCC tvpe Wi. 2VMMHZ £Call THE AWARD WINNING AT200 RAM ECPANSI0N1 *«« SaoplNT Ukim dtrt y jwiwo
ftr ttnr.tagi ft TO tvit yin turrit-. Npfca' IMHz 168030 A1200 TURBO 'ACCELERATOR - 0Mb Expandable to 128Mb performing A1200 68030 Accelerator!
The NEW 12301V is the successor to the market leading 1230111 bourd.
Not only his there been an INCREASE in spccificatkxi. But at the same time, a DECREASE IN PRICE1 With iLs 50MHz 68030 and MMU, the new 12301V offers EVEN MORE for LESS! Up to 500* perfcrnonce gain is achieved and options via its Fast ExponsWn Bus indude Modules such as a SCSI-2 Controller. A standard SIMM socket provides fin up to 128Mb aui.Konfiguring 32-Bit FAST RAM (or 256Mb with SCSI-2 opticn).
• Easy Trapckxn Installation
• Battery Backed Self Recharge RT Clock-Calendar
• High performance DMA expunskm with full 32-Bit wide DMA
• W030 may he dtuttcd with a simple kcysrokr «i hoot up allowing
full games ccmpatMlty • even badly programmed, older software!
. PGA FPU Socket allowing optional 50MHz, mi FPU 1230-IY Turbo1 vi.Mltz (»«)» MMU Omb 32-Bit Fast RAM. Expandable to 32Mb
* 199* SCSI-2 Module1 for 1230-V Turbo (with additional 128Mb
SIMM socket) m* Motorola Maths Co-processors 68882 PGA type
FPU, 50MHz 4Mb SIMM RAM Expansion 32-Bit. 72 pin (Call for
larger SIMMs prices)
Btoaid mJ Cvtxr piutois tow k*d lie »vf fa .Vmp aM on txm*. Enmdrg pctfararxe tor 4k- line ini tcune* imt zITO Ito w cnaTOidy irinrwt TO htftod tiupnrr mUb S mitt Nrt Mrjran* Ton. Ilu fn TO rtnUuikn 1 TO fctfi IfflST «i» of «A infaobp- add in hunk zratiNc for YOU Airip. Htoini ini Citn in- ipi TO nine m nwrw1 4 fc* rif i VIXO lW-aiO Vxof A *XO Am*® kui wi warnc m father rrvncilxa.
Ivaifol*' JntyiurWr 95 •lniiYI!ftllbyu»V*'55 mtga ue fOOD COMPUT TREET. AIFRETON.
773 83i 773 83 1260 Turbo150MHz 68060 & MMI Omb 32-Bit Fasi RAM. Expandable to 64Mb *577 SCSI-2 Module*’ for 12)0 Turbo , (with additional 128Mb SIMM socket) £99” a *-LMMHa jCZc iialw' 68060 War V®r A”00 TURBO A ACCEIERATOR • Omb ExpandaW to 128Mb The *060 revolution is here for YOUR Al 500 2000 too!
The T» Bhzarl 3»J cfler. Ibr same fanits peifmuftr as die ISO to the AMIGA 15(1! Md 2X0 wo; whihl lilowirg up to l»fc RAM 2060 Turbo- 5061Hz 68060 & MMU Omb 32-Bit Fast RAM, F-xpandabie to 128Mb *099* Btoiti vd Cvt« iK trail tv« W)K*OLV 6«W xtie wt*l (aid iv it virr ci oil omptiiB tonil They Toip rut VTTUX TO dnwi Utif(j vfeof.jii* bd dwa by ttmob »pmnf in» poMtfc w Wen wo (W ten m AMU OAI to eoBpfe lieijrfy «h* vw |o - iw i ). TfareKfi a 2WU OT.' MaW » Vivetz1 lAoatoTOMOTOROLAMOTtVAIB)lop vvxrpunrOritnuennni kupabiMlKfahliv HE¥AH£0-ctodnrOlW 50MHz 168060 A1200 TURBO iCCELERATOR - 0Mb
Expandable to 64Mb The 060 revolution is here NOW for YOUR A1200!
Hk NEW Blizzard 1260 Accdemor gnrs you Ihc Wirlds fastest A120CT With its 50MI1 68060 and MMU. The ncu-1260 offers unsurpassed pet- fomufKe 4 to 5 times faser than an .Amiga A40XHM0! Options via its Fast Expanskn Bus inkudc Modules such as a SCSI-2 Conttcfler. A aan- dzrd SIMM socket provides for up to 64Mb autcHonfigurmg 32-Bit FAST RAM (or 192Mb wlien utilising the SCSI-2 cftionl
• Fasy Trapdoor Inxallaticn . Battery Backed Sdf Rcchatge RT
• High performance DMA expansion with full 32-Bit wide DMA
• mo may be dratted with a simple kcysroke on boot up allowing
full games compatibly - even badly programmed, older software!
Awesome i Applications IKT New 10011101 00110110 11110000 Cinema4D An exciting new package, due for release in September at the amazingly-low price of only £199.95, Cinema4D is set to revolutionise the 3D-rendering and animation market. With everything available from the one editor, running happily in 4Mb and sporting a user interface that is a joy to use, Cinema4D will stun you!
ProMidi Interface As music experts (all of these products are our own design, built and programmed in the UK), you can trust HiSoft to deliver the right package for you; a professional Midi interface, a great-value, 8-bit direct-to-disk sampler or a superb quality 12 16-bit stereo, direct-to-disk PCMCIA unit, both with superb real-time effects.
Twist 2 is the highly-acclaimed relational database for all Amigas (2Mb memory recommended). With built-in Forms Designer, a beautiful user interface, versatile sorting, reporting and searching features and speed that defies belief. Twist 2 is the only Amiga database that you will not outgrow.
• Fields, records only • l:n, n:l and n:m limited by disk space
relations are easy
• Full picture support • Very flexible reporting to
• Datatype support screen, clipboard, printer Learn a new
Language 100111(11 ooiioiio 11110000 HiSoft BASIC 2 HiSoft
BASIC 2 is the BASIC development system for both the serious
developer and the casual programmer. Easy-to-use, based on
Microsoft QuickBASIC for the PC, Workbench 2 and 3 enhanced,
with a host of Amiga libraries, this is a fast, interactive
compiler that feels like an interpreter. Complete with
extensive manual and tutorial.
HiSoft Devpac 3 Devpac 3 is the standard assembler development system on the Amiga.
Gold-rated by virtually all the magazines, the package includes a 68000-68040 assembler, a fast linker, an integrated debugger and all with more features than most people will ever need. Complete with informative manual. Version 3.14 contains the Workbench 3 includes.
Highspeed Pascal Highspeed Pascal is the only commercial Pascal compiler available for the Amiga and is a joy to use.
Featuring Turbo Pascal S'* compatibility, a multi-window editing environment, incredibly-fast compilation speed (to memory or to disk), an integrated make utility for project management. Turbo Pascal units and much, much more, this is the package for anyone interested in structured programming on the Amiga.
Upper Disk Tools special purchase Disk Magic infroducfory offer Aura + ProMidi inferface bundle Order Hotline ©0500 223660 HiSffift xder any of the products shown on this page MtFJL W To order any of the products shown on this page (or any other HiSoft title) - just call us, free of charge, on 0500 22366 , armed with your credit or debit card; we will normally despatch within 4 working days (£4 P&P) or, for only £6 within the UK, by guaranteed next day delivery (for goods in stock). Alternatively, you can send us a cheque or postal orders, made out to HiSoft. All prices include VAT. Export
orders; call or fax to confirm pricing and postage costs.
© 1995 HiSoft. E&OE.
S SYS The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: +44 (0) 1525 718181 Fax: +44 (0) 1525 713716 Special Summer Deals Twist 2. Maxor UaijC' Magic. More "' Maxon Magic 3-package bundle w Newly released Disk Magic (screenshot on the left), is a powerful file and disk management utility that simplifies every task you perform on your Amiga so you'll wonder how you managed without it. Configure Disk Magic exactly as you want it and use the brilliant DiskDOCK, which allows button-launching for programs, Arexx scripts, etc. etc. Maxon MAGIC Great fun; a host of amusing and useful screen
savers, together with a system audio manager for assigning samples to events.
Upper Disk Tools The very best and easiest-to-use file recovery program for all Amigas.
Utilities Unlimited y Highspeed Pascal + Devpac programming bundle Ml prices include UK VAT. AH offers valid only unlil 31 10 95.
Please add postage as specified under Order Hotline.
V SCSI peripheral, Ar Zip' may well revolutionise tSr storage industry.
The newest, most portable exchangeable hard disk drive weighs in at just 1 lb, ha* fast transfer and access Ones (up to ImlVs transfer, 2B«ns seek), easily fits in your hand, your bag or sour briefcase, stores up to 100Mb on floppy-sized Asks, is perfect for all types of application and is priced at a level that will make you want to unzip your wallet immediately!
These drives and associated cartridges 25Mb & 100Mb) will be available in fate August 95 directly from HiSoft with especially-written driver and support software included. Trust HiSoft to bring you the latest ¦novations at the best possible prices!
Order your Zip drive now to Amiga Zip Tools exclusively from HiSoft Zip drives from HiSoft come with everything you need to get going on a SCSI-aware Amiga: the Zip 100 drive, a 100Mb cartridge, all necessary leads and a complete set of software, programmed by HiSoft, including: Easy access drivers • Temporary unprotect Password protect • Cartridge initialisation Write protection • Cartridge eject Quad-speed CD-ROM Super-Value CD-ROM Pack HiSoft has done it again with a bnlliant multimedia pack of Squirrel SCSI interface, Aiwa ACD-300 CD-ROM and the Almathera 10-on-10 pack of Cds!
Ho* look at what you get:
• Tir amazing, trend-selling Squirrel SCSI interface which allows
up to 7 peripherals ‘hird drive, CD-ROM, Zip. Scanner etc.l to
be daisy-chained together.
• CD32 and CDTV emulation software so that you cm all those games
and other tides such as Video Creator.
• TV great-looking Aiwa ACD-300 CD-ROMdrive; a fits!,
double-speed CD-ROM with full SCSI specification fho complete
audio controls on the front to that you can play music Cds
Pba an informative LCD panel.
SCSI Hard Drives 365Mb im.iiul £179 730Mb mimui £239 .365Mb o.unui £249 7.30Mb e.ionul £309 540Mb inirinil £209 1Gb imoiiuI 099 540Mb o.tonul £279 iGbcrtmul £469
2. 5" IDE Drives 40Mb Int. £59.95 Mmbim £79.95 Order Free with
your Credit Debit Card 0500 223660 Order Hotline
X) 0500 223660
* P f Lii Here is a list of HiSoft titles for the Amiga computers
(prices shown are the individual RRPs): Squirrel SCSI interlace
- £69.95, Squirrel Storage Systems - please call, Aura 12 16
bit sampler - £99.95, Megalosound 8 bit sampler - £34.95.
ProMidi interface - £24.95, HiSoft Devpac 3.14 - £79.95, HiSoft
BASIC 2 - £79.95, Highspeed Pascal - £99.95. Gamesmith -
£99.95, Termite • £39.95, Twist 2 database - £99.95. Maxon
Magic - £29.95, Upper Disk Tools - £14.95, VistaUte inc
MakePath TerraForm - £39.95 and much more.
• any of me products shown on this page Mhef HiSofl title, see
the list opposite) • I us, tree ol charge, on 0500 223660.
With your credit or debit card; we will within 4 working days (£4 for only £6. By guaranteed next day (lor goods in stock). Alternatively, you cheque or postal orders, made out prices include VAT. Export orders: confirm pricing and postage costs.
IDE drives are perfect for auto-booting your A60ft'A1200 and come with connection lead, fixing bolts & complete fitting instructions. Fitting is very straightforward but may invalidate your Amiga's warranty - check with us.
We offer internal or external SCSI hard drives, from 365Mb up to 2Gb. Internal devices are suitable for mounting in the A1500, A2000, A30U0 and A4000 and come with necessary leads & screws whilst the external drives are supplied in our professional Squirrel 3.5' case (available separately) which includes integral power supply, all SCSI connections and connection leads of your choice (at extra cost).
All prices include UK VAT HiSoft SYSTEMS The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: +44 (0) 1525 718181 Fax: +44 (0) 1525 713716 If you want a hard drive (either SCSI or IDE) then HiSoft has the one to suit your needs; whether you are looking for a small, internal drive for your A120(VA600 or an external 1Gb beast-of-a-drive for any SCSI-aware Amiga, we can supply.
Based on only the highest quality mechanisms from top suppliers, with full manufacturer’s warranty, our hard drives are fully tested for all Amiga computers and come with our own additional warranty and technical support.
Aiwa CD-ROM available separately (a £175
• The Almathera 10-on-10 pad of Cds; this is 10 Cds including the
Team Yankee game, 2000 clip-art images, the Illustrated Works
of Shakespeare, a Comrns, Internet & Netivorking CD, The World
Vista Atlas, 1000s of fonts, a complete photo library and much,
much more!
All this, packaged together, at a truly superb price, with full 1 year warranty and technical support from HiSoft.
The fastest drive yet at a great price!
Ea t MNIKIvmy transfer phis 190ms access, using the renowned Toshiba 5301 drive. Also available w o SCSI interface and or case • just call.
Zip is a trademark of Iomega Inc 68060 takes Amiga by stoim Ohe Motorola 68060 central processing unit is the latest, greatest, fastest and most expensive in the long running 68000 line that has powered Amiga computers since the outset. Few people haven't heard of the awesome Cyberstorm, the Jaguar XJ220 of Amiga accelerators with a price tag to match.
However, Motorola are yet to
- deliver the vital slab of silicon at its heart in quantity to
its German developers. Phase 5, so actual units shipped has
been far less than the demand. That hasn't stopped Phase 5 from
continuing development on go-faster add-ons for Amigas though.
Rumours circulated that they were working on a 68060 accelerator for the A1200. And they turned out to be true. The full specification is as follows: 50MHz, 68060 CPU complete with MMU. Memory expansion capability of up to 64Mb RAM or 192Mb if the Blizzard SCSI-2 "¦ board is added. The 68060 can be disabled with a keystroke on boot to revert to 68020 mode for full games compatibility.
The optional SCSI-2 kit spec for the board is as follows: SCSI-2 fast DMA controller - up to 10Mb per second transfer rate with more than 80% CPU free, plus the additional SIMM socket allowing expansion up to a maximum of 192MB using industry standard 72pin SIMMS It will be supplied with bundled software including CD-ROM filesystem and DynAMIGAche That's all very nice but what price this speed? £599.95 for the bare accelerator and £99.95 for the SCSI-2 kit is not what you might call cheap. Actually it's what you can call, without fear of exaggeration, expensive.
But then again, just remember that this thing is hideously fast.
Over 50 faster than a standard A1200!
The A1200 isn't the only new 68060 product from ' Phase 5. They've announced details of the Blizzard 2060 Turbo Board for A2000s too. The specs are the same as the 1260 except it comes as standard with a SCSI controller of the same spec as the 1260 add-on SCSI-2 board and it takes up to 128MB on board in 4 SIMM sockets. The price of the 2060 will be £699.95. Phase 5 have not been very specific about the release . Date of the Blizzard 1260 and 2060.
According to a spokesman it "will be out in the third quarter of 1995 and the 1260 SCSI kit in the fourth".
You can be sure that CU Amiga Magazine will fall over itself to get this kit as soon as possible for your delectation.. NEWS Would vou buy software off these two?
Amiga Technologies Official Logo at last Tns *olks is Daze marketing. They are in a «t»e of shock after hearing that Impressions Cords Of The Realm, Ultimate Soccer »*nager) have been bought out by Sierra and ‘jture of their Amiga games are in doubt.
Vvway Daze are offering you a special docount deal on two of their older Amiga 9»nes. Ishar 2 and Stardust. Yes, they're so
• ear they had to sell the clothes off their own
• ecfcs so they are appealing to CU Amiga
• fc®azme readers to help them out by buying Mher of these titles
for only £5.99. get a copy you'll need to send a cheque m
postal order for £5.99 to CU Amiga offer, lH Marketing, 9A
Canfield Place. London ¦MB 38T And yes, they both are actually
¦Hnng underwear.
Sensible update lacls!
Curtain up. Light the lights great news for footy gaming fans out there is winging its way over to you. Sensible World 01 Soccer, just about the most popular game in the world if the charts are anything to go by, has been updated. Whoa there, before you reach for your purses, if you already own the game and have registered it you will automatically get an update. If not you can rest assured that if you buy SWOS in September you will get a completely de-bugged version with minor enhancements. The real update is due out in the winter and will feature new team line ups etc. I lew ProGrab 24RT On
the video front. Gordon Harwood have announced a new model of the CU Amiga 86% rated ProGrab 24RT real time video frame grabber. The upgraded unit has been dubbed the 'ProGrab 24RT plus' and now sports an S-VHS input for better quality grabbing from video recorders with this capability.
Also bundled is a new updated version of the ProGrab software now at version 2.5 with many new features. The new ProGrab 24RT plus retails at the old price of £129.95 with a PCMCIA interface including the 2.5 software for £29.95 and the bare 2.5 software upgrade at £4.95. Call Gordon Harwood on 01-773- 836781 for more information, On the July issue, we showed the Escom concept render of what the new A4000T may look like. On a top corner it featured the unofficial Amiga Technologies logo thereafter known as the 'Christmas Tree'. This logo was never acknowledged by Escom and the newly formed
Amiga Technologies subsidiary as anything other than a design concept IM sources close to management hinted that it was indeed ined up to become the trademark of the Amiga itself.
Then a scan of an L. Ron Hubbard book published by the Christian Science group. Dianetics was posted on the truemet. It turns out that the Dianetics logo was identical to the unofficial Amiga logo. It became apparent that AT had to
* nd a new logo or risk legal overtures over copyright.
Many Amiga enthusiasts took it upon themselves to start a competition (unofficially) to produce a high quality distinctive logo for AT in lieu of the old one - one of the best is shown ¦ere Amiga Technologies finally unveiled their official logo, seen here. Does the Escom parentage show or what?
AMIGA A New A600 A1200 multimedia station Based on the ATAPI device as featured in last months news. Intrinsic Computer Systems have produced a economical mini-tower that relies solely on the internal IDE port of the A600 and A1200. Using a special software driver (the ATAPI device!, the system allows common PC IDE CD-ROMs to be mounted in the tower along with hard drives. Note the plural in both cases. Coupled with the software, a special cable is present in the system that allows the addition of two hard drives and two CD-ROMs at the same time. A range of system configurations are on offer
with the bare tower, cable and software rocking in at £89.95 all the way to the tower containing a quad speed CD-ROM and 440Mb Hard drive for £499.95. You can expect a full review in next month's CU Amiga Magazine but why not give Intrinsic Computer Systems a call on 01474-357560 in the meantime?
Multimedia guide book Presented as a digital book, IGDVM as the author calls it, is labelled as “The complete cross platform guide to digital video and multimedia production for those using an Amiga computer..." The entire guide installs to hard drive from compressed floppy disks and contains chapters on the following long list of subjects: animation, sound, music, compression. Fonts, clip art, image processing, algorithmic image generation. 3D animation, video basics, digital video, CD-ROM, the business end and resource guides.
The author, Geoffrey Williams, has had extensive experience in worldwide multimedia applications and with the entire package containing over 100 freely distributable programs and utilities coupled with 100,000 words of text, it seems to be good value (at $ 40) for those looking for a good Multimedia bible. For more information you can contact the author on (USA) 1-818- 240-9845, E-Mail gwilliam@ netcom.com or even write to CBR 1833 Verdugo, Vista Drive. Glendale, CA, 91208, USA. We’ll take a look at it in a future issue.
Omiga Action has stirred things up within the publishing community by cover mounting a lull price game, breaking a long standing arrangement between Amiga magazines. Over the past few years there has always been tough competition between mags to get the best demos and PD on their cover disks, but never before has a full commercial game appeared.
Previously, software publishers supported this practice, feeling that giving away games could damage their budget releases.
However, with the decline of the Amiga games market, that could all be set to change.
Matt Broughton's Games in View As reported in trade fanzine, CTW (July 3rdl. The first such deal is between Action’s publishers, IDG, and long-established Amiga games producers. Titus. The game in question is Quik The Thunder Rabbit a title previously available elsewhere in Europe but not yet released in the UK, and is set to be run over a number of months. Whether this is a great deal for the reader, or just a cunning plan to ensure people have to buy the magazine month after month remains to be seen. Then, of course, there's the problem of what happens if you don't want the game. You’re
still paying your £4 25 for a mag with, essentially, no disks of any interest to you.
HMV CHART ... Amiga top games No TITLE PUBLISHER 1 Player Manger 2 Virgin 2 Ultimate Soccer Manager Daze 3 Sensible World Of Soccer Virgin 4 Super Skidmarks Guildhall 5 Colonization Microprose 6 Indiana Jones Atlantis US Gold 7 Pinball Illusions 21st Century 8 Man Utd The Double Krisalis 9 Beau Jolly Compilation Virgin io All Terrain Racing Team 17 In the meantime, a number of Amiga games producers have voiced upset at the move, including Zeewolf creators Binary Asylum, who feel that cover mounting full games will end all chances of the Amiga recovering, not to mention murdering small
development companies.
Future Publishing has also called for the reinstatement of the 'gentlemen's agreement', saying that the industry itself could end up killing the market. I reckon we should all just have a fist fight, where the last one standing wins.
Meanwhile, in development land, Ex-Team 17 staff. Alan Carter along with Andrew and Michael Oakley, have got together to form a new development team.
GameWave. Their first game All Stars Tennis looks damn stunning, and is quite deliberately meant to look and feel like a console product. The game itself came together while the guys were all working on different freelance projects because they thought the Amiga was lacking a decent tennis game. As for the SNES-esque style graphics ... "well, we just thought 'why not?"
Says Michael, previously a graphics man on Alien Breed 3D And. Having mentioned the Teamers. You might like to know that next month should be busy for Team 17, with Alien Breed 3D rolling out at £29.99, and Speris Legacy closely behind at £25.99. Full games on cover disks, the industry getting shirty about it and games to expect soon.
Krisalis have been a bit quiet lately, but top fella, Tim James, tells me that the forthcoming Legends is in fact finished.
"We're having a number of meetings at the moment to decide when would be the best time to release the game." It looks most like to appear around September of this year. Sadly, there are no other Amiga products in development at the moment. "What Escom need to do is release a machine that stands a chance of picking up conversions from CD- ROM and 'next generation' consoles." Says Mr James. "It's impossible to keep shoe horning' future projects into the Amiga."
Well quite.
Still, following Escom's actions.
Grandslam have made a positive move back towards the Amiga, having previously shifted its resources towards CD-ROM products. Having held many of their Amiga products until the Commodore situation was resolved. Grandslam now plan to include both the Amiga and the CD32 in future projects. Hurrah!
Sierra haven't been involved with the Amiga market for quite a while (since the excellent King's Quest VI in fact) but they could have a distinct influence, having recently acquired US strategy games publisher, Impressions.
Responsible for such games as the recent hit. Ultimate Soccer Manager. Impressions were previously handled by Daze Marketing but even that could all be set to change. The move to the more PC- oriented Sierra could jeopardise planned Amiga titles. Front Lines and Powerhouse but we'll have to wait and see. In the meantime.
Daze themselves are expecting preview material for Pole Position to start arriving from Ascon towards the end of month.
Keep 'em peeled.
Renegade and best mates Time Warner have a few long- awaited releases on the way, the first of which is a new, all- improved. Bug-free Sensible World Of Soccer Following the ridiculously bugged first version, this stand-alone game will be available free of charge to people who bought the dodgy version first time around . Although Renegade are saying that this enhanced version has enough new toys to warrant people buying it all over again!
(But, they WOULD say that, wouldn't they?) Expect something in about five weeks time.
Flight of the Amazon Queen also cleared to land on runway Amiga (that was a bit of an arse sentence really wasn't it!)
And should be firmly pinned under your mouse from the fourth of September, retailing at £29.99. And then, of course, there's the brilliant Chaos Engine 2, set to blast onto your screen in October, again, for the handsome sum of £29.99 And, god dammit, that's me run out of space again! Enjoy the HMV chart and I'll see you next month. Ta-ra1 ¦ Commodore AM G4 Computers Led 11 North Street, EXETER, DEVON, EX4 3QS CD32 Expansion Modules j Add Memory. Floppy Drives. Hard Drives. |: Keyboard. Primer turn your CD32 into a | real Amiga with the SX-l f Great Value at £199.95 ii JAM 12 Issues of Just
Amiga Monthly from £25.00 Pay by credit debit card.
Phone for details! J Call for best j pricing on ; j Picasso II or the new CyberVision64 We’re Backing Amiga!
Amiga 1200, CD32a„dA4000 will reappear shortly thanks to Escom. Phone for latest news, prices and availability.
We have available now memory expansions, accelerators, hard disks (SCSI and IDE), floppy disk drives, multi-io cards, graphics cards.
Printers(impact, inkjet, laser), cables, adapters, printer and monitor sharer switches - just about anything Amiga!!!
£ a Squirrel A1200 SCSI Controller.
Now In Slock at only £69.95 New!!! Panasonic PD New!!!
Combined Quad CD-ROM and 650 MB Rewritable Optical Drive.
This new system from Panasonic is the first in the world to combine a SCSI2 CD-ROM and a SCSI2 PCR drive in a single 5.25 half-height unit.
For Amiga, PC and MAC Internal version only £589.95 External Vernon Alv Available 650 MB Rewritable media only £45.00 VlabYUVor j VLAB Motion. I Excellent value : in real-time | digitising I j Fusion Genlock with free I | SCALA500 I just £99.00 I ScabiMM400 £299.95 Imagine filling this hard drive.-l the cartridge and instantly having 'i Megabytes of storage available .... Imagine saving your work to cartnd, o*W read the data on any similarly equippet nd£c , T Now you're thinking SyQuest .
. Gj® ' Contact us if you want an Emplanl or a new mouse or Puiiuu 32!Mb1d6 ' WARP or the latest DTP software or a joypad for you. ™ Fujit.o 528MB SCSI 1 CD32 or a PARNET cable or a CyberStorm or a CD f... IBM 1M0MB SCSI2 Fax Modems complete with software. Join the Comm* revolution!
From £189.95 (BT Approved).
V34 VFC 28800bps £190 00 £250.00 £500.00 £CALL full of fonts or one full of clip art or CDPD 4 or the latest AMINET CD or a CD32 keyboard adapter or a SCSI controller or a VLAB digitiser or Flowcharting SCSI software or anything AMIGA!!! Squirrel £69 95 Larger Drives DKB409I £299 95 available £229 95 PC Task 3.10 PC Emulator. Run Windows on your Amiga NOW!
Only £79.95 SCSI CD DRIVES Quad Speed SONY £229.95 Nakamichi 7 CD Drive £349.95 ... and lots lots more ... External SCSI case, with PSU available from £6995 SCSI Towers from £99 95 We Mod bom SCSI c is here in Devon.
; A4000 timer case from Micronik. 6 x 5.25 J bay*. 5 x 3.5 bays. 7 x Zormlll slots, 5 x PC-AT slots and 2 video slots In stock at just £379.95 Can't see what you want? Just ring (01392)499 755 --- we have, lots more than we can show here | How To Order| By Post 11 By Phone tad your Cheque Postal order j | For an even faster service to tor aitona above Clearly telephone our sales h * line met sow name, address. And quote your credit or debit } number and the j card number .Friendly and W you require • expert buying ad*kc i» m please phone lo | available at all limes meSem pnee and availability.
1 atom seven working 1 (Q 392) 499 755 top* tee your cheque to clear All Prices Shown Include VAT. Standard Dclivcrv Is Free. No Hidden Extras j Compare Our Prices! We don't charge extra for Credit Cards or Standard Delivery.
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Fax US on .(01392) r 423 ay - Saturday 9.30am-5.30pm 01392499 755 EH FREE FREE a DISK COST £1.25 EACH. NO MINIMUM ORDER. ALL VIRUS FREE AND USER FRIENDLY AH games are on 1 *tk and nm on all Amiga s unless otherwise staled | PICK AN EXTRA DISK FOR FREE W7TH EVER* EIGHT DISKS YOU PURCHASE | UNDERGROUND PO, 54 CARMANIA CLOSE. SMOEBURYNESS. ESSEX SS3 9YZ. TEL 01702 295887 | Name: Amiga Model: !*"“• ... h ¦-i.au ¦ jioiro_______ I J 960 A12 KellOQS IAN0 T J 070 LEMMNGS ARCADE | 30M CC feWtfB a 3 7ft 0OCT0RS STRANGE I J 7'5 SUPER
NOT 1 3 ¦ J *74 F1 EDITOR 94* I J 951‘LAAMM*) ENGINES
13 011 CAR MAMACS 3 544 Afi WARRIOR I 3 333 BATTLE CARS V2
J009PCEM2OSK 3 327 ACTION REPLAY NEWS More speed in 3D!
E FREE hree Dimensional texture mapping, as found in Gloom and Alien Breed 3D. Was originally touted as not being possible on the Amiga. As we know, there's nothing a programmer likes more than a good challenge and this certainly is a chal- ' «- ;e Create a reasonable texture mapping engine with a scenario that
- as enough detail to amaze and yet enough speed so your coffee
doesn't need a top up between frames. In fact speed is really
the key tss_e here and the rather obviously named demo we
downloaded off He net called, wait for it, 'Speed' has amazed
many since it mysteri- Iwf» appeared on the Aminet (an Internet
archive of Amiga software).
Quite simply, it's the fastest texture mapping engine around and, «e the current batch of shoot ’em ups it has a novel game idea as With no baddies to shoot, the object is to navigate your way Hough a maze-like obstacle course in the shortest possible time. The game is really fast and with so much bouncing and skidding, stooping arid wmping happening so quickly, you begin to feel the effects of motion sickness. Oddly enough the demo, which states that it is to be ¦wased as a full game soon, has no author details. Only a 'distributor'.
0- Amiga Magazine was keen to know more about this impressive «atort but had difficulty in finding the author.
Finally. Did we mention the 3D mode’ No I mean real 3D. 3D passes in fact. Get a pair of those cereal packet specials and the ertre thing transforms into a vir- ta experience. If you were Masy before, you better make sure you do this before dinner.
Optonica's price tonic Bhwa. The Leicestershire based multimedia production company ¦•¦cffware developers have dropped prices on two of their prod- insight Technology CD is now £19.95 (from £39.95) and naaca 2. Their Amiga to video mastering package which can Hk* 'ji 25 frames per second playback, has been reduced from ¦a t' 99.95. They have also announced the release of the file ¦¦ear n'oNEXUS 2 at £29.99 and MM Experience, a CD-ROM , ¦M ¦ system at £39.99 for the basic version and £249.99 for the M o*~ More details next month.
Stateside Stateside is a new occasional column written for us us by Jason Compton the Editor of Amiga Report in the United States Of America. We will be giving CU Amiga Magazine a more international flavour in the future, with regular columns on the Amiga scene from not just the States, but Europe and Australia too ... In a recent discussion on the merits of mass-market computer sales and salespeople. I heard a journalist bemoan the sad state of affairs-at Dixons, a sales rep informed him that the Amiga 1200 couldn't be hooked up to a TV. Hah. Come over to my side of the pond. Mat. And you’ll
know what bemoaning is. There are all sorts of romantic notions about the Amiga's inception- Miami doctors set up a California company to build the ultimate computer that winds up being bought by a Pennsylvania company and introduced in New York. Hey. Big-money doctors, the warm rays of California, and New York. What's more American than that?
Ten years later, you'd hardly know it. Dealers that were once Amiga-only are forced to take on products from competing computer platforms to stay afloat. Even Creative Equipment International, unsuccessful suitor to the Commodore assets, has unveiled an OEM multimedia PC laptop for its dealer network. Amiga World, one of the journalistic pioneers of this market, was hung out to dry this past March. Amazing Computing, for years its only underdog competitor, has pared back to a mere 48 pages with shaky release dates and increasingly spotty news stand distribution. Amiga Game Zone, an honest
attempt at a solid (if bimonthly) gaming magazine for the North American market has fallen short of the mark, with less than a half-dozen issues over the past year and a half.
What went wrong here? The usual cry, of course, is 'bad marketing.' But it goes a little beyond that. The problem was not Commodore brand-name recognition. In Canada, Commodore's edu- cational-support system was second to none in the early 80s. While they didn't fare nearly as well in the US, falling to the zealous Apple and their inferior Apple II. They did manage to create a strong 64 market. Commodore was a household name. The problem was that they never shook the ‘64 and games' image. Apple's success in making the Apple II a synonym for 'education' passed on to the Macintosh.
As a result, anyone remotely involved in education-children or par- ents-was bound to hear the Apple name in a positive light. The saturation of store shelves with dozens of look-alike PC clones, backed by the presumption that somehow the 'B' in 'IBM-Compatible' still means 'Business,' (i.e. that which makes you more profitable and happier) has made it the other, obvious choice in home computing.
The Amiga just never sunk in to the American mentality. Call it 'the Amiga,' and the immediate response is ’Oh, a clone.' Call it 'the Commodore Amiga,' and the response is 'Oh, so, like a 64? Yeah, I had one of those but I got rid of it when I got my...' (Never mind mentioning Escom. You'll TOTALLY lose your subject then.) Still, everywhere there is dominance, there is also alternative and rebellion. And a counter-culture does exist. The recent announcement of Creative Equipment International, former suitor of the Commodore assets, as North American distributor for the new Amiga
Technologies products was a heartening piece of news. But equally, if not even more, disheartening was an astronomical projected price of $ 3500 for a stock 4000 040T, set by Amiga Technologies representative and former Commodore vice-president Ed Goff, The initial reaction from the CEI dealer network has not been encouraging and Alex Amor, president of CEI, hopes that a lower price can be reached in short order, sooner rather than later. But Goff has expressed a firm interest in pursuing the price to see if it will "work.' Initially, the Americas will not be provided with 1200s, being left
behind in favour of PAL units.
As we stand, today, the Amiga has moved from being that computer nobody has ever heard of to being 'that computer that is really expensive.' Here's to hoping for a turnaround, before the well of counterculture runs dry.
Sex and the Amiga If the national newspapers are to be believed we seem to be a society obsessed with sex and pornography on our computers. If you are not availing of the multitude of forms available, you're part of the vanguard of people fighting a losing crusade to defend the young and the vulnerable from its effects. What is the real truth? What is available and how widely is it available? And what is being done about it?
©omputer pornography is seen as a threat the moral fibre of modern society. That's the media’s official line. Then again, it's to be expected Computers and technology have long been the subjects of paranoia among those who don’t understand them. In a world where the average eight-year-old kid knows more about computers than the average 30 year old, misinformation and sensationalist half-truths are free to breed and multiply, backed up by a society that still believes anything stated in print or on TV is 100% truth. But is it all getting out of hand? Must we take drastic action to avert a
worldwide on-line digital orgy of perversion. Or is it just harmless fun?
The issue is multi layered. What are the distinctions between glamour, art and pornography? What passes for regular material in a women's magazine would be classed as porn in a men’s one. We live in a world where sex is seen with increasing frequency on TV where teenage girls’ magazines have a 'position of the month’ page, where even 15 rated films can portray shocking images of rape or violence and still pass the censors, where topless model shots are available for 23 pence in newspapers like The Sun, and in that form could be bought by a toddler The big difference is that computers are
seen as threatening by people Sex is a good story, and the witchhunt is on because the Internet is a big bad world, capable of corrupt ing people, young and old. And more sinistertt in some people’s minds its yet another infringement on Britain’s sovereignty. There ar no borders and no restrictions, and although committed to a global free market in ordinary goods and services, Britain is running scared.
Pamela Fan Club Forget Doom. Forget Sensible Soccer. Pamela Anderson. Baywatch star. Playboy featured model and publicity giant is one of the most popular images on computer screens today.
(features on clip art disks, on CD-ROMs I on the Internet. But Pamela Anderson has crol over these pictures. Although copy-
• may be dodgy, to say the least, with the iges used in these
disks you can be sure t sne has chosen to do the pictures and
r. well paid for the job by the publications n which these images
have been scanned.
On 3 of 're ng a md : is how ing I same goes for Cindy Crawford. Christina ¦•gate and others.
Fc* is this art or pornography? Does it actu- oxnipt anyone to look at these pictures?
W X. there is an official Pamela Anderson (tone in the newsagents, while Cindy toord sells millions of fitness videos and ¦dens. Either of which can be bought in I about any main street in the country, tot because it is on a less visible, less ¦stood medium shouldn't really make that The Young Net User ... The main difference between the Internet and other medias is that the Net isn't censored. This is good and bad, good because ultimate freedom is given to its users, bad because anything, no QH matter how unwholesome or offensive, can be put on it for any- one to see. This means that things
related with illegal sexual acts, or illegal acts of any other kind, can be easily downloaded by anyone with enough knowledge and the right equipment.
That said, this knowledge isn't actually as widespread as some people may think. A lot of people dealing pornography on the Web aren't doing it for free and this must restrict or deter some punters as one of the reasons they may be using the Web as a way of getting porn is because it is cheaper than buying a magazine, although after connection rates, phone bills and the cost of the software and hardware is taken into consideration, this may not be true. It is also fairly confidential and therefore the embarrassment factor isn't there.
There are devices that can be used on computers that users can install to stop anyone from using that computer to access certain sites. I think that the only porn users can get direct from the Web, without any knowledge or special equipment, and without paying extra, would be of a soft nature and considered acceptable by many. I believe that the majority of people, those who are interested in 'normal' sexual acts, aren't the ones who put on and access porn from the Net, it is simpler for them to just buy a magazine. The people who are interested in 'deviant', and sometimes illegal, acts do
this, for the sole reason that these acts are only accessible from an uncensored media, the Net."
Mark (not his real name) - a 16 year old net user.
• of a difference should it?
Hd «'s this lack of visibility that's most tong Very few watchdogs are specifically tomed with the type of material men- m» above, it's the fact that if you buy a ptoae you are normally well aware of its ¦B With computer disks, Cds or the toM you very often are not.
Mk may seem to be innocent could hide ¦tong sinister, and that's what people are Met In this instance people would be t investigation into the accessibility, ¦kand imagery on the Internet revealed KM •* to easy for people of any age to ¦Me the net and participate. And, x is a good ause the e of corrupt- ore sinisterly other ity. There an d although : in ordinary ring scared.
- ,cer. Pamela featured of the most ons today.
Tbe Amiga is not hit as badly as the Ktod MAC in terms of disk based hard core ¦Mtoby. For every glamour, topless or ¦¦tor disk that's freely available to 'over l e PD libraries there are one or two
• •toot ones downloaded from more 'lib- tA pean countries like
Holland secretly ¦ ••circuits XXX Rated Games Sex and computers
is not a new phenomenon.
Adult1 games have been around for years.
Even the Commodore 64‘s chunky pixels were crafted into images vaguely resembling naked bodies, while the humble Spectrum had its totally unrecognisable sex programs too. By today's standards the sort of graphical representation of sexual material on these machines is laughable, but they sold then, and they sold well.
Samantha Fox Strip Poker was one of the most popular games of its time, enticing players to challenge the Page 3 model at a game of cards. The buxom Miss Fox was attired in an unflattering wardrobe consisting of a trilby hat. Blues Brothers shades, football scarf and what looked like a dirty raincoat. A successful poker hand from the player was rewarded with the removal of an item of clothing. The ultimately predictable but still disappointing 'climax' came when the most famous chest of the 80's was revealed in chunky low resolution shades of grey. The fact that the same result could be
achieved by simply buying a copy of The Sun newspaper didn't seem to affect the game's sales.
The most hardcore sex game ever to appear commercially on the Commodore 64 was a variation on the popular Track and Field joystick waggling theme. Four windows displayed a quartet of couples engrossed in various acts of slap and tickle. The idea was to keep all four couples aroused by waggling the stick as fast as possible to control the movements of the current couple, before switching control to another couple. Unattended couples' enthusiasm would gradually drop until control was switched back to them. The ultimate goal was to make the whole lot climax without letting any of them
lose interest. It never graced the shop shelves due to its explicit cartoon style graphics and gameplay, selling instead through small mail order ads in computer magazines.
Hollywood Strip Poker and numerous variations wasted no time in exploiting the Amiga's high resolution 4096 colour display a couple of years on from this. Maria Whitakker later joined Sam Fox in the Page 3-Models- Who-Have-Appeared-ln-Computer-Games club, via Anco's suspiciously entitled Maria's Christmas Box.
Then finally Full Motion Video kickstarted the third wave of sex games. The most famous of these must be Voyeur, which like most of its ilk, teased the player with the suggestion of a good session of filth, but delivered nothing more than teaser sequences. As for the Amiga, in terms of games it's never progressed from the strip poker theme.
However games are not the only source of lewd material.
Mr° As you may have already noticed through looking at the advertisements in this magazine and almost every other computer mag in existence, from Amiga through PC to MAC, the Public Domain and smaller suppliers carry plenty of slideshows claiming to be XXX rated red hot adult only material. Almost every PD supplier carries them to some degree, but are they really all they're cracked up to be? And if so, how can the PD suppliers be sure they're not corrupting impressionable young minds?
Well, most of these disks are full of partially or fully clothed models. The under-the-counter element is surprisingly hard to find. Titles such as Starkers imply a collection of rampant nudity, but swim-suited models are often the subjects of the most explicit images on offer. The biggest market seems to be for sets of named models. Christina Applegate. Cindy Crawford, Madonna. Anna Nicole Smith and Pamela Anderson are regularly scanned, digitised and The Politicans ...
- The government ha* jUL expressed concern at the emerging trend
in B ¦ child and computer pornography and have set up an
Interdepartmental Group on Obscenity which will include the
internet. Ian Taylor. Parliamentary Under Secretary of State
for Trade and Technology, in his Daily Telegraph Internet
Conference on 4 5 95 said that "the Home Office has set up an
interdepartmental group on Obscenity. This will consider the
emerging trend in child and computer pornography and whether
there are ways of overcoming these. It may well be that the
best solutions are technical rather than legal or regulatory.
Increasing responsibility will be placed in the hands of those who operate Internet Gateways."
The Socialist Workers Party, an extreme left-wing UK political group in a recent Marxist conference, expressed concern that the government may use the pornography issu as an excuse to gain control of the net and censor it for their own means. This is a view held by many proponents of the Internet, both here and in the USA. However this issue goes beyond pornography inti areas such as political propaganda and terrorism. One Web site in the USA shows people how to make an personnel mines from ordinary household products and links between the Oklahoma bombing ee lier on this year and right wing
groups using the 'net are causing immense concern.
Slapped onto slideshows, often in poses that couldn't possibly offend, like our front cover.
Unfortunately while it may not offend the viewer, unless they were looking for something really explicit and feel cheated by the misleading name, it could offend the owners of the pictures' copyright. A lot of these images have been scanned from pornographic magazines which are sold off the top shelf of newsagents, or from women's magazines, most of whom have disclaimers prohibiting the reproduction, even electronically, of their pages. This is a grey area and even if a publisher or personality wanted to prevent this, how do they actually do so? Most of the disks are put together by people
in their own homes and merely sent into PD houses for distribution purposes. On the internet this becomes even more difficult to control.
From the point of view of the suppliers, most of them see themselves as being similar to newsagents. Nice Mr. Newsagent down the road sells more pornographic material off his top shelf than the average PD house so what’s the problem, they argue. Simon Cockayne of the Daytona Amiga BBS (bulletin boardl told us that, "Soft Porn such as (topless] shots are OK as they can be seen by anyone on a newsagents shelf or by just watching TV".
Internet There's several aspects of Internet access to sex talk lines or pornography which need to be examined.
One of which is Newsgroups'.
Newsgroups are global conferences. If one Internet user was to post a message in there, it would be copied to every other participant plugged into the group in question.
Another generic term for this is 'Usenet'.
If it’s sexual topics you are after then Usenet carries 117 sex groups that we found available on our local Internet provider, many of which carry a staggering amount of traffic.
Remember that these conferences are worldwide and there's very little the law can do to stop people getting access to them. However, it should be noted that there is plenty of bizarre groups that appear to be trying to be funny as opposed to being genuinely topical.
Newsgroups like alt.sex bears', is intriguing and could be sick, but logging on to one like this will reveal very little in the way of sex and rather a lot of lunacy.
More directly related to pornography rather than sex forums, are what's known as 'Binary Newsgroups'. There’s lots of sex related ones and their sole purpose is to transfer pictures in the same way as messages in text only conferences. This is where we move onto very dodgy ground indeed. If someone decided to post a picture of some heinously illegal and violent sexual act in one of these groups, it would be all over the world, let The Law The 1959 and 1964 Obscene Publications act is the main legislation governing all pornography including computer pornography. This act creates the offence
of publishing an obscene article which it defines as an article which 'depraves' and 'corrupts' its audience such as child pornography. The question has always been how does this law affect the Internet given that there is no widely available means of censorship.
However, interpretation seems to be changing and pornography on the internet has received a lot of media attention lately as the result of arrests of people, under the obscene publications act, for suspicion of exchanging child pornography material. These arrests were tho culmination of Operation Starburst an international operation coordinated by the West Midlands Police Commercial Vice Unit with the sole aim of arresting people suspected of using the Internet to view and distribute child pornography worldwide.
