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The One for Amiga Games, in mid June 1995. The latest casualty of the downturn in Amiga fortunes was first published eight years ago as a multi-format title for Amiga, Atari ST and PC. It split into two separate magazines for Amiga and ST in the early nineties before becoming famous as a single format Amiga games magazine. Notorious for its irreverent humour, originality and its journalist's liberal use of words like cack. Pants and arse to describe games, readers opinions and anything else that happened to be on their minds. The One's publication was suspended "due to conditions in the Amiga games market”, according to a wise old accountant in Emap’s headquarters. However, eager as always to keep things going land hopefully re-launch the magazine at a later and more favourable date), CU Amiga Magazine will be incorporating The One Amiga into some of our pages from now on. Matt Broughton, ex-deputy editor of the illustrious organ has joined our staff as Games Consultant and will have a regular column keeping you informed of developments in the games market and spicing up our news section with inside information, as well as reviewing games and re-introducing, due to popular demand, a games tips section in CU Amiga Magazine. In case you wonder what happens to old Amiga magazine staff when their mag finally goes to bed we'll tell you. Andy Nuttall. A regular contributor to this magazine and The One's editor has moved to Bullfrog to work in games development. Another regular contributor to CU and The One's former reviews editor, Harry Attrill, has moved to a similar position on a PC games magazine called, funnily enough, PC Games and which, by strange coincidence, is edited by a former The One editor David Upchurch. Harry will also continue to contribute to CU Amiga Magazine because although he's a splitting swine like Andy Leaning, deep down he still loves the Amiga.

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Document sans nom TROUBLESHOOTER!
Your Amiga problems blown away WORTH £50!
And packed with extra utilities 30% faster... 110% better animations dwbTjJm yj C£2il
i) Lliilji J Phew! Dpaint 5 at last!
Fastest ever Amiga: 4000 60 with CyberVision graphics » I MM3M mECmEwmBM aiigusi ms mil ¦ ussr.as ¦ cash ¦ !!«¦ PIAI.1SIIB 1116(111 ¦ ASCH1 Next Day £5.00 2-3 Days £2.50 Saturday £ 10.00 Deliveries are subject to stock availability Allow up to 7 days for cheques to clear m!
EPHONE 0 1234 273000 POWER COMPUTING LTD 44a b Stanley St. Bedford MK4I 7RW Tel 01234 273000 Fax 01234 3522 VIPER VIPER 68030 ¦ 68030 40MHz RC or 50MHz RC with MMU, RAM upto 128MB, FPU-PGA only.
Bare 40MHz £229.00 40MHz-4MB £379.00 40MHz-8MB £499.00 Bare 50MHz £249.00 50MHz-4MB £399.00 VIPER 68030 SERIES |
• RAM Up to 8MB (Viper 1) 128MB (Viper 2)
• Full Kickstart Remapping
• Optional SCSI-II adaptor
• On-board battery backed clock 68882 Co-processor
• Instruction and data burst modes Viper-I 28MHz Viper-I 33-42MHz
PGA PLCC, FPU upto 50MHz PGA PLCC, FPU upto 50MHz Bare Board
...£115.95 Bare Board ...£169.95 4MB Viper ... .£249.95 4MB
Viper ... .£299.95 8MB Viper £399.95 8MB Viper £439.95 Viper-2
28MHz ¦Bar-2 40MHz EC PLCC only, FPU upto 40MHz PLCC only, FPU
upto 40MHz Bare Board ...£135.95 Bare Board ..,£199.95 4MB
Viper .. . £269.95 4MB Viper ... .£329.95 8MB Viper £41 9.95
8MB Viper £469.95 PVIper Co-proces Options 28MHz FPU £25
SCSI-II Adaptor____£79 33MHz FPU £50 4MB SIMM £139 40MHz
FPU £70 8MB SIMM £299 50MHz FPU (PGA) .£100 Other SIMMS .
. . £POA POWER 1208
• A1200 RAM board
• PCMCIA friendly Hi
• Uses 1 x 32 SIMM
• Amiga Format Gold award
• Expand upto 8MB 2mb £139.00
4mb £189.00 8mb £329.00 SUPER XL
DRIVFS The Super XL Drive allows you to store 3.5MB on a high
density disk.
EXT. SUPER XL £129.95 The XL Drive allows you to store
1. 76MB on a high density disk. No case cutting on A4000
EXTERNAL XL £89.95 INTERNAL XL .£84.95 A4000 INTERNAL XL . .£84.95 POWER DRIVE ¦ The Power Drive now includes Blitz Amiga and Floppy Expander, free.
Floppy Expander allows you to compress files on floppy disks by up to 50%. Other features include: Anti- Click, Anti-Virus, Isolation Switch, 2 Year Warranty, Thru’port, Cyclone Compatible Chip, Backup Hardware and Blitz Compatible feature.
EXTERNAL ...£49.95 CYCLONE S W ONLY . .£ I 0.00 INTERNAL DRIVES ¦ ' Our internal drives use the same drive mechanisms as the Amiga to ensure complete compatibility.
PC88I A500 ...£30.95 PC882 A2000 ..£30.95 PC883 A600 1200 ......£35.95 Ccoolew w«n Crpsui. Bltzzaro Board comprtOle All products have a 12 month warranty unless otherwise specified Trade and Educational orders welcome - Worldwide distribution available Al peces rdude VAT. Spetfeabcns ind prices ire streetM rhirje wlhcul recce, il trademarks are irkro-tMgel AJ orders r writing cr tr» telephone »4( be accepted r*r a4)*fct to o-r tenra and ccxdlcn of trade. Topes c£wfr*d1* z«ai a£4e free of cnarge cc 'tqjec LTD 41 7RW I I 35220 Del TELEPHONE 01234 273000 leo Dac 18-bit is a
graphics card which allows the Amiga to display 262,144 colours simultaneously. The software can display images or animations created and saved with any other 24-bit program.
Video Dac 18-bit plugs externally into the RGB connector with thru’ port capabilities, allowing the use of digitizers such as Videon, or a genlock recording with your VCR any image you created in 262,144 colours.
¦ A500 68020EC Video Dac 18-bit is able to split the screen and display images animations at different resolutions or colours at the same time.
ACEEX MODEMS Next Day £5.00 2-3 Days £2.50 Saturday £10.00 livenes are subject to stock availability Alio* up to 7 days for cheques to clear A500 accelerator board which inludes a 68020 EC processor, with an option to install a 68881 68882 (PLCC or PGA) co-processor.
This board is fully auto-config.
A500 68020 EC .....£99 A500 68020 EC 4MB £239 The A4000 Tower case comes complete with six
5. 25" drive bays, real time clock, seven Zorro slots, five PC
slots and includes a 230 watt power supply unit.
TOWER A4000 ....£329 m VIDEODAC £39.95 HISOFT PRODUCTS ¦ POWER COMPUTING LTD 44a b Stanley St. Bedford MK4I 7RW Tel 01234 273000 Fax 01234 352207 Medium Res: 320 x 256 PAL * 320 x 200 NTSC High Res: 320x 512 PAL 320 x 400 NTSC Overscan: 384 x 576 PAL 334 x 482 NTSC Max Res: 768 x 576 PAL 668 x 482 NTSC All resolutions display 262,144 colours The free bundled software saves your images in the following formats: IFF, IFF24, RGB and Anim, plus a series of dirhcring modes to enhance the overall quality of the images.
SQUIRREL SCSI INTERFACE Connect SCSI pcrphicrak £59.95 ex Fax Modems feature: Full Haynes patiblity, error detection * correction, cable and manuals included, Ncomm Telecommunications software, Auto dial. Auto ar.twer and leased line support.
ACEEX v32 BIS 14,400 bps £ I 39 ACEEX v32 BIS FastFax 28,800 bps £229 TRAPFAX Fax Modem Software . . .£49 AURA 12J 16-bit direct- to -disk sampler A600 1200 .....£79.95 MEGALOSOUND 8-bit direct- to -disk sampler, all Amiga’s......£29.95 VIDEOMASTER AGA Realtime video with sound + stills A600 1200 £59.95 VIDEOMASTER AGA RGB VideoMaster AGA plus ColourMaster .£99.95 VIDEOMASTER Realtime video with sound * stills A500 A500* . . . .£52.95 VIDEOMASTER RGB VideoMaster plus ColourMaster A500 A500* £89.95 Not BT Approved COLOURMASTER RGB splitter for VideoMaster .....£52.95 PROMIDI
INTERFACE Amiga Midi interface ......£ I 9.95 GRAPHIC SYSTEMS GENLOCKS DIGITIZERS 3A FLICKERFIXER ScanDoublcr II is a full 24-bit AGA Flicker fixer for the Amiga 4000. It automatically dc- terlaces all AGA screen modes and scan-doubles
• on-interlaced PAL NTSC modes to allow i’GA monitors to display
them. Supports VGA wily, S-VGA and Multiscan monitors. Pixel
fcirp picture, even at 1440 horizontal resolution md has a
standard 15 pin VGA type connector.
Zomes with composite video S-VHS outputs.
SCANDOUBLER II £399 TANDEM CD-DE rhis card allows you to connect a CD-ROM PR to your Amiga 2000 3000 4000, Syqucst L5" and IDE HD’s. Complete with cables, oftware and manual. ROM 2.04 or above.
TANDEM CD-DE CARD £69 VGA ADAPTOR ..*..£15 Maxigen 2 is a very high quality genlock for over-laying graphics onto VHS or SVHS. Full hardware fades, colour composition controls and excellent keying quality.
MAXIGEN 2 Genlock £299.95 AGA FLICKER FIXER ICTOGEN SCSI 2 SCSI-2 controller card for the Amiga 1500 4000 Upgradable to 8MB of RAM.
OCTOGEN 2008 .£129 Picasso II is a 24-bit graphics card offering true rctargctablc graphics on any Zorro based Amiga. Picasso resolutions are available from the standard ScrcenModes program, all useable by OS friendly programs. The new Chunky option offers incredible speed with a 256 Workbench which is many times faster than AGA! All screens are stored in fast RAM, removing 2MB Chip RAM limitations. PicassoMode allows the creation of custom screens quickly and simply. Picasso II comes with TVPaint Junior and drivers for ImageFX. AdPro, ImagcMastcr, Real 3D and GIF, IFF, JPEG and MPEG
viewers. Also included is the MainActor animation program.
PICASSO II .£299.95 WITH TV PAINT 2.0 £329.95 PABLO Video Encoder . .£ 1 29.95 Name Address Postcode System Owned Description Total Amount (inc. Delivery) £ Credit Card No.
Payable to Power Computing Ltd Signature Expiry Dale Delivery 2 - 3 Days £2.50 Next Day £5 Sat £10 Minimum Delivery £2.50 All products have a 12 month warranty unless otherwise specified Trade and Educational orders welcome - Worldwide distribution available t'X** i*kW VAT Spcofatcre md pnees ire ujmci to change »ithou now* 4* xkW*V4 M AJ trim n O' Idephxe t* accepted oW to x l*nro ac»3 coxKc* d ccpet 0* «*Kh m 4ee ot chaige on request contents CU AMIGA MAGAZINE • AUGUST 1995 Games Public Domain
• PD Scene 89 PREVIEW REVIEWS There’s a lot of game* this month,
which means lass swirly demos than our Tech Ed would like, but
there's still a lot of quality for very little money.
93 e PD Utilities 38 e Primal Rage ht, thisTlaving talked to A familiar sight, this.
Probe last month, we take a closer look at the game itself.
• Player Manager 2 Above average management sim evFM 58 The Ishar
series gets the compilation treatment. Alan's favourite time
wasters, Syndicate and Cannon Fodder are reviewed, plus On The
Ball World Cup and Flashback 42 e Colonization Create a new
world and subjugate an indigenous race. Not very PC but top
Sensible Golf Very sensible indeed. Cannon Fodder on the golf course.
E Time Keepers 54 An unusual and engaging arcade puzzle game from Vulcan software.
Clarissa 2.0 8 Convert your animations into silky smooth movies with this amazing fully- featured program. Professional editing features are included to turn your Amiga into an animation workstation!
Multi CX 9 One of the boat Workbench utilities to appear In years, MuttiCX has a string of useful tricks up its sleeves.
You'll wonder how you ever got by without it!
§U@3W ter12 Can you beat the mighty Honda while playing a bum-baring martial arts I nymphette? Well have a go with this completely exclusive demo featuring Cammy (as played by Kylie Minogue in the movie version) and E. Honda.
Really trfffl ‘US ban.. 1M% tetter* iiiafii; Hblnkin;.
! KctltntK tcnm cycle mi more .
¦TlVirtT- 95 t CD Production Get Serious Apollo 1220 76 A1200 budget accelerator put through its paces.
Under powered accelerator, over powered RAM board or somewhere in between?
Mega Mouse Plus 76 Successor to the Mighty Mega Mouse, this high- res rodent turns lab rat.
• CD-Product ion 35 With the increasing numbers of Cds available,
and all that space (650Mb) to fill up, we take a look at how
these read only disks are produced and what they are capable
I Dpaint V The long awaited latest version of the most famous paint package ever. Is it a significant improvement or an out of date classic?
E CyberVision 24-bit graphics 70 The latest and perhaps greatest of the third party video boards, the CyberVision is a true 64- bit video engine. Does it shape up? Will this be the future Amiga's display card?
E Cyberstorm 68060 71 The fastest Amiga accelerator ever and touted by Amiga Technologies as due for inclusion in the new 4000 060. Here lies the future and the future is faaaaast!
National Lottery Predictors 79 A look at software that promises to give you a secret edge to pull of the multi-million jackpot.
Techno-plus Joypad 79 A three button Amiga specific ioypad that should last forever.
I Siegfried AntiVirvis 80 A new commercial virus checker eliminator.
Paranoid? We give it a try
• News 20 An exclusive interview with Jonathon Anderson, boss of
the newly formed UK branch of Amiga Technologies see page 23!
PLUS: The One becomes the latest casualty in the downturn of the Amiga's fortunes, cheaper IDE CD-ROMS are about to become a reality, new games are announced including management sims for Formula 1 and British Touring Car Challenge and a free Dopus 5 upgrade is on offer.
CD-ROM Reviews
• World of Clip-Art 84
• Aminet 6 84
• Future Shock 2 85
• Almathera 10 on 10 85
• Magic Illusions 85 Advertisers' Index Editorial oi;
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01700413355 I Have you ever had to work with an insane I
Australian? Southern hemisphere readers will either understand
what I'm getting at or be highly insulted. The person in
question is our latest personnel addition. Mat Bettinson. Who
has just joined us this issue as a staff writer against some
stiff competition. Mat cites his interests as Comms.
Electronics, his A3000, his Darkside BBS, beer brewing, Comms.
Programming, _ Comms and talking loud. You can expect great
things from him.
I was dismayed by new UK Amiga boss Jonathon Anderson's revelation that the At200 will be priced not at £250. But more than £100 above this (see report on page 23). This is bad news, unless, as Jonathon explained the software promotional pack that goes out with it is absolutely superb. This price is, in my opinion, too high and I hope something can be done about it before launch. Surely a lower, but fixed RRP would prevent the downward spiralling price wars that did much to damage the Amiga in the first place? Your chance to talk to Amiga Technologies is on page 34.
you've miesed any issues of • thie fabbo mag you Hava your chance to get up to data on page 109 - that’s 03 if the one you want hasn't already k_ sold out I Oh, hurry I O SUBSCRIPTIONS Top comedy duo Fiona Malloch and Katharine Klaab have raised the subscriptions stakes this month with a money off offer on a cellular phone for new UK subscribers There's a cool low coat tuba offer too!
120 Buyers Guide lOO We look at that moat aaaantial of peripherals, the hard drive. How, why and how much Is presented for your consideration.
Directory Opus lOI Concluding the tutorial on the excellent Directory Opus. Andy Leaning tells it how it Is.
Image FX 102 Tony Horgan's excuse for some strange looking pictures. Image Composition is the subject of this months lecture.
ProCalc 104 Andy Leaning wraps up the ProCalc tutorial with a bang.
Comms 110 Comms Head Mat Bettinson follows up last months Internet feature. Which modem and what to do with it.
Graphics Masterclass 116 Peter Lee gets to grips with the new texture features in Dpaint V. reviewed this month.
Q+A Masterclass 118 Automating and time synchronising with John Kennedy's Amiga going bump in the night.
Questions and Answers 122 Light the incense. The CU Amiga technical shaman meditate on your questions.
Frequently Asked Questions 125 Fielding the FAQ. John Kennedy deals swiftly with some more common queries.
Backchat 126 Readers write and you can read what they write, or maybe you've written what other readers will read? Oh forget it.
Points of View 130 CU Amiga's new man. Mat Bettinson, expresses concerns * about QVPs take-over and the ailing American market.
Editorial EDITOR: Alan Sick, but mainly tired' Dykes DEPUTY EDITOR Lisa Two and a half weeks ... I'm briWentl* Collins TECHNICAL EDITOR Tony New DJ gig in Briaton' Morgan STAFF WRITER Mat Tve never cared for furry animals Bettinson GAMES EDITOR: Mat The One and only' Broughton ART EDITOR: Helen Nicole at le petit Clio' Danby DESIGNER: Anthony Button and Barrall ara dead M they mention Kelly .gain’ Collins TECHNICAL CONSULTANT: John Do you know tha meaning of NOW. Alan?’ Kannady CONTRIBUTORS: Andy Leaning. Peter Lea. Andy Mitchell. Vampyra. Martin Davies. David Cassidy Larry Hickmott. Nick
Unas, Stave Oakwood . Harry Attrtll ADDITIONAL DESIGN Mark Beer'Edwards. Jenny Abrook REPRO AND SYSTEMS Sarah-Jane Leevy end Nick Splitter ClaHdge COVER ARTWORK Courtesy of Kobe! Collection The Outlaw Josey Wales' e Warner Bros Advertising IVIarketing & Management ADMIN: Jennifer Kllcawley, Annabel Green. Nina Thanjal. Kelly Rogers and Rob McBride ADVERTISING MANAGER Justine 'Shhhl David is right beside me!’ Carison DEPUTY AD MANAGER Chris Er. A. so does this console thing have any PD then?'Perera AO PRODUCTION: Tina Gynn. Vicky Jacobs and Ryan Boundy PRODUCT MANAGER Fiona'Bar code Malloch
SUBSCRIPTIONS MANAGER Katherine Klaab HEAD OF MARKETING Nigal Taylor PUBLISHING DIRECTOR Graham Taylor PUBLISHING DIRECTOR David Kelly Contacts 2 Please remember that we have to write end produce your favourite magazine every month, so try to keep your correspondence short and to the point. Although we’d love to. We simply cannot reply personally to tha hundrede ©I calls, letters, and fanes we gat Answers have to be through the pages ol the magazine only.
ADVERTISING AND ADVERTISING PROBLEMS H you wish to advertise, or have a problem with a company advertising Ml CU AMIGA our advertising learn can help. Contact Chris Perera or Justine Carlson on 071-672 6700. Or fan them on 0171 216
6216. Or write to them at CU AMIGA Advertising. Priory Court.
30-32 Farringdon Lane London EC1R READERS' LETTERS AND
TECHNICAL PROBLEMS For general, non-technkal. Enquiries
send your letta to Q6A Both are at CU AMIGA. Priory Court.
30-32 Farringdon Lane. London EC1R 3AU Alternatively.
E-mail us at cuarmgaSkU compute* to uk PO SUBMISSIONS We get hundreds ol n PD program that you're proud ol send it t Lane. London EC1R3AU COMPETITIONS
* to Backchat. Lor technical problems send them To enter one ol
these simply put your with the answers and send them to us at
the ust . Post One entry per person please and the edito Other
rules may be printed horn time to Mme SUBSCRIPTIONS and BACK
ISSUES N you're led up hunting around for CU AMIGA every month
there’s an easier way of getting your favourite monthly - call
our subscription hotline on 0858 468888 Subscriptions are
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LE16 8EF Tel: 0B58 468888 Annual subscription rates (me postage) 12 Issues: name and address on the beck ol postcard, along COVER DISK PROBUMS N you have a faulty cover disk then write or return your disk to our 3 6 inch people: CU AMIGA COVER DISK RETURNS. DISKXPRESS. UNIT 7. WILLOW COURT. BOURTON INDUSTRIAL PARK.
BOURTON-ON-THE-WATER, GLOUCESTERSHIRE. GL54 2HQ COMMS You can contact CU Amiga Magazine, via the Internal E-mail. To do so use the following address: cuemige@cix.computinh co uk Please keep E-me* brief and to the poMt publishing directors PRINTED IN THE UNITED KINGDOM ABC 81.408 Jul - Dec 1664.
From the makers of Sensible Soccer and Cannon Fodder comes the best golf game in ages.
N* Join up to eight friends and marvel at the gorgeous graphics and smooth scrolling scenery.
• Play at any of 24 original courses.
Interactive entertainment
• Available for Amiga & PC.
© IW Sff.iW. Mnm. 0 1991 V.,,. Intnwtr.r liKM |[„w) 111. Vl.pi ii • iF5i.lf.fi) i.«If~»1 ol Vi.pi blF n.F. lid. II iip.. mn.P D'S 3 sa 2 Super Smooth Animation System ClKRBSK
2. 0 Give your animations a touch of class, by transforming them
with Clarissa 2, the super smooth animation system.
®e all know how adept the Amiga is at creating and playing anima tions. But there's always room for improvement.
For example, have you ever had an animation that just wasn't , quite smooth enough during 1 playback? The chances are that I Clarissa can get it running at 50 I frames per second, the magical | figure required for silky i smooth movement.
* Floppy users: See Special loading instructions on page 16
System requirements Clarissa 2 from this month's cover disk
will run on any Amiga with Workbench 2 or higher and a minimum
of 1Mb of RAM. However, extra RAM and a hard drive are recom
mended for all but the smallest projects. Animations use up a
lot of memory, and the program also needs memory for its own
buffers. If you find Clarissa will not play or process one of
your animations, return to the program used to create the
animation, and reduce the number of colours, screen resolution
and frames until it's small enough to handle.
Anyone using a 1Mb Amiga who wants to get into animation is strongly advised to upgrade their RAM. In fact, anyone who is still using a 1Mb Amiga for anything at all should think seriously about upgrading!
Clarissa Disk 2 Disk 2 of Clarissa (entitled Ctar ssa-Demol) contains a demonstration animation and the SSAPlay utility. SSAPlay is used to replay SSA animations without having to go use the Clarissa program. For full details on using SSAPlay.
Read the document on the disk. To view the demo animation, double click on the icon marked Demol.
Before you load up the Clarissa program, you'll need an animation to work on. There's one supplied on the second Clarissa disk, but you'll get a better idea of what's possible if you use one of your own.
Clarissa can load Anim5 files and sequences of IFF pictures files. These can be created in a number of programs such as Deluxe Paint, Brilliance, Imagine, Real 3D and many others. If by any chance you don't have any program capable of creating an Anim5 file or a sequence of IFF images, then you can still experiment with the demo animation for now.
1. First of all refer to page 16 for full loading instructions.
Done that? OK now come back and start reading this bit.
Once Clarissa has loaded, the first thing you need to do is load in an animation. To do this, hold down the right mouse button and select Load Animation from the Project menu.
I„„ .M.mn-iiD 'l. * Iwl ;-1 _!”J w» KB," Ml *? 1BI Er 1
2. A window will appear giving you information on the anima
tion. You now need to tell it which buffer to load the anima
tion into (Master, Source A, B. C or D). Click on the button
marke Load.into Source A,
S. Now you're ready to convert your animation into Clarissa's SSA
(super smooth) format. Click on the small circle icon in the
top panel, and then click on OK when asked if you want to
Produce expand the animation.
Go the magazjne, seen the disk now get tne video .... The best way to learn about Clarissa is to take advantage of the free video offer with this magazine. This takes you through the main areas of the system with audio and visual guides to getting the most from the program. See the backing board from this magazine for details.
If your board has gone astray, call Burgess Video on 01874 611 633 and ask about the free Clarissa video offer from CU Amiga Magazine.
* Before you can process your arwnebon. It must be converted to
menaced format (unless it was os naay created in interlace
model Click on the Change Anim form* button, followed by the
Make Lace button. Then click on the Source A button when asked
to select an animation for conversion Use the Return button
to get back to the original panel.
Tricks of the trade Clarissa's main function is to convert Anim5 animations into a faster smoother format called SSA. SSA animations play back faster and smoother by exploiting a side effect of the Amiga's interlace mode.
Interlace mode doubles the vertical resolution of the screen by inserting an extra line between each of the original lines in the picture. It does this every 'half frame', which on a PAL display is every 25th of a second. In effect, interlace screens are made up of two images, which are rapidly flicked from one to the other. It's this flipping that leads to the flicker usually associated with interlace mode.
When Clarissa converts a normal Anim5 animation, it uses the double frame buffering of interlace mode to display two as many frames in the time that would normally be used to display one frame, hence the speed increase. Once this speed increase is such that 50 frames can be displayed every second (the same display rate of a PAL TV or monitor), the animation suddenly takes on a silky smooth quality.
N i 9 16 for Done and led.the i is load s, hold tton and m the
6. Click on the small button marked with a triangle (it's between
two other icons with left and right facing arrows on them).
You should now see your animation playing back smoother and faster than ever before!
7. To save out your new super smooth animation, select Save
Animation from the Project menu.
Use the file requester as usual to select the destination for your new animation, and click on Save to save it out. And there you have it.
MnltiCX Woridtench Utilities Requires Workbench 2 or higher MultiCX will make your Workbench a nicer place to be.
ItrbiMl Scrttt 17 1216 HELD Omazingly small for what it offers, MultiCX is a barrow load of utilities all in one small commodity. It does the job of a number of programs with just a fraction of the memory requirements- Because it's a commodity, it won't work under OS 1.3 since the commodities feature was introduced in 2.0 There's also one version for OS
2. 0 and another for OS 3.0 and up To use MultiCX. It's a matter
of dragging the appropriate icon into your WBStartup drawer.
Strangely, MultiCX has no graphic user interface for editing the parameters. Instead they are all specified in the icon tool types. Double click MultiCX once to start it and again to pop up the Workbench icon information viewer editor. There you can see all of the configuration parameters for MultiCX. As soon as you have made some changes, hitting the save button will bring them instantly into effect. MultiCX has a lot of features, some of which include: screen blanking (plain or moire): mouse acceleration with start threshold: screen cycling (can be assigned to the middle button of a
three button mouse): mouse shifting: window cycling and activation.
Other features include entering hex ASCII codes via the keypad for strange characters. 'Capshift' stops hotkeys being affected by caps lock and makes shift do uncapitalised letters. There are hot keys for closing and zooming windows and flushing libraries. It will remember the last active window when cycling screens (very handy) RopCIi makes a CLI pop up on a. hotkey, there's a border blanker, and an option to turn off the disk lOiriWH-uti cmnm f tiCMLMCU) MIILMtftT CMTtM. I (CMNLM) (CNMLMI IvlllTIK’SlweUift'rl?
(MOIMHEDb) II" (¦mil A Tim Mittl-CX liriMtKf „¦ allaslal «i tha Icaa Tootlypas as aasa hers. As seaa as leva Is select- el. H MaltiCX Is rsaaca, Ursa die clae|e .ill can lata sisct i«..*slal, drive clicking. The symbol can be made to act as a valid wildcard like ' ?', the audio filter can be switched on and off. And much more besides. Full documentation is on the cover disk and is worth a look for a more indepth explanation of all the features that MultiCX provides. Many of the configuration values that can be entered into the tooltypes are already there so you can see how many of them
work. MultiCX can be removed from the system by the Workbench utility CX-Exchange.
Have fun!
Sting be rep- st click I nd the X01782 744707 Drder Hotline f y,' m buying direct from the manufacturer means both low prices and a service second to none A An May to hand* Scanner featuring 106 mm scanning width A 400 dpi resolution enables you to scan grapblca toil Into your Amiga SotVSOOAftOOM 200 15007000 a Includas hard dish transfer to run undar Worhbanch.
A Adjustabfe switches lor brlghtnees contrast
• avals.
E PC INSTALLATION PACK U* A GtMUS TABLIT flUUfOA •OUR AMIGA VOJ • IcllVt ACOKARt AND MANUALS 'I* INSTALLATION • A RC ABSOLUTELY TOT A Genl&can glvss you Ihs ability to scan Images, tent or graphics 6 svsn offers 300 Dpi Dual Scan Mode.
A Scan Oray Soflwara Included lo convert half Iona Imagas lo true Grey scales. Includes A editing, room A processing features ¦ A Save Images In sultabla lormat lor most ¦ leading packagat Including PHOTON PAINT. | DELUXE PAINT, ale. a View window and position control penal.
A Powerful partner lor DTP that allows hx cut & paste editing of Imagas ate.
THE BEST SELLING MIDI INTERFACE FOR THE AMIGA a Full specification Midi In, Midi Thru and three Midi out sockets.
Match Amiga colours Fully Opto Isolated.
Compatible A Switch Mods Electronic System.
A «.» Amp Output.
A Cool Running.
A 13 Amp UK approved mains plug- W TO16-99.
2 BUTTONS EACH WITH SPEED CONTROL a PERFECT ik FOR REAL V ARCADE ™ STYLE GAMES Explore the data hidden on Credit Cards, Debit Cards. ' * Security & Membership Cards etc. Simply swipe your card and read the contents Reads tracks 12 and 3 Plugs into your Amiga Joystick Pori.
Goliath la a direct power supply replacement with a dlftarancal If you have an Amiga with a large hardrlve. Aitra memory, accelerator board or indeed any powerful add-on than a standard Amiga power supply |ust cannot cope. The Golllath pecks more power then you can poaaibly need.
A low price real time video trame grabber lor the A500 Save Images as Raw or IFF Mono digitizing at an affordable price A Fen cooled. A OnfOff switch.
A Heavy duty case. A 13 Amp uk approved mains lead.
A Switch mode electronic system. A Direct plug in replacement.
A Full 200 watt output A Also available lot cd 32.
IDEAL FOR DTP etc r800‘ THE ANSWER TO ALL YOUR DISK BACKUP PROBLEMS Thfe way SYNCRO EXPRESS for your Here at Oatel we have i been A designing R exciting ¦ computer R peripherals If for over ™ ¦ 0 years.
Save option.
Game trainer feature gives you the power to find cheats within any game.
Screen Grabber option lets you freeze and save screen to disk. Pictures saved in IFF formal suitable for all leading graphics packages.
SI direct with the acturer you can be sure we offer the latest products at the keenest Our sates and technical staff will be pleased to advise you and we will deliver your order to your door within days.
Why not give us a try.
£59.99 Amiga 1200 HARD DISK I SUPPORT AMPLIFIED STEREO SPEAKER rs 200 Dpt :onvert half ludes ft for cut 24hr IVIail Order Hotline C J 1500 2000 POWER SUPPLY Switch Mode Electronic System.
Direct replacement Cool Running.
Fits 1500 and fl
Low. Low price A This Amiga vldao interface allows you to output S-VIDEO or COMPOSITE PAL from your Amiga.
A Connects to Amiga monitor port Thru connector allows standard Monitor to be connected simultaneously A Separate output gives S-VIDEO or COMPOSITE PAL output (please state which required) A Ideel lor many video applications Including titles etc. a Blasts out A Clip onto 10 watts your TV of power! Monitor.
* «•»! Sound tMpBng System.
9m taoon 500 2000 1200.
Including Sound Sampler A Allows Amiga lo be used with any SCART TV n you dont have an Amiga monitor Amiga 501 Amiga 61 Direct Roplncomt a Built -In 2 bass ref lei amplifier.
A Built -in 2 way I bass reflex I amplifier.
2" tweeter I 3" woofer. 1 50 WATT WOOFER Built-In high quality 50 peak output power amplltler.
Deliver* tin-matched low end power.
Can be combined with speakers above to create a total sound system.
Master volume control 'or woolcr as well as other sneakers |DR miOi CARD FOR A200Q 1500 3000 ” M feature Midi Interface - mm In. Midi Thru and Three au outsockets A Top quality external 3.5'. a Quiet operation.
A Small footprint slimline design.
A Built-in anti-click feature.
A Daisy chainabie via thru port.
A No need for external PSU.
Direct Roplm Quality Chinon Mechanism.
A Features special ¦ efect button. M A Quiet operation.
A Includes mounting pillars.
A Comprehensive Instruction manual.
Amiga 500 500plus call ' “«a 7 01782 744707 And »ve will mhlp your J ortfw same day -i ACTION LINE is the biggest and I fhareesre', Imsgw hat. Adverts, All speeds to »32 FAST.
BBS SUBSCRIPTION & VIEW NUMBER 01782 744199 DISK An exclusive demo from US Gold!
Get out your best joystick, plug it in yyjt|] | | ||j and get wiggling. Your task is to help Cammy defeat E. Honda, the blubbery nip sumo wrestler ... ( not change it in the name of female emancipation”.
And so to the other character: Honda. In this demo the computei plays the heavyweight sumo wrestler, which pleased Alan, who is a Honda fan. "Yes”, he said, "the Civic is an impressive small car, with panther-like looks, cheetah-liki acceleration and it sticks to road like a leopard on a buffalo's back", doing his best Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear impression, wearint a curly wig and a pair of size 15 cowboy boots.
Unfortunately you can't actually play Honda, but this demo should give you a good idea of what the game is like to play and how fast i is. Remember this is demo was taken form the A500 beta test version and US GOId have asked us to inform you that the graphics are still being updated. This is why we didn't review it this month bu hopefully they'l have it finished by next month for us. There's also an A1200 version with full AGA support which in terms of graphics will be closer to the console version. ¦ uper Slreerfigher 2 is one of those late con- versions to the Amiga that no-one ever
really expected to see. But which suddenly appeared over the horizon like a wandering Las Vegas fighting circus. Well, it’s still not quite there (it should be reviewable next month) but with Lisa's love of onscreen violence this demo was created because she pleaded with US Gold to let her get in some practice playing her favourite character Cammy before the full version comes into the office.
It had something to do with "computer games being a male dominated environment, so I'm glad that a decent, ass kicking female character has come along", according to Lisa. She was not so pleased when she discovered that Cammy not only "kicks ass", she shows ass too. When Lisa won her first bout Canny proceeded to turn around and display her buttocks to all and sundry. A US Gold spokesperson told our fuming deputy editor that this "is a feature of the game" and "no. They would Up: ....Jump Down:
...Crouch Left: Retreat (advance) Right: .....Advance (retreat) Down left: ..Crouching defence Up left: Jump back Up right: Jump forward Up fire: ...Jumping kick Down fire: ..Crouching kick Left fire:
.Defensive one foot kick Right fire: Offensive one foot kick Up’right fire: Dive forward, aerial kick Down right fire: Crouching kick Down left fire: ..Crouching kick Up left fire: Defensive backward jump with kick.
(1) Useful: Get close to Honda, perhaps by jumping over and
landing right behind him, move straight into him and press
fire. This will make Cammy do the impossible; lift a
character that's probably three times her body weight and
fling him mercilessly to the ground.
This takes more power from Honda than any other single move.
(2) Useless: Down, down right, right and fire in that order will
make Cammy do one off her special moves: a rather pathetic
swirling torpedo kick. You might as well hit Honda with a fly
Hints: Bars&Pipes Pro v2.5 ... Upgrade - v2 to v2.5 ... £199.95 .....£79.95 PatchMeister .. SuperJAM! 1.1 + .....£79.95 .....£59.95 ____£149.95 SyncPro SMPTE Box____ ____£151.95 Internal Sounds Kit .... Triple Play Plus .... £159.95 MusicBox A or B ...... .....£24.99 Aura 12 bit Sampler ... Deluxe Musk 2 .....£79.95 .....£69.95 .....£29.99 ____£23.95 ____£29.99 Music X 2 New Lowbi Price. ... .... £44 95 Pro Studio Kit . Rules for Tools .....£29.95 .....£29.99 Pro Midi
Interface ..... Technosound Turbo 2 . .....£19.95 .....£25.95 Z' V ZV Z-VA CK AG7.V Deluxe Paint 4.1 .£54.95 Non AGA version Personal Paint 6.3 New Version £49.95 Photogemcs .....£49.95 TV Paint 3 New Lower Price ! £299.95 Brilliance 2 .....£45.95 Image FX 2 (AF 95% !!!) .....£184.95 AMD IVA m haracter: E computer jmo Alan, who said, "the lall car, heetah-like to road o's back", arkson n, wearing size 15 177 Re Az 1S ki v .s Quad Speed CD Rom Drive Plugs directly into PCMCIA slot and provides SCSI interface for
another 6 SCSI devices Includes PSU. Manual. Audio CD Utility. CD32 Emulation & Photo CD Software.
I’t actually 10 should vhat the how fast it no was a test ver- isked us Double Speed Drive £199.95 Hard Disks & More -I finished here's vith full arms of :o the tIZ.Vb £12.95 £12.95 £13.95 £14.95 Insider Video + 4 disks of shareware Workbench 3 Booster Pack ...£36.95 Final Copy 2 ....£47.95 Final Writer 3 ...£69.9S Mini Office .....£37.95 Pen Pal .£29.00 Pagestream 3 ......,......£174.95 Wordworth 3.ISE ... £44.95 Wordworth 3.1 ..£79.95 our sales hotline on 0181-715 8866 The amazing
Squirrel SCSI interface lets you add SCSI devices to your Amiga 600 1200. Including CD Drives (includes CD32 emulation) £59.95 b* MtT .2.5 New Version ... £125.95 iW’rx Colour Frame Grabbing fir* 24AT SHVS ....£please call 8802 Genlock ... . . £159.95 Rendale 9402 SVHS ..£279.95 Squirrel SCSI Interface £64.95 Video Backup System + Phono cable. . .. £54.95 Video Back-up System + Scart cable .... £57.95 Vidi Amiga 12 AGA ...£64.95 Vidi 24 RT ....£149.95 Vidi 24 Pro RT £209.95 High Quakry 24 Bit Real-Time
Frame Grabber Naksha Greyscale Hand Scanner for Amiga 500 and 500+ ....£ Tabby Graphics Tablet £57.95 AS Graphics Tablet_ ¦1 MR Cashbook Combo £59.99 Counting House New .£49.95 Digita Home Office ..£39.95 Money Matters ..£34.99 Personal Finance Manager + ...£19.95 System 3E .....£49.99 Turbocalc 2 ....£49.95 mmBMsmMm Gamesmith .....£84.95 Dice C Compiler New £98.95 Ful featured C compiler - the best!
Cygnus Ed Pro 3.5 £59.95 DevPac 3 £51.95 Hisoft BASIC 2 ..£54.95 Intos ...£25.95 Hisoft Pascal ....£74.95 Aminet 1-4 4 CD pack £24.95 Aminet 5 CD ...£14.95 Desktop Video CD ...£13.95 Essential Utilities vol I CD .....£8.95 Giga Graphics 4 CD pack .....£38.95 Groller Encyclopedia CD .....£28.95 Runs on CD32 and AGA Amiga* GFX Sensation CD ...£18.95 Ughtworks by Tobias Richter CD £38.95 Speccy Sensation
CD .£13.95 ZX Spectrum Emulator + over 500 games Star Trek Multimedia CD .....£25.95 Arcade Classics CD ...£9.95 World of Clipart Double CD ..£16.95 HHQZ2SBB9BB Big Alternative Scroller 2 .....£49.95 Can Do 3 .....£229.95 Media Point v3 .£249.95 Montage 24 ....£259.95 Scala HTI00 ....£49.95 Scala MM211 Niw Loww hue* ...£94.95 Scala MM300NSw Loww hue* ..219.95 Scab MM400 ...£249.95 Scab Echo EE 100 £139.95 Package Deal - Save £39.95 ( Scab
MM400+EEI00 .£349.95 AmlFileSafe .....£63.95 DirWork 2 .....£29.95 Directory Opus 5 £49.95 Disk Expander ...£29.95 Gigamem £47.95 GP Fax .£44.95 Infonexus New ..£25.95 Studio II Print Manager £49.95 Termite .£31.95 Video Back-up System Phono ..£54.95 Video Back-up System Scart ...£57.95 Quarterback Its back AT just ..£29.95 Xcopy Pro .....£19.95 i wist
l .toy.yi GB Route Plus ...£31.95 Mailshot Plus ....£35.95 Music Librarian ..£22.95 Plants For All Seasons .£22.95 Distant Suns 5.0 .£27.95 Vista Pro 3.0 ...£27.95 Vista Lite £24.95 Makepath for Vista £9.95 Terraform for Vista £9.95 VRL Bunole Packs - New Lower Prices Vista.DistantSuns.Makepath+Terraform . . . £54.95 Visa Pro or Lite.Makepath+Terraform . .. £35.95 When ordering, please don’t forget to include the
carriage charges ! Charges within the UK are £3.50 for first cbss post (which usually arrives the next day), £4.05 for first cbss registered, and £5.50 for next-day courier within the UK main- bnd, subject to avaibbility. Please ask for overseas pricing, and pricing for islands & Scottish Highbnds. You can pay by : Cheque Please make cheques payable to Emerald Creative Technology Ltd.
Credit Card : Visa. Mastercard. Access. Dela.
Switch and American Express. We only bill your card when we despatch the order, not before.
ADI GCSE Maths £19.99 ADI GCSE English £19.99 ADI GCSE French £19.99 ADI Junior Reading ...£15.99 ADI Junior Counting ..£15.99 Merlin's Maths ...£16.99 Paint and Create .£16.99 Spelling Fair .....£16.99 Noddy’s Playtime £16.99 Noddy's Big Adventure £ 16.99 5 Includes VAT but not carriage. We reserve the .* prices • you wiB be informed of any change er. Faulty goods will be replaced or repaired if returned within 30 day* of purchase. We
will refund if we can’t repair the goods. It is the responsibility of the customer to check for compatibility of a particular product with existing equipment before buying.E&OE Don’t forget, we sell Apple Macintosh software too !!!
R Emw FLOPPY DISK DRIVES m -t . I Ln-M & smmm genlock FOR ALL AMIGA COMPUTERS EZZO 2£ 1Mb SONY FL0PP Sm 3!4" DELUXE EXTERNAL FLOPPY DRI FOR ALL AMIGA COMPUTERS wMApm RAM UPGRADE & MATHS ACCELERATOR OPTIONS FOR THE AMIGA 1200 1 £99 drives an deal tv users mhowrsnto the* aostmg internal dm The put la a high ouauty internal tua. W mechanism Wr the Amiga 500900*1 Amiga 600 All that you naed to fit you is included. Mis ms, to toko- instructions and 24 months warranty
* Uses industry standard socketed SIMMs tor easy upgrades »
Optional Floating Pomt Unit ¦ 33m, ot 40m, PLCC 68882 co
processor £34 £4 COLOUR MONITOF 14" COL( MONITOR!
IMAGE PROCESSING IMAGE FX »2.0 FOR ALU AMIGAS The Dgrta Organs* with its Unking interlace superbty emulates the prmted mta* chary tt lets you type 1 appointments, birthdays tisis and more.
A tub address book calendar and task included It is the only program ot £ AMUCK AMOS PROFESSIONAL £31.00 Qamae create* package - ASA 4812 AMOS PRO COMPILER £31.00 C yr«aaa ycu. Arrca preerams - ASA 4832 EASY AMOS_ £20.00 vS JS
• AutofX
• Image FX brows*
• Son edge and £99 asw« FINAL WRITER £* Wcrd ptCHahar a«n
gratRica 4 tona - ASF r & 1 Ip Phologerucs IMAGE MANIPULATION
PHOTOGENICS V1.2 FOR A1200 A4000 Manipulate and paint
graphics m 24 -bit
• Supports poputf' mjpa formats including JPEG.
• Multiple image editing i FI 1*111
• Open design lets you to add your own loaders, savers or effects
£54 ac«AT ASPKTO Hawk 4Mb - No FPU £189.00 8k* 32-04 RAM board.
4k» populated, arto Canary Dackad clock - RAM 1240 FPU 33umz
For Hawk £59.00 Cyt*at and FPU k*He«*-UPO 1250 8 V1.2 £54.00 »
2*0* 9’K'* o-d manpulaton pacUga ASP 3000 I I fRtf
ScaaMTloOproorMaiasa • flGfl mni - uvtag m guana from Aoa tan
M* waM enecK to nOam ten, u-mawed-eeanot * tse ttee teeae end
seatiedtnMcadladMd • Oaten* man. Hr int *ndef Sutton, at Bennd
tnv Med eet panes Pixel 3D Professional V2.0 £99.00 Poatrtul 30
(®»ct doalQn atW 17 OHMftm ob|acI lormait ASP 4000 Animation
Workshop V2.0 £69.00 Afloat you to create (flay. Procoaa
• M and Md tourd to you Image FX V2.0 ... £199.00 Afloat
ccnut'to" ot image* bareaen urveral dMarent Mo 1o-rai» A& 2132
Hawk 2Mb - No FPU £129.00 8** 32-011 RAM board. 2m&
potxlilod and baitary Dackad clock - RAM 1220 Hawk 1md - No FPU
£99.00 fr*. 32-on RAM board. II* popuatod and battery backed
clock • RAM 1210 Swdctet oetweee vena ont, computet otty etut
tut cetdu, CD-ROM DRIVE FROM £99 anmaacna • ASA MOO SSL
AI200and A1200HO computers Does not mandate your A1200 warranty
2 year warranty INCREASES SPEED BY UP TO 3X Scala Multimedia
(Muaooi £299.00 Upctoiad rereon cfl See* poy" «*m a m+o* hoal
oIre. Toeferea ASS 042 Amitek A50Q 600 1200 £29.00 uppky to.
A500SOO 1200 POW 0510 BRILLIANCE V2.0__£49.00 A »renca pe** 4
anmasor . AS8 7»i2 Btunaaa temwwe turn CAN DO V2.5_ £99.00
VISTA PRO 3.0 ktoaM ajfloraua aflcrrg • ASC 2200 DATASTORE_
£49.00 CreaM you OMTMbvy - ASO 4022 EDGE 1.7 - PRO £24.95 Fo.
• High quality Sony mechanism • 75*e access time
• Strong metal casing • Oarsy chamaNe wa thru port
• Bwtt-wiantHKk feature • low power usage f I • IttmeiPSU QB
ROUTE PLUS Ran trpa and |oum yt in eve UK - ASG 3 KINDWORDS 3
Profeaeonaf tort pnxnao. • AS* 5eu t MAVIS BEACON H £li Taecfi
yojrta* type? Program • ASM 1981 MAXIPLAN 4 , £J SCSI-2
INTERFACE SQUIRREL FOR A600 A1200 Named alter the Umovs storage
hungry arnnal. The Sgimet SCSI-2 interface simply (Hugs into
the PCMCIA slot (avoiding ;i deuces to your Amiga at the same
tnne This codd be any conXwWcn of hart Owes. SCSI £69’ E I6C
DRIVES, MICE & J’STICKS ‘AXMimr w sr to in be pack fed mt. 3S
i tot* your( 1 taW. H arranty.
• umatogn toonpi ¦ 'eSOIUMP rt-W ¦ optomechanical ¦ encoder
• four eaite
* • t rto-ness fi wrtw f operation with ! ReteWe m.v-ro-
nwrwtoofrcws tf Mouse £11.95 »*«ST Joftfc M-MOU4000 JOY 6467
FOR THE AMIGA 4000 A tows me connection of external or internal
drives, tape back-up units.
SyOues .
L»dudes aIKXTy, a &
• SCSf expansion card
• Internal and external connections
• Cable & Onvers inc.
• Supports n f? 3fc. € disk blocks and L vat M**u»tn SCSI direct
• Speed 4 paoes per minute ¦ lOcpi at 248cps thigh speed) and
173cps thigh quality)
• 80 column-A4
• Res 360 x 360dpi - 720 x 360dpi with smoothing function in mono
• Fonts: 5 typefaces
• Parallel interlace
• 64K input buffer. 41K download buffer
• Emulations: L102550. X23E.
Canon enhanced
• Automatic and manual sheet feeder CANON BJC4000 COLO!© BUBBLE
• Print 24-b t graphics
• Workbench drivers tor most printers
• Prints pictures from arsk using very little memory
• The ONLY __ pro'tssxni' %T SU Q 1
r. fhVX'jr frurtfd-mv*).' "m-m
• Quad speed CD-ROM Drive with 600K Data Transfer and 195ms
• 650Mb re-writable optical disk drive with removable cartridges
ALL-IN-ONE £645 OverDrive Quad Speed £249.00 Allows access to
Amiga specific Cds and pay CO* software - HAP 3542 SEE FEATURE
(IDE) ......£249.00 Uva Fas! MCWD Mart Owe.
(Fags Offlo PCMCIA ska • HAR 3544 OverDrive Double Speed £179.00 AlWws access to AMIGA specific Cds and pay CO" software - MAP 3540
* Res: 600 x 600dpi black and white 600 x300dpi colour » 100
sheets A4. Up to 20 envlopes » 8 bitmapped fonts tor DOS
* 14 TrueType fonts OverDrive HD Double Speed £199.00 lightning
last with huge storage capacity offered by CD • HAP 3548 PD
includes the powerful 32-bit CD” games console with built-in
dual speed CD-ROM drive, an 11 button controller and 7 top
CD-ROM games. Optional upgrades include keyboard and disk drive
(allowing use ol A1200 software) and an MPEG video playback
card allowing video Cds to be played on the CD”.
• 32-Bit processing power
• Dual speed CD-ROM drive
• 16.8 million colours
• Plays audio & CD+graphics Cds
• 11 button controller
• Titles available from £14.99
• Optional SX1 computer module - mom aii99
• Optional full screen video CD module - mow ®cw CRITICAL ZONE
O Ms Men established tor over 17 years, longer
* » most other computer suppliers, and has a wn track record in
profession compute sales i «en ItavFn 9am lo 7pr and Sat 50m
mr «xal store tor sh» cpenng times.
HOW TO PAY accept most mapr credit cards, cash, cheque or y tarms APR 19.91. - writlm Quotes on request).
CREDIT TERMS AVAILABLE IMMtfiai4B rnn«winwo««lMS) nftiitw ¦aat«HMB)K»(hne 5iC(0 SKMtnou Cmktm WE PRICE MATCH II before you maXe your purchase from a Silica store, you see the same goods offered at a low prtce by a local compebtor. We win matcb them on a Same Product - Same Price basis. For customers who order by telephone. *« will match other mail order companies prices (including their delivery charge) AH price matches are subject to our competitor having the goods in stodi WE OFFER DISCOUNTS To Business. Education and Government purchasers who pace votome orders. Call 0181-306 0688 WE
SUPPORT YOU Free Technical Helpline - 0181 309 1111 and Free brochures available on request.
NATIONWIDE RrtSTOL CHBiure ttffW StJwtttetw 11174291821 C F OttmNro-Mft* a.totfsAj, (1??? J41571 :H! 1M5-QRD 2.'H.jr,S- (124S 355511 THE SILICA SERVICE GHOVDOH [«¦• " C’!1i(.|U5: GUSGOW (141221 IBM GLC01€ST£R C-:r : .¦¦ 8145-252 2121 GUIID'ORO LeWi'iTC- VIOto. 814Q 3013M HARROW CttBlWK6 i?ii :o SUI.r N: 0111-427 43M HUU OettnmTg-t?M*1 NmS 81482 32S1S1 IPS OH MB • im WbtOtf St 11473 221W 18 Sia •52TotWitBiCiu1ft] 8171-SM40I8 lOfDDM [tamers - tn ¦* » Ortjrfl St 8171-U8 H8S 0171 73JJ12J* U8TO8 l t»-ii«ta»i AmUfCwtre 01182 21281 ¦MCHBia DwaiMms i i 'a. ItoWSt 0111-02 KM PLYMOUTH CeMitaiB • in
¦».' Teg Pn:t 81752 2M8M ROMFORD tew;.- tor*. Pa* 01703 TSMK Wffft&I OttBWams-01 iNMxr 8114-2781611 agfBB Debmtam • -*«* VteflMtaiCVt 0114-281778 Sta • SicaHasa Hattertn 33 i1t1-3«2 Oeoatfare-r.ib.1 bmoat 81781 a Kwots •!» %.rwtoe BMTL Obsifans-nimi iaw«G*Wt Utl fe CALL 0181-309 1111 OR RETURN THE COUPON To: S4U. CVUSR-C095-26O. Ska Hcuse HatharKy RJ. Sdoip Kent. 0A14 4DX ? Please send me an Amiga brochure - tree of charge ? Please send detailed information on the following products: Mr Wrs7Mss7Ms Surname: Company ir «.. Address: .... ... . Postcode: ..... Tel
(Home):------------------------------------- Tel (Work): ..- ..... .’... Which computer(s). It any. Do you own?
MAIL ORDER A HEAD OFFICE: Silica House. Hatherley Road. Sldcup. Kent. DA14 4DX How to II Important: special floppy disk instructions 1 disks Clarissa can be used from a single floppy drive 1Mb Amiga, but it's really designed for machines with more RAM and a hard drive Floppy users should read these instructions very carefully.
1. Make a copy of your Workbench disk, which you will need to use
each time you run Clarissa. Leave the copy of Workbench write
enabled (with the tab in the closed position. All the
following references to the Workbench disk refer to this copy
of Workbench.
2. After you have decompressed your disks, insert your Workbench
disk and reset the Amiga.
3. When Workbench has loaded, double click the Workbench disk
icon, and then double click the System icon.
4. Double click the icon marked RexxMast.
5. Close the window containing the RexxMast icon in order to save
6. Insert the Clarissa F’rogram disk and double click its icon
Double click the icon marked Clarissa2 Floppy
7. If you have just one floppy drive, you will need to remove the
Clarissa disk to swop it for the Workbench disks five times.
Be patient.
This is necessary as the program needs files from both disks in order to work.
8. Once the program has loaded, select Set Preferences Irom the
Settings menu. Click on the tick box marked Workbench, which
will close the Workbench screen and gain a little memory. If
the tick will not disappear, press the Left Amiga key and M to
switch to the Workbench, and check that there are no requests
for you to insert disks Close the Settings window by clicking
in its top left comer
9. You may have to attempt to load an animation a number of
Due to the hard drive-oriented nature of the program, you may receive error messages on the first couple of attempts. If your animation fails to load after the third or fourth attempt, it's probably because it’s too large. In this case, go back to your animation software and reduce the resolution, number of colours and number of frames and try again.
1Mb Amigas are unlikely to load more than five-ten frames of a low resolution animation.
[if YOUR DISK WON'T LOAD IN «• to frut ItmMc t» nun AM to CU Aai«a Itoyama cm toks ml m cnmm Amyi I mM. Imiii rf tm N uRfMci paMMn Mm On napfa p1 rm CTYOUR WRITE PROTECT YOUR COVER DISKS Before you do anything, write protect both of your cover disks. Slide the tab in the corner so that you can see through the little square hole This will stop you accidentally decompressing the data onto the cover disks themselves.
Decompressing Clarissa 2 Clarissa 2 is on cover disk 113 in the form of two compressed files. Befor- you can use the program, you need to decompress these files onto two separate disks (which must be write enabled, unlike the original cover disks). Have two spare disks on hand. All data on these disks will be over written, so make sure they don't contain any essential files.
1. Insert cover disk 113 in the internal drive and reset the
2. Double click on the disk icon marked CU_113.
3. Double click on the icon marked ClarissaDisk, and insert your
first spar disk when asked to do so.
4. Follow the on-screen instructions, and replace disk 113 when
asked to do so. Mark your first spare disk Clarissa Program.
5. Double click on the PlayerDisk icon, and insert your second
spare disk when prompted. Swop this back with the cover disk
at the prompt, and label your second spare disk Player Disk.
Clarissa 2 hard drive installation Clarissa 2 works best from a hard drive. Follow these steps to install the program on your hard drive.
