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OFF THE CUFF EDITORIAL Are about to break up the company and sell oft their Amiga technology to die highest bidder? Rumours abound at the cemlng the _financial health ot the Big C and whether the company Is still a viable concern. Yet another set ot disappointing financial figures have |ust been released by Commodore, and these have done nothing to guell the scaremongers amongst us. In an exclusive news story. CU Amiga goes behind the scenes to assess Commodore's chances ol surviving through the coming year to launch their high-end workstations away me competition. We talk lo David Pteasance. Commodore UK's joint MD. Leading software houses and other commentators to lind out their views and opinions. Full story on page 1M1. We've also got a truly gigantic graphics and animation leature which covers everything Irom how the Amiga is being used In hit movies lo how to gain a diploma in Amiga animation. There's also a battle ot the palnl programs, as Digital Creation's Brilliance takes on EA's Dpalnt in a head-to-head encounter, and we've also got an exclusive interview with Jim Sachs, one ol the premier Amiga artists of all time. Thera's lots more besides, but I'll lei you discover II all at your leisure. With the bottom ol the page rapidly approaching, I want to take time out to say a big thank you to all our loyal readers who have supported us throughout 1993. Our circulation has sky-rocketed during this time, and It's very encouraging to get all your letters ot support and encouragement. So, without snivelling uncontrollably into by hanky, I'd like to say a big THANKS, and wish you all a very happy and enjoyable new year. See you in 19941 28 ANIMATION & GRAPHICS SPECIAL Now the Amiga has come of age in the anfmalion and special effects industry, we throw the spotlight on the very best up-and-coming and established Amiga animators. We also pul Deluxe Paint IV and Brilliance into a head-to-head battle to see just who is the king of Amiga paint programs. All of that, plus inside info from the man who brought us Detender ot the Crown, Jim Sachs, who knows more about the Amiga than even Commodore.

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DISNEY'S ALADDIN WHY THEY USED THE AMIGA JIM SACHS SPEAKS OUTI This Winter's hottest game Lillehammer'94 Hr Hot on the heels of one monster hit comes another... If you thought the jurassic dinosaurs had bite, just wait 'til you clamp on your skis and tackle the biggest, blackest slopes on the mountain.
Winter Olympics is the most heart- pounding, knee-trembling sports sim yf_ you've ever had the courage to face.
And it's going to wipe out everything in its path.
You're up against the world's greatest winter sportsmen in a race of mammoth speeds. Competing in ten spectacular snow-capped events, you'll need every last ounce of strength, skill and staying power to beat the rest and tame the piste.
Breathe deep...muster your reserves... focus yourself ...' then GO GO GO FOR GOLD !
Just remember one thing: never look back.
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Floptical drive The Floptical stores 20MB of data on a 3.5" disk (a SCSI interface is required).
Floptical A2000 Kit E289 Floptical A500 External ..E389 syquestt ri'pp
3. 5" Removable HD from Syquest. Each cartridge stores 105MB.
Syquesl speed is 17ms.
3. 5” Syquest SCSI External £599
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Disk Expander ..£29.95 OFF THE CUFF EDITORIAL Are about to break up the company and sell oft their Amiga technology to die highest bidder?
Rumours abound at the cemlng the _financial health ot the Big C and whether the company Is still a viable concern. Yet another set ot disappointing financial figures have |ust been released by Commodore, and these have done nothing to guell the scaremongers amongst us. In an exclusive news story. CU Amiga goes behind the scenes to assess Commodore's chances ol surviving through the coming year to launch their high-end workstations Iknt ...ill ,i.d«iiMadhi klnu, nunu lk« inai will, unaouDicoiy. Diuw away me competition. We talk lo David Pteasance.
Commodore UK's joint MD. Leading software houses and other commentators to lind out their views and opinions. Full story on page 1M1.
We've also got a truly gigantic graphics and animation leature which covers everything Irom how the Amiga is being used In hit movies lo how to gain a diploma in Amiga animation. There's also a battle ot the palnl programs, as Digital Creation's Brilliance takes on EA's Dpalnt in a head-to-head encounter, and we've also got an exclusive interview with Jim Sachs, one ol the premier Amiga artists of all time.
Thera's lots more besides, but I'll lei you discover II all at your leisure. With the bottom ol the page rapidly approaching, I want to take time out to say a big thank you to all our loyal readers who have supported us throughout 1993. Our circulation has sky-rocketed during this time, and It's very encouraging to get all your letters ot support and encouragement.
So, without snivelling uncontrollably into by hanky, I'd like to say a big THANKS, and wish you all a very happy and enjoyable new year. See you in 19941 28 ANIMATION & GRAPHICS SPECIAL Now the Amiga has come of age in the anfmalion and special effects industry, we throw the spotlight on the very best up-and-coming and established Amiga animators. We also pul Deluxe Paint IV and Brilliance into a head-to-head battle to see just who is the king of Amiga paint programs. All of that, plus inside info from the man who brought us Detender ot the Crown, Jim Sachs, who knows more about the
Amiga than even Commodore.
108 It’s got to be done, let's face it! The essential look back on the highs and lows of 1993 as seen through the pages of CU AMIGA will have you reaching for the Kleenex as watery-eyed nostalgia takes over. Do you remember what you were doing when Commodore announced the CD32? Re-live the arrival of the most astounding software and hardware releases, get all cosy as you remember reading that August issue at the bus stop in glorious sunshine, and maybe even spare a thought for what next year might bring... NEXT ISSUE ON SALE 19 JANUARY AO INDEX .112,113 23 167 23 ...82 154 186,187 178 104 Five
Star PD------------- _______________________74 Oxd AegA
- ---8UPP 18
* *fd?
Gameiek .. Greytrontcs .42.43 ......90 p o Son__ Ground Zero Harwoods . hcxZZZZZZZLL ....152 . .107.110 *** 13 Phoer-W Co we»» Planet Data Power CunpuOng
- -- 134115 . 1 8 46,127.133 1667 Hi Soil Hotfeyie iCF suoo 84.85
36 Seasoft .. Selecialont .
.....106 .....104 u-wpu, 64
At Silica Systems ... ..101,119,157 .173
K. Bfc . 81 Siren Software ....63
- --------- 98 104 Software Demon South Lines PD .
...20.21 (suppBC) lacornke Compute** 120 Special Reserve
.68.69.supp 7
LCI. .... Microactive________ Mmdscape
. Ocean Software Omega Protects . Orion
PD Owl Associates ..
....176 ......81
8. OBC ....170 ....154
....104 T rilogic ...
United PD ...... US Gold---------------- Virgin
.... Virus Free PD ... WalkAbout
W. T S Electronics ..124,125.supp 27 148 149
....IFC. 30,92,93.
.....128 .....176
..96.97 ¦noaDohSlr e ¦WOaAtoBron Hc»go? NM wraa Teny
Dion * Colins AjtT ¦OfTO* to Vvmkrw V Kamady and fad Egc e*)*
MM 0 Acttva
Aimvaion . Analogic ...
Bttcon Devices .... Bruce Smith Books.... Care
Electronics Cooleen Computers Core Design ... ¦ Kerry
Gvtrr Ngdlojto 1,1 ** UKV- TTV» Ow» fararo & Kara Hod* AD
mooucnoM fro Gym&RcfonftyonPueuilMMAeFiey CUAMGAOfc»ftwCcu»
ImfaiECII 3A0 Tel 071 0726700 »A» 071 072 6701 CwtowBBC to** m
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ftxe. Irftel S( Ktato, Urtooj . Mo If I6TO M C858 466380 12
mu* IK and NOI47 OmoadubenalOtt Ar&cnlfm 106 W» l.2( d3t%50
Cumana . C«S Computers Dart .. 176
Oaftrai .146,147 Digtal
Creations ...76,77 Direct
Software ...84
Dtskovery 162 Domark
.. 14.33 ECU...... 87 Emerald
Creative ..:....41 Evente 3 Evesham
Micros ......136.137 F** Ox** PD ...
.142 ABC 111,408 DISK 72 70 73 75 78 63 63 FIRST IMPRESSIONS
hrve of activity the Amiga market is this month, with enough
products and games to fill Santa's sleigh five times over.
16 COVERDISKS See panel on this page.
59 CD32 Things are fnalty starting to take off for Commodore's amazing new Amiga CD console. We’ve got the first news and pictures of the FMV card, and reviews of Liberation, OverkiH and Lunar-C.
114 PRODUCTIVITY REVIEW8 See panel on opposite page.
SCREEN SCENE OAME REVIEWS GAME REVIEWS GAME REVIEWS Full of festive cheer and good will to all men, we've got a chestnut- roastingly good stocking of games for you this month. Gather round the Christmas pud and feast your mince pies on the joys of such celebrations of life as Cannon Fodder and Alien Breed 2, then settle down with a chocolate orange and peruse the rest of our selection.
Air fiiiovi PRODUCTIVITY REVIEWS PRODUCTIVITY REVIEW At last, Rombo's long-awaited VID112 and 24 RT is with us, and pretty tasty it is tool Then there's MediaPoint, the package that threatens to topple the mighty Scala, along with Power's PCMCIA- friendly 1208 board, and stacks more besides. Get stuck in!
P ; i. 150 PD SCENE Probably the best PD’tcenceware game of 1993. Ft Racer is the closest you can get to Vtrtua Racing on your Amiga! This, plus a whole load of mind warping demos, shdeshows and music disks are on show this month 153 PD UTILITIES For the cheapskates and cash-strapped among us. This month’s guide to wallet-friendly serious soft ware indudes clipart, archivers, another kid’s paint package and a round up of disk magazines.
156 ART GALLERY More readers art on your Amiga.
REGULARS 89 91 91 94 COWMISICS Ever wanted to create your own games? Well now's your chance as we re giving away the games creation package, Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit. What's more we've also got a Fonts creation program and an amazing, eiclusive Mortal Kombat playable demo.
PAGE 16 Ever wanted to write your own shoot 'em up? Well now you can, with the superb Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kip. Even a complete newcomer to computers can get a fast-paced bout of alien-zapping in a matter of minutes. No messing about with programming, no confusing techie bits, just a simple joystick or mouse-controlled set of menus is all you need to get your head around. Why not take it easy to begin with, and enjoy the three complete games that come ready-made on the disk?
Design your own devious levels, concoct warped alien species, and then throw in a couple of turbo- charged players armed to the gills with the latest in thermo-nuclear weaponary. The results? One brilliantly addictive shoot 'em up! Get blasting!
PAGE 22 Yes, it really is Mortal Kombafi We've gone and got you lucky lot a totally mortal one- or two-player demo! Are we good to you or what? Had enough of your console-crazy mates bragging about all their beat 'em ups? Well get this in your drive pronto, and see just what your Amiga can do - forget Street Fighter II Turbo Plus Extra With Bells On Edition, Mortal Kombat is the only option if you want it hard and fast. You want speed? You got it. You want loads of moves? You got 'em. You want buckets of blood? Yep, there's plenty of that too. 'But what about the death moves,' you're
thinking, ‘...bet they haven't put those in...’, well think again! Yes, it's all here in our exclusive playable demo of the biggest game of 1993, blood, guts, gore, speed, and everything that made the coinop the smash it is. What are you waiting for?
Finish him!
DISK 73 For over 40 YEARS l|s been making us lauglw driving Mr. Wilson razy! Now you can play the sling-shot hero and join in on all his side splitting pranks.
Dennis is his name and mischief is his game! So c'mon... NEWS FREE AMITEK HAWK SO WHERE’S' YOUR CD32 NEWS, THEN!?
Fear not, we've got so much of it, we've crammed it all Into its own special section. So. II you want the latest news on Commodore's new super console, including details ol the FMV add-on unit, turn to page 5 now!
Cu LEMONADE SHANDAR Does the name Shandar the Wizard stir memories ot wandering around dark underground catacombs and running across wasteland islands chased by bees and huge lizard warriors? II so, you'll be a little displeased to hear that he didn't actually die at the end ol Ishar 2, but merely turned into gas, which has now taken over the mind of the 2000 year old dragon Wohratax. Guess who has to step back in to save the day?
It none of this is making any sense, then you obviously aren't awaiting the release of Ishar 3 as enthusiastically as you should.
Silmarils have gone overboard in upgrading and revamping their game system, and it now includes such gems as forty different spells, a time travel scenario and even film sequences to break up the action! Ishar 3 will be released in April, apparently. Contact Daze on 071 328 2762.
BIT.MOVIE 94 II you get your skates on. There's still time to enter the 1994 Bit.Movie computer art contest. The festival will take place in Riccone. Italy. Irom March 31st to April 4thh.1994 There are three categories tor the contest: real time animation, still images and computer-generated video animations The real time animation category is dedicated to sequences that are run directly trom the host computer (real lime image rendering is not necessary), such as pre-rendered movies playing trom RAM or a hard drive. Entries must be in by January 31st 1994 and must be supplied together with
the Bit.Movie application lorm. The contest is open to users ot any computer system, hut even pitted against professional workstations and 24-bit mega-machines, the Amiga has thrown up its share of winners, including Eric Schwartz and Craig Collins. Entry torms are available Irom Bit Movie 94 c o Carlo Mainardi. Via Bologna 13. 47036 Riccone.
ITALY. Fax: 010 39 541 601962 RAM UPGRADE Silica Systems are offering a free update to the Amitek Hawk RAM board. The original Hawk board disabled access to and from the PCMCIA port (used for RAM cards and the Overdrive hard drive), but a replacement chip is now available to rectify the problem. Call Silica Systems on 081 3091111 for further details.
TV PAINT 2 PRICE DROP The 24-bit paint package TV Paint 2.0 has just been reduced in price to a more affordable £249. TV Paint 2.0 is compatible with the Avideo, Domino. CBM A2410, various EGS, Harlequin Harlequin Plus, GVPIV24, Retina, various Sage. VD2001 and Picasso graphics boards. Contact Amiga Centre Scotland on 089 687 538.
FAX OF LIFE software tax system tor your Amiga. II you've got a FaxCiass2 capable modem you'll be atve to torn your computer into a luliy-tunclional tax terminal win TrapFax.
TiapFjv has been developed by Maximilian Hamsch and his -Trapdoor Development Team’, programmers ol the popular FidoNet Front End Mailer The modular system aSows the Amiga to receive incoming laves re-route the pnnt option ol any application to the lax and you can even connect several lax files to one multi-page tax It's tufty localised under Workbench 2.1. and also makes use ol a lew ol Workbench 3 s new features Village Tronic can be reached on 010 49 50 "Ol 30 (Germanyi.
V&mjk ¦ v VILLAGE TRONIC Is Commodore and the Amiga living on borrowed time or is this the dawning of a new age? Jason Holborn clarifies the future of the Amiga... If you've been monitoring the fortunes of both Commodore and the Amiga over the past year or so. You couldn’t help but notice the rather bleak picture that is being painted by both the press and software houses over recent months.
Commodore, of course, insist that the Amiga is still riding high in the popularity stakes and will continue to do so for some time to come, especially with the recent release of the CD32, but is this just plain marketing hype or a concerted effort to restore confidence in an ailing market?
Recent news stories in both the Amiga and trade press have done nothing to distill the worries that many Amiga users are now feeling.
With Commodore feeling the pinch of heavy financial losses and the loss in confidence caused by bungled changes in the Amiga range (the A500 Plus and A600). Not to mention the news of widespread redundancies within Commodore's US-based research and development wing, it's not surprising that many would-be Amiga owners have been tempted to move over to lesser systems. Is the Amiga destined for the great computer scrap heap in the sky or is this just a minor hiccough in Commodore's greater scheme of things?
WHSS™ At the top of most people’s list of worries has to be the fortunes of Commodore itself, a company that is certainly no stranger to financial woes. When the Amiga was first launched way back in 1985, Commodore were in the grips of a financial crisis that many believed would be its undoing. As history shows, however, Commodore weathered that crisis and many industry speculators believe that Commodore can do it again with this latest one.
Much has been said about Commodore’s latest set of financial figures which continued to show substantial losses. According to the report, Commodore made a loss of $ 82.6 million for the last quarter ending June 30th 1993 (compared to a profit of $ 27.6 million for the same period of 1992). For the first quarter of the 1994 financial year ending September 30th 1993, turnover was down on the previous year from $ 158.6 million to $ 82.6 million with Commodore making a loss of $ 9.7 million.
In a recent news story published within the computer trade’s journal, Computer Trade Weekly, these figures were greeted with considerable pessimism with CTW quoting a statement included with the results that painted an even bleaker picture.
According to CTW, Commodore themselves believe that: 'The company's financial position and operating results raise substantial doubts about the company's ability to continue as a going concern'.
Scarey stuff, maybe, but David Pleasance, MD of Commodore UK, was quick to answer CTW's claims and to reassure Amiga owners just how healthy Commodore now are.
‘We re not at all • chuffed with the CTW article. It leaves out a very important part of the report. The June quarter figures were in line with what we had forecast.
We made provisions in our accounts for substantial writedowns of our A600 inventory and indeed Commodore internationally. What we anticipate is that we shall have a very strong effect in September and we can reduce our losses quite substantially.’ ‘We hope to be in a “break even" position or even profitable by December. Sure, the figures show that we made a loss, but they fail to highlight that it was a very small loss and we have succeeded in reducing our liabilities considerably. The notes that CTW published were a result of the June quarter figures - those notes were put on by
auditors but the September figures showed a marked improvement.'
'If we don’t break even this quarter world wide, we re going to be damned close - in fact. I'd be very surprised if we don't make a profit in the next quarter. We're not a billion dollar corporation anymore, but we're going to make a profit. If our supporters had any doubts, don't you think that they would have pulled the plug a long time ago? At the end of the day. We’re indebted to the brand loyalty of our users. They have saved us’.
Wffivmn Commodore's National Marketing Manager Dawn Levack backed up David’s comments: ‘As far as we're concerned, everything is “ticketee boo" here at Commodore. Our September results are much better and we'll be back on track by December. We re on target - we’ve got rid of our liabilities and we're heading for good times".
From a marketing point of view, Dawn was equally enthusiastic. 'Our recent marketing compaign has been excellent. We re getting all the right results. Just look at the recent Gallup polls - we re the number one platform on CD and the CD32 title Zool is the number one CD software title. If you look at Marketing magazine (another trade journal), the effectiveness of our TV advertisements are up there with the Andrex adverts!'
Many would claim that Commodore are simply trying to gloss over the bad news, but Andy Leaning, a spokesman for major dealers Silica Systems, backed up Commodore’s views. ‘The CTW story was very misleading and the quote concerning Commodore's ability to continue as a going concern has been blown totally out of proportion. The footnote that CTW refers to is actually a standard auditing footnote that makes no judgements concerning Commodore's financial health.
As far as we're concerned, Commodore’s latest set of financial figures are very encouraging and they bode very well for the future.
When a company gets into a position where it is writing off millions of pounds, it’s very difficult to recover unless you take drastic action very quickly. In our opinion. Commodore seem to have done just that, although they are negative, the drop in losses is encouraging.’ SALES AND CLONES Sales of the Amiga are certainly riding high too as Dawn Levack confirmed: ‘Sales of the Amiga are flying - we just can’t get enough of them! As for the CD32, sales are increasing by 30% each week!’.
David Pleasance confirmed this optimism: 'In the A1200, we have the industry's leading product bar none. In the last six months, we’ve sold over 160,000 in the UK alone!"
In a recent press release, Pleasance described these sales as an “incredible summer" which is unheard of in this industry’.
The CD32 has been doing a lot better than many industry pundits had claimed with Commodore well on its way to selling over 400,000 units worldwide by the end of 1993.
In the UK alone, Pleasance firmly believes that Commodore will have achieved sales of around 110,000 units by January 1994 although he admits that sales are not quite as high as Commodore had hoped. 'We admit that sales of the CD32 have been slower than anticipated. I think that this is a result of the market being "fat* at the moment... we re still outselling the Sega MegaCD by as much as four to one though!.
Or Commodore’s performance isn't the only area of concern, however. A recent trade only survey entitled The Video Games Industry in 1994 produced by a rival magazine publisher certainly did the Amiga no favours.
The survey, which was conducted amongst the top twenty people in the software industry including such big names as Mark Strachan at We re outselling the competition and we believe that the market is yet to take off .’’ The incredible popularity of the A1200 is proving to be a problem that is holding back manufacture of the CD32. "We’ve been inhibited by our inability to manufacturer enough machines. Sales of the A1200 have held back the CD32 because we've had to make so many more A1200s.
We’re certainly not complaining though!’’ Rumours have been rife within the industry that Commodore have plans to license the Amiga’s custom chips to a number of Japanese electronics giants for the production of Amiga “clones".
Whilst some industry watchers believe that this could be a good thing (indeed, it was the existance of clones that saved IBM’s ailing PC from the scrapyard!), when questioned whether the licensing of Amiga technology was a possibility, Pleasance was quick to reply. ‘There is a possibility the chip set we have abandoned (ECS) will be available for license. Now that we have totally abandoned anything less than 32-bit technology, those chips are now available.
'The growing interest in taking cable or satellite television signals via a black box is certainly a possibility - after all, the Amiga chip set is perfect for handling video signals.
As for talk of Amiga clones, that’s complete and utter nonsense - that would be the kiss of death for Commodore.'
Domark, Ian Stewart at Gremlin and US Gold’s Geoff Brown, contained enough bad news to test the loyalty of even the most hardened Amiga fanatic. To quote this esteemed publication. 'The Amiga seems to be next on the industry’s self- imposed hit list. In certain quarters there is almost a race to abandon the format. We do. In fact, seem to be in the middle of a definite and irreversible decline. As far as the games market is concerned, the Amiga’s short-term future is bleak and there simply is no long-term future...’ This survey was certainly not greeted with enthusiasm by either Commodore or
by those that had taken part.
According to David Pleasance, every single person surveyed expressed dismay at the findings of the survey and they all strongly believed that the final analysis was very misleading.
Commodore have been quick to patch up any damage that the survey may have caused by posting an advertisement in Computer Trade Weekly that lists the views of eighteen of the games industry’s top players. These quotes certainly make interesting reading and although we don't have space to print them, every single one expresses a continuing commitment to the Amiga games market. This viewed was echoed by Martyn Brown, head-honcho at Team 17 Software. ’We certainly plan to cor tinue to support the Amiga with quite a few new releases planned for next year, especially on the CD 32 and A1200,
including Alien Breed 3D which makes use of the CD-32’s Planar chip. Our A1200 stuff is selling very well indeed - in terms of percentage of machines, the A1200 version of Alien Breed II has actually sold better than the A500 version! We re totally committed to the Amiga - the Amiga is still our main development platform.'
Of&nMU Both Commodore and the Amiga have suffered their greatest test over the past few months but it seems that finally there is light at the end of the tunnel. With Commodore now fully expecting to be profitable by 1994 and Amiga software vendors still completely behind the machine, it seems that finally the Amiga’s future is assured. With both the A1200 and the CD32 selling very well, not to mention the promise of even more powerful Amigas based around the ’Triple-A’ chip set and RISC technology just around the corner, the Amiga will undoubtedly continue to be a market leader.
Certain sections of the Amiga press have been very quick to write off Commodore, but perhaps its time for the entire industry to stop kicking Commodore and start applauding them instead. Fighting back from the grips of a crisis that would have spelled the end for many lesser companies is a formid- dable achievement that only goes to prove just how clued up Commodore's management really are. Sitting on the board of Commodore UK are some of the industry’s most talented businessmen and woman who clearly know what the Amiga is capable of and how to sell it.
Combine this with the sort of brand loyalty and state of the art hardware that other computer manufacturers can only dream about and it's easy to see why both Commodore and the Amiga have managed to weather this latest storm.
Is COMMODORE WRITES With a glass of sherry in one hand and a mince pie in the other, David Pleasance reflects on what has been a memorable year for both the Amiga and Commodore.
¦V 111 I ere we are at the end of another year, and what a year it's been. It was only April ’93 when I was in Athens for a dealer conference I organised by our Greek distributor, when suddenly, out of the blue.
I found myself right in the thick of it, appointed as joint Managing Director for Commodore's UK subsidiary. That was just the first of many challenges that were about to reveal themselves over the next few weeks.
QUARTERBACK V6.0 Backing up your hard drive has been a lot easier since Quarterback came along. Now it’s reached version 6.0, and includes “features that advanced users have been asking for" according to Central Coast Software. Among the improvements are support for high capacity tape drives, faster compression and the ability to back-up a large hard disk across multiple tapes.
Also to be included with the main program is Schedule Pro. Which allows the running of any AmigaDos program or AREXX script at a preset time. It can also display reminders on screen at iven times. Contact Central Coast Software (US) on 0101 512 328 6650.
In May the corporation announced further large losses, adding to an already extremely dismal set of figures for the first half year.
The major difference this time, though, was the provision of very large reserves to enable Commodore to re-focus and re-structure. Re-focusing consisted of firstly deciding once and for all to get out of the PC market completely, and secondly to concentrate only on our Amiga technology, and, in particular, on nothing less than 32-bit systems. Re-structuring consisted of diverting the resources previously used to support PC products and reducing the overheads of the Worldwide operation to reflect the lower sales figures. This would naturally result from the withdrawal of the PC- based
products previously included in our turnover.
Knowing that the decision to adopt this strategy was taken in late May, we always realised that little or no effect would be evident in our June quarter results. So the plan was to concentrate on our September quarter with a view to reducing the losses and overheads, hopefully resulting in the company being profitable by Christmas.
I am happy to tell you that we appear to be on course, with our September loss being much less than previous quarters, and more importantly, we succeeded in reducing our overheads by 65%.
We are very pleased at the super success we are enjoying with the Amiga CD32. In all my years at Commodore. I have never experienced anything as exciting as the way everyone is reacting to this brilliant product. However, if ever there was a Christmas star, ours has to be the Amiga 1200 Desktop Dynamite pack. I felt this was the best pack my marketing team had ever come up with, but I did not expect such an overwhelming demand for it. A sincere thank you, to all of you who have kept supporting us and especially to those of you who have bought any of our products over the last few months.
Now that we have secured our future I am very excited at what prospects 1994 might hold for Commodore.
You have read. I'm sure, about the AAA
• chipset currently under development.
These, combined with a RISC- based core, will form the heart of our new high end graphics workstations.
These will be able to run MS DOS software under Windows NT as well as having the best graphics of any sub-$ 50.000 system!
So. With this new model flagship product, and with the CD32 gaining momentum rapidly. 1994 looks set to be a really memorable year for Commodore.
Here's to another exciting twelve months.
AMIGA NEXT STEPS For those who have mastered the basics ol the 1200. And now want to go turther with the machine.
Amiga Next Steps could be the book lor you. The book tackles subjects such as adding a hard drive, creating a tully recoverable RAM disk using MultiView and recovering deleted tiles. As well as getting down to the the grisly bits of Workbench, the book also delves into the world ol third party software Contact publishers Bruce Smith Books on 0923 893493.
Rjlll mm neils new steps GVP S 16-BIT AUDIOVISUAL DIGITISER Potentially the most powerlul add-on for the 1200 yet. GVP's exciting new A1230II board is due out any day now. First of all, the specs for the board itself: 50MHz 68030 processor with integral memory management unit, two SIMM sockets holding up to 64Mb of RAM in various SIMM configurations, a battery-backed clock, and an optional 68882 maths co-processor.
Now here’s the best part. The board will be able to accept further peripherals via a through-port connector. GVP already have a real time 16-bit video digitiser in development, provisionally named The Cobra. For music and video fans, Flipper is the name of the 16-bit direct-to-disk sampler that's also in the pipeline. Then there's the A1291 SCSI 2 interface, which will allow the 1200 to use just about any SCSI device, including CD- ROM drives, scanners. Syquest drives, tape streamers and more. Quoted access speeds of the A1291 are 3.2Mbs per second when connected to a Maxtor 540S drive.
Further add-ons are promised in the near future.
We’ll have a review of the A1230II in the next issue. For more information contact Silica Systems on 081 3091111.
NEW RAM FROM DKB : American hardware developers DKB | have just struck a UK distribution deal : with Silica Systems, resulting in the : imminent release of three new RAM boards. For the 1200, there's yet another trapdoor expansion board, the DKB 1200 RAM Board. The basic board comes with a 16MHz 68881 maths co-processor and two unpopulated SIMM slots, at a price of £129.
Silica claim this is the first 1200 RAM board to use two industry standard SIMMs, rather than the higher-priced SIMMs used by other boards.
For the A3000 and 4000, DKB have a 32-bit Zorro III RAM board.
The four SIMM slots can accommodate up to 128Mb of RAM, and can also use different capacity SIMMs simultaneously (such as 4Mb and a 32Mb SIMM for example). The unpopulated board comes in at £269.
Finally there's the DKB Megachip 1 Mb Chip RAM upgrade for the A500, 1500 and 2000, which is available for £154. Contact Silica Systems on 081 309 1111.
CANNON FODDER Walt HAS NEVEll BEEN SO MUCH FUN New City Times Groundwork Laid for New City First In Amitek’s “Friendly Technology" range ol peripherals, the Friendly drive is based around a Sony mechanism, and comes with There's also a disable switch and a through port lor daisy chaining further external drives.
With a two year warranty, the drive comes in at £59.00. Contact Silica Systems lor further TRY THE SIM FAST DIET Sim City is set to make a welcome return to the Amiga in April, thanks to Maxis, Mindscape and the programming talents of John Jones Steele, the man responsible for the Amiga versions of Sim Life and Sim Earth, in the form of Sim City 2000 - the game that looks set to show God games once and for all how it s done'. Set years ahead of the original Sim City, it features more buildings, more people and more disasters than the original, so it should be well worth looking out for. We'll
have a full work in progress in the next couple of months.
Con an lining up a arhole host ol goodiot lot Ida lint lull ol 1994 The lead title has lo be Bana 01 Asgard, otheiwise known at Helmdall 2. Written and designed by the pair who cre- iled the original Amiga stunner - Jorr O'Carroll and Jedd O'Connell. Iheir aim was brlel and
o the point mala il bigger and maka il better. Later In the year
comes Sttletnn Craw, the ante book, sd-li. Beat em up which
sadly has nothing lo do with the Stephen King nmol, it sounds
interesting all the same Finally we haw Con's lint proper BPS,
Dart Stoat. A p slew, mediesal allair, details are sketchy, bul
Con hase one heck ol a busy year ahead il them! Contact Core on
0332 297797.
“ Football Mad 'C' Programmer AMOS IN EDUCATION I No doubl about it, educational software has I definitely benefitted trom AMOS. II seems 1 almost every education program on the 1 Amiga was written with it! With this in mind, 1 Anne and Len Tucker have come up with a | book designed to improve your own educa- 1 tional AMOS creations The book. AMOS In Education, is not aimed at commercial | software developers, rather at the parent i who wants to give their children some- I thing more constructive to do with their I Amiga than just playing games A disk 1 containing the source code trom the 1
examples is available tree on application I with the torm provided in the book.
I Contact: Kuma Books Ltd. Pangboume.
1 Berkshire. Tel: 0734 8 44335.
AMIGA TOP TEN What's this? Frontier slips a place, as Gremlin's sequel lo Zool comes kicking and screaming onto the Amiga. Hired Guns plummets. Alien Breed?drops as does Body Blows Galactic Premier Manager 2 is still rising, showing the longevity ol football management sims and Jurassic Park jumps straight tn at number 4!
1. 2ool 2 (Gremlin) 2 Frontier Elite 2 (Gametek) 3 Premier
Manager 21GremlinI
4. Jurassic Park IA1200) I Ocean) 5 Alien Breed 2 (Team 1 1 6
F117A Night Hawk (Microprose)
7. Body Blows Galactic (Team 17) 8 Wonderdog (Corel
9. Hired Guns (Psygnosisl
10. Alien 3 (Virgin!
Charts supplied courtesy ol Level One. HMV.
The applicant should have a wide ranging knowledge of league and international football plus 'C' languages.
Any Amiga owners smarting about the fact that the Lotus Trilogy from Gremlin is only available on CD32. Smart no more. News has just reached us from the frozen wastes of Sheffield that the said package, featunng no less than all three Lotus games Lotus, Lotus 2 and The Final Challenge) will be available in floppy format shortly after this issue hits the shelves Whether you thrill to the lap-bound antics of the first, the weather-bound thrill of the second or the designing spills of the third and final instalment, here they all are. What better Chnstmas present could there be? And all this tor
£29.99. Please send tellers and Cys lo: Championship Manager Team, c o Kris Hall, Domark Software Ltd., Ferry House, 51-57 Lacy Road, Putney, London SW15 1PR THE CD-ROM WAS CREATED FOR ONE REASON.. Microcosm features 'lie most incredible movie sequences • combining some oi tbe world's most advanced graphics with stunning live action iootage.
Breaking new ground. Microcosm is tbe first game ever to use fractal engine technology, which allows the player lull interaclion with all the superb graphics created by the system. Play Microcosm and you'll be witnessing some ol the most stunning computer graphics and awesome gameplay seen on any system EVER!
PRESS TALK 'A new era in gaining and the way ahead for CD.'
‘This is THE way forward.'
'This could be the start of something new and very big.’ MEGA DRIVE 'The future today...’ ‘Quite unbelievable.’ The One Screenstar Award CU Amiga CD32 91% Megadrive Advanced Gaming plus cover mount 90% MEGA POWER NO ONE IS IMMUNE.
“t; 72 YOUR QUICKSTART GUIDE TO LOADING DISK 72 The Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit gives you the chance to design and create your very own shoot ’em up. Everything is controlled by the mouse and joystick, and there's no need for any programming knowledge whatsoever. Even an absolute newcomer to computers could knock up a decent game in a couple of hours. Whether you want to write the next Cannon Fodder, or create your own original blaster, it's all at your fingertips with SEUCK.
DO IT YOURSELF How about having a go at creating a game from scratch? Your games can be set on still screens, fixed-rate or player-controlled vertically scrolling backdrops. For this example we'll use a fixed-rate backdrop, as demonstrated with the Slap and Tickle game on the disk. If you’ve previously loaded one of the games, it's best to re-load the whole SEUCK program to get a clear system.
Get into the habit of saving your game every so often, and make sure you’ve gol a formatted disk to hand before you begin.
Use the Storage option when you want to load or save. You can save oul your data as separate parts (sprites, backgrounds or levels only, for example), or save out the whole thing. Save Everything is most useful, as it saves the complete game.
SPRITES Sprites are the graphics used for your spaceships, aliens, bullets, men and explosions - everything in the game that isn’t part of the backdrop. The Sprite Editor is a good place to start, so select Edit Sprites from the main menu, followed by Edit Sprite. You’ll now be in the Sprite Editor.
The grid on the left is art expanded view of the current sprite.
You can draw in the grid by holding down the left mouse button, and change the pen colour by choosing a different shade from the the bar in the middle of the screen. To change the palette, select Edit Colours from the Edit Sprite menu. Make the first sprite a spaceship, or whatever you want your player's character to look like. Be careful of the Flood button, as it can wipe out a sprite in a single blow. This is reversible with the Undo button.
If you want your sprite animated, click the Destination button once so that it shows 1. Click the Copy button to duplicate the current sprite (number 0) into sprite number 1 You can then move to sprite 1 with the Sprite No. Button, and alter the duplicate slightly to make a second frame of animation.
OBJECTS Before a sprite can be used in the game, it has to be assigned to an object. The difference between sprites and objects is that sprites are Using IFF sound samples, you can really bring your shoot 'em up to life. There are some Included the images Used for the aliens and on the disk, or you can use your own. Hey, why not use a hardcore breakbeat tor an explosion?
COVERDISKS CU AMIGA So. You’ve finished your same, and you ¦ant to turn it into an auto-booting disk.
Mere’s how It's done.
¦ 200 'J j j j || D * 1 load Workbench or boot Irom your bard drive.
2 Open a Shell or CLI window, and type resident t:makedir (RETURN) resident c copy (RETURN [resident erenama RETURN resident c:dlr (RETURN) resident cod (RETURN) resident crlnstall 'RETURN).
3 Format a disk in dIO: and in the CU Shell window, type makedir dtO:edit- Mes (RETURN).
A insert the second SEUCK ink into DFO: and type copy dtO:”delault game’’ ram: RETURN).
S. Wait lor the drive light to go out, then
- .wap the SEUCKm lor the data disk that contains your SEUCK
feme. Presuming rour game is in the main directory on the disk,
type copy dtO:mygame.all ram: RETURN) (where mygame.all is the
- ame ol your game).
( When the light has gone out, insert the newly formatted disk into DFO:. Type copy ramrdelault game" dIO: (RETURN) copy ram: mygame.all dtO:edll-liles (RETURN).
1. Type rename dlOfdefault game" mygame game" (RETURN) (replacing
¦ygame with the game's tilename with- oot the .all extension).
I. Type install dIO: (RETURN) makedir ft»:s (RETURN) ed
dtO:s.startup-seguence 'RETURN).
I From within Ed, you now need to make a ctartup-seguence. All you need is one had which should read "mygame game" oduding the quotes), where mygame Is e tilename ol your game without the .all
H. Use the menu to save the sequence as startup-seguence and save
It In the S Cirectory in 0F0:.
’1. Tour game should now autobool Irom Wts disk.
12. M you want to change the loading acreen. Save out your design
as an IFF t 'e into the main disk directory, and call
o Ike logo (with a space between the Mo wonts).
Characters, but objects are the aliens and characters themselves.
From the main menu, select Edit Object twice. You'll see a bank of identical sprites. The name of the current object is displayed at the top of the screen, and will probably be showing player 1. At this stage sprite 1 will be set up tor player 1, so you shouldn't need to change anything here. If you were defining another object (enemy 1 for example), then you would need to select the appropriate sprite, then click on the top left spot on the sprite grid. If you’ve drawn a few frames of animation, you’ll need to select each one, and place them on subsequent spaces in the sprite grid (going
from left to right starting with the top row). By changing the Last Frame value, you can define the number of frames that are used in the animation. Delay Value sets the speed of the animation. You can see how your animated sprite will look in the Animate window.
Once you’ve got your head around that, you can repeat the sprite and object generation process for your aliens, bullets and explosions. The basic objects you’ll need to define are player 1, player 1 death (explosion), player 1 fire, enemy 1, enemy 1 fire and enemy 1 death.
You can use the same death explosion sprites tor the enemy and player, and also use the same bullets to save time.
PLAYER LIMITATIONS Before you can see your player sprite in the game, you'll need to activate it and set up a few parameters.
Choose Edit Player Limitations followed by player 1 and Edit parameters. Use these settings for now: player enabled (yes); lives (5); ship speed (3); score colour (2); amount of bullets (3); directional fire (no); bullet duration (14); bullet speed (15); fire rate (3); extra life (yes). You can work out exactly the After you've got your basic game up and running. Try out some of Ihese tricks to add a bit of spice to the proceedings.
LEVEL BOSSES No shoot 'em up is complete without some end-of-level guardians, and there’s no reason why your SEUCKgame should he any different. Even though the basic sprites used by SEUCK are quite small, you can join a number of them together to make one big enemy. Use the Join Enemies option from the Edit Attack Waves menu. From here you can select your enemy, and then click the Place button to get to the level map. Scroll lo the required position, and then dick the cursor on the Bnemy you want to join up with. Now you can select the offset, which determines how close or far apart the two
sprites wilt he. This Is handy when you've designed a number ot small pieces lo be lilted together as one, where you need to mask any joins in the sprites. Repeat the process to add more to the cluster.
* e * o
* * r * * 9- * r -
• r V V ¦raw « ".TT.TC’ t Load data best settings a little later.
Exit this screen, and select Edit Play Area.
Use a combination of the fire button and joystick to mark out the invisible boundaries for the player sprite. Exit back to the menus with the right mouse button. Select Edit Starting Position, and move the crosshair into the middle of the screen from the top left comer.
Now is an appropriate time to check that everything is working as it should. Go back to the main menu and select Test Game, and choose either Cheat or Proper test. With any luck, you should see your player 1 sprite on the screen, and should be able to move it around with the joystick. If not, go back and check over what you've done so far.
BACKGROUNDS Next we need to create a background. SEUCK makes its backgrounds from a bank of blocks.
Simultan player games are easily created. Player 2 needs to be set up with its own sprites, speed, lire rate and other parameters, given sound effects and enabled. In tad, everything you set up for player 1 has to be set up lor player 2.
LEVEL PARAMETERS Levels can be one of three types: scrolling, push-scrolling or still. Push-scrolling levels move when the player pushes against the top ol his allotted area. The Blood Y Bullets game on the second disk uses this method.
You can select the type of level from the Edit Levels - Edit Level Parameters option.
From here you can also select the speed of the scrolling (higher numbers mean slower scrolling), the duration of the level (if you want it to end before it reaches the end of the map), and whether new levels scroll on directly from the previous one, or start from a clear screen. You can. Of course, have more than one level. Switching the current level counter allows you to create new levels, and edit previous ones.
These blocks are pasted together to form the expansive scrolling backdrops to the game. Select Edit Background followed by Select Block. The black screen you see is actually a patchwork of blank background blocks. Move the square into the top-left comer of the screen and press the right mouse button (this will select the first block in the bank).
Choose Edit Block, and draw out a rough pattern such as stars, or a stippled desert grass type of texture. Go back and test the game, and you’ll find the background is now made up the block you've just drawn, repeated over and over to fill the screen.
Move back to the Edit Background menu, click on Edit Block, click the Block No. Buttons to move on to block 1, and draw out another block, this time with a tree, planet or some other feature. Exit from the Block Editor, and select Edit Map. You can scroll through the » background map by clicking the left mouse button on the up and down arrows lound in the little box that follows the mouse pointer. In this section the map scrolls in steps of one block, so the background will appear not to move until you put down your second block somewhere in the map. To select a different block, use the
plus and minus signs also found in the box.
Clicking on the top portion of the box will stamp down the currently selected block.
Scroll through the map and stamp down some copies of your tree planet block that you’ve just created. You should now be able to see the background moving when you scroll up and down. Exit back to the menus and test the game again.
FREE GAMES To help you gel an Idea ol what s possible with SEUCK, there are three games already Included on the second disk.
Belore you start messing around with it yourself, why not load them up and hue a quick zap? Your second SEUCK disk should be In DFO: already. II it isn't, put it in now.
Using either the moose or a joystick, select the Storage option trom the main menu, followed by Load Data, followed by Load Everything. A list ol three tiles will appear after a few seconds. Click the mouse on the one you want to load. Once you're back at the menus, click Exit twice, then select Test Game trom the main menu. There are two options you can choose here. Cheat Test gives you infinite lives, while Proper Test just gives you your allotted amount. To exit back to the By tha w»y, if yon iuppen to lit playing a two-player gamt in Cheat mode, you need lo replace Joystick 2 *1111 the
mouse when you wan! Lo gel back lo Ihe menus. Feel Iree lo mess around with Ihe menus and switch hack to Ihe game lo see which options change which parts ol Ihe game ENEMIES So tar, we've got a scrolling background and an armed player sprite.
What we need now is an enemy. You should have already set up an enemy with a sprite in the objed editor. But you'll still need to define its various parameters such as speed, fire rate and so on. From the Edit Object option, choose Edit Enemy Bits. Set the parameters to any numbers you fancy, making sure that none of them are left at zero otherwise you could find that your alien refuses to move or shoot for no apparent reason). You can come back and alter these once you've seen how they work. Set all four of Ihe collision deledion options to ’yes’. Exit back to the main menu when you've
FONT GRABBER - compute commercial program Font Grabber is a tool for creating your own bitmapped Amiga fonts. You can design your fonts with your favourite graphics package, then convert them into fonts with Font Grabber.
Before you load Font Grabber, you should draw out an alphabet on a single screen with Dpaintot some other graphics package. Save the screen out to disk Load Workbench, then insert your de compressed Font Grabber disk Double dick the Font Grabber disk icon, and then double dick the Font Grabber program icon. From Ihe Files menu, seled Load IFF, insert the disk that contains your font, and'load the image.
Choose Seled Character from the font menu. Highlight the letter A, and ckck the left mouse button. Move the mouse pointer to the top left corner of your A on the IFF screen, hold down the left button and move the mouse to the bottom right corner of the letter, so that the box encases the letter Release Ihe mouse button, and seled Next Charader from the font menu. Repeat the process of boxing off each letter, then seledlng Next Character trom the menu, until you’ve done the whole alphabet. You can then save out the font with the Save Font option from the file menu. The font can then be loaded
into Detune Paint and a number ot other graphics.
DTP and video applications.
Choose Edit Attack Waves from the main menu, then Insert Enemy.
This takes you to a screen where you're asked to seled your enemy.
With enemy 1 seleded, dick on the Place button.
You’ll be presented with a map of the level, which you can scroll through with the joystick. Find the spot on the level where you want this particular enemy to appear, press Fire, and then scroll it a little on the liner setting if you need it.
Now you can position the sprite to define its predse start point, then draw out its flightpath with the joystick. Press the right mouse button when you've finished, and move the joystick to the left to confirm, or right to cancel.
I 'ililililijiiiiicriritiiiiritll'!
TimislmiiimtHHrimnti Test the game once more to see how your aliens have come out.
Once you've got the hang of the attack wavas, you can go on adding as many as memory will allow.
LET THERE BE NOISE SEUCK uses IFF samples for all its sound effects. Collect a few IFF samples together, and pul them on disk in a diredory called sounds lor this example. It you don't have any IFF samples, you can gel hold of some from any PD library Seled Edit IFF Sound, then Ihe New IFF Sound diredory. Type in 'sounds’ and press Return. Click on Load IFF Sounds, and the contents of the sound diredory will be listed.
Click on Ihe samples you want lo use. And they'll be loaded so long as you've got enough free memory Next you need to seled Edit IFF m 4 A * » f • * r Would vou believe il look less then half an ‘ it hour lo comj up wiir
• this? Vou would’,. - Sound Effects. You can use the same
sample for different sound effects. For example, you could use
a zap sound played very quickly for a laser effed.
And Ihe same zap sample played very slowly for an explosion.
The first thing to do when setting up a sound effed is dick in the Sample Name box. The left mouse button cycles through the available samples Next dick on Use, and then alter the playback rate and volume level. A volume of zero is silent, while 64 is the loudest setting. Use Replay Rate x1000 lor coarse tuning, and Replay Rate xt for line tuning. The Sample button replays the current sample at its default rate, but the Effed button replays it at your chosen rate. Use the Sound Efted Counter to move onto new effects. When you've got a few basic sounds together (explosion and fire will do
tor starters), you can enter the Edit Objed - Edit Enemy Bits screen, and assign the effects to the enemies.
Do the same for player 1 via the Edit Player Limitations - Edit Parameters screen.
WHAT WILL A Explaining the plot of the Wizard of Oz to your dad again A Politely ignoring granny's wind problems.
BE DOING THIS A Wondering if your entire family have shares in the "sock" market.
A Playing THE best games available this Christmas, brought to you by Mindscape.
- GAMESMASTER 86% "Alfred is a real star. . . This is classic
platform action . .. ncredibly addictive' AMIGA FORCE Genesia
Awarded "Best Strategy Game 1993" Tilt Dor Award JOYSTICK 90%
“Genesia will emerge as the ultimate software" Alfred Chicken
Fury of the Furries GENERATION 4 91 % "Furries is the Last
TEL: 0444 246333
- AMIGA A4000 040 The flogship of the Commodore Amiga ronge
Based oround the 68040 pro essor. Comes with o Hord Drive. 2+4
RAM and W8 3 0 85 Mb version -£.1899 340Mb version- £2069 130Mb
version -£1919 426Mb version- £2149 200Mb version -£1939 540Mb
version- £2299 250Mb version -£1979 AMIGA A4000 030 The some
specifications os it's big brother but designed oround the
68030 processor. The R4000 030 comes with o Hord Drive. 1 +1
RAM ond W6 3.0. (FOR 2+2 PLEASE ADD £69) We are recognised in
the Amiga community as one of the leading specialists in Hard
Drives and Mass Data Storage.
85 Mb version - £899 340Mb version- £1099 130Mb version - £969 426Mb version- £1199 200Mb version - £999 540Mb version - £ 1299 250Mb version -£1039 AMIGA A1200 The fl 1200 sports many of the features of the R4000 series. Bosed oround the 68020 processor with 2Mb of RAM ond UJ8 3.0 os standard, fl full ronge of Hord Drives ore also available for the A1200 Bosk A1200 - £289 120Mb H.D version - £494 40Mb H.D version-£388 170Mb H.D version - £528 60Mb H.D version - £445 200Mb H.D version - £548 85Mb H.D version - £468 256Mb H.D version - £578 DESKTOP DYNAMITE PACK The desktop Dynomite Pock
contains 5 pieces of software written specifically for the AG A chipset which includes DpointflGA. LuordworthAGA, Oscar ond other with o total street value of over £300 (PLEASE ADD £40 FOR DTD PACK) GAAPHICS AND VIDEO REAL3D 2 £378 50 ART DEPT PRO £134 99 MORPH PLUS £136.99 DPAINT 4 AGA £ 66 00 DPAINT 4 £ 59 99 SCENERV ANIMATOR 4 £ 54.99 4 VISTA PRO 3 £ 44.99 MAKE PATH £ 23 99 p TERRAFORM £ 23 99 SC ALA MM210 £ P O A SCALA MM300 £ P.O A ~on UTILITIES one X-COPV PRO £ 31.99 onf GB ROUTE PLUS £ 32 99 50 LATTICE CV6.1 £259 99 200 DIRECTORY OPUS £ 46 50 250 VIDEO BACKUP SVSTEM £ 49 95 OUARTER8ACK
TOOLS £ 47.50 ii DEV PACK 3 £ 53 99 UN VIDI AMIGA 12 £ 81 95 DISTANT SUNS V4 2 £ 39.99 op MUSIC MM STEREO MASTER £ 29 99 S BARS & PIPES PRO £21599 M TECHNOSOUND TURBO £ 58 SO SM UIOAD PAOCESSOA & DTP S WORDUJORTH 2 £78.99 Ml FINAL COPV 2 £74.99 H PENPAL £2895 mt PAGESETTER 3 £4399 ad PRO DRALU V3.0 £64 99 •I PRO PAGE V4.0 £89.99 m GAMES m CIVILISATION AGA £ 39.00 CIVILISATION AGA UPGRADE £ 19.00 m (SEND YOUR DISKS AND DETAILS) •m PAINTEAS Ifl CITIZEN m CITIZEN 240 £21200 CITIZEN 240C £234 00 m PANASONIC KXP2123 COLOUR £210 00 KXP 2023 £178.00 HELULETT PACKARD HP 500C £290 00 HP 510 £246 00
HP 550C £490 00 OVERDRIVE 35 These externol herd K drives come in Oh W ' R8S box styled to match the flmigo 01200. They plug m Iw & ' 0 ‘~c P ‘"w" 0 4 0!
™ - ond include on 7 external PSU so os . Tjk not involidote your 1 Commodore war- ronty. Ultro fast
• onsfer rotes of up to 2Mb sec. Full 1 yeor warranty, oil the
softwore needed to mount ond ranfigure the drive is included.
30Mb version -£299 340Mb version- £449 200Mb version -£349 426Mb version- £549 250Mb version -£399 540Mb version- £699
* 1200 UPGRADES 7vp scsi ram board DKR 128 The DK8 128 is o 0
woit state memory expansion boord for the R4000 series. It has
slots for up to 128Mb of 32bit RRM using SIMMS of ony size. It
is o true ZORRO 3 cord which mokes for o very fast boord.
DK8 8O0RD (81RNK) £269 (See chips for memory) HRRD DRIVCS (R1200 & R4000) These Hord Drives con be fitted ot ony time by us (FOR THC R1200) or the end-user, fill the necessary software is included.
85Mb-£129.00 330Mb - £299.00 130Mb - £149.00 426Mb - £369.00 200Mb-£199.00 540Mb - £399.00 250Mb - £249.00 FITTING FC€ FOR R1200 £ 29.00 CHIPS £ 99.00 1Mb SIMM £39.00 £129.00 4Mb SIMM £134.00 £ 64.00 25MHz 68882 FPU £ 89.00 £153.00 33MHz 68882 FPU + CRVSTRL £99.00 40MHz 68882 FPU + CRVSTRL £129.00 ¦is boord is user fittoble vio the trapdoor expansion slot of the 01200. It has slots for up to 3Mb of 32bit 0RM, o moths co-pro ond includes o 5CSI interface os stondord.
Mb NO FPU £179.00
- Mb RAM. 33MHz FPU £349.00 SCSI C08L€ KIT £ 59.00 SVP HI230
RORRD Another quolity trapdoor exponsion for the ; 1200. It
feotures o 68030 processor os stondord
• id hos slots for o moths co-pro ond up to 8Mb
- 32bit RAM.
Tmb NO FPU £269.00 4Mb RRM 40MHz FPU £439.00 5VP RCCCSSOAICS raMHz 68882 FPU
- 0MHz 68882 FPU Mb 32bit RAM
- Mb 32bit RAM 6KB RAM RORRD 'his budget exponsion boord fits vio
the trapdoor.
I hos 2x32bit SIMM sockets for up to 8Mb of
• nemory. O 16MHz 68881 FPU, ond o battery '•ocked clock fitted
os stondord.
TUB with 0Mb RRM, 68881 £ 99.00 XB with 1 Mb RRM, 68881 £ 129.00 XB with 4Mb RRM. 68881 £229.00 ID* INTCRNRl HARD DRIV* KITS These kits come complete uiith screcus, instructions ond oil the software necessary to prep ond configure the drive.
We offer a full fitting, installation and advice service to anybody interested in upgrading or adding a Hard Drive to system.
40Mb-£139 60Mb-£l 19 80Mb-£179 120Mb-£279 209Mb-£399 R4000 UPGRADES PHOTON (FOR R4000 030) This board wil transform on flmigo 04000.030 into
o fully fledged 040. It features o 040 CPU module with o MMU ond
o built-in FPU running ot 25MHz.
PHOTON UPGRRDC £699 HCUFIR* (FOR R4000 030) This is o replocement CPU boord for the 04000. 030. It feotures o 50 Mhz clock speed, o built in MMU ond o 50 Mhz 68882 FPU. Vour 030 will only be 10% slower thon on 040 during most operations.
HCLLFIRC UPGRRDC £299 A full range of Amiga products are available from our mail order service at:- SOFTWARE DEMON Ltd.
(0736) 331039 CD32 CONSOLE This mochine represents the future in home enter- toinment ond video gome ploy. R self-contoined CD console which you con expond into o full CD bosed home computer. CD32 comes complete with two stunning RGR gomes.
RU FOR JUST £279 COVERDISK 73 Well, if CU Amiga isn’t the hottest and the best, then I’ll eat my crisps (Cheese ‘N’ Chives - Urgh!). What’s the biggest game this Christmas? Which game has more advertising than any other ever? What are we giving you a complete playable demo of?
Acclaim’s Mortal Kombat, of course. Would you ever expect less?
To do a single low punch, push the joystick towards your enemy and press the fire button twice. To do a series of.fast punches, press the fire button rapidly and continuously.
HIGH PUNCH Exactly the same as the low punch, ROUNDHOUSE KICK Once regarded as the cornerstone of early beat ’em ups, like Way Of The Exploding Fist, the Roundhouse is a fast and powerful kick, and one that is quite hard to block. To perform one, push the joystid diagonal towards yo except you don't moveB Keep it central and tapl twice to let out a punch, edly to unleash a fury.
CROUCH LOW KICK A low kick is performed in the sai If you still want to use i the joystick to crouch, the joystick down and ir opponent.
A verjjflp and quite surprising mov krouching kick is the best way Kout of tight corners. To do oM Hi down to crouch, and then Pthe joystick down and towarl P Ur opponent. No fire button is needed.
Way as a low punch, except you only press the fire button once. If you are dose to the character, you will use your knee instead of kicking.
HIGH KICK To pull off a high kick, centre the joystick and tap the fire button once. Is this the easiest move in the world to pull off, or what? However, be careful, if you are too close to the opponent, you’ll throw them over your shoulder instead.
What kind of background do you need? Streetfighter 2 came out, and was hailed as the greatest beat-’em-up ever, and then came Mortal Kombat. In many ways it was a lot like Streetfighter, it had a variety of characters with different abilities, a collection of different back grounds and more special, hidden moves than you could ever hope to have the time to learn.
It also brought something new - digitised graphics. A bunch of martial arts experts were filmed, and then placed in a game to obey the player's every command. Perhaps not the most dignified way to get famous, but then what is?
Anyway, to cut a long story short, Mortal Kombat has finally come to the Amiga, and it has done it in style.
Last month’s 93% mark should have told you that, but just in case you didn’t believe us, here is a complete one- or two-player playable level from the game! Choose to play either Sonya Blade or Lui Kang, and get your kicking finger ready!
THE RULES Come on, a game like this doesn't really need many rules. There are a few guidelines you might want to take note of, if only because they're going to leave you with some very high scores. The obvious thing to point out is that it’s a best of three. If any player wins two fights in a row, then you don't fight a third, but you don't need to be told that, do you?
There are no restrictions on combat at all. Use any means you can, including any special or death moves you may have to finish the job. Just finish in the time allotted. If you run out of time, then the person with the least damage scored against them wins.
If you are good enough to finish a bout without taking a single hit. Then you score a Flawless Victory, and get yourself a 200,000 point bonus. Do it again, for a Double Flawless Victory, and not only do you get endless praise from all your mates and droves of the opposite sex beating a path to your door, but you also get an enormous 500,000 point bonus.
If you are about to win the second of your two bouts, you will be prompted to finish him or her. At this point you should use your death blow to land a whopping 100,000 point fatality bonus. If you have pulled off the blow correctly, the screen will darken.
Ready to fight?
THE MOVES Remember grasshopper, you have to walk before you can learn to run.
Don;t start dreaming of special moves before you’ve mastered the basic moves of the characters, and to help you out, here’s the whole list.
WALK To walk in a direction, just point the joystick the way you want to go. No fire button, nothing at all.
STANDING BLOCK Like most games of this ilk, pulling the joystick in the direction away from your opponent with the fire button held down blocks their attacks on you. In Mortal Kombat, it doesn't do it as perfectly as you would hope. Each blow still takes a little energy away, so don't just stand there getting hit if you can help it.
’ ‘ £ IT i ¦p mtinmm goes under the delightful name ot The Kiss 01 Death.
PALM PUNCH This takes the place of the high FLYING PUNCH This is the same as a jumping punch, except that you are moving across the screen. Push the joystick in an up diagonal to start your somersault, then let go of the joystick and press the fire button.
A little less effective than a jumping punch, and a little easier to perform, push and hold the joystick up to jump, and then press the fire button with the joystick held up.
FLYING KICK You should be able to figure this one out. Push in an up diagonal to start a somersault, and hold down the fire button once in flight.
There are all the basic combat moves for you. To check out the special moves for the two characters in the game, just check out the panel on that character.
LEG SWEEP Possibly the hardest move to avoid, and if you're playing against Sonya, impossible to get away from. To sweep someone, pull down and away from them without crouching.
UPPERCUT If done correctly, this is the move that creates the most blood. Pull down on the joystick and then hold down the fire button, and just watch your opponent fly backwards across the screen.
Do you really need a description of what a jump is? Just press up to leave the ground.
SOMERSAULT Some games just let you jump forwards. Not Mortal Kombat. Pushing in an up diagonal has you flying across the screen, flipping end over end, in a way that only a true show off can appreciate.
JUMPING PUNCH Jon Sloan could pull this one off.
Though no-one knows how. To pull one off in the game, jump up by pushing up, then once you are in the air, centre the joystick and then press the fire button. This might take a little practice.
It your coverdisk doesn't seem to work as it should, then follow this simple guideline. Firstly, remove all unnecessary peripherals, such as printers, modems etc. Follow the instructions ol these pages to the letter, and it after that you find that the disk still doesn’t work, call the PC Wise helpline on 0685 350505 between 1030 and 1230 Monday to Friday. If they advise you that the disk is faulty, then pop it in an envelope with a covering letter explaining the problems to: CU DISK RETURNS, PC WISE, DOWLAIS TOP BUSINESS PARK, MERTHYR TYDFIL, MID GLAMORGAN CF46 2YY.
Please include 28p per disk to cover postage and packing (55p for overseas readers).Your disk will be tested and a new, working one dispatched to you as soon as possible. Please note that neither we nor PC Wise accept responsibility for any disk damaged due to negligence on the part of the user.
We try to ensure that viruses do not get on your disks. We always have the most advanced virus checkers available when the disk is compiled and every program goes through rigorous testing. However, we can accept no responsibility lor possible damage incurred by viruses which have escaped our attention.
IF YOUR DISK WON'T LOAD AMIVISION SOFTWARE FORMULA ONE CHAI A i incredibly oddictive and derailed (ormuto a is they unlold *fi|h thr e level of b
* simulation for 1 -4 players.
15 teams, 2 cars per team, 50 drivers with varying skills, complete engine & tyre controds Choose tyre compounds, tun* your engines, change wing settings, evert tram your pit crew!
Quafcfying. 16 occurgte championship circuits, news sedioo, realistic sound fx. Load save gomes, weather forecasts, statistics saved; latest YtSArufa,sponsott, full d-tvers and constructors championships ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ Amiga A1 200 PLUS... a Mouse Mat, Dust Cover and Micro Switched Joystick with Amiga's - only from.. Dynamite Pack 1 as detailed above (including Freebies). The Superb Philips 15" Pro 2000 Colour Monitor TV giving you the best of the A1200 with a1 magnificent display... Desktop Dynamrta Pack 2 - Great Value at Just.( and... YOU decide which pack to buy from a mammoth range of
Amiga A1200 options!
Desktop Dynamite Dynamite Pack 3 has everything you'll need in at a very Special Price. We've added the market leading Citizen 240C Colour Printer to Dynamite Pack 2 (above) - the Perfect Amiga Combination! Don't forget with ALL our Amigas you get Free Mouse Mat. Dust Cover. Joystick and Race 'N Chase Pack 3 has everything you'll need in a Starter Pack - and... As well as the A1200 and Philips 15" Pro 2000 MonitorTV (as our Pack 2 above), we also include the magnificent Citizen 240C Colour Printer along with Software and Harwoods comprehensive extras for only... Amiga A1200 with Dennis, Deluxe
Paint IV, Oscar, Print Manager & Wordworth Home WP OR... rwrm j mn DESKTOP DYNAMITE CHOICES RACE ’N' CHASE CHOICES_ STANDARD PACK STANDARO PACK STANDARD PACK STANDARD PACK STANDARD PACK STANDARD PACK Inc. Mouse, plus PHILIPS plus PRO 2000 Inc. Mouse, plus PHILIPS plus PRO 2000 .eads. Manuals, PRO 2000 & CITIZEN 240C Leads, Manuals, PRO 2000 &CITIZBV24DC Software etc. MONITOR TV COLOUR PRHTER Software etc. MONITOR TV COLOUR PRUITER AMIGA 1200 £734 95 £1014 95 £499 £704 £964 Amiga At200 with Trolls and Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix £1029" £514 Plus Packs with Hard Drives.
Monitors and Printers too.
£904 r AMIGA All prices are inclusive of VAT at 17.5%. Prices are correct at lime of: feTime Warranty Plan Sow )wi tagpxu * array to I'V hard*XT km Irom Ham 00*.
For lt» Uujieou d think! Takr out up to r cover and at the rod of that period you tan exlcad com annually... A IJIFTIME* Pact of g Mind! What s non the W anantv K falh tramfrmbk enhaming rJ wk values should too orr dttkk to upgrade vocr equipment 1 At allabk now even on hardware you may hat e mm hated chew hern gordo Amiga A1200 with 80Mb. Hard Drive, Citizen 240C Colour Printer & « Philips Pro 2000 Colour Monitor TV with FREE... available soon!
This 32Brt CD ROM System will expand into a full computer as your needs grow with CBM s planned Keyboard. Drjves etc. Gsi £289.95 tmlga A1200 POWERPRO PACK 1 as detailed above but with the Amazing MicroVltec CubScan 1440 DMS 14" Colour Hi-Res Multisync Monitor (in place of Philips Pro 2000) FOR THE REAL ENTHUSIAST AT A SPECIAL PRICE only...£1 199.95 AND with... CM 8833 MK1I 14" STEREO COLOUR inc. Leads Dust Cover PRO 2000 1S- COLOUR SUPER RES MONITOR TV Inc. Leads The best of both Worlds Quality Computer Display and fully featured FST High Definition TV In one! Infra red remote. FastText
Teletext. Loop Aerial. Headphone Socket.
£999‘ £1019 £1189 1219“ I £1389 95 CBM 1084S COLOUR 14" STEREO Inc. Leads Dust Cover CBM 1942 MULTISYNC 14" COLOUR STEREO Inc. Leads, Dust Cover etc. (for A1200's.
3000's & 4000 s) .28 Dot Pitch NEW... M1CR0VTTEC CUBSCAN (no ( LOWEST COST MULTISYNC M0NTT0R.
YOU WONT FEED TO BUY MORE FOR AGES Xanon 2 Megablast'. Stir Craay. TV Sports Football.
Hovtagts. Jumping JatKson. Bubble Plus, Bloodaryth. Tlr on tha Moon. Krypton Egg, Purple Saturn Day. Ellmlnati Skythase, Safari Suns. Lombard RAC Rally. Captain Bio Sink. Forte Harriot-, ay Fox jnd Lancaster purchased with an Amiga or just £24.95 separately
• Not compatible with A1200 30004000 MicroX itec CUBSCAN (no
DMS)... 14"Colour Hl-Res Multisync Monitor, .28 Dot Pitch
available mid Jan. £299.98 CUBSCAN 1440 DMS... 14"Colour Hl-Res
Multi- Sync Monitor, Built-In DMS, .28 Dot Pitch £429.95 New
Street • Alfreton Derbyshire • DE55 7BP Fax: 0773 831040 VISA
All our printers arc supplied for immediate use including
cable, paper and labels FREE OF CHARGE Dot matrix models come
with tailored dust cover. W’e also Include specific Amiga
driver disks with ALL printers FREE, (with Citizen models you
get the excellent Print Manager Version 2) Apple v equipment
has always had a reputation for its quality and
reliability...but. at a price!
NOW you can use Genuine Apple1" Printers with your .Amiga at far MORE COMPETITIVE prices than youd imagined was ever possible... Now you can expand your Amiga beyond the capabilities of many business’ computers with Harwoods upgrades.
Swift 200 Mono 4194.95 120D* Mono 4119-95 Swift 200 Colour 4204.95 Swift 90 Mono 4154.95 Swift 240 Mono 4219-95 Swift 90 Colour 4169-99 Swift 240 Colour 4239-95 LC100 Colour NEW LOW... 4149-95 SJ144 Thermal Colour HQ Printer 4529-95 LC24-30 Colour 24Pin Complete with 50 Sheet 4229-95 Auto-Feeder, up to 192cps (draft), 64cps (LQ), 10 Resident LQ Fonts, 14.6K Buffer 4-300 Colour 24Pin LCD Panel, up to 26kps 4289-95 (draft), Socps (LQ). 16 Resident IQ Buffer, Quiet 46 4.ddb Modes.
STAR LASER PRINTERS... s*5 MBEL. 457995 LS-5EX t679'9i S-STTFOMScrlpt 1194995 Print Manager c with all new Star Printers or for existing Star users. Higher printing resolutions and more control of your Star. Please ask for details of this great new utility.
Extended Warranty Plan
* Prestige Warranty available on all Star printers. This is in
addition to Star’s standard 1 year warrants- and can be
extended to a max. of THREE YEARS ON-STTE from a very low
cost!!! Please ask for further information or check out the
booklet we include with every Star Printer Accessories &
(oiisuniiiblcs Apple™ Personal LaserWriter™ NIR Apple™ Color
A3 A4 Bubbkjet Canon BJC 820 cngined 360x360dpi Bubbkjet.
EpsooQ 24Pin cmula lion. Parallel A SCSI interfaces. A3 A .44 size paper. Up to 300c p* in text mode! INFINITE COLOUR OUTPUT using a 4 colour CMYK system of ink cartridges with approx. 700page life. There's no better inkjet at only... 4ppm (anon cngincd laser with superfast RISC Processor A 3Mb RAM (upgradable to 4Mb). True PostScript'" Level 2. HP laserJetU & Pa 4* emulations.
HU.Y Amiga & PC com patible. Parallel. Serial RS232 & locaHalk interfaces built-in. No other laser of ihls quality costs so little...
* 704.95
* 739-95 LNKJET CARTRIDGES: BjlOex sx 415.95 BJ800 -Black 416.95
BJ200 230 415-95 BJ800 Cyan 421.95 BJ600 Black 46.95 BJ800 -
Magenta 421.95 BJ600 • Cyan *8-95 BJ800-Yellow 42L95 BJ600 •
Magenta 48.95 BJ600 - Yellow 48,95 SHEET FEEDERS: BjlOsx In
White or Black 454.95 I20D 45-95 90 C 43.95
24. 200 240 44.45 ACCESSORIES: 9 24Pin, SOC ohimn Colour Kit (not
124) 24Pin, 32K RAM Expansion (not 200 240) 413.95 24Pin. 32K
RAM Expansion for 200 240 419.95 2-iPin. 32K RAM Expansion
for 200 240 24Pin, 128K RAM Expansion (not 200 240) Winner of
Amiga Format's Gold Award with 93*'» rating the specification
is impressive...
1. «mb RAM a* tUndard A option lo add a further 4Mb.
2. 32Bit I1GHTNING FAST loo wail W FAST HAM
4. Ftt toefcri buihin for STANDARD PUC: type Malle (( PrccHon
tit up to 40MHz spent!”
5. Fra*v A1200 Trapdoor* filling retaining CUM Warrant**
6. Compact design utilising latest SMT technology
Expansion (Blizzards own) 4139-95 33MHz. FPU Maths Co
Processor 479-95 BUY All THREE TOGETHER FOR JUST- 4369-95 From
the makers of the acclaimed Blizzard 1200 RAM Board comes a
great A1200 Accelerator...
1. 400-400** performance increaw on all application* (milh
additional an bond RAM)
2. Optional EM (up to lOMh'w) DMA 8CSHJ interface for CD ROM etc.
(OIT . £0-9660 Format*). Removable.
Drive* (SyqueW* Bernoulli etc) a* used «o Macintosh etc
3. 40MHz 68£C050 Procewor «. Up to 50MHz 6NW2 P1C.C or PGA
Ftlinli (Math* CoPro)
5. Ip to 64Mb ol 32-Bh RAM wing standard 72 Pfai SIMMS
6. Battery tacked real lime clock
7. Easy trap door in«ullat*m. Doc* NOT void warranties
8. Bo software required, jnM plug In and go!
BLIZZARD 1230 TURBO (0Mb.) 4244.95 4Mb. RAM Expansion. 32Bil SIMM 4179.95 33MHz. Fpll Maths Coprocessor 479.95 BUY Ali THREE TOGETHER FOR JIST- 4449-95 Lightning FAST Hard Disk access for all Amiga A4000 owners. The only IDE answer...
1. Raw (lip 10 lOMkicc) DMA SCSI-D interface for Q) ROM etc. (am.
£09660 Formats). OfSkaElrmovafek Drives (Syquots etc) as tncd
on Apple Macintosh etc.
2. F.ipaiKlahlc up to 64Mb of 32 Bit Fast RAM
3. Retires no Busier Oiip upgrade!)!
1. Compatible with at cabling Amiga A1000's y 4 a 32 Bit SIMM
Societs Exceptional Value FASTLANE Z3-. 4329-9!
AUTO SHEET FEEDERS: All KOColumn Models... 1 S20'100 gg LC24 200 46.25 INKJET CARTRIDGE* SJ48 415.95 Zm"K SS .S3 24 200 46.25 412.45 MET CARTRIDGES: Mono model when ordering) 48495 Mono, 250cps, Inc. Compatible with ALL A500 s & A500I 2000 versions available, please ask: COLOUR
1. Mu® into sidecar expansion slot AWQ AS
2. Speeds up tour Amiga -up lo FOUH1MFS
3. With thrvioghport lor RAM'Hard Drive F.t Shown on these two
pages are Just selections of our extensive range of Amiga
Peripherals and Accessories which we are continually extending
as new products become available.
Please phone us if the item you need is not listed or to enquire about latest news.
All prices are inclusive ot VAT at 17.5%. Prices are correct at time ot going to press and subject to availability - E&OE.
Gordon Amiga Software
* 7495 Pen Pal VI.5 Final Copy II Release 2AGA NEW.-final Writer
* 49.95
* 79.95
* 129.95
* 59.95
* 129.95
* 47.95
* 99 95
* 9995
* 29.95
* 59.95
* 9495
* 29.95
* 4495 8 ordw orth 2 - AGA Softfaces 1 to . (for ECO) Softclips 1
10 4 Softwood Proper Grammar 2i (Grammar A Spelling checker,
for All Amiga Word Pmrwn) Mini Office F1AT1BING- »ord Processor
Miracle keyboard *249 95 Music X full melon 1.1 42495 Midi interface Sport c w cable 42495 ZYF1 Stereo Speaker. 499.99 ZYFI Pro Stereo speaker. 45499 Stereo Master 429-95 Deluxe Musis 2 469.95 Megkrsound 429-95 | Power Mono ICV V40 Hand 4127.95 GT6S00 Flatbed GT8000 Flatbed
* •59.95
* 1179.95 Rendale 8802 ins .witch *179-95 and fader controb.AI200
IIQ Micrwiwitchrd MI GA MO! St 411)0 Higb Quality akrmwfccbtd
428.95 Optical mouse HQ Micros wits bed Trackball 429.95 Auto
Mouse Joystick Switcher 417.95 Premier Control Centre A Monitor
Plinth with shelf: For Amiga A500 459-95 For Amiga .4600 *9499
For Amiga A1200 *99-99 ZipMkk AutoOre Joyttkk 411.99 Thc BIG
Micros witched Full range of ( ukl oy .ad other nukes stoc ked
• please Mastering Amiga Do. V2 Vol2 Mastering Amiga Do. V2
VoL3 Mastering Amiga .AMOS Mastering Amiga AKEXX Mastering
Amiga Sywem ABACI'S BOOKS In unck Please phone us for keen
Suprrfcasc Personal 2 429.95 Supertuse Personal 4 *11495 X*AD 2000 497.95 X4AD 9000 425495 Ait Expression 414495 Expert Draw 449-95 Scab 900 Home ruler 17495 Sob Professional 4177.95 Scab MM202 *289-95 IditMau 419495 Broadcast Thler 2 SVGA 417495 C,B Route Plus 49495 Turboprint Pro 2.0 45495 Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 2 422.95 TypeSmhh 4119.95
* Mcm AE 45495 Personal Finance Manager *5495 Arena Accounts
49499 Deluxe Paint 4.1 1*495 Deluxe Paint i (AGA) 47495 NEW...
Caligari 497.95 AD Construction Kit 496.95 Adoragr 457.95 Vhu
Pro 3 *5495 Art Department Prof. V2J *149-95 DCTY Composite
Video *549-95 maamfacturrd b, mopased and respected uorUuid.
Market leaden (eg. Ommer.
Seagatr. Western DtgOal He.). Each Hard Drite coasts uHb a one tear u arrant). Drlier software, filling kit ami full instructions for ton lofll easily yourself And... back up and repair utility softuare.
| l»Mh | jj UU.9C J Real AD 2 4579.95 Brilliance 4147.95 Pi tel AD Pro * Anim Workshop 4149.95 Quarterback V5 451.95 Quarterback Took Deluxe 499-95 l Urjii.nl Disk tile MaamnmMi PC Task PC Emulator 437.95 CromDOS 45499 toy Amos 42495 Aram Ihe Creator 49495 Amo. Compiler 421.95
* rllarJlh k Ulei aialUbk .
Ise phone ut for further details DrisT capac ities are tmformatted of your Amiga AIJOO THE EAST TO llj ASSWER TO A HARD DISK CPC RADI” Ask us about prices and aiailabUlly for models starting at JusL.
* 18.95
* 18.95
* 18.95
* 18.95 0773 Department New Street • Alfreton Derbyshire • DE55
7BP Fax: 0773 831040 ANIMATION and graphics special ANIMATION
Mi GRAPHICS spm Professional animators and graphic artists
alike are beginning to realise the vast potential of the Amiga.
Mat Broomfield plonks himself in a front row seat and takes a look at how Amiga animation has made the leap from computer monitor to silver screen.
Whether or not you watch TV or go to the 6n- ema, it's almost certain that you will have heard ot, and probably seen at least one shining example ot the Amiga's incredible versatility as a video production tool Whether it's Aladdin.
Jurassic Park. Seaquest. Ammaniacs or Babylon 5, the Amiga has demonstrated its abilities in impressive style, and that's just the tip ot the iceberg YOUR FLEXIBLE FRIEND The thing is. The Amiga otters so many ways ot creating and manipulating graphics, and I’m not just talking about the new AGA machines either. In terms ol conventional animation, the Amiga has an array of custom chips which give it an unbeatable combination ot high resolution, lots of colours and the power to move them around the screen at a decent speed.
That's not to say that a bog standard A500 is going to be capable of fullscreen HAM mode animation, but that's not the be all and end all ol things in any case.
Professional animators have been using a Chromacolour system to produce quick pencil tests prior to colouring their work. The system consists ol a frame and animation bed. Each piece of hand drawn-animation is placed onto the bed ol the unit and clipped into the frame for uniformity. Above the bed is a rostrum camera which points downwards at the paper below. The camera is linked to a digitiser which is. In turn, linked to an Amiga. By digitising successive frames, animators can check that the motion of their characters is as they intended before passing the image over to be coloured
in. The advantage of this system is that animators would otherwise have had to do the same |Ob using costly and time consuming film.
«.1a SKDAFgmAN,MATOR For the semi-pro animator, there are a couple of oeQicated Amiga software packages that ensure you never even have to come near a piece of paper. The first one, The Disney Animation Studio, was produced by the Disney Studios themselves so you can be damned certain that it’s been designed with the finished results in mind. The Disney Animation Studio offers five levels of onion skinning and a quick means of sketching your frames. Although it’s a few years old now, the basics of two dimensional animation haven’t changed so it’s as relevant today as it ever was.
Before I go any further, quick explanation of the way that 3D prgrams work: objects are defined as a kind of three dimensional mesh.
The surface of the mesh can be given colour, texture and reflective properties just like real objects. Unlike real objects, these 3D models' as they're called, can be squished and distorted, moved and resized at will. This makes them ideal for circumstances where a particular effect would be either physically impossible to recreate (a car turning into a rocket for example) or would be too costly (such as the animation of space ships or submarines).
Presumably not wanting to be left out. Disney’s arch rivals in the cartoon business Hanna Barbera have just launched their own package called the Animation Workshop. Forthcoming from Empire, it's a cartoon animation package with the emphasis on speed and simplicity. Including some innovations such as built-in digitiser (requiring a Rombo digitser cartridge) for converting hand-drawn frames to mono bitmaps, and making extensive use of onion skinning techniques as used by traditional cartoon animators, it aims to carve a niche for itself as a no- nonsense cartoon creation system, to get you
started there’ll be officially licensed Hanna-Barbera clips and animations including Scooby Doo. The Flintstones, Yogi Bear and The Jetsons.
Undoubtedly, the greatest movie revolution has been brought about by the accessibility of 3D programs which can be used to add a new dimension and level of realism to animations.
Although Tron was the first to demonstrate the startling effect to which computer graphics could be used, it was films such as Terminator 2 and the Abyss that really got the ball rolling. To be fair the Star Trek movies had incorporated extensive use of 3D computer graphics to excellent effect, in scenes such as the time travel and Genesis sequences. However, it was the stunning fluidity and total realism of the T1000 robot in Terminator 2 and the water probe in the Abyss that really triggered everyone’s imaginations.
Speaking of imaginations, Imagine is one of the most widely used 3D ray tracing packages in the world, and because it’s also available on the PC, Amiga owners benefit from a wide selection of ready-made 3D object sources.
ThgAg.GAATTHE As I ve already mentioned, the Amiga has been used to help with many TV and film productions. Here's a selection of the places it's been used:
• Seaquest - On LWT Sundays 6.30pm - Video Toaster used to create
the titles and all underwater exterior machine shots (subs,
bases, etc).
• Babylon 5 - Available on video - Video Toaster used extensively
to create all spaceship exteriors and many internal eftects as
• Jurassic Park - In the cinema - Several hundred Video Toasters
were used to create 30 previews ol the dinosaur animations
prior to them being rendered on the taster graphics engines.
• Animaniacs • Likely to be shown in Europe in early 94
- The titles were all done in ultra high resolution using GVP's
new Advanced Graphics System.
