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MIDI CONVERSION There are two ways you can convert your Amiga sample tunes to MIDI files. The first is via the Music X option Any ol the supported lormats can be converted to Musk X files, loaded into Musk X. and then saved out as MIDI tiles Irom within Music X Ahematively. You can try the MIDI Convertor program included on the disk. You’ll still have to use the Musk Xconvertor in AMFC, but you won’t need a copy ol the Music X program. Boot Irom Workbench, and using the ‘Show all files' option from the Window menu, open the directory called Copy contents to your s dir', which can be lound in the MIDI Convertor directory on the AMFC disk. Drag this into the ‘S’ directory ol your Workbench and your AMFC disk. You can now load the MIDI Convertor program either Irom Workbench or the AMFC disk. For lull instructions on using the MIDI Convertor program, see the documents on the disk. You'll see an icon in the AMFC disk window entitled 'Copy to LIBS:'. In order lor this little script to work, you'll need to rename the AMFC disk AMFC Pro' (without the quotation marks) Use the Rename option Irom the Workbench Icons menu. 2* AMIGA A CU AMIGA EXCLUSIVE THE CLUE PLAN THE PERFECT CRIME IN THIS GIGANTIC ADVENTURE Could this be one of the most original adventures of all time?

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Ujalocf____:____WrNr B SollWood Pnxtai Eurof* RwlUIWWSieMMa total|lnM| b»»Tir (and covered on the following 180 pages) proves my point. In this Issue we examine 30 theory and practice in a special report on page 26 and have a full review of Imaging 3 oe page 111. We also preview the first VR headset tor the Amiga, review six A1200 RAM accelerators and chock out the best games available this summer including my favourite of the month. Uninnt and our cover demo TtoCloe AMIGA i SI Sec On Lie 51 6 6 6 6 7 I hale to say it. But inevitably I have to: there's no further news on who the new owners of
Commodore might be. The only significant event in recent weeks is that the Commodore UK team have put forward a management buyout bid though, there appears lo be less nervousness about the situation In the software industry this month - could this be confidence In the success of the UK bid.or confidence m some other potential buyer’ There are certainly enough bids on the table to make things Interesting though.
So come on guys, hurry upl The bets are on.
Alan Dykes Hwoec m Mitni bar cwruim RMS CAT COMWTUW I07C 7MMOI oara uro (140*1*01) CONTENTS Of 7 SERiOOS 26 3D SPECIAL REPORT Stunning 3D graphics are everywhere you look these days, and it's the Amiga that's leading the way. We take a look at how they work, who's using them and how you can get In on the act yourself. All of this and a report on CyberMaxx - the first full virtual Reality headset for your Amiga!
PRODUCTIVITY R1VHWS PRODUCTIVITY REVIEWS PRODUCTIVITY REVIEWS There's plenty to get your teeth into this month, especially for anyone who loves graphics. We've got the awesome Brilliance 2. The ingenious SX-1. The shiny Imagine 3 and an essential guide to the many RAM accelerator Boards for the A1200. PLUS, a full look at a couple of products that could actually be good tor your health!
MOVIEFONTS 102 102 103 104 109 110 112 117 117 119 121 Vahous fonts for spicing up those videos and games.
SPACE AND ASTRONOMY CD-ROM A massive CD goldmine for space cadets.
CD EXCHANGE VOL. 1 An Amiga specific CD-ROM packed with public domain games and utilities.
BRILLIANCE 2 Overtaking Deluxe Paint 4 on the inside comes the latest upgrade of the Amiga's most powerful paint package ever.
SX-1 It's now possible to convert your CD32 into an A1200.
Complete with keyboard, disk drives and mouse.
IMAGINE 3 The latest update of the popular 3D graphics system.
G-FORCE ACCELERATOR You want more speed from the A40007 GVP's G-Force cranks it up.
COCHLEAR CONSCIOUSNESS Train your ears to recognise perfect pitch with this unique program.
HEART RATE MONITOR Plug yourself into your Amiga, and get down to some aerobics ALTERNATIVE 3D TEXTURES Heaps of texture maps for your rendenng applications.
GO FASTER BOARDS We test six of the best A1200 RAM and accelerator boards.
EPSON STYLUS Epson's pnnter turns in a winning performance.
SCREEN SCENE* I GAME REVIEWS GAME REVIEWS GAME REVIEWS GAME REVIEWS September is a strange month for the software industry. Everyone starts getting really geared up for the Christmas rush, but seem to forget that there are bags of top-quality software just waiting to be reviewed.
Like Bullfrog's Theme Park, Club Soccer The Manager and the superb Universe from Core Design!
Another two incredible disks tor you this month, with more packages that you'll never know how you did without - DIR Work and AMFC. Plus a fully exclusive and completely playable demo ol Neo's brand new crime based adventure. The Clue. Have lun!
DISK 90 PAGE 8 AMIGA 58 FIRST IMPRESSIONS It's another bumper crop this month as we let the cat out of the bag on some top software, like Gremlin’s Util Divil (Again.)
61 CROTEAM There's a whole lota programming going on in Croatia at the moment.
Tony Dillon takes a look at some of the hottest games around.
62 64 68 70 73 76 79 80 84 86 90 94 96 99 DREAMWEB Lisa Collins takes a look at Empire's adult adventure and exclaims ‘that’s disgusting’. Sex. Violence and lost shoes.
UNIVERSE 256 colours on an A500? Alan Dykes casts his expert eye over Core Design's sequel to Curse O Enchantia.
D-DAY Impressions are out to prove that they are the masters of strategy.
Matt Broughton looks for the truth behind the rumour.
THEME PARK THEME PARK. THEME PARK? THEME PARK! Has there ever been a game that has warranted as many reader calls as this?
VITAL LIGHT What is it with software publishers? First Craft and now Vital Light.
The margarine industry will see them in court. Probably.
THE CLUE Our exclusive demo, and what's more, our exclusive review! Neo have created one of the most original adventures ever.
CLUB SOCCER - THE MANAGER It's been promised for a long time, but was it worth the wait? Tony Dillon definitely thinks so.
PINKIE Aaah, it's just sooooo cute! Pinkie is here to be your friend, and if you're young enough you might just enjoy it.
PINKIE COMPETITION If, like our Tony, you've become a Pinkie fan. You'll be wanting some of that fab Pinkie gear won’t you?
KID CHAOS It was originally called Kid Vidous, but then people realised that this cute platformer from Ocean isn't vicious at all.
VFM More budget hi-jinks this month, as Tony Dillon reviews three compilations featuring really old games, with mixed reactions.
VALHALLA SOLUTION Goodbye stuck on level one blues, hello level two happiness’, as Lisa Tunnah from Vulcan Software might say (if we asked her).
VAMPYRA She pouts, she wiggles, she smiles and she plays a lot of adventures. That's why she's here to help.
HELPLINE When the Samaritans are engaged, the RSPCA don't want to know and your local priest has no idea, write to Helpline!
CU AMIGA ADVERTISING CU AMIGA’S advertising department has moved address II you need to contact them with a query about advertising In this magazine or about an existing advertiser you can gel hold ol them at the following address: CU AMIGA Advertisement Department. Durrani House. 8 Herbal Hill. London EC1R 5EJ. Tel: (071) 713 5289 D-Day Dawaon coma back. All Is forgiven.
It's here! It's bfo! It's Theme Par*!
REGULARS... 8 COVERDISKS See the panel opposite.
16 NEWS Could it be true? A Commodore management buy out? Read the full story on page 18. Plus! Cheap games from Psygnosis. A new racing game from Team 17. Ocean and EA join forces.
39 CD32ZONE 21st Century are coming back to the CD32 in a big way, with a new Pinball Game and Marvin's Marvellous Adventure. Read all about it!
128 PD SCENE Some of the best coders in the wodd write public domain software, so we have the best writers writing about it!
135 PD UTILITIES PD Utilities is absolutely jam packed this month with educational software, a business planner and pots more!
140 ART GALLERY You still keep sending the disks in, so she keeps on loading them. Dare you have a steady relationship with Combat Collins?
178 POINTS OF VIEW Andrb Digard gives us ail a lesson on violence in computer games.
AND Another two super packages lor you to enjoy this month. First up is DIR Work 2. A demo ol the ultimate in lile management packages, followed closely by AMFC- l e perfect music lile converter. What more could you want?
The Clue is a stunning new adventure Irom Austrian publishers Neo. And we've got the first look at it. Along with this exclusive playable demo!
NEXT ISSUE ON SALE 19 SEPTEMBER EDITOR: - Dyfcm DEPUTY EDITOR i Ici day- Colin GAMES EDITOR my‘Not ofc lu |JuiM DJIon TECHNICAL EDITOR Andy He Tcrinoro 9«!f lonntj ASSISTANT TECHNICAL EDITOR i y Huiiu) Hotgun ART EDITOR Cottol 'Ok. » 9* to tod r,M Mdtoifi DESIGNER • l*n t-tobody Ilf. Me' Drail,, TECHNICAL CONSULTANT l- .» *ennc *y CONTRIBUTORS l~ Andy MitiM. Vompyvo Andkt ADVERTISEMENT MANAGER .' id Ckrf SENIOR SALES EXECUTIVES bnhntoL COVIRDISK 90 DIR WORK A AMPC Just look what we have for you this month: a working demo of DIR Work 2 - the superb program which helps you manage files and
disks, amongst other things.
01 -1 Star I Rmm 'itSti HddltorJ nurt M.11 iw*-i Belete |H«*e ir1 Ink 'l„»|fin'U in .fdnt olun-jHide Rrn«H aujduunu | =.r. Renane| jtSel lb SRIilclopjstwMnpl y 1 1 II «t bnk m Rtt Disk or more files and directories and clicking on an action button on that side of the screen will, if appropriate depending on the action of the button, transfer the files selected to the directory on the other half of the screen. For functions that don't involve moving a file around, ie deleting or renaming, simply select the files and click on the button. Multiple files can be selected by either dragging
the mouse pointer down over file names, or highlighting one file and then clicking on subsequent files whilst holding down the SHIFT, CONTROL or ALT key.
Operations will 211 be earned out on each tile in turn.
Up and running you'll see a screen like the one below - if not, you've loaded the wrong program!
Most file operations (ie moving, copying etc) involve you selecting a file in one location (ie a directory or volume) and performing an operation on the tile, typically moving or copying to other directory or volume.
Given this two-sided operation It's One of the reatly great things about the Amiga is how easy it is to use. Pcs need special monitors, force you to mess around with command lines and use MS- DOS. The Amiga, however, can be plugged into a normal TV and oper ated using a mouse with a nice graphical environment. Much better1 However, have you ever tried using the Amiga's command line (Shell or CU)? That's not so simple.
It Involves a lot of complicated procedures which are best avoided, but what do you do if you really have to use these complicated shell commands? Well, for starters you could read the QSA Special Amiga Workshop' which is In CU AMIGA every month. Alternatively, you can use this month's excellent Technical Coverdisk - Dir Work 2.
DIR Work 2 allows you to perform fairly complex SHELL commands using a very simple pomt and dick user interface.
Want to delete a tile without an icon? Just click on the file name and then the delete button!
All common disk operations are possible with DIR Work 2, Including COPY, MOVE, DELETE, MAKEDIR (MAKEDIRECTO- RIES DRAWERS|' arm RENAME, and DISKCOPY. These are complemented by further buttons to let you easily move around directories and volumes, edit files, view graphic files and play sound modules. It will also do a lot more besides.
Built into the program is a full system diagnosis facility, telling you all about your Amiga - including how much RAM you have, what libraries are present, what's in memory and so on I natural for SECRET WEAPON DIR Work 2 to The more astute of you will have work in a simi- noticed that the cover disk is labelled lar manner, demo. But so far, everything in DIR the display Work is fully functional, so how come being split into it's a demo. Well, if you want to use two halves.
DIR Work just to control your files Both sides then it is a full program, but DIR of the screen WORK has a secret weapon It's fully have a direc- conligurable Every button, slider, tory list and menu and text description can be identical sets changed - you can make the pro- of buttons, gram look completely different, and change practically every aspect of its operation And it's this part that is different in our demo.
Whilst you can still change everything, you won't be able to save your changes tor future use. If you want the full version turn to page 36 for the upgrade offer, or call Emerald Creative on 081 715 8866.
So how do you use DIR Work?
Well, firstly, follow the instructions on page 15 to load it, with the program Now most of you won't want to sit and read through masses of instructions so instead take a peek at the annotated diagram on the next page. This shows the important buttons with descriptions, everything you need to use the most commonly used parts of the program Is listed here.
The following are other general purpose functions and shortcuts that can be earned out.
To display text and IFF graphics files simply double click on the file.
Doing this will bring any IFF picture, whilst ASCII text files will be shown on screen. The program will try to open all types of file, and display them, so you may get some unusual results opening non-IFF or non ASCII files. The equivalent buttons lor these operations are TYPE' for text files, and SHOW for graphics files Likewise, double clicking on a program or application will load and run that application. Double clicking on a directory name will move into that directory, making it the current one.
And that's it for DIR Work 2 this month. Next month we'll examine changing the look of the program, a facility which, although you can use it in this demo version, you wont be able to save the changes until you upgrade. We ll also check out its built in diagnostic tools, and disk handling.
You can probably figure most of it out on your own in the mean time, although there will be a few surprises lined up in the instructions.
PlavS 1EB GetDir 1 Copy |Move Delete MakeDirl Disk Get Dir [Copy Type Run Pat 1 Show PlaySS Instant PlayHou Sys lift 1 in* ft r U i A ft Type Dnn Ml n Run Show QJJ T - „ PlaySS T__X__X PlayHod Kenan i?
M« 13150i __ nOulCOn $ MlOP ffnWlQuit Kenane _ Haaicon instant Volunes Imr fl|N| IjffHHT fl N- Clipboards ENV dopustenp.tnpS
* i A A 215 215 GET DIR: Reads the contents of the current
directory, in most cases the program will do this
automatically, but there are times when you may need to do this
COPY: Copies the files selected in the source directory into the destination directory MOVE: This is the sister button to Copy.
Whereas Copy leaves the original in place, Move copies the file(s) and then deletes the originals afterwards.
Clipboards ENV T dopustenp.tnp0 DELETE: Strangely enough this deletes, ie removes, the file or files and directories selected from the disk. Once you’ve deleted them you can’t get them back so be careful!
MAKEDIR: Creates a new directory or drawer. You will be prompted to enter the name in a requester.
TYPE: Clicking one or more text files and pressing this button will display the file on screen. This will bring up a new screen with a series of buttons along the bottom.
These buttons allow you to print the file, search for occurrences of specific words, change the display to HEX (probably only useful if you’re a programmer), and move around the file. Double clicking on a text file will also bring this display up.
SHOW: Similar to TYPE but for Amiga graphic files.
PLAYSS:PLAYMOD: Audio file support: to be covered next month.
RUN: If you’ve highlighted a program or application clicking on this button will try to load and run it - like double clicking on a program in Workbench.
V V Ran Disk 811 Ran Disk 8M RENAME: Clicking on this file will allow you to change the name of a file. You will first be asked if you wish to change the filename, skip this file or cancel the operation. You will then be shown the existing name and asked for a new one. If you selected multiple files each file will be changed in turn.
N: Deselects all selected files.
VOLUMES: Lists all the volumes available on your Amiga, to use one simply-double click on it.
A: Automatically selects all the files for you.
: Changes the current directory to its parent, ie moves back up through the directory list.
PATHNAME: Identifies where DIR Work is currently looking for files. Selecting a new volume (see VOLUMES) will change this text for you.
Alternatively you can simply click on it with the mouse and manually type in new paths.
HIDE: Moves DIR WORK to a background screen.
PATSEL: The display in the directory display is normally set to all files and directories, although you can change which filenames are shown. Clicking on PATSEL will ask you for the pattern selection for filenames that the program will use when listing files.
This asks for the wild cards and filenames to use, these follow standard Amiga standards.
ADDICON: To be covered next month.
DISK: and SYS: These options will be covered next month.
F I RSTcomputer centre (LEEDS)Tel:0532 319444 l[ OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK OPEN MON-SAT 9.30AMS.30PM SUNDAY OPENING.. I 1.00AM-3.00PM WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY Late Night Opening 9.30AM-7.30PM OPEN HALF DAY MOST BANK HOLIDAYS TELEPHONE LEEDS 14 HOUR MAIL ORDER SERVICE 0532 3 I 9444 10 LIMES FAX: 0532 319191 SHOWROOM ADDRESS: DEPT. CU, UNIT 3, ARMLEY PARK COURT, OFF CECIL ST, STANNINCLEY RD, LEEDS, LSI2 2AE HOW TO ORDER Order by telephone quoting your credit card. Please make cheques payable to the: "FIRSTCOMPUTER CENTRE."
In any correspondence please quote a phone number & post code. Do not forget to include the delivery tariff & Dept. code.
Allow 5 working days for cheque c Icarance.
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CD12 software. Plays Audio CD's, shows CD's. Plugs Into PCMCIA
slot only £ 194.99 NEC Multispin 2X1 t-i £167.99
• 145H, Attnt* llm, nlSSKBtrantforrM.
TOSHIBAXM340I i~™i£286.99 . 104M, Am.m lime .nWHrvdarru, TOSHIBA XM4101
• lISMi Ac.M.llm. . 100KB tmn»for rW.
Internal.! 89.99 Extemal.i259.99 Tandon IOE CD ROM Controller for use with Mitsumi only £64.99 AMIGA 500 Plus trade in offer If you spend £300.00 or more wkh u* you can Irade In an Amiga SOO Ph» for £ 100.00 Your old Amiga must be in working order complete with PSU and modulator.
2. 5" Hard Drives with installation kit toe software, rshles and
Instruction* 60Mb....*£l34.99 120Mb._*£ 199.99
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3. 5" Hard Drives with installation kit Inc. software, cables and
instruction* 250Mb... *£214.99 345Mb...*£239.99
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* )urt Add £10 for fitting COMPUTERS The AMIGA AI 200 A1200
Standard pack only £269.99 I Computer Combat pack only
£329.99 1 ,***‘C| *t'* RACE A CHASE pack only £289.99 HARD
* * "* ¦ £6o.OO to the | 64Mb 85Mb 127Mb 240Mb Standard pack
price for the Combat Hard Drive packs THE CHAOS PACK!
• SYNDICATE only £29.99 or £19.99 with any AMIGA!
THE FIRST 5 GAME PACK All our printers are UK spec, come I with ribbon toner, printer drivers I (ifavailable), paper & cables | Canon £181.99 I Ljh. Qunlitr tnitpvt. L4rf« I Canon BJ 200 .. £231.99 R ) page a mln ,p~d. 140 dpi. Im.ll footprint 4 10 lp.nifo.ii.uo 1C BJC600 Col'.ii, £5t.' ')•! I n bubble |.t from Canon 110 Autosheetfeeder £49.99| Canon BJI Ojx.. Citiien printers have a 2 year guarantee I ABC Colour printer ..._£ I 54.991 !e (a* easy a* ABC) to use 24 pin printer. Comes it standard with SO sheet Auto sheet feeder.
Tractor feed optional at 27.99 ly £139.99 If bought without the colour option Swift 200 Colour-.. 181.99 Same out put as the 240 but wkh lees Caciktie* Swift 240 Colour ...£218.99 24 pin, 240cps draft, 10 fonts, quiet mode, 240cp*.
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LC24.30Col .....£199.991 twnpfot. WM utonwtk
«w*t fo-for. HI tp. .
Star LC24-300 Col ...£249.991 14 pin quai.tr. 144 tpt dralt. Utp.LQ.lW Ovifo.
- 44K, 14 font, and quiet mod*.
Star SJ 144 Colour Thermal I Arid. Totour pW* 1 rrn Ip. Nnwing tMtt | only £339.99 Sur SJ48 Autoiheet feeder ..only £49.991 Universal Printer Stand ...only £4.99 I PRINTER CONSUMABLES MODEMS* CD ROM Drives PRINTERS Th.nk again if you l *tonudtnn| buying a modem from anywhere else. We are probably the largest supplier of modems tor the Amiga supported by a wealth of experience. Log into our free BBS modem line tor technical and sales, available 2A hours a day El S lj p rci ¦upraJ=AXM&mm 288( NEW Super fast 121,m bpi* 14.400 Fax Thn bait modem in a, tfoHi Only £243.99 I I44U I V.32 bis (14400
baud li only £141.99 | | SuprarAXModmm i dude* V Ijati. V.IL V.ltbBB. V12. VII. MNPI- .
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Plus £112.991 Hope. Tamp flfc V42 B* MNP M 4 MB e+wt t. ?
2400 W© ...£58.99 |
* Hub (real vatwe laBt -Bk- -Wh auto 4ut 4
* * Hay.. ewtp. V22 BIS l~l.4B.fce.mgd.- IW Supra madams have not
been tested by BABT. However they _I QIKflobotics WE ARE
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the terbo! They come v MONITORS I All our monitors are UK spec.
All monitors I I com* complete with a free Amiga lead* I NEW!
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Philips 8833 and I Commodore I0B4S. Includes I FREE buik to tlk
and swivell | only £249.99 1 NEW Microvitec Autoscan 1438 |
1. 28 dpi. I S 38 Khi. All Amiga modes. AGA comp, no audio, tlk A
swivell stand.
Now only £289.99 I-Free cable for A4000 only A1200 cable £4.99 extra [ with Ida HPSOOi'SSO. DeskJet Plus, Canon I 0!2»* «») IS. Star S|«l. Cttliae Projet and Mil tafco the mil andfol ird, ASS. This win merge wkh t Fo*ow ugtvtfoe ASS Thrs meeg« with Armtoy gyratory FromtlnA Itake the turnoff lor the AM. Thb merge* wkh the ASS (bypassing Leeds town centre) whlth meets the Armley gyratory. Ofiar l ..mg World" at traffic lights tdte a right, left, left again, 6 2nd left to get to FCC. I
• TOTAL CARNAGE only £19.99 The AMIGA 4000 AAOOOIOiO, B0 Mb HD
4Mb RAM- £999.99 A4000 OJ0.214 Mb HD* 4 Mb RAM-41009.99
A4000 40 A4000 040LC, 120 Mb Ht * .£POA
A4000 040LC.214 Mb HD ...£POA A4000 40 SCSI Tow*r
systems £PO A "The hard DRIVE only • net covered by on ut*
warranty Single refills (22ml) . Twin refills
(44ml) Three colour kit (66ml) Full colour kit (••ml) Bulk
refills (I 25ml) Canon BJI0 SJ48 cartridge ___ Double life 500
cartridges HP550 500 Colour cartridge Epson Stylus Colour
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pack) Star SJ144 colour cartridges(3 pack) Fanfold (tractor
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Single sheet ..... 2000 sheet* PRIMAA500 &A600 RAM 3 YEAR WARRANTY .'
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(eath)£5.99 DKB 1202 A1200 RAM board £84.99 takes 2 32 bit SIMMs. Has an optional FPU.
See above for prices Kickstart 1.3------- £23.99 K i c kstart 2.04 ......£28.99 Kickstart 2.05 (for use in A600)...£28.99 Fatter Agnes 8372A ...£26.99 Super Denise ......£18.99 6571 -0326 Keyboard controller. - 13.99 CIA 8S20A I O controller------------£8.99 AMIGA 1200 RAM HAWK CO-PRO & RAM Realise the full potential of your A1200 with !**•» t*apdO©» e«p»n*lon ,r« real time loct I MB RAM 6M.99 tMBRAM « MB RAM f 98 «•
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All repairs are covered by a 90 day warranty.
Miscellaneous Hardware The Serial Link (Adaptor to link CD32 Amiga PC) i only £29.99 Panavision SX-1 (CD32T1200emulator.... .£219.991 XDS Dataflyer External Hard drive kit.-----£64.99 DKB Mega Chip II (2Mb chip RAM).. ...-£ 169.991 pves 2 Mb of chip memory on A500fA 15000000 ROC HARD DRIVES from £ 214.99 (42Mb) we. Amcbasw Deluxe Paint 4 AGA.------------------------ Distant Suns 5 ..------ « Personal Paint V4----------------------£2 Technosound Turbo------------------------ Technosound Turbo 2.-------------------------*2 Wordworth 2 AGA with Print Mgr A Day To Xcopy Pro plus
hardware .....£25.99 Workbench 2.1 software and 2.04 ROM upgrade (complete with manuals) only £74.99 Workbench 2.04 software and 2.04 ROM upgrade (complete with manuals) 100% RATED!
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£ I 0.99 or £ I 2.99 for 400 Dpi version DATALUX CLEAR MOUSE High quality clear 2 button mouse ......£ I 9.99 Zydec Trackball ......£29.99 Aplha Data T rackbail.....£37.99 DISK DRIVES AMITEC I mb 3.5" drive Features Anti Click, Anti Virus, Sony Mech, 2 year warranty only £58.99 Cumana3.5" only £56.99 I meg external drive. The best name In disc drives A600 1200 internal drive ......£49.99 A500 internal drivev ...£49.99 A4000 internal HD drive £99.99 hama on demo now. I The Professional answer hama 292 ....£269.99 S-Video, and
composite compatible hama 290 ....£674.99 S-Video, and composite mixing plus far more hama A-CUT Video Editor £ 185.99 GVP Genlock ..oniy ixo4.99 features professional SVHS output iRocgen Plus ....only £164.99 Includes dual control for overlay and keyhole effects, extra RGB pass thru. Check for compatibility.
Rendale 8802 FMC..only £164.99 Rocgen Rockey .....only £ 164.99 For creating special effects in video production with genlocks.
ROMBOPRODUCTS VIDI I 2 Real Time£l34.99 Real time colour digitizing from any video source. Full AGA support VIDI 24 Real Time £204.99 24 bit quality real time colour digitizing from any video source. Full AGA support VIDI 12 AGA £59.99 Full support for AGA chipset. Colour Images captured in less than a second, mono images in real time with any video source.
Multitasking s w, cut A paste.
VIDI 12 Sound & Vision AGA with built in MegamixMaster £98.99 TAKE 2 £35.99 Features include load and save from D. Paint animations and IFF files. Supports HAM graphics.
Megamix Master £26.99
• bit, high spec, sampler. Special effects include echo that can
be added in real time, fully multitasking A easy to use. _
VIPER 68030 TURBO only £ 159.99 68030 accelerator running at
28Mhz expandible to 8 Mb 32 Bit RAM (see RAM prices) Optional
SCSI adaptor.
ADDITIONAL RAM FOR VIPER BOARDS Just add the price of the RAM to the Viper board to get your configuration price | 1 MbSIMM ..£39.99 2 Mb SIMM ..£95.99 4 Mb SIMM. ..NEW LOW PRICE!-..C I 39.99!
8 Mb SIMM ..NEW LOW PRICE! £269.99' SURRA 28 ACCELERATOR for the A500 A500.a AI 500 2000 IB Mhx, in., A500 lid, port 10 there it no internal fitting only £144.99!
PRIMA ROM SHARERS This high quality ROM sharer features a flexible ribbon connection so that It can be positioned anywhere within your A500 Plus or A600. Full 2 year replacement warranty now only £ 17.99 or £24.99 for keyboard switchable version Real Time A1200 internal clock module.. Mouse Joystick manual port switcher...... Amiga A500 600 1200 Power Supply. Amiga 500 500 Plus keyboard .. Amiga S00 Plus Case----------------------- ” QUALITY MOUSE MATS------------------- I 10 CAPACITY DISK BOX.- 99 20 CAPACITY DISK BOX . £2.99 40 CAP LOCKABLE DISK
BOX .£3.99 100 CAP LOCKABLE DISK BOX ....'5.49
• aftl £13H drfrrery K purchuing |ust ont Peuo or tun box Normal
ddhery when purduwd with otter proAKt or wfen beyfcg 2 r more
AMIGA A500 DUST COVER.-------------- '399 AMIGA 600
DUSTCOVER ... £6.99 NEWI Keyboard Membrane Covers.
£14.95 AMIGA TO SCART CABLES---------------------19 99 STD 1.8
A600VERSION .- -------- -9.99 All daks are
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branded Please phone for best prices!
Branded DS DD Hhrrciiimi £5.49 £14.99 £22.99 £42.99 £79.99 £190.99 £365.99 Branded disks come complete with labels Disk Labels....500 ......£6.99 Disk Labels.. 1000 ......£9.99 CD ROM SOFTWARE4JT35 ¦ . .. . ~T? V!
Sexual Fani MISCELLANEOUS MUSIC SOUND Techno Sound Turbo.
T echno Sound T urtoo' PROGRAMMING Devp.sc J ..- ...£50.99 Easy AMOS ----- .£24.99 PUBLIC DOMAIN Top 50 from £1.50! (many more Mei available) Ami Base Pro v 1.8 ..(PDA00I I disk £l SO DiskSaJvV2._ .(PDA003 I disk i SO D-Copy Vi (PDA004 I disk £1.50 EdwordProV4-------------------iPDAOOS I disk £ I . SO Easy Calc Plu, (PDA006 IdWUISO E-Type2 (PDA048 Idisk.U SO First Mods disk 2.- .(PDA056 I disk 11 SO Grapevine 17 .(PDA009 3disk.£2 7$
Relokick I (PDA0I I I disk £ I SO KtondykeAGA . (PDA0I3 3disk£2.7S FirstModsdiskl .(PDA0SS I disk I SO Mindwarp AGA Demo (PDA0IS ldbk4I.S0 Motorola Invaders AG A .....(PDA0I6 2d»sk.£2.25 Magic Workbench Uul (PDA0I7 I disk £ I SO First Mods disk 3 ...... (PDA057 IdWc.USO PC Task Emulator ...(POAOI9 Idbk.USO Reorg V3 I (PDA023 I Msk-E I -50 Spectrum Emulator version 17(POA027) I dtek-£ I SO Spectrum Games Disk (PDA028) I disk £1 SO Fit Chi ....(PDA030)2disk.£2.2S 9 Fingers Rave Demo
- ..(PDA033) 2 disk £ 2 2S Mean CD Machine ...(PDA036) 3 disk £ 2 75 FitChix2__________________________(PDA034) 2disk £ 2 2 S The Mini AGA ...(PDA038) I disk £ I 50 CD Wars ....(PDA039) I disk £ I SO First Mods disk 4 ......(PDA0S8) I disk £ I SO Andys Workbench 3 Utils .(PDA03I) I disk £ I SO Desert Dreams Demo (PDAOI2)2disk £2.25 Origin Complex ....(PDA040) I disk £ I SO Ray WoHd AGA Demo ......(PDA04I) I disk £1 SO CLI SHELL Help ......(PDA002) I disk £ 1.50 Clipart
I-MaeAn. (PDAC0I) I Mc£ I SO Clipart 11 - Wildlife. - (PDACI I) I disk £ I SO Clipart3-MacArt 2 (PDAC03) I disk £ I SO Clipart4 • Food (PDAC04) I flsk £ 1.50 Clipart 5 - Food 2 (PDAC0S) I disk.£ I SO Perspex Hypnosis ......(PDA037) I dlsk£ I SO Protracker 3 .. (PDA046) I disk £ 1.50 TetrusAGA (PDA043) I dtsh£ 1.50 Benchmark Tests ...(PDA035) I disk.£ I SO 3 Ways to Stop Smoking (PDA054) I disk £ 1.50 Clipart 10 pack. . -(POAC25)IOdisk£ 12. SO CD ROM drivers (Ami) ......(PDACOI) I disk £ I SO CD ROM Bonus
Utih--------------(PDACD2) I disk £ 1.50 Megaball AG A_ (PDA0S0) I disk £ I SO RevelationsSildeshow (PDA020) I disk £ I SO Deejay Crunchers. ......(PDA049) I disk £ I SO Find it. -------- (PDA0S2) I disk £ I SO First Fonts Disk I (PDAFOI) I disk £ 2.50 First Fonts Disk 2 . (PDAF02) I di$ fc£2.S0 First Fonts Disk 3 (PDAF03) I disk £2 .50 UTILITIES GP FAX 2.3 software ... _...£49.99 Quarterback V6NEWT-----------------------£52.99 Latest version of this Fast ft Famous HD backup utility.
Prima A600 I200 Hard Drive setup software. This is the best setup software on the market ..£5.99 Quarterback Tools.--------------------------------£54.99 QuarterbackTools Deluxe .. £64.99 Xcopy Pro inc. hardware____________...--------------£25.99 VIDEO AND GRAPHICS Art Department Pro 2.5-----------------£ 145.99 Art Department Scanner software. -....£ 114.99 Brilliance II paint and animation----------------£59.99 Brilliance Pro. Paint and animation ------------£ 149.99 Deluxe Paint 3---------------------------£12.99 Deluxe Paint 4 AGA ------- £39.99 Make Path for
Vista.------------------------------£25.99 Mekon Magic---------------------------------£24.99 Real 3D Classic ...... - ....£77.99 Sccnary Animator V 4 (3 Mb reqired) ...£49.99 Video Creator for CD32 .....- £31.99 Video Director ------------------ £ 115.99 Vista Pro 3 (4Mb required) £45.99 WORD PROCESSING DTP Final Copy 2 (U O Peiemc 2... NEWLOWPRfCfi £48.99
U. K -i in. Tain. KM rw-k. 0»» Be* HAM). U» "~-v.
Writer DTP. NEWLOWPRICEf--------£7199 Penpal 1.4____________________________________429.99 Best selling feature packed word publisher with database Pagestream 2.2 U.K. version ......£69.99 Pagestrcam 3 U.K. version ..... £249.99 .£42.99 Pro Page V4------------------------------£109.99 Pro Page V4 ft Pro Draw 3-------------£ 159.99 Pretext 4.3 W P--------------------------------439.99 Wordworth 2 AGA me Prn. Pspecial low price £29.99 Wordworth 3 NEW LIMITED OFFER! £64.99 Compatibility across virtually any music program is now a reality, with the amazing Amiga
Music File Convertor, or AMFC for short.
AMFC i iiO 3.1 Amiga Music File Convertor is a jtility lor converting music files IO diHerent formats For example, you might have an OctaMED module that you want to load into Music X The OctaMED and Music X file lormats are diHerent. So you can't normally load an OctaMED lile into Music X. and vice versa. AMFC will take your original lile, and save it out in the lormat ol your choice. It needs Workbench 2 or higher to run.
AMFC will read any ol the lollowing lormats: OctaMED MMDO and MMD1, CM and new Soundlracker.
Noisetracker and Protracker, Oktalyzer, Sonix tSMUS-ssI and StarTrekker.
Once you’ve loaded one ol these, it can Be converted to any ol the aBove lormats. Apart trom Sorix ,ss. You can also convert to Music X, although you can’t convert from Music X. There is also a separate program to convert files to standard MIDI lormat.
HOW IT'S DONE AMFC IS a very simple program to use See page 15 lor instructions on decompressing the disk. Boot straight Irom your decompressed AMFC disk (put the disk in the internal drive and reset the Amiga).
Double dick the AMFC 3.1 disk icon, then double dick the AMFC Pro program icon. The colour scheme is rather dark, so you may need to turn up the brightness control on your monitor to read the text properly.
Once the program has loaded, click the mouse and you'll see two main windows. The left window is the 'source' window, the right is the 'destination' window You should have a music lile ready, either on a floppy disk. RAM disk or your hard drive.
Click the left Disk button, and the dick the appropriate device name to select the drive on which your music lile is stored. Use the Up and Down buttons or arrows to move through the list il necessary. Locate the file and dick on its name.
Now you have to choose the lormat that you want the lile converted to. Take your pick Irom the buttons beneath the text that reads ‘Convert lile to:'. If you just want to strip out the samples Irom a song file, click either the IFF or RAW buttons. This will take out all the samples from the song, and save them separate files, as either IFF or RAW samples. Use the gadgets around the right window to select a path lot your destination file, and enter a name lor the converted file into the box at the bottom right comer ol the screen Click the bution marked ‘Do It!’, and the lile will be
loaded, converted and saved out as you specified II you are running on an Amiga with no hard drive and one floppy, convert your files to the RAM disk, and then copy them onto a floppy disk Irom there.
OPTIONS There are a lew options that can be set before you convert your files. Click the button marked S.AII' to cycle through the different sample processing options. With the detault setting, all the samples in the song are convened with the song data There are ' three other settings, as lollows:
S. Used - All samples and instruments are processed, except
those which are not actually used anywhere in the song.
S. None - All samples and instruments are removed, or not
S. Name - Only the sample names are processed, not the samples
Auto is an option which can be used il you can t be bothered to spealy a filename lor your converted file.
When the Auto button is highlighted, the destination lile will be saved with a similar filename to the source, with a new sullix or prefix on the filename. For example, a Protracker module called Mod.Acid' could be converted to an SMUS lile, in which case the converted tile would be called AcidSMS' The quit button will close down the program When it asks you il you are sure you want to quit, click either the yes or no button, or press Y or N on the keyboard. Brian Thom, the program's author, has kindly included an OctaMED module, which can be lound in the Player & Examples directory
OTB!,ON It's inevitable that not all files are going to survive the conversion process completely intact. The various music programs all support diHerent leatures. So certain aspects ol song data are not supported in some of the file lormats This means that some parts ol the song data will occasionally be lost during conversion (this won't aHect your original source files though). H's likely that a bit ol tweaking ol the tempos and instrument tunings and transpositions will be needed in many cases. For more detailed descriptions ol exadly what happens in the conversion process. See the
'How I Work' document on the AMFC disk.
MIDI CONVERSION There are two ways you can convert your Amiga sample tunes to MIDI files. The first is via the Music X option Any ol the supported lormats can be converted to Musk X files, loaded into Musk X. and then saved out as MIDI tiles Irom within Music X Ahematively. You can try the MIDI Convertor program included on the disk. You’ll still have to use the Musk Xconvertor in AMFC, but you won’t need a copy ol the Music X program.
Boot Irom Workbench, and using the ‘Show all files' option from the Window menu, open the directory called Copy contents to your s dir', which can be lound in the MIDI Convertor directory on the AMFC disk. Drag this into the ‘S’ directory ol your Workbench and your AMFC disk. You can now load the MIDI Convertor program either Irom Workbench or the AMFC disk.
For lull instructions on using the MIDI Convertor program, see the documents on the disk.
You'll see an icon in the AMFC disk window entitled 'Copy to LIBS:'. In order lor this little script to work, you'll need to rename the AMFC disk AMFC Pro' (without the quotation marks) Use the Rename option Irom the Workbench Icons menu. 2* AMIGA A CU AMIGA EXCLUSIVE THE CLUE PLAN THE PERFECT CRIME IN THIS GIGANTIC ADVENTURE Could this be one of the most original adventures of all time?
We certainly think so and so will you with our exclusive coverdemo .TAiWJB You may nol have heard a lot about this new game trom Neo Software in Germany, the people behind Whale's Voyage, but that's not to say that you won’t hear a lot about it in future. We were shown it very recently for the first time, and were so amazed we just had to get the cover demo, so you could see for yourself what an exciting and original adventure The Clue is.
Take your standard crime-based adventure, where a detective has to track down a master criminal who is terrorising the locals, and then turn it on its head, and you have The Clue.
You are Matt Stuvysunt, a petty thiet who has come to London to seek his fortune. Well, not his fortune exactly.
Someone else’s fortune, which he can then steal from under their noses in the middle of the night.
There's a lot more to being a successful burglar than meets the eye, however. It isn’t just a case of finding a likely place, breaking a window and grabbing what you can. You’ll never get rich that way, nor will you last very long in the underworld. To be a big time burglar you need skill and patience, along with a little ingenuity.
The Clue will test your level of ruthlessness and lack of moral fibre.
At the start of our demo, you are taken to meet a master criminal already working in London during the Fifties, where the game is set. Here you are introduced to a couple of shady characters and told the sort of thing to look out for. You’ll also be told about a couple of prime locations in London to stake out, and can pick up essential information about top targets such as the Bank Of England or Kenwood House. After that, you're on your own.
The entire game is controlled with the mouse, and all actions are performed by highlighting the appropriate word in the bottom third of the screen and clicking on the left button. The game has been designed to be as easy as possible to play, but just to make it that little bit easier, here is a quick run down ol the various options available to you: WALK The standard way of moving around the game. When you reach a location, there are usually three or four different areas in that location you can visit, and clicking on this command gives you the full list. Simply dick on the room you
want to go to, and you're there!
WAIT Shops and banks are governed by time. You can't walk into a bank if it's shut, and there aren’t many shopkeepers who would appreciate being burgled in the middle of the day. The wait instruction lets you sit tight for as long as you want, until you feel ready to do something.
LOOK If you want a more detailed description of your current location than just the name and address, then the Look command is the one that will help you out. When you select it, it gives you the chance to look at your surroundings, or at any people nearby CALL TAXI The only real way to travel around London is by taxi, as any self respecting tourist will tell you, and the only way you can physically move between locations in the game is via cab. Just select this icon, and then tell the driver where you want to go, and you’ll be there in no time at all. Just remember to sit well back in
your seat for your own safety and comfort.
THINK Think works as a sort of score sheet and status screen. When this is selected, you can look at any aspect of your game so far, and see how your own character is progressing.
This will also show you all the people you have met so far and all the locations you have staked out. Definitely one of the most useful tools, and a logical addition to any adventure.
INVESTIGATE Before you can even consider carrying out a heist, you need to stake out the joint to see how secure the building is, see how often the police check the area and what there is to actually steal. This can take a couple of days to do, but at the end of it you'll have a map and a plan. As you sit and wait, you are told exactly when the police pass, and when the guards change over, along with any other interesting happenings.
Unfortunately in our demo, you can't actually carry out the robbery itself, but just checking out places and building up your gang will show you what a great game this is. Have fun. And don't get caught! Turn to page 15 for detailed instructions on how to load this disk.® Tbs London Taxi - (ha only way lo Iravat.
Before you do anyfhing with your coverdisk, make sure it's write protected. Open the tab in the corner so that you can see through the hole.
DECOMPRESSING THE DISKS Both the main programs on Disk 90 are compressed in order to tit them on a single disk. Before you can run either AMFC or Dir Work, they need to be decompressed onto their own separate disks. You'll need two spare disks before continuing.
1. Boot from your coverdisk (insert the disk and reset the
Double click the CU 90 disk icon.
2. Double dick the AMFC3.1 .dms icon.
3. A window will appear, asking you to insert a blank disk in
DFO:. At this point, replace the coverdisk with one of your
blanks (the blank must be write enabled, with the tab in the
closed position).
4. Press Return.
5. Replace the when asked to do (CU 90) by the computer.
DISK VIRUSES We try to ensure that all our coverdisks are completely free of viruses. We always have the most advanced virus checkers available when the disk is compiled and every program goes through rigorous testing on all relevant Amlgas.
However, we cannot accept any responsibility lor possible damage incurred by viruses or faulty disks which have escaped our attention.
6. Mark your first blank disk 'AMFC Pro’. This is now your fully
working AMFC Pro disk.
7. Repeat from step two, double clicking the Dir tVork.dms icon
this time, using your second blank disk, in order to create
your Dir Work disk.
LOADING THE PROGRAMS AMFC Pro is an autobooting disk. Put it in the internal drive and reset the Amiga. Double click the AMFC disk icon, then double click the AMFC program icon to load the main program.
To run Dir Works, you must first load Workbench, and then load the Dir Works program. Double click the Dir Works disk icon, then double click the Dwicon to load the program.
SAMPLES steps, and you
1) Switch off your ( least fifteen s the memory i; any viruses ti
Nbve-viruses lyin RAM.'ljpt yOu ne There wasn’t any room for a tune on this month's disk, but we did manage to squeeze a few tasty sound samples on. You can't run them straight from the coverdisk, but they can be loaded into any Amiga program that supports IFF samples, such as OclaMED, Prolracker, MovieSetter, AMOS etc. If you use any of the looped samples in a tracker, take off the loops from within the sample editor section of your tracker.
We’ve had an excellent response from our request for 'coverdisk choons'. Thanks to all who have contributed. Remember, to get onto a future coverdisk, your best bet is to keep your ditty as small as possible (certainly not more than 200K). Send your tracks to: Tony Horgan Coverdisk Choons CU AMIGA 30-32 Farringdon Lane London EC1R3AU.
Mmm You may not have heard a lot about The Clue before this month, but you certainly will hear a lot about it afterwards. How happy you can now feel that you are one of the privileged chosen few who gets to see it before everyone else, thanks to our exclusive coverdisk.
2) Insert thSsdisk in the internal drive and switch tmhjjachine
on. After a few clicks the screen will show s Amiga shell
screen v demo. Wait a little l show the actual demo i’
3) Now start moving your mouse around and start enjoying the
There you go!
We've already shown you how to play it, and a little later on in the magazine, we show you what the full game is like. All you need to know now is how to actually load the thing, and that's what we re going to tell you here. Just follow these simple If YOUR DISK WON'T LOAD If your coverdisk doesn't seem to work as it should, then follow this simple guide. Firstly, remove all unnecessary peripherals, such as printers, modems etc. Follow the instructions on these pages to the letter, and if, after that, you find that the disk still doesn't work, call the DiskXpress helpline on: 0451 810 788
between the hours ol 10am and 5pm from Monday to Friday.
II they advise you that the disk is faulty, fill in your details in the form below, and send this form, along with the disk and a 28p stamped self addressed envelope to the following address: CU AMIGA DISK RETURNS, DISKXPRESS, UNIT 7, WILLOW COURT, B0URT0N INDUSTRIAL PARK, BOURTON-ON-THE-WATER, GLOUCESTERSHIRE GL54 2HQ.
However, in addition to the bids from Samsung, reported exclusively in CU AMIGA June, and other parties, a new contender has recently entered the fray: Commodore UK bosses David Pleasance and Colin Proudfoot have made a bid to purchase imodore International and the world wide rights to distributing Lyfcrand Comnwdon MamafanaTa Nquktatoit, Nmssu band M Deloitte & Touche have approved the UK based bid and its backers.
.ESSSTriKI •ono"«*"al *«0""w*•»"»«• «""hl * *«*•**»submitted : * ** ' on July 15 will succeed.
David Pleasance. Joint Managing Director ot Commodore UK is veiy hopeful, some would say confident, that they will get the go ahead, and with good reason: the liquidator. Franklyn Wilson, has already said he’s "very bullish' about the chances ot a UK bid. A spokesperson tor Commodore UK told CU AMIGA that 'so far everything has gone very well”.
The UK bid has some strong backing, not just from a financial point of view. The management team of Commodore UK are recognised as the most experienced Amiga marketing people around - the UK is the strongest Amiga territory - and they also have the manulacturing expertise of Gary Allison (formally ol Commodore US) behind them, along with other key R&D staff, from the former American wing of the company.
But Commodore UK management is up against strong competition - Samsung, Philips, Amstrad. Former Commodore US boss Jim Dionne, and Sony. Acer and GoldSlar have all been mentioned as possiblo suitors.
So what would happen it Commodore UK were to become the new Commodore International? Well for slarters manulacturing would commence here in the UK again - towards that end two companies are already willing to start producing machines Secondly, in the short term at least, the loyal UK base would be the priority. Manufacturing would start immediately and new stocks ol Amigas should be in the shops by the time existing remaining slocks run out - which is expected to be the middle ol September. To find out more of David's plans turn to page 20.
Whilst Commodore UK are doing a fantastic job of not only holding up the name of Commodore, but also building for a strong future, other Commodore subsidiaries aren't faring so well. It's believed that the Italy and Denmark operations are struggling to survive. This isn't helped by rumoured plans that il their buyout succeeded Commodore UK would initially concentrate efforts to supporting the loyal UK user base, and would probably pull out of other markets to focus resources In Its core market.
Currently there's little more that can be said The fate of Commodore lies with the liquidators and creditors in the Bahamas where Cl (Commodore International) was based. Until a firm decision is announced anything is merely speculation - watch this spacel No this isn’t a story about a Star Wars based CD32 game, but technology originally developed lor the Star Wars project in America. RSD Connections have released a CD cleaning and repair kit for CD discs based on technology first established for the Regan Star Wars Initiative. The Bundee CD3 (cool name huh?) Kit can apparently repair damaged
Cds, filling scratches and clean off marks, finally coating the CD in a protective film to save It from future damage. RSD Connections are on 0992 584205, Bundee C03 has a price of £14.95 STAR WARS CD VIDEO ENCODING VIDEO CO- LET’S DANCE team have the backing of several verall package is being put j and consulting lirm Coopers & s liquidators, Nassau based ie UK based bid and its backers, de on which of the bids submitted Otnl mMtg.n Jtre and Colin Mjlg The number ot VideoCDs continues to expand. At a lavish launch PMI, the video arm of EMI records, launched six new VideoCD titles These
being Pink Floyd's Delicate Sound of Thunder, David Bowie's The Video Collection, Tina Turner’s Simply the Best. Iron Maiden's From Here to Eternity, Queen’s Greatest Flix 1 & 2, and Kate Bush’s The Whole Story '94.
Data compression technology allows up to 72 minutes of VHS quality or above video to be stored on a 5” CD, with digital sound (far better than normal VHS). Using this technology films, music videos and games can all be stored on Cds • and with none of the disadvantages of traditional video (tape breakage etc). And, yes, the CD32 with Its FMV upgrade can play these Cds.
Martin Haxby. MD of PMI told CU AMIGA "The impact of CD technology is way ahead ol anything else around at the moment or in the foreseeable future.'
The titles vary in price, with the Queen CD selling for £24.99, whilst the others are priced more reasonably at £19.99. Each title contains at least 80 minutes ol film and sound, with Queen, the longest (and most expensive) logging 2 hours 17 minutes. The titles will be available from music outlets, electronic shops and non-music dealers. Turn to page 51 for a review of VideoCD.
Blittersoft is now selling an Ethernet Zorro II board, they are also shipping the Picasso Video Encoder, called PABLO. The Video Encoder comes with all cables, along with MainActor animation software and has a price ot £149.95. The Ethernet board is priced at £249.95, and offers two additional Centronics ports, is compatible with Sana II and is supplied with the Commodore licensed Envoy software Blittersoft are on 0908 220196.
Take Boris Verne, a uniquely ordinary guy... jVn minute he's sitting quietly at his 35-bit Excellence Ikgine home computer.-The next he's being transported to tfbuw dimension by his eccentric uncle's Virtual Dimension Inducer!
Laagne how he feels when he emerges (rom a rip in the space-time continuum into an unknown dimension... Encounter weird alien worlds and their even wierder alien habitants! Guide Boris on an action-packed chase across lie gulfs of space lo find a fabled lost star. Help him find the key to deteating the evil Golden King who rules his UNIVERSE!
Rotoscoped game character, with real-time scaling and over 500 frames of animation... Lush, 256-colour hand-painted scenes teeming with background animations... Feel the sense of total immersion in this parallel universe, enhanced by atmospheric, mood-responsive music... lie on: Amiga (compatible with 500,600 and 1200), Amiga CD32, PC and PC CD ROM DESIOft LIMITED Universe © Core Design Limited. All Rights Reserved.
55 Ashbourne Road Derby DE22 3FS Telephone (0332) 297797 Facsimile (0332) 381511 OCEAN AND EA JOIN FORCES!
In an extremely surprising move. Ocean has announced that it is to convert no less than five of Electronic Art's Super Nintendo titles to the Amiga This follows on from a deal made recently where Ocean and EA were to work together on Super Nintendo sports related titles, including the long awaited and heavily acclaimed FIFA Soccer.
The five titles currently undergoing conversion are Skitchin' (Road Rash on roller skates). PGA Euro Golf. Shag Fu. Mutant League Hockey (a violent hockey title, along the lines of Millennium s Brutal Sports series) and the sequel to the fabulous Desert Strike. Jungle Strike, which features bigger missions, bigger guns and even bigger explosions plus an improved control method.
"This is a great line-up of products and certainly a good deal for all existing and new Amiga and CD32 owners'. Says Ocean's sales director Paul Patterson of the signing. 'We believe it is important to send a dear message to the Amiga public that we will con- tmue to support them with new and exciting products for so long as the market remains active." All five games will be available by the end of October, so expect loads more news on these in the next issue. For more information now. Though, call Ocean on 061 832 3366 DPAINT 5 it's here, the long-awaited upgrade ot the Amiga's most popular
graphics package Dpaml will soon be available. In tact It could be on sale by the time you read this As exclusively previewed in last month's CU AMIGA the new version ot Dpaint has been upgraded and enhanced to make it taster and more powerful. It also includes Arexx. Tull recordable macros, and irregular shaped brush handling And best ot all, on next month's cover disk CU AMIGA has an exclusive Dpaint 5 demo, letting you try out these amazing new features tor yoursell. So try out the stunning new natural media painting tools, the enhanced animations commands, taster block handling and more
tree courtesy ot CU AMIGA next month.
On sale September 19th. Contact Electronic Arts on 0753 549 442.
GAMES CHART ames Charts The Amiga Top 10 Game compiled by HMV.
1 Kick Off 3 6-Skidmark.., .
7 Man United Champion 8 Elfmania ‘9, Frontier - Elite 2 l() Body Blows PAGESTREAM 3: READY AT LAST After CU AMIGA'S June issue exclusive preview, PageStream 3 appeared to go underground. The truth is that Soft-Logik have simply been putting the final touches to the product that most Amiga DTP users will have been waiting for. It's due on sale in August, so if you read the preview and can't wait then call Emerald Creative (081 715
8866) at the end of the month. Alternatively, we should have a
review of the full product in the next issue - so you can
see what your fave mag thinks of the product.
More good news from SoftLogik is that their well known font editor TypeSmith 2.0 has just been updated to version 2.5. The new version allows loading and saving fonts in TrueType as wen as existing modes and has the additional benefit of an Arexx macro to handle batch conversions. More news soon.
U.K. £5 EACH WAY , ¦MG IKE All Terrain Racer isthenameof just
one of the new products that Team 17 are cunently beavering
away on. For the uninitiated, it’s a top-down view arcade
racer along the lines of everything from Super Sprint to Micro
Machines to Team 17’s Overdrive-a game that wasn’t as well
received by the public as many people would have expected.
Quite why if didn't storm Ihe reactions that the Wakefield boys
have been getting for their playable demos, it looks like they
might just have got it. Weil have a full preview next issue, so
until then feast on these screenshots. For more, call Team 17
on 0924 385 903.
» Those lads and lasses in Liverpool must have had some very hot and sunny days recently, or at least that would explain the touch of summer madness that seems to have overtaken the Psygnosis office. In one foul swoop, the company that brought you Microcosm have decided to take some of their best recent games, and stick them on the shelves at the knockdown price of £12.99! So when you get that £13 WH Smith’s voucher from your slightly unusual relative who has yet to understand the concept behind decimalisation, you’ll be able to get your hands on Walker, the game that places you in an over
sized walking robot killing machines, Bob's Bad Day, the ball game where the world rotates instead of you, Combat Air Patrol, one of the smoothest combat sims ever, Wiz N' Liz,cute platformers abound, Globdule, one of the messiest platform games around or even the ever so slightly tricky bike racing game Prime Mover if the mood really took you.
I think we should all thank Psygnosis for being so nice to us all. Call them on 051 709 5755 for more information.
CU AMIGA’S preferred 3D rendering application Lightwave is finally on sale in the UK. The 3D still frame and animation creation program is available trom most Amiga dealers, including Silica (081-309 1111) and Premier Vision (071-721 7049). And is supplied with Ihe DPS PAR card from DPS (0252 718300). Priced at £495. The program is undoubtedly one of the Amiga's best programs.
Lightwave has found a home on many TV productions in the USA. Where it is sold as part of the acclaimed VideoToaster system. Babylon 5, seaOuest, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Robocop the TV series all feature special effects created with the program.
Turn to page 26 for the full details on just why Lightwave is so popular.
PSYGNOSIS CUT PRICE GAMES NO REPAIRS BILLS » WRITES ¦ M Mth the news this month that the management of E’vfeikr. 1 1 Commodore Oh '..*¦ i..* •.t t vl t, ,¦ ,t »»,yinage- n ww given David Pleasance. Joint managing director of Commodore UK. More space to outline his plans than
• usual.-Ed As you might have gathered, things have been pretty
hectic here recently. In case you've been living on Mars 17 w
for the last few weeks and haven’t heard. Colin Proudfoot 1 and
myself are heading up a team busy working on a y I management
buy-out of Commodore if we succeed, and I’m very confident that
we will, this means that there will be a new UK-based team
manufacturing and selling the Amiga. We'll be independent -
ie no
• American parent - and we’ll be benefiting from investment fg
t from some of the UK's biggest financial institutions.
Why am I confident we’ll succeed?
Well, we’ve managed to satisfy the liquidators of Commodore International that we've got financial support. And now they've got to make up their minds whether to recommend our bid or someone elses. But we re pretty sure they’ll go with us. Either way. We should know by the end of August.
Silica has launched a comprehensive exlonded warranty policy, called SilicaCare. The nationwide dealer now offers a service plan covering repair and replacement of parts for single components or complete Amiga systems, for up to five years. The service plan can be tailored to user requirements depending on value, and can span two, three or five year periods - a £1.500 Amiga system covered for two years would cost £38 for example Ken Browning. Silica's Retail Controller, told CU AMIGA It's a logical extension of such services as Silica's dedicated telephone helpline.' Continuing. “SikcaCare
is designed to convey to the customers the same confidence that Silica has in its products * A colour leaflet detailing the SilicaCare policy and prices is available tree of charge from Silica. You can contact Silica on 081 -309 1111.
Good news so far. But Can we supply Amigas in time for Christmas?
It will be tight, for sure. But if our bid is successful, we’ll be manufacturing in the UK which means we can press the button immediately we know we’ve won the bid. And because we haven’t go to ship product halfway round the world any more, we are confident in getting products to the shops just at the right time to take advantage of the expected high level of demand that Christmas promises.
What about software?
Software publishers never release much at this time of year which is traditionally quiet for the games business. But they’ve been amazingly supportive of the management buy out (MBO) and are even more supportive of the Amiga 1200 and CD32. They know it's a big business. Andy they’ll be launching plenty of new titles in the run up to Christmas. I expect the first announcements to be made at the ECTS trade show in early September.
What about the high-end Amigas?
Here the message is don't believe everything you hear". The MBO team is 100 per cent committed to the Amiga 4000. It's far and away the best machine for specialist users and knocks spots off the competition as a multimedia platform. PLUS, its a really low-cost development platform - particularly for CD32 titles. So not only will we be pushing it very hard, we'll be devoting plenty of R&D resource to growing this end of our range. Which brings me on to: Future products - will there be any?
We don't need telling that without R&D and new products coming downstream there isn’t a longterm future for the business. Lew Eggebrecht - the guy whose been responsible for most of the Amiga's recent technological strides - has reconfirmed that a team of experienced Amiga engineers based in the states have some wonderlul new products at various stages of development.
You will not be disappointed Will we have enough money to promote the Amiga range?
Again, we know that all this is no good if no one knows what’s going on. So we've ensured that we've built a comprehensive marketing budgets into the plans for the new business. That means you'll be seeing us at three shows between now and Chnstmas: Live '94 at Earls Court in September. The Motor Show at the NEC in Birmingham in October and last, but certainly not least, at the European World of Amiga at Wembley in November. Plus, we'll be advertising as usual and making sure you’ve all got plenty of chances to win equipment and software in the press and TV.
The UK's biggest and best consume! Electronics show is being held trom the 20 to 25 September at Earls Court. Live 94 covers everything electronic: home cinema, television, photography, hi-fi, video, satellite, music, in-car systems, home office, computer and console hardware and games Naturally the Amiga will also in there in force. Bnnglng along all this hardware are many of the biggest electronic firms in the world including: Sony. Sharp, Canon, Panasonic, Toshiba, Apple, Commodore, Microsoft, Amstrad. Pioneer, Yamaha. Nikon. Nokia, along with Nintendo. Sega, and many of the biggest names
in the software business including Electronic Arts, Konami and not forgetting Acclaim.
At the show there will a complete games arcade at the show, with the Amiga on full display In fact a whole day at the show will be devoted to the Amiga The hosts for this games arcade being none other than Emap Images - publisher ol your favourite two Amiga magazines - CU AMIGA and The One lor the Amiga.
Staff from both magazines will be appearing in this area to meet readers and help make the on-stage events go with a bang.
Tickets cost £4.00 to £7.00 and can be booked In advance on 0891 500 103.
Wish us luck!
3°% ufi nv tTjpV S Vrtta Olwit? D *- * &ytto infc V Ut Us -the puppwy °t W&t £ d &d- c CL.it Wgjl “....Awesome.,.!
Taking...!” “....Heart Stopping...!” n game to die for!
Empire I N T E R ¦ A C T I V E EM PH WTCRACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT. THE SPIRES. 677 NIGH ROAD, NORTH HNCHIEY. LONDON N12 00A Telephone: 081-343 9143 Fax: 081-343 7447 Modem: 081-343 7557 ELSPA STEELS THE SHOW Crime buslers at Elspa (the European Leisure Software Publishers Association!, with officers from Greater Manchester Police Obscene Publications Department, have seized over 200 CD-ROM discs and CD-ROM writing equipment.
The software, currently being investigated by both ELSPA investigators and Police (I), is reportedly worth E500.000! The discs allegedly contain obscene computerised images and pirated commercial software In classic police style John Loader, chief investigator of ELSPA's Crime Unit said "a man is helping police with their enquiries Detective Sergeant John Ashley of Greater Manchester Police Obscene Publications Department said 'Illegal duplication of CD ROM disks is rapidly increasing. The majority contain cracked copyright protected software, however we are aware that the pomographers are
also using this method of distribution lor both still and moving obscene images ."
ELSPA are appealing to the public to contact them if they have information about Illegal software. "Particularly we would like to hear from those who come across large quantities of commercial software on CD-ROMs, which are easily identifiable by their golden colour.' Anyone with information about Illegal software should contact ELSPA on their crime hotline: 0386 33810.
Audiogenic return with another license continuation this month, this time in torm ot the mealy mouthed Graham Gooch World Class Cricket Test Match Special Edition. As the name suggests, this is a continuation ot the original Graham Gooch World Class Cricket that was so well received last year, with the addition ol test matches Bundled with the game comes eight saved games recreating crucial moments in test match cricket, like 1993's Australia vs West Indies match in Adelaide, where the West Indies won by a single run. Also included with the game is a playable demo ot Wembley International
Soccer, and you can get the whole lot lor the meagre price ot £25.99! It you want to find out more, than call Audiogenic on 081 424 2244 CD-ROM THE NEXUS GENERATION With A1200 CD-ROM drives popping up all over the place, it’s about time someone started providing compilation Cds that were more than just collections of games, The beauty of CD is its ability to carry huge chunks ol data conveniently, which make it ideal for reference material and support tiles, which is obviously what Nexus Pro had in mind when they pieced together the Multimedia Reference Library There are already dozens ol
these type of Cds available in the PC and Mac markets, covering topics from astronomy all the way through to the entire Boeing 747 Reference Library, but Ju«t »ome of the gioriout 24-wt and 256 colour imagea to tie found on the Multimedia there aren't that many professional reference Cds available for the Amiga - a gap that is notice- R®,,,,nc* Lmxafy able to aH except the people capable of Nhng it. It would seem. CD compilations are already available for the CD32. But most of them are nothing more than just PD games compilations, instead of something a little more professional aimed The
Multimetka Reference Library is a CD from the latter group, aiming itself at users of professional packages such as Brilliance. Dpaint. Scala. MediaPomi and so on. But as the CD is ISO9660 standard, it can also be read by Pcs and Macs.
Available tor the extremely low cost of £49.99. the CD contains no less than 300 24 bit background images in JPEG format. 300 256 colour clipart images in IFF and GIF formats. 300 Compugraphic scalable fonts. 100 16-bit sound effect samples, the original Nexus Pro range of images (that's another 150 pictures m both JPEG and 256 colour IFF formats) and a whole host of public domain utilities covering such areas as graphic conversion, colour bars, test tones and a VT dock.
The CD is available from Videoworld. 8 Ardoch Gardens. Glasgow G72 8HB. Who can also provide you with CD-ROM drives for A4000 and A1200.
For more information, call 041 641 1142.
Banshee © Core Design Limited. All Rights Reserved.
55 Ashbourne Road Derby DE22 3FS Telephone (0332) 297797 Facsimile (0332) 381511 White Knight ¦srs;?
THE PROFESSIONAL HQQO 71 yl QQ AMIGA SPECIALISTS SUPPORTING SERIOUS USERS » A A10am - 7pm Monday - Friday PO BOX 2395, WALTHAM CROSS, HERTS, EN8 7HQ A1200ACCELERATORS ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT BLIZZARD 1230-11 TURBO Two Standard SIMM Slots. Clock. Optional 68882 FPU And SCSI Port. No RAM fitted WITH 40MHz EC030, No MMU £ 225 40MHz EC030 & 33MHz FPU £ 275 40MHz EC030 & 50MHz FPU £ 325 50MHz 68030 and MMU £ 289 50MHz 68030 & 33MHz FPU £349 50MHz 68030 & 50MHz FPU £ 399 BLIZZARD SCSI-II l F for 1230-11 £ 79 GVP A1230 Performance Series II Two SIMM Slots (GVP's 4 or 16Mb only).