This operation targetted about 40 people across Europe, the Far East. South Africa and North America. In the UK 13 search warrants were issued and nine people were arrested and released on bail. Inspector David Davis the 'Internet Booby' who headed up the UK round-up was extremely pleased with this result and his press office told us: "This type of operation shows that police working together can effectively combat the distribution of child pornography across the internet, no matter how, or from where, it is sent."
Alone the country, in a matter of hours.
In an effort to find out what sort of material you can get on the internet we sent a reporter on a quest to find just what was freely available on the internet. Mat, our Internet expert, is 26 years old. But remember he could actually have been any age. Checking out the IRC or Internet Relay Chat which enables people all over the world to participate in real time chat conferences. Logging on to channels such as hotsex, gaysex and cybersex, it was surprising to find that they didn't contain an electronic equivalent of an orgy but had some rather ordinary banter that more often
related to computers than sex. When someone described acts in a more lewd or offensive The Medical View The psychological effects of pornography is one area that has
O. ¦ always caused great debate. Recently the debate has centred
on the easy access and availability of all sorts of
pornography on the Internet and what effects this could have
on adolescents. The opinions on this issue are are wide and
varied. For example. Sherry Turkle, a professor at the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology of and author of Life On
The Screen told the Guardian in a recent interview (3 7 95)
that: "Adolescence used to be a time out sexually speaking.
But in the age of Aids, sexual experimentation is a deadly
game. The internet is becoming a way to play with identity
where adolescents can develop a sense of themselves."
Opponents of this theory would argue that rather than being beneficial to young adults, exposure to graphic images of pornography on the internet could actually be damaging. The anonymity that the internet provides might leave young adults too free (ie no embarrassment of having to buy anything over the counter) explore at their leisure elements of sex such as bestiality, child sex and so on that they wouldn't normally have access to. As well as exposing children to unhealthy aspects of sexuality it could possibly end up instilling a distorted view of sex in their psyche. Judy Cooper
from the British Association of Psychotherapists expressed concern at the long term effects of pornography and particularly on the internet on adolescents: "Pornography can have a place at various stages of one's life but the danger of pornography and certainly pornography on the internet is that sex becomes a split off dirty thing (alone or in a peer group) which interferes with the feeling that sex, at its best, is not part of normal everyday life."
IVitT.'Vio* Mt*!.*1 £3 ¦ lack purchasing decisions where Cds and clip art are concerned If you have children you are also responsible for them.
There is absolutely no use sitting around waiting for the government to do something, you have to understand the issues yourself and draw your own guidelines and conclusions. And if you're a top model fan, good luck and good computing. ¦ nature, they were either humoured by the other participants or ejected from the channels he visited.
However this can be misleading, electronic orgy channels are reputedly available, but they are usually flagged as secret or invite only, which means you must be personally invited to make an appearance.
After browsing the massive list of IRC channels, he found one called sexpics Joining up, he simply asked, "So what pics are on offer then?" Quickly someone in the USA replied privately (out of the channel), "What are you after?" He said "something a bit different" and was promptly offered a disturbingly explicit list of possibilities.
"Something different". Mat repeated trying to sound like a regular. Shortly a picture was on its way. And it was definitely of an explicit nature Definitely of the sort that’s banned in the UK. Mat then blew his cover, announced that he was from a magazine and asked for opinions about the matter. Things suddenly went quiet.
The first to reply claimed that everyone in the group was sick and demented. Which begs the question: what was he doing there, unless he was a police officer or a priest.
Another said that everyone obtaining porn in this manner was doing so to flout local pornography laws and to provide a subject to fantasise on. The inhabitants of the channel weren't all male either. There was at least one user sporting a female name though that doesn't necessarily mean much on the IRC where everyone's name is an alias.
'She' didn't respond to the query though.
Like many of the other users, she was gaining access to the net via a University.
Mat is not naive, he has been on the 'net for a long time now but he was still surprised at the ease with which he obtained a hard core pornographic image right off the Internet in less than 15 minutes. The gentleman who sent him the picture made it clear that he wanted to swop but didn't inquire into Mat's status in any way. He could have been a 10 year old for all the man knew!
This illustrates the sort of material available According to some it should be freely available to all. But control is increasingly on the political agenda of most countries in the western world including the UK. There are a lot of pressure groups fighting to and fro. For and against this, but the key to it all is understanding the problem and identifying whether it exists for you Parental Guidance ... Before any parents rush out and take an axe to their child's Amiga, there are ways to minimise the risks that your children will be exposed to material that you deem is unsuitable.
Unfortunately, PC programs such as Net Nanny, Surf Watch and Crossing Guard which are able to pick out any questionable phrases, aren't present on the Amiga platform yet. Being aware of the risk areas can make a little parental guidance go a long way though. The number one problem is the IRC or Internet Relay Chat. Your child can easily get a channel list and spy the sex channels that may spark interest in an enquiring mind. Unless you are actually present to ensure that your child does not join one of these channels, there is no way to restrict access.
Within these, porn is transferred and FTP sites given out indiscriminately.
The IRC does have much wider uses though and is actually a wonderful thing, so the value your child will gain from participating in a real time global chat with other children would be considerable. However, we would advise 100% supervision on the IRC.
The most important warning your child should be given is that he or she should never, ever give their real names or addresses out on-line. This is exactly the same sort of advice as telling them not to accept lifts from strangers in cars. You do not know who is on the other side of the line, so don't take any chances.
The next is problem area is Newsgroups. This is easier to control because your Newsgroup software will have a list of what the user (you or your child) has subscribed to. You could choose to make an edited list of Newsgroups available to your children (minus the 127 alt.sex groups we found here!) For them to pick and choose from and ban any others being used. FTPing files (FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and is a method of transferring images and other files from the Internet) is also a problem. If your child knows how to operate an FTP client and has an IP (Internet Protocol) address
for a porn site (during our investigation we got several in few minutes on an IRC sex channel) they can rapidly download an entire collection of the worst possible material.
Again making sure that your child doesn't have access to the elements that pass around such information will alleviate the threat. The other obvious avenue is to remove access to IRC and FTP clients from the machine when you aren't around. Using a PD utility to password protect those programs or even the multi-user filesystem so that they may not gain access to entire portions of your hard drives also works.
The least threat from any of the Internet services must surely by the World Wide Web. After having an extensive surf around all the sex areas that we could find, there was really nothing that we would deem hard-core. There was some nudity and sex education sites (such as Condom Country) but again this depends on your views of what is or isn't acceptable for your family. The bottom line is that if you are concerned about the material available to your child from the internet, 100% supervision while linked up can be the only definite solution, otherwise you can only minimise the threats.
Ask yourself the following questions: What do you regard as pornographic? Swimwear shots of models? Topless shots? Male nudity?
Images of sex actually taking place? How do you view discussions about sex, of all kinds, tastes and persuasions? Where do you draw the line?
At the moment it’s up to you to police your own area of the Internet, your own A This Wotld Wide Web pom site was so basy that the providers decided te remove it. The demaad ol para material aa the lateraet is aadeaiahle hat does that make it a had thmp7 ¦D Please STOP!
| This liiLk.has beeadisabled doe to a heavy load offequftaad transfer So please STOPaccesnng it £ I j The SysOp Standpoint We contacted Tony Miller, the Sysop (System Operator or the controller) of the 01 For Amiga BBS, one of the largest Amiga sites in Britain. The following is a transcript of his conversation with Mat Bettinson.
From: Tony Miller To: Mat Bettinson Subi: Re: Sex Feature Survey In a message dated 26 Jul 95 11:46:32, CU Amiga's Mat Bettinson wrote: MB This is a survey that should hopefully generate some usable quotes for a new feature on Sex in CU Amiga.
Hi Mat. Now that's a thought MB Q1: What experience of computer porn have you had?
I have seen such files, varying from soft porn of the Mayfair Penthouse type, but also to more sinister porn that could be damaging in the wrong hands. I have had no experience on Kiddy porn though. A lot of young users on this BBS attempt to either upload such material in the hope of getting higher privs, or will ask if such material is available for download.
MB Q2: Is it any different to other established forms of porn?
I have seen iff gif pictures that would never be allowed in the adult type magazines in the news agents, but also animations.
MB Q3: Should any steps be taken to control it (computer porn)?
Yes, but those steps would be very difficult to control. As a sysop I run a BBS with very clear views on this sort of material. One man's idea of porn is not the next man's views. To this end I run with a policy of no pictures at all. I will not allow Page 3 type pictures, never mind any other material, but to ask all sysops to follow such an idea would never work and would cost too much to police.
MB Q4: Any particular dangers or views on the affect upon minors?
I have two boys myself, that are still far too young to be effected, but eventually they will come in contact with this sort of material. I intent to encourage their use of the computers. I aim to monitor the material they may come in contact with, but realistically accept that they will come in contact with material I would not be happy with them seeing. Education and parental guidance needs to be stepped up. If parents were to take an interest in the child's activities and know what their children were doing, it would help.
MB Q5: What are your views on the growing availability of Pornographic material via BBSes and the 'net that can not be controlled effectively?
These BBSes would not offer such material if there was not a demand for it. It is an attempt at making BBSes more popular. I am in favour of a licence to run a BBS and think that either a one off payment of say £1000 or a regular yearly payment of £3-500 would be a step in the right direction. These BBSes. Once registered, would need to be regulated and monitored I also think that service providers need to take more interest in what users are using the system for. It would not be the most difficult thing to do, to restrict some gateways, or services by age. I also think that running a BBS
should be limited to 18 year olds and above, and this should be apart of the registration. As a sysop that also runs a commercial 0891 BBS I am forced to limit users younger than 17 to a time limit that is very low. I initially thought this would restrict the BBS' use, but over the past year or so have found that it helps run the BBS you can see I do not share the views of most sysops. I would have no problem "grassing" a service that was offering material to children that was offensive or damaging.
IS of Regards, Tony Miller - SysOp of 01 for Amiga.
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CHEQUES OR POSTAL ORDERS ONLY - MADE OUT TO "MICRO-T" TELEPHONE : 01938 556575 556623 FAX : 01938 555501 MICROTRADE THE REDWOOD BUILDING LEIGHTON RD BUTTINGTON WELSHPOOL POWYS SY2I 8HE It's almost show time again. The ECTS, or European Computer Trade Show in Earls Court, London is the biggest event in the European entertainment software publishers and developers lives, and everything becomes a slave to the event. At this time of year many companies simply hold back product from release until ECTS, where they feel they can showcase it to as large an audience as possible, guage their
response and base their marketing strategy upon this. It will be interesting to find out just how much Amiga software actually sees the light of day at this show. There'll be a full report in the November issue.
Alan Dykes.
COMPETITIONS ViroCop .....54 Win one of five cool jackets
• Primal Rage ......58 Win a video worth £500
• Worms .36 REVIEWS
• Alien Breed 3D ...40
• Brutal Paws of Fury .....42
• Gloom .45
• Super Streetfighter II ...48
• OTM ...53
• ViroCop A500 ...53 PLAYERS
• Matt's Snip Tips ...60
• Vampyra ....61
• Valhalla 2 Solution 62 Worms Due for release:
October ¦ Publisher.Team 17 ©01924 267776 The Amiga looks set
to spawn another classic game, as Team 17 get out their worms
and start playing ... ©: months ago but due to circumstances
beyond the control of Team 17's PR department the game hasn't
seen the light of day since. But now it's back, and it's
looking stonkingly good.
When we first saw Worms it was an instant office favourite, but what has held it up since then was an effort by programmer Andy Davidson and assorted Team bods to turn a good fun game into an all time classic. Now I haven't reviewed it yet so it's definitely too early to pass final judgement, but when a pre-production version can have you hooked like this one did then it's a pretty safe bet.
Worms is a variation on the old Tanks theme. Using direct fire and lobbing weapons your task is to destroy an enemy that is hiding somewhere in a generated landscape. The enemy in this instance is one of four worms controlled either by either a friend or by the computer. The weapons involved include bazookas, shotguns, homing missiles and. Get this ... exploding sheep.
Programmed the game for a Blitz competition in one of our rival Amiga magazines, but they proved their shortsightedness by completely ignoring the lad Andy's original concept "Total Wormage". Not so Martin Brown from Team 17. Ten minutes after first seeing it at the European Computer Trade Show in Islington last September he was convinced of its merits and signed it up on the spot.
Anyone who was at the World Of Amiga show last December will probably have seen Total Wormage on the Team 17 stand. If you joined the queue to play it and had a go you would have seen why. The concept may be simple but there are so many ways to a worm in this game that it immediately becomes very strategic and addictive.
Andy Davidson actually started the project three years ago and had it playtested throughout its development by the 'experts' at the computer shop in which he worked. This would explain how polished an effort it was for a first-time game developer. Lesson: if you're going to develop a game you need outside opinion and reaction to get it right, and that's what Andy got from his mates and is now getting from Team 17.
The other thing he's getting from Team 17 is a lot of money.
Because of their big tie-in with Ocean Software, the Team are releasing this on every conceivable games platform. And Andy is in charge of all of them.
According to him: "Everything will have to conform to the Amiga version. The gameplay originated in the Amiga and although the more fancy CD versions Mad? Possibly The man responsible for all this is Andy Davidson, a previously unknown computer shop worker and Amiga nut. He originally ent ng will have extra animations and cut scenes which add to the game, the actual playing screen itself will be nearly identical for all versions.” Alan Bunker, Team 17's PR manager added: "Normally you'd give a completed Amiga game to someone else to do the conversion and let them get on with it.
But Andy has the overall say on all versions of Worms. Although he is working on the Amiga version himseif he is managing and guiding everything else, from the SNES to the PC. Which is important because only he really knows the game inside out".
Andy Davidson is a strange bloke. The influence for worms seems to have been his parent's garden. He is obsessed with concrete donkeys (for no appari reason, but he insisted on talking about them continuously while I spoke to him) and, of course, worms. It's not clear just how well acquainted the young Davidson became with the slippery creatures that tunnelled their way underground while he was admiring the garden furniture and his dried-up pond, but one look at his creation will tell you that he has a very vivid imagination.
A A rendered worn making plans II200 with a SCSI CD-ROM? ~h mayhe”.
Worm arms?
Ia the CO version. Hill it raa on an For a start worms do not have arms. That is fairly basic. But Andy's do - in his Worms Bill Of Rights they have the right to not only have arms but bear arms.
They also speak: Kill one of them and they exclaim "Oh no", fail to kill one and they'll threaten revenge shouting; "I'll get you".
Ame do a All sorts of fun and games can be had with the various weapons, but the oddest two have to be the exploding sheep I mentioned earlier and the banana bombs.
Release a sheep and it merrily prances across the scenery until you explode it. These sheep are easily frightened though and if you leave it too close to a worm (especially a Welsh one) without doing the dirty deed it will turn towards you with a very worried look on its face.
The other real oddity is the banana bomb.
Since everything in Worms seems to be based on personal experience, Andy may have eaten one banana too many on a hot day and the resultant fermentation in his stomach must have made him pretty intoxicated before he came up with this one. Basically it’s like a super grenade. You throw it at another worm and when it lands the little black ball splits up into a number of bright yellow bananas which bounce around and explode like a cluster bomb. Which is all very well... but why bananas?
Another interesting and effective weapon is the air strike, but what I want to know is why they haven't included a salt strike. It has been the experience of my misspent youth that worms do not like table salt at all. And I'll wager that a pinch of the stuff would cause havoc to an opposing team's morale.
Chemical weapons so to speak.
But it's not just the weapons that make Worms so interesting, there are also a number of transport items which conspire to complicate the game. In our last preview we told you about the teleport, but chief among the new features are the Bat Rope and the Bungy. The Bat Rope enables you to swing up onto objects, while the Bungy enables you to, you’ve guessed it, swing down, in a bendy and difficult to control manner.
All of this animation and both the worms' and sheep's expressions and movement are beautifully created, and manage to convey a superb atmosphere, despite their minuscule size.
Level 1... billion There are a multitude of level styles in Worms, including green hills, arctic, hell and others.
The terrain can be just about any style you like. And. In fact, if you do wish to create your own unique levels then you will be able to do so using art packages like Dpaint. By itself they reckon you could generate over 1 billion levels, but I should think this a highly unlikely achievement.
As a multi player game Worms has developed immensely.
Despite the fact that a single player mode is now being implemented and according to Mr. Davidson "the computer can now beat you in an offensive game, getting its defences and strategic game up to scratch is what we're working on at the moment", it*still remains at its best in multi player mode.
You can now save your squad with unique names for each Worm and no-one else can use these. There are league tables for Worms which tell you who the most successful team commander is and who is the most dangerous (hard) Worm.
- r 17 social evenings.
Which used to involve lots ale.
Now seem to revolve around Worms and local Wakefield pubs have been complaining bitterly.
The net result of this is that there's fierce rivalry between members of staff to see who has the hardest worm, team and strategy. It's funny to visit a company as big as Team 17 has become and find so many people obsessed with one game - whether it's their project or not. As soon as Worms was set up for demonstration word got around and soon other, unconnected, members of staff made it their business to drop by for "a quick game".
Due for release at the beginning of October Worms should be ready for review next month. It will be available for all 1Mb Amigas and will feature an in-game AGA enhancement that recognises when it's loaded on an A1200 or A4000. The CD32 version (which should work on CD-ROM drives for A1200) will have some extra animation and cut scenes. ¦ Alan Dykes
* -Uckv ? WB3 BACKDROPS 1 MAT FLOPPY 22T1SS:"”™ f"1""* Daag-ojv
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Option AMO RlCECVI FAXES FROM YOUR AMIOi Supplied with Cable
(N-COMM FOB AMIOA) 2 Year Warranty ®oving. Submerged, through a water filled cavern on your knees, rising wherever possible for a life-saving gulp of air and trying to avoid the shadowy creatures that you can just make out above the surface. Trying to make it to the end of the cavern before water fills your lungs and you're sleeping with the fish for good. Breathing heavy nearly there... no ... life is draining away ... help!
Alien Breed 3D has had its fair share of development setbacks.
Originally due for release back in April, it was put back until July and then "sometime in the Autumn".
When I initially saw a demo of the Somewhere out there there are hundreds of r creatures just waiting to kill you. Welcome to first person perspective hell.
Game I was impressed. Here was the first real Doom style game for the Amiga, and despite somewhat blocky graphics it looked as though it was shaping up to be really good.
It's amazing how time can cast doubts over first reactions though.
Soon after Breed 3D was first revealed we all started going mad over Fears and. A little while later.
Gloom. Suddenly AB3D‘s blocki- ness was seen as a major weakness and although the name certainly carried more weight than either of the other two its chances of impressing this hardened games playing office were reduced by a fair margin.
Then, the week before AB3D was due in for review the full version of Gloom, with network compatibility built in. Arrived and had us playing into the small hours.
Poor AB3D looked beaten.
But the arrival of Gloom was a blessing in disguise, and Team 17 couldn't have planned it better if they tried to (it was purely co-incidence that it worked out like this), because when some of the faults of a rival game are immediately and satisfactorily solved by another you're on to a winner. Gloom (reviewed on page 45) is great, but so is AB3D. And although they are both based on the same presentation idea they are like chalk and cheese in terms of gameplay.
You see Alien Breed 3D is Doom. There is no other way of describing it. The characters are different, the graphics are vastly different and the weapons are too.
But the style and the gameplay is true to the Holy Grail of computer shoot 'em ups. It's suspense packed, strategic fun - if you can call high blood pressure and rising stress levels, ducking and diving and not knowing who the hell is shooting at you from above fun.
Graphics The issue of the blocky graphics is complex too. Yes the walls are blockier than Gloom or Fears, as are some of the characters, but at the same time they are more detailed and complex. Also, unlike Gloom, you don't have the luxury of turning off the ceiling or floor for added smoothness - there often is no ceiling or floor because upper and lower levels and the presence of enemies there, on or in platforms, bridges, sewers etc, adds several extra dimensions to the game.
Yes, for the first fifteen minutes or so the graphics are a bit disconcerting. Yes, there are times when it's very difficult to judge turns or see steps out of the general melee. And yes, you have to go so close to doors to open them that they invariably look like a multicoloured bunch of squares, but as I said in the preview last March you soon forget about this once you've played Alien Breed 3D for a while. Then it's: hey, the graphics are great! Look at those enemies!
Look at that water effect! Blimey!
Killer instinct If you fancy taking on a friend in a frantic battle to the finish then Alien Breed 3D is your game. With a serial cable connecting two Amigas together player 1 becomes the 'Master' and player 2 the 'Slave', then you race to collect weapons and set off in hot pursuit of each other. Once your opponent is in sight let all hell break lose! Because the levels are so big (you can select any level you like to play in Master Slave mode) and because of the presence of so many hiding places and vantage points to shoot from it gets terribly exciting.
There are plenty of enemies in AB3D too, including the infamous Geiger-based Breed. They are mixed into the levels in a challenging way and they all look good.
Some of them are tough, real tough, especially on the later levels. On level 12 a huge one appears when you open the first door. It releases face hugging, life sucking creatures which soon multiply and get out of control unless you go for the jugular and kill the creature that is spawning them.
Easier said than done.
16 levels Speaking of levels, Alien Breed 3D has sixteen of them. This is a true 3D maze, with stairs, upper levels, holes in the floor, lifts, doors and keys. But the most amazing levels have to be the water ones.
Although water plays a part on a lot of levels there are some, like level five, that are almost completely flooded. In the corridors this water is usually waist high, though you can duck into it and ? Here we see Hal Bellinsoa standing around wondering where I've got lo.
A Here we see me foolishly missing him with bazooka missile. Lime lo rnn.
A Ibis cteotnie is Evil, with 0 capital E and I'm not having much success ending his teign ol tenor. Vou son.
Bn icleoses those nasty spawn, see top of my paeon, and my life is beginning lo drain away.
A The plasma gun. A prefly smart weapon that will despatch a Breed with one shot A The bazooka. My lavonrite. Big. Pewerfnl but with very limited ammunition.
Screen mode doesn't even bear thinking about. Alien Breed 3D goes further than being just a shoot ’em up.
It's the current star of the show as far as Amiga 'Doom' clones are concerned. And if have a mate with an A1200 and a serial cable it's probably the best two player combat game on Amiga. ¦ Alan Dykes ALIEN BREED 3D £29.99 90*.
84% 96% 89‘l, completely immerse yourself if needs be. This is sometimes necessary to negotiate a low ceiling or sneak up on some breed.
Swimming While under water the effect is absolutely spectacular, with ripples above you and mirror-like images of the enemy. Very atmospheric. The other cool feature is the swimming pool. Right in the middle of a big room you happen upon a bright blue chlorine filled pool. Lovely. But wait, there are breed in it! You can see their dark shadows lurking at the bottom.
Jump in and it really does feel like a swimming pool; the world goes blue and you can almost reach out and touch the water. Then the breed attack. Luckily you can fire your weapons underwater, so threats can still be countered.
In terms of weapons there are eight. These include the standard automatic rifle, a plasma gun, a bazooka, a grenade launcher, shotgun and a burst shot Uzi style machine gun. At the start of a level you are equipped with (he rifle, the others must be collected somewhere in the level before they can be used. Switching between weapons is done by pressing buttons 1-8 on the keyboard. In true Alien Breed style they all have limited ammunition though, even the automatic rifle, so you can’t just go around firing willy nilly. You've got to seek out and collect shells for the gun and bazooka and
batteries for the plasma gun.
The bazooka is absolutely brilliant though. The amount of shells you can gather for it is limited, but they are fabulously effective and darned spectacular on screen as well. A bazooka explosion will light up a dark corridor and kill multiple enemies, but there’s nothing more spectacular than lobbing one at an opponent in two-player combat mode, engulfing them in flames and then seeing them running towards you. Right out of the centre of the fire.
Control Control is by joystick or keyboard, though a two button joystick or pad (CD32 people will be in heaven) is really needed to play the game solely by this method.
Keyboard control is very intuitive though and you can entirely reconfigure the control keys to suit your taste. Although, like Gloom, you can side-step your character you can also duck (by pressing the D key), to hide in water or get under low obstacles.
Sound is good too. With breed breathing around every corner, above you and below you, lurking ready for the kill. AB3D is yet another modern game that demands stereo sound for the best effect.
Cool effects AB3D has gone for cool visual effects where they count and effect the gameplay. The implementation of the water and upper levels for instance are much more important that having your gun go 'click-click' and recoil every time you fire. This game is all about strategy and retreat, search and destroy and spectacular effects.
It’s also fast enough to play on a standard, unexpanded A1200, though if you've got fast RAM or an accelerator it would be an advantage (if not. Don't let this put you off buying the game though).
¦ workbench version, .3 ¦ number of disks ......5 ¦ RAM 2Mb ¦ hard disk installable......res graphics .. sound .. lastability playability ...... 7 GAMES PACK - FREE DELIVERY SXI Modulcr Expansion £191 99 Keyboord for CD32 .. £36 99 Competition Pro Pod ...£15 99 CD32 to Scon ......£11 99 C032 to AMIGA 1200 inc. so«t.or £29 99 Disk Drive for CD32 ......£48 99 CD32 HiFi Lead .....£11 99 Add £3.00 pip for
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full image on your Amiga screen.
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signature: ((kmtai customers-pkme (at for prices 6C.)
Expiry Date-. [ | | | ***** No (Switch Only k Dcptcua Cheque Bank Draft Postal Order for £_______: payable to Gordon Harwood (omputcrs Limited... ¦ Price: £29.99 ¦ Publisher: Black Magic © 01302 890000 and kill him. This works for a while, but you’ll soon lose interest and return to the two player versus the computer mode, where the truckloads of enemy make all the difference.
Right from the start the 3D rendered walls, ceilings and floors do not fail to impress. There is one section where you enter a large spinning roundabout, if you get caught between it and the wall you will suffer, but it’s the sheer quality of the graphics in sections like this that really make the game what it is.
Gloom is less like Doom than you might think though. It is really two Of them have, this and AB3D. * loading op the second world, roe koow yoo’ie in lor something different only you still aren't prepared lor a fast paced maze shoot ’em up Gloom is set in some pretty """"" °",l"c ,0"‘ with less overall atmosphere than miserable dungeons where you. A have a pretty powerful weapon. Misery and woe of fighting a Doom but more frantic, shoot ’em marine, must work your way Find one of the super powerups vicious enemy. The other way to up style action throughout the lev- around a rendered 3D maze
blast- and you have an awesome one. Go about things is to get a serial els. You can size the screen and ing strange creatures, rival Right from the start the 3D ren- port cable and another friend who set the resolution of the graphics marines, ghosts and other crea- dered walls, ceilings and floors do has an A1200. Link the two and go to suit your needs and play happi- tures out of your way. There is no not fail to impress, nor does the for it full screen on two machines, ly (if a little nervously) for hours, weapon visible but a power bar at size, shape and speed of them with two monitors.
Despite minor days on end. In one player mode the top of the screen indicates that enemy, especially the ghosts who difficulties in setting this mode up or even more so in two player, you have one and how powerful it come out at you in the second it is totally awesome when you side by side combat Gloom is is too. Series of dungeons. Idling with actually get playing. Two are better excellent. Buy it. ¦ A Gloom marine is equipped intent around any corner can be than one, and this is one sure way Alan Dykes with a single plasma-style gun. One or ten enemies, of various dif- of getting further
into the game, which you can pick up power-ups ferent sorts, though if you are Unfortunately if your opponent for as you wander through the lucky enough to pick up a wall has a 1230 50MHz accelerator in maze. Get five power-ups and you scanner headset you’re at an his Amiga and you don’t he will advantage - you can see them rush off in all directions grabbing coming. Upgrades like this, and weapons and food upgrades (dis- the weapon power-ups only last as guised as baby bottles), hiding long as your current life though. Behind you while you bite other people's bullets and generally act- IWO
player fun ng like a right plonker. You see.
Gloom gives you two options on speed is everything in Gloom and the two player game. If you only 50Mhz really moves it around, have one A1200 then you can split the screen horizontally and, though I WO CjlOOmy it slows it down considerably, have And so to the two player Vs all the fun and the worthwhile Combat mode. Here you enter the assistance of a mate to share the maze with your ’friend’, try to find ? It's true. The Gl Joes wail lor you lo gel close and then lei you have it.
If you've always wanted to apply for the Foreign Legion, but can't be bothered to get out of your armchair then Gloom could be the game for you.
A AMIGA SUPERSTAR Mark Sibly is not only tal- j ented, he’s a rock fan.
which means that his games are never filled with rubbishy house-themed soundtracks or synth lines. No, we get a full on hard rockin’ core tune to Gloom and I have to tell you it warmed my heart and soul. Which was just as well 'cos the gameplay that followed almost turned both of them into cold jelly.
Congratulations to Black Magic.
Mark's spin off from his previous partnership in Acid software, for getting the last announced of the current Doom clone games out first. Six months ago we were laying odds on whether Gloom, AB3D or Fears would make past the finishing post before the Autumn and GLOOM £29.99 graphics .92% flizon sound .....84% lastahility ......90% playability .. Truly superb II II blasting action H l|"n A must buy. U The NEXT GENERA TION of gaming MAGAZINES Rf PI AY Vf T osooo ~ rs 00 = 51.5 } V pF** "V * f -r* "* T u
,.a¦‘-v- i 'Vi Mi*K '41 3a - x _ ¦ I FVF 14 f R( HITS ?«» OVERLOAD Discover the FACTS on 1st SEPTEMBER PM3 has iu be6nthe premier r; r«p ch«- “USM is the best yet” 850 ° PC Format Silver Award ithoat doubt best tootv nagement m*ehave me across Gamesmaster “Dangerously addictive” 89% PC Power till the BEST ...£..£..9 weeks at Number I “Get out there and buy it!” 92% Amiga Action Accoiade Award indeed done'a 'tlfe S ant* ,l(li highly na9 f„ts9t0P a°V footie man ement sim” aSh nS S'631 anTdo **” a' unrtn1 tea'°aoH»'e V nan°e “,f PM3 was Manchester United, then Ultimate Soccer Manager has
set its roots in Ewood Park soccer manager nas set iis roots in cv with Blackburn Rovers” 8 10 pc Review ¦ ” •• • Format Gallup Chart SIERRA' pressions © 1995 Impressions, Unit 9, Princeton Court, Felsham Road, Putney, London SW15 1AZ.
Otreet Fighter 2 will. I believe, always be remembered as a pivotal product in the shaping of the computer games universe. Pretty much every beat 'em up game since has tried to copy it - with very few really succeeding. Of course, as assured as Street Fighter 2 is of being fondly remembered in the future, there's also a damn good chance that anyone who was into the Amiga a few years back will be ready at a moment's notice to have a laugh over the piece of rubbish that was US Gold's original conversion.
Dodgy graphics, horrendous loading times, and the sort of collision detection that Damon Hill would die for (probably quite literally) all managed to come together to tarnish the Street Fighter name.
And as if that wasn't humiliating enough, they're back againl Fortunately, US Gold appear to have learnt their lesson, and have teamed-up with a talented bunch of chaps from the development company. Freestyle, to produce a much more polished product second time around. Taking the Street Fighter 2 legend one step further than the Amiga has previously seen, this is in fact SUPER Street ¦ Price: £34.99 ¦ Publisher: US Gold © 0121 606 1800 The Amiga beat 'em up market is about to be beefed-up with one of the most famous games ever.
CU Amiga Magazine finds out what's in a name.
Fighter 2. And as such introduces four new characters to the proceedings, along with a plethora of modified moves and power enhancements Disk shuffling?
The other key to this review is the fact that the success of the game is, most probably, going to be down to how good the disk accessing is. With a large number of character combinations, all suffering from the added complication of different background scenery and theme tunes, data retrieval is easily the most important factor of all. Fear not. Brave warriors, for tis' not too bad at all.
Comparing the Amiga version to the various console versions available isn't exactly going to be a fair trial, but it's inevitable, and what with most people being fairly familiar with the aforementioned product, it ( does give us something to mark against.
OK. Let's be picky first. There's a tremendous amount of 'sitting quietly' when playing this game, and even with a second disk drive, you're going to spend more time looking at the disk loading screen (as nice as it is) than you are playing the game There's also a lot less music going on than regular SF2 players will be expecting and, though the programmers have obviously tried very hard to get things identical, it's a bit silly having to wait through a minute's loading just for the 'you’ve been beaten' screen.
Still, once you do load things up. The graphics are nice and clear (if a little small) and the feel' of the game is satisfying enough. Having converted from the likes of the six- buttoned SNES joypad, the control method is a bit of problem, particularly if you only have a single-button joystick. The sort of combination play that made the original so popular isn't really an option when you have to hit the shift key to swap between punches and kicks; but if you've never played the original. Maybe you won't be too bothered by that. As for myself, well, once I'd plugged in my CD32 joy-
pad, I was more than happy (which leaves me convinced that the CD32 game will probably be the version to get excited about). A two-button joystick option is included, utilising a user-friendly 'direction alters strength' system. _ The 'Super' part of the game's ’ title also introduces the player into the world of 'first attack bonuses', ‘multiple hit awards', and even marks for a good recovery. The manual supplied gives all of the special moves for each of the characters, and certainly with the CD32's joypad. These are all extremely well calibrated. The detection system has also been well
tweaked, so when you move in close for a throw, you do actuaF ly look and feel as though you have the opponent (something sadly lacking from the demos we've seen so far).
On The Ball League Edition - Save £20!
RRP £32.99. Our price Am A12 £9.99 Stardust Save £9!
RRP £16.99 Our price Am A12 £7.99 er 'verses' battle is as simple as always, with a handicapping system stopping you from murdering your six year old nephew every game.
Whether this game succeeds or not is probably more down to how patient people are when it comes to watching the loading screen. And do I recommend this to you? Well, I'd certainly say that the product is polished enough to perhaps warrant investing in a CD32 joypad and if you have a hard drive to cut out the tedious disk swopping, then yes. I'd go and buy it now. I can't see anything coming closer than this. ¦ Matt Broughton Lords of The Realm Save £18!
RRP £34.99 Our price Am £16.99. A12 £17.99 Ishar 3 Save £23!
RRP £32.99 Our price Am A12E9.99 he A fly sm.
• into ses'.
1 e re char- make cheques or Pos payable to Chart Shooters and send orders to Chart Shoot ers, FREEPOST NW6000, Lone ?n ove :tual- !
... and, in the yellow corner, the A5 600 version.
Hmm, not really all that funky looking compared to the A1200 version and certainly not as atmospher
ic. You also have to choose between having either the music or
the sound effects, which doesn't exactly help the product
along. Still, better to have a lesser product available than
none at all, I suppose.
¦With nice little presentation touch- I es. And though Cammy (the new ¦English contender) is by no means |K babe-like as her arcade counterpart (or Kylie for that matter) the faetail in both the graphics and bound manage to give most of the ¦Characters at least eighty percent lof their full personalities.
I There are a couple of options to I tweak around with, mostly to alter Sfficulty levels and speed of play, but also to select exactly what sort of one player game you play If you play in 'normal' mode, you won't be able to access one of the four Super characters as your character, but you will get to play the bonus Bunds thrown up every so often.
Hie 'super’ mode allows you to plough through every character, Chopping and changing your Identity as you go. The two playPost Hite!
Yes -1 want the top games at the lowest prices! Please send me the following: My computer is _ Total remittance value enclosed _ (Please add 50p per game for p&p, to a maximum of £2.00 Name _ , London NW6 6YG. Enquiries tel 0171 372 7S44.
Registered office 11 Genotin Terrace. Enfield EN1 2AF. Company reg No 2679656 Ultimate Soccer Manager - Save £18!
RRP £34.99. Chart shooters' price: Am £17.99. A1200 £18.99 Storm Master, Metal Mutant, Crystals of Arborea, Starblade, Boston Bomb Club - £2.99 each, or buy all 5 for just £10!
On The Ball World Cup Edition
- Save £20! RRP £32.99 Chart Shooters' price: Am A12 £9.99
Transarctica £5.99 Ishar 1 £5.99 Ishar 2 £5.99 Robinson's
Requiem £9.99 We guarantee to fulfil your order within 10 days
of receipt of payment. Pleasr Address Postcode Post to Chart
Shooters, FREEPOST NW6000. London NW6 6YG.
(No stamp needed). Enquiries tel 0171372 7544.
Please make chequesTPOs payable to Chan Shooters.
Brutal Paws of Fury ¦ Price: £29.99 ¦ Publisher: GameTek 0 01753 553 445 moves are nothing to write home ' about. Pantha's taunting move which involves flashing his spotty I boxer shorts at you does not inspire much aggression. So you're left wondering why you need to bother mastering complex joystick gyrations for mediocre moves, when if you just stick to sitting in the corner with the fire button I pressed you get the same job done.
Unfortunately this tactic worked time and time again. You can get well into later belt stages without '¦ even losing a life.
Brutal is a novel enough idea, with shades of the Hong Kong Phooey cartoons in some of its characters The graphics, sound and speed are good, it's just let down by the awkward, unspectacular special moves and the fact it is too easy to get by with flailing kicks and punches. Not what you I want from a beat 'em up ¦ Lisa Collins in-depth personality profile along with their stats.
Once you've decided which character you identify with it's standard beat em up options: one- player. Two player and a two player 'no frills' option which enables you to jump straight into the ring with all your special moves already acquired rather than having to earn them as in the other two modes However, it's the special moves, or really the not so special moves, that let the game down.
Although Brutal runs quite quickly, unlike MKII or SSFII, the special ultimate martial arts status - master. The background music is sort of Japanesy lecho style and the reasonably well drawn stages also have a Japanese slant to them. Perhaps the biggest effort to create a sense of ambience was in creating a personality profile for each of the furry combatants. Each one has their own BRUTAL £29.99 ¦ workbench version ..1.3 ¦ number of disks ~..~2 ¦ RAM 1Mb ¦ hard disk installable......yes A 600 graphics ... .70S Mm sound
. 70*: Instability .. ____________5S*.
Aism olavabilitv .50% r A20BU OVERALL A beat 'em up rr let down badly H u»o« *** ‘,s moves vJ J A second opinion Brutal adds a novel twist to tha beat 'em up genre, as it uses animats for combatants as opposed to the humans mutants aliens we are normally handed. However, this twist is not exploited past the names and appearance of the sprites, none of the special moves or attacks are based around tha various animals' characteristics and they are personified to the extent that they are almost human. It is a jokey, passive beat am up (if there can be such a thing) with a
minimum amount of blood and realism.
The main plus of the game is its speed. It has three speed levels, and moves at quite a pace in the highest. The fighters have been given a lot of character with large colourful sprites, background information and stats and you can find yourself becoming quite attached to them.
The game is fun in two-player mode, as are most beat 'em ups. But the moves can become frustrating and luck can play too much of a part in the battles. Bouts tend to degenerate into constant sweeps and jumping kicks, or both players on either side of the screen wrestling with the controls. It all adds up to disappointment. Good graphics are let down by watery gameplay and there is no excuse for those sort of shenanigans.
Adi Leff Os anyone who has ever watched Wildlife on One will tell you. Animals are not calm, rational beings who contemplate life before they decide to go out looking for din dins. No, they tear into their prey, teeth bared, saliva dripping from their jaws ready to dismember their unfortunate victim. Strange then that the animals in this beat 'em up, are cute peace loving souls who prefer to spend their time meditating and perfecting their martial art skills before entering in a bit of one on one combat with each other. OK it's a novel idea and. Hey, it might just work. 8ut sadly it
The reason it doesn't work is not really down to the concept behind the game it s to do with the playability. But we'll get back to that later.
It's a shame, really. A lot of effort seems to have gone into creating a sense of atmosphere to fit in with the underlying aim of the game which is to achieve the CD181 THE CBM64 SENSATIONS £19.99 WBER THE GOOD OLD GAMES WITH r=- C64 SENSATIONS fixations gives you almost 10,000 C64 ¦ rmos with over 600Mb of software. Mega ¦ Games, and utilities for the Amiga and PC ¦ OcfJte'S * 177 rs. The disc has all the latest versions of emu- ¦
* PC and Amiga computers (also contains the IH - ' non ol the AM
Package v.LO lor any amiga ¦ rkbcnch 2 0 and above workbench &
the latest ¦ of Fntdo). The Work done here will not only ¦ i
months of transfer time but take you on a trip ¦ time to when
the 64 was king. We garuantee I- ! You not have seen many of
these amazing Mega demos as a high amount I been on general
release before. Our C64 experts have spent months of ¦ork
preparing this CDROM. Converting files from disk, searching
through »et sites, taking to forgotten programmers, and
Listening to the HUGE Bf sidtunes provided (also contains
latest SidTunes!). Inside the front cover bd useful information
on how to use this disc on the PC and Amiga com- The Amiga
computers will need a copy of workbench and two blank disks
i*cd. You'll also find many new utilities from the major
internet sites I’DSOI T Southcnel-On-Sc.t. ISSI X. SSI 2YD.
CD182 THE COLOUR LIBRARY £9.99 nt* only «i n:.iin» ;h * UleM er.iphkj) PD In ni nil m-it the ik5!_. *
w. tfld. tin- Net ami BHS ' iurics n also contain over I ? ¦
vlipirr Ji colour image files divided him vaiiuus categories m
ji.I 'dev lion ’I he fi.-s m.iv Is- - inponcd" into most of
tl c UU» km| fopul-'i desktop |'if i'her s. ail paekayes.
Vi:'»irs a in I word I"'-*' ...... ir.-n-h.-TDWlM ie.
•*iil- vit :he mvdc I'd Usrni .«n your hard disk first We have
included several useful utilities to enhance the per foemance
of this disc First is FILLY GIF. This allows you '- to view
any of the images on this disc, pri« * to use. Second is
Phoiovisioo which is a hill tured image manipulation and
viewing tool from Software Vision Corporation Another | gram
which is also a firm favourite is Envision Publisher which is
a top quality desktop f lishcr. There arc of course loads more
of the most popular shareware titles on this disc anc come w
ith full instructions for use and where to obtain the full
version if required. C’ategc include Animals. Bikes. Birds,
Boats. Buildings. Cars. Cartoons. Cats. Computers. Dmosa Dogs.
Fantasy. Fish. Flags. Flowers. Food. Helicopters. Houses,
Inserts. Maps. Medical. S Military. Misc. Modal!. Painting.
Photov. Places. Planes. Raytracc. Scenic. Sci-Fi. Sea. Sh
Smaitait. Space. Sports. Sytar Trek, Swimsuits. Things.
Trains. Wars and Women 77 HOTTEST AMIGA MEGA DEMOS CD167 ZO
Its truly a multiplatform CDROI Emulator’s for various
computer typ as The Amiga, Atari ST, Mac ai Contains some
exclusive products ONLY appear on this CD and havt been
released before. You get l FAQs. Spectrum Techinal FAQs.
Lists, Tnc modified spectrum Moditied interlace I ROM, other Mi 1072 Megabytes Amigj ic gets you hundred of th ?ga Demos, includes wori rom around the world. Contains the j utilities. There's plenty of stuff on lack to them over and over again, in DMS formats. Also comes with i for unpacking the LHA and DMS le indexes for various BBS formats.
Game to June: Utilities, games, demos.
Tnd over 100 computer screenshi ed computer from yester-years, j through all the games, utiliti this classic computer. The pcrl ;pectmm computer and if you w pc then this disc will tell you h ipiied on the disc).
Other "Party” Demos ideshows backdrops, drawers etc CD112 THE AMINETSET 1 £24.99 3 PROFESSIONAL IFF & PCX 2 £19.99 CD101 THE SOUND LIB Over 1,000 Mb of the best quality Public Domain Shareware software for Amiga and PC computers. Its the most comprehensive collection of sound related software and musical data to date.
Includes: MIDI files in various lormats.
Hundreds of Megabytes ot excellent music to listen too. (or change edit them to insert ihcm imo ou own applications I. ovejj Aminet is worlds largest collection of|fl •• freely di'iribulable Amiga software, lip lo I every I f ilss •• . I'iin:lc's |ii. :-tiiiiu*ix pub.is.-. ’ •*l” ..Ho? Ii' inee|v.i.in mme: now holds the equivalent of more than 4.MMI tlopps disks I E of software! Until recently access to Aminct was restricted to international net- work users. But now all of the fust set can be purchased in one Consisting of 4 Cds. The complete archive is published for the 1st tii One of the
best selling CDROMS to date and rccomcndcd.
CD052 PRO GIF £19.99 CD105 THE GRAPHIC SE B-l I .I SflTION £19.99_ Fred Fob hn been wort- quility. Freely distnb- ntable software tor the d eiVMS.'coMMM the edlkal tuvhivc of ibe FISH £24.99 conn a»ib £1299
j Ul.Ti Fred Fnh An excellent
vl. M'.r ,1 ;l,t tv«l wifi B
- UMII. .N-Im the Food. Fvia.lure. jc. Kitchen*. U«e . L Lo o*.
