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Oecide for yourself when the Amiga version appears In a couple ol monlhs. There will also be an exclusive coverdisk demo on an upcoming issue ol CU Amiga. STOP PRESS... TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! NEW CD RIVAL FOR CD32 To celebrate the season ol goodwill. CU Amiga will be giving away not one. But two superb lull price programs with the Oecember issue. First ot all there s the incredible art package Spectracoloor. Which lets you paint and animate in up to 4096 colours. With features not even included in O-Paint IV. Spectracoloor is just the thing lor bringing your fertile imaginings to lile! What better way to compliment a paint package than with an animation package and that’s why we've spared no expense in securing the Amiga's loremost polygon animation and morphing package Aegis Animator. From internationally renowned Oxxi Aegis, the package will automatically create in-belween’ Irames Irom your key animation images. This feature is infinitely more powerful than D Paint Ivs animation or morphing options and can be used to create subtle animations and translormations only rivalled by those ol prolessional animators. The Oecember issue hits the shelves on November the 19th. Get H or regret it'll ALADDIN ON AMIGA It's rumoured that Virgin have signed up the Amiga rights to Disney's hit movie Aladdin Although details are scarce it looks likely that the Amiga game will be a direct port ol the excellent Mega Drive version with massive multi-directional scrolling levels populated by a host ot weird characters However, to keep you on the nght track the path you need to take to complete the level will glow The game dosely tollows the film with Aladdin recruited by the evil Jafar to retrieve a magic tamp hidden in a guarded cave. Realising Jafar's evil nature and the dangers ol handing the lamp over Aladdin decides to keep it tor himsell. From then the chase is on The Amiga version should hit the shops sometime around Christmas, but no ) firm dates have . Been set so n't hold lur breath.

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Document sans nom Hr Q.ifiimim Blade of Destiny from the Realms of Ar1ane world e based on Germany s most successiu ro« playtng senes and has a mynad of features that make this RPG one massive chatenge.
Over 400 hours of g.imeplay Fast moving action anc adventure feature in this unique combmatun of graphc*.
A'vm.itKon and music Produced by Ddphme Software, one of Europe’s most respected development houses Flasntv*-* breaks new ground n computer games e-element and intrigue Astorustungly Ufelike character animation is achieved by the innovative appicafton Of Rososcotkng a technique first developed by the Mm industry to animate cartoons Actors are Mmed performing all of the movements to be featured m me screen.
Legends ot Valour - The Dawning, gives you the freedom ic make your o«n choices, move around, and create your own Mestyte and career path m the nch and detailed town of Mnefdorf Travel at w* above the ground or in the mees of underground caves tunnels and sewers trs your life to make ot it what you w«'
• Smooth scro*ng. Tenure mapped 3-0 viewport
• Autocombet facility
• Novice mode lor bsgmners
• From the creator Of tie aw«rd w*nmng Corporation'
• Probably one ot the most tafced about games by Magazine
reviewers the year ' Whether you're a wizard with words or yo.
Spell Xylophone with a Z. youl love the magical piece of programming Irom
U. S. Odd. Scrabble for your screen might of the computer solo 12
skill levels to test seasoned pro's or Chambers Official
Scrabde Dictionary over 134.000 words' Atari ST. Amiga and PC
4 Companies i VGA.MCGA. mmmum memory 640k.
M-gh Density Dak Dme reqmd Sueoorts AdLib'". SoundBlaster and Roland Sound Cards).
Available on: Alan ST. A rvga and PC 6 OpMpsfrHlll (EGA VGA minimum memo i reqwrsd 640k Supports AdLib " and BoondBastori
o you think you can handle something heavier than a lightweight
computer game.
Pick up some serious software that's solid Gold. U.S. Gold, that is.
But be warned. Sparks will fly as you clash with one of the superbly crafted games in our hefty range.
NEW GENERATION Whether its Role-Playing, Word Games, Chmt) inlo the cockpit of an X Wmg Starfighter and Battle fo freedom The galaxy is being plundered By the Dark S*de. And you are desperately needed by the Rebel Alliance. Take the controls of the X-Wing Starfighter - now! Experience the incredible realism of polygon graphics and bit mapped special ofleets as you fly against deadly TIE Fighters and menacing Star Destroyers. Be swept along by the interactive musical score and digitized Star Wars movie sound effects. At last, a new generation of space combat technology to challenge the evil
Destroy the Emperor's ultimate weapon and end his tyranny.
Available on: PC & Compatibles (MCGA. VGA.
Mnmum memory required 640k and f*gh Dens4y Disk Dnve required.
Supports AdLib™ SoundBlaster. ProAudiO Bpectnjm and Roland. Dos 3.1 or higher).
U. S. Gold and LucasArts Games present two thrilling versions of
this feature game to test your nerve and brainpower - Indy and
the Fate of Atlantis. Adventure and Aclon The Action game
dishes out a the exotemenf you can handle n a breathless
race against evil.
The Graphic Adventure game tests your grey matter with some o the toughest puzzles yet.
Individually, the re the hottest property this ude ot Atlantis Together, they're the ultimate Indy Expenence.
Action A Adventure Available on: Amiga and PC & Compatibles (EGA. VGA.
MCGA 640 required Hard Drive, SoundBlaster and Roland Sound Cards).
Action only.
Alan ST. Amstrad (128k only) & C64 cassette & cfek. Spectrum fl28k only) Simulation, Adventure, Sports and Action you go for, you'll need real mental muscle to snatch the ultimate victory, So grab a piece of the thinking person's action with U.S. Gold.
And get some Heavy Metal.
- "* Nh*Hm. Cefc ceW p.' « roc.. 4Jp pm mM. Ol th.. i™.. Pnc V
M H fM* W .No, INJl H in any cenr». U». OoU assa«.t Wr~.. far
Ml M-aili at current charge «4 innl.nl.. Technical support
Hotline 0902-640027 (Mon-Fri) schlsn shots «« cr*- ntbcco to ff
uasnunrt cf tk vowitk x**ih onafmcs whch iuy vary OXLirvllXR'
A600 memo ry power optical 128MB Optical Internal £779 128MB Optical External £879 128MB Optical Disk £39.95 SCSI Controller A2000 .....£129
1. 5MB m e m o ry to ta 1 chip SCSI interface is required}.
Floptical A2000 Kit £289 Floptical A500 External ..£389 syquest drive m
3. 5" Removable HD from Syquest. Each cartridge stores 105MB.
3. 5” Syquest 17ms ..£739
3. 5” 105MB Cartridge ...£79 scsi drives We can
supply SCSI or IDE 3.5” drives in many sizes.
52QMB ...£169 80MB ......£179 160MB ...£249 200MB ...£349 ide i nter n a I
2. 5” Miniature internal HD for the A600 A1200, (these drives
come complete with a cable and installation software) 60MB
Internal HD ....£160 80MB Internal
HD ....£179 120MB Internal
HD .£230 icdp r o d u c t s Trilecta 2000 LX
Bare .£139 Trifecta 2000 LX 80MB
HD ...£239 Trlfecta 2000 LX 160MB HD .£329
Trifecta 2000 LX 200MB HD .£399 Trifecta 500 LX
Bare ...£195 Trifecta 500 LX 80MB
HD ......£295 Trifecta 500 LX 160MB HD ...£359
Trifecta 500 LX 200Mb HD ....£459 Use a VCR as a backup
storage advice, 200 Amiga floppy disks fit on to a 4Hr tape
which can be used for an alternative hard disk backup system.
What’s more you can watch T.V on your 1084s monitor.
Flopitcslc n’ v e The Floptical stores 20MB of data on a 3.5" disk (a High quality memory card comes with lMB of RAM on-board to expand your Amiga A500+ to 2MB of Chip RAM. (Fits in the rrap-door, does not affect your warranty) a500 ? e m o ry 4 Chip 512K RAM expansion with or without battery backed clock. Free software included. (A500+ compatible) A500 Card with clock ......£29 A500 Card without clock ..£24 a500 8 mb board Expand your Amiga from 2MB to 8MB of RAM.
Plugs into side slot, full auto config. And full through port.
A500 2MB Board ......£129 A500 4MB Board ......£189 A500 8MB Board ......£289 a2000 8 mb board 2MB to 8MB expansion for the A2000. Full auto config. And 12 months warrant)* A2000 2MB Board ......£99 A2000 4MB Board ...£149 A2000 8MB Board ...£239 1MB tb ru 'port Fully supports I MB of chip RAM and fully compatible with Fatter Agnus. (Requires Kickstart l.3 and above, not compatible with A500*. Your Amiga needs to be opened, this may effect your warranty) 1MB Thru’
port ......£49 PC501 +ca ret special offe r PC 1208 68882-20MH . OMB RAM board.
PC1208 68882 20MHz ..£9' power drives All Power Computing’s disk drives come with a I x-backup f) r o Extrcamly powerful disk back-up utility, uses latest custom chip design. Hardware designed Power Computing.
X-Backup Pro .£29.9 A600 A1200 Colour Scanner available so month guarantee. The PC880B is available | Blitz Amiga, Blitz and X-Copy or Cyclone con blc (this drive is only available to registered o« of X-Copy Professional). The drive comes ia choice of two colours, black and cream.
PC880B with Blitz Amiga ...£6 The award winning external disk drive wl includes Anti-click (cures that annoying cli* Virus blocker (prevents viruses) and built-i backup hardware. Now available with Cyclon compatible chip.
E2 Increase your Amiga's memory to 2MB of chip RAM. Including 2MB 8375 Agnus, easy to fa (internal fitting), unlike every other 2MB RAM board currently available you A500 i memory still works! Fully compatible.
PC880B with black case (CDTV) PC880E Economy Cyclone Comp.. ..£49. PC881 Amiga 500 internal drive ......£ PC882 Amiga OOO internal drive ....£ PC883 Dual disk drive .....£1 PC880B with Blitz, X-Copy £7!
CW. Or, tM tubjat tondiiwm ofud, .nd M m Spri kiibm vtJphrn .r, ntjm to .Ml frU« h*bU VA T. epsoni; T- 6500 I .ip fit lip aR ?
W 99 § 112!
Vith »ati- ncrs n a 0 f5 o »5 10 IO 25 !
N ic A high resolution 24-bit colour flatbed scanner from Epson. Scan up to A4 in site on this 600DPI scanner. Comes with PowerScan or ASDG (ASDG is an extra £99). GT-8000 scans up to 800DPI.
Epson GT6500 PowerScan...£699 Epson GT65O0 ASDG ....£798 Epson QT8000 PowerScanE1199 Epson GT8000 ASDG £1298 Document Feeder .....£399 powerscdHiiers PowerScanner 4 (mono) £119 PowerScanner 4 (colour) £239 PowerScanner 4 Inc. OCR £159 PowerScanner 3._ ..£99 Scanner 4 UP9rede Inc. Interface..£50 Scanner 4 Upgrade software £20 OCR Junior Software .£49 OCR Full Version Upgrade £49 (OCR lull vmion it only rvrilablc to rrgiuctrd turn oI OCR junior I auto rom sharer ROM Share ......£19.95 ROM Share Inc.
v2.04 ...£50 ROM Share Inc. vl.3 .£39 ROM Share A600 .£29 ROM Share A600 vl.3 ..£55 home music kit 900KH sampling rale, dynamic filtering, antialiasing filter, over 32 special effects and many more Home Music Kit ...£29.95 Midi Interface £15.95 amiga c 1 - .i 2 -A The new Amiga CD-32, 32-bit technology.
AGA chipset. 256,000 colours. 2MB 32-bit chip RAM. 14MHz 68EC020 proccsso FMV expansion capability, controlle two free games.
R. MPEG r pad and amiga 1200 A1200 0MB
HD ...£295 A1200 60MB
HD £449 A1200 80MB
HD £465 A1200 1 20MB
HD ....£519 amiga 4 0 00 A4000 040 330MB HD
4MB ..£2229 A4000 030 330MB HD SMB ..£1 399 Both
ayotoms come with 2MB of chip RAM colourm on Hors Commodore
1084st ....£179.99 Commodore 1942 .£399.99
Commodore 1940 .£299.99 Muttl-sync monitors are
available CPOA printer ra nge Huge range of printers
available, Star, Citizen, Hewlett Packard and Epson. Please
telephone for prices and your requirements.
Chips & spa res Power Computing can supply a huge range of chips and spares, including RAMS for the Amiga, hard drives, power supply , cables etc. supra modems Supra Modems come complete with English phone cable, RS232 serial cable, heavy duty PSU and com ms software, send and receive fax's, 100% compatible with industry standard 'AT' command codes, free trial offer to various services and V42 bis data compression.
Supra Fax Modem* ..£119 Supra Fax Modem 32BIS £249 electrie f ng e rs dub The Power BBS is a bulletin board service. Phone 0234 841503. Speeds up to 16.8K. This service is available 24 hours a day, and its free!
P ros of t w a re Horn* Accounts 2 ....C39 Dolus* Paint 4 ...£74 Morph Plus ...£149 Real 3D Classic .£79 Real 3D v2 ....£380 Sbase Personal 4 ..£119 Sbase Professional 4 ..£225 Art Esprosslons .....£149 Pro Draw v3 .....£69 Art Department Pro v2.3 £149 Art Dept. Pro conversion .£59 Vista Pro
v3 ....£49 Makepath (Vista) .....£25 Terraform (Vista) .....£25 Amos Pro ...£35 Amos Pro Compiler .C25 Lattice C v6 £279 Bars A Pipes Pro v2 ....£265 Superjam vl.1 £95 Technosound Turbo £45 Brilliance £152 Directory Opus ..£49 Scala
500 ..£79 Scala Professional £185 Video Director .£119 Final Copy II ...£80 TurboPrlnt Pro ...£39 misc«llanous roc if cts At 200 Dustcover ..£5 Intruder 1 Joystick ...£29.99 Maverick 1 Joystick .£15.99 Python 1 Joystick £9.99 Apache 1 Joystick ......£7.99 AMIGA CONTENTS OFF THE CUFF EDITORIAL RANT MODE ON: We live In a
democratic society, oral least that's the theory. In practice. Things aren’t so black and white, and successive governments have whittled away at our civil in.pb - «»• rights and political freedoms. And you know what? The buggers are at It again! John Ma|or and his cronies are considering imposing VAT on magazines, books and newspapers in the autumn budget. Despite past promises to retain a zero rating on printed matter, it looks likely that they’ll go ahead anyway and impose what is, in effect, a 'tax on knowledge’. Now, obviously, I’ve got a vested interest in lighting this idea
all the way to Budget Day on November 30th. But so have you!
II this proposal gets the go ahead. CU Amiga will either be forced to raise its cover price or drop one of its coverdisks. I hope we don't have to take such drastic action, but we work to such tight margins already that we couldn't afford to absorb all ol the VAT Increase ourselves. So what can you do about this indirect tax on your hobby? Quite a bit actually. There's already a massive campaign underway to make the Government change its mind, so why not pick up a pen and tell your local MP exactly what you think - in the nicest possible way, of course!
Phew. I get a bit carried away at times, don't l?l Never mind, as you can all settle back now and enjoy the latest issue which weighs In at a whopping 212 pages. Not bad. Eh? And inside you'll lind an exclusive review ot Frontier - Elite 2, one of the most eagerly awaited Amiga sequels ol all timel Also on otter is a completely huge Maintenance feature which will hopefully point you in the right direction ol what to do when your Amiga goes on the blink, and watch out lor our newest stall member, Vampyra, who hosts this month s Adventure Helpline. See you next time... smum 40 MAINTENANCE
Sptc‘u7% This is your complete guide to keeping your Amiga in tip-top health. We cover everything from caring for your disk drives, to deciphering those dreaded guru messages. Whether you just want to lessen the chance of breakdowns, or give your computer a complete diagnostic going-over, you’ll find out all you need to know in this essential bacon-saving feature.
INSIDE!.; topwocrwis i 179 AMIGA GUIDE TO PD It's absolutely free, it could save you thousands of pounds, and it’s in this issue!
Your exclusive CU Amiga Guide to PD is a complete mag within a mag, taking you I through the best free software the public domain has to offer. Whether you want games, demos, graphics, sound, video, utilities or applications, you're bound to find just what you're looking for, and as it’s all virtually free, you can really splash out without breaking the bank.
PLUS! FaBi .
?ouWEEDroKim»rllM5 » I m OH YOU I ¦ FREE ™H u“"cr ooHSw" REV"W£D IHSIDE!!
REGULARS 9 NEWS mated. Find out what's really happening in All the latest tacts, rumours and gossip conpart two ol our mini-series.
Cerning new and exciting developments in 124 PROFILES the Amiga arena, plus a special tour-page Dutch hardcore merchants Neophyte spill report on the recent Amiga show held the beans on their Amiga-related gabba in Pasadena.
Exploits 28 COVERDISKS 137 CD32 See panel on opposite page.
The first of a new regular series, the CD32 50 GAME PREVIEWS column will be devoted to reviews and news See opposite page.
Of all the forthcoming software for 58 GAME REVIEWS Commodore's new console. This month we See opposite page.
Take a look at how the wonder-machine has 100 PRODUCTIVITY REVIEWS been accepted by the retailers and public See opposite page.
Alike, and give our opinions on Oscar.
118 CU INTERVIEW Diggers and Covergirl Strip Poker.
Take a bunch ot the most knowledgeable 196 ADVERTISEMENT INDEX and influential minds in the Amiga market, Need to lind a particular advert in a hurry?
Throw them together in a room full ol beer, This is the place to track down and the conversation can get pretty ani- any advert that appears in this issue.
EH DROa Con Slingiby DEPUTY EDITOR ton Sloan 1*0 CAL EDITOR '.Vfl BrocmWd AUMTANT T1CHNKA!
TMTOR Tony htofgon NFWS EDITOR Tony Plot P noN EDITOR liw Cdirn GROUP ART EDITOR Go«don Bomck TKHNKAL ADVISOR tolm Kenna r and Paul Egglafcr DISK COMPILER Keroy Grant designer to Wmb. GROUP AD MANAGER Nigel Tayfctr AO MANAGER Scan Ceilings SALES EXECUTIVES Csrn Pbnro & Igera Roche AD production Tina Gym & Rcfan Ryan MANAGING EDITOR Sfeve tomes PUBLISHER Gcny Wiliams CU MtGA OfcwftioY Cam, 3032 Fomngton lore, lerdon ECIR 3AJI. Tel071 97267CO FAX 071 972 0701 CtofctxW E6C Fionlre Id. Ftxl F+xoe. Tout Rrod. PeNftoecugh Pt I 2TR Id: 0733 555161. SL ecnp*c* cnd6ad tones Tom* RiiXrg Serwes Id.
Tawef F+xse. S?***yi Ftoi. Mart* Hortx*txgh lea l£10 *FTd: 0658 46881 p*imt*d in the i ABC 111,408 Jan-June 1993 «tr smmt&ws PRODUCTIVITY REVIEWS PRODUCTIVITY REVIEW y place to !. This month 1 easy-to-use T-- long awaited Rainbow 24-bit graphics board is finally with us, and • s ookmg good. Also under the microscope this month is Siren Sotaare's new A1200 RAM upgrade, the latest version of PC Task, a -e* version of OclaMed and Origins, a geneology program.
Don't believe the hype ot other magazines! This is t look tor the very best in free commercial-quality so we've bought up the right to CcpertDraw, an eicelle graphlcs DTP package that's also a structured draw SGRBSM S€BMS GAME REVIEWS GAME REVIEWS GAME REVIEWS In an inter-galactic exclusive, we’ve got the first review of Frontier - Elite II, and it's absolutely amazing! You just won't believe your eyes!
Once you've come down from the excitement of that, there's even more in the way of Turrican 3, Uridium 2, Micro Machines, Overdrive our newly 'revamped' Adventure Helpline.
FRONTIER URIDIUM 2 BOB'S BAD DAY THEATRE OF DEATH MICRO MACHINES BURNING RUBBER DOGFIGHT OVERDRIVE DONK QWAK WIZ N' LIZ BLASTAR OVERKILL TURRICAN 3 67 70 72 72 DISK 68 PAGE 28 We've pulled out all the stops to bring you a completely stunning graphics DTP package that's second to none!
ExpertDraw is a superb structured drawing tool that you can use to create complex images for use with your favourite desk top publishing program. It lets you import rescalable images in a variety of formats including Aegis Draw and Pro Draw Clips.
Alternatively you can use the built in Trace program to convert standard bit-mapped IFF pictures into structured ones which can easily be rescaled with absolutely no drop in quality.
With its flexible printer support you can output razor sharp images even on the humblest of nine-pin printers, and with a 300- 600 DPI device the program's output is good enough to use commercially!
PAGE 32 What a superb games disk we have for you this month. Not one, not two, but three whole demos for you to take a butchers at.
First up there's Frontier, the stunning sequel to Elite, rated 97% this issue. No other game has ever scored so highly and we’ve got the exclusive demo for you. Due to memory constraints it's only a rolling demo but that shouldn't stop you enjoying a trip through the best space game of all time. Next, there’s Magic Boy- Empire's top cutesy platform game. This playable demo contains the whole of the first level with you taking the part of the clumsy wizard’s apprentice in his quest to recapture the escaped monsters. You’ll need all your joystick skills if you're going to be able to grab the
nasties before the timer runs out.
Last but not least we've a playable demo of Team 17’s new budget release Qwak, a Bubble Bobble tribute that's plenty of fun.
Features include: I 15 HUGE Levels 4 Difficulty Levels All Amiga Graphics Modes Employed 50 Frames Per Second Scrolling 28 Tunes and 88 Sound Effects In Dolby Surround™ Multiple Weapons Systems And Power Ups FOR ALL AMIGA’S (inc 512K). SOON FOR AMIGA CD32 EBSSa aW.II'J C1 Metropolitan Wharl, Wapping Wall, London El 9SS © Rainbow Arts 19931 Factor 51993. Published by Renegade NEWS CU AMIGA CD32 IS THE BELLE OF THE BALL AT LIVE ‘93 NEWS Tucked away at the back of the stand was a row of A4000s demonstrating some of the hottest new gear around. Andy Bishop from Blue Ribbon was doing a very
impressive demo of Bars and Pipes Pro 2, using a drum pad to play interactively over the top of a music track he’d recorded earlier. Every time he started playing, the crowds just flocked in from nowhere to see what was probably the liveliest demo at the show. Beside him, Barry Thurston was demonstrating Scala MM300, and although his demo was less flashy, business users seemed impressed by the power and simplicity of the program. Next up, was a trio of graphics boards being distributed by SDL. The first two were standard 24-bit cards. The third board, an MPEG card called Peggy, enables an
A4000 to replay MPEG standard 1 animation which was receiving its European launch at the show.
, ritain's Biggest-ever consumer electronics . Show, Live '93, was staged at London's " Olympia on the 16-20th September. The
• vent asted tor live days and was so popular that
- any people were turned away.
Hundreds of exhibitors ensured that the show was a huge success, and none put on a more impressive showing than Commodore who were pkjg ng the CD32 tor all it was worth.
Their stand occupied more space than any other and was immediately visible from anywhere in the vast arena. The stand was a mixture ot display screens, banners, CD32 stands and various other bits and bobs. There were at least two dozen CD32 consoles on display, some running impressive-looking demos ot upcoming titles, whilst others were running games that people could play. At the centre ot the stand was an Alienesque robotic model and Commodore were ottering CD32s to people who could come up with a name tor the metallic wonder.
The CD32 was also running with an MPEG module plugged in and Commodore’s Sanjay Majid was demonstrating the unit which was running a number of pop videos, complete with CD audio tracks.
At one point during the show a number of Apple's staff came over to have a look at the CD32. After taking a cursory glance at the games that were running they declared the console to be 'nothing special’. Then Sanjay showed them the full motion video demo... their jaws just dropped! Judging by other people’s reactions at the show the CD32 looks like its going to have a bright future.
CBM ANNOUNCE CD32 CHRISTMAS RELEASES Over 40 C032 games will be available by Christmas ’93, according to a recent announcement by Commodore in traflfe weekly. CTW. This is well down on previous estimates by CBM. The claim comes in response to widespread tears that the ground-breaking console may be left high and dry it the promised Hood ol software tails to appear. To get so many titles on the shelves in time lor the festive spending spree is a tall order, but it they pull it oft. It could safeguard the future of the machine (and Commodore) for some time to come.
C® * * COLOUR PRINTER WARS IN EARNEST This month saw unprecedented movement in the colour printer market with two new printers being released and Hewlett Packard slashing the prices of their entire range in a pre- Christmas strike at the opposition.
The first of the newcomers comes from Canon in the form of the BJC600. A 360 DPI bubble jet which was previewed at Live ‘93. At £599, the printer is clearly targeting Hewlett Packard's Deskjet 550C. The BJC600 prints at up to 240 characters per second and has perhaps the most solid colour yet seen on a home colour printer.
In a definite step up for Star, they have produced the SJ144, another 360 DPI printer. This time, it’s a thermal transfer wax printer that literally melts wax-based ink onto the paper.
In an effort to divert attention from the new kids on the block, Hewlett Packard have reduced the price of their own excellent Deskjet 550C by £130 to a retail of £539, which will probably translate into a street price of well under £500.
For details phone Hewlett Packard on 0344 369222, Canon on 081 773 3173 and Star on 0494 471111.
R | ¦ A CU AMIGA NEWS Amtilun company Innomion recently announced a brand nnr video titling package called Montage 2«.
The program looks like being one ol the most sophisticated graphics and video titling programs tor the Amiga to date. It produces network calibre anti-aliased 24-bit titles and graphics and Incorporates real-time 'dick and drag' lont scalipg. It is supplied with a selection ol eight popular scalable typefaces and there are even more fonts it required. It also supports Toaster and Chroma lonts. With an optional Postscript module you can even perform real-time scaling ot Postscript type f and 3 and Compugraphic lonts.
COMMERCIAL VIDEO TITLING EVEN EASIER The program can also create high-quality 24-bit backgrounds with gradient lifts. Iranslucency blending, levelled hoses and wallpaper and tile enects at the click ol a bunon For more information, cootad Innovision on 0101 510 634 0800 MORTAL MONDAY A RESOUNDING SUCCESS Monday the 13th ol September saw the release ol Acclaim's Mortal Kombat. And simultaneously ended the most sustained PR onslaught ol 1993. The game was released on a variety ol formats (the Amiga version Is still some time away) and shipped a staggering 2,000.000 units world-wide making it
the biggest single games launch in computer history.
The launch was carefully orchestrated so that stores throughout the world had the title in stock on Thursday with strict instructions not to sell any before Monday. However, a number ol stores including Comet, ignored these instructions causing great consternation to Acclaim's marketing stall.
The game has already been the subject ol much controversy because ol the level ol gratuitous violence it contains.
With scenes where people s heads are ripped oil with spines still attached, and still-beating hearts are plucked Irom victims' chests, it's easy to understand why such complaints have arisen. Oecide lor yourselt when the Amiga version appears In a couple ol monlhs. There will also be an exclusive coverdisk demo on an upcoming issue ol CU Amiga.
NEW CD RIVAL FOR CD32 To celebrate the season ol goodwill. CU Amiga will be giving away not one. But two superb lull price programs with the Oecember issue. First ot all there s the incredible art package Spectracoloor. Which lets you paint and animate in up to 4096 colours. With features not even included in O-Paint IV. Spectracoloor is just the thing lor bringing your fertile imaginings to lile!
What better way to compliment a paint package than with an animation package and that’s why we've spared no expense in securing the Amiga's loremost polygon animation and morphing package Aegis Animator. From internationally renowned Oxxi Aegis, the package will automatically create in-belween’ Irames Irom your key animation images. This feature is infinitely more powerful than D Paint Ivs animation or morphing options and can be used to create subtle animations and translormations only rivalled by those ol prolessional animators.
The Oecember issue hits the shelves on November the 19th. Get H or regret it'll ALADDIN ON AMIGA It's rumoured that Virgin have signed up the Amiga rights to Disney's hit movie Aladdin Although details are scarce it looks likely that the Amiga game will be a direct port ol the excellent Mega Drive version with massive multi-directional scrolling levels populated by a host ot weird characters However, to keep you on the nght track the path you need to take to complete the level will glow The game dosely tollows the film with Aladdin recruited by the evil Jafar to retrieve a magic tamp hidden
in a guarded cave. Realising Jafar's evil nature and the dangers ol handing the lamp over Aladdin decides to keep it tor himsell. From then the chase is on The Amiga version should hit the shops sometime around Christmas, but no ) firm dates have . Been set so n't hold lur breath.
The CO ware are hotting up as Commodore's arch rivals Philips re enter the arena with their COI210 CO-i player. The player is priced at C399 and draws upon the technology ol their original player. It includes a new technology lor the replay ol Digital Video, however as the CDI210 appears to use its own proprietary replay format, It's doubtful whether this will have the same impact as Commodore's MPEG FMV module. The one thing that the CDI210 does have in its favour is the support of a number ol big name games developers who are converting some ol their mosl spectacular titles lo run on the
Nevertheless. C032 remains the world's r CD console.
VIRTUAL TV MAKES AN APPEARANCE A company called Virtual Vision has just started demonstrating the very latest in mobile entertainment systems in the form of a headset which allows you to watch TV and go about your normal daily life at the same time.
4k The headset resembles a pair ot over-sized skiing goggles, but contains a miniature TV set occupying the lower portion of the left tense.
When the set is active, the screen occupies an equivalent area in the user s field of vision as a 60 inch screen viewed af 6-15 feet away The advantage of the system is that by lowering your eyes you can watch TV. Raise them and you're back in the real world Virtual Vision say that apart from being ideal for use as a stand-alone portable TV, their headset can be used as a portable camcorder monitor, or is perfect for live sports events so you can watch replays whilst everyone else returns to the matchl The unit is likely to cost a mega-hefty £7001 You can find out more by contacting Virtual
Vision on 071 584 0122.
CHEAP IDE HARD DRIVES NEWS CU AMIGA 2 FOR 1 PRINTER REFILLS AMIGA WINS AN EMMY System Insight have been offering refill ink for ink- and bubble-jet printers for years, but they have just launched a new range of refill products. The new refills include better ink formulation, which dries faster, gives more vibrant colours and amazingly even conforms to British Standard 5750 for ink quality! They've also developed am easier refilling method which is ideal for most bubble jet printers including all of those made by Star, Canon and Hewlett Packard. To celebrate their new products, Inkmun are
offering all refills on a buy one, get one free basis.
Remember, using refill kits not only costs a fraction of the price of new cartridges, it's environmentally friendlier too! Contact System Insight on 0707 395500.
SIERRA ON A BUDGET A SHADOW News has just come in that Ocean have grabbed the game license for The Shadow, a soon to be released film starring Alec Baldwin. Apparently it's based on a Fifties series of the same name featuring a dark and brooding vigilante with a penchant for the night. Sounds familiar
- give him a pointy eared costume and you'd have Batman. Let's
hope that this license turns out better than the Bat's outing
onto disk. There are no details available at the time of going
to press. As The Shadow himself might have said 'Who knows what
gameplay lurks in Ocean's heart.' We'll keep you posted.
» 11 After pulling out of the Amiga market, then coming back in, Sierra have now announced that their whole back catalogue will be available courtesy of U.S. Gold. This follows the recent move to sign Revolution up as developers of the Amiga version of King’s Quest
VI. So, you’ll soon be able to play all those old favourites like
Leisure Suit Larry and the Police Quest series. What's more
U.S. Gold are releasing this range at a budget price on their
Kixx XL label.
For more info ring US Gold on 021 625 3366.
Softwood Products Europe have announced the release of an exciting new word processor called Final Writer. The program is very much in the same mould as Final Copy 2 with its scalable lont and graphics support, however Final Writer is aimed at higher powered users who demand that bit more Irom their word processors. For starters, it supports Postscript fonts, and is supplied with 110 of them! It also supports EPSF (Encapsulated Postscript Format) graphics, and 100 of those are also included. There are also bundles of professional features at a reasonable price. Features such as auto
indexing, table of illustrations generation, a full proximity dictionary, the ability to rescale, rotate or oblique text to any degree full 24-bit image support. However, what really makes the program extra-special is its user-detinable button bar.
This is a bar of button icons that runs across the top of the screen and which can be scrolled to provide access to more buttons if required. Each button has a specilic function and you can decide what that function should be by either choosing Irom a list ol predelined (unctions or creating your own using the program's AREXX or button languages. Upgrades will be available for all existing Softwood customers. Final Writer will retail tor £129.99 and you can find out more by phoning Softwood Products Europe on 0773 836781.
LASER MARKET GETS CHEAPER Citizen and Star are both making moves to make laser printers more affordable for home users. Star have just decreased the price of a number of machines in the LS5 range. The LS-5 drops to £609, the LS-5 EX becomes £699, whilst the flagship of the line, the LS-5 TT drops to £999. Far more aggressive is Citizen's first ever foray into the laser market in the form of the ProLaser 6000.
The ProLaser prints at a resolution of 600 dots per inch and at a nippy six pages per minute, yet only costs £559 from Citizen Direcl.
Contact Star on 0494 471111. Citizen are on 0753 584111.
STOP| OCEAN CAST CU AMIGA NEWS II won't come across in print but, believe me, COMMODORE WRITES Our special hotline to the boss of Commodore UK has been buzzing again. David Pleasance talks openly about the trials and tribulations of the boardroom.
I’m exhausted. In tact, that goes lor all ol us at Commodore, The reason? We've just completed a wildly successful live days at Live '93.
Ol course Live 93 was the UK’s first consumer electronics show The US set the precedent with the CES which has become something ol a highlight lor the industry. With hindsight it makes you wonder why it took the UK so long lo set up an equivalent.
But it was worth the wait. Live 93 was an unqualified hit At Olympia it was standing room only', if you see what I mean, with over 140,000 paying visitors over live days. On the Sunday there were 46,000 and they closed Olympia's doors for the first time ever.
And I'm proud to report that our stand was a major attraction. Obviously Amiga CD32 was the reason why. Having watched the machine go from an idea to reality in less than a year, and then observing the huge press interest, it was really satisfying lor me personally to gauge the public’s reaction. Which was, needless to say, tremendous.
We've already booked lor Live 94. See you there.
Another really pleasing aspect ol the show was that we had 40 machines running all day every day and not a problem with any ol them. The relatively small number ol returns on AGA machines has been one reason we’ve been able to maintain such competitive prices. Long may it continue.
On the subject, we re now using ICL as our warranty agent. I've seen their set-up and I can assure you it's hi-tech and very impressive.
So. Maybe the CD revolution has truly begun now. Sales certainly point to it. At the time ol wnt ing we've sold out ol our first shipment ol 25,000 machines - that's not even three weeks after launch. And there are thousands more pre-orders waiting to go. Get yours in now!
Software is starting to come through as planned. The excellent pre-Christmas line-up includes some beauties Ocean's TFX Is a wondrous flight stttT which witt be breathtaking on CD, Zoo12 looks set to expand ion the brilliant original, Microcosm will realise everybody's highest hopes ol what CD technology can deliver and then there's discs like Lotus Turbo Trilogy - three classic games on one disc at a sensible price, another obvious benefit introduced by the new medium.
The games publishers are right behind the machine. In fact, lust to ram the message home.
We ll be running an ad In the industry paper CTW which lists all ol its supporters. This advertising kicks oH a massive £7 million campaign which will run from mid-October.
It s our biggest ever campaign - more proof ol how serious we are about establishing Amiga CD32 as the world's best-selling console. The TV ad will be special effects laden and will feature a tearsome alien. As learsome as the machine?
You'll just have to wait It would be easy to forget the Amiga 1200 in the midst ol so much Amiga CD32 activity But we're not going to do that In fact the Amiga 1200 is racing ahead, above all the targets we set lor it. Sales have been excellent since day one but since we introduced the £299.99 price tag in July they've gone through the roof.
In the summer quarter' we sold 46,000 machines. Fantastic figures which ever way you look at them, but in the industry's quietest season nothing less than remarkable. I'm really pleased - and so's my boss! We set an agenda when we launched the Amiga 1200 which was that the machine would usher in an era of 32-bit computing. We’ve achieved it. Less than a year later the 1200 is a market leader Total sales are over 150,000.. And it's great to see so much ol the floppy Amiga software being released is AGA The software packaged with this year’s Christmas bundle Desktop Dynamite is a case in
point. We're delighted with it and the pundits have been full of praise as well We've put the emphasis on productivity by including Digita Prim Manager. Drgila Wordworth and, ol course. Deluxe Paint IV (we d be slaughtered il that didn't go in). With Oscar and Dennis as the games element I think we've come up with a winner. In cash terms there's no argument - that's over £300 ol software Desktop Dynamite will be the only way to buy an Amiga 1200 this Christmas. I think we may have made the mistake ol contusing the users a little in the past with too many choices (diHerent bundles,
standalones. Hard drives, etc.) so this year our range will be limited to Desktop Dynamite.
Amiga CD32 and the two Amiga 4000s, This suits the retailers too. And in the end il we can help them then that means wider availability lor you the customer.
As I write a team ol specially trained Commodore merchandise reps will begin visiting these stores. They will make 6,000 calls in the 12 weeks to Christmas. They'll distribute p-o-s and help with the positioning and appearance ol display machines to 2,500 retail outlets including Comet. Rumbelows. Tandy. Future Zone, SWEB shops, Beatties, John Lewis Partnership, Allders.
NASCR retailers and computer independents II we can keep them all happy then you won’t need to walk too far to buy an Amiga!
REGULAR WRITES Commodore Writes it CU Amiga s eiclosive column written by Dnid Pleasance. MO ol Commodore UK. Eveiy montfi he ll be batting on hot newt direct Irom the horse s mouth at It were He'll also endeavour to addiess issues that art lortmosl in our readers' minds. So il you want the answer to a question that matters, send your letters lo: Commodoie Writes, CU Amiga, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London, EctR 3AU. Remember David cannol answer individual questions.
CYBERSPACE GETS REAL Alter months ol waiting Empire s Cyberspace is finally nearing release. We covered Ihe game in some depth in out April issue but there's been a little slippage since Ihen on the Amiga version with the coders concentrating on Us PC brother. It promises to be one ol the most amazing rflte playing games yel seen with over one million characters to interact with, each with their own individual laces The plol loo is complex allowing you to wander on and do your own thing. In the past II you strayed oil the plot path in an RPC you d soon find there was little lo do. Not so
Cyberspace Is set lor a pre-Christmas release so we II bring you a review soon.
XMAS DISCOUNTS ONXCAD New purchasers ol what is piobahly Ihe world's besl oil- the shell CAD (Computer Aided Design) package. XCAO.
Are In lor a treat thanks lo massive discounts as pad ol Digital Multimedia's Christmas promotion. ACAD 2000tails by £50 Irom £129.90 to £79.99. whilst the up-martet XCAO 3000 version drugs by £80 to £249 Existing XCAO 2000 and XCAO 30 owners can upgrade to XCAO 3000 lor only £125, and this means that you can save a turiher £50 by buying XCAO 2000 and immediately upgrading to the 3000 version! Contact Digital Multimedia for furihor details on 081 9771105.
Tj , j, Pf Th s a n’t no Turkey!
Mr Pekles - Master of flower technology (r Available for: Amiga (A1200 Compatible) September ‘93 £25.99 Amiga (AI200 Enhanced Version) October '93 £25.99 Amiga CP32 October ‘93 £25.99 Gameboy ' OUT NOW! £25.99 NES November ‘93 £24.99 SNES December ‘93 £49.99 Oh no! The evil Meka-Chickens have eggnapped Billy Egg and his brothers for their terrible cloning experiment! And they've taken Floella too!!
This is no yolk. As the worlds only chicken with a bionic beak. Alfred is whisked off to a multitude of bizarre lands to pluck his friends from the clutches of their foul captors.
Scramble through II transdimensional levels facing the likes of Byron Snail, Mag-Mine, Grim Blocker and the Terrasawus. Beat the Meka-Chickens. Snatch back the eggs, and lay their plans for world domination to rest!
NAME .. ......POSTCODE .
TELEPHONE NO ...... I MACHINE OWNED ... | From time to time your name and addreea may be provided I to carefully screened companies, who may wish to send you I literature. If you would prefer not to participate please tick I this box. Q CUA11 NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL CD GAMES It was only a matter ol time before the tirst games collection appeared on the C032. Now Thai's Whal I Call Games Volume 1 contains 100 ol the best PD games around, featuring such favourites as igypllan Run, Bombjacky and Skyllyer. Along with some new renditions ol popular games such as
Chess. Cluedo and Pacman.
Perhaps the best thing about the package is its price - a mere £19.99! For more information, contact the Multi Media Machine Limited at Commerce House. Bridgeman Place. Bolton BL2 1DW. Tel: 0204 363608 MORE GAMES WORKSHOP TITLES ANNOUNCED Alter the recent success of Space Hulk, Electronic Arts have been quick to sign a deal for another Games Workshop license. Details are sketchy at the moment but the game has been provisionally titled Cult ol Speed. This name represents a sub-grouping of Ores in the Warhammer Universe who are obsessed with anything on wheels These creatures are a mix of boy
racer and biker who love to race their customised machines. So. It's a pretty safe guess that the game wiD involve some kind ot race and bitt scenario.
D by Micropace JE " II means that you can get even more out ol your COROM player. CDTV or CD32 than ever before. The program is called Aslm COFS V2.0 and it includes a utility to let you export pictures from Kodak's PhotoCDs. Saving them as 24-bit IFF images. It also includes Aslm Tunes, which can be used to control and catalogue your music Cds. The program also comes with Fish disks 101-900. The program costs £49.99 and you can buy it from Micropace UK. Ltd. Tel: 0753 551888 new program b LEARN SPANISH ON YO Thanks to the new Single European Market, there's never been a better time to learn a
tor- [ eign language. Now you can add Spanish to your repertoire thanks to LCL’s Micro Spanish. The program includes a combination ot animated and static graphics as well as sampled speech and an accompanying workdutonal book. LCL describe Micro Spanish as a Complete course of spoken and I written Spanish suitable lor holidaymakers, students. Enthusiasts and businessmen’. It even includes a utility for generating business letters in Spanish. The program will cost £24.99 and should be available by Christmas. Phone LCL on 0491 579345.
AMIGA CD ROM TOOLKIT AVAILABLE BROADCAST QUALITY STANDARDS CONVERTOR Following our news story last month about the Video Toaster being used lor non-NTSC video work, an American company callod Prime Image contacted us to let our readers know about their board. The board is called the Model Std Con PCB. And It's a desk top plug-in digital standards convertor lor any machines which include an AT bus (the 2000 upwards) II can convert any input signal to any output standard including NTSC. PAL land its numerous derivatives) and SICAM The board includes a built-in time-base corrector and retails
lor St 700. This means that it is possible to set up a commercial TV production facility including a Toaster lor well under £3000) Contact Prima Image at 19943 Via Escuela. Saratoga. California 95070.
USA. Alternatively you can phone them on 0101 400 867 519 or FA* them on 0101 408 926 7294.
AMIGA TOP TEN It looks like Team 17 are becoming the software equivalent of the Beatles with two games in the current top ten chart and many more waiting in the wings. The Wakefield-based sott- cos has really begun to dominate the budget market with a series ol original releases and they've also got an impressive line up ol lull price games due lor release in the run up to Christmas. Straight into the top spot goes their top-down racer. Overdrive, and zooming up to third place is FI7 Challenge.
1. Overdrive (Team 17)
2. Syndicate (Electronic Arts)
3. F17 Challenge (Team 17)
4. Soccer Kid (Krisalis)
5. Goal! (Virgin) 6 Championship Manager '93 (Domaik)
7. Flashback (U.S. Gold)
8. Humans 2 (Gametek)
9. One Step Beyond (Ocean)
10. Gunship 2000 (Microprose) Charts supplied by HMV.
Stop Brooding & Start Breeding ALIEN BREED 2... coming soon from kw 111 11 hi TEL:0924 201846 Exactly how many awards will it take before you own a copy of Sid Meier’s Civilization?
Build An Empire To Stand The Test Of Time . wnwniHm -HiCRO PROSE Winner! Winner!
Best Consumer Product 1991 Best Entertainment Program 1991 Winner! Winner!
Best Strategy Program 1991 Most Original Game 1992 NEW AG A VERSION AVAILABLE NOW FROM ALL AMIGA STOCKISTS Published by Software Demon COMPUTERS AND HARD DRIVE' UPGRADES AMIGA A4000 040 SOFTWARE DEMON LTD The flagship of the Commodore Amiga range Based around the 68040 processor Comes with Hard Drive. 2*4 RAM and WB3.
85Mb version £1899 120Mb version £1919 170Mb version £1939 250Mb version £1979 340Mb version £2069 426Mb version £2149 AMIGA A4000 030 The same specifications as it's big brother but designed around the EC68030 processor. Comes with a Hard Dnve. 1*1 RAM and WB3.
FOR 2*2 ADD C69 85Mb version £939 120Mb version £969 170Mb version £1029 220Mb version £1059 256Mb version £1089 340Mb version £1149 426Mb version £1199 HAVE A SECONDARY HARD DRIVE FITTED AT THE SAME TIME AS PURCHASING YOUR A4000 85Mb £129 120Mb £149 170Mb £189 212Mb £229 250Mb £249 330Mb £229 MONITORS FOR CD32 Why tie-up your TV this Christmas? Buy a composite input monitor tor sharper gameplay and graphics.
1084S MONITOR PHONE FOR LATEST PRICES AND AVAILABILITY AMIGA A1200 DESKTOP DYNAMITE PACK The A1200 sports many leatures ol the A4000 series Based around a 68020 processor, 2Mb ol RAM and WB3 as standard. A lull range ot hard dnves are also available. The desktop dynamite pack is supplied with a range ol software written specifically tor the AA chipset, including Dpaint AGA and Wordwohh AGA plus others with a total RRP ol over E300 Basic £289 20Mb HD version £369 40Mb HD version £388 60Mb HD version £445 85Mb HD version £468 127Mb HD version £494 170Mb HD version £528 220Mb HD version £548
256Mb HD version £578 IDE HARD DRIVE KITS These drives can be fitted to the A1200 at any time by us or the end user The kit comes complete with all software necessary to contigure the drive.
40Mb £139 85Mb £179 120Mb £279 209Mb £399 A1200 HARD DRIVES These hard dnves can be added to your existing system and are installed by our technicians to ensure the best tit. They come with a 1 year return to base warranty on the drive and the computer.
40Mb £99 85Mb £179 120Mb £239 170Mb £269 250Mb £329 330Mb £399 426Mb £499 All hard drives fitted alter time ot purchase must add £29 fitting lee CD ROM DRIVE The ultimate in data storage and hig speed transter rates tor the A4000 series. These multisession CD ROV dnves come complete with alt the necessary mounting soltware, SCSI controller card and software to enab the use ot CDTV discs Welcome to the future of home entertainment.
CD ROM DRIVE £39 PLEASE ADD £29 FOR 2 COPD FRED FISH DISCSfOVER 1000MI MATHS CO-PRO (PLCC) 25MHz 68882 £89 40MHz 68882 £121 MEMORY single sided SIMMS module tor A40 1Mb RAM £39 4Mb RAM £161 ACCELERATORS Our accelerators are produced for th A1200 by GVP. A walch word in qua and reliability Both boards are user fittable via the trapdoor so as fo maintain your warranty.
GVP SCSI RAM BOAR This board has slots lor up to 8Mb ol RAM. A maths co-pro and has and includes an SCSI interlace as stand; Omb NO FPU £171 4MB 33MHZ FPU £341 SCSI CABLE KIT £44 GVP A1230 BOARD This board leatures a 68030 process as standard and also has slots lor up 8Mb ot ISAM and maths co-pro.
Omb NO FPU £261 4Mb 40MHZ FPU £431 GVP ACCESSORIES 33MHz 68882 FPU £79 40MHz 68882 FPU £129 32bit 1Mb RAM £64 32bit 4Mb RAM £153 THE OVERDRIVE EXTERNAL HD Finding that your A4000 030 isn’t quite man enough for your present projects? Never fear Software Demon is here.
We are now able to offer an upgrade service, saving all the hassle of selling your old Amiga.
So, to upgrade just send in your mam CPU module and front panel and we will part-exchange it for a genuine Commodore 040 CPU module; which includes an MMU and built in FPU and a new A4000 040 front panel.
PHOTON UPGRADE £799 HELLFIRE UPGRADE AVAILABLE SOON Our latest development has produced a stunning new way to improve the performance of your A4000 030 at an incredibly low price. It comes in the form of a replacement CPU module which slots in where your present module sits. It's features include a 50MHz standard clock speed; an MMU as standard and a built in 50MHz FPU. To upgrade will require you sending us your original CPU module which we will then part exchange for our new A4000 030 accelerator.
PLEASE PHONE FOR DETAILS PROJECTED RRP £299 LEISURE & ENTERTAINMENT CIVILIZATION AGA This is it, the bees knees. It's the ultimate god game. This game is Microprose’s flagship, it’s won a host of awards and now it's been upgraded to make the most of the new AGA chipset. If you don't already own a copy of Civilization then you don't know what your missing, and if you have an original copy then you’ll be stunned by the improvements. So either buy it now or upgrade and get into the most serious game of all time.
3. SCSI to enab PHOTON UPGRADE UPGRADE £19 To upgrade just send
the 4 original disks including £19 and your name and address.
This machine represent the future of home entertainment and video game play. A self contained CD console which you can expand to a full CD based home computer. It is built around true 32bit technology with 256 screen colours. 68020 processor with a 14MHz clock speed and high resolution screen display. Read the reviews and hear what the experts have got to say about Commodores new baby. I think you’ll agree it’s time to kiss Sonic Goodbye and wish Mario a fond farewell because the future is here. Optional extras include a keyboard, floppy drive, mouse and a hard drive. All of which will be
available soon.
CD32 is supplied with 2 great software titles written for the AGA chipset and designed to display the full range of CD32's assets.
Commodore Amiga Every year, the World of Commodore Amiga Show in Pasadena attracts thousands of Amiga devotees from all over the globe. This year, the show was especially packed as hundreds of new products were unveiled for the first time. Don Hicks, our US correspondent, fought his way through the crowds to bring you this exclusive report.
SPECIAL REPORT FROM PASADENA The word for the World ol Commodore Amiga Pasadena (September 3-5) was hot. With temperatures above 38°C in the Los Angeles valley, local residents may have thought the hottest thing going was the weather. But, in the air-condilioned exhibition hall at the Pasadena centre, Amiga developers were announcing an array of hot new products that put some real sizzle into the Amiga market. From CD32 to an Amiga transputer, the developers’ announcements redefined Amiga computing.
The free seminars are a major feature at every WOCA. During the three-day event, Commodore and other exhibitors ran a steady assortment of speakers and demonstrations.
Each keynote address and special presentation was filled to capacity with many people being turned away. According to one Commodore executive, every seminar had at least 200 people in attendance. Sessions included a presentation of Brilliance by famed Amiga artist Jim Sachs. Full Motion Video presentations by Commodore's Jeff Porter, as well as product demonstrations of Centaur's OpalVision, RGB's AmiLink CIP, Axiom's WaveMaker and Anim Workshop. GVP's ImageFX by Warner Brothers animation director, GVP's CineMorph.
Toaster 4000 and Lightwave 3D, as well as Sunrize Industries' Studio 16.
While CD32 was introduced to the UK in late July, Commodore used the Pasadena event to present the Amiga CD32 to the North American market. In a press conlerence, held Ihe first day.
Jim Dionne, CBM U.S.A.'s president, announced, ‘We feel confident it (CD32) will become our next 64.’ He went on to say that 20,000 CD32 units per week were being produced at Commodore's plant.
Lew Eggebrecht, Vice President of Engineering for Commodore International, announced that there would be 75 CD32 titles available by Christmas. 'One of the most important points is that we were able to gel this kind of support without investing a single dime in the software development. That, we think, is a very good endorsement of the capability of the (CD32) product.' Eggebrecht announced further plans for Ihe Amiga CD32 line by stating CBM was planning ‘...a CD peripheral for the 1200 and also (or the 4000 that will allow the software development of CD32 to also play on our standard
home computer and video work- ( station environments.’ The A4000 CD32 peripheral could be available as early as December according to an unidentified CBM staff member Discussing the future of Amiga support software, Eggebrecht ¦urv on lo say that CBM would soon be releas- ¦t DOS 3 1 which would support the same ue*ware capabilities that were added to CD32 In etwv words, this will support SCSI capabilities tor Cot also support tile systems lor Cds. And also suvport all ot the libraries that were special lor
* w game environments.’ Commodore has apparently accepted the
tact rwt they cannot do everything. Eggebrecht enthu
siastically stated Commodore’s otter to assist bwd-party
developers in creating peripherals needed tor A4000 and A1200
machines He stated CBM was interested in licensing their
network developments to third-party developers to create new
Made them available on desktops ot the television creative community.’ While this high praise is warranted. Maybe NewTek should have been «i Pasadena the week betore when GVP Centaur, and a new Amiga company. Warm and Fuzzy Logic, all made significant inroads into the Video Toaster's markets.
Apparently, CD32 is already in demand by U.S. Amiga users A CBM exec was upset that he only had a tew CD32 units tor the show. Apparently, he had been ottered as much as SI .000 tor each C032 on display However, since the U.S. market has not received their allocation of the newty- reteased Amiga games machine, the tew CD32s on display were all that were available and he could not sell them.
H rpnE 3D FOR PAL Once again WOCA Pasadena was held at the home ot the Emmy awards exactly one week betore the television equivalent ot the Oscars.
Ironically, several AMIGA developers would be returning the next week to the same exhibition hall lor recognition ot their contribution to television the previous year. Although NewTek was not an exhibitor at the WOCA, the Toaster Design Group and NewTek president, Tim Jenison. Received Emmy awards trom the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences tor developments in television engineenng. The Engineering Committee ot ATAS recommended the NewTek design team and Mr Jenison be awarded an Emmy for 'developing computer technology that has brought many editing tools out ot high-priced editing
suites, and Lightwave 3D users were given a surprise by Warm and Fuzzy Logic. According to their representatives. LightRave is a custom hardware module that emulates all ot the Toaster functions needed by Lightwave 3D. It enables any Amiga to run Lightwave 3D without requiring a Video Toaster. LightRave also adds a suite ot professional features never before available to Lightwave users. It will render images lasler than a Toaster-equipped Amiga, as no lengthy display » Wtl.'.Ti'T¦iy Vi-'.u'n " I M-'i'* ¦ i'l-'.'f l'f V', 1 [ J
U. S. Cybernetics stunned attendees with their introduction ot
the WARP System transputer. The WARP Board uses adnnced
parallel processing with Superscalar TRANSPUTER processors at
speeds ot 30 MIPS to seueral GigaFLOPS The transpetar Is a
32-bit processor with an on board 64-Bit floating point unit
that operates In parallel nth the main processor Each trans
puter chip has lour serial links that allow it to communicate
at speeds ot 2Mb per second with other transputers whoa linked
ia a network. Intorlaclng Is performed through the WARP Board
library and all programming on the board is done la C.
U. S. Cybernetics representatives promised the system would be
available by December The basic system will be priced under
S10001Canadian) with a 30Mb processor Upgrades will be priced
at J700 to S900 lor additional traasputors. A high end unit
running at 20C MIPS will be available by the lirst quarter lor
SIMM to 52000 Although the WARP was running only demonstration
software al the show. Visit Pro is promised by November with
ImtotFX. CmeHmph. Real 30, and more to lollow U S Cybernetics
stated they were eitremely interested In helping any
interested parties In converting their software to their
parallel processing system Emerald CreativeTechnology,* Rapid
House. 54 H andle Bank London SW19 1DW Tel: 081 715 8866 Fax:
081 715 8877 Real 3D Classic______ ______j£79 95 Real 3D
V2.0 ...... ....J6375.95 i,59
Arena Accounts ......J689.95
Aminct ....
......J&47.95 Music' librarian---------------- Plants
For All Seasons---------
- ----------£26.95 Art Department Professional V2.J £146.95 Doug
Cranes Pro Control_£55.95 Pixel 3D Professional + Anim workshop
£ 149.95 Bars & Pipes Professional V2.0_________£199.95 One
Stop Musk-Shop __________________£569-95 Superjam
VI.1____________________________________£79.95 Synch
Pro------------------------------------£151.96 Triple Play
Plus______________________________.£169.95 Bars & Pipes add on
kits prices start at £29.99.
- Please call Books: Bruce Smith A1200 Insider mide ..£ 14.95
Bruce Smith A600 Insider Guide_£14.95 Please ask about the full
range of Mastering Amiga Books Editmatc Video
Editing________________J£194.95 Cross Dos
V6.0_________ ... __£39.95
- £159-95 Deluxe Music Construction Kit V2.
£71.95 Directory Opus 4 - Latest Version-.
£49.95 Kcndale KS02 EMC Genlock ..... ..£159.95 Miracle Piano...... ..£259.95 Tcchnosound Turbo 2.0 . £39-95 S Base Personal 4 Oxxi -£99.95 Superbase Professional IV VI.3------£239.95 Vi.ll 12 Realtime .... .-£159.95 Vkti 24 Realtime- .... .-£239.95 Scab 500 Hometitk-r £79.95 Ilypercache--------- £37.55 Art Expressions .. Typesmith_____________________________________ .-£145.00 £99.95 Caligari 24 - ._ _____________________ £99.95 Distant Suns
V4 2 ...... ___.£49.95 Vista Pro 3.0 .... _____£59.95 Makcpath for Vista ... £24.95 Terraform for Vista________________ ....£24.95 Carriage Charges: add M.95 lor next day delivery Ivy courier.
13-50 for recorded delivery.
Credit Card orders • Call our Credit card hotline for miiiu dial. Tl. Sp.tu h Orders by post: Please make your clKt|uc% payable lo Emerald Creative Technology Ltd and allow 7 days for clearance Goods are sold subject to our standard terms and condtfkms of sale and are available on request Spccificat ions and prices arc subicct to change without notice.
All prices include VAT.
Iru to me Toaster is required Rendering is no longer limned to the Toaster s ccy"©osae display. LightRave now allows LqhtWave 3D to render directly to the most popular 24-bit graphics cards, such as IV24, Retina.
OpelVision, DCTV, and Firecracker 24 More nxxxtantly, LightRave also makes Lightwave 3D h*y functional for PAL users(l) and promises to scooort other display boards NEW FROM GVP GVP snowed off two hot new rtems. The TBC Plus and EGS-28 24 Spectrum The TBC Plus is an niemal broadcast quality video processing card. It operates as an infinne window time-base corrector using 6-bit professional quality all digital video signal processing. TBC Plus includes a full SMPTE EBU time-code receiver-generator operat- ng in all VITC LTC formats and standards. It ndudes a three-channel video input switcher
in composite and Y C. The TBC Plus is a normal Zorro II Amiga Card that can be installed in any open Zorro slot of the Amiga 2000, 3000. Or 4000 The EGS-28 24 Spectrum is a high performance and high resolution graphics board that will take any Amiga 2000. 3000. Or 4000 to AGA resolutions and higher. This entry-level graphics board provides performance and power at an affordable price. The Spectrum is capable of displaying video resolutions as well as workstation-like resolutions such as 1120x832. It also adapts automatically to either a Zorro-ll or Zorro III bus and supports Workbench, and 3 0 to take maximum advantage of its environment.
In GVP's theatre, attendees watched standing- room-only demonstrations ol GVP products as well as a sneak preview of Animaniacs from Warner Brothers. Rusty Mills, Animaniacs’ director was also on hand to discuss his work with ImageFX on the project.
Centaur also had a theatre at the front of the exhibition hall. They were demonstrating the as yet unreleased video modules for OpalVision Centaur attracted crowds with each demonstration as they had at Australia's WOCA. The National Association ot Broadcasters in Las Vegas, and at their booth at SIGGRAPH.
Unfortunately, Centaur representatives were not able to offer a precise date for the modules' release. While some stated it would only be a month or two more, everyone agreed they were working hard for a full release before Christmas.
DKB were showing off two of their latest creations. The Piccolo and the DKB 3128. The Piccolo joins the onslaught of 24-bit graphics
4. 8. 16. And 32Mb SIMMs and can be configured in a variety of
ways The board is a true Zorro III 32-bil card. Fully
populated, you could play back over 50 seconds of real-time
animation from RAM.
SunRize Industries premiered version 3.0 of its Studio 16 digital audio hard disk recording and editing software. The most significant new feature of Studio 16 3.0 Is the highly intuitive time-line- based ode list that makes audio production as simple as pomt and dick Other major new features indude: automatic fades and cross fades, automatic mixing, external MIDI mixer support.
SMPTE chase, assignable tracks, and multiple digital audio card support. Studio 16 3.0 will ship with both of SunRize Industries' digital audio cards, the AD516 and AD1012 beginning in November. The Studio 16 AD516 bundle has a list pnee of S1495 and the Studio 16 AD1012 combination has a list price of S595.
Pride Integrated Video displayed their PIV- 2001 video editing system for the Amiga. The PIV-2001 software and hardware system allows your Amiga to have integrated editing capabilities.
From cuts to fully integrated editing with the Video Toaster, the PIV-2001 completes any desktop video workstation.
MacroSystems US was on hand displaying some of their more popular Amiga products. Vlab video acquisition program. TV Paint, their 24-bit paint package, and the display-emulating Retina board were on display as well as their new MultiFrame multiple image and video processing controller for An Department Professional and Morph Plus MultiFrame adds the freedom to create multiple effects over time by allowing the user to enter the values for all the complex operators and have the changes take effect over the number of frames that you need to generate.
A new product from Heifner Communications was their Pegger image compression software.
Pegger automatically JPEG's files, saving time and disk space Running in the background, Pegger provides seamless compression and decompression of 24-bit. DCTV. HAM8 and Toaster framestores Pegger s Arexx capabilities allow the integration ol Peggers batch processing abilities with other programs that support Arexx. The list price for the program is $ 99.95. Expert Services were showing off their Picasso II graphics card. Picasso II provides grealer resolutions and more speed than AGA systems and brings the ability to run AGA software on a non- AGA machine. The card brings resolutions up to
1280xt024 with 256 colours on screen. It also supports custom screen modes with up to 16.7 million colours at resolutions as high as 800x600 The Picasso II comes packaged with TVPaintJr and drivers for AdPro. ImageFX, ImageMaster. And Real 3D 2.0. How Commodore are flogging the CD32 to tha Amarlcan punter.
Cards, bringing with it Zorro II and III bus compatibility. 1 Mb or 2Mb fast video RAM. True 16-bit and 24-bit modes, and fully programmable resolutions.
The card also features double butlenng and multiple screens The DKB 3128 was billed as the
• world's largest memory board.' The 3128 allows you to bnng your
Amiga 3000 or 4000 up to 128MB of last RAM. The board accepts
standard For varloui riotous. Amiga gaming it never properly
represented at these events. While productivity, graphics,
sound, music, and more are always well npresented. The Amiga
gaming community Is very seldom present. However, several Amiga
developers have lound ways to combine fun with their
productivity packages.
Ossl announced a new presentation and Interactive production software package. VmeoSugc Fro. Vntnstagi Fra can easily create video aad on-screen interactive presentations Shows can incorporate test, graphics, video clips, and sound.
Remote central via medera or network aad hallt-la Aresi interface onaOle yideoSrege Fra to develop applications In training, kiosk stylo latonnatioa centres, and video catalegans Videotape Fra provides the eser with a pallet 1 images as they create their presentation. This instantly recognisable screen allows the user to construct tha presentation without utilising keywords ot names lor each frame The program, still in beta testing, appeared to he a smooth ranoing competitor lor SCAIA. I See review elsewhere in this issue - fdl Ateg c lenfem by Terre Nova Development Is a program designed to
create, edil. And display delta-compressed animations. It takes as input IFF picture and sound liles created from other sources and creates animations that run on various frame buffers In up to 24-bit colour. Onco an animation Is created It can be edited. All editing lunctions can be accessed through a Workbench-like interface. Megic Lenlern is now available from Terra Nova Development for $ 95.
Designet Oblecls Vol. One. Also by Terra Nova Development. Is a three-disk set ol high quality 3-D objects. The sat Includes all of the objects and Image maps needed to create a complete diner from the 1950s. There are booths, seats, a countar with stools, dishes, utensils and place settings; a pay telephone and a restroom, and a Wurtitzer 1015 jukebos.
The price Is $ 47.50. » MovieMaker is the latest creation from Interactrvce Video Systems. It's a sophisticated digital non-linear hard disk audio video editing system tor animators. It is a complete package and indudes a timeline based editor player. 16-bit audio capture playback card. AES audio editing software and system utility software Several interesting new products were on show trom Interworks. The first was a PCMCIA Ethernet adaptor lor the A600 and A1200. The l-Card package includes a high-speed 16-bit Ethernet adaptor plus a SANA II compatible driver, allowing the A600 and A1200
to easily tie in to the popular ENLAN-DFS peer to peer networking software.
The package also offers complete compatibility with other Amiga Ethernet-based networking programs that lollow Commodore’s SANA II standard.
The MSRP tor this card is $ 299 Interworks second new product was the Photon-Accelerator plug-in module lor Lightwave 3D. The Photon-Accelerator allows Lightwave 3D users to perform complex animations and effects with a powerful, easy to use graphic interface.
The system leatures a 3-D character generator, follow-me motion, perfect tor caterpillars and trains, non-linear time-based editing, and actor- oriented animation.
Finally Irom Interworks was the Toaster Net Render Farm software. Toaster-Net brings tremendous power to any Lightwave 3D user. Toaster Net allows rendering sequences of Lightwave 3D Irames. Rendering selective frames from Lightwave 3D scenes, and efficient delegation of rendering across a network for optimum speed. Toaster-Net requires the Toaster 3.0 software The suggested retail price is $ 349 for a five-system license FARGO Electronics displayed their Primera Colour pnnter. A full-colour, low-cost thermal transfer printer. FARGO also released a pnnter driver for the Amiga. The
incredible thing here is that this pnnter will bnng the high quality of a thermal wax transfer and dye sublimation pnnter to the Amiga lor under $ 1000. FARGO sells an upgrade kit that bHngs photo-realistic quality to the pnnter. The Amiga dnver is being made available at no extra charge. It can be obtained direct from FARGO.
The driver is compatible with all Amigas running Workbench 1.3 or higher A minimum of 2Mb of RAM is required. 4Mb recommended SoftLogik demonstrated PageStream 3.0. a completely new version of their popular desktop publishing program. PageStream 3.0 contains a comprehensive list of features requested by their users and can be used for everything from writing simple letters to publishing complex books with multiple sections and chapters It also has new trapping and plate control leatures It also now supports the PANTONE Colour System In addition to PANTONE support.
PageStream 3.0 offers support lor spot and process colour, and CYMK, HSV. And RGB colour modes. The DTP program will be available in the early fall for S395 In the US.
SoftLogik also demonstrated two Amiga favourites. TypeSmith2.0 and Art Expression.
TypeSmith 2.0 can load, save. Edit, and generate bitmap screen fonts.
Amiga users can create bitmap fonts from scratch manually or automatically create a bitmap version of an existing outline font.
TypeS mitti 2.0 is now available from SoftLogic for $ 199.95. SoftLogic also displayed their Art Expression structured drawing program, designed to make complex or simple drawings which can be scaled and used at any size without loss of quality.
ANIMATED ANTICS Mynad Visual Adventures announced a new training video, Animation 202: Fractal Freedom. The video is an intermediate course in Amiga animation. The first video in this series was a great success and the author adds a flourish of flying fractal scenery that is interesting.
Axiom Software announced two new products.
Anim Workshop 2 and WaveMaker. Anim Workshop 2 is an animating editor for the Amiga Anim Workshop 2 supports all Amiga 4000 AGA modes. Anim5. Anim7. Anim8, animation create, process, edit. Play, sound insertion and batch processing of images WaveMaker allows for the easy creation of Lightwave 3-D animations with little 3D experience VIDEO HIGHWAY Alpha Video has implemented Desktop Video Wizards Network, a desktop video dealer network. Its initial members represent 80% of the dealer Video Toaster sales in the U.S Desktop video dealer members ol the Wizards Network are kept informed through
daily news broadcasts via a private network called Channel 4000.
Channel 4000 is a graphical, interactive transmission sent through SCALA’s InfoChannel and covefs a wide range of topics in several different segments. Desktop video manufacturers sponsor the news and are also recipients of the daily Channel 4000 feed.
Whether it was the result of a long, turbulent summer or the realisation that in order to make money, you must announce and ship product, the result is that the Pasadena World ol Commodore Amiga was a fantastic success for anyone looking for new Amiga products. The Amiga vendors were excited and talked nonstop about their releases.
These same vendors were also speaking off the record about new products and services their companies were preparing for release.
Hot was the key word for WOCA Pasadena '93 for both the weather and the Amiga Despite the doom and gloom merchants, the future looks exceptionally bright for Commodore's Amiga, with many companies unveiling some breathtaking pieces of kit. It was encouraging to see just how much R&D has been committed to the machine by so many hardware and software developers. Watch out lor reviews ol most of the products we've covered in this round up in future issues of CU Amiga! ® ft.
IN FOUR OF OUR CHILDREN LEAVE SECONDARY EDUCATION, AND CAN'T READ PROPERlHH John Major, Prim© Minister DON'T TAX READING Write to your MR today and say 'No' to VAT on publications.
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Amiga 600 Single Drive - The ONLY home computer tor less than £200. Suitable for the child fed up with paying out £40 for software for their Megadrive (software available from £9.99) or for the first time buyer. There are hundreds of software titles available including games, education, word processing, home accounts etc. Games available include strategy role playing, titles where imagination is more important than aggression. Icam to create animations not zap aliens aimlessly. Age Group 8 - 13 A600 Hard Drive - A more serious version of the above. The harxl dpvc saves repeatedly loading
and swapping floppy disks.
Suitable for serious games players and applications such as database management for a student or home office environment. The Epic Pack is particularly useful for a foreign language orientated student. Age Group 12 + Amiga 1200 Chartbusters - Only the really lucky child will receive this as their first computer. Its state of the art latest Amiga technology made it the computer that most kids aspire to. Its fast 32 - hit technology makes it the choice of Amiga enthusiasts w ho want not only the ultimate in games playing but also serious applications. You can expand this computer through the
addition of hard drives, extra memory, accelerator boards whatever the option most suitable for producing any number of serious applications. Want to be a graphic artist, video producer, film director, cartoon animator, musician, mathematician, designer, the only limitation to the machine is your imagination. Age Group 10 - 100 Amiga 1200 Desktop Dvnamite - As above but but with some serious applications included in the package. The perfect solution Tor the student. You want him or her to have a computer to produce school work using quality Desktop Publishing software, he she wants a
dynamic games playing machine. Ibis gives both of you what you are looking for The software alone is worth over £300.