1. Reset your Amiga with no disks in the drives in order to boot
from the hard drive.
2. Insert your decompress Clarissa Program disk into any floppy
3. Double click on the Clarissa2-Disk icon. Now drag and drop the
HDInstall icon over the partition of your hard drive in which
you want th program installed (eg Work:). Double click on the
HDInstall icon that's now on your hard drive, and the program
will now be installed onto yot hard drive.
4 To install the Player Disk onto your hard drive, insert the Player Disk, double click its icon (which is labelled C ar ssa-Demol), then double click the icon marked Install-SSAPlay
5. To use the Clarissa program, reboot your hard drive. Clarissa
can be found in its own drawer on your hard drive. Double
click the Clarissa pro gram icon to start it up.
MultiCX installation To install MultiCX onto your Workbench system, boot from your Workbench disk or hard drive, and drag the MultiCX icon into the WBStartup drawer. It will now start automatically each time you boot yoi machine from the hard drive or the Workbench floppy disk.
Jaila ia tba lorm below, aad sead dais lean, along with the 4 aatalapaiK
17. Nuaw CaarL Baartao Industrial Part. Boartaa-aa*tbc-
limoiMUHIMB:_________________________________ j BISI
NUMBER:_______________________________________________ .
Super Street Fighter 2 Insert your disk and reset your Amiga.
The game will not load automatic?
Ly on A4000s: Although we tested this disk on all Amigas, some A4000 owners with early machines or 040 processors may have difficulties with (if you've got one of these this will come as no surprise). It is best to cold boot your Amiga first (ie hold down both mouse buttons as you start up) disable the CPU caches and use the 'original chipset option'. Even so it may occasionally crash during the game. Even US Gold didn't know that this sort of thing happened.
A1200 A4000 Amiea CD32 lide . Hole, covei Belof , two iver ,e ovei ¦HMD Adventure awaits the intrepid explorer who dares to wander into the world of Speris.
Discover treasures, use curious objects to solve pu zles and overcome hazards. Uncover the deepest,
• ccrets of Speris and protect your rightful inheritano To ail,
yet always holding T something charming and very special for
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R One* Grab.
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- - ------- A03s Msoos a Tran* to Pie Arsga JJJJWWl) 1261 N COMM
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only please The Fall & Rise in Amiga Frame Grabbing...
Prc Grab™ has caused a Real Fall in the Price of Quality
Frame Grabbing - the Rise in Standards speak for themselves!
Take a signal from a IV with SCART output Hi 1' ProGrab™ really does make it that simple!
:rr s Mr Mrs M iss Ms: InitiaMs) The revolutionary NEW S-VHS ProGrab'” 24RT Plus, with Teletext, is not only the best way to get crisp colour video images into your Amiga, it also costs less than any of its rivals. This real time, PAL-SECAM-NTSC*, 24-Bit colour frame grabber digitiser has slashed the price of image grabbing on the Amiga, and at the same time has received rave reviews for its ease of use and excellent quality results. ProGrab Plus™ is now S-VHS compatible too!
ProGrab™ has received honours from just about every Amiga magazine!
And... with ProGrab™ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology either... A simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - Real Time, after time.
STAGE t... Select any video source with S-VHS or composite output. This could be your camcorder. TV with SCART output satellite receiver, domestic VCR player or standard TV signal passing through your VCR player.. the choice is yours.
STAGE 2... With ProGrabs software, select an image you wish to capture using the on screen preview window - and Grab (because the hardware grabs frames in teal time, there's no need for a freeze frame facility on the source device). ProGrab1" even includes a Teletext viewing capturing facility from either TV or satellite sources. Once grabbed, simply download and view the full image on your Amiga screen.
For just Cl 29.95 ProGraD*“ is supplied wstr everythng youll need ¦ ProGrab’" 24RT Plus Digitiser (wTt «w» f composite vOeo irpjt ie.ids| ¦ New Version 2.5 Software
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* I* 6:95 Card No: Expiry Date: Cheque Bank Draft1Postal Order
for £_______: payable to Gordon Harwood Computers Limited... c
¦ computers ¦ iharwood the UK's favourite Amiga Dealer Gordon
Harwood Computers Limited.
I New Street, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 7BR f Tel: 01773 836781 Fax: 01773 831040 A Please rush me- ProGrab Plus ' 9 £129.95 inc. p&p « _ PCMCIA Interface 9 £29-95 inc. p&p Optional FAST Courier Service Delivery (Or mens customers • please call for prices esc ) TOT Issue No (Switch Only): FiBtin* ProGnb urn. Upgrade to Softmrv Imkm 2. JI i*9S im. Pdp plow tii [ | Card holder's signature: Dept: Clia The One Dies he end of the line was reached by our sister publication. The One for Amiga Games, in mid June 1995. The latest casualty of the downturn in Amiga fortunes was first published eight
years ago as a multi-format title for Amiga, Atari ST and PC. It split into two separate magazines for Amiga and ST in the early nineties before becoming famous as a single format Amiga games magazine.
Notorious for its irreverent humour, originality and its journalist's liberal use of words like cack. Pants and arse to describe games, readers opinions and anything else that happened to be on their minds. The One's publication was suspended "due to conditions in the Amiga games market”, according to a wise old accountant in Emap’s headquarters.
However, eager as always to keep things going land hopefully re-launch the magazine at a later and more favourable date), CU Amiga Magazine will be incorporating The One Amiga into some of our pages from now on. Matt Broughton, ex-deputy editor of the illustrious organ has joined our staff as Games Consultant and will have a regular column keeping you informed of developments in the games market and spicing up our news section with inside information, as well as reviewing games and re-introducing, due to popular demand, a games tips section in CU Amiga Magazine.
In case you wonder what happens to old Amiga magazine staff when their mag finally goes to bed we'll tell you. Andy Nuttall. A regular contributor to this magazine and The One's editor has moved to Bullfrog to work in games development. Another regular contributor to CU and The One's former reviews editor, Harry Attrill, has moved to a similar position on a PC games magazine called, funnily enough, PC Games and which, by strange coincidence, is edited by a former The One editor David Upchurch. Harry will also continue to contribute to CU Amiga Magazine because although he's a splitting
swine like Andy Leaning, deep down he still loves the Amiga.
The One. RIP Make Way For Even More Storage Space ©xciting news on the storage front this month from Fourth Level Developments.
They have just announced a SCSI-2 drive which doubles as a quad speed (X4) CD- ROM drive with 185ms access and a 650 MB read write Optical drive with a transfer rate more than 1MB s. Bundled with Ami-File-Safe (see separate news feature} and an updated version of the MO- MIGA multi-media support system, it is due to retail at around £530 and uses low cost cartridges. It will be available in internally mounted and external versions.
Look for a for review in next months issue. For further information, call Fourth Level on 0117-9854455.
No More Invalidated Disks More news from the boys at Fourth Level Developments. They have been busy working on lots of technical things and have just released a program called the Ami-File-Safe replacement file system, otherwise known as AFS.
This new product represents an astounding improvement in performance over Commodore old standard file systems, OFS and FFS.
File systems are responsible for handling the way files are stored on devices like floppy and hard disks. However, AFS is not only faster, it's also more efficient on disk space and claims to be proofed against invalidation. So we should expect great things from this new product.
AFS retails for £69.75 and is available from Fourth Level Developments. You can contact them on 0117-9854455. Expect a full review in next month's CU Amiga Magazine.
ZCL Gets Liquidated 0«ading Amiga distributor ZCL who also own Indi have been put into receivership ,*o*owing significant losses. Although the company is still trading the receivers have been called in to turn stock into cash and find a potential buyer for the com- parry as a going concern.
XL one of the two biggest distributors of Amiga hardware and peripherals in the UK.
Bb&ca. The other distributor, has remained in business despite the Commodore crash ZCL ¦¦••ack to blame the Amiga for their woes, with a large sum of money still owed by retail- ¦ ¦ nocked Commodore products. A spokesman for the receivers. Arthur Anderson, was
• M «i trade publication Computer Retail News as say- mQr n1
receivership would continue until "a firm grip Pbtbaan
established on the company's finances, when the HpBtar* - d be
reviewed again".
¦ XL Jksc owned the Calculus chain of computer stores few *«•» future is uncertain - four have already closed ¦¦nthe receivership announcement was made.
Championship Manager 2 The oldies are returning in droves.
Championship Manager 2 follows hot on the heels of the second Player Manager with the addition of an international management option, a completely- updated presentation method using a Sports TV style format and more stats and player interaction. The first game was a big seller and was followed up by update data disks.
Considering the amount of management sims currently on release it will have to be really special to get to the top. Due for an October release we should have a preview next month.
IDE CD-ROM for the A1200 4000 i2 authors claim it will provide Amiga users with a much cheaper alternative to SCSI compatible drives.
Any readers have written to us to find out if it's possible to connect a regular IDE CD-ROM to the A1200 and 4000's built in IDE interface, ver is that, at the moment, it isn't pos-
- using the the built-in driver in the Amiga's U However a new
driver, ATAPI. Is under Wopment by German company Elaborate ¦s.
Called the ATAPI device.
I ATAPI actually works as well as the The final full version will be a commercial product and will be reviewed by CU Amiga in a forthcoming issue along with hardware that allows two CD-ROMs and two IDE hard drives to be simultaneously connected to the internal IDE interface. For more information call Ground Zero Software, on 0117-9741462.
I dictator Formula For Success?
O scon's Formula 1 management game Pole Position, which we first reported in our ECTS roundup last March is nearing the end of its development. The game, from the team that produced The Patrician and On The Ball, is now due for
- ¦•lease in September when FI fans will be able to revel in car
design, team negotiations, press conferences and the
- Ike No official F1 sponsorship has been confirmed but it should
have all the big names in there. We hope to have
• preview for next month.
Ever fancied taking control of an alien race? Of controlling their armies and taking over a strange planet? Of slogging it out with the enemy on a sandcastle covered beach or a play room? Yes. Then Mindscape's Tiny Troops could be the game for you.
A bit like Cannon Fodder in the world of Micro Machines. It is a puzzle and team combat based game controlled by mouse and features cutesy cartoon creatures from two races who are locked in a permanent battle on a virgin planet, having almost destroyed their own. "ftie game is due out in October on A1200 only.
Touring Car Manager As if Formula I wasn't enough for the management fanatics of this world, a new company called OTM, previously better known for utilities like our last month's cover disk PowerBase, is releasing a new racing game. This is the first game based on the British Touring Car Challenge, a race using limited modification of works versions of current saloon cars. The game starts off with you selecting one of the top teams like Alfa Romeo, BMW or Volvo, then selecting two well known drivers then equipping the team and managing it through the ups .
And downs and var- “ ious weather conditions of a season. It comes packaged with posters, post cards and info about the Alfa Romeo 155. We should have a full review next month.
New Directory Opus Owners of GP soft’s excellent Directory Opus 5 are entitled to a free upgrade patch that will take version 5.0 up to 5.11. Arexx and drag 'n drop improvements, many minor changes and bug fixes are all part of the new 5.11 package. Call the UK distributors Wizard Developments on 01322-272908 for further details. _ Matt Brouahton's Oes, with the sad 'suspension' of The One as an Amiga games magazine. I'll be popping up here and there throughout the pages of CU. Injecting the word 'pants' and 'arse' as much as possible into the general format and helping with the games
Games in View Bonjour! What's all this then, eh?
Well, if you're a regular CU Amiga Magazine reader, "Hi. Sorry to gate crash." And if you're an old reader of The One, "Hello my chums, are you missing us?
One of the new features we'll be adding to CU is a dedicated games column, of which this is the first. So, want to know what's going on out there in Amiga games land? Well, follow me... Anyone who's ever managed to cat«fc the Sky satellite programme, Games World, will no doubt be familiar with that 'great guy' and all-round celeb. Dave Perry. Well, thanks to the bandanna-ed one.
Millennium’s Master Axe could have finally found a way onto your screens - via a Powerplay joypad bundle package.
Likely to retail at between £20- 25, the bundle package looks to be Millennium's last chance to recoup the £150,000 already invested in the so-far-less-than-impressive product. If the idea makes the light of day. This will be the first ever joypad available for Amiga owners (er no actually Mat. See our review of the Techno Plus on page 79.
Sadly, apart from the release of Extractors on the CD32, Millennium don’t have much on the games front, although Keith Smith informs me, 'We haven't abandoned the Amiga, it’s just that in the future we'll be looking at projects that can be transported over to the machine rather than developed on it."
Just a tad overdue, Grandslam are now quoting September as a release date for the RPG adventure, Seventh Sword of Mendor, while their compilation, Gamer Gold, will also appear around the same time. The CD32 version of Rasputin's Base Jumpers will be also be made available through the G’Slamers from the 28th of this month, priced at £19.99. Following the comments made by pretty much every magazine reviewing X-Fighter, Thalion have decided to pull back the release date with a view to rewriting the graphics and sound - with a couple of tweaks to the game engine while they're at it.
Look out for a new version around ECTS time in September.
HMV CHART... Amiga top games No TITLE PUBLISHER 1 Ultimate Soccer Manager Daze 2 Sensible World of Soccer Virgin 3 Man Utd the Double Krisalis 4 Super Skidmarks Guildhall 5 Beau Jolly Compilation Virgin 6 Pinball Illusions 21st Century 7 Theme Park EA 8 All Terrain Racing Team 17 9 Roadkill Guildhall io FIFA Soccer EA The ever-busy Kompart Black Legend team are still churning out stuff at an Impressive rate, with Arcane’s Turbo Trax looking as though it'll finally get a release date of July 12th, and Behind the Iron Gate following a week or so later.
There's no more news on Spherical Worlds, but it's only six weeks away from master, with Wheelspin pencilled in for a July August release.
Mindscape are uncharacteristically active on the Amiga scene, with Tiny Troops due for release in October and both Space Academy and MegaRace due in the Summer. Bad news from Daze Marketing I’m afraid, as they abandon their Sim City-esque world domination game, Power House.
Apparently, they made the decision once they realised that the game could never be anything less than A1200 only, and what with the 'unsettled' state of things, ran away to hide in a tree. Still, there's always the forthcoming Ascon product. Pole Position to look forward to.
Similarly scary news from Core Design is that they've yet to decide whether their graphic treat.
Big Red Adventure, will make it onto the Amiga. At the time of writing, the team have yet to see the pre-production version, and will make a decision then, and only then. Golly.
Fingers crossed.
More frightening stories from the land of Empire Interactive, where Cyberspace has now been T* ~ K ML ir A No it's MI Wit from Biol... it's Mitt Irlilt the Oil! I officially 'suspended' again due to I the 'thin ice' nature of the Amiga I games scene right now. (Hmm, sounds familiar). Anyway, the Empire crew have nothing else to I offer us currently, other than Bitfusion s helicopter sim, Coala - but you already know all about that 1 I’m sure!
And. Just to keep this column looking like death warmed up, Colonization looks to be MicroProse s last Amiga game for some while - with the future of A1200 hard drive-only Pizza Tycoon still undecided.
New developers Leading Edge still have yet to find a publisher for the excellent Super Bomberman clone, Blitz Bombers, featured on the cover and cover disk of the last issue of The One land I do mean THE LAST - boo hoo!) This looks certain to be a bit of a hit - depending on which publishers gets to it first!
And that wraps it up for this month's games news, leaving me _ to wish you well and offer you this month's chart from HMV.
Au revoir! ¦ Omiga Technologies has finally recruited a British team to handle sales and marketing ¦MM Amiga in the UK. Called A*ge Technologies GmbH (UK) it ¦•miafty have six staff, all of k*am are ex members of [Ommodore UK. The team is up by Jonathon Anderson «*s a product marketing
• ¦¦•ger m the old organisation.
|| Amiga Technologies UK seek new bundles for £350+ Amiga obaofy based back in ¦tadenhead rather than Escom's Meaosh headquarters or their new ewwes near Stanstead, the Mm mil consist of technical sup- kpvt and sales staff. Jonathon, [VAC used to work for Silica has ¦Me experience in setting up pro- bundled software deals me 5vs is seen as a key role for
• m r Amiga Technologies.
Scala and more [ 1st month's news feature indicat- Hf Wat Scala MM300 would be ¦Wed with all new Amigas. But IjMthon intends to add to this mth some top name utilities and l i. Unlike the old days, where [ • various distributors throughout UK and Europe put together nt packs Jonathon claims t they will now be standard- 1 throughout Europe and that only two will be avail- e one for machines with hard i and slanted heavily pMfds quality productivity software and one for basic A1200s « *| a games orientation. No software has been finally decided won at this stage though.
The new price Despite our report last month of aew Amigas for under £250.
Tased on comments by Escom's Wenfred Schmitt, and reports of
• •en cheaper machines in other tines, Jonathon Anderson 1 that
in the UK this sort of s would be impossible. In a to get
dealers to take the i and to actually produce
• »e machine again the price will hire to be between £350 and
£399 for the basic A1200 pack.
"e did however claim that the software bundle with these machines would make the price pomt seem attractive and the sales effort would be backed up by advertising.
F A Jonathon Anderson, head ol Amiga Technologies UK: Sales and technical support will be their key roles initially.
This strategy must be seen as risky, with the Amiga now "out of fashion", according to one software publisher, and competition from the games side with the UK launch of Saturn and Playstation.
Even on the computer side, with Escom themselves competitively discounting Pentium Pcs to £800.
An Amiga costing nearly £400 becomes less attractive to the uneducated computer user, despite its advantages.
Anderson remains confident though, and hopes that by keeping advertising simple, showing the software that the Amiga is capable of running, and how cheap that software is compared with its PC and Mac competitors, rather than concentrating on the hardware will still attract people.
"I don't intend to spend millions of pounds doing (ads which feature] fish, boomerangs and all this sort of thing. I don't want to concentrate on the hardware, I want to show people what's on screen. When we advertise I will get the software publishers involved very heavily.” said Jonathon.
They expect to sell 50.000 A1200s in the period between October and Christmas and some of these will have hard drives. A price point has yet to be set for hard drive equipped machines but Jonathon was very concerned about hiking the A1200's price too' high by putting drives in. The amount of machines which will have them will be determined by their price, but up to half of the total allocation could be equipped if the market was viable. Jonathon claimed: "We have 50,000 A1200s. Some of which have hard drives and every single one of those is pre-sold. When the (software] publishers see the
product physically back in the shop, there will be an upward trend towards getting titles out there."
He expects more flexible pricing next year for the upgraded Al 200, with a better processor and more RAM. But even this depends on the success of the relaunched machines over the Christmas period.
On the A4000T front the majority of the reported 22,000 allocated for production will go to the United States where it is still highly respected as a video and graphics machine, but the UK wilt get an allocation too. It will be available before Christmas in 040 form with a separate upgrade to 060 with the full, internal 060 version being available early next year. The proposed RISC machine could be ready by autumn next year.
More games The UK games publishing industry is seen as very important for the Amiga's future and one of Amiga Technologies' biggest tasks will be to get these publishers back into the fold and developing. "Games which begin development now may only be completed in 12 months time, so software developers shouldn't leave it too late to start Amiga software again'', Jonathon stated.
"My task is to get the publishers back on board by going along and seeing them. If I believe a title is good enough I'll certainly put it to Amiga Technologies or Escom. The parent company, that we do some co-funding."
Although currently having only six staff. Amiga Technologies GmbH (UK) will grow with the Amiga's sales and recruit further people in the coming months. At the moment Jonathon Anderson is looking for merchandisers to help set up in-store displays and promotions in the run-up to Christmas. He expects these to be regional based and Amiga literate. In place to help retailers maximise the attractiveness of the machine.
And as for Commodore UK?
What sort of feelings did Jonathon have after David Pleasance and Colin Proudfoot failed to submit a final bid: "None of the staff other than David and Colin were aware that there wasn't going to be a bid. It was put to me that they tactically withdrew, which frankly is a politician's answer. There are various reasons, and I don't honestly know the real one. There have been rumours, of which one was that they didn't have the money ... I know for a fact that they did have some money, but whether they had enough was another question. Escom went out.
? Petro Tyschtschenko. Geieral Manager of Amiga Technologies GmbH who has appointed si* e»- Commodore UK staff to the now company.
Checked out the company, saw it was worth buying and did the deed."
Whether they have the financial will to follow it through with a real success story, remains to be seen. ¦ Alan Dykes Although currently moving into new premises, if you wish to contact Amiga Technologies UK you con send your letters to CU Amiga Magazine and we will forward them.
Unfortunately we cannot contact them by phone on your behalf so this service is restricted to letters only.
Send any correspondence to CU Amiga Magazine, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU, clearly marked for the attention of Mr. J. Anderson, Amiga Technologies UK.
Tsie Um Mga ©elcome, Amiga fan and user, to your opportunity to tell Amiga Technologies GmbH exactly what you want for your current Amiga and the Amiga of the future. We at CU Amiga Magazine are determined that you should get the right products and honest value for money now and in the future, and the best way to do this is to mobilise your opinion. By presenting the views of you, the reader, we hope to guide Amiga Technologies in the right direction, help them to avoid the same mistakes as Commodore and provide you with what you want.
Three months ago thousands of you responded to our reader survey, giving us a strong indication of what you wanted from your favourite Amiga magazine. Now we're asking you to fill out this much smaller, but in many ways more important questionnaire. It is, in effect, a letter to Escom's new Amiga subsidiary which will put forward your views to the right people, in the right place. With your opinions CU Amiga Magazine will push hard for a productive and brighter future.
Please cut out the following form and post it to: Amiga Technologies, c o CU Amiga Magazine, Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU.
Over 6 years _l vvumry ...... REMEMBER, ¦ 1 I i 1 L C J * ¦ Dear Amiga Technologies.
Prematurely cut short the life of Britain's most popular home computer and 1 am determined not to be ¦ 1 disappointed again. In order for the Amiga to succeed you need to listen to the opinions of the end user, those like myself who | have bought this excellent computer in the past and intend to stick with it, provided it continues to provide all the cornerstones 1 of its past success: value for money, excellent applications, excellent games software and affordable modular upgradability.
1 The following contains some information about myself, my vision for the future of my Amiga and an idea of what 1 currently ¦ use it for: 11 am: Beginning to get the hang of most things Q Please use the following space to indicate what ¦ Male ? Female ?
You think is best about the Amiga, why you 1 use my Amiga for the following: ?
Intend to keep on using one, or why you will 1 1 My age is: Games stop using one unless you get the machines, 1
- Under 8 Q 8 9Q 1oQ Desk Top Publishing ?
R~t the software and the sort of service you desire :¦ 1 11 ? 12 0 13 ? 14 ?
Business presentations ?
15 0 16 0 17-19 0 20-23 0 Multimedia ?
J 24-29 0 30-34 0 35-44 O 45-54 0 Music find midi 6 sampling) ?
155 or over O Graphics and animation ?
Word processing ?
1 would like to upgrade to: Education ?
| A1200 O Programming ?
¦ A4000 O Personal finance ?
" CD32 O (You may tick more lhan Business spreadsheets accounts ?
1 RISC Amiga O one ol these) Comms lnternet etc ?
Video movie applications ?
¦ l think that new Amigas should be equipped 1 with the following, even at the risk of a price 1 Have been using an Amiga for:
- increase: 1-3 months ?
Thank you.
1 CD-ROM Drive yQ nO 3-6 months ?
1 Hard Drive yO nO 6-12 months ?
Name .. I 12-18 months ?
Address ..... 1 My level of technical competence on the 18 months-2 years ?
¦ Amiga is: 2-3 years ?
Expert ? Competent ?
3-4 years ?
| Complete beginner Q 4-6 years ?
Over 6 years ?
Country ...... 1 From next month onwards we will have a member of Amiga Technologies GmbH on-line to answer your letters and questions every month. Please send your correspondence to Amiga Technologies Q&A, CU Amiga Magazine, Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU.
51. 99 vhat 10am to 8pm 7 days a week!
01279 600204 Or Fax 01279 726842 - we’ll confirm receipt Member* only but you can order as you join.
Annual UK Aumborshlp £7 Includes 12 issues of the club magazine with £180 worth of XS Savers.
600204 Over 250.000 people have joined Special Reserve and we are the largest computer games club in the world.
12. 49 ¦BHEUK*
- -- 1B4B C* ASGARD 18 99 CTO UNTIL JUIY 31® We also have two
very Impressive dub thops which stock oor entire range.
CHELMSFORD,ESSEX 43 Broomfield Rood Just around the comer trom the bus elation.
SAWBRIDGEWORTH, HERTS The Mating*. Station Road. A few miles from the Ml 1. Near the train elation.
- * ' ¦ DX4 100 ? 16MB RAM 1479.99 1258.5?
Lines, i desire WITH ALL THIS AND FREE TWO YEAR ON-SITE WARRANTY PRICES AND SPECIFICATION SUBJECT TO CHANGE j WE ONLY SUPPLY MEMBERS BUT YOU CAN ORDER AS YOU JOIN ¦MEMBERSHIP FEES UK EC WORLD lONtYiAHiuiam) £7.00 t9.00 £11.00 l SIX MONTHS it asm) 14.00 16.00 £7.00 J Each issue ncludes £15 of new XS Savers. Members are under no obligation.
J AJI prices include VAT and carnage to MOST UK mainlwid addresses Overseas order* mult be paid by credit card I Hardware items (battery or mains) are only supplied to the UK mainland I Overseas surcharge £2.00 per sotPware item or 25% on other items J (BLOCK CAPITALS pteaael GILD Name & Address_ ?
* '*-3 GAMES 12.99 SWITCH .(ISSUE NO_
P. O. BOX 847, HARLOW, CM21 9PH or FAX a credit card cvdar on
01279 726842 - ant) we* FAX back.
• • IstM may ret yet &e ovaiUtte. Pmm pticno to B-Kk a wlv Prce*
I*ey charge wttxut proc noMieaoon. Time ot gong r p-on 16.6.95
E A O. SAVE = Sming olt M retail price Inter-MedaSee LW. The
Malting.. Smbndgewm Trouble What do you do when a mystery
complication cripples your Amiga?
Sometimes it seems there's just nowhere to turn, but this month you're in luckl We've compiled a list of the most common, most awkward, and most infuriating Amiga problems, and blown them away! Never again need you be nagged by unnecessary requesters, messed up by memory loss or rattled by read errors.
Welcome to the world of trouble free computing ... ®eve all experienced those confusing error messages and system crashes at one point or another. The trouble is, if you don’t know what's gone wrong, there's not much you can do to put it right. Over the next five pages we've compiled a massive collection of solutions and tips to get you out of the stickiest mess without any bother. Everything from disk corruption to memory problems to hardware failure is covered, with stacks more besides.
We begin our tour of Troubletown with a look at the popular Amigas 500 and 1200. Once you've got an idea of the workings of the machine, you'll find it easier to understand why your Amiga is misbehaving.
Throwing the Amiga out of the window might be the most appealing option when you're at the end of your tether, but taking a minute to calm down and sort out your problem is always worth it in the end.
5R5&grew ClAs or Complex Interface Adapters are generally the number one Amiga hardware fault. They are responsible for much of the Amiga's Input Output handling including joystick mouse and the parallel port. The most common cause of CIA failure is accidentally shorting out pins on any of these ports while the machine is powered up.
This is usually done by plugging in printers, joysticks and the like while the machine is on. Not being particularly robust, the good news is that they are not a rare custom chip and are fairly inexpensive as far as Amiga spare parts go. If you have an A1200 (pictured below) then you're in for some bad news. Take a look at the indicated chips. On the A500 (pictured above) you can see they are large dual in-line socketed chips. On this machine you can buy the chips and replace them yourself (making sure they go in the right way aroundl) with a minimum of stress but on the A1200 things are
The A1200 uses the more modern and cheaper method of surface mounting the chips. That's not normally a problem for chips thet aren't prone to failure but in this case it's e bit of an oversight by the old Commodore regime. Your machine will have to go to a repair shop that knows about surface mount technology.
Replacing chips Hopefully in the no mal course of using rour Amiga, you shouldn't have to pull on tout jungle boots and go delving into the ¦wer most sanctums too often. However, there are a few occasions when this may be required. It's handy to have some background knowledge on the base level puzards for such eventualities.
There are only two chips that you should ever have to replace in either the A500 or the A1200. One is the CIA (see above) and the other is the ROM(s). There is only one ROM in the A500 and two in the A1200. Removing the original chips is fairly easy even without a proper chip-pulling tool.
Insert a flat bladed screwdriver between the gap between the socket and the chip. Lever it up a fraction but not the whole way. Then move to the other end and repeat. Gently work the chip out of the socket.
In both cases the chips are of the dual in-line variety. That means they can be inserted either way round. How do you tell which is the right way? On both the ClAs and the ROMs, there is a semicircular bit out of one end of the chip. Also on the motherboard these bites are marked on the board. You can see them to the left on the A1200's ROMs above. If they line up, no problem. Inserting new chips is a bit more involved. Again a specialist chip inserting tool is best and isn't very expensive, though there is a way to do it with your bare hands. The dual in-line legs will initially be too wide
to fit in the sockets. Place one edge of the chip legs into the socket and insert slightly. Then push the chip towards the edge half inserted. This should bend the pins temporarily towards the chip and allow you to get the other row of legs into the other side of the socket. Be careful. Don't use too much force and make sure the legs are lined up before you depress fully to shove the chip home. However, if in doubt call in a trained repair company.
Help! My Disk Is Corrupt Problem: The system complains that a disk is corrupt, or there are read write errors, or files have been deleted by mistake and must be recovered.
Cause: There are many possible causes, such as the Amiga crashing whilst writing data to a disk, inferior quality disks or faulty disk drive mechanisms.
Solution: In these situations you need to use a disk salvage utility, the best known example of which is DiskSalv, programmed by the ex Commodore engineer Dave Haynie. Similar utilities are available from the public domain. These utilities can handle everything from recovery of accidentally deleted files to nursing corrupt disk structures back to health. Many can salvage files from hopelessly corrupt volumes.
Prevention is better than cure and the number one cause of invalidated disks is an over eager use of the three finger death grip. Resetting your Amiga before it has updated the disk structure (this will happen a couple of seconds after drive activity finishes) causes no end of problems. Minimise the risk by waiting a few seconds after the last drive access. DiskSalv can be obtained from Deltrax PD, 36 Bodelwyddan Ave.Old Colwyn, Clwyd LL29 9NP. Tel: 01492-515981 disk U437.
2_lfclfelfili!il Scan_I A Veisirfls ol DiskSalv prior to 3 0 ore skanwn. Lor imam tkn kas koto tke east commonly used disk saha|a oSlny.
Zorro Sorrow Problem: The Zorro III card in the A3000 or A4000 isn't working properly.
Cause: A Revision 11 Super Buster chip is needed for the expansion slots in these machines to work properly in Zorro III mode.
Earlier Buster versions must be replaced.
Solution: A3000s have the Buster chip plugged into a socket on the board, but those in some A4000S are 'permanently' surface mounted. On A4000s it's the nearest large chip next to the SIMM sockets. On A3000s it's located to the right of the Zorro riser in the middle. It has Super Buster written on it and I the number 390537-X, where X is the revision I number. Seven, nine and 11 are possible nunv I bers and indicate the revision. If you don't have a revision 11, it can be purchased from I Ramiga International (tel: 01690 770304). If you're not confident about replacing it yourself I or your
Buster surface mounted, call Fast Computer Repairs on 0171 252 3553 to get it replaced. They do not have the chips in stock, so you will need to buy the chip yourself from Ramiga International.
Too Many Add-Ons Problem: The Amiga will not work at a;; when a number of peripherals are attached Top Ten Ways to Reclaim Memory A lovvennq the scieen resolution ind Amount ol colours in the tVoikbench ScieenMode pielefrnces will suve valuable memory. It will also mean the display updates mo«e quickly
1. Close windows Small amounts of RAM can be won back by closing
windows on the Workbench and any other screens.
2. Close Workbench Larger amounts of RAM can be gained by closing
the Workbench screen completely. Most software will let you
reopen the Workbench later on.
3. Disable extra drives Hold down both mouse buttons and reset
the Amiga to access the boot options.
Any or all drives can now be disabled. Each disabled drive will free up more memory. Users of Kickstart 1.3 Amigas must physically disconnect extra disk drives.
4. Reduce the number of colours Working screens, pictures and
animations with few colours use less memory than those
with many colours.
Workbench colours can be reduced with the Screenmode options of the Prefs section. Other programs have similar options.
5. Switch to a lower screen resolution Fewer pixels use less
memory, so switch to 'low res non lace' for the maximum
saving. NTSC mode can be used instead of PAL for extra
Overscan mode (extra height and width) should also be turned off.
6. Close other programs The Amiga can run a number of programs
at the same time, some of which may be run automatically
during startup. If you forget to close an unused program and
open another, the original one will still use some memory,
so close it down with the Quit option (hiding the screen will
not close the nrnuram).
7. Bypass the startup- sequence Hold down the CTRL and D keys
immediately after reseting the Amiga. This will halt the
Workbench startup- sequence. Users of Kickstart 2 and above
can use the boot options (hold down both mouse buttons during
reset) and select Boot With No Startup-Sequence. Now type the
following, pressing Return after each line: loadwb endcli
You may have to type in the 'assigns' yourself in order to run
the required program. See the panel on Assigns for further
8. Detach extra peripherals Disk drives and other peripherals use
small portions of memory in order to speed them up. Unplug any
peripherals that you are not using, but only do this when the
power is turned off.
9. Use virtual memory Some programs have a 'virtual memory'
option. This uses disk space to temporarily store data that
would otherwise occupy RAM. A dedicated virtual memory
system called Vmem is available from PD houses. Vmem requires
a Memory Management Unit (MMU) which is built into 68030 and
68040 processors.
10. Assign the T and EIMV drawers to the hard drive instead of
the RAM: disk This requires some alteration of the
startup-sequence, and some knowledge of how the Assign
command works.
See the panel on Assign for more info.
Contained in the hard drive startup sequence, and so it's not run if the game is booted from floppy disk.
Solution: Temporarily disable the AGA chipset. Hold down both mouse buttons when you reset, and select Display Options followed by Original, Use and Boot.
A3000 r chip is e mode.
• chip it those I lace arge 000s it's 1 the it and ©vision lie
num- on't i from
4) . If yourself ast a get it rt stock, elf from Jumbled Keys
Problem: The keys on the keyboard don't match up with the
letter and symbols that appear on screen.
Cause: The keymap being used is different from the keyboard type.
Solution: Try the preferences program called Input on your Workbench disk. Change the country type to British or whatever is the relevant option.
If you can't find the right one then look on your original 'Extras' disk for the correct keymap for your keyboard.
If you still can't find one. Then a call to a PD house is in order. They are installed in IS ; at a;; ched tUptlgrV' Dim*.conlm AGA Game Compatibility Problem: Ar WOKS 1 lie ;'ll'l
• dppy bU not alter ccirg irsDlled cn an A1200 haul drive Cause:
'he game 5 no: AGA conpot c c ¦ A Am gas act us if nc-v a-c ECS
noch res until the Setpatch program is run. This is Please
insert volume X in any drive Problem: A requester appears
saying "Insert Volume X".
Cause: Application programs need to load in extra files for certain functions, and they need to know where to find these files. Applications are directed to specific file directories by a system of 'assigns'. This is most relevant when dealing with software installed on a hard drive. If an application is not directed to its accompanying files, it will ask for the user to insert a disk (or volume) on which it expects to find the files.
However, on floppy-based systems, this is a common request and merely means that it needs you to swop disks in order load certain files.
Solution: The 'volume' that is being requested must be assigned to a place on the hard drive. For example, a program called HappyCald.4 would most likely look for certain files in a place called HappyCalc. If it wasn't assigned properly, it would ask for volume HappyCalc to be inserted. In this case, it would need to be told where the HappyCalc directory is on the hard drive. Assuming the hard drive was called HD1: and HappyCald.4 was installed in a sub-directory called Applications, this would be solved with a line in one of the startup-sequence scripts that would read: Assign HappyCalc: HD1:
Applications HappyCalc Note that the assignment refers to the HappyCalc directory, not the HappyCald.4 program file. Alterations to the startup-sequence or user-startup scripts only become active once the machine has re-booted. For instant effect, commands need to be typed into the Shell CLI in addition.
Assigns can also point to several directories. This is achieved by following the Assign command with the word 'ADD'. For example, the line Assign ADD Libs: HappyCalc:Libs will allow the libraries in this directory be opened by the system. Alternatively you could just copy the contents of this directory into the Libs: directory and not bother with the Assign at all.
R»orkb«nch Scr..n (RAM board, hard drive, genlock etc).
Cause: It's likely that the power supply can't deliver enough current to drive all of the units.
Solution: A larger power supply is needed. The old A500 supply is actually a higher specification unit than the modern A1200 units. A second hand A500 supply is a cheap option that may suffice.
If a serious increase in power is needed then Datel's Goliath 200W power supply will solve the problem. It retails at £44.95 plus £2 P&P You can phone Datel on 01782-744707.
FCr dip) Not Executable Problem: Files downloaded from bulletin boards and from PD disks will not run. They have letters such as LHA. DMS and ZIP on the end of their filenames.
Cause: The files are software archives.
They usually contain a multitude of files that make up a complete software package in the one file.
Solution: The same utility that made the files is needed to 'extract' them. LHA files need Stefan Boberg's LhA; DMS files need the DiskMasher utility; ZIP files need UnZIP; LZX files need the new LZX archiver. All of these are available from PD houses and BBSs if you have a modem.
In the case of PD houses, they usually do a disk full of all the common archivers. A good collection is disks U695-U697 (3) from Devs:keymaps. Alternatively. 1.3 users can use the Setmap command in the startup- sequence. For a British keymap. Enter the line: setmap gb Ground Zero Software. 4 Chandos Road.
Redland, Bristol BS6 6PE. Tel: 0117-9741462.
Price: £1.00 each plus 75p P&P Parnet Troubles Problem: The mouse and joystick don't work properly after using Parnet.
Cause: Parnet is rather notorious for destroying the Amiga's 8520 Complex Interface Adapter chips (ClAs). This is not always the problem but is very likely where Parnet is in use.
Solution: Parnet isn't the only way to blow up ClAs up. Shorting the parallel port pins accidentally is another way. The ClAs are the number one failure component in Amigas.
The net result is that a CIA will need replacing.
If you have an A500, A1500, A2000 or A3000 then your ClAs are socketed and can simply be replaced. This is quite easy to do yourself though getting a more technically minded person to do it for you would be helpful. The ClAs can be bought for £10.99 from Rrst Computer Centre at Tel: 0113 231 9444.
The bad news is that if you own an A600, A1200 or A4000 then you will have to pay the price for Commodore's cost cutting. These models have surface mounted ClAs and must be replaced by a repair company which is going to cost many times what it would cost if you could change them yourself. One such company is Fast Computer Repairs on 0171- 2523553.
Could not open x.library Problem: Programs complain that they can't find or open files or just exit during loading with no explanation.
Cause: Many programs including games, require other support files to work properly. They may need libraries, fonts or other executable programs. If they can't find these files, the results depend on how well the program is written.
Some will report exactly what they can't find and the version they require, while others will exit without saying a word. Even worse, some may even crash.
Solution: If the program has told us exactly what it requires then it's simply a matter of putting the requested file into a place where the Amiga and the program can find it. Fonts should be in the Fonts: assign (see previous assigns explanation), libraries in Libs: and devices in Devs: etc. For example, if you had booted your machine from Workbench or a hard drive, and then tried to run a floppy disk version of HappyCalc, you may get the message "Can't find HappyCalc.library". This is because the Amiga is looking to the libs section of the boot disk (Workbench or the hard drive in this
case). The file is on the HappyCalc disk in a directory called libs, and would need to be copied into the libs directory of the boot disk with the following command: Copy dfO:Libs Happy.library Libs: That’s fine if you're told which file the program can't find. Otherwise, you'll need to get hold of a shareware utility called SnoopDOS. This can give you a list of all the system function calls made by a program, and whether the calls were successful or not. If a program is refusing to function then it's very likely that SnoopDOS will be able to track down the problem. It can also be an education
in what goes on behind the scenes with your Amiga. SnoopDOS is available from KT's PD, 75 The Drive, Rochford, Essex. SS4 1QQ Tel: 01702-542434. Disk U492.
Price .90p + .75p Pf»P.
Startup Troubles Problem: Don't know how to modify the startup-sequence.
Solution: The Startup-Sequence is script.
A script is a list of programs that the Amiga should run sequentially. This script in particular is run when your machine is first booted.
The startup-sequence itself should not be modified. There is another startup-sequence designed to be modified called the user-startup script, To make changes to this script, you need to use a text editor. One is supplied with Workbench as standard with your machine and it goes under the name of 'Ed' (have these guys no imagination?). In order to use Ed, you'll need to be in the Shell CLI and type something like: Ed S:User-Startup If the script doesn't exist, a blank one will be created. If it does, you will see it appear in a new Ed window. Some simple but very useful changes you can make
regard the Assign command. See the panel on 'Please insert volume x' for details. Most software installers will make changes to this script for this purpose and you should see their signatures in this script if you have run any in the past. A good book on AmigaDOS coupled with some experimentation will go a long way to turning you into an Amiga expert in this regard. At a minimum, it can't hurt to have a look now.
Can it? ¦ Tony Horgan and Mat Bettinson Ten Do's and Don'ts Do ... 4 Make back-ups of all your impor- I tant software and data.
2 Wait for disk activity to finish before ejecting a disk, reseting or turning off the Amiga.
3 Take care of your floppy disks and keep them in a covered box when not in use.
4 Use a virus checker regularly, or better still, put one in your WBStartup folder on your hard drive.
5 Turn your amplifier or speaker system off before you turn your Amiga on or off to avoid a damaging 'spike'.
Don't... Iput drinks near to your Amiga. A spill can be very costly.
2 Attempt hardware repairs with the power switched on.
Remove peripherals when the power is turned on (this includes mice, printers, monitors, samplers and anything else you might have connected).
4 Put unshielded speakers close to your TV or monitor.
5 Worry, it'll all be all right in the end.
VERSION 2.1 NOW SHIPPING CYBERGRAPHICS SUPPORT, DIRECT VIDEO TOASTER BUFFER SUPPORT, CINEMATTE - BLUE SCREENING, HP SCANJET SUPPORT, MORE AUTOFX SCRIPTS.. Get ImageFX, the Amiga's premier image processing package, and you will find yourself creating and manipulating images with every tool you need right at your fingertips! No other image processing package [ on the Amiga gives you everything you need, from precise colour correction tools to fantastic special effects that boggle the mind! Whether you are a print artist or a video magician, ImageFX is simply the fastest, the best, and the most
complete image processing solution you will find on the Amiga.
SYSTEM PERFORMANCE The easiest to use and most powerful interface, thumbnail image loader lets you see your image before loading it, built in Virtual Memory allows work on images nearly any size, unlimited multi-level true UNDO, thumbnail image previewing shows effect before using it, multiple image buffers and brushes, precise region controls can restrict work to just part of an image, unequalled Arexx support for macros and programming, user definable macro keys and menus, built in Macro Arexx script recording, two powerful batch processing systems: IMP and AutoFX & visual thumbnail image
cataloguing system.
Ith a User- ner-up. This Is too.
Will be sr in a
• useful gn com- 1'Olume will rpose this A good le turning 1 At a
INCREDIBLE DISPLAY ABILITIES Display your image and work interactively on any Amiga AGA modes, I EGS Spectrum, Retina, Picasso, Piccolo, | Firecracker 24, Rainbow III, IV-24, Talon, DCTV, HAM-E, Harlequin, .. and many other displays POWERFUL SCANNING Epson 300 600 800 scanner module with colour previews, Sharp JX-100 scanner works from any serial port, IV-24, VLAB and PP&S Framegrabber and Framegrabber 256 support COMPLETE IMA6E CONVERSION All Amiga images, MS-DOS (6IF, PCX, PIC, JPEG, Targa), Macintosh (MacPaint, PICT, TIFF), Silicon Graphics (SGI RGB, Softimage, Wavefront), Animation's
(ANIM, ANIM7 8, MPEG, FLI), Many, many others (Xll, Abekas, PAR, Sun) I'ts and rhen SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 1 Amiga Computer running AmigaDOS 2.04 or Higher, 2Mb of RAM (more recommended) and a Hard Disk Manufactured by das ilers lave 01322 Promotional Price Available Only from O IC'ZARD FULL COLOUR PAINTING lete drawing tools - ellipse, rectangle, curve, polygon and more, automatic soft nodes and anti-aliasing, Magic Wand tool for brushes and regions, cool drawing like smudge, colourize, disperse, and fcpw, painting tools that simulate traditional ¦edia such as AirBrushes, Charcoals, ¦rvreolour
even Crayons!, Drawing styles bo through to other images, alpha channels or| pr*at* mandalas, cut out brushes with any [•rawing tool and use them for full colour ing, variable magnification zoom levels retouching to even a single pixel COMPLETE IMAGE PROCESSING B HSV, CMYK colour balancing, correction I separation, custom convolutions such as ! Maps and motion blurs, custom colour fcwsforms that solarize and turn images to ¦»«, blur, sharpen and unsharp mask, median I filters, minimum maximum filters, even video filters FANTASTIC SPECIAL EFFECTS ktate lightning bolts, raytraee images into
?res, create pond ripples and waves, swirl ¦u. Even into other images, built in and user| ¦finable lens flares, apply paper or canvas [textures, automatically turn images into Wings, water glass distortions, cinematic rphing, bizarre image warping, create stars id supernovas, crystallise an image, rotate images in 2D or 3D..... and that's just the beginning!
ORDER CODE: W305 Offer vilid until 31st August 1995 or while stocks lest.
An addictive and compelling Touring Car management simulation. Touring Car Challenge gives you the opportunity to use your skill and judgement to manage a top Touring Car team, have your own on and off circuit battles and perhaps influence the outcome of the championship, "if you're good enough" "TAKE THE TOURING CAR CHALLENGE" ToviiirCu HSMMi: M =1
• Select from any of the lop teams
* Full drivers and manufacturers championship
• 1-4 Players. 4 difficulty levels, load save games, games
options etc.
* Records and championship statistics.
ALOW HAM OTULK FEAILm AVAILABLE NOW! - RRP £24-95 Please contact our Customer Services Dept, on Tel Fax: 01827 312 302 for all orders and enquiries. All Trade enquiries welcome Copyright 1995 OTM Publications 8c Promouom Ltd. 5 Albert Road. Tamworth. Staffordshire B79 7JN Photograph supplied courtesy of Alfa Romeo UK OTM Registered UK Company Reg. No. 2972194 SONY TRINITRON 14" COLOUR MONITORS ONLY £99 INC VAT INCLUDES AMIGA LEAD TILT & SWIVEL STAND 28 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE
Floppy Drive ORDER CODE: WlOO 'P E V, £ LORM £ NT,5 ORDER C0DE;*2O2 ALL PRODUCTS COME WITH ORDER CODE: *150 ORDER C00E.-W2O8 All pocoa induda VAT wd cantRga within Via UK mainland. Pibbbb add £5 to your otder for non-UK Mainland daAvwy. AJ products are subject to avaEabMty.
ESOE. Advertised pflcea and apedlkation may change without notice.
ETWEEN 9AM AND 6PM, MONDAY TO RIDAY, TO PAY BY ACCESS OR VISA. TO PAY BY CHEQUE OR POSTAL ORDER PLEASE RETURN THE ORDER FORM BELOW TO- Quality Low Profili Designs Low Chip Count to Improve Reliability All Board Install in Minutes 2 Year Warranty contact iis on INTERNET SALES@WIZAR»-D.PEMON.CO.UK Product Code & Description «.4k oa 28.8k Speeds v32.u, *31. *13, v22, v32.it, v2l ABT BT Approved '¦..I D f OR Utt 0. T BT Unt IP 2-5 & v42, v42bis « A Async Operation ¦omatic Fall Back & RWARD FOR OPTIMUM Une Performance oop 1-3 Fa* to 14.4k llt Hayes Compatible 0 Front Panel Display p Fa* Software
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(N-Comm to. Amior) 2 Year Warranty Name RICES FROM
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Compatible with any Amiga with a SCSI adaptor (A6CKVA1200 with Squirrel adaptor!
£189 ISO9660 Red Book.
Motonsed CO loadng tray C032 EmuWcn Software SCSI *xu port tor addhonal S GASTHNER EXTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVES 800K Doubie density Media sina Ha* height stmme design Bud In OrVOft switch.
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Unpopulated board £49 2Mb Upgrade w*h any FPU sue With BuB-m reai-tme doc*.
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ALFA DATA MOUSE 400 Dpi r 100% compatible with all Amiga s. Effortless finger-tip operation with reliable microswitch buttons £9.99 OKTAGQN 4008 SCSI CARD SCSI-11 controller card, upgradable to 0Mb zip ram. Ideal tor A2000-A4000 range of Amiga s and any SCSI CD- Rom drive.
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1Mb £35 2Mb £69 4Mb £129 8Mb £269 18Mb £399 32Mb £899 ZIP-RAM Zip ram. Suitable tor A5OQ A5O0. Alfa data hard drives.
Oktagon 4000 SCSI card and the A3000 Every 2Mb £100 Increase your computing power by a card tor your A1200.
Viper 60O3O28Mhz 0Mb £119 Viper 68030 28Mhz 2Mb £189 Viper 66030 28Mhz 4Mb £249 Viper 68030 28Mhz 8Mb £359 Viper 68030 40Mhz 0Mb £189 Viper 68030 40Mhz 4Mb £319 Viper 68030 40Mhz 8Mb £449 GVP A1230 40Mhz 0Mb £109 London, N18 2 X A Fore Tel: S t r e e 0 18 1- 1 2 6 345-6000 Fax: 0181-345-6868 GASTEINER Upper Edmonton ©D-ROM technology has exploded onto the Amiga scene.
Cheap CD-ROM dri- .©s from Power Computing and Overdrive have lead to an unquenchable demand for CD software and it's increasing by me day. But how do you get over The Future How Do They Do That?
CD-ROMs P i ram, ideal CSI CD- m £6 £25 £245 £480 4000 £279 £399 £249 B i drive.
£69 £169 £199 ling this er Ram £24 £39 £89 £110 J CASE ives.
£69 Just how do you make a CD-ROM disc and what does the future hold for this popular medium?
Even though CD-ROM has only really taken off as a mass market media in the last couple of years, it's been around almost as long as audio CD. What guarantees do we have that it won't become obsolete within another couple of years?
£27 £89 £109 £35 £69 £129 £269 £399 £899 D§ accelerator £119 £189 £249 £359 £189 £319 £449 £109 Currently most CD drives for the Amiga are double or quad speed, which means they can respectively transfer approximately 400k or 6O0k of data every second.
The names double and quad refer to the improvement over the first CD mechanisms, which are termed single speed.
In the very near future, within a month or so, the next generation of CD drive technology will appear: six speed drives. In fact manufacturers Plextor, NEC and MediaVision have already announced such models and are now shipping them to dealers. These all use a SCSI interface and should work on an Amiga with a suitable SCSI interface (such as the Squirrel).
We've tested the Plextor drive and it works wonderfully - we'll bring you more results next month. These six speed drives have transfer rates of over 900k per second with access times of about 150 milliseconds.
• n IAV COTKI tv : a 600Mbs of data onto a 'read only’ disc? All
will be revealed.
How it works UFE OF THE l WQRLOOFTHE'I 0JNOSAUR I riNfKMIB ! MurSAIIB I A Tn 7 A Read about hie io prehistoric times with Insight Dinosaurs This CO sad lasiybt Technologr was complied with lateiplog.
As far as your Amiga or CD32 is concerned, a CD-ROM drive is just like any other device, such as a floppy or hard drive. The only difference is that unlike a floppy Compare this with the 600k per second and 200 millisecond access time of top of the range quad speeds! Even better, their prices look like being only slightly higher than those of current quad speed models. The NEC drive for instance will be available from Silica (tel: 0181 309
1111) for just £299.
However it doesn't stop there. Teac (tel: 0923 819
630) has recently announced that it is already working on an
eight speed model, and is planning a 16 speed drive for
However, before you rush off and open a new bank account to start saving think carefully about what you want from a CD drive. Faster Cds will mean faster program and data loading time but you won't get any better video or audio playback speed, and the same is true of games that spool animations directly from the CD. This is because these types of data are loaded at a predetermined speed (set by the authors) and not at the fastest speed the drive allows.
If you do a lot of program loading or copying from Cds (a PD library perhaps) then these faster drives are definitely worth it, but if you're into VideoCD or music playback you're just as well off with your double and quad speed models.
Or hard disk, the computer can't write data onto the compact disc.
Just like floppies, CD- ROM discs can be created in AmigaDOS, MS-DOS (PC) or Apple Mac format. AGA Amigas can read MS- DOS format floppies and Cds as standard, and older Amigas can do the same with the help of software such as CrossDOS.
Data for a CD-ROM is compiled on a writeable medium, typically a hard drive. In the case of a public domain 'shovelware' compilation. A set of directories and sub-directories are arranged on a hard drive, which contain all of the data and the files needed for the CD to operate properly. A gold master CD is pressed from this, which in turn is used to mass produce thousands of silver CD- ROMs. However, compiling something like an interactive encyclopedia is rather more tricky.
In this case it’s best to use an authoring system, such as Optonica's Interplay.
Authoring The Amiga has a good selection of professional multimedia authoring systems, such as Scala, MediaPoint, HyperBook and Interplay.
Interplay is the only one of these that's specifically designed for Amiga and CD32 CD-ROM development, and includes many features to avoid the common pitfalls of CD-ROM production.
Titles such as Insight Dinosaurs and Insight Technology were .created with Interplay, and although they've both been around for a few years now, the foolproof interface is still unmatched by some of today's CD-ROM releases.
The initial high pricing of Interplay (£995! Meant that it was out of reach of all but committed professionals, but it's about to spawn a couple of new, improved systems at far lower prices.
MultiMedia Experience, or MME for short, is actually billed as being more powerful than Interplay, but is to go on sale for £39.95, which is quite a reduction from Interplay's original price tag!
However, some of the CD-specific features will not be present, and the slant will be towards lower- end multimedia presentations. On the other hand, its big brother MME Pro will include features for CD-ROM construction, as well as extra facilities for point of sale and interactive TV systems.
MME and MME Pro are due for release within the next month or so. For more information on these systems, call Optonica on 01455 558282. ¦ Steve Oakwood Amiganuts -w; Public Domain Shareware Licenceware OVER 1000 DISKS AND OVER 6000mb OF DATA ON CD!!!
AMIGANUTS is one of the longest running and most respected PD libraries in Britain ar it has built up a reputation for itself which spans the four corners of the globe, which strange considering that the earth is round!!!. We promise a same day, first class dispatch to the best of our ability.
A SELECTION OF WHAT WE HAVE ASSASSINS DISKS 1-145 ALL ASSASSINS UTILITY DISKS A LARGE SELECTION OF GAMES, UTILITIES, TOOLS etc LICENCEWARE FI LICENCEWARE (1-59) As a PD library we are continually expanding; if you would like to know how fast we are expanding you will need to se- £1.00 inc. p&p for one of our catalogue disks, which is in the style of a disk magazine. If you send this disk back to us or a month + 50p p&p, we will send you a free update. This is encouraged as we will be expanding the library every mom AMIGANUTSDISK OF THE MONTH GRAC vl.l - All lmb Amigas (£6.99+50p p&p) 2 Disks
(Licenceware) HD installable manual supplie Have you ever played a game such as Simon the Sorceror. Monkey Island 2 or Beneath a Steel Sky and want to write one just like it. Only with your own ideas, graphics, etc? Well now that is possible with GRAC vl .1 and you don't even have to have any programming experience, but if you have any experience with using AMOS, then this program was written just for you.