M «. Mmx. Oullit. Phone*. Stop. S( Sport*. Text. Toy*. Tiee_Kiu
Vehicle*. Vide Weapon LIGHTWAVE Vm are mated to jem like: u the
imigine -d-e reilum. R Toy*. Tvtonal. Lehwlr*. Video. VirwPou
Wcvm 240 ADOBF. TYPE I FONTS, in) a I (GOLD) vice, credit card
SWITCH card* charged ¦ day of rtleaK c«ly SUBSCRIPTION (AMINET)
©aodoi lsxfli ,, Jfoa3» §?!] 2)330 TRY US.. WE LIVE UP TO OUR
NAME.. RING NOWIII S TEL.01227-764204 9.30am to 7.00pm H
(Answerphon© outside normal hours) lwskj video Back-up 17 99
17. 99 r 17 99 SERIOUS VIOEO A MULTIMEDIA Adoragc Big Altem
Scroller 2 4 99 Broadcast Tiber 2 10 99 Scale MT100 4 99
Scale 300M «2 99 WORDPflOCHSIMC J 5| Hnml Copy II V2 ..11
final WnteVJ GAMES 17 99 m Attack Sub 17 99 j a Train -
Constr Sat
17. 991 A10 Tank Idler 17 99 Action Stations Any tit es £4.99 or
ess for £10.00 Any tit es C7.99 or ess for £20.00 Anv tit es
£9.99 or ess for £25.00 10 10 Svucturad Spelling 17 99 Adams
Family .10 10 Franck 17 99 j Ak Backs 1 2 Mono German 17.99
Alfred Chicken 10 10 Dinosaurs 17 99! Alien Breed 92 10 10
Driving Test l» 99 AnoRier World Am my While Snooker 9 991
ShedoworlS'lMot A1200) 7 99 I Wordworth 3 1 SE '..... “ 10.99
Wortfuorth 3A 1199 SPREADSHEET 9 99 Turbo Vak V2 0 7 99
UaiirilMi V4 22 99 i Arcade Pool John Madden Am Footbai 9 99
Shuttle 12 99 Sment Service 2 10 99 1 Sun City Oesac 9 99 SIM
LIFE (1 5 MB)
10. 99 i Simon tne eorceror Jungle Strike (Spatial Ed) g Fortress
59 99 22 99 79 99 m jjIm! BIMiiot Prey Hi!« ”5 S2SE?D SSSii s
H! S2S5K __« 4999 194 99: ’3 991 Body Blows 1349 Brutal
Sports Football msb.
16. 99 16 99
9. 99 10 99 13 49 19 99 6 99 Gold Disk Office 10 991 DeinOP
11. 99 Pagestream 3 9 99 CAD
* ” I CAO 201 MM10 ; | X-CAD PfolniloiMl IdllBXW" 10 99 I art on
I imiiiniu nnC Rally ---- -------------- | lotus Turbo
ChalM(NotA12)4 991 Stunt Car Racer Lombard ,11 lure 01 tne
Temptress 10 97 ' subwar zoso 1199 moo Manhunt* * New York 9 99
Supremacy 9 99 iMegetraveler 1 or 2 10 99 , Swifchblads 2(Not
A1200) 4 99 ill Mlg29Supertutrum 10 99 8wiv (Not A1200) 4 99 ’
Monkey Island 10.99 8yn *cate 9 99
7. 99 7 99 9 99 9 99 4 99 10 99 7 99 9 99
7. 99 11 99 9 99 10 99 4 99 11 99 10 99 t 99 11 99
11. 99 11 99 9 99 11 99 9 99 TOP TITLES SPECIALS ATR Racer.
Champ.Man Halla'95, Death Mask, RuffnTumble, Scrabble. Turbo
Trax. Vi roc op.£liLSL£4Ctf 7th Sword Mend or. Blood net.
Cannon Fodder?. Cricket Masters. Dragonstone, Elte2, F1
Champion, F1 Masters.
Football Masters, Monopoly, Mortal Kombat2. On The Ball (League), Overlord, Sensible Golf). Sensible World 01 Soccer, Skidmarks 2. Stable Master, Ultimater Soccer Manager, Zeewotf... Man.Utd Double, U F 0 .... BenSteel Sky. Colonization, Own Patrol Oreamweb. FIFA Soccer, High Seas Trader, Lords of the Realm, Robinsons Requiem, Reunion, Super Strsetdghter 2.
..... C??99 EACH Spectncaor 54 99 Profills 24 99 Art Dapartmsnt Pro 2.15 129.99 Morph Plus 139.99 “iiir r«.«3 Ghostbusttrs?
W tzja 6Acfi£aL4 hifdt AfiliogS riWuesS'omerj I C yCarsJ Desert Strike Disposable Heroes Br Pill 30 Pro V2 103 9’ 30 MODELLING A RENDERING 'MmbtlCltsilfsJ MQNSTERPack TotSf °tT [aim 17 Overdrive .... 119.99.. ItvGmUsl JwhiteSnooker CrviizBton “ST £2L991ACti F15 Strike Ugle 2 F19 Stealth Fighter F29 Retalator (N0IA6OO) 10 17| P117A Nigh Viewfc 16 99 Fentasbc Dizzy 16 99 Reids of Glory 16 99 final Over Arcade Cricket 16 99 Rashback 16 99 Football Director 2
16. 991 Football Glory 16 99 Genesis 16 991 Giobal Gladiators 14
10. 99 .GRAND 10 99 I GUNSHIP ThemePark .
11. 99 I Tactical Maneger(G8.lT.SC) 7 99
11. 99 4 99 12 99 9 99 11 99 10 99 64 99 ” StarLC24-30Caour ov”
Citizen ABC-24 caour ..««« Switl 90 Caour 199 9’ Citizen
Swrtt 240 Colour pier 26 99 Canon Botbleiel Portable 1 pies
V? 34 99 . Canon BJ200EX Mono Lead 19” Canon BJ230 Mono 14 99
Canon BJC4000 Colour Gemesmith 7 99 MUSIC 4 99 Bars A Pipes
Pro 2 4 99 MegMosound Samp 12 99 10 99
7. 99 9 99
10. 99
10. 99 9 99 9 99
4. 99
7. 99
12. 99
10. 99 Tidy Tha Houm Tune Bits 10.99 DISTANT SUNS V5(HD)22.99
CD32 unuat Alien Breed 3D 11 99 7 99 9 99 799 4 99 4 99 11 99
7 99
1. 99 4 99
9. 99 9 99
10. 99
19. 99
9. 99
19. 9 _NGINE rllsaflon 1 roil AGA Bon Master 2 J of Glory nal
Over Arc. Cricket 10 trst Encounters tontier Elite 2 CU-AMIGA
AUGUST ORDER FORM Humans 1 and 2 James Pond 2 James Pond 3
ilii TtLMfl.
CfttfluiZCTSdiLNtL Expijy Bats WE STOCK ATA iKlLi0 TELEPHONE OmJERTofilY!- NO PERSONAL CALLERSI Allow up to 10 days delivery Out of Slock items All trade subject lo our terms & conditions available o r ???+? FAX tEL.NO 01227 764700 ++?+?
AolFrench 6CSE AOIMains(1in2or12n3) ADIMiths 13 14or14 15( AolMaths GCSE AO (Junior Couakng(4 S) AOUmnor Counting* 6 7) ADUunror Resdmg(4 S) I ADUuntor Rss *ng(6 7) Better Maths (12-16) Cava Mezt , FunSchool2(2 • 6-S,or».l FunSchool3(2-5.5-7.or7.1 FunSchool4(2-5.5-7 or7 FuaScboO Ma»s 7-11 FuaSchool Paint-Create . FunSchool Spelling 7* | Kid PI* (Paint Package) Arabian Nights Arcade Pool eneath Steel Sky rutal i»
19. 9 ubba and Stix Cannon Fodder huck Rock 1 huck Rock 2 »
SOFTWARE Someoflhe following games ones are limited otters at
tn« ttms ol going to prats Order terty to avtHfl ®«00 nm»fit
We stock aH the ¦tail onat which wt otter at 30% OFF RRP
EDUCAT1QMAL 10 10 Early Etetntal 110 10 Essential Math 10 10
110 10 , Micro Spanish Noddy's Playtime 1 Noddy's Big
Adventure Paint Me a 8tory Picture Frackons I Reasoning With
Trolls i Micro EngHth Micro French I Micro Carman SWEL
jjBsaC * MORTAL KOMBAT 1J-JJ MR NUTZ « sssttwflB ’ ’’
Operation Stealth Go*.-*™ ill SSCSS2J;,*00 naMmrBMn.M IP
2000 11.99 PGA EuroPMn Goll 0 99 PGATouf Goll ar--* 4’’ Pohca
Ouaat 1. 2 or 3 I” Populou*. Lands Populous 2
Powafmongar.Editor 9 99 11 99 11 99 } J’ IndMitapolis S00
indy Jones Fete Atlantis 'I oo indy Jones LC-AcSon l oo indy
Jonss.1 C Gr.Adv III l»her 2 Jaguar XJ220 ;;; James Pond(N«
1200) fjg JCTSTRIKE Carrier Commend Chuck Rock 2 Colotus
Chess X(Not A12) COOL SPOT Cricket 94 95 Date Oisk Crystal
Dragon Cruise tor a Corpse Curse of Enchants , it 3. 4 ar 5 '
Knights ot the Sky sbaawr 1 ” leisure Suit Larryl or 2
Leisure Sort Larry 3 11 99 7 99
10. 99
7. 99 Team Yankse 7 99! Tennis Cup 2
7. 99'THE CLUE I 4.99 The Games Eapaona
7. 99 Tha Patrician
9. 99 Thar Rnatt Hour 4 99 Thar Finest Missions
10. 99 1 Thundsrblads 7 99 Thau darken* Topgeer2 Tomado Total
Carnage Tower Assaall-Abaa Bread 13.99 Trivial Pursuit 6 99
Tarrlcaa II 7.99 UIQmate Got! (Not Al 200) 4.99 UNIVERSE 1199
Utopia (Not A1700) 4 99 VaJham Before The War 12 99 Video Kid
.War in the Gulf 6 99 White Death War Game 8 991 Wmg
Commander II 99 Wb-atn 6 99. Wonder dog 9 991 World Cnse L
Board Gat 10 99 j Worlds of Legends
10. 99 WWF WresSemama 4 99 XENON (SH«a Prtea)
4. 99 Xaeou2 8 99 Yol Joai 9 99 200L2 9 99 Skidmarks 1199 Space
Crusada OK 1200)
11. 99 Space Crueada Data 7 99 . Space Hulk 9 99 Space Oueet 1 or
4 9 991 Space Oueet 2 11 99 1 Speedbsli 11 99 1 Stretthghler
6. 991 Streetfighler 2 9 99 1 Robocod (JamesPond?)
11 99 Rome AD 92 4 99|Rateon 9 99 Rugby 95 10 99 8eeond Semurei « 99 | Sensibit Soccer 92 93 4 99 Sensible Soccer lari 9 99 ” ' Lightwave 30 40-Pro teeeiona Sculpt 30XL Sculpt Anlmete 4D Vista ProlesMonel V3 Visit Ute MekspaNKVistt Pro) Terrs For melVuti Pro) Imagine 3 SPECIAL Eseence 1 or Essence 2 Real 30 Pro Turbo V2 Real 30 Clesac PROGRAMMING Oevpuc 3 Hlaoft Peteel if Bucks ..Uddin ALFRED CHICKEN Anen Brwd 30 Banshea Bloodnel Midi inisrfacs Mia Inlsrtacs-Powsr MISCELLANEOUS PC Task V2 04r Works 2 Disk Expandsr «V2 (New Van 34 99 Video Back-up 49 99 I Icon Pelnt 7.99 j Manon Magic 22.99
BOOKS Si 99 A mge 1200 Insider Guide 12 99 S4 99| Amiga 1200 Nest Steps 12 99 12 Hi 309 99 Msemaer insroer wioe 12 99 Mastering Amiga Arm 17.99. .. 99 I Mattering Amiga AMOS 15.99 77 99 I Meetaring AMIGADos3 IS 99 29 9f Mastering Amiga Prmtars 15 99 44 99 99 99 HARDWARE A1200 Basic Pack Rmg| Amite 2MB Hawk Board 129 IN 129 HD 2 1 2 A600 A1200 99 ,1200119 A600 A12001S9 540 MB HD 3 1 2 IDE 159 31 2* to 2 1 7* Cable 19 Amltek 3.5* Eirtemal Drive 55 .JA500aS-tatemalDnve 2 n se Premier Manager 3 16.99 Reunion 22.99 Road Kill 19.99 Robinsons Requiem 21.99 Ml* TEAM 9.99 Shadow Ranter 14.99
SimCity2000(HD 4MB)12.99 Simon sorceror 23 99 Soccer Kid 9.99 Mi"'”1 ms Superleague Manager 19 99 Super Stardust 19.99 Jijper Slreetfighter 2 22.|| Top Gtar 2 16 99 0 %% Tower of Souls 19.99 A500 512k Rtm - clock
34. 99 ' 1 Mbyte 30 pm Simms 34 42 99 4 Mbyte 72 pm Snnms 129 1
Rombo Vidl 12 Pack 69 64 99 . Logttach KIOZ Mouss 10 4999
MagaMouss (Mlcroswitchad) 12 Mouse Mat 2
399. 99
199. 99 49 99
99. 99 23 99 23 99 9 99 9 99 119 99 64 99 3 1 9 9 9 50 Blank
67. 99 MONITORS j Commodore 1084s 49 99 I PRINTERS ADVANCE
BOOKINGS Wa accept advance order* lor new releases. You can
order with peace ol mind as we will despatch on day ol
release Your account will not be debited until date ol
P DeskjetS40 Coloer 49 991 HP Desk|et660 Caour 29 99 HP Desk|«t3?0 exportable 269 A600 1Mb upgrade .000 A500PMelilEapBrwte
89. 99 | A500 512k Rem (noclock) Itimate Soc Manager Binawe ii
quote! tOM MAC. SNES.
306. C64 CARTS.
©raflGold have a longstanding reputation to keep up on the Amiga and what is sadly their last game does nothing to diminish this. ViroCop, a madcap shoot ’em up with platform elements, is about as smooth as you can get without Johnston's Baby Oil and the graphics on the AGA version, reviewed two months ago, were pixel perfect. But how does the ECS version fare?
Well, gameplay wise it's almost exactly the same, with no discerrv able difference in speed unless you’ve played it on an A1200 with a fast accelerator inside. And graphically the reduction in colours has made little difference to the quality of the game.
ViroCop involves controlling a little robot known as DAVE, or the Digital Armed Virus Exterminator in a quest to rid a place | called GameDisk of evil, draining viruses.
GameDisk is a virtual playground where humans go to enjoy themselves, but an octopus-like strain of viruses have recently invaded it and made its inhabitants unpredictable, and dangerous.
A500 GameDisk consists of four lands: Sports, Urban Jungle, Gods and Crusader levels. The last land on the AGA version, Silicon Valley has not been included here, which cuts down on longevity, but although the most difficult. I found it to be the least interesting so you aren't missing that much.
Price: £29.99 ¦ Publisher: WIE © 0171 391 4300 Your main enemies are the viruses but because they've driven all the other inhabitants of GameDisk insane you also have to deal with enemies as diverse as fast bowling snooker balls, invisible baseball batsmen, kids on spacehoppers, tennis ball practice machines, knights and Cannon Fodder style mini soldiers. At the end of each land a points increasing bonus game is provided.
DAVE has access to 16 weapons during the course of the game, but apart from the initial three (gun, mines and bombs) you have to earn them. This is done by collecting power pickups from dead enemies. When you have completed a level you will enter an upgrade screen which takes the form of a printed circuit board. Here you select the weapon you want to get hold of and then use the power you've collected to reach it through its circuit. More powerful weapons have longer circuits so it could take several levels to reach the juiciest weapons.
Despite fewer levels and less fancy graphics, I recommend ViroCop. A bit repetitive at times but the design and gameplay shine through making this one of the best shoot 'em ups currently available for the hbh .
Amiga.! V Alan Dykes Base Jumped ~ CD32 Price: £19.99 ¦ Publisher: Grandslam © 0181 680 7 Ohis is definitely an original idea as, unless I'm greatly mistaken, this type of game has never been seen before. A base jumper is basically one of those loonies who decides that the only decent sort of sport is one that is likely to endanger their lives. The object of the game is to make your way to the top of a structure and in the process kill the security guards, ninjas and fluffy bunnies which try to impede you Once you've reached the top then jump off and freefall or snowboard (on the mountain
levels) back down again.
On the way down you have to dodge obstacles such as flagpoles and piping while on the snow-boarding level there are trees to avoid too. You also have the added bonus of being able to push your opponents in to these obstacles and then watch their body parts hurtle to the ground.
Within the game there are many sub levels which are accessed by jumping on to the heads of the guardians. Doing this releases letters which you can collect. For each bonus level there is a three letter code which is accessed by various combinations of these letters. The games that are included in these bonus stages are classics like Pong. Pac Man , Breakout and E-Type, real pillars of the computer games world!
The platform part of the game is nothing new. And Rasputin really could have made more effort to spice this part up a bit more. It plays very smoothly though and there are some nice easy puzzles along the way. The platform stages are really just there to ease you up to the base jump and don"t do a lot for the game.
Base Jumpers also has a four player mode and many of the bonus rounds have been upgraded so that they can be played in 4-player mode. The game also includes a very good soundtrack and you can choose which kind of music you want to listen to Rock. Classical or Opera.
Apart from the platform stages this game is good and should keep you busy. If you're a fan of of the old school games and fancy some thing different try this. ¦ Adam Nunn COMPETITION ViroCop Win one of five top class ViroCof jackets in our super give a wav prize draw '
- XT 1* 1 What does D.A.V.E. stand for?
2 Is the plural of Virus: a) Virus
b) Viruses or c) Virii 3 Warner Interactive Renegade market
ViroCop, but who developed it?
Well, a cold is a virus and the best solution for these nasty little items is your very own ViroCop jacket. Specially designed to keep the cold out.
These fine bomber jackets will undoubtedly be the height of fashion for shoot 'em up fans about town this Autumn.
They come in black only with a discreet ViroCop logo on the left breast panel. It's cool enough to create minor interest on the street, especially from those who have never heard of Graftgold's top beat 'em up and are wondering "ViroCop? ViroCop7 have I missed a good movie or something?'*, and small enough to avoid making you look silly.
But the best thing about these jackets is that they are not made of shiny nylon! No, Warner Interactive are a snobbish bunch when it comes to clothes ... and lo and behold it has decent pockets too!
"So how do I get my hands on this high fashion garment then?" It's easy! Just answer the questions at the top of this page, put your answers on a post card and send them to ViroCop is Cool, CU Amiga Magazine, Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU.
Rutam 1. TV* (udgf'i decision is final. ¦ entered Into. 2. Final date for receipt o
3. No employees of Emap bnepes. Man entries Is September 20th.
• «*wi one entry per person please.
COMPUTERS 27 Watnall Road, Hucknall Nottingham NG15 7LD.
Tel: (0115) 964-2828 FAX: (0115) 964-2898 BHElBSEHa The worlds fastest 1200 is on this page ;) Superfast 68040 running at 33Mhz, Built in 68882, MMU & SCSI2 controller
(3. 5MBSEC). One 72 pin simm socket Estimated speed (30+ mips).
Available September for only £569.99 AMIGA HARDWARE APOLLO 1230 50 SCSI2 The fastest 030 card available for the A1200 uses a 68030RC50 running at 50Mhz. Built in MMU & SCSI2 controller
(3. 5MBSEC) Two 72 pin SIMM sockets.
Price ......£279.99 41200 OVERDRIVES I24O CAPACITY DISK BOX WESTERN DIGITAL £199 99 The Lo c3 stadttfXe storage £229 99 box holds up to 240 disks Easy “« 99 H???? - £'2» £389 99 ASK FOR QUANTITY PRICES 270MB 420MB 540M8 850MB 12GIG APOLLO TURBO 1220 Awarded a 90% CU AMIGA SUPERSTAR the 1220 combines the best Price Performance ratio for any Amiga accelerator. 68020 running at 28Mhz, integrated 68882 FPU, one 72pin SIMM socket (1 - 4MB) Realtime clock.
Price .£99.99 Megamouse-400dpi £12 Megamouse-3Button £14 99 Stylus Cotour Inkjet printer Auto J Mouse switcher £12.99 offers photographic like quality AT-Bus2008 1DE ......£79.99 when used with optional AT-Bus2008 SCSI £10999 720OPI printer drive (coated AhaPower A500 lDE .£89 99 paper required) Built in auto Tandem Controller £49 99 170MB.....12ms £89.99 270MB.....12ms £99.99 420MB 12ms £129 99 540MB 12ms.....£149 99 1 GIG 10ms £259 99 Only .....£429.99 Coated 7200PI paper I (200
sheets) ... £22 99 270MB 12ms.....£169.99 'I STUDIO 2 • PRINTER S.W External SCSI CDROM for the APOLLO A4000 040 28 33 40 The new APOLLO AAOOfr 7 NEW accelerator cards fit into the x ' CPU slot of your A4000 (A3000T). Comes in 28, 33 and 40Mhz versions, 4 x 72pin SIMM sockets, SCSI-2 controier.
Price .....ECALL FnhMncm the autom of port. Fast 300Kb Sec 7MMB 10ms £249.99 raw Connect up to su oOf Epson Stylus Cokxjr SCSI PenPhe*ate SJTZZ£40 00 Dual Speed £199 99 Quad Speed (600Kb) £299 99 1 GIG 12ms £449 99 SEKIOSHA Sl-96 I ET ~ A4000 version, as above but
- High quality 24 pm colour without PCMCIA interface (Dual 420MB
12ms £129.99 pooler Scalable fonts, tractor
sp ......£169 99 540MB 12ms . .£149 99 teed
Rated 86% CU AMIGA 850MB 10ms £17999
0rty ....£14999 Please call for your
free information pack for the Apollo range of products.
1. 2GIG 10ms £259 99 SEKIOSHA SP-1900* Internal IDE CDROM unit
for the A4000 (requires tandem CDROM controller) Super-fast
600Kb Sec transfer rate FX400 CDROM £149 99 FX400 Plus Tandem
CDROM controller card £199.99 9 pin dot matnx pruttor Single
sheet o Tractorteed Only .....£114.99
32BIT MEMORY SIMMS £129,99 16MB.. 420MB 12ms £129.99 540MB
12ms £149.99 .
850MB 10ms £199.99 ( ..£289.99 32MB .£799.99 ¦ 72pin industry stand.rd PS2 70ns, 4 400 EXTERNAL InEC 512X6 BABT approved FAX Modem Internal SCSI CDROM DRIVE 'Complete with all leads. PSU Incredible 900Kb Sec transfer and Comms software rate Low Price ..£10990 Onty £34999 AMIGA TECHNOLOGIES PLEASE CALL FOR THE LATEST NEWS AND PRICES ON THE NEW A4000T 040 060 &A1200'S.
- 340MB.....12ms.....£169.99 510MB.....12ms.....£229 99 850MB
12ms.....£399.99 1 2GIG.....12ms.....£649 99 m Super last BABT
approved Please request your tree news FAX Modem Complete with
all sheet regarding Has amazing PSU and Comms new product
External Quad- software speed CDROM unit that plugs An
unbeatabla ....£174 99 directly onto your internal IDE port
(requires no additional IntatfaOng) A500 ALFA POWER
170MB .£17999 270MB .£199 99
Solve all your power problems
Only, .....ECALL If you have found a
cheaper price elsewhere in the magazine, call us and we will do
our best to beat it with the Gollaih Three limes 420MB £229 99
54omb::::::: : £249:99 ******• - £44 99 All 3.5" IDE drives
require a 2 5' - 3.5" cable only £15.00 when Wed into a
A600 A1200. Drives come propped, formatted and installed with
100MB of FREE Public Domain software Al carry a 2. 3 or 5 year
HOWTO ORDER BY POST - Please make cheques and postal orders
payable to “Usage Computers". Please allow 5 working days for
cheques to clear.
- 5.30pm Monday to Saturday.
AMIGA BOOKS Amiga Workbench 3 A-Z £14.50 Amiga 1200 Insider Guide f 1150 Amiga Assembler £1450 Insider Guide Mastering Amiga DOS .. Version 3 Reference £11 JO Version 3 Tutorial £19.50 Amiga Desktop £14.95 Publishing Fonts A Clip Art £9.95 Mastering Amiga £18.95 DOS Scripts Amiga Disks and Drive, £1450 A1200 • Next Steps £1450 A1200 Beginners Pack £37.95 (2 books, video & tutorial disks) Workbench 3 Booster Pack £3755 AMIGA SOFTWARE FINAL DATA V2.0 £¦ Fantastic New Database PIN PAL Version. 1.5 £3 FINAL COPY H £4 Release 2 - Supports AGA FINAL WRITER f; Release 3 * Supports AGA SCALA HT100 i
VISTA PRO 3 C VISTA PRO UTE C TURBO CALC V2 £| BRILLIANCE 2 £4 IMAGINE 3 £1C X-CAD 2000 C GB ROUTE * £t PHOTOGEN ICS VU £• (AGA Only) INTOS C (Requires AMOS) STUDIO II £J The ultimate print manager) NEW HIGH QUALITY COLOUR v EjTiiA'- Fpt&DN INCJET WINTER WITH 72CSpi V Ur AJV H rBolubor m«x output the Epson Stylus Cctourreaiy IS ¦-*1 111 _ unique! THE UIPMATE. LOW COST (dour proofing device FOR YOUR AMIGA! Sonua’Mrttmfc («»«*(* •* *»» ml,nr.ft**- rVF*BTAnp,Cobi.MK-9r«wn;ip»ii. flop*«!*.
UO , * «o p* (XT** lotw prill uWriro- Vals-n wri * Gi*TU arrwrty. JwnrorL uUrKxy Sa«»« Wosqut opoxi Itrnod prMen « &»i jqfts'*«unR9M »A9. P-19 m* ont paAltr o*U a Wtt* »k»*i CM pmo ArtM* . R MM9 Sruto r ft*, 4 AM Me rmrit.
CANON BJ-30 Mono & BJ-70 Colour t Tno new Canon Inkjets... The BJ-S) it a mono unit with a. ¦ax. 720 « 360dpi The BJ-70 is hid colour with output tr | a ma of 720 x Xodpi in mono A Kodpi x Modpi in colow Both units are avabble rt Black or Cream.
CANON BJC-4000 * Colour 360dpi Bubble let Printer for great bud- 9M colour printing. FREE Amiga cable.
BJC-4000 Colour Bubble Jet c329J NEW... CANON BJ-200ex ...NEW Mono 360 720dpi Bubble Jet. Budget priced toser-lifce quality A« output FREE Amiga cable.'
BJ-200ex Mono Bubble Jet e269* canon Bubble Jet Printers 1214* BJ-70 Col. £309* iootSurSoow- ORDER HOTLINE.
"As a family business established in 1955.
We've supplied computers for the past 12 years. With over £32 million worth of units sold, and more than
215. 000 happy customers, our trading record is second to none!
Why don’t you try us for your next Amiga accessory or peripheral and find out just why we have become the... "UK’s Favourite Amiga Reseller?"
PhowgZH£ CANON BJC-600 I Canon's top of the range Colour I Bubble Jet Printer for the Amiga f Excellent quality 360dpn360rJfN colour output - ideal for proofing wort etc FREE Amiga cable.
BK-GOO Cotour Bubble Jet i449“ BAST Approved CITIZEN One ol the HGMEST QUALITY Oot Mura (Mrs leoundl Avatotle as Mono or Cctour ivsttns. Yeu ran even romrrt to rctosr liter H sou wish! Correlete nfth TO Amp cable and FREE Dust Covet.
MODEMS FROM... SPORTSTER 288 ...at GH, we II look after you... SERVICE, SUPPORT .to WARRANTIES: GH Is aai of Apfto UK's selected Amhorisod Swvko.
Provider* (not al Rtsefcrs here this ocaoAatiea). Or* stotoord One Y«r GH Gold 1 Worrooey gives yoo e eofiprehemive borkop. GH also efier • rag* of rpfoas far besmss aed poles sand users wtkb «, be essartiri for sysN*s ii bgfe togootosNy toesMK oso 8Y PHONE: Wt'l help wirb m, gufrios ond when you're ready to order .. crept Visa. Mastertord Arees,. Swilrh. Comart. Drlto end lomberd Gedtiboroe Imosl 'storo tads' ore toward GedHrharge ond we loppdy crept them).
BY POST 0* FAX: Wwo orderfcg ind.de yoer oam. Odd.,,, ond preferably 0 V- ronlort phene runbn win yore order reqtirtmenl, If ihorging a rredH debt ' cord rsdude it, amber oed eipiry daer (rod issue rnrnber -irb S-llrb sordsl.
Me Chew, ((*«* olow 7 day, (Mace prior to despatch). Banters BoUm Sodety Drolls or Postal Orders payebie lo Gorton ttcwood Coapators PRICES: Please .eaenbe. to toiHbin P-kes in ,«« ,c or. Loelrim ol as .
Rsegernr. P-i«s (in then* lop 1. Towel belo.e the ncgcrms ro.o. nenlh bos passed. Please confirm before sendn; ctors by pesl.
EXPORT: Most Hems ore oroloble at TAX FREE PRICES to eoo EC teuton* t oversees UK trmi feres Pttseioei (with CO', toeo-eot).
Please cel »s for (onfimatioe el prke, mi rarioge rhage,.
MUVltT: We sUp proaptl) I offer dtfiney of di crtor, tbrc Motdrnd UK I nest protorts ever seas H yea order is neat ktvr pnoriry dnpatdoatieas with express totvrry nafaU MTOO700' Mwm £3IB W«D9»a C1BJ5 «40JC or WQr.'W Q1JB revi! 11 H0o Shin iiiott oars ItaCtnae-MeoarmeiMe W NUT CattDCiS MnRWIifMHeUrt QMS Dest*lTr *v 07 M ‘Confirm you’re getting the BEST DEAL - rail those friendly people at the UK’s FAVOURITE DEALER!"
Computers Cua A8| Wg1Win a brilliant Toshiba video recorder worth , £500, or one of six m runners up copies of Primal Rage!
Time Warner Interactive had bad news for us this month: Primal Rage won't be released until November!
Agggh! There goes our fantastic cover disk demo (which we promised you last month) and there goes all chances of throttling dinosaurs for another two months.
The lop of the range lushiba V8558 is a lour head Nicmi Slereo video recorder. It's gol just about emylhmg you would ever want from a VCR including a camcorder input and two Scart outputs However, to make up for this, and to keep beat 'em up fans occupied in the meantime we persuaded them to give us a video recorder, some B-movies and promise copies of the game , when it is released as prizes in a character design competition.
For first prize you get a top of the range Toshiba V855B video recorder, with twin ri_l **.. Scart sockets audio out, mic in, NTSC » playback and much more, worth £500.
Combine this with a video of King Kong, to get you into a Primal Rage mood, and you're cookin'.
Even if you don't win the video you could win one of six copies of Primal Rage and t-shirts.
How to win Over the last few months we've been running work in progress articles on the conversion of Primal Rage to the Amiga. In these you will have seen screenshots and models with the various characters in Primal Page. What we want you to do is harness all your productivity skills using Dpaint, Brilliance, imagine or whatever you like and design a new character for Primal Page.
It can be an ape, a reptile or a dinosaur - it can even be a mammal like a sabre toothed tiger, just as long as it comes from the past and could mix it with the current batch of combatants. You will need to design it with four special moves in mind. These should use distinctive parts of the creature's anatomy to their best advantage.
Submissions may be on disk or by printout and must be sent in along with the name of the character, a brief description of what they are and what their four special moves are.
The winning entries will be judged by the Editor and by a representative of Time Warner Interactive from the most original and interesting characters, and professionalism and presentation will be taken into account. All entries will be judged at expert or novice levels though, so even if you haven't quite got the hang of painting on your Amiga, but have a good idea for a character you could still win a prize.
OK, we realise that this may take some time to do, so you've got two months. 20th of October is the final closing date, and more than one entry per person is allowed, provided each entry has a different character.
Send your entries to Primal Designs Competition, CU Amiga Magazine, Priory - Court, Farringdon i Lane, London '
- V EC1R3AU.
IIC Welcome once again to Snip Tips, where we attempt to peel back the silky layers of games old and new. Thanks to everyone who's been sending in their tips keep up the good work!
And don’t forget, there's a free bit of Hit Squad software for every one printed. Cheers Snip Tips K240 Gremlin People still seem unsure of how to access the ultra-hard aliens in this excellent action strategy romp, so here's 'young Peter' to remind us all. Simply select to play a loaded game, but when you're asked for your saved game disk, leave the K240 disk two in the drive and click the LMB.
When the saved game list appears, click over slot one.
Which is entitled Babylon 5, and there you go. Double-gitted green boogies from Mars ahoyl LORDS OF THE REALM Impressions A bloody useful, if slightly complicated cheat has D Austin, involving some clever castle construction japes. Build the 'User 4' castle supplied in the game (the triangular one) and when it's built, go to ‘Extend Castle' but (rather cunningly!
Actually make your castle smaller.
It should be a smaller version of 'User 4' and consist of one small back wall with a small round tower at both ends, two small walls - one from each tower - meeting a small gatehouse with a small building inside. Click on the 'End Design Word' icon to build this new design and then demolish it straight away. Your stocks of stone and wood should now be up to about 60.000 tons! Huzzar.
POPULOUS 2 Bullfrog A trifle fiddly, this little cheat from Neil Moss, but well worth the trouble, so ... Select the Conquest game you're stuck on, locate the site of the enemies first house and then remember its location on the big map. Now quit back to the main menu and select Conquest game. Pick any old Conquest but make sure it's one where you have the spell that sends down the rain of fire. Once in the game, go to the location where the enemy house was in your 'real' game and, cast the rain of fire spell. As soon as the fire appears, quit back to the main menu.
Type in the password for the level you were stuck on, and as soon as you enter the game, the rain of fire will be there too. As long as you've positioned the spell correctly, the enemy should die instantly and you've wonl ATR A r» cheat caf Team 17 Thanks to Gareth Dutton, you can all now enjoy the delights that the secret Space World track has to offer. Go to battle mode and select Forest World. Choose track two and race in a formula car. Let player one win all the races, and when you get to the title screen, select battle mode again. You should now be able to select the Space World.
BLOODNET Gametek Thanks to Kristian Gulbrandsen from Norway for this clever little cheat, for which you will need a hex-editor Hike Zap or Azap).
Simply change both Pos 1 and Pos. 2 to FF. This will give you 255 in energy, and 16,777.215 virtual dollars to play with. Nice one Kristian.
FUNK Psygnosis This is one of those tips that completely opens up the game, so I'd just like to warn you all that you should only use this game if you are REALLY REALLY stuck. It's a damn good game and I’d hate to see it ruined by a I powerful cheat! Anyway, try this I little doobie, courtesy of Martin I Lewis. Start the game as normal I and then press and hold the pad I down and then the pause buttorJ Release down, but keep pause I held, and then press: Right, righJ right, left, left, left, right, right, ¦ left, left, right, left. A cheat m will now appear, allowing you to reset the level you
are on with ¦ full magic and three lives, as well I as allowing you to travel to any I level. Have fun.
COOL SPOT Virgin Tons of lovely cheats to play with I here, thanks to Owan Davies from Bewdley. Pause the game I and perform the following sequence to reach a bonus round: left, down, right, fire, left. I down, right, up, fire, left, down. | right, up, fire, down, right, fire, up. Down, left, right, fire (phew!
Also, you can press 1-10 to jui to that level, F10 to go to the next level, F9 to return to level I one. F3 to get six continues and F2 to move Cool Spot around the screen. ¦
- Wl I I umc I k Some say ad ven I ii re players are litlle liad
v. liul I here's no need lo I urn into a fruit ease when you
gel stuck in a game.
Adventure f J slpiin© Turn lo our heauliliil queen of all Ihings nocturnal she'll soon see you right.
• ight.
With Innocent Until Caught ,h® rt gallery I have shot the (splay case with the air gun and hade a hole in it but I still can t
• ck up the sculpture. What do I 0 now? Also, how do I get the
fly tat the man at the zoo told me bout? I have the jar of
mayon- aise and the mushroom.
Vincent Gill, Glasgow.
.* motto is: "If at first you don 7 sue• ved, forget it". No sense making a sol of yourself. In this case, though, tou'll find that you can recover the ellet and have another shot. Messing round with men's flies is not some- hing that I normally recommend, owever, once you have the jar of nayonnai.se you'll find that you can tse the lid of the jar to colled the fly.
Huest For jlory II felp me out! (Or in the case of l game, help me in!) I’m stuck the fourth elemental test to mter the Wizard's Institute of
• chnology. I can't get past the doorway with the flames behind
Truls Rostrup, Norway.
The trick here is to buy some incense from the healers. You can then use this to lure the fire away from the door and into the street where you can subdue it using full water skins.
Once you have shown it who is boss, use the lamp to contain it.
Black Crypt I’m on level three and I have the Mask of True Sight... Rachel Green, Milton Keynes.
Say no more. You have the mask, but you still can't see the invisible monsters which are kicking lumps out of your butt. Am I right or am I right? What you must remember is that you are seeing the view through the eyes of the leader of your parly.
You must make sure that the mask is worn by the leader or you won't see the monsters.
Manhunter New York I can't get past day one on this game. I have collected all 12 key- cards in the sewers and picked up the medallion at the cave, but I don’t know what to do next.
Mike Brown, Hull.
This is the tricky, and not very logical, bit of the game. Go to Coney island and play the Kewpie Doll game. Make sure you knock down the three dolls in the same order as that shown in the video game. As the third doll falls, the stallkeeper will give you an inquisitive look and at that moment you must hit the tab key, select the medallion and show it to him. Mow he'll think you are one of them and things will turn out fine for you.
Raise For A The time is 4:40 and I am stuck! I know that at 4:50 a screwdriver will appear in a barrel in the engine room. The code at the mermaid is 21a. Does that help?
Jeff Minchin, Nottinghamshire.
assume you have been to Hector's room and heard his dying words.
Now go along to the kitchen and check that the cook has gone. Nip inside and take the can-opener. Lift the hatch to find the hoist. Take a trip down into the ship's hold. Take a crow-bar and use it on the loose plank. Take the reel of film. Now use the crow-bar on the middle crate.
Take one of the cans and use the opener on it to reveal a hand grenade. Time now to go to the engine room where you'll find the elusive screwdriver.
While we are looking at this game I'll also help out Sean Talbot who is stuck at code 8b. Go to the top deck, port side and knock on Father Fabiani’s door. Once inside the holy gentleman will tell you some useful information about Aunt Agnes.
Watch the flash-back scenes, then walk down the deck outside Rebecca's cabin. Take a peek through the porthole to see what Tom's up to.
Police Quest 2 I am stuck at the part where Bains is in the hotel room with my girlfriend. Everytime I try to kick the door open I get shot.
Rachael Kirk, Glasgow.
Have you ever heard of a wonderful device called a key? If you had a key you wouldn't have to kick the door open.
The second thing you should realise is that there is nobody in the room. What’s killing you is a booby- trap, set to fire a shotgun when the door opens.
Once you have shown your badge and mug shot at the reception desk, you must radio for a search warrant. Show this to the reception- 'ist to get the key. Stand to the side of the door to avoid the bullets when you unlock it.
I have been thinking of writing to you for some time, but not many girls seem to write to you. (That's because most girls are smart and don't need my help - Vampyra). I can’t get off the first level in this game although I've got the plastic explosives, the crowbar. ID Card, sandwiches and glasses. I think I need to get the light bulb out of its socket, but I can’t.
PS. I have the spanner stuck in the cogs in the factory.
Louise Thompson, Rutherglen.
For a start you must retrieve the spanner from the works. You need to use the spanner on the two jammed buttons in the room with the light bulb. Then tell Joey to press one of the buttons while you press the other at the same time. Now you can get on with retrieving the light bulb. Hint: you can set off plastic explosives with a pulse of electricity.
Abo, Thomas Mitchell from Maidstone is also stuck on a box in a dirty room in this game. What he needs to do is first use the crowbar and then use the secateurs. The secateurs are in a locked shed which is near Eduardo the gardener. ¦ I iol .1 pi tihlrm Mlli .in mhi'iitlHT u.iiiii' .llll| l,l ll.lN III! ,111X1 ( | l*rl mill ioniiiiilimu ftnlo |i.i|m i.
• mil M ini il in In Ik’.n N.impM.i. I I inif.i
M. UM iih•. Ml I ,ii i iiiimIoii I .mi¦. I on.Ion I i IK ' l "A
ADVENTURES - KEEP SENDING THEM IN. ” Valhalla Before the War
Evil is as evil does. Or so we find out in the third part to
the complete solution to this gripping adventure.
Oou start off level three standing beside a door.
There is a key nearby and the logical thing to do is insert the key in the door. Do this and you meet the first ghost of level three who floats over to a lever nearby, locking the door you have just opened. He then disappears back through a hole in the floor leaving it gaping open. At the moment you do not have anything you can use to cover over this hole, so you have no way of keeping him in there.
So. The best option is to leave this ghostie and go off and explore the room you are in. There you'll meet the mummy who won't talk to you and the vampire who wants his well done (whatever that means). If you operate three floor tiles you'll find some stamina, a box of matches and a chest key.
Take the bag of cement and the piece of paper which says ’please will you move’. Put one of the toy blocks that are lying around in the toy box. Another ghost will pop up and block the doorway.
It's a trap Pulling the lever beside another locked door will let you into another room where you can put your cement into the cement mixer Pick up some pebbles which you can change into sand on the grinding machine in the first room. Put the sand in the cement mixer and go to the second room. Here you will notice the ghost trap, a conveyer belt operated by a lever and a floor tile which you can operate to find a stick beneath it. Beyond the trap is a slimy river which takes away your stamina, so be careful. Find a chest that opens with your key. Take the piece of guttering that you find and
on the way back pick up the binoculars and the extra stamina.
Put the guttering down between the cement mixer and the water barrel. Operate the tap on the barrel and operate the cement mixer. Grab the cement that now appears next to it and return triumphantly to the hole in the first room which you can now plug up for eternity.
When you try to leave this room you bump into a zombie who refuses to move out of your way even when you ask him nicely.
Insert the stick in the hole nearby and operate the lever to gain access to a room with a hoover in it. Operate the floor tile to take the piece of paper which says 'where is M?' Take the portable ghost traps and the stick that looks slightly different to the sticks you find to open doors with.
You are now fully equipped to dispose of the playful ghost in the first room. Put the trap down between the toy box and the door, then put an alphabet block in the toy box. The ghost appears then promptly disappears into your trap.
It would be a good idea to em|5ty your trap into the permanent ghost trap near the conveyer belt so you can use it again. Return to the room you have just gained access to and speak to vampire who tells you to find his wife. Operate the floor tiles and take a chicken egg and a fly and then return to the first room where you can put the fly in the cobweb to get a temperamental spider that turns into a chest key each time you put him down. He obviously needs stabilising treatment of some kind so put him on the molecular stabiliser next to the mummy nearby. He changes permanently into a chest
key and the mummy informs you he is in shock. He must have a weak stomach.
Heartache Open the chest near to where you found the pebbles and take a second stick. Go back to the river of slime near to where you began the level. Make sure you have plenty of stamina then set off down the right-hand fork of the river. (This is your right not Infinity's). At the end of the river insert the stick into the hole and pull the lever, this op the door in to another room.
Inside this you can drop your unusual-looking stick and fashio yourself something which resen bles a stake. Pull the lever in thii room to gain access to a shorto which means you can avoid the slime river. Return to the unsuspecting vampire in the room t began the level. Drop the stake his coffin and take the teeth which you get in return. Put the teeth and the box of matches in the tomb of Arson Molar in the room where the conveyer belt is and take the angry potion.
Raised voices Go and face the stubborn zombi who blocks the passageway, drin the angry potion and look at the piece of paper that says ’please will you move'. Being a timid sot he disappears at the hint of raise voice so you can get to a small courtyard where yet another zon bie blocks your way. There is a vampire here also, who takes yo stamina each time you try to tak the calendar day that is on his a fin. Take the bell and the music sheet then return to the room where the wifeless vampire lives and put the binoculars and the music sheet on the tomb of 'Brahms Seeformiles'. Take the door key
you receive in return.
Go back to the locked door in the small courtyard and open it with your key. In here you'll notic another ghost. Put the ghost train down between the telephone and the spectre. Operate the telephone that is nearest to the door.
He obediently dashes over to answer it and in the process disappears inside your trap. In this room you can put your ’where is M?’ piece of paper on to the book of names and take the new piece of paper which says ‘Where is Mestophiles?' Take the tape and Cupid's bow which are also in this room.
Go and face the zombie in the small courtyard then ask him where Mestophiles is. He is so scared of the great one's name he vanishes into thin air allowing you to pick a second bell, a piece of paper which says 'Is there anybody there?’ and get in to the other room. In this room you'll notice three altars with hammers attached to them and a mummy who says 'play me a tune'. If you leave the two bells on the altars and operate a lever, the hammer will play a tune on the bells, you are missing one, nothing will happen yet. Pick up the santa hat and which will allow you to operate the lever
allowing you access to a strange room where the two objects inside constantly evade your grasp. From here you can reach another room where another ghost lurks near a television, take the tennis racket nearby.
A real chicken?
Return to the room where the cement mixer is and put a chicken egg in the nest, the chicken wanders off and sits down. Put the tape in the tape recorder and operate it. The sound of a barking dog blasts out and frightens the chicken who makes a sharp exit, leaving behind a dome of its feathers. Put these beneath the conveyer belt so that when you pull the lever, the object that upturned glass that flies up in the air makes a soft landing on the feathers and doesn't smash.