• Robocop 2 - Available on video - The lace graphics ol the
maniac robot were done on the Amiga.
These models can also be used as a template in two- dimensional animation, and this is exactly what happened in Disney's Aladdin. There are four scenes in the film where an exceptional level of three dimensional realism was called for. Using conventional animation techniques, these scenes would have been impossible.
For example, throughout the film a Persian carpet flies to and fro, and has a personality all of its own. Now that may seem unremarkable until you consider the fact that the carpet has a complex pattern on it, which, of course, has to twist and turn in perfect synchronisation. So what was the solution? Simply define a carpet model in Imagine and map the pattern onto the model so that the two move as one.
Now it's simply a matter of moving the carpet within the frame safe in the knowledge that the pattern will always perform as it should. Another important effect is the carpet ride from the collapse caverns. Aladdin and his monkey ride on the magic carpet whilst all around them the Tiger caverns are collapsing and exploding. This calls for a high level of perspective calculation, but with a 3D package, the computer takes care of that, leaving the animators more or less free to concentrate on the surrounding action.
Of course, I wouldn’t want to minimise the effort put in by Disney’s team. The 3D program was sim ply a tool, and not one that saved time. To do the things that they did requires hundreds of hours of work, and entirely new skills had to be learned.
The computer isn't a replacement for an animator's talent, it simply provides him with a new way to express it.
THE QUEST FOR REALITY Back to the real world, and the 3D effects in Seaquest have been wowing Sunday night television viewers. What perhaps they didn’t know is that all the special effects, including the submarines, the Hyper Reality Probe, WISKAS and all other undersea objects are actual 3D models created on the Amiga using the Video Toaster and Lightwave 3D software.
The Video Toaster is a graphics and effects engine designed for the NTSC television system. It comes in a number of configurations but basically its a big box Amiga (A2000, 3000 or 4000) with Newtek’s proprietory hardware inside. The Toaster is supplied with a variety of tools to perform effects such as Picture in Picture, multi-source mixing, titling and much more. However, it’s a rendering engine that the program is becoming best known for in Europe. The reason for this is that the NTSC television standard is of notoriously poor quality and would not really be acceptible for display on
the European PAL standard. Unfortunately the Toasters operation is totally integrated into this poorer display standard. To create a PAL version of the hardware would require a total redesign that Newtek are not prepared to perform.
LEARNING HOW TO DO IT Of course, it's one thing to know that all these great effects are possible, but another thing entirely to create them for yourself. Now thanks to well written programs such as Deluxe Paint, Brilliance, Imagine, Real 3D and a host of others, it’s very easy to learn the basics.
Mind you it’s rather like owning a camcorder and w&nting to get into film production. You can quickly start experimenting with limited effects and you'll doubtless have a lot of fun. Given many years of practice you might even conceivably become good enough to make your own films.
However, with more powerful equipment and proper tuition you can accelerate that learning process massively.
There’s never really been a clear career path for people wanting to get into this kind of work. A good standard of art, or excellent design skills are obviously helpful, as are a knowledge of computers and the kind of software available for them.
Now at last, a dedicated college of animation offers courses in all the disciplines required to become a successful computer animator. Tony Dillon went to Dublin to check the college out and you can read about his experiences on page 30. © GRAPHICS AND ANIMATION SPECIAL Amiga animation has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years. So much so, in fact, it’s now possi- to take a diploma in computer animation and graphics using you humble Amiga and a little bit of talent. Tony Dillon draws some conclusions.
Body movements - in short, the basic skills any animator would need.
An actual course in animation seems like such an obvious idea; you wonder why more colleges haven't jumped on the bandwagon. For example, the Disney-owned Sheridan College, formed in
1970. Is now regarded as the leading animation educational
institute. Essentially, if you get a pass from Sheridan,
then youarealready half way to a very successful career in
animation. They introduced a computer animation course in
1982, and now Senior College have taken that same course,
modified it to their own needs and are now running an
extremely successful diploma. The standards are high,
naturally, especially when you consider the fact that many
students are actually being taken on by Disney and Bluth
before they even finish the third year of the course!
After the three years of classical animation, by which time the students are more than capable of producing extremely professional results, they can opt to start computer animation. This way, the students can learn every aspect of animation and then apply it to the digital medium. As Steve Macken explains: 'You have to know the rules before you can break them. In classical animation, everything is curves and arcs. In computer animation, everything is straight lines.’ By teaching the students to work in arcs, and then applying that to something like Imagine, you move into real photo
realistic animation. Believe me when I tell you that the screenshots on these pages do the animations themselves no justice at all. When this lot get into the software industry, there are a lot ol people who are going to lose their jobs.
FRUIT LOOPS Interestingly enough, the first thing the students have to do when they start creating graphics on the Amiga is a bowl of fruit! For those who have The college itself was officially opened in 1981 as 'an exciting and challenging venture in Irish Education’. One of the original aims of the college was to provide training to meet the needs of business, industry, social services and the newer areas like radio, television, animation, computing and electronics. Four years ago the animation and computer courses met in an explosive and exciting way and, with a little encouragement from
Sheridan College, Toronto, the Diploma in Computer Animation and Graphics was born.
ARE BETTER Two ot the minds behind the course are Principal Jerome Morrisey and teacher Steve Macken, and it was these two genial gentlemen who proudly took me through the college while explaining how the course works. Essentially, you start with a three year course in classical animation - the real McCoy - where students learn how to create the illusion ol movement convincingly, the best shots and direction techniques, character animation.
We’ve known all along how good the Amiga is at doing animated graphics.
We've all seen what Tobias Richter and Eric Schwartz can do with a simple piece of software and a little time. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, the world of animation is starting to wake up to the fact that the Amiga is an excellent animation workstation. Names like Bluth and Disney may seem a little big for the average Amiga animator, but already both companies are hiring animators trained in using A3000s and A4000s. But where does an animator go to get noticed? Fairs? User groups? No, the Senior College in Ballyfermot.
Unless you work in professional animation circles, you probably won't have heard of the College. Hidden away in a Dublin suburb, the Arts block of the Senior College is The Place To Be for animation. Looking at some of the images across these pages (and note: none of these have been created by graduates. They are all images created by students working their way through the course), is it any wonder that Don Bluth himself forms part of the examination board?
But before we dive in headfirst, a little history.
30 never done an art course, the first bit of still life you ever do is a bowl of fruit lo show your under* standing of scale, light and texture. Students sit down with Imagine 2 and create the most photorealistic apples and oranges they can, but with the one restriction that they are not allowed to use any of the in-built textures. As you can see from the pictures on this page, it makes tor some very different fruitbowls!
- 4 V- This might seem a bit of a grandiose statement, but you
really have to see some of the animations that haven't made the
grade to understand the levels attained. One student, drew
and animated a Queen concert. Although similar to the original
video, the art is stylised and simplified, and shows excellent
use ot timing and synchronising.
However, it didn't pass as the judges claimed it was too close to the original, and couldn't really be graded as classical animation. This isn't a sob story, by the way. Although the student in question didn’t gain his degree, he still went to work tor Bluth Ireland. Obviously what's good enough tor the general public isn't good enough tor the Senior College Ballyfermot.
But what does this really have to do with the Amiga world, you might well ask. How does a quarter ol a million spent on Amiga hardware and software sound to you? The course started small a couple of years ago with a handful ot A500s, but since then the network has grown to include six A4000s, four A3000 Towers and 14 A3000s! Every machine has at least 18 Mb of RAM. A 250 Mb hard drive, a 24-bit graphic board and all are connected to a Beta SP high grade video recorder.
They chose the Amigas simply because there was nothing to compare to Deluxe Paint VIAGA or Imagine 2 on the PC. Sure, there are rendering packages a plenty across the PC, but power per pound, the Amiga makes the best sense. Of course, Jerome would love to have a lew Silicon Graphic workstations dotted about the place, but cost is always the restrictive bone ot contention.
QUIETLY CONFIDENT Jerome Morrisey is very upbeat about the course, and very excited. Anyone who has ever*spoken to a teacher or head teacher about a course will know how excited they can get, but to me that excitement always seems false. With Jerome, though, it is most definitely genuine. He had an idea, and it’s now working beautifully in practice.
There is still plenty of room for expansion as there always will be, but the people alongside him such as Steve Macken, Andrew Phelan, Philip Dunne. Jason McDonald, Caroline Peels and everyone else on the course, are participating in a revolution, and the Senior College is the place that will be known for taking computer animation into the next century. The factory tloor. As you will This is a batch ot first year students, learning the basics ol animation. At the moment they are learning how to create a realistic wave movement. Pictures are drawn on animation sheets, and then scanned into a
Amiga and played back. This way.
The students can instantly see exactly how their animations are progressing In the third year, when the students are working on their final animated project, they are given their own animation booth • brought over Irom Sheridan College at great expense - to work in. Here they have everything they need, while working in an environment that mimics the working environment completely The computer animation course gets them to take everything they know and apply it to the digital medium One ol the hardest adjustments to make is the move from working with curves to something that forces you
to work with straight lines, but as you can see.
The students don’t seem to be having any major problems with it.
For years Deluxe Paint has ruled the roost as the Amiga’s premier paint package. Brilliance is the first program that stands a real chance of stealing its thunder.
In the Amiga's earliest days, the only paint package was a hideous piece of software called Graphic Craft. It was a clunky old thing that didn't even have a tool lor drawing circles In late 1985 Deluxe Paini was released and met with a rapturous reception winning awards across the world. A standard was set lor art packages which, while frequently contested, was never bested.
Some of the worthier opponents over the years included Photon Paint, Spectracolour and Digipaint. It's interesting to see that all the worthwhile competition came in the lorm ol HAM-only programs This was one ol the areas ol weakness m the earlier versions of Dpaint, and in tact it wasn't until version 4 that Electronic Arts thought to Include support lor this quirky screen mode.
HAM mode is a special Amiga screen mode that lets you use up to 4096 colours at once on a normal Amiga, or 256,000 on an AGA machine.
The thing about this mode is that it's quirky to program lor, and most people don't use it except when handling digitised pictures. Games never use this mode because the screen updates are so slow and results can be extremely unpredictable This makes it useless lor arcade games. Another undesirable side effect ol this screen mode is that picture files are rather large, and this makes them impractical for inclusion in adventure-style games TAKE IT FROM THE TOP Deluxe Paint was designed by an American called Dan Silva. It was originally written as a programmer's tool, hence the lact that it
has no support lor HAM mode. It was never originally intended to be used as an art package. It was for designing game graphics and nothing else. • As the program's popularity became evident, it was bundled with the S Amiga, and in lact there's almost never been a time when it was not included with the machine In Britain.
Responding to increasing pressure from their users. Electronic Arts included animation with version 3, but held oil till the next release to add HAM mode support.
Version 4.0 offered support lor HAM-6 mode, which is the type ol HAM used on the pre-AGA Amigas. Unfortunately this was almost immediately made obsolete by the release ol the A1200 and A4000. However. Electronic Arts were very quick to respond and. In next to no time, Dpaint AGA appeared with lull support ol HAM-8 as well as HAM-6 and all the non-HAM screen modes (including extra-hallbrite).
Unfortunately, although the new machines offer accelerated processing, the HAM-8 mode is so processor intensive that it's all but unusable unless you have a 68030 or.
St AND THE CHALLENGER IS Digital Creations meanwhile had been doing their own thing as far as Amiga graphics were concerned In the days before AGA. They released a board called DCTV which could handle several million colours on-screen at once, and was ideal for animation. They started developing what they hoped would be the ultimate Amiga graphics program With a programming team that collectively have more experience with Amiga graphics programs than anyone else, it comes as no surprise that their sights are set so high.
After a considerable amount of pre-release hype and speculation Brilliance finally hit the streets in the third quarter of 1993.
™EBATU£ The first important difference between the programs is evident before you even load them. No, I'm not talking about the box design (although Brilliance 's box is cheap by companson to Dpainls), I'm talking about the fact that Deluxe Pelnl la full of umIuI looia that may af ft rat aaoma poWrtt a.
But wton uM wtth Imagination.
Can bring your pictures and animations to life.
One of the many variations on the aymetry function can be used to create the kind ol (Igsaw puzzle effect seen here.
Even the fill option In Deluxe Peim has a whole panel of dedicated options Graduated Matures and mock-30 effects aren't a problem, especially when you've set up a suitable palette with a good graduation of colours from one and of the scale to the other.
DeluxePaint is a single program which incorporates a HAM and non-HAM engine Load that program and you can switch freely between the screen modes without having to reload the program each time Bnlliance. On the other hand, is two separate programs: True Bnlliance. A true colour program for manipulating HAM and 24-bit images; and Brilliance, a register-based program which deals with all other screen modes.
FEARSOME TWOSOME The reasoning behind having two separate programs is that the requirements of a HAM art package are very different to those of a non-HAM one. To a certain extent Digital Creations have overcome this by forcing their program to use full 15 or 24-bit colour registers internally, before converting the data for output to the existing screen.
Nevertheless, because of the vast palette available even to a HAM-6 image, let alone a HAM-8 or 24- bit one, functions such as the stencil have to work in different ways.
Deluxe Paint deals with this problem by implementing different parts ot code according to the screen mode. But, to be fair, this solution is a long way short of at.
The optimum.
Nevertheless. I have to say that I prefer not to have to decide what screen mode 111 work in before I load the software.
Another important difference between the programs is the matter ol copy protection Whilst Dpainl uses a serial number which uniquely identities each copy ol the program, but which is extremely easy to copy, Brilliance uses a serial number and a dongle The dongle must be plugged into the joystick port belore the program will run. I strongly dislike this form ol protection, which, in any case, is not enough to deter the prolessional pirates and the boot-sale merchants.
It wouldn't be so bad it the dongle had a through port so it could be lett plugged in permanently, but as it is. You have to unplug it each time you need the joystick port (perhaps tor another dongle). I currently have eight programs that use dongles and they drive me mad - except Scala which does have a through port.
Our goofy hero and his friend - an intelligent alien stick - have crash landed on a weird planet after being captured by an alien spacecraft. In order to get back to Earth, Bubba must use his stick in a variety of different ways to solve puzzles, overcome adversaries and foil the comedic attempts of his kidnapper to recapture him in this horizontally scrolling puzzle.
Core Design Limited. Trade winds House. 69-71A Ashbourne Road. Derby DE22 3FS. Tel: (0332) 297797 Fax: (0332) 381511 LTD BKIIXihHOI SI. MhRRY WALKS SIROUD GLOS Cil_S IQA VOUR SION: STOP 71 MHD DICTHTOR P(fOM Of Both Brilliance and Deluxe Point otter animation facilities, with much the same features available In both, although Brilliance sometimes presents them in a more user-friendly way.
» Anyway, time to load the programs. Dpaint always interrupts the loading sequence to give you registration information and ask for your preferred screen mode. Brilliance, on the other hand, just jumps straight into the program.
Brilliance bears more than a passing resemblance to Photon Paint with its horizontal tool box and it's not-quite Workbench 2.0 colour scheme.
Dpaint, of course, has its toolbox running down the right of the screen. The upshot of this seemingly superficial difference in positioning is that Brilliance manages to get an impressive 31 tools on the screen at once, whereas Dpaint only manages 20.
It also means that more of the screen is occupied by menus, but strangely enough this doesn’t seem intrusive. That’s just as well because the difference in Digital Creations' approach is far more fundamental than simply repositioning the tool bar.
After extensive consultations with some of the world's best known artists, they decided that the ultimate art package didn't need drop-down menus at all. In fact, as much as possible, all selection is done via icons, with text being restricted to the essentials. Whilst this approach works extremely well with the drawing tools, I feel much more comfortable selecting important functions like load and save from a proper menu rather than choosing from icons which I could conceivably mistake in a hurry.
THE SAME... BUT DIFFERENT At first it looks as if Brilliance has more or less the same drawing tools as Deluxe Paint. This is Lett: Here's a picture variously processed In Brilliance. The many different effects make Brilliance a good choice tor retouching high definition 256 colour, HAM-8 or 24-blt images.
Below: Deluxe Point doesn't have so many image-altering processes, and neither can It work on true 24-bit Images, but It gets by well with Its limited selection.
FILE FORMATS One important factor distinguishes Brilliance trom Dpaml, and that's its ability to work with 24-bit images. Now. Ol course, these can t be displayed on the screen in all their glory, but on an AGA machine in HAM-8 mode, the loss ol colour resolution is all but invisible. This makes it ideal lor retouching 24-bit images The program can also load and save 15-bit pictures, as well as the other indigenous Amiga image lormats.
Deluxe Paint 4 AGA makes an effort, and can at least load 24-bit images, even it it can’t save them.
Inevitable because no matter how sophisticated the new features, all art packages need some fundamental drawing tools such as freehand, lines, circles etc. It’s to Digital Creations’ credit that they even managed to make some small but significant changes to these basic tools, because it illustrates the attention to detail that their design team must have shown.
For example, there’s an arc tool for creating curves, but the tool also doubles up to give you a Bezier option for creating complex curves (those which either exceed 360° or which change direction within the curve). The circle tool has gone, and this option is now combined with the ellipse tool.
To create a circle simply press the Caps Lock key whilst drawing an ellipse. Release it and the shape becomes a circle. Brilliance also lets you rotate ellipses once they're drawn; a feature which was absent from Dpaint.
On the subject of ellipses (and rectangles too for that matter), Brilliance offers you a choice of drawing methods for these shapes, and each is useful in different circumstances. The two choices are corner to corner, or centre to comer.
The airbrush tool in Brilliance has also received the treatment, and now has two extra parameters which can be used to make it behave much more like a real air brush. The first of these is the flow rate. In Dpaint the flow is constant, and only changes relative to the area being covered.
For instance, if you are covering an area two inches across, the flow will be slow, whereas when spraying an area a quarter of an inch the rate of flow is much faster. Added to that, Brilliance lets you adjust the focus of the spray, defining whether or not pixels » FEATURES COMPARISON TABU I BRILLIANCE 1 (2 programs) 31 DPAINT all Amiga screen modes I ol tool Icons on screen 2BSS& ET fep AIRBRUSH Resizable Adjustable rate ol (low Adjustable locus Random colour spray » s i m ¦ n n Y TEXT Type directly ordescreen Ol u n 1 1 W i (either ails) * y(el y(al y|el Edfey Outline ETWEEN DPAINT
AND BRILLIANCE Any angle freehand y y y (either axis) y (either axis) y y y Any angle (in degrees) y (either axis) y (either axis) Y y y any corner center place DRAWING MODES Matte (Dpaint) Color (Brilliance) Colour (DPaint) Brush (Brilliance) Replace Smear str Tint Not Value Anti Alias Opacity menu) y(ln y (3 levels) Y(Tri y(4 levels) ANIMATION 1 » y y y Brush morphing sssS AUTO CONTROLS Movement in 3 axes Rotation in 3 axes Decay Trails Cyclic motion y (all axes at once) Separate Ease for rotation and position Define key e key frames manuall Animated tills Quick frame search Light fable
(onion skin) COLOUR Number of ranges User definable I ol steps between range colours Random dilhei Variable dither GRADUATIONS Virtual patette lot cycling PALETTE Flexibility Adequate ,arris Virtual palette when mixing colours STENCIL TYPES Register based on non-HAM Tolerance based on HAM Freehand draw a frisket (stencil) Background fix Perspective Graphics pad support Number of spare screens y y y y y (in animation menu!)
N Limited only be memory Very Poor
V. Fast Moderate Calculation speed (for brush resizing and other
colouring operations) Operating speed in HAM Interface design
Intuitiveness OVERALL SCORE
V. Slow Unbearably slow 85% 87% 89% 84% 90% that Brilliance
provides you with a frame to show exactly where the spray will
appear THE DOWNSIDE The text tool is one weakness that both
programs share, although each ol them handle text badly in
their own unique wayl Neither ol them support any lorm ol
justification, and only the simplest lorm ol styling (bold,
italics and underline) can be applied to the text. Both
programs can handle bitmapped, scalable and colour lonts.
Brilliance even supports a rather bizarrely implemented lorm
ol manual kerning to make certain letter pairs look more natu
ral together. When using Dpainl, text is typed directly onto
the screen, and to move it you need to pick it up as a brush
Brilliance, on the other hand, lets you enter text into a
string which then automatically becomes a brush ready to be
positioned. The disadvantage ol this system is that you need
to reselect the text gadget lor each new line ol text because
you can only enter a single line at a time.
When it comes to brush handling Brilliance is lar more flexible, both in terms ot the way that brushes are picked up, and the way that they can be stored and manipulated. For example, Dpaints freehand cut mode is actually a polygon cut. A shape is defined using a series of connected lines which must link to lorm an enclosed shape.
Closing the shape can be a game on its own sometimes! Bnlliance oilers you a true freehand cut called Carve Wherever you move the scalpel a line will appear. When you dose the shape the brush is lilted Better yet, the brush will only encompass the area you cut. Unlike Dpaint which endoses the brush in a rectangle Once the brush has been cut, there are a vast number ol operations that can be performed upon it. In this regard Dpaint was always a bit ol a ground breaker, providing options to rotate and slew, bend and resize your brush. Unfortunately, it handles memory very badly so trying to
perform Ihese operations upon a lull screen brush is usually impossible. Even when it is possible, it's often so slow that it's all but unusable. Brilliance yet again scores here because, ol course, il can nol only handle lull screen brushes, it can perform brush manipulations laster and with mote flexibility DRAW MODE VARIETY Another area that Dpaint pioneered and which both programs still score very highly on is the range ol drawing modes lhal they oiler. These can be used to alter the way that 'ink' is laid on the screen, and are particularly uselul to those who are either very creative
or who have artistic training.
Here again, Brilliance wins out, but only just thanks to its Negative, Not, Lighten and Average Smear options.
When it comes to animation, Brilliance quite simply stomps on the opposition, although yet BRILLIANCE £149.95 A500 RSI A500* B A600 ,9 At 200 9
* 1900 WA A200oO A3000 WA A4000 91 An Amiga with Workbench 2.04
or higher and at least 2Mb RAM. A hard drive and 2 floppies
also required.
??????????97% ??????????89% C The only Amiga graphics package that can lake Dpaint on _ and win. 7 again Dpaint gamely rallies and manages lo provide a lew very important leatures not ottered by its rival.
For instance, it supports a feature that they can Light Table To a professional animator it's better known as onion skinning and it's a way ol looking at dim versions ol previous Irames in a sequence in order to check that the design and movement ol the current frame is correct. For animators who have learnt their cratt the traditional way. This is an invaluable feature, and one that Brilliance seems strangely to have omitted.
By way ol compensation though, It does provide a vastly more powerful tweening section.
Tweening is the process ol defining Ihe start and end ol a movement and allowing the computer to COLOR 22H 321 oparatton of tt»a program.
DPAINT £99.99 A500 WA A500.H A600 .9 At201)0 A1500 O A2000 O A3000 O A4000 O An Amiga with Workbench 2.04 or higher and at least 2Mb RAM. A hard drive and 2 floppies also required.
F A great program that still has a great deal to commend it, J not least the price.
91% I OVERALL 89% OVERALL THE BATTLE HAS JUST BEGUN... You can I have failed lo notice that Brilliance seems to fare con siderably befler lhan Deluxe Pain! In this review and deservedly so. II would nol be an unreasonable thing to ask whether or not the package which has dominated the Amifla market tor so many years is linally going lo rest in peace The answer to that must surely be a resounding hell no!
There are two reasons why Deluxe Painl looks likely to stay in the game lor the foreseeable future Firstly it is bundled tree with hundreds ol thousands ol Amigas worldwide every year This means that there are a similar number ol recruits to the program.
" ' Tw- „ v al1 01 *h0** *'f*t***** °* *n Amiga graphics package is Dpainl my mg on important thing to consider is Electronic Arts record in this arena They re definitely not ones to lie still and lake a battering, and. Historically speaking, competition has always made them bounce back with an even stronger product Even belore Brilliance hit the streets Electronic Arts had begun the detailed consultations necessary to design the new program. Now with the benefit ol seeing what makes Brilliance so good, it's sale to say that Deluxe Painl 5 will really be something lo shout about.
Work oul the intervening frames. Both programs are quite strong in this are.
Deluxe Paint with its Move requester and Bnlliance with its tweening tool.
In Dpainl you specify a start point by stamping a brush onto the screen.
You then define the end point as a position relative to the start point. You can also define any rotations that you want the brush to perform in transit.
Bnlliance takes a slightly different, but tar more logical approach Again you define the start point of the brush (although this time you do so by enter- ing an x, y. 2 coordinate). You must also enter the end point m the same way The end co ordinates can either represent an absolute position or a relative one Where the program really scores is its Ad|ust option which lets you define the start and end points by dragging the brush into position You can position it in all three axes as well as defining any rotations it is to perform.
As if that weren't enough you can now adjust the opacity (transparency!
Of a brush as it moves, which makes the program ideal for video titling where fade in and outs are needed. This option is particularly useful when performed on an AGA image.
UFE IN THE OLD GIRL YET One of the more frequently used options of any paint package is its fill modes Deluxe Painl scores very highly in this regard, ottering 13 different types of Ml type ranging from perspective and pattern fills, to every conceivable type ot dithered fill Bnlliance only appears to offer 10 different fill types, until you notice that there are two additional options (Conform and Centre) which can alter the way that all of the other fills work, increasing the total number ot effects from 10 to 40.
In addition to that, there’s also an Ordered Fill mode (which Dpaint lacks) that works by tilling with a pattern of ink coloured pixels, combining them with either the background ink or the paper colour. This fill mode is particularly useful when you’re working in a high resolution or with a limited palette CONCLUSION Deluxe Paint 4 is undeniably a very powerful and flexible program that rightly deserves its place of honour near the top ol the pile. It seems to me that in creating Bnlliance Digital Creations must have looked at every tiny feature that made Dpainl so good, and thought to
themselves: How can we improve upon that?’. If they came up with an answer, it was implemented, if not.
Things were left well enough alone. Ninety-nine per cent of the time Digital Creations came with improvements that make a difference.
The only absolutely essential thing that they could neither improve upon nor duplicate was the sense of familiarity and friendliness that Dpaint offered its users In fact, to a certain extent, Dpainl itself had lost some of that ‘homely’ feel when it was upgraded from version 3 to version 4. And many users still feel that version 3 was the best Electronic Arts ever developed In terms of design and sheer specifications Digital Creations really seem to have done everything right.
Sure I use it all the time. After all, it can do things that no other program can. Still, I also like to use Dpainl where possible Try it out and see what Emerald CreativeTechnologyu.
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»im = c MiG Jim Sachs is widely acclaimed as one of the Amiga’s most popular artists, and a mover in powerful circles. He took time out of his busy schedule to speak to Mat Broomfield.
Atlng system for the Amiga. In trying to get it done so quickly, he was not able to use any data compression at all. So the game had to be on two disks Instead of one. And even then a lot of my original artwork had to be cut out. I was also never really happy with the music.
Mat: To what extent were the graphics in the game influenced by films?
Jim: Robin Hood is a pretty good one because things are very colourful in that. Of course, the actual game is based on Ivanhoe.
Mat: So that was the basis for the plot?
Jim: Yeah. Almost exactly taken from Ivanhoe. A lot of the names too. When I did Delender ol the Crown 2.1 based it even more closely on Ivanhoe in that now the goal of the game is not to try to take over England and become King. It's to raise £20.000 to ransom Richard the Lionheart back from Austria.
Mat: I believe you did that to get the historical accuracy?
GRAPHICS AND ANIMATION SPECIAL INTERVIEW JIM SAM Jim Sachs left college In 1977 and went straight into the airlorce. After serving six years as a C141 pilot, he founded a company called Sachs Enterprises He takes up the story from there.
Mat: So it was just something that you did as a hobby?
Jim: Yes. I've always done quite a bit of it. But as lar as formal training goes, when I was in college all of the art training seemed lo be moving towards modern art and things that I wasn’t interested in at all. I was interested in highly detailed, highly realistic graphics. What they wanted you to do in college art classes was stand 20 feet away and throw paint at the canvas!
Mai: So a stupid question perhaps, but what are you like on paper? Can you use a pencil or oils perhaps?
Jim: Yeah. I don't much anymore, but just after I got out of the air force I supported myself by doing pencil sketch portraits for 25 dollars each.
In fact, the main reason I got into it was that I felt a bit weak on the human face so I tried to teach myself. I’ve worked with airbrush, charcoal, watercolours, oils, just about everything that’s out there. But I really prefer the computer.
Mai: I gather you were not happy with the original version of Delender of the Crown. What reseivations did you have?
Jim: I was relatively happy with it at the time. All the music and the artwork had been done before the programmer was finalised. We had already tried two different programming learns who’d found it too difficult. I suggested to Cinemaware that we hire RJ Michael who designed the oper- Jim: I was freshly out of the airforce and looking for something to build a career on. I was always interested in art. Graphics, technology and things like that. Suddenly everyone was getting into computers So I went out and got a Commodore 64 to try to learn whaf I was missing Within a month I found that I had
a flair for it and was writing machine language programs. I found that it had the ability to show much more realistic graphics than most other platforms, so I thought that was a good niche for me to try to fill.
I started doing graphics on graph paper and transposing them into the computer in hexadecimal arithmetic because there were no art programs or anything at that point I created a scene of downtown Washington DC and it turned out so well that my wile suggested making it into a game So I added some flying saucers and that formed the basis for my first game on the Commodore 64 called Saucer Attack Mai: Is that game the Inspiration lot your saucer demo on the CD32?
Jim: Yes. It is.
Mai: So you started out writing games for the C64. Did you write any more games tor that computer?
Jim: I marketed that one out of my house. Piracy at that time was just terrible on the Commodore
64. 1 was about half way through another project called Time
Crystal when I heard that the Amiga was coming out. I decided
to switch, which was a very hard decision because i’d spent
about a year and a half, almost two years on Time Crystals.
So, basically, I took everything I'd done on the 64 and bought a ticket to West Chester.
Pennsylvania. I went to Commodore unannounced and I talked to Paul Goheen who was the head of Commodore software at that time So I just went into his office and showed him what I could do on the Commodore 64 and asked if I could be a developer on the Amiga which wasn’t actually out yet at that point. He agreed and within a month I was working for them.
Mai: And you really hadn't had any contact with them prior to that point?
Jim: Absolutely. Although they were familiar with Saucer Attack and were considering talking to me about publishing it under their label.
Mat: So you mentioned that you were interested in graphics and obviously that’s your trademark.
Do you have any formal training either in art or graphic design?
Jim: No. None at all.
Jim: Right Mat: So is absolute accuracy and realism very important to you in game design then?
Jim: As tar as visuals go, yeah I think so People are looking tor something that looks authentic.
The costumes are authentic, the way the castles are constructed is believable. I think it really adds a lot to any project.
Mat: You said that you applied to be involved in Commodore development in 1985 Where did that actually lead you?
Jim: When I received my Amiga I worked lor about 30 days just experimenting with it. The only graphics program available was Graphic Cralt which was a really hard program to use. It was commissioned Irom Island Graphics by Commodore.
A lot ol features that we take lor granted now were just not implemented You couldn't even draw circles! So anyway, I did about eight or 10 screens just to experiment, to see how tar I could push the envelope. Then I look those to the lirst Amiga show which was in San Francisco in about February '86. I wandered around and showed my screens to people and got a lot ol interest, but the two companies that really lured me were Cinemaware who were only in the conceptual stage at that point, and Aegis Development Mat: And that, ol course, led on to Delender ot the Crown. So at that time you were
working with Commodore and Cinemaware?
Ljvmg n**» Lo* AnQH*t vffwra th* traffic lams ar* constant It a not MffpffMng to Jim: No, not with Commodore. They were supporting me wilh developer hardware and information. A lot ol my graphics ended up being used in their advertisements and in different demos and things like that Few people ever asked me il they could do that, it was just taken lor granted.
Mat: It would be true to say that Delender ot the Crown helped sell Amigas as that graphic style epitomised the promise ollered by the Amiga.
What else did you do with Cinemaware?
Jim: I was only the arl director at Cinemaware during Defender ot the Crown. The working conditions were so bad that I told them that was going to be my one and only project Mat: Whal was the problem there?
Jim: Unbelievable pressure. People calling me at one and two in the morning to make sure I was still working. Everything was riding on that project. It was the lirst Cinemaware game to come out and it had to set the whole style and tone lor a whole new genre ol computer games. II you look at everything prior to that, il was pretty much Pacman'.
Mat: Bui it succeeded, ot course Jim: Yeah, and I'm very gratified lo see how far it's gone. I mean it was very lonely. I would teach classes and try to make people understand that Pacman is not the only style that this computer can do.
Mat: Are you satisfied with the job that you've done on Detender 27 Jim: Considering the age ot the project, yes I'm pleased with the way it turned out. I got to add almost everything I wanted to make it as good as the original version should have been.
Mat: I understand that you had some input on the CDTV?
Jim: I did all the graphics that are built into CDTV. The rotating disk screen, the user interlace lor the preferences and the audios panel, and all that kind ol stuff, that's alt my design. On the CD32 that's not true, even though I was hired to do most ol il. They changed it so drastically that I don’t want my name even connected with it now.
Mat: So tell me about the original CD32 designs Jim: I designed the start up lor when you turned the machine on. There was some music - a fanfare. They kept that. Then the letters C and D rotated to lorm a CD. Then the word Amiga formed out of a kind of aurora elfect in the background above that burned in red and then the letters CD came in a kind ol lightning effect. Then the colour cyding started in the background and they kept some ol that, but they changed the logo.
Mat: They didn’t like it?
Jim: They told me that I had a completely tree hand to design what I wanted, but then it turned out they had already started using another design which they'd had licenced as their trade mark. So what Lew Eggebrecht told me was just not true. The art department there was already much farther along than I had been led to believe.
Mat: Did that make you angry?
Jim: Yeah. Not angry because they changed something I’d done, but because they changed my work lor artwork that I wouldn't have accepted Irom one of my students on the Commodore 64 let alone the Amiga This is the lace to the world, by which the whole machine will be judged That low resolution graphic makes the CD32 look like a toy rather than a serious contender lor the Jaguar and the 3DO.
Hardware-wise the CD32 is every bit as good as those other machines, but people won’t perceive it that way because ol this toy-like atmosphere that’s set as soon as you turn the machine on.
Mat: You keep refemng to the teaching that you've done Can you expand on that?
Jim: I did a series ol seminars on the Amiga. I did all of the AmiExpos including Germany. I also gave seminars at colleges and different meeting halls where I taught tor an entire weekend. I taught everything from how to draw, how to animate and how to record cleanly in a desktop video environment. I wasn't on very good terms with Newtek and alter Video Toaster came out I slopped teaching because that was the way that everybody seemed to want to go. Nobody wanted to do two dimensional graphics anymore.
Mat: Changing the subject now. Do you think that Commodore has what it takes to carry the company forward 10 the future?
Jim: Not with the present administration. There are some upper level management problems that umm, well let's just say that, in my opinion, Jim Dione was not the right guy to go.
Mat: So what's the situation as you see it?
Jim: From what I understand, there's a movement to get a delegation together to go to the next stockholder's meeting which is held in the Bahamas The reason it's held there is because that’s where Irving Gould lives It's very difficult lor stockholders in the US to go to these meetings. So there's a movement to go to the Bahamas and raise a point ol order to put this before the voters.
The two seats on the board that are up lor contention are Irving Gould and Alexander Haig (who is the former Secretary ol State, by the way) This movement wants to replace these two people With their own people so that the interests ol the stockholders are better represented The idea is once the grass roots movement people get at least two ol their people onto the board, they can swing the board into releasing (very long pause] well, let's just say a VERY senior member ol stall. I don’t know how to say this without mentioning his name, but there's one person at Commodore in a very high level
posi tion that has no interest in computers at all - no interest in making computers whatsoever. He's just in it lor the money. And in our view [the grass roots movement] a computer company should be run by people that are very interested and fasci nated by the product that they're making.
Mat: I notice that you're very reluctant to mention this person's name Is that lor legal reasons or because you tear repercussions?
Jim: Oh no. Commodore has paid every bill they ever owed me and they're not indebted to me at aft. So I'm tree and clear ol Commodore at this point. I'm just not sure if my saying things like this will cause more harm than good. As things stand right now, I'm switching to 3DO. II the upper level management changes at Commodore. I'm perfectly willing to come back to the CD32 and do some major development on it.
Mat: Speaking ol 3DO, how much ol a threat do you think that poses to the CD32?
Jim: At the current price point there's no threat At the price point that 3DO could theoreticaBy sell at. It would be very competitive price-wise with CD32 I'm not sure it that's privileged information or not » so if I don't word it any stronger than that, you know why. I know what they can go down to and they can be very, very competitive against the CD32 it they want to.
Don't fall for the myth that 3DO is tar more superior hardware-wise to CD32. It's not. In some respects CD32 will beat 3DO in just raw resolution. CD32 has over tour times the resolution of 3DO.
GRAPHICS AND ANIMATION SPECIAL Mai: So how's the CD32 doing over there?
Jim: It hasn't really launched over here yet. There's no advertising or anything. Still, it's a very strong piece ot hardware and it s just a matter ot getting the right support. They need some American developers too. They’ve only got British and maybe a few German developers right now.
They made a big mistake in not telling the developers about it a year ago at the big developer’s conference in Florida. They made a lot ot enemies there. A lot of companies paid their own way to be there from all over the world, and they went there thinking that they were going to hear all about the latest thing that Commodore was working on. But no, the machine was never mentioned. A lot of people were really upset about that.
Mat: But isn't it a tair point that with the market becoming ever more competitive, that they should want to stop the opposition from finding out what they're up to for as long as possible. Especially Sega who had their own MegaCD product?
Jim: Well the Sega machine was already out at that point and within the first 30 days it sold 30,000 units.
Nintendo is still way oil on the horizon even now. So no. I don't see that as a problem.
Commodore was way ahead ot everybody else with the technology. I would have liked to see them tell all the developers about it. Get them started on it. You know it takes a long time to develop a CD32 title, especially anything that's based on a movie or something. Like a good version of Jurassic Park, maybe Jurassic Park 2, that rivals the movie. There's no reason that the graphics that we're seeing on CD32 can't be at least as good as the movie. Not the usual little overhead view, typical computer game style.
That's just a sore point with me because I've been campaigning for over a year to be the one to do Jurassic Park on CD32 and then they gave it to Ocean.
Mat: You were also involved with Brilliance, the new art package from Digital Creations. What was your level of involvement there?
Jim: They would ask my advice about different user interface issues and features that I would like to see in it. I have a very heavy time investment in Deluxe Paint. I had more time learning and using Deluxe Paint than... well probably than anybody else in the world! Sixteen hours a day staring at that screen lor seven years with almost no days off.
I was already on friendly terms with Digital Creations and they came to me a little over a year ago and asked me if I would lend my thoughts to what the user interface should include. At the same time they commissioned me to do the illustration that would form the box cover and would feature in all their advertisements. For that they gave me an Amiga 4000 and a monitor to go with it and a fast modem because we had to modem the picture back and torth every couple of days as they kept wanting changes made to it. In fact, I did that picture using a very early beta of the program, and my
experiences using it helped them to improve it even more.
Mat: So how long did that title screen take you?
Jim: That took about three weeks ol solid wdrk and about another week when you combine all the retouches and changes that were made.
Mat: How do you feel it compares to Dpainfi Jim: I’ve switched from Dpaint for the most part.
There are a couple ol things in Dpaint 3 that I find easier to use. I'm not talking about Dpaint 4.5. Because the palette requester in that is in HAM, it's unusable tor a professional. Now Brilliance has an interrupt halfway down the screen and the colours can change on every single scan line so everything in the palette is exactly what you'll see on the screen - nothing in HAM or anything like that. But every once in a while I will switch back to Dpaint 3 just for a feature that I'm a little bit more comfortable in using. Not that it’s really any easier, or any more powerful, just that I'm so
used to it.
Mat: You've already stated your view on the current Amiga situation, but if things change at Commodore in the ways you'd like, what kind of projects do you see yourself working in?
Jim: I’ll probably do 20,000 Leagues under the Sea very soon.
Mat: Is that in conjunction with anyone?
Jim: No. Not yet. Probably Disney. When I was still working on the CDTV I had talks with people who are no longer at Commodore about the funding coming from them, with very little, it anything from Disney - even though it would probably come out under the Disney label.
Mat: Do you have any closing comments that you'd like to make?
Jim: I'm aways impressed with Commodore hardware and can't wait to see the new machines when they finally do hit the market. I'm very excited about the Triple A machines. There are a lot of teatures that I’ve been looking for tor a long time that are incorporated into this new next technology.
Mat: Thank you very much for your time, ©t Amiga graphics are hot stuff- Whether it's using a 24-bit board to create photographic quality animations, or an ordinary 5-bit art package lor titling your home videos, no other home computer comes close in terms of value tor money or graphics power.
Even so. The world is constantly changing and no area more quickly so than computer technology.
When the Amiga was born, PC graphics were positively neanderthal by comparison, but of course nothing stays the same and the PC market just kept growing and growing, with machines improving all the time. With the 486 S-VGA Pcs, the Amiga seemed at last to have been defeated (although it was still a quarter of the price or less). Then, with their usual good timing, Commodore pulled a rabbit called AGA out ot the hat. And. Yet again, the Amiga reigns supreme as the de facto home computer.
Ot course, technology companies nowadays must innovate or die and Commodore has an almost impeccable record in this regard, with CDTV being the only real fly in the ointment. Still, it you want to achieve widespread success, it's no longer good enough to build great hardware, you've got to have great software and preferably be PC compatible as well. Commodore’s Chief ot Engineering is a real genius called Lew Eggebrecht, a guy who has not only designed some of the hottest Amiga hardware in his time, but was actually one of the people who designed the original IBM PC.
The next generation ol Amigas look absolutely certain to otter Windows NT support, and will otter even greater graphics features than the AGA machines. It's guaranteed that the new Amiga's palette will be greater than the current one, and that only seems to leave 24-bit as a serious option.
Whilst such a machine would eventually spell doom to all those manufacturers who otter third party graphics boards, it would mean that they could start work on video effects hardware safe in the knowledge that all users have a 24-bit machine to work on. As the minimum specification for Amigas increases, it seems likely that we'll be seeing considerably more sophisticated software. At the moment full screen motion video is only possible with special add-on cards and accelerators, but the launch of CD32 technology makes it likely that we’ll be moving in new directions brought about by the
massive storage offered by such devices. Ot course we’ll also benefit from the research that brought about the FMV card for the CD32.
MD FliAU.7... Virtual Reality is a buzzword that just won't go away, and I suspect that future generations of the Amiga will be at the head ol the queue to explore this concept in a home environment. Whilst we're not yet whizzing around the galaxy getting lost, in many ways technology has tar exceeded even the wildest dreams, and your Amiga is right at the very foretront ot home innovation, The Definitive Simulation of America's Radar Elusive Jet A shadowy, gleaming craft steals through the night sky. Out of sight but never out of mind. Sleek. Slicing through the dark.
No blips register on the radar. No sign is given.
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The F-117A has carried out another stealth mission.
MicroProse present the definitive simulation of the world’s most elusive jet: the F-l I7A.
Now with eye-popping graphics, sensational sound, thrilling music and a vast array of awesome missions across NINF. Of the world’s ‘hot-spots’. Catch it if you can!
F-117A Nighthawk Stealth Fighter 2.0 Unprecedented, uncompromising and undetected.
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To give you the confidence to purchase INDI has joined the DMA a very important Independent Authority that demands the highest possible standards from its members. DMA mes bers agree to abide by the British Code of Advertising Practice and to subscribe to the Advertising, Standards Board of finance (ASBOF) out for the DMA Symbol it is your guarantee signifying I the customer the truly professionafedge of the industry The DMA Symbol.
TEL: 0543 419 999 FAX: 0543 418 07 Prices are valid for month of publication only.
* 04.99 £31.99 al domriaoon ri a vorid of tomcxrow £29.99 £27.40
£30.99 £28.40
01. 99 ihsadon £25.99 £22.
Team to v%fo the football Icagje ROMBO AUDIO VISUAL MEGAMIX. Low cost, hi spec digital effects cartridge plugs into the printer port of the Amiga Allows stereo sampling from almost any musical source.
INDI PRICE £29.99 EXPORT ENQUIRIES you know that Indi regularly deliver throughout the rax or Telephone us for an immediate response.
Iatan5wherb inthe World in an average 5 days ompetitive delivery rates, ee export invoices, lea fre£ insurance., able airway bill reference details, telephone contact in your country.
Export Numbers L: (44)543 419999 FAX: (44)543 418079 Your Imagination is the only Frontier I COMMODORES NEW DUAL SYNC MONITOI 1942 MONITOR This new monitor has been specially designed for the New Amiga 1200 and 4000 computers in order for you to enjoy their fantastic graphics to the full. The 1942 Monitor features built in stereo speakers £349.99 ZAPPO FATTJOsAI.FUm You've seen all the reviews on this popuar and affordable second Amiga drive mpatible with afl Amigas.
£49.99 Z JAN 93 £169.99 iCommodore MPS 1230 Printer A high quality 9 - pin printer with paper and tractor feed and is fully compatible with Epsom FX80 and IBM Industry standards. High speed 120 CPS draft mode and an NLQ mode of 24 CPS.
Indi Added Value Free D - Print - Design greetings cards, letters Amiga Logo - Educational and program- £99.99 2MB SM ARTC A RI). The original and still the only fully PCMCIA compatible memory card ZAPPV GIFT PACK PH _ for AUM A1200.Come. wiO. Lital™ guar*,- ? T.“ tee. Beware of cheap imitations. Commodore disk wallet * Python M rosw ched INDI PRICE £109.99 . 4MB SMAKTCAKD.
Same as above but maximum 4MB.
INDI PRICE £159.99 £29.99 ZAPPO 601 TnMOT'wTINC As above only 5I2K. Ni dotk INDI PRICE (29.99 DELUXE PAINT IV AGA res powerful tools with an intuitive interface so both professionals and ers alike can get superb results quickly. New enhancements to the re include the ability to paint and animate in 4696 colours in the s HAM (Hold and Modify)modc. New animation features also include ?orphosis allowing you to change one image into anocher. You deter- Jtfie number of frames and Dpaint IV does the rest ART DEPARTMENT PROFESSIONAL jmatc in image processing providing many key benefits to Amiga users
g with pictures.With ADPro you can read, write and convert between ommon image file formats with unmatched flexibility. Full support for i makes it possible to maintain an image library in full 24 - bit lout needing massive hard drive storage. Typically a 600 Kb image
* compressed down to 40 Kb!!
REAL 3D V2 ¦ featured 3D animation, modelling and rendering program. With Real . - you can produce high quality images and animations of three dimen- ¦ models with an astounding level oi realism. Imagine creating an anima- t shows a handful of balls bounce down a flight of stairs to the bot-
y. collision, deflection and the elasticity of the balls ire all
auto- Iculated by the program!
VIDEO DIRECTOR Now includes full magic wand implementation and Alpha that allows photo compositing with selectable levels on a pixel by pixel ; new Oirominance effect allows absolute, real time control of image con-
• ranee and re - mapping of colours.
- ofenng real time play back of animations created by ray
ondscapc generators, morphers and all ocher 24 - Bit software.
Display OpalVision graphics anytime with key combinations, it's aspectOQiwrproduct-Amiga Computing , the fkiest most professional paint program to anive on the Amiga" - Format quaky at this Price can be turned awa '-Amiga User rial was unanmous - bnfant"-Amiga Shopper MORPH PLUS
* teen Michael Jackson s video, you’ve seen the television
adverts using rest techniques in morphing, now now you can
create the same results ta faction lhc COSL Morph Plus is the
law latest and the ultimate in this ROMBO VIDI AMIGA 12 (RT).
Based on the best selling V«4 Amiga 12. This all new version
offers real time colour capctrt from any video source. Full AGA
chipset support as standart for all A1200 4000 users.
INDI PRICE £129.99 ROMBO VIDI AMIGA 24(RT). For the more serious user, this 24 - bit version will again capture from from an» video source with true photo realistic images! A stagger.-
16. 7 million colours can be utilised with incredible resuits
Full AGA chipset support. INDI PRICE £219.99 ROCTEC ROCGEN
PLUS. As above but with extra feacj-e such as anting and
signal inversion. Allows for real time editng d graphics.
Compatible with all Amigas INDI PRICE £129.99 ROCTEC ROCKEY.
The ultimate accessory for Amiga Video fans. Separate RGB
controls to chroma key on any colour.INDI PRICE £249.99 Indi
have carefully selected these education =©¦ the best in
their particular area. All educaooral m ware is offered at
special discount prices Noddy's Big Adventure (3 - 7yrs) £17
4 Noddy's Playtime (3 - 7 yrs) £17 4 ADI French (II - 12 yrs)
£14 I ADI Maths (12- I3yrs) £14 I ADI Junior Read (6 - 7 yrs)
£14 4 ADI Junior Count (6 -7 yrs) £14.4 ADI Maths (13 -
I4yrs) £14 1 ADI English (13- 14 yrs) £14.1 NEW LOW PRICE IDE
INTERNAL HARD DRIVES Indi can now offer top quality 25'
Internal Hard D *s for the Amiga 600 and 1200 at unbeatable
pr a Al S' ves come complete with a cable and instate Don nk-
80Mb 2.5" Internal HD's £179.99 120Mb 2.5" Internal HD’s £200.99 170Mb 2.5" Internal HD's £239.99 The Superb Sharp 14" Monitor TV provides a real alternative to a Commodore Monitor with full function remote control 39 channel electronic auto search tuning, digital on screen display and 1.5 watt mpo audio output, all you need to know is the Low. Low Indi Price. So. Unless you need High resolution graphics look no further, the Sharp Monitor TV is the product for you complete with connectivity cable and including 12 Months Warranty AMIGA PROFESSIONAL PROIWt I SOFTWARE 1TI1TN Sharp Monitor I
TV AMIGA COMPUT a Director is extremely easy to use. You can actually control your r and VCR from your Amiga screen . Video Director comes with j _need to gee started. The hardware to control your cam-
98. 7% of Indi Deliveries arrive next day (Official Securicor
Statistics) TEL: 0543 41 9 999 FAX: 0543 418 079 mal software
is imported and sometimes subject to delay.
Confirm delivery at time of order.
I I K MS 11 1 BI.E OYER 6, 12, 24, & 36 .MONTHS SUBJECT TO STATUS. I WHY NOT RING FOR A QUOTE. SAMEDAY RESPONSE. (SEE EXAMPLE) Sjfcc Panasonic Quiet Colour Printing We found the perfect printer in the and KX - P2123 quiet printer We then considered that if you were going to buy a Panasonic printer you would probably need a quality word processing package to use with it. We found that too. With 'Wordworth' yet at retail price of £129.99 we thought that m.ght be a little too expensive on top of your printer purchase' So together with Panasonic we decided to give a copy of Wordworth' free with
every Panasonic printer. Of course your might be the fortunate owner of a Desktop Dynanvte Pack or maybe the idea of word processing isn't for you. Once again Indi have the solution With the alternative of two great games. How s that for added value* The new high performance Panasonic KX - P2123 24 pm. Quiet colour printer offers afl *3abie pnnon* technolof '11
* Colour Printing 7 colour palette (blue, red, green, yellow,
violet, magenta, black)
* Quiet Printing Super quiet 43 5 - 46 dBa sound level (most
matrix printers are typically in excess of 60 dBa)
* 7 Resident Fonts Over 152.000 type styles using Super LQ.
Courier Prestige. Bold PS. Roman. Script, and Sans Serif Fonts.
* 24PIN Diamond Printhead High performance and high quality
* I Year Warranty for total peace of You may choose from many
different roles from explorer to assassin, from stockbroker to
trader. Battle with pirates across a galaxy of different
worlds, trade or smuggle goods or become a pirate yourself. The
goals to aim for are endless. The game is completely open
£29.99 The ultimate in space adventure frontier is the important step for ward for games this decade - FREE „ W«ri» Processing Option A massive 7 disk program, from the first film simulation vastly different to the console version with vivid scenes straight from the hit movie. Batman has returned in style.
£29.99 New Hot Title, indicated delivery 20 December Panasonic LASER PRINTER KX - P44I0 LASER PRINTER KX - P4430 LASER PRINTER 320002 KXP - 4430
* Satinprlnt (optimum %.• , resolution technology)*
* 5 Pages per minute
* HP Laseqet III Emulation. PCI 5
* 8 Scalable fonts & 28 bitmap functions
* Optional 2nd input bln (total print er capacity 2 x 200 sheets
KXP-4410 » S M«*t p.' minut.
* 28 resident fonts
* Optional 2nd input t-nftotaTpnmer capacity 2 x 200 sheets) if
Low running costs
* Parallel Interface
* Optional memory expansion to 4.5 Mb (05 as standard)
* HP laseoet II Emulation NEW- LOW PRICES!
Panasonic PRINTER ACCESSORIES Autcmaoc sheet feeder for KXP 2180 KXP 2123 hods 80 M sheets INDI PRICE £89.99
2) PRINT DUST COVER ____ Spccnly tatored quaky dust cover for
Panasonic KXP 2 • 80 KXP2I23 prm INO« PRICE£8.99
3) PRINTER STAND 2 piece ptror stand INOf PRICE £9.99
4) PAPER PACK 500 iheets quaky A4 paper INDI PRICE £9.99
S1CONT1NUOUS PAPER 2600 sheets I part bong pjprr IN Dl PRICE £
6) PARALLEL PRINTER CABLE To be used when connecting Amra to
Panasonic pnxerv INDI PRICE £8.99 (fS 99 fputtaed a prvwr)
7) PANASONIC COLOUR RIBBON Colour rttxxi for KXP 2180 KXP 2123
I PANASONIC COLOUR RIBBON PACK Contains 6 colour nbbons for
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PACK 2 PANASONIC RIBBON PACK Contains 2 black and 4 colour ribbons for KXP 2180 KXP 2123 RRP £9999.
INDI PRICE£69.99 SAVE £30!!!
PACK 3 PANASONIC DELUXE ACCESSORY PACK Contains automatic sheet feeder. 2 black ribbons. 2 colour nbbons. I dust cover. 2 piece printer stand RRP £169 99 INDI PRICE £139.99 SAVE £30 TEL: 0543 41 9 999 FAX: 0543 41 8 079 FREE 2 CLASSIC CAME S This must be the best value deal ever and not SURPRISINGLY IT’S INDI THAT SHOWS THE WAY. THE GREAT value Desktop Dynamite Pack with over £300 oi FREE software PLUS 2 New cult games PLUS a New Low Low Price NEW DESKTOP DYNAMITE H.D PACKS DESPATCH All orders received by 6pm Monday despatched samedav tor delivery utin eries are available at a small surcharge.
II you are ov* when we deliver, a card will be left at your home r™*t you a contact telephone number to arrange a conve nlent re - delivery.
Delivery queries can be resolved immediately using ne on - line computer.
Cheque orders arc despatched Immediately on chenwe clearance, usually 10 working days from receipt A del., ery charge of £5.00 is made per Item unless od A1200 STANDARD FEATURES
* 68020 Processor *PCMCIA Slot *2MB Chip RAM *
3. S’ Internal Drive *AA Chips«*Built in TV modulator ?Alpha
numeric keypad * 12 Months at home maintenance.
* Wordworth AGA * Print Manager * Deluxe Paint IV AGA * Oscar AGA
* Dennis The Menace AGA Panasonic Colour Printer Pack The
superb Desktog Dynamite Pack The Best Selling Panasonic KXP
2123 Quiet 24-pin Colour Printer.
PLUS Two new cult games from Gametek Frontier Elite II and Batman Returns 80 Mb Hard Drive Pack £509.99 120 Mb Hard Drive Pack £559.99 170 Mb Hard Drive Pack £599.99 12 Months At Home Warranty from ICL 'DeskTop Dynamite £529.99 HB INDI DIRECT MAIL in partnership with ICL HOWTO ORDER ick in 2 days, give i t the beginning..... our home , bring it be imi mat s, When I he time comes lhai you just have lo fit a Hard Drive lo your Amiga 1200 or 600 it is important that vtxir Amiga ... iuding credit card a, il handled by the EXPERTS. ' ¦»"' '»' *™ »' ‘ l( I arc a giant International Computer
Manufacturing and Repair Company and have been chosen hy Commodore as E r°u °'r ° their authorised warranty company for Amiga prtnluct Thnwgh INDI the Nationwide resources of ICL will guarantee that your Amiga is treated with die care and expertise that it deserves.
But that is just the beginning, your new Hard Drive will he given a full 12 Months At Home Warranty cover. Yes. If there is a warranty problem we will come to your home to fix il.
2) ...
Price ....• I enclose
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J. J Signature Name
Address Of course what’s the point of
having at Home cover on your Hard Drive and not on your Amiga.
So as pail ol the deal
I. will add further 12 months at Home cover to your Amiga
Completely r REE CU0f94l Complete with 12 Months At Home
Service through ICL in partnership with ICL For as little as
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Postcode DaytimeTel EL: 0543 419 999 FAX: 0543 418 079 Earlier this year, a graphics program from American developers, Digial Creations, stunned the Amiga-owning world. Offering incredible graphics power at an affordable price, Brilliance was immediately hailed as the most powerful art program for the Amiga by both press and public alike.
Easy to use, yet offering a myriad number of different tools and effects, the program has already racked up incredible sales in the United States and looks set to do the same over here.
Among its many features. Brilliance offers support for 24-bit images and the AGA chipset, has more tools than any other non-24-bit art package, includes unlimited undos and unlimited picture buffers, plus powerful new tweening options for fully automated animation. An ultra-flexible palette and gradi- ent requester enables the user to define the smoothest colour ranges possible, and the program has more drawing modes than any other package currently available. On top of all this, Brilliance also offers a unique stencil draw mode for quick and easy definition and its image manipulation and
image processing is incredibly fast offering a vast repertoire of options and tools.
No wonder, then, that Brilliance has been hailed as the ultimate paint package. And at only £149.95 (based on current exchange rates and a US price of S249) the program represents excep- tional value for money. What’s even better news is that, thanks to Digital Creations, we have 20 copies to giveaway. That's right, 20 complete copies of the Amiga s premier art package are up for grabs. To win a copy, all you have to do is answer the amazingly simple question printed below, and then jot your answer down on the back of a postcard and send it to: Bloody Brilliance!, CU Amiga, EMAP Images.
30-32 Farringdon Lane, London, EC1R 3AU. Postcards should arrive no later than 28th February 1994.
1. Brilliance is published by which American-based company?
A. Digital Creations
B. Electronic Arts
C. Microsoft Dan Slingsby, Editor of CU Amiga, says: ‘You can’t
wish for a better graphics program than Digital Creation’s
It’s got everything an Amiga artist could want, plus more besides. For many years, Dpaint ruled the roost when it came to supplying incredible graphics power at an affordable price, but no longer. Brilliance has assumed centre stage and is now the Amiga’s number one art package. It’s so hot you could make a cup of tea with it.'
RULES 1. The competition is not open to employees of Digital Creation or EMAP Images. 2. The dosing date for entries is February 28th 1994. 3. The edfcx's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. 4. Say something nice to someone today Order Hotline 0908 579550 ariitBii m ¦ ¦ 1 tap* CUAOIYO Unit 3, CROSS KEYS SHOPPING MALL, ST NEOTS, AMBRIDGESHIRE PE 19 2AU TEL: 0908 379550 FAX: 0908 377142 Kingdom of Germany Kina* Ouest6..._ .. 10 9V Huxd Ot IS* R„ 22 9V lotus 3 - Finol ?4 W ¦Morion AA.**,r 19 99 Monopoly .16.99 Soccer 9J 93 Vnnoa V, TV* Worid
Vw K«J • J0C Benefactor IA12001----- Mode of Destiny ... Hum Brodwrs Bob s Bod Day Bunwig Rubber (12001 Diggers (A 12001 Disposable Hero PGA Tour Goff * Courses Pinbal Dreams Populous Sim Oy ... liscsr:: Populous 2 ? Data Disk... Powerhits------- Owe* Roc* 2 Owkoodon A1M0 Comoot Air *0*0 IcanftneneoJ Grrvs CooeiM Sporennor Creepers......------- Curse of Enchontio.. Cyberton 3 (XU - Cyberpunk* 1699 * »»» top 1*.
27 99 We,*v*m,2_ I'99 Vy fco*.__ .16.99 Ton Mol Games .22.99 Theatre of Dead
19. 99 Terminator 2 Ar .21.99 Uridnjm 2_ .19.99 Wondordog.....
.11.99 Zool 2 (A1200) Jimmy Whites Nigel Mansell, F at T
£15.99 Dermis (AI200I.... Devious Designers D
Generation . Diners.-------------
'Dinoworlds .... iDcodhbup .. Ryder Cup
..... Ryder Cup (A 1200) .... Sabre
Team ..... WemSe ice (tMeg .!
Sim Gty Deluxe ________ Sun Gty lemmings .. Sen Gty Terrain Etbor___ Sim Life__ Soccer Kid_____ Mortal Kombat £19.99 Jurassic Park £16.99 Premier Manager 2 £14.99 IfanMk Dizzy ... Fatal Strokes ...... Ferrari Grand Prix . Fire t ke ... Flight Of The Intruder____________ 1 Football Manager 3 ... Formula One Grand Prix Formula One Team Manager.
0 2_______________ Games Machine . Lemmings 2 £14.99 Spntz Point . Star Trek 25th Anniversary (A 12001 Strike Squad ... Super Hero . ADI English (11-12 yrs) 16.99 Funichool 4 (5-7 yrs|______________16X9 ADI French 12-13 yn| 16.99 Funichool 4 over 7 yrs)________16X9 ADI French (13*14 yrs) 16.99 Megomolh. IA level |______________17.49 ADI Junior Counting (6-7 yn)l .14.99 Micro English [To GCSE) ...17.49 ADI Junior Rending (4-5 yrsl) ..14.99 Micro French (To GCSE) ....17.49
ADI Junioc Reading (6-7 yrsj) ..14.99 Micro German [To GCSE) ..17X9 ADI Malhs (11-12 yrsl 16.99 Micro Malhs (To GCSE) .....17X9 Adi Moth* (12-I3yn)------------16.99 Micro Science [To GCSE) ...17.49 Adi Maths (13-14yrs|-------------16.99 Micro Spanish (To GCSE)_______T7X9 Funschool 3 (2-5 yrs)_________14X9 MeHin Malhs (7-1 lyrs)_______16.99 Funschool 3 (5-7 yrsl----14X9 Pomi. Creole (S.yrs|_______16.99 Funschool 3 (7. Yrsl ..14.49 Primory Malhs (3-12yn)_______17X9 [Funschool 4 (2-5vyrs|______________16.49 Spading Fair (7-13 yrsl .....16.99 7"TT""T7nE»p 5;iV
..... Turrican 3 (A 1200)...... Twilight 2000 Twilight 2000 (A 12001.
U96__________________ Ultima 5 UMS Compilation .. Ultimate Pinball .... V240 Amos Eosy ... Amos Professional . Amos Professional Compiler Deluxe Point4(lMg| .... Deluxe Paint 4 (AGAJ .... Home Accounts 2...„ ..... Anim.
Wor in The Gv»__________ Western Grant ...... When Two Worlds War Please make Cheques* payable lo: DIRECT SOFTWARE Unit 3, Cross Keys Shopping Mall St Neots Cambridgeshire PE19 2AU Post* Packing UK -El .00 Item, EEC - £3.00 Per II Non EEC £4.50 Per lie Please Charge My Access Visa No: | | | | Please Supply mo with the lollowlng lor Computer:----------------------------------- date:::..... NAME ADDRESS POST & PACKING Dept No CUAOIYO TOTAL Chris Evans Philip Schofield Gordon the Gopher RULES squesi to: TWAF: s Key* Mall ts :shire AU K-£1.M 0 Per I* ) Per ltd
1. The competition isn't open to employees of EMAP Images or
Commodore, more’s the pity.
2. Closing date for entries is 4th February 1994.
3. The editor's decision is final and m correspondence will be
entered Into.
4. Multiple entries will be chucked in the bln, so be warned S.
Sampson of Swansea!
CU AMIGA If you were asked to name one of the UK’s most successful software houses, chances are Mindscape would be high up on your list. For the last five years, the Burgess Hill-based company has been going from strength to strength, thanks largely to strict quality control and a steady stream of original products.
Geoff Heath, Mindscape's head honcho, made his first forays into the computer games industry in 1982.
Realising the explosive potential of computer games, he left his job in the music industry (where he worked with celebs such as John Lennon and Paul McCartney), and took up full-time employment _ with Virgin Mastertronic. Seven T ~ 1 years later, in 1989, Geoff formed 1 Mindscape International and the rest, as they say, is history. With hits ranging from Legend, Moonstone and D Generation to Knightmare, Captive and the pioneering piano teaching system, the Miracle keyboard, Mindscape merged with American-based outfit, Software Toolworks, in 1990, and have never looked back.
Since 1989, the number of people working for Mindscape has grown from two to 80 people and profits have grown substantially, this year pulling in more than three million dollars. Having moved to Priority House in 1992, a superb new purpose-built complex in Burgess Hill, Mindscape have combined all its operations under one roof, including the manufacturing and distribution arms of its business. With product lines as diverse as Speedball 2 on the Gameboy and Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing on the PC and Amiga, plus a range of educational and Geoff Heath (he's the one on the left), meete a
real-IHe Battle load at a ptess launch for Iheir soon-to-be-released Amiga title!
Reference titles, Mindscape now develop for all the main hardware platforms including Hintendo, Sega, Commodore and IBM Pcs and compatibles.
From running the company from his dining room table in 1989, Geoff has built Mindscape up into a truly international operation with a reputation second to none... hhMiNGsaoN Here's just a selection of some of the Mindscape games you can expect to be playing in the months ahead.
SEEK AND DESTROY With Cybernetix and Woody's World already under BATTLETOADS First previewed more than a year-and-a-half ago, the Amiga conversion ot the hit coin-op has certainly taken its time making it to the small screen, but from what we’ve seen so tar, the long wait is going to be more than worthwhile. This platform beat ‘em up has been a hit on every games machine it’s been released on, and the Amiga version is looking especially swanky. Expect hi-jinks aplenty as you seek to guide your toady friends across obstacle-strewn levels filled with all manner of bad-guys.
PIERRE LE CHEF IS OUT TO LUNCH Pierre is a well- renowned chef capable of cooking up some incredible dishes. The only problem he has is the ingredients often don't want to end up as the main course. If that wasn't enough he has an arch rival, Le Chef Noir, who is intent on ruining Pierre s reputation. Set over 48 enormous levels, the aim of the game is to collect all the ingredients Pierre needs for his famous dishes and keep Le Chef Noir away from his larder. Terrific fun.
FURY OF THE FURRIES Imagine a cross between Lemmings ana Morph ar d you'll have a good idea what this game is all about. You control a Tiny, a small creature possessing a number of different powers. These enable a Tiny to swing about a level, shoot fireballs, breathe underwater or eat its way through scenery. Each level is packed to bursting point with all manner of traps, tricks and enemy sprites and you have to use all the Tiny s attributes if you want to progress further in the game.
Their belt. Vision Soft return with a 360° top-down multi-directional shoot 'em up. In control of a state-of-the-art chopper equipped with a fiersome array of hi- tech weaponry, your overriding aim is to blast anything that moves. Each mission throws up a deadly array of enemy 'copters, missile silos, gun emplacements and weapons dumps.
There hasn’t been a top-down blaster like this one since SW Vhit the Amiga all those years ago.
COMPANY PROFILE ADVERTORIAL II THEIR FINEST HOUR You don't have to delve too deeply into Mindscape’s back catalogue to And their best-ever game - they’ve only just released it! The follow-up to Tony Crowther's award winning Captive game, Liberation is geared exclusively towards the CD32, and it’s about as good as they come.
Set in the tar future, the sci-fi plot revolves around a government’s attempts to trame innocent men tor a series ol gruesome murders As THII, the hero (rom the tirst Captive game, it's up to you to uncover this dastardly plot, set the imprisoned men tree and, ultimately. Bnng down the corrupt government once and tor all. Featunng light-sourced, texture mapped polygon graphics, digitised speech and CD- quality sound effects. Liberation is one ot the finest role-playing games ever produced and is definitely the benchmark for future CD32 releases. II you want to lind out more, turn to this
month's CD32 Zone and read the lull review which starts on page 60.
BEST PUBLICITY STUNT OF 1993 We’ve seen some wacky publicity stunts In our time, but Mindscape pulled off one ot the funniest earlier this year when they entered their new platform star, Alfred Chicken, in the Christchurch by- election Dressing up one ol their product managers in a large furry Alfred costume, the most amazing thing about the whole affair is that Allred actually attracted 18 real- life, honest-to-goodness votes and managed to torce the rather- more-serious Rainbow Alliance party into last place!
MARIO IS MISSING Everyone’s favourite Italian plumber | | s about to make his ( Amiga debut!
Arch-enemies, Bowser and the Koopas, have captured Mario and are attempting to steal most ol the world’s famous treasures Taking the part of Luigi, Mario's brother, it’s up to you to use your wils and beat the Koopas as you tollow them through time. There i more than 19 different cities to wsit In the game, and each missing treasure must be returned to its original home. Edutainment at its finest!
EVASIVE ACTION Set for release in the first half of
• 94, Evasive Action is a one- on-one flight combat game set in
four dilferent time zones: World War One. Worid War Two, the
present and the future. Players can choose to either pilot
the same planes in a dogfight or opt lor entirely dilferent
models. In head-to-head encounters, players can engage in a
deadly game ot tag or simply shoot other planes out ot the sky.
With the emphasis on arcade action rather than a straight sim,
this is great tun.
CD32 SUCCESS STORY Mindscape are Europe’s largest distributor ot CD products, shipping an incredible three million units over the last three years, so it's not surprising to find the company actively supporting Commodore's new CD32 console. With three titles already under their belt (D Generation. Overkill and the excellent Liberation).
Mindscape are gearing up to release a steady stream ot titles in the new year, including CD versions ot Allred Chicken, Evasive Action. Genesia, MegaRace and Fury ot the Furries.
Watch this space!
AMIGA GAMES CHECKLIST Over the years. Mindscape have released a massive number ot Amiga games, so for all you completists out there, here is their definitive games list.
A 4D Sports Boxing ?
Knightmare ?
4D Sports Driving ?
Legend ?
Alfred Chicken a Lite 6 Death a American Ice Hockey a Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing a Balance ot Power 1990 a Mavis Beacon Teaches ?
Basketball Typing II a Blue Max ?
Megatortress ?
Captain Planet a Moonbase a Captive a Moonstone ?
Chessmaster 2000 a Overkill a Chessmaster 2100 a Paperboy II ?
D Generation Das Boot a Shadowgate ?
The Ultimate Ride ?
Days of Thunder ?
Deja Vu a Tracon ?
Deja Vu II ?
Tracon II ?
Fire Brigade a TV Sports Baseball a Fury ot the Furries a TV Sports Boxing ?
Genesia ?
Willow a Harley Davidson ?
Worlds ol Legend the cult classic collection w tnrvuk thi wiirHcii-
• • Superior game ge corporation '' ¦ f .
;; - ¦ w ommodor*
• •The scrolling, animation and colour are all of a high
standard, but it's the play that wins the day.
This is particularly true of the two-player version, but even for one player, the action is tough and just keeps on going... War Zone is an excellent arcadey shoot em up ** space iw s o QC 16 bit quality at only £099 corKen Cotters is a registered tredemer* ot Core Design limited TRADEWINDS HOUSE 69- 71A ASHBOURNE ROAO DERBY DE22 3FS ENGLAND CD32ZONE CU AMIGA ZONE md reviews on the CD32 FMV UNIT GOES ON SALE The launch ol Commodore’s Full Motion Video (FMV) card for the CD32 marks the start ol a new era in home entertainment. Okay, I apologise lor being such a pompous old windbag and getting a
bit carried away with the purple prose bit, but this new addon for the CD32 really is a marvellous bit of kit, and will allow CD32 owners access to a wide range ol pop videos and leature-length movies. Although Philips managed to beat Commodore to the punch, and began shipping their FMV unit lor CD-i a couple ol months ago. It's good to see Commodore getting m on the act almost immediately. The price point, too, is encouraging - Silica (081 309 1111) are quoting a price ol £1991 With the release of the FMV unit, the CD32 is now a complete home entertainment system, capable ol playing games,
audio Cds and blockbuster movies. This really could be the start ol something big - imagine buying a single CD containing the Jurassic Park movie, computer game and soundtrack! That's still a long way oil with present technology, but with some staggering advances m compression techniques over the last lew years, who knows what the luture might hold Commodore UK's joint Managing Director. David Pleasance. Is optimistic about FMV. T personally believe that the Video CD market is set to explode Into lile in the new year, thanks to full motion video. I think it s going to be much bigger than
the games market and will probably act as a catalyst ol change lor the entire entertainment industry.’ To back up his I company's optimism in FMV. Commodore are planning an advertising blitz to coincide with the module's launch towards the end of December.
There will also be a special demo disc sent to retail outlets which will feature video footage ol the Eurythmics live in concert as well as demos ol Mirage's Rise ollhe Robots and D.I.D.'s Interno. We re going to be very bullish about it all. It's a fantastic innovation and it's going to revolutionise home entertainment.'
We'll have a lull review ol Commodore's new FMV module next month.
Dan Sltngsby - Editor NEWS NEW GAMES BUNDLE FOR CD32 ANNOUNCED Commodore have just announced a new games bundle lor the CD32. The new pack will still include Diggers and Oscar, but both Origin's Wing Commander and Flair’s Dangerous Streets have been added to the line up Wing Commander probably needs no introduction to long-time CU Amiga readers - it s a highly polished 3D space combat game crammed with a variety ol missions and some spectacular 3D graphics Dangerous Streets.
Meanwhile, is a new beat ‘em up Irom Newcastle-based Flair, in the mould ol Streettighter and Mortal Kombat. Again, we'll have lull reviews ol both games in our next issue.
CLASH OF THE CONSOLES We've got something rather special lined up lor next month's CD32 Zone as we pit Commodore's CD32 against the likes ol Atari's 64-bit Jaguar and the all- singing, all-dancing 3DO games console. Which one will win? Find out in thirty... SKIDMARKS ON CD Just as we were putting this issue to bed. We received a review copy ol Acid Software s new game. Skidmarks - and It's a belter Even better, it's going to be available lor the CD32 in the new year. And to top that excellent news, the Antipodean software house are also going to Include their excellent PD releases -
Insectoids 2.
Detender and Zombie Holocaust
- on the same disc as an extra bonus.
¦ you thought CD software was going to lead to cheaper prices, then think Wain Although we are seeing some product appear at a budget-busting CM 99 (thanks to the likes ol Krisalis and Team 17). Most games publishers ¦re adopting £29.99 as their favoured prlce-point. Over the last year, (loppy pices have also hovered near the thirty quid mark, and It appears that soft- ¦•re houses are keen to make this new price stick, even though the penulacture of CD discs is considerably cheaper There are two main reasons why this should be so: increased development ¦sets and a desire by the software houses
to lessen the discount offered to polesaiers Now, it's understandable when a premium product like pfcrocosm comes with a hefty pnce-tag attached, as Psygnosis have been fcnung on the game lor almost two years and incurred considerable costs Peng the way - they’ve got to recoup them Irom somewhere! But when you pee what is. In eflect, shovelware coming out al the same price, then it's obvious that some companies are only alter a last buck and don't really give a damn about ripping oft the punter Cutting back the margins offered to wholesalers is another reason why games are appearing at
inflated prices. Traditionally, distnbutors have been offered a discount on new product ol approximately 55%. With the advent ol CD, some publishers have been attempting to claw some ot this discount back and charge a premium price. Unfortunately, all the poor wholesaler can do is either accept the new terms or reluse to take the product - not much ol a choice when you've got the all-important Christmas selling period in lull swing.
Because the distributor's discount has been markedly reduced - some estimates put it at as much as 10% - these additional costs are then passed onto the retail end ol the chain which results in higher prices all round.
So. While many people have been arguing that the lack ol piracy on CD w* result in cheaper software, the exact opposite appears to be happening. )) CU AMIGA CD32ZONE LIBERATION: CAPTIVE 2 SCREEN STAR In the 28th Century freedom is a precious thing.
Jon Sloan leaps forward to create a little liberation.
So far. We've only seen one game that truly uses the capabilities of the CD32.
However, the game in question, Microcosm, may be a fun game and use loads ot texture-mapped gobs- macking graphics but. At heart, it's nothing more than a simple shoot 'em up. Liberation, on the other hand, may not be able to boast the same depth of graphic quality that Psygnosis' game has. But it's light years ahead when it comes to game- play. To my mind the CD32 was designed for adventures, no more disk swopping; stunning graphics; CD sound; digitised speech - it has the potential to contain all these and into the new year Trill is a smart man. I mean; apart from discovering a global
conspiracy he’s intelligent enough not to get involved personally in any of the dirty Life in the future must be very bleak. At least that's what virtually every sci-fi writer has told us since the genre came into fashion. And in I that respect £ Liberation is no ? J ? Different. There s mr- Ab w a police state.
Oppressive dicta- FwliH tonal Empire and w a world wide conspiracy til where innocent JL men are being ~Jf framed for mur-
* **** ders they didn't ' i- i ..... commit As Trill.
Jtnodsed access Is f"St Captive Most public buildings and a lew homes have v one ol them and you can access details about can even hack into the police computer. Such extremely dangerous though.
Sir f, ¦' y-i ei kit-«ilii!
=•= Emm:, wirm hear you cry SF7 Ip (7 111,1,11 (be! You I I I didn't know _’_ =_. _ -i my hearing conversaoons are Ihe llleblood ol Litorillon. To hold one just walk up lo a person and bump Into them. An opnon screen will was SO good op8n Up w,|h a I,st ol response*. II Ihe person Is In a bad mood they may decide not lo talk or even attack you.
Did you?)
Life in the future must be very game (and the man with the world's into the new year bleak. At least that's what virtually worst haircut - after our cranially Trill is a smart man. I mean: ape every sci-fi writer has told us since challenged Editor that is), you decide from discovering a global conspirac the genre came into fashion. And in to uncover this plot and set the con- he’s intelligent enough not to get l ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ that respect victs free. To complete the game you involved personally in any of the dit ; I Liberation is no need to free r . ¦¦ ¦ i ¦¦¦¦ ¦ ; ! " the convict * S* « ¦ -
designated tor ¦¦¦¦.¦¦ ¦ • LL” _ ___ that particular _ - !» * scenario. That s* CS may sound .v. T' ’ I lift easy bul. With ItQHI . . .
Over 4 000 II * possible varia- I |~ ¦ ?*.
Irons, you'll -a ’ *” |*l soon realise I] J_ Tagggswi 1! At mat Liberation You a|ait )he gamc oulside )he cj|y ,acpids 01l(ce „ s a good ,dda ,d pop ln IS going to keep there lo get a lew directions lo the locations that were mentioned in the yOU going well news reports your droids have logged in their memory.
LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION... One ot the single most impressive features about Liberation is its opening sequence. This cinematic style intro may not be what you'd expect trom a CO opener (i.e. no live-action video, etc.) but it’s still very stirring indeed.
Lasting around seven minutes it tells how Trill first uncovers the conspiracy and is accompanied by some of the mosl aurally stimulating music ever to grace a game on any fi mat. As a jaded journo I’ve heard many a tune tinkle from my Amiga's speakers over the years but few have caused my heart lo skip a beat like this one.
Anyway, on with the intro... Trill is rescues by his robo buddies after years ot confinement m Captive 1. No wonder he's dead against the wrongful imprisonment of others.
Sitting at home, bored to death, Trill decides to watch the news.
Being, as It is, the 28th Century he can change the background colours and even the presenter’s suit II he doesn't like them.
The main news report is based on a protest at a local detention centre. Apparently there's a prisoner there who’s supposedly murdered Counsellor Dran.
CD32 ZONE CU AMIGA work Instead, he's disappeared into tbe mountains outside the city and has sent a team of four droids in to sort it out Controlling them from his laptop computer. Tnll (i e you) has a first-person perspective on the action. These head-mounted video cameras allow you to view the light sourced, texture mapped polygon filled city in great detail It's obvious that a lot of thought has gone into the graphic design and.
Although it s not that particularly lifelike, this stylised view of the world is impressive and. Above ail. Workable.