GRAC stands for Graphic Adventure Creator and it is excellent. GRAC vl .1 will allow you to create the adventure, o music to it and anything which you see in the above mentioned games.
As well as the editor, you will also receive a full game - Lethal Formula - which is just as excellent and is worth far more than £6.99 on its own. This two disk set is well worth having in anybody's collection, especially yours!!!
"The best Licenceware title ever" Rated 95% CU Amiga "Very easy to use’ Rated 95% Amiga User International "Very clever indeed' Rated 88% The One Amiga AMIGANUTS LICENCEWARE Amiganuts are now starting up our own Licenceware company and, because we value programmers, we be giving the programmers 50% of all profits made by their programs. If you are interested, please contact Amiganuts now!!!
Come along and have an amazing time!
22nd to 28th July. The Fairground (near the rapids).
Romsey. Near Southampton.
DAILY TEACHING SEMINAR (CHILDRENS CAMP 10.00am EVENING CELEBRATIONS 7.30pm Guest speakers mckjae Robert Moasboch. Mark Neale. Gray Bridle. On sire camping forms and information available from: the Adminstrator. VICTORY GOSPEL CHURCH. Nutburn Road.
North Boddesley. Southampton. Hants S052 9DX.
Tnete ts a revival currently sweeping across Britain come along ana cerebrate me foci that you con be saved by the lave of Jesus Christ.
38 HARTINGTON ROAD, NORTHAM, SOUTHAMPTON, HANTS SOU 0EW Telephone 01703 348943 and ask for Joe Last month I have to admit I was surprised about the amount of games we had in for review and preview. It just didn't seem like the summer. But here we are again and the sun has definitely been turning our little Amiga games pond into the seasonal desert. Although prospects remain good for the rest of the year, it's all happening in the Autumn, so hopefully September's issue should see a bit of a pick-up.
But if the software lacks quantity it certainly does not lack quality: Colonization and Sensible Golf are the stars of the show as far as I'm concerned, and there are some top budget games too.
»n ar i vhich| lass ppliec write I You may have noticed on the front cover that we are now incorporating The One. If you haven't then you should have noticed Matt Broughton, their ex-deputy editor's news column. As you read on you'll find that, courtesy of this little arrangement, we've re-introduced a small tips section, back due to popular demand. If you want it to stick around this time you'd better
• tart writing in to Mat with problems and solutions, hints and
tips. If you really like it we can increase the size of the
section, so get writing nowl Alan Dykes, Editor
i. we w I itact PREVIEW
• Primal Rage.
• Colonization ......42
• Sensible Golf ....47
• Player Manager 2 .52
• Time Keepers ....54 BUDGET GAMES &
• The Ishar Trilogy ..56
• On The Ball: World cup edition .58
• Cannon Fodder .58
• FlashBack ..59
• Syndicate ..59 PLAYERS GUIDES
• Matt's Snip Tips .60
• Vampyra .61
• Valhalla 2 62 Primal Rage 0 For those who haven't
actually seen Primal Rage in the arcades it's about time we
gave you an idea of what the game is all about ... Wire frame
wonders What you'll see on your Amiga screens next month was
originally animated and created using hinged joint models to
create stop-motion frames which made up the action.
This is an example of one of those used. Full scale model mock ups were based on these skeleton structures.
Ot’s ironic that Primal Rage was originally developed by a Hollywood SFX team.
Why? You see, the story behind Primal Rage is that a massive earthquake comes along and shakes the world to its foundations. In the process of doing so it releases seven prehistoric monsters with gigantic, millions of years old hangovers. Not your average dinosaurs mind, these ones allegedly have a high IQ.
Were originally gods and have black belts in reptilian and ape martial arts.
The irony lies in the fact that an earthquake did actually shake Hollywood at about same time Primal Rage was being finished. I bet they weren't so clever then, those special effects gurus.
Arcade game If you've played the arcade game you'll see just how well this special effects team has done, so well in fact that we spent the last two month's work in progresses Amiga version is being sourced (the chip and basic code being the same for both machines! And then, last month, from the Amiga version itself.
The game will have one and two player modes and the object is to collect as many human followers as possible. In single player mode humans can be eaten to give power bonuses if you're having a hard time.
In single player mode you must telling you how Probe intended to fit a 32Mb arcade giant onto three double density disks. This was achieved by cutting down on the amount of frames per animation, colours etc. but without losing the essential look and playability of the game.
For those who haven't seen it in the arcades the screenshots we've shown you were initially from the Mega Drive version, from which the get through the seven creatures to get into a bonus round and finally the final. The fights take place over a variety of backgrounds which represent the territory you are conquering.
The playing area is twice the size of the screen and scrolls left to right to reveal other parts.
In two player mode the humans are represented by In an attempt to find out if this sort of lark could really happen we asked an 'expert' for his opinion. Dr. Brian Van Hogg is professor of Zoology at the City Pride in London: "It's extremely unlikely that seven large creatures would be released from a form of cryogenic storage in the earth's crust by an earthquake.
For a start we would have already found them with satellite scanning, I mean they're hardly small are they?
Scientists have recovered cells which are millions of years old from a mosquito that was trapped and preserved in tree sap, and a prehistoric man has been found in a glacier in Russia, but I really don’t think that a 12 foot high blue ape would come back to life, even if he is a god.
Anyway, what do you think would happen to something's brain if it were frozen in time for a couple of million years? It would hardly come back from an premature grave fighting fit and ready to rip the guts out of an old adversary. No, it would be a vegetable. I think that whoever invented Primal Rage needs to take a rest. God knows what their twisted imaginations will come up with next."
Finish it!
At the end of each round, when one or the other creature's power bar has been depleted they I become temporarily stunned and the ubiquitous special 'finishing I move' comes into play. Here you | will be awarded more points for better combination hits.
Primal Rage is beginning to shape up very well on the Amiga, and should certainly compete with I the speed of other conversions on A1200s. Though it will also be ¦ playable on the A500 600. It is due for release in September and we I should have a review of it next I month. Will these dinosaurs beat the pants off Mks mutants? We'll I have to wait and see. ¦ Alan Dykes Ladies and gentlemen ... those wacky, prehistoric Primal Ragers: In the coin op all seven characters' moves are activated by a joystick and four buttons. According to a chap called Paul Bufton who's everybody's mate here at EMAP,
in Primal Rage, unlike Streetfighter 2 and the MK games, you use the button combos before you swivel the joystick to initiate the special moves. This would explain why I was so useless at the coin-op. The Amiga version will use multiple button presses and joystick moves, and will also recognise two button joysticks.
Our Zoologist says ... Blizzard The ape with the long arms. Unusually for the ape world he is blue, but is so large I don't think anyone would argue the point with him. His special moves include the Ice Geyser, Cold Breath, a Mega Punch and a Punch Bag.
Talon An orange and black dinosaur, small, but capable of fast manoeuvres and equipped with vicious ripping claws and a feathered head. His moves include a Jugular Bite, a Face Ripper and the Brain Basher, so he doesn't get too much abuse about the feathers.
ChaOS Better known in this office as the curry and lager monster. His moves include the Fart Of Fury, the Power Puke, the Flying Butt Slam (it's all true!) And the Ground Shaker. Another ape-creature but smaller and faster than Blizzard.
Sauron This yellow T-Rex is anything but a coward.
Apparently he's a music fan too with a special move called the Primal Scream. Other moves include the Earthquake stomp. The Cranium Crusher and the Leaping Bone Bash.
Armadon Looks like one of those tricetop ... tricedo ... tricep ... er, whatever - you know the long ones with the disk-like spikes all the way along its back and tail: Except he stands up straight and engages in Hornication, Flying Spikes and Gut Gouging tactics.
Vertigo Snakes were not meant to be this far off the ground, hence the name. Vertigo is a reptilian 'cobrasaur' with special moves including the Venom Spit, Scorpion Sting and Voodoo Spell, using his snake-like fangs and scorpion tail.
Diablo A small Dinosaur, but fast as lightning and with some pretty hot moves, including the Blow Torch, Flash and the the Hot Foot.
Uirrels do it; ith Zip!
The Best-Value Hard Drives Amiga Zip Tools exclusively from HiSoft Zip drives from HiSoft come with everything you need to get going on a SCSI-aware Amiga: the Zip 100 drive, a 100Mb cartridge, all necessary leads and a complete set of software, programmed by HiSoft, including: Easy access drivers • Temporary unprotect Password protect • Cartridge initialisation Write protection • Cartidge eject to bf first In the long queue!
SCSI Hard Drives 365Mb in»«nji £179 730Mb £239 365Mb - irtiui £249 730Mb ettiajl £309 540Mb inknul £209 lGbmtenul £399 540Mb nirnul £279 iCbntmul £469
2. 5" IDE Hard Drives
• The Almathere 10-on-10 pack of Cds; this is 10 Cds including
the Team Yankee game, 2000 clip-art images, the Illustrated
Works of Shakespeare, a Comms, Internet & Networking CD, The
World Vista Atlas, 1000s of fonts, a complete photo library and
much, much more!
Order Free with your Credit Debit Card 0500 223660 A brand-new SCSI peripheral, the Zip" may well revolutionise the storage industry.
This newest, most portable exchangeable hard disk drive weighs in at just lib, has fast transfer and access times (up to Imb s transfer, 28ms seek), easily fits in your hand, your bag or your briefcase, stores up to 100Mb on floppy-sized disks, is perfect for all types of application and is priced at a level that will make you want to unzip your wallet immediately!
These drives and associated cartridges (25Mb & 100Mb) will be available in late August 95 directly from HiSoft with especially-written driver and support software included. Trust HiSoft to bring you the latest innovations at the best possible prices!
Order your Zip drive now HiSoft has done it again with a brilliant multimedia pack of Squirrel SCSI interface, Aiwa ACD-300 CD-ROM and the Almathera 10-on-10 pack of Cds!
Just look at what you get:
• The amazing, trend-selling Squirrel SCSI interface which allows
up to 7 peripherals (hard drive, CD-ROM, Zip, scanner etc.) to
be daisy-chained together.
• CD32 and CDTV emulation software so that you can all those
games and other titles such as Video Creator.
• The great-looking Aiwa ACD-300 CD-ROM drive; a fast,
double-speed CD-ROM with full SCSI specification plus complete
audio controls on the front so that you can play music Cds
Plus an informative LCD panel.
All this, packaged together, at a truly superb price, with full 1 year warranty and technical support from HiSoft.
Super-Value CD-ROM Pack If you want a hard drive (either SCSI or IDE) then HiSoft has the one to suit your needs; whether you are looking for a small, internal drive for your A120CVA600 or a external 1Gb beast-of-a-drive for any SCSI-aware Amiga, we can supply.
Based on only the highest quality mechanisms from top suppliers, with full manufacturer's warranty, our hard drives are fully tested for all Amiga computers and come with our own additional warranty and technical support.
IDE drives are perfect for auto-booting your A64XVA1200 and come with connection lead, fixing bolts & complete fitting instructions. Fitting is very straightforward but may invalidate your Amiga's warranty - check with us.
We can offer internal or external SCSI hard drives in a range of capacities, from 365Mb up to 2Gb. Internal devices are suitable for mounting in the A1500, A2Q00, A3000 and A4000 and come with necessary leads & screws whilst the external drives are supplied in our professional Squirrel Storage 3.5" case (available separately) which includes integral power supply, all SCSI connections and connection leads of your choice (at extra cost).
Order Hotline © 0500 223660 To order any of the products shown on this page (or any other HiSoft title, see the list opposite) • just call us, free of charge, on 0500 223660.
Armed with your credit or debit card; we will normally despatch within 4 working days (£4 P&P) or, for only £6, by guaranteed next day delivery (for goods in stock). Alternatively, you can send us a cheque or postal orders, made out to HiSoft. All prices include VAT. Export orders: call or fax to confirm pricing and postage costs.
© 1995 HiSoft. E&OE.
All prices include UK VAT Zip is a trademark of Iomega Inc HiScft SYSTEMS The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: +44 (0) 1525 718181 Fax: +44 (0) 1525 713716 Here is a list of HiSoft titles for the Amiga computers (prices shown are the individual RRPs): Squirrel SCSI interlace - £69.95, Squirrel Storage Systems - please call. Aura 12 16 bit sampler - £99.95, Megalosound 8 bit sampler - £34.95. ProMidi interface - £24.95, HiSoft Devpac 3.14 - £79.95, HiSoft BASIC 2 - £79.95, Highspeed Pascal - £99.95. Gamesmith - £99.95, Termite - £39.95, Twist 2 database - £99.95, Maxon Magic -
£29.95, Upper Disk Tools - £14.95, VistaLite inc MakePath TerraForm - £39.95 and much more. Soon: DiskMaglc frlif.k lonte.) And Cinema4D.
Colonization Price: £TBA ¦ Publisher: Microprose @ 01454 326532 No potatoes! What do you mean 'No potatoes'? The Irish will starve. That does it. I'm off to discover the New World and bring back a pound of Maris Pipers!
SUPERSTAR ®o and make a world", they said. "Do it by Wednesday night." They said. "And bring us back some chips." Colonization is a fairly simply idea in theory but. Thankfully. Much more involved once you get going. Set sail in your little ship, bump into a bit of land that rightfully belongs to someone else, and then claim it as your own. Ah, the American way ... Of course, you're not the only one looking to adopt these new worlds, so don't be surprised to find the Spanish living in your new back garden. And of course there's only one option available in such a situation, and that's to
beat them up. To start with they'll leave you alone, being content to just threaten you, so back off. Build up your military forces, and then steam in for a good kicking. Hurrah!
Like Civilization. Colonization is viewed using a top-down icon ? Once your production is up to speed, why not make selling stuff back to Europe. Just watch out for the tai graphics system. This game, however, is more to do with the discovery and development of the American continents during the period 1500-1800. This means that you can choose to either take part in the discovery of the New Worlds, or select to play over a random world - facing a totally different challenge every game.
The aims set in Colonization are a lot more focused than in Civilization , simply because you're concentrating on just one world (as opposed to Alpha Centuri!) Of course, to succeed at this you'll need not only some impressive resource management skills, but good military judgment and a strong colonial presence to back it up. You have to remember that the ultimate goal here is to clarify your independence by attacking your original home land, and the English forces don't exactly consist of a small donkey and a bag of peanuts. If you know what I mean.
The hardest section of the game is probably at the beginning, where the task ahead appears a bit daunting., Fortunately, once you've got the hang of the system of supply and demand, along with having found occupations for all of your colonists, things settle down, and even take care of themselves (to a degree) leaving you to explore your lands and meet lots of new friends or foe.
Colin... Initially you need to use your limited supply of colonists to produce the most important products and items, so get to the town screen and make sure that you have farmers and fishermen to supply the growing settlement, while lumberjacks and carpenters supply and build facilities, respectively. Once you've got that in hand you can start splitting extra settlers off to start up the luxury trades (ie rum!)
Eilia dosh When you come to positioning towns and settlements, it's important to make sure that you build around natural resources. Forests for lumber, natural crop growth and mineral deposits will all help to get your colonies growing a lot quicker, not to- mention providing them with the necessary raw materials to produce trading goods.
There are a number of less obvious resources to be exploited, such as gold, horses, cotton and tobacco.
Just keeping the colonies going might seem enough to keep you busy, but you then have to think about competing with the other three computer- much the same as you. And there are also a fair old number of tribes who might take offence if you have a quick wee up against one of their sacred temples.
When it comes to combat, it all gets very strategy game-like in as much as you really have to study the statistics and work out what your chances of success are. As well as measuring how many units you have against how many your opponent has, you also have to account for bonus percentages awarded due to circumstance. For instance, if you attacked the entire Tupi nation with a veteran soldier unit, you’d receive a fifty percent 1 plus bonus. However, if you were I attacking them over rough ground, I they'd receive a seventy five per- I cent bonus due to their knowledge I of the terrain.
Your best strategy is to be as friendly as possible with everyone, until you've had the chance to tr i- up your folks to the point at which you know you can handle any trouble. Running away is the best form of defence. Probably.
I there f tribes at, it all } in as study what
e. As ly units t your e to ges ce. For i entire oldier rcent were
jround, a per- wledge e as sryone, to train Any ships that
come into port can adjust their inventory using this box.
This box shows the population of your colony, their professions, and how much food you have in stock. It also gives a percentage to show how rebellious they're feeling.
This panel shows all of the possible commodities, along with how many of them you currently have in store.
1) Trees: you'll wanna' be cutting these down if you fancy
building anything during the game.
2) Fur Trader: if you want fur coats (which are jolly handy for
trading) you'll need one of these fellas. You can even extend
the premises into a factory for major production fun.
3) Tobacconist: yep, fags a-plenty in this house.
If you like cancer, you'll love these.
4) Weaver: if you have a decent supply of cotton, this location
will magically transform it into cloth and textiles.
Original slant on the god sim genre and well worth purchasing, in my opinion. ¦ Matt Broughton featuring tons of perky tunes and authentic tracks. The toading time is also acceptably short, and it's certainly not something that's a big enough problem to make me warn you away from the product.
As the years roll by. You are offered the chance to invite certain key figures, or Founding Fathers as they're known, to join your colony. Depending on these Fathers' specialities, their presence will affect the way in which your world runs. Enlist the help of a great farmer and you can expect your crops to multiply like bonkers, while great explorers will increase the output of your fur trappers by 100 percent. Gosh.
Colonization is a relatively COLONIZATION £TBA workbench version of disks RAM hard disk installable graphics .71% sound .....89% lastability ......92% playability .....91% A1200 A1500 A2000 03000 OVERALL M - Seriously Q M long-term ¦ c entertainment 91 I say... In the same way that you progressed in Civilization . As your towns grow in Colonization it's worth making sure that you have decent defences against any would-be attackers. Once you feel relatively safe from the outside world, you can start to invest
in new buildings and bigger factories.
These will allow you to speed up the production of commodities such as tobacco, fur coats, and cotton, giving way to wagon tracks to villages to facilitate better trad- conditions. If things get groovy, you can even invest in new ships to enable bulk trading over a greater distance with increased speed.
You need to keep track of the varying prices of commodities throughout Europe, as it's very important to set up good trading relations early in on in the game.
As with any colony management game the first things to concentrate on are lumber and food, but once you've got a decent surplus, you can start to sell the stuff off for extra wonga. You can be as organised as you want, and once you've made friends with a particularly heavy-smoking tribe, you can even build simple road systems between towns to allow for easier and faster trade route transport.
...Shun The game is shown in a fairly crude graphical style, although key Out in a world of your own ... The Amiga windows system works like a dream throughout Colonization. In fact, it works so well that I'd like to take you on a little tour around one of the most important screens in the entire game. Pay attention now!
5) Blacksmith: this can actually be expanded into an entire iron
works, but even at its smallest size will be able to produce
valuable tools for your happy folks.
6) The Carpenters: why do birds suddenly appear, every time, you
are near? Just like me, they long to be, close to you. Ahh,
ah, ah close to you.
7) Town Hall: turn colonists into statesmen and you'll be awarded
a Liberty Bell. The more bells you have, the quicker you'll
attain independence.
Moments in the game such as major discoveries or meetings with new and important natives) are illustrated with sepia-toned stills.
This weak presentation isn't really too big a problem, though and once you've played the game for more than fifteen minutes, chances are you'll probably be more worried about how your little colonists are coping with crop rotation than their sprite scale.
The Amiga's window system is utilised extremely well, and the sound is superb; This box shows a number of things, including the goods you're currently producing, the military units protecting the town, and any new buildings being, er ... built.
Loading: C4T4UCI TCTMS • COLUMNS 3 294 KLACKTRIS COUW J 107 TW1N-TRIS TETOS 3 390 COZY 01AMCN08 J 293 CR. MARIO CCXMS 3971SPELL-TRS 3017NUI«R-TR« j 96* IEA*»TETBl5 AMIGA LEISURE Q1W4A12 SNOOKER FAX 31006 TEN PIN EWTOR J1CC7 COP THE LOT PRO J 444 GOF DATABASE J *40 LOTTERY W*6*R ? TMAABGAFUfTER 3220FEF04CXCKEB Transarctica £5.99 Ishar 1 £5.99 Ishar 2 £5.99 Robinson's Requiem £9.99 Storm Master, Metal Mutant, Crystals of Arborea, Starblade, Boston Bomb Club - £2.99 each, or buy all 5 for just £10!
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Registered office 11 Genotln Terrace, Enfield EN1 2AF. Company reg No 2679656.
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Oensible have re-invent- ed golf. Not as a pretend version of
the real thing, with 1 increasing reality provided by 3D
graphics, helicopter flights over the hole (yeah, my mum hires
one every Sunday for a quick round of the the local golf club,
though the neighbours have been complaining about the noise
recently) and advice from digitised pros with tinny voices.
They've re-invented Sensibl Golf ¦ Price: £29.99 ¦ Publisher:
Virgin © 0181 960 2255 Cw-ti. Or Hu-.*- H-v** V f! Jovi-K k i *
- Hie i * I*M» 1 J-yvMc* * A V* V * A 72 human players can
participate in a tournament.
It as. Shock, horror... a computer game. The sprites are odd looking and totally out of proportion, the fairways are. Quite frankly, ridiculous and it's joystick controlled.
But the good news is that it all holds together. Sensi Golf is a very playable and enjoyable game with Cannon FodderA V,e characters. An ultra simple control mechanism. 13 clubs and a little map reached by flicking the joystick, pressing the fire button and swearing a lot. This map appears in the upper right hand corner of the screen and can be reached, theoretically, at any point on the fairway. Needless to say when you get to the green the map is no longer available.
The reason for my reference to swearing is that the map is sometimes a bit reluctant to appear.
This has probably more to do with the joystick and joypad I was using, both of which were well worn, than the game, but this does illustrate the its unconventional reliance on joystick only. Turbo or autofire modes will need to be switched off too, they make it unplayable. However, if you have a friend who's new to the idea you can seriously damage their game by subliminally sabotaging the joystick's auto fire button every time you hand it over.
Flexing those green fingers ... Shooting the ball short of the hole is bad news. The most difficult part of Sensi is not really getting the ball there, it's sinking it. By comparison with the mouse operated power bars of other golf games ( ' Sensi Golfs joystick con- trolled little speedo lacks sensitivity, so short shots can cause more problems than long ones - too much power and you skim the rim, so to speak. The arrows on the green sometimes get confusing too especially if you are trying to plan a long dis- i . . Tance shot which goes up I v. . And down on several " different planes.
Seventy two Sensible have been on par with football and war games in the past, but will this swing at the golfing genre give them a slice of the action or will it be banned from the club?
And you can hand over that joystick up to 72 times if you like.
That's right, 72 human players can play Sensible Golf. In groups of four they can all go out and play as part of a season or tournament and golf for days, weeks, months even. By saving all the player stats and results this could technically go on for ever. If you have that many friends.
For variety's sake you can also change the hair colour, skin tone.
Trousers and shirt colour of each character but, lo and behold, feminists get out your cardboard placards, there are no wimmin. This is blatantly sexist and as far as I'm concerned a bit of a humour oversight for Sensi too. Imagine the chuckles that could be raised by cross-dressing golf characters in woman's clothes, and the option would have pleased the Scots too with an option to kilt up wi’ a tartan skirt.
Got the power Where would a golf game be without some method of hitting the ball? Stupid question. Sensi have opted for a speedometer- style round dial to control a shot.
Compared to the smooth and Like Cannon below par scores.
Presented with a multitude of little islands with sand or water between them you can aim directly, take a decent swing and try to get it onto the nearest island to the hole.
Otherwise you can take it step by step with more measured shots. The latter approach means that you are less likely to end up in a sand or water trap trying to chip the ball or having to drop a shot, but it does mean that you're unlikely to maximise your score.
• vtvvn ¦ 1I5AC ¦ urn it A Ym cm select the cotoar of each
player's hair, shirt troasers and skis tone.
Tournament leaderboarcf Melbourne (Pur 72) - Round 1 Nome ftlHIM D lennoo Zeeman Gaylord Kirk Par Par il Play Next Hole fairly precise gauging on the power bars and dials of more conventional golf games this is a bit too cartoonish. But it does fit the game's Cannon Fodder-like graphic style perfectly Taking a shot with a particular club is affected by the type of terrain you are shooting from. If it's on the fairway the shot area at the bottom of the power dial (red gives you a safe shot, yellow will give you some curve or slicing on the ball) is fairly wide, if you are shooting from
rough, semi-rough or a bunker this 'safe' zone is invaded with black on each side. If you press the fire button in the black area you will simply clip the ball and drop a shot.
The club you use also affects this. If you try, for instance, to use a three iron in the rough these black areas are massive and the chances of you hitting a direct, decent shot are very, very slim. If you use a pitching wedge the black zones are very small and your chances are increased.
Position 1 2 3 A Enter tournaments and get seeded against 71 athei o default setting has your player aiming directly at it, but this is very rarely the best way to shoot.
The first thing to do is call up the map (swearing) and plan a route.
You can choose to be adventurous, relying on lightning fast fire button reactions and power dial judgement and the biggest club available or opt to be safe and conservative using the maximum distance for each club as a guide Because of the way the various courses are set up. Some of which have massive bunkers or water traps, and the vagueness of the power dial, choosing the right club for the job in hand is essential.
When you start a new hole the Hole Score In the end though it's all about getting there under par against your opponents. There are four levels of computer opponent; easy, medium, hard and wicked.
Easy players are strictly amateurs, missing obvious shots. Wicked players rarely miss a turn. But the best part of Sensi Goll has to be playing it with some friends. You can play a round with up to four people, a combination of humans or computer players, using strokeplay, matchplay and betting on skins.
You can all enter a season's worth of play or a tournament against the remaining amount of human or computer players (there is a maximum of 72, and you can have any combination of humans and computers! And receive seeding updates after each round.
It's such a simple game, but at the same time so all encompassing. Purists will probably disregard is as being too unrealistic but Sensible Goll is great fun to play.
The graphics may be more arcade like by comparison to PGA and some of the holes are pretty screwy, but with 25 courses to choose from, ultra-simple to where your ball wilt land.
Tournament A Thi hoi akon left contains inloraatio. On the distance In the hole, tfcn lie nl the ball and yo.r dohs. The one ehoso riflit chows the power dint hr shooting with o live iron ftooi the teogh. The rad stnp id I Sdle shot, yellow is e slice end faiech is ¦ miss unprecedented tournament mode I it’s a star.
There are some problems though. Allied to the lack of prop- I er calibration I mentioned eariier. I the power dial is a bit too slow responding to fire button pressure. This makes accurately gaug- I ing a shot difficult. Also, the tree I obstacles that are liberally dotted I around most courses are blasted I awkward to avoid. If you land in a I clump of trees there is often no I cleat indication of the best route I out. Trial and error often leads to I several wasted shots before you I escape the clutches of the dread- I ed shrubbery.
The sound effects and music 1 are up to Sensis usual standard though, the verbal exclamations and the text that pop up regulady are fun. But can be annoying sometimes. They can be switched off, which I had to do in the office after frayed tempers spoilt my sixth round of the day, but if you're playing rather than spectating they add immensely to the game.
Sensible Goll has very few flaws. In a world of sophisticated sims it's a welcome breath of fresh air but may be too plain for purists and golf snobs. Its biggest advantage is that you don't have to be a golf fanatic to enjoy it. It’s first and foremost a computer game with no simulation pretences. If you're a real fan there's still no substitute for PGA Euro tour, but if you want multi-player tournament fun and a bit of a laugh for a change then Sensi is the one. ¦ Alan Dykes SENSIBLE GOLF Harwoods Pro CD-ROM Kit 720dpi QUALITY BY COMBINING THE PCMCIA PLUG 'N' PLAY SIMPLICITY OF THE
ACCLAIMED SQUIRREL SCSI-2 INTERFACE. WITH A GENUINE NEC SUPERFAST CADDYLESS DUAL-SPEED DRIVE, WE'VE GOT THE BEST SCSI CD-ROM SUBSYSTEM EVER OFFERED K Fully ComprfbfeRttu A600 and A1200 jO Other compatible SCSI Peripherals (7 simultaneously) Bfozard 1230-111 and unexpanded 1220-4 Accelerators (plus other boards) -MPEG Video CO playback s w Supplied Conplett with- -Terminator -Power Cable »Au*o CD Player Software D32 Emulation Software
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Complete Squirrel NEC CD-ROM Drive Subsystem t199 9 EPSON BUY
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wkt» o « Cater p-nb MulMsv ( Mie-l SM0 ( o 4m a Sini aw
rnn»Wr TW HEW HEC Indastrv Staado.d CIH10M Drrr.
Sasalad mn also M used will olhta SCSI Syslew stdi oi MAC (cobk se r»e e incbdei) er a Windows DOS PC with ¦ SCSI taterfo.. (appropmlc drivers software teqefcod etc.) t mode is f prop- arlier, low es- 1 gaug- 3 tree lotted asted id in a n no route ids to 2 you dread- computers for the past 12 years. With over £32 million worth of units sold, and more than 215,000 happy customers, our trading record is second to none!
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BJC-4000 Colour Bubble Jet f329jj itched office 01-773-836781 CANON BJC-600 [( Canon's top of the range Colour El Bubble Jet Printer for the Amiga.
F ExceHent quality 360dpi x 360dpi colour output • ideal for proofing work etc. FREE Amiga cable.
"...at GH, we'll look after you..." SERVICE, SUPPORT oad WARRANTIES: GH Is on* o( Apple UK's select'd Aefherited Service.
Hnitai (not ol Resellers kora Ibis ocoeAtotiea). Oar steward One Tea GH Gold 1 Werrealy gives yaa a caaprekaesive bockap. GH also aHar a roaoa *t eglioes lor basket* aad prafessieaaad mm which My ba asieaiial far sysNm k kigk defeedaacy cottW asa US ROBOTICS MODEMS FROM... BJC-600 Colour Bubble Jet f449* ccerect ahoea ranker with yaer ardar rrqtUrmmts. M charging a oedb dabi N card kckde its aaaher aad axpky dale (oaf issaa nunbrr with Switch ends).
Mob Ckaqoat (plaesa a4aw 7 days cWoreace frier to daspahtt, Boakm leUag Sedety (halts at Posid (Mars payoUa ta Gardaa Honroad Corrpaltrs jm PRICES: Plansr matador lo caafirai pries ¦ rasa roe «a laobaa at oa aoga.lae. Prices cm ckoaga (ap or den) Mare tha mof.vm't ca.tr -oath W kas passed. Ptaasa caafiro before teedkg orders by past.
Whethw you want to send data or tap into the Global Internet Services now available, these two great modems wdl prove to be both FAST and AFFORDABLE. The 144 operates at up to 14400bps whilst the 281 boasts an incredible 288Mbps maximum BABT Approved.
PD C0MMS Sw included For FAX use you may purchase GP FAX SOFTWARE.
GP FAX SOFTWARE f49 w I ol the HIGHEST QUALITY Dot Mltni MOUSE MECHANIC The perfect tool to help keep your mouse ai tip-top condition.
GH SUPASAVE CITIZEN DELIVERY: Wt shp praaplty t aHrr dtfrmy at al ardrrs MkilwdUK t mast (redacts avarsaes. H year ardar b an kora prkrily despatch ojrorn trial axprrss dHbecy ava (Mono only £129.9$ ) PRINTER ACCESSORIES CONSUMABLES wraw iwra?40 m«o J«OV240Ce»xr
= £• :k’ FTYUISCAJrtROGIS Scytnltek CXK VySis e okur ca.K STYLUS wn CAM *ir anul - J00 SjaaB computers ¦ GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS UMITED (Department QB1 ) NEW STREET ALFRETON DERBYSHIRE DE55 7BP Telephone: 01-773-836781 Facsimile: 01-773-831040 the UK's favourite Amiga reseller!
. .. yj&jk At iii; %St A VV-v ' 4 ¦ VIP4-2. VIRUS KILLER SET A set ollO of the best puzzle games lor the Amiga. Fnisi ration at an extreme. Supert value.
J Only £?.C0 If you want to leaj type like a pro. Ra superb Typing tvM will help you on jd way.
TYP3-1. TYPING TUTOR MTG7-3. MIND TEASERS I Workbeoch 3 is very __ good bul commodore lorgot to include a tew ,hin9s- llke d virus k,"°'
- ' * a decent trie manager.
V | a menu system, a lew J WB games 4 more. £7 SCF7-3. STUFF COMMODORE FORGOT s,ar1 _____ Action'Strategy game.
Y. :o .1 .... jsa j B ;r- ' i souno i» B ill' STG6-3. STARTREK
GAMES ¦¦ Now re whealner s 5|%7' jT). Nice il f. turn to do
lie ?¦' ' ga'den. And ine tesl ill way to get nut of domq
* 1 1115 T0 sPend lGad5 of ¦8 ,imedosigntng it ,| Only £3.00
GRN3-1. 3D GARDEN DESIGNER I Make your own hard- ware and save
£££ Bj Sound Utirriplurs ,lorv expansions Bndgeboards etc
Knowledge c* LHA 'eq ' Only £4.00 HWP4-2. HARDWARE PROJECTS 2 a
complete wordpro- c»unfl package _’: pnre,rTJ=* Features
all standa'd options like: cut. Paste, spell checker etc. An
overall easy to use package. Only £3.00 TXE3-1. TEXT ENGINE WP
r Create your own laser- nating 3D stereogram pictures on your
Complete with demo pictures, viewer and Magic Eye maker.
Only £5.00 P RDS5-2. MAGIC EYE KIT Get you' Frances in .31 oer wifi I-if. Excellerl «B Diickage. Koep track ct 's gr Z your fue . Pel'ol. S lone FCJ' v'h9,e a 1 each month FIN7-3. FINANCE PACK S,_ -‘-JA1'"°disksel01 new i £ 'Sr_J2T| *orkbencqh backdrops iSS]W !-4l ana cons tor use with ElgBSff” Magic Workbench, on any KiCkstart 2 Or 3 aP MagicWB available £3
- 1 MagicWB extra’s £5 ? MWE5-2. MAGIC WB EXTRA S ®lf you want to
your Amiga to a pH another Amiga trwfl is the software lor B
You can easrfy treH Ides from one me H to another OvyH ?
COM8-3. NETWORKING sJ An essential pu-?
7T.-~T.iii 1 ,or any hard 0rwe I - ors Includes tacki j ggg tc 0|s Vlfus | xMs a repairer, and loa* Hmf other utilities.
Only £9 HDT5-2. HARD DISK TOOI Gve- *yc cam-: I jaKjpSp iliO-l disks A • 4 lS6ir '"eds «l now ongrB games.
Kg' HP? ? H H:m'M ol fun V .*1 |r £io.gd P GG10-4. 100GREAT GamJ Mll Jbl| Workbench 3 bacb “ Js- droos. Veryea .
I use Works wl' HI disk ol F oppy • ¦ ' Grown up s oru.
- WGB5-2. W0RKBENCH3 BACKDRI ¦ The most powerful word search,
crossword solver available on the amiga. Includes a dic
tionary o. over 50.000 words and you can add your own. Only
£5.00 ? WFP5-2. WORD FINDER Pro Over 40 top quality »r*ui B
compugraphic fonts lor ¦T flf.,.. use on Workbench.
[!£&? ¦»ir* Pi PageStream. Dpaint4.
'J*M- W I Wontworth243 etc. W' I I A great value set of B ,on,s A" ,w onlV f 7 PSR-3. COMPUGRAPHIC FONTS pffiggA Jc c' - - | gew . I": "d : I'. I'.deft
* • MonoDoly Scrabble.
»| ' |l Ciucdo. Mastermind, $ ' V. Othe io. Backgammon.
And " ore O'eat lun lor ¦ H all the 'am. Y Only £10 BDGIO-4. CLASSIC BOARD GAMES 11 your new »o trie Amiga than you may bo having _orobierm w*h miwng k Y libraries etc on your work-
• JA [Pnte bench that are needed lor iMA-. - IF7, iW certain
titles to run. This disk 1 contains all popular iprares.
9M *-* ' i- vomers and other popular __ loc*s Ony £2.00 ? EFB2-1. ESSENTIAL FOR BEGINNERS Fifty ol the best Bl fonts available. Th pack also includes powerful font oditoc Compatible with Workbench, D Pa« etc. £7 ? FrnTq TIC F0HT6 ABCDEFG ? FNT7-3. FIFTYFANTASTIC FON Xccpy
* Sti£wtwiH Phwed.d Amiga disk cop er available wry Hi SXCP30-1.
XCOPY TNG _1 A selection ol tools lor H degrading your
A1200 B or A4000 to allow you faz Vif ,0100 most ol the older
Amiga games, tools.
H and demc s. Only 00 DEG4-2. A1200 DEGRADERS A ton disk coiscno f « vo high quality o eP dipait. Suitable lor i v *- Amiga DTP S Paa ' packages. All popa 71 subjects Included.
W se. AI1 ,en disks only ? GFX13-10. PRO. CLIPART OROERING BV POST Bfmply .end us your order, listing the Items you ' require, the total cost and yor name and eddreas with payment either by cheque or postal order made payable to EPIC MARKETING. Most order* are despatched with 48hourt.
ORDERING OVER THE PHONE Call any time between 9:30am - 3:30pai'Mon-8at with your credit card detalla and a list o| the Uemt yob would like to order.
COLLECTING YOUR ORDER You are welcome to collect you order any time between 10am and 5:30pm Monday - Saturday.
OVERSEAS ORDChS - Overseas orders are welcome, but thera l* a minimum order of 3 titles and plsass add Cf PAP per 'loppy title and £2.00 per CO-ROM title Ipr Postagt AOSTa'ge'a'PACKiNQ UK* Mainland add e otai A| Just 50p for floppy JML .soOware. Plus £1 P*r CD-ROM title ordered.
Goods are not sold on I rty bads. E40E.
Full Tqrms end Conditions available on request.. Wa do not condone the use of pornographic software.
... Actual screenshots may vary between Simple to use. But com- pitent colour Desk top publishing software lor any Amiga.
Program Only £4.00 NRL4-1. NEWSMAKER j9fjBBBjBB[ Over 500 game cncaison 2 disks for tjr . Bfm Artnga grimes Most UmBinl ot the latest games cheats included.
Pir» iEU »m| A|| for on|y £5 oo CHT5-2. CHEATS GALORE 2 Thousands ol General Knowtege questions and answers on this two disk Quiz Pack.
Great fun lor all the Family.
Only £5.00 QUZ5-2. QUIZ CHALLENGE “•cBlt. t ,T' Includes print manager.
Table pnnter, address keeper, printer dhvers, toads ol other printer , i J tools. Knowledge ol
• 11 a LHA required lor use.
A X , °nlr £7.00 PRT7-4. PRINTER TOOLS 2 . If your a budding '9*23£ lan ea,e or Fl°yd- fgP then this Gourmet cookbook will get you Only £3.00 GCB3-1. COMPUTERISED COOKBOOK Mover 130 clipart images on 3 disks of all the Lion King characters, for use in any Amiga package. Only £6.00 ? LKA6-3. LIONKING CLIPART BBB HpPfFn
l. r- - pDRV RINTER DRIVER Six disks of Video I Backdrops.
Tillers Video wipes, and la more. Graet lor prti ing your own
IMSEEElM All for only £121 VID12-6. VIDEO TITLING TOCB 11 Y°L
ve lbSI Curchas Arnya yuui botygln: i
- np.irlv Wr - Ji «H live disk sel lakes B llfffc I sy ' yfff
L-.isIl Itiii-g lu vtiw • Iwr ABG9-5. BEGINNERS GUIC EPIC
MARKETING, FIRST FLOOR A set of over 50 superb professional
looking cotour dip fonts.
Perfect tor Video titling, Demo making or Desk top publishing.
Great value at £5.00 CCF5-2. COLOUR CLIP FONTS 3 Ma9tc User Interlace k '» ' ' ,1 will complimont Magic 4* 3 Workbench ic enhance 1 j 9 your Workbench even s**"''' I Only £4.00 ? Mui5!magicuser interface Lottery Winner Professional attempts to predict the results of the Lottery. Every week you input the previous weeks numbers into a database. Only £5.00 ? LWP5-1. LOTTERY WINNER A collection ol Amiga ¦ ca 9 9a~es ‘‘clue ng 111 f Pokor. Craps. Solitaire.
• - Pontoon.
Blackjack. Montana.
Rummy and more iggSHHI Only £¦ 0 00 HO-4. CLASSIC CARD GAMES This pack includes ¦PI H C64. GAMEBOV.
SPECTRUM SINCLAIR OL & ATARI ST emulators Only €5 00 AEP5-3. EVERY EMULATOR Retrieves lost or dam- aged files. Undetoto deleted files. Repair.
Almost any Amiga dos disk. Including Hard dri- ] DRT5-2. RECOVERY TOOLS C1 X IINow co|,®c,io°of lools
- E Sz II for WB2 4 3. Includes
* "'• fc II HD lools. Virus killer, gr || sound A graphics icols.
8f. 11,ex|®d',orand |oads f| more.
A bargain at £5.00 iTC5-2. POWER TOOLS Another great puzzle game, this ones tor the Adults, great fun.
Only £5.00 ? CFS5-1. CENTREFOLD SQ. ~ 'HH Girls and more girls.
I f 4 Ha cl 25f colCLr I girly pictures, lor MB ¦fa®9"Seonth©Ai200 |l only m All 3 disks only £6 pGR IRLS,GIRLS,GIRLS.
¦ - - m| i i - U'l TS CONVEF-ER aiui M flgSfr 9 C-CJO CFEA“OF I VOI .111ON MO.JEl ;j:j£0m : disi-i I- • on v ~~ :o STS7-3. APPLIENCE OF SCIENCE ¦ftwj I A-iga Bati ng Shop H
r. ’w ard iner tier 7: t JJ yr;.if lev.-11' i se: c* | i -.iii
.-chir*. 'oulelie I etc. £6.00 ABS6-4. BETTING SHOP . A range
of clipart lor use with Pago Setter, A ¦J'k Dozens of
subjects including : People, Animals. Vehicals.
Sports etc. Only £3.00 MPC3-1. PAGESETTER ART Hplay Poker with some of the most lovely women in the world.
Includes superb graphics and digrtised speech. Over 18 only Only £10.00 ? DSP10-1 .DELUXE STRIP POKER ...j b _j| Organise your 72 lit- j Record. CD. Video lRk | and disk collection
- with this superb set r of cataloging tools.
Only £5.00 CTG5-3. CATALOGUER'S RI NEW VERSION . Test your or vc.
IVI- rt-v GrX chips, sound ¦ ships, speed etc. I Only £3.00 ENK3-1. ENGINEERS KIT Wif.
- ¦9 "u cookl learn to i' any c- me »d lewir j kirv4u.i;ii!M
.V. - - GEFMAN Uai lA -.r.F.-E :ny LTP8-4. LANGUAGE TUTOR )
games on: ks. Al the d here, aswel new original fun for just
Imagine objects of MACLAREN.
J « WILLIAMS arvj DENI T TON Formula One
* * motor racing cars.
' I |4mb recommondedi Only £6.00 ? RTR6-3. RAYTRACED RACERS The complete graphics manipulation and converter set. Supports GIF. IFF. BMP. PCX etc. etc. ~ _A A new five d«sk set of MLWt high quality colour cli- » 9l Parf-All the major sub- feds included OKAY X on any Amiga package.
OiXy £9.00 2 CCP9-5. COLOUR CLIPART If you ve just got a new Hard drivo lor your Fby _ ”jsl a 1200 then mis set ol f disks are essentral.
Ffijj Prop and Padilion your dnve Ihen instaH WB 3 100%properly £7.00 AHD7-2. HARD DISK SETUP Only £5.00 GFC5-2. GRAPHICS CONVERTER Includes Lightwave scenes & objects of the Delta fighter. Soul Hunter, two Vorton space craft. B5 Station, two Jumpgates 4 nebular space dust. £7.00 Whether your a com- HI or a champton.
Jl Chess has some' 91,09 ,or T°u . Graphics and speech.
Only £5 00 JIT5-2. CHESS & TUTOR BF07-4. BABYLON 5 Over 50 superb
- - quality Eye catcher i clipart images for use in any Amiga
Only £4.00 EYC4-2. EYE CATCHER CLIPART Password 4 file encryp- yj [ mf ajL jLj you'cc'-outer or make any l to unreadabte to anyone else Net lor |-.e com pletc ¦ £‘0 DC pPSW10-4 ASSWORD SET ACCESS DENIED SPE5-3. SPECCY EMULATOR & 50 GAMES £5 SPG 15-7. 100 CLASSIC SPECCY GAMES £ 15 SPG35-33 400. SPECCY GAMES ? EM. £35 CDSPS3. SPECCY SENSATION CDROM £20 ? SPECTRUM STUFF_ N all time classic arcade games. Pacman.
Igger. Astenods. Space Invaders. Centipede,
• to command. Q-Bert, 4 Omega race.
Great value tor money Only £5.00 ARC5-2. ARCADE CLASSICS2 i collection quality cmc .table for ai ’P & Paint . All popula ncluded.
Isks only £1 PART ¦TTTIE MAY NOT BE AVAAABLE AT TIME OF GO JG TO PRESS Every arcade classic you could think of.
Invaders. Pacman.
Astenods. Frogger, O- bed. Missile command.
Tempest. Centerpede and loads more. £9.99 LI 'ARCADE CLASSICS CD F Ovor 2030 photographs
- -19 if"1 «-nd clips OC-3 »
* - ljaVir’ T9en,ne515 millioii wordi win id innordinqs
¦tw -l Includes over 500 all lime dassc speclrum games on 0'to
CD tor CD32 CDTV. Zappo J etc. Includes actual '_ Sr Spoccy
emulator aswell. Only £14.99 SPECCY SENSATION CD Over eOOmb ol
Imagine 4 lightwave objects, textures. Animations, Picture
files. Postscript fonts. Colour fonts, etc. GFX SENSATION Vol.1
RIVERi All the best and most useful tools for your Amiga.
Includes Hundreds of essential utilities Just £9.99 of Video fi
i. Titters, as. And to et for pror wn video' inly £12.( GT00I ?
ESSENTIAL UTILITIES Vol.1 purctiasM yoi» you igled how w
irty. Well th« jr 4000 full colour Adult images for use on r
Amiga or PC. OVER 18 Only £19.99 ADULT SENSATION CD NEW1!
Contains almost every one of our advertised Amiga floppy
titles. Games, tools, demos, clipart etc. II it s on this
double page add it's almost certainty on this CD ROM. Only
E59.9S ? THE EPIC COLLECTION ’95 NEW" 'tie S:ame v ' :c i ¦
lainv Ani-irttons.
F"'V So .i same les 3 9 tu'M.i-H'is 'JH Only £27.99 STARTREK MULTIMEDIA CD The biggest collection of Clipart available EVER!
Colour . B4W IFF. EPS. Pagestream. GIF. PCX.
BMP, TIP. Pagesetter. WMF. Over 60 catagones.
DOUBLE CDROM. A bargam at just £17.99 ? WORLD OF CLIPART CD of the international squad. This I leaves your team in the thick of it.] as to begin with you're by far the | best player in your squad.
Commencing in the second I division rather than the third with the real dregs is a good idea, at least the team you begin with are semi decent. Teams from all four I divisions are present but it's a poor show only having 16 teams from each. Anco have presumably done this to increase competition and, because of the way the game engine, money and promotions work this no doubt makes sense, but it does detract from the overall reality of the game as Premier League teams are forced to take place in the lower rounds of both the League and FA Cups, i Great tactics Options wise all the regular footy
sim features are present, from dealing with sponsors to creating new tactics and carrying out detailed training programs.
Dealing with players forms the game's crux of but there are limitations put on these aspects. For I instance, you can only renew one contract or buy one player per week and there’s no option to give a player a free transfer: someone has to buy him no matter how piffling the amount offered. Neither is it possible to say, buy a player for money as well as conducting a player swap.
These aspects are irritating.
Each section of the game from the board room to the manager's office is represented with artwork featuring a number of hotspot options scattered around the room. The actual layout of these screens is somewhat poor at European honours. There's a neat twist in that as well as more general opposition you are directly playing against three other managers who can be either computer or human controlled.
Expect these guys to give you grief in the papers at every , opportunity. You can also call upon Alan Hanson for advice but whenever I played his comments were about as reliable as someone desperate to sell you some life insurance.. Part of a team It's odd that you're a player who's only 28, still an international and yet a manager. I could understand if you'd suffered an injury but this isn't the case and every so often you have to depart with the rest Player Manager 2 Football management games are like washing powder.
There's always a new one on the market but it's never that much different from the rest ... will Anco's new formula break the mould?
®e took our copy of Player Manager 2 around to several local housewives to test it out. A week later the results proved that it did indeed get their teams higher up the league than any other known brand of football management sim. However, this could have something to do with the fact that you start off in division two, unlike most games of this ilk where it's just an option.
In the running The look and feel of Player Manager 2 is similar to On the Ball, which, if you're not familiar with, is basically more accessible and arcade orientated than the likes of Domark's Championship Manager series or Gremlin's Premier Manager titles. It’s closest to Audiogenic's Super League Manager though, as you can actually play games via the included Kick Off 3 game engine as well as manage them.
As a newly appointed manager and still international player of a second division team the aim is to create a team capable of winning promotion to the Premier League as well as challenging for ¦ Price: £19.99 ¦ Publisher: Anco © Tel: 01322 292 513 I FREE CATALOGUE Over 2,000 titles.
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ST15 8GH.
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- -4 SCHOOL 4
* 7 YEARSI... 5 YEARSI... 5-7 YEARS).. 7-11 YEARS).
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Call our sales hotline now (9am to 9pm).
8 01785 813355 8 I times though. For instance, when I bidding tor players there's no indication of how much money you have to spend. It’s a case of either remembering how much you have or leaving the transfer screen and going into the accounts. Hardly user friendly.
The tactics editor is nothing short of amazing, a vast improvement over the likes of Sensible World ol Soccer and Manchester United - The Double. Not only can tactics be created from scratch it's also possible to move players anywhere on the pitch, and by that I mean pixel by pixel rather than the usual box to box method.
It is worthy Player Manager 2 has great depth and lastability and this is reflected in the fact that if you take the time out to develop gifted youth players they will blossom and take on major monetary value. Equally they will fall to pieces if left to rot in the reserves. In the majority of footy sims if a young player starts off crap he tends to remain that way.
Anco have produced a second game worthy of the name Player Manager. Realism, lastability and playability were the hallmarks of the original and PM2 has upped these stakes. If you are as interested in creating and implementing tactics, like a real player-manager, as you are in the mountains of statistics which dominate other management games then this is the one for you. It also doesn't suffer from those odd German translations which confused On the Ball. ¦ Martin Davies Our promise (o you;
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Ocrald wrm4 FIELDS CF aun FIFB nr. ::t OtO«AL «TF»*T i a**, : a* ) AWS4IP J0 3 « . Amiv : 1 JET STRIKE LMACY OF KRAIU ¦ i LITU OI-SL
• rv* e.* BRL» , C ASSAULT a. Pricas correct at tlas of oolng to
praaa (19.7.95). I.a O.B. ¦ Price: £12.99 ¦ Publisher: Vulcan ©
01705 670269 Wilheim, a psychotic warlord trying to destroy
Earth. In his bid to muck up the planet he's hidden four
nuclear devices across four different lands: Hieronymus Land
in 2 million BC, Medieval Land in the year 1245, Vietnam land
in 1966 and Space Land at the turn of the century. It’s up to
you and your band of merry bobbies to work your way through
each land and get to the nuclear devices before our gorgeous
globe goes boom.
Lie of the land Anyone familiar with Vulcan's Valhalla series will feel at home It goes something like this ... This is a completed level is made up of about 5 screens The path to the flashing orange circle is mapped out using directional arrows to make sure that the cops don't run into any lava and die.
The shoe icon makes sure they leap over any obstacles like walls or rivers of lava. Before this path could be set up I had to send one bobby ahead to open up all the passageways (usually done by operating levers). Once you've set the path up you can then get all the men to follow it straight to the end. In later levels it gets a bit tricker and you might have to quickly change directions to get around some obstacles.
Commands 1: Undo a command 2: Go up 3: Go down 4: Go left 5: Go right 6: Wait a little while 7: Jump 8: Operate on an item 9: Attack any foes 10: Freeze game 11: Go to earlier levels 12: Load save It's Time Cops, converted to the Amiga before any other formatl (Er, no it isn't actually, it's a non-budget budget game from Vulcan.)
Only £12.99? Surely this game should be in the budget section? Nope folks, this little belter is part of a new series of direct mail games from Vulcan Software, and they went to great pains to get us to stress to you that this is not a BUDGET game. It's a low cost full price game apparently.
Anyway, regardless of the price, Timekeepers is all about a bunch of tiny cops who have a desperate mission. They are a carefully chosen futuristic police force who’ve been sent to protect the 4th dimension from a chap called with TimeKeepers. It has the top- down perspective look and feel of the Valhalla series. Like Valhalla, it is a puzzle game but the similarity ends there. In Tkthe puzzle element is not of the ’find the chicken leg, cook it and then hand it over to the hungry soldier to receive a key' type; the pace is a lot faster.
At the beginning you are faced with 14 little men running frantically to and fro at the bottom of the screen. Your object is to move them to the top of the level, which is roughly five screens up, to defuse the bomb. To do this you need to scroll through the screens to check out the lie of the land and plan ahead where you need to get to and the best way to get there.
Control freak There is a control panel at the bottom of the screen which contains commands. These must be placed in front of the soldiers to get them to go in a specific direction, operate something, jump or fight. Use the mouse to select the icon you want and click to place it on a tile, where it will remain until replaced or blanked.
Starting off each level at the bottom and scrolling up through to the end of the the screen you'll be able to spot exactly where the flashing orange circle is that you need to get to. But before you can send your men on a homeward bound journey, you've go to do some homework.
Each level and world has its own seemingly unsurmountable obstacles to contend with. It's not easy, you've got 14 men and all you can see in their path are ponds of molten lava, broken bridges, angry looking creatures, closed off passageways and plenty of strange looking levers and boulders. The best way to find out the easiest route to the transporter is to send one man on ahead to open up passageways and fix bridges, thus making the way clear for all the other chappies.
Normally, this involves pressing a lever or two. But be careful: press the wrong lever and your unfortunate cop could get swooped up by a rather nasty eagle, for example, who carries him off to oblivion. Sometimes, though, these eagles come in handy as they can carry you over to otherwise inaccessible areas.
The sound is quite good, though the sargent major barking orders and various screaming bad guys can shatter your nerves. A handy save game feature and the option to go back to the point where you had the most men alive also prevents hair pulling frustration.
TimeKeepers is-an engaging puzzle game that should keep you engrossed for a while. At this price it's worth a look. ¦ Lisa Collins Where to get T imekeepers Timekeepers is part of a new collection of direct order low cost games from Vulcan.
Called the mail order mini- series they hope to release a new game every few months on the label. If you want one of these titles you can contact Vulcan Software at 72 Queens Road, Buckland, Portsmouth P02 7NA or call their credit card hot line on 01705 670269.
TIMEKEEPERS ¦ workbench version ...1.3 ¦ ¦ number of bisks ...2 Jj "SAM .. ...1Mb ¦ ¦ hard disk installable ....yes BRIAN FOWLER 11 North Street, EXETER, DEVON, EX4 3QS Commodore •* hM 6 1 JAM We’re Backing Amiga!
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CD32 Expansion Modules Add Memory, Floppy Drives, Hard Drives.
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Ishar Trilogy n Publisher: Daze Price: £29.99 SUPERSTAR Oil RPG fans prepare to lose a lifetime or three. Daze have packaged together possibly the three best RPGs of all time: Ishar, Ishar 2 and Ishar
3. The quality of these iu«: it at games is unquestionable - the
combination of adventure, combat and magic spells amongst
others earned all three scores in the 90s when they first came
out. If you are an RPG fan and by some cruel twist of fate
haven't got any of these, then buy this compilation now.