Go to the room where you may have noticed a oulja board. Put the upturned glass on top of it and look at the piece of paper that says 'is there anybody there?' The glass slides over the word yes and the chests open allowing you to take the hoover bag and the stethoscope. Put the stethoscope and Cupid's bow on Doctor Love's tomb in the small courtyard to get a third bell. Put the bell on the third altar and operate the lever, you hear a short tune and the mummy rewards you with a key for the door next to him. Unlock this to discover a maze filled with a river of slime.
All you need to get through the maze is plenty of stamina. At the end you find a key which fits the locked door in the room with bells in it. This is the door to the Mestophiles' chamber. Stand on the pentagram and look at the piece of paper that says 'Where is Mestophiles?’ and the evil one dutifully appears. Look at him and he asks you to find his ring. Take the chalice from this room, the flower and the piece of paper which says 'I wish I was in Kansas'. You may have read about Susan the Zombie with hay fever who only materialises when she sneezes. She is hiding in the room where there are
telephones so go there, put your flower in the vase 1 there and she will appear with a violent sneeze.
Look at the zombie and she will inform you that she wants to look like you. Travel back to the room with the ouija board in it and fill up the chalice with brandy from the barrel. Deliver this to the mummy who is in shock and he will give you a potion of thieves. Drink this in order to take the calender day from the stubborn vampire in the small courtyard then take your prize to the room with the hoover in it. Put the hoover bag in the hoover then put the calender day on the altar where you found the book about the vampire's wife.
When she appears operate the hoover and she is sucked inside the hoover bag which you can remove.
Deliver the full hoover bag to the vampire who asked you to find his wife, he rewards you with the mirror spell. Take this down to the zombie who wanted to look like you and drop it in the square in front of her. She transforms into your double and returns Mestophiles' ring. Take this to Mestophiles who rewards you with some mistletoe and tells you to prove that you are evil.
A This imiEMiT wuti |t. To (lot his a me. Have a |o at sakmg a little ihtty with the two hello oo the olui.
Innocent until ... Put the mistletoe and the santa hat on the tomb of Nicholas Kiss, take the invisible potion. Take the invisible potion. Drink this so you can creep up to the objects that keep jumping out of your grasp in the room near the bells. The objects are a piece of paper with the word 'innocent' written on it, and a telekinesis potion. In the courtyard you may have noticed a potion which is too far away to be reached. Drink the telekinesis potion and look at the piece . N , r of paper which says i0(i Mla 'will you move please', the potion that sails towards you is a potion of
Go and stand on the pentagram nearby and look at the piece of paper which says 'I wish I was in Kansas' and you are magically transported to a room where a zombie is on trial for stealing some pebbles. Look at the zombie and the two mummies inform you of the charge and then ask you what your verdict is. Look at the piece of paper that says 'Innocent' under the influence of the potion of evil.
However, instead of saying innocent you say guilty and the poor zombie is instantly executed, nothing remains of him but a piece of zombie face which you can take.
: * Qft • 8|m|[T» m •-«. M •?
RM ? 'W5 ii - :-'*' * .. 1 . A .-. ' c.
* 1 5*3•»• .y SgML-was,.. - ,.***•«:, «cl (.
• n&pigi S tys N Sf im ¦ 4*. !-: s; • * x 1 Deliver this
face to Mestophiles to prove how evil you are, he rewards you
with the book 'Wuthering heights' then asks to give him your
soul. Put the book and the tennis racket on the tomb of Martina
Bronte and take the TV aerial. Make sure your ghost trap is
empty then head back to the room where the ghost and the
television are located. Put the ghost trap on the floor between
the ghost and the television then put the aerial on top of the
television. The ghost will be swallowed up by your trap
allowing you to take the key that was behind him.
Deposit him and the ghost trap in the conveyer belt room, this results in the trap exploding, move out of the way and you will notice a drop of your blood on the floor.
Return to Mestophiles chamber where you can now unlock the door and see the imposing soul stealer for the first time. Put your blood on here to bring the machine to life then hold your breath as you are stripped of your soul. After the soul stealer has done its worst you can pick up your soul and deliver it to the Mestophiles who informs you now have the power of evil, enough in fact to murder your beloved brother. ¦
f. i WW i .m what do I have bore? A ghost trap, a piece el paper
A k iVH£
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Macintosh software too X6E rll Annlr our sales hotline on 0181-715 8866 i ii 01 si-715 ssrr GET SERIOUS Get Serious Horgan's Organ In absentium I just love writing things for other people while they are on holiday. You can almost get away with anything because by the time they get back it's been printed and there's nothing they can do about it.
For instance, I could say that Tony Horgan's PD scene is really rubbish this month and there’s nothing he could do about it. But that would be a He. There's rather a lot of wicked games and demos in PD Scene. PD Utils ain't half bad either with some excellent Amiga Guide references gracing its pages.
But the most exciting thing this month has to bo the Zip drive. A lOOMb floppy drive for just £180, with disks retailing at around a tenner each? Yes, I thought they were joking too.
But two little shiny blue boxes marked Zip arrived in on my desk, one for review from Fourth Level and our very own one obtained direct from America, which was the only place we could actually buy one - they are in such high demand. We'll continue to evaluate the drive but it looks end works brilliantly so far. See the review on page 66.
Also reviewed are PC Task, the 286 PC emulator, Ami-File Save, a Little Gem of a mixer, a super power supply unit and some disk copying software.
And don't miss our legendary CD-ROM reviews on page 84.
All in all not a bad issue. Let's just hope that Amiga Technologies keep things coming, then we'll be cookin'.
Mat Be tt in son.
How to turn your Amiga into a PC, the first exclusive zip drive review, a beefed up power supply, an excellent audio mixer and lots more.
• Zip Drive 66 This new
disk drive is set to take the world by storm by fitting 100Mb
on a cheap 3.5" disk. We exclusively test drive one.
• Goliath ... 68 The
most powerful Amiga power supply yet. 200 seething watts of raw
electric juice. More than enough for your expansions. Standing
back, we plug it in.
• Discology ..... 68 The
latest offering in the disk copier stakes, is it worth it and
can it actually copy disks? Find out here.
• AFS . 72 A
software enhancement to make your drives many fold safer and
faster at the same time. Is it 1995's essential utility or an
untested gimmick?
• Little Gem .... 73 Now
you've got those tracker tunes blasting out, wouldn't it be
nice if there was a compact economical mixer to record your
works of art? Perhaps there is.
• PC Task . 76 Be glad
you bought an Amigal With PC task you can run PC programs too!
Turn to page 76 to see if this emulator cuts it.
• CD-ROMs ... 84 What's flat,
silver, circular and jam packed full of data? Yep, we round up
this months CD-ROMs and sort the shovelware from the bargains.
• PD Scene .89 Games, demos and lots of
tripping vector fuzzy gobule rasters to aid your epilepsy.
Fortunately, it'll cost you nowt.
• PD Utilities .. 93 An interactive guide to
Workbench. AmigaDOS reference and a strange new language called
'E'. All for free! Nearly.
The Zip Drive!
Price: £179 ¦ Developer: Iomega Technologies ¦ Supplier: Fourth Level Developments 0 0117 985 er of the two, though the par version should be no slouch1 its drivers are complete.
Run baby, run The Zip runs like a slowish hard drive. Our unit came supplied with Fourth Level's Ami- FileSafe filing system (see the review on page 72). Bundling AFS with the Zip is a great idea because it performs much better when the disks are formatted and partitioned using this as opposed to Commodore's standard FFS.
For example, dismounting dislo was no problem when AFS was used. Once a disk was ejected its icon disappeared from the Workbench. With FFS there seemed to be some confusion, with the icon remaining on screen Speaking of ejecting, the Zip has an electric mechanism rather than the Amiga floppy's mechane cal mechanism. It has a button or the front that nicely asks the Zip its disk and it can also one with software if No doubt this the mechanism stop spinning safel before ejecting amounts of data on a relatively ordinary blank media which doesn't have to be too special or expensive. This means
that they can put Zip disks out for around a tenner each - that's 10 pence a megabyte!
Says Iomega the Utah based manufacturers. Basically it's a 100Mb
3. 5" floppy disk, with a bright shiny blue drive and access
speeds more akin to a hard drive than the floppies of old.
A physics lesson ... Getting connected Based on a phased magneto optical mechanism, the Zip stores data at extremely high density by hitting the opposite side of the disk to the read write head with a laser The laser heats up a tiny point on the disk and brings it closer to the Curie point (a temperature where little or no magnetism is required to magnetise a disk). This makes it possible to record information precisely and in much larger amounts than would normally be possible.
This principal of magnetooptical recording enables the Zip to fit large Connecting the drive to your Amiga can be done in one of two ways. It comes in both parallel and SCSI formats but currently the Amiga has only drivers for the SCSI version. Fourth Level Developments told us that they were developing drivers for the parallel variant which is good news for many as it will do away with the need for a SCSI interface altogether. Obviously SCSI will be the quick- Oata storage is one area where you can witness the development of technology over time.
In my teenage years I remember waiting an age for programs to load off my humble tape drive. I also remember being impressed at the massive 170K floppy drives of the PET and then going on to purchase a 1541 floppy drive (that weighed more than the computer! For my C64 When I bought an Amiga 1000, I was taken with the 3.5" floppy drive - a whole 800K on a tiny little disk and boy was it fast. But technology seemed to stop at the floppy drive, until now that is.
Finally, something has come along to replace the floppy disk, or at least something with the promise of doing so. We moved mountains, bribed governments and sold our luncheon vouchers to Lucifer to bring you this exclusive CU Amiga Magazine review.
Come closer friend, behold the Zip drivel The Zip drive is a miracle of modern storage technology which has been made cheap enough for everyone to afford, or so lOOMb floppy drive? Surely not! Well, yes it's true and to prove it here's an exclusive review.
Ladies and gentlemen, the Zip ... SUPERSTAR the disk which prevents damage.
Ami-FileSafe on the Zip drive The unit we reviewed is a rebadged Zip drive from Fourth Level Developments. Whilst it may be sourced from other suppliers and can still be used with the Amiga, the Fourth Level package sports a couple of major enhancements, making it well worth taking into consideration. The first of these is Ami-FileSafe (AFS). This has been reviewed on page 72 in this issue and it allows more data to be stored using this or any other drive. It's also safer and faster than the Amiga's native Fast File System. The second enhancement is their custom drivers which squeeze out
extra performance. Lastly, a bundled version of their MO-MIGA tools which were designed originally for a 1.2 Gig magnetooptical drive of the same name are included too. Having attempted to use the drive without this custom support software (especially AFS), we're well aware of these utilities' value. If you have already purchased a Zip drive from another company. Fourth Level developments sell the software separately. Give them a call on 0117-985-4455.
Positioning the drive at your Amiga's side is also made easy since it can be laid flat like a normal floppy drive, or sat on its edge, resting securely on inlaid rubber feet. The drive is surprisingly light and seems a bit flimsy as it is entirely constructed of plastic. However, the rubber feet grip surfaces well enough so it doesn't slide around when inserting disks.
Somewhat alarmingly, the innards tend to rattle a bit when the drive is given a gentle shake.
This may be part of some suspension mechanism though.
The disks themselves are about the thickness of two ordinary 3.5" units. The shutter exposes a small hole on the end of the disk where the head in the drive slips into when the disk is in place. Once again this is more like a hard drive than a conventional floppy because the head can actually be 'parked' in a safe place when the disk has spun down, either while ejecting or in Auto- Technicalities For those who enjoy such things, the nuts and bolts of the Iomega Zip drive are as follows: The Zip drive is powered by an external 5 volt plug pack. The drive weighs in at a 454 grams and it
consumes around 5 Watts in normal use. The recording method is RLL or Run Length Limited recording and uses Reed Solomon code to detect any read write errors just like Cds do. Disk rotation speed is 2491 times per second which is around half that of a hard drive. It takes about 1.5 seconds to spin a newly inserted disk up to this speed, during which a LED flashes until it gets there and becomes ready for use.
The electric ejection mechanism has an 'emergency eject’ pin hole at the rear of the drive to obtain the disk in the event of a power failure. Iomega rate the Zip 100's service life at 5 years and the same for the blank disks.
The shelf life of the disks is estimated at 10 years and are guaranteed to survive if dropped from a height of three meters or less (I). The SCSI version has a data transfer rate of 1.4 Mb s and the parallel version 500K s. The Zip drive also certifies media and maps out bad blocks on formats. It has several error recovery mechanisms too. Also present is an Auto-Sleep mode where the drive will spin down and park the heads after a given time (set via software) to conserve power.
Sleep mode. These disks looked better sealed for dust than normal floppies, and I imagine this is much more critical because of the way they operate.
SCSI ..... compatibility We tried a variety of SCSI controllers with the Zip: A Squirrel on the A1200 and an internal SCSI on the A3000. On each a mount list needed to be set up and the unit mounted in the startup sequence or dragged into the DosDrivers drawer. Using AFS disk changes were no problem but when FFS was used, a separate PD utility was required to automatically change disks. It's called SCSI Mounter and comes with the Squirrel A1200 SCSI.
So if AFS is so good then why would you want to use any other file system? One possible reason could be cross-platform porting. If the Zip is mounted using Cross- DOS. The disks can be used in the Amiga and a PC.
Disk speed benchmarks rated the drive at a shade under 1MB s sustained, which is faster than many older hard drives and perfectly adequate for what the Zip is likely to be used for. Disk head stepping and drive noise is virtually non existent too.
Upon inserting a disk its spin up time is surprisingly short, shorter than a Syquest, for exam- pie, probably the Zip’s nearest rival.
Interestingly, when you get it the disks are already low-level formatted and have their bad blocks (if any) marked as invalid.
The drive then keeps this updated so you need never worry about that aspect.
Even if there are bad blocks the disk size will stay the same because there's a 1.6Mb area held in reserve where the drive will automatically salvage any bad blocks found. This all happens in the normal course of operation: That is a major feature and though we weren't able to test it. It's reassuring that Iomega have gone to such lengths to protect your data.
Another up-shot of the existence of a low-level format is that new disks can quickly be formatted with the standard WB Format utility.
One problem, however, was that the SCSI boards had a hard time figuring out what to do about the Zip drive on boot-up. If a disk was present then there was no trouble, but otherwise it could hang the boot procedure. One solution was to mark a HD with a lower address as the last in the SCSI chain (which is a special setting) using some prep software. That stopped all confusion and the drive sprang into life when mounted via the startup- sequence with no problems.
Conclusion At a ridiculously low price of £180, the Zip drive is virtually an essential purchase for anyone needing more storage of some description. No more installing software off your secondary storage onto hard drive. You can leave it installed on the Zip! Simply inserting a disk for whatever application s you want to run and using them right off the disk is perfectly feasible.
The competition has been scurrying to get products out to compete with the Zip, but at the moment it has no real opposition.
Syquest rushed out the EZ drive last month but it’s still more expensive and bulky: when it comes to portability, there's nothing to touch the Zip.
It's a cinch to toss the drive and a few disks in your bag and nip over to your mate's place. Just think, no more stacks of floppies.
Indeed the entire Zip drive and cartridge weighs in at 510 grams. A floppy and the equivalent mountain of blanks weighs 3.3 kilograms!
At a tenner per disk (this is what we were quoted, though the final UK price has yet to be cast in stone), it’s no wonder that supply outstripped demand and the world temporarily ran out of blanks. Representing astounding value for money, I could easily recommend a Zip drive instead of a new or larger hard drive for many users. ¦ Mat Bettinson ZIP DRIVE system requirements: SCSI Interface.
(Or wait lor parallel driver} ease of use.
.95% performance .95% value for mo ney 98% OVERALL Heaven is a small blue b ©ommodore’s power supplies come in all shapes and sizes.
They vary from the original large heavy supplies with a conventional transformer, such as AC DC plug-packs, to the smaller modern switch models entirely filled with epoxy potting mix to discourage home repairs. They all have one thing in common though - they tend to die if you try to run a few too many hardware add-ons.
Price: £44.99 ¦ Supplier: Datel Direct © 01782 744707 Goliath Power Supply However, Goliath with its 200W capacity compared to Commodore's standard 60W should put an end to this annoying habit. You should never need to worry about having your power supply dying because this one seems more than capable of doing the job.
Finally a company has capitalised on the cheap price of standard PC units and produced the mother of all Amiga power supplies with one of these beasts at its heart.
Housed in a solid smart beige metal case, the Goliath sports a pass through power socket for your monitor, so you can stick this on your desk and use a single switch to fire up your entire system.
It's simple to use - the AC power leads and fan lyes this unit is fan cooledl face the same way as the power switch so if placed on your work top, you reach behind for the power switch.
Unfortunately, the DC lead to the Amiga is barely 1m long. That means the Goliath has to be positioned rather close to your machine. This isn't really a problem and it appears that Datel, might have already intended this as their press shots of it only ever show it beside the _ monitor.
At £45 Goliath isn't that cheap but it's not much more than the cost of a replacement power supply. And it has the added bonus that if you aren't drawing near its capacity (who will?) Then it will be much less susceptible to small power drop outs. In fact we flicked the wall socket switch on and off quickly and the A1200 connected didn't blink an LED.
Also as it is a large sophisticated electronic supply, it handles surges better and will shut down if things go drastically wrong.
If you're still in any doubt about his product take a look at bottom of your power supply. Compare the ratings with the Goliath's 5V 20Amp and 12V 8Amp rails and you'll see why you need never worry about power again. The Goliath is recommended for anyone who's wants to tackle their power problems for once and for all. ¦ EJ Mat Bettinson Siegfried Discology ¦ Price: £39.99 ¦ Developer: Siegfried Software ¦ Distributor: Siren Software © 0161 796 5279 On the 80s there was a wealth of colourful and noisy disk copiers all sporting turbo mega deep nibble copy modes from hell. Then software
companies got wise and moved away from disk based copyprotection and introduced manual protection codes and other anti-piracy devices.
So with this in mind and the fact that the need for disk copiers is not so great anymore it's surprising that Siegfried has produced yet another disk copier.
The set up is very similar to those copiers from the 80s with a custom GUI and requesters and it has a bunch of sound modules which you can play while doing the biz. How ridiculous. If I wanted to play modules, I would load a module playerl On the bright side, however. Discology has some rather nifty features such as checking for viruses on the fly while making disk copies or copying to a DOS file for backups to HD etc. It even has provision for copying disks over a serial links though fortunately only for standard DOS disks or it would blatantly look like a pirates tool. Even so it is
rather pointless because you coqld use DMS to do exactly the same.
I thought I'd test it out by throwing a few oldies at it such as Lemmings and Apidya. I tried all the modes from standard to deep and it couldn't copy either. The manual mentioned that some drives may be out of spec and this could lead to bad copies so I swopped external drives and the internal drive and tried again.
Same result. Then I tried hardware synchronisation and with no exaggeration it took about 15 minutes per track to copy! Oh goody, only another 79 to go.
However. I left it running overnight and tried the disk in the morning. It still didn't work. I ended up getting the game to copy a lot further (but still no final results) by using a PD disk copier with no added hardware.
At the end of the day Discology is an outdated package that's not up to spec in exactly what it's supposed to do ie copy disks. Best to avoid it. ¦ Mat Bettinson SOFT AMIGA PO & SHAREWARE - UCEHCEWARE - CO ROMS - ACCESSORIES HOW CELEBRATING OUR STH ANNIVERSARY - THANKS TO ALL OUR CUSTOMERS (01903)850378 OctaMED V6 LATEST PC SHAREWARE ONLY£1.00 PER DISK FOR 5 OR MORE £35.00 91%-AUI New font-sensitive GUJ layout.
T. I.II - £2.50 Latest issue of the MED Users Group Disk mag.
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• 12014s Access time 4300KB Transfer rate.
Plextor-PX42CSX4 £239.99 4IS0Ms Access tMV SOKB Transfer rate.
NEC6XX v? £312.99 at SOMs Access time *00 KB Tram .-, rat.-. sFuBy SCSI II compatible sSi. Speed drive Overdrive X2Extemal £185.99 Overdrive X4Extcmal £245.99 GVP4008+mo*ah.~. £129.99 SCSI II interfico card lor big bo. Amiga's.
Squirrelscsiinteriace £40.00 When bought with drive, IS4.99 separate.
Lull potential ol your AI 200 Pnma Technologies trapdoor .panslon, Includes real time clock.
IM £89.99 kM £I2S.99 iM £189.99 iM £333.91 lull potential ol your Al 200 Pnma Technologies trapdoor .pansion. Includes real time clock.
IM £89,91 iM £125.91 iM £ 189.91 iM £333.11 11 MB RAM |2 MB RAM |4 MB RAM |8 MB RAM |2MB&33MHzCOPRO £163.99 |4 MB A 33 Mhz CO PRO £214.9 |8MB&33MHzCOPRO £357.9. Part exchange available on youi old memory, Call for pricing.
IPRIMA A500 512k RAM (no clock) £19.91 PRIMA A500 Plus I Mb RAM £21.11 PRIMA A600 I Mb RAM (no dock) A500 500+ 600 RAM Expansion .omputor tnginoors) Inc. software, cables and instructions 260Mb.. £149.99 420Mb... £165.99 540Mb.. £179.99 850Mb... £259.99
3. 5" Hard Drive upgrade kit only!! £18.99 Includes set up
software, cables and full Instructions, no Hard Drive.
3. 5 "Hard Disk Drives with AI 200 600 install kit W* recommend
J.S“ Fitting service available if required.
2. 5" Hard Drives for A600 AI 200 with installation kit Inc.
software, screws, cables and instr.
80Mb... £99.99 130Mb... £119.99 250Mb... £139.99 340Mb... £ 199.99 All drives supplied by The First Computer Centre have a minimum 12 month warranty and are tested to ensure 100% compatibility.
Full range of SCSI & IDE drives always in stock.
InPTi A600 1200 Hard Drive set up software £5.99 4" stereo colour CGA monitor. Ideal fe» • game player and the more eerioua user only £195.99 Tilt and swivel stand only 9.99 when purchased with monitor All monitor dust covers only £ only 274.99 100's require on odoptor t AMITEK 1084-S Microvitec 1 I Autoscan 14 .28 dpi, IS 38 P Amiga modest | compatible. No
* swvrell stand.
Memory Modules loppy Drives Genlocks Scanners RENDALE RENDALE £669.99
• SIMM I I Mb 72 Pin SIMM £39.9 I 2 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £79.9 I 4 Mb
72 Pin SIMM £130.9 I 8 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £262.99 I l6Mb72pinSIMM
£399.99 I Mb 30 pin SIMM Imbby4ZIPPS (each) |2S6by4ZIPPS
(each)£S.99 I Part exchange available on your old memory, Call
for pricing.
10 pin Sll I 256by 4 DRAM(DILs) (each)£6.99
- -----:h}£32.99 |4 Mb 30 p I XL I .44ex«. driveONirn £84.99 I Al
200 600 internal drive £39.99 lA500 SOO+lntrrnaldrive £39.99
On Off switch. Through port. Anti-click.
I Anti-virus switch. 12 mooch warranty and a tough durable metal case. Worfes on all Amiga’s. Excellent valuo.
SONY Deluxe 3.5"External Drive only!!! £49.99 Power Scan v4 £99.99 I I'A , »GA ..... »GA Power Scan Col £199.99 I 24 bit cotouf scinnci. 16.7 milion colours I Alpha Scan 800 £99.99 J Epson GT8500 £549.99 | 30 br. Flatbed stanote. V*erb rvsoltv requites » Department scanning software- price £99.99 0 dpi 2S6 g1 scale, wcriu on 11 Amigas Xlpha Scan 256 £139.99 i6 g'tuit.M OCR software. HO rcq to use OCR hama A-Cut editor £ 179.99 J Rendale 8802fmc£ 159.99 I Superb entry level gerflodt, with pro features | Rendale 9402 £285.99 full featured. Super-VHS genlock 1 hama 290 jV| onBI30 £204.99
[nIwcam nBJcToCoT* £299.99 I Mt|H eualtl Final*. «*Mir e»W«r. M P"«* ASF NEW! Canon BJ200ex £229.99 Htp. W Y ”• - prhwr. 710 * Canon BIC4000Coteur £299.99 Hip. Qo.l., oUr. M feM ™-o pmte, 144 dp I NEW! Canon BJC600* Col. £439.99 FAJTi HEWLETT® 1321 PACKARD NEW! HP540 mono £269.99 HP 3 20 540 Colour Kit £36.99 NEW! HP 660 Colour £385.99 HP 4Llaser printer £469.99 | EPSON Epson Stylus colour £449.99 710 dpi. 109 *« AW. Piet* priutoad tothoofegy.
Epson Stylus 800* £229.99 I 140 fel. 140 •" •* AH. 1 -W. 7 Citizen printers have a 2 year guarantee ABC Colour printer £145.99
- vi. « M A8Ct» *14 (- c™, .. oMy 1114 tough! Whtoui a. oMu
option NEW! Projet 11 Colour £249.99 NewTprojet3mono £POA High
qudH, n* dpi . H”. • py™. I 'nryTi'52'99 Star LC1009 pin Colour
£121.99 Star LC909 pin mono **£102.99
* mono prinw.. AS. WMIt In. »» Doctor opuonat Star LC24024 pin
mono £117.99 Star LC240Q4pPin Colour £134.99 Star SJ144Colour'
£229.99 New Low SuprOf JfModem U4LC
V. 32 bis (14400 baud)
U. wt».eiMdw Via4hi-o«n now only £96.99 Sportster 44 £ 34.99
Amazing price reduction on Courier Dual Standard V34+ £287.99
Now 33.400 bps.
10 1 30 50 100 1 200 1 so° ||1000 £3.40 £9.11 £15.99 £29.99 £52.99 £118.99 £211.99 £4.49 £ 11.99 £ 1 B.99 £35.99 £63.49 £142.99 £253.99 || UifeVTfimrOtdAllnnkc yii or* -e an IMOITTI sees 1000 £9.99 10 Capacity box 50 Capacity lockable box £3.
100 Capacity lockable box £5.
• 90CapacityBanxbox £10.
• 150 Capacity Posso box £20.
100 Capacity CD holder 14.
• add £3.00 Mvtry if pu.chas.nj just one Pol or Ban. Box Normal
delivery when purchaa other product or whw buying 2 or nw
Ribbons (Citizen Swift ABC mono £3.99 (Citizen Swift ABC colour
£12.99 (Star LC90 mono ribbon £4.99 (Star LC10 100 mono £3.69
(Star LC10 100 colour £7.99 (Star LC240c colour £13.99 (Star
LC240c mono £8.99 (Star LC240 mono £5.99 (Star LC24-107200 300
Colour £13.99 (Re-Ink Spray for mono ribbons £11.99 T MOST
in running costs with your link bubble let. Compatible with the
HP Joeskjet series. Canon B) 10 20 80 130 200 (300 330. Star
SJ48. Citizen Pro|et and many others. Full range of colours
Single refills (22ml) £6.99 Twin refills (44ml) £12.99 Three colour kit (66ml) £19.99 (Full colour kit (88ml) £27.99 (Bulk refills (125ml) £24.99 Miscellaneous (Printer Switch Box 2 way £ 12.99 (Printer Switch Box 3 way £17.99 (Printer Stands (Universal) £7.99
(1. 8 Metre printer cable £4.99 (3 Metre printer cable £6.99 (5
Metre printer cable £8.99 llO Metre printer cable £12.99
parallel port extension cable £9.99 Ink Cartridges Canon
BJ10 Star SJ48 Canon B|200 230 Canon BJ30(3 pack) £19.99
£19.99 £13.99 £10.99 £16.99 Canon BJC 70 mono (3 pack) C 70
colour (3 pack) Canon B Canon B Canon B Can- Canon B Canon B
C 4000 colour (single) £ 16.99 C 4000 mono (single) £7.99 C
4000 monohirK«H . £28.99 C 600e mono-pup.
C 600e colour HP.Deskjet colour HP. Deskjet double mono HP. DeskJet 660 double mono £25.99 HP.Deskjet 660 colour £27.99 Epson Stylus mono £15.99 Epson Stylus colour £36.99 StarSJ 144 mono colour (single) £8.99 Covers All printer dust covers £5.99 Paper Prices apply only when ordered with printer Fanfold (tractor feed) 500 sheets £4.99 Fanfold (tractor feed) 1000 sheets £8.99 Fanfold (tractor feed) 2000 sheets £ 17.99 Single sheet 500 sheets £4.99 Single sheet 1000 sheets £8.99 Single sheet 2000 sheets £17.99 Epson Stylus 720 dpi paper pack £22.99 Mbery far 2000 threa (508 purchased Printer
repair specialists * for quote Viper II28 MMU £145.99 RoboshiftMKI £9.99 NEWMega Mouse+£ 12.99 MegaMouse4oodpi £11.49 TrueMouse300dPi £10.99 Crystal Trackball £34.99 ZyFi-2 Speakers £26.99 ZyFi Pro Speakers £57.99 Amiga Modulator £34.99 Amiga PSU £34.99 SPECIAL LIMITED OFFER!!
Workbench 2.1 software upgrade only £29.99 Kickstart 3.0 £34.99 Klckstart 1.04 £30.99 Kickstart 2.05 (for use in A600) £30.99 Fatter Agnes 83 7S £26.99 Super Denise £11.99 6571 -0326 Keyboard controller £13.99 CIA 8520A I O controller £10.99 68882 Co Pro 2SmhzPLCC £34.99 68882 Co Pro 33mh»PLCC £44 99 ¦BA VIDII2 AGA only!! £69.99 VIDI24RT £144.99 VIDI 24 RT pro£224.99
i. I-W ««--pit , «.
Music Sound Aura 12 bit sampling Pro Midi Interlace Techno Sound Turbo 2 Tecno Sound Turbo Utilities NEWT Directory OputS 49.99 GP FAX 2.1 software Xcopy Pro V2plus hardware NEWT Oncology NEWT CO Boot IO Video & Graphics NEWT Oefuae Paint S ti 9.99 Brilliance 2 44.99 Distant Suns 5 29.9' PathTTerraform (each) £4.9 Viet* Pro 3 (4Mb required) 29.9 Word Processing DTP Final Writer DTP 69.99 Final Copy V2 UK 48.99 Penpal 17 Bit Collection £ 17 Bit Continuation £ 117 Bit Phase 4 £ 117 Bit LSD compendium I £ 117 Bit LSD compendium 2 £ I Aminet 5 1 NEW! Aminet 6 £ I Aminet collection (Bo. Set 4
CD's) i I Amos Users CO I Assassins £ ICD-PD I ICD-PD 2 ICD-PD 3 ICD-PD 4 £ I Demo CD I I Demo CD 2 iGoMFish I £ |GoldFish2 t 1 NewfJGroliers Encyclopedia i ¦ Light ROM t I Light Works I I Meeting Pearls I ¦ Meeting Pearls II iMultiMedla ToolKit 2 (2xCD's) f I Network CD f ¦ PrimaCD Vol. I I ¦ Space And Astronomy i 1 NEWffTen on Ten pack 10.CD's I New!!World Of Pinups i IWPD Hottest 4 I ¦ WPD Hottest 5 i I Wierd Science Fonts I Weird Science Clipart Iwierd Science Animation "If it sounds like I raved, then I've communicated successfully exactly how groovy this product is ".
Ami-FileSafe "It makes as much difference as adding some fast SCSI Zorro avai aVAe ' a°noi A3000 030 Oktagon SCSI 2 Pro versio*
* **£69.75 inc' mu,ti.oSct% V ( ur , miRa multi-tasking
capability to the max". AFS: the Amiga Power Tool!
Cuts Certified Amiga I conve** Up to 650Me, One AFS Hard dri No MuFS Private user licence
- rnvaicuse. Nccncc *"'T % 0* Otherwise as Pro-Version ried
with Mail Manager again. My *GOD* it was amazing! Tossing sped
up from around 500 messages min up to 1200 or so!
mill up REPAIRS WHILE-U-WAIT If COMPUTERS AND MOHITORS Attention Dealers Ring Fax Now for best trade prices and terms on Repairs, Spares, Floppy Drives, Hard Drives, CD Rom Drives and Memory Upgrades.
60Mb ----------£69 95 170MB .£11995 90Mb £89 95 340MB ...£169 95 BSMb £94-95 510MB .£849-95 A500+ All hard Orves we pf*-*onr*ted, partitioned with workbench loaded, and come with 9 S' D£ cable * software 2-5" IDE Cable + Software £9.95 CHIPS + SPARES * ACCESSORIES Ktcksart ROM VI-3 ..Cl 4 95 1 Meg Fatter Ayws ...£24-95 SCART lead £14-95 Kickstait ROM V2-04 £2995 2 Meg fatter Agxrt ...£29-95 Mouse Mat ...
£3-95 A1200 K tetanROMV2 05 £2995 Wjeo DAC (A12C0) .£19-95 10 Boxed Branded Onto * labels £595 A50QA5CO* Keyboard £4995 6&M0 Wocesscr .....£14-95 Aimer Cable ...£9-95 A600A1200 Keytowd ..£5995 6570 Keyboard Chip ......£19-95 lOOOiskBox .. £6-95 tawgStppfrfcrA50 yA60(yA1900£9995 Mou4c(290dp)£14 95 Scwtrel SCSI Interface £59 95 X-LINK MODEMS With Cables, Power Supply, N-Comm Software, 144k 28-8k BABT Approved GP Fax Software for Amigas X139-95 ..£249-95 LOG Analogic
Computers (UK) Ltd * »o.m-6 aopm, s., *.oo.n.s-oopm LOGIC Unlt 6, Ashway centre. Elm Crescent, Tclt 0181 546 95 LOGIC Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey KT9 6HH Fax: 0181 541 4*71
* All prices include VAT * All prices subject to change without
notice * Fixed charge for repair does not Include disk
drive keyboard ? Wc reserve the nght to refuse any repair * P&P
charges £3 50 by Royal Mail or £6 00 * VAT for courier » Please
allow 5 working days for cheque clearance Ami-FileSafe ¦ Price:
Pro - £69.75 User - £29.75 ¦ Supplier: Fourth level
Developments ® 0117 985 4455 Is it possible that a software
solution can make your floppy and hard drives faster and safer?
Is FFS really holding us back that much?
Kit n • :*•» i hi r v „F A Giab ol RDPiep ia fad swing :er I Floppy drive filesystem benchmarks.
Write times Scan times ire le 'I sent I con-1 ReO-j I r. seconds OFS Read times you've copied workti 0'
Old file system Fact flic system Fact file system with directory cache enabled Fourth Laval Development s Ami-FileSafe 2 01 RAD to dev tea device to RAD ©ack in the pioneering C64 days. Commodore tape and disk drives were comically slow. A 64K game would take almost an hour to load with nothing but a sky blue screen to keep you entertained. Rather quickly some clever programmers created their own filing system that ran at 10 times the speed of the Commodore system.
Back then they were known as fast loaders and usually littered the screen with colourful 'raster' patterns to reassure you that something was actually happening.
Fast loader Fortunately the Amiga's 3.5" drive was lighting fast compared to the C64 drives However, there was room for improvement and this came in the form of the Fast Filing System (FFSI which was introduced with Workbench 2. FFS was faster, and could fit more data onto disks of all kinds. The first and only third party filing system was Professional Filing System (PFS), for floppy and later hard drives. It failed to catch on in a big way due to bugs and limitations, despite the amazing increase in performance it offered.
Enter AFS The Dutch author of PFS, Michiel Pelt, teamed up with the UK's Fourth Level Developments to rewrite PFS from the ground up and the result is the Ami-FileSafe file system or AFS for short.
Version 1.0 was never released, but now Version 2.01 has come of age and been released to the public as a commercial package.
AFS consists of a single disk with a 34 page page A5 man- ualette. Floppy drive installation is dead simple since the installer handles copying the relevant files onto your Workbench volume after prompting which CPU version is applicable. 68000 and 68020 versions are supplied.
Clicking on a DOS driver icon such as 'AF0' will mount the internal floppy as an AFS. Just like using Cross-DOS, if an AFS disk is inserted, the DFO: icon will appear as an NDOS disk and vice versa Performing some basic floppy benchmarks on disks formatted with OFS FFS and AFS produced some startling results. If you fomatte Mt ©I don't need to share data with 1 other machines, AFS makes using floppies a pleasure when 1 compared to the annoyingly slugl gish noisy throb of FFS DirectOffB scans are much much quicker. ¦ read and write times much fasti and best of all. AFS floppies f more data.
Gosh, hard drive snobs may even find floppies usable with AFS!
On hard drives The hard drive file system again comes in both 68000 and 68020+ guises. The manual explains rather concisely how to install AFS on a hard drive parti'- tion using the standard HD Toolbox. The procedure used to involve re-formatting an entire partition. However during the course of tests. Fourth Level a Beta copy of a program to vert FFS to AFS in one hit Written by Holger Kruse of Ri fame. It worked quickly and f: lessly for us. It will be included both AFS packages by the time you read this and is a very welcome addition.
Kev: OFS- FFS- FFS-DC- AFS- seconds OFS In use As you can see in the disk speed tests on the opposite page, AFS is a lot quicker than FFS. The other main attraction of AFS is safety. 'Disk is not validated' is a common error message with the standard Amiga filing systems.
Ami-FileSafe 'User' Fourth Level Developments received complaints about the high price of AFS-Pro from users that were very interested in the product but felt it was out of their price range. Subsequently they have released a special Ami- FileSafe 'User' version without the Multi-User file system support and a maximum hard drive size of 650Mb rather than the full 2 Gigabytes of the Pro version. You may also only use AFS on one hard drive. The new £29.75 price point represents excellent value for money and it's nice to see a developer listening to the people who buy and test their products.
This happens when the Amiga crashes or is reset whilst updating its disk structure (such as half way through saving a file for example) AFS doesn't invalidate disks.
During the course of our tests we reset whilst writing files, powered down when the buffers were being flushed and pulled the SCSI cable out of the drives.
This is just asking for trouble, but not once through all these heinous eye watering tests could we corrupt the AFS partitions!
The worst that happened was that the last file being written disappeared (which would have been corrupt in any event).
AFS also stores more on a disk because it's not limited to using a minimum of one disk block per file. For example, writing a 2 byte file to disk would use 512 bytes with FFS. AFS would use slightly more than the 2 bytes but it uses the blank space in the last block for the next file to be written. Fantastic.
Something else we noticed was that when several programs Works on all Amigas Recommended 1m those with hard drives.
WM ease ol use ...95% I'.1!!
Performance .96% value lor money 75% own SSSHb ciwg faaustic prud- £9 9 ¦ct faster. XU;: sjlet jnd unite 1 1 ¦ I t-IJUU drive space A are accessing the partitions, there's much less drive thrashing.
Conclusion iiiiJy Ism MicroMixer ¦ Price: £69.95 ¦ Developer: Gillett MultiMedia ¦ Supplier: Gillett Multi Media © 01353 669 203 Give your Amiga's sound the treatment it deserves, with a new pocket sized mixer.
AFS produces such a positive impact on hard drive performance that it can represent better value for money than a faster drive or controller. That's not even taking into account how much more robust AFS is. Fourth Level's claims Ami-FileSafe is "the new de-facto standard Filing System for your Amiga" seemed brash at first. Now I'm sure it deserves to become the new standard, but at a shade under £70 the Pro' version is too pricey for average users.
Luckily, the cheaper 'User' version with the lack of Multi-User FileSystem support and a maximum FID size of 650MB may be adequate. For what it offers, it can't be beaten at only £30 with an upgrade option for later. It is very likely that AFS will become the new file system standard in time. I can't wait to give it a spin on the long awaited 100MB floppy 'Zip' drive.
AFS is without a doubt a ground breaking product.
Wouldn't it be nice if a future operating system had this built-in as standard? Flow about it Escom? ¦ Mat Bettinson Of you’ve ever tried recording Amiga music onto a cassette, you may well have been disappointed with the results. The Amiga is capable of some amazing audio feats, but it does need a bit of coaxing to get it to rival 'professional' music systems. The Little Gem Micro Mixer is just the thing to bring your Amiga’s sound out of its shell.
The Little Gem is a mixer that's been designed specifically for the Amiga. It sits between your Amiga and your amplifier (or your main mixer). There’s an input and output socket for each of the Amiga’s two channels, so the left and the right channel can be processed independently The main problem in recording Amiga sound just as it comes, is that two tracks are panned hard left, and the other two hard right.
The pan controls on each of the Little Gem's channels allows you to adjust the stereo position of both There's also a low and high frequency control for each channel, offering a substantial 12db of cut or boost. The high frequency control can be used to reduce noise and hiss, or brighten up sounds such as cymbals and drums. The low frequency control is calibrated to act primarily on the lower end of basslines and bass drums, but can also give subsonic frequencies quite a boost (or cut) - very useful for anyone wanting to give a club-orientated track a bit more kick. The last pair of
knobs control the volume of each channel. The advantage of having separate controls for each channel is that you can pass all of your bass sounds through one side, with the rest of sam- through the ir, and adjust them accordingly.
The Little Gem can be powered from an on-board 9 volt battery (supplied) or an external power source (not supplied). Some interference is introduced to the sound if the gain controls are turned up to maximum, but this shouldn't be necessary if your samples have been recorded with a good sound to noise ratio, Used as a submixer in a larger musical setup, the Little Gem could be handy. Also anyone who wants to make professional record-’ ings of pure Amiga sample tracks would do well to give it a go. The only problem I can see concerns the price, which for a two channel mixer is a bit over the
odds. ¦ Tony Florgan SoftWood S go down in histo best there’s been... for T I he way we all communicate today has gradually evolved from early cave paintings by Prehistoric man, through Egyptian Hieroglyphics and eventually on to a method of symbols representing both letters and numbers. Early inscriptions in stone gave way to clay tablets, papyrus, parchment and ultimately paper, and the Greek alphabet became the basis of most of today's languages.
Books were created by hand until the mid 15th century when crude printing processes were first introduced. Albeit with continual refinements, printing methods have, until very recently, remained the only way to distribute the written word and hence a host of information throughout the world SoftWood products their highest accolades, all over the world. We are continually updating and improving those products and adding new ones, such as Final Data'", and soon. Final Calc" to our range. Our efforts are bringing the revolution into your home or office... and onto your Amiga.
The biggest leap forward has been achieved in the last ten years!
TltiJjg9kadoption of computer generated text as a ip standard, complicated layouts and designs can now bt geneniiedtand printed at the touch of a few keys right on desktop. And it doesn V stop there.
Archiving and recdtd keeping works hand in hand with w these new methods qfptbcessmg text and allows far faster ' data retrieval than evewefore. This latest technology Word Processing Publishing... Whatever specification Amiga you own. SoftWood have the perfect solution for your requirements.
Final Copy IT“ Release 2 is at the peak of achievement when rnnning a floppy based Amiga configuration, whilst Final Writer ” Release 3 is the only hard drive compulsory Amiga word processor - it leaps a stage ahead and doesn’t make any compromises to be floppy disk compatible. Whichever you choose, you’ll be has not just revolutionised the world of print, but has opened the floodgates to an explosion in communication posstiffifes throughout the world.
At Soflfooii our constant aim is to bring you these
• erful. Up to date technologies with the best possible e for
your specification of Amiga.
D processing packages have repeatedly won the f f MgOmg reviewers, who have awarded UCLS„ Fraser ?33 57 WII40 SoftWood bringing the revolution into your home or office.
Wood Inc- ISA 12 451 0949 kaHiild Crratiu. tiS
* 613585 2055 assured of the latest in WYSIWYG technology and
reap the benefits of still unsurpassed, easy to use. Amiga
software from SoftWood.
Our new Database... Final Datais designed in the true SoftWood tradition and brings you a program that is not only extremely powerful, but also very easy to use. Indeed, you can learn to set up your Final Data" database, enter your information and print the results in a matter of minutes... not hours. You'll soon be generating all kinds of reports and label print runs to suit your kind of work.
LATEST NEWS from SoftWood... Final Calc" Final Calc™ is the answer to every Amiga Spreadsheet users dreams. With its flexible modes of operation.
Final Calc" is the only Spreadsheet that can start with a minimum range of features (ideal for the beginner), but progress to offer power beyond the levels found not just on any other Amiga Spreadsheet, but almost any Spreadsheet on any computer system. Multi-layer sheets, advanced PostScript outputting facilities with flexible font handling, complete document scaling options, a vast choice of Graph styles including 3D and animated (to show calculation result progressions) are just some of its comprehensive and unique features.
Final Calc" is due for release in Spring 1995, so look out for the magazine reviews. If you want to know more now. Simply cut the coupon (on the right) for your free advance information.
Final Copy II Release 2 inal Writer' ' Final Data1' New Release 2 Final Data h* been developed io be by far the EASIEST TO USE Database f« your Amiga. To vet up a Final Data database, you won't he confronted by an array of unfamiliar commands... umply define a column fee each category of information you want to keep eg. First , Fi , lompaiioiti y: r loppy name, surname, house name number, street, or Hard Dritt Systems town, county, postal code, phone number etc. (Incidentally, you can add or remove columns at any stage). Your new database will appear as a table with rows and columns allowing
you to view whole ranges of data at the same time. Column widths can be adjusted by dragging their borders with the mouse. Data is then entered into "cdls” (Final Data even detects entries of invalid dates etc. and displays an alert message). Screen Irtals are available as options on all amounts calculations (numbers can also be formatted with currency signs and commas).