The downside of all this texture mapping is your robot buddies do amble rather ponderously along and the animation frames are tew and far oetween. Tony Crowther, the coder, has borne this in mind and. If you plug a chip into a droid's head you can alter the game parameters to your choosing This customisation is carried through into all the major aspects of the game You can alter the screen layout, the fonts and colours used, the make-up of your droids - in fact, virtually everything that a reasonably experienced adventurer would want to do.
Being droids, your team members have perfect memories and. Boy. Do they need them The gameplay involves you tracking down the location of the prisoner by talking to.
Bribing, shooting and making contacts with people across a huge city that's set out on three levels. So.
Every conversation you have, every clue you uncover and every address you find is stored in the droids huge memory chips and you can review it at any time Better still, one of your team has a city mapper which can be programmed with addresses so (here's no need for yards of graph paper here Besides, trying to manually map a city as big as this would take you forever and you'd still not get it nght - imagine trying to do an A Z of London from scratch' To make things simpler the city is divided into zones and levels The graphic sets ?or each are subtly different so it shouldn't take too long
to find your IF Trtl WcWw lo cak his friend lor help. Pemaps there s more lo these deethe than meets the eye. THUS asks him to check It out Suddenly, hte computer warns Mm that his line Is being tapped He tells his friend to meet him at the usual rendezvous MINOSCAPE. PfllORITY HOUSE CMARI.ES AVENUE. BURGESS HILL
• 92%
• 90% Loads of game lor your money. Don 't miss out on this one.
Ir-~- r 1 p Ami9o tftsJE --** . RPG II s the | " “'*¦ “ 1 | first one ol its
* * -. Bo * kind to truly Ijjl." ' • -»c j ; challenge the Hn liW
mas,e,p,eces 9! Lit - t 91 you can gel on «£. 5T o I (j! A PC I
took It V'.y- in « ¦' ,!
X!? Ra m. U onewee-end
* I*1____*; . 1 _» and ended up ' „ F """' losing Iwo days Like a
Snarly character* hang aiounp Iho lower levels. It you ro nol
coietul Ihey II lover I ate din- mug you. Some, howeyei are
willing lo do business and will aall you every- ner w,|h i|
thing mm e shu.ri.en lo Wold s limbs. Weri, ,0 o,,a » you to
your destination. The game with it and woke to find it beside
me isn't the only thing that's monitoring the next morning
Unlike a human you. Though. Your activities have version thougn
there was none ot been noted by the corporations that bad
breath smudged make-up which control the city and the police
and Oh my God Why did I do that’’ torce. So you’re being hunted
by cop droids who should have been told to r| ir I take you in
dead or alive, unfortu- ¦ .
Nately someone lett out the alive' bit. Ft Hang around at one location tor too » 4 wFSJ long, tap into the wrong police com- EL outer or discharge your weapons in F" r ¦* ihe wrong place and you II soon find I ft| fj| 2 yourself surrounded by heavily L”,“- w.-*- armed robots oul lo lap your oil. Ihe B ' hard way. B X f ' You re not withoul defenses ' ' though. You start the game with a 9i jJ _ pre-set selection ol reasonably powerful weapons it you lino an , I J , armourer you can buy new cartridges ay .
Charges to level a small city block.
There are even certain weapons that are undetectable by the scanners located in tne more important buildings, bul they cost a packet.
Try and get hold ot them cos.
Believe me. You II need em. To balance for inis, the bigger the gun the larger the charge it takes ott your robot s battery every time it’s tired.
Fortunately, there are sockets hidden in specific dwellings which’ll recharge the batteries.
By now. You ought to have realised that Liberation is a complex game and it’ll take a good couple of weeks to make any decent progress CU AMIGA CD32ZONE feeling you usually -¦ |» gel. I haven I got - | n , v ' around to propos- , r ft, mg marriage |ust I , • yet but I’m am* , ik - • •- V 1 there. Virtually r | * l[ ¦ every aspect ot its ' 1 J • I Jljl S™,, lt.r •. -aw fl Thegraph.cs TF p- h ~H though not as real ' • «r I -H IstlC as I would mmmm have liked convey |Toko my advice: don't pick a tight with a bank security guard - they re the proper atmo- vc,v lough. Even it you beat one
you atilt won't be able to uaa the tele- sphere none nana. Ha s protecting.
Theless For instance, the shady situation you’re in: walk around to a characters on the lower levels are slow-paced mellow tune and tight to shrouded in long cape things so that an up beat dramatic track - brilliant only meir beady eyes show Best ol all there s digitised speech The soundtrack, too. Is dreamy that, despite at times being repeti and changes tempo according to the tive. Makes you teel you're really holding a conversation with the characters.
The storyline will keep you hooked even when you feel you’re j zm -t eP stuck lor what to do next. Even then ft . You won’t be stuck tor too long - something will turn up it not a clue 4 . » then a hulking great cop droid intent on spilling your coolant mi gm Liberation is a game and a hall It's “jftvAI long, deep and satisfying-a bit like a h| !.! Good cigar (whal else did you think I it lit meant’).
- P ......** In lad. The only question lett on my . | - mind is
Will you marry me1* *** HE MICRO ADVENTURES OF... "...gy THE
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LOOK FOR THE LIMITED EDITION COLLECTOR'S PACK- INCLUDES FREE MOTION PICTURE ' VIDEO ’ RVHILRBLE 0 (1 A m I G A H 1 I D D “It's a game Jim. But as wg know it” Software :¦ 1101 Interplay Production Inc. All rights reserved. S1AR IrtK1*. «. And • I99J Para mount Pictures.
All rights reserved. SIAR IRIK Is a registered trademark ol Paramount Pictures. Interplay Productions Authorized User.
CD32ZONE CU AMIGA Shovelware this might be, but it's darn good shovelware all the same. Already available on the A1200. Overkill is modelled on the wireframe arcade hit of yesteryear. Defender.
Although the new game has been tarted up with layer upon layer of scrolling parallax backgrounds and ship under your can pick up number of power- os to increase chances of the basic is almost ne gntrol your the aging com- op classic.
The idea behind Overkill is to drop oft a team of assault marines onto a planet's surface in an effort to destroy a number ol valuable Trilithium crystal deposits which an enemy race is trying to get their hands on. Each marine has an explosive charge which they can attach to a crystal in order to blow it up Once they've achieved this obtective, it s then up to you to steer the assault cratt back to the waiting marine, pick them up and rearm them, and then transport them to the next crystal to be disposed of. While your men are taking care of the crystals, you've got to defend them by blasting
any alien attack ships out of the stratosphere This is, of course, easier said than done as the aliens have LUNAR-C Not content with giving you one game on the disc, Mindscape have included an extra game as a special bonus. And what a game It Isl Well, actually, it's a tairly direct copy ol Team !7's Prolecl X game - but then T!7's classic blast mas highly derivative null tuner Cis a horizontally scrolling shoot 'em up that comes complete anth power ups and the usual army of marauding alien bugs and beasts Things start oft slug- gtthly. Thanks to your ship s poor response, but once you vo
managed to blast a lew aliens and pick up the power-ups they leave behind, you'll be able to improve both the speed and handling ol your cratt as well as holt Ing-on all manner ol weapons and armaments.
The most annoying thing about the game is some ol the rather llersome attack waves which speed onto the screen at an astonishing rate and really don t give you much ol a chance. Apart trom that little niggle, however.
Ws is a brilliant blast. The game s designers have also come up with a novel way ol representing the number ol a number ot tricks up their sleeves, not least of which is the ability to mutate into even more hideous and dangerous opponents once they've digested the nearest Trllithium crystal.
Able to fly your ship either left or right, across a smoothly scrolling landscape, it's best to use the smai on screen radar to locate the alien nasties and then zoom oft to give them a bit ol nuclear armageddon. Alter level one. Things get decidedly more difficult, with fiercer attack waves, and many more aliens to slaughter Everything looks extremely lush - that is, except lor the abysmal mam sprites Both your ship and detachment ot marines are spindly looking things which detracts from what is. Otherwise a great looking game.
Soundwise, there's a thumping intro track which really sets up a great atmosphere, and the inlust as spooky.
Overall. Overkill Is a very polished game which makes lull use of the 256 colours at its dis posal. The CD32's toypad controls are responsive, there's tons to do and the action doesn't relent for a minute. Turn down the lights, crank up the volume and get ready tor some serious blasting. I-rA ALSO AVAILABLE As we were going lo press a lorry load ol top-notch CD32 games came careering through Ihe office (which is particularly difficult as we re on Ihe fourth floor these days!).
Here s lust two Idles which you II he able to find in your local software emponum hght now - full reviews nest month Music World Fun and amusing, this is one game that will last a Excellent 256-colour graphics too!
NIGEL MANSELL'S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP £29.99 GREMLIN OUT NOW Become a Grand Prti end in your lunchtime thanks to this playab r Formula One racing ga- trom Gremlin GREMLIN OUT NOW This one needs no introduction! Everyone s tavourite Space Ninja from the Nth Dimension dons his Oms once more to smash the evil work ol Krool and his assistant.
Mental Block.
Set over seven levels ol anarchic mayhem. Zool pits the player againsl all Featuring enhance* graphics, actual Ren*. * + and real time cnrtwg _ from Nigel Mansell h.a sell, the game has cam* a long way since its (loppy incarnations. We ll be taking h ge Mansell's World Championship tor a lull test drive next month.
CU AMIGA CD32ZONE GAME POWER LINKUP HEADPHONE CARTRIDGE SUPPLY SOCKET .SOCKET the development ol the electronic video game has been little shoitofan electronics revolution.
Since the Introduction of the first system tor the home. PONE, an electronic tennis game invented in
1972. Each new video very first space shuttle was launched,
beginning ja new era in space transport technology. The
USSColumbia became the world's first reusable space
vehicle. About the same size as a DCS PUSHBUTTON VOLUME
the electronic video game has [been little short of an
electronics revolution.
Since the introduction of the first system for the home. PONG, an electronic tennis game invented in
1972. Each new video A vision that the Psyonic Council just
couldn't ignore. A force so mighty it could rip the very
foundations ot Perihelion from the earth. And Project
Awakening is born... Its name is whispered only in hushed
voices; it's form is a mystery straight from a nightmare
Choose your race, your powers, your spells and begin the
quest against the most ancient and terrible power the
universe has ever seen.
Perihelion is an incredible cyberpunk RPG set in a world of cruel and dangerous mystery Available on the AMIGA now.
12. 99 12.99 12.99 LOTUS 3
10. 49 xmis itt MASTER 4 CHAOS
13. 99 ULTIMA S
VRS) ...1 MM SCHOOL 4 3-5 VRS)-------1 MM SCHOOL 4 S-T VRS)------1 MM SCHOOL 4 (7. VRS) ..... 1 PUN SCHOOL SPECIAL - LOGIC 3 OUATRO JOVSTKK MICRO SWITCHED SPACE HULK joystick tfad *7 ie C ieafzedJ da'iclhuGSie ft sliced Idtuutd J?ooA fta tfusiMied HARD DRIVES V FOR A1200 HARD DRIVES y FOR A1200 PACK AS ABOVE PLUS 130MB OVERDRIVE HIGH SPEED HARD DRIVE
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139. 99 .
FIRST IMPRESSIONS CU AMIGA 1994 is on its way, and the Amiga marches on. First Impressions takes an early look at four of next year's releases, and starts to wonder if things are going to be even better in 1994 than they were in 1993.
SCENE Phew, it just gets hotter and hotter! It's nice to see software houses are pursuing Amiga excellence into the new year. If you don’t believe us, just check out Brian the Lion or Beneath a Steel Sky.
ALLO ALTERNATIVE THE GAMEPLAY: Based on the appalling TV show ol the same name (which, incidenlally. Starred my ok) maths teacher as a British airman), you play small cate owner, Rene, in occupied France as he plots to hide the painting ot the lallen Madonna with the big boobies. The TV show is packed full ot all the usual situation comedy humour - running jokes, speech impediments and plenty of 'oh crikey' situations, and so is the game. A platform game in essence with just a little bit ol problem solving thrown in, it looks a fair bit more challenging than other ettorts.
WHAT'S NEW: Not a hell ot a lot.
Really, apart tram the lad that the Hems you colled can be used either as weapons or bribes, depending on who you give them to. Throw a rose at a German guard, and he'll collapse. Throw it at Yvette and she'll hitch up her skirt, freezing all the guards nearby. Whether or not this kind ot originality is stridly necessary, or whether it adds to the game remains to be seen.
BEHIND THE SCENES: The game has been coded in-house by the same team that have done, well, all the recent Alternative games, such as Suburban Commando and Huckleberry Hound. That's it. Really.
As it goes. Although a lair chunk ot Alternative's recent licence attempts have been a little below par, this one looks like il might be the business.
Although simply presented (and the title tune is the most awful accordian tune ever heard), there might just be enough ol a puzzle element to make it addidive.
A CU Screen Star M for games scoring SSV 92%. If a game gets one of Iheae. H'B be ol lasting quality and you can assured that. If you them around, but rt a game gets one It'll be completely out- SUPERSTAR THE GAMEPLAY: This is a lough one lo describe. Take Sim City, Sim Farm and The Settlers and mix Ihem with Populous and you're somewhere near Ihe mark. Genesis is lo all intents and purposes a war game Irom grass rools. No! Only do you need lo lake an army and march Ihem across Ihe moors lo battle, you have to actually build a civilisation (or Ihem to defend Oh yeah, add a bit of
Civilisation while you're at it... WHAT'S NEW: The recruitment mode. As your settlement grows and you till the land, add buildings and try to build a working economy so travellers through your village may decide to settle. II they do. You can then decide what you actually want them to do, Irom farming to architecture (designing and erecting the buildings). The entire community can be shuttled around into different jobs at any point, so it's fortunate you have a village populated with such multi-talented people BEHIND THE SCENES: Genesia has been brought to you by those lovely French people
who make up Microids, responsible for possibly the worst motorbike racing games ever Let s hope that they do a better job of this kind of management game.
Incidentally, this is their first product tor Mmdscape after making the switch from Daze Marketing.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Genesis looks like it's going to be a very complicated game indeed. With hundreds of different statistics to watch, you're going to have your work cut out just trying to keep your colony running, let alone watch out lor the opposition. This could be one lo watch Look out lor the full review next issue.
THE GAMEPLAY: HoOmson s V Requiem is what is known as a survival simulation. We are talking no ordinary adventure here. You are government agent Robinson, stranded on an alien planet with nothing but a small medical kit and a chest mounted computer for company. From this point, you have to escape from Ihe planet, and the only way to do that is to stay alive.
Running over three square miles, you have to stay fit and healthy - and unharmed it possible WHAT'S NEW: Just about everything! An enormous game all displayed in true 3D, using a brand new texture mapped polygon graphic system. Objects are lit or shaded according to distance and position using a garaud shading technique similar to that used in the PC flight sim Comanche All weather and sys- KjgS ten's a-e simulated as are the functions ot the human body Wow BEHIND THE SCENES: What else would you expect from Silmanls?
They've taken the Dungeon Master style of game as far is if can go with Ishar2. So now they're adding that little bit more freedom. They’ve been working on this one for quite a while, coding it in tandem with tshar 3.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: With only still screenshots and a rolling demo to go oh, I am very impressed. The amount of effort that has gone into just the graphics, with all sprites rendered in every possible direction in 3D Studio and me leilure XwjluzSrJSl 'la.-ip-in- HU'S | J -cons failin',III Someo' lhe nil]I ' ¦ 'i Polygon anima- nial i AI non is Jzn II 1 staggeringly real.
¦AaHjJ sz.1 and the idea of !¦ | , J such a natural mCf ,T~- and involving adventure game UlSlj "I"*.
Sy'apses xn Ro,lon WI « V I February' FOOTBALL MASTERS We have served thousands ol satisfied customers daring our 4 yeats ol Defenders, Midfielders. Allackers 8 Ulihly, Retirements, Foreign hading. Over 10,000 man hoars (daring 5 yearsl has been dedicoled lo transfers. Unhappy players, lop 10 Hoi shots, Ihe production ol this constonlly improving game. Il is one of the mosl leom : Ircining, Indies 115 different styles!. Aggression, formation reolislic and occaiole representations ol o prolessionol lootboll managers allows specific player lield sellings Hell winger. Sweeper elc.). annual
challenge lo radically oul wil and conquer every opponent. (lab: Sponsorship, Ground improvements. View opponent, finonces Mnnagers: I to 4 Human players. Ratings, Pedormonce statistics, sod Ihe Match: Reol lime scoreboard reporting goals 8 injuties yellocv re ond offers. 3 Difficulty levels. Manager of Ihe monlh and season cards, Sound effects, Interventions permitted at any lime to awarded. Pools, Pick any leom in any division to begin with. Change tactics, formations ond moke sabs. Physical graphical penalty league 8 Cap: Premier 22 teams. Division 1.2 8 3 hove 24 teams, participotron
(optional). Over 80 different referees.
Ploy-oUs, lobles. 7 Cup competitions with precise rales (2 legs, extia Other: fast lood save. Printer access, 20 Options to set votious time, away goal tale, seeded daws, European Cap tobies, S sc*s, gome preferences. Instruction book, Eosy to piny. Technical support, ixndomestk player testiictions etc.), finalist route to glory Plus: Over 100 other meticulous refinements impossible to list here.
R_l f r Tvi J -I , TJ • Fall match highlights let you III ¦] EASY TO PLAY Animoted Wrestling game MK' .1 cH 1 i I '-rl I ~1 .C* J • w- 'n s: we'r-c-Ojec r-'-CTige'» -eT'.;-.w-resy *,J jr-xywi ;n y ectori y. VlH strategy ond includes plenty ol relevant slotistics Ihe gome has been samided sound etleds lot I" „ designed arid developed by a true for ol the soott. It replicates everything significant events (Fours, Umpire L that n reel manoget has to contend with ond it's a totally unique decisions, etc.). Interventions ate production thot anyone with on interest in Cricket should experience.
Permitted al ony lime to change boning todies or fielding plocings.
A summary ol Ihe main features is shown bcJow:- • 3 Batting Bowling classifications Inormol, Attack ond Defend).
• AXA EQUITY & LAW 18 league county leans, 50 ovecs pergome. •
Choke ol 15 different field plocings.
• 4 Cop competitions including Benson 8 Hedges, Nat West • Full
scorecard results with besl batting ond bowling figures.
• 20 different match umpkes with accurate names ond strictness. •
Other stall (Physio, Gioutidkeeper. Seoul) con be hired ond
• Accurate player detoils Surname, height ond oge. • Annual
league fixtures lisling. Current week ond last league results.
• 27 different player attributes. Most skills have a direct
impact on Ihe • View current cop competition draws ond hrslork
records, effectiveness ol eodi individuals octions doting o
simulated motdi. • Reol lime transfer moiket. Player contract
and woge negotiations.
• Eosy player selection. All gome text is clearly presented. •
Sponsors, Printer access, Finonces, Pooc ground fines, Manager
• Batting ond bowling overages. Top boiling ond bowling tobies. •
15 Options to after gome preferences. Lood Sove gome.
• 3 Different training intensities to boost batting, bowling ot
fielding. • Instruction book with plenty ol examples.
» Weather, pilch ond fighl olten moke on impact on ground condition. ¦ Plus mony more line details thal we ate unable to list here._ STABLE MASTERS This gome has been designed to be as close to red toeing os possible. . Ofgo jg soft i live years ol development by a clever racing expert has led to the second revision ol this flot Horse Racing Simulation.
Op to 4 pkryer, con port uSVS I obtective ol becoming the top rated trainer, m respect ol pnze money L i_ r_) i__s - s j I won, ot Hie end oleod racing season (March to November). There ho bei “ r j rkUh I me up to 35 other intelligently controlled compute Homers to compere _ cgoinst ond compare your pecsoncl pedormonce. Jl' 2 I I To achieve this aim you must discover o potontid champion ond train - them so that they become capable ol compering well ond winning ony • 20 Jockeys who voty in abitty ond booking lees. Orders 8 Feedbock.
Ol the 47 big prize money races (Handicap ond Group), eg. Ihe Derby • Formbook ond Win Summery Cords covet the previous 200 races.
To give you on ideo ol the tools provided in this gome to assist you • Animoted race display ot just the result. View Dedotorion list lot races, touching your objective we hove listed the moin features below:- • Very informative report by Head stable lod. Tipsters. Bookmokers.
• 250 horses each with ova 60 independent votiobles. • Rocecords
similar lo racing press, Reol He. Handicaps 8 Race Types.
• 26 different race courses 12 oil weather), reol He
characteristics • Vituses, Injuries 8 Vets. Lood Sove gome.
Mony olhec items included.
Mitracing the diversity ol incaouises in Ihe UK (descriprions provided). Version I is nvoiloble upon teguesl (Simple mining 8 belting) ® £15.
Wcplri Cup Qpickel Masters | 24 HOUR CREDIT CARD HOT LINE (0702) 600557 ISBIIsiMAIL ORDERS M me progrirrs detailed in this odvert me only qvgiloble by drect moi.
By Rocecoll. Regulated by Ihe lote, this ptogram ochieMd SSli joint second. This led to o serious approach from a well kmwnHjjpjl national book moket. Rejected in favour ol supporting the public.'la Winnings Stotishcs 104 wins out ol 166, os from 2 6 to I 9 93 Formulo: This program tolls you exocrty whot to do. You ore NOT permitted to omend our system unlike so mony other Simla programs.
How confident con you be in something thot invites omendments!
Research 8 Development: Three years fel time race analysis ond experimentation to refine and lest the prediction system.
Inside Knowledge; Plenty ol unique hints from contorts in Ihe know.
User Friendly: No racing knowledge required, eosy to use, tutorial book.
Restricted Soles: As soon os out programs predictions hove a prolific impart on the belling odds wo will slop accepting new buyers.
Monthly Updates: Highly recommended option. II ony update fails to break even we'll send Ihe next one free ol charge. From £25.
Ice Increase: Highly likely. Buy now before success faces iocieose.
DESCRIPTION Professional Footboll Masters V4
P. F.M. Editor V4 Stable Masters V2 Oracle Hotse fipstei IRRP
£99.95 Cricket Masters |H| ¦ Wot d C jp trick el .Masters HI
m Wrestling Mostets_ CREDIT CARD HUMBFR S EXPIRY E.80.E.
WITH EVERY ORDER FREE FOOt .Kids Paint IAI 600? . Colour It
IAI FIX) I . Treasure Search IAI 6004 'learn k Play I 6005
.Leam k Play II E006 .Spanish Translator l‘ 6007 .Education
Grephus I IAI RS DEMO MAKER I 5 dhk wt. The hn ¦ maker yet
87IA) GOBI Star-Trek nq 8004 • Yelp IAI 6085 'Ruguc roper
6088 .Tricky Turn IAI 6091 ‘Viking Childs GOV Ihe ftrao* IAI
6094 'Return to Earth IAI 6096 'Popeue IAI G097 'Plotting IAI
610? .PipeUm IAI BIOS Dragoman IAI 6109 'Bug Blaster IAI G110
.Mgxterinw World 6lie .Cubuhm IAI 6187 'Defends IAI 6138
'Peter Ouest IAI 6153 .5t-olonii- IAI 6158 'Waste Land IAI
GI66 .No Mon lands IAI 6 7? 'Dungeons Durum 6174 'Potter Games
I i 6175 -Retenge Camel IAI 6815 'Serum Haters IAI 6??? .Meg*
? Games IAI 6883 'Survivor IAI 6884 .Adam Family IAI fi?35
.Oregon-One IAI 6836 .Space-Poker IAI . 6?37 'Scrabble IAI
6840 .Ouadrtx IM 6848 . Joke foi Out M7 6?45 -Chrome IAI 6858
'Super Par V IAI G?56 .Imkkt-Cluh IAI 6?59 'Crystal Catvms IAI
6680 'Property Market 6865 .Subculture IAJ 6?66 . Trucking 181
6869 .Mental Images I IAI 6870 .Mental Images 8 6878 .Tank
Battle IAI 6874 .Mr Dug IAI 6875 'fruit-Mac bines [A] 6878
.Arr aria IAI 6893 .6ame Bakue 11-131 IAI 6308 .Bountg Hunter
6303 HttmenVon X IAI 6305 .Squats Retvnge IAI 6386 .Mega Same
Col IH IAI 6389 'Motkxma ode Pur IAI 6331 .Gratify IAI 6333
.Cyber-Xetk IAI 6334 Wankey Kona 6335 .Craig Sue UIAJ 6339 .Or
Marta 6348 'S. Skoda Oiattenge IAI 6344 .Stor-trek IAI 6350
.Raid III IAI 6351 Haxvrumn IAI 6356 'Wonder land IAI 6361
.China ChaHenge H IAI 6368 'Oekner 6366 'Bingo C, 6367 'Cant
Games IAI 6378 .Game-Bay Tetrr 6373 'Air Ace II IAI 6374
.Super TttIntrlz IAI 6380 .Shoot Em Up IAI 6385 'Bitty the
Oregon IAI 6389 'Casino Games IAI 6390 .Tetren IAI 6398
StrlkebaU IAI 6393 .Bubble Ghost IAI 6400 .Fighting Warrior
IAI 6401 .IFF8PCS IAI 6403 .Castle ont*s IAI 6406 . Total
Wars IAI 6409 .Wot It Nome Outz IAI 6410 .Fatal .Mlsskm IAI
6411 .Battle Car 8 IAI 6417 '88 Puzzle Games IAI 6488 .Serehe
H IAI 6435 .Roukrte IAI 6436 .Airport 6437 * Jumpy 6438
.TraUUarer IAI 6443 tUemoiad Oink 181 IAI 6446 'ObUdox IAI
6449 .Empire 18) 6453 'fke Fighter IAI 6455 'Castle of Doom
IAI 6458 • Tethnotran IAI 6460 .Wtttile World Giddy IAI 6465 .
Chess II IAI 6474 . Tap of the league IAJ 6478 .Amos Cricket
IAI 6464 .Match Stick Man IAI UOOI .A-GEKf IAI LOD8 .System
Tenter IAI 1007 .Text Plus 8.8e IAI UD16 .Home Business 816HA)
: U083 'Banking IAI L089 .Can Do IIMbl IAJ U031 .C-Uaht IIMbl
IAI ' L033 .Cross Dos IAI 1046 'Oarkslar 18-51 IAI i UOS8 .Mag
Creator IAI 1059 .Dish-Selvage IAI 6088 . Label Designer IAI I
610 'Data Basotat 181 IAI L1I8 hVortb C181 IAI 1181 .Spread
Sheet IAI 613 .Tetra Copu IAI ! 6137 .Uecttt IAJ 6140 .Vkus
KIMer IAI 6144 ‘Amiga Fox DIP IAI 6145 .Atopy Profvsskeud IAI
6146 'C-Manual 141 IAI 6150 .Work-Bendi Hack* IAI ; 6153
.Assoslgn Printer IAI 6160 .600 Business let IAI 6169 'Point
and Animate IAI L170 .Biorhythm V4.0I IAI ; 6177 .Electro-Cad
VI. 4 IAI 618 'Vkkm Mate Pad IAI 6186 'Lit Disk Creator IAI
619 .5 0 H IAI 6195 'Amlbase-Pro W IAI 6198 .Scenery IAI 1880
’ Amos-PakU IAI 11886 .50. Most Une Util IAI 1889 ,SIde Const
Kit IAI U83I 'The Gome Tomer IAI U833 .Speech Toy IAI j U837
.B Channel SC rocker U848 .Impkder 4.0 IAI 1850 .Video Tool
131 IAI 1855 .Graphic Camertec IAI 1861 .Jam Disk 11-101 IAI
IJ8B4 .Copy k Crack Tool IAI 1887 'P C- 0 Pascal 181 IAI i
6300 .Messy Sid II IAI U3II .Palter logo IAI I 6313 .Printer
Utltttu 3 63? .Graphic LIU 161 IAI I 633 .Power-Menue* IAI
11338 • Graphic Const KK IAI 6334 .emulator Col H IAI 6335
•Free Crpy IAI 1X337 .Model 30 IAI I 6338 .Multi Vmism I IAI
1339 .MufO Visions ? IAI U343 .little Office IAI 6350 'Pool
Tool IAI I 635? .Oenk lap Video IAI ! 6356 'Text-Ehglne V3.4
IAJ 6357 .Bon Appetlt IAI 6358 .Star Cat 8 IAI 1X363 Whk
Repair Kit IAJ 1364 .Home Account IAI 6368 .AMIGAsh IAI 1370
.Caption Machine IAI 1X378 .Word Sort IAI 6376 .MtOMM U IAI
1X377 .MCOMM HI IAI 1X383 *Lgapvnau Senator IAI U390 .Data
Base Pack IAI 6391 Fortran language IAI 1X394 .Protraka Vs 8
IAI 1X397 .form LhNmlted IAI 1398 .Mortgage Cak IAI 6399
.Fracscape VI. 8 IAI 640 .Plusl Issue 11-14) IAI U480 .Speed
Bench 18 31 IAI U484 .SUtkmuker IWB8 3) IA U485.MB8IAI U487
.Printer Studio IAI 6*430 .Sound Monitor IAI 1*43 .Video
Apirallon 181 IAI 6434 .Orac le 181 IAI 0448 .Syslnfo 8.56 IAI
0444 .Font Farm IAI 0466 .Grape Vine 18131 IAI 6477
.Ouotennans Exp 181 IAI 0480 .Hon! Disk Chtk IAI 0491
.Pmtrocker V3131 1*495 . Hard Oink Uttt IAI 6605
.SatvagePepalr Kit IAI US07 .OCopy 3 ProH IAI 1609 .Ultimate
Btblock I IAI 65 3 .Video Tltkr A 181 IAI 65 6 .Amos Fractal
IAI 6650 .Scenery Const Kit IAI 655 ..Assassin Boot Block IAI
6655 .Crrmmord Creator 6658 . Graphic Const Kit US67 .Text PkM
V.4 IAI 6668 .law Const Kit 181 IAI 6600 'Picture Box IAI 658
.Magnetic Page* IAI USBI .Mew Super Kttkr IAI AOOS .finer the
Fish IAI A007 .Franklin the Fly IAI AOOB .Tran 181IA6AI AOO .
Sculpt Ankn I IAI Aot3 'Space-Ptube IAI A07 .ST. Fleet IAI
AD19 .Stamp logo AnUn IAI A08I .Coyotes Strikes Back AC088
.luxo Teenagers IAI A085 . Cool Cougar IAI A08B •Puggs In
Spore AD89 'Mike Tyson IAI A033 .Fractal Flkttit IAI 4036
.Weird Science I IAI 4037 .Wekd Science H IAI 4038 .Batman
Maxkrm IAI 4039 .Newtek 181 IAI AOSI Dating Gomes 13Mb) 181
4056 .Juggette II IIMbl IAI 4059 -PDQO IIMbl IAI 4060 .Walker
118Mb) 18) IAI 4063 . Juggler H IAI 4064 .Newtpk ttl 181 IAI
4066 .OBW Render IAI 4068 .Matter ? 181MIAI 4070 .Donald Duck
AD78 .Lite a Bitch IIBI IAI A073 ‘Its Mental III IAI 408? .
Its Mental I IAI 4 08 .Another World IAI AHS . Vietnam
Conflict IAI AI38 .KyUes A 1801 IAI AI4I .Terminator 8 IAI
4 50 .Madonna IAI 4 5 .Top Bun IAI 4 53 .Gulf Tribute IAI
4 54 .Thundetbirds IAI 4 55 .Rock Attnon IAI 4 57 . Watershlp
Down IAI AISO Barfied IAI AI73 MeU Raiser II IAI 4 75 .Madonna
55 H IA6AI 4 78 .Kim U'ilrfe Siidrsh IAI A865 «6eT Me Out I k
8 IAI A866 Colour Cycle A8BO .6if I k 8181 IAI A888 . Saturn
Fly By IAI A889 .Reflection IAI A890 .Christmas Ankn IAI A893
.Manga Comic 181 IAI A896 .Cud Art IA6AI A899 .Eric Swartz IAI
4300 r Vista Pm 181 IAI 430? . Cat Shdeshon IAI 4306 . Tornado
I ABA) 43 .Cotour Oemo IAI 43 4 .Scenery Ankn 181 IAJ 43 7
.Rocking Robot IAI A380 .Gore IA6AI 4334 .Dolphin Oream IAI
A378 .Rodens Ankn 181 IAI 4375 'Moonshine l8Mgl IAI 4376 *6 of
I Prisoner IAI A377 .Eight 5lent Out I8MJ1A) 4378 'Sweet
Rexenge (8%WAI A379 . Predator 181 4383 .ArKvnture Oscar IAI
A807 .Mew Lemming% A808 .lady k the Tramp IAI A8D9 .Mr
Potatoes IAI A811 Copter Flight IAI A8I3 .Cannon Flight IAI
A8IS .Madonna ttl 131 IAI A8I8 .Mom Areotnon IAI A880 .
Showbiz Anim A88I .James Whales Ankn A885 .5 Way KM Mole 8 IAI
A886 .Men Viz IAI A830 .Too Much 30 IAI A831 .Allens IAI A838
.Beach Fight Ik8 IAI A836 Whlzzer . Chip IAI A84I .Super Pic
H-31 IAI A8SO .Channel 48 A858 .Space Flight Ankn IAI A85S
.Bart Simpson 131 IAI 4 88 'PetH of the Deep 8 IAI AISO .
Terminator II181 IAI 4 93 .Menwntn Comk IAI 4 95 .Real 30181
IAI AI97 .Star Trek 181 IAI 4800 ..Morn FngiHs IAI A8O8 Mortal
Ankn IAI A8Q5 .Planet Side IAI MODI MOO? .Mkhaei MOOB .Oo The
Bartnan IA) MODS ‘IOO (64 Tunes Mot8 .The Xmas Song 181 IAI
M080 .laurel k Hardy 181 IAI MD85 .Money for Nothing IAI M086
.Walk ths Way Remix IAI M089 . Sate 5e« Oemo IAI M03 .Betty
Boo 181 IAI MQ35 .Arse-WIpe IAI M040 .Secret Pms Boll I8HAI
MOSB .Sgt Pepper Disk I8)IA) Mob8 .The Rointxm Oemo IAI MOB3
Hhubbu Brown IAI M078 .Madonna IA) M076 .Popeue IAI MOB4 .664
Games Music IAI M093 -MlUer llte IAI MHJ7 .Flash Gordon 18)
IAI MII5 .Mahoney k Kaktus 8 IAI MI88 .The Yello Mf» IAJ MI83
.Home k Awou.Bmsi IAI MI85 .Adorns Fodlu IAI MI3I ‘Amiga Chart
HI IAI MI35 .Kektetts Meqamlx IAI M 47 .Bangle IAI MISO
.THfonu IAI M 53 'Xmas kkisC Col IAI M 54 .huftes 181 IAI M 56
•CD Player IAI M 58 .Ouctodng Tanks IAI MI60 .1 am too Sexy
181 IAI Mibb .Ooh It Obscene 8 IAI MI67 .Ooh It Obscene 3 IAI
Ootl .Multitasking IAI 0013 .Fraxkm Rvxvngrm IAI 0016 'Dent!
Dance Thrash 0089 .Budbraln Mega 181 0033 .Phenomena IAI 0035
. Thames TV Demo IAI 0050 Pink Floyd 161 IAI 0068 .Predators
181 IAI 0068 .5am Fox Bibs Bobs 0076 Contact Been Made IA 0078
.System Violation IAI 0180 .1911 Voyage 0158 .The Fiectric
Touch 0154 . Virtual Real 181 0156 .KyNes Oemo 181 0163
.Harlequin Oemo IAI 0 68 .SMence of the lamb IAI 0 80 'Cheap
Movies Clip 0188 .Peace of Mind 0190 .Software Failure 0801
.Farts Oemo IAJ 0803 .Hidden Oemo IAI 0805 .FDA I Mnlight IA)
0818 . Scream 181 0885 . Deluxe Wdeo HI 18) 0834 5Hence Expose
181 0836 .Deluxe Photo lab 181 0840 .Ananiy 000 . Showering
GkrISIAI 0003 .Bodgtalk 181 IAI 0006 .VU Calendar 1990 IAI
0007 .MGHTBRECD IAI 0009 .Marla Whittaker IAI 0084 .Sabrina
Special IA] 0085 .0fe Fhklnger IAI 0086 .Madonna Early Days
0088 Kathy Uogd‘ 0030 .Mega Maid’ IAI 0031 .Calendar GUIs IAI
0038 .Mayfair IAI 0033 .Utopia 141 0045 .Girls of Sport IAI
0049 .Page 3 6kl IAI 0070 .6on Son 6Jrtt IAI 0071 . LinoI MI88
. Joe Le Taxi IAI MI94 .Jesus arm's 181 IAI M830 .Mm Musk
11-15) M868 .4fo 664 Tunes 141 IAI M874 .150 Techno Warrior
IAI M876 . Vivaldi 4 Season M893 .Bach Concerto 56 IAI M3I4 .
Ou k Tracy 181 IAI M3t7 .Freddy Repp IAI M318 .Madonna
Imankate ml IAI ft*gtnl IAI Ml 87 . Pet Shop Boy 4 Tune Ml
M 84 .Somfox Iplease MeHAI
• WR Ml 71 CAOI .Colour Cartoon 6015 *65 Clport 11-51 [084
.Harlequin Val I CD85 .Harlequin Vol 8 1086 .Harlequin Video I
inm .Fonts k Surface [087 .Dynamite Fonts I CD87 .Dynamite
Fonts 8 1088 ‘Amsott Font (Up I [089 .Amsoft Font Cup 8 [030 .
Various Font 1031 .Exile Font Cupart 008 Hkarmg Opart [033
.Comic Clipart
1) 14 -Snare Clipart CCC35 'bc-h-nili- Fonts 13) 6043 .Rlp-font k
logo 1044 -Colour Clip Art I 605 -CUp Art Vol 11-801 HOI
.BFPtc Copart H-84) FOOl .65 Font ll-S) FOI5 .Deluxe Paint
Font I 1016 -Oefuxe Paint Font 8 FOI7 .Deluxe Point Font 3
FOI8 .Deluxe Point Font 4 F080 .Hale Font 131 F083 Computer
Eye Font FQ84 .Computer Cue Font 8 1085 .Fancy Font volume I
F040 .mg font Volume I 6045 .Mega Font Vokane I 6050 .PS logo
Font 11-91 6050 .6. a Font H-71 6070 .Pagestream Font H-61
Earn. _____ _____ EDII .Education Disk I IAI EOI8 Education
Disk 8 IAI FOI3 .Fckrcation OM 3 IAI 60 4 .Education Disk 4
IAI 60 5 Education Osk 5 IAI 1016 Education Omk 6 60 9
.Oimauni IAI 1080 World Database IAI 1081 .Story land II IAI
1088 'languors’ I,nor IAI A IAI lb 7 .Tarrot disk IAI B EBB
Hiattow IAI E69 . Treasure Trap E7D .Math Drill* IAI F7I 'frmr
Info IA) E73 .Pkture k letter IAI 674 . Amiga Begin buide IAI
E75 .WarE Wot 8 IAI 1085 .Scrabble IAI FD86 .MUntt I A) F08
-Oswald IAI 1088 .Ariachs Astrology IAI 1089 .Artochs
Astrology IAI E30 .IxokAlon IAI 131 .HJ Teat . UJ Games IAI
E33 .KegcHck H 138 .Amiga Tutorial IAI S .Postman Pat IAI 640
'Guide to Back Pain IAI 64 .KUAiph mt IAI 64? -fraction k
5Hquest IAI 643 ‘Math MosteclAI " n Enaine V8 IAI 65
.kixtsttke M .
65? *fish Tank Skn 654 'Oemokt Mission IAI 655 .Ward Power IAI .MOrm Hole IAI 500 Sample ST Vol 11-501 5 5 Mego MooMie* H-6) SI71 House Samples A 5 7? House Samples B LI T3 Uw.n Wl 55Ol Instrument II Games compilations pack only £12.99 Soper x-akow 101 of great gnme* park rst* CRAZY
566. IWAOER I. THR1Z. B6C1R1C THAIS. MOVOPUY and 96 more great
games etc. jutttbte far aM Rflw t for ill AmfriiE 30* GAME
PK 1 or 2 ONLY E3.99 each 1 Gdtnn nrewne quaMtg as above For
all ages and for all Amlgas ZX SPECTRUM 48k I & 50* original
Specy Games Packs I Iht* b the very ldln vos on (1.71 noft
run much F latter k anc udp nM You con rvm progran It like
thr I anginal IX SpfCRUM 48k - BML6IANT OVLV...E4.99
AUAMI&Mtpm.. QUALITY OTP CLIP ART 15 dhtkml.. 1 WOO* of high
quality Imagem 15 cBnkn) PAGE STREAM FONTS 16 ditkil .onlu
Whg pay mure tor quattlu font*
C. G. FONTS for all major OTP I7dink»)..1 Another 7 rttnkn ot
quaMtg 6.6. tontm
AHIKA IB dink I XFW.onlu BrHtiont .MANtkA gome*, onlm. Demo 16
dFoi D-PAIxr FONTS Pock 1.2 or 3.onhj ISO. Quality ITT font. 4
dPJ.* per pock FS LOGO FONTS Pock 1.2 or 3 only
r. I...Ul«-_ J ,11-1.- .nr n.x L G494 EXTREAM VIOLENCE InewI UG22
ACTION REPLAY V4 I At 21101 fnete. Ropy, rp gtx 7mumk. InHnlle
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(latent V2) ve3i* 41 4700 2 (newJ U650 COPY A CRACK TOOI 2
InewI .W ,,.,, r-i ,..v to* fur bath LfGSt C-MANUAL 3 (12 dink
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C 12 dlnkml EDUCATION & El GAMES Our bat *to. Best d wkudtiai
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Disk Drive
M. ..40 PO Disks Voucher 3rd...B5P0 Disks Voucher JUST 8*
BEGINNING ITS 1983 and a struggling young games designer has
just released his first commercial computer game. The
Entrepreneur. Unfortunately, the market for business
management simulations is not a big one, and the title flops
Roll up, roll up for all the fun of the fair and a course in business management thrown in for good measure. Tony Dillon goes for a roller-coaster ride on Bullfrog’s latest simulation... Ten years later and that self-same games designer, Peter Molyneux. Is head honcho at one ot the world's premier games development teams, Bullfrog. Responsible for coding such blockbuster games as Populous and Syndicate. Pate can now afford to have a chuckle about his'early elforts to crack the big time of. Home corn- Pete. 'I'd come up with what I thought was a really interesting business management sim and
the game was met Over the years, Pete found him- It coming back again and.again t realised that a Simula- * tion ot a theme park is an incredibly fun thing to do. There are mil- EBH lions of things you can do with it Obviously we've gone more tor jXtf the simulation than the IfvRSi business side, but underneath it alt there's a really firm business simulation.'
Intrigued? You should be. Theme Park is shaping up to be the new Populous If you're wondering what it's all about (as if you can't already guess), let Pete fill you in on the background The bottom line is you get to design and run your own theme park. That is what the game is all about. Your great aunt or someone has left you this great sum of money, on the provision that you use it to create a theme park empire.
When setting up a park you can lay down paths, buy rides and shops, even trees and lakes. You set it out how you like, and then you open your park. The public will either love it or hate it.
The Simulation really i little people and there are In me park 130 op|ects.
Hundreds and hundreds of them - get hungry or thirsty, and they all have preferences tor certain rides.
As your theme park develops, it gets a reputation. Say you have a park that has a lot ot rides that break down, or it has a lot of litter, it will get a reputation for being a 'bad boys' theme park, so the quality ot the people that are attracted to it will change.
Initially you'll notice these happy families coming to the park, but as the game goes on. Thugs start coming in and beating up your entertainers.
You have to lind the ideal theme park that suits the average family, the 2.2 children family.
As always. Bullfrog are trying something new. The key thing we've gone for is to make it fun, and everything understandable. II you're not making any money, then there's a really good reason. Your bank manager will come up and start telling you oft, but at least you'll know why.
That's the difference between one ol our games and one ot Maxis' games.
The*! Try to go for the ultimate accurate simulation, and sometimes it's not as fun as it should be. We have that accurate simulation in there, but we try to make the game as fun as possible. After all, it is a game. We re not doing it to win any awards for simulation ot the year, or whatever.
We just want to wnte a good game.'
Definitely one immercial rhulling over where he v and thinking ot ways to design. 'I kept wonderin could improve build c
1. 3 cry As you can slick. Not as much time, however, as has gone
into the design. 'Once you've got your piece of land, which
you've rented oft the government, you can then start to set
about building your theme park,' explains Pete.
Would be Pete hit on Entrepreneu ¦Running a tl the ideal soli setting.
Brilliance is now - leaving Dpaint trailing in its wake - the best art package available for the Amiga. It's very hard to express why I'm so taken by Brilliance, there's just a feeling of 'rightness' about the way it works."
CU Amiga, October 1993 (UK) "Brilliance is user friendly, doing an excellent job with nearly every function and option that it offers, and the interface is well planned and highly functional."
AmigaWorld, December 1993 (USA) "The program is so fast and flexible that it makes its Amiga predecessors feel like the old Doodle!
Program on the Commodore 64. Nothing out there can match its feature set, and it's the one paint program I've used that's so fast that it never gets in the way of your creativity."
Amiga Computing, October 1993 (UK) It is solid as a rock. Never have I known a first version of any program stand up like this or be so perfectly polished."
Amiga Shopper, December 1993 (UK) "It took a while, but DeluxePaint IV has finally met its match. If you're looking for the best AGA paint program on the Amiga, look no further than Brilliance."
Amazing Computing, November 1993 (USA) "After using Brilliance for just a couple of days, I'm hooked. It is the only package to be released for the Amiga which can rival DeluxePaint for animation capabilities, and it is a class act."
Amiga Down Under, Nov Dec 1993 (New Zealand) "Excellent! Brilliance is loaded with useful drawing id animation features, but it's not just the sheer Bnumber of tools on offer that impresses. Two other big points arise. First, the program is very "¦Wsy to use, thanks to its intuitive, flexible and well Jhought-out panel system. The second major fac-
- tor is Brilliance's speed. Even in HAM-8 mode, everything zips
along beautifully quickly."
Amiga Format.
October 1995 Available from: Digital Creations, P.O. Box 97, Folsom, C.A. 95763-0097.
Tel: (0101) 916 344 48 25
U. K. distribution by Meridian Distribution 081 715 8866 Silica
081 309 1111 SUPERSTAR someone r WHO DOESN'T EELON6
?*£?£...wmO WASN 'T gossj iM THIS 6AR&A6S PUMP ..whC CAME PPOM
Tmg C TV A& A A CHIL.O... jeriment in creal lent. Revolution*
ll Theatre thjamf day, talk to other people, not talk to the
rest, have arguments or friendly conversations and generally
live out a day to day existence. It's quite something in
practice, as you no longer feel you are playing a game where
the world revolves around you. A blow for the old ego, maybe,
but infinitely more realistic, and by extension, more
MYAN The Virtual Theatre system has been dramatically updated for Beneath A Steel Sky, the second outing for Virgin Games and the results are outstanding to say the least. In case you aren't familiar, the game tells the story of a young man, orphaned and abandoned outside a giant metropolis, and brought up by a group of savages living in an area of desolation known as The Gap. All is well until one day security officers come from the city to take him back. The helicopter they are travelling in crashes, and he escapes into the urban jungle. This In a gaming universe where many genres have
gone just about as far as they feasibly can with the technology they have, it's rare to find a field that keeps growing and growing. Flight simulations are taking small steps all the time, as are platform titles and even the odd shoot ’em up, but nowhere is as much energy and excitement being thrown about as the graphic adventure market. It's hard to guess what makes them so playable and so popular: the graphics? The complexity of the puzzles? The number of icons you have to play with? Whatever it is, no-one can deny that there's nothing like a good graphic adventure to stop you from
actually interacting with the rest of the human race for a week or two.
Possibly one of the most important advances for the graphic adventure was Revolution's Lure of the Temptress. A challenging and involving game, it's strongest feature was the implementation of the (then) new Virtual Theatre game system. A virtual play tries to create a realistic backdrop to a game, where locations connect sensibly and everything is believable. That is not its strong point, though.
The selling point comes from the characters in the game. In a virtual play, everyone has something to do.
They live somewhere, they go to work, or shop. They interact with each other, whether or not you are actually there. If you followed someone around, they would perform the tasks they would normally do in a Spend your time in bars and cales... Tu&ee was A MOMENT'S SILENCE AS THE ’COPTER CUT ITS GOTO**, THEN - - Dave Gibbons* stunning comic art provides the backdrop.
Walkways give an esslve view ol the GAME REVIEW CU AMIGA ropy were MORE T"AV note v rbic BOOK HOW .OC*M6 ON AUTOMATIC LANOIN6 &SACOHA Bor WO AT WA9 Z? WHY DIP" We'RE &0 N6 TO HIT!
Is only the beginning.
You are this man. Lost in a Blade Runner background, with security hunting high and low for you. You have no money, no tools and no knowledge of what you have to do, apart from the fact that you have to get out of the city and back to The Gap as quickly as possible. The only real problem there is that you - for some unknown reason - have become enemy number one.
So we roll into the kind of adventure I really like to play. The kind of game where you have no idea what you are meanj to do. And just hope you are performing the right moves to make the story unfold properly. As in good thrillers, you are kept guessing right to the end, gradually being fed small pieces of information as you go along. For example, at the start of the game you are mistaken for a guy called Overmann. Who is he? Why do the police so badly want to catch him? All these questions, and many more, will be answered at the end of the game.
YOU'RE NOT ALONE Life would be really tough if you were left abandoned on your own.
Thankfully you aren’t. Hidden in one of the pockets of your rather snazzy Ministry-style coat is a circuit board which holds the personality and brain of your lifetime companion, a droid called Joey. Joey lost his robot shell in the crash, but luckily you had enough presence of mind to take his controlling board. Once you find a shell for him, you can get him on his feet tracks wheels whatever and then get him to help you out with some of the trickier puzzles in the game. Watch out, though, as Joey has a very strong personality of his own, which will conflict with yours occasionally.
You may wonder how it adds to the game. If you’ve ever played Planetfall or Stationfall and are familiar with Floyd the Droid, then you'll know just how humorous a conversational robot can be. A tin can with feelings paves the way for plenty of moments that, while not exactly gut- busting, should bring a smile to anyone’s face.
The whole game is darkly funny, if you can laugh at a fugitive from the law, that is. All the way through, just like Day of Ihe Tentacle, there are set pieces that happen that really draw you into the game. At one point you need to get Joey to jump start another robot. He gears up to do this, but asks you to look away as he finds it embarrassing. A probe then extends from the top of his head, and thrusts in and out of what can only be described as the other robot's posterior until the other robot starts moving. It has to be seen to be fully appreciated, believe me.
The other key to the game's charm is the variety of characters you can meet. Many are based on people known to Revolution, although I wouldn’t like to name any names. Hobbins is a stereotypical caretaker, happy to be left tinkering but will kick up a stink if you so much as look at a piece of machinery in the wrong way. Lamb is the boss of the building, and throws his weight .
Around whenever he gets the chance. You have two police desk- jockeys, apathetic in the extreme and bureaucratic to the point where COMIC CRAZY Anyone who has ever picked up a comic will know that Dave Gibbons is one ot Ihe lines! Comic artists in the world. They will also be fairly excited to know that, not only did Dave contribute quite a lot to the graphics in the game (backdrops and character sketches), he has also produced a lull-colour, eight-page comic explaining the backdrop to the game, right up to the point where the helicopter goes into a spin over the city, which is where the intro
sequence takes over. A veritable masterpiece ol comic art, this freebie is very limited, and will doubtless become a collector’s item in years to come. It's practically worth getting it just for that!
Maybe z'P &er some An&weot, asow Ihey actually have to do some work.
These and many others are just walling to help you out, slow you down or mow you down, depending on how you deal with them.
Of course, if you're going to have that many puzzles, then you need a fairly large environment to put them all in, and Beneath A Steel Sky is huge With almost a hundred different screens, most of which you return to more than once, there sure is a hell of a lot to be done Unlike certain other games. Steel Sky doesn't have you wandering through dozens of screens doing nothing.
There is generally at least one puzzle on every screen, and the game Is designed so that it is almost impossible to die or fall. The puzzles need to be completed in order, as you usually can't progress very far if you miss something This means you won't end up on the final section and discover that the laser welder you didn't think you needed thirty screens ago is actually very important. If you've missed something, chances are it's only a couple of I screens away.
Most of the I puzzles are formed from the phrase 'Use [name] on [name)'. This I might sound a little simple, but thanks to puzzles being multi-layered, and the ability to use the same object more than once, you can have a hard time just figuring out what to use.
PICK UP JOINT The control method in Steel Sky is so simple that Revolution can finally lay claim to having created the ultimate in intuitive control methods.
The left mouse button selects an object to look at, and the right mouse button selects an object to use. To Ictpk at a door, you click with the left, and to open it you click with the right. You don’t need to tell the program that you want to open it - it knows that the only thing you can really do with a door when you want to go through is open it. In much the same way that the only thing you can do with a closed window is look through it. In places where something has no real use, the main character will pick it up and stuff it in his coat. From this point, moving the mouse to the top of
the screen will call up the inventory, and the same mouse controls apply, although using an object from the inventory will require you selecting something to use it on. What could be simpler?
The graphics in the game are simply stunning. There is no other way to describe them. Hand-painted backdrops. Scanned in and retouched, stop it from looking like a run-of-the- mill adventure, and the use of exceptional detail make the smallest. Dullest rooms interesting to search. Small ceiling-fans rotate and. In the far distance, cars travel along the highways.
VIRGIN £34.99 600 V 500. 9 600 9 1200 9 1500 m ?OoR 30lS «« TEL: 081 960 2255 RELEASE DATE: TBA GENRE: GRAPHIC ADVENTIRE TEAM: REVOLUTION MOUSE 15 1 TES 1Mb OVERALL 95% Every character has a whole range of moves and expressions, which along with the personality generated through conversation, gives them depth and makes them all the more believable.
So what’s it actually like to play?
A lot of fun, to be honest. The puzzles are logical without being too obvious, and the control method means that you can get into it immediately. There is enough challenge to keep even the most ardent adventurer going, while beginners will work through it without straining too hard. There is a really nice learning curve to the game making it taxing without being frustrating.
There are always enough clues to help you figure out problems, but that isn't to say the game is easy.
After a few hours play I had managed to work through the first sixth of the game, but the speed I was progressing was definitely slowing towards the end. No doubt by the time this review is printed. I will have finished the game, but only because it's so much fun to play that I can't think of playing anything else in its field.
Beneath A Steel Sky also features one important aspect that I find sadly lacking in a lot of adventures. It's extremely addictive. You always want to know what someone will say to you next, or what the next problem is going to be.
A genuinely enjoyable experience. And one where there are so many different ways to play it. I can definitely see myself returning to this one after I've completed it, just to find out what I’ve missed. Simply one of the best adventures ever released on the Amiga.
Use FAST or Chip memory for samples.
• The Realtime Effects Generator II included. FREE
• New supports even MORE samplets including... Teehroscurxi Tuto
TT2, Triogic sampler, Megamix Master Over 70 Fantastic Special
T) • Full set of Editing and Looping functions.
• IFF compatible, and compatible with ALL Amiga's.
• High sampling rates: 34KHz Stereo, 50KHz Mono *
• NOTE: Samptog rates wll vaiy for dflereni samptng cartridges
’Supersound 4.12 is one of the most advanced sample editors
available, easily surpassing the standards of any budget
sampler.’ Tony Horgan, 93%, CU Amiga. Sept. '93.
PRICES and POSTAGE... Postage and Packing; Suoer Sound Products: Software & Updates only... Software . £4.00 UK, Euro. + RoW £1.00 Manual £10.00 Super Sound Manual... From vesrion 3.x=£2*Old disk Europe £2.00 From version 4.x=£1-fOld disk RoW. £5.00 Micro Active_ computers MAIL ORDER Opening Hours: hotline 081 981 9080 “ E:3E: AMIGA. 600 L AMIGA CD32 I 1 year mo&r§vmmm ZOOL PACK inc 3 great games.
A word processor . Zool. Pinball I Dream. Striker. 1 OFFICIAL COMMODORE APPROVED HARD DRIVE CONFIGURATIONS AVAILABLE FOR THE ABOVE A600 A A1200 PACKS. WE ALSO HAVE AVAILABLE MONITORS, PRINTERS, SOFTWARE ETC...CALL FOR BEST PRICES AMIGA 1200 *• NEW** DESK DYNAMITE PACK indudes Digila Wordworth, Deluxe Paint IV (AGA), Digita Print Manager, Oscar A Dennis £319.95 1 year ow site warranty (Limited Offer) £175.95 r on site warn 1 year AMIGA 1200 Jpunma £272.00 life warranty £275.45 r off site warranty 1 year M@[d)(W0§~ ©o® £®wiw?yftg Noddy's Big Adventure is Ihe sequel to the highly successful
Noddy's Playtime It takes children to the North West comer of Joyland and includes 13 different progroms to educate and entertain children for hours on end.
This groded creativity and entertainment package is spedficoly designed lor 3-7 year olds and relates to the early requirements of Ihe National Curriculum.
Drive with Noddy in his car, pick up passengers along the way and visit many exciting locations
• Kitchen Fun - sequencing, colour and shape matching and
vocabulary Noddy's Scoles - number matching through to addition
• Tricky Trees - memory, sequencing and the language of colour
and shape
• Can you Find me? - shope ond colour recognition
• Bert's Scrapbook - sequencing and reoding skills
• Beach Sorter - sorting Picnic Attack - water fun game Junior
Word Processor - this excellent utility develops story telling
skills. Us scope is outstanding ond features many facilities
found in grown up' word processors.
There is also a word game in each level to create on element of fun.
Avertable for: Amiga, Acorn Archimedes, PC ond PC Windows.
Noddy's Playtime odded a new perspective to educational gomes, the outstanding value from this extensive package has set new standards of parental expectation in this important area of software based on learning with fun.
Drive around Toy Town, explore exciting locations ond learning programs and a full Junior Art Pockage packed full of creative fun. Designed for 3-7 year olds.
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ASI117 A» Warnor ASM 18 ftweaa.AnnnnetWM ASI11* toodi Speed. Tr» Tra uses.
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GRAPHICS AND ANIMATION KtmntoinnhiBir 2290 Snow Joke
(2Mt»l20t(P) 22W ThaCaiBndiarowiP) 2296 Afcalra Mueeurn |P| is
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(MEWHMAFmy law. J Otol (4* 23U CU» OtOSTMCHWAbVlWlWill W.OSO 2315 k.aarw.1* Heath (SMbKXt) |P) CU» CK»CCC-CHlt*n.ae»rtawoi Oa«D» 2316 Benda lad SlantT (P) CUT CATT r* (*•»¦•• TmtTiirufc. 3 tMitltt __CUJ8 1U4Wt 4aeeve«U*mi9MlsrVBr9tfato«MOtoOIO cue •L*UMTMaW*2’'oa9»T»l«»w9cfWiD«0» ¦ Qi4» m* -JUAA ** k 7U?V4 i D»n* qi* *.»«%», CU* DMT Q»kn CUJ1 nwrNsxii am »0 *C (Mb *•» lto«rg dw *110.0* CUM MOHTWYSuiltorPtotoi* iMI9to*t OWO* CU» BASCAU'MIWA anew Arpi COS ntoewa tod J Oda t*S *» .«h T* U in? Tl Ofl o DEMOS 8075 0»w(50)|P) 6100 Ipoae 0O)(P) s gaBSs?1'*-" ss ssssr iNagal i20l (P) 8088 SaM,
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’* JjgvQW f y * 1 1. 'I;;i uT
- eT ”*** * V one ral up and proved lha! :h.
Hj A~l-ya IS mo*e Ihan a ma'Ch tor ' "•¦; 15 ai J Wu.' | v. Own ¦ platform game like no other on the
* Amiga. II would honeslly look more home on a Super Brian loves
lo woar ins naan on his araeva jusi Nintendo, thanks to some
revolu- 100a ai mai aaprasswn Itonary new graphic techniques
sl ukjbe.
Loving Tin* even worst Whether or not that s a good thing is down lo your own personal preter ence. Oul lha facts are there to see Custom chips or not. The Amiga can do anything the SNES can do and. In a lot ol cases here, do it lar belter Like all platform games, the aim is to get from one end to the olhei I could pad out a tut here and give you the plot but you ve heard it all belore The key thing to note is that your only aim is lo get to the end ol each level You can collect power ups and iewels if you warn to. But you don I actually have to Visually, the game is quite something. Although
in a still screenshot, it looks like most other cute platlormers. You notice the amount ol effort that s gone in when you see the thing moving. Brian has over a hundred Irames of animation to himself, including Hungs like looking up with a daunied look on his face when he reaches a cliff he can’t jump up. And a wonderful roar facility. Holding down the fire button makes him breathe in. And releasing it lets out a roar The longer he breathes, the stronger the shout. The amusing thing is. Il he lets out a really loud roar, he startles himselt and stands their quivering lor a moment!
There The most fun one 10 control tfrtiking p»ofgo Very playable and very colourful. Brian is probably the best-written plat form game ever With more ' at--- ' - vRHV reMHNHQH owning Iriends. JfnweKO.. v Ttt*, Tony Dillon 86o o Kou need to utilise part ot the backdrop In order to progress.
Top At the end ol the ftrat level, the only way to get off the Island la to climb aboard the catapult.
FtW Vfcnc ADDC49MJ) MmwStodcsU STARTER PACK A Must for new usersl Miuoswitched joyslkk. "Ger dw MW fra ye* Ann«' took. 10 Biordi dtso. 80 cepouly ledoble disc box, enuse mt EXTRAS HD SUPER EXP.- VERSION 12002MB 1200 .20MB HO 1200 . 60MB HD 1200 .80MB HD
1200. 120MB HO 509 1200 .207MB HD 549 Extra 4MB .
Cluktmed ADD £200 269 379 439 469 1079 SPECIAL 1149 3»i A600 ho 20 EPIC
349. W 364.w HOBBYTE VALUE PACKS HcUryle ore famous for their
pods, allowing you to choose what you wont, whfet still
benefitting from package deal smings.
• r, a bargain is ody a bargain when you like what you get! So,
if you oren.t Wild, Weird a Wided, SleepwAer sends you to
sleep, Spoce Acelecm you feeekng m Porodroid does worse, if
Bosk bosieoty isn't you, exercise your ojlions ond get red -due
for money frwn Hobbyte A600 ho 80 120 210 STARTER PACK A mast
for new mm amiga alone £59 k £1S 625 Ndtwdiracofincf Workbench
and (dcrerigad (praviouo tpfdialMS Asa os seoe os you get thin
£39.9 (bed doc regubriy, tspeOdly if sbarwg uitk frknfc Helps
prevent dkt disl etdlectng oe nous* ctnWts THE MOT I GREAT
Indlvli SA.7thJ REST !!
1 myd kotnv paras ai 3 Wks. PLUS lieew « 1 pxt. LOMoaAdbtS intenrdovrtfakTKf I NaMed (RmoibionMMdgen« aegt ?,7l) II «WS i pn rfiti.e8TewlbiNd.tyNn aid eerie ftlS|i!5w*dod IWF«iS(be r sate bmMnwf and pees J stkk, 80 cap. Lodable dtsc box. Dart Cover S d wxleAdenerffdioTK 3 lo 11 yeen. Seeofj epe Ive WeeUeexWleresindeeertko4 • 7peeicdds«nd HOT BUG GAMES P ypslK adknsptaMndankUweWodUO -WMMP WIN S*. Putty-W.
AAokAin«(o Popertoyllt Die Itod?
(cdcaus Oiess 0.
(bdengeGcdf The Fa Fighter ldSf i Xencn-C.VGGoMoftl NcdeWwncr -APoeer.f supertre An) AWARD M Space k M Off. PV Delaxe PWW III, plat 700 Csp AH pks |____ MIDI Racordbg Simla » HyokanaMUMrWu I,tenoerydwgyN Dalaxe Paiat IB' vdth g, .'.cmMnaUe MIDI Interlace need It ccnpose oed edt yaw mmc aniwMtioa . 700 Op Art pks fctp trod *1 credit c*d and bad oR to STOP PRESS! Desktop Dynamite AGA pock (see 1200 box) £69 witk Amiga £79 alone I PARIKULARLY St OMDREM0AAYN 0 NOT Al 200 0 TITUS MAY VAI NO OTHCR DEALER CAN BEAT OUR CREDENTIALS
• MulbnAon (ONpaey eilh 9 yeas experieace in (oamodve podxt end
• (omwodoce Waned sNHcrBlriendFfOBllielpW ond ore
rorenRimAimedie, fducalknol. Gaeaas. PtogromWng or ledinKol
specialisfs (asualkf mere *o« one1!
• Open 1-6pnfeadeytoSahedcryond 10.00omlo4.30pmSudim PLUS
Decembif We ngbh on Twsdays (Si Atas ordy) Ice cmwiBnt downy
• (aflenwtkomiw adWe ond deemmaolim 0 «r 1600* sq ft HighS, Town
Centre brondes
• Sent £y despatd far rrostwiks received by S 30 pn; express on
• Hadiwre corefufiy haidled aid debraed safely aid rwbafaby by
cogsd, insued,
• he esprtd lestwq w Amin sysleees
• Frse 30 day cwrier colleclsn ad delmry of NEW redoceaentlexcept
product with ttMRE ¦niMinar.l
• Hotkie supeoh aid iohouse engkeers
• Upgrode aed trafc in offeri lo keep yw i»p to dite INCLUDED
I 1D6IM 174.wU9.to j- A600» ... - Z2 WED, WEIRD SsmS9,
194.w209.oo a- 3; ANDWKKTD j-J Si OU AMIGA TRADE4N* Ihe best
trade-in nllowonce, extra lor peripherals ond accessories.
Trade in vow old machine for a brand new A600 1200 4000 CD31or
even o PC After traded, equipment is cfwdced and refurbished by
our engineers and is then offered ot bargain prices, complete
with 3 months warranty.
A500s FROM £139 AlSOOs FROM £199 A600SD H0--------Jn»159 Hds.tofflrolors ...from 179 UOOOs from 499 GVP HD8 40 S2......209 22?
OTV ......179 tl HUmi 50 91 »590 20 40*8 ...129 159 OTHER ACCESSORIES - PIEASE AS«.
'Mreptor (4 pie V2 motors may be ImiW CDTV lotry, MULTI CoaaouB, ___ MEDIA Wbco* ftsc, Fts* Disc ; CBN 1084 so 178.90 'r- CBM 1940 um.~MK.icx 269w ’’“I; Philipi 8833 a T a tom cio 209 w Jd s| Star LC1 OCX '£»«•£ 149.wI59.w I*. Mi Ghieo 240C T4t. »«. 2S2.w262.w iw 3 3 hm.» to HO m » ta* wn»«x*r M im *™x ¦* ”« Wlh toil 3v • fiA OdommidXo,. *09111 nto TUB l« wtolt. Mi HO imOxH.
A500 600 CDTV A500+ ond A600s come complele with mouse, modulator I to connect to IV, or monitor leod I as required, all cables, manuals, j operating discs and utilities 365,w379.w a T 415,«429.w J? S« 569 w 584 w
269. W 284. W «c« 64 tau J4V.lfJM.00 PUIS ,5 i™, in-, oo 01.
389.w 404.w Tityio toum.
L! '»«’ f.ts 5s J-i-SS § ° 1915 s * z* r; .959 1IH |« 2139 ? J | j ||l 1219 f|l|3 2299 |Ej| l“f 11*11 M59 lf’ 1 1 |I|i l-l| A40CHV30 CO-PROS 68882 28 Mhz ADD £79 68882 50MHz .ADO £159 Feting FOC it purchasing A4000 SERIOUS USER'S PACK »7,7* Then this pad a for yow!
Toiy Amor 3, 'fCttSSi I OH UOOS Pr Aiitod tCSm SlXl 1MCHl»towto Hwfal. AMOS PO I &wis , A4000 30&40 I 44000 30: AGA Olio S* . 68030 pramor. 68182 25 50 Mhr co- I processor option, 254,0)0 colours from 16 6M, scon doubbng for flicker I free display. Mouse, Amiga 3.571.76 MB 3.5" drive, Hard Drive os below, 1 AMIGA DOS 3.0 system ond utilities, Next day on-site warraoty I A4000 40: As above, but featuring the bhsiwtnq 48010 processor, with full floatina point focilties NOT EC msnn. UK models with on-site TRAMPY'S AND NODDY'S PACK SpfQAI Fan and edscatioad for WtTH AmiGA 2 to 11 ytas £39
(SanetabinwybeNgMfi The Shoe Peoob OR Fua School 2 Fun School 3 a 4 OR ADI Jar Reading OR Counting Deluxe Point 11.700 I dp Art pks Hobbyte Priwiory | EdaartloBMl PD Pad Hobbyte 30 Easy (nlitK) 10 Lie oMi tu lean pi
2. 2IAB STANDARD VERSION ill top-s ftwHr h dis' K;. £44 £59
joystick 1U ™«i»- i.aSBteSi'f' 10-HMUsriton
H. ORB1BH l.totdiraMOto..o»«™U* KK" CD32 CONSOLE SPECIAL Choose
any’ 3 CD das (seesoftwje secTion) fa £59.90 -moisotnt.. CD32
L msse* «« ixno cyn on-sae war awry loy.yy | COMING SOON Rom drive, Eeybwrd, Mouse CD* to Al 21 HOME APPLICATION PACK Pottoct foe ol Howe ShtOAl Office needs """"f16* “"“I »to A*.. £29 £49 WP ttidi UX spel did. Ikescwres WE WANT TO BEAT ALL PRICES!
6. 0 IS Ufa wdollr «IW. L» *. Cs” *»kl b. in slock by (hristmos
(phone for list), including Syndkote, Zool 2, Jarossk Pork,
(boos Engine, Rob«od. Many « which «Ue a M(D musk trod
alongside the game About Wf of exiflwg CDTV tides ore
compatfcle. CD32 wl cdso ploy normal musk Cds i ond CD.G discs
SIMPSONS, CAPTAIN PLANET, PUR D PAINT III & GFA BASIC I °*a so"Wore «ombara,ioVo Vai fc !• *?w ow" A1200 d wanonty is 12 m Hum to base AMIGA SPECIALISTS . STAR GOLD DEALER • CDTV CENTRE • PHILIPS APPOINTED DEA1 C1M 1084S0 1084 1085 .‘leads.}gomes ...... Fmps UK 8833 MKII men..loads. on sit* .
Ol + swhel siand fcr 8833-------------------- CM 194? Dual sync .28 dpi AGA rtotoc. Spedcm MICROVITEC CUB-SCAN 1440 I4 28« ;|tfi«:6l *'tt ;u»r. T*i Pjnoor«TS37J1-6Jbf, Kttmmorr.
Fr* Pftocban FLOPPY DRIVES Mr 3 J eilemel drive tow loo . Cntf__________________ (n*no(U3S4 I S cand dirn. Begi- .. K MR tolfc ant dd - lift bad ji ad vwut RMKHr ... K IMS 0; * •» ()toa onrmUa----------------------- M touts PC SM .. denvfi IHM ul. Dm* hi «ey Angi (It 71__
• Amdy WtMBail *Mbfo yAn9);ai7|.10HDDHa____
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40M ...
• war HD Mead too, toSM MO l
* 500 riftooruil irterad
440C inOrqtoa«MlntRidlom------------ ;OA L GVP (V ? VW-S
. 965.99 gypiv.viu-(T- 1255.99 I cOOt Impod
ttsic* 74 ..... _POA HARLfQUM 32 HI RtAMBUKB BOARD
• 16.7 aMoa ceioer photo reafctk dspkry • rod tine 24 Ml Mntlea
SUPPORTS: TV Port. ISuSffifSSaM Pro. LUd 30 . Otto HI 500
1.5MB_____________________£929 *H?000 Plus________________£1479
H2000 2MB . Alpha .£999 *H4000 Plus .....
£1579 H3000 3MB .D Buffei£1099 FREE V lab Franwgrabber H4000
4MB • Alpha .D Buffer £1279 with Harlequin Plus M f,w teattr™
£324.99 rf*V PKCC»0 24 BIT CRANKS CARO ¦ - '16.7 mAondam,
astocnl Hrw. IMS erp to ?MB Wteo MM fcfc pKqnrrwUi reschfiat,
table beffang .nuN* screen. AHXX. Nppsrt.
£379.99 mm III 74 BIT CrtftKS CARD • W0€0 CONTROLLER. £1489.99 Smia to Ptado but wifi 4MB who RAM. (ramnmUe imobto lo 1600 x 1280. Tuft 111 nrteo cormdbi nc 110MH? Ck k Wtfi FRH TV Pent Irr PE66Y MPEG VDEO CARD £479.99 T*e 24 bit atmnms ham fa ct other stooge dmces and reptey in mtttw itnoudi the Jmijo! Use integntel gertak to cwettoy Ampi gotfixs fa scghstccfcc! »rli g on) spend effects,»(ton stowing pcanoiorol tinnnj vitas.« pines **th he nko Iwlme Near SVHS gjrbty, 16. M (dears. MPEG » * • Kerry tmcfons. 75 hanes sec (to|6ock.
YCCWpdnxddetorP v ...... £129.99
• Peg encota oprbn kr Paggy.„_ . £349.99 OPAL VISION (hr
3000 4010) 74 bi turd »?. Ota P«, (W Preseres. Opal Hodwy. Opal
PAYMENT Vdeo Processor lor Opd Visto WITH
VOUCHEIS ...... 647.99 Vdeo SoHe lor Opal few
WITH VOUCH®... ... 447.99 Scon Rate Converter for
OpoMsion WITH VOUCH® .. 647.99 RetH 74 bit
graphics card »1MB • VD Pant ..329.00
Ra«n?4bil grihks cord ? 7MB . VO
Point ..395.00 Refra 74 bit
graphics card . 4MB . VO Point ... 489.00
1094. 94 Rad* 893? FM(________159.95 Ragm. 1200fOTpal___158-50
RnUeMBMMUO 469 99 RtxgaiRcdey____1I9J0 HaroG«W ?92
________283.90 Supra 2400Vlodeni ..78.95
tocGwtaktfW____________689.99 GffWod-283.90 Supra Fox Modem
.141.90 BRIEMCihu SUPRA 14440 FAX MODEM CA_A A. As
obore. But up to 14,400
Fax Data ..£279.0( Rotgen
plus Rockey Buadk.---------------------- £239.91
A500 600 1200 pinter cenlre. i l *' " Afcen Bolnton 12
Joytrtk.... 10.99 Cwli________________11.99 CDTV Keyboard
.54.99 Zy-fi Speakers----------------37.90 Zv Pi Pro
Speakers 57.90 56 Blank US DD discs 17.99 50 Blank DS HD
discs 27.99 Oise Expander __________14.90 A500 1200 control
centre .34.90 A600 conWod
centre 27.90 BrRkettt (DTV Joystick adapt.
.,39.9 EXPANSION A500 5171 Rom fxprOack ......21.99
PC 12C8 lor* ? Dnfc ...65.90 4500*
IMBexp ...29.99 KI2082MB . 137.90
A500 * 2M8. Exp. ToSMB. 149.99 PC 12*4111 ......
* 601 _ ..37.99 RI208 8MI 396.90 A600 1200 JMB exp
(cord) 137.99 MX 1200 bn ....,54.90
A60Q 1200 4MB exp (cod)-------169.99 MXI200 2W
...134.90 (DTYlMap.Vfcu______157.99 MBX1200 4MB .
194.90 A500 tom Shan 1.3_______________37.95 MBXI200 BMB
379.90 ASM Ion Sharer
2.04 ..38.95 608775Mb ft* MB12l?a .79.90
MOO tom Sharer. 13 ....._49.95
6«8875ttlbfcrMW2ffl ..159.90 A706S Elhtrset
Cord_ ..229.95 CM 7.1 apgroda kit ..74.99
Hnnrd 1700 4MB 159.90 2S Mht 68882 lor
4000 . 85.00 Bioofd 12008MB ...299.90 33MH;
6888?. Ctysttd____95.00 lirrard 17004MB ?SMHj ....299.90
4Wto 6888? . Crystd 129.00 Blizzard 1700 4MB
50MHz POA Chip fttthg and board upgrade aval, by ow qaabfied
engineers ...POA EMULATION POA 386 486
Bmpeboard .....POA
945. 99 Enfant ....245.90 .. 214.99
Empksrt Deluxe ...339.90 G Gate 386si 75MHr GVP
40 4 lor 1500... AT Once____________ SCANNERS & DIGITISERS
Epson GT 6500,60Ctdpi 74 bit A4 inc. Scat
i w ..779.00 Epson GT
8000,800dpi 24 bit A4 inc. Scan
j * 1099.90 Pow Hand Scooter,
400 dpi, 64 Greyscale, V3 Powrscon software 98.90 Power Hand
Scanner 4 256 Greyscale * s w------- OCR software for Paaer
Scaaner ______________
48. 50
238. 49 Power Colour Hond Scanner V4 ..
Sharp JX100 A6 Scanner. Sconlob s w up to 18
til Suntnta Sketch IIA4 with
s w A3 Tablet Digitiser 359.99 529.99
HAPHICS CAD ton 40 . 213.99
tegtVisan .17.90 irt upresaMt
AGA 134.90 id Dept. Pro 23A .129.90 td*ro Prof
Conwrsion... .48.99 brfcwe 133.90 I VfOli (146 Oft 1 Mger :’
9*90| jig* 6wo**.’! 346H
• tew ?e« (Muto-rr himto'AU S«H Iwto 4944 too ... 4AH K o. 39.90
..39.49 ¦oaerXVl.S 187.90 rajinay2__________149.99
¦ogeMrrtar AGA......139.90
- oCADPWs .63.99 IV Port Junior-----179.99
VtsMPro3 ...49.99 fma
Mokapoth .24.99 X CAD 2800 ..-90.50 X
CAD 3000 ._249.99 X CAD ? To 3 upgrade... 149.99
VIDEO PROO TITLING A Vdeo »IV Paint V7. 588.90 Ad*
ope ..48.50 Amnion .17.9C
Broadcast Titter II ..173.90 NEW-Brooctol Titter AGA
SnorMahres______239.90 (rood T Font Enhancer POA Brood T Font
Podc POA Oekrxe Urtolab ....51.49
imogemaslar .159.99 IV Raccrd...... IV Stow
51. 39
- 79.50
115. 95
118. 90 POA
49. 49
74. 50 IV Taxi Pro...... Video Sladto 3.
Megoma Moster £97.90 Vdi 17 led Tom I29.S0 ttdi 24 Reel Few ..214.50 Video Timetopse Vtl aeates stunng timciipse EDUCATIONAL Any Fun School 3 «4 15.99 Any ADI ..16.99 Mecie's Moths_____16.99 TWA RE Port 4 Create ....16.99 Spelng loir 16.99 Any Noddy- .16.99 See oisouftwae (neks UTILITIES LANGUAGES AMAXII Plus 249.99 Ami bock * A Took 59.99 Amos 30 .21.49 Amos *e Greater .....30.95 Amos (emptier .19.49 Amos Prof. ...32.99 Amos Prof. Compiler 24.99 Easy Amos .22.49 ConDe 2.5..... 9330 Goss Das vS 79.75 CygnusEd
Pro 3.S 69 JS Olfactory Opes 4 ...43.90 GB Route. - 3150 GFAIosR 8.99 Gipmea 47.50 SAVioBiceC 255.99 Qatar boi ..39.49 Own* bok lock Dabe... 59.99 True Print 24----------i VIDEO TAPE BACKUP UTUTY- .C Backup upto 120MB onto jZZ i APPLICATtOH Arena Accaunls ... 8150 Excehnca3 .89.90 Rnol Copy V7 63.99 Final WrHer 99.90 Kind Words III ... 17.90 Maxipbn Plus *4 17.90 Mini Office 37.49 PagestreaMi 2.22 62.90 Popes traanw *3-219.90 AF GOLD WINNER Pogesetter 3 AGA .....41.90
PenPdl.S ..28.50 Pars Finance Alan * 29.50 Professional Paw 4.1 AGA SPECIAL Works Ptoum .38.99 MUSK AD 1012 Stwbo 16 Sampler ...349.95 Audn Engineer •?_189.49 Audo Master 4 41.49 Bars & Pipes 2 ......225.90 Ooriti Svneler 104.99 Deluxe Muw Cans) H 67.90 GVP OSS PUIS 59.90 Megaknaundsanaier 23.90 MmlMrke ..19.95 Mirade Kboard Tifsr .277.99 Rembo Megan Ms* 27.99 (tee ofltr with Vidi 12) SleieoMoslw 26.99 hSnawnd Turbo 25.50 rIRE TOP SELLERS Ireed II AGA 22.90 AVBB Horrin Assajil 27.49 8otlie Otess .14.99 Blode of Dostny ....24.49 8ody
Mows Gafoctc AGA 23.90 817 Firing Fortress......22.99 top*? . 22.99 ff Grand Prix...... GunsHp1000...... at ftSSL; Monkey Islwd II.