Age Group 14+ Amiga CD32 - The choice for existing Amiga owners looking for the latest product in the range or for the dedicated console owner.
Knocks the Sega for six with its State - of - the - Art graphics. (Colours on screen Sega = 64 CD32 = 256 or 262.000) and processing speed (Sega 16-bit CD32 = 32-bit) To you or me this means that people who write the games can now display more colours on screen and the action can be even faster. Also be aware this is also a Compact disc player with full four voice stereo sound so vou can play your favourite CD’s when the kids are at school. Connects to standard Tvs and most hi - ti's. Age Group 10+ I hope this info assists. With Commodores help I'm certain that there will be thousands of
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I t you cannot answer ves to all of these questions perhaps the credit agreement would be ayik;a 400 030 layments over 6. I: le choice is vours!
» exterior may be sleek bul lurking inside t ksiga CD32 is a technological wonder.
* »heart is the mightily powerful Ik 020 processor from Motorola.
This con- ¦¦ Mk 32 - bit technology which has made r Aaiga 1200
a runaway success through- ,toropC ¦ngude it is Commodore’s
unique custom ik (Advanced Graphics Architecture) m** -
comprising three chips nicknamed
* ¦- Lisa and Alice.
They make Amiga CD32 and awc- nt powerhouse of high speed graphics and ¦nog sound capabilities, tact. The machine can display 256.000 ¦wrs on screen (compared to Scga’s Mega »tuch can only display 64) and has a M colour palette of 16.8 million colours.
Mp CD32 also comes with a chunky 2 ¦I ot RAM (that’s15 times more than Mega ad a double speed drive.
ONLY 1 £289.99 ijh 3 great ¦ titles SPECIFICATIONS: |
* 14 MHZ 68EC020 processor
* 2 Megs 32 - bit chip RAM
* 2 Joystick ports controller ports
* S- videojack
* Composite video jack
* RF output Jack
* Stereo audio jacks
* Keyboard connector auxiliary connector
* Full expansion bus
* Headphone jack
* Headphone volume control
* External brick power supply
* Internal MPEG FMV expansion capability
* Multiple session disc capability AMIGA 1200 [ ITS AN OFFER YOU
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The original and best floating point unit and memory upgrade for the Amiga A1200. Available with 0.4 or 8 MB of 32 bit Fast RAM and a choke of floating point units.Now complete with real time clock (RTC) MBXI200Z 68881 14 MHZ OMB INDI PRICE £109.99 MBX1200Z 68881 14 MHZ 4MB INDI PRICE £249.99 MBXI200Z 68881 14 MHZ 8MB INDI PRICE £449.99 MBXI200Z 68882 25 MHZ OMB INDI PRICE £169.99 MBXI200Z 68882 25 MHZ 4MB INDI PRICE £309.99 MBX 1200Z 68882 25 MHZ 8MB INDI PRICE £519.99 MBX 1200Z 68882 50 MHZ 0 MB INDI PRICE £249.99 MBXI200Z 68882 50 MHZ 4MB INDI PRICE £379.99 MBX 1200Z 68882 50 MHZ 8MB INDI
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Commodores original and best selling colour stereo monitor.
Urations. INDI is very pleased to announce the availability of the new 68030 accelerator product for the A1200; the microboocs MI230 XA (call it the “XA" for short). 50 Mhz as standard! Huge 128 MB memory design is standard (the biggest memory space in any A1200 peripheral) just look at these specifications and prices!
M1230 XA W 40 MHZ EC 030 OMB INDI PRICE £239.99 Ml230 XA W 40 MHZ EC 030 4MB INDI PRICE £369.99 Ml230 XA W 40 MHZ EC 030 8MB INDI PRICE £599.99 M1230 XA W 50 MHZ MMU030 0MB INDI PRICE £349.99 MI230XA W 50 MHZ MMU 030 4MB INDI PRICE £479.99 M1230 XA W 50 MHZ MMU 030 8MB INDI PRICE £711.99 AUDIO VISUAL MEGAMIX. Low cost hi spec d*tal effects cartridge plugs into the printer port of the Amip Allows stereo sampling from almost any musical source.
The ultimate accessory for Amiga Video fans. Separate RGB controls to chroma key on any colour _ INDI PRICE£249.99 TipoH] ROMBO VIDI AMIGA 11 (RT [Used on da t«* irfir* VM Anvga 11 Thoal new version oilers real time colour capture from any video source Full AGA chipset support as standard for al A1200 4000 users.
INDI PRICE £129.99 ¦~350003l AMIGA PERIPHERALS 2MB SMARTCARDTN. M u* the only fuby PCMCIA compatible memory card lor A600' A1200 Comes with Bfcone fNoTwilCE £ 129.99 4MB SMARTCARD. Sam. As above but INDI PRICE £199.99 Microboocs beats the competition m price pei DISK DRIVES NEW FROM MICROBOTICSm.
Combines powerful tools with an intuitive interface so both prof a sionals and beginners alike can get superb results quickly. New enhancements to the software include the ability to paint and anxi in 4696 colours m the Amiga's HAM (Hold and Modify mode Nev animation features also include metamorphosis allowing you to ch one image into another. You determine the number of frames am Dpamt IV does the rest INDI PRICE ££3.99 |NPI 35020 ART DEPARTMENT PROFESSIONA The ultimate n image processing provxkng many key benefits to users working with pictures.With ADPro you can read, write and vert
between most common image file formats with unmatched fl bikty. Full support for JPEG image makes it possible to maintain image library in full 24 - bit colour without needing massive hard storage. TypKaRy a 600 Kb image can be compressed down to 41 INDI PRICE £ 139.99 IlNDI! 35020 MORPH PLUS You've seen Micheal Jackson's video, you've seen the television a using the latest techniques in morphing, now now you can create d same results but at a fraction of the cost Morph Plus is the b the ultimate m this technology. Whether you are a professional a or just want to experiment at home Morph Plus
is a must INDrt RICE £129.99 With Real 3D V2 you can produce high quality images and anima of three dimensional models with an astondmg level of realism. We creating an animation that shows a handfull of balls bounce down flight of stairs to the bottom. Gravity, collusion, deflection and the tKity of the ba s are all automaocaly calculated by the program' DELUXE PAINT IV AGA REAL 3D V2 ZAPPO 601 Trapdoor upgrade for the A600. I Mb with RTC INDI PRICE £49.99 ZAPPO 601 INC As above only 5I2K.
No dock INDI PRICE £29.99 £189.99 (£179.99 if purchased with A600 I A1200 I A1500) OPAL VISION INDI PRICE£299.99 3S02C The already acclaimed Opalvision Board takes three further leaps into the future with the official launch of the Opalvision modules. With truly awesome capabilities the Amiga can now become the most professional 24 - bit video graphics power station ever!
It's a spectacular product - AMIGA Computing fa final, mast profaaxind part pngrtrn to am on the Amfom
- Amgo Format "Profasond guafcy at tfB Ate cart be tamed o*of -
An a User International "The wnkx ms unovnous - brifant" -
Atngo Shopper mm»q25qi £499.99 PACK INCLUDES IMAGINE V2.0
SCALA Multimedia 200 (MM20 Is the ultimate on professional
video titling. The eminent design typefaces, the unlimited
choice of typographical details, the high non and the more than
80 exciting wipes result in video caption
r. No wonder that Scala is used by leading teirm exquisite
stations a IWPI 3S02 INDI PRICE £139.99 1,0 m,bbte SCALA HOME
Director, anyone with an Amiga, a camcorder and can quickly
and easily catalogue and edit the best moments fro video
tapes. Video Director is extremely easy to use. You can;
control your camcorder and VCR from your Amiga screen V
Director comes with everything you need to get started The I
ware to control your camcorder' and VCR is induded _ INDI
PRICE £ 119.99 350
• Camcorder must have a LANC or Control L compatible port
Professional software is it 3 419 999 FAX: 0543 418 079 TERMS
• printer market at great depth to find a colour printer good
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affordable price.
Pr «r xi the KX - P2180 and KX • P2123 quiet printers ¦e* 9m * you were going to buy a Panasonic printer you would probably need a quality word processing package to use with it We found that too. With Wordworth' yet at thought that might be a little too expensive on top of your printer purchase! So together with Panasonic we decided to give a copy of Wordworth' free with every
• so* i that for added value' KX - P2I80 KX - P2I23
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ment processor for the full range of AMIGA computers The
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Colvts spell checker and thesaurus, no other word processor
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colours with I £Q .-'technology ThenewKX-P2l80istyp*al»y
I5d8a LI U7
• MB' ¦ operation, than the competition
• • Printing Speeds 192 CPS NLQ
• C iiaar Printing 7 colour palette (blue. Red. Green. YeRow.
Violet magenta.black)
• printing Super quiet 45 - 48 dBa sound level (most matrix
printers are typ*
* * excess of 60 dBa)
• 6 Resident Fonts Over 6.100 type styles using Courier Prestige.
Bold PS. Roman.
And Sans Serif Fonts.
• J Paper Paths Paper handling from bottom, top and rear for
total flexibility
• 1 Tear Warranty for total peace of mind The new high
performance Panasonic KX - P2123 24 pin. Quiet colour printer
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* Fast Printing Speeds 192 CPS draft. 64 CPS LQ and 32 SLQ
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matrix printers are typically in excess of 60 dBa)
* 7 Resident Fonts OverlS2,000 type styles using Super LQ.
Courier Prestige. Bold PS. Roman. Scnpt and Sans Serif Fonts.
* 24PIN Diamond Printhead High performance and high quality
output Panasonic LASER PRINTER 35020: ¦¦320002] £549.99 Inc VAT
Imminent pnee increase.
Thu pnee while stocks last KXP - 4430
* Satinpont (optimum resolution technology)*
* 5 Pages per minute
* HP Laserjet III Emulation. PCL 5
* 8 Scalable fonts A 28 bitmap functions
* Optional 2nd input bin (total print er capacity 2 x 200 sheets
* Optional memory expansion to 5 0 Mb (I Mb as standard) !320003
• 5 pages per minute
• 28 resident fonts
• Optional 2nd input bin (total printer capacity 2 x 200 sheets)
• Low running costs
• Parallel interface
• Optional memory expansion to 4.5 Mb 0 5 as standard)
• HP laserjet II Emulation Panasonic PRINTER ACCESSORIES
218CV KXP 2123 holds »M sheets INDI PRICE £89.99
2) PRINT DUST COVER „ _ Specaly adored quaky du« cover for
Panasonic KXP 2180 KXP 2123 pnnter IntX PRICE £8.99
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Panasonic printers.
INDI PRICE £8.99, a 9* puthMd -xh 1 [two)
£9.99 TEL: 0543 419 999
STANDARD FEATURES % 68020 Processor * PCMCIA Slot. * 2MB Chip
RAM. * 3.5" Internal I
* AA Chipset * Built in TV modulator * Alpha numeric keypad.
I(i 12 Months at home maintenance.
* Wordworth AGA* Print Manager * Deluxe Paint IV AGA * Oscar AG
* Dennis The Menace AGA 300003] 6 MONTHS INTEREST FREE .. ..
Deposit ....£35.49 £347.99 4 Monthly payments of £53.25 =
£3 19J Total interest Free Price ..£354.99
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ADD £23(1 r from £ I 1.04* per month "(Credit price based on 36
monthly payments APR 29.8%. Total repayment £397.92 and 90 day
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80 Mb and 120 Mb Hard Disk upgrades available on any A1200. Upgrade does PACK CUSTOMER CHARTER INDI Direct Mall is original and very exciting.
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INDI PRICE £369.99 W nunt way to IftttaJL INDI PRICE £79.99 9 TEL: 0543 419 999 FAX: 0543 418 079 CU AMIGA COVERDISKS COVE DISK G® If this month's coverdisk had been available in the Fifteenth century, Leonardo DaVinci would have put away his pencils for good. Expert Draw is the ultimate drawing tool for artists and desk top publishers alike.
r X r J Too I box Layout Tools _J Coordinates J Grid X | _| Snap to Grid Pages ize DIN 031 DIN R4[ DIN R5| DIN R6| DIN B4 1 DIN B5| Lett Width | .27 Borders Left [0724“ Top |0 . 59 ?r1 Legal | Height |11 .69 Landscape 1 Right |B . $ 4 Button |8 . 24 Measur i ng Systen I .
Pt I Real ExpertDraw is a structured drawing program - it doesn't mess around with bit-mapped images like the typical paint and drawing programs. With ExpertDraw you can build graphics and re-size them without 'jaggies' or loss of quality. However, drawing with this program is not as straightforward as it is with other graphic packages, but with a little practice and patience spectacular results can be obtained.
AGA-AMIGAS First of all, a note to Amiga users who have machines with the AGA chipset. Before using ExpertDraw you must select either Original or Enhanced chipset from the Boot Options screen and then continue to boot up. To call up the Boot Options screen hold down both mouse buttons immediately after a reset.
Right, with that bit out of the way we can continue looking at the program. ExpertDraw will load on its own interlaced screen. If you want non-interlaced then you must alter the tooltypes to FLAGS=NOLACE.
Your Workbench manual will tell you how to do this. Other options are FLAGS=STD for a standard screen, ExpertDrav i toolbox has a variety ol Icons that control objects and their creation.
The Document requestor sets up your paper size and the type ol measurement system you're lamlllar with.
Or FLAGS=WB to open ExpertDraw on the Workbench.
This conserves Chip memory.
WHAT'S ON THE MENU When ExpertDraw is up and running you will see the work area - a large window with drag bars along two sides. In the work area there is a white rectangle which is the piece of paper' that we are going to draw on.
At the extreme right of the screen is the toolbox which has a number of gadgets for us to draw with.
By holding down the right mouse button we can access the pull-down menus in the program's title bar. The first menu is labelled Global. Here's a breakdown of what the options do.
New: will delete everything on the page, allowing you to start afresh if you get bored with the drawing you are working on.
Document: will call up a requestor which you can use to determine the size of page you want to work on.
This requestor also controls the measurement system for your drawing and shows the rulers that border the work area.
The numbers in the boxes below borders indicate the page's margin.
These can be altered if you want to limit your graphics to a particular area.
Load and Save: enable you to keep your ExpertDraw documents on disk.
Save Preferences: stores the configuration of ExpertDraw to disk, so that you don't have to reset it to match your requirements each time it is loaded.
The next two menus, Import and Export, are for saving and loading other types of graphic files.
ExpertDraw can load in files generated by Aegis Draw. Clips from ProDraw or itself, and VectorTrace files.
POSTSCRIPT Files that can be saved in addition to ExpertDraw'S own document format are: Clips. Postscript (EPS), and Screen (IFF).
The View menu contains a number of items that control how much of the page you can see. Here's a guide to some of the options available.
Layout Tools: will call up a requestor that has a number of buttons within it. The ruler button is already switched on.
Co-ordinates: will open a small window at the bottom of the screen which gives the current cursor position as an x.y co-ordinate. This position will be given in the measurement unit (inches, picas, etc) set in the Global Document requestor.
Grid: overlays the work area with a grid of dots which can be used as a measuring template. The distance between the dots is specified in the x,y fields.
Snap to grid: limits the drawing tools so that all operations must start and end on one of the grid points.
Border: is the gadget that switches on the boundaries set in the OK COVERDISKS CU AMIGA Global Document requestor Wire frame: If this is on the current drawing is shown in outline mode only. Switch it off and all objects created will be filled.
ExperlDraw can operate in colour but the more colours you use. The slower the program gets. In Black and White mode colours are represented by up to 16 shades of grey which greatly speeds up re drawing.
Passing over the Object menu we come to the Attributes menu. This menu contains a selection of colours for fill objects and lines This menu also determines line thicknesses or weight. Replace calls up a requestor where you can search lor particular drawing attributes, like line weights, and replace them with different values Before we move on to those menus not yet covered we had better look at the toolbox and do some drawing.
SaClick on the box that contains f l I a squiggly line. This is the _TlJ Freehand Drawing tool. Now go over to your paper and, with the left mouse button held down (LMBHD), draw a shape. Try drawing a heart shape Not easy Is if?! Drawing accurately with the mouse takes a lot of practice. Luckily, many drawings can be built up from simple shapes.
ItJ. DNow selec1 ,he 1001 ,hal looks ffllike a square with a box in USA each comer. This is the Select Move points tool. Go over to your 'heart' and with the pointer to the top and left of the object drag out a box to surround it.
This is done with LMBHD during the operation You should now see a number of points appear on the circumference of your object These are the support points.
You can now pick any point and move its position. The connecting lines are adjusted so you could attempt to tidy up the object The start point is shown larger than the rest.
L O To load your Expen Draw disk, you'll lirst need lo load Workbench or boot Irom a hard drlvo. Once Workbench hat loaded, inject Ciptn Draw and load II with Ihe Eiperl Oraw icon Load | Sava_| The colour requestor has e number ot presets.
Theee ere described In a choice ol RGB or CYMK values. Custom Mttlngt can be named end added to the list.
R_ . The arrow is used to select . Kl and move the obtects you " 11 have drawn To select an object click on the Select Move Objects tool and Ihen on the heart shape All the support points disappear to be replaced by four small squares al each comer of the object Wrth LMBHD the pointer will change to a hand and you can then reposition the object on the page.
F Select the object and click on i Trashcan tool. No more . Now dick on the tool ithat looks like a lifebelt Our heart re appears This is the Undo tool.
Okay, let's draw something more substantial. Dump what you've already done by seiecbng GlobalNew. Now choose GlobalDocument and set the page size to A4 with measurement in centimetres (cm).
Now go to View and pick Full Width, then Layout Tools. In this requestor choose Grid. Pop over to Attributes and call up the Line Width requestor. Choose a setting of 2.0 points.
1 Click on the tool with the square and holding the left mouse button down create a square about 9cm in size.
Use the rulers to gauge the size.
To make it easier hold down Ihe shift key while you do this. It forces ExpertDraw to make the rectangle exactly square.
We are going lo draw a computer disk.
.r-Cj Click on the box that contains | £-v M the Pacman lookalike. This is kLI the Sector tool. Now dick on a dot in the gnd and with the LMBHD drag out a small circle thal fills an area in an imaginary box formed by four ot the grid dots.
Once this is finished a requestor will appear and I want you to alter the angle from 360 to 90'. Select OK' and an arc is drawn.
Now go up to the title bar and pick the Object Copy item. This will store a copy of our object in memory Move the arc near to the top left corner of the square.
|_ dClick on the magnify- Ll ling glass (Zoom Tool)
I. .. inland Ihen using the technique we used to drag out a
rectan- gle, draw one around the square's corner so that it
encloses the arc too.
An enlarged image appears and we can accurately place the curve into the comer of the square. Now pick the menu View 200%. Go over to the other comer and enlarge that using the Zoom as we did before Then choose Object Insert. A rectangle appears attached to the pointer. Drop it onto the page with a click of the mouse. We now need to rotate this arc for the other comer.
| xPIck the Rotate tod. It looks
• f-Ilike a circular arrow Objects . Ttlcan be turned through any
number of angles about any position.
We want to turn our arc so that it fits the other comer.
Type in -90' in the Centre field, press Return and then dick on OK'.
The arc is rotated 90 degrees clockwise. Place as before and then do the bottom right corner, using -180' for that angle.
H a Select the box containing the O' | pen This is the Bezier ¦ I Polygon Curve drawing tod. It is very powerful, yet the most difficult to master.
Enlarge the bottom-left corner and with the 8ezier Curve tool activated dick on the upright side of the disk picture, about five divisions on the ruler up from the bottom. Now move the mouse diagonally so that the line drawn reaches the CU AMIGA OFFERS JsKu&yi 4- © NL T ft II I ( ) 1 C_L PLEASE POST ME MY COPY OF THE ORIGINAL EXPERTDRAW INSTRUCTION MANUAL FOR THE UNBEATABLE PRICE OF £9.99 PLUS £ 1.75 POST & PACKING TO:- 'I enclose my cheque postal order for £ 11.74.
• please charge my credit card number.. Which expires on.
(’Please delete as appropriate) Take advantage of this special offer, exclusive to | CU Amiga readers, and gat the very best use out of your November edition cover disk of ExpertOraw.
Simply fill out the order form, post or fax H to us at the address below and we will post you your copy of the 47-page instruction manual for an Incredible £9.99 plus £ 1.75 post and packing. We are expecting heavy demand, so please allow up to 21 days for delivery.
Post or fax your order to:- The Digital Warehouse Limited, Unit 1 5, The Latton Bush Business Centre, Southern Way, Harfow, Essex, CM18 7BH Fax: 0279 452750 Please note we are unable to accept telephone orders.
• n Is mad* up with rectsn- VtctorTrac* BW md wet Load IFF-File
lower edge ol our disk and dick the LMB As you move Ihe mouse
another line is drawn from that point Pressing Ihe ESC key on
your keyboard will cancel lurther drawing.
Mipg Pots _j Clean Picture Incp «* Out I Ines Save IFF-FI I« J Negativn J Now complete Ihe disk by drawing rectangles tor the slider, its window and the write protect hole. Finish oft by placing arcs In the relevant comers. II they don't accurately line up then you can use Zoom to enlarge an area, followed by the Select Move Points tool to highlight the line's points. By dick- mg on the little square support points and with IMBHD you can adjust the lines into the right positions This is best done under magnification.
J Lines I- Rreas [~ Snooth Curves Opt in i ze I Pack_j Save VectorTrace-Filei other comers, including the comer that has a slope instead ot an arc.
I ExpertDraw can manipulate text too. Before it can be placed onto a drawing, a base line has to be put in position. For the disk label, I drew a large arc with zero line width and an angle of 100 degrees. This was then positioned and rotated in the disk label area.
A click ot the tool labelled A' followed by a click within the baseline object's area calls up the text requestor ExpertDraw provides two fonts in various sizes. The label text was done in Helvectica at 36 pis with Middle justification It was Aligned to curve and Rotated This means that the text tollows the curve with each letter at ninety degrees to the baseline, thus forming an arch.
I Using the tool that looks like a square with arrows coming from it, we can resize the entire object.
This tool can also be used to create curves To do this the lead points must be defined This is done with LMBHD to draw out and rotate the lead point When the button is released the curve can be positioned and then the process can begin again, unless ESC is pressed.
IThere are now a lot of corners II in our disk that have arcs llroundmg them off. Let's remove these sharp edges. Enlarge each corner and highlight the line support points using SeleclMove Points. Click on the tool that has a pair of sdssors in it. This is the Remove Points tool. Click on the point at the right angle It has now been split into two. Although you cannot see it just yet. Click on the point and. With LMBHD. Drag the line back to the beginning of the arc. Do the same tor the other line and all the HF
like a boa and arrow is the Insert Point tool Select two points
In sequence alter dieting on this bos and you can then put a
new point between them.
The tool similar to Move Select Points but with an arrow Is Ihe Polygon Closing tool.
When selected the last point of a polygon will be connected directly to the llrst.
The bos with the thin diagonal arrow is the Polygon Connecting tool. By selecting the start point ol ooo polygon, and the end point ol another, it Is possible to link them together.
Select the object with the Select Points tool then click on the Resize tool. Move the pointer to the top left of the disk and. With LMBHD, drag out a box that is larger than your original The picture will now be enlarged. If your box is smaller then the object is reduced. It you drag the box away from the object then the result is rotated. Hint: always save your work after every other drawing operation - just in case.
Yflftvmsv* We have already used some of the items from the Attnbutes menu This is what the others do.
Undo acts the same way as its namesake in the toolbox Front and Back will move a currently selected object either to the lore or to the rear.
Select All will highlight all the points in a drawing. The Select Points tool is used to draw a rectangle. Only points that fall within that rectangle will be selected.. Cut operates like Copy, but the original is deleted from the drawing.
Align is used to place objects relative to each other or to the page. One of its uses is to centre text, so ExpertDraw can be used as a Desktop Publishing (DTP) program if you've got the time NU: &KCI&I3E The Special menu contains a number of useful items, especially for owners of DTP programs.
The VectorTrace function allows you to load in an ordinary bn-mapped IFF and have it converted to a structured drawing. This can then be used in your DTP package as is, or it can undergo further manipulation in ExpertDraw. After loading in the picture with Load IFF. It is best to pre-process the image as ExpertDraw does not like loose ends.
Picking Wipe Dots will remove any stray pixels from the image. This should be followed by Clean Picture to dispose of any checkerboard patterns (grids) it might contain.
Once this is done you can choose what type of trace you want from AutoTrace. ExpertDraw provides some bitmap clipart on disk tor you to expenment on.
Colour Blend will graduate colours between objects. First select an object of one colour, then another of a different hue. Now select them as a group and choose Special Colour Blend. This can work on text too Distortion will alter the symmetry or persfiective of an object. With LMBHD you can deform the object.
Press ESC to set the changes.
Hint: practice makes perfect SAMPLES There was just room enough on the disk to squeeze on a tew IFF sound samples There s one taken from the Roland TB 303 (see this issue's Sound Lab feature for more info), plus a short breakbeat and a little jazzy loop. These can be loaded into just about any music package TUNES AND PICTURES Double click the picture icons to view them from Workbench, or load them into any paint package The tunes can be heard by double clicking their icons, and can be loaded into OctaMED, Protracker ana other tracker-based programs To stop the tune paying, press both mouse
buttons together.
CU AMIGA COVERDISKS covs Biiic m Not one. Not two. But three whole demos for you this month.
Who else can claim to bring you such great value for money?
Playable demo is taken from the loading sequence to the game and shows off the graphic engine a treat.
The movie like sequence sets the scene for the game with a lone adventurer pitted against the might of Star Fleet, or some other such sci-fi malarkey. He's made planet O or black like this. Don't worry It is loading Alter a briel time the game will tan loaded. Time to read the other copy ¦on tar He relevant instrudlons. It, ¦reign soon qoirk ol tata . The dish doesn t mod ay me above procedure again. It yoo'rn *11 having problems tate a look at lha panel headed If your dish won't load' on the coverdlsk pages.
YOU* QUICKSTART GUIDE TO LOADING DISK 69 It's a braeia getting into all tliat gaming tun contained on this month's dish. Follow these Instructions and you'll ha laughing.
Fall to do so and we'll send the boys round in the wee hours ol the morning DE-CBUNCH1NGSI While the demo is loading the screen ¦ill either go grey like this... DE-CRUNCHING!!!
Q When the menu appears you'll see three icons to choose Irom. To load any one ol them simply clich once on the icon with the mouse pointer or, even easier, press the appropriate function key (Ft, F2 or F3).
Frontier is probably the finest game ever made. In fact, it you check out our review you'll see it’s the highest scoring game we've ever featured in CU AMIGA If you want to see what all the luss is about load up this superb demo Coded by David Braben, this game has been in the works lor live whole years and it shows. Super smooth, finely detailed and action packed Frontier will stun you into insanity. This enclusive non- fall in a desperate attempt to avoid two military assault craft that are on his tail. He's spotted though and, as the ships dive in tor the attack, he guns his thrusters and
shoots off into deep space Anyway, sit back, relax and take m the sheer gob smacking thrill that is Frontier O Switch off your machine lor at least 30 seconds. Viruses are nasty, dirty things and you don't want to give this beautitul dean dish a nasty infection Turn it on again and wait tor the dish prompt to appear Whach in dish 69 and wait lor it to load lha menu.
V'- uropeaii FREEPHONE 0800 318576 Fax: 0480 496379 F17 CHALLEN F19 STEALTH FI FLASHBACK
They're automatically dropped into Magic Boy's bag, pull down and they disappear back into the cage at the bottom of the screen Don't dally though or they'll escape again.
Occasionally, a stunned beastie will drop a bonus for you such as three way fire and a special shot which allows you to fire up.
They’re usually released af a relevant point so put them to good use. If you've got the time, take a look around each level for the hidden warp that completes that J Now you ire you JK ¦ Tsp per ton 2nd Cta* £1.50 per Hem lfl CU* £200 per ton 1* Clau fX.C 0.00 pff ton; NonXi.C. - £6 00 per ton; Sw t Air E.E.C. • £5.75 per Hot; Swift Air Non LE.C. ¦ £9.00 per Item | Next (fyCcuvr: £5.00 per consignment (Up to 5fcg DetariesMo»ffiOrty) TKIes marted with a8 mav not be released at time of going to press. Please . E toravalab*ty and a Ml copy ol our terms arid conditions.
Titles msried with a ? Are available at the prtce shown while stocks last OPEN ALL DAY SATURDAY NAME ADDRESS POSTCODE ITEM ITEM PHONE PRICE PRICE PRICE POSTAGE TOTAL Ulhc COM Those Team 17 boys have gone back to basics with this frighteningly addictive dassic- style platformer. Out on budget now, Gwak has no silly story, no false hype and no frills - just one very playable game. And we’ve secured four levels of action for you. You can even ask a mate to join in for some two-player simultaneous leaping!
The object is to collect all the keys on the screen in as short a time as possible. To put a spoke in your wheels there’s all manner of weird creatures just waiting to pounce. Single contact with them removes a layer of armour, multiple contact means death. To keep them out of your way chuck an egg in their face! Watch out though cos the supply s limited. You can add to your egg collection by picking up the fruits scattered around the screen, collect enough and you'll get an egg-xaggerated bonus at the end of the level. You might also notice a few brown bottles here and there, ptck one up and
have a glug
- you never know you might get an egg-cellent power up for a
short while. Some potions will even turn your eggs into
chocolate - these are special weapons which kill baddies
immediately. When a creature dies it'll throw a sweet up into
the air. Be quick and catch one for a special bonus.
Get Qwaking!
8. 99 AIR BUCKS 1.2 19 99
• ATAC 22 99 A-TRAIN
10 99 ? BAT 2 12 99 BATTLE ISLE 93 1599 BLADE OF DESTINY
25. 99 BLASTAR
15. 99
• BLOB 15 99 BODY BLOWS 16 99
CAMPAIGN v ssew vs* 11 99 CARDIAXX
7. 99
11. 99 CIVILIZATION 22 99
9. 99
17. 99
5. 99
• DRACULA 1899 DUNE 2 19 99 ? Z.NGEON VAS"P :ha:s 17 99
8 99
11. 99 PROJECT X 999
21. 99 ? PUTTY 9 99 15 99 RAGNAROK ?C * 19 99 ? RAHROAO TYCOON
1799 19 99 REACH FOR THE SKIES 19 * 799 ROBOCOO 8 99
7. 99 ROBOCOO A1200 : 99 7 99 ?ROME AO 92 z « 16 99 SCRABBLE : 99
22 99 + SF ‘IS Bli OC!R-:v 2 99 16 99 SHADOWLANDS 7 99
7. 99 SHADOWORLDS 15 99 19 99 ?SILENT SERVICE 2 13 99
21. 99 SIM CITY 0ELUXE 25 99
10. 99 SIM LIFE (A1200) 2? 99 9 99 SOCCER KID 17 99 25 50 SPACE
HULK 2? 99 5 99 SPACE LEGENOS 19 99 10 99
• STAR TREK mi* u«u’0i 22 99 19 99 ? STORM MASTER 6 99
7. 99
• THE BLUE AWO TH6 GREY 22 99 1299 THE GREATEST 19 99 17 99 ?
RYDER CUP(A1200) 16 99 10 99
• TORNADO CAU 19 99 ?TROODLERS 8 99 20 99
• UNIVERSAL monsters 16 99 13 99
• URIDIUM 2 CALL 16 99 WALKER 1? 99
9. 99 WAR IN THE GULF 20 99 17 99
8. 99 WONDERDOG 16 99
10. 99 WOODY'S WORLD 15 99 1699 W0RL0S OF LEGENl 16 99 13 99 ?
WWF 2 999 25 50 YofJOE!
15 99
17. 99 15 99 ?ZOOL JOYSTICKS 12 99
7. 99 CHEETAH BUG 10 99 16 99 COMPETITION PRO 1099
19. 99 CRUISER (BLACK) 8 99 1699 FOOTPEDAL 18 99 20 99 MAVERICK
10 99
14. 99 TAC 2 IWHITE.'BLACK) 7 99
15. 99 NAVIGATOR 1199
17. 99 CL CKSHOT Al-AC-r 599 9 99 QUICKSHOT PYTHON 899 13 99 1699
* •»«» *-to* ••«»*«*¦ IfeOC cm i cn iniramcri i SHOW *93 L0M00M
15. 99 11.49 ULTMA5
9. 49 ELITE
14. 99 LOTUS TUB BO 2
9. 99 LOTUS 3
10. 49 15.99 13.49
14. 49 14.99 11.49 14.49 14 4S UTWKWS-- ------ (AM
....- ..%• FUN SCHOOL 3 (2-S Y"S)
.14* FUN SCHOOL J (VT YRS) -------- Ml A*. LANO A
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A GUIDE TO AMIGA MAINTENANCE Computers have a habit of breaking down at the worst possible moment.
It’s infuriating, but there’s nothing you can do about it, is there? Well, actually there’s plenty you can do to avoid your beloved Amiga letting you down when you need it most. Once it has gone down, there are usually a number of options you can take before you call in the men in white coats. Let CU AMIGA take you on a crash course in computer first aid.
CU AMIGA wm PART 1 1 MAINTENANCE I CU AMISA KNOW YOUR ENEMY- INSBE AN AMIGA 1 - 512K Ram upgrade. This is known as Iasi RAM.
2 - Kickstart chip. This can be upgraded to 2.1 to support more RAM.
3 - Agnus chip is concerned with moving graphics, and is the most expensive chip 4 - 68000 central processor. Accelerators replace this and make your machine much taster.
5 - Gary helps with the drives and keyboard among other things.
6 - Paula is the chip that handles the Amiga's lour channel sound output.
7 - Cl As are one ol the commonest components to go wrong in the Amiga because they are involved with the parallel aiW serial ports, the mouse, drives and keyboaro 8 - The floppy drive would normally go here.
9 • Denise is another ol the chips involved in the Amiga's graphics. This time it handles sprites, the screen resolutions and number of colours.
10 - RAM chips. In this case 512k of 256kbit chips make up the computer's chip 11 - Data butlers. These chips act as a temporary storage area lor inlormation being processed by the custom chips.
12 - External ports and connectors. These include the parallel, serial and mouse ports. Between them, misuse of these ports accounts lor a substantial number ol faulty Amigas as plugging things into them whilst the machine is switched on can blow a number of chips, especially the ClAs.
Orange dotted box - Metal shielding. Although you can only see the bottom hall here, the metal shield that surrounds your motherboard is located in this area so that it will pass American regulations on Radio Frequency emissions.
There are a number of habits you can get into that will help keep your Amiga ticking over in good health.
Keeping yuiij* Auriga healthy Dust covers are a very good idea.
Dust can creep up slowly before you realise that it's even there. Dust weaves its way into all the sensitive nooks and crannies of your computer. Anyone living down-wind from a talcum powder factory, in a densely populated house, with lots of pets and a tumble dryer, should keep their machine covered at all times when it's not in use.
Cables and sockets wear out very quickly if they're switched around regularly. If you use a TV with your Amiga, it’s worth investing in a small switcher box. You can then have both your TV aerial lead and the output from your Amiga permanently plugged into the box.
When you want to change from one to the other, all you need to do is throw the switch. This will stop you having to continually pull at the TV aerial socket, which will probably give out very quickly.
Mouse problems are usually due to dirty rollers. Depending on your computer's environment, you may have to clean the rollers once a week to keep it running smoothly. This is a simple job, but can be fiddly with smaller mice. All you need to do is open up the hatch on the bottom of the mouse, take out the ball, and scrape the gunge from the rollers.
Then, reassemble the mouse and that’s that.
If it still isn't working properly, it could be that one of the 8520 chips has developed a fault. If this is the case, you’ll probably find that the mouse only works horizontally or vertically. If so. Check the mouse on another Amiga to check whether it's your computer that’s at fault. If the mouse works fine with another Amiga take a look at the 8520 chips, and check whether they have come unseated.
Disk drive failure is usually due to one of two things: head misalignment or dirty heads. Disk drive cleaners are like normal floppy disks, but instead of having a magnetic plastic disk inside, they have a circular piece of cloth, onto which you can put drops of cleaning fluid. When inserted into the drive with the computer switched on.
It spins round and cleans the heads.
Alignment problems usually come down to loose components in the drive. If the head is drastically out of place, you should be able to spot this once you’ve taken the casing off the drive, and then be able to re-locate it.
B lmHGS GO Whenever something unexpected happens, the first thing you must test is your power supply. The vast majority of problems are often caused by dodgy power supplies and the effects can be extremely diverse. If there's not a proper flow of current around your computer's various bits and pieces, all kinds of things can break down. Try your power supply on another Amiga and also try a different power supply with your Amiga.
If your mate’s computer acts up with your power supply, you’ve found the root of your problem.
If you're still none the wiser, disconnect all your peripherals and try using the computer with various combinations of TV. Monitor, any add-ons you may have available. After all that, if the Amiga is still dead, you could check the seating of the chips on the circuit board. Beware that when you open the case of your Amiga, you void any warranty you may have. If the machine is still covered by a warranty, get it looked at by an authorised technician.
Note: before you take a screwdriver to the computer, disconnect It from the mains and the power supply.
Make a note of the colour of screen you get when you power-up, and refer to the error messages section on page 45 for some dues as to what has gone wrong.
Armed with some basic knowledge of the offending components, you can then make some basic checks by removing the cover of the computer, and going around the chips in sequence, making sure that they're all firmly in place. If nothing seems to be out of order, put the cover back, and give it one last try. The old ‘take it apart and put it back | together’ trick works surpris-
* ingly often, but I when all your | attempts have failed, it’s .
Time to call in . The SOFTWARE ALERTS 6 GURU MESSAGES System
crashes are no Inn. But when they do occur there are things to
be learned Those seemingly meaningless numbers that pop up at
the too ol the screen with the Guru or Sottware Failure
messages can tell you |ust whal went wrong, likewise, the error
codes thrown up hy AmigaDos can also be dea phered. Helping you
gel to the root ot the problem.
Not only that, but did you also realise that the Hashing Capslock key and the screen colours at power-up are all clues to any bugs that may have cropped up7 You do now.
With help Irom Commodore s technical supporl department. CU AMIGA can now bring you the definitive guide to all the error codes you could ever come across, right Irom the A500 through to the A4O00 LERTS These are the messages that appear in Hashing red boies on the older Amigas. And yellow boies on the more recent machines The number you see is really lour diHerent numbers which tell you which subsys tern the program was in. The type ot error that occured. And the memory address that it was accessing at the time. By analysing these, you should be able to ligure out why il crashed. A Guru
Meditation error is presented as a 16 character number such as: AA BB CCCC DDDDDDDO A*Subsystem 10 codes B*General error codes
C. Specitic alert codes
D. Address Subsystem ID codes identity in which subsystem the
error occurred It this number is preceeded by an 8 (eg. 81).
This indicates a Dead-end non-recoverable alert.
SUBSYSTEM ID CODES 00 - CPU Exception 01 - Exec library 02 Graphics library 03 - layers library 04 - Intuition library 05 - Maths library 07 - Dos Library 08 - RAMLIB Library 09-Icon library OA - Expansion library OB - Disllont library 10 - Audio Device 11-Console Device 12-Gameport Device 13 - Keyboard Device 14 - Trackdisk Device 15-Timer Oevice 20 -CIA Resource 21 - Disk Resource 22 - Misc Resource 30 - Bootstrap 31 - Workbench 32 - Oiskcopy 33 - Gadtools 34 - Utility Library 35 - Unknown mn B Enhaces the speed of graphic c the performance of many games Reduces the time required lor c
programs Completely compatible with 68000 processor - even while accelerated Easy A2000 installation 28 out paces expensive irators. But if you need to slow down r games or older software, use the i off switch or the software J control.
This package contains detailed installation instructions and everything you need to increase your computers speed from 7MHz Supra Turbo 28 The Supra Turbo 28 accelerator turns your Amiga 500 or Amiga 2000 into s 28MHz speedster!
Now you can run high-performance programms without investing in high- priced hardware.
The A500 unit is completely external.
Just plug and play. No need to open the case and risk invalidating your warrenty.
A unique bus passthrough slot enables you to add additional external expansion units such as hard drives and RAM.
The A2000 unit plugs easily into the 86-pin coprocessor slot.
Both versions are designed for compatibility with other Amiga add-in units. Enabtes the use of high speed modems while multi-tasking.
Makes the Workbench environment more responsive Lets you run more complex animation at faster speeds Speeds decompression and loading of still graphics to 28MHz in record time. SB This quality product is distributed by: fltacro-PflCE UK, lid.
DISTRIBUT ORS J| (+44) 0755 55! 888 Supra r MAINTENANCE jJdw PuIjJb Udiuain usuj iji Jjj I ; ;j*A :j kicks tart (512K) sweem V39.m - utility 328 it RAH 5078801B8 V39.18 J graphic* 326itRAH JIW3KC | layprs 328 it RAM 587887978 V39.61 1 keynap 328 it RAM S07887E88 U37.2 1 intuition 328 it RAH 587818"': 039.2004 1 _do$ - 326 it RAH $ 07814314 V39.23 I Clocl (LOCK FOUND or IMZ Display AA u$ fl (HI.
Hhz 63R30 ' Hiw“TTT ;,:i : L'..jfl TST 1 'I-;..:;;"n Ml_ ! DsifEJil jillv 1
- ii.u 1 : V5.j;f I _i FLASHING CAPS LIGHT On some Amiga 500 2000
machines you may come across a Hashing Caps Lock error coe
dition. Most of the time this is caused by an error la the
keyboard circuitry Listed below are the possible Hash codes: 1
flash . ROM (Internal lo keyboard processor) ? Flasket = RAM
(internal lo keyboard procostorI 3 nasties = watchdog Umar (1C
7«1s 1*3 or associated circuitry) II no (lashes are displayed
or the keyboard is not the cause ol the problem,
troubleshooting ol the main PCB will be necessary.
T twigs always go wrong when you least expect them, or when you can't afford to splash out and pay for a dedicated program or
• r expensive repair kit.
Fortunately, the Public Domain is ¦Oered with programs to help you yack down what's going wrong and Pont you in the right direction. Some or these tree or shareware programs are even better than commercial programs, so don't sneer at them your try them - they might save your bacon one day!
AVAIL Avail is one of the best memory diagnostic programs, and it comes free w*h your Amiga Simply type AVAIL at the CLI or SHELL prompt, and you get a list ol memory like this: Tfpv kvollmbl* In-Om Hmxuvb 16ro*st Ale 1111*11 439636 209026 1632766 text 7316600 1071606 6369606 7303206
* 6661 99U472 1330266 10466736 7303206 The above list came from
an expanded A4000, which explains the rather toothsome amount
of 'fast' memory. Vanilla A!200s won't have any of this Fast
RAM. Instead it will aH be Chip RAM.
Notice the table heading called Largest When you Vst switch on your Amiga, these figures wil be quite large, however, after you have run a few programs the figure will drop. This is due to memory fragmentation. As the operating system splits the memory organisation into more and more chunks. Eventually, you won't have enough to run any large programs and the only way to delragment memory is to switch off and start again However, most modem Amiga programs are very good at allocating memory, so fragmentation should not be a senous problem.
SYSINFO Syslnlo is one of the most famous Amiga programs, practically every- the notoriously difficult to detect MMU - are listed, along with their operating speeds. Built- in clocks and PCMCIA slots are checked for, as are the current revisions of the custom chips.
On the top-left of the screen is a list of the libraries, ports and devices currently loaded When you have added Fast RAM to your system it is encouraging to note that the libraries migrate to speed up your computer.
Underneath this section is my favourite pad: the speed trials. The speed of your computer is measured against other known systems, to either boost your ego or tempt your wallet. MIPS stands for Millions of Instructions Per Second and MFLOPS stands for Millions of Floating Point Instructions Per Second.
Other screens will list your exact Omk drive* can also be
• ¦•mined, miner a* logical devices or taw SCSI peripheral..
But don't true! The .peed test rooults!
One has seen it or used it because it's so easy to use.
As soon as you load il. Up pops a screen giving you tons of information on your computer set-up. All down the right-hand side of the screen is a list of the various pieces of silicon in your hardware All the Motorola processors - even The only snag is that the MMU in an 68030EC processor isn't delected as being ncn-functional, so be don't be fooled.
HDTOOLBOX Yet anofher Commodore program, this one is aimed at A1200 and A4000 owners with hard drives.
Before you can add a new drive fo your system, you need to prep' it and partition it HDTootBox will do all this for you. And most of it will be automatic too.
There are some pornts to be wary of though: first of all. Be careful about partitioning a drive you are already using, as all the data will be lost. » memory layout, the names of any external boards added and the configuration of any hard drives. The hard drive speed testing is seriously flawed, so don't take it too seriously.
Despite the drive checking problems, Syslnfo is an excellent program and provides a quick peek into your hardware. Results can be sent directly to the printer which makes comparing machines very easy.
SHOWCONFIG Another free-gill program, this one is hidden in the Tools drawer of Workbench 3 machines ShowConlig provides a concise list ol the available hardware, rather like this: Board (tinidantl 0006-Hem box lop .Rel ero 8007 - Open scruen. No memory 0006 - Open screen raster alloc no memory 0009 - Open sys screen, unknown typo OOOA add SW gadgets, no memory 0006 Open window, no memory OOOC Bad Stare Return entering Intuition OOOD - Bad message received by IDCMP OOOE - Weird echo causing incomprehension OOOF - Couldn't open (he Console Oevice 0010 - Intuition skipped obtaining a sem
0011 - Intuition obtained a sem in bad order Graphics Library 0000 - Graphics ml ol memory 0001 - MonitorSpee alloc, no memory 0006 - long frame ne memory 0007 - short frame ao memory 0009 - Ttil. No memory ter Implies OOOA - BRBftMap no memory 0006 - regions memory mi available 0030 - Make V Por no memory OOOC - IGFX New Errwl 0000 - I6FX Free Errorl 1234 - Emergency memory not available 0401 - Unsupported ton! Description used Workbench 0001 - No lonts 0001 - WB Bad Startup Msgl 0002 - WB Bad Startup Msg7 0003 - WB Bad 10 Msg 0004 - WB Inlt Potion Alloc Orawer 0005 - WB Creale WB Menus
Create Menest 0006 - WB Create WB Menus Create Manes?
0007 WB layout WB Menus layout Menus 0008 - WB Add Tool Menu llern OOOA - WB InitTimer OOOB - WB Inil layer Oemen OOOC - WB Inil WB Gels 0000 - WB Iml Scree, and Wmdewtl OOOE - WB Imt Scree, aed Windows?
00CF - WB Init Screen and WmdewtS 0010 - WBMAiloc layers library 0000 - layers oet ol memory Expansion library 0010 - An attemet .as made lo esc the eld message semaphores 00FF - A quick interrupt has happened lo an uei.i tiallsed vector CPU Exceptions 0002 -Bus error 0003 - Addressing error 0004 - Illegal Instnxdlon 0005 Divide by rero 0006 - CHK instruction 0007 - TRAPV instruction 0008 - Privilege violation 0009 - Trace OOOA - OpCode 1010 0008-Opcode 1111 OOOE - Stack frame formal error 0018 - Spurious interrupt error 0019 lo 001F - AuloVector level 1 to 7 ml error 09 - Clow library tailed.
Malty loo many doses OA - Close fler.ee lulefl or a mrtmaickefl dote OB - Process creation tailed SPECIFIC ALERT CODES EXEC Library 0001 - 66000 exception vector checksum lobs) 0007 - Execbase checksum bad (obs) 0003 - library checksum failure 0005 - Corrupt memory till delected In FreeMem 0006 - No memory lor interrupt servers 0007 - InilSlriKtl) of an APIR source lobs) 0006 - A semaphore Is in an lllagal state at Rem Semaphored 0009 - Freeing memory that is already tree OOOA - Illegal 6SK exception taken low.)
- Can we. I Aar,
- Cm i open device
- Can i oee* resource CU AMIGA The Best Selling Word Processor
and Database just became even better... Since its launch, Pen
Pal has become the ¦ most popular package of its type for the
Ami*a Not surprising when you consider ihe extensive features
at your fingertips, combined with user friendly simplicity, it
was bound to be a winner! In a comprehensive Word Processor
test. Amiga Format commented "There is little lo fault Pen Pal.
It deserves to do well" - quite a prediction it seems! I Format
have since said that it's "Still the best value for M money...”
If you're not a Pen Pal user yet. We hope you soon will he.
Because at just £49.95... the best just became better, even
better value! g A superb package, with immense power, to
fulfil all your Word Processing needs, and.- with an integrated
Database too! It's all so ' easy to use. Y ou'll rarely need to
refer to the extensive 25(1 page lay- i flat spiral hound
manual. Users frei|uendy tell as that they've L never found a
program they get on with so well.
IIIF WORD PROCESSOR: You can... Open multiple documents simultaneously: search and leplacc; cut. Copy and paste: check your spelling with a HO.tXXk- word dictionary: import your favourite IFF HAM graphics, from programs such as Dpaint. Or Clip Ait files in various sizes and colours; automatically How text around graphics in any Workbench compatible font i tthere are over 2(X) available styles) in different si es
* and colours to suit your design... Even as you type!
Full Page View with position, edit and cteation of gniphic objects s extremely useful forms designer. All this from a word processor ai» Much. Much. Motel As you can see from the documents shown on the Ir this is ik) ordinaiy program!
Tl II. I )ATAI1ANI £ With 32 fields per tecord. 32.000 records per database a a fast sort of 1000 records in less than 5 seconds, this is a rail dalatv- Mail merging into the Word processor couldn't be simpler, with easy creation of templates for letters or a lepoits. Into which can he merged.
AND... Remember. Pen Pal comes with full support for the new or experienced user completely free!
Friendly help for all registered ow ner, is just a phone call away.
SoJtWood - Quality software for your Amiga Willi Pen Put you're not just getting a one off pnxliKl! StffWood are aclnosxleilged as the WoriJs leading wfhnire rom ons who tleselop just for Amiga and no oilier sxstem. Once you’re a registered SoftW *xl prtxhn i owner your imestment is fuoteiled as sou'll Iknv i to unlimited fin Hxhiiuuf s t; woa I other* charge wit and & • . - disk come from?').
DiskSalv is different. For a start it was written by Commodore's own Dave Haynie, and secondly it works.
If your disk has developed a fault due to switching the Amiga off too early, or sunspot activity. DiskSalv will root through it and get back as many files as possible JARGON BUSTERS
• Partition. A hard drive can be let up lo eaerale as two or more
separate drives.
M* each part is called a partition. The anal approach is lo partition the drive ¦n tlfnrfc vnri Uiniihrx-h *1--- ¦ton. Ana norioencn. Sections
• Fast RAM Chip RAM Chip RAM is the memory accessed by the CPU
and the castam chips. Fast memory is only used by the CPU and
is twice as last
• PCMCIA. A standard interlace system ter credit card sized
add-ons. Usually memory cards, bul now also hard drives.
• Fragmentation. The sub-dividing ol memory (or disk) which
occurs naturally hraogh everyday use. Reorganising It will
restore speed, although de-tragment- mg memory requires a power
• MMU Memory Management Unit - an optional part ol some
processors which can be used to perform tricks such as vir
tual memory, whereby the system memory is tooled into using a
hard disk.
• IDE. The hard disk standard supported by the A4000 and A12D0 s
integral Inter- several more available. DashBoard is a cute
little window with keeps you up to date with what's happening
and where Available memory. CPU idte time and usage are all
displayed and updated in real time.
One example of when a program like this is useful is when sending data via MODEM. If your CPU usage goes fo maximum, you know that your serial port is not as fast as your MODEM, and a taster processor could speed up the data flow DISK SALV v2 Amiga disks (both hard and floppy) occasionally have problems - and what do you do when you need that data urgently? In the old days we had DiskDoctor. A rather (let's say) basic program, which usu ally resulted in more problems than it was trying to solve (including that old favourite, -where did that Lazarus I Alert Otiects BOO’ - Eaeclib 800? -
Grapkicsllb Further, never perform a Low Level Format on an IDE drive. All IDE dhves are already formatted in this way. And you may destroy the drive if you try to repeat Ihe process. They do need AmigaDOS formatting (from the Workbench, like a normal floppy).
SNOOPDOS if you can't get a program to run, because it just dumps you nght back to the CLI prompt ot Workbench, you need this PD program. SnoopDos hides in the background, watching to see what Amiga resources the errant program tries to use.
So. If. For example, you discover that the program tries to open a temp hie on device dh3: you can add an ASSIGN to redirect it and regain control.
SnoopDos is an excellent program, which all serious Amiga owners should get immediately.
DASHBOARD Performance monitors keep an eye on the idte time of the CPU - in other words, they keep a note of how busy it is. Speeds are usually listed as a percentage, with 100% meaning the processor is working tlat out.
If you own Directory Opus you'll already have a monitor, but there are 8010 - AudioDev 8011 - ConjoleDev 801? - GamaPortDev 8013 - Keyboard Dev 8014 - TrackOltkOev 8015 - TimerOev 80?0 - ClAAirc 80?1 - DttkRtit 8031 - Workbench 803? - Diikcopy 8033 - GadTools 8035 - Unknown COLOUR DiskSalv v2 is all nice and Workbench friendly, so expect the standard requestors, the help button support and keyboard shortcuts.
An outstanding program that no Amiga user can afford to be without
- order it immediately from your PD library DISK SPEED When
Syslnto falls down.
DiskSpeed takes over. Wtdely regarded as the definite benchmark program, this is the one to use to test your IDE and SCSI drives to see how fast they really are. » After much disk-head banging, DiskSalv will eventually protent a list of all the files II has managed lo suck off the damaged disk.
AMIGA 1200 AND 4000 SCREEN COLOURS The system startup consists ol series ol tests tlut ran eetomatically vrhnnever yon torn on the computer. This test series resnles permanently in the Kickstart ROM It performs CPU anP keyboard rests to eerily basic system operations.
II the system Units an error before the screen display turns on. The screen will remain blank and the system halts. Alter the screen display turns on. The screen changes colour and the system halts if an error occurs. Thu screen colour helps you to identity the type ol system problem. The screen colours should be interpreted as follows: TEST STATUS DESCRIPTION j -1 '' 11 main MAINTENANCE AMIGA LIKELY AREA OF FAULT
1. Ontt mechanism tautty or controlling chips (the CIA or
£54.99 end £71.99 You can also do damage II you plug Ihe external drive In while Ihe machine s switched on.
2. Anything can cause this ranging Irom using the computer during
electrical storms to dropping it. This Isn 't as bad as It
seems because 90% ot faults like this can ba fixed by roplec-
2 . £26 00 - £65 00
2. The Agnus is the most expensive chip In the Amiga. Perhaps now
is a good lime to upgrade- ¦irtlaet eNlla NUNer Hostarts 233 -
Is sodt liok 234 - Object linked 235 - Bad hunk 236 - Not ir
246- 241 - Lac* coNtstea 742-lock tMoeoel 243-Unlock error 363
- Butler overflow 214 • Disk ante protected 215 • Rename
across devices 216 • Directory not empty 217 • Toe mi ay
levels 211 - Device net mooated 210 See* oner 220 Comment too
I* 221 Disk lull 222 • Delete protected 723 Writs protected
224 Read protected 225 - Not a DOS disk 226 - No disk 232 • No
more entries Added lor 2.1 TOP SIX FAULTS SYMPTOM-x-
I. Nothing wit! Load.
These are the nembers displayed la CU or Shell ¦bee yoe hit an arm. For eumple. II yoa tried lo save a Me le a ant* protected diet, yee aesM «et For I ha dedicatnd spaed demon. D s*Spaad will indicate exactly how fast your disks are 2*1 • No detaeN dir 702 - Object in ese 203 • Object exists 204 ¦ Dir sot tound 205 Object no kwed
2. TkaAmigas » It looks complicated, and that's because it is.
DtskSpeed perlorms many different tests on the dnve to check
its performance under different conditions.
Read. Writes. Deletes and Drawer creations are all tested for differing buffer sizes and DMA contentions. It can all be a bit too much for first time users!
If there is a problem with DiskSpeed it’s that it's too good. It would be nice to end with a single index value to compare drives, rather than a table of a dozen or so results.
It's the best, but be warned - it’s not easy to use.
NEWZAP Speaking about programs which aren't easy to use, here's NewZap - possibly Ihe most dangerous program around. NewZap is the latest in a long tradition ol Me sector editors - programs that examine the rawest ol ways programs are stored on disk.
With NewZap you can move around inside a side stored on disk, changing bytes and saving the changes back to disk. Dangerous?
You bet, but sometimes it's the only way that data can be resurrected.
For example, a friend with a •* portable PC got a corrupt tloppy whilst he was visiting. He didn't have any PC utilities, but with a flourish I loaded it into my CrossDos ed Amiga 4000. Loaded the lile and re-saved it. The checksum information was repaired and he stood amazed - convinced that he had made the wrong decision in not buying an Amiga.
ENGINEERS DISK This is a special compilation disk from 17-Bit Software PD library and il includes a large amount ol small test programs designed lo test various aspects ot an Amiga.
Display tesls, joystick and keyboard tesls are included, as well as standard CPU and disk speed benchmarks.
Unfortunately, the programs are al accessed via a hacker- type iunction key menu (and so they are at renamed to sO, si. St 1 and so on) but there’s some useful software here.
CAUTION When experimenting with these programs. Especially the disk sector edrtors. Always try to work with a copy ot any important data. During this article I wiped at least one floppy disk by clicking the wrong button at the wrong time (DiskSalv got all the data back, but it took halt a hour).
If you lind yourself fixing Amigas on a regular basis, you'll certainly be interested to hear about the Advanced Amiga Analyser. It’s a combined software and hardware diagnostic tool - possibly the most I ilia mr imllntei *!!i advanced available. It allows you to run many tests ot the various chips and components, and lets you know exactly what's working and what's not. Watch for the full review in the next issue ot CU AMIGA.® 8BXMSS?
_ 3 Keyboard not working. Caps Lock 3 Keyboard mtmbrano or chips 3 Spilling liquid Into keyboard
3. £28 00 - £65 00
4. £26 00 - £42 50
5. £26 90 - £42 50 tight Hashing (£6570). Remember, your Amiga is
not o col- lee table!
4. Bo careful urban plugging your phono leads la.
4. Modulator. Paolo. Power supply.
5. Parallel port (either of the CIA s) 5 Pmear ot sound sampler
playing 5 Parallel port (either ol the CIA 's) 5 Connecting
the printer while the up. Computer is switched on is a
definite no, no.
8. Madam or MIDI interlace playing 6. Serial port 14$ 3. 1489.
Paula. CIA). 6 Don't connect a modem whilsllhe 3 £65 00-total
roplacamant keyboard PLEASE NOTE Although Ihe mosl likely
cautes tor each fault are shown, there are many other possi
ble causes, not to mnntion good old wear and lear, which
affects the best ol computers. It's also worth noting that the
repair costs quoted are just tha ones used by HCS Our goofy
hero and his friend - an intelligent alien stick - have crash
landed on a weird planet after being captured by an alien
spacecraft. In order to get back to Earth. Bubba must use his
stick in a variety of different ways to solve puzzles,
overcome adversaries and foil the comedic attempts of his
kidnapper to recapture him in this horizontally scrolling
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»e- *3 A500 600 CDTV A500* ond A400s an I romptorid mono
™duioi»| to tonnert to Hi. Or monitor load I os required, ol
rubles monuoh I opuKing decs ond life* (Su'mlu'Klr,
229.ee244.ee 36S.ee 379.ee
415. ee429.ee
569. ee 584 ee IU». WhHidiSr lew T69.eelM.ee n itir, dhuh
339.ee 4M.ee or. Loo or 389.ee4M.ee A600 ho 20 2S9.ee 274.ee
IPI 10 n™. 274 eo 289 k A4000 30: ASA Or* Sol. 60030
prrxemi. 18807 2S 50 Mill re proteut. Men 254600 cdoon hero
IS 1M. Nm doubintg he Me.
See iudoy Itee. Armjo 3571.24118 J S' *m, Hold Dm or beioe.
1 Amiga W5 3.0 lyiMen end oUlm. Neel d oo-eHo wwrfcty A4000 40: As abate. Sul featuring Ihe hkslering 48040 processor, i -war A4000 | 30 40 41882 I.IMI 2.2101 MMI 2.4*1 HD mi siuun ueuonm EXTRAS| nis»o A8U lasun D nk Point II e 700 •***. F*Yi*. U|Mddweiim.Sport. Op Art pie. Femen c e*b .fcl-fc- A4000 30 & 40 Then this po(k is for yotri I-IMIr OR ADI Jm I* ORCemrttaa 12002MB 279 1200 . 20MB HD 379 1200 . 60MB HD 439 1200 .BOMB HD 489 1200 .120MB HO 519 1200 .207MB HD 589 Exlro 4MB ?
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12 months on-site wrionly £39.99 I [Die Tyrs euree norrere, £49.99 STARTER PACK A mast lor new withuum mom Offk. Needs YmUktDM.
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bo. Dust Cottf AMIGA 24 BIT HARDWARE .crco DCTV
..... 376.99 TO '¦ ¦ GVP IV. VIU-S
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1255.99 SOOHT Impact Vision 24 _.fOA
GENLOCKS MODEMS Rendale 8802 (1200 (MJ.II .139.09 fttodo.JX
Rmdde 800? F8C 159.95 ‘ 188 W 204*0 I? 94 taUeWiWHOM
....«» loqBibdn___ .. --- Sum 2*00 «ca= it* «0 Homo Gericdt
eftgxftgwlhftifa. OflkesrMA 4tetom te0xlyus«ltas* .
Cnrrotai. Amnwad (rcdjOnn n he wrij ol TV
• 16.7 mfllloe coloor pSjfo reoftslic Asp* • red Hme 24 bit anb
• Optional Alpha Channel - supwknpose fcgh quaby grtducs c*o to
signal, or smoothly Wend paint images • Optional Doable
8offering - 2. 24 bn disfmys rvstonlly crroibWc
Uff»sAd(aigrcd(iofesddv'wsuppJit.TVP«wt»32hlpirt«Vl«k • redd*74
single frame corral system • Art Deal Pro • (rage pats* n nBiq
tine smdi • Red 30 V? - 24bl mdtfa . Od«s
HISOOI.SMB .. 1929
'H?000Plus .£1479 H2000 2MB *
Alpha ..£999 ’H4000 Pus ...-.....£1579
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* ¦** n" ZaSrstftasr-.
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n. so rt*s 76.95 Video Processor for Opal Vision WITH VOUCHERS.
Video Suite for Opd Vision WITH VOUCHERS_____ Scon Hate Converter for OpolYision WITH VOUCHERS Retina 24 Bit gropkes cord ? IMS .VO Pdd---- Retina 24 bit graphics coed * I MB ? V0 Pant Retina 24 bit graphics cord ? 2MB . V0 Pa*----- Retina 24 bit graphics cord . 4MB . VD Paid V lob 24 bit real dne digitwr 1200 600 500 e«t V |* 24 bit real lime digitiser 1500 3000 4000 ini Ml V lab 4000 3000 id SVHS A FOR SPEaAIIST ADVICE PHONE JP 0 SEE SOFTWARE IEIOW
647. 49 .647.99
647. 44
847. 44
339. 00
395. 00
489. 00
334. 99
289. 99
334. 99 SOME H08 Kill MS AVUtAUI.1
* 590 TORI ______
* 5(0 Mtrial 70MB IB ...
* 5WtiHrral60NI» .... 15(0 Wnr 4 SMB ¦------
* 5(0 htnrd IJOW HO ... WertiSWIOWlHO_________ A570 6w 2 04
IMS 500_________ A600 1200
194. 99
196. 99
394. 99 ..496.99 ... 3*4.99 6*4.99 9*4.99 12*4.99 m® .
...POA w* mac*-** r» .
Nc «• ;. Ui -nr us* nt .
It ncuoifeM itxu*-w ...234.90 EMULATION GG.Ie3Bfa2SUHi------386.99 386 Bridgeboard 199.99 I GVP 706 for GVPII *530 146.99 406 Indggbnord .299.99 GVP 40 4 lor 1500 __________945.99 Fmplaa .245.90 ATOnrt ...... 214.99 ImrilMlMun_____________339.90 ...349.99
229. 99 *58.99 SCANNERS & DIGITISERS Gtinn 130*0 Star LC20 .
Citizen 91
- .108.99 114-99 ...144.49 ...159.49 ...149.99 ...184.99
• ** -259.90 l§ 319.99
529. 99 r .519.99 KPDeskiel I200C 1349.90 (onoa 8J10SX
Portable 219.90 (one* BJ 200__________319.90 (omn 81 230 A3
3*9 99 Canai BJ 330 A3 -----469.99 Cana* BJ 300
389.99 Star S) 48 .... 198.99 0(1 software for ft.....
Poemr (dour Iknd Scomer _ Shorp JI100 *4 S (Mm 90 toW*
StarK 100 9pine Star 1(200 coL_.
SlorlC 24-TOIL ....718.49 SW 1(24-100 24 ......173.49 Star 1C 24-200- ...209.99 Panasonic KXP 2123 cd.229.99 Slot 1(24 200 cd ..248.49 Citizen 124D ...176.99 Epson 10 100 ...179.99 SOFTWARE towisi AA9 90 . . PMQ lAHt QUAUTY Ul OKI (X 400.1AUR 529.90 «** CITIZEN IAS9 6000 _J0A Ponosonk KXP 4410 Q loser Sam .....544.95 a Slot IS5 laser 616.95 HP loswjet 41 . 619.90 Star IS SlnSapm 2 bin .729.90 aerpJX 9500 9pp» ...599.50 ¦d - acdid«•»*¦£•¦£» taPVh*--- ar=SJ:5 3 SshF ,To“ sstflb”*4
8. 50
- 679.00
179. 99 _49.49 CpVfnjI I yi cn si* C»:rrco!
S*m.E.ilkyrwa™ HP Oetkiel SID___________64.99 HP Dakief S06C.SS0C PnrvWlflft__________». 99 Any ADI______________16.99 "* ....•*.»» AUWJWV Mtt.TT U-.ll.', UmI. Tl 00 " -ft" XO0I*3.ppdU4MI _ .-49.4V VIDEO PROD TITLING Spelling Foe .._16.99 pSpdM A Video * TV Paint V? 588.90 sKsoftaore pocks £ Adorooe ..48.50 -------- - AbgaKsiai____________17.90
16. 49
• 449 24 49 I *9 2449 _ 1 *9 2199 »90 2399 2199 1299
39. 49
- 157.90
149. 99 .-’39.90
* ** ..6X99 Brood 1 root Ebc UTILITIES LANGUAGES
Ssludo drrnr IMRy (W8 2 & aber.e) highly Kkcmrendrd ADD £39.95
249. 99
39. 90
39. 39
21. 49
30. 95
- 19.49
32. 99
24. 99 .22.49 _47.40 STARTER PACK: 500 Sheets A4 paper, Amiga to
prialer laid.
Universal Printer Stand & Driver ’ with Pmi Manager
• SSirZTZL. LymixCl • STSr-S5« 552- J}8 «¦« ? « «• isi** -in M's
™5Sr»w»» 'j"
• fierce tards ,, (rm)n 5 : 185 SbtftV f«2 ££? : )*“ 3l*wie«
)12 MW Typ*tth.
* »2 M ,i99 18 *9 ••taen** xdi-dvAage l« Wordsworth AGA .. AerHna
St Mas.
R 24 harsatiecwt sMerupcrdowi.
I rroy vay ixm AW
• **111010...
* 9 44 MUSK mnc x .. 4JW A0 J I* CDDStt uniS Xo*a«rite«iw. S9W dm
1499$ aldfiM 5 d*M* 1!f! I «7 90 wlagaw.2 ’4649 WccM4”W
CD32[)iws Phone
• 10 1
74. SO AvdeUo«v4 4149 TAK BACKUP Bors*Pipes2 ......239.99
¦ITT-j £57-50 Clarity Sampler .....104.99 mb fakrad
eater tha DeluxeMusicComt II 67.90 WsiidHte GYPDSS . 31.99
raa== EpBSLM. £gg=gSS 25BT Dab=a» Sr15- r £97.90
134. 99 .224.90 3 DSS PllIS ... er Mdi Interfoce...
159. 99 .1*9.99 .199.99
229. 99 A600 1200 HO UPGRAWS ..... . 329.99
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Trade Show is a twice yearly gathering of all the top nobs in
the software business. They converge in a secret location
somewhere in north London to show off their new console and
floppy games and try to nab each others ideas. It's possible
that licensing and distnbution deals are set up and some
business is actually conducted. But I doubt it. In tact, the
real reason for this gathering is as an excuse to engage in a
wild orgy of free lunches, booze and crazy rock 'n' roll
parties' Being above such excesses [And it you be ieve that
you'll believe anything - Ed.] I managed to stay sober long
enough to cram in hundreds of meetings with top software
houses, so I could bring you the low down on what’s hot and
what’s rot.
As this was the second show this year many of the products on demonstration had already been premiered in the Spring. We brought you an extensive repiort on that event in our May issue so I won't recover old ground again. Many ol the products seen then are still in development, I’m afraid, with one or two having undergone major revamps. However, many companies at this ECTS still managed to display some stunning never-betore-seen games. So. Here's a special First Imps look at the games you'll all be playing before too long.
Jon Sloan brings you a report on Europe’s biggest computer entertainment trade show.
THE GAMEPLA Y: II you've played the first game then you'll know what this is all about This time the scenario has been shitted into space with Junior and Dan, two guys from BB1, taking part in one-to-one tights with creatures trom seven other alien races. There’s the hot-headed Flame, who shoots jets ot, well... tlame, a character called Discette and a Raptor ridden by a small elf!
WHA rs NEW: The guys at Team 17 usually have a lew surpnses up their sleeves, so this is bound to be more than just another beat em up.
The moves are all new, the sound and backdrops have been improved and the speed will be at least as last as the enhanced version ot the original.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Team 17 have tirmly put themselves behind the new 32-bit Amigas and will be producing a special A1200 version to released alongside the standard game.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The lirst Body Blows sold phenomena and this sequel is sure to do similar kinds ot business tor the boys from Wakefield With the introduction ot an alien element they will no longer be restricted to producing pseudo- realistic martial arts moves. The gameplay. Though still in early stages, is already Iasi and furious. It will be interesting to see though how it tares next to Renegade's new baby THE GAMEPLA Y: Based on the soon to released film ol the same name.