Final ttaia even has built-in routines for label printing and you can always utilise the "Print Merge" feature found in Final Copy II™ and Final WwlW™ ¦ simply select ihe program you are using and Final Data d«s the rest automatical ly. You can also access any database created in Pen Pal™. MiAmiga File and File Us™ as well as slandard ASCII files found in many other programs. Above all you'll be able to start using Final Data immediately.
New Release 2 adds features thai now allow you to...
• Select Multiple Rows Columas that aren't adjacent to one
• Call up a comprehensive Database Query Requester which lets you
define a complex search criteria • Access Sub l.fcts to display
rows which hive Seen located by a query or manually selected
and then print a save them • Open a wimfciw in which you type
information to use as a Memo • Create a database with Running
Calculation Columns itor using like a current account statement
with credits against debits etc.) and
• Refined use of many other Final Data functions too.
In a recent CU Amiga Magazine, the editorial read “...the majority of Amiga users sitting at home wondering what practical use they can put their computers to should tush out and get Final Data immediately”.
An easy to use yet extremely powerful method for keeping all vour records in order... at only £39.95 inc. p&p.
Final Data Rel 2 requires any Amiga system with a minimum of 5I2K free RAM operating under Workbench 1.3 or higher.
* Release 3 Hard drive compulsory-, this new Final Final CoP "
Designed to get the most out of an Amiga floppy drive based
Final Copy II offers more than just word processing (at which it naturally excels) and opens up a world where ’how the document looks' is as important as ‘what the document says’.
Final Copy II, excellent output is guaranteed utilising PerfectPrinf and you’ll also benefit from a host of Mfatr advanced tana including... COTWMi ;
• Text Blocks which position text at Drift Sywm Only any size,
angle and position on the page.
• Touch Tools” & Powerl'serBars” giving ‘one touch' control -
just click on a button... define, change and save such
attributes as text position, font size, font styles (bold,
italic, underline etc.). justification, bullets, line spacing,
indents etc.
• FastDraw Plus” allow ing more versatile on screen drawing tools
which include options like rotation.
Final Writer can also import, scale, crop, view on screen and output structured PostScript EPS clip-art images (we even include 100 free) to any printer. With PostScript printers your options include... thumbnails, crop marks, scaling and halftoning.
Add Arcxx Macros. Floating palettes, undotodo (both text formatting and graphics), table of contents, auto indexing, tabic of illustrations, bibliography generation, new drag & drop I CmfOMO): Fbpfj I ; or Hard Drift Systems Final Copy II is ideal for that quick letter but also boasts features which are powerful enough to help you produce end results normally only- associated with expensive Desk Top Publishing packages... a to achieve, without the fuss!
Unique features such as FaslDraw * on screen drawing tools (to generate boxes, borders, lines and arrows etc.) and Perfect Print” (an advanced system that enables you to print the same Postscript'*4 outline fonts to any printer in both landscape & portrait modes) ensure that Final Copy II is the leader in its class.You can easily generate multiple newspaper style snaking columns, import any graphic objects or pictures (and place them anywhere on your page), scale or crop those You can even text, spelling while you type, dictionary hyphenation, foreign language dictionaries (German, French and
Norwegian), auto save, polygon graphics irregular shape generation, plus lots more. Release 3 takes your Amiga further than ever before!
Amiga word publishing power, only £74.95 inc. p&p.
Release 3 includes 100 quality clip art files and 120 outline fonts and, when you register with SoftWood, we send you a further '' '** J 50 Bonus Fonts Free too!
Final Writer Rel 3 requires any Amiga running Workbench 2 or 3 with a hard disk drive and a minimum of 2Mb. Free RAM.
Ease and speed of use with total control of the final printed presentation is available on your floppy based Amiga system right now for only £49.95 inc. p&p.
Final Copy II requires any Amiga floppy or hard drive system with a minimum of I Mb. Free RAM iA600 hard drive compute n need l.5Mb . Twin floppy drives are recommended for total flexibility with no installation or multiple disk snaps required.
Http on mmarj: out pindini tin- thr nton naiimutrf «rtvir ior af memory. I At olhen.
Y rrqairrd to load oar u ftnon hw nr atio lAr to *itf if i tear that oil graphical software ret mm more memory ¦ dependent on Ac ftmCBOU bring used.
Initial(s):_________Surname: _ County (Country if overseas): _ Daytime telephone:____ Please charge my crediVdehit card a Final Copy It UK £49.95 I j Final Writer UK £74.95 j Final Daia UK 09.95 Q . Detailed below and msh me my new SoftWood software Please Tut as required ... final Copy II Overseas £59.95 Final Writer Overseas 01.95 [ Final Data Overseas 149.95 | ADVANCE INFORMATION ON THE ALL NEW... Final Calc Cam Authorisation Signature, t Final Writer Foreign i i Final Writer Foreign i Dictionary UK £19.95 |_| Dictionary Cheneas £26.95 |_ Please tick: GERMAN Q FRENCH Q NORW EGIAN ! |
Credit Debit Card No.
? I Issue No. (Switch Cards Only): I Credit Debit Card Expiry Date: Cheque Bank Draft Postal Order for £___________payable to SoftWood Products Europe... Q Tict PLEASE RETURN THIS ORDER FORM TO: SoftWood Products Europe. New Street. Atfrekm. Derbyshire DE55 7BP or FAX us on 01 773 S3 KUO PC Task 3.1 ¦ Price: £59.95 ¦ Developer: Chris Hames ¦ Supplier: Emerald D 0181 715 8865 fell swoop.
When is an Amiga not an Amiga?
When it's a PC of course ... turn your Amiga into the enemy with one Ot's true: you can transform your Amiga into a PC and you don't need fancy casing, monitors or any nuts and bolts to do it. All you have to do run a program called PC Task and all the work is done for you. Install this program and your Amiga becomes a 80286 based PC.
It's so easy - once you have decided on the configuration you want, click on 'Start' and your Amiga becomes a PC. The screen clears to black and the MSDOS thing starts to happen. Or at least, it will start to happen if you have MSDOS installed. As PC Task doesn't come with MSDOS as part of the package, you will need to purchase this separately (version 6.2 is the latest! And Bill Gates will be more than happy to take your money in exchange for the software and will probably throw in a copy of Windows as well. For technobods, a BIOS Is included, which means you don't have to go hunting.
Once you've got MSDOS everything works just like a PC.
From running MSDOS to performing resets by pressing CTRL. ALT and DEL. Running from floppy is simple as they are conveniently renamed as A: and B: (if you have a second drivel and they can immediately read and write PC format disks.
Installing PC Task on hard disk is straightforward. The easiest option is to create a 'diskfile' which appears as a single large file of 20Mb or bigger (up to 255Mb is allowedl. This appears as drive C*. And if you want you can create another D:. For a slight improvement in speed you can donate an entire hard disk partition and make it PC format from the outset. This requires a little messing about with HDToolBox or a similar utility and is not for the faint hearted. If you take your time and follow the manuals you will succeed though, and it is a much neater (and faster) solution.
The small but detailed manual also explains how CrossDOS (the PC-disk reading utility supplied with Workbench 2.01 and up) can be used to provide an easy way for the Amiga to access this PC partition. Similar experiments are detailed which will allow PC Task and the Amiga to both access other disk devices, such* as Syquest cartridges. This is useful if you need to transfer a lot of data between machines.
Up and ready Once installed your new PC will load up and happily present you with a C: prompt. Congratulations! Your new systems downgrade is ready for use. What you do next is of course, entirely up to you. As far as your Amiga is concerned, it's now a 80286 based PC with as much memory and drive space as you have available. Being able to share disks and partitions means copying data from existing Pcs won't be ' hard. You could even use a modem or null modem cable and a Terminal package, as PC Task will happily make use of your Amiga's serial port as a standard PC port.
Perhaps the smartest feature is I being able to run multiple versions of PC Task at once, either on I individual screens or on a public I screen (the Workbench for exam- I pie). At last the PC can multitask. I Now in its third incarnation, PC Task makes full use of the AGA chipset present on the A1200 and A4000 machines to have a good I bash at displaying VGA and SVGA graphics modes.
PC Task will also work on most I third party graphics cards, and loves the Cybergraphics system. I I tested it on a Picasso II card, and some programs ran slightly faster, I others slightly slower than the native chipset. Finding which was best was a matter of experimentation and the front end program made this straightforward.
The ins and outs of emulation Emulating a PC on an Amiga is a world apart from emulating a computer like an Apple Mac. The Mac shares the same central processor as the Amiga, and so assuming input and output can be re-directed. Mac programs run at 'full speed': this is why a program like ShapeShifter works so well.
Emulating a PC, however, is a totally different kettle of fish.
For starters, all Pcs are based on an entirely different processor: the 80x86 family (including the Pentium, a.k.a. the 80585.99999). To run PC programs, the Amiga must create a 'virtual' processor based in software alone: every instruction in the PC program must first be translated into Amiga 680x0 code before it is executed. Then there is the problem of memory: the PC has a weird segmented memory scheme rather than a sensible 'flat' model in which addresses follow on one after the other. If that wasn't bad enough, PC memory is 'back to front' in that each 16-bit word needs to be swopped
around before use. And then there is the problem of the dozens of video modes, INTs and IRQs.
In summary, emulating a PC in software is not an easy task (pardon the pun) by any means, and you simply cannot expect to get anywhere near the speed of a native PC.
OVERALL PCTask is a I great program- A4ooo m'n9 *eat *,,lt a 77 Quick or slow How fast does this emulator run?
Sadly, 'not very'. It isn't fair to expect speedy software emulation.
You can improve the performance by adding faster and faster Amiga accelerators, but even a top of the range 68060 won't come anywhere near a PC you can buy for less than £500.1 ran DOS utilities using PC Task on a 68040 based Amiga and a 486SX25 based PC and the rather dated PC was at least five times faster.
However, there is still a lot of very worthwhile PC software available if you can find it which will run quite happily on your Amiga PC. Early versions of the WordStar word processor were terrific and if you need this facility then PC Task will certainly run application programs like these perfectly acceptably. Likewise there are many PC database and spreadsheet programs around which may lack modem graphical user interfaces, but still get the job done which you could run.
No. Doom, along with most modern software, requires a 80386 or higher processor. The 80286 which PC Task emulates simply won't hack it. On the other hand, the predecessor to Doom.
Wollenstein 3D. Will run happily on PC Task. Sadly, 'happily' does not necessarily mean 'quickly'. On an A4000 with an 68040 processor it runs almost fast enough to play: anything less (an unexpanded A1200 for example! And it's really not worth the effort. Running Wollenstein on an AGA screen and a Picasso II screen demonstrated little speed differences other than the dreadfully slow fading of colours on an AGA set-up.
A special 'Turbo' version of the emulator is supplied which uses four times as much memory in an effort to improve performance.
Unfortunately it failed to make much in the way of improvement.
Of course, anyone who buys a software based PC emulator for playing PC games is a sick and sad individual who will be sorely disappointed: unless text-only games are their thing. Rather bizarrely though, to my surprise some PC animations actually ran reasonably quickly on my setup. The results you can expect therefore depend very much on your own set-up and the software you want to run.
Benchmark programs give meaningless results: you'll need to try it for yourself to get a better picture.
Yes, it will run Windows as long as it's not Windows 3.11 for Workgroups which also requires a 80386 processor. Be warned, though, it won't run terribly quickly and the installation process will take a very long time. You will also need to use Video mode 7 drivers rather than standard 256 colour SVGA drivers. But you can display Windows in screen modes from 640 by 480 to 1024 by 768 depending on your hardware.
A particularly nice addition is the ability to access CD-ROM drives. A software driver is supplied. And with the usual MSDOS style editing of CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT, the Toshiba drive connected to the WarpEngine's SCSI device worked first time.
There is also support built-in for the Golden Gate 2 card, a piece of hardware which allows PC style cards to be used in Amiga Zorro slots. This means that serial cards and parallel cards and conceivably network and modem cards can be used with PC programs running under PC Task.
Conclusion With the price of real Pcs falling any potential purchaser of PC Task needs a good reason for buying a software emulator. After all. For ten times the price of PC Task you can buy a fast 486 PC complete with monitor, hard disk and expansion slots.
However, PC Task is cheap and there are potential advantages. For a start it will run older - PC software fine such as various wordprocessor packages. If you use a PC in the office and an Amiga at home it might be useful as you could easily finish off any work at home at your leisure.
Just don’t expect to run FX Fighter on it... ¦ John Kennedy PC TASK 3.1 &j.
VIP4-2. VIRUS KILLER SET A set of 10 of 1h© best puzzle games tor the Am ja Frustration at an extreme. Superb value.
’ Only Cf II you want to type like a pr superb Typini will help you way.
? TYP3-1. TYPING TUTOR MTG7-3. MIND TEASERS T I Workbench 3 is very gcod but commode re ¦Hft -.4fct.:?»afc.~ ••'ings like a virus k Her MY ’ - a decent file manager.
V a menu system, a few
• --W -I WB games & more. €7 SCF7-3. STUFF COMMODORE FORGOT I v
Aiiiiij.i another Am ga BHBSi M fim f -fPll vau car- ess .
Ties from one to another 0*yl ? COM8-3. NETWORKING S fiKS?§3E5SHj B StaTrev
A. :l i j i tB IP ¦ Hfi 21 STG6-3. STARTREK GAMES ¦ Croato your
own lasci- nating 3D stereogram pictures on your Amiga
Complete with demo pictures, viewer and Magic Eye maker Only
£5.00 RDS5-2. MAGIC EYE KIT " _ _ 1 An essential pu-1 ti for
any hard dr.-* I ' e's Includes b.*cm “ MU | toots, v rus Icc
' J HfcUiwKr*" 'epairer. And lows
* ------- 3-~'l other utilities _ . V ’ Only fS ? HDT5-2. HARD
DISK TOOl Now the .veathe' s Over 100 games 9-eat disks All th
sics are here, as* loads ot new ong games.
Hours ot fun for |i CtO.OO P GG10-4. 100 GREAT GAME Jff , nice : I t-*¦ i:, :ln fne VK- yarden and the besl ‘ . Ii way to gel o_l cl do ng ii is la spend lime designing it Only GRN3-1. 3D GARDEN DESIGNER ' arwr w ih th • excelled| 90f o.-Kk.ige Keeo l'.,r.*. cl
o *a Wr ¦ ¦ ""T-- month Cr y £7.03 ? FIN7-3. FINANCE PACK Make
your own hardware and save £££.
Sound samplers, memory expansions.
Bridgeboards etc. Knowledge of LHA req.
Only £4.00 HWP4-2. HARDWARE PROJECTS 2 Over 40 top quality «¦ 3 compugraphic lenis foi » . I use On Workbench.
Ffl PageSlream. Dpaint4.
M | Wordworth2&3 etc S?* I A great value set of fonts. All for only £7 PSF7-3. C0MPUGRAPHIC FONTS r-: :J 4 A two C sk sel cl new .a;.. T j ** “* an*J 'cccs for use v ith I Magic Workbench, on any Kick star* 2 or 3 Magic WB available £3 S ? MWE5-2. MAGIC WB EXTRA S The most powerful word search, crossword ¦um j|l g|l iC -ver availab e on me Da "] M~1 rfpTl '" 1 I'-¦ :l.. :Ji - :• :In: g§H ' yi "-¦4==? • -t jW 3jl| 'ou'own Cr y £5 00 ? WFP5-2. WORD FINDER Pro .r,, *a Workbench 3 Dac- ”“V 0-pps Very eat .
U vYork - ¦ Ilsk :.l rio;.|.v
- - G’own up s or .
C WGB5-2. W0RKBENCH3 BACKDRO Wort Proccsm, .
WlBW* tQ Wordprocessor.
Spreadsheet 0spe,«
* ary 0 j? ZTZ f ? IFC7-3. LITTLE OFFICE Order Hotline: 01793
490988 Fax Order Line: 01793 514187
- ,¦ Monopoly. Scrabble.
P* , •' * | Cluedo. Mastermind.
' * Othello. Backgammon.
* “ ard more Great fun *or all the family Only £10 ? BDG10-4.
CLASSIC BOARD GAMES Xxcopy TNG is the mosl powerful Amiga cfek
copier available.
Includes software and an external disk interface for better results Only £29 99 ]SXCP30-1. XCOPY TNG Xcon
4. CmeWms «vm mtssing Ibranei e«c cn your waik- IW f tel Bench
ihai are needeo liy U .p.' cerlan lilies Id iuh. Tho csisk »
il contains a" popua' Abrades.
* - v el wen and other poorta- tools Orty K 00 ? EFBM. ESSENDAL
FOR BEGINNERS __~1 A selection ol tools tor degrading your
A1200 01 A4DOO tc alow you I bWi! To run most of the older
Amiga games toote anddomo s J DEG4-2. A1200 DEGRADERS F tty ot
the best B* tents available. TH pack also includes poworful
font oditot Compatible with Workbench D Pafl elC £Tl FanTRJTK
collects t ' very high quality c«
* * clipart, suitable for ( i * Amiga DTP a Part
• m ( packages. All pops r .71 subiects included
* . All fen disks only ? GFX13-10. PRO. CLIPART
- , ORDERING BY POST Simply »ond u* your order, listing the Items
you require, the total coet and yor name and addrese with
payment either by cheque or postal order made payable to EPIC
MARKETING. Most orders are despatched with 48hour*.
ORDERING OVER THE PHONE Call any time between 9:30em - 3:30pm Mon-Sat with your credit card details and a list of the Items you would like to order.
COLLECTING YOUR ORDER You are welcome to collect you order any time between tOam and 5:30pm Monday - Saturday.
OVERSEAS ORDERS Overseas orders are welcome, but there Is a minimum order ot 3 titles and please add £1 PAP per floppy tltla and C2.00 per CD-ROM title |or Postags A Packing.
POSTAGE A PACKING UK A Mainland add a total of |ust Sop for (loppy software.
Plus £1 per CD-ROM title ordered.
INFORMATION Goods are not eold on a trial basis. EAOE.
Full Terms and Conditions available on request.
We do not condone the uee of pornographic software.
Actual screenshots may vary between Simple to use. But com- pitent colour Desk top pubfcshng software tor any Amiga.
Program Only £4 00 NRL4-1. NEWSMAKER SIHK9HH Over 500 game cheaison 2 disks for fUr MC Amiga games Mosl f 4¦ kmk *9 01 lh« latest games wlr-Cv fc'j cheats included I i l I f*. A A| (of or|y £5 0Q CHT5-2. CHEATS GALORE 2 Thousands of General Knowlege questions and answors on this two disk Quiz Pack.
Great fun for all the Family.
Only £5.00 JQUZ5-2. QUIZ CHALLENGE "v Dfl 1X"T” Irxludes print manager.
. - y TV.l lable printer, address koopor. Printer drivers.
S loads of other printer u,i j tools. Knowledge of , 3 required for use.
IO 1 nmi 0nly £70° RT7-4. PRINTER TOOLS 2 I If your a budding Ian Beale or Floyd, ,hen ,his Gou,me, . - A cookbook will get you going.
Only ? GCB3-1. COMPUTERISED COOKBOOK Ovei images on 3 d sks °' al :nc Lic~ r l w * cTaractoiLV 'o-.eve y ¦; it' Amiga age LKA6-3. LIONKING CLIPART This is the most ic date and compre si ve collect on ot pt drivc-s ova 'table Amiga. Star. Citzen Panasonic HP etc Easy lo Install £3 commodore !? DRV3-1. PRINTER DRIVER Six disks of Video ¦ Buckdrcys. Til'ers Video wipes, and a more Grad for pro ing your own vxJec AMIGA SOFTWARE SPECIAL ICI I99S EPIC TV All for only E12 TITLING TOO!
VID12-6. VIDEO ii HwrsiM •' ¦
lottery Wnner Protossionai attempt* lo predct the results oI
the lottery Every week you eiput the previous nooks numbers
Into a database. Only C5.00 ? LWP5-1. LOTTERY WINNER Magic User
Interlace will Lompfcmeri Mag ¦* ' - 3 Workbench :a *nnanc«
* ' . A y-i Workbench even I' 1 room Krxzw'edge ol _. I Sl'ott S
required Only £4 00 ? MUI4-2. MAGIC USER INTERFACE colour cH
tents Ported tor Video Mlmg.
Demo making or Desk top publishing.
Great value at £5 00 P CCF5-2. COLOUR CLIP FONTS 3 Pumi-y ' i i:ir CRD10-4. CLASSIC CARD GAMES Thu pack includes
1. ¦1 ¦ - Only C5 00 AEP5-3. EVERY EMULATOR Another great puz
zle game, this ones lor the Adults, great tun.
New coBection ol toots tor WB2 & 3 Includes HD tools. Vhu* killer, sound 4 graphics tools, text editor and loads ATC5-2. POWER TOOLS aged Hes Undelete doieted hies. Repair Salvage or Validate almost any Amiga doe disk Inckfdmg Hard dn ves Orrfy £5 00 ? DRT5-2. RECOVERY TOOLS I Only £5 00 CFS5-1. CENTREFOLD SQ. ~ Wf*W ‘,|K "'2 mov } 4 HI lo.Kl*' «* 2S6 colour aft-JT »H r :-j'es
• V. • W--*¦ usoo-Mhc A'200 An 3 disks only C6 ? GRL6-3.
“ A range ol clipart tor J use with Pago Setter.
A IraXk Ooiwis M «ut*cls Sports etc On!y £3.00 MPC3-1. PAGESETTER ART Includos GRAVITY SIM ELEMENTS TABLE UNITS CONVERTER GEO TIME CLOUD CREATOR EVOLUTION MOOEl 3 disks tor only £7 00 ? STS7-3. APPUENCE OF SCIENCE Amiga Betting Strop It you take a Htle tlutter now and then, then [*§**§" U | etc. Only £6 00 ABS6-4. BETTING SHOP KJ _ NEW Vt-RblON R- JH ~o»: : . DH Cil-X Chips. Sutlfd
- - vqK S ships speed etc C Only C3-00 ENK3-1. ENGINEERS KIT f
“r*-------- Organise your £“* “ »!L__ Record CD. Video Hvt
and disk collection 1with this superb set I** K f* lEr 01
cataloging tools ; Only £6 00 ? CTG5-3. CATALOGUER S at
• .i "''ESE ¦ LTP8-4. LANGUAGE TUTOR o mast Over, women m the
wiorld fr.
Tcs and digitised ¦ I •¦;.|.nch Ovc laaMsgpftay Only Tic on DSP10-1 DELUXE STRIP POKER AME Imagine objects oI MACLAREN.
WILLIAMS and BENETTON Formula One The complete graphics manipulation and con- vodor set supports GIF IFF BMP PCX If you've just got a new Hard drive for your A1200 then this set ot disks are essential Prep and Partition your A new five disk sot of high quality colour clipart. All the major subjects rtduded OKAY on any Amiga package lectior back- asy to wV**- Only £900 ? CCP9-5. COLOUR CLIPART Onfy £6 00 J RTR6-3. RAYTRACED RACERS Only £5 00 J GFC5-2. GRAPHICS CONVERTER AHD7-2. HARD DISK SETUP Whether your a com- or a champion t£ Ji Chess has some- : '-1 thing for you Superb k graphics
and speoch iLa HHH °'" V' JIT5-2. CHESS & TUTOR small Hunter, two Vorton two Jumpgaies 4 nebu- tar space dust BF07-4. BABYLON 5 I Over 50 superb quality Eye catcher ' clipart images lor use in any Amiga package.
Only £4 00 EYC4-2. EYE CATCHER CLIPART Password 4 Me encryp- mm j a
- I I’-nki'..• v till- unreadable anyone ¦jT7t i w ¦ i
Eight all I me classic arcade games. Pacman, Frogger. Astenods. Space invaders. Centipede.
MissMe command O-Bert. 4 Omega race Great value tor money Only £5 00 ? ARC5-2. ARCADE CLASSICS2 SPE5-3 SPECCY EMULATOR 4 50 GAMES £5 SPG 15-7 100 CLASSIC SPECCY GAMES £15 SPG35 33 400* SPECCY GAMES * EM £35 CDSPS3 SPECCY SENSATION CDROM £20 ? SPECTRUM STUFF_ DENIED TITLE MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE AT TIME OF GOING TO PRESS includes over 500 a lii-; 1L«- pi"* I-' T“5 O'- : n« CD tor CD32. CDTV. Zappo
- 0,0 Incluc,e9 ac,uai Speccy emulator ,m in ** SPECCY
SENSATION CD Over 600rrt ol tmagne 4 taghtwave objects,
textures. Animations.
Picture tiles Postscript loots. Colour tonts. Etc.
* 7 II pijVrnSU ..nines 1 ¦OIImi U.II *• ¦¦ • HUTCHINSON
ENCYCLOPEDIA Invaders. Pacman, Astenods. Frogger. Q- bert.
Missile command, Temposl. Centerpedo and toads more CS M ?
'ARCADE CLASSICS CD GFX SENSATION Vol.1 All the best and most
useful tools tor your Amiga.
Includes Hundreds of essential utilities Just £9.99 ? 'ESSENTIAL UTILITIES Vol.1 MurtimecM CD con I M Only £27.99 STARTREK MULTIMEDIA CD The t ggest coiechon ol Ckpart available EVER' Colour . B4W IFF. EPS Pagestream. GIF PCX.
BMP. TIF. Pagesetter. WMF Over 60 catagones DOUBLE CDROM A bargam at jusl £17.99 ? WORLD OF CLIPART CD NEW" contains almost ovory one of our advertised Amiga floppy titles Games, tools, demos, clipart elc. If its on this double page add it s almost certainty on this CD ROM. Only £59.95 ? THE EPIC COLLECTION '95 Over 4000 lull colour Adult images lor use on your Amiga or PC. OVER 18 Only C19.99 PADULT SENSATION CD GUIDE FAST AMIGA REPAIRS Lowest Priced Top Quality Ribbons, Inkjets. Toners & Disks Printer Ribbons loir «i 5» lit lull -t ft IS?
144 TANNER STREET TOWER BRIDGE. LONDON SE1 2HG TEL 0171 252 3553 )S“ Disks & Disks Boxes PS DP L»HP .-- Inkirts. Ink kerdls & loners 25 Disks CIO Cll 1 askable 50 Disks CI6 CIN l *vk Box HP 1*0.10 Tnodnti ( wap. is .«•. HP Itevl,* It, f nkwi Canndpr Krl.ll 16 Ml «.•, 250 Disks £65 €76 “'"•order*, 500 Disks CI25 CI4X of £10+ Intm Rcldl* r l»in IVI,i li* 1 HI Ili.Ni HI- HP Blur . Bn*wn. Light Oiwe. DurV tii.cn .1 (iuid AN disks ( rrtlfWd IM * Error Free ¦nd INCH IB. FREE labels.
Hplmoin IIP.IIII* Inner ( •iirt.lc V* l»«.Kh King Enr Inkjets A loners Nul l.isled Miscellaneous Items Roll IIIO i r Disk labels 8.49
5. 5" Disk (leaning Kit 2 99 CPU A Monitor Dust Cover 6.49
Monitor Dust Cover 4 44 80 Column Pinner Dusl Cover 1.49 Amiga
*m Dust Cover 3.49 Amiga non Dusl Cover 3.94 01543 250377
5 The Brambles. Lichfield, Staffs WSI4 9SE IVES k Call I ,CE ' £19.50 ¦ £19.50 I £25.50 I £25 50 I
- OR YOUR MONEY B REVEALS • The M p »-up techmque* • O*r 100
fantaroc open** hne* • Ho* to raandy aorxt grb you hi** only
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Specificallq designed and manufactured for use mirh tFie Amiga, me ore pleased to introduce Ffie "Lithe Gem" Micro Audio Mixer and Ed Unit.
Allows you greater control over the sound when playing the Amiga through an outside sound system, or when recording the Amiga audio output to tape or DAT.
I Bn* k 12 D«KI M MnoM Mm pn Mil fn ncl clawl Mini di mis ogtrMi - Ms h pan from M strip Hubs swirls poor to snpiai ton process ipti on pUipMCM Ids is i shm processor li senousl eiroance lie seM Hi and Lo EO ippHsilml In - I2SS U rocrease Pecreose Hi Mss M HeWe cniw if Hie sml fn Cmhols lor stereo psHmp of tael cMootl - n longer One lo soffer from hard r!R and led stereo panaag tarns* aolg M i ?5 r 50mm CONPPTBU Mil IU HOOELS It Ml Avaluue only from m« davaloear ana m.na*KtiMiT ) GILLETT MULTIMEDIA I IO Samt Audrey* Way. By. Cambndga CB6 IDF 71%y Tat (Q13S3) 669203 Fan (01363) 663371 J YtV
I wem mi ba -r.uV wWr prt* I rMmH Owl * Trw rc I0OS uoHM wPMPw |oo* I I dw- M food conOoon in • U rvkind O Cue bus pMax Mod m* | ? HOW TO PICK UP GALS-FnceC ll*S Mr. p*p ? MOW TO SUCCEED WITH (Ali Rkemftlnc pa* I ]l ww bo*b o* tlw above M Ow ipaoil cowMrad prVa of pm £20 »w pAp
• ndoM • cfwoMlTO «or L to CASUTI LTD Iter n ordan *dd U) a. MM
I 1 1 I lupw- Crrdil card holders may phone 01534-61 71 81 (M
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IQQ HOT, HOT 89p PD OFFE off or ends 1 4th September 1995 Key
|WB2*1 Workbench (WB3.1 Workbench 3.
(20) fiJumber ol OW (1MB) MnmumMem |AGA] For AGA
(030) Minimum (HD) Hard Drive 4 S3 TOTAL 50p uwwiwi. CD i etc
Make all Cheques and Postal Orders Payable to AcliyE
SOFTWARE Dept CUA7, P.O. Box 151, Darlington, County
Durham, DL3 8YT ¦si lit] K8 Hi K.' °1325 352260 t 1
sales@active2.demon.co.uk S O F= TWA R EE Postage On All
Orders "1 ,x*m»UKDUtmEU M Catalogue Disk CiWUtne fiiW
%Vn FI Public Domain Prices Each Public Domain Disk 89p
Prep, formal ana nstafl WB lo your Hard Orrve.
U230 TOOLS DAEMON V2.1 |w».| U239RE-OBGv3.il iWBi- U302 VIEWTEK V2.01 |WB2-] Viewtok car* enow many picture torm*t» mctudng JPEG and the AGA screen modo* U317 ACTION REPLAY PRO |AGA| x* Replay tor the A12COA4000 U318 VIOEOTRACKER DATA J4 O) U348 LIBRARIES * DATATYPES U352 MAGIC WB vl 2P[WB*?!'
The laueil version or lire 8-colour icon repocer Use this w*i our Extras daks tor eupeit) r 8ulW U3S9 TELETEXT v1-20|WB2.| U378 POWERCACHE v37.115fWB2.] ad «« your Hera Drve actoes •«* ms »?* program Vernons lor 00.020. 030 and 0*0.
U379 DESKTOP MAGIC v2.0;wB2.] Tlx* program allows you 10 assign sounds to Workterxh function, Ike moueo okekmg ate U401 SPECTRUM EMULATOR v2 nyeurA U416 AMIGA DOS GUIDE vl
• n Amiga DOS wito tots program U426 EPU STAKKER vl 70 Wl U440
SNOOPDOS v3 (WB2.I U453 MAIN ACTOR vl.55 ;WB2.| An excellent
module anmaton player Boy «.
U454 VIDEOTRACKER 2 AGA The AGA KvragSferM demomtoer U4SS VIOEOTRACKER 2 OS VERSION U467 T U D. E. vl.00 The Ultimate Degrador aryl Enchanter cam be used to degrade 41800* and upgrade an A500 U472 ALL NEW AGA ICONS Theee are 246 colour Icon, *Kh a e excellent a AGA re Forget too tlBe vl 41 tins is It* tea to tog U479 MSOOS FOR AMIOADOS (WB2.)
Alto** you to use the MS 008 commands on your Amiga Also um the MSOOS star - U480 HD GAMES INSTALLER II .MJtr U487 BIRTHDATE HISTORY V2.21 Check events that happened on your twtoday' U499 M.U.I. V2.3 ;v*2.| Ornate Guintortaces Needed lor tAoaaic etc US01 GBLANKER V3.6 00 (WB3.)
The very best screen Wanker n PO U502 GBLANKER V3.8 020 f***.] An gamaefl verson tor OT010*080 CPUs U510 FINAL FAX SUPER DUPER v3.13 Final Fas allows you to conf-d GPFax trom Final Wrttar. Sandng a lax trom a normal document.
U512 ADDRESS PRINT v4 Store eddrosses and pent toem to taMfe U514 OISK STICK v 1.1 A oak Hpetong program U517 FINAL WRITER 030 PATCH r A paler at* h tune toe -Mase 3 Pinal Wnler mto an optimsed 030 vareton Get M1 U519 SUPER VIEW v4.42 |WB2-| Allows you to view a myriad ot GFX lormats.
U523 DOPUS COMPANION fWB2*] WOW1 Loads ot useru bits and pxeces tor Dopes U524 PRO T1TLER v2 [WB2.| laieet version ot the popular video tiler U532 ALL NEW FINAL WRAPPER v3 f MM Wrapper mat T*e utotoy Ml 1st Final W*Sw gear* last year Tlwa • toe very Meat voto* U533 CAR OATA ANALYST
• Aanrlor and tost your car s pertormance U543 TOOLS MANAGER [2
DtsRsJ-WB?.] AlOws you to have a 'dock' ol icons on Wbanch US48
IMAGE OESK vl.40 IWB2*1 Alows you to Injrtmarf yew pictures tor
Virtual metTtory program U551 BLUFF VIDEO TITLER [WB8*| SUPEP8 30 text video tiller Pettorro mrtt-
• nvnetora atto 30 text’ U553 GFX CONVERTOR v1.7 iWB2-| Omerent m
vl.97 fWB2.)
Coverts sound samplea trom IFF. RAW. WAV MAESTRO. VOC AIFF and MAUD to anycJ the ¦uppcrted formats « toed m as IFF save as WAV CM Ktoj aa WAV arxtoave as iff Eaey" U580 DEUTRACKER U v2.1 [WB2-1 (2 D] A greto mxue player U564 EXOTIC RIPPER v3.1 [WB2.] Superb modulo and sample sample npper U585 IMAGE STUDIO v2 fWB2.) |2 0i» .| All naw verson 2 loads ol ne* teaiures present n ms Arexx capeblrhet speed ncraase etc U566 TERM v4 J [WB2.; (3 Dn: The C »age U587 TERM v4 3 030 i-WB2.i [3 030 version ot the modem package U568 LOTTERY WINNER V2.0 fWE U576 BLITZ BLANKER V2.5 IWB2- MO Blarker to another
tool that reqaree If U581 PAGESTREAM 3F G PTCH |? D| mis patch vastly reproves Pagastieam 3F II grvss you landacape nr
11. 3 Wow* The aOWy to use Itegc WB cr mactvr* - you need UM2 to:
U588 PC-TASK V3.10 All no* PC Task v3 Demo version U589 MP
LOTTERY V2 Another gocd lottery program U592 VARK CLI UTILS 7
Al tr*e atestCU uatotos hem1 U593 PARNET MO U594 AMIGA FAX
V1.42 IWB2.)
Send and recede taxes trom you» AMIGA U595 EASY LIFE VI.10 (30ISKS| A set ot AMOS extension* U601 SPONDULIX MARK 5 V«*2.| U602 MAGIC EYE KIT [3 OtSKS] Tho *» attows rou to proetoce your own Mag U606 ESSENTIAL AMINET 5 |WB2.| Loads ot recent An.net uploads U607 ESSENTIAL AMINET 4 fWB2.)
Even more recent Ammet i 4oarts U617 HO GAMES INSTALL 3 tWB2.;
s. 20 a. Seaside World ot Soccer to Be installed U618 TEXTURE
STUDIO vl.02 fWB2.
For imagne usets adapt tooae textures U619 BALLS! (AQA) Superb and pcwertu lottery progrem U623 AMIGA CD-ROM GUIDE !W*2.)
Gutoe to toad* 0« Amiga Cos - Amgegjae dc U626 VIRUS WORKSHOP vS.1 |WB2.
Very poweriut virus checker Mler U628 ICONIAN v2.91 (AGA] Supero AGA icon odtor U829 DIY REKO v2 |WB2-i PMAOE FX 2 U631 TRANSITION v1 |W A very po*er*jl grapnes conv.
VrfSCh at* even allow batcc cor U634FROOO v1.5|WB2- C*4ai U635 DOPUS UTILS 2 rwB2-i 1C uoads Ot ueeM Ume tor Directory Opu U636 TYPING OEMON Learn how to lypto very qacMy t U638 ESSENTIAL AMINET 7 v U645 FINAL WRITER v3 PCH REV ?
For 030* processors - speed nrrease U847 LOTTO LUNACY |WB?*| A net pul together tottory program U648 HO GAMES INSTALLER 4 |VS .
Obesiton f ree* and Powerdrve are hso at a "umber ot u»uilers tor ycur tavcunta gamae U649 enLOCK .VB2-; nFa preaem stosod program tor a hero m U650 BOOKIE BEATER ;wb2.)
Beat too booue at his own game1 Ettectve U651 VIRUS CHECKER v8.55 IWB2- Updated once rrore - lamous v.us Win- U652 ZXAM SPECCY EMULATOR .2 WOW if s here toe NEW Scecau* HMHi U653 SKIDMARKS 2 CARS ]2 O* 4 etora cars tor the AGA Stodmartis v2 U655 AUTOSTEREOGRAM v4B (v.
Ne* version c* the popUar storogram maker U656 SUPER DMS v2 [WB2»] A powtohA cuelcm-wdttan n»er«ace tor DMS U658 DOPUS vS»»vS11 UPGRADE uograde yo,r ongmal Oopus 10 v4 11 U661 PAGESTREAM v3G » 3F .
U662 MUI v3B V B2-! |HD] 8eta verson ol Mut verson 3 U663 TURBOSUITE v34 rwM.]
* urto Cat and Turbo View v3 ton here Esea* DEMOS WHITE GAMES
KLONDIKE III BITS 'n BOBS n HAOorm* MX Dtoieic* [l Dtoail
Uejvn. * - h* mso 0112 ana era rati s*m8uauty so»iidi Grapevine
21 OUT NOWIt |2 Otsks] Nffl Word 5 - disk maga ma NFA Word 6 •
no* d« maga ine Body*hop 8 AGA [2 Oto«s| Shantyn Farm Skoeshow
AGA Phoobe Cates Skdetfxx* AGA ErSur Slidesho* AGA Niki Taylor
Slideshow |2 0] |AGA| Tiny Toons Ctpart NFA Big Guts II AGA (3
Disks) Global Facts (2 Disks) X-FHas Guide GCSE M-*V» Exam
Prefect UFO [6 D»*s] Travel Guide [2 DtoKS] UFO Fmdmg Truth |2 Disks] UFO . Finding Truth 3 Allens Confidential 2 Alton, Multmeda 3 (AGA) |«0| Weather Guide [3 Disks] AATCAACS
• mut caaos CtoO* CBAAFCFO CatoS* CHOTtoACAtca is.oi kAKWAkkCAMK
‘AACT ASM CAROS OA-RlClA FOAO CAROS nrcono ccrvrn carss REV S
• * AO TV CAROS ARCMUEC6 CABOS Luetoar* Ajnhoty Innoancto-(20] FI
n-sc we ¦¦ P0| HMJ.WBII uralimr. (2 0| U.p w Mnttoe.4 |20)
lltoMti I £1.98 par yolwtna or C21.99 lor alt 24 Olska!
FI-84 WORD PIUS* FRO vl.3 C4.99 FI-87 IIOIONS OF DAWN 14.99
Only Dtsks oa ors achines ocessor deeded rofesslonal
backgrounds and textures k-'dtmagona me a proteaiional graphics
firm based » Avnn I '..v I'.ivb p’uvuloR ie«T.. es and ba:»gi
-_ur"I'-HKa «jeo iay tmong and rraqe wc-'k '&¦ the fail live
yrw% ? ' »""• '-.-.IMlr.C| ul S2C- 2W. H*rkqrr. .nrls B I
Matures is present on I hid TO ROW There fl-“ the vi'ivBHHHII ?
QueWy 2*B* jPEO Me* lor video, graphics and ruii B a. .k « -j
-C' SdliS Mv-jong VM KM. - on m„ CD-ROM1 -cr instance '0
• Hjefl fe that are kxnd on other Mature CO'S. You w* not b
loctocn tea CO edher Pictae newer? Are prov«»*) « fcsPC and Mac
COTCUB1 r« Pro ana Ncv« LH«r,' J
• o*t - coll for date!
CD-Rom Comparison Chart Zoom HoMil S Ph 4 Ovor 560MB ol Data Easy to Use GUI S Over 1000 Disks y * Very Latest PD :ompecl dec " W-Itler ;.u baied design cede: by uthoi ol t»(nc.i,s d.sk magazih* I - : i sc* Salad me We you wanl to road c mNKLMi read the information then dick lo 0*-compress' With an online help
* you gat slue*! Easy as that. Oyer 560MB o» data, (ovei 1.6 OK3s
omprassed Nos) oltenng the user access lo 1000. O( disks' Must
be 1 tie motl comprahen we CD's this year' nd new release - out
NOWII £19.99 Di.k. up lo UMS. MISC22. 022S. AIM. KIM. (DOM OM2M
Over SO Klondlko’Card Game* Deluxe Cerdeele Ground Zeros Themed
Imagine Object* Gathering 95 DeroowGFXlWode, Other ’Parly*
Demoe Some Exclusive and New AGA Slide*how* Over 21MB. Ol Magic
WB leone, backdrops, drawers el a numCer o' other CO* due lor
release later in the year II you
* cuta ‘ke to pre*jc* a CD.
Have a workable doe lor a CD men contact u* mmedalety We oiler generous 'awards Volume Two £15.99 LIGHT WORKS C64 SENSATIONS pre- £„;» Order HOT AMIGA DEMOS PRE- Order LA. CD BOOT vl SPICCY SENSATIONS 2 £18.99 LT SENSATIONS 17 BIT PHASE 4 ASSASSINS 1 WS FONTS GFX SENSATIONS AMIGA DTV WS CLIPART HOTTEST 5 Ou-cg GOLD FISH GOLD FISH I GOLD FISH N LIGHT ROM INET COLLECTION tr 1 BEST POSSIBLE PRICES AAMNET 3 C7JB GOLD FISH II £2499 MEETING PEARLS VOLUME 1 VOLUME 2 FRESH FONTS Title Description ol CD Price £ FRESH FISH The Best of the Amiga Scene The inside cover of this disc claims. "The Best of
the Amiga scene is a tribute to the Amiga and the musicians among the Amiga scene. This CD contains some of the best Amiga music ever produced through times and will guarantee the listener a fascinating experience".
CD-ROM Round up So. My appetite whetted by this claim and since I’ve been waiting on this disk for some time, I eagerly slapped the red spiral checked frisbee into my dis- cman. The first thing I noticed was that the Amigas distinctive 100% stereo has been mixed back into a more palatable 30% or so Unfortunately that's the limit of the positives on sound quality since the treble is completely lacking, giving it a muggy quality. In fact, it sounds like the Amigas audio filter is on. Surely not?
The selection is also a bit of a let down. Some of the modules are classics that I heard before including the brilliant Crearrvof-the-Earth but some are pretty darn boring to put it kindly. I'd say about a third of the disc is made up of great modules, while the rest range in quality from average to bad. However, that is according to my personal taste barometer yours could be different.
Why buy an audio disc which only has 17 sound modules when you could get a CD-ROM with thousands of modules with no loss of sound quality? Good question. I suppose you could always put it in your Discman and save it for those long boring train journeys A valiant effort and although I suspect this disk could grow on you it is not. In my opinion, a collection of the best Amiga scene gems. It's a potentially a good idea, but I just wish the disk had more creme de la creme modules and the same level of sound quality as Sidewinder's FutureShock CD.
Essential Utilities This is a dual platform PC and Amiga disk. There isn't however any Amiga icons so accessing the disk must be done via the Shell or a directory utility. That's fine but without any Amiga front end at all, it really just amounts to a collection of archives and you have to guess at the contents by the category directory and filename. There were no descriptions of each file at all.
The CD is about two thirds full but only a fraction of this is Amiga archives: Amiga files occupy 128Mb PC DOS files 94Mb. PC Windows files 50Mb and Fonts 138Mb. Some of the fonts might be of use but much of them were in a strange PC format that I couldn't use with the Amiga software I tried them out with.
Overall I found the undocumented Amiga archives a pain to look through. There’s not a lot of recent files and there’s nothing that you couldn't get off an Aminet disk. Even at its low price, this is a poor CD For Amiga users. It's basically Shovelware with nothing new to offer.
Available from: Epic Marketing, Victoria Centre, 138 Victoria Road.
Sindon. Wilts.
Available from: TBOTAS, Fredrik Elmqvist, Gasverksgatan 21. 462 34 Vanersborg, Sweden. +46*
(0) 521018212 Price: SI5 + S5 P&P Europe FTP SB1 3BU. Tel: 0%
01793-490988 M I* c Price: £9.99 plus J II £1 P + P. CD-ROMS
Because Cds hold so much data, most of the Amiga's freely
distributable software can be placed on four or five discs
(as in the case of the Aminet collection) but, to provide
variety, companies turn to repackaging the same files in
forms they think you may prefer other than standard
directories full of archived software. This disk is aimed at
those who may not like the Aminet style. It also claims that
a lot of its content isn't prosent on the Aminet: which is
true but the now stuff is mainly slideshows (of glamour
girls) and clip art.