In case you've been in exile for the past couple of years here’s a quick breakdown of what the fuss was all about.
The original In the beginning there was Ishar.
Silmarils had created a breakthrough RPG. The concept was simple: you were on a huge island and your task was to keep your kingdom, Kendoria, safe from an evil wizard. So you scrolled around this mammoth island fighting baddies, visiting shops and recruiting members to be in your gang and help in your crusade. Brilliant
t. .* GET-V* V CT1 -nf rfL'Jl FfW V9 ' yy: -y-SMm VtSSty m £«Gl m
likar 2: thin tin M l Ink pltasek u lee an.
Onward bound Then came Ishar 2 which saw you in a raid against the evil wizard, eventually killing him and destroying his castle. Instead of one island you now had the run of seven ginormous islands, travelling to each one in order as you solved their various puzzles and problems But Ishar 2 wasn't more of just the same: as well as a new map feature and better control panels it brought the element of psychology more into play. Now, rather than wandering around picking up team members as you did in Ishar, you now had to be very careful about who you chose to be on your crew. An excellent
swordsman mightn't hta 1: ¦" *a IMM n bcs necessarily be a very popular bloke and so it could lead to dissension in the ranks and bad morale all round.
In some cases morale might get so bad that if an unpopular member of the crew was hurt no one would help him. That's Care in the Community for you.
Go back in time And then Ishar 3 came to pass.
But hold on a second, didn't Ishar 2 see you killing off the evil wizard Shandar? True but the cunning spellster managed to reincarnate himself into the body of the last surviving black dragon. So, in Ishar 3 you've got to stop Shandar from taking over this dragon completely. The control panel remained much the same as Ishar 2 but this time a lot of attention was paid to the graphics. A time travel element was also introduced which meant rather than having to travel to each island in order as in Ishar 2 you could now travel back and forth between the islands.
So. There you have it, three mammoth RPGs - each one bigger and better than the last - all rolled into one neat package at a knockdown price for you. The discerning reader. ¦ Lisa Collins THE WORLD'S
• -buy one as soon as you go a chance' ETCT 9 10 Rating
• -Unk» can now do Kwdialur for money- THE PERFORMANCE ADVANTAGES
OF Oui BOARDS ARE SUPERSOt Standard A50QrtOOT50 V2000 1 Sondad
AI200 A1200 with 1220 4 '¦!
[AlMOwkfa 123MB. FilmLi THE SPEED GAINS YOU'LL Upgrade yxxir A4000 to the revolutionary new CYBERSTORM 68040 or, the FIRST and ONLY 68060 .Amiga system, and youll have.. The World's Fastest Amiga!
As an example, when a Cybersotm 68060 renders a test graphic with Imagine 2.0 software, processing time is past 2.45 nunutcs compared with 10.34 minutes on a standard A4000 04025! Up to 128Mb d standard SIMM memory can be installed to either model, and you can even transfer the 72Pin SIMMs from your A4000 directly to the Cybcrsorm. Available Cybcrstorm options include a Star Buy ‘in short If you .....SCSI-2 only module, or a SCSI-2 and combined Ethernet expansion want'the fastest TO4ule. Request your FREE Technical Brochure now.
Miga in the Cyberstorm 68040 40 £Call for Prices lorld, ym 40MHz 68040, 0Mb (EspwtdaWe to 128Mb) You’D berarprted hfve“ Cyberstorm 68060 50 option. 50MHz (Wb (LqunUilAe to I28Mb) they ird |SttndariA4000,P40 [Man wth CjbentoraiTMO • MMHr (a4000 with Cjtcnwnnttt); 50MHz Fifyn Am* m tar Am at m MIPS tMtn ukrx fnm anfirtan fxrfinmir tea itaofSplafi 1220 4 fkraiors 28MHz 68EC020. A1200 Turbo with J.Mb expandable to 8Mb The multi award-winning BLIZZARD 1220 4 4Mb TURBO... Offers by far the best price performance ratio of A1200 32-Bit RAM expansion on the market.
The 1220 4 incapaates everything a good memc*v expansion should - such as a Real Time Clock, RAM expandability, optional FPU etc. And, with its Ckxk Speed Doubling Circuit running the 32-Bit FAST RAM at an amazing 28MHz, the 122W4 has broken all the turners! Check the facts for yourself and fit the BEST Amiga A1200 Turbo Memory board around or, phone and ask for a leaflet to find cot more.
• Integrated 2&MHz 66EC020 Clock Speed Doubler for up to 300H
overall performance increase
• Factory Installed & Tested 4Mb 32-Bit FAST RAM
• Expandable to 8Mb with Blizzard Add-4 Board
• Integrated Battery Backed Real Time dock
• Easy Trapdoor Installation
• Can be doaNcd in situ for full games compatibility 1220 4 Turbo
28MHz 68EC020 4Mb 32-Bit Fast RAM, expandable to 8Mb 4194"
Add-4 Board - extra 4Mb for 1220 4 4Mb 32-Bit Fast RAM add-on
Motorola Maths Co-processors 68882 PLCC type FPU, 2V33MHZ A1200
68030 Accekratoi Bfcjg 11 Its rapid 4QMHz 68EC030 cf 50MHz
6S030 PBi y MMU offer up to 50t*» performance gam! Options via
¦ its Fast Expansion Bus include Modules such as a SCSI-2 I
Controller A standard SIMM srxlrf provides for up to a ¦ lull
32Mb auto-configuring 32-Bit FAST RAM.
J • PGA FPU Satct up to 50MHz BffiSTT
• Irutfuctxxi & Data Bunt Modes EsjEJ « Auro Ktcksait Rc-Mappng 1
wilh dixihlr i BjLiiy(Lp
• Battery Backed Self Recharge RT Cloc k
• Easy Tnpdtxt Installalion 12J0-IH Turbo Mil 68EOBO r, on,
- 0Mb, Expandable lo 32Mb. 32-Bit fag RAM 3T 1 12J0-II1 Turbo
50MHz 680S0 S MMU £224 ' ’ 0Mb, Expandable lo 32Mb, 32-Bil Fm
- 4 SCSI-2 Module for 1230-DI Turbo £89 * Motorola Maths
Co-processors T"q7 68882 PGA type FPU, 50MHz_ 4 Mb SIMM RAM
Expansion 32-Bil. 72 pin (CaH lor Loner SIMMs) SPECIAL MOSEY
SAVIM, UMTTED OFFERS... 123010,40MHz 4 50MHz FPU £144.95 SmtlW
1230-OL 40MHz 4 50MHz FPU 4 4Mb £304.45 SarlilW 1230-ID, 50MHz
4 50MHz FPU £284.45 Smt UtW For aD Zorro-3 Amigas, this 64-Bit
high speed graphics cngincl itta offers up to 1600 x 1200
pixels in 8-Bit colour or 1024 x 768 pixels in True 24-Bit
Colour, with 2Mb at dispM .
Memory (4Mb user upgradeablcw 'rj all and request your FREE ¦ . ~ Technical Brochure now.
Manipulation mparmertis ¦ this S the llW4A1E24-b for processing [botos and images such as.
Emboss, Solaria, Texturtze, Add Noise etc. as ueB as Paint Tools including Cbalk Pastels, 8 diowtr-n Crayon Feb Tips and more - Brilliant! I pmpom otfy and e iw mdu*rf L Cannon Fodder Publisher:Hit Squad Price:£14.99 Three years ago if someone had suggested that a game which involved guiding a squad of mini soldiers around a battlefield using a mouse cursor to direct them, aim their guns and fire, could be fun you probably would have thought they were bonkers, A mouse is for adventures, joysticks are for shoot 'em ups, it's as simple as that.
Then Cannon Fodder came along and put a torch to these delusions. With control of up to five soldiers, who can be moved and targeted as a group or as several different squads, the availability of just three weapons and a simple and very intuitive mouse control procedure it goes down as one of the classic games of all time.
The settings are varied, with jungle, desert and snow cropping up and the opportunity to use vehicles like tanks and a helicopter to spice things up too. All you have to do is use the cursor to point your troops in the right direction left click on the spot you want them to reach then right click to shoot in a given direction. Once you have right-clicked the cursor changes to a red target finder and if you have grenades or bazooka missiles then you can throw or fire them by aiming with this and (with your right finger still pressing the mouse button) clicking on the left button.
Although your guns have unlimited ammunition, you need to pick up the bazooka missiles and grenades by capturing crates which can usually be found right beside enemy installations. You need these heavier weapons to actually blow up enemy buildings but and if you're over zealous with your fire power and inadvertently blow up the crates containing these weapons you may not be able to finish a mission.
The enemy soldiers are generally not too smart and are pretty stow to fire at you with their machine guns, but some are also equipped grenades and bazookas and these blighters are generally a tad more accurate and dangerous, Each mission is divided up into between two and five phases and the scenery varies after every couple of missions. In between each mission you get a list of the heroes that were killed in your last adventure, and you move onto a screen which shows you how many recruits you have left, who they are and how long they have lasted (a long serving recruit gets rank badges). This
screen also allows you to save and load games.
The troops are a bit difficult to see on some backgrounds, most notably some of the jungle screens, but this is about the only criticism I have. By Cannon Fodder 2 standards this game is relatively easy, but for newcomers the difficulty curve is just right. Likewise the music and sound effects are superb.
If you haven't bought this game go and do so now. ¦ AD On The Ball World Cup Edition Publisher: Daze Price:£16.99 Originally called Ansloss World Cup in its native Germany (don’t ask us what Anstoss means). On The Ball World Cup Edition caused last year receiving a Superstar award and the accolade of the ’best management game* Tony Dillon had ever played.
A year on it stiil stands up to the test of time, although 94% for a management game seems a bit excessive, seen in the light of World Cup fever and the superb and innovative water colour graphics used throughout the game, it's probably understandable.
On The Ball introduced a whole new level of player interaction into management games. With much more emphasis on player personalities, sponsorship deals and the like, as well as the usual playing attributes.
The players are rated on their level of commitment and their temperament and this makes putting together a well balanced team very important.
You must go through the qualifying rounds, quarter finals and semis to get into the final and playing games is spiced up by the high quality of the graphics displayed during the highlights.
Unlike, for instance. Player Manager 2 there is no opportunity to play the game for real, but management only fans will not find this much of a problem. It's a complicated game, with lots to do.
But the presentation is top notch and although the odd mistranslation from German confuses things OTB is probably still the most Flashback Publisher:Kixx Price:£16.99 We've all suffered from effects of the morning of the night before. Waking up still in a drunken haze not knowing where you are or even who you are.
However, the memories of the night before - getting sick into your hat. Chatting up the ugly barmaid etc - usually come flooding back after a few gulps of Alka Selzer and a cold shower. Life, however, for Conrad Hart the hero of Flashback is not that simple.
SUPERSTAR Conrad, a brilliant young scientist in the year 2124 has created a gismo which can analyse molecular structures. Through his invention he discovers that there are quite a few aliens wandering around that the good people of the planet Earth knew nothing about. The aliens frightened that they might be discovered kidnap him and dump him on an alien planet.
So. Waking up in the middle of nowhere he has to make his way through this beautifully animated graphic adventure trying to piece together bits of information about who he is. Where he is and where he should be going. At first glance it looks like a straightforward platform game as you clamber onto branches and various rockeries making your way through the various screens. However, as you progress through the game the puzzle element comes into play. You've got to work out where to go next, how to get there and even why you're going there. This is all achieved by looking at, using and
storing in your inventory all the various objects that are dotted around the game. It can be quite difficult at times but luckily there is an easy mode for anyone new to adventure gaming.
This game is a joy to look at just for the graphics alone. The introduction sequence is a night's viewing in itself (well nearly). For the original game Delphine, the programmers, employed a then breakthrough method called rotoscoping to create such realistic effects. An actor was filmed carrying out the various moves and then the images were grabbed and touched up to create the stunning 24-bit frames a second. If only today's games programmers would follow suit eh?
A popular game that received many a high score at full price this game is a barg at the cutdown price. Buy. ¦ LC Syndicate Publisher:HK Squad Price: £14.99 SUPERSTAR Two favourite games in one month is almost too much to handle. Hours were wasted (enjoyably) re- acclimatising to the point and click shoot 'em up interface of both Cannon Fodder and Bullfrog's Syndicate, other work was swept aside and Lisa half killed me. It was worth it though.
Syndicate is as much a strategy game as a shoot 'em up. It’s all about a future world where people's lives are controlled by various international syndicates, large corporations involved in crime, big business and secret service activities. You play a Syndicate initiate trying to make your mark by commanding units against other countries, trying to impress the powers that be by beating agents from other Syndicates for control of the world.
You start off by being ottered a mission, usually search and destroy, kidnap, assassination or similar duties which you get payed for if you succeed. The money you earn should be re-invested into researching new weapons which will be of immense value as the missions get more difficult. You can also upgrade your agent's bodies with armour or mechanical prostheses to make faster and less vulnerable.
You control a squad of four agents, who look like Spy Vs Spy characters and are equipped with, well, any weapon you have developed.
The best fun is the flame thrower. There's nothing better than some sadistic population control with said petroleum sprayer. Once you burn someone with it they run off. Screaming and covered in flames until they finally collapse in ashes. Vicious it may be but it sure livens up the day and gets rid of nervous tension better than Asprin.
The pointer interface is similar to Cannon Fodder's in that you use the standard cursor to direct your agents, but when you place it over a potential target it changes to a target icon. If the target is out of range this is yellow, if it's in range it turns to red. This range will vary depending on the weapon, and each weapon also has a limited amount of ammunition. You move by left-clicking and fire by right-clicking.
As a combination of strategy and shoot ’em up Syndicate is absolutely superb. I know some people who think that it falls between these two genres without making the best of either, too little depth for strategy, too little excitement for shoot 'em up, but I love it.
And I've played it well into the wee hours. It gets difficult further into the game but raw recruits should get the hang of it quickly. ¦ Hello my little CU chums. Matt Broughton from The One here, with what I hope will l e a well- received addition to you usual tips and solutions. Snip Tips aims to provide you with those tiny-yet- tasty codes and cheats for games old and new. Even better, if you send in a tip that gets printed, you'll receive a free piece of software courtesy of our mat«*s nt Ocean's Hit Squad lahel. Yes, I know incredible isn't it!
Blastar Core Design Many thanks to Mr John Barry from Swansea, who wins himself a lump of Hit Squad software thanks to this damn tasty tip. By pausing the game and typing MALICE OF THE MYRKOIDS, you can then press the ‘up’ cursor key to replenish your energy, as well as hit the top row numbers 1-9 arid keys Q-Y to skip levels. You can visit the shop at any point by pressing the Del' button although you'll still have to collect cash as per normal. Jolly handy though, non?
Skeleton Krew Core Design Edward Corr Jnr has written in with an excellent alternative to playing this average game. By typing in I WOULD RATHER BE WATCHING FOREST over the character selection screen (in capitals with spaces), you can use the following keys for the following effects: Full Stop skips levels.
Enter on the numeric keypad awards nine extra lives, and typing in COLLECT MONEY awards 9999 points (i.e. an extra life). Er, hurrah! Or something.
Premier _ Manager 3 Gremlin Interactive Before Gremlin abandoned the Amiga, I seem to remember them releasing a 'fair old few' of these footy games Of course, what with there being a similar number of cheating gits out there in the world, it comes as no surprise to find that a short-cut has been found, allowing the average fellow to amass tons of folding brown stuff without really earning it.
So... load the game and pick Halifax Town as player one's team, while player two takes Gateshead. When you come to the main screen, go to the squad selection screen and find your worst three players. Put these chaps at the bottom of your reserves and exit the page. Now press the space bar and change to the manager of Gateshead.
Use the telephone to find the page with the conference teams on.
And select to view Halifax Town's team.
Now try and buy one of the three players from the bottom of the list - offering £9,999,999 for the club fee, with a sensible offer for player fee, wage and contract. If you get yes, yes, yes and (might I venture) yes, shout "hurrah!"
Because that's ten million quid towards Halifax's plight. Repeat this with the other two crap players and then resign as manager of Gateshead. You'll now be the proud owner of Halifax Town, with 30 million pounds to squander at will. And many thanks to Jonathan Baker for that little love.
UFO: Enemy Unknown MicroProse An excellent tip has found its way into my lap -this time from a Brummy by the name of Jonathan Homer (Dohl). It makes use of the 'Sell Sack' items screen, where, by allocating production to equipment that doesn't need stock of special items (e.g. with the laser weapons that just need cash) you can sell excess gear for a tidy profit.
Providing you keep shooting down UFOs and have plenty of engineers, you can use such tactics as shown below to build up a handy stash of extra cash (nice alliteration I thought). Anyway... HIM COST II IIAM mult rain Md!
Luir ftitol
1. 111
(1. 111
11. 111 liar HI)
71. 011
11. 111
11. 911 Aim Matt
3. IDD
1. 111
3. 101 It's a good idea to use the first bits of extra cash to
bring in more engineers, thus accelerating the rate at which
your spare dosh appears. Using this method, you can go as far
as having entire bases built and dedicated to producing
extra funds. Quite brilliant Cheers Jonathan, the Hit Squad
folks have your details.
Sim City 2000 Maxis A regular from the heady days of The One’s 'Snipping The Tippings', Alex Simms has an extremely handy cheat for the ¦financially challenged' among you. Go to the New Scene' and click on the Hard option. Now go to the newspaper and click off it pause the game, and then click on Budget, Bond, and Repay Bond. When asked if you want to replay a bond, click YES. Now go to Issue Bond and click on OK. B typing FUNDS five times, text will now appear, and once again, say YES to the question. Go to Budget, Repay Bond, and click on OK. Go to Issue Bond and a funrn character will
appear in the percent column. Click on OK and you'll be awarded 500,000 per year, every year, for ever and Supoib. ¦ er I ever* That's all folks Don’t worry though, there'll be much more next month. In the meantime. Get those tips rolling in. Marked for SNIP TIPS at the usual CU address. Byeee!
Worried that you are becoming a night person? Do you find yourself wrestling with adventures deep into the early hours w hen all right-minded souls are fast asleep? Fear not our very own Mistress of the Night shares your obsession and if you ask her nicely, she might come round one night to put an end to all of vour troubles.
N ie g and m go )ff it.
Ick int to n go
K. By twill say ck on funny er- d iT ever!
GAME TIPS I Adventure helpline Manigc ansion i month ago I bought the Lucas rts Classic Adventure collection hich I really enjoy but I been aving problems with Maniac ansion. How do I get the key om the chandelier, and the key om the alien womants room?
| Craig Dutton, Clwyd.
The idea behind the chandelier I problem is to make a high pitched 1 noise that will shatter the crystal | and release the key. To get the noise level you need you must go to the music room and record the music of | the record onto a cassette. Now take | the cassette to the room with the I chandelier and play it there. I’ll | leave you to work out the boring
• chanics of it all as I have enough trouble turning on my Amiga.
Monkey Island °lease, please, please help me!
I On Monkey Island I have defeat- 1 the swordmaster and stolen he idol, but I can't find the treasure anywhere. I've got 164 pieces of eight, minutes, a rubber chicken, breath mints, sword, shovel, staple remover, stewed meat, 100% cotton T-shirt, a yellow petal and a map which looks more like dancing steps.
Dean McGill, Shipley.
Well there are quite a few things still to be done. For a start the dance steps as you call them will lead you to the spot where the treasure is buried. From the main map go to the fork in the path then look at the treasure map. Follow the direction (e.g. back is towards the back of the screen) and you will find the grove with an X on the ground.
Use the shovel (which is found on the notice board beside the bridge) and you’ll be able to dig up the treasure. The next clever trick is to put the yellow flowers into the stew. The result will be a Mickey Fin meal which would put an elephant to sleep. Now don’t you know some nice little doggies that deserve a stew dinner?
Vure of the emptress Good day Vamp, please could you help me with Lure of the Temptress. I have spoken with the dragon and I have asked all of the people of the village to help me to get into the castle, but no-one can help me.
David, Manchester.
I’m not surprised that you are stuck at this point, because it is a rather difficult hit. The trick is to wait until a Skorl enters the village then peek through the window to see what is going on inside. Once you seen and heard what passes between the shopkeeper and the Skorl you can enter the shop and talk to Ewan to discover how to get inside the castle.
Goblins 2 I am hopelessly stuck on the throne room level. I have made Amonia and his pet drink the elixir, but I am still struggling to get the one who loves meatballs.
I have the items needed to make them spicy.
Sean Talboys, Great Bookham.
The problem with the Goblin games is that many of the problems can only be solved if you get the timing right to the split second. (Not much good to a girl who likes to take her time!)
What you must do is activate the swordfish with Fingus and take the salt. Get Fingus to lift the big pot cover and while he’s doing that Winkle can pour salt on top of the little man inside. Now you can get the file from inside the pot.
Fingus must now hold the rope on the right while Winkle grabs the left one. He can now swing down, pick up Fingus and place him on the top-right shelf Use the file on the chain and Colibruis will fly off. Now you can get the thumb tack.
Police Quest 2 On Police Quest 2 I’ve got the new and old mugshots of Jessie Bains. I've talked to Sherman and found out about Pate and his car.
What do I do now?
Leonard, Redhill.
Once you have asked the prisoner about the escape and about the knife there’s not a lot left for you to do at the jail, so pick up your gun and get back in the car. If you now use the radio you’ll be told to drive to the Mall. Once you arrive at the Mall you must:- Listen to Haines, Walk to the blue car. Look at the car’s plates.
Open the car door Dust the glove box and lift the finger print. Open the glove box and get the bullets and holster. Go back to Haines and listen to him.
Now you can interview the lady and ask about the car. Return to your car and use the radio once again.
Universe I am completely stuck in Universe. I am flying with my car in space, round the planets JOR- SLEV 4. LOKSASS 3 and the PFALLENOP The problem is that I cannot go to other planets because I don't have enough fuel. I’ve already collected the Droid + canister. Must I give something to Snorglat?
Grandgaignace Laurent, Belgium.
Once you've picked up the droid and the canister Ralkamos 7 you can use them to sort out the aliens. Get back in your car and head for Jor-slev 4.
Land in the top-left quadrant of the planet.
Grab a handy rock and chuck it at the alien who is there. Use the droid on the blob and then climb back in the car. Select the bottom- right quadrant and when you arrive you’ll find an old man. Give the old man the blobs and he'll give you some carvite.
Go back to the car once more and take off from the planet. Head back towards the Pfallenop asteroids and when you arrive offer Snorglat the medicinal herbs. ¦ (iol ;i profilcm with mi ndu-nlnri- g;nlie?
V;ini| m has the answer.
(til nil r KOI 1111 ¦ III1111 Olllll | . 11 t«i.
And send il in lo Inanipyra. ( I iniga Maga inc, 30-32 I arringdon l.;iiu London 14 IK 3AI .
“Never play cards with a man named Doc, and never eat at a place called Moms."
Valhalla B afore the War Dishing out poisoned ale is just one of the things you get up to in part two of our complete solution.
Rook goes on the square near the door on the line of tiles as the Kii he - ©elcome to level two of Valhalla Before the War. Follow our walk through guide to the game and you'll be in level three before you know it. Let's begin ... Pick up the tankard, operate the floor tile underneath and take the chest key. Travel south, pick up a second tankard, then head into the room on your first left where you'll find four hungry and thirsty soldiers. Take the third tankard, operate the floor tile underneath and you’ll find some stamina. If you look at the soldier on the left he will demand that you
supply him and his three buddies with ale.
Travel out of the room and head south again, pull the lever and enter the room where the ale is.
Take the tankard off the stool and fill all four tankards with the soldiers favourite brew. Before you leave, open the chest with your key and take the piece of paper with the cryptic phrase on it and operate the floor tile to get a door key. Deliver the ale to the soldiers who empty the tankards and open a door as a reward for your efforts.
Look at the most talkative soldier who will demand that you bring them food.
Travel out of the room and straight down into the door that the soldiers opened for you. Inside take a stick and two chicken legs.
Give the chicken legs to two of the soldiers then travel back to the ale room where it would be a good idea to leave the tankards. In the ale room you can pull a lever to the short cut of a room where a soldier is sat in between two chests. He asks you for the password. Insert the stick in the hole in the wall and then pull the lever.
Travel up and round the U-bend making sure to operate all the floor tiles. Take the sapphires for use later on. The white pattern on the floor tile is a teleport square, stand on this to be transported to another section of the map where you come across more floor tiles, operate these and take the chicken legs, you only need two more as you have already given two to the soldiers. Check out the room where the Norse Warlords are and read the cryptic inscriptions on their tombs.
Give the two remaining chicken legs to the soldiers who reward you with a second chest key. Look at the soldier on the far left, once more, and he will demand more ale. The key for the chest is in the Norse Warrior room so take the translation potion then head back to the soldier who demands the password, face him and drink the potion and look at the cryptic piece of paper, the letters change into the words ‘Hermans Home', having said this the two chests open and you can take a protection potion and a cross.
Travel up to the locked door near where you found the second tankard, open the door with the door key from the ale room and take the bone off the stool. Travel south once more to where the green river of poison breaks.
Notice a small piece of poison lying on the floor, you lose stamina if you try to take it so drink the protection potion first. Put this in the ale and then fill up the tankards once more. It is time to rid yourself of the demanding soldiers.
Deliver the poisonous ale which they dispose of in one gulp, they are now quietened for ever. This action results in the locked door out of this room opening. Travel up the passageway then take a left onto the teleport square. You find yourself in a room with a series of altars with blue diamonds engraved on them. Drop the sapphires that you are carrying which will rid you of three of the altars and will also allow you to pick up a will and a chain.
Time travel Teleport back the way you came and walk straight onto the second teleport square. Pick up the piece of paper with the word 'No' on it from the altar then travel down into the torture chamber. One of the soldiers is hoarding a clock but he allows you to take it. You now Checkmate Travel to the chess board room and position your Rook and your Bishop to checkmate the King. T chess piece. The Bishop chess I piece goes on the square near to the bottom of the screen with the King chess piece on a diagonal but not on the diagonal lines of tl other Bishops. When your two pieces have been
positioned, the King disappears to give you access | to a cigar, another sapphire and a * teleport square. This transports you to a room where you find a 'Bee tray' and the front page of a newspaper. Return to the room where the sapphire altars are and drop your new sapphire, this allows you to take a piece of paper I with the words let him have it’ ‘ written on it.
Back in the torture chamber you J can now order the awake soldier ’ to 'let him have it’, this results in the poor prisoner being stretched beyond recognition. He instantly dies and the soldier accuses you of killing him, he then informs you have all four objects you need to I give to the Norse Warlords. Before you leave search till you find the j altar with a combination written on1 it, take the piece of paper that says what the combination is. The Norse Warlords reward you with a I chess piece which you will know I the relevance of if you have peeked in to the chess board room- near to the
torture chamber.
GAME TIPS that he is going to tell. Take the key that has appeared on the prisoner and travel back to the room of sapphire altars.
Staying power You will have noticed a bottle of stamina over the river. Take this as you'will need it, then set off south walking in the poison itself, stop and drink the stamina when your it slips down too far. At the end of the river is a door which you can unlock. There is a joke in here which you can take then take a shortcut back to the torture room via a door opened by a lever and a teleport square.
Back in the torture room the King has appeared. Look at him and he asks you if you've killed him, look at your 'No' piece of paper to deny the whole thing and ignore the jeering soldiers. The King asks you to prove it at which point you can produce your newspaper which describes your where- uts the day before, he laughs and asks you to prove it. Take the stick from the prisoner and travel back to the room where you found the joke via the shortcut. Insert the stick in the hole, pull the lever and enter the photocopying room. Pick up today's paper which has not yet been printed then put
yesterday's newspaper on the photocopier. This disappears which is your cue to drop today's unwritten paper onto the photocopier. Take your evidence and go back to face the King.
Drop your newspaper on the floor and the King disappears leaving his crown on the floor, tell the :ond soldier to let the prisoner have it who screams when asked 'what's the combination?' Replies *1 will betray’. Travel back to the pho- ipying room and head south until you reach a crown stand by a :ed door. Drop the crown and enter the room where you will find eye at the end of a small river.
R to the al line f the I In this room you will also find I another sapphire and an orange.
I Put the eye. The will and the ‘Bee tray’ on the combination stone in that order to open the door into a new part of the level.
Before you leave take the shoes from the torture room. Stand on the teleport square just beyond the new open door to discover a door key. Return straight away and progress into unknown territory where you will find a corresponding locked door. Inside this room you will find Herman, Herman tells you he is bored so look at the piece of paper that says 'let him have it' he asks you who but you can't answer him yet.
Oaper t' r you lier i in hed itly Operate the floor tile to get the musical note then go back to the tuning fork which is near to the photocopier (to left outside Herman's room). Take the musical sharp note then put this and the cigar on the Norse Warlord tomb of Hamlet sharp in the same room as Herman. You get a stick in return which you can use on the hole outside to give you access to a piece of paper with ‘crumbly wally' written on it and a teleport square. This teleports you into a square with walls all around you.
Look at the 'crumbly wally' piece of paper to get rid of the walls.
Comedy time Pick up the comedian potion which is near the family album.
You will notice a teleport maze which you could get lost in forever and a room with five star filled altars in it. The teleport square in this room transports you to a room where you find a genesis device and an amplifier. Travel back to the room where you found the eye and face the soldier who asks why did the chicken cross the road. If you reply by looking at your joke without having drunk the comedian potion first the soldier won't even smirk, so drink the potion first to raise a hearty guffaw and gain access to the two i chests beside him. Take the map for the teleport maze and a
Put your shoes on the Norse Warlord's tomb in the same room as the soldier as he is called Robin Sole. You need another object for this tomb before you are rewarded. Pick up the sapphire from beside the tomb then head back to the teleport maze, use your map to survive the experience and then prepare to eat the cookie monster.
You will have found cookies by now so put one in his bowl to watch go across the room, devour the cookie and go back to his place by the door he's blocking.
To get past him you are going to have to poison him by placing a cookie beneath the spout of the same poisoned ale barrel as you used to kill the soldiers operating the tap to get the poisoned cookie.
In the same room as the cookie monster are some rings which you can take and another locked door, opened by a lever. This gives you access to a shortcut round the maze and Grumbleweed, the burping cider drinker. He is still convinced that he won the 'who can burp the loudest' competition.
Take the camera film and head back to the camera which is near the photocopier. Insert the film and then operate the camera to be provided with a picture of you which you then put on the family album.
It changes into a picture of a King which you use to tell Herman who you want him to 'let him have it'.
Herman then asks for his prophecy and provides you with a chest key for the chest in the same room. In here you find the book of Icarus.
Home brew After poisoning the cookie monster you have access to another teleport square and an altar with a sapphire on it. Stand on the teleport square and you find yourself at the top of the sapphire altar room. Get past the altar that is in your way by dropping a sapphire on it, you now have access to a pear and nearby you will find a banana and some earth. Down the left-hand passageway you find a soldier who informs you it will cost you. Take the arrow that is on his table. Travel back the way you came and turn right, down a short passageway there is another teleport square. This
transports you to a small room where you will notice a cider press.
Travel back to the room where the joking soldier is and put the arrow on the tomb of the Norse Warlord Robin Sole. He rewards you with a potion of extreme luck.
Return to the fruit machine and put your three pieces of fruit on the rollers, operate the lever under the influence of the potion and the pieces of fruit turn into three apples which you can take. At the same time a pile of gold coins appears in the small room beside the fruit machine, but a locked door prevents you from reaching them. Put all three apples on the cider press and take a bottle of cider. Your task now is to beat Grumbleweed in your own 'who can burp the loudest' competition.
Burp to win Fill up one of the tankards in Herman's room with ale then travel back to grumbleweed. Give him the cider so he can produce one of his most excellent burps then put the amplifier on the square beside him, stand on the amplifier and drink your ale. You win the competition and Grumbleweed graciously hands over the flytrap plant. You now have all the objects you need to create the planets from the genesis device. Insert the thermometer which will provide with the planet Mercury, the rings to give you Saturn, the fly trap to give you Venus and the earth to give you Earth. Place
the planets in the correct order on the cosmos altars (Mercury, Earth, Venus, Saturn) and the last altar lights up to represent the sun. Put the book of Icarus on here and you are rewarded with Hermans prophecy. Dutifully deliver this to Herman and he will give you the key for the room where the coins are lurking. Give these to the soldier who says 'it will cost you’, the last door opens and you're on your way to level three - and next's month's instalment. ¦ E-mail: iaks@fir«coi*vd*mcfuoi* Telephone 0113 231944 24 HOUR MAIL ORDER SERVICE FAX: 0113 231* NEW! BBS Modem sales & technical
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£59.9 . 76 . 89 . 93 If you're reading this on the toilet, I
hope you wash your hands afterwards - it would be such a
shame to spoil such a record breaking- i spectacular reviews
section as his. Anyway, I'm not here to preach vatorial
hygiene. I'm supposed to i telling you all about the top hard
ware and software we've lined up or you and your Amiga this
month, |so here goes.
After lengthy delays, Dpaint V has ippeared on the shelves. Find out vhether it can still cut it on page 66.
For the more cash-dispensing Amiga user, we bring you an exclusive double hit from phase 5 developments: the first review of the CyberVision 64-bit graphics card along with the phenomenal CyberStorm 68060 accelerator, both of which look likely to appear in the new range of A4000s later this year.
Put them together and you've got the ultimate Amiga!
Added to that lot there's the I Apollo A1220, an amazing little I accelerator cum RAM card for the | A1200 that delivers results without ireaking the bank. You want more?
| Take a look over to the right and du'II see just what other goodies [ we've got for you.
May I also introduce our latest atch. Mat Bettinson, who from this nonth will be enhancing CU Amiga Magazine further still with his extensive technical experience and expertise. Mat, meet the readers. Readers, meet Mat.
Now wash your hands.
[Tony Horgan Serious Anything that's worth testing is in this month's packed get serious section. We couldn't have rounded up a better selection of goodies.
§ Deluxe Paint V .66 The Gary Glitter of Amiga graphics, Dpaint makes its latest comeback with Version 5.
Is it still the leader of the gang?
Possibly the biggest breakthrough yet in the competitive A1200 accelerator race and it's cheap too!
Mega Mouse Plus 76 It's a mouse all right, but is it really 'mega'?
§ Lottery Predictors ......79 Can computer lottery predictors really make you a millionaire? We're not going to tell you here, turn to page 79 to find out!
9 Techno Plus Control Pad .79 Jealous of the joypads used by your console owning friends? Then take a look at this banging Techno Plus Control Pad.
Antivirus Professional ...80 There are plenty of public domain virus checkers around, so what tricks does this commercial alternative have up its sleeves?
CD-ROMs...... 84 They're round, they're shiny, they're CD-ROMs. There's a 10 disc compilation this month, along with the usual PD and clip art offerings.
24-bit graphics with the speed of a 64-bit system, from the makers of the stunning CyberStorm 060.
CyberStorm 060 71 The fastest Amiga accelerator ever, and it’s scheduled to appear in the A4000.
Read all about it on page 71.
Apollo 1220 Accelerated RAM CyberVision 9 PD Scene Games have taken a foothold this month, but the trippy demos are still appearing at i decent rate.
PD Utilities Plenty of good stuff has cropped up this month, like the companion system for Directory Opus, a top text editor and a decent image processor.
DeluxePaint V ¦ Price: £89.99 (new) £50 (upgrade) ¦ Supplier: Electronic Arts t 01753 549442 Owas beginning to think we'd never see a release ot Deluxe Paint V. It was almost a year ago that we previewed it with a demo on one of our October 1994 cover disks, and since then Electronic Arts have been very quiet. In the meantime, Brilliance 2 has come along and stolen a march on the low-end graphics and animation scene, while Photogenics has had a rocket-powered rise in popularity with the high end 24-bit users.
Deluxe Paint V is with us at last! But can the Amiga's best-loved graphics software keep up with the youngsters?
- Hal 1.1.. __ r«nc*Pal«ttc.lores trospoc 11 vo . Hart FlIeType :
ILBH ¦ 1 Bytes : 18638 Sor**n Pa«« Size : 328k21 Colour* : 32
Not* : MoHd Author So where does Dpaint fit into the scheme of
things? It was once the flagship Amiga application; the Apple
Mac had Quark, the PC had Lotus 123, and the Amiga had Dpaint.
But that was in the days when the Amiga. Mac and PC weren't on
speaking terms, and getting them to share files was more hassle
than it was worth.
Now we've got PowerPCs combining Mac and PC technology in a single box; we've had PC disk compatible Amigas as standard for years. The technologies are merging, and any software must reflect this if it wants to remain in contention. In the light of this drive for compatibility and integration, Dpaint is beginning to look rather dated.
Electronic Arts mgj
* I*e«ufr»| pctaies mthwt tabif the ' it a bs| that carrapts tfce
He New features So what's new then? The feature that EA seem to
be most proud of is the new Natural Media section.
This is an attempt to emulate natural painting and drawing tools and surfaces The way it works is dead simple Each texture or media type is merely a tessellat- ing IFF brush. These brushes are loaded in and used as texture maps for backgrounds or any of the drawing modes. So if you were to choose canvas, select a red ink colour and draw onto the screen, instead of drawing solid red lines, the lines would be tex- tured with the canvas pattern. The effect is as similar to 'brass rubbing' where paper is laid over a textured surface, and rubbed with a wax crayon.
Make up your own textures. Just draw them out and save them as brushes in the relevant drawers.
The airbrush has now got a new mode. Unlike the previous airbrush mode, which scattered single-coloured pixels randomly around the pen tip. The new mode gives a fatter, more concentrated flow, and blurs the edges heavily to give a smoother look.
Animated antics Dpaint now supports animations with multiple palettes. This is handy for anyone working on digitised animations, where it’s essential to have a different It's a simple system, but has the advantage that you can easily The arandaddy of graphics software Deluxe Paint, better known as Dpaint was the first piece of graphics software that really showed the world what the Amiga was capable of. After it got a foothold in the very early day- of the Amiga's life, it stayed one step ahead of the competition for a couph of years, and even when rival software beat it on power and
features, it still managed to retain its crown almost by default. Gradually support for animation. 4096 colour HAM mod.
And then AGA graphics appeared, generally rather later than the market would have liked. Boosted by a session of being bundled free with new Amigas. It was still the reigning champion until the arrival of Brilliance, which made the sneaky move of doing everything Dpaint did (down to using the same keyboard shortcuts) and more besides.
Dpaint IV AGA is still used extensively within the Amiga community, and is still probably the most widely used piece of Amiga graphics software.
Palette for each frame Frame I rates can be altered throughout I the animation too. The Move requester can now zoom and scroll the background through all three axes (but can't rotate it). I This means that your Dpaint am-1 matrons are no longer tied to a I static backdrop. Camera zooms I and pans are easily achieved. J Animations using pages bigger I than the visible screen size are I possible. There's also a kind of I tweening option for setting source and destination positions!
For brushes. Anim Op-8 anima- I tions are supported.
Arexx macros can now be I 1 Scrolling | Background?; k | Scrolling |L Background'; Scrolling L ’Background'; M ?----- - | -2 1 J j j Scrolling Background;:.
Example Textures How tc let * lcctronic Arts used for automated processing.
24-bit artists can make use of the 24-bit backing store, and save out 24-bit IFF images.
What's missing?
That's all very well, and some of the new features are long overdue. However, what stands out most is not what is there, but what isn't. For example, where is the comprehensive list of 'loaders’ and 'savers'?
Any graphics program worth its salt these days must be able to load and save all of the popular picture file formats without any fuss. IFF is not the only image format in the world! With so many images from various sources now available via the Internet and CD- ROM compilations, there's no excuse for ignoring them.
A 24-bit paint system that doesn't have a JPEG save option is just not practical.
Taking a stroll through the menus, you might expect to find all kinds of new goodies, such as additions in the paint mode department for instance - no such luck. Maybe on the tool bar then? No, hardly any change there either. What about support for video digitisers, such as the popular ProGrab 24RT? No sign of that either.
Conclusion If Dpaint is to be used seriously for anything other than creating hand drawn pictures and animations, it must at least include basic image processing and retouching features. Dpaint V is not set up to receive and process digitised source images.
However. Dpaint has never set out to be an image processor. It's primarily a paint and animation system, and on that score it's still pretty powerful.
To expect it to combine all the features of Photogenics, Personal Paint, Brilliance and Image FX is clearly unreasonable. As a system for creating and editing pictures and animations for use in Amiga applications it's still up there with the best of them. Dpaint has always had its Cdre user base in the amateur secter, and Dpaint V is still aimed at that market.
That's no bad thing in the light of much Amiga software, which has recently been attempting to make the jump into the professional arena. The Amiga dominates the amateur and semi-professional computer scene, and appropriate software, such as Dpaint, is essential for that scene to grow and prosper.
Dpaint V still cuts it, just don't expect the earth. ¦ Tony Horgan ease ol use ...... ABUtl 80% .2N Nfhwn .... 78% valee for money...... ... 80% WIIIIU OVERALL |-| A300I Dated approach .
In but still very I r H mm Powerfu!. I upgracfirig Owners of Dpaint IV can upgrade to Dpaint V for the reduced price of £50.
As proof of ownership, send either the Dpaint IV manual or one of the disks to: Electronic Arts, 90 Heron Drive, Langley, Berks, SL3 8XP. Also include a payment of £50. Your manual or disk will be returned with the upgrade.
I system requirements: Workbench 2.84 01 higher. 2Mb RAM.
Recommended: 8Mb RAM. 68040 DELUXE PAINT V SoftWood Softw go down in histo best there’s been... for SoftWood products their highest accolades, all over the world. We are continually updating and improving those products and adding new ones, such as Final
1) 010"“, and soon. Final Calc"' to our range. Our efforts are
bringing the resolution into your home or office... and onto
sour Amiga.
Word Processing Publishing... Whatever specification Amiga you own. SoftWood have the perfect solution for your requirements.
Final Copy II" Release 2 is al the peak of achievement w hen running a floppy based Amiga configuration, whilst Final WriterRelease.? Is the only hard drive compulsory Amiga word processor - it leaps a stage ahead and doesn't make any compromises to be floppy disk compatible. Whichever you choose, you'll be SoftWood bringing the revolution Int., ISA T I he way wr all communicate today has gradually evolved from early cave paintings by Prehistoric man. Through Egyptian Hieroglyphics and eventually on to a method of symbols representing both letters and numbers. Early inscriptions in stone gave
nay to clay tablets, papyrus, parchment and ultimately paper, and the Greek alphabet became the basis of most of today’s languages.
Books were created by hand until the mid 15th century when crude printing processes were first introduced. Albeit with continual refinements, printing methods have, until srry recently, remained the only way to distribute the written word and hence a host of informatum throughout the world.
The biggest leap forward has been achieved in the last ten years!
Ioption of computer generated text as a ard. Complicated layouts and designs can non d printed al the touch of a few keys right on v desktop. And it doesn t stop there.
Archiving and retmikeeping works hand in hand with k these new1 methods ofpfoessing text and allows far faster data retrieval than evertefore. This latest technology has not just revolutionised the world of print, but has opened the floodgates to an explosion in communication possSfifes throughout the world.
Bod, our cimstant aim is to bring you these 'ul up to date technologies with the best possible e for your specification of Amiga.
Packages have repeatedly him the | reviewers, who have aw arded nCJ*,»r»cf ?» J7 «*ll« ¦ q kirltxrf & karlbrrt, Sweden .46 46 47450 r
a. .. LATEST NEWS from SoftWood... Final Calc" Final Calc" is the
answer to every Amiga Spreadsheet users dreams. With its
flexible modes of operation.
Final Calc" is the only Spreadsheet that can start with a minimum range of features (ideal for the beginner), but progress to offer power beyond the levels found not just on any other Amiga Spreadsheet, but almost any Spreadsheet on any computer system. Multi-layer sheets, advanced PostScript outputting facilities with flexible font handling, complete document scaling options, a vast choice of Graph styles including 3D and animated (to show calculation result progressions) arc just some of its comprehensive and unique features.
Final Calc ' is due for release in Spring 1995, so look out for the magazine reviews. If you want to know more now, simply cut the coupon (on the right) for your free advance information.
Assured of the latest in WYSIWYG technology and reap the benefits of still unsurpassed, easy to use. Amiga software from SoftWood.
Our new Database.., Final Dow™. Is designed in the troe SoftWood Iraditioo and brings you a program that is not only extremely powerful, but also very easy to use. Indeed, you can leam to set up your Final Data " database, enter your information and print the results in a matter of minutes... noi hours. You'll soon be generating all kinds of reports and label pint runs to suit your kind of work.
Final Copy II Release 2 TM inal Writer ' ' Final Data™ 1Release 3 Hard drive compulsory, this new New Release 2 Final Copy'L Final Pag.
Designed to get the most out of an Amiga floppy drive based system.
Final Copy II offers more than just word processing (at which it naturally excels) and opens up a world where ’how the document looks’ is as important as ’what the document says’.
Final Data has been developed to be by far the EASIEST TO USE Database fc* your Amiga. To vet up a Final Data database, you won’t be confronted by an array of unfamiliar commands... simply define a column fc» exh category of information you want to keep eg. First name, surname, house name number, street, town, county, postal code, phone number etc. (Incidentally, you can *k) or remove columns at any stage). Your new database Mill appear as a table with rows and columns alloMing you to view whole ranges of data at the same lime. Column widths can be adjusted by dragging their borders with the
mouse. Data is then entered into "cells- (Final Data even detects entries of invalid dates etc. and displays an alen message). Screen totals arc available as options on all amounls cakulations (numbers can also be formatted with currency signs and commas).
Final Data even has built-in routines for label printing and you can always utilise the "Print Merge” feature found in Final Copy II™ and Final Writer™ - simply select the program you are using awl Final Data does the rest automatically. You can also access any database created in Pen Pal™. MiAmiga File and File llsg™ as well as standard ASCII files found in many other programs. Above all you’ll be able to start using Final Data immediately.
New Release 2 adds features that now allow you to...
• Seled Multiple Rows Columns that aren't adjacent to one another
• Call up a comprehensive Database Query Requester which lets you
define a complex search criteria • Access Sub lists to display
rows Mhich have been located by a query or manually selected
and then print or save them • Ojvn a window in which you type
information to use as a Memo • Create a database with Running
Calculation Columns (for using like a current account statement
with credits against (kbits etc.) and
• Refined use of many other Final Data functions too In a recent
CU Amiga Magazine, the editorial read “...the majority of Amiga
users sitting at home wondering what practical use they can put
their computers to should rush out and get Final Data
immediately" An easy to use yel extremely powerful method for
keeping all your records in order... at only £39.95 inc. p&p.
Final Data Rel 2 requires any Amiga system with a minimum of 5I2K free RAM operating under Workbench 1.3 or higher.
Final Copy II. Excellent output is guaranteed utilising PcrfcclPrint" and you'll also benefit from a host of other advanced features including... . .
• Text Blocks' which position text at Drift System Only any size,
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• Touch Tools' & PowerUserBars ” giving ‘one touch’ control -
just click on a button... define, change and save stxrh
attributes as text position, font size, font styles (bold,
italic, underline etc.). justification, bullets, line spacing,
indents etc.
• FastDraw Plus' allowing more versatile on screen drawing tools
which include options like rotation.
Final Writer can also import, scale, crop, view on screen and output structured PostScript EPS clip-art images (we even include 100 free) to any printer. With PostScript printers your options include... thumbnails, crop marks, scaling and halftoning.
Add Arcxx Macros. Floating palettes, undo redo (both text formatting and graphics), table of contents, auto indexing, table of illustrations, bibliography generation, new drag & drop Compatibility: Floppy j ir Hard tkrire Systems ( dmpalibilily: Floppy !
Or Hard Drive Syitems Final Copy II is ideal for that quick letter but also boasts features which are powerful enough to help you produce end results normally only associated with expensive Desk Top Publishing packages... always easy to achieve, without the fuss!
Unique features such as FistDraw' on screen drawing tools (to generate boxes, borders, lines and arrows etc.) and Perfect Print' (an advanced system that enables you to print the same Postscript1*1 outline fonts to any printer in both landscape & portrait modes) ensure that Final Copy II is the leader in its class. You can easily generate multiple newspaper style snaking columns, import any graphic objects or pictures (and place them anywhere on your page), scale or crop those is always of the highest quality.
Final Copy II offers the perfect balance between word processing and more advanced page layout creation - in one great program.
Text, spelling while you type, dictionary hyphenation, foreign language dictionaries (German. French and Norwegian), auto save, polygon graphics irregular shape generation, plus lots more. Release 3 takes your Amiga further than ever before!
Amiga word publishing power, only £74.95 inc. p&p.
Release 3 includes 100 quality clip art files and 120 outline fonts and. When you register with ¦ l SofiWood, we send you a further 50 Bonus Fonts Free too!
Final Writer Rel 3 requires any Amiga running Workbench 2 or 3 with a hard disk drive and a minimum of 2Mb. Free RAM.
Ease and speed of use w ith total control of the final printed presentation is available on your floppy based Amiga system right now for only £49.95 inc. p&p.
Final Copy II requires any Amiga floppy or hard drive system with a minimum of I Mb. Free RAM IA600 hard dri e computers need 1.5Mb). Twin floppy drives are recommended for total flexibility with no installation or multiple disk swaps required.
Help onmemory: ourpwdmls are the most etmamieal in tSrti me of memory tttr atheri -I quoit ihr m m mmuy required to load our mftuait bat nt otto Mr *o make it drat that «lf tmplual tofraarr reqwirs non memory ¦ dependent on the uwnoui being med.
Mr Mrs MissAis: Address: Initial(s):_________Surname: County (Country if overseas):___ Daytime telephone:____ Evening telephone Please charge my credit debit card as detailed Mow and rush me my new SoftWbod software (Please Tick as required!... ADVANCE INFORMATION ON THE ALL NEW... Final Calc™ Final Copy It UK £49.95 Final Writer UK £74.95 Final Data UK 139.95 Final Copy II Overseas £59.95 Final Writer Overseas 04.95 Final Data Overseas £49.95 (Card Authorisation Signature:) Please tick: GERMAN ? FRENCH ? NORWEGIAN ?
Crcdil Dcbit Card No.: I T ?t SoftWi g|ja|a| Credit Debit Card Expiry Date: Issue No. (Switch Cards Only): Cticquc Bank Draft Postal Order for £______:______payable to SofiWood Products Furore... Q dtndomt PLEASE RETURN THIS ORDER FORM TO: SoftWood Products Europe. Nets' Street. Atfrekm. Derbyshire DESS IBP or FAX us on 01773 H3IIH0 f i '-j t,§ """ * ¦ i*Tm ms® ' Cyberifision 64 ¦ Price: £329.95 ¦ Developer: Phase 5 ¦ Supplier: Gordon Harwoods © 01773 836781 Could the CyberVision 64 set a new standard for Amiga 24-bit graphics? Wo think so ... Ohis is the future of Amiga graphics. The Amiga's
new owners.
Escom. Plan to include the CyberVision 64 board as standard in the next generation of Amigas. Along with the CyberStorm 68060 accelerator.
It's unlikely to appear in new i Amigas until late 1995 at the earliest. But if you can't wait until then, it's available now as a plugin for all big box Amigas.
The new.
Standard W WW i" n
I. I r I } The CyberVision 64 is a 24-bit graphics card with
64-bit architecture that connects to your Amiga through a
Zorro III interface. The 64-bit architecture means that it
can move its data around (graphics in this easel at much
higher speeds than if it used 32-bit processing. That's
remarkable enough, but it also attempts to set a standard sys
tem for Amiga retargetable graphics and 24-bit applications.
The board comes with either 2 or 4Mb of RAM and is based upon the S3 Trio 64 graphics chip as found in some PC graphics cards.
Build quality is satisfyingly sturdy and there are plenty of connections for future upgrades No modules have yet been announced, but multi- media expansions should be forthcoming soon.
Perfect .
Integration CyberVision comes with a software system called CyberGraphics. Which is also available for other graphics cards such as the Picasso, Piccolo. Piccolo SD64 and EGS Spectrum CyberGraphics consists of a set of libraries ancf a ’monitor' file. The libraries remain the | same across all formats icihh dragging This ii Ihanlis In tha CrbaiGiaghica aoftware. Which ia sarprisingly stable
- only the monitor file is specific to the particular graphics
The CyberVision software is excellent: try as we might, we couldn't get it to crash during Workbench emulation. Screen dragging is a feature that often foxes graphics cards, but CyberGraphics handles it with ease With the CyberVision 64 and PiccoloSD64 in the test machine (both running CyberGraphics! It is possible to drag down a screen that is being generated by one card to reveal a second screen generated by the otherl The level of integration and transparency in the system is astounding.
Allowing for a 24-bit Workbench screen to be opened. The incn ble thing is that the speed of tl system doesn't seem to suffer at all.
The CyberVision 64 also comes with a utility called NewMode. Which allows you to run other utilities on 24 bit screens. It's easy to use and works very well.
Photogpnics snows its face J A cut down version of Almathera's Photogenics is J CyberGraphics defines a standard for 24-bit Workbench applications. The EGS system attempts to do the same, but.
The CyberGraphics system manages to integrate completely with the Amiga's intuition system.
Included in the package.
Photogenics has quickly established itself as the premier 24-bit paint and processing package on the Amiga. The ability to configure Photogenics Lite to display its 'working screen’ through the CyberVision card brings it right up to speed with the likes of Adobe Photoshop on the Apple Mac. You don't get the full compliment of features in this version. But it should be enough to tempt most users to upgrade to the real thing. Photogenics 1.2 was reviewed in the July 1995 issue of CU Amiga Magazine, rated at 92%, CYBERVISION 64 Fastest ever We ran a series of benchmark tests on the
CyberVision and its I CyberStorm 060 I ¦ Price: £949 ¦ Developer: Phase 5 ¦ Supplier: Gordon Harwoods @ 01773 836781 closest rival, the PiccoloSD64, both using the CyberGraphics system. The CyberVision came out on top in every test.
Sometimes the difference was marginal, but other tests revealed CyberVision streaking away in front.
Resolutions of 1600 x 1200 pixels are possible with 4Mb of RAM on the CyberVision card.
The 2Mb version offers a maximum 24-bit display size of 800 x 600 pixels. To get the most from any 24-bit graphics card you'll need a high quality monitor. A monitor capable of 31 Khz horizontal frequency scanning is the minimum you'll need for the CyberVision, while a 65KHz frequency monitor is recommended.
In all The CyberVision 64 is a very impressive system and deserves to take off in a big way.
In a perfect world, there would already be an official Amiga with internal 24-bit graphics hardware as standard.
With any luck the CyberVision 64 will become the standard Amiga 24-bit graphics system, but whether it does receive official Amiga backing or not, it looks certain to win over the professional graphics community with its speed and compatibility. For a really smart Amiga graphics set up, couple it with the CyberStorm 060 accelerator! If you want the best in 24-bit graphics for your Amiga, look no further. ¦ Nik Lyons yberstorm 060 is the fastest Amiga accelerator money can buy.
Along with the F CyberGraphics card it's pencilled for inclusion in the new generation of the Amiga 4000.
It plugs into any A4000 via a Zorro III bus. It's also compatible with the A3000, although this is dependant on the Amiga having a compatible version of the Buster chip (the chip that controls the Zorro busses). Revision 7 Buster chips are not compatible, but everything seems to be fine with a revision 11 chip. Gordon Harwoods will be able to tell you if it's compatible with your particular machine. The other problem with A3000 compatibility is that the CyberStorm will not fit into the standard A3000 case, which must be removed or modified.
Modular design There are three parts to the CyberStorm. Which fit together to make up one modular accelerator.
There's the main control board that plugs into the Amiga, a smaller board mounted with the Motorola 68060 processor (pictured here) and third board that contains four SIMM sockets for extra RAM expansion.