Clock. Optional 68882 FPU And SCSI Port WITH 40MHz EC030.0Mb RAM £ 225 40MHz EC030,4Mb RAM 40MHz EC030,4Mb RAM and 40MHz 68882 FPU 50MHz 030,0Mb RAM 50MHz 030,4Mb RAM 50MHz 030.4Mb RAM and 50MHz 68882 FPU GVP A1291 SCSI l F for A1230 II £419 £519 £295 £489 £589 £ 59 A2000ACCELERATORS GVP G-FORCE 40MHz 68EC030 + 882, 4MB 32-Bit RAM + SCSI Pori £ 685 GVP G-FORCE 33MHz 68040 + 4MB RAM, SCSI, Ser & Par Ports £979 A4000ACCELERATORS BLIZZARD 4030 TURBO 50MHz 68030 + MMU, Opt. FPU (For A3000 4000) £ 259 Available with 50MHz 68882 FPU for £ 369 CYBERSTORM 040 40MHZ 68040 + 32-Bit RAM, Opt. SCSI-II
(For A4000 range) £ 899 GVP G-FORCE 40MHz 68040 + 4Mb 32Bit RAM (Exp. 128Mb), Optional SCSI-II DMA Controller (For A3000 4000) £ 989 WARP ENGINE 28 33 40MHz 68040 4 x 72Pin SIMM Slots for upto 128Mb RAM Built in FAST SCSI-II DMA Interface 28MHz Version (With 68040 25) £ 799 33MHz Version (With 68040 33) £ 1099 40MHz Version (With 68040 40) £ 1199 AMIGA 1200HD A1200 + 85 MB Hard Drive £ 445 A1200 +127 MB Hard Drive £489 A1200 + 200 MB Hard Drive £ 519 A1200 + 340 MB Hard Drive £ 689 ADD £50 FOR INNOVATIONS PACK AMIGA 4000 I £-1)2) l) The EC-030 has no MMU or FPU The LC-040 has an MMU but no
FPU The 040-Tower has both an MMU and FPU It has 2 video slots and both SCSI-II & IDE ALL AMIGA 4000 MODELS ARE, M VERY SHORT SUPPLY - PLEASE CALL FOR PRICES AND AVAAIBAJTY AUDIO PRODUCTS SUNRIZE AD516 STUDIO 16 8 Track Stereo, 16-Bit. Better than CD Quality - Direct to Disk Recording, Editing S Playback, Can be used id conjunction with Bars & Pipes Professional, the DPS Personal Animation Recorder (PAR) and also the new Digital Broadcaster 32 from Digital Micronics Now £ 999 inc. vat Please Call For A Full Brochure NEW PRODUCTS LIGHTWAVE 3D V3.5 FROM NEWTEK THE OFFICIAL UK PAL VERSION ( NOT
3. 1 UPGRADE KIT WORKBENCH & KICKSTART Manual set with 6 disks,
ROM(s), and instructions A500 500+ 1500 2000 £ 89.95
A3000 3000T 4000 £ 99.95 HARD DRIVES OVERDRIVE 35 forAi200
170Mb - £ 269 250Mb - £ 289 340Mb - £ 329 Bare SCSI 290 MB
SCSI 3.5' £ 279 340 MB SCSI 3.5" £ 319 545 MB SCSI2 3.5' £ 449
1. 0 GB SCSI2 3.5" £689
2. 1 GB SCSI2 3.5" £1179 9 GB SCSI2 5.25” £3849 A4000 IDE 340 MB
IDE 3.5* £219 420 MB IDE 3.5' £ 249 540 MB IDE 3.5" £319
+ RAM A2000 & 4000 £129 FASTLANE Z3 SCSI-II + UplO 256Mb
32-Bit RAM For the A4000 Now Only £ 299 S£AGAT£ barracuda The
Fastest SCSI-2 DllVe l 5.8 Mb s Sustained I
2. 1Gb £ 1449
4. 3Gb £2149 MEMORY SIMMS 32MB SIMM-32 £ 1299 16MB SIMM-32 £ 649
SMB SIMM-32 £ 325 4MB SIMM-32 £ 160 2MB SIMM-32 £ 85 1MB
SIMM-32 £ 29 GVP SIMM-32's 4MB £ 195 16MB £ 985 REMOVABLE
Ext. £1029 CONNOR SCSI DAT - 4Gb, Ext. £1109 CD ROM DRIVES
TOSHIBA XM4101B SCSI-2 (Int.).Twin Speed, Multi-Session (Tray
Load) £ 219 TOSHIBA XM4101B SCSI-2 (Ext.),Twin Speed,
Multi-Session (Tray Load) £ 279 TOSHIBA XM3401B SCSI-2 T Speed
Int., MS, Fast Access (Caddy Load) £ 279 TOSHIBA XM3401B
PAL V3.5) £ 449 £339 £149 £ 69 £215 £229 ART DEPT. PRO. V2.5
TVPAINT 2 (Picasso Retina Harlequin EGS) £ 179 SCALA
SCALA MM 300+ ECHO 100 £389 SCALA ECHO 100 Edit Controller £
PLUS £149 Other Professional Software Available On Request
performs the major functions of a Broadcast Quality, On-Line,
Non-Linear, Digital Video edit suite (CCIR601 720 x 576
resolution). It provides REAL-TIME, FULL MOTION JPEG (50
(ields second) Capture & Compression, direct to hard disk.
The video can then be edited and subsequently played back in
REAL-TIME, at 50 fields sec in upto broadcast quality - direct
to video tape etc. The board has full LTC and VITC timecoding,
both read & write (on all connectors - Composite. Y C and
YUV). It also interfaces with the AD516 Studio 16, 8 track
stereo audio card trom Sunrize Industries to enable
simultaneous audio and video editing. It requires an Amiga
4000 or 4000T with full 68040 processor, a large SCSI-2 hard
drive, and a fast SCSI-2 hard drive controller.
Typical System : (Approx £10,000 inc. VAT) FJ Amiga 4000-030 (2 +8Mb, 1.0Gb HD) Digital Broadcaster 32 (Zorro III Card) p m MediaFlex Producer (Editing Software) Warp Engine 28MHz 040 with SCSI-II jjl
2. Igb Fast SCSI-2 3.5' IID (For Video) Sunrize AD516 Studio 16
(Audio Card) Cub-Scan 1438 Monitor (For Amiga) CJ Sharp 14" TV
Monitor (For Video) E9 Image Processing Soflware (ADPRO)
System Configuration & Testing ¦¦ GIVING FULL, BROADCAST (Beta
Dealers - Wfe are SOLE UK Distributors - Call OPAUVlSiON MAIN BOARD (V.2) £ 379 VIDEO PROCESSOR £ 879 VIDEO SUITE Due Late 1994 EVP TBC PIUS TBC card with transcoding PAL SECAM NTSC etc. £ 685 FRAMEBUFFER RAM tor GVP TBC+ £ 195 COMB FILTER for GVP TBC+ £ 59 EVP SPECTRUM EES 24-Bit Zorro II III EGS Retargettable Graphics Card.
SPECTRUM With 2Mb VRAM £ 345 EVP E-Lock External Composite & S-VHS Hi8 unit. S W Controlled £ 265 EDIT CONTROLLER KRP TES20 Amiga Based System Using "Burned In" Timecode. Controls Upto 4 Machines. RCTC SMPTE Timecode. GPI Trigger. LANC Panasonic RS232. Shot Usts.
SERVICE FOR A PERSONAL SERVICE AND AFTER-SALES BACKUP THAT IS SECOND TO NONE, LOOK NO FURTHER DELIVERY CHARGES Express Small £ 6 Medium £ 7 For large items, please call SURCHARGE If ordering with ACCESS or VISA there Is a 2,5% surcharge.
No surcharge for DELTA, CONNECT or SWITCH.
MONrroRS PHILIPS CM8833-II 14" PAL RGB, Y C & Composite Input (0.38 dot pitch, Stereo) £ 239 MICROVITEC CUB-SCAN 1438 14" (Multi-sync, 0.28 dot pitch. No Sound) £ 295 MICROVITEC AUTOSCAN 2038 20" (Multi-sync, 0.31dot pitch, Digital Memory) £1175 CPU s & FPU s 68881 20MHz PGA £ 29 68882 25MHz PGA £ 49 £119 £ 69 £ 89 £ 119 £165 £ 59 £ 99 £129 68882 33MHz PGA £ 89 68882 50MHz PGA 68882 25MHz PLCC - For A4000 030 etc. 68882 33MHz PLCC - For A4000 030 etc. 68882 40MHz PLCC - For A4000 030 etc. 68040 25MHz - For Upgrading A4000-LC040 68030 25MHz with MMU (PGA Style) 68030 33MHz with MMU (PGA Style)
68030 50MHz with MMU (PGA Style) HARLEQUIN + (NEW Lower Price) With 4Mb Vram double buffered £ 1149 VlabY C Real-time Hi8 digitiser card £ 349 SYMPATICAII Single Frame controller £ 349 RETINA Z3 24Bit Zorro III card, 1Mb £ 469 7 E77AM Z3 24Bit Zorro III card, 4Mb £ 619 RETINA DISPLAY CARD 2Mb £ 375 RETINA DISPLAY CARD 4Mb £ 485 PICASSO II RTG Card With 2Mb VRAM Now supplied with TVPainl Jr, £ 339 PICASSO II with Workbench & Kickstart 3.1 Upgrade (A2000) £ 409 (A3000 4000) £ 419 Many Other Professional Video Products Also Available - Please Call For Details HOWTO ORDER HAVE YOUR DEBITOR CREDIT
P. O. BOX 2395, | WALTHAM CROSS, HERTS. EN8 7HQ ¦"1 1 “i _ IV _
7 ____ ' , 1 1 n ¦*71 r rl A lew years ago 30
computer generated graphics were rarely seen, and when you did
clap eyes them they were relatively poor, polygon based, and
obviously generated on a computer; they had no realism. Up
until recently these graphics were only possible on
mega-powerful, cash and space hungry super computers, the
province ot brown suited, bearded, Unix gurus.
Today, however, things have changed. 3D graphics can be seen everywhere: on games lor your Amiga, in TV programs and adverts, in feature films, wedding videos and more.
Intricate 3D pictures with hidden line removal, ray traced shadows, and detailed texture mapping are now common place and the Amiga with its comprehensive range of mature 3D graphics applications is leading the way in the market for the creation of such images Over the next few pages we'll be looking at these applications, revealing some ot the tricks they can perform allowing them produce such stunning images and reveal how you can use 3D images in Dpainl animations and your own programs.
Most Amiga owners will have used a 20 paint program. 2D means that these programs (DPainl, Brilliance for example! Work in just two dimensions - vertical and horizontal. 3D Images add a third dimension to pictures, so, not only are there vertical and horizontal planes but also a third axis, depth. By adding depth the created images take on a real life look.
Typically fhese dimensions are known as x, y and z These provide a 3D coordinate system allowing the manipulation of objects vertically (y), horizontally (x) and in depth (z). See the illustration below When creating 3D objects all three of these dimensions need to be addressed. So, for instance, if you were creating a landscape you would not just determine how high and wide a mountain is. But aiso how far away from the eye it is.
Having taken in to consideration these three dimensions you must then also address other aspects ones which only become relevant when working in 3D. These Include figuring out where the shadows cast by objects should fall, the focus of objects further in the distance compared with those in front and removing the parts of objects you shouldn't be able to see because they're hidden behind other objects.
You’ve seen the movies, you’ve worn the stupid cardboard glasses, you’ve heard the jargon a million times over. But just what is 3D? Andy Leaning mulls the matter over... For the more serious user there are even more technicalities that need taking into account; the first of these being the surface of objects.
Whilst elementary 3D graphics can make do with basic textures and colours, for any serious use you will need to accurately recreate the look of real life objects The surface of an orange, with its pitted skin, for example, is far different from that of an apple (this is obvious!. And these surfaces change, not just in physical attributes such as colour and texture, but also how they interact with their surroundings.
Light must react realistically with the type of surface it meets; a metallic surface, eg gold or silver, will reflect light, in some cases tinted.
Tion towards the viewer and on to neigh- it oouring surfaces, whilst transparent surfaces (glass lor example! Will it aosorh the light, letting it shine ide through on objects behind, again per- ;ast haps with a particular tint. All ot these of considerations need to be taken m- stock of, which is why 3D rendering programs such as Lightwave and i imagine take so long when creating, (which is also called rendering), their :ts. Mages - the amount ot mathemati- re - cal calculations they are doing is
- nind-bogglingl ot And it can get even more com-
i. plex! In order to create 3D images an suitable tor use in
film, the programs used must also be able to recreate will the
ditterent properties ot a wide vari- lok ety ot camera lenses,
tilm types, and I an kflht sources.
Of IN A NUTSHELL ise And that, in a nutshell, is the essence cal ot creating 3D graphics. But what use is an Amiga? Is it any good at th creating 3D scenes, can you do it yourself, at home, and what applica- i tions and programs are available to il- create them?
The Amiga has no shortage ot tools tor creating 3D images. These range trom power packed, professional quality applications designed for corporate, TV and film company use. To inexpensive, tun and flexible programs tor home users.
For home users on a budget there are a wide variety of small applications that range in capability trom creating 3D backdrops and textures to animated landscapes and logos.
Adding an animated 3D graphic to a demo, or the occasional rendered sprite to a game can make all the difference, giving your production a touch ot professional class If you use Dpaint or Brilliance you can already create relatively simple 3D views quite easily Dpaint. For instance, features perspective distortion commands tor brushes and the ability to move obiects along not just the x and y planes but also the z axis, thus allowing you to add a depth effect. Such commands are ideal for creating three dimensional objects with which you can then compose a full 3D vista.
However, whilst Dpaint and Brilliance do have this ability to generate 3D obiects, you need to take care ot adding the shadows etc, yourself. You'll also need to get the composition of your pictures right first time because, once positioned, objects behind graphics you've |ust placed will disappear and can't be retrieved! Dedicated 3D programs, on the other hand, let you move objects around at will.
SPINNING Alternatively, you can use Dpaint and Brilliance to create animations teaturing 3D graphics created elsewhere. The 3D element and content ot such animations can be limited to just a 3D logo or single object spinning and rotating or it could form the major part of the animation, with an object flying over a landscape or animated 3D models moving around. Either way there are a number of programs, all reasonably priced, that can be used to produce these 3D images.
One ot the most popular is Vista Lite Pro. This program creates detailed 3D views of landscapes » then, having built one. You can fly around it and record the view as you go - giving the impression ot a low level plane flight. The ideal accompaniment to Vista are programs like MakePath and TerraForm which tel you tailor the flight sequences and build new landscapes with increased ease.
If you're creating demos, animations. Or possibly even game intros, the Vi$ ta range of programs are well worth having The capabilities of these programs can be seen in many demos from PD libraries, or in several commercially available games: check out Birds of Prey as one of the better examples. Both MakePath and TerraForm are now excellent value, having recently fallen in price to £9.95 each. Mail order firm Emerald Creative are also selling a Vista pack containing Vista Pro. MakePath and TerraForm for just £49.95!
Another program that might occasionally be useful for creating more unusual graphics is PowerWaves Irom Database Direct. This doesn't directly generate images that will be of any real use by themselves, it simply creates 3D grids that can be made to roll and act like water. We reviewed Wave Tools in the June issue, and for messing around and creating unusual effects in animations it's good value at £17.95 IT'S ALL A GAME!
Moving on tram creating animations and demos, the next use of 3D graphics is in spicing up games wilh rendered sprites and backdrops.
Nothing enhances a game more than attractive, detailed graphics and looking back over the success stories ot the last year's game releases it's obvious that 3D rendered intro sequences and sprites are now becoming the standard for commercial games The best thing about this aspect ot 3D graphics use is that it doesn't require a great deal in terms of hardware. Sure, if you want Microcosm-style intro sequences you could do with some very hefty hardware and software, but for simply creating individual sprites and backdrops you won't need much RAM or hard drive Sfiace.
All you need to do is create a 3D image, save the resulting graphic file as an IFF and then either use it as a backdrop to the game itself or convert it to a sprite for use in your games Programs such as Personal Paint (now supplied with all Amigas) can save tiles out in sprite formats.
You'll be very surprised al the difference a couple of rendered ships or objects will make to your games.
Later on in this report we talk to some of the games software houses about the products they use and the work being done with rendered images in their titles.
INTO THE FUTURE The next, and perhaps best known use of 3D techniques is for special effects and graphics, typically used in science fiction movies and TV programs. Come on, you didn't think those dinosaurs in Jurassic Park were real, did you?
Anyone who has seen Babylon 5 or seaOuest DSV will have seen what Amiga programs and equipment are capable of when used by professionals. The space ships and underwater effects in these programs shown are all created with Lightwave, backed up by some suitably powerful Amiga hardware. This is the high end of Amiga graphics, and really shows what can be achieved with a little work (scratch that... a lot ol work!). We've covered this area in previous issues so I won t dwell on it too long. Suffice to say that although the results you see on TV are done by professionals, using Amigas that are
more like a Cray supercomputer than the models we know and love, you can now buy the same products and. Given time, should be able to come up with similar results on a modified home system that needn't require a second mortgage to set up.
To create any decent 3D image you'll need one ol the heavyweight 3D programs on the Amiga, either Lightwave or Imagine Unfortunately, this is where things start gening a little expensive - normally both of these programs are priced at around or over £500!
No matter what purpose you are creating 3D graphics for you will need textures, and the more textures you have the better You can add to these effects by using one of the many 3D textures available, or create your own textures by scanning natural life material Alternatively you can buy a program that will create textures lor you. The easiest of these choices is to JARGON BUSTER RAYTRACING: For realistic tiled A’l .iui that the eltects ol light la 130 scene ere correctly reproduced. Reytrocing is the process ol corroctty ensuring every ray ol light Is corroctty displayed. This means that
the program calculated what happens to every beam ol Ugh! As II bounces oil objects, passes through them etc. TEXTURE MAPPING: To give your 30 models are realistic look they must have realistic surfaces. Any good 30 program will have the ability to urrap a graphic file around an ob|ect. And typically this graphic looks like a required texture.
OBJECT: In a 30 picture the various elements that make up e picture are called objects. These are often built up ot smaller objects, surfeces and polygons.
30 programs can move these objects around, resize them, rolale them and add textures to them.
Buy a 3D texture collection on disk or CD One of the best such collections is called Alternative 3D Textures from Soft Image (and is reviewed on page 119 of this issue) This provides you with a collection ol different surfaces which you can wrap around shapes in a 3D modeller.
Alternatively, you can buy Essence and Forge, which will be reviewed next month. Essence is a collection of high quality 3D textures, specifically designed lor Imagine, whilst Forge lets you change these textures and save them out as an IFF file for use in any rendenng program The power of Forge is the ease with which it lets you alter the Essence textures.
Because all textures are delined as mathematical formulas you can change them by simply altering the parameters of the formula. It also lets you layer textures on top of one another and combine them, giving an almost infinite number ot highly detailed and clean surfaces.
And best of all. Because these textures can be saved out as an IFF file you can use them in any Amiga program ... which means you can even add realistic surfaces to Dpaint 3D images!
CONTACTS Lightwave - available Irom: Premier Vltloe 071 721 7049 Silica 011-3091111 and DPS 0252 718 300 PowerWaves - available Irom: Europress Soltware 051 357 1275 Imagine 3. Vista Pro. Vista Lite.
TerraForm. MakePath. Essence and Forge available Irom: Emerald Creative 081 715 8866 Dpaint IV • available from: All Amiga dealers.
Lightwave is the Amiga's most popular 3D modelling and rendering software title, and in conjunction with the VideoToaster (the video peripheral with which it is sold in America) it has been has been used on many, if not all, of the science fiction TV programs currently being broadcast.
Regular readers will know that as yet we haven't actually reviewed Lightwave. There is a very good reason for this - it has only just been released in the UK. In fact the first official copies have only just entered the country and the version we have here is subtly different from previous ones.
We could have taken an early version and rushed a review through, but Lightwave is so powerful we couldn't have hoped to cover all its aspects in a few days (or even weeks). I (Andy) solemnly promise to give you a full review of Lightwave as soon as I have created the sort of masterpiece necessary to explore the product fully. And not a moment before.
W~ar~anT* mrrm xnm » r ""j"i nrr»«: n ¦ERTSf T» mm mm
* .Ln cm
• -T-TT-TI If you read last month's Lightwave preview (and
exclusive interview with Newtek’s MD) you’ll have realised that
it offers a mass of features, giving practically every tool you
could want for professional 3D graphics creation. It's big
Imagine 3D, can admittedly do some things better, but Lightwave has won acclaim thanks to its easy-to-use front end and overall flexibility.
Lightwave has, over the years, been expanded and enhanced, through consultation with some of the most talented and demanding video users around. Because of this, in the words of Tim Jenison, NewTek president,'every user of _ Lightwave has the same capabilities that Stephen Speilberg has."
Among these features are the ability to create the effect of a glow when lights are positioned behind other objects, easy creation of fading lens flares over a distance, a limited region facility to help development times (ie render only a sample area an effect), and non-linear fog. It would be fair to say that rendering in Lightwave brings a new meaning to that old movie gem Lights, Camera, Action!'
Lightwave is also now a modular design program, this means third parties can add expansions to the program to give it more versatility and power - we should start to see some interesting new capabilities appearing before Christmas. » LEAD FEATURE - 3D SPECIAL REPORT Andy Leaning and Tony Dillon talk to some of the UK’s leading games developers to find out what they use when creating 3D game graphics and why.
Games will have the solid game play people expect of Team 17 games, but will now have rock solid game intro sequences."
Team 17 are well known lor producing great games, but they are about to become well known tor another reason. Marcus Dyson ot Team 17 explained:
- We use a number ot A4000 040s running Lightwave.
Very soon we hope to have a Raptor - the tirst in Europe.'
The Raptor is a NewTek accelerator tor Lightwave and boosts the performance ot the Amiga beyond anything imaginable - it should do, it costs $ 14.0001 THE Banshee has to be one ol the best- looking arcade games to ever hit the Amiga, and Danish graphic artist Jacob Andersen has managed to get the game looking so good by (a) making excellent use ol the AGA palette and (b) making good use ol rendered images in the game itself Jacob realised quite early on that he wanted this to be the most attractive and realistic looking shoot em up ever, and soon after that discovered that he would need a
helping hand in a lew places. "We rendered the rocks in Imagine 2. Simply because it's easy to use', explained Jacob. 'I only used It to do rough renders, though You can't really use Imagine's full Team 17 use Lightwave
- because it’s extremely easy to use and can do things nothing
else can do. Imagine can do some more things, but Lightwave has
the best balance between teatures and ease ot use.'
The results ot the huge investment Team 17 is making in 3D graphics will be seen shortly ' Arcade Pool on CD will be the first title, it has a fully rendered intro sequence. Alter that will be Tower Assault, a 3D extrava- ganzer."
For the future Marcus says 3D graphics "will become a part ol every CD product they do. It sells machines, makes platforms more popular and sells games From now on Team 17 renders in a game like this because all the colours need to be retouched when put into the game.'
The renders are used in quite a lew points during the game, but most noticeably on level 3. When the player is Hying through a canyon and an avalanche of rocks rolls over their aircraft. When asked why he had rendered the rocks, he replied: "It is quite hard to animate a tumbling rock by hand and keep it realistic. It is easier and quicker to render it.'
&TJKIttfR Ns Kevin Bulmer has been responsible lor some very impressive 3D graphics in his time - you only have to look at something like Legends Ol Valour to see what we mean Kevin is also a long time Amiga fanatic, and renders pretty much everything on his A4000 with a copy ol Imagine 3 "We’re running it on Amiga and PC now", relayed Kev one rainy afternoon. -It's very good, but... and I think that's the only thing I can say. We ordered our copy back in August, and there were a lew teatures that were promised then that didn't appear in the finished package, which was a little disappoinbng. I
wouldn't recommend the manual to anyone, though. It's only because we all knew Imagine so well that we could figure out all the new features" Kevin may sound a little negative about the package, but he actually loves it to bits: "The actual renders from it are brilliant. The stuff we have been doing on it. Everyone who has seen it has thought it was from Silicon Graphic machines.' It all goes to show, there's no reason at all to shell out lor huge rendering machines when you've got an Amiga1 And there you have it. The world ol 3D graphics from a games point ol view. Core Design, Synthetic
Designs and Team 17 are all using the Amiga to create stunning game visuals and making a name lor themselves in the process A 3D 'EPIC HAT REACHES A MILESTDHEIH POLYGON TECHNOLOGY In terms of speed, graphical detail and pure oul-and-oul playability. A multitude of missions, ranging from devious fo manic, lake you deep into the heart of fhis sci-fi conguesf ol outer space, EPIC - a masterpiece of software engineering.
f I ] J I I © 1991 Ocean SollwarB Ltd.
Mm Mj.
Is He offspring ol almighty Zeus, you demand a seal among the gods, hi before ascending Mount Olympus, you musl deleal 52 ol Zeus’ most pnertul deilies. Learn to shatter the sky with lightning and shower the earth wilh lire. Summon heroes lo aid your people and plagues lo destroy be enemy Call forth lomadoes, hurricanes, lidal waves and columns ol lame. 4 challenging lash lor a god.... a monumental task lor a modal.
"Incredible... probably the best video game in the world." - CU AMIGA 97% . •a-~ ;___• rj 71 F rfr m 3 T| Popebaa n a rogelerod IraWmik ol Eeclronc Am LIU Bulnog « a IrMematk ot BuVfrog pmoAma-XVhUd 01991. I«l Eloarctihc Arts All R« OhfOWnvwl PiMshed undo- Icerne
* • Elodrone Alin lid Electronic Arts iu.a iraderurk cat
Real tournaments played on actual Tournament Players Club courses.
Bead the greens - the all new 3D contoured grid exposes each subtle curre. Speciality shots lor lough spots- cboose from chip and punch shots or fringe pull.
* TV-slyle views: panoramic aerial lly-by ol the bole.
* 3 authenhc courses • TPC al Sawgrass, IPC al Avenel. PGA West.
* Compete against 60 PGA 101)** Pros in 4 round tournament play.
S l**»ire019UC tr, Storing &««( Sotnnug
* xl Iadi Pawape Oman O 19Vt EMCUOrwe Ails TPC. 'cu.rumen foyers
CUB ard THE PLAYERS CHAUPvONSMIP ore •e outored lraK-j,u 0I PGA
TOUR t-t TJAPicd w.Jc. Kin tKlfirr. Aiu.
Borucnc AiU * i CrtOemw* c* Euclror* Aits me BATTLE OF BRITAIN.
Summer 1940. !he future of World War II bangs in the balance. The crean of Ike German lullnaife and the aces ol Die Rif are locking horns in
• heir most crucial conlrontation yel • The Battle ol Britain.
Over 50 years on, yon haie ike chance lo re-live lhat famous
battle and play Ike part of a British pilot or a German flying
Your performance determines whether the outcome is a repeal ol the British victory or an unprecendented German success.
© 1992 Ftoiwan Software e 1992 Virgin
• teractve Eixertanment iEu»e| ltd ProducwJ undev license horn
Virgin irW'Bctvo Enisnamvoni lEurope) LM HUIIU enables you lo
fly numerous realistic missions in the Space Shuttle Orbiler.
Based on official government documenls. SHUTTLE is the most accurate and comprehensive simulation of NASA's Space Shuttle ever produced lor any home computer.
With the aid of Mission Control, you will master such challenges as deploying and repairing satellites, launching spy satellites, manoevring your crafl in zero gravity, attaining Ihe correct re entry trajectory and pulling oil complicated landings.
© 1991 V*g«i neiacttrt Erlenanmonl I Europe) LM All Ptghii Hoseivod © Veklov Oral* Lid. All Ryvs Reserved Produced under hconso «rom Vkgin Somen Ukr i«r nom vnWis coma** fcrnas Now we reach the Third Dimension - actually moving around bringing within the 3D world. ICE and VictorMaxx are VR to the Amiga. Tony Dillon investigates.
Virtual Reality on the Amiga.
- 3-.
||g$ |g§M n.. flliiilllt r - most people would expect. We carried a ¦ news story a couple ot , H issues ago about the VictoiMaxx Technologies ¦ prototype ot CyberMaxx - an inexpensive and ¦ lightweight Head Mounted V Display (HMD), capable ol ¦ showing stereoscopic video images and playing stereo f sound The unit also carries 1 lull motion tracking sensors.
I which allow the player to turn I their head in a real 3D space I and have their actions carried ’ over into the virtual game world.
Sounds all too good to be true?
Then read on... vmm0 VictorMaxx Technologies are a small but dedicated hardware lirm based in Illinois, USA. Made up of no more than thirteen stall, the company was started by entrepreneur Kevin Koy alter he saw the tremendous success ol Virtual Reality games in arcades He. Like many companies, saw that there was a real market tor a home Virtual Reality system, and hired a group ol technicians to build the hardware lo carry it oft. The end resull is the CyberMaxx HMD. The first real VR helmet lor the Amiga.
In Ihe words ol Kevin Koy, Virtual Reality is "an artificial world created by stimulation ol the senses The CyberMaxx allows the user to interact within this computer generated, 3D world. The CyberMaxx immerses the user into the Virtual Reality environment. The user can experience and interact with the 3D, stereoscopic, computer generated images displayed in a compelling manner in the CyberMaxx HMD." In layman's terms, whal this means is that two slightly different 3D polygon images are displayed on screens positioned directly in Iront ol the user's eyes. The differences are calculated so
that the brain is looled into thinking that it can see a 'real' three dimensional shape.
Motion sensors check the orientation ol your head through lull pitch and yaw, and alter the view' on the screens accordingly The end result is something like being stuck inside a computer game, where you can t turn away Irom the monitor and walk away. Everywhere you look, you are laced with another part ol the game world. Spooky huh?
THE BASICS OK, enough ol the hype. What you really want to know is the basic hardware breakdown ol the machine Retailing at £499 99, the light !6oz headset leatures two OT active matrix liquid crystal displays, ottering over 120,000 pixel resolution and full VGA (256 colourl compatibility Both screens are tully adjustable to the user's interpuprllary point (aligning both screens so that the user gets a seamless three dimensional image) and with independent eye locus adjustment to give the player the sharpest image possible. Twin headphone speakers supply the stereo audio, which combined
with the stereo visuals should provide a convincingly authentic panorama.
The headset is originally designed to run on PC and Macintosh platforms - not surprising really as it was built in the US, and they are the two largest markets over there.
VIRTUALLY YOURS If there is one company that have really raised the profile of Virtual Reality, it has the be the Virtuality Group, founded by Dr. Jonathan Waldem and three others in 1987.
Dr. Waldem had already developed a Virtual Reality system at Loughborough University in the mid-1980s and personally wowed the world in 1984 by showing the first VR prototype machine on TV's Tomorrow's World'. It was quite clear early on that he had identified this exciting new market. W Industries was bom, and work began on the first commercial VR machines.
1988 saw W Industries win the Best New Business’ award from the British Technology group, by which point they ¦ere utilising their expertise in the development of Virtual Reality leisure equipment to provide design and consultancy services. Specifically. Virtuality. As they were soon to be known, developed a computer system and games software for Leading Leisure pic for use in an arcade simulator.
Come 1990, however, and Virtuality were developing their own arcade system - the Series 1000, and game software to go with it. In 1991 the series 1000 was unveiled to the world, and basic polygon games like Dactyl Nightmare and fxorwsoon captivated the public, in places like Funland and Laser Bowl, the enormous arcades in the Trocadero, Piccadilly Circus in the heart of London. Over a million people a year wander through and try their luck on one of the twelve machines currently running, paying £2 for a game lasting between three and four minutes.
Both Funland and Laser Bowl are supplied machines by Family Leisure, the UK's largest operator of Virtual Reality games and long time supporters of Jon Waldem's work. At the moment, they only have Series 1000 machines in stock, and it has yet to be decided if they ¦ill take on any of the Series 2000 machines that have recently been unveiled at the ATEI Show in London.
Looking at the Series 2000 units, which are built around custom hardware, it isn't hard to see where a lot of the work of the last two years has gone. Texture mapping and a far higher polygon update have been brought into the new cabinets, and the result is a far more convincing 3D world. Obviously you aren't going to reach anything as real as the Amiga's Lightwave in real time, but you have to agree that the screenshots dotted around these pages are fairly stunningl However, a little modification has meant that the headset can run on just about anything from a SEGA Mega Drive to an Atari
Jaguar, including the Amiga somewhere in the middle.
Unfortunately the speed of the machine restricts it to monoscopic vision and stereo sound on these machines, meaning that both screens show the same image, but that isn't too much of a problem when you consider that ail the motion tracking is fully functional, giving a whole new life to games like Legends Of Valour and Frontier.
In which it connects to your machine.
There is no need for huge boxes or expansions to get it to run. In fact, you won’t have to modify your machine at all. The feed for the twin LCD screens comes directly from the video output on the back of your Amiga - the same socket you plug your monitor into, and a second cable from the headset runs into the serial port of the computer, to give the software all the information it needs from the motion trackers on the headset.
Apparently, games can be converted to run on the CyberMaxx headset with little modification, as DCD’s Kevin Bulmer. The man behind games like Legends Of Valour, is only too aware of. DCD are just one of the companies currently writing software for the CyberMaxx, and therefore already has a lot of experience with the system. “I’m very impressed with what we’ve seen of it", says Kevin from his Wolverhampton hideaway. “The motion tracking is very consistent.
Very stable, very solid with a negligible error frequency on them, which is good. All in all, our impressions are very favourable."
On the subject of the amount of work that has to go into converting a game to the headset. Kevin mused, “It depends on the type of software and exactly how much of CyberMaxx you wanted to support. Basically VERY CONSIDERATE Kevin comes from a background of standard single screen games, and has found one of the more interesting points of developing for VR is the design considerations that have to be made. “When you watch a film, you have a number of formal expectations as to what is going to happen, based on your past experience.
People bring the same sort of thing to VR based on previous computer game experience. What we've found is when you are walking around a room you have two what you'd end up doing is generating two screens of data instead of one; one for the left eye and one for the right one. It’s as simple as that.
That’s assuming you want to do a stereo display, which I think you should do if you're going to support this kind of display to give the full effect."
Co-ordinate systems. One is for your body, which is where you are going.
On top of that you have where you are looking, because your head is an independent thing. When you put that in VR, you need something to control the direction in which you are moving. Obviously you can't walk around because you’d end up pulling the computer off the table, so you end up with some sort of hand controller, and you can use the headset to look over your shoulder. It all makes perfect sense, until about fifty percent of the population put it on."
“What they are used to is playing computer games', Kev continues, Where Ihe way you are looking is the way you are moving, so it you press a button youll head in that direction It raises a number ol design issues about how to implement motion."
With that in mind, then, what sort ot games are best suited tor the VR market? I take it that Sensible Soccer VR wouldn’t be the best idea in the world. "When you're sitting down and just looking around with the headset on. It's very real it it's programmed well You make this illusion with this headset far better than most people are used to seeing with VR headsets.
But as soon as you want to walk around, the illusion is shattered because you, ol course, are still sitting down. You’re not walking anywhere. So the sort ot things that work best at this point in time are games where you are sitting in a car or a plane - games where you are actually sitting down so as tar as you are aware, you are actually sitting in a car."
At the moment it is unclear exactly how many Amiga games are being coded or recoded to run with the headset, but since the PC and Mac versions ot the CyberMaxx come complete with six games, there is no reason to assume that the Amiga will come with any less.
It remains to be seen it the CyberMaxx headset will make any huge impression on the Amiga, or it the Amiga is yet ready tor Virtual Reality, but it’s going to be a lot ot fun finding outlr t, YES, BUT IS IT SAFE?
Now that home VR seems likely on the Amiga. It's only natural lhal Ihe concerned parents ot the world will start crawling not ot the woodwork. Since Ihe dawn ol VR. There have bean a number ol voiced concerns repeatedly appearing, it headsets like Cyberman reach as. It's guaranteed that they will appear more and more. The biggest fear that most people have is one ol health. Allot all. Ihere are a hundied and one tales of blurred vision, tunnel vision, headaches, motion sickness and a doien more sight related side elleds. II Ihe 3D Imaging Is worked out correctly, there is no reason at all as
to why Ihe usei should end op with headaches ot any temporary vision impairment. Motion sickness is something completely dilterent however Unfortunately Ihere still aren't home machines last enough to respond to the minute movements ot Ihe head and ayes, and Ihe small time lag between moving your head and the on-screen image changing can be a little disorientating al first, but you do gel used to it. Even so, spending too long on a VR system without taking a break can quite easily cause motion sickness, in much the same way as spending loo long in a E20 million military (light simulator can.
Ihe other most common causa ot concern is that ol socialisation. It s already quite worrying for paionts to see their son 01 daughter spend hours ol their days playing games and not communicating with the outside world or other people. To those parents, giving the user a whole new world to live in can only mean a full withdrawal trom real tile and an escape into inclusively Al the moment, there is no real way that could happen, simply because VR lust isn't good enough. Visions ol it playing like Red Dwarf's Total Immersion Videogame Better Than Lite will only lead lo disappointment. Virtual
Reality Isn't a totally new world by a long stretch, but more a new way ot playing polygon based games.
Virtual Reality Is the start ot the nest generation of computer entoitalnment. And should be viewed as esactty that: entertainment.
HjNivr, xi DU . R NORMAL PRICE sm 2 Ml £69.99 II you've used Ihe technical cover disk this month you II already know about Ihe power that DIR Work 2 delivers. No more complex shell commands, no more messing around with hidden tiles - with DIR Works you never need lo worry about keeping track ol your tiles and programs again.
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LiftHIBrirT-imtni Sm: rwsn ift: I SYS: Uorif HD Sin: Hfl:
rWt:TSYS: [Uori: XB ' II i II I MB][ dw:p 3S-9?.
DW162T a.. i t g DU162Pal.cfi.inf DU162Pal .README DU1A?PaI PFFdir WORK OFFERS YOU: IvmA I I 1 • Full and flexible control of your files.
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¦p • v I -n I 0 -%r Ran Diet LEAD FEATURE - 3D SPECIAL REPORT What can we expect from VR Amiga and how will the Amiga survive against the onslaught of the PC? Tony Dillon and Andy Leaning give their views on what the future holds for VR and 3D graphics.
With programs like Lightwave, and to a lesser extent Imagine 3, the Amiga kicks the over priced PC and SGI workstations in to touch tor creating 30 images and tilm sequences. In doing so it has almost created a whole niche market on its own - that ot desktop 3D graphics. Whilst earlier systems would physically tit on a desktop the price of the hardware put them beyond users working Irom a desk and in to the market tor those with entire studios at their disposal I The competition is starting to catch up however. 3D Studio on the PC does offer many of the facilities found in the Amiga range of
mature 3D programs but thankfully Lightwave can still create effects more easily. In fact, it is the delicate balance of ease of use and the ability to produce effects that visual effects producers need that has made Lightwave so popular. And until programs on other systems catch up with this carefully crafted blend of power and interface design the Amiga will keep its lead.
So as I write this and for a while yet at least 3D graphics join with video titling (a la Scala and genlocks) to keep our favourite computer at the forefront of computer video. But for how long?
As I write this NewTek are about to announce that Lightwave will be released on the PC format. This will undoubtedly be a blow for the Amiga as a platform, but It's important to remember that Lightwave is only one of the reasons why the Amiga is so popular for 3D graphics.
The architecture of the Amiga makes it ideal for manipulating video and graphical data, something Pcs don't have, meaning that only the most powerful of Pcs will be able to match the speed of programs like Lightwave on the Amiga.
And better these super powered Pcs have prices much higher than the Amiga, PC software is also more expensive ¦ 3D Studio on Pcs costs £2500 for instance!
And building on the low cost approach of the Amiga are the huge number of companion 3D utilities available.
Consider for instance the number of PD textures available, or the sub £50 price of Vista. All-in-all the PC has a long way to go before it starts to threaten the Amigas dominance in 3D and the same can be said for every other competing format - Mac etc. And better still, with games programmers getting better all the time it won't be to long before we start seeing these stunning 3D images in VR style games - we are after all already seeing rendered images in existing games. For 3D graphics there is simply no better machine than the Amiga, and thankfully it's likely to stay that way for quite a
white yeti i i Andy Leaning Technical Editor The other day. I played 3D Starstrike on a ZX Spectrum Emulator.
Immediately afterward I played Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix and had a flick through some of Andy Leaning's Imagine 3 and Lightwave images.
The difference was quite astonishing, especially when you look at how long it took to get from Starstrike to Grand Prix when compared to the gap between Grand Prix and Babylon 5. Coders are getting very clever, and are only now really learning how to squeeze the best graphics out of Amigas. Ray tracing and texture mapping techniques have been around for ages, but only now are they being used to their full effect.
Just in time for the Virtual Reality explosion, as well. OK, so perhaps explosion isn’t the right word. While slower Amigas like the A500 and A600 are still in majority use, no-one will fully exploif the Amiga's VR capabilities. To calculate two separate polygon screens in a frame really isn’t within the slower Amiga's capabilities unless you are using very simple screens, which seems a bit of a waste when you use such sophisticated visual hardware.
As graphic techniques improve, and people start to use the VR hardware as well as they are using the standard Amiga video hardware now, we are going to ___see some very exciting things happen. Imagine Babylon 5 style spacecraft zipping around you as you pilot your lone ship through outer space, glancing over your shoulder to try and shake off the enemy craft that's on your tail. It could happen, but we are going to need machines far faster than the A500 to pull it off.
What I'm saying is don't expect too much too soon. Virtual Reality as a field is still in it's infancy, and Amiga VR especially so. Even the long time experts like Jonathan Waldern are still a few years off creating a full virtual reality .Things are improving in leaps and bounds, though, and doubtlessly software authors will feed from the experiences of companies like Virtually, in the same way Core Design took feeds from various arcade machines for games like Banshee. Hang on to your seats, folks, the next few years are going to be very Interesting indeed.
Tony Dillon Games Editor INSIGHT DINOSAURS INSIGHT:DINOSAURS is the second title in the INSIGHT series, a lavishly produced title rich in multimedia. You can be assured INSIGHT:Dinosay be visually stunning and technically correct as the title is being | association with the British Natural History Museum, one of 1 foremost centres of excellence in the field of paleontology. A ui whole family, produced in a concise, easy to read style whiclj used for reference and browsing alike.
A comprehensive A-Z section gives in depth information dinosaurs from Allosaurus to Velociraptoi Life of the Dinosaurs covers Anatomy, Attack And Defe Carnivores, Climate, Pack Hunters, Lone Hunters, Hen _i more World of the Dinosaurs covers Death ui Hunters and Hunting Family is a Chinese jigsaw with 25 different dinosaur puz.
Is a simple to use chi DINO R QUIZ is a multimedia quiz for one or two players with aspects of Dinosaurs.
TEXT - Comprehensive text coverage PHOTOS & ILLUSTRATIONS - Stunning photos and Natural History Museum and its comprehensive Ions from the library.
3D animatior GRAPHICS AND ANIMATIONS - Computer generated bring to life the world of the Dinosat!
MOTION VIDEO - Video ist world!
Iry give you quick and A comprehensive informatii CD32 CDTV AND A570 VERSIONS AVAILAELE NOV £39.95 PANDORA'S CD shows you fust wtu your Commodore CD system, an al something for everyone. Five Sen: number counting game, Milton Keyr photo library, textures library, so INSIGHT:Technology. Sample the w. (can be achieved with multimflaanc [original promotional disc containing »s production, the Nuclear indOalry, as guidebook, jukebox, clipart library, ind effects library and a sampler of nderful world of Optonlca multimedia.
CD32 ZONE CU AMIGA [ CD32 ZONE _The lor news and reviews on Ihe CD32 NEWS As the industry sits back and waits to see what will happen with the Amiga, it's nice to see that most people are still behind the CD32, despite the tact that sales of software have become a little, shall we say, 'unpredictable' lately. It's a little disheartening to note that some of the games that would do really well on this fine platform, such as Cybemar and The Lover's Guide are being held to one side while the relevant companies sit back and wait for the market to settle, but that's more than made up for by
companies like Team 17 and 2!st Century falling over themselves to develop specifically for the CD32, with all the costly bells and whistles. Don't worry though, if sales of CD-ROM drives for the At 200 go through the roof (as expected by our tech lads), this will leave a very large and very hungry market. Who could resist developing for such a keen bunch of people? No-one, that's who.
Tony Dillon Games Editor SCIENCE ON CD?
How many of you have an Amiga and a CD32? How many of you are looking for a cheap and easy way of connecting the two machines, so that the Amiga can read CD32 discs? Well, you might be interested to know that Weird Science have created a ----- little pack that. Called CD Network. JfbhX vk everything |||H It you need to create a wBF (' ' U notween H 1 two machines, and is -jO available nl Ihe special Drice ol 229.95 until the S' I you buy Ihe pack, you'll V. * I a so receive a free CD I ROW lf.lt :i v-.-. yen a fill ' | l -V lile naiiaccnio- system j " , . ,-e • es ,i o xj
the link, along with over 500 256 colour images for your own II I f,T JJ ,1 .Till M 1L J.fl use. For more information, call Weird Science on 0533 340682.
AMOS CD BONANZA News just ini The entire AMOS PD Library, as run by AMOS experts Ann and Len Tucker is about to appear on a single CD. Yes, over 600 disks worth of the best AMOS public domain software around will soon be on your local stockist's shelves, lor the bargain basement price ol £15.99! Not only do you get a-t£4iiu«Car ““fflaaaj *1 " t s*ft±lr PD LIBRARY Team 17 are continuing to show their seemingly neverending support for the Amiga and CD32 this month by announcing two more releases for the CD console. First up is the non-CD enhanced platformer Superlrog. The game hasn't been
altered at all for the CD market, but then again there is no real reason why it should have been. As Team 17 s Marcus Dyson says: "How can you mprove the unimprovable?'' Widely regarded as one of the most addictive and playable platform games the Amiga has ever seen, Superlrog sees the player as. Well, a frog in a superman outfit, out to rescue his girlfriend in a Mario meets Sonic world that shows the consoles exactly how it's dond. The nicest thing about it all is the price - merely £14.99! Can you believe your luck?
Next up on the list is the fantastic Arcade Pool, one of the most popular budget games ever. This game was looked forward to for quite some time, and when t appeared, it received ' ' ' ' ’ ¦" '•
• •' ¦t -vi • iv. ET wiTT?
C MftOID 5PU0IH ' ?.:e enough to oe rt a B ;: cn to cove* it. The 9 « m version 'eatures M || sounds, more ¦ I ; 8
* :ns and a Ja- improved I 1
• --foi method Once B & .:-in i: will be available B H
- ow tor the measly B SI
• cl I'M 99 How can H SQ
• --n nnortantgroup0J ¦!' () §§ z-.-.zo p. be so nice to you B
* Ccninc.t Team 17 on B‘ l~ l‘" r-ftflW l M CD KICKABOUT At the
moment, the final design specs are being pieced together by
Empire Software and Graftgold for the soon to be spectacular
CD32 conversion of Empire Soccer, which you'll remember was
particularly well received a couple ot issues ago by the
handsome young man at the top of this page.
Looking a lot more along the lines of Microprose Soccer than Sensible Soccer, the game features big sprites, bags of animation, loads of character and cameo appearances from just about everyone sat on the sidelines. It has yet to be confirmed as to what will appear in the CD32 version, or what enhancements will definitely be made, but chances are it will have the overhead kick that was present in the PC version, plus sprite shearing, more onscreen colours, improved sound and everything else you could hope for. For more information, call Empire Software on 081 343 7337.
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50 - £22.50 100 £40.00 DISK LABELS 100 £1.50 500 - £6.00
1000-£10.00 1000 T FEED £12.50 Like they always say, if a
job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing in north west Wales. Come
run through the valleys with Dave Rowe of the Stellar Genesis
Enough elements ot the game tor John to be able to begin any work at all. It was lett that the minimum requirements lor this would be: level one ol the first building, one character standing in each ol the eight views, the basic laptop, all doors, puzzles and switches in place lor level one, consistent with the model tor that level."
So the work began on level one.
Tell us Dave, how did you go about it? "Level one was produced by making a sheets ol brushes to represent the various features in each room, low walls, balconies, floors, doorways and so on Each room assign a bright Hat colour to each plane and produce a basic room template with no tealures. This room blank could then have balconies, doors, alcoves and other flat coloured brushes added quickly and easily and could even be flipped in its entirety to produce entirely different rooms."
'We decided that we wanted each floor in building one to have a different leel to it which meant coming up with different wall and floor textures lor each level. Rather than doing this by drawing blocks, which can look knitted or repetitive. I decided that I would use real grabbed wall textures and adapt them to suit my requirements " The big question is, where lo get the textures Irom? It's pretty straightforward il all you want are wool and cotton textures, as Dave's wardrobe is lull ol chunky, manly sweaters. But walls?
¦There is a wealth ot material around the village ol Llanddewi Breti, where I live, so I went out and about with a camcorder, recording snatches ot stone walls, walls covered in mould, lichen, peeling paint, ferns and so on. These short clips are my main resource lor the wall textures in the first building ol the Space Academy: "In order to convert the video was painstakingly constructed by following the design of the level one model. Whilst this provided John with the necessary basics to begin designing the main engine tor the program, it soon became very apparent that this was not a good
way to proceed with producing the other 650 or so room locations if we were to get the game out this millennium " Dave gives a dry wry chuckle belore continuing.
¦Each ol the planes ol the first rooms had to be cleaned up and flooded with colour belore having the texture pul in place and it was taking an age A new strategy was essential so I decided that I should With John complaining ol writer's cramp and dream ing on and on about his Florida holiday, (he says that Dave couldn't come, because, apparently, people over there scoff at lolks who wear jumpers) it gave Dave a chance to go over the way that the Stellar Genesis Agency have been putting all the graphics together lor Space Academy.
Dave has really been out ol the limelight in the last tew months, choosing to work as hard as possible on the visuals lor this CD treat "With such a formidable amount ol graphics to produce for the game, it was obvious that we had to produce DIARY OF A GAME CU AMIGA caos «o useable graphics, I watched ne . Oeo on one monitor and whenever ar nteresting texture appeared. I switched to the Amiga sc-ocn and hit the grab button on VO Amiga RT." Dave seems suitably pleased
• " rmself for creating this graphic ; ystem: 'The digitised
images then Ian their palette replaced by the Space Academy
palette for the rele- . Ant level and are remapped to the grey
scale within that palette. This 'esutts in a degradation of
definition, but it's welcome since a too ’photo-
• eaiistic' background would make ne cartoon sprites look
disembod- ed and out of place.'
But back to the mechanics of it al. The next step is to pick up the cage as a brush and using SHEAR - Y adjust the image to fit the isometric grid and then stamp it down enough times to fill the screen.
‘Any seams left showing are then concealed by picking up irregularshaped brushes and stamping them down over the joins. This process is repeated for the different walls in view at any one time, that is, lit and shadow walls in the main room and the background rooms."
The grey-scale walls have to be coloured to match the appropriate location and this is done in a hit and
- iss way by applying translucent
• ed rectangles and varying the percentage until it looks
Then by applying thin translucent rectangles of red. Blue and green it is possible to simulate full colour in a limited way."
With the textures created, Dave then sets about applying them to the game "Once all the textures have been prepared in this way they can be used to complete the finished room. This is done by loading each texture in turn into buffers in Brilliance and then loading a room template. It is then possible to right- click on the colour that is to be replaced by the next buffer's wall texture, pick up the page as a brush, move to the next buffer and then stamp it down. This process can then be repeated for all the planes on the template and a finished room shell produced in very short time."
The secret to the extremely fast development time is the way the game has been structured, as Dave is only too keen to point out.
"At this stage the glass lift shafts and windows are left as colour zero as we are hoping to include ray-traced views of the surrounding city appropriate to each window and to each level. This shouldn’t pose too much of a problem as one of the continuous background jobs that I am working on at the moment Is an aerial view of the entire location, including the whole city and monorail connecting to the Space Academy buildings, which is required for our intro section."
With the adoption of this new technique, the remaining rooms in levels two through to eight have been completed in less time than it took to do the rough rooms in level one alone.
"I can now concentrate on rendering the finished rooms and adding shadows and lighting effects that, hopefully, will make the whole environment come to life. In order to achieve this effect quickly it has been necessary to make a sheet of templates of standard shadow areas which are stamped in place with 40% translu- cency and a sheet of lighting _ templates which include gradient- filled ’cones’ which can be stamped at near transparent translucency above the light fittings to give a diffused light effect."
• With shadow and lighting effects in place it is necessary to
follow this through by giving these values to the animated
sprites too.The illusion would be destroyed if a character
could walk in and out of a shadow without changing shade to
By the same token a sprite that walks behind a glass panel should become tinted in that portion which is behind the glass.'
Each room is individualised by adding wall hangings, framed pictures, potted plants, ornaments, glass and plain panels and, of course, any of the game elements required in that room for puzzles, feeding, re-arming and so on. The pictures are produced from black and white grabs which are then coloured by the translucent colour overlays described above.
Just before he leaves us for another month, Dave squares his shoulders and prepares for the struggle ahead.
• Now begins the slog of working through each level, room by
Adding the finishing touches while John is away sunning himself in Florida and I am left here, high up on a Welsh mountain, with a feeling of paranoia." Why the paranoia?
¦Well, If the only other photograph of myself that I can find where I am not wearing a jumper shows me weanng an anorak then I must be developing a severe attitude problem.” Readers: Don’t worry about Dave, he’ll be all right. More next month.® ""lfe n i i i i i They’ve been a little quiet of late, but 21st Century are gearing up for a spectacular Autumn on the CD32.
Tony Dillon breathes a sigh of relief for his favourite machine and takes a look at two original games that should raise the profile of said shiny disk spinner in the run up to Christmas.
MASSIVE GAME The original concept behind Marvin, from German duo Toby and Florian, was to reproduce one of fhe ’classic' platform titles, the hind of game that had the player concentrating far more on the running and jumping aspects of gameplay - a IS fhe original Super Mano Brothers, or even Hunchback before that - rather than more modem style, which has involved a lot more in the way of shooting than anything else.
Says designer Florian ol the game, "We love to play Jump and Runs (platform games to you and I) on different machines, therefore we started to do one You know there is not a lot of space for different concepts, so we just wanted the graphics and sound to be cool and not to forget the gameplay. This is very hard to implement. Also, we tried to It's an unusual title tor a game, but Marvin's Marvellous Adventure is a fairly unusual game anyway, it only because it can confidently claim to be the world s first CD32- only platform game Designed exclusively lor the Commodoie wonder-console this
'lump and run' game (as the Germans describe it) features no less than ninety main game levels and countless sub levels and bonus screens. Big is definitely the watch word CD ZONE CU AMIGA
- "prove the things that we didn't like
• ofher platform games."
TINY GUY Looking at the screenshots on these sages, you will notice that the game ~as very small sprites indeed, giving the player a lot of room to move around while still giving them plenty of scope to see what's around them.
As a result, the game only scrolls horizontally, leaving vertical scrolling to less traditional games e Sonic The Hedgehog.
The graphics were made so small so that the programmer could display more sprites and bobs on screen. According to Florian, “It creates more actions and there is more space for platforms and aliens. The global overview does not suffer at all.
“Probably the most interesting thing about the Marvin is that it is only being released on the CD32, and not the Amiga.
“The CD32 is a good machine", commented Florian. “It needs very good software now and 'neither old Amiga conversions nor games like Microcosm which is VERY annoying to play (it would surely be better to say ‘watch’).
Consoles like the SNES are much easier to program, but the things you can create are also limited.
Anything which is not directly supported by the special hardware can’t be done.
There are a lot of obstacles in using a multitasking OS in a games machine, however there are also a lot of advantages, like networking games, lots of experienced programmers, a fast CD-ROM drive. 2Mb RAM, the very cool AGA chipset (you can't scroll in 1 4 pixels on any other machine), and of course the MC68020. But these are things only programmers would worry about, not players."
Marvin's Marvellous Adventure should be available around the end of the Autumn, but bear in mind that the game has been in development on and off for the last three years, so don't hold either us or 21st Century to that!
We'll try to get a review onto these very pages as soon as possible.
One of the biggest selling CD 32 titles so far has been 21st Century's Pinball Fantasies. That was released before last Christmas, and since then the Swedish team Digital Illusions have been banging away on what they think will be even better. Just looking at a couple of early tables, we feel inclined to agree very strongly indeed. But first lets take a look at what’s been going on in the last year.
Ulf, the original coder responsible for the amazingly realistic ball routines has left, and a new graphic artist has been added. After finishing Pinball Fantasies in late 1992, the team decided to go and work Qn something completely different, coming up with games like Benefactor for Psygnosis. New ideas on how to improve the Pinball series were constantly floating around, so it was inevitable that they were going to work on a new Pinball game, if only as a means to putting an end to the constant flow of ideas. Needless to say, they didn’t take my idea of Drunk Pinball, in which your eyes
take half a second to follow the ball very seriously.
They had decided by this point to scrap all the old Fantasies code, as it was far too limiting and wouldn't allow them to incorporate all the new features they wanted to include. One condition was agreed by the whole team, however, and that was that if they couldn’t simulate a multiple ball feature with the same precise ball movements as Pinball Fantasies, then they wouldn't do Pinball Illusions at all. By the end of February, the multiball feature was working, and enthusiasm was upped a notch.
Since then, the work has been fairly intensive, but the results are staggering. Visually, the game is looking incredible, as the screenshots on these pages will show you. The ball is far more chromed looking now, and the entire palette has been darkened to make it look more like a realistic pinball table, as well as giving extra luminescence to the lights on Ihe table.
Indeed, the graphic set for each table has been set up so that when a light on the table flashes, it illuminates the area around it, plus any other areas on the table it would actually light up. The move from a 32 colour table enhanced to 256-colour to actually drawing directly in 256- colour mode has given graphic artists Markus Nystrom and Patrik Bergdahl a new lease of life.
At the moment, only a single table is actually finished, but I can tell you now that it plays every bit as fast and authentically as the previous two games, and the improved graphics and enhanced features make it even better. We're really excited about it here, and can't wait to get our grubby paws on it.
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OVERALL 91 % [fliHfltlf.l.i of the most loved games of all time is Robocod. One of the most loved reviewers of all time is Tony Dillon.
(Says who? - Ed) Now James Pond is back, we just couldn’t bear to keep them apart.
F we have one thing to thank the consoles for in Amiga-land, it has to be the James Pond series of games. I was never really a fan of the original James Pond, but then that was before Mario fever really gripped the nation. Its successor, Robocod.
Was such a well ‘borrowed' version, that it completely reshaped the Amiga platform game scene. Now we ] have the third in the series, i magnificent Operation Jstarti5h, which shows Millennium ‘adapting’ another ]great game - Sonic The r Hedgehog, and managing to f do it even better.
CHEESE In the last game o( Ihe Pond series, the intamous Doctor Maybe had kidnapped Santa Claus, and was threatening to take over the world with an army of killer toys. Since then he's been incredibly quiet, which is something that's been making the world very nervous indeed, until one day a stolen space shuttle was seen taking off from the middle of the desert and heading for the moon.
The secret was out - Doctor Maybe had taken all the rodents of the work) to the place with more cheese than Switzerland, from which position he was going to try and take over the world again. Only one person could successfully get to the moon and stop Doctor Maybe in his tracks, and as you can probably guess, that person isn't Leonard Cohen.
CRACKERS As you can probably tell from the screenshots, Operation Starfish is a platform game, but it’s a lot more besides. Admittedly, it has all the usual traits of a platform game - you start at one end of the level and have to find your way to the other end, avoiding contact with other characters. The one thing that Pond 3 has that a lot of other games don’t have, however, .
Is a real puzzle element.
It isn’t enough to simply get to the end of the level - there are a couple of tasks you need to do first.
Initially, your big concern is to find the transmitting device for t level and destroy it with a single Pond punch.
However, there is i point destroying it until it has been activated, and to turn it on, you need to collect teacups. When you have enough, a number that is never disclosed, the transmitter will start emitting signals. If you blow it up before it has started to send, then you will be thrown back to the start of the level again.
Actually getting to the transmitter is quite easy. You always start on the left of the level and the transmitter is always on the right. That said, the levels are enormous, easily the biggest seen in an Amiga platform game, and the teacups are dotted all over the place. There are more secret areas and hard-to-reach places in this game than there are in Super Mario Worlds on the SNES, and that’s saying something I There is a logic to it all though, and this becomes apparent after you have solved a couple of levels.
Although it might look like you have reached a dead end, or there is nothing more you can do on a level, chances are you just haven’t looked closely enough. There is a reason for most things being where they are, and sometimes a lucky jump off a seemingly meaningless bump can uncover a previously invisible block, which will lead to something else, and so on.
The game is more or less identical to the A1200 version released a couple of months ago, with all the same sound effects and speech as the disk version. There is the obligatory Pond cartoon at the beginning of the game, as seen in Robocod, and that's really all that CD32 owners get in the way on enhancements. But then again, this is a great game, so there’s no real reason to look for things to improve. Easily one of the best arcade games ever released.
TEL: 0223 844894 RELEASE DATE: GENRE: TEAM: CONTROLS: NUMBER OF PLAYERS: MILLENNIUM £29.99 GRAPHICS SOUND LASTABILITY PLAYABILITY CU AMIGA CD32ZONE “My old head master used to tell me that there was nothing like a good RPG. I often wondered what he meant. But now I’ve seen the light, with a little help from Gremlin”. (Tony Dillon, 6th August 1994).
Games with them. The original Heroquest, while being simple and a little too easy, was still a superb introduction to Role Playing Games (RPGs) for the masses, and I waited for this sequel with some anticipation. Sure, there was a sequel of sorts in the form of a data disk, but that was nothing more than an extension of the original.With Legacy Ot Soracil. Gremlin really went to town, taking note of all the good and bad points ol the original, and build ing on them.
There are companies that sign up huge licenses and make OK games with them. There are other companies that sign up less tug licenses and make abso lutely dire games with them. And then there are companies like Gremlin, who sign up small licenses like Space Crusade and Heroquest.
And make some realty blinding Instead of a series o' small adventures winch can be played .' A| m any sequence la la Heroquest). Soracil ture which form part ol a single campaign aim is to free your homeland ol Rhia trom Ihe evil that binds it, but your short lerm aims are lorever changing IT'S MY PARTY ... Al the start ol the game you have to create your party ol tour characters trom a list ot eight, ranging from the standard Wizards and Barbarians to less standard characters such as Rangers and Mystics As usual, all have Iheir own strengths and weaknesses. And finding the right balance ot
characters comes mainly trom your own gaming style more than anything else. Still, once you have the set-up you are after, you can walk into the first adventure.
Like Space Crusade and the orig inal Heroquest the game is played out in turns, with each human controlled character being allotted a I certain amount ol action points', and I the computer controlling everything else. This gives you plenty of time to I think and work out your moves.
As an adventure, though Heroquest a still very simple. The woefully small amount of icons at The = bottom of the screen only allow you to light, cast a spell, search lor treasures or traps, check the map, check your invenlory or open close a doorv I'm all for simple control methods. 4 but when there is this little you can ¦ do. Essentially the puzzles that accompany it have to be quite simple as well. On the one hand, you can get into ttye game with no trouble at all, but on the other hand, you shouldn't really have all that much trouble completing it.
It looks OK. But the non-AGA graphics show up quite badly on a machine that can easily handle 256 colour displays. Sure, some of the locations are atmospheric enough, and most of the sprites are clear and easily recognisable, but it would have been nice to have seen aHf _ more in the way ol ammalion Practically all animaions are limited to three or four frames, which is really unacceptable when you look at Ihe size of Ihe machine and the storage capacity of the medium.
MARS BARS Sound has been used extremely well, with a rich atmosphere soundtrack and excellent use of voices lor Ihe spell chants whenever you cast a spell Sadly though, even this can't save what, while being a good adventure and perfect for beginners and intermediate RPG fans, just isn't deep or wholesome enough to fuHy satisfy, 'pit m CD32ONLY GREMLIN GRAPHICS. CARVER HOUSE.
2-4 CARVER STREET, SHEFFIELD S1 4FS. TIL 0742 753423 RELEASE DATE: GENRE: OUT NOW RPG IN HOUSE JOYPAD TEAM: CONTROLS: NUM8ER OF PLAYERS: 1 HARD DISK INSTALLABLE: NO MEMORY: 1Mb GRAPHICS ••??••....79% SOUND ?••?••..??»*• . LASTA8ILITY ..•*....••82% PLAYABILITY ...83% (A fair RPG. Which could have been much. W much better if made more difficult.
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GOODS SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY. E&OE ¦ th«se planes away lor some power-ups.
Speed, simply because it didn’t need to. A world where peace rules, and the most threatening thing that could ever happen would be for someone to invent the Microwave Oven. Now into this world bring an alien invader, one who has more technology than you could Guns and death come to the CD32 like never before as Core Design muster all the firepower they can manage for Banshee. Tony Dillon works off his up aggression.