Zoom CD Aminet Nemesis Tho quality of the user interface is however Zoom's biggest claim to fame. Simply clicking on an icon presents you with the Zoom graphic interface complete with rendered logo and a scroller containing all the disks on the CD. Clicking on one brings up a description in the bottom left-hand corner - nice. However, many of the descriptions are rather vague or useless and there isn't any search tool.
Everything is DMSnd which means that after you have clicked on a particular disk you havo to extract it onto a floppy. Which is fine in theory but it's going to annoy the hell out of hard drive users: having to copy onto floppy just to check out stuff is a pain. Scrolling up and down the massive list of disks looking for something of interest is also pretty darned annoying. Oh for a search tool which allows you to road the original author-created 'readme' test by clicking on the one line descriptions and extracting them to RAM.
The Zoom compilers also seem to have a thing against the Aminet.
I quote from the help file: "In our opinion the moderators of the Aminot are now attempting to make a lot of money from the series hy producing the Aminet sories so regularly. Bolieve me, thorn hasn't been 100MI worth of downloading since January 1995 - don't mind 660Mb on the CD."
Speccy Sensations This is a multi platform disk for Amiga.
PC and Mac as is increasingly the case these days However, the Amiga seems better represented on this CD than the others. Although it has only two Amiga emulators one of those is the well known ZXAM emulator which did the job perfectly.
There are over 700 games in the Amiga's drawer and although ZXAM couldn't load the PC's saved snapshots it could load the Mac ones.
As a long time C64 fan and user I found the graphics and sound dismal on this disk, even for an 8-bit machine But if you were a Spectrum owner you'd be used to this, as colleagues in the office informed me. All of the games are complete in every respect and one hell of a lot faster than they were on the original machine! None of the latest big name Spectrum games, like Hudson Hawk or Streetfighier
2. Were present, but this is probably to avoid copyright
problems. There is more than enough to choose from though and
lots of old classics too Speccy Sensation is an excellent
disk. The emulator can easily be activated right off the CD
and snapshots can easily be loaded off the disk too.
Alphabetically arranged into directories A-Z. It was a cinch
to find a game again. If you're a Spectrum fan of old and
fancy a blast from the past. I'd say this has to be an
essential buy.
Version 2 is is on its way too: SO more next month Available from: Epic Marketing, Victoria Centre, 138 Victoria Road, Sindon. Wilts SB1 3BU. 01793-490988 Price: £14.99 plus £1 P + P. But most of the world's Amiga shareware authors upload directly to tho Aminet since it is a worldwide internet archive. Active can't tell me that their 50 disks or so of girly slideshows is the sort of new material that makes this disk more worthwhile than the Aminet? For a start The Aminet disks are cheaper than Zoom and their on-line service is of benefit to us all.
If you want a quick and easy collection of software with odds 'n sods including a massive eight disk slideshow of Reservoir Dogs and you don't mind using floppies then this disk may he for you. It's not for me.
Available from: Active Software,
P. O. Box 151, Darlington.
Co. Durham DL3 8YT Tel: 01325-352260 Prico: £19.99 plus £1 P + P. Graphic Sensations This disk is described as: 'a collection of the best Graphics tools, 24-bit images, animations and data, on CD-ROM'. That's fine if your definition of 'Graphic tools' is simply viewers, since these are the only graphic tools I found on the disk!
Its contents disk include 116Mb of Imagine rendering related files: 163Mb of LighlWave rendering related files: 109Mb of bitmapped textures for any package: 10Mb of postscript fonts: 5Mb of iff bitmapped fonts and 116Mb of animations.
Fiia,SSiriSK*7F»3«w. Kt3r Collections of objects, textures, attributes and scenes for these packages on CD aren't exactly new but they're usually a lot more expensive than Graphic Sensation.
This is another dual-format PC and Amiga CD though thankfully 99% of the files are actually useful for both platforms since Lightwave and Imagine now exists on both. The objects aren't documented but since they're stored uncompressed, you could load them directly into the packages to preview or use a separate standalone program.
Overall, a darned good collection of material for your PifASf sm row omw to E m of these Dismvroes row owes m be same my despatch via first cuss post SOFTWARE 2000 i I I I I I SOFTWARE 2000 Dept (CUD5) 9 WILLS STREET LOZELLS BIRMINGHAM B19 1PP TEL: 0374 678068 Dept (CUD5) 48 NEMESIA AMINGTON TAMWORTH B77 4EL ENGLAND TEL: 01827 68496 ALL DISKS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AMIGAS UNLESS STATED AQA Disk mum tor A1200 A4000 only TEL OR FAX: 01827-68496 SOFTWARE We stock over 6500 QUALITY PD & SHAREWARE How to order Price ..99p per disk Pack price as staled. All Order* Same Day Despatches
For the very latest catalogue disk please add 70p MAKE CHEQUE POSTAL ORDER PAYABLE TO: SOFTWARE 2000 SEND TO (ADDRESSES TOP RIGHT) ALL OUR PD DISKS ARE 99P NO MINIMUM ORDER 0 VLRSEASPQST& PACKAGE RATE (Europe add 25p per disk lor PAP) (Worldwide add 50p per disk PAP) MEW - TITLES M U-OvMMMtoilUEi* rr Aswrta...... IS RCOALCCPWJIfABScrSlSVtiAPCercew »cc*’r*cA*o Toaji.
®*»p )i nnmwiai UTS' C06TFACE V2 OaOl r» mi*n M iMjarDiur Aao inner *.roi «»•? £*: U7S3 “OX vwrnpi oac mw » * pro*' UTS* CSC c j yycoB rfc*i r* • attan u te rw Sc«Skuo«xy. LMiOMiT-Tu,'~iA*ui U790 WMXWB€ OtV?lWB - MB-mrUSIOilnWJi UTS1 COMkTEF-------- ¦MGtKI Ultl J l,llSKl diad»U | B uvr ICWIAM'I UW WM8CAPEVI Pv-mratVI."* LM33 KUU TTUCKEP Wt owe af IAH AuS ISSUE IK NB* 3'*¦ ' ’-taUnteD** ue sbed bench *k*v«is
* s sQKMWoenvaci.. 1’ AMMFW£S6C»*k.i munawiro * ado con K *5SSSSH
Ci *tD iR2W»03TCTE
o W-CWIO n "M.1PRNTV*U & OaCPflHTin.o, « “ • a ar K onso rr it
tcrtr oso ¦« wr u»s a t£m k cntakn FtCOUUf----- 0 HXXAV*BD* e
cwceo *• « nwaos ®wi____ M l acssrt ? R n m aavecA
SsafftSSS&SK, LHW-OliTu-' ;i L*y aloo SOAO :« i*CE ‘KV*
CO*£TR.CTcSV ~”tv ' "«•*¦ atowe r raxa • ww
• ALCCOt * C « *» corc«K** Eicekrt
- _-J T*«»T COPEPraMQi]dt*a|M IB* «*CTAl Utl d M. DW-. Irt n
os» c*lach contstr n»*te uvc ajutfi .iu.« cc* * owe* "a*
'noir™ P wo n» 1 a*a “ r o- Iss sIsIf* M 0ALATCR COLKTKN 1
Wji»cm»«nl . ’iZ'•*••• tor. ------- FWWET GA£L£ WmKER
f*STFLCTKT4 £r d ir MWWpBtweui -««* i*7* ¦xOMmm aECOAOOSJ LWLI
MUTHMWI*D*«ll*-«- xUwtnrM PECC*a *C«l L*8I
SokCCfLWKITWM«S»«r"iarn « i«p OWCOPVthoilOS»o«-n uei c*ni cw v
• &*an ixs«r w x am USQItis **- (CCXASTESCEO ion Kturrcn
«•* »*« * vt? I*x t v*i ji Carwesn«»9»wei» “ECOAATOEO U«
CCS* lETE V® UPL C W9 a C*« * t» toe roe«fajp»i«»» lol* S r
rcofnei 3erS1 iOA'flTVWiiwmd'S
* m*cr«*.
H specijw Awnijy » po»n Knimu-tsn.
SrOT Jo«!c ria*sn I a »
- A'fCV c : • -1 n.aw* gmesu no: ‘CK Pr03K»iWH3 *0' "613i
ura"O«fl*TU«lP0€» La • L-iwrtJim EPSnWre.
UT*7 ASTKM3MVV3.---- Ml8«JT6at«LW3 : IT CE»«IW C TirtA i*rt "Id I t* HEY '.U£0 A.o«w * .* i C e , 'IJ-tHC 0«J EmjA’CA L*6X| " oeGnAC€n»w*«ia*3co»TM»i e "l_A »T»!)dir gr»-B v r *1 O (»*EWUATO= .Lei»o«i« I 11 i:.
I. PKQ»WMU |DERSM e LOT? C»«II-«.™ -t. cots c*3i'*L*a*n:«sec»
LOTS iru-L5rra»»w»e C *.* =.
Fl VA3SE V7 9_COr SV8TBI (2 06KSI ai be r IbbiMJi.
A **»S*M3SF«TCX»a»M)E«T*Ck KIJJ LA70-E- "« . *,«•" o (COS Rxe |! 06K3I *.! ** J -j.
Naccki'' 7 «*:r«A - a AcrofcflEA YV*t»i it moaixetf Skwic ANIMATIONS ISBK- TVE LA3'"wrraa3£ fflSSsKSL.
- O'P 'V* SSSSSfliotffi*a- atSKirnussra VOVAQER C-RSTUAE AMVUTKr*
Artvi OKU raw jUjSMMMMimaaa,- SSSss.
.ISCKEON (8U00TH Ct»Mk*U It* OCX TR*CV (WmI (21
* swTEe a saRTTBCTcrosewxr*: i Fsn
- Tmrnm.~ • asrisRS'sSfei-vo TOSKXXvo .,..-._._jasr I CjiLOV tvg
n Jire a Wgnr’ J HSTORTaA'AATXr* VHI EamatRdM i out EAOJBUE -
EaaSQ-pggit- b ER* *rC OjOE TOCCMMTER&Cl trt . -JgiSSfcfSlKSSt.
T CAADQMC&ckSarScri S MZAFDaAWtS -anaMXMaev-e 0 K*lATR&o *Ai2aVa«eaaaiam £rc 1 uXHt StMnw .-HBORgAtKSHr pfUeu .
XF a de Ch* r h* HR fioif oan« . .J06CftO«TJnr«»rac»Mnrv& a W.OSVR? *GE nsffiKStfMiBW" ffl SriiamWBSSSSSRL.
AORtffl0*CH M QtOE a Dttaemraio
OiiJi JODQfi£ 34 '73 C84 or Spectrum adven box tor Oe ol h Iran cctechro J ins nalaCte. SjUC*b kc DwkT at v Suit Wod-pWMict. TtB. DTP « Ths P*c onuvs cl nuty 700 dtkmrl t,pes ol hr Is aBo -reel foes com* in van** mm. Ftatong neiyy 1500 fcrts (Esfrraiel lawi tor Inr fimfdrtrti 1500 FONTS only £12.99 &841 m 4 Pi C64 & 45 original games...£ 4.99 C64 & 100 original games...£ 8.99 C64 & 200 original games...£16.99 Not* All gamaa neve aaan fully laalM and UsMd Our
• ¦Ntlng 4$ gam* pack wfach p*a«iou» advad Men 1EW |C64 & 45
games pack Ispectrum V2 & 50 games 'Vic20 & 30 games iAIL 3
packs tor only £9,99 jSee description Mh lot da tail* ot each
pack Jwhon otdonng poase stnto which Amiga you I own so we can
sond you tho correct pack I (now lha oHr mM m un4 win ooi Fite
f ** lowr IC«at cct, I .in Pit Kkati oFw and 15*99)
["special offer"1 I CHOOSE ANY 2 101 GAME PACK | ¦ BELOW FOR
ONLY C19.99 *70p P&P .
W Printer Pack (6 dlaha) only C4.99 Games Pack rriMuiOv(D"Qix* ti B*rn rrafl xrh Emir* aiii jarly 15Q0Msk« any Pack List on this adven*PnTany'more etc 101 GAMES 2 'clense_ (toe September '1S..J),iuble CD Price £34.1111 101 GAMES PRICE ONLY Compatible .
With All Amigas Equiped With CD Rom ra on imp m* $ tnw» 200J ooioi* co m ill »tfilN crdm ricltiM By 29 Aitjusl 90.
Ft AY T Ft A Cl NG BUSINESS SOFTWARE n ra g in es 65 MAGIM - Dartt 66 IMAGINE - Dnsan 67IMAGINE - ftoxop 68 IMAGINE - Hjrarr B: i r hw.Ni it hw.r«( r hw.ni n hw.Ni n FAU.NI 74 MuiNI ' VA&MI )o wtm 35 MAOW 40 MW» MANGA AKIRA LITTLE OFFICE 2 BrCBaaar Harddrive MSIWS&S fclLIBtlMttsA- BJBWm POSTAGE INFORMATION ' Please include Sop Poslage For UK Disk Orders And 75p Per hem For CD Order* (Max Postage Payable £1.50) Europe Add 10% For Disk Orders & £1.00 Per CD (Max. £5.00)
R. O.W Add 20% Kxr Disk Orders 4 £1 SO Per CD (Max. £600) All
Orders Sent Isi Class Or Air.
1 si Floor Offices. 2 8 Markel Street Wakefield. West Yorkshire WF1 1DH TEL 101924) 366982 FAX (01924) 200943 Monday To Saturday 9.00am Till 5.30pm Answcrphnnc Ai All Other Times £1.00 PER DISK v E3HESBE2 , [HOTTEST 4 £14.99 Hottest 5 c 17.99 [wr tora cm m e?.sK |PD Soils own library CD's. Hottest 5 comes complete with a printed contents booklet.
IlSD COMPENDIUM 1 £U99 LSD COMPENDIUM 2 £17.99 tUQMfflCrtHIOKrttMf lEoch CD is pocked with hard to find utilities, gomes, graphics & demos! Easy to use menu require kickstort 2.0+ ANIMATIONS CD £17 99 Superb value for money!
|2 CD's containing loads Wrt-Si'Av f onimotions reody to view direct from the CD! ECS & AGA Amms & viewers are included.
THE LIGHT ROM £36.99 [THE LIGHT ROM 2 £36.99 |e»uutwnirc«!i9.«N If you hove Lightwave, then these are o 'must buy' if you intend to toke royt'ocing seriously!
I GOLDFISH VOL 1 £26.99 GOLDFISH VOL 2 £26.99 I Spread over A CD's, these sets contain all ol the Fred Fish library to 1995! Hundreds of utilitiesl r rsznNETwopK co £13.99 MktbBApETwork Cl8 99 nm issra m mi.n network CD & Coble allows a CD32 to be linked to any other AMIGA, giving lull file access lo any CD!
ANY Rom dr Interface is c menu.
ASSASSINS CD £17.99 The most complete and |easy to use games CD loble. Titles run Idirect from the CD on e, including CD32' very easy to use custom 17 BIT COLLECTION £27.99 17 BIT CONTINUATION £9 99 17 BIT PHASE 4 £17.99 Eoch CD contains hundreds of disks from our library, with on eosy to use point, click & deorchive menu!
3815 WORDSEARCH DESIGNER Update to earlier version 3814 ENLOCK VI.4 HD Password System 3813 MR GREEDY Children's storey book 3812 GARFIELD 1 Short Garfield animation 3811 FEARS One level preview, Like Doom 3810 BREAKIN BRICKS AGA Bat 4 Ball game for AGA machines 3009 SUPER DMS V2.0 Windowed version Updated X3808 PAM ANDERSON CARDSET For all Klondikes 3807 NFA- THE WORD NO. 6 Scene Disk Mag 3806 TRANSITON Image conversion prog 3805 2XAM V2.0 Superb speccy emulator!
3804 MENUS 8 MORE V3.20 Menu systems for HD’s 3803 DUCK DODGERS Ptattorm game, great!
SAUCE N CODE NO. 1 Amos related source code etc 3801 BOOKIE BEATER Predicts results ol ANY sport!
3800 CODE NAME NANO Thrust type game clone 3799 SUPER LOTTERY Still havent won yet?
X3798 HELLRAISER CARDSET ror all klondikes 3797 PCTASK V3.0 PATCH Patches to v3.10 3796 OCTAMED V6.0 Demo version 3795 (AB) IMAGE STUDIO V2.1.0 Superb GFX conversion prog X3794 (AB) MALEDICTION 3D Texture mapped adventure 3793 BEGINNERS TYPING TUTOR Basic typing tuition 3792 SCOUT (MUI REO) Tool to monitor computer 3791 GEMZ Great puzzle game 3790 TURBOSUITE V3.1 Disk catalogue sys demo 3789 (AB) SKIDMARKS 2 CARS New cars for skidmarks 2 3788 DELUXE PACMAN V1.6 ECS version. Superb!
X3787 DELUXE PACMAN AGA V1.6 AGA version! Excellent' 3786 EGG SCRAMBLE Mad, Mad Game!
3785 DOS MAN Intensive Dos tutorial 3784 MULTITUDINOUS HD Menu system 3783 THIRD DIMENSION NO. 14 3D Cons kit disk mag 3782 ACT OF WAR MISSIONS 3 Requires registered game X3781 STARTUP 4 BACKDROPS Pictures lor workbench 3 3780 (AB) ROM NO 4 Scene disk mag X3779 MOMENTS Great AGA demo 3778 SANITY ROOTS II Superb Sequel' 3777 HD GAMES INSTALLER 3 Installs dozens of new titles 3776 BLITZ BLANKER M2 60 Required MUI X3775 FIREMAN SAM Klondike cardset 3774 (AB) MWB BACKDROPS Based on Startrek 3773 LEGIONS OF DAWN F1 Game demo, 2 Meg Required 3772 MOSAIC V 1.3b Latest Websurfer X3771 WALLACE 4 GROMIT
Klondike cardset X3770 ROISE AND JIM CARDSET Free klondike AGA 3769 (AB) SHAREWORLD NO 4 Cybercrafls Disk Mag 3766 X FILES GUIDE Xses serial guide X3765 LECH DEMO AGA demo Irom freezers X3764 REN 4 STIMPY CARDSET For klondike AGA X3763 THIRD DIMENSION NO. 13 3D cons kit disk mag 3762 MORSE CODE TRAINER Learn morse the easy way 3761 HARDWARE PROJECTS Now where's the hammer?
3760 ROBS HOT GAMES NO. 15 Includes air taxi!
3759 ROBS HOT LOTTERY STASH Won a million yet? Naaaahhhh!
3758 MAGIC SELECTOR V. 1.7 Changes SFX etc on bootup X3757 FRACTASM CARDSET For all klondikes X3756 EROTICA CARDSET For all klondikes 3755 NEW UTILS NO. 12 New batch of hot utils 3754 NEW UTILS NO 11 Even more utils!
3753 MWB ICONS 4 BRUSHES More stash for magic workbench 3752 ROBS HOT STASH NO 39 Another hot utils comp 3751 BROWSER II V3.03 Superb Mulli Window File Manager 3750 ROBS HOT STASH NO 38 More hot utils from Rob!
3749 TERM V4.3 EXTRAS 4 LIBS HD required!
3748 TERM V4.3 030 VERSION Includes Locale 3747 TERM V4.3 4 LOCALE Archived with LHA. No installer 3746 IMAGE ENGINEER VI.1 Image processing app 3745 NEWROSES CAROSET For all klondikes 3744 DELITRACKER 2 V2.14 Superb music player 3743 VIRUS WORKSHOP V5.1 Kills all known germs ... Dead!
3742 ROBS HOT VIRUS KILLERS The Lastest of the best X3741 MELCHIOR DEMO AGA 4 HD only demo!
3740 SPACED PUT' 2 superb pfaMormers for kids!
X3739 DYNAMICS AGA Great 256 colour an package X3738 TEMPLE OF DECEASE Great AGA demo!
X3737 GENERATIONS CARDSET For klondike AGA X3736 PREHISTORIC CARDSET For klondike AGA 3735 ENDURANCE DEMO 3D cons kit game 3734 TEXTURE STUDIO V1.02 Imagine texture manipulator 3732 PC TASK V3.1 PC Emulator upgrade 3731 KINGHIGH Original card game 3730 SPONDULIX MARK V Shareware accounts prog 3729 PRO LOTTERY SW probably wont win!
3728 DISK COMPRESSION UTILS Not for beginners 3727 (AB) GRAPEVINE 21 At last!!! The wait is overt 3726 ROBS HOT STASH NO 37 Full of hot warez! Again!
3725 YET MORE MWB ICONS Tons of eml 3724 INTERNET UTILS 2 More stash for Netsurfers X3723 DREAM GIRLS CARDSET For Klondike AGA X3722 BIRDS CARDSET Tho leathered type, tor klondike X3721 MAMMALS CARDSET Another klondike set 3720 THE WORD ISSUE NO.5 NFA Scene Disk Mag 3719 (AB) MAG. E NO 8 Sci-FI disk mag 3718 PSYCHEUAL Alien Breed Clone (ish) X3717 (ABC) GREENDAY DEMO HD only AGA demo X3716 (AB) SUN SLIDESHOW Hand Drawn AGA Pix X3715 (AB) DREAMWALKER Another AGA Demo X3714 (ABCD) MAN ON THE MOON HD. 4 Meg Fast, 2 Meg Chip Demo 3713 MICROMARKET V3 Have a game on the stockmarket 3712 (AB)
CYBERPUNK NOW NO.5 More cyberpunkish articles 3711 NEWICONS Archived with NO Installer!
3710 (ABCDEF) PROJECT UFO Some interesting stuff here!
3709 IMAGE DESK VI.5 Create thumbnail pix 3708 VARK 7 More CLI utils from vark 3707 VIRUS WORKSHOP 4.8 Most upto date killer available 3706 JET SET WILLY 3 Superb conversion 3705 BATTLE DUEL ECS Scorched tanks in hi-res X3704 BATTLE DUEL AGA As above, but AGA only 3703 SPRINGTIME Infuriating puzzle game! Superb!
3702 SCORCHED TANKS V1.85 Superb Tank V Tank Classic!
X3701 KYLIE CARDSET For Klondike 2 4 3 X3700 PLAYBOY CARDSET Oooer! Klondike 1.2 or 3 Missus!
X3699 OCEAN CARDSET Another set tor klondiko 1.2 or 3 X3698 NBA CARDSET Klondike 1,2 or 3 X3697 STEPH SEYMOUR CARDSET You guessed! V1.2 or 3 X3696 RECORD COVERS CARDSET Just tor Klondike 2 4 3 3695 SUPER DMS Version 1.4. Easy to use 3694 (AB) BLOX Licenceware demo, puzzle 3693 RED DWARF QUIZ Test your Dwarf I.QI- nETSUHFER All you need to surf The internet Highways wilh ease. The 6 disks include AmiTCfi Mosaic, GuiFTfJ Grapevine, EFF's Guide to The Internet and more. Only £5.99!
O-F.O - THE UHKHOWH ' disks packed with Reports, Cuments & Articles relating to gs, Abductions and more ¦ stuff!! Yours for £8.991 MAGXC OBLIVXOW Transform your otherwise blond Workbench with this superb pock of 10 disks. New Icons, Fonts ond Drops etc! All for £9.99!
HOME APPLICATIONS Loads of the more popular Home Utils ore included in this 10 disk set! Accounts, Organisers, Address Books, You Nome IT.
All for £9.99 ZOOM CO Ground Zero and Active Software present +«ir x int CD contoining the lofesl PD from Dec 94 to June 95 IN STOCK NOW) £19.99 THE FlfWL FRONTIER ISSUE 8 NOW IN STOCK £6.95 CD ROM PRICE MATCH Wf Mil DO OUR BIS' TO tMTCH OR EVEN BEAT ANY CD AE'.EfiTISEO ELSEWHERE.
AU ORDERS SENT SAME DAY 1st CLASS MULTIMEDIA TOOLKIT 2 22.991 DOUBLE CD Fonts, clipart, objects 24 Bit images, 250 MB ol samples & mods from the M.U.G, includes the FULL Octomed 5 041 & MORE!!
[POWER GAMES £14.99 [A collection of over 500 [superb PD gomes for any | CD rom platform including CD32! All titles included run direct from the CD!
[TEXTURE GALLERY £36.99 This double CD set contains over 1.3 GIG |of textures in TARGA, JPEG. IFF, PICT. SGI & TIFF formats.
Perfect for use with ony 3D program such os impgine or lightwave!
Superb encyclopedia for all CD platformsl Hurry while stocks last!!
AMINET 5 £12.99 AMINET 6 £14.99 MUNimc&sKimw Includes entire contents of Ami net 1 to
4. Plus 220 MB of NEW DATA!
|IMAGINE CD £36.99
• of the most plete collections of res, attnbutes, obiecls ond
backgrounds available for imagine users MAGINE ENHANCE £39.99
Contains exclusive data [covering objects, mops, |font$ ,
bockdrops, demos ond picture gollery plus other various bits &
bofs to enhance your imoges.
PD Alien You want cheap thrills?
Let Tony Horgan take you through yet another selection of PD entertainment.
AGA demo Kicking off with a smooth vector doughnut spinning across the screen. Alien from Scoopex soon flicks past a brief vector section and onto the first effect, which has a pair of circular patterns colliding to make strange new patterns A bit of clever bitmap warping follows along with some more vectors, and then some multicoloured diamond patterns spinning through 360 degrees.
Finally there's another section of large-scale vectors and then, all too soon, it's over.
Available from: Pixel Digital PD, Stanley Dock Market, Regent Road, Liverpool 3, South Pitch 121.
Tel: 0151 259 4017. _ £1 J | plus 50p P+P Stellar AGA demo Class I Short though it may be, this demo from Stellar is mightily impressive. For a start the soundtrack is the best to grace a demo for ages. Slithering technoid bleeps, warm chords and rock solid beats are combined in a mellow affair that could best be described as trip hop Most of the graphics come in the form of abstract 3D objects that spin around the screen. It's a shame most demos like this don't loop round, or at least stretch themselves out for longer, even if it leads to some repetition - two minutes iust isn't enough!
Deluxe Pacman game If we reviewed every Pacman game that appeared in the PD mailbag, we'd have at least one in every issue. This one is a bit special though. It’s from the author of Deluxe Galaga, and although it's still just Pacman. It’s a pretty fine version.
Available from: 17 Bit Software.
2 8 Market Street. Wakefield.
West Yorks. WF1 1DH. Tel: 01924 366982.
Price: £1 plus 50p P+P Alien Bash II game Looks strangely familiar? Chaos Engine fans will recognise the rusty brown colour scheme and fantasy style of the graphics, for Alien Bash II is an unashamed rip-off of the Bitmap Brothers' much-loved shoot 'em up. Not only have the gameplay and graphics been borrowed, the soundtracks sound strangely familiar too.
On the up side, it does seem to scroll smoother than Chaos Engine. This is just a one level PD taster Though if you want the full thing you'll have to register.
7(b Lottery Mania 2.2 lottery predictor Codename Nano game I sometimes wonder if programmers ever play their own games. Take Codename Nano for example. As a PD version of Thrust, it's impressively polished in most departments, but it's spoiled by a string of interruptions. The title screen menu is displayed one letter at a time, in a kind of teletype fashion, but who wants to sit through 30 seconds of this stuff each time the menu is displayed? Also there are plenty of atmosphere-building cuts and effects used throughout the game, which is fine but only if have the option to skip past them
when you get fed up looking at them.
These niggles aside, the gameplay stands up well. The ship can only rotate through steps of 45 degrees, but it handles fairly well, and the levels are challenging. Not the best Thrust clone in the world but worth a shot for any fans out there.
Available from: 17 Bit Software, 2 8 Market Street, Wakefield, West Yorks, WF1 1DH. Tel: 01924 366982 Disk nos.
3800 a+b. Price: £1 plus 50p P + P. 1 £19 3
* T[ t»tl -mr.l 1 2 3 19 31!
8 III had a penny for every lottery prediction program I've picked out of the PD mailbag.
I'd have enough for packet of Tangy Cheese Doritos by now However, until such a penny-per-disk system is introduced. I'll have to buy my own mid-morning snacks. Lottery Mania 2.2 is pretty much the same as all of the others. It has a random number generator, another option that generates numbers from your 'lucky number' and one that attempts to predict future outcomes by analysing previous results However, it doesn't come with any result data, so you'll have to find that and input it yourself. The number generation is made slightly more entertaining by a few humourous vocal samples.
Available from: Garry Smith, 122 Mendip Way, Callis Farm, Stonydelph, Tamworth, Staffs B77 4PU. Price: £1 plus 50p P + P. Disk Magazines The Final Frontier issue 8 The Final Frontier is a regular in these pages, as it consistently provides stacks of obscure facts about Star Trek, wrapped up in a slick interface, complete with appropriate sounds and visuals. Hardcore trekkies only need apply.
Available from: Hornesoft PD. 23 Stanwell Close. Wincobank, Sheffield S9 1P2. Tel: 0114 249 2950. Price £5 including P+R ROM issue 4 This is aimed squarely at the demo scene, and is compiled by coders, artists and musicians who like their productions to be neat in every detail. It’s not exactly packed with features, but what's there is relevant and worth checking out for a bit of gossip.
The Third Dimension issue 15 Anyone still persevering with Domark’s 3D Construction Kit can get some help from the latest issue of the long-running Third Dimension disk mag. There are text tutorials to help you get the most from the clever but painfully slow game development system, along with sound samples, objects, routines, graphics. Q+As and letters from the readership.
The Third Dimension is certainly not in the premier league when it comes to presentation, but there's enough to keep 3D Kitters building virtual legoland scapes into the small hours.
Available from: Tony Hartley, 19 Kipling Close, Lockwood.
Huddersfield. I Yorkshire HD4 i 5HA Price: £1.50 I including P + P Lottery Player lottery game This one doesn't claim to be a lottery predictor. Instead it’s a game that simulates a series of lottery draws. You pick your numbers and the computer generates the results. It's just like the real thing, except you don't actually become a millionaire if you win. The second game is a bit strange. You enter the numbers of a winning sequence (last week's for example) and then the computer comes with a series of random number sequences If they match the winning sequence, or at least some of the
numbers do, you win some pretend money.
Games like this do make me think that the National Lottery is seriously messing with people’s heads! You could have four and a half goes at the real thing for the price of this disk!
Available from: Darden Designs, Meadow Lane. Pitstone, Bucks LU7 9EZ.
Tel: 01296 668 184 Price: £4.50 including P + R Duck Dodgers platform game This is almost a half decent game. Its pretty title screens and cartoon sprites promise more than the gameplay delivers Most of the problems are to do with the controls, which are unnecessarily fiddly. For example, pressing fire alone does nothing. In order to shoot the baddies, you have to press fire and move the stick in the direction of the enemy. This is especially frustrating when you need to zap one in a hurry.
Available from: Lee Martin, 5 Queen's Road, Keynsham, Bristol BS18 2NE.
Price: £1 plus 50p P+R Vivat Slovakia AGA demo ! Foi a taste ol what demos ) old days, you could take a look at Vivat Slo I there: wobbly sinus scrolling messages, vect Inner Demons adventure game This is one macabre adventure game. You play a man who has just been released from a mental institution after a breakdown that followed the death of your daughter in a car crash, in which you too were also involved. Quite what you're supposed to be achieving isn't made exactly clear at first, as you feel your way around your spooky half derelict house.
A suitably grim tune plays in the background, which is a welcome addition as there are no pictures
- it's text entry and text descriptions all the way.
The only criticism I'd make about this game concerns the sometimes all too vague responses to commands such as "look through the window", which returns the text "... you see a terrible vision ..." But what is this terrible vision? Who knows? At least this style makes a nice change from the point and click type.
Adventure fans would do well to rediscover the curiously entertaining pastime of text driven games.
Available from: Roberta Smith DTP, 190 Falloden Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London NW11 6JE 81, Tel: 0181 455 1626.
Price: 90p plus 50p P + P. Amiganuts Public Domain Shareware Licenceware OVER 1000 DISKS AND OVER 6000mb OF DATA ON CD!!!
AMIGANUTS is one of the longest running and most respected PD libraries in Britain flit has built up a reputation for itself which spans the four corners of the globe, whic- strange considering that the earth is round!!!. We promise a same day, first class dispatch to the best of our ability.
A SELECTION OF WHAT WE HAVE ASSASSINS DISKS 1-145 ALL ASSASSINS UTILITY DISKS A LARGE SELECTION OF GAMES, UTILITIES, TOOLS etc FI LICENCEWARE (1-59) As a PD library we are continually expanding; if you would like fo know how fast we are expanding you will need to se- £1.00 inc. p&p for one of our catalogue disks, which is in the style of a disk magazine. If you send this disk back to us or a month + 50p p&p. We will send you a free update. This is encouraged as we will be expanding the library every mon- GRAC vl.'l - All lmb Amigas (£6.99+50p p&p) 2 Disks (Licenceware) HD installable manual
supplier Have you ever played a game such as Simon the Sorceror. Monkey Island 2 or Beneath a Steel Sky and want to write one just like it. Only with your own ideas, graphics, etc? Well now that is possible with GRAC vl. 1 and you don't even have to have any programming experience, but if you have any experience with using AMOS, then this program was written just for you.
GRAC stands for Graphic Adventure Creator and it is excellent. GRAC vl.l will allow you to create the adventure, ac music to it and anything which you see in the above mentioned games.
As well as the editor, you will also receive a full game - Lethal Formula - which is just as excellent and is worth far more than £6.99 on its own. This two disk set is well worth having in anybody's collection, especially yours!!!
"The best Licenceware title ever" Rated 95% CU Amiga "Very easy to use' Rated 95% Amiga User International j 'Very clever indeed" Rated 88% The One Amiga AMIGANUTS LICENCEWARE Amiganuts are now starting up our own Licenceware company and, because we value programmers, we w be giving the programmers 50% of all profits made by their programs. If you are interested, please contact Amiganuts now!!!
Come along and nave an amazing lime!
22rvd to 28th July, The Fairground (near the rapids), Romsey, near Southampton.
DAILY TEACHING SEMINAR [CHILDRENS CAMP 10.00am EVENING CELEBRATIONS 7.30pm Guest speakers Include Robert Maasbacn. Mark Neale. Gtnny Bridle. On site campng forms and information available from.
The AdmlnslratOt VICTORY GOSPEL CHURCH. Nutburn Road.
North Boadesley. Southampton. Hants SOW 9DX.
There is a revtvd mtentty sweeping across Bntdn: come along ana cerebrate the fact mat you can be saved by the love ot Jesus Christ.
Amiganuts 30 HARTINGTON ROAD, NORTHAM, SOUTHAMPTON, HANTS SOU 0EW Telephone 01703 348943 and ask for Joe Utilities It's top of the range for this month's PD utilities from programming languages to AmigaDOS tutorials - it's all good stuff.
Introduction to Workbench 2' Workbench and AmigaDOS tutorial I was thoroughly chuffed to happen upon this complete tutorial on the Amiga's Workbench. The original was an excellent product receiving a 90% score from CU Amiga Magazine but Introduction to Workbench 2 has even managed to improve upon its predecessor. This sequel has even more information which is dealt with in greater depth and is extremely well presented.
The tutorial takes up four disks and is very easy to find your way around. It boots up as a normal Workbench and from there you're into a menu of AmigaGuide documentation on various topics that are all written in a very digestible form. The Workbench and Extras disk are also covered with fantastic on-line help. The tutorial also covers AmigaDOS in great detail which is an added bonus.
Other helpful additions include a separate common questions and answers document, discussion on tooltypes and setting up printers. There are also plenty of illustrations, including small anims showing how to drive some preferences programs, backing up the text real to give it that extra finishing touch.
I'm very impressed with the sheer quality of this title. It certainly deserves the Licenceware badge which means at a shade under £7 it's more expensive than stock PD but considering you're giving the author something for all the effort that has gone into making this tutorial the best introduction to Workbench, it's a small price to pay.
This tutorial is essential for beginners to intermediate users.
Available from: FI Licenceware, 31 Wellington Road, Exeter, Devon EX2 9DU. Tel: 01392 493580 Price: £6.99 for four disks plus 50 P+P Image Studio 2.1 Image Processor We reviewed Image Studio last month and were well impressed with it bestowing on it a well earned score ol 92% The update, however, has managed to improve on an already excellent product. It now uses up less memory, has loader and savers as external modules and the GUI is now font sensitive. But perhaps the most important change is that it will now load any size image and crop it internally to the 250 x 250 'crippleware'
restriction. This is much more uselul to evaluate exactly how Image Studio performs before lashing out for the shareware keyfile to use images up to 32000 x 32000.
Pick up this utility. It's an excellent cheap alternative to the more expensive packages. The author asks for only £10 UK for the full version which is a bargain for a utility that is so simple, powerful and easy to use An excellent package - we use Image Studio at CU Amiga Magazine to process brushes quickly when doing the same in one of the bigger packages would take much longer. Highly recommended.
Available from: 17 Bit Software, 1st Floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street, Wakefield, W. Yorks WF1 1DH. Tel: 01924-366982.
Price: £2.00 plus 50p P+R DOS Man AmigaDOS on-line documentation DOSMan is a reference for beginners and experts alike that need a brush up on the wily ways of AmigaDOS. AmigaDOS is vital for getting around the shell so it is very handy to have help on - line rather than having to hunt around for a manual if you get stuck.
This is a complete guide to AmigaDOS and is far more comprehensive than the wimpy booklet that came with your machine. It will be a dead handy addition to your collection.
You can even choose how you shall view the pages choosing from viewers such as AmigaGuide, More, Much More.
Ppmore, FullView, MultiView. Excellent.
Peter Bagnato who compiled this and should get a pat on the back for providing this valuable reference material for us all. If you dabble in the art of the DOS then this is another essential PD utility that will cost you little but gain you much.
Available from: 17 Bit Software, 1st Floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street, Wakefield,
W. Yorks WF1 1DH.
Tel: 01924-366982 Price: £1.00 plus 50p P+P.
Scout System Monitor In the same line as Xoper and ARTM (Amiga run time monitor!. Scout is a system monitor that allows you to check out the inner technical gizzards of your Amiga in depth. The amount of stuff it lets you view and modify is quite comprehensive including libraries, tasks, expansions, input tasks, fonts, devices, ports, memory, locks, interrupts, semaphores, resources, resident commands, mounted devices, vectors, windows and screens.
To modify many of these, you'll need to be quite aware of how the internals of the Amigas operating system works. For example, if you can't delete a file because some naughty program exited and left a 'lock' on it you can use Scout to unlock it manually. The task window provides a detailed break down of the CPU time eaten by all tasks which can be very handy and closing screens and removing tasks of errant failed 'task-held' programs can be done easily too.
All in all there's a staggering array of system specifics to view and modify.
If nothing else you can play around with Scout to learn more about your Amigais internals.
One minor point to bear in mind is that Scout requires MUI. The third party GUI system, to work. MUI is a large package that must be installed on your HD for Scout and other MUI applications to work. This could be a pain if you're not a fan of MUI but this program's worth it as it is a truly excellent system monitor that's always handy to have around.
Amiga E 3.2a Programming language ’2 rSrtiSis; isauaiitJ: However, friends urged me to lake a took at the Dulcrv coded Amiga E a Kl i '¦-ave to corf ess, it's cajgh* my fancy. It's a strange cross between Pascal. Modula2 and C. St has similarities with all but more so on the C s-de of things. So. A you re useo to other Am.ga compilers such as Dice and SAS C. Amiga E rs mend blov* compiling iess man ©v rt sti i g ves enough scope to evaiuate how *t works .n operation. There's a UK regis Available from: 17 Bit Software. 1st Floor Offices.
2 8 Market Street. Wakefield,
W. Yorks WF1 1DH Tel: 01924-366982 Price: £1.00 plus 50p P + R 96
11 would be hard to.think up a worse typing tutor if you
tried. All that this consists of is a reasonably drawn
keyboard that seems to be there just for effect and two games.
There doesn't seem to be any logic at all - all that happens
is when you hit a key random letters pop up.
This ’tutor' doesn't seem to tutor you in anything. It refused to work on my A3000 and on the 1200 that it did work on, would just hang after I tried out one of the games. Ridiculous. Heck even the rating system is a joke. I thought I'd go for it on the word game with my ten years of typing skills behind me. I was rated.
'Getting better’ Wow. I can find absolutely nothing to recommend this completely dire program that should never have left the author's disk box. Leave well alone.
Headbutting the keyboard would be a better typing tutor.
Beginners Type Tutor Typing tutor the code executes is on a par too!
There's a veritable host of brilliant fully featured packages compiled with E mdudmg image Studio.
Renewed in these pages, ft seems that Amiga E has a of the advantages of a custom Amiga package with extreme ease of use coupfed with the brute force capability of the classic bastions of programr- mg being the various C compilers out there.
If you've any programmvng mcJmaton a: all I urcje Av.aSlat*e fram: KUH Pei.
12 Utnn Meant Rocfriord Essex SS4 1RN.
Te*: 01702-546-796 Price TwotMks £1.60 situs 70p P.P i with a large beg*- you'll find fl's far Easy Ordering PD Disks just £1.00 per disk and « mwtM sn (Depl CU) 7 LATjurf mmm i O'iTf£¦! ¦ N o o 3 Only £14.99 3 - £7.99 Adult SensaBon* E1&00 Hones! 4 (14 99 C64 Sensation £17 .99 Toolkit 2 C22 99 Graphics Sensation £1699 Gateway £9 99 Speccy Sensations £14 99 Meeting Pearls2£9.99 Phase4C1498 Speccy Sensation 2 £17.99 Vision* £1998 4 - £8.99 5 - £9.99 6 £13.99 7-£12.99 (Pre Order) Only £16.99 A64 PACKAGE V3 & COMMODORE 64 GAMES [10 DISKS] [2.04+] Only £10.00 C64 CDROM UPDATE UTILS, AMIGA CD-ROM
V2.93 10 create your own cons No picture available at the time
ot gong to press SKIDMARKS 2 „„ EXTRA CARS The ULTIMATE Quiz
Includes extensive questions on Movies.
Sports. Pot Luck A 500 Misc. questions Great arcade fed.
Art from Argentina, a German Art club and Messrs Devik and Simon back by popular demand.
Plasma Pictures Art Club Plasma Pictures is a club which has been set up for all Amiga art loving fans everywhere. For a subscription fee of 5DM or $ 5 per month Plasma promise a clubdisk every three months which contains help and information on graphics, animations, raytracing, video, multimedia and demos. Aminet access and a PD service are also available. For more information contact: Bernhard Monch, Regensburger Strasse 28c, 10777 Berlin, Germany.
Tel: 030 211 5164.
? INSIGHT DINOSAURS ? ILLUSIONS 30 ? PRO .GIF COLOUR ART ? SPACE & ASTRONOMY r MULTIMEDIA MANIA P» Clean, rows. *r*mancn» Mlk |Mm Sound urem am 10*19
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10 COROMS lit All feature a dW « nl »L* i cl ol imago* m BMP Montv.
?SEXY SOUNDS QAMINET SET 1-4 ? WS FONTS Thouoano cl aooM & co tc* t» lof womoanch An ARCADE CLASSICS CD ¦camaoogamw Pacman Ftoggp AnmW t (CD76) ? SPECCY SENSATION ? ADULT SENSATION run on on CD on your Arr .
Order C0 J |CD03) £14.99 ? WORLD OF CLIPART oemueo A Irt’ vatu OhAAo CO Mia coraammg youno 40.003 IFF PCX BMP. GIF. TIF. BPS colour A mo™ cwpart m*9 » Over 100 ditlornnt yjnocn oov« d CP77) £1J TO not CQ32 MEWll! C :-I' »~es I Order Ho, Fleet World - 9 Tracks by Piul Wyan. Pali Ayres & S. Yoing £9.99 A drop in the ocean. ¦ 12 Protesscnal Aixlo Tracks. £9.99 Sexy Sounds - Musical tracks aooomparsed ty nauty noses £7.99 I i«c* CO is profr**i««»tfv pacKagod A pnx*«n Kl ORDER VALUE FREE LUCKY-DIP CDROM VITH ALL ORDERS OVER Amount enclosed Hit card number_ date_ Bes requec a floppy Ocry* &
keyboard lo function iRITY ORDER FORM ga Model_ merit Method.
OVERSEAS OROERS Overseas orders are welcome please add £2 00 p CO ROM on COLLECTING YOU* ORDER You am «*corr « comet yw ord Wyn any m. K » «n 9 30am • i 30pm Monday Safcxde.
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Meeting Pearls Yi Aminet 7 ta-A r.nM l U « «. .d -Ota. «*
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MB lAQv CD «cnlo«» Um. Ok • 40 MB I. MB UX olbion I'olUX nd 600 dpi end II MBNotUOfeA eo C9 95 ... 98% d CD32 * ».. a-olabU CDBod .d o K* lo. Dl A po*-ot. -ho «-U V
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• •••••••••••••••• All products are available in your local AMIGA
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Distri Texture Gailei CD Write Gamers' Delight DollgW -a kdd
np»m»H l» howl and guO'OMgg. Long loci FreshFish 10 GoldFish 2
mmirn C- The return of Wired World not enough. Net God joins
the team to spread comms news and gossip.