The review model was fitted with a 50MHz 68060 chip, which is the final addition Motorola 680x0 series. The 68060 uses a number of cunning tricks in order to speed up its calculations. For example, there’s dual superscalar execution (meaning that two integer instructions are carried out simultaneously!, branch caching, instruction and data caching, deep pipelines and much more. Not you need to trouble your head with all of that stuff. Rest assured that these techniques are employed to make every happen as quickly as possible - in fact it is possible to get more than one instruction executed
for every clock cycle which explains why the 66MHz version claims to offer over 100 million instructions per second for certain instructions.
Power up The fastest ever Amiga accelerator is racing towards the new A4000s.
E Fitting the card into an A4000 is a bit fiddly. It's necessary to strip down the whole of your Amiga, and this includes removing the expansion card holder (which is not mentioned in the manual) to make sure that the board will stay seated when the further modules are plugged into it. There are only two jumpers to change in the Amiga. Having them in the wrong position doesn't harm to the hardware, but you'll know they're wrong as your system will refuse to boot.
Once the thing is in place, the CyberStorm announces its presence by flashing the screen with random colours for a split second.
Once you start running processorintensive tasks on the machine, you can't help but notice the tremendous speed increase.
Check the speed test and benchmark panels on this page for exact details.
Performance To give you an idea of how the CyberStorm 060 can make a difference to your Amiga work, we ran a series of tests on a range of software that would usually have you sitting around for hours waiting for a result. The basic machine was an A4000 030 with a 25MHz 68030 CPU and a 68882 FPU. This same machine was then fitted with the CyberStorm 060. Here are our findings .. Pagestream 3g could be described as a power application; it needs a lot of grunt to get it moving at a reasonable speed.
Refreshing a typical 1024 x 768 pixel screen takes around 6 seconds on the 030 Amiga, while the CyberStorm finished the job in under a second.
Vista Pro 3 running on the CyberStorm took 66 seconds to render a test scene of the Grand Canyon; the 030 took a grand total of 666 seconds.
Perhaps more directly than others, for Internet users time is money. The longer you spend online. The higher your phone bill.
Amosaic is the tool which is used to access the World Wide Web (a collection of sites carrying information on the Internet). When Web pages are downloaded, GIF images need to be decoded and this takes time. The 030 took 16 seconds to decode a page; the CyberStorm decoded the same page in just two seconds. 24-bit image processing is another of those areas that really puts a computer's power to the test. Art Department Professional has an effect called Twirl, which distorts an image as if it had been pinched and then twisted. The reference 030 Amiga took a mammoth 162 seconds to
apply the twirl effect to a 24-bit 800 x 600 pixel image; the 060 did the same in less than nine seconds!
The final test used LightWave
3. 5, the Amiga's premier 3D graphics and animation package.
Speed tests We put the CyberStorm 060 to the test on a variety of processor-intensive tasks. The tests were carried out first on an A4000 030, which is powered by a 25MHz 680EC30 with an additional 68882 FPU (floating point unit). Then it was the turn of the CyberStorm 060. Identical scenes ant pages were rendered on both systems. The results are astounding.
Speeds according to Sysinfo 3.11: CyberStorm 060 25MHz 030 MIPs: 39 MIPs 4 MFLOPs: 28 MFLOPs: 0.7 Scenery Animator frame render time: CyberStorm 060 25 Mhz 030 17 seconds 150 seconds PageStream 3g screen refresh time: CyberStorm 060 25MHz 030
0. 5 seconds 6 seconds Vista Pro scene render time: CyberStorm
060 25 Mhz 030 66 seconds 666 seconds A test image was
rendered at the maximum resolution using the 030 and then the
The CyberStorm took 33 minutes while the 030 took 4 hours 14 minutes. After the massive speed increases of the previous tests, this is a little disappointing, but it’s still not bad at all. This isn’t quite up to the speed of 3D Studio running on a Pentium PC.
Possibly because Pentium Pcs normally have 256Kb of secondary level cache which can substantially reduce rendering times.
However, the end results will usually be better from the Amiga- based LightWave system.
Amosaic WWW page decode time: More room There are two free slots on the CyberStorm card. A SCSI interface is already available, along with a SCSI interface that incorporates Ethernet and high speed serial ports. Phase 5 are investigating production of a secondary cache: maybe this would help with rendering. Upgrading to a 66MHz chip is a case of plugging one in and changing an oscillator. On the review version, this oscillator was soldered but it may be plugable on later versions.
The floating point unit on a 68060 is similar to the one on a 68040 in that it doesn't have all the instructions of a 68882 coprocessor in hardware. These need to be emulated by adding an extra library to the Amiga operating system. If the 68060 comes across an CyberStorm 060 2 seconds AdPro Twirl operation time: CyberStorm 060 9 seconds Lightwave 3.5 scene render time: CyberStorm 060 33 minutes instruction for its FPU that is not supported, a CPU 'trap' is generated, software is called and the instruction is executed. This takes time. I would think that this would be exceptionally time
consuming on a 68060 as a trap may have to cause the dual integer pipelines and caches to be flushed. It's rather like trying to drive your Lamborghini on diesel. However, the CyberStorm comes with software to try to patch some programs to run faster by avoiding this problem. The most noticeable speedup came when rendering a scene with Scenery Animator - rendering time dropped from 27 seconds to 17 seconds just by running the patch. Compare this to 150 seconds on a 4000 030 with a 25MHz 68882 coprocessor.
Conclusion If you only use your Amiga for one application Isuch as LightWave rendering!, you're probably better off getting a dedicated box to speed up your work (such as a Warthog for example!. However, if in the true spirit of Amiga computing, you regularly use a number of 25 Mhz 030 16 seconds 25MHz 030 162 seconds 25 Mhz 030 4 hours 14 minutes different applications, often sin taneously, then this is definitely t accelerator to go for if you want the maximum possible speed increase. It’s certainly not cheap, clocking in at almost £1000. That cuts out all but the most affluent of the
amateur Amiga user base, but professionals should find it soon pays dividends, when projects are completed in a fraction ( the time taken by a standard A4000. ¦ Nik Lines CYBERSTORM 060 The economy version of the APOLLO 1230.
Performance: 700% x Amiga 1200.
50MHz 68EC030 CPU.
Optional 50MHz 68882 FPU.
Upto 32MB Burstmode-FastRAM.
1 Socket for 72 pin SIMM.
Optional SCSI-2 controller (3.SMB s). Battery backed realtime clock.
£199.99 APOLLO ACCELLERATORS COMPUTERSR The NEW APOLLO 1230 acccllcrator card I speeds up your Amiga 1200 by more than 1 700%. With a built in SCSI-2 controller as I standard you are now able to expand your I Amiga 1200 with upto 7 SCSI devices, such CD-ROM drives.
Hard Drives, Tapestreamers etc. Running at over 9.5 I MIPS, this makes the Apollo 1230 the fastest I accellerator card currently available.
Performance: 350% x A1200.
28MHz 68EC020 CPU.
Optional 68881 2 FPU.
Upto 4MB FastRAM.
1 Socket for 72 pin SIMM Battery backed realtime clock.
I External hard drive enclosure for the A500 A500+. The I controller allows you to use a 3.5” IDE hard drive and the I optional Apollo A520 accellerator RAM expansion.
Apollo AT500 Interface only £69.99 Interface plus 130MB HD £179.99 Interface plus 270MB HD £199.99 Interface plus 420MB HD £229.99 Interface plus S40MB HD £249.99 imul- ily the ant tap.
Rhat ent ise.
It ro- ion ot With onboard 28MHz 68020 CPU and 68881 FPU the Apollo 520 accellerator card speeds up your Amiga 500 by 800%. Connects to the 86 pin DMA port with through connector for other peripherals, eg AT500. The 520 can be populated with 1MB or 4MB of FastRAM.
Apollo 520 Turbo Box £149.99 £129.99 V) 3 RAM-72 pin SIMM FPU Co-procesors CL 1MB £34.99 PLCC 20MHz £2499 U. 2MB £84.99 PLCC 25MHz £34.99 o3 4MB £129.99 PLCC 33MHz £54.99 8MB 16MB £279.99 £399.99 PLCC 40MHz £79.99 1 32MB £799.99 PGA 50MHz £99.99 DELIVERY TARRIFS - NEXT WORKING DAY £5 95 IDE controller.
WE ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS INCLUDING SWITCH 8c VISA DELTA CALL (0115) 964-2828 OR (0115) 964-2898 TO PLACE YOUR ORDER The NEW APOLLO 50 Mhz 2030 accellerator with SCSI- 2 interface for the A1500 A2000 simply plugs into the processor slot to provide a speed increase of 1700%.
Performance: 1700% x Amiga A1500 A2000.
50MHz 68030 CPU with MMU.
50Mh 68882 FPU.
High speed SCSI-2 controller (5MB s).
Upto 64MB Burstmode-FastRAM.
2 Sockets for 72 pin SIMM.
£499.99 I Also available APOLLO 2030 LITE 25MHz 68030 CPU with MMU, 25MHz 68882 FPU.
£349.99 Specification Performance: 700% x A1200.
Full 50MHz 68030 CPU with MMU.
Optional 50MHz 68882 FPU.
Upto 64MB Burstmode-FastRAM.
2 Sockets for 72 pin SIMM High speed SCSI-2 controller (3.5MB s). Battery backed realtime clock.
Kickstart re-mapping.
The APOLLO 1220 acccllcrator card speeds up your Amiga 1200 by more than 350%.
Combining high performance at an affordable price the Apollo 1220 is the ideal option for users wanting to get more from their Amiga.
£99.99 27 Watnall Road, Hucknall NOTTINGHAM NG 1 5 7LD.
Til: OI IS) 964-2828 TEL FAX: (O 1 IS) 964-2898 I Expected June ‘95.
Apollo 4040 60 accellerator for the A4000.
I Apollo 2040 60 accellerator for the A1500 A2000.
I Multi-controller for the A1500 A2000.
IDE controller.
SCSI-2 controller.
Upto 8MB FastRAM.
BY POST - Please make cheques and postal orders payable to “Visage Computers" Please allow 5 working days for cheques to clear.
£269.99 £59.99 I IDE-controller for the A1500 A2000. The most cost I effective way of adding a hard drive to your system.
The APOLLO 1200 SCSI-2 controller and RAM expansion Performance: 250% x Amiga 1200.
SCSI-2 controller
(3. 5MB S). Onboard 68881 FPU.
Upto 8Mb FastRAM.
1 Socket for 72 pin SIMM.
Battery backed realtime clock.
£99.99 BY PHONE - Credit Debit card orders taken from 9.30am
- 5,30pm Monday to Saturday.
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Portia Project X Railroad Tycoon ALFREO CHICKEN Allen Breed 30
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1199 Micro English 16 99 Fantastic Deny 9 99 Micro Franeh 16 99
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Pleybme 16 99 Geweeia 9 99 Noddy* BigAdreemrt 16 99 Gtobai
Gmdwtors 7 *9 PimtMea Story 14 99 Graham 6ooche* Crtckrt 12 99
Picture Free Bon s 10 99 GRAN 0 PR IX (Microprose) 11 99
Reasoning With Trolls 10 99 GUNSHlP 200b 1199 Sooty* Rib Non
(Notl 200) 7.99 Haerl Of China _10 99 TaBMg The Time 10 99
HeMdeM (Not 1200) 4 99 Thomas Fun Words 7 99 Hrtmdell 2(h«1200)
9 99 Tidy The Mouse 10 99 ""S2K*1*) * ” Time Flies 10 99 Hero
Quest 2 (Sorecil) 9 99 DISTANT SUNS V5 HD)22 99 Hoyles Games
1.2 or 3 9 99 0 10 French 17 *9 0 10 German 17 99 0 10
Dinosaurs 17 99 0 10 Oriving Teat 17 99 ADIEngliaiW 11
12or12 13) 16 99 AO I Elial R«t 13 14or 14 1S) 16 99
AOIEngNrti GCSE 22 99 AOIFfench(11 12or12 13) 16 99 AD I
French! 13 14or 14 15) 16 99 ADIFrench GCSE 22 99
ADIMatis(11 120V12 13) 16 99 ADIMatis(13 14or14 15) 16 99
ADIMatis GCSE 22 99 AOUunior Countmg(« 5) 13 99 Inball
Illusions load Kill lensible Soccer lnt‘l ATR Racer Champ.Man
Italians. Death Mask.
RuffnTumble, Scrabbla. Turbo Trax, Vi roc op £16.99 EACH 7th.Sword Mendor. Bloodnet. Cannon Fodder?, Cricket Masters, Dragonstone, EW2. F1 Champion, FI Masters.
Football Masters. Monopoly, Mortal Kombat2, On The Ball (League), Overlord, Sensible Golf), Sensible World Of Soccer. Skidmarks 2, Stable Master, 6uperLeague Manager, Ultlmater Soccer Manager, Zeewolf £19*99 EACH Man utd Double. U F 0 ..£21*99 EACH BenStoel Sky. Colonization, OawnPatrol, Oreamweb, FIFA Soccer. High Seas Trader, Lords of the Realm, Robinsons Requiem. Reunion, Super Streetfiahter 2.
11 99 Tactical MonegertGB.IT.SC) 7 99
7. 99 Tam Yankee 11.99 7 99 TrtNNtCupZ 4 99
7. 99 THE CLUE 12.99 1 ( 4 99 Tht Gamas Espaona 9 99 7 99 The
Prtrtcmn li ft 9 99 Tharr finart Hour 10 99 4 99 Thaw Ftntrt
Miswons 7 99 10 99 Thundarblsde 4 99 7 99 Thwsdartawk 4 99 12
99 TopgMT 2 12 99 10 99 Torasdo 1199 7 99 ToMI Carnaga 6 99 9
99 Tower Aaeauit-Aiien Breed 13 99 10 99 Trtvttl Pursuit 6 99
10 99 Turrtcaa II 7.99 9 99 Ultimata Golf (Not At200) 4.99 9
99 UNIVERSE 11.99 4 99 Utopia (Not A1200) 4 99 7 99 Valhalla
Before Tha War 12.99
12. 99 VldsoKId 7.99 10 99 War In the Gulf - 11.99 6 99 White
Death • War Gama 7 .99 8 99 Wing Commander 9.99
11. 99 Wlzn Liz 7.99 6 99 Wondardog 4 99 9 99 World Cims L Board
Golt 4 99 10 99 Worlda of Legends 11.99 10 99 WWF
Wrastlemani* 7 99 4 99 XENON (tpadsl Prlea) 1.99 4 99 Xenon 2
4.99 I 99 Yof Joel 9 99 9 99 ZOOL2_9_99 Indy Jon se Felt
Allenhs indy Jones LC Action indy Jones.L CgrAdv Islar 2
Jaguar XJ220 James Pond(No1 1200) JCT8TRIKE Jimmy Whits
Snooktr John Madden Am Footbai Jungle Strtka Jurassic Park
K240 KQB Kingpin Bowling Kings Ouest 1 or 2 Kings Overt 3. 4
or 5 Knights of the Sky tit es £4.99 or loss for CIO.00 tit
os £7.99 or less for £20.00 tit os £9.99 or less for £25.00
Space CrueedefOK 1200) Spsct Crusade Data Space Hulk CU-AMIGA
AUGUST ORDER FORM Pinball I Hustons 19.
Sremier Manager 3 16.
• union 22j Road Kill 19.
Robinsons Requiem 21.
SM&° TEAM 9.
Shadow Fighter 14.
SlmCltv2000(HD 4MB)12.
Simon sorceror 23.
ISV i SuperLeague Manager 19.
Super Stardust 19.
Amige 1200 Neat Slept 12 99 Amiga Ataembier Insider 12 99 Amiga Oiaks A Orwee 12 99 Attembler Insider Guida 12 99 Mastering Amiga Arm 17 99 Mattering Amiga AMOS IS 99 Mastarlng AmigaDOS3 15 99 Mastering Amiga Printers IS M Cannon H Settlers.
Ver ot Souls 19.
Imate Soc Manager 19 VISA, MASTERCARD, EUROCARD . P.O. are despatched ¦* ' **•---» allow 4 working days for cheques to Pn,2,«:i0feh.Ks'o',ade,. je for Software. Hardware-overseas at cost. Pricas are subject to alteration.
Postage chat Lowest Priced Top Quality Ribbons, Inkjets, Toners & Disks black 1 Aatlrul DMP 2UWWO) 1 Aautml DMP40X) 1 Aeutfia) PCW$ 236i*31 2HQ33« 1 Brother M1IXOII024. 1109,1 Icilim IZOD'lSPIO'Swin 24,9 IciaraiHdure MPS 12201230 E(-M I.QHX1 1 Ifnair. L J40(V3UH«I «9) Eproa FX'MXiRX(Ot7Cl. "XI I tfnro FXMXItXIOOt'XMXIoni lEpmo IX»W90 iManannunTaDy lOHI NHC PliiwYiw P23X) : . Printer Ribbons MI it St 1ft BLACK
* 2.45 225 PmiKau KXP II2.VII24HI40 66 331 3.31 3.11 r.i»ro.-
* 5 2.70 230 2 30 fanaaanc KXP 21232I93 K 373 335 333 Snkolu
* 3 270 230 230 Sin LCIOOXKO 30 433 4 15 3.93 Sur LC2X 10 3.93
3.13 3 33 Slar LC24-KV200 43 330 )I0 290 Tuan Kara
KPSKYtlS9|09l5 «*¦ 7 75 2 55 215 COLOUR «6 321 01 2*1 Cmm
Swift 24 12 I«1 1” 10’ r nMaiKKXP2l2V2IW 90 375 J 55 335 Sur
1) 3 2** 2M 24* Sur IC200 IT 302 2« 262 Sur LC24-Kk'200 MI 2± 5±
lfit 46 3.31 311 2.91 2» 2.74 2 34 234 4 05 4JO 460 440 5 70
»» »3» 5.13 229 214 1 94 l J4 300 2*3 265 2.43 2*6 2.71 231 2
3. 14 2 99 2 79 239 1061 104* 102* 9.M 600 5.» 565 5.23 07* 961
94) 903
ON A1200S ONLY £54.00 WE ALSO REPAIR 1500, 2000, 3000 + 4000 ? FREE QUOTATION * Ring us and WE WILL BEAT all other Ribbon prices 3-5“ Disks & Disks Boxes £6 100 Cap.
£11 Lockable £18 Disk Box £33 £5.99 £76 with orders £148 of£10+ J-KV20 Canndge Cum maker MPS 12X1 Cmmfcr HP Desk l Cartridge IdoiMc C'.p l HP Dnkyci Tricolour Cartridge HP ThinkjeVQuicDrt Camidi.- HP Dmkjrt Ri-Cotare Cartrkfcr Refill 16XU each Inkyel RttllH (Twin Packs) lot C anon BJ-IIR20. BJ.NM) HP Ot5k)cl Available in Black. Cyan. Magma. Yellow, Red.
Blue Brown. Light Green. Dark Green anl Gold.
I Pack £1100.2* Pacts.HOW ea 5- Packs C9.95 ea 10 Disks £5 25 Disks £10 50 Disks £16 100 Disks £29 250 Disks £65 500 Disks £125 PretofmMfii (MS DOS I di FREE GIFT WITH EVERY REPAIR.
Miscellaneous Items Roll 100 35" Disk Labels 8.99 35" Disk Cleaning Kil 2.99 Parallel Primer Cable (1,8m I 3.99 Mouse Mai 2.99 CPU & Monitor Dust Cover Monitor Dust Cover 80 Column Printer Dusl Cover Amiga 500 Dust Cover Amiga 600 Dusl Cover Amiga 1200 Dusl Cover ALL COMPUTERS REPAIRED TO COMPONENT LEVEL DOOR TO DOOR COLLECTION OF YOUR COMPUTER ANYWHERE IN THE UK.
£6.00 E.W. 0171 252 3553 144 TANNER STREET TOWER BRIDGE, LONDON SE1 2HG All Prices INCLUDE VAT (@ 17.5%) & UK Delivery 01543 250377 01543 250377 Ring us or send cheques to: Owl Associates, Dept 356, Owl House, 5 The Brambles, Lichfield, Staffs WS14 9SE HOIVflMTTMCr EVERYTHING you need to know!
CD32 - ANV 3 FOR £20.00 OR ES.99 EACH Two unique new illustrated guides, n and techniques that can bring you %
Wembley Int S««r Cattle' 2 Lc-t Vik-g* Garden Fw-1fw*_ShrutK.Canita* Derpcore Ocrlill. Luaac-C Total Carnage Clmck Reck Fireforee Seven Gate* oflamhili Hoy erf the Pune* Robcrod Dyhardrr Super Methane Bern.
Manchester United Donk REVEALS: • The best pick-up techniques. • Over 100 fantastic opening lines • How to instantly attract girts you have only just met. • A simple rule that vnU triple the number of dates you get • Fool-proof conversation techniques. • How to win over "hard to get" pHs. • How to date exceptionally beautiful girls. • How to be to gn dates girls will want to be with you again I I7 *5 poi and again - and much, much morel '- : John Baines Hoextvmll Bubble A Squow Ryder Cup COM Surf N m)i* Timetable of History Dhntnard Fnydnpobi Ivw-ay Sleepwalker Little Dhil Morph When Ordering
Please Give One Alternative
- AMIGA KiuJy's leutnke REVEALS: • More brilliant “pick-up"
techniques and opening lines. • How to become "sexually attrac
tive". • Secrets that girls will never telL • What realy turns
a woman on. • The art of sexfciction revealed. • What you need
to know to be “G.LB." (Great in Bed). - and much, * much more!
1 .. IA1200) I PremietC Greens t Microprose G Disposable Hero
Nick Faldo Overkill (A 1200) Owak Risky Woods Soccee Team
Manager Tactical Manoger Italia WemMey lot Stxcer (Al Whale*
stoyaje (Not Al 10 Intelbgeni Stnaegy OHM* Tfolls Dangerous
Streets Shadow Worlds Tactical Manager Virtual Light Jocil The
One Sleepwalker t A1200) Safer Team A1200) Chant Engine
Winlrt Supospurts Ctcekwiser (AI200) Wwnbtey Rugby league human
(AI2CO) Addams Family Imernarimal Golf ...... K240 Kings Quoa 3
Marsuu Minrtan Ad* 1200) Global Gbdialor* Nippin Sain FIS
Strike Eagle 2 Int Open GoM(AI200) lame* Pood 2 (At20 Beycod
(Not 1200) Trigs n Trnunes Second Sammi Gtraliin* A1200 Amuing
SpHkemnn Fury of the Furies Hero Quest A Return
OflbeWifchlordtNot 1200) Kings Quest 4 LegncvofSoruil Mia 29
Super Faknim ES’°” Kick off 3 European Clmll II (A1200) Soccee
Kid 50WI200 TtiviaI Pursuit SPECIAL OFFER! Order bolh these
amazing guides for just (20 Postpaid.
User reports confirm success: p the ir auOfUfprt
- D.S., London rWNernt altoinyseVr
D. B., Hemel Hempstead MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If your not 100%
delighted you may return either guide tor a toll
no-question*-asked refund!
Something that one week eerier would hew been mpon* "My or* feoppomtmen o thot it's orokNe to other men «xf army Kadi or Any 3 for £20.00 When onterinj plait tfvt 1 alltmative and also which Amiga Credit card holders may phone 01534-61 71 81 2-* hr answrrphone) CASUTI LTD.. PO BOX 115, 20 BRITANNIA PLACE. ST. HELIER JE4 8QQ n Gooch • 2 la Man Utd The Dooble Goblin* 3 ...... £14.99 . £19.99 . 112.99 .£10.00 THIS IS ONLY A SMALL SAMPLE OF OUR SOFTWARE Games subject to availability.
A phone call reserves your order Open 6 I nvs ii week ...
9. 00 - 5 JO Price inc. P P (li.K) Europe YES' IwnM wcceuU wwb
prt* I undartcand due*Tm not 100% uciBMd w«b tham m good
condition lor a fcZ refund On dm bau pMasa Mod m« 0 HO*V TO
- Fn QI am ordWig both of di« aboro at ttia apKOt combir«d
gdea o |uat £20 Inc. pto 1 endow a deqoWFO tor £-»tM to
CASUTI LTD (forwgn onKn add O) or itata
- si»c«o r j .L
• gooOIr ny ACCtSS VtSA j i i 1 1 1 1 1 I I I .1_J_ Acc.No £2.00
Per Game - Rest of the World £3.00 Shop prices may i Orders Pa
« Payable to Wizard Games.
Cheques or postal WI .ARD GAMES. 1 NORTH MARINE RI . SCARBOROUGH. N.YORKS YO!2 7EY TEI. & FAX : 0723 376586 503299 jollo Turbo 122611 Price: £99(No RAM) to £229.98(4Mb) ¦ Supplier: Visage Computers © 0115 964 2828 ¦ 19.02 1200* Fast RAM A1220+ Fait RAM
19. 03 ¦ 9.50 Blizzard A1230-111 Apollo 1230 SCSI 2 2 3 4 5 8 7 8
9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Mtaac 14 hr rk« HtHsm
accelerant tka **ele 1328 refreieeta a rati feel pica ta
aeHenaaaca tette til el Ike MM kearti iketra ie Iktt al
lean Irrica Ml pica Mips ,4!
Ful 030 units and so may avoid the need for a heftier power supply if you're using a hungry 3.5 inch IDE drive too.
I recommend this unit to the A1200 owner on a budget but only with 4Mb included. It will be like owning a whole new machine.
28MHz 68020 and 68882 FPU combination. It should take double sided SIMMs but unfortunately the positioning of the CPU doesn't allow the necessary room so instead PS 2 single sided units are recommended.
One big problem I came across is that there’s no insulation on the back of the circuit board where the 1200s RF shield can (and did while I was testing it) cause problems. I had to insert a piece of paper between the board and shield to avoid grief.
Speed wise, though, you can’t fault the Apollo. It's very impressive indeed. Although it’s obviously not at clocked 68030 card standards, it still blows basic 3000 and 4000 030S away - in the memory speed department it was 50% faster than either - and at a minor fraction of the cost!
Another advantage is that it runs cool, unlike the more powerEtiB Occelerators are big business for A1200s. Little wonder when the standard A1200 has so little CPU horsepower for current demands. The increased speed as a result of the simple addition of fast RAM is amazing. It cures the chip RAM bottleneck and speeds your machine up by around two-three fold. Without fast RAM, then an 1220 board like this Apollo will only be around 11 % faster than a standard 1200!
The Apollo A1220 may only capable of being expanded to 4Mb but that's enough for average user's needs. Couple this with the reasonable price and you're onto a winner.
The Apollo represents astounding value for money when compared with a 68030 card. Consisting of a 68020 running at 28 Mhz it has twice the stock 120O's 14MHz speed.
The board is also fairly well constructed. It may not quite to Phase 5's Blizzard standards but it's certainly not low quality by any measure. A penny change from a hundred quid gets you a Mega Mouse-Plus ¦ Price: £12.95 ¦ Supplier: Gasteiner © 0181 345 6000 Ohe standard Amiga mouse was about as useful as a bamboo cane for cricket. It wasn't particularly strong, had a low resolution and picked up dirt easily. It was the first thing most new Amiga owners replaced as soon as they had the chance.
However, it's important to bear in mind when you are replacing a mouse you should spend a bit more to get a really good one. If you are a regular user of games or technical software you'll notice the difference that quality makes.
And you don"t have to spend a fortune to get the results you need.
Mega Mouse Plus is a 400 dpi hi-resolution mouse that provides precise and detailed movement with pinpoint accuracy. I had to turn the acceleration down right away and after that it really !
Impressed me.
Unfortunately the movement is a bit too slippery at times, but I suppose it's better this way than being too stiff. An even bigger problem, which I suspect is isolated to the mouse I tested, is the fact that the left button was far too spongy, almost unusable.
It looked out of line and the other buttons were fine, but unfortunately there was no means of adjusting this.
In all, being a three button mouse is a definite plus. Using the mid button to flip screens is a welcome addition.
The price is also very good value as well. If the left button worked to the same standard as the others, this would be my ideal mouse so I'm going to score it on that basis.
However, it would be best to make sure that you can change it, though, if it proves faulty like ours did.
EU Mat Batt inaon COLOUR KITS for MONO PRINTERS Ever wished you'd bought a colour printer instead of a mono one'’ Wouldn’t it be nice to print out pictures in colour? Now you can with Amiga "Flexicolor Kit". Each Amiga Flexicolor Kit comes complete with everything you need to print in colour, including superb software. The colour kit is simple to use. The ribbons fit exactly the same way as your black ribbons so it will not affect your guarantee. Also on all models listed below paper alignment is automatic, you do not have to manually align. PRINTS AS GOOD AS COLOUR PRINTER. If your printer is
not listed below please phone. Amiga Flexicolor kits for Star LCIO. LC20. All Star 24 Pin Panasonic 1080 81 1123 1124. Epson FX80. FXIOO. LQ800 etc. Citizen I20D.. NEC P6. P6». Please note colour kits come complete with coloured ribbons.! Anti Banding now included in software) COMPLETE KIT £39.95 I COLOUR PRINTER RIBBONS 5 Reload2 • £23.99 5 Reloads - £29 95 5 Retold* • £29.95 5 Retold" - £29 95 ONLY A. How io order: Enclose chequcs PO made payable to: CARE ELECTRONICS or use Access Visa CARE ELECTRONICS Dept CUA, 15 Holland Gardens. Garston. Watford, Herts WD2 6JN Fax (1923 672102 ORDER
LINE ON 0923 894 064 Colour graphics like you’ve never seen before Yes its true the new flcxi 3 will remove banding & white lines from dot matrix & bubblejet printers Now you can have laser quality on dot matrix printers.
Other new features include:- ¦ Balance control for picture enhancement ' Select area to be printed
• Select sire to be printed 1 Page Control ' Colour Scivc ' Ink
Correction 1 Automatic poster mode for larger than A4 ' Gamma
correction (fully adjustable and saveable) ' Spooler for colour
letter heads etc ' Colour scpcration (Print colour on your
bubble jet desk jet) 1 Now with Anti-Aliasing to get rid of
jagged edges ’ Large range of dithering (dot pattern) mode' 1
Vanable levels of shingling to totally remove banding I white
’ Colour catalogue function will print a minature of each picture.
Configarabie between I to K accrosv 1 Will drive 9 or 24 pin Star. Citizen. Panasonic. NEC. Epson.
BJ 105 EX NX, BC02.BJ200.BJ130.BJ300.BJ330 OLIVETTI J PI50.250.330.CITIZEN PROJECT 3 Refill Kit 60ml pure black ...18.99 6 Refill Kit 120ml pure black .£16.99 CANNON BJC 600. BJC400 10 Refill Kit 60ml pure black ..£8.99 20 Refill KH 120ml pure black £16.99 TRICOLOUR REFILL KITS FOR IIP DESKJET RANGE Canon BJC 600. BJC4O00 etc 10 Refills of yeUow Magenta & Cyan 180ml ......£24.99 Print head recovery fluid for unblocking nozzels ..€6.95 Important: Please state type when ordering ¦* our inks are specially formulatted to match the Printer
and NOT a general purpose ink.
Don’t throw away your plastic printer ribbon cases when the ribbon wares out just take the top off. Take out the old ribbon and reload it with a new one. Black rekiads from as little as 99p each BLACK PRINTER RIBBONS INKJET REFILLS SPECIAL RE-INK 4 Colour Citizen Swift .....£29.95 4 Colour Citizen Swift (Reload) ..£14.95 4 Colour Star LCIO £ 14.95 4 Colour Star LC200 9 Pin .i 19.95 4 Colour Star LC200 9 Pin (Reload) ......£12.95 4 Colour Star LC200 24 Pin £29.95 4 Colour Star 24 Pin
(Reload) £14.95 I Colour Star LCIO .£11.95 I Colour Star LC200 9 Pin ..£11.95 I Colour all Star 24 Pin .....£11.95 I Colour Epvon FX8(VLQ40a MX80 ......£ 11.95 I Colour Epson LX80 ......£ 11.95 I Colour Epson FX100 .....£ 11.95 I Colour Panasonic KXP 1080 ...£11.95 Heat transfer pens 5 large red orange yellow green blue.
Large pens have a marker size nib ...£14.95. Heat transfer Pens 5 small red orange yellow green blue, small pens have a fine nib ...£12.95 Don’t throw awiy vox pUiuc printer ribbon coses when the ribbon wear lust ufcr to* top off. Lake mil the okl ribbon md relual it with i new one simple Full instructions suppliedlWe 1*k Rrtoafc l » mw ixfor pcimvsl Reloads for Stir LC2CD 9 Pus 4 Colour iNcemnl Ink) I Refold • £5.99 Stir 24 Pin 4 Colour (Normal lok) I Refold - £6.99 Citizen Swiff ABC etc 4 Cotour (Normal lak) I Refold ¦ £6.99 Sedtoshi SL 95 96 « Cofojr (Nomul Ink) 1
Refold - £6.99 Panasonic 2I2V2IIKKU5 4 Colour (Normal Ml I Refold -£6.99 Ink nbbons also available us Gotl Silver. Magenta Orange. Purple. Brown.
Green. Btoe. Red for a w*Je range of pnntors.
• A600 A1200 A1500 A2000 A3000 A4000 CQUOTATION
£49.95 (A500 ft A500* only) including NEXT DAT DELIVERY (if
picked up by us) by Courier Sendee when despatched bock £35-95
O £ Ssi h z Si 52 tt « u “
o % Mouse (290 cfci).
Scan Lead Mouse Mat ..... Dust Cover ..... 10 Branded Disks Printer Cable. .
100 Disk Box. ... Amiga Power A50O A6O0 AT ..£14-95 ..£14-95 ....£3-95 ...£3-95 ....£5-95 .£9-95 ...£9-95 ..£34.55 Upgrade to 1 Meg Upgrade to 1 Meg with clock £13-95 | £18-95 Upgrade to 1.5 Meg Upi..d I. I £14-95 £21-95 Upgrade to 9 Meg 1 Upgrade to 2 Meg with Clock £24-95 £29-95 Hewlett Packard PRINTERS HP320 .....£229 95 HP540 £269-95 HP320 with colour kit ......£264-95 HP540 with cotour kit ......£304-95 0 Colour .£439-95 HP1200 £1249 95 MEMORY UPGRADES 1, 2, 4 & 8 MEG
IDE Cable for 2.5‘ +
software .£9.95
.£34 95 IQCKSTART ROM V2-05
.£39-95 A500 A500+ Keyboard
.£49-95 A600 A1200 Keyboard £6995
.....£39-95 A500 A600 A1200 PSU ....£34 .95
68000 .....£14-95 6570 Keyboard Chip
A600, A1200 CHIPS, SPARES, ACCESSORIES Analogic Computers (UK)
Ltd ANALOG ANALOGIC LOGIC Unit 6, Ashway Centre, Elm Crescent
Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey KT2 6HH Open Mon-Fri 9am-6.30pm
Sat 9am-5pm Tel: 0181-546 9575 Fax: 0181-541 4671 'I ?copy
that floppy '-ZSZZSZ* "** Cv T. COM CPVS-?
DISK EXPANDER BO. ***•¦•«» I Ooo' code Zt» r2 ? WB3 BACKDROPS
* **** »* •* G*y Bouma 10 Y~' Wort®***.
Q-jo, ,:,-i, ivqay & TUTOR ? Centrefold squares
* 0'W» 9»T»0 tp Aduta"!
__ Oder code Cfss-i FREE BOX OF TEN TDK DISKS WITH EVERY PURCHASE OVER £25.00 ? AMIGA POWER TOOLS »o« colocioo of nett kv Workbonch 24 3 Includes Harfl Hm iccfs Virus 01*.. sound 4 Q-nphcs *»i Mil Mtor .03 0*0. Mo,, OwcoM 5!aGIC EYE CONSTRUCTION c~” t-TT8- 'ss: £-0“' pute. Suppled comW« «¦* co*, R03!
R* tarYfy ____ limn games co your Amrga TNB peck M tmo cHM* Sp-clrur, g****- OoW-oU. SPEV3 ? STARTREK TNG A superb tUcYWerch acfancor kit !h* turns tout Workbench into a vMual TO* ENGAGE1 Indude. Sample, loots, ana image.
Odor code TNG5-2 ? WORD FINDER PRO.
ThS 4 9* most powerful Word anarch Cross .ord aoNer avaiobte O.or 56.000 -M dictionary. And yc.
Con add ygj 0*0. Ordered WFPj ? Hard disk tools An eteenhu purchase » Hard ( osors Incur-*
• yalem and i ?CATALOG SYSTEM The cwclola caltfogiog system tc»
Oames. CO * ¦kJeos eo: Cede CTG5-3 ? Graphics converters The complete graphics manipJaban package tor Workbench 2*3 macHnes OnJor code GFC5-2 HDTV2 Order Hotline.
Main Order Hotline.
OVERSEAS OROERS Overseas orders are weCome. Cut I Par* a a mtn- mom order ot 3 titles. And ploaso Cl 03 w Item COLLICTWO YOUR ORDER You are welcome lo ceded your cvdor from arry ome bemoan 930am • 530pm Monday - Saturday ORDERING BY POST SHWy sard us your ord*. Tstng no terr« you rojjre Tie total cost and ycur name ft addrest "in oaymam efher by cheque O' Postal Order.
ORDERING OVER THE PHONE Call wry ome bemoan 930 A 4:30 Monday • Saturday wtlh ycu» Crerdl card details and Ita Hams you would Ike to ordor POSTAGE ft PACKING UK 4 Main lard *» a total cf ,ust 50p Overseas. Please add Ct .OO Mr IM ORDER VA Please send me.
Postage & Packing Amount enclosed PRIORITY ORDER FORM Name_ Add ress_ wnn a dedKatod Twbncal tree leOrvcS support to all ¦ Amiga Model_ Payment Method_ Credit card number_ Exp date_ ALL TITLES ABE COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AMIGA'S UNLESS STATED.
SATISFACTION GUARANTIED Ye row nave a n-wertui new order proeetafg system men ensures tat cnot 90% of crdors are processed "tn- 148Hx*s. And with over 80.000 eaMTied customer* you I an t« sure c* a good eervtoe and tan deiNery.
PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE i tut time Krweogade tta» K asset you I often 1' Victors have to say it: crap or not? Let's face it there's a 14 million to 1 chance of winning national lottery, so entering is "ly risky if you are looking for a . E return on investment. But i such high stakes there's I a swarm of software "ising to give you the edge in : new national pastime. This vare uses various methods :h the authors claim will rase the chances of a pay-out
- n a tenner comes in handyl.
- st of which rely on analysing erns evident from previous ults.
Finding these patterns I creating a new selection
- sed on them is no mean feat t that's exactly what they claim i
Lottery Wizard ery Wizard is the only com-
- rcial package for the Amiga 1 we know of. Oddly, the disk is a
dual Amiga and PC disk with the Amiga version being usable
directly off the floppy.
Examining the disk, the ominous A' icon is present for the main program signifying that it's written in AMOS.
Running it. You're greeted by a large family holding balloons, a terrible tune and some jerky blobs bouncing at the bottom of the screen that are probably supposed to be lottery balls.
The rest of the program is thankfully silent. Very bland graphics and limited options are the hallmarks of this effort.
It does draw some graphs of frequency distribution and print the numbers out too. But not on official forms. It handles the well publicised Wheeling system too.
In the final analysis though I just wouldn't bother lashing out £9.99 for this. It lacks the feel of quality and is no fun to use.
35% Available from: WPD Inti, Corporate Head Office, PC House, St Johns Road, Westcliff-On-Sea, Essex SSO 7JY. Tel: 01702- 434646 Price: £9.99 MP Super Lottery This is more like it. Super Lottery oozes quality, allowing keys to be used as well as the mouse and, lo and behold, there’s no rubbishy music.
Super Lottery also prints to lottery slips or paper, which makes a lot of sense. It has nice animated balls that appear with a rather unrealistic, but cheerful enough whoop and a clunk and if you toggle the voice option it will even tell you what the numbers are.
* 35® ? Soper lottery’s special effects are a laugh.
MP Super Lottery has several calculation methods including Random. Points System, Gold Selection. Popular Numbers.
Warm Selection, Mid Range, Cool selection and MP's Super Six. So there’s no shortage of options to help you spend your quid. In the Statistics menu it also has entertaining ways of displaying the numbers, the Warm selection gives you a little fire on top of the balls, for instance. And for only £2.00 it's a more realistic proposition in such an unreliable world.
78% Available from: Michael Pratt, 10 Rivers Road, Yeovil, Somerset, BA21 5RJ.
Price: £2.00 + 50p PbP.
Two weekends in a row myself, Alan and Tony bet two quid a piece on numbers generated by both of these predictors.
We won nothing. But we had more fun winning nothing with MP Super Lottery. ¦ Mat Bettinson ¦ ur* m i_j Amiga Control Pad Ohe Techno Plus Joypad is a handy piece of kit and no mistake. The fact that ! It looks like a fat mini spaceship, and feels far too bulky when you j first use it belies the fact that once you get used to the way it 'feels it does fit rather nicely.
Notice this if you are used to the slimmer and lighter CD32 joypad or the admittedly non-Amiga compatible Nintendo SNES pad.
Although its weight continues to be an annoyance you'll only really ¦ Price: £12.99 ¦ Developer: Techno Plus © 01604 768711 Using a Joypad or 'stick is a matter of preference. I find that some games, platformers and shoot 'em ups in particular, both of which tend to use all eight directions, really benefit from the pad, while driving games and beat 'em ups are better with a joystick.
Apart from some initial stiffness from the three buttons (button 3 doubles up for button II the only lasting criticism I have is the direction pad. Although all eight corners are reliably accessible I found it a tad too well cushioned, it really needs a positive push to work.
With useful turbo and auto fire functions and an attractive, if slightly wasteful, plastic wallet included in the box. The Techno Plus is well worth £12.99 and will probably last forever. But I would hold onto your joystick too. For those difficult moments.
PS, Techno Plus, how about a replacement for that flimsy old four-button CC Siegfried AntiVirus ¦ Price: £39.99 ¦ Developer: Siegfried Software ¦ Distributor: Siren Software © 0161 796 5279 The word virus strikes fear into every Amiga user.
Years, months, days of work can all be wiped away within seconds by one of these things. What can we do about it?
Oou've had your Amiga a long time, you've lovingly collated lots of handy programs, games and utilities. Imagine the feeling of annoyance if. In the midst of using one of your favourite programs, a strange message or creature pops up on your screen and won’t go away.
Imagine then the feeling of t-r J A Join VlUlkull’ shareware Virus decker Is unit'd rejuliHy eel can he Icoaified la a discrete teal bar on roue Workbeaclt la ran in Ike backimund.
Running from floppy first and then I installing it onto your hard drive. I I have little doubt that AntiVirus I is a powerful program and if you I are obtaining a lot of suspect new j software, AntiVirus may be a good investment.
However, the shareware Virus I Checker program is the current I popular virus checker around. It’s I a standard style guide compliant I Workbench window that works 1 well iconified, is updated regularly I and doesn't cost a bean. I would I always use both if I had to handle j a lot of suspect software. But I'm I not sure the updates will be as regular and comprehensive as the shareware Virus Checker. And as j AntiVirus' custom interface is plain I annoying to load up and deal with.you might be better off opt- I ing for Virus Checker. ¦ Mat Bettinson SIEGFRIED ANTIVIRUS What is a virus?
It's a program that's capable of convincing your machine to replicate it somewhere so that it's likely to be activated again. This carries on so that the virus may spread. Once the virus is activated, it may harmlessly replicate itself or, more usually, it can cause damage to your system. It's this aspect of damage that has inspired the wave of paranoia as users are frightened of losing all their valuable software.
There are few main types of virus. The early ones installed themselves on the 'boot block' of floppy disks. When they were booted, they installed on every other disk inserted.
Being very easy to deal with (I.E. the WB 'Install' Command will clear a disk) all checkers should handle this and Siegfried AntiVirus is no exception. However, the more tricky virus is a newer, the harder it can be to detect. This are called link viruses. They attach onto files on your drives meaning they can infect Hds too. When the files are run, they activate the virus that looks for other files to latch onto and so on. Many of these know about hard drives and will target yours for nasty damage if it gets on your system. There's no easy way to check these. A virus checker must know all
about all the viruses around and know how to remove them from your files. A daunting task.
Despair if this little irritation begins to wipe way all your software. It's a nightmare scenario that unfortunately happens all too frequently thanks to things called viruses.
The cure For a program such as Siegfried AntiVirus 10 be effective, not only must it know all about every evil link virus from hell on the Amiga but it must be able to be updated on a regular basis. Only then has it any hope of holding its own against exposure.
Even then ... I’m sure no program will claim to know about all viruses out there.
However, they seem to have tried. In AntiVirus.
I counted 119 link viruses it knows about displayed in the brain file viewer. The brain file is the interchangeable database of viruses. You would drop in a new one rather than a whole new AntiVirus program. Quite whether it knows what to do with all of them when it finds them, is another matter.
Siegfried AntiVirus has some other rather neat features.
Analysis of boot blocks to decide if unknowns are likely to be a virus by recognising code designed to do benevolent and malevolent actions. Also scanning disks on a block level rather than a file level is welcome.
AntiVirus is decked out with some rather innovative features too. Many of which I’d never seen before. Handing the Hard Drives equivalent of the boot block, the Rigid Disk Block, is one. This is extremely forward thinking since there aren't any known RDB viruses. Yet.
Symphonic virus checker While AntiVirus has some excellent features, the interface is a custom graphic affair that the manual claims ’... is operated by the most advanced graphics cards'. However, it only occupies a tiny portion of the top of my screen and doesn’t seem to be able to resize on higher resolution screens. Also, I really hate custom requesters and AntiVirus is full of them.
The package comes with a load of sound samples and modules. Good lord, a symphonic virus checker. I can't see the point since of that as if you wanted sound modules, you would load up a module player.
Installation is a matter of KT’s PD SOFTWARE FOR ALL AM Hi A US FREE CATALOGUE DISK ?
) 40. 801* EACH. 40 TO 60. TOP EACH SOFTWARE UXKSH 12001 Ill.S ElWHlWayniifi
1201) DEMON Jb3 ate ?D3W Rumble ruNde ?D293 Dirt ?D295 Dckm
final cAfcm ?1)296 SyndrcmK 002970 beat feeling (2)
?D29SOranebotunuxl2) JD299 Zeros and ones ?l»VXlWe«.ll
tmashynu ?D30I Cubic dream:) ?D302 Bad zoom JD303 In a
»otld of ascii ?0304 Urh demo ?D303 Kesgoue ?D306 Melchior
2| ?D3C8 Hopefully dead QD23S Wll Premium ?D29I lamimn
?D290 Foolsirps UD283 Drrams 3 (2) ¦“iSMSSL.
?DOCO In a acrid of aacii ODOCO Cubic Drtam»l2) UD234 Ape» Daisy
01) 230 Switchback (2) ?D249Twuted Minds ?D2S1 W ifcunmer 3)
01) 280 Imagine OD282 Nuata ?D254 Mcrion Bomb 12) ?D275 Shakka
Lakka ?D27J Explore ?1)247 Pee Wee ?1)235 Soul Kitchen 12)
?D26* Root.
UD263 Nc.u. 7 QD236 Killing Time 14) ?D286 Twioed(4x6racg) JD252 Prey (2) ?D222 lore a)
01) 232 Some lustice 94 OD23J M20.rrdn.e2 13) (JD29I Fatal Morgan
01) 207 Ra. World (3) ODI7I Full Moon L2DI24 MindWarp UDI45 Poinl
of Sale ?1)169 Fjplwti 2 ?D171 Final Chaoer l3: ?D1979 Fnday
at 8 ?02 W Mini Omluan ?D2I0 Vttal ?D216 Am IV Paradne 12
01) 24! Lame ?D2401 Feel Gocd JD220 Brain'S In A Bo I MLS
TntiMpa WW Be kb 11.2 r** U I HaS 00734IID Gum Iniiall III
OUST* Cheatlota V3 (2) ?LtOlO Amiga Beginner Jl I'UArr
gaDmTutenal ?17297 Teat Engine V4.1 ?Lt445 Sonic Drum Kit
?U457 Amiga Fax ?LXr)} PnmAX'ard ?U39I Dak Repair U ?U480 ASI
Mukiprim 4 ?1(0) Videomnie V4.33 ?17272 BrBare 111
?U456GNUGC.vCor«3 ?U163 W7B Hack.
?U571 Hd GonteVmnall II ?U485 Hd Game. Vinttall ?U352 Silkon Journal OU668MenyMenuSYS ?1292 Oclamed 2 ?U543 Ecu D Stacker 1.7 ?U4SS Interwt Guide ?US 13 Vmem ..-mm ?17642 Ma .“2.3 ?U365 Speech tooU ?U502 Star trek guide (2) ?U549MainKK.tl.54 OU49I Dpoinl3xiddyl2) ?QSlOl OG308 MASH ?G306 let xt winy 3 JG303 Radul.tn ?0493 PUHle pill 2 00392 Marble.
?0492 TtKk-a-tKk (2) ?0504 Dr ttrnge 2
- XJS91 ... .
OUTOI MW ?17702
- 17703 ?U70O Spectromemv I6b ?U639 7X Sp cm V4.7I ?U636R kfcvey*
c konc ?11640 Vlnual reality 020 KMOFeon PC4I9 Rwka
Ijonkryk.mxUUT p -Mr-nS.llAhCd-l,' P *I2 Mwlan ack BMC Trick a
out 407 Putty tquad derm E06Cyberteln.«p 2)
* 9* Mad figtoa 2 (3) W6 Mtuquoadr (2) P ;" Bu a A Punt p ?*’
Bicnuc AGA fcaoojuuagaCl BB447 Tam Duel tag* 6*59 Sam*., Safenn
Da»M «« ¦ , II a*.
BC6* Agn Mcgatvail BSIOI AgaTetm ¦3217 Mooiotn In 2 2| BDS42 Hot AGA Korn I ¦3320 2 Player Gemo ¦3345 E»il Inwet.
V3 h d («) BXDO U-Chr« (6 megi p 446 MtufoSxerKA 2| ¦3523 PSSST AGA ¦anCyhermanag* ?D26S Bloom ?D23I Polka n name QD230 Polka gevalia ?DI29 Trojan track ?D138 Clarrvoyance ?DlOl Renna euro ?DI09 Clwurcchicbu ?DGll Mayday Odl79Sublio ‘ •* ?DCftS Mckak ?D089 Lethal ?Dl!OSamlaclion olVecd ODI96 Sequential ?D2l80xygene cuoo ?D242 Lnd of miaerv (2) OD244 Euential clauio ?D222 Lore drn» 2) ?D289Zootie ?DI6I 9linger»(2) ?DC08 State oi the an OD137 Skirro 2 14) ?0162 Saiutt Arte ODI73 Wind it op ?Dl 35 Dream Inppin ?DOiOlews On E » 2| QD14) Von» ?D274 Dnpaa ?D275 Amcog the li.-ing OD28I Abberaticos
(2) JDI8J Auhetica OD195 No refund |2 JD203 Subtle thade.
?Meulbca (_unice"2 ?MrullKa (fucTeiilia) ?MrtallKa lichtningH2) JM269 Tai ma houre ?M268 Waterfall ?M266 ln»» vjKtde 12) ?M263 The grid lc«a» ?M263 Bancrt- hArorr JMOXI Mad perachrr ?M255 Audw magk 6 ?M2M L'rban Mir( lr (6) UM253 Kl.nVtt«)« 8) ?M252 Syuemj* 2) JM248 Bn. Mmplr.
LIM243 MetallK* 12) ?M244 Like dcaib ?M242 Brat kx*.
JM24I Rabo jingle.
JM238 Dio’tpell 12) ?M237 M'GRa.r. umf5) ?M042 Ra»r viuon ?M086 T Manai II
- *7705 Ea»v dmi JU70* Samrwont guide JU709Ptolo«*ery vl.l
- *7710 3.1 dono
- *77l I Mr backup pro 220
- A7714 Amotjoke dial f2) ?U7IS X-filet guide
- * '7I6A Term *4.3
- *77168 Tem 030 venioo
- 17716C Term locale
- *7717 Image engineer 1.1 JU71 * Interne* milt 2
- 1*1719 Virua n-vthop vj.l
- *7720 BerTender 2*1721 Oeet boot coatroller 2*7722 Dialing
- *7723 Procadvl.0
- *)630 EpiMode guide
- *)632 Hy’pa vl.l9b
- * 633 magK-b x-on.
?U7I2 Swa Minkrr *21 JII7H BlilaBlankcr v25 ?UM3 W bmch ponon.
?11496 Spewum 1 Saga ?11306 Movie guide 21 ?1)433 l200DlagMft la ?1)433 ASI MuluviOon JU319 Vidccanacker aga ?1)339 V tracker xira 4) 1X1224 Andy. WM Utah ?11261 Graphic Oils aga ?U277 Sick I 3.
?1)606 Kick 14 ?U162 Wh3 Backdrops ?11257 Wb! Virus Kllkn ?1)374 Blackboard ?1)387 WB3 Icon EdUca ?11391 AGA Blankets ?8)431 Mand 20W ?1)397 Sanetvte» AGA TMJ.DF. Degrada ?1)326 ASI ru disk 2 ?1)387 AGA ken Kmor RoulTetl Jl)472W3i3l jbsADaia ?1)393 Rc-Grg 3.ll ?Ul 62 Wb) Backdrops ?1)638 Soper Dork ?U394 Wb3 Virus Kilkts ?UI63 Wb3 Hacks ?U3I2 Magi: Wb (H Di ?U606 AGA Ucils 2 ?U623 AGA Ikils 3 ?U602 AGA Uua 4 ?U374 Blackboard WwtkmWend ?U646 Beginner, to art 3 ?U653 Imaguw UTIaos JLI4I6 S»o»e aga ?043* Colonial (oe ucu II ?0463 Lcagvac wceer card.
?0*65 Coinmanla previeu U04M Clanic pj-itun ?0471 Infection ?0472 Trl lemma V5 ?0314 DouNe Shuffle ?1*475 Hyper aye 13dnk.| ?1*477 Harry hadrxk CK'*180 Chart vIO ?04*1 Olauhack 2 ?04M Arthur .
?04*3 Chr» |«ogram* 004*7 Martial .pirit ?0515 Uttlapv 1.0 ?04WCow»sr» ?0491 Hellcopla ?0502 Step l-l.e AGA ?0483 Ulrlmaae fruit nuc ?0516 T.Racer OC34S6 Pouenam 00394 Knot mama LK*406 Stcia'ard. Enquiry OG370 Automobile.
Socca Card.
?02*6 Wayne. Pong ?G023 Hugo (3) 00410 Bla:k Daun 2 ?G307 Jet Stnke OGI5I 18 Hole Golf (2) ?G040Neigl ?GI031 ?U637 Hardwire I
- *)63* C64 Emaij . JU64I Amiga K p.ion53v.
- AJ660 Ltti male break* 6)
- JU66I A.twtka mange JU664 X-Loopt ?066! Oaiding light iJKassse
- * 671 Backdoor v6.*|
- D672 Proaamble *21 2*)6?4 ABCpenera*
* )675 Atrlgn manage' JU676 Bkk mback JU677 Chaaa V3.0
- *.'¦67* Gutnck JU679 Sur.rek otqeca
- *)6M Imagine abjeca 5 JJ68I Bebykm 5 objecta 2 2U6*2 Allaan
JU6I3 Wcrtbench p«tani JU684 Laihtwate Mjnm JU6I3 Robot for h ' UU620 Virus Checker 6.S ?U672 Pro gamble ?U23, DC OU316 Crack* Copy ?U307 Hard Drive UtiU ?U362 PC Tank V2 JU212 Uttlt Office QU0I2 Bu'incw Letter.