£689.90 Puity .. RobocodAGA___ Hwir finest Hoar.
Trvnai Pursuit____ j?r«owke on with Amiga } DISCS (Divides 15% off RRP Pond*. . .£479 7,000 (Ip Art 199 Sounds gSSs-n-.
Si . 27.99 Lotus Turbo Iritogy ..27.90 LunoVOmkil 21.90 Super Putty ALGA ......11.90 Sensible Soccer NAGA.....18.90 Wnier Super Sprts 21.90 Zoolll ...21.90 SPECIAL -ANY 3*59.90
• up to 34.99 HP BOOKS UidenUndng Imcgne 1,22.90 HP AUTHORISED
slatedorein VAI E&OF GAME REVIEW ‘War has never been so much
fun,’ or so the song goes. Jon Sloan dons fatigues to join the
chorus line for Virgin’s latest bloodfest.
MASS War wouldn't be war without a selection ol powertul weapons capable ol mass destruction. Cannon Fodder is no different, there's enough firepower in there to stock the arsenal of a small South American dictator.
Your insertion team starts each scenario with an unlimited supply of bullets but, depending on the plot, there's the opportunity to pick up much bigger guns!
GRENADES- Your basic shred-the- enemy-with-small-bits-of-shrapnel devices. Their range is limited, but they can be thrown over obstacles to hit their targets. Very useful for a sneak attack.
ROCKETS- These bazooka shells are great for long range attacks. Best used against buildings or enemy soldiers similarly equipped. A great tactic is to dash out from cover, let one off, then dash back under cover to watch the fireworks from a safe distance.
SUPER STAR rpf |§| . „ * X f"TT * a. m ¦ ¦ ~ BM1U :
- FSKirv ~ f & ' IlMkW 77 l I one progres HEAT SEEKERS- More long
range devastation can be achieved with these than almost any
other weapon. Brilliant against enemy vehicles.
JEEP- Fast, manoeuvrable and tun. Use it for quick attacks. Mounted with an on board cannon you can shoot the other guys or, better yet. Just run them down.
Remember kids - don't try this in daddy's Range Rover!
SKIDOO- One snowy scenario sees the team stuck in a maze-like forest with the only way out over a series of ice ramps.
Evil Knieval look outl TANK-Tough but not indestructible.
Some enemy bunkers are so armour plated that only a shell delivered from one ot these will penetrate it. The sounds of soldiers squished beneath the tracks are so sick.
HELICOPTER - If you leel you’re above all this violence, you can be. Literally, with the 'copter. Flying above the action means you can strafe the ground yet be Immune to most returning fire, except the rockets and heat seekers.
You can call up a map at any time. It's not Sght' assignment Later.on, though, terrifically detailed, but it does give you some they'll have to rescue hostages, proidea where the huts and bunkers are. Tect civilians and kidnap opposing ¦pqI soldiers. When you realise that one stray bullet, from either side hitting a £9 WATCHERS civilian is all it takes to lose the phase, „ K Weighing in at three disks, you'll see just how toug the game is |B Cannon Fodder is a hetty To crank up the chalien e element game indeed. There are 24 you only have 15 raw recruits per mis- ¦ B missions awaiting your
sol- sion. And. As you're gu anteed to ¦ diers, each with between one lose a good number the irst time you ¦I and six phases In total you'll try me mission even eryenencea B have to w | your way players are going to tak a couple of . B throug TflHpnarios, each weeks to complete the game Believe B Buildings blow up with surprising reg- ™- lhe *"* y°u lhe seventh 3 UI a r i ty wbenever p My Cannon mission you'll be cursing your lack of Mel for dor. Perhaps itjj something to do mouse control. I played it with a BN with the fact that I keep throwing 400DPI mouse and still got wasted!
IH grenades at them. Speaking of controls, even a I can't camouflage my feelings about this game. I've just got to shoot my mouth off. Cannon Fodder is the best thing since gunpowder. It’s bloody brilliant. It's better than sex. But, that’s enough adulation (And bad war puns - Ed ] for now. So, what’s it about? Simply put: shooting, shooting, more shooting and, just for a change, a few explosions. That's it. No fancy storylines.
No deep and meaningful scenarios.
Just grab a handful of recruits, drop them in a war zone and then blast everything in sight.
Bullets are unlimited but there's afso a fixed amount of secondary weapons.
Firing them is easy too. Right click on the target and then left dick at the same time to release one. It's tempting to let rip with all your weapons early on, but that would be a waste.
And some missions need you to carefully control your resources.
For instance, one objective could be that you have to blow up all the enemy's huts. This is not possible with bullets alone.
You don't get to choose the size of your squad in each phase, that's done automatically. It’s not a problem though cos the Sensi bqys have CU AMIGA ISIBLE SOCCER 17.99 EPWALKER 19.99 23 99 INSTANT PROMOTION Hidden in ctrtaii locations on specific missions are special Sensible Icons. II you find one ot theso your dreams will come true. Well, not quite. However, they do power up youi Hoops. Gribbing one will do a variety ot things from giving the men Instant General rank (with better lirepower. Etc.) to granting Invincibility lor a short time. Insically, look cirelolly around each level.
Some icons are just lying amend, others ire bidden in the middle ol twite just now. Can in for a treat The intro music and they do no wrong? Not as ter as slideshow is on* ol the best I've seen Cannon Foddergoes anyway. 3 Normally f skip through intros. But Sensi's version ot W.i- has never BfeW&'l 1 rTTB T7-TCTIBb been so much tun' captivated me - it's a brilliant, toe-tapping tune The ,soo Q H .... rA man fA attention to sonic detail has been car- mswH izooB* ueR’ uB ried over into the main game with bom music and sound eltects per- VIRGIN INTERACTIVE ENTERTAIN- fectly scored. It's the
simple touches. MENT, 338A LADBROKE GROVE, „ _ LONDON W10 5AH. TEL: 081 960 2255.
The enemy can bn very stupid. Somt bazooka men hide behind rocks and dthtr RELEASE DATE END DECEMBER scenery. As they lire as soon as they see GENRE: SHOOT 'EM UF you, you can cause the* to Mast the rock TEAM SENSIBLE SOFTWARI VIRGIN £35.99 KIO 18.99 ¦ EK25TH 23 99 22 99 OPEN ALL DAY SATURDAY pitched the difficulty curve just right.
You'll have just enough men to complete mat part, even it you lose a couple. Bui it s best not to sacrifice troops needlessly as they increase in rank with each successful mission.
CRIMSON ARC From Ihe very first moment you load Cannon Fodder you know that you're Ihe jungle levels its a minefield ol Inn wires and sharp spikes Walt* where yoo walk or yon may end up with a tplke rigM up Ihe bum!
Like Ihe way that sounds gel louder me closer you are lo Ihe source, that make It. On the graphic tront there's no innovation but plenty ot good solid Amiga art. There's loads ot variety in the landscape types - jungle, ice, desert, moors and underground caverns - and the sprites' animation is very detailed considering how small they are. I love mis game. It has its laults. Like Ihe lack ol order options But on me whole it's a very playable, very tough shoot 'em up. Be warned though, you'll need to have your sick sense ot humour head on lo enjoy Ihe puns Many development teams, it they're
lucky, go through a golden phase A500 Si asid. B am SI maoo B AISOoH AZOpC !. ¦ A«a VIRGIN INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT, 338A LADBROKE GROVE, LONDON W105AH. TEL: 081 968 2255.
• BATMAN Ft HUM'S 16 99
• BLOB 5 99 BODY BLOWS 5 99 B0':r BiCWS SaiaC'iC b 99 BOBS BAD
FODOER B 99 6 99
99 14 99
7. 99 CREEPERS 15 99
• DIGGERS 17 99 E-E.: .
15 99 DOGFIGHT 22 99 3WWK 18 99 DUNE 2 18 99 OUN6EON MASTEFVCHAOS 17 99
8. 99 FLASHBACK 20 99 .•o=v ;u? ?F.x 12 99 FRONTIER - ELITE II 18
14 99 GUNSHIP2O00 19 99
• QUEST 2 16 99 HIRED GUNS 19 99
• HUMANS 2 16 99 ICY J3HE5 fate y AtjWTS 24 99 20 99 ISHAR 2
17. 99 JET STRIKE 15 99
• K-240 Call
21. 99
• 10R0 OF THE RINGS 2 19 99 LOST VIKINGS 20 99
16. 99
• U»V;f; :9:Vl:;-;:*&. TAW
99 MONKEY ISLAND 2 24 99
15. 99 PROJECT X
19. 99
8. 99 RullSVFNGAGEVilT?
18. 99
18. 99
20. 99 TORVAK
7. 99 TOTAL CARNAGE 16 99
17. 99
• TWILIGHT 2000 24 99
20. 99
19. 99 WARZ0NE
7. 99
• WIZ'N'LIZ 18 99
16. 99 W0RL0S OF LEGEND 16 99 YOIJOE!
14. 99 ? Z00L
11. 99 Z00L2
(rxftcjtr whether you lequte Dfak or CD40M) Vha Witch
POSTAGE TOTAL Make cheques payable to: European Computer User ft send to Units A2 A3 Edison Road St. Ives, Huntingdon CAMBS P117 4fF SIGNATURE: _ £ The best Invention _ since gunpowder. J Games Centre I 10am-8pm Monday to Frida! | ¦¦ 10am-4pm Saturday ¦¦ J 2«wn im M SI w mm. In m i
3. 5" Disks I Fast response Mailorder 10am 10pm 7 days a week No
credit card surcharges Always a parsor kw ai wiswtpplwPB!
5. 30 7.80
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22. 95 34.40
39. 95 01.90
184. 65 269.65 All our disks are fully guaranteed and include
labels Hardware Pixie & Dixie Hint Books FALCON COLNURSTRME
fWwtoUlttn* ircktM moo* m moiM haiM «rd *M cowfl Disk Boxes
Educational ISO Joysticks 12*.
Am«*AnMa9jaAiMpla (“•• *nV C anilogN joyttK* * Amgu OALEK ATTACK OALIK ATTACK I Of EP CORE F11 »A STEALTH FIGHTER (IMS Trust us to hatv all you fective until 1 ROANA HO A FATE ATI. LAPfl (1MB ¦OAAAA JONES A L. CRUSADE MM NOANAPOllS 503 INWCENT UNTIL CAUOMT INTERNATIONAL 4 A ROE INTERNATIONAL OOUF The problem with introducing sequels to games is that people tend to expect part 2 to be better than the original. I mean, with all the lessons of the last game learnt, you'd think that some Improvements should be made to the gameplay, graphics, sound et al. But with a game as good as Zool you've
got a pretty tough act to follow. So you'd be lucky to reach the lofty heights scaled by that top platformer.
Unfortunately, Gremlin seem to have fallen well short of that peak.
SEQUEL MANIA The ninja that doesn’t resemble an ant is back. And this time he’s brought a friend Jon Sloan joins the party. D This sequel once more stars Zool.
The Ninja from the Nth Dimension; only this time he’s brought along Zooz, a female Ninja. The idea’s just the same as the original with you (playing Zool or Zooz) leaping about six huge levels in an attempt to catch up with Mental Block, an agent of the Below: Level two and ZooTs onto Bulberry Hill. Apart from psychotic snake-like torches watch out for the loony Anglepoise lamps.
It wouldn't be a platform game without hidden rooms. Blow certain blocks away and you’ll discover rooms chock full ol Chupa Chups' lollys and logos.
Mysterious Krool who's intent on wrecking the equilibrium of the Nth Dimension. Yes, I know it's a load of pooh but somebody’s got to write that kind of thing. Anyway, each level has its own specific theme ranging from Swan Lake through Bulberry Hill to The Crazy a House. So, with each level you r get a whole new k graphic set and ka a completely different group f [ each one tied I 1 background For jL i Hki A populated by flying light bulbs and light bearri P 0 m shooting desk lamps D whilst Swan Lake is full of dive 1 bombing birds and aggressive I half-hatched chicks. It's a great
Bjj way of keeping your interest peaked as each nastie demands a different means of attack and defence. It’s no good blasting your way through the level bouncing on every enemy you meet as Zool will quickly run out of energy (mind you it is good fun!).
??83% ???75% ???78% Expectations were running high in the office when we received this.
¦ ms As well as Zooz. Zool s brought along his dog Zoon (Query: is everyone called Zoo(some- "* thing) in Ihe Nth Dimension? It must be a pretty boring place - Ed. I. this two-headed mutt gels lo play a role in Mental Block s I rVW) downlall by starring in his own sub-game. To l J enter il you need lo colled three Zoon tokens which are hidden about each level. Grab enough and. At the end ol that section, you II be zoomed oil to Zoon's game. No points lor innovation I m alraid as it s simply another Breakout clone. Guide Zoon left and right to keep a .W'l'iH ii'I'V'li'.1 .¦
'i'Yikt'thiIvlhllH'iVI M r?
Every now and then a bonus tails to the tloor which In fact we had to a fight over who would JT get the review. Sadly.
Hi after loading it up, I y wished I'd lost that ft A scrap. The whole screams of being rushed out in time for Christmas.
RELEASE DATE: END NOVEMBER GENRE: PLATFORM TEAM: IN HOUSE CONTROLS: JOYSTICK NUMBER OF DISKS: 2 NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 HARD DISK INSTALLABLE: NO MEMORY: 1Mb wThe graphics some- f thing that Zool 1 was highly praised k for - seem dull and lifeless by com- 1 parison. It's as though they were P sketched by an art expert only to be coloured in by a ten-year-old with less than a basic grasp of composition.
The gameplay too, whilst competent lacks even a 10th of the sparkle that made the original so addictive.
Possibly the only redeeming feature that could pull this game from the murky depths of mediocrity is the music. There’s an eclectic range of tunes available - listen out for the mellow tones on level two. Overall, Zool 2 is a let down. The best that can be said is that it’s a stunningly average platformer. Gii GRAPHICS SOUND INSTABILITY PLAYABILITY A slightly disappointing sequel to the Amiga s ¦ top platformer. , DELIVERY SALES HELPLINE 081 686 9978 081 781 1551 DISKS DISKS DISKS + 100% CERTIFIED ERROR FREE 50 3.5" DS DD £21.99+ 100 cap lockable box...£25.99 100 3.5"
DS DD £35.99 + 100 cap lockable box...£39.99 150 3.5" DS DD £55.99 + 100 cap lockable box...£58.99 200 3.5" DS DD £66.99 + 2X 100 „ ,,....£75.99 300 3.5" DS DD £99.99 + 3X100 „ ,,....£110.99 400 3.5" DS DD £132.99 + 4X 100 „ ,,..£147.99
5003. 5" DS DD £159.99 + 5X100 „ ,,..£179.99 1000 3.5"
£8.991 140 Capacity ......£3.991 100
Capacity ....£4.50 v Add £3.10 P&P J 1150 Cap Posso
£16.001 L Add £3.10 P&P A
85Mb ....£469.99 85Mb ....£524.99
127Mb .£499.99 127Mb ..£554.99 FREE DELIVERY
DENSITY 50 3.5" 31.99 51.00 100 3.5" 60.00 100.00 100 3.5"
KXP1080 1180 1123 1124 (Wen* 2123 2180 Col. Ong Ponoscnic
2123 2180 Mono Orig Star IC10 20 Bbck Star IC20D Block Star 1C
24-10 24 200 Star IC24 10 24 200 colour Orig I Epson
10400 500 800 850 Add £2 for DESKTOP DYNAMITE Word Worth,
Print Manoger, I DeW Paint IV, Oscar, Denn,s I £319.99 .4 FREE
3. 45 3.30 2.99
15. 95 15.45 14.95 850 815 7.75
2. 85 2.70 2.50
2. 95 2.75 2.25
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3. 45 3 30 3.10 SPECIAL XMAS DEALS 12 GAMES FOR £14.99 Rood to
Hell, Tank Battle, AGA Tetris, Pocmon 92, | Duel, Lemmingoids,
Mouseman, Wirz s Quest, Premier Picks, Tangle, Super League
Manager, Bop & Flop STARTING PACK £14.99 FOR: 10 Disks, Mouse
Mat, Microswitch Joystick, l Storage box, Disk cleaner AMIGA
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AMIGA 1200 PACKS 030 2Mb RAM 80 Meg ....£870.00 030 2Mb
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600 B 4 GAMES. Space Ace, Kick Off I 2, Pipe Mania, Populous
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II .£199.99 Commodore
3. 5* Disk head
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' ’ J&. »’¦ .VmV '. • V Jt. '" ALTERNATIVE OUT NOW £25.99 More a (light game than a (light sim. Jetslrike takes an unusual side-on scrolling view to depict the action. It sets the player up as an ace lighter pilot working tor an olito task torce whose aim is to rid the world ol S.P.U.D.D (The Society ol Particularly Undesirable Dastardly Dudesl.
S. P.U.D.D. wants world domination and you're the only one
standing in their way. So, the plan is that you carry out a
series ol strike missions against S P.U.D.D. bases vou have a
selection ol aircratt at your disposal ranging Irom small
Wesse. Helicopters lo super last SU-27 Flankers The missions
vary Irom rescuing spies to blowing up radar stations - all in
the name ol peace.
Jelslhko is a tunny old game. The control system is quirky in the extreme.
For instance, when you're flying right to left you climb by pulling down, but traveltii'g let! To right the controls are reversed So. M the middle ol a dogtight you can Slid yourselt heading lor the ground at an enormous rate simply by rotating loo tar Very contusing. As lor the graphics, well they belong tirmly in Look out, low (tying building ahead! Dona uy a PD game - not in a £25-p!us product, lo hug no giound mo much o. you ma» and Criticism as«Je lor a second. Jotstrike up duunq Ihg ahmy new plana js „„„„ |un |Q p|ay „ yQU g[ab a male and try the Aerolympics option )i you fly through a
Si ftSSlli -j J the .it tinii the |iio! vii Mt u: tisnl
* * worth ’ ' '*'• H.kIiHx .'i»r.'lc.r.edal a O'y.nri'-I pm I
would III' t il v ¦ .•«* • : ..... i i v • I" I ¦ ¦ • would
reflect this A:, it ___ - ' I though, don't bother qn„ » . H.«
I Jon Sloan 3U o EMPIRE SOFTWARE OUT NOW £25.99 Frantic,
frustrating and tun are - » three words I could use to
F®-| ft :»Ar*- describe Magic Boy. Empire’s Cjj fA newptatlorm
puzzler. ~j r f affr. Tf t B * The aim ol the game is to help
jUtrr V | Hewlett Ihe wizard's apprentice ’Rfa X; sift lUiil
recapture the magical creatures he's ;; accidentally rein,-ised
Ilwmonslurs kJMkjfip- have escaued into lour ditlerent worlds:
Sand Land Wet World, Plastic Place and Future Zone As each wor
n has eight levels and you JtUjCljUf''. WopQQOPWj visit them
twice. Hewlett s going to BS*g.r JAMQQOPim have his work cut
out capturing the SnoUoo galorp! G«l your lumng ngm and you
escapees in the required time limit. Somd « you- nog up -nmcmo,
ounoomw. M. To aid him in his eflorts he has a ymKCMruurm be.
**"'* *"* magic wand and bag HO can zap the creatures with a
magical bolt and. While they're stunned, slull them into the
bag Pulling down on the joystick at this point will send them
tumbling back to their pens at the bottom ot the screen.
It's a bnght and colourful game with cartoon-like characters and a chirpy, though eventually grating, tune. The gameplay is tough with the devious level design making lor some frustrating action. Some levels have been constructed so that there's only one way to complete them so, should you take a wrong route on one, you'll be unable lo oomplete it. Although you can restart It you do lose your bonuses which is irritating. On the whole it's been well coded allhough Hewlett himselt moves like he's in treacle.
It you've a high tolerance level and aren't prone to smashing your Amiga every time you lose your rag you'll be okay with this game. Those less evenly tempered will find it induces uncontrollable rages - as the games room at CU Towers can testily. It s hard but fun. , Jon Sloan Lose is a four letter word GAME REVIEW DANNY Based on our own Mr Slingshy, Danny is cool, hard, has a great haircut, and is a bit crap when it comes to beating up anything more than hall his height. He has a (airly standard sel ol moves, although his fireball capability is impressive.
Mind you, it’s nothing compared to Jon when he loses his temper. | Junior is one big, bad dude and no mistake.
Training in the art of Jawa La, which literally translates as 'hit you with my [spinning arm’, Junior has real speed on his side.
Thai plus a few bionic implants, but v e won't dwell on those. His Blitz move is pretty special, lashing out with 40 punches at once.
Game that was once hailed as tl Amiga’s Make no bones about it, Body Blows was a damn good game. Slreetlighler 2 may have had the hype, but Body Blows was the game designed tor the Amiga. Naturally it sold in ship loads, and deservedly so, as well as slamming Team 17 s reputation even higher up the ladder. This Christmas, the story continues with Body Blows Galactic- not so much a sequel, more a new version ot the original.
NOTHING CHANGES Essentially only the graphics have changed. The game is exactly the the fact that this has 11 new characters, all with new moves and special abilities. The basis of the game is much the same, with you fighting your way through 12 opponents, to that they've gone as far as they can.
Unfortunately, you'd be right. Body Blows Galactic is a step in the wrong direction.
PUPPET The first big problem is the list of opponents. When you are fighting against human (or at least humanoid!) Opponents, you can feel that you are attacking someone.
There is some gratification to be had from kicking someone in the teeth chest groin, and this makes the game all the more exciting. When you are fighting against a ghost, a robot or some strange creature made RENCE lor AGA up of cones, the game style instantly loses all character. There is little enjoyment to be gained by kicking a robot in the chest. After all. Robots can't ft MISSED ME!
The next problem comes with the playability itselt. I found the collision detection extremely frustrating.
Half the time you can hit or be hit by somefhing that, by completi reach'. I also found it galling thal although hall of the moves ii leaping in the air. I be hit. But v , it Is tar too e The interesting thing is that the 32- s a lair bit tat . And it is also marjint the end. We've all seen t ups, and we all know ho.
Zzszxt ALIEN BREED 2 TEAM 1 7 OUT NOW £25.99 AMIGA CfDEEII C T A D All you non-AGA owners will have been drooling and drib bling over this one tor the last month. With a whacking great 83 per cent from Jon Sloan last issue, Alien Breed 2 is taking shoot ups lo a new 17 have released the non AGA vei sion. And. Surprisingly, it s actually a better game. My only problem with the AGA version is that it is far too hard, and this version is just that lit
* tie bit easier. Why? Well the fewer colours (but very cleverly
used - can you teUlhem apart?) Mean that rt'fe moves around a
little faster: and there are actually lewoi aliens on scjeen at
any one time, so there's slightly less chance ol you getting
totally oblitertflPO in the first i«w seconds Other man that,
the game is idogiu-al You still have tQ travel out to Colony
Alpha Five to wipe out an invading alien horde, running 1
character Kai-Ti can thing, hands down. Her Jawbreaker move is
inv hardest lunches computer should recognise this and take
some sort ot evasive action.
Instead, it just keeps on walking into the tight and getting suckerpunched.
Strangely enough, it you try to play it properly (i.e. not using a winning move over and over again) most of the characters are useless.
Dino, Warra and Lazer are as ineffective as they come, yet Kai-Ti Is invincible, due to her speed and Jawbreaker move - a move that never fails. This imbalance in char- TEAM17. MARW00D HOUSE. GARDEN STREET. WAKEFIELD. WEST VORSKIRE WF11DX. TEL: 0924 201849 RELEASE DATE: OUT NOW GENRE: BEAT EM UP TEAM: IN HOUSE CONTROLS: JOYSTICK NUMBER OF DISKS: 2 NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 8 HARD DISK INSTALLABLE: NO MEMORY: 1Mb GRAPHICS SOUND LASTABILITY PLAYABILITY ???71% ???74% ???????37% ?? ????60% A sad follow-up to a brilliant game. What a disappointment.
Some of the most realistic fireballs ever seen.
The sound has changed little too. Although some of the speech has been taken out in favour of some more standard spot effects.
'There is so much going on at any one time, though, that you don't around a top view maze taken from games like Gauntlet, logging on to huge supercomputers located all over the base where you can buy extra weapons and power ups. It still has glorious graphics with game wltfi dozens of extremely challenqingjflveis It's still not easy and you're still going to be pushed Jo finish If us one in aiTTffternoon But what the hell? It's so much fun to ofay y6u don t really mind wasUm a week or throe ttTor Tony Dillon TaiKm-miTiwiTtyiiriitTiiwiTtwiriirriiwmiwa-Hwmi' The cehtre of tec mass WTS
Electronics Ltd, Chaul End Lane, Lut On site warranty Two Python joysticks Free Paint package software Mouse mat A1200 Standalone CZ74 A1200 with 20MB £354 A1200 with 40MB £399 A1200 with 60MB £424 A1200 with 80MB £439 A1200 with 120MB £509 A1200 with 200MB £549 A1200 Dynamite Pack A1200 A600 Hard Drives Amiga 500 Hard Drives SVGA Multisync Monitors o High Quality GVP Hard Drives A500 A1500 120MB £429 £382 500MB £989 £942 1GB £1189 £1142 Internal Hard Drives for A500
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• Power Hand Scanner v3.0 £96
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Swapper £1 1 Pro ROM Swapper + 1 3ROM ¦ Pro ROM Swapper + 2
04rom£4 'Workbench 2 04 plus manua's Seasonal Sale • Seasonal
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maSBMEaEMBrnimiMaaammimuamwamiMmmmmimaimimmmmmammimm Est. Since
1984 BEDS, LU4 8EZ TEL (0582) 491949 (6 LINES) X Pro Agnus 2MB
A500 Memory Expansions
• Provides a full 2MB of Chip Memory for the Amiga 500 and
A1500 2000 • Designed and built m England • Supplied with 8375
Obese Agnus • Includes 2Mb Memory on board in the form of low
power Zips • Allows the processing of elaborate animation and
sound sampling • Provides the same max chipmem- ory as the
A3000 A600 &500* • Increases addressable memory space from 9MB
to 10MB • Complete with full instructions and flying leads •
British made
• Pro Agnus 2MB £139 (Free fitting available • Phone for details)
A500 Pro-RAM 0.5 Meg. Upgrade
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• Chip memory compatible
• British made
• Without clock £16
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• Gives a full 2Mb of memory £74 A50O+ 1 Mb Meg Upgrade High
Current Power Supply Cumana 3.5" External Drive Printers Chips
and Spares
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I Why nsk damaging your expensive kit i one simple investment
will ensure il peace of mind now and for the SALES HOTLINE 0582
491949 (6 lines), 0480 4711 17(2Ahri, fax on 0582 505900 i
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cheque and send along with your order. Postal Orders are also
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ONE YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY: Available on all products (excluding chips) at 10% of purchase price when ordering.
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• Switch mode design crow bar projection !
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43d6 Qu rno*
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• 8520 CIA Get ’em while you still can punters, ’cos the VFM
gurus are here again with their selection of cut-price games.
TORVAK THE WARRIOR CORKERS OUT NOW £9.99 11 s me same okj story... me nero s family have been massacred by a m marauding band of goblins. So, swearing revenge, he's grabbed his axe and set off to track them down. Thus, the scene is set for another crap platform-based hack 'em up. You know, 1 blame Arnold Schwarzenegger for the amount of god awful hack and slash games on the market. If he hadn't starred i as Conan The Barbarian I'm sure fV; v Down in the caves the goblins are lurking - probably having a crafty smoke. Trust Torvak the Tab Snatcher to break It up.
There wouldn't have been such a resurgence in the genre. A fitting punishment would be to make him play every one of them.
I can’t think of anything decent to say about Torvak. The sprites scroll so slowly they act like they're on Valium. The firebutton response is so tardy that you can hit it two or three times before Torvak swings his axe. And the graphics and sound are basic in the extreme with in-game tunes non-existent. All in all a dire package with absolutely no enjoyment value.
Avoid at all costs.
Jon Sloan Despite being a bit ol a plodder, Torvak can display the odd bit of gravity-defying lumping. Swing your axe when you do this - 4.A and you'll get a more powerful hit.
CORPORATION CORKERS OUT NOW £9.99 Corporation was the first game to offer face digitisation. What this boiled down to was customers sending a picture plus statistical details (height, weight, skills, etc.) to Core Design who would customise the purchaser's game so that he she became a character in it. You would see everything from a perspective identical to the one yod view the real world from. This gimmick has been copied since then by, most notably, US Gold with Legends of Valour. But Core were the first!
Apart from the neat marketing ploy, Corporation is a standard 3D adventure game. Your character is dropped onto the top of the UCC building with a mission to reach the lab at its base to get some evidence. It’s believed that UCC has been genetically engineering illegal mutants for use as mercenaries and it's up to you to prove it. Of course, standing between you and the truth are 16 floors of robot and mutant filled hell.
- hri cfflp m unn t% uri ny Ytl g i.
- *ic| cmnn pe a- nn U Instead of opting for the old linear
movement (forward, back, left and right) you can walk
diagonally, move and turn at the same time and crouch - just
like real life. The downside of this freedom is that the game
runs very slowly indeed, even on an A4000 040. If you can put
up with this lack of vitality. Walch out lor lhe cameras In the
celling. If they spot Corporation is a cool game. You before
you shoot them the corridors will fill with The graphics have a
richness I?0**.®*0"9hoo‘,,r•,and that is rare outside PC adven-
s,,ou',B* qu's,lon5 ture games and there’s a certain atmosphere
that’s generated by the unusual plot and clever traps. For
instance, the things you meet are not necessarily what they
appear to be. On the first level there’s a giant crab creature
that won’t die no matter how many times you shoot it. However,
if you look carefully you’ll see three projection lenses in
the wall - these are creating the hologramatic creature you’re
shooting. Blast them and it will disappear. An interesting
and innovative RPG. Add it to your collection.
Jon Sloan WAR ZONE CORKERS OUT NOW £9.99 I’ve always had a thing for top-down blasters. Ever since I played a coin-op called Heavy Barrel I've been addicted to the things. The aim ot all these games is simple - run up across the screen, meet lots of nice people, then Kill them. Along the way there'll be the odd weapon power-up and extra energy to collect.
That's about it really.
War Zone is no different. You get to play a stripped-to-the-waist warrior (Rambo has a lot to answer for!) As he journeys across five levels of jungle, swamp and sewers before reaching the enemy base. The enemies you'll face range from easy-to-kill cannon fodder soldiers up to huge battle tanks that need multiple hits from a bazooka to even scratch.
Of all the recent Corkers releases this one has to be my favourite. It's not special by a long way. The graphics are basic, the sonics limited to explosions and bullet effects and the feel is dated. Overall though, it's a fun game to play, especially with two players working together. F:j E Jon Sloan ' All good war films have an attack on tha beach somewhere In them. Here your warrior can explode oil drums to see If there's any goodies Inside.
CU AMIGA BUDGET GAMES COMBAT CLASSICS 2 EMPIRE OUT NOW £29.99 Combat Classics 2 features three ot the best combat simulators to appear on the Amiga with, not surprisingly, two ot them coming from the MicroProse stable.
What a mix! Talk about planes, trains and automobiles - this game should be renamed planes, tanks and submarines!
First up, we've F-19 Stealth Fighter, MicroProse's not-too-far wrong guess at the then secret US radar-invisible bomber. Although it uses the same graphic engine as a lot ot MicroProse simulators, the game is radically different. There is no more high-speed racing into the target area, tollowed by loads ot wanton and extremely easy-to-spot combat and then paving a blazing trail home. F-19 is more about hiding in corners, crawling along tunnels and generally keeping out ot sight. A lot harder than most, but more rewarding than most.
Then we come to the incredible Pacific Islands. Take four tanks, and then win a war with them. It isn't the easiest game in the world, but then who said war was easy? [One more cliche, and you're out! - Ed.] Imagine a game that really put you in control of a tank, where a mixture of shaded polygons and scaled bitmap images gave a more realistic view of the outside world. Where real strategies took real planning, but ultimately win through, provided you have the guts to win through the actual combat. What can I say, other than it's one of my favourite games of last year.
Finally we reach MicroProse's Silent Service 2. SS1 was a superb simulation in its own right, and this sequel takes everything that was good about the original and improves upon it immensely. It takes a while to get used to, and the action is limited due to the type of craft being simulated, but you could do a lot worse if you're looking for a decent challenge. All together, they make up one of the best compilations around this Christmas, and a bargain at the price!
Tony Dillon SUBURBAN COMMANDO Chuck'd occasionally llnd a dinosaur willing lo give him a ride Don't tall oil though cos lhal swamp la deadly.
ALTERNATIVE OUT NOW £24.99 Film licenses like this one don't come around very often. Thank god! If any of you remember the film, this game is a lot worse. It starred ex-WWF wrestler Hulk Hogan, favourite of kids and grannies everywhere, as Shep Ramsey.
This intergalactic hero starts the film by destroying the evil General Suitor's ship. Unfortunately. Shep’s ship is damaged in the battle and he crash lands on Earth. Here he must find parts to repair his ship while fighting off the attentions of the bounty hunters sent to kill him.
The game follows the film fairly closely with the first level comprising a scrolling shoot 'em up as Shep attacks the battleship. Once this level is passed the rest of the game turns into a basic platform beat 'em up. First there’s the battleship, then downtown L.A. and finally a half finished skyscraper. All along there are robots, guards, street thugs and bounty hunters to avoid or bop on the nose. As an ex-wrestler Hulk Shep is handy with his fists and feet but his moves are limited to a punch, uppercut, sweep and flying kick. The enemies have a range of weapons at their disposal includ
ing lasers, rivet guns, knives and batons. So, taking them out is usually a question of timing rather than steaming in with fists flying.
The main sprite moves like he’s on ice but his animation is lively. The tunes may very well come from the film but I didn't like them either. The game- Iplay is fast but uninspiring. Overall, it’s not really worth the bother. If you're eight years old and still pining for the days Hulk took on The Nasty Boys in the ring then you’ll find this nostalgic fun. Otherwise, Jon Sloan Level one starts with a shoot ’em up. It’s an Important level 'cos how well you do here deter- | mines how powerful you are In I the later levels.
CHUCK ROCK CORKERS OUT NOW £9.99 Chuck Rock has everything a good platform game should have: colourful sprites, cute main character, loads of enemies and the usual naff plot. Naff plot - his wife, Ophelia, has been kidnapped by Gary Gritter, so Chuck’s out to get her back. Unfortunately, she's been spirited away across a hostile land which is populated with loads of dinosaurs and most of 'em see Chuck as their next meal. There’s swooping Pterodactyls, charging woolly Mammoths and a huge Tricerotops - all out to get him. Luckily, he's a pretty versatile caveman. First, he's got a secret
weapon down his pants. Can you guess what it is? That's right - his belly. His giant gut can bounce enemies right off the screen. Arid he can also throw rocks or use them as stepping stones to reach higher platforms.
Despite having only five levels, it's a pretty big game. There's loads of sub sections for Chuck to complete, hundreds of dinos to avoid and the odd puzzle to solve. As it's an action-orientated game the puzzles are basic, and mostly involve throwing a rock or belly butting something. There's a great cartoon feel to the game with the dinos spitting false teeth, pulling massive hammers out of nowhere and rocks that suddenly sprout legs.
Chuck Rock’s a game that every joystick waggler should have in their collection. It’s the kind of game that you can pick up, have a quick play with then put away for a couple of months. Definitely worth a tenner.
Jon Sloan v4W Dino Detective Agency is a very poor attempt to cash in on the still rolling Jurassic Park bandwagon. You get to guide Sherlock Ness, the 'famous' dino detective, through four cases (or levels) that he’s got to solve with the aid of his trusty camera. Missing the chance to introduce some sex into the storyline - you know, man in raincoat taking furtive pictures - the four cases are boring in the extreme focusing on missing budgies, bank robberies, etc (yawn).
The main sections of the game are platform based with various bad dinosaurs out to stop Ness. Every time they hit him he loses one life. The only way to stop this is to jump over or stun them momentarily with the camera's flash. Of course, you’ve only got a limited amount of flashes, but they can be topped up by collecting the bulbs scattered around the level. At the end of each level there's a shooting gallery scene where you guide a wobbly crosshair around the screen in an attempt to get a full facial shot of the crook. Do it in the time limit and you’re okay, fail and it’s game over.
This game is a waste of a floppy disk. Crap animation, crap sounds and non-existent gameplay.
If you can endure playing it for more than five minutes you deserve a prize. As an alterna- tive to a slow, painful death buy it. On second thoughts take the slow, painful death.
Jon Sloan AMOS-Tiie ultimate programming tool Easy AMOS
• An ultra-friendly easy-to- use beginners' guide to programming.
• Helps you create impressive graphics, scroll text and add music
to your creations.
AMOS Professional
* Essential for the more experienced programmer.
? Vastly enhanced version of the original AMOS.
» Includes 650 page manual to get you started.
AMOS Pro. Compiler
• Gives your creations a kick- start
• Simple to use - compiles in seconds.
• Includes latest update to AMOS Professional Write programs,
create games, produce impressive graphical effects, scroll
text, the list is endless... If you're a complete beginner or
an advanced programmer, AMOS is for you.
Your AMOS Specialist Dealer Menec Corrputers 0792 467980 Comtaza. Merryhil 0384 261698 Coventry Computer Centres, Coventry 0203 223081 MIS KkMermnster 0S62 74S4SI Miles Better Software. Canrock 0543 466580 Soft-Ly. Macn Keynes 0908 670620 Spa Computers. Leamngton Spa 0926 337648 Town Computers, Hartey 0782 287540 Nortfi WmC Bc*on Corrputer Centre. Boftcn Burnley Computer Centre. Burnley Castle Computers, Lancaster Computer Store. Wakefekl Computer Store Huddersfield Computer Store. Doncaster Computer Store Leeds Computer Store Meadowhal Database, Thurrock 0708 89C976 Estuary Computers,
Southend on Sea 0702 614131 0924 290159 0484 514405 0302 325260 0532 429284 0742 569121 Gamer, Brighten 0273 728681 Hobbyte Computers. St Albans 0727 856005 Irwcta Software. Tunbridge Weils 0892 S11542 Logic Sales, Cheshott 0992 62S323 Logk Sales, Peterborough 0733 349696 Platinum Personal Computers, Rayleigh 0268 778909 Platinum Personal Computers. Lei* on Sea 0702 471062 To find out more about AMOS telephone Europress Software on 0625 859333 1 1 yn nnrrc Europress Software, Europa House.
' kL( * AdlingtonPark,MacdraftetdSK104NP SOFT W A R E lei: (1625 859333 Sales: 0625 85W4 If you’re looking for adventure you’ve come to the right place darlings. Each month, I attempt to answer your RPG and adventure enquiries - in the best possible taste of course!
LEGEND OF KYRANDIA I'm completely stuck in the Legend of Kyrandia. I've been told to go to Faeriewood by the wizard, but I can’t get through the caverns because I can’t get across the Chasm of Everfall. I have a spell that makes me go cold, and some sort of musical pipes. So far, I have found the stones which release the trap and I have found the Pantheon of Moonlight. In this place it would appear that I have to insert something into the hole in the altar, but I don’t know what to stick in it. Can you help?
L. Grynich, Horsham.. To haiv come this far you have obviously
appreciated how to me the fire berries to light up the caves,
so leave the Pantheon and continue to map the cave until you
find the Cavern of Twilight.
Here, you can pick up a coin.
You said you have already found enough stones to throw into the basket to open the trap which seals the cave's entrance, so I suggest you go back to the outside world and think for a moment.
You e got a coin. Now I bet you wish you knew what to do with it.. THE SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND II In the Secret of Monkey Island II, how do I retrieve the piece of the map from Governor Marley’s mansion after it’s blown over the cliff?
Laura Adams, Rainham.
IX Then you nipped smartly through VV the mansion's kiUhen with that angry cook at your heels, did you think to pick up the fish that n'as lying there ? If you did, you have all you need to make a swop with the angler on Phatt Island.
The fisherman hasn't pulled anything all day (despite his big, impressive rod), so it’s up to you to get a hold of it and see if you can think of a belter use for it, (Answers in a plain envelope please.)
THE SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND On Monkey Island, how do you get past the troll who is asking for a toll?
Please, if you can. Send a reply as soon as possible.
Martin Goode, Hornchurch.
A nyone who has ever been French- TL kissed by a troll will tell you that it's not a pleasant experience. The reason is that trolls eat a lot of fish and their breath smells like a fishmonger's hanky.
By now ihe smart readers will have gathered what the troll wants in payment, but just for you I will elaborate.
At the rear of the Scumm Bar there is a fish lying on the jetty. By stepping repeatedly on the loose plank you can scare away the greedy sea-gull and pick up the fish for yourself.
P. S. You do realise that I’m not suggesting that you eat the
fish atul then French-kiss the troll don’t you?
INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE My adventuring problem lies with Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade. I have allowed the keg of beer to empty onto the floor without filling the stein first. I have tried leaving the game running for hours in the hope that the keg would refill, but, alas, it does not.
There is no way to progress any further in the castle without the benefit of the beer. For example, I need to pour it onto the hot coals, and to disable the alarm system. Please don’t say I have to go back to the beginning because I have no save game files. If you can offer no solution then please publish my phone number in the hope that someone may have a disk with a suitable save game they can lend me.
Keith Thornton, Essex T fiiu are quite right that you need some I beer from the barrel to pul out the fire and disable the alarm, but this game is pretty fair at letting you do things by another path.
'Ihe main use for the beer is lo gel meat for the dog, then you can get the boxing trophy which you can fill with beer and give to Biff the Nazi. Having had a drink. Biff will think he’s twice the man.
But in fact his perf ormance will be seriously hampered. (Isn’t that the same old nture ADVENTURE HELPLINE CU AMIGA II you’ve got a problem ot a more personal nature, you can get expert advice by writing to Vampyra's Agony Corner.
I’ve just read a ’how to do it’ hook, (actually it was nearly all pictures) and I was amazed at the physique ol the guy in the photographs. Now I’m worried that I’m an abnormal shape.
How does someone tind out it their equipment is adequate? I’m 19 and what I would like to know is, when does your 'equipment’ stop growing?
Your ‘equipment' continues to get longer for as long as you are prepared to tie bricks to it.
Don't worry about the guy in the photos I know for a fact that he wears lace underwear.
F I am an 18-year-old female student, yet my lather still insists that I can t stay out all night.
I'm sure that a night person like yourself would agree that this is unreasonable.
Could you reply and tell my father that I don't need to go to bed so early?
I'm sorry, but I don't agree with you. No matter when go out, I always try to be in bed before midnight. Otherwise, go home!
Story, girls?) You could, instead, just fight your way past Biff and forget the beer. It would be a tough fight but I'm sure you could do it if you thought I was waiting for you upstairs.
Hopefidly that should save the day, so ue don V need to publish your telephone number - I'll just keep it for myself GOING FOR THE JUGULAR... THE IMMORTAL I am on the last level of The Immortal and I’m facing the dragon. Once I have used my six blink spells and fire protection I am done for.
I also have six statue spells, magnetic hands and sonic protection, all of which I've tried but none have helped.
Brett Higgins, Tasmania I did have problems with Monkey Island, but after I saw your lovely pictures in the November issue of CU AMIGA I forgot all about my burdensome problems. If you are Vampyra then I am Dracula. How about a date?
Damien Robinson, Swansea.
T J w sweet you are. Hmm do like tall did have a small fiddle with this game, but I found I had to move too quickly. do II dark handsome men. Perhaps we could meet, but it could only be for just a quick bite.
WAXWORKS I'm stuck in the Mine section of Waxworks. I’m trying to work out where the mutant’s weak spots are.
Is there some way to make the chemical spray last longer, so it leaves enough for the vines, pods and spikes? Uncle Boris is not much help.
I’ve really enjoyed this game up until now. But it’s becoming impossible. I know the whereabouts of the medi-kit for the doctor, but by the time I get anywhere near it, I’ve lost most of my hit points and I perish at the hands of the welcoming mutants.
Keith Ellis, Chelmsford.
Rhere are many ways to skin a cat, so don't despair. In the mine you can find a generator full of gasoline. Click on the generator's drainage hole and select open. (Use the screwdriver from the professor to do this bit.) Next, click on the sprayer and drag it over the flowing gasoline. Once the sprayer is full you can quickly replug the hole to leave enough in the generator for a second refill. You now have two choices. You can either use the gasoline mixture as it is, or use it with the lighter from the professor to nuike a wicked flame-thrower.
LEISURE SUIT LARRY II I’ve been ‘looking for love in all the wrong places' and getting nowhere.
I’m stuck on the beach of the tropical island just wearing the bottom half of an itsy-witsy bikini.
The Russian agents won’t let me past them because it’s obvious to them that I'm not a girl.
Terry Harvey, Penzance.
• a roimd in just your bikini bottom is fine if you have a figure
like mine (I've got cunvs in places where some girls don’t even
have places), but I suggest that you search the bottom of the
ship’s swimming pool to find something that will cover up your
Well all of this excitement has brought guile a Hush to my cheeks, so I think I’ll gel out ol these damp clothes and slip Into a dry martini. See you next month.
And remember, don't hesitate to write to me it you are having any problems with adventure games.
RPG games and anything else that tickles your fancy. Write down your little problem and send it in a plain envelope to: ‘Oear Vampyra' CU AMIGA. Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane.
London EC1R3AU.
Like to take my own sweet time over things. When you land on the rock activate the blink spell and the dragon will appear.
You must avoid the fire six times using the blink spell. The dragon will go on to breathe fire once more, but it won’t manage it first time. (I'm not surprised if the poor thing has already managed it six times!)
As he starts to try again, activate the fire protection spell. Hold the amulet up to the light but do not read the runes. At this point the wizard wiU appear.
Activate the statue spell and use this to protect yourself from the x vizard's lightning bolts. At the dragon's fourth attempt actii ale the sonic protection spell. Use the txoo remaining body statues to protect yourself from the lightning and flying monsters.
After reading the wizard's message, quickly use the magnetic hands to get the amulet from him. The dragon’s next blast of flame will be so powerful it’ll fry the wizard to a crisp.
As for the letter which I received from a naughty reader in Manchester, I’d just like to say that I don’t believe that it’s possible to do that. And even if it is, I’m sure it would ruin the custard!
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«As the sun slowly sets on another product-packed year, John Kennedy takes a look back over the past twelve months and selects what he considers to be the high-points and low-points... That was the year, that was - all 12 magazine packed months ol it. From the 'Get Serioi point ol view 1993 was an excellent time to own an Amiga - lots ot graphics, lots ol new hardware and the brand spanking new A1200 was still warm and smelling ol freshly baked plastic.
HARDWARE AWARDS 8!“£S!£wv.u* The new 16 million colour AGA chipset brought forth a rash ol software upgrades, and prompted several manufacturers to create video cards lor those not wanting to dump older computers. At last the ageing Motorola 68000 was laid to rest as the standard Amiga CPU, and the fully 32-bit 68020 has become the entry level processor. The standard memory limits have also been upped to a sensible 2Mb, and probably the best Amiga ever was released - the CD32.
Much rumouring and murmuring has accompanied the decline ot the Amiga and Commodore in the US. But whatever the current share price, the CD32 is widely reckoned to be the machine to make or break the company.
Many promised hardware and software items simply failed to leave West Chester, as all production was concentrated on the new Sega Nlnlendo beater. II it succeeds, which it deserves to, the Amiga will emerge stronger than ever before with a fresh user base eager to eiperience what the Amiga is capable ol. II It tails, who knows... Perhaps we ll all he using Falcons this time next year (hahl).
Igazine rious' SERIOUS1 As the only one sober enough to remember the past 12 issues with any clarity, it has fallen on my shoulders to select the items of hardware and software which I think deserve to be considered worthy of a jewel encrusted, 24-carat golden Get Serious statue in the shape of Dan blowing his nose.
I’ve judged the all items from the current technological standpoint (and which have survived on my hard disk the longest), which may mean the scores received at the time of the review are in conflict with each other.
VipEO Winner: RocKey Runner up: VideoMaster Desktop Video has still to reach its full potential on the Amiga, due in part to the high price of equipment. The RocKey Chromakey was an exception, as it offered real live chromakeying effects at a fraction of the cost of other hardware. It’s even cheaper now, which makes it remarkable value for money. Also eminently affordable was the VideoMaster digitiser, which managed to capture live video and sound at 25 frames a second on a standard Amiga. This amazing feat was only let down by software which didn't fully support the IFF animation standard.
Runners up: Picasso II, Frame Machine 1993 saw an explosion in the number of graphics cards for the Amiga. Although the AGA chipset was standard in the low-cost A1200, existing A2000 A3000 owners had made large investments in terms ol accelerators and hard drives.and needed a graphics upgrade. German companies were best at the price performance ratio, and the pairing of V-Lab and Retina (April) as a 24-bit display and capture team gets my vote. The software upgrades to allow sequences to be taken from video lifts it above all other cards. A close second was Picasso II (December), which also
provided excellent results and the Frame Machine (September) which may had been the most tricky Zorro card to fit ever, but offered very clever real time re-scaling of live video.
TUND inosound Turbo II Runner up: DSS8+, One Stop Music Shop There is still no definitive cheap 16-bit sound sampler on the Amiga, and although several have tried (Clarity, Maestro) the big shortcoming is always the software support. For 8-bit quality, Technosound Turbo II gets the prize, with the dearly-cased DSS8+ from GVP coming second. For bringing professional level sound (almost) within reach of ordinary Amiga owners, One Stop Music Shop gets an honourable mention.
CQMMS Winner: GVP PhonePak Runner up: US Robotics Sportster In the October Wired World' article we looked at nearly every modem under the sun. Oddly, the winner isn't a modem, it's the GVP PhonePak which is an amazing card capable of answering the telephone, taking messages, giving messages and doubling as a FAX machine. It’s an incredible card which deserves more attention that it's currently getting. The second prize goes to the Sportster modem, which consistently sent data the fastest and made the most reliable connections. It may look like a Stylophone, but it’s a darn good modem.
OXA Runner up: GVP1230 The A1200 is a hugely popular machine, which means there is a large market for memory and accelerators. GVP and Microbotics were two companies quick to offer an upgrade for the existing 68020 processor. The winner is the M1230XA (July) from Microbotics, which can support up to 128Mb of RAM if you can afford the SIMMs. With this card, the A1200 went faster than the A4000 030 - a terrific achievement. The GVP card (April) was almost as fast, but cost slightly more and that's the only reason it was runner up.
CD32 Runner up: Amiga 4000 030, Commodore 1942 Monitor Much to everyone's surprise the successor to the CDTV, the eagerly awaited CD32 (August) turned out to be one hell of a machine. The marriage of a double speed CD-ROM drive to the colourful AGA chipset and 68020 means the CD32 is potentially the most powerful games console on the market.
Commodore promised 70+ titles for Christmas, and although this target has not been reached there are still a lot of excellent games available.
Minor criticisms of the CD32 include a rather naff plastic case and the lack of serial or floppy disk ports. But at least the latter will be fixed by the forthcoming expansion unit.
The Amiga 4000 launched late the previous year offered amazing power with its 68040 processor, but unfortunately was beyond the budget of many users. May saw the A4000 030, which used a much cheaper and slightly slower 68030 engine.
The A4000 030 is the replacement for the A2000 and initial sales out-stripped supply.
To make the most of the new AGA flicker-free screen modes you need a VGA or multisync monitor, and one of the best is also from Commodore (a really good year from the techies at Big C). The 1942 will display all screen modes at good resolution and even has a pair of stereo speakers for games players. Nice one.
It or not, but I rendered this Image using only Real 3D e most Important Amiga graphics program this year. (But y an air-freshener? - A rather puzzled Ed] Runners up: Brilliance, DeluxePaint IVAGA Image rendering look a giant step forward with the introduction of Real 3D v2 in October. Nothing in the previous releases could have prepared us for the 'real world' modelling features, including collision detection, gravity and motion blur. The depth of field and multiple mapping methods have made Real 3D the best ray tracer currently available. What the Amiga needed most was an art package
to make the most of the AGA chipset, and it got two. The old favourite Deluxe Paint January) was updated to work with the16milllon colour palette, but new boy Brilliance (October) wrenched the crown away from It with some incredibly fast operations.
Oesmhr’ Runner up: Blitz Basic 2 March saw the latest upgrade to Lattice C - it became SAS C and even faster. It is now the standard by which others are judged. For more basic programming, Blitz 2 (April) offered incredible speed and some neat graphics and sound support.
SOFTWARE vKnrSr? Armnef ollection Runner up: CDPDIII The award for squeezing the most high quality software on to one disc goes to the Walnut Creek Arrinet collection, which filled hundreds of megabytes with archived material from the world's largest Amiga PD collection (December).
Almathera's third volume of PD is more accessible, with more in the way of images and sounds (November). Both are a bargain, provided you have a CD-ROM player.
Inner: PageSetter 3 Runner up: The Publisher, Wordworth 2 Gold Disk are still the bee's knees when it comes to DTP, and PageSetter 3 (March) offered hundreds of features at a bargain price. The Publisher was so impressive that we actually reviewed it twice and is now at a new budget- busting price!
D AFTER OL The last year saw many exciting new developments, as well as a great deal of teasing. Along came the CD32, but where was the FMV, first demonstrated to an unbelieving bunch of journalists? And what about the expansion for the A1200? Where will it leave existing A1200 memory expansions and accelerators? What about the fabled Falcon-beating Digital Signal Processor, the retargetable graphics, the 16-bit sound?
PREDICTIONS The next year will be make or break for Commodore. Assuming we're all here next year, here is what I predict I'll be writing about: MPEG will become more widely available and usable, as will decent 16-bit sound cards, affordable writable CD-ROM and CDXL (AGA).
New high-end Amiga Workstations based on the AAA chipset will be launched with the home version running Workbench and Windows NT.
MOST UNDERRATED THINGS After all we have been given to play with, there are a few items which seem to get a lot of bad press, or no press at all. Arexx is still the unsung hero of AmigaDOS, and the A570 and CDTV CD-ROM drives died a most unnecessary death. The internal IDE interface brought hard drives to more users than ever before, and all some folk can do is sniff and say 'should have been SCSI'. Finally, CrossDOS gets a mention for providing an easy to use bridge with the worlds of IBM and Apple.
GOODBYE TO... Last year saw the departure from CU AMIGA of several talented people, as well as: Nick SOUND Winner: Bars and Pipes Pro v2 Runners up: Deluxe Music v2, OctaMED v5, SuperSound 4 It may have been a pretty lacklustre from the hardware point of view, but music software was thick on the ground. Bars and Pipes v2combined MIDI with multimedia in April and takes first place.The runners up all made the most of existing Amiga sound capabilities to excellent effect.
Veitch (can't remember where he went - the competition entries to the 'I think Nick is a traitor because...' competition where too numerous and rude to print); Heather Turley (the matriarchal figure responsible for getting copy in); Jon Sloan (who has had enough of games software to last him a lifetime - so he’s going to work for a games software house); Tom (Chief Judge) Glenister, CU's ex-Ad Manager and our resident flight sim expert with the Biggies moustache to go with it; and finally, our beloved Publisher, Garry Williams the man with a heart of gold and an empty wallet when it came to
getting a round in. We'll miss them one and all... Combining MIDI music, Amiga samples and Amiga multimedia, Bars and Pipes Pro was the most Interesting music program ol 1993.
What a year! WHAT A YEAR! The CU Amiga team cannot remember a more productive or rewarding twelve months when it comes to Amiga games software.
Here’s our pick of the crop... What can I say! The best game released m 1993 has to be the awesome Frontier Five years in the making, it received the absolutely enormous score ot 97 per cent in November's CU. Akmg with a six page review The kind ot game you can play tor months without getting tired, Frontier is THE game ot '93. Mind you.
Bulltrog's Syndicate isn't too tar behind. Hailed as one ot the best games ever, this extremely violent mob shootout has you searching a city, blasting innocent civilians and generally re-enacting the most violent movies ot your choice. Ninety-four per cent? Worth every one. In our opinion.
II helicopters are more your thing, then what about EA's stunning conversion of Desert Stnke.
Surely one ol the greatest Mega Drive games ever Those Sega owners must have been turning in their graves when they | U J “] was actually better on the Amiga! It had better explosions, better sound ellects and better controls all round.
Speaking ol better, someone else who topped their previous best was Dino Dini. Who released Goaii through Virgin this year (after splitting with Anco and losing the Kick Ott name into the bargain) to massive applause and bigger scores, raking in a massive 93 per cent.
For the less soccer minded, there was always Sim Lite to fall back on. Reviewed back In May it was yet another game to score 93 per cent, and wins the award lor being one ol the most complicated simulations ever. Take a lite lorm, and evolve it on an ever-changing planet.
Strange, but true.
T*mtn OT J Oun. Mmfe Off) car- 0»9» "pifdon_ - If adventures are more your cup ol tea. You could always delve into the large and glorious Ishar 2. With over 400,000 views over a large variety of landscapes, this is one of the most challenging games to come out of France, and it also took a 93 per cent score home with it.
Later in the year came a clutch of more traditional games. September saw the release ot Soccer Kid, and with it the promotion of.Krisalis software to the top of the league.
A tun platform game, it used a football in a way never seen in an Amiga game before.
And what about this month? Mortal Kombat and Terminator 2 appeared - two red hot
• •• arcad« conversions from Virgin TfTyt-T games scoring 93 and
92 per respectively. One is the most hyped beat em up since
Streettighter 2 and the other is one ot the best arcade
machines to hit the streets Both of them have converted to
the Amiga beautifully, and doubtless both will end up in many a
stocking this year.
1993 has to have been one of the best years for Amiga games ever seen.
There are just far too many games to mencent tion. How I would have loved to talk about the terrific Adventuresott game Waxworks, which scored 91 per cent, or Team 17's Body Blows, the Streettighter beater that also scored 91 per cent.
I didn't even have time to catch up with Hired Guns, yet another 91 per cent title. With the new AGA machines beginning to take over as the base level lor games, let's hope that '94 is even better.
THOSE THAT DIDN'T QUITE MAKE IT Not every game releases last year scored so highly. Here are the live that didn't gulte reach the tog ol tho chans...
1. Covwgirl Strip Poher 13%
2. Sager Sports CkaUeoge 11%
3. Belly's Sgwtleg Darts 24%
4. Soper Caalproa 27%
5. Firekank 32% CU AMIGA PREDICTS
1. Commodore will finally release their high eap 1UU
i. ; u ..k ..
2. David Braben will appear vrin the first mission disk lor
Frontier, and it will stay at number one lor months.
3. Someone arlll figure out ho* to keep 8Mb ol RIM In the
trapdoor without disabling the PCMCIA slot.
4. A sound card lor the Amiga will be released.
5. David Pleasance will get his own chat show.
6. Alternative will create a game based on Kllray.
7. A leading Amiga magaatne will ran an eight-page feature
explaining how U2 write all their music on an ASQO* with a
copy ot fesy AMOS.
I. GVP will release a board that tarns the A12Mlnte a Cray IMP 2.
It will only cast C230.
9 Conmedatr wilt finally release a Hph-4e*srty disk drive lor the Al200 Rensh.
II. Tree VR comes te the Amiga. The headset comes handled with
the 3B Cessfrectfoe tit.
1. Yet another David Pleasance Interview.
2. The A300. (A bypass running through Hampstead Heath.)
3. Any more games with wacky balloon lettering.
4. Beat'em ups where characters say unintelligible things.
5. Any more CO shovehnare.
L The Best Selling Word Processor and Database just became even better... VALUE!
Since its launch. Pen Pal has become the most popular package of its type Not surprising when you consider the extensive features at your fingertips, combined w ith user friendly simplicity, it was bound to be a winner! In a comprehensive Word Processor test. Amiga Format commented "There is little to fault Pen Pal. It deserves to do well" - quite a prediction it seems!
Format have since said that it's "Still the best value for money...” If you're not a Pen Pal user yet. We hope you soon will be. Because at just £49.95... the best iust became better, even better value!
B MediaPoint multimedia magic for the Amiga MediaPoint is the state-of-the-art in interactive presentation software.
Commodore hfo Main Menu Q| New Amiga modets ¦ F CDTV titles H MultimecJa software I El Other products * No other software package on the Amiga has this many features in the standard package. Some of the highlights: MediaPoint is professional:
• Script synchronization on standard time, SMPTE and MIDI.
• Play full motion video and samples from harddisk. Supported
animation formats: anim-5, 7 & 8 and (AGA) CDXL.
• Over 150 smooth screen and object transitions.
• Use buttons to create interactive scripts for mouse, keyboard
and touch screen.
• Script events can be scheduled to be displayed on specific days
and times.
• Use ScriptTalk™ language to create customized scripts with
variables, conditional jumps and Arexx support.
MediaPoint is easy to use:
• Cut, copy, paste and undo for all page and script editor
• Script parts can be collapsed and exploded.
• Text editor allows a different font, size, color and style per
• Antialiasing per character color, not to just one color.
• Frame-oriented page editor with solid, pattern and transparent
frames. Over 50 frame transitions.
I Titling
• Duplicate, centre, align, lock and group move functions for
Weather Conditions MediaPoint means good looking, fast graphics:
• Import any Amiga graphics file including 24 bits.
• Scale and remap to any (AGA) graphics mode.
• Save page layout including text and graphics for use in other
• Ready to use clipart, maps, pictograms, fonts and sounds
• Fast color thumbnails in file requester for easy file browsing.
Infori nation Channels L_ MediaPoint is modular:
• Xapp™ modules for GVP's IV-24, Studio 16 cards, MIDI, CDTV,
LaserDisc players, VCRs, still video players. Coming soon:
Video Toaster xapp.
Fit before Taxes MediaPoint is complete:
• Standard bundled languages: English, French, German and Dutch.
• Free runtime player.
• No hardware key protection.
4 ACTIVA MediaPoint is a trademark of MediaPoint Int. All other brand names are the property of their respective owners. For more information: Activa International Inc. +31-20-691.19.14, Fax: +31-20-691.14.28. Activa Technical Support UK: 081-402.5770, BBS 081 986.5964. imz: LP1200 PCL5 LASER PRINTER 400, 2 Mb RAM 'PPM HP LASERJET lir COMPATIBLE • FLASH ROM UPGRADEABLE!
Ricoh, havo usod their expertise to produce a first' in laser printers, the LP1200 with FLASH ROM. HP LaserJet III'* compatible, the LPI200 employs industry proven laser technology which, unlike LED printers, i uses a laser light source to produce the most accurate and intense printed images at a range of print resolutions up to 400dpi. A last Mt efficient processor and engine, plus a straight paper path design allows printing at a fuU 6 pages per minute. The 2Mb RAM version B A prints a fuM A4 page of text or graphics at 300dpi. Using standard f resident fonts and the alternate controller
firmware supplied. It x [ can also print an A4 page of text or AS page ol graphics at J & features include FLASH ROM future proof technology and LAYOUT • a powerful document description language. The LP1200 s unique internal FLASH ROM, which holds the printer controller firmware, can easily be updated at new developments n technology occur. This profocfs the investment you make m buying a Ricoh LP1200. Other manufacturers would require you to buy a new printer! Internal FLASH ROM and industry standard FLASH ROM PCMCIA cards can also bo used to permanently store fonts, macros, graphics and
extra emulations. Again, unlike the competition, the LP1200 includes LAYOUT, a powerful and intuitive document description language as standard. This offers unque opportunities to f« develop custom made printing systems. .... CORPORATE SALES TEAM Tel: 081-308 0888 Faxoai-aoeoeoe CONSUMABLES CAB 7S00 Cable fO» PCST'A *Wg» £8.47 KIT 52W Unor SL.no- K4 r c Catxa Cl2.50 IAA 5236 Urava-Ml Fort*' (2nd Tny) £8500 IAA 528? 2 HAM MoOile £85 00 IAA 5310 OavaATpa-i'Tcne-CartrxJge £65 00 IAA W25 0 «C Cartrtdoe 0r to» £8900 IAA 5312 A4 Papar Tray (100 Sbeatsl £35.00 TAX l»0 Oco" FaxWodam
Scm.a *rm«ara £120 00 MOO 7l» Pk. Mxr-an *X a»OaU Uo »™ £180 00 IAA 5279 McoMU»IXMC.a(0 5.|---£4900 IAA52M Rtcon F lath RAM CA-d(1«e) . C199 CD IAA 5290 Ricon F U«n RAM Cam (4*»)----(SM80 l MP iWlMtAT 081 BOW A m "W LIST PG PLAIN PAPER FAX OPTION
• ONLY £120 The LP1200 a me World s Rrtt Use- Pnntor lo have me
opoon Of oeirg W«M to a PC ffdooendrt pttm paper tax Just
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connect tm Uimodeni lo toe Serai Port (we recommend the Pace
UaeWn EX • £180...t| Us*q the Windows and DOS software su«*ed
TDD can send and recmre later QbaMy taxes aa 0«*r toe
• odd1 FAXMODEM SOFTWARE FEATURES - f1?S.«i mum . • Greyscaw
trpmo'nim W MAGAZINE UkchoTce OCTOBER 12 ES I Pnwgrapfte.
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• 2Mb RAM AS STANDARD Upgrade to 4u» RAM only CB5.vat • soo below
• PCL5 - wc HP-GL 2 With scalable fonts and vector graphics
• SHARP EDGED PRINTING Ricoh FIAL Ifine Image Algorithm) enhances
• 400dpi RESOLUTION (Default res - 300dpi. Wm address 200, 240 A
• UNIQUE FLASH ROM For controller upgrade and storage
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You’ve just turned to the best tech’ section known to man, and to prove it, this is what we’ve got on test this month... 114 2MB AMIGA SMARTCARD 115 INTERNAL XL DRIVE 115 MEGACHIP 2 116 VIDI 12+24 RT 121 MEDIAPOINT 126 NICOLA 129 PRIMERA PRINTER 132 CELLPRO 132 1 208 BOARD 133 SEAGATE 80MB HARD DRIVE 138 FINAL WRITER 144 ALTERNATIVE 3D TEXTURES OBJECT EDITOR PD SCENE PD UTILITIES ART GALLERY The CU AMIGA lop rated accolade tor non-games products scoring over 90%. They will definitely be worth the money and are likely to act as a benchmark tor tuture releases.
Let’s face it. 880K floppy disks aren’t the mass storage medium they seemed to be when the Amiga was launched. With the rise of 24-bit graphics, enormous adventure games, expansive DTP files and the like, low density disks get more inadequate by the day. There are hard drives of course, but you can’t take out your hard drive every time you want to exchange files with another computer. Power’s 1.76Mb Internal XL drive could be just the solution.
The external version of the XL Drive has been on general release for a few months, but it's only now that you can get one that tucks neatly into your Amiga's beige box. Hooking it up is fairly simple for an internal job. There's really only one possible connector for each of the two contact points on the drive, so as long as you put them on the right way round, nothing much can go wrong. That's the hardware side out of the way, but there’s also the question of the installation software. Before the Amiga can read and write to high density disks, you need to install a software patch onto your
startup sequence. Apart from giving you greater capacity for your own files, the Internal XL also lets you read high density PC disks, expanding your compatibility further still.
Available from: Power Computing, Unit 8 Railton Road, Woburn Road Industrial Estate, Kempston, Bedford, MK42 7PN.
Tel: 0234 843388.
Fax: 0234 840234. R|_ Price: E75.95 (E79.95 for A4000).
MEGACHIP 2 You can upgrade your Fast RAM til you’re blue in the face, but after the first half megabyte, it won't do anything for your sampling capacity. If, like me, you’ve struggled with the constraints of a 1 Mb A500 for years, the prospect of a whole 2Mb of Chip RAM will probably seem like a massive luxury. Chip RAM upgrades have been available before, but they've had the disadvantage of turning off any trapdoor expansion you might need, which is where Power’s Megachip 2 comes in.
Bouring chip. This shouldn’t pose a problem as the relevant connections are indicated in the manual. Once you’ve done that, all that remains is to tuck everything away, put the case back on and power up.
You'll now find that some of your Fast RAM has been taken over but, most importantly, you’ll have a couple of megabytes of Chip RAM to play with. The difference this makes to OctaMED or Protracker is stunning. Instead of being limited to modules of around 300K, now you can produce 2Mb monsters! Apart from the sound advantages, you’ll have access to games that need extra chip RAM, and, if you’re into graphics, you’ll be able to use more colours at higher resolutions. This is just the thing to inject some new life into any tired old A500.
Available from: Power Computing, Unit 8 Railton Road, Woburn Road Industrial Estate, Kempston, Bedford, MK42 7PN.
Tel: 0234 843388.
Fax: 0234 840234.
Price: £159.
In order to increase your Chip RAM. You need to increase the size of your Agnus chip.
Unfortunately, this means that you can’t just slot in a card - yes, it’s screwdriver time I'm afraid.
The Megachip 2 is actually a replacement Agnus chip. The instructions for installing it are adequate and encourage you to call Power’s technical helpline if you have any doubts (there’s one in the eye for the box-shifters). Installation involves locating your existing Agnus chip, prising it out, and slotting in your new one. A few trailing wires then have to be connected to the legs of a neighOne ol Ihe Biggesl criticisms levelled at VR Laboratory's Vista fractal landscape generator, has always been its inability to convert IFF images to Iractal scenery. Even the latest release, Vista Pro
3.0. still won't handle this all- important task It may seem like a rather pointless thing to do. Out imagine being able to generate an animation ol an aircraft flying across a company logo that’s raised up from a fractal generated landscape - even the guys at Industrial Light and Magic (they ol Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park lame) would be proud of an effect like thatl Not surprisingly, an entrepreneurial company has stepped in to lilt the gap with the release ol ScapeMaker. A utility that can conven either an entire image, or a small portion ol an image into a Vista DEM Me. Which can then
be loaded into Vista and transformed into a Iractal image complete with grass, snow, trees and even buildings. Obviously youll need to own Vista to be able to take advantage ol this utility, as ScapeMaker is nothing more than a conversion tool. It does, however, include a number ol tools that will allow you to edit existing DEM files to make them smoother, and you can even merge an IFF graphic with a DEM. So that the IFF appears to blend in with a ftue Iractal landscape.
Designing an IFF image lor use with ScapeMaker is surprisingly simple The easiest way is to design your graphic in 16 colours using a range ot greys from black to white Each colour represents a ramp level with white being the highest and black the lowest. Once you've imported the graphic into ScapeMaker, all you have to do is to mark the region ol the image you’d like converted to a DEM, select MakeDEM' and the graphic will be converted Unless you've smoothed the graphic yourself, the clitl edges will be rather harsh when It's the size and shape ol a credit card, and it can boost your A1200
or 600's RAM by 2MB It couldn t be simpler - all you do is plug it in and boot up The PCMCIA port is the unassuming slot on the left-hand side ol your Amiga. It's only 16 bits wide, so it's limited to passing 16 bits at a time, rather than the 32 that are spewn back and lorth Irom the rest ol the A 1200‘s chips. The result is a very slight speed increase, but not hall as much as you'd get with a trapdoor Fast RAM expansion (which generally would give a doubling in speed). In fact, it's unlikely that you'd notice any acceleration in normal day-to-day running, even though Syslnlo docks about a
20 per cent increase.
This is one ol the cheapest ways ol expanding your 600 1200's RAM 1200 owners have the option ol spending about £50 more lor a 4Mb trapdoor board, while 600 owners can take the far cheaper option ol a 1 Mb trapdoor card lor £35. Bear in mind that most trapdoor expansions will disable anything that's plugged into the PCMCIA port. Although in theory it's possible to daisy-chain penpherals that use the PCMCIA port, we've yet to come across any that come with through-porls. For example, you won’t be able to use it in conjundkm with Software Demon's Overdrive.
Available Irom: Indi Direct Mail. 1 Ringway Industrial Estate, Eastern Avenue, Lichfield, Stalls, WS13 7SF.
Tel: 0543 419999.
Fax: 0543 418079. ToTlfc Price: £119.99. tP SCAPE MAKER the image is rendered in Vista, so it's worth smoothing the DEM to create more receding dill laces The results can certainly be pretty stunning, especially il you merge your DEM with an existing lanscape ScapeMaker is the utility that the makers of Vista Pro forgot to write, and it should be at the top ol every Vista user's shopping list. Highly recommended.
Available Irom MegageM, 1903 Adria, Santa Maria, CA 93454, US. Tel:0101 805 3491104.
Price: *64.95 plus *8 P.P Ugrade : *25 plus *3 P.P. GET SERIOUS CU AMIGA IIS The only trouble with Roi them had what it takes to looks at the Vidi 12 and 24 y low-cost digitisers was speed. None pture moving images. Mat Broomfield which should change all that.
Rombo have dominated the budget digitiser market lor years. Now they're raising their sights to take on the likes ol V-lab. Have they done enough pre-light training? Despite infrequent forays into other Amiga arenas. Rombo have more or less made their fortune selling low-cost digitisers. They started with Vidi Amiga, a package that needed a separate colour splitter for video work, or coloured filters if you were using a camera.
Several years later, they released Vidi 12, a 12-bit device which was subsequently altered to incorporate AGA screen modes.
This digitiser sold for under £100, yet offered relatively good quality, and had a built-in colour splitter. Its only problem was that it was relatively slow to capture an image, taking nearly a second per frame to grab - at least 25 times too slow to capture a live full-colour video image.
Their newest products are called Vidi 12 RT and Vidi 24 RT. The RT in the title stands for real time, so it won’t take a great leap of genius to work out that they’ve finally overcome the limitation of speed.
It's Important to understand that the program can grab In a number of resolutions, but regardless ot the capture resolution, you can sf« create an Image In any Amiga screen mode You can even save AOA screens on non-AGA Amigas.
Although obviously such Images can t be viewed on those older computers == Video 2 Video 2 You can use Vkdl s Image processing options to alter images that you've digitised wtth the hardware, or you can load screens from another source. In addition to all IFF screen formats. The program can also handle PCX, TIFF and BMP Image formats which are usually associated with the PC.
It should occupy a full or quarter screen size. Non-AGA Amigas are not capable of 256 colour display. The smaller size gives faster screen updates, but. To be honest, even then the frame rate is very low (perhaps three to five frames per second) in 256 greyscale mode.
You can also choose from one of fhree video sources: S-VHS or two composite video sources This is ideal because you can simultaneously connect the hardware to a camera and two VCRs.
The display prefs window is where you can specify the way that the captured image is shown and can now capture an image in any Amiga resolution ot screen mode directly from a moving picture source in as little as 1 501h ot a second.
Not ot vory high quality, but rental tapes usually provide a superior source ot footage and the Image Is often more stable. Compare this cUp from a rental copy of Hook, to the Inferior sell-through Black Adder still shown elsewhere In this review.
Image, ana display it in low resolution. Vidi 24 can capture at a resolution ot 720 lines, twice as high as standard TV. And equal to professional broadcast cameras Vidi 12 manages halt that resolution, which is quite adequate lor digitising video.
Whilst you’re grabbing an image, you will be shown a monochrome preview screen, and you can specify whether this preview should be in 16 or 256 shades ot grey and whether AN OLD FRIEND II you’ve used Vidi 12, the software accompanying Vidi 12 RT or Vid. 24 RT will be familiar, as it looks identical and includes many of the same features.
When the program loads, you’re greeted by the main screen. At the right of the screen is a window that can be used to show the currently selected image, whilst at the left is a row of buttons which you can use to access the various parts of the program. The first of these buttons are used to define your grab and display preferences and are only accessible from this screen. This is where you can set up the defaults used each time you capture an image. This section includes the brightness, contrast and colour controls. You can also specify the type of image.captured by the hardware. This is
distinctly different from the displayed image For example, you can capture a tow-resolution image, but display it in super high-res (on an AGA machine). Or you can capture a high-res interlaced 116 whereas (he carrousel and main windows will show a greyscale representation.
So anyway, you've selected your preferences. Now you can go to the grab screen where you'll capture an image You can specify whether the grab should be in colour or monochrome, and you can also reselect your video source. You can even choose time-lapse digitising, with intervals ranging between half a second and six hours. And if you’re really getting creative you can rig it up to take a shot each time a switch is triggered, making It ideal for certain types ol security and surveying work.
Although similar to earlier versions of the software, there are a number of omissions from this section. The only notable AWOL is the tacrlrty to capture a single colour - component - red, green or blue - although this is not too important as you can always extract the required component later. The easiest way to capture an image is to select Colour and Auto, then dick the Grab button when you're ready. The image will be captured as three separate screens, one for each of the red. Green and blue colour planes. These are then combined and output in the display mode of your choice.
Unfortunately, this mode of operation presents one senous limitation, and that is the tact that you need space in RAM lor a full 24-bit image plus whatever the displayed image will be. This means that you can run out of memory extremely quickly.
If you have Auto selected, once an image has been captured, the three RGB components will be combined and a screen of the specified screen mode will be created and stored in the carrousel.
ROUND AND ROUND WE GO The carrousel is like a slide viewer ft can store as many frames as you have memory for, and you can view them individually or one after the other You can also save screens and animations from here, and it even lets you import and export images in the PC's BMP or TIFF formats. A PCX loader saver is also planned. It's important to note that you can also save your pictures as 12-bit or 24-bit images, regardless of the mode they're displayed in.
POWERFUL PROCESSES The program also offers a good selection of image processing tods. In fact, this is one area that gets better each time the software is updated. I wouldn't» on Ihe screen. You can choose Irom any ol Ihe Amiga's screen and palette modes ranging Irom two-colour low-resolution to HAM8 Super High Res. Because Ihe same software is designed lo work on all Amigas, you are given the option to select display modes which non-AGA machines can t handle. II you choose such a screen mode, the image can still be saved, but will not be displayed in colour. In lad. On the mam edit and view
screens, the image won't be displayed at all, RAMMING THE MESSAGE HOME One ol the program's greatest shorllalls Is the way It chomps up your tree memory. Even on a 6Mb A12001 constantly ran out. And at times it was only possible to store one frame in RAM. I think that given its RAM-hungry nature. Rombo should definitely have incorporated a virtual RAM feature whereby you could use a hard drive, or even a floppy disk as additional temporary memory. Considering the program’s relatively low price point, it seems a shame that it needs additional memory to get any real usability out of It.
It also doesn't lully reclaim RAM that It has used and linished with, so if you digitise a down pictures and delete them all Irom its memory, you may still have to reload the software because you no longer have sufficient RAM to work with. This is actually a fairly well documented problem, known as fragmentation. Many applications require contiguous (all in one chunk) memory to wort.
Unfortunately, each time you delete a picture with Vidi 12 or 24. The memory gets broken down into little chunks, so although all of the memory is being returned to your system, it is no longer contiguous and therefore can't be used.
» be surprised it we saw Rombo reteasing some kind of standalone image processing package m the not- too-distant future There are now 24 different operators, and although some of them do realty boring things like Flip-X and Flip-Y, there are some complex and useful options too. What makes these options powerful is Ihe tact that they can be applied to either Ihe current image, or all selected frames - Ideal if you want to image-process an animation I The options themselves have been greatly enhanced as well Now. Rather than simply giving you a name thal you click on to perform a prede fined
operation, a requester appears asking you to further specify how Ihe effect is to be applied In most cases, this simply means moving a slider to indicate the degree by which the image should be modified. But there are occasions when you can actually define Ihe way that Ihe effect will work.
Convolve is the most vivid example. Although it is complicated lo understand, once you do, you can actually define your own set of effects ranging from colour enhancement, to edge detection THE UPGRADE PATH Vidi 12 and 24 RT art great tun tor the enthusiastic amateur, and Rombo say that they'll stand up against any other digitiser costing £1,000 or less. They are reasonably priced, although by no means could you describe them as give-aways. However, the one thing that eases the linan- cial strain is that Rombo have provided a very easy upgrade path tor owners ot either ol the Vidi 12
It you own Vidi 12 you can swap it tor Vidi 12 RT tor £129 or Vidi 24 RT lor £199, giving you a saving ot £80 and £100 respectively Vidi 12 RT owners can upgrade to Vidi 24 RT tor £99. Which means that they actually save £1 by doing it this way!
The reason that Rombo can otter such generous upgrades is because their new board is so easy to upgrade.