Video Ideas adds some sparkle to your amateur TV productions.
The ProCalc tutorial series wraps up.
Sound Lab returns to show you to get some thumping sounds and we demonstrate how to lash up a snazzy album cover in ImageFX for a potential masterpiece.
C 3 Qf±A MASTERCLASS 120 _ Sprucing up your workbench, customising the shell and a handy new utility to make HI your life easier are all in this month's masterclass.
CU Q+A 122 The Q + A team have been flexing their collective muscles and settling down to some serious problem busting.
3 BACKCHAT 126 More madness, mystery and mayhem in this month's selection of news, views and opinions from you, the readers.
« POINTS OF VIEW 130 HH Our new Stateside correspondent comments on the strange actions of Amiga Technologies in the USA of late.
BUYERS GUIDE lOO • Feel the need for RAM or speed? We wade through the masses of memory and assorted accelerators to sort out the beasts from the bogus.
PROCALC 102 • In the concluding part of the ProCalc tutorial: macros are the order of the day to turn little into much.
IMAGE FX 104 •“ This month we do something practical with ImageFX. We show how to lash up a professional record sleeve.
PRODRAW 107 • In the fourth part of our ProDraw tutorial we show you how to pull a genie out of a bottle to grant your wishes.
VIDEO IDEAS 109 • II Captain Kirk signed olf on a video, he'd read this month's video ideas lor the the best tips on the perfect sign-off.
COMMS IIO This month our Wired World pages go right for the jugular and show how to get Internet software up and running NET GOD 112 - Comms-heads note: CU Amiga Magazine's new and most bizarrely named arrival.
Net God comments on the comms scene this month.
FAQ 113 • Strange gurus, dodgy drives, flashing cap-lock keys and duff power supplies.
We rush to your aid in this month s Frequently Asked Questions.
SOUND LAB 115 Pull on your Jungle boots, the triumphant return of our absorbing audio tutorial looks at how to produce chest thumping beats.
BUYERS GUIDE Buyers Guide Boards A1200 RAM Accelerator No A1200 is complete without a RAM and accelerator board plugged into its trapdoor but which one is right for you? Here you'll find all the information you'll need to decide for yourself.
The single most important feature of any expansion board is RAM. If Fast RAM is added to the A1200 it runs between two and three times faster without a CPU upgrade. This may well be fast enough to preclude the need for an expensive accelerator. In fact in some cases it would be CU Amiga Magazine's recommendation to spend the money on more RAM rather than a 50MHz 68030 accelerator but the choice is wide and varied so it’s best to shop around and see what's on offer.
Ohe Amiga 1200 was a formidable beast at its inception. However, over time, software has demanded more and more from our Amiga hardware to achieve bigger and better things. Suddenly the A1200's stock 2Mb of RAM is nowhere near enough and for many applications its 14 Mhz 68EC020 processor may also be too slow.
Therefore, rather than simply recommending the fastest and cheapest options, we’re giving you all of the facts you'll need to make your own informed buying decision, based on your requirements and budget.
For example, at just £20-630 more than a bare RAM board, the 28MHz 68020 accelerators represent a higher pound to speed ratio than a more expensive high clocked 68030 unit. The Wizard Developments Magnum 1220 in particular outperforms the A4000 030 and in a 4Mb configuration costs just under £200. A 68030 CPU can cost as much as £200. And even then you'll need to add Fast RAM to get any decent performance from it.
For major acceleration you'll need to go for a fast 68030 (or 040 or higher). As an added bonus, many of the more expensive cards have provision for a SCSI interface. The top of the range Apollo 1230 sports a built-in SCSI interface and two SIMM sockets - most of your expansion problems solved at a swipe, while at £270 for the stock board it's good value but hardly cheap. Another possible option would be to get one of the 28MHz 68020 units and buy a Squirrel SCSI interface later if it's needed. The Squirrel driver software is generally better than that of the trapdoor SCSI units.
All the boards included here have a socket for an FPU. FPUs are very handy when used in RAM's your man RAM: Random Access Memory.
This is your computer's immediate storage area. Programs and data are all stored and used in RAM for immediate access.
RAM is the only item that desperately needs expanding in a standard A1200. With sufficient RAM, everything operates much more smoothly and quickly. Extra RAM will also allow you to use your software to its full potential, working on larger projects and making use of more advanced features. Multi-tasking comes into its own once there's enough RAM to have three, four or more programs all running at once.
RAM should be your number one priority. In the early days, cards came with RAM in the various forms of ZIPs, DIPs, DILs or SIMMs. Thankfully now everyone seems to have settled on the SIMM standard. Things to consider include whether a card has one or two SIMM sockets. Can they take SIMMs of different sizes (eg. A 4Mb SIMM along side an 8Mb SIMM)? What is the largest capacity of the card? If you have some second hand SIMMs that are of the older double-sided variety, will they fit? Many have opted to use PS 2 single sided SIMMs only.
SCSI me where is the bathroom?
SCSI: Small Computer Systems Interface (pronounced 'scuzzy'). A comprehensive interface standard that can handle everything from hard drives to scanners.
SCSI is a common standard that virtually all complex peripherals use, including hard drives. CD-ROMs, scanners, SyQuest removable media and the long awaited 105Mb floppy ZIP drives. Modern drives are known as SCSI-2 and likewise modern controllers are also of this type but most devices are backward compatible. However, A1200 accelerators have yet to implement the SCSI fast or wide standard that would give radical improvements for fast devices like hard drives. Regardless, if you want to use one of these devices then you can either opt for a RAM board accelerator that has provision to add a
SCSI interface at a later date or look at the excellent Squirrel to implement SCSI via your PCMCIA slot. The Squirrel costs about the same as the optional SCSI interfaces offered by certain trapdoor card manufacturers, though the Squirrel driver software is considerably more advanced and reliable than all of the card add-ons that CU Amiga Magazine has encountered.
CPU Processor CPU: Central processing Unit. The brain of your machine, this is responsible for running programs. The Amiga is based on the Motorola 680x0 series of processors. The 16-bit 68000 was state of the art at the time of the Amiga's launch (1985). The 68000 has been followed by the progressively faster 68010. 68020, 68030, 68040 and 68060 (there was no 68050). The later CPUs are faster for two reasons. Firstly they require fewer 'clock cycles' to perform each instruction and secondly they can be 'clocked' at much higher rates. The term clock refers to a pulse generator that operates in
millions of pulses or cycles per second. Hence the clock speed is measured in Megahertz or Mhz for short. Older chips would need to be clocked faster to achieve the same speed as newer chips. A loose benchmark of speed is the MIP or Millions of Instructions Per Second.
68000 - The first in the series. 16-bit internal and external with some 32-bit instructions. Initially a maximum clock speed of 8MHz was possible. In the Amiga 1000, 2000 and 500 it was clocked at 7.14MHz which equated to less than three quarters of a MIP - paltry by modern standards.
68010 - Fixed some bugs in the 68000 to do with the 'supervisor' mode. It also had a few optimised instructions.
It gave an extra few percent performance increase, and could be dropped into the vacated 68000 CPU slot.
68020 - A radical improvement. Suddenly the chip grew an instruction cache which meant that it had a small amount of internal memory to speed things along. It's a capable chip even today with a few new instructions that are performed with fewer cycles. The A1200's 68EC020 is the Embedded Controller version with only a 24-bit data line limiting the entire memory map to 16Mb.
68030 - A minor improvement on the 68020 contrary to popular opinion. It has just a data cache over the 68020 and this makes only marginal difference in performance.
However, it grew an on-chip MMU (see MMU panel) and the full 32-bit address bus. The EC Embedded Controller version is missing the MMU. The advantage of this CPU is that it is available in clock speed versions all the way up to 50MHz. Running at 25MHz it's capable of just under 5 MIPS and just under £10 at the full 50MHz. FPUs have to be added externally (see FPU panel).
68040 - The largest improvement to date. The 68040 has very large instruction and data caches. It can also work on instructions in parallel internally. The cycles needed for the instructions dropped dramatically. A very fast chip indeed. In the A4000 040, the 25MHz 68040 churns 19 MIPs where the 68030 version of the A4000 at the same clock speed does
4. 5. The EC version dropped the incredibly fast built-in FPU
where the LC low cost version dropped the MMU and the FPU. Yet
to appear in A1200 accelerators, the major down side was that
it ran very hot. However a new cool running
3. 3V unit has been released. 1200 owners beware!
68060 - Sadly the last in the 68000 series before Motorola drop it for RISC designs. The 68060 still offers previously unheard of performance and so has a long life before being outmoded by RISC. Capable of executing three instructions simultaneously per clock, it has a theoretical maximum performance of over 100 MIPs at 66Mhz. The 50Mhz 68060 in a CyberStorm runs at just under 40 MIPs.
Conjunction with software that has been programmed specifically to take advantage of the FPU. Otherwise the FPU will make no difference to overall operating speed. Software that supports FPUs is generally limited to 3D rendering software, structured drawing packages and mandelbrot generators. Unless you intend to use your Amiga for such applications, there's no reason to spend extra money on an Gasteiner RAM Accelerators Key (• features: Battery backed real tine deck.
¦ SCSI adapter available v SCSI adapter provider as staadard ? CII2B CPU based FPU. Remember, it can be added later if you need one. Also bear in mind that there isn't much value in getting an FPU running at over
1. 5 times the rate of your CPU. A 33MHz 68882 for a 28MHz 68020
would be sufficient.
Check out the panels on these pages for a detailed guide to all the major components and features you're likely to encounter. ¦ Mat Bettinson £734.90 MMU Memory Management Unit. This offers hardware protection and redirection of memory access.
The MMU is primarily useful for virtual memory. Virtual memory is the act of making your machine think it has a lot more memory than it really does, by temporarily storing data on a hard drive that would normally occupy RAM. This is obviously a lot slower than normal and not practical for many purposes. The 68020 doesn't have an MMU and neither does the 68EC030 present in some A1200 accelerators.
FPU Floating Point Unit. Complex mathematical operations involving a high degree of accuracy are very slow when the CPU has to do all the work. FPUs are specifically built for this and drastically speed up tasks that require these operations, such as 3D rendering. Most A1200 RAM boards and all of the accelerators have a socket for an FPU.
You don't have to buy one right away though - you can choose to fit one later if the need arises. They may run at a higher or lower clock rate than the CPU. Although if this is the case a crystal would be needed to synchronise the FPU and the processor. FPUs come in two types: PLCC (Plug Leadless Chip Carrier) and PGA (Pin Gate Array). The only difference between them is the way in which they fit onto the circuit board. If your board has provision for a PLCC FPU, make sure you don't get a PGA FPU - it won't fit!
Macros have been around for a long, time but they are still as useful as ever. Thank goodness using macros in ProCalc is simple.
ProCalc acros have been around for a long time. In fact I first came across them on my humble Sinclair Spectrum almost twelve years ago. I discovered that giving a name or a macro to a sequence of Assembler would save me a lot of time and heartache. Rather than rekey in a whole load of instructions every time I wanted a specific operation to be carried out all I had to do was the enter Macro Golden Rules
• Macros aren't saved with a spreadsheet - they are independent
and are saved separately, although you can link a macro (or
macros) to a spreadsheet so they are always loaded with it.
• Macros are relevant only to the current spreadsheet window.
They can't interact with other spreadsheets or move data
between windows. They can, however, exist away from
individual spreadsheets
- so you load a Macro used in one spreadsheet into another and
use it.
• You can load macros from disk that have the same name as those
already in memory - try to give each Macro a unique name to
avoid confusion at a later date.
• Always test your macros, there are ProCalc actions that can
abort the running of a macro.
• Although Macro recording tracks mouse movement and button
clicks it ignores Window movement and resizing.
The name I had given it earlier and it would do it for me. Now, twelve years later, the Spectrum has been replaced by an Amiga and HiSoft's Assembler has been replaced by powerful applications such as ProCalc But macros are still around, and funnily enough they do pretty much exactly the same.
However, creating a macro in ProCalc is much easier than the days of having to type out instructions in Assembler. To create a new macro all you need do is put our cover disk into a special Team’ mode.
From now on all further actions will be remembered. When you're finished you simply switch this off. Give the Macro a name and you're ready to use it in the future by simply recalling its namel No messing around with text editors.
In ProCalc macros allow you to record a series of actions and replay these at any point. If, for instance, you had a fixed template (see last month's issue for details on template building) showing sales you could create a macro that makes up a graph from selected cells - rather than having a fixed predefined area for graph data In this way the cells for each month needn't be limited to a set range.
So what about an example, starting off with something really simple: create a new blank spreadsheet and type in any headline in cell B2. In Cell B3 type in something else, this will be a sub heading. Now with the mouse pointer select Start Recording from the Macros menu and with the mouse select cell B2 and change its colour, point size and font to make it look like a big heading. Now select B3 and do the same again, this time using a slightly different text size and colour to reflect the fact that it's a sub heading.
Finally click on End Recording under the Macros menu. ProCalc will now ask you for a name, this is the name that you’ll use to refer to your macro in future. Up to 18 characters can be used, call it something like 'make- heading'. Next save the macro to disk using the Save Macros command, note this is found under the Macro's menu not the Project menul Now in future you can apply your headings to cells B2 and B3 simply by running this macro. Try it out, create a new spreadsheet and once again type some data into the two cells.
It's playback time!
Now load the macro (Open Macros Macro menu) and select PlayBack from the Macro menu. You'll be prompted for the macro name, select the one you created earlier, (makeheading), and watch as the text styles you made before are applied to the cells!
This is just one use. There are several other tricks that you can do. For starters when you record a sequence of instructions and play them back they will be applied to the cells starting from the current cursor position. Not the location where the cursor originally was. At first this sounds a bit odd but it’s really very useful.
Imagine, for instance, you were building a database of your video collection, and wanted to automate the entering of new videos.
Each new line added might have a name, type, rating and running time. While the name and running time would obviously change from film to film the two type fields will always be one of a set selection. So we could set up macros to enter the different possibilities for us. Try this out by moving the cursor to cell A1 and start up the macro recording.
In our imaginary database column A will be the video title, which changes from video to video, so press the right arrow key to move the cursor to the right. This is the cell containing the first type field. Possible entries could be comedy, horror, drama and SciFi.
Type in one of these, and then move the cursor using the right cursor key again. This is the second type field, a second cell containing your rating of the film - ie good, bad and ugly. Type in 'Good'. Now stop recording and give it a name. Now repeat this process with other possible entry combinations. Such as SciFi and Good, SciFi and Bad etc. Now the clever bit. When you playback these macros the cursor will move across from the current cells, no matter which row it’s on and enter the type and rating fields.
Have a bash at this by typing a video entry into cell A3, something like Star Trek: The Menagerie Pt 1.
Now run the macro for SciFi and Good and watch as the cursor moves to cell B3 and fills in SciFi and then to C3 and magically types in ‘Good’. Now move down to cell A4 and type in Star Trek: The Menagerie Pt 2 and run the same macro. See how it moves to the cells relevant to the new cursor position and fills in B4 and C4 rather than the B1 and Cl where the data was originally entered With a little imagination this can be a real time saver Automatic Playing back macros is all wonderful but wouldn't it be cool if you could have a macro running automatically whenever you loaded a file. This is
possible and very easy to do. But first a couple of points need to be cleared up. Firstly, macros aren’t saved when you save a spreadsheet, they live on their own outside of the spreadsheet files - this is why you have save and load options under the Macro menu. And secondly, when saving macros the macro file will contain any macros currently in memory, you can’t just save one of the current macros.
So how do we force ProCalc to save macros with a spreadsheet? To do this try the following: Create or open a spreadsheet and click on the Auto Macro File from the Macros menu. Now select the macro file you saved earlier (remember the bit about saving macros at the start of this article) and then rnmum ¦in tm a Macro Keys Macros are more than any other factor time saving devices - to speed up your actions, and what better way of speeding things up than to have keyboard short cuts so you don't need to keep going for the mouse everything time you want to record or playback a macro. Here are
the key shortcuts for the macro menu.
| FUNCTION KEY ¦ Open Amiga F1 Save Amiga F2 Close Close All Amiga F3 Amiga F4 Start Recording Amiga F5 End Recording Amiga F6 Playback Amiga A7 You can also tie a Macro to a key so whenever the key is pressed the macro is run. To this hold down the Control key and then press the key you want associated with that macro.
You'll now see a requester appear listing all defined macros currently loaded - pick the one you want. Now in future whenever you press Control and that key the macro will run.
Click on Continue. Finally save your spreadsheet in the normal way Now in future each time you open this spreadsheet the macros in the given macro file will be loaded too.
To tell ProCalc which macro in a file you want to run on loading the file, load a spreadsheet and then click on Auto Macro from the Macros menu Pick the macro required from the list and select Continue and finally save the spreadsheet. In future this macro will be run whenever you load the spreadsheet.
Before I go And that's about it for ProCalc macros. To finish off this ProCalc tutorial here's a brief listing of several useful ProCalc functions I find useful.
LinkDisk(filename.cell) returns the value or string of the cell cell' in the spreadsheet file ' 'filename'. This is a very powerful and useful function for getting information from other spreadsheets Filename is the full pathname of the spreadsheet.
SetStyle (Boolean expression.true style.false style,cell) Sets the text attributes of cell ‘cell’ to that of true style if boolean expression is true and false style if. Surprise, surprise, it's false. True Style and False Style are binary numbers with each digit setting a particular attribute. These being: plain text underline 01 underline 10 bold 11 bold and underline 100 italic 101 italic and underline 110 italic and bold 111 italic, bold and underline TYPE(cell) Returns a value revealing the type of the cells contents. Values being 0=an error, 1 =a formula, 2=a selection criteria formula.
3=a value and 4=a label DMAX and DMIN Note: The following functions are database functions and work in conjunction with the database facilities of ProCalc.
A database has a number of fields in columns, the field to which these functions apply is found by taking the value in the offset argument, adding it to the first column ol the database. The first field is called offset 0. The second is called offset 1 etc. Criteria is the search pattern used to find particular records in a database and is the name defining a particular search criteria.
Both the database and criteria will need to have been defined before these functions can be used.
DMAX (offset,database.criteria) also DMIN with the same arguments. Using the field found in column 0 plus the value of "offset" from the left-hand side using the filter "criteria" find the largest value (DMAX) or minimum value (DMIN) in the database "database " DSUM (olfset.database.criterial Adds up all the values in the column "offset" columns from the left in the database "database" using the criteria filter given.
And that. I’m sorry to have to say is it for these ProCalc tutorials. It's a tremendously powerful program and one that will certainly go down in the annals of great cover disks However, as with all big cover disks there's simply no way we can cover every aspect of the program in the pages of the magazine.
As always the best way to learn how to use it is to experiment and play with the program. If you have any specific questions send them in. Common questions will be answered in a future issue. See you then. I hope you have enjoyed the tutorials over the past few (few? - Lisa) months.
If you are missing any tutorial you can always ring back issues on 0858 468 888 to order up a specific issue ¦ Andy Leaning Image FX More secrets of Image FX are revealed as we take on the challenge of designing a professional quality record sleeve.
Get it here!
Image FX 1.5 was given away free with the July 1995 issue of CU Amiga Magazine. If you missed out, you may still be able to get a copy from our back issues department. Stocks are limited so call now on 0858 468 888. To upgrade to Image FX 2.1 for the reduced price of £99.99 (RRP £249.99) call Wizard Developments on 01322 272 908. This special upgrade offer is valid until 31st August 1995 or while stocks last.
O here's more to image processing than meets the eye. With Image FX. You can use your Amiga to create professional quality artwork for all kigds of things. For instance, let's say you've used your Amiga to make a record and now you want a stylish sleeve design for it. Image FX is the perfect tool for the job, as we are about to prove.
It's a record We've made up a sleeve for an as-yet unreleased record called Vaccine, on the Excitable Records label. In this case the image is 512 x 512 pixels in size, although if it was for real, a larger page size would have been chosen.
Image FX is not limited to working on screen-sized images, so your pictures can be as large as your RAM capacity will allow.
This is how it was done.
1. First we had to decide on a logo and 'branding style' for the
record label, which we'd already decided to call Excitable
Records. We decided on a big capital letter X for the label’s
logo and in order to keep continuity with forthcoming releases
on the label, it’s been placed behind the main picture in an
unobtrusive shade of grey.
The normal way to get text onto a picture would be to use the Text tool. However, we wanted a raw. Roughed up look, so the letter X was taken from a newspaper. It was originally about 1cm tall but was enlarged on a photocopier several times until it was around lOcms tall.
Photocopiers enlarge images with an analogue process, so the image starts to break up slightly, but it’s not as pixelated as it would be with a normal digital enlargement. The result is a smoother enlargement with a gritty look.
2. So now we've got a photocopy of the letter X. it needs to be
scanned or digitised into the Amiga. Image FX comes with mod
ules that allow you to scan and’grab images from a number of
scanners and digitisers. Click on the Prefs button followed
by the Modules ... Scanner button to select the appropriate
scanner or grabber.
We used an Epson scanner in this case.
Alternatively you could digitise the photocopy with your grabber's dedicated software, save the image to disk and then load it into Image FX. Make sure that you grab the image at a good high resolution.
Scale to size
3. Now that the image is in memory, it needs to be scaled to the
right size.
Click on the Size button and change the dimensions. In this case we’ve changed the size to 512 x 512 pixels (as it's to be a record sleeve it needs to be exactly square).
Now the black X has to be converted to a light shade of grey in order to sit behind the main text and images without over-powering them. Double click on the bottom right corner of the square tool to bring up its options. Select Lighten from the Mode button.
And then click OK. Click the right mouse button to get rid of the tool bar and drag out a box from the top left corner of the screen to the bottom right.
The whole image will be made a bit lighter. Do this twice more to increase the lightening effect. Save out the image to disk.
4. The only colour part of the image came from an old science
fiction book. Scanning and duplicating copyrighted images is
illegal, but it's acceptable to take part of an image and use
it in your own work so long as it's substantially altered and
preferably unrecognisable from the original. In this case
only a small part of the picture was used, digitised with an
Epson scanner. The original scanned area was about the size of
a postage stamp which would normally cause problems with
reproduction quality, but as the whole record cover is
stylised, this isn't important.
Vaccine a_ How degrading!
5. When you've got a low-grade image, the best option is often to
turn this to your advantage, by degrading it further with
carefully chosen processes. The posterize effect reduces the
number of colours used in an image, usually turning it into
solid areas of black, white, red, yellow, green and blue. This
is what we've done to the image here. If you wanted to make
the posterize effect 'cleaner' without the fine dithering
you may be able to see here, first take the image through a
blur effect, a number of times if necessary. This reduces
the amount of slightly different coloured pixels and when
you come to posterize the image, the areas of colour will be
more defined from each other.
6. The area around the face was rubbed out by painting around the
edge with a fairly large brush with the ink set to black.
Pressing the J key jumps to the secondary 'swap' buffer, into
which you can now load the background you saved earlier
Jump back to the posterized face, and you can cut it out as a
brush using the scissors icon. Click on it twice to activate
the automatic background removal feature. This has the side
effect of not picking up the black areas within the face, so
the mouth, eyes and nose appear to be transparent.
If the brush needs re-scaling, click on the Full button from the tool bar so that it reads Brush, and then scale it with the Size options. Now you can paste it down in the middle of the background, not forgetting to leave room for the text that will follow.
7. The title of the track.
Vaccine, was taken from a newspaper and enlarged on a photocopier in the same way that the X was created for the background.
This can then be scanned or loaded into the spare buffer, cut out using the scissors tool and placed over the main image.
Make sure that Anti-alias mode is selected in the drawing options if you want to smooth the edges of the brush.
Careful wording
8. Finally we come to the small text along the bottom. For this
we used the text icon (marked ABC) from the control panel.
Click on Choose Font to select the font you require. We've
used 24 point Times. To stretch the letters of the 'excitable
records' line across the screen, simply enter three or four
spaces between each letter, and twice that amount between each
That's it: one slinky record sleeve, ready to adorn your latest musical masterpiece. It would be a good idea to keep your 'work in progress' images for future use.
The image of just the background logo and the 'excitable records' line could be used as a readymade starting point for your next record sleeve. ¦ Tony Horgan ProDraw [SljV] Time to give the lamp a rub and see I || what we can come up with when we ¦ J dive into ProDraw's ability to use Arexx
V. with the helping hand of a genie.
©old Disk's ProDraw was one of the first programs to use the Amiga's Arexx capabilities by implementing a feature called a Genie.
Genies are Arexx scripts which allow the operator to execute one or more built-in ProDraw Arexx commands. Lets take the menu item 'Open in the Project menu. This menu item also has an Arexx command equivalent called LoadDocument. This enables you to use a genie to open a document using Arexx. A useless example perhaps, but you get the idea.
I dream of genies You don't have to create your own Genies even though it isn’t as hard as you may think.
There are a number of them included with ProDraw and a lot more on a disk called Don's Genies which is available from LH Publishing for £3.50. See the boxout for the address to write to.
The aim of this tutorial is to give you a quick look at how to run a genie and the sort of things they can do for you.
ProDraw's Genies are in a directory called Rexx which is assigned in your Startup- sequence or User-startup. On the two ProDraw disks that came on the cover of CU Amiga, the Genies are located in the S drawer on 'PDraw 3.0 Disk_1'. The files are ‘archived’ and decompressed to RAMiAflexx when you boot the program disk for ProDraw.
If you have a hard drive, the Genies will more than likely be uncompressed in the S directory, which is the default directory for Rexx as assigned in a standard startup- sequence. Any Genies that you purchase or create need to be in the correct drawer for Arexx scripts.
Pure genie-us Once the Genies have been installed they should appear in the panel that pops up when you click on the Genie tool in ProDraw.
If they don’t, you need to make sure that the ProDraw support files (S directory) know where to find them and that Arexx is assigned. Also check that Rexxmast is run in your Startup-sequence. The panel for running a Genie is fairly straightforward.
The Keys button is for assigning a set of keys (on the keyboard) to a function. Lets say you have a Genie that you use all the time and you want to run that Genie with a keyboard short-cut. By using the Keys button you can do this.
When you click on Keys, a message appears in the Genie panel's title bar asking you to press the required keys for the shortcut. If you press the left-hand Alt key and a function key. That combination will be assigned to that genie. This means you can run a Genie using that short-cut without opening the Genie panel.
Execute is the button that you use to run a Genie. First select the Genie you require and then by clicking on Execute, the selected Genie will be run just like a mini program.
Some Genies are interactive, it the one you execute is it will pop up a requester to ask for some more input from you.
Others will put a message in ProDraw's title bar telling you what the Genie is doing or if it requires you to do anything else like clicking on an object and so on.
The About button has an obvious use. If a genie is selected and you click on About, a Genie goes off and looks inside the selected Genie and reports back with some text which tells you what the Genie does. The Delete button is fairly obvious as is the Import one.
The Modify and Define buttons are for advanced users. These take you into the Genie Editor where you can write your own genies or make modifications to existing ones. Before exploring these functions, I would back up any Genies you have in case you do something you shouldn't. You are then safe to start editing other people's Genies to create ones for yourself. ¦ Larry Hickmott Tell me more To learn more about the genies in ProDraw, you can get the ProDraw manual which looks in-depth at many of the genies included with ProDraw and the Arexx commands themselves.
The ProDraw manuals cost £13.50 including packing and postage and are an ideal reference source for ProDraw and its many commands. We also have a hard disk installer that will automatically install ProDraw onto your hard drive.
For more information on these and other products, ring LH Publishing on 01908 370230 or write to LH Publishing, 13 Gairloch Ave, Bletchley MK2 3DH.
VIDEO IDEAS OI's those little things in life that count. Those extra little touches can make all the difference. Watch any movie or TV programme and you'll find they Give your video productions that special finishing touch and professional edge with some neat signing off tricks.
And it's goodnight from Tony ... A w - Han't a auapla al tkat wU natf uf| al ratoa. IT* easy i ym kaaa ban.
Strength. You can do the same with your own video productions and animations. Here are some ideas to polish off your epics.
Nearly always sign off with a cute little sequence It's these sequences that help you remember the name of the programme’s producer and increase the production company's brand It's a|l in the signature One of the neatest video titling tricks is the signature that writes itself onto the screen, as if an invisible hand is at work. There are a few ways you could achieve the effect. One would be to load up a paint package such as Dpaint and record yourself to video signing your name onto the screen with the mouse.
The trouble with this is that you'll probably need quite a few attempts to get it just right and the only recording you'll have of it will be on the video tape, rather than a sequence on the computer that can be saved out and used again.
Slowly but.
Surely method Another option would be to create an animation by gradually signing your name, bit by bit, onto each frame.
This is likely to lead to a very untidy-looking signature, as there will be none of the natural flow that comes from doing it all in one go.
The best way is to sign your name on the screen with the mouse and open up an animation sequence with the first frame copied into the subsequent frames. Now move to the last frame and delete a small part of the last letter or flourish of the signature. Work your way back through the frames, taking out more and more of the signature as you go, working from the back to the front.
Remember to pay attention to the dynamics of handwriting and take care to delete certain parts (such as circular letters) over a larger amount of frames than straight lines (which would be drawn much quicker). This will lead to a much more realistic effect when it comes to replaying the animation.
The final result will be a sequence of frames that starts with an empty screen and draws out the signature as if by magic.
You now have an animation that you can add to any of your future productions.
A little twinkling star If you've got a corporate logo that you display at the end of your videos, why not give it a bit of sparkle with a few twinkly highlights? It's very simple to do, and can be generated with just about any animation package within minutes. Select a range of colours from bright white fading to a colour. Now, over a series of frames, gradually add a bit of twinkle to the logo's corners and highlights.
To make the most of this effect, synchronise it with a twinkly sound effect. This can be done very easily with the likes of VideoTracker and MovieSeTter. ¦ Tony Horgan address. It's important to write this down and your password too.
Installation Installing AiTiiTCP will inquire neat ly 5Mb of hard drive space so make sure you have enough free to do so. We are going to jfak with an archfve created specific .
For Demon fitemet Serv MB However, if you have cho another prdvider. You can folkw B the example configurations and I may modify them later. I
- James Savage is the chao who created th4 the AmiTCP Denitl
installer that has made our wqrl hell of a lotieasier so many
tffe to him. Thiilarge 1Mb LHA archive will Leed to be extract-
somewhere onto your hard dr first and thermite Install icon
clicked to propped What follow if the 'net so it's it it right.
Likewi I passworb needs to be entered as Bke same one you chose
'hen Tyou called Demon direct. )emon F in particular have a
numb | PoPs' Ipaint of Presence) portion t tent to t mpor-
your of round tne-Ufc up to to get Inti lower cos a few PoPi
listed. If you cii’t find a number local to you.mon't panic:
chanpes are there isfe local PoP not listed and yoilcan
rtediol4 . G,„,w v'iii I '.ok on at a local ca |rnet
connectivit i The installer 01 rate at a y has ¦svrfUne: fiat
(Hat Batttnsan) Oraaaizatton: CU ftiiaa Haaaxina ei21 _
ei22» _J Saffron Uolrffn S1779 J Ioinbor.il, 1«1 HI J Inks
of Wills »i9ss I F inchIsv (SSIVS711
- J r tm* seiacbaa d Nats d Prtwn (Wi) Ckaau ••• Ad*s
takafcfaaiatalkaaat-TfecMbt ckaapaf Mat aa Ohe Internet Is a
complex entity. It relies on a special protocol developed in
the 1970s for military Se called TCP- ontrol Protocol Znternet
Protocol) ' So, in order to lipk up to the' we have to hauB
some kind of interface to alpw our Amiga to converse in
tins special languagp.
There really is only one package on the Amiga thpt does this property - AmiTCP Lasj month we detailerf how to get this essential package, now we snan look at setting it First you reed to call Dembr up direct (tel: 0181-343 4848)1 After calling In, you'll be promoted for your domain. Enter the name that you selected when you applied foV an account. Yoi , also have to mike up a pass' and you will be given an IP How to get up, on and into the 'net using Demon's AmiTCP.
Get ready to get hooked.
Thankfully most of the questions are self explanatory, ie such as 'your full name1, your chosen user name and so on. Eg: u ¦ • run Hun i n. d tatnon. C o
• u)t. As in natVcu- Xmioa.dsnon.co.uk is the username. You can
set up a multitude of usernames as needs be.
When you applied for your Demon account, you should have specified a 'domain' name. In this case oui domain name is 'cu Amiga'. The installer will present your entire address to you when change the Libocb dofaifrar fcFand if up later.
¦ not cdoect, you ca E ain. Hopefully you are familiar with When the installer p n lor the changing your modem settings ¦ HP addres rBjwfcet you they should be ei 1,0 to link up and dial Demon to get on the 'net for real. To do this, again enter in the shell: Link up "pix: Linkup.IFF Suddenly a window should pop open and your modem should dial out. You should see the 'dialler' log in for you and hopefully the window should vanish. It's not uncommon, however, for this stage to fail jgood reason especially l5mon is busy during peak tfjer 6p?n sq retry if it fails flake-sure.
virtdqw vanishes, j windowehould apphBi jfvrtllshm yOti any in and I E-Mail moving betiveen to plan rake sure felf with tl lay- I help fcnet this is all a fyx based sys- locked at 115200 so 57600 baud with a 28800 modem is just fine.
The last question asks you if want to start AmiTCP every boot your machine. We ¦econ- n- end that you do ¦ice ii will col ['• a c itsel i r Cl ro go 'let s re necessary ass x-d m v cur user-ste ce as other install ¦e much in in, type 're into the is the the parent :ory 'Dir' for fetching a direc- rort of the l for s clients the grejjt things about the miTCP Demon installer is that it has some basic clients set up ready for uM) right' away. I certainly r they do wofk and should already configured by thB Where can I get AmiTCP?
The package that we've been talking about here is AmiTCP
3. 0 beta release 2 and it's shareware. That's to say that you
are under no obligation to pay for the goods. However, there
is an AmiTCP 4.x and as is increasingly the case with
shareware reaching an advanced stage of development, it has
gone commercial.
Available from: NSDi Orders, P.O. Box 32. FIN-02151 ESPOO. Cost: £62.00 It's worth noting that very few Internet clients require V4 and upwards since 3.0b2 is in much greater public use and performs quite adequately. Look out for a review of the commercial version very soon.
Parity and ware handshaking, installer when are asked. Chances are your modem is already set up in this fashion for the direct dial-up to have succeeded.
The modem set-up 'strings' that , the Installer prompts you for d. should work without modification so we recommend leaving alone and using the defaults. If problems arise, they can be changed afterwards as with all the other values you are into the installer.
When prompted for th rate, you will notice that :hem are much higher speed of your modem facilitate data because the moder be able to move da actual baud rate, eal for 14400 e th e r For example there's 'Mail' which is a small E-Mail client. To access this, enter the CLI and just type 'Mail' after starting AmiTCP Voilal There's an AmigaGuide document in the bin drawer along with the Mail program so take a peek at that for some instructions.
There's also a working, if rather cruddy, news browser provided that's called ‘Tin' and it will no doubt surprise you (not!) To learn that it can be activated by typing in 'Tin' at the CLI. It works entirely inside a CLI window so replacing this with a nice GUI based news reader may be your first priority.
Obtaining lots of juicy software is vvhat FTPing is about: this is File Transfer Protocol. There's quite a decent FTP client provided called 'hjpFTP (You'll never guess how you ¦ate itl) Make'sure that you CD to where you want ihepming files to arrive.,Then run it and type 'open ftp.dernon.co.uk' and with luck you should log straighnpto Demons own FTP archive. Y( notice that it behaves just like a' shell of itsjjwn.a'nd-rrrfacnFiat's Ts. Howevdr the com- lands are Unix badfcd rather than AhiigaDOS but they common. Once logg 'CD pub amiga’ and yi Amiga archives. 'CDUl rand for moving radjfig
before yoLr eyes.
• er that Un« is case typing the filenames iey appear is the
order of the d, Have a look at tjfe Internet software. Very
much dl it is Demon specific and you can try grabbim some new
and fnterestThg'Clrei *
• ine' is a must as is the* of ddcuaents on v, spects pfAmiTCP
and Internet Go on. Try it 9 ft now.
Er 'Get I it should start Surf's up Oalutations 'net heads. Out of all this month's happenings on the comms scene, nothing is more bizarre than the melee in 'comp.sys.amiga.misc. It seems that one dealer saw fit to post a fax from CEI, America's ex-Commodore distributors, which stated that the street price for the A4000T would be set at $ 3500 US. CEI supporters claimed that it was Ed Goff, former lawyer and VP of Commodore US, that leaked this price tag. What followed was a week of campaigning against Mr Goff, including (believe it or not) death threats and the handing out of his personal
Meanwhile, in Germany.
Amiga Technologies' Dr Peter Kittel (product development) and Mr Giles Bordin (PR) declined to reply to the rumours. This did nothing to cool down the flaming wires around the globe. Finally Mr Bordin posted a carefully worded response to comp.sys.amiga stating that no price had actually been set yet, nor had any US distributors been appointed. The true meaning of this would probably translate to: 'Get real CEI'. By stating that no US distributor had been appointed immediately put to rest any CEI related claims ... though it's still not clear what part the well-flamed Ed Goff had in all of
Finally, I've been hassling US Robotics to tell me why they don’t support the Amiga. Wouldn't it be nice if we could apply the rockin' V34+ 33600 baud flash-rom updates to our Couriers without running PC Task? No response though. (How about blasting them an E-mail yourself? Try: support@usr.com. Tell 'em NetGod sent ya.)
Net news Amosaic 1 4b is a new public beta precursor to the long awaited 2.0 version of the only graphic WWW browser on the Amiga. It supports ‘forms’ that allow you to enter in text to Web sites etc. It's quick to use though it is plagued with the occasional hang. It doesn't require AmiTCP V4 0 so it can and does work nicely under the much more common AmiTCP3.0b2 Get it from the Amosaic home page Thar aa» TCP capability The excellent Norwegian multipurpose electronic mail browser, Thor, has had a support package released that allows it to interact directly with dial-up news and E- Mail.
This turns Thor 2.0 into one of the most powerful complete electronic mail solutions around.
You can FTP Thor from the Aminet in comm mail?Thor201 .lha and ThorTCPBeta3 lha for the pack NNTP This month NNTPclient's problems with messages which have very long line lengths caused a stir in Demon Internet Services' Amiga support group. The symptoms were NNTPCIient failing in mid news transfer with a getnext- text' error The only cure is to either use another NNTP client or insert the culprit messages msg- Ids in the history file in Amitcp:db newshistory. Ami- FileSafe was also causing a stir.
Amiaa Mama miaxing Once again the Amiga channels resident 'bot. 'Mama' has been on extended vacation - a big problem because she is invaluable for searching the Aminet archives for desired files and msging news items to participants. The famous Amiga musician, Sidewinder, was reminiscing about C64 games and exclaiming 'Sheep!' And 'Woof!' As usual while J Compton, the editor of the popular electronic magazine Areport. Was conspicuously absent since he was busy writing our points of view page this month. Gilles Bordin, Amiga Technologies PR man materialised under his pseudonym 'G80' but was
quickly engulfed by a netsplit before CU Amiga Magazine could talk to him. If you haven’t discovered the 'IRC' yet then FTP 'Grapevine138.lha' from the Aminet and look at the docs IRC, standing for Internet Relay Chat, will be the subject of a future Comms feature.
Demon go 288Q0 Recently all of Demon Internet Services VpoP numbers (which are virtual phone numbers that give local call access to much of the country to call the same racks of modems) were upgraded to V34.
The increase in bandwidth for dialup account holders is much appreciated. With both news slurping and FTPing being much quicker if a VFCAI34 28800 modem is used.
Many of the traditional PoPs are still 14400 only with a view to being upgraded later in the year.
Fitloniit AMIGAMASS milfad authors NetGod, our good surfin' buddy lets us in on what's happening on-line.
Topics in this Fidonet echo dedicated to the discussion of Amiga magazines currently revolve around the price hike of certain Amiga magazines and speculation over why other magazines haven't felt the need for a price rise.
Also, cover mounting shareware without the permission of the authors has caused some debate over the legalities and what action can be taken. ¦ NetGod NetGod is a freelance journalist whose secret identity gives him more scope for honesty.
I A. During the startup process the Amiga performs a set of self-diagnostic checks. During these tests the screen changes colour and if anything serious goes wrong, the display may freeze. If all is well, the normal boot process continues and either the Kickstart display appears or the Amiga boots from hard disk or floppy.
Computers crashing suddenly, funny i ______-__ ,¦__. ¦ „ soldered directly to the board this colours appearing on screen, flashing lights ... No it's not a scene from the X files, it's FAQ.
Q. When I switch my Amiga on the screen goes a funny colour.
What's wrong?
R • Q&A Frequently Asked Questions Here is a list of the screen colours which you may see during booting, including those which may appear if all is not well.
Dark Grey: initial hardware and CPU test passed OK Light Gray: initial software test passed OK Red: there is an error with the Kickstart ROM Green: there is an error with the Chip RAM A chip off the old motherboard There are two CIA chips in every Amiga and they handle the serial port, the joystick port, the mouse port, the disk drive, the printer port, the keyboard and timing duties. Unfortunately, it is also quite easy to break one or other of the chips. If you connect a printer cable, modem cable, external floppy drive or mouse to the Amiga without first switching off, you run the risk of
If your joystick fire button is broken, or your printer port doesn't work the CIA could be to fault. Similarly if your disk drive is refusing to work and the keyboard is playing up.
On an A500 or A2000 replacing the chips is quite straightforward, but one of the first things you should try is swopping the chips over. To get at them you'll need to open up the case and remove the metal shielding. The CIA chips are both 40 pin chips and clearly labelled as CIA ODD and CIA EVEN. Swop the chips over (making sure you put them in the sockets the right way round) and if you are lucky, this might temporarily solve the problem. For example, if the CIA which looks after the disk drive is broken and you swop them around, the broken CIA is put in charge of the serial port and perhaps
you don’t need to use the serial port. The best solution of course is to buy a replacement chip. These cost about £15.
Replacing the CIA in an A1200 is tricky as the chips are soldered onto the motherboard. It's best to call in the repair person to either replace the chips or the motherboard which will cost about £40.
Blue: there is an error in one the custom chips Yellow: trap error: something crashed before the Guru trapping code was in place.
Sometimes the problems are due to loose chips or boards. For example, a red screen may sometimes be fixed by pressing down on the Kickstart ROM to make sure it is seated correctly.
Occasionally 'ROM switching' kits put too much strain on the ROM socket and cause bad connections. Sometimes you can carefully remove the chip and straighten any bent pins (remember to use anti-static precautions).
A green screen could be caused by a loose memory board in the trapdoor socket, or a loose or faulty RAM chip on the expansion board. If you get the same result testing the board on another Amiga chances are a RAM chip is is best left to a dealer.
¦ Q_ My computer seems to crash (guru) a lot. What's happening?
I A. Rather than being a hardware fault, it is more likely that gurus are caused by a particular program which requires more memory or a Floating Point Unit or some other resource which isn’t present on your system. For example, Virtual Memory programs need an MMU: a Memory Management Unit. Some 68030s (but not all) have an MMU as an integral part of the processor chip.
Slightly cheaper EC versions don't.
MMUs are also required by debugging programs such as Enforcer. If your Amiga crashes when playing games which don't require any special resources, or continually resets or pops up the Software Failure banner when nothing is happening, it could be an intermittent fault due to hardware. There are difficult to pin down, but common causes are faulty or overloader power supplies.
I Q- My disk drive seems to be faulty.
When I put a bootable disk in (such as a cover disk or game), it makes a few clicking sounds then nothing happens.
I V. It could be the disk drive itself is broken. If you have Workbench 2 or better, you can check by using an external disk drive. Pop a disk in the external drive, and if the same thing hap- Contacts Amiga repairs and spares are available from: Fast: tel: 0171 252 3553 DART Computer Services: tel: 0116 2470059.
OmniDale Supplies: tel: 01332 291219 pens then it is probably not the internal drive but a problem with the a CIA chip.
Damaged and needs replaced: if If the external drive works, then there is a good chance the internal drive is broken.
Symptoms of a H dodgey drive include: some- times the disk « will be recognised,' sometimes it won't.
Some disks will work, some won't. Depending on' the severity of the problem you "" could ask a repair shop to recalibrate the drive. In the worst case the drive will need to be replaced, which will cost about £30 to £50.
It isn't hard to fit a new floppy drive as long as you get the right model for your Amiga.
N CL My A500 power supply is broken. Can I use the power supply which came with an A1200 with an A500?
I A. Yes you can. The leads are identical and even if the A1200 supply is rated higher it will work fine. The A500 will only draw as much power as it needs.
¦ CL When I switch on my Amiga, the caps- lock light flashes. Why?
I A. The Amiga keyboard also has a self-diagnostic routine and it communicates by flashing the caps lock key. The warnings are as follows: One Blink: keyboard ROM error Two Blink: keyboard RAM error Three Blinks: timer failure If your keyboard starts to misbehave like this, there is very little you can do. You should check to see that all cabling is fitting tightly but if the problems persist you will need a replacement keyboard. ¦ John Kennedy JUNE 1995 O ON THE DISKS: loupe EX 1.5 (all Amigas with 2Mb) Ultimate Soccer Maoapet dome
o FEATURE: loupe processiap - we shew yoe bow it's deoe)
o INSIDE RAM speed test: Billiard I23D III.