UU596 Mar colour icom OU576 M »b cilraa (2) ?U292 Eaty calc plu.
QU649 Final wrapper vj ?U567 M»b bVground kit ?U366 Reuime mala ?U385 W b 2 tulaial ?U4I2 Acc matler v2 I ?IMS) ScHbootmg dnk ?U4I4 Arrcx ref mamaal ?U6I0 V|ru. W «iop 4 0 OU294 Banna maka ?U267 Doc damp v3.6 OU289 how toCode in C (2) JU227 Mavrrik OU2J6 Doc damp JU249 Video wlpr.
?U2S7 Vlmi alert JU258 Iccto(3) ?U301 Octimrd tutce JU307 IM) Utih JU3I0X beat pro ?Ulll Lyapmov ?U06I Dimey clipart Ocl9sStartxue 13(2) ?GI48 Teias Chamaw ?1X04 Star Trek (2) ?0213 Mr Men Op*c«2) ?0224 Skidmark.
?023* KttBoard Oanx, ?02162 Player Socca Lg ?GKOTctmPro ?0149 W Work) Gaddy OG! 15 TV X The league I3* Irany Garth gif* BI2I AlbMm•lido(3| 1X142 Pam AndmiMt 12: US U5 Wild wheclt ¦ 146 Formula I S S 14) Lb:48 Lingerie tlidei |4; ?1147 Beach Baber 14) COLOUR CLIPART PACK .256COLOUR 20 DISKS.
ONLY £12.00 ..... V40 JU6I9 Imagine 2 Iwe ?U690 Pot control JU69I Delek oblecta JU692 Imagine 3d object!
- * 693 Imagine 3 dlnoaetar JU694 Spaceman imagine JU695 Armoured
nalker JU696 Graphka coavenert JU697 Him A cheen JU69*
Wallpaper VI.0
- A7699 Syoehonaa VI.)a jmn-irrrrz .. ?0026 Deluie Pacmr ?0128
Pam; hute Jouu ?G28I High Octane Qoemoo.
?0434 Po»« Battle ?0435 let S« Billy (2) ?043* Flthy Fnhy ?0432 (MMkkk ?0431 Xene» ?0427 Flaming Engine.
?0426 Suprrmega Frva*.
?(*424 Suicide Machine ?0520 Boomineck Piycheual ludgemem Day ?(?33 leaihit ForouU ?GSTOAuteoubile.
?0449 Indian Sprint (2) ?G442D7u.Galag4V2.S3 ?G364 GIN Thermo War ?G344Schoebiu lot. Pur.
?0422 S Trek Quir(2) 1.3 ?0406 Steaardt Inquiry 00429 Dead Of Sicb* 3) ?0421 Oklkn Rcengr ?0416 Sniper
£l.00(100) WHITE T FED £2.00(1001 HI-CLIP DISKS 35P EACH HD
Bt Hot Suah 1-35 JU643 Rael Fax JU644 TermMua JU645 D aa Companion ?U6S4I-----
- 06551 ?U636L____
- *-663 Lha d Uola (6) JU670 Scale Bvgroundt (3)
- JM087 Drum loop aample.
BOY (II*) DOOM 2 BUY MORE THAN IS CARDSF.TS AND GET THEM AT ONLY SOP EACH KT's SPECIAL PACKS ¦ Pack (6) 4 Jap Dessertsl8*.10.£10 tvVldeo Pack(4)X3 Glamour Pk (10)___£10 r Fonts (5)-X4 Glamour Pkl-IO 6)-£6 | e Font* (8)..-£6 Cardset* Pk (20)_ 12 g Fonts Pack (7)M GifT Beauties (I8)-.£12 1 Pack (5)~£4 Object* & Tex (7)._JE5 I | Educational (5) £4 Lightwave Objt (5)„X4 Techno Mods (5)_£4 Ham Radio Pack(5)..£4 d Drive Pk (6U5 KT's Music Mods(8)J» I p Pk (12).£8 Colour Cllp Art(10)~£8 | ZX SPECTRUM V2 EMULATER orl J AGA EM 10 DISKS FULL OF ALL THE CLASSIC SPECCYGAMES AND THE EMULATOR FOR ONLY
CI. R Liccnccwarc.all lilies Assassins collection up to
328. .Also Scope and LSD 100 PD GAMES NOW ONLY £5 inc p*S;p.
I'D DISKS AT ONI.Y SOP l.SEK CATALOG! E DISKl KT'S CD PRICES AMLNET6 ...JI5.99 CD PD N0’ I.2.0R 3 ....J9.99P CD PD NO 4 .£13.99P CD005 GIFS GALORE ..4I7.99P CD006 DEMO CD 1 ......4S.99P CD009 DEMO CD 2 .....J14.99P CD007 17 BIT COLL 2CD C29.99P CD039 17 BIT CONTINUATION -£1A99P CD065 17 BIT PHASE 4 CD..... 17.99P CD033 AMOS USERS CD £I7.99P CD019 NETWORK CD XI3.99P CD028 PRO FONTS CD J17.99P CD008 MULTIMEDIA T KIT CD -E17.99P CD044 SOUNDS TERRIFIC 2 .. .£19.00P CD027 SPACE & ASTROMONY £I7.99P CD043W SCIENCE FONTS
CD . .£8.99P CD042 W SCIENCE CLIPART CD £8.99P CD062 LSD TOOLS VOLUME 2. JE17.99P CD031 MEETING PEARLS II C9.99P EMERALD MINES CD32 ONLY . .£9.99P CD040 EUROSCENE 1 CD £9.99P CD069 SPECCY SENSATIONS. . J17.99P CD098 W S ANIMATIONS .....J17.99P CD064 HOTTEST 4orS CD ......£16.991* CD034 ASSASSINS CD .. 17.99P CD067 ILLUSIONS IN 3D .C9.99P CD070 POWER GAMES J17.99P CD079 FRESH FISH 8 2CD 23.99P CD072 ADULT SENSATIONS ... -£17.99P CD107 AMINET 5 ...... 13.95P CD112 AMINET IA3 ....26.99P CD11I DEMO MANIA 1 .J17.99P CD028 GIF CLIP-ART PRO .... £17.99P
* ********* £20.00 FREE OF CHARGE. ********** 01702 542434 ACTIVE
|)ept CU89, P.O. Box 151, Darlington, County Durham, DL3 8YT
- offer only applies to PD disks at 99p each - Public Domain
Prices Public Domain 99p |WB2+] Workbench 2*1 IWB3+] Workbench
3* [2D) Number of Disk [1MB) Minimum Memc [AGA) For AGA MacM
[030] Minimum Proc* [HD) Hard Drive Ne* Postage On All Orders
75P Rm-tents outside UK Out in E.U. add 10% to TOTAL Residents
m Pest ol World add 20% to TOTAL Catalogue Disk 50p Contains
fur listing. Ft Dcanceware. Cds etc Make all Cheques and Postal
U076 WB3 HD INSTALL DISK |WB3| Prop, format arx) install W8 to
your Hard Drive U230 TOOLS DAEMON V2.1 [W82.] Ams tools to your
Workbench Menu U239RE-0RG v3.11 [WB2-] Re-organise your
dokVhard disk.
U302 VIEWTEK v2.01 |WB2.J Vlewtek can show many picture formate including JPEG and the AGA screen modes U317 ACTION REPLAY PRO |AGA) Aden Replay for Ihe A120G'A4000 U318 VIDEOTRACKER DATA [4 D] Loads of data Hies for use within Vkleotrackar U349 LIBRARIES * DATATYPES Oo you aver nood a library? Here's a coliecocn!
U352 MAGIC WB v1 .2P [WB2.] The laslest version o* toe 6-cotour icon replacer Use this with our Extras disks for superb results!
U359 TELETEXT vl. 20 [WB2.)
Craate a teletext receive* with you* Amiga U376 POWERCACHE v37.115[WB2.) Speed up your Hard Drive access with the cache p»e-gram Versions lot 00.020.030 and 040.
U379 DESKTOP MAGIC v2.0 |WB2.)
Tt«« program stows you to assign sounds to Workbench functions Ike mouse clicking etc. U401 SPECTRUM EMULATOR v2 Play Spectrum games on your Amga There are verson* lor the 00 and 020 processors U408 DISK SALV v2.31 This is the best dietotlle repairer in the Public Domain. Undetote'salvage tiles and repair daks U416 AMIGA DOS GUIDE v1 Learn Amiga DOS w*h this program.
U426 EPU STAKKER v1.70 (WB2-I Can double your herd Mvo space!
U434 EDWORD PRO v5 [WB2-] Edword Pro is the moat comprehensive and easy to use word processor on the PD market U440 SNOOPDOS v3 [WB2-1 Use Snoopdos to monitor program activity An ideal tool to bid out whal Ibranas are noedod U448 DMS PRO v2.04 (WB2») Latest version ol toe disk cruncher.
U453 MAIN ACTOR v1.55 [WB2.)
An excellent modiM anlmalxxi player. Buy It U454 VIDEOTRACKER 2 AGA The AGA un-registered demomaker U455 VIDEOTRACKER 2 OS VERSION For non-AGA Amqas U467T. U.D. E. vl.OD The Uuimate Degrader and Enchancer cam be used to degrade A1200 s ard Lpgrade an A500 U472 ALL NEW AGA ICONS These mo 256 colour icons whch are excellent on a AGA machine. Loads here U475 RELOKICK V1.4A FINAL Retokick is toe most popular degrade' around.
Forget toe take vl .41. to* * too real thing.
U479 MSDOS FOR AMIGADOS ;vrB2.] Allows you to use the MS DOS convnands on your Amiga. Also use the MSOOS star ' U480 HD GAMES INSTALLER II instal Jungle Stoke. Ajaddn. Mortal Kombat II.
Ruff n Tumble and about 12 more'!
U487 BIRTHDATE HISTORY V2.21 Check events that happened on your birthday!
U499 M.U.I. V2.3 |WB2.)
Create GUIntertaces. Needed tor Mos«c etc U501 GBLANKER V3.6 00 [WB3-I The very best mem Wanker in PD.
U502 GBLANKER V3.6 020 [WB3.)
An cplimaed version tor 020004060 CPUs.
U510 FINAL FAX SUPER DUPER v3.13 Final Fax alows you to control Gpf ax from Final Writer, sending a fax from a normal docixnont.
U512 ADDRESS PRINT v4 StO’e aMressos and print them to labels U514 DISK STICK vl.1 A dsk labeling program.
U517 FINAL WRITER 030 PATCH Excellent A patch which turns toe release 3 Fnal Writer Into an optimised 030 version Get this!'
U519 SUPER VIEW v4.42 [WB2-] Allows you to view a myriad ol GFX lormats U523 DOPUS COMPANION fWB2.] WOW! Loads ol useful Ms and p-ocee lor Dopua Arexx tiles, utltoes and even icons!
U524 PRO TTTLER v2 [WB2-] Latest verson of toe pcpUar video tiller.
U525 DIY REKO vl.1 (IMAGE FXJ (WB2-) This uMity is unique It allows you to create eard- sets tor Wondko By using Image FX v1.5 or 2 U530 SPECTRUM EMULATOR v1.6B Tne is toe fastest spoctnxn emulator on toe market. Used to Be only available tor AGA machnee U532 ALL NEW FINAL WRAPPER v3 Final Wrapper was the utlKy that f*t Final Writer users last year. This is the very latest version U533 CAR DATA ANALYST Mcnitor and teet your car's performance.
U543 TOOLS MANAGER [2 DiekaIWB2-l Allows you to have a ’doc*" of icons on Wbench.
U547 TURBO CAT 2 (WB2.)
Latest version of toe cataloging syMom Allows you to choose a dovice (like a dek). Catalogue It then pml or store toe flies tor fvxure uso U548 IMAGE DESK v1.40 [WB2.] Allows you to to urn Mail your pictures fix easy viewing or to alow you to catalogue them.
U549 OCTAMED DEVELOP. KIT[WB2+) Lxeneed developers ««to* Octomed 45.
U550 VMM v3 (W82*] (NEEDS MMU| (020.)
Virtual memory program.
SUPERB 30 taxi video soar. Perform mini- anmations with 30 text!
U553 GFX CONVERTOR vl.2 (WB2.)
Decent graphes convenor. Loads abcxit 10 afferent file formats and saves GIF. ILBM. PCX.
U554 SOUND BOX v1.97 [WB2-] Coverts sound samples from IFF. RAW. WAV.
MAESTRO. VOC. AIFF and MAUO to anyof tho supported termsts ie toad in as IFF save aa WAV or toad as WAV andwve as IFF Easy" U559 AMIGA ELM v5 (W82.)
AGA (3 Disks] Global Facts (2 Disks] X-filas Guido GCSE Maths Exam Papers Project UFO (6 Disks] Travel Guide |2 Disks] UFO Findng Truth (2 Disks] UFO Firxfctg Truth 3 Ahens Confidential 2 Aliens Muffmedia 3 |AGA] [90] Weather Guide (3 Disks] Deadlock 9 Magazine Lucifers Tjnhofy Innocence’ [201 Ludfers -Wicked Grime*™1 Lucifers -Book of Shades’ [2D] Star Trek Guide |6 Disks] CM17B DOOMER (AGA) (MO OUT) A px-1 Dxm Gtora ** ha Amq* GM17* SLIOER AGA in- euuu »*"• aqa o-i, OmtiO CARNAGE Bkco. Grama gem** mx* OMI43PSSSTAGA .¦namtw P m t»a SiaecV’WR r OM1S4 SCREECH GUI W BATTLE DUEL AQA (AGA)
MltaiKWaaSUPERe tol-pO|»- ilirr**' OM1M BATTLE OUCL ICS fWB2.| ECSvwaomFlKaabwa GM2M OLOOM (AOA| OM227 WAR OF THE WORLDS 4 (AQA) F1 LICENCEWAP F1-14 TOTS TIME Ideal lor younger users F1-44 BLACKBOARD v3 Essential Image processor F1-50 GUIDE TO AMOS v2A I must for every AMOS user F1-51 INTRO TO WBENCH Guide to Workbench 8 DOS F1-56 GIDDY 2 Sequel to Giddy.
F1-62 JUNIOR ARTIST Learn how to draw F1-66 G.R.A.C. Graphical Adventure Creator F1-68 AQUANAUTA superb game. Get this!
Full F1 Range In St MAGIC WB EXTRAS These contain core, backdrops, drawers and much much more! Magic WB ExVaa volum* t (2 Otoks] Magic WB Extra, volum. 2 (2 DtokS) Magic WB Extra* voiwn* 3 [2 Di.k*) Magic WB Extras voiien* 4 (2 Disks) Magic WB Extra* volum* 8 (2 Otoks) Magic WB Extras volum* 6 (2 Disks] Magic WB Extra* volume 7 (2 Disks] Magic WB Extra* volume 8 [2 Disks) Magic WB Extras votome 8 (2 Disks] Magic WB Extras votom* 10 (2 Disks) volume 11 (2 Disks] i (if"* Spwnum *r*t* lor nil uim CD-ROM SOFTWARE m are a protessional graph.cs lirm based m have provided textures and backgrounds
t S and image work tor the last five years, fccaon. Consisting of 520. 248it backgrounds i present on this CD-ROM. There are the very
• » JPEG filM tor video, graphics and multl- m 256 cc*our GIFS
tor Scala and raylracing.
¦ta on this CD-ROM! For instance, no multl- toch as Targa. PCX or even more obscure for-
* «n) on other texture CD's. You will not find »«• CO either.
Pfcture viewers are provided for I Mac computers For Pro and
Novice Users' LIGHT WORKS out oarty July CP-Row Comparison
Chart Zoom Hottet 5 Ph Over 540MB of Data v'*’ Easy to Use GUI
ttosng mvtO riough m Amiga OfOt If l *»- Km* C-. FMB *. - •
Sutab. In Ie.Xh.Am9. Wd PC DOUBLE CO £18.99 I'Mnga*' £13.99
FONTS UTILITIES 1-1500 POIIM. WAV. And Of.f Pe« S.*? ' CO-ftom
RSe'iSS.":£8.49 £17.99 Ten on Ten E35.99 Aknathera present a cotecton of ten (10t) CD-Roms tor your satlstaciion Ten CO* tor under £40 • a bargain! It oontaine.
Team Van*** - acton pecked 30 tar* sim Pandoras CO • 2000 clipart Ifcrary and more World Vlata Allas ¦ world musmedia extforer Otustratsd S iJkespore - classic text CDPD 1A 2 ¦ loads of classic PO on here Demo I - nostalgic demo collection Fonts and Cupart - fui ot various tonts dpart Photo Library 60OMB ot image Ales GIGA GRAPHICS SOUND WORKSHOP DEMO CD1&2 INTERNET INFO vwrynjtwt imegmabt.
£14.99 DOUBLE CD £18.99 £8.99 INET COLLECTION LIGHT ROM GOLD FISH GOLD FISH I GOLD FISH II res Ft*i hi. Daan MW- CtMihjWe To tr.dOo-
4) ft* Amg. RO manta. Th» fc***a CD bmg. |t* AMINET 6 VOLUME
250 Page Book!
£16.99 £16.99 iZSiaxpKM.TManan, FRESH FISH LSD COMPENDIUMS Volume 1 Volume 2 coroiaivu VOLUME 9 £24.99 Volume Two £17.99 1 iVhWRi i Ti CD-ROMS Round up Music, games, comms, clip art graphics, you name it these Cds have got it and lots more.
Mat Bettinson World of Clipart This is two Cds worth of images stored as GIF, BMR IFF, TIF, CDR, GEM, PCX, WPG, Pagesetter, Prodraw. Jpeg, EPS, Colour GIF, Colour BMP 8 Colour IFFs. Around 40,000 clips allegedly. However, it seems much of the same clip art has been duplicated in different formats. I don’t really see the point in that. All of the clips should really be in the format that best suits their make-up and can be converted as needs be. Some of them do really look like proper clip art and some are just pictures selected at random.
Overall I don't get the impression that this would be a good clip art collection. Some of the formats are practically useless except for bizarre PC software (this is a multi format diskl.
The bulk of the clips seems to be in PCX and GIF. Maybe it would compliment an existing collection though I've seen better Cds than this.
Available from: EPIC Marketing, Victoria Centre, 138 Victoria Rd. Swindon Wilts SN1 3BU.
Tel: 01793-490988 Fax: 017930514187 E-Mail: epic@epma.demon. co.uk Price: £17.99 In a way the Aminet is the source of all freely distributable software on the Amiga.
Most shareware authors choose to upload their software to the Aminet as it guarantees their work will be worldwide within a day and shovelled onto a CD every few months.
This is the latest shovel CD and it's packed full of such a wide variety of items that it's bound to appeal to everyone. The business files make up 29Mb and range from spreadsheets to databases.
There's lots of internet software included such as Term. Budding programs could take a look at all the programmers' utilities and languages.
There's also plenty to read in the shape of news, reviews and FAQs. The list goes on and on ... including 101Mb of music modules which span techno, ambient, rock and easy listening and 136 files of graphics software covering rendering, painting and processing. And to go with the graphics packages there's 140 picture files.
Games also get a look in on this CD ranging from platform to shoot em up to adventure. I could go on. If you have a lifetime to spare or at least a couple of weeks you could get through all the stuff on this CD. Very good value if for the number of things alone. An essential purchase for CD-Rom owners. Every Aminet disc is always full, archived and comes with an excellent searching tool. The best there is.
95, CD-ROMS This may be the latest instalment in a fiendish plot to sell loads of old 70s wallpaper. These blotchy patterns are supposed to morph into magnificent 3D images. Allegedly.
Well we aren't convinced. The latest theory is that it's an Emperor's new clothes' syndrome.
No-one can see them and those that can are pretending to save face. Well... OK so maybe some people can see them but none of us can. I stared at a multitude of pics on this CD for ages attracting some funny looks as my eyes somersaulted in 3D, attempting to perceive the miracle. If you can see these then perhaps you'll derive some entertainment from this dual Amiga and PC compatible disk. A front end viewer is supplied along with some programs to create your own from pictures containing depth information. Overall it seems a reasonable exploration in 3D stereograms so might be worth a
look if they light your fire. I just got a splitting headaches.
Ajmathera Ten CD pack The Almathera 'Ten on Ten’ is very good value for money. At just £4 each the Cds are a bargain.
Although the Cds vary in quality, the overall package is definitely worth a look. One minor niggle, though, is that the Cds are cased in little environmental friendly cardboard wallets which makes it impossible to get the disks out without pulling on the CD itself with your fingers. But at least it's saving the environment and its packed with goodies. Here's a quick rundown.
The first disc Comms & Networking is a bootable disk that has your obligatory Parnet Sernet networking solutions on hand. Handy if you're running the disk on a CD32. It also contains several utilities, docs and loads of re erence material. Its only 200Mb but darn handy to have on one CD. The second disk, CDPD, is a very large collection of uncompressed PD disks. CDPD 2 - the third disk is a collection of more PD stuff such as JAM. Scope and Fish disks. The fourth disk. Demo CD, is a mix of mods, fonts, source code, anims and pics. The fifth disk. World Vista, is our favourite. It is filled
with information such as geographic, music, language etc on every country in the world. The sixth disk is an illustrated Works of Shakespeare - handy for academic reference. Pandora's CD the seventh CD is 8 multimedia demonstration mostly about Optonica. Team Yankie. A very ordinary strategic tank game, finds it way onto the eight disk.
This game would actually fit on a floppy disk but Almathera have digitised the manual and included some viewers. Bit of a filler methinks. Disk nine holds a photo library which contains an assortment of pictures in many formats and includes a demo version of Photogenics. Finally, disk 10 is packed with 190Mb of various clip art and fonts.
Available from: Almathera, Southerton House, Boundary Business Court, 92-94 Church Road, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 3TD. Tel: 0181-687-0040. Fax: 0181-687-0490 E-Mail: almathera@cix.compulink.co.uk. Price: £39.95 2 the famous Amiga music composer. Eric Gieseke otherwise known as Sidewinder. The music on this CD is output by an Amiga but remixed with some external sound processing to give it a marked improvement in quality. Starting off with some strange techno edits, it moves into some rather laid back tracks and then back into some vigorous techno cum dancey tracks with more strange edits at the
end. You've probably figured out that the strange edits are a recurring theme. It’s hardly possible to maintain a fix on a song before being catapulted into another different riff.
This CD is anything but easy listening. I tended to enjoy the tracks that I calls 'music' ie with a melody while Tony enjoyed the techno bits that sounded like cash register music to me. Certainly the quality of samples is there and the musical style is very progressive. If any of this sounds like your scene then I urge you to give it a spin. After all. You only have to play the tracks that appeal to you and it’s a fine example of what can be achieved with an Amiga as well as being an album of competent quality in its own right.
Available from: SWS Productions.
8611 Cape Valley. San Antonio, TX 78227 USA Price: $ 15 SOFTWARE 2000 Dept (CUD5) 9 WILLS STREET LOZELLS BIRMINGHAM B191PP TEL: 0374 678068 UM 0RDEF TEL OR FAX: 01827-68496 We stock over 6500 QUALITY PD & SHAREWARE How to order I Price ..99p per disk I in?) Ptea&eadd 70p to tolBl 19'PQSlage 4packaging thM moors the litte eomee on «) number ©1 *•*» To order Pack price as slaled. All Orders Same Day Despatches PACK |uat «artt» Oown the pack TTTLf name will do. For the very latest catalogue disk pleaso add 70p ALL DISKS ARE COMPATIBLE MAKE CHEQUE POSTAL ORDER WITH ALL AMIGAS UNLESS
STATED PAYABLE TO: SOFTWARE 2000 AQA Disk means for A1200 A4000 only SEND TO (ADDRESSES TOP RIGHT) Prlntor Pack 5 a* m tomt pvaing (*o- grm* apeowty dasgred *y pmtvy out mp" Oueity rtxuments. Text S, fcturas ect. And X % avar aOta to pnr* out Ai ftxKWs fmr hand*). Em n use WORKBENCH EXTRA UTIUTIES Cd eel on ot me best VVB iCMae Ike TooiOeamon. SrcMa V3. Teet lie tnlor.
Marcry mentor. Latest Mas Diet, rtb QeK : nc« WB13) RECOMMEKOCO GAMES CHEATS Play your lavouree game* lor ages? But can't pat to me end at ihe e.«tt on gvnes; Hrrrtng problems wth some game*?
5 oak p*k -tr tOO's O games cbean.'
Bolplovol ooCo octcn replay poke etc should hop you Inlsh many games .AW WOBK STATKW (2 dan 1*1 1 0486 (WCaSkbTtOeaSWaitOWOOAv* U4SB Eaff »iHT(AM(«r,:ned(nsx) V*»W»U « bs*n«SMn4an _60t T € UlCC CoeTPI-C'Crj KT im Arr«» md MB SXFFKMkW'PERIMSnirapaaoaTalMH 1X03 F*t0CALC8eerMUiScnaMB ¦mm -oaAMtamaan LNB VHJ& KUER 6CSK FCSA1V0ERERAA KIT MU OCO«'*’V3i*C*ESSi uAi.l*»ia*a»ccn»» MB wL_ axr iCC- 0- bxSxO LO’O UITWAT* BO)T8.CO Otmo. I . .et l»i2 ZFCONUT L3 kC6T««eRI.Un.Zh»r» iota mcouserj un.a n«i tas us 16'6 M*»"VCTK.tnOI-w» L62i SKCTUPAHT 1»« CAT BCSOtPH Mas Cataoi A*13CN.Y|iat**«»n«» OffB w ~~
Yrrayav* '¦ 04CK6TC UST VS «mOi IKWOV" UKOoof T A cSro rtAOm "ary me, ra um t*ATiM«N'V4Lasiicaiw«ias um Wsk « KT(ma*»"d* M MX BANKER Vt 5 d tamer Qt»gi»x»iin i*- kwtaximihtimnn.MiMn. V t tokxvt iftXHUCOED USX) « XXWZ«JOlYx* i|(rafctt i LW2 CT.'KM) WNNto OaMrr ifys" » us *» Lrmwxoa BtNOH. IETTBB ««: UD4 «OCASTEAJ(Ot XaansMKTOJ U*W ALOO VAOC 4 Prmom VS to* W U840 ALOOMAOCSMtrenuKi* (AO ALOO IMOC • CkSrsO «• « 0*46 CU EMX»TC« V3 3 t»S--Sl t*9 loos c«* lit ‘MM K' * UX6 SAMPLE UA-ER iroa wm
- *r wt*: uanu.»-, v J372 WORLD SCO- COMM ASCI vA" MCCAKtII rxre
- W9 K)Hre3rrOT«Taas A M0 Srta* u.«
• t" kor. U »y : U0C0 MICHAEL UACKBCai-Kng BAD WX6
-OjflE CRAZY VTOWfvWWmtMR®* • Awjr BluES hOlSE a 0u k«64 C84
GAMES MUSIC M" i MA) »R A KA TIS i ¦ 4D tjm om Ml2* ADAMS
“:¦» fk- M'Tt WADOMHA - aka a Wgn| M'TS-ANET dACXSOS - R-VTHW
NATOS Age 18 and over only X80 CINDY CRAWFORD (2) X74 MADONNA
DOCS 1-46 ASSASSIN GAMES 1-200 ETC IODORE VIC 20 tor + 30 top
Vic 20 CMWOOCflt Wtrr 1X30,0a p» amn i cosnc cmtmo. Wacor
Special offer |C64 & 45 games pack iSpectrum V2 & 50 games
!Vic20 & 30 games I All 3 packs tor only £9.99 With any
Spetrcum pack, il is possfcte to play all the original
Spectrum games. Beside play games you can write (our own
programme m TUI* I* the Met very latest and still the Met C64
tor the Amiga. It tolly emulate the C44 computer i Kean play
all the top C64 games, eg. JetPac,
• bo. Batman. AlrWolt and many more on your Amiga. You can ale
spectrum basic. Just Ike owning a real Spectrum computer.
Inlu7l£mr£ °2 Ml 'See description left tor details ot each pack.
I When ordering ptease State which Amiga you I own so we can send you the correct pack.
Me vs a ®wos@ a C64 & 45 original games...£ 4.99 C64 & 100 original games...£ 8.99 C64 & 200 original games...£16.99 Note: All games have been fully tested and lieted. Our existing 45 game pack which previous advert been replaced by thla new 45 games.
SPECTRUM & 50 GAMES PK1 ONLY £4.99 SPECTRUM & 100 GAMES PK2 ONLY £7.99 SPECTRUM & 200 GAMES PK3 ONLY £12.99 SPECIAL OFFER PACK 4 Taka SPECTRUM pack 1. 2. 3 & extra 50 new gamos FREE. Total 400 game for only £19.99 new Disk drive head cleaning kit We now have the foiowing pack for PC.
AlL pacKe com© with emulator C64 & 400 Games pack .....£23.99 Spectrum 48k & 400 Games £19.99 AMSTRAD CPC & 100 games .£13.99 ZX81 4 130 games .£11.99 When crdering you must State you own a PC Ths « k aw a Amiga users trom ordering the peck above irxccve Icedrg 8 u n; scgans he® Oto 0m»p*j dsu « Only £2.99 or £1.99 with any order over 5 disk «a*uo C0O98 cce «.US tfS'eaven* RC aw F«*R*0l *q-7 - M«lmill»l A&Al»:0«3£RT*«.«yt
• fi* IM C'Cr CPAWrcBb VO AG* I« «£5T.T10., Gwi 1
* g* 1 to gmpv cnwetcro vo »G» 1 rj ,1C€C TPAOEa *G*
* 0*1 r* woe we e*m» m» art r gM Pf X»**rO I V**BC *C"J M VT. "
10P4CW »V1 ¦« ¦» EOF Oi-nrrq l*LCN0£MXC( » o atn«an l«X»P**.‘.
Ootv'MvFKktrar'ana ) scaeneanu zotvw» v*wa’a weiai i v*V" ¦
aaaana c*st n*B cw «v »-*«« LEX w tu-ai om crvemoi 1BMJKKVtt CM
ccwnuros «T B1 -*v rspecTal- offer"1 I CHOOSE ANY 2 101 GAME
PACK | ¦ BELOW FOR ONLY £19.99 *70p P4P .
100 TOP DEMOS The Largest collecllon of demos ever released this peck contains over 100 fop demos. Must for all Demos. Our top seller RECOMMEND Only £7.95 suitable for any AMIGAS Special Packs ONLY £4.99 PER PACK ALLPACKSSUITABLE FOR ANY AMIGA SYSTEM Board Games Pack 1 (5 disks) BrVant coiecaon cr To nest Coord games eg. SCRABBLE (new).
Ucncpcty. CM*. Oce. Oc--moe» Clue ect t*xh loo many to IW Arcade Games Pack 2 (5 disks) Cdteceon ot very beet denM e cw* games EO.cwwpede Space IrwaPK P*:m.n. act & man, more. RECOMMEND Card Games Pack 3 (5 disks) 101 GAMES 2 Puzzle Games Pack 4 (5 disks) & M pack .w*i quaMy punto garnet aw Senon. RuCMCuM PuzrWom Picture Punle 8 man, morn Much too many to tat Mini Workbench Games (5 disks: Ofldrairarremargcra. ScfcMaanT-eaUcrulgea-ytU peAtd mta gwnea a to I* deymg cn tw Oama fey » can be Meanfy Into (Bye k gro tas Pbotwi. Hatred PECCWMENC Harddrive & disk drive ¦pace doubler LITTLE OFFICE 2
MANGA AKIRA emen ox* d 6 dws oxttreq amt cr TO rtn UMG» AHRAGaiB Wm SkS«v De-w Al tawt on TO Jvra* IMNGA 6dS4cnV£595 (toncn31 AMIGAS lEw'rr'OWU Cne d te trey otBcws a! Fcnls avaia&e SjBtfe fct Ccarf 8K cr Scatt. Word-process®. WB DTP etc This Paoc conwu cf new *0 drtewi types ot fcrts alio meat Ms come m vaiixs Mbs. Makrfl nesty 1500 krts (Estmate) 01 IMAGINE - FI Fcrrm* H2(2d»l 03 IMAGINE - 2003 Lmgut S Streim 04 IMAGINE - Ammil ptjnt |2 0**) 06 IMAGINE - Compute saassoy 06 IMAGINE-Rgtmr Pam 07 IMAGINE - Hu-run Bod OtrKl 06 IMAGINE - Jet 2 Totapte «te (2 dtt| 11 IMAGINE -Ming* 2 (2 hk| 13
IMAGINE - Muitc Intturom 14 IMAGINE - RKCtS (3 dekj) 17 IMAGINE - Set OuMt IB IMAGINE - Spree Srtp |4 Oat; 21 IMAGINE - Sear War 22 IMAGINE - Sanity & Sal 0 tct 23 IMAGINE - STREET FXSHTER 24 IMAGINE - Pah (2 dBa) 27 IMAGINE - The FONTS 5 dak) 30 IMAGINE - Wkus 00»ct VW. 1 (5 disk) 35 IMAGINE - VtrCus Obfea Wi 2 5 flIWi 40 IMAGINE - vm*t Oolact VW. 3 (5 dHkl 50 MNGINES UTBJTES (3 daks) LOB Ot vahxs U5I ter cornel dBort OWK morph «. Kragne OtMea Nol b- brgrtw.
53 MN&NES 2 BUDDY SYSTEM (2 drskj Mlant imtarr on Ine hdpiuicr» on rw, Imaglnt wmmrd RECCMVEND 15OVA0IOUS IMAGINE OBJECT 150 al SCO t* Cfitw ranoro (rcm disk box to sar shp tntopns* cnty £7 W 60 IMAGINE Akms 61 IMAGINE • Star-Treks 6? IMAGINE - Batr kcnS 1 63 AUGINE - Bxr 1on5 2 64 IMAGINE - Mar Babe 66WAGINE-CBrtk 66 IMAGINE-CWtMurs 67 MAG INE • Roxxop 68 IMAGINE-Hmai Body |4) MAGIC WB ttrwa r KTOrt W; ¦* i jnhzcW-x 8
1-200 ETC r Offices. 2 8 Market Street efield. West Yorkshire
- (01924) 366982 FAX 01924) 200943 ay To Saturday 9.00am Till
5.30pm AnswcrpNnc At All Other limes POSTAGE IS FORMATION
Please include P®*** For UK Di*k Order* And ?5p Per Item I CD
Order* (Max Pceuge IlyaMc 11301 Europe Add I0» For Disk Order*
A 11 U0 Per CD (Max C50O1 R O W Add Jot H» Ditt Order* A £1.50
Per CD Max. £6-00| All Orders Sent 1st Claw Or Air.
Est 1988.
HOTTEST 4 £14 99 HOTTEST 5 £17.99 BOTH CD'S Fot £29.991 PD Softs own librory CD's. Hottest 5 comes complete with a printed contents booklet GOLDFISH VOL 1 £26.99 GOLDFISH Va 2 £26.99 |WY BOTH TITLES F0« £49.991 Spread over 4 erf's, these sets contain all of the Fred Fish library to 19951 Hundreds of utilities!
¦Mi SOCOMPBCIUM 1 £14 99 UfllSD COMPENDIUM 2 £17 99 ¦’AXZ BOTH Oft FO« CHS £29 99 R HEoch CD it packed with hard to find utilities, games, graphics & demos! East to use menu require kidatort 2.0*_ I I NETWORK CD £13.99 |t%ry JjNETWORK CABLE £18 99 THEM BOTH FOR £31 99 ¦TKe network CD & Cable allows a CD32 to be linked to any other Amiga, giving full tile access to any CD!
I ANIMATIONS CD £17 99 Superb Value for money!
12 CD’s containing loods lof animations ready to view direct from the CD! ECS & AGA Anims & viewers ore included.
¦ASSASSINS CD £17.99 The most complete and easy to use games CD available Titles run direct from the CD on ANY Rom drive, including CD32!
Interfoce is a very easy to use custom menu.
I THE LIGHT ROM £36.99 TF€ UGHT ROM 2 £36 99 BUY THEM BOTH F0» £69.991 if you have Lightwave, then these are a 'must buy1 if you intend to take raytrocing seriously!
I THE UGHT ROM £36.99 THE UGHT ROM 2 £36 99 BUT THEM BOTH FOR £69.991 Eoch CD contoins hundreds of disks from our library, with on easy to use point, dick & dearchive menu) Mad. Mad. Mad Game1 3785 DOS MAN Intensive Doe Tutorial 3784 MULTITUDINOUS HD Menu System 3783 THIRD DIMENSION NO 14 30 Cons KM Onk Mag 3782 ACT OF WAR MISSIONS 3 X3781 STARTUP 8 BACK Pictures lor Workbench 3 3780 (AB) ROM NO 4 X3779 MOMENTS Great AGA Demo 3778 SANITY ROOTS II Superb Sequell 3777 HD GAMES INSTALLER 3 Installs dozens of new titles 3776 BLITZ BLANKER V2 60 3754 NEW UTILS NO 11 Even more U*s!
3753 MWB ICONS ANO BRUSHES More stash lor Magic Workbench 3752 ROBS HOT STASH NO 39 Another hot ufts comp 3751 BROWSER 11 V3 03 Superb mute window hie manager 3750 ROBS HOT STASH NO 38 More hot utils horn Rob» 3749 TERM V4.3 EXTRAS & LIBS HD required!
3748 TERM V4.3 030 VERSION includes Locale 3747 TERM V4.3 8 LOCALE X3723 DREAMQlALS CAROSET For Kjondfce AGA X3722 BIROS CAROSET The leathered type, lor Klondike X3721 MAMMALS CAROSET Another Klondike Sot 3720 THE WORD ISSE NO 5 NFA scene disk meg 3719 (AB) MAG E NO 8 SO-Fi Disk Mag1 3718 PSYCHEUAL Allen Breed Close (Ish) X3717 (ABC) GREENDAY DEMO HD only AGA demo X3716 (AB) SUN SLIDESHOW nETSURFER need to turf The Internet iys with eose The 6 disks AmiTCP, Mosaic, GuiFTP, rine, EFF's Guide to The I and more Only £5.99!
U. F.O . Ttll urwtow disks packed with reports, xuments &
articles relatina ghtingsl 1, abductions ond lore sinister
stuff!! Yours for 9 99!
MAGXC OBLXV'ION Transform your otherwise bland Workbench with this superb pack ot 10 disks. New Icons. Fonts and Drops etc!
All for £9.99!
Name IT.
IR STOCK rtown C1A.99 3732 PC TASK V3 1 PC Emulator upgrade 3731 KINGHIGH Ongmal card game 3730 SPONDULIX MARK V Shareware accounts prog.
3729 PRO LOTTERY Sal probably wont wet’ 3728 DISK COMPRESSION UTILS Not tor beginners 3727 (AB) GRAPEVINE 21 At last! The wait is over!
3728 ROBS HOT STASH NO. 37 Fun ot Hot Warez' Agam' 3725 YET MORE MWB ICONS FirwL Fuotrra* 8 NOW IN STOCK £6.95 » i 3759 ROBS HOT LOTTERY STASH Win a milion yet? Naah' 3758 MAGIC SELECTOR VI .7 Changes SFX Etc on bootup FRACTASM CAROSET CD ROM PRICE MATCH WE Will DO CUR BE ST TO MATCH C* EVEN KAJ ANY CE AIM PtSED : AU CttX»S SENT SAME DAY 1st CLASS POST B MULTIMEDIA TOOLKIT 2 ULW DOUBLE CD _(Fonts, Clipart, objects 24 Bit imoges, 250MB of samples & mods from the M.U.G, indudes 4te FULL Odomed5 04!&MOREH grouers
Superb encyclopedia for ad CD platforms! Hurry while stocks lostll ¦ISPECCY SENSATION £14 99 I Why onyone would Iwonl to doqrode their ¦Amiga to ploy a Speccy ¦games is beyond mel You get over 500 all lime classics, plus all the emulators you need to plunge (AMINET 2 £9.9?
I iAMINET 3 £9.99 JiamINET3£9.99
* AM1NET 5 £12.99 AAUNET 4 MW SET1 £24.99 Includes entire
contents of Aminet 1 to
4. Plus 220 MB of NEW DATA!
- ¦POWER GAMES £14 99 A coflechon of over 500 superb PD gomes for
any CD Rom platform | including CD32I 1 titles included run
direct from the CD!
IMAGINE CD £36.99 One of the most complete collections of textures, attributes, objects ond backgrounds available for imagine users.
[MflGINi CD ¦TEXTURE GAUERY £36.99 This double CD set contains over 1.3 GIG of textures in TARGA, JPEG, IFF, PICT, SGI & TIFF formats.
Perfect for use with any 3D program such os imoame or lightwave!
¦ IMAGINE ENHANCE £39.99 ¦Contains exclusive data (covering objects, maps, , bockdrops, demos ond picture gallery plus other various bits & bats to enhance your imoges Moments AGA demo Games are on the rise this month as Tony Horgan and David Cassidy dip into the public domain lucky bag.. Demos have always been showcases for pushing the machine to the limits. In this Old Bulls production, there are moments where that ethos shows through, and others when they take the easy route. The highlights are those moments where the design comes to the fore: when the music synchronises beautifully
with the action; when boxes spin and morph; pictures rotate, zoom and warp - all in time with the excellent music module. The coding achievements are impressive too, with some extremely complex Gouraud shaded objects, such as a face and a rubber duck Amongst all this are some stunning visuals, such as a black hole effect in which various textures fall into the screen. It looks amazing - perfect dance video material. It's assembled well, with lots of those little twists and turns that make a good demo so enjoyable.
Available from: Network PD, 125 Nicholson Road, Sheffield S8 9SW. Tel:0114 281 0398. Disk No. D718.
Price: £0.75 plus 50p P + P.. Cheques & postal orders made payable to J Shaw.
They’re not at all bad. The picture grabs aren't that hot - some are a little blurred from the video source - but the variety of images makes up for any slight lack of quality you may notice. Well worth a look for Klondike fans. And if you're not a Klondike fan take look anyway you'll be pleasantly surprised.
Available from: Network PD, 125 Nicholson Road, Sheffield. S8 9SW.
Tel: 0114 281 0398. Disk No.: G438.
Price: £0.75 plus 50p P + P. Cheques & postal orders made payable to J Shaw Jump 'Em game * i*.
M, ** The idea here is to jump across floor tiles in the right sequence to get to the finish.
The tiles disappear once you've touched them, so you can't retrace your steps. The first few levels are outstandingly easy but they get progressively harder as different types of tiles are introduced, such as those which take two bounces to get rid of. If you make a mistake, you have a reserve of five emergency bridge tiles to get you back on track The presentation and animation of the main character is excellent, although the music will annoy very quickly. A nice game to play for a while, although I have my doubts about its longevity as it can a bit repetitive.
Available from Freestyle PD, 108 Woodside Way. Short Heath, Willenhall, West Midlands WV12 5NH Tel: 01922 710985 Price. £1 00 plus 50p P + P 73*, Lost It music demo PHAT TRAX Three modules are here, all by Tony Kinnear and they show quite a pleasant variety. The first mix of 'Lost It' has a cute feel, with a heavy breakbeat influence and some nice, chunky samples.
The second mix has a bleepy flavour to it, increasing its bounceability! Following that is a version of Leftfield's 'Not Forgotten', given the Phat Trax treatment. A few good modules, although one more individual track wouldn't have gone amiss.
75 Available from: Tony Kinnear, 31 Thrift Green, Brentwood, Essex.
% Price: £1.00 plus 50p P+P.
Winning Post racing simulation Springtime game Puzzle games are getting more devious by the month and Springtime is no exception!
The idea is to flip the tiled floors through their axes to make a spring jump onto a target square. As you move the floors, gravity shifts certain tiles around and others disappear completely.
The graphics and sound are extremely well done, and the game- play is strangely simple yet complex. Here we have a game of hugely addictive proportions. If you want your brain exercised a little, and have fun whilst you do it, grab Springtime.
76 85 It's all very well going to the local racecourse with a few friends in your tweed and your finery, but here's a game to take the hassle out of making poor bets and losing all your money. Winning Post sets up races, provides information on the horses, allows you to place bets and then watch the results.
Up to six players or teams can participate, studying the form and taking their chances. No racing knowledge is required as all the terminology is explained in the excellent documentation. Rob Massey, the author, has produced a very refined product here.
There's even a running commentary on the races themselves! A very well presented package.
Available from any CLR dealer, such as: Essex Computer Systems, 15 St Nicholas Road, Tillingham, Near Southminster, Essex CMO 7SQ.
Bfl ¦ Tel:016 21778778.
Disk No. CLG70.
Price: £4.95 including P+P.
Doctor Strange 2 platform game As platform games go, this is pretty much standard. You jump around, collect objects and shoot enemies.
Written in AMOS, this game shines as it’s very polished. The graphics and sound are beautifully matched, with cute characters and crafted effects, whilst control is an absolute doddle. There are plenty of levels to keep you going, with password access to each one. I'm not sure whether it's better than the original, but it comes pretty close, so it has to be worth a look.
Available from: Telescan Computer Services, RO. Box 1, Thornton-Cleveleys, Lancashire FY5 1SH. Tel: 01253 829292. Price: £1.00 plus £1.00 P + P Battle Duel tank game The idea of two tanks firing at each other across a terrain has been around for decades, yet all the attempts at implementing it on Amiga have been simple and never really taken the game to any complex level. Here's the solution to that. This is a multitasking version of the game, with AGA or ECS textured graphics, in which up to four players can have a go at blowing each other to pieces.
The interface is of the Workbench (GadTools) style, making control very easy indeed. There are player, graphics and sound options to tailor the game to your satisfaction, and four kinds of play modes: normal duel, two-player, and two tournament modes (the latter being available only in the registered version!. Battle Duel is easy to play, hard-drive installable, is likely to keep you occupied for many an hour.
Available from: Network PD, 125 Nicholson Road, Sheffield S8 9SW. Tel:0114 281 0398. Disk No. G435. Price: £0.75 plus 50p P + R Cheques 6 postal orders made payable to J Shaw.
Alien Inspiration AGA demo One of the best soundtracks for a while graces this demo from Passion. Plenty of moody filtered synth lines combine with shy breakbeats and Euro rhythms making for a groovy little number. On the graphics side, we've got some decent tunnels and spinning floor effects, mixed with some shaded vector routines. It could really do with some more and longer graphics sections, but short as it is, it's worth a look.
Available from: Freestyle PD, 108 Woodside Way, Short Heath, Willenhall, West Midlands WV12 5NH. Tel: 01922 710 985.
Price: £1 plus 50p P+P.
LOI Games Pack 3 game compilation 101 PD games on seven disks? At the going rate for PD disks is £1 per disk and £1 post and packing, that would work out at £8 for the lot. But this collection is almost £12 including p+p, so they've probably got some really good games on here, and decent menu selection system too, right? Wrong. When you eventually get the menu to load up, you're not guaranteed that your chosen game will even work. I'd like to reel off some classic games that are in the pack, but nothing stands out. A poor effort.
Available from: Software 2000, 48 Nemesia, Amington, Tamworth B77 4EL.
Tel: 0827 684969. Price: £10.99 plus 70p P+R Super Combat 3 game Super Combat 3 is like a two-player version of Cannon Fodder, in that the only enemy is an opposing human.
Extra interest comes in the form of mini missions within each level, which have you rescuing hostages and such like.
Although the pace and excitement of battling against a small army has gone, there's an enjoyable rivalry generated by the simultaneous two-player set up. You will need a friend to play with, as there is no computer opponent. It's rough around the edges but good fun all the same Itchy and Scratchy 4 animation Another Itchy and Scratchy cartoon gets the Amiga conversion treatment. The PD animation scene has been rather quiet recently, I'd guess mainly due to Amiga animators moving onto commercial projects.
This one only needs 1Mb of RAM and is quite fun.
Available from: OnLine PD, 1 The Cloisters, Halsall Lane, Formby, Liverpool, L37 3PX. Tel: 01704 834 335. BBS. 01704 834 583. Disk no.
DA17. Price: 75p plus 75p P + P Available from: OnLine PD, 1 The Cloisters, Halsall Lane, Formby, Liverpool L37 3PX. Tel: 01704 834 335. Disk nos. OG145 a + b. Price: MISMIIIX X l o'Blc I.nt'+.II. li(e,l i,.|e .
In-veiHi ..... I ,| u I. Gen X AGA demo If you're the kind of person who likes lots of slippery rainbow colours wobbling around on your screen, then join the club. Gen X starts off with a good selection of these effects, taking in rotating patterns and feedback sections along the way. It’s a shame the graphics don't quite fill the screen or last for very long. Half way through it goes all ambient with a good still picture and some mellow music. Soon enough the blurred graphics are back again (hooray!) And it goes into overdrive, including the music which accelerates to about 200 beats per
minute. After a shaded 3D table lamp hops across the screen and a scary shark puts in an appearance, it's off to the credits at the end. Top stuff!
By the way, the demo requires an extra 4Mb of Fast RAM, but it has problems with the Blizzard A1230-III.
Available from: Freestyle PD, 108 Woodside Way, Short Heath, Willenhall, West Midlands WV12 5NH. Tel: 01922 710 985.
Price: £2 plus 50p P+R ¦»¦»¦) ** » ft f aa
* gwW8llQ0M«M* WB: pUye' spit icon Ig*m tracer G4» surer mega
nun* --.-r - I -,- ' •* DONKEY KONG Rohan *J«W« On tf M I&4W
QRAVITY FORCE 2 CompuOrvo 2 (MIyer « « GVK MASH SKW » Team 174
new Wo mu game osi9-os?7 (4 disksTcm UB89 PC TASK VI DC MO A PC
TASK JO » 3.1 UPDATER UsooMa wflwwe l-W PC amiMlor demo Plus
update' tlx «•»».»» * PC T*»» Nr* A® 1J New titles contintued..
Lateel de» magazine Mem compute) rdnmoi’ TS* TOO g DISKS)
SIMPSON QUIOE PwxmnttXI on II E110 TYPING DEMON »1* Typrfl »
D2B3 SANITY ROOTS 2 Stwe* AGA C CO** Q2B6 '3 Oftp'j GREINOAY « AGA arty Hen! Aum oon D2B7 D2S0 2 DISKS) OEEP the Gian.
5) BLOND BOMSHIllS SLIDES 2 Orni 184 Parearl Sura Ae 1 Ye Rob*
Sottor. Skedue F«pten ECS 0 i . ' MAQM WB ICONS U7» U7P7 MAGIC
S237-259 (3 DISKSI ORIENTAL LADIES SUDES I 0» IB* orl &2B3 262
Etc* OCSE MATHS EXAM PAPERS Slud.dl. U T82 BACK DOOR 8 The uAmrta game cTeaMu* i Reguree KOAUd 2 0 or « THIS PROOUCT IS NOT PUBLIC I ONLY £5.99 . PhP The coolest PD CO ROM around with a user Irendy menu driven from end (unlike some PHANTASMAGORfA COMPARISON CHAm ! Asitisv Textures and backgrounds .Hundreds ot megabytes ol royally tree speoally selected photographic textures and backgrounds tor raytracmg, cotour DTP and video Completely ongoal magos .compiled over a 5 year period.
Categorized and suppfced with index pictures includes tpeoal [tutorials tor raylracing to show you how to get the best The comoiem Aclrve So We Pro Os» pad.* GrcHxil Zero Imagine obfocu pac*s ZOOM CD ROM COSTS ONLY £19.99+ P&P.
ReOJim. WB 2 0. Lo run allow For Amiga, PC and MAC Images supplied o 640 x 480 resolution 256 colour GIFs, 24 Bit Jpeg s and TIFFs
TELEPHONE FAX. 0117 9741462 (9anv6.00pm MON TO FRI) GROUND ' ?om PUBLIC DOMAIN. UCENCEWARE. CD ROMS Utilities PD hey say you get
• hat you pay for, but cliches are always proven wrong.
Mat Bettinson takes a look at this little lot for proof.
BoMpanion DO pus utilities Dopus Companion which is a selection of hints and tips, buttons, icons, file- types, hotkeys, requesters and Arexx scripts to turn Opus into much more than a directory utility. From compression to the magnificent LHAdir which allows Opus to treat an LHA archive as an actual directory viewed in a lister, this package is a must for everyone that's keen to capitalise on Opus and what it can do for you. Virus checking and AdPro anim compiling, it's all here and files to show you how done. Hell there's even a Plus'" JT GoldEd 3.0 editor a COm |6 n" available and is
the most feature laden. Being a 700K LZX archive, it comes with many other utilities for programming etc and will need a fair amount of space to install. It's a polished program if a little too complex for someone just wanting an editor a bit better than Ed. For those people I recommend an editor called Annotate 2.0 but if you want some raw text editing power or are a programmer this is the best there is and an essential acquisition. The unregistered release is limited to saving and printing 2000 lines but if you're creating that much text with it, you should register this product anyway.
Available from: Seasoft computing. Unit 3, Martello Enterprise Centre, Courtwich Lane, Little hampton. West Sussex bb mb BN17 7PA. Disk: 2273 ¦¦IT 0 Tel: 01903-850378 IV o Price: £1.50 plus 50p P + P gel 2 fi hoicc.T he price d Essential Utils Utility compilation Imaginatively titled 'Essential Utils' this is your usual attempt to compile someone's idea of the ultimate collection of PD utilities into a small space. In this case, three disks. The trouble is many of the versions end up being out of date and the actual collection is an odd mix of stuff and some of which you are most likely to
have. Then again if you've just got into Amiga computing then picking up these three would give you a reasonable starter as far as real essential utilities. Degraders, archivers, back-up programs, directory utilities, screen blankers.
Disk copiers and salvagers, packers, grabbers and editors all make up this odd- mix. If that sounds like your idea of fun then give it a spin. The read-me file on each disk tells you what’s on it and a bit about each program. Unfortunately a later version of Powerpacker than the '¦ - - ,-s one supplied has been used to crunch everything. Oh well. Better get CFX decrunch from another PD disk (sigh).
Available from: F1 Licenceware, 31 Wellington Road, Exeter, Devon EX2 9DU. Tel: 0392- 493580 Price: £2.99 for the three disks plus 50p P+R MUI Applications Magic User Interface utilities You either love Magic User Interface (MUI) or hate it.
Some say it's too slow and consumes too much memory whilst others enjoy customising all their GUIs, to exactly what they require. Already there are a number of applications that use MUI and this disk is a very small collection of them. However, it manages to include some really dire efforts. One gurued right away.
This disk is useless to you unless you already have MUI. I recommend picking up MUI to have a look at it anyway though not for unexpanded machine owners.
Most of the utilities simply aren't useful enough to want to pick this disk up even if the GUIs can be turned into works of art. An oversized MUI clock? A stupid GUI with configurable (large) buttons to activate tasks? UHR and Tools Manager blow them away. Uncompressed and uninteresting, give this disk a wide berth. Get MUI applications that you actually want to run rather than just for the sake of running MUI.
Available from: Kew II, PO Box 672, South Croydon, Surrey CR2 9YS.
Tel: 0181-6571617 Price: £1.50 including P+P Ms iooI 3, South 4, Pitch liEB Image Studio 2.0 Image Processor The Amiga is no stranger to image processing with some classic commercial products rivalling what's available on any other platform. However, not all of us want to lash out on this sort of utility if it's only the odd pic that needs a slight modification.
Enter Image Studio 2.0 with a range of operations for a variety of balance, effects, convolves and scripts. The usual operators are available from blurring to altering the colour make-up of the picture with a graph of what's done to simple image conversion between formats like GIF and JPEG etc. It scales the images into a mono preview window at any size. The image can be viewed when needed on its own screen. Cropping and scaling is also a doddle. This is a fantastic product with the only drawback that it will only process 250 x 250 images. Still for the casual dabbler, this would be a good
cheap processor that is very powerful.