Ever imagine. One who sees this r Earth as an easy target.
Once you've managed to get this picture into your head, then introduce the element of the one man army. A man whose father was murdered by the invading force , many years ago for refusing to invent the Microwave Oven. The only man with the know-how to put together a flying combat machine - otherwise known as an airplane, and take on the might of the invading force.
There you have the plot to one of the best shoot 'em ups ever seen on the Amiga.
STOP AND STARE Designed and coded by the two new Danish faces at Core Design (Soren Hannibal and Jacob Andersen), Banshee is a return to the classic values of computer games.
Almost everyone who has stopped and spent half a day playing it, which is basically everyone in the office, has remarked at how similar Banshee is to the classic arcade game 1942. This is no bad thing though, as that game was so playable and addictive that you couldn’t wish for a better role model.
Imagine a planet that has never had any world wars. One where technology hadn't really evolved at any If you haven't collected your free bus pass, then you might not know what 1942 actually is.
Essentially, it’s a vertically scrolling shoot ’em up, set in the air, with a bi-plane, or pair of biplanes in two player mode fighting everything that the world has to throw against them.
Much like Banshee where attacks can come from all directions, both from the air and the ground, from man and machine, and you have to try and avoid it all. There aren't many things that can't be obliterated by your incessant firepower, but then again there aren't many things that won't fire back at you given half the chance.
When you begin the game, you have a rather weedy little plane, with a single pathetic cannon to defend yourself. In the tradition of all the great shoot ’em ups. Though, power ups are never far away. Simply destroy a couple of waves of attacking enemies, and a small tile will appear before you, slowly drifting towards the bottom of the screen. Shoot this a couple of times to change it to the weapon you want most, and then collect it. In no time at all, you’ll be firing powerful shells in up to eight directions, while letting loose bombs homing missiles, and generally wiping out
everything in sight with the minimum of effort.
BLUMMIN' HARD i net That isn’t to say that Banshee is particularly easy. Far from it. This is probably one ol the toughest shoot ’em ups I have ever come across.
There is just so much going on at any one time that you’re going to find if hard to get to the end of even the first (long) level, let alone anywhere near the end of the fourth and final one. There can be over fwenty objects firing at you at any one time, which allows very little room for manoeuvre.
This is the real reason why Banshee is so addictive. It really is a test of skill rather than a test of luck. If you’re fast with a joypad and your visual reflexes are good enough, then theoretically you should be able to get through the game, as there’s not a single point, on any level, where you die through bad design. Mind you, you’d have to be pretty damn good to do it.
Banshee looks superb, the graphics are incredibly detailed and include some gory touches such as bloodied soldiers running in panic from destroyed tanks, it sounds great and it plays great. Let's face it, Banshee is blummin' great! Gfr CORE DESIGN £29.99 CD32 ONLY CORE DESIGN. TRADEWINDS HOUSE.
OVERALL 90% 4».
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Dramatically Increase Speed for 31) Rendering. Modeling and Layout Reduces Screen redraw times for Graphic Design and DTP.
How Fast is the WarpEngine1'1: 2 minutes. 4» second: tinder a minute I minute. 22 seconds Cl’t Available: 94 Rendering the Texture example included A4000 040-2.iMHz with LightWave: A4flOOWarp-4tt IHi A4000Warp-28.MHz Diskspeed using 2.1Cig liarraeuda Drive: Read from file 9 Mbytes st Approximately 3 Times Faster!
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The Ideal Solution for anyone dealing with digital Video or Audio Post Production. Recommended for use with the DPS Par card. Vlab Motion and the Sunrise AD51E CVP-040 40 -Calibur
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Novi. Ml 48375 • Phone (810) 347-3332 • Fax (810) 347-6643 a hmk r ur resident film movie critic Andy Leaning spends an evening watching some of the greatest music artists strut their stuff and calls it ‘working’.
Regular readers ol this err.
Irregular, column will know about the stunning quality that Video CD movies bring to the small screen. Now, EMI have joined the ruck and its Picture Music International division (PMI) has released live of its new Video Cds.
The live new Cds are Queen's Greatest Flix, Kate Bush's The Whole Story '94, Tina Turner's Simply the Best '94, Pink Floyd’s In Concert, and David Bowie's The Video Collection. They are all double CD packs and contain a large number of tracks. The Queen CD for example features an impressive 33 songs. The others with, the exception ol the Bowie CD all have over 20 tracks. Whilst at £! 5.99 each they are more expensive than normal Cds you get a bigger selection than normal audio versions.
CONFUSION It's important to note that Video Cds cannot be played on normal audio CD players, and whilst this isn't such a major problem lor films, it will obviously be a problem with music- based Video Cds. Without clear labelling there are bound to be numerous cases where audio CD owners buy a Video CD thinking they can play them.
PMI, aware ol the potential lor contusion, have taken a strong, user friendly, position on labelling Video Cds. Some companies mark their CD cases with vague references to CD-i and only hint at the incompatibility problems with statements such as 'CD-i players require a Digital Video cartridge’. PMI, however, make sure that there is little room lor confusion. There are lour references to Video CD and Digital Video on the Iront ol the CD cases, and further references on the back and sides, it is also stated that, ‘These discs will not play on a standard audio CD player' and These discs can
only be used on players with Video CD MPEG capability'. Full marks to PMI lor taking such a customer- Iriendly approach.
FIT FOR ROYAUTY But what about quality? The video quality on all five Cds is superb. The MPEG encoding is well up to scratch.
However, there are a few problems such as on the Queen track ‘It’s A Hard Life' there is the odd jump across frames, whilst 'Breakthru' on the same CD and Nutbush City Limits on Tina Turners' CD suffer from pixelisation (break up picture in to fine squares) during moments of intense horizontal activity. But these are minor niggles and overall PMI have done a grand job.
There isn’t any loss of detail, or colour and, in most cases, the MPEG encoding handles the rapid movement on screen that’s normally present in all videos.
SOUNDS ODD However, there are few notable glitches on the audio side. On the Tina Turner CD the audio signal is often out of sync with the video, not by much, but out just the same, and in the Queen Cds a very disconcerting sharp sound could be heard several times during playback. It may be that the particular copy I listened to had scratches or it was a one-off fault, but still... Also, several tracks started a little way into the first notes of a song, ie, on playing a track you hear the tail end of a previous note as the video starts - this is disconcerting!
DISCOGRAPHY Many of these Cds have a discography of the artists' work at the end of the second disk. Nothing wrong with this idea, it’s a perfectly good form of promoting the music Cds in EMI’s catalogue. What is wrong with it, however, is the quality of production.
These discographies look like they’ve been produced using old fashioned stop motion animation techniques ... you see the CD move into frame and then move off in a series of small jumps, as the contents scroll, very badly, up the screen. This is a real shame because they let down the otherwise impressive production values on these Cds.
In conclusion, PM Is music video Cds are, barring a few minor complaints about the sound quality, fine examples of what Video CD lilies are capable of, and worth a place in any CD32 FMV owners collection. It you just happen to be a Queen, Tina Turner, David Bowie, Pink Floyd or Kate Bush Fan, well, there's no question about it... get down to the shops now! All are recommended.
The PMI Cds are available trom music stockists and many HiFi and computer dealers. Apart trom the Queen Greatest Flix CD they are all priced at £15.99. Queen's CD is £19.99 (includes a 16-page booklet and more tracks than the others). (2J) SCKEENSCENE Bumper, jam packed, stuffed to the gills, overflowing, running over and padded beyond all reasonable barriers. Those are just some of the ways to describe this month’s Screen Scene, and even then it would be an understatement. We weren’t even sure if we were going to be able to get all these games in without making the magazine twice the size,
but we did it in the end. So just sit back and start enjoying!
Fm*: FUST IMPRESSIONS t-THE MANAGER rtew soccer management game in town, and The are Business are behind it. Let Keith Wadhams show you how to really be a tactical manager.
Another bunper bundle of early glano lions. MR Issue we check out Little Di r bundle of early glances al tomorrow's hit sensa- 9 DM from Gremlin , Apache Software's Death Masque and Dawn Patrol from Empire.
O'- 22- morrow as Black L 'VP Dav he TOg wimp I 8A t of programming talent in Croatia at the i Legend have discovered Let us show you Ihe sights and sounds of Croatian software.
COMPO ms of Pinkie prizes to give away in this exclusive with Millennium including T-shirts, records, games and even a CD32!
Have done the unthinkable and come up with an AGA game that you don’t need an AGA machine 10 run I Alan Dykes is very impressed indeed.
Nr- Core Design have i AGA game that yoi It to take the platform game market by storm with a Is perhaps just a little like a certain game with a hedgehog in it. Andy Nuttall is on the case.
Ocean art or.: to take gameftatls perhaps treats this month in the shape of three huge compi- laMBPCts all sorts ot other exciting things that won't leave holes in your wallet.
Bibl« of body b Kb.-SSL Mm every minute of the wait.
SOLUTION tough game indeed That's why. With the unnah from Vulcan Software, we re giving away solution, starting with level one in this issue.
ACUSciMnStvlalor OWTIM Koflng 85V 92S. I! A flam* pats one ol Ihasa. Nil be ol lasting quality and you can rest assured that. H you decide to purchase it, you wont be wasting your money jP vruuSEiGHT JHF TtfBtfejHmix in som comedoee to Miilenniu 7& SUPER STAR lo see if questions has lied to this month.
J according to Cal Jones it’s been worth Make people sick, throw them around the place and send them home with a smile on their face.
T in some Space Invaders, and you might just Fto Millennium s unusual puzzler, or so says Tony Dillon An enigmatic reviewer for an enigmatic game?
Ir coverdisk. Now take a look at one of the most original adventures to date, from those wacky Neo.
99» : one uf your que: b«4ffllplied to t RA innuendo and Fgame hints and bps from Vampyra.
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I PLEASE SEND ME AN AMIGA CATALOGUE SEC0N0 CD" 1 CONTROLLER W* £12.99 .. I ; j r 1 FIRST IMPRESSIONS Did you know that they’ think ‘they’ have found the exact crater where the meteor that killed the dinosaurs struck the Earth? It’s true!
There’s this huge dip in the desert, which I suppose you could call a First Impression. Ta-da!
FIRST IMPRESSIO in an even worse state. It remains to be seen if it has all the gratuitous violence of the PC game it s based on, but our full preview in the next couple of issues should clear that up.
DEATH MASQUE Apache Software THE GAMEPLAY: Death Masque is a first person perspective shoot 'em up. With all the blood and gore you would usually find associated with such a game. The screen is split DAWN PATROL Empire Software THE GAMEPLA Y: It's a combat flight simulation, like so many that MicroProse or Rowan have put out before, only this time it's based upon down the middle to accommodate simultaneous two-player action. It you can't tell tram the screenshots, this game is essentially (and unofficially) BEHIND THE SCENES: Apache are the team who brought us Super Methane Brothers, and are a
gang of tour made up of the talents ol Patricia Sorrell, Michael Ryan, Uoyd Murphy and Marti Page.
WHATSNEW: Everyone has been wait ing tor a version ot Doom on the Amiga lor quite some time. It s very fast on all machines, thanks to a hierarchical system ol graphics - slower machines don't get much detail on the tloor and ceiling, to keep the frame rate up. The two-player idea should work well too.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: It looks really good. Naturally the prospect ol all the inherent first-person violence Is going to get most gamesplayers drooling, and one that allows you to go one- on-one with a friend will have people the first wodd war, where air power was extremely limited, and all you had to play with was a biplane, a single cannon and perhaps the odd bomb None of your homing missiles and infra red Sidewinders herel BEHIND THE SCENES: The entire thing has been designed, conceived and coded by Rowan Software, who have churned out many a decent flight simulator, including the up and
coming Overton) tor Virgin Software WHATS NEW: At this earty stage it's hard to say where the game will improve over earlier attempts at biplane flight simulators, particularly the fantastic Knights Ol The Sky from Microprose, which has to be one of the most enjoyable flight simulators ever written.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Rod Hyde from Rowan Software wants Dawn Pafraf to be perceived as a collection of stories from the war rather than a traditional campaign based game.
This in itself is quite an original way of tackling a flight slm. And must make it worth while scanning the horizon tor. The screenshots here are converted directly from the PC. And it hasn't been decided how much will be lost when it goes to the non-AGA machines More news soon!
AMIGA AGA CD32 E SAMEPLAY: Lilil Divil r seen charged with a is: - a quest to travel xigr the mazes of the J 0“-worki to collecl a m zi and return it to the M rC Council in the s-Oer of the
- -rs To do this he iflj ics to find all the
- ooms in the j i evels of the rnth, solve the var- H s o-zzles,
collecl all acts you can and K-jliy stay out of the • ; and off
the traps that 1 re corridors.
Amiga - available now.
CD32-June 1994.
Amiga AGA - July 1994.
About £20 each E-INO THE SCENES: This CD32-
r. nteractive cartoon has been in huopment at Gremlin's Sheffield
Bcsquarters for quite some years now.
Ifact. Four successive PR teams have lewn the game off and each have Bred it to be imminent!
Take to the skies and defeat the forces of SPUDD r'S NEW: ft’s a full CD interactive brcn. Along the lines of what the ¦apon's Lair series should have '"T f ¦bt A lo! Of the last few years has LA I ¦en spent on character animation rc sound, and the end result is something very n to watching a cartoon. The control method es oeen designed to be as intuitive as possible,
• c- only a couple of the buttons on the CD32 ?cad actually being
MCOND IMPRESSIONS: I honey couldn't tell you what our first cression was, as it was so long mo but in these enlightened days ie game looks incredible. Silky
• u- tion, bags of character and b-e ingeniously worked-ouf puz-
bs have made the game a Lash hit on PC CD-ROM, and k really
can’t see any reason By that isn't going to happen on b CD32.
Look for a lull review b: issue.
The most unfair beat ’am up ewer?
CLOCKWISE*..., time is running out HIIMHI PS Ol I RUS TROT I ON Amiga and Amiga AGA - available May 1994 (£19.95). CD32- June 1994 (£24.95). v i ¦ Clockwiscr is an ¦- -,V. ¦ un-put-down-able jf pu zler with over .'.'.'.'.'VI bending lun. II .' i y • "»¥)"’ k comes compk'-in V i puzzle edilor 7 ’ V 7 • % • • • ! VVV it’s a package which if if fijjBEl |Tl £ j g yyourownUbackl Move 'em around, beam 'em up, blow ’em up (carefully does it!), cope with sell-generating diamonds and much more... » -'any times has this happened to you? You're wandering toogh a cavern when you suddenly
come across a buxom
• nan tied to the floor? Lltil Divll? Lucky Olvll more like!
HASPUTIN Rasputin Software, 3&'40 High Street. Green Slreel Green.
Orpinglon. Kent BR6 6BJ. Phone: 0669 - 850770 "UNDfR NEW MANAGEMENT VISA IS NOT CHARGED v UNTIL DAY OF - DESPATCH FREE GIVEAWAYS WHEN YOU . BUY FROM TOP 50 CHART AMIGA TITLES AMIGA TITLES A320 Airbus European ...... ......21-99 Dteamweb .19-99 Awn3 . ...1699 ...16-99 Jurassic Perk Jurassic Pvk (1200)..... ......17-99 ......1899 Adrkton ..... ......1*99 Eifmanla .- ..16-99 Men Breed 2 (1200) ..14-99 Micro Machetes .... Aken
3 .. Alen Breed A Tower Breed Aken Breed Special Editor Alfred Chicken (1200) ......1699 Empre Soccer .... European Champions (A1200).
Eiieilcnt Games iCorrellaton).
FI . .16-99 Beneath Steel Sky .
.....1*99 Mortal Kombat .. .*99 .*99 .22 99 .16*9 Body Bows .....12-99 Pinball fantasies |1200) Body Bows Galactic 17-99 Premier Msiwget 2 8odv B wsGalactk:(1200) ..14-99 R» *rCup .. .....1*99 .*99 .....1699
* P“7ya ... Apocalypse
.. .7*9 ......1699 Fantastic
Diny .... .16*9 Brutal Sports Football
...9 99 Seco-d Sorrx.ni ....
......1699 ArcadePool . Armour Goddon
2 ..... Aawd Winners Gold .. .6*9 Fantasy
Empire* . .22 99 .19*9 it 93 .16*9 S«n
City Dehne .... .....1*99 ......1*99 ......16-99
Fatmon ...... ..17*9 .1699 Combat
Classics 2...- ...1*99 SkU Mark-
... Soccer Kid (12001 . ......16-99
.....12-99 ......16-99 Formula 1 Grand Prti ......
.22 99 European Champions ...16-99 Streedghler 2
..... ......9-99 Formula One Champions
Formula One Team Manager.... Game* Machine
Genesla ... ..1999
...17-99 8«Se» .. Biodoot
Destiny . Bobs Bad Day
19*9 25-99 16-99 .1999 1*99 .19 99
Frontier (Elite 2 FieyotFurrtes .
...1*99 The Settlers . Undum
2 .. WWF2 Wrestlrg .....
......19-99 ......22-99 ......16-99
......9-99 Lords of Power Body Blows 1*1200).
Anniversary (1200) Morph (1200) ...... K* Nut* (1200) ... Mr Nutt (600) ...... NcOby the Aard.** .. One Step Beyond ..... On the Ball .. Oscar .... Oscar (A1200) ..... OuttoU Kh ...... Orerotue . Omtklll ... .15-99 Turrtcan 3 (A1200) ..... 16 99 Heroes Quest 2 Legacy..... 12-99 Impcesble MI»on (A600) ......22-99 . .9-99 impossible Mission (A1200)......22-99 .8-99 ..22-99 Soccer .16-99 19-99 int Edtlon Sensible Soccer ......12-99 19-99 Ishar
2 1999 16 99 Uhar 3 ... 19 99 Jack the Ripoer . XJ220 (1 Meg) Pond 3 ..... Pond 3 (A1200) 16-99 20-99 9 99 UFO (1200) ..22*
- 16*9 UMS Completion 27 9 - ...27*9 189
...21-99 War In the Gulf ...21* ¦ 21-99 .27
99 ...899 .19-99 .19-99 .15-99 .17-99 .16-99 .19 99 .22-99
.19-99 .2299 .22-99 Premier Manager ..... Premier Manager
2 .. Quadrel ..
Roadrash .. Silent Service 2 (1 Meg) Soccer
Kid Syndicate .. ...4-99
.10-49 .12-99 K240- Kkk Off 3 (1200) ... Kiigdom
. Kingdom of Germany King* Quest 6 King* Quest 6
Broach 3 .. Brutal Foolbal Dekne (1200)......17-99
Butca 'tr Sta ......16-99 Gimshlp (XL) Buittle
and Squeak .16-99 Cnmpagn2
..22-99 Hannibal Captive
2 .....19-99 Harpoon Cartoon Racor.
. Champ Managrr. End of Seawn .
Cham®- Manager Season Data Chuck Rock 2 ..*99 18-99 m lMagl 22-99 Club Football . Combat Air Patrol .
Creepers ...... Cyber Punks ..16-99 Cyberspace .22-99 Oalek Attack 30th Anmversary...15-99 Darkmere .....17-99 0 Day .22-99 16-99 19-99 22-99 10-99 19-99 16-99 16-99 19*9 DIRECT SPECIAL BARGAIN BOX Hues Brothers ..7 99 Pinball Fantasies ...9 » Chaos Engine ....9-99 Chaos Engine (1200) ....9-99 Curse of Enchanter 9-99 D Generation (bundle) ...7-99 Disc ...4-99 Federation ot Free Traders
...5-99 Jimmy Whites (bundle) ..7 -99 Legends ot Velour ..9 99 Lemmings 1 ......9-99 Lemmings 2 ....12-99 Lotus Trilogy .11-99 Mortal Kombat £19-99
T. F.X. £22-99 Ream of Darkness ...... Rings of
MedusB ..... Rise of the Rohots (A1200).
Rise at the Robots .... Robnsons Rcowcm ... Rigb, League ......16-99 werrbley Int Soccer (1200) ..... 1699 Rugfty league Coach .1699 Ryder cup (A1200) 1699 .1699 Seek and Destroy ...14 99 When 2 worlds W 19-99 Sensible Soccer ...1699 Wlrg Commander 1999 h Sword of Mender 18*9 wunui .....17-99 ...1699 VittKkJ .18-99 ...19-99 World Cup USA 94 18-99
- 16*9 Simon the Sorcerer (1200) .
L-SS ~™ . ...16-99 So** Hi* .... ...19 99 Soorts Top ten .. United SW Trek 25th Premier Championship...; .18-99 Mario is Missing ...19-99 Mean Arenas Microcosm ..19-99 Supremwy .... .....16-99 Super Longue Manager SUB ....
T. FXI1200) ..... .18-99 19-99 17-99 16-99 Tactical
Manager (England) .
A1®-®9 Tactical Menager (Italy) :.£2 w-u-w-w-**.
16*9 Terminator 2 . Theme Park .... 16*9 12*9 22*9 Total Carnage ... 18*9 Tracksi* Manager 94 699 Traps and Treasures .
15-99 22-99
19. 99 Turitcan 3 (A600) ..... 16-99 Twilight 2000 .....
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- ..... 19-99 UF0 ..... FREE
MAT * FREE * FREE EDUCATIONAL .16-99 Fun School 4 Over
7......1649 16-99 w "°"w" ......16" .....2S-9Q ADI French
(13-14) ......1699 J9*9 ADI Junior Costing (67)14-99 Megamaths
A Level......17-49 Merfin Maths (7-11)......1699 Micro
Enflteh .16-99 Micro French .21-99 MgMyMaa .19-99
Mott* ...... .1999 Mkrocwm Micro German .....1699 Mcro
Spanish .....1699 M*ro Maths ...16-99 Mcro Soence
.....16-99 Noddy's BigAdrtnture...l699 Paint & Create
.....18-99 Primary Maths (312yrs) 17-49 Spelling Fair
(7-131 .... 16-99 ITX ... Total
Carnage .. IrMal Pursuit ..
Trolls ... UFO ... Ultimate
Bod, 6to»« CUSTOMER NUMBER - PRICE Please supply me with the
following for Computer TITLES Please charge’my Awess VTsal‘To”
” ORDER FORM “ Chambers of Shaolin Chaos Engine ..... Chuck
Rock ... Dargcrous Streets... 16-99 (12-13) ......16-99
.MW ADI Maths (13-14) ......16-99
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(57) ......14-49 ¦jJ*J Fir School 3 (7+) ..14-49 ZZZZl*99
Fin School 4 1671 16-49 BEATEN!!! TRY (JS!!
ExpTry~Pate:| ji" I Please make cheques and P.Os. DIRECT SOFTWARE LTD.
EEC £2 00 per item, Non EEC £4-50 per item.
For customer peace ot mind, all parcels are sent by recorded dethery All items sub ect to availability.
AH prices subject to change without notice. EAOE.
Please allow tor cneoue clearance.
Some games may not be released at time ot going to press.
POSI CODE: CROTEAM Europe is developing games at an incredible rate, with new software houses appearing faster than rainbows on an oil slick. Tony Dillon takes a look at what Black Legend’s new arm in Croatia are up to.
There is a lot of raw programming talent around the world, but unfortunately in many countries the software market isn't developed enough, or the programmers themselves don’t have the access to the sales and marketing power needed to push their product.
Now software companies are waking up to this glut of programming talent. Black Legend is one such company and when they visited Croatia, they struck gold with a company called Croteam whom they have now signed up.
If you think back a couple of issues, you may remember that we ran a First Impression on a game called Embryo, from new signings Croteam. Here’s a quick taster of the games you can expect from this new name.
Another very early look, this time at a Dungeon Master style role playing game. With Doom causing such a stir on the PC market. Croteam have decided that the one thing the Amiga really needs is a lull screen 3D. First person perspective adventure game, so here it is. Don't get too excited, though as this isri t Doom on the Amiga As I ve said, this is a Diingeon Master style game, where the view Hips rather than scrolls between loca tions. There isn’t an awful lot of game in there yet. But rest assured that we will bring you a full preview as soon as possible The one thing that Croteam, and
just about everyone who has seen it is getting really excited about is the tentatively named Football Glory. At first glance, it looks like little more than Sensible Soccer, but to be honest, it even ends up better. Croteam have taken all the good points of Sensi - the view, the speed, the simple gameplay and advanced controls, and added all sorts of small touches and improvements. For example, when the players perform a sliding tackle, they dig up the pitch leaving a small brown stripe, which, just like Skidmarks stays on the pitch for the duration of the game.
After a while the grass gets into a right statel There are all sorts of other new touches currently being added, like the fact that the ball never moves of its own accord. If the ball is kicked out of play, a player will go and get it, rather than just appear on the touchline with it. Likewise with free kicks, the ball is kicked to the player taking the kick. A lot of time is also being spent on various animations for football trivia like streakers, men with stretchers and players running out onto the pitch with the FA Cup.
It looks great, and plays even better at the moment. We'll have a full review very soon!
Re you ever afraid to go sleep at night in case some evil being will appear and whisk you away to a horrible, pungent world full of the walking dead? Yes? Well leave this page now, and never look back because Empire's forthcoming RPG release, Dreamweb, is the stuff nightmares are made of. If, however, you are fan of great graphics, involving gameplay and raunchy adult entertainment, read on.
Set in b future world, the Dreamweb is the omnipotent power.
It’s a sort-of virtual world of dreams which is made up of the collective subconscious where good and evil battle it out to gain control of a dty.
However, evil is gaining the upper hand so the guardians of the web have summoned one person to break evil’s control and get good back on top again. You control the chosen person - Ryan- in his battle against the dark forces.
That, in a nutshell, is the plot.
Quite a simple one really, considering the complex nature of the game.
Your mission is to kill seven evil guardians in the correct order and free the Dreamweb. The Dreamweb’s keeper will tell you which guardian's number is up and you then have to use your own devices to track down him her and kill them.
Does this all sound simple? It isn't, as Dreamweb is a linear game, you must solve all the puzzles and collect the correct items in the right order, otherwise you cannot continue the game.
EHIND Sex and violence feature heavily in Empire’s new ‘ADULT ONLY’ adventure, and of course Lisa Collins just loves that sort of thing.
And Dave Dew (Graphics) based in Southampton. Although the company was formed just four years ago. They have already worked on a variety of games including Myth, Nemesis the Warlock and Slaine from 2000AD, plus Last Action Hero. They say that they have crafted Dreamweb in similar style to Bladerunner and Akira and have been developing Dreamweb for two years. So why has it taken so long?
This into the game. To our amazement nearly every puzzle we’ve come up with has slotted into out system with no changes needed. We had created, by trial and error, an extremely versatile adventure which could adapt to almost any storyline."
It has been two years well spent as the game looks superb. A lot of work has gone into the detail of each object in this immense game. All are clearly identifiable and no matter how many there are in a particular room, each object has large amounts of explanatory text. This is something that Creative Reality are quite pleased about: “The game revolves around intricate object manipulation.
We are proud of the fact that every object can be examined in minute detail - every pixel is detected perfectly. Objects can hold many other Well, programming any adventure is a mammoth task and Dreamweb hasn't been without teething problems. Neil Dodwell explains: ‘After the editor was written Dave began work on some sample graphics. After coding some of the game we discovered there were things we had forgotten or needed to change, so the editor was updated. This went on for some time and the whole thing was a logistical nightmare. Eventually, we decided, somewhat rashly, to stop what
we were doing, rethink it and start again. We re-wrote the adventure system from scratch and salvaged about five locations from our previous efforts. The result was basically the system we have today.
‘From then on our work involved the design and drawing of each room on the editor and then the programming of CU AMIGA WIP Louis'* not t m BAK DISTRIBUTION Telephone or Fax 0246 290X60 Accessories AMIGA POWER SUPPLY £27.50 Direct from manufacturer to British Standards Suitable for A500, A600, A1200 Printer cables £6.99 Blank Di&sAS" Mouse Mats £2.99 10 £4.00 Dust Covers £2.99 50 £19.50 and many more !!!
100 £35.00 pH a :r ~ clir- !* X *
• ‘ • ' 4 v '¦
• • smaller objects which can be
• ecursed. Every single object has a arge amount of of text to
describe it: even though there may be hundreds of items in a
single location."
GRAPHICS The graphics really are superb.
There are over 4,000 hand-drawn
• •ames of animation and a couple of scenes are so realistic
they’re actually disturbing. For example, there’s a scene
where one of the evil guardians - Diane Underwood - has naif
her body shot off and is crawling aong the floor begging to be
This scene looks extremely realistic - tt scary (not that I've ever seen any- »xng like it in real life!).
SEX AND VIOLENCE Now we get to the bit that you’ve seen all waiting for. Dreamweb is an adult adventure and there is a lot of violence in it. Well, the whole game is based around violence, really - your ultimate aim throughout the game is track people down and kill them. Now this is not all that unusual for a computer game, however, what some people might find disturbing are the lifelike elements involved in the act of killing someone. The characters seem real and there is one unsettling scene where one of your ’target’ pleads for his life before you gun him down in a pool of blood.
Re we have ll - Ihe famous picture of Crane (bottom) and his (censored) friend having a good
• of it Oh look! There's Ryan in Ihe top right corner, about to
end It all.
LbCOnOMr BEDROOM fr j--- ?1 i b ' I vi j. 118* ¦|-J * What about the sex then? The American version of the game covers the modesty of the characters. The English version, on the other hand, leaves nothing to the imagination.
However, as the sprites are quite small, it’s hard to tell which sex they are, let alone whether they have clothes on or not. An amusing sex scene is when Ryan has to kill a rock star called Crane. When Ryan enters Crane’s apartment, the rockstar is, er, well, coitus inflagrante with a groupie.
As Dreamweb is an overhead view, you have a bird's eye view of the couple's gyrations. Amusing stuff. What a pity you have to kill him.
If you have a strong stomach, then this game will be right up your street.
We’ll have a full review next issue.
For more information call Empire Software on 081 434 7337.
Public Domain 90p per disk or less Over 2000 titles in stock !!!
Stock Clearance Innocent Until Caught £14.00 Second Samurai £11.00 Zool 2 £8.00 Wonder Dog £4.00 Approximately 100 titles while stocks last !!!
Send 25p stamp, stating which computer, for FREE catalogue disk of software and accessories Post Packing 50p minimum or 10%of order value Send cheque postal order to -Bak Distribution, 120 Sheffield Road, Dronfield, Sheffield.S18 6GG Maverick MAIL ORDER INTO THE 21 ST CENTURY MANGA ti ALL MANGA VIDEOS AND MERCHANDISE IN STOCK MANGA • KISEKI • CRUSADER • ANIME PROJECTS • WESTERN CONNECTION TELEPHONE OR WRITE TO US FOR A FREE CATALOGUE IWAMEFaCK MAIL ORCS* LTD PO BOX 7, ROSS ON WYE, HEREFORDSHIRE. HR9 7YX TEL:0989 767655 FAX: 0989 768563 Life on Earth is one big adventure for Alan Dykes so
he seemed like the right person to explore a whole Universe.
Mwhen she finds out Core Design's Universe has made a thief and a liar out of me and. Worst of all, I m proud of it. Of course .adventure games have always encouragod this sort of thing, ngm from the very beginning of time • text quests told you you are on a dusty plain there is nothing *o see’ so you w.indered off nodi, east etc. ¦"I still told you ' ... you are on a c-sty plain there it nothing to see .
Finally, lingers worn to the bone and having knackered your N S. F W keys, lo and behold you ‘ are on a you slot© then* What sort of example is this lor the people young and old.
Of this country9 Anyway Mary Whitehouse mode over, it's time fo return to the present day andT mVorsrTwlvch in facf ir, graphics hand painted backdrop* and defac'd sprites - even on an A500. The bas»c scenario is bog standard, involving a youthful adven turer. Space decaying worlds and strange aliens but it s only while the game is unfolding that you discover transported info a parallel universe after messing around with an elec- ironic pod n his uncle s back yard examined sword and some ii.c , without so much as a b. isterord field with fhe primary e v getting back home aga shaped like a
hand with a pointing torefmger, however, when you select an Option, like Jump, this changes to a little jumping man with a pointer and so on. If you do something right the cursor changes to a thumbs up' sign, if you are not allowed fo do something you will get a thumbs down' sign. This range of hand signals was very useful and. Admittedly, could have been taken a lot further by a cheekier programmer.
INTERACTION There are plenty of characters, good and bad. Helpful and unhelpful to interact with. Boris will tell you whether you can or cannot speak to someone, and along the way you may find that some of the aliens look suspiciously familiar, especially the very helpful hermit-in-the-hut on the planel Jor-Slev a. And just in case you don't get the |0ke Bo's will jog your memory with statements like. ‘hey. Haven't I seen you somewhere before?” (in Star Wars etc).
As usual, proper interaction with characters will obtain valuable infor mation and objects to help you further your quest Ouite a lot of the time Boris speaks to aliens with pre determined statements and replies, although you are also given multiple choice answers. The multiple choice answers aren t terribly funny though, and so. Being a serious sort of chap I went for the most sensible answer each time. However, if you are well known as a frivolous japester make Tr»n*po n Vtmcl* PTV SERIES 7 NAV-COn ACTIVATE!, PLEASE SELECT FUNCTION Mauijate course descend TO planet Select Quadrant Ascend
from planet sure to save regularly: there is one particularty hairy moment towards the beginning of the game where a smart remark will get you blown out of space On the subject ot saving, if you read only one page of Universes manual let it be me one entitled Loading And Saving Your Game There are several sequences in Universe that suddenly become very desperate with the risk of certain death or capture by the imperial forces imminent, and. At that moment you find that the save option is either ot no use or unavailable. Top tip: reg ular trips to the save disk will relieve you of a lot of head
and heartache.
Once you ve picked up an object, or traded tor something, it gets placed in Boris cavernous inventory It you are the sort ol person who sends their character alt over the shop picking up everything n Sight it s worth mentioning that Boris can't put anything down unless he uses if. Thus, like your mum's
n. indbag, the inventory will qu ckly till up with rubbish. God I
was carrying so much useless junk around towards the end ol
the game You can combine objects in the inventory ARCADE
Gameplay it works surprisingly will.
All ol this arca*e-sf|4e action takes plica ¦kill (ontrtHUttf i personal transport vehicle or PTV - essentially a mini space ship nomcor. Control is by mouse and in one section oi the game you act ta lire missiles it Ihe enemy by pressing both mouse buttons simultaneously Each arcade sequence is short but good (tin and moderately dltticult. So be sure lo save belore you start I wooder how he can see without any eyes? Wait a nihuie, is he laujhan at
r. e? No nor* questions, THIS MEANS WAR!!
The arcade sequence* are realty good fun and provide a shori but uneipocled break from the standard adventure gameplay fear ol placing loo many tasks under a single heading, something to do with 'making things too easy', but it the game and storyline are in themselves complex and good enough then surely simplifying the controls could only add to the enjoyment.
Universe s hidden menu becomes available by clicking on the right mouse button, while selections are made by clicking on the left button.
There are seven main icons, the Wowing six ol which control direct, self explanatory actions: Pick Up.
Use. Look. Speak, Attack and Check Inventory. The seventh is an Options icon which contains another eight deverly hidden action buttons and a question mark on the lar right.
OeneaUutfiich lies the save,load game function, some copyright information and an Into requester that merely seems to repeat the introductory message from whatever section ot the game you are in.
The eight icons under the Options menu are: Insert Push Pull. Eat.
Wear Throw Combine Objects.
Open Obiects and Jump. Ol these.
Jump should m my opinion have Seen included in the nitial menu because you eno up using it quite a ot. The otnei frustrating problem I had concerned the distinction between Use tin the initial menu) and Insert tin the options menu).
Having a bank account and cash machine card, like most people in this country. I am used to inserting' it into machines to get money out In Universe you can opt to Insert, lor instance an 10 card into something, which would seem logical iand suits the description ol Insert the manual only to lind that it doesn t work!
In lact you have to Use the card with " e machine. One ol the few ''stances where Insert was any use was in prising off a panel with a well, that would be giving too much away My point is that they may as well have combined these two icons.
It wouldn t have made Universe much easier, just less frustrating.
Overall though, using Universe's menu is as easy as pie and almost as tasty In Universe, like other games in the genre, the mouse cursor is H*n4y *rist-conwter built into the *rn of your utility suit Tho Inventocy allows you to chock out any item in your possession as the game; (joes on) but It's still a good introduction not least because of the quality of the sound and graph tcs and the addition of arcade sequences It may not quite as visually stunning or superticially innovative ¦¦ lieneath A Steel Sky but it 18 a '.lonkinrjiy good sp.ice futureworld adventure. I would buy it CU CORE
a Access ccepted OR CALL: (0603) 6£ CHANGE, Unit D5, HI-TECH
House, two and a half years later, the mightiest military
force ever assembled for a single operation would do so. It
was called Operation Overlord, it happened in a place called
Normandy, and it was fuelled by millions of cans of Spam.
And that’s what this game is all about; you’ve got an entire Allied army with infantry, landing craft, artillery, tanks, and you can put them just about wherever you blummin’ well fancy!
“Who do you think you are kidding Mister Hitler?” sings Matt Broughton in his best Captain Mainwaring voice.
DEAD TREES Okay, first things first, let’s just take a quick wade through the ’impressive’ packaging that we’ve become accustomed to with strategy games such as D-Day... At the end of 1941, the Third Reich was at the peak of its powers. Hitler's greatest fear, though, was that a second front would be opened in Western Europe before he could completely subjugate the Russians. To prevent this he announced that he would be fortifying all 2,400 miles of the western coastline. And fortify he most certainly did, in fact we’re talking fortification on an almost fortificatious scale. (GET ON
WITH IT! - Ed).
Anyway, Hitler used slave labour consisting of conscript Frenchmen, and workers shipped in from every conquered nation to build pillboxes, guns of every size, millions of mines, and a stunning array of beach obstacles including small children, ice cream vans, and drawing pins (are you sure about that last one?- Ed.)
This Atlantic Wall presented defiance to any who might think to challenge the Reich from the sea, but We're not talking one manual, we're not talking two, we’re not even talking three manuals ladies and gentlemen - we are. In fact, looking at some four manuals, each between 44 and 57 pages each, covering Technical Supplement and Tutorial, Micro-Miniatures Battles, Campaigns, not to mention a paltry 49-pager giving a complete historical lesson on the real Operation Overlord. In fact, reading these manuals should be called Operation Overload - most potential D-Day players will feel as though
they’ve just re-sat their A levels!
Said manuals are actually very well written and quite interesting, but if you’re a lazy so-and-so like myself, never getting your hands dirty, or you can make use of the aforementioned Micro- Miniatures system, actually moving individual units around the battle zones and taking part in each battle. Should you choose to let the computer play the battles, you just watch while Captain Amiga calculates the losses based upon the available statistics.
The game is played in a number of turns, with you programming the moves and actions required, and then setting the game into action, sitting back and watching the outcome.
As is the norm in strategy games of the board' variety, each unit has a number of movement points, as well as a morale rating, which must be taken into consideration when issuing orders if you expect compliance.
Further difficulty levels within the game include such elements as commander personalities affecting whether your generals follow their own plans instead of yours, as well as turning supplies and certain information on or off.
The semi-window driven interface does its job quite nicely, and though not exactly offering the most attractive displays ever, certainly delivers the goods as far as statistical infor- there’s nothing more frustrating than coming out of a long battle, looking at the map and forgetting what strategy you were about to employ. Most of the play in D-Day is based around you making the best use of your given forces, and it doesn't take long to get the hang of things, but I can’t pretend I was ever on the edge of my seat.
So what can I say in summary?
Well, it’s very clever and no mistakin’, but whether it’ll have you up all hours imagining the sound of panzer tracks in the still night air, I don’t know.££ IMPRESSIONS £29.99 MOO 9 000. 9 000 9 Al200 9 A1000 Bt A7000 9 A3000 9 A4000 9 IMPRESSIONS SOFTWARE, INC. 222 THIRD STREET, SUITE 0234, CAMBRIDGE MA 02142. TEL: 071 351 2133 RELEASE DATE: OUT NOW GENRE: STRATEGY TEAM: IN HOUSE CONTROLS: MOUSE KEYBOARD NUMBER OF DISKS: 2 NUMBER Of PLAYERS: 1 HARD OISK INSTALLABLE: YES MEMORY: 1Mb GRAPHICS ????**????59% SOUND ?**..?????50% LASTABILITY ?......???69% PLAYABILITY ..??...???70% Not exactly
Virtual Reality, but pretty good tor _ strategy heads.
Capacity ......£2.99 1100 Cap Addup £8.99 | 100
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Please allow 6 working days for cheques to clear.
Aftertfte floods, lightning strikes and plagues of Populous, the wars of Powermonger and the flame-thrower carnage ol Syndicate, Bullfrog's latest creation might seem a bit tame.
Theme Park is very much a family game - it's not unkke Sim City, except that instead ol fire stations and star* urns you're building roller coasters and burger bars, and ticket prices replace taxes as a source ot income.
Violence doesn't seem to enter into it at all, unless you count people being sick, thugs who break into the park and beat up your entertainers and rides which explode, hurling the unfortunate customers into oibit. Still, what It lacks in violence it more than makes up for in the entertainment department. Theme Park is good fun. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise The game is based on a relatively simple idea: using money left to you by an eccentric aunt (which vanes from $ 50,000 to $ 150,000 according to the level ot difficulty) you have to build the ultimate theme park It isn't just a
case of slapping down roundabouts willy nilly - you also have to provide paths to walk on, food stands, gift shops and. Of course, toilets. You'll also need to employ people to take care of it. Mechanics are a necessity, if you fail to keep your attractions in good working order, they explode, rendenng both the ride and the ground it's built on unusable. Handymen are also a must, because without them your park will start to disappear beneath a sea of burger boxes, coke tins and vomit. And then you need a security guard or two to evict troublemakers from your park. Finally, the kids need to
be entertained, and who better to do this than a bunch of second-rate, out of work actors dressed in vahous animal costumes?
Amazing theme park simulator. Cal ‘the clown’ Jones overcomes motion sickness to take the ride of a lifetime.
LEVEL HEADED You can play the game on three different levels. The most basic, the sandbox game, is suitable for younger players and those who are new to the game and don't want to dive in at the deep end. At this level, all you have lo do is make sure that the money you spend on building rides and shops is balanced by the money you make from admission prices and shop goods. New attractions become available each year, and if you can afford to buy them, you can build them straight away.
The intermediate level is known as the sim game. You have to do everything you would in the sandbox game, but you also need to research almost everything which goes in the park because it doesn't just get handed to you automatically any more. This is where it starts to get tricky. Research costs a lot of money, (you can alter the amount from slightly pricey to horrendously expensive) and whilst it's tempting to get all the flashy rides as soon as possible, you could find yourself slipping heavily into the red it you spend too much.
Research money can be pumped into different areas. You can invent new rides or improve the ones you've already got. Develop new shops and sideshows, make the park a even nicer place by creating better toilets.
Plants and fountains, pump money into staff training or boost the size of the buses which bring the punters to the park.
It's up to you whether you concentrate your research money into one area or spread it across several, but don't lorget that the shiny new roller coaster you just built is of little consolation to the person who is forced to go to the toilet in a awtully cramped, dirty and smelly wooden outhouse.
In addition to research, you'll also have to negotiate pay nses and increases in the pnee ol stock for your shops. Every so often, the negotiation screen pops up. And you have to reach a deal with the union representative before the pile of biscuits in the centre of the table run out. You can raise and lower your otter, but it you fail to come to a compromise within the time allowed, bad things happen. It It's a pay dispute, all your stall will stage a mass walk out and it your rides go up in smoke, there's no-one there to fix them. If it's a goods negotiation, the company supplying the
goods will simply stop sending them And that's bad.
Now add a ride.
The bouncy castle Is cheap and fun.
And whilst it isn't very exciting, it’s a start.
Next, recruit some stilt. Mechanics are vital lor fixing rides, handymen keep the place clean and entertainers entertain.
Much money you have invested in research.
Because hungry punters who can't lind anything to eat will take the next bus home.
IT'S THE BUSINESS The hardest level is the business game, and this features all of the above and more besides On this level you have to order stocks for the shops in your park (and these always run out quickly), and you wtll also be able to make money buyrng and selling shares on the stock market.
Whichever level you choose to play at, there will be rival theme parks which are always trying to take away your customers, and on business level they can buy shares in your park or you could buy shares in theirs.
Theme Park has a lot going for it
- it s colourful, addictive and fun.
Unlike Sim City, you don't have to stop alter you've completed your park; instead you put it up for auction. Take the money and start up a new one somewhere else in the world. There are 22 different locations to conquer - Britain is the only one you can afford at the start of the game - and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The American parks are pretty straightforward because the weather is good and the population is rich, but try building one in Antarctica if you want a real challenge.
Mm 9 moo. 9 mm 9 Hint 9
MEMORY: 1Mb I haven't enjoyed a game this much for ages - in
fact, it has become something of an obsession with me.
Whether you're young and eager or old and jaded. Theme Park will keep you going into the wee small hours ot the morning. Buy it. 52* GRAPHICS ??????????•$ % SOUND ???????*??88% INSTABILITY ???????? ?95% PLAYABILITY ??????????95% Incredibly addictive - ¦ it'll keep you up , ELECTRONIC ARTS £34.99 all night.
OVERALL 93% «mi Kin a sol* it *»« I * * M0« (AOA) MEOABAU AMINET 3 CDROM J £19.99 or (J £29.99 for leyt copic.
Uifvrcthe lite-sic.'llcvtumof software from dir AimbcI »«irm. Oowl fn«n die maker* du urn. Boiler ih«- cm before Bay 10 copse* u Trade ptw*
• PV I--ORDER Vof 4 hrforr ill rclr-aae fee £16.99 chirjid on da.
Of release whKh « during Ixvi'Jan *4 95 Fonts & Clipart £19.99
The Professional CD How about coy ungh; tear we have ever
moOacedr on ow CD dials o»tt 4«» Adobe row I ftk. IM Coopurr
Gnfgra. I .NxfiTns: Tyre FcsMs. Pro*™ I*. Iff Mmn mi Colon
loro. Pro Pa*. II !'«. P c Seller II Imu. Abo
• onfield ne» of lie rx
- 1*19 (AGA) TO THE
* i in tv [uchrad hevam. l».t Ksnrc t |* “"e
- ctannm ml -i»--s,l .hi . 3820 DOG FIGHT swruu SPECTRUM Emulator
v2.0 H-etax, on die Amua Ben dns is be you Ssptifw on AIKOi and
A40XM 2i MIX.MX XSOI INI) 1™' .', 1 £34.99 jWhKSTo
V»Mrc*|AjIni'»4) J FRESHFfSFM (AMjMy 94) J FRESH FI SH5
(Auauil'Sept. 94) Nit. Amiable mm amsslA- (i.» sdiuu J
Vol 2 (OCT94) Liu fienas oils Cenam Fmtfidi ' Aon 1»C' TASK
v2.0 j*. New Price £34.99 IS' law' llal0Kt 0 in ¦•¦I ¦ mwiLi
Piu,iaass Transfer ol files. Rim 500 lu 40*. Ipk 2 Ames t tan)
dim*. Sspt t. CCA. EGA. VGA.
L . Soflvarr WITHOUT i Isas, the Weekhu.hv2.ac V821 SNOOPOOS OMMOIKIKK64 l :niiitutor (vJ.O) U T1000 full Regiiloed veewm *54.99 ? TJ000 (TIOCO*M.*lk.wad)fT9.9* a T4000 iTJCliU Mc|.kiHiuvf) £54.99 cmijslrr. 4n r aranNic. Inter. Haaarr file., mlisos.de unrraam if hhnra ‘t J » . VI2I3 PROGRAMMING sraK.!w3.rBK.S: BCVL4AML BGUI. Pawl aid oten 11 ? » a V121S THE AREXX GUIDE j “imi7a 'blam4er Bliu&aite. Las la dflieurt Hnfurs al re.li U * I VlJS' PANASONIC STUDIO Special mile. Pfetewerxe- ednra aiddnvct syuem Ins all FmaienK 9 A 2* im pnaam J A . V1223 CANON STUOIO 2 tuwn».|jr. J * . VI420
SK1NITUH CREATOR The Ittuse Sun run ud Con 4 Ann.
(realm You *ee a lekeueo of Wees ft* use J -’V VldiS'sANK MANAGER SSSaSSfflfS?2 lhlspfewti rrotesii nswiM* invar* Tckmil taho trow a. TekK.il. Vdnrni CrtfM.
Tnerim ijiks ¦ BUZZBAH ‘ . 3840 P VI424 PROQR. DESIGNER Vtsff GtmRSS" aMti rarnrwd by ran (die. -nr ir sirisss luuires IV i.sl dsk.
O. NAL DISKS . V027 CU TUTOR ill io aaJeesiaaf is use CT1A 'VI
• V933 •OCSE MATHS Tv“j* FRENCH TESTER ‘ ilaiy l(« peevk wti me
deenj (next TnmiaMfuiSw sis eisn»* J-trsn « l late srueMBin It
tosWssx orey (It* Ttrne Ink hp 1 umk to in.1 leevad aadtatwmia
• 'vmf COUNT & SPELL llru I nn v I (i aid I r rr-|x'll . V1381
s. Strang. A SotMien AMIGA PUNT IXI Suialanl bueaK.. letlet.
• sdei. Den. Nthrrpy.VciA nfeweiy V678 DRAW MAP -4 1 ntenrak weed
maptndeeaf vaes Jo2Mbl2l eolMbV2e.« V681 GAME TAMER -4.59
P&UWTi*"1 NraZipvl). Vs..hknth. HXMIK.1Z Rooeras nadias
yca.Rk hmdefaliK Jest J * . V841 MODULA-2 CnaialiH medda-2
lamiiin oss iw Anns.
J •. Vase music makers j* .vi£s Cageprocessr j * TvBM TROpE'cAD *1.38' alMhcnCnnrsAi AskdDndB. Nopal.
1* * V9B0 KICK *1.4 BIB dun fr.k yrvr AdtV. h» ee AGA to raa dl Hal etl -ll.sre thsl «.ti NOT naeraah met I air- den nisi KS I 1 J * . V983 MEGA CHEATS rt-Oo J * * VIOo'sTaQa') UTL* TV lira hsi.-t ef AGA iinir. Ix WII ¦ Omen J * . VI009 TURBO TEXT Vl.1 linllentttiaf Phxraxe Very ir»»e.iere J * . V1011 POOLS PREDCTION o’* • vioiV'pOST vi*B»,'"U At csedteet hn.r|( iHeeyeeki feed. Aeip h*. H» S|4»4de*u. S.1 VII02VT- “vImm g Ajwtf HAOtS' elkn sulketlen ol UUImrsA I Is. T VIO30 HARD DISK MSTALL
- nl io nsl.1 yeee Al»»IID den ye.
Is see ef fists whel van As Irek-d taf thei nisi Woettra* 10 (J) V1040 bBASEIII .1.4 VI043 SUPER DARK .2 04 s Halter It. »bee flat IreeaIta MAI” V1044 FANCY PRINTING («ll Uter.l 2 rsl Del fral. 'VI V1045 uDRAWvlJ) 'tiStfSSSSaSX plus IV rtfcial tie Am [a. At U' - *1095 THEO.
If yen taw inrshk- nn™ A1200 if MOCOOnWOi J * * V1104 COLOURED ICONS Tmsfer you fists ¦lorotutal -rd ferwaKd . s ol an v rli tus tauha* cf oullrn im J*. V1109 STAR VIEW Be wars aad atmru beet arr roa* oa fant.
J *. Vino forcAsterv2oib Is a Heese Rami feedklkn fmgram wfarll J * . V1114 MINT LABEL!
Dx-Duaril.Easckpe Prm s 1.2.Irlis Mdrr J * . VI119 POOLS WIZARD JNR J * ."vi 129'KbD DRAWF’TRIVIA
- '1'vYl M C WNR a'tE v1.2 A Vbegoul &» WiTMl me of Be« Mm rt
.sriusss. .nee re Unmsaees.« Memord J * * V1134 TOOLMANAOER
*2.1 tsslisies the atduy io a» nseene in yeur Tosds rseess nil
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Ilk lepair «me ulvair or urdekleua HUClset. U a fs»« dnw
rerniu LI * • V1137 (AOA) Utl! 4 Test BBIiat. Fleet AOA.
De fei.FoneVGLGB Ihunpe. Hslulje.
PPStew. Roal2«. VlewTet lie Vertail LI * * V1138 (AGA) UTL! 5 Deuader. Hr. Kay. AraiiiTeOeebk. C'art- Meadasr. Paine. Heeiefre. PueiTijtkm (J** V1139 (AGA) UTLl 8 AkftlPoh A»n Tifaer. BesidXVuK IweA 1I9G. NenPCT. K1SC4NTW. FnhTesrlu.
J*7 VI i*40 FORECAsf vl 3 152 QOLOEOv.a efile writ leess f (seal seaa naa Mn. F-xtfal k«ro seeeetflliesfis
* • V1164 (AGA) A1200 FIX DISK Car ram all aelal you araaitj
isrcJ foe (ellUg Aat » rraet on yuae near a 1200 veemaner.
J » . V1178 KS 3 EMULATOR nD Bit w , aasli Uksix sekelsis eUlt list.
Yia, can acfcci Kkkslae 1.1 U4(C6i Kktnan woport lu a aaacna BMVbenh eve J * • V1179 FILE-O-FAX LI *. V1184 AMIGA D4ARY b a aa.ua. On en Aaey eapaNeof uonrg all pmOB eiMii and n Be solum to tlrae S*ni!8«B,",‘ ¦ Eudkn (koealoe la daiahaw onsenn J * . V1196 DESKTOP VIDEO U a dtf v Hi nrttif tad ednif mi vry osi ltdeo reever ones LiteIkn leftaare LI * • VI200 MAGtC WORKBENCH VI239 (AQA) MAM ACTOR A Tulittr sue. Rwrtafs .ill rsmi . IH .tun V!*. IFF Aswsflruh PCX.
Frcei Hart did oe Nas n i. iHaw (2» VI231 HO SOUND UTLa is SisrdMa.-lier OuaJeaCmp A. X PRO V3.43 ,ZXx**IXricK LI « . V1247 TEXTURE MA in IJOeSXi Ipt» fiirmai Ice u« rcafaUx pngrunx tcelaeos Ibr Mneellamosis. Swne. W’oed eK ( J * . VI250 SOLDERING LI * . V1269 OCTAMED TUTOR A nrok ude hvailiBcbaissiiftlairieeVai max ruman. Fui (t-.MID 11 tteaOi J * . VI273 AMICDROM vl.7 ACTlli.i Aat fd.it lynem fee Be Amga It suiwms the ISO 9(60 itndard aid will csen *«» Iki «aad dUrelceKs on a 11 LI * * V1274 KNIT vl .01 Co.-enunll»». muUnnjtUHrri VIDIlt V1277 STAR STUDIO vim MaiiSiSIx IlKete auiaben. E.. A
tlx enl Bent ra.
J * . VI279 PRINT-A-CARO isrv lit isnUhraibis is »lr soflilir fie Issti Q* » VI280 DIVIDEND WINNER A PERM CHECK. I. a |x«sh [MkUew ad Is a fafxrta) fssdsdl daiMe. El lot in nwr fisraik dun -ifs sta am inn in year lap swsswwBias J * - V1303 SC ALA PICTURES Pklsaea ia?16i5M 16 sokair Renal Re J * . V1305 VIRUS WORKSHOP |rl 2» Was profatnl to pi id of dl the. Raw* J * • V1307 NETWORKING (3) Collars muses to Vly id M Nerentug yua Aid in Ur AmjaNIR. Dnee. PailViNet.
Also vssaiara sirleas ipWe dnvei a.1 In.
LI * * V1310 GuiOES Csmalaa AGAGU*. With pin nil Antfi GiSk UfeeTMixn ud Lbs Giadr s a Cue* as it. Ami. 1,lenses, fed alntsl ever llhiry Li * • V1311 CDROM Csmnns a S.k.r en re CD Km trUiM mite.
Win K,ml; , J * . VI354 FIVE STAR VI.0 A nswertul nnda-lkei usrt Im LOTTO.
RAX.S. SWIff. IlKlIT aid IK1RSI mo Q » • V1355 MPMASTER »I2 A .will Mini inrmi lu mKn s, Inara.'
U * » VI357 CIT1ZON MANAGER S«rrb [run ihil lore been Uilslcd t sue '.“vivSTloOUTOF 10MATHS I kilNl y-.nturianr. s|is,n It, iissUllu.
TPU Alice ir-u“ir, FJX * mv Dsxxv IlfaMDist. Itxvy.Radm lewry file wikh eitfiiaewd ud when am i ui|ro« sd file is real K will tr auanalKaly ilocrmrensd J - • VI160 WB 26 TUTORIAL Ifyniarer.*r,.iv ni|. W|1 IIH4I’ Ivu is a ke ewer e[eiatsi(sen* yoeitai so ffiyru «». Breilsli.n fie isAngs e W.settex* It osste 1ms nn inknwdiNe to IV iw J * • V1301 (AOA) 16-COL ICONS Dx-sc xoer. Were heauiNlly »a. Nhs Urge.
Vey. Aid I nun astl iha IV rojimV « ST cT vi'i*2 “cf M OOLBOX tesr ee all eN|» allV pens aad rsra Or JM It txffl.d ¦falHtm r~ry An . Es«l stsntl Use a (in' led m du u srnj mil LI * • VI383 A DAO ASSISTANT CHARGEN.UUIDfevlO a * . V1364 MAND2000D Is treaer to te mhn| l» ttan 9k tiaea ssoetaii. Uti yeas nate tlelHIn. «xni LI * * V1369CDTVd LAVERv2.31 A ntiary lie dl Owe «•(*.. *t» t Ur k pby AuSs-CD s .Ilk nihiadiifoa Bret lie."
J * . V1367 CHEQUE-44ATEI.10 J-*VlVl '(AQA) ASI FIX DISK II Ullllki In rev lam brW liesd Ann. No aid eh.k-.sm ctries. X l..,e » AGAFs.ca. fvevxVGA. K.tVGA, Ruaf-ix-. K.rd'AI. .1 I.SrrocnMkkftuamraadShseufs LI * » VI384 MOW TO CODE INC tulifB lia * f'Js.' Tr, l s'"'W- V* -u r. al!
Daalnluiliia. Buitlvnhsi.it. Dmite.
GadTufaBsa s IV*« Seaaw.
J • . VI3B7 PICK OF THE BUNCH A eofceian ef H wknl txdes Ira NaMNa.
J * . V1393 STEREOSCOPIC v2A is a sinpk paetagc dul allsra* ss, to setae
V. v mWr 'vI.. 1'rd" ra sTlI dudildrarnet vdfelf o4o J *
*’V*395* (AGlflJPM PICTURES Idfkue Sjasa. All iiurn at .VI
J * * V1401 (AGA) GRAPHICS »£VSSJK." 5ys virtOal everytlsar i«ed r,tial isofset I J * . 1081 ULT STAR TREK Tim is (Kfik) He nsM limsw ol IV sr: *io73,fl fSMnf lomAL4 j * • 1740 Scramble J 1977 ' POM POM GUNNER j’-Vzi'm" ou on'na2roj laiBtstsee s[.sidt: , ruin ii lloL«v| Tills II Be hew l»D at.vaiun nne [SOX' J * . 2220 STRATEGIC GAMES fiend Kome.l swdsnf Ilwis.ln tl.ir.hu, J * a 2221 MINO GAMES 21 J *r«22 2™ BLAOCJaCk' LAB Play all IV nvsA* .xsams of Nioi J * . 2278 CARD SHARP Vm .41 imeaied -Mrei ol id am eme J * . 2280 DIPLOMACY 2Mb) Sirsenv. Kmel. Be sod on Weed War J *•2411 TOTAL WAR ..
11., . I. I. r:. 11 s... ( i i ag a) Miss Ml MXMl
u. lv.iruclased uyuimdfienydi swra'SEyffssfi” Gabn GdaUaa. Uae
imwtn. Asiee.di Buis A Miidi Cnuud I* (law. -leoier J*s 2447
COINDROP ) frail tlselme simi V. . Aslli surf Ie nsxt.
J I - 2448 CRAZY SUE lT V 248o‘ FRLKt' Ua M
A. re ss pns K dr Aw4c matiiei J • . 2491 LEGEND 0* LOTHIAN
GOLDEN OLDIES 2 Ihm'hw BFW.UI I (I : aaaei ve re Rn d Inr. T
nt ’ DONKE Y KONG NEIGHBOURS aTr'tra fk co'ntr J * • 2988
BALoERS GROVE n koc Bssstkr dah asB a scks tin fflmS Oat j"“
1‘ 3M9 '"wrTERoic 'll vOB5 T*K Vsl .eisiiaa 4 AsUeoids I las.
Nee sea U iaj IdcAslei.ids dm Oil «Am yen J--3M0 TETRIS AGA)
* steAToeCiils ul setxlalte i|iee4a d[ewer |in sw.ows
• wT" 'rXaO To'hB.I (2Mb) 3370 DIQITIAl TETRIS MiV kmSoombm’v ar
a I k 4 [fayvt Rik type fame wilt 4 eokUtfUlumb. AaHlnmeitUlms
3*14 CONO 6 DOMINATION I * ? 3434 Mil MEN c l YMPICS I * • 343*
MOTOROLA INVAIOA is juar trvehee er-vlket AGA any laeye
mKTggRBSiiS , t •' i 3465' * RomSiUmT J * . ASSin SPORTS
CHALLE n PWKklKAL|vn paaK whxB mlsaka MhnMg sfdets; Swunnnp
Clay ng sh.r.ij (qsnaenasf Aachwey. Dn sntss.'Bsjiffwsa PRICES
ARE PER OISK PD & SHAREWARE The Diati cenulrnl rahsa Its. AJ.m
PuNk IvfMmo.Shu.wK.mkws.lKiw Your Name Euro vVsian A H inter.
DraO's ou to PD SOFT. CieBl Cards A iwlk* caids (inn istikT sra
awiub e 110,(01 oaa V usol OraiK. I ChesiUM Mot V Ivawi m a UK
Bar* (No ("ersea'i Penal Ordeeil Foe fan devyat.h Ivned fiaidi
orty ORDERING BY POST Pleaae net Be tra a. th. Kit rt Be d.«
mmhei wwb a Pen. Hi I i|hl.r or mi ouIiik the dirt ID ion wndd
lit. To cede.
Afy* srWsnei tie del. Niln.iuePlmnd deuili o. Be rule. Lorn pern idol CirT OUT or vrpy the aNeti A Prat n 1st the AdOeu dxr. E. Hard wrora ssnkra ur alto Address
14. 122) (Altai RniKfabn
im. 4u.fi £12*0.11
114. 40.11 116*0*11
122. 40*14)!
¦ IJ4M.24Sr I enclose chequei’PO (or please dtargc my card) for PBSOFT: llnB2,*-K Duibem F Nenlbend-O- S... F.SSEX. SSI Puzzle games might seem old hat to some people, but Tony Dillon sure was surprised when Millennium came out with the puzzler for the nineties.
To begin with, most ot the blocks are the same colour anyway, but then small blocks with wtngs start buzzing around the screen |ust to make things a little less easy.
CU AMIGA enough time to get the right colour before the blocks smash W into you. As the blocks fall at V varying speeds, there are times 1 when an avalanche is set off by a slow block being hit by a faster moving block above it. This is a game that gets very, very frantic.
The secret to any good puzzle game is the tactical element, and this is one thing that has been thought out very, very cleverly in Vital Light. There is a definite learning curve, which means that beginners will have no problem at all getting through the first 10 of the 80 levels in the game.
For the first couple of levels, the horizontal strips are never more than about six blocks long, and are mostly the same colour, so it's very easy to work out which is the best colour to use.
As the levels progress, the blocks become more and more mixed, until you have to almost completely paint a strip of a dozen or so blocks before they disappear.
LOOKS GREAT As I've already said, the presentation is phenomenal. There is a real shine game that don't have these days, from the glorious metallic backdrops to the silky smooth animation in the game. For example, on either side of the roller that your paint gun is mounted on.
There is a face, which blows or sucks depending on which direction you are moving. It’s a small thing, and it doesn’t add a lot to the game itself - in fact, when playing the game you probably wouldn't notice it. After all, it’s not as if you have time to admire the scenery!
Vital Light is a very unusual product, and although it seems to have borrowed bits and pieces from a lot of other games, it’s a very original game. Whether you like puzzle games or not, Vital Light is one game that will grip you and keep you playing for weeks.
If you were to take the best bits way. The end result is that you have from The Chaos Engine, Tetris lo control a small paint gun that con- and Space Invaders, and then tains five different coloured paints, 'Ynix them all together, what do you and destroy docks that are falling Ihink you would end up with? Not toward you by making them all the what you would expect really, as same colour. Incredibly simple, but 0HallLight quite clearly demon- then the best games usually are.