Sues Apollo. Odamed 6 renewed. Primal Rape. Sensible GoH previewed
• INSIDE: ECTS report B.uU.1 Preview. Dpliot Peneeil Pant.
Photageaics aid Brilliance compared, eight CD-ROMS renewed
lipbirteve A previewed. Cmenu AD. Scale MmtM reviewed Virecop.
IM2 renewed.
Slai Crusader. Dip Red Adveetaie pieviewe Adcnpe UP
• FEATURE Step by step paide to tbe Net
o INSIDE Eirstiepmt Nam t AUGUST 1995 OON THE DISKS Denssa 2.1
eed evctesme dome el Caoooy Vs Haade • SSI II
o FEATURE TraaUe sheotmg aa yarn Aaopa
o INSIOE: Dpmat 5 renew. A loob ei Die ¦ A400 B6B witb CyberVism
Keepers. Pteyer Meeegei 2 JULY 1994 O ON THE DISKS: GO Roale.
Plus playable demos ol lllmeeie eed Valhalla.
o ON THE DISKS: ComicSetter. I Flight ol the 1
• FEATURE: Upgrading Tour Amiga
• INSIDE: DPS Par Card. Montage. Pepper
• ad HiSolt Dasic 2. Baosbee. Valballa ElEmaeia tad a first laab
at Scavenger AUGUST 1994-SOU) OUT SEPTEMBER 1994
o ON THE DISKS: DirWerb 2. Masic File Converter pies a demo ol
Tbe Clee O FEATURE: 3D Special,
o INSIDE: Brilliance 2. Imagine 3, Theme Part. Universe. Kid
Cbaes eed Dreamweb OCTOBER 1994
o ON THE DISKS: Dpeiat 5 demo. Realtime Ehects Geneiatui 1.5.
Stereogram 3D pictara aubtt aid Oragoostoae demo
o FEATURE Stenpe special O INSIDE Ovet 51 settwaia aad hardware
pedects. R.tl'.' T.mble. LitH Dinl.
Delieit renews NOVEMBER 1994
o ON THE DISKS RreCalc v2 foil program.
FidooTncber 2. Football Glory deme O FUTURE: 101 enuring tipsl
o REVIEWED Gurdioo. Robinson's Rnpniem.
And Super Surdust.
o ON THE DISKS: X-Cad Design. Xmas Theme Parh deme aad Seper
Stardost demo
o FUTUNI: Ward Price:
o REVIEWED Reodale 5412 issinp guide 402 Gealocb. S MARCH 1995
o ON THE DISKS: Modelei 30. Easy ledger dean. Valhalla Before the
Wei dene
o FEATURE Hooh ep year hi-fi and yideu U yea Anvga lot brilliant
seeed aad vision
o INSIOE CO-ROM renews. Etoetier 2.
Blir aid Accelerator Frontier 2. Bloodnet.
Sbeletaa Rrew, Sens! Fancy league APRIL 1995
o ON THE DISKS: MovieSetter. Clip art end Fite International
Soccer demo. PIUS free MovieSetter manual e FEATURE: Aaimation
made easy
o INSIOE: Rower CO-ROM. PD Special. AIR.
Turbo Tin. Dawn Patnl. Super Eeegee Meeegei. Baldies preview.
BACK ISSUES ORDER FORM Complete this form and send with your payment to: CU Amiga Magazine Back Issues. Tower Publishing. Tower House. Sovereign Park, lathill St. Market Harborough. Leics LE16 1EF Rates: UK £5.99 Europe and rest of world £6 50 All prices include postage and packing Disks are included with all orders Please rush me the following back issuefs) of CU Amiga Magazine Quantity Issue Total amount £ Method of payment Iplease tick) LJ I enclose a cheque made payable to EMAP Images Ltd ? Please debit my Access Visa number Signature ... Name ...
Address .. card (Visa. Ame*. Access. On Expires Date Telephone number.. " receipt of request I iJL Jungle: tricks of the trade The stuttered drums and booming bass of jungle are everywhere. Get in on the act yourself with our guide to the jungle essentials.
©veiyone wants a piece of the jungle scene at the moment because, despite its strong links with the hardcore rave scene of the early 90s. It's being hailed as one of the most innovative forms of music around.
Characterised by turbo speed drum patterns, half speed subsonic basslines and a handful of trademark effects like the drawl of time-stretched vocals, it's free to rope in elements, styles and samples from the most far flung musical outposts.
You might think you need an expensive MIDI sampler to generate all of these effects, but in fact, your Amiga is far better at sample Subsonic basslines Earth-shudderingly low basslines are no problem. There are two options: either sample a bass note and pitch bend it down, or use OctaMED's synth sound editor The latter option is usually more effective, and uses very little memory. You'll find a sub-bass OctaMED instrument on this month's OctaMED cover disk.
Digital bass sounds tend to hiss or whine when they're pitched down low. Due to the steps in the sample wave becoming more pronounced. There are three ways to get around this If you're using a sampled bass, you can use the sample editor to remove as much high frequency content as possible with a filter process, although this still won't help much when they're pitched right down.
Another solution is to use the Amiga's built in low pass filter. This takes off the top end frequencies of all four channels, so it's best used when bass sounds are played in isolation. The final option is to use an external equaliser, such as a hi-fi graphic equaliser or the EQ controls on a mixer (check out the Little Gem Micro Mixer in this issue).
For some alternative sources of sub sonic frequencies, check out sample Cds that feature Roland's SH101. TB303. TR 808, TR 909 and most old analogue synths. Or track down the real things if possible. The CD route is by far the cheapest, as an SH101 could set you back E250, and you'll be looking at twice that figure for the likes of the TB 303 and TR 909.
Manipulation than typical professional' samplers costing upwards of £10001 Try doing some of the things on this page with an outboard MIDI sampler and you'll be in for a surprise! Here's some examples of what can be achieved using OctaMED amongst others to get that jungle beat. ¦ Tony Morgan Time stretching Time stretching is the effect of making a sample longer or shorter without changing its pitch, while the opposite effect is known as pitch shifting.
Professional samplers have only recently offered time stretch features, which partly explains why it's the current flavour of the month.
When used to lengthen vocals, it produces a sleepy, drunken slur with a slight echo. Audiomaster IV is the only sample editor on the Amiga that can time stretch samples. The disadvantage of this method is that you end up with a massive sample that Breakbeat techniques Breakbeats (looped drum rhythms) form the backbone of jungle tracks.
Simply looping a breakbeat throughout the whole track won’t do. So once you've got the break loaded into your sample editor, you need to start chopping it up. Make your cuts between the drum beats and make sure they're as precise as possible. Approximate cuts will lead to timing problems, so use the maximum zoom resolution of your sample editor. Keep a copy of the original breakbeat for reference.
Now you've extracted a number of portions of the break, you can start making up your own patterns. Using OctaMED or ProTracker. Lay down the original break sample (with the loop taken off) and adjust the tempo so that it loops in time. It's much easier to set the tempo this way than with a collection of smaller bits. You can can eat up all of your memory.
OctaMED offers a more memory- efficient alternative. The Sample Offset command (19) allows you to specify the starting point of a sample. Usually OctaMED plays each sample from the start of the wave through to the end, but the 19 command can be used to define a new starting point, which can be anywhere in the sample wave. By repeatedly playing the same sample with progressively higher sample offset values, a time stretch effect is achieved. See the on-disk OctaMED documentation for a precise description of the command.
Now delete or mute the track that contains the whole breakbeat loop, and start arranging your own rhythms with the cut up pieces.
To recreate those fast fills and echo effects you'll need to use a suitably high tempo. If you've already set the tempo but it's not fast enough for these fluttery effects, just double the speed and use the 'expand block' function to convert your existing tracks to the new tempo.
Alternatively, use OctaMED's 0FF1 command to play a sample twice in quick succession. To keep the rhythm section fresh, sample a few more breaks from different sources, chop them up and combine them with the first one. Also experiment with any sample editor effects you may have available, especially phasers, flangers, distortion and reverse effects.
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Masterclass Sprucing up your workbench, customising the shell
and a handy new utility to make life easier are on the menu in
this month's Masterclass.
Script Brchlved ReadAbIv Mr it able Exec utabIe Deletable Blocks: Bytes: c=M Last Changed: Connent : Too I Types: k I* "«San»» I. wM, ft. I-. DOHOnmiT »Mad tn« Kf" " "I to. I»*.| r- •• i.. mu*.
®od knows life is hard enough without making things more difficult for ourselves. Thankfully, there are plenty of things you can do to make things much easier. For starters you can cut on down on the frustration factor when installing that useful program which allows you to leave things out on the workbench. ToolsManager.
By using a new utility called Launchpad. Then you could also brighten your day by sprucing up your Workbench and finally you could completely cater for your own needs by customising your shell. Want to know more? Read on.
A helping hand There are many programs which exist only to make starting other programs even easier, which sounds a bit daft until you’ve tried it. So I am more than pleased to see a utility called Launchpad appear. Launchpad is a handy utility which will make installing ToolsManager easier. To make installing ToolsManager easier LaunchPad provides you with an on-screen collection of icons in a resizable window, with each icon representing a program. Click once on the icon and the program starts: it's that easy. So no matter which drawers or on which disk you keep your programs, LaunchPad will
keep all the icons together in a bundle, ready to run.
Setting up the program is simplicity itself Install it (into the WBStartup drawer for best effect) and then select the EDIT menu option. You’ll see a window pop up like the one below. To add applications, drag their icons over the window and let go: they'll be added automatically to the list for you. Most of the time the default settings will do fine, although occasionally you'll need to alter the Stack settings to a larger number if things don't seem to be working properly.
The numbers next to H and V refer to the orientation of the icons which appear in the LaunchPad window. If you want a horizontal bar, then enter ’1' in the vertical (VI setting box. And as many as required in the horizontal (HI box If you want a column of icons simply reverse the numbers ie enter '1' in the horizontal box.
If you want the icon to have a brief text description, you can enter it in the box - you can even set the colour for it. If the icon seems to be too crunched (or there is no default icon) you can totally replace the icon image with text, although obviously this isn't as pretty.
One more useful feature is the HotKey assignment: by selecting this option you can trigger the program with an unique key- combination. Useful for screen-grabbers or for popping up Shells whenever you need them in a hurry.
Launchpad should be available from your favourite PD library or Bulletin Board. It's cookieware', so if you find it useful you should post off some biscuits to the author.
If you are looking around Aminet for it. Keep a look out for the files "ami beg.txt" and ¦'ShowAmiga.lha" in the docs help directory. These will be useful to you if you are a beginner and need some background information on what the Amiga is and how it works. What do
• you mean you don't have access to Aminet? If you don’t have a
modem land therefore can’t dial either into the Internet or
into a BBS which has the Aminet CD-ROM online) you might know
someone at university or college, who should be able to get
access to the campus computers and do a spot of FTP'ing for
you. Keep reading Wired World for more information on this.
Q&A A word in your shell Hopefully by now you'll be very familiar with the Shell, and if you are anything like me.
You'll have the Shell icon left out on the Workbench ready for action. I use the Shell for everything from general file maintenance to logging onto the Internet: it's that useful.
What you might not know is that every Shell has a few little tricks (well, tool types), hidden away up its sleeve and with a little experimenting you can customise your Shells to your own requirements.
One of the easiest things to change in the Shell is the prompt. Normally the prompt is a bit boring, but tells you two things: firstly the process number, and secondly the current directory, like this: eUo?bbenoKr°C*SS “ This startup file is also a good location to stick a few aliases. 'Alias' is an AmigaDOS command which will rename a command for you. The best example would be something like this: alias bye endcli Once you insert this into the startup file (or type it at the prompt for a once off demonstration), you can stop any new Shell simply by typing “bye".
As it is also possible to enter control sequences into the Shell (a control sequence contains characters which when placed in a special order cause a specific action to take place) you might want to enter an alias like this: alias els "echo *"*•[0;Oh*e[" and see what happens. Here are some other special alias commands which use control sequences for you to try. You can type them into the Shell if you want, or use them in the shell-startup file so that they happen every time you open a Shell window. Notice how the special ESC character is -e, but to use it with an echo command you need an
extra * outside the quotes. If you were entering the echo by itself (remember, echo simply displays a string onscreen) you would not need the extra asterisk - try this: echo "*ec" It might seem complicated, but experiment and you'll soon work it out. Here are some commands you might find it fun to play with.
There are others which can alter the position of text within a Shell window: useful if you enjoy experimenting with different fonts.
Alias bold "echo *w*e[lm"" alias italic "echo *"*e[3m"" alias line "echo *"*e[4m"” alias invert "echo *"*e [7m"" alias plain "echo *"*e[0m"" That's your lot. Until next month. ¦ John Kennedy It's a familiar sight, and undoubtedly useful.
However, you can change the prompt to be whatever you want, and the way to do this is with Prompt AmigaDOS command. Prompt will take and display a string as your new marker, so for example, if you were a Unix fan you might want to try the following: prompt "$ " which will result in a Shell which looks like this: It's short and sweet, but not very useful.
More advanced settings are possible if the string you supply has as %S in it somewhere. As the Amiga will substitute the current directory. Try this: prompt "%S ” for this effect: The other special code which is recognised is %N which indicates the task number of the Shell. This is the number which the "status" command will return. The standard Shell prompt is therefore: prompt "%N.%S " You might be wondering where the default prompt string is set. After all you don't need to enter anything to get the normal string.
The answer is in a special startup-sequence especially for the Shell. You can examine it by entering: typo s:shell-startup or even edit it by entering: od s:shell-startup You should see the prompt definition in this file, and this is where you would change it if you wanted to make the changes permanent.
Every Shell which is opened looks to this file for its initial settings. Any alterations you make therefore won't change the current Shell, but any others opened afterwards.
Over the hills and far away My lifelong mission to improve the appearance of the standard Workbench display has taken a dramatic turn since I bought myself a Picasso II graphics card, complete with CyberGraphics monitor drivers. It sounds a bit technical, but it boils down to a new card which fits into the Amiga 4000 (or A2000, or A3000) and improves the standard video output. First and foremost it offers larger resolutions in more colours. The refresh rates are higher too, which means although a normal low resolution monitor or TV is no longer suitable, with a decent PC style VDU you can
get some stunning results.
As you can see from the screen shot, this is one large Workbench display. On my 15" monitor, 800 by 600 is about as large as I can cope with, although by increasing the default font size still further 1024 by 768 sized screens are possible. As the Picasso II card works in a 'chunky' graphics format, 256 colour screens move around as fast as two-colour screens. Even better, the memory required doesn't have to come from the Chip RAM supply: which means displays like this still leave lots of memory for other programs. Incidentally, a graphics board also speeds up MUI to near-usable speeds and
is therefore worth buying just to be able to use Amosaic properly. Pity they're only available for big box Amigas!
ParNET and various other CD ROM-related problems Mat Bettinson I'm leaving unless they publish a new photograph.
This is terrible, I mean, purrlease!
Anyway, to work: All about upgrading RAM, operating systems and processors.
F More speed, more power ... we all want more from our Amigas and Qt»A is here to help you get it. If you have any burning questions send them to Q&A, CU Amiga Magazine, Priory Court 30-32 Farringdon Lane.
London EC1R 3AU or Q+A@CU-AMIGA.DEMON.CO.UK. Tony Horgan Er, I'm off oti holidays so I'M leave it up to Mat this month. Check out that photograph, cool huh? Not!
FPU fast art Plug-in hardware of any kind: scanners, disk drives etc. . T » t . 1 have an A1200 which I adore and would like to upgrade. My A1200 has a 420Mb. Internal hard drive, an extra 2Mb of RAM in the trapdoor and a Cannon BJ lOsx printer. It also has a vacant slot for an FPU (Floating ft)int Unit) chip, so if I inserted a 40MHz or 50MHz FPU would it speed up my games and art packages?
Answers to queries on particular pieces of software.
Music, sampling, MIDI and anything that makes a loud noise.
Miscellaneous tools to keep your Amiga running smoothly.
Form-feeds, page-breaks.
Preferences and lots lots more!
Richard J Weedon, Edmonton Alas Richard, FPUs arc of no use for Karnes at all. In fad they are only really of use in art packages if that particular package involves an FPU version of a structured art or rendering software. Paint packages don ’I generally need to perform floating point maths and so don't need the ser- ices of an FPU. The only option really available to you is to remove your RAM board and purchase an accelerator RAM board. The beefed up CPU will then propel your games and art packages at a more respectable speed. If your existing RAM board has a Simm on board you could use
that on the accelerator. Why not have a look at this month's RAM board accelerator buyers guide to give you some idea of what it's all about?
Monitors, Tvs, modulators, screen-modes and all that stuff.
Pixels, sprites, animation, pictures In one small word: graphics.
Spreadsheets, databases, organisers, accounts ... Not everything fits into a pigeonhole, but anything you like fits in here.
Max transfer hassles ,, , When my FlashTech HD urnved, I ran the 1'Mioning and retaliation soft- ware. Perfect. I began installing my programs.
Everything was going nicely until I was selfish enough to want anything more than 50Mb installed However. I started to get read errors on anything installed after the '62Mb free' message on my Work Partition. (My 8Mb Workbench partition is fine though). I ran Disksalv v2 several times with repair and validate modes, but as soon as I tried to replace the damaged old files or new ones, the same errors would occur.
Martin Millward, Clwyd.
The problem is that the 2-5" Seagate isn't a particularly nippy drive and the Amiga may be asking more from it than it can accomplish. The particular setting in question is called MaxTransfer and it controls the maximum number of bytes the Amiga will require the drive to transfer in one burst. It’s easier for your Amiga to handle it if you transfer data in smaller bursts.
This month we've had a few letters from readers expressing concern about the MaxTransfer value of their drives and asking how to change it. It is tricky lo alter hut we’ll endeavour to show you how. The HDToolBox provided with your Amiga isn't up to the task so we need to obtain some better hard drive prepping software. I recommend Microbotics freely distributable RDPrep. It can be obtained from KT’s PI) on 01702-542434. Ask for U207. To lower the value of MaxTransfer, follow this procedure:
1. Activate RDPrep by entering 'RDPrep -d sc si,device’ in. The
RDPrep should appear and after clicking on the advert box, display the make of your internal IDF drive.
2. Click on the drive that appears in the window. Then click
'Read RDR'.
This will tell RDPrep to read the Rigid Disk Blttck that tells your machine the vital details of the hard disk. This is a very important step.
3. Then click on the 'Partitioning' button at the top of the
Suddenly you should be presented with a screen as shown here. Your partition!s) should show up on a bar representing your entire drive. Click on ‘Complex Mode'. A whole bunch of options will appear. Don't touch anything except for the next step.
This is vital
4. Click on the first partition box on the bar. At the bottom
right-hand corner there is a box marked MaxTransfer. If there
isn't, you are not in complex mode. Then change the number in
this box lo 130560.
Repeat this step after clicking on each of the partitions on the bar one after another until they are all modified.
5. Return lo the Main Screen and hit 'Write RDB'. Your machine
should reboot as normal and the problem should vanish. If it
does not, it would appear your drive or machine is faulty
after all but I'm fairly confident that this is the problem.
Important: please be careful and follow the steps above to the letter. If any changes are made to the partitions other than the MaxTransfer value, AmigaDOS will not be pleased and you may lose your entire hard drive contents!
A3000 CD-ROM I have a few ques- tions I would like to ask :
1. When I load your cover disk Dpaint V (October 941 on my A3000
with 3Mb, I get the message: Can t open graptv ics.library
v37‘. I can't get around this problem. Please help!!
2. Can I include a SCSI-2 CD- ROM into the A3000, that will
enable me to run CD32 titles?
3. Do I need a new ROM for WB3?
4. What is the best PC emulator around?
Josette Khairallah Beirut I A3: The graphics library V37 and above, resides in the HUM of 2,x machines and abate, .Vince you are running an A3000 il seems likely lhal you are either selecting the IJ kick start option from early startup or booting from a 1.3 super Kickstart Q&fl disk when you should hr hooting from the provided 2.0 kick start disk. This is related to your third question. There's a difference between hick start and Workbench. Kickslart is your ROM revision whereas the Workbench is just the software that runs under it. In order to upgrade, you will need an A3000 OS3.I upgrade kit
which includes the ROMs for the A3000.
2: This would give your machine greater compatibility with current software but you still wouldn't have the AGA chip-set required in many CD32 games. Connecting a SCSI CDROM drive to the A3000 is a piece of cake and works nicely though you’ll need some driver software like the PD Ami-CDFS.
4: PC-Task. Check out the review in this issue.
Internet help ®l hope to buy a modem or Extra memory (4Mb) in the near future and I would like some advice.
(a) I only use a portable TV set as a monitor, would this be any
good for internet access? My reasoning is that if the 'net
is mainly aimed at Pcs the screen resolution may be too high
for my TV causing either difficulty in reading or (horror
of horrors) flickety-flicking screen flicker I can't afford
to pay £300 or thereabouts for a multi-sync monitor on top of
buying a modem.
(b) Would accessing the internet use up a huge chunk of my
memory? Would I need extra memory before buying a modem ?
(c) If I buy extra memory. I gather from previous Q&As that I
may run into power supply problems and will probably need a
beefier PSU. My Hard Dnve takes its power from the external
floppy port. However, as I own a small universal AC DC
variable power adaptor which can supply anything from 3 to 12
volts, can I use this to power my hard drive thus removing
the need for a better PSU?
Matthew Sutton.
(a) Internet software itself has no requirements as far as screen
modes go. However, some of the clients run under the internet
software may not work very well with a PAL 640x256 type
screen but they will still work. It’s worth noting that in
order to use PC type resolutions, all that's required is a PC
type VGA monitor and the ECS or AGA chip set. You didn 7
mention your computer type at all. If it’s an ECS or AGA
machine, you can use Productivity and DHIJ*al n respectively.
They work fine on the cheap VGA monitors but normal PAL which
game and hardware banging applications will output
regardless, will not work. That's where your TV comes in.
(b) The only real internet software is AmiTCP and it doesn’t
require too much memory but then some of the support software
(clients) may be more hungry on the old spare bytes.
For example, A Mosaic for Web browsing is pretty hungry. FTP, mail and news clients don't have special requirements though. It may all work in the slock 2Mb of a 1200 albeit more slowly. Certainly extra memory is not needed just to use a modem.
(c) Adding extra memory is unlikely to cause power supply
problems unless it's a 6X030 accelerator and you have a hard
drive installed internally. We suspect you meant your
internal floppy power connector and you have an A600I200. If
you are using power from that connector with a splitter cable
and you have a 3J~ HD this is indeed more hungry on power
than the 2J" units in general If power problems do arise, we
recommend Daiel'% Goliath power supply (price: £44 99, tel
01792 744797,.
Your plug pack u of mo mu ad since it doesn i have the necessary Image FX memory I have installed Image FX (cover ' disks 108 & 109)
• on my Amiga 600s hard drive. but it will not boot from the
hard drive I get a failed return code message every time.
Peter Collins.
Irish Republic You don 7 really give enough information here especially relating to what your system consists of. There’s no way you could load I mage FX in a stock I Mb A600 so this is most likely the problem. ImageFX could just about be coaxed to work in 2Mb of memory with more making it useful Directory Opus reader answer In answer to Mrs Harwood of I* Shropshire in July's CU AMIGA, there is an easy way to add your own on - line help to give you the necessary information for your own buttons The help screen for your button has to be tied to either a button or a menu item II you are going
to use buttons it makes sense to have the help function accessed via the right mouse button, perhaps with a button called ' Help.
Here I describe the menu method as it offers greater flexibility, and saves on those buttons This method bypasses the Opus method of using the Help or ?’ keys, and instead makes use of the little used custom menu options Here's the method : 1 You have a program called Lottery for which you have provided a button. For some reason you can’t remember just what this program does You need on-line help (You actually need a lot more help than that, but that's different matter altogether' I 2 Launch the Opus Configuration program by clicking on the 3 Once you've done that click on the ~Menus'
4 Click on the next available title bar - top row - if you haven't fid- dted with the menus before it'll be the one next to the Type a name. I.e 'Utils-Help' in the requester This name appears as the title for the menu 5 Now dick m the next field below the new title bar and you wil see a screen that is the same as the button set-up screen, only it is for menu items. It works in the same way In the name field type in ‘Lottery' (or whatever the name of your program is) and press the return key The name appears in the small window.
6 Now this IS the sneaky bit Click on the New Entry' button.
You now see a cycle gadget called 'Command', it's next to the small icon button of a magnifying glass. Leave it just as it is. Instead click on the magnifying glass button. You are presented with a requester listing available Opus commands. Scroll down the list until you come to a command called notify'. Text beside it tells you that it a notification requester Don't worry about that. Just click on the 'Notify' command itself.
The word 'Notify' will appear in the string gadget to the right of the magnifying glass. Click in the string field and make sure you have moved the little cursor block to the end of the word. Use the mouse or arrow keys Now with the cursor to the right of the letter y press the space bar. This is very important! You must have a space after the word Notify' (without the quotation marks).
7 Now type in the text that you want to appear in your screen. You are limited to about 250 characters or so before Opus complains.
Here's how the general format of your text string should appear in the config window : Notify randomly generates the wrong Lottery Numbers.
Okay , now press the return key. Your Commands and text jumps to the window above the string gadget. If you wish to re- edit the text, simply click on the text that has now appeared in the window. It will re-appear in the string gadget.
Important! Please notice the space after the Notify command and before your text begins in the string gadget. Your text doesn't have to be in quotes .
If you are typing a lot of text you will have to use the left and right arrow keys to scroll through the message Tip: use the shift and arrow keys together to jump to the beginning or end of a text string.
8 Now click on the 'Okay' button.
9. You are returned to the main Menu config. Screen Where you
should see an item called Lottery' under the menu title bar
'Utils- Help' Click on the Okay' button of this screen .
10. You are returned to the main Opus Config screen. Click on the
’Save' button. Then click on the Okay' button. You are
returned to the actual Opus screen. Your online help is now
accessible from the right button menus at the top of the
screen as in workbench Now whenever you need help info on a
particular button it's simply a menu selection away. Just
give the menu item the same name as the button itself and you
can't go wrong.
I hope this helps anyone out there who is still wondering what that button marked 'X2IFF - db' they set up in the instructions, actually does?
NO SAES PLEASE We regret that we cannot respond to readers' queries by post or over the phone. Please do not include stamped addressed envelopes with your letters, as we simply don't have time to answer the thousands we receive. Responses are only possible through the pages of the magazine.
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Offer closes 30th September 1996 Source code lAth Note Zone I Middle East. Africa. USA, South America. Hong Kong. Singapore. Pakistan Indonesia. Zone 2 Australia. China. Japan. Pacilic BACKCHAT Letter of the month CD32 value The one and only CU Amiga Magazine Backchatl If It was bald it would be Clive James; if it was Irish it would be Terry Wogan; if it was on radio it would be called talkback heaven. But it's right here, so send your letters to Backchat, CU Amiga Magazine, Priory Court, London EC1R 3AU or Email us at Backchat@cu-amiga.demon.co.uk. Now we know that ESCOM are going to continue
with the CD32 does that mean software houses will continue to support this machine? Or with the gap of two years since its arrival on the UK scene, has the machine been surpassed by the Big Boys, namely Sony's PlayStation.
Sega's Saturn etc. The PlayStation and Saturn are both 32-bit, same as the CD32. So they are all now on a level playing field where technology is concerned. If so does it really matter, the CD32 has been tested for two years and has a bigger software collection. Not to mention the machine's cheaper price: it can be bought for less than £200 with loads of games etc. I bought my CD32 a year ago by sheer luck at a local games shop on the way to the pub. For £150 with two games thrown in. It's now connected to a 37“ TV Home cinema setup.
The machine is also the mainstay of my CD music collection and when needed is unplugged and connected up to my Amiga 1200 as a CD ROM set-up using a Ser-net link-up (a bit slow through the serial port, but works ).
I advise people out there to snap up a CD32 now for little or no money. I don't see the point of spending £350 on the other machines when in a couple of years they will be surpassed by the new 64- bit technology that is on the drawing boards at Nintendo. There is a void in the games market which the CD32 should fit into especially with its all round performance and cheap price.
Snookered Arcade Snooker on the cover disk is brilliant.
Something to help pass the time as I have now finished my 'A levels. Although this is a brilliant game some of the rules are wrong though. After potting the last red, the game goes straight into potting colours without the chance to pot an optional colour. I am also disappointed with the lack of save game as well. I cannot also get more than two players in the player selection screen to play in a group of.
For example, four two teams of two players. I suggest that you commission team 17 to write a patch which will be available on a future cover disk which will solve these problems.
Andrew Clarke Doncaster.
Glad you liked the disk Andrew . Team 17 have said they will look into a patch I we asked them even before receiving your letter), hut they did point out that it was 'Arcade' snooker, which apparently gives them the right lo make up any rules they likeI As for the save game option the biggest problem lies in the way the disk is formatted, but once again they 'might' look al it.
More PC bashing fun For PC write CB. Of the numerous people I know who have changed their Amigas for Pcs. I know of only two who are using them for serious applications. Talk about using a hammer to crack a walnut! Most people do not realise they are being conned. Of course sales people will tell you they are just what you need but there's an already increasing second-hand PC market so they can’t be that good. I guarantee the bottom will drop out of the PC boom within the next 18 months.
As for internet, we are talking CB spectacular I am all for communication and the trading of ideas but 90% of Cyberspace is occupied by sad 'raincoats’. And some of the more stupid elements are playing right into the hands of the very people who would just love to gain control over what is potentially the ultimate democratic tool.
I intend to try and ride out Commodore UK’s difficulties. The A1200 is still a fantastic machine, capable of almost everything a PC can do and in a much more user-friendly way.
It is a shame about the lack of educational software though However, if Escom can do it right and get back a supposedly lost market market who knows what the future holds.
I do have another worry though. Escom have recently opened a new and large shop in Lincoln. Ah, I thought. I thought I’d pop along and get them to answer some questions about what I need to upgrade. But hey. They don't sell Amigas. Nor are they going to. Escom are selling Amigas through the high street retailer ie Dixons. Currys etc. Is there a legal reason for this or am I right in my cynical suspicion that they may not have as much faith in the relaunch of the Amiga as they profess?
Trevor Jones Lincoln Fair enough Mr Jones. Bui, er, what does CB stand for. Don't worry ... we probably couldn't print it anyway. Apparently the reason why Amigas are not being sold through Escom stores is that if they were then these would be the only outlets. Dixons. Currys etc would simply refuse to take them because of fear or in-house undercutting from Escom.
Thank you I have an unexpanded A1200 with a few extras like an external drive and a few other bits and bobs. I have followed Commodore since the age of six when I purchased the old faithful Vic
20. I then upgraded to a C64 , then a A500 and now this little
brute - an Al 200.1 have also been buying your magazine for
some four years now and I must state that your magazine is
the best magazine around for good, reliable advice I have
written this letter (which was produced using Wordsworth!
To compliment you on the July issue of your mag. It was the
best buy yeti The FULL game of Arcade Snooker was excellent
because I am a bit of a snooker fan myself so well done on
bringing us that one. Of course compliments must go out to
Team 17 as well for making it. Then I took a look at Adorage
2.0.1 was very impressed as I am also an animation fan and
was looking around for a decent package to mess around on.
You solved that Then I realised that you had also included a
database program which I thrive on. I have databases on
everything but have been a little restricted by using the
databases on Pen Pal which is good but not as good as
Powerbase The point that I would like to make is .... KEEP IT
UP! The July issue was one of the best issues that I have
purchased from you Richard Donnellan Oldham Blimey! Cheers!
Baldies problem part two With reference to the letter printed from Mr G Cooke Back Chat. July ’95) and your rather condescending reply. I too have experienced trouble with the Baldies demo. When I click on the icon. I get disc activity, I follow the prompts and like Mr Cook I end up with a perfectly empty disc entitled baldies demo. On my last go it wrote a DMS file to my RAM disc, after I had inserted a blank disk, as asked and the program then hung up. I can't have another go because I've written over my cover disk yes an over sight not to have write protected it ). Not write
protecting the cover disk isn't the point, the point is that it wouldn't unpack Baldies to a blank disk ... just like Mr Cook said!!! Some where there’s a cockup.
And it ain’t at the consumers end Rob Taylor Cheshire Again, we've looked into this and il seems lhat on all of the Amigas we've tried lour office and home machinest. Using the cover disks offfive separate copies of the magazine we didn’t come across your problem - until we mistakenly un-DMSed the Baldies disk to itself There's no doubt that compression can be a real headache, but a necessary one Not very pleasance After reading in August issue of one particular mag that Escom are not considering the future of two great men. Namely Mr Pleasance and Mr. Proudfoot of Commodore UK. Can I say I
am very gutted and upset After all they have done to keep Amiga alive this last year Escom are tossing them away like bad coins. I think it is selfish and unfair. In my eyes Escom have just earned themselves one angry Amiga user ... I would like to take this chance and say to Mr D.P C.P I wish you all the luck in the world.
If I'd won the lottery six months ago I would have invested it in your confidence.
Antony Hinks Portsmouth.
Where's Powerbase?
I am a recent owner of an A1200. When I saw Powerbase on your July 96 mag I bought your mag for the first time. The article on setting the d b was concise and straightforward, full marks. However, when I got the August edition of CU the follow up tutorial was missing. Why were we misled and when will the promised PowerBase tutorials appear?
AP Taylor Gwent.
Aha. Mr. Taylor, you're right there. Thu was part oversight and part deliberate. The final sentence.
"more details next month ", does indeed lead one to believe that we intended to run a tutorial And we did mean to. Unfortunately you will also notice that Andy Leaning's ProCalc tutorial ran to three pages in August and two pages this month. We can only devote a certain amount of space to ‘business' style tutorials but this will be rectified next month because we've told Leaning to shove off to his new PC magazine I PC Review) with his financud packages and his MS-DOS and leave some space for promised articles for .loyal readers like yourself Many apologies.
EU Amiga Magazine I own an A500 with GVP HD8 and 3Mb Ram and would like to know how much the buyout of this firm will affect the price of Simms for this hard disk. I last saw that they were pnced at £39.99 for 1Mb. I really would like to upgrade and two more Simms into my hard disk.
Also, the Ecsom buyout of Commodore has made a dramatic change for the Amiga, so shouldn’t the name of your Magazine be changed to EU Amiga?
Alvin Pon Surrey 7mi alors! The official Amiga magazine of the
F. uropean Union. We hadn't thought of that! On the subject of
your SIMMs the buyout of GVP shouldn't effect their price at
all. We haven't got a HDH here in the office but land we could
stand corrected on this, though I doubt it) it uses 30 pin
SIMMs which are freely available from most dealers. Try Silica
on 10181 309 llll).
Why don't you?
Got something to say? Then jot it down and send it to us at CU Amiga Magazine, 30*32 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU or Email us at backchat(u)cu*amiga demon co uk.
TEAM TALK The hot weather and some mysterious power surges have been causing our machines to crash.
Here are some of the horror stories ... ALAN DYKES My Amiga didn’t crash so me, it crashed sa Mu. Ok fist snoey evening mi aatrgodeaa tneod left MY Amiga pledged ie and loaning The fallowing mereieg he Chne in and Ike hard driya had aryslerirxrsly head renamed Dora' and aeerythiag had heel lest Spooky ah? I ms MT happy.
USA COLUNS My mishap was a a real hammer. There I was alaymg away with Rritai Paws 01 Tnry. Redraw setting it. When nee el ear wart eiperieece lads aaglagged the AAIOIs monitor. When I plugged it hack ia (after giving him a beating) the machine had mysterieesly re set aad I had ta start ai agaia! Agggh1 TONY HORGAN I'm writing this on Man s machine hecaese mme has new beea twaad all This is a goad thiag hecaasa Tm afl ta saaay Sgaia ia the maraiai aad Tm anly wntrag thrs becanso Man forced ma to Nothing at all went wrong with my machwe this month ia fact So hah! Ta the res! Ef yea MAT
BETTINSON Alter Alan's hard drive fiasco my machine gate d at least IN bam Pfhde I was writing the fig review, while I was wribng the CD-ROM reviews, while I was glaring networked Gloom, and 17 more times I II wager H I even look at it sideways it gates The Goliath has helped thaagh HELEN DANBY There I was toavertmg screenshots ea the ASM whoa it saddealy slagged wortang. I had gatahent 12 done when the lights went oat Alan, who was behind the monitor at the lima was gaick to diagnose the prahlem: "ah.
Was frrilbo SMI's pom, topply JOHN KENNEDY N was sa hot this maath that area the Ganaeess wab arte canid not cool me down I dea l actsady remember any one instance of my Amiga crashing, so go away and stag annoying me with silly gaesboos I always look alter my Amiga so it never crashes. (Yeah, we believe yea Asha).
NEXT MONTH CU Amiga Magazine Jctober 1995 r Maximum Megabytes!
With the arrival of the Zip and the functionality of the now veteran Squirrel the whole world of mass storage media is opened up to Amiga users. Next month we'll have the biggest ever round-up of Amiga compatible storage devices, showing you the best value and the biggest capacity internal and external drives available GET MORE BYTES FOR YOUR BUCKSI Plus: Network Reality We examine new on-line games, play serial and modem Gloom in a dark room and check out a new local area networking device that could spice up your life.
Previously confined to Tequila bottles, gardens and young pets' digestive tracts, next month you should find Worms in all the top games stores and on your Amiga. This unlikely successor to Lemmings, Cannon Fodder and Tanks (er, remember the Vic 20?) Goes on release in October and we'll have a chance to see if the hype reflects reality. If it does, then this could be the most essential purchase of 1995.
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? Please reserve me a copy of CU Amiga Magazine every month from now on -1 don’t want to miss it ever again Well, not until further notice anyway My name is ..... My address is . PS If you don’t like filling in forms, just pop in and ask them to reserve it CU Amiga Magazine reserves the right to change any of the above advertised features or cover ¦ disks if they become
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IJYI56 a JT155 Mm Yankee aas&ui, (nol 800 o 200| ASSAULT.
Stcei Leaoje Manager Vvhte Knight 7 WfcWeY nO.diJ, rifS FI9SM F117A F29 POINTS OF VIEW Slow and Steady a Looses the Race "We will sell no wine before its time." "A watched kettle never boils." "Don't put the cart before the horse." Any of these cliches that could describe the current state of Amiga affairs says Jason Compton from across the Atlantic.
Omiga Technologies, just as their parent Escom did before them for months before the Commodore auction, is playing the Amiga hand very close to their vest. With the exception of the May 30th press conference with less than one hundred attendees. And a brief flurry of broad- languaged press releases in the first three weeks after the auction. The word has been "Wait and see" from the new owners I understand their reluctance to blurt out wild promises. After all.
They're getting the baggage of Commodore, a house very much in disarray. They're being screamed at left and right, to make this decision and that, to develop this technology and that, and above all not to screw up like Commodore did. But so far. Very- few decisions have been made.
The most essential, restarting production of the 4000T and 1200.
Has been made, and the small staff of engineers in the US are scrambling to do just that So.
We know where we are. But we don't know where we're going No solid decisions have been made on a future technology direction No marketing plans have been launched. In fact, even the largely touted 030 upgrade for the A1200 is still a cloudy issue, as Jeff Frank, head of engineering for Amiga Technologies, has gone on record as saying that the first A1200s built will be bog standard.
It's all timing Amiga Technologies has its reasons. Repeatedly, the response to requests for more information is the same. "We need time."
Whatever time I have to give is theirs I don't expect them to have the cure-all machine tomorrow morning. But while they work, the world needs to know what they are working on They almost had the idea at their Frankfurt press conference. But by the admission of Gilles Bourdin, PR Marketing director for Amiga Technologies, the conference was too hurried, resulting in the relatively low turnout. Some visionary ideas tor marketing were shared, but have not been acted upon. No new licensees have been announced since Viscorp. A US-based set-top box company, surfaced in May.
This has all added up to low visibility for Amiga Technologies. We need an event. Something that will grab not only the attention ot Amiga users worldwide, but will make the computer market as a whole pause and take notice However, what was gobsmack- ing yesterday is old news today But Amiga Technologies has. In a way. Addressed this problem by coming up with a new box to put the Amiga 4000T in. But once you get past the frosting, it's still the same cake-ancl that cake will only last so long.
Make a choice The answer is simple. Build a team that can evaluate the state of the Amiga's technology. Then make a choice: Either develop Commodore’s AAA chipset.
Commodore's 3DR1SC chip, both, or neither. Of course, with a projected staff of fifty people, including secretaries, administrators, certification engineers and tea boys, there's only so much space for engineers. Every time this is pointed out to an Amiga Technologies representative, the response is the same -''strategic partnerships " Fine, let's see some-more than just getting a Scala rep on stage for you to say how great the Amiga is. Fly some engineers out to Germany as consultants. Has Amiga Technologies addressed this issue? Sort of.
Recently, a third-party developers meeting was sponsored by Escom and Amiga Technologies, bringing some of the big-name German companies in for a chat, among them: MacroSystem of DraCo. Retina, and V-Lab Motion fame, Phase5, the makers of the CyberSlorm. CyberVision. And Blizzard, and Village Tronic, known for their Picasso II graphics card and as the publishers of Amiga OS 3.1. The outcome of this meeting has not been disclosed yet. But I have been told by a Phase5 employee that the meeting was "largely for Manfred Schmitt [President CEO majority owner of Escom|'s benefit lo see who has
vision." An admirable cause But when do these visionary companies get a developer support team or an online developer support network in Amiga Technologies?
Do it now When will Amiga Technologies hold its first Amiga convention?
Surely, David Pleasance and Colin Proudfoot could offer some tips Alex Amor's plan for a United States Amiga show has been received by Amiga Technologies, but has not been committed to.
And Amiga Technologies has already declined to attend the two North American Amiga shows that were held this summer Too many question marks make for an uncomfortable situation Amiga Technologies needs to prioritise the answers to these questions and whatever they do. They had better start doing it. Do it now, and do it right. ¦ Jason Compton is Editor in Chief of the American based Amiga Report magazine.
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The CD-ROM dnva comet mtt a SCSI nterface. PSU. Menaal. Andao lead, mains lead and to**aa*e which ndudes Audio CO. CO 12 Emulator, MPEG Film Otcoder and Hup CD.
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VIPER 50 BARE ...£199.95 VIPER 50 2MB ....£279.95 VIPER 50 4MB ....£349.95 VIPER 50 8MB ....£479.95 VIPER 50 16MB ...£649.95 nper co-processor FPU's complete with crystal. Please state for Blizzard compatibility.
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S Pity as a team or in position.
I "Player Manager 2 is verging on unmissable. Everything you'd ever need in this type of game is included. The original Player Manager was 02% suPerb *iut •his surpasses it in every way imaginable! Totally RATED recommended for all Amiga owners." Amiga Action 92% "The tactics editor is nothing short of amazing... Player Manager 2 has great depth and lastability... Anco have produced a second game Worthy of the name Player Manager. Realism, lastability and playability were the hallmarks of the original and PM2 has upped the stakes." CU Amiga 86% "It's here now and its been worth the wait...
Take the playability that wowed games from Kick Off 2 and add practically every dimension of football management and you've got Player Manager 2." CV6 85% "The most in depth and exciting management game ever" Match Magazine "If you want a serious statistical football game with plenty of thrills then Player Manager 2 comes top of the list" Amiga Computing 94% PC CD ROM: £29.99 OUT - 19th JULY "On the field or off, there isn't A I a game that can touch Player Manager 2" - U MULE D I M t n ib -I I I I PH§':- ¦ EEL I §4. Jj Published by Aneo Software Ltd. Unit 7 Millside Industrial Estate. Lawson
Road. Dartford. Kent DAI 5BH Tel: 01322 292513 Fax: 01322 293422.
Screenshots are illustrative of gameplay only and may vary from format to format. Requires a joystick.
OVER TO THE PANEL.. j y "Player Manager 2 It verging on uoaissable- in this type of game is included. The original 92° su er a ,*lis !“rPJ!!e’ '*in ,,,rT **' '¦*¦ RATED recommended for all Amiga owner*.' AMIGA "The tactics editor is nothing short of amazing... Player Mm*- : *“ fM and lastability... Anco have produced a second game worthy of Ika naan Manager. Realism, lastability and playability were the hallmarks r1 -»• PM2 has upped the stakes." CU Amiga 86% "It's here now and it’s been worth the wait... Take the playafclmo ** from Kick Off 2 and add practically every dimension of
foothall got Player Manager 2.” CV6 *5% I DUT- 19th JH a qame that can touch Player Manager 2” - CV5, ‘ U MULE D !¦ PC CD ROM: £29.99 _ "The most in depth and exciting management game ever "If you want a serious statistical football game with plenty of I Manager 2 comes top of the list" Amiga Computing 94% ial Estate. Lawson Road. Dartford. Kent DAI 5BH To! 01322 2925’ 3 *' mepiay only and may vary from format to format a joytu.* - 1 Why anyone would wont Ito degrade their AMIGA lto ploy o speccy gome is 'beyond me! You get over 500 oil time classics, plus all the emulators you need to
plunge into nostalgia!_ 2 ‘includes Thai are usage are need-

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