ColorWB Workbench enhancement package Arrgh! Not another Workbench enhancement package! Yep that's what it is except this one caters for those not keen on MagicWB. It uses the stock pallet and style and a few low colour depth backdrops of glamour girl shots. A good collection of icons for a range of programs are provided and even the essential Intel Outside backdrop.
Overall this is a rather basic collection. You'd do better to get yourself a nice MagicWB collection and a few add-ons but it is, after all, a matter of taste. However, you might like the standard WorkBench. In that case you should probably keep taking the tablets and let life slide by.
Words 2.3 Spell checking package Having been on a quest tor a proper spell checker for some time, I was delighted to find that version 2.3 of this previously German only spell checker has grown an English dictionary. Previously you had to either use a Word Processor or the ancient AZSpell.
The installer handles everything since it talks directly to Gold Ed and after asking to save the settings a few times.Spelllt (the actual spell checker that Words relies on) is installed in a menu. As I type this, my spelling is being checked on the fly. After typing a misspelled word, a requester pops up with suggestions. Very impressive in operation. Words that it doesn't understand are quickly added via the 'learn' menu option and are saved when exiting Gold Ed.
Darn handy. With the addition of Words 2.3. Gold Ed really does turn into the best darn text editor I’ve seen on any platform.
Available from: Ground Zero Software (Dept CU), 4 Chandos Road, Redland, Bristol BS6 6PD.
Tel Fax: 0117-9741462 E-Mail: zero@ground.
Demon.co.uk. Price: £1.00 plus 75p P+R Available from: Pixel Digital PD, Stanley Dock Market, Regent Road, Liverpool 3, South 4, Pitch
121. Tel: 0151-2594 017 Price: £1.00 plus 50p P+R Sonic Drum Kit
V2 drum machine Sonic Drum Kit V2 is a simple GUI driven
drum machine. Clicking on a drum icon and a box in the
pattern view will add the instrument there.
Unfortunately this is about the best aspect of this program. No keyboard shortcuts, everything must b« done with the mouse. Even moving around in the pattern must be mouse controlled and all the functions are text labelled boxes. It quickly becomes a chore to hit 'start' and 'play' to hear the pattern again.
Sonic Drum comes with a few drum kits as standard but since these are specially provided with icons for each sound, there's no way to load your own samples. It provided about 15 minutes of entertainment before the mouse movements became tedious. Hell you can't even mix them from separate drum kits to make a decent one.
The best thing were some of the funny samples provided. However, I'd steer clear of this one, there's better around that's easier to use.
Mandela Mandelbrot fractal generator Oh no not another mandelbrot generator! Yes it is but this one's worthy of a mention for one reason. It has a rather unique way of drawing mandelbrots. It seems to find the boundaries of colours and draw them first filling in the details later. Very pleasant to watch it work rather than a 'brot filling the screen from the top down very slowly. Speaking of speed, Mandela is pretty nippy to boot. I noticed that if you have an FPU you are better off choosing floating point calculations to shift up the speed stakes. Drawbacks are that it only seems to be
interested in PAL screen modes. Productivity and everything else'seems to have vanished though I seem to recall running this on a graphics board so extra modes do work, just not the native modes. Shame really.
Colour resolution up to 256 colours is catered for.
Mandela is compact, fast and interesting. Definitely worth a look.
Available from: Malcom Lavery (author), 20 Shakespeare Avenue, Orgill, Egremont, Cumbria CA22 . . I. r,, _ 2HF Te,: °1946- including Code Name Nano game Available from: Seasoft Computing, Unit 3, Martello Enterprise Centre, Courtwich Lane, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 7PA. Tel: 01903- 850378 Price: £1.50 plus 50p P+R [Ifia* reuaru for ther exam*
- ctwoarg you nunber.
DURES Howto create your osn Hqrwjxrtef a«J
X) L5 Purler. Ad Easy Ordering SxduSoU T- KLONDIKE DELUXI iRT
MANIA NoM j Fun top down i UTILITIES X
(2. AGA) M 2. ARC BatTeic*- Dclock. FaatMath, Sens drect from
Hard jned as a very powerful V|(«MKS)GoIm-
• use in most trackers TOSC COMPANION p M*| Lot. Of.
I rikenvCi loads md too. Of optcre and :KUP V2 1 4 p M*] i hard tfwe backup 5P V4.I (2.04*1 I The adds a-tide host of ncJ mtm MAMPULATIONi CRY FOR DAWN (2) I RqveoeMter of a cook Re«rtf» fl«n •» ro- IvftmlfifiWR IIA MANGA BABES (AGA) itunmno examples of raytraced artwork by ®f?D WHEELS AGA Cohdion of JPEGS fea- TRSI: SUN (2, AGA) MAGJNE CAR OBJECTS (3 DISKS) Car TEXTURES . NL E PV.'A'E I POV CONTPC 3D OBJ CONVI CRA'ONS RE IMAGINE LIGf ALIENS C BAB-IO ¦ i'. :s; DALEKO RAYTRACING MANUAL ROBOT KEY: SflSWMSI lMV 96 DoUHe the spaa of vcur
* = A500* A600 A1200 [020] - 68020 processor rq
(t) -Number of desks [¦MEG] *¦ Manoty rq AGA - A12GXVA4000 only
booklet' F1-068 Aquanauf £3.99 F1-C68 Gnost Sjaycn £3 99
F1-074 Anna Assistart £3 99 F1-077 Boomers Gurie to WB3 £3 99
F1-061 Aquakon (2MEG1 £6 99 F1-064Vwd Pla * Pro £4 99 F1-085
legen. Of Dawn[2 04*| £4 99 F1-006 Leaions Daw*V2 M*fH& £4 99
ATF1 tides h sleek 3 ;UNNY I MWB PA »a:-; i
* M-M MAGIC V :hre. FFTremt KmKM i (Anl IheT i only 2 dn«i Mr
FREE rggpon 0° c*
• ta 164 C"n CLIPBUSTER irrrmn 23 CLIPART DISKS 124.99 Choose
from 4 Different Volume* “24 HR SERVICE] HEADHUNT bmdsaina
k]’e1 vl b| o1'a|"r]’o1' mEDaai OREGON WET otM ifAi BLOCK!
£f til A elf" amu ChtUESE gMjiiisiy BUBBLEJET SERVICE!
Having used Ink-Jots for 4 Years, we feel we are In a unique position to off or a Brat class service to all of our euotemor*. We only supply PREMIER Ink refills for all printers which we OUARANTEE will give a BETTER quality than from your original Cartridge. Wo also supply a comprehensive range ol Ink-Jet Bubblejet Consumables Including: COLOUR Kirs ORIOINAL CARTRIDOEI CLEANIMQ KITS SCALEABLE COLOUR BSW CLIP-AH naar kav. Hi* World, i.rg.ai coRootloo ol ¦ral.Bbl. Won )¦.«)i Amiga Cip-Art.
OVER 100 Dlgkg!!!!!
have Image Catalogue Disks ART POSTCRYPT NS09WE
no need to limit your artwork on your Amiga to a few line
drawings. Here's a few who certainly haven't.
Banging A Big Drum Pressure Pot * by Lavit Simon, France.
By Chris Banks, Grimbsy.
A Quiet Night In by Johnny Devik, Norway.
By Paul Hamilton, Devon.
Eefil 9 IMG ?SPACE & ASTRONOMY VOLUME 6 itairo all mo very laf
I. tods, muse & [CO 106) f 14 99 Hundreds d NASA p**ure lies.
Aswell as tea lies from NASA dated back w
1964. (CD15) £19.99 ? HUTCHINSONS ENCY.
'Ccnians all volumes ol ihe encydcpe- da. Music. Famous speeches. Piclures ole. GREAT VALUE'(CPI Cg) Only £14.6 ? INSIGHT DINOSAURS Produced In assoc a lion with iho Natural Hetoiy Museum. Lord on. Contains an» malions. Sounds. & text |CD114) £19 99 ? ILLUSIONS 3D Inekides hundreds d pre rendered 30 images aswell as tools to make your mr tascnatrg 3D mages. (COM) £9.99 ? PRO .GIF COLOUR ART Over S.COO hit colour Prolessonai qual-
* y Images covering a wide range ol sub- lects.Great lor DTP
worto(C016) £19 99 ?ESSENTIAL UTILITIES Fonts. Animations. Muse
nd samples, and loads
* 9a) £19.99 not cd32 Hundreds ol the most useful tods lor mo
Amga Graphics tods, muse tods. Disk toots etC.(CD74J Or y £9.99
not cd32 ?COVER GIRL POKER Foaiures 8 soundtracks. Superb
graphics A choee ot languages A great gam lor all Adults
(CDQ7AMI) £t§99 ?THE SOUND L)fiB Thousands ol samples, muse
modules A tods. An excellent value douOlo CD _(CD! 08) £19.99 ?
GFX SENSATION Over tOOmO ot Imagine objects, hundreds d
textures and toads d objects tor lightwave_(CD02) £19.99 ? PRO
IFF CLIPART 2 A lanlaste r*w CD conlamriQ thousands d cipart
images to PCX format.
Ircuaes ?50page 0cok(CP110) £24.99 I TREK MULTIMEDIA GOLD l d pictures in BMP. GIF. IFF A JPEG. Hundreds i Fit. FLC, and Anim. The theme tines trom the.
I Generation and toads more.
Based toes al on one i guidos. Professional S (CDtCOI Oriy £59.95 ? SUPER CDROM BUNDLE!
To COHO MS III. All feature a dflerem subject d images In BMP. Money. World vmw. Business, etc (CD 106) £19.99 ?SEXY SOUNDS A bit ol a novaity. The a an Audio CD containing various muse track accomp.
Nied by rather naughty samp'as. £799 ? HOTTEST 5 Tons ot Toots, games, graphics etc. taken trom me latest set ol PD sob dew.
Includes prtoted index. (CD63) £19.99 ? AMINET SET 1-4 Four CO set d the very best loots, games, music etc Excellent veAie"!
_(C050) £27.99 RCADE CLASSICS CD
* ede games. Pacman. Frogger. Astenods. Space
• Centipede. M«Je Command. Q-Ben. A Omoga ) 8 more (CD76) Only £9
99 not CQ32 ? ADULT SENSATION Over 40CC Full cdour .GIF images
ot beautiful women.
Viewers A graphics conveners tor the Amga are nckidod.
_Order code; (CDOi) £1999 ? SPECCY SENSATION Orer 500 classic spectrum games nckidmg Skcoi daze.
Mane mner elc. All ready to run on one CD on your Amga.
_Order code: (CD03) £14.99 ? WORLD OF CLIPART ,xxjBLEco A superb value double CD title containng around 40.000 IFF. PCX. BMP. GIF. TIF. EPS Cdour A motto dipart images.
Over 100 dttererr. Subjects covered. (CO77) £17 99 not 0032 Mail Order Hotline.
XXX Z tLCKSULKS ,t*. Amiga,,, RoeI World. - 9 Tracks by Paul Wyatt Paul Ayres & S. Young. £9.99 A drop in the ocean. -12 Professional Audio Tracks £9.99 Sexy Sounds - Musical tracks accompanied by nauty nocses. £7.99 E-ncti CP is prcrtessicnoBy packngncd & produced !lTY ORDFR FORM ORDER VALUE overseas orders conoitions of sale I I unucn runivi I unucn yhlul II Overseas orders are wetoome. Please add £2.00 po. II Goods are not son on a Inal bass EAOE Please send me.. U cd-rom mte W technical support COLLECTING YOUR ORDER ¦ Wim a detscaied Technic* supports Ine oiler 30 days , H You ate
wefcome to eoleci your order from arty time H free technca' support to all oix customers on afl our soh- ¦ between 9:30am - 5:30pm Monday - Saturday ¦ ware A CD-ROM teles.
ORDERING BY POST ¦ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED ¦ Simply send us your order, tasng the items you H Most orders are processed mm in 48hours ¦ require, the total ceai, and your name A address with ¦ A full cdour CD-ROM catatogue will be sent FREE £• ¦ payment either by cheque or Postal Order, payabo ¦
- -Vi-r’V.
Total goods value £. Ordering over the phone _ _ _ Cat Shy time bEt-een 9 30 A S.3C Morday Poslaae S Pachina r Saturday w*n you Cre H card Petals and the items MM ffilflnfaaflffW _you vtoiid like to ordor.
S require a floppy dnvo & keyboard to function. | | Amount enclosed £. JK a Mantand. Am a iota, fi.co per CD AMIGA - AMIGA - AMIGA - AMIGA - AMIGA - AMIGA - AMIGA - AMIGA - AMIGA - AMKiA - AMIGA -AMIGA - AMIGA - AMIGA - AMIGA - AMIGA - AMIGA - AMIGA - AMIGA - AMIGA - AMIGA - AMIGA - AMIGA Model_ int Method.
FREE Y-DIP CDROM card number H ALL ORDERS OVER ROM.. JMI1LCD-RQM... UJJ-Ji DM.. .CD-R0M..J3IH} DM...CD-ROM... CIJ-PILCD-ROlJ IV UGHT SOM CD comaint olnoti 6S0 magob nt o* 3D c*aacn.
Irtogat irrogat aquancat, tcana Ifat. Toloca a"b.iai btmp mopt Qtd ta-tunt in IFI ond TA*GA lormoli DEMt. And ligVuam nb» tad latl lilat UGHT SOM it on atwduobla ntourea lor UgVwna man. Ond ot o bonut. Ncudet motarcd lor Sctdpl 3D aid litogrta man C44.95 3D Stanogroait on you tcraanl A na~ intarattlrg antartoiamM a bom: Wdtoul tpaool odt o *reo dmantionol colotrhd ond (ontot
* c obpa Oppaort wddanly on o two dmenvond Ktotflaly pot
• amad pidura. TV ilV.Mon ol daprb hot oiraod, ttwmad atHiont ol
people oroand * world Mow you con view »V Uanogroatt a htma on
your tcraanl AD yew need b on lha CD. Baudet 2CO tlarao- gromt
wbh wvyng d*c *y. *en n toltwon on die CD. Which en oblea you
as creole your own 3D pidunt £12.95
• «
• •• ••
• •••V*«
• •••©•j
• JV ,
• •••©**
• •••
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- i* enjoy IV corrdc-ioble uwr Merloca £29.95
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Da'aie. Ond mo- dfy doto cn yota Cdi Th» product will tola you
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bi h4e» £44.95 Aminet 6 An. Net CD 6. Dolad )« 1995. Comiili ol
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Adobe end TnaTypa. Tvra ora 231 toM loiwUt o' ».t CD (aoch contoning ol up to B dHannl n a.| Tin, o-. lo«A*d tann coMgonat Oaco (63 lomVil Ncnlotn (33 fowiUt). Pkltaat 116 fottAatl. Sont Sard (29 lomlml Scnpr |36 loittlietl. Sard (36 bttiiail. Thbnan|T9l»t lai| CI9.95 Gamers' Delight TK. CO cento™ 40 gomt lo. IV Comwcdon Ango hon. Dlf.. log cotagonei. Aoton. Jump & dtn. Cord Gomel. I irdat. Sinology Gonai - o whole rmga cd computar aWOOtnmanl e-oitl Gonao * DuUgK ail hold you copk-oiad lor hourt ond gioiontaat iyghtt tng pieoture. Al gomet an cowmerciol varvont ¦ no pubfte donoln & -o demotl
TV CD con V tun on ony AMIGA wbh CDBOM dm.. CDTV or Anigo CD32 Contola wih I MB baa taenory and kr, Wvl ioypod. £29.95 Gote-oyl ollan NatBSD 10. A K.« lealtaed UNIX4U opetohng lytlea wrt both lotrcei and bnocm Id lb* AMIGA. (386. Son 3.
Ond oiVr o-chite h.ei Go neftutfing with tV lorge k oc- o) itftpUd n.tworling tool. Olh.. wpplied pockogei include a binoty roleote ol die I wndc~ tyitom (111*0) lo* die Amga. Wtfh nony oddbcnol cUoii. Ood pocloget web o» pad. IIKK1. Goner, fro I piog ora. And nan, megabyte! Ol mponow Mai Mat inch at UK* ood l*Qt A cor**'ele nitollolcn gi-de it ovoloWo oo the CD Ture on oho tom. AngoOOS Mhmy wch o. Wt lo AmTCP oad Emery £9.95 The Beauty Of G Di»a utto da (cnioitc odd of die boeaJ geeme*yc f *roay through tV deplhi ol the mandated t* T 307 mondafa-oi pKiuia. In Gil lotmai |256 «Aor
• cot 1140.890,1024.768. 640-ABO pi-el. 20 Ml pKtcrai io nFfarma.
Grophic viewer. Loa PC. A IpocUd) Cl4.95 All products are
available in your local Amiga-a or through national
mail-order-companies I International Distrib i GoIdFish 2
Grenville Trading International I Zimmersmuhlenweg 73 61440
Oberursel • Gern Tel +49-6171-85937 Fax +49-6171-8302 Email:
CompuServe 100336,1!
J- BUYERS GUIDE lOO • Deciding which hard drive is right for you and where to get it will no longer cause you any problems once you've read this.
After many promises, we are pleased to announce the return of the ever popular Comms pages, following on from last month's Internet feature. Dpaint V has arrived with a tutorial to go with it, and we get our hands dirty with some exciting photo montage techniques in Image FX. All of that, plus the conclusion of the Directory Opus series, and a three- page special on ProCalc.
DIRECTORY OPUS 101 • Find out just how many Public Domain goodies there are out there that can help you squeeze even more out of this excellent program.
IMAGE FX 102~ Photo montage effects are on the menu in this month's look at what our June cover disk Image FX can do.
PROCALC 104 • Small business owners leap for joy, or any avid ProCalc users out there because we have a three page bonanza lined up for you.
PRODRAW 109 • Some ideas for designing your own business cards, stationery or the like with a little help from ProDraw.
Comms 110 • Welcome to the return of an old favourite - our wired world column.
This new series kicks off wth a look at the basics of the internet.
GRAPHICS MASTERCLASS 116 • Deluxe Paint V has finally arrived with a fresh new set of exciting textures on board. We check then ur SUBSCRIPTIONS 120 • We've got three superb offers for you this issue: 12 issues for the price of eight, the choice of a free gift or fantastic reductions on mobile phones.
F FAQ 125 • All you ever wanted to know about cover disk problems but were too scared to ask in case anyone thought you were stupid.
Q&A MASTERCLASS 120 Feeling lazy? Yes Well, now you can set your Amiga to sit around waiting for one thing to finish before it starts another while you have lie down Q+A 122 The Q + A team has a new member. Amiga diehard Mat Bettinson has |oined our fresh faced tech ed Tony Horgan in the fight for Amiga technical knowledge BACKCHAT 122 There's no end to the Amiga-related topics covered in this month’s reader s letters, sex, violence, astrology, it’s all here (well almost).
POINTS OF VIEW 130 Can Power Computing and M-tec carry GVP forward or is all hope lost? Our new technical bod poses the question.
Ot’s become a bit of a campaign here to urge you to upgrade, and kit yourself out with a better system. It's the only way the market will grow and thus entice software developers to create bigger and better programs.
A classic example of hardware limitation is the size of programs, in particular games Look at PC and Mac systems and games are.
In nearly all cases, hard drive installable. On the Amiga, however. The number of people without hard drives forces developers to continue writing games that run solely off floppy disks. The result is that Amiga games need to be broken up into loads of small files, and masses of disk swopping is required when playing them. This prevents developers from creating games with lavish graphics and sound, and slowly but surely Amiga games fall behind PC and Mac versions.
Buyers G Get a hard drive that's just right for you.
Here's how to go about deciding which model suits your needs.
The answer is to upgrade your system, fitting a hard drive. But which one. There are so many advertised? Or it looks like that.
In reality the various hard drives on offer aren’t that different. In real terms there are only a few considerations you'll need to make to narrow down your and out a space on the back to a buying decision. hard drive. You'll also need to find The first considera- ’(¦jSk a box and power supply for the tion you'll need to make external drive, is where you want to fit the hard 4 Tfc* kptlla 1211SCSI2: aa KcthnUr cart ailtt ¦ bull la SCSI aptioa drive. There are three possible places you can deposit the mechanism. Possible choices being: internally, hidden from view, externally bolted onto
the side of the Amiga, or externally in a self contained box hanging off the back of your system.
Price range Internal units are the tidiest, being completely self contained with your Amiga. They also leave your trapdoor expansion bay and PCMCIA port free for things like RAM expansions and CD-ROM drives. Internal models also have the lowest prices starting form just under £100.
Models that hang off the edge of the Amiga are connected via the PCMCIA interface. These are the easiest to fit. But prevent you from using a CD-ROM drive (although a hard drive with an optional CD drive via the PCMCIA interface will be released soon).
The final type, units that hang off the back are the most expensive (prices start at around £250).
Hardest to fit but also the fastest.
These work by using an interface on an accelerator card plugged into the trapdoor slot. The interface provides a cable which leads through the insides of the Amiga.
You’ll probably want either a PCMCIA unit or to have a dealer fit an internal unit for you. If you're an old hand at the Amiga or want the fastest drive possible go for an expansion card based model.
Size counts The next consideration is size, and here if most definitely counts. Hard drives capacities are measured in Megabytes, the value of a hard drive usually being measured in the number of megabytes you got per pound, the more the merrier.
If money was no argument the answer would be simple, go for the biggest capacity you can afford. You are bound tq fill it up eventually and the bigger the capacity the further away this event will be.
However money is more than a passing interest to most of us, and so you'll need to decide how much you can afford and then pick the size according to this.
Remember that internal drives are the cheapest, so if you can’t afford a lot it's probably better to go for these as you'll get a bigger drive for your money.
Let's interface If you've come to a decision about the last two questions, the last problem will answer itself - the type of interface the hard drive uses. PCMCIA and internal hard drives invariably use IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics).
These are low cost and give average performance, you also have the advantage that the Amiga 1200 and 600 have IDE interfaces built in so you don't need to pay for a new interface - keeping costs down.
The alternative is SCSI (Small Computer Systems Interface).
Hard drives connected using SCSI interfaces are faster and you can also connect up to seven of I them at once, so they're better * but cost more.
VOU I rice I rl I IDE I As already mentioned, if you want ease of use and low price IDE is your route. Then it's si a matter of looking through the adverts for either an internal hard drive (check out First Computer). Or a PCMCIA hard I drive using IDE - the obvious j ones being the Overdrive. These I are available in capacities of up I to about 500Mb. I If you want performance check out SCSI based systems. J the HiSoft Squirrel or Blizzard 1230-11 accelerator SCSI sion. These are available capacities, going over in size, ie huge That' month, until next issue Andy Leaning A few places to try
... First Computers 0113 231 9444 Gordon Harwood 01773 836781 HiSoft 01525 718181 Silica 0181 309 1111 Visage Computers 0115 9444 501 Directory Opus To finish this series off we've rifled through some PD libraries to find lots of utilities that will help you get even more out of this excellent program.
©ongratulations. You've made it to the last of the Directory Opus tutorials. It’s been a long struggle but you've made it. By now you'll have more than a passing knowledge of Opus. Over the last seven or so months we've covered practically every aspect of how to configure Opus: how to run other programs, how to view and play files and how to pass arguments to other utilities. All of these fit neatly into the basic role of Directory Opus, as a central utility for controlling and manipulating files, a sort of NASA command centre for file operations on your Amiga.
As a command centre it's meant to provide complete control of your Amiga, to harness its power. Yet so far the programs we've shown BBS configuration If you've got a modem it's well worth have a trawl around the various Amiga BBS and internet sites. There are bucket loads of user configurations and Am x scripts floating around, they prove invaluable for learning more about Opus and if you were the sort of person who nicks other people's ideas they're great for ripping off, although we'd never suggest you do that... working with Opus have been the basic AmigaDos utilities, like the standard
text editor Hardly suitable for getting the most out of the Amiga, or enough to give you the tools necessary to let Opus really shine as a centre for file management. So to finish the series off I've spent the last week or so looking at the vast number of PD and shareware utilities that can be used alongside our cover disk to help you get more out of it.
Let's hear it for Opus The first programs are those for playing sound files. There are numerous different sound sample formats on the Amiga and the basic player supplied with Opus will play just a few of these.
So a utility that can play lots of formats is a must. One I use, and can heartily recommend is DeliTracker. This is a PD program that, by fol- - lowing previous tutorials, can be used by Opus by simply clicking on a sound file.
But the Amiga is more than just a sound system, its main strength is in graphics, animations and pictures. Take a look at the catalogue of your favourite PD library and you'll find masses of utilities for displaying the various graphical file formats available on the Amiga. Formats you'll want to handle are JPEG. GIF. All IFF varieties, and possibly PCX, For top notch JPEG viewing check out jpegAGA. It's the bee's knees. Also take a peak at ViewTek which handles masses of other file formats.
It's a tight fit Not really in the normal viewing or playing category of utility are compression tools. When used alongside Opus these will allow you to uncompress or compress files stored in archives. My system for instance is set up to recognise LHA. DMS. And ZIP file types. The programs to handle all these formats are widely available from PD libraries and we highly recommend you have a go at configuring your disk to support them.
The last option you might want to consider is upgrading the use of the standard AmigaDos text editor. I use EdWord and find it really helpful.
And that's about it. The last thing worth pointing out is that there's an increasing number of PD disks now appearing that are just packed with utilities and add-ons for Opus, in particular try out the Dopus Companion.
Those I've seen are well worth having and a must for serious users, your PD library should be able to supply them - if not call Active Software on 01325 352260.
And that brings us to the end of the Opus tutorials. If you've got any questions we can't, unfortunately, answer them over the phone, but by all means drop a line to Q&A at the usual address and we’ll answer them through the pages of the magazine. ¦ Andy Leaning Risky business It's corporate suit time. Over the last couple of weeks I've come across several people selling copied CU Amiga Magazine cover disks. This is without exception illegal. The commercial software on our cover disks is copyright of the original developers which we license for exclusive use on our cover disks. Buying
these disks (from anyone except our back issues department) is illegal, as is selling them If you find anyone doing so don't buy them. If you are selling them, don't.
Image FX EMM] Photo montage effects are yet another stunning feature offered by Image FX. Here's how it's done.
Omage FX is excellent tor creating photo montage type pictures. As you can see from the images on these pages.
In the days of 32 colour low resolution. This kind of thing was virtually impossible. However, Image FX can work in any of the Amiga’s many screenmodes. Using 24-bit colour and picture sizes limited only by the amount of free memory which means photographic quality results are easily within range. Bear in mind that although the program will run on as little as 2Mb of RAM, to produce the kind of pictures here you'll need some extra memory. This is mainly due to the way the program converts all of its images into 24-bit colour (16 million colours), regardless of the number of colours in
the original picture. This has the advantage of not limiting your pictures to the colour palettes of the original images.
When it comes to saving out your pictures you can decide to store them with fewer colours if you wish by rendering them and saving the rendered images rather than the 24-bit buffers.
The two step-by-step tutorials this month concentrate on combining parts of different images into a single picture. These techniques are used extensively in the worlds of publishing and advertising. Take for example the billboard advert that shows a horse sitting in the boot of a car. Then there’s the current advert for Speedo swimwear, in which a woman is seen to be diving into the sea alongside a trio of dolphins.
Neither of these pictures are 'real'.
Both have been created by combining images from at least two different sources, proving that image composition can be a lot more subtle than raving frogs and flying fish on the moonl If you missed out on this amazing fully functioning program from the June 1995 issue of CU Amiga Magazine, call our back issue department immediately and order your copy. Phone 0858 468 888 and secure yours before stocks run out.
Next month we'll embark on another leg of our journey through the world of image processing. ¦ Tony Morgan ; mi i Mgt ijaejtej fet* Lae I frfa | !¦»** I fr *«H [Ulw 1 tffwt | pa A Nest the fractal U picture needs te be ™ leaded iato the spare hatter slot Image FX nor- ¦ally eses two maia picture slots called betters.
When you select Load, the image is leaded iats tbe carready selected hatter.
Te load a spare picture you first need to select Swap Buffers from tbe Butter mean This jampstoaa empty screea. Now the fractal caa be opened using the Lead batten as normal. Yen'll need te come bach to this mean when yen want te iomp hack to tbe original image.
Frwfrftrffgs:_I _ OnrluffB-... Wfe=_ load frcn Diehard irJiSn-Kn.,. BE*-:,__ Qnl°**_I
- SHESfiSL* J &*¦ i »* i m* i »* I »¦« I attBxo
Mpn(ig avw e -«ro-PBi»wPr»rW .»i» fcy I a A Jump back to the
frog picture nsiag the Swap Batten option, the drawing made caa
new be set ta Rub Tbrongh. Doubts dick on any drawing tool to
bring ap the options aad dick ea tbe Mode battoa.
A The fractal backdrop bat n* been loaded aad is sitting in tbe ltd spore batter There are now twe pictures ia memory: tbe aripmal frof picture aad the fractal.
RlANowdraw- Ujiago. The frog picture reveals parts of the fractal hackgroaad. F« in the area around the outside of the frog a freehand or drawing. Zoom ia if yea want to get a let more accuracy on the details and edges. Also, if year Sskld S.'*" «nxr Prefs button aad selecting the Preview mode option.
VV mu Os anyone who's followed this ProCalc If you have a small business or are still having problems using ProCalc, check out the following pages they should see you right.
Double Entry Example 18th August 1995 Cash Total £70.8f8eS £70.00 23rd August 1995 Cas Total Rent 888:85 27th August 1995 Cash Total Material £50.25 £50.25 Sales 18th August 1995 25th August 1995 28th August 1995 Cash Cash Cash Total £129.00 £30.00 £25.00 £184.00 ProCalc tutorial so far will testify, our November cover disk is a tremendously powerful program. In fact it's more than capable of running the books for a small business. Over the last few months we’ve shown how many of ProCalc's functions work, its database in action useitspre- “ sentation tools. For experienced business users
this will be more than enough to get them up and running in a small office.
Faxes and letters from new users asking how to set-up ProCalc to handle ledgers and books.
Unfortunately this really requires an understanding of how to handle books and accounts first, which is a huge subject on its own. And we certainly don't have space to cover it here.
What we can do however is to show you how some of the basic business accounting paper work is done, allowing you to build on this basis. If you'd like to know more Over the last few months we've had phone calls. Email, The Bonsai Tree lBthAugu.11995 Wages £70.85 191H August 1995 Cash Sale £129 00 23rd August 1995 Rent £200.00 25th August 1995 Cash Sale
30. 00 27lh August 1995 Material £50.25 28th August 1995 Cash
Sale £25.00 A F iyBit 1: the mm bisk lom al boak taping. This
is asdess as aar- Ihiag atftai tbaa a basic raced si ¦bat's
carat • aai •bat s bata sptaL Debit Credit August Carried
Down £300.00 18th August 1995 Cash Sale £129.00 8th August
1995 Wages £7085 25th August 1995 Cash Sale
30. 00 Rent £200.0C 28th August 1995 Cash Sale £25.00 27th August
1995 Material £50.2i Balance £162.90 C A fijart 2: Bara
practical recording. Breaking ap what has baaa spent aai what
bat coiae in as two iiRereat grsaps Using PrcCalc we can aise
gaicUy Milthe centpaay has mala at last manny about accounts
and the mechanics of ledgers etc, take a look in your local
library, or enquire at a local higher education establish
about business courses.
Basic business financial recording starts with a log of all transactions. At its simplest this looks something like that in figure 1.
This shows what's come in and what's gone out of the business, when and how.
However, it's not very helpful; it doesn't tell us anything about the state of the company (is it making or losing money?! Other than a lot of activity is taking place. We need a system that will tell us exactly how much money is being made or lost and where it's going.
Made in Italy Thankfully someone else has done the hard work for us and figured out how this can be done.
Luca Paciolia, an Italian, described in 1494 a system of book keeping used by Italian traders.
Others extended and built on this system over the years until the present day. The current accounting system of double Outline-arama When working on business projects there will invariably be occasions when you have information in a spreadsheet that you don't want printed, or hidden for a short period of time.
Imagine for instance you had a database of products, prices and costs, you could make a very quick price list if you could somehow hide the cost information and just print out the description and sale price. Or if you could have an invoice that in the spreadsheet show not just product, price but your margin, again, there's obviously no way you’d want your customers seeing this data, so a way of temporarily hiding it when printing it would be useful.
This is exactly what the outlines menu is for. Take a look at the screenshot in figure A. It shows a fairly typical business spreadsheet consisting of product name, codes, costs, product category and prices. If you wanted to make a price list you'd only want to show names, codes and prices, by highlighting the costs and product category columns and then clicking on Outline Hide Columns we can then remove this information - try type this spreadsheet in, hiding the columns and printing it.
You'll also notice that our spreadsheet contains further data which you'll find useful, but again you won't want customers seeing.
Under each product row are further rows showing the component parts that make up that product, such information is vital so you can perform cost breakdowns. Selecting these entry book keeping is based on this ancient, but workable, system. This shouldn't be too surprising as Luca Pacilia and his chums had the same requirements as modern business people.
The current day system is a very complex subject (which is why any of you who have had contact with an accountant will have had a hefty bill) but managing and recording things through programs like ProCalc can help rows and clicking on Outline Hide Rows will again hide this information, but this time removing horizontal data.
To get back the information you've hidden select the 5 j hidden columns *r~ and rows and click fq«e a n on Outlines Reveal ‘““"J* fqate a ism| Ihr aalhar capability lo biflr columns u4 ram ¦ mm Mm *mi tfUrl Herr we can Mr !•«*» 4 ami 6 la lake Mrt lire* easts w take mi cil s C mi • la make a price htl C» 1MW t«1 Columns or Outlines Reveal Rows.
But Outlines can do still more. Take a look the screen shot in figure B. This shows a fairly standard staff record form. Using this and outlines we can hide all but the names is to use ProCalc as an and telephone numbers to make a quick phone list. This time however instead of clicking on Outlines Hide Columns select columns A.B, and C and click on Outlines Create Column Left.
Like the hide option this removes various information from view, but leaves the starting column visible. The advantage is that using this approach ProCalc keeps and internal reference of the hidden data and allows you to quickly turn the display of them on or off, instead of forcing you to keep revealing and hiding them. Try it out by clicking on the bolded heading column - notice how the previously hidden rows now reappear. You can do the same with Rows by using Outlines Create RowTop.
T v nr Fijmr b m«c tmip this is a laiily typical stafl lecoids sheet Me caa qaickly lata this ia to a telrphoae list by asia* Oatliar to Wr colaaas B *o4 C mi thro priot it oat illustration in figure 2 shows how the transactions are split up into two types: credit and debit.
Debit is money owed to or make it much less expensive - the more accurate records you have the less time it will take an accountant to sort out your dealings. The Another use for Outlines Creating Templates If you have a regular job to carry out in ProCalc. An invoice for example. You can create a skeleton of formula and spreadsheet layouts that you can quickly drop information into.
To make a template create the spreadsheet model that you'll use on a regular basis. Now strip out all the information that will change from month to month, delete it. You'll notice that when doing this cells containing references will change to show Error'. This is simply because there's no longer any data for them to work on. Don't worry about this for the time being.
Now save this spreadsheet under a name, 'invoice.template' for example In future all you need do is load the template and quickly key in fresh data and hey presto you've done the work in half the time' Don't forget however to save the updated spreadsheets under a different name, otherwise youH overwrite the template name and have to create it again ideas processor - frequently found in the more powerful word processors.
When creating a report or document it often helps when planning it to form a structure before you start writing. This way when writing it you have a clear plan and won't forget something while working on another part.
Take this panel for instance. If I'd started out describing outlines by the time I got to the end I may well have forgotten to mention that Outlines can be used as an idea's processor.
By using Outlines however I can flesh out the structure and list everything I want to cover 1 before hand and then as I write it ] check each section is written. To use Outlines for ’r* t*1's use- type your main subject headings into columns going across the page.
In this case col- hum"1 umn A would have say 'Outlines
- Mam Use' while column B would say 'Outlines - Ideas Processor’.
Then in the next rows down I list the main points of these two
groups. Column A row 2 for instance says 'Examples of their
use’, while row 3 is ‘How they work*. Column B row 2 meanwhile
has 'How they work", and row 3 ‘Examples' Now using Outlines I
can hide the subsections of each mamheacting once it's
created, allowing me to focus on further ideas, without being
diverted or getting drawn into expanding further on a previous
topic. To do this I'd select a range from Column A to Column B
extending down to row 3 and click on Outlines Create Row Top.
The first sections of Outline Use and Ideas Processors disappears and I can work on the next import bits under these headings, under Ideas processors for example I could now enter ‘Practical Example'.This system allows you to plan out articles in advance and, in theory at least, giving better, clearer and more structured documents.
Coming into the company, credit is money owed or paid by the company. At the bottom of the two columns they are totalled up.
The smaller amount is taken away from the larger amount and the result put under the column that had the smallest total to start with. This gives us a vital piece of information: has the company made or lost money. If the figure is on the debit side the organisation is in good shape, hopefully yours will be.
The screenshot in figure 3 shows the formula used to do this. I've used the IF function to find out which side to put the result in, the other side is displayed as zero. Each side has this formula, although remember that you'll need to change the cell references accordingly for each side.
And it still , gets netterl But things are still not quite good enough. We need a way of finding out where the money is going. How much, for example, is spent on wages, telephones, electricity, transport, insurance etc. For this we need something more involved. Take a look at figure 4. Notice how once again we've got the double entry system. But this time it’s broken down into types of expense and income. Wages, materials, telephone, rent, and electricity etc are all tracked. To do this in ProCalc requires very little formula use. In fact just the Sum operation to total the two
sides up.
The rest is down to layout.
In this example I've got a series of rows grouped under central headings. Each group of rrrrr .rrr i w ir r~i i i r~ 1 A Fijxu 1: Oil ti tbi fnxxU xtaf u Mix wkidw • pnA or Ini has bm Ml¦ w Mx kxxk kuf iprtihheet Invoices With its good text handling abilities ProCalc makes an ideal system for creating invoices. Invoices are the standard means by which one business 'bills' another, telling them how much is owed for goods or services.
To: Mr. Glover 18 Schoafield Street Leuper London Invoice No. R10234 Dale: 18th August 1994 Customer Ac. GL2342 All invoices should contain several basic pieces of infor- 1 mation. Firstly your company name and address, this can be on letter head although they can be printed by ProCalc as part of the invoice if needed. If you are registered for VAT, your VAT number should also be shown.
Ent Terms:30 Day» Net from Date of Invoice.
Next is the company to which the invoice is being , tasiilt„ i„„ico c„a,eJ in p,„c.k sent, the creditor. If you had IhUce the me d(ilteieai faaiiaalten jltiiialai ¦ a database of customers (you can use ProCalc's database itNma facility for creating this) you should have an account number for each customer, this should also be on the invoice. Next is the date the invoice was issued: you may want to charge interest if the company pays late, in which case the date is important. The date is also used for tax calculation purposes.
Next is an invoice number, a means of referring to that particular invoice should you need to discuss it with the debtor. Then of course you’ll need to define the various parts of the invoice. If like most you're a product based company, involved in selling goods, you'll probably want to show the number of goods sold (quantity), their description, possibility a product code, a unit price and an amount giving the total value for those goods.
The final piece of information on the invoice should be the payment terms (payment on receipt of invoice, 30 days credit, 60 days credit etc), which will be particular to your company and the total amount owed. The actual total sums will change between invoices, but once you standardise the invoice layout the headings showing where everything is will remain static.
A typical invoice layout, created in ProCalc is shown here. Notice how I've used different fonts and sizes to highlight different parts and make it look less like it was created entirely in one program. The actual formula used are very simple. In the cells next to the Sub-Total, VAT Total, and Invoice Total and in the Amount column you'll have formula calculating these amounts.
For the amounts column there is a simple formula multiplying the figure in the unit price column of that row by the number of units on that row. The Total formula is simply a sum function of the cells in the Amount column for each product line. The VAT panel takes this amount and multiply it by 17.5% and then divides it by 100, giving the VAT payable at 17.5% the standard rate of tax. The Invoice Total formula finally takes the last two cells and adds them together.
Depending upon the type of business you are in you might also want to offer a discount. The method of implementing this changes from company to company. Some organisations show the discounts in a new column for each row of the invoice, while others show the discount code as an entire new row completely coming after each product description row. Either way taking this discount into the calculation is a simple matter of subtracting the amount from the totals.
The Bonsai Tree It Aspen Court Amount Unit trie* £40 £35 £40 £70 Invoico Total: £129 rows covers a different type of transaction, as listed above.
These are split vertically into six columns: the date, description and amount of outgoings and the date, description and amount of incoming expense. Finally at the bottom of each group we total the amount. You can use different type faces and font effects (bold etc) to make the headings stand out making it even more readable.
One important point I should make before any accountants out there write in and complain, is that in a true double entry book the two sides should match up.
With spending on outgoing accounts matched by incoming accounts. The examples on these pages, however, are purely to demonstrate the structure of double entry books, and how ProCalc can be used to handle them, it's not a real world example. You don't need to tell us!
Easier to see From the information so far produced you can now interpret the data to gain further information or build balance sheets, or even use ProCalc's graph functions to show visually where the company money goes. A typical graph is shown at the bottom of these pages, see how much easier it is to interpret the picture form over the table form.
Recalculation times Naturally the bigger the company gets the more complex the spreadsheet can get, and in some cases recalculation times will start to show, particularly on older Amiga systems.
If you don't want to go through slow recalc times whenever you make a change or enter in a figure, you can get around the problem by using ProCalc's Calculate Setting Pressing Amiga and 9. Or click on the Options, Preferences menu to try it out If you change the Calculate setting to off and then click on continue.
ProCalc won't recalculate the sums and other formula until you click on the manual recalc icon.
This, you may remember, is the small equals sign in the top left-hand corner of the ProCalc window.
So there you have it, the basic spreadsheet models for business. There are plenty of others you can also create, credit notes, purchase orders etc. These and others can all be built from any the basic models we've shown here, it’s just a matter of using your imagination and utilising ProCalc's amazing text formatting capabilities.
That's it for this month, next month we'll bring the ProCalc tutorials to a close, with a look at the programs fyfacro and Arexx capabilities. See you then. ¦ Andy Leaning Yes-s-s-sM It’s true! At long, long last, Lords Of J SB»ght, Mike Singleton’s 90s updateof the old Spectrum classic, is here and the only place you’ll find an excl ye in-depth review of it is in this month’s issue of PC GAMES!
Lords Midnight BACK ISSUES APRIL 1995
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Ham. PIUS hoe MovieSettei maaual.
A FUTURE Aoimttieo made tan
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MAY 1995 a ON THE DISKS: PreOraw 3 (all aaa AM Amigas). OctaMEO S III SaMiei demos a FUTURE: Taa pristers reviewed, rated a INSIDE: ECTS reparl DM Preview. 0Petal.
Penaaal Paiat. Pheteietics i ceiaparad. Tight CD-ROMS re JUNE 1995 a ON THE DISKS: haaft FS I S |aR Amigas witN 2Mb). Ultimate Sac car Maaager dam.
A FUTURE: laia|t procossisg - we Uew rat New it a daatT a INSIDE RAM speed teat Bkirard 1230 Hi Shea ApeNt Octamd I rtwtwtd. Primd Raft. Sptahta DaN pravitwad.
JULY 1995 a ON THE DISKS: Adarafa 21 Arcade SaoeAar - lad gam a FUTURE: Step by nap Raida te tNe Nat a INSIDE: Firet reparl beat Canaan aa Eacara, LightWeve 4 previewed Cieam 4D, Scale MrddDD remewed. Vaacap, TRD rtviewei Star Cmader. Rig Red Adveatara pnaiemd t3i SEPTEMBER 1994 a ON THE DISKS: DirWeih 2. Mask File Caevsrtet pies a dam al The Oat a FUTURE: 3D Special a INSIDE: Rrilkaaca 2. LauRiae 3. Them Part. Universe. Ed Chios aad Dreamweh.
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JULY 1994 a ON THE DISKS: OR Rtate. Plat playable dewas tf Ehauaia aad VaEaNa.
A FUTURE: Upgradiag Tear Amiga a INSIOE: DPS Par Card. Mtetafe. Parget aad HiSaft Basic 2. Raatbtt. Valhalla.
Ehraaaia aad a first leak at Scavseisr.
A l PC v Mac. Shadow FiRbttr. Kick OR 3. LemmraRS III. MKII players geidt.
MARCH 1995 a ON THE DISKS: Modeler 30. Ean Ledger dam. Valhalla Oetart the War dam a FUTURE: Hook ap year M-* aid vidta la vaa Amo tar hriUiaal saaad aad visiaa a INSIdTTu-ROM reviews. Freatier 2.
Rlinard Acctleratoc Freatitr 2. Bloodnet, Skaletoa Kraw. Sensi Faacy Leagao.
A REVIEWED: Gaardiaa. Rabiataa's ReRaiaai.
Aad Saper Stsrdast DECEMBER 1994 a ON THE DISKS: 1-Cad Disirb. Christmas Theme Park demo aad Sapar Stardust taa- ael level demo, a FUTURE: Ward F Rats taa aad profit!
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BACK ISSUES ORDER FORM Complete this form and send with your payment to: CU Amiga Magazine Back Issues. Tower Publishing. Tower House. Sovereign Park. Lath ill St Market Harborough. Leics LEI6 1EF.
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Please rush me the following back issuefs) of CU Amiga Magazine Quantity Total amount £ Method of payment (please tick) ? I enclose a cheque made payable to EMAP Images Ltd.
ProDraw Creating twisty, bendy designs with words is simple with ProDraw. Let us show you how it's done.
Text or the circle, until both are aligned properly.
You can also try selecting Scale Text to Fit in the Align Text With A Curve requester.
Once you have your circular text, delete the circle (not the text). We are now going to make a curved line and align some text to it.
Click on the Pen tool (next to the Text tool) and stamp it down on the page by clicking the left mouse button once. Now hold the Alt key down and drag out a straight line. When the line is about six inches long, click the left mouse button to finish the line and press Esc to abort the Pen tool.
Click on the Hook tool and place a point in the middle of the line. You do this by clicking once on the line with the left mouse button.
Now click on the point you have just added and you'll notice two hollow boxes on either side of the point. Grab the right-hand hollow box and pull it up the page. Notice how the line changes shape. Continue playing with this Ousiness cards, wedding invitations, headed stationery and the like can set you back a pretty penny. Now, you can have a go at creating your own for free, with ProDraw - our May cover disk. Try creating your own logo once you've followed this month's tutorial on how to create curly, twirly effects with words. It's easy once you know how.
To begin, press Left Amiga-W to turn on Wireframe mode, which will speed up the program as we go through each step. Another way to turn Wireframe mode on is by choosing it from the Preferences menu, making sure it has a tick next to it to show it's selected.
Now to create some circular text. Click on the Text tool and choose your font and a size for your text. I've chosen Triumvirate and 36 point. I've also altered the Aspect Ratio text gadget so that it reads 200%. This will make the text twice as wide as it is high. Once these attributes are set. Click OK, stamp the text tool on the page and type out your text.
Next click on the Circle tool, click once on the page, hold down the left Alt key and draw a circle. To finish the circle, click the left mouse a second time. If you make a mistake you can press Shift-Delete and do it again.
Circular text With the circle and text on the page, click once on the text and then while holding down the Shift key, click also on the edge of the circle to select it. Choose the Align Text With A Curve tool from the Special menu or by using the keyboard shortcut Right-Amiga 1. Make sure Flush and Rotate Letters are selected.
Click OK and the text will be aligned with the curve. If it looks a mess, press the Esc key and use the Size tool to alter the size of either your Manual update Since ProDraw was released on the May 95 CU Amiga Magazine cover disk, we've had numerous enquiries about manuals, which at the time of writing, were somewhere in the mid- Atlantic en route to the UK. These manuals are the original Gold Disk ones and cover the program in depth.
For a free information pack about ProDraw manuals and other disks containing more fonts, clip art and extras for ProDraw. Write to LH Publishing, 13 Gairloch Ave, Bletchley MK2 3DH.
Until you have a curvy line you're happy with.
The end points of the line can also be moved.
Type some text onto the page and then align it with the curve in the same way we did the circle. Once you have what you want, delete the line and place the curved text over the top of the previous image, making the two pieces of text different colours. Spruce up the logo by placing some coloured boxes behind it, some more text in the centre or even put some photographs behind it like we did last month.
That little bit extra Finally, let's add one of ProDraw's special effects. A shadow would be nice. Select the text, press the TAB key and then move the duplicate into the required position. Select the original text and choose Bring to Front from the Object menu to complete the effect. ¦ Larry Hickmott IS Ohe telephone was the Hired Wo rM'"' Never mind the baud rates ... here's the first of a new series on all you need to know about the internet.
Wonder invention that linked the far comers of the world. Thanks to it Kennedy and Kruschev narrowly averted a nuclear catastrophe with a couple of long distance natters. There was one drawback for the average user though: enormous telephone bills. Now, through the Internet people in America can talk to Russians or the rest of the world for the price of a local call. It's more than a place to chat, though, you can download lots of games and utilities, read information on just about any topic and lots lots more.
Last month's feature went a long way to explains terms such Bbs, Internet, fidonet. E-mail, surfing and baud rates. Over the coming months this tutorial will take an even more indepth look at the Net and take you through the whole process from getting started to starting up on your own.
Getting wired To get on line you need a modem.
This little flashing box that shovels data over the public telephone lines comes in many shapes and guises though to be honest most are identical in operation. Only the shapes and speeds vary radically through various models and brands. Brand names like Supra.
USR and Hayes have gained favour as being known to be reliable. However, CU Amiga Magazine has known strange no name el cheapo modems to behave faultlessly. The key thing is that, if you are buying a modem make sure you can bring it back if it doesn't do want you want.
Modems: prices and suppliers Aceex v32.bis 14400 Class 1 Fax Aceax v34 28800 Class 2 Fax £169.00 £229.00 Power Computing 01234-273000 USR Sportster v32.bis 14400 USR Sportster v34 28800 £169.96 £269.95 Gordon Harwood 01773-336781 Supra 144LC v32.bis 14400 Class 1 Fax Supra Fax144 V32.bis 14400 Class 2 Fax Supra Fax288 V34 28800 Class 2 Fax USR Couriar 'V.Everything' Class 2 Fax £96.99 £152.99 £199.99 £327.99 First Computer Centre 0113-2319444 Rather than delving into the innermost workings of a modem, there is some rather basic advice we can offer. Buy the fastest modem you can afford. Buy a
minimum of a 14400 baud (bits per second! Modem or preferably a 28800 modem, prices of which have dropped over the last year or two. A faster modem will cost more initially, but you'll have cheaper phone bills as a result.
Buying a modem without at least Class 2 fax capability may also lead to grief later. Obviously faxing from your Amiga is a very handy thing to do. Note that there’s very little shareware available that handles the Class 1 fax system. Modems capable of only Class 1 faxing have very basic functions, forcing the software to do most of the work. The Supra 144LC is particularly good value for money and a trusted brand to boot. Even with the addition of commercial fax software to handle its Class 1 only fax capability, it's still cheaper than many noname brands.
Free software If you buy your modem from an Amiga dealer, you'll probably get a shareware comms package thrown in. Otherwise, it's time to call up your favourite PD house and get yourself something like Ncomm. We recommend this in particular since it's very easy to set-up and has most of the functions you’ll need. If you are buying Irom a non-Amiga specific dealer, you should check that a 25-to-25 pin XT serial lead is supplied (PCs use 25 to 91.
A simple set up Most modems come out of the box in roughly the correct configuration. Just set your term package up to 8 data bits, no parity, hardware or RTS CTS handshaking and the important bit: select a baud rate of 38400. A common mistake is to choose the same rate as the maximum carrier speed of the modem. If your modem is a 14400 unit, this is not the speed that you would set up in your terminal software.
Many modems have in-built data compression features, so although the two modems could be sending data to each other at 28800 bits per second, this data is in compressed form. When it reaches the destination modem, the data is decompressed, and then sent to the computer through the serial port. In order to get all of the decompressed data through the serial port fast enough, the software needs to be running at a baud rate in excess of 28800 in order to keep up.
Note that on a 68000 CPU- based Amiga, rates higher than 38400 are unreliable mainly due to the Amiga's woefully inadequate single byte buffer. However, with a 28800 modem and an Amiga with a 68020 or faster CPU, a rate of 57600 could be used.
Another common mistake is to try to set up this serial rate from the Workbench serial prefs. We've yet to see a terminal package that uses the Workbench settings, which are limited to 31200.
Dialling out We should now have a modem and some terminal software connecting us to the telephone network. You can make sure everything is working properly by asking your modem to give you a dump of its internal memory ie load whatever it has in it s memory to your Amiga. If you have a USR modem, just type 'AT6V' ot 'ATi5'.
After hitting return you should get a screen full of numbers. Note down these numbers, and refer to your modem's manual. You can then make adjustments to the modem setup according the manual's instructions.
What do you mean by that?
• Baud: The transmission speed of a modem given in bits per
second. Divide by eight to convert to bytes per second.
• V22.bis: Term used to describe 2,400 baud modems.
• V32: Term used to describe 9,600 baud modems.
• V32.bis: Term used to describe 14,400 baud modems, currently
the most popular type.
• V.FC ft V34: Two standards for 28,800 baud modems.
The later is the current official standard but is identical in performance to V.FC (very fast class).
• V34 +A 34.bis: Two brand new standards. V34+ is 33,600 baud and
V34.bis is 38,400. Currently these are rare, but they will be
available soon. Only the USR Courier can be upgraded to these
standards by software.
• HST: High Speed Transfer. An old USR standard for 14,400 and
16,800 baud. Rare now though it still exists. Inferior to other
• BBS: Bulletin Board System. Any dial up service accessed
electronically via a terminal package.
• Archivers: Utilities that compress a number of files into a
single file that is smaller than the original total file size.
• Z-Modem: The name of a protocol used when transferring files.
Every BBS and terminal package should support this. We highly
recommend you attempt to use this rather than the other older
and slower protocols.
• AmiTCP: The Internet software for the Amiga. The latest
versions are commercial but v3.0 is freely distributable and
work perfectly.
COMMS At last you're ready to dial a bulletin board. The standard method of dialling a BBS or any other phone-line connection is to type: ATDT number The word 'number' in the above line would be replaced with the phone number of the required BBS.
The modem will dial the number and attempt to negotiate the highest protocol (speed) that's common between your modem and the modem you are dialling.
After a bit of whistling and screeching, you should see the word 'connect' followed by a number. The number is the speed at which the modem has connected. Most BBSs will now present some text from their front-end mailing software. Hitting escape a couple of times will get you past this to the universal log-in prompt.
If you’ve never used a BBS before, don’t be scared. Just read the instructions which will point you in the right direction. All BBSs will ask you some questions about yourself in order that the SysOp (person that runs the BBS) is satisfied that you are a bona fide user and not a spotty hacker bent on triggering World War III.
Essential Amiga BBSs
• Darkside BBS. Thornton Heath, SysOp Rob Dale, Phone:
0181-7719100 (14400 baud) a Backyard BBS. North Harrow, SysOp
Anthony Brice, Phone: 0181-4242065 (14400 baud)
• Active Inti BBS. Hackney, SysOp Jim Hendry, Phone: 0181-9865964
(28800 baud)
• Creations BBS. Croydon, SysOp Mat Bettinson, (who?)