FaudkOn a very basic level, it's a ______ simple nuzzle game, but the presen- RAINT THE TOVvN taticn is po good that it rises far Your paint gun is on a roller at the abov he norm - so far in fact that I bottom of the screen, and horizontal One of the strangest aspects of the game has to be the mini soap opera that is played out between groups of levels. A small horizontal strip appears on screen, and lour very well animated faces appear and act out small scenes, which seem to have little or no relevance to the rest of the game. After level seven, lor example, you get to see two of the charac
ters have a bubble gum blowing competition while the other two place bets.
OK, so it has nothing to do with the game, but it adds a lot of character to an already enticing product.
Amftoite happy to state that it is strips of coloured blocks fall from the ’"we addiptive than Tetris. A bold top of the screen at varying speeds, MILLENNIUM, QUERN HOUSE, MILL COURT, GREAT SHELFORD, CAMBRIDGE CB2 5LD. TEL: 0223 844894 RELEASE DATE: OUT NOW GENRE: PUZZLE TEAM: EFFECTO CAOS CONTROLS: JOYSTICK NUMBER OF DISKS: 2 NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 HARD DISK INSTALLABLE. NO MEMORY: 1Mb GRAPHICS ..?..?•.??86% SOUND ?*?**??*??85% INSTABILITY ???????*??82% PLAYABILITY ??????- -??88% One of the best puzzle games to appear on .
The Amiga.
Statement? Well that’s just the kind of Holding down the fire button and guy I am. Pushing left or right changes the cur- Tha game doesn’t have a plot of rently-selected colour, and sorts ftjt don’t let that get in your sometimes you only just have Exclusive offer direct from complex computers buy GBRoutePlus for £49.95 and get GBRoutePlus Edit worth £29.95 absolutely FREE!
Award winning “best Amiga Utility” Route planner for the Amiga range of computers* Over 25 million possible routes Calculate fastest, shortest & cheapest routes Includes motorways, A roads and B roads Includes cities, towns and many villages 5 via options, 3 avoid places and avoid road Colour and Wirefrane map graphics Optional interlace display Supports colour and black and white printers Map scrolling and zooming facilities Motorway service stations included Road bias facility for six classes of road 10 Levels of magnification to a 1 mile scale Mileage scale bar National grid co-ordinates
Colour palette requester Arexx support - over 50 commands Vector mileage calculator 3D look user interface The possibilities are almost limitless and there are many examples of how the Editor can benefit you, for example it is possible to incorporate your home, workplace, company branches, friends and relatives homes, additional roads and places, tourist landmarks, hotels and public houses, holiday sites and of course future road changes Compatible with A500 A500+ A600 A1200 A1500 A3000 A4000 -1 Meg required To order or for information pack Please send me GBRoutePlus for my Amiga computer
together with GroutePlus edit at the special price of £49.95 Fully inclusive to :- NAME: ...... ADDRESS:...... POSTCODE:... CARD NO: EXPIRY DATE: SIGNED: ... Complex computers - 2 The Arcade.Waterfoot, Rossendale, Lancashire BB4 9AF. E70E We accept cheques, Visa & Access. Made payable to Complex Computers. 1st class post is free!
• DELIVERY •WINDOWS 3.1 Vi3 ¦ Aftynfere In toUK rranUfd Ii«
WOOcwt 3.1 driver mtn PnnWf KOI
• 2 YEAR WARRANTY • HELPLINE Itttoganiunottel Techiicduiwott
• PRINTER KIT W*h Cdnn XI irctrir pri rests Iron Si»:a COLOUR
• 24 pin ¦ 80 column
• 192cps Draft (I2cpi) 64cpsLQ(12cpi)
• 8K Printer Buffer
• 5 Fonts: 3 LQ. 2 Scalable
• Parallel Interface
• Graphics Resolution: 360x360dpi
• 2 Emulations: Epson & IBM
• Citizen Emulation Autoset Facility
• Quiet 48dB A)
• Built-in 50 Sheet Automatic Feeder
- Windows Driver 1
- Amiga Driver
• Optional Extras: 128KRAM ¦Colour Kit
- Tractor Feed
• FREE Silica Printer Kit
• ri'D stwtoAmltiPrtMH*M9tr 11 Mpfrj Ptrtllel PriMtr CtHt . Nm4.,
zee sums ol Commons Paper • S9 Cmwn traitor fnO - Mdms ItttH
KIT SOComwous tractor feel OIU lalrels VALUE RRP ._T £18900
PRINTER KIT,. £49.00 TOTAL VALUE: £238.00 SAVING: £111.19
SILICA PRICE: £126.81 OPTIONAL COLOUR KIT AW fu» cctoir lo your
prrtouts the easy W (ratal, cpienai ABC o*ukt_ INCLUDING VAT
Inkjet - 80 column I80cps Draft (10cpi) I20cps NLQ (10cpi) 50
Nozzle Head • Quiet 46dB(A) 50K Printer Buffer 1 x 1C Card Slot
for RAM. Emulation and Font Upgrades 3 Fonts Built-in Optional
HP Compatible Font Cards Parallel Interlace Graphics
• Citizen Swift 240 240C- 24 pin-80 column
• 300cps SD (I5cpi). 240 cps Draft. 80cps LQ
• 8k Printer Buffer - 40K maximum
• 9 LO Fonts * 2 Scalable Fonts(8-40pts)
• Font Cartridge Slot for plug In style'fonts
• Parallel Interface
• Graphics Resolution: 360 x360dpi
• Epson. IBM. NEC P20 & CEL Emulations
• Quarter Printing Facility
• Auto Set Facility Bi-directional Interface.
Auto Emulation Defection
• Ultra Quiet Mode- 43dB(A)
• Colour Printing Standard - Swift 240c.
Optional - Swift 240
Emulation .... Low Running Costs - Ink Cartridge Only
Can Be Replaced Auto Sheet Feeder (70 Sheets) Flexible Paper
Handling - Standard Paper. Envelopes & Overhead Transp.
Includes Windows 3.1 Driver 2 Year Warranty SWIFT 240 MONO SWIFT 240c COLOUR £16936: ; £199 INCLUDING VAT INCLUDING VAT INCLUDING VAT -i (PT' Be(c*e you ¦ *j lo buy your now pnreoi wc ni gnsl you think «ry 'Ce to bo Ike a lev. Months after you nave made your puthase. When
* x may requre artdtscnai peripherals and accessories
- -e® and advee And wil Ihe company ycubwylrcm :-rac you *'th
delate d new products’ Al Ska. We ensure mat yco nth nave
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our latest FR£E Montfuro and begn to ihe‘Ska SerwceV
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Street 0245 355511 CROYDON Dete-lwm • 11-31 Norm End 181-688
4455 GLASGOW DeWrltams • ist *»*«i 97 Ng eS-t*. 841-221 0088
GUILDFORD Dew-hi-s u =s*.i MlbfCO* 0483 301300 HULL Ctte-hams
0482 25151 IPSWICH Cece-tums at Wss1ga» 5reel 0473 221313
LONDON 52 TcfterWm Cam flca3 071 -580 4080 Deflethams twitoi
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THURROCK Company or
- --------- Poslcodo: 161 (Home):
- ..... Tel
(Work):-------------------- - ...- Which computer(s), it
any. Do you own?
Entirety of the game. Here you can plan your robberies, call any accomplices you may need to contact and, of course, stash the loot. On entering the room, however, you receive a phone call. A friend of a friend has a job for you, and wants to meet you in the pub across the road in fifteen minutes. You walk over and meet him, and he tells you about a kiosk he wants you to hit. That's it - you’re on your way!
Sound exciting? It really is that good, and it just gets better and better. The Clue is more than your average adventure game, taking a very interesting plot, and then spicing it up with loads I urglary is a very complicated I thing, far more so than you ' would expect. It isn’t just a case of smashing a window, running around turning furniture over and grabbing whatever you can. There’s a huge amount of planning involved, as I once discovered in a newsagent somewhere in Islington. Don’t worry, though, it was a long time ago. To give you some idea of how long ago it was, I had unbuttoned
the middle fastener on my duffle coat, and was using the opening to stuff as many rubber dinosaurs inside as possible.
Needless to say I was deservedly caught the moment I tried to leave, but that's another story altogether.
POOR SKILLS In In The Clue, you are a poor traveller with certain skills, who has managed to find their way to London in the 1950s. You already know that one of i the best ways to get rich quick is
• v through crime, and London of the 50s is a good a place as any
Bni to start indulging in a little bur- Hf~ glary. From thi§
modest starting point you have to collect your fortune, from
ripping off small corner shops and newspaper kiosks to robbing
the Bank ' r ' of England, the grave of Karl j Marx and
eventually going The only way to travel is by cab and you ve
got a tree pass of humour and some real intensity.
After spending a couple of days staking out an old people's home, another couple of days finding the right group of people to join you, and then another day working out the plan itself, right down to who is in what position at any given moment, you end up on the edge of your seat watching the robbery unfold, and then fall off your seat as you watch the Sim Crime hits the Amiga and political correctness is thrown out the window. ‘Ronnie’ Dillon learns that crime doesn’t pay, even if you are wearing a duffel coat.
Are told that you are the one millionth customer of the company, and are issued with a pass for free cab journeys for a whole year. Then you are dumped in Holland Street and lei to your own devices. On the corner stands a strange looking South American, smoking a cigarette and looking your way. You walk over and talk to him, and find out that his speciality is as a lookout man, and should you ever have any work to push his way, he's happy to accept. With your head spinning, you walk into a local bar, where you find three more unusual types, including an attractive young housewife who is
bored with her humdrum life, fancies something a little more exciting, and has a better than average knowledge of cars. You've done it, you’ve already been introduced to the fringes of the London criminal underworld.
Popping across the road, you book into the Ugley Dog Hotel. Realising you have no money, you give a take address at reception, and are shown to your room, which you know is to Be your base ot operations tor the that might seem a little adventurous for an inexperienced thief with no money and no possessions, but then aren't challenges the things that games are made of?
So you start in Victoria Station, with only a little cash and no idea where to go. On entering a cab, you AMIGA II SCREEN STAR for the big one - the Crown Jewels themselves. OK, so GAME REVIEW pflRKER police investigation into the robbery, where you find out just how careless you may have been in any of the planning stages.
PLAYABLE GAME REVIEW CU AMIGA It's a very easy game to play, as you will have found out if you've played our exclusive coverdisk this issue. A row of commands at Ihe bottom of the screen show you exactly what you can do at any given time, and an interactive and dynamic database shows you everything you’ve seen and heard so far. Although you start with nothing, in no time at all you have a wealth of information to work with, from building layouts and notes on the times when the police are likely to be around to full character profiles and access to the personal thoughts of the character you
are playing The game looks fantastic, as you can see from these screenshots.
Coming from Austria, the game doesn't paint an accurate picture ol London, but more a stylised image, which fits the rest of the game perfectly. That said, you will still recognise most of the major landmarks enough for their to be a real atmosphere to the game, and that’s what will really keep you playing.
In a way, The Clue is a simulation of being a master criminal. I know that sounds like a strange idea, but it’s one that is so original that you just can’t help getting sucked into the game. As an adventure, it throws a lot more at you than just mere puzzle solving. It can all seem a little daunting at first, but once you leam the game systems, it becomes an extremely involving and enjoyable experience.
NEO UK £25.99
* 500 rA *500. RA *600 rA *1000 7A
* 1500 SI 12000 SI *3000 SI *1000 SI NE0 UK. FULLING MILL BARN,
??????????77% LASTABILITY ??????????85% PLAYABILITY
??????????8*% One of the most unusual and original I games
released. W OVERALL 86% !S©CCER E PERT Football Forecast
Generator The New Version This outstanding football result
predictor program gives you the intelligent way to win -
predictions are generated from user entered values.
The stored information of the software can be combined with additional team and fixture information from your own sources (e.g. newspapers, tips, latest results etc..) to give you maximum flexibility.
You decide how the predictions are calculated by applying your own choice of 'weights’ (e.g. Home advantage, Current form etc..). [g SOPHISTICATED, COMPREHENSIVE FEATURES $ THE INTELLIGENT PREDICTION SYSTEM 0 FOR FIXED ODDS & POOLS 0 LEAGUE TABLES & STATISTICS .
K) PRINTING OPTION INCLUDED " used Ihe program for Ihe first
time on Saturday. I put tour lines on a fixed-odds coupon, all
predictions taken directly from the program. The success rate
was as follows; 9 correct out of 15 (60%) 7 correct out of 10
(70%) 3 correct out of 4 (75%) 7 correct out of 7 (100%) You
have one very satisfied customer-looking forward to next
season I"
M. O Brian. Linlithgow. Edinborough.
$ 3 ",Simply the most comprehensive and easiest to use.
Delighted to receive it within days of sending my order!"
G J. Kendrick. Leicester.
"Seven out of ten results predicted correctly. One of the most accurate prediction programs around. Using a complicated system of weights and measures, It takes the current performances of all the teams in all the leagues to predict the likely outcome of a match. A Class Product. ’’ CU Amiga Accuracy Test - March 1994 A NOT* FROM VOITHIA Ploaso nolo that no predicton program a guaranteed to mako you money. The Soccer Expert is designed to interact *'th and enhance your own knowledge of the £32-95 inc. p&p [ y [ OITHIfl Rush me a copy ot The Soccer Expert 94 95’ at the price of £32.95 A.S.A.P
Price includes postage, packaging, disk and instructions. (August Release.)
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Quality Independent Retailers Nationwide.
GAME REVIE SCREEN STAR . IE MANAGER It’s interesting to note that with the recent flood of soccer games, there haven’t really been that many managerial games. Tony Dillon wears an anorak and sits in a dugout, but he doesn’t like to talk about it.
Football, football, football. That's all I've heard about for the last couple of months, what with the world cup and all. However, this was one game that I had waited a long :me to see and I wasn't disappointed.
Club Soccer - The Manager is a eague soccer management game where you, as always, have to a take a fourth division team, train them up, mprove them beyond recognition and hopefully find your way to the top of the tree as quickly as possible. But there is one big difference: you are playing this game purely for your own benefit as a manager, and not for any one team. The idea is to leap from contract to contract, taking huge pay increases and gaining all the recognition you can from both i Football Association and the fans them- . Selves. But before I any of that can hap- 1 pen, you have to '
sfart with the basics.
BUS You begin the game at age j 35, with a set retirement 1 age of 65. Giving you thirty years to make the most of yourself.
You are offered a small number of contracts, and from here have to choose the team that are going to send you on your way to stardom.
None of the teams are particularly good, although you might find one or two decent players in there, and of course you don't have all the money in the world to spend on brand new, star strikers, so you really are up against it.
Most management games have the same options, so there's no surprises here. You can buy and sell players, improve the grounds, train up people, hire and fire scouts and coaches, play friendlies and cup matches and all the other things a manager does. The other area that this game differs from the rest though is in its use of tactics and the strong use of characters within the game.
Let's look at tactics first. Before each match you have to decide on your squad and the way they are going to play within the match. Squad selection is fairly standard, each player is called up on screen with all their statistics (ie passing, shooting skills etc). If you like the look of them, you drop them into place. Then you are shown a diagram of the pitch with your players in place, and a red box around each player showing their 'footprint' - the area of the pitch they operate in. By clicking on the player’s icons, you can move them around the pitch and create your own formations, and by
moving the boundaries of their footprint, you can tell them where to move around. You need to be careful when setting the range, however, as giving them too large an area will wear them out, whereas giving them areas which are too small will leave huge holes in your defence.
LOOK AND LEARN Another side of the game that has been very well thought out indeed is the interaction between players and other members of the team. Take the coaches for example. When signing up a coach, you are shown the statistics that give you his range of talents - whether his speciality lies in stamina or shooting, that sort of thing. What it doesn't tell you is how good he is at teaching that information, or how effective he will be in training, in much the same way as you have no way of telling how intelligent your players are, or if they will soak up any of the information. The
only way you can tell whether a player is really talented is by watching his performance over a series of games as he builds up his character. With this system, designer Keith Wadhams has managed to create ‘intelligent’ players - the people whose physical statistics might not be all that great, but who are sponges for information, and can therefore play their abilities far better than someone who might be a fantastic striker, but only shoots when they are in the penalty area.
There’s a fair bit in Club Soccer that's been seen before, but then that's a common problem with soccer management games. However, there are enough new ideas to make it seem fresh and interesting, and the detailed tactics system get you a lot more involved in the match side of the game than most games, and that has to be the biggest selling point of them all. Club Soccer took over a year to design, and it really shows.rTtf Last issue we introduced you to a true superstar, with more marketing behind him than Levi’s.
Tony Dillon is fairly famous, so who better to play with Millennium’s Pinkie?
You down in your tracks. Most of the monsters such as the Trumpet Monster - which is a strange dumpy thing, not completely dissimilar to an onion, with a trumpet hom sticking from the top of its body - are shortsighted or stupid, because they tend If you look at some of the most successful games of all time, a lot of their prosperity can only be attributed to their star character.
Would Nintendo have made such a name for themselves were it not for the charm of a certain short Italian plumber? Would Gremlin have led the CD32 market if their Space Ninja from the N’th Dimension hadn't been quite as zippy. Millennium themselves know the value of a good character, as their James Pond series of games has quite clearly proved. This should give some indication to the point behind Pinkie - the short pathetic alien with a big heart who could prove to be the cutest sprite ever to emerge from a copy of Deluxe Paint IV.
CHARGE CARD Pinkie is a sweet little alien who has been charged by his king to travel around the galaxy, righting wrongs as he goes and collecting intergalactic space chickens, as yet unhatched, along the way. This unusual plot leads into an interesting blend of puzzle and platform games, which might seem a little too sweet and cuddly for most older readers, but the younger contingent will doubtlessly be hooked.
Looking at the screenshots dotted around this page, you could be mistaken for thinking that Pinkie was just another platform game. What a still screenshot, or even a short demo can’t show you is the overall puzzle element of the game. As I’ve already said, the aim for each level is to collect the eggs that are placed around. There are three on each level, but you can usually get away with only collecting two of them, although as the game goes on you will be called upon to collect more and more. The eggs are placed in the strangest of positions, and most of the problems posed by the game are
based around actually finding your way to the eggs and then finding your way back to the Pinkie pod.
The levels are absolutely huge, and you are often called to trek all the way around them to pick up the final egg. If that wasn't enough, there are more than enough nasties crawling around the worlds to really slow GAME REVIEW CU AMIGA LOW FAT SPREAD Like James Pond 3 and Super Mario Worlds belore, the lour worlds ol Pinkie all contain a dynamic map. That grows as you progress through Ihe game. At the start ol each level, all you can see is the entrance to the shop and the path to the lirst level. 5 _ When you complete ' the first level and return to the map. Up to Ihree other levels will
appear, with the paths lo them unveiling themselves in an explosive. • This continues all Ihe way * through the world until you ™jl lind your way back to the end-ol-level guardian himsell.
Also like James Pond 3, there are many dillerent ways to work your way through a level, so if you come across a screen you jusl can t seem to get through, then there is always another way around.
Juit what you need to get you to the harder to reach parts or «c see It inlhe middle ot an t8tt lump.
To meander around following their own paths and generally leaving you alone. Some are far more malign, however, such as the faces that peer from the walls in the Alien World, which suddenly leap out at Pinkie and chase him all over the level until you manage to lose them. Let's face it. Pinkie's got it all against him.
USELESS THING The strangest thing, however, is the tact that Pinkie is almost completely defenceless. He doesn't carry any weapons, can't move particularly fast, is very easily hurt and tires very quickly (something you'll spot if you run him for more than a few seconds, and wafch him pant heavily afterward). In fact, when a writer from sister magazine NMS, who just happened to be walking by while I was playing the game, spotted Pinkie being chased by a small blob of green jelly, all he could say was:
• That's the most pathetic superhero I have ever seen."
A single screenshot can t show you the size ol the end*oMevcl guardians. This one is actually about six screens high and another lour screens wide!
But you see, the whole attraction of Pinkie as a character is that he is so very, very vulnerable. You don't want to send him into battle. You want to take him home and cuddle him to sleep. According to Millennium’s PR guy Keith Smith, that is. In a way he has a point, Pinkie is very sweet, and to watch him racing off with grim determination, or the pleased look on his face when he chucks an egg into the Pinkie pod is hilarious to watch.
But what is this Pinkie Pod I keep talking about? Do you really want to know? Well, the Pinkie Pod is the strange contraption that Pinkie travels around in most of the time. He can drive around in it at high speed, elevate the passenger bit to enormous heights, a la James Pond in Robocod, pressing the fire button makes a fist shoot from the front of the pod and he can also use it to keep his eggs in. It grows flippers if it’s underwater and is completely invincible. It surely has to be one of the most versatile vehicles ever seen in a computer game, but then when you see all the puzzles
you come up against in the ' game, then you’ll understand why it needs to be.
Pinkie is a marvellous looking game. Just these screenshots should be enough to make you go 'Aaah!', and you haven't seen him move yet! A long time | and a lot of effort has been spent on creating the ultimate lovable cartoon character, and I really think that Millennium might have pulled it off. Some people might find the amount of cuteness rather sickening, but the little guy is perfect for the age range that he's being pitched at (and not a year older!).
On the sonic front, things couldn't be more different Take a cute game, and what do you think you should add to it in the way of sound? How about a thumping techno track from Station 2 Station. OK, so the idea might not fit particularly comfortably, but when you put it all together, it works!
Pinkie is a very young game, and anyone over the age of about fifteen will probably get very bored with it quite quickly. Platform game fanatics will find it too slow to be fully enjoyable, and would be better spending their money on something like Pond
3. It isn't a bad game at all, and in places it is extremely
original, but the young age range limits the overall tappeal.
For kids, f Pinkie is a great game. Older readers |might want
to look , elsewhere. 'Z MILLENNIUM £25.99 MILLENNIUM
TEL: 0223 844894 RELEASE DATE: OUT NOW GENRE: PLATFORM TEAM: DDS CONTROLS: JOYSTICK NUMBER OF DISKS: 3 NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 HARD DISK INSTALLABLE: NO MEMORY: 1Mb GRAPHICS ??????**??87% SOUND ??????????84% INSTABILITY ??????????72% PLAYABILITY ??????-' ??80% t A fun and original game, but too limited.
Nintendo Magazine System: everything you need t know about SNES, NES, Gameboy and more.
’ Figures based on October '93 - March '94 issues.
V y % The Adobe Type 1 Outline Fonts (Code Prefix = AD) These fonts are the standard Adobe type 1. The binary1 (.pfb) and metric (.afm files are included. These fonts are for use with Final Copy lib, Pagcslreant v2.l or belter.
There are probably more programs that will uw Outline fonts please check your programs instructions carefully. Should the need arise we will do our best to provide other formats to suit the needs of the Amiga community Computer Graphic Fonts (Code Prefix * CG) The fonts on these disks are compatible with Profevsional Page V3.0. Page Setter V3.0. Workbench V2.0 and Workbench V3.0 machines with a hard dnve or a cut-down workbench. Scala etc. There will he more programs that can use Computer Graphic Fonts.
Professional Fonts u wish lo order Iany amount of disks or a CDROM) simply write to one of the dealers below or place a credit card order lor fax) order I'lease note only dealers with the credit card signs will accept a credit card order For trade and dealer enquiries contact PDSOFT Postage and Pocking add 50p to floppy disk orders what ever the amount of disks and £1.00 for a CDROM order Disk Number Ot I Disk Number 02 ASLSE kMHI flDKD rvuairiii k.
JfflUlE AntiqurtHw fMtjisco to MoldtaSotMtJPI Acro-;. : ucarla: A ¦UAXB MffMmlr BuLmiiltBold In’ 'iBatastriSajiiui taguiilW EtqaMnK ¦MM lata ft)"!
BIAP65 Brill oroCold IMWhlUl llimM tfflli: MtaiM OS imi iHUUMGNIttiliiOnp OvfliiilmCliifiiiBoIJthiievhff’l
v. -tvetffl* CliTisn UUSitanbaa' VuiU.1 Iffltoal'larfin
CMMBuaUlICaiieilu 55T755W5CI _atic*« MvbuLCaM IS ItatHil'N ’
tuuw A Vlo £ .gai cwsmmtt Eneftr £riiBc*J [’tjp. Isii Wbdi
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Frutigerf ifNof nai LIU LU y frutvfotOMM hssftO&bN
FrutnerbtBoid !osp*CtCbfcnwl FUNNIES FucnNct'! FujionBold
Futuro WMS&mM UwrertfF flU In.nO.J ill UXWTtjX-IP. S-KiT hdWti
• iron van Hn ta tMafanria IDI|bCibs H:«u* HunwB9T ueuibii
UMXUM UrifcloU Lutidltolduuitu Prices £2.49....Per Disk 10
disks....£19.99 33 disks....£39.99 CDROM....£19.99 Disk Number
30 I Disk Number 31 ccctx rrmjv.Viafii (hills IbMMMuiII:'
TWMlll W 'mi lo'fli tetjrai W0tlmttc6f.L tm Oturfr HHIh fr-
Mai UlCH flCW
• ofcW Urn** FfantniMi taftnWiwlScreen ’iiirPNl FiljBill
PgtoSenijaipt hsVnUi WdlM - .
The Professional CDROM £19.99 TitleBold rutuw., nMijtlWiliNllolts |ril (Etude T«k :a!- utaiou UTHOttOH UcUitaUAiic 1IT" LkmUIoUuuUiLtu WiM HH5W1 nst:7 hntip Frnti|iElittloll lw«S,r8nwv,'ihWitU| QuPri QunmloM hwR IraitobftfelhWait mm mm 03 Memory fflajuka te.«o«yWi p lNtue1 is»n MtkU UiUUUUW «UM* kprin IfMuk Santa mu’1 Solit aw itnsoiin niaMNehii Miradi''iinriMcc&rt
• mpiuusmtlite&m UM NntoU W jtrMo 75 1 et ITGra Ueurf Disk
Number 21 Disk Number 22 .VaSmmt irSnBnsni Man taiWKUXliitaHw
MiaMOTVW wmi WvMelUfi, -| to&j&MOtknKSteail OffiwilMOliM
larSjttt- Vflrtl
• mm tkBuSmim SoAnMiSwihmBollMic nana:**** kria aun* Stnuuu
- ~~CiCj--.n t?.cngmasBdl_ SIBOLta i itaSjo™!
SpaSiiiaik-tEETnii.i CARAIKtS W'c liUjii kfli m kptMN IldS fea?lcp WuhDhb In-.VrrilTaMU Yearbook V'mrbookboJd hiJic hM uwim 2 IttfOktfJ If you have access lo a CDROM then order Ihe Professional CDROM Volume I By PDSOFT. 11 contains all of the fonts below in both Adobe and Computer Graphic formats. Ii also contains Ihe following professional related files: FONTS Over 6,000 Files (320Mb of software) ADOBE TYPE I FONTS Over 2 Ml Files (43Mb of software) AH ready to use from the CDROM COMPUTER GRAPHIC FONTS Over 188 Files (64Mb of software) Lha and DMS formats TRUETYPE FONTS Over 1361 Files (75Mb
of software) AH ready lo use from Ihe CDROM CLIPART Over 8,300 Files (162Mb of software) PCX FORMAT Over 5073 Files (72Mb of software) AH ready lo use from Ihe CDROM GIF FORMAT Over 284 . Files (40Mb of software) All ready lo use from Ihe CDROM EPS FORMAT Over 1,000 Files (41Mb of soflware)AII ready lo use from the CDROM TIFF FORMAT Over 2379 Files (38Mb of software) AH ready lo use from Ihe CDROM There is also a large selection of Professional Draw fonts. ProPage II Professional Page II Fonts, IFF Colour fonts, IFF Mono Fonts and all our colour Fletcher Colour Mono Fonts (Very large fonts
used for video production work etc). Also contains all our large 27 disk Adobe and Computer Graphic font se! From 1993. This CDROM will work on IBM and Amiga machines and is in standard ISO9660 format. Thes also some extra Compugraphic clip art. This CDROM contains Ihe entire PDSOFT Font colection of software. Over 610Mb of software for the Commodore Amiga and IBM computers. - Over 15,000files including tools for Ihe Amiga (and PC) like Lha. DMS, Twin etc. Pay by Credit Cards, VISA, MASTERCARD, DELTA, SWITCH, Cheque and Postal Orders.
PDSOFT 17 BIT VIRUS FREE PD 1 Rrvant Avenue Southend-on-sea ESSEX, SSI 2YD Tel (0702) 466933 Fax(0702)617123 2 8 Market Street Wakefield. W. Yorks, WF1 1DH Tel (0924) 366982 Fax (0924)200943 138-139 Victoria Rd Swindon. Wilts SNI3BU Tel (0793) 432176 Fax (0793 ) 514187 NEW Cds £19.99 Aminet III LSD Tools Assassin Games 1-200 Multimedia Toolkit 2 Amos PD Library VOU CAIU TELL A REAL .QDIPIPOGG'TnilK H3V Dfin: MOUSE MAT.
LEEDS UNITED For just £6.99 there's a brand new way to show how much you support your team.
Mouse mats Choose from our selection of today's top premiership clubs.
Each mat is specially designed with your club's name and crest on a non-slip surface that's bonded to heavy duty black sponge rubber.
Most importantly your club's badge is sealed beneath our tough polycarbonate coating so it won't mark, scratch or fade and wipes clean at the touch of a cloth.
In fact it will last a lifetime, just like your support.
"Footie Mats". Only from The Logic Shop.
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GAME REVIEW CHAOS With a blinding flash, Mr Ocean’s magic wand comes down and the once wild Kid Vicious suddenly becomes ... Kid Chaos!
Saviour of the Amiga platformer! Andy Nuttall follows his story ... a So Sonic can't be done on the Amiga, eh? Since Sonic appeared on the Mega Drive it's been the bone ot contention tor Amiga Kids, jeered at in school playgrounds by smog Mega Drive-owning peers And seemingly every time an Amiga is mentioned in a Mega Drive magazine it's described as an older person s' machine, with a great line in RPGs and tlight sims, but no great shaKes In the platform stakes.
THE PLOT Kid Chaos, Irom Lotus creators Magnetic Fields, wields a pretty hefty dub In the direction of these doubters Technically superior to any other platform game Isonic indudedl Kid combines fast, smooth scrdling, an incredible number of parallax lay ers. And colours and sounds so vibrant it makes you wonder what the hell the other platform creators have been doing for the last few years.
Like all good arcade games there is a plot, or at least some cobbled together guff which passes for one ft seems that a young, carefree, happy- go-lucky caveman was out hunting dinosaurs when POW! A pair ot crazy scientists (from the future, naturally! Whip him, and his dub. To a modern-day garden suburb .
Quite why they H did this is if unknown and.
Quite frankly, as immaterial as the whole story, but it's made even more confusing by the additional wardrobe of trousers, tacket and trainers that accompanied the quantum leap through time.
Kid, still armed with his dinosaur- braining club, sets out to find the time machine which could return him to his prehistoric home and. Along the way. Colled enough energy to actu- ally power the thing. Sadly, the energy in this case is stored in various disguises: flowers, stone monuments and lamp shades, to name but three, which must be destroyed in order to gather their eledrical content. There's a certain amount which must be collected in each level before moving on to the next, so it's not just a case ot racing through to the finishing post you have to work to make that exit door
Okay, so the sto- ryline stinks "A I That established, we can now concentrate on the game which is.
Thankfully, much better. Five worlds lie between Kid and his goal: Secret Garden, Toxic Wasteland, Toy Factory, Techno Fortress and Ruined City. In terms of running, jumping, bashing and colleding they're very similar, but each world is both different and remarkable in its graphical style. The Secret Garden, for example. Is packed with colourful flowers, beautiful greenery and wildlife, but no concession has been made to the fast pace and smoothness of the game. Not since Thalion's bonheart have we been treated to so many layers ot parallax, but that game was pedestrian in comparison
when the Kid gets going he really moves From the beginning it's clear that Kid Chaos has been written with the player in mind The controls can be changed, a throwback from the old Commodore 64 and Spectrum games which is all too often lost on the Amiga. Now you can either push the button or move the joystick up to jump, both of which suit different people and if you're controlling it with a toypad (CD32. For example) up to jump' strikes dread into the heart of players who. Like me. Put playability above everything else But Magnetic Fields are veterans now. Having produced some of the better
games in recent times: KickStart on the C64.
Super Sprint on the ST and. More recently, the Lotus Turbo trilogy for Gremlin. So perhaps they should know best. - « When you complete a level you're given a complete run-down of your achievements. The amount ol energy SECRET GARDEN Breakouts the theme in the Garden. Using your club instead ol a bat, you can scoop up the three balls and whack them up at the bricks to knock them out.
AlikJ Back in Ihe days ol Space Invaders. Breakout and all the ether early Eighties' coin-ops, Magnetic Fields were already formulating plans to include them in a game they'd be producing in ten years' time ... probably.
TOXIC WASTELAND Er... notquiteacoin-op,bula shool 'em up nonetheless. As the rocks tall, shoot them, and destroy all the barrels of toxic waste as well but they speed up, so watch out.
TOY FACTORY Shoot a teddy, and a duck replaces it. Shoot the duck, and the teddy reappears. So, the aim is to kill all the teddies (shame), and leave the ducks well alone.
TECHNO FORTRESS Space Invaders, Chaos-style.
We re talking real arcade stuff here, and it’s even got all the sound effects and everything!
RUINED CITY Just like Toxic Wasteland, this isn't based on a coin-op either. Never mind, shoot the pillars and posts until they crumble and tall.
Collected and baddies clubbed are highlighted, Chaos Engine-style, as small horizontal tubes which form a kind of bar graph charting your progress. So, if you've missed a few nasties, or you think you could have done better in the energy depart ment, then you can always go back and try again. It’s this kind of attention-to- detail which makes Kid Chaos a game you’ll keep coming back to.
And, of course, a platform' game wouldn’t be complete without its pickups. Apples, sweets, rocks, whatever, each one collected adds to your hit points (the number of times you can be hit by a baddie without losing a life). Each successive level has baddies with greater hit points, so while on World One Level One you might lose, say, 30 hit points, by the time you get to World Three Level Three you'll probably lose 50. And since you start the game with 50, make it a priority to acquire those pickups as soon as you can.
Thankfully, as you've probably gathered by now. The stunning technicalities don’t overshadow the gameplay. It makes no claim to be original; indeed, it copies (parodies?)
Many other platform games like Zool and Sonic. The Toy Factory, say, could be taken directly from Zool (or any one of a number of other platform games), while the underground rollercoaster tubes and 45° springs which cannon you into the air are classic Sonic features.
There is something wrong with Kid Chaos, though, believe it or not.
This one real flaw is in the weight of the main sprite - he carries far too much momentum, which makes it very difficult to stop on some of the smaller platforms. And inertia plays havoc with the Kid when you’re trying to move him up a hill: he really drags and grates his way up, which means it’s a good second or so before you can make it to top speed.
Because the worlds in Chaos are particularly hilly and packed with tiny little platforms, it seems ludicrous that the designers expect you to judge pinpoint distances with a control system that feels like lumpy porridge. Like I said, when he gets going, though, he really moves - and its this exhilarating speed that really makes up for the lack of control in the tighter areas.
It stands, then, as a slightly- flawed gemstone. A pick-up-and-play game whic doesn’t get too difficult too quickly, which looks and sounds brilliant, which poses a decent challenge to those who have already killed off Zool and the others, but which is slightly frustrating because of the massive momentum of the main sprite.
Compared with the scale of the game this is perhaps being picky, but I really feel that Kid Chaos could have been one of the greatest platformers ever if the Kid himself was just a wee bit more manoeuvrable.
OCEAN £25.99 A500 9 ASQO. 9 ABOO 9 A1200 9 AIBOoS A2000 9 A3000 9 A4000 9 OCEAN, 6 CENTRAL STREET, MANCHESTER, M2 5NS. TEL: 061 832 6633 RELEASE DATE: JULY GENRE: PLATFORM TEAM: MAGNETIC FIELDS CONTROLS: JOYSTICK NUMBER OF DISKS: 4 NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 HARO DISK INSTALLABLE: YES MEMORY: 1Mb GRAPHICS m***m«83% SOUND »*»*»»***«86% LASTABILITY PLAYABILITY *A***»A*«88% (At last, the Amiga has a platformer to compete with the consoles.
OVERALL 87% This is the most powerful Amiga dak duplicator available In fad the authors aay that It you can't copy aomaVwig they'll give you your money back Order Mow £34 95 A live disk sot ot over 70 top quality torts tor use with Wordworth 2 or 3.
Simply retail them and they re ready to use Only £10.00 purchase m those days where there are hundreds ot Amiga viruses Make sure your software collection a free from al known viruses.
£4.00 VIP4-2. VIRUS KILLERS ] A selection ot toots tor MB degrading your A1200 * "" to a 500 Very easy ( WttT to use. But extremely etfectivo way ol runnng °“ ®*™ * On*CiOO JDEG4-1A1200 DEGRADERS Only £6.00 Idbpkm!
¦ Who needs Sonic or Mano when you can play lartastlc games like this on your Amiga Fast, smooth scrolling platform game. Excellent stuff.
Only £5.00 LSBR MORION STRIKES BACK Now the summer's here « - tme to oc the gulden and tha a a good -eason I Iijm] not to. Because youl be ¦ffltoobusyde**n- g4.
KT' Or* £3 00 Only £15.00 ID GRL15-10. BATHING BABEL ¦ The complete RSI demo maker, leaturing: font editor, vector editor, graphic templates, extra music fonts etc and a complete Mortal.
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Etc Gives your ptoiluclion muio WWWB prolosslonai finish.
Get your finances n cxder with hi excellent package.
Take a closer look af your bank accoixits. Find out where all your money goos every month.
Cmy£7.09 Doub*e the space available on your hard ksk It you have an flOmeg dnve this will give 4 you ovor 150meg ot iitfiiiOibln space. Huns Silently in (he background Only £500 EPU5-2. DISK DOUBLER Bmp’OHprund Laarrung to type can be a rr. Hr difficult task but not when j MI||VT|'0mS""W),“Cu' Over 10CO Top Arruga game cheats on fwe disks.
Includes al popular Mies Ike Monkey Island.
Pro|ect X etc. etc. Only £9.00 I" CHT9-5.1000 GAME Make your own hardware and save Cffs Sound includes three games to rm hrtp you team to type r*r Tj*r|TTTi® Orly £3 00 TYP3-1. TYPING TUTORS.
I 'Whether you want to ire Hr IlMBR -wo Amigas tcgethe- | "Cs c r Amiga to DC tT* a ; ’his package will suit you r * •** MffyMW Only £8 GO Only £3 00 Forty tepquakty , X Pagestream. Wordworth.
D Paint 4 etc. etc. Only £7.00 ¦I I •”*! I Geogrepfty Tost you.
_ r kfHiwindje Wio- ilns excellent Bpni Mm game.
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I llnli anm 2 is Ihe bnsl AG* I paint A arwnation package I available on the Amiga I Supports alavadaMe PS17-3. (OMI’l GRAPHIC FONTS If you're naw to the Amiga, then you may be having Four all lane classic board K Scrabble. Cluedo.
And Ladders, and Monopoly. Great tun for al the lamdy AH lot only £10 00 BDG10-4. BOARD GAMES) BRT90-1. BRILLIANCE 2 PCT40-1. PCTASK+BOOT CD32 KEYBOARD all CDPD disks.
OKIIKK FORM d ail games on LOCK n LOAD etc. ONLY £37 95 * £7 50 Delivery Amount of PD Packs xxx ie* pack mi.r. CD32 LINKUP Connect your CD32 to your Amga tor easy transfer ot ALL CD Rom disks Complete with leads * CD Rom boot software CDL35-I Only £34 95 • C1.00 PSP Address.
OVERSEAS ORDERS Oieneai enter* are welcome, hut plea* add 25p lo each disk ordered. A Cl.00 to each Pack ordered, a minimum of 5 dnk* apply All Ovenea' order* art «tt by lit clau Air Mail COLLECTING DISKS You air welcome lo tolled yemr «dct. Hul you are ordering by post Simply send y«ir onkr in on an A4 (ujje. Inim; Ihe numhetv you rt il»- bxal cent, and your name ft addrrw or if you *i«ft dimply crarl.
Lilies you »uh to order, fill In your name etc. and wnd the* pa EPIC MARKETING. I. ml Floor Offices. Victoria Centre. IJ Vienna Rd. Ssmfoa. WiHUwr. SNI 'HU ORDERING BY PHONE Flyman nohod.
514187 Thousands oI usetul tools, demos, games and graptxs on each Oa* Cat tor detail* EURCKET DEMOS £14.99 6K*reg V the very Iwst Ootcs. Ithibc ard grtphci “1C0PO1. £1999 JC0P02. £1999 IC0PO3. £1999 lns*de Engines is a compilation of in depth animation sequences showing you the workings of all the most popular engine types.
Only £9.00 The complete system anatysor Tost your drives, memory, keyboard, mouse, expansions and all | your custom chips etc. Only £3 00 I MegabaB V3 is most 9 definitely the best ever I -Break out" game I available. Supeib AGA I graphics, music and I gamepfay make this an a I time classic.
Only £3.00 L ENG9-5.
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Y ijnflfl' Ov01 ',CK:o Elites mduded
• « *lvs sol. Ranging Irom wordpiocessng vo spreadsheets,
graphics BH totfs. Music and hundred* ol A other Only £39.95
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imago* Subjects ndude: Transport.
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RPG. Shoot'om ups, Pla dormers Works on the CDTV, CD32 or any other Amiga CO ROM drive.
Only £19 99 LOCK -N' LOAD CD II||||M| Thousands ol archived ' AMINBI i ,r’°lsidcluaing: patches.
Dir loots. Music, graphics.
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Mm TKT9-5.
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All sizes trom 8 to 45.0 colours up to 32 colours, great for video work or for just making demos, omyrisoo This is the most impressrve RAVE demo available on the Amiga, features an amazing soundtrack & wicked visuals, don't miss this.
___ Only £4 .00 in SBI.4-2. NINE FINGERS An an time classic' Features include: 7 skfl levels, full league table*. 30 football ground, managerial ratings, injuiy problems, promotion & relegation.
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'ear louse on any machine.
HIT TMN £19.99 U PRO. FONTS CD ROM Play Poker with some of the most lovely ladies in the world Includes superb graphics and digitised speech.
Only £12.00 Whether you're a comp4ete begimer at chess or a champion. Jl CHESS has something lor you Si*eit graphcs and speech make this a greal soflwaro titfo.
Only £4.00 JIT4-1. CHLSS & TUTOR Williams Ft Imagine ob|e ;t n rogtiirr;" 4 run,; bJl dS y:uc ul 5001:' A owing Requires a VI'*!. I* to render 4 (My OM ? WIQ4-1. WILLIAMS FI 9'' A collection of great fun educational games lor children aged 7. Malhs.
Spelling, speed, elc. Are i included * this excellent compilation.
Only £9 00 I j.tjif *J •! OMier p®°p** ,,om n - •¦¦‘•ii i - , f Alv .untains ¦t, tOC'j y7ffrr?j7»]i omy£io. Oo t PSW10-4. PASSWORD ENCRVPTOR Epic Marketing, First Floor Offices, Victoria Centre, 138-139 Victoria Rd, Swindon, Wilts. SN13BU. Tel: 0793 490988 VFI We’re on the bus to compilation city in this month’s VFM.
You can get even more goods to the pound with this HITS FOR 6 - VOLUME SIX PRISM LEISURE OUT NOW £25.99 But before I start throwing opinions about, why don’t I tell you what is in each of the compilations. Hits For 6 - Volume Six leads off with the wonderful Microprose submarine simulation Silent Service 2, regarded by many as Microprose’s finest hour, closely followed by the once brilliant yet now dated Stormlord, a platform game with some background objects of dubious content. Although, it looks very nice, when compared to something like Bubble TV’ Squeak, it is just too slow and far
too jerky to be playable. After that, well, you’ve got Maya - a strange graphic adventure from Silmarils, World Cricket- one of the dullest managerial games I have ever come across, 3D World Tennis (an unusual tennis game from Simulmondo that little lot.
You may notice looking at this pages that Prism Leisure are the company who are really servicing the needs of the pocket money purchasers this month, with no less than three huge compilations for the measly price of £25.99 each! All contain six different games from Microprose, Hewson and Silmarils, with titles ranging from such classic greats as Railroad Tycoon and Silent Service 2 to almost completely forgotten ‘classics’ like Big Game Fishing and Windsurf Willy. Most compilations are hit and miss, but to be honest these are far more miss than anything else, if only because most of the
games are so old.
Moves the court around the player rather than the player around the court) and Graeme Souness Soccer Manager, the management game with a moustache.
This isn't the greatest compilation in the world, and to be honest the only game worth having on it is Silent Service 2, which you can buy on its own lor less than £18 anyway.
Tony Dillon Silent Service 2- probably the only game worth having on this compilation.
HITS FOR 6 - VOLUME SEVEN PRISM LEISURE OUT NOW £25.99 Moving on lo Volume Seven, again leading off with a Microprose title, this time The Sabre Team-like small scale strategy title Special Forces, where you take a crack platoon into close combat situations. A great game, but not the most popular Microprose title ever. After that things start to slide downhill very quickly indeed. Nebulus was a superb puzzle game when it first appeared, combining a cute main character with a novel control system whereby the character walked around a rotating column, ducking through doors and simply trying to
get to the top.
But again looks incredibly dated now. Some would even go as far as to say that it looks like a C64 title! Blade Warrior, an attempt at an atmospheric scrolling beat ’em up, was a bit of a flop when it first appeared, despite the best efforts of Mirrorsoft to promote it as the game that everyone must have, and 3D World Boxing seems to have very little to do with 3D apart from the fact that the ring is drawn with a forced 3D perspective. A very bland collection of games, and to be honest there is very little in this group that you would load more than once.
R BUDGET GAMES CU AMIGA just as popular in the arcades, and Football Champ was one ol the most successful ot its tihie. Domark were first to the post when it came to signing up Taito’s money spinner.
The arcade machine was fast and playable, with one of the most simple soccer control methods ever. For some reason, though, the playability just hasn’t come across on this Amiga version European Football Champ. It's a reasonable football simulation with average graphics and straightforward gameplay. However, the game is marred by a sluggish control system. By the time you've managed to wrestle with the controls to get your player into position, the opposition have stolen the ball and scored. Also, it appears that irrespective of what position you've held the joystick in, your player flies
forward jamming his knee into the opposition’s groin, resulting in a red card.
A nice touch, however, is that when the referee is on the ground, where he seems to be quite a lot for no apparent reason, you can cheat and foul and get away with it. This feature would have been even better if the controls were okay, but unfortunately European Football Champ is let down by these tricky directionals. Which is a pity because, considering the success of the coin-op, it could have been such a good game.
I .eghan. The problem with body building Is that, n look good In the right light you end up with a s muscle that slows you down. Targhan is in the r Mr. Universe, though.
TnfivifJfir ¦ C ' j ¥ 1 ¦ ’ aim -.1 :t' ; X ! 1 _' _' « '()(pT ft. •p-. Ip?: i|K 1 HITS FOR 6 - VOLUME EIGHT PRISM LEISURE OUT NOW £25.99 Finally, we have Volume Eight, which contains no less than two really great titles and lour that are just not worth bothering with. Railroad Tycoon you will have read about halt a dozen times in previous VFM sections (but just in case you haven’t, it’s a superb simulation ot building a railroad network - which is actually a lot more tun than It soundsl), and EUROPEAN FOOTBALL CHAMP HIT SQUAD OUT NOW £12.99 Alter soccer games started to get really popular
on home machines, it seemed inevitable that they would become Lisa Collins RailRoad formed: ,000 shares of stock, to local Investors.
International Tennis from Ubisoft is easily the most playable tennis game we’ve ever come across, with a simple and responsive control method and a ball that you can actually return with skill! That aside, games like Big Game Fishing, Football Manager and Targhan (a slow flip screen beat 'em up in the mould of Psygnosis’ Barbarian) aren't really worth spending the time on, let alone the money.
Once again both of the two games mentioned as worthwhile are available for under a tenner each, so why fill up your disk boxes with the rest and pay for the privilege?
Tony Dillon f,‘, ' The tension mounts as the opposition prepare to take a free kick.
Than any maSaX - Discover who knows the most about coding as we quiz 10 of the finest Amiga programmers. Uve think you'll find the results pretty interesting... .•Erm... I Have no idea god Andrew Programming S our Braybrook con tough ‘•‘¦"‘'-’e'vrn for him.
Shaun Sbouthed,nnu knOW" RUFF 'N‘ TUMBLE Find out why we awarded this amazing platform blast-’em-up a whopping 91 percent with our totally exclusive demo.
K‘d Chaos and ti,eL’g.ran,mer of wishes he'd spent * bit longp ' vising. S
- Can wo come back tothaj Thome Park. Fin* Peter ¦•Wjwk. *«• *
PUTTY SQUAD Drive yourself insane with this completely bonkers
follow-up to Putty. Platform games will never be the same
again. Ever.
Things tougher :han he expecte Jaso„hpe7k;sPass"7‘ha.one... agreed to partid™"*' “I've got no ; eyV0u see. DRACONSTONE Hack and slash and kill your way through'Core's latest arcade adventure in this huge fully- playable demo.
Xr gome TheChaos Engine’s progr knoW|edge ttZX'and some flam.
ADVERTISEMENT iXev«« »rstlo®k* athtak,rf SCI'** inters mo*»e We unveil Team lOliGOJFTHlEw stunning« from the Alien ‘duo behind the Breed series.
Please note: details are correct at time of going to press.
Especially the bit about the cover. And the demos. Obviously.
5a*Ues year* Ai lu IHB LORD Or It’s one of the most tricky adventures ever released, according to the number of phone calls we’ve had in the past month. Vulcan’s Lisa Tunnah is here to make your life easier as she takes you through the first level of Valhalla.
Is booby trapped so watch your step.
You now have the map to the room but the floor Is marked so you might not need it Pick up the small chest key, (this lits a chest in another room where a withered rose is hiding! The grey crystal and at the bottom right- hand corner ol the room there is a lever you should pull Leave this room, walk up, turn right and go into the room you have opened by pulling the lever. Put the gold coin In the wishing well and take the red gem. Take Ihe slick and operate Ihe floor tile that the stick was lying on. This reveals a ring belonging to the Prince's lather. Take it and travel back lo the room
where you began ihe level.
Put the ring on the Identity stone, and it is exchanged lor your Birthright, which should be placed on the Altar ol Justice - this is in the other trapped room. You should now have the Scales ol Justice in your Pick up the door key, operate the floor tile in the bottom left-hand corner ot the room and then pick up the map you find there Come out ot the room and take the lire! Left, pick up the gold coin half way along Ihe corridor. Go back to the main corridor and walk down the long and narrow room. Pick up the silver key Irom a stool, and the Talisman ol Light trom Ihe altar. Walk up and
right again, and Ihe first door you come lo on your left can be opened with Ihe first key you found. Inside, lake another gold door key.
Come out ol the room and back Ihe way you came. Find Ihe door which can be opened with Ihe key you have just lound. In this room operate the floor tile in the bottom right and pick up the map that was beneath it.
Leave the room and turn right.
Pull the lever that opens the door next to it. The room beyond this door possession. Give this to the skull that asks What is your quest? He will allow you passage into another room.
CROWN JEWELS In here there are two crowns. Leave Ihe jewelled crown where it is or you will come a cropper. Take Ihe other crown instead. Pick up Ihe strength potion and the chest key, then pull the lever. In the nexl room, drop the red gem on the portcullis that comes up behind you lo gel rid ol it. Leave the poison but pick up Ihe plank. Put the withered rose in the water o! Lile and take the Iresh rose.
Go back to the trapped room where you lound the grey crystal and open the chesl. Take Ihe Cold Protection potion and anolher chesl key. Find the door that is opened with the silver key and put the plank across the chasm to get to the chest, which contains a chalice and a gem.
Travel to the room where the skull asks.'Do you love me?' Give him the rose and he opens a door Ignore the first portcullis that appears behind you and continue through the corridor.
Pull the lever in the corridor to open the door. Inside the next room is the guardian with blue eyes. Pull the lever in this room, take the gold symbol and then leave the room and turn left.
Another portcullis appears in Iron! Ol you. So just drop the gem on it to get past. Travel through the door you have opened by pulling the lever and head back into Ihe room where Ihe skull is that asks, Do you love me?'.
Put the crown on Meredith’s Throne and take the Warrior's Shield that appears in its place. Fill the chalice with water trom the tap in the same COMPLETE SOLUTION , room and Ihen go and " find the Miracle Stone.
Put the chalice lull ol water on I the Miracle Stone to turn it into wine, and then present this to the p-1 relevant skull who rewards you 1 £ with Rubber Soles potion. Travel L to the boulder in the south west ' which has so lar blocked your y passage and drink the Strength potion. Pick up the boulder and put it in the corner ol the room. When ' the Strength potion has run out, drink the Rubber Soles potion.
The corridor beyond is lilted with 4 the Warrior's electrocution devices.
The Rubber Soles potion will protect you but time is short. When you reach the end ol the corridor, insert the stick in the hole in the wall to make a lever, which you have to pull to open the door below.
ORBS AND ALTARS Take the Warrior s Sword and then put the Warrior's Shield on the Warrior's Tomb to disarm the passageway. Pull the lever which opens the door opposite. Before entering this room, make sure you have found the gem in the U-Bend of the passageway so you can disarm the portcullis. In this room place the gold symbol on the engraved altar then travel back the way you came and put the Warrior s Sword on the Bloodstone. This action covers the sword in blood and is the perfect gift for the skull who asks you for blood.
Give it to him, and he will open the door to the next room. Inside you'll find the guardian with the red eyes.
Take the chest key.
Open the relevant chest in which you find a door key and an unlit candle. The key opens the door at the end of the now-disarmed passageway. Inside four skulls will ask you for the Talisman of Light. Give it to the skull in the bottom left of the room and he allows you passage into the next room. All the others will send you screaming to your death.
Next door is the guardian with the green eyes. Put the grey crystal on the Stone of Two Colours which ¦ ¦mmmm mm mKmmwmmmmm mmmm mmmm mmmmijhmmmm Tsmsm ’FOR CENTURIES THE SHAMEN" HAD LIVED AS NOMADS UNTIL THE WAR CHANGED THE WORLD f THE LORD OF INFINITY GAUE THEM SftNCTUARY WITHIN THE 1 CASTLE IN RETURN FOR THEIR SECRETS IN MAGIC USING THIS MAGIC HE TRICKED THEM AND TURNED THEM TO STONE AiND THEIR MINDS TO MADNESS AS A FINAL INSULT HE MADE THEM PROTECTORS OF THE J RINGS OF ESCAPE .... J* r ,.t*. ...... • The books you tlnd wilhln me flame are literally dripping with clues and hlnle as lo
what lo took oul lor, so make a not e ot what they Bay. Although some ol Ihe messages might seem little cryptic and sometimes downright Irrelevant, Ihere la a point to all ot H. turns it into a yellow crystal. Take the travel back down the passageway to credit card off the lloor and hurry the room where the Warrior's Tomb back to the room where the Warrior's is situated. Insert the black crystal in Tomb is located. Insert the credit the Guardian's eye.
Card in the electrical machine to open You now have access to a small yet another door. Room. Pull the lever which opens the In here, take the chest key and door across the chasm and put the place the cold protection potion onto unlit candle on the tire stone to light the altar decorated with a black and it. The skull in here asks you tor white circle. Take the Fire Protection the password. Pick up the lit potion that appears in its place and candle and return to the take the rock oil the stool. Drink the chasm room.
Potion and take the E ye ol Ihe Put the in candle Beholder from the hot coals in the opposite the other & room opposite. Put the Eye in the candle and the Water ol Beauty and then take the chest will open.
Green crystal. Take the red ' jF Return lo the Guardian with the crystal, insert I aflR green eyes, lace it and insert Ihe this in the rele green crystal. You can now take the vant guardian JT lirst of the tour orbs which you place to glean the on the relevant altar in the large second orb. I room where the tour altars are lound. Cross the Your chest key tits the chest in chasm and the lirst trapped room. Take the Jug don’t forget to ot Infinity and the piece ol coal, travel pick up the down to the second trapped room plank as inside and put the coal on the crystal tlame, the next room then
take the black crystal that another chasm appears in its place. Fill the Jug ot open up behind you.
Infinity with water from the tap then Take the second gold symbol and a gem. Put the symbol on the j second engraved altar in the room where the Infinity stone is found.
• --aPut the Jug of Infinity on here £&|and take the Gem of
Operate the floor tile in the Ttop right-hand corner of the room
X. and take the dagger.
Go and find the skull that vasked you tor the password, face r him then look at the Gem of Infinity.
He allows you to enter a room where you find a stick and an altar with V World War' engraved onto it. Put r the dagger on here and take the L poppy. Give this to the skill that asks
• for remembrance, and he rewards fyou with a parchment. This is
full of clues to help you, so read it carefully.
Put the stick in the hole in the [room where you found the eye and y operate it. This opens the other door behind which is very little apart from a stool. Place the rock on here to gain access to the room where the guardian with yellow eyes is lurking. Insert the yellow crystal and take the third orb.
Put the parchment on the altar of sadness which is near the bloodstone and take the tears of loyalty.
Place these in the water of hope in the second trapped room and take the blue crystal. Go find the Guardian with blue eyes and grab his orb.
You have now found all four orbs and if you haven’t already, place them on their appropriate altars in the large room in the north east corner of the map. The portcullis in front of the last guardian descends so you can insert the gem of infinity, your last task in level one! More next month so keep tuned. ££) ADVENTURE HELPLINE CU AMIGA Adve nture Helpline m VAMP She may look batty’, but Vampyra knows where the bodies are buried. If you don’t believe us, check out her advice to the bewildered this month.
Goodness I am tired, although I must confess goodness had nothing to do with it!
If I had known I was going to be around for this long I would have taken better care of myself before I died. What I need now is to get back into my tomb and get a good day's sleep; so let's get this show on the road.
Mm CH I have been playing Bloodwych with my brother on my Amiga 1200 and we have now moved on to the Data Disk 1. We have picked up the Chaos Crystal and got into the tower where we are now looking for a Chromatic Key. We are in an area where there are rooms with green pads in them which transport you around. We have been everywhere, and even backtracked but we don't know where to go next. We desperately need your help.
Jalil Purtow, St. Albans.
Ruw men in desperate need of my Help, that 's the sort of thing I like to hear when I settle down to do this column. It gives me a rmrm tingly feeling all over.
Anyway bark to the game. I think you are talking about the room in the Serpent Toner that is full of green pads, and has a passage leading off to the left.
Goto the lop right-hand comer of this room first aiul rolled the items from the alcove, thm get out of the room and rest.
In a tuo-player game the best tactic is to let one player go across the squares, letting all the monsters loose. Meanwhile, the other playci Mocks the arc bolls by either forming a wall up the passage that they come down, or by standing there with Ant image on.
To f ind the Chromatic key, leave the starting room, go outside and kill the man and the crab. Free the two men locked in the etui room, then run in behind them and shut the door. Pick up the equipment and sleep in the bed.
When you u ake up, a Mue dragon will be outside the door.
Kill thr tWO men and this willghe you the key you seek. It's a dog eat dog life in the old dungeon isn’t it ?
POLICE QUEST II I’m stuck in Police'Ouest II. I went to the jail after I was told that Jessie Bains had escaped. I then went to Cotton Cove where a young girl saw a dead body I walked left, followed by Keith, but I kept getting shot by Bains. My gunshots, however, kept missing him all the time. Please can you help me?
Alex Hall, Burnley.
seem to gel asked the same questions again and again. Although those questions have nothing to do with adi'cnlures. To those questions usually reply: “Not unless you wrap a £10 note around it“ and “Not while the tram is in the station.” In this case you must do the following: walk to jogger, talk to jogger, ask jogger, listen to what jogger says, F6 (load Gun), F8(Raise gun) and exit screen left at bottom of big bush. Then, mime up the screen a little, just before the end of the bush. Finally, fire at Hams when he appears.
KINGS QUEST II I have come to a complete standstill because every time I try to cross the bridge over the chasm I fall through the bridge. I have the golden key to open the second door. Can you help? What do I need to do to get across the bridge?
E. Roberts, Clwd.
J id you enjoy playing the game up to U this point f Goad, 'cos you're going to have to start again. Don't a carry though, just remember: some things are even more enjoyable the second time around. Each time you cross over the bridge the game adds one to a counter.
The game will only allow you to cross the bridge so many times, (three round trips) and then it collapses All your tears and all your sorrow will not fa the silly thing once it has reached the limit. There is nothing for it my dear, you must go back to the beginning.
HM&V EOB is driving me mad! Finishing the game is not my problem, what I am trying to do is work out the special quests. I have managed to do the first ten levels but I’m completely at a loss for what to do on levels 11 and 12. Please assist this partially- insane dungeoneer.
Brett Taylor, Lincoln.
J know how you feel deane. Tie plenty I of things driving me mad at the moment. You know the sort of thing - bats getting tangled in my hair, not being able to find a tasty morsel after midnight and such like.
EOB is an old one isn't it? Still, there is many a good tune played on an old fiddle. The official guide to the game gties the following clue for Isvel 11: "Those second from the end must differ from the rest. “ I recall that this refers to a room with switches on the a all. If you set the switches correctly you will solve the puzzle. I fear I can't recall any special quest on Level 12 apart from killing the monster which wails for you there.
IKA'dUT.. I am stuck in a room in the Silver Tower which has six mouths and each of the mouths has a riddle.
Two of the mouths have got me beat. The riddles are: ‘Nature's beauty is my meat.
Tiny and red. Tis such a treat."
The second riddle says: ‘From the fiends from below, Find the item with the hidden glow, Find this thing, find it for me.
For only then shall I set you free.’ Please tell me what objects I need and I shall be forever in your debt.
Johnathan Burns, Manchester.
Forever in my debt eh? Do you know what you'd be taking on? I'll mull it over and help you in the meantime.
Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but give me Mood-red rubies eiery lime. A ruby is tiny, red and quite a treat for a poor girl who never gets any presents.
If you don't know where to find the ruby, I suggest you search in the southwest section of this level.
The second item you seek is the glowing Mantis Idol. You’ll find this little knick-kiuick in the far wall of the room filled with eggs on the level below.
Remember boys: “If at first you don't succeed, don't worry
- that’s about average for a man!” II Trite down your little
problem V V and send it in a plain envelope to: 'Dear
Vampyra' CU AMIGA. Priory Court, 30-12 Farringdon Lane, London
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ENQUIRIES B1:1 have recently picked up a copy ot Valhalla and
The Lord of Infinity and have been working through it fairly
steadily for the past couple ot weeks. I have now reached the
third evel, but am finding it impossible to get anywhere. I
have looked everywhere, but can't seem to find anything at
all. What am I missing?
Can someone please help me?
Mike Alison, Sutton.
82:1 have heard that there is a special cheatmode for the excellent Core shoot ’em up Banshee. A friend of mine says that you can shoot Polar bears and the woman with the pram on the second level. Is this true? And if so, what do I have to do to get the cheat mode working. Also, is there a way of skipping levels, as the game IS just far too hard.
David Kinney, Ayrshire.
83:1 read in a magazine recently that it is possible for you to cheat on Gametek's Frontier Elite 2 by trying to sell your ship when you have passengers on board. I tried this and just couldn't get it to work at all, and when I contacted Gametek, they told me that it was a bug that has since been fixed. Does anyone know any more cheats for this game?
Mary McDonald, London.
B4: I've just got hold of Team 17's Apidya and I have to' admit that I'm completely useless at it. The thing is, I want to see what the later levels look like, and I was wondering if wonderful but frustrating adventure.
Andy McVittie, Aberdeen.
B6: Is there anybody out there who can tell me how to complete the last Sports level in Lemmings 2- the Tribes? I have completed all the other levels and just need this one to collect the last segment of the talisman.
Steve Pare, Essex.
RESPONSES X1: For anyone having trouble on Gremlin's Zool 2, you might just be interested to note that a couple of cheats have come to light for the floppy version of this hyper platform extravaganza. If you type TOUGHGUY on the title screen, you'll become invincible, although there is anyway I can get to later levels of the game either by having infinite lives or by jumping levels. I'm tearing my hair out at the moment, and I don't want to feel that I've wasted my money on a game that I find far too hard.
W. Haynes, Salisbury.
B5: In Heimdall 2. Right near the start, there is a man lying in a pool of bodes, who when I talk to him tells me to meet him in the half world. Can you please tell me which island that's on, or how I get to it before I bin this Another month passes, and a whole bunch of you go out and buy games. Then you take the games home and get stuck on them. Then you contact us for help, by writing to: CU AMIGA HELPLINE, The Floor Of Doom, Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU.
Landing on spikes will still hurt you. If you don't want that much help then typing CREMOLA on the title screen will start you off with ten lives.
X2: Premiere was Core's attempt at a new kind of platform game, and one that they pulled off with relative ease.
Now that it's been released on budget on their own Corkers label, now really seems the time to end those 'finding the cans of film blues' with a little cheat that allows you to jump levels.