Ninjas is another arcade adventure using puzzles as a block to level progression You take the role ol Johnny McQuinn. Heir to the throne of a South Sea Island Johnny's family moved to California when he was young so he's turned out to be a cool surfer dude, only now he's expected to return to his homeland to take the Crown. To stop him returning a band ot Tiger Ninjas tave been dispatched to deal wilh him. It’s up to you to your way out ol California and on lo the island ol Patu-San WHA rs NEW: Nm|a games e more or less had their 15 minutes of fame on the miga with the market by beat 'em
ups. This game, however, is closer in to the tasfNIrya series 'which mixed both fight action puzzle solving. Here the rammers have gone tor traditional side view to the action.
BEHIND THE SCENES: The him stars Leslie Nielson, of Police Squad and Naked Gun lame, and rs produced by New Line Cinema who re responsible for the Ninja Turtle lilms. The game then should feature plenty of beat ’em up action with a humorous twist.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: I've always liked the Last Ninja series so it should be tun playing a similar game trom a different perspective. The graphics, though, seem poor.
THE GAMEPLA Y: Set nearly 200 years into the future you get to control a small group ot people who have recently emerged from a nuclear bomb shelter. The world has been devastated by war so it's your job to help these people rebuild civilisation from the remnants ot a wrecked planet. It's a point n' click sim tor AGA machines only. You'll have various resources at your disposal and you'll have to utilise them to construct buildings, transport, new technology and, ot course, defences against the roaming bands ol hostile mutants.
WHAT'S NEW: The scenario may be new but the game concept certainly isn't. With various map NAUGHTY ON KOMMRT UK THE GAMEPLA Y: Take control ot a naughty schoolboy as he battles through various fantasy worlds. The game is the usual platform tare
- precarious leaps, nasty enemies, lots of goodies to collect and
the normal hidden bonus rooms. The whole thing is set across a
backdrop ot live imaginary locations, with over 50 screens of
action containing psychopathic robots, undead mummies and
out-of-con- trol batteries! There'll be a one-or two-player
option with two players competing against each other to collect
the toys and sweets scattered around the screen, WHATS NEW:
Again, here's another game with little in the way ot
innovation. Whilst the graphics SPORTS" screens depicting
colonies, population, etc and a range ot icons used to
control the people and resources it's all been seen betore in
games such as Sim City. Utopia and Railroad Tycoon. 01 course,
all those games were very successful and there's no reason to
suppose that Survival wW be any different.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Another Interactivision product. Survival sees them moving into the world ot strategy sims. The game will only run on AGA machines with at least 2Mb ot memory so we should be in for visual treat.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Survival is scheduled for a mid-December release so has not even begun to be transfered onto an Amiga. The screenshots are Irom the PC version but should not degrade at all when converted. Although, we have seen other sims (ike this before the scenario may serve to capture the imagination of many.
Quality is high and the playability may be okay there’s no real state-ot-the-art programming evident here.
BEHIND THE SCENES: The game's being coded by Interactivision. The Danish coders who are just starling to make an impression on the UK Amiga scene.
Naughty Ones is one of four titles that they're set to release.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: At the moment the game runs fairly slowly and there doesn't appear to be too many enemies to avoid.
Still, it is at an early stage and Interactivision may be changing one or two elements before release. It is unlikely, however, that this game will stun anyone.
BRIAN THE LION PSYGNOSIS THE GAMEPLAY: Well, he doesn't have a spiky back and there’s no evidence of a skinny plumber for a brother, but Brian Ihe Lion does have a neat quiff. And, it s claimed that he will become the Amiga’s answer to those console greats. Well it does have all the ingredients to make it big.
There’s an absurd plot which equates into Brian running around over 30 levels of baddie infested platforms. And there’ll be the usual items to collect, like Splendid Speed, Really Raj Roar and Excellent Extra Life as well as the obligatory endless stream of adversaries to bash.
WHAT'S NEW: In terms of genre and plot we've seen it all before. However, this game has one or two tricks hidden up its sleeves. The action breezes along at a true 50fps and contains some multi-layered parallax scrolling to give it a true console feel.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Despite the hackneyed plot and over worked genre, Brian the Lion actually utilises some amazing new programming features. For instance, most of the game runs in 16 colour but there are sections where the Amiga's copper colour splitting abilities are tested to display 182 colours on screen.
Perhaps most impressive of all though is the way the game mimics some of the SNES’s amazing Mode 7 effects - zooming, de-res, curved perspective effects and even rotation.
All this from the team that brought us Ballislix, Awesome and the Shadow of the Beast series: Reflections.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: This genre has been done to death on all formats so it’ll take something really impressive to grab an average player's attention.
Brian the Lion may have that something.
Watch out Sonic and Mario, there's a new star on the prowl.
PUGGSY PSYGNOSIS THE GAMEPLA Y: Puggsy is a weird-looking alien who's crash landed on Earth and lost his ship. The object ol the game is to guide him through a hostile landscape using the objects he finds there to help him retrieve his space ship. There are 17 environments to explore each with several locations within them. On each of these levels there will be at least 20 environment-interactive objects which Puggsy can use. So.
It's an arcade puzzler in other words.
WHAT’S NEW: Psygnosis are making much ol the tact that Puggsy is a family game. It's relatively non-violent and will even indude a special level designed with very young children in mind.
It's received rave reviews from the Megadrive mags but then there aren't many games of this type on that system.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Another major claim trom Psygnosis is that Puggsy incorporates a unique Total Object Interaction (TOI) system. What this means is that virtually every object on screen will interact in some way with the others - just like real lite.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The game- play in Puggsy is quite smooth and the control system very easy to learn. Puggsys Tot system could hold some novelty value for older players but I suspect that this is going to be one tor the younger ones amongst us.
THE OAMEPLAY: No, Global Domination isn't some kind of subversive sexual activity [Shame - Ed.]. Rather, it’s the latest war gaming simulation from Impressions.
Play against one of four computer opponents, each with their own unique style of leadership, tike Genghis Khan or Abraham Lincoln.
Or. For more fun. Play against your friends using a modem link up. The idea is to invade countries, strip them of their resources, build bigger armies and better weapons, then invade somewhere else. Just like any good fascist dictator.
WHATS NEW: Global Domination bears a close resemblance to that old board game, Risk, which was converted pretty poorly some time ago. This version, though, is much mote detailed with players having spies, diplomats and subversive agents at his disposal. Another new feature is the ability to zoom into large scale battles and take direct control of the vehicles and weapons BEHIND THE SCENES: The development team at Impressions spent months researching the battles earned out by the historical figures you'll be fighting in an attempt to analyse their strategies. Their general tactics were then
programmed in to the game and updated to take account of the modern weaponry that's available.
FLIGHT OF THE AMAZON QUEEN RENEGADE FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Strategy specialists Impressions are sure to.
Well, impress with this simulation of wortd conquest The thinkers out there will love the large- scale strategic play and the alliance aspects, whilst those with a more murderous bent will want to delve into the realtime battle sequences and nuke their favourite cities. I loved playing Risk with my mates and beating the tar out of them so I can't wait to get hold of a copy of this sim.
THE GAMEPLAY: It seems that adventure • 9 fans are in for a treat early in '94 with this point 'n' click adventure from Binary Illusions. Set in the deep dark South American jungles you play Joe King, a pilot for hire who has fust crash landed in that unforgiving wilderness. To make matters worse your cargo on this trip is Faye Russel, a big Hollywood movie slar, and she’s none too pleased about being dumped in the middle of nowhere. Your task is to guide Faye and Joe out of the jungles and save the world from the dastardly fiend you encounter there. Shades of Indy Jones methinks!
GLOBAL DOMINATION IMPRESSIONS WHAT S NEW: Amazon is promised to be a game that has a strong plot and challenging problems. Nothing DENNIS OCEAN THE OAMEPLAY: Based on the John Hughes film, Dennis is the Americanised version of The Beano's very own Dennis the Menace The gameplay will be the usual platform fare with Dennis running around causing all sorts of mischief and generally trying to annoy Mr Wilson, his loo new there. However, Renegade also claim that the game will feature very flexible character interaction so you won’t be limited to a set series of questions and answers.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Binary Illusions are a new Australian-based software company and this game marks their first venture into game coding They are, however, highly expenenced writers and artists having spent many years in the independent comics scene in Oz.
With that kind of background Amazon should certainly include both a strong story and detailed graphic design.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: At the moment we've seen little of the game apart from various still screens. It’s obvious though that it'll be in the same vein as Monkey Island and Indy Jones, both of which were huge. As Renegade are one of the canniest publishers around it's extremely unlikely that they would Sign up a duff game. I predict that this could be the smash hit for Spring 94.
WHATS NEW: There's no real innovation in this game with the usual levels, baddies and end of level guardians. One interesting aspect though is that Dennis' weapons don't work equally well on all baddies so you'll have to experiment to find which one works best, BEHIND THE SCENES: As the official license of the film the developers had excellent access to various production notes and effects used in the big screen version. It's planned to indude sampled speech and effects from the film in the game, including Dennis' famous ‘Mr Wilson' shout, FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The initial programming is
already starting to look quite polished and the unusual baddies and guardians, like the hopping mad basketball coach, should serve to lift Dennis above the normal plattormer standard. I'm not a fan of the film or the American cartoon series but the computer game looks set to keep platform fans hooked tor awhile.
AND THE REST... With eight releases scheduled before Christmas Impressions are in for a busy time. Repeat showings from Spring ECTS CODEMASTERS The Codies are continuing their thrust into the console market so there's not too many Amiga games on the cards here. Micro Machines is reviewed later in this issue but also due soon is Cosmic Spacehead, a 50s style arcade adventure. Part of the game will be a typical side on platform jumper with enemies to avoid and pick ups to collect.
The rest of the game will centre around a graphic adventure with Cosmic trying to reach Earth to prove it exists. Due for release any time now we'll bring you a full review soon.
DAZE MARKETING Riding in on the heels of The Patrician’s success comes Elizabeth I. Also coded by Ascon, it’s essentially the same game concept set in Elizabethan England. You play the part of a merchant adventurer complete with sturdy ship. The idea is to trade and raid and generally curry favour with the Queen. II you love watching those old Errol Flynn movies this game'll give you the chance to act them out Another sim set tor a November release is Boot!. It’s a footie management game with all the usual features.
With more games than space, we’re only able to detail a lew that caught our eye.
So, here’s a brief company by company run through on some of fhe other games on show.
IMPRESSIONS were Air Force Commander, Rules ol Engagement 2, and When Two Worlds War plus three older titles out on budget. Also on show was Global Domination (see main copy), The Blue & The Gray, an American civil war sim, and Detroit, a sim set in the biggest car production town in the World.
KRISAUS With only one brand new product on show you’d be forgiven for thinking that Krisalis are resting on their laurels. Not so. They’re currently beavering away on A1200 and CD32 versions of their two recent hits, Soccer Kid and Sabre Team. Apart from the obvious colour enhancements to both games Sabre Team will feature new animated sequences, digitised speech and two extra levels.
On the new games front, Manchester United Premier League Champions MUPLC) is Krisalis’ third Man Utd license game. In a complete departure from its predecessors MUPLC will utilise the familiar Goal! And Sensi Soccerviewpoint. To give it a little novelty the programmers have included a Tactigrid™ formation planner. This allows you to predetermine each players position with more detail than the usual 4-3-3 formation.
MINDSCAPE Conversions of old ’classics’ seem to be the order of the day at the moment so it’s no surprise that Mindscape have jumped on the bandwagon. Up for CD32 transformation are D Generation and the TV Sports series. The former game is an isometric arcade-adven- ture with you playing a courier trapped in a building full of genetically engineered bio- weapons out to get you. It’s one of my all-time faves so I’m looking forward to an enhanced version. The TV Sports games are video-derived graphic sports sims of boxing and baseball so should fare well when enhanced.
PSYGNOSIS Probably the most prolific Amiga publisher at the show was Psygnosis. They've got over 13 titles lined up for pre-Christmas release.
Getting a first airing at the show was Wiz 7?'
Liz and Puggsy, both covered in the main copy. Also on show was Bob's Bad Day, a RENEGADE More CD32 and A1200 conversions are on their way from Renegade. We re likely to see Sensible Soccer first with more teams, new Cup Championships and extra crowd sounds. Next we'll have The Chaos Engine which’ll include improved graphics and sound. Both games should retail at a sub- 230 price which is great value for money for 32-bit games.
VIRGIN Top publishers Virgin had many cool licenses on show including the much- awaited Mortal Kombat and Terminator 2 Arcade Game, never mind some originals in the form of Cannon Fodder and Beneath A Steel Sky. We've covered them all in greater detail in earlier issues.
In early development is the Amiga version of Cool Spot, a recent Megadrive platform hit. It tells the tale of that red dot that used to be on cans of Seven-Up. He’s been magically transformed into a living, breathing, cool spot but, alas, all his brothers and sisters have been captured so he's got to go rescue them. What tosh!
Still, the game turned out to be a hit on the Megadrive as it's actually quite a neat platformer. The Amiga version should be ready for Crimbo but don’t count your chickens just yet.
Weird screen rotating coin collection game; Globdule, a platformer starring a small lump ol slime; Benefactor, a sort ol Flashback puzzle adventure; Perihelion, a classic-style RPG; Magician's Castle, a platformer with excellent cartoon graphics; Brian the Lion, yet more platform antics; G2, an Obitus inspired adventure; and Codename Helllire, the sequel to Armourgeddon. Oh, and what Psygnosis Christmas schedule would be complete without another Lemmings jpme?
This time we've got 40 levels of Xmas action complete with the appropriate carols and RENEGADE Following in the footsteps of Team 17, Terramarque are a gang of five Fins from the demo scene who have just turned into professional game developers. This is to be their first release, and as you can probably tell from the shot here, it's gonna be big.
Here's the gen. You get to choose from six characters, each of which has his or her own specific location. Two are still being worked on, but the four that are already in the game are a bit different from the usual kind of thing. Okay, so the blubbery sumo wrestler does bear a rather suspicious resemblance to Eddie Honda out of Street Fighter II, but the others are more original.
There’s the King, who fights his battles with the help of a massive sledgehammer.
It's not cricket, but it's a lot more effective than the Queensbury Rules. He's not bad for an old bloke actually, and although the combined weights of his gut and hammer slow him down, you wouldn't want to be on the receiving end when he goes into one. Every good beat ’em up has a glamourous female in it these days, and this is where the Elf bit of Ellmania comes in. The sprightly young Spock-eared girl can’t match the others in strength, but makes up for it with a lightning turn of speed. Then there's the Sinbad look- a-like with his glinting blade. No, not Sinbad out of Brookside (that’s
the sumo wrestler), this is your real McCoy Arabian hero - complete with baggy pyjama trousers and curly slippers.
Stavros Fasoulas is the main man behind the coding - if his name sounds familiar, it’s because he was the genius behind the classic (not to mention exceedingly brilliant) C64 shoot 'em ups Sanxion and Delta. Once again he’s pushing back the boundaries of what’s possible on the Amiga, so you can expect all those coin-op-style flourishes, such as parallax scrolling floors, animated backgrounds, proper 50 frames per second animation (for silky smooth graphics), and loads more on top.
To have to solve her way out of that time, travel through the mediaeval period before zooming off into a fantastic future environment.
WHAT’S NEW: There have been sexy heroines before but this lady takes the biscuit. As you can see from the screenshots she’s not too unattractive. The sad news is that she may undergo a transformation before final release. Sexism aside, this is one of the first adventures that merges a decent photo-realistic background with an animated character.
GENESIS FLAIR SOFTWARE THE GAMEPLA Y: In Genesis you take Ihe role ol a beautiful leggy blonde time traveller in Flair’s first point 'n‘ click graphic adventure.
Our heroine has travelled back in time to the Jurassic period in a quest for some magical jewels. In order to find the jewels she's going BEHIND THE SCENES: The programmers have utilised the latest technology to capture and merge background, foreground and animated movement to give the screen a feeling of depth and realism. Together with the graphics the game will include a special score in the CD32 version.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The Amiga scene has been gasping for a decent animated adventure for some time. This game could be the one that finally brings Amiga FRPGs closer to their more detailed PC cousins. Look out for a review soon.
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Simply plugs into sidecar slot of 500 PlM or internal dot of 15007000 s SPEEDS YOUR AM BY A FACTOR OF UP TO 4 x NORMAL SPEE Complete with throughport for RAM or Hard I expansions. Ideal for improving print outp speeds when using your DTP, graphical or bua programs l*e Final Copyll. Wordworth2. Dpaiea ft*.. - w*r » W-yta pm ta.fl «r « FAST fAH Imh Wu-rf AM Hu ml.li DOY Any Silnw nr GVP Juk 1AM tpmutm you W aWi fa a FAST Ml *er at Raw Power x 4 1200 Performance n • Oft.9£ for just.. t IZLJ BUZZARD 1200-4Mb Board plus 4Mb. RAM Exp. To 8Mb.
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'esider-’s aid se'v Well, it looks like dreams can come true, as CU’s fairy godmother - Slingsby - grants Tony Dillon his lifelong wish of having the first look at the longest-awaited sequel of the!* decade.
SUPER STAR ..gwg It I had to pick my all-time favourite game, it would have to be Elite. I bought that particular title the very day it came out on the Spectrum and spent the best part ot the next year playing it. When I moved up to the Commodore 64,1 bought it tor that system. And when I first got an Amiga, it was the first game I bought. Nine years later and I've finally got my sticky littte mitts on the sequel. It might have taken an age and a hall to arrive, but Frontier - Elite 2 is finally finished and in the shops, and it’s an absolute corker!
RUMOUR CORNER There have been a million rumours concerning what would eventually be in Elite 2. Tales of planets exploding, moon landings and two-way conversation with intelligent opposing pirate captains have been running riot. A lot of the rumours were at least partly ¦RctualrO.D kmh" • SebD.D kmh" .
Relative fcniape Station planets.
There is some con- MOW BIG?!?
Bile hat eight galaxies, wflti xpproii- nately 2800 planets strewn across tbem.
Rentier lias only the one galaxy. Pel etore you start slgNng, check out Ihe ailt I it. For a start it contains around 211 star system (that's '2' with eleven taros, or HO.OM.MO.m it you really want lo Oa goosmacked] and each system can have up to twenty planets. Even It, on average, each syitam only had ten planett, there would soil be two billion planets lor you lo visit! Only about thirty thousand ot the planets are inhabited or inhabitable, hot “ it doesn't slop you pushing hack Ihe koatien and checking out the rest ol our (aiaxy Yes. That is where the name ol the game cnmes hem!
Enough of rumours, though. Time to answer the big question - what is Frontier actually like? Well, it isn’t a game, that's for sure. Oddly enough, there seems to be very little in the way of game plot other than the political backdrop to the game. As far as you’re concerned, your grandfather has died leaving you a small amount of money and a semi-well prepared ship. After that, you’re on your own to do whatever you want.
This leaves room for a.. adventures and a game that you’ll be playing for a lot longer than the five years it took to program!
GAME REVIEW DO WHAT YOU LIKE In Elite, your main aim was to attain an Elite rating, gainod through a combination ot trading, destroying other craft and generally excelling in all fields of Ihe game. Not much of an aim, you'll agree, but it was this freedom that made the game so popular
- a tact that David Braben knows only too well, which is why
Frontier Is more of the same, everything that , Message from
Las*e Station:
* Clearance granted. Proceed to bay 3.
CU AMIGA , more interesting c f.Mi join original Ehto ships in space m, oala.y. a is in here, so you can play it in exactly the same way as the original, but there is so much more to the game that you'd be wasting a lot of the genius that went into creating it if you only followed that route. What your aims are is completely up to you. You could, if you wanted, visit every single planet and moon in the game, but this would take a tew months ol solid gameplay - even Braben himself hasn't seen every planet in the gamel You could aim to become the highest-ranking officer in either of the two
military organisations, become the most successful miner in the galaxy, provide the most efficient taxi service ever, he the most notorious pirate in the western spiral arm.
The most ruthless assas- GAME REVIEW » market trader ..the list is seemingly endless. In a sense. Frontier is almost a simulation ol a completely new life. True virtual reality. II you like!
FTMe tans will be happy to know that the ok) Elite rating is still m the game, but will be amazed at all the other ratings you can collect. As betore. You have a criminal record with the galactic police. Do something wrong, and you'll be a wanted person, so keep your nose clean.
There are Iwo new ratings for you to aim lor. And to explain these I'll need to give you a little background into The galaxy is in a state ot cold war, between the two superpowers ol the Federation and the Empire. Both have spies, soldiers and assassins all over the galaxy, and it you should do any work tor either, you too will receive a rank. It you want to. You can progress through the ranks ot either, but not both at the same time.
As your rank increases, so will the level ol missions that you are ottered, giving you more and more money and generally helping you to reach the status ot God for Information WHAT'S NEXT?
Wui unm mum fMesaga a m the hiMt el Oeeld kraDtn himself FtrsHy me awe) likely mere cavil be add ee ¦ i vecncm el Ike :f*wir sue Mine ml a serin Hat lentea (due te Ike hmt adveoce (acuity la fneeer. A serial Ink okhea earn t heMe) Tken com Ms* ke an enhanced A12W rersioo. As Band strongly Dellane mat me game could run ¦s l«et at Ike MOOfl II clanged lor me A1200. « CD32 version could also he In me oltlng, which would he more like the PC vtralon, complete with full tenure mepplng on the ship* and space stations.
Wt wait with halted breath.
AgiffiNY!Tou But hold on a minute, did I mention missions? In the original Elite, there were only a couple ol missions to be done, and it you managed to get sent on either ot them, you were lucky.
Frontier has over 70 different types ol missions, and each can bo vaned in hundreds ot different ways. You are offered missions wherover you go, thanks to the handy bulletin hoard found on every single space station and base.
Whenever you land, you can read through the messages which are scrawled there, where some people will be asking U ¦ picture Ml* a
• Tosiajiaiit
• TajCeti
• UV'eh
- Bernards Star ©Jm. 15M Wfttuiut 7 ¦Epiilpn Mi j ¦ Seitm
'-M-OflmWlHIN ?TJlpTra Tentaan Dnt. D.OD light ycart _ and the
military will be asking tor recruits. To begin , with, all
you will be asked , to do is carry a message . Trom one base lo
another. Do this well, | and you'll be offered big- | ger and
better missions, t until the military start ask- i ing you to
kill people.
” destroy enemy bases and start spying lor them ir, mis is only one route through me game.
Ot course, you can't be perfect alt the time, and messing up on any kind ol mission costs something In the military, you might be demoted, or 016 11 just loose (aim in you. This isn't too baJ. As you can quickly get hack In their confidence. The worst thing that can happen Is mat your RtlualDD kmh' Relative tnBnstnn Base IhiliMgnffH'I'i GAME REVIEW HI ? ItWNftMj Ju*t because you’re on the planet nrn a taxi s olher toys too c here. Best ot all, though, is the tact that you can, it you like, buy a completely new ship! There are over thirty dilterent ships tor sale, trom small and zippy single
crew lighters perfect tor combat to huge, lumbering cargo ships that can just about tit d station docking bays.
J can still tty a Cobra it you like, but why would you want to?
But enough about the background and basics ol the game. What is it actually like to play? I'm surpnsed you need to ask, just take a look at the 97% rating! It doesn't get that for without saying that is panel gives you and informa- itaagai You have lo admit it puta moat (light aimulalora to shame. What a n
- eputation drops. Reputation is something you can’t see
directly, you can only see the reaction. It your reputation is
nigh, then you will get ottered loads ot ic*s and people will
be willing to pay extra. It your reputation is low. You won’t
get ottered much, and it’s probably a good time to try another
star system.
Making lots money car lust items :o trt there's a m, trade in (see panel), but money does a lot more than that. You can buy all sorts ot additions tor your ship, such as bigger and better engines; Hyperspace Cloud Analysers which can check where a ship has gone once it has gone mto hyperspace; passenger cabins so that you can a lot SPONDULICKS You might have noticed that a lot ot »te game seems to be based around atHMV 150 oxford street london, first floor know hmv know games GAME REVIEW CU AMIGA w vryu There are two separate control methods in the game, bolh accessed by either the mouse or ww
orcrirn Pn.nw * w, !«• r t*ir i-.
Iftr 3 mu 1 (i«rka-» I* IDG «pit*r»
r. l i i'frviih'rranjrir ¦ im fnn lit* Gt'««• WH Wilrm keyboard.
You can use the original Elite controls, whereby left and
right rolale Ihe ship through the z-axis (the one that runs
(rom the nose ot Ihe ship to the exhaust port), or you can
choose a 'yawing' option, where ;** the ship turns through the
horizontal, rather than rotating. The latter
y. iwn r trr'C.r. U'lM iftFi: r-r'tlm*r
w. mv.rrsnr, n-»- pp* nmrti «q?
Fr r mds’i rd Iftr r-ps Sp” • li(D»'(pf i «D rnn* mo1»*i OT »(IFi (rtfrWq rnrticf lot more com " rD*ar rn MmirWiiWn: Wmnjirni'-olmdnwl Mii’.fdPjl'"!
F'rw CwflTIt 1ID
M. '" ArriV (frralrrjlnr DI f.r'h fl Pf*r? Smttfn flirPmfdtnt
Trr.mlhr nr*f HIID rir.i Mirmd' r Pn'ii'J'in’rDf tp*w
nenTnSnf SnJ rimt flmiG flmtG tin-, Relative to lawe nsn FD
inrr rnr *n rr rr Mina you, half !he lime you don't need lo be
flying Ihe ship anyway.
1 lion screens alike and is logically 3'ranged and easy to follow. Whal makes this game so good is that il feels right. You actually get very
r. volved in the game, right to the point where you really feel
like you're «t that Eagle fighter, closing in on the planet
Sol, ready to swoop low and land next to the mountain. It's
hard to describe the thoughts that go through your head when
you’re leaving a planet surface and heading for the sun. but
Ihe awesome view from your rear window is enough lo make you
sit back and sigh heavily. If you've ever wanted to be an
astronaul. But find that like me you're a couple ot inches
below regulation height and a few poinls below the regulation
1 just flying around will be enough ) you enlertained for hours.
Computer was in Elite? How you could just point yourself roughly at a space station and the computer would do Ihe rest? In Frontier you have a fully automatic navigational computer, that you can use from the moment you enter a system. Jusi tar- » THE STAR OF THE SHOW »«..i V i I G© x VvX David Braben is one ot the tew programmers you can really name in the same breath as Geoll Crammond, Sid Meier or [ Archer Maclean. A digital living legend, his games are lew d tar between, but each one has been even more spectacular and groundbreaking than the last. From Elite, through to Zdtch (later
renamed Virus) and finally Frontier, he has strived to create games like never before. We caught up with n at the recent ECTS to find out all about Elite 2.
Q: How long have you been working on Frontiet?
! A: ‘About live years, but it seems like 20! It took so long because there's a lot in there! I had a tew minor problems with Konami, and that's caused some ot the later delays.
There have been various problems, such as problems with e music but there's no point in having a detailed autopsy I §1 what happened."
Q:When did you first decide to do a sequel to I Elite?
“We originally started the second Elite not long alter completing the original in 1983 84.1 was then working with in Bell and we decided what we wanted to do was some- nng that was much more than Elite. However, we found lat what we wanted to do wasn't practical on 8-bit comput- rs. So we left it. For one reason or another, we went our separate ways, so I’ve been doing all the coding."
! Q What was stopping Elite 2 trom being feasible belore?
* 'It was too slow tor the complex 3D graphics we wanled li use.
It's easy to forget the difference between current machines and
Ihe Commodore 64 and il was impossible lo add all Ihe extra
gameplay lealures we wanled to do. Once you start lo make
things general, Ihe whole thing becomes a lot more work. For
example, all Ihe other ships do Iheir own things - act as
pirates or whatever - so there's a lot ol work that the
computer's doing that isn't immediately apparent."
Q:What was in your original design for Elite Z?
A: "One ot the things that we thought was sorely missing Irom Elite ms visiting individual planets. There were a lot of other things we wanted, ot course. The original Elite was tairly asymmetric in the sense that the player was special, everything was centred around the player. That's much less so now. Really, the spec that we had then was lor a very different game to the one that we have now. Then, Elite 2 was a purely military simulation with all the original Elite leel to it. But these are things that in time change and evolve.
Different things become possible. We never really set out with a detailed spec. The way I like to work is to think, I’ve got this idea, that idea and I'd love to do this' and just get down to writing it. Usually, as you're going along you realise that there are other things you can do. For example, one ot the things I never planned tor Elite 2 was this internal concept ol reputation. It's something you can't see. And it's kept secret Irom the player and, put simply, is what the people ot a certain locality think of the player. You can take passengers, and it you don’t get them to where they
want to go on time, they start bad mouthing you and your reputation drops. Oepending on that reputation, different people will have different attitudes to you. One of the things that struck me relatively late in the day. Which is slightly perverse but relatively amusing, is that there are charities in the game. If you donate money to charity, it helps your reputation, but only if you donate quite a lot!” Q:What things did you want to include, but couldn't?
A: “There are always things that either you can’t do or you don’t have time to do. As you're going along you're always thinking of ideas. I think that most of the things I wanted to put in are there. It’s not really a case of things I couldn't put in. It’s just that life is only so long.There are things that have struck me recently that I would have liked to have done, but I’d have to unpick quite a lot to put them in. I'm sure that over the next few years I'll release add-ons and things - I’m not promising anything but I'm sure I will. I ve put a lot of work into this, and one of the
advantages of doing add ons or new version of the game is that anything extra I do is immediate from my point of view. It's soul destroying, working on something for a very long time when you don't see any change in it. You're just doing the background stuff, whereas the stuff that is added late in the day you get an enormous impact from because you can instantly see the difference.” Q: What's your proudest moment?
A: “Probably the astronomical side. It's one of my hobbies as you probably know. The backdrop to the game is very accurate. I've talked to various people in the University Astronomy department about it, and it’s as near as I can make it to fit into all the current theories. The most important one as far as I'm concerned is how often planets occur. What I’ve done is taken all Ihe data for the nearby systems, and that’s what they are really like as far as we know. You see, even with the most powerful telescopes we can only tell where the stars are. We can t see if they've got planets or what
they're like except for in one system.
Those are all in there, right down to Saturn's moons, and they are all orbitally correct. For the other systems, the ones we don't know about, I've tried to generate the planets according to the current theories ol how planets form, so you end up with systems that are 'very likely to be'. The sorts of systems that are there. Obviously it cannot show you what is really there, because we don't know, but it s quite likely to be very close."
_ from Ihe depths ol space, mpoler will mark out Ihe lis. Firstly, Ihe machine checks i can see the plane! II you can.
Colour!) Polygons, but you won’t have seen hall ol it. The detail in this game is simply staggering. Awe inspiring. Toe curling. Ol Ihe lirst water Stunning. Unbelievable. And loads ol words not avaKab'o in my Thesaurus. From the depths ol space, where a planet is nothing more than a single pixel, you can Ity in a straight line right up to a building. Complete with doors, windows and oven signs it it’s a shop. You can see cities Irom space. You can sit on a planet and watch nightfall, or il you’ve picked the right planet, you game that should earn Davk aknighthood.il not actually GAMETEK UK,
• 97% (The ultimate in space adventure, Frontier is the single
most important step for- I ward for games this decade! I For
over 40 YEARS he's been making us ipgh. driving Mr. Wilson
£razy! Now you $ pff play the sling-shot hero and joinjjjm on
all his side splitting pranks.
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Through more contortions than an Indan rubber man. These raised bits are probably one of the most annoying aspects of the game. The only way to spot them is to glance at the scanner or look tor a tell-tale shadow. That's all well and good, but when you're speeding away from a squadron of fighters dodging laser blasts, it's almost impossible to spot them until it's loo late.
Protecting each dreadnought are up to nine attack waves of fighters, which have a tendency lo sneak up on you when you least expect it. Don't rely on your radar to spot them ‘cos they're generally too fast for it to be of any practical value. In fact, on later levels.
One Ol mote conooicuoue dim ol rauea supersirue- when they start to use jamming we. II only Uiey wer. All as easy lo spot m mis one. Equipment, it's next to useless.
To add to your misery these of the superstructure land the Manta „ hIers arb|trar'ly change formation on one of the battleship's pads, get out and then use a hand laser to blow up the main reactor. Simple, huh? Wrong! This is one tough game
- from getting to grips with the con- trols to actually taking on
the enemy; 3 is easy.
Takeout the attack waves, land and nuke the reactor thon nip* - oil into hyperspace as the * *' dreadnought blows itself to bus • * underneath voii * A500 5
* 1500 S
* 500, I
• 2000 I You'll noed more than Kist quick tellexos 10 take out
the reactor core. It rtelends itset! With a shield a well as a
gravitational pud which draws you Into the lur- nace and
After seven years, an infinite number of previews and an incredible amount of hype will Andrew Braybrook’s masterpiece live up to expectations? Jon Sloan looks for the truth behind the legend.
There's no doubt that this game is a cleverly crafted bit of coding. Seven years in the making and with umpteen bells and whistles Uridium 2 is so slick it trips itself up It's a bit like a menngue - beautiful to look at but with little substance Forgetting the usual dubious story- line, the aim of the game is fairly simple: you pilot a small Manta attack craft over the top of huge space battle cruisers shooting everything that comes your way. When you’ve destroyed a suitable amount CONTROLLED FIRE First up, you have to learn to control the Manta. Grabbing a joystick, wiggling it a bit
and stabbing fire just isn’t good enough. This basics of craft control are no problem but to advance you II need to learn how to turn the Manta on its side and even
- pside down. You see. On later lev- _ els. Sections of the
dreadnoughts are raised up. So, to avoid a Manta-mashing smash,
you'll i need to be able I to twist it and even send single
chase ships after your Manta. Destroy a whole wave though and
you'll gel a chance to nab a victory token. Normally you need
to survive all the attack waves before landing to blow up the
reactor, but collect enough victory tokens and you can land
PARKING METER Once you’ve parked the Manta the view switches to the inside of the dreadnought s reactor. Your job here is to control the pilot as he circles the core blasting it to bits. This is easier said than done as it'll try to protect itself with a shield which attacks as well as defends.
Control here is pretty tricky cos the core exerts a gravitational force alternating between attraction and repulsion making the usual iner- _ tia even more frustrating. But successful penetration releases a shower of pick-ups giving your Manta even more power on the next level. Blow one ship up and it’s on to the next, and the next, each becoming more and more taxing with the addition of ultra complicated attack waves and crash-inducing superstructure.
The final challenge will take even the most able game player a lifetime to master.
UNDER MINED I've a feeling thal Uridium 2 is going lo be one of those games that polarises opinion. Some people are going to go wild over it otners, like myself, will end up feeling nothing more than antipathy. It's true that everything that glitters is not gold and a polished game and it's obvious that a lot of thought has gone into the design. However, it's just too damn tough. Bui then again, maybe I’m getting r URIDIUM... THEN AND NOW The original Uridium was one of the best games to appear on Ihe old C64. In fact, in 1986, i! Collected more awards for gameplay than you could shake a
stick at. The plots for the two are virtually identical
- huge dreadnoughts, small Mania craft, generator explosions etc.
In fact. Mr Braybrook has ported across all the original attack
wave patterns and only modified Ihem where he felt that they
were too tough beat. In addition, new attack waves have n added
with ships that can break formation and chase the player.
So, what else is new? The control mode has been updated to allow for faster turns and greater manoeuvrability. The Mania can now fly upside down, which is useful for avoiding chase ships as they can t hit you while in that position. There are weapon pick-ups for increased firepower. But the enemy ships now have chaff to confuse Ihe power-ups. The generator destruction sub-game has been beeled up considerably and owners of AGA machines get the benefit ol a Mayhem mode where even the kitchen sink Is thrown at you.
Finally, there's a new option for a drone ship to follow your Manta. This can be controlled by the computer or a second player.
I 000 1 I *3000 I OVERALL 78% * RENEGADE £25.99 i-Fri 9am-6.30pm i-5.00pm Elm Crescent 081-546 9575 Analogic Computers (UK) Ltd T«i«Phonc Unit 6, Ashway Centre, Sat »am-5.i ANALOGIC ANALOGIC m kLOG C Kinsston-upon-Thames UO 1 3 Surrey KT9 6HH Tel Fax: : 081-5*1 *671 COMPUTERS AND MONITORS REPAIRS WHILE-U-WAIT!!!
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AMIGA PSU ...44 95 6570 KEYBOARD
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Packed with helplul hints, ops end utelul advice this boo* is aimed at the novice and guarantees lo get you using both Workbench and AmigaDOS without an* luss. A must lor Christmas!
Amiga A1200 Next Steps by Peter Fiupatnck, £14 95. ISBN: 1-873308-24-8 Now youve come 10 terms with your A1200 you'll be looking lor ways lo improve *our techniques and explore the man, possibilities that the machine oilers Amiga A1200 Next Slops shows *ou how. It explains, in an aas* lo lollow style, how to choose, install and manage a hard drive, mentor* expansions, exlra disk drives and momtors II provides an Production to video and graphics editing, making music and programming, with advice on getting the most trom the machine in everyday use Available November.
Amiga Workbench A-Z by Bruce Sown. £14 95. ISBN 1-873308-28-0 Sure lo be m greal demand - tint latest book Irom Bruce Sown is a complete A-Z or Pie Armga Workbench It covers every icon and menu option avakabie under Workbench 3 plus much, much more 24-Hr Ansaphoo 24-Hour dispatc So you want to iearn Assembly language but don't know your intmMessago from your Null terminated stnntf?
Then !he Amiga Assembler Insider Guide is the book for you. It explains the concepts behind the processes and demystifies the jargon on the way. With easyto-toWow worked examples and step by-step instructions. Applicable to all Amiga's including A600, At200. A3000 and A4000 it provides a perfect flying start in Assembler programming. Available November - Oder Now!
Workbench A-Z IS applicable to all Amigas running Workbench 3 inctuding the A1200 and A4000. No more struggling with me Commodore manuals, simp* locate the name ot the icon or o(*on you want lor a tun description and example Many Insider Guide Australians throughout AvaiWXe November - Oder Now!
Amiga Assembler Insider Guide o* Paul Overaa.EH 95. Isbn: 1-873308-27-2 CREDIT CARI I HOTLINE Hammick*, WM Smith Wateratonas, Dillon* Hafter* and all good bookshops!
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postage freem die UK Postage!
Per book (Europe). £6 per book ebewhere THEATRE OF DEATH PSYONOSIS OUT NOW £25.99 I Flag colours denote which, of Ihe many, areas you have conquered.
Some people are bom lucky, like a mate of mine who has this uncanny knack of finding money in the most unusual of places.
Others have so much bad luck that they can't get out of bed without stepping in a great steaming pile of dog pooh. Bob. As you might have guessed, belongs to the latter group of unfortunates. Apparently, he’s annoyed a dodgy wizard who has turned his head into a bouncy ball and dumped it in a series of mazes.
The only way out is to collect all the coins which have been conveniently left there Your job is to help Bob out of his predicament by guiding him around the mazes and picking up all the coins. Of course, there are many dangers to face, tike spiky cogs and, in later levels, nasties in the shape of kitchen plungers and spinning stick Just like Cannon Fodder, this game has more than Its fair share of carnage I Twa map shows you the positions on the currant battlefield. Get out your thinking cap!
Watch out for the spiky cogs. The only time that you can touch them safely is after collecting an aggression token which allows you to hit and destroy them.
You don't have to spend aH yoor you’re lucky, you'll find a tan* » Thl* lev*) lm*t as hard as II looks. *1 the start you collect a magnet token which stlck8 you to the walla and away from the coga.
Things. Hitting them is no big deal as long as you've got some coins in reserve. Run out, however, and Bob bursts losing the level and the game.
You can also lose by spending too y DIHon getting up in the morning.
T s always the same, just like Duses - you wait for ages, and tnen a whole bundle come along r o'-ce. Theatre Of Death could be aescnbed as Psygnosis' answer to 13rnon Fodder, apart from the fact
• a; Cannon Fodder isn’t out yet.
cture it as a kind of Commando
- eets Lemmings, with a little Laser Squad thrown in.
You and your little digital convoy
* 3ve to raise hell in a series of increase-tough Missions over
one ot the geographically tidiest planets ever Of course,
- ave to be differences between this and Cannon Fodder. For a
start, t s nowhere near as polished, neither visually nor in
Secondly, il isn't an action game per se.
Instead, it’s a cross between your hold down the mouse button and tottow the trail of death' blazer and a program the moves' real time war game, where you can shepherd your platoon into the danger zone, and then take over when the action starts. You have at least 10 men in your platoon to start with, all ot which have an extremely limited intelligence. They will head in the general direction of the squadron leader - regardless of terrain, so watch out for quicksand - and will all open fire on approaching enemy troops. They won’t try to get out of the way of oncoming tanks or attempt to avoid
grenades, so you're going to have your work cut out just keeping them alivel At first glance.
Theatre Ot Death doesn't look jp to much.
- npression was reinforced once I'd started to piay. The controls
are some of the
- ost unresponsive I have come across - it is incredibly hard to
move things around accurately. Just j a tank to drive in a
straight s an effort!
The dodgy controls, plus the fact "iat the computer intelligence is so : athetic. Just combine together t nake a good game too unplayable to be fun.
Tony Dillon long bouncing and spinning cos Bob can only take so much before he goes green and throws up all over the screen. To really add some difficulty there’s the odd icon which, once collected, will do really horrible things like altering the pull of gravity or disabling part of your joystick.
This game concept has been explored before but what makes BBD so unusual is that it's the first Amiga game to implement full screen pixel rotation. Yes, the SNES’s Mode 7 has made it to the Amiga. So. Instead of bouncing Bob around a static maze you rotate the maze around him! The Dome are the team behind this coding breakthrough; they are a Norwich-based development house who are relatively new to the Amiga scene having formed a mere six months ago.
Of course, the downside of being the first to utilise Mode 7-style rotation is that the game graphics have to be very basic. This initially detracts from what is a very playable game, but you'd be foolish to let it influence you for more than a few seconds. Bob's Bad Day is one of the most playable and addictive games I’ve seen in some time.
The difficulty curve is exceptionally well judged, the playability is pitched just right and, with 100 levels, it'll keep you going for a good while. Don't let first impressions put you off Bob 's Bad Day or you'll miss one hell of an addictive puzzler. Try it out.
Jon Sloan BOB’S BAD DAY MYONOSIS OUT NOW f 1 9.99 oodiu The warriors are the slowest vehicles you'll control. Watch out tor the spots ot glue.
Shunting the other cars ott the track is the most enjoyable part ol the game.
Toys fade into memory, where’s the a game based on their exploits? Mark the wheel to search for the answer.
From NES through Mega Drive to the Amiga; it’s been a long time coming but Micro Machines has finally made it.
Despite its looks it has take the console world by storm, but will it be as successful in the more discerning Amiga market? Read on ... So what’s so great about a race game with tiny sprites, especially when compared to classic race games such as Microprose’s Grand Prix and Gremlins’ Lotus. The answer is fun. When it comes to sheer playability, Micro Machines beats the competition into a bloody pulp.
SCALED DOWN I guess whoever designed the real Micro Machines thought that the kids would race them around a variety of makeshift tracks. That idea has been carried over into this game with the Th«» coptors .r. .h. only ..hid.. th„ ta,. ReSU" "'a' V™ 'ake ° her Ca,S in L AP * TO cor IPUE'TE th* ground - deliberately. Races around the breakfast table, the Super cars: These formula one demons tear up the pool table track and teleport through the pockets. Racing around the table’s rim will really challenge your reflexes.
Helicopters: It’s ott to the green house lor a tlight through the bedding plants in this level. Hazards includes bushes and dad’s sprinkler system. One quick nudge and you're ott the track.
O much a race, anks are slow, ns, so whoever's r trigger finger opponent take st him.
Dune Buggies: These 4x4s are last and very tough to control, making this event one ot the most unpredictable in the whole game.
There’s loads ot water traps to tall Into on this track.
Road Warriors: Although this is!
Slowest ol the games, Road Warriors is also the most violent.
The vehicles come with giant spikes mounted on the wings, | ing them a destructive edge.
You'll be going prstty fast by this point, and sven If you slow right down you'll probably skid off the track, so fu.rglpg as SQQr *s.y.op lands. Aitfrnatively, you take a short cut ar.
Waffle, but It does ti extremely clou to the edge of TABLE-TOP MENACE The levels are pretty varied with each one throwing up new and Interesting hazards. The Road Warriors level, for instance, is set in the garage and Is dotted with spots of glue which slow the cars down. Either dodge them completely or time it Just right to nudge the opposition into one.
Perhaps the most technically difficult level Is the Super Cars one. These tiny terrors race around a pool table. Obviously, the table's covered In balls, some of them across your track. II this wasn't hard enough, half of the track Is placed on the edge of the table. This Is perfect barging territory.
Apart from the scenario changing each level the vehicles do too. Though not wildly different each vehicle has subtly different handling characteristics. The Super Cars are fast but lack grip, the Road Warriors slow but sure and the Helicopters very responsive to the slightest nudge. You'll have to mastor each one as well as the courses If you want to come out winning.
To give you a hand we've put together a quick guide to the biggest level. Some messy pup’s been and spilt their breakfast everywhere, making driving your sportster across It doubly difficult. Here’s a quick Murray Walker-esque tour of the hazards of table-top driving.
Garage and other mundane locations.
There’s nothing mundane about this gameplay though - with hazards like spilled milk and beans and the odd pool ball, you’ll need the reflexes of a cat if you’re going to come out triumphant. You can play the game with a friend or against the computer, with the two-player head-to-head being the most fun. The aim is simple. All you have to do is drive your vehicle around scrolling levels staying ahead of your opponent. Do this for enough laps and you win that round. No gears, no thrills, just action. The biggest hazard in the game is the inertia, especially on the faster vehicles which is
fantastically over the top. But this just adds to the enjoyment as it makes events like the formula one car race on the snooker table one of the trickiest in the game as you’re required to steer at top speed down narrow tracks and pencil- thin turns. To add to the danger, if you get a full screen ahead of the other car you win a point - do that seven times and you automatically win.
THREE FOR ALL A one-player game pits you against four computer drivers. These are chosen from a pool of ten, each of who have their own strengths and weaknesses. Some might drive aggressively, others slowly and care- CODEMASTERS £19.99 I 600 * I 3000 I I 1200 1 I 1000 I CODEMASTERS, LOWER FARM HOUSE.
ST0NEYTH0RPE, WARWICKSHIRE, CV33 0DL.TEL:0926 814132 RELEASE DATE: NOVEMBER GENRE: RACING TEAM: IN HOUSE CONTROLS: JOYSTICK, KEYPAD NUMBER OF 0ISKS: 1 NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 2 HARD DISK INSTALLABLE: NO MEMORY: 512K GRAPHICS SOUND INSTABILITY PLAYABILITY ????67% ????60% ??? ??89% H*«»**9J% Boats: Balh time is hell for the speed boats as they leap over blocks of soap and come a cropper in a puddle of undissolved Radox.
Pick the wrong route and you'll end up down a plug hole.
Sports Cars: Face the terror ot the school desk, with rubbers and pencil sharpeners blocking your path. It's fast, furious and there's always the danger of falling off the desk. Get ready for the biggest jump around.
T Very original and extremely playable.
. Fliv- OVERALL 89° « So, if you're not in the lead when you reach fhe bridge, you're liable fo come a cropper.
TECHNO-DUFFER For technical merit, Micro Machines scores minus figures. The scrolling is smooth and fast, but the graphics are poorly detailed and the sprites tiny.
The sound is equally simple with snarling engine noises and precious little else. Somehow, this just adds to the game’s style, leaving it uncluttered so you can get on with the real business of trouncing your mates.
I’ve been addicted to this game in its previous incarnations, and I’m no- less hooked now.
Nothing has been lost in the translation, and while it is lacking technically, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more playable game this side of the new year. 2* fully. The aim is to complete three laps and cross the line in first place, which is no mean teat. While the controls are simple, the tracks are laid out to catch the unwary driver. Often there will be just enough room to squeeze one vehicle through, while other areas contain lethal hazards and winning short-cuts.
To win a race you need to know the course. There’s no room tor wimps in this game, as you attempt to barge your opponents into track-side obstacles or off the track altogether. Several of the courses are designed with this in mind. For instance, the school desk ‘ which plays host to the sports cars has a bridge with room tor one vehicle only.
I Tha trl-vlew Is Ihe moel usaful as It lets you saa what's In front ol and behind you, as wall as giving you a 30 orientation.
So, what do you have? A standard flight sim with more combat than most. The controls are strangely sluggish on all machines (regardless of plane types, although the older fighters do tend to handle better). The game is slowed down even further by the fact that when you change views, it has to load them in. For a game that's supposed to be action based, you sure do have to sit about a loti Without the two-player option, there isn't much game left. The real problem is that is falls between two stools. It is far too slow to be the fast- paced action blaster it claims to be.
Even on an A4000, and it lacks enough depth to please simulation fans. All in, there just isn’t enough to satisfy anyone.
Tony Dillon smell of diesel and cordlfe. The splash of This Is what war la all about - the wind In your heir, the red aa bullets rake your cheat. Ahh, bliss.
Flight simulators have been covered from every single angle since the birth ol computer games, and most ol them have been released by Microprose. Dogfight is a step in a new direction lor the company that pndes itself on the most accurate simulations around - an arcade sim! No, not an arcade game, an arcade sim.
Essentially, they've just taken out all the difficult tlight controls of their usual titles, and shoved a little more emphasis on action. Rather than sit through a million mission briefings, spending all that time choosing armaments and then actually trying to lind the enemy. Dogfight sticks you in the middle ol battle in any ol six historical scenarios using any ol 14 different planes Irom a Sopwith Camel to a Sea Harrier You can choose to go one-on-one with an equivalent plane, take on up to live different computer controlled aircraft at once or take part in 12 different mission
backdrops. It all sounds quite packed, yet it scores badly. Why? Basically, the most important option is missing. How on earth can you have a game called Dogfight and not include a two-player option? The PC version allows lor two players, using linked machines, so why not the Amiga?
THE CURSE OF DRACULA IS UPON YOU DEFEAT HIM OR DIE The world's foremost horror storv drixes a slake through the heart of vour PC with this long awaited sequel to the blockbuster moxie. We invite vou to enter one of the most ama ing 31) worlds ever created and fight for vour life as you plav Marker, the oniv man in the fixing world who can stop Dracula in his plan to take vet another mortal soul.
Can Marker outpace the hordes of undead that haunt the mvstical and cruel 19th Centurx Trunsvlvania? Mold vour breath as he steps quictlv along the ancient halls. W atch in terror as he runs screaming through the graveyard pursued bv legions of hideous creatures all craving after one thing - the blood of a living human.
Brain Stoker's Dracula is a Iraileiuark of Columbia Industries Inc. IW2 ( olumbia Pielures Industries Inc. VII rights reserved.
Dexeloped and Published bx I’sxgnosis I id.. South Harrington building. Sellon Street. I ixerpool I * 4IMJ. I'sxgnosis I Id. Ml rights reserxed.
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1 1 Good quality roads and reasonable conditions bring T|'; out
the true handling characteristics of your vehicle.
They’re small, they’re fast and they can spin on the spot. However there’s nothing small about Team 17’s machines.
Tony Dillon, on the other hand... manoeuvrability isn't really an issue! W as you only ever race against vehicles of the same type. The only thing that exploits the weaknesses is the course you are racing on. There are live different types, from Grand Prix courses to icy roads, and the vehicle you are in greatly aftects the difficulty level ot the course. A 4x4 will have little difficulty in the desert terrain, but would be wasted in Ihe city. A GP car is tar too last tor the city circuits, but perfect on a racetrack.
The problem with turbo pads. Is they can often make cornering a bit of a problaml aiuuuu w;
- eto race This is slightly easier than of drivers, version and
gives you the the get some practice in.
You have four differt control in Overdrive, ran GP to a Super sports car.
Their own strengths and weaknesses, as you would expect. The speed and from a have OUT NOW ARCADE PSI0NIC JOYSTICK 2 2 NO LHP C • 0 BEST C ¦ 3 Before each level, you are given a brief inscription of the track ahead.
Top-view racing games are a bit old hat in most people’s eyes.
The genre is as old as the hilts and there are many who say that it
- as gone as far as it can. Naturally, these aren't people who
have played either Micro Machines or Overdnve- the latest in a
very consistent line of its from Team 17.
BTXMW a Overdrive is practically two games ip one. Firstly, you have the arcade game, where you have against a succession each better than the one before, u* you reach the final challenge and claim victory. The second game is a ' me-trials challenge, where you have lo race a variety ot vehicles over a number ot courses against the clock.
“-glBIT ~ PICK AND MIX By mixing these elements together, you can tailor the game to suit your playing level, making the game as easy or as difficult as you like. Just as well, really, as this is not a very easy game to play.
Sure, the controls are very responsive, and it goes without saying that it's incredibly playable. What makes it so tough is the speed.
Everything just whips along at such a rate that it’s often hard to anticipate corners, and you end up careering all over the shop.
Once you become familiar with a then the lun really kicks in iU know it, you're racing turbo pad there is. Leav- drivers coughing your it can't all be good, or il would have got a mark ol 100%.
Ie biggest problem is the horrendous loading times. As the levels vary greatly, Ihe game has to load in complete graphics lor each race, which can take a lot longer than the race itself in some cases!
One particular thing that annoyed me was the way that the program needs to load the track atter you've finished qualifying. Surely Ihe course is already resident in memory at that point?
Some ol the presentation screens are a little bland t would have liked to f MULTI-PLAYER MADNESS What kind ol arcade racer doesn’t have a two-player mode? No kind ot arcade racer, that’s what! But there's none ot this nancy split-screen action (can you imagine how hard that would make a game as fast as thisl). Instead, Overdrive lets you link up two machines via that old workhorse, the null modem cable. Okay you say, plenty ol games have done that in the past, why should this be any better?
Because the game doesn't slow one jot, that’s why. For the first time, you can have lull 50Hz scrolling on two linked machines!
More in the way ot animated laces - maybe the other drivers passing verdict on your driving skills, but that's really just nitpicking. RTTt al l RELEASE DATE: GENRE: TEAM: CONTROLS: NUMBER OF DISKS: NUMBER OF PLAYERS: HARD DISK INSTALLABLE: GRAPHICS ?????? ??86% SOUND ?????? »«•!% LASTABILITY ??80% PLAYABILITY M8«% TEAM 17, MARW00D HOUSE, GARDEN STREET, WAKEFIELD, WESTY0RK- SHIRE WF11DX. TEL: 0924 201846 Hugely playable arcade racer. One of Ihe best racing games yet.
To stand any chancn of winning, you're to have lo run over a lot 01 turbo pafla.
TEAM 17 £25.99 MEMORY: 1500 n early lead. Ihe boy Dillon looks set fo do us proud...Not. o ?
With up to 262,144 colours on-screen at once, the new Amiga 4000 series is a multimedia powerhouse suited to all needs. Whether you choose either the 25MHz 68040based flagship or the budget-priced 25MHz 68ec030 version, you can be sure of getting the most technically advanced multi-tasking machine on Ihe market. Upgradeable with industry-standard 32 bit SIMMs and with full on-site maintenanre , this is all the computer you will ever need.
Microbotics premier 68030 accelerator lor the AI 200 with realtime clock, space for FPU and up to 128MB of RAM!
M1230XA 40 0 40MH* I C0»0 0MB RAM £299.99 M1230XA 40 4 «»»uko)o 4mb ham £399.99 M1230XA 50 0 .oauuow QMS ram £399.99 Ml 230XA SO 4 MOW RAM £499.99 CBM I960 £359.99 14* nto wooow. LS Vll-VJS 11Hr. 24 *4 park. -«*«« v* » 1024 . ,*SB. »4 Mr ««snbn CBM 1942 £379.99
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• on* up lo 1024 » 7BB. (nargral I wa* tpraten We also stock a
full range of approved upgrades such as: FPUs, PC bridgpboards,
SIMMs, graphics cards, etc. Ring us for more information.
£139.99 £279.99 £379.99 £199.99 £339.99 £449.99 FUJITSU £269.95 £259.95 Fujitsu DL1 1 50 24 -pin A4 AI colour prrtir Fujitsu DL1 200 24-pi" AVA2 (olour prmlrr A Merge genlock A2300 Internal Genlock for A2000 DC IV OpalVision v2 FrameGrabber by PP&S EDI Y C Genlock with Scala vl 1 3 EDI Sirius Genlock ? Scala vl.13 EDI FrameMachine and Prism 24 A*o ava.U-r. butttryH prllWn Fujitsu Breeze 100 £NEW PRICES!
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44) 0753 554338 “AILORDER The Trumpcard 500AT (pictured) has
room for up to 8MB RAM and an IDE hard drive.
The lowest cost combination.
Trumpcard500AT nasta mdombram £249.99 TrumpcardSOOAT s,. Hoombram £119.99 Turn your AI 500 into a powerhouse with just one peripheral! The Vector from IV5 gives you 68030 power, a maths co-pro, fast SCSI controller, up to 32MB RAM and full 68000 compatibility' Vector 2VMM* icom. Uw -whom* ram £399.99 Team 17 step forward, once again, to show that budget price doesn't have to mean budget quality. Owak is quite simply one of the most fun games I've seen in quite a while.
Remember how much fun you had playing Bubble Bobble? Well, Owak is a lot like that dinosaurus bubble-em-up. It’s a two-player game where you have to bounce around a single screen knocking out the bad guys with large round objects while collecting enough keys to open exit to the next level.
5 wniie inan 2RB There are eighty levels ¦ ¦ 0 &¦ o' .. ?£¦••• ****•• ;V:«K r* I E t 1 A heavily armoured duck!
Lor you and a friend (if you have one handyl to smash your way through.
’ Levels range from cashes lo snowy wastelands. Why two little ducks are wandering around castles and wastelands, the manual doesn't say, but there you are, throwing eggs with all your might at floating fish, phantoms and spiked balls. At the start of each level, you'll be given a clue as to what to expect. For example, if a clause pops up saying, 'I wish I’d brought my brolly', means that the next level will have a lot of things falling from the top of the screen.
Visually, the game Is little more than an explosion of colour. Detailed bright sprites race around .rly-defined levels, and there’s iuch thing as subtlety where the palette is concerned. The Amiga can display over 4000 colours and Owak sure uses some of the brightest!
SUPERVISION OUT NOW £25.99 SCREEN STAR Playing the game is a real throwback to the days when all that mattered in a game was the way it played.
Forget big graphics. Forget stereo digital soundtracks. All you need is fast and frantic action, responsive controls and challenging levels. Owak has all three, which is why I have to keep walking away from my desk to play it every five minutes. [We noticed. Ed] Ahem, well .basically, it’s an excellent little game, and one that’s definitely well worth the asking price. .CT*, Tony Dillon s Samurai ducks go, Donk is one of the hardest. He’s seen his way through various name changes
(i. e. the highly-suspicious Dong), he’s suffered at the hands of
collapsing companies and even endured price hikes. Now,
he's landed safely in the hands of Waddingtons' subsidiary
Supervision. Unfortunately, after all the shenanigans, it
wasn’t really worth the wait.
In its initial stages, Dong looked like a sure-fire winner. Somewhere along the line, though, this duck has turned into a bit of a turkey. I know it's a bad joke, but it’s true.
In this one or two-player plat- former, you guide Donk through the 112 levels which are spread throughout the watery kingdom, collecting gems and defeating bad guys. At the start of each level, you are told how many diamonds you need to collect to complete it. When you’ve collected the correct amount from the maze-like screen, you’ve got ninety seconds to get out before the area autodestructs! Each level has multiple exits and the entire game is held together in a self-building map, rather like the Super Mario World games.
Well, that’s all the good points Donk9 only combat move Is this strange spinning jump.
¦** B X yj 1_S out of the way. The bad points are few but significant. For a start, the level designs are extremely questionable in places. Even something as simple as jumping onto platforms can be perilous. This is because the collision detection is pixel perfect and there is no margin for error. So.
On one level, which has you jumping across a series of small platforms, it’s far too easy to miss the edge leaving you to fall to the bottom of the screen and die. This can get very monotonous and after losing a dozen or so lives on this section, I began to get seriously annoyed.
Even the graphics are a hindrance. The backdrops are so bright and colourful that you can't tell which is scenery and which are the bits you can actually stand on. I lost count of the times that I innocently leapt upon a solid looking box, only to fall through it to my death.
It could have been so good as well.
Dave Stone What do you get if you cross a banana with an old wizard? Jon Sloan has the answer.... and it isn’t at all smutty!
Most grannies sit at home sipping the odd cup of cocoa and knitting their favourite grandchildren hideous Arran sweaters. Not this pair though, Wiz n' Liz are an energetic couple of Wizards from the Planet Pum. They spend most of their time zooming around the planet doing all sorts of good deeds. It’s a good job too 'cos there's a big problem on Pum - all the wabbits have been stolen m WASCALLY WIZARDS It's a tough job catching Wabbits. I mean, the furry little buggers don't seem to stand still lor two minutes. But despite their long white beards, Wiz and Liz can really shift it when they want
to. I reckon they're taster than Linford Christie's lunch box which isn’t bad lor a couple ol OAPs. Anyway here's a briel display ol Wiz at work.
Oh dear, he's got more chance of catching a cold at this speed. Perhaps he should change that wand lor a zimmer Irame.
By dark mysterious forces. And I we all know that wabbits are an I integral part of any magician s act, so Wiz ‘n' Liz set out to save them.
Whals that? Did someone say there’s an illegal Bingo game at the retirement home?’Old Wiz is beginning to pick up speed now.
To keep them from being h found the wabbits have been scattered around Pum in places I like Lunar Land, Grass Land and Desert Land. So. Wiz ‘n’Liz I m OAPs only exhibit this speed when they're rushing down B to the Post Office to collect Big'S fheir pension. Grannies dis- playing this kind of battle Irenzy have been known to trample over anything in their way - children, pets,tall building, small villages, etc. must race around the globe [|3 picking up as many bunnies as Hf You don't have to play the lands In any particular order. You can choose the one you want.
They can find. Collecting the wit- tle wabbits is easy, simply run over them and they’ll disappear - releasing a letter as they do so. The wizards must collect these letters to form a magic word which opens the level’s exit. Collecting the wemaining wabbits will give Wiz 'n' Liz special bonuses in the form of fruits and r stars. It’s not as easy as all that though 'cos HMMRthey're up against a timer which diminishes with every AtK passing round. Added to that, after a few k levels, you'll come Hpn Sonic watch out! Wiz goes crazy whenever he changes yjJ direction in mid jump. It's
funny but I can't remember my granny ever doing this, well maybe after a few sherries. - up against a giant .y? Py* guardian who has fa ito be bopped before you can fa JbbHt * 90 on.
After com- Dieting r.e :*ve ¦ ‘ 3 I 9 where the stars 'can be used to buy hints, extra lives and more fruit.
»Why the obsession with icitrus? It’s not that ¦they're veggies or any ¦ The game really lifts off when I there’s two-player action.
¦ Wiz n'Liz race against each Im. Other. One collects the Uga arey wabbits the other 1he brown ones.
Thing, it’s just that they need the fruit to mix together to make special spells. These spells can have mixed results depending on the fruit combination; some give you extra points, others open secret sub-games but others still give you zilch. The subgames are generally twists on old classics, like wabbit invaders and snakes. There’s even one where you throw rotten tomatoes at caricatures of Puggs s programmers (another Psygnosis game out soon).
Wiz 1n’ Liz is a fairly simplistic game but enjoyable nevertheless. It’s fast, frantic and at times challenging.
The animations, both the wabbits and the wizards, are top notch and the ingame tune is suitably up beat. It really begins to shine though when UK-00000750 -« 3 These wabbits are smart! When you've almost compteted the magic word the remaining wabbits will only release the letters you need.
You drag a male along lo play Liz and compele againsl each olher in a split screen race lo see who can complete the level lirst. Curses and insults will be freely exchanged as you nick each others magic letters and poach the fruit. However, the one-player game is bound to lose its appeal before too long. The levels simply don't have enough variety to keep your attention beyond a couple of goes. If you haven't got a chum to play with, apart from being pretty sad, there’s not much here to keep you playing for too long, rgl) PYGNOSIS £29.99 500 51 500. 9 A600 9 1200 9 1500 Bl 2000 9 3000 9
LIVERPOOL L3 460. TEL: 051 709 5755 RELEASE DATE: DECEMBER GENRE: ARCADE TEAM: IN HOUSE CONTROLS: JOYSTICK, J0YPAD NUMBER OF DISKS: 2 NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 2 HARD DISK INSTALLABLE: NO MEMORY: 1Mt GRAPHICS ???*?**???*3% SOUND ??????**?80% INSTABILITY *???***???74% PLAYABILITY ??.. ¦*•'???*5% £ Fast and fun, especially || with two players. But _ 1 lacks long term appeal. J
- HUM ¦Hill @ Network q a: RALLY CHECK OUT THE LATEST p
* ¦) ¦ 1 | © Europress Soltw; purOPRESS O F T W A R E
CREATIVE LEISURE Europress Software. Europe House Aolmglon
Park. MacdesfiekJ SK104NP Tel: 0625 859333 Fax 0625 879962 This
rally sim's so lifelike you can almost smell the high-octane
"We have lift off!" Just what you don’t want to hear from your computer co-driver... He's screaming pace notes above the shriek of the engine... you're pushing it to the edge in the final thrilling stages of the Network Q RAC Rally.
You're strapped into one of the five rally-bred supercars, speeding in the exact tracks of the '93 Rally leaders. Each car handles differently. Each tests your dnving skills flat out.
You're picking up vital seconds when you hang a bend late, clip a bank and flip into a roll - damage your car and you dent your chances.
It's the sequel to the top-selling RAC Rally game. But the sound's even more deafening, the digitised video graphics even more in your face for an atmosphere that's totally turbo-charged.
Flying around the world's toughest rally course is one thing. Staying on earth is another.
FiisI up in this unique head-to-head challenge is Blaster from Core Design.
It's a multi-directional shoot 'em up mixing in three different viewpoints tor crucial parts of the game At the start, there's a top- down view with your ship at the centre of a screen which rotates around you.
Then, there's a standard top-down non-scrolling view for some end-of-level guardians. Finally, there's the usual side-on scrolling view for the remaining bosses. It's an odd mix which does confuse you initially I've no idea why they chose to do it this way but it seems like an artificial means of extending game play. The primary rotational view leaves you little time to spot enemies as you've only got half a screen's worth of space to see them before they smash into your ship. Fortunately, there's a scanner which helps, but only ust.
Spot Iho cndol-lovol (jumdian?
Yes. It s Iho one cenlio screen KMI. Malm, torture, distig- uh..JI only my mother kne r I acted like iNsl The coders have gone lor a very alien backdrop which is similar to Xenon
II. Although the background is well drawn, it ends up masking the
ships attacking you making the ship's placement centre
screen even more taxing. A bit more contrast between the
background and enemies would have helped considerably.
After you've blown up the requisite number ol alien
generators the ship is immediately whisked off to face the
mother alien Again, it's hard to spot the difference between
background and enemy sprite. Once the mother alien is beaten
it's onto more of the same before blowing off the covers to
tunnel sections It's here that you get the side-on view. I
enioyed this bit more than the main game so it's a shame that
these sections are so short.
When you've progressed three levels and killed more aliens than a violent xenophobe would manage in a week, you get to visit the shop No. There's no Mars bars or cool drinks on offer here, instead, you get to choose Irom the latest snap-on alien megadeath weapons or ship power ups. Providing you've got the money to pay. Basically, the more aliens you kill the mote cash you have to spend on better weapons to kill even more aliens. What can I tell you, it's a vicious circle. All in all. There's five levels ol super violent alien blasting to keep you occupied land that's not counting the
sub-levels). Enough for even the most jaded sadistic killer.
Blaster's not a bad game, it’s just that it's not that good either. There's little to be gained zooming around the screen blasting everything in sight. For one thing you won t last very long, for another you'll never see the ground-based installations that you’re supposed to be blowing up. Caution is the name ol the game here. Personally. I prefer the action to be a bit more frantic. I got to grips with the rotational thing but I still preler a more traditional scroller Which is why Overkill gets my vote.
Jon Sloan One ol youi missions** to.
Tcstioy a ceftairrnomlBf of lOuntftjUQCl* Kaop (in eye on Jffe sn.milei on Iowh ‘ rigW hand «W*. When It pngos shopoyou know that I remember late nights in the cotfee bar at University desperately trying L _ master Defender just so's I could show olf to my fnends. It’s a pity I neve- I got the hang of it - too many buttons see. Anyway, Maik Sibly, the guy 1 responsible for Blitz Basic and Woody's World, must have had the same prc*f lem cos he's put together the perfect version lor spuds like me One joystick* steer, one button to fire and hit space for a time sensitive shield. Perfect.
The idea in Overkill is to drop a team ol assault marines onto a planet s sem face and then help them get to the deposits of Trilithium crystals so that they I can be destroyed before the aliens pick them up. Apparently, these crystals I have a mutating effect on the bad guys, transforming them into even more I dangerous beasties. So, catch the marines as they parachute in, pick them 4I when they signal, and meanwhile blast every green nasty that comes your I way Of course, it's not as simple as that. After Level One these aliens are -al push over. Not only do they hover up and down they also
chase you and tiw I into bloody huge worms that take loads of hits to kill. It gets very tough very I rapidly. To help you along the aliens will occasionally drop weapon power -CM giving the ship a faster laser, three way fire, napalm, nukes... you get the CM This is one of the lirst true AGA-only games so it's a visual and aural tre«l Well, almost. The intro music is a pulsing heavy metal beat which, sadly doesn't carry over into the main game The spot effects though are suitably I spooky. As for the graphics, the backdrops are super smooth with an exque* double parallax effect on the second
level. This is how shoot ’em ups shoiAB look! However, the main sprites, both your ship and the nasties, could ha.» done with a lot more work. The marines. In particular, look like refugees Irtvk Lowry painting.
Niggles aside, the playability is top notch. The whole thing is so slick wir your ship gliding along and performing the ubiquitous 180 degree turn like a pd The aliens chase you with deadly polished precision. The difficulty curve is 1 pitched just right - you’ll soon progress beyond Level One but alter that ytx 1 need to really hone your joystick skills to push further. Also, there's a good ety of aliens fo destroy, each with their own characteristics However. I wouc have liked to have seen some bigger bosses but you can't have everything ] Overkill is not perfect, this type of game has been
done better before But. In terms ol sheer playability, it knocks Blaster tor six. Better remember though you’ll need an AGA machine lo play it.