In lact. I must compliment them on what is a masterpiece ol circuit board design. Basically, rather than wasting zillions ol pounds redesigning the casing each time they bring out a new digitiser, Rombo simply ensure that they always lit inside the 'listing design In the case ol the Rts. They also wanted easy upgrade- ability, so what they did was create a piggy back (daughter) board which plugs and screws onto the main circuit board.
CONCLUSION Initially I found Vidi 12 24 RT is a bit of a disappointment after having waited so long, and having heard so much hype about if. It seemed to suffer in three major areas:
1. If uses loo much memory
2. II can t grab colour sequences in real time
3. The image danty doesn't seem loo great even compared lo
Rombo's own earlier Vidi 12 digitiser.
It was only when I phoned Rombo to moan, fhaf I started lo appreciate just whal a remarkable teal they have achieved. The problem with memory is a natural side-effect of working with 24-bit images occupying nearly I Mb each. As for grabbing real lime colour sequences. Rombo pointed out that such a feature would require a unit capable of digitising and storing lo dsk 25Mb of data a second! As there are no drives that can write that fast, if comes as little surprise to learn that there are no home or semi-pro units capable of real lime 24-bit sequence capture.
My final grouse was caused by The fact that I was digitising in Interlace mode. Because ot the way this mode works I was getting motion artifacts which manitested themselves as a blurred image.
As soon as I dropped the hardware capture to non- interlace, the problems went away At £199 I think that Vidi 12 RT is the cheapest real-time 24-bit digitiser in the world, and it's the only one for the Amiga that doesn't need a big-box machine such as the At 500 or 3000.
The software is sticker than previous versions, and I like the user interlace which appears to conform dosely to Commodore's design guidelines.
Even on an At 200, mixing the RGB components to create screen images is a very slow business, and using the special effects in the Edit menu is even worse.
I think it would be lair to say that regardless of the computer you use it on, most of your time will be spent waiting whilst the software modifies your images.
It otters a good entry point to the world ol real time digitising, but I strongly suggest that it you're interested in the 24-bit model, you try the 12-brt version first - that might be enough for you. RSS* VIDI 1 2 RT £199.99 VIDI 24 £299.99 A500* I A2000 I A500 " A1500 !
ROMBO, BAIRD ROAD, LIVINGSTONE, SCOTLAND EH54 7AZ TEL: 0506 414631 VALUE FORMONET It takes a while before you really appreciate what exceptional value this represents, but once you do, you 'll be laughing all Ihe way to the bank. J This picture shows ths remarkable resolution and quality that's possible with Vldl 24 RT. I simply plonked the camera down neat to my cat Spud, called his name, and the instant he opened his eyes I captured his sanguine OVERALL PRINTERS FREE! FROM SILICA
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• 100, 200, 300, 400dpi resolutior
• 1 letter mode, 3 photo modes
• Includes two of the most respected graphics packages, MIGRAPH'S
TOUCH UP and DELUXE PAINT III £89.99 Ever wondered what the
makers of Real 3D do on their day off? John Kennedy discovers
that rather than lie around the house all day they have entered
the interactive world of multimedia.
I don't particularly want to review Activa’s latest baby, and I'll tell you why: I’d rather no one else knew about it. I’m hoping that you won't notice the rather attractive screen shots on this page, and my carefully-crafted text will entirely pass you by.
In fact, I demand that you skip this review completely and move on to the Back Chat page, which is rather good, as I'm in it this month.
MULTIMEDIA MAGIC Now that I'm alone, I'm at liberty to waffle on to myself about MediaPoint, safe in the knowledge that no one else is going to steal my ideas, because after playing around with MediaPoint, I’ve got lots of new ideas. Now I know how I can use the Amiga to actually do something useful for a change.
And click environment and also supports a huge array of extra hardware. Now you have a good grasp as to what MediaPoint is all about.
SCRIPTING EXAMPLE Here's a simple example where MediaPoint would be very useful. Now remember, I’m talking to myself here so don't run off and do this - it's my idea. Imagine you run an estate agent, and you want a useful window display, something a little more eye-catching than bland photographs of suburban nightmares.Using a still-video camera, you take lots of photographs inside and around your houses. Then you digitise them with V-Lab or some such, and store the pictures on a hard drive. Also on the drive you put MediaPoint running a script which displays the houses in a main window,
their features down the side and finally the price. Your easy-to-pay, budget plan, low finance mortgage rates also flash up on screen occasionally.
Using a touch screen device, and an Arexx driver, you then offer passers-by the ability to select a house and even take a little guided tour (with soundtrack) by means of the keypad. If they choose, they can enter their telephone number and in the morning you can call them to make an appointment.
It would take an hour or so to write the script using MediaPoint, and the system would pay for itself in one sale. That’s exactly what multimedia is all about.
Once upon a time, someone thought of ‘multi- media’ and it's still the magic word in computer land, mainly because it can mean exactly what you Q| Ujait | | Sound Noise Protracker Play | want it to mean. To me, multimedia is an interactive and informative blend of text, pictures, animations and sound, and Activa International Inc seem to agree with me because that's exactly what MediaPoint creates. The easiest way to describe this program is to think of an incredibly easy-to-under- stand programming language.
Think of a language that will load and display a picture in any mode without fuss, add text anywhere on the screen and play a sound tracker module in the background whilst waiting for the user to press a key or click on a gadget. Even better, think of a language that offers all this in an intuitive point OK Cancel ITT I I Parent I Play I 12:25:56 23 11 93 CU AMIGA PRODUCT TEST SO WHAT'S NEW?
Acliva certainly haven’t come up with something astonishingly new with MediaPoint, instead they have looked at the previous efforts and improved them beyond measure.
Most other authoring programs offer limited support for animations and sound, but MediaPoint covers just about everything. All normal Amiga ANIM file formats are covered, including the new and improved ANIM7 format which wipes the floor with the older versions when used with 68020 and better processors. As the AGA chipset permits some exceptionally detailed animations. ANIM7 is essential for decent frame rates. MediaPoint will spool anims directly from hard disk and if you lower the frame rate slightly, it can do it without any sudden jerks as well. I’d give the editor’s right arm to get a
chance to play with a SCSI2 drive, as the results would be very impressive indeed.
[Thanks John, I'll remember those kind words whne it comes to pay day. - Ed.) Sound samples can also be spooled directly which means your host system doesn't need to be crammed to the gills with expensive RAM chips in order to play back lengthy samples, such as general greetings or narrations. What marks MediaPoint out from the crowd is its support of external hardware by means of its unique Xapps (external APPIicationS) protocol. A Xapp is a code module which can be used to control any extra piece of kit, the idea presumably being that manufacturers will include Xapp files themselves.
For example, the CDTV Xapp allows control over the playback of audio Cds. The CDTV player can either be part of the host hardware (that is, the MediaPoint program is running on a CDTV or A500 with A570) or connect via a serial link. For example, my A4000 is linked to a CDTV, and with MediaPoint I can use my Pink Floyd collection to add a synchronised soundtrack to my animations.
As MediaPoint works in its own time system or in SMPTE EBU or MIDI time, synchronisation is frame accurate. The scheduling system also THE XAPPS MediaPoint interfaces with other pieces ol hardware by means ot Xapps (or external Applications) code modules.
Each peripheral requires its own Xapp. Which provides control over the various features.
Active supply several Xapps as standard, and will happily provide details on how lo write your own should the need arise.
XAPPS ARE PROVIDED FOR: CDTV - provides conlrol lor playback ol audio CO disks.
CDXL - plays sound and animation files in CDXL (AGA) formal ION - controls Ihe Canon RV321 Still Video Player IV24 - extensive conlrol over the GVP 24bit graphics system.
MIDI - plays standard MIDI files Studio 16 - when used with the SunRize AD516 or AD1012. Provides CD quality sound Irom hard disk.
VideoDisc VCR - interfaces the Amiga with several compatible video disk and tape players.
Allows specific actions to be carried out at certain dates or times. The estate agent's window display could display a half price sale for half an hour every alternative Thursday at 2am if desired.
SUCK AND SMOOTH Using MediaPoint is a pleasure, and the software has a tremendously solid feel about it. Some programs simply inspire confidence with their sensible menu layouts and clear displays, and this is one of them. The slickness permeates throughout the software. Each new screen image or object can be displayed through 50 different transitions or wipes.
Pictures can melt, split and bounce onto the screen whilst logos can spin and dissolve.
Creating flashy business presentations is ridiculously easy, and it’s hard not to get carried away and turn the entire episode into a fully fledged news program. For low-level control, the scripts generated as you dick and drag icons can be edited, or even created, with a standard text editor. In this way you can ensure your presentation hasn’t a pixel out of place, and making full use of an AGA chipset means the pixels look stunning. You don’t need an AGA A1200 or A4000 to use MediaPoint, but you will need lots of memory and hard disk space. The barest of minimum systems will have 2Mb of
Chip RAM or 1 Mb of Chip RAM and 2Mb of Fast RAM. With Kickstart 2. But any program which depends heavily on graphics and sound will worfc best with a hard drive and 6Mb of memory. The ideal system would be a well-equipped A4000 used for authoring the systems, and a A1200 with a hard drive used for displaying them.
COOL STUFF Some particularly cool features which I couldn’t forgive myself for not mentioning include support for CDXL, the animation and sound format originally developed for the CDTV player. Now we have the AGA chipset, CDXL is going to become even more important, and this is one of the few programs to support it. CDXL offers very reasonable live video playback without the need for an MPEG chip, and if used properly I firmly believe it will revolutionise Amiga software.
I successfully played back some CDXL files pinched from a passing CDTV disk, and enjoyed the option to quadruple the screen size. But of course CDXL support isn't for everyone - and it won’t be until there is an inexpensive method of capturing the necessary video and sound data.
However, the fact that it is supported is good news for the Amiga community as a whole. If you create a standalone multimedia terminal using MediaPoint (another one of my ideas, so don’t bother) you'll be delighted to know that there is an optional comms link feature. This means that as long as the terminal is connected to a standard telephone line via a modem, you can completely revise and update the presentation from the other side of the world.
MediaPoint comes with a free playback module, which means you don’t need to worry about any licerise arrangements.
Is this the lirst item ot Amiga software to get 100 per cent overall? You might have got that impression Irom the previous text, but so as not to insult JARGON BUSTERS
• AGA: The new Amigas (the A1200, A4000 and CD32) feature the
advanced graphics architecture’ chipset, which means more
colours and higher resolutions
• ANIM7: The Amiga's IFF standard file format allows for internal
variations, and that’s exactly what ANIM7 is.
Normally animations are saved using the ANIM5 lormat, but with the advent of more powerful 32-bit processors (68020 and above), the new ANIM7 lormat goes a lot (aster.
• CDXL: The lile format used to package up sound and live’ video
lor playback on the CDTV. Although only a quarter screen, the
quality was acceptable and now, with AGA, CDXL is even better.
• CDTV: Commodore’s Dynamic Total Vision was a flop, which now
means you can pick it up lor a song and connect them to your
Amiga as a CD-ROM drive.
• MED: The only Amiga program Tony Horgan could not live without.
MED Isa music editor which allows songs to be constructed Irom
Amiga samples.
• MIDI: The Musical Instrument Digital Interlace allows an Amiga
to record, edit and play back sounds from a home or studio
• MPEG: The Motion Pictures Expert Group decided that this was
the standard used to compress lull mbtion video onto CO-ROMs.
• Multimedia: Anything you want.
• SMPTE: Society ol motion picture and television engineers -
another standard put together by an 'expert group’.
• Xapps: MediaPoint uses Xapp (external application) modules lo
Interface with extra hardware.
' Fumture Polishrg announce termination of Amiga Furniture magazine a'ter r-house sex scardafl l l ‘ The first machine from the new BM Apple merger is announced: it is fully Amiga compalble.
Arexx. There are ways around this of course.
Unfortunately, the MIDI file support is also a little suspect - basically it didn't. Certainly any MIDI file that I created with Bars and Pipes got the thumbs down.
Animation support was also slightly ropy, as one of my large animations consistently crashed the entire system, as did pressing escape at the wrong time whilst previewing a screen I did seem to hit the old Recoverable Alert followed by Software Failure screen rather too much for a finished program of this price. And why can t the mouse pointed on my A4000 reach more than half way across the screen?
I can forgive these shortcomings because the Xapps system means that it’s only a matter of time before these bugs are fixed - hopefully by the time you read this. I can also forgive Activa because of the enormous amount of dip art and sound samples they supply - it takes an hour or so just to look and listen to everything.
CONCLUSION Just as Real3Dv2 is the ultimate image rendering program, so MediaPoinl is the best multimedia authoring program around. The support tor every tile lormat under the sun. the easy to use icon-based scripting system, and the excellent stock ol dip art mean that this program will take a lot ol beating.
It's amazing that one program could appeal to so many users. Demo writers can use MediaPoinl to create hip and happenin' demos, graphics freaks can use the animation spool system to record directly to video tape with sound effects, and information engineers like myselt can use MediaPoinl to (hopefully) make their fortune.
Multimedia is where the Amiga has a strong hold, and with programs like this, it's only going to grow stronger.
Allah by being perfect. Activa have woven some tiny imperfections into the tapestry that is Media Point Or to put it another way. There are a few bugs and omissions.
For starters, the sound module playback doesn't support MED files, which is a pity as MED is probably the most popular tracker on the planet As both MED's player and MediaPotnt support Geaf product.
This is what multimedia Is all about.
INCLUDE 13 CHAOS OAMESP* CHAOS WH* (_E19 fers-« „th.rvU* *M•**__, .i«llP ,TOCK ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT I - attaatioa halag L J SALES 0274 691115 CARDS WITH CLOCK omouL rro.
20MBZ FPU 149.§9 25MBS PPU 449.99 33MBZ FPU £99.99 40MBZ FPU £129.99 MIRACLE KEYBOARDS £229.99 Ibc 3 fn.
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1KEO £99.99 'w' JMEO £139.99 _ 4WEO £199.99 I 6XSG £399.99 1 "» *¦*»” 1 w* AUTOSCAN 14" HX-REB COLOUR MONITOR £349.99 :*n Mtntrac -m«m w-mn knoim wa. D.iia* w» ntct. Wrm uu AMIGA 4000 DATAFLTIR SCSI INTERFACB £79.99 OVP SCSI INTSRPACI £119.99 A4000 030 TMEG 4MEG 6ME 80M ED £899 £979 £1059 13ON BD £939 £1019 £1099 170M ED* £949 £1049 £1129 212M ED* £999 £1079 £1159 250M HD* £1029 £1099 £1179 340M HD* £1099 £1169 £1249 520M HD* £1299 £1369 £1449
3. 5* SCSI DRIVES UH.. c .. i. "* " F'l. » ...Utility BIG 200
DRIVEI 80MEG EPOA 120MEG £189.99 170MEG £209.99 25OMEG £229.99
340MEG £299.99 EXTERNAL A1200 5T8 HUUalHt, P
Tha Dataflyar ID* oaa»riaaa ooloar to had Allay aaaa far at
I" high 3. S’ XI or teal driaaa. Caaplata with Ida 2.3 te 3.3*
adaptor A oabla (inc powar ooaaactor) ta eaaaact ta 1200’a IDE
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- £15.99 ?ln«a lata lntaraal aacfcat (not fittad to all 1200a)-
fittlaf inaalidataa Mnrranty. Battiat backed.
a. «!te*'laaary »*atela sis»a*" *la» artaaalia Bar«arUaa diaplap
1 20" MICROVITEC CUBSCAN MONITOR special offer £9«9.99Q TRUE
MULT I SCAN - 15-40ICE* horizontal 45-90BS vortical 'AMIGA 500
B0 DIGITAL DICTUM DlllBG ONLY £349.99 HR-sasrcL: iHffi.
ONLY £399.99 TOP QUALITY 3.5" EXTERNAL DRIVE £54.99 CU AMIGA PRODUCT TEST As a CIX user, your phone bills are probably much higher than they need to be. Nicola can reduce them by a massive amount, and make your CIX usage more pleasurable.
• Binmall - Stands tor Binary Mail.
Using the private mail area of CIX you can exchange data with other Cixen. This can be anything from 50 bytes of code, to entire programs occupying 50Mb. Any data (except messages) which is exchanged via the private mail system is known as binmail.
• Cixen - Collective noun lor CIX users.
• Conference - An area on CIX where people can talk about
subjects that come under the same general heading.
• Download - To transfer data Irom another computer or on-line
service to your computer or storage area.
• On-line - To be connected via the phone lines by computer to a
bulletin board or conlerencing service. On-line only refers to
the lime when your computer has established a link with the
other terminal. As soon as that link is broken you are
considered to be off-line.
• Off-line - See On-line.
• Post - The action of making a posting.
• Posting - A message on a bulletin board or conference service.
• Topic - A sub-division ol a conference.
Where people with more specific interests go to talk. The Amiga conference includes topics on video, CD32, software and games, for example.
• Upload - Transfer data Irom your computer to another computer
(or bulletin board conterence service) via the phone.
TIME FOR A BROWSE One of Nicola's handy features is the Conference Browser, which shows you an entire list of the conference available. The list is subdivided into related subjects which you can scroll through using the mouse. When you reach a subject that interests you, click on it. And all Conferences related to that subject will be shown in the browser's lower window. Click on a conference name and you can join if Ihe next time you are on-line.
In case you're not aware, CIX ¦ stands for Compulink ¦ Information exchange, and it's one of the biggest bulletin board services in Britain.
Users pay a by-the-minute rate for going on-line and talking to other Cixen (as users are called) as well as having access to thousands of megabytes of free programs and data, ranging from games to business programs.
The trouble with CIX is it's so interesting you can easily run up huge bills as you wander around the system talking to people and reading messages. Worse still, you're running up not one bill but two: one with the phone company and the other with CIX management.
DON'T FORGET... II you’re one ol those people who always comes up with a witty reply hall an hour too late, not to worry, Nicola's got that covered thanks to its To Do' list. II at any time whilst your reading a message you want to comment on it. But can't do so immediately (perhaps you need to research your answer, or you’re simply too busy) then you can easily mark the message To do'. It will then be added to a special list ol messages which you can check when you’re ready to respond.
Nicola offers an elegant solution to the problem. It lets you do all the time-consuming stuff off-line, then when you actually log on, it automatically does everything for you: sending mail, downloading files, posting replies and performing all the little house-keeping jobs that cost so much in phone time.
The program has a neat Workbench 2 front end from which you can control all of its numerous functions. Before you can use it you'll need to configure it both for your modem and the way that you use CIX. This can be a tricky business, but if you already log onto CIX using Ncomm most of the work has been done for you because you can simply import your Ncomm settings into the program. I suggest that if you are are brand new to CIX, you learn how to log on using Ncomm first; in that way you’re not tackling two new and relatively complex environments simultaneously.
Another part of the set-up procedure involves entering your unique registration details in the form of an ASCII file. This is imported into the program where it validates the program so that it can be used.
The actual program itself is already on CIX and can be found in the Files topic of the Nicola conference from where it can be freely downloaded. Better yet, so confident is its publisher that you'll want to continue using the program, you can even obtain a licence which lets you use it free of charge for a month, after which you must pay the £34.99 registration fee.
Once Nicola is ready to run you can set up your preferences for the program, specifying everything from your CIX password, to the way the program prints. This is done via a series of menu items in - surprise, surprise - the Preferences menu.
With the program running you can choose to view the messages in two ways. The default is the command line window which tries to emulate the CIX parser. This means that if you're used to the way that CIX works, the transition to Nicola will be relatively useless. Mind you, that's just as well because the manual that comes with Nicola, despite being well-written, is very poor for beginners, being more ot a technical reference than a ‘take you by the hand' guide.
At the top of the screen is a jam- packed menu bar, whilst the main portion is occupied by the conference window. At the bottom of the conference window there’s a cursor ready for you to enter commands, and the right-hand side of the window is occupied by a scroll bar that lets you view any previous mes- sages that you may have looked at in the current session.
Nicola understands the same basic command set as CIX, so you can use JOIN to join a conference, SWITCH to change topics and so on. When you want to log on to CIX.
You'll need to use the CONNECT option.
Once this is selected Nicola automatically logs on to CIX for you, and goes through the entire entry procedure, giving your User ID and password when required. It then goes into your private mail area and grabs any messages left for you, as well as sending any you have written. After that it joins any conferences to which you’re joined and posts any replies you wish to make. Then it reads every unread message in every conference of || treoiousl ei Sleu HI 1 Drigioall Change Display I llieu letel Root I Reply to Ruthorl Save lextl Connent I Bark fls loDo I Hithdravl am I Delete I Connect I
andrevRcix.conpulink, hhlPc ix.conpulink.co. anillerPcix.conpulink n_uhiteRcix,conpulir jezarPcix.conpulink papdcix.conpullnk.co sebPcix.conpulink.co. tobyPcix.conputink.ci jroneRcix.conpulink.' usgotdPcix.conpulink jralphPcix.conpulink. 6lakeRclx.conpullnk.clv Halcoln Sebast ian Toby SfiFE_HEX isn't on the backbone ,et. But Paul level dbarnard shiuk said: there's another In Marble Rrch. Ib shiuk " ------ . fir Send Kaill Heu I Edit I Sort I DeleteI Clear Rill Inport I Killer White Wakef ield Gardner - CIX Staff Paul Lee-Delisle Sinpson Rone Snith Ralph Uhelan He leilan On* ot
th« program's clever features is the way it automatically builds up an address book ot those people who send you mall. You can also add their home addresses and telephone numbers.
II Hi -¦_ DESCRIPTIONS »«••• c ItcM w!s .24B(t«r (’ •! Ext*nd«S"»r«pK?t»°forP«io• HE ! I!
Nr**- ” ; ;i """"' Nicola’s Conlefence Browser is a unique option that lets you poruse the 1.000* conferences available.
Which you're a member. These messages will then be downloaded. If you’ve requested any files or binmail to be downloaded, it will be done automatically.
Having downloaded your binmail and new messages, Nicola will prepare your message base with what's known as a parse. It checks all the messages it has downloaded then arranges them in your preferred reading order.
For example, you can use what’s known as a ‘boring people filter* to automatically remove messages from people you don't like.
Finally, you can also decide the conference order in which your messages are displayed as well as the subject under the sun. SEARCH AND RESCUE If you’re joined to even a moderate number ot conferences. You can very easily waste hours each day reading useless information. II you prefer to stick purely to subjects which interest you. You might like to use Nicola s powerful search options. Using either specific search criteria (find any message containing the words Amiga games ) or wildcards (find any message containing the letters Ami or Ga . You can search the current topic, conference or
even your entire database.
The program does have some stupid little bugs but, because you pay for a lifetime licence, you can simply download new versions when they become available.
It’s going to make a major impact on my phone bills and CIX charges GET ADDRESSED Whenever you receive mail from anyone the program takes their electronic address as well as their CIX ID and adds it to your address book automatically.
II you want to, you can manually add to this information, their fax number and full postal address.
This makes it an ideal way ol maintaining an up-to-date list of people to whom you've spoken privately.
Because my on-line time has dropped from 30 minutes a day to less than five. Its unique options mean I get the most out of my membership to CIX, and I feel that the service has become far more productive now than it ever was.
A really nice, well considered product which is a joy to use.
DiskExpander is an innovative program for all Amiga users. With this software solution you may double the capacity of your floppy disk or hard disk drives. The installation process takes only a few seconds and afterwards DiskExpander works invisible in the background. The compressions-ratios vary from 30% to 70%.
The easy-to-use graphical user interface guarantees that even the inexperienced user is able to use DiskExpander immediately without any problems. DiskExpander docs not only expand the capacity of your hard disk drive, even floppy disks now have a storage space of approximately
1. 5 megabytes.
Read-type. Most people prefer to use the Reference option which lets you read messages in threads rather than the order in which they were posted, but the choice is yours.
Once Nicola has parsed your messages, they are added to a database which is pruned to keep it to a user-definable size.
So, for example, you could specify that it stores any messages in the Amiga conference for 31 days, whilst those in the auction (which is more active) should only be kept for seven .
The real beauty of the program is the options it offers that CIX doesn’t.
For example, you can choose to attach a toolbar to several of the windows. Including the conference window. This means you can perform all activities trom reading messages to downloading files using the mouse.
It took me months before I got around to getting hold of Nicola, but now that I have it's as important to me as wings are to a bird! It means that I can finally read and comment on all of the new messages in my conferences without the pressure of being on-line.
The down side to that is that I now spend hours each day reading and responding to postings on every OFF-LINE READER RICHARD HARRISON, 78 TAMWORTH ROAD, HOVE, EAST SUSSEX, UN 5FH.
TEL 0273 885547 Any Amiga with 1Mb RAM and a modem that has al least MNP-2 enor correction and a baud rate ol 2,400 or above (most new ones do).
INNOVATION' ?????( ??87% The best oll-line reaOer lor the Amiga.
Can indispensable _ nrogram lor R IX users. * OVERALL 79% Can add 50% to your hard drive capacity at a stroke Fast compression and decompression Flexible and expandable as new compression libraries arc developed Works with all drives, including SCSI, IDE, Floppies, and even the RAD disk Reliable in tests - no data corruption Once installed the program is transparent to the user Works on any Amiga and any KickStart telephone 0 23 4 84 3388 Power Computing Ltd Unit 8 Railton Road Woburn Road Ind. Estate Kempston Bedford MK42 7PN deliver,: next day £5.00 2-3 day, £2.50 Saturday £10.00 deli verier
are tubjeet to ttotk availability, all pritet include VAT. E & OF.
World-wide distribution available, excluding (iermany IB&20. PETER’S QUEST XI level cute platloam game, very addactive IBSIM. TVIR1X tetna game srith aft from lemmings. Great fun )B*43 DOMINOES, you know what thia ia aurely?
: )B900. GRAY SIAYKR Hack'n'sla* ; )BSS7. BUNNY BI AST. Rtnot aa many )B403. CHAIN SAW DFATTI maze.
B940. WIZARD WORLD Very cute but difficult platform game B452 GAMEBOY TETRIS hriU.
A ripoff of the (lamchoy tetri* )B455. TOP SECRET 2player platform romp, great fan to plav )B466 SPACE 1RAX 2playvr apace abjot’emnp )B467. TECHNO BA1IN race die ball acroaa a chequerd floor.
: )B**4 HELL ZONE faat paced horiamUl ahoot'em up. Great graphics B*73 CYBERNETTX faat Defender IB444 SOCCER CARDS managem C60I. DONKEY KONG old Atari
0515. GIDOY Poaaibfy the beat platform game available 00 PD !
0513-2. LKh HOLE GOLF The firrt PD golf game, pretty good.
I 0350. FIREFLY verticil blaat'em up | 0557. SPACE INVASION Brill new Space invader* clone, great staff.
1 06*2. GALAGA *42 Upto dale veraaoo of Ualaga from die arcade* K-T2H CROSS OVER puzzle game
0164. BOMB JACKY bomb jack?
[ )C!74 OBLIVION defender clone (C177. OTHELLO : 0206 MOKLA 5.4 bolhanl RPG 02*7. GIG AH TETRIS poll! Died vcraioo of Irtrii for Imeg cfap • anugaa ( 0303. SIAM BALL aupetb football [ 0322TOP $ FTHE LEAGUE ace above ... [ )C34ft CA W FRUIT Playable fnut ( 0532 GAME TAMKR461 over 400 cheats for games m: toads of new one.
( 0570. RUMMY ( 0563 ROAD TO HELL Top view racing game, brilliant game play.
( B814 SUPER PAC MAN *2 Unto dole nacmao clone, acaolly acroeo l""--.. .. WORD FINDER Pro IMAGINE OBJECTS!!!
STAR TREK 25th Anniversary Amiga IXXVA40U0 only AGA craphK*. Reqairea hard diak.
Ratad *«« overall ia ClJ Aaaig.
Order code: ( ) ST25th Only £27.00 Amiga 1200 Catalogue disk at aialbi* Only (|£1.00»tbanyonkxrrfPQ ORDER FORM Tel._Amiga._ Total onler value: £ total disks: Paymea method.
EPIC MARKETING, FIRST FLOOR OFFICES, 31FARINGDON Rdf SWINDON, WILTS, SN15AR Prim your own caaacic inlay ¦ )B4I*. UKDTT V3*A teileditor ( IB471. ONE MAN BAND (NA8P) muaic jukebox on the computer’' Order hotline. 0793 490988 3S • m CH GD ( B47B POINT A CLICK new hybrid menu ay atom, powerful!
( B477. WORDS WORDS W ORDS B4*3 A500* UTILS B4*6 AMIRAGF. DISK MENU Eaay to uae menu maker )B50a BOOT Intro Conrtntttiou Kit Create your own anazzy mini a to diak* B50I. AMIGADEX VI At Card filer )B5ia FORMS UNLIMTTKD lOOa of pro-defined for™, locludmg Invoice, credit note, delivery note rtr )B524 SUPER POWER PACKERS.
Everything you need to crunch file*
8525. A500PI.U8 LT1IXI1ES 4 B526. A506PLUS UTIIJI1KS 5 )B527.
ICONS FOR ALL 2. 100’aof ready to run Icons for Workbench
B643 SNOOP DOS If you can’t get a program to run by itself
on ot's own dirt. Get thia it tells you exactly what
libranea files any program u try mg to )B447. MULTI FAX VIA
for ac & recievmg faxmoo the Amiga.
( B*11-2. TWIN EXPRESS Ink up two computers together, either Amiga to Amiga. PC to fC. Or Amiga to PC, great for nanafermg files back and forth.
(Winag diagram me faded) ( 0662. PARNET sample nctwrak utle ( B*4A LITTLE OFFICE Includes B974 LjrrfsBENcmjiti dy wb ()B444. POWER BENCH 1.0 ( 0002. CLJ TUTORIAL, evplama CLJ & Shell great for beginner.
( 0003 PASCAL IANGUAGE ( 0004 AMIGA TUTORIAL ( 0012 MUI.Tl DOS 1.12 transfer Amiga info to PC and viu-veraa.
( 0014 ELECTRONIC Prototyper ( 0*21. FORTRAN COMPnER ( 0*73 BACKUP V3.5 Hard diak backup ( 0*81. HAM LAB PRO V208 Powerfull picture mampulator com crter ( 0125. TACK vl.2 anim eoortnacrioo ( 0334 AMIGA BFGINNFRS GUIDE ( 0414 LOCKPICK 2 powerfull coper ( ILB FoSMAT itove bS” ( 0533 DICE COMPILER ( 0550. SAFE II Excellent new diak copier, can ropy Amiga PC & ST di*a.
Over 9 diffenrt copy modes.
( 0553 RANDOM QIOTER Every lane your oomputer boots up the 256 colour. (VGA) on an Am,.
( 0564 SPECTRUM F3HUIATC Very fart apocUum emulator, run I K i"lXH l*MAN4C;U, 2 THUNDCR BIRDS "THE GAME" Amiga CD32 *»»» Call for Information.
Credit card details.
Credit card no.
Boot* have K display a nice IFF piccy I K-'5I*. BU)AD RUNNER taken from (far Apple, a rrodauo of load runner I C5l7. PATIENCE the card game ()C524 REBOUND 2play bai n baU ( C521. PAC SIM new pacman tame ( C522 ACCOUNT MASTER Take cam of your home accounts ( C523-3 AMATURE RADIO A 3 di* set of Amaiure radio software ()C52*. Col-OUR AIRCRAFT ART A acUevtion of great plane pictures ( C527. REVELATIONS (ART) Iwbly the bee hand drawn Amiga ait we've yet area.
()C52*. FRACTIONS I-ducabooal ( C533 FONT FARM 3 over 40 fonta and a foal editor.
((CS33 DICE COMPILER ()C574 ERROR INFO V2 let, you ( )C5J*. SUPER DARK screen blanker ( 0544. TECHNOPOBIA MUSIC ( C54*. LSD112 Iae STD CODE ( 0556. L8DI13 he SAFE II Very powerfull diak duplicator, can even copy a PC diak in pul over a minute, while we got n to copy an Amiga diak ia leaa than 36 aecooda OC552. L8D116 ARESTURE 203 ( 0555. LSD11* lac complete E ( 0554. 1SD126 Ran LanaeAGA ( CS5S TALENT MEGA DEMO I 0557. SPACE INVASION New v crane of eoe invader.
055*. SUPER VEJWER 2A 0554. POOLS WIZARD JNR I 0561. ENTITY GAME ( 0562. MUSIC BASE UTILITY Defect for alonng your reoordA’D collectkn ( C564 SPECTRUM EMULATOR 1.7 ( C5*4. MICRO MARKET GAME ( C571. WILLY WORM nice make ( 0572. SIMON nmoo aaya?
( C573 LEMMINGS MGHT OUT ( 0574 DCOPY 31 powerfull ropier ( 0577. PRINTER PAL V1.6 ( 057* PRINT A CARD V2 a card printmg utdity, ( 0581. SOFT AGA aga emulator ( 05*3. SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Scene game preview ( 0585. COPORS UNLIMITED ()CS®9. WALL STREET ( 0540-3. TOOL MANAGER 2 ( 05*3 DI8KSA1.VK 2 retrieve damaged file* wish ease, brilliant utilt ( 0543 FOOTBAIJ. FORCASTKR ( 05*4 THRUST DUEL ( 05*7-3 GRAPEVINE 16 I alert and greatrt duk magazine.
( C*I*. DATASFHTE 64 ( 0622 MICRO MARKET 12 ((C623-2 MR MEN OLYMFIC8 A new 2 diak kiddies drcathkm game, very cufe graphic* BriDunl 0623 EPU DISK STACKER Baaed on the PC title -.Stacker' it can in effect doable the apace available on you bard disk or floppy ( 0*27-2 MOTOROLA INVADERS 3 ( 0624-4. THE LAST Stand AT Both Vc 'taUeMrec'rttil™*'"0' I 0*332 START OF THE ART ((0*33 ROBOUIJHX pollnhed ()C04 TEXT ENGINE 41 Lalert Wordproceaamg aoftware.
Complete with spell checker, etc ( 0*37. PRO LTUJTTES I ( 0*34 STEEL PLAYER VI ( 0*3*. DIGITAL ILLUSION ( 0646-2 STARBASK 13 ( 0642 RDPRF3P ( 0*64 1HRAI J. BOUND Pathway ¦ e* )C682 MANDELPLOT 2.4 0*07. IMAP AGA DFMO XJ*«. JPEG DATATYPE ETC 06*4. COMPUGRAPHIC FONTS
0690. ART SELECTTON An to bouar aelleotiai of aotne great
graphic* 11 wort )C«*I. POSTSCRIPT FONTS )C**2 TSMORPD 1.2
PRO Powerfull text editor, etc ( (0646. KLAW ITHJ1TES 4
ollectroo of varioua tool* ( C**7. ASIA 1206 FIX DISK I New
for the AI200. Contains a act of degrading tools and a set
of A1200 game fixe* ( 04*. ASI A1260 FIX DISK 2 more gam.
Fixes inckadmg Megki Mania, and more ( 0649. ANIMAL LAND 1
New kids game, for ages 2-3.
( 0706-2. IMAGINE OBJECTS 2 new duks of Imagine object* ( 0702-4 SOURCE 4 diaks of aourcc code ( 0706-4 SB PROLOG ( (C7I6. MPEG UTTIJTTES A scllcctioa of Mptg tools ( C71L LSD LTIIit 141 ( 0713. LET ME OUT A MM ( 0714 PROFESSIONAL BINGO Smart looking utility, that actually ((C7I4 BAR CODER Excellent Bar rode maker.
()C717. UGHT WAVE OBJECTS A collection of object for L*hl Wave ( 0714 NI.’MTRIS Onginal coroept of tetri* ((C71*. LEMON DEMO New mega dctno.
( 0720. BEETLE GAME Brilliant lorfcmg new fun platform ( )C72L OOTVVttD V2 (REVISID) Updated veraico 2 ( A722 MPEG MOVIES (IC723 TOTAL. WAR ( C724 UPCAT for workbench 2 and u Simply insert the disk and it create* ( 0723 D.SOLVE CROSSWORD ( 0726-2 SCOOPEX
- PLAYS 2 UNLIMITED- 2DINK8 unbelievable quality ’Uulunited
track* Ik fading. Ort Ready & Twihgbt Tone ( 0724 XMAS
LEMMINGS Demo version of the new lemmings ( A72*. KLAW UnLlHES
5 SPECTRUM PACKAGES 1 I ictts-i srecmuM miuros mi A ret of 2
dnkt. Contarin I drtkofvaricua (iBSExSai?UM EM * GAMES (PD
Contast 2 dak* of ganra, toblling nearly 100 all lime spectrum
danict. And the meccy cmjlatx toftware.
( SP07. SPECCY EM k INTERFACE A new package that contain the blerfaoe required to bad yotr ow tpednun game from my tape recorder, then you on Mve (hem you Antgi dak. Only £37.94* AGA SOFTWARE LIST A printed list of all our A1200 A4000 PD Software, ia now avaiatable.
Ask for a copy, when placing you order. . ( )AI200lial_ ASI GAMES DISKS LIST 1- 140* Printed list FREE WITH ANY ORDER ()ASI LIST SAMPLE PACK OVER 200 IFF SAMPLES ON 5 DISKS include.. Sound fx. Muaaal inatnimcnt* Sample, from films etc Order rode: ( SAMPAK Only f 8.00 ( 04*5-2. SPECTRUM EMULATOR ( 0554 PC TASK V2.83 (AGA) ( A772 C64 PACKAGE V2 ()B*7*. ATARI ST EMUATOR(500•) ( 015-2. OL EMUIATOR (IB8V7. KICKSTART 2 EMUIATOR ( C4*3 KICKSTART 5 EMULATOR ()B9*7.PC EMUIATOR FOR A500 ( C4*3 KICKSTART3 EMUIATOR ()C50I. SOFT AGA PzauUlor.
"Hie full vcreion. Wifi free bool disk ffow you can run IBM PC XT software on your Amiga and m VGA cm the A120) and A4000 model* h’a very eaay to uae, and supports Hard diika etc PC mous e limulabon, also support.
Damo ronton avaihhto erdar OC433 (Monk 1|X|M Ten diak. Cammed with loads* picture C17S. UC HESS AGA 4MFG A 4meg chem game for AOA machanea (020*. VIEWTHC 1.02 displays any ( 0211-5. WORD 8CIFNCE AGA art Five diak* of very impreaaive graphics ((C216-4. JPEG ACA IMAGES Oocthcr rune diak. Of outstanding AOA picfiare* Wow ( 0225*. SUPER HAM P1X ace above ( 0244 HOI AGA MEGADEMO The worlds firat aga demo ( 02*7. A1200 TelRIS inpreasivc AOA tetris game, very addictive ( 0244 A1260 VIRUS KILLERS An essentia! Collection of killer.
( 02*4. A1260 irmiTTES a aellectkn of macaUnoua utilities ( C2*3. PCX DATATYPE ETC put
* in your datatypes draw, and you can ( 02*5. SYSP&oTj. Shows you
die speed of your machine, memory ete ( 036* WB3 HACKS over 50
( 0355. NEW WB3 SUPER RULERS ( 0356 AI266 DEGRADERS Every
A1200 owner should have one.
Ihi* diak contain. Kick 1.3. KitlAGA?
Fake Fart Mem. And The Degrader Allows you to run older Amiga game* KillAGA2 ia great foe hardiak user* aa you don’t have to reset you amiga to activate aomethmg that is not totally ()C403 MORE WB3 HACKS ( 0465. WINBLENDER a 256 roteur mandelbrot generator.
( 0414 NT A A120* UTILS ( 0422 RF7ITNA BURN A1200 verweu ( 0423-2 NIGHT BREED AGA Two disks of stunning AOA art ()C423 FREAKS BODYWOP Mose top 1cm models ( 0428. ANDYS WB3 miLTTY DISK Possibly the bert AOA utility di* ((C432 ACTION REPIAY IV baaed on the hardware cartrige, you e*a fteeze game*, rip graphic*, round ( 0433 DEVWARE JPEG UTILS ( 0465-2 SPECTRUM EMULATOR play spectrum games on you Amiga!
( 0467. PPSHOW 36A displays AGA ( 0501' MIND WARP Hois 2 AGA ( 0553 PC TASK 203 PC Emulator 0*64 OSCAR AGA 4 LEVF.LDEMO A 4level preview of thal nunmng AGA S’Oscar" aa aces, on Amiga CD32 FRENCH AGA PROMO OuUlandmg AGA promohooal demo It woo drt brat demo in francc romp (ID0C3-2 FREAKS BODYMIOP 4 lual released the beat adlectioo of girfy pictures available, aturaung’ ( 0610.1.YAFUNOVIA AGA ( 0627. MOTOROLA INVADERS 2 Gresl new AGA invader, game.
Imeg of music, 140 colour.. Bred ( 1)005-3 KLONDYKE AGA A1200 I A4000 I A500 I A1500 I A500* A2000 !
91% Jason Holborn checks out Power’s new Primera colour printer.
Choosing a printer that's right tor you can be a minefield for the uninitiated - do you buy a dot matrix, an inkjet or a laser printer? Each has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. Dot matrix printers are cheap but low in quality. Lasers give great results but are expensive to buy, expensive to run and (unless you've got a tew thousand pounds to spare) mono only. Inkjets are perhaps the best compromise, although even top-of- the-range inkjets often leave a lot to be desired when printing pictures.
Choosing a colour printer is even more complicated. Colour dot mt often bleed colour, and colour inkjet printouts can look rather washed out.
Power Computing have stepped into the foray with the release of the Primera, a thermal printer manufactured by a little known US-based company called Fargo. Most ot us associate thermal pdnters with the homble little Sinclair pdnter that Spectrum users used to be so proud ol, but the Phmera is a totally different bucket of bolts altogether. Thermal transfer printing has moved on a long way since the black (chunky) text on silver toilet paper that Clair's offering used to employ.
The Primera is based around the latest thermal nster technology that uses a wax-based ink ribbon (actually, it’s more like a roll of cling-film) which can print on to plain paper or film. Heat from the print head transfers the ink on the hbbon in pixel patterns directly on to the paper. The resul a full-colour phnt out that is considerably brighte and bolder than the sort ot colour print outs you’d expect trom either an inkjet or a dot matrix.
Although the Primera has been designed tor PC-compatibles (Fargo even include a Windows driver with the printer), Power convinced them that an Amiga dhver would be a damned good idea and Fargo came up with the goods in the form of a standard preferences printer driver that will allow the Primera to be driven by just about any program including Dpainl and Professional Page. This is included at no extra cost, so you can stad printing almost immediately The quality of print outs even from the basic Primera is a sight to behold. Gone are the bleeding colours and horizontal banding associated with
more conventional colour printers. Phmera's printouts are bold and full of vibrant colour. Available for an extra £215 Is an upgrade which gives the Primera true colour printing or - as Fargo would call it - photo realistic printing. Although the review model we were sent lacked this add-on, Power were kind enough to provide me with a number ol samples and the quality has to be seen to be believed.
With virtually no sign of dithering, the Photorealistic Primera is capable of producing colour prints that are on par with those you see in magazines like CU AMIGA. Indeed, you'd probably be hard pushed to tell the difference between a Primera printout and a professionally colour separated image produced by an expensive Web-offset press (the type of printing press used to print CU IIGAI).
Many ways, the Primera has an awful lot in a professional printing press. Just' te the printers used to print CU AMIGA, it works colour separating.(he image and then printing page in three passes -v.pne lor yellow, one lor ita and one for cyan. Eaetljime a separation the printer drags the pageb.ack to the prints the next separationovqr the _ mixing colours in the pri _ It’s pretty impSMtte to watch and quite noisy too.
Also available is a tour colour ribbon that can print a black separation, giving bolder shades ot grey. Primera can !'andlefW B nts too, via a separate monoch The only real problem running costs. The 'starter' printer will only handle 30 colour that's used up you have to buy another, set you back a further £38.95. only handle 115 prints (or just 80 it you four colour ribbon). And even then you have to" special paper which costs £18 for 200 sheets. If you use the Primera for photo-realistic printing (via i the £215 upgrade), the cost of ribbons shoots up even further - £79.95 for a ribbon
capable ol just 25 prints or £250 for 100 prinjs. If you calculate the cost of each sheet taking j l6 consideration the price of both the ribbog and the pap*, you're looking at 42p per print out. Photo realistic printouts work out at an amazing £3.30 each!
CONCLUSION Technology this advanced doesn't come cheap and the Primera certainly isn't a cheap printer to either purchase or run. As a result, it's not the sorl of printer that will suit the average Dpainl fanatic.
Sure, we’d all love to own a printer capable of such brilliant results, but the high running costs would probably cripple even the most affluent. If, on the other hand, you use your Amiga professionally for anything from DTP [ProPage printouts are particularly impressivel) to business presentations, Primera is the best colour printer available tor jt under £1.000! £ ) POWER COMPUTING LTD, UNIT S RAIL- TON ROAD, WOBURN ROAD INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, KEMPSTON, BEDFORD MK42 7PN.
TEL: 0234 843388.
C If you can handle the running costs, Primera is Ihe best colour printer available. J POWER COMPUTING £826 OVERALL t ALUE FOR MONFY DOCUMENTATION A600 J A3000i ¦ ¦prinWrsh HH MONITORS AMIGA 1200 All our printers are UK spec. RACE & CHASE PACK CITIZEN only £289.99!
"‘oniy£20»?99 UK Spec. I PHILIPS Tilt & Swivell stand .£ 13.1 AI 200 DESKTOP DYNAMITE PACK only £339.99 HARD DRIVE VERSIONS R&P pack D D pack Commodore 1084ST Colour COMPUTER CENTRE OPEN 7 DATS A WEEK I from Commodore a outstanding value only £199.99 OPEN MON • SAT__________9,i0AM-S.!0PM SUNDAY OPENING ....I I.00AM-3 00PM THURSDAY NIGHT LATE...9.30AM- .J0PM MOST BANK HOLIDAYS..! I .OOAMTO 3.00PM 54Mb .....£439.99 .£489.99 BSMb .....£489.99 .£537.99 127Mb ....£519.99 .£564.99 209Mb ....£589.99 .£629.99 GOLDSTAR
SVGA .28 dp Colour monitor with overscan only £249.99 I Sharp TV Monitor only £ 189.991 Amiga 4000 030 PREFERRED DEALERS FOR ACORN, CITIZEN. COMMODORE, DIGITA. PACE. PRIMA, SEGA, STAR ROMBO. SUPRA. US ROBOTICS Based on Ow 6*030 processor CompUc* w«h hard dnv* & | 2Mb of cNp RAM a WBJ only £894.99 for 80Mb version or £959.99 for 120Mb version COMMODORE 1940 I Dualsync, .39 dpi only £284.991 COMMODORE 1942 I Dualsync, .28 dpi only £379.991 COMMODORE I960 multisync ,2a dpi only £379.99 HOW TO ORDER Amiga 4000 040 from £ 1889.99 6 Mb BAM Old 130 Mb hard drb.
Order by telephone quoting your credit card number. If paying by cheque please make payable to the: ”FIRST COMPUTER CENTRE."
In any correspondence please quote a phone number & post code. Allow 5 working days for cheque clearance
• Credit available!
AMIGA 600 Basepack now with | XOUT game (Uhiteo offer) only £189.99 MICROVITEC 14" MULTISYNC | I year warranty Only £399.99
• traa cab!, tor *4000 onlj. Al 100 cabto 10.11 .atn SONICA
Colour Monitor | umottr to do PhiBpt 18)3 mirt 2 monitor only
£194.99 I RETINA 24 bit graphics card I from £334.99 AMIGA 600
64HD The Epic pack20 Mb Hard 1m. Epic. Rome. Myth. 1 Trwltl
Dictionary. Language Lab & D. Paint 3 ly £359.99 ,.u,ous.,.M r,, Please phone for details
• All prices include VAT
• All hardware computers are UK The A600 Wild, Weird & Wicked nr
Moo Pro* Gnrd Me. De oe Pam 1, No, I Pinbmer Plus "XOUT"ihootem
uponly £ 194.99 A600 Deluxe only£245.99| spec. UK MAINLAND
• Standard Delivery £1.00
• Guaranteed 2 to 3 day (week days) Delivery £2.SO
• Guaranteed Next Day (week days) Delivery £4.90
• Open seven days a week
• I 200 sq. ft. Showroom
• Free large car park
• Overseas orders welcome
• Educational orders welcome SUPRA MODEMS A600 20HDDeluxe!!only
£339.99 he bupra-rax I44LC
V. 32 bis (14400 baud') line ROM sharer with 13 & 2.04 ROM's
making I xKompaobAty a thmg of the past. The A600 HD Deluxe
come* weh a Buh m 20 Mb hare drwe 1 just add 32.99 for a 2 Mb
600 Deluxe ?
Is below but ctaM I fu onfy and LED dtapUy only £194.99 |The Supra-Fax Modeml
V. 32 bis (14400 baud.1) ’“•-•'aaa All A nga's come with
Workbench. MouM A 12 month warranty.
The A6OO1. A1200 A A4000come with 12 mondii on ute wirranty PRIMA AI 200 REAL TIME CLOCK FULL REPAIR SERVICE I We offer a FREE quotation on your I computer or any peripheral (monitors, I printers etc.). A delivery tariff of just it Supra km faBI 4400 btud opMt.. I Spec include* V.ttbh. VJ2.V.22b«. V22. V21. MNPi-
• •2c I S. V.42, V42bi., CU*. I i last now you can dat r and time
tUmp your filn ts directly onto the motherboard with no
soldcrir I Group 3 Fax. Include* modem comm* s w ft cable
only £229.99 I printers etc.). I £5.00 is charged or
alternatively you I can visit our showroom.
Now only £12.99!
Supra Fax +.only £ 119.99 SALES &TECHNICAL 3seed* FAX « w) Keen falter trom Supra with auto dial • 10 hp4 Maye* comp. V22B4*. V42 Bis.
| speed*. Include* free modem comm* s w • cable Supra 2400..only £74.99 0532 319444 . *» comp.
Include* free modem comm* s w • cable |GP fax software only £49.99!!
Fax software is not included with Supra modems FAX: 0532 319191 THE CHAOS PACK!
• ZOOL (9J Amiga Computing. Nov 92)
• STRIKER 94 CU Amiga. June 92).
• PINBALL DREAMS (94*. AUI. Sept 92)
US ROBOTICS PREFERRED DEALERS Sportster 2496‘FAX.. Sportster 14400 FAX £248.99 WorldPort 14400 +FAX ......£257.99 either bundle only £29.99 r £ I 9.99 with any AMIGA!
NEW! AMIGA CD32 PACK Courier HST(I6.8) ...£399.1 Courier V32bis Terbo +FAX......£449.99 Courier HST!Dual 16.8 Fax .£499.99 CourierHSTIDual 16.8 Terbo Fax..£559.99 (Follow A647 signs from Leeds City Centre) based on die 68020. The CD12 feature* AA chip sec.
A4uitfootpont. 2Mb RAM. I 28K «a*h memory, budt in WB A the abWKy to play normal audio CD"* with Oscar and Digger only £289.99 It is recommended that prices are confirmed before ordering goods E&OE.
.£579.99 PACE MODEMS CD Rom Amiga A570 Turns your Amiga 500 into a CDTV. Includes I Fred Fish CDPD disk & Sim City now only £147.99 I All our printers come with ribbon toner, printer drivers (if available), paper & cables!!
CANON Canon BJ lOsx ...£199.99 Laser quality output, large buffer Canon BJ200 .£304.99 1 pagr a mm weed. 1*0 dpe. Small footprint a 80 Canon BJ230 .£359.99 wide* carriage version of above Canon BJ300 ....£419.99 Desktop bubble jet with laser quality Canon BJ330 ...£464.99 Wide tamage version of the BJ100 New.' Canon BJC600 Col..£574.99 new bubble jet from Canon BJ 10 Autosheetfeeder...£49.99 Canon BJ 10 cartridge., ...£ 18.99 CITIZEN NEW LOW PRICES!
Citizen printers have a 2 year guarantee Swift 90 Colour------------------£169.99 ExceNcnt va.ue 9 pan colour. Highly retommended Swift 200 Colour ....£204.99 Same out put as the 240 but with less facilities Swift 240 Colour .£249.99 24 pin. 240cps draft, 10 fonts, quiet mode. 240cps NEW! Projet ll_ .£254.99 new inkjet printer with built in auto sheet feeder Swift Auto Sheet feeder..£79.99 HEWLETT PACKARD HP Deskjet Portable..only £274.99 New.'HPS 10 mono.now £261.99 HP 500 Colour now £309.99 HP 550 Colour now£484.99 4 times faster than the HP500C!!
HPS00 mono cartridges ..114.99 Double life 500 cartridges ......£24.99 All HP printers come with a J year warranty SEIKOSH A SeikoshaSP-1900 ...£ I 24.99 Seikosha SP-2400 ...£154.99 Seikosha SL-90 .£159.99 Seikosha SL-9S .£295.99 Seikosha Speedjet 300...£3 19.99 12 month extended warranty £ 10.00 STAR StarLC20 .....£132.99 110 cp, d'.n. 4S tp, NLO. Qwl mode and muHl I fonts, push button operation.
Star LC100 colour £139.99 | 9 pin colour. 8 fonts, 180 pi draft. 45 cps NLQ Star LC200 colour £195.99 NEW! Star LC24-300 Col £299.99 24 pin quality. 210 cps draft. 67 cpsLQ. 39K buffer I expendible to 48K. 10 fonts and quiet mode.
Star LC24-200 colour.£264.99 Colour version with 30K buffer expandable to 62K Star SJ48 Bubble jet £21 7.99 Laser quality, ultra qu-et. Epson compatible • portable NEW! Star SJ144 Colour Thermal Stunmnf affordable colour printer J PPM. Low running costs I only £5 14.99 Vb SJ41 Autoshe.1 feeder . . £49 49 Star Sj4|c*rt**dge ... 4 IS I St« Vjl44cAmwgr:p* aot)j----142 »• | Star S)4| 8| 0Ar«JM -------99 | I as«»r Printers | 9 pin colour. 8 fonts. 225 cps draft. 45 cps NLQ. A4 ’ landscape printing. | NEW! StarLC24-30Col £229.99 3 All our monitors arc UK spec. All moniton
* come complete with a free Amiga lead* , PHILIPS CM8833 MK2
Colour | I Colour no. Mouoor ,00*,« tow roMiuo ¥hn% HEWLETT
ALUM PACKARD on-site warrant SeikoshaOP-104.
4 PPM HP2P emulation Canon HP Laserjet 4L £609.99 .
I Mh RAM. 4 ppm, small footprint OKI 400e ..£514.99 | 4 page laser, mult font. 512k memory. HP emulation Ricoh LP1200 ...£669.99 I add just £1 14.99 for 2 Mb of extra RAM ROMBO PRODUCTS IMAA500 & A600 RAM Cl YEAR WARRANTY ! AJ 0)) , aopulated only£l6.99...£23.99 .
Aulated to 512K..only £ 19.99...£28.99 | uilated to I Mb...only£28.99...£33.99 !
b A600 OR A1200 RAM card £114.99 ,
• Hb A600 OR A1200 RAM card.£l69.99 1 AMIGA A500 512K RAM by
- die original 1.211.3 AAS GA-.only £ 13.99 | 32 BIT RAM (for
A4000 etc) £POA £POA £POA £POA
• MbSIMM ....
• Mb SIMM (onlyforMicroboiics).
RAM & CUSTOM CHIPS Co processors for the A4000
• rol.i68HK2 PLCC(33Mhz|..£74.05 Mj Co processors for Microbotics
, 68882 PGA (33Mhz ..£79.99 ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦I “ itorola 68882 PGA
(40Mhz)..£89.99 pRi»i***rAi7.i»iM8«*
- otorola 68882 PGA (50Mhz)..£l 69.99 '] POWER SCANNER V3 (for
Microbotics boards inc mb by 8 9 SIMMS.....peri Mb£POA h‘"f -1
VllV.lll'M fmr.?! '.'i ‘ Mb by 9 SIMMS .per 4 Mb £POA ¦
by 4 DRAMS......pr-. I Mh* ll™ ....per I Mb iJ5.83 256
by 4 DRAM (DILs) • i 5 I 2K) ...... only £
3.99 • Mb) now nnlv £.3.94 16+
(2Mb).... Kickstart 1.3. .now onl Kickstart
2.04 .£24.99 Fatter
Agnes8372A .....£25.99 Super
Denise .£16.99 6571 -0326
Keyboard controller...£ 13.99 CIA 8520A I O
controller £7.99 The MBXI200Z CO-PROCESSOR & RAM '
BOARD for the A I 200 ' Realise the full potential of your A I
200 with 3 this trapdoor expansion, inc real time clock *|
68881 I4MHZ ...£1 19.99 | 68881
25MHZ ...£129.99 J 68882
33MHZ ...£139.99 68882
50MHZ ...£209.99 The RAM boards can only work
with t the use of the Co-Pro board i Directory Opus
4 .... Kindwords Maxiplan 4 spreadsheet.
Scala 1.13_________________ PAGESTREAM 2.2 DTP only £64.99 TECHNOSOUND TURBO £25.99 ...£34.99 ROCH ARD DRIVES for the A500 A500+ from £219.99 Mega Lo Sound ....i GVP HC8+ from £ 199.99 IVS TRUMPCARD IDE controller similar to the GVP hard drive for the A500. Space for 8Mb of RAM using SIMMS only £49.99 phone for prices with hard drives fitted With the latest version 2 Ww for bright & sharp grey scale performance. Flexible scanned image display manipulation options, plus Clean up, embolden, resize * flip.
Only £99.99 on demo Colour version only £239.99 EPSON GS6500 COLOUR FLATBED only £689.99 phoaefor4eull»*d«mo Art Department Pro Scanner S W..£ 109.99 compatible with Epson ES100C, ES600C, ES800C, GT6000, GT6S00 & GT8000 iMICE &TRACKERBALLS GOLDEN IMAGE MEGA MOUSE 90% rating. Our best selling mouse ..£ I 2.99 DATALUX CLEAR MOUSE High quality clear 2 button mouse ...£1 9.99 Zydec T rackball £29.99 Golden Image Trackbail...£37.99 DISK DRIVES Prima Addup 3.5" only £56.99 I meg high quality external drive at a low price.
Cumana 3.5" only £56.99 I meg external drive. The best name In disc drives now at a great price.
New.'VIDI 12 Real Time.£ I 34.99 Real limp colour digitizing from any video source, full ACA support New.'VIDI 24 Real Time.£223.99 24 bit quality real time colour digitizing from any video source. Full ACA support New.'VIDI 12AGA £74.99 Full support for AGA chipset. Colour images captured in less than a second, mono images in real time with I any video source. Multitasking s w, cut & paste.
VIDI 12 SOUND & VISION AGA with built In Muguml. ....£98. 9 9 TAKE 2 .....£37.99 i Features include load and save from D. Paint animations and IFF files. Supports HAM graphics.
Megamix Master £29.99 I 8 bit, high spec, sampler. Special effects include echo I that can be added in real time, fully multitasking & I easy to use.
MICROBOTICS j New M1230 for A1200 withup to 128 Mb fast RAM.’ • MI230 XA33Mhz,0Mb ......£245.99 . MI230 XA40Mhz,0Mb ......£264.99 MI230XA50Mhz,0Mb ......£329.99 See "RAM & CUSTOM CHIPS" ' section for prices on Co-pro's and 32 bit RAM. Call for prices on upgrades from MBXI200Z to MBXI230XA GVP A1230 0Mb RAM for A1200 only £284.99 jAI230 IMb RAM for AI 200 only £384.99 1 6882 Co Pro for A530 .only £ 129.99 j 1500 2000 G-FORCE 030-25MHz with 4Mb 132 bit RAM .....only £479.99 1 G-Force 030-40MHz with 4Mb 32 bit RAM only £729.99 I NEW! SUPRA
ACCELERATOR for the A500 A500+ & AI 500 2000 ] 28 Mhz, uses A500 side port so I there is no internal fitting only £129.99!
Real Time A1200 internal clock module only C12.99 Mouse Joystick manual port switcher ..only £ 11.99 Computer Video Start Switch .only £ 19.99 2 3 4 way Parallel port sharers £POA OPAL VISION SUPRA RAM 24 bit graphics card * video system for the I S00 2000 1000 4000. Includes software bundle | only £509.99 with Imagine 2 ; Simply the bestl Fits onto the side expansion port I Auto configures with no software patching.
8Mb pop to 2 Mb £159.99 8Mb pop to 4 Mb ..£214.99 8Mb pop to 8 Mb . £319.99 8Mb pop to 2 Mb for 2000 1500 range..£ 149.99 [New generation retargetable graphics has arrived with this true 24 bit graphics board for the A2000 3000 4000.
I Mb version .£289.99 2Mb version .£325.991 GVP PRODUCTS Icommodore A2300 internal Genlock I only £119.99 GVP Genlock ..only £297.99 features professional SVHS output Rocgen Plus ....only £ 149.99 I Includes dual control for overlay and keyhole cf- I fects, extra RGB pass thru. Now A1200 compatible.'
Rendale 8802 FMC-.only £ 169.99 iESmSEEBag [For creating special effects In video production I with genlocks ..only £ I 39.99 All disks are 100% error free guaranteed New High density 3.5 inch bulk and branded Please phone for best prices!
3. 5"DD DS [branded .5 OD DS Bulk This high quality ROM sharer
features a flexible ribbon connection so that it can be
positioned anywhere within your A500 Plus or A600. Full 2 year
| replacement warranty 1 now only £19.99 or £27.99 for
keyboard switchable version | CU AMIGA PRODUCT TEST to say I'm
quite glad I did. To explain why. I’ll need to tell you about
the capabilities of the thing.
Power have already released the A1204, so what's so different about this one? Well, for a start it takes SIMMs, which means you can buy the extra memory anywhere. And, unlike most trapdoor expansions, it can take 8Mb SIMMs without locking up the PCMCIA card slot! It also contains a battery-backed clock, a space for an FPU (it can take any kind, is not restricted to a particular speed, and it won't conflict with any software). Even so, you can still switch it off via a jumper - but then you can also switch off the memory with a single flick.
With so many different configurations, you'd expect the prices to fluctuate a little. But with the bare board costing as little as £69.95, the 1208+33MHz Co-Pro and 2Mb of RAM costing £199.99, and the high-end 1208+50MHZ Co-Pro and 8Mb RAM costing only £530.95, the unit represents great value for money.
So what does this mean for the end user? If you want to expand the capabilities of your machine, and want to keep on building, then check out something like the forthcoming GVP A1230 II. But if you just want to improve your machine's performance, then this is probably the most system-friendly way of doing it. ,'2E Available from: Power Computing, Unit 8 Railton Road, Woburn Road Industrial Estate, Kempston, Beds, MK42 7PN.
One thing I noticed when reviewing this little RAM accelerator for the A1200 was how difficult it was to fit. In the days of the A500, trapdoor expansions could slide in easier Tel: 0234 843388 ('-I’jfo Price: £69.95 to £530.95 CELLPRG Scientists have been playing God lor years, and now you too can take control ot your own little digital Universe thanks to MegaGem. The advent ot computer graphics brought about a revolution as scientists learnt that they could not only use the computer tor large scale calculations, they could even see the results in an easy-to comprehend torm.
Ot course the tirst examples of this were boring old graphs and charts- But It wasn’t long before a less up-tight computer user designed a program called Lite. Life was partly an entertaining distraction and partly a serious attempt to model the life cycle of simple organisms living under very strictly controlled conditions.
Each organism is represented by a square pixel which can have up to eight neighbours.
The exact number of neighbours determines what the organism will do.
For example, too many neighbours and the organism will die from over-crowding, too few and it dies ot loneliness. By the same token, new organisms can spontaneously spring to life if a dormant pixel is surrounded by two neighbours (mummy and daddy).
The entire Life simulation revolves around two simple rules, yet it's absolutely fascinating to see how various starting conditions (the arrangement of dormant and live organisms) can produce vastly different and intriguing results.
Life spawned an entire classification of computer programs known as cellular automata, whose sole purpose is to model miniature biospheres. CellPro provides you with an Amiga version of Life, but it also offers five other cellular automata. Whilst all six programs are relatively simple, consisting purely of rules involving neighbours and the status of the cell whose future is being decided, the diversity of effects that is possible is absolutely amazing.
Betore you automate a colony, you'll need to set the starting conditions. This is done by loading an IFF screen from disk. Having done so, you select the type of living conditions you want to apply, and away you go. The screen will be filled with a seething or bubbling or drooping or a tech- nicoloured mass of organisms all fighting tor survival in their own unique way.
It seems that most types of automations eventually result in a stable colony, where either the same patterns of life and death are endlessly duplicated in short recognisable patterns, or where nothing appears to move at all. Some colonies are even a combination of both.
When you tire of the supplied IFF screens and types of automata, you can design your own, based on either a four or eight pixel grid. The smaller grid reduces the number of organisms that influence each other.
CONCLUSION As an experimental and educational tool. CellPro is very useful. However, I wouldn't like you to think that just because it has educational value it must be boring - far from it. CellPro is a fascinating and thoroughly absorbing taste of the science of cellular automata. It’s rather expensive, and that reflects the work which has gone into the program and the more serious uses to which it can be put. I would have liked to have seen a drawing and magnify function built into the program. But apart from that I liked it Available from: MegaGem, 1903 Adria Santa Maria, California
93454, USA.
Tel: 0101 805 349 1104.
Price $ 89.95 SEAGATE 80MB IDE HARD DRIVE Everyone wants a hard drive. Whatever your bag, whether it's music, video, DTP, programming or trout farm management, a hard drive will make your existence a lot more bearable. Just think... no more searching through piles of disks to locate that rare Peruvian monkfish. Never again will your only disk containing your potential number one hit fall down the all-engulfing black hole behind the desk. And you can kiss goodbye to ihe dreaded cat peed on my favourite disk' syndrome. The trouble is, now that everyone wants one, everyone's selling them in all
shapes and sizes (well, not quite all shapes. I’ve yet to see one in the shape of an individual Mr Kipling apple pie - but give it time).
This particular example comes in the shape of a 2.5" IDE hard drive. It fits into the internal IDE interface of any A600 or A1200. This means that you’ll have to take the cover off your computer to get the drive in, which will invalidate your warranty. If your Amiga still has a good stretch left on its warranty, it may be a better idea to get a drive fitted by one of Commodore's officially recommended hard drive installers, such as ZCL. Otherwise, there's no reason why you shouldn't go ahead and do it yourself.
Connecting the Seagate is just a matter of opening up the Amiga's outer casing and plugging the drive into the bus on the circuit board. A short ribbon is included to make the connection. Installing is just about as simple as can be. A very straightforward installation program comes with the drive, with plain instructions on how to prepare and partition it. A simple slider is used to select the balance of disk space that you want to allocate to your boot partition and the main workspace. It's then up to you to copy over the relevant version of Workbench. Speed-wise, it clocks around 400K per
second according to Syslnfo, which is just about par for the course for a 2.5" IDE drive.
If you’re not bothered about invalidating your warranty, and speed isn’t a major concern, this could be a very good buy. It's not nearly as fast as some other drives (Software Demon's Overdrive wipes the floor with it on that count), but it's cheap, and it works! Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a Japanese trout to locate... Available from: INDI Direct. 1 Ringway Industrial Estate, Eastern Avenue, Lichfield, Staffs, WS13 7SF.
Tel: 0543 419 999.
Now you can produce stunning high quality colour outputs on paper, transparency film or even T-shirt transfer paper from your Amiga. The Primera colour printer, recent recipient of countless awards in the IBM-PC and Macintosh markets, is also the perfect companion to any Commodore Amiga.
Primera uses thermal wax transfer technology, a technology usually associated with much higher priced printers.
Primera features Software drivers for Amiga, PC and Macintosh Prints A4 and A4+ size paper and transparencies Monochrome ribbon cartridges available for economical text only printing
• Print full colour 24-bit photographs Optional Photo-Realistic
upgrade kit (Dye-sublimation)
• Produce photographic quality images for a fraction of the cost
of similar devices
• Extremely small footprint, not much larger than A4 Primera
printer ...C825
Photo-Rcalistic upgrade kit C215.95 Photo-Realistic refill kit
(100 prints) ....£250 Photo-Realistic refill kit (25
prints)...£79.95 4 dolour ribbon (80
prints) .£38.95 3 Colour ribbon (115
prints) ...£38.95 Monochrome ribbon (400 prints)
£34.95 Transparency film (A4 50 sheets) £31.95 Primera premium
paper (A4 200 sheets) £18 T-Shirt transfer paper (A4 lO
sheets).£17.95 FRRGO telephone0234843388 PS I;
((('(illliiiillll liijiilliillliiiiiiiiii
LV. V ijjlllllllllellllllllll lllll JiliHIS Ilf
1. 5MB RAM BOARD ‘Customer Service Excellence' UPGRADE y FOR
Fully populated board Increases total RAM In A500 to 2Mb! *
Plugs into trap door area, & connects to GARY chip Includes
Battery- l sNi Backed Real-Time Clock* Socketed RAM Ics on
512K 1Mb Versions Unpopulated RAM board with clock..
nuaonNManaftFMMiD WEO 2Ml Dec. 9.00-5.30 THU » FBI Silt Dec.
9.00-5.30 MON A jJDW 71) Vffl_ Call us now on With 15Mb
'MEGABOARD' With our MEGABOARD, you can further C 1 01 DALI
[10 10 A HC expand your A500's memory to a total of * 9 ***
2MB without disposing of your existing 512K upgrade (must be 4
x RAM chip typo, or not exceeding 9cm in longth).
TO GIVE 1.5MB TELESALES OPENING TIMES: 9am - 7pm Monday-Friday 9am - 5.30pm Saturday ONLY £47.99 ROCGEN GENLOCKS PLUS Sena Cheque (£a Acc card c Evesham Micros Ltd., Dept CU Unit 9, St Richards Road, Evesham, Worcs. WR11 6TD Government. Education A PLC orders wetcor day despatch whenever possible • (UK Mainland only) • E.press I Mainland only) f 5.50 extra • Please days must be allowed tor cheque c clearance on Bank Drafts Credit card orders: OFFERING EXCEPTIONAL VALUE FOR MONEY, the Roc gen Genlock offers levels of quality, function and sophistication not _ ZZSUZF'"'* I ONLY £149.99 S
QUALITY SCANNING ¦ AT THE RIGHT PRICE I At a genume 400dpi scanning resolution, this j scanner produces truly superb quality scans. * Has a lull 105mm scanning width, variable brightness control and 100 200 300 400dpi resolution. Daatascan 'Professional Version 3- scanning anderfcting software allows real-time scanning in either line art o up to 64 senulated grey scales.
Provides powerful editing features and excellent compatibility with most DTP and Paint Packages, eg. Deluxe Paint 4. Touch-Up. Also supplied Is The Publisher DeskTop Publishing package, ideal for Incorporating your scanned images into flyers and newsletters (not compabble with the A1200).
PHILIPS TV MONITOR With its dedicated monitor Input, this model combines the advantages of a high quality 15' medium resolution colour monitor with the convenience of remote contra Teletext TV - at an excellent low price I Features dark glass screen tor improved contrast.
USHM U delivery & cable Always a good si; ' STILL ONLY £99.99 r-xmr- new" pvf.
RRTAff- products are liable Irom selected SHOWROOMS 372" external floppy drives ua MgKI OpMng UMH 7(ht.
EVESHAM Unit 9 St Richards Rd, Evesham Worcs WR11 6TD 3 0386 • 765500 (ax: 0386 765354 __BIRMINGHAM 1251-255 Moseley Rd, Hlghgate I Birmingham B12 OEA TT 021 • 446 5050 lax 021 446 5010| AMAZING LOW PRICE !
£52.99 including VAT & delivery
• Quality Citizen Sony drive mechanism
• Enable Disable switch
• Full 880K Formatted Capacity
• Long reach connection cable
• Throughport facility for addition of further drives
• Very quiet
• Slimline design
• Suits any Amiga
• Cooling vents
• Sleek, high quality metal casing Mono., to Friday, 9403
time ot going lo preas • AH goods tanca appHaa to UK Mainland
Only REPLACEMENT A500 INTERNAL 3.5" DRIVE KIT Fully compatible,
with 1 Mb unformatted capacity.
Straightforward installation procedure. Kit includes full fitting Instructions.
ONLY £44.99 NEW LATE NIGHT SHOWROOM OPENING UNTIL 7PM, WEDNESDAY TO FRIDAY ' * "" TRUEMOUSE RD DISKS iccuratt r*pl«c*m*nt moose you can buy tor the Amiga. Excellent pertormence, now with a 3000pt resolution. Amazing new price!
ONLY £24.95 Incorporating the latest ZIP DRAM technology, our External Memory Upgrade allows the A500 A500+ to be upgraded by up to a further 8Mb of auto- configuring FASTRAM.
RAM access LED • RAM test run switch I Uses 1Mb 4-bi1 ZIPS * Style matched to the A500 *¦' , U Very low power consumption Through port tor further expansion W Compatible with A590 and most other SCSI Hard Drives (please call to check) vr Optional PSU (allows Amiga to power other devices)
* Available fitted with 2Mb, 4Mb, or fully populated with 8Mb
With 2MB fitted...£112.99 with 4MB...E159.99 with 8MB...E259.99
Simply Plugs into the A600's trap door expansion area j I
Increases total RAM capacity of A600 to 2Mb ChipRAM’
- i RAM Enable Disable Switch Battery-Backed Real-Time Clock
ZY-FI PRO SPEAKERS ONLY £44.99 Prices Include VAT, Delivery and
SUPPLIES Gerxane Commodore Amga A500 type replacement Power
Supply Unit Good quabty switch mode type Super low price I I
to LC 10. 4 lont*. 18Qf44e|* ...£ 129 99 Star LC
100 Entty Mv« 9-Pin Cotour, 4 fools - C 168.03 Star LC
200 0-Pin Colour. 4 toot* 100 45cps _..-£
190.56 Star LC 24-100 24-Pm. 5 lonla. 102*4cps
....t 186.63 Star LC 24-20 MU 24-Pn.
2t0cpa high *pa«j MH--------C 229.11 Star LC 24-200C S arb
24-Pw Colour. 5 ton®. 200«7cp* £276.13 Ertsnammcrosi CU AMIGA
PRODUCT TEST Badged as the ultimate Amiga word processor,
Softwood’s new Final Writer promises much.
But can it deliver? We put Jason Holborn on the case to find out.
The Amiga certainly has its fare share of high powered software packages - Deluxe Paint IV AGA. Art Department Protessional and i v2.0 are just three examples. Indeed, you’d trd pushed to find programs to rival them on tac or PC. But the Mac and PC have their ) of industry standards too.
I machines really excel is with i like databases, spreadsheets . Sure. Protext on the Amiga is a very powerful package. But put it next to Word s on the PC and you’ll soon realise why g a platfoi
- Commands- la vs Open Document 3.
A Save Print Document I n Delete File II A. m Cut Copy tend to choose Macs or Pcs r With the launch of Final Writer from S however, the gap could finally be closing. Final Writer is the first of a new generation ol high-powered packages designed to take on and win against high-profile Mac and PC-based word processors.
Softwood have been writing Amiga word processors longer than most of us care to mention, and Final Writer demonstrates beautifully the experience they've gained. Building upon the success of Softwood's earlier products, Pen Pal and Final Copy. Even its name suggests Final Writer is the The competition may not be so stiff in the Amiga marketplace with programs like Wordworth 2 and Excellence! Providing the only challenge, but can Softwood honestly hope to compete against the Mac and PC heavyweights?
BIG IS BEAUTIFUL If there’s one thing that Final Writer does have in common with its Mac and PC cousins, it has to be its over-the-top system requirements. Unless you’ve got an Amiga with at least 1.5Mb of RAM and a hard disk. Final Writer won’t even run. And, even then, you're going to need at least 9.5Mb ol hard disk space to install itl One of the most powerful features ol Final Wrltar Is its configurable from end that allows you lo tailor the program to your own needs.
If hard disk space is tight you can install a cut- down version of the Final Writer package that t up a mere 2.5Mb! But even in its cut-down form Final Writer-is one of the biggest applications to These Writer is a lo! More than Just a lex- Drop shadow* and complex logos are vary simple lo produce.
The CU AMIGA logo was created using Final Writer's powerful text box facility.
Just like a DTP program, Final Writer allows you to zoom in on your page, so you can quickly check any particular section ot ot your layout.
Released back in 1989, and it has since been accepted as jargon lor a word processor that alsc features DTP-like page controls.
Whereas a normal word processor will allow you to process text, the format ol that text is still very strict - a single tull-width column ot text, printed using the fonts built into your printer. A word publisher, on the other hand, allows you to produce documents complete with pictures and multiple font styles without assuming that you own an expensive laser printer.
BUTTON MOON Even Final Write's front end Is a cut above the rest. It you already own Final Copy 2. Then you should feel instantly al home, as Final Write's front end is very similar. The only maior difference IS the two rows of buttons along the top ol the screen. Final Copy 2 had its own buttons, but Softwood have realty gone to town with the buttons on Final Writer Each of these buttons performs a particular task. All the usual buttons to justify text and so on are there. But quite a few of the functions normally found in the Final Writer pull-down menus have been moved down to the button
bar as well Simply by clicking on the appropriate button, you can perform common word processing tasks such as cutting, copying and pasting blocks of text without ever having to search through the program's pulldown menus.
Nothing special so far, but Final Writers buttons are far from ordinary. As Softwood have gone to great lengths to explain, the great thing about these buttons is that they are fully configurable.
Each one can be changed to suit your own word processing needs, and there are an additional seven strips of buttons which you can flick through with a single mouse click.
Defining a button is simple. All you do is select the button strip you want to edit, select a button image that suits your needs (don't worry, there are plenty to choose Iroml), and then drop it down into the position that you'd like it to appear The buttons are nothing more than generic images, so It’s up to you to assign a task to them.
Final Writer allows you to assign one ol lour different types of operation to a button - an Arexx script, a text clip, a Final Writer menu operation or a string command Being able to assign an Arexx script to a button is perhaps the most powerful of all these operations It gives you the ability to program Final Writer so that complex operations that would normally require many steps can be carried out with a single mouse click.
Final Write's Arexx implementation certainly isn't weak either. Virtually every operation you could possibly want to carry out can be performed automatically via Arexx Using the string command operation gives you access to Final Wole's Arexx commands too. Although only one command can be assigned to each button.
WORD POWER Once you've configured Final Writer to suit your needs, it's time to get stuck into some serious document processing At its simplest level, Final Writer can be used as nothing more than a straight text processor Just like Protext, you can mark sections of text, cut. Copy and then paste the block down anywhere in your document. Add to this its powerful search and replace functions and you've got the makings of a decent text processor.
Softwood certainly don't seem to believe in being average. Final Write's predecessor, Final Copy 2. Was criticised for lacking advanced word processing functions like the automatic generation ot tables ol contents, bibliographies, end notes, indexing and so on. Softwood have answered these criticisms by building all ot these functions into Final Writer- Final Writer also sports a very Impressive spell checker and thesaurus, both of which use the same Proximity Collins Linguabase dictionaries used by Protext. Many word processors of American origin fall down on this all-important addition So it
s very nice to see that Softwood have seen fit to cater for the needs of UK Amiga users. The spell checker, which includes medical and legal entries, offers over 110,000 entries.
And the thesaurus isn't bad either, with over
826. 000 synonyms.
Final Write's spell checker and thesaurus should keep even the most prolific ot word benders happy. Even without the added benefits that a word publishing program delivers. Final Wnter could easily stand against the competition on the strength ol these word processing tunctions alone PICTURE THIS!
Processing raw text is an important feature ot any word processors. But what really makes Final Writer different from traditional word processors is its word publishing features. The word publisher is certainly noting new. But Final Wnter blurs the fme line between word processing and desktop publishing still further, giving you even more DTP-like features. No longer are you restricted to a single column ot text on your pages. Final Writer will happily divide the page into six newspaper-like columns with automatic text How control.
Pictures can be pulled into your documents too.
Final Wnter supports both IFF and encapsulated PostScript (EPS) structured images which can be displayed either as a blank picture box. As a monochrome preview, or in full colour. If you own an AGA-based Amiga, Final Writer fully supports the new screen modes provided by the AGA chip set, so pictures can be displayed on screen in up to 256 colours. Running Final Wnter in 256 colours does slow it somewhat, particularly when your documents become more complex » TIP TOP TYPE Funis am particularly well handled In Final Writer. Apart Irom ill very close cousin Final Copy 2. Final Writer is stilt
the only Amiga word processor that lully supports PostScript Adobe Type 1 toms. Type! Ton! Support may seem a rather strange move when you consider the popu- larity ol the AGFMompugraphic standard on the Amiga.