Just type SPARKPLUGS on the title page, and you'll be able to step from level to level by just pressing the' ' key on the numeric keypad. Git Writing lo the CU AMIGA Helpline couldn't he easier. Just pop your enquiry or solution in an envelope, keeping your letters nice and short if possible, and Ihen bundle it off to CU Helpline, CU AMIGA, Priory Court, 30-32 Fairingdon Lane, London EC1R3AU.
Please indicate on the back ot the envelope whether you are sending an enquiry or a response.
A HELPING f WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE THE TROJAN PHAZER GUN (FOR THE AMIGA - ALL MODELS) Smarty Paints The new MONSTER Amiga art package lor beginners SmartyPainte costs ust C2B.SO * Cl.SO PS r-swepF ¦BDonr CHROMA COMPUTER IMAGES D6PTCU 1 S3 HOLT ROAD FAKENHAM NORFOLK NR21 8JF 1 Mb required Enquiries 0328 862693 (9.30 - 5.30) SKEET SHOOT: Travel the world and attempt to complete "The International Pro Skeet Shoot' Try to better your score, or compete against a friend in your bid to become World Champion.
ORBITAL DESTROYER: Reach for your Pulse l ser and blast the aliens as you fight to save the planet Earth! Be careful, your ammunition supply is limited - if you run out the Earth will be doomed.
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weather has been so hot our Amigas have packed in ... but not
before we tested this little lot of goodies. Welcome to Tech
Central, home of information.
It astral travelling is yourweakness, then look no further.
Walnut Creek Is one CD-ROM disk that has it all. As John ‘Into the Mystic' Kennedy discovers.
If you Qst too excited when playing Amiga games, or having your Tutor volume up too loud whilst playing OctaMED samples then turn to page 117 now. It might do you some good I Jlfi Ever wen ted an 'Alternative "¦ mNk EXCHANGE VOLUME 1 31 Everwefited an'Alternative' image? Well. Andy Leaning has his own special one. But we won t go into that. Instead, turn to page 119 to see a new fabulous range of 3D images.
I to be bursting at the seams with all and sounds, to mention but a lew Lisa Collins scans the disk LERATORS We take the A1200 where no A1200 has with itound-up of pant burning accelerators Tony Horgan feels the heat.
Good quality fonts at an affordable price? Yes?
J Digard has a disk ol gems lor you. You don't have to spend wads ol cash to improve your video creations V ning, man, I mean he's always on Tthat is. This month he's written it sitting on an elephant with one hand tied behind his back.
VAC Even more f i «y and useful things from the public domain world. Andre Dkjiid is your It'S here, the upgrade ol the Amiga's best art package. It's been lop dog for quite a while, but can the best get any better? Tony Horgan finds out.
Ur guide in this month's wonderlul s art nonsense has gone to Lisa's head: She's started wearing Van Gogh sandals and referring to everyone in the office as luvwies or darrrrlings. Yes. More arts and crap this month.
I Smi delights in the outcome.
I. Get your seat belts on and pop a i your mouth as you prepare
for take off with this new accelerator.
WALNUT CREEK CD-ROM Space and Astronomy This disk is designed to be used by many different computers so, unfortunately, you’ll find lots of files which will be of absolutely no use to you.
However, there are plenty of lovely pictures. Over a thousand in fact, all of which are stored in GIF format (a 256 colour format invented by CompuServe).
There is a good all-round viewer called ViewTech supplied on the disk and a few extra-fast (albeit monochrome) dedicated GIF viewers. The images are mostly from NASA, which means they are freely distributable and you can do with them what you will.
Generally, the quality of the images is good and on an AGA Amiga with a suitable monitor, the 640 by 480 display is superb.
Although the title of the disk is 'Space and Astronomy', there isn't a great deal in the way of Astronomy here because the night-sky simulation programs are PC only. The text files are a good source of facts as they are mostly made up of press releases from both NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and USENET feeds from the Internet (world wide electronic mail conversations related to astronomy), although they tend to concentrate on NASA's exploits more than anything else. If you have Internet access, you’ll find many sites to explore. For example, I discovered that the Space Shuttle took shots of
my home area, so next time I’m on-line I’ll start hunting for them.
I can see this CD appealing to Sysops wanting to offer lots of on-line material on their Bulletin Boards. The widely accepted GIF standard means everyone can look at the pictures, and apart from the rather misleading name, this is an excellent disk to use with a new Amiga CD-ROM drive.
John Kennedy Available from 17 Bit Software 1st floor office 2 8 Market Street, Wakelleld, West Yorkshire WF1 1DH. Tel: 0924 Pwi 366982. Price E19.99 'tdt* COMPUTER OPTICS ANTI GLARE jHlto I Antiglare Glasses I was impressed by these glasses' ability to cut out glare whilst Keying in copy. However, they didn’t _ _ do such a good job if you needed to check the SkLja r;n eg paces .irlwu'* .1SB8R ? 'I -1.1,¦ iy ‘Vi: 'I I D J!u:i tC Cl'dt". '¦ Oil ICU'CIl coo, - nil- i w: Wi.uc (:,.UI-|| end ••:,• H|H ' J§||i v I In* Amo 9Wf »• trMU* M dponi tor p*opM JsoB w-iowea1 jiassei on o vscription.
It’s a real mixed bag this month folks. (Snappy eh?)
Costas Michalia uJH Available Irom GEPRO Co TrrrPOSl dcpl ' iPMfflgPfTP*1’ ¦ ¦¦--• . ,,:1 77) MB 1927 Keston. Kent BR2 6BA.
Tel: 0G89 851706 Price: C32.9B Clip-ons: £29.99 plus £1.99 P.P. CD EXCHANGE VOLUME 1 CD-ROM Drive CD Exchange Volume 1 is a jam-packed disk, crammed full of utilities which will work on both a CD32 and an A1200 with a CD-ROM drive. The utilities on the disk include music modules, shareware games and utilities, demos, animations, clipart, fonts and AGA pictures.
Loading time is painfully slow but once it’s up and running everything on the disk is accessed fairly easily via workbench or the CD’s main menu.
It’s all laid out in a very user-friendly way too.
The main menu calls up a list of all the main categories on the disk ie: Quiz, Game Selection, Sound Selection, Font Viewer, Pic Viewer, Animations and Clipart. All you have to do is click on the question mark beside each category and you’re off. Quiz is a general knowledge quiz which plays loud raucous laughter if you get a question wrong and cheers if you get it right. The only annoying thing about the quiz section was that if you got a question wrong, you have to go back to the start and answer the same questions all over again.
The game selection is pretty nifty. A scrolling menu lists hundreds of PD games accompanied by SC s
3. 5-1 1001
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SUPER LOW PRICES Listed below is just a sample of our
extensive Amiga range... mn on mn utn mn mn Amateur video
producers are almost always scared to death by the price of
animated fonts - many packs can cost well into triple figures.
Movielonts were designed with these people in mind They are cheap, reasonably easy-to-use and effective on screen, though they are definitely for the home user. The fonts themselves are far from professional but that doesn't really matter too much.
There are a whole series of these fonts which cover a broad range of styles from rotating letters through balloons being blown up lo neon light-type tubes. The pack supplied for review contained five fonts, all of which are in a Dpainl Animbrush format. The files are easily accessible, sensibly laid out and come with example pictures. There is even a catalogue disk which shows all of the various typestyles available in the series.
The overall look ot the fonts are highly variable, some border on professional whilst others have a definite amateurish appearance. The 'Marble Line' font even managed both at the same time, looking great for the first 12 Irames then transforming itself into something almost horrific over the next 12 frames. The palettes used are also a little rough around the edges, often providing too much contrast. Worst crime of all is the 'manual', a sheet of A4. Which although it contains all of the necessary information is hardly written for the beginner.
These are mostly niggles though. Marble Line' could be very usable if you only use the first'12 frames or play with the palette to get it looking smoother lor all 24 (as in the screenshot below). The palettes in general can easily be manipulated to make all ot the fonts more pleasant to the eye. Which is a very subiective thing. The manual may be lax but even a real novice will understand how to use the fonts fairly quickly.
The true saving grace of this pack is the price, the font designers themselves being fed up ol paying inflated prices and receiving products seldom worth the money. Movielonts don't quite have that professional polish yet, but you can shine them up quite well with a little effort and there's even a test card and countdown clock included. Overall it's a well put together package, one which I look forward to seeing more of in the future.
AndrO Dlgard Diskotech, Melln-Y-Garth, Builth Wells, Powys LD4 4AW.
Tel: 05912 242. Price: £15.00 all the relevant details. The games themselves are a mixture, some are very good, some stink a bit. The sounds selection boasts a selection ol sound samples These, however, are not so hot. The Font Viewer also calls up a vast selection ol lonts which you can copy across to your hard drive tor further use The Pic Viewer boasts tons ot pictures ranging trom the usual selection of naughty underdad women to 3D sd-ti stuff The animations are.
N my opinion, the best part ot the disk - there are some superb examples from Tobias Richter and Eric Schwartz These animations alone would be worth buying the disk tor.
Lise Collins Available from CD Exchange, Unit D5, Hi-Tech House, 10 ____ Blackfrlars Street, Norwich, Norfolk NR3 fSF. Tel: 0603 666
202. Price: £19.99 ' MOVJEJFONTS Animated Video Fonts R Atstbdci
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OVA Par*KTK UP 21ZW12X an an inn ftnnonc 2123 Cott* Coro***
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EDUCATIONALySCHOOL AND GOVERNMENT ORDERS WELCOMED All offers subject to availability, E&OE. Cheques require clearance licensed credit brokers for Lombard Tricity Finance limited.
Released Iasi year. Brilliance 1.0was Ihe first program to give Amiga artists and animators a serious alternative to Deluxe Paint since it was released in 1985 Considering the user base and loyalty Dpaint has built up over the last nine years. Brilliance has actually done a pretty good job ot denting its monopoly Electronic Arts plan to strike back very soon with Dpaint 5. But Digital Creations have beaten them to it - the next version of Brilliance is already on the shelves. The scene is set lor another colossal battle of the giants NEW STUFF Before we dive into the in-depth analysis, here's
a quick run down of what has changed since the original release The first thing any Brilliance 1.0 user will notice is that Bnlhance 2 doesril have a dongle. The original program had a dongle (a little widget that plugs into the joystick port which acts as a copy protection device), and would only work when this was plugged in. Dongles present a number of problems to the user, not least the fear of losing such a small but important bit of kit, which could suddenly leave you in the lurch with a use less piece of software. Fortunately that's no longer an issue.
The magnify functioh now has a new TrueView option in the TrueColOur (HAM and 24-bit) ver sion of the program This allows you to view the magnified area in true colour', without the HAM fringing that puts a blurred outline around contrasting colours A new effect has been added to the drawing modes: rub through. This lets you rub through the to picture on the spare screen, as if you were wiping off the graphics from the mam screen to reveal what's behind. When used in conjunction with the opacity setting, the image from the spare screen is mixed with the main picture to give a spooky
The tweenmg section (the equivalent of Dpamfs Move requester) has had a few minor additions and adjustments There are now buttons to switch or copy the start and end settings, and the anti-aliasing during tweenmg is also improved A flip book' mode has been included, which allows you to set up a range of frames in an animation. And play just those This could be handy if you were working on a particularly long animation, and didn't want to have to sit through the whole thing each time you checked a change to a part in the middle or near the end Now you can view exactly the part you want and
make changes.
As Deluxe Paint 5 limbers up for an Autumn release, Brilliance 2 has already been unleashed and is selling for less than £45. Tony Horgan gets visual... Previously you would have had problems load mg a HAM or 15 24-bit picture into the non-true colour version of Brilliance Now the program will convert these pictures to the number of colours on the current screen mode and pick what it thinks is the best palette to convey the picture You can also choose to have the image dithered or not. In order to mask the reduction of colours The last of the mam new features is the animation presentation
mode. This is designed to facilitate recording animations to tape directly from Brilliance Once you enter animation presentation mode, all the menus, brushes and pointers are taken off the screen, which will display the first frame of the animation until you tell it to advance BRUSH MANIPULATION The powerful brush manipulation features are one of Ihe most exciting aspects of Brilliance 2. Any part of the screen can be picked up and used as a brush, either by defining a rectangular area, or manually cutting out an irregular shape with the mouse. Unlike Dpainl which can only remember two
brushes, here you can keep up to eight brushes in memory at once.
When you cut out a brush, it can be stored in its own spot on the brush palette, from where it can be picked up and used later. These are some of the possibilities thrown up by the brush functions.
BRUSH Morphing one brush into another is very similar to the same option in Dpainl. Unlike dedicated morphing programs, in which you decide which parts of the first image will become which parts of the second, all you need to do here is select the two brushes, tell it how many frames you want the transformation to use. And hit start. The results are almost identical to those you would get from Dpainl, and take the same length of time to render. At the end of Ihe process you are left with an Animbrush that starts with the first brush image, and changes to the second. The more colours and frames
you have available the better - otherwise they tend to disintegrate into a mass of random particles and then reform into the destination image.
Another effect offered by morphing programs is warping. Warping is when certain parts of the image are stretched or shrunk. Certain types of warps can be emulated by selecting a filled drawing fool (say a solid circle, or a freehand filled line), and telling it to fill the shape with the brush. The results can be very strange.
Wrapping brushes onto spherical objects is a doddle with the Stretch option. Alternatively, you can get a lish-eye lens effect with the similar-but-dilterent Shape option. Both of these can be combined with any ot the other drawing tools for even more effecls.
You can now set the animation playing by pressing any key. The animation plays through once (either forwards or backwards as dictated by a previous key press), and will wait on the last frame of the sequence once it's played through. The menus and other bits will only pop back up when you press a key again.
This is a very useful feature, especially as you might want to use Brilliance to play back animations that you've created with, for example. Dpainl.
Let’s face it, you’ve only one pair of hands, and it can be a hell of a job to start your video recorder rolling at exactly the right point, whilst trying not to record those annoying menus and pointers at the beginning and end of your films.
While we re on the subject of animation playback. I should mention that Brilliance outscores the currently available versions of Dpainl by playing sequences at up to 50 frames per second (or 60 on NTSC displays) for completely smooth animation. This does, of course, depend on the complexity of the animation, the screen resolution and number of colours used. Dpamt never manages anything over 30 frames per second, no matter how simple your animation. So even if you prefer to use Dpainl. Or any other IFF animation package for actually creating your animations, you could load them into
Brilliance, and record them with a superior frame rate.
SPEED Brilliance 2 is much, much faster than Dpaint4.
Although some operations are almost identical in terms of speed (morphing brushes for example), overall Brilliance leaves it standing. It's the general operations that make so much difference. For example, cutting out the little frog from the demo picture (left), and moving it around the screen with the mouse in Dpainl. The frog goes into Star Trek transporter mode, turning strange colours, disappearing. And then re appearing somewhere else on the screen in a futile attempt to keep up with the mouse. The same task in Brilliance is handled with extreme ease - our little green friend slides
around the screen without any delay. A good turn of speed isn’t so important when using low-res 32 colour screens, but once you get up to 256 colours and above, especially in high resolutions, it's essential if you want to keep any flow in your work. The last thing you want is to be held up by a slow, cumbersome piece of software, and Brilliance does its best to avoid this.
MEMORY USAGE The system requirements state that a minimum of 2Mbs of RAM is needed, and recommends 4Mb But even with 6Mbs. It can run out of memory surprisingly quickly. To make full use of the program's more powerful features, you'll really need a hard drive (bear in mind that this will usually eat around
0. 5Mb of RAM too) and at least 4Mbs of RAM. But I d recommend as
much as you can afford if you want to use all the Double Pal
HAM 8 modes of the AGA machines. Still, if you only need to
operate in low-resolution, an expanded A500.A600 or a stock
At200 would be sufficient. In general, our tests revealed that
identical operations required slightly more memory for
Brilliance than Dpainl.
THE ESSENTIALS AND MORE There's not enough room to cover all the features of Brilliance 2 in this review, but you can assume that just about anything Dpainl 4 does, Brilliance can do too. There are some exceptions, but not many. However, even though I rate Brilliance higher than Dpaint. I wouldn’t like to have to ditch the old faithful altogether. In fact, there are still many operations that I'd prefer to use Dpainl for, SPECIAL EFFECTS Brilliance 2has a wide selection of pixel effects colour, tint, colourise. Brighten, darken, stencil, mix.
Smooth smear, average smear, range, cycle, random, dither 1 and dither 2. Negative, halfbright. And rub through Here are some examples of the more interesting effects MlXTAPt Iff."
NEGATIVE. This turns all selected pixels into their negative RUB THROUGH This is like etching through ihe main screen or opposite colours Black becomes white, blue becomes to the spare screen There are plenty of serious uses for red and green turns to purple, as if the sliders on the RGB this, as well as all the possibilities it throws up for creating colour controls have been mirrored around a central axis. Abstract pastiches and other weird images YlPPtef I MIXTA t*s Tone's JtlLftFORMATS IU i With hi-rgs M-bit images, ot any olhet largo image, the JPEG Ill torn ! Is usually Ihe most
etlective In storage, as it comprosstfpicturs tiles to a traction ol their onginal sue.
Utgr 2 cannot load or save JPEGs. This is a big oversight. 8 you could quite easily create an image with Bnll,me that would be too big lo IrLumaa floppy disk. II you're a professional Amiga artist, you* dhalnly going to need to Iranster images onto ditter l(iaelllnes now and then. II you can't actually get your images ott your hard drive and onto a floppy, you'll probably have to fork out In aa eipetisrve storage system such as a Syquest drive.
Ft you really do need JPEG compatibility, the best nptioo is la use a JPEG loader patch program, that can glve jlmost any graphics program JPEG loading and saving swpport, such as Pagger which was reviewed In CU AMIGA July 1994 issue, page 117 I CM trom Meridian Distribution, tel: Odt 843 35001 Alternatively, you can convert your IFF Images into JPEG lormat with an image processor such as Art DepartmentPro ass one tCIM 95 also trom Meridian Distribution sae above paragraph lor telephone number).
BRIGHTEN DARKEN Obviously this either makes the COLOURISE. Colourise gives the impression of viewing the selected part brighter or darker than before The effect is selected area through a coloured sheet ol glass, but still |ust like twiddling the brightness knob on a TV All you have leaves some ot the original colour showing through Tint is to do is fiddle about until you are satisfied a similar but stronger process mainly due to differences in the way the two pro grams work One thing III definitely still use Dpaint for is its wonderful symmetry functions, which Brilliance touches on. But
doesn't come near NIGGLES Anyone who has used Brilliance 1.0 may be a bit disappointed by the lack of major new features in this update Most of the changes will make life easier, but not give much more in the way of new creative options The lack of JPEG support is surprising Also, it would have been nice to see an integrated grabbing section, which could be used with VIDI or any other popular video digitiser to grab images from within the program Combined digitising and editing software has been around in the music sector for years - isn't it time the visual side got in on the act?
CONCLUSION Brilliance was a superb program in its original ver sion t .0. and the current changes have made it an even hotter property Feature for-feature. It beats Dpaint 4 with ease, which makes it the best graphics and animation package you can buy for your Amiga.
And. As if you needed any more excuses to buy it.
Although the RRP is £99.00 it's available to CU AMIGA readers for the crazy knock-down price of just £43.40! (though stocks are limited) At this price, it's an absolute steal and anyone who passes it up needs their head examining CU 106 NEW FEATURES The new features incorporated into Brilliance 2 which were not present in Brilliance 1. Ire as follows:
• NO MORE DONGLE! The anti-piracy dongle is no longer needed. In
ted. The program is now completely tree ot copy protection.
• MAGNIFY WITH TRUE VIEW OPTI Alimindtfcnnging when examining HAM
images in pfrfy mode.
• RUB THOUGH A new elfect At allows you to mb • through the male
image lo reveel Ihe spare image. ,!!'
• TWLENING INTERFACE (ITERATIONS The layout ol £ tweenlng section
has beAgangpd kwroom lor the load and save gadge loFween
settlJB. J
• FLIP BOOK. This lets you view specified sedcns ol the ammatldn.
Instead of tha whole thing IromMart lo linish.
• COLOUR CONVERSION ON LOADING You can now load pictures with
mete colours than the current screen made, wltheel changing
screen mode Fov esample.
You could load a HAM picture into a 64-colour screen, and the colours would he m-mappud automatically, with optional dithering 'EA'
• ANIMATION PRESENTATION MODE. Aa aafmatlea playback mode
dgslgned specilleally lot those fccofttng animations In video
is now included, making Ihe dulng process mac* mere Irturrdly.
' ' An
• CUSTOM SCREEN SIZES. Custom scraM*es aow need not be in
multiples ot 15.
A500 iH A50D. RA A600 fl A1200 tSi Al500 *A A20D0 VA A3000 WA 44000 *A EMERALD CREATIVE TECHNOLOGY, RAPID HOUSE, 54 WANDLE BANK, LONDON SW19 1DW. TEL: 081 715 8866.
Workbench 2 . Raid drive or 2 Howies and minimum 2UD HAM required _ VALUE FOR MONEY EFFECTIVENESS FLEXIBILITY C An essential buy lor anyone ¦ even remotely interested in 7 graphics and animation.
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It’s been a long time coming. The Microbotics SX- 1 has been rumoured since the CD32 was first announced, now it’s finally here and, blimey, it works. The SX-t promises CD32 owners all the capabilities of a full A1200 without sacrificing any of the functionality of the CD32 - ie you can now do almost everything you can with an A1200 and play CD32 games and plug in an FMV module.
The fabled SX-1 CD32 expansion is now available, albeit in very, LOOKING GOOD Installation is easy. The SX-1 plugs into the CD32’s expansion port at the rear. (The port that was previously only used by the FMV module). At the back of unit there are interfaces for an IDE hard drive and a Parallel printer. On the left-hand side there is the Parallel printer interface cousin - the Serial link, a floppy drive interface and AT keyboard port on either side of it and a small sound port. On the right-hand side there is a connector for a RGB monitor.
Once the SX-1 was up and running, everything went smoothly. Software booted and loaded from floppy, and the CD32’s CD-ROM drive, identified as CDO, was easily accessed from Amiga software, We tried all manner of normal A1200 titles and didn’t have any incompatibility problems. We also tried the Aminet CD and the files unarchived to floppy perfectly. A nice touch is that the SX-1 prevents the CD32 from resetting when you open the fliptop lid, and allows you to change Cds easily without rebooting between changes. CD32 games ran without a hitch.
RIPPED APART Having passed initial tests, we then went a stage fur- ther. Four small screws (two on each side) were begging to be undone and the case opened, so unscrew them we did. Lifting the lid from the case revealed a compact, densely populated, circuit board packed full of goodies such as a single SIMM socket for RAM expansion to 4 or 6Mb and a secondary internal IDE pod allowing for further hard drive storage. Incidentally, on the back of the cases is a hole which could, in theory, be used to connect external IDE devices to this internal pod - but no fudher details were available at
the time of writing.
SX-1 also has a bank of four jumpers which can set the amount of RAM present and delay power up for 10 seconds (which is handy with hard drives that require a warm up period?). The underside of the circuit board, however, did look as if some last minute changes had been made, but as it was one of the first production units this could be expected.
CONCLUSION The SX-1 is technically a good product, it does what it sets out to and does it well. With the SX-1 you can effectively turn your CD32 into an A1200, have a CD-ROM drive and FMV capability as well.
The addition of PCMCIA slots, better boxing and a trapdoor slot would have made this a definite must- have expansion. However, it’s a good product and very useful for CD32 owners who want more. Qti HMMMM ... It has recently been reported to CU AMIGA that the CD32 ROM, the controlling software inside the console, has several bugs. However, whether you are playing CD32 games, watching FMV movies or listening to CD audio discs these problems won't cause any problems, in fact you won’t even know they exist.
They are reportedly in the Amiga ROM and internal circuitry of the CD32 and won’t show up in normal CD32 activity. However, if you use the CD32 for more than playing games or watching movies, they may. If they really do exist, cause problems after prolonged usage.
CU AMIGA is currently investigating this scenario to find out if they do actually exist, and if they do, just how serious a problem they will present. We will be bringing you the full results of these investigations in the very near future - watch this space.
THE EXPANSIONS IN FUU The SX-1 provides the full complement of A1200 external interfaces and some extra goodies as well such as:
• An RGB monitor interface.
• Parallel printer and Serial (via a 9-pin D socket)ports.
• An AT keyboard interface.
• A standard Amiga floppy disk drive interface.
• Internal and external IDE hard drive connectors. The external
connector being a 37 pin D type.
• A single 72 pin SIMM socket to hold 2 or 4Mb of extra RAM.
• A battery backed up clock.
• A din Audio connector.
SX-I INDI £195 CD32 ONLY INDI, 1 RINGWAY INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, EASTERN AVENUE, LICHFIELD, STAFFS WS13 7SF. TEL: 0543 419 999 explain tnc various features VALUE FOR MONEY ??????????85% Pretty good, but no! Outstanding.
EFFECTIVENESS ??????????85% It's not bad but what about PCMCIA?
FLEXIBILITY ??????????87% Good, but really should have PCMCIA and the trapdoor development tor the CD32 £ Alongside the FMV module, it’s the best expansion tor _ the CD32. J OVERALL 89% At last Imagine 3 is on the shelves. Simon Smith looks for new features, finds a new price and, er ... renders.
II has taken a long time to get here, but the way in which the Imagine 3 works from previous versions has not been altered in the slightest. You still create objects in the Forms editor, add textures in the Detail editor, arrange them in the Stage editor. Add movements and special ettects in the Action editor and finally render the images in the Project editor.
A new editor has been added lor creating Splines (smooth curves), although it will probably get most use as a lont editor. PostScript type I fonts can be loaded and converted Into proper, solid Imagine objects Tests have shown that not all fonts are compatible, but those that do work render beautifully - very smooth and extremely professional looking.
ALL CHANGE tt is when creating objects that the other improvements made to release 3 become apparent. As soon as you start dabbling with the Stage or Detail editors, the changes to the perspective view window in the top right are pretty obvious.
Objects can now be rotated and views zoom in and out as you twiddle with the mouse It's very intuitive, and surprisingly nippy. The ability to examine objects Irom a variety of angles makes designing complicated scenes a lot easier, as does the option ot putting different objects in different layers so you can choose what is visible and what is hidden. For example, in a scene featuring a road and some cars, the detailed cars can be hidden whilst you work on the road Not drawing the detailed car objects will make screen refreshes a lot faster. Camera lines will also appear on screen, which
will make it easier to predict the view that will eventually be rendered Still in the Detail editor, the way in which brushes and textures are handled has been improved markedly, and now you can have as many ol both as as you please The number of predefined textures provided has also increased markedly with some simply stunning additions. My favourite is the Gas Giant: wrap it around a sphere, and use a FireBall light object to recreate a Shoemaker-Levy animation.
There are plenty of other new features too: the shape of an object can be quickly altered using vanous tools for bending and rippling, but per haps the most important new concept is that ot 'states’. Each Imagine object can have a different colour, texture, shape and position These are all grouped together as a state, and in an animation an object can have a different state for each frame. For example, in frame one the object could be a blue sphere, but in frame 10 the object is now a red cube. Imagine will calculate the in- between frames and this will create some terrific morphing
r. f. r. r. r r. r. r w. rj rArArA rA 'A ’A 'A rA
* A*A The bones feature is a new addition which, when combined
with states, provides the would-be film maker with some amazing
tools. Using bones objects can realistically move and change
shape as the object’s 'skin' moves and stretches realisti
cally. Bones are by no means a tool for the beginner, but
anyone upgrading from Imagine 2 will love them. A particle
option has also been added, and this will cause the facets that
make up an object to be move individually for weird water or
smoke effects.
EXTRA SPECIAL EFFECTS Imagine can apply an effect to each object, for example rotate or explode. There are now two global effects which can be added to the entire scene. The first is lens flare, which adds a realistic flash of light to a scene around each light source. The second is Haze, which adds a great distance effect. Both add a near-photographic effect to high resolution renders.
Effects can now be applied to light sources as well as for quite Venetian blind shadows.
There are still a few bugs still lurking inside Imagine. Occasionally sizing information set in the Stage editor gets 'lost' and needs to be fed in by hand into the Action editor. Also, Imagines bespoke stars have stopped moving depending on which direction you look at them. This means for SPECIAL OFFER You can now upgrade to Imagine 3 from any 3D package for just £89.95 plus £3.50 post and packaging. Make sure you mention CU AMIGA when you place your order.
Space animations you will need to create your own star-fields rather than rely on Imagine s. Perhaps the most important thing to remember when considering an upgrade from previous versions is that you will need a beefy Amiga. There is no point getting Imagine3 if you have an unexpanded A1200, as not only will you not have enough memory to load it, but you will grow old if you start experimenting with the new features.
Several times I have set up a complicated render to happen overnight, and come back the next morning to find it 30% complete.
Simple logos are OK, but if you are thinking of redoing Babylon 5 a 25MHz 68030 and 68882 is not fast enough, even with a 50MHz 68882 maths co-processor system time will pass extremely slowly. An ideal system would consist of an A4000 stuffed with RAM and one of the new 68040 accelerators. It's only with this sort of processor power that you'll be able to afford the time to experiment with all the new features, and even begin to do this program justice.
Imagine is fast becoming an Amiga classic, and the release of Imagine 3 brings some very exciting new features to experiment with. It will be extremely interesting to see how it measures up against the monster Lightwave program, which creators NewTec have recently announced will be available as a stand-alone package. -S EMERALD £599 (RRP1.
See boxout for special offer A600 T3A1200 9 A3000 B A4000 9 A500 A500 + A1500 B A2000 Requires 3Mb 6Mb recommended!, Hard drive. 68030 and FPU processor recommended.
EMERALD CREATIVE TECHNOLOGY, RAPID HOUSXE, 54 WANOLE BANK LONDON SW19 1DW. TEL: 081 715 8866 EASE OF USE The. Excel lent new manu, VALUE FOR MONEY The RRP is pricey, Du! It dillcrent EFFECTIVENESS Superb - renders look re experimenting to INNOVATION Many new feature allotdabie ill you f The best reason to get an ¦ ¦ A4000 040 yet. * OVERALL 90% Jj UiJU ACCELERATOR It’s here, the upgrade every A4000 owner has been waiting for. Andy Leaning checks out one of the first A4000 accelerators and turns his Amiga into the fastest Amiga available.
ADDITIONAL RAM BOARD CONNECTOR SIMM SOCKETS FOR EXTRA MEMORY GVP FEATURE CONNECTOR The A4000 Is the mosl powerful model in the Amiga range. And yel lor many users even all the raw power that its Motorola 68030 or 68040 CPU delivers just isn’t good enough Anyone who has tried rendering a complex 3D image, or any other other power-hungry graphics applications on the Amiga will testily to this.
For this reason A4000 owners have been crying out tor a way ot boosting their computers tor a long time. Now, Great Valley Products, have come up with the goods and released an aptly named accelerator card tor power-hungry users GVP GFORCE The GVP Gforce 040, code name T-Rexx, Is, as its name implies, a 68040 40MHz based card. It will work on both A4000 systems, the A4000 030 or 040 models, and the A3000. Other features include two standard 32-bit SIMM sockets lor adding RAM and two expansion sockets.
Unfortunately, the SIMM sockets can only take 4Mb or 16Mb modules and. Even more sneakily, will only accept custom GVP SIMMs The first ol the expansion slots, running parallel TUT 44000 040 44000 040 WITH OFORCI Apply Sharpen operalion in ImagtFX 35sec
15. 1765 sec
- Hanoi 15 rings) 29 6372sec
14. 37 set UgMWsve Render
3. 20 sec
1. 39 sec 8AIBB Sieve
10. 54
14. 71
26. 75 ©Sysinfo MIPS
15. 11
30. 53 aSysinto MFLOPS
4. 82
7. 14
* Hanoi: an ancient puzzle where a number ol rings ol growing
diameter are moved Irom one pole to another and then to a third
pole, but at no point must a larger ring be on top ol a smaller
one. The Hanoi program solves the problem, giving an indication
ol how last the computer can think - the more rings the more
Q denotes teste where a higher figure means (aster perlormance (not in seconds).
SPEED TRIALS to the SIMM sockets, is an additional RAM card connector. Having only two SIMM sockets on board limits maximum RAM to 32Mb (two 16Mb SIMMs), but using this connector you can add up to 128Mb ol RAM. This is done via another card, (can be either 4Mb or 16Mb populated) which plugs into the connector, this card has an addi tional six SIMM sockets, that when populated with RAM give 96Mb (six x 16Mb). When you add this to the 32Mb on-board RAM you get whopping 128Mbs ol RAM.
The second expansion slot is exciting. It's a full DMA port, allowing GVP to develop a series of further expansion cards that are connected directly to the processor and high-speed RAM, rather than indirectly going through the system BUS like other expansions. This approach also means that a precious Zorro slot isn’t used. Sockets of this nature are commonly available on Pcs. And are known as Local BUS sockets. Having a Local BUS connector for the Amiga is a major development for the future expansion potential of the A4000, and GVP can only be applauded in taking such a step. Currently,
GVP have only announced one product for this REPLACEMENT 68040 PROCESSOR * COOLING FAN connector, a SCSI-2 interface, but they should easily be able ' to develop Ethernet, graphics accelerators and other enhancement boards lor it.
At present, the Gforce card comes with 4Mb ot 60ns RAM and a 40MHz 68882 maths coproces- sor pre-installed I ran all my favourite Amiga applications and they all worked flawlessly. All ot them also benefited tremendously from staggering increases in speed Fuli results ol various speed tests can be found in the panel speed trials' (tar lett).
Overall, the Gforce card improved most operations. Slashing processing times by almost hall. For example, one operation in ImageFX took just
15. 1765 seconds compared to over 29 seconds on a normal A4000!
Hows that lor speed? 2r SILICA £999 PRICES FROM ONLY FREE
| j?xnmm-mmtei I 24pin 240cps 80column |9pin 192cps 80column
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tig* TOTAL VALUt: t17400 SAVING J StUCA met: WtT 87 £97
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Item Saca comm
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ungto ah u *«houl reloading LESS THAN 1 3 RRP!
INCLUDING VAT IftCUf) uvm i*:m utomunmm
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Dttorttamt 11-31 IttltEto 901*41 4455 GLASGOW Dttonhm 97 Aq&*
Strait MJ-221 OOU GUILDFORD 0483 301300 HUU DtbinMTi )»!»« i
Piosie Strw: 0482 25151 IPSWICH DebarMmi • no a*, WtstpM Svetl
0473 221313 IONOOH 5? Icotrwn Court Raid 071 -500 4000 LONDON
OetWumi - n. tot 334 Oriird SI 171 493 3735 10N00N Seflndges
363Ortcrt Si 071-021 12* LUTON Crtrr-tunrs Amaie Centre 0502
21201 MANCHESTER OaDanlta 041 832 MM PLYMOUTH Dtowfurs
A Rc PnOt 0752 2M6M SHCFFMID Dtorvaa TtoMw 0742 75M11 SOCUP
UTNMw W MOI 1302 0011 W(Honie|:------------ 1 Suwon*___ I I
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hires 256 colours for AGA Machines PBWI5-4. VVOOI)
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Bart «c One your Videowork a __ PB115-4. TEXTURES Varou* high quMiy Texluro Image* ten ute on any Amiga modal •nth any Video . "g «*»*?-_ PBS 15-5. STONE PBN15-5. NATURAL turai scene* including Clouds ard ter. Al «w«i are of the highesi Hock*. Pmeios. Sionoa « Al vay hgn quatdy image* Parted for grrtng your ORDER FORM Name___________________ Credit card detail*.
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SAMI DAVC1ARAN TITLbS ADD £4.00 Epic Marketing, First Floor Offices, Victoria Centre, 138-139 Victoria Rd, Swindon, Wills. SN13BU. Tel: 0 93 490988 CU AMIGA HEALTHCARE PRODUCTS HEART TRACK Throw away your stopwatches, Andre Digard checks out the latest Heart Rate Monitor.
If you exercise frequently you will appreciate Ihe usefulness of knowing exactly how your heart is performing. The fitter you are, the less your heart rate changes with exertion. So tor all you fitness fanatics, Healthcare Technology Ltd have launched Heart Track - a simple little heart-monitoring device which you strap onto your chest. It comes with a separate receiver which connects to the serial port of the Amiga and a disk containing the monitoring software. Once you have loaded it up and strapped it on. It's ready to go.
Heart Track shows a large display ot your heart rate and a graph with your comparative heart trace over a period of time. So. For example, you could use it to keep track of your heart rate during training sessions and then plot a graph to compare your heart rate with earlier training sessions.
Heart Track doesn't just measure your heart whilst you are exercising, drinking a cup of coffee has an interesting effect for example. That's where it ends though, and I was mightily surprised for several reasons. Firstly, why was the transmitter box designed to strap onto your chest? Anyone who is familiar with cardiovascular technology will know that a reliable reading should be taken from the wrist and it is more comfortable for the user.
The transmitter is also overly large - as a comparison Casio produce an ECG monitor which fits inside a watch.
Also, there is no facility to read blood pressure which is something that normally goes hand in hand with this type of product. The addition ot blood pressure readings would turn it into a superb laboratory system for schools and colleges. More facilities for improved accurate distinctions would be useful for using the machine for serious study.
Also, The option of wiring it to the receiver would make it far more versatile in range. The transmitter range is very small, limiting Heart Track to a single exercise machine.
However, the excellent quality of construction is superb, the transmitter is even waterproof for those sweat-dripping sessions and there is a thoughtfully-included strap for the receiver. The presentation is what you would expect for the price, the manual is very brief and clear.
My fitness trainer was fascinated. I'm still not convinced though.
Healthcare Technology Ltd., York House, City Fields Business Park, Tangmere, Nr Chichester, West Sussex PO20 6FR.
Tel: 0243 528800 Price: £94.95 ZjZs' .
Tony Horgan sits up straight and pins back his ears as he boots up a new ear training system.
If you ever wanted to tune a piano, but couldn’t recognise a pure note, Cochlear Consciousness is just what you need. It’s designed to teach the ear to recognise chords, chord progressions, just tuning', temperament tuning and absolute pitch. It does this with a collection of six independent programs, all of which revolve around a similar basic sound generator system.
The main display is pretty much the same for all the programs. The top section has a piano keyboard arrangement with the black notes in between the white notes, as opposed to being offset above and to the side as they appear on a real keyboard. You can play the keyboard by clicking on any of the keys. Holding the mouse button and moving the mouse away from the key will sustain the note, allowing you to click more notes to make chords.
Prodding the keys isn't going to get you far, The chord section plays you s collodion ot notes, and asks you lo dick on the keys lo recieate the seme chord.
Il i iftV cheNi kamonic* tKitj si;l f SI mini IV N IIHIII r T ;«1 »»per ibsotatr Each ol Ihe six parts ol Ihe system can be loaded separately, which keeps RAM requirements lo a bare minimum.
So there’s a quiz option included to test your chord and pitch recognition skills. It works in much the same way for each program. A note or chord is played by the computer, and you have to play it back by selecting the right notes or harmonics.
COCHLEAR CONSCIOUSNESS In order to keep the sounds 'pure', not complicated by unnecessary harmonics, a simple synthesised wave is used for all the notes.
Unfortunately, this sounds like the last moments of a demented wasp, and really starts to grate after as little as a few seconds. This might seem a small niggling point, but it’s not when it drives you crackers and forces you to quit the program just to give your ears a rest. The overall look and feel is rather amateurish. However, if lor any reason you feel the need to train your ears in this fashion, then Cochlear Consciousness is definitely worth a look, if only because there seems to be nothing else like it available.
Available from: Plercepton, 375 N.Quince Street, Salt Lake Cily, UT 84103-1641.
Tel: 801 521 7215 Price: $ 150 WE MUST BE MAD!!!
£12.95 £12.95 £9.95 £9.95 ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST DISK STORAGE
3. 5" X 100 CAPACITY BOX £4.75
3. 5“ X 50 CAPACITY BOX £3.50
3. 5" X 20 CAPACITY BOX £2.50
MANY MORE PRODUCTS ARE ON DISPLAY ALL AT LOW PRICES PLEASE ADD £3.50 FOR P&P (UK MAINLAND ONLY - OTHER DESTINATIONS WILL BE CHARGED AT COST) CHEQUES, P O S TO:- MICROMANIAoept AMP 74 OLDBURY ROAD, ROWLEY REGIS, WARLEY, WEST MIDLANDS B65 OJS TEL: 021 559 1002 All offers subject to availability All prices subject to change without notice E & O.E. Looking for a collection of decent 3D textures for Scala, Imagine or Lightwave? Look no further. Andy Leaning is here with the latest S| volume of 3D Textures from Alternative Image, p- __ to capture the diversity ot the pictures supplied in the samples
shown on this page.
So what does it look like like? The picture quality is supeil»i«hough there is a.certaigjoss o detail in some images, the A1200 circuit board for example. Given that Alternative Image, the creators, are promoting these pictures as textures to use in 3D rendering this loss of detail isn't as serious as it would be if they were being sold as DTP clipart . Where line detail would be needed. Several images, partipulartyjhose ot people, also suffer Injm pixeltsation around the edges, this I suspect, is-a result of using JPECTCompression. Which is a shameas they are otherwise very good.
CONCLUSION For users whose principal Amiga activity is creating presentations, 3D rendering or painting I have no hesitation in recommending this pack. The quality ot the images are superb, the quantity supplied is amazing and the price (or such a large number of impressive pictures is a bargain! I2&„ L ¦ I you use your Amiga lor graphics you'll need a ¦ source ol high quality images. No matter what W I sort ot work you do. Be it 3D rendering, video titling, or presentations, decent backgrounds and textures are a must.
In tact, a good surface on a 3D model or backdrop tor a presentation will completely change the I quality ot your work. Whilst you may get away with using a low-cost scan from one of the many clipart books available your work just won't stand out.
DO IT YOURSELF? * But where can you get decent artwork that you can I use without incurring charges? There are plenty of k~ photo library books available, but these normally have a copyright so in order to use them you will t have to pay a lee to the copyright holder. Yousam I could try making your own illustrations, by either r painting your oxyp backgrounds or photographing r reitural environments and then scanning them, but
* both ot these require you to have some artistic skill and
expensive scanners if your pictures will be of any quality.
High resolution, AA or 24-bit clipart is another I solution, these are tiles where someone else has ' done the hard work lor you and created Amiga compatible graphics tiles. Alternative Image Creative Presentations are now selling a 12-disk set, Alternative 3D textures, of such images, each disk I being packed with different pictures. Previously.
' . They released similar disk sets, but these were made up ot multiple versions ol each tile, eacbln ditterent formats.
_ The latest set. Volume 3. Uses just one tile formal (JPEGj which has a'better compression ratio, enabling Alternative Image to cram more images on each disk. Programs which read JPEG tiles ** are commonly available such as ImageFX, AdPro, I Pegger etc [ mg JPEG tiles'! It not you ran t be that serious!
PICTURES GALORE There are over 120 ditterent pictures supplied across the 12 disks. These span practically every PRODUCT TEST CU AMIGA A500 ¥A A500* A600 WA A1200 A1500 m A2000 3I A3000 A4O0Q ALTERNATIVE IMAGE, 6 LOTHAIR ROAD, LEICESTER LE2 7GB.
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Oj ran»a & cooa»g »«r* can !• n** ty -a I 9 auKMd «W«B qucWy * qu«0y iedt*e oyameabng *»i resKxe AVAILABLE TOR OVP All30, O- PORCt. A5J0. MXCRObOTZCS A POWER ACCELERATORS, A4000, XDS 3.5" HARD DRIVE EXTERNAL HOUSING KIT COLOUR MATCHED ALLOT CASE TAKES 1,5" IDE DRIVES IDE ADAPTOR t 2.5* CABLE BD INSTALL PREP 0XSB NOW ONLY £49.99 'I OVP A1230-2 40HHz GVP A1230-2 50MHz 5»Hl WITH no Ipil * Oaaq ... 114 SraiHt WITH 4«C no fPU .....(49 1 If you already have a drive , the cables are I available separatelyi- 1
2. 5" 2.5" IDE CABLE £9.99 I
3. 5“ 2.5" ADAPTOR £ CABLE £21.99 I TV MODULATOR (eaehange)
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VOL1 .111.95
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SHEET rilOtt
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I Pie-.- -JJ pari pau MI7AGR 14 .... MIBI0PPK8 .... wart HA TTY* l .
Pacasitter i .. cvp ica iM n.a DONT'MISS OUR ATLAS 4HEO RAM, 280MEO HO 1999 ? VAT 11099 ? VAT 11199 ? VAT (1499 ? VAT (1799 ? VAT ATLAS TURBO 1904 486SX2S ATLAS TURBO 2104 486DI40 ATLAS TURBO J9B4 486012-46: 6MEO RAM, 280MEO BD ATLAS POT1IM *0 PCI B9CO RAM 4 2 CMS a BD | SUPERB SPEC! J.v p LOPPI 0* 14* SVGA C0UW» MM acrusatc* *:»*•» i.i a nasi MknWll" S» rllBJUKIARDS (HI All A, OKAPI IN M ARKS I R I i MMWOMRNlMRfMil *• favwsn uhd.omuum * II' • RPUAIIrcublW.9SIUN taskA«1 . I nly £289.99 inc leads OPTIONAL STEREO StSTEMS EcmH MAT RUDCST STRAKO .. 119.14 !¦ JOMATT mMO SYSTEM 141.99 Everyone wants
_ j ft extra speed and J J BUYERS’ GUIDE CU AMIGA more memory. Now T~~ there are even more options than ever. Tony Horgan dissects the main players for the A1200.
BUZZARD 1220; The 'sequel' to the 1204 looks almost identical, except for the addition of a 28MHz 68020 processor which is permanently mounted on the board.
The original Blizzard 1204 RAM board is still available tor those who need the extra RAM.
Without the expense of an accelerator. The 1204 comes in two conligurations. One with a PLCC 33MHz 58882 FPU, and one without.
Both boards have 4Mb ot RAM installed along with a clock. Unlike most of Ihe other boards, the Blizzard 1204 only extends hallway down the length ol the trapdoor slot, which makes it much easier to install than most ot its competitors. The RAM is in the form of permanently surface- mounted chips. There are no SIMM sockets for further RAM additions.
If all you want is some extra RAM. And you think an extra 4Mbs is going to be enough, then this is definitely one of your best options. Bear in mind that if in foture, you need to add more RAM. You'll have to get a whole new board, or get a 16-bit PCMCIA RAM card.
Even though there isn’t a processor on the board, your A1200 will benefit from the addition of fast RAM, which will speed up many applications and certain games, although not as much as an accelerated processor would. Sysinfo clocked it at 2.69 MIPS.
Available from: Gordon Harwood Computers, New Street, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 7BP.
Tel: 0773 863781.
Prices: £169.95, £249.90 (with 33 Mhz FPU).
It comes on the same half size circuit board, with a clock and an optional PLCC 33MHz 68882. Its trump card Is its speed increase, which is (according to Sysinlo) nearly three and a half times faster than a straight 2Mb A1200, clocking up 4.68 MIPS.
Considering the price, this is quite an achievement. The best budget RAM and accelerator combination.
Available from: Gordon Harwood Computers, New Street, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 7BP.
Tel: 0773 863781. .fTgh Prices: £219.95. £299.90 (with 22 Mhz FPU).
At the other end of the scale from the basic Blizzard RAM boards, the 1230-11 is a monster. It has two SIMM sockets for your own choice of portable RAM and has sockets for both PLCC and PGA type FPUs. It also has an accelerated processor on board.
This can be either a 40MHz 68EC030, or a 50MHz 68030. The 50MHz version has a built-in MMU.
There are also two expansion busses. One of these can be connected to a SCSI 2 interface (available trom Harwoods tor £89.95) I he other is reserved lor future expansion'. So lar nothing has yet been developed to plug into this second expansion slot, and nothing has been promised, but we are told that extras are planned if the demand is there.
The board we tested was powered by a 50MHz 68030. Which had the computer running at amazing speeds, visibly out-running a 25MHz A4000 040 in some situations' It clocked up 7 6 MIPS with Sysinfo.
And in terms of sheer speed, turned in the best performance of any A1200 accelerator we have seen.
I should mention that one or two programs did crash out with this installed (the stunning Brain State in a Box demo, for example), although this may be due to non-standard memory addressing by the software. Whatever the reason, it seems to be completely stable with all OS-legal applications.
Apart from that, it s a superb bit of kit, something for every A1200 owner to lust after and if hadn’t crashed it would have been a dear winner.
Available from: Gordon Harwood Computers, New Street, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 7BP.
Tel: 0773 863781.
Prices: Basic 40 Mhz 68EC030 board (no RAM nor FPU) £244.95. Basic board with 50 Mhz 68030 £329.95. Additions: 1 Mb RAM £49.95, 4 Mb RAM £149.95, 33 Mhz FPU £79.95. i '" VIPER TURBO MK II Power Computing's Viper has grabbed the attention of just about every serious A1200 owner.
Offering RAM and acceleration at a relatively low price. It's been teetering on the brink of release for a while, and now it's finally arrived. The basic board comes with a 28MHz 68030 with a built-in » MMU. And a dock There are sockets lor both PGA and PLCC type FPUs, and a single standard SIMM slot You can buy the bare board, with just the 68030. Or you can go lor a number ol options Power Computing can supply the Viper with 2. 4 or 8Mbs ol RAM. And you can also choose Irom 20, 33,40 or 50 Mhz FPUs. The combination ol RAM and the accelerator gives an increase ol around lour to live times
that ol a straight 2Mb A1200.
II you want a good all-rounder, with flexibility to expand when you need to, the Viper is a very good option, and is priced very competitively It's also the cheapest way to add an MMU to your 1200.
For mid-range acceleration and RAM expansion, it’s hard to beat.
Available Irom: Power Computing, 44 a.b Stanley Street. Bedford MK41 7RW.
Tel: 0234 273000.
Prices: Basic 28 Mhz 68030 board (no FPU or RAM) £159. Viper with 2Mb £239. 4Mb £309.
8Mb £479. Additional FPUs: 20MHz £25. (flk 33MHz £60. 40 Mhz £80, 50 Mhz £120. '¦-¦rJM With last RAM and the 40MHz processor on board, the A1200 is accelerated to around six or seven times its original speed. The 50MHz 68030 takes it up to eight or nine times the normal speed This is just about on par with the Blizzard At 230-11.
In lact, the differences in these two similarly-named boards are very slight. The Blizzard has an extra feature connector, and can take both types ol FPU.
When prices ol the GVP and Blizzard 1230-11 boards are compared, the Blizzard comes out on top. For example, a GVP 1230-11 with a 40MHz 68EC030. 4Mb ol RAM and no FPU checks out at £429. A Blizzard 1230-11 with the same specs will only set you back £394 90. The gap grows as the j Blizzard 1230-11 and Power Computing s Viper, this was Ihe only option tor a major A1200 power-up. It s available in a variety ol configurations.
There are two processor options: a 40MHz 68EC030 or a 50MHz 68030 with built-in MMU You can also add RAM to the two standard SIMM slots, and a PGA type FPU, In addition to this, there's a connector that can be hooked up to a SCSI 2 interlace. Further peripherals were initially planned (a 16- bit sound sampler was on the cants), but so lar nothing has matenalised specs get higher: a GVP 1230-11 with a 50MHz 68030, 8Mb ot RAM and no FPU costs £699, while the equivalent Blizzard 1230-11 is available tor £629.95. In the defence ol the GVP board, it was completely stable in our tests, whereas the
Blizzard did trip up on occasion. Pricing aside, the GVP 1230-11 is still the top At 200 expansion, sharing the crown with the Blizzard.
MIDIUflV COMPUTCR MAINTCNflNCC Mail Order Performance Parts AMIGA & PC Repoirs Upgrodes Phone: 0234-826211 Fax:0234-824681 Available from: Silica Systems, 1-4 The Mews, Hatherly Road, Sidcup, Kent DA14 4DX. Tel: 081 309 1111.
Prices: 40MHz board: £229 (0Mb RAM), £249 (1Mb), £429 (4Mb), £529 (4Mb +FPU), £629 (8Mb). 50 Mhz with MMU: £299 (0Mb), £329 (1 Mb), £499 (4Mb), £599 (4Mb * FPU) £699 (8Mb).
AMITEK HAWK Although the Hawk is primarily sold as a "RAM board accelerator" it is a RAM board. Although it will speed up your A1200, it doesn't have an accelerated processor. It has a single SIMM slot on the back ol the board, which can take up to 8 Mb. There's also a clock, and a slot lor a PLCC FPU.
The main advantage the Hawk has over other RAM boards is that it uses SIMMs lor its memory, instead ol custom chips that are permanently soldered onto the board. This gives you more flexibility should you want to use the RAM in another system at some time, and gives you the option of buying RAM from a cheaper source il you can find one. If RAM is your main requirement, the Hawk is well worth considering.
Available from: Silica Systems, 1-4 The Mews, Hatherly Road, Sidcup, Kent DA14 4DX. Tel: 081 309 1111.
Prices: £99 (1Mb) £139 (2Mb) £199 (4Mb) £399 (8Mb). Add £60 for a 33 Mhz FPU and £100 lor a 40 Mhz FPU.
PROCESSOR CLOCKING 8elore you buy an accelerator check il ils CPU has been clocked. This is a process where Ihe accelerator is told to run faster than it has been safely tested at by Motorola, ie taking a 20MHz 68020 and running it at 28MHz. Ooing so may lead to the CPU burning out earlier than would be expected, leaving you with a costly repair bill. The reasons tor this practice are that Motorola chips are priced according to their speed, thus a 25MHz 68020 is cheaper than a 30MHz version. By buying a slower, and thus cheaper CPU, and speeding it up manufacturers can market faster
accelerators for less cash (which has advantages tor them and you). For the record, according to Motorola they only sell the lollowing chips at these speeds, others are not olticial speeds. The 68020 is sold in 16.
20. 25 and 30MHz versions, the 030 is available running at speeds
of 20. 25. 33.40 and 50MHz. And the 040 can be found at 25.33
and 40MHz.
Much More available, please phone a fox for o full price list All prices include VAT. Prices may change, €SO€.
_Next Day Delivery £4 Power Computing said that they've encountered no problems since they started selling their clocked accelerator (Viper). Giles Harwood at Gordon Harwood said that most current Blizzard boards operate at Motorola standard speeds, only the 1220 is clocked, well within the tolerances ol the chip design. GVP's boards use unaltered Motorola chips.
Nmigas Al 200 Zero HD £285
2. 5 3.5 80M8....£440 250M8..£445 170M8. .£500 340M8. £540 250MB
.,,£535 540Mb. £650 Race N Chose Utility Disk Idt's
3. 5" IDE Drives 212MB, 12ms.l28K... 256M8, 12ms, 64K.... 270M8,
12ms, 128K.. 340M8, 12ms, 128K.. 420M8, 12ms, 128K.. 540MB,
12ms, 128K..
2. 5" ID6 Drives .£175 .£190 £200 .£210 .£260 £350 85M8, 16ms,
32K...... .£145 .£200 £219 £259 Disk 127MB. 16ms, 32K. ..
170M8, 16ms, 32K. .. 250MB, 16ms, 32K ... Includes Cable +
GVP 32-Bit 68030EC 40Mhz 50Mhz Ram 1 - 32Mb 72 Pin Battery Backed Clock 40Mhz 50Mhz Omb.....£239 Omb £360 4Mb.....£435 4Mb.....£535 8Mb.....£619 8Mb.....£749 FPU prices, please call SCSI - II Hard Drive
1. 05 Gb 12ms, 256K .....£650
2. 10Gb 1 Oms, 256K .....£1060 GVP 1230-II Modules SCSI II
Interface £70 Amiga CD32 Includes 4 Games...£239 FMV.
..£189 RAM - Random Access Memory.
CM) - Central Processing Unit. The CPU is the heart ol the
computer, the bit that tells all the other chips what to do.
FPU - Floating Point Unit. An FPU is a kind ol processor that deals with certain types ol maths operations often used by ray-tracing and fractal generation programs.
Mhz - MegaHertz means 'thousands ol times per second” so a 50 Mhz processor cycles 50,000 times every second.
SIMM - Single In-line Memory Module. This is a standard type ol RAM that comes mounted on a thin strip ol circuit board. SIMMs ot identical size can hold up to 128Mbs.
MMU - Memory Management Unit. This checks the movement ol data around the memory.
An MMU is essential lor the debugging utility Enforcer, and is also required by the virtual memory software GigaMEM.
PGA - Pin Gate Array. There are two types ot FPUs commonly used. The PGA type has a pins on its underside that plug into a square block on the board.
PLCC - Plastic Leadless Chip Carrier. This is the other type ol FPU, which has metal contacts around its sides, and sits in a cup-shaped socket on the board.
:x rv¦.
INSTALLATION I Installing these boards should be a simple matter ot plugging them into the expansion slot 8' on the underside of the A1200. However, many call lor great teats ot manual dexterity before they'll lit properly. Occasionally, bad construction means that a board is just too big «v to lit (often due to a crystal that sits up too high trom the circuit board). The hall-length £ Blizzard boards are the easiest to tit. While the big Amitek and GVP boards can be a bit troublesome. Great care should be taken when lilting any ol these boards, as it s very easy
* 2 to damage the Amiga's expansion port or the board itself,
especially II you're having a bit It of hassle getting it in.
Be patient or get your dealer to do it lor you.
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• supply ms with Iht following tor 17 BIT COLLECTION Double CD
Disk 1-2301 £36.99 17 BIT CONTINUATION 17 Bii Disks 2302-2800.
Auann games I -40 £18.99 I pson dot matrix printers have long been held I in high regard. Almost every manutacturer I makes Epson-compatible machines, it’s considered the industry standard system. Now, after a prolonged courtship with the business world, they have come to woo the mass market.
E You will, I’m sure, have come across several types of inkjet printers, most notable must be the Canon Bubblejet range. These printers work by spraying tiny dots of ink onto the paper to produce an image. Last year, Epson quietly introduced their own Stylus range of inkjet printers in direct competition to Canon's Bjs. Now Epson have decided to blow Canon out of the water.
The new colour Stylus is the most outrageous inkjet ever. Why? It prints at 720 dots per inch.
Yeah, read it again, 720 DPI. This printer can produce better quality output than many cheap laser printers. That’s not theory, it really can cut the mustard. The best results are obtained by using special inkjet paper, but even using photocopy paper gives excellent results.
ROCK 'N' ROLL The first thing that strikes you about this printer is its size. It's big. No two ways about it, this beast chews up the kind of desk space normally reserved for lasers. Your desk had better be rock solid as well, otherwise it'll be shake, rattle and roll when you print something.
The simple reason for this is the weight of the print-head which zaps back and forth at an amazing speed. The speed quoted by Epson for the Stylus is 200 characters per second, which is a far more accurate figure than most manufacturers give. In practice, this leads to a speed of around two pages per minute when printing a document that is rich in text such as a page from a book, or about three pages per minute when printing letters.
Graphics are another matter entirely, with speeds so variable that it would be impossible for me to quote a sensible figure, suffice to say though that the printer was kept waiting by my A1200 every time, sometimes even when printing black and white Final Writer documents .
PAPER NEWS The Stylus has a very respectable 100 sheet automatic teed which can cope with most weights ol paper. Loading the printer could hardly be easier.
Get a wad ot paper, lift the catch tray and slot it in.
No luss, no bother, it doesn't even mind the paper going in slightly askew, the printer seems to straighten it out all by itself up to a certain point.
Epson recommend a maximum ot 90 gsm (grammes per metre') paper and, though a little on the flimsy side, this should be perfectly adequate for most people. I've tried it with paper up to 120 gsm and the printer seemed to cope with consummate ease, so I can only assume the maximum is to prevent possible paper jams.
If the printer should jam then there is a really After featuring in last month’s news section the new Epson Stylus Colour is put through its paces by Andre Digard.
Wonderful solution, there is a paper feed knob built onto the side. You must switch the printer off to use it but, if you have ever suffered a paper jam on a Deskjet or BJ, you will certainly realise just how useful this inclusion is.
With the printer and these give absolutely stunning results. This paper has been designed specifically for the Stylus and conforms to its ink dot sizes. Two versions are available, one for printing at 360 DPI, the other for 720 DPI. Be warned though, I was unable to get a price on this paper but the equivalent Hewlet Packard paper costs around £1 per sheet (gulp!).
NEWSPAPERS One of the main reasons for buying a colour inkjet has to be if you want to print your own brochures and illustrative material. When Hewlet Packard released their colour Deskjets everyone cooed, ahhed and began to buy them.
They didn’t produce the most wonderful prints but they beat the hell out of everything else. Then Canon released a colour Bubblejet to great fanfare only a short while ago and even more people started to consider colour as an option.
Colour BubbleJets produce slightly higher quality output than the Deskjet and they look much If you or your company are interested in doing presentation work then you will be pleased to know that the Stylus can quite happily print onto transparencies for use in overhead projectors. These days large companies consider this to be a must and clients are almost always impressed by it.
Epson even include some really useful tips in the manual as to how to get the biggest wows from your work. A deft flick of a couple of switches and the feeder can also handle envelopes. Again these should be up to a maximum of 90 gsm, though this time you should stick to that limit, thicker envelopes tend to get extraneous ink marks on them.
Epson produce a range of special inkjet paper and transparencies for those extra glossy prints.
Also, some sample sheets of the paper are supplied EPSON £639+VAT (RRP) A500. 9 A600 QA1200 1 A2000 WA A3000 WA A4000 1 A500 1 At 500 1 EPSON (UK) LTD, CAMPUS 100, MAY- LANDS AVENUE, HEMEL HEMPSTEAD, HERTS. HP2 7TJ. TEL: (0800) 289622 CONCLUSION With a street price ol less lhan £500 this pnnler is undoubtedly the best ol its kind. There are many EASE OF USE VALUE FOR MONEY jch more expensive lor a lar EFFECTIVENESS oage. Prints crisp lexl and FLEXIBILITY 4 true Ml winder, ideal lor 1 'iome or business, hgbl or INNOVATION ????????«?99% f So good I’ve decided to buy one. J OVERALL 98% »
prettier too. It is also one step closer to having your own printing press.
Now the Stylus is available it really is the closest thing to having a colour laser on your desk. The resolution is so high that only dye sublimation or phase change printers can beat it. A colour laser will only produce better quality prints it it is capable ol higher resolution - and most ol the reasonably priced ones aren’t.
This machine is easily capable ol producing decent artwork Even digitised pictures, the bane ol inkjets. Can be reproduced with respectable accuracy. I wouldn’t want to use the prints as linal artwork, but lor one-ofl presentations or as a highly accurate prooting machine this printer is the absolute business NOW YOU HAVE TOTAL CONTROL Here lies a problem (thankfully I have the solution 10 hand as well). The majority ol the controls lor the Epson are supplied as two PC programs. The llrst program calibrales the printer, ie. It tests lor banding where the ink runs together making dark lines in
your output and for whiting where the ink runs apart leaving white lines ol paper showing through. This stage is very important and you should insist that it is done by your dealer unless you have access to a PC.
The other program is the main printer driver.
This wouldn't be a problem but lor the fact that I cannot find a 720DPI primer dnver lor the Amiga.
It’s hardly surprising really, this is the very first inkjet printer capable of that high a resolution Canon Studio (as reviewed in August 94 PD Utilities section) does an excellent job ol producing output al 360DPI. Including some re ally good colour correction.
No'doubt some enterprising soul will write a lull driver lor the Stylus soon, perhaps even Epson themselves il they are pushed by enough buyers. The actual control panel on the front ol the printer is kept to a minimal six buttons, one being the on off switch.
All ol the major functions are immediately THE ECONOMY OF COOL PRINTING One ol the best features ol the Stylus is its piezo print head. This cunning little device is based around the idea ol using piezo electric crystals to control the llow ol ink. II dramatically reduces Ihe size of the necessary electronics to spray the ink.
Many advantages come from this, not least ol which is a reduction m size ol the dots the printer is capable ol making, leading to much liner quality ol printing and hence the absolutely amazing 720 DPI resolution That isn’t Ihe end ol it either - these crystals slay cool whilst in operation too, which leads Io the Epson being more accurate and economical with the ink than any other mk|et on the market No ink gets evaporated and it dries much faster than comparable inktets.
II you have used a Canon or Hewiel Packard you'll know that every time you replace Ihe ink cartridge you are throwing away the print head.
This is because they rapidly wear out due to latigue from constant heating and cooling.
Not so the Epson. The print head stays with the printer, which in turn leads to lar cheaper ink cartridges and lar lower pnntmg costs. These ink cartridges are absolute monsters in comparison with most that are available. They hold at least twice as much ink as their equivalents in other pnnters. They are really easy to install, press a couple ol buttons and the printer presents the print head lor you.
Drop the cartridges in, lock them in place and oil you go. Unlike Ihe Canon or HP cartridges, once installed they should not be removed unless they are to be replaced which some people may lind annoying.