Phone: 0181-6659887 (28800 baud)
• FrostFree BBS. Slaithwaite, SysOp Dave Naylor, Phone:
01484-2449825 (28800 baud)
• The Motel. Nuneaton, SysOp Nigel Bates, Phone: 01203-372005
(28800 baud)
• Heart of Lothian, East Lothian. Sysop Andrew Dowds, Phone:
01620-826004 (28800 baud)
• Spa..58. Lewes, Sysop Alex May, Phone: 01273-474352 (28800
baud) a Mostly Harmless, SysOp Lee Sanders, Phone: 01705-614824
(28800 baud)
• A-Central, SysOp Gavin Hamil, Phone: 0232-710960 (14400 baud)
All the above are Amiga BBSs connected to Fidonet and Amiganet
and are 23 hour systems. Don't call them between 2:30 and
BBS surfing Most bulletin boards work in a similar fashion. File and message sections are distinctly separate and are selected from the main menu. The style of the ANSI graphics (coloured IBM characters) will certainly vary and so will the type and quantity of files on-line.
Too many users miss the single most interesting aspect of BBSs: the message section. Some of the larger or more complex BBSs can also give you E-mail access to the Internet and an even Internet address of your own.
Whether they offer Internet access or not. You can usually access several networks such as Fidonet and the excellent Amiganet. These are like mini Internets, but are connected solely through the telephone system (the Internet has its own communication lines). The BBSs on the Fidonet and Amiganet networks are updated every day or so, which leads to a generally slower spread of information than you get across the Internet (which is always active).
CU Amiga Magazine highly recommends both types of network - you don't have to decide to go for one or the other. Often BBSs are a good meeting place for like minded people in your local area, where as the Internet tends to be more global.
Accessing these local networks is best done with a dedicated communications package called a 'mailer' that automatically swops the mail with the BBS without ever logging on. Likewise the mail is read 'off-line' in a separate program once it has been downloaded. This means you can grab what you want, and then read through it all without incurring a massive phone bill.
If you get stuck, you can always 'page' the SysOp for a real-time chat to clarify any confusion.
Downloading Now that you can dial up bulletin boards, you can download stacks of software. Most boards keep up to date with all the latest releases in their particular field.
Some specialise, while others offer a wide range of software.
This software and data is almost always stored in compressed form (archived), in order to save space on the board's storage systems, and to reduce downloading times. DMS, LHA and LZX are the most common compression methods, and in order to decompress the archives you'll need one or preferably all of these utilities.
They're all available from just about any BBS. If you can't find them in any listings, just ask someone - every other comms user will have a copy.
If you want some more advanced terminal software than Ncomm. Try Term. You'll need a bit of extra memory to run it. As it’s a fair bit bigger than Ncomm.
Direct link If you would prefer to hook directly into the Internet then AmiTCP is the probably best terminal package you could get. The best option to get AmiTCP is to sign up with Demon Internet Services so you can grab AMITCP DIS95 which is a new archive of AmiTCP with an installer geared for Demon. Once you've got it run AmiTCR dial up to an Internet provider and your Amiga is now part of the Internet. ¦ Mat Bettinson FORTRESS AMIGA PD LIBRARY OVER 16500 DISKS AVAILABLE ALL AT 95p INCLUDING PSP Send 3‘25p stamps For List Disk Available are FULL SETS of:- Fred Fish. LSD Legal Tools Scope
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Games. Clip Art. Fonts, Etc... Far Too Many To List Them All Contact:- FORTRESS P.D. 26, SPENCER STREET, KEIGHLEY.
WEST YORKSHIRE. BD2I 2BU Phone:- (0535) 609263 Amiga 500 500* repair £34.99 Amiga AS20 Modulator repair exchange £14.99 Amiga 500 500* membranes £19.99| WANTED Faulty Amiga equipment.
TEL: 01332 291219 Mastering Amiga Programming___ WB Lram how to write pnsgrarm wkach uk sound umplo and busk ai how to get ttunmng cotoor and KtoUang effect* uun* the Amiga-.
uoon ch Ttet book it packed full o( program in C and awmbi language whch you can u«c a* the ba.il of you own demo* game*
• ad utdinr.. All the runpk, and cmctgc. Uc fully explained by
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and unlit*. Are uxludrd in the price.
S68 page* ISBN: 1-873306-3J-7, *21.95 Inrhuh* UK Comma - Complete Guide John Kennedy tad Darren Irvine have produced the taw 10 due gt to uv bulletin board* Kod e-mUL get the beat from Fidonet, expfcnl the vmj rerourcn of the internet check out CIX, call CompuServe.
Delian. Vcw.net and many more of the service, now available via you Amiga and a modem The book contain, advice for beginner, cm cbooting equipment and aep by «ep inunction, on gating on-line.
The Internet duectay. Complne bjflrtm board list and technical appendices cotrptae the only comm, book you'D need for you 320 page* ISBN: I-873306-40-X, *19.95 lnda.be. Order by Mad from Brace Smith Books. FreepoM 262.
St. Alban* Hen* AL2 JJD Telephone crtdtt card detail* 24 baun on 01923 *94)53 ASTRO SOFTWARE PD 75 SUFFOLK AVE, SOUTHAMPTON.
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DOUGLAS, IM99 1EH I Yt«! I want to build muadaa taat. Plaasa
rush ma a FREE Information pack) j Nama 1
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stamp for rapty appraciatad) (CUA) MmtUSOVlR XEUON NIHBY 2
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CD (LAYER VI I - Play, ym.t D .
A BACK UP V4.0J - B-l up uUliiy vaui omSn.
SssEScJn.'sr* IVXNV.U l.ia-Coam.jm pun KI1WEXPI.AYI P V« 0 Mu... till BBCAU. V2 1 ¦ Diary empair vmrnu i 2 or*» «.
DATABASES.GRAPHICS. ANIMATIONS M IDES Ml MC "II SOUND DEMOV EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS. I TONTVCUPART.BUSINGS Rtor.s «, spMiuaat SawUM* toe -i-9Dua. . - wut • . U«l.a«ia. mmmM kobbamott. Pi« v mui™ I Muim*. I -p.. ST1 mt 15 A or ph.x * II?" ISO 5244. « r .I-. Uk. Anrw aad lux.
LUTTERWORTH, LEICESTERSHIRE LE17 4DX WANTED We want you to join our freelance team who are currently working on a number of different Amifla, PC and Mac projects, due for release later this year and early 1996 We are looking for the following people You would be aWe 10 code in 690x. Assembly language, as wee at an active inte*esi ei C language Previous programming project* are not important Knowledge ot Qadlools and the Amiga GUI would be hetphi You woaAd wort freelance el your can premeee repcnng lo *e project manager We are kx**ig for 30 rayiracer* and Mmap artists 10 join the freelance team
Previout commercial wort Is not necessary but example, oI your currant wort would be helpful You would be working at your own pmmieaa on projects tor Ha Amiga computer The applicant coUd be resrdem m the UK or abroad This poamon will becoma available m September, at our new premeea based m Dartnglon. The poerton Is Ideally suited to a person living within the DertngtorvCounty OurtienYTeeside area Reporting drectty to tie Manager the pb at rwotve a number ol negotiable dutes Pay to be decided Please send your CV. Covering letter and some examples of your current work (if you are a programmer or
graphic artist) to the address below.
H&ript It aimedit f*oarses ¦ Vdeo Titlmg incto production oHPierelor um mimsrscsve Vmeo. The »i dirferertfcrt. Om ihedcwi edded imiawged. Mowd eround to peg* charged colour, etc - si wthout disturbing or hnwg to redo other elements or the pege even * m en IFF pcriure m the becsground inScrc* aMo tws a ecrct mrting tuncaoo to Dwt the pegee can M pttyed bed Mh vsnoue trsnaSone bewxeen them tor recording on to WHXT DOCI CAXIKNUtM NX
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8. 364 Paula (PLCO 1670 Add £1.00 PsPon Drives & PSU * We reserve
l(0116)24700)9 EsL 13 Yran tkmtf in‘«C.Uk The writing's on the
wall To capture the feel of a live Hendrix performance. I
wanted something brash and raw. And decided on a
graffiti-type image on a wall.
There wasn't a suitable texture, so I set about building one ... All you really need to do is draw three bricks, and cut two of them in half, to create a texture which Dpaint can understand. Fill in the gaps between the bricks with white 'cement' lines When the brushes are tiled, they create a whole wall Having pasted down the main image I decided to add some decay by taking out a few end bricks, and the spray-paint effect began on the spare page, where I hand- drew the lettering using the large round custom brush, then clipped it out and pasted it on the wall whilst Texture was still active,
to allow the cement to show through. I actually painted the text down twice, because the first time it was too light.
IB I aid ?
:: » nxur Mwr-liMUII n i ©great painting can become a dreadful one if the background texture is wrong. Thankfully. One of Deluxe Paint V's best new features is its Texture system.
Through some crafty programming EA have based their textures on normal IFF brushes. The program tiles these so that they form an underlay' to the whole screen.
The texture patterns have also been carefully designed to avoid any jarring joins, you get a nice smooth continuous textured surface on which to paint or paste brush images.
Textures are loaded in via the Effects menu turning the process on. You can turn it off from the same menu when you want to return to painting in normal mode.
To get the most from the texture effect, you should match the palettes of the texture brush to the picture you're working on. The best way to do this is to load in your picture, then load in your texture brush (as a brush, not a texture!.
You can then use the Remap option to remap the colours of the brush to use those from the picture's palette.
Texture brushes can be any size, memory permitting and you can design and save your own textures as brushes or use brushes from other programs. If you're making your own. Make sure they're square or rectangular as Dpaint will tile them.
Let's take a look a what you can do with these new textures ... The veiling of a beauty The British cinema star Joan Collins is here to demonstrate another aspect of the texture feature - the fact you can use it as a fill option and alter its translucency. In this example we are using these feature to produce, amongst other things, the appearance of a veil.
First, the image was painted without texture mode on.
Then Burlap (a thick, stringy material similar to sack-cloth) was loaded as the texture. This does not affect the image which is already on screen, only subsequent actions.
Using the freehand filled polygon tool, with purple as the main colour and translucency set to 50% I drew out one of those fashionable Dynasty-type veils around the eyes.
Even in 256 colour mode, the subtlety of the effect is quite marked, the Burlap giving a fine see- through effect while retaining the texture and colour.
I added some embroidered arti- facts to the veil by Vi 41 using the round V custom brush.
J* Finally, the back- Wl •*" ground is made up of purple and the I , w* A Burlap texture, with- J ' out translucency.
Hot air Here you can see how the Textures tea.
Ture is accessed from the Effect menu. The inset picture shows the original image.
It's a good idea to test out textures on small areas using the spare screen, as the process can take some time, and you can't interrupt it once it has started.
The texture used here is ManMade-TuckNRoll. Which gives the image a plumpy cushiony' look. You should see from the original that the textured image has had its colours dimmed - as if Translucency was on. Here Dpaint is combining the underlying texture brush with the main image and working out the best palette.
So be warned - what you expect Is not always what you get.
SiStofdS'r Cindy Crawford is the subject of this next experiment. This time I've used Embossed-Hair for the texture, which gives a 3D look to the illustration. The effect is similar to either printing on silk or a rainstreaks The brush used for the texture has been designed to avoid obvious pattern repetition, which can be distracting. And let's face it who wants to be distracted from looking at a picture of Cindy Crawford.
Make your own brushes When you're happy about making your own textures, have a go at creating a text brush texture.
Here I designed a brush using text of various sizes, then loaded it as a texture. As you can see it works rather well, allowing the image to show through only where the letters are. This, for example, would come in handy if you wanted to quickly create a logo or title screen. However, be careful of the large portions between the lines of text and the has been picked up; too much blankness in your own texture brush, the picture could become unintelligible.
The left-hand image shows the drawing painted down with Brush-Crystals as the active texture. It gives it a nice, icy feel and the appearance of being printed on crumpled paper The right-hand image is s*rv- lar but has been changed using some of Dpaint's new featu-es First of all I loaded the image into the spare page. Switc- to the main screen, the purcxe texture was achieved by G-»w- ing out a filled rectangle c- a blank area of screen, with translucency active and dart purple the colour.
Turning off translucency mode I picked up the spare image with black as the background colour; this gave me an the blocks of white which actually make up the insides of the picture.
I painted this down on top of the purple rectangle, then switched to the spare screen and picked up just the black portion of the drawing by selecting white as the colour in the background.
I now positioned the outline on the main screen in such a way as to give a drop shadow effect to the image, and make the actual skier look like a rather fancy flocked wallpaper design. ¦ Peter Lee Saving a work of art from ruins sierclass Flag waving Here's a bit of jingoism to illustrate a mixture of some of the new textures. The flag was been painted down using Embossed Worm as the texture. Then I loaded in the Cork texture and painted down a picture of Mr Reagan. So you see, you can load in textures whenever you need them; they won't interfere with your current picture, but will work on
subsequent actions.
Next I loaded in yet another texture (Stucco) then I pasted down the text which I'd prepared on the spare screen.
Remember that the spare screen will also use texture mode if it's active, so you may need to keep turning it off for rough work.
3?aU ett?e°Kfe For our last exampfe showing off the new Texture mode, here's an illustration using simple black and white line art.
Masterclass Stop sitting around until the early hours waiting for one program to finish before you can start another. Go to bed, get your Amiga to take care of it for you, then call you to let you know when ft's finished.
Ecently I found myself in a bit of a dilemma It had been a long busy day and it was getting late. I wanted to go home but I still had some work to do. I was re-rendering a large Imagine animation which I then wanted to combine into an Anim7 file. So to avoid sitting around for a few hours waiting on Fredfthe batch processing frame editor supplied with ADProl to finish I needed to think of way to make my Amiga wait until it had finished making 24-bit frames into HAM8 frames before MakeAnim7 (comes with Viewtek) could process it into Anim7 format.
O Although the Amiga is multitasking. I couldn't start the MakeAnim? Going because it needed to use the files which wouldn't exist until the AdPro process was complete.
Then I remembered the AmigaDOS 'wait' command. Wait does exactly what you would expect it to: nothing. It simply sits there doing nothing (not wasting processor power) until it gets bored. Therefore you can use it to A Little Something To Play Around With ... If you ever get bored using your Amiga for mundane tasks you'll be pleased to delay a process for starting. It's simple to put into operation: Open a Shell and enter: wait 10 secs and you'll see that wait well er... waits.
You can also use the following format wait 2 min for waiting longer times.
Know that there are lots of little add-on toys you can play with. These can all run in the background, quietly multitasking away until you get really fed up with them and decide to nuke them. For example. In the screen shot below you can see that most useful utility.
Eyes. Eyes draws some eyes on Therefore, you could write a script which looked like the following. Please remember a script is nothing more complicated than a text file, created with ED or some other text editor, so don't worry it's simple when you know how.
Wait 120 min makeanim7 hd3:house.anim Now with this script saved to disk under the name "Zzz" I could pointer about and if you don't move it for a bit they fall asleep. Bit like me in that respect.
Secondly we have Stickitl Rather than cover your monitor desk workmates with little bits of coloured paper, you can use this program to maintain little notes which float around the screen. H is only worth using this program if you have a large screen display.
In fact, if you have a lot of notes and several pairs of eyes watching you will soon run out of space to actually do any work.
Open a shell and enter: execute Zzz and then nip home for tea. When two hours had passed the script would move unto the MakeAnim7 part, by which time AdPro would be finished.
You can also ask wait to keep waiting until a specific time. For example, enter "date" into the shell and make a note of the time.
Quickly add a few seconds and enter: wait until 16:12 or whatever the time is. The process will freeze until the time I passes Note that this isn't star- tlingly accurate, but it is certainly j good enough for simply delaying f the process.
Call me, please However, I get a bit wary about leaving the Amiga working all night on something important. If I something goes wrong, I would like to know about it. But as my I office is several miles away from my house, I didn't want to keep driving back to the office all night | to look through the window.
Well, thanks to modern tech- | nology I didn't have to. My Amiga happens to have a modem attached to it and by using Arexx to control a comms program. I could write a program to dial up I my home number.
You need to be careful debug- ] ging programs like this. One of j the first things to check is that it I will dial the right number every J single time. The second thing is I to check that the modem will be I correctly disconnected without I leaving the line off the hook.
The set-up was something like I this: an AmigaDOS script waits ] until a certain time. It then runs an) Arex* program The Arexx program does a little work to ealeu- I late the last image rendered, or dialled my number and let it lUP l rin9 on'y once. This let me j know that the next call would be from the computer and that I shouldn't answer it. The program then redialled me, and depending L on the number of rings informed & me of the current status. Three ¦ rings meant everything is OK, six meant something is wrong. Get the idea. The script I used to dial up my number looked like this:
(the -J symbol denotes return) * Dial me up! * J how much free disk space is free: something that lets me know all is OK. It then uses the Arexx port on the terminal emulator program Term and instructs it to dial my house The script checks for an engaged tone and also checks that the line doesn't keep ringing indefinitely Listening to. His master s voice This is where things can start to go wrong however. In my case. I just couldn't understand a modem talking to me at V34 28.800 bps.
The original plan was to connect some form of speech synthesiser. Perhaps using the old Workbench 1.3 Amiga SAY command. This would enable the Amiga to ring ring me up at 10 o'clock in the evening and say "Hello master, last frame rendered was 1040”. It could also ring me up first thing in the morning and tell me to get out of bed.
However, connecting a speed synthesiser to the modem is a bit tricky. So I devised a different system. Instead the modem address termJ OPTIONS RESULTS.-!
Say "Wake up modem... * J send 'aCz r n*-J wait ’OK'-I say "Dialing..."J send "atdtcmy number hears r"J TIMEOUT SEC 20J CLEAR waitJ ADDITEM TO wait J NAME 'BUSY'-I ADDITEM TO wait NAME
• RINGING'J wait J IF rc -= 0 THEN SAY 'no text was received from
ELSE doJ SAY result-!
Say "I know the telephone is ringing or busy*-!
EndJ if result = 'BUSY' then do-J say "The line is busy, so exit.'J hangup exitJ end-l if result = 'RINGING' then say "I know it is ringing.."J * We can tell if the call is answered only if the RINGING signal does not happen again with a few seconds. . . * J max_rings = 3 ; rings=0J do while (rc=0 & rings max_r ings) J TIMEOUT SEC 5J CLEAR wait-1 ADDITEM TO wait NAME
• RINGING'J wait-1 SAY 'Still ringing..'J rings=rings*l ; say rc
; say result ; say ringsJ endJ if rings=max_rings then doJ say
"Too long. .. no-one is at homel'J say "I'm hanging up...'J
send 'atzVr'J exitJ endJ •Hurrah! At last!* _!
SAY "The telephone has been answered! "J delay 1J say "I'm talking to me..“J * Add speech synth stuff here * J delay 1J say "Blah blah blah'-J delay 1-1 say "Goodbye, Hanging up..."J send 'atzNr'J • Make sure... * J delay 1J send 'atz r'J • end - J Not being able to connect the speech synthesiser has irritated me. So I'm trying to track down a GVP PhonePak. The PhonePak was a remarkable Zorro II card that never got the attention it deserved. Even today, the telecoms industry is only just starting to catching up with this incredible card. The PhonePak could answer telephone calls, and
store incoming messages on hard disk. It could even understand pulse dialling codes which meant it was fully interactive.
With a built-in Fax machine and Arexx port there was little the PhonePak couldn't do.
However, in the meantime, why not have a go at trying to automate some of your Amiga processes. If you are a Point off a BBS. You could use Wait to poll your BOSS whilst still in the BT cheap rate every morning.
Keep a look out for a program called CyberCron as it is designed to run in the background and keep a list of tasks it has to launch at certain times of the day. ¦ John Kennedy Ion Pereira’s Workbench uses lots of coloor and a cheeky backdrop lo anno, passing PC owners The flowery Bench is presumably an option lor fans ol very unattractive wallpaper SUBSCRIBE!
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Mat Bettinson What Mat doesn't know about the Amiga could In- fit tod on tt»o hack of a 68060 processor chip.
Tony Horfjnn Tony lw»s Imniii at it since Int was in short trot mors. He’s also been into the Amiga lor a while now as well All about upgrading RAM. Operating systems and processors PC SIMMs % 11, I am considering purchasing an icceleialor and e tra memory for an A1200 I read with interest your product test on the Blizzard A1230-111 and Apollo 1230 SCSI 2 boards where Andy Leaning describes Fast Ram' that can be added to the Blizzard as 'industry standard 32-bit SIMMs.'
Adverts, however, for PC 72pin SIMMs indicate that they can be much cheaper than those advertised for the A1200. Can these PC SIMMs be used on any of the At 200 accelerator boards?
Colin Howard.
Standard PC 72pin SIMMs have the chips on both sides of the ‘wafer’ as opposed to the PS 2 variety las used in the A4000) that have the chips on only one side.
The PS 2 type are harder to find and more expensive. The Blizzard Al230-111 accelerator can use either, as can the Apollo 1220. The Apollo 1230 SCSI 2 however, has any led SIMM sockets so double sided SIMMs are unlikely to fit. Some PC suppliers offer double sided SIMMs al substantially lower prices but remember these prices often exclude VAT (175% of the priceI which must be added on.
Flicker modes I have recently swopped my Commodore 1084S monitor for a Microvitec 1438 Multiscan.
The problem is that most of the screen modes available flicker.
The PAL modes are OK as are Multiscan Productivity and Super 72 high res laced but the 1 DBLPAL modes flicker as does High Res Laced No Flicker. Is there a problem with the monitor Plug-in hardware of any kind: scanners, disk drives etc Answers to queries on particular pieces of software.
Music, sampling, MIDI and anything that makes a loud noise.
Miscellaneous tools to keep your Amiga running smoothly.
Page-breaks, preferences and lots lots more!
Monitors, Tvs, modulators, screen-modes and all that stuff or the monitor driver in the Devs Monitor drawer (yes I have put the relevant drivers in the said drawer)? It would not be so bad if it was only on Workbench but the same happens on Dpaint.
G. Parr, Staffordshire.
Actually there’s nothing wrong with your monitor drivers at all. What you are seeing is a limitation of the AGA chip-set reflected in the new DBLPAL screen modes.
The problem is that the Amiga doesn't have enough bandwidth to give the same vertical refresh rate as the single scan modes i.e. PAL. For instance NTSC has a 60Hz refresh rate and is known for being less flickery’ than PAL (though PAL has a higher vertical resolution).
Likewise DBLPAL does away with interlace but the overall refresh rate is48Hz The 2Hz reduction doesn't sound like much but 50Hz is really the minimum to be comfortable. Any less and flicker becomes a problem. A good compromise is Productivity mode.
A4000 sampler I own an Amiga 4000 030 and J* have.recently been thinking about sampling but I cannot find any company that makes samplers for the A4000 I have phoned Indi. Datel and Power Computing but to no avail. I was told they don’t make samplers that work on the A4000. Could you please let me know if there is a company that makes them?
D. McIntosh Dundee, Scotland.
I'm surprised that such misinformation came from any of those companies. Every parallel port sampler that we know of will work perfectly well with the A4000. The vast majority of samplers are of this kind.
Megalosound from Hi-Soft (tel: 01525 718181) and Technosound Turbo II from Technical Dimensions (tel: 01291 690933) are just two examples of samplers that will work fine with an Amiga A4000.
DMS dilemma ® Could you please give me an answer to the following questions.
1. In the May issue cover disk tutorial I followed the instruc
tions for the DMS decompression. However, this still insists
on a blank disk in the drive dfO:. Is it possible to
decompress these disks directly to a drawer on the hard drive?
If so, how?
2. I wish to delete a program I no longer need which has been
assigned to my hard drive. How do I get rid of the assigns in
the user startup-sequence?
Name and address withheld.
. DMS works by reading an entire disk, track by track, and packing it into a single file. One reason we often use DMS is that it can compress disks that use different filing systems to AmigaDos. As is the case with many of our commercial game demos.
However, you’ll find that once you have decompressed the files to floppies. Those disks will always include a hard drive installation icon whenever possiMe. Many alternative compression methods are self-defeating in the context of our cover disks, as the software needed to decompress the data simply fills the space created by compressing it in the first place!
We are not tied to using a particular system for our disks, and as you will have discovered with our brilliant (if we may say so) Image FX cover disks, we'll use whatever system is most efficient and easy to use.
2. User-startup is just a plain text file (or script) containing
a list of Pixels, sprites, animation, pictures In one small
word, graphics Spreadsheets, databases, organisers, accounts
... (I Not everything fits into a pigeonhole, but anything
you like fits in here Q&fl MSX mistake In the May issue we
mistakenly said that there was no MSX emulator available for
the Amiga. MSX is the name of a Japanese attempt at a standard
for an 8 bit computer. There were several makes of MSX
computers in the late 80s. A few readers wrote in to tell us
that there is indeed an MSX emulator on the Amiga and it
performs remarkably well. If you had an MSX and would like to
fire up some of those old games, why not give it a try7
Ami-MSX 1.2 can be obtained from SeaSoft PD on 01903-850378.
Ask for disk number 2750.
AmigaDOS commands. When the user-startup file is 'executed". Each command is run in turn. Installation scripts will often add Assign commands to this User-startup file and should annotate their insertions.
Here's an example: ; Start Dopus Assign Opus: sys:DOpus ; End Dopus Here you can see the lines that ha e been added by Directory Opus. To find them and take them out. You first need to start a Shell window and enter Ed s:user-startup This will bring up the Amiga's standard text editor called Ed and automatically load up the user-startup file. If you entered the s user-startup part incorrectly, you'll be given a blank Ed window. In this case you can load the user-startup file from the menus in the usual way I it's in the S drawer of the sys: partition). You can now move through the script and
delete the appropriate lines.
Finally, save the amended user- startup file back using the menus, or press Esc followed by the X key and Return.
Al500..... expandability I am a new comer to computers and recently bought a secondhand Amiga 1500 with a 40Mb hard drive. I use it mostly for gaming, though I hope to graduate to more serious uses.
I had assumed that the 1500 was a rather out of date computer but a friend tells me that it has excellent update capabilities.
Could you tell me please if the A1500 ...
1. Can be upgraded from Workbench 1.3 to WB 2 or 3 ?
2. Can the A1500 (unlike the A500 A600I be upgraded to take A1200
AGA games?
3. Can I get a bridgeboard that will enable the A1500 to run PC
games and other software?
I've been told so but it all sounds too good to be true!
Martin Brennan, Dublin.
The Amiga 1500 may no! Be Ihe latest in the Amiga generation but with its Zorro II slots, it has plenty of expansion capability. So ...
1. Yes. You can upgrade the A1500 to both Kickslart 2.x and 5.x.
This involves purchasing a kit from an Amiga dealer and
changing a ROM chip yourself or getting someone technically
minded to do it for you. Kickslart 5.1 is also available for
the AI500 though it may be on the expensive side and 2.x may
well be sufficient. The jump from 1.3 to
2. x is bigger than 2x to 5.x.
2. Unfortunately there is no way to upgrade to the AGA chipset
from any non-AGA Amiga.
However you could add a graphics board to one of your Zorro slots, though this is still no good for AGA games.
3. Yes, a Bridgeboard in your Al500 will give you IBM PC com
patibility for games and applications.
Call your Amiga dealer for more details on specific models. However, don’t expect to run the latest 3D games without seriously upgrading your 68000 processor.
CD32 expansion I own an Amiga CD32, Paravision SX-1 Expansion, Cumana external floppy drive.
AT101 keyboard, 2Mb RAM expansion and an IBM 40Mb internal hard drive.
What I wish to find out is:
1. According to the in built boot up check and Syslnfo I have 2
Zorro II boards which are the SX-1 and Ram expansion. Does
this mean that the CD32 is a Zorro based Amiga and the
expansion port is a Zorro Slot, and if so is it II or III? .
2. Can I use this slot via a custom interface eg the existing
FMV pass through for cards like the Picasso II RTG or the
Piccolo SD64?
3. Is it possible to accelerate my existing setup via this slot
and if so is the magical ‘040’ available with 128Mb Ram and
MMU etc ?
4. If the answers to the above are yes then would a LAN system
of four or five expanded CD32s form the basis of a graph
ical development workstation capable of producing True
24 Broadcast quality outputs?
5. What is the in-built CDXL screen and how can it be utilised in
graphical software productions?
6. Where and from whom can I find out about the inner workings
of the CD32 with references to the above style questions?
I am a competent assembler PCM designer so building interfaces cable extensions are no problem!
I hope that you can be of assistance in this matter as I am finding it very difficult to find out about the underestimated CD32, as local shops appear to know nothing other than the CD32 is a games console and not a computer.
DJ. Winterton, Portsmouth.
Woah! You certainly have high hopes for the humble CD32! Firstly, a CD32 with an SX-1 expansion has about the same capability as an A1200 with of course some bonuses like the SIMM socket & Akiko chip.
It doesn't provide an AI200 expansion port though. Neither is the passed through expansion port (used for the FMV cart) suitable unless developers were to create an accelerator specifically for the CD32 and this is most unlikely. So to answer your questions ... 1,2 & 3. It's neither Zorro II nor
III. It can’t be used for Zorro cards like the graphics boards
you mentioned and neither can it be used for accelerators
and RAM expansion unless such products were specifically
designed for this port.
4. The idea of networking a bunch of 68040 expanded CD32s to
create some sort of ‘render farm' raised some smiles in the CU
Wouldn't that be something to see!
However it would be completely impractical.
The money invested in hardware and design would be better suited to machines with most of this capability as standard, such as A4000s for example.
5. CDXL is simply a software technique for playing back small box
animation in real time whilst spool- ing off CD. It's not
built in and the software will come on a CD with CDXL footage.
The Akiko chunky to planar chip helps with this. You could play these animations from your hard drive and output them to a video recorder.
You'll need something like AdPro to save out in CDXL format.
6. Your plans for the CD32 and your electronic experience might
be of interest to Escom, since they are planning multimedia
stations using the CD32 technology and are recruiting right
now! They are also the only people with the real authority to
provide you of detailed hardware specifications of the
HD orep problems I have an Amiga 1200 in which I have installed a SupraDrive Wordsync Hard Card. My Problem is that I wish to install a kickstart 2.04 ROM but my HD prep software doesn’t work under 2.0. With RD Prep I get the message unable to locate Stardrive.device and with the hard disk tool box I get the error unable to locate scsi.device. The device driver that I have is harddisk.device. I have tried changing the tool type in the applications to harddisk.device with no luck.
If I can get the scsi driver from somewhere do you think that it will work?
David Burley, Bridgend.
In the way of hard drive prep software. We recommend RD Prep. The harddisk.device is Ihe specific driver for your hard drive interface and so you must tell your prep software to use it. With RD Prep you would enter ‘RDPrep -d harddisk.device’ at the CU and away you go. Using RDPrep on A600s and AI200s you would enter 'RDPrep -d scsi.device’. Just remember to select read RDB first before making changes and writing.
RDPrep can be obtained from KT’s PD 01702-542434 disk U207. ¦ NO SAES PLEASE Wo regret that we cannot respond to readers' queries by post or over the phone.
Please do not include stamped addressed envelopes with your letters, as we simply don't have time to answer the thousands we receive.
Responses are only possible through the pages off the magazine.
T CTION GAMES I [jarjasssssss"" I ,ISSK1iSi«M-S:54Si*St“ Things have changed a lot in the 14 years since CVG was launched. And they're changing again with the arrival ot the new 32-bit powerhouse consoles and Pentium-powered Pcs. There's one magazine that gives you the best of all worlds - CVG. We cover all the major releases lor every system, so whether you own a SNES. Mega Drive. PC. Amiga. Jaguar.
3D0, CD-i. 32X. Mega-CD. Game Boy. Game Gear. PlayStation or Saturn, there's only one mag that's worth reading... Computer and Video Games. On sale the 15th of every month.
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Cover disks are great but sometimes they can cause unlimited and unnecessary heartache. CU Amiga lifts the lid off some of the culprits.
Seconds before using any other disks.
You should also get a copy of antivirus software such as Virus Checker by John Veldthuis.
¦ CL Why are there so few cover disks that I can use with my Workbench
1. 3 A5O0 and 1Mb RAM?
I Q. When I try to unarchive a cover disk program using DMS, all I get is the error message 'I need explode.library V *+ What's wrong?
H A. This error message happens when the DMS program tries to load its code library and fails.
DMS places some of its routines in a special block of code called a library, which means they can be shared belwgen several programs.
It expects to find its library in the default LIBS: drawer and this is where the trouble can start. When you boot from a cover disk the Amiga thinks that the LIBS: drawer is on this disk. The Amiga assumes that the drawer called 'libs' on the floppy is the correct location for the libraries. If the disk creators have done their job properly the cover disk should have a copy of explode.library in this drawer and everything will work fine.
However, booting from either your own Workbench floppy or hard disk may cause problems. In this case, the Amiga assumes that the' LIBS: drawer is on one of these devices. When you load a cover disk DMS will look to the libs drawer and try to find the explode, library. If you don't have a copy of it on your disks (Workbench or floppy), then DMS will fail to find the library and the message 'I need explode.library V4+' will appear.
To get around this, you have two options. First of all you should make sure that you boot from the cover disk. This will ensure that LIBS: points to the drawer on the floppy with the relevant library.
Secondly, you could copy the library from the cover disk to your own disk. To do this, make a note of the name of the cover disk and then re-boot from your normal disk (not the cover disk) and then open a shell window. Let's assume the cover disk is called CU 110. In this case there is a space in the disk name which means you must use inverted commas around the disk name. To copy the library from the cover disk to your own disks, enter in the shell: copy "cu 110:libs explode, library" libs: This will copy the file across.
¦ Q. When I copy cover disk files from floppy to hard disk. I get error messages asking me to insert the original floppy again. Why?
I A. The best way to copy programs which consist of several files to hard drive is to open a new drawer especially. Then drag all the icons over into it. Use the 'Show All Files' option from the Window menu on the Workbench display to make sure you haven't left any files out. Usually it isn't necessary to copy across drawers with names like 'c' or T as these will duplicate what is already on your hard disk.
If you run the program from hard disk and it still asks you to insert the floppy disk, it is because somewhere a 'path' is still set up to point to the floppy.
A path is a special variable which a program can use to keep track of the special files it needs. If you have already copied all the files required over to the hard disk, you can re-set the path so that it points to the location of the hard disk rather than the floppy. To do this, use the assign command from a Shell window, i For example, if we assume you have created a drawer on your hard drive's WORK partition called GAME and copied over all the files from a floppy disk called CUGAME1, you should enter: assign CUGAME1: WORK:GAME this will re-map the path to the floppy disk to be the drawer
on the hard drive. Make sure you have removed the floppy disk before doing this, or you'll get an annoying error message like 'Can't cancel CUGAMEV.
The assign is only temporary in that if you switch off and reboot, it will be forgotten. To make it permanent, you need to add the line to the s:user-startup file. This will make sure that it is executed every time the Amiga is switched on.
¦ CL When I use QMS to unpack a cover disk game I occasionally see a message like 'Warning: Disk contains non-standard hoot block'. Does this mean there is a virus on the disk?
¦ A. Not necessarily. It simply means that there is a non-standard bootblock. The bootblock is the first part of the disk to be loaded when the Amiga boots up. If there is a bootblock present, the Amiga will follow the instructions on it and may load Workbench. Many software houses use non-standard bootblocks to add special features and speed up loading times. The DMS program recognises that the bootblock is not standard and tells you. Because in the past many virus did change the block for their own purposes. However, it is extremely unlikely that a virus would be present on a cover disk.
If you are still not happy, here is what you should do. Before starting the DMS process switch off and remove any external floppy drives and hard drives. Boot only from the cover disk and follow the instructions as DMS unpacks the program onto one or more disks.
Use the unpacked programs with no other disk drives connected, and always switch off for 30 H A. Because your machine is out of date. You don't expect a hi-fi magazine to include 78rpm wax disks on the cover, do you?
Upgrade to 2Mb of RAM and Workbench 2 or 3. Or treat yourself to a nice A1200, either secondhand or when Escom start churning them out again.
¦ Q_ Is it OK for me to upload the cover disk to a BBS or give a copy to a friend?
¦ A. No. The cover disk remains the copyright of the magazine. Giving copies away is breaking the law.
IS Q- I have written a program which I think you should put on your cover disk. What should I do with it?
¦ A. In the first instance, send a copy on disk to us at CU Amiga Magazine. If we think that we'd like to use program, we'll be in contact straight away: so include a daytime telephone number on the covering letter if possible. Send your programs to: cover disk submissions. CU Amiga.
Priory Court. 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU. ¦ John Kennedy SACKCHAT backchat.
Escom's takeover, unfinished demos and the glory days of the C64 are just some of the items under fire in this month': Delivering the goods Over the past few years I've come to expect fully functioning serious application software free with most Amiga mags, but recently I've felt cheated on a number of occasions. Why?
Because I've picked up and bought certain magazines assuming that the programs on the disks were actually complete, but later found them to be disabled demo versions. Maybe we've all been spoiled, but most of the full packages can be upgraded to the latest version, so it's not as if the original developers are missing out.
I'm glad to say that CU Amiga is one of the few mags that has not let me down, constantly coming up with the goods. Comic Setter. Movie Setter. Directory Opus and Image FX are just amazing, especially those that came with free manuals. Please keep it up. As the rest of them seem to be falling by the wayside.
Times more people than Commodore did in the UK.
But most importantly, if they bring the Amiga back to life, sell it here and encourage British software houses to produce games again we'll all benefit.
Welcome to the real world.
IQ OF 64 I've had more entertainment value out of my C64 than I ever did with the Amiga. This news that Escom are going to restart manufacture of the C64 made me very happy The Amiga just doesn't match up to what the C64 did in the games, demo and music scene.
Bring back Commodore User 64 and you may be able to jump onto the bandwagon of the new 8-bit revolution that's about to happen A new age where gameplay is more important than graphics and the programmers become famous cult figures.
Bob Hawkins Earls Court Are you being sarcastic or serious? OK. Maybe the case could be pul that the graphic limitations of the CM made gameplay belter and that more memory leads to laziness, but returning to the stone age is surely just a nostalgic flight of fancy. This does raise an interesting question though: will the resurrected '64' for the Chinese and eastern European market be called the Amiga Technologies M IironicI. The Escom 64 I unlikely), the Commodore M Ibut that name is now being used for Pentium Pcs!) Or the Beijing Province Factory No. 1156 M?
Angry of Kent The whole situation with Escom sickens me.
Only a few months ago you and all the other magazines were sucking up to Commodore UK like there was no tomorrow. They were put forward as saviours and geniuses, but now it appears that the leopards have changed their spots and David Pleasance and Colin Proudfoot are no longer flavour of the month.
Why has this happened, surely as a UK mag you should be loyal to the UK company? It's bad enough that German companies are coming over here and buying up our car industry without taking over our computer industry too; Last minute reprieve I've been wanting to buy a computer for quite a while now and an Amiga was top of my list.
However, due to the Commodore situation I haven't been able to purchase one. I was considering getting an Archimedes but I still really wanted an Amiga because of the huge range of PD available. I shopped around for a secondhand one but found it very hard to locate any Amigas for sale. I was about to give up and go ahead and but an Archimedes when I bought your Magazine and read that the Amiga have been saved So hurry up Escom and get the Amigas back in the shops so I can buy one.
Mr. Lindsay, you have totally and utterly missed the point. Let us spell it out to you in simple English: Commodore UK withdrew their hid for the Amiga and Escom went ahead and bought the company.
Sow Commodore UK have nothing to do with the Amiga and are unlikely lo exist for very much longer. So David Pleasance is pretty much out of the picture at the moment. As for your last comment about 'Germans taking over' the UK computer industry we might remind you that Commodore was not a 'British' company, it was American, with an international umbrella organisation and individual subsidiaries in various territories. Escom have opened a retail network using the former Rumbelows stores that will eventually employ 20 Adrian Betts Staffordshire Expand or die Expand or die, or put it another way
expand and maybe fall flat on your face. After much head scratching I decided that I needed an accelerator with two simm sockets and the ability for SCSI 2 products to be used direct form the board. The only board I could get was the GVP A1230 II. Although it didn't use standard simms it still meant I could expand from 4 to 8Mb without having a 4Mb simm spare which is what happens with other accelerator boards. However, all my dreams of expansion have now been thrown out of the window because GVP have been taken over and nobody knows what the future holds. Will I now have to buy a Squirrel
SCSI PCMCIA interface to add a syquest removable drive and a CD-ROM drive to my A1200? Only time will tell. Maybe CU Amiga can shed some light on what is going to happen with GVP products because I'm feeling as sick as a parrot about the whole thing.
S Longden Arbroath Funny you should ask ahoul GVP because this month's points of view column is All about what is going to happen to GVP so turn to page 130 now.
Right to reply Having read Andrew William's letter (June Backchatl I feel inclined to comment. Firstly the Crystal Dragon demo was excellent. It's the first game to ever make me want to try playing an RPG as it more logical and easier to use than many of the other games around.
What do you mean 'complete them' Andrew?
Are you referring to be able to kill the big baddy in Crystal Dragon? If so. What do you expect in a demo? Completion could be considered to be when you've found the stairs to the next level.
As for the Settlers demo, it was and still is excellent. True, it is not possible to win in the demo version, the best you can do is take all but the main castle, but otherwise it's as good as playing the real thing. The demo is better in some ways than the finished game as that seems to have had quite a few bugs in it.
Why don't you?
Go* something to say’ Then rot it down and send it to us at CU Amgi Magazine.
30-32 Farringdon Lane. London EC1R 3AU or Email us at CUAMIGA §o« compultnk co.uk. Finally, I think Escom are hght to resume production of the much maligned and undermined A600. It's a good wee computer, powerful enough to run a sma* buemeei as well as run lots of games and have great graphics and music. And it can multitask property which is something most top end Pcs see can't do. A friend of mine has just bought a 486 PC purely for games. It is much harder to use than my A600. If he wants to do senous stuff he still does it on his A1200.
Karen Hayes Birmingham What's going on?
Why are so many games publishers frantically jumping onto the Playstation bandwagon and leaving the Amiga? Who do they think is going to buy their games, when the machine isn't even going to be out until Christmas? The Amiga market isn’t going to disappear overnight, just because Commodore went belly-up. And with the new Escom plans, things could well take off again in a big way.
Some developers abandoned the Amiga a couple of years ago to go off and play with their new console friends, but they had to come back to it in the end didn't they? The Amiga has always had the innovative game designs before the consoles, and without it we would probably never have seen games like Populous, Lemmings, Skidmarks. Jimmy White's Snooker and Cannon Fodder on any machine. If all future games have to be okayed by the big cheeses at Nintendo.
Sega and Sony, what room will there be for future innovation?
John Willis Berkshire Bizarre, weird, strange You are making a heinous mistake thinking that your Amiga is an ordinary computer. It's not. Its infused with paranormal abilities. While using your Amiga, your psychic aura envelopes the mystic circuitry to form a vital link enabling the unit to function. Negative vibes will cause strange unexplained failures whilst positive vibes will spur the shamanic motherboard to overcome all problems in its path with only minor intervention from your consciousness.
In short, stroke your Amiga. Whisper kind things to it. Love your inanimate 'girlfriend' and your Amiga will continue to reward you with small raptures of magic thereafter.
Neil Dowdell Glasgow It's a funny old world innit?
TEAM TALK Now that summer is upon us the team muse over what would be their idea of a perfect holiday. Here's what they came up with.
ALAN DYKES USA COLUNS Rome's the glace where I’d like to spend a few fen Riled weeks. I coeld bash ia the see so the Spanish steps end watch all these tall. Dark, band- some hrowo-eyed men scooting around oo Vespas - heaven. Vespas and men: a combination I can't refnse.
Two track miaded me? Never TONY HORGAN I My idea ef a great holiday woeld be ta spend three weeks on a deserted tropical island. That way I could mess about making my tones in glorious sunshine withent anyone complaining about the racket I was making. Then I'd come bach and sell my tapes lor a small fortune. Dream on Teey.
MAT BETTINSON All yon pommies all seem to want holidays in the sen. Not me mate. I get enough heat when I'm in my native Australia. My idea ol a perfect holiday would he to stay at home ia England. Here I could surf the net lor days with just a lew tinaies beside me let refreshment. Excellent.
HELEN DANBY JOHN KENNEDY JOHN Kfc mk' m I A hit of a besmae's holiday lor me. I'd ask those nice people at Guinness PLC if I could spend my holiday in their factory watching bow they brew the liguid gold And if I had some time left over Td take my fiancee fee a spin on my motorbike. Well, yoa’ve get to spoil them don't yon?
NEXT MONTH Next Month in CU Amiga Magazine 0m I wanna get technical Next month's technical section promises to have something for everyone including a reviews of a host of plug ins for Lightwave, including: ‘Humanoids
• Fibre factory Plus: Little Gem, a dedicated Audio mixer
specifically designed for your Amiga And: PC Task version 3. If
you really want to emulate an inferior machine this software
may be able to help you.
Primal Rage demo You've read the WiPs now see the game itself!
Plus: Full Review!
Gaining for the future As usual we've looked into our crystal ball, nipped down to the pub for a chat, watched breakfast television, used lottery predictors, examined pigeon entrails and counted the stones on Brighton beach in an effort to find out what games were coming in for review next month. Finally we had to resort to phoning PR people in various software houses and publishers to find out.
It's an original idea and it means working for a change, as opposed to playing games all the time, but it achieved results.
Inconclusive results. But results all the same.
For instance, Alan Bunker from Team 17 told us: "Oh yes, Speris Legacy should be ready in the next few weeks, so you should have it soon. I hope. Probably. You know what it's like, these things take time." And Alien Breed 3D7 "End of July mate.
Yes it might make it in time for the September issue. Actually it should do. It's due for release at the end of July, so it'll be ready for review before then I'm sure. I'll ask Richard, but I'm sure he won't confirm it yet. There's still work to be done."
And so, throwing caution to the wind yet again, we bring you the ...er.. definitive list of software that will be reviewed in the next issue of CU Amiga Magazine:
• Primal Rage
• Alien Breed 3D
• Speris Legacy
• Legends
• Front Lines
• Super Streetfighter 2
• British Touring Car Challenge Amiga Magazine September 1995, on
sale 15th August If you want to make sure that CU Amiga
Magazine is reserved at your newsagent please fill out this
coupdn and hand it to him her.
Dear Newsagent: ? CU Amiga Magazine is very honest and extremely modest, but I know that the September 1995 Issue is going to be a stonker. Please reserve a copy for me.
? Please reserve me a copy of CU Amiga Magazine every month from now on -1 don't want to miss it ever again. Well, not until further notice anyway.
My name is:..... My address is: PS If you don't like filling in forms, just pop in and ask them to reserve it.
CU Amiga Magazine reserves the right to change any of the above advertised features or cover disks if they become unavailable CU Amiga Magazine is distributed by Frontline.
I_________________I Find out about all this and more in ... CU Amiga September 1995 Out August 15th Please Send Cheques PO s (made out to Premier Mail Order) or Access Visa (Switch + Issue No) & Expiry Date to: Dept: CU08 9-1 0 THE CAPRICORN CENTRE. CRANES FARM ROAD. BASILDON. ESSEX SS1 4 3JJ Telephone orders: 01268-271172 Fax your order on: 01268-271173 Mon-Fri 9am-7pm Sat&Sun 10ara-4pm. We are open 364 days a year P and VAT included lor all UK orders. Please add per item C2 PSP lor Europe and 03.50 lor the resl ol the world. Next day service available UK only Al CJ 00 per item.
Please note: Some titles may not be released at the time ol going to press. Most titles are despatched same day. But can lake up to 28 days. ESOE Ait** U-aer re 1h| IXWtWI»(»V» A" *Ce*«c» tOanr Pur** .
A »"• • MOC t*v»-ee jt%m UC i v« OO
• AgOSer *err*» ___U042 Poo*» Poota V2 U043 Training Log
IX U MaseeNfclE* U045 D-Sotvo ..... U046 LocHpc
v2.0 .... U047ReloKlCkw1.4 . U048 Prooad BaeMd___
U049 Dividends Winner .
0060 Odds On... 0021 Moon*aher Demo . D022 Mike Tyson (1 mag) D024 Terminate* ...... P02S Alans Oemo DoeSLtoOfBrato ... DG27 The Gar’ieM W POINTS OF VIEW 09 ¦ GVP: The S Second Coming Power Computing and M-tec buyout, resuscitate GVP or will the once strong US Amiga presence be stifled for ever?
Mat Bettinson speaks out ... reat Valley Products (GVP) has been a leading innovator and producer of quality Amiga peripherals for many years. The recent news that GVP had filed for Chapter 11 liquidation was almost as sobering as the announcement of Commodore's similar fate a year earlier. A shadow of uncertainty now hovers over the Amiga's most famous third party brand.
GVP were usually the first to fill in any gaps left by Commodore, targeting areas in which the Amiga could be improved, and releasing top grade products accordingly.
From the incredibly popular A500 HD8 to the A1230 68030 accelerators for the A1200, they led while others followed, often with cheaper and slightly better spec equipment - usually after GVP had done all the hard development work. It's hard to believe that any other company would have come up with such crazy and brilliant products as the PhonePak Amiga (a combined telephone answering service, voice mail and fax system).
Why oh why?
So why did this innovator fold
• while the copy cats continue to prosper? Perhaps due to its
policy of maintaining relatively high prices in the face of
cheaper competition? Certainly its proudly advertised US-based
manufacturing didn't help, especially against lower cost
rival manufacturing in the Far East. In the end the public
demanded GVP quality at Far East prices. GVP couldn't deliver
and subsequently paid the price.
German manufacturers have been quick to capitalise.
Luckily all is not lost. The German based M-Tech and the UK based Power Computing successfully bought out GVP's intellectual rights, which allows M-Tech and.
Power Computing to produce any or all of the GVP product range.
Power Computing's Tony laniari has confirmed that products will be developed by former GVP engineers on a contractual basis and that manufacturing will also remain stateside. It was hardly surprising that he was enthusiastic about the products GVP is known to have completed but not released (like a 68060 accelerators and a PCMCIA 16- bit sampler) since these products are eagerly awaited by the Amiga community. Perhaps GVP's expertise coupled with European management and a better understanding of the European market will lead to quality products aimed at the right users at the right prices.
I'm of the opinion that GVP's strengths were (and are) in new product development rather than mass market low-end products. The new A2000 and A4000 68060 accelerators will be welcomed, but with Phase 5 already banking on shifting around
10. 000 of their own 68060 boards in Escom's planned 4000 60,
will GVP's '060 be able to compete?
New products?
My biggest worry is for the long term availability of GVP quality products. I have no doubt that Power and M-tec intend to keep on producing peripherals, but as European mass market sellers they may not always lead in the same way as GVP have. It's all very well using bought GVP expertise to produce new products but they've got to accept that not all of them will have immediate mass market appeal.
The American market has always been relatively small but very professional based, thus revolutionary (and expensive) products were made there first, Sophisticated products for a sophisticated market, and the rest of us benefited.
America calling Meanwhile on the 'net there is a distinct air of depression at the current state of affairs. Here in the UK we see Escom opening up 100 stores overnight.
Meanwhile the Americans see their most famous Amiga Magazine fail, the American buyout favourites CEI fail and finally the sacred GVP fail. Suddenly there doesn't seem to be much that's Amiga and American any more.
They would like to be reassured that Escom have America in its sights, even though the US Amiga scene is very different to the predominantly hobbyist and semi-pro mass European market.
I want to be assured of this too, for all our sakes.
Of course it’s early days yet but Stateside Amiga gurus like Dave Haynie haven't heard anything from Escom and that is not viewed as a good sign.
Looking to a .
Perfecx world In an ideal world I'd like to see a lot more of an averaging out in the markets on either side of the Pond.
The UK could do with a real kickstart in the high end of the market. More big-box Amigas and significant upgrades to low-end machines.
Likewise the US could really do with a large influx of low-end machines to ease the next generation into this wonderful computing platform. US Amiga game development would be welcomed the world over as would European high-end application development. I’m not going to say it's down to Escom again.
It’s not. They are a business and if you. The public, spend some money on software and hardware. The market will be proven to exist. Other markets like the US will have to be forged afresh.
¦ Mat Bettinson is an Amiga fanatic, an avid 'net nut and CU Amiga's latest technical recruit.
Next Da, £5.00 2-3 Da) £2.50 £10.00 Deliveries are subject to slock availability Allow up to 7 days for cheques to clear POWER COMPUTING LTD 44a b-Stanley St. Bedford MK4I 7RW Tel 01234 273000 Fax 01234 35220 TELEPHONE 0 1234 273000 CD-ROM * £199 x2 CD-ROM DOUBLE SPEED CD ROM x4 CD-ROM ROM QUAD SPEED CD SCSI Connectors Audio In Out IIOv 240v SCSI ID Cooling SCSI Audio Switch Fan Connectors In Out POWER CD-ROM ¦ I CD-ROM SOFTWARE | The new Power CD-ROM for the Amiga 600 1200 plugs cdboot i.o .£29 Enables you use almost any CD32 games directly into the
PCMCIA port and provides a direct SCSI-1 ,FSmrHF(ON7S J1 ....£ 17 ' * * ojiMfl or ronts tor almost any computer system and SCSI-II interface, allowing up to six additional peripherals SDSJ!!*? ..£JS to be connected, for example: Syquest Drives, Hard Drives, WjunieViJS! Goidfiih series, contains a selection of software Flatbed Scanners and Dat Drives. Whats more the Power Conain.1imon650MBof3bobiKu.im1go.1c."'- MAGIC ILLUSIONS .£10 CD-ROM features a ‘Hot-Plug’ and ‘Un-Plug’, which
meeting'pearls'vol I £10 allows you to connect disconnect at any time the Power MEETING PEARLS VOL li 10 r'r n£~ w J i j. ¦ i 1 • i Contains 650MB of the finest FD software via a special user interface v U-KvjM ana any additional devices, even when your THE light works £34 . . Raytracing - a fascinating area of computer graphics Amiga is switched on. The beauty of chaos ...£12 Drive into the fractal world of geometry AMINET 5 £12
1. 1 gigabytes of software The CD-ROM comes with a SCSI
interface, PSU, manual,
fcowom ...£2S audio lead,
mains lead' and software: Audio CD, CD32
£?bi TOuToEviimiiivwm'. M cbi ......
Emulation, MPEG Film Decoder and PhotoCD software. Hundreds of
MB's of freeware Amiga 600 1200 Amiga 4000 Moscsum**.
Accessories Double - Speed Double - Speed Amiga 4000 .I CD-ROM
£199 CD-ROM .....£159 SCSI-lnterface .£ I 29 I Quad - Speed
Quad - Speed Multi-media Speakers cd-rom £299 cd-rom £259
sowatt £54
• ua*% Trade and Educational orders welcome - Worldwide
distribution available AlO'Oii'CMiPCtataavvtfsncsarYMMeiochanet
.ehoumctx* «U i *~wVsire* rio* Mg' l AJI on3ers *r«rg a-by
telephone be accepted ort, W* uo Oo-Wnsard condbers of trade
cc«es of .« ch*e (ree of charge « Don't miss out get your
Clarissa 2.0 video... See backing boq M for details liss out
get your sa 2.0 video... sim mm 'muni H Z 0 It 3 jZ ft.
|hj| 4 e* ¦K: ifc- 1 - HP* i ' J«w c j I 5 I * M i [y mi g§® 1
* 11 H If 1 1: Rtmoia all rancctSMry apgdiiei and panphaials.
Sack as (winters and m I cs. Ah can. Problems.
¦ 2: follow Ilia jastroGtnas on this aid pratim pagat aiadh.
1 3: M roa still experience problems loading tha disk caH tfca DisUptess helpli | boara al 11am aid Epoi MmiAay lo t .HttnMm'tUlltafelaMn 1 lam cm AiU art • III lUarrt iiEE aUnv | CU Amfa Mafuitt Disk Relwii DukXaraii lb 2 All prices Include VAT * All prices subject to change without notice * Fixed charge for repair does not include disk drive keyboard.
* We reserve the right to refuse any repair. * P & P charges
£3.50 by Royal Mail or £6.00 + VAT for courier ? Please allow 5
working days for cheque clearance

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