But it's certainly a good thing with hundreds of Type t loots available through the Amiga public domain libraries lor little more than the price ol a dish.
Compugraphic lonts are still rather hard to obtain, and you'll have to pay through the nose lor them. So it comes as no surprise that Softwood have turned their backs on the 'official' Amiga outline tonl standard.
They certainly haven't skimped on the number ol lonts they bundle with the prngram either Counting through the hslglng directory the Final Writer Installation program created on my A12B0's hard disk. Final Writer tames with ne lass than 110 tree lonts in a number of different typefaces These range Irom the usual Helvetica, Times and Avante Garde lonts to more unusual examples such as Japanette (an oriental-looking font) and Yorkshire, a very stylish Ireehand tonl.
Final Writer gives you extensive control over the text in your document. As well as the usual point sire (Final Writer supports point sires up to 3M point!), style, colour and lonl controls, you can also adjust the leading amount (the gap between lines) and hortrontal width (lor stretching text) And you can even slant |shear| text, giving you much belter control when italicising a lonl. And. Because Final Writer uses nothing but outline tonts. Your text remains jaggie tree, no matter how adventurous you getl SoftSans Wjr. MM* T0ba}C0 ClearColhic Koblenz JapancWe ' Mare STT.MIL I on,menial
Hd U Rosstwtc Geaitace Dragon j Thames Bum* ICO?!
Fin* Writ* lully •upports Adobe Type 1 outline font* which can be printed to any prelerence-mupported printer. Ju*t to get you ¦lined. Softwood kindly Included 110 free Type 1 fonts!
CU AMIGA PRODUCT TEST BOX CLEVER One ot the nicest features unique to Final Writer is the textbox'. These text boxes are very similar to the text boxes in Soft-Logic's PageStream DTP program. Although each text box that you create is limited to a single, short line of text, the text you put in a text box is kept completely separate Irom your document's main copy.
What's more, the text inside the box can be stretched and shrunk horizontally and vertically simply by dragging the handles' on the lour points ol the box.
These text boxes come in particularly handy when you want to create a massive logo using outline text. Instead of having to work out the exact horizontal scale and point size of your heading, you can simply drag the heading's text box to the shape you want and Final Writer will automatically adjust its size. Clever eh and saves you a lot ol time and energy fiddling about!
SOFTWOOD UK: £129.95 A500 9 A500. 9 A600 9 A1200 9 A1500 9 A200o9 A3000 9 A4000 9
* Needs 1.5 Mb ol RAM and a hard drive.
VALUE FDR MONEY TEXT BOX g DOCUMENTATION The most powerful word processor ever to grace the Amiga, u .
Writer’s text boxes are very similar to the scalable boxes leStream. The text within a text box can be stretched, k and rotated with ease.
Final Writer Is one ol the first Amiga word processors lo support PostScript printing as standard.
90% » EPS support is particularly well implemented.
Even if the EPS file does not have a bitmap header, Final Writer will still allow you to view it on screen in full colour.
Even Professional Page didn't have this feature until recently, so it's nice to see that Softwood are keeping up with the Joneses!
Just like its predecessors. Final Writer gives PRINTS CHARMING Your page may look nice on screen, but it’s of no use whatsoever unless you can transfer that quality to paper.
Thankfully, Final Writer doesn’t fail here either. Not only can you print to any standard preference-supported printer with the sort ol quality results you'd normally expect Irom ProPage, but Final Writer also provides direct support lor PostScript printing. Sottwood have certainly gone to town on Final Writer’s PostScript implementation with full support lor thumbnails, page scaling and crop (registration) marks.
Final Writer provides two torms ol preference printing - final and draft. If you print in final mode, the entire document is printed in exactly the same way as a DTP program with all the fonts and graphics built up as a massive bitmap which is sent to the printer as a screen dump. In draft mode, however, only the graphics are generated by Final Writer.
The text within your document is printed using your printer's own internal lonts. This gives a much faster printing time, but the results can look a little weird to say the least.
You extensive control over your pictures. You can scale them to your heart's content, and it's possible to contour text around a bitmapped image simply by setting the background colour to transparent mode.
Also, just like a DTP program, you're given full control over the text stand off setting (how close the text flows around the image).
CONCLUSION Final Copy 2, Final Writer’s predecessor, was heralded as 'about as close to being a desktop publisher as a word processor dare go’ when we reviewed it back in the April issue of CU AMIGA.
It seems that Softwood have managed to push back the boundaries still further without losing sight of the program's word processing origins.
They have made Final Writer a more capable word publisher and one hell of a word processor too! Indeed, if you were to judge Final Writer on its word processing capabilities alone, it would still earn its top rating with flying colours!
Final Writer certainly isn’t the answer to everyone's word processing and word publishing needs. If you're a professional writer who can live without the fancy page layout controls the program has to offer then a dedicated word processing program like Protext is still possibly a better bet.
Even if you do want a word publisher. Final Writer's system requirements may force many to go for a less capable program.
If you do have a machine that can handle Final Writer's requirements, an accelerated Amiga is a must - even on my A4000 030, Final Writer started to drag its heels when working with complex pages containing lots of pictures. Try it on an A500 or A600 and you’ll be waiting all day for the screen to update!
This would certainly be a great shame because you'll be missing out on what is undoubtedly the Amiga’s most powerful word publishing program. Wordworth 2 AGA comes close, but Final Writer is better on nearly every front, raw text processing, graphics handling, printing, font control etc. Indeed, there are considerably few aspects of Final Writer that are anything less than exceptional. On an accelerated machine. Final Writer is the top Amiga word processor to rival even the Mac and PC heavyweights!
- HI IV*ut A PkIhji ' TV m wllniCotimiAw iyouC6AJl-ldn.r MkJ(
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NttGMOOURS Is the bed jTCmi S'nMne'coFrSotTiy» fA» into KO floK* .a Pa ArtVm J I 4 2802 CARO-O-RAMA Sea hewn.
Crt Oincna. Spades Spem J * 4 2825 ALLROUNOBIA C . .cl smu J*4 12)4L»«VC0NQ; - .l-rt ? H orrcn PO*! Tx»e * pputro.se Sous rO-mr ii iXtlXU l cftsw «« pD«v . IwmwoM* Pe oo-o or-3 Itis o tie ore ddtrdo sh»te 4 te«»ro td oog w*P a bmeti 0 ' ..rlwrtlYVWlr. 1-4 3252 BONO.
'u». «1 garni in Pe .up r.iuicomps WbbcAYxidoK As heatkeoch too wtl t pOssira y«M tinl w* be Pc jmc Yea Ml Then b rOJ hrre usl seen Amen J - 4 32«S THE ENTITY .
Ro* o shodd m cent gomp oaspd on ait hockey trom **1 rSSto hrToa*. - j-c-toil «s~w d-srg Jj-e He no*as I and sopa spn-f Il-era o hetrg m*o I whet con be CooJ-l *rom Ihe she© Del etoifeTraes Set's. (rgr« SxUl I J * 4 UIOSTAMAH OlDnoQtOorta.
Od en*.re. ymifO’ r. Vf»1 rr.x«p. rslffO I 0-Licw(i)t* n olh TlPtcnKB(nOwrt»l p4»4 rt ir- kirly J- . 3370 DlOmAL TETRIS Is a One .
Tot. Tlx-H Tend gome wth not cradws I J-- 3371 SUPBtPRUCThots*hcctnm-*I
• a’eni MmcctSdetlorlKiretrfli 3*4 IMS POPEYES one c ir c*d I
rotaddasw oj-ewe* **«»»* I J- 33*7 SPACE INVASION
J TsJoi'lnTY QUEST Tns gore is o t .ass MtocnriGBaTa'C
Etwkrwthmam I J'- 43411 «NGOO*«ATWAR W,
X) * c*Tfe* RW Vie gome w*P rot and I cooorttgroph.Mi-dpiinenaOn
I J * 4 3412 T*d LAST REFUGE . 0 So*‘ I ¦”10-1 «.itit -pr. Pp
ir«k»i Of*. I J - . 3413 OAJKSTAF* Is orolhe. Daw tjtytm Prt
orip Par pe icecru-, werts I J* . 3414 CONXIBT A OOMNATKM An
p.idUrr snotopi wxt Qjme in wPwh I ww con bite wth Irocos.
T r*s Om I Penes. &7*t is Sail- shpi RepAxtl orrf, rrcm. W*irs
B.*W b.tdngs • • I J - . 3423CIAS* TWOAMO Fo ol wm tx» »~p w.P
i hron K* Tans yimes I . ' ’ytVt mpVio'i1 0 LTUJ £l I to,'
«*cn MrfiV* w gih) OIK * (A I 1-.-u imjj VYMro I IS (Al
a'cne. Ccelenl AGA wr Oge I grnpNcs sMc i’iole hoe ijo-e IB I
dRmeni otwch nrdHO* imn'-ti JM'fniYOdaitovw I
s. s» n« htw s'M • i UDST DfcVO OHM Your Naim* Address CUTOUT
(OMMMIEI3 W rt» Wi Wert berth 2 wirtbnch ZiHONy Wat* «K Wat
berth t WktKrtbi OJ, IXI Wh.* Irtlute. PAP J «i£M8 J 4CI«*9
AMIGA- f ,r public domain ™ FOR ALL ENQUIRES - MOBILE FROM 11 AM TO 8PM - TEL: (0374) 446776 ! IT PHONE OOES NOT RESPOND DUE TO POOR COVERAGE • PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER THE ORCHARD, 139 HIGHRIDGE GREEN, BISHOPSWORTH, BRISTOL BS13 8AB ALL DISKS COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AMIGA'S WHEN DISK K001 - DISKSTART V1.3 IS USED ON A500+ A600 A1200 A4000 UOOI • THE ULTIMATE BACKUP DISK - All the very Besl pubic domain copiers including bc«y Tetracopy andXCopy U013 - BUSINESS CARO MAKER - A unity lhai can gve prof4»orw results lor use wlh any pmler U021 • SYSTEM X - A telefl-on* dmctccy on dak II evon dais Ihe U136
• 600 BUSINESS LETTERS • Over 600 lehets ol bow formal ready loi quick and simple modltcation in any word processor.
U139 - PRINTER DRIVERS OISK - An cxcelem seiecfton of drivers to gel your printer working ported), U140 - LABEL MAKER • Excellent uhtly allowing you lo make your own disk labels We have added several kms to gne you more design «mons U153 • MULTIPLAYER • Can play virtually any type ol music ircdule U167 • WINO0W8ENCH - A replacement lor Workbench VI .3 in ihe style of Mcroeort Wrtdows U168 • GAME TAMER V2 2 - Loads Ol cheats (over 250) lor use in many tep games 0176 • UNDERSTANDING AMOS - A “eat* at kinds cl veb uselul learning i U178 - AGRAPH -Ci pie charts, bar charts U179-CU TUTOR-Loads, and
ips U180 • DISK OPTIMISER - Speeds i* k-adng by op lo 15 limes U18I • FORMS UNLIMITED • Create your own mocee and cbtet lorms with this neat utnty U183 • MAGNUM • Create your own disk based magazine U184 • E DWORD - Excellent tort MENU DISK • K you a ntereeted in creating your own corrplahors etc then get this dsk Its perlect to5 added presentation U188 - CLUB LEAGUE • A uMlty lhai alkms you to odt and keep I rack ol your learns division and league status U189 - SCREEN BLANKERS - A dsk packed aim screen bankers U190 - THE LITTLE OFFICE - One ol iTe best small business programs U192 - ACCOUNT
MASTER - Written in Amos this s a t sa ° SOFTWARE LISTER • The program a dosigned lo keap back a ttU* integrated database and UI96 - DRAW MAP V4.1 - There are two versons Ihis «the 1MB version It allows you » creale 2D and 30 maps Quote U296 for 2MB verscn. Whch comes on 2 disks UI97 - FOOTBALL LEAGUE EDITOR V1.1 - As soon as Ihe results come in.
You can mentor yewr teams latest position U196 - GOLF SCORES V18 - It can roccrd the results ot every round you ptay. SMte Ihorn and gwe a in overall UI99 ¦ ANTI FLICKER - An aid to (Sop the H«Ker n Hi-Res mode dunng some programs operations U200 - AM 1C ASH BANKIN - If you have a smell business, this program a “ • • • and tsgMy PUNT PROGRAM Another preaction aid lor the horses U202 - MONEY MANAGEMENT - Homo accounts packago capable ot handling u*» 10 12 dHlerent accounts.
U203 - EASY CALC V1 0 • The spreadsheet is designed to be both very user Menrty and fast II las an citcller* bun in hotp system U204 - KEYBOARD TRAINER VI .1 - Best pubtic Ooman typing tutor avalabte at prosent U205 - M-CAD - Computer aded ST- Ko EWORS • Hdos I ho hard errors on disks makng ail your corrupt daks usatio cr cfl agan U206 - 203 UTHITIES - The meet uitnias ever available on a angle dsk U209 • UNDELETE - Ths uDIr, alows you to get back shin lhai was acciderfly deeied from disk U2I0 • J6YSTICK TESTER • A Brllianl loySIk* losing program U2H - RED SECTOR 6E»fo MAKER
• A 2 meg verson ot me most popular uNIfy evert" Create “uTnn
¦RIS - Controlled wtm the cursor keys.
Baby the most addiclrre U212 CI SYS INFO V3.11 - A disk lhat wll let you know he tecTn a status ot your machno U214 - ENGINEERS KIT - A dagnosllc disk, speoally suited for engineers etc U215 ¦ OISK REPAIRERS • Wll alow you to try and make ad your unusable daks work again U216 - AMIGA DIAGNOSTICS • Sohe thousands of amoa problems with ths dagnoetics disk U217 - LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT
• Wno your own mil U218 - MUSIC BASE UTIUTY - SlOre your
recordNidoo cotloclion.
U219 - ERROR INFO • Grvos you a list ot all amiga error codes and ihpr moararqs U220 - PC TASK V2.02 - IBM PC emulaier " allows you lo run he maionty (X PC sotwaro w«h no addilionai hardware Now supports VGA. EGA. CGA and MDA |DV) U222 - REPAIR-IT 3 - Contains a setecnon ol dsk and hard drrre repanny uilles Er.colerl lor savrvg U224 • SPECTRUM EMULATER • Ths is the best and latest verscn ot he mast popular emulator fcr the amiga There are 68CCC1030 verstore tor new AGA airtaas (2 deksi U22S • STOCK ANALYST • Ths is a technical analyse and securites tracking program wtveh calculates when to buy
and sol shares.
U226 - ASTRONOMY V2 0 - A menu driven astronomy program mat calculates ntoimalion about Ihe Sun. Mocn and planets Help dsk.
U227 ¦ MING SHU CHINESE ASTROLOGY - WK creale horoscopes m seconds The complete ad U228 • COLOURED ICONS - Transfer your dnka into cdcurfu*. Well presented wwks ol art wth mis database.
U229 - KIDS PAINT - An art package sarpthed tor mo younger amga owners.
U230 • STAR VIEW - Ths program S designed lo show graphcally Ihe posnons ol he stars and planets from any part ot tho earth U231 - AQUARIUM - Turns your screen mo an eye caichng tab tank U232 - OCTAMED V2 - Laleol version ol ihe famous irus*c package U233 • NUMPAD FOR A600 • A program lhai makes the A600 hnk s got a numeric keypad Cl234 • ADORESS PRINT V3.1 - Very uselul it you make regA postal correspondence U235 • IFF BOOT • Displays a picture wtilst your hard dek Boots up U237 • PAY ADVICE ANALYSER • A very uselul program for keephg track ol pay. Tai and national insurance U238 • CANNON
PRINT STUDIO - Got a Cannon printer? This disk a essential hx txfliani results U239 • FANCY PRINTING DISK • Contains Banner. Graph Paper VI 2 and Otsk Print V3 5 Greatly.
Bbase" enhanced successor la U242 - LITTLE TRAVELLER V Tho utlity shows a world map and aldws ycu lo selecl any country lor Iravol ntormabon II ihon zooms n gtvng a close-up map wh more ntormeoen U243 • BANNER MAKER - Create spectacular primed banners U265 • PROTECTION • Keep unwanted usees (tom flaying wilh your U266- PARBENCH • Lr* up two Arhgas and eorrmunicate with eauh other.
U283 • TEXTENGINE V41 • Sont dtect Irom author Nicholas Harvey, ths excellent program has all known Bugs toed Has 36.0)0 word spell checker
1. Get HI" IA019 TO A023 - WEIRD SCIENCE • Excellent qually
pictures 15 disks • available separate-,!
A024 • FIT CHICKS - A colecOcn ol grt, 1 ol grty pcn»ee fcr ihe A smal selecOon ol girty FERRARI PICTURES - Pdhxes cX a now modol worlds most exobc car maker. Good 256 afour pictures A036 - NIGHTBREAD • Many froturos drawn «i 256 I colours (2 disks!
I G042 - AGA 1 I the excellent EO02 - SCIENCE - EsceierX learhng ad 10 the dtmcgh so woe. (4 dsks) E003 - FRACTIONS AND SILHOUETTES • GcoJ mahs ulllty £004-WORLD WAR 2-Good helcry I £006 • WORLD GEOGRAPHY • Very uselul uOky EO07 - KIOS DISK I • Excolent readng ublfl, E008 - LEARN AND PLAY 1 - For Olth»K.„- LANGUAGE TUTOR * French, German and Italian.
2 - AMIGAWORID - This piece X 0004 - ARSEWIPE • Hilarious lotet rcte commercial D007 • FILLET THE FISH • Cartoon 0023 - PUGGS IN SPACE - Another cartoon anmahon trcm iho same person who b'cughl you Filial the FiB" I D025 - SAM FOX • Sideshow D035 • RUDE NOISES - Htarous samptes CO36 • FAST CARS - Pictures ol Iho worlds most e«olic cars 0074 • MADONNA LIKE A VIRGIN - Music put to nakotf sideshow ol Madonna 0091 - SAFE SEX OEMO • Hlanous rrvxod samples.
DI14-NEIGHBOURS SUDESHOW. I sill amusing p.clu-es c' 0129 - SHOWERING GIRLS - Cdou* I dglllsod sideshow 0138-WAR SIMULATER-Samptes, I lhai could gel you a day oft school or work. Sounds ol scknoss and war Try ii down the phone!"
0198 • BASIC INSTWCT - Dgtisod prolures Irom the hkn D199 - STRIP SLOT MACHINE I VIDEO ARY ....(2 Ssfcs) 169 • HARLEQUIN VIDEO ART 1 • Excel lent collection ot backdrops Ot superb quality lor use w»i gertock U171 • HARLEOUIN FONTS 1 • Load cf exceleni IvRee tonts.
U172-HARLEQUIN FONTS 2-More I I includes Ocopy V30 -hch IS probaby the only copier I that works successful-, cn Ihe AI2CO A4COO I U123-WORKBENCH HACKS • Many useless spooal I etlocls lor woikbencfi V3.0 I U118 - MORE WORKBENCH HACKS - Guess whaf I U2S5 • WB V3 0 INSTALL II ycu noed lo install your hard I I dak Ihon you need mis I U256 - A1200 DEGRADERS • An esserbal furchase tor I AGA owners Incudes Fake Fast Mem. The Degrade*.
I Disks tart. Kill AGA V2 and HeWul hints I U2S7 - VIEWTEK VI 03 • An esserbal purchase alowng I you lo dapiay AGA ddclwca I U2S8 - HOMEM - This ulllty allows your AGA machine to I use your hard dsk as virtual moirory It you ve got a I 80rro hard dsk then you can have «-mb ram fiegjres I U2 SQR lBfNCH V3 0 SCREENS - Improve Ihe I appearence of workbench wilh ihese excelem beckWOpe I I D181 - TEAM HO PLANNER GROOVE - Ths was the I worlds tmt over AGA mogadomo I D195 - PANTARHEI - A new AGA megwdemo Wl*i I amezfng sound graphics and colours | D197 - TEAM M(S 2 • Soquol to Ihe trst ever
AachenBold MWWfR BouhousBeld Anqm| BILLBOARD Chicargo Arctic2 AvantGarde Cartoon Architect LaslonOppnfacp A SMALL SELECTION OF FONTS FROM SETS 1 TO 4 SINGLE DISK £1.85 INCLUSIVE P4P 2 - 15 DISKS ONLY £1.25 EACH 16-25 DISKS ONLY £1.00 EACH 26 . DISKS ONLY £0.89 EACH GAMES | llPHiyytESi (UTILIT1ES| Hfj your enii R nc,.,A- NEW LAUNCH ANNOUNCEMENT CU AMIGA are best left on the shelves! We've reviewed and rated all Ihe top Amiga products so you'll know which packages offer outstanding value for money and which ones don't. It's the buyer's guide to end all buyer's guides from the team you know you
can trust to speak out against poor quality software.
The Ultimate Amiga Buyer s Guide '94 is your definitive one stop guide to all you need to know about Amiga software and hardware.
. O NOT adjust your copy of CU I AMIGA We re going to tell you about a completely new magazine ated to the Amiga. Why should we t to tell you about a rival publication?
Ause it's been written by the CU AMIGA i and we're all rather excited about it.
Inside its 180-packed pages, you'll find lit hundreds of product reviews covering ting from the top Amiga games 1 to the best graphics and music 5 available. What’s more there’s nsive hardware section, cov- 3 everything from memory
s. external drives and hard s through lo mice, joysticks and
accel- r cards Bui that's not all - there are s devoted to the
CD32 and CDTV, a books, Programming, DTP. DTV, ition and
Business software.
The Ultimate Amiga Buyer's Guide 94 I jam-packed with expert opinion on l Amiga packages are t buying - and i ones .
I !
J * V 3Efc.lt | CD | ¦ 94 GUIDE kGENTS THE ULTII oi CU AMIGA PRODUCT TEST Textures John Kennedy looks at some more hot new textural and editing tools for all Amiga image readers.
Jmtemaffvfj W 'Jtexteires | asl month in the pseudo-regular i Imagine-compati- I ble program Essence made a i with some ires This month s up-to-date y with some create a particularly natural scene.
I'm not knocking Essence, but there is still a case for some good bitmapped textures - especially it you dabble with Real 3D rather Getting hold of suitable images can be a bit of a problem, because if you are trying to produce top- notch images the bitmaps need to be extremely clear and colourful. In the past I’ve had limited access to a professional artwork company’s scanning facilities and the results tn mage is to good, then it’s good enough to use in included. No ne scanner operator, wnic can get hold of profession 100% NATURAL The two of a Each disk con- only one complaining about
reflective tree bark fh- you begin to get real, interesting results.
Included in the set but available separatee It required, are two evr disks aimed at I users These dis This Knags demonstrates the nice n TEXTURES: BITMAPPED OR PROCEDURAL?
Moil 3D rendering programs otter a way ol controlling me appearance ol an obfocl by lOOing a texture Otten tbe tenure la 'bitmapped', wblcb Is to say It's nothing more than a picture created with a paint program or Oigltlssr Programs such as Imagine anO flea 30 also otter procedural tenures, which create the finish by means ot mathematical formula. The advinthgh hi procedural tenures is that vary little memory Is required - all the details are generated on the tty’ pixel by pixel. Although capable ol creating some stunning results. It is often the case that a more natural or realistic
laxtura fs required, to these situations, yon can't heal a well-drawn or digitised bitmap.
The disadvantage with bitmaps is that they csn consume a lot ol memory very quickly.
It i only possihlt to use nalt a doren 24-hit tenures In an image before an Amiga with 3Mb ol RAM kaala over.
Packed with projects which will help new-comers get to grips with some of the more tricky parts of Imagine - an excellent idea, and one which helps to overcome the truly abysmal manual Imagine comes with, CONCLUSION The textures are the main locus ot the kit. And to be honest, I was a little disappointed with their quality. All the images seemed to be digitised at a fairly high resolution, but there is a slight but detinite colour cast and a lading towards the edges.
After looking at some of the images taken from PhotoCDs and professional scanners, I have to say I’ve seen a lot t particularly happy about using them as backdrops for multimedia presentations as suggested, espe- (400x400 is a no-no flaws are quickly forgotten. All rendered scenes will be improved beyond measure by the addition ot some realistic textures and that's exactly what Alternative offer by the dozen. Apparently, volume 3 of the growing set of textures is in the offing, and this time the images will be full overscan and JPEGed. Even better, there will be a large collection of Real
3D objects from Alternative’s own library - and we'll bring you a review as soon as we get it. 'Si ALTERNATIVE IMAGE PROD. £40 A500 WM A500* A1500 9 A20QD A600 A3000 A1200 WM A4000 9 ALTERNATIVE IMAGE PRODUCTIONS, 6 LOTHAIR ROAD, LEICESTER, LE2 70B.
TEL: 0533 440041 VALUE FOR MONEY OBJECT INTERFACE JUNIOR For some weird and time warping reason we seem to have a complete repeat ot last month's issue of CU. Tor not only do we have a texture program to look at, but a new 3D object editor as well.
Above: To Boldly go where no objecl has gone belore Real 3D with its Depth ol Field rendering.
Objecl Interlace Junior OBI) is a similar program to Pixel 3D Professional in that it converts 3D objects between formats But its one big advantage is that it deals with the only major criticism I levelled at PixPro - support for Real 3D objects.
Although the Amiga IFF standard works very well for swapping images and sounds, there isn't a standard way of swapping rco«. « • objects between rendering program - a spaceship created with Imagine cannot | be directly loaded into Real 3D and vice versa.
The big problem is that Real 3D works differently from other rendering programs in the way it constructs objects from primitive shapes (cubes, spheres and so on), stretched and tweaked in various ways. Most other rendering programs use triangular or polygonal facets to make up the objects At last i can and apply smoothing algorithms to ,0'Rea,3D remove any rough edges.Translating between the two forms is difficult, but not impossible - after all. Real comes with a program which converts Sculpt objects.
PixPro doesn't come with such an option, which means a two stage operation in any translation.The good news is that OBI will save Real 3D objects but the bad news is that it won't load the them. This means there is still a gap in the market for the perfect image rendering program.
OBI is a German program. There are two rea sons I know this: the manual is full of stilted grammar, and the requesters all say Nein' and Ja Obviously this should be fixed as soon as possible - I’m not xenophobic, but I really don't know what nicht zeichnen' means.
Depending on the price and availability of this program it will provide some serious competition to the rather expensive PixPro. It lacks any edit mg features, but it does swap objects between all the major programs which means it could come in very handy some day cu load all my favourite Imagine objects and re-save them directly OBI will display the object in wire Iramc, solid or colour.
BVCC £TBA I I® Al200 P 500A500* P A1500 P® A2000 ® A3000 !
• Requires Workbench 2 BVCC, FLAT 10, 46 WINDSOR ROAD, EALING,
LONDON W5 5PE. TEL: 081 567 4623 and marble. Other volurr
EFFECTIVENESS Fine software from the Amiga ¦ ¦ image experts.
J FORMATS « object tested worked tine ??????I ??*3% Object
Interlace is a very flexible program, in that it uses external
loading and saving modules to support dillerent object formats.
Currently OBI comes with the following loaders: Caligari.
Imagine. Reflections, Sculpl-40 and Videoscape. It also comes
with the following savers: Caligari. Imagine. Real3D.
Rellections and Sculpt 40.
You may find that, due to the translation process, objects start to use up a lot more memory than they did drawn in Deluxe Paint and converted to an Imagine OVERALL 91% DELTRAX PD Tel Fax: 0492 515981
* U?3 »«»!..«I go.
HI* HO HSTAUEI wma-oife ¦ pucoa mis m |m VKHMOfiMRS .-•ir.UUCM n, GAMES cmNOTsaraascrtfiqttu Gl?4WRiaRSiJif tT*MrS£U Gl»MMnc*m1 GUI RUW HOUR XX* - 6(1 icna to )Ctrt«mjmn$ -dwi ».
WB NIT WR81AR *»»»».
W73 0iniPW)|iif»wnii; :¦ W?* CAW RIGHT K«W R« *¦ CLR LICENCEWARE ASSASSINS 3!» mm • OH ;.-iim«»vrv« -,» co*»» ’ m3* tuQ*
* •••** «• iciMmi non ais na aoi m im *a m n ¦ m ? U ;_
¦Biwawjgw '' «• nuo o B- «•*= • m an CLASSICS (O STCWEAfiE
0. 7 HEW* VI PARIS I ? 4 A
a. 6H0*VNMffSI4t:«MYV a 9 ROMM) • MCHAAC III an HEW* M Oft J * OK
LWR an • tmmu o m »*n the rarer.
'oonsc ¦OH 0IWIH1I ¦DM LAOVIlRDMRC-IOOS ID 63 WTO THE FUTURE REUS BOM WOTMEIRUSTYWU* BOW WTO THE COLO CAVES WE STOCK SCOPE 1 ¦ 221 kUmWmVA DISK PRICES: 1-2 Dwu • a«0 Mh. 3-15 Dmu . F I Jt ach IS-MIU, ¦ Cl JS «Hl 25. Dfafe • ClM mt Oversea* orders welcome payable in sterling please.
Caijloguf disk fl 00 Fasi. Reliable friendly service.
Make chcsjiWpmial orders payable lo "DELTRAX PD* POSTAGE A PACKING: UK = 60p per order; Europe ¦ Mp per disk: R O W = *-«lp per disk DEI.TRAX PD (CU), 36 Bodelwyddan Ave, Old Colwyn, Clwyd LL29 9NP Note: Prices are per disk and not per set United Public Assassins Game Compilations The best selection of PD games ever assembled anywhere now all autoboot on A1200 (though not all the games will run) Here are a selection of the most popular!
ASI 1 ASI2 ASI 3 ASI 6 ASI 9 ASI 10 Tanx, Rollerpede. Avatris AMIGAids ASI 67 Siege of the Beast.F. Type II & Vektor Invaders.Bally 2,Missile Command ASI 68 Demolition Mission.Bounder & Atoms & Drip MEGAPACK ASI 69 ihill Challenge. Wclltrix ASI 70 Klondike.Celcstiai Poker Bri Wangle & Tetris pro. MEGApACK Numcrix, Banlcships MEGAPACK Lexess, Concentration & Challenger!
Crazy pipes II.Bombjacky & Chute Gnu Ches& Cubus & Gerb Lords of Host, Legend of Lothian Aztec Challengejonus Fullstrand Defender, Relayer & Mosaic Megaball 2.1. Cluedo MEGAPACK Bill. Oblidox, & Solitaire Sampler Super skoda challenge, Giddy ~ c man Klaktris, Ghostship, Pacccr etc ASI 113 ship. Pa More card games MEGAPACK ASI 114
* " * tiding block ; Pacman. Hellzone. MKGAPACK ASI 116 ASI 41
ASI 42 ASI 43 ASI 44 ASI 45 ASI 46 ASI 49 ASI 51 ASI 53 ASI 54
ASI 55 ASI 57 ASI 58 ASI 59 New and confused? Not sure what PD
is all about? Feci free to phone us (between office hours) and
we will be pleased to guide you through your first PD order.
RECOMMENDED FIRST PURCHASE We think every Amiga owner should have at least some of the following: PU 111 SID File utility. Move, copy, edit, with a click of the n PU 037 D'COPY Disk copier and quick format. Saves WB ha: PB 020 TEXT ENGINE One of the best PD word prot PB 038 BUDBASE Database with good docs for beginn PG 121 21 GAMES A Rood start to anyones games collectiu ASI 70 TETRIS PRO Possibly the best ever Tetris g PE 027 AMIGA BEGINNERS Info and help for the new’ user ] PU 204 GATORS GRAPHICS Great D Paint drawing ti ASI 63 ASI 64 ASI 65 RING FOR LATEST Education PE 007 8 LEARN & PLAY
for ages 5-10 yre PE 021 4 SCIENCE Very good four disk sel!
PE 026 WW II FACTS Good historical program PE 030 2 GUIDE TO ELECTRONIC MUSIC PE 035 KIDS DISK 1 Alphabet & Colours PE 037 HOORAY FOR HENRIETTA Preview PE 038 HENRIETTAS SPEI.I-S Preview PE 039 COLOUR IT Excllent colouring pad PE 040 HOW EARTH BEGAN Picture book PE 042 CHILDRENS FAVOURITES More fun!
PE 046 TOTAL CONCEPTS DINOS 3 Preview PE 047 9 BACK TO SKOOL 1, 2, & 3 Kids PE 052 COMMUNICATE PE 058 WORD FACTORY HIE K (3 disks, £5.99) A super Street Fighter clone but written in AMOS.
Fab graphics Unbelievable!!!
Amiga 1200 only Mcgaball & Pacman. Downhill Features Battle pong~& Blizzard ASI 71 Escape, Pipeline, Pickout & Sys ASI 73 ASI 11 Dad, ConncxJ evcrsi Towers & Tripp in ASI 74 ASI 12 Llamatron. Car. XFI. MKGAPACK ASI 76 Twmris quamW ASI 77 Balloonacy, Cliff hanger & Descender ASI 78 Little Boulder, Headgamcs, Fruit Panic ASI 80Army Miner Rip it.Golf The Gallows etc ASI 81 Amos Defence, Thunder Tron ASI 82ArtiIIcms Shuttle run. Arcade Volleyball ASI 83 Loadsamoney. Pong & Spidcrfcards) ASI 86 " ASI 87 ASI 88 ASI 89 ASI 14 China Chal. Columns MKG APACK ASI 92 ASI 15 Battlecars Lettrix &
Mambumovc ASI 94 ASI 16 Wastelands, Mission X, Pacman ASI 95 Premier pics.Tanglc. Super league ASI 17 Tomcat. Defcnda, Jctman. Bugblastcr ASI 96 Dungeon Flipper, Backgan ASI 20 Microbes Hollywood trivia. Coin drop ASI 100 Bloadrunncr, Monaco MEGAPACK ASI 21 Zeus Tettrix Battlements & Dragonliles ASI 102 Fruit Salad. Pacsim MEGAPACK ASI 22 Lcmmingoids.Wizzys Quest, Mouthman ASI 105 Particle man.Rummy ASI 23 Quick money.BIP.Intcrfcron, Arcadia ASI 106 Cosmoroids II, Micro market ASI 24 Revenge of camels. Plus. MEGAPACK ASI I07Screnc III, 4 row 3d Equilog & Yacht C ASI 25 Mr
Brick.CoppcrJ emeroids.E Type ASI 109 Psyco blast. Hamburger. Thralll Amiga Q, City .Checkers, Ouch etc ASI 124 Mr & Mrs(not 1200), Backgammon Dcathbringcr in space Crazy Sue 1+2 ASI 125 Marble Slide, Gladstones Name Game Laniers. Fighting Warrior Shapes ASI 126 Short Out, Kynaston Kid. Dodge Ems Venus Invaders,Mastermind etc ASI 128 Space Inv, Pac Man Delux, Solar Wars Sercne.Serene II & Car Wars ASI 134 Cross Circuit, Fwuff. Circuit Wars Cli-tris. Pacatac & Asteroids ASI 135 Gammon, Ack-Ack. Pipeline 3. Tetrix Poo-poo, Dominoes. Dizzy, Squirm ASI 136 Hot Blox, Super Pong, Snilbuik Super raid
4 Magnatron & Maicssae ASI 137 Biockstcr, Escapade, Squigs Turtio thrust GX200 & Leedings ASI 138 GaIactoid.Scorched Tanks.Air Hockey ASI 60 Pipe mastcr2 Alien Hunter & Checkers ASI 139 The Big Game. Bat Dog. Amiganoid Nautilus Frenzy & Drive Iff ASI l40Fatal Mission 2. Chronic the Hedgehog Oblivion(fab!) Breakout con kit etc ASI 142 Rueda. Galaxy 93, Courtroom MORE DISKS ALWAYS ARRIVING Mr Brick.CoppcrJ emeroids.EType ASI 109 Psyco blast. Hamburger, upcrpacman. Smashtv MEGAPACK L ASI 27 Card games. MEGAPACK O' CARDS ASI 28 Doody. DrMario. Invaders2 ASI 29 DOG, Rome, Nova, B-Bal, Quadrix ASI
30 Bounce & Blast. Total Fire Tank attack ASI 31 Arazmaz.Crazy pipe, revolution ASI 33 Hypcrball & War ASI 34 Trailblazer, Yelp, Qbic. Rushour ASI 35 Poing,Snakcpit,Cybernetix Jump n roll ASI 36 Woncf lartd.Donkcy Kong MEGAPACK ASI 110 Space rescue. Tiles, Zerg. Huskcrou Blue Diamond 4. TSCH. Sony Galaga, Intuder Alert MKGAPACK ASI 117 Ainvais, Youpi, Triple Yahtzee Interlock. Roulette, Octothello ASI 118Zombie Apoc, Last Tetris, Army Mines 'Jibblcr.Mousc lmpossiblc,RolI on etc ASI 119 Robouldix. Speed. Trik Trak Dtris,Paccheese.B-Castle Tescrae etc ASI 123 Aitillcros II, Lamerbug, Yahtzee
Business PB 001 AMIGASH Dosh management program PB 002 3 ANALYTICALC Superb spreadsheet PB 014 RIM DATABASE Fully relational PB 015 TEXTPLUS V3.00 The BEST Wordpro PB 017 VISICALC Simple to use spreadsheet PB 020 TEXT ENGINE 4.0 The latcstVcrsion PB 022 BBASE III vl.3 Super database PB 023 FORMS UNLIMITED Form creation PB 024 LAST WILL & TESTAMENT Examples PB 030 MONEY PROGRAM Home accounts PB 031 EASYCALC New Fast spreadsheet PB 034 ILLINOIS LABELS Label program PB 036 CHECKBOOK ACCOUNTANT V2.01 PB 038 BUDDBASE Brill beginners D'base.
ASI 40 Disk full of sliding block puzzle games ASI 115 Star trek SEU.Egyptian tun. Slime line Trek trivia, Popeye MEGAPACK Insectoids II & Yum yum ASI 66 Cow wars Amastcrmind & Asokoban Paranoids. Chess, Word Puzzles Utilities PU 015 BIORYTHMS. And STAR CHART Good PU 174 ASTRO 22 Professional astrology now V3.0 PU 183 AMYGEN Excellent geneoloty program PU 112 3 SOMETHING FOR NOTHIN Video Utils PU 121 2 TV GRAPHICS Dpoiiw backdrop** Fonts PU 129 30 VIDEO APPLICATIONS Video utilities PU 198 VIDEO WIPES Masks * fades Dpaini 3 4 PU 215 CAPTIONATOR Shareware video tilling PU 286 INSCRIPT Program
for Video tilling PU 037 D-COPY The best PD disk copier PU 064 HARDDR1VE UTILS MR.Bactup, FuDisk PU 067 IMPLODF.R V4.0 Mega cniiKhing Util PU 080 MESSY-SID 2 Read Write K? Files. Brilliant PU 189 TRON1K VIRUS KILLERS Virus killers, docs PU 012 ASI GRAFFIX UTILS Graphic* convenor* PU 063 HAMLAB PRO V2.08 Convert PC pic* PU 139 GFX CONVERTERS POAmiga gtx PU 065 KONMAMA Program icon. & more PU 066 ICONS Cramm packed with icon* PU 124 ULTIMATE ICONS iconmaster.Icwtlab PU 221 -225 8 COLOR ICONS Hundreds of icon* PU 192 SID 2 Gel this! Shareware directory uni PU 205 PC TASK PC Emulator Vernon 2. VGA
PU 207 MULTISID Combine SID2 & Multidot PU 272 GOLF RECORDER Database for golf scores PU 279 V MORPH V2.30 PD morphing prog!
PU 280 POOLS WIZARD Pools prediction PU 287 NUMPAD Numeric keypad for A600 PU 355 SUPERDARK Screen blanker PU 367 PE LABEL PRINT UTILS Useful PU 326 PLOTTER Plot* i«o dimensional function* PU 071 JR COMM 1.02 Modem comms p*kage PU 349 NCOMM V3.00 Comms package PU 059 FONTS & SURFACES B*ckdrops & fonts PU 185 8 COSMOPOLITAN FONTS for D'Paint PU 201 MALICE FONTS Tiny fonts for Dpaint PU 231 5 PAGESTRF.AM FONTS 5 disks fonts PU 257 61 PAGESTREAM FONTS 5 more disks PU 236 7 SCOPE 197 8 Adobe lype fonts. 2 disks full PU 264 8 OUTLINE FONTS For Pro pogev.l onlv!
PU 319 23 OUTLINE FONTS For Pro page 2.1 or 3 PU 331 43 COLOUR FONTS 13 disks of Assignable* PU 356 FONTFARM Contains 55 large * Small fools PU 358 PPAGE TEMPLATES.GENIES etc. Useful PU 359 PRO PAGE HELP DISK Extremely useful PU 109 10 CLIPART Structured clipan for Ppage PU 203 SCOPE 184 Utils & clips for Ppage PU 230 PRINTER DRIVERS Most popular covered PU 352 HP 550C * Cannon Bubblejel Primer drivers PU 357 CANON PRINT STUDIO For BJ owners Music Utilities PTO13 MED 3.2 Excellent music *eq PT015 MIDI DISK Vxriou* midi Huff PT021 SOUNDTRACKF.R 2.6 * Music Maker PT039 SUPERSOUND II Superb
sampling software PTW0 OCTAMED V2 8 channel MED sequencer PT046 AUDIO MAGIC 3 Tracers disk PT053 57 METAL MODULES 5 disks heavy rock PT063 67 VOCALS 5 disk* of super vocal sample* PT068 70 DRUMKITS 3 disks of high quality drums PTO71 73KORG SAMPLES 3 disks keyboard sounds PT07476 PURE SAMPLES Assorted sample* PT077 SAMPLE FACTORY Sound effects PT078 CHIPMAN SAMPLES over 70 sample* here PT080 XI RAVE SAMPLES Bass & Drums PT08I SAMPLEVAKER V3.I Make samples Classical Music PM0I2 AMIGADEUS CLASSICAL Eire Kleiner etc PM022 23 CLASSICAL MUSIC Bach. Handel etc PM035 DIGITAL DEBUSSY Fab Rob Baxter
version* PM036 DIGITAL DEBUSSYII classic Debussy music PM070 RHAPSODY IN BLUE tracked by Rob Baxter PMG82|82b VIVALDI - FOUR SEASONS (2) PM09O91 MOZART HORNCONCERTOS (I mb chip) PM13CV2 BACH BRANDENBURG CONCERTOS lto6 PM 150 D'TOP HARPSICHORD RECITAL Classic* PM 174 CLASSIC WORKS Grieg & Bach classics!
PM183 CLASS1X GOLD Toccata * Fugue (Imb chip) PD 170 PIECE OF MIND Good 3D rector ef PD 171 2 S1LENTS EXPOSE(2) lixrcdiNcO PD 177 8 TRS1 TIME ZONE Some good el , PD 182 SPACEBALLAbsolutely brill, need* Imej * PD 183 DIGITAL LETHAL EXIT Good vector* dt PD 185 6 ANDROMEDA MIRROR Fab Mu* PD 188 SANITY WORLD OF COMMODORE PD I89 90S1LENTS DEMON DOWNLOAD Fab* PD 200 PHOENIX DEMOS inc Flashy r. PD 202 TECHNOLOGICAL DEATH Freaky* PD 206 MELON HOW TO SKIN A CAT Ntced PD 207 NEMAL BOUNDLESS VOID Good d PD 209 STONE ARTS ATMOSPHERE PD 210 ANARCHY 3D DEMO PD 212 KEFRENS DANE A short but ni PD 213 TROIAN
TECKNO TRACKS Amazing d PG048 HOLY GRAIL Text at PG053 LARN A superb text adventure a PG059 LORE OF CONQUEST Sp.ce ti PG063 MORIA Classic adventure no* PG079 SBALANCE A submarine strategy pi PGI99 CASHFRUIT Nicefnnlnt ‘ PG200 ALL ROUNDER CRICKET Cricket ¦ PG255 KINGDOM AT WAR Nice strategy w .
PG26Q 1 18TH HOLE Excellent golf game! (2 i PC264 SOLITAIRE SAMPLER ~ * PG276 SKIDMARKS .Amazing driving game * PG277 ZOMBIE APOCALYPE & DEFENDER PG278 BILLY BURGLAR Try * escape the q PG279 80 OLYMPIAD 2 disks of Lemming of Slideshows PS002 ADVANCE HAM Really fl PS008 AIRCRAFT SLIDE Pics of fighter a PS009 .ASTRONOMY SLIDE Very imp* PS013 BORN TO BE FREE Wiki* PS045 KELLY S S Some quality HAM pi PS072 SUPER HAM CARS This is a m PS090 FRACTALGEN Incredible It PSI0I ANALOGUE SLIDE Ray traced *| PS115 THE GATHERING 93 Stunning px 123 CYCLIC ART Fantastic colour c* PM 170 2 LUNATICS INFINITE
DREAMS PM 173 CDTV MUSIC Super graphics & w PM 176 TUNF. UP THE BASE Killer Rave tr PM 181 2 PASTEL VAN1L PM 187 STATIC BYTES K PM 189 CHIP N’ DIP 20 chip music tui s A a PM 190 1 DANCE TRASH 2 disk set of ra PM 192 HOBBnS & SPACESHIPS by Dr Aw* PM 016 BEATLES SONIX PM 026 DEPECHE MODE MUSIC Trackeredat PM 121 N1GHTBREED MUSIC DEMO8 Raven PM 134 5 SOUNDS OF SCIENCE Absolutely B PM 155 VINE G RAVE 5 more good rave PM 162 MORE MED TUNES Fab tunes by Alex St PM 164 OCTAROCK 3D More 8 track * 3d s PD093 SCOOPEX CHROMIUM Superb M PD094 SCOOPEX MENTAL HANGOVER Wow Ti PD 097 S1LENTS GLOBAL TRASH
Incredible PD130 34 ALCATRAZ ODDESSM Awesome 5 disk. 35 minute spacer animation * Demos Games Music Domain Distributors ARTOI WEDDINGS (2 di»k») ART02 HOUSES (2 dnkv) ! ART01 RELIGIOUS 3 dMks) ARTD4 WWII AIRCRAFT ART05 MEN (2 di*kv ART06 WOMEN (2 h*«) ARTU7 KIDS (2 dnkv) ARTOB BUSINESS ART09 OFFICE ART 10 STUDENTS 1 ARTII SALEH ME 1.0005 ARTI2 XMAS (3 dnkv) ARTI 3 PUNCH TOONS (3 dnk* ART 14 ANIMALS ARTIS CATS ARTI6 SILHOUETTES II ART 17 SCHOOLS (2 dnktl ARTI* BABIES ARTI9 SPORT (2 dnki) ART20 OLYMPIC ART2I MEDICAL (2 dltktl ART22 SEAI.IIT: ART23 DECOR MONTHS ART24 WACKY ART2S HOLIDAYS
ART26 BANNERS (2 dnktl available. OrigMvall* •¦ many more disk, but ao crushed PL 159 (TJPARTh Valcwinev Weddmgt. Leatme aady 15. M«t ditkv are 3am packed full! PU 100 OJPART9 ButfoJayv Xmav. Fcanee. Etc PU 152 CUP ART I Anmaft PU 161 C1JP ART 10 Praede (Kid*. Fanuly. Paduan) PU 153 CUP ART 2 ArehttcMc. Ptcoie. An I PU 162 CUP ART 11 People (Men Woman) PL 154 CUP ART J Art2(«ontv» PU 163 CUP ART 12 Sign* (BearvOrmma*. Mnc) PU 155 CUP ART 4 Aitc-v De*o. Logoi. Star*. Tk PU 161 CUP ART 13 Staatv PU 156 CUP ART 5 Education. FnaaicuL An mw PU 165 CUP ART 14 Wort and Trade* I. Traanport PU 157 CUP
ART 6 Fotdand Dnnk PU 166 CUP ART 15 Work and Trade* 2 Colour Clip Art Thh C olour Clip Art (CCL) tertn contain images in HAM and therefore mill only load Into D'Paint 4 or maybe DTI program,. Most dlvk do however, vrlf-boot and have thrir own built la viewer an you can tee the pictures.
MAPS OF TIIE WORLD GENERAL INTEREST CCL 58-60 Imcct, (3 dbka) CCL I Afghanivluie - Bolt-ana CCL 11 Reptile. CCL 61 - 62 Inventor.
CCL 2 Brawl C echodovakia CCL 12 Aciort CO. 63-71 Mammal, (9 diaka) CCL 3 Denmark Grenada CCL 13 Actort CCL 72 Immanent, CCL 4 Ouadel • lllinon CCL 15 Aircraft CCL 73 Instrument, Military CCL 5 India Luxembourg CCL 16 Auvraft Car. CO. 74 Military Mu** ran, CCL 6 Macau Mnurnpp. CCL 18 - 26 Birdt(8daik» CCL 75 Mtaarian* CO. 7 Montana New York CCL27 Catv CCL76 - 77 Prc-Hnaoty 2 dnkt) CCL 8 Ohio • S.Dukota CCL 2* 35 Dog, 8 disk.) CO. 78-81 People (4 dnkt I CCL 9 Senegal Tuna* CCL 36 Fjpfcurr* CCL 82 M Pmadents (3 dnktl CCL 10 Tcxm - Zanbab-e CCL 37 40 Fuh|4dnkn CCL85 - 87 Reptde,(3dnk..
rr, u .i,.u.. viv.f ICO. 41-51 Howen (11 dnki) CO.88 Stap* Abo available: II dnka at ENUAr- (XL 56 Ikon I CO. 89 Spoettmcn fOSTl'*l,l ! RT CCL57 Hone* 2 Invest, CCL9I -96 Tice, ibdnkvi tar DTPftWW a* PagnStrenm. CXL52 - 53 Fnuu (2 divkvi CCL 97 - 100 VegnaMe, (4 dnkvI Propage. Aak for detail._ CCL 55 Frontlet_ ...... ¦WoWrnT»n 1-1.111- .11. v. ir - hi ...... ¦ I n ttptM 11.-11 -H i- All nkcly pie wiled mi colourful in amutc chd- CLE 18; WORK & PLAY e3.S0 young children all on a di Inouur theme Poulbly more fun lhan learning, bui hound u be Ipopular with the juratak connection.
Over Mo nirnu J nroir mg plalloim ailion. The quality of which noaily vur pmwd. By die hm cotn- '•early jil ol you w ill luve game. The bvgplut here, n the great, dintmctive pattern,. And alternative Hie layout* Bcu wiling game!
CLG08: DRAGON TILES £3.50 ¦"j 11 • 1 w pppiium p'wc ing luloi.
LI) 03: TYPING TUTOR £3.50 If you need display graph* CLE 01:
T.C. DINOSAURS £4.50 ducnon. Looking al out plane, and O
ne.ghb.airv I Plenty c4 mfo an) vumc rr illy pru pwrurr, o *
Ji»*» (Alto available CLE 35.
I Solar Syvaeia 2. F4«W, fJaR
j. program -til vnow you the «i that nay 4
• •* • ; ¦* ' ¦ wh.u star it iv lYaiwd in CLE 08: NIGHTSKY
£3.50 PU 291 1200 WORKBENCH HACKS Umlem fun PU 292 1200
UTILS I Gif & PCX datatype, ete PU 351 ASI FIX DISK Run old
programs on do*2 3 PU 330 SLEEPLESS NIGHTS Util, uveful for
effect, in a window PD 201 1200IVTROS Yes. Vome AGA imro, PD
187 HOY AGA DEMO l« I200demod mua PD 218 VIVID ABSTRAX PIG
AGA Colourful demo FG 262 AGA CHESS Need, 4mg of ram to play
PC 258 AGA TETRIS 1200 tetri, game A more PO 305 7 AGA
KLONDYKE Nice qualay card. (3) PS 117 8 NkilfTBRFU) AGA
SUDESHOW S«pen2) PS 119 CYNOSTIC SLIDES HOW Superb pwture.
PS 120 KenH RIIOOCS SUDE 3 fmtmy pan PA 131 40 STEVE PACKER 10 dnk vet of Steve, aman PA 142 NkiHTBREED AGA FRACTAL FLIGHT Latest Releases PC 298 FATAL MISSION 2 Super bivt vhoot cm up PG 308 HIGH OCTANE Super driving game PG 309 JELLYQUBST Jumping puzzle game PG 310 PUZZWOKD Sliding block puzzk game PU 385 LEMMINGS 2 HD INSTALLER PU 386 KITE SIMULA TOR Work, with no-md PU 387 REORG Good hatd drive organimr PU 395 MENU MASTER 3 Floppy menu tyttetn PU 398 AMKiAA ASIO DIGITAL DIARY LINK PE 053 IIKillWAY CODE Umfal tutorial PE 054 ARTISTIX Superb shareware an package PE 05h 7 READ A l£ARN Lallk
pres spoken mi ten PA 149 SPAR TREK 6 Ck%«r CD32 advert PP 12«V3 I-AST STAND ON HOTTI Space amm 13m» rPD 216n A TRIP TO DEEP BASE Mega rave demo better than Jcwn on E'a !!!!
PD 220 LEMON RINKaDINKCla« new demo (NT) PM 208 CHRISTMAS TUNES Modem medley PM3S LSD XMAS PACK Great selection of tune, PM 210 AMIOA XMAS MUSIC Traditional riyle PM 211 MBC: BASS IN YA FACE Hankore techno PM 213 MIGAMASn-R: Open Your Eyes-Quaiity mu PM 216 DUAL CREW: CHROMATIC Great music PS 127 AKIRA PKS Super Jap an picture* PS 128 MAGIC FACTORY Trek pic* (A1200 Only I PT 087 CHUROI MUSIC Hunn* etc done in Sqnix PI 088 X III A I Excellent drum michiiK PB 040 PAY ADVICE ANALYSER 3 Latest veraton AGA 01 RED LOTUS Spuming down die total. Fanlmtk AGA 03 STAR TREK Shuttle fly put Great AGA 07
STAR WARS FIGHTER Doing loop, etc A(. to si R I HI K liu.-iprisc in dry dock. ItlgwjMl AGA 22 ENTERPRLSE APPROCHING Stunnmg AGA 23 FLEET MANOEVRE Stunning animatMwi AGA 25 THE RUN A vuberb car duue AGA 28 SHUTTLE 4 ENTERPRISE Fab ? WCDs* *CDs* ?CDs* ? WCDr* *CD«* *CDt* * t AMIGA CD ROM COMPACT DISKS I J WIF.RD SCIENCE MULTIMEDIA TOOLKIT D 0 Over 10.000 Tiles! Pictures (Jpeg. Ham. Ham8) J ? Clipart, fonts, icons, modules, etc. Works on +
* CDTV, A570, and CD32!! PRICE £19.95 » fl Also available: CDPI)
1. CDPD 2, CDPD3.fi V CD DEMOS 1, CD-DEMOS 2 (OK on CD32 !!) J
* Amazing value! All at £19.95 * ?
ship being chavcd AGA 36 BIRD OF PREY. Loop the loop animation
AGA 39 53 AG A IRON SPECIAL! Y«. A 15 disk anam Eric Schwartz
PA039 AMY VSWAIXER CuteR aeay’I Jmb PA 040 BATMAN v» KMCER Veaj
fmmy PA 045 STEALTHY D Mrg 29 .» Stealthy PP 001 2 Avn LEMMINGS
(2) Bnllunl Spoof (2mb) PP0II I2 DATING GAME (2) Very vnOy'(3
5mh PP 016 OULF WAR Brilliant fun 2mb PP 050 UNSPORTING
Wicked aerotoon (2mb| PP 070 1 LEMMING REVENGE!2(One of the
bevu.’mbi PP 119 BATTMASKING Anotfer fun amm (2mb) PP 101 4
QUALITY TIME (4) Superb (5mb) Charlie Cat PP 051 2 CHARLY CAT
Super Shwartzlike carttion FpaSV* C C AT THE BEACH 2nd fab amm
(2mb) PP 057 9 C C CATCHES A CANARY Fab! (3mb) PP 065 6 C C
SNOWJOKE More great fun (2mb PP 10B I0 C C IN SICKNESS A
HEALTH'O) (3mb) ACIIORD G«inreb»dt-tt TAMI Mad (uaanaaa ioi«a T
AMI0A 3 did van Info.
UnSLBARN Young edKancn Al JTIABET TEACH HOME BREW Biealna iceme.
TRUCKING ON 2 Ihmg mi aa N*OTI* Dt.Tl. (Driving.
AIL GUNS BLAZING Carmcng Bl IJ DUZIR BOB Plurlr |mr PARADOX Puuk gune IMBRIL’M F.tccUcm mOrc adw It.'NCitJi BUNGLE Kulv rr.| ti« RASY MONEY Fimtmnmie WHITE RABBITS Suparpuaalt MIYMMt Kab advenhnr HMERIFT OooJptalfunn CAPTAIN K Rodtandtynenlattn CYBERNET Scmllin* SRI O0 (hat Roct type gama Cut OS Cut 06 0*07 a*o* cut 10 CLE II nitii LB 13 Cut 14 Cl it 16 Cut 19 Cut 20 Cut 21 Cut 22 Cut 25 twr TOTAL CONCEPI5: ECOLOGY KINGS AND QUEENS Hmny PLAY rT SAFE Clnkb ham vatny BH'.TOPOFFVN Young EdumlHX nUMWTA Punk.
CliSJ hffMfRSOMTTBnW (2m*a) 14 VO (UK YOLK FIRST PONY (2 mfo) 14 JO aiU TOTAL CONCEPTS: SOLAR SYSTEM 2 R" CUM THE TIME MACHINE Tedtfwiim tVVO cut 37 DISCOVERY OF AMERICA *• 13 50 (1* 79 MY LITTLE ARTIST 12 mfo) 14 VI cut 40 BOREALIS IUMOR Younr mil 13 50 CLE 41 BASICAU.Y MEDICINE (2 Dm,) Info 14.50 Cut 45 RUN WITH CUBBY 2 Yomgfm 13 50 (If 46 BASIC HUMAN ANATOMY Imo. 11.50 CU-147 SKA SENSE Bom omen info I I NI cut 44 ROCKtrr MATHS Yeung edi«MKm 0.50
Rancwnaefuture pmhctlon 14.50 NBS PD (CUA) I, CHAIN LANE NI W
PolO SQA TEL 098 5*9 594 BLITTERCHIPS PD (CUA) CLIFFE HOUSE. PRIMROSE ST. KEIGHLEY BD2I 4NN TEL OS*S W»7 469 FAX OS*S 667 469 VALLY PD (CUA) PO BOX is PETERLEE SR8INZ TEL 091 587 119s FAX 09IS87H9S VALLY N B S BLITTERCHIPS UNITED PUBLIC DOMAIN DISTRIBUTORS lor .1 i*st .m«l reliable 1 . ¦ a wealth of great programs at little more than Tiny Horgan checks out the latest releases.
Public Domain offers the price of a disk.
FI RACER V2.0 Lummocks! This is a bit tasty, and no mistake.
Until someone decides to convert Virtua Racing to the Amiga, this could be the closest you’ll come to it without playing the real thing.
Well, it’s not exactly a carbon copy of VR. To be honest, it’s quite a way behind VR in terms of breath-taking scenery. But if you don’t mind losing the canyons and suspension bridges, this should be right up your pitlane. On a 1200, it clocks up a slithery-smooth 50 frames per second for a good deal of the game! Even on a 500 it’s pretty pacey. Like VR. You get a view from the cockpit that can be zoomed out as you hurtle round the track to reveal a couple of rear chase plane’ views. The cockpit view is the fastest, and you even get the driver's animated hands on the steering wheel for
extra realism.
There are also a couple more views - one that follows the car from the trackside. And another that looks back towards the car from the front.
There’s a full game in there too. Complete with practice laps, qualification and pitstops. If that isn't enough, simulation fans can get their rocks off on all sorts of wing adjustment and gear ratio options. Alternatively, mindless boy racers can drive the wrong way round the track and see how many opponents they can write off.
I suppose this should finish with a Murray Walker joke, but I can’t think of one right now. Sorry folks.
Available from: Essex Computer Systems, 118 Middle Crockerford, Vange, Basildon, Essex, SS16 4JA.
Tel: 0268 553963. Price £3.50. I won’t go into too much detail with this one, as it's another of the many good Jesus on Es-inspired demos without much new on offer (dated hardcore soundtrack with strobes and wobbly colour patterns), but it does have a nice user mode at the end.
You select the effects with the function keys as the music plays in the background - more of this in future demos please!
Available from: Cynostic PD, Office 01, New Enterprise Centre, Little Heath Industrial Estate, Old Church Road, Coventry, CV6 7NB. Tel: 0203 681987 Disk no. D0220.
Price: £2.
TIME RUNNERS game Looking strangely commercial. Time Runners is a weird arcade adventure with some surprisingly good graphics for a PD game. Don't ask me what the plot's all about - let's just say it's something to do with space. Anyway, it's a combination of adventure-type conversations and so on. Complete with nice full-screen graphics showing locations and characters, and arcade-style sections. I'd imagine this was originally intended for commercial release, as it's obviously had a lot more time spent on it than most PD games. Even so. It's not the most addictive arcade adventure I've
played, but it passes the time better than a morning with Anne and Nick.
Available from: Cynostic PD. Office ** 01, New ' Enterprise ¦ Centre, Little ,.t Heath i Industrial , 'fe* Estate. Old 0* Church » Road, _ .
Coventry, * CV6 7NB. % *5* Tel: 0203 J, 681987 Disk no. .
G0215. R Price: £2. C TROOP JUGERNORT interactive comic PART 1 Anyone remember Comics - that brilliant interactive comic game on the C64? Well, this isn't anywhere near as good. I’m afraid. It’s basically a partially animated Manga-style comic, with a little beat ’em up section in the middle. This involves fighting off a pack of wolves for a few seconds. If you get through that alive, then you’re shown the remainder of the comic. If there was more of it, this could be quite entertaining, but it’s over before it’s begun. Can be played back to back with the forthcoming parts of the series.
Available from: Five Star PD, 48 Nemesia, Amington, Tamworth, B77 4EL.
Tel: 0827 68496.
Price: £1.69 including P+P.
RINK A DINK demo It’s Dungeon Master in a spaceship! Okay, so it’s not as deep as DM. But it's got the walking around a 3D maze bit - with monsters too' The gameplay is pretty straightforward and involves getting from one end of a maze to the other, collecting cash and buying weapons along the way. Should you happen to meet a slimy green alien, you can splatter him across the walls with your current weapon, which could be anything from a knife to a rocket launcher. You don’t get the fully animated 3D texture maps of games like Legend ofKyrandia. But you can still keep track of the
ftick-screen 3D graphics with the help of the map. Nowhere near commercial standard, but not bad for PD.
Available from: Pathfinder PD, 41 Marion Street, Bingley. West 7 5% Yorkshire, BD16 4NO. Disk no. 1.
Price: £2 including P+P.
Designer demos are Lemon's speciality. Rink a Dink is another of their typically slick productions, with a stream of excellent plasmas and zooms, with loads of other wobbly bits in between.
There’s a good soundtrack too, with lots of good percussion and bass samples all mixed up in a housey kind of style. It's a shame that most of the effects are enclosed in small boxes, rather than filling the whole screen, but other than that, it's most desirable.
Available from: Cynostic PD, Office 01, New Enterprise Centre, Little Heath Industrial Estate, Old Church Road, Coventry, CV6 7NB. Tel: 0203 681987 Disk no. D0216. Price: £2 including P+P. ¦ CTH DOCTOR WHO: THE 60s multimedia If you're the kind of person who likes to know Patrick Troughton’s favourite breakfast cereal (and whether he likes sugar on it or not), then you'll jump at the chance to get stuck into this two-disk Dr Who trivia set.
It's a multimedia thing (as they say these days), which means that it’s got text and graphics tied together with Hyperbook.
Unfortunately, it's a very simple affair, with reams of text accompanied by digitised mugshots of the characters and enemies. Part one concentrates on the William Hartnell era, while the second is devoted to the episodes with Patrick Troughton.
Available from: 17 Bit, 2 8 Market Street, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF1 1DH. Tel: 0924 AMIGA SOFTWARE
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• OTHERWISE* Iground zero software (CU) ||4 CHANDOS RD REDLAND
after cheap productivity software rather than games or demos,
then Public Utilities is definitely worth checking out. Tony
Horgan spots the bargains.
GHUME 1*19.
I flSl-flULTI-PRIHT.IH 92X full. 62K fr CLI-based archivers like LHA can be a pain to use. So it's a good job there are programs like this to make life easier. GUI ARC gets around the problem with a SID Directory Opus-style mouse operated interface. Your source and destination drives or directories each have their own window.
Archiving a set of files is just a matter of highlighting them with the mouse, and clicking the appropriate button. Extracting files is just as simple. Highly recommended to regular archivers.
Available from: Computer and Design Services, Dept PD, 24 Blackmoor Croft, Tile Cross, Birmingham, 33 OPE. Tel: 021 779 6368. Price: £1.50 including P+P.
Sai Disk fliugadib:. Cards 561 17 82 BRUtab 1,843
* 2 B9 Dpit 789
* 2 89 Ed-startup 615 82 89 gp.dat 188
* 2 89 HDBatkup.cuafig 1,559
* 2 89 OctsJIEDPra.conf ig 699 38 88 PCD 243
* 2 89 Shel l-Startsp 11a
* 2 89 SP.at 283
* 2 89 startup-segttentf 1,411 15 82 Sraier |s: File
Iflwigadex.Cards Uo lines Parent Cancel MULTI PRINT VOL 1
printer utilities Printers eh, don't you just love ’em? If
printers are your thing, then you'll doubtless go all gooey at
the prospect of this latest Assassins compilation. It's a
collection of loads of handy printer utilities covering all
manner of things from font management to spooling to envelope
printing. Some of the utilities need Workbench 2.04 or higher
to run.
Available from: Roberta Smith DTP, 190 Falloden Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London, NW11 6JE. Tel: 081 455 1626. Disk no. BU116. Price: £1.40 including P+P.
Able, there’s plenty of good clip art ieful logos and images that could find lishing jobs. As usual the quality is a ng to use the clips too large, there inimals, cars, wildlife, computers, of small American-style labels and nages, with lots packed onto each s well worth a look, den Way, Hampstead Garden
i. Disk no. CU301. Price:, ry+i 0 ii i Dll SPECIAL PACKS BUSINESS
PACK 1 Coatain* 5 disk. £4.95 BUSINESS PACK 2 A further 5 dbk.
£4.95 UTILITIES PACK 1 Contain* 5 dfctka £4.95 FONTS PACK I
Contains 3 disks £2.95 CLIPART PACK 1 Contains 5 disks £4.95
HOW TO ORDER Plraac make cheques wilh hankers card number or
postal orders payable lo -ORION PIT
• = A500-1A600 compatible ()- Number of disks
• - Pin program n only WB2 3 compatible PD CLIPART PACK 2
Contains 5 disks £4.95 CLIPART PACK 3 Contains 5 disk* £4.95
CLIPART PACK 4 ConUins 5 disks £4.95 PRICES 1-5 DISKS----£1-25
POSTAGE UK ORDERS----75p GAMES PACK 2 Contains 5 disks £4.95 20
* DISKS------89p WORLD-----£4.00 Dept CUT 14 OUSTON CLOSE
FalleUe • 24 bit GAMFS IJ848 Amlobue 1.31 • OA19I 1UCN 11849
Mod Phver • ‘* 01 Compilation I • Colour Clip-rt «W 2
Compilatioo 2 - 1*624 25 Colour cfcp arti 2. - «W» CornpdmOa ?
- 11774 Map. 1 - ‘ * U77S Map. 2 • U776 Bird. 1 • U777 Bird 2 •
11778 Bird ? - U779 Fviwers* C7» Hone. I • 11781 Hone. 2 - U782
I Meet. I • oootc .
0006 21 Oamei - 0007 SD Breakout - 0006 Yelp - Ool? Liamatron 0016 Super Quit 2 * 0017 Air Ace 2 0021 Hypertrail - 0023 Dood. • 0027 Fruit Macfcitr I * 0029 Jigrew • 0031 Vfaths Adventure 0038 Diptomacv - 003*40 CM Gomes (2) • 00*7 Mr* Mr. • 0051 Dragon Tile. - 0054 Soccer League • 0056 PI Challenge 3.0 •
l. sd k-j-al tools I The bed ulilrtio. Rot lection 0316Onmes0-1
lore 12 * A048149 Ami Le«min2Mb Fred Fish 1-910 A047 Vietroin
rontluj • A050 StruJfav 2 A05I Amy v Walker - A053 King Fisher
I * A054 . . AOSS 56 The Circus Act • 0326 Cnctot 2 • A062
Oulf ConTkt • 2Mb 0327 Gome* Gallore 13 - A063 Back from 8*
beach - 0328 Mind O-me. - AOW 72 At the trovie.2 (4)
* 0329 Descender • A090 Flight Anirn • OSSOCompihboo - AI45 Alien
breed 1 5Mb • 0334 War - A148 49 Scenery amra O'r 11584 Ckimde
ilivk creator 11587 l Pum fonts • 11611 Pont harm • U614
Dytamile Foots 1 * U62I Race Rater U62? Speedy Workbench ¦ ¦
1638 Mega Cheat. 2 • 11641 Custom Icon. • U650 Word sort •
_____________ U65I Adibeu Prim • U236Vcrtc» SDKdite.- U657
Adventure crestor - U258 laodtape Oordeniag 1662 Plctsre. &
Letter. • U242 Del. Tracker • U669 Football league editor C24
A nil flicker - U673 Msgnum • U25? Menu Muter 3.0 - 1676
Account Mailer • 11254 Cheque Book • 1677 Skick* ermihte A500 I
- LOSS Blue Rob hint. 1 • 1678 D-Paint Tmcrhl L814 Ivutacrim
FoeU 1*15 CO font. A U816CO Fonta B 1*17 CO Fonta C 1*18 CO
Fonta D 1819 CO FontaE U820CO Font. P 1*21 Iron Nb»r •
L«22Ea GilcPlu.
U823 Engineer. Kit - U824 Star View - I *25 Did Manage. I (1256 Vidro Manager • (1679 Hard Didi Cti 2 • 176064 WB2 UiGtaM (5) (680 Ami*. World 2.0 • 1681 FdcFatf * Studio • C683C-Dra» • HU 15) - 1684 Pv roll - 1685 ASI game. Fi did • (689 Mr Backup 1 14b - (1691 Kill AGA 2.0 • U338 Blue 8 11340 Sound Tracker 2.6- U341 Iron. 2 * (1363 64 Tarot 2 (1371 Lyapumwta 1.5 • U377Vin».Z 3.12 • i BM
• U805_________ .
U806 Religion? .ynmol 1 W74Suivi.w • Adv . 1*07 Syrr&h. 2 I .
1180*Symbol. 3 animali 1 02X1 Worm hole- 0290 Compilatioo -
1. 076 Midi Stuff- 1079 Icon Editor • 1081 A -Doc 30! 1083
Cartoon Bmihc. - 1086 Free Copy 141 * 1088 Spectrum Emu 1.7"
1089Tern Engine 4 1072 Pool. Tool. 2 - 1093 BICS l.l *
C099BurinM. Card- I 100 Amiga Tutorial • LU03 AmmaUir. Studio
• U104 Slide Sbow Maker* |l|06Fiade«l II108 Filer U110 ASI
UlllRi (115 Emu (J117600 CI20 Magnrti C123 North C • 124 126 C
312* A-Oenc 4.18* UTILITIES C001 Electro Cad • U002 C4iaM •
ICO? M-Cad • COMD-Cosy 3.1 • UC05 Marey -SkI ii • 1008 label
Designo - N land Bulkier - IOI1 Opti Utilities II * 1015 Di*
SahugE ¦ 1016 Red Ixvils l lil,lie* C0I9 New fkiprr Killer. •
UCOO Pnnlcr I tilibe* - l027Woridn-b.hu* - U028 AM I.mubtor
i2) • 1050 label Print - CQ31 Cm.. 5.1 • IW32 Sid II • I CO?
PrnI Sludai 1.25 * CO*2 Typing Tutor - 10*? Pro D-Coov ?
C0*4 CaM«le labeller • 1055 HI) ("Id 2.53 * 1062 Picture Saver - COM SuperDuper 3.0 • 1071 Iron* 1 • 1072 Pree PjirO - l07SOcl.gnileh.it U693 96 CO Fom. • (4) (697 98 Tool Mngr 2.1»(2) (V W703 bduratioe I - 5) trrwm Pduiutioo 2 t(5) (.•70*12 Ad audiomagici41 (!?I3 Ad crunch dt ropy 2 L7I4 Ad mukmdon 2 • U382 Cartoon Ivtarca « (1715 17 An handy tooin3) ('385 Copy* crack Tool.- l718A«roromy 1 • H3‘M Ptmrader 301 - 171*26 Spoce-rob. Wn8i (1395 Oct-Mod 2 - (1727 HD Inrt-ller « I '41070 Amateur raQoi 1111 728Ofc-Ubgraph • U129 EAKolkm • L422 Uu will-tc«amenl - 111 J8 forms Cnlimiied • 142? Irons ?
• 1139 PC Trek 203 • 1435 A1200 down gm*."
U 1*0 A mm-led requeners- 144? The encntul ropier.
11*1 Vidro Muik Bo. • I 44V48 Vidro graphic*) l!l*2 Table Of Heroert. - 14*9 IBMTC Emulator • Cl *‘ A Bibik* 2.2 - 1450 QA Test I ISO JO Graph - L'459 Pnnia Drive*.2 -
CI. MReOg (1275 Audio U277 8I Co 1782 Nib 2 copier 1783 Little
Office • 11302 Plot Ntip • C3130rinder • U3l4PC°Amip.
(334 Slip Sru UtiUn* C692lADc «« 1161 65 ProCMuarak5 - 1566Workbench had. • 1167 Caron Stor Driver. - I 568 Prim Tool. • US78 Scenery coastructie S55R2TC;-.
Cl 7? Crot. Mur UI74 Magic file 11175 Abackup *.i Cl 76 BB-M* III I-?
C180IQ TcBer - (1183 The Money 1221 PtoT U223 lonl 1729 Disk M4* 43- l 4r. WUWBTIlil.lie." (2) (1730 Diik aalvage 2 * (737 meat iu - U738 ftsort-rium • 11739 Fes Banc • 11749 Print Nciateer • (.75? Dynamite him. 2 (.75* EDWord Pro 40 - (1755 Itat Madinc • (J756 lockpick 2 - L757 Print a card • 1758 Pool. Wiard • C759 Vinu Protec Qon - t7f0 Red Devil. Cti 2 - (1761 Red Devil, llti 4 - (762 A1200claim nve.i* (78?
C76? A1200 date fi«*s2" ITS* Animal. - L764 Bad to school 1 • U78S Mammal. -
1. 765 Bad to tcbool 2 - 1786 Inurnment. • (.766 Mimic Ripper. -
(787 Military •
1. 771 Nunptd AfOOoaly 1788 Diroawr. - C772 Flashing Byte. Cti 3
- L789 Tree. - U773 Dream Paint - Wad * Wide Clipart C796
Vidro production.?- L034 38 Clipmt (5) 1797 Action replay IV
------ * (1790B-Wciirortpeople 1 OlWTetren - 11791 B-W dipt
pcoptc2 n 187 Total War • 1792 B-W dipt people? 0188 No Man.
Land- 11793 B-Wclip«l people* O W New CjrdO-o-u- (1794 Cliaut
20 Olympic 019* Fruit Mndme 3 - 11795 Clifait 47 Animal. «204
Temu. • 1798 Aircraft i Buddieg. 0230 Brat _• L799 Food
Adrid Book. 0225 Empire • I if1000heala Sfeipa-baata 0235 MmSb
of the town 1*01 PlanU & Ifewre. 0236 Slixk nwW game U802 X
Mua-n-StD* 0245 Return to htrth- idro title. 11803
Veh.rteVXport. I 0257 Chore Tmor UlMtMMddh U3»' L400S t 4
OICXVlOl Sw Trek 2 -(2) 1401 nipt 24-comic art GUO Fn.it Mmhin
C402 Clip t 26 - funner. 0113 Top of the In 1403 Clip ait
28-buttcrllie»G114 Dr. Mario • 1404 nip t 31 • border. G» -5
Soccer Card
1. 405 Clip art 32• Mac cfipe 0 119 Battle Cun 2 11836 Mainactor
• Anim U837 logicdop - 1*38 Sci-Fi Den.
(1839 TWO 3.101 (1840 Baddrop. I U841 VidoUtler I U842 43 OoklH) 0.9* (21-11810 Hlmph: 5 (1844 ABCDir 1.3 • (Wl I Hiropk 6 (1845 Snocpdoa 2.0 • U812 Pfopfc 7 I '846 MSM * Sy . Mooitor 11813 ftoplc 8 eir., 0258 lilto. - Ad.«mure 0336 Bo. • Adremure 0341 Battle Mar - Adv 0342 Delux Pacman 1 0343 Poker • 0345 Monopoly 2 • 0346 Shuffle Rua- 0347 Taafc Huater • 0348 350 Nethack -.3 lAdv 0351 Aatcroid. 2 - 0353 Top Secret -
0. 354 TetmAOA* 0355 Booth Jacky • 0356 Fighting Wmrio 0357Craty
Sue? • 0358 Soiitar Oolf - 0359 Tmri. Pro • 0360 Turbo Tvurt-
0361 h 0298 Smu • Punel gam 0300 Crktcl 1 • 0303 flscape *
O?06 Doeniro. • 0307 Trail Blue* • 0308 Game. Oaltore II 0310
Airport • G371 Preii Mm-hine 4 - 0372 Riibik Purile - 0373
Artec Challenge - 0374 Premier Pic. 0375 Monaco - 0376
Deacrt Defender • 7SnncRereue • 0317 Khktri. • 0320 Turbo
Throst- 0322 23 Oleuoiad .
032* Oblidea 0325 Sky Flyer - 0365 Si 0366 Ban led ip.
0367 Broldrrdad • 0368Cmy Pipe. 2 * A158 Canyon AI63 Robot henaaoim • A166 Sweet revenge • 2Mb AI 73 Cvclirt Anim - A176 78 SpecdimkiSiSmb A184 Xmaa Anita • DEMOS DO 14 15 Red rector (2) • D021 Alpha omega - D02? Voyage • 1X124 28 Odyuev (5) • IX 38 Amo* big demo D039M4 Ihe Wall 61 D045 46 Jew. On E'a (2|* DOW State of •« art • DOS? Lmence raw viimn • DOM Fid tank A001 AOO? The Wakrr demo 2 • A0C6 Star War. « AOW Fractal Flight • A031 At the movie. 1.5Mb , D322A12CO D323 24 Subliminal «te*
1) 325AGA Demo" D326 PL ret amove • AOA D327 Hoi. AOA Demo" D213
Vector dam 2 * D269 Alchemy *n» -
D. 302 Quart* (lhidon • ANIMATION A1200 Ulifilit-s Pack Foe did.
£4.95 AGA Slides Pack Ten did. £990 CG Fools Pack Ten did.
£9.90 Fools Pack 2 Ftw did. £4.95 Icons Pack Five did. £4.95
Musk Pack Five did. £4.95 Sound Samples Pm* I Five did. £4.95
Pad 2 Five did. £4.95 Astronomy Pack Five Did £4.95 Fractal
Pack Five did. £4.95 Kducation Packs Pack 1 Five did. £4.95
Pact 2 Five did. £4.95 CM Gaines Pack Four did. 0.95
l) isk Copiers Pack Five did. £4.95 Colour Cupart Pack 1 Five
did. £4.95 Pad 2 Five did. £4.95 Pack 3 Five did. £4 95 Pad 4
Five did. £4.95 Games Pad. 3 Five didi £4.95 Games Pack 4 Five
did. £4.95 Demos Pack Pad 1 Five did. £4.95 Catalogue Disk 95p
3500 Titles in slock ASI Games 1-130 Assassins Pbcks Any
lOeCHfl Any 20-08 Anv 30-C6 Any 5D*£42 Any 80-C66 Any IOO-£82
erf a moixi one? Wouldn't il be nice lo print oul pictures in
coltxir? Now you can with Amiga Tlexictor Kif. Each Amiga
Flexicotor kit comes complete with iur, irduding superb
software. Ihe colour kit Ls simple to use, Ihe ribbens fit
exactly the same wav as your black riWwns so il will nc*
affect your guarantee. Abo on all models listed , vou do not
have lo manually align. PWNl AS GOOD AS COLOUR PRINTER If
your printer Ls not listed below please phpne. Amiga Rexicolor
kits for Star LC10, LOO, all Star 24 Epscn Fxffl, FX100, LQ80D
etc. Ghzen 120D*. NEC P6, Pb*. Please note colour kits come
complete with coloured ribbons. COMPUTE KIT 09.95 T-Shirt
CARE ELECTRONICS __ Oept CUA.15 Holland Gardens, Garslon, Watford, Herts, WD2 6JN. Far: 0923 672102 EJ © ORDER LINE ON 0923 894064 A PRINT ON NORMAL PAPER IRON ON T-SHIRT 4 Colour Citizen Swift . .....£29.95 4 Colour Citizen Swift (Reload) .. 4 Colour Star LC10 ...... ......£14.95 .....£14.95 4 Colour Slar LC200 9 Pin ..... 4 Colour Slar LC2009 Pin (Reload)------------ 4 Colour Star I.C200 24 Pin..... ......£19.95 ......£12.95 ......£29.95 4 Colour Star 24 Pin
(Reload) ...... I (ao-jf L xj*t 120l wtfi .