There are only really Iwo competitors lor this printer, Canon’s BJC600 and Hewlet Packard's ' Deskiet 560C both ol which are lantaslic prod- ucls. The Stylus shoots them both down in llames though. It has lar beller resolution than Ihe HP which can only manage 300DPI when pnnting colour, it costs less than the BJC600 and it's more economical to run than either of them. If you already have either the Canon or the HP. Sell up as soon as a decent printer dnver is available At 720DPI the print quality is stunningly beller lhan either ol them. It is the printer that you hoped they would be This
printer is likely to have the market to itself lor a long time to come. The printing systems used by both Canon and HP just aren't capable ol being built to this resolution Even il they were the Epson would slill be cheaper 10 run.
Obvious with the more obscure functions utilising a combination ol button presses.
There is a very good selection ol foms. Seven ol them being available from the panel, they include standard Roman. Sans Seril, proportional Roman and Ihe ubiquitous Script.
Unlike most other printers you can also stop everything and flush the buffer without switching oil. This is a wonderlul leature lor me, there have been many occasions where an extra piece ol good-quality paper has been wasted because an old printer relused to stop once it had started.
With the price ol specially coaled inkjet paper this leature is an absolute blessing which is missed out lar too many other manufacturers cheap (i.e. £2.500*) colour lasers that can t produce this kind ol quality.
The only reasonably priced colour printer which can beat it on graphics is the Fargo Primera but it (alls down on word processing or text applications and costs a small defence budget to run. As with any high resolution printer, especially as this is colour, you will need to have plenty of memory available. I would recommend at least 4Mb.
II you use a large program like Final Writer then think 6Mb minimum. When a 720 DPI driver becomes available, even that may not be enough memory.
The build quality is high, the speed is high, the specifications are high, the output is superlative and the running costs are low Whether it is lor home or office use the Stylus is the best printer in its class by a considerable margin. II you want a good all round colour printer buy one ol these Epsons. 'a!'
UT UT eS i T cmes sevo YOUR ORDERS TO: GROUND ZERO SOFTWARE (CU) 4 CHANDOS ROAD REDLAND BRISTOL. BSP 6PE ENGLAND TELEPHONE 0272 741462 (OFFICE HOURS) U291 RELOKICK 1.4 Dcwrgraooa Ktctutart 3 lo Kcrarl ]«Mr correnholty piobfcr U30' A-REXX MANUAL - E.ienfcn, menu* c U418 MO SAMPtIR »2 - Several *-u*C "KOule -gp-ira US79 LANDSCAPE G*«n la-to.CN* Oauj-M U384 VIEWTEK 2.1 AntmpKluta «•« ' U32S OCTAMED V2.0 Muec cononi Ida bov.
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Run H&Krl-jm urea on yoiv Amga. Load in Kttwaifr 0103 MESSYSJO
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(M19 LECadiLECaam AwamOy (noorammng Uioaoo adtpr and compFa*. AI ur .p. U4I7 1200 NARD DRIVE SET UP DISK Fcvmaoing are paraibmrg jglr-a-a Ip* a* A1 ManJOwacmmM Lxm l wjiil motilhs lor ComnnxWcs A1200 CD ROM.
Xappo’s AI200CD ROM drive is here. Now.
• Double Speed.Mulu Session CD ROM.
• Photo CD Compatible.
• Plays CD32 Software and standard music CD’s.
• Slots into PCMCIA slot (unlike Commodore’s).
Available Early July.
Phone for further details.
IHOIOQCCK - ASSASSWS GAMES '00 OMLV Med in the Ammuniatriea rtouM
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A!0 »(A6(XI om unlcv' l-l.ilc.: IKEY: .LSI l| Am iVt*n.».
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U408, U409, U410.
EMPTY HEAD Produced 0173 |2 0(SKS| ORIGIN I mi ..'I •*:••• aieoeveiooW E59 STAR VIEW - Oapuys al the aiara. Plfceta.
Ana convolUUYts Wlih room laaity E16 CHESS TUTOR fou* prc *r4 mu aha ,0u m-oua- i"ie 'uoa »-j*ro pan in "toc mas:nos.
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(23 TOTAL CONCEPTS • ASTRONOMY LOUO* I nwiamng lacta re a-gtnoa tola.
E24 TOTAL CONCEPTS - DMOSAURS AI latcot p*ehaio*ic Ea*in I £76 FRENCH WORD TESTER Title rama gsma. E*n card snows a Oke-em 25« i
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E58 DESERT STROM HYPERBOOK Mub mode p*eee*taln*i ol Bio Iraq war Day by day accouni.
ONFIOENI E65-E86 12 0*SKS TARRO MASTER £18 BIORHYTHMS Reveali ,ou* monl-iy t £17 CALORIE BASE Cou"l «orcatx« I T40-T42 13 DISKS) GRAPEVINE • 19 The Amiga ao. Magirra. Vw, pvoWafconal.
£4 7 SEE THE AURA All about I no nxnin « poplar ASI IWOuuiman.L'B|o.Biaiui. ASI III Tyttip.li.Trrtn.3*«| Viail ASI 112 Ran,. Quauun-, IV oik.
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£80 CODE MUNGUS Hfl*l«a. Cat* teew V®xo £69 astro 22 Asvoogy oo io noroecope piadcion £79 THE MYSTERIES OF THE RUNES Tuto'lK on tne maanrxja O re aocom Rune mnM-NOT Ai200- T2B DREAMS FOR AN A NOEL R*v*» me Wcieie V f
• “ •' * I-'- Vi-..1*B-. U230- Food U224 - Sign KurcB. Sur Trek.
U723 • Sports. T*an«po l Wo* u»r Anetomy. Butongs. Chnetmas. Ttoidayr U220 Anuroit. People. Paces U216 Carrara. Comlrucion. Relgon. Schoo.
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U2S1 Babes fumOxe. Space. Swnrs Check out our comprehensive catalogue disks lor the very best PD. Shareware.
Updated monthly Diiiuir 2 Big U229 Cara. F1000re dsovatont G*id Heani U227 Pair* trees. Pare* irrreas. Maps ol Eurcgx.
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Sgns U225 farcy Umar*. Cara. Cute Anmali.
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;« FredCMicml Be p.. (kvtiii 9 disk set comprising of around 50 objects for use with Imagine.
Disk REFS: u* s. U334. I'3JS.B.U6. U337. U338. U339. U340. U34I.
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0334 PROJECT BII .BAR MuUi*lircclional overhead »pace shoot-em-upovci the inoon.
S. idcvhow and short history lesson of the Ireasures of King Tut.
D20I-D202 (JED II - Oreal follow up demo from Talent.
0335 ART (’ARDS AnolWr set of cards for Dchi.e Klondike.
Famcu» pnnnnes md sculi* ures - A i 2 Xi ONLY- G‘36 FACES CARDS ('aid set for Dclu.e Kkmdike.
Real and imaginary people. - A 1200 ONLY- G33? BOBS GARDF.N & DIGGER Gieat eloocs of Mr Do and DIG DUG. Remember them in Ihe arc ales!!!!
I 121 GOLF SCORE ANALYSER »l*t - Duialxoe w record and analyse your golf scon:*.
FH6 KlDs DTP Iv2A - Cut dowp vctuon or this briUiani kids ir.ullimedu package. Shareivur.
E87 KIDS DISK 4 - Book reader for projects constructed with the KIDS DTP.
EH8 KIDS DTP EXTRAS - Fonts, piclure brushes etc.. fc* use kith ihe KIDS DIP 033* MADF1GHTERS PD version of this AGA heatem-up.
I Several different characters lo pick from. -A12CO ONLY- G339 DEFENDER Faiihful to the arcade coln-op. Amanng!!
U422 A120(1 HACKS - Loads of imcresting Workbench hacks 11423 XBEAT PRO - Computerised drum kit soflwarc.
Load through Wrekhrrwh lor documcms 11424 SIRDS - Random del stereogram programme. Creates those strange 3D images from piciures.
U425 WORD ITILITIKS A word spell chccka. Anagram soher. Word ftndcr. And crossword helper all in a single EwTHF. IRREGULAR VERB QUIZ - Test your knowledge T65-T66(2 DISKS) PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS PT I Strange and weird stories aboul UFO’s, sea mooticrs.
WRITTEN CLEARLY) and yreir cade, detail.. Eg. Did.. c.Kfc numheu ¦d uk mk-i.•Rmrmher dui pekc. Are pn did ml nre per tide. Tdc wreculK rrtkc »«h mulliple did litki. -UK Pmiagc and parking a coven any wdcr iiK -Eoe drlailed pecgianunc dewnptiom on iheici mt thiHuab c4 more PD litle.. cfcxk oul our caUlogur dak» PUBLIC DOMAIN PRICE LIST PRICE PER PD DISK ....£1.00 CATALOGUE DISK VOL.1 ... £0.75 CATALOGUE DISK VOL.2 ... £0.75 POSTAGE & PACKING £0.75 Overseas orders. Use Ihe above prices, then add 20% of that total, to cover the extra postage costs. Thank you.
M340 OVERLANDER Moon buggy clone. A gome from boMVcar.
¦G.UI KUNGFU CHARLIES • Martial art. Platform gome for Icne or Iwo players _ IKH'II MASTER V.3.0 MW! I vnjtcvjic u...- .
.. In- a. I.u. |-L,i.m. i .in.: - . G‘- 1 vmplc aeviHinls package all ji one neui pockage. -Nril A500- I 5121 BEACH BABES I - Gkumxe pictures in 256 coloura.
5122 BEACH BABES 2 - A* above.-M k ONLY- 5123 BEACH BABES 3 A* above-AI ONLY- 5124 BEACH BABES 4 - A» above- «DM V- s: 25 BEACH BABES 5 - A, abovc.A 1200 ONLY-
i. V3 274 :? D.SKSI STATOASE VrSDi’F -apnc a mxa- G241 IMPERIAL
WALKER Ta*a conlrol ol an X rtlr® Sgmo’ and «i tna *-paiiai
Wafce-a G299 HIGH OCTANE O.B*Haad raono 0*"* to 1 V 2 pWy«f»
G286-267 2 DISKSl EXORCISM Snipe- o ap*i« tad ao-a-oxa 0257
DELUXE PACMAN Cva* Paomar c»* « G265 BONDMINE »13 BouKMf Ckrp
al It U4I 3209-270(2 DISKSl IBIh HOLE Ooroama G301 TUBBO ICC
HOCKEY • ice Moc*cry lo* 2 pl»n*s.
030* DELUXE OALAGA FsPAou* Bho««T-i** Amazing o'a»Ha G3U A DAY AT THE RACES Ho-» *at»ng r naoamaix oama G310 GORf rn« caarcado oar*.
0321 WIPEOUT On* p* me tael txMng PD Piooi am up* aroxe.
0322 AUTOMOftLES Tn* oaey Ji ing » SMIma-la dorfl m PO.
3331 SUPER LEAGUE MANAGER II FootBel managomam ga-e.
33?s ACT Of WAR Vi.4 Supero aclKm anaiagr ¦va'Dama i»« law HmhM 3327 PJP FORMULA 1 MANAGER Run you' own * King Warn.
3328 RAISE THE TITANIC - 3D Veda- underoa advwitum Vasco 3329 HOSTAl&UM Cone ol Am»ew BrayOmO-a inurg Urdi m 33» CAG v3-1 Fvoo.ce p*olai*ccai (y*tY*c »•! AtNaniu-a* 3120 TOTAL WAR Basrt on mo BliBMW DOB-0 game «».
G312-G313 (2 DISKSl MR MEN OLYMPICS Decattion game -m mo
- a Mi Man tfiattcttn G2» AMOS CRICKET Shareware Oc*a* gam* 3342
SCRABBLE Ensalant Kma c7 die lamoaswom beam game I I I III XT
VUI • DtY j read ihe tek«e*i vignaU • MINA OMISTAN Amp DHH.BS -
Basfil cm the Commotlow 64 areadc GAMES r CHOOSC ove FRC£ SXTRA
DOMAIN t»D Tony Horgan has spent so long playing with the heaps
of PD games and demos we received this month, his brain has
fallen out of his left ear.
Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to have had any adverse effects.
HTKH demo Hypnotic tessellation angles room out ot the screen as HTK'- kicks up It's one of those WmpJe effects that's can trance you right out, if you're that way Mmd Afl.too soon it gives way to some nice plasma and wobbly copper patterns. Then there's a pleasant oil painting style picture and some more of those jelly etfects Nothing outstanding here, but well worth a spin for triangle fans.
Available from: Cynostic PD. Office 01, New Enterprise Centre. Little Heath Industrial Estate, Old Church Road. Coventry, CV6 7NB. Tel: 0203 681687. Disk no.
D0279. Price: C2.75 including P*P * 0% CORAL QUARREL Charley Cat is the star of this live-disk cartoon trom Anthony Whitakker. Charley's latest adventure is along the lines ot the classic Day at the Beach cartoon trom Eric Schwartz. The cuddly cat just wants to catch a bit ol surf and sun, but ends up being bitten by lobsters and having his face punched in by a nasty old tiger. The brief scenes loilow a predictable pattern in a Tom and Jerry slapstick kind ot way, with plenty ot good comic poses and sound eltects.
Beware ot eternal *sk swopping it you only have one floppy drive Available from: Roberta Smith DTP, 190 Falloden Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London NW11 6JE. Tel: 081 455 1626.
Requires 4.5 Mb ol RAM. Price: £5.00 Including P.P. LOVE AGA demo If you're into the kind of cheesy Euro techno pop that’s all over the charts at the moment, you’ll instantly warm to this new one from Fairlight, as it opens with a slick Haddaway-style tune. The graphics get going with a slow vector sequence, but pick up with a nice plasma effect made from a warped and twisted bitmap. Next up is a shaded 3D logo which is OK for the vector fans. The best effect is the swarm of morphing dots that spin around in a three dimensions, forming themselves into various patterns. There’s some more
alternative plasma, a few neat pictures, and a slow- moving texture-mapped twisting vector cube.
Following a short ray-traced animation loop and a smooth realtime-generated fractal zoom, there's a nice bitmap zoom. The final stage is a flight around a ray-traced Fairlight logo.
Depending on your TV or monitor, you may have problems viewing certain parts, as the demo jumps between 50Hz and 60Hz (causing the screen to roll on some systems). Nothing particularly outstanding here, but enough to keep you entertained.
Available from: Visage Computers, 18 Station Road, Ilkeston, Derbyshire DE7 5LD.
Disk nos. D296 a+b. Price: £3.00 including P+P.
GEVALIA demo Polka Brothers are excellent at coming up with their own unique style ot demos: intense, humourous, always (resh with new effects, tied-in perfectly with a fast and funky soundtrack. Gavalia is no exception. On the menu we have: abstract vector patterns, a cartoon crocodile, a very strange stylised animation, a twisty cube-within-a-cube, a delicious new swirly pattern routine, a picture, a super-speedy tunnel sequence, the credits and an abrupt end. It's short, but right in your face all the way through (it's so fast that I've had to reset and watch it four times over just to
make a list of the effects!). A short, sharp shock on a disk.
Available from: Visage Computers, 18 Station Road, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, DE7 5LD. Disk no. D297. Tel: 0602 444501. Price: £2.00 including P+P.
TO THE DEATH AGA game I was expecting a slow, jerky Street Fighter copy when Ihe title screen popped up, but To The Death turns out to be quite playable. This is a PD demo version ot the game, which gives you just one opponent, suggesting that a full registered version may become available. There are two special moves, along with the usual sweep kicks and jumping punches. It's pretty last, and only falls down on the controls, which can be a bit unresponsive at times.
Otherwise not bad at all.
Available from: Freestyle PD, 108 kxifcfa Woodside Way, Short Heath, West Midlands WV12 5NH. Price: £1.50 Including P*P.
HYDROZONE game Here's a simple game based on the final Death Star sequence from Star Wars - the bit where you fly down the trench and shoot the exhaust port at the end. The simplest of vector graphics are used to display the trench and the other time tunnels'. Gameplay consists ot dodging the obstructions along the way. Then zapping a big robot head with your lasers It was written for the A1200, but is still quite playable on a straight A500.
Available from: Skull Army Software. 58 Ain Street. Hebburn, Tyne and Wear NE41 1XT.
Price: £2.00 including P+P.
40% ARIEL ULTRA AGA demo It's another from those Polk Brothers! Ariel Ultra isn't as frantic as usual, but still has plenty of head-melting effects, such as the routine that has beams of light spinning from the centre of the screen, the mutating tunnel, and some mad sinewave patterns.
There are also a couple of good pics in there. Fun, but not as good as Gevalia.
Available from: Visage Computers, 18 Station Road, Ilkeston, Derbyshire DE7 5LD. Disk no. D299. Tel: 0602 444501. Price: £2.00 including P+P.
I ira smis » DUALITY PO & SHAREWARE: WE STOCK OVER 4500* DISKS FIVE-STAR (Dept ACIE 40 Amlngtun Tam worth B77 AEL EIKIGLAIMO All title- am compatible ttlth all Amiga Ilnlesa gtatedl we also stock FRKD-FISII1-890 *T-BAGSl-57 *LSJ. DocS 1-46 -SCOPES 1-22* * ASSASSIN 1-150 *(ilamonrS cK ' ill PI K ShinWirr ml.
99p per disk 1 . ..... 1 TO 0HQR IM MBIT TM On* (ODE fa TITIR . 1 IVI DM nc tOHWCT PAYSNM QOA'T forui VOLR VAME fa AflOWSS YIXH ONOER VAR1 BE OEVAIORD ON Tt« OAV Ml MUIVE VOLR Of«H PD Prices ..99p per disk piease adrf 7 Jajuaagepenr±t ILKJ i MAKE P.O. ,m Urn-.**¦ ptMfohta lu: Hvf STAR PO 1 f inirniN SSSBEttESrC?- l» UBU DUMU *od tod. Dn r UI0I MIA BASI WORKSHOP Q fad,)W«,.npk»ri VIM AMIGA 101 DTP DtoTiplSMdiifliifaiAnp ums xcdpt PtOMsaoKu vo.«. a p-hi *o a* UMACAKABilALII -• - * im Bin. BUM IT IrnrllnM) AGUE m ARP m d far nn fim toe fa fai A1RB AUAt IS NfTT l' SCAIE -nirtr* wm ton am
faw mhaa AGMIM.HBCWA.xd to.. 'MOBDOIMAAGAAGA Afadi ltodcm ¦Mdm ¦fhp»toj ii| amirxfarDtfTS'mr. Kdfap UM»AUiNA(rmiii:pto.nd.toato« urapnic 101 GAME PA Brand na*w cottriaai at llll pnmn TIUm iwnan pack * Idnto Im all gmnm «lfn iraanh »*AiHon fi Keep even th maml mhi.i .u ' ' * lima, ttamem i SI IIABIE fOH AU AbES.
(DMPATBU WITH All AMIGAS ONLY £14.99 SP1II VI INFER IMIS NWJSTH QMS EXTRA I HI I DISK 6500 IHANSP1 AWT BIDdabiLmdpMto rad'.n,p«. GSMUSTTI Rl MQUAT Sto o-U ..rnr« IB, Aim Bum i pm |.ir* to 1.10 .Mi .mni tol GM.'ROiD lOHEUIrihH loi.'fknitord.yvcir “¦* »"• "i" 'd“"' GSM SIPUTIW CAT Vmmui dm iB i«. Pm G54. RAID 4 «. Toad «nto da* m * (to* ABMUMDUNOBn nto n. p« n.lm | aaMkma.dcupMd.kpto (toaMRMINcXIMPKSOrOK* diMrMtSfa*i.p* | wo nlili.f iMiranprln lunmt. To unj n. (M LCD DRUM iiUfr oonniin H 4 LCD pm ofaMai I Vxp* Into kr Anto.00 Pto: GMPOPQAUAMakddaiA B»(ki (Ml fU T *UJ k aPr pm -to » , M
UUBWIUBli:i'li V**01 AS (WfcfaaPDGOIfmm M CdMAMUSi MITT IvvAma.nkr mdU'm tW ffardA l-..l«ifam«tdpn (tol NUGSn RIVINGE rirpln'i »• .. idrai.r' CitUESCAPI HUM IKK* LfJII MAGNUM IJUwr
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U4B HA1D OCR Oja tofci Hum to Mmnn k tod fad or USB7 DCOfT III PmfUSIONAlOr kn ad aji'J.I iW WT2 aWSSoN • f.RIATCfa TOOlHddii P*k to lam S loam noun LVIKACflTM IjCGUobuiph* •• ••* « -»•!» IwRKTfaiutMMxtiriiK I Ml DISKSAIV n. ABM ATP Pipkd ra dfarka HD 4 UWAbKrO »'IuB WuRlQI Iifr milw Ik UK.
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UTSBMUKCATAlOaiIMA»I) otoprdam DTSI SmiM cwatt 1001 ram n*rn mm to imi IPO nAOIR IM ASM 13) IKI to toNr fat map amor al mi MABJ 1WVEI DM KUVE ITS4 PABBIMM -ton airpre («woi! Anmlto A toimamPnltota.
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UMAMDASIPIDI*aM*d«rbc*4«,*m VO) AMCft P.UMT Iwr u * 4»n DffM U2JJ SPIICH TOT Udr ytm Ai oiifaMlUNS UMI moan Klau ASM Ijlm. AmitidMri ItrrTHnUTRiaiVlR Mto.kMmran II 4fa.U,U k.mto.X|mr«i aiania**kMM- Cm MIGA BU Jvl t+h ptato tofau GM T1A.VV1AVTVtoiArva(ini0*i Snii dm kl nul hrtVT.Icto dp-n i* » tol GS02 MACON IIUlkAawAulAWio.il G5t« IABVUVTH D Vm pkmirti aitou* GSJBlAlAI MISSKM ntarGANl GMI W.TI ULAC G lafat ffaM up pan GBB MAD mmi AIJBI tor Sa«to «au : tor GUI MUATMAIIU STORM kikl(tom pm.lhfai l»tM(iihiAiftki.ril InluK GS«AGAI10NIHBlAI)BOtorliSB«fal*rtocto pm. M »rid art b«H H p* p GSB Bua
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from Mini Bwto ptodw GUI DflUXE PatMAN Mfl ik M Punrim ttkmti GUB HNU i AIIU Amu wf pit ih Aa hf H mA Uip,* cn AB *a n m |Mk SMTNI *au pan GAMES GMPOffH LCD Imckmirimi ciuaoimirtiaBWaianaK G*aMfi.A2l( AMU.i0nDMiit:i|m(wii GDS DRAGON IAVI. IV M mnnt» pa* prr car V r. Unk u Ivupai & Dnpii t |» pin GOT * RAIMI t|) ptorr kid pin umrtm l» »4 Isft
• MlDUiAnak-ifMiim'n itink FREE DISK i imi*n»yiM«iiBkn»i. .
I Pin* ii: ibM ton t)D iikn lir If* fast * rj II w I IjMBllHaMtflNj iNkmittHMtaj GUI TimN Htl tor to Mt ¦ AMBId MDMTl CM R1BU (HOST (tor W» axon k m, (toMr GW nurnsi. WABBIOI ID mm d sum Pi«tH I 0410 PAT Al MtVSXIN krm.cbi, MA I a 2 (Ann ui;minauPiizziiPACXAi GOUMIUOIm GUI ETYPI Jilitouxnnliaimr G*U0UIIPlADIWl2iWSpA«M» dcMBtiovpri) FIVE STAR IAH VH1II AMIS PUASEOOMR A CATAlOGll IR5B GB7I n»«dnv pumi niiiBr far kaMi la U Ga.'lKMM IRDItam Goioir-(AiM«.nGGa l«-« HBGH 0amMVIASTU «U«N» on I
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AI2M SOTIWABl ANIMATIONS kM) V«a PROM amd Hi dr. Ifafani AK2
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42) 1 AUD5TWBM Ain ddtom k *m AJR) MKA ColiC OK dk tad ton tk KM
UT SUDESHOW K* d cM kara UN IASTCAI INK AISOi B apmm c* dd
MUSIC SwlBIASIT BOSS Gal. W'r Waal Saar Dm. Mp MM MKHAE1 IdOSON Itom M|dW MBS • M M a® MIUA ton Mm AUAMBl'OTSkOPVCt I rs.atok Iddsiak Sn favipxa dm, I.AIM to. IA ndn toaunr niM.
I to 7II Wi fa toil* I AGACBBinCHKCKVOI l-SAqitor llddindlm toifkai R«mCAI ScoUi AGA* ASSASSIN HX DISK I hdk tolam U dpki AGMU»AUD.raDiai xt tortMbmdmm IxmmM AGAfa RHOKTI Vmkm. Im ASDSCfTWAK AGAR7 AIM IUI AU TESTIR. SSMNIOfk AT. AM ACTION HPUV VAI «iik ACTION REH.AT a. ACAM AGA MJT7 SOON MAMB AiAIM lASTGDt 7 iafh* OB f* i WatoraA AGAIMAGACUC"''Tli Niwrnmnwrr AGAIflS HACK WARD AGA knl trap («ur-K AC. AIM RIM:«toll ir d.™ AGANSQOKKGBAIAGA urpfaAGAom kUIMWWDHYCNDl Imn BPOUKIRlai DM MAD MM2 TMAIM pto dau mp kto ton DBSBPIM HMD THE Will «fad Mmarmmktoa lam i liij tin :mpm 1 fad dan I 11(01 STAR
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ddrdn DM IAPANW LAM. Toi h- x (to I pan KUSMMMGCB r Map arm '
DBS TROOPRURMMITI fa*, k pan DB* MABGA WOB1D 1M« Map dfa to
POPETI mu far Bto Ba* m. pad MIS6* DPIAVIR'.i»ilUii( Pphfa
MMA IAMT00SIXYl2dto|U*r« Ml«4 IESUS0S nC2fad.)S*fa i»m fad
MX’A?TIKIS 4dm kidrfadtMpmpiB.
AGA4IUPBEAITII-'AXX I MA» A GAM) UCHBMrto to.fnp.ni. k nm | pi)l» kl nqure I mpkln AGUM WORKBENCH) MRU V Inn hid In? In Al W COMPUGRAPHK POWIS ivailibk pul U or pack ADOBE TVPII POVTS availibl, pack 1,1a) pack AB pacii abmr art radh fo, P, w. P «nun. Fad cop, fc iftoddntolai COUXJD1 KNISi.
Toft ctomr Sato tord la BIT MAP CLIPART 5 pad aadahk Vrry kgh (uddr dipart l« ¦iriu* ill DTP fa Painl pregnnn ‘AJI p i ton, con* ra 5 dxfa at aad an KmiMirnl Mr fana ZX SPECTRUM 48k V2 A 50 Orh 4n*l «peccy lantern Pm,fa, WkaawMndMiMLtuaiMdNiwMi m«mp ¦aBn *itAra*»"*i*.«.«ab aB. ,i~“,SFJSBSXsasx s:tr MU. «M M OMNTO1 UMOR irtol" «¦*» IB IV 5TIU BMY E4.99 (All AMI6A5] El 2* CHI1DRRNS SONGS » rood m El 29 KID DISK I di.-inr povnn tor Aid.
El» FrfNC II VERB I'ESTER w.l Ernuli Wniu r G667GOI.P 2 DISKS) -try pdl GAM AMOS «UUUlirr 2 nr» okln pun G*7» BOBBY GARDEN . Did.IK Imltom » ef AGAI2I AMII.A IACIORV (S DISKS) STAR IREK IT7»SPH1RIM lUHAKYA VI 7liana 1.1 . Im ok ASIM.A no I f«5l SPM.'I ROM GAMES (•) mat Mdt ad 96 anr pd P" « B MttMi for all ages & for all Amiga* [_ IVQW OIVLY £10.99 , kl.akM.ll vrgrlablr, 4 DlW mtoa.
Numhrr rrprM-nU number ofdlU. NvaikMr.
«.l-,.lmk...t .ulb,lMH,v„fl,U(k A uhilr GA AI TH.S RtPLAS IV WO Nr. K U742 SNOOP mn VJ Ion ,«!„» U74I III I A N CRIN I MANAGER lu. C U7*0 M REI N BUNKER tup .olli.iiiM
07) 9 HU MIMONV vi U« HmJ drnr c A07S MADONNA SI X I) did.1 l»
only X074 ADULT N*KI I !*• ON1Y) ll« Ar7MRiUMJ.il I4L AI72»
ititmm A Bamew compilatiom pack onlyfiMS rd i.d*n ndmrMdMp
nu ld.
NEW PROFESSIONAL CLIP-APT (fery bijli quality colour clipart THE STATES OF EUROPE disk book Go on. Ask me a question. Any question you like so long as it's about Europe Population ol dfcan Marino7 24.000 Principal language of
• Moldavia7 Rumanian Life expectancy of your I average Austrian7
75 years You see I've become a bit of a Euro-authonty since
discovering this Hyperbook created disk from David White It’s
a pomt-and click encydopedia on a disk, with a list of Euro
facts as long as your arm. Well designed, and recommended to
any one who needs to swot up on the Big E. Send off your cheque
now, Neil Kinnock.
Available from: F1 Llcenceware, 31 Wellington Road, Exeter. Devon EX2 78% 9DU. Price: £3.99 including P+P.
BANDIT MANIA game Bandilmania is a good looking two-disk set, ottering not just one truit machine simulator, but three!
Although the graphics are nice and bright, the machines themselves are a bit bland None ot them have any particularly interesting features, apart trom the hidden games These are accessed by clicking on various parts of the screen (as described in the user-triendly instruction sheet), and consist ot typical simple PD games like Gridrunner and Snake Playing Ihe third fruit machine requires nothing more than constant tapping ot the mouse button to spin the reels - exciting stuff eh? Even so, the other two should be enough to occupy fruit machine addicts tor a short while.
Available from: Mental Image. 16 Mile End Avenue. Hatfield. Doncaster. South Yorkshire DN7 6AU. Tel: 0302 886591. Price: £6.00 including P*P FINAL FRONTIER ISSUE SEVEN diskmag First let me apologise tor comments we made about Trekkies in our last look at the Final Frontier 1 diskmag. Trekkies are not a bunch ot anorakked saddos who show oft to their mates by talking fluent Klingon loudly on the bus, and quizzing each .other on the brand ol hair-cream used by Spock in episode six (reader's voice: "of course not Spock wasn't even in episode six").
As tor the mag. It's actually rather good The . Interface has had a complete overhaul, and it's now the most attractive and user-triendly ot all the diskmags Background hums and the occasional blip gives It a spacey kind ot atmosphere, and all r the articles appear in a kind of computer-readoul style Issue seven comes on four disks and has jfieaps of features all about Star Trek, with some graphics and music modules too. In all, it adds up to hours of engrossing reading for all Trek nufs.
Available from: Cynoslic PD, Office 01. New Enterprise Centre, Little Heath Industrial Estate, Old Church Road, Coventry CV6 7NB. Tel: 0203 681687. Price: £8.00 including P+P. - ?
United Public tosl CLR lillt ok on A1200.
The Central I.icenseware Register 'omnwn ial Qiuiliiv programs at a PD price UCATIONAL!
CLEI2 ALPHABET TEACH 1 0*3 94- CLEI3 HOMEBREW «•)«• CLE14 T C ECOLOGY 3 dials 5 05 - CLE19 KINGS 4 OUEEN8 2 0*5 4 94 - CIEI7 THMGAMAJIG 1 **3*4 .
CLEIB WORK* PLAY t dial 3 95 .
CLEI9 PLAY IT SAFE 1 dial 3 9ft .
CLE20 BIG TOP FUN t d* 395 • CLE2I JIG MANIA I d* 3 95' .
CLU37 FIND tT 1 ( CLU36 SMALL ACC MANAGER 11 prog) ant this one*.
1 dial C3 95 - MORE CLR GAMES ClGOS TRUCK* ON 20*541 CLGM DRAGON TIES t d* 3 « CL012 BULLDOZER BOB 1 dsk 3 95 CLG13 PARADOX t O* 3M CLG15 SAOOOE THE ESCAPE I O* 3 « CLG10 CRYSTAL MAZE t 0* 39 CLGt 7 IMBRAJM I dial 3 9 CLG20 JUNGLE BUNGU 0*39 CLG2I FLOWER POWER 1 dial 3.9 CLG25 WHITE RABBITS t 0«h 3 9 CLG26 MONSTER ISLAND 10*31 CLG2B TIME RIFT t Oal 31 CLG35O0 I Oak 31 CLG39 CVBALLS 1 Oak 39 CLG43 PC IT 2 0*5 4 CLG45 KNIGHT FIOHT 2 2 0054!
CLG56 8ENTINAI Id* 31 CLG57 DWEAMSTRiAM_I 0* 3 ol Bio moal lancinating at*pa ol a* CLE25 CHORD COACH I Oak 3 96. .
CLE26 SNAP 10*3 9S * CLE27 CATT 7 0*5 4 951.
CLE32 SPITFIRE' 2 dials 4 95 .
CLE33 MESSf RSCHMITTBF109 2 data 4 95.. CUM YOUR FIRST PONY 2 0*1 4 95 * CUM THE TRIE MACHINE 2 Oaks 4 96.. CLE37 DISCOVERY AME RICA 1 Oak 3 96 .
CUM HOME INVENTIONS 2 diskl 4 95 .
CUM MY LITTLE ARTIST log 2 0*14 95 .
CLE42 COMPOSITION I dlak 3 95.
CU44 PORTRAITURE 1 MI 3 95- CLE46 FUN WITH CUBBY 2 1 0* 3,95.
CLEM DRATV2 4 nMOtlSciQ 2 081*4 95.
CU52 TEU THE TME 1 0* 3 95- CLE63 UTS LEARN 2 1 O* 3 *5.
CU57 PANT ME A STORY 2 01*4 4 95- CUM A-CHORO So you men become th* n*t Enc Clapton man rm m Nat -n.i you road' Tna program
• III Imich you neatly every single guitar chord CLEM TOTAL
ttaa program N a (Aider acalei tutor. Ihe very thing lor Vie
bodOng akill required! There are marry eiecooea «n many red A
1 you Ihoughl have Tci Solar SyaMm 3 Oaki only £5.50 CUOA9
TOTAL CONCEPTS OMOSAURS 3 la 9W latest TCI lo |om ttua *.*6*nt
aenea * uses a new layout giving you a dmo image A m*o button*
onevery page1 ¦ mOjdet Me new eupenier ol Vt* dmo -ortj CLU01
CLG40TRAX Now V* a a very good th* maehrte sinvjlaior However
thn one n alighity drtlerenl' The pfex « *1 lo go tor 9 e money
out 10 compieie Vw TRAXfaahx* The money you iwn pat gw you
more goes lo complete the task! A very addictive BaadKMakcint
• maicoM am* *• • nerTTire amau i a*.- mm n «•.
(IIKIN !• I-MWII «uf* trainee* * onitAl *CO A wtui ml VOU tel .¦ N 'gtfMuIS »"•* r-r unmmtamniwi i .mjirrvw.mi a m ««“ mm.
I tcivBoixiun tomaTdLs a tmunu 'i eon ie*i«ci mint tm., COPO 1 Crammed wtth over 600 megabytee ot freely diet eoRwere. Ihi» CD lealuree Fred Fl* dIUe 1-660 In a reedy to i . Work, on CDTV, CD32. Amiga CD Rom A la atoo PC compatible on I suitable PC CO Rom! Superb value only £19.95 plui 50p p-p Parnet.Semel.Nconwn.lerm.fred Fleh 900-975.Tfeeg 1-74,Photo CO , eottwere.the lalott Amoe dtokelover 120),800 286 colour Images.
Image converter* A much more' Work* with |oyped A Itai 16 colour WB
100. 0 A 3.0 . Only £19.95 piue 50p pAp I III IUUUW
Ihffi'J. .U...-l.'.LIlPJIU-ll IIU.I demo* A other software
from Europe A eleewhere. There are 600mb ot Amiga demo* A
mutlc on thlt disk So* the beet talent on hundred* ol DEMO
COLLECTION ¦ Over 100 i**dy lo run PO game* erther Korn COTV
or CD32 lot* ol ready lo run animation*, toed* ol music
modulo* A mutlc eampl**. Jp*9 picture*. HAMA. 296 cotour A
HAM akdeehow* .loads ot Amiga demo* A a whole lot more* 119
95 ptu* Sop pAp rvmu'.rvfh PLEASE NOTE: All M9k9 on Ihe
advert should work on the Amiga 1.21 systems unless
otherwise staled' All disks with a VI should work on Ihe
Amiga 900* & 600 machines!
Howevar there are to many different setups now In use becoming impossible to lesl lor every possible variatic please use some caution especially with A15002000 w various dos systems. COTV and of course Ihe new Am & 4000 systems. Disks marked with a "Y" should be ok A1200 4000 though obviously not yet extensively lest ORDERING MADE EASY BY POST: send your Name. Address & Order details with a Cheque I PO IIMO In any of the companies listed BY PHONE: Call iik with your card number, expiry dale and details for a 1st class service. All major cards accepted PD PRICKS: For this summer, disks are only
99p per disk, any quantity ( minimum order of 2 disks!)
POST A PACKING: I K - Sop • UK 'Recorded Delivery' £1.25 • Europe +25p per disk • Rest of World *50p per disk REMEMBER: We stock Fish 1-1000. Tba* 1-74. Amos, Scope. SaaR. Amicus. AMIGAs & lots more superb PD disks!!
Distributors imitators am t h e n o t Price!
PglBJ CATAC«*»S gnul 0»D U » goTH VGGEX .V Wjlitt Ity gCHtT Atj.cot ha« o«Hm i PG20M IRONCtAift(ttMnnaiaMiW PGZtM CLASHCf THE EMPIRES**.. Wi V PG2M KIHOCOW AT WAR S.-. *,£®WoTS'.Y PiO* AGA T| tbr 1*0 m I ncnl- WMBTMHXE A nka aot flirt,1 |2| .» 62 AGA CHESS Su S. *•» t •- » lUy AGA C*lir fj?
SUMMER OFFER.... ACHALLAMAMAllA-AtorreuB M* ol a Mle but • good 0-mo UNO RIOT- * wm«i to AM* OED 2 (2|-Oulstar*!rj AQA tomo bom Taienl FMHVYAY BRNHCoWMd P*dad*} MAYDAY FCSSTANCt-SCPiMaig «• yotfftM MMNEAVMSA STARBASS IJ 2|0 «pNca*-- »4» (NTITY (AQA)Oa*. ,«w, gam* REVf R&t 21 .»•«•* OT-4C (** • FATAL IB8SON 2-NKB rmm B4Ml«m.
RvRAD owtaal «***« pna NRVANA A *ofa» OlOA*J HUE FINQERS BFFxf" *a riWam d Stotod TtaM CFCAM TFFWTtoM toW d Fa TV ML OflOOVY-lamon roaly go to Town on lha ona.
STATICI THE WT«*OAMtddniq FHOAY AT QGKT tolna POWTBLAFK DEJAWMto-dnarWMcnSiBara FATAL N***V*f*A VayMAyAGAOBim aPTYl€«*n*»M»*A,*'»* P«W SlAK-S*ato F*»»g cam praBjtSa
• AMUanrc""W»(«u.
OCLUXI PAINT KNIS OISK » (MXE FONTS IBTIO IN QUA CATALOOUf) COFONTS OBK* COAQNTSCMKS C0KM1DBI torcunoto' C 0 FONTS OCK s COICMTSOOIS corcMrsaam COFCMTSOWIS FONTS ADOBE * )Nt»« CQFCWTSOMOAO) «* TAR»a*«CT u SRT PD, 27 KINGSHOLM ROAD, WESTBURY-ON-TRYM, BRISTOL BS10 5LJ FI UCENCEWARE • Prices from C3 99 IO £6 99 PD I KltotoM4 01II HarJ UN lt*.w«-i MtoS UI«a to.-a.rw.tp. 2Ti'»r".-Sr SS*ESSfSSC irtttwaKsas to,a»-lM-»r-.| -la-AH i? Tow - L-i.t sc.
- ..wdaw.Sw.i.H PD Drome, Dept THO, 32 Meadow Terrace.
?ROME Herrington Bum, BHBaiaH Houghton-le-Spnng.
Tyne & Wear DH4 7AF CtoM Ibtf* 11 JO «to .Suy2C.BMt 21 JO Ssp JIAO SCO
• Buy ft.flWA. X.JO..I «. TSB P»P Tsp . B.., B- Wi no- OOM a
c-woou. R* Oun Co.- iW . Buy SO. CHM no- inooi- a
:.f-qu«B- *toto A500A600 A12TW C*NCm«rtOMO 1JXIi C210l*KtoH«« a
a .2Xta*» »tta*OBB C1280fl.Kto.afM.C1Hc!
BU.lt*. ItoaMC i«lai«to-tol Q" taNBMimi*ill|toa«LTIM(H IS *• • . W NaWSMNi |a MM a to M- A
• tUIUWU md KWUM UN GO M ft iM *«a WM HI -to*. •! *• kwMMi'
IbMa-.UMM Aan IS. Hr D-M PY U -• ItoOatMiM) r » r. . MW to*.,
.hH * 1.1. I h«.n UTILITIES Before you splash out your life
savings on some expensive professional software, check out the
latest budget offerings in the public domain. Andre Digard is
your guide.
JHS MONKEY education If you have kids who need a bit of help with their maths, this program could seem to be the ideal solution. It has many sections ranging from grid references to digital clocks. It was programmed in Amos, as most educational programs seem to be.
The graphics are well done, but they are all static. Some animation would have been more than welcome. The program itself is somewhat like the graphics; colourful and well designed but completely lacking in interest. There are no fireworks when you do a section well, just a picture showing your score. The scenes and questions remain the same every time you play.
When left to play tor a while, our 'guinea pig' got bored very quickly (as did I). It's unfortunate, because there's a lack of good educational software. Kids like to be rewarded when they get something right, and animations and music seem to please them. So why do so few people include these things in this kind of program? My immediate guess is that programmers don't have enough of the child in them to understand what makes it lick. Overall, I will be interested in seeing any future releases, but I’m not holding my breath, and neither is my little nephew. This could have been a great program
but, as with a lot of other educational software, it's left swimming in a sea of boredom and mediocrity.
Available from: F1 Llcenseware, 31 Wellington Road, Exeter, Devon EX2 9DU. ZJZJVu Tel: 0392 493580. Price: £3.99 Including P+P.
EPOCH MASTER V3 time manager This is an unusual type ot program to tind in the public domain. Time managers are normally reserved tor use by businesses and otten cost very large sums indeed. Epoch Master is not as powerful as its prolessional counterparts, though it packs quite a hefty punch.
Essentially, the program revolves around a calendar ot events. From there the program spins off into basic accounts, an address book, a year planner and several other functions. The idea behind the program is that you can tind out where you or your staff should be on any given day and time. The whole program is remarkably well done. The only complaint I have is that the user interface is very non standard. It doesn't detract from the useability though, this is one of the better public domain business programs.
Available from: Blue Rose PD, 33 Glenmore Walk, Hllden, Lisburn, N. Ireland BT27 4RY. Tel: 0846 678513. Price: £2.00 including P+P.
Tell Me The Tine m On The Blackboard Lets Go Shopping Grid Reference Money Matters Here comes yet another invasion of flying household electrical equipment. This time it's toasters, the latest screen blanker to hit the Amiga. Screen blankers (also known as screensavers) are designed to reduce damage to your monitor from screen burn, which can permanently etch a pattern on the screen if the same graphics are displayed for long periods.
The latest update of SuperDark does nothing unusual when compared with other blankers, but it does do its job very well. There are a host ot different effects available, including a remarkably silly music player with cuddly, bouncing creatures. The standard blankers are also there, fireworks, searchlights, starfiekfs et al.
The menus are well laid out, and setting up is child's play. The bad news is that it crashed far too frequently for comfort when using the testing facility. As it stands SuperDark V2.1A is an excellent program that easily rivals commercial blankers, but I wouldn't trust it when doing important work in case it crashed.
Available from: KEW=II Software, PO Box 672, South Croydon, Surrey CR2 9YS. Tel: vfVOw, 081 657 1617. Price: £1.50 Including ¦j'lff.
P+P (Minimum order two disks).
BLUE ROSE VIDEO GRAPHICS video fonts and backgrounds There aren't too many good sources tor video graphics - most are either highly expensive or ot poor quality. So it makes a very pleasant change to lind some that are cheap yet ol reasonable HD CLICK V2.7 hard disk menu (workbench 3 + ) In recent times the number of hard disk menuing programs has increased considerably. HD Click has now come to swell the ranks, and is a pretty good attempt. The program is far more configurable than most, with a complete editor for the front end.
C. L.INDEX licenseware tutorial (workbench 2 + ) CLIndex is
licenceware, not public domain. This means two things;
firstly, your friends should buy Iheir own version, copying
yours would be stealing; secondly Ihe author is given some
money for his effort when you buy it.
CLIndex is a set of manuals on disk designed for beginners. It takes you on a tour of your Amiga's Shell, a topic which should be approached with care. It all starts out very well, Ihe author making very few assumptions as to your capabilities and providing a good general grounding in the Shell. The only real complaints I have are that it’s all rather staid, and the author, having explained something, expects you to understand it immediately. The latter is the main problem I came accross, a real beginner would probably have to go over most of the text several times before they had learned it
well enough to remember. Still, it's far cheaper than buying a book on the subject and it all happens on screen which gets a thumbs up.
CYNOSTIC UTILITIES NO.47 ® various fworkbench 2 + | This is a small batch ol five semi-useful utilities. There's a functional, if somewhat basic, phone diary.
It will keep a few lines of details and can produce lone dial sounds via your Amiga which, theoretically, could be used to dial a number, but it can’t produce printouts or even an on-screen listing. Then there's Mtools, for people who need to transfer large MS-DOS files to and fro. It does a reasonable job, but is noticeably slower than CrossDOS when moving small files. Next comes Clock, which is a well-programmed replacement for the standard Workbench item. Best of all is a small utility called BindNames. This great little program lets you keep all of your Workbench Assigns in a separate
file, allowing all of them to be done in one job lot by the program. Great! Lastly, a grave warning (literally).
If you follow the instructions on this disk about modifying an A4000 30 for extra speed, you WILL send your computer to an early death.
Available from: Cynostic, Office 01, New Enterprise Centre, Little Heath Ind.Est., Old Church Road, Coventry CV6 7NB. Tel: 0203 681687. Price: £2.00 including P+P.
Available from: F1 Licenseware, 31 Wellington Road, Exeter, Devon EX2 9DU.
Tel: 0392 493580. Price: £3.99 including P+P.
"wUHd erm “ 5-- Mt | Nl»t» | 11 wm-
D. ll «w l| ' Uil 1 KkiliUttli: • iKord kittor 1 • 1 I =1 S 1
appearance. This set comes on two disks and is licenseware.
The fonts are varied, some are the kind that you would associate with games or demos, and others are definitely well suited to video production. Most of the fonts are static, though there are a couple of animated ones such as Fire. The backgrounds are thoughtfully designed, some are a little over the top but in general they are very useable. They could be handy for anyone putting together presentation disks or slideshows, especially for the title screens. There are also several pieces of clip art scattered across the disks, including the obligatory dinosaur.
All of the artwork is of very high quality, well chosen and ultimately well designed. It might not be suitable for every application, but there's something on here for everyone.
Available from: Blue Rose PD, 33 Glenmore Walk, Hilden, Lisburn, N. Ireland BT27 4RY. Tel: 0846 678513. Price: £ 4.50 including P+P.
80% It comes in two versions. The one supplied here is the, Til annoy you with a silly requester until you pay the shareware fee' version. The full shareware version apparently works faster and more efficiently. HD Click V2.7is a little gaudy for my laste .. the screen layout and I just don't hit it off. But it does seem to work well enough. Extra memory is definitely recommended.
Available from: KEWdl Software, PO Box 672, South Croydon, Surrey CR2 9YS. Tel: 081 657
1617. Price: 1.50 including P+P (Minimum order two disks). IT2k
READY ROBOT education A surprising month, with not one, but
two education programs. This one is a very different
kettle of fish from Maths Monkey. There are loads of bits
and pieces on this disk, including a word quiz, a simple
maze, details on a NASA astronaut and some historical
The disk supplied is a cut down demo version. The complete program is available from the programmers. The whole thing works in a sort of children’s science book way with lots of little articles and games, most of them very short, which is a good thing. As for the graphics, I don't think I have ever seen such variety on one disk. The characters are well drawn, and there are loads of digitised pictures, but the quality also swings*the other way too. Ready Robot ultimately suffers from the same problems as Maths Monkey though, i.e. it's boring, and lacks lasting interest. Its saving grace
is some simple animations in various sections.
Available from: KEW=II Software, PO Box 672, South Croydon, Surrey CR2 9YS. Tel: Rasy PD 1*0 Box 3 5, F rod sham, Warrington, WA6 6DJ Simply The Best Public Domain Software Around Higli C tialiry And Low Prices - No Compromise Dedicated To Helping Novice Amiga Users Lightning Fast Processing Of All Orders Telephone Enquiries Welcome - 0928 732 5 50 J18th Hole CAT 225 - 2 DISKS NOT 1200) I This is a very good looking over I brad golf game. Good multi player _i3D Games Series CAT849 I DISK) Iwludes a hcillunt 3D adventure game, which it absolutely huge.
J Act Of War .CAT 267 I DISK) A very good Space Crusade dyle strategy game with three mission* to do. And an array of ¦capon* _ Advanced Hero Quest .CAT 1920 I DISK) Let the computer he the game master, and provide the challenge You need the board game to play.
J Deluxe Galaga (CAT 1974 I DISK) I A true classic a* far a* shoot cm j up gomes go, and fantastically professional with it. Re-tivc some arcade nostalgia now.
J Diplomacy (CAT 1909 - I DISK) A very competent computer I version of that great hoard game jGnu Chess I (CAT 2042 - I DISK - NOT 500) I A very good looking playable | chess program. Easily one of Ihe best around.
J Golden Oldies (CAT 1308 I DISK) I A wonderful collection of arcade I classics from the early days.
A good nostalgia Hip j Grand Prix 93 (CAT 2692 - I DISK) A surprisingly deep and highly involved management game.
A Gush (CAT 1209- I DISK) Hus is probably the best version of Pipemania you can get. Very playable and very addictive.
? High Octane (CAT 680- I DISK) Tins is a coiling over head car racer for two players It's full to the brim with thrills and spills, and plenty of weapon pick ups.
J Jelly quest (CAT 2336 - I DISK) A sort of Q-Bert puzzler, and a gc*»d one at that. Quite fiendish.
J Klawz The Cat (CAT 1735 • I DISK) This « a lovely cute platform game, with classic gameplay.
? LCD Dreams (CAT 1789-1 DISK) A collection of four old LCD hand held games re vamped for the Amiga. Great stuff.
JNOI Mine 1 (CAT 920 - I DISK) A ckver Bouldcrdash game, with mind boggling puzzles.
J NO I Mine 2 (CAT 454 - I DISK) More of the same, with tons and tons of frustrating levels.
? Pop Quiz (CAT 2250 - I DISK) Test your knowledge of pop history with this pop-taslic quiz.
? Red Dwarf Quiz (CAT887 - I DISK) Test youi knowledge of the TV series with this Dwarf-tastic quiz.
It’s very though indeed.
? Road To Hell (CAT 565 - 1 DISK) Yet more over head racing in yet another great game. This time you can customise your car as well.
? Star base 13 (CAT 1213-2 DISKS) This is an epic graphic adventure with lots to solve. It's very playable, and quite funny ?Survivor (CAT330 - I DISK) This is a pretty good RPG type adventure game. Simple in play, but hard to finish.
UTetren (CAT66- I DISK) Tetren is a very good Tetris clone.
It features a good selection of new oddities, and two player option.
? Mr Men Olympics (CAT 1890 -2 DISKS) This is a lovely game for kids. It features great graphics which match the original very well.
?Total War (CAT 1043 - I DISK) A brilliant version of the board game Risk. Sis players computer or human compete, and battle ? Wizard Wars (CAT 2959- I DISK) This is a very polished RPG type hoard game. Quite involved and pretty tough to win.
? Assassins 3 (CAT 104 I DISK) Mcgaball - great breakout game Drip - polished Painter game.
? Assassins 123 (CAT 173 - I DISK) Includes the excellent Artillctus 2 which is brilliantly addictive, and fot up to eight players.
? Assassins 114 (CAT 185-1 DISK) International Cricket i* on here, and so is Inscctowb 2. Brill.
? Assassins 95 (CAT 286 • I DISK) Includes two football manager games which are quite different from each other.
? Assassins 133 (CAT 1139 • I DISK) There are two great Columns type games for you on this one.
? Assassins 138 (CAT 1348-1 DISK) Includes the un missable game Scorched Tanks. Totally addictifve.
And great multi player fun.
J Assassins 128 (CAT 1632 - I DISK) Three brilliant versions of some arcade classics. Includes - Space Invasion. Deluxe Pacman and Solar System Wars.
? Assassins 139 (CAT2282 - 1 DISK) Includes a good (mil machine game, and a weird breakout.
? Assassins 135 (CAT 2442- I DISK) Has a brill Backgammon game.
? Fairlighl 242 (CAT 2781 - I DISK) Contain* a very long video sequence set to the usual techno type music.
? 9 Fingers (CAT 383 - 2 DISKS) An audio visual feast brought to you from Spacebalb. If* pop-video tastic and no mistake.
? Arte (CAT 562 - I DISK) A graphical extravaganza of a demo with funky-tronic music ? Attraction (CAT 1243 - I DISK) A great music disk with some lovely thoughtful music ? Banging Raves (CAT 213-1 DISK) Perhaps not rave exactly, but a good megamix of some classic tunes.
A good mix of styles.
? Banging Raves 2 (CAT 514 I DISK) Another good megamix.
? Basso Continuo (CAT 1059 - I DISK) Ten excellent funky tunes are oo here for your listening pleasure.
J Doop Re-mix (CAT 337- I DISK) x of that chart lopping A good re ? Gastric Ulser (CAT 2724- I DISK) A good collection of some vc hard rave tunes. Not for the feint hearted listener.
? Gospel Karaoke (CAT 10 - I DISK) It sounds unbelievable, hut it is true Karaoke Amiga' ? Kaos Theory (CAT 1114 I DISK) It's ravc-omatic Amiga time w ith some seriously hard tunes.
? Multi Megamix 2 (CAT 2498 - I DISK) An almost commercial quality remix of some very famous tunes.
? Piece Of Mind (CAT980- I DISK) A great 3D extravaganza demo with some very classy music.
? Scoopex 2 Unlimited (CAT 2241-2 DISKS) Good old Scoopex supplies 3 very well produced 2 Unlimited mixes.
'?Sequcncial (CAT 547 • I DISK) A roller coaster of a demo.
? For Your Mind (CAT 2462 - I DISK) Fast video, fast musk, a really moving experience for sure.
? State Of The Art (CAT 19 - I DISK) .An all time classic demo. Brilliant visuals and a cracking dance tune.
? Star Trek Rave (CAT 2390 - I DISK) Is nothing sacred? Apparently not.
A silly stoty with pictures which provide a good laugh ? Techno Tracks 2 (CAT 1664 - I DISK) Awesome music and some great visuals make this a must.
J Account Master (CAT 1817- I DISK) A good linle accounts program to help keep your books.
J Amibase Pro 2 (CAT 293 • I DISK) ProhaWy Ihe best database program you can gel. Very usable indeed Astro 22 (CAT 2120- I DISK) An excellent program to help with your astrological predictions j Astronomy (CAT 2847 - I DISK) Produces very detailed planetary information fot astrooomers.
J Classic Utilities (CAT 1863 - I DISK) A true collection of classics that you really should have.
J Create Adventures . (CAT 1027 - I DISK) A very vice authoring program.
J Crossword Creator (CAT 2161 - I DISK) Takes the strain out for you.
J Crunchers Disk (CAT 1227 - I DISK) If disk space is getting tight then this disk is definitely for you.
J D-Copy 3.1 (CAT2582 - I DISK) The best disk copier you can get.
J Dynamic Skies I (CAT 1512 - I DISK) An amazing night sky viewer which is feature packed.
? Easvcalc (CAT 1042 I DISK) Simply the best spreadsheet.
? Ed word Pro 4 (CAT 2071 - I DISK) A brilliant text editor which has a very good feel about it ? Forecaster (CAT607 - I DISK) If you're a betting maaWoman.
This disk could be up your street.
? Grinder (CAT 1249 - 1 DISK) A versatile screen converter.
? Hyperdrive (CAT 1116 - I DISK) Creates a protected RAM disk.
? Mandelmania (CAT 820 - I DISK - NOT 500) A very fast fractal generator with fast zoom in and out.
? Mandelplot (CAT 90 - I DISK) An excellent shareware fractal generator Tons of fractal type*.
? Magnum (CAT 2666 - I DISK) A good disk magazine creatur.
? Opti Comms 2 (CAT 2357 • I DISK) An excellent collection of tools for use with you modem.
? PC Task 2 (CAT 1281 - I DISK) A working demo of this very good PC emulator program.
? Planetarium (CAT 1887 - I DISK) A simple program to display the position of the planets.
? Pools Tools 2 (CAT442 - I DISK) A great rich quick program ?
Could he Couldn't it.
? PP Mini Crunch (CAT 838 - I DISK - NOT 500) A user friendly interface for the excellent Powcrpacker. Very nice.
? Professional Utilities (CAT634 - I DISK) A very good useful and varied set c ?S-I-R-D-S (CAT 2214- I DISK) Create your very own stereogram picture* and baffle your friends ? Start Of The Art (CAT 2317-2 DISKS) These disks are packed chockcr with various graphic* programs.
? Starview (CAT 1610 - I DISK) A night sky viewer whkh even marks out the contellations.
?Text Engine 4 (CAT 1464 - I DlSK) The best word processor there is.
Very well suited to the Amiga.
? The Money Program (CAT 1811- I DISK) An excellent home money monitor program. Very useful.
? Utlity Disk Maker (CAT2371 - I DISK) Proves very helpful for creating your own disks, serious or not.
? X Beat Pro (CAT415 • I DISK) A very friendly music sequencer program Very good for learners.
? Animation Studio (CAT 2406- I DISK) A fantastic program to ger you slatted in animation. Features the onion skin layering technique.
? Boat (CAT933 - 1 DISK) A very nice animation of a typical cnglish garden scene, with a boat.
? Bonds Last Stand (CAT 835 - I DISK) Bond cops it at last, and not before ? Beach (CAT 1566-1 DISK) A great single screen picture postcard type animation.
? Human Cannonball (CAT 1599-1 DISK) An amusing story of how not to be a human cannonball.
? Linus (CAT 1018 - I DISK) A very original anim with a very’ good cartoon atmosphere Uormoi I DISK) Poor old hormone tries to pull a bird. He should know better ? Raging Hormone 2 (CAT 2473 - I DISK) That thick hormone just doesn't know when to stop. Very funny.
Hormone 3 DISK) j Raging Ha (CAT 2130- I n ? Savings (CAT 112 -1 DISK) The post office savings advert quite a novel end. Funny.
? Communicate (CAT 279- I DISK I Learn bow to communicate with sign language and many more.
? Octamed Tutor (CAT 2456 -1 DISK) An excellent guide to getting the most from Octamed or MED.
? Spectrum Emulator (CAT 1446 - I DISK) Turn your Amiga into a 48k ZX Spectrum. A fastish Amiga is recommended though.
? Speccy Classics (CAT 498- I DISK) A collection of classic old Spectrum games for use with the above emulator program ? Speccy Classics 2 (CAT 1499 I DISK) More great games for emulator.
? Speccy Classics 3 (CAT 2993 -1 DISK) And yet more rockets.
? The Invisible World (CAT 1786 - I DISK) A v isual insight into the tiny world of microscopic bugs.
? Titanic Cheats (CAT 1031 • I DISK) Absolutely chock a black full tif hints, tips and cheats.
? Ultimate Cheat Disk (CAT 2583- I DISK) Another disk packed to the gills with game tips and cheats.
? Vic 20 Emulator (CAT 1087 - I DISK) Turn your Amiga into a VIC 20.
Comes with tons of games. Needs a fast Amiga to fully appreciate.
A COLLECTION Of DISKS FOR THE AMIGA 12*0 COMPUTER ? Big Time Sensuality (CAT 2215-2 DISKS) An audio visual treat of a demo with stunning graphics and an almost CD quality soundtrack.
? Friday At Eight (CAT 2033 - I DISK) A very fast paced demo with a really brilliant music track.
? Full Moon (CAT 1740- I DISK) A brilliant demo with a spooky int and a good pacey tune.
? Klondike Deluxe (CAT 782 • 3 DISKS) A patience card game with some very beautiful picture cards.
? Maximum Overdrive (CAT 2986 - 2 DISKS) A very long full motion video demo which lasts ages.
? Megaball AGA (CAT 842 - I DISK) The most popular breakout type game gets even nicer. A must.
? Real (CAT 2379 - I DISK) Possibly the best AGA demo to date. Totally awesome.
? Relokick 14 (CAT 2918 - I DISK) Brings downward compatibility to your new 1200 to help get some of those old programs working.
?Sleepless Night 3 (CAT 583 - I DISK) An essential collection of serious program* guaranteed to work on the Amiga 1200.
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Welcome, mes amis, to this month’s wonderful world of art on the Amiga On with the show daaarlings.
1. The outline of the first 3. The colour mixing stage. 3. Next,
the glove* are SAS Trooper la roughly out- Using the freehand
toot. Coloured In with a lot of lined onto a black and white
even more grey la added to greya and the buttons art
background using Ihe free- th* uniform and the gasmask tilled
in with shades of ytl- together using th* pickup tools.
Hand tool in Dpmnl la filled wtth a lighter grey.
Low to achieve a brass effect metallic u THE JOKER by John Bradshaw, East Sussex.
NUKEYKID jfoota iiKtav j&ywja;;..... Al RUNNER sy Che Yuen Yam, Bradford Che Yuen Yam sent in a selection of pictures and animations to, "make our lite that little bit more satisfactory and significant’, This animation was produced and created on an Amiga A1200 with 2Mb using Dpain14.
GAMES GS STAR Trfl I (2 (totll S(tK8| to! A12031 G13 CASTLE 01 DOOM AmtCue GIS B010GMflEECE Tlil art, amirir- 677 CARO GAMES (yip Hal. Cum « GM RE KM TO EARTH HUM* 635 IIAMAIROR 5'» 81Mb Star, an u; 641 ESCAPE FROM JW1S«c*A a».
511 SATTlf FORCE (ait® idl par* G 5 DRAGON CAW OirgaM Un*r r i* 6S7 GRETJ LATER »;u« edwrtu?
GM STAR TREK 213 rfaMlHc* 1703 6M FNUT MICHM * EnMkrt 657 NECHfORCf |2 CtgfcA) RPG Gfc2AMAai»WaW*2S£U Gff TREASURE HUNT |M»n) GE* CHEAT LIST QAACS V1.B 072 TREK-73 Sft*t 1st elv G73 ZEUS - TW GAME Pun Me S74 DUHGEOR DELVIR |? Data) live G7SPICIUPA PUZZLE * |2 Otto) Jgu.s
S. ’f CHAIHSAW DEATH • hum* nun MM 677 CAR TOO PCIURE IT * |?
DbM; Jgw G'( SAIIOMACT • font IX G8? SIACUADN Clid Bit* :-Si
694 HACK T.il ah G97 ATM ATAICS4 guit S» BART SMPSON Satrtig
(Worn 6111MORLD Of POMS Sx« mi up 6133 CARO SHMP S uifl o*rei
6137 PU00LES0P.il Bell G138 SQUATS RE11MGE »H«*m G1BPAM IT Huxi ] 8152 MKEDNS Of RADROJ Hicklype ] SIM OKI I SILVER Ftdum fnrltH i SIM MUTIR Of THE TOW* Sloil Hr tgi peels i SIS* ETHOS Tni ali • (act Isiy BATTLE CMS 30 C«S£U 1 SIS* CHALLENGER Ouz • 5 plain } Gil? CATACOMB Gr*rtt 1, - voy Ml Box : GIBS UKOCM AT MAR Wn panes GIMBAASHTYRIWflSIU filu-Mx GI85 DOOOT Win: m*(UYoh GiasnaouTPoK.v J Glfc CRAZY SUE Hilton. In nil J GIB WHRT W PARC Uirc Un.i MM .1G194 CORQKTRATCiH Vl.SPai IW* IGIBOCSTHMIIOH MOONIAS TlniS GIB ESCAPE fROMJOW IB C«* 16197 RO MAMS LAHO WaSEU Gl* DOMIHOES V 6700 MIOHIGHT THHf
: 0704 GRUS GRAI8IR ¦ W« EAW A*X pmr . G70S SWORD Of WORLOCI3A» : G7W A RIGHT AT TW TOP TiironS Mr ? G7WTUMIUM- Pamai ? 0710 REUUE MU1AMT CAMELS $ E U. ? 0711 MnUMEHTS (Wtoin GG71? IEMMIUOIOS Sill ItMT.
?0716 KARATE WORM Hrtom-cl.