PS We upologise for our phone lines being busy - pie use keep on trying il'll be worth il ATTENTION 4000 OWNE WHY NOT ADD PC COMPATIB FOR ONLY £299.99 (386SX25) OR ONLY £599.99 (486SLC25) W THIS MONTH IGA 1200 EXTERNAL 3.5" HARD DRIVES from £169.99 ¦r nake your own with our...
Fri 8-8 techn Sat 8-5 02t Sun 10-3 n~ pr’ A6»Hn4M' We are here.
AMI HwMmfWW NOW IN STOCK: DELUXE MUSIC 2. COMPATIBLE MIDI INTERFACE AVAILABLE It might have been only three-and-a- half years since the first Turrican game appeared on the Amiga. But it sure as hell feels like a lot longer At the time ol its release, it was hailed as one ol the Amiga's top shoot 'em ups - even it it was a fairly derivative blast.
The idea was to guide an armour-suited soldier around a series ol platformed levels, taking out as many alien nasties as possible. To do this, you were armed with an unteasabty large gun which could be transformed into a vanety of weapons depending on which ot the game's many power-ups you opted to pick up on your travels. The arcade-quality feel to the game, coupled with some gob-smacking graphics, explosive sound effects and excellently- designed levels, made lor a trantlc and incredibly addictive blast.
The following year. Turrican 2 hit our screens Adhering to the same formula as the first game, the action was even more fasrn'funous than its predecessor, with more varied enemy sprites. Better attack waves, gigantic end-ot-level guardans and even bigger levels to Blast your way through Then, with the advent of console- mania, the team behind the games.
Factor 5. Turned their attention to pastures new and the long-awaited third game m the senes was quietly shelved.
The most addictive shoot ‘em ups ever to grace the Amiga has been wheeled out of retirement for a third outing. Dave Stone managed to get a day pass from the Home for Retired Games Players to check it out... up to you to save the day and give the alien ruffian a jolly good seeing to. After 'volunteenng' for such a deadly mission (I.e. everyone else look a step backwards when you weren't paying attention), it s off to WHO DO FACTOR 5 THINK THEY ARE?!
You might not recognlit lha Factor 5 name, hut you'll almoit certainly have played one ol their gamee. Formed In 1917 by Ihe computer enlhuilailt. Ihe team tel out lo untie arcade- quality games lor Ihe Amiga. Their litsl release eras Denim. A straight torarard shoot am up in the style ol the then popular R-Type com op Oee lo the enormous success ol Derurit KaaUs. The Irem corporation commissioned the team to unite the ottical comersion ol R-Type lor Ihe Amiga, which came out In 19!!. From there. Factor S went on to design Turrlcan (1990) and 7urrlcan?(1991). Both ol which received massive
critical acclaim Irom the computer press. Torrtcjo Zwai premiered at the Cologne computer show and the game cessed a luli-scale not! Only 900 demo disks were made available to the public and in the resultant damoer lor copies, two people ware actually hospitalised. Alter that little episode.
Ihe team turned their attention to the Super NES and Mega Drive, starting work on Super Terricen and Mega Turrlcan. Perhaps FS’s greatest achievement was Ihe Amiga conversion ol PC Kid Irom Ihe PC Engine Renamed SC Kid lor Ihe Amiga market. Ihe game was released by UbiSolt last year and was rewarded with a sought-atter CU Amiga Superstar Now that they ve got Tnmcjn 3 enter their belts, the team are turning their attentions back to Ihe SNES lor Super Terricee 2 and an as yet undisclosed new game project in association with a top movie company.
Now. After realising the error of their ways, the German-based developers have unveiled the third Turrican outing. Even better, although they've kept the basic gameplay traits of the first two blasts, the team have radically revamped the new game and given it fresh vitality by significantly tweaking the level design, upping the number of alien nasties to slaughter, and making things even more frantic than before.
ThM* flying pancakes warp onto fha screen unexpectedly.
On booting up, the first thing you're treated to is an animated intro, which fills you in on what's happened since the end of Turrican 2. The evil bio-mechanical monstrosity known only as The Machine has embarked, once more, on a course of galactic domination, ruthlessly destroying entire solar systems in the pursuit of power. Unfortunately, as the United Planets' most decorated war hero, it’s the intergalactic equivalent of a 'phone booth to don the famous Turrican armoured exo-skeleton and kick some alien ass.
FIVE ALIVE The action is set across live increasingly difficult levels, each made up of three separate zones. Infesting each one is a battalion of The Machine's robotic minions, plus some bizarre biologically-engineered life forms, each one capable of soaking up a number of shots before they keel over and die.
Most are eightway scrolling affairs, set over huge expanses, although some involve single screen encounters with some ol the game's larger adversaries Luckily, your assault suit comes equipped with enough lire power to level a small dty single- handedly, But you must make sure you constantly replenish your supplies as the game progresses Once you've located one of the game's many ammo dumps, you can take your pick from multishot guns, lasers, homing missiles, rebound shots and a useful body REVIEW C Maybe too short, but c nitely the best In the OVERALL 85% Along wilh these goodies
- extra lives and a heart-shaped which boosts your suit's energy
s to maximum power.
As well as all this firepower at your flkposal. You also have access to three start bombs per level - these spew I a concentric circle ol bombs that Sear the screen of all but the largest wnie?
Each level adopts a particular eme. The tirst involves exploring e corridors of an alien hatchery,
• ng the baby face-huggers. And collecting as many point-scoring
gems as possible. If this level looks
• amifiar, that's because much of it is based on Sega's Mega
Turrican game from last year. The best bit here is when you've
blasted through ! First zone and then have to con- 3 with a
swarm of alien nasties wtkch dive down from above. There's
nowhere to run, so you've got to polish off each enemy sprite
as it flies fn. Miss one and they block your path. So it's
possible to get hemmed uck. Once you've destroyed the
end-of-level guardian, which looks suspiciously like a wobbly
marshmallow, it’s on to level two. Here the mood and music
changes to reflect the dark and damp environment.
We’re deep into one of The Machine's research stations now.
And much of the stage actually takes in very quickly and become a sitting due place beneath the waterline. This isn't much of a problem for our hero, however, as his assault suit comes with a built-in oxygen supply.
Unfortunately, the place is absolutely crawling with all manner ol mutated beasties, ranging from huge crab-like creatures to deadly manta rays. There's also a senes of electrical storms hitting the area which come down like sheet lightening, zapping your suit's energy reserves.
Lose too much energy and your body armour will eventually explode, causing you to lose one of your five lives.
The third level uses a graphical style akin to the TerminaforCoin-op in that most of the colours are silvers and greys giving the battle-scarred alien landscape a bleak and foreboding look Set against a backdrop of a ruined city, birds of prey hover in the air waning to swoop down and tear you to bits with their talons. There are even sky-borne assault craft which sweep the area with their searchfights. And which then unleash a volley of snots once they've located their targets More than any other level. Ms one is absolutely packed with huge enemy sprites, and they're also the most difficult
to overcome, so expect to lose plenty of lives in this section The fourth level is a typical Oger-nspired Alien pastiche (how original), with body huggers mat a-.ac- men-seives to your face mask and suck the energy out of you. The only way to defeat these is by using up your precious smart bombs, or blasting them before they can leap up at you. There’s also a tricky wagon train section in which you have to leap from section to section. This doesn’t sound too difficult until you realise that the screen is constantly scrolling, so if you takd 0 your time you’ll be pushed along, and pressured
into making an untimely leap to your death. Of course, while you’re trying to do all this, a whole host of alien uglies are after your skin, too. The end of level guardian in this section is a huge Alien Mother who is out to revenge the deaths of her siblings, so watch out.
By the fifth level, the pace has been cranked up another notch or two. Your super soldier is now deep into The Machine's futuristic lair, and the bad guys come thick and fast. Huge Walker-like sentries fill almost the entire screen and you'll need maximum fire power to overcome this lot. After wading through screen after screen of complete and utter mayhem, it’s then on to a final encounter with The Machine, a huge bio-mechanical monstrosity that fires laser bolts from its eyes and bristles with all sorts of deadly armaments.
A Apart from the new weapons under your control, one of the best innovations is the use of a grappling hook to reach previously inaccessible areas. This is fired from a separate gun and once it has become attached to a solid object, its simply a matter of swinging from side to side to build up enough momentum to reach the new platform.
Alternatively, it's possible to reach a much higher platform by climbing up the wire and then leaping to safety.
It’s an effective new tool in Turrican's armoury, but because it’s triggered by holding down the joystick fire button, it can be triggered inadvertently.
Each stage is set against the clock. You might think that you’ve ample time to finish a level, but you’d be surprised at how quickly the clock counts down. Leave everything too late and you'll witness your man crumpling to the ground as his body armour explodes. Luckily, there are lots of extra life tokens littered about each level - too many in fact, as I found I was rarely in danger of having to quit the game and start again.
There are also a number of level restart points and three sets of continues, so they’ve really given you every chance of completing it.
Admittedly things get a little hectic when you choose the ‘maniac’ diffi-, culty level, but on normal play it’s possible to complete the game in HI£H WIRE under an hour if you're any good.
That’s not a major criticism, though. The harder difficulty levels increase the resilience of the aliens as well as their intelligence, so you get more of a game for your money.
Overall, Turrican 3 is a quality blast, with inventive levels, a good arsenal of weapons at your disposal, and some excellent graphical touches.
The first two games suffered from rather mechanical lego-like level RELEASE DATE: LATE OCT GENRE: PLATFORM SHOOT 'EM UP TEAM: FACTORS CONTROLS: JOYSTICK, J0YPA0 NUMBER OF DISKS: 1 NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 HARD DISK INSTALLABLE: NO MEMORY: 1M6 design whereas this new offering provides five distinct levels, all of which are highly imaginative in their layout and the challenges they set.
There aren't many Amiga shoot ’em ups this good on the market.
RENEGADE, Cl. METROPOLITAN WHARF. WAPP1NG WALL. LONDON SW40LB. TEL: 071 702 3613 A500 a A500* 9 A600 9 A1200 9 A1500 5fl A2000 9 A3000 a ..ooo a RENEGADE £25.99 No dosh? Well, don’t fret because CU AMIGA is here to save the day and your cash with their guide to the best cut-price games around.
IT BUDGET HARD DRIVIN II HIT SQUAD £9.99 Not to be contused with the coin-op sequel Race Drivin. Hard Drivin II is a revision ol the original simulator that's never appeared in the arcades.
At first sight, it looks almost exactly the same as HDI. Select the first track from the menu, and you're plonked into the seat ol a Ferrari F40, which actually looks more like a Lada, so you'll have to use your imagination a bit.
The track looks strangely familiar, until you realise that it actually is the same as Ihe original HDI track. It's not as bad as it sounds though, as there are another four tracks to choose from. They're not radically different from the first, with no new features or obstacles, but they do inject a bit more variety into the game.
If you still want more tracks, you can design your own with the circuit editor. You get to play with all the main objects, like the broken bridge, the loop, and scenery such as bams and houses. The rest of Ihe track is made up of straight and curved sections of road. There's no reason why this couldn't have been a very quick and simple process, just like setting up a Scalextric set without having to fiddle about joining the bits together. Unfortunately the editor doesn't have a 2D mode, and instead runs in 3D. Which makes the whole thing agonisingly slow to use. Just altenng an existing
track is a mission - building one from scratch doesn't bear thinking about, especially as the result would be little different from Ihe others on the disk.
On Ihe matter of gameplay, it’s indistinguishable from the original game. In other words, it’s very slow running on anything below an A1200. Lo the point where it becomes frustratingly unresponsive There isn't much competition in the car simulation field, but compared to its closest rival. Slum Car Racer.
HDII is far slower, more limited, and loses out in the playability stakes by quite a margin. Even so.
If you've got an accelerated machine, don’t mind putting up with a few bugs, and don't already have the first game, Hard Drivin II could provide a pleasant distraction for a few hours.
Tony Horgan jnts it the 9, but 3 ce a It 5 tOO egis- o I a m. DU an nse.
Top it hat's aline The parsley and ketchup manifest themselves in a number of ways. First of all, there's the flashy intro sequence, which documents the alien invasion with a neat little cartoon. Then there are the different level scenes. Some are static backdrops, but others jerk down the screen in real vomit-inducing style. Each level has its own aliens, with slightly varied attack waves and a few motherships now and again. The trouble is. None of the new features add anything to the game. It’s slow, jerky, and it's lost the feel of the original. At least it still has the old sound
If you want a new shoot 'em up, you'd be far better off with something like Overkill. If you want Space Invaders, just take your pick from the multitude of PD versions.
Tony Horgan l eh, ain't it a wonderful thing? It seems like only fifteen years ago rat we were getting all wet around the nether regions about this new thing tatted Space Invaders, but how things have changed since then...Now we've regressed to Super Space Invaders1.
Hang on a minute though, hasn't the 70s revival been and gone yet?
Jnfortunately, it seems not. Just as we re being flogged tacky platforms and tares, we re also being served re-heated scraps from the coin-ops of tesferyear, albeit with a dash of spicy ketchup and a sprig of parsley.
SUPER SPACE INVADERS MIT SQUAD £9.99 SHADOWLANDS HIT SQUAD £9.99 RPGs are just getting better all the time, and even it you don't have the cash to get them all as soon as they come out, the better ones are now filtering through to budget level. Shadowlands is one of these games.
Those who like to read little stories about places with unpronounceable names will get straight into the pre-instruction waffle. Those who can't be bothered with all that can get straight into the game, thanks to a brief overview that explains how you're searching out The Keeper (the undead guardian of your physical self). If you can manage to kill him, you and your mucho bad self will be reunited, and you can skip off hand-in-hand into the sunset.
So that's the plot waffle, now you can get onto the game itself, which is a very presentable mouse-controlled RPG. All the stats and characteristics you could want are there, and the adventure itself is pretty chunky. The control method isn't the best, but the point-and-click system works well once you’ve sussed out the basics. If you want a good involving adventure with plenty of atmosphere, you can’t really go wrong with this.
Dave Stone t'-VVA HUCKLEBERRY HOUND ALTERNATIVE £9.99 Take Pipemania, add some unexploded bombs and a 19th Century Boston scenario, and this is what you’ll end up with. It’s very easy to pick up. And the firsl few levels aren't too taxing.
If you like a bit ol a puzzle, this should keep the boredom at bay for up to minutes at a time. Is it addictive. I hear you cry? Sorry folks, not really, but it is fun in small doses, (honest gov.) Oh this year we re olf to sunny..er... Switzerland. Okay, it’s not sunny but you can ski there. Superski 2 gives you six snowy skiing stages (this issue ol was brought to you by the letter S'): some ol the most protracted control systems ever devised have been included in this game, which makes most ol the events completely unplayable. It's also has a stupid loading system that slows everything
down to a crawl.
Crystals olArborea is yet another cheapo RPG game. It's a kind ol open-air Dungeon Master.
It also was the forerunner to Ishar. Although, at first, the 3D graphics seem to be a boon, they end up hindering the gameplay. As there's no animation between moves, so you get lost very easily. Thankfully, you can switch to a 2D view. If you can handle the fiddly bits, there's a lot ol adventuring here lor your three quid.
This is one of those games trom the Amiga’s earlier years (You remember the good old days when you could leave your front door open and not be burgled, assaulted or ransacked. The streets were sale...) [that's enough-Ed.] Starblade is a pitiful attempt at a sci-fi arcade adventure. Stringing together a lew dull screens, with a robotically-animated central character, it fails on all counts. Giva this a miss.
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Can your Word Processor... Oulpul crisp PostScript™ font outlines on any graphic printer (not just expensive lasers), and was it supplied with over 110 typefaces? Import, scale, crop, view on screen and output EPS clip-art images (Final Writer is supplied with a hundred), again, on any Also create structured graphics and rotate them along with text lo any angle, giving DTP quality presentation? Provide a huge range of printing opions teg. Thumbnails, crop marks etc. on PostScript™ printers) and fulfil other advanced Woid Processing easily such as automatic indexing, table of contents, table of
illustrations and generation'* With Final Writer, this f m is now available to you along w ith a list of fea- tures that just goes on «»«**! And on. We know that be impressed by this revolution in Amiga Processing, but don't be put off by it's capabilities. With its complement of definable Command Buttons and Superb Final Writer is simply one of the easiest to leant and use.
SoflWood Products Europe New Street Alfreton Derbyshire DE55 7BP England Telephone: 0773 836781 Facsimile: 0773 831 (MO “ Available from all good dealers or. Contact us for a list of nationwide stockists.
Ammtomallaicvmlatlmf gWifloprraEABOE XII r-odoiu fa wfavmtrdror tVAvic mrnt on the previous pap *at output m a low cob Canon Bubble Jet Put Your Finger on the Buttons of the Ultimate Amiga Word Processor Ol! WHERE'S TROLL'S HEAD GONE THEN?
Ihe more aslule readers amongst v«'» will probably ham noticed lhal Advrnlnrr Helpline has replaced our usual advenlurr rolumn Tho Iroll s Head The reasons lor this are many but lake I Irom me Tony Gill doesn't look hall as qood as Vampyra in thiqb lengtli leather bools Also, she's much, much cheaper lhan Tony m evdty possible sense ol Ihe word, so we |ust hail lo qrve her a column all lo Imrsell Adventure Helpline WAXWORKS Dear Vampyra, I'm on Ihe third level ol Ihe pyramid in Waxworks Irom Horrorsott. And I can't solve the puzzle involving the pot and the rope I Know that it you pull the
rope. Ihe stone carving at the other end ol Ihe room rises to reveal a passage, but it closes whenever I move towards it How do I stop this stone carving moving?
Junile Davies. Maestcg.
Tm having a serious problem with Indy in The Last C'usade You see. I cannol gel past Ihe ticket collector on the Zeppelin because I do not have enough money to buy a ticket I think the problem centres around the travel pass, but I cannot get anyone to sign it so it's invalid Andrew Szymanski. Northants.
»' loved the huh games - nil llitil maelio I • "Hiring mound mid siree ung girls of tlieir eel jnsf moist s uif go weak ol ihe knees. I low Ikt iiv v ihis go no¦ ton hr lo itl in inorr llinn I one way oml I do hist lo In tvrnlliing from os minx different onglrs m fiossildrf II lit'" oii i sio h iI I noil tin msllr dul oo lob o In i lo lit ilin I If you dul. XtOl ton Innitl yon trawl hiss it, I hilt i mid hr u ill sign ii for yon.
11 hr n xoii arrive ol ihr oil fun! oii ton I . Sto n hi oiif t l lu‘ti ifoys. You ton rill" i gel llrnn to lur.f o tonwisolion nlh I In iiuin holding Ihr iii-rs kilki iflnlt xon ml Ins **!.,I. 01 xoii ton foigrl oIhuiI llir .r tfnlm tin,I In,id slitughl foi llir In limn .rhitli stonds onlshlt. (,el hi t iinls x for xon onlx how o nr inoinrnls lo _i i if tills mil htnr In start tin | . _ k J • ngin, ond in I,- ol hrforr the A ,. D I Ion iii irvrs 1 xmi found Hie "i. In.b mi lung 111 tin ¦ lltilioII III",in xm, should lunr EYE OF THE BEHOLDER Dear Vampyra.
.1 finished EOB and thought you would like to »how to solve some ol the special quests. I've 1 out eight ot the 12 and I'd appreciate your p with the other tour.
Level 1: Replace two scrolls on the shell with a dagger to receive a magical knife.
Level 2: Put a knite in each of the knite-shaped holes in the walls to make tood appear.
Level 3: Put blue gems in the eye holes then take them out again Level 4: Line up the shitting wall blocks. Ihen pull the chain.
Level 5: Fill the pantry shell with small rations to get them changed lo large rations Level 6: Put all the Kenku eggs in the nest room to open a secret area containing a -5 Halberd.
Level 7: In the room with the five portals till the shelves with the key that activates the portal directly opposite Level 10: In the room with three shelves and lour Mantis, put Kenku eggs on the shelves to make tour more kenku appear, each carrying magical HEIMDALL Dear Vampyra.
Here is a cheat tor Heimdall. When you are in a shop, buy the piece ol tood then sell it back to the shop Now keep clicking on sell and you will find yoursetl selling tood that you do not have Keep on selling until the shop Is lull. When you're ready you can now buy loads ol lood with all the money you have made.
Another trick is used to give all ol your team a Storm Blade. Once Heimdall has a Storm Blade have him enter the shop and select Storm Blade Now move to another person and select Sell'. Click on Yes and you'll lind that that shop now has one tor sale - yet Heimdall still has his.
Mark Kelly, Lanarcshlre.
Ynt’vf found wmfthing uhuh you cun ifU for
* 3 money, but uben the deal it finished you 'iv ddl got it lo
tell again. I*'ell dial's not nrw. In fact d‘t the oldest ileal
in loum honey .
KNIGHTMARE Dear Vampyra.
I have been stuck tor nearly a year on Level 2 of Mindscape s Knightmare and have come to a dead end towards the Mystic Chamber and Mystic Door section. I have a bottle of milk, dice and a Mystic wand. Could you please help me find the third key to the door?
Paul Clemmett, London.
Rr are lots of keys in Ihis Irvel nntl I uhuh ones you haw found. Hou'nrr. Herr uhuh max hr lb rell? Jus! Hold it in xour hand when Ihr sftrU and,1 will fill up on ils own.
Do ymI also ieah.se that Ihe walls wilh the little hearings on the bulimn (an he pushed using Ihe rig hand mouse Imtlonf Next lo ihe Help Oracle ne,n Mystu Door you will find Jour porthole*. Cjnuk u. thing nghl through each hole and a key will app-o 'ation throw son, through the portal and then enter. Turn around s, away and come out again. Push the door tfuit’s sli.
In front of you and you'll hid another key. Go do.
• movable wall until you conn irea. On, uhuh is held by a
monster. If you haw troubles u i, snakes, try using fireballs.
I'm having trouble frying to defeat Ihe Sword Master because stie keeps giving me insults I've never heard of before Can you help me.
Philip Linden-Ball. Norfolk i)ling I know insults that no on, has ever Jjhrmd hrforr. Hut tins ,s „ fumdx mug.imn so III refrain from using thrm for now Ih, game in i iifshon has aioninl 17 insults ninth xoii have lo leant, ami xon II gel Ihe fust l, vis iliiig Iht hons, a! The m right o ihe island, hnt first you'll need a fish lo giw llie lro 1 who Inis «• lli, mill. Pax rin tut ii • fkinl lo leaili xon to
* . '% - fight, mid lli. N go to th, mi, tom „i lli, x &
mills mi,I shimI lo tin W «1 '• '¦• " . ¦"'
* M keep lighting lli, milil xon learn all of nBKJ ih, i,mauling
FOR AMIGA 1200 Features: ITEMS PRICE a Integrated 32 bit Ram
conveniently expandable to 5Mb or 9Mb (comes with AF1200 1 Mb
with clock, no (Jscillator, no FPU Processor £115.00 1 Mb
installed). Giving a maximum capacity of up to 11 Mb to your
Amiga 1200.
A Option to conveniently install on FPU with up to 50MHz and Oscillator to AF1200 5Mb with clock, no Oscillator, no FPU Processor £239.00 increase performance.
AF1200 5Mb with clock, Oscillator, 16MHz 68882 FPU £285.00 a Real-time battery backed-up clock, a must for hard drive users.
AF1200 Smb with clock. Oscillator, 20MHz 68882 FPU £290.00 a Auto-config with zero wait states.
A More than twice as fast as the graphic RAM of the Amiga 1200 thanks to the AF1200 Smb with clock, Oscillator, 25MHz 68882 FPU £295.00 double clock rates and shorter access cycles.
AF1200 Smb with clock. Oscillator, 33MHz 68882 FPU £299.00 a 100% compatible with all Amiga 1200.
A Easy installation. Just plug in and go.
AF1200 9Mb with clock, no Oscillator, no FPU Processor £369.00 AF1200 9Mb with clock. Oscillator, 16MHz 68882 FPU £415.00 Impartial: AF1200 9Mb with clock. Oscillator, 20MHz 68882 FPU £420.00 Please note: to operate the Mathematic Co-Processor with clock rates over 14MHz you need a Quart* (Oscillator).
AF1200 9Mb with clock. Oscillator, 25MHz 68882 FPU £429.00 The Quartz (Oscillator) must have the same clock rates as the AF1200 9Mb with clock. Oscillator, 33MHz 68882 FPU £439.00 Mathematic Co-Processor.
OPTICAL MOUSE TRACKBALLS MECA MOUSE This superb 300dpi Optical Mouse with effortless micro switch buttons. Fast smooth and reliable.. Price includes Optical Mouse Pad and | £27.95 Holder.
This 290dpi high resolution Opto-Mechanical Mouse, top quality construction will ensure rapid and smooth movement With micro switch buttons. A gold award winner In Amiga Format.
Mouse only ......_ .. ..-£10.95 Mouse with hard mat and mouse holder - ...£14.95 This three button trackball is at its best, fully compatible with Amiga Atari computers. Supports auto-fire and comes with two year guarantee and key lock function .£29.95 Two Colour Shining crystal ball ...£34.95 CORDLESS INFRA RED MOUSE Remote control mouse, long working distance. Long life rechargeable battery 260 dpi. Price includes hard Mouse Mat £45.00 OPTICAL PEN MOUSE A stylish Pen Mouse with quality construction and
smooth fast movement. Micro switch buttons. Ideal for DTP, artwork etc. Price includes Optical Pad. Gill.ll The Gasteiner Pledge THE NEW 256,000 COLOUR HAND SCANNER FOR AMIGA Powerful Colour Image Processing Tools for the Office or Home Environment.
No longer a Professional Task" to scan high quality images.
We will bent any nationally advertised price.
(while stocks last) Software features:
* Easy to learn and use intuitive user interface.
* Real-Time scanning display on screen.
* Supports 256,000 colours and 64 greys for Amiga 1200 and 4000
with new ACA chip sets.
* Supports 4,096 colours, 16 greys, dithered colour and black &
white capabilities for all Amiga models.
* Image size is limited only by the amount of RAM available.
A Memory requested does not have to be Chip RAM
* Full multi-tasking with all Amiga Computers.
A Intelligent maximum scanning length indication.
A Imports Exports IFF file formats.
System requirements: a For all Amiga models with a monitor or compatible TV set, 1 megabyte of RAM and a floppy drive, a More memory and hard disk are recommended but not required, a Compatible with Amiga WB 1.3 and higher (WB 3.0 also supported), a Any painting, publishing and OCR programs that load IFF files. Examples: - Deluxe Paint, Professional Page, Page Stream, Saxon Publishers, Mgraph OCR.
Hardware features: a Easy intallation, plug in and go in just minutes.
A 256,000 colours, 105mm (4") scanning width.
A Built-in over speed buzzer to prevent scanning too fast, a With SC (Super Colour). CG (Colour Grey) MG (Monochrome Grey) and D T (Dithered text) modes selection switch.
• Selects 5 tion selector switch for SC a a Selects
50 100 150 200 DPI by resolu- ! And ( modes.
A Selects 100 200 300 400 DPI by resolution selector switch for MG and D T modes.
A Metal interface box with printer through port.
J CG All prices are inclusive of VAT Products advertised represent a small sample of our in-stock range. A complete price list is available on request.
E&OE. Prices subject to change without notice.
Goods subject to availability.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
All Trademarks acknowledged.
1 RIGHT MIGRAPH PRODUCTS IcewxjrBurst Scanner + OCR M OCR Software ¦touch-Up Version 3.1 x .. .....£399.00 .£99.00 ¦Vouch-Up Upgrade & Junior OCR . ..£49.00 £79.00 Houch-Up Upgrade v3.1x available ... £29.95 Hnor OCR . Cograde |unior to full OCR . ..£49.00 I Scanning
Tray ...... ..£49.00 DESPITE APPEARANCES, WE OFFER YOU VERY LITTLE CHOICE A* Gasteiner, we will only offer any product when we are convinced
• tat we can sell it at the best price with the right level of
support. It's r approach that our customers appreciate; for we
are now celebrating 5 years in the business. So as you look
through all the lists of items you'll discover just how little
choice you have, you must call now!
ACCESSORIES rvmal lungte Design Soft Mouse Mat .....£5.00
* • ~ia s an I Soft Mouse
Mats .....£3.00
Mouse joystick
Switch ......£12.95
Kickstart Switch fot
A500 2000 ....il 7.9S sion
Adaptor for
500* .....£17.95
applications for the Amiga (eg for graphics, music, animation,
D. T.P) regmre more mam memory than is available or possible to
integrate GigaMem is a program which simulates up to 1
GigaByte memory, which swaps onto any mass storage system
(i.e. hard disk). Intelligent management accomplishes simul
•H tn taneous use of several programs in a multitasking mode.
System requirements
* GigaMem works with all AMIGA R computers with MMU (Memory
Management Unit): i.e. Amigas wit 66020 or 68030 accelerator
and MMU.
* No restriction on type of HD controller and hard disk.
* GigaMem is compatible with Kickstart 1.2 1.3 and 2jl.
PRICE £69.95 AUTO MOUSE JOYSTICK SWITCH MONITORS Hfcrtomatic Switcher between two input devices with a click of c 1 £199.00 Hi button, eg. Mouse mouse mouse joystkk joystick joystick Commodore 1960 MuRoync Monitor ...... ..£369.00 £12 9S PUMHI Commodore 1942 Multnync Monitor ...... .£369.00 HARD DRIVES COMPUTERS Amiga A600 .. XI 79.00
• External IDE HDD for Amiga A500 A500*
• Internal IDE HDD for Amiga A1S00 A2000 Memory conveniently
expandable lo 2 4 6 8Mb by using 1M x 4 Zips.
100% compatible Easy installation, just plug in and go.
Auto boot. Auto config and zero wait states.
Controller for A500 A500. A1500 A2000 ...£99.00 ontroller * 40Mb Hard Drive .£169.00 .ontroller. 65Mb Hard Drive .£249.00 .ontroller. 85Mb Hard Drive .£269.00 .ontroller . 120Mb Hard Drive ......£299.00 Controller * 240Mb Hard Drive ......£399.00 "ARD DRIVES FOR A600 A1200
• 0Mb . IDE
Cable ..£149.95
5Mb* IDE
Cable ..£199.00
15Mb . IDE
Cable ..£279.00
20Mb . IDE
Cable £299.00
Icing for A600 or
A1200 £29.95 Amiga
A600 with 40Mb Hard Disk ...£269.00
Amiga A1200 .._ .. £289.00 Amiga A1200 with 85Mb
Hard Disk .£469.00 Amiga A1200 with
170Mb Hard Disk ......£529.00 Amiga A1200 with
426Mb Hard Disk ......£799.00 Official
purchase orders welcome from Educational establishments and
major companies. (Strictly 14 days 1 net). Please phone for
All prices include VAT.
I Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.
Carriage at £8 ? VAT on all peripherals.
Amiga 4000 030 80Mb Hard Disk ...£939.00 Amiga 4000 030 120Mb Hard Disk £1039.00 Amiga 4000 030 170Mb Hard Disk . ..Special Price £1035.00 Amiga 4000 030 250Mb Hard Disk .. .Special Price £1089.00 256 GREYSCALE SCANNERS at£15 ?VAT.
Unit 2, Millmcad Business Centre, Mill Mead Road, Toctci Hale, London N17 9QU.
Tel: 081 365 1151 (3 lines) Fax: 081 885 1953 Major credit cards accepted and may be subject to 2.5% maximum surcharge.
With latest Touctvup, Merge-it. Compatible with all Amiga's including the A1200 H A4000 ...£129.95 With Scan (i Save. Merge-it .....£89.00 With latest Touch-up. Merge-it and junior OCR £169.00 Wth Scan Et Save, Merge-tt and junior OCR £139.00 MISCELLANEOUS ¦l*. RAM With Clock A600 f 29 95
3. 5* External Drive ..
..£49.00 RAM Without Ckxc A6O0 Bl2k RAM With
CocsA500 RAM ft.. A MX).
£1995 £1995 £1995 1 Mb Simms ..
2. 8Mb RAM for A2000 A1500 ...
..£25.00 £129.00
HiOtselec’O' Switch Supply *04 A500 £14 95 °OA £34 95 Power
Scanner .... Gasteiner
Scanner ...
..£95.00 ..£85.00 ...No
* SCSJ HARO OtSK »'fCHAiltsi s Iv orR.THjnpMonmv' fast Access Tiw
* AulopWing ONLY £29.95 A500 ROM SWITCHER Add-On Wirt SWITCHING
* Includes HD S-lup 3 lertrmil SCSI low level utility) nod
f RRACKUP PRO' (bickup uliWy) 4 A500 RAM Uhr :tvce ONLY £24.95
Retell Incorporating the latest ZIP' DRAM technology, our
External Memory Upgrade allows the A5001A500. To be upgraded by
up to a further 8Mb ol auto- contiguring FASTRAM.
RAM access LED ? RAM test run switch | vr Uses 1Mb 4-bit ZIPS Style matched to the A500 ' Very low power consumption Throughport tor further expansion Compatible with A590 and most other SCSI Hard Drives (please call to check) Optional PSU (allows Amiga to power other devices) Available fitted with 2Mb. 4Mb. Or fully populated with 8Mb Amplified Stereo Speakers OF YOUR AMIGA WITH THIS PAIR OF FULL RANGE SPEAKERS!
With 2MB fitted...£112.99 with 4MB...E159.99 with 8MB...C259.99 rout wngi produces fine gjatay fv-f Homo sound assign twr spoi«or tywem' Incorporates a butlm am aher w*t accurate a*«Maf le volume ccntroU lor each speaker ini ONLY £39.95 ZY-FI PRO SPEAKERS A600 1MB RAM CLOCK UPGRADE THIS SIMPLE PLUG-IN MEMORY UPGRADE1 l»- . I 1 - Simply Plugs into the A600s trapdoor expansion area . Increases total RAM capacity of A600 to 2Mb ChipRAM
- RAM Enable Disable Switch v Battery-Backed Real-Time Clock
ONLY £44.99 1 D D 1 Kl TCDC Prices Include VAT, Delivery I ¦
l%l |t| 1 C and Connection Cable J ¦ I EXPERIENCE NEW LEVELS OF
Following the success of the ZY-Fi. These versatile power amplified, speakers faithfully reproduce a rich eiprasslve sound lot the discerning Amiga user.
Fealutee isw*han*.
PanaQnnir* KX-P2123 ¦ C*E IclSUE Iiw The Quiet Matrix Printer The KX-P2123 otters quiet operation, colour, Super Letter Quality printing and extensive paper handling features in a reliable and trusted design. A winning combination at an affordable price.
ONLY £59.95 ¦ Colour Printing CmaM aW u*A cnee giaphes Msiy By unbeing « KX-P2123 e choc, ol 7 v«-er. Cotoure ¦ Quiet Printing Super OJWt 43 5 • 46 «A aourv) level imoel malm pmtsr* am typcaR, n e.ceei rf 60 dBA) Flexible Paper Handling Eicepte tingle meets. «ntim* ue paper abets owelopaa and multi pan Mabonery ¦ Fast Printing Speeds ’9? Cps *¦*. W c**8 io ana 32 s ¦ 7 Resident Fonts Create owl 52(00 type styles by cwnbim
• onts cfut racier SUM and an asMtbnenl oI enhancement modes
Resident fonts we uvng Sant Serf. Scper IQ. Cowler. Prestige
Bol PS Fvxnan. And Script.
24 PIN Diamond Pnnmaad high qu*«ty output REPLACEMENT POWER SUPPLIES w LC 20 Successor »LC 10.4
* LC 100 Erfry «vW 9-Ptn CoCxr 4 tots
* LC * SERIOUS On the menu for this month’s informative get
serious are... 100 MUSIC LIBRARIAN 100 OCTAMED PRO 101 AMFC PRO
12 GAUGE 107 ORIGINS 108 A41200 113 VIDEO STAGE 116 PC TASK 124
pop-pickers, do you have a record collection to rival Norris
McWhirter? It so, you could have » I bit oi trouble finding a
particular track amongst a sea ot thousands. This is where
Music Librarian could help you out. Music Librarian is a fairly
standard database at heart which is geared towards keeping
track of record collections. The fields in the main section
accommodate moss I details you'd need to know, such as title,
artist, publisher, format etc, along with information helpful
to I dealers such as distributor, barcode and so on. You can
then enter sub-sections for each disc or tape such as the
Dictionary, Track records, Library records, Product records and
Mail records, into which you can enter just about as many
details about the particular record as you like.
Music Librarian is certainly comprehensive, but there are a number of problems. For a start, there s no good reason for preventing it running from a single-drive system on a basic f Mb machine, yet you are unable to do so. It also has a nasty habit of wiping the current entry if you make a false move. All - all. The program, in general, is littered with confusing little quirks. However, despite the pitfalls, this could be quite a handy little program for anyone who runs a record shop or anyone who just wants to cut down the time they spend looking for a particular record.
Available from: ARK, ARK Corve Farmhouse, Corve Lane, Chale Green, Nr Venfnor, Isle Of Wight, P038 2LA. Tel: 0983 551 496 Price:£39.95. OCTAMED PRO V5.00e After the initial release of the top-rated (92%) OctaMED Pro V5 (the best combined tracker and MIDI sequencer available), the inevitable bugs began to rear their scaly little heads The V5.00e revision fixes 99% of these bugs and now comes as a two-disk set. The second disk has a few samples and modules (although you’ll need more than 1Mb to load them all). The differences between this and the original V5 are minor, but it's good to see the
developers continuing to support the end user. Any music fans who don't have a copy should get one on the double.
Available from: Seasoft Computing, The Business Centre, First Floor, 80 Woodland Avenue, Rustington, West Sussex. Tel: 0903 850378. Price: £30. Requires Kickstart 92% V2.0 or above.
AMFC Pro V3.1 (WB2+) With so many different sequencers and trackers around, getting sequences written with one package to load into another can be tricky. It s exactly this problem that The Amiga Music File Convenor (AMFC) is designed to rectify.
Using a simple S D-styte mouse controlled interface, it allows you to convert files to and from any of the following formats: old Soundlracker 15- mstrument modules, songs and packed songs.
New Sound Noise Protracker modules songs and packed songs. Soundlracker 2 6 modules and songs. Star Trekker songs, Oktalyser modules.
SMUS files (including Sonix scores), and OdaMED modules type 0 and 1. It can also read and convert Sonlx '.ss' files, but can’t write them.
Probably the most useful feature is It's ability to convert any of these files into Music X format, which lets you take your tracker tunes into a full MIDI sequencer, should you wish to expand them at any time The interlace is simple enough. All you need to do is select your source file, pick a destination CDPD III The main advantage of CD-ROM is its enormous storage capacity. Hundred of megabytes can be fitted on without any need for compression. However, so far. Most ot the CO software hasn't capitalised on this. One of the few that has, is the CDPD series, which has now reached its third
volume. A staggenng 600Mbs of PD programs and files are on the disc You won't find any games or demos, but you will fmd stacks of clipart, utilities, applications, hundreds ol classical books in ASCII format and oodles ot other miscellaneous bits and pieces.
Although it bears the official Commodore CDTV logo on the packaging, most of the software isn't any use on a stand-alone CDTV unit. To get the most out ot this, you'll need a keyboard and an extra floppy drive and preferably some extra memory too. Alternatively, an A500 with an A590 CD drive would be a suitable set-up for most ot the software. Unfortunately the disc isn't compatible with the CD32.
There's precious little Amiga CD-ROM software available that's ol any practical use. So this should be snapped up by all frustrated CD-ROM users Even if you never use half of the stuff on the disc, you could spend hours rooting through the tiles and utilities and you're bound to come across a load ot handy bits and pieces. Not the most exciting PD compilation, but certainly a very useful one.
Available Irom: Almathera. Challenge House, 618 Mitcham Road, Croydon.
CR9 3AU. Price: £29.99. = I*E8* path and filename, and select the file type you want your song converted to Click on the Do it' button, and you're off it everything has gone to plan, your original file should be loaded in and saved back out automatically AMFC can also extract the samples from a song or module, and save them out as RAW or IFF files.
Bear in mmd that this does need quite a lot of RAM to carry out the conversions. For example.
1 Mb wasn't enough to convert a 260K OdaMED module into Musk X format 2Mbs is probably the minimum you n need to convert any substantial tiles Youl also need a Version 2.0 or higher for the Anvga MIDI-Corrvertor e an extra utility on the disk that converts Musk: X files into standard MIDI files Using a combination of this and AMFC, you could get any of your tracker, Sonix or OdaMED modules convened to MIDI files, which could then be loaded veo any sequencer. This is release version 2 0. With provision lor re-routing drum maps Together these two programs could be the answer ID yois prayers
If you've been stuck in a pit ol mcompatSklity. One way or another, this should son you out Available from: Seasoft Comput- Ing, 80 Woodlands Avenue, Rustlngton, West Sussex Tel: 0903 850378. Price: £10.
SENSE OF Jargon is essential in areas such as comput ing. If only to get around the problem of ever elongating phrases and technical terms For example, phrases such as a max imised media environment makes about as much sense as pull-down dongle architecture to a newcomer to computing. Geoff Wilkins' Making Sense ot English in Computers is a guide to most of the jargon you're likely to encounter in a general computer environment.
This isn't an Amiga-specific book, so you won't find entries under blitter, copper list or Chip RAM for example. Reflecting the global trend, the slant is towards IBM Pcs. But not to a great extent.
Most of the the definitions are relevant to the Amiga, and the brief descriptions are clear enough to be easily understood. If you're currently struggling with computer terminology, this could be a big help.
Available from: Chambers Publishing, 43- 45 Annandale Street, Edinburgh, EH7 4AZ. Price: £5.99. 82% Rainbow doesn’t meet these specs, don’t panic as this can be covered by the on-site warranty. Call Wang and get an engineer out. It won’t cost a penny.
There’s a lot of them about these days. Go on, look out your window. If you can’t see one you must live in a really remote area. They’re all over the place and all different prices too. Jeff Walker gazes at the latest selection of Rainbows.
Graphics boards for the Amiga fall into two general categories: those aimed at home users and those aimed at professional users. It's easy to spot which is which, just look at the price. Rainbow III, at a smidgen under £2,000, is certainly not aimed at your average home user.
But it is most definitely a wonderful piece of kit.
STICK IT IN Rainbow III is a Zorro III board which means II will only work in the Amiga 3000 or 4000. Rainbow III will not work in the 4000 040 unless you have the latest Buster chip fitted and a revision 3.1 or higher processor board. However, if your 4000 040 It you do use Rainbow III on the 4000 040 you will have to turn off the 040 copyback mode, which means slowing down the machine a bit. For the purpose of this review I'm using Rainbow III in an earty Amiga 3000 that loads its Kickstarl 2 ROM from hard disk.
First of all. Fitting the board is easy, you just slot it In. Among the stars on the board is a highspeed graphics chip and 4Mb of high-speed video memory, which is enough to handle multiple screens and screen resolutions of up to 1500 by 1280 pixels.
Next, you need to set it up to work with your monitor. At a pinch, you can get away with using a single monitor, but really you need one monitor for the Amiga side and another for the Rainbow III. The monitor plugged into the Rainbow III board must be a high spec one - VGA or multiscan is essential.
| HIV . W I C L tz u "irwi c i D «£•?•*•_1
- -1 Setting up is a rather long- winded affair, but at least it
only has to be done once. First, run the MonitorPrefs program
in order to describe your monitor. This program runs on the
normal Amiga Workbench and asks you for the monitor's name,
horizontal and vertical trequencies, maximum pixel resolution
and some other technical information; most of which can be
gleaned from your monitor’s manual.
... r Smj r HHIH Its.
As Ju.tl r »l t-r-l Once you have described your monitor, you have to run the Monitor Mode program to select and save the monitor you have just described.
• J S.1.1. have created with MonitorPrefs.
One more setting up program to go. And it s( far the most daunting. Called ScreenTweaker a used to set-up lots of different screen modes to» the Rainbow III side. But it is not as technical a( difficult to use as it appears. First, invent a ng for the screen mode - Luwerty 800x600 for example - then descnbe its pixel resolution. I quencies and pixel dock speed. Sounds complicated, but in practice you just change pixel clock speed until the test button change thj l success** CHARTSCREEN £1,699 A600Q A1200F3 A3000 WA A40DO RSI A500 I A1500 R A500+I A20DG I 88% opens a test screen on the Rainbow
III board without complaining that the vertical or horizontal frequency is too high or too low.
You can set up as many screen modes as you like, and call them anything you want. After you have run Rainbow’s Workbench emulation program these screen modes will be added to the Amiga’s display database, and any program that puts up a standard Amiga screen mode requestor will have your new screen modes listed. Selecting and using a Rainbow screen mode will cause the program that put up the requestor to transfer itself from the normal Amiga display onto the Rainbow III display. If you are using two monitors, the program literally leaps from one to the other.
As the Workbench display is controlled by the Screenmodes program in Prefs, you can run Workbench and any software that sits on Workbench on the Rainbow III board. There isn't actually much point in doing this, unless the monitor you are using for the Rainbow III display is better quality than the one plugged into the Amiga.
What it does mean, however, is that you can get by with just the one monitor as Rainbow III can be used for both Workbench anq standard Amiga software as well as specialised 24-bit Rainbow III software. Keep in mind that if you do use Rainbow III in this way. Any program that by default opens on a standard Amiga screen will be invisible to the Rainbow III board. It would be quite an awkward way to work and could be likened to driving a car that can only turn left - you might get close to where you want to go in the end, but you are going to have to go all around the houses to get there, and
even then you might find that there is simply no way of getting exactly where you want to go without doing a right turn. If you want to use Rainbow III effectively, you will need two monitors.
ENHANCED GRAPHICS Rainbow III revolves around something called EGS (Enhanced Graphics System). EGS is a set of shared libraries that any software can use in order to access the Rainbow III display. The real beauty of EGS is that any software that sticks to using these libraries can be made to run on any graphics board for which the EGS libraries are available. In other words, if you develop a program to run on the Rainbow III and then someone brings out a new graphics board that also supports EGS, you shouldn't have to do any more work to get your software to run on the new graphics board. And
if the new board doesn’t support EGS and you want your software to work on it, all you need do is ask the EGS developers (Viona) to port their libraries to that board rather than re-write your software.
There’s not a lot of software around that works in this way. In fact, the only one of any importance is TVPaint, which comes bundled with Rainbow III.
Nothing more needs to be said about TVPaint except that it is a truly superb painting package that makes the likes of DeluxePaint, PersonalPaint and even Brilliance look like cheap toys; it's that brilliant.
The EGS software provided with Rainbow III are mainly preferences programs that do a similar job to some of the Workbench preferences programs. EGS software opens in windows on a Workbench-like screen.
As you can have a 16.7 million colour display, there are few restrictions placed on the look of the Graphical User Interface (GUI). The GUI design is 3D and much more modern looking than Workbench. Pull-down menus can be attached to the screen title bar or a window’s title bar, and often-used menus can be dragged off the title bar and left 'pulled-down' anywhere on the screen.
Just about every action you can think of has its own mouse pointer. There are dozens of them and any of them can be edited within the supplied Mouse program. Similarly, the colours of every element of an EGS display - things like the colour of text in menus, the colours of all the gadgets and so on - can be fine tuned in the Colors program. As with Workbench 2 3, screen, window and system fonts are all user-definable. You want a fancy backdrop? You can do that too.
The end result is a GUI that is absolutely stunning to look at and still works faster in 16.7 million colours than a standard eight-colour Workbench on an Amiga 3000. The trouble is, there’s not Several small programs are provided with Rainbow III, Including a calculator (top left), a clock, and a screen grabber (bottom left). Bottom right Is a little Tetris-like game.
Much you can do on this GUI because there is so little EGS software. Apart from the prefs programs there is only Painter, a 24-bit painting program. It’s very nice, although not particularly powerful or stable, but as you get 7VPa nfthrown-in there doesn't seem much point in running Painter.
On the disks supplied to me there was an Imagemaster script for displaying images on the Rainbow III board. I couldn’t get it to work. In fact, I had problems running Imagemaster on the Amiga side while the Rainbow III board was activated.
There was also a drawer named ADPro on the support disk, but it was empty. TVPaint can do pretty much everything that Imagemaster and ADPro can do. So support for these program is perhaps not as important as everyone makes out.
While using Rainbow III I had an unacceptable number of software failures. The photocopied manual I was provided with did have preview for customers and developers' stamped on it. So I'm quite prepared to accept that there are bugs in this preview version yet to be squashed.
Crashes apart, Rainbow III is a superb piece of work that deserves to be well supported by third- party developers of graphics-related software.
Whether it will or not is another matter. And if Commodore is looking for something on which to base any new version of the operating system that supports retargetable 24-bit graphics, they could do a lot worse than adopt the work Viona Development has already put into EGS. 'zfr Ideal for graphics artists, and programmers should find it R an enjoyable challenge.
OVERALL The A1200 only has one expansion slot and at least three separate peripherals which can all use it. Mat Broomfield looks at a new product from America that solves this access problem... The A1200 is a wonderful machine One ol its greatest strengths is its expandability. You can add an IDE drive internally lor slightly more than £1 per Mb. And you can add 16-bit memory via the smart card slot at the side ol the computer. However, lor real power users who want to add 32-bit last HAM or high capacity drives, you’ll need a card which plugs into the expansion slot underneath the machine.
There are a plethora ol different expansion options available: accelera tors, clocks. RAM cards and SCSI interfaces There’s just one problem - you can only plug one ol them in at a time! Most manufacturers have realised the limitations ol this and have attempted to indude extra RAM (or slots lor it) and a co-processor slot with every board. If you buy an At 200 accelerator, all currently available models support extra 32-bit RAM as well INNOVATION However, whether it’s been due to space limitations or design problems, a combined SCSI and accelerator board has not been available, until CSA
_ introduced their 12-Gauge hw. You can in.
To the market, that is. SouHico o.
CSA’s 12-Gauge comes in a variety ol configurations according to your preferences. The one I looked at came with a dock, a 50MHz maths coprocessor. 4Mb ol 32-bit last RAM and, ol course, a 68030 CPU. Surprisingly, this was no cut-down 68EC030 chip tike those tound in GVP's accelerators: this was a lull 68030 with MMU. And better yet It was rated at a stunning 50MHz! MMU stands lor Memory Management Unit and it helps control the Now ol data to and Irom the CPU’s cache, which in turn makes the chip more ettident. This is a great bonus cos there are a number ol programs such as Gigamem.
Which will only run on machines which have an MMU.
SCSI CHOICE The 12-Gauge slots very easily into the expansion slot under the computer. However, fitting the SCSI cable is not as straightforward The SCSI port is accessed via a nbbon cable that extends Irom the board at the right-hand side. There is a SCSI plug on the end ol the cable which is designed to be mounted at the back-nght side ol the computer (where the blanking plate is). To lit the cable properly. You'll not only have to invalidate your computer’s warranty, you’ll have to open the case, and remove the disk drive. This isn’t difficult, but less experienced users may find the
prospect a little daunting However, once fitted, you'll have a SCSI interlace which looks no more out ol place than the Parallel or serial ports.
Alternatively, you could simply cut a hole in the plastic trap-door under your computer and trail the cable out to the right, leaving your warranty intact, and your computer in pieces! This option works quite well.
The board auto- detects whether you are using a SCS11 or SCSI 2 complete with drive and auto-configures SCSI I ond j controller rtsetf accordingly. SCSI 2 users can expect a slight improvement in speed. I was going to speed test the SCSI transmission, but such a test would be meaningless as the rate ol data transfer is more a leature ol the device hooked up to the interlace, rather than the interlace itself.
ZIPPY CHIPPY Accelerator speed tests, however, tell us a lot more. The second you add fast RAM. The A1200 immediately increases its speed But the accelerator lilts this speed tenfold. A Syslnlo test revealed that with CSA in place, my A1200 runs 6.75 times taster than it did before. This speed increase is only representative ol a particular type ol test, but depending on what you're doing you can expect some degree ol speed increase. Regardless ol the exact amount ol improvement, this is one seriously impressive board. It does lor the A1200. What GVP's A530 Turbo did lor the 500. Only more
sol OVERALL 96% CONCLUSION The CSA 12-Gauge is the most flexible and impressive A1200 peripheral available to date It has the fastest 68030 accelerator ol any Amiga and Ihe most flexible SCSI port. It can be expanded up to 128Mb of RAM (in the lorm a single 70 nanosecond SIMM chip) and you can add a 68882 maths co-processor. I fully endorse this product and recommend it to any A1200 owner that can afford it. RJJ, COMPUTER SYSTEMS ASSOCIATES £499.00 (No memory or co-pro) A1200 ONLY OMEGA PROJECTS (EUROPE) LTD, 83 RAILWAY ROAD, LEIQH, LANCS, WN7 4AD. TEL: 0942 682203 4 5.
VALUE FOR MONEY tor boards, Me price is i EFFECTIVENESS INNOVATION CSAaretbelirsta rn j lass i c s ANOTHER WINNING COMBINATION THREE WORLD CLASS SIMULATION PRODUCTS NOW AVAILABLE IN ONE SUPERB VALUE COMPILATION Available from October Amiga - £29.99 and IBM PC - £34.99 ll .but i expect less of the 3 seriously what nore so!
Mmr& BIO ADVENTURE Noddy's Big Adventure is the sequel to the highly successful Noddy's Playtime It takes children to the North West comer of Toyland and includes 13 different programs to educate and entertain Children for hours on end.
This graded creativity and entertainment package is specifically designed for 3-7 year olds ond relates to the eorly requirements of the National Curriculum Drive with Noddy in his cor. Pick up passengers along the way and visit many exciting locations
• Kitchen Fun - sequencing, colour and shape matching ond
vocabulary Noddy's Scales - number matching through to addition
• Tricky Trees - memory, sequencing and the languoge of colour
and shape
• Can you Find me? - shope and colour recognition
• Bert's Scrapbook - sequencing and reading skills
• Beach Sorter - sorting Picnic Attack - water fun game Junior
Word Processor - this excellent utility develops story telling
skills. Its scope is outstanding ond features many facilities
found in 'grown up' word processors.
There is also a word game in each level to create an element of fun Available for: Amiga, Acorn Archimedes, PC ond PC Windows.
N®DDY"if PLAYTIME i and to date. It I iy Amiga I be form a sinJ j can add I lorse this I owner I 3 D, 83 WN7 ? 90% ? 95% ? 99% ? 99% ? 95% i variety ltd.
Noddy's Playtime odded a new perspective to educational games, the outstanding value from this extensive pockoge has set new standards of parental expectation in this important area of software based on learning with fun.
Drive around Toy Town, explore exciting locations and learning programs and a full Junior Art Pockage pocked full of creative fun. Designed for 3-7 year olds.
Avoilable for: Amiga, Acorn Archimedes, PC and ST PLAYTIME & BIG ADVENTURE TWICE THE LEARNING EXPERIENCE u Loon Gale lemon Nottingham NG7 21X Tel 0602-792838 Fax 0602 780963 9 Avoiloble from: 8oots. Currys, Dixons. Escom, Future Zone. Gome Ltd, John lewis, John Menzies. PC World. Hymans, Tandy, Ihe Computer Store, Virgin ond many speciafct oufc*s empire Empire Software. The Spires. 677 High Road, North Finchley. London N12 ODA Telephone: 081-343 9143 Empire Software is a registered trademark ol Entertainment tnferna!«¥*al (UK) Ud OPEN ALL HOURS WEIL, NEARLY!
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TRACTORFEED DISK LABELS 1 How yen can yrint ysar awn pralnsloul dU Ub.li' S00 Plain white disk labels on tractor feed, complete with FOUR disks ot software and artwork.
Yours for ONLY £9.95 1000 Labels with software ONLY £13.50 m Co*, Sf* PUTER SUPPLIES f on BUSINESS HOURS
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All disks are supplied with labels.
UNBRANDED DISKS are 100% error free.
In Ihe unlikely event that any ot our disks are faulty, then we will replace the disks AND reimburse your return postage!
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Flightyoke .£27.50 Adapter lo use any PC analog joystick on an Amiga .ONLY £4.99 36 HOPE ST, HANLEY, STOKE ON TRENT ST1 5BS One day. I suddenly realised that a lot ol the people in the lamily photograph album were complete strangers. A lew laces Irom my early childhood I could recognise, but I couldn't put any names to the laces.
I desperately wanted to lind out more about my predecessors and. As the song goes, get back to my roots? How did I go about doing this? Well, tirst ol all, I chatted to all my older aunties and uncles about the past - who married who and so on. I became the lavourite nephew overnight because I took such an interest in their lavourite subject - the past. Accumulating the inlormation wasn't a problem. But how do I link all this infor- n? One way you could do this is to is to v up a lamily tree on paper, but this can get Especially with a large lamily. Far better to automate the operation.
We«. The rainlorests are sale, I won t be needing mdions ol paper and pencils because Origins a a dedKSited database which charts who married whom when, where, and it they had any ottspring and so on. It has extensive on-line help and the accompanying manual contains background inlor- t on genealogy The soltware comes on a single disk. Installation is quick and easy as the program uses Commodore's Installation routine. It installs onto several floppies, one lor each set ol dalafiles.
The unusual thing about Origins is that there is no facility to load and save databases When the program is launched it will request the disk on which the datafiles reside.
When you first start, a blank database ol 100 names and 50 marriage records is crealed. These can Ihen be lilted with names, dates, and places.
The manual takes you through a sample session ol entering data An example database is supplied, charting the Kennedy dan, to give you an idea ol what the finished product should look like.
Origins a a powerful tool. It can handle the population ol a major city it you've got the storage capacity, but lor everyday use a single floppy disk will cope with 2,000 individuals. More than enough lor any lamily.
Once Ihe data is entered you can then use it to create lists, reports and pedigree charts. These can be viewed on screen, saved to disk or pnnted out. In addition to the general inlormation. Origins will link IFFs, notes, and source tiles to individual records. These last two can be edited Irom within the program il you run Arexx and have a compatible editor. Ohgins will then call the editor and pass the text to it.
A source is a reminder ol where the inlormation came Irom. Granny Smith may have told you one story, while Aunt Sally another. This way you can keep tabs However, there is one drawback. Because Origins is an American program, all ot the recommended reading and Bulletin Board Services that deal with genealogy are going to be k. difficult to get hold of.
Is best set to work in the late evening so that it can number crunch overnight.
The resulting file can be played back using the ANIM viewer supplied or your personal lavourite It's difficult to believe that such beautiful and wonderful sights have been created trom only a single number and a mathematical formula.
FIRST COMPUTER CENTRE £67.99 TEL:OS32 319444 David Ward goes forth onto some spectacular landscapes.
A lew years ago, I marvelled at a c simulated flight across the s It was done on a NASA Here, we have a program that enables you to do similar trips on Earth in your own home Scenery Animator will generate rendered landscapes Irom either the several examples s on the landscape disk, or Irom a fractal I The randomly-produced panoramas are c Irom an initial seed value you enter into one aI the control panels The Clouds are tractally generated and you can set altitude and coverage. Or you could go lor a night scene with stars. However, as its name implies. Scenery Animator does not just produce
pretty pictures. Its main purpose is to allow you to move through them.
The eventual view you will see on your screen depends on a number ol factors, such as the path your Hying eye takes over the landscape, the height above ground, the angle and lens local length. The route you choose is determined by a number ol key Irames. These are placed using the mouse. The program can then be set to till in the i frames evenly, so as to give a single J fcght or with more Irames between particu- y irames This will have the effect ol »ng up part ol the journey. You can even fly gh mountains, but a ground hugging leature
• set to avoid this.
Imera local length can be changed during so toat you can zoom in on particular land- i leatures These can be part ol the scene, as trees and lakes, or man-made objects wry Animator comes with a tew such exam- Mnugh any 3D object in VideoScape.GEO I can be loaded in, placed, and animated along w*i the clouds.
The manual is written in an easy-to-under- ssand style and takes you through landscape 9ans«aaon dearly and quickly. Even a novice jwar wd be up and running in a matter ol min- ules Aahough he she will have to wait a lew hows tor toe result ol their labours. It takes time to generate each frame In the animation. The more complex your scene, the number ol trees, and toe amount ol detail are among the lactors that can extend the wait.
Obviously the taster toe processor toe better and you have a math co processor then there is a dedicated version ol Scenery Animator included tor that on the program disk This sort ol software TURBOTE SIREN SOFTWARE: £ 1
T. -l: 061 724 7S72.
Mat Broomfield looks at the latest entry to hit the ever-competitive A1200 memory market.
Like most other Amiga 1200 memory expansions. The Turbotech A41200 is a board which plugs into the expansion slot underneath the A1200. This board looks much like any other except that it uses surface-mounted Zip chips rather than the removable Simms which most other boards use. This is a bit ot a double- edged sword because although surface mounting makes tor a more reliable upgrade, you can't plug in any more more memory than the 4Mb installed on the board.
The Turbotech A41200 has a battery-backed clock which is particularly handy if you have a hard dnve as it enables you to perform calendar related back-ups. Notable by its absence is a maths co-processor slot. To my knowledge this is the only A1200 RAM card that doesn't have one.
And this comes as something ot a surprise Apparently. Siren looked at the possibility ol including one, but decided that the extra cost both to them and the end user didn't justify its Inclusion. Especially considering the tiny percentage of people who actually buy a co-processor chip to put into such a slot.
Fitting the board is simplicity itself: remove the plastic trapdoor slot under the At 200, line the board's female edge connector up with the computer's expansion bus and, wiggling slightly, slide the board into place. In fact, because the board is smaller than all the other expansions (due to the absent co-pro slot), it gives you a little more room inside the computer to manoeuvre.
However, the petite size of the board doesn't help much when you try to remove it: I wish that board manufacturers would remember when they are creating boards that these boards need to be unwedged (often with tools) to get them out of the computer!
Once installed, the board is auto-configuring: in other words you don't have to do anything else it’s ready to use. Because it uses fast 32-bit. 70 nanosecond, zero wait state memory chips most computer operations are speeded up. Typically by 52-75% although Siren's literature claims as much as an 112% speed increase. I suppose a 112% increase in speed is theoretically possible in the case of very RAM-intensive operations, although I personally couldn't see such a significant improvement.
In conclusion, the board Is easy to use and fit.
Moderately priced and ideal for A1200 users on a budget. This latest entry is definitely worth a look.
Slase MERIDIAN: £149.95 Tols 081 543 3500 Do you want more than an ordinary database? Are you looking for a program that will catalogue the entire contents of the British Museum?
David Ward can ease your worries and get you that database... SuperBase has consistently been at the forefront of commercial packages for years now. It comes in two forms: Professional and Personal Now we have. Sbase 4 Personal. The latest junior version of Oxxi's relational database management program II doesn't have all the features of the Professional database. Such as the Database Management Language (DML) or ANIM support. This is odd since it does support the PC image formats PCX and .GIF, as well as Encapsulated PostScnpt (EPS) and 8SVX sound files At the heart of Sbase 4 is its
relational database which II 1 ¦ | 14 | «J_ stores its information as several tables ot data, or fields, all of which are linked together Most of these fields contain text or numbers Some of the fields, called external fields, link pictures or sounds to a particular record. For example, if you used the contents of the British Museum as your data, you could create a database that had digitised pictures of the exhibits complete with detailed descriptions.
With Sbase 4 Personal you can extract data defined by age, or country of origin, or author, or any combination of these. And probably a lew others too.The program has great depth to it.
Yes. You can jump in and have a simple database up and running in fifteen minutes But to really take advantage of the facilities it provides you must immerse yourself in the manual. This is quite a heavy tome and is dedicated to using the database, text editor, and creating forms.
Professional users get an extra book on DML.
One important feature of Sbase is the form designer which gives the series a very unique appearance - instead of displaying bland text tables, the information is displayed via graphic boxes. This adds a very polished effect to the presentation of data.
Okay, so now we've entered our data, what can we do? Sbase 4 Personal can link formulae and functions to data fields which means that data is validated, so that an item is only displayed when particular criteria are met. You can also calculate fields as in a spreadsheet or use the data in several fields as the basis for new information in another field.
Another method, the ternary operator, uses a type of formula which allows the program to make decisions A sort ol IF. THEN. ELSE command to those of you familiar with computer programming.
The functions in Sbase are fairly similar to the range normally found in a spreadsheet program. In fact, spreadsheets can be used as simple databases, so Sbase has the ability to import data from a number of PC programs.
There is a lot to this software and the manual includes 14 tutorials to help get you going. The writing style tries to be clear, but the technical terms used can cause consternation when you are just starting out Anyway, who ever said that advancing from a telephone and address card file index to a relational database was easy.
A GREAT DEA QUALI AT GREAT DEAL, f Ik I I Peter returns home Irom work to lind his children have been kidnapped i i I i A I lA k. l:. ...... rAnuiuunrw Peter returns home Irom work to lind his children have been kidnapped by his liendish litelong enemy, CAPIAIN HOOK.
9 . 9 ol ATARI ST. AMIGA An acrobatic squadron ol U.S. Naval avialors Hying F A-18s.
Piercing the clouds on a wing and a prayer, perlotming precision manoeuvres that dely the laws ol physics, to dance with danger.
You'll perform the actual air show manoeuvres that have made the Blue Angels legends ol the sky.
J AIARI SI. AMIGA » k m _ m!
Rnn nrTm iatdi J F29 RETALIATOI nip & That's why half a million spectators are here.
That’s why the world's best drivers are here.
That’s why you're here.
Ihe experience • At 220+ miles per hour, your car is more aircraft than automobile. Keep all your rubber on the track lor a 25 mile sprint or Ihe full 500. Precise control and flawless concentration are required. One wrong move can cost you Ihe race.
'•£•99 F-29 Retalialor presents the fastest and most detailed graphic environment ever seen in a flight simulation. With multiple internal and eiternal viewpoints, multi player comms option and a wide range of difficulty levels, F-29 Retaliator will suit both Ihe beginner and the expert pilot. You have the choice of two ol the world's most advanced aircraft • the F-22 ATF and F-29.
RnnoTol aaa Use four kinds of elements • Fire, Water, lightning and Star • to overcome wave upon wave ol nasties bent on ending your quest to rid the universe of Ihe evil mastermind Chaostikhan!
Whether you play alone or with a friend - stay alert! Your only hope ol reaching the final showdown is lo unlock the secret of PARASOL STARS!
payable to the: ”FIRST COMPUTER CENTRE" In any correspondence please quote a phone number & post code. Allow 5 working days for cheque clearance
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Ifollow A647 signs from Leeds City Centre) It is recommended that prices are confirmed before ordering goods E8.0E. AMIGA 1200 RACE & CHASE PACK only £289.99 NOW WITH NIGEL MANSELL FI AND TROLLS!
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OUT game (limited offer) only £194.99 AMIGA 600 20HD The Epic packto Mb Hard drive. Epic, Rome, Myth, & Trivial Pursuit, Dictionary, Language Lab A D. Paint 3 only £289.99 (Inc On Site Maintenance) The A600 Wild, Weird & Wicked inc Micro Prow Grand Prii, Deluxe Paint I, Putty 4 Pushover Pius "X our shoot emuponly £2 I 9.99 A600 Deluxe only £245.99 A600 20HP Deluxe-only £339.99 ».. ROM ihjrcr incompatibility a thing ol the pa,t. The A*0C MOD.lux. comrt with a Built in 20 Mb haoJ dmt )ust add 32.99 for a 2 Mb 600 Deluxe.'!
PRIMA A I 200 REAL TIME CLOCK now only £14.99 check for compatibility A600& 1200's HD kits Add £14.99 for Real Time Clock!
• 20Mb *£89.99 60Mb....*£l79.99 l20Mb_*£2l9.99 80Mb....*£l9S.99
2IOMb._*£359.99 -|u« Add £ i o oo for fitting AH Amiga's come
with Workbench, moose * 12 month warranty. The A600’», AI 200 *
A4000 come with 12 months on site warranty All 1200f600't alto
come with a bu.lt In integral hard disk option.
• ZOOL (97‘o Amiga Computing. Nov 92)
• STRIKER (94% CU Amiga. June 92).
• PINBALL DREAMS (94% AUI, Sept 92)
• TRANSWRITE word processor only £29.99 only £19.99 with any
AMIGA _N£W[AMIGA CD32 PACK based on the 68020 processor, the
CD32 features AA chip set, A4 size footprint, 2Mb RAM. I 28K
flash memory, built in WB & the ability to play normal audio
CD’s P only £289.99 ZD Rom Amiga A570 ¦.your Amiga S00 into a
CDTV. Includes =ish CDPDd.sk A Sim City now only £147.99 All
our printers are UK spec. | EBHUcmzENl All our printers come
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Swift Auto Sheet feeder..£79.99 SEIKOSHA Seikosha SP-1900 ...£127.99 Seikosha SP-2400 ...£162.99 Seikosha SL-90 .£185.99 Seikosha SL-95 .£221.99 Seikosha Speedjet 300...£326.99 HEWLETT PACKARD HP Deskjet Portable-.only £369.99 New! HP510 mono.now £261.99 H P 500 Colour .now £309.99 HP 550 Colour .now £514.99 4 times faster than the HP500C !
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* ppoi. Un.ll footprint OKI 400e ..£514.99 4 page laser, mult font, 51 2k memory, HP emulation Ricoh PCL5 ...£809.99 400 Dpi. 2Mb RAM. Spagr per minute add just £ 114.99 for 2 Mb of extra RAM Star Laserjet LS5 ...£564.99 5 page laser. HP emulation, multi font. LOOOpi All our monitors are UK ipec. AM mmrnmm come complete with a free Amiga Mad PHILIPS CM8833 MK2 Col now only £204.99 UK Spec Philips Tilt & Swivell stand ..£ PHILIPS TV Tuner for the 8833.= Commodore 1084ST Colour only £199.99 * MITAC SVGA .28 dp Colour monitor with overscan only £249.99 NEW!
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Low cost version of the classic VI 2Sis Fax modem. Fr«- as below but class I fax only and LED display only £194.99 The Supra-Fax Moderr
V. 32 bis (14400 baud!)
Send ft receive fox messages using fax s w. Thu aw* modem from Supra has full 14400 baud capab* Spec includes V.J2bii,V.22. V.22bis.V22.V2I.MN»
S. V.42. V42bis, Class I ft 2 commands. 9600 1441 Group 1 Fax.
Includes free modem commt Vm • ’ only £244.99 Supra Fax
+.only £ 119.9!
Send Is receive fa»es!(need% FAX s w) Even fos* than the standard 2400 from Supra with auto d*. * auto receive. 9600 bps Hayes comp. V22Bh, V42 » MNP 2-5 ft auto adjust to maximise transnu,.
Speeds Includes free modem comms V* ft cable' Supra 2400...only £74.9 Get on line using this great value fast modem - auto dial ft receive. 2400 baud Hayes comp. V22 Includes free modem comms tfw ft cable GP fax software only £49.99 Fa* software rs not included with Supra modem- All Supra Modems come with a 5 year warran US ROBOTICS PREFERRED DEALERS Courier V32bis+FAX......£379 - Courier HST (16.8) ..£495.9 Courier HST Dual 16.8 Fax..£503.9 Sportster 14400 FAX £264.9 Sportster 2496+ FAX......£ 152.9 WoHdPort 14.4+FAX.....£289.9 PACE MODEMS MicroLin V22b FAX .£216 « MicroLin
V32b FAX .£449.9 5 year warranty and FULLY BABT Approver SPECIAL OFFERS' SOFTWAR New!VIDI I 2 Real Time.£ I 34.99 BUSINESS Real time colour digitizing from any video source. Gold Disk Office U.K.spec ..... full AGA support Home Accounts2 .. New) VIDI24 Real Time.£223.99 %*"¦«*•-----------------------------------
2. Bit q.alii, r,.l «. ol..r digitizing l.om on,
pERSONALFINANCEMANAGER* Directory Opus 4... Kindwords
3 .... A500P A600 copulated only £ 16.99...£23.99
pUated to 512K..only £ 19.99...£28.99 rotated to I
Mb...only£28.99...£33.99 h A600 OR A1200 RAM card .£
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RAM by PRIMA the original l.2 l.3AMIGA.only £13.99 Maxiplan 4
spreadsheet... PAGESTREAM 2.2 DTP only £64.99 XCOPY PRO PLUS
SIMM ..... MbSIMM ..... Mb
SIMM ..... I Mb SIMM (onlyforHitroboticj)...
ROCHARD DRIVES for the A500 A500+ from £219.99 Co processors
for the A4000
- otorola 68882 PLCC(25Mhz)..£79.99 Co processors for Microbotics
" torola 68882 PGA (33Mhz)..£79.99
- otorola 68882 PGA (40Mhz)..£89.99
- torola 68882 PGA (50Mhz)..£ I 69.99 (for Microbotics boards
inc crystal chip) mb by 8 9 SIMMS.....per I Mb£POA Mb by 9
SIMMS .per 4 Mb £POA Mb by 4 DRAMS ..per I Mb
£42.99 Mb by 4 ZIPS per I Mb £39.99 256 by 4 DRAM
(DILs) (512K) ......now only £3.99 §? (I
Mb) now only £3.94 6*
(2Mb) .....now only £3.89
Akkstartl.3 ..£17.99 Xickstart
2.04 .£24.99 Fatter Agnes
8372A .....£25.99 Super
Denise .£ 16.99 1571 -0326
Keyboard controller...£ 13.99 CIA 8520A I O
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90% rating. Our best selling mouse .....£ I 2.99 DATALUX
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9.99 The MBXI200Z CO-PROCESSOR & RAM BOARD for the A I 200 C"
nnlw tAOO .1 I YIL7CUHHU OfiMrniL.J Cumana 3.5 only £56.99 fcl
I 37 Compugraphlc fonts Vd l.2,or3byGT.only£9 99 i£2SSiS* Rt.l
T..... «, 20. ,n.wnn,d KE...nd.,. n»„£14 09 ( - mr
id.id dfcG,). £6I.«
* Mouw |oy«l kmjnualpaitw.i.chnr. pdmw.ntPro3.._ .ony£
45.W O PA L VISIO N ..
- -- 273 4 way Parallel port sharers £ HO A BRILLIANCE NEW!
...... £149 99 24 bit graphics card 6 video system for the I
S00 An-.za SounO E-«a xcr Ptmby Orr*gj PrwH H?ir ih» Amiga i i.
•jfvvt ¦"* TYO OO ¦ 2000 3000 4000. Includes software bundle
uiuisd Ilk* you've r»rv»r heard il before! ...only £36.99
Deluxe Pain! 2 . Id o~,,. a £12 99 I only £6.9.99 w„h ln.ag.no
» rSLTSi Z *0" genlocks Commodore7V2300internalGmkKk' , » i •
R™*,n.vj..... n.tn finlv I 19 99 - w 4. S.*:.n« . - Hrt. Lo.
VUUL. £!*.*»

£147.99 GVP Genlock onlv £297 99 *"‘en pu',h**4 MBT' p'0 ,u"
buj,n,! J 0r ",c ' Personal Paint
NEW! ..£45.99 ...uiuytATY
TT nMu.A a «i nu', ovtM Real lOOa*Mr
• eatsa sprodeeeio aiSVMSo tpwt «««.a :mt , . V?
I Rocgpn Plus. Only £149 99 * -os ro« ousicovt* .6 -- Scataij...... _(n»f inck»oes dual control to* cn.er4a.a-dRO.‘oee« nt» -ON iO« OuSKOvIR t s v. Scertary Animator V« Imbre r dl f62 ??
1 extra RGB pass thru. Now A1200 compatible! AMIGA TO SCART CABLES .£9 99 TRUE PRINT 24 ...£49.99 Rendale 8802 FMC..only £ 169.99 std ••• metre amiga printer lead....£4.99 videodirector ______________________£i MODEM AND NULL MODEM CABLES......£9 99 VIDEOMASTER .. £49.99 Dari PY AMIGA CONTROL STATIONS Vista Pro 3 (4Mb required) NEW7_______£50- rwJL-vjCM r UL.i c i A500« r 1200version £36.99 WORD PROCESSING DTP Fn ..p~« .n aa zz=zz:zll!:n ” wiihf.nio.ks ....only £ I 39.99
-0*3 73 ( " ‘ PRIMA ROM SHARERS £1 19.99 ....£129.99 ....£139.99 £209.99 only work with 68881 I4MHZ...... 68881 25MHZ...... 68882 33MHZ...... 68882 50MHZ...... The RAM boards t e of the Co-Pro board Simply the best! Fits onto the side expansion port Auto configures with no software patching.
8Mb pop to 2 Mb £159.99 8Mb pop to 4 Mb ..£214.99 8Mb pop to 8 Mb ..£319.99 8Mb pop to 2 Mb for 2000 1500 range..£!49.99 "“AMIGA A500 HARD DRIVES from only £199.99 A500 GVP Combo's A530 Combo 40MHz from only £399.99 6M82 Co-Processor Kit for AS30------------only £214.99 12 bit 60ns I Mb SIMM for Accelerator only £64.99 3 2 bit 60ns 4Mb SI M M for Accelerator only £ 179.99 I 500 2000 Hard Drives Impact Series IIHC8* from only £289.99 All GVP products come with a full 2 year warranty ROCGEN ROCKEY
ii* vid.o production printer,! ATION ..£1«.M only £ I 39.99 C|_|ADppC K J K'ND SI-IMItCltO Alldi.k.ar. I06%.rror.rt. guarant«d PENP PRIMA ROM SHARERS I This high quality ROM sharer features a flexible ribbon within your A500 Plus or A600. Full 2 year replacement warranty now only £ 19.99 or £27.99 I for keyboard switchable version EMULATORS ..only £24.99 only £38.99 New High density 3.5 inch bnlk and branded page TReTmTi UX%er £44.« Please phone for best prices! .
Special price. Limited period Only I PAGESTREAM 2.2 U.K. version plus ART EXPRESSION ..only£17- 9S PAGESTREAM 3 U.K. version The NEW standard in DTP on y £249 1; PAGESETTER 3 NEW!_____________£ Personal Write NEW! PM»Hp...nV«a. QTYii iM or BBS 1 0 £4.99. ...£6. 30 £14.99.. 50 £21.99.. ..£28. 1 00....£39.99.. ..£54.
200. ...£73.99.. .£99. ROCTEC A500 CONTROLLER CARD ~j Very
similar In style to the GVP HD8+ but without J* hard drive
so you can fit your own. Expands to Imbof RAM
usingSIMMS ....£ I 49.99 ROCTEC
42Mb £219.99 ROCTEC
80Mb .£299.99 ROCTEC
120Mb ...£315.99 ROCTEC
ROCMATE .....£99.99 PRO PAGE V4 & Pro Draw 3 NEVA
..£169.99 .£POA NEW! COMMODORE 486 SLC SX25
PHONE FOR DETAILS ONLY £289.99 Branded disks come complete
with labels THE publisher dtp new price Disk
Labels....500...now only £6.99 typesmith, font editor v Disk
Labels.. 1000....now only £9.99 wordworthiaga.--- EPSON
GS6S00 COLOUR FLATBED N(.m,„ fo,AlmwMap „ only £689.99
ph-,!.. built 14«n. Ml 230 XA 33Mha. 0Mb ......£245.99
iwiiiUpiwib-b d- ~~~ ...~~ 47 44 Art
Department Pro Scanner S W..£ 109.99 Ml 230
XA40Mhz,0Mb ......£264.99 Amoi Professional Compiler
now only £24.99 compatible with E».on ESJOOC. CSMCC. MI 230
XA SOMhi, 0Mb ......£329.99 ESBOOC. GT6000. GT.300 »
«««!•"»„rpn«.oi,co.Pr.-..nd J2 utilities
- -- bit RAM. Call for prices on upgrades -~.£44.?v GOLDEN IMAGE
On.be.t.e.dnen.on.n £ I 2.99 “V" AM I BACK PLUS TOOLS BUNDLE
NEW!.,(74.99 DATALUX CLEAR MOUSE A123010Mb RAM for AI200 oniv
£284 99 AMIGA RELEASE 2.04 UPGRADE KIT TIO 00 RAMfo.AI200 only
£284.99 Complete with: Kitkuarr 1.04 CHIP. Wnibbenth J 04 High
qualitytl.ar I button moo.e tiv.vv A1210 1 Mb RAM lor A1200
only £384.99 ln.WLFon ,*E.bmdbtaUlm.n-l«t-Only£77.99 Zydec
Trackball .£29.99 1500 2000 G-FORCE030-2SMHz with
4Mb AMIGA R.feat. 2.1 software upgrad. £49.99 Golden Image
Trackbail....£37.99 32 bit
RAM .....only £479.99
Si nd .“399 rvic 1 HDIX CC
G-Force 030-40MHz with 4Mb 32 bit RAM GP FAX 2.3
software ....£49.99 UlOlV UKI V tJ only
GigaMem ......£51.99
Pro....-......-..... ....-..£36.99 Prima 3.5" only
£56.99 " , QUARTERBACKV5 ....nowon y£40.99 I meg high
quality external drive at a great low price. For the A5 00 A5
00+ Prima A600 I200 Hard Drive setup & A I 500 2000 software.
This is the best setup software Roclite 3.5" only £59.99 28
Mht, uses A500 side port ,o internal fitting bKbToob.
Anti click device' on|w | TO QQ) Quarterback Tool* Deluxe--------nowonly£69.99 only t 12 V. 9 V! Xcopy Pro inc. hardware___________nowonly£25.99
r. .n,,n,n"„ni.(« «o ¦VTTTTTTCTTTT B video and graphics Cumana
3.5 only £56.99 Htfia2L3llil24all£Hi 37 Compugophit fonts Vol
I, Lor 3 b, GT.only £9.99 L7Z Z'rV.T T " ¦*“ Real Inn. AI iOO
„ Ad.jagr (tmnimp* id,ideddfe»|------.... £61.99
* Mnu,w)oy'’l l'manualpnrttwiicher. Onllfll.W Art0.parOw.ntPro3„
on*6 «.» O PA L V I S I O N Computer Vldwi Start Swit( ¦ *-**
SMI 2 1 4p.,,11,1 |„,.I si-.tn rs (POA BRILLIANCE NFW e , . .
TT* £149 99 24 bit graphic* card ft video system for the I S00
An-.ja Sound Evvuxcr Plus by Orrega Prwcls. Hcaf (hr Amijj •.
Rai 1-401 7. Airun • 2000 3000 4000. Includes software
bundle touisd Ilk* you', r n*«tr hrard il brforr! ...only
£36.99 ep»in»3 - 10 Oiif i ......urn* rij’gq only £619.99 w.th
Imag.n* 2' •*** De.u,ePa,n,4AGA -£66.99 _ _ .0 APAl.lr O.Sk
BOX rmRtnBttW xuslyrfJB ..d.o.ou.i. Fu" aca loppo.i PLATINUM
WORKS only£29.99 New. VIDI I 2 AGA .....£74.99 ExcHkmt
inwgra.ed businmkolFt. Pack, wilh p * Full support fnr AGA
chipset. Colour images captured 123 comp spreadsheet, word
processors database in less than a second, mono images in real
time with MISCELLANEOUS any Video source Multitasking vw. Cut
ft paste. A Ta|k comms Software (9 W
Distant Suns new version! .£49 99 VIDI 12
Plus £45.99 » . T *, * sa Ad
£QC o o X-CAD3000--------------------------£284.99 TalfCI lmi*
Haste £9 8. V MUSIC SOUND IAKt2 .....£3
7.VV AudioEngineer ______________________________J.73.99
Features include load and save from D. Panil Audio Engineer
Phis V2-. . .£243.99 jmmations and IFF files. Supports HAM
graphics. Bars fir Pipes
Professional ..£259.99 Megamix Master
£29.99 clarity16sampler ...£105.99 rr
A klkirn V 1 8 «*• high spec, sampler. Special effects include
echo Deluxe Musk Construction Set- ...£49.99 I
POWER SCANNER V3 that can be added in real time, fully
multitasking A Pro Midi Interface by Microdeal....£24,99
SsiSXSSf ......5JI JJ ,c.l. p.
r.orm.ne. FI..IDI. ...nn.d im.,n - , , ._ . . , , SUPER
1AM ...... £91.99 I manipulation ppiiom. Pin. Ci.iinpp.
emboldnn. RciimS flip. H ¦ H ] - I'M Tnrhnn Sound
Turbo .. nnlo£99 99 . ' ' 1 111 Mtdcl.no Sound
Turbo 2 NEW.' ..£34.99 only £99.99 ond-do PROGRAMMING
Colour version only £239.99 MICROBOTICS
An.osCrea.or___________________________£34.99 . Iron, .n, vid.o
iooxo. Gold Disk OflkeU.Kspoc.------------_J Home Accounts
2 . £17.t+ at Time.£223.99 g*» (Olou.
Digu.nog l.om on, PERSONAL FINANCE MANAGER*. . 1 Another great
offer from ¦ manufacturer you can trusj £49.95. m i
* Price include VAT at deliver High quality i Renowned and proven
E Styled plastic case e Low power consumption Throughport facility for addition of further drives
o Suits any Amiga ADDRESS TELEPHONE NO._ I would like to order
. CAX3S4 Disk Drive(s) ot £49.95 each Please debit my
ACCESS VISA card (please delete); Number_Expiry date of card
A Ordtr I All Cumana products carry our 30 day money back
guarantee All products carry our 12 month warranty All
inclusive price Cumano reserve the right to increase the price
ot any time. This offer is subject to ovoilobility.
Jjjjj tOsSSLi r- 1 r r J,- ___) ___1 £2 pro gadget brings up a requestor that is literally chock -a- block with video effects such as wipes, scrolls and block transitions. If you've ever used a video presentation system like Scala, then you’ll feel instantly at home with these transitions - even if you don't quite understand what each transition does. VideoStage not only gives a short description of the transition, but even shows a tiny animated representation.
TIME SCALES The sequencer screens give you extensive control over your video production. As it starts to grow, you may want to rearrange events into a different order.
With VideoStage. This is no problem whatsoever.
Just dick on the event you wish to move and then drag it to its new position and the entire production is shuffled back to fill the space that is left. You don't have to play a production in the order that it appears on the screen either - by inserting 'index' points into Want to create a professional video presentation? You’ll need more than a genlock and a couple of video decks. Cue Jason Holborn with a copy of Aegis’ VideoStage Pro.
JARGON BUSTERS Amiga owners have a great deal to thank Aegis for. Before companies like NewTek and GVP had even started trading. Aegis brought Amiga owners the first-ever paint program Images), the first-ever animation program (Aegis Animator), the first-ever 3D animation program (VideoScape 3D) and the first-ever music program Sonix remember that one!). None of those early products are even mentioned in polite conversation these days, (Except Aegis Animator which has aged very well and is still a favourite program of mine.) But no one can doubt that they laid the foundations for the amazing
software that the Amiga now enjoys.
Aegis are back with a brand new combined video presentation and titling program called VideoStage Pro. Borrowing more than a few tricks from Aegis’ failed business presentation pfogram Presentation Master, VideoStage Pro lets you produce professional quality video presentations complete with titles, animations, sound samples, graphics and DVE-like video effects without having to own an Amiga powerful enough to run a nudear power station. Armed with nothing more than an Amiga, a genlock, a couple of video decks and this software, you'll be churning out video productions that would put
Industrial Light and Magic to shame!
COVER STORY The VideoStage program comprises of a number of linked modules that allow you to create titles, pull in IFF graphics and animations and then link them all together complete with timing information to create your finished production. Upon loading, you're presented with the VideoStage Sequencer’ screen that looks not unlike the storyboards used in the professional video industry. In many ways, the comparison is closer than you might think - just like a storyboard, VideoStage's sequencer lets you view the flow of your video presentation from start to finish using tiny 'frames’, each
of which represents a major event within your production.
The terminology is pretty similar too. VideoStage refers to each frame within the storyboard as an ‘event’ which can consist of either a screen full of titles, an IFF graphic or animation, a sound sample, a genlock event or you can even play an Arexx script. As I’ve continuously tried to bang into the heads of both users and developers alike, Arexx compatibility can enhance a product immeasurably and VideoStage certainly benefits from this all-important feature. By taking advantage of Arexx, there's no reason whatsoever why VideoStage productions couldn't draw upon the talents of any
program or hardware device that offers an Arexx 'port'. If Commodore’s soon-to-be- released FMV-compatible CD-ROM drive offers Arexx compatibility, you may even be able to sequence Digital Video clips from within VideoStage'. Each event has two extra gadgets associated with it that lets you adjust the duration of each event and even attach DVE-like transitions to an event. Simply clicking on the event's DVE
• Genlock: A device that allows you to combine graphics generated
on your Amiga screen with a live video source.
The genlock keys’ Ihe two signals together, removing Ihe background colour from the Amiga's video signal so thal Ihe live video can show through Ihe gaps that are left. By combining a genlock with a video titling package like VideoStage Pro, you can add television-like titles and graphics to your home videos.
• Video Titler. By lar the most popular type of video software
is the titling package, a program that lets you create pages of
titles in a variety ol different font styles. What separates a
video titler from a conventional paint program, however, is
their ability to hold any number of pages in memory which can
be arranged into order and then run in sequence complete with
video transitions such as fades, rolls and scrolls.
• DVE: DVE is jargon for a piece of video equipment called a
’Digital Video Effects' unit that allows you to apply a range
of exotic transitions from one image to another.
Instead of simply flipping between one page and another.
DVE units allow you to blend, fade and dissolve between pages. Many Amiga video programs ofler DVE-like effects in one form or another, but VideoStage is certainly one of the most comprehensive.
• FMV: Short for Full Motion Video’. FMV is a system that allows
you to display video footage on the Amiga's screen using very
powerful MPEG' (Motion Picture Experts Group) realtime
compression hardware. Commodore are soon to release an FMV
upgrade card for its CD-32 console and soon-to-be-released
A1200 and A4000 CD-ROM drives which should theoretically allow
you to play movies like Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park in a
window on your Amiga's Workbench!
» your production, you can mark certain points almost as if they were procedures' within a program - just like a programming language, you can jump to a section of your production over and over again and then return back to where the jump occurred without having to keep track of these points yourself. Video Stage's 'indexes’ are perhaps the one feature that sets it aside from a conventional slideshow program The sequencing power doesn't stop here, however, productions can also be fine-tuned using what VideoStage calls its Time Line', which displays your production as a series ol tracks',
each ol which contains all your titles, graphics, transitions, genlock events, Arexx scripts and index events exactly as they will appear when the production is run. Even if your production lumps backwards and forwards between index points, the time line editor will show the flow of your production in its entirety. If you're not entirely happy with any events, you can fine tune both their position and duration simply by dragging an event’s start and end markers.
Experienced videophiles may find this editing system somewhat familiar - Gold Disk used it to great effect in its ShowMaker' program a couple of years ago.
TITLE TRACK VideoStage doesn't just let you sequence events, however Built into the program is a very powerful video titling package that lets you creale a lot more than just run-of-the-mill static titles. It you're lucky enough to own an AGA baseC Amiga.
VkleoStage s titter can take lull advantage ot the extended screen palettes on offer, giving a much wider choice ol colours By default, the titler runs in high resolution with 32 colours - more than enough for even the most complex titles - but you can quite easily change this to any screen resolution and colour combination with up to 256 colours. You can only ever use a maximum of 32 colours for colouring your titles, however, but the rest of the palette can be used for backdrop images and patterns Accessing the titler is simple enough; just create a blank ’title’ event on the sequencer
screen and then double click on it and the titler springs to life. Just like a conventional titler. You can then add text in a variety of different font styles and adiust its justification, point size, fill pattern (VideoStage offers a number of dithered fill patterns for text) and its colour.
One very nice feature is the ability to automatically anti-alias text which helps to smooth out the jaggies' normally associated with computer-based titling packages It's surprisingly quick too as anyone who has used Dpainl will confirm, anti-aliasing usually slows text rendering down tremendously, but VideoStage keeps the pace up even when the best anti-aliasing system is used COLOUR CONFLICT The support tor the AGA chip set comes in very handy indeed when you load in IFF picture files.
Providing your picture doesn't eat up every single colour register. VideoStage lets you place both text £ An Ideal one-stop solution for ¦ all your video titling and presentation needs.
OVERALL 82% and structured objects on top ol the image Some types of image seemed to work better than others HAM mode images, for example, display fine when loaded into the titler. But they are sometimes corrupted when your video production is played back As for the new 'HAM8' mode offered by the AGA chip set. Don't even bother! VideoStage seems to hate any pictures that use more than 256 colours.
Workbench 3.0s ‘mode promotion' facility seemed to cause a few problems too, although the Images would promote okay, the constant flicking back wards and forwards between interfaced and non-interlaced screen modes eventually caused VideoStage to crashl It's best lo turn off mode promotion when you're working with video software because the Amiga's interlaced screen modes give far greater video signal stability.
VideoStage is a brave attempt to bring vndeophiles a video titler that can do just about everything and, to a greater extent. Aegis has achieved this aim. Unfortunately, there are still a couple of bugs that need to be ironed out but I _ guess this is unavoidable with such a complex piece I of software Gnpes aside, however. VideoStage is ¦ the most complete Amiga videotitler available. If you | want to spruce up your videos of your auntie Mable on the beach, then look no further than this 'Th OXXI-AEGIS £TBA A500D At 200 A3000 fH aaoooE A500 M A500* r AI500 Q A2000 f OXXI-AEGIS, 1339 EAST 28TH
ST, LONG BEACH, CA 90806, USA TEL: 0101 310 427 1227 W EXTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVE ROCGEN PLUS GENLOCK FREE DELIVERY ROCTEC ELECTRONICS LTD Roctec Electronics are one of the worirfr leading Amiga peripheral manufacturers Based in Hong Kong they are response2 tor many of the Amiga's best penpherafs S*ca Systems are pleased to present a selected range of their products at new vm prices Many of the Roctec peripherals shown below are award winning products and best selm in their own specialised martiets e award Rodlle FREE DELIVERY " M a dramatic * «rcrovement to its performance. Running any serious
applications or a* latest games with a single dnve. Means xnstant swopping ol disks and considerable
• song time. A second drive, improves software oadvig times and
programs run more quickly not
• »nng to wait lor dsk insertions The Rodite dnve also includes
superior features »xn as hardware virus protection for your
software art1 prevention of the annoying ‘clicking nose',
present in most other dnves. When no hard disk is needed ¦» the
dnve Ultra slim, it is expertly assigned and colour styled to
match your Amiga.
Mtt an ultra low power consumption feature and is Bdaisychamable The low Sihca price of just represents a saving of £10.95 off the normal "W* of £69.95™ vat.
Bolt in anti-virus protection foaturo homm Ovoff'disable 'anti virus’ mode Anti-click system built-in - prevents fp«t 'clicking noise' when no disk in drive [s v Daisy chain allows addrtional drives to be attached L22-9 Reliable Citizen drive mechanism nnp Aluminium case ROCLITE £535 £139 INC Vat RBI MIQ gQOO Colour styled to match the Am.rjr. M m ¦ Ultra low power Aw HtfS consumption _¦ Slimline design- lust 17.5mmhigh ™ oHizew VIDEO SPECIAL EFFECTS ROCGEN GENLOCK EXTERNAL HD CASE Aoctec PIP View allows you to watch one ;-cture withm another on your TV screen.
The means you can have a gamo or ¦cphcation running on your Amiga and be
• akehing a video or TV programme at the same time in a different
area of the screen.
I ta. 11 gives you a remote control facility for your TV
• Picture m Picture TV adaptor
• 3 composite video inputs * one TV input
• Vanable screen position for input display windows
• Adds remote control unit to your TV
• SiSg™™"* «?ff DELIVERY :2S3
• Es t0' £89 remote control I"0™1 "*“Q«90ioJ The RocGen genlock
allows you to enhance your video presentations by overlaying
Amiga titles, graphcs and animations onto your video source,
eg, from a VCR or video camera. RocGen features three special
effect modes.
Amiga, overlay and tade. The special fade and dissolve knob, enables you to smoothly control the application of fade and overlay effects. RocGen is compatible with all Amigas and connects easily to the RGB port ol your Amiga
• Composite input output -Good value lor a
• Three special effects modes: budget pentoc* ' Amiga Mode: Amiga
Graphics only. Amiga Formal Fade: Dissolve from Amiga to video
in & vice versa.
Overlay: Amiga graphics displayed as an overlay
• Hardware fader control FREE DELIVERY
• 1ft connection lead
• Opbonal POM. ..pul ROCGEN- (from Amtpa ai axiom* sauce I
• LED status indicator
• Compatible with RocKey [ in: vat Rtf vid i«c J Roc Mate is a
stykshly designed external case and power supply umi for use
with SCSI hard drive mechanisms. It requires a SCSI interface
with a 25-way D-Type connector. A hard dnve mechanism is snp3
to instal and RocMate provides an ideal housing tor your
additional external hard drive mechanism.
Silica are atso offers this case with a *2* SCSI hard drive mechanism pre-installed, ready for connection to an existing interface foronly£l99«v»T.
• Includes power supply - FREE works with Commodore DELIVER Y
A590. GVP HD©*. HC8* and G-Force Accelerator _ RRP _ SCSI (face
- 25-way D-Type connector RRP CASE ONLY CASE WITH 42MbS5” £89
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SHOP: 52 Tottenham Court Road. London. W1P 08A Tel: 071-58®
4000 (* nB Kw ttor.S.1 33C»-.60Cp«i___Ho Ut. 4 Ojwng_fv No
0 t-gj 4?r LONDON SHOP: Selfridges (OneientAnw) Word Street
London. W1A IA8 Tel: 071-021 1234 an Hcura toy-st
S3a.-v'l »-__LOT N t Ttuhdiy • X-_Etcnw » • The Maw. Hatiertey
Rd. Smcu Keni DA14 4DX W: 001-302 8811 FSSE SHOP . -tapi SI.Ml
SoBthmil w-Sea, Essex. SSI HA III: 070? UDB9 LOT Nq-1 Thjndi. •
rgm «j. S : S _ To Silica Systems. CMUSR-1193-115, 1-4 The
Mews. Hatherley Rd. Sidcup. Kent. DA14 4DX PLEASE SEND A 64
Initials:..... Company Name rf applicable): Address:
... Tel (Home):
. Which
computer s). Rl any, do you own?... There’s some great software
being released tor the Amiga these days, but no one can escape
the tact that the PC market still has its share ot
market-leading products Programs like Professional Calc.
SuperBase and WonMorth are still looked upon as poor cousins in
comparison to PC products like Lotus 1-2-3, dBase and Word
Perfect Like it or not, the PC still reigns supreme as the
premier machine lot business software PC games are start mg to
advance in leaps and bounds too fit you don't believe me, ask
your PC-owning friend to demonstrate X-Wingl), so it’s no
surprise that Amiga owners want a slice of the action, PC
emulators are certainly nothing new. But up until now they've
been almost exclusively hardware-based Bitcon's KCS PowerPC
board, Silica's AT-Once and even Commodore’s bridgeboards
rely heavily on PC hardware to keep the emulation running as
last as possible.
Now, Chris Hames. The author ol PC-Task. Has taken his PD software based PC emulator one step further and it has been released as a commercial product. Promising lull PC compatibility without the need lor expensive hardware, PC-Task seems too good to be true.
I J jJ'A-'J'I 1ur c IjuajirS.
.! J‘ iCii’ j*'J il'jf IU: 1 Jv.

s. ...tenner Graphics Ad.rt.r Q Vsfl j SCREEN SCENE If there is a
spanner lurking in the works somewhere, It certainly can’t
be found in PC-Tasks impressive specification list. Very lew
of the hardware-based PC emulators fully support the lull
range ol PC video adaptors, but PC-Task is the exception. Even
on a standard Amiga, you can run PC-Task in MDA, CGA, EGA and
even VGA screen modes. Obviously, you’re not going to be able
to display the lull 256 simultaneous colours offered by a true
VGA PC - that is, unless you own an AGA-based Amiga. It’s a
well known fact that the AGA chip set was designed to give the
Amiga a certain amount ol screen compatibility with VGA Pcs
and Chris Hames has been quick to make use ol this. PC-Task
supports the PC VGA modes 11.
12 and 13. The last ol which can display a lull 256 colours on screen. Most PC games, however, use non-standard screen modes so don’t get too excited PC-Tasks use ol hard disks is very good as well Unlike emulators such as the KCS PowerPC board and Silica's AT-Once, PC-Task doesn’t insist that you reformat your hard drive just to set up an MSDOS partition Instead, you can define an area of your hard disk that is locked off to AmigaDOS and assigned to the PC emulation Once set up, AmigaDOS is not even aware ol its existence, so you don't have to worry about any file conflicts or accidental
deletions A word ol warning, however - before you allocate a section ol your hard drive to PC task, back up your hard disk. For reasons known only to MSDOS, I managed to corrupt an entire 80Mb partition on my hard drive despite the fact that I gave PC-Task only 10Mb ot hard disk space!
PC-Task doesn’t directly support PC format floppy disks, so you’ll need to install an MSDOS device driver like MessyDOS or CrossDOS. II you’re lucky enough to own an Amiga with Workbench 2.1 or 3.0, then this isn't a problem - CrossDOS can be found preinstalled on your Woikbench disks.
Soltware-based PC emulators have never been renowned lor their speed ol operation and PC- Task unfortunately isn’t going to change this. Even on my expanded A1200 (which, according to Syslnlo 3.11. runs almost live times faster than a standard A600), PC-Task achieved a Norton SI rating ol
0. 9. Hardly impressive stub when you consider that Silica's
AT-Once card notches up a Norton rating of around 6.
Xx Ashton T« ' dBASE Screen handling is a Chris Hames’ PC-Task emulator started life as a PD program but it has now made its way to the commercial circuit. Jason HolSorn transforms his Amiga into a PC .
Real problem too - PC-Task redraws screens so slowly that most PC productivity programs run just too slowly to be useful. It has to be said, however, that the standard ol emulation is very high.
Although very lew ol the games that I tested even got as far as the title screen, Microsoft's benchmark flight simulator Flight SimlV ran, if somewhat slowly, without problems.
PC-TaaK* from-«nd nwnu Ms you crsats a hard disk Ms' wtOcti will be used lo hold MSOOS and change the scram mode h CGA to EGA or VGA.
PC-Task Most productivity titles worked okay too: dBase
IV. Lotus and Wordstar worked okay. Very lew programs that
opened VGA displays seemed to like PC-Task. However, so don’t
expect to get Windows running. Even if it did load, Windows
is horrendously slow even on a PC so there’s little point
trying to run it on the Amiga with PC-Task1.
Chris Hames has done a great job ol making PC-Task as compatible as possible, but it's really not quite good enough to be a serious alternative to a hardware-based PC emulator, let alone a true PC. II you need to run PC software, then I’m afraid the only option is to either buy a real PC (second hand 286 Pcs can be picked up lor peanuts these days!) Or plump lor a hardware-based emulator.
PC-Task has its heart in the right place, but it’s just too slow to be useful. PC-Task Is a snail in wolf's clothing I r t, MERIDIAN £49.95 A50o!B A500. WA A600 fli A1200 Wk A1500 9 A2000 ¦ A3000 TA A4000 *A MERIDIAN SOFTWARE DISTRIBUTION, EAST HOUSE, EAST ROAD INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, EAST RD, LONDON SW19 1AR DOCUMENTATION ??????????80% ? ?? ? ??«$ % If you can t quite stretch to a full-blown PC emulator card, then PC-Task provides a low- cost alternative. Ip OVERALL 78% 1 AMIGA 1200 PACKS 2 AMIGA CD32 CONSOLE FROM SILICA SYSTEMS - THE UK's No1 AMIGA SPECIALISTS AMIGA 500™ CARTOON CLASSICS AMIGA
- rgk ZOOL is the software pack of the year. It includes: Zool,
Transwrltc, Pinball Dreams and Striker - Value El27.92. AI1
Amigas from Silica fSti excludin9 CD” A600 ’V'fylT
Standalone and Amiga
4000) include a FREE ZOOL pack as well as GFA Basic and Photon
Paint II.
- W(rtPiw«atra-a& e*Ow »i £49.95 L DREAMS - fwhi swmb* • w» au •
s«tis? £25.99 “ er SmiMcn - »4S CU A r«jH • Are 9?
£25.99 ZOOL PACK: £127.92 3V3.5- ee-artJ&U PrrvwwmglargLoj....
£50.00 M PAINT II-‘Wir&ajnaPMpgPwoge... £89.95 TOTAL VALUE:
£267.87 fa, PLUS!
• I* AVIGA 8TO. Cl90 DO
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1200 SPECIFICATIONS (C(Ya»Wftl1iteCW '«« M3Manm.'2MOipRW
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- ftt CPU.1 WM Eiwnscn Skt W Snan CnlSW i iftKord «W1 Nirox iisna
iKHwDiw Ot t Ymi Qn-s« Mytirfy KSS1?- UP,,0NS loos (Oirnsy bed
irwttl utn ibMC
* net t'i9iliit wrifiv ‘U V owiO 0 CcnwoOxes Cmcai tY»
On-SifWurjray KX*101 SwojI ottaal U«rw« SK*r
• Chec* wrote |0» b«y BR00E8CAP0SUNUED flOOCO NAIRCAG93ETWE
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.. EiOE Nmtiaa Ineat ant w*tioik*nTey Omp Pwose reiim me ccviko la Jv n the second installment of our informal get-together of some of the country's top Amiga enthusiasts, things begin to hot up. Our team of experts turn their attention to the future of games programming, the future of Commodore, the threat of 3D0, and whose turn it Is to get the next round in... «* Mat: With CD32 and the consoles, the trend is away from computers with keyboards. So what's going to happen to I the programmers of the future, where are they going to come from?
Jolyon: This is a major problem.
Consoles are completely different from the old Spectrums and C64s which where common currency when I was a youngster.
Set: Programming s not nearly as accessible as it was. Basic was bundled with the Spectrum and was a good introduction without having to be certain that you wanted to program before diving in and forking out for all the equipment.
Wavey Davey: It used to be that you'd sit down and play a game, and you'd be using the keyboard, and there'd be problems involved with that and you’d think Oh, how can I do this, how can I do that?'. Now the stuff has become so easy to play. You just plug a cartridge in and you're there. You don't have to do anything. There’s no thought involved.
John: You’ll find a way of doing it. Just as MIDI has made music a lot easier, there'll be ways to make programming a lot easier too.
Jolyon: Look at the phenomenal success of AMOS. There are a lot of people who want to have a go at programming.
Mat: If people REALLY want to program then they'll go out and do it. But what about the people who didn't have that initial interest but drifted into it anyway because they found it easy?
Wavey Davey: You drifted into it because you had to. If you wanted a cheat in a game you had to type in POKES Jolyon: Exactly. You had to type in a fifteen line program.
Wavey Davey: Now if you want a cheat you press a button and move the joystick to the left three times and that's it.
Jolyon: It's going to be simple to turn
• the CD32 into a computer so that people can get into
Effectively it's still got the half meg Kickstart ROM inside it. They haven’t taken any of that out, it's all there so you can plug in a keyboard with the optional add-on. And add disk drives, hard disks, all sorts of things Wavey Davey: But again, you've got As Ihe aftsrnoon wore on. And the beer (lowed freely, Mai actually managed to apend mo*, time 0*1 the todel then at me table. Hence lie la now Decause the installed (user] base is so much !
PART What would happeiVPVou 2 brought together a bunch of Amiga enthusiasts, gave them a free bar and as much food as they could eat, ana left a tape recorder running all the time? The answer is even more horrible than you can probably imagine. The following ‘edited highlights’ are only a fraction of what was said at our recent ‘Amiga Conference’, but this is a family magazine after all... CU AMIGA [ A MEETING OF want to And you've got to know that that's an option. And then you've got to stump up a lot ol money.
David: I think you'll find that II a kid's already got a C032 and he wants to learn programming, he'll go out and buy an ordinary Amiga as there are plenty going second-hand John: As a means to avoid piracy, do you think publishers will produce CD- only games so that the 1200 won't have any games tor it any more?
Sloo: People can get a CD ROM drive John: Is CD gotng to kill oh tloppy games totally?
Stewart. Maybe in 18 months Wavey Davey: I think that's a bit optimistic.
Jolyon: Could be Depends on the success ot CD32.
David: Or you might see the pnee ol tloppy games come down.
John: But companies are not going to produce two versions ot a game, are Now that CD32 has arrived, I think we re going the installed base to see a lot ot companies as well. You're not who abandoned the Amiga 901 "9!0 ’9nore n°lvl
• * kAM, .nn «m .nelnllnrf coming back to it.'
John: For one game that sells on floppy how many get pirated?
Eric: Ten John: So you only need a user base a tenth the size?
Eric: Sure But I can’t even see a user base on CD32 which is a tenth the size of the floppy market within the next year.
Wavey Davey: Of course, the other point of view is that it's precisely because there's so much piracy that Amigas have sold so well. Oh I know a load of kids who can get me some disks. I'll go out and buy an Amiga, I'll get a load of free software.'
Mat: But what about Nintendo and Sega? They don't have that argument.
True there are piracy devices for those machines but they're not being bought by the mainstream users.
Nevertheless, their user bases are powers of times bigger than the Amiga market.
Wavey Davey: But how rr ny cartridges do these people actually own?
Jolyon: My brother owns a Super Nintendo, he’s had it for a year and he’s got two games. One that came with it and Starwing. That’s it. He hires games from a local video shop.
I remember reading some- it the average for cartridge 5 something like six a year.
Davey: Doesn't that say some- it the quality ol the games.
: You might only have two or es but you end up playing II of a lot.
* No, it’s the price. There are ol games that he would like to t
he just can't afford them.
• • Do Nintendo and Sega actually a number of games that soft-
houses can produce to try and : quality?
• Will CD ROM be piratable?
It's piratable now if you've got money.
: Is it as piratable as the car- then?
: It s not as easy to do wide- piracy. Playground piracy is on CD.
: Well it would cost about live to start.
Mfon: Yean, you'd need a cutler a D megabyte hard disk at least and a machine with preferably two SCSI itrollers. It's not easy.
Mart: Every copy aees halt an hour to Wavy Daray: But »rate boards are actu- a»y carrying CD titles on floppy now and they have been doing tor a long WHO'S WHO We invited some ol the Amiga's top name developers and programmers along lor our conference, but they couldn t come, so we had lo do wild this unlikely shower ol freeloaders II you want to pul a lace lo Ihe name and lind oul exactly whal they do lor a living, read on... ‘Orrible isn’t it?!!
Jo yon: Oh yes. Lemmings on CDTV s only two megabytes ol data.
Eric: Now that the CD32 has arrived. I tk we re going to see a lot ol the companies who abandoned the Amiga coming back into it. People like vucasArts and Sierra will be tempted to come back if the sales hold up well.
If: Haven't they already announced that they're going back to the Amiga?
Eric: I know Sierra have. This is the kind ol game that comes on eight or mne disks and is far more appropriate on CD32 than conventional floppy Jolyon: I know that there are at least two or possibly three LucasArts' games that are due out on CD very very soon.
Eric: CD32 versions?
Jolyon: Well, actually for CDTV.
These are ones that CBM have been funding for a long time. They've held them back lor their CD32 launch and I assume they're now being upgraded to 256 colour versions as well.
John: How important is it to have a game that makes the most of the 'There's a new Amiga- CD32? Wouldn't a based machine which fin«le c°'di“ emulates an Apple Quadra Am ga oe a and a 66MHz 486 PC' good thing? Imagine such a disc being bundled with the CD32! Why doesn't CBM do that?
Eric: The trouble is if you give away fifty good games, how long is it going to be before that person needs to buy another full price game?
Mat: If you give away fifty games with the machine, what incentive does the retailer have to sen the machine when he's not going to get any software sales for the next six months?!
Ben: That's exactly what happened to Atari.
Jolyon: That's why fifty is an unrealistic number. Five good games or at the most ten. The sort of stuff you'd get in a decent Amiga 1200 bundle plus a bit more.
Hat: They dKf six with MegaCD. Didn't they?
Jolyon: They did a disk with six en.
That would be enough to start with as long as they were good games.
Alaf: Which apparently they weren't.
Jools: What about five different versions. So you've got the whole field covered? It must be possible.
Seb- Multi format CD ROM disks?
Jolyon: The only ones that would present problems would be those that need the same boot sector of the CD. I know that CD-i and CDTV together are impossible because we tried and failed, though I'm not sure about CD32. Certainly there are already CD- i PC disks floating around, and CDTViMac Amiga disks would not be a problem I'm not sure about Sega. I think Sega Cds have to actually be pressed by Sega.
Jools: I would Imagine Sega would have some say In the matter.
Jolyon: They certainly would if you had a CD32 version on the disk as well!
Sfewarf: But it s all ISO 9660 isn't it.
So it can all be read on a PC?
Jolyon: The problem is the copyright files m the ISO format have the boot sector set up to point lo the copyright file as the CD32 does That's the trademark file that you have to pay your $ 3 for. It's possible to work around that to produce something that's compatible and isn't CBM's and works Uat: The raises interesting questions about emulation So tar the Amiga has emulated other machines, but they don't yet seem to have gol round to emulating the Amiga. How much longer will il be till that happens?
Jolyon: Till you can gel a board to emulate an Amiga in a PC. For example?
Mat: Yeah.
Jolyon: Two reasons: firstly, why bother?
General assent from around the table Jolyon: Secondly, there's a lot of custom technology on there which is owned by Commodore and which they have absolutely no intention of licencing out.
Mat: But that's also true of the Mac.
Yet if you buy the system ROMs you can emulate one on an Amiga. So you could buy the Amiga Kickstart ROMs and whatever.
Jolyon: But basically you would be buying a board without Kickstart ROMS, without CIA chips, without Blitters or any other chips Mat: So you’d simply be building a whole Amiga from scratch?
Jolyon: Particularly now with the AGA chipset, where everything’s surface mounted.
Stewart: There was an Amiga laptop, wasn’t there?
Mat: Yeah, but CBM reportedly blocked it.
Stoo: For the same reason.
Mat: A new Amiga-based machine has come out now which emulates an Apple Quadra and a 66MH2 486 PC and which retails at £3000 for the base level machine.
Jolyon: Is this based on Emplant?
Mat: I don't know. » a series ol eomput M ' - ers since 1981 He . Co-owned two softer* ** ware shops and used
• to teach Basic lo 'V make ends meel.
Lite m ground sudden hall when he joined the CU Amiga team in 1990 Among his interests he lists go-kart racing (at a recent meel he came last in every single race!), playing games (especially strategy ones), composing music and drawing. Is also a hard-core Slar Trek Ian and even manages to out-Trek Dan when it comes to show trivia.
TONY HORGAN Occupation: Assistant Technical Editor. CU ¦j Amiga Hj Background Tony ¦ has been writing pro- iF* fessionally since he was sixteen and hopes that he will learn to spell soon.
He was trapped into working lor CU Amiga last year. A lanalic rave music Ian.
Tony aspires lo become a freelance video and music producer. In his spare lime composes commercial quality dance music tracks and shoots dance videos Tony is also an up-and-coming OJ and is available lor children’s parties.
SEB LEE-DELISLE Occupation: Programmer Background Seb ¦ currently works as a designer lor Almathera who pro- MAW- duce CD software Allhough Seb used lo play bass qmiar ham im ¦ brother, his real love is percussion. He has purchased a sel ol bongos lor a bargain £300. And hopes lo gam employment as a wandering minstrel. He hales being called Sebastian Can often be lound hiding in the toilet when it’s his round.
ERIC MATHEWS Occupation: Game designer ~ " 's® Background: One ol
- 1 the founder mem- aflP. Bers ol Ihe Bitmap Brothers. Eric has
' Ihe highest profile el W almost any games Ah designer in the
industry His con tacts with Rhythm King records resulted in Ihe
first ever pap record soundtrack which appeared on Xenon 2.
Eric is an unpretentious guy writ a love ol games and good beer
If you want to find out what's new, have a great day out and
pick up some bargains for Christmas, then come along to the
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19, 20 & 21 November 1993 Wembley Conference and Exhibition
Centre, Hall 1 Interactive demonstrations Presentations of
new products
* Key feature areas including: The Popular Electronic Music
Centre with Keyboards of 93 and Home Recording, featuring
equipment from Atari and Commodore.
Home and small business centre, featuring equipment from major brands including IBM, Amstrad and Digital and the latest in multimedia.
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Over 150 companies selling the latest available products and services and offering excellent show prices.
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Under 10's Fast Lane Tickets @ £4 I enclose a cheque P.O. Credit card details for £ Name made Davable to International Computer Show Address Postcode Fax No.
Credit Card No._ Expiry date phone 0726 68020 to book with credit card , INTERVIEW Stewart: It it's Emplant it's not r Set: What do you mean you don't know?
Mat: I can t say much more, but you'll see an exclusive review in an upcoming issue ol CU Amiga.
Jolyon: It's extremely easy to translate a Mac it you've got a 68000.
Because basically all a Mac is. Is a 68000 with a ROM and not a lot else.
Stewart: A crap disk drive as well Jolyon: And a PC you don't have to emulate because you can buy the bits straight ott the shed. Those two machines are especially easy to emulate. But the Amiga is particularly difficult to emulate.
Mat: So is there any point in a company bringing out this machine? It seems very useful in a publishing environment.
Jolyon: I can see it being very usetU.
Not to the games industry but for the multimedia side of things. I can immediately see how Video Toaster or Scala on a PC would be a good thing.
They're currently designing Scala lor the PC. But it'll be very limited unless they have a specially designed graphics board, prelerably with Amiga chips on it. It's impossible to do it on a PC without the Amiga’s custom chips.
Newtek are actually trying Gould and Uehdi Ali »»¦ monitor, extra designing new genera- nvtrnmnlu unliItnlv tn RAM, you could have tion Toasters which will are extremely unltKely to be PAL compatible and allow a buyout unless it joola: Just as you will still rely on the was highly favourable.' Watch trims on VHS.
Amiga. In tact at the Devcon. They and listen to music on a standard were very adamant that they wouldn't audio CO. It you want games it's going They cannot produce a sensible Therefore it's Joiyon: BU, the Amiga “ fflS£&2 1000 didn't survive » e same Prlce as a CD32. Al the momenl Stewart: The Amiga It's impossible with the cur- Certainly small com- range did though renl prices Of technology.' Pames like ourselves.
Who are nsking their Imagine a 3D0 500!
Jolyon: The Amiga 1000 sold less in its existence than the CDTV did. CBM didn't have the taith to stay with the Amiga 1000 and it became successtul eventually with the other Amigas. They ditched the CDTV alter a similar penod when it wasn't a success. 300 is not going lo be a success the first year It may not be a success the second year, but it probably w* be a success the third year Mat: You don't think that rival technology will have caught up with it by then?
Stewart: By then a 486 will be incredibly cheap.
Jolyon: That's exactly the point. The threat to the Amiga and the CD32 is trom the Pcs pnmanly.
1: If you buy an Amiga now.
Si be developing it tor any other platform Joola: From a programmer's point ot view, the ideal worid would be Commodore. Sega and Nintendo putting their brand names to the 300, and that way we don't have to mess about doing versions tor everybody.
We get one standard, one machine.
Andy: That's the point ol the 300, isn't it?
Mat: Yeah, they're trying to create the new world standard with the 3D0 but are they going to achieve it. Especially at $ 700?
Jolyon: 3D0 has got some very clever hardware in it, some very clever processors in it. But currently it's just too to be 300. ItK become an absolute standard Jolyon: They said that about CD-i and that doesn't look like itli succeed.
Andy: Bear in mind the thing that makes 3D0 special are the people behind it.
Jolyon: One ol the other problems with 3D0 is that it's an expensive system to develop lot.
Mat: Why?
Jolyon: The development kit lor 3D0 is very expensive Stewart: You need a Quadra.
Mat: That's three grand, yeah?
Nevertheless they've got more than 300 companies signed up lor it.
Expensive to produce a 300. They cannot produce a 300 currently and sell it at the same price as CD32. It's impossible with the current prices ot technology.
Mat: Do they need to. Considenng they aim to represent the next generation'' Stewart: The Amiga 1000 was overpriced when it came out.
Own money on it. Find that there's a lot less to risk with CD32.
Mat: How are these development lees policed?
Jolyon: They have agreements with all of the CD ROM replication houses that they'll report bach to them the number ol disks pressed Mat: So what it you set up your own replication? Is that feasible?
Jolyon: Not really Stewart: If you have a warehouse in South Korea somewhere!
Jolyon: There are cheap plants going In Bulgaria apparently at the moment.
John: What was that you were saying about the 1200 being taster than the 4000?
Jo yon: Did I say that?
John: Allegedly!
Jolyon: Well allegedly, I've heard from unconfirmed sources' that the 4000's chip RAM is slower than any other Amiga. They basically screwed up the Cfnp RAM design - apparently John: So it you put an accelerator into a 1200... Jolyon: It s possible that 4 would run anims taster than a 4000.
John: So why buy a 4000?
Jolyon: It's got Zorro slots, It's expandable. Actually Zorro III slots are a very good idea. Most people think Just put a card in and that's it' but there's a lot more to it than that They are very complex to design and they did it well Certainly a lot better than the ISO-bus in Pcs.
John: But who uses the slots in a 4000?
Jolyon: Me! Games developers mainly and video people.
David: While we re talking about slots, » Jolyon: I'm signed up for it. All you need to do to sign up lor 300 is phone up 3D0, say 'Send me a torm’, sign it and send it back.
Mat: So it doesn't actually demonstrate any commitment whatsoever.
Jolyon: It didn't cost us a penny to sign up Mat: So what about signing up tor CD32? What does that entail? Is there ' any commitment needed to do that?
Jolyon: Urn. Well, no not really. The only commitment is that when you decide to do a title you have to sign a licence agreement In both cases it requires a three dollar licence tee per title you press, the ditterence being that on 3D0 you have to pay it at replication which basically means that your replication cost goes up by three dollars which is very significant. It's more than the cost of a disk which can make the initial production runs very expensive On CD32. At least they decided that the licence would be charged on sale ol the title So at the end of the quarter you pay the
licence lor the stuff you've sold which is a lot more Occupation: Programmer Background: Stewart's illustrious career began in 1980 when he worked lor Supersoft Although just a callow lad.
Stewart used his Dad's Commodore Pet to create a classic called HalH ol Death, a game which he describes as A rambling epic ol dragons and heroes set in an era before time began'. The game used character graphics and dragons were simply represented as the letter D allow a buyout unless It was highly favourable to them, ana I don't think anyone’s got the money to be that extravagant. In any case, it CBM were bought out, it would be split up and It would be bought lor its resources, and there are very lew good people left now.
John: I heard they were giving stall a day off to go find a new job! " Laughter Jolyon: And I heard all their managers were learning Japanesel Jools: It's worrying when Kelly Sumner just quits like that.
John: And to work lor a relatively small PC company.
Jolyon: CBM are gambling their whole business on CD32.
Stewart: And they’re Now that I'm used to the making their biggest Amiga, I find Pcs so Pushwm,,he ***** Jolyon: Yeah, proba- bty- Mat: Eggebrecht said JT - . . In Europe at the that they were going restrictive. Even SO, Amiga expense of Ihe us.
To work on an 060 Software isn't that good.’ Jolyon: They've apparently got no plans for advertising it in the US. They II launch it but they're not going to advertise. In the US the Amiga is seen 100% as a video machine and it's got itself a good role there.
Ben: It's got itself a niche.
Stoo: A niche that the PC can chip away. All it takes is a decent card for the PC and suddenly they’re gone.
Jolyon: Weeell. It would take a while to do that on the PC. The PC market has had seven years to catch up with the things the Amiga can do. And they haven’t yet.
David: Pcs rely more on the corporate market than the video market.
Jolyon: Within two years there'll be cards on the PC that can do all that the Amiga can do plus more.
John: I love the Amiga I work in University where I'm surrounded by DEC workstations and 486s and my Amiga 4000 leaves them for dead 'cause their editors are all stupid little character based things and the windows all use fake shading.
Jolyon: The Amiga operating system and Workbench are the best operating system I've seen on any computer.
Stewart: But people see the Macintosh as the » has anyone heard the rumour about a 1200 Zorro slot that s coming out?
Stoo: Is that the A1400?
Jolyon: Personally I haven't heard as much rubbish in ages.
John: But the 4000 actually has an option for an 020 card so was there a 4000020 planned?
Jolyon: You know the story about the 2200 and the 2400. Originally there were going to be four machines: the 2200 and the 2400 and the 3200 and the 3400. The first two to arrive were to be the 2200 and the 2400. The 2200 was to be a machine with two slots and the 2400 would be a 4000 style box with four slots. The difference being that it was a Kickstart 2 ECS motherboard and they actually had these as prototypes, which were otherwise very similar to the 4000.1 believe there were 020 and 030 versions of that. Then the AGA chipset was completed earlier than anticipated.
Stewart: Three years late.
Jolyon: As opposed to five years. So the machines became obsolete overnight and there was no point selling what was originally going to be the 3200 and 3400 which were the AGA versions, so they dropped the two slot version and renamed it the 4000. So that accounts for all those magazine reports and Kelly [Sumner] going on about the 2400. And it wasn’t just vapourware.
Stewart: Was there a 5000?
Jolyon: Lew Eggebrecht was over in July and he said that the next Amiga - he didn’t call it the 5000 - that they’re working on would be a high end machine using the triple A chipset, would run Windows NT operating system and would be based on the Hewlett Packard PA RISC chip.
Jools: And they're going to market it as what? A games machine!
Jolyon: As a serious graphics work station aimed at the low end user with a lower price than the Silicon Graphics Indi and it will be competing directly with that.
John: So is the 4000 the last Amiga as we know it?
Version of the machine first.
Stewart: No. 'cause Motorola’s working on the PowerPC chip.
Jolyon: CBM have said many times that they are not working on a PowerPC based machine despite the obvious advantages that it would give.
Hewlett Packard's is the one that they have chosen for their new machines simply because of the cost. The cost of the chip compared to its performance is much better. This chip was designed to work with Laserjets and the performance it gives at the price is a lot better than anything Motorola can offer.
Stoo: So the next Amiga will be a laser printerl Laughter Wavey Davey: I'm disappointed that they're going to go for Windows NT.
Jolyon: This is what Eggebrecht said in July. A report has gone up on CIX based on the postings of two people daiming to be CBM engineers, and although we can’t be certain it seems likely. Although people were talking about a new CBM machine in a year, these guys say that there's absolutely no way. CBM just don't have the resources to do anything. All of their current engineering resources are going into CD32, everything else has been shelved. The original designer of the double A display enhancer for the 4000 has left and so that's probably been shelved Mat: Reading between the lines does
this mean that if CD32 falls. CBM goes under? I Mat: There were rumours, which CBM denied, about them being taken over by larger Japanese sup- | pliers... Jolyon: I don't know anyone who'd want to take them over.
Ben: You don't lose hundreds ot million of dollars in less than a year and walk away from it.
Jolyon: The trouble is the main shareholders at CBM, Irving Gould and Mehdi Ali, and some influential friends of theirs, are extremely unlikely to big one.
Jolyon: The Amiga’s far better than the Macintosh.
Stewart: But that's the problem.
Nobody knows how good the Amiga is.
John: How come the Amiga got such a good operating system?
Jolyon: Because Mac didn't sue. Why do you think Windows is so bad?
They're scared of Apple. If they'd put in anything that made it look like Macintosh they would have been sued. CBM already had those things in. And have had them for so long that Apple can’t sue them.
John: Is there any chance of the Amiga Workbench Irving on as software tor another platform?
Stewart: Well it's only single screen.
On the Mac you can plug a new card in and you can move a window from one screen to another Ben: You can do that on an Amiga without having to buy a new card.
Jolyon: The advantage of the Amiga is that it does exactly the opposite. You can have more than one virtual screen on a monitor and just drag them down or flip to the back. There’s no other operating system I’ve seen that does that, and yet it's far more productive.
Jolyon: Now that I'm used to the Amiga, when I have to use Pcs I find myself so restricted by them. If you’re using DOS. There's no standards. No standard file requestors, no standard menu system. Everything's different John: So how good is Amiga software compared to PC software?
Jolyon: It depends on the field. The Amiga is lacking decent industry standard apphcations like word processors.
Ben: The trouble with the Amiga is people design a word processor and The Amiga 1000 sold less In its existence than the processor- and leave CDTV did. CBM didn't have it at that, the faith to Stay with it.' Unfortunately, they aH try and design for the lowest common denominator. They don't try and push the machine to its limits. They don't follow guidelines set down by CBM unlike Apple Macintosh applications where they've got rigid guidelines set down all the time. This The allooging. All-dancing 300. Is It ¦ threat
• wans it's harder lor standardisation » De achieved on the
Amiga. Plus, the Amiga market is such a small market.
Tmre aren't hundreds ol companies oroducing word processors like there are lor the PC. On the PC there are so
• any rivals that they all have to go n better than the other and
they are ashed to excellence by the competi ion. Unlike the
Amiga where it's down
* ) final Copy II and Wordworth.
Jolyon: It's no use wntrng serious netware applications lot the lowest denominator machine. A one meg A500 just does not cut it with software development. The other problem is pnee: no-one is going to pay £295 plus VAT tor a word processor on the Amiga.
John: Brilliance has just been announced and that costs £200.
Chip set so Wouldn't a single CD32 disc Ben: Ma ,0e ,hal Workbench and what- ... ... .__, . . .__wasn't possible at a ever all open on that wl,h ll!tY Standard Amiga realistic price point, screen You can't games be a good thing?' But they certainly open Workbench at the moment on, should have standardised it more trom say. A Harlequin card ot another dis- the start and not lett It. They had the play device. The only way that that can philosophy If It ain't broke, don't fix if.
Ben: You'd never pay more lor a trackage than the computer you’re running it on.
Jolyon: A word processor is some- rwig aimed at just about every serious computer user whereas a paint package is being aimed at the video market n the States, the Toaster users, and mat s why they're putting it at that pnee level.
Mat: Why specllically them? It has 24- b t support but It's not really even a 24-bit package.
Jolyon: Because they can t hope to compete against Deluxe Paint Hat: But they can. It's a superior package in every way.
Jolyon: It it's a supenor package then they've got every nght to charge more lor it.
Mat: Not twice as much though.
Ben: I think you II discover that pnee s artificial You'll lind a lot ol special otters.
Jolyon: II you're going to do an application on the Amiga that was as good as Word lor Windows, it would have to cost the same as Word for Windows, if not more so because ol the limited user base.
John: Is the Amiga dead as anything more than a games machine.
Jolyon: There are things that can be done. For instance it they took the Ondgeboard idea lurther and came up
• nth dual processors, it would be pos- s*»e to have a machine
that could run Amiga software and Windows software on the
same box, on tt same monitor.
Ben: Part ot that solution has to do with targetable graphics as well. It's being worked towards but it needs a lot more support.
Jolyon: It's not being worked towards.
The last thing I heard Irom CBM was that Chris Green was handling targetable graphics and since he's left they’re waiting tor someone to take it over.
Tony: What are retargetable graphics?
Jolyon: At the moment the Amiga is very much based around the custom be done is when companies such as Retina hack the graphics libraries so that Workbench can be opened on their card.
Ben: The idea is that people don't write software that hits the machine, but that hits the libraries on that machine.
Jolyon: So you use the graphics library and it handles display transparently lor you. Ot course, it means not all games will work but I think we re looking at a different market now.
Sen: There's a stratification m the Amiga marketplace where you have the choice c4 using an A4000 lor games or usxig it lor productivily - one monaor wont de- play althe modes A 1942 monitor is not bad as a low end monitor lor a 1200 but it’s no good lor someone doing DTP: it doesn't display at a hgh enough resolution. So you move up lo the 15 and 17 inch multi-syncs that don't scan down to 15KHZ which means that you can't play games on the 4000.
Jolyon: This is what the AA display enhancer was meant lo do. It was going to fix alt this, it would basically be the same as a flicker fixer.
Andy The Amiga is addressing too many markets so CBM don't know whether to pour resources into the A1200 and market it as a damned good games machine with workstation graphics or as a much more senous computer Jolyon: This is what they're doing now. Unofficial reports are coming out that they're pulling out of the higher end home market. This is a bit worrying tor companies such as Newtek ¦ who rely on the Amiga.
Set: The problem is they're losing all their development staff Now It anyone wants to restart development they're going to have to go back to square one to figure out what's what.
Jolyon: Or they re going to have to spend a lot ol money getting old people back John: So it CD32 s a success, would that regenerate the company?
Jolyon: Yes, that's what they're hoping. They're shutting down all non-essential operations at the moment and saying Well, we ll have another look at the market when we have enough money'.
Mat: Sort ol a corporate hypothermia.
Diverting blood from the non-essential organs to teed the heart and brain?
Sep.* Yes, exactly that.
Ben: When the A500 came out it was a fantastic machine and nobody could beat it, but they sat on their laurels for too many years.
Stewart: The 1200 should have been out long before it was.
Jolyon: The problem they had was that the A500 had the same chips as the 1000 and merely re packaged them in a cost-reduced form. The trouble was that by then all ol their Amiga 1000 designers had gone and they didn't have any ol the designs lett of the original chips, particularly the Agnus chip, which they had to totally reverse engineer In order to upgrade them. The ECS Agnus chip included only a minor change to the original Agnus, yet they had to go back down to the electron photographs ol the chip's surface to work out what the bloody thing was doing!
Ben: I think what we might see is that Commodore as a company doesn't survive, but that the Amiga might still exist in a limited form perhaps taken over by another oompany.
Tony: Who would be in a position to do that?
Stoo: Atari!
Wavey Davey: Yeah, they'll bundle it with the Lynx) Jools: There are a lot players with the capital and the reason.
Jolyon: It depend on CD32. It that shows any signs ot being a success then a lot ot companies are likely to show new interest in CBM. RJSt STOO Occupation Graphic artist Background: Stoo started out with a procession ol unrewarding jobs belore drltting Into computing into computing live years ago. He ' 1 designed the graphs' 111. T ics lor Cannon Fodder. Sensible Software's hot new strategy game. Although he started with a Vic20. He somehow overcame his tragic beginnings to become one ol the finest Amiga gamers this side ol Tiddlebrook Creek He couints shoot 'em ups and strategy
games as his tavourite game types JOOLS Occupation Programmer-designer Background: Jools is another one who's computer career started with the ZX81. He began try- v mg to get his work tv,' I lb published in 1983.
But it wasn't until 1 W I three years later that he was ottered a job in the industry His first game was a stunning masterpiece called, wait lor it Trevor the Swan Funnily enough, this tour de torce never saw the commercial light ol day He enjoys playing racing games and his hobbies include drinking, smoking, having another drink and lading over.
JOHN KENNEDY Occupation: Freelance journalist 1 Background: Although John is currently in the last year ol his Electronic Masters degree . Course, he began i writing ten years ago when he had a ZX81 ry «•"»** P“» lished Since then he's gone on to own |ust about every computer known to man. Eicept the Oric and the Oragon. Among his interests he includes kite Hying, Gumess. Astronomy and motorbikes, although he tries not to do them all at the same lime.
JOLYON RALPH Occupation: Programmer ¦¦rniH Background: Jolyon *r has been interested in computers since he was 12 years old when he won one as V,,* appeal school. In lad. His London . School was one ol the lirst in the country to teach programming to kids. As it to prove that he wasn't a total computer egg-head.
Jolyon went to university to study geology, but dropped out alter a year lo join Almathera (the lamily computer business).
Now the Amiga’s really taking off as a force in commercial music, Tony Horgan gets the low-down from a couple of rising stars.
General. Volker will be making a start on his next project For this he hopes to re record some of his bes* demo tunes in a professional stu dio. Expanding the original 4 channel tracks with the help of plenty of MIDI synths.and modules The only problem is that he's about £1.000 short of the required studio fees So. He s looking for financial backing for the project at the moment (Okay let s have a whip round then Ed No stop it Vampyra - I meant money not yot* cat o' nine tailsj CU AMIGA AMIGA PROFILES Yet another rising star from the ever buzzing demo scene. Volker Tripp is a musician on a
mission Not conteni with making a name for himself as one of Ihe most admired musicians on the scene the German tunesmith is now branching out into releasing his own Amiga-created tunes on professionally pro duced cassettes increasing his current audience base even more Under the pseudonym of | Jester, he's known to thou sands for his tunes that have graced numerous classic demos, many of which have been collabora f lions with the well respect ed demo crew. Sanity Volker s first release is Minimal Art Simplicity This is a seven-track collection of T °** surprisingly good pop songs Volker
says his Influences include bands such as the Pet Shop Boys among others, and it definitely shows through in the songs on the tape.
TRACK RECORDS Track one is a rather short, but it has an interesting intro featuring samples of the PSB themselves The rest of the tape wouldn t sound out of place on any daytime pop radio station which can t be at all bad for Volker s future career prospects Vocals on the tape are courtesy k of Carsten Klein- B Hitpaf). Who also performed recording W and mixing duties on the tape The most likely solution for the cash flow problem would be to se* the idea to a cash-laden record company, and with a few hundred tapes already run off complete witf full-colour covers and track listings he's
certainly got his demo tapes MiXiNG Ideally though Volker would When he can find finance the project himself, time to break off although that could take some time from writing Maybe if he can shift a few more rt more music these tapes for Sanity f and the Minimal Art demo is available from I* scene in Cynostic, Office 01, New Enterprise Centre, ¦MworMrom Lit,le Hea,h Industrial Estate, m voiker Old Church Road.
JJJJJJj* Coventry, CV6 7NB.
Simplicity Price: £6 plus 50p post and mim album. Packing.
Teephone 0702 466933 Fax 0702 617123 PD Soft W1 Buruo Ave. Southsno-on-ScaESSEX. SSI 2YD J 1*77 BOM BOM 04MNM si x" JjtSSSSEsL.
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Colaoan. ‘ -xr imoJon AiWrmK fc* A MM» Comn.nl J *•» 1447 CONUO* i*m Mnhna »"W -**nMprW-Mll Jl- 1444 CMT* SOI xrahm «m J *•» 14*S NUT MA04M I Aanaa isiopn* J “• VT1M M40K MMU VI 77 k«* :rs jl swodni bob oA *r*n crd bop Ml rrnnm kV"(ii cer bo il«*n l noMkc*.
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tor KDCO W'k* 1.101 do* Km j ic ts •* j * n*» Your Name brand
«• « 1993. Aho conlalni WortlklK Md WortEHfcll 10 PC TAME lllU
VIRMONi »44«* - II M PAP Telephone Signal uri A600 A1200| imho
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GIM041 OBIS 0ISK 11«0* I unil (AMOS OKU FONTS Cool **IRF» Q1M0S COLOUR FONTS I MaMin Oft Pa 0UAC.T COLOUR FONTI2 MjiOR Hoftt &¦« 60BT* COLOUR FORI* J i I I* W CPILTPO COPT PROF *J I CP1LU0 COPY *1.0 t«*Mnl iCP2M RASH COPY M.ili Mung IOW TO COPT .11 lw..» p-owitsn : CP31J ¦ *2.0 Rrmo-ts piONlBon Cam IGU415 CON I AC H CUP ANT * lilting? I*M GRAPHICS COPIERS Guiai CeanrsEnn 5 EXCITING NEW DISKS FOR A120Q M000 ONLY WEIRDSCIENCE 1-5 (S Disks) Slideshow ? Music NEW SUPER HAM PICS' FOR A1200 A4000 ONLY SHI-616 Disks) Superb quality pictures HmW MUM4 AtlAUIN* AUOIO MAGIC «0l 2 Tr*»*t AMPlMrt Muia
MUN0 LPPllCAnOR* »11 a OUII AMHMMVKRS get Nl'MPAD EM.W7 TO GET MORE PROGS WORKING K1S3 AMNIA PUKT WN ixtnj HOT PIRM chic* .1» Pot* pi mat* HMJIIITCMIRT Cia tttch -ert H3St MCI MIIR HIIV p-tOiln TJPAICN lAIMftOC M FOAON tOM *11 l"p * l 0 '0*01(11«M| RRFtftm *1 IKHRTMR
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VL3 lMMI!RIC«R*7l 1*0)5 MtftO TNACIIN i4 0
(CU) 36 Kodclwyddiin Ave, Old Colwyn, Clwvd LL29 9NI* Games
5. 30 7J
10. 35 15-31
22. 05 34.4
36. 35 52.31
39. 95 61.*
49. 40 72.*
60. 95 90.21
78. 75 115.71
97. 30 143.31
116. 30 170.71
154. 50 221.71
184. 65 269.*
223. 50 320.*
364. 30 524* OUTLAROCfl ovincwE (IMS) OVERKILL (A1 2W1 PANGWOTSOO
PAFCAKCKBOM :o»ooh CD-32 Games Educational Miscellaneous
!j» or, PC *109* (OV.BC on *Ng« CHUCK R0CK2- CIVIUZATCN (IS Mon - Fri 10am to 8pm Saturday 10am to 4pm COLMTOXKOA COUNT OOCXULAt CRAZY SUSCftS Hint Books CYTRON DOAYHUB 0*0* ATTACK i iosi 30F) PyTorlMIOSISTFI OMWITnMIWini Please note | NOT- means software is ! Not compatible with the 500 Phis, 600 or 1200 K. POANA JONES S FATE ATL. (ACT) llMBl POANA JONES I FATE ATL. MM H MB|
TO 24 48 BACKUP PRO X-Backup Pro is Ihe most powerful disc backup utility available for the Amiga, BUT DON T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT... • « w **--- ¦ lah IV', ITS UNBI I IH.I-.
139. 99’ eM.mbrr Iwt £39.99 El postage 4 Unlike other disc
backup utilities, X-BACKUP PRO is totally automatic and
extremely simple to use. Tt is tufty compatible with ALL
AMIGA computers.
• Will backup virtually any disc onto another disc
• Full hard disc backup.
• File management facility.
• Optimise, formats, repairs, verifies.
• Includes the AUTOSWITCH CYCLONE cartridge. Simply plugs into
the external disc drive socket at the rear of the Amiga, and
plug your external disc drive into the back of tho CYCLONE
cartridge for unbeatable disc backup power. An external disc
drive is required for use with the CYCLONE cartridge These are
available from us priced £54.99. FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
If you can find a more powerful disc backup utility, we will give you your money back eocriAi ncEBD A1200 4mb memory tipewon with clock 32 bit wide auto configuring Fast*am Zero wan state allows ihe At200 lo n»i m lu* speed.
Increase the speed ol the compuar by 219% casing. Quality On Otf switch and Battery backed clock keeps the cor-ect w-w and date even when the A1200 is switched on nstailation.
Connection cable £54 £159.99 HARD DISC DRIVES 85mb 120mb A1200 with 85mb hard disc drive fitted A1200 with 120mb hard drive fitted Our 2.5" hard drives for the A600 A1200 offer speedy access times and come complete with fitting cable, screws and full instructions. They are pretormatted and have Workbench installed for immediate use.
SUPERB Fully guaranteed for 12 months.
Fitting service available lor C25.00. Please phone 061 724 7S72 for further details.
VALUE FOR MONEY Soundblaster The SOUNDBLASTER is a 10 waft stereo ampfifier that comes complete with high quatty 3 way speakers, power supply and FREE STEREO HEADPHONES' The SOUNDBLASTER adds a new dvnension to games playing, imagine stunning stereo sound effects, crystal clear samples and terrific stereo tunes. The SOUNDBLASTER also boosts games playabrirty1 The speakers are powerful 50 wan 3 way units featunng a 3' woofer, 2" honker and a 1" tweeter to provide a powerful cnsp sound.
£44.99 Order NOW for immediate despatch Tel. 061 724 7572 Fax 061 724 4893 Telesales open 9am - 6pm Monday-Friday Access Visa accepted ¦¦¦ Send a cheque Postal order or credit card details ’o Siren Software, Wilton House, Bury Rd, Radcliffe, Manchester M26 9UR England Government, Education and PLC orders welcome.
All prices include VAT at the current rate. Postage and packing .via be charged at £3.50 per order (U.K.), £7.50 Europe. £12.50 rest of world.
Please note that 5 working days must be allowed for cheque clearance. Immediate clearance on Building society cheque or Bank Draft Fitting a hard drive to your Amiga is one thing, making the most of it is another. Jeff Walker explains.... &»~*.Ssar i 3 3? Ol Cl 1
- * CL-V -1 I
- *• r* I i _le* J__________J IE :•» Vaee »yi tr*oto C| WlCeV
tfrt I* tkjnlCare . I i i ¦ T|~ ft !I.=§=J_ & MC«i~| For those
times when you accidentally delete an important til*, DiakSslv
2 will allow to search any davlc* for one deleted file, all
deleted files, or you can use wildcards to suit.
DISK-FIXING If you h»t accidentally deleted i file and il you ye got Ihe dreaded Not a DOS dish' or the blood-draining Disk la not validated requestor, or even a simple read urrita error. Ihe program you need is DithSjt*. By Dave Haynie.
Version 1.42 ot DlskSalvhas been around lor years.
Operated Irom the command line with more parameters and options than you can shall a smelly sausage at. II was never a popular program because II appeared that you had lo have the brain the sin ot a ptanat in order to read the documentation let atone use it. Damn powerful, but every lime you rvn it you can hear the echo ot a million heads scratching. Version 2 has been re-wrftten Irom scratch and features a tidy and understandable user-intarface. Like all the best modem Amiga software. It requires Worftbench 2 or better «i Beginners are otten advised to think of a hard dnve as being just one
massive floppy disk.
While this analogy certainly helps to abate the natural fear of something new, it can also serve to blinker your outlook. There is quite a lot of computing that is. Quite simply, not practical from floppy disk, so if you think of a hard drive just as a big floppy disk you could be missing out on some very special software. This software usually gets pigeon-holed under the general heading of Hard Dnve Utilities and it's easy to assume that this simply means partitioning and formatting software, back-up utilities and so on.
But there's much, much more. And it doesn't cost that much at all In fact, every program I'm going to discuss is either freeware or shareware (or PD software if you prefer to call it that).
Unless I specifically say so. Assume that you need at least Workbench 2 04 to run any of this software. If any of it is Workbench 3 only. I will say so. It you are still using Workbench t .3 on your hard drive you should consider your position very senously. Most current Amiga software, especially PD software, will not run under Workbench 1.3. or else it will be crippled in some way because it uses features of the later versions ot the operating system. If you want to make the best use of your hard drive you need to upgrade your operating system FMSDISK I'm going to start with a utility that
might, at first glance, seem rather pointless It's called FMSDisk and it enables one or more parts of your hard dnve lo act just like a floppy disk. It works with all versions of Workbench.
Having FMSDisk on your hard dnve will enable you lo duplicate a PD disk much more quickly than copying it from one floppy drive to another. If this disk is constantly being updated, it will be quicker, and much more convenient, to work with a virtual' floppy disk on your hard drive rather than with a real one.
Count wha* *¦ One of the teething problems with moving from floppies to a hard drive is that many programs are supplied on disks that look in certain places on certain disks tor certain tiles. But it can often be easier to Diskcopy entire distnbution disks onto several FMS disks. (Up to 32 of them can be mounted at any one time.) Because FMS Disks are seen by the system just as If they were floppy disks sitting in floppy dnves, anything the software is looking ta on any particular disk wilt always be where it expects to find it.
FMS Disks work much more quickly than floppy disks, but nowhere near as fast as the hard dnve actually works. However, if you are regularly having problems with programs not running from your hard dnve because they haven't been property installed, FMSDisk can be a great temporary solution until you learn more about how hard drives work and how to install software onto It by hand.
NEAT AND TIDY Keeping your hard drive neat and tidy can be a slog. The bigger your hard dnve, the bigger the the daily grind of keeping things in order. No matter how much you try, it seems impossible to prevent hard dnve from collecting duplicate files all over tha place, particularly if you have several partitions.
Deleting these duplicate files is best done by hand because there is always the chance that despite two or more files having the same name, they might actually be different programs or data files Best to check first. But searching for duplicat* files using the command line or Workbench is a slow process. Best to leave it to the software to do that That's what Gman does, which is short for Garbage Man. There's no icon to ckck on, so you have to use it from the command line, but it’s a simple command which requires just a pathname as a parameter - something like GMAN Work:Docs' for example. Any
duplicate files it finds in the specified path will be listed in the Shell window. If you want a permanent record, you can always use redirection - Gl PRT: Work:Docs' for example, which would redirect output to the printer device, thus giving you a hard copy of tfx gory details.
To investigate and delete the duplicates there is no better tool than a directory manager. This type of program can be thought of as a command line tha has a graphical user interlace, which is contradiction in terms but is the best description I can think of. They normally give you af least two windows which list the contents of directones. You can click on the names in the list by using the j m fill 1NSK frw 1121K iv« »iwlM Pi iw I I vl B4 im I THE HARD DISK SHUFFLE The more you delete and save data to your hard drive, the more the data on the hard drive gets fragmented.
Large files end up on blacks scattered all over Ihe hard drive instead ol occupying lots of adjacent blocks.
Fragmented files mean longer loading and saving times and an amount ol 'disk thrashing' as the read write heads whack backwards and lonvards trying to load (or save) Ihe file as quickly as possible.
A disk re-organiser like BeOrg can read Ihe contents ol your hard drive, work out the best way to re-save the files so that large files are saved in adjacent blocks and icon files are In an optimum position lor fastest displaying. It takes lime, it consumes memory- the bigger the partition, the longer it will take and the more memory required - hut it you hard drive has become badly fragmented, FteOrg can speed up your hard drive and cut down on wear and tear.
Iuly of DlrWork is that it is smalt and fairly simple to Rush Is a n*w directory managor that has you can shake a smelly sausage at SIO 2 was the first directory manager to spruce up Its appearance and many people still swear by ft mouse and by hitting one of a collection of buttons you can perform actions on the selected files.
Because it is so small and fairly easy to set-up, DirWork is probably the most popular shareware directory manager (although the aging SID is also still widely used, particularly by those who have stuck with Workbench 1.3). The up-and-coming star of the show, though, is - for some strange reason - called Rush. In many ways it is superior to the commercial competition (Opus and Diskmaster), it even supports many of the new Workbench 3 features. Although the freeware demo version does not allow you to save the set-up - so it is ‘crippleware' as the genre has become known - it is still per
fectly usable and will give you an idea of what a good directory manager should be like. The full version will cost you a trip to the bank and Many people prefer Abackup lo BackUP because It has the Workbench 3D look and leel to It.
A small shareware fee in m US dollars. I RijOfgV3.1 SAFETY FIRST Jii«* !
J liUrnal F txtWMi' J •*»!(» .
Keeping the data on your I ' hard drive safe is obviously important. No matter how careful you are, at some point your M Uo4*«C»*a*t I EmxtBtoW* Q W | ISWkxta I Fre* ifler C* drectorin | fiMAATE cptmzrtim « • I Oo*nc»lor Q Ke.»o o | RradOrfcB&wmefry _| 0»nge Ftefiy*fem Q Nc c w .y | Ot«r urji«c mu _| Cbaro* OFS FTB Q No cnany | SafWynamonrlbjtw) I iSaoaSl N* brut lUoefcs) | 2 | hard drive is going to ‘go , £ down', which could result in the total loss of all the j files on your hard drive.
Back-ups are the answer, 4 and while they might be tedious to make, you have no right to complain | about losing files if you have not made back-ups.
Two PD programs that do the job adequately are: Abackup and BackUP. Both are every bit as trustworthy as commercial offerings - the words Maxwell and Robert come immediately to mind.
Bad back-ups that refuse to restore are almost always due to poor-quality floppies. That's why it's always best to make two or three back-ups, just in case. Although neither Abackup or BackUP is what you would call fully-featured, for backing up to floppies there's no need to spend more.
If your hard drive does go down, re-formatting it and restoring a back-up isn't your only option, there are tools which may be able to ‘fix' the problem. DiskSalv2 is the PD king of this castle, and is a superb piece of software that no hard drive user should be without.
The Advanced Options panel is for the techle-heads among us.
But the neat on-line help via AmigaGuide means that an explanation Is literally one keypress away.
Everywhere. This doesn't stop them from running properly, the operating system handles fragmented files perfectly well, but if it has to look all over the drive in order to load a file, it will take longer to load than a file of the same size that has been stored in adjacent blocks. ReOrg reorganises or optimises the files on your hard drive so that they can be loaded as quickly as possible.
The latest version (3.1) is another superb piece of shareware that equals anything that is commercially available.
There are various PD programs that are not specifically hard drive programs but are much more usable from hard drives. Workbench 3 users will know about datatypes: those wonderful little programs that enable the single MultiView utility to sing, dance and make the tea.
A datatype is provided for standard Amiga ILBM pictures, but many users want to view GIF PCX and JPEG pictures. PD datatypes for all’ three are available.
Talking of datatypes, something Workbench 3 users have that Workbench 2 users don't have, is Another must-have is ReOrg. Because hard drives are so big and because you are continually saving and deleting files, data tends to get spread all over the disk. Large files often get fragmented - instead of the whole file being stored in blocks one after the other, bits are stored here, there and LTD )MEGA HOUSE 83 RAILWAY ROAD LEIGH, LANCS WN74AD_ ARCS OMEGA PROJECTS 0942-682203 4 5 FAX 0942-682206 SPECIALISTS IN HIGH TECH AMIGA HARDWARE FOR OVER 7 YEARS. OFFERING YOU THE BEST POST & AFTER SALES
WE ACCEPT PAYMENT BY MOST CREDIT CARDS and DEBIT CARDS, CHEQUES, P.O's, and wa a ¦ cc.pt CASH ALL PRICES ARE INCLUSIVE OF VAT CSA12 GAUGE The only board available that gives the A1200 user TOTAL flexibility. Fits into trapdoor and offers a 50Mhz 68030 MMU, optional 50Mhz 68882 Co-Pro, upto 32 megabytes of 32 bit ram, and a SCS11 & 2 interface, yes SCSI as well as STANDARD.
With an Amiga Format verdict of 89% they said "ADDS SOME SERIOUS POWER TO YOUR AMIGA 1200" 12 GAUGE Ok no FPU £499.99 12 GAUGE 1meg no FPU £549.99 12 GAUGE 4meg no FPU £699.99 12 GAUGE 8meg no FPU £799.99 ADD £199.00 for 50Mhz Co-Pro BEWARE OF GREY IMPORTS. WE ARE CSA'S ONLY OFFICIAL UK DISTRIBUTOR.
CSA DERRINGER CSA’s DERRINGER is the BEST 030 processor accelerator for the Amiga 500 500+ 1500 2000. This board has a 25Mhz 68030 MMU clocked at 25Mhz, 25Mhz Co-Pro, and the ability to add upto 32 meg of 32 bit memory using STANDARD simms.
50Mhz version ALSO AVAILABLE £349.99 £599.99 £699.99 £149.00 £199.00 DERRINGER + 1 Meg DERRINGER + 4Meg DERRINGER + 8Meg 25Mhz Co-Pro add 50Mhz Co-Pro add BEWARE OF GREY IMPORTS. WE ARE CSA'* ONLY OFFICIAL UK DISTRIBUTOR.
A1200 Standalone A1200 ? 20 MB A1200 * 60 MB A1200 + 65 MB A1200 + 127 MB A1200 ? 205 MB £299.99 £379.99 £459.99 £519.99 £549.99 £629.99 MEMORY A4000 030 A1200 ¦80 2 A4000* 120 2 A4000 ? 210 2 £ 949.99 £T049.99 £1159.99 Other configuration] available CALL FOR PRICES LIMITED AVAILABILITY AT THESE PRICE* MULTI-FACE 2 EXTRA Serial ports & 2 EXTRA Parallel ports for AMIGA 1500 £179.99 Ideal for BBS A4000 040 A4000 * 80 6 £1899.99 A4000- 120* £1999.99 A4000 • 210 6 £2099.99 Other configurations available CALL FOR PRICES LIMITED AVAILABILITY AT THEBE PIIICES HARD DVS We Stock too many drivea to Hit
here, but please call ua lor the BEST price* around.
For A500, A600, At 200, A3000 A4000, a PC's.
Remember GIVE US A CALL A500 HARD DISK 40 meg + upto 8 meg ram
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399. 99 £299.99 £199.99 £ 79.99 EP.O.A. EP.O.A. £199.99 WE ARE
SOUND ENHANCER PLUS This product is DESIGNED & BUILT by ourselves and the past
2. 5 years have seen thousands of units sold to very satisfied
customers. We are so sure that YOU will be amazed at the
difference the SOUND ENHANCER PLUS makes to the sound of your
Vour MONEY BACK SOUND TRAP 3 KITS The Sound Trap 3 Sampler as used by the PROFESSIONALS is now available in KIT form for ALL those ELECTRONIC AMIGA enthusiast’s.
The KIT is VERY EASY to build so much so that very little experience is required. So long as you can use a soldering iron you can build this project.
ONLY £19.99 AND if you can't get it going we offer a get you going service PRETTY AS A PICTURE Versions ? And 3 ol Workbench are much prettier to loot at than Worthooch 1.3. but Bon I woch Wot cau ho done to mate them even prettier. Icons are Ihe secret weapon, bal most at as can t draw Ba dale property lot alone nitty 8-colour icons. So it's amating that it has taken so long lor aoraeBiaf hta Bapcwt to come along.
MagicWB Isn't a program, it's a collection ol replacement icons and bactdroas lor Wortboach ? And 3. Ta use the backdrops Workbench ? Users will have to ran the eitra NickPraB pragram an uaa picmras as backdrops was one ol the new leahires ol Workbench 3 NickPreti loots Be Backhand ? Syaaam law aaaaag An automatic Installation program is supplied lhat will replace all Be sysaaa aaa waaa Baa caaaa aa standard with Workbench) . Plus you can inlotm it lo replace all the drawer oat an any pnriWan wa Bn new ones. To look as good as il does. MagicWB requires you to change to an l-coM* Warbbanch
Then an dozens upon doiens ol backdrops lo choose Irom, although the delaull marble paoan is iryiami Be bad A set ol new lords are installed and automatically selected The result is a Workbench that you could hang on your wall option so that a particular message can be hidden until a certain day or time, but it's saved my bacon quite a few times nevertheless. I make sure I put any notes In obtrusive positions on the Workbench so that I can't ignore them like I do the ones on the wall.
There's so much more of mis stuff available. I wish I had more space to tell you them. Perhaps I can convince the editor to let me write a sequel. In me meantime, stop treating your hard drive like a big floppy and keep your eyes on the Fish disk collection. While much of me software released in this collection is certainly extremely specific and rather technical, hidden between the files that make you yawn are others that hard drive users in particular can make very good use of. The kind of stuff mat commercial developers don't bother developing because the PO scene' does a much better and
faster )ob ot updating and fixing problems. 'Zl I and post’ them on my «a of on me side ol my monitor. But they s»» W* oft or get lorgotlen because they are not One*, under my nose Slidell is a computerised equivalent ol Post-It notes. With a bnliiantty srnicie user interlace you merely drop the Sudd! Icon in me WBStartup drawer and then any notes you have written, using StckKt minimal set-up panel, are displayed in little windows on your Workbench every time you re-boot. You can write the message that is displayed in the window's title bar (up to 29 characters! And you have up to 255
characters lor me message Itseil Shame there's no timer WHERE TO GET IT Most ol the software discussed in this article is in the Fish Dish collection and will be available Irom most PO libraries. II you are having trouble locating anything, George Thompson Services (OSS? 462486) has It all and charges £3.50 per dish.
Gg| United Public THF RFST SELECTION OF PD IN THE UK p s in Distributors i m i t a r Most CLR lilies ok on A 200!
Read your own! 2 disks 450! .
CLE28 FUN WITH CUBBY 6 superb games (or kids! 1 disk 3.50.* CLE30 PEG A PICTURE Make a picture Irom coloured pegs c coloured shapes, greal for young kids! 1 disk 3 50. - CLE3I UNDERSTANDING AMOS This set will really help you learn how to use Amosl (NEEDS AMOS) 2 asks 4.50. .
CLE32 SPITFIRE' Superb illustrated bock on a ask covenng the legendwy WWII fighter plane! 2 disks 4 50 .
CLE33 MESSERSCMMITT BFI09 Another super WWII book o desk, this time the German Messerschmitt! 2 disks 4.50. CLE34 YOUR FIRST PONY Want to learn lo look alter 4 tide a pony?
Tns will learn you all you need 10 know! 2 disks 4 50 * CLE35 TOTAL CONCEPTS SOLAR SYSTEM 2 The superb sequel lo me first volume, great pictures, a must have!! 3 disks 4 99 .
CLE38 THE TWE MACHINE Teaches kias 10 mu lime. 2 disks 4 50.* CLE37 DISCOVERY AMERICA Learn all about the colonoation ol the United Slates ot Amencai t disk 3 50.* CLE38 HOME inventions First in me guest for knowledge senes.
Mis picture book deals with *iventiona smce 1750. 2 disks 4 50.* CLE39 MY LITTLE ARTIST Superb colouring book lor ct.ldrer.wrlh features tor disabled as welll Needs Img chp ram. 2 disks 4 50 .
CLE40 BOREALIS JUNIOR Drawing lor young children 1 disk 3 50- CLE42 COMPOSITION Photograph Tutorial Osk. 1 ask 3.50. CLE43 AMOS LANGUAGE OutZ Hops learn Amos. I disk 3 50.
CLE44 PORTRAITURE 2nd photo lutonal program 1 disk 3 50.
CLE45 FUN WITH CUBBY 2 Another 7 fao kids games' 1 Oak 3.50* CLE46 BASIC HUMAN ANATOMY Good lor education iask 3.50. UTILITIES CLUOI VIDEO TfTLER Create video titles! 1 disk 350! .
CLU03 TYPP4G TUTOR Ful typing course. Comes on t disk 3.50.. CLU04 ALPHAGRAPH tor produbng Bar 4 Pie Charts eld 3.50. • CLU06 S AS MENU MAKER make your own menu s 1 Oak 3.50. * CLU07 PHILO Smple to use database system. 1 disk 350.. CLU06 WORD FINDER crossword 4 anagram sofcer S 2 disks 4.50. CLU09 PLAY 4 RAVE2 Music module Irker. 2 asks 4 .50. CLUIO POWER ACCOUNTS account statements, income etc! 3.50.. CLUH CALC VI very useful spreadsheet program! 1 ask 3.50. .
CLU18 LC206 FONTS Fonts lor your LC200 prirWer! 1 disk 3.50. .
CLU19 LC24 Fcaffs Fonts lor your Star 24 pm pnnter. 1 ask 3.SOI - CLU20 CANON BJ10 Super Fonts lor Cannon Bubbi»Ml id»k 3 50.
CLU2I INVOICE MASTER Son out your invoices' 1 disk 3 50. .
CLU22 HARO ORIVE MENU Superb hard drive utility! 1 disk 3.50.. CLU23 F15 ANIM BRUSHES Needs D patnf 1 ask 3.50.. CLU24 RED LOTUS ANIM BRUSHES Needs 0 Paint 1 Osk 3.50. CLU2S STARFIGHTER ANW BRUSHES Need D Paint 2 d CLU26 STAR VOYAGER ANIM BRUSHES lor Dpaint 3 d CLU27 IMAGE BASE Smtpie » use authoring package I dak 3.50. CLU28 CREATIVE ADVENTURE TOOLKIT Needs 1 mb Chip 3 50.
CLU29 G.F.X Graphics convenors, sprite eato s etc 1 Oek 3 50.
CLU30 DRAW SELECTOR V2 pools predcbon program 1 disk 3.50. CLU31 FLOWCHARTER For creation 0* flowcharts' 1 dak 3 50.
GAMES CLG05 TRUCKIN ON Truck management simulation 2 disks 4.50 • CLG06 DRAGON TILES Superb version very addictive 11 disk 3.50 .
CLG09 MOTOR OUEL great 3d car raong game I dak 3 50.
CLG11 ALL GUNS BLAZING 2 player . Overhead v«w 1 Oek 3 50 • CLG12 BULLDOZER BOB Clew screen of Blocks! I disk 3.50 .
CLG13 PARADOX Another good puzzle game' 1 dak 3.50 .
CLG14 SONIC SMARTIEHEAD Crazy ptatlorm game! I dak 3.50. CLQ15 SPLODGE THE ESCAPE puzzle piatlormer 1 ask 3 50.
CLG17 IMBRIUM Exellent graphic adventure' 1 ask 3,50.
CLGI8 SKAN 29 Guide Sid through 220 levels11 Osk 3.60. .
CLG19 STELLAR ESCAPE Vertical shoot om up 3 daks 4.99 .
CLG20 JUNGLE BUNGLE Nice advenure game! 1 ask 3 50. • CLG21 FLOWER POWER Gro belore the bugs eat mem1 disk 3.50. CLG22 STOCKING FILLERS Seasonal Xmas games! I disk 3.50. .
CLG23 MARVIN THE MARTIAN A maze typo game. 1 ask 3.50. CLG24 EASY MONEY fruit machine simulator! (Not dos 2 or 3) 3.50. CLG25 white RABBITS Tns is a good puzzle game! 1 disk 350 .
CLG26 MONSTER ISLANO Dungeon Master game! I dak 3 50.
CLG28 TIME RIFT Game payed over 4 time zones! 1 ask 3 50.
CLG29 B8.LY BAIL Good 3d isometric game! 1 disk 350 .
CLG30 CAPTAIN K Nice ptatlorm game! 1 disk 350 .
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CLE03 TOTAL CONCEPTS SOLAR SYSTEM A superb gude to our Soar system! 3 disks 4 99. .
CLE05 A-CHORD Teaches you a the chords you need to play Ihe gunar. Become ihe next Edc Clapton' i disk 3.50. .
CIE07 TOTAL CONCEPTS FRESHWATER FISHING Loam af about Ireshwaler fishing! Com os CLE08 NIGHT SKY Features or.r 1500 stars.sky can by Osplayod as seen irom anywhere on earth! Exeilentl i disk 3 50 * OLE 09 WORDS 4 LA DOERS Good Spelling progrwn. 1 ask 3.50.* CLElO BASICALLY AMIGA Extensive guile to Am.gedos' Verygsd program tor beginners 3 disks 4.9V * CLE11 LET S LEARN For chldren ol 5-7 yews, progress through 5 levels ol dfficulty. Sums tunes etc. 1 ask 3.50. .
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CLE19 PLAY IT SAFE Teaches safety in the home. Help Teddy make your home sale trom the beasties' 1 ask 3 50.. CLE20 BG TOP FUN Four program.Word Balarce.MalclrpUy. Balloon tH»sl 4 Seal a grams I dak 3.50. .
CLE21 JIGMANIA Jigsaw sowing 4 construe*)" sell 1 Osk 3 501 * CLE22 CHESS TEACHERteach chess in a fun way! 1 disk 3 50. .
CLE23 MINO YOUR LANGUAGE improve speech I disk 3.50. • CLE24 SPEED READING This program tests your readng speed 4 helps you rnipro«e itr 2 asks 4.50. * CLE2S CHORD COACH This a a superb Piano Tutor, learn the chords 4 hear the Amiga play them I t disk 3 50 • CLE2B SNAP An educational game lor languages. This I tie comes 'Premier A iL (Order Please send cheque PO's (made out lo Premier Mail Order), or advise Visa Mastercard number and expiry date lo: : Dept CU12, 10 Tinkler Side, Basildon, Essex SSI4 1LE Tel: 0268 271 172 Fax: 0268 271173 Telephone Orders: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm and Sat & Sun
10am-4pm We Are Open 364 Days a Year P&P and VAT is included for all UK orders. Please add £2 P&P for Europe and £3.50 for Rest of The World Next day delivery service available £4 per item UK only. E&a SPECIAL OFFERS Chuck Rock.
Dixxy Panic.
Kick OH2 1 Meg... Kick Off 2 FinalWh Kick OK 2 GionhOf Europe.. Kick OH 7 Return lo Europe.. Kick OH 2 Winning faclia.... Mkroorose Golf----------------------------14 Paperboy 2 9 Seinnour Goes lo Holly Thunderslrike Turbo ChoHenge 2 EDUCATIONAL
- 14.fi ~13.« AW English (AI Ages).. ADI French (All Ages)... ADI
Moths (All Ages)... Mfc
- 17.f „17.9
- 17.9* ..139-
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School 2 (U6)..... Fun School 4 (5-7) .... Fun School 4 (7-11)
- Fun School 4 (U5)..
- .16.9
- 16.9 ..1699 ] 17.9 ...17 99 |
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MeHin Mams (7-11) .
Mickey's 123 * (2-5)
- 109
- 13.9
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Puzzles (5+) 16.991 Mickey's Colour* & Shape*
(2-5) ..16.99 I s Memory Challenge (5*) ...16.991
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(3*) .. .16.991 Picture Fraction*
(7-10) ...9.99 I Playschool
(3-8) - .9.991 Playroom
(3-8) ...17.99 | Reasoning
With Troll* ( 5-12) ..... 9.9 Tidy The Hou*e (6-10). 9.9 TDK
7. 99
6. 49
5. 99
4. 5 20
14. 50
11. 99
10. 99
8. 5 30
21. 99
17. 49
15. 99
12. 0( 40
28. 49
24. 99
20. 49
15. 0C 50
35. 00
26. 00
23. 99
17. 5( 100
65. 00
49. 99
44. 99
35. 0( COMPILATIONS 2 HOT 2 HANDU Shade-Womo- C!*.** DREAM HAM
Oagon'i lot 2.
WnAdl .W
07. ** FANTASTIC WORLDS Vo j la Mona, fcpukxr, B-*m C22.** AWARD
WINNERS fopulan. K k C* 2. S xk.
'“c'.TTT" FOOtlAU CRAZY « ckOff 2 1 2 Mm. Ptoyo Manage- K02f-Jwb.de C*.** 00*012 “szrzztr Dtiendan of Eorth Shoraoi. Sonfcurul TVSport.Foofcdl.lt Cl*.** Kid. OH 2. Mkroprow Soccar Cl*.**
• OARDGCMUS M Scrabble.
Wi'SSfs,“- C19.99 COMSAT OASSCS f 15 SaAo Eagb 2.
Lea- ' »tee 6&S A**.
Mi Cl*.** SPORTS MASTER 19*2. PGA W Go*.
A*cn*g. We.wfrSOC CI*.*V dizzy coufcnoN foil food. K ii Sna* fcrVoiy Wcrid Duy Ifeonret Dan.
MaVda-vJDury Cl*.** STIAITOY MASTERS Mro- Popubvi.
Mraw Spraoft«*v. • Qa« Kojar 2150 1 Cl 7.** DIZZY'S IxaiUNT ADV Oiuyfttvc.
BJM, 0 ut. Buy Pm-*.
D*r*foAfeo4a*d CIA** TVB GREATEST J.-rray | WW.SnooM a.vj-a-. received by the public at large. Most major chains have already taken the machine into stock. One notable exception is the Dixons group who have not yet made a firm decision.
Cold feet, perhaps?
Those companies that have pumped onto the bandwagon are unsurprisingly enthusiastic about the CD32 s selling potential Don Carter.
Chairman of ZCL (who manage Indi Direct Mail and the Calculus stores), is particularly vocal. The first shipment we received didn’t have time to collect dust. Over 1000 units were despatched via direct mail orders or to our retail outlets. The second shipment behaved m almost exactly the same way. These may sound like good figures but they’re merely the dwhard Commodore fans purchasing another Amiga. When Commodore’s marketing campaign comes on line, then we ll really see the sales beginning to flow.’ Silica s Andy Leaning is also quite forthright. 'Commodore don’t actually need to sell
that many CD32s to make a profit. It’s not the same with In tha tlrul WAAfe And a Halt that IhA CD32t ware on aala. Sillca’a Tottanham Court Road Ihe MegaCD which must sell vast quantities to do well. In those terms I think the CD32 will out perform the MegaCD It still needs some spectacular software though; The chain stores too are gushing in their enthusiam tor the CD32.
Andrew Allan, Games Product Manager tor the Comet Group, is very excited: Wave taken the CD32 into all ot our stores and given it a prominent display. Compared to the Mega
CD. Initial sales have been tremendous - the combination ot
price point and improved specifications has given it a great
boost; Wxnbetowu navu given Ihe CD32 equal billing ¦im than
other conaoMa Thanka to David eanai and Andre Fu ar Rubaton
Islington s the CD32 has been on sale for a little while now,
we contacted the major retailers for Rumbelows, too. Are
behind the machine all the way having already promised it
prominent window displays in their stores up and down the
country. Their Press Office stated that. The CD32 is an
exciting new development and the initial sales have been very
encouraging. Short term promotional plans involving soft
ware deals are planned to add value to the product in the
near future.’ Despite all these vocal praises every retail
outlet I visited had not really made much ot displaying the
hardware. No one had a decent demo running, even ol the two
games supplied. One shop had their CD32 halt hidden by a
huge post which was. In turn, behind their sales counter -
making sure no one could get near it.
When a CD32, with blank screen, is stuck next to a Megadnve demoing the latest colourful blaster, how can they expect sales to flourish?
So what about the horse's mouth, or Commodore as they are better known? I asked David Pleasance, their Joint Managing Director, about the quantities ol units they are shipping. Unfortunately, he was unavailable for comment despite over a week of phone calls from myself. Oh well.
It’s still going to take some time betore anyone can really confirm how well the machine is selling.
Perhaps the true test will come when there are a few more software titles available - until that time general games consumers, as opposed to Commodore diehards. Are not going to show much interest.
Beware ol beying Ihe CD3? Loo earty. That's CU's message lo Joe Public as news comes lo light that Ihe Iree software bundled with the earty batch - namely Flair's Oscsr (reviewed overleaf) isn't the enhanced CD32 version! Due lo Ihe machine being released a little earlier than planned, two versions of Osar are being sold with the machine. The enhanced version has two brand new levels, bringing the total lo nine, along with MIDI sound. Whal some owners might find themBullfrog, those purveyors of top soft ware such as Populous and the wondertully-destructive Syndicate, are currently piecing
together the final, erm. Pieces of their brand new CD32 title. Theme Park. Looking like a cross between Populous, Sim City and Noddy At The Fair, the game will put you in the role of a millionaire with a penchant lor the fair. ‘I always wanted to write a business game simulation, said Peter Molyneux.
Bullfrog’s MD. ’The problem is that business games are normally very bonng. The kind ol game that guys in pinstripe suits wouidMay I thought, how would you have a business gam aLjJuatl play, and I came selves with Is Ihe standard A1200 version, with only seven levels.
UM..wilki .Mu. uiAullI nAA.tmli frhixt iidiuraiiy, you wouiu assume inai Commodore will Do ottering lome sort of upgrade service for tfiose loyal folk who hive found themselves with a disc that doesn’t really show oft the CD capabilities ol the machine.
Spokesperson Irom Commodore's PR company said.'«! The moment I don't know, but I good customor service, or is It just e rush job?
Bong f’ark 10 ihe high ¦¦ standard ¦ weve 3 come ic expect from the Powermonger people. ‘In terms of complexity, its more than any game I'm done. There are 48 different rides you can position in your park, all ot which can be redesigned and tailored, giving you an infinite number ol variations. To demonstrate how complex the game is. Let’s say you position a hamburger shop next to a roller coaster. What would happen in real life? People would buy a hamburger, and then throw up after coming off the ride. So you need to learn where to position your shops Theme Park will be ready lor release
around March ol next year and it sure sounds like it’s going to be good. Two other titles currently under evaluation by Bulltrog are Magic tjPi ¦•¦¦¦
* | with f moment all you can see is the level rcflnma on the
surface ot the lake. Nol'mon new there, but as soon as you t*uw
1 below the surface, the palette changes and a whole new world
e revealed. 01 course, the controS 1 change as Oscar starts to
swim M that's only to be expected.
Aliens tram Alien In 'Sci Fi Encounters’, albeit with bright red noses and comical expressions, or amusing stereotyped policemen parading their beat in 'Cartoon Capers'. Possibly the most visually recognisable level is ‘War Games’, as the entire thing is in black and white1 ¦ Oscars nicest graphic twist isthe underwater segments. Some levels are flooded to a certain point and.
When you are above the water line.
The one biggest throwback tram rm days ot Trolls is the inclusion ot tie Yo-yo. Most platform games, you normally kill the enemy sprites by leaping on the* heads (a horribly outdated way ol doing things, and one part ot the whole ptad- ¦ torm genre that really needifl something tresh). Some 1 games even let you coned I guns and what not. Oscar. I on the other hand, lets you I collect a small ball on a string. But this is no ordinary!
Ball. Not only can it knock I out enemy sprites at five paces (albeit alter three hits), it can also be used as a swing* 1 Leaping into the air and then tiring a 1 at a nearby plattorm will occasionaay | cause it to attach to the underside ot the sad object, leaving to to swoop by yelling in a Tar Tan fashion.
Are looking to repeat that success with the CD32 flagship game.
Tony Dillon was less than impressed.
But the proof in any game is in t playing, and this is really where ( tails on its tace. First off, it you want I play It with the joypad - torget it! You will need to use a lot ot diagonals tor I really enjoyed Trolls.The colourful and playable romp through a selection of fast paced, maze-like levels made this platform adventure a winner in my book, as well as everyone elses. That's probably why Flair have spent the recent months developing Oscar in a similar vein to BIG DIFFERENCE The CD32 version ol Oscer has nine levels, along with some superb MIDI sound ano enhanced eltects. Or so are are
leld by Flair. The version we have reviewed here has only seven levels and the standam A1?00 sound Are we cheating yon? I Kiel not. As we actually reviewed Ihe version ol Egeme Ihat came hosed with our CD32.
Eras that In an effort lo gel the hine out early. Commodore haven't walled lor Ihe lull C032 version, shipping the llrst hatch ol raachioes with Ihe normal Amiga version I sea news story). I don I know about you. But having bought Ihe machine, I would he extremely annoyed lo discover that none ol Mo console's new features have been Implemented on Die bundled soltware. And would certainly expect Commodore to replace my CD.
Apparently, there are no plans lo do this I leave you lo draw your own conclusions.
FIND MYSELF As tar as the plot is concerned, there isn't much there to wnte home about.
Oscar has had all his Oscars stolen (the small golden statues) and scat tered about the sets of a collection of films, seven or nine depending on the version you've got. Each film set contains all the nasties and enemies you would expect to see, such as the Trolls. However, it the game looks a little similar to Trolls, that's only because it is, in essence, the same game, with just some different graphics and a couple more bells and whistles added.
Vnpmg across gaps, and the (oypad supplied with Ihe machine just isn't all tat hot when it comes to diagonals I would have liked to have seen one ot tie buttons used as a jump control, fcrt these things are always easyto say with hindsight!
So, using your favourite joystick, what do you lind. A very sluggish game, that's what. Oscar is trying to be a fast paced action platformer, but fails miserably due to the abysmally slow controls. Sure, you can belt alt over the screen, but just try to time a jump when you're running at full speed I bounce In his slop. OacMr leapt over the weleriell Terry The T-Shirted T-Pei looks on.
As I've already said, it's a very cotourful game Generally there are over one hundred colours on screen at any one time, with the main sprite taking 32 colours, the panel at the bottom ol the screen taking another 32, a sixteen colour backdrop, a sixteen colour foreground and over 40 more making up the copperlist in the back It might sound very nice, but it causes horrendous problems Take a look at any screenshots on this page, and see how easy it is to make out platforms and enemy sprites It isn't Everything looks very complicated, and even more so when everything is moving. Why do graphic
artists feel that they need to use so many colours? It does nothing more than make the game harder to play. I got extremely ted up repeal edly walking into things that I just couldn't see.
Oscar has all the makings ot an excellent platform game, but it seems Ae vnth Trolle. Me elephants act ee eeve points. They never lorget, you know?
That Flair have tried too hard in all the wrong places. Not the best entry point to the world ol CD32 games! RJJ FLAIR-free with CD32 FLAIR SOFTWARE. THE SMITHY SIDE, P0NTEIAN0 NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE NE20 960 TEL: 0661 860260 RELEASE DATE OUT NOW GENRE PLATFORM CONTROLS JOYPAD. JOYSTICK NUMBER OF PLAYERS 1 GRAPHICS SOUND INSTABILITY ???? ???72% PLAYABILITY ???? ????65% The game that should ¦ have been so much more. J Disappointing platformer.
OVERALL 64% Yes. We did review this inour recent CD but we thought that we'd give it another showing now that's it's being bundled with the CD32.
II you don't already know, or haven't read the highly over-rated reviews in certain other magazines.
Diggers is Toby Simpson's attempt at blending a Lemmings-style control method and a Boulderdash style rock game, with a thick helping ol creamy delicious wargame strategy. It didn't work for John Mather, and to be honest, it doesn't really work for me.
CD AMIGA CU AMIGA You control a team of five diggers as they explore the barren wastelands of Zarg, a planet rich in minerals and gems (at least, below the surface). Using a pop-up icon panel, you have to send each digger down into the ground, collecting gems to a prestated value, while trying to avoid enemy diggers and all the usual ghosts and ghoulies you find under the soil.
Each digger has a limited armoury of actions (walk in a direction, run in a direction or dig in a direction) and these have to be utilised to get you to gem hoards as quickly as possible As you make money, you're able to buy all sorts of gadgets to make your life easier, but that doesn't help you in the beginning.
There are quite a few things I don't like about this game. For a start, the controls are very sluggish, and in a lot of places the diggers responses are illogical and unpredictable.
Telling a digger to dig down and to the right doesn't always mean that he'll dig where he is. He might walk to the left a couple of screens betore he starts digging, or he might not dig at all. Regardless of what's below him. You can t scroll about the map. So you have no way of telling where the digger is heading, and the size of the icons makes the control fiddly at the times when you need to move instantly.
Sure, it uses the CD sound well, and there are some very nice intro and outro screens, but on the whole it's a game that just looks like a rush job. ' ii Tony Dillon d from 1C - AS AMIGA VIDEO MINIGEN PROFESSIONAL @gKI[L®©[a combined GENLOCK. PAL ENCODER and SYNCHR0N2R OVERLAY KEYER CONTROLS IN ONE UNIT MiniPRO LI 000 only £149 .95 STARBURST POUllRddlER AMY NORM ChtUESE MitmolM halirfolim HEADHUNTER mEDasn Please note that we are the ONLY Font Supplier who gives a comprehensive guarantee to each and every Font.
INK-JET BUBBLEJET SERVICES Features: s Crosstade slider e RGB through port e BNC Connectors e Cable connection to Amiga - allows professional video desk la e Push button mode switching - allows live programming changes CDTV GENLOCK • plug in card mlnlGEN genlock - the original and now even better value L520 TV ADAPTER - modulator for A500 etc (indudes Amiga TV Leads) £29.
Accessories - L520 extension lead plus plus other video lead kits av £79.( £49.1 For information on all the above please write or phone LOLA ELECTRONICS LTD.
* 0858 880182 PHONE AN INFO-PACK: TIL 0702 202835 24 HOUR SERVICE
All prices indude VAT & P.P. 12 month guarantee. 14 day ful
refund Designed and manufactured m the UI C&S COMPUTERS 37 PARK
Sensible Soccer 92793 Grand Prix Unlimited Axhc* of Umpire.. Covet Girl Poker.
Battletech .. Windsurf Willy R-Type2 ... Pursuit to Earth The Executioner.
Deluxe St £6.99 Mad Pack That Bonn ft. Mad Show. Electronic Pool. Fighter Mission .£8.99 Fed of Free Traders..... W«P - Pool of Daitnexx .. Secret Of Silver Blade Ancient Games ..... Soccer Munla Football Manager 2. Football Mngr World Cup Ed.. Microprose Soccer. C,a:ut‘a Soccer ...... £12.99 Daily Double HotscRacing.
BluKncg ..... Sporting Triangles------- The Duel Extras Disk. Muscle Cc P*± I contain* 5 boxed game* for only £12.99 Pick 2 contain. 10 boxed game* for only £1999 Pack 3 contain* 15 boxed games for only £24.99 Pack 4 contain* 20 boxed games for only £29.99 II you buy mote than I pack, we will make *urr that there arc no double titles.
4 the game* that may be in the pack* are uich a* Borabural. Formula I. Dark Fusion.
Space Battle. Galaxy Force. La* Vegas. Dugger. Battleship*. Fnia Machine. TV Sport.
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JAMES POND 2 - ROBOCOD MILLENNIUM £29.99 OUT NOW platformer, so I won't give you one.
All you need to know is that it was incredibly playable and addictive when It tlrst arrived on the scene, and now it's even better. It has eight new levels with tar more on-screen colours. As you would 9*pect, the CD version is sim- package The end result is a little grainy, looking somewhere between Danger Mouse and an early Mickey but is impressive none the less.
When all is said and much the been one ot the finest Amiga platform titles, and is most definitely something that should sit on every , CD32 owner's CD rack V They've milked it and milked it.
It's been on every single format ever released, and the padded k am costume has seen more often nan the Jurassic Park trailer.
Thankfully, all these things can be forgiven as Robocod is suit one ot the best platform games ever written With that in mind, it comes as ho surprise that the second tale of F I 5.H.S ¦ghest paid agent is one ot the first CD32 titles, and like every other version that has appeared. It's an absolute stormerl You shouldn't need any introduction to this Super Mario-style been upgraded somewhat, wilh seven full tracks of digital audio music playing through the game alongside the now familiar spot full online book has ). Giving you a full his- tory STF.I.SH and all its agents This book is
interesting for a few minutes, but not absolutely necessary What impressed me most, however, were the lew minufes of full-screen cartoon animation at the start of the game. Each frame has been hand drawn and Ihen scanned into an art LEMMINGS PSYONOSIS £29.9 What computer format could ever hope to be complete without a version of Lemmings The idea behind the game is so simple that it's surprising that no-one beat Psygnosis to it.
You need to guide your Imle greenhaired Lemmings through a series of 100 caverns strewn with dangers and obstacles. Each ol your Lemmings can be made to perform simple tasks, such as digging or climbing, and it's by manipul- ating these talents that you get your little buddies through the level.
It's addictive It's frustrating in places, maddening in others but always fun. As playable as any other version, bar the fact that the |oypad could never be as responsive as the original mouse control, Lemmings is a must buy. However Don't rush out look mg lor file CD32 Ths Isvsl description, as seen before.
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AMIGA OFFERS CU AMIGA A superb replacement mouse for just £9.99 Order by telephone by calling 0480 891171 Mon
o Fri 10am to 8pm. Sat 10am to 6pm. There's an answering machine
to take your orders at all other imes. If you place your order
on the machine then eave the.exact details in the order they
appear on his form.
A500 upgrade to 1Mb A500 upgrade to 1Mb with Clock £17.99 A500+ upgrade to 1.5Mb. ..£15.99 A500 upgrade to 1 Mb with Clock
- £ 1 7.99 A500+ upgrade to 2Mb.
A600 upgrade to 2Mb.
The Amiga may be a great computer but the mouse that comes with it is not really up to scratch. The CU AMIGA mouse is a major enhancement because it uses micro switches not tactile switches tor the buttons, making it much lighter and easier to click. Our mouse also has a much higher resolution - 280 dots per inch which means you need much less desk space and you get much liner control.
This number is open trom Monday to Friday trom 10am till 8pm and on Saturday from 10am lill 5pm.
If you call outside these hours you can place an order by answer phone: just give the inlormation on Ihe order lorm In the order It appears. You might find II easier to complete the form before calling so that you can read directly from It.
Please allow 28 days tor delivery Irom when Go Direct receive your order. For non receipt ol goods phone 0480 891171 Monday to Friday between 10am and 5pm.
A600 upgrade to 2Mb with Clock £39.99 Scanner tray OCR software NAME (if paying by cheque or credit card this should be the name as written on that cheque or card) TELEPHONE NUMBER VISA ACCESS CONNECT SWITCH DELTA (Delete as appropriate CARD NUMBER IF SWITCH THEN QUOTE ISSUE NUMBER VALID FROM DATE J. .
- in The I Ionic Of Now that you've had a chance to tinker with
Advantage you’ve probably realised that it's a really huge
program that'll take time to master Advantage otters you
integrated database management and graphic txAmes. A library of
preconfigured spreadsheet templates and optimised output to any
preferences device. Why tinker with these powerful routines
when you can master them with ease by getting hold of the
manual? Learn how to run multiple spreadsheets and multiple
views of individual ones, how to data link, how to construct
time-saving macros, and how to optimise the other
user-definable functions. This manual can be yours tor just
£19.95. In addition to this excellent offer, Gold Disk are also
offenng CU AMIGA'S readers the chance to upgrade to
Prolesslonal Calc, the successor to Advantage.
This improved version sports a new user interface with full Arexx macro support, enabling not only internal programs but also more effective graph output. You can assign programs to cells which can then be run with a simple double-dick. The graphics functions are some of the best available with the capability ol producing presentation-quality artwork. A truly professional package Just fill in the coupon to the right and send it to Silica Systems, who'll process your order and despatch a copy within 28 days. Remember, these offers are exclusive to CU AMIGA - you won't find them anywhere else.
The PC 1204 & PC 1208 Memory Expansion for the Commodore Amiga 1200.
L S Bore £70.00 _CB 1MB £115.00 ¦ 06 2MB £170.00 ¦2C8 4MB £270.00 ¦208 8MB £465.00 PC 1208 FPU s add: 20Mhz 68881 £35 33Mhz 68882 £80 40Mhz 68882 £114 50Mhz 68882 £154 se Battery Backed Clock - Allows files to be date-stomped with the
• ond date so that you know exactly when they were created.
I Fast FPU With the addition of o maths coprocessor intensive maths operations » accelerated by up to fifty times. The PC 1208 is the only memory exponsion which ' • capability to take either PGA or PICC type FPU's To Fit - Fitted in minutes without the need to remove the computer's case.
1 effect your warranty.
Friendly - Unlike other exponsion boards the PC 1208 does not conflict jr Amiga 12u0's card slot, using the PCMCIA friendly jumper even an 8MB be used.
S'- '» latest 32-bit memory expansion for the Amiga 1200 is now 208 combines exceptional value with incredible features. The original I 4MB 32-bit memory expansion is still available, and is exceptional value.
I Technology - The PC 1208 uses the latest industry standard 32-bit SIMM f allowing you to use 1 MB, 2MB, 4MB and 8MB modules.
| Wait State The PC 1208 never leaves the processor waiting around for j your Amiga 1200 will run at its maximum speed. Simply adding either I or PC 1208 to your Amiga 1200 will increase its processing speed by PCI 204 Memory Expansion PC 1204 4MB no FPU £185.95 PC 1204 20MHz 68881 £219.95 PC 1204 25MHz 68882 £279.95 PC 1204 33MHz 68882 £289.95 PC 1204 40MHz 68882 £299.95 PC 1204 50MHz 68882 £339.95 PC'208 Memory Expansion Power Computing's XL 1.76MB Drive* for any Commodore Amiga is now available The XL Drive includes these many features: Formats to 1.76MB - Using high density disks you can
fit a massive 1 76MB on each disk.
Acts as a standard drive Insert an 880K Amiga disk and the drive behaves like any other Amiga drive.
Fully compatible - Will read and write disks written on an AMIGA 4000 internal high density drive.
Compatible with PC disks'* - Also read and write high density PC disks using a suitable device driver.
Compact size - No larger than a standard 880K floppy disk drive High quality design Uses a high quality Sony high density mechanism Easy to Fit - The external XL Drive simply plugs into the floppy drive port at the rear ol your Amiga. The internal XL Drive simply replaces or adds to your existing drive(s) These drives can be installed in minutes and no soldering is required.
Software compatible - The XL series is fully compatible with all existing hardware and software.
External XL Drive £99.95 Internal XL Drive £89.95 A4000 Internal XL Drive £99.95
• Requires Ktckiiori 2 o» obov»**Require* Workbench 2.1 ot above
48Hr delivery £2.50, 24Hr delivery £4.50 Parcel Post delivery
£1 (Orders unde. £50 & UK mainland only) ilications and prices
subject to change without notice All Trademarks acknowledged.
VAT included Power Computing Ltd Unit 8 Railton Road Woburn
Rood Industrial Estate Kempston Bedford MK42 7PN Tel 0234
843388 Fax 0234 840234 Good* ore »old subject to out stondard
terms ond conditions of sole and ore ovoiloble on request.
COLOUR KITS for MONO PRINTERS io» affcct TOUT (puramre Abo on all nrnJrfe fn»rc ntga Hexxolof kih (or Star LC10. IC20. All Star 21 COMPLETE W 09.95 I I I T-Shirt Printing Ribbons | COLOUR PRINTER RIBBONS PRINT ON NORMAL PAPER IRON ON T-SHIRT ...£14.95 ..£1495 .£1995
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order: Enclose cheques PO made payable to: CARE ELECTRONICS or
use Access Visa.
CARE ELECTRONICS Depl CUA.1S Holland Gardens. Garston. Watford. Herts. WD2 6JN. Far: 0923 672102 E3 ® ORDER LINE ON 0923 894064 Jsb OCTOBER ISSUE OF CU AMIGA FOR THE FLEXIDUMP 2 COVERDISK.
MANUAL AVAILABLE ONLY £9.95 AVAILABLE SOON HP DESK JET HEAT TRANSFER INKS. PRINTING ON MUGS, GLASS AND ALUMINIUM 1 Colour Epson FXBO LQWU MXSO 1 Colour Epson LXBO 1 Colour Epson FX11X1 I Colour Panasonic KXP MU ..... 1 Colour Tavan Canon 10B0A .... blue, I jrjpr pens have a marker size mb El 4 95 a set Heat transfer Pens 5 small rcd orange yclkm green blue. Small pens have a tin** nib .....Ell .95 a set T-SHIRT RIBBONS NOW AVAILABLE IN RFD, BILE.
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Purple, Black £14.98 each.
Trl-COLOL’R PACK" 1 Yellow, I Magenta, 1 Cyan refill £17.95 available for Bubblejet and Deskjet TARE SIX PACK" will refill HP51MSA cartridge 6 times.
TV HP51M6A High Capacity 3 tunes. TV Canon BOB1 Cartridge 6 times.
Please state type when ordering 6 BLACK REFILLS ONLY £24.95 HP DESKJET CANON BUBBLEJET REFILLS ow away vour plastic printer nbbon m the ribbon wears out. Just take the top Hit the old ribbon and reload it with a 500,000 COMPUTER GAMES SURPLUS STOCK SELL-OFF!!
N PD SPECIAL 2 AMIGA GUIDE PD SPECIAL intro The public domain is indeed a wonderful place. Where else could you get your hands on top-notch software covering every imaginable use of the Amiga, for just the price of a disk and a stamp?
This it your guide to all the best the public domain has to offer, and it could actually save you thousands of pounds.
Whether you're into games, demos, graphics, music, video, programming or whatever, you'll find plenty of essential additions to your software library, and your wallet won't even notice the difference!
Public domain software (PD) is a strange concept in today's money grabbing world.
Here's how it works... Programmers, musicians and artists develop software, often tor their own use initially, and then instead ot selling it tor the kind ot prices you'd expect to pay tor commercial software, they release it as PD.
This means that they give permission tor anyone to copy the software as many times as they like, and give it to as many people as they see fit. So what do the developers get out ol the? Satisfaction trom the knowledge that other people are using their software, and respect from Amiga users worldwide.
It sound like a crazy idea that would never work, but it does. In fact, there are now many thousands of PD programs, games, demos and tiles circulating the globe, many of which are actually superior to the* commercial counterparts.
PD also has a few off-shoots. Such as Licenceware and shareware. Ltcenceware is like PD in that it's cheap, but the developers get a small cut on each disk that's sold (perhaps 50p to £1). Licenceware is copyrighted, and it's illegal to copy and distnbute this without authorisation Shareware is often used by developers who want to make a bit of money, but are prepared to let others test the programs before sending any money. Shareware registration fees are usually about £5. For which you can expect to receive an updated verson of the software with more features.
AMIGA GUIDE 3 PD SPECIAL contents 4 DEMOS You can't play them and they won’t do your home accounts, but they don’t halt look and sound nice. Check out this tot to see just what your Amiga's graphics and sound hardware can do with a push.
6 ANIMATIONS From cartoons to science fiction action sequences, PD animations just get better all the time. Take your seats for the very best the Amiga has to offer.
8 SLIDESHOWS Simple, but extremely popular, slideshows are a great way of showing off still artwork. Manga, Star Trek and even comic strips get a look in here.
10 GRAPHICS Whether you want image processors, fractal generators, animation players, video titlers or test cards, they’re all on show on page ten.
13 MUSIC Take advantage of your Amiga's amazing audio hardware with this pick of the best samplers, sequencers and general noise-making software.
EDITOR Tony Hofgan ART EDITOR Sieve Rumney Publisher Garry Williams AMIGA GUIDE CU Amiga EMAP Images 30-32 Farringdon Lane London EC1R 3AU Tel: 071 972 6700 Fax: 071 972 6701 This issue of Amiga Guide is tree with the November issue ot CU Amiga. Britain's leading Amiga magazine. II is nol to be sold separately.
1993 EMAP Images All rights reserved No part ot this publication may be reproduced in any torm without prior permission from the publisher.
17 APPLICATIONS Word processing, databases, spreadsheets and all those other handy gadgets that help make work a pleasure.
20 GAMES New ones, old ones, big ones and small ones, if it's games you want, it’s games you've got - by the truckload!
Track down those obscure little programs to keep your computer running smoothly.
26 DIY You too can get in on the act of writing and releasing your own PD software! Turn to our guide to find out exactly what you'll need.
28 DISK MAGAZINES Now a whole scene in themselves, disk magazines are the grapevines of the underground Amiga circuit. Find out which is best for you on page 28.
30 ADDRESSES AND PRICES Here you’ll find all the essential contact addresses for the PD libraries, plus their prices.
31 ODDITIES This is where you can track down the more off-beat bits ot PD.
4 AMIGA GUIDE DEMOS n I* potaibla on )ual an A500, and M you don't beitava ma fu«t too* at the 242 demo.
Demos are strange things. They're a unique form of entertainment - combinations of sound and graphics specifically designed to impress. Some are impressive purely because they do things that are supposedly impossible, while others just look and sound great. The best are a combination of both, which is just what we've got for you here.
Over a series of freaky backdrops. Later on there's an appearance from a trampolining raver, and some highly original outline animations. The music may not be the best, but the graphics certainly are! Essential!
DESERT DREAMS if it's value for money you're after, Kefrens’ Desert Dreams won’t disappoint. It's a two-disk megademo packed full with decent effects and one of the best soundtracks around.
It starts out with a minimovie involving the Egyptian pyramids and an alien spaceship. All of which is drawn in super-smooth 3D vectors.
From then on. It’s a trip through demoland, passing through just about every graphical effect that's surfaced in the last year or so, along with a few new ones.
The soundtrack works extremely well, synchronised to the graphics to change the mood accordingly, with the help of some excellent film- score atmospheres coupled with real ackHechno pounders. Good stuff.
17 Bit, nos. 2543a ? 2543b.
Requirements: 1Mb Chip RAM. Cynostic PO.
No. D0031.
EXTENSIONS Pygmy Designs are responsible for this quality slab of new effects. 3D is the theme, and the bit of tri-dimensional trickery is a lightning fast flight around a mountainous landscape, with the graphics made up of tiny dots. Following is a strangely hypnotic sequence that has a series of progressively smaller cubes twisting around inside each other After a short sessxy i morphing symbols, the best effects of the demc make their appearance.
There's a fast-moving zoom around a dark diseased cityscape. Then a rather more relaxec chopper nightfllght that buzzes another city of skyscrapers. Please return the stewardess to rt full upright position, as they say.
Visage, no. 204.
STATE OF THE ART PLANET GROOVE Mthts was the first AGA demo on the scene, coded by Hoi, and while it doesn't do anything that amazing, there are some n*ce effects to be seen. After the initial firework display, the highlights are the blurred kalidescope-type graphics. That's about it.
Currently the undisputed number one demo, this one from Spaceballs will knock your socks off!
Using revolutionary new techniques, it really is state of the art stuff.
What you've got is a fairly short rave demo with some of the most amazing graphics you'll ever see on an Amiga While a good dance track plays in the background, a continuous flow of strobed-out visuals keep you locked to the screen. The star of the show is an athletic female dancer, whose silhoetted body gyrates and grinds NEURAL ASSAULT Back on the traditional multi-effects demo trail, Rage's Neural Assault has a stack of tasty graphics routines. 3D zooms are a favourite here, the most effective of which homes In on the eye of a mecha-humanoid. The rest of the demo Is just as slick, with more
wobbly bits than a convention of Page 3 models. There's also a rare ray-traced animation at the end, which make a nice change. Lots of variety here - something for everyone In fact.
Visage Computers, no. D205.
Ws you've got to see! II you thought your bege couldn't handle pro-quality video, get a Md oI this and think again!
¦- r« a complete pop video on a disk, and a ¦•¦ndy one at thatl Somehow, coding crew 1 Fwrsght have got a whole 170Mbs ot dtgilised | •wnaton onto one dak. Messed it all around to a look realty cred. And got a to play back on
• ’ « A500! Yes. I'm afraid ths a yet another ¦end-breaking
demo to add to your essentials I ¦ The backing music isn't
excactly scorching, ha those graphics are something a bit
special to m, the very leastl Can you handle just one more
• damation mark? Get it now!
Oaage. No. 200.
MNDWARP mThis is ona ol the tew demos currently available specifically tor the »GA chipsets ol the A1200 and A4000.
Coded by Hot, as most impressive leaves ere the incredibly smooth realtime aooms. And the relaxing plasma effects, aotft ol which have been seen before, but dese are paniculaly good examples In
• me. The A1200 Wilt probably take over Tom the A500 as the main
machine for demos, but until then. AGA demos are one ot the
best ways ol showing oft your Tandy new Amiga.
Requirements: A1200 or A4000. Virus Free PO, no. 3501 TEKNO-ATAK You are now entering a hard hat area. No, it's not a Village People demo, this is tekno of the most wyer-face variety. From the mind of D-Tone Nation, it’s a disk of five banging tracks, with rhythm courtesy of Roland's TR-909 drum machine. The razor-sharp riffs and basslmes will b*ow the wax out of your ears, no problem. There aren't any graphics, but the music's good enough to stand up on its own.
Cynostfc.no. S0117.
CONTINENTAL TECH DANCE Strobe alert' Here's another one for all the technoheads out there With more variety in the graphics than most rave demos, it's an impressive five minutes of chugging beats and chunky visuals. Between the usual strobes are snippets of full-screen animation. Once again the graphics out-perform the soundtrack, but this time it's a close-run thing.
Wack PD, no. D100 SANITY WORLD OF COMMODORE 92 Knocking on a bit now in demo terms, this one from Sanity is still a little corker if you want a good selection of both clever and visually-pleasing effects First there are the tunnels (slippery smooth and very enticing), then there are the equally silky 3D zooms, and the twisty metallic columns. A couple of good soundtracks keep your foot tapping throughout the wobbly graphics.
17 Bit, no. 2344 GIGAMIX It's true, there is life after techno! If you want something a bit more groovy, Gigamix should be just the ticket. Like Jesus on Es, it loads little bits at a time from a couple of disks, so you need an extra floppy drive, and this has to be configured as DF1:. Not DF2:.
The good news is that the music is an excellent DJ mix of various funky house records. The basic graphics are synced up to the music, and even though they're not technically stunning by a long shot, the timing works well. There are two main mixes, both quite lengthy, and a good intro track too. Shame about the awful interlude music.
Still, this is definitely one to get your mits on.
Virus Free PD, nos. 2121a ? 2121b HOW TO SKIN A CAT Keeping In the relaxed theme, Melon Design's uncomfortably-titled How to Skin a Cat is a demo from a quietly confident team who don't feel the need to write boring scrolltexts about how many points they've got on their realtime vectors.
Instead they let the sound and pictures do the talking. Jelly vectors, blurred 3D dot patterns, and more vectors are on the menu, along with some Wmk-and-you ll-miss-it AGA support.
Cynoslic, no. D0138.
MONOXIDE A dark buzzing techno soundtrack is the backbone to this one from Vanish. While the visuals vary from excellent to tedious, the music carries the demo admirably, with an incessant pounding beat and bassline, and some choice supporting samples. Played quiet, it's not mind-blowing, but crank it up (and push the bass to max), and you've got a right stomper on your hands!
17 Bit, no. 2343.
CLAUSTROPHOBIA Tunnels are trie best demo effect going, and that's official! Claustrophobia has some of the best examples -1 could sit and watch these for ages, if only they stayed on screen for long enough. The rest of tQe demo isn’t up to much, but if you're into a bit of escapism, these can't be beat!
17 Bit, no. 2425 RETINA EURO 1 Anyone still hungry for more hardcore demos should check this out without fail. If you didn't catch it when it was on the September 1993 CU AMIGA coverdisk, you probably won't know that It’s an extremely intense combination of fast breakbeats and hyper visuals. Another for the collection.
Cynosttc, no. D106 LEGALIZE IT II Breaking away from the predominance of hardcore and techno. Anarchy's Legalize It II brings together eight very dean jazz-funk tunes. The slapped basses and bright drum samples are way ahead of most demos in terms of sound quality, and the tunes themselves are really rather nice. There’s also a neat front-end that acts as a menu.
17 Bit, nos. 2380 ? 2380b (two disks) SUBTLE SHADES Abstract have got together a good selection of "flavour of the month" effects on Subtle Shades, and the end result isn't half bad. Some retro spinning coloured balls get things started, (hen it's straight on with not one. But two inter-snaking dot tunnels. After the blobby scrolltext. It's time tor a pulsating ameoba-like thing, that pumps and morphs around the screen for a short while.
A dot ball, which turns into a Michelin man, is followed by a neat firefly effect, then a dassy bitmap rotational zoom on a portrait ot a Madonna lookalike. A little cameo ol Batman brings the whole thing to a dose.
Cynostlc PD, no. D0198.
JESUS ON Es Rarely is a demo released that provokes such a response as Jesus on Es. It’s a 2-disk rave demo that lasts for about half an hour. The soundtrack is an excellent non-stop mix of typical 1992 breakbeat hardcore, and the synchronised graphics include spooky animations and abstract colour effects.
While most "consumers' quite rightly hold it in high esteem, there's a bit of a sour grapes attitude from some of the other demos coders who think a demo is only impressive if it’s technically innovative. Wake up boys and girts - who gives a toss if it’s got six million bobs on screen at once, so long as it looks and sounds good? It's the end result that counts, and the result here is superb. If you've got an external floppy, there's no excuse to be without a copy of the most kickin' demo on the scene.
Requirements: 2 floppy drives. 17 Bit, 2268a ?
2268b REQUIREMENTS Most demos ore designed to run on a bask 1Mb (haH Chip and haH Fast RAM) A500. However, some need expansions, stxh as extra memory or a sex ond floppy disk drive. H no extra requirements are listed, then you just need the bask I Mb A500.
ANIMATIONS Full-screen animation eats up a lot of memory, so many of the better examples need extra RAM to run. These days it’s rare to find a good animation that fits in a 1Mb machine, and many can demand as much as 6Mbs! An extra floppy drive is also a big help, as most anims come on more than one disk, and loading can otherwise involve an enormous amount of disk-swapping. Time for an upgrade perhaps?
AlCHEMY A This nearly went into the demos section, simpfy because it doesn’t conform to the usual animation standards. It looks like a hackers demo at first, but through the use of some clever techniques, including fractal landscapes, vector graphics, and custom-written scrolling routines, it chronicles the adventures of a pilot of the future, making his escape from Darth Vader s Empire.
Due to the alternative animation techniques.
Alchemy has a completely different style to the majority of ray-traced or cartoon animations in the public domain, and it's pretty substantial too Requirements: 1Mb 17 Bit, nos. 2600a ? 2600b ANIMATION HEADING FOR HOME Snort ana sweet. Heading For Home • a hnely detailed ray-traced sequence from one ot the public domain’s new stars. Craig Collins.
You won't tind much ot a plot, but the graphics are pretty good all the same. What you've got is a lithe spaceship (a sort ot 21st Century equivalent ot the Renault 5). Which is lust embarking on a trip down to the local branch ot Sainsburys. Well, I think It's supposed to be a spacestatlon actually, but what's to say that Sainsburys won't have branches In space in the 21st Century?
Even though it's a short*. Heading For Home is a good example ot how crystal clear you can get your ray tracings without the aid ol an expensive 24-bit graphics board.
Requirements: 3Mbs RAM. PD Sott, no. 3069-
BEACH ANIM Yet another completely different style ol animation, Beach is a weird one from Cart Inc. Everything takes place on a single static background, and at first it looks as if nothing much is happening. However, look closer, and you notice that just about everything is animated in some way. The more you look at it. The more you see.
Requirements: 1Mb 17 Bit. No. 2554.
LAST STAND ON HOTH For true cinematic quality animation, this is the business' Craig Collins is the man behind it all, and this is definitely his best yet.
THE NATIONAL WEATHER It’s a battle between the AT-ATs and Luke Skywalker’s good guys, all texture- mapped. Ray-traced and animated superbly in 3D. A black and white colour scheme has been used to keep the memory consumption down, allowing it to run in high resolution for extra clarity. Apart from the detail, it's also incredibly realistic to watch, due to the excellent movements of the AT- Ats and the airtooume ships. If you've got a fast machine, you get the bonus of a 50Hz frame rate too! Don’t miss this monster!
Requirements: 3Mbs 17 Bit, nos.
BOND'S LAST STAND You’ve seen the original a hundred times: Bond walks cooly into shot at the start of yet another film, turns to face the camera, and shoots a deadly bullet from his Walter PPK, covering the screen in a flood of blood. The thing is. This time his misses, has a few more attempts, then runs out of ammo. This is the cue for the cameraman to get his own back, who proceeds to fire a volley of lead back at Bond, reducing him to a pile of corned beef. Very tasteful I’m sure!
Requirements: 1Mb. Cynostic, no.A0075. W SNOW JOKE One of the best cartoon animations currently available, Snow Joke features the adventures of Charley the Cat. In a kind of feline ve rsion of the Popeye scenario, Charley gets himself into all sorts of bother as he tries to win his girl, fighting off the challenges and sabotage of his Bluto-esque rival. Plenty of snow- foolery abounds, and the art is excellent from start to finish. Quite a gas all in all.
Requirements: 2Mbs RAM. Cynostic, nos.
A0025a + A0025b.
SAVINGS CERTIFICATES AD This is a computerisation of the National Savings TV ad, the one with the resplendentiy emerging butterfly who gets eaten by a frog just seconds after he's out of the cocoon. The frog gets his comeupance though, as a car soon comes along and squashes him under the wheel. That’s life.
Requirements: 1Mb 17 Bit, no. 2375.
BAIT MASKING Not in the same league as Quality rime. Enc Schwartz’ Bail Masking is still strides ahead of most of its rivals. It s a rather confusing sequence in which a worm on a hook is lowered into a pond. Along comes a fish, who is then scared off by a spooky mask that’s quickly donned by the dever worm. Back comes the fish with a mask of its own. And then the worm gets scared and puts its mask back on.. .or something like that.
Anyway, another essential for all Schwartz fans.
Requirements: 1Mb. Cynostic, no. A0074.
CAN IT From the animator responsible for the Raging Hormone cartoon, Can It stars Alvin Aerosol in a curious little adventure. Starting in the bathroom, Alvin tries out his insecticide contents on a fly buzzing around his head. Fair enough, so why does he then hop out into the garden and disintegrate into a pile of ashes? Answers on a postcard to... Requirements: 1Mb 17 Bit, no.2314. THE AD It’s that man Craig Collins again, this time with a rather difficult to follow mini-film.
Crank up the contrast controls to max, and you should be able to make out what’s going on in this ray-traced anim that's verging on epic.
Whatever the plot, it’s a roister- doistering sequence of action scenes set in deep space. Lots of explosions and spaceships are on show, and the level of detail is very impressive. Worth watching through a few times to get some idea of what's actually going on) Requirements: 4Mbs Ground Zero, no. A148-150 3 WAYS TO STOP SMOKING There are plenty of less-hazardous ways to kick the habit, but the three suggestions in this humourous demo may be worth considering if you’re really desparate. Then again, maybe not.
Whether you think it’s worth taking a meat cleaver to your hand in order to give up or not, this is well worth a look just for a laugh.
Requirements: 1.5Mbs Visage Computers, no. A120.
RAGING HORMONE Any budding office romance is the basic plot for Raging Hormone, a cutesie cartoon featunng strange fluffy gofer-type things in the lead roles.
The animation is minmal. But all the graphics are nice and big. With plenty of colour and humour, making a refreshing alternative to the many Eric Schwartz lookalike cartoon animations. Original, amusing, and rather weird.
Requirements: 1Mb. 17 Bit, no. 2285.
WEATHERMAN Now this is a strange one, and no mistake! It’s a series of weathermen’s nightmares. It all seems to be going well at first, as the Michael Fish-a-like points out the impending rainfall and sunshine, but then things start to go horribly wrong. Using the old sticky the chart turns out to be a bad idea, as the clouds and suns fall to the floor. Then there's the date at the top of the screen, which lands on his head. When you thought it couldn't get any worse, Mr Weatherman realises that it’s not a map at all - he is in fact thousands of feet above the ground. On realising this,
gravity takes over, and the hapless presenter tumbles groundward to his doom! Oh dear.
Requirements: 1Mb. 17 Bit, no. 2652.
QUALITY TIME By far the best of his recent cartoons Quality Time is a 4Mb extravaganza from the immensely talented Eric Schwartz Flip the Frog and the disturbmgiy-sexy Amy the Squirrel are the stars in this simple tale of a passionate couple who can t get a moment s peace from callers at the door If it's not a girl guide selling homemade cookies, it s a cranky religious type on a preaching mission. Proper cartoon quality animation, spiced up with all those little Tom and Jerry type details and some great sound effects make this one not to be missed by anyone with enough RAM to play it.
Requirements: 4Mbs PAM 17 Bit. Nos. 2514a, 25l4b.251c *25l4d 8 AMIGA GUIDE SLIDESHOWS SLIDE SHOWS JAPANIME Using the increas- Ingty popular Japanese manga cartoon style. Jepanime Is a very classy slideshow. For some reason It pretends to bean Amstrad 120 before It gets on wtth the business of the graphics, but when it does, it does It in style. Some of the pictures are animated, and others are three or four times the size of the screen, having to be scrolled around so that you can view them in all their glory.
Pathfinder PD, no.
PD114a ? PD114b COMIC ART 2 For anyone into Amencan superhero comics, this is real treat Redrawn by hand it would seem by the compiler Cyber, it features such greats as The Incredible Hulk. The X-Men. Thanos.
Wolverine, Rogue and Spawn.
Cynostic PD. No. P0006 CYMOSTK AGA SLIDESHOW [AGA logoi This is a very impressive collection ot 256 colour stills, designed to show oft the power ot the AGA graphics chips, which it does v ery well. Some are ray-traced others are surprisingly realistic fractal landscapes. Well worth getting hold ot. It only lo see Ihe potential ot Ihe 256 colour mode Cynostic PD, no. P0008. 17 Bit. 2558.
Some of the best Amiga graphics can be found on slideshows. Simply collections of still screens, slideshows are a great way of showcasing the many highly talented artists on the PD circuit. In general, slideshows only need 512k to run, so whatever machine you have, you can enjoy these in their entirety.
STAR TREK DEEP SPACE 9 To be honest, the pictures on this disk aren’t exactly scorchers (in tact, some are downright awful), but they are taken Irom the highly popular Deep Space 9 series, and that fact alone makes it one of the most popular slideshows of the year.
PD Soft, no. 3108.
WOODEN HEART Not so much a slideshow as a small comic strip, Wooden Head is a strange disk. The Pope is the star, who somehow gets mistaken for Elvis Presley as he gets off a plane at a foriegn airport Elvis fans may find the punchline about being made of wood, and having a wooden heart amusing. I just liked the pretty pictures.
17 BH. No. 2550.
AKIRA HCTUIK DISK 2 There's plenty more manga Stull on Ihls singledisk collection Most ot it's pretty slick, and despite the odd low point, it drips class.
17 Bit. No. 2885.
GLADIATORS Tfte Gladiators are back, so I suppose we re all going to have to start debating who’s the ugliest one again. You can add a bit of order to your arguments with this slideshow of all the regular Gladiators. The hunks and hunkettes are all shown complete with their heights, biceps and thigh measurements, so everyone else can feel like very big weeds indeed.
17 Bit, no. 2278a * 2278b REVELATIONS Now this is something a bit special. You don't need an AGA machine to run it. But if you were totd these were 256 colour pictures, you wouldn’t doubt it for a second. Not only are the graphics superb, but there's even a good tune to go with them I Spot on.
UTILITIES VII The Comma Diik Utt. Modem Unit 034 Rod Devil*
Utfci I 03* Soundtrackcr Special in* PMM.MutK.MBdi 039 .Card
bmgnrr U40 Spectrum Emulaice 041 Red Devil. Hub 4 1141 Haure
Cnmpoter 0143 Miwki X Raid 1 OI4A Trrt 73 0147 Wk* In
Wonderland 0141 Squall Re.cnge 014* iky .|h 0130 Wfi Beam
0131 Annum* 0132 Wunrd World 0134 Tmelly Frantic Qou 0133
Chrat V20 013* Smatl T«lly 013* Billy TM Dragon I I HI 0161
B-Typt 01*2 TomCai 01*3 SmLenca 01*4 Du., Dumcnd.
01*3 No Man Load Oik* Word Square Salver 01*7. Crau Pin 0170 Span Biiu 0171 Owy So.
RAVE & TECHNO PACK S80. Wendy lamri Slide.
SI I The Ia.nibte W crtd S82-83...Tertr»nnce 2 (2) S84. Fantaiy Pio
583. ..Gulf War Sbde*
586. ..Magical Pic.
588. ..Gulf War Trtbu* S89-90. Snhmg Fivhy (2) S9I. Eldorado
On™ 21 tm.Drx.. BMK2) I8ec**2 . Tel Keelh?)
MM* 2 Drmo U43 PfcOonilll.il 168
047. ..Label Detigner 049 Uhanaa Icon Did 030 .FWwer Comp Utih
llan all ahna certain iipn cd llmaaun if hrnuc. Tnaux and
(•euna. » 2 dnki 14 30) * cum? OtIOLOOY (Warn * know 0
the volcanor. And their .uhiiamr. ihtn iry dm 2 ditti 4 301
CIPOl SOI.AR S V3T1M (Oer lo know more about ihr «)lar lyman
wih informarton on plana, etc and with elcturat lo look al 3
duk. £4.99). Cumi .COMKIRINO PAD (A unique colouring book lo
keep thrkdiamMd far hour. I diik £3.30) CUM. AOHBD11 ram lo
play ita pu by nsurfcMr CHO* MAT1IS INSTRUCTOR (Help
yourteff get thnmgh iha OCSE . .*h ihu -merh mnUu
* ***** Trig. QuadMlK Sunulaticav. Vcdomrv Anaocn I did C350t
CUOT MtfcSHW ATM FISHING Ohod yon know all about fldme * Try
dial 2 didi £4J0k CUM NIGHT SKY iLor* al de dan. Planer., e*
tern an,whrve an the fate of Ibr earth and clad liSci'S.,u...
AimdMM l*d.£4*9 CUII unliAINVI Idon¦«on 'mm " Tdkd O*) ***
CUI2 Al PHABIT TVACH (Try i qdl »*m you Mr ¦ l«r him IdMk
11301 CUI3 HOMI BMW (With recipra lo G42..Car G43.Oanr.Comp?
G44 ..SEUC K Oamr.
G43.Socv Oamr. Comp 046 Game. Conp 3
048. ..Rayi Oamr htk G49 Gai«iC«np4 G50..Garrei Ccenp 6 G51-52.
Trucking (2)
053. . Jrtpac G55...Quek And Silva G5* Mlnlblau 057 Lamer Game
CLEUBCtXOOY (loam i Mlh IhH brill program 1 did CL00I
VTDBOTITUR (V CL002 HSN ININ-XI.K (Make pie cham. Graph, nc
wilh figure! I duk £3.30). CLUOS AS MENU MAKER (Make menui
• aa* you. I did £3 50) Cllfc* SUPER SOUND 3 iCreolr wur o»* non
Wilh ihli mudc unlily 2 rhiki £4.50). CLUI0. POWER ACCOUNTS
(Kerpaaounn d yowe.pendlMra -ilh paaa-ead function I datk CUII
I. CALC VI 3(An euellem iprodihret for iheoe ciuae cakwlanona I
did 13 50) CUJI2. VIRTUAL WINDOWS I i A coOectn rf ROCKFORD
PACK C64 EMULATOR PACK CLOU mcKING ON (Try and mnage yon own
mo* Iwot lucllan 2 dnki 14 30) C1O06 OBLITERATION lAnmhor lad
ihoa em up type game I dnk £3.30 not Plu. Comp) CtdS DRAOON
TILLS (Old lapanoe type Me and rncmj with ooometi I duk £SJ0»
CUHO.PimiRK SHOCK (A caar of groins the ball through lha mare
Idld £3 30i CIO 11. ALL OONS BLAZINO (Car pame far 2 player,
-nh Ihr .xethead vie- theme 1 dd £3 50i CLO12..BUUD0ZW BOB
(Wtp* can thr Keren of cofcnad bloUi I did. £3 SO).
CU1I3 PARADOX (A puuW game lo ie»i ihne power, of tolling I did £3.307 CU1I4 SONIC SMARTIEMEADlAnother A65 Franklin Thr Fly A66_ Porky Pig Anm A67 Adxnlum Of Chuck A69 Bumro Burner A70-7I...Mai O.erdfvel?)
A73 Spacnhutlle Anim A74 Choattnnm-Hcan A7*...Alarm Anim A77...Flighl Anon A7«..Piano Amm A79...Dart Arum A80 Bod Bird Anim A8I .Holiday Anim A82..Pilbi The Fbh AB3.. The Boingi CLIP ART PACK 0107 Mum X Rad 2 GI08..NO Game Gl09...Amcp ? Ska Can Gl 10..Tricky . The Tat 0111 ..Mart* Slide Gl 12. Game. Co™ 10 Gl 13...Black lack lah ACCESSORIES 0234 New Supertlllen 2 0233 PTOlrackee.lO 023* Aiari ST Emulator 0231 I Ccpy3 02*2 PCBmulMor U263 Mad 3.21 U273 VaR Pottrs I 0274 llimoi Label.
U273 6CD Buime.i lelen 0279 Invoice Primer U2M Woman V21QD MOUSE yjSE MOUSE MAT.
0113 Amiga Column.
Ol 16 ..Robocop In Iraq Ol 17...Mutant Cameli SQUICK MOUSE.
A600 DUST COVER Cl20-122 Warlock (3) 0123- Card Sharp I 0124 Bart Simptcn
0125. .CC Oamr. Comp
0126. .Air Ace 2 GI27 BmakonConKM G128 Pipeline GI29...EhmgOf
ttatdan Gl 32..PMm Qaen
0133. 5Ur Trek 3 0134 Pipmdrr CI39_Doar ToDoor GI43 SohdQaad 0144
Omega Race
STOCK | 20,**, - to99‘ I gg w«tmt rsamaz RDER TO... WE ACCEPT
be frank for a second or two. The public domain doesn't have
anything to rival the big paint packages like Deluxe Paint or
Brilliance. On the other hand, there are some areas where the
PD versions are as good as, if not better than, the top
commercial offerings. For just a couple of quid each, you can
pick up disks capable of morphing, generating fractal
landscapes, image processing and video editing.
MIHIMORPH 1.0 A Like Vmorph. Minimorph works with 16 colours in low resolution. What is does is to change one image into another over a specified number of frames. Instead of simply fading one into the other, it asks you to define areas of the first image that relate to similar areas ot the second For example, if you had two faces, you would set up an outline of one eye.
Then do the same on the second. To morph two Almost as soon as the technique ot morphing was developed on multi-million dollar computer systems, it filtered right down to PD level. The best of these was. Unbl very recently, Vmorph, which you may have fromwhen it was included on a coverdisk of the August 93 issue of CU AMIGA.
The original was written with AMOS, and has now been re-written by another programmer using assembler, who has changed its name to Minimorph in the process. The main advantage of the re-write is its immense increase in speed over the AMOS original.
MANDILPL0T 2.4. There are fractal generators by the bucketload in the public domain, but most are very slow. Mandetpkn 24 is a cut-down but still very powerlul example, and what's more, it's one ot the fastest. 01 Ihe many 23 fractal algorythms available on the registered version, the PD release has ten for you to choose from.
There's an awf ul lot you can do with the basic algorythms too You can choose between 2D and a number of 3D modes, generate zooming animations, and tweak all manner of other knobs In order to gel something different. Even though it's one of the fastest, most of the more elaborate images do take quite a while to render, but the results are worth the wait.
Cynostic PD, no. TBA cars, you might choose the wheels, windows and so on. You'd then do the same with the other features. Not forgetting the main outline.
Once you’ve finished, you can tell the program to work out and draw the frames in between. The result is a smooth transformation of the first image ihto the second. As a kind of bonus side effect, you can warp pictures too. It works in a similar way. Except that the first image doesn't become the second - the specified areas are simply moved and stretched into their new locations.
Minimorph is very fast - in fact it's probably the fastest morpher there is. Commercial or PD.
Needing no more than a few seconds to render each frame, it encourages experimentation. If you make a mistake, it doesn't matter, because you're not going to have to leave your Amiga rendering a dodgy animation all night - it all happens right before your eyes. Get a copy and prepare to be amazed.
Ground Zero Software, no. U289 MAND 2000 Vying with Mandetpiot for the title of top PD fractal generator, the PD version of Mand 2000 is also a reduced release, upgradable to the full program tor a few pounds registration fee. It’s mainly the excellent zoom feature that makes this one stick out. You can use the mouse to zoom in on any part of the fractal, which is then redrawn instantly in a chunky form, then updated in high resolution. You can use this to get straight to any part of a fractal, and also to test out zoom animations, which it handles very smoothly indeed.
Cynostic, no.TBA DJPEG There are so many different picture file formats now, that getting different systems to talk the same language can be very difficult. JPEG is an incredibly efficient picture compression technique, which can drastically reduce the amount of disk space needed for particularly high definition images. The trouble comes when your software doesn't accept the JPEG file format.
DJPEG allows you to convert JPEG files into TARGA, PPM or GIF formats. This isn’t so handy for anyone who soley uses the Amiga, but if you’re involved in a system that includes Apple Macs or Pcs, this could be a godsend.
The controls are operated simply from a point- and-click panel, so there's no messing around with confusing CLI commands. The only query is with the lack of IFF support, which seems strange, as IFF is still the main Amiga image format.
17 Bit, no. 2700.
GRAPHICS TOOLS 1 There are loads of little graphics utilities that only need a little space on a disk, so to release them all separately would be rather wasteful. Instead, it’s far better to get hold of them on compilation disks such as this neatly presented example.
The disk is split into three main categories: graphics, video and animation. Each has a wide range of useful, obscure, and sometimes rather strange little programs, most of which will come in handy at some stage. The graphics section includes animation file convertors, a screen grabber (Screen X), a scenery generator and some fade effects for IFF pictures. In the video section are testcards (with audio tone), monitor testers, a time code calculator, and a very handy Workbench effect panel that can flip and fade the ¦ screen at the touch of a button. The animation directory has a simple but
effective mouse-controlled animation player. 17 Bit, 1698a ?
BI art scrpsn 81PTE Color Bjrs Full-fUld Color Bars firry Stair liar Pattrrn '• I stVTOT.pU Clrar Nrgato Colors gprticzl Flip Horizontal Flip F«rrd (Spood =) BassiRr1- mr* GRAPHICS TOOLS 2 It more of the same with volume 2, except that there are more video-orientated programs on this one, including some flashy titlers.
17 Bit, 1698b GRAPHICS UTILTITES 1+2 This is chock-full of image processing, conversion and generation programs. On the menu we have: BezSurf. Load Image, Cloud 9, Model 4D, Convertor, Mandel, D-illusions. PicSaver, Fenster, Mountains, Scenery, Imagelab, Image-Ed. Superview and Ultrapaint. This is what PD is all about - 15 decent programs for less than a couple of quid! You can hardly go wrong.
The second is filled with Anim Studio, IFF2pcx.
PPShow, Conv Brush, Landscape. GIF.
Picturesque, Huge and View. Like the first disk, this is another must for the collection of any adventurous graphic artist.
17 Bit, nos. 2645a ? 2645b VIDEO APPLICATIONS This is another video utility compilation, featuring a truckload of handy little programs to make the life of the videophile that bit easier. Among the programs ae a couple of titlers, and a number of animation players. There's also a video cataloguer. So you can keep track of all your tapes, and a time code log to store list of edits.
Galactik PD, no. U071.
BLUE ROSE FONTS Bitmapped fonts are extremely versatile. Unlike scalable fonts, bitmaps can be used for video titling and all manner of other graphics applications. As well as DTP. If you start expanding bitmaps you'll start to get jagged edges, but even these can be cleaned up if you have a little time.
This collection of bitmapped fonts is one of the best around. They come as low-res colour IFFs, although you can of course use them in any resolution you like. No less than 51 different fonts are included in the whole set (yes that's right. 511).
Anyone into video titling, or just graphics in general, would do very well to check them out.
Blue Rose PD, no. "BRFonts" Vldeographers have plenty of public domain titters and teat software to choose from.
3D OBJECTS Clip art has been around in DTP circles for years, so why shouldn't the world of 3D ray tracing get in on the act? These Sculpt 3D tiles are an excellent way ol saving valuable time that would otherwise be spent designing and tweaking new objects. Rendering your scenes and animations takes long enough as it is. Without you having to spend even more time constructing objects.
To be honest, the objects included on the disk aren't stunningly exciting, but they are functional, and it's the more ordinary objects that are the least tun to design anyway, so in a way that's a plus. There are three categories: furniture, street objects, and a set of cannon-related items.
In the furniture section you'll find a four- poster bed. A chair, a mirror and a lamp.
The street directory is home to a lamppost, traffic lights and a signpost. As you'd expect, the cannon section has a cannon, along with a bucket, some cannonballs and a ramrod.
To give you an idea of what they actually look like, three rendered scenes are included on the disk as IFF files. 3D clip art is quite rare, both in the PD and commercial sectors, so this is well worth looking up - you never know when you might need a 3D bucket' PD Soft. No. V1061 0261 GROUND ZERO GAMES 17 - Tank Attack.
Q-Bic. Pod. Dogs In Space (AMO ONLY). Atoms.
Extreme violence.
0262 BLUE DIAMONDS - Boulder Dash type game.
D161 FAIRLIGHT 242 - Incredible demo w.th 29 ever created. Demo of the month in CU AMIGA Jul93.
S094 NIGEL MANSELL AGA SLIDESHOW - 256 colour slides of Nigel Mansell A1200 ONLY.
U290 CHARACTER GENERATOR - AD&D chareter creator and chancier sheet printer.
U29I RELOKICK 1.4 - Improved version. Downgrade your A500. A600. A1200 to load A500 only software.
Now can turn of CPU caches in the A1200.
U293 PARBENCH - Cor Link two Amig U294 POOLS 1 G259 GROUND ZERO GAMES 16 - Desert Defender.
Asteriods II (NOT A500). Zeberk. MineouL 0258 DEFENDER - Brilliant done of the Williams arcade machine. NOTA500.
G257 DELUXE PACMAN v|4 • New improved version of Deluxe Pacman. Superb.
G256 SHANGHAI ’93 - Oriental tiles game G255 AMOS CRICKET 2 - Major update to the Amos Cricket game.
G254 THE LAST REFUGE - Medieval Invaders.
G253 LCD DREAMS - Remake* of 4 old hand held LCD games.
AI53 AIS4 2 DISKS) ROAD HOG ANIMATION - The classic motorway story. Requires 1.5 megabytes.
T29T30 (2 DISKS) PSYCED ISSUE 1 • Good disk magazine from Ireland.
U28S PAY ADVICE ANALYSER 2 - Payslip DUNKS TYPING PROGRAM - A kind of Desktop W9E5(wllT Sf”s) m’DKKTOP GUIDE TO ELECTRONIC MUSIC • Comprehensive yet easy to grasp guide on everything to do with computer created music. A must for budding computer musicians. NOTA500.
Ml37 DIGITAL DEBUSSEY VOL.I - Haunting U296 GRINDER - Picture File conversion program Can transform most formats from and to, inc.. TIFF.
IFF. GIF. HAM-E. ATARI ST. PCX. Etc... A155 RAGING HORMONE 2 - Oh err missus.
M139 CLASSSIX 2 - Classical music arrangements ol Bach. Handel andPachelbel A156fA 157 A 158 (3 DISKS) SPEED LIMIT - Stunning 3 meg ray traced animation of a futuristic rway chase wiih Tion motorcycle*.
(TOTAL KAOS - Banging Rave ir E49 KIDS DISK I • Fun and educi for youngwers.
MI40T T31 CHANNEL 2 - Issue ( Film*. Music, and computer softwni U299 ADDRESS PRINT v3.1 - Address label printing t4?LTTTLE TRAVELLER - Guide to many popular international tourist locations.
G263 LORDS OF POG • Two player game of magic and conflict.
G091 GROUND ZERO GAMES VOL.11 - Wanderer 22.
Destination Moonbasc. Pacmnn.
GI06 ANTEP • Role Playing game like Ultima.
G12I BIPLANES - Dogfightmg in the skies.
G122 DUEL - 2 player, spit screen 3D tank duel battle.
G139 WORLD - Science fiction adventure.
G169 DONKEY KONG • Remember thts. Still brilliant.
GI72 BATTLE CARS II - 3D vector car bUot. Amazing.
G177 CRAZT SUE GO ON - Top class platform fun.
GI93 HELLZONE • Shoot-em-up like R-TYPE.
G195 ROULETTE - Gambling game.
Gl% CREATE ADVENTURE GAMES - Complete package GI98 TT ULLBOUND - Graphic adventure.
G200 FIGHTING WARRIORS - Bcat-em-up.
G205 TOP OF TTIF. LEAGUE - Football management game.
G221 BOW & ARROW - Archery.
G222GNU CHESS - Multi-level chess game. NOT A500.
G224 OBLIVION • Fast moving, eroovey new Defender clone.
G226 MORIA »5-2 • Popular Pb Role Play ing Game.
G232 MONACO - Clone of an old arcade racing game.
G234 WOTS ITS NAME - 2-4 player trivia board game.V good.
G237 GAMMON • Backgammon.
G240 BILLY THE DRAGON • Kids xhoot-em-up game. Cute.
G246 WIBBLE WORLD GIDDLY Platform puzzle game like Codemaster Dizzy series. Highly rased in the computer pres*.
G247 FLEUCH - Trust done.
G249 PSYCHO SANTA A Christmas mghmare.
ANIMATIONS A139 CITY RUN - High speed car chase. Requires 2 Megabytes.
A127 DOLPHIN DREAMS - Real surreal.
AI09 SOOT - Incredible discovery.
A100 VIETNAM CONFLICT • Eric Schwartz.
A099 AFT AGILITY - Another Schwartz classic.
A097 MR POTATO HEAD II - The chips are up.
A008 STEALTHY II - Stealth Fighter Vs Mig 29.
A0I7 THE RUN - Lotus car chase by Tobia* Rkhter.
A030 FRAXION HORROR • M.ni cartoon honor mov ies.
A148 149 150 THE AD (3 DISKS) - Impressive mini sci-fi adventure. Require* 3 Megabytes.
EDUCATION EO*3 WW2 HISTORY BOOK - Multi-media presentation on the second world war.
E04I FRACTIONS - Teaching and testing. For most ages.
E0I8 BIORHYMS CALCULATOR • Display your personal biorhym graph for any month of the year.
E026 A VISIT TO THE RED PLANET • Guided tour of Mars.
EOOI BLACKBOARD MATHS • Leam simple sum*.
E003 WEATHERMAN - Weather forcasier.
E012 UNITS - Measurement convener. Support unit of measure in length, speed, volume, area. Time, angle*, force, density, and more.
E0I4 SPACE MATHS - Maths game for under 5 s to over 16 s. E0I6 CHESS TUTOR - Improve your chess game with a *eries of documented examples and tests.
E017 PROJMOT - Plots a gnpic path of a projetile.
E020 MEDICAL SPECIAL 2 - Medical .lideshow. E027 GUIDE TO LOWER BACK PAIN - Highlights the causes and treatments to serious back problems.
E030 GCSE MODULE 1 - Maths study disk.
E033 ELEMENTS v2.3B - Interactive periodic table.
E044 THE MATHS ADVENTURE - Varied maths puzzles intergrated into an adventure game.
Rv BUSINESS U135 «K BUSINESS LETTERS Professionally layed out business letters for every occasion, from job application* to complaint*. File* load into all word processors.
UI59 FLEX1BASE - Easy to use database.
UI98 AMIGADEX - Computerised address book.
U209 FORMS REALLY UNLIMITED - Design and prim all sorts of forms. Eg. Invoice*.
U243 LITTLE OFFICE - Spread sheet, database, calculator, word processor. Mortagc Ioan caculuator... All on one disk.
U273 ACCOUNT MASTER v2.1 - Comprhensive personal finance manager. Very powerful. A real must.
U272 TEXT ENGINE *4.0 - The best PD word processor around With a large intergrated 36,000 word spell checking dictionary.
JWff TOP UTILITIES | U283 PICK LOCK 2.0 - Removes a variety of copy p 400 computer titles.
U215 FREECOPY v 1.8 - Same kind of utility as the above.
UI57 NOCARE - Speeds up the windows in Workbench.
U191 TYPING TESTER - Test your speed typing.
U26fFi«flfr RAM EMULATOR - Turn Chip RAM into Fast RAM U271 POLY ED v 1.0 - Animation package.
U186 MED 3.2 • Superb music creator.
U178 COMPOSER V2.0 • Create music using notes and slaves.
U277 AMOS PRO UPDATER DISK v 1.2 - For AMOS Pi U240 AMOS LESSON I - Extra help with Easy AMOS.
U155 PROCALC - Calculator for C and V U279 NCOMM 2.0 - The most popular Amiga comm* program.
U281 D-COPY 3.1 - Powerful disk copier.
U003 M-CAD • Computer Aided Design.
U009 C-LIGHT - Ex-commercial raytracer. Now PD.
U062 SCENE GENERATOR - Create* random life-like scene, clouds, water, ice. Incredible results.
L'142 FREEPAINT - Superb art package similar to Deluxe Paint.
UI02 AMIGAFOX - Desktop publishing.
U208 CYCLOPS • Create plasma IFF picture*.
UI97 SUPER KIUJ-RS • 5 Virus killers.
U20I PC-TASK VI .Ol - PC Emulator. Supports EGA graphics U205 MAGNUM - Disk magazine creator U2I6 BON APPfcTIT - Recipe database.
U244 THE MASHIE NIBLICK - Golf score database.
U246 247 MORC (2 DISKS) * Fortune teller.
U269 DART MACHINE - Computer Darts scorer.
U094 FIXDISK - Recovers corrupted data on DOS disks.
U146 SYSTEMS CHECKERS • Host of Amiga system checkers.
U158 NOERRORS - Hides hard errors (physical track damage) on floppies and hard drives. Making possible total corrupt disk* useable again.
U121 CROSSWORD CREATOR - Create and print crossword puzzles.
U196 WORD POWER - Spell checker, anagram solver and text analysis.
U239 STAR PRINTER DRIVERS • 9 pin and 24 pin printer drivers for the Star printer range.
U24I CANON PRINTER DRIVERS - Bubblcjet drivers for the: CanonBJ130. CanonBJ 10-20. CanonBJ.300-300. U252 PPR1NT - Text file printing tool with lots of feature*.
UI90 GATORS GRAPHIC - Deluxe PauU tutorial.
U282 TERMINUS 2 - Brand new modem software. One of the best.
UI60 POWER LOGO VI.2 - Programming lanuage. Logo.
U168 CURSOR BASIC COMPILER - For Amiga Basic programme*.
U001 ULTIMATE ICON DISK • Icon creation tools and Icon samples.
U054O5S VIDEO LTUJTIES (2 DISKS) - Two disks packed with video tilling tools.
U113 SPECTRA PAINT V3.0 - IFF painting program.
U! 15 LANDBUILD - Landscape generating program.
UI37 ELECTROCAD - Circuit board designer.
U145 LANDSCAPE • Computer Aided Designer for garden landscape*.
A500 ONLY.
U154 AUDIO ANIMATION - Animation program with sound.
UI77 DUNGEON MAP - Create or randomly generate dungeon map* for Dungeons & Dragons and then print them on paper.
UI87 MOBED2 - Sprite create for game*.
U207 SLIDESHOW GENERATOR - Put* slideshow* together for you.
TOP DEMOS DI48 STATE OF THE ART - Incredible rave music with gorgeous graphic* A1200 users should disable CPU CACHES.
M127 I28 JESUS ON ES (2 DISKS) - over 27 minutes of rave.
M123 KAOS THEORY - Hardcore mix.
M109 REVOLVER MUSIC DISK 3 - House music.
M102 ACID DEMO - Need we say more.
D149 PLANET GROOVE - An AI200only demo. Nice graphics.
5091 MANGA WORLD - Piecies from the Japanese cartoon.
5092 AKIRA - More Japanese cartoon characters.
D157 MOBILE - DESTINATION UNKNOWN - The be« A1200 demo St. Al200 ONLY.
160 TECHNO TRACKS D - Rave demo from the US. A1200 Only.
D159 LETHAL EXIT - Vector demo for AGA Amigas. A1200 ONLY.
D140 141 RSI TIME ZONE (2 DISKS) - Superb vector demo, stunning.
Ml34 RHAPSODY IN BLUE - Jazz music.
M084 GATES OF PAGAN - Inspired music. Damn good MI30 I3I I32 133 - THE A-ZOFCM TUNES (4 DISKS) - 4 disks packed with classic Commodore 64 games. Almost 300. Bnlliant.
Well nix. Mechanoid. China Challenge. Quartro.
G030 MEGABALL - Aikanoid done.
0037 SEALANCE - Submarine wargamc.
Insiders dub.
G073 CASINO GAMES - Card Game*.
G075 BULLRUN • Historical wjrgamc.
G077 TRACK RECORD - Car racing game.
G089 HOLLYWOOD TRIVIA - For film buffs.
U236 - Photo copters. Office, Men at work.
U230 - Food. Lots of it.
U224 - Signs. Star Trek. Christmas U223 - Sport. Transport. Work.
U221 - Anatomy. Buildini ~ U220 • Animals. People. I U218 - Cartoon*. Construction. Religion, School. Wedding*.
U100 - Teddy Bears U096 - Easter. Christmas. Jungle Animals, Famous people.
U095 - Horoscope signs. Computers. Symbols, Logos. Sports.
U231 - Babies, Furniture. Space. Watches. Holiday. Skeletons.
U233 - Christmas.
U229 - Cara, Flowery decorations. Cupid & Hearts.
U227 - Palm trees. Party invites. Maps of Europe. Stamp*.
U226 - Wild West. Crowds of people. Decorative frames, signs.
U225 - Fancy letters. Cars. Cute animals, famous people.
U222 - Music. Silhouette*. Symbols. Teddy bears SEND ORDERS AND PAYMENTS TO: 4 CHANDOS RD REDLAND ALL DISKS ARE COMPATlBLE,WITH ALL AMIGA S UNLESS STATED AMIGA GUIDE 13 MUSIC MUSIC X-0Mf l« aootfwr •umpt* d ¦ grM( PD program that haa abaoiulaty no commarctal compaction.
IooooS ecoot IU‘ill frofcauonul Believe it or not, your Amiga, whether it's anything trom an 4500 to an 44000, is capable ot stunning audio feats. In fact, you could write a hit record on your computer for no more expense than a few quid! I kid you not! All you need is the right software, bags of enthusiasm, and the rest is up to you.
Even if you just want to tinker about with strange noises, make your voice sound like a monster, or create some sound effects for a game, there are plenty of bits of PD that are more than up to the job.
X-BIAT PRO l.l f There are times when you might not want a full-blown sequencer, with all the complications that come with one. If you just want a drum machine. Xbeat Pro is a good choice.
The layout is very simple - so simple in fact that anyone can pick it up and instantly start knocking out some beats. The main editor screen gives you four visible tracks for you to fill with drums and bass. Different sounds can be used on the same track, so you can use more than four samples, even though you can only play four simultaneously. There are' 29 drum samples built in to the program, giving you a fairly wide range of kicks, snares, high hats and a few percussion sounds to play with.
To pick your sound, you simply dick on the name from the menu. You can browse through the menu just cfccking on the sounds to hear them, and once you've got the one you want, it's back to the editor screen Now you can plonk your rhythm down on the track with the mouse, and hit the play button to hear it. Once you've got one part down, you can go and choose another sample, and put another rhythm on another track.
There’s also a bassline generator too. Which includes three bass samples. This works on a similar principle, giving you a two-octave keyboard on screen, which you use to tap out the bassline with the mouse. You can either enter the bassline in step time, or record It in realtime It really couldn’t be any easier Even though there are quite a few samples on board, X-Beat lacks the facility to load in any new samples. With the addition of this feature (which will no doubt come with a future revision). X-Beat will be an essential tod toy for anyone who like to mess around with sound and music. In
fact it's excellent fun just as it is.
Dlskovery, no. U331.
PROTRACKER 3.1 A The other main player in the tracker held is Protracker, which tends to be favoured m hacking and PD demo drdes. It works along the principles of OctaMED. But doesn’t have OctaMEDs notation editing. MIDI support or eight channel modes.
One of the main advantages of Protracker is that it evolved directly from Soundtracker, the original tracker that started it al off many years ago. This means that it has a massive following worldwide, and although it's not the nost user frierxfy program by a long shot, it s what many coders and musicians have grown up on. Before you decide whether to join the OctaMED or the Protracker camp, get hold of both and see which suits you best.
17 Bit. No. 2441 CHORD TUTOR If you have trouble with your chords, then maybe it’sbmeyoutookatookatthislittte number. As the name suggests, it aims to teach you chord structure, ft does this in a very simple way. With the aid of a big piano keyboard m the middte of the screen. When you choose a chord from the menus, it puts dots on the relevant keys, and plays the chord on a synthesised reed organ type sound. You can go through all of the many chords on the menus, trying to team the positions of the notes tor each chord, and then enter the test mode to see how good you were For the test, you
have to highlight the correct notes for the current chord. You do this with the mouse, but you can’t actually play the chord, as you have to dick each note separately If you stuck with it long enough, you could probably master the basics of chord theory, and after a while you might begm to understand what a *C major 5th' is al about. I'd rather use this than go through tedkxis sessions of piano lessons any day. Although after al this I std only know a handful of chord sequences, but then I always was a bit of a hopeless case. By the way. This one is actually copyrighted bcenceware from the
Central Licenceware Register.
Systec PD, OLE 25.
Amiganuts Public Domain Library 12 Hinkler Road Southampton Hants S02 6FT Phone (0703) 470017 Send 50p For Latest Catalogue Or Send In Your Old Catalogue For Free Update mUTIES 1265 Word Power CP) (IMB) U66 Agraph a Frccpxint (P) (1MB) 1273 D-Copy 11 (p) 1275 The Money Program (PXlmb 1319 Supersound v2.1 (P) (Mb) 1337 Rdokit 1 3 (P onlyM 1Mb) 1339 OcuMed v2 (P) (1Mb) 1341 Text Engine v4 (P) (1 Mb) 1342 Check Book v2.3 (PX 1Mb) 1348 DE Docks For Assembly Progs 1354 A-Basc the best Pd database 1355 File Management Utils + docs 1357 InScript Video Tiller 1358 Pools Predictor 1362 Spread A Sunple
Spreadsheet 1365 AGT Adventure game creator 1369 System Checker routine check ic 2 The Journey (2XPX 1Mb) 1322 Dolphin Dreams 1315 Sudden Impact AMOS Mag 1329 Jesus On E*s (2XP) 1330 RSI Time one Demo (2XP) 1338 State Of The Art (Rase) ASSASSINS GAMES We stock all Assassins Games Disks Below Is alia of new additions: ASI SoEuphonon. Roach motel.
Balder* Grove Lamer*. Fighting Warriors, Shapes ASI 52Rockabdc.Mouthman.N U ASI 53Supercubc,Mastermind, Powerware, Velcro Grub, Quadong. Kings ASI 54Serene. Serene 11. Car Wars ASI 55.Paaac. Asteroids ASI 56 Picture tile*. Storm eagles Extreme Violence ASI 57 Poo, Poo. Dominos, Dizzy Diamonds. Squirm ASI 58Super Raid IV. Magnatroo Malyse.
ASI 60 Pipe Master, Alien Hunter Chinese Checkers ASI 61 Rattlesnake Running. Chaser Scud buster ASI 62Pipeline 11. Mazerman.
Up n Down ASI 63Nauohs. Frenzy, Drive IFF ASI 64Oblivion. Breakout Kit Drive ware ASI 65 Paranoids. Word Search.
Minorware. Word puzzle.Chess ASI 66Cow WareA Mastermind Asoloaban ASI67 Siege Of The Beast. E-ypell Vector.
ASI 68Demolition Miss. Bounder.
Atoms ASI 69Klondike, Klondike 2,3 Poker ASI 70 Tetris Pro Wangle ASI '1 Battleship*. VS.Tanks Numerix ASI 72Car 11, Bouldcrdash. Escape! 1 ASI 73Lcxess, Concentration.
Challenge ASI 74Crazy pipes 11. Bombjacky Chute.
ASI 75Double Squares, Coknire, Diamond Thief.
ASI 76CNU Chess. Cubis. Gerb Games ASI TTBallonacy, a iff Hanger.
Descender PD PACKS MUSPO Music maker Pack-45 50 OctaMED v2 with docs.
SuperSound v2, 2disks Of samples and I disk of modules. 5 Disks in all.
Must be the best of it's type availiblc!?
MUSP1 OctaMED Samples-49.00 An 8 disk set of samples for use wrth OctaMED Very popular MUSP3 OctaMED Modulcv415.00 A 14 disk set of modules for use with OctaMED AMM 1 Shawartz Pack-45.50 A 5 disk set of Eric Shwartz animmations that will run out on any 1 Meg animmations. A demo.
Utility disk and a games disk software Includes a word processor A Database. Spreadsheet. Finance Manager, etc. etc. PD Prices******* 1 to 5 disks 41.80 each 6 or more 41.25 each EC World
40. 60 41.50 1 to 5 6 to 10 4300
40. 60 ~ Note that postage--- *111 «ppty HARDWARE
PROGRAMMING MANUAL Disk 1 ts a PD (1.25) Dttks2.3. and 4 cost
45.00 or all 3 for 412 50. For Assembly language programmer'
This manual comes on four disks and is designed to take the
novice assembly programmer through programming, the Amiga
hardware directly for games and demo purposes, subjects
covered include Getting started, interrupts. Copper.
Display, Sprites, Blitter.Audio Hardware, Tr acker Replayer. Each subject has an easy 10 follow tutorial backed up by numerous example* all acccsable from the custom designed interface along with an assembler for you to try for yourself Disk 1 is PD and comes with the display envuomem.assembler. Indude flic* (custom ones), beginner* guide-for the absolute beginner and over 40 examptes.codrd by Mark Meany the author of the ACC disks ACC (3-50) The Amiga Coders Club daks. Now in It's third year, of interest to new and seasoned code.
Issue 30 availlble at last?
SuperS ound 4C4 30 4 sampling pacta,, a numerous effect* to I sampled sound* CLR CLU 01 video Tiler CLU 03 Typing TUI CLU 05 A-Chord CLU 14 Stock C l ¦!
CLE 01TCL CLE02 TCC CLE 03 TC Solar S CLE 06 Maths t CLE 07 TC Fresh 1 CLE 08 The Nlghl Sfcp CLE 14 TC Ecology Fred fish. We stock ai I disks from 1-850 AI obtainable on 2 d We also stock T-Bag 14 and other PD t ollccocan | Please note that we no It distribute software for | This includes the f V4. V5. A-Gene and A Please make cheques' * Drafts payable to A Local) Why not come aMI Saturdays at Kingsland It St, Mary* street,S South Lines PD 1-9 disks £1 each 10-19 disks 85p 20+ disks 80p } add 75p I P&P per 1 8097 in The Kitchen (P) BC08 SarrtyWortJolCert
• too Xpoee (2D) (P) 6101 TmeZone OD) (*• 8102 WckedC*neaKr 3~
6103 Alpha 4 Omega aas oacaxo«'Maa»MeMio*ax cua
"WSIMCRAMCX*...... an? Vim-E CMQnM asa oumrmis aim
nwcTuroni «*M rii mMhiCMa» OUK *C**B«0M*5K-*ra )«u*-oartir cun«
raxCOTHXJHest*»»*¦¦«»¦ wot__ aw NrxziasTiea»nBimMm«iOMoa aja
CM3SAURS1IWK AntadOsMKmiiCHsUB Of® OHXW*toanm.20*C*» cum
9X*PSrrUl'*0mn-*l«u-M«**« |MSA)CaiBt»« CUI4
KCL(S lM«**aBlTOTeronaeil3nU» 3J» r »ox*-omnt UNBRANDED 3.5”
BLANK DISKS DS DD 50 £22.00 100- £41.00 200-£76.00 500 £175 00
Large selection of Amiga PD (Over 2,000 disks) including:
Games, graphics and Animation, Utilities, Music, Demos, T-Bag,
Fred Fish Disks 1-880, Assassins Games Disks 1-108 Below is a
small selection of titles ava GRAPHICS AND AT____ UB (P) 2288
T c£*vtv£Tm* J Lemmtns R ASI 78 OnuOaaa. CtfJsSart ASI 77
Baloonacy. Ck" Nanoe-
* Asi 88 Delender Refev-r. Iteaac ate ASI 89 Megabali 2 t Kfire.
CtueOO A Si 99 GrCa*. Ptarahemmcl. Org e* S ICO BOM Amw. Monaco
ate ASI 78 ima BoUO-i Headgam ASI 79 Ore. Attack VeklcvSwn Asi
80 AmiyUre WpJ. Golf n etc Asi 90 FuehtMer. Siartans. Mnefteld
i. AWn. Asi 91 Roton. MaMs. SpeOrum A rtc ASI 92 B* CCMdos. Soton
Samofer A SI i02Frut Salad. Rebound. Pac BM 103 lost Ocreai.
Megarace ale.
SI tO*OparaBon MaSaor Part A Port.
AS* 82 Arvaarut Arcade voflag ASI M Fngma. Allshoo Zerboc ASI 85 Parado Pra. W.rcKer* AS 88 Smurtxirt lfi»d Of Hoat a»e«e. Asi9« Stper 9eos Oieeroe. Oddy ee « ASI 98 Tangle. Sum* league Manager ale A ASI98 etc. A etc ASI 97 Bunny Baslar New Slubb Oly at.
Loaaan. ASI M Sirycnsaa. The Ptione Cor*ar*y «K Si tOBCoamoerWJs 2. Moo Manet eat 107* ki A Roe JO. Egurooerc Si tOOStrha Ball. Rmg War. Obeeaa.
BOM inUanspois 500 Demo (P) BOM Theme TV Demo IP) 8086 Prk Hoyd The Wei ‘ (80) 8087 SmgrgTo*ea P) eon Ray or Hope 2 Aipfe OmegalP) Thedoume KO* SOUTH LINCS PD,(CU), 10 LINDEN RISE, BOURNE, LINCS PE10 9TD. TEL: 0778 393470 .
OctaMED V2 irs a close-run thing between OctaMED and Protracker lot the most widely-used sampler sequencer on the Amiga, but there’s no doubt about which Is most powerful.
OctaMED Is way ahead ot the competition when it comes to Its sheer number of features Version 5 000 has |ust been released commercially, but it you want a taster, version 2 Is available tor the price ol a disk.
OctaMED is a sequencer that uses the standard “tracker" tormat. Unlike the expensive commercial MIDI sequencers, the bias with OctaMED is towards using samples (even though it handles MIDI very well indeed). The program itselt has been kept quite small in order to leave room in the memory tor samples, so even on a 1 Mb machine you’ve got room lor about 300K ol sounds.
Like all trackers, it works on a system ot tracks, blocks and sequences. Musa notation can be used to enter and edit pieces, but to use the program properly you have to get into the initially-contusing block editor This uses numbers and letters to represent the music, and although at tirst It looks horribly complicated, it's really quite simple. Notes are entered via the computer keyboard, or trom a MIDI keyboard it you have one attached. Melodies and rhythms can be recorded in real time, but the resolution ot the blocks means that there’s heavy quantisation, unless you turn the tempo right
up. The auto-quantisation is actually very handy, especially It you’re programming beats or any other time-sensitive parts.
There’s a sample editor built into the program, so it you need a new sound, there’s no need to load up a separate program to do the sampling. All you do is switch to the sample editor, set up a blank space, and record straight Into it. Then you can trim and edit the sound, and in next to no time you've got yourself a new sample to integrate into your existing tune Treble filter and boost controls are also found here, which is useful for adjusting the EQ on your samples.
Synthesised sounds are also possible.
Synth sounds are produced in real time by subjecting basic waveforms to various oscklabons These sound pretty awful in general but it is possible to get good results if you stick with it tor long enough Combinabons ol samples and synthsounds can be interesting too.
One of the most impressive features is OctaMED a ability to play eight samples at once, instead of the standard tour. The price you pay is reduced tempo control, fewer available effects commands, and quite a drop in sound quality (although this isn’t so bad on accelerated machines).
The trump card as far as many are concerned, is the MIDI support. OctaMED combines MIDI and samples very neatly.
Setting up instruments for MIDI Is a very simple affair, and you can use up to 16 tracks. For many, OctaMED is the only sequencer powerful and flexible enough to fit the bill. This should have a place In the collection of every Amiga musician. A save- disabled demo version of OctaMED 5 is also available as PD.
Seasoft. OctaMED 2 OctaMED 5 SUPERSOUND 4.12 Another one that isn’t strictly PD. Supersound is nonetheless just as cheap, and what's more it's better than just about anything you could find in the commercial-sector The main program is a sample editor. You can also use it to sample new sounds, either in rqpno or stereo.
What makes this such an essential piece ol software is the massive range ot editing facilities on offer. Most editors give you a few effects (maybe a flanger and an echo), but Supersound has racks of them, all waiting to transform ordinary samples into kiHer sounds. On top of the usual phasers, echoes and passable reverbs, there are unique effects such as X-Flip, which reverses alternate sections of the wave, various waah effects, distortion, filters, boosters, a crossfade mixer for making instrument sounds easier to loop, and a centralise function to counter the side effects of heavy filtenng
and phasing.
There's also an excellent intelligent looping facility, which instead of just seeking out two points where the wave crosses the "zero line', attempts quite successfully to find loop points where the wave is similar at both ends Precise editing is no trouble, as you can work on sections as small as two bytes.
To round it off. There's one of the best realtime effects processors also included on the disk.
The Realtime Effects Generator (TREG) includes various programmed and user- definable delays, phaser, flangers. Vibrato, pitch-shifters and robotic distortion options Used in the right way. The quality of these effects is good enough for professional use.
Supersound is a two-disk set selling at PD prices (£4 for the pair), and should be at the front of every sample-fiend’s disk box.
* 11 disks in compatible nth the IS* (host milked nth +12' anW.
Compatible nth the *SOO(+)ad 10- Strictly PD - all new for the autumn. Just tick and'return.
008. 12 A12I :: 0010.12 II Very addcwe goa game UTILITY WORKSHOPS
? U210+12 ? U211.12 ? U213.12 ? U214.12 format letters to
cut and paste mto your word processor ? U22S.12 Lyapunovle
Vt.5...colourful program making pictures trom a mathematical
? U226.12 Protection...Ullrties collection to protect your data.
? U227.12 dub League ..to help you keep track of stats and facts ? 11229*12 NCOMBI V3.0...communication* prooram.
? U229.12 ? U230*12 ? U231.12 ? 11232.12 inc My edtotse text enwet Repatr-B 2...BewZ*p V3 3. A multi sector He editing system FIXDuk »1.2. recover as much as poea«M from a defective disk OukSalve v1.42. creates a new We structure on a different devce. With as much data salvaged irom the ongtnal disk Mendel Explorer (2)...This «Ihe best cosecoon ot Fractal Generating software on the Amiga 3d Helper...heps you start out with Gelignite loots 2)...il you wsnt some colourful Opamt loots Football League Editor...Update your teams' league position as the results come in.
IbeM Emulatto vl J...COA IBM pc omuiator wrttten to nai on any Amiga shareware version Account master...Excellent Amos WB 3 Screens, .enhance your Won©ench dek be these txia* era 2 dsk Print *351-pnr*s Mba* 2 Software Uster *1,8 -keep track 2 Online *1.4...shortcuts and cheats lor games.
2 Screen Blanker...one at to best!
Includes the TwWght Zone 2 Trsx...bnlant disk for people trying lo get started on the music side.
2 HO dick v2.53...an easy to use HD menu and Workbench lour Also enclosed * a prog lo create Requestors ot all kmds trom a She* script.
2 Poole Toole 2...Debugged version ol the pools forecaster Foot belt Forecast... demo version Text Engine *4.0...debugged
* »rs«on ot the best pd wortgxoceesor AGA utts...Great coleeton
lor Ml A1200 owners.
Got! Scorerev 1.84...new god sconng cxogram - analyse your a U272.12 F574...HO cache speed * prog ? U273.12 Soto Semptee...five Osks with drums, synths. Break beats and modules.
? U274.I2 Digital disk 1...computer mag ? U27S. 12 Utility mania ? U276.12 Astro 22 *3.0...now comes with xrproved graphics. Greater accuracy and hard drive support horoscope in seconds 2 Thank Cheats vf.4...950k ot n data - 600 games.
2 TEK ATAK modulee...music 2 Cotourful Icons 2 View Tools...contains convert, View Tree, family tree - easy to use database 2 Me tor League...keep up to date with your ckib's fortunes 2 Star Vtew...graphc illustration ol the ? 0001.12 Necessary roughness...Amencan tootbai game written on Amos ? 0002*12 ExlM3...lan Qugley puzzle gams with 68k source code Also enables user the chance lo see how the ? 0004.12 Smurfhunt . musmg shoot em * U12 FtghOng wemors
* ght«g game - era M2 Muggte »10...* ! A These disks contain a
number of programs on the same theme, giving you outstanding
value for money. The disks are compatible with all Amigas, with
easy to follow, printable Instructions.
? FX1.12 THE PRSTT WORKSHOP ? FX2.12 THE HARD DRIVE WORKSHOP OFX3.12 THE GRAPHIC WORKSHOP ? FX4.12 THE VTOEO TTTLERS WORKSHOP ? FXS.12 THE PACKERS WORKSHOP ? FXS.12 THE OtSK REPAIR WORKSHOP ? FX7.12 THE HATCHERS WORKSHOP ? FXS.12 THE VIRUS KILLERS WORKSHOP World War ¦...fad book about Wwli Digital version of the Warriors ... 5 disks, imb) Ths absolute monster ol a music demo contains 9 tracks spanning 28 minutes with
2. 6mags ol rave music and 200 kilobytes ol graphics. Get it now!
Andromeda...wickod demo.
A1200 6 Demo Compilation Jesus on E'a...(2 disks) The best rave music demo to dale.
Mlndwerp...Excellent AGA demo- show ott your A1200 z ~ * w (2 disks| ? 010.12 294 women...Thts phceo i 29« colour (Xture set contams beeutful women in IA256 format and wilt load onto any 24 taiAEA application such as Dpart etc and can be used on workbench backdrops FONTS Strictly PO presents an amazing new toot collection There ore 26 disks within me set in two forms Adobe Type 1 or scalable copy Nb PegeStreem *2.1. Prolessi Page *3 0 Pagesener *3.0. Wortben and *30 Bom types w* work with k ALL NEW DEMOS ? CL07.12 Montane. New York ? CIOS. 12 Iraq. Sou* OakoU ? CL0S.12 Senegal. Tuuaw ? CLIO.
12 Texas. Zimbabwe ? Clt1.12 Reptiles -good pcturee ? CL12.12 Actors ? CL13.12 Aircraft t 26 ? CL14.12 Aircraft 27-32 and cars ? CL1S.12 Birds 1-12 ? CL1S.12 Birds 13 29 ? CL17.12 Birds 30-41 ? CL1B.I2 Birds ? CL1S. 12 Birds ? CL20.12 Birds ? CU1.12 Brdt ? CL22.12 Brdt ? CU3.I2 Cats 1-16 ? CU4.12 Dogs 1-126 ? CUS.12 ExMorers 1-13 ? CUS.12 Fish 1 «2 ? CL27.12 Flowers t 13 ? CL2S.12 Fkmers 14-25 ? CUS.12 Flowers 26-37 ? CU0.12 Flower* 3850 ? CUI.I2 Flowers 51-62 ? CU2.12 Flowers 63-74 ? CU3.12 Flower* 7S07 ? CU4.12 Fowers 88-100 ? CUS.12 Flowers 101-113 ? CUS.12 Flowers 114-127 ? CU7.12 Flowers
129-138 ? CUS.12 F«ut 1-4 ? CUS.12 Fruit 5 18 ? CL40.12 Fruit ? CL41.12 Frontier 1-13 ? CL42.12 Horses 1-16 ? CL43.12 Horses 17-22 ? CL44.12 Insects 11-23 ? CL4S.12 Insects 24-41 ? CL46.12 Insects 42-50 ? CL47.12 Insects 60-63 ? CL44.12 m*emors 12 24 ? CL44.12 Inventors 25-30 ? CL4S.12 UammaH 12 26 ? CL4S.12 Mammah 27-45 ? 047.12 Mammals 46« ? CL4S.12 Mammals 66-82 ? CL4S.12 Mammals 83102 ? CU0.12 MemmMt 103119 ? CU1.12 Mamma* 121-141 ? CU2.12MammMe 142-158 ? CUS.12 Instruments 4-25 ? CL54.12 Instruments 26-36 ? CUS.12 M4tary 7-17 ? CU7.12 Prehetonc 2-19 ? CUS.12 Prehetonc 20 25 ? CLM. 12
People 9-50 (3 disks)
• ? CU0.12 People and Presidents ? CUU12 Piosidonts 1 40 (3
disks) ? CLS2.12 Reptiles 1 19 ? CLS3.12 Reptiles 19-3B ?
CLS4.12 Replies 39-50 ? CLB5.12 Ships 10-33 ? CUS.12 Sportsmen
? CUT. 12 Trees ? CUS.12 Treee ? CUS.12 Trees Blank disks... 12
M owe box... £7.50, 50... £22.50
100. .. £40.00. Moose mats... £2.99 ea
a. hi ms ? CL04.l2GuadM.Mnok, hresmap* ? CUS.12 kbde. Luxert»*g.
Fs ms ? CL0t.l2Uacaj r ? CL02.12 Brar*. Czed ALL NEW CLIP ART
? U23S.12 XI Rave eamplee...Garrett Watts 808 State samples
(IFF) ? U237.12 EasyCalc *1.0...Spreed sheet ? U238.12
Per8ench...the software to hook up two Amigas or CDTVs ?
U239.12 Developer... the offioal Commodore's developers lot.
? U240.12 EDPtayer...it looks, acts and sounds like a CO player!
? U241.12 3d graphics. , several 3d modeOng o ? U242.12 G ? U243.12 AGA UTILS 2.-256 Cotajr K fractals. 6803OO4OFPU •«'*«'* n WE NOW STOCK ASSASSINS GAMES 1-120 ? Cheques P.O's payable fo STRICTLY PO ? Buy 30 of more disks for Just 75p each ? Over 21 disks ONLY 85p EACH ? Only 99p per disk when you order 11 or more!
? Orders of 10 or less pay C1.25 per disk ? Please add Cl lo all UK orders lor first class postage.Orders from Europe please add 25p per disk and Resi of World add 50p per disk for extra postage costs ? Catalogue disk available only Cl Reviews of we* over 1000 disks . Loads more DEPT CU, 11 YORK PLACE, ?The compMs Swdfy PD. Library is now available r NR BRANDON HILL Ausirafca. To order a catalogue please send a chet*je ' or DOSttf Order tor S2 0010 Haraware Deof USP 29 HOTWELLS, BRISTOL BS1 5UT fou could pay hundreds of pounds to kit yourself out with word-processors, spreadsheets, databases
and other business software, but then again you could save yourself a packet by shopping around for PD alternatives.
EXCEL DATABASE If all you want is a very simple database without the complications of a more advanced program, this could be what you’re looking for. Most of the functions work fairly intuitively, although it’s strange that there’s no file requestor. To load a file you have to enter the path and filname *blind" as it were, without the aid of a directory listing. If you can get by with this, it should do you as a means of storing notes on any collections you may have.
17 Bit, no. 2496 AMIBASE PRO II This keyboard-driven database does look a bit intimidating at first, but despite the lack ot a mouse interface, it’s quite easy to use. You won’t find any startlingly powerful features, but it does the main jobs of filing, sorting and searching out info without any fuss. It gets the final vote over Excel for its superior speed and the inclusion of a file requestor.
17 Bit, no. 1654 ?
Mumsi mmmm n I:*;.. tr:-. ?. ... 2-.W. h. ,» &•£.-;** Sijjr.
«... JU--;. »:• . Ui*( u*.r I luu Atavf Liu %i Uliaf. II U». AtllBi in« Mil A-wie* :««rli! B»MM into ttirrir*: Ci*4iM M-kjk*. Vn Mm, hi* Cmo*M. R*t Oim »K« lit.: M Mr .»•» U, fell*: Vtt CmmKI): Ml* i mt 111" - kit fet.Mtrlr «« *wl Umu J’w £***•• L): *•*» *»«*• CurnMli: ACCOUNT MASTER 2.1 A Putting your home accounts into order won’t be a problem with Account Master. There’s no need tor a complex program here, and thankfully everything is kept as clear and simple as possible, without compromising on power and flexibility. Entering new transactions is no problem. All you do is enter the
date of the transaction, any code you may need, the amount involved, the item involved, and whether the money was debited or credited to your account. This information is then slotted into the file, which is then updated according to the new information. With no bother or fuss, it should suit anyone who needs to keep records of their incomings and outgoings.
Ground Zero, no.U273 EASYCALC Probably your best bet for a spreadsheet, Easycalc lives up to the implication of its name. If you’ve used awkward spreadsheets in the past, this should come as a breath of fresh air.
As well as being very simple to use, thanks to the combination of the menus and the general point-and-click interlace, it’s also very fast. IJ runs just about as fast as you work, so it shouldn’t slow you down. If you do find yourself struggling with a particular section, you can always turn to the on-line help function. It may not be as feature- packed as some of the vastly more expensive commercial offerings, but it should suffice for most home and small business situations.
17 Bit, no. 2507 4 TEXT ENGINE 4.0 Now this is a real corker of a program. It’s not just a simple text editor masquerading as a word processor, this is the real thingl Apart from all the usual editing functions, it’s got styling features such as bold, condensed, double strike, elite, enlarged, italic, NLO, pica, proportional, subscript, superscript and underline. There are also options to switch in and out of interlace and NTSC modes, and there’s even a spellchecker!
All of this on a PD disk is pretty stunning, and what’s more, the program itself is very easy to use, with all the standard window and menu systems as they should be. Great stuff.
SALES STAFF. ESTABLISHED FOR OVER 5 YEARS 'E WORLD, WELL OVER 4000 TITLES IN STOCK NEW PD ADDITIONS NEW PRICING STRUCTURE e note that with effect tro-n November 1st 1993 will apply to ALL PD Disk orders 1 To 10 Disks. Cl 50 Each 11 To 20 Disks 1 FREE Disk with every 10 ordered Postage and Packing 50p Per Order GRAPEVINE 16 The Scene Mag that needs NO introduction. £4.00 Inc P&P Packed with the usual goodies, utils, articles and modules for Amiga music lovers!
£2.50 or £4.00 with samples
- SOUNDS DIGITAL*- Alister Brimble presents his first ever Music
CD. Includes the famous Rave Tracfclrom Team 17 Game Project X
as well as other previously unheard synth tracks, y recorded &
Studio ty. Sounds Digital is for anyone with a taste in Synth
£10.99 *75p P&P FINAL FRONTIER 5 " Calling all Star Trek Fans"
T. F.F. is a dedicated Trek mag on 41 packed disks. Includes
exclusive artwork by T.Richter! £6.95 I COMPUGRAPHIC PACK 5
Disks including dozens of Compugraphic fonts for use in Final
Copy. Pagesetter 3 or Propage v3.
£6.00 Inc. P&P Easily tha most popular gamas compilations around today. Wa now stock tha entire rang up to disk 95!
Thats around 375 gamas! Thay sre available as individual disks at £1.25 DISK PRICES 17 BIT FISH ETC ....£1.25 SCHEME 17..if. £2.00 AM FM MAG £2.50 AM FM SAMPLES...£2.50 CLR SINGLE £3.50 CLR 2 DISK SET £4.50 CLR 3 DISK SET £4.99 CAT DISKS 50p UK PD ORDERS 50p OVERSEAS ORDERS 20% (MIN OVERSEAS P&P1.00) PLEASE ADO 75P P4P FOR COMMERCIAL GAMES, DISK BOXES ETC. BY POST Our Address is: 17 BIT SOFTWARE 1ST FLOOR OFFICES 2 8 MARKET STREET WAKEFIELD WEST YORKSHIRE WF1 1DH PLEASE MAKE CHEQUES PAYABLE TO 17 Bit Software BY FAX (0924) 200943 Leave Order & Credit Card details We also slock most new Amiga
games at over 20% Discount!!
Call for details!
BY PHONE (0924) 366982 Access Visa Switch AMEX ORDERING
* 2756 OB Samples Volume II ¦2757 DB Samples Volume 1 ¦2756 3
Ways To Stop Smoktng
* 2755 Easycatc *
* 2754 (ABCD) Last Stand On Hoth 3Meg Amm SUPERBl
* 2753 (AB) Ur Men OfympKS (Be*')
* 2752 Gumbys Games Comp
• 275i Pezzas Games Comp
* 2750 Gumbys Fractal Gens
* 2749 Short Modules Disks
* 2746 Edword Pro V4.0 X2747 (AB) Motorola 020 Invaders
* 2746 Techno Modules *5
* 2745 Techno Modules ‘4
* 2744 Techno Modules *3
* 2743 Techno Modules '3
* 2742 Techno Modules '2
* 2741 Techno Modules‘1
* 2740 Spectrum Games Volume '1
* 2739 Address Book
* 2738 k(AB) Digital Disk Mag "3 ¦2737AZ SpeM V2.01
* 2736 kconPlus *3
* 2735 kconPkis '2
* 2734 IconPtus "1
* 2733 (AB) Lunchtime Disk Mag'3 ¦2732 Amr-Logo (language)
* 2731 Exit 13 Game
* 2730 Church Music ModulesII
* 2729 Amy PD Review ‘4
* 2728 TeteOtte V2 (kjwres)
* 2727 Teteutte V2 (hires)
* 2726 Telescroll Titter
* 2725 Spidersolt Utils
* 2724 ASI Back To School 2 ¦2723 AS! Back To School 1
* 2722 Bloadrunner Game
* 2721 ZAKS Stones 6 Slides 2720 Game Tamer V4 59
* 2719 MardetpkX V2.4
* 2718 Fatrhght Virtual Dreams
* 2717 Music Engine ¦2716 Thrust Duel VIJ
* 2715 Dmowarp
* 2714 Magic Factory Slideshow ’2
* 2713 UtH Disk Maker V3.0
* 2712 MenuMaster III
* 2711 intense Game ¦2710 Spectrum Emulator
* 2709 Magic Factory Slideshow '2 ¦2708 Super Pong ¦2707 Humtr*
* 2706 Viewtek VI.5
* 2705 RD Prep
* 2704 HotBkJi
* 2703 Revent ll
* 2702 Pods Wizard Jm
* 2710 Spectrum Emulator v1.7
* 2709 Mage Factory Slideshow
* 2708 Super Pong
* 2707 Numtns
* 2706 viewtek v 1.5
* 2705 RD Prep
* 2704 Hotbkox
* 2703 Reversi 2
* 2702 Pools Wizard JM
* 2710 Entity
* 2699 PP Mn, Cruncher .2696 HD Ckck V253
* 2697 Space Invasion
* 2696 Friends of Paula Music
* 2695 Akira Pics ‘2 FISH TO 910!
ALL CLR TITLES We ars proud lo present our collection of over 1700 library ™ disks compiled onto a double collection for all A570 & CDTV users. The disks contain the vai bulk of the 17 Bit library up to 2301 which include classics sue as Odyssey & Hardwired Etc. JM some of the awards so far include 98% - The One 89% - Amiga Format 95% CDTV User Group yours now for £39.99 *£1 PI NEW FROM THE.
The Aminet CDROM C from the States Is E and Is chocka M hundreds of Utils.
Pictures. You would • believe how many I modules are on the C Is amazing! Plenty of 1 AGA Utils Pics t Yours for the usual r price of only £19.99 4 CDPD VOLUME 2 The contxmatton ot the Fred Fsh range plus the entire SCOPE & JAM ranges disks too! Unbeatable value £19 99 *75p P&P DEMO CD Over 650 Megabytes ot demos, dparts. Music, slideshows, games an uttbts. Not» menbon over 1000 modules! £19 99.75p P&P C' aWS Geotogy Soto' System Colour Pad A Chord TAM Ftsfjog H&*$ ky 109 Weds d.'yj Ladders HO (3) .Basically Amiga ...Lets Learn Alphabet TeacA HomoB'e* Eco.’ogy fast F w If
16(3} History Votvmel |f 17 T ‘oga.' g WG* & P'S, M 19 Ptoy t Safc If 20 But Top fun |f 21 jqamersa Cross leacrof Ms 0 fOV Language Speed Reading Coacr. Cyyc SNAP CA1T Fur. W.ir Co-00 Pretvsrof* foe Pec* £ 30 Peg a P iur* E31 (2) ....Understanding Amos £32(2) .Spitfire £ 33 (2) ...Messerschmitt £34(2) ...Your first Pony £ 35(3) Solar Systems Vloume 2 £ 36 (2) The Time Machine E 37 .The Discovery of America E 38 (2) ...Home inventions E 39 (2) ......My Little
tLE40: .....Borealis Junior CLE 41 (2) Basically Medicine CLE 42 .Photography Tutorial CLE 43 .....Language Quiz CLE 44 .Photo Tutor ’2 Clf 45 fon Woh CuOOy CL£ 46 Human Anatomy CLU01 - _ Wtoeouves CLU 02 F*ntr oe* CLU 03 Typ.ng tutor CLU 04 A phagrapr- CLU 05 Menu Maker CLU 07 P*iyto CLU 08(2l WcdP oer CLU 09(21 Ptoy N Rave CLU 10 Rower Accounts ClUH CatC CLU 12 Virtu Wynoows CLU 13 Dans CLU 14 Stoc* ConroHx CLU 15 Epoch Vt CLU 16 XstZc* CLU 17 LC1M.C2C Fonts CLU 18 LC2GC Fonts CLU 19 24 P* Fonts CLU20 BJ!0
Fonts CLU 21 invOKoMaste’ CLU 22 ...Hard Drive Menu CLU 23 ..FI 5 Animbrushes CLU 24 Red Lotus Animbrushes CLU 25 (2) Star Fighter Brushes CLU 26 (2) .Star Voyager Brushes CLU 27 ....Image Base CLU 28 ......Creative Adventure Kit CLU 29 ...G.F.X CLU 30 Draw Selector V2.0 CLU 31 ....Flowcharter CLR WAREZ When Only The Besl Will Do Missus!
CLG 01...... . The Adventures of Noms CLG 02 ....Dark Things CLG 3 CLG 04 Pruts* v X System CLG 05 r?!
CLG 05 Tr A* r Cn * ..Obkterafion CL G 08 1 1 CL G 09 Wow Du C(G '0 future Shoe* CLG ii CiG i?
Ay Guns Btozug Bu'idcze- Bet CiG t ?
Paisoo CiG •4 Son Sma eneac CiG 15 Spodge CIG i7 tmbrtum CLG iff 5 8 AN 29 CLG 19 i3l CLG 20 Stesar t scape Juogto Hung:* CLG 2i CLG 22 CLG 23...... Power ...Stocking Fillers ...Marvin The Martian CLG 24...... CLG 25 .White Rabbits CLG 26 CLG 27 Monster Zs.V*r*j CiG 28 CIG29 fksy ClGX Caftan* CtG3t CiG 32 Duty rttex** CiG 33 Hat O' Rocn* Cl0 34 CLG 35 OG‘ All 17 Bit Disks Can Be Ordered From Any Ot The Following:- i- CLE - EDUCATION CLG - GAMES CLU - UTILITIES AUTHORISED MAIN DEALERS Computer Man Perth. W. Australia Sottler Software Bandhagen. Sweden
Silicone DP Monlpellier. France Northwest PD Washington. USA System Compbac Tokyo. Japan Hard Joy PD Kobenhavn V, Denmark Great Value PD Waihi. New Zealand Computer Studio Alberta, Canada TAGE COSTS AND ORDER OUR L VFORh AMIGA A2000V2.05.ECS A500 V ¦aUHsMM a- 1 1 54,000 1 .1 74,800 | A4000-030 5HD 120ME 3 A4000 68040 6MB ¦ 269,000 378,000 49
• 5.900 45 «0
95. 50) 1B9X
129. 001
29. 90) ..-27.900 ’9.800
49. 600
27. 900
77. 000 lla*Ka*r! ) 30:- J 726C0 AFA0S PROFFESSONAi 1».0C SASC
LATICECV60 .18.90: DEVPAC3 -
a. !05
35. 803 ..42:-kr at 1 dlak.. 2 disk i 3 diak i 2ZMN .115AM
* 53000 ..XXfi
* 5X0 ..i5*.Ct0 CDTV CD
- CDPD 1 Fred Fish 1-680
- CDPD 2 liars Fish, Scope mm
- CDPD 3 Fish 781-880 mm.