.....£14.95 , . £119 C»oICIO , . . . | , VW. ,1 019$ si tie i I o.o ' *u 1 £ 31) w nr : ( MTJ a J Star 24 Fir.
; Oiaox ty*r FyfttV IqtfO MW I C oo.i Fjvirtn 1X90 ICDiOMftcwFXl® 111 9) JJ19S Ol 9$ m** 0196 olour Panasonic KXP 1080.
I Colour Taxan Canon 1080A...... £11.95 Heal transfer Pens 5 large red orange velknv green blue, Large pens have a marker size nib £14.95 a set Heat transfer Pens 5 small red orange yellow green blue. Small pens have a fine nib .£11.95 a set T-SHIRT RIBBONS NOW AVAILABLE IN RED, BLUE.
GREEN, BROWN, YELLOW and BLACK AND FOR A WIDE RANGE OF PRINTERS ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND CARRIAGE Don't throw away your plastic printer ribbon cases when the ribbon wears out. Lust take the top off, take out the old ribbon and reload it with a new one. It's simple. Full instructions supplied.
Reloads for- Star LC200 9 Pin 4 Colour (Normal Ink) I Reload - £5.99 .5 Reloads - £23.95 Star 24 Pin 4 Colour (Normal Ink) 1 Reload - £6.99 5 Reloads - £29.95 Citizen Swift 4 Colour (Normal Ink) I Reload - £6.99 5 Reloads - £29.95 Panasonic 4 Colour (Normal Ink) 1 Reload - £6.99 5 Reloads - £29.95 Ink ribbons also available in Gold, Silver, Magenta, Orange, Purple, Brown, Green, Blue, Red few a wide range of printers.
Special mink for Panasonic printers and Star LC200 9- pin black 59ml bottle - ...£14.95 HP DESKJET CANON BUBBLEJET REFILLS "CARE THREE PACK* will refill HP5I609A Cartridge 3 times. The Canon BC-01 SJ48 Cartridge 3 times. Three Pack available in Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Red, Blue, Green, Brown, Purple, Black £14.96 each.
"TRI-COLOUR PACK" 1 Yellow, 1 MagenU, 1 Cyan refill £17.95 available for Bubblejet and Deskjet "CARE SIX PACK" will refill HP51608A cartridge 6 limes.
The HP5I626A High Capacity 3 limes. The Canon BC 01 Cartridge 6 times.
Please state type when ordering 6 BLACK REFILLS ONLY £24.95 LSD LEGAL TOOLS 144 145 utility compilations mnMHVH Fof MmMsoenas a ttallme Util -I *-. , w teen meal aspects ot the Amiga. LSD s regular fJV Cl" La.**"' E!
LegtH Toms compilations are a good source ot - obscure little utilities Vol 144 has the'otow good (ML-, - jjj‘TT*¦ ies up its sleeve Das Modplayer, a SounOtracker HMJr r'Od.'e P'J,,-''. Mungwj * r .igement iSLr1*1 i c. Tar (backup tool). Ora (system tirrei. Pa efre Tool Wi. '” jj jr**"1 j 020 090 0*9 Icolour control). Hired Guns Map Viewer. F-BL (laslor blitter operation). LSDPlay ML*& ."jSj ffit (modulo player). MD5Sum (checksum generator) [ [IjHt, : wii.’i.S'S;"'»
1) . AfCopy utilSy). And DMACon (FBL up disk ager). Multi Upper
3.0 (music module ripper) Astro (4 raphicsrioper I cEiS Ll
Select (startup halt), Boolman Prets (boot prels), Check Pel (program return code). Volumes 144 and 145 are each contained on a separate disk.
Available from: Visage Computers. 18 Station Road. Ilkeston. Derbyshire, DE7 5LD. Tel: 0602 444501. Disk no. LSD 144 LSD 145.
. .. ¦ i ¦ ¦ Price: £1.50 each plus 50p P.P. IT various utilities These kiddle paint packages are all the rage at the moment Colour It is the latest to appear, and comes as a three-disk set. The program itseit is very simple - It s the pictures that come with it that make 4 worthwhile There aren't any ol the normal drawing tools available, except lor a Hood till function. This is all you need to use Colour It. Load up one ol the pictures from the disk, and you can then colour it in by clicking in the blank areas with the mouse. The right button brings up the palette when you want to use a
different colour.
All of the pictures are black and white outlines, scanned in from books and comics no doubt, so they're perfect for colouring in. Each disk has around 20 pictures each, and you can load and run any one of the three independently of the other two Well. It kept me happy for a few minutes anyway.
Available trom: Computer and Design Services.
Dept PD, 24 Blackmoor Croft, Tile Cross.
Birmingham, 33 OPE. Tel: 021 779 6368. Price: £1.00 each plus 50p P.P. . ¦ For anyone into graphics and animation, this disk is well worth getting |ust tor the Uiewte* program that's included This is a very simple, intelligent picture and animation viewer that's bound to come in handy all the time. The Iront end is nothing more than a lile requester - but what a tile requester It is!
The program automatically detects whether the selected lile is an animation, an ILBM, a GIF or JPEG, and conligures Itself accordingly. It supports the AGA modes, and also has an ANIM7 animation convenor (put them through this and they’ll playback a lot laster).
Also on the disk is the text editor EdWord. The DMS lile interrogation tool DMS Toy. And TrackmoDos lor putting together music demos.
Another handy compilation Irom Cynostic Available trom: Cynostic PD, Office 01, New Enterprise Centre. Little Heath Industrial Estate, Old Church Road. Coventry, CV6 7NB. Disk no.
U0235. Price: £2 Including P.P. DISK MAGAZINES Everyone's getting in on the disk mag thing these days. Here's a quick roundup of what's currently available.
TOTAL IRRELEVANCE This is the official OclaMED user's disk mag The interface has been written by Teijo Kinnunen (the author of OclaMED). And is very neat and simple to use. Tutorials abound as you'd expect (the November issue includes a guide to sampling rates by Dave Sullivan and a MIDI for Beginners feature among others), and there are also a few OclaMED tunes in there too. Software and music reviews also jostle for prominence among more general articles. If you're into OclaMED in a big way. There's plenty to keep you happy here.
Available from: Computer and Design Services. Dept PD. 24 Blackmoor Croft. Tile Cross, Birmingham, 33 OPE. Tel: 021__ 779 6368. Price: £2.50 including P*P (2 disks). o CHANNEL Z The only AGA-specific disk mag to have appeared isn't the most attractively presented, but at least it is all geared towards the A1200 (with A4000 relevance too of course). This is a more varied disk mag than most, with a bit more to offer than reams of text. Issue 2 has a cute digitised raccoon picture, the even cuter Workbench hack called Ameko (gives your Workbench a pet cat). Virus Checker. Kill AGA Dcopy 3.1. a
letters page. PD reviews, a handful of features and a general reviews section. Not bad at all.
Available from: Magnetic Fields, PO Box 118.
Preston. Lancashire. PR2 2AW. Tel: _ 0772 881190. Price: £1.00 including J o b P*P.
GRAPEVINE Probably the longest standing diskmag of them all, Grapevine is very much a 'scene' mag. That s 'scene' as in the hacking demo scene, so if you re into putting record-breaking numbers ol bobs on screen and then zooming them with a 50Hz 3D routine, this is the mag for you. Until recently it s been out on its own, but there are now a few sen ous challengers for Its crown Even II you don't care about coding, there are always hundreds (yes hundreds) of other features that have no»v ing to do with the Amiga at all.
Available from: Visage Computers. 18 Station Road. Ilkeston. Derbyshire.
DE7 5LD. Tel: 0602 444501. Price: g £3.50 including P.P. CU AMIGA ART GALLERY Rachael Whiteread eat your heart out.
Here’s the latest selection of art on the Stephen Vice of Leicester created these hi-res interlaced 256- colour images with Deluxe Paint 4 AGA.
O First of all, colour was added to the outlined central characters.
, A lot ol W0(1 went into all of the characters, demonstrated in this step-by-step ol the lish O The smooth background shading is thanks to the 256 colours cou- De* Houle s Aeriarl piGttin ire bated upon p Finally all the elements are pasted together AMIGA 500 OWNERS POWER UP!
Power up your A500 with the very best in Amiga peripherals. Give your computer a new lease of life with a hard drive or accelerator plus hard drive from GVP.
NEW These powerful, award-winning products plug neatly into your A500 or A500pujs, givng you more storage and more speed. The improvements don't stop there! In almost ever, area ol Amiga operations these GVP peripherals can enhance the performance ol your A500 or A500plus. Both models can upgrade your Amiga's RAM, making operations run even taster. You can add a PC emulator, (featured below left), which enables you to run thousands of PC software titles. Further hard drives, back-up systems and CD-ROM drives can also be added via the built-in SCSI interface. The list is endless. Gyp’s HD8+ and
A530 are the undisputed premier Amiga peripherals available.
It you were thinking about upgrading to an A1200 or A4000, think again. With a GVP A530 Accelerator upgrade, your A500 will be 14 times taster than a normal A500.
Almost nine times taster than an A1200 and over one and a halt times taster than the mighty A4000 030 (see chart below).
MORE STORAGE MORE SPEED PICTURE PC EMULATOR FOR USE WITH HD8+ or A530 For extra power and flexibility you can also use GVPs custom expansion slot (mini slot) to fit a GVP PC emulator.
This compact circuit board turns your Amiga 500 into a fully featured PC compatible computer, capable of running thousands of PC software titles, including Windows and MS-DOS 6.
• 80286 1 6mh? Processor
• Norton SI index of 15
• Compatible with MS-DOS version 3.2 or later
• Windows 3.x compatible
• Includes 512K of FAST RAM
• Built-in video adaptor emulates VGA EGA (mono), and Hercules
• Socket for optional 80287 co-processor
• Hard drive compatible
• Emulation support of Parallel and Serial ports, sound, realtime
dock. CMOS RAM and extended memory (ASI RAW GVPS AMO mdudM 2
SIMM sxtBtt k»
- .a, (tel RAM itiHatoloi On* socMt JlraW Oxtttn* 1- RAM Oploni
at* 2 « aids 1 a 2 * 4m ar« Ortmq 2«.
4*b0 tool RAM ti» RAM - £69 I 4« RAM £179 INC VAT - MM 3318 1 INC VAT - RAM 3246 m PREVIOUS PRICE £499 £399 INC VAT - HAR 0962 PREVIOUS PRICE £249 £199 INC VAT - HAR 0840 C349 £299 §£3?1 PC EMULATOF £99 COMPARIS DN CHART FEATURES MODEL hGm.
ICO TRIFECTALX C0«D°B( 20* * ‘TRANSFER RATE: Kb per stccrd 1066 1028 564 400 GVP DESIGNER STYLING ?
PRICES FROM £199 £295 £159 £329 Amiga hard drive available in the work).'
Computer Man April
• Without doubt the best hard drive available for the A500. :
Amiga Formal April '93 HARD DRIVES + Y 0®V RAM EXPANSION
- A GVP HD8* Hard Drive will have an immediate effect on your
Amiga. Where you used to constantly swap disks, wait for tiles
and programs to load and sit around waiting tor disk accesses,
you will now be pushed to keep up with the speed ot your Amiga.
Hard drives are used tor the same storage purposes as floppy
disks, but can hold a great deal more information and access
this data much more guickly.
The A500 HD8* (pictured above) provides the ultimate in hard drive pertormance. It can also increase the memory ol your Amiga by up to 8mo, support up to six SCSI devices and provide PC compatible emulation via its custom expansion slot (mini slot) see left.
.5301 40MHz ACCELERATOR + SZ_y HARD DRIVE + RAM EXPANSION The GVP A530 is a unique combination of a Hard Drive, RAM upgrade and an Accelerator Inside is a full Motorola 68030EC processor running at 40MHz, making your A500 faster than you thought possible - almost nine times faster than an A1200. And. Fitting a PGA maths co-processor (40MHz 68882, ref: UPG 1982, £129 « vat) can improve this still further, with some operations being 300 times faster than an A500. In addition you can add up to 8Mb of 32-bit RAM, which further enhances performance.
FASTER THAN AN A1200 or A4000 030 An A500 with the GVP A530 fitted will be considerably faster than either the A1200 or A4000. This is possible because the A530 uses a 40mhz 68030EC processor, whilst the A1200 uses the slower 14.19mhz 68020EC processor and the A4000-030 uses the 25mhz 68030EC processor.
• 04OMii?68raOKdprocessor (the A1200 has **l,ked a slower 14**
68020ec processor) nS Soctn .
• Up to 8mp of 32-bit Memory, 1 mb of 32-bit Fined LU
• PLUS Same Features as HD8»
- Mini-slot for Future Expansions, see PC Emulator - far left
- Cut Oft Switch for Game Compatibility Dedicated Power Supply
and Fan Unlike Many Competitors
- Factory Installed-Hard Disk
- High Speed DMA SCSI Controller - Can Handle 7 Devices ALL
• SHOWROOMS: Wi have (MmonstratlM ard trilruiQ Heines at all our
Al ol tour Arigi r*quremerc are avalaBe from ere soppier
• FREE CATALOGUES: WU te mailed lo you. With tpewal rMoceS pra
Amnfl otlers. As
• HI as 0«als on all Amga sottwre and penoherals
• PAYMENT: We accept mwl maior credit cards, c»h. Cheque or
monthy arms (APR 29.8% - -men quotes on request!
M lTe 081-309 1111 1-4 The Mews. Hathe-ley Rd. S-Jcup Kent DA14 4DX M M1-JM 1111 aocaw-awpn « uw »»« a»~»g_rm * * SILICA - THE AMIGA SPECIALISTS 52 Tottenham Court Road. London WiP 06A M 571-MI tm a xui.-aoflgT__•* •*?* Qb«-o}__f»x on-gigy SeHnCges Oxlord Street. London. W1A IAB M 171-CH i»4 »xrn -’ox-_m» MQH Tmn, • apt. t» ¦ 1-4 The Mews. Haltortey Rd. Sricup. Kent. DAK 4DX HI: M1-3K «ll 9 •jpin.sxawi_UW S.l» FIO*, ¦- W" Keddles ia* (»* . Hch Street. Southend-on-Sea. Esse*. SSI 1LA Tel: 0702 4Mt»
9. jQjmSXp"'5«l9;Oin fi Xp»-l 1.1. W1 Tn.t.d.v 'p~_'*
DeOenhams n* Beat.' Waterloo House. Westpate St Ipswich iPt
3EH Tel 0473 27i3U OXUfwS Xpr |S* ».00n.«q»«t_UW 'Imwtty - Wot
Mr Wr&'Miss'Ms: Initiate: .... Company Name (rt
appfceabte): Addresa: ...
Which computef(s). If any, do you
own? ..... I
COMES CLOSE! Q DEMO CD2 Another stunning compilation of new PD
products. This one is even better than the first! Over 600MB
of Data!
Get it now lor £19.99 .75p PAP THE 17 BIT COLLECTION This double CD collection contains 1700 disks from our own library from disk 0001 to 2301. All the classics are included, as well as hundreds of great PD games.
Demos. Music etc. Yours for Only £39.99 ? £1.00 P&P NEW!! 17 BIT II THE CONTINUATION I Another packed CD ol Our lalest '93 PD I Inclusions Contains LOADS ol Mosl Excellent Titlos 4 Has a FULL Indexing Filo I Search And Do Compression Syslem Evon I Scans For Files On The First 17 Brt CD' I Available Mid Docembe et9 99-75p PAP I NEW IN! MULTIMEDIA TOOLKIT!
This CD contains all you need to* youi own Multimedia Productions!
Thousands of clipart images in colour and BAW.
Even scaleabie art!
Hundreds ot Adobe. Postscript A CG Fonts are also included, not to mention the 750 Modules A 2300 SFX!
Only £19 99 .75p PAP .2849 GAMES GALORE 10 .2848 GAMES GALORE 09 ?2847 GAMES GALORE 08 .2846 GAMES GALORE 07 .2845 GAMES GALORE 06
• 2844 GAMES GALORE 05 .2843 GAMES GALORE 04
01 All the Games Galore Disks wil now work tine on your A1200
or A4000. Each Disk is packed with some superb PD games.
GREAT PD GAMES! I UTILITY DISKS .2838 ORC ATTACK Nk» Game Kll The Orribie Ores .2837 OP FIRESTORM 1st Level Only Playable Demo .2814 PROFESSIONAL BINGO Ett. Legs 11 * Two Fat Ladies .2813 D-SOLVE CROSSWORD Nice Crossword Disk with Solver ?2811 NEMESIS Great ReveralOthello Clone .2803 BEETLE Playable Demo Ot A Good Game .2801 GNU CHESS WB2.03 0 Only Chess Game .2800 KLAWS THE KAT Hmm. Funny way to spell cat X2797 (ABC) KLONDIKE AGA Superb AQA Card Game.
?2791 MENTAL IMAGE "2 AGA Compatible Games Comp ?2790 MENTAL IMAGE'1 AGA Compatible Games Comp ?2780 ZYRAD Neat puzzle Game *e Puzzrac ?2770 FATAL MISSION II Nice Shoot-em Up ?2765 ESCAPE FROM DOOM Good RPG Type Game.
?2753 (AB) MR MEN OLYMPIC Excellent Decathlon Clone.
X2747 (AB) MTRLA INVADER AGA Only Space Invaders!
AMIGA ANIMATIONS .2829 (AB) CD32 REVIEW Great Star Trek Meets CD32 Spool.
?2799 (ABCD) HEADING HOME Short but very race raytraced animation set in space (3 meg) +2773 ATTACK!
1. 5 MB Anim Schwartz Style.
?2756 3 WAYS TO STOP SMOKING Sic*. But Fun' .2754 (ABCO) LAST STAND taste 3 meg aram A MUST' .2684 CIRCUS ANIM Base Dpamt Aram bke Boat etc. .2677 ON THE GREEN Golfing goes Drastically wrong ?2652 WEATHERMAN ANIM Nice Weatherman spool anim.
?2630 ALVIN AEROSOL Good Cartoon Animation .2621 SUNJETS Base but race Craig CoAns aram.
?2839 SILICON JOURNAL Great Electronic Diary.
?2836 AURAL ILLUSIONS JR Sample Manipulator.
?2833 BLACKBOARD Excellent Image Processor .2830 MAP STATION Create U*» Etc. For Games .2828 FONT X PRO 16 Colour Font Design lor AMOS ?2827 HOMLES BROS COMP 1 Degrader, Numpad etc ?2842 AMY PD REVIEW 5 More Reviews From Cybercralt.
?2823 NO SAMPLER? UTILS Get The Most From Your Amiga without a sound sampler .2815 REORG 3-1 Excellent HO Reorg & Optaraser .2789 ASTRO 22 V.3.5 Updated Astrology Program .2788 AMBUSH 1.03a Resizes Windows Alter changing WB loot sizes.
.2786 RUSH Great Hard Drive Unis Disk .2788 MAGIC WORKBENCH Transform Your WB Superb .2784 OCTATUTOR Tuition For Octamed users .2783 AMIBASE PROM V1.8 Great Database Utiftty ?2779 POWER LOGO V5.0 Another Programming Language .2778 OCTAMED DEMO Demo ol powerful Tracker
• 2774 MAGNUM CREATOR Make your own Dtsiumage .2767 TEXTENGINE
V4.1 A most Excellent Word Processor .2763 PARNET SETUP GUIDE
How lo gel a Pamet Link ?2755 EASYCALC.
KS2.0 Spreadsheet Excelent ?2746 EDWORD V4.0 DEMO Demo oI a very nice text Ed ?2739 DIGITAL ADDRESSER KS2 0 Onty takes ?2737 AZ SPELL V2.01 Good Sped checker .2736 ICONS PLUS *3 Icons lo use with your Disks ?2735 ICONS PLUS *2 Moro great Icons.
?2734 ICONS PLUS *1 Even more Superb Icons ?2728 TELETITLER 2 (LO-RES) ?2727 TELETTTLER 2 (HI-RES) Video Tiller Software .2726 TELESCROLL For Use with Video Work ?2725 SPIDERSOFT UTILS Includes Landscape Design ?2720 GAME TAMER V4.59 Latest Game Cheats A Solves ?2717 MUSIC ENGINE Make your own Modules' DEMO DISKS .2835 HANDEL - ROB BAXTER Music lor the Royal Fireworks .2834 FOP • SIMPLY BLUE Friends ol Paula Musk: disk.
.2832 MUSIC SAMPLES 2 Nice Mods Irom vanous games .2831 MUSIC SAMPLES 1 Nk» Mods trom vanous games
• 2812 (AB) DR WHO THE 60 s Information A GFX about the DR .2862
Loads ol Nea! Tunes.
.2747 TECHNO MODULES‘5 ?2746 TECHNO MODULES *4 ?2745 TECHNO MODULES *3 .2744 TECHNO MODULES'2 ?2743 TECHNO MODULES *1 Very Nice Techno Mods .2718 FAIRLIGHT 242 DEMO Stunning effects!
.2683 SANITY INTERFERANCE Nice new Demo .2675 (AB) ENDLESS MELODY Hemroids Latest Music comp .2668 (AB) LEX GOUDSMtTII The Sequel. Basic, but funny .2666 (AB) RHYTHMS ORGY Plenty of Music on this disk ?2601 BOUNDLESS VOID A nice submission from Melon.
?2597 TECHNOLOGICAL DEATH Hard Core Dance Track Demo.
.2560 (AB) DEMON DOWNLD The lates from the Sjents.
.2544 TRS1 MISERY Excellent Red Sector Inc Demo
* 2543 (AB) DESERT DREAMS Great Demo I EDUCATIONAL .2802
PHOTOGRAPHY All about The Dark Room.
.2796 JUNIOR MATHS Great Maths Tutor lor kids .2795 (AB) READ A LEARN The 3 Little P gs With pictures.
Text A Narration ?2772 (AB) THE ATOM The Discovery of The Atom ?2741 HIGHWAY COOE Ask Questions On The Code.
.2724 BACK TO SCHOOL ‘2 Compilation of Progs for kids .2723 BACK TO SCHOOL *2 Compilation ol Progs for kids.
.2533 STIRLING ENGINE See How An Engne works.
• 2523 MATHS ADVENTURE Solve puzzles to continue game.
.2451 THE UTTLE TRAVELLER Info On Places world wide.
.2479 SINGALONG RHYMES Jack A JHI Etc ?2373 WORLD GEOGRAPHY Good Educational Source IMAGES&FX .2822 IMAGINE OBJECTS 3DObjects lo use with Imagine .2820 SFX SERIES *5 ?2819 SFX SERIES'4 .2818 SFX SERIES *3 ?2817 SFX SERIES *2 .2816 SFX SERIES '1 SFX For use m Games. Mods Etc .2821 IMAGINE OBJECTS More objects tor imagine ?2810 (AB) HOLODECK Star Trek Artwork (infinite frontiers) .2809 IMAGINE OBJECTS Even more objects!
.2808 IMAGINE OBJECTS Ho Hum More objects to render .2807 IMAGINE OBJECTS Scream" .2806 IMAGINE TEXTURE Ahh'A race change.
.2805 IMAGINE TEXTURE Texturo map your objects.
.2804 XMAS CLIPART Massivo BAW Xmas Clips ?2781 BABYLON 5 SLIDESHOW Pics from the Classic Show ?2771 CAPRI SLIDESHOW III The 3rd In this poular series ?2714 MAGIC FACTORY SLIDES High quality Space Sideshow ?2695 AKIRA PICS II Some More cut slides.
AGA DEMOS & PICS X2826 PANTAHERI DEMO Great AGA Demo X2798 MIND WARP Planet Groove II Team Hoi X2776 (ABCD) AKIRA PICS Loads of The cute Jap Chicks X2761 CHROMAGIC AGA Another AGA demo dose.
X759 POINT OF SALE European AGA demo.
X2672 RETINA EURO 1 DEMO Another race AGA only production X2581 NIGMTBREED AGA Second d*k m the senes X2580 NIGHTBREED AGA 1 Some classy AGA pics on here X2577 CYNOSTIC AGA SLIDES Yup you've guessed.... more pics.
20% FREE!
As a very special offer during January '94 only. We will give you 1 free disk of your choice with every 5 disks you order!
Beat that for value!
DEMO CD Over 650 MEG ot demos, cliparts, n
i. games and utilities n n over 1000 modules! £19.99 ?75p PAP I W
?75p PAP I ytefrWif.
GET AN UPDATE Posted to your door every 6-8 weeks containing details of all the new PD releasi A a few new Utils for you to play with! 1 Year I Sub tor £9 99 (UK) £19 (R.O.W.) AMFM 16 NOW AVAILABLE!
The Deft native AmigaVidi Music Diskmag I £2.50 (Mag) Or £4.00 (Mag A Sample Disk) 30 OBJECTS & TEXTURES 7 Disks of Imaglna Format 3D Obitcta t I Textures All Archived So theres loads stuffed on each disk! £10.00 Inc. PAP FINAL FRONTIER 5
* * Calling all Star Trek Fans'*
T. F.F. is a dedicated Trek mag on 4 packed disks Indudes
exdusive art work by Tobias Richter' £6.95 ASSASSINS GAMES
Easily the most popular games compile-1 tions around today. We now stock the | entire range up to disk 135! Thats around 500 games! See disk prices below for single quantity prices.
LSD LEGAL TOOLS COLLEC We now stock LSD disks upto number 140. These are an invaluable source for uncommon | utilities. See below for disk price BY FAX (0924) Leave Order & Card details 7 i 2009431 ler & Credit!
Details | DISK PRICES I-10 Disks £1.50 Each II-20 Disks £1.25 Ea BY POST Please send Cheques PO's To;-: 17 BIT SOFTWARE 1ST FLOOR OFFICES, 2 8 MARKET ST WAKEFIELD WEST YORKSHIRE WF1 1DH AmiK.i me I HO tor lln l 117Bit CD Collection .....$ 55.00 Demo CD 1 ......$ 31.00 Demo CD 2 ......$ 31.00 CDPD2 .....$ 31.00 CDPD3 .....$ 31.00 Aminel CD Rom ...$ 20.00 Fred FishCDIst Ed SCall (Pressed by Fred himself, contains Fish 600-930 plus Ihe GNU C*» I Compiler v2.4 plus much more for Ihe
Amiga PD enthusiast!)
I Notes I 1. CO Rom poc*s arc shown above ncUle I ShVD g ana MantSng to U S . Can*U art I Me icc I 2-AI prices shown above are n US Dotars I 3. Orders outside the U S . Canada and Mexco add 20% Siwng and Hanftng I AM FM Magazine and Samples Disks This outstanding music series now available from NPD for S5.00 ea.
I+S&H) or $ 8.00 when you buy the corresponding magazine for the Amiga music enthusiast!
)LR Licenseware!: thWesi Public Domoin now carries 6ks glfn.oiBodgMphad.qual.ty t Pricer are: 1 Diik Mb $ 5.50 2 Disk kite - $ 4.50, 3 Did. TM. • $ 7 50
P. O Box 1617 - Auburn, WA 98071 - 1617 - (206)351-9502 17 Bit
Library Disks As the main U.S. distributor, we carry the
complete 17 Bit library.
Prices tor the 17 Bit disks are: $ 2.00 ea. (+S&H) Fish Library Disks We carry the complete library of Fish Disks and are always current Prices for the Fish disks are: $ l.50ea. (+S&H) ftTSC Programmers' NorlhWest Public Domain is looking for outstanding new programs for our forthcoming line of NTSC-only licensewore Coll us ol (206) 351- 9502 for submission ond specifics Vjnformalionl_ .
Assassins Gamas Disks.. ..$ 2.00 ..$ 2.00 AMOS PD Disks.. Fred Fish Disks .....$ 1.50 AM FM Disks $ 5.00 AM FM Samples Disks $ 5.00 CLR Licensewore: 1 Disk TiHes ...$ 5.50 2 Disk Titles ...$ 6.50 ....$ 7.50 3 Disk Titles.... Shi.
Ipplng .nd ll.ndllnii Dhlu.: .$ 2.00 (Prices are lor U S. Canodo ond Me»co. Rest oI Ihe World add 20% SAH per order) 7*0 occeph Cmh. Check*. Money order* and Vuo MC (Penonol Check* require phene number and valid tfcwer* Itcente number fcr Telecheck A NOTE TO OVERSEAS READERS:- Why nor save postage exists arxJ delivery I time' Al our cksks are available from any ot the companies l*sted on this page Drop them a kne today!'
..... NFW cm DISKS CLE 050(2) ....Rune Forcaster CLE 049 (3) ..Dinosaurs III CLE 048 Rocket Maths CLE 047 CLE 046 CLE 045 ... CLE 044 CLE 043 CLE 042 CLE 040 CLU 034 CLU033 .. Sea Sense ..Basic Anatomy ......Fun With Cubby II Portraiture Language Quiz Composition Bonaks Junior Image Doctor AM Tuition CLU 032 CLU 03t CLU 030 CLU 029 . Power Text II Flow Charier .. Draw Selector ......G.FJ(. CLU 027 CLU 026 (3) . .. CLU 025(2) CLG 038
......Adventure Toolkit image Base Star Voyager Brushes Star Fighter Brushes ...Ouingo V4.0 CLG 036 CLG 035 .. .RAW .OG! (1200 Only) M CLG 030 CLG 029 • CLG 028 .. CLG 026 CLG 025 . Dirty Rackets fflsMeg) ...Billy Ball ..Time Rift Monster Island White Rabbits
- STOP PRESS!- Just in, Spectrum Emulator Games pack! 7 Disks
containing over 15 games par disk Fully compatible with
Spectrum Emulators "VI.6 8 "VI. 7! Taka all 7 disks tor £
Inc. P&P *Disk 1 ot this pack is Ihe same as our disk 2740 " Both available separately for £1.50 each All 17 Bit Disks Can Be Ordered From Any Of The Following Northwest Public Domain MAIN DEALERS Computer Man Perth. W Australia Softler Software Bandhagen. Sweden Silicone DP Montpellier. France Northwest PD Washington. USA System Compbac Tokyo. Japan Hard Joy PD Kobenhavn V. Denmark Great Value PD Waihi. New Zealand Computer Studio Alberta. Canada DEALERS STILL REQUIRED From all corners ot the Globe!
It you would like to distribute the 17 Bit Public Domain range ot disks and represent us in your country Phone or Fax us now!
(Number on opposite page) 17 BIT SOFTWARE BE WITH THE BEST ,ono, FT i Box 242 S-124 02 Bendhegen tel. *46- (0)6-749 08 06 SVENSKAR! N0RRMAN! FIN LAN DARE!'
Bestall 17 Bit diskar fran oss!
I Den enda otflclellt godkanda leverantoren av 17 Bit diskar I Skandinavien | Nordens ladanda Public Domain 4 Shareware blbllotek tor Amiga och PC 1 till 3 diskar.. 23kr st 21 och tier. 17kr st Moma ocll BortO inglf 3 till 10 diskar 20kr st Fred Fish 18kr st Ring 08-749 08 06 t6r ett 111 till 20 diskar 18kr st Minsl 4 Fish 16kr st kostnadstritt llygblad!
VI hnr 7000 PD cjlekorl DISKKATALOG f&t.? 'pd 35:- AM FM Disktidning fdr Amigamusiker 301- klO Jsamplingsdisk: 30:- kr B&de AM FM och samplingsdisk: 55:- kr J waautsawna Vi har CLR diskar!
Liceqcnwnrn hogkvolitets program axe OkfctoKJMC-amuxc nan an nun 79XC ofOKtweamuxe------sun ix«!9x whuithcoiom)* » aan ssx wnniHcoiCMOAtno--------«no am uxn«aoi«ixustuB cniz ’S*xc CERN2A nKA3X____ l«E«»M.d*JAATHC0A tLCMC ’WJ 1 mz*5C0MXC mz m ASMCO-RCUFS .... Man PCMCIA1MB AtOOAiJOO
32. 9n V2.1 UPGRADE I0T WR0W t»9M SMU RAM 4WB 6CWS AKO 300(0
SWITCHER 12.903 exterha acncppr »vi mum 2**0 SMW RAW 4MBMBX
UUURiUMJAURXmPRnVMRn Kllta VIAB748T .a.sn ... 78.2X)
29. 400 O0CKQEH.0CK .....nan NTER1W. JH0FLCPPY CrfVE A2d» 2C.0O3
a.wo TOSHBA12&G H*RD D**VE mm CLARfTYn______ SIHM12 4U6 RAM
29. 400 AIJfPOOSCSAian.-------- 29900 19tt 0UADSYM9 MOMTOR......
SCANNER AOCOPi . R.fn to. Un,, TI1U asi i life tor yoy rgl
TEL: 03-3837-8689 FAX: 03-3837-8218 Betaia pk PostGiro nr 426
99 36-3 ¦ Moms och Irakt ingir. In gel tillkommer j vid PG
inbelolning. Vld tal lax bestallning I tillkommer endasl
poellbrekottsavgitt I tel 08-749 08 06, tel. Int. *46-8-749
08 06 I tax 08-749 26 76, tax int. *46-8-749 26 76 HQRGE &
FINLAND; I Ver god batata 10H e«tre per order, min. II SEK 30
teck. Betalning endast i SEK.
Jlighel till momalrl lawerans linne.
FsERIE UGA Newsflash 1 Aldrlg tldlgere publloerede program!
I Ring tdr ett hoetnadefrltt flygbladl
- CDPD 1 Fred Fleh i 860 326:
- CDPD 2 nera Fan. Soope mm 325:- CDPD 3 Fleh 7«l-e«0 mm. 325:-
• Demo Collection e)CD32 325:- Demo Collection 2 325:- Aminet CD
prg. Verktyg 325:-
- Alistair in Outer Space 335:-
- Weird Scienoe multimedia CD 335:- |- ...I Call Games ioo PD SW
»pei 335:- 17 Bit Collection- 1 GB av PD 566:-
• Giga PD- 900 lonter. Kckei. Eerie 635:-
• Pandora CD- demo CD 76:-
- Robocod CD32 365:-
• Pinball Fantaaiea CD32 385:-
- D Generation CD32 310:- Prieerna inklvelve mome A trett!
Indeii 17:- hr tillhommer I poelfOrekott Ring tor tnlo an hompelito.Me« 4 endre ehivorl Priaar: 1 dlak ...45:-kr st 2 dlak aat...60:-kr st 3 disk aat...75:-kr at A600DX SET V2.004 A500 V1.3 1MB RAM A1200 V3.0AGA A1200HO V3.0 AGA 85MB rennni ramum ¦gmum EEQQ5IQ A2000 V2-05.ECS A400M30 SMBM0120MB A*000680«Ca«6K)iaMB A300WJ01204MB in;:*inm ephk«i»j 0C-TV- 4**X ... .. saoo
27. 9CO CAUGAPI24___ ALA00M40. ...... .....- 4AKC 49 SCO AMAX *
34. 900 te.oxe past . Is.eco
49. 600 PIAVMATON ...... REAL 30CLASSC__ 49 SCO 18 SCO
42. 600
119. 000 IMAGE UAS*tF«
• 49.CC0 29 800 EMPIANT 0ELUXE
14. 800 .39300 KaSfAA.A-,W 29800 THE PERSONAL SFC 72800 SAS'C
229. 0CO AVIDEO 24______________
139. OCO DEVPAC3 .16.900 VIDEO lOASIfH A:.A Ht«S0‘JAL Tft( III p.
19. 900
149. 003 29900 2SVX DELUXE VOEO1 ART DEPT PRO AGA ...
29. 900
39. 900 sa.ooo (PRICES QUOTED IN JAPANESE YEN) iXO j* omrm xs
oktsouer asm % ooo xficuescsaeiMxcwoc ran fir»*25KUCD®iiAr*i»
non :2MB OS NMV CO( IMT «0n MM8 2 S HARD 06* UMT AiJtXO «0n
aI Take advantage of these special offers. Not only are we
offering some of the cheapest memory upgrade offers anywhere,
we’ve also added a hand scanner tray and OCR software to the
product range.
A500+ upgradf £ 1.5Mb - £1 5.99. A500+ upgrade to 2Mb - £22»9.
Welcome lo our new look reader's oilers pages. This month sees the launch ol a new oiler lor special hand scanner tray and optical character recognition soltware. Also, we continue the memory upgrade range designed and built In the UK exclusively lor CU AMIGA Never belore has upgrading been so affordable How can we be soooo cheap?
Well, thanks to the huge success ol these very oiler pages and our exclusive deal with Go Direct we cof' ( have control over the latest manulac- miis turing technology to produce the upgrades - which means exceptional value It So why upgrade your memory? Probably because a memory upgrade is the most versr enhancement you can make to your Amiga, t Irom the lact that you need it to run more pov Amiga software there are many extra benefit?
You can use some ol it as a RAM disk, just lit superlast extra tloppy drive. This means that can avoid the cost ol a second external Hopp or hard disk There’s even some soltware that, even tin claims to need a hard drive, will run Irom this figured RAM. A print spooler can save you tir waiting lor your printer to finish printing befori get on with your work and you can use your r RAM to do this instead ol buying a more expi printer or a costly boiler.
To get more Irom your Amiga you need at 1 Mb To get the best you need as much Rak you can buy.
TEN REASONS TO BUY FROM CU AMIGA All the products ottered by CU AMIGA have been carelully selected by us as being the best in their class. But lop quality does not mean top price. ThanHs to our huge buying power we can deliver to our readers, the best products lor the best prices.
All numoty boards are populated with memory.
All memory boards are individually tested.
Support trom a top engineer is just a pbone call The price you see is the price you pay. Prices include VAT. Postage and packing.
No minimum order and no credit card surcharges.
Memory upgrades cany an exceptional llve-year warranty.
28-day-no-quibble-money-back guarantee Go Direct are available until 8pm every day dudng the week.
They also operate a 24-hour order hotline.
Your credit or debit card will not be processed II the item you order is not in stock.
SCAN ANI DELIVER A superb replacement mouse for just £9.99 The Amiga may be a great computer but Ibt mouse that comes with il is nol really up lo scratch The CU AMIGA mouse is a ma|or enhancement because il uses micro swilches nol tactile switches lor Ihe buttons. Making II much lighter and easier lo click. Our mouse also has a much higher resolution - 280 dais per inch which means you need much less desk space and you gel much liner control ORDER FOI )r by telephone by calling 0480 891171 Mon lo Fri 10am 10 8pm and Sal 10am to 6pm. The an answering machine to lake your orders ai other
limes. II you place your order on Ihe machine then leave Ihe exact details in the order they appear on this lorm.
A500 upgrade to 1Mb ... .....£14.50 A500 upgrade to 1Mb with Clock.. .....£17.99 A500+ upgrade to 1.5Mb .. .....£15.99 A500* upgrade to 2Mb . .....£22.99 A600 upgrade to 2Mb ... .....£24.99 A600 upgrade to 2Mb with Clock.. £34.99 Scanner tray ... .....£54.99 OCR software . ...£99 4AME (it paying by cheque or credit card this should be the name as written on your chequebook or credit card| TELEPHONE NUMBER VISA ACCESS'SWITCFH CHEQUE POSTAL ORDER (Delete as
Ibis number la opan trom Monday In Friday Irom 10am till tgrn and on Saturday trom 10am till 5pm It you call outsida these hours you can place an ordar by aniwtr phont: lust give the information on tha ordar form in tha order It appears. You might lind it taslar to complete tbo form before calling so that you can read directly Irom It.
Plean allow 2S days lor delivery Irom when Go Diracl receive your order. For non receipt ol goods phone 0480 691171 Monday lo Friday between 10am and 6pm.
_ 1101.: 0274 8X0066 EST 1991 IV ULW CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY
1. BUY 11- PD DISKS ft or I A r REE 10 CAP POX WORTH f1 9 HUY 10
a. buy ' ll pd disks ft c.i r a t dee mousi mat v orth i
RAVE A UO SI I TT» In.i-Me Wcetd SB2-83 TenMnamr 2 (2) S14
Lanla.y Pk* S*5 Gulf War Mule.
ORDER NO: PI liANCI IN ST VII V ll Till LATEST T1AVI * I SOUNDS ON Tlir A' Hi f.ikKL I (ill Oiii V £1(1.'
GI«T. Onu Lire GI68. Wauekmd.
GIM.SeacaBliU Gl 71...Crazy Sue GI72...Make A Break GI73. SquamMr GI74 E-l Challenge GI7J Omi GI7* I.U Dtad Game IAVE ft TECHNO ORDER NO: P GIB0-1M. PcempalO cm mg* i Gmiw Beam GI84...Mom Dual GIBS. Game Buy Trim 2 0186 ...WtMr Work.
GI87...AciOf War GIB* Malar*. Canto GI89-I93 TWW. I-S GBUdrea G19A-I96 NaigMawCl G197 AmMlaialm GI98 Gawu Boy Tiara I GI99 Tew.
ANIMS Al .Proba Saqurma A2...0bo*l Pi«4
A. ) .Jogger • Magician A4...GymMU Dfirei AS Lracial Hiehi
EDUCATION PAC ORDER HO: POJ G29 Buck Rofrrt stsaf 0*2- Mew
Como I GJ.VJ4. Suu Trek I (2) GJ5-37..Suf Trek 2( J)
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BLITZ BASIC 2 1 71 1 1 Giant scrolling bitmaps used to be the sole preserve of experienced coders. Those days are long gone (thank God) now that Acid Software s Blitz Basic 2 Is on the scene. Join Jason Holborn as he shows you how.
Regulars 182 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Not one, but two technical experts at your disposal.
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Many questions receive the answers they deserve as Mat and John are released from their somewhat heavily-padded cells.
190 BACKCHAT If you're one of the few that think we throw all the letters we receive in the bin, think again. Here's three pages worth of genuine reader's letters plus a few we made up. This month's font of wisdom is Tony Dillon.
194 POINTS OF VIEW Why does an Amiga have a keyboard if it's merely a games machine? Why do dsks take such a long time to load? Why didn't you get a console for Christmas?
Well. John Kennedy explains why you're lucky to be an Amiga owner.
Feeling a little down in the dumps? Green around the g«t?
Maybe it's because your Amiga has got an infection. Docaor Kennedy diagnoses the symptoms and tells you how lo Mo more care next time.
My animations aren't very long, but I keep getting messages from Dpaint like ’insufficient memory'. What's the cause (I have a 1Mb A500 plus), and how can I solve it?
Robyn Broderick, Dublin.
A The glib solution is to throw money at the problem. II you can afford it. Buy some extension RAM, which Dpaint can use to store many more animation frames. The RAM will be useful for other applications too, so It would be a woe investment The other solutions involve making the most of what you've got.
Here's a run-down ot the things you should consider to free up more RAM for Dpaint Close down the Workbench screen if ITS open. You do this by selecting the Workbench option from the prefer ences menu. Free any large brushes you may be holding in memory unawares - to do this simply clip out a tiny brush and the old one is replaced. If you have a spare page, remove it smce it takes up around 40k of precious RAM in low-resofution mode Delete it by accessing the delete this page option Irom the picture menu whilst in the spare page Plan your animation beforehand, and stick to the number of
frames you can complete it in. If memory is tight, never select the expanded way of stonng frames from the method menu item. By sticking with compressed' you wil be able to cram in more frames because Dpaint stores only the differences between successive frames in this format.
You should also avoid using stencils, which use memory, steer dear of pattern fills held in memory, and, once used, tree any Anim brushes, which are held in memory too This may sound restricting, but you have to maximise what you have. You can still use an Anim brush, of course - but remember to tree' it after use. Likewise fill patterns and spare pages - a little pre-planning could be the only answer you need Finally, you can free up more memory right from the start of Dpaint, by specifying Swap in the startup requester. This allows Dpaint to load in, and then free sections of code as and
when needed If you accept the default (All) then the entire program loads into memory - which is quick, but memory intensive My animations play too slowly - they're really just not smooth enough. How can I give them, some pace?
Geraldine Broderick, North Hants.
A Another memory-shifting problem. The more complex your images, Ihe harder your Amiga has to work lo re draw the animation frames The same rules apply as with lack of memory. Use objects with less detail - remember, once a brush is spinriing or moving, there's not a lot of point having it full ot subtle effects because these will be lost in the motion. Keep backgrounds simple if possible - use solid colours instead of gradient fills. If you have enough memory for your work, try using the method expanded menu option, which stores each animation frame as a separate screen (around 40K each in
low res); this will lead to a much smoother playback because Dpaint won't have to uncompress the image data before displaying each screen. Be warned, though, that the animation can take up vast amounts of disk space in this format.
I own DeluxePaint lit, and want lo upgrade to version IV. Will all my old stuff work on the new version? I fancy all the effects you get with HAM painting, but don't want to re-do all that work!
Dermot Dennis. Manchester.
For his final instalment in the year-long CU AMIGA project to help you become a pro with Deluxe Paint, Peter Lee does his Claire Rayner bit to answer some of the questions which have beset Amiga artists since time began... Well, since the start of the year anyway, luvvies.
M2 A R T 1 Lr QUESTION & ANSWER MASTERCLASS A The changes between the two programs are quite significant, but rest assured your images and animations will all load into Dpaint IV. The changes which tend to contuse most upgraders are ranges and palettes. DPIVoffers wider choices in these areas at the expense of complexity. As far as HAM painting goes, you're in for a treat, because you can load all your old images into HAM. And Dpaint will convert them to the 4096 colour mode, so you will be able to achieve effects on your saved work which you never even thougK were possible.
I'm confused over when to use background fix and when to create a stencil Is there any difference between the two. And, it so. What's the best way to use them ?
John Hoyne, Shrewsbury A Both background fix and stencil protect colours. But while you can protect selected colcxW from your palette in stenol creation, the background fix protects all screen colours. In stend work you often find you need to add colours around an existing image - usually you may try ¦ I paint in a background after the foreground has j been finished. By protecting ail colours except he I background, you can freely edit the screen, secuaj in the knowledge that you won't be painting over I anything that's already there Stencilling is a pe* | safeguard, and allows you to work
intuitively painting instead of being restricted by what images go behind what. The main use of background fixing is experimentation - you can draw to your heart’s content without really altering a pixel on the fixed screen. This also means you cannot edit the fixed image in this mode, so, at some point, you will need to free the background to get on with the job in hand. Anything you added while it was fixed now becomes part of it. So, while you can’t change what’s fixed by painting over the image and adding edits, you can significantly alter what’s on screen.
And, if you make a mistake, just erase it, and the original fixed screen shows through. This technique is excellent for cell animation, where you need to see what’s gone before in order to make changes to the next frame. DPIV has its light table effect for this, but DPIII users have found background fixing serves the purpose.
Q I want an object to disappear into the background during an animation, but no matter how small I make the distance, there’s always something left on screen. How come?
Gerry Rooney, Glasgow.
A It’s always seemed strange to me too. You can minimise an ordinary brush manually (minus key) until it’s disappeared, but the ’animation move' facility isn’t as bright. The only automatic way I know of doing this trick is to turn your brush edge on by rotating it using the X angle option for the last frame. But you. Like me. May find it a lot easier just to erase the sucker after it has painted on the last screen.
Q I’m quite happy running Dpainl ill, but it’s annoying to find that just when you want to tint something, the mode menu option isn’t available - am I doing something wrong ?
A A lot of people find this unnerving. They cut out a shape, and want to tint something with it.
Unfortunately, Dpainl III doesn’t allow custom brushes to be used for tinting - you can only use the built-in brushes and tools. The way around this, if you need a specific shape to be tinted (maybe a shadow of a person or building), is to use the freehand fill option with tint enabled from the fill requester, and draw your outline. For built-in brush tinting, select the modettint menu item.
Lucky DpaintIV users can activate effect process tint and place a custom brush on screen to achieve the same effect.
NOTEiTinting is dependent on your current Q I notice you and lots ot other Amiga artists make use ol real pictures in your work. How easy is it to do this myselt, and what problems am I likely to face using them in my own images9 Paul McEvoy, Norway A By real pictures I guess you mean digitised images. The Amiga is such a wonderful computer tor storing and displaying beautiful images that there’s little wonder they are used so widely. Over the past few months I've used striking real-lite pictures to illustrate points in an entertaining and memorable way (I hopel). Some I’ve digitised myself;
others I’ve downloaded trom bulletin boards; and yet others have come from PD library disks. Let’s quickly run through your options. To begin with I’d advise getting suitable pictures from either shareware or public domain sources. There are many ol these outlets around, and the disks sell cheaply because what’s on there has been either donated by the author to the Amiga community (public domain), or ottered on a trial basis to see if you want to buy it (shareware). I’ve let loose some ot my artwork into the world and, as tar as I’m concerned, people can do what they like with il Capturing
your own images onto the computer is more complicated, requiring you to buy a digitiser. Once you’ve connected on to your machine, you then need either a video recorder or video camera trom which to grab (or capture) the image.
The digitising software is very clever and. Depending on your cash outlay, you can buy colour or greyscale digitisers. Some digitisers can actually grab moving images (to be used in animations) while others require a few seconds exposure to digitise an image (which means if you’re using a video recorder, it had better have a rock-steady pause function). Problems? With Dpainl not many, because whatever mode the digitiser grabs the screen in, you can almost bet that Dpainl will be able to load it in for you to edit. Also, be carelul not to infringe copyright. Just because you digitised a
picture into your computer doesn’t mean it’s yours!
My DpaintIV disk came with something called coloured fonts, but they look funny when I try to use them. Is my computer display to blame? (I’m plugged into a portable TV until I can afford a proper monitor.)
George Elias Chousboury, Paris.
A No, you’ve just missed out a vital stage in accessing the fonts. To ensure Dpainl can use the colour information in the font, you must first of all run a little program called ColorText, which you'll )) your original Arim brush, didn't you?). You no* have o moving shodw, ond you ton load in vMhodground, copy it lo tl tronr, thei move your shade. IhiaBe trames o( it* animatkxi la complete the effect, all thaOf Ped is lo load in your orignd Am brush, and widt a position offset from the shadow, poim t ¦Wi n the animation in exactly ihe same wy as you ltd 4* frt ' Remember, il you're using ihe
Move requester, keep fa no* lor both brushes, but create a tie* art* by dumping its storting pesa.
DANCING IN THE SHADOWS Simple shodows an be effedivejnd4j4|M«loda Using a gound. Ycucandolbkin .orbymmgffry «-Fri 9am-6.30pm Oopm Elm Crescent * "* AA1.UA OC7C Analogic Computers (UK) Ltd Telephone moh m Unit 6, Ashway Centre, Sal ANALOG ANALOGIC 9AL0GIC Kinsston-upon-Thames UOI Vi i Surrey KTS 6HH Tel Fax: : 081 -581 *871 COMPUTERS AND MONITORS REPAIRS WHILE-U-WAIT!!!
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V2.04 ....24.95 KICKSTART ROM V2 05 ....24.95 ROM SHARER * V13 ROM. .34.95 ROM SHARER *V2 04 ROM 39.95 8375 1 MEG FATTER AGNUS . 24.95 8375 2 MEG FATTER AGNUS . 29.95 PAULA ...1995 GARy ....995 CIA .B95 "UM SMAIXK .IV.VD A500 A500 . Keyboard 44 95 68000 ..14 95 AMIGA PSU .....44.95 6570 KEVBOARO CHIP 1995 ? All prices include VAT and NEXT DAY DELIVERY subject to availability * Fixed charge for
repair does not include disk drive replacement nor keyboard
* All prices subject to change without notice * We reserve the
right to refuse any Amiga repair RENDALE GENLOCKS Do you want
to overlay Amiga graphics onto your video tapes?
If you want to do this, and more, yog will need a genlock.
Rendate genlocks are British designed and manufactured, and will oiv you Prices start from £139 - including VAT, and we offer a range of models to suit yEurGn firaiilents.
Please telephone or write to US for further information COME TO RENDALE GENLOCKS, Marcam Ltd, 62 Tenter Road, Moulton Park, Northampton NN3 1AX TEL: 0604 790466 FAX: 0604 647403 SPOOKY If it's realism you're after, over any type of backi shadow instead of Hof os a silhouette onto a blue background over however way you like - it doesn't have to be stationary. N ally block), cut out on Anim brash which will indu brash which is solid blue, with a see-through hole the object 's'ond shadow across ( it con be either Now paint down your Anim brash in its fi blue solid part of the brush doesn't hove
to o With Hbrite selected in the fill requester, use I (where the background peeps through your blue of your background selected as the bad, shadow of your original Anim brush. So point suitable place, ond believe dreoms can come true... you are g 4! 3d' Up is one of the best ways of creating realistic shadows _l con be done in 32-colour mode il you tint the areas ol iri the simple shadow method, stamp down your Anim brush your animation lasts. You can move your Anim brush any it ol your silhouette selected os the background colour (usu- screen the silhouette has moved to. You will now have o
r Anim brush. Load in the animation you intend moving something alreody animated), uolfy or using the move requester). Remember that Ihe picture, os we're simply interested in Ihe moving portion, to manually shade in on moving parts of the Anim brush moving oreo up os another Anim brush, with the Halftrite colour. Your new Anon brush now contains just the Holfbrite moving on your original animation, add the original lull-colour Anim brush ot a BRILLIANCE V DPAINT Whenever a new, powerful art program comes on Ihe scene, il gives ownecs ol Dpcrinllhe willies. So for, Dpaint has man aged lo shrug
oil ihe competilion - il's become so enlrenched in the Amiga psyche ihnl lile wouldn't be ihe same wilhoul il. But wbal ol Mine? Is this new upslorl about lo lake Ihe crown os king ol Amiga arl? III were o gambling man (which I am), I'd lay evens lhal people already used to Dpaint will slick wilb il, and odds on lhal newcomers wanting ihe cutting edge ol graphics will opt lot Micrrice What will they find? A massive, comprehensive and beautifully crofted art program. Even someone in love wilb Dpaint like me can see that. Check oul the screenshots lo see how graphic control has evolved since
Dpaint. The Brilliame requesters hove everything in there but Ibc kitchen sink, while DM opts lor frugality and simplicity.
DeluxePaint is looking o lad tired, even al version IV.
Trouble is, anyone using Amiga graphics lor serious work is going lo take a long hard look ot M once, because even Irom my initial hands on lest, I can sec il will be an exciting and powerfully creative tool.
Lind on the DPIVprogram disk. Once that's done, and Dpaint is started, you can see those type- stytes in all their glory when you load them in, and choose to use the tonts palette. Incidentally, you may get a problem because the colours used in the fonts aren't the same as your current palette.
The only answer Is to type your text using its own colour scheme, save that text as a brush, and load it into your main image. Now try to re-map the brush colours to the screen palette.
Your reviewer Mat Broomfield was really impressed with Brilliance, the new Amiga art package. Is this the end tor Deluxe Paint ?
Jason Shlels, Clapham.
Its become a standard ot excellence. As tar as Brilliance is concerned, it covers a vast spectrum ot drawing needs, and very cleverly too. It’s too soon to say it Brilliance will topple Dpaint.
Unfortunately, with something like art packages, you can't do exactly what you want sometimes, and have to make do with what you can get from the software.
My first impressions of Brilliance is that it pushes this barrier further forward than Dpaint.
Animation control is more tar-reaching, and the initially bemusing menu hierarchy quickly becomes second nature.
JIEST For an even more indepth assessment of each program's merits, see our comprehensive head- to-head feature elsewhere in this issue, rjj A Dpaint isn't immortal, just very good.
Electronic Arts, who make the program, have supported the Amiga from the beginning and the tact that Dpaint is the market leader shows how highly people rate it. It's number one because it does what you need an art package to do. And because Finally.... That's the and of our 12-month journey through the world ol Deluxe Paial. I hope you've been able to pick up some useful tips on the way; and, more importantly, perhaps just a little of my enthusiasm for this great program has rubbed off on you. Wokh out lor a new tutorial starting soon.
Gradient DI th»r: Hopefully, you’ve been dabbling with Animator over the last few weeks, and getting to know how to tend your tweens and manage your morphs. Last month’s introduction gave an overview of how the program works; now it's time to progress with some hands-on expert techniques to really make Animators am its keep.. TIMING AEGIS ANMATOR As a follow-up to last month’s terrific cover disk program, Aegis Animator, Peter Lee explains more techniques to help you get the most out of this The timing of tweens (the individual segments which make up an animation! Gives you wonderful
control over every aspect of a sequence. We'll run through an example to show how timing can speed up or slow down events - or make them happen so fast they don't exist anymore!
An eye-catching effect is to have objects appear gradually from nothingness
- they are invisible to begin with, but they appear gradually
as their colours move from dim to bright, emerging from
nowhere. You control just how fast they emerge by using the
time control panel, which, as well as letting you choose the
speed of the entire animation, also lets you pick a speed for
the particular twee (Or event) you have jUSt
ere- delete new morphing gje(j points, stretching out the TIP:
This effect works on "SHtSSiS bitmap images (i.e. those
resembling sn ess.
Drawn in Deluxe Paint} but is slightly more complicated. Once you've loaded in an image you have to check the RGB values of the colours used and make a note of them, so that when you black them out and ease them back in again during an animation, you can set panel, and you can select a colour by clicking on it I in the palette at the bottom of the requester. When I you select the colours used in your image, then set them to black (RGB values to 00), the text disappears. If you were to play this tween now you’d still I see the original image before it blacked out. The secret is to make the
tween happen so fast that it becomes invisible. To do this, go back to the fast menu and select time. The requester shows two slider bars; one represents the timer for the whole animation (global), and one just for the current tween (local). By clicking on the tween marker and I sliding it all the way to the right, you effectively make your tween happen instantaneously - the image you loaded and blacked out never gets a chance to be shown, and the screen remains
• empty'.
Once done, you can click on the next tween icon (The camera - NOT the movie projector, which replays the animation tween). It's now up to I you so choose how long you want to give the image to appear. By using the colour requester again you can make individual colours fade in (or I out) by altering either their RGB or hue, saturation I or light values.
Their values back to what they should be.
But let's work with a simple bitmap (DPaint image) outlined text. You need to have words or .
Letters coloured differently so you can work on just one portion of the image at a time. Of course, if you want the whole text to appear gradually as one item, then use the same colour for the outline. In
• my example I've used four colours for the outline, and just one
for the fill colour.
In tween one I loaded in the Dpaint picture as a background. Remember that for Aegis Animator to 'see' images, they must have the correct extension: i.e. .win for brushes, and .pic for pictures. The picture in tween one was loaded in using its own palette, which meant you could see the text, but, as the point of this example is to have the words appear from nowhere, this has to be changed.
Clicking on the colour palette icon on the fast menu brings up the colour control To make something appear suddenly (like a flash of white light), set the colour you need for the I object then, from the fast menu, select the next tween. To make the colour appear gradually, say j over a range of six dim greys before becoming white, you need to alter the colour gradually then I click on next tween.
Each change in colour needs its own tween, and remember you can make this happen at your I own speed by altering the local speed from the time requester. To make a flash (as in the case of 1 our example, with the solid colour inside the text outline) you simply have the colour switch from black to white in a short tween, then turn it back to I black in the following tween.
MIXING IT This rather Monty Python-esque example shows I how to use tween one to set up an ofherwise impossible animation. I used the famous Michelangelo image of Adam and decided fo give I him some clothes. But I wanted the I clothing to appear and cover him, I which raised the problem of getting J I the clothing the right shape to fit. 1 The answer was to use the filled polygon tool (The little wedge trian- ¦ gle in the fast menu) and draw his I suit and shirt in tween one.
Then I used the move function I Lett: After Animator works out the anime- I tlon, the guy looks like this. All this In only ¦ two tweens.
| Pegin | I ena | f ftefl local speed global speed ...and |ust to provs «, hsrs't nothing! What la Important la the time requeeter, where you can specify the duration ot a tween, or alter the apeed of the whole animation. As the first tween needs to be unnotlceaMe. Notice that the local apsed slider has been pushed all the way to the right of It's bar, making the original screen appear black right from the word go.
Mm* Irom the colour palette, they have been made visible al Ihe end ol ihe sequence (The crooked hand| to place the various polygons which made up the clothing at various points around the screen edges.
Remember, we’re still in tween one, so by setting the local speed to its highest value no-one gets to see the clothing being drawn, only their location after I’ve moved them.
By going to tween two now, I set paths for the Individual objects. To do this, select path from the move pull-down menu, and click on the object you want to move. Now, by clicking as you draw a ghosted line, you specify the route of the object. This works just as well for Bitmaps as for Animator polygons. If the ending location is slightly out of position, just use the move hand to place it perfectly. You can have all objects move at once during a single tween, or move them over several tweens.
TIP: The path function is excellent for moving bitmaps about the screen, but... I could have used painted images of the clothes in this animation (drawn them in Dpaint over the Adam image), but with Animator you have to always be careful of using up too much memory, A Polygon object takes up much less memory than a bitmap image brush.
MORPHING One of the really fascinating things about the program is its ability to morph objects - change them from one thing to another. Pre-planning a sequence, though, is vital, because Animator won’t let you send objects behind others, or bring them forward. You have to visualise each object as drawn on a layer. If something’s behind an object before you morph, then it still will be afterwards.
Our little morphing example shows a man being made an ass of. The sequence involved drawing the face using the filled polygon tool, and editing it by using the loop tool (looks like a loop on a handle In the fast menu). The eye (white polygon, blue circle) was added, and the eyebrow and ear drawn with the polygon tool. The hair was then added in the same way - and the first tween was completed, with the local speed set at the highest value to make the face appear as one.
Instead of using the loop tool to stretch out the face into the shape of an ass, I chose the hook tool. When morphing they do the same job of pulling and tugging at a shape, but the hook also allows you to place or remove points from the polygon. To create a new point, just click on a line joining two points together. To remove one. Drag it over an adjacent point. This way you get much more control over a polygon, and can adjust the number of points for the best appearance.
9 am w exit1?? 0 I did the same for the hair, turning it into a mane and adding a quiff as a new polygon. As for the ear, this was moved upwards using the hand, then morphed using the hook. All these effects were done in tween two. So when played back, the transformation happens in one go. With the local speed set at a modems level so you can actually see the face stretcnng (like the great effect in the film The Howtingi SHADOW BOXING This effect is pretty tortuous in something like Dpaint, but Animator strolls It. It’s giving an ob|ea (in our case, text) a lengthening shadow to srrrxj
late a lowering light source.
The original picture was drawn in Dpaint. Usmg false colours. You can see that the main text has been overpainted six times with different shades * colour building up to the actual text. We shall be making all those colours invisible to start with by using Aegis Animator's colour control panel. In fact, we have to make the entire image ’invisible by turning all colours to the values of the background grey (R10.Q10.B10). That is done in tween one. Which - yes you’ve guessed it - has local speed set to the highest setting.
Now, on a tween by tween basis, the text itself Is brought to view by editing its colour, then in turn the underlying shadows are made visible; on this occasion I used black to demonstrate the technique. But subtle shades of grey actually look better. Start with the shadow nearest the letter, and as you move on to the next tween, select the next colour.
TIP: When in the palette control panel you can click on screen to select a colour. This way you won’t be guessing which colour in the range you should be working with.
If you do have to try hit-and-miss selection, remember, too, that you can undo an operation if you pick the wrong colour. The rest of the text was brought into view in a similar way, and gives a pretty special animation which, with most other packages, would be truly cumbersome. © (EUROPE) LTD OMEGA HOUSE 83 RAILWAY ROAD LEIGH, LANCS WN7 4AD 0942-682203 4 5 FAX 0942 - 682206 SPECIAL]STS IN HIGH TECH AMIGA HARDWARE FOR OVER 7 YEARS, OFFERING YOU THE BEST POST & AFTER SALES SERVICE THAT YOU CAN GET IN THIS FIELD. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A PRODUCT THAT S NOT ADVERTISED HERE THEN GIVE US A CALL
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ONLY £19.99 AND if you can't get it going we offer a get yo* going service Jason Holborn shows you how to create massive smooth scrolling bitmaps with Blitz Basic 2.
PART 1 BLITZ Welcome lo the pages dedicated entirely to Add Software's AMOS-bashing Blitz I Basic 2, a BASIC programming language that can be used to create anything Irom high-speed arcade games, utilities and even serious software.
Last month, we started our look at the hidden powers ol Blitz with a rundown ot BiitZs powerful slice and bitmap commands. These two commands are very important as they allow you to open up hardware-level screens just like those used in professional games software So far. However, our bitmaps have been rather boring. Opening up a basic 320 by 256 pixel screen with 32 colours is all very well if you're writing nothing more than a paint program, but arcade games tend to be somewhat more demanding.
Thankfully. Blitz Basic is more than a match lor the job - not only can you create oversized 'superbitmaps' and scroll them smoothly using the Amiga's hardware scrolling facilities, but you can also load standard IFF pictures into them beforehand. This comes in particularly useful if you're writing a game because, although gameplay is important, it's the quality ot a game's graphics that really make them shine. So, you can design your game's background graphics in Dpaint, and then pull them into your Blitz program without a worry.
IFFY SCREENS Loading graphics saved in IFF format in Blitz is more complicated than it is with AMOS. Whereas AMOS takes away virtually all the work of setting up the screen, initialising the screen's palette etc, Blitz isn't so user friendly. If you create a bitmap and a slice for your Blitz screen and then load In your IFF graphic, Blitz won't recognise the picture's palette and will revert to its own The reason for this is simple. All Blitz bitmaps that you create need to have an additional 'palette' object assigned to them that hold the screen's colour palette definitions. This Isn’t as
complicated as it sounds, however, so you can stop biting your nails! First of all. Load a picture into a Blitz bitmap, tell Blitz that you d like it to hold on to the picture's colour palette by giving it the number of a palette object' that is to hold the palette information. Blitz automatically creates a palette object whenever one is needed, so there aren't any complicated memory allocations that need to be made.
The command to load a picture into a bitmap is
- not surprisingly - 'LoadBltMap' and it has the following
parameter is fairly obvious. In order to load a picture into
a bitmap, you must have previously created a bitmap that will
hold the picture This parameter tells Blitz Basic the number of
the bitmap that you wish to load the picture into. Take care,
however, to make sure that the bitmap that you try to load the
picture into is ot the same depth as the picture - if you try
to load a 32-colour picture into a 16-colour bitmap, for
example, your program will crash.
The filename parameter is pretty obvious too. It tells Blitz Basic the name of the picture that you wish to load anywhere It can be found. Note that the picture must be in standard IFF format.
The palette parameter is a number that tells Blitz Basic that you'd like It to store the palette information from the picture into a palette object. If you don't add this parameter, the picture's palette will be lost. Blitz Basic copies the picture's colour palette into a palette object and uses the number that you passed as the palette object's identification'number.
Blitz may be powerful, but AMOS still does offer a number of features that would have benefited Blitz greatly. One of these features is AMOS' ability to store pictures into permanent memory banks, therefore removing the need to hold all your game's graphics on disk in IFF format. This, unfortunately, makes them easy targets for hackers and crackers that may want to personalise your graphics with the names of their trumped-up cracking crews Not only that, but it's down to the A V tiff- mmm programmer to make sure that background graphics are loaded into memory each time the game is run.
Simply creating a slice to display your bitmap won't make the picture that you've loaded display on the screen using its own colour palette Once you've created a slice for your bitmap, you need 10 tell Blitz that you'd like the slice to use the colour palette that you stored the picture's colour palette in when the picture was loaded with the LoadBitMap command. This is very easy - all you have to do is to add the command Use Palette to your program and the palette information from your picture will automatically be transferred to the current slice. Here's a quick demonstration program that
creates a 32-colour bitmap, loads in a 32- colour picture and then displays it using its conect colour palette - note that the filename I have used will nave to be changed so that it points to a picture that you want to use.
; ¦ ¦ * IFF Picture load and display demonstration; By Jason Holborn; ;••• Define a low resolution 32 colour bitmap... BitMap 0,320,256,5 ; '*¦ Load picture into bitmap and store palette; ; *•* into palette object
0. ..LoadBltMap 0,-PICS:81itzPic.IFF",0; ; ••* switch to Blitz
mode and initialise slice... BLITZ Slice
0,42,320,256,SFFF8,5,8,32,320,320; ;••• Set palette to slice
and turn on display... Use Palette 0 Show 0 MousaWait Once
you've learned how lo load pictures Into a Blitz bitmap, it's
fairly simple to create s exciting scrolling effects with
Blitz Basic pons a number of scrolling techniques v BLITZ
BASIC COLUMN down into what games programmers would call
'hardware scrolling' and 'software scrolling’. The only real
difference between these two techniques is that unlike
hardware scrolling which is handled by specialised hardware
built into the Amiga s custom chips, software scrolling is
handled by Blitz itself using the Amiga's blitter chip.
Software scrolling is undoubtedly far more flexible than
hardware scrolling but it does have the disadvantage of
being somewhat more complicated Perhaps we ll return to the
subject of software scrolling in a later Issue... HARDWARE
SCROLLING Hardware scrolling is a scrolling technique that
uses the Amiga’s built-in screen scrolling hardware Yes.
Even without a programming language as powerful as Blitz
Basic, the Amiga s hardware is more than capable of scrolling
screens at unbelievable rates. Indeed, hardware scrolling is
so fast that it's actually possible to scroll a screen faster
than the Amiga's display hardware can redraw the display that
you see on your Amiga monitor or TV.
Hardware scrolling does have its limitations, however Because it can only scroll whole screens, it does tend to be rather memory intensive. If you were writing an arcade game that used a scrolling background that continuously changed (Scramble.
For example), the entire background would have to be held in memory as a massive bitmap. Even a fairly small bitmap consisting ot twenty low resolution screens would eat up over 200k - and that’s |ust for a 2-colour bitmap! A 32-colour bitmap would be over t Mbl There are ways to get around this limitation, but it’s down to you to write a more efficient routine To understand how hardware scrolling works, you need to know a little about what makes an Amiga display As any hardware programmer wilt tell you. The Amiga’s display is split into two components - the main display bitmap (the area
that your programs draw into) and the display viewport (the slice). The slice is your window on the bitmap that is held in the Amiga's memory. By creating a bitmap that is larger than the view port, you can create ternfically-smooth scrolling effects simply by moving the position of the viewport so that it displays a different section ol the bitmap. Take a Bitmap that is 640 by 256 pixels in size, for example. If your slice were 320 by 256 pixels, then only half ot the Bitmap could be displayed at any one time. Using hardware scrolling however, it is possible to change the slice's origin
so that all ol the SuperBitmap can be viewed With a game that needs the background to be scrolled continuously in one direction, programmers cheat by looping the position of the slice around the Bitmap so that when the scroll reaches the far end ol the Bitmap's boundaries, the slice’s origin is reset so that the first part of the bitmap is displayed.
Hardware scrolling is one of Blitz Basics most powerful facilities yet, consldenng its complexity, it’s surprisingly simple to incorporate a hardware scrolling screen into your own Blitz programs Indeed, all that is required to get things moving (if you'll pardon the pun) is a slightly extended version of the Show command that we used to display a bitmap within a slice. H yqu know your AMOS, then yOu should feel instantly at home with this new version of the show command as it works in virtually the same way as AMOS screen offset command The extended version of thi show command Is as
follows: r*" ~ - . *•’ Shoe iitlMAP. X.-YBBIOP*******' The bitmap parameteLhokis the number of the nap that is to be displayed within Ihe current If, for example, you created a bitmap using an fairly Self explanatory, but “ sterts-by initialising The X parameter holds the offset value (in pixels) of the top left-hand corner of the slice in relation to the left-hand edge of the bitmap. If, for example, you wanted to place the slice exactly 20 pixels left of the left hand edge of the bitmap, then you'd feed the show command a value ot 20. By altering the value of this parameter In fixed
steps, smooth horizontal scrolling is possible The Y parameter holds the offset value (in pixels) of the top left-hand corner of the slice in relation to the top of the bitmap. If, for example, you wanted to place the slice exactly 40 pixels down from the top of the bitmap, then you’d feed the show command a value of 40.
By altenng the value of this parameter in fixed steps, smooth vertical scrolling is possible. Before we dive in and take a look at a demonstration program that shows how to put all this theory into action, it's worth noting that in order for your scroll to run at the correct speed, it needs to be synchronised with the redrawing of the screen using the Blitz Vwalt command. This is exactly the same as the Wait VBI command in AMOS. All it does is to force your program to halt execution until the next frame so that everything runs In sync. If you were to simply scroll your screen without tying
it in with screen redraws, the scroll would appear to go crazy ITS worth noting too that only a single Vwalt command must be pedormed for every loop of your program and even then it must not be called until every part of your game's main game loop has been performed. If. For example, you were writing a simple shoot ’em up. You’d scroll the screen, move your shapes (Miner ob|ects). Check lor collisions etc and then (and only then) call the Vwait command.
Let’s take a look at an example program. Once again, It’s down to you to create a background picture in Dparnf that can be loaded into the 640 by 256 pixel bitmap that the program creates. The demonstration only uses a 16 colour bitmap, so you should be able to create a suitable image regardless of whether you own an AGA machine Once you’ve created your bitmap, save it out and substitute its filename for the filename that I’ve used in the listing.
; ••• hardware scrolling demonstration; «** By Jason Holborn ' ; Create 16 Colour 640x256 bitmap... BitMap 0,640,256,4LoadBitMap 0,"PICS:Scroll background.IFF",0 ; ••• Create 320x256 slice and set its palette...
• BLITZ Slice i 0,42, 320,25 TSFFF8, 4, 8,16, 640,640 Use Palette
V. «¦__ ; m Countffcom 0 to 319 in steps of
• fSv*-o to 319 Step 4 ; ••• Change screen offset value...
* .Show C,x,0 ; ••VWait for verticai blank... vw.iv ' r .’I- Next
x . . .
; Repeet-until left ncuse button la pfesned... a bitmap that will be used as our scroll area. The bitmap is 640 pixels across and 256 pixels down and four brtplanes in depth (giving a maximum of 16 colours). A picture with these exact same dimensions is then loaded into the bitmap from disk and the picture s palette is stored into palette object 0. Once this is done, the program then turns on Blitz Basics BLITZ mode, allowing us to open screens at hardware level. A slice is then defined which will be used as our window on the bitmap. Note that the slice Is only 320 by 256 pixels. Effectively
allowing it to display only half of the bitmap at any one time (the rest will be hidden). The last two parameters of the slice command tell Blitz how wide the bitmap that we re going to use this slice to display is - in this case, It’s 640 pixels across. With the slice defined, the palette that we extracted from the picture that we loaded earlier is then transferred into the slice’s palette so that the bitmap will be shown with its correct colour settings.
¦ With all the setting up now complete, we can scroll the bitmap Two loops are used - a Repeat...Until’ loop and a ’For...Next’ loop. The first of these has been added so that the screen will continuously scroll. The 'For . Next’ loop, however, controls the hardware scrolling mechanics. It counts from 0 to 319 in steps of 4.
The values that it produces are sufficient enough for the entire bitmap to be displayed. It’s worth noting that the step’ value defines the speed of the scroll - if you decrease it, the scroll will go slower and vice-versa. Inside the For.Next’ loop, the value produced by the loop is passed to the ’X’ parameter of the ’Show’ command so that the horizontal offset of the slice relative to the bitmap is progressively changed Each time the show command is called, the program is halted by the Vwait' command before the next iteration of the 'For...Next' loop.
Finally, the program is terminated by checking the status of the left mouse button using the ’Joyb()’ function. When you run this listing, however. The program will not halt until the scroll has completely run its course, so be patient, r i NEXT MONTH We II be taking oui hardware scrolling one step further by lairing a look of dual playfield srreens. An imporlanl Xol Blit: Born 2 lhal is used extensively in gomes re. So wolth this spore.
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______________________ taaiiiitBiiiiiitin Messing about j | |li
with videos is ~ never going to L be easy, but anyone
armed I with a copy of AMOS am possessing basic computer
and graphics skills should be able to get a grip on video
making in no time. Jim Strutton leads you through the
sub-titling maze.
With video equ| tut with a little sj of us seemly computer and g rogramming the Amiga in the taw is a skill that ikes much ettort, but using software like AMOS it not too difficult.
As AMOS was included on a recent coverdlsk ie program should be available to all CU AMIGA ¦aders. One point I would make though: 1t is lally worth getting the manuals if you intend to 5 a bit further.
So. It you have a Title program and the faithful py ol Deluxe Paint, why on earth would you aed to use something like AMOS to create ye! J ore graphics? Well, let me tell you how I use it ofess onally and maybe that will give you some ¦ eas. I -ave had occasions where I have had to oduce some videos tor people with hearing ditfe- iltles. T-ese needed to have sub-titles to make e dialogue clear. Rather than do a series of Iteens. ; wrote a simple program that would taMf text tile ol the words and show them in a two- 1 :e box at the bottom ol the screen. The reasons r doing this will be
obvious to anybody who has I id to do any sub-titles. After you have edited the ;e- to read and understand. There y clever people In broadcast TV «n real time as a program is transma Sure that they must have at leas; a example given takes In a simple text tile and outputs the text two lines at a time in use you would take the pre pared script and then run the video through a GenLock to a copy that will have the sub titles.
As you play the video back, you listen to the sound and click the mouse to advance The tech nigue is to display the text just alter the words are spoken, leaving the words on the screen long enough for them to be read easily obtain a full set tor just £tO Video Producers Group, tel There are two other con use to the video m Scroll command. I In the long term you need to plan this at the editing stage to give sufficient pauses to alow the Rem Program to 191 a screen with text and then fade it to a blank Rem Subtitle version 1.3, Two text fares in shaded box, Jim Strutton 1993 Rem Open o toRes
screen ond set up some colours Screen Open 1,320,256,16,0 Palette S0,S222,S(EE,S11E,$ 333,$ 444,$ 555 Rem This loods o data file which is composed of Ikies ol dio !°9 Rem Geate the hie with a text ecfator in plain choroclets Rem Col the He'thalog SUB'ond put it on o dhk in DfO: Rem Keep to about 30 letters per kne and termmole each fare Rem With "Ctrl M" plus •'Enter-* leave two bkmks Ikies ot the end Rem of the file Dir$ = "0F0:" F$ =Fsel$ (" SUB ."Dialog SUB", load The Data File") If F$ =" Then F$ ="df0:Diolog.SUB” Open In I.FS Paper 0:0s: Curs Off Hide Rem This is the moin Program loop Do
E=Eof(l):lf E= 1 Then Exit Input kl,11$ : Input *1,L2$ Wind Open 1,31,220,35,2 Pen 2: Poper 1: Curs Off: Ow Centre 11$ Cdown Centre 12$ MIOOPIIIG Wind dose Rem Saeen lim Strotlon AVPG1993 Rem Soeen Opening and letting colour stuff Screen Open 0,320,256.2,LORES: Cuts Off: Flash Off: Ck 0 Screen To Back 0 two graphic command to Screen Open 1,320,256,2,10RES: Cuts Off: Flash OH: Ck 0 Colour 0,S0: Colour I,SI IF Rem Write Text All over Saeen from top left corner locate 0,0 For X=1 To 50 For thoeeot yo j lade facility 4 elfect ot al Prim "AMIGA Video Producers Group"; HexlX Rem Pause so you con see
the saeen Wait 50 u may remembfll jpiera. Action I me Rem Moke Screen 0, which is the blank saeen "Appear" over the top of making Rem The screen with the text on it. The number "37" changes the type Rem Of transition effect you gel. Icy changing the number, odd numbers Rem not divisable by five seem to work best.
Appear 0 To 1,37 of the default text Rem This is the routine to deled 9 the right mouse button has been Rem Clicked lo move onto the next two lines Procedure ML00PIIIG M * Mouse Click If M 0 Then Exit I tor sub-titles only uses the stan- and the simple commands to For some uses it would be more se a larger lont, rendered with an shadow to make It stand out technique uaed lor the text on the uons ol the sub-title program and ware Both of these programs and can be bought from the AVPG Screen Open 0,320,256,2,IORES. Curs Off: Flash OH Os 0 Colour 0,S0; Colour l.SEEE Locote 0,30 Centre
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PART 3 A virus is not a living organism - it is a computer program. II a system has Been infected', the virus program is present somewhere in memory.