IJ6219 SUU11 TW GRASS Pan:-", iwt ? 6271 HAZARDS KMAJN GujTk at 0 622? POE HNGOON |? Mil .6723ABCA0UB«»M1 vtoicpiW ? G224 PORI A POM Stop fit Inn 11GJ2S MR Bria Ujio ow 1 16774RIIOIBSEU - MM 1677* WOTSITMIAK Quz 16279 TETRKI - MM4 : 6730 RUMPTY A TW Ait* IRVAMRS 6733 ONEGA RACE SEU.&BM : 62*7 MR A HRS Y:tn, pOK." - nr. GiM G2*3 TANK Ginl 94N 6264 OeflHOA kcM, 95N frlUil imw G27? LEMMINGS PACK 6273 TW MAZE GAME 6275 AP10TA 16277 SWER SIQOA CHAiUWl G273 COMPUTER COWUCT 7 i G279 AMTEP A SLOT CAAS 6AAK RP6
AO. Tol 611? ROIRICEAHO BAST fWtom 6313 SOCCER CAROS‘ui 7*
ilili ! 6314 CIBERNETO Im tcBcn .G3ISSTARMB7 3prm . G3I4
l.w*M gii|4Ki »ltom 16319 MAOORMA Agua 6370 ROROCOP GOES TO
MAO isi 16371 BUCK TO TW PUTURE III lira.
6377 B CWATS Com H: 6373 TOMCAT PIS Oa an ip ? 6332 JETMWGoMmcrt map ? 8333 NECHfORCf .171 Lalttt tpUH ? SIM PROPERTY lAARKfT GAM! SliUrp
6) 35 ROU ON A UMIR f'liluj ::&u6HAcniniij m*B4k» ? G33S DM fUIM
OUOAUIIR illtaw iraMMgr ? 6)46 ROMA Sh**0»u» M aden* ?6347
ESCAPE Mo »*ctl J G348 RUMMY EuVfcnt can) 0*1*
6) 49 SPACE MSCUf Sner itofl Ml «p
6) 50 HEADERS NAM I Spec* xnfm G37IWIC TW WARM* 9» Ii 6ljrtW ?
GWILUTAS TntM-par* 1 . G37S CU-TRIS lalar TP3S 11G374 niUU
GS77 ACI-ACI 118578 CRAZY Suf 2 Uto* [Ufom : 163*0 LAST REFUGE
imMm ? 6381 AUGER GAME «.J* pane SMS NORM *S 4 lJUil GM6 fRUIT
MACHUII AVC& peed ?G3J7 081R10R DrVnW dme 6318 BOMB JACKV
Cji* I ! GS2 Wit ¦ TW CASTLE Exftenl pMMrn I 1638) fRUIT M1A0
Fwcrtl Rr.ewlir :mal
I) G.V.I MARIO m WOHHRLUO H dee* - Uepa* n csas sioot cm* m, ptum
pm ? 678) ATOMS AtW!
6*35 Imfe HOU GCU (2 4IBi) 640* SIME SQUARES PMM ! GH37 HEY CAME fHOM CUTTR SPACE 9x 41 6404 SON 01 BAUER LoX*. [iffun, GO 4RAHII0W»40««»«ai . 6415 SLAAN41L liiui Miregemnt un ! G4lt HATWM? IajH Wfti m*** ni* G4I7 HUGSI Unn m»Mc aMnm.
G4IJ ROULETTE • WO 7 GoM *im fta I J) G4I9SUT7 GAMES tufftli. «M rb : G470 SKID MIRKS Anun| limu gain G4717CMU APPOCOdPSAHODEfEMXR7M : G472 BRIT IMIAR Ml y I. «*» i W73 OUMPUO ilanmgil ,2 MU) &I74 CATE fwm 0 jp M mUn S47SSIRIOOS B4CKGAABM0HC.no (CtAMTORT 6A27 EXIT-13 Pwfli 6479 ROM 1 ARROW 64MBEQA0RUHRIR 6431POPETE CS4 Oiut 643 CAITIER0RRIS 64B TW RMRIT WAT UnnMp 6431PAIIEHCE C«0l &4 PRIME'S PIOU fi»:iul &4J6B0Br HOP &4J7 ROAD TO Wll R»c*t) 0 K ' w» 'e'nwwvmoes smm iqtni 2 am ' 6441 ISMS CH4IRSAM MASS4CRE ' 6443 SCRABB4E 6444 SMUK HINT 64H THRUST Ml Gifrt|OMIid : 6447 EXOMCISM l2 :uh| AO. A
644) C0HCMST A OOMMIKM -a pn.
648) NCW CLROS I? Mil M*il baib Ma 179) 64*1 xrWPSRtKMCUraloinExI
1) 64*4 EYE Of BEHOLDER II CtroU 6M5 CHEATS Mart Hmloa 0 6*4*
ftolooi ? Mi SCORCWD UNO Suit ; 16470 MR3S LOADSAMOWY oUn r
IG471 STAR TREKING TRIM *2 daUi 116472 SUPER TOMCAT SmxN en i?
[1G475 HOITROW) CWATS * SOL VIS ? 6476 ORC ATTACK L1&477 TARK MHITIR : IG478RAM* 6479MKARAU2 6430ME6ARAU3 ? G431 ROACH HOIK XIM *MCW4' Rhtom U 643? AS0K08AN *1.1 ? 6*83 MLLIARO GAMES 3 pro y-e.nr 116484 BLOOOSAll C(Mn W* ? 64M CRITTUR CAULDRON Lit wiUrtai ? G4MBRWW ?G487 KM 312 (MU| Wcnn r» Mm L'J G4I8 GALAX' MAPPER ? G4B9JR POKER Clrdt IGMOMf H00 ¦wMiMkNdc* 1 JG«I MR BROWHSTOW SobIi den :G4tt NEW WORLD |?«*t) ? G*33 HO MANS LAW) 7 Wivi ? 6«4 PARAOROB na 4* C84 LI 6435 PRORIR Cad vawloi 16498 WUOA Mini V todm I 1G497 JHAU NAN 'Mnin : lG4«AHa HDi3lMU|IA)il4tn* !lG4»BUE0ICcd*fxtlirt
!jG5MIUa?te1Wn ? 9501BTARBAH1) McWy Inn) dm L1G5W TITANIC CWATS 7 65)3 BUTTY Tip It. UtUt ? GS34 H0TB10X 2 (M|tr Telm G 6E-35 NUNTBIS Mint* Telia 1 G9» GAME TAMER V4S8 Ulnl cheA : I GM? JelLYOUfST 30 (tii-y ginr ? G508 ESCAPE fROM OCOM RPQ ad, ? 6KG MCROMAMIT 1 2 B 4 in) tel Mint ? BIO TTRAO OhrteM oMMra pane ASSASSINS COMPILATION GAMES BOULDERDASH CLR LICENCEWARE :S£-S£!&S88Sf BOB EMEPW.0MIWS BO 94 ¦ EMEfWLO MIRE 11
- ss:ass&8s:f 80 97 • HO ORE MINE 4 KI8- MO ORE MINE 17 miw 13 BU
fVI(RA;D *'4( IA2ER BD 104 ¦ 401*1 NTURE Of UR B • P**11 93 103
B0110-BONO MIMS B01H - BOB MINE 7S B0117- 8C*D MINE 8 BO 113
BCMIMIkf 9 Bom-iOWMINEII BO "5 • RA80ODIX BD 116 Rufm MW 5
is::.' Stswss) UARAi|«i)NMIttS7 Kisffi; SISEi.
Msi" EWMVMWS 13oil, :S813S3Sa :Kna| ROWIUTS1 I3cn E1H-RUPPUWW4 120- BHXOIAMOM3S4 K11?1 • INTO THE MJSTY UIMS 80172 • SNELMIMI BO i?B -Expert mine i B0129- EXPERT MINE 1 80130-ROCHMITS 713*1.
B&BSSftg&SS- BO 133 • iUllOR O MlW 2 BL* •:.! *•* • I - I •.'
' 0319 nKNO-A TAK MEGA RAVE I 0321 TROIAN TICINO TRACKS I 032? DANCE TRASH |? M*8| Rin I 0)24 SHEHIS DEMON OOWNLOAO (2 *U ) ! 0333 SHIRTS EXPOSE (2 (MU) ? 0351 POSIIOOM CERE8AL LOBOTOMY WISl LCCROASH 130M, (PHBCOWMTW.D Hi . B-Bal Aux Ouadrn Hal fire Tank Amo,' .. Patar etc I
- . Skyllrti 2. TrampUnl' . .Mo Santa ale!
AS) 49 DoiihbrnafT n Spice Sue 1 *2 ftcl Asi 71 Numerli. BalUntips & V» Tmkt' ASI 72 EK4V*pre.BMdnd sh nal I TOO) Carll U4HIB* super bxoai LnNKnge VcrcMfnao & Gidd,’ U ASI 95 Prom Piet. Tingle. Bop A Hop & Sup* 1«mji Min ? ASI 96 Dirqeon flppet. B'pim Tumbto Ton Raswbfc* ASI 97 BunrriDUel. MjlhiIs liom New Slubb CIV . ; ASI ICO Bkxdrunrer PalHnc* i Moiucol .1S1101 Mtldown. Paragon Boomtrang & Roiheltol AS1102 fn*t Solid Rebound 4 Paaim!
AS1103 The Lost Oearal. Wacky WaK.t 4 Vbgiraw' ASI 104 Wouen BaH. Operale*) Mrkor 4 PblN A Port' ASI 105 PadeH Mm Rumm, 4 0*«rt Diterder' AS1106 S-non. CoemorolM II. Wlto Worm 4 Merc I Asj 107 Serent ill. 4 Ron 30. EquTtog 4 Yaihl Cl y HW D*l Kimbmg. ThialbounJ riXs Zero A HutRBOu!
Sax & fill, Dragon' ? Si iio Space Rmcue~ ? ASI 111 Karat* Worm I IAS1112 Ttuidedoo II. Allens. Tron & Sit* 2' J AS1113 White RaW.li Preww. Tr«k Trrrta 4 Poeewl AS1114 imeriuhonal Crckel. Pr« Iniecwtds II 4 Yum Yum!
AS1115 Suf Trek Stool Up. Soypi R*x. Slime line 4 Shaik!
Asi 116 Bkte Oamotos 4 Tsch 4 Sorry!
AS1117 A» Warrior. Triple YaihUoe 4 Ycupi' Asi 118 Zombies. Aimymrat 14 4 The Last Tet a!
ASI121 Cwmuv, WiiMoe Brarbo. A Worn* ASI122 BculOnOkIi CcH . Propxl 8unMr$ S Xmon III I ASI 123 WIIBioe II. Lmerbup A YMHwc* 1ASII24 Mr 4 Mrs. ElevWOn II : AS1125 Namogime Marbleslde 4 Sruke!
I ASI 126 Short OW Kyruslon XU 4 Oodoe Er - “• - 14 (to!
TraxA Trax Efliloi!
IAS 130Cluin ReaciKn ft. .... Asi 131 Tykkvel. Lefton 4 Skere Stootmg' Asi 132 firel* . Quantum 4 P* Mac!
LJ AS1134 Crow Orcuil. Fwun4 CNWI Wars!
? AS1135 Gamma. 1.3. Art-Ack. Ptfslns 3 4 Telnx!
Asi 136 HOI Blox Sccoi Peng 4 SnlburV ASI 137 BuciSMr. Escapidt 4 Sj gt* Asi 138 GaMclokl. Scorched Tarrkt 4 Air Hockey* AS) 139 The 6*9 Game. Ba( Oog 4 Amrgano» AS1140 fatal Miwun II Chronto Hedgehog Uegawjrm ASI 14) BlackOawn Rtr-nU II 4 GoldiRuthe- U ASI 143 Inleroe. Xalomi 4 Poitton (cards) ? AS1144 Bran Shave. Mmy NibWe. Fleecbon 4 Cube ASI 145 Purr word Kung Fu Chad* 4Si*r Ponj* ? ASI 146 EM*,. Bahtouit II. Amaitermmd 4 C SoMMre ASI 147 B'gam 0 luxe. Tult Tomb. MancaH 4 ParatlKk!
ASI 148 PotymDd. Noilatoium. Megamnd AS1149 Giodnck. Web il. (to WaldiYcw Stop .. AS1150 D-Soh* 0ol2Dpl. TacokTank ? Asi 151 Knlkan tocdem. Catom* Free Oei. Zynd Asi 152 Kunr. Oclafor 2 Big Wll 4 Socky TroB!
Asi 153 Ex* 13. Beetle AS 154 Wart man. Bob s Garden Kabocm ASI 155 Mepibtock. Otggei. Crary Clock ASI 156 Oaitt. Ortckers 4 Karair Ctomp ¦Cll KI Cc**rru Ti»a« • u ri_ i ? AS1100 Prof Bingo. Etoktrek ? ASI 161 Gmadria. Space kw 2. Safronckwm ? AS1162 Spent Ctolfcnp: Maria 5.4, USA 94 ASI 163 Cards, torp. Plail. Queera .....-¦». Dry 2 AS1166 Confunon (touch 2. Hyperdnve AS1167 Meqatquad. Zardor Rapt 10 fWdt AS 168 Mirrturmer. Orelbt Paracheete Oynamfle Warrkiis AS 169 Pm Bto. Turbo Hate,. Brain Damage AS117| GaUoa Oe Luxe. Chretmistkne. Amottorod ? AS1172 Scorched Tartu OoTi Demo, leelaton ?
ASI 173 Ort Attack. Task fc-ce. Pop 6utz ASI 174 UNO Giatp. Statu. Katdaoi AS1175 Mauilx Blatter. Urmate Quiz Oolr ASI 176 Sports ChaM 1. Incneraior Demo. Sporu Oal 2 M AS1177 Gorl. Chertm Coiquesl. Mucus : 1 AS1178 40 Hurt* Cookie. 0«o 30
• S1179 Sever ObktoralK* Harrer Raise the Tmnic AS1181 Muar*
Ptngur nAliator fin.
Asi 187 Dima Colonial ConqwM swo-Bin AS1183 OpgrHioa fawiorm Quasi LmMtiM Asi 184Tanx-n-SiuH. PwurePwfle iSPwrt* ASI 185 Mtttl Earlion Fatal Mr,non III. VEWll.
? ASI 167 Smckma- ThunJertlDmi Seen* W Arclun* ' ASI 188 Tricky. Fodrets. Peg Ftong ' ASI 189 UltrabNI. GodzlBe. Amoraari IAS1190 Gravey Force HO i 0333 STOHEARTS ATMOSPHERE Giant 10334 KEERENS OAHE Slto-11 $ *«ll
SANITY W0R10 Of COMNOOORE 10347 LEMON RINK A DtfH inc* 1203)
034S ZYWX 317 MU| So »b nut,: EDUCATION ? CL£0I T.C. DINOSAURS ? Dak.} HWMibook ....-....£3.05 I ? CLE03 T.C. SOUR SYSTEM (3 CmkS) Into horn NASA ex. .... £5.95 I i 1CLE05 ACHORO Lfam guitir £3 95 I ? AE10 BASICALLY AMIGA (3 daUI Gel to know yo» nuchns £5 95 I ? GLE1SFASI fflEI Lean icaka cn guiur £3.96 I 1CIC28 FUN WITH CUBBY SprofflDfkUi ...... £3 95 I ? CLE3I UNDERSTANDING AMOS 2MAU)- ......£4.95 I 1CLE46 BASIC HUMAN ANATOMY Gl.H!
Ban. BtoM. W ois t aan an ..£3.95 I 3CU5I PA*T PASTE t ORAW CokHNlogbook- .£395 | UTILITIES CLU03 TYPING TUTOR InolBrt. Kxtoh r.pe ... ? CLU09 PlAY A RAVf 2 Afcse modiAB linkor .. ? CLUIO POWER ACCOUNTS K«p trick ole«p«nset ....£3.95 I I laun CALC»l3SprMdlH Ht £3.95 : ICUII3 OAIOS Pomrlul gjiibair £3.95 i CLUI5 EPOCH Qhndir lyttam £395 ailZI INVOKE MASTER £3 95 j ? CLUTS CREATIVE ADVENTURE TOOL KIT MiM Mrtntur* gimei ....D95 I ? CIU32 POWERTEXT 2 Wordprotoic ... ? CLU33 AM TUITION CrwioWB3
• YP»Pf«flB ..... £3.96 I ClCLU36 ILLINOIS
Super ditKlory ?aeoe dragon ikes tin puzm.. e3« ? CLG14 SONIC S
&«hic *»*nnir. ....£3.95 ? CL628 TIME RIFT PUItorm Mi £3
95 I ICLG35 0611 Cixmen _£3.96 ? A64lfl RACER 30 formite 1 or
(King £3 95 ? CIG42 CRYSTAL SKULL 30 rale ptiy 0.0
t.p« .....£3.95 ? CE644 VIUMG SAGA Grj(*.al «niM»
......£3.95 ncu»«8 THE LOST PRINCE GrapMcadv,. .£395
PD (CU), 36 Bodelwyddan Ave, Old Colwyn, Clwyd LL29 9NP DISK
PRICKS: 1-2 Ifek. - £2.00 tach, 3-15 Disks = £1-50 each 16-24
Disks = £1.25 each, 25* Disks = £1.00 each Overseas orders
welcome payable in sterling please.
Catalogue disk £ I .(10. Fast, reliable friendly service.
Make chcques postal orders payable to ‘DELTRAX PD” I POSTAGE & PACKING: UK = 60p per order, Address .. !£ .... Europe = +20p per disk; R.O.W. = +40p per disk Note: Prices are per disk and not per set CU AMIGA SPECIAL f |i I Welcome to our new look readers' offers. This month sees the launch of our new upgrades for the Amiga A1200.
Unlike some A1900 upgrades, ours are fully PCMCIA compatible Designed and built in the UK exclusively for CU Amiga - never has it been so affordable to upgrade an A1200 with more memory on a board also capable of adding a 68882 floating point maths co-processor at speeds of up to 50MHz.
How can we be so cheap? Well, thanks to the huge success of our campaign to upgrade all Amigas to a minimum of 1Mb, we have exceptional buying power. Also, because so many of our readers buy upgrades we can use the very latest manufacturing technology to produce our upgrades - and hence give you exceptional value.
So why upgrade your memory? Probably because a memory upgrade is the most versatile enhancement you can make to your Amiga. Apart from the fact that you need it to run the more powerful Amiga software there are many extra benefits too. You can use some of it as a RAM disk, just like a super-fast extra floppy drive. This means you can avoid the cost of a second floppy drive or hard disk. Some software that claims to need a hard disk will run on your Amiga from a RAM disk. A phnt spooler can save you time waiting for your printer to finish printing before you get on with your work, use your new
RAM instead of upgrading your printer or buying an expensive biXfer.
Do you own a hand scanner?
For reasons best known to themselves, Commodore 'forgot' a realtime clock for the A1200. Well, we've put it back with our new UK made A1200 clock for just £12.99. Getting more from your Amiga means at least 1Mb, getting the best means adding as much RAM as you can Is the essential Amiga upgrade!
Are you | fed up with poor quality scanning?.
A superb replacement Amiga mouse.
Our brand new Scanner Tray will improve your results no enc Simply place over the image and clip the scanner into it and it will act as a guide eliminating hand wobbling. This amazing invention is not available anywhere else. Plus, it will help ert that wasted time correcting mistakes in scanned text with our OCR software. It's a pain scam pages of text only to find that the re littered with spelling mistakes. This software package will down on those errors before this even happens.
The CU Amiga mouse is a major enhancement because it uses micro switches for the buttons.
Our mouse also has a much higher resolution - 280 dots per inch which means you need much less desk space and you get a much finer control.
12 GOOD REASONS TO BUY FROM CU AMIGA All the products offered by CU AMIGA have been carefully selected as being the best in their class. But top quality does not mean top price. Thanks to our huge buying power, we can deliver to our readers the best products at the best prices.
E All memory boards are populated with memoiy.
All memory boards are indMduaDy tested ts Support from a top engineer is just a phone call away.
K Prices include VAT, Postage and Packing, the price you see is the price you pay.
* • No minimum order and no credit card surcharges.
Memory upyades cany an exceptional five- year warranty, a 98 day noquibble money back guarantee ¦. We are here until 8pm every day during the » week. I t 24 hour order hotline.
I Because we only sell a few items, your ordr I win normally be sr ipied straight from our i stocks.
A You credit or debit card wi not be proct if the item you order is not in stock, e Experienced sales staff are on hand for you order or if you need advice before an order.
Thanks to the massive buyins power of CU AMIGA we can offer our readers the cheapest high quality Amiga memory upgrades and other essential add-ons _ for your Amiga!
Each Memory upgrade comes with a FREE DISK Inducing Memory Tcsl Software, making sue that you make the very best of your new Order by telephone by calling 0480 89TI71 Mon to Fri 10am to 8pm Sat 10am to 4pm.
There's an answering machine to take your orders at all other times. If you place your order on the machine, leave the exact details in the order they appear on this form.
2. CUSTOMER DETAILS Lines are manned from Monday to Friday 10am
to 8pm and on Saturday 10am to 4pm.
If you call outside these hours liclr x can place an order by answer phone - just the Information on the order form in the njpjfcder It appears, you might find it easier to ilia Olete the order form before calling so that Ta. Can read directly from it
• aK Mow 98 days lor dclMiy from when we recoe you For non receyx
of 9oodt phone 0480 891171 rr to Frtday between 10am and 6pm.
upgrade to 1Mb .£14.50 ? A500 upgrade to 1Mb
including clock ..£17.99 ? A500+upgrade
to 1.5Mb ...£15.99 ? A500+upgrade to
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2Mb 124.99 ? A600 upgrade to 2Mb including
clock ..£34.99 ? A1200 upgrade to
4Mb ....£149.00 ? A1200 upgrade to 4Mb with 25 Mhz
68882 £179.00 ? Clock
Module ....£12.99 ? Scanner
Tray ......£54.99 ? OCR
Software ....£99.00 (This thould be the
name written on tha Cheque or Credit Cerd If payment by this
Telephone No: (.
Credit Card s r 3W ?
Card Number I I I I I I I Switch Issue No_ To expiry I Cheque (?) ? Postal Order (?) ?
Note: Cheques payable to CO DIRECT LTD.
Signature_ 138-139 Victoria Rd, Swindon, Wilts, SN1 3BU sz e Tel: 0793 432176 Fax: 514187 w * VIRUS FREE PD LATEST GAMES IMAGINE A FEW TOOLS VERY LATEST A1200 A4000 EMULATORS torn* ? »* Kmimnm bin H XT hAwut ua Itir Mu«j ? Vw- ucxsun a ? Wi rcoi Gu»l A440 fC mullin' ? BT1 AIM) 1 I'M KM UUM T mU*. Fat **»- 3*i»2 yuxiun* Dar ixA'TwrTLiw QUZ OulifNGr AN GBU HX 1 A( .* too Bi sinks* Utrms l“ * Mlnil«'U|..ndra.-nan BAT DOC KOH H PYGMY KKJJBCTI J «5 mwvwhmm ] m «1NBUM» ] *» kia Aijm mis l* U IUttatlAI] O 5*1*1 HI CHICKS CHUKH MUSIC PC TASK PC EMULATION SOFTWARE TBIU
* * nONlCAD l» iO.lM
«i«)inui Pawl* •» bW M rrt*. Min roMM* ] IIK Ktuumn Eu «M
ccAnim c4 bnluknp 0*ai mvsnu I'lAUW I INVAOflB TASKICfGAMI VUNH
'in axm«aipn*m »li GCUONTR lit KIMS i A1200 ACTION FIEF E
CAI(11UD(.E IV fern «ui ml Up «t**n » -u J7M 2 UfHCTLM HINTS
P*l lwnilOTI» ICONS «HH. IVlnHki Inn m **
* ¦ a* M • »w« r- *t An mnmt "XXX Mwn i*» UimT A t H li «Iki
rawnul » * III aukr fail Ift-1 Ink Uirr nr ¦!¦ ' luAtl Onkto.kC
mu I ONLY kltti *Uh mv puntin' 412* U TOAI»0 Priority Order
Form " D 1254-5 ITTliXXX - 5 fe* MAGK WORKBENCH EXTRA'S
IdibdMnlinMd*( iil nbrnMtnr »» mdf 0 MW14-2 * INLY 44 * Amount
Lnt4.Udr.cBdl* ? *1*52 nonM0TM CJ »M»fo'tmr AtiA lal BUYERS'
o o Everyone likes to do a bit of shopping, but what happens when
things go wrong? Misunderstandings can easily occur when buying
via mail order, but follow a few of these guidelines and you
shouldn’t go far wrong.
POINTS OF VIEW Andr6 Digard gives his opinion on the rising tide of blood and gore in today s computer games. Is there a difference between Tom and Jerry knocking each other's teeth out and Mortal Kombafc decapitation sequence? Mr Digard says yes.
ISSUE 21 SEPTEMBER Someone asked us the other day why we bother having an index here.
After all, you’ll find out what’s on the following pages by reading them.
The point is: what do you read when you’ve finished the Workshop section?
This page. You read it to see if you’ve missed out on anything important and to laugh (or not as the case may be) at Tony Horgan’s witty remarks about what himself and other people have written. Top geezers they may be, but Andy Leaning, Peter Lee and John Kennedy do need introducing every month.
QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Their knowledge ol the Amiga's techie bits is unfathomable - luckily John Kennedy and Andy Leaning have surfaced once again to help you with any Amiga- related problem you might have. Sit yourself down on the couch, and tell us all about it... 174 BACKCHAT ‘Yakkity-yak! Don’t talk back!' Goes the song, but we want you to get a bit lippy. Go on. If you’ve got something to say. Say it! And say it to Tony Dillon's face. No.
On second thoughts, maybe you should just write a letter instead.
Regulars 166 c
» CRAFT TUTORIAI PART ? ¦ • _ 165 It sounds like a delicious sandwich spread that you might find in your lunchbox (tucked under the chocolate biscuit and yogurt), but Craft 2 is in fact the other stunning program we gave away last issue. Our tutorial continues this month on page 165.
• CALL US NOW FOR IMMEDIATE SERVICE ON (0386) 765500 • Winner of
all Customer Ser RETAIL SHOWROOMS 40Mb model 100Mb model
£219.99 £249.99 Evesham tr 0386- 765!
Birmingham tr 021 • 446 A500 8Mb RAM UNIT
• Very quiet
• Swnlne Oeergn
• SuM any Amiga
• Cooing v»m» with 2Mb fitted with 4Mb fitted with 8Mb fitted
£129.99 £179.99 £279.99 A1200 8Mb RAM EXPANSION ONLY £14.9J
Amazing low p_ ONLY £52.99 low price ONLY £44.99 HAND SCANNER
£19.99 ¦ Also without dock for only ONLY £73.99 Padugee. Eg
Oetuae Pant 4. Touch-L» ONLY £99.99 ONLY £29.9!
Amge prOxe. Ifrm ***, ONLY £48.99 A600 wNh 40Mb hard
dtok------- 100Mb Add-on SCSI Hard Disk (piggy tectt on to
AMO)...... I fiO.»5r fOJmm IhiWlO) ONLY £34.08 The KX-P2123
olfwa quiet operation, colour. Supa* Letter Oue.ty a pentrg enO
eslemm. Pa(» 2Y FI PRO SPEAKERS Diamond PrrWMSNpdjaNy 0*1* ONLY
£186.83 O"*naone »»I4» • Jttw (HdtoOJ ONLY £57.58
BUYERS GUIDE B CU AMIGA ORDER FORM To the supplier: This order follows your advert in CU Reader: If purchasing by post or fax complete this form from. Alternatively, use it to note down your order when Please treat it as a priority order.
Nd it to the company you are ordering SUPPLIER Compan ..... Address CUSTOMER DETAILS Name ..... Address . , .Postcode ..Postcode Daytime phone number METHOD OF PAYMENT Postal Order b Cheque ) Visa Oaccess O AmexO Other credit card ... Card Number mTnTOTmm Expiry Date 00 00 Start Date 00 00 DESCRIPTION OF GOODS ORDERED Quantity Goods Code Individual Price Total Price Subtotal
Delivery Total Delivery Date Required .....Signed ..... (Usually within 28 days) If you intend to send this order form through the post, take a photocopy first.
Tack in the days ot old. It you lived in an area where there wasn't a local Amiga dealer you either had to travel miles and miles to the nearest outlet or go without that new Amiga product you wanted so badly.
Then someone had the commercially-brilliant idea ot armchair shopping. All you had to do was pick up the telephone, tell the person on the other end what you wanted, give them your credit card details and the goods were on their way. At least that's the chain ot events that should occur in the ideal world of mail order shopping. • .
QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS However, this buying process, as simple as it sounds, has some drawbacks. For starters, without the reassurance of actually being able to visit the company you’re buying from how, do you know they’re not just a gang of con-artists who will take your money and run? What happens if the goods are faulty when you get them? You can’t just take them back to the shop. What about backup?
Thankfully, it's not as bad as it sounds. When buying from advertisers in CU AMIGA you can be confident that the vast majority are very reputable and honest. You can also be confident that should you get into trouble CU AMIGA’S ADVERTISING TEAM will work their hardest to help you out.
But what measures can you take to reduce your exposure to risk and make sure that mail order buying is a totally satisfactory experience? For starters, because you can’t visit the company to check out their premises and look for potential signs of trouble, use the evidence you have access to. For example, in just the same way as a good company would care about its showrooms being well presented and laid out, so will they care about their adverts. Whilst the size of adverts (a full page or several pages) is a good indicator of how big and reputable a company may be, relying on this can be
misleading. Many small companies may not want or be able to afford large ads, remember that this is not a problem as long as they provide a good service.
The quality of the ads, however, is more useful in deciding the standard of a company: do they look professional? Is the stationery they send you (invoices, delivery notes, quotes etc) smart, well laid out and. Ideally, in colour? When you call them do they answer the phone promptly and politely and are they well informed about their products? These are all signs that a company has spent money on their staff and looks, and are therefore more committed to long-term service.
Are you cautious about handing over money to a company you can’t even see? Andy Leaning has some tips for buying from mail order firms.
CREDIT CARDS Having tound a company you're confident about, it's time to place your order. When you do so always ask for a receipt or invoice to be sent out immediately. This is your proof that you have ordered the goods, and when you ordered them. It should also clearly note the price agreed, which will avoid possible future confusion. When ordering never, ever, send cash through the post. Not only can your money go missing, but it could also be stolen somewhere along the line and you're left with no evidence of ever sending it. Instead, send cheques, postal orders or best of all use your (or
ask to use someone else’s) credit card.
If you are sending your order via the post or fax or wish fo keep a note of your telephone order, use the form below. Sending this to the supplier with payment will help ipeed up the process.
If you placed your order over he phone, note down who you spoke to, when, and what was said. Again, this will prove useful should anything go wrong in future.
Then it's a waiting game. All being well your goods should turn up when they were supposed lo. If not, contact the supplier immediately, let them know and find out why the goods haven't arrived. If it is anything more serious than a mistake by the courier (in which case the goods should arrive the next day or day after you call the supplier! Write to them letting them know this was not the original arrangement, and confirming the new delivery dates. If your goods still don't turn up cancel the order and go elsewhere. To cancel the order send confirmation in writing and find out when your
money will be relumed, credited or TIPS WHEN BUYING VIA MAIL ORDER
1. Ask friends if they have received good-quality service from a
company, and avoid companies fhai your friends haven't been
happy with.
2. Never send cash, always use cheques or credit cards.
3. Always ask for a receipt or invoice to be sent as soon as you
place the order - this is your proof that that you have done
4 Check that whatever has been delivered is exactly what you ordered.
5. If problems occur contact the supplier as soon as possible,
and follow it up in writing And remember, you don't have to
rely on the post, there's nothing wrong with a faxed
Cheques destroyed - and check that this happens
- don't leave it to good will.
DO IT IN WRITING If the goods do turn up, check them straight away.
If possible check what is being delivered and that it is in a reasonable state before the courier leaves.
If you have any problems notify the supplier as soon as you can. And do so in writing.
The vast majority of mail order purchases go smoothly - the system wouldn't work otherwise.
Mail order also has many more advantages than disadvantages and as long you to follow these simple rules you shouldn't have any problems.!© [J 4 UTURIAI Once you can get around OctaMED at speed,those new tunes just keep on rolling out. Tony Horgan explains a few tricks to get you composing at high velocity, and also unravels the mysteries of the notation editor.
PART NOTATION EDITOR To a musician coming from a more traditional background, the idea ol displaying music as a load ot numbers and letters can be a bit hard to understand. For just this reason. OctaMED 4 has a notation editor, which you can use to enter and edit music on a conventional stave. The disadvantage ot the notation editor is that it can't show as much detailed information as the main block editor things like effects commands and volumes aren’t displayed for example), so you'll still need to refer to the block editor for some functions.
BASIC USE Just like the block editor, you can enter notes into the notation editor direct from the Amiga or MIDI keyboard. Instead of having a block that scrolls upwards as you enter notes, you get a horizontal stave that represents 16 lines on the block. As you enter the notes, a black marker moves along to the right, indicating the position of the next note USING THE MOUSE Alternatively, you can pick up one of the graphic note icons from the panel below the stave, and plonk it down with the mouse. Choose the correct type of note, depending on what you need.
Or ML TS:j 3 4 ......- However, before you can actually place any notes, you need to select the track on which you want the note to sit Do this by dicking the number of the track you want to use from the SEL TRACK buttons as seen above). Unlike the two strips above this, only one track can be highlighted at once.
These two numbered strips above the SEL TRACK strip) are there to make the display easier to read. If you have all of the tracks displayed at once, on just one stave, it's bound to become clut- tered, and make little sense. By toggling each track number on the SHOW TRACK and GHOST TRACK strips, you can display only the tracks you are currently working on. This could lead to a lot of switching ol tracks as you move from one part to another, so to keep the button clicking to a minimum, you can set up five combinations of tracks, and assign each to one of the PSET buttons.
Programming the PSET buttons couldn't be clmplwr Thn current track settings are automatically tagged to the highlighted PSEI Button. Try n out by selecting and ghosting a few tracks, then dicking the PSET 2 button. The settings will revert to the default as button 2 has not yet been defined). Click on button 1 and your previous track settings will appear. The CLR button will turn off all the track selection buttons.
Time signatures can be switched between 3 4 and 4 4 time by dicking on the appropriale buttons In the bottom-right corner of the panel. The * and - buttons are used to set the key signature. Click either the sharp or flat button, followed by the ?
And - buttons to set the number ot sharps or Hats.
Ski 0l- i+ Q b I EDITING TIPS Here are some more tricks you can use to get right up to speed. Once you've got the hang of these, you'll be flying around the program as fast as Linford Christie.
QUICK COPYING There are times when you have a short section of a block that you want to repeat until the end of the track.
The official' method of copying just part of a track is to use the RANGE function, drag out a range with the mouse, and then paste that elsewhere on the block.
However, there is a quicker way of doing this. Let’s say you have a bassline that runs from line 0 to line 15, and then should repeat itself on the three subsequent bars in the track. By selecting COPY TRACK from the BLOCK panel, the whole track is copied into the buffer. This is the same buffer used for ranges, so you can now move to line 16 (by pressing F7) and select PASTE from the nANGE panel. Pmcc Fa to move to the middle line ot the track, and paste the range again, then move to the last bar of the track with F9 and paste once more.
You can also use this method for copying patterns that are spread over all of the tracks For instance, you might have a drum pattern that uses three tracks. By selecting COPY BLOCK from the block panel, all the tracks will be copied, which can then be pasted anywhere with PASTE from the RANGE panel.
Printing options are found on the left side of the panel. If HEADER is highlighted, the header will be printed with the song. The header contains information about instruments, the playing sequence and other details about the song. If you have the NOTES button selected, the song will be printed out as graphic notes. Otherwise, it will appear in text form, as it does in the block editor. FFEED will send a form feed after each block. If you want the song printed' direct to disk rather than a printer, dick the FILE button. The values beside BLKS are the blocks that will be printed. Click the
PRINT button to print with your settings.
VOLUME SUDES OclaMED 4 has a handy function for creating volume fades, and with a bit of trickery, you can use it to create slides for use with any of Ihe other commands. To create a volume slide between two notes, both of the notes must have their volumes specified by the C command, as in the picture below.
OO0 D - 2 10C10 00 1 00000 00?
I-- j 00000
o o :t
- -- 00000 004 D-2 1 0C50 HI I HR Move to any line between the
two notes, and click the VOL button from fhe RANGE panel,
making sure that edit mode is active. The lines between fhe
notes will be filled with volume commands, ranging from the
value of the first volume to the second. More on commands next
NEXT MONTH Next month we delve even deeper Into this amazing program and explain how to exploit some ol OclaMED s advanced professional features.
DOUBLE SPACING The key just below ESCAPE (~) turns double spacing on an off, so when you enter a note, Ihe cursor jumps down two lines in the block, instead of just one. If you want to change this spacing to any other number, you can enter a new value in the box marked SPC in the EDIT panel.
Double sparing is very handy for entering drum patterns. If you want high hats on every other line, you can just turn on the spacing, and hold down a single key to enter the hats. Of course, you can do the same for your bass drum or any other regularly repeating sound, remembering lo change the sparing increment to suit the pattern.
PROGRAMMABLE KEYS OclaMED allows you to program the number keys on the main keyboard, so that you can put down frequently-used patterns or combinations of notes and commands simply by pressing two keys. If you want to grab a section of a track or block, highlight the relevant part. If you just want to grab one note, position the cursor over that note. Now go to the EDIT panel, and dick on either note or range, depending on which you want to grab. Now when you press Shift and the zero key, fhe note or range will be pasted in at the cursor position.
By clicking the and buttons to change the value in the box above, you can do this for all the other number keys, and also the left and right ALT keys. So, you could have up to 12 different notes and patterns instantly available.
KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS A list of the keyboard shortcuts were included on the OclaMED 4 coverdisk, but if you don't have a printer and would like to have a handy memory jogger nearby, you now have it. Just cut this guide out and stick it somewhere you can easily see it, like the side of your monitor or TV or the top of your desk.
FUNCTION KEYS Go to: First block Last block Previous block Next block First line of block Left alt cursor up Lett alt cursor down Shift cursor up Shift cursor down F6 _ Second quarter of block F7 1 Middle of block F8 Last quarter of block F9 1 Last line of block F10 One track left Alt left cursor 1 One track right Alt right cursor ¦ One screen left Ctrl left cursor ¦ One screen right Ctri right cursor SELECT TOOL PANELS | Files panel Ctri FI Play panel Ctrl F2 1 Instruments panel Ctrl F3 Block panel Ctrl F4 ¦ Edit panel Ctrl F5
• Miscellaneous panel Ctrl F6 . Volume panel 1 MIDI panel Ctrl F7
Ctri F8 Transpose panel Ctri F9 | Range panel Ctri F10 EDIT
FUNCTIONS Delete note or character Delete note or command
Delete note or space Insert a space Insert a track Edit on and
off I Auto space on and off Cut track Copy track Paste track
Cut block Copy block Paste block Pick note 0-9 DEL DEL
Backspace Shift backspace Shift alt backspace Esc Amiga x Amiga
c Amiga v Amiga shift X Amiga shift C Amiga shift V Ctrl shift
0-9 Shift 0-9 I Ctrl a Amiga 0 Amiga t Amiga shift T Return A
Shift return Enter programmed note 0-9 Auto-advance down on and
o Create volume slide Create slide: command 3 (transform)
command 1 and 2 Insert a hold symbol -|- Insert a hold symbol
-|- Insert hbld symbols to all tracks of the previous chord
function keys select ihe following octaves:
- Octave 1+2 F1 I Octave 2+3 F2 Octave 3+4 F3 I Octave 4+5 F4
Octave 5+6 F5 I MIDI OCTAVE SELECTION Octave I +2 2+3 3+4
(press repeatedly) F1 Octave 4+5 Octave 5+6 Octave 6+7 Octave
7+8 8+9 9+A F2 F3 F4 (press repeatedly) F5 PLAY CONTROL Play
song Amiga p Alt 1 Alt 2 Alt 3 Alt 7 Alt 8 Alt 9 Shift left
cursor Shift right cursor Alt shift right cursor alt shift left
cursor Play song Shift all spacebar Play block Amiga spacebar
Slop Spacebar (delete nole if SPC-CLR is active) Continue block
Alt spacebar Continue song Shift spacebar PLAY SEQUENCE LIST Go
to end of list Ctrl 1 Scroll list down Ctri 2 Decrease block
number Ctri 4 Insert current block no. Ctri 5 Increase block
number Ctri 6 Go to top of list Ctri 7 Scroll list up CM 8
Insert number 0 Ctrl 0 Delete the block number Ctrl.
The numbers reler lo Ihe keys on Ihe numeric keypad. If Ihe Caps Lock is on, Ihe keypad can be used lo edit Ihe Play Sequence List without holding Ihe Ctrl key.
INSTRUMENT UST Go to the end of the list Scroll list down Quick scroll down Go to top of list Scroll list up Quick scroll up Select next instrument Select previous inst.
16 instruments forward 16 instruments backwards Select instrument name gadget Select and clear instrument name gadget Select instrument repeat gadget Amiga i Amiga shift I Amiga r SAMPLE LIST CONTROLS Scroll list up Alt 8 Scroll list down Alt 2 Scroll list up fast Alt 9 (Pg Up) Scroll list down fast Alt 3 (PG Dn) Go to top of list Alt 7 (Home) Go to bottom of list All 1 (End) The numbers refer to keys on the numeric keypad.
MISCELLANEOUS Display free memory Ctrl F Low pass filler on and oh Amiga F Highlight current line TAB Reset MIDI effects (pitch bender, modulation wheel, presets) Ctrl spacebar When entering commands, pressing All in conjunction with a number key will add 10 to Ihe number. While Ihe Caps Lock is on, you can enter Ihe programmable keys without holding Ihe All key.
PROTRACKER KEYS The following Protracker key functions are recognised only when PTKEY is active.
Record Right shift Continue song Right alt Play block Right Amiga Previous block Left alt left cursor Next block Left alt right cursor Increase play sequence position Shift left cursor Decrease play sequence position Shift right cursor Stop playing, toggle editing Spacebar Next track TAB Previous track Shift TAB Cut track Shift F3 Copy track Shift F4 Paste track Shift F5 Cut block Alt F3 Copy block Alt F4 Paste block Alt F5 V THE CONSUME EARLS C O I 2 0-2 5 S E Book your place now for LIVE '94, the most exciting consumer electronics event in the UK.
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LIVE HOTLINE: 0891 500 103 MIGA WORKSH MASTERCLASS M --------- John Kennedy reflects on the pros and cons of using AmigaDOS.
There is a school ot thought that believes that the real reason that Commodore didn’t include any reference manuals tor AmigaDOS was so that magazines could run tutorials on them every month. I don't subscribe to this theory but it doesn't change the tact that an awful lot of Amiga owners don't have an idea what the AmigaDOS Shell is, or what it could possibly be for. This isn't necessarily a sacrilegious slate of affairs, because with version 2 and above, the Workbench is powerful enough to accomplish most normal file-keeping tasks. If a program, such as Directory Opus, is installed it is
still possible to have almost total control over the Amiga without needing to use a single command.
The Workbench is the main display you see when you boot your Amiga, and by default the Shell icon Is hidden away in the System drawer. When you double click on the icon, up pops a special Window into which you can type commands directly
- this is the Command Line Interface or CLI, and the commands are
what make up AmigaDOS.
For example, using the Workbench to rename a file is easy. Highlight the icon with a single cfick, and then select the RENAME option from the pull-down menu. With AmigaDOS you enter a command like: RENAME oldname newname I use my Amiga from 9am to 5pm almost everyday, and as an experiment I thought it would be interesting to see exactly what I did use the Shell for. Not a lot as it turns out, as I have spent a lot of time and money getting together a lot of other programs to make sure I don't need to. Take editing text messages. For example. They need to be entered in electronic form and
passed to a talented layout person. Although it is possible to use the AmigaDOS text editor, one of the first things I did was to replace it with the commercial program Cygnus Ed Professional. This is fast, efficient and fully Workbench 3 friendly which means it works perfectly with any screen mode, and specifically on my AGA Amiga and Microvitec 1438. There are many other excellent text editors available, including GoWEd which you must check out from your favourile Public Domain library.
Next on my list of most-used Amiga programs is the aforementioned Directory Opus, which replaces most AmigaDOS commands with a few point and click operations. You can do simple things like renaming a file by clicking on its display in the Directory Opus window and then clicking on the RENAME button, but you can also search for files with certain names, delete directories or individual file, read text files, look at pictures, listen fo sound samples and check for space on floppies I seem to spend a lot of time creating animations with 3D rendering programs, and with Opus I can quickly keep
track of all the hundreds of files, rename them, move them and even view them. If you haven't yet bought Directory Opus start shopping lor it tomorrow and in the meantime get SID from your library.
So when exactly is the Shell used? That depends. Some people don't like mice and menus, and will feel happier typing in commands directly.
There are some operations which are quite tricky or time consuming to do with the mouse which an AmigaDOS command can do much quicker (such as deleting every file ending in .bak). Programmers will invariably need to use the Shell when using C compilers and linkers.
Actually, I don't use a normal shell, but a shell which uses the KingCon program which is available from PD libraries. This device will adjusl the shell so that it has a scroll bar which means you can see the results from previous operations. This is especially useful when used with AmiTCP- the suite of programs I use to access the Internet Logging on to multiple computer sites on the other side of the world is quite an impressive (albeit slow) use for the Shell. The other times I open the Shell are usually for a quick DIR or LIST of a floppy disk, or perhaps a particularly tricky operation
which might not be possible from Workbench itself. ITS a sign of an extremely well thought out Graphical User Interface when this hardly ever happens. In fact, it's only when programming that I really need to enter any AmigaDOS commands at the Shell prompt. This all means that I'm not very surprised that Commodore took the decision to leave out the AmigaDOS documentation because most users simply wouldn’t need it.
TOOLSDAEMON In the June issue we mentioned a very useful tool which combines the AmigaDOS Shell and Workbench very well - TooisDaemon, a program which can be used fo add new menus to the Workbench display.
Normally TooisDaemon is used to launch a favourite program, and to save you hunting through various drawers, but someone mentioned in the Amiga_Mags echo on FidoNet about using it to unarchive files - something normally done from the Shell. Configuring the program to do this is quite simple.
Open up the TooisDaemon Preferences window (it should have automatically added this option to the Tools menu if it is running) and enter UNARC as a new command. You will need a suitable unarchiving archiving program, and the one I'm assuming you are using is 'lha'. It is extremely common and you will probably find it on an old PD or coverdisk.
The lha utility will be able to expand any file ending in LHA or LZH. Now enter the following into the string requester at the bottom: lha x Q ram: and make sure the cycling mode gadget is set to CLI.
Select Save and the TooisDaemon Preferences window will dose. To use your new tool, simply highlight the file you need to expand with a single click and select this option. The file will be decompressed info the RAM disk. You should remember that files ending in LHA or LHZ usually won't have any associated icons, and so before you can see them to dick on them, you will need to use the Show - AIIFiles in the Workbench Window menu.
If you are still using Workbench 1.3 I’m afraid you won’t have this option and should have upgraded a long time ago.
Files which are normally 'hidden' from the Workbench display can cause beginners a few problems. A file will only usually appear on the Workbench if there is an associated .info file.
This is something isn't a problem for the Shell user, as all files are visible. Try opening a Shell window and entering dir sys: and you'll see a lot of files which aren’t normally present there.
MAKING DRAWERS Recently, someone else spoke to me in a panic because they couldn’t snapshot some icons. In other words, when they tried to fix their location on the screen using Workbench’s Snapshot command. First of all, you should realise the difference between the various snapshot options. From the Window menu, you can snapshot either Window or All. Snapshot Window will remember the current viewing status of the Window (show by icon, by name, by size and so on) plus its position and size.
The icons are not stored. Snapshot All will remember all the Window information, plus the locations of all the icons. You must perform this after a Clean Up operation if you need the tidy positioning to be remembered.
However, there is another snapshot under the Icons menu. This snapshot will store the position of any highlighted icons, and has nothing to do with the Windows. The problem system seemed to allow snapshots to be taken of the icons on a floppy disk, but as soon as the drawer was re-opened, the icons were back to their higgle-de- piggle-de order.
PROBLEMS What was going wrong? First of alt we had to make sure the floppy wasn't write protected or 100% full. The information for the position of the tiles needs to be stored on the disk, and if the disk can’t be written to the snapshot will fail. This was all in order, but still the stubborn little icons wouldn't stay where they were being placed. When the disk was removed and replaced, or the Update menu option was called, the icons had shifted back to their original position.
The answer lay in the fact that the icons didn't really exist. Although they were icons, they were icons added automatically by the Amiga because the Show - All Files window option was on. We could place the icons wherever we liked, but couldn't save their positions because there were no special icons file (the .info file) in which to save the new positions.
The solution was to create suitable icons. The simplest way to make an icon is to cheat and use one which already exists. This works especially well with drawer icons - say for example there is a subdirectory on the disk dfO: called Games, but you need an icon for it. Open a shell, and enter something like the following:copy sys:Tools.info ram: (return)rename ram:Tools.info Games.info (return)copy ram:Games.info dfO: (return) There will now be a perfectly good icon on the floppy.
UTILITY OF THE MONTH Rather an obscure one this, but well worth experimenting with. The name is ProcurePens. And it will mainly be of use to Workbench 3 users who want to make the most of their new AGA chipset. The new Workbench as supplied with the A1200 or A4000 can have up to 256 different colours on screen selected from the Screen Mode preferences program on the Workbench disk. The default is four colours, but most users will soon discover the Pattern Preferences program will allow pictures to be used and will then to bump the colours up a bit.
However, Commodore decided that Workbench 3, icons could only have eight different colours.
This was a tut of a backward step, because Workbench 2.04 allowed 16 different colours The reasoning was due to the new pen sharing’ scheme, whereby any program opening on the Workbench could ask to use any pens not currently in use. And then redefine them to suit their own purposes. Check this out by getting Multiview to display several pictures on the Workbench. If your Workbench has 256 colours and the pictures 16. You will be able to display most of the pictures in their correct colours In order to give a decent supply of pens (not everyone can afford the Chip Ram or processor speed to
have a 256 colour display), it was decided to knock the icons back down to eight colours.
The new Workbench can have up to 256 different colours, but only eight icons Workbench 2 04.
However, allowed 16 icons The reasoning was the new pen sharing' scheme, whereby any program opening on the Workbench could use any pens not currently in use and redefine them to suit their own purposes. In order to give a decent supply of pens (not everyone can afford the Chip Ram or processor speed to have a 256 colour display), it was decided to knock the icons back down to eight colours.
If you run the program ProcurePens in your startup-sequence. You can decide which pens are
• nabbed and define your own colours for them Then your 16-colour
icons will look fine no matter what other programs are
subsequently launched But. I pretend to hear you cry. My
Workbench 3 icon editor only lets me choose 8 colours! Ah hah.
I reply, but you should be using the Workbench 2 one (or the
Icomcan program) to avoid the weird bid box outlines anyway.
ProcurePens was written by Joseph Luk Note: The Public Domain
programs mentioned in this article, and several text and
graphics files, are available for download from the Heart of
Gold BBS. Try using your modem and Comms software to dial into
The Heart of Gold on 0247 274919.
You can copy other icons in this way, but you need to be careful.
There are several different types ol icon and you can’t chose one you like the look of - the file or program you are creating the icon for must of the same type. Some programs keep important information inside the icon files. You can check by using the information command from the icon menu on a high-lighted icon.
If you need to change the pattern of an icon, it's best to load the original icon into the IconEdit program and change the image there - this will ensure that the icon type and any hidden information is saved. Workbench 3.0 users who enjoy creating their own icons will probably have come across a small bug in the program which manages to forget the original size of the image, and puts a large outline around the entire thing.
This can be very tedious, and there is no simple way around it. The best thing to do is get anther icon editor, and the version of IconEdit which came with Workbench release 2 is certainly good enough.
If you really want to make use of the extra colours provided by the new improved AGA chipset and Workbench 3 system, look out the freely distributable program Iconian which is an excellent icon editor with some cool new features.
BREAK IN If you do ever decide to use the Shell to play with programs, you come across times when you need to halt a program (more correctly called a ‘process') which is running from another shell. This is usually done with the Break command, which takes a process number as its argument. For example, open two shells and in one enterwait
1000. Normally, this will jam up the shell from now until next
week, although you could press CTRL and C to stop it.
Sometimes, however, CTRL&C doesn’t seem to work. If you have ever tried to close a shell window and seen a 'Process xEnding' message jamming the display, you'll know it can be extremely frustrating.
To break the waiting process, move to the second shell and enter status. You should obtain a list of the processes current running.
Note which number is next to wait, say 4, and send a break to it like this:break 4.1 can't be more specific, because the process number will depend on whatever else might me running (screen blankers, utility programs, other shells) in the background.
This degree of 'don't know-ness' about the process number can be tedious, especially if you are trying to perform the break Irom a script file (a script file is simply a textfile containing AmigaDOS instructions. Which will be executed one after the other). In this situation this little trick I found might be useful. It makes use of an AmigaDOS function you have probably never used before: the tick. What the tick actually does is ensure that AmigaDOS passes the process value into the break command.
Everything within tick-marks is evaluated first, and then passed to the rest of the commands as though it was previously known.
To gel a tick, press ALT and a normal apostrophe. The tick should be facing a different way from normal. To avoid confusion with type-setters, put a tick into the line below where tick appears break tick status com=wait tick The com=wait part is a special extension to the normal status command present in Wb2.04 and better, that returns the process number only of a given process. The tick then ensures AmigaDOS passes the process value into the break command, as though it was previously known. 2V BACK ISSUES A oiiL FOMAS CU AMIGA November 1992 Cover A4000.
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Inside: Gummphl There’s an extra magazine included - a complete guide to the Amiga, plus tons of hardware and software reviews, including Frontier.
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On disk:Scala, the top rated home video titter (1Mb only), plus a completely lab demo of Simon the Sorcerer (1Mb only).
Lnside:Scala: the multimedia controller, plus reviews of Fractal Pro 6.0, Craft, Aladdin 40, Goblins 3. Simon the Sorcerer and Skidmarks.
March 1994 Cover Don't get lost in multimedia.
On Disk: Softwood File database and Craft, an Amos programming extension, plus a completely spiffing demo of K240 (1Mb only).
Inside: Full Motion Video evaluated, VideoMaster vs Sound and Vision and TV Paint 2 reviewed, plus Manchester United and super Methane Bros.
April 1994 Cover Cash in - turning ideas Into money on the Amiga.
On Disk: Adorage, Task Force, Master Virus Killer. King's Quest VI and Dots.
Inside: Reviews of Demomaniac, Imagine
2. 9, Daitmere, Haughty Ones, King’s Quest Vi,Switch Quiz, and
Simon The Sorcerer.
May 1994 Cover: CD-ROM for A1200 On Disk: OctaMed 4 - the essential music package for Amiga owners, plus over 300K of music samples. Slacks of fonts and clipart for your art packages and word processors, plus playable demos of Bump N' Bum, Bubble & Squeak (AGA only) and Banshee (AGA only).
Inside: A sequels month! Reviews of Wordworth 3 and Final Writer 2, an exclusive review of K240 - Utopia 2 plus the first look at Toby Simpson's sequel to Diggers!
June1994 Cover Amiga Graphics And Video Special On Disk: Video Tracker • a full demo and video creation program, fully compatible with OctaMed music tracks. Not only that, but completely playable demos of Tactical Manager, Sierra Soccer, Statix and a whole host of sound samples to add to your collection.
Inside: Reviews ol Image FX 1.5, Hanna Barbera Animation Studio, James Pond 3, Arcade Pool, an exclusive preview of Simon The Sorcerer 2 and part one of our full solution to Virgin’s Beneath A Steel Sky.
July 1994 Cover Upgrading Your Amiga On Disk: GB Route - the ultimate routefinder for 1Mb Amigas plus exclusive playable demos of Ellmania, the greatest beat ’em up ever tor the Amiga, and Valhalla, the world’s first talking adventure game on floppy disk.
Inside: Wow! An in depth look at the DPS Par Card, Montage. Peger and HiSott BASIC 2.
Plus full reviews of Banshee, Valhalla, Ellmania and a first look at Scavanger - the follow up to Microcosm!
August 1994 Cover Music On Disk: Art School, a full art package for beginners, plus Craft 2 Turbo, the ultimate extension for AMOS. Not only that, but we also bring you an exclusive playable level from the long awaited Ishar 3!
Inside: Graphic frenzy! It’s the exclusive preview of Deluxe Paint 5, plus full reviews of the Zappo CD-ROM drive for the A1200 and Cocoon Morph, plus a look at two low cost modems. On the games side, there’s Ishar 3, On The Ball, Putty Squad and Kick Off 3. Not to mention the return of Helpline!
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I I L. You wanted more - you got more! More of everything this month as we combine slick manual animations with the in-built power of both Brilliance and DeluxePaint.
Using multi-layered techniques allows you to construct a very sophisticated movie on the Amiga; provided you plan ahead, your computer has enough memory lor the work you intend doing, and you use the skills we've been sharing, you should then end up with some really neat sequences.
This month we've gone to town with some sophisticated techniques: space debris tumbling out of the screen, multi-morphing brushes and dribbling paint. Dullsville it ain't!
Again, the techniques are explained step-by step so you can learn processes from the inside, then adapt them for your own needs. It's a bit like riding a bike - once you learn how to pedal, the world's your oyster (or textured soya protein if you're a vegetarian). The main emphasis Is on Dpaint- it is still the most widely used art package on the Amiga. But there are also hints and tips for the many Brilliance fans out there, who maybe find it a little tough to convert their ideas into moving images.
So off we go on another two-feature odyssey... TUTORIAL I DPAINT: iiztm HUM MOT «r MILS Ob ecf - to simulate the 3D approach of a field of asteroids heading directly towards the viewer.
Mode; Dpaint, 32 colour low-res; default palette.
A nice, quick and simple, but really satisfying, little animation. What's more, Dpaint does 90% of the hard work!
®The most difficult part is drawing the meteor.
But as you can see, it’s just a three stage process which is brought to life by Dpaints effects. Draw out a rough meteor shape, and using the filled shape tool, blob a few dark and mid-greys around inside so it looks like a piebald rock.
© Using the ModetSmear feature, smear colours into surrounding areas to get rid of the angular look left by the filled areas. You could try a little Smoothing in some areas to get gradual transitions of colour.
0 Select the Mode Shade option, and using a brush the size of a 10p coin and by pressing alternately the right and left mouse buttons, you will create shade and highlights on the meteor to give it a 3D look. Don't go overboard on this though, as you could easily end up with too dark, or too light areas. One click at a time is the charm. Once you're happy with the result cut out your meteor as a brush.
0 Switch to the spare screen, which should be black. Now create a 20-frame sequence based on this screen (From the Anim Frames Set« pull-down menu). We're going to pull a time-saving stunt now, which will pay dividends later. Right click the meteor brush in the centre of the screen, simply to register the position without painting it down. From the Effect menu, turn AntiAlias on to High, to give us a smooth image when we animate.
0 Call up the Move requester (Shift M), and in trie Direction area, click on the button with the arrow pointing to the dot; this tells Dpaint to end the animation at the spot we just registered with the brush. Set the Z distance value to minus 900 (- away to the registered size. Set the Z angle to 180, to make the meteor spin around as it approaches.
Ensure 20 is the figure in the Count box, then click on Draw, and wait for the images to be drawn.
0 The animation now consists of a rotating meteor, which moves towards the viewer from out of the distance. Cut this sequence out as a 20 cell Animbrush (Anim AnimBrush Pickup pull-down menu) and save it. Next, clear all frames to return them to black (right click on the CLR toolbox button and select All Frames).
Now we have the AnimBrush, we can place it anywhere on screen; the aim is to have multiple meteors coming out of the screen in different directions, and we can call on Dpainfs neat Anim painting technique to help us out. Right click on the Line tool to call up the Spacing requester, and enter 20 in the N Total box. And click on the N total button before clicking on OK. This will paste 20 images (in this case, alt 20 of our AnimBrush cells) along any length line we draw.
Q With the Animbrush positioned in the centre of the screen, press the Alt key and click and hold down the left mouse button. Draw out a line to the bottom left corner, and see as Dpaint ghosts the Animbrush on screen.
When you are happy with the position, release the mouse button and watch as the Animbrush is painted on consecutive frames.
0 To add variety to the meteors, flip the AnimBrush either horizontally or vertically (keyboard x or y) before repeating step eight to different 9 Space.
Krek mu MWTM BRILLIANCE: jWMICBllO ZsV-JV Object: Another multi-layered animation, incorporating dripping paint colouring hidden text, while a paint blob explodes to reveal a name.
Mode: Brilliance, 32 colour low res; detault palette This animation hinges on the tact that you can change one colour into another so that in effect it is invisible - until you want it to appear. On a grey- coloured screen, draw out a deep blue rectangle and type the word 'My' and position it as shown.
0 Using a large font (I chose 60 point) and a bright colour, type in the words ART gallery so they fit inside the blue rectangle.
_ Call up the Palette requester (key p), and select the colour you used for the blue background.
TIP - it you’re unsure which one it is, press the comma key, and with the pipette icon click on the colour you want to choose.
Now click on the COPY button on the requester and then on the colour you used to type the Art gallery text.
(Q You should see your on-screen text disappear now - It's camouflaged into the same colour as the background, but it's still there as a distinct image, so don’t worry.
Switch to the spare screen (key j, just like Dpaintl, because it's time to create the dripping paint effect. Using the filled freehand drawing tool, draw out a shape similar to the first brush in the illustration, with drools of paint running down.
Now lengthen it by cutting it out as a brush and painting downwards.
@ Create a multi-coloured dribble by repeated use of this same brush, using different colours from the palette. With the brush active, pressing key F2 will give it the current foreground colour, so by selecting new colours it automatically changes. Overlap the different coloured brushes for a random effect.
(j] Cut out the large brush, and switch back to the main drawing screen. Create a 25-frame animation based on this screen. To do this, call up the Anim requester by clicking on the icon which looks like a movie camera, and entering 25 as the number of frames. As it stands now, if you were to paint down your brush, it would cover everything under it, so we have to protect the colours we need - which is everything except our invisible text colour.
AMIGA WORKSHOP ANIMATION TUTORIALS WORKSHOP The way to do this is to use the Stencil function; right click on the Stencil Icon (a large S), and dick on the Select button. Using the resulting pipette icon, click on the colour you used for the main text - do not click the background colour, but select the one which you altered earlier. Now click on Invert, so that every colour in the palette is protected except the one you used for the text.
You can see which colours are protected, because they are shown on the palette bar surrounded by a white oval. Click on the Colours button to create the stencil, and ensure the S icon isselected (ie, active) 0 If your brush is still active, you should be able to see it through' the hidden text. This is just what we want. Position the brush right above the start of the text, so none of it is showing, and right click the mouse button to position it. This will be the starting location of the brush, which we shall bring down screen so it gradually fills up the text.
@ Call up the Path of Motion requester (use the icon which looks like sheets of paper overlaid), and with the Start button highlighted, click on the Brush button, to transfer the brush co-ordinates to the position slots. Move back to the drawing screen, and position the brush where you would like it to end i.e. with all your text filled with multicoloured streaks, and right click the mouse button to set the location. If you cannot see enough of the drawing screen to do this, a quick tap on the space bar removes the menus, and another brings them back.
© With End selected, again click on Brush to transfer these last co-ordinates to the slots.
Ensure the number displayed in the Count box represents the total number of your animation frames (25 for us), then click on Preview. You will see a ghost of your brush moving down screen; if it doesn’t look good, you can alter It by choosing new start and end positions before committing the drawing by clicking on Draw. As the Stencil Is active, only those parts of the brush made visible by the hidden text will show on screen. Pretty clever or what?
(D The icing on the cake for me is the exploding paint blob in the bottom right corner, which morphs into a name. To achieve this effect, firstly draw a paint blob, cut it out and store it in the Brush Bank (Right click on the scissors icon, and click In one of the empty slots waiting for a brush).
Now type in your text at a size of around 40 point, and clip and place this in the Brush Bank too. You have to store brushes in this way to use Brilliance's brush transition power.
P9inft@Mnw morph 0 With the paint splash as your active brush, call up the Anim Brush menu (Right click on the scissors and paper icon, to the left of the menu bar next to the movie camera). Enter 10 in the Morph Frames box to create a 10-cell anim brush, and select the numbered slot In the From area which corresponds to the number of the Brush Bank where you stored the text brush.
Remember, more than one menu can be on screen at once, so if you’re at all unsure which brush is where, just call up the Brush Bank again.
The amazing morphing should now, hopefully, take place automatically.
Once the anim brush is complete, you can paste it down manually, beginning 10 frames from the end, and advancing a frame at a time (key 2), and pasting down the morph. If you want to change its colour at any time, you can do so simply by pressing key F2, and selecting a new foreground colour.