- Demo Collection
- Demo Colleotlon 2 325:- st
- Alistair In Outhar Space 335:- st
- 17 Bit Collection Over 1 GB av spel, demos mm.
565:- dubbel CD Jting f6r info om kompetibllitet & andra tkivcrl
• ¦ ' 1*W) 30(0) i a :co ....JI2S0 ....«980 . 44.4C0
227. 0(0 27460 yxrhx nvii S-124 C2 Bandhagen __ a f SVENSKAR!
| Bestall 17 Bit diskar fran oss!
«n ends off Icl silt godkAnd* leverant&ren sv 17 Bit diskar I Skandlnavlan ftrutom alia 17 Bit diskar, ftver 2700, har vl ca 3600 andra diskar!!!
I 1 till 3 diskar 23kr st 21 och flar 17kr st Uoma Och.pQrtO inflAf 3 till 10 dlskar.‘._..20kr st Fred Fish 14kr st Ring 08-749 08 06 (Or ett 1 till 20 diskar 16kr st Minst 11 Fish 13kr sl kostnadsfritt flygblad!
VI har aven D( [PD Shareware fflr n tala pd PostGIro nr' 426 99 36-3 n* och Irokl ingir. Ing»l llllkami d PQ Inbatalnlng. Vld talafonbeslillnlng llkommar 17kr I postffirskottsavglft L 08-749 08 06, tel. Int. +46-8-749 08 06 NQRGE & FINLAND: god batala 1094 axtra per order, mln.
K 30 taok. Betalning end ad t I SEK.
Ijllghet till momafrl laverana llnna vid irre ordar (t.ex COTV CD32 aklvor) [AM FM musikdisktidning 30:- kr j Mmmum
• FTUHRtj- Ihagcu tcL int. +46-(0)8-749 08 06 I Vi har CLR
Till myckat fdrminligo prlser!
VI Hair ttver 6000 F» D I DISKKATALOG rA.* TfSSSr, TBJRAFTy' person aniuaicn recc«cer ..29!.:o IMPACT VtSdCM 24 ....229 CO VOEOTOASTEPA6A I5.800 PEBSOW iK V 149.3* MCWHPWS ...29.000 ¦A-KTdS BSSCCMTBCXLERWe ...-56,000 KS 0 T M* PiX 2'21*2SH»FOtXS* JST»l?Cll 8SX0 126UB25 WPD D6X LTDT AIOT 14X0 W*?SMPC3S*'.NTA12(I3 ISK0 S»625h»TO0®(V*TA1SCO .41.400 A*Q$ ! SC&2 HD CONTROLLER MX ,.2-LPGFAI€'l*«BCW '9 ex «• JSGPA3EKHWCFCM '2C0' IW.T5TART RCM SWTO€R . '2»J E TEPW LCP°‘ Drf E*K0 AKCO 33OX NTSFTOL FC RCP1" Drf.t VO'J 23 »3 nteftoj. Ao acp»«
cof.E u»: zo : a*C*lP ELCO* =10»' w VE 25»: W99M JOT.
SCENERY AMMATCfl 4 ....-..9.800 GblLUAMCE iEcU'E =*IHT ASA
• AA&NE 2 VAC: MAS "6 s RETN4 2UB OC.TV.
CAUGARI24 ALADOIN 40 ..... REAP 30 V2 0
2... CHB3AWEYR.US axitmwoma VASMRAMFCAVXUO .....
DERN3ER25AM-4W8 .... MERCURY 2OKA3CC0 ......
A9MCOROMF5 .. SWMWM4iee3*iSA4tO______ snn aw m*e*
awe ec« SNM RW 5i©««X 03PRC K Ogft'EWMKUSTATWl......
cumvn .. SMI 32 SC BAN S9COO . MSI
PUS-------------- MEGA M* MASTER ..... “TSs ¦iSab-*-
PIUS ..34.900 A2386 BRIDGE BOARD ....42.M0 EUPLANT
DELUXE ......78.0(0
LAB 24 BIT------------ GL0C* GENLOCK ..... A12-FPC0 SCSI
GROCE 4CMHZ GFC«CE5»IHZ.4W«»: m- WTHCOBOVOA-KO SSJMWTHCCBCAFQA'KO A53)TUfl9CH0l?»6'ie4i»lH2 imxksm TEL: 03-3837-8689 FAX: 03-3837-8218
14. 800 39000 .16900 GAMES With prices ot games rising all the
time, the PD is an oasis ot cheap and cheerful entertainment.
Playability Is the priority here, and while you won’t find many graphical stunners, there are stacks that'll have you waggling your stick Into the small hours.
CLASSIC CONVERSIONS One ot the best things about the PD games scene is that you can get your hands on all those old classics that no commercial developer will convert. In a lot of cases, there are many different versions of the same original game, so you can find the Defender clone that suits you down to the ground! On wtth the show... DONKEY KONG This is a game and a hall. The original platform game, the one that introduced Mario to the world, has come across to the Amiga almost perfectly Bignonia have carried out the conversion, and paid great attention to all the little details of the old
coin-op. So the gameplay is pretty much identical.
You get the original four levels, plus an extra one if you can collect all of the bonuses on the other levels. This is such a close copy that the only difference I can find is the trick about waiting at the top of the ladder with your hand just touching the girder, which should stop anything coming down on top of you. Now that's pretty * picky 111 admit, but as that's about the only difference, it just shows what a good job the Bignonia boys have done. Excellent, essential, and all that stuff.
Ground Zero, no. G169 POPEYE Another conversion from Bignonia. This is a carbon copy of the C64 conversion of the com op (of the cartoon, of the comic etc...). The original was a three-level platform game, but this version has an extra one thrown in for good measure.
As with all of these old coin-op conversions, the graphics are tiny, and the sound effects are merely blips, but the gameplay is still there. It’s not in the same league as Donkey Kong, but that's just down to the original game The conversion is spot on. So fans of the original should get their copy without delay.
Cynostic, no. G0206. _ SPACE INVADERS MOTOROLA INVADERS II A more frantic alternative is Motorola Invaders. It’s an AGA-only game, and makes use of the extra speed, memory and colours of the A1200 and 4000 by using loads of sprites, colourful backdrops and a massive sampled soundtrack sampled from Metallica.
Unlike the old Space Invaders, these fall from the sky when you shoot them, and kill you if they hit you. Instead of lining up in neat rows, waiting to be shot, they begin swarming around the screen like flies, gradually getting closer to the ground.
Once you've cleared one lot. They regroup into a new formation, and come at you again, and again, and again. Metal fans will go for the excellently sampled soundtrack, and anyone else who likes a good hard zap should find enough to get stuck into. * Cynostic, no. G0211 AMOEBA INVADERS For real Space Invaders action, this is the only choice. The gameplay is virtually Identical, and so are the graphics. For once the programmers have got the alien sprites exactly as they were in the old coin-op - even the spaceships are just the same.
If s one of those conversions that lets you use nearly all your old tricks, like picking off the invaders from the top first, and leaving one in the end row to speed things up. The sound effects are a little different, but just as good, with a nice bassy noise when you shoot an alien. Very nice indeed.
17 Bit, no.71 GAMES GAMES h ?
'SCVTJtt mM'4 TETRIS GAMES GIGER TETRIS Tens spruced ip with HR Qger artwork Is what we've got here.
Unfortunately mere doesn't seem to be joystick control opeon. And playing It Irom the arrow keys is a bit on the awkward side. The backdrops are nice, and the music Is different - a fairly realistic sounding dasse piece, which is probably quite nice If you like violins and that.
Vlrua Free PD, no. TET13 TETRIS PRO This one's the better ol the two, not only because it has ioystick control, but also because ot the handy feedback you get from the sound effects. It's all nice and clear, so you're never in two minds as to whether that block is lined up exactly over the gap. The grid on the background helps keep it all nice and neat.
Virus Free PO. No. TET07 1 * % SA KARATE WORM This rates about 8 out of ten on the stupidity factor. The title suggests it's a bit strange, and that it certainly is.
You take control of Karate Worm, in a kind of pink and wriggly cross between Manic Miner and a Bruce Lee Hm. Being rather deprived in the old cranial region, Mr Worm has only managed to master one move: the flying kick. However, armed with this one deadly blow, you have to dear each screen of lesser karate worms, whilst avoiding the nasty green crawly things II this was Radio t. I'd probably describe it as "absolutely bonkers mater, but this isn't radio one. So I won't.
Rr w Diskovery PD, no. G231 SYSTEM 4 Very professionally presented, this is an excellent variation on the O'Bert theme. As in the old coin-op. The idea is to bounce around the isometric 3D screens, filling in all the squares by touching them all. Nasty bouncing aliens are out in force to stop you. That's about it for the gameplay, but even though it s an extremely simple game, the different level designs help to keep the interest level up. There's a good arcade like feel to the whole thing, and the two-player mode can only extend its appeal further still.
Ground Zero, no. G162 1 £ I j-jJ.
B .||b 4® GAMES CONT.
BOUNCE AND BLAST Now this really is something a bit special: a real commercial quality game doing the PD rounds. Okay, you wouldn't expect to find it selling for £25. But it's easily up to the standard of a lot of budget games.
It's a standard horizontally- scrolling platform game in the Mario mould, with some excellent colourful spntes and backdrops, and lots of varied levels. There are some irritating flaws in the level design (such as the way you canl avoid taking hits in order to shoot the baddies), but for the price of a disk, this is superb value.
Ground Zero. G183 GNU CHESS WIBBLE WORLD GIDDY Yet another commercial-quality platform game. W®0» World OOOy borrows ideas trom the Di2zy series, resulting in a very slick arcade adventure.
Giddy himself is a blob with massive hands, who waBis around Wibble World with a constant grin on his face. Around the Beano-style parks and streets, you'll come across Ninja Turtles, spiders and seagulls, all ot which are out to get you.
However, you will find some friends, and it's these that you'll need lo help in order to get through the levels Bnlliant cartoon graphics and smooth animation round off one ot the best PD games available.
Cynostic PD. No. G0112.
Chess games are pretty rare on the Amiga, especially ones that feature menus of the moose family in their names. Unfortunately for wildlife fans, there seem to be no Gnus at all in this game, but at least the chess has been pretty well done.
There's no messing around with the keyboard for this one - it's all controlled from the mouse. Just click on the piece you want to move, then click on the destination square, select Got from the menu and that's all you need to do. The computer skill levels are based upon how much thinking time it gets, so if you have enough patience, it can play quite a mean game.
Ground Zero, no. G2222 TRANSPUNT This has to be the best shoot 'em up in the pubbc domain. As usual, it's pretty basic as far as gameplay goes, but it doesn't half play well. It's a bit like Asteroids, but instead of your ship flying around the screen, the whole play area revolves around your ship. This calls for some nifty manoeuvring on your part, as you keep track of the aliens at all times via the scanner that's overlaid on the middle of the screen. You're never short of firepower, and the aliens come at you thick and fast To cap it all, everything runs really smoothly. This has everything
a good zapper should (including a simultaneous two-player mode), and should not be missed on any account.
ALPHA PD. No. 138 ICE RUNNER Anyone who remembers Lode Runner will be instantly at home with Ice Runner. The graphics have improved since the monochrome stick men of the original, but the gameplay is still pretty much the same.
The idea is to rid the level of all the aliens. To do this, you need to hack holes in the ice with your axe, and then entice the nasties to fall into your traps. Once you've got them all. A ladder appears as if by magic to take you off to the next level.
It's quite a bit easier than the original, and the graphics are a lot bigger, so it'll probably go down well with the younger gamers Ground Zero, no. G216. HELLZONE A- Decent PD shoot 'em ups are pretty hard to come by, so it's a real treat when something like Hellzone crops up. Basec on games like R-Type. It's a mean right to left scrolling zapper that runs at a smoot* 50 frames per second.
It's got all the bells and whistles: plenty of weapon upgrades, snaking alien attack formations, lots of different enemies to splat, spooky levels and booming sound effects. Gameplay-wise it's pretty hot too - far from easy, but not so difficult as to be overly frustrating. Good stuff.
Ground Zero, G193 LCD DREAMS A quaint trip back to the days of LCD games, this disk has conversions of four o* the better known hand held games: Fire.
Octopus, Ol and Parachute. The games have gained colour in the conversions, but other than that they’re almost identical. For added authenticity, you can play with the keyboard, just as you used to with the little buttons on the originals. Well worth a shot for anyone with a sense of humour.
17 Bit, no. 2356.
ASSASSINS COMPILATIONS Special mention must go to the Assassins games compilations.
They were up to volume 128 at the last count! On average, each single- dtsk volume contains three games, so that’s nearly 400 games In the collection! Assassins disks are available from most PD libraries, such as PD Soft for example.
WE ALSO STOCK 99p per disk FRED FISH 1-890 T-BAGS 1-57
AMIGA l ljl -TETRA COPY Af D163 •H4ftftJtK6fW0 i*!
1A1 GAMES PACK IUI omy£1299 101 ol the best games compilation suitable hr all age & for oil Amiga Um*BKOfHYn§tSY*OI( 177-ElECTR KADV1.t 02*0 -ANARCH* U! 96 -ULT DSX CREAK Um-S02M :: x-pnozrAi lW»*SCflENEHV'A' iPAHTW _______POST USE L...,, U229-SUDE CONST KffM U23UTHE GAME TAMER (A) (30+ GAM! PK 1,2 013 OUT E3.W EAQl) :W -SCCi -K'; U2P«0 CHANNEL:
D. PAINT FONT VOL i (4 DISKS) (140 - QUUTT ¦it map form) ONLY
£5.00 PS LOGO FONT VOL 1,2003 TOP QUALITY ¦nyBSrr KMSPStvauao
• H«M UtBVlW ONLY £5.00 JsitsSSr.
Cny DTP prog.-om •fxil sup- p IjcfenTa' 99p per disk U2SM U25S-L . U261 -JAMDtSOH U2M-COPY AND CRALXIUU U287 SCO PASCAL (2) (A) im-MESSY SO 21 A) Wll -POWER LOGO M lOISdHmER UTILITY U321-GRAPHIC UTIL 16] (A) U331 -PCWERUENUES A pwawsrWTA uioflcazw mdmcopYiA j&mjBel a A U336-MULTIYI- U339-MULTIVt______ UM3 -LiTTLE OFFCE A U3SO-POCA TOOL I U3S2 -DESK TCP W. „ , L0S6-TEXT ENGHE 3.4 A LOST-BON APATITE I A) Wilt j (063 -DISK REPAIR IOT Ml U36i-HOME ACCOUNT't; LB66-MECASHLA) m-CAPTKHilkmiA) U372-WOROSORTIA) U376-NCCMU 2 (A) U377.NWMU3 + U383-LYAPVNCV SENATOR A) CLIPARTS Atfi -JAMES WHKiSAkW
i. v. ‘.V. .i A:a« sm as-sf.’fi?
PACE GnCiTA WARHOfW EDUCATION & 21 GAMES PK 1 OURKSTSBlBt B8T Of EDUCATIONS A 21 GUMS (fOKAUAMKAS) ONLY £5.00 J&VTu (asu%sr EXT8A FO.T & LCGO AVAJl SMAU KM '«iB7UP£asw° COMPATABLES NOTE A500 (WB 1 J) AMY DISK A500+ A600 WITH k( + ) A1200 (WB 3) WITH A (A) CDTV A1S00 A2000 IK Chock for (kkkstart) that match one of the top AMIGA sDGOOV'iA1 :l£4GUE(AJ u568-(CCWCC**Sri u560.ACruO£SO» Umi rtWGKETC Pfl USS4.NEW SUPER h FREE CATALOGUE YU FEU mu LIST CATALOCUI WTTH EvtEY OffDf ff Off Ml WITH I STAMP DISK CATALOGUE Send 3 * I clou stem (Include PEP). We reccemmend the disk catalogue as H contained Ml
dlscrlpthn el oror 300 ?
Disks A special e fars Shads at gaedles PRICE & HOW TO ORDER PRICES_99p per disk P0STA6E-70p per order (Europe odd 25p per dil (or P&P) (Worldwide odd 50p per disk P&P) Make PO or CHEQUE payable ft FIVE STAR PD Sand tax -?
Tf quality disk 1 FIVE STAt IAIUS it disks art 100% error aad virus free despatch same day (withia 24hrs) VE-STAR ’ SOFTWARE: WE STOCK OVER 3000+ DISKS CATALOGUE WITH EVERY ORDER FREE FIVE STAR (DEPT CU9) AS NEMESIA AMINGTON TAMWORTH B77 4EL TEL: 0827 08498 (OPEN 7 DAYS MAN 9am HI 2pm) AC2S *£1X 3S IV SRACE1A] m'f T fU T I MX *8flS5®Bw A039-NEWTEK I2M A0S1 -DATMGAMES (MB)® AC63-JJQQLERB Al dBoNgvragafl HL
• i;.v vs • ¦ tmimAgfai rap A -SWAi - »S6* TSMEWMllM A ice * AMD
Ai(7*«W0FWfl6EPl(« Ai88-PERIL0fTHE[XEP2iA aCBT :7?sn©0(*|
2-SYSm2XtA) U**e-FONT PiARMJA) (1466 -GRAPE V9£12 OVA)
Uoa twnm UM-CANOOlMBxA, iror •cuGHTijutm (033 -CROSS DOS* I im ¦oamstMmj UOSS-MAGCREATMAl (059 *0«SC SAIVAGEAi
- L4aa rr.-vv;-» 1091 -FORTRAN LANS LOSt -PROTRACKER Vs
C*o -ttgyEiHm Ot20-S°EEDBEKH2 tMH -SICE MAKER IN mmim U427.PRINTER STUDC S2Ci-ST.M miSp-*0i SOI -NT MODULES (1-31 550’ INSTRUMENT l-S f MUSICS UIOI -DATABASECATM] AMI WALKER 11212) (A HOW TO ORDER make che oe. With banker* cart number or postal order* payable to 'ORION PD' All order* despatched Id claw same da* = A5M*IA4McoapadUe n-Number of disks
• = -nti*program ..only WB2J3 SPECIAL PAC Bl .SIVF.88 PACK 1
ConUun* CIJPART PACK 4 Contain* GAMES PACK 1 Contain* GAMES
PACK 2 KS 5 diik* £4. *5 5 dlak* £4.45 5 disks £4.95 3 disk*
£2.95 5 divks £4.95 5 disks £4.95 5 disks £4.95 5 disks £4.95 5
disks £4.95 5 dbk* £4.95
UK ORDERS 75p EUROPE-£2.00 WORU)---£400 PRICES 1-5 DISKS £1.25
9-19 DISKS 99p 20- DISKS 89p 0298 Sntu - Puuel p OXDCrirtral •
0303 Enaa • 0306 Dwnuno.- 0307 Trail Bwxa • 0308 (team Gallon
11 - G310 Airport • 0312 Rouktte - 0314 15 fcmtix • (2)
0316 ten*.(tellorel2* 0317 Ktektri. * 0320 Turto Throw*
0322 23 Cteanpiad -12) 0324 Oblidox 0325 Sky Flyer • 0326
Cricket 2 * 0327 Game. Oaltore 13 - 0328 htnd Game. -
* 0377 De«*ndc* • (1330 Compilatioa - 0334 War- 0335 E-Type 2 •
0336 Box • Advedure U129 Education • U394 Protracktr 301 *
U693 96 CO Footo * (4) U134 Oarfield Clip Art • U395 OctaMed 2
• U697 98Tool Mngr2l*tf) UI38 Form. Unlimrtrt U400 Clip art 4
- aircraft. 11699 703 Education 1 *(5) U139PCTaik203 • U401
Clipart 24-comicart U704 W8 Education2 *(5) UI40 Animated
rcqueiier.- L402 Clipart 26 • banner. U70W12 Ari audiomn*K 4)
1114! Video Muiic Boi ¦ U403 Clip art 28-bottcrflie. U713 AO
cmort £ copy la- U404 Clip art 31 • border. U7I4A0 mu»iviaon2 «
U405 Clip ait 32-Mac dip. U71V17 AO baady loola(3) at 50 •
ammaU 11718 Aurorooyl- DEMOS D001 Fractal, demo DOOtNoUmMdemo
D014 15 Red motor (!) • D020 Ray of boon 2
1) 021 Alpha omega- D022 Voyage • 0024 28 Oaymcy (5) * DOXV32
Alcatraz (3) D035 36 Mud wired (2) D037 Iraq demo GAMES 0001
Coenpihrioo I • 0002 Cotnpibtam 2 • 0003 Compikdioa 3 • 000*
Compibtion 4 - 000621 Oanee • 0007 3D Braakeut * 0008 Yelp-
0013 Ltematroo 0016 Super Quiz 2* 0017 Ar Ace 2 0021 Hypertoll
• 0023 Doody - 0027 Prait Machine 1 0029 Jicww - 0031
hfath.Adret.ine • 0038 lyplomacy - 003940 C64 Oamaa (2) - G047
Mr 4 Mr. - 0051 Dragon Ium - (054 Soccer league • 0056 FI
Challenge 3.0 - 082 Vbw* 1 • 0083184 Star Trrt 1 ANIMATION
A001 Tbe Walker demo 1 • A002 Tbe Walker demo 2 - A006 Star
War. .
A008 Fractal Flight UTILITIES U001 Electro Cad • L 002 C-Ligbt * U003 M-Cad • UOO* D-Ccpy 3.1 • IC05 Mcuy Sid II • 108 label Deugnt* - n 10 » «Q13 A A015 gntron A dm 20 * A016 Agatron Adm 25 • A017 Agatron Aram 28 * A018 Agatron Adm 31 * A025 Star Irak A027 Batman Ainm A028 Raickr. Aina A031 At the rnovin. 1 5Mb AO*6 Strakhy A mm • A047 Vietnam conflict • AOUV49 Adi Lotnmin 2Mb A050 Strokhy 2 • A051 Amy v Walker - A053 King Ftiher 1 U406Ctip 1541020 A mateu U422 La« will-teaai 0423 Icon. 3 - ;S * U43S AlMOdown p
• U443 The w-otal c 0445 48 Vii 0449 IBM PC I U4J0QA Ted • 0459
Printer Dri.e 109 L pti UtiUtn II idi Solvate • U016 Red Devil.
Ulii U0I9 New Soper KiO.
U020 Printer Utilitte.
1027 World DoOdnnk U028 A64 EmuUkir C 100 Label Print • 1X131 Crow 5.1* 1032 Sid II 1XD3 Print!
1X04 38 Clip Alt (S) tX09 delianae Font.
1X140 Amibaae Pro 2 10*2 Typing Tulo.
U727 HD In 11728 OkiIIo ’ U730Dirt s. U157 Zoom
* U159 Diak Prid 3-59 U161 65PTOC UI67 D038 Amo. Big dam D039 44
Tbe Wall (6) D045 46 km. Oa E'. (2 D049 Stale of the art * I
*350 In the kitehen * 1X152 LSD demo 28 * 0054 F«b tank - D055
LSD demo 29 • 0056 LSD demo 35 - D162 Pheiomern demo D163 No
Hmt cdWctioi D168 A triple 0737 C U739Fe.Ba.ic • U749 Print
Manager • U753 Dynamitefctu 2 U754 EDWord Pro 4.0 • 0755 Dart
Machine • U756 Lockprik 2 - *** 11757 ftint a card • U7SB Pro
I. Wizard * 10759 Vim. Ftotectioa - 1 760 Red Devil. Uti 2 •
0761 Rad DeviU Uti 4 » 0762 AI200clauic fur* 0763 AI200elaaaie
fuw.2* 0771 Nuniped A600«*ly OT72 Fladung Byte. Uti 3* . Lie
requwUr* 1459 Printer Driven 2 • Ul 75 A Backup 2.43 • 0463 0*
WB3 Uflldea* (2) U176 Bbaae III U - 0562 Ea.y Prid UlSOIQTertr
• 0565Kid. Paint- 0183 Tb. Money Program*1566 Wert bench hack.
• U221 ProDeooMtker U568 Prid Tool. * U223 Font EcfcVv • 0578
Scenery oon.tructio: 0229 Dii* Mate 4.1 • US84Ultimate did
creator U236 Vertex 3D Editor- ttf 87 D Paid Fod. • U2381
andupe (terdening 0611 Fo« Bum • 0242 Deli Tree*- • 0614
Dynamae Font. 1 - U247 Antinicker • 0621“
0341 Bank mv-Artrdure A05* OboM 1W Adm 0342 Dr hax Pacman 1.4 * A055 56 Tbe Cirena Act • 0343 Iviker * A057 AmUron Aram 37 G34S Mompoly 2 * A058 Kick Bour 0346 Shuffla Rub • A062 Gulf Conflict - 2hfl 0347 Tank Hunter • A063 Bart frcm tbe bewefa* 034*350 Nedack *(3)Adv A066 Steam engine Adm * Ot Ol 10 Frail Martii*2 0113 Topol the league - Ol 14 Dr. Mario * Oil5 Soccer Card * 0119 Battle Can 2 • 0120 Growth - G129 Tetren • 0187 Total War • 0188 No Mana l-ial - 0192 New Card (tent.. - 0194 Frail Machire 3 - 0204 Term. • 0220 Brat* 0225 Emprra * 0235 Maoer 6 the town 0236 StoA market game 0245
Return to Earth • 0257 Otew Tutor- 0258 Elho. • AdreoUin 0263 Airimaia • 0274 Survivor - Adv 0280 Tanka • 0283 Worm foie - 0286 Lemmineoid. • 0289 Bug bhwirr 0290" 0292 0295 00*4 C 0055 HD Click 253 - 006? Picture Sever - U071 Icon. 1 • U072 Free Paid • 0073 Gelignite Eod. 3 U074 Mullipbyer • 0076 Midi StufT • 0079 leon Edrtor • 0081 A-DocJOl •
1. 083 Cartoon Bnuhe. • 0086 Fit. Copy 1.8- 1088 Spectrum Emu
1.7- 1089Text Engine 4 - 1092 Pad. Tool. 2* 1X193 BIOS 1.1 •
1099 Burin*. Card • 0100 Amira Tutorial • 0103 Animation
Studio - U104 Slide Show Maker* 0106 Findci Itatahow -
0108Fiteofa« • UIIOASI 0111 Rai i 0115 Emu 0117600 Burinew
0120 Magtebc Page. • U123 North C* 0124 126 C Manual (3).
0128 A-Oena 4.18* 0253 Menu Ma.ter 3.0 * U623 Speedy Wortbanrt • 0772 Flariung Byt.
0254 Cheque Book - 1624 25 CoLur dip art 7 * 0773 Droacn Paid 0255 Blue Row FonU 1 - 0636 Dir Marter • COLOUR CU 0256 Video Manaaer - 0638 Mega Cheat. 2 • 0774 Map. 1 - A068 Oa. T A069 72 A AO75 Car Anim JPART 0354 Tetri. AGA* 0355 Bomb lacky * A090 Fhahl Anim * 0356 Fighting Warrior. • A092 Dpaint Anim 1 * 0357 Cmry Sue 2 - U776 Bird. 1 - 1777 Bird. 2 -
• 0657 Adrenturo orator- U778 Bird. 3 •
- 0662Picture.4 Letter.* 1779 Ftewer. - 0(69 Football league
edilorl780 How. 1 • 0673 Magnum • U78lHorwa2* 1676 Account
Marter - 1782 InwcU 1 * 0677 Skick* .mutate A500 1783 InwcU 2 *
1784 Admal. - 0785 MnmmaU U786 InBiumenU U787 Military • 0271
De grader 1J * 0650 Word 0272 Zkidt AGO emuktra 0651 0275 Aucho
1777 81 Colour K 0282 Nib 2 copier 1783 link Office • 0302 Plo* Nfcp • 0313 Orindnr - 0314PC«»Amiga 0334 Slip “ A093 D-Paint Anim 2 • Al 17 Agatron Anim 12* Al 18 Agatron Anim 6* 0358 S 0359 Tetri. Pro * 03(0 Turto Thnut * 0361 Mad B A131 Agatron Adm 27* A139F » Anim - A145 Aiwa breed 1.5Mb* A148M9 Scanery amrn 2 * A15053 landing *(4) 4Mb Al58 Canyon Flight * A163 Robot brad adm • A1 M Sweet revenge - 2Mb A173 Cydirt Anim • Al 76 78 Speedliiiti 3i3mb Part2 Part 3 D315 Dub Demo • Part 4 D316 Cuuitrcpho' D317 le*M« • D318 19 Dearrt dr D320 Aurra mega D321 Awakening D322A1200co5». ....
D323 24 Subliminal xte* Pdk I D325AOA Dana 1338 Blue Row Font. 2 • 1680, 1339Wedding Clip Ait • 16811 1040 Sound TraAer 2.6* U687 .
U341 lean.2 * 1683 0-Draw* U363 64Taro»2 L684P»yroa- U371 Lyapunovia 15* 1685 AS1 game, fix fid ¦ 0372 Vm.Z * 1686 Oeoealogld 3.04* 0380 Vmorph • 1687 Fradualky kmo • 1082 Clrtxin Picture. - 1689 Mr. Backup 1.14b * 0385 Copy 4 crack Tool.* 0691 Kill AGA 20 • 11392 African Clip Ait U692 LSD copier.
OamipWca II hikeF.- • World U789 Treo. * 0790 B-W ciipwt. .
U791 B • W diperl people2 U792 B'W diraot people’ U793 B*Wcf 1794 Clipart U795 Clipart
1. 796 Video i 0371 Fra. Machine 4 * 0372 Rubik Me - 0373 Altec
Chalkier • 0374 Premier Pic. - 0375 Momco - 0376 Dearrt
Defeodw • 0377 Sfnc Rewcue * XlCompikBk 12 Puggka * Kbaud MU.
Com putors imm PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARY O TELEPHONE (0602) 444501 All Public Domain i» copied orto Branded Disks which arc certified 100$ enot free. For a free disk please send an SAE plus 2 1st Class stamps. Telephone orders: Moo-Sai 9am-5.30pm. Key: ()«No This is only a small seledicm from our library, we currently have over 2,500 disks in slock GAMES urns Trek Trivia
1. 3 Emulator Fruit Machine 2 Dr Mag Fighting Warriors Show Std
Tetren Hackers Ethic Soccer Cards Rippers Strikeball Text
Engine V4 Battlements Freecopy VI .8 Holy Grail Join Sounds ,
Gameboy Tetris 600 Letters Dynamite Dick Picture Box Ethos
Spectrapaint Ghost Ship Degrader & Chess CAG Wrex Sid V2.0 Top
of The League V Morph V2.0 Atom Smasher Bus Stop Utils 1
Maverick Copy MUSIC Guns n Roses ANIMS Safe Sex Iron Maiden
Metal Music Fast Cars Depeche Mode
K. D. Lang Beatles Busy Bee Voice Samples Anti Gameboy Led
Zeppelin Dracula Piano Classics Aircraft Top Gun ONLY C
ANIMATI Schwartz "Quality T Schwartz “Bail M- Melon “Prism” No
Speed Limit (3) 2Mb 3 Ways to Slop " Beyond Force (2)
Cryptobumcrs 'T RWO Slideshow DEMOS "N C UTILITIES North (2)
AmiBa.se V3.76 ReloKick 1.3 Amiga Engineer PC Task V2.03 Nexi
Generation Workbench (2) RSI Demo Creator V2 DCOPY 3 600
Business Lerieri Virus Check V6.3 Disk Salve V. 11.27 (LKS2)
F. R.A.C. Adventure Creator Magnum VI.4 (Disk Mag Creator)
Messysid V2.0 Octomcd Kick start V 2 Emulalor Fake Fasr Memory
Vmceph V2 Beta Videotracker (Beta) DCOPY 3.1 Spectrum Emulator
VI.7 Rom Monitor V2.7 System Informal ten V3.I8 Desert Dream
(2) Kefren. “Dane” Spacebalb “Suie Ol the An” Jesus On E's (2)
A Raaerancc Mad Elks "Technological Dealh" Ski«o Demo 2 4
Alchemy “Rage” (2) Chip Dtp 2 n “How To Skin A Car" Lemmon,
Rink-a-Dmk (nor AGA) Spirit Pixl Generation Anarchy
“Synlhenlic Delight 5" (Las* Ever) Scoopex Play 2 Unlimited
(2) Techno Team •American Natives” Vomit “World of Confuuon”
Rage “Neural Assault" Noice “Megadcmo" Melon "Romantic'' Pygmy
Design ' Extensions" Famighi “242" Per Disk p&p 50p Per Order
Tools. 1 uriliiy packs on ihe A have 1-150 ir
L. S.D. Simply the be« pack*. A* the name these contain all the
from all the top We have 1-160 ir GRAPEVIri Disk Magazine by'
Out now issue 17 (3 f BISK PRICES &N POSTAL RATES No. Of
Price disks per Disk By Credit Card or By Post Please make
cheques, with bankers card number or postal orders payable to:
¦VISAQi COMPUTERS" 1-10 11-25 £1 £1 FRED FIS
• t collection 1-140 VISAGE COMPUTERS (DEPT CU) 18 STATION ROAD,
There are thousands ot handy little utilities available In the
public domain. Many are very small programs that take up bttle
disk space, so utility compilations are popular. Others i
full-blown programs that tor one reason or another are not
available from the commercial sector. Whatever your Amiga's
software problem, there's bound to be a PD utility that sorts
it out.
Revisit all your old favourite Spectrum gamas with tha excellent Spectrum Emulator.
See*, trur. Tr nr-
• Jijn E == • ¦¦¦-. CT ANDY'S WB3 UTILITIES A If you’ve recently
got yourself an A1200 or 4000, take a look at this collection
of 17 predominantly AGA-specific utilities AGA Test is a tool
to check that all your AGA screen modes are working as they
Newmenu gives your menus a 3D look to match the windows and icons. Sysinfo 3.15 tells you everything you need to know about your computer s attached hardware, speeds and all kinds of other handy info. Alert Timer lets you alter the timing of your software alerts. Enforcer checks for illegal memory access. Plasma generates 256-colour blobbly patterns.
WBVerlaul gives your Workbench screen a very smooth graduated colour backdrop. Animan is a very clever voice-recognition program that allows you to enter CLI commands from a microphone connected to a sampler cartridge. Fakemem turns all but 512K of Chip RAM into pseudo Fast RAM Pointer repair lets you use different resolution pointer graphics Bblank turns off the screen border. Kill AGA reverts to the original chipset without you having to reset. PPShow displays Powerpacked IFF graphics. Degrader attempts to LEGAL TOOLS 96 LSD compile regular disks of utilities. Number 96 in the series has
another 11 CLI-launched utilities on offer: Amigabase (a database), Clock Guardian 3.1 (a dock monitor), PC-Task demo, TD Patch 1214 (a PC Task tool). Promotor (AGA mode promotion), Seepix (an IFF viewer), Xpack (CLI xpk.lib access). Smart Play (a module player). Leaves Slow Fast (another PC Task fool), Register (PC Task registration), and Promotor R 17 M, no. J SPECTRUM EMULATOR 1.6 ?
It might sound like a joke, but this is for reall It’s a Spectrum Emulator, and it works! You can do everything you can on a real Spectrum, and that includes typing In BASIC programs. You can load your old Spectrum games through a sampler cartridge, or play the ones provided on the second disk Skooldaze. Green Beret, Fairtight, Batman. Dark Star. Trashman. Beachhead.
Nightgunner. Spectacle and Thrust) Even if you just get it for those classic games on the second disk, this is well worth the price of a couple of disks. This version even supports joystick control (emulating a Kempston interlace), and it’s got sound too! Brilliant!
D-COPY 3.1 D-Copy 3.1 is a simple but effective disk copier.
Once loaded, there’s an absolute minimum of disk swaps needed (unlike copying with Workbench). Single tracks on specific sides can be copied, or you can just do the whole disk.
Three types of nibble copy are also induded to help you back-up copy-protected disks.
17 BM.no. 2834 _ Virus Free, no 3485 (1) 4 3485 (2) THE MUSK ENGINE With all the different trackers available in the public domain, getting modules written with one program to load into another can be a problem.
The Music Engine gets around the problem of playing modules from various sources by having an intelligent loader that can automatically detect whether the module was written with OctaMED.
Sontx. Soundtracker. Protracker. SIDMon. Future Composer. Noxetracker. Dettamusic, TFMXot JAM Cracker It can also load and play Powerpacked modules.
17 BM. No. 2048 THESUWMCIUUtt With a library of 316 virus antidotes onboard, The Superkillers is about the best protection you can have from destructive boot viruses and trojan horses.
If you’re unsure whether you have a virus on some of your disks, this is almost bound to let you know one way or another 17 BM, no. 2512 DO IT YOURSEII One of the great things about PD is that absolutely anyone can develop a piece of software, and release it into the public domain. Even if you have have no programming knowledge at all, you can still create your own demo, music disk, game, slideshow, multimedia presentation or whatever takes your fancy. All you need are the right tools and a good idea, and you could be the public domain’s next big thing.
TOOLS OF THE TRADE Whatever kind of software you decide to produce, there are a lew basic tools you're going to need.
The first thing to sort out is a paint package. Even if you don’t intend to include loads of flashy graphics, a paint package is always handy for designing icons, title screens and so on. Deluxe Paint is the ideal choice, but if you can t stretch to that, you can get by with something like Ultra Paint (see the Graphics section in this booklet for more info).
Then there's a text editor. Workbench comes with a text editor called ED, which is very bask; on the 1.3 Workbench disk, but has since been updated to indude menus, making it a lot easier to use.
You'll need something like this to create the "README" files on your disk, in which you can put any notes and messages about the disk.
For games and demos, you could really do with a sampler, or at least a sample editor The sampler isn't essential, but it you have a sample editor, you can customise your own sound effects from existing IFF sample files in the public domain.
An alternative copier is also very handy. The copier induded with Workbench is a pain to use if you only have one drive - something like D-Copy will greatly speed up your disk duplication.
These are the absolute basics, but unless you can program in C or Assembler, you're also going to need one of the following software development packages.
DIMOMAKIR This isn't actually PD, although most PD libraries (unaware of this fact) stocked it until fairly recently. It's still available from a few of the smaller PD libraries.
As the name suggests, Demomaker is a program that lets anyone create their own superslick demos It includes all the clever code lor impressive effects such as plasma. 3D zooming text, bobs, sinewave patterns, vectors and loads c* variations on the spectrum analyser trick. All you need to do is design your graphics with your paint package, write a tune with a tracker, and design your effects from the main Demomaker program Each of the many built-in effects is variable in a number of ways, so by adjusting things like speeds, colours, sizes and so on. You can come up with almost an infinite
number of new effects.
If you can't be bothered to design your own graphics, you can use the sprites, fonts, logos and bobs that come with the program.
Stringing all your effects together into a coherent sequence is simply done. Each effect has a time parameter, which determines how long it'll stay on the screen before moving on to the next one in the sequence. If you use this well, you can even make your own synchronised audiovisual demos, with the graphics changing in time with your Soundtracker-created music. Your final demo can then be saved out to an autobootmg disk, ready for distribution around the PD network.
TRACKERS A tracker of some sort is essential if you're writing a demo, and at the very least is handy for game development. It you want compatibility with things like Demomaker, you're best going for Noisetracker, Startrekker or Protracker.
Otherwise it's worth taking a look at OctaMED.
Any ol these can be used to create music demos. If the tunes themselves are good enough, they'll stand up on their own, so loads of flashy graphics aren't essential To make a simple .
Music demo, all you need to do is get something like Menumaker (see Utilities section), and set i a few buttons to play your tunes. Remember to include the player program that came with the tracker, and that’s all there is to it DIY AMOS Another superb bit ot development software that appeared on a CU AMIGA coverflisk (April 93) is AMOS It's based around the programming language BASIC, but whereas BASIC Is no use at all for writing games or demos, these are exactly the areas Iff which AMOS specialises.
You will need some programming experience if you want to dive straight into AMOS. Anyone who has used BASIC will have little trouble getting to grips with it though. All of the normal BASIC commands are here, but what makes AMOS special are its sound and graphics commands. These allow you to move sprites, bobs and backgrounds about the screen with relative ease. There's also support for just about every soundtracker you could think of, including MED, OctaMED and GMC.
Many a decent PO game has been written with AMOS, but it's not limited to game development. Serious software also benefits from its power - the excellent SuperSound for example (see Music section) was created with AMOS. Unless you plan to get into C or Assembler, this is the next best thing Used in conjunction with the AMOS Compiler, it's a very impressive package indeed. Remember though, this isn't PO!
SHOOT 'EM UP CONSTRUCTION KIT fc Probably the most powerful game creator there is, the Shoot ‘Em Up Construction Kit (SEUCK) is a gamer's dream come true. Everyone has at least one game Idea knocking around In their head, but without the programming knowledge to put it into practice, it never gets any further than the imagination. With SEUCK you can put all ot those ideas into practice.
Absolutely no programming experience is needed for this. In fact, you don’t even need any of the aforementioned text editors or paint packages - everything you need to create your ideal shoot 'em up Is included on the two disks.
There are basically three types of zapper you can write with SEUCK: a vertically scrolling game along the lines of Xenon Hot Spy Hunter, a static screen game that could resemble anything from Beserk to Galaxians, and a "push-scrolling' game such as Commando.
The best way to figure out how it works, is to load one of the demonstration games, and tinker around with its sound, graphics, attack waves and other parameters. The main areas are selected from a system of menus. These then lead to subscreens, from which you can design your sprites, animate them, draw out their flight paths, and stick them anywhere on the level maps. You can also build up your own backgrounds and define the size, scrolling speed and length of all your levels. Each object has its own definable characteristics, such as speed, fire rate. Strength, points, sound effects,
animation and so on.
Created, and once you've polished off your creation, the program will save it out neatly onto a bootable disk. There is simply nothing else that can touch SEUCK for ease of use. And it's available at a budget price from Gremlin's GBH label as well. Cant say fairer than that, can we?!
Simultaneous two-player games are easily HOW TO RELEASE YOUR PD Hyptr1000k oftwr* you another aimpto way ol craallng your own professional- looking PO productions.
Ion i oe easier reany i nore itton ouf onto the PD circuit ire two main ways you can gei The first is to upload it onto a be addec Imply sending a disk to a libr ary doesn't guarantee that it wi have some degree of quality ut if it's good enough, it'll bo added to the list.
Slate sch nowhere on the disk that it is y yuu siivuiu loiiioiiivc!
¦ freely distributable If you don must sta te a maximum price that it cs feedback i from users of your software . Include your address on a documer program Tt or contacts screen. Finally code, graphics, sound and b inythmg else on the disk is you HYPIRBOOK ~ For the more serious PD disks, it's worth considering Hyperbook, which was given away free with the June 93 issue of CU AMIGA It’s a very intuitive program that allows the creation of multimedia presentations, and general front-ends and menus for other programs.
Using a very friendly i system of icons and menus. Hyperbook has all the tools you need to create your own point-and-click interface for just about any application you can think of. You can use it as a simple text reader and picture viewer, or create complete (hyper) books with it. The possibilities are endless, but the most obvious include things like disk magazines, program selectors, educational presentations and so on. If you have a 2.04 or higher Amiga, you can make use of the Arexx support, and attach certain buttons to Arexx scripts.
Whatever you come up with, it's bound to look very professional, and with the icon-orientated system, it's almost impossible to create anything that isn't very user-friendly.
Graphics that 1st! You or sat* dJ racily on tho pagt.
Drawings an conpfftnd of individual rfupti, which you can nova and rosito indrpandcntly. Ones conplttod, tho ontira drawing can ho novsd anywHtri on t « pays and scalod Is any sisw.
Tho individual shifts can ho ro-oditod again at any lino, Drawing!
Can ha used to add hoxes. Underliaos, or aay graphics at *11 ti your notebooks.
DISK MAGS Disk magazines are the voice of the PD network. Much quicker and cheaper to produce, magazines on disk are also far easier to distribute, making their way around the globe through phone lines and PD libraries. Covering a vast array ot different subjects, the ever-growing band of diskmags cater for just about every Amiga user. Check out our selection to find out which is best for you.
AM FM stands tor Amiga Musician’s Freeware Magazine. It's edited by B)om Lynne, who contributes articles and soundtracks every issue.
Articles include reviews ot new music software and hardware, album reviews, tutonals. Opinions, profiles of pop stars and bands, and tips on using existing music software and hardware.
Along with the articles, you also get a selection ot tunes. These are picked from readers entries, with originality being the main criteria, so you're guaranteed to hear some interesting stuff.
Whenever possible, PD sound and music utilities are included loo. The interlace was written by Tei|o Kinnunen (the programmer of OctaMED), and pulls the whole thing Into an accessible order. Supplementary disks are released fairly often, which can be devoted to samples, utilities, or anything else that the AM FM team think is ol interest to the readers. This makes a good read for anyone into Amiga music.
GRAPEVINE This is the number one "scene" mag. It's put together by Pazza and Shagratt ot the coding team LSD. A lot of Ihe articles are about various topics being raised on the demo and hacking circuit, most ot which is written in coder-speak, with countless references to "tamers’. For coders, these scene-related debates and articles can be interesting, but others may not find them such a stimulating read. However, there are also tons ot articles about all manner ot subjects that have nothing at all to do with the Amiga. Most ot the mag is written by the readers, which is a nice way to do it.
As this means you get a wide range ol opinions and viewpoints.
Flipping through the hundreds ol articles is easily done, thanks to a neat and simple interface.
Issues normally come on three disks, and as you can imagine, there's always plenty to read.
17 Bit.
SUICID Suiddd is now a year ok), and gaining itself a substantial following. Along the lines ot Grapevine, it s a mag produced by characters trom the demo scene, with over 100 articles on just about everything under the sun, plus some bits about the scene itselt. The producers are quite proud to have recently roped in the much- respected Red Sector Inc. team to spruce up the appearance ot the mag. And add some opinions ot their own. Once again, lots to read tor the bob- copper-plasma-zoom Ians.
Mega PD.
THE FINAL FRONTIER You guessed it, this disk mag is devoted to the Star Trek. It's a bit ot a big 'un - issue five comes on four disks. For Trekkies, It's a little goldmine of trivia, chat, news and graphics It's a haven for many ot the 30 renderings ol the Enterprise that keep coming out the woodwork, and there's always plenty of lively debate on everything trom what brand ot hairspray Kirk uses, to the maiden name of Spock's great auntie.
If you've missed out on a recent convention, you'll usually be able to catch up on what went or through the coverage in the mag. This will induda digitised photos and accounts Irom those who did get to attend, and it's not uncommon to find quotes and interviews from the Star Trek cast. No Trekkie should be without a subscription.
CHANNEL Z The first A 1200-specific disk magazine, Channel Z is a combination of articles and software. It's written from the point of view ol a user, rather than a coder, which is good as It doesn't alienate beginners and the less technically knowledgeable.
The first issue is a bit short on features, which is understandable, as it didn't have any readers until now!
Even so, it's bound to create a great response from coders and general A1200 users alike, many of whom will want to voice their opinions on different aspects ot the machine. On the software side, there's the excellent Retina Euro 1 demo that was included on a recent CU AMIGA coverdisk, another hardcore soundtrack, a couple ol strangely non-AGA specific pictures, a little AGA intro demo, Sysinfo. Faketast Mem, Degrader, B Blank and The Disk Ute. This could be the start of something big.
?_ I MAGS CmflNKeu. S. GliDO OISK nituil im ir - IRUS FREE PD, 31 Faringdon Rd, Swindon, Wilts. Tel: 0793 432176 M PC TASK Vi t rmotakr ¦ yo. Fuv. An AIXX) ytu a ...n nn PC VGA software 3-X05 IMF MB V’lO "UPDATE*
• 3121 MMPAI) Rxt .10X1
• 3999 OCTAMED9B* 3*67 PF7HOW J ba Duftivs AGA Itownpwknl fwiuie
• 2*23 SUMS POWER PACKERS _ *2374 BANKN A CLERK* 3*3197 abacxup*
3 -2303 KIDS FAINT' 3 *2361 TYPING TYTTOB’ 3-235’ DBK If
PAIRIFT* O-nr 3*3310 J*»32 3*3096 IBM EMULATOR WK ClUDOt FANCY
DISK LABELER WONDERLAND SFAOBAUS**’ ? *3336 ? *31»: 3 *3132
..... 3 *31333 DUNCS Back' 5 disks (tmeg) DIAGNOSHCS
?*3130 3*3141 3*3132-2 3*31*3 ? •3195 ? • 1*6 ? 32256 ? •3231 ?
*3261-5 ? *3266 ? *326?
3*53* 3-5JW 3*5310 ? •3311 ? •3322 3*S32« ? *5326 ? •5329 3 *3391-2 3*5393 ? *33** ? *33»5 ? -33* ? • 397 3mi5 3mi7 BANNER MAKER" Cieate sprctondn pnrrrd hannrn Use dftcrrni fcets etc Order ref: ?-349* FI CHALLENGE AUEN BREED 92 I PROJECT X new ter«o I SUPER FROG ASSASSIN* new trnion I BODY BLOWS enhanced lOVTSDRIVr I BOOY BLOWS 2" AI2TO) I AUEN BREED P (Al 200) 4999 4999
411. 99
418. 99
411. 99
418. 99
419. 99 41999
419. 99 FREE QUICKLY JOYSTICK r gtmg away huninds it lire ny-iks
well terd yeu a (me JOYSTICK SEQURFD 42(*mti »l-5e*h IIScMka
11. 25 c«h Otenea. Order.
Otonawt codro «• wekonr. Hji ftow 2 knrr«a«*k nmi PO dBkt can be ertiraing tome «m.
• 2 DINOSAURS (2 dfefa) x JURASSIC PARK on the 7' 41.50 '-2
GEOLOGY ‘ dukal MAO 'OUR nSTDIS cefc*jk« title* ecuhc you
the nan A planet- 4*99 COLOURING PAD 43.50 A-CHORD 4350 1%MI
45.50 'FRESHWATER Prt«ng
44. 50 NIGHT SKY1550 words aladders snake. * (or 43 50 3 BASJCAUY
AMIGA Trtorial for ») MW SOLAR SYSTEMS II 44.99 niimts VIDEO
MAKES 4350 PHIIO 43.50 " FINDER Plus Sdvc.
Iu) 44-50 PLAY N RAVE VI MnUr (2diA» 4*.50 POWER ACCOUNTS ' accounting toftwarc 43 50 CALC 43 50 .2 VIRTUAL WHDOWS K 43-50 3 DATOS 43.50 i STOCK CONTROLLER aock under cMtool 43 50 5 EPOCH DIARY 43 50 « STITCH 43 50 INVOICE MASTER 43 50 HARD DRIVE menu system ¦y lo we menu * *tem 43 50 FI5 ANIM BRUSHES m bnube. (or dpaim .Al 43 50ei LOTUS ANIM BRUSHES STAREIGHTFR hnnhc.
A1200 PD 1ST ACTION RtPUY MKIV Ip grapfkc*. Round. IBM. Giie yourtdl infinite Ihe*. Charge the game free* «¦ game and uve it ted more ANDYS WB5 MTIS V the he* AI2TO compdatkm A1200 VIRUS KlUfSS prrtcaxHt without gdttfion PC TASK V2 (AGA) tun PC VGA are cm your AMIGA, need* MS DOS.
Oeparaacty • 4350 RETINA BURN A13X) teuton lately rate doro fee AUTO wow PPSHOW3QA dltpby AGA
• d pituret SPECTRUM Emulator 106 fo- AlJX)»pe«y emulator, a Sew
c*d apcccy diMic.
PLASMA CLOUDS 256 kicdy efltctt in gkxtout 256 colnura IIDUCM nuke your cco«nijer your hard did at vlitxul memory. I v got an Mqmrg HD have Kvam
pnrter* Uktiii* 9 A n colour A Buttdnct PANASONIC DRIVERS* xts
9 pn a J pin printer.
PROFESSIONAL DRIVERS'* A teleakm d prMer dritera (ot the mat prc4e«.™i uaer. Ie Utcr. HP rt« like all cut drhcr duk». Easy lo recall CTTI ZEN DRIVERS' nee the reality ol your pnm »«h men on the did CANON DRIVERS' gully fee the BJ terte. Ol Caron ®. Inctodmg the new- BjlOtx A Bu* BJIOe.
HP5SOC PRIMER DRIVER' 11 dhvet (cr the HP550C SE1KOSHA DRIVERS' pin a 2* pm pnmm HP PRINTER DRIVERS'
* 5008500c DYNAMTIE DRIVERS' A huge (oOrcnon 4 nearly 1(0
eMfcrmt dnvcn. It youNe px a weird peinter icm iiteh* find a
weird dnver to ndtttdtsk.
31 2" DISKS £4.95* Al200 A4000 KICK SI ART J EMULATOR CLR (? ** W 31 iANIM PLAYER* Well up to dale jeim pataom pin.
HAKE nr-! IEHISON ESIJdak.1 «OW Iai1i» of 10. Oner 10 «ur» K*»3 THE AD l.t dtk joirai I.Vnegl 3-W-2 Source* Seme U fak. * 3 'W+l ROAD HOC U doktl* 3 *.»9S-2 TOTAL CHAOS MpMc (2D) 3 *W* IMOBOYZ AGA an dak 1'* 3 -3K 5.; «L LISTEN CARE IP- . I (XTJRIM (MetnUun 22)* ? *3112 ADORE® PHNT «J» useful adtr pnmUgrtllty J *311*2 2 UNUMITYD *|« ready'" 3 *3116 ZINGER GAME * 3*3I|7 Tde» d t nmr tratete* cbk I . Am cunpdn and Amo 3D 3-3311 FIUO-FAX* Sen ytaur Idc
• 33W AN MlJinVTMON' A huge leam ol irty useful graph., uk*.
- hdngnppm
- 3301 Brmx BT3CH' New WB nplaiHTitn
• S2W AI2CO V1R18 KUUR3" elealMi id ilrut kite Obi week an .
.-arwAIW 3 3*5 SYS INFO 5 11 KM AUTO To* the perfamume * y«t»
• 2933 (REE COPY 16* 2879 ATAM ST IMITATOR ( )
• WM E3SENTIMITUTOS A tajr Cbk iDikcum d cxniul »«*.
UxbJing Vvu. Kllm dueOnry it»».
Le.ti nJantudtil »* etc
• *36 ALTOGRAPV2TO* Grara pkmer Pie duns etc Nmery itiymr. ( •
chUten 1*3905 «lS»IU Dt» 1*3307 KOI DATABASE- I M* W550C
PRINT** DMVB* 1*3355 GNU CHESS' 1*3356 mnBAMOPjcnuadone
• whidEWce ? •335' VECTOR STORM* bnBacw Irnpetr date, tery (me.
3*3356 A*numv ? *3359 KAGITMA.N' EmBm Plaltm ? •33TO AZTtC QlAUtNGE' A (tat (n thrpa- ?•3361 MECAIIAU 2 I* FUCK MENU" ACE i IVAIARAM t'2* GRAMMAR CHECUJ' CU B MIX 3 ACTION REPLAY 6m AdCO
FONTS' CG KXC1Y- (oystkk n?m*' IVTIXACmt dam irath' SANITY
JESIERDAY' JOLVgWulchm*' WFHE'ia V1RL5Z V. 1*31*7 AbtaatP V2iXn
I 3196 NTTCPAl S6TICHER ' 1*3200 BOOTJOB* I *3233 THRUST' l*3»S
BOOK 523*** I *3206 MOMA VS..' I *33T ASSORTED LTBITDS* 3X6
MFVTU VI02 (*") I .UW WH3 BAI'BOtt ("I 3 *ST2 DtGtTAl Iut»»S
Vl*t J *3TS NAVtHlF. FACTORY Vot I' 3*3122 ATOMS* wetdgatw ?
*3123 PAY ADVICE ANALYSER* VHUI program (or kerpeg track 1 pi
? •3125 TACK* *12 AGA DitGES (9 daka) (" St*«llA»»K.iedi*i)('«
V233' GIP DATATYPE" WBS ? *3396 HFAKINP -ttxi eretrV )
•STD ? 3271 m innAem* ? •31*7 nSMYREt shut « lip ? *31*6 TOCGU
OJCK ••• Nips ycur dnte cbkng cm A6C0 R die new A-u*a IXO I
*3150 TOCUS FANTASIA' I *3151 TEXT E3XHNE VA0* I *3153 RB3
SCREENS" I *315* SPKCY EMULATOR VI 3* I *3155 X KOPIA V65* dak
ccpwr Qu e poaM, ihe n»l powerful PD op* italahlr. Inium tarait
(MMEngtah) 3 *3156 WORLD GEOGRAPHY'
• 5159-2 QUMUlATOR* (2 Ms 3 *3)61 5UEPUSS NIGHTS 3" . AIJW ?
*3126 -WORID OP COMMODORE*' anuuig (iece id cidirg. WOW J *3163
Etuant vxilf NQ game' 3 -3F65 RAGING HOR»MO)« II* 3*5167 GIT
? •3175 UotlSV-* IAGA «dy) A Wen new dm gune art* (ee the »ia»
AiO». AnurOg gafhiis kdies Niwrrer retfouc 4racg o( ram ?
*3162-12 PrdemmMC MANUAL' The lirr venmn cdiheC mmual The *t«
p tage enaa on a taal d 12 itoks wh* iKtidn (ul duamenutm (12
dwks) 3 -3232 sp.vobaus is Vwyp.pilar rx.edan., 3 *3233 DATA
ANALYST pecgnm* 3 -3236 V MORPH 26* Stfcr daper auvphmg alllry
? *3237 LAST WUL * TiMairm* Wine ywar own «ll ? *3240 THE
FIREWXIX Alaphatet* A tcmfK eduxmnal tde Ibr kkk ? •3256 FRU
PAINT IEVW0N 37* ? *3311 ‘he* , 3*3312-3 QCIAUD Timr ' meg (9
duiul “ * KIUAGA v’2" lam mm 7 BAD FORMAT' hides had tracks
con-ill* the * 3 331* NFA AIM) TOC6S" MI9-2 rrra«*d"(2ih*t
EacrOrff cikcUMl id (My pMtmrs Ice AUBnriy 3 *3321 Fndrwcesil
pnmer dmrrv* 3 *333*2 Scenrrj AnfMnr anMt* 12 Cbks 3*3)36
FRACSCAPE Vli * ? *3337 RPG ADVTNTm antce* 3 * 2631 AND FUCKER
Sold to rrducr the Bwker at Imcriatstl xRware ? «27TO DUNKS
(*•) DMSOOS MVDOS he IBM emalalir ? *Wi2 SHEU.CU TVTORUL*
GmamrtfoetKglmcn 3 -W3 PASCAL LANGUAGE ] *»2I FORTRAN COMHia: 3
*»33 SCREEN RANKERS* Urge clecDoa d WB .m Mankm ? •»»» CANON
WT sniDto* FRFAKS FK)DY’ SHOP" .. mil sebam oC AI2C0 gnd pwen ?
*3*26 BAIT MASKING' ? -SAT HARD DINK ITHmpi' A cdleaoi d talDa
(be HD users ? 3*36 JPEGUTBS" ? *3*62 STARIAVS* Amur, « PD
short' ? •3*65 ---------- ? *3*63 INOfR COVER' BRIUI CA3TUNOMIM
pan anna NVMPAD POR Awfci I a gn» new uMe* fur (he AAW.
Ntnma arrv misc demo* SF1ACEDOLT ¦* MUSK ERIK TMI BARRICM-' ? *2819 AMIGA PIN ? *3139 STARWARS D- 2 meg hub
• M3* NCOMM V3* 3*35 DEVWvFE JPEG LTUS" A CoUcakm d (peg utditie.
• 3516 BLOAD RUNNER” i dasaw
* 3517 PATIENCE'the card game
* 3517 PATIENCE' the card game
• 3520 REBOUND* (uturWOc tut 8 bd
* 5523-3 AMATEIR RADLO* 3 disks
* 3527 REVELATIONS' Outtundmg hand drawn pactures.
Inriudn a few naughty pnMrt. But i they're (area-.'
* 3528 POST * PS FONTS'
35. 9) QUICK GRAB AGA" rip (peg PCX GIF [Wtuiev 8 ta-e them at
IFE J *3532 GAME TAMER * 01'cheats!* J *3553 PONT FARM 3* 50
great fcmts ] *3538 ERROR INFO V2* ghev you a It- ol ill
Amiga ence codrs 8 their meanings --- ? *2*2) NCOMM V7G'
Very popular Comma package
• 2W EDVORDV2.2 A very campettne word pcoccsaor
* 2701 SHOVGIF 8 IPF2GIF 3255 VTEWTEK I 05" An euaHUi purchase
far you to dcpLiV the AI200 AGA graphics
• J258-2 LYUPUNOVU (2 dslraVv
* 3 »7 EXTERMINS* ? ••349S IFF BOOT* dopby* a pidure wMM yeur
hard dnk boors uo. A bit _ kkc the K Window s package doc.
? •3357.2 KEFIENS Desert Dreams' FarUrtH' new demo by Kefteru (2 deks)
disk. »im weeks ca A5TO* 8 AI2TO rhe bet* demo maker available
? *3361 THE GATHERING GFX* ? *2927 MUIT1DOS 112' Ci real Me
• 3155 X-KOP1A*
• 2«W 3» tnUTKX (**) A huge Cdlleaion d 203 uAiiei VO
• 3151 TEXT ENGINE »'
• 1936 600 BUSINESS IFTTHtS* A tidied ion d (CO prt-wnrien twin
? WBI.3 WORKBENCH 13 43 50 _ Repdaccmei* workhencfc (or the
A500 ? WU2.0I WORKBENCH 1.01 43 50 Repbtemrrd up)' d WB (ee
A500* O WB205 WORKBENCH 205 4350 Repdaccmm for AdOO ? WB3.TO
WORKBENCH 500 43 50 Rctdacemerg (or the new A120) All WB disks
are su»*rt to avallohiiy
* 3372 ADDRESS PRINT 31' 3375 DCS DRIVERS (••* Knkntarf I 38
Kakiurl 3 c«disk
* 3376 ASTRO 22 V3*
* 3377 NEW SOLITAIRE' Great new shareware card gome by Tower
Software Love* ? *3382 LSD LEGAL TOOLS *89' Superb collection
d iinlmc.
A1200 PUBLIC DOMAIN II you own m Amiga 1*0 a AttTO art ke air AlWiP0lw.rgi.rt drrafcolalloirAGAPD Wtw». We hate i*et -vert, AlXh PO dhb
• vh *U« demn, a lew games, ml kiodt ol ur*s ? At 260 PD LIST 501
TEAM HOB AGA DEMO 2" Fantan.- new AGA only demo features some
really amaac 256 ccfcu pbsnu eflccu ahem, tdlthe AIXO ? *3494
ART26-2 BANNERS (2 dak.)
ART VI-2 TEDDY BEARS 2 deb) ART22 StAUPE ART9 OFTXi ART7-2 KIDS (2 disks) ART76-2 PREHISTORIC (2 drtu) CLIP ART D *3515 GIDDY' Very adfaWe a cute Plirfcem game
* 3518 MONACO* Race. Race, race
• 3519 FRUIT SALAD* Srrurf Looking pbllcem gime. DonY miss it
• 3337 RPG ADVENHRE nuker*
* 33*6 SILVER BLADE' Run of the nMl
* ax eta up .
? *3330 CAM4 Frt W (*w fruit ¦uttane wmiaior ? *2838 CYBERTEK GAMES VW.l Compdagkm c* ginn - grrai ? •33*2-2 OLEMPIAD' 2 dBks) Fbv Decathlon but with lemminp 3 *33*5 CASTliNOMIS" Run of the mil Dungeon Mister done 3 *2822 THINK TWICE' Very good nMrrmind done ? *2811 HEMFRIODS Brtliart arcade ccmtenton oI the Arferab game 3 *3045 MOTHER LOAD' is the Amiga version d Load Runner ? 3025 SPACE INVADERS IK-*) Great new version d the cDWc Imadrrs
• 2820 PETER’S QUEST 20 level platform gorr*
* 3303 ST AMBALL- foahall morugc
* 3285 VENUS INVADERS' Excel leer new terwm of Space Imadcrs
• 2830 BAIOGNACY* Bomb Miti type of game ? *2990 BOUNCE N BLAST
Adfclltc Maito type gome 3*3282 ELEVATION- Vkry aAUiite
platform game
• 3281 CAR WARS'
• 2831 LAME ST PORTS Alan « game pm oten ? *332* ASTHUOOS 92a
Vtty r*e Aiterkk* game
* 328) SPIASH* b Baltlcthip.
- 2833 SHOOT 04 UPS VW 1 Comfdation d short em up’s great 3 *3310
CIL’EDO’ Aogi tenon d the classic board game
* 3276 ARENA' Be-ifera up
• 2881 Invoden from space Nice space tnvaden gome 3*3275 OUCPf'
Bel the notes cm th head with a mallet 3 *2843 EUU H0L8E POKER
The be- poker game atailahle
* 327* CASTLE KUMQOAT' Aikfcrne new pbtfwmrr 3 *3045 MARIOS
WONDERLAND* Fa- paced Mano plitfomier done
• 29)1 THE HACKER SnaokMor
• 3*90 SPACE CIEANER' Cheap, stoa’em up ? -3*91 SITES PRIX' good
top view racing game
• 3*85 BOND MINE 12*
• 3*69 THE RIGHT WAY’ lemmings dee* Ordering by- Pont Sent*, uk
the Won d ike uUo m irqiue. 611 In roar name A adkeu re-iotr ce
ftanupy iho page and cn) it m VTRIK FREE PO. 31 Firmgikn Id.
Swlrdnn Rvk* - ‘ * -«ul Order. PryaNr Iwnem 9 30 A 5 »prt
»«nday to Salmdar with ym* emit caul dnah an) die dnki ro«
waakl ke to coder I Senegfaamnnxv im c*T mrnury and e|u.drrm.
cxhta « SOOilkiws yrti in nincid ganrs U1 AGA VI tjmi erf ,oar
AGA rr canpaiktlry
- HJimi HINT* l«f quck -an '«» •» Order irf ? 33S6 All ON cm DttK
AIR PORT' air traffic control ? Oitoi-*ue de* avatohk- only 4)
IX Tctal iblu unkrred _ 2 ektk act only 4*. SO Priority Order
Form n 3 nuihne. Urty (AGA) irrfuV in unht»y o»AIX0
CONTACTS Want to know where you can get hold of the disks
you've been reading about? Here are some handy order forms and
a list of some of the many PD companies operatinjyp and around
the UK. After ringing the companyroncerned to make sure of a
disk’s availability and price, just fill them in and send them
off with a cheque or postal order.
While every attempt is made to ensure that the intormation we've printed in this guide is correct, obviously details can change. Please bear this in mind when ordering. Also, we d like to point out that CU Amiga and Amiga Guide can in no way be held responsible tor the non-fulfilment of orders by the companies listed on this page. To the best of our knowledge, all are professionally-run businesses who will endeavour to fulfil orders as speedily as possible.
PD LIBRARIES. The Crazy Joe's PD following companies 145 Etlingham Street are well-established Rotherham, libraries. Most of them South Yorkshire, stock a comprehensive S651BL range of disks and (Tel: 0709 829286) we've Included their phone numbers so you Cynostic PD can check the price of Office 01 disks and Amiga New Enterprise Centre compatibility before Little Heath Ind Estate ordering.
Old Church Road Coventry 17 Bit Software CV6 7NB 1st Floor Tel: 0203 613817 2 8 Market Street Wakefield. WF1 1DH Deja Vu.
(Tel: 0924 366982) 7 Hollinbrook Beech Hill. Wigan, Lancs Alpha 2000 PD WN6 7SG 124 Kings Cross Road (Tel: 0942 495261) Halifax West Yorkshire Diskovery (Tel: 0422 345409) 108 The Avenue Clarton, Bradford AMIGAs West Yorkshire 14 Windsor Road BD14 6SJ Wanstead, London (Tel: 0274 880066) E11 3QU (Tel: 081 989 4357) Galactic PD 10 Crugan Avenue RBF Software Kinmel Bay 12 Hinkler Road Clwyd Thornhill North Wales Southampton.
LL18 5DG Blue Rose PD Ground Zero 33 Glenmore Walk 4 Chandes Road Hilden Redland Lisburn Bristol, N Ireland BS6 6TE BT27 4RY (0272 732978) Graphic FX PD Direct Systec PD PO Box 69 86 George Street 2 Ridge Road Manchester Newcastle, Staffs Letchworth, M21 2BN ST51DN Hertfordshire (Tel: 0782 715255) SG6 1PN KBE Software (Tel: 0462 684372) 12 Salters Close PD Soft Warrington 1 Bryant Avenue Valley PD Stoke on Trent Southend-on-sea PO Box 15 Staffordshire Essex, SSI 2YD Peteriee, Co Durham ST90DB (Tel: 0702 466933) SR8 IN2 (Tel: 091 587 1195) Mega PD Pro Disc PD 78 Tottenham Green 81 Middleton
Hall Road Virus Free PD Basildon Kings Norton. Birmingham 22 Elborough Road Essex B301AG Moredon. Swindon (Tel: 0268 559164) (Tel: 021 475 8007) Wiltshire. SN2 2LS (Tel: 0793 512321) Mediasource South Lines PD PO Box 4 10 Linden Rise Visage Computers Bangor Bourne 18 Station Road BT19 6UP Lincolnshire Ilkeston PE10 9TD Derbyshire NBS (Tel: 0778 393470) DE7 5LD t Chain Lane (Tel: 0602 444501) Newport, Seasoft Isle Of Wight The Business Centre WackPD PO305QA First Floor 48 Emerson Lane (Tel: 0983 529594) 80 Woodlands Avenue Middlesborough Rustington Cleveland. TS5 7GA Neon Software West Sussex
(Tel: 0642 817107) 106 Bordesley Road BN16 3EY Your Choice PD Morden, Surrey (Tel: 0903 850378 SM4 5LT 39 Lambton Road (Tel: 081 6467751) Strictly PD Chorlton 11 York Place Manchester Pentire Brandon Hill. Hotwells M21 1ZJ 10a Hayhill Lane Bristol, BS1 5UT (Tel: 061 881 8994) Taplow. Maidenhead (Tel: 0272 250992) Berks. SL6 0JH (Tel: 0628 666641) PD ORDER FORM Address Name:- Please supply your PD catalogue list: Please supply the following disks:_ Please send me my disks as quickly as possible.
I enclose a cheque tor £_ a AMIGA GUIDE 31 ODDITIES ODDITIES Because PD authors don