There are two goals tor a virus program. The first is to copy itself to as many different systems, and the second is to perform some form of sabotage when they get there. It a virus is present in memory, it will attempt to copy itself to every disk which is inserted into the computer's floppy disk drive. It can do this in several ways, such as writing to the bootblock of the disk or attaching itself to another file (a link virus).
What a virus does when it is present in your system depends on which strain it is. Some virus programs are merely irritating, and will display silly messages or turn your pointer into a rude shape.
Others are more destructive, and will destroy all the data stored on any disk inserted by overwriting it with garbage. Both floppy and hard drives are susceptible to damage in this way.
The symptoms of viruses are as follows; M j ] Inexplicable crashes from once reliable - - grams, strange messages (usually prefane or ... VlrusChecker Is an excellent virus kilter Some fake versions have been released so be sure lo get yours from a rel*©*e source. | *| J SAFE HEX INTERNATIONAL Safe Hex International, is a new UK mis centre now open and they wil be happy lo supply you willi (he very latest anti-virus software. A (fek of Sie latest IdRers costs just £2, and for delids you should contact: SHI Regional Virus Centre UK, 304 Leeds Road, Icdesht, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD2 3L0.
Graphics, loss or corruption of files and commercial games will no longer boot.
The first thing to do is to get rid of it! There are many programs in the Public Domain which will search out and destroy virus programs. CU AMIGA always tries to fill any empty space on the cover disks with a good program. The anti-virus software will search through memory and remove any resident programs. II you insert your disks it will then examine them for damage and other copies of the virus program. Hard drives should also be checked, as a virus could lurk away for weeks in an obscure drawer of a large hard drive. When the anti-virus software finds something suspicious, it will ask
you ¦uTgpu wish to re-write the bootblock or boot sectors.
Be careful! If the disk in question is a normal AflligaDOS disk then go ahead with the operation.
However, if the disk is a commercial game or a demo read the next bit first.
Most games and many demos put their own special programs in the boot block ol a disk, in order to prevent piracy or provide a pretty screen as soon as the disk is inserted. The anti-virus software has no way of knowing if the boot block contains a virus, or such a program. If a game or demo boots normally, it is reasonably safe to assume that it is free from viral infection. To be absolutely sure you may want to use a special program which can make a copy of the bootblock and save it as a file. You can then safely overwrite the existing data, and if the game demo fails to boot you need only
copy the back-up data back to the disk. If the program does Boot you can probably assume the bootblock you copied contained a virus. If a commercial game has been destroyed, get in touch with the publisher.
They usually offer a replacement service for a small fee. So, now you know all there is to know about viruses, check out how to prevent them in the box out and you should be safe from all harm. R® WHAT CAN I DO TO PREVENT A VIRUS
1. Make back-ups Back-up Important data regularly. II disaster
strikes, you may be able lo resurrect ol leasl some of your
2. Always write-protect Happy disks.
A virus cannol be writlen fo a disk which has its Write Protect tab set. Always protect rammer dal gomes and demos before use.
3. Switch off.
Switch your computer off between gomes. A soft-reset will not clear the memory totally, and o resident virus may survive.
4. Use a haidwore protector.
Vou can buy small gadgets which will inform you if the boot sectors of a drive are being written lo. Some floppy drives also have this feature built-in.
5. Use anli-virus software.
Get hold of the latest anti-virus software and use it. Every time you load Workbench, start the virus software. On Workbench 2 and 3 mochines this can he done by copying the software into tbe drive called WBStartup'. Workbench
1. 3 machines will require an addition to the startup- sequence
in the s: directory.
6. Don't use pirated software.
As pirated software comes Irom dubious sources, you will have no idea who has used it before you. It is possible that a virus has been attached, either intentionally or by acciBOOTBLOCK: The first few tracks of a floppy cfisk contain important information for tbe Amiga’s operating sysfcm. It n possible to write a small program to fit into these tracks, and although displaying a picture is one possibitty, a v«us is another.
VIRUS: A program which wiB attempt to copy itself to «her the data stored there.
7. Be careful when using PD software.
Before you use any PD software run your anti-virus pro- am. Mis is especially true when files hove been ’ from a Bulletin Board System dent. Always check archived files as well - a virus con be squashed like any other program.
JARGON BUSTERS Another great offer from a manufacturer you can trust ' High quality
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into the Mega Drive (£129). Theretore the price shown Is the
total comhioed price ot Doth models.
The Amiga CD32. However, is a standalone system which works without addtional unto._ WORTH OVER £265
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on-s* aarram,
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K yow «rifte
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«m uttr taws
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Row* md protiUOW
(Home):---------------------------------------- I Which
computers), il any, do you own?
1-4 The Mews. Hathertey Rd. Sidcup. Kant. DA14 40X HI: Mi-IM mi Oebenhams (toFwl. 11-31 North End. Croydon. Surrey. CR9 IRQ Tel Ml-Ml *M icowr-aocpn_lin iey« Wi% 9w_'¦ 52 Tonenham Court Road. London. W1P 0BA Tel «71-«l BM ijO gQCpr_No L OpWrp__»¦ *** " Selfradges wm. Oxford Street. London, W1A 1AB M inM m* 1-4 The Mews. Hathertey Rd. Sidcup. Kenl. D*14 4DX Tel MT -M? MT1 . ._ 10 -9 MC-_ LAW Ng* "K«| Tp _*«¦ *" ESSEX SHOP: Kwdies 2* fkci, Hmh Street. Southend-on-Sea. Essex. SS1 1 LA M I7WMSOI Cp»oj Hcl'I MpvFn S«T-5»»-|SeBK1' iOtWLi L NtfH T uea», 7pm_¦» gSS IPSWICH SHOP: Dehenhams
2m fw-i. Waterloo House. Westgate St. ipswicti. IP1 3EH Tel M73 M7t*2 Pro:silica. CMUSR-OI94 104~ ThT"Mews!HatherleT oacTsidcupi KenTDATT40x PLEASE SEND A 64 PAGE AMIGA COLOUR CATALOGUE Mr Mrs MissiMs: Initial*: .. Company Name (if applicable): Postcode: Tel (Work): MAIL ORDER: MKBCb If you were lucky enough to have found an Amiga crammed into your Christmas stocking, then you're probably starting to wonder why Commodore didn't include a programming language with your new machine. Well, the truth is that they did - it’s just that it's not that easy to lind. It you were with us last
month (and it you weren't, why not?), then you'll already know that hidden away on your Workbench disk is Arexx, a powerful script- based programming language that can do everything that traditional languages like Basic and Pascal can do, plus a whole lot more besides Last month we started our look at Arexx by discussing what Arexx actually is and what it s capable of. It you missed that issue. I'm sure our illustrious editor won't mind me mentioning that back issues are still available. In the meantime, however, let's take our Arexx tutorial one step lurther Into uncharted territory - we
re going to write our first Arexx program. Don't worry, Arexx isn't as complicated as it may first seem.
Providing you have a fairly basic grasp ot AmlgaDOS then you’re already halt way there!
Jason Holborn takes you gently by the hand through your first Arexx program.
AREXX BY THE NUMBER Before we lake that ad-important first step, however, now is as good a time as any to introduce the concept of Arexx variables It you've ever had any experience ol programming languages before, then chances are that you've already encountered this fundamental aspect of all programming languages For the beginners amongst you, a variable is essentially a method ot temporarily storing discrete items ot information within the memory ol your Amiga. Under normal circumstances you’d have to know exactly where in the Amiga's memory the data has been stored. But variables
take this hassle away trom you by allowing you to create pigeon holes in the Amiga's memory which can be referred to using labels that you designate yourself You could, lor example, create a vanable called AMIGA or even WOBBLY it you so wish Variables can handte just about any type ol data ranging trom a single character, an integer, a floating point number or even a string ol letters.
Unlike other programming languages, however, Arexx variables are what are known as typeless'. That is, once a variable has been defined to hold one particular type ol data, it isn't restricted to just that type ot data.
Say, tor example, you created a variable called FRED that was initially used to hold a number. Just because it started life as a number variable, that doesn't mean trial It win only hold numbers - you could quite easily transfer a string ol characters to it without Araxx batting an eyekd Obviously you cant then perform a mathematical operation on it, but that's about the only restriction that Arexx places. Even then, Arexx will happily treat a string variable containing '12' as both a string and a number. Clever eh!
GET PROGRAMMING Anyway, now we've got that out ot the way. Let's get stuck into our first Arexx program. It you haven't already done so. You'll need lo install Arexx by loading up Workbench and then double clicking on the RexxMast program that you'll find in the System drawer on your Workbench disk. It you intend doing a lot ol Arexx coding then it may be worth permanently AREXX UNDER CONTROL CU AMIGA isn't tfw sort irf mogozine tfnl bores advanced readers wrifh months of tedious lexl far beamy Storfngte merit, *1 be launching a separate section within the A feu cob unei ante ot those of you
who hove mastered the basic and want to know how to put ol this theory rto practise Cwy mom wel be tdaigalookallimi Meu am be used to automoliteopere- Before we MI at te deep end, honwer, ifs worth idling time to tksruss exactly how Afexx communicoles with other appkrions. Task ammunirctiimsaninlegrdpartotte Amiga's advanced massage-passing operating system Exec, and Afeu bun upon this sys- tem “g ’fiat's Mexx compaAle to sand and recaw commands to and y to envisoge how this works fstotA of a telephone network. Homes that have neded together through a central exchonge that's responsible for
between two krtes. In the cose of the AMIGA, it's Arexx that ods os no exchonge, with each application having its own phone tne (or, in Afeu terms, . Pact'). Just like a telephone network, eacn messaQepoit hos its own unique nome is used to dalinquish it from any other message ports. ASOG's Qeporttnenf ksina! For example, has o message port aifed Adfto, and even AmigaDOS has its am mnuiicalionsWwihfotitjfcrfohlffe 0 te program hos not been loaded. If, ¦ - I" on teodor dien free to commurwue with that .. Men functions buJt« to that program to Very few Mexx ports have the same e os the
apphations they are ottoched ushouldlindthe Arexx port nome SwS AlfeMdoB1 ¦mEsSl8i:2i!
All Afeu mess able. It’s worth T projnm mast he raring it order far
• Afculi M femamge part Gfwfes fetingolry: -Message Port finder
’ Say SsgST ‘Message poctS- ayShord Ports) Ed installing this
program so that Arexx is automatically loaded whenever
Workbench is loaded. Don’t worry, this isn't as complicated as
it sounds
- simply drag the RexxMast icon across from the System drawer and
drop it into the WBStartUp drawer.
When you double click on the RexxMast icon, a window should momentarily pop up onto the Workbench screen, informing you that Arexx has been successfully installed. If everything checked out okay, double click on the Shell icon and drop down into AmigaDOS.
Most programming languages these days have their own editors which you use to write programs, but Arexx is somewhat different.
Instead you’ll need to write all your Arexx programs using a text editor.
Thankfully, there’s also one on your Workbench disk, so absolutely no need to worry here either! So without further ado, enter the following command at the Shell prompt: Ed RAM:Myprog.Rexx. After a couple of seconds disk access, the Workbench Ed text editor should spring to life before your very eyes. Ecf works in a very similar manner to a conventional word processor (minus the flashy page layout tools, of course!), so you shouldn’t have too many problems getting to grips with it. If in doubt, refer to the Workbench manual that came with your Amiga for a more in-depth explanation of how
Ed works.
Anyway, let’s get down to some serious coding - warm up those typing fingers by entering the following Arexx program.
My First Arexx Program (line space) Say Please enter your name" Pull NAME Say "Hello there " (space) NAME Exit Once you’ve typed this little program in - making sure that you haven’t made any mistakes - save it by pressing the Esc key followed by the X key. The Ed window should dose and you'll be returned to the Shell window. All that now remains to do is to run our Arexx program by entering the following command at the Shell prompt: RX RAM:MyProg If all went well, you should now be staring at a line of text prompting you to enter your name. Do what it says and then press the Return key and
the Amiga will greet you. Clever eh!
Okay, so it's hardly very exciting but, as a demonstration of how to write an Arexx program and then run it, our little program has served its purpose beautifully. But how does it actually work? Well, before we get too bogged down in the technicalities, it’s worth noting the * and * symbols that you'll see at the start of the program. As any C programmer will tell you, these are what are known as comment markers' and they mark the start and end points of a comment respectively. Any text that you enter between these two markers will be completely ignored by Arexx, so they’re there purely
for the benefit of the programmer.
Unlike other languages, however, these comment markers aren’t optional - all Arexx programs must start with a comment. If you write a script that simply drives straight into code without starting with a comment, you’ll get an error message. A rather strange limitation maybe, but I’m sure that all professional programmers will agree that adding comments to your Arexx scripts is a damned good idea anyway! You may know what Arexx script does when you first write it, but your coding may not be quite so clear when you return to it after a couple of months. By imposing this restriction on you,
Arexx could actually be making your life somewhat easier!
AREXX COLUMN COMI wjjm i womo Enter hacker’s paradise with John Armitage as he explores the worldwide network of free Amiga software.
The core of the program is simple enough too. The program uses three Arexx commands - Say, Pull and Exit. Say is the Arexx equivalent of the Basic Print command and its sole role in life is to display strings of text on the screen. The Pull command has a Basic equivalent too - Input. As its name suggests, Pull is used to pull in a string from the user via the keyboard which is then stored into a variable (in this case, the variable NAME). Finally, the Exit command ends the Arexx script. Q1) NEXT MONTH We'll be taking o look ot how lo moke deri sions within on Aiexx saipt. And storting next
month there will be a requlor section within month there will be o regular section within the Arexx column that will show you how to use Arexx lo control other applications.
Even it you use your modem regularly, you might never have come across the Internet
- one ot the Comms lesser known successes. Practically every
large computer system across the globe is part of a huge
electronic network called the Internet. Each computer on the
network is called a Site, and many otter access to the general
public totally tree ot charge.
What exactly has this to do with Amigas? Well, the Aminet is a collection ol sites which all 'mirror' each other: that is. All tiles are duplicated between machines. As you might have guessed, the 'Ami' in Aminet stands for Amiga and the tiles which are mirrored are the largest collection ol PD software in the world.
Hundreds of megabytes ot software, and it's all there tor you tree, gratis and for nothing.
SNAGSVIUE How do you get at this software? Via the FTP or file transfer protocol.
Basically, you need to get on to a machine with Internet access and FTP software - not something most people have in their front room.
Before you get all depressed, there are ways. First of all, if you are at university or college there could well be just such a machine waiting for you. For example, at my place ot teaming there is a network of DEC workstations. By logging on I can get directly onto any FTP site, and download programs at about 60K a second. The only problem is getting the programs otf the DEC and onto an Amiga - the DEC doesn't have a tloppy disk. The solution here is to log on to the matching network ot Pcs, and copy the files across.
There should be similar ways ot transferring tiles at your local place ot higher education. The best thrng to do is ask the haihest, most hackerlike looking student you can find.
Failing all that high brow stuff, several on-line services have an Internet Gateway. CIX is one which ir ately springs to mind.
LOGGING ON To log onto a site, you run the FTP software and type OPEN name at the prompt. When asked for a username, you enter 'anonymous’ and for a password enter your email address: the place you are calling from. Now you are on a UNIX-styte terminal, from where you can move around the directories. Stick with the Public areas (enter cd pub) and look tor the Aminet directory. Inside find hundreds ot programs, so one and enter get filename 'you' Sometimes you'll need to enter bin d files - try * before you can download fi first without. Note that as a UNIX system, filenames are case
dependent. After get’ the files will be stored on your terminal and after that its up to you to get them into Amiga tormat. Enter close to quit the system. '£2 NEXT MONTH More hints on getting inlo Aminel and who! You might find there.
* © Will the films that become avail- £ able on Ihe CD32 be
recorded with Ihe Dolby sound encoding system as used by the
dedicated home movie laser disc players, or will the soundtrack
be in ordinary hi-fi stereo?
Sean Christian, Douglas, Isle ot Man.
The CD32 has the same sort ol ordinary stereo sound outputs which a normal audio CD has, and Is theretore incapable of any extra clever trickery. However, all VHS tapes which have the HI-FI Dolby symbol on them are capable ot surround sound when played through a special decoder, so there Is no reason why the soundtrack of feature films using the FMV cartridge could not be recorded in a similar way.
MEMORY MADNESS «r*r. I have an A600 with a 1 Mb expansion card. I would like to add a 4Mb PCMCIA memory card. Could you please tell me how much chip memory will this give me? And how much fast memory will it give me?
J. R. Gellatly, Wallingford, Oxfordshire.
Any PCMCIA card will only add to the amount of Fast memory you have. Chip memory needs to be tightly coupled to the custom chips, and memory added via the PCMCIA port Isn't.
SAY 'AAA' In the interview with Commodore's vice president of »engineering. Lew Eggebrecht (CU Amiga August 1993), Lew said that the new Amiga chipset will have eight voices with 16-bit sound. Please can you tell me more about this chipset? Is it really worth buying an A1200 now if the current AGA chipset is due for a revamp?
Kevin McGrath, Chadderton.
All I know about the chipset is that It will be many times faster than the current AGA system, offer true 24-bit colour with support for video compression and that much improved sound you're lusting after.
Now you want to know if you should wait.
Well, of course you should wait. In a year or so when the new machine Is available It will probably sell for about £50. But by then Commodore will have announced the Quadruple A chipset - it will have 32 voices, 64-bit colour, run faster than 1000MIPS and cost £10.
Be realistic. You can only buy what is available now. Who Is to say that the new chipset will ever appear and for how much.
You might wait a year for nothing, and In the meantime you could have been using the A1200 - probably the best Amiga ever built.
SCREEN SCENE I'm contused about monitors and I desperately need your advice. I L* have an A1200 and a Philips j? CM8833 Mkll monitor, and all is working extremely well. I do a lot of word processing, and I am thinking of getting a monitor which will allow me to display my work in a higher resolution. However, I'm not sure about the difference between hl-res and interlace. I can’t afford a multisync, but I am interested in getting a Commodore 1940.
What I really want to know is: what are the advantages of having a dual sync monitor, and.
Would I need to buy anything else to get the best results from my A1200?
Emma Colley, Witney, Oxon.
A hl-res screen Is at least 640 pixels across, and a super hl-res screen is at least 1,280 pixels across. An Interlaced display Is technically one which flickers as It updates faster than the monitor can cope with. But In Amiga terms It often means a display of about 512 lines.
When the A1200 (or A4000) is used with a dual-sync monitor, It can de-interlace the display which means you can have a 512 line screen with no flicker - and it’s a complete revelation to use.
If you are word processing a lot you need three things: a rock steady display, a monitor with a good dot pitch (how detailed the text Is) and a decent sized screen (at least 640x512 pixels). The Commodore 1940 will de-lnterlace the display, but It won’t offer much In the way of clearer text, as its dot pitch Is similar fo the CM8833.
I would recommend you consider a monochrome monitor - you can buy PC-style monitors which will support a de-interlaced display and offer pin-sharp text for about the same price as a CM8833 (try Silica Systems on 081 309 1111). You can then use your Philips for games.
BRING BACK BASIC . ». I have recently bought my first Amiga - an A1200 and I find it w superior to my previous 8-bit W , J: computers. However, the prob-
* lem is lhal the various manuals do not explain how to do your
JOHN KENNEDY Tipped for host of the new University Challenge
series, John ‘Bamber" Kennedy likes a starter for ten.
Own programming, I would be very grateful if you could tell me the best books to start off with as I know very little about programming the Amiga.
Steve Ellis, Wrexham, Clwyd.
Unlike the 8-blt machines, the Amiga doesn't come with a programming language built In, so don’t waste your time looking for a Basic Interpreter lurking around. The nearest you'll find Is Arexx, which Is described In our tutorial series.
As for books, well, I could tell you to go out and buy the complete set of official reference manuals - but I won't.
What you need Is a copy of Amos or Blitz Basic, which both come with good tutorial works. Perhaps this month's coverdlsk will appeal to you as well... FREE FLOPPY DRIVE ,m. I have an Amiga 500 and I am thinking about getting a CD32. If I bought the CD32 expansion I* device with a parallel port, serial port and so on, would I be able to connect my A500 to the CD32 and use it with the A500's keyboard and disk drive?
Also, is there going to be a CD32 version of Mortal Kombal with 256 colours and use ol the multi-button controller?
Chris Stevenson, Burnley, Lancs.
Although I have yet to see the CD32 expansion box, I think that I am correct In thinking that you won't be able to use your A500 as a keyboard and drive for the CD32.
What you will be able to do is use the CD32 as a CD-ROM drive for the A500, and access the many disks of PD and demo software with a program such as Parnet.
Of course, If demand Is high enough someone will write the software to do what you require. And, similarly, If the CD32 sells well enough you can bet that Mortal KombatnW appear In all its gory (256-colour) glory.
TV HELL I'm trying to connect my A600 » ? A television set. According to L* Commodore it is possible to conge nect the A600 to the TV via the f’ SCART socket, but I have tried this with little success.
At the moment I have to be satisfied with colour composite signal.
Gerard Kelly, Munich, Germany.
It sounds like a problem with that good old almost-but-not-quite-a-standard SCART (or Perltel) connector.
Although the SCART connector can support separate red, green and blue lines, they are not always Implemented.
If your television sports a true SCART coew patible connector, the RGB signals from the A600 should drive it perfectly, and as you know give a much better display than with blurry colour composite.
MAT BROOMFIELD Mat would like to stress that he doesn't really look like this - but could you please write to him anyway?
AMIGA WORKSH ASK THI IXI .RTS Unfortunately, you can’t get a picture, to therefore your TV la crap. Sorry.
• - I own an A600. And I'm having difficulties with Ihe virus
• program given away on the CU J Amiga coverdisk. I have dragged
f Ihe icon inlo my Workbench Startup drawer, but when I reboot
I get the message, Need explode library v14*'. Can you help?
Tracey Foulsham, Birmingham.
This letter sums up the dozens of slmllsr queries regarding the dreaded exploding library, and the reply will hopefully help everyone to sort out their problem. When the Amiga boots, It likes everything to be In Its place. It likes the AmlgsDOS commends to live In the C directory, and the fonts to be In the FONTS directory. It also likes llbrsrles to be In the LIBS directory. A library la a special piece of code which offers some common festures to progrsms. In this esse, the virus checker program needs some compression and decompression routines end these live, quite happily, In the
explode library.
When you boot from the coverdisk, LIBS: Is set to point to the LIBS drawer on the coverdisk, which contains the explode library.
When you boot trom your Workbench, however, LIBS: is set to point to the LIBS drawer on the Workbench - which probably doesn't contain the explode library.
So when you copy the Virus checker program, you also need to copy the library. Some programs come with a utility called something like Install library' which will automatically copy across any required libraries.
However, being the kind-hearted soul that I am, here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it manually (oooer).
1. Boot from your Workbench In the normal way.
2. Open a SHELL window.
3. Put the coverdisk In the drive.
4. Enter COPY dtO:llbs explode.llbrary to RAM: This will make a
copy ot the explode library In the RAM disk.
5. Put your Workbench disk back into the drive.
6. Enter COPY RAM:explode.llbrary to LIBS: This will Insert the
library Into the correct drawer.
COBOL CONUNDRUM I'm learning the COBOL programming language for my
• college course and I need a » COBOL compiler for the Amiga.
, I've searched the PD libraries but with no luck. Can you please help me? I would be very grateful.
James Deadman, Welling, Kent.
First of all, commiserations on your unfortu- nats situation. I had to use COBOL as part of my so-called education, and what a waste of my life It was.
I recommend you change colleges to one which won’t waste your time with this crappy language, but teaches something useful (such as C) Instead.
In my case, this meant a change from the science to engineering faculties. In case you can't manage this, you’ll need to get s PC emulator (software should suffice) and a PC COBOL compiler.
DTP ABC . », For some time now I have been looking tor a DTP package which ¦ e includes powerful features whilst F 0 A * also being easy to use Presently I do not own any DTP programs, but I want to produce high-quality work.
Andrew Chang, Wimbledon, London.
You missed out several Important facts, Andrew. How much do you want to spend?
Do you have a printer, or will you be using a bureau?
If, as I suspect, you want to dabble your toes In the murky waters ot desktop publishing before plunging In headlong, I suggest you get hold ot The Publisher, which was reviewed In the December 1993 Issue.
The Publisher costs about £30, and at this value-for-money price Its only competition Is the equally adequate PageSetter from Gold Disk. Check out the adverts in this Issue ol CU Amiga for prices, as they tend to change rather quickly.
BIG NUMBERS ei «i Ever since I've had my Amiga I've been interested in graphics based around mathematics. You may not believe this, but there is actually a limit to the amount of pictures that you can display on the screen.
I have devised a formula to actually calculate the number ol screens possible in a screen mode such as low resolution, 32 colours: colours to the power ot the number of pixels.
It's not a very complex formula I must admit, but it works. For example, if you took a screen of 320x256 pixels stored in 4096 colours (HAM mode) the number of different screens you could produce would be... far too large to print here, but I can say that the number consists of exactly 295,925 digits.
When you consider that one page ot CU Amiga contains approximately 6.400 characters, it would take 462 pages of CU to write this number down (about two full issues).
However, this number does cover every single picture seen in any art package or game, ranging from a screenshot of Populous 2 to a Vista Pro 3 image, to a purple dot in the corner of the screen In Deluxe Paint.
Thanks for your time.
Daniel White, Walsall.
Thank you Daniel tor trusting us with your formula. I trust you have written a program which will randomly fill the screen with dots, because eventually you'll gel a picture of your own face. Or the Mona Lisa. Or an Image of the Earth as seen trom the Moon. Or a full- colour Image from the Inside ot my stomach (How delightful).
In fact, given a fast enough computer we could use your theory to generate the screen shots lor the January 1995 Issue, which would save us the trouble of taking them at the time.
FLICKER VISION , 1, I have recently bought an 80Mb
• ™ V, hard drive for my 2Mb A600 i* which I have installed
I* After the computer has been switched on the screen flickers quite badly for the first half hour or so, almost as though it was warming up. Is this the case, and is it harmful to my Amiga?
Also, the drive came in two partitions: a 75Mb partition and a bootable 5Mb partition lor Workbench. Is there any way I can enlarge the Workbench partition?
Finally, a friend told me that there is a 2»» upgrade available tor the trapdoor. Is this true’ I've never seen them advertised anywhere, so I thought I’d check with you. Would a PCMCIA card work with programs such as OctaMED and CineMorph? Is there any way that I could potstty accelerate the A600, as morphing takes ages Dave Park, Letchworth, Herts.
Your screen flickering problem could be power related. Perhaps the standard PSU hasn't enough juice and Is struggling.
Falling that, either the hard drive or the Amiga Is broken - It's certainly not normal behaviour. Early Amiga modulators have bean known to flicker between colour and monochrome, but recent ones should probably be okay. The HDTools program has an option screen dedicated to making and altering partitions. You should have no problems resizing your drive (10Mb for Workbench Is more useful) and II you make sure the tick Is In the bootable requester you'll be all right.
Before you start, remember to back up all your data, as re-partltlonlng a drive will destroy Its contents. I haven't heard ol any memory expansion for the A600 other than the 1Mb card that fits Into the trapdoor, which gives the A600 a total of 2Mb of Chip RAM.
Memory added to the PCMCIA card slot Is not Chip RAM, but It will still be used by the system. For example, the OctaUed program will automatically load Into ths PCMCIA memory, leaving more of your Chip RAM for samples.
Currently, the only way to accelerats an A600 Is to throw It out ol a window.
Remember II you upgraded It to a A1200, you could take the hard drive with you.
KEYMAPS Dear Cu Amiga, I can't set the Keymap of my Amiga fo GB and I gel a S when I type a. Lots of people. Everywhere.
Ok, I thought this was simple until I had to do It myself again recently on a Workbench 3 system. Assuming you hsvs your entire Workbench available on a hard disk, you must set the following: Prefs loeale Country to United Kingdom Prefs locale Preferred Language to English and select SAVE.
Then set the following: Pretsfnput Keyboard type to British and select SAVE.
Next time you open a Shell, the keymap should be set property.
Now, If you ars using s floppy only system you will need to make sure that your boot disk contains the Ills gb' in the DEVS:keymaps directory. If It's not there, you'll need to copy It across from the storage directory.
NETWORKING « e * » _ I'm hoping lo upgrade my Amiga S'. 500 to an Amiga 1200. Possrbty through some sort of part I* exchange deal. However, the saving I’d make is only about £60 - the price of an external drivels it possible to use the tea COMPILATIONS OrfAMANDS lihar 1. Transarctko.
StOfnMoaa Clf.W COMSAT CLASSICS 3 19 me**-.
PocAc Iskmds.
S. U-* Servica 2 Cl*.** SO Alto GENIUS Curfc Srrattolo MdvopcJ,
Rak C 1*.** IANIASTK WORVDS Mao: lo Mania.
Pwa. Nputo« Ito.
Mi* fOOTSAUOATf XrtC*2 1 2 «-o "ay* (02 'ova Wsntto MG SOX 2 loditoFuM 2,T «R«.
As£rs2r sssrisi TV Sports ‘cotool . K C1R.W C*.** SOCCER STAAS Wortd Chomp Sonar K 1 OB 2, Mtnoproia Sonar CIA** "¦sS-Stf* CI9.99 COMRAJ CLASSICS '1 5 5»rh» EaaU 2 WorMa 64&MM M CI9.W SPORTS MASTER l-.wrOowhp l**2. »GA lour Golf.
Awmp Wv., «*, 503 0U2Y COUECTON Fosl Food. Kwi« Snax.
Fa-Any Wodd Diiry.
Trosunli Cfexy Mo dandD•ax, C1S.W CfcuyRar-c D CIA** Ura ol *Va Cxr* oi.** 7 rentier Order Please send cheque PO's (made out lo Premier Mail Order), or advise Visa Mastercard number and expiry date to: : Dept CU14, 10 Tinkler Side, Basildon, Essex SS14 1LE Tel: 0268 271 172 Fax: 0268 271173 Telephone Orders: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm ond Sat & Sun 10am-4pm We Are Open 364 Days a Year P&P and VAT is included for all UK orders. Please add £2 P&P for Europe and £3.50 for Rest of The World Next day delivery service available C4 per item UK only. E &ot
• 0119 riicmoi 101(1 mm
• (» lOOJf
• 8SP 10
7. 99
6. 49
5. 99
4. SO 20
14. 50 1 1.99
10. 99
S. SO 30
21. 99
17. 49
15. 99
12. 00 40
20. 49
24. 99
20. 49
15. 00 50
35. 00
26. 00
23. 99
17. 50 100
65. 00
49. 99
44. 99
35. 00 internal drive from the A500 as an external drive on the
A1200, either by linking the machines or taking the dhve out
and rewiring it?
If possible I’d like to keep my A500 in one part, so can I use the drive from any other machines? In fact, are there any parts from old Amigas that can be used with the A1200?
Ben Hollis, Norwich, Norfolk, Using the PD program Parnel (see next month’s DIY section for full details) you can connect the A500 and A1200 together, and the A1200 can access the A500's floppy drive.
And vice versa. Unfortunately, It isn't possible to use an internal drive as an external Amiga drive as some extra electronics are required.
The same goes for any naked drive mechanism you might see, so stick to Amiga specific drives.
As for cannibalising the A500 for parts - again, I'm afraid not. The mouse Is probably the only part of the system that could be used as the A1200 motherboard and chips are several years more advanced than the trusty old A500, and nothing would be any use.
WHEN I GROW UP... » I'm 14, and I wish to write games software for a living on the Amiga when 1 m 0ld8r’ 80 1 ,hou9M ld t -SO. * slarI learnin9 ftow.
Mm* I already know how to use AMOS, so I want to get DevPac and learn 680x0 assembly language - or I did until I saw a line in CU AMIGA that said the 'C' language was more powerful than machine code. Could you tell me what language the games companies use, and what books and software I might need?
Lenny, Worksop.
Which language Is more powerful Is open to debate. For pure speed, you can’t beat raw assembly language because that's what every other language is eventually translated Into.
On the other hand, C offers a lot of support for data structures and function calling - Ideal for larger programs and making use of the operating system. Interestingly, a good C compiler will produce code almost as good as hand-written assembler.
Most games companies use assembler, but more are turning towards C because, as games become more and more complicated. It makes sense to write all the game logic in C and keep the assembler for the ultra-speed- critical graphics code.
My advice to you would be to learn C first because the principles Involved are more Important than knowing the Motorola Instruction set inside out. Anyone who can program can learn how to code In assembler In a day - it takes a lot longer to learn how to program In the first place, and longer still to learn how to program the Amiga.
WELL HARD VIRUS I'm considering buying an Amiga 1200, and have some questions:
1. How do I know it there is a virus on a hard disk and how do I
get rid of it? Does it mean that everything has to be
reloaded, including all of Workbench?
2. How do I know if programs on floppy disk will install onto a
hard drive?
3. 1 have loads of Spectrum games on tape, and I notice that
there is a Spectrum emulator in the public domain.
How do I connect the cassette recorder to the Amiga? What do you think the chances are of getting the games working?
4. By the way. Who is Fred Fish? Am I the only one not in on
Robert Pickering, Denbigh, Clwyd.
I hope you decide to go ahead and get a A1200. Here are some answers:
1. A public domain program such as VlrusChecker will look through
the files on the disk, and If it finds a virus It will delete
the suspect file. You don’t have to install everything
2. The box the game comes In will usually have a sticker on It,
but the best way Is to check the reviews In CU Amiga as we’ll
always say if a game can be installed or not.
3. The Spectrum emulator can load games from cassette tape by
means of any normal tape recorder connected to an Amiga sound
digitiser (sampler).
As long as the game doesn't make use of any strange copy protection methods, nearly all Spectrum software works fine: I’ve been playing the classic game Thrust with the emulator on my A4000 quite a bit. Well, until I bought Frontier.
4. No, you are not alone in your ignorance about Fred Fish. At
the recent meeting of minds’, practically all of the Amiga
developers present had no Idea about the identity of Fred
Fish. To me this says a lot about the developers - they
treat the Amiga simply as a games console and have no interest
in the Amiga community at large. There’s no great mystery
about Mr Fish - Fred is the guy who collects all the Amiga PD
to release as his Fish Disk'.
He has so much software now that he's releasing It only on CD-ROM, so buy the last CDTV In the shop now.
PICTURE SWOPPING , 11, I often swop pictures on disk between my dad's PC and my Amiga by using CrossDos to load ’ the PC-format disks on the Amiga Workbench. My dad also has an Apple Mac in work. Is there any way I can get the Amiga to load these sort of disks? There is a colour scanner connected to the Apple and it would be great to load the pictures into Deluxe Paint.
Colin Turner, London.
The trick is not to get the Amiga to think like a Mac, but to get the Mac to think like a PC.
Confused? Don't worry - the Apple Mac uses a very strange way of storing data on floppy disks, but with the Mac program Apple File Exchange which all Macs come with, It can read and write to ordinary PC format disks.
As you know, the Amiga can read PC disks through CrossDOS (Included with all WB3 machines) so the only remaining problem Is the file format.
A common Mac tile format is TIFF, which Is totally Incompatible with the Amiga's own IFF.
However, there are some programs In the public domain which will convert flies for you.
Some Mac programs also support JPEG which Is a great way of squeezing large 24-blt colour files onto a single floppy.
THE NEED FOR SPEED I have a number of questions
* bho weighing heavily on my mind.
* Please can you help ease my |* worries and calm my levered brow by answering the following technical queries:
1. Why do you need a memory expansion to increase the speed on an
2. Would it be better to fit a Power Computng PC 1200-4 or a
Microbotics MBX1200Z nth rw same amount ol memory?
3. Do I really need an FPU if all I want to do * play games?
4. Does the running speed of the CD32 match that of an A1200
fitted with extra memory?
5. Is the access time from a CD-ROM faster man from hard drive?
6. Assuming the answer to question 4 is yes. 4 I bought a CD-ROM
drive for my A1200 would I no longer need the memory
7. Is it possible to use normal joysticks with the CD32?
B. A. Doherty, Wlnsford, Cheshire.
Well, after that heart warming plea, here are some equally weighty answers which I hope will solve some of your worries:
1. The A1200 comes with 2Mb of chip memory as standard. Chip
memory is shared between the CPU (the Motorola 68020) and the
custom chips which produce graphics and sound.
Because of this shared arrangement, the CPU takes slightly longer than normal to access the memory, and this slows the computer down slightly.
When extra memory is added via the trapdoor, the CPU has Immediate access and can therefore run at full speed - this explains why It is called Fast memory.
2. Depends on which one you like best.
Seriously though, we re doing a complete round up of all A1200 peripherals soon which should answer your question.
3. No, If you only play games the extra expense of an FPU Is
It does make sense to buy a memory board which could theoretically support an FPU In case you change your mind, and get hooked on graphics or sound software.
4. No, as the CD32 has only (hah! Only!) 2Mb of Chip RAM, It runs
at the same speed as an unexpanded A1200.
However, the CD32 has an extra chip (Aklko) which can speed up some graphics operations ever so slightly.
5. No, a hard drive is much faster. A double speed CD-ROM (like
the one fitted to the CD32) will shift data at about 300K a
second: a lot slower than a good hard drive.
With good programming, CD access can appear a lot faster - certainly fast enough to spool graphics and sound data directly from disk.
6. The question is: If you bought a CD-ROM drive for the A1200,
where would you stick your memory expansion.
This is a question which can only be resolved when Commodore release details on the CD-ROM drive.
7. Yes, although the supplied loypads are better because they
support more buttons.
Phew, now, with all that lot finished, I'm mentally and physically exhausted. I'm going back to Commander Kennedy In Elite II, who is somewhere deep In the Groombridge system. Till next month playmates.
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SOUND LAB It’s hip, it’s hop, it’s happening. Tony Horgan checks out the latest grooves you can create with your Amiga.
Ithough OctaMED is an amazingly power- i ful program, if you can't get over the first few hurdles you might never realise just what's possible with this little gem. In the first of an on-going series, this month we'll be concentrating on the basics - enough to get you up and running, without getting too deep in confusing details. Even if you don't understand everything, this simple step-by-step guide should have you waking up the neighbours in no time.
Your sampler cartrkfge. Click in the sample name box. This is found in the middle at the top of the screen on V5, and is accessed via the INSTR button on previous versions. Choose a name for your sample and type it into the box. Ignore the 'Error: object not found' comment.
The series will be geared towards the new features of OctaMED V5, but wherever possible there'll be notes on the equivalent features of previous OctaMED versions.
SOUND LAB THE LOW DOWN There are a few theories and facts which should be explained before we start, and which should help you make a bit more sense of what's to come.
1. Like other trackers, OctaMED outputs two samples to the left
channel and two to the right when it's in normal four-channel
mode. The two outside tracks (far left and far right on the
screen) go to one side, while the middle two go out through
the other. Usually mono samples are used. Stereo samples are
actually two samples (a left and a right version of the
sound), and so would take up two tracks each.
2. Songs are constructed by recording different blocks, then
arranging the blocks to play in a specific order. The order
in which you create the blocks has no bearing on the order in
which they are played in the song. That's entirely up to you.
Monitoring th« volume ot tha Incoming sound Is an Important factor In getting a good quality reproduction.
3. Although only four samples can be played at any one time in
four-channel mode, you can use up to 63 samples in any one
song (memory permitting). Any sample can be placed on any
track you like. You could even play the same sample on all
four tracks at once if you needed to.
Click on EDIT SAMPLE (SMPED on earlier versions). Then dick in the box marked PITCH, and replace the number 428 with 214 (remembering to press RETURN to register the change). This sets the sample rate. Instead of kilohertz, OctaMED uses a measurement called period. The higher the number, the lower the sample rate. Use a lower number for higher-quality samples. A period of 214 is the same rate used to play back the note C. Click in the BUFFER SIZE box, and type in 60000.
Okay, now to make some noise... SAMPLING A SOUND You could load a sample from disk, but that's for wimps. Here's how to sample your own sound.
You should have an audio source connected to This will open up a blank space for you to sample into that's 60k long (60 thousand bytes).
Click on the MONITOR button. Play your record, CD or tape, or make a noise into the microphone if you have one connected. You should see the line in the monitor box start to jump up and down. If there's little or no reaction in the monitor window, check your cables and then adjust the volume level on your input. Tweak the volume until the sound wave just touches the top and bottom of the box, without flattening out.
Once you've got the volume level right, close the monitor window (or click the right mouse button with older versions of the program). This takes you out of monitor mode. Now cue up your sound source to a point just before the bit you want to sample. Click on DIGITIZE (or click RECORD twice with older versions), and start your sound source playing. It will then be recorded into the blank sample space.
TRIMMING YOUR SAMPLE You'll now have some spare noise at the start and end of your sample. This needs to be cut off before you can use your sample properly.
Press F2 or click the octave gadget that's currently marked 12. Which stands for octaves 1 and
2. You should now have octaves 2 and 3 selected Now when you
press Q on the keyboard, your sample will be replayed at the
correct speed.
Watch the line travelling along the sample as it plays. Take note of where the line is on the sample when you hear the part you want. Highlight the immediate area surrounding the start of the bit you want to pick out by holding down the left mouse button (right button on previous versions), and moving the mouse over the required area.
Click on the SHOW RANGE button and the highlighted area will be expanded to fill the sample window. Repeat the highlighting and zooming prp cess if you need to get a larger view of the samp* Click on PLAY DISPLAY whenever you need to sd to Now mo wort hoi boon trimmod. You con do tho torn with Iho unwanted ooction at me and.
Hear the visible section ot the sample again.
LAYING DOWN A TRACK Close the sample editor window (or if you're using a previous version dick Ihe button at the top right marked with lour columns of little lines). Using the Amiga keyboard, pradice playing a few riffs or rhythms with your new sample. When you've got something you’re happy with, click on the E and D buttons. Next time you press a key. The block will start rolling, and anything you play will be Once you've located the start ot your required section, click on it with the left or right mouse button. Now dick the SHOW ALL button, which will zoom the display right out again.
Move the pointer to the left ot the range you've just set, and hold down Ihe SHIFT key. Hold down the left or right mouse button (depending on which version you're using), and drag the range to the tar left.
Click on the CUT button, and the unwarned sound at the start ol your sample will be trimmed olf. When you press the 0 key now, you should hear the difference. Repeat the process to trim : -*i.
ED KE LY S 1R0W KEYS: up and down move locks, while left ond right move lies edi mode. - ~ his the current tine (has no effect on :tes the uttenlwtiy beneath the _ lays the amount of ftee memory (both ), ond also the largedsiMgfcBiL 5 can use the menu shortSi i comb otion of the AMIGA k nd- iding letter beside the mew option recorded. Start when you're ready. Once the block reaches line 63, it loops back to the start. To stop recording, press the SPACEBAR or dick the STOP button.
To record another track, move the cursor square with the arrow keys, so that it’s across the three short horizontal lines on another track. To ' sample another sound, use SHIFT and the RIGHT ARROW KEY to move to sample slot number 2.
Repeat the sampling and editing process (remembering to give your second sample a different name trom the first). You can now sample as many sounds as you have room for in memory, and go on to lay down tracks three and four.
NEW BLOCKS That's the first block sorted, but a song needs more than one block. To create another block, move to the BLOCK menu and seled NEW- APPEND.
Users of previous versions should click the BLOCK button, followed by Ihe NEW BLOCK button. Use SHIFT and ARROW DOWN key to move to your new block. Repeat the block recording process Now you should have two different blocks. To make these inlo a song, you need to insert them into the playlist. Click on the SO button or select PLAYING SEQUENCE trom the SONG menu Use the INS CURR (insert current) button to place the blocks in your preferred order, using the slider bar and pointer lo position the insertion poinl The current block is the one you can see - to change this, use the ARROW UP and DOWN
keys. Users ot previous versions must use the INS and arrow icons at the top left ot the screen. Click on PLAY SONG to hear the whole thing.
Hurrah! Now you've got the basics, you can start messing around with the rest ol Ihe program Next month we can get stuck into some of the more advanced features that can turn an average track into a classic. © We found that long-haired layabout Dillon beneath an enormous pile of Christmas cards and good wishes. Dragging him out and stapling him to his desk, we eventually managed to get him to answer a few letters from this month’s letter’s bag.
THI FAR SIDE I am writing to a computer magazine tor the tirst time with this letter, and it is to complain in the strongest possible terms about the rating and review that was given in your mag to Frontier. I have read CU AMIGA tor some years and, on the whole, the games I have purchased on your recommendation have been as described. However, I have played Frontier now for about eight hours and I am disappointed in the extreme.
1. The autopilot which is supposed to land you on a planet
without the need for human intervention does not. Once
locked onto the target starport it crashes the ship regularly
when approaching the planet to land. Indeed it has never
successfully landed in 16 attempts!
2. Combat Is a joket Even after getting a lock on to an enemy
ship the speed of hundreds of thousands of kilometres per hour
is maintained and most ships are in and away before the
autopilot has a chance to react.
In the original Elite it was simple to slow to zero speed, orient the ship and then accelerate and engage in dogfighting. Frequently in Frontier the enemy ships circle you continuously as you hurtle at thousands of kilometres per hour In a straight line with the autopilot struggling to keep them in your sightsl THEFAR SIDE At that speed it takes half a solar system to slow down to allow what might be effective manual combat, but I have never had the hours to spare just slowing down to find out!
The above faults make the game impossible to play. How can any game pass the play testers, never mind be given such a high rating and such a glowing review? Do you have a reply?
Stuart Murdock, Ayrshire.
Your problems with Frontier are common, yet very easy to solve. The main problem a lot of people had is the 'ship crashing Into planets' syndrome. One thing you need to remember Is that the autopilot and the docking computer are separate entitles - the autopilot simply gets you to a targeted space co-ordinate, and thtfn the docking computer takes over. The autopilot takes no notice of what Is actually In front of it, only concentrating on actually getting you there. So, If the spaceport is on the wrong side of the planet, It will try to fly through the planet to get to Itl The only way to
remedy this Is to either make sure you pick a location that you can reach, or switch off the autopilot when you are near the planet and fly around It manually. In terms of combat, the autopilot Is not an automatic guidance system. Yes, It works fine if you are fighting a large, slow ship, but against anything else, you're going to have to rely on your own reflexes.
So the CD32 arrives and I'd like to express my disbelief in most computer games manufacturers' attitudes. They complain bitterly about piracy and then along comes a new virtually pirate-proof format and they sit on their laurels and wait to see if it sells. If they cared about their future, they should convert all their good games to the CD format NOW.
The games don't need massive upgrading to make use of the CD32's custom chips. I heard a rumour that a good game is based on good gameplay!
What the CD32 needs is games to make it sell. Sure it will cost them in the short term, but in the long term we’ll all be better off. Maybe then they won't blame their poor sales on pirates and will be forced to make sure the games are worthy of release.
And we, in turn, will be treated to. A fab new TEAM TALK Christmas is coming, and the staff are getting fat.
Please stick a penny (or a couple of million) in the EMAP Pension fund.
DAN SUNGSBY i As though practising for The January soles, Dani «I most Don is spending every waking moment (and most of his slemifra ones) (homed to his desk.
The Swinging Slmgsby hos been ectting not l 5r W one, but two magazines ot the some lime K MB three past couple of weeks, the end resuh being ncrt enough sleep, there never being any coffee in the office in Ihe morning and o rather disgruntled editor. That said, he's about to disappear for a couple of weeks doing something he talk 'resting'. A strange concept - maybe some of the rest of us will get to try it sometime!
JON SLOAN Damp tissues and o deep welling behind the eyes all round, os CU AMIGA’S own Lelhd l ' j Weapon, Steel Hands' Sloan pocks up his desk it o small knapsack and heads for po lures new. Yes, it's true, those wily foxes; ot Konami have managed lo lure Jan away with nothing mote ihon a measly pay rise ond a polity com- pany rar. Oh ond things He o desk with more than one draw and sensile working hours. We can't understand why he's undergoing such a rash act, but we wish him all the best anyway. The jammy beggar.
Generation of games and conversions of great stuff like Day Of The Tentacle will appear.
Paul Duncan, London.
LETTER OF THE MONTH It’s a sad but true fact that, although It would be quite easy to just dump standard Amiga games on to CD, most companies are still waiting for large enough sales figures before taking the plunge.
The question is, would the people who have been good enough to shell out for this wunderkind of a machine really settle for what can only be described as shovelware? How many people now are particularly happy at the amount of games that don’t take advantage of the AGA chipset? What do you think?
THE CD DEBATE RAGES ON... In your November issue, Simon Marky raised the interesting point of coverdisk floppies vs Cds.
You said that you would stick with the former for at least another year. I suggest, however, that you start mounting Cds on the front of the magazine as soon as possible. The reason is that I would love to buy any kind of CD-ROM drive if it were not for the software. Being a poor student (aren’t we all?) I need all my savings for hardware and the only software I can afford is either PD or coverdisk material.
It really is a chicken-and-egg problem. If you or other mags do not have cover Cds, there is hardly an incentive for me to buy a CD-ROM drive. But if I and many others do not own such a drive there is no incentive for you to bring out Cds. The solution to this lies in the fact that most people do own audio CD players. So in the first months you could bring out Cds that 'only’ contain, say, 100Mb of software and the rest sound.
For instance, I would not mind hearing interviews with Amiga celebrities like Jay Miner, Fred Fish or Francois Lionet. Or you could put in demos of albums by artists using the Amiga, like Snap or Coldcut. You could even get one of them to do an Audio Workshop on ‘How to Make a Top Ten Hit Using Only MED and a Pile of James Brown Samples’!
Branko Collin, Nljmegan, The Netherlands.
Branko, we argue the toss amongst ourselves every day concerning a cover-mounted CD.
We do intend to give away Cds at some point in the future, so watch this space.
I hope you can help me, I have been reading your outstanding magazine now for four years, which is how long I’ve had my Amiga, and I have nearly every coverdisk from CU AMIGA. But last year my computer caught the Revenge! Virus, which destroyed over half of my disk collection.
After having terminated the virus, I am still in the process of refilling my disk boxes. But one disk, namely CU AMIGA coverdisk 23, has been » VERY WORRIED e trusted any more when it tomes lo g y worried that CU AMIGA, in die ever n e rash for gomes exclusives a g to believe the hype and not really s at oil. Hk might be Hie rharita il view toold be that CU AMIGA is d reviews false information to s . . Vertismy'demo from the software house.
There has been a very worrying trend in the last six months for same of your major games reviews and previews to read almost as though Him have been written by the software houses' respective marketing deportments. Rather than independently analysing games for your readership, you seem to have entered into a Faustian poet with Hie software compc- u to make all sorts of over-inflated (and . MisleorSngldaims for their hot games, is then compounded by software houses using i reviews in their advertising as evidence of how wonderful me is. Subsequently people who have bought these s in good
faith ’cos of your reviews have lost a great deal ect and you ore becoming obit of a laughing slock, ty,' you say, 'where's your evidence?' WeH, it frontier review in Hie November 1993 issue. Frontier d, but it is not that good. Your mark of 97 per cent is it oknost a perfect game, but the program has a couple ' 1 to say some spectacular bugs) which it to the player within o couple of days. If you d reviewed the gome property these would surely have irked Hie gome down and deflated your 'most important p forward for games Hiis decode’ekiim. For instance: e action is so jerky near spaceports
that dogfighling com- .....g near spaceports is also ilegal. Nothing wl attodc you near a port unless you have ' d first. Naughty, naugfri,.] (hen you enter o new system, pirates seem to be generated domly, so vHien your ship is poorly armed, it's best just to e the gome at every space station.
,is seem to be piloted by mod kamikaze pilots y combat tactic seems to be rammkig you.
• the hyperspoce logic of Hie game is flawed Wien you go on
assassination missions, Hie huge auiseis hyperspace ot speeds
that are not Abtainafale from the ship stats, rordng you to buy
a liny drip to keep up with them.
• Crewing is a right pain. You hove to hope there ore enough job
wanted ads at Hie space station and then you find the aewinjl
figures faships ore completely different from those
• In some ground-based stations with retractable roofs, you can't
get out without blowing up - the game seems to think ' is si
retracted when you try to take off.
On, but surely with these faults this can't be a '97 S. ultimate in space adventure' game?
RHierecanbenoothe k and subsequent n competitors gave it 34 per cent. Can w reviewed the game impartially or serk
3) The DID preview feature in the June 1 excited about y lovely
si 'Welcome to the first truly amazing A1200 game'. I to be ot
the CIS show in Olympia soon after and im mode for the
Ocean DID stand to ask them how lb working with the new Amiga,
only to be met with b horn DID themselves and the comment that
'we ha started the Amiga version yet, it wil be out next year
s time'. Your so-called AMIGA feature was all PC s your
desperation fore Now any one of the above, I'd cafi a si but
Hiree is a downright “ enthusiastic aboutagame,butfl by
over-hyping, misrepresenting and u releases just to get the
edge on the competition.
Amiga punters, ice myself, rely on magazines ice y to give us an independent and trustworthy view on g help us sleet through the minefield of generic d so eosly pumped out by the software houses Ih reh on you for quality control - if you've H with the houses fhen you are nothing more than a corporate brochure and all is lost.
Irresponsible chasing ofgames exclusives can only bring you short term gains and wl alienate the vast majority of readers who wil (rightly) condude that if they can’t trust what's here, then a lot mote might be untrue. Please look hard at your editorial policy on game reviewing before it late and reinstate a sense of perspective in H not careful, you will lose Hie support of the A A good start would be to pmtH km Watson, Norwich t fee a Me disturbed about your reaction to the Frontier review. I cmre you there is nothing backhanded about the way CU AMIGA reviens games - and, remember, a review
it merely a Med opinion. I was extremely enthusiastic about Frontier, and slU am alter playing it unti three or lour some mornings. 7rue, there ore a coupe ol bogt, but nothing ihtp
r. However, thot is my apovon, ad ighl to disagree, lint isn't to
soy ttrat enter ol us are wrong ot course. But judging by dm
pM reaction to thegome, I would say that I am in the nnjocily.
As lor theWi preview-yes, they were PC screenshots. However,
they ore identical to the Amiga in every way 1256 colours,
texture mapping elcl, which is the only reason we used them.
CU AMIGA is not out to con, not are we vAf to compromise
ourselves ii order to gain exclusives.
TONY MORGAN "I Tony's getting his Technics! That's Hie cry from s corner of Hie office. He's been com-
- ewe first employed him that he to bring his'rad' means we don't
hove to listen to played through Octamed. Ui has taken to
wearing caps and ond destroying the office record TONY DILLON
¦BKT3H Some would say that he's never really been 1 that mdn't
stop Bhaky Knuckles a near-death experience while on atrip to
Dublin this month. On his reta fight It leveled out a moment
later, widr ie Cqjtain announcing over the tonnoy that We have
started our descent a little earV- 'I wasn't scared,' he
dainted. 'Nothing scares me.' However since the rodent he won't
get in the lift, and even walks slowly down the stairs now.
Damaged beyond repair, and on this disk were two absolutely poptabulous tunes called mod.3 and mod fantasy. I absolutely loved these tunes, but all my Amiga-owmng fnends have not got this disk either. I have in my collection version 3 of MED, from a coverdisk of a rival magazine, which I use extensively.
I would be glad if you could get in touch with me because it is too old a disk to get as a back issue, but it you still have these truly exquisite tunes hidden somewhere deep in your archives, I would be more than happy to send you a blank disk onto which you could write them I'll even pay the return postage 11 would be eternally in your debt and would kiss your shiny boots II you could get in touch.
Owen Williams, Worcester.
Coverdisk 23 was a long time ago, and unfortunately we don’t have any copies ol It left.
The question Is, how did you come to wipe out half your collection with a single virus?
Were you being a little careless?
Remember: always switch off the machine for at least 30 seconds before loading a game, and If you have to swop a lot of disks In a single sitting, ensure that they are clean by checking them with s virus killer first.
BIGGER AND BETTER I am writing to ask how much bigger my computer magazines are going to get. I own an Amiga At 200. Alongside a Super Nintendo and a SEGA Mega Drive, and I have noticed the increasing tendency to stick large pieces ol card behind the issue to make people think they are getting even better value lor money.
How much further is It going to go betore you have to start charging a higher price lor the magazine? I would happily lorgoe the backing card and booklets to keep the mag at the same price.
Not so long ago, a console magazine came mounted on a piece ol card twice the size ol the issue, a booklet and a tree cart of lemonade.
Naturally the coverprice went up. And although it seemed like a good value package at the time, once you had thrown the card away and drank the lemonade, all you were left with was the magazine itself.
CU AMIGA is the best on the shelf because of it's high quality editorial - NOT what you can find plastered all over the magazine.
Yes. The coverdisks do influence the sales, and I have bought your rival magazines on the strength ol their disks, but the lact that your editorial is betler than theirs Is the reason I keep coming back. Don’t get gimmicky. CU. You don’t need it.
Heather Redmond. Torquay Don’t worry, Heather, we aren't about to get all gimmicky on you. Laat month we offered what we thought wore some very strong promotions, and at no extra coat to you. Keep your eyes peeled, because soma even bettor ones are on the way.
DEEPLY SHOCKED I recently had the misfortune to glance at a copy ol CU AMIGA, as my son is an avid reader. And. To be frank. I am very worried about the blatant use ol sexism that prevails throughout the magazine.
First ol all, the cover image is a startled fifties-style babe staring in amazement horror at the coverlines ol the magazine. What has this woman got to do with the contents ol Ihe magazine I asked myself?
Well, absolutely nothing. This women is a sad mar- keting ploy which holds to the school ol thought that if you stick a women on the front cover of any magazine, all the horny boys and men will flock in Iheir droves to buy this magazine, regardless ol the contents.
This attitude seems to be the mam driving force behind computing magazines and indeed computer games Cover Girt Strip Poker is one fine example of pornography parading as a computer game. However, back to your magazine. After passing over the babe on the front cover. I was confronted with 'Vampyra', another babe, only this time dressed in a plunging neddlhe and spouting sexual innuendos in reply to gamers' queries about games. Does she know anything about games in real lile? Does she heck! Again, she is another sad marketing ploy trying to entice men to read the pages using a bit ol cleavage
and dirty talk.
A worrying repercussion ot all these blatant uses ot sexual imagery is reflected in your readers entries to your art gallery. Rogne Ness Irom Norway sent in his paper to Amiga conversion in the form ol Ramela - a gravity-delylng bosomed women clothed only In two minuscule strips ol doth over her nipples and strip ol cloth wrapped around either thigh However, it is not just the readers who use this lorm ol sexual imagery when they are exploring Ihe capabilities ol Ihe Amiga. II is also Ihe contributors. Smattered throughout the tutorials on the Amiga are images ol semi-naked, big-busted
women. These illustrations are used to demonstrate how your Amiga can help you to paint, draw, build your own robot, make videos, and so on. No matter the topic, a picture ol a woman will appear somewhere on the pages. Why don't you just be done with it and and publish the magazine on wipe-dean paper too?
A Inghtening note is that new games are com- mg into development which will allow you to have sex with charaders in the game (Chris Crawford article). I want my son to grow up seeing women . As human beings, not as big breasted, scantily- clad women who, it you push a few buttons, will strip otf and have sex with you.
A worried mother. Chelsea.
I'm just writing to say how much I enjoy your new adventure column Vampyra really brightens up my month. How about a massive poster? How about a 16-page pullout? What about running a compo so the winner could get a date with her With my hardware and her software we d make a great teaml I could show her a couple of adventures, all right. Or else, failing that, the girl on the cover would be a good date as well. I wouldn't kick her out ol bed lor eating crisps James Mltchelson, Newcastle Upon Tyne.
FINE TUNING Whilst experimenting with the sampler project I built by following the instructions in May's CU. I've lound that if I alter the capacitor C2’s value Irom 470nF to 47pF. I obtain better results. Why is this?
N Thompson, Bath.
As clearly staled In the article at the time, the value for C2 was found by experimentation.
With my circuit the 470nF capacitor works fine.
Due to different tolerances In chip design and the way your circuit Is built, you may find - as suggested In the article - that smaller values work better. You may want to try 47nF as well betore finishing with the soldering iron. By the way, the 4mF capacitor quoted for Cl is In real life a 4mF7 capacitor, as anyone with any knowledge ot electronics will lell you.
SATISFIED CUSTOMER In reference to your satisfed customer' item in the December CU AMIGA -1 posted a cheque to Electronic Arts in Langly. Berks lor a Dpaint 4 upgrade at 5 15pm one evening. The package anived by return of post at 8.00 am - 38 and three quarters ol an hour later. How's that tor speed?
F. W. Brewer, Gloucestershire.
That's what we like to hear. Want to get something off you chest? Write to us at CU AMIGA, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU.
CLUB CALL The month's Out ol Ihe Month is o Me titers* from most me feature in Ifni it's more technical than most. Philip Kruman set up Blitter due to ihe lock of 'proper' support for the Amiga (Le. Not just ihe gomes side of things and leaning towards more serious ends). So, dyou pecde «*o use you machine far accounts graphics, video production or programming - lei us kitroduawu to Bitter.
Based In Sunderiand, Phillip has come lo Ihe rescue of Ihose who wanted a more serious dub, aid die amount of law he's rvesiedii it reedy shews. Far oskxl.ol members hove complete excess to his personal Hvary of over 10000 PD programs. Whatever you want ihe chances are he has it. | If you aren't sure whol you want, he can probably find H with his Find a Title service. All you need lo do is outline ihe kind of program you need and what you want to use it lor, and if he has a program that am do tv job, hel send it to you.
Members also receive a copy of Bitter mogazine, a dak based editorial that contains hanfs, tips, members letters and opinions, pis o whole host of other gizmos, access to o postal help ine plus loads more. If you want more infoc ion, men veto to Phwp at 213 Fordfield Rood, Sunderland, lyne and Wear SR4 OHF. Please enclose o SAE and o blade.
Formatted dak I you went a demo copy of Bitter r NEW! - 50mhz A1200 ACCELERATOR + FEATURE CONNECl AMIGA i PERIPHERALS j WORLD CLASS ACCELERATORS 124-BIT GRAPHICS VIDEO GENLOCK _FOR AMIGA 1200 FOR A1500 A2000 J 68030ec - 40mhz RAM FPU UPGRADE ACCELERATOR - The 6 Twbo upgrades Ihe norma The new version « ne6rt 6030EC processor cn A1230 Amiga 1200 processor (CPU) f nine *mes toe speed ol toe 68020 n standard At200s 32-BIT RAM • The At230 Turbo can have up lo : hgh speed 32-Dit RAM MAT MS COPROCESSOR - The A1230 Turbo 68030 - 50mhz RAM FPU + FEATURE CONNECTOR The new GVP A1230-11 Is the most
advanced Accelerator for the Al200 yet.
• 50uhz68030
• Built-in Memory Management
• Optional 50uhz FPU
• Up to 32m, 32-bit RAM
• Unique Feature Connector The new A1230-II has a custom feature
connector which allows a whole range ot state- of-the-art Amiga
peripherals to be attached.
The first of these Is a SCSI interlace called the A1291. And is GVPs fastest SCSI controller yet.
• DMA SCSI Design
• Faaast SOU Controller
• High Speed, Unique DPRC Technology lor Direct HD to Memory
2000. 3000 or 4000 beyond AGA! But the htry* is only halt of the
picture Without qua*ty v*m your investment wd be wasted Not
omy » GVPs own award winning graphics apcAcst ImageFX hilly
support EGS Spectrum, but a using a Workbench driver,
nearly all enstng Am Workbench compatible applications wil
also a on and support the EGS Spectrum system
• tm or 2m of On-board Memory
• On-board Hardware BUTTER
• Future Ro-targetabla Graphic* Support
• Zorro II or Zorro III Autosansing
• Scan Rates up to Bqoo
• 80,000.000 Plxel* *ec Pixel Display Speed (8-bit)
• Programmable Display Resolution 320x200 to 1600x1280
- Supports Data Transfer Rates up to Izm sac on Zorro III Systems
£349 £399 FOR A1500 A2000 A3000 A4000 FOR A1500 A2000 A3000 A4000 ALL-IN-ONE GRAPHICS CARD B B v sux ;j .6 a v hvj i. •• un»e lire- g-iincs :» _ whim require you to Cw, The HC8+ is a high speed hard drive & RAM card which can also be used to increase your Amiga's RAM by up to 8Mb RAM.
• High Speed DMA SCSI Controller Can Handle upto 7 Devices
• Ultra Fast Access SCSI Hard Drive Option - See Below
• Supplied Unpopulated Ihe HC8* can be Upgrade to Give You up to
8m ot FAST RAM - See Below tor Details
• Direct Memory Access Style Design for Top Speed Transfer HC8+
HARD DRIVE CARD 120m6 HD Adding RAM or a hard drive to your
Amiga 1200 will have a considerable impact on its speed. The
GVP SCSI RAM allows you to enhance your Amiga 1200 with both.
Its SCSI hard drive interlace is one of the fastest, whilst its
32-bit RAM upgrade is based on the same technology featured in
the best- selling A1230.
• Built-In, SCSI Hard Drive Interlace - Enables 2.5‘ SCSI Hard
Drives to be Connected Inside the A1200 Casing
• Optional 8ub of 32-bit HAM
• Optional 68882 Matha Co-processor nouied W24 a Gvtos custom
Vdeo Intwfaca Un* (VIU). Th» grves you moro cho «« lor m and
outputting vdeo stoats than any oner Amiga pedphe-aJ on the
market VIU-CT spMler pw*i eddlkxiat RGB. Y. B Y and B Y output
FREE SOFTWARE WITH IV24 Create stunning 30 rendered mage*,
retouch capered images and wipe between 2 video sources Mh SO
packaged video transitions tor producton studio eMeas Also
mdudad is MacroPwnt 2. A powerful 24-brt grwftca package wtvch
can park m 16.8 mlBon colours.
• 1.5Mb 24-bH. 16.S million Colour Buffer
• Real-time Frame GrebberMgltHer
• De-interleced. Video Flicker Fixer ¦ Moveable Slxeeble PIP
• 2 Video Genlock IRGB S Composite) ¦ 768 x S80 Resolution i
Captured Image Retouching Processing
• Animation 30 Rendering
• FREEI CaUgarl 24. MacroPeint 2, Mytad and Desktop RAM UPGRADE
2.4. 6 or 0m, USING 2.4.6 or 8 SIMMS 1Mb SIMM £35 PER SIMM
• BUSINESS • EDUCATION * GOVERNMEN Vbunw auourfs ar* avaMM Tel:
• SHOWROOMS: W, lu-t Mtnaiiwiicn ana tranng taciUm 0 all our sax
MAIL 0R0ER: 1-4 The Mews. Halhertey Rd, Skfcup. Kent. DA14 4DX
Dll: 081-388 1111 THE SILICA SERVICE O*. Ope- Mrr-S* » Mem 7
Cop" Isei t K -t Mtmj No UN fcgN Oprong Fn »: «i X« » CROYDON
SHOP: Debenhams izmFtocri. 11-31 North End. Croydon. Surrey,
CR31RQ Tel: 081-688 UN Op*"*? Han_Mm-SM ».00emeacp«_ Late lifl
firoitoy ¦ tp* tea Hi oaieto « ESSEX SHOP: Keddes zm noeri.
Hioh Street. Southend-on-Sa. Essex. SS11LA Tel: B7024MBM Cwnog
HOW MovF. »X»m63Cpn(SMS.OWewwr* L MjM Thmtoy Tyn Fe. Ha
(WeeMCJi IPSWICH SHOP: Debenhams I?* fo*» Waterloo House.
Westoate St. Ipswich. IP1 3EH let: 8473 2878B Optnrq Haw Uen-F*
S30 -5 Scpi S« 9 Coro-e Oftyj__Lut TniMay - ten Fate 04TSto
LONDON SHOP: 52 Tottenham Court Road Loncon W1P OBA Tel:
071-580 4881 o°7l ‘ Xmm-6 ixp- _muengi Qcm fm m on-aa trwr
LONDON SHOP: Serfages 0-lord Street london. W1A IAB Tel: 171-08
1734 Oeeneg Han Ww-SM HoenTMpt_I ly huW, • Spa_Earned IBM_
SIDCUP SHOP: 1-4 TN? Mews Hatherley Rd Sidcuo. Kent. DAI 4 4DX
Tel: 881-382 Iti KtonSll SOU* Stop" Lew Hgn Fitoey Fe. Wo per
Xm ISO ¦To: Silm, CMUSR-0194-68. 1-4 Tht Mews. Katherle7"Ra.
! up~Kent7"DAiI'aDj"'* when you may require Itwaro. Or n*ip and
advice j buy trom oontad you with 4 Silica. We ensure that you
Initials:...... Company Name (If appacabte): Address:
K mm cettMtors ai t-Sere
piolict - Sirre pm* use
Postcode:------------------- | Tel
(Home): .....
Tel (Work):_________________ | Which computers). If any, do you
own? .. t*0€ •
Adroewapnce,art iprafcaKnt may tfwng* - Plane v»n Uh Bored?
Listless? Played all the new games that you got for Christmas
already? Well, listen up as John Kennedy examines the case of
the Amiga versus the consoles.
Workbench provides easy ways of copying and duplicating disks, examining tiles, looking at pictures and launching programs, and it can be fully customised.
Workbench provides easy ways ot copying and duplicating disks, examining tiles, looking at pictures and launching programs, and it can be fully customised.
Large f sound What's swap them so often? The manuals look terribly complicated, and what exactly is the point ot the Workbench system? Perhaps you should have got a console like the man in the shop said - at least a console doesn't have a keyboard to make you leel guilty every time you look at it. Hang on, wait a minute. An Amiga isn't a games machine. It's a computer that happens to play games. Here’s a list ot reasons why your Amiga is more useful than swap them so often' currently Itten especially to take advantage ol the are probably the best currently available.
Ndard memory means that GRAPHICS The Amiga, especially the new the TV that you would swear are real pictures II might seem obvious, but it's taken over 10 years f WtMlwse allsti'c graphtcs available, all sorts things become possible. With paint and anima- in packages such a Deluxe Paint not only can works detailed pictures in over 16 million colours, animate the results and store them on videotape. The Channel 4 TV program Babylon 5 uses the Amiga lo create the space-baseo soecial effects.
A small peripheral wSI allow the mixing ol Amiga graphics with live TV, so adding subiiBes and introduction screens to home videos is MED tyes, I did say free) you can arrange sound y for mixing and i sample your own sm to your collection, so your il instrument can be included in WORKBENCH The Workbench is one of the most powerful computer operating systems available today - on any computer. It's truly multitasking, which means, pro vided you have the memory, you can run many creati ru culture based around the machine. An be a member ot the club - all they need which means that there is a
huge lie domain software available. If a public domain, the author require; it, just a little tame. Some ol the b ware can be obtained treely over i payment for hundreds ot PD libraries.
I could go on all day about the Amiga. I'd mention the easy expansion, the ability to add hard drives and CD-ROMs, the way modems can connect you to the entire world, how a video digitiser can put real pictures of yourself inside your TV I you want to stop the invasion of mindless computer games, it's up to you. You've got to be more creative and get off your backsides and use your computer. It may take more effort than slapping in the latest £50 cartridge, but the so-called 'serious' aspects of computing can make you more satisfied than any blaster So what are you going to do? Why, keep
reading CU Amiga, of course. We'll show you how to Rombo, are proud to announce the launch of their new range of Multimedia Digitisers.
Each digitiser has been designed with total flexibility in mind, by offering a cost effective upgrade path between models. Giving the user complete peace of mind, and the freedom to choose a digitiser for his present requirements. But reassuring him, that if those change, he can move up to the next model. All Vidi Amiga's now have a similar user interface, so moving between products is easy !
£129 w Vidi Amiga (12) RT, offers all the functionallity and specification of Vidi (24) RT, but in 12-bit. Capturing 4096 colour images in real-time from any video source. This includes TV, Video Recorder.
Video Camera, Satellite etc. etc. T2.-LU New user interface with powerful image processing and picture manipulation. Support for both composite and SVHS or YC inputs.
Plug-in device with easy install software. Simple enough for the novice yet powerful enough for the professional. Compatible with all Amiga's. Never before has the Amiga market seen such value for money. Manufacturer upgrade available to Vidi Amiga (24) RT POA. Compatible with all AGA resolutions and colour modes.
Vidi Amiga (24) RT, will push your Amiga to its limit. Real-time image capture in excess of broadcast quality. True colour, photo
- realistic picture files grabbed from any video source. Display
resolutions up to 1472 x 576, what more can I say !
£291) Vidi Amiga (24) RT offers a breakthrough for all Amiga users, taking them into the world of 24-bit image capture. With no restrictions on video equipment or Amiga hardware.
All the pictures shown on the full page Vidi Amiga (24) RT advert represent the actual printed output quality that can be achieved.
Simply by sending the finished image file to a Bureau for output.
Throw away your scanner, its too much like hard work !
050P11 RATTLE YOUR WAY THROUGH RISKY WOODS as you face stomping skeletons laying traps to trkk you, lace gripping flying fiends and much, much more. You must rescw fce monks... but beware, they are guarded by a most eiil creature imaginable!
* 12 levels. 8 landscapes & ISO screens.
A multilude of devious enemies to destroy.
’Power tp with am. Fireballs, chains and modi more.
"Eierythng you could possibly want from an arcade adventure." ZERO UNLIMITED PREY!
Armed with 40 front line aircraft, your mission is lo devastate the enemy's land, sea and air forces whilst protecting yoir own. But your enemy is unpredictable and constantly on the move, repairing and replenishing hb forces and carefully planning his next attack.
Birds ol Prey is a unique simulation of modern warfare. You will not only experience every aspect ol modern air combat but you'll also discover Ihe pure power of 40 fighting aircraft.
Lerrilic flight simulation ’ PROTECT THE INNOCENT "Knocks your socks oil... you've never seen 3D as good as Ibis. Ihe 3D twist works eitremely well and arguably makes Robocop 3 the best lilm license yel.” ACE UPHOLD THE LAW "Tbij is definitely one ol the best lilm licenses eyer." GAMES X SERVE THE PURLIC TRUST Robocop 3 brings you a fast 3D polygon theatre of action featuring... ALLEYWAY SHOOT OUTS, CAR CHASE. ARM 10 ARM COMBAT with ROBOT NINJAS and much, much more.
SUMMONED FROM THE HEART OF HELL Years ago he was banished from the world. Now the dark lord Estoroth b back wirb a legion of hell's unhotiest fiends, their mission • blood reienge!
Your brare band must recoier Ihe lost relics that alone can seal Esloroth and hb internal terrors in the Black Crypt.
But be warned... you've nern met such clever killers.
* Unique monslers ambush, roan, hunt and hide.
* 12 dwgeons. 20 levels including special underwater level.
‘ Over SO filly animated spells and ellects.
‘ Digitised sound effects and musical score.
CBWTtfKAmiM mfmtaenM TM SO 1991 OrtonPoAirmCorporaoon Ail ngMs reserved SUPER STJjRS Rampage* lour Ma'w tolomte! U “ Hulk Hogan" Ultimate tW H X and many more as they travel across I Xfl § & f bropMo sguare off in the ring against Follow them to the Grand Finale Match1 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Test your strength and skill.
Work with your teammate lo athiete HIT SQUAD the ultimate goal • Ihe European 2 CASTLE STREET • CASTLE FI ELD Rampage’lag learn title MANCHESTER • M3 4LZ m mXaC**TELEPHONE: O6I 832 6633 FAX: 061 834 0650 Sown tfeB ttr Yon vono.5 ccr pqto Vine's IN I WORLD WITHOUT KINGS. POWER IS THE ONLY LAW!
No loader controls the destiny ol this new world, yel. Can you! Unile each territory by word or by sword or lace bitter deleal at the bands ol the other PowerMongers You can: Forge an alliance, spy on your enemies, bribe Ihe weak and send your troops in lo attack!
‘ Realtime action. • Up lo J computer opponents. ‘ Billions ol worlds!
© 1992 BulHtOQ Produce*!* ltd Ptodtxod under license ircm Electronic Arts Lid Excellent.
Mrols Ike destinf ol new world, red. Cm you’ Unite each lord or by sword or lace bitter defeat at the hands ol the other rs. You cja mce, spy on your enemies, bribe Ihe weak and send tow Had) rtion ’ Up lo 3 tonpwter opponents ‘ Billions ol worlds'
- E MAGAZINE FOR A5 client."
ATE YOUR OWN GAMES I SofTWARE'S AMAZING PROGRAM! I SHOOT-EM UP 5TRU£T10N KIT ASK TOUR NEWSAGEN 1 Aladdin - In the cinema - The 30 sections were done using Imagine 2.
2 ADDRESS 3 enclose cheque'PO for I L I G011 - AIR ACE 2 - A gteol WortS War I 2 shooi am up I G013 • THE REVENGE • Pay ED-209 | from Roboecp n Ihis v8y*nt shoe* cm
- MEGABALL - A game (Hal has I record excelttnl rowan-- I G016 -
SA1PSONS - Televisions I wacky ramry trough! 10 *ie in the I
shoo*, am up construction k« game | G020 - LAME ST-PORTS • A
space nvadarc tj pe game me cbyaci being I 0021 - MASTER OP THE
TOWN - I Tho aim ol Ins game is lo causa as I much damage «
poas*le I O02S • DRAGONS CAVE - A M gecn I master slyle puzzle
I 0026 - DOWN HILL CHALLENGE • I Good stu smulaler I G026 - PIPELINE - Classic game but I ICO 1881 Oh A12CO A4COD due » I superior processor I G039 - SMURFHUNT - Plenty ol gun « m mis snoot em u* )• PARADOX- Funkypuzzle I • WIBBLE WORLD GIDOY - A I superb p'Jtloim game. This s erne ol I Ihe best pubfc domain games ever.
I G047 - SUPER PAKMATi - II you Ike I Pak games, then gel this!" The best
• d graphcs.
50 - BCMB JACKY - The spectrin) lac wlh vastly Improved graphics I and sound.
I G055 - TEXAS CHAINSAW I MASSACRE • Inspired by a true Story I G066 - 18 HOLE GOLF - The Irsl ever I pubic domain qr gems Great lun (2 I daks) I G067 - SPACE INVADERS 2 - A I rovoed vorsion ol the classc game I G0S9 - AMOS CRICKET • A good I cnckot simulator written n Amos I G060 - TRON 2 - It you Iked the 1 - -a! Then you cant mas "vs e Faster and improved I presentation.
I 0061 - ESCAPE - The am ol the I oxcotloni game «to on over Nee I pushng specilc ones down to open I gamswhch tow you to reach ihe I gS DR MARIO • Snvlar lo a NES I game ol snWar name but bettor I • ASSAUlT - Tlas avarage gairw I involves you stcciing ail itie I characters "at pep up in Ihe «tnr»*s I GC64 - DEATH BINGERS IN SPACE I GC65 •.
I Good lun with lets ol bkKfl and o. I G066 STAR1ANS • Buarra ft I w*i Irack edilor I OC68 • PREMIER PICKS - Very w qj0 I football management game, very wall | G069 • BILLY BURGLAR - Dodge to escape from pnson , -AMIOABOY- Then game I Tests a widely regarded at is best on 4 collection at risk updates » keep n touch wen I acovity Separate vi AGA machines 5 the Gamoboy. » has now boon I psrtecdy corrrened. Wth eiaci vouat I G ACTOf WAR • A game ol I similar style to risk I G072 • ADAMS FAMH.Y OUIZ • How I much * you know?
I G073 - PARACHUTE JOUST - Guide I the Skydrrer lo the ground I G074 - CARD SHARP - Varous card I S07” JEWl - A tmiani game I G076 • TOR SECRET . Sony, cam tell , - * QUEST - The game by I David kfcGuro was descnted by I Amiga Power Quote ’ire a supenor brand cl PD nizzlo game and its lcc*5 can only Be described as • doad lushr ¦ went on to recehe a 4 out of S SsftilNUS INVADERS - Excellent new vorsion d space invaders.
GO79 • THE RIGHT WAY A groal lemmings clone G080 • SUPER PRIX • A 6 THE FULL STOCK RANGE: Aldycut rsMremmts ir, „aUBe Iran aw Wk 7
• FREE CATALOGUES: AUIM mi(M lo yoi wth tp»(Ul onm and ful MuiB
of 8 prowcton y co are putting I

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