Ideas: Using the same 'invisible' stencilling techniques, you can make objects pulse like a strobe, or gradually appear and disappear by altering their colour to merge in and out of their background. Pretty nifty eh?i® NEXT MONTH More insider lips lo help you gel things moving on your AMIGA - thanks lo the power ol DeluxePoinl and Brilliance - ondour expert guide, Peler lee.
Get completely lost. The other fractal option available from the menu is Viewmode. This gives you the choice of displaying the fractal in the whole screen, or just in a defined area. To draw the fractal in your chosen area of the screen, click the Window button.
Now click the Set button and drag out a rectangle on the screen by holding the left mouse button and moving the mouse.
Last month we gave away Art School, a brilliant kids’ paint package. This month, we tie up the loose ends, with instructions for all those cunning extra features.
FRACTALS Fractals are mathematically-generated patterns. An School lets you include fractal graphics in your own pictures. To use the tractal tool in its simplest torm, just click the icon from the Special Effects icon strip. The type ot tractal can be altered from the Supervisor menu. Move down to the Set Fractal option, and select Type.
You'll see the following options panel.
MUSIC MODULES Soundtracker and Protracker modules can be loaded and played from within Art School. The routine for loading a module is similar to that of setting up a slideshow. You first need to tell the program where to find the music module. Select the Set Music Path option from the Supervisor menu, and click in the box. To keep things as simple as possible, you should have your modules saved on a disk in the main directory. Delete any text that may be in the box, and enter ,DF0:' (without the quotation marks). Press Return.
Insert the disk that contains your module into the internal drive. Click the music note icon, and a list of any available modules will appear. Art School will only recognise modules whose filenames are prefixed •mod.' If no files appear, exit the program and check their filenames. Click on the module you want to play, and then click OK. Once the module has loaded, you'll be presented with a panel that has three cassette-deck type buttons: stop, play and pause. Click the buttons to play the tune, then click OK to get rid of the window. To load another tune, click the Load button.
SLIDESHOWS The slide icon lets you view a number of Art School pictures as a slideshow.
All the pictures must have been created with Art School, and must have a .PIC extension on the filename (Art School puts this on automatically when you save a picture. They must also all be in the same disk C?(pa30aO Us*?© I ¦' I Mandelbrot I I Julia CflHCEL | df 0 : An School can create two types of fractals: Mandelbrot and Julia. Click the Mandelbrot and Julia buttons to switch between them. One of the best things about fractals is that you can zoom into them an infinite number of times, and they still keep on throwing up new patterns.
[Hrt Sc hoof Mode: Paint An Schools zoom feature isn't infinite, but you can still use it to get in closer on the fractal pattern. Click in the zoom box and enter a new value. Higher values zoom out of the pattern, lower values zoom in.
Change the value in the box marked 'Iter' to a higher number to add more detail to the pattern.
The X and Y values govern the horizontal and vertical position of the fractal.
Clicking the Go! Button draws the fractal with the new settings. The Centre button sets all of the values back to their defaults. This is handy if you 1 1 Window ... run [T| Full Screen 1 OKHT | I CflHCEL | 1=1 m ip* wr Sff iB rnFri*~«!
Rrrn rrw I IHISirriarrn directory. Betore you can use the slideshow option, you need to tell the program where to lind the pictures. You do this by selecting the Set Slide Path from the Supervisor menu Enter DF0:' into the box (don't include the quotes) and dick on Okay Make sure the disk in the internal drive Is the one with your pictures on It. If the pictures are in a separate directory on the disk, you'll need to specify that in the slide path box (eg. DFO: picdas ).
Click on the slide Icon, and you'll be given a list of all the available pictures on the disk. Click on the pictures you want to view, and the dick Okay.
Your chosen pics will be loaded and displayed one after the other Press the mouse button to move to the next pic.
TURTLE POWER » We're not taking real Be turtles here We re not even taking pizza rmrOng Nxya Tunles No.
We re taking about those Wtle robots that poode around the tloor. Dragqng a lelt-tp pen with them. It you have access to such an item, you can control it trom within Art School Click the icon below to enter turtle mode. To control the turtle, you need to give it a list ol instructions
- a program. The programming language is very simple All ol the
available commands can be viewed in the window on the right.
Use the scroll bar at the tar right ol the window to bring up
the rest ol the commands. The program is entered trom the
keyboard in the left window. Instead ol typing the lull
commands, you can use abbreviations teg FO instead ol Forward)
THE MENUS IfarpQQ© CLEAR In case the menus get in the way. You
can turn them off with the Lock Menus option Now the right
button no longer brings up the menus. To reactivate the menus,
press ALT, CTRL and M simultaneously.
Foruard 5 F urudrd n R ight 2 Bac kuard PenUp R tqht Backward 3 .
Loft PenDown ' Move k Left 5 PenUp PenDown Reset Square I And that's just about your loti II by any chance you find there are still some grey areas, take a good look at the instruction document on the Art School disk. © c ra s e hbmqhm WiftiM lo young Plcwioi. WttM the
• onatlng famous artists, when you ca favourite weather
forecaster! Ft that iloesnt tickle your fancy, how about
putting together a alldeshow for the rest of the famlfy - ft
beats another night In front of New* af Tan. You could even add
some aural stimulation with your favourite Soundtrack* module
playing In the background.
Here are Ihe commands and their functions The letteis in brackets are their abbreviations ¦ n' is the parameter lor the command, and should be replaced by a number.
(FO) FORWARD n Moves the turtle forward n number ol steps (BA) BACKWARD n Moves the turtle backwards n number ol steps (Rl) RIGHT n Turns the turtle to the nght at the angle ol n degrees The value is added to the current direction ol the turtle.
(LE)LEFT n As above but turns left.
(PU)PENUP This will cause the imaginary pen to be lilted trom the page so that no actual drawing will take place The turtle will still move (PD| PEN DOWN , B Oppu; Hi ¦ lo ¦ III .. ¦ (RE) RESET Resets the pen colour screen posi tion and the angle , _ to zero (MO) MOVE n,n This function uses two values sepa rated by a comma, r ¦ n and moves the posi- ?FflC ssassr nate x.y (CO) COLOUR n This changes the colour to that ol the value n. This can be any number trom 0 to 3t. Which will correspond to the colours ol the standard palette.
(FA) FAST The default drawing speed ot the turtle is set to slow. This changes it to last.
(SL) SLOW Changes the drawing speed back to slow
(CL) CLS Instructs the turtle to clear the screen
• LABEL This allows the user to set up a label" ( a specific
point within the program list), which can be tumped to at any
time with a command elsewhere in the program To deline a label,
enter an asterisk ("I followed by a space, and then a short
word, which can contain numbers You don t actually need to
enter the word LABEL Eg ‘ THISBIT.
(GO) GOTO LABEL n This will |ump to a label. N number ol times Replace the word LABEL with the name ot your chosen label These loops cannot be nested (ST) STAR n Draws a live pointed star the size ot n (SW) SQUARE Draws a square the size ol n. (Cl) CIRCLE n Draws a circle the size ol n. (EN) END This can be placed anywhere in the program and stops the whole process ERROR MESSAGES You may encounter some error messages Here s what they mean No room The editor is full Must be a number The function requires a number a one of the parameters Command error The function you have entered is not
recognised Parameter error: The function you have entered has either two many or too few parameters MIGA CLASSIFIEDS PARADISE ISLE IMAGINE HINTS, TIPS & TUTORIALS The perfect companion lor all Imagine users.
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E* __DnomTnppln , £”.1*“ I Hoi AOA Ian aoa uma AOA T.iib AOA Ktoaja. «l AOAnwaarcmiO) 1200 DEMOS SPECIAL FALKS CXXAH ¦ FOMI 5 Duka i4.CXI “fflESBT Real Time Clock A1200 A600 A500 litis 1 tnip.H 1 huiiery-hackcd clock mea sutvs |usl 7a 6 x 2ctns ! Installation is easy it simply Ills onio the parallel port (keeping your warranty intact hand incorporates a llirouglipoii enabling all olhcr periplierals to be used.
It comes complete « ith a disk containing some useful uidhies.including a tulcn- tlar diary program with a multiple alarm N«m .lost £ 13.99 inc VATiphw t’l I’&l’t powen supply (Exchange only) A500 A500+ A600 A520 MODULATOR £16.50 (Exchange Only) AS 00 AS 00+ REPAIR £37.99 __ CHEQUES P.O. To: W 1 Omnidale Supplies 2£n 8E Rowan Court Friargate, Derby DEI IB4 0332 291 219 AMIGA SPARES & REPAIRS ' icking ofl this month s tutorial we start with a i look at star fields. These are popular in 3D games because the eltect ot hundreds ol small points moving forward gives the illusion ol travelling
through space or possibly time Creating star fields is usually an awful lot of hard graft, but luckily with this Amos expansion they are a lot easier to craft (sorry!). The Craft expansion supplied on last month's disk has a group of commands whose sole function in life is lo produce star fields and help you maintain them.
IK Craft uses the main processor of the Amiga to display the stars so you will have to watch the number of stars you display at once, depending upon which processor you have, over do it and your Amiga will crawl to a snail s pace. A500 and A600 owners should use no more than 100 stars at ’Jltj'yjiljll On last month’s cover disk we included the amazing Craft AMOS expansion. This month we continue the tutorial series with a look at star fields.
Once, assuming you want your stars to move at a reasonable speed. This is not a disadvantage though, you really only need between 100 and 200 on a low resolution screen to achieve a reasonable effect anyway.
This there are three commands, as follows: Display Stars' draws the stars on screen and calculates the next screen position. Stars Draw displays the stars on screen without calculating thee new location and finally Stars Compute' simply computes the new positions without drawing them.
STAR SPEED Further commands include Stars Speed' which can change the speed and direction of a range ol stars. This has a syntax of Stars Speed START To END, x.y'. Where START is the first star in a range, finishing with star END and x and y are the new speed and direction.
'Stars Erase' frees up memory allocated with the 'Reserve Stars' command, whilst Stars Clip
x. y.x1,y1 limits all stars to a rectangular area on screen
defined by the four vanables.
The last commands provide an automatic Display Stars' function that is carried out every time the screen is updated. These being 'Stars Int On Clear' and Stars Int Off. The On version enables this feature and. Unsurprisingly. 'Off disables it An important note is that these commands must not be issued in direct mode - doing so will almost certainly crash your system.
And that's It for this month folks, next month we'll explain some more of CraftS extensive library of commands, STARTING POSITIONS The star field commands are a group of simple commands for the easy maintenance of the variables which hold all the details of the stars.
Normally, to create a star field you would need to create an array which holds the vertical and horizontal position ot each star, manually update and then draw this, and finally multiply it by, say, 100 stars, so you've got your work cut out. With Craft however it s a much simpler matter. Just tell AMOS how many stars you want defined, what their starting positions are. And set the amount of movement and direction you want to be earned out. Then it's a simple matter ot issuing a command which displays the stars and recalculates the new screen positions for all of the defined stars - much
So what exactly are the commands? Well, first ol all, you need to tell the AMOS system how many stars it will be manipulating so it can reserve memory lor them. The command for this is Reserve Stars' followed by the number of stars which are required.
Following this you need to define the starting position and movement of each star. This is done via the command Define Star' followed by the number of the star you are defining, the starting honzontal and vertical location of the star, and finally the speed for the honzontal and vertical planes. Thus the command 'Define Star 1,150,90,1,-2' would define a star that appears at screen position 150 across and 90 down, and every move lumps one pixel across and minus 2 pixels up (giving a diagonal movement upwards and to the rtght).
Using this command you would then define the number of stars you had reserved memory tor (hint: you could use a for-next loop to simplify this process).
Having done this you then display the stars, automatically compute their new positions or both. To do A A There is no problem too small, for our crack Q&A Team. No-one can outfox them Try if you dare.
LOGOS, MEANINGS AND MYSTERIES: To help you see at a glance exactly what each Q.A letter deals with, they are all marked with one ot the following Icons, So, it you're aching to find out whether we've solved your flickering monitor, or It someone else has the same trouble with their RAM expansion, you know where to look.
It you've got trouble with your Amiga, we re here to help. Let us know what's wrong, tell us exactly what setup you have, and we'll do our best to solve it tor you. Remember, a problem shared is a problem halved.
9 Spreadsheets, databases, organisers, accounts «AH about upgrading Not everything fits into a pigeonhole, but anything tits in here.
RAM. Operating sys- VjV tern and processor .fjjjL Miscellaneous tools to keep your Amiga running smoothly.
Plug-m hardware ol W SS ) any kind: scanners.
Disk drives etc. 0.
* Answers to queries '* on particular pieces of software.
, 4 Keyboard playing up? Sounds like a keymap problem.
Music, sampling, MIDI and anything that makes a noise.
1. I've heard that you can boot from the RAD disk How do you
create this RAD disk and make it bootable?
2. 1 need a copy of CrossDOS for my school work. Do you know
where I could gel a copy of it. As I don't know anyone with an
A1200 or A4000?
3. Is it possible to connect my Amiga to an VCR via the composite
socket at the back ol the computer?
4. Could you put a disk expander on a coverdisk? It would make an
excellent utility.
Paul Glldea, Belfast. N. Ireland.
1. 1 have an A600 with an extra 1 Mb of RAM. I would like to copy
my Workbench into RAM so that I can keep another disk in dfO:
and don't have to keep swopping.
Steven Murray, Whereabouts Unknown.
1. RAD Is an area of memory which the Amiga can be fooled Into
thinking Is a floppy disk. RAD disks are occasionally very
- but you will need more than 1Mb of RAM to get the most from
Assuming you have the memory, open a shell and enter: MOUNT RAD: Then, without your Workbench floppy still in place, enter: DtSKCOPY FROM DFO: TO RAD: This should give you a recoverable RAD disk which you can boot from. Only one problem - you now don't have any memory left to run programs. Remember a floppy disk can hold about 700-800K ol data, and a 1Mb Amiga doesn't have much more RAM.
2. No matter how desperate you are, we certainly hope you aren't
desperate enough to pirate It from your friends - which is
what you would be doing If you copied their A1200 or A4000
CrossDOS Is available tor sale from Computer World (tel: 0532 350091) for £29.99, which Includes a software PC emulator. Perhaps you would be better looking through adverts from Public Domain libraries for a program called UessyDOS or UossySIO, which are freely distributable programs which will allow the Amiga to read write IBM-PC format disks.
3. Yes, but exactly how depends on the connector at the back ot
your video. Most will be SCART these days, which has provision
for composite video In.
Most camcorders produce composite video signals (which means all the colour and synchronisation signals are Included In one) and so any high street shop will be able to help you sort out the cable you need.
4. We gave away Power Packer a long time ago, which Is probably
the easiest to use disk expander software ever.
EMAIL FROM CANADA ®Can you please give me some information on Comms. I don't have a modem at present, but I am very interested One thing I would like to do. If it is possible, is to communicate with a PC in Canada either by lax modem or whatever, using my Amiga A1200.
Please, please can you tell me if Ihis is possible, and if so what Is the best way to do this with a reasonable budget?
James Gates, Edinburgh, Scotland.
Electronic mail is the buzzword you are looking for James, and yes, It is more than possible. In fact, sending Email to Canada will probably be cheaper than posting a letter there.
What you need to do Is sort yourself out with a nice new modem (the USR 14,400 Sportster for example) and find your local Bulletin Board. There are at least two (Static2 0315-569734 and Chapps BBS 0315 391132) In Edinburgh alone.
Then, with some shareware programs such as Trap Door. Spot or BtueWave you can send messages using the FidoNet system.
Assuming your friend In Canada Is also on FidoNet, your message will turn up a few days later.
If your friend Is on the Internet, you can either use the FidoNet Internet gate to send him messages, or Join the Internet yourself and send him mall that way. Using FidoNet is free, but Internet access will cost about £10 a month. See the Comms feature on page 170-171, this issue for more Indepth details.
DRIVIN' ALONG Having recently upgraded to the A4000 030 from the A500* there are a few points that I would like to clarify.
1. Will there be a CD32 compatible CD-ROM drive for the A4000
coming out, and if there is would you recommend buying it?
Also, if it doesn't appear would you recommend that I buy a SCSI CD- ROM drive instead?
2. Is It possible to use IBM-PC internal floppy disk drives
with the A4000? I ask this because the high- density types are
considerably cheaper for Pcs than for the Amiga.
Paul Clark, Goxhill, Sth Humbs.
1. Commodore said there would be, but of course whether Commodore
are in a position to do it remains to be seen.
However, things are looking hopeful. See the news In this Issue for the full update on Commodore's position.
Apparently, the new Workbench release 3.1 Includes software which directly Integrates the CD- ROM Into the system, and will also emulate the CD’s AKIKO chip functions In software. This means a Tandem controller and a Mitsumi CD-ROM should be able fo play CD32 games. More news on that score when we can get all the kit together and test It.
SCSI CD-ROM drives won’t work much faster (If any faster) than other CD-ROM drives. The advantage is that the controller card will also allow other SCSI devices to be connected: such as hard drives, several more CD-ROMs and optical storage systems.
The disadvantage of the Tandem Mltsuml system (and any SCSI system) is that, unlike the promised Commodore drive, there is no way to add an FMV cartridge. Unfortunately, at the present moment It Is also hard for CD owners fo add the FMV cartridge as they are extremely thin on the ground.
2. No. The Amiga 4000 supports high density floppy drives by
halving their speed, and not all drives will do this.
ZAPPO QUERIES As the proud owner of an A1200 I’m thinking about buying a hard drive. I read the upgrade article in the July issue of CU AMIGA, but it didn’t answer all my questions.
1. What would be the best drive I could buy in the price range of
£200- £300?
2. I've seen an advert for the Zappo CD-ROM drive which claims
that it plays CD32 software. Is this true?
3. I’ve heard that the memory expansion for the PCMCIA port can
slow the At 200 down because it is only 16-bit. So as some
external hard drives and CD-ROM drives plug into the PCMCIA
slow, will they slow down my A1200?
Matthew Corbet!, Nuneaton, Warks.
MORE ZAPPO I own an A1200 with an 030 fitted and a 260Mb hard drive. I am interested in fitting a CD-ROM drive, and I noticed an advertisement in CU AMIGA for the new Zappo CD-ROM drive. So, please could you tell me what disadvantages are there to fitting this drive to the PCMCIA slot rather than the trapdoor? I would use the CD-ROM drive mainly for video editing and effects.
MJH, HM Forces.
Dear Mathew Corbett and MJH, I will answer both your questions with a couple of points.
1. You should be able to get a sizable 2.5 inch IDE hard drive
fitted Internally for that budget, Including a year's
warranty. Try Trilogic on 0274 601115.
2. Yes. See the review on page 115 In the August Issue of CU
3. Let’s clear this up once and for all. Saying the PCMCIA port
Is slow Is not doing It Justice. It is only 'slow' because the
Chip and Trapdoor memory In the A1200 is accessed In 32-blt
wide chunks, whereas the PCMCIA port is only 16-blts wide.
Data stored In memory fitted via the PCMCIA bus will
therefore take twice as long to be fetched. Although it’s
'slow' In this respect, It's still actually quite fast.
For example, the VideoMaster from HiSoft can pump 25 frames a second of digitised mono video through It. The hard drives that connect to It usually work twice as fast as normal (Internally fitted) IDE drives. And as for CD-ROM drives, remember that the drives themselves only work about twice as fast as floppy disks (300k a second) and so the PCMCIA port will be able to copy with data at this rate extremely easily. Your Amiga will not be slowed down If you fit a drive to this port.
By the way, MJH, although the PCMCIA CD-ROM drive would Integrate perfectly with your existing system, it Is hard to Imagine how it would help you with video editing or effects, as there is no video software currently available In CD format. You would be much better off selling the A1200, buying an A4000 and fitting a 24-bit graphics card Instead.
FLIGHT POWER UP rA I have an A1200
* WV unexpanded Amiga which I use mainly lor lll9hI simula,0,s
- jflW Some simulators like jR A10 Tank Killer and A V83
Harrier run a little slowly, whereas Tornado is almost
If I were to install the Power Computing Viper 68030 accelerator which claims a speed increase of 440%, would these simulators draw the 3D vector environment much more smoothly?
Would fitting an FPU (Floating Point Unit) make any difference?
According to my local expert shop FPUs make no difference at all for flight sims.
M. Eustace, Cookrldge, Leeds.
Fitting extra memory - no extra processors, Just extra memory In the trapdoor - will almost double the speed of the A1200, and this will make a very noticeable difference to your simulators.
Likewise, fitting a faster processor such as a double-clocked 68020 or 68030 will also speed up the Amiga, but remember that fitting extra memory is still essential to make the most of these CPUs, An A1200 fitted with an 68030 but with no extra fast RAM Isn't that much faster than an unexpanded Amiga.
As for the FPU, well it depends.
Normally, you will see serious software come In two versions, for systems fitted with and without an FPU. This is because to make full use of an FPU a program needs to be compiled using a specific code library. If this library Is used on an Amiga without an FPU, the program will GURU Instantly.
However, it Is possible to write programs which use a different library which will detect If an FPU Is present and only use It If it is there. Unfortunately, If there is no FPU present then the program will actually run slightly slower.
Most flight slms will make extensive use of pre-calcuiated tables and special cut-down-for- speed trig routines, which couldn’t make use of an FPU even If they wanted to. The final answer has to be that unless It states differently on the box, most flight slms will not run any faster If an FPU Is present.
LONG UVE CDTV In answer to various letters requesting information on expanding the CDTV, the German company WAW Elektronik produces various upgrades, including an 2Mb Chip RAM board, an 8Mb Fast RAM expansion and a SCSI controller. A turbo board Is also imminent.
You can contact WAW Elektronik GmbH by writing to: Tegeler Strasse 2,13467 Berlin or Tel: 030-404-3331 and Fax: 030-404-7039.
Sandy Sandom, FidoNet.
I would like to thank you for the lovely piece ot software you gave away in CU AMIGA-that is, the wonderful program Picturebox. I would also like to give you a few suggestions about your awaited Picturebox Protessional. I would like to see support for more filetypes, including IFF, PCX, GIF.
MACPAINT, TIFF, JPEG, JFIF, BMP, CDTV and so on. I would also like to see more image processing tools, and support for animation formats.
Aram M. Iskenderian, Baghdad, Iraq.
Well Aram, thanks for taking the trouble to write with your comments. The Picturebox program appeared on a coverdlsk a long, long time ago and a professional version was promised.
Unfortunately, various things delayed thle project, including using The Art Department Protessional v.2.5 which Includes all your desired features and a few more besides, making it the ultimate Image processing tool. There are also several other image processing programs available In the Public Domain which you should check out. I (John) hope to bundle together what there is of PictureBox Pro and make it available In a month or two.
I have just graduated with an honours degree in computing science, and I am hoping to get more involved in Amiga programming. Initially I'll just be playing about with fractal landscapes but I’ll probably want to progress to more serious programming in the future. I own an A1200.
® My problem Is choosing which language lo use. I'm fluent in several. And would ideally like to program in C or C++, but my finances can’t quite stretch enough to buy SAS Lattice C and I'm quite dubious about the compilers on the PD scene.
Q & A Naturally, I’ve heard about Blitz Basic and AMOS and both sound impressive. However, I get the feeling that they are really only suited to games programming.
Chris Love. East Kilbride, Scotland.
It you want to progress to real' programming in the future, then C and C++ are your only real options.
Although SAS C is expensive, it is an absolutely superb product and the latest version includes C++ support as standard. Perhaps HiSoft (Tel: 0525 718181) will do a special deal for graduates.
However, the DICE C Compiler has recently been given a major upgrade to become a commercial product, complete with the special ‘include’ files you need to make use of Intuition and the Amiga’s sound and graphics capabilities. Like SAS C it now comes with all the editors, linkers and compilers you'll need. By all accounts DICE is now a lop class system, and reasonably priced. Get a PD version and check that out, then upgrade - you won’t regret it.
Yes, AMOS and Blitz are designed first for foremost for games, but they are extremely powerful languages which offer excellent support over the Amiga’s features. If you are experimenting with fractals, using Blitz would be a good way to do it as you could concentrate on your recursive algorithms and leave Blitz to handle all the graphics stuff, even in AGA modes.
CDS AND CVS ®l own an A600 and was wondering if you answer the three following questions for me:
1. If a CD can hold 600 floppy disks of information, why, on
Earth, can't it hold 600 one- disk games on it?
2. Will Microcosm be released for non-CD machines without the big
flashy intro?
3. When I'm older I would like to become a games programmer or
create the artwork for one. Where should I start?
James Chapman, Wisbech, Cambs.
1. Erm ... dunno. A CD-ROM can store a heck of a lot and
theoretically it would be possible to put over 600 games on
it. The Aminet CD and other 17 Bit Collections (tel: 0924
366982) all manage to cram as much onto a CD as you would ever
want. Fred Fish, (collector of PD whose programs are
available from PD Soft tel:0702 466933), has managed to
squeeze 1,000 of his disks onto one CD.
However, if you are thinking of commercial games there are huge financial reasons behind such an idea. Plus, games invariably use their own special bootblocks which always complicate matters.
2. No, because Microcosm doesn’t just use the CD for the intro
sequence. Throughout the game graphics are constantly pulled
from the CD, which is why there won’t be a floppy-based
3. Learn to program, and look closely at your favourite games to
understand how to animate and move sprites realistically. Buy
a copy of Blitz Basic and read the manual. Go to university or
art college and learn to do it all properly, then answer an
advertisement in the computing press and get a job. Or get
together a collection of your very best ideas and send them to
a software house which you know to publish similar stuff. Send
yourself a copy in a sealed envelope in case of copyright
A600 CD?
M I would like to ask a few questions about the A600 since I am a com- Vbpiete beginner.
1. Would the new Zappo Amiga A1200 CD-ROM drive work with the
2. If so, what software would I be able to run?
3. If not, will there ever be an A600 CD-ROM drive?
Liam Reford, Port Glasgow, Scotland.
After speaking to Indi about the new Zappo drive, I’m afraid the news looks bad. They claim the drive will not, under any circumstances, work with the A600.
However, here at CU AMIGA we have our doubts, mainly because the PCMCIA port is a pretty good standard, and therefore think that it's only a matter of time before the necessary A600 driver software appears.
When the software does appear, it will not mean that you will be able to magically play CD games on the A600.
The A1200 has a totally different processor, more RAM and of course, makes use of the wonderful AGA chipset.
However, having a working CD- ROM drive connected to the A600 does still mean it is possible to make use of all the excellent Public Domain collections out there on CD, as well as running a a good-sized proportion of old CDTV games.
FASTER AND SHARPER I am planning on buying a lew accessories lor my A1200 and would appreciate your advice.
T. Which is the taster - a 4Mb 33MHz Hawk, or a Blizzard with the
same specifications?
2. Will either speed up my hard drive? Which one out them all
makes the biggest difference?
3. How much is a monitor an improvement over a SCART TV?
S. Edwards, St-John’s Wood, London.
1. Assuming you mean a standard RAM card fitted with a 33MHz
68882 maths coprocessor, the Blizzard board Is the faster one
of the two.
Incidentally, the new Blizzard card which features a 28MHz 68020 is incredibly fast, and doesn’t cost much more. It’s only worth getting an FPU If you are interested in ray tracing, Image rendering, fractal landscape generation or some other pastime with a heavy dependence on mathematical functions.
2. The Amiga's IDE hard drive Interlace depends on the speed of
the CPU, so the faster the CPU runs, the faster the hard drive
will go. Fitting the Blizzard will double the speed,
although to be honest you probably won't notice the
3. That depends on the specifications of each. Generally, a
monitor will have a screen ‘dot pitch' of .28 dots per inch.
SCART Tvs are good, but not quite that good although being SCART they will use pure Red, Green and Blue instead of rather blurry composite.
However, monitors such as the Microvltec 1438 or Commodore 1940 42 can also operate at a high frequency (about 31 Khz) as opposed to a TV which works at video frequency (15KHZ).
The higher frequency means that the A1200's and A4000’s ‘flicker free’ video modes can be used, and that means a clear, sharp display of the Workbench and application software using 512 lines or more (480 In ‘productivity mode’).
MODED MUDDLE AND MAYHEM I have a problem which annoys me quite a lot, but j0 maybe you can . Help me out. I am using an A1200 with an NEC Multisync 3D monitor (the older model which is capable of displaying all screen modes).
However, in higher screen resolutions (besides the small black borders left and right) the whole screen width isn’t used, even in overscan mode.
In your May 1994 issue, I read with interested about a PD program called MonEd V2.14. Could it solve my problems? And if so, where can I get it? I have tried a couple of PD libraries without any luck.
I would really appreciate it if you could help find a solution to this little problem. What would you say to a trip to the Fiji Islands as my guests?
Hey, that’s only a joke!
Franz Sattler, Valelevu - Nasinu, Fiji Islands That was close, John was halfway to the airport then muttering: “I'll bring my copy of MonEd over to the Fiji Islands and deliver it personally.’’ He had his sun-tan lotion at the ready and deck chair in hand before we stopped him getting on the plane.
Yes, MonEd will certainly help you fine-tune your monitor drivers to make the most of the screen display. Practically any monitor display can be Improved in this way, although there are various inherent dangers.
Having recently watched his favourite Commodore 1960 monitor being destroyed by a wayward video signal, John now treats all things monitor-y with a little more care and respect.
The MonEd program Is available from the Aminet, in the 7pub aminet os30 utils’ drawer under the name of moned2b.lha’. If you don’t have access to the Internet this mightn’t mean anything to you, but remember you can still get the entire Aminet collection on a CD-ROM.
If you can’t get access to a CD- ROM drive either, the program will be one of many available from the CU AMIGA file area of the Heart of Gold Bulletin Board (modem number: UK 0247 274919).
NEXT MONTH Please send your technical teasers to Andy and John's Q&A.
CU AMIGA. Priory Court. 30-32 Farringdon Lane. London EC1R 3AU. We regret we cannot reply to letters personally and SAEs will only get reused.
QUALITY PERIPHERALS a AMIGA RAM UPGRADE | A MATHS AMITEK w Z z DELUXE FLOPPY DRIVE FOR THE AMIGA 1200 FOR ALL AMIGA COMPUTERS AMITEK Friendly Technology Designed lo bring you high quality and performance al allordablo prices.
Amitek peripherals olfer outstanding value-tor-money. They are built to ensure easy titling and trouble free operation • making them a pleasure to use AmiTek products are also thoroughly tested and very reliable, so reliable that we are pleased to otter a full two year warranty on the AmiTek products detailed here
o R
0505 A500 - 512K (No Clock) RAM 0610 A500-512K (WrtHCtocfc) RAM
0620 A500pl us • lue RAM 0605 A600 • D* (No Clock) 6AM 0610
A600 - U*. *YNh Clock) « PCMCIA CARDS FOR AMIGA 600 1200 - "
DRIVES iHITR FOR AMIGA 500 500plus & AMIGA 600 1200 ( a . «gsJ
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The AmfTek dnve gives 880K ot disk space after lormattmg. Tt is also daisy-chainable. Which means that you may add further drives to your system and, uses very little power from your Amiga HIGH QUALITY SONY MECHANISM AmTek took the time to source a mechanism that has all the features, quality and reliability that Amiga owners have been crying out lor Alter vigorously testing Sony's mechanism, * proved to be tie best by far ANTI-CLICK The anB-dck feature stops your rtive from making lengthy whn and ckcM fiat occur when the drive is emjRy and searchng lor a disk ANTI-VIRUS The switchnWe
Anti-Virus mode stops track 0 viruses infecting the disk while «i the dnve Yet. Unlike many other drives wtach have via* tiers, tm Ane-Vrus mode can be
• tussycooy protected software to run.
DflMtmr Wn n a«
CUMANA - - - - - ZAPPO -
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• High Quality 3' i“ Sony Mechanism
• Low Power Usage
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0245 355511 CR0Y00N 081-684 4455 61AS60W C s t Arga wr 841 ??1
0088 GUIlOfOAO I 4 -a. mt . - 1483 301300 ¦Ki OiCi i-a«»» aS
8482 25111 nww 0 -a. pa.S 8473 771313 LONDON S? Ton Com
Rom 871-mo mt LONDON Drt-U MiM 3340 S 871-OM 8715 LONDON
Sdlnflfles • o 3U OilOTSl 871-828 1734 LUTON 0582 21201
MANCHESTER - ... 061-832 8800 PLYMOUTH OiMi •*! •.
RgjaPviM 0752 280080 TOO 0 Im IteMs* 8742 780011 SOCUP 1-4
n i.mnr** _wv* 8811 SOUTHAMPTON JweYuro - Kct 8783 223800
SOUTHEND A • OM HM Swrl 0782 468839
- -------------Postcode:______ W(Home) - IN (Wort):_ Which
computer!*). 8 any, do you own?
John Kennedy compares the two major Comms networks which are freely available to most Amiga users and highlights the pros and cons of each.
THE INTERNET The Internet has been in existence tor quite some time. It can be traced bach to networks which were designed in the 1960s and 1970s. Although the Internet as it appears today only really started to came about in 1984 when the American National Science Foundation needed a way ot linking their super-computers together.
Now, it is a vast jungle ot over a million computers linked together with over 20 million users. And the number ot users is increasing even more as access becomes easier and easier.
What you use the Net tor is really up to you.
Some tolk use it tor sending electronic mail, some use it to pass the time in group conferences.
Many people use it for serious work - either as a way of linking different offices, or as a vast library ready to be tapped tor the latest research information. Others see it as the largest Public Domain library ot software in existence. The Net is all these things, depending on which software tools you use.
For example, if you have an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program, you can log into a thousand different sites and download files on anything from the latest Amiga games, to helpful text files and obscure pictures. With a program called TELNET, you can be remotely connect to a computer rather like an ordinary Bulletin Board. In this way you can connect to computer systems such as NASA’s information service, or stay up half the night playing multi-user adventure games. With an electronic mail program you can send messages instantly to anyone else with an Email address, and with a suitable reader
you can take part in the group discussions that form the Usenet News. Perhaps most impressive of all, you can use Mosaic a program which displays pictures and text for the World Wide Web which is a really impressive collection of text, sounds and animation.
ADVANTAGES The Internet is huge, really huge. Over 20 million people have individual Email addresses, and the amount of data and software available for downloading is almost beyond measure. There are sites storing details on everything from cult television programs to guided tours around national institutions, and it's available all day, every day. Email sent to another Internet Email address is sent immediately, there is no need to wait for the recipient to poll a special number: the message is on their computer (or on their Internet Access Provider’s server) within seconds.
PLUG CORNER Here are some boards you might want to call: Name Modem number Sysop Comments DARK SOLUTION 0246 277317 Andrew Miller Amiga-based RODINA STATION 0232 492320 Stephen Moore Star Trek zone HARDWARE SOFTWARE Getting onto the Internet can be a tricky business.
First of all you need a physical link to the network, and this is usually by means of a PoP (Point of Presence). Several companies sell unlimited access for about £10 a month. Next, you need a modem to connect your computer to the PoP. A 14,400 baud is good enough as most sites don't support anything faster. Then, you'll need a suite of programs to allow access to the Internet, and at the moment there are two choices: AmigaNOS and AmiTCP. AmigaNOS isn't incredibly difficult to understand, and works particularly well with the Internet service provided by Demon (tel: 081 349
0063) . It comes with FTP,TELNET, Email and news readers.
The alternative is AmiTCP which, frankly, is a bit of a nightmare to install. AmiTCP also requires a SLIP driver, which is another program which allows the Amiga to use the serial port (and hence the modem) rather than some form of network.
When you do get it working, you use these programs directly from the Shell. With AmiTCP, the Shell becomes a terminal which you use to log into remote sites with TELNET, and when using FTP (File Transfer Programs).
If you have elected to use AmiTCP you can also use Mosaic, the Amiga World Wide Web program. This is one of the most impressive feats yet seen on the Amiga, as pictures and text appear on-screen for sites all over the wortd. This is pretty much state-of-the-art stuff.
PRICES Accessing the Internet is going to cost you £10 a month (or whatever your PoP supplier charges), plus your telephone bill for the calls you make to the PoP. Software is freely distributable. On the other hand, setting up your own 24-hours-a-day Internet site would require a little more in the way of cash. You would need a dedicaled high-speed data link plus a large and expensive computer system to use with it.
No-one runs the Internet, it's just there. There is no structure to speak of, and no-one in charge.
Everyone is equal on the Net. That is not to say you can get away with what you like: if you start making a nuisance of yourself you’ll soon get 'flamed' (verbally ripped apart on the board) and develop a bad reputation. It s a self-regulatory system that, so far, has worked pretty well.
Unfortunately, there seems to be an old guard of net folk who complain about all the new users appearing on the scene. These fogies will mutter about the good old days, and take particular delight in sending sarcastic or scathing replies to some newcomers’ queries. Beginners can easily be frightened off, so one of the first things any net newcomer should do is find a FAQsite (Frequently Asked Question) and read up. This will save any embarrassment caused by asking a stupid question and getting flamed.
The other consequence to a network where no- one is in charge is a lot of pretty raw material WIRED WORLD SPECIAL floating around: both text and pictures which your mother and'or the local police lorce would take a pretty dim view ot.
FIDONET Fido was started in about 1984 by a clever tellow named Tom Jennings, who had the idea ot creating a network linking all the local dial-up Bulletin Boards which were springing up around San Francisco and Baltimore. By getting the boards to call each other at night, thus avoiding the busy daytime traffic, mail could be quickly and easily swopped trom board to board Thus FidoNet was bom. And at the moment there are over 26,000 Bulletin Boards in the network.
Each board can have one or several dozen users, which means a whole lotta people are using it. Today, FidoNet can be described as a loose confederation ot bulletin board systems which stretches around the entire world’.
Each Bulletin Board in FidoNet is in a local network, the networks make up regions and all the regions together make up Zones These are decided geographically and are huge Zone 1 covers all ot North America.
Fido also supports Echoes, which are ongoing group conversations An echo can either exist on a single board (tor the sole use ol users on a particular Bulletin Board! Or be shared between echoes to let many users |o!n In. For example, the echo Amiga Mags is part ot the Fido UK backbone’ which means every Fido board should be able to get hold ot It.
HARDWARE SOFTWARE In order to use FidoNet, you’ll need to be able to dial up a local Bulletin Board. This requires a modem, and one which works al a minimum 14,400 baud is recommended You can use normal terminal emulation software such as Ncomm or Term to read or send messages, or even download software from the board However, for frequent use, a dedicated mail program Is better. An Off-Line Reader (OLR) will allow you to download all the messages you are interested in to your computer In one big compressed chunk You can then log off the board, and use the OLR software to write your replies
When you next log in, as well as receiving the next batch of messages your computer will also transmit the replies.
A good OLR is the BlueWave program, and this is freely available from any good PD library or Bulletin Board. An alternative to an OLR is a Point Manager program. It you become a FidoNet Point, you are almost in charge of your own miniature Bulletin Board.
You don’t need to have constant access to the main FidoNet node, but you do get a reliable FidoNet electronic address One of the best point manager programs is called Spot, and is written by Nico Francois - ah Amiga programmer with an impressive collection of titles to his name.
Spol keeps track of all the various echoes you could be a member of, and makes reading through them all extremely interesting Spol requires a program to allow it to send and receive mail. Trapdoor is one ol the best programs of this kind around at the moment.
PRICES Both Spof and Trapdoor are shareware, and although they work fine straight from the archive, for best results you will need to register them.
This will cost about £45. You will also need to pay for the telephone call to your boss’ but this is usually a local call of only a lew seconds a day Most Bulletin Board Systems do not charge for access, although the Sysops (system operators!
Ot some will have spent so much money installing extra lines. CD-ROM drives and so on for their users that they leel they can charge a lee ot a few pounds a month.
Becoming a full-time FidoNet Node is quite simple. You will normally require a dedicated phone line and your computer must be available to receive calls to swop mall very late at night.
FidoNet has a very regimented hierarchy ot Zone. Region and Network controllers to keep an eye on what is going on, although there is no centralised authority. There are also a large set of rules, the Policy Documents, which contain details on what you can and can’t do. In the worst case it is actually possible to get yourself banned from the network.
Most FidoNet echoes have a moderator who keeps an eye on proceedings. II a particular message In the echo is offensive, or is ’off topic’ (ie not related to the particular echo) the moderator will let the offending user know. A persistent offender will find him or herself disconnected from the echo.
Than those on the Internet, and there is always a great club atmosphere.
CONCLUSION There is no better place for the Comms beginner to learn the ropes than with FidoNet. Not only will they enter a thriving but friendly world of amateur Comms. But there is also plenty of scope for setting up your own Bulletin Board and taking an active pan In tact, even if you had to buy all the equipment trom scratch you could create a pretty high-tech BBS tor less than £600 and a useable board tor half that at least.
Setting up your own Internet site is simply too expensive for a home user to contemplate, although obtaining access to FidoNet is becoming easier and easier as more and more POPs open up. Even the BBC is keen to get involved, and have plans to open.several access points all over the UK.
There is no reason why a Comms fanatic can’t have both FidoNet and Internet access In fact, some Bulletin Boards are starting to offer limited gateways into the Internet so, once again, the Fido system makes it easy for the beginner to get involved.
NEWS The very latest version of the top Amiga mail pro gram is now on general release. TrapDoor vl.84 should be available from a Bulletin Board near you now.
FIDOUPDATE - EECHO The primary purpose of this Fidonet Echo Conference is for discussion of Amiga E programming. And the language, AmigaE. By Wouter van Oortmerssen. It Is a forum, for advice on Eprogramming between all users.
E_Echo originates from Port of Call, 2:254 149 (081) 391-5779 and should be available from the UK backbone.
AMIGA WORKSHOP Want to expand your sampling set-up to 16-bits? Akai’s entry level S01 MIDI sampler could be just the ticket. Professor Von Horgan investigates... 1% SOUND LAB if you're sampling bass sounds, which keep their 'oomph' even when played on very low notes EDITING If you need to take out hiss, or add some bottom end, there's no way ol doing it once you've sampled the sound. Editing options are very basic. You can set up a loop on the sample, it's start point, and define its decay rale and overall volume level.
Of course you can also trim the spare noise from the start and end of the sample too Samples can also be played backwards If like me, you're used to editing graphic sample waves on-screen, being forced to trim and loop a sample with nothing more than a dial and a three- figure display is very frustrating Finding dick-free loops is a problem, as you can t see where the wave passes through the central zero’ point. This reduces the exercise to a long winded combination of pot luck and trial and error If the disk format was compatible with the Amiga, PC or Mac, they could then be edited on your
Amiga, but unfortunately it’s not. However, S01 samples are compatible with the St000, and vice versa.
IMMEDIACY A side effect of the SOI s simplicity is its immediacy As there aren t masses ol settings and parameters to wade through, you can sample a sound and have it up and running in seconds. The lack of an LCD screen is a bit unnerving at first. For example, there's no way ot entering or displaying full filenames for your samples, so instead they are referred to as SOI. S02. S03 etc. This means you Had enough of 8-bit sampling? Want 10 get in with the big boys and start using 16-bits instead? A professional sampler could set you bar* a lew grand, but there is a more wallet- friendly
alternative: the SOI from Akai The Akai SOI is a rackmounted MIDI sampler module. It's mono rather than stereo, with eight voice polyphony. It comes with I Mb of internal RAM (not 2Mb as we mistakenly slated in the August issue), which gives 15.6 seconds of sampling time.
The sample rate is fixed at 32KHz. Sample bandwidth is 16-bits, with eight times oversampling. In other words, it can add eight extra channels ol 16-bit sampling to your system.
This is Akai s most basic sampler, and It s also the cheapest MIDI sampler currently on the market. It s based around the popular S1000, but to keep the costs down, all but the most essential functions and features have been removed The most obvious cutback is lack ot an editing screen Sampling and editing is carried out with a matrix ot buttons and data-entry wheel. The only display is a large three figure LED. That might sound a bit basic, but it's enough to get by with.
If you're used to wrestling with badly behaved 8-brt samples, the first thing you'll notice about the S01 is the excellent sound quality There isn't any audible degradation in the recording at all Amiga samples lend to break up if they re played more than a few semitones below their original pitch, but the SOI manages to keep a good deal ot fidelity, even when pitching samples far above or below their original pitch, which can be as much as three or tour octaves either way. This is especially useful have fo keep written notes of exactly what is on each disk, as directory lists ol different
disks will all look alike Fortunately, you can save out samples in batches, so you could allocate a disk to every song you write. When you go back to a song, you can then re load the entire batch, instead of rummaging through stacks of disks for each sample.
SHEER LUXURY The best thing about the S01 is that it trees you from a load of fhe hassles of 8-bit Amiga sampling Having the sample rate fixed is nice in some ways
- you get excellent frequency response, so there's no need to
worry about your vocals coming out with a lisp, or your high
hats going all crunchy.
Thanks to the increase to 16-bits, you no longer have to light a constant battle to keep unwanted noise out the samples.
Just 1 Mb of RAM isn't much to work with, but it's sufficient if you’re using the S01 with other sound sources. A further 1 Mb expansion is available to take the sampler up to its maximum 2Mbs.
This is a custom RAM expansion available only from Akai. This means that you're tied to buying from Akai whether you want to or not. This attitude, along with the custom disk format, goes completely against the current trend for maximum compatibility Couldn't we have had an option to fit standard SIMMs instead?
So it's not perfect, but the S01 is still the most affordable 16 bit MIDI sampler on the market It has just about enough RAM, voices and flexibility to be able lo bear the full burden ol a complete commercial-quality track, and that can't be bad.
Oh, you also get free access to Akai's extensive sample library too. ® Available from: Akai UK, Haslemere, Heathrow Estate, Silver Jubilee Way, Parkway, Hounslow, Middlesex TW4 6NO.
Tel: 081 897 6388. Price: £799 AKAI SOI SPECIFICATIONS Price: £799 1 il 16-bits Sampling rates: fixed at 32KHz rwypnony: eight yokes Sample RAM: 1Mb Total sample rime:
15. 6secoads Diskdrive
3. 5 hub 2DO 2HD Men eight times eversamplag Pleose send
cheque PO's (made out to Premier Mail Order), or advise
Visa Mastercard number and expiry date to: Dept CU23, 9-10 The
Capricorn Centre Cranes Farm Rd Basildon, Essex SS14 3JJ Tel:
0268 271172 Fax: 0268 271173 R iCKCHAF POOR PROMOTION Another
month has passed, and another postman has walked away with a
permanent stoop after carrying your sackloads of post. BUT IT
ISN’T ENOUGH! Tony Dillon wants loads more, so get scribbling
and send your missives to BACKCHAT, CU AMIGA, PRIORY COURT,
I couldn't agree more with Darren Priestnail's letter (Marketing Problems? Backchat July). However, your reply smacked ot the naivety that seems to be so prevalent throughout the Amiga press Yes, Commodore have set up some ot these Centres Ot Excellence', but has anyone seen any promotion?
I suppose Commodore's current financial situation doesn't help but if the Amiga is the all conquenng platform your magazine would have us believe, then surely the PC press or BBC's The Net might have reported the opening of these centres.
Alas no, these' centres have appeared in an inaudible whisper of publicity and will probably disappear just as quietly.
Don't get me wrong. I'm a dedicated Amiga user and have been for five years, but I am also a realist. The Amiga will never be more than a well- kept secret while Ihe current Commodore remain in charge Our one hope can be that whoever buys Commodore will be looking for a return on their capital and that means selling lots ot Amigas Only good marketing and new high-end machines at a decent price point that can go head-to-head with a fast PC will do that. Take Apple tor example. They realised that the business work) would never buy Macs unless it was for DTP etc. so they've brought out new
machines that will run Mac and Windows software which effectively increased their potential marketplace by about 30 times. What's more they promote the fact in the Sunday glossies and in the PC mags to let everyone know about it. On a completely different subject, I am now the proud owner of Final Writer. I didn't realise what I'd been missing. Everybody should thank Softwood from the bottom of their hearts lor showing what the Amiga can do.
Derek James. Manchester.
The Amiga Centres Of Excellence are still a new concept and of course CU AMIGA supports them - we support anything that will do our chosen computer some good. It has nothing to do with being naive or blinkered. As for the Amiga being a well-kept secret, how do you think over 3 million machines have been sold In the UK alone In the past decade? And who has achieved this Impressive sales figure? The current Commodore UK. That's who. You may be right about their financial problems at the moment, but any company In the throes liquidation doesn't have cash to spare. Rest assured, whoever takes
over the big C will shout about It WELL DONE EMPIRE I'd like to congratulate Empire for the release ot their World Cup Year S4 compilation. At long last somebody has finally put those two great footballing rivals Sens&e Soccer and Goa fin Ihe same box!
Although this is likely to renew the old argument about which is really the best (both have huge followings of dedicated fans) it’s surprising how nobody thought of combining these mega hits before! New Amiga owners are in for a real treat and can experience both games lor a fraction ol their original cost with the excellent Championship Manager'93 and Striker also included, though, what have they got to lose?
Hopefuty, if this compilation sells wel. Then perhaps other companies will concentrate more on producing software bundles instead of single, and often very expensive, products!
Stuart N. Hardy, Sheffield.
Compilations used to be a big thing in the Writ days and it would be nice to see more compilations In the Amiga market. Note to software publishers: There's money to be made!
I've got two things to cover in this letter The first is a gripe. I only purchase one Amiga mag each month
- yours. It has a good balance and it suits me well.
But what happened to the hints and tips page? It seems to have fizzled out around July last year, along with your prized Play To Win sections.
Thinking this was due to lack ot matenal Irom us.
The punters. I sent you a three-page, highly-detailed complete guide to Alien Breed 2 less than a month after the game’s release How prompt do you want it? However, I never yet saw any acknowledgment ol any of it. I felt a bit daft, eagerly scanning through the pages of your mag every month for the next lour months, to see my guide in print - but to no avail. I felt cheated. I nearly sent my letter to Amiga Format, but I figured it wasn't worth the hassle People must sUI be sending you tips and cheats Print them tor us. Please! Oh yes. And bring back the Trolls Head. Some ot us don't believe
that a magazine has to contain pictures of a pouting vixen with an impressive cleavage before we'll buy it - really tacky guys, sorry Okay, moving on Where can I get hold of a BBC-Micro emulator lor my A600? How much will it set me back and is it a dongle or a piece ot software? How good is the compatibility? Can I run any of my old Beeb games on my Amiga? And is TEAM TALK Late one night, after a particularly tough day in the office, the CU Crew decided to compete telling horror stories. To be honest, none of them were particularly good but the one thing that did come out that fateful
evening was the fact that, to a man (and woman), your fave magazine team are a very phobic bunch.
ALAN DYKES I So who! Mokes Alan BsiiSk hands! You see, not Issst* agitslolypeouledh toriok and reviews foe CU AMIGA, out he is ?ko a keen guitar player, and the slightest scotch on diose (ingen would jeopacttse his turky, gel domm, rhyta. As o resuk, any- tan sharper to o Jiffy envekpe lias lo bo handed vdlh extreme caution ond al knives stapels ore destroyed on sight.
USA COLLINS I Beneoth her tough exterior. Combo!
Coins isn't ta hard, cold fi ta'machine | she Ikes to lei peo- e she is. In fact, so suffets from almost evecy phot* under Ihe son, ond anything from ihe following 1st leaves her gibbering ond paranoid: planes, dogs, con- lined spaces, open spoces. Camels, budgies, while Snesiwm ihe rmdlle oithe roocfpd holes, bumps in die nigta telephones, wafer, ", M* tubetans, Guses, disks, Ighl- ning, egg sandwiches... (more next month).
It possible (without a Master's degree in digital electronics, which I don't have, to hook my old Beeb disk drive up to my Amiga to load in said games?
Failing this, can I (eek!| use my old tape recorder? II I use the tape recorder, can I load in games and save them to Amiga disk (or future playing? I possess the Beeb knowledge to do this, but not the Amiga knowledge. Does the emulator come with any tree converted Beeb software?
Would an Amiga running a Beeb emulator be able to run Archimedes compatible 3.5 inch disks (containing Beeb tiles) and how much memory do you get? Are you limited to 32K (remember when that seemed like a lot?) In emulator mode, or have I got Megabytes to command?
One last thing. Please badger Team 17 to.
Release an Allen Breed Data Disk (either version, or even both!) Lor all us who love that game.
Alden M. O'Donnell, Bathgate, West Lothian.
We re really, really sorry. We have neglected the tips section tor quite a while, as you rightly pointed out. To make up tor our little faux pas, we’ve restarted the Games Helpline section, and we solemnly promise to include more cheats and tips in future. As for the BBC emulator, 17 Bit Software (tel: 0924 366982) have a PD emulator, but you still need a BBC computer to use it.
It works by downloading software from the BBC via an RS232 serial cable, Into the Amiga running the emulator software.
AMIGA WORK LETTER OF THE BACKCHAT TEAM SPIRIT While reading the June issue of PC Power the other day I noticed that Team 17 are to release Overdrive on the PC. Quote from the article: ’'It's another Amiga conversion yet improved over the Amiga, with more cards and no lloppy disk access," offered Alan Bunker, Media Manager at the company. This is not on. I wasted £26 on this game which is totally unplayable due to all the disk swops.
Team 17 know that there is just as much piracy on the PC as on the Amiga but the only reason that they don't make their Amiga games [hard disk) installable is because they also know that they can gel away with it on our format. I would happily use any amount ol other piracy stoppers (code entry, spinny disks etc) If I could put the game on my hard drive.
The reason that the PC is a better high-end games machine (which it is) is more to do with the aforementioned hard disk installability (great wordl) and total hard disk user base rather than the relative merits ol each machine. The lact that Commodore were willing to show oil the CD32 running Microcosm next lo a 33MHz 486 doing the same goes a fair way to prove this point.
There is a vicious circle here. Punters don't buy hard drives because they see lew games for it.
Companies see they can get away with not making their games installable. People don't buy hard drives, etc etc. There is an easy way out of this loop. Commodore should stop selling their 'bundles' and instead sell the At 200 with a 60Mb hard drive lor £350 tops. III can buy the drive for-£100 then I'm sure Commodore could. This would provide a new boost to the At 200's selling strengths and kickstart the whole range into the hard drive era. It would be about time.
Further on in the same magazine there is a letters-cum-discussion page. Team 17 crop up again as Ihe sponsors of this page with their cute little logo in Ihe bottom right-hand corner. The lirst letter was from someone defending the Amiga against the PC which was a refreshing change, but the reply to this letter trom the magazine's permanent writer made me cringe.
Another quote. Many (developers) give the Amiga less than two years and an awful lot plan to drop development alter this Xmas. Why do you think Team 17 sponsor this page? They, like every other Amiga publisher, realise that the market has had Its day.'
I am not going lo argue any ol the points that were made in this quote. PC magazines are allowed to be just as biased against the Amiga as Amiga magazines are to the P.C. What does annoy me is being slagged on a page sponsored by Team 17, a company that has lined its undoubtedly large pockets from loyal Amiga owners' much smaller ones. I am not concerned as to whether they continue development on the Amiga or whether these words come straight from Team 17 or not, this was their page and as such are responsible lor it. Has nobody told them that talking behind a triend's back is bad manners?
I used to like Team, 17 you know. I should do, they have enough of my money. I am not suggesting anything so radical as a boycott of their games, but what I would propose is a boycott ot all games that cannot be put on a hard drive (non hard drive owners excluded of course), If this, by a strange coincidence, means all Team 17 games then the phrase, 'how sad, never mind’ would be more than appropriate.
Your magazine could help considerably by severely marking down said games and explaining why in the review. Do you think a PC magazine would keep quiet if they received an arcade game that was so disabled? I think not. Neither should you.
Rant mode off. Phew.
I'm not normally such a whinger you know. Honest. I even like Commodore lots and disapprove strongly ol all the abuse they receive in the press. They do make the machines that I have known and loved lor the past umpteen years.
Alan Heywood, Inverness.
I had a chat with Marcus Dyson at Team 17 about this, and the feedback is that there is no way Team 17 are about to drop the Amiga. They are extremely appreciative ot the Amiga market, and have some very big plans for It. Obviously a PC magazine will blow their machine's trumpet, and will look tor every reason they can to put the more popular computer down.
Hard drive installability Is something I do agree with you on, the more games I could run from my hard drive the better, but that really Is no reason to mark down a game. A review Is based on what the game Is like to play, not what It Is like to load!
JOHN KENNEDY IH| Look at this picture. Is RJ5 this the face of a man .
I troubled by o major 1 .bio? Well • ' ANDY LEANING | Andy is ? Happy-go- °P at , _ Even when he superglued his fingers lo his fate (See 'Leaning Over Ihe Edge'Iasi month), he didn’t even blink. That isn't to say that he doesn't have worries, indy never does things by half, and when he gets scared, he gels scared at something worthwhile - Armageddon. Not at the death, destruction or end ot ihe human race though. His big concern wil be Ihe lock of affordable SIMM chips for his A4000.
TONY DILLON Mr. D has only one reel phobia, ond that's the rather mundane ond normal fear of spiders.
Small ones, large ones, hairy ones, ones with dozens of legs, Tony runs from all of them. He went to see o psychoanalyst to find out what was actually wrong, and after six months ol intensive therapy Tony's insecurities come to light - he just doesn’t like anything with bendiet legs or more body hair than him. Thank goodness his string of top model girlfriends use Immot ening or ti.
A phobia is an irrational response to anything that isn't threatening or frightening. Tony goes into a cold sweat whenever n b mentioned and runs from the t he hears "Waterloo' or g Queen', for wont of o better word ond in me interests of scientific accuracy CU AMIGA declares that Tony H. b Abbaphobic.
TONY HORGAN I It is often said that there is o big difference between o fear ond a phobic. A fear is a rational response to something threatphobia? Well, there is fl | one thing that really
• gives John goosepim- ; flies. You see, n bo manic 1 motorcydbt,
ond there's nothing he enjoys mote than o Sunday afternoon
speeding up Ihe A Roads.
However he can't smile when he's so happy because flies hove a tendency to attach Iram- seh.es to hb teeth - not a very nice, or tasty experience. So poor John hos to suppress hb happiness, ot corry on Oral B on the bfce.
Cv amioa ms me msm m mm xmL or V994 COAWG TO A NEWSAGiNTS NEAR YOU, V9 Andre Digard takes a long hard look at computer games and argues the toss about the level of violence in them.
For years the arguments have raged back and torth about whether violence on screen would lead to violence ott screen It has never been dear cut and that has been a problem from the start. Worse still, most experts' on the subject have no real experience in the field.
Up until a few years ago I was firmly on the side of those who said that violence was not a problem I still generally believe that. Over the last few years though, I have been training in therapeutic psychology. It brings a whole lot of new perspectives on what's happening to people when they play violent games. Some of it is quite frightening, particularly when watching children play some ot the latest stuff.
VIOLENCE IS NOT REALLY THE PROBLEM Many people, professionals included, have tried to blame screen violence for problems in society.
Most of us have shrugged this off for whatever reason, usually because we have instinctively sensed it as being a load of rubbish. We can sit all day and play the latest shoot 'em up without getting worked up and wanting to shot someone The opponents ol violence would then say that it might not effect us but what about children'’ I don't know about you but I've been playing video games since I was a kid and I can't stand violence in real life.
If kids are so effected by violence, how come they don't hit each other over the head with irons after watching Tom and Jerry' on TV?
ASSOCIATED OR DISSOCIATED VIOLENCE OK. If violence isn't the problem, what is? Believe it or not, violence is the problem. Not just any old violence though, the problem is the kind of violence I'm not splitting hairs, there are some very important differences The two key types of violence are associated and dissociated. Long, nasty words I know, but simple in their meaning. A good example of dissociated violence would be Tom and Jerry' as mentioned before; the characters are not real, the situations are not real, there is very little to link it with the outside world. This type of violence
is fine.
Associated violence is reasonably well shown by beat 'em ups; you are on screen (as a character). The objects are realistically drawn, the violence happens in direct relation to your muscle movements. This is the duff type When you play games that are associated all kinds of things happen. Your heart rate soars, your adrenaline soars, your muscles tense and so on. The more you are sucked in’ to the game, the more effect is has on you Sceptical’ Then read on. I'll explain some really easy psychology stuff.
A PLAY ON WORDS Let's cover something really simple about words.
Until they have a reasonable vocabulary and understanding ol language, words have an amazing effect on children. For instance, you may like to remember a time when you heard an adult tell a toddler. "You're naughty." Instead of, "That's naughty." They will normally reply. "I’m not naughty!" What they DID was naughty THEY are not naughty. It's a very subtle difference to us but a big one to them. If you tell a child that THEY are naughty repeatedly, eventually they'll get the message They will become naughty.
Most kids survive this because they get a reasonable amount of praise ("What a good boy girt" or “Who is a clever boy girl?"). There are quite a lew kids who don’t get enough or even any praise.
This is real Psychologists have known it tor years VALID EXPERIENCE?
That's just words Think about what happens when a child gets words, pictures and sounds all together. That's called experience. The younger the child the more significant and influential the experience is.
That's children Adults are different Probably not as different as you think though Words can have a similar effect on adults if used skillfully, hypnotists rely on this to help people OK, you probably never noticed feeling different alter playing the latest Street Fighter done, but we re talking about a long-term process here. It's something that will change your attitude over the years rather than the moment you put your joystick down It won't necessarily make you like violence but it will change your attitude to it.
TAKEN TO THE EXTREME The most frightening thoughts occur when you look to the future. Think about virtual reality. If we are having womes about the effect of games on children now. Imagine Mortal Kombat opponents fighting it out in VR. It would be bad enough for most adults let alone children.
The player will be in the same room as multiple murders. If someone enjoyed playing something like that in virtual reality they would have to be institutionalised for the public's safety.
Think about it Would you want to be in a room with someone who had just torn another person's spine out? When they took the headset ofl, would you want to risk upsetting them? Would you go near them if they were prepanng food with a sharp knife?
TAKE OUT THE GORE When all is said and done, the problem comes down lo realism. An associated game which uses realistic graphics is a dangerous piece ot software. I don't want an end to beat 'em ups, I enjoy them too much. The same goes lor many other games. What does need stopping, though, is gore. When we get rid ot it (please let it be soon) we can rest easy. (g, POINTS OF VIEW Points of view is a platform for expressing opinions on any Amiga games or technically relaled subjects, allowing people in the know (or who think they are anyway) an opportunity to tell you what they think outside
the normal confines of the magazine.
3 Steps to Frame Grabbing Frame grabbing couldn’t be simpler and more satisfying and is probably the best function that you can add to your Commodore AMIGA.
The Vidi AMIGA range has been developed to meet this requirement at an affordable price and an unequalled performance level. No matter what your needs are, from hobbyist to professional, there is a Vidi to fit the bill.
The Vidi AMIGA helps you place pictures within publications, animate or just have fun with digitised images. Connection couldn’t be quicker and simpler.
They’re designed to exploit your creativity and imagination!
1. Capture your picture Vidi AMIGA 12 Excellent value 12-bit
digitiser, captures colour HAM pictures in less than I second.
Delivers good quality grabs from composite or S-Video sources.
Minimum recommended system: A500 with 1MB RAM.
Only £99.95 Vidi AMIGA 12RT A superb real time (fast scan) digitiser, grabs 24-bit images in l 50th of a second. Similar to the Vidi 12 but with many additional features and higher quality output. Vidi 12RT can be upgraded to the Vidi 24RT.
Minimum recommended system: A1200 with 2MB RAM.
2. Convert it Only £199 Vidi AMIGA 24RT Identical to the Vidi
12RT but with more video RAM.
Can grab in formats up to 24-bit and produce full overscan images in HiRcs interlace. Professional quality capture. Minimum recommended system: A1200 with 2MB RAM.
Only £299 All Vidi digitisers have common built-in features such as sequence editing and playback, essential for animation and sophisticated image processing software. All have composite and S-video inputs and are fully AGA compatible.
Rombo The Vidi AMIGA range is available from your authorised reseller or from ROMBO.
ROMBO Productions Limited, 2B Young Square, Brucefield Industrial Park, For more information or to place your order phone Livingston, Scotland. F.H54 9BX. 0506 414631 or fax 0506 414634.
7. 7*. 0,11*. 10 2 20mhz ? 20mhz FPU 20mhz ?20mhz FPU ? 2mb 2Smhi
? 25mhz FPU AMOS -£19.95 The Official AMOD PD library, various
AMOS Pro extensions, iss 1 to 6 of Totally AMOS magazine CDPD
4 - £19.95 Fish disks 891 to 1000 AM Fm, GNU C C++, etc
EMERALD MINES - £14.95 Wver 10,000 levels of this classic game
OK on CD32 EUROSCENE 1 - £14.95 600 Mb of demos & music from
the Euroscene gatherings FRESH FISH - £19.95 The very latest
from the famed Fish collection GOLD FISH - £29.95 Fred Fish 1
to 1000 in archived and ready to run form MULTIMEDIA TOOLKIT -
£19.95 Colour momo clip art, fonts, pictures, samples, mods
etc. PROFESSIONAL FONTS - £19.95 Hundreds of Adobe &
Compugraphic fonts & clip arl 3 PRICE HATCH: 4 We match
ccneelflcrs on a ’Same product • Sana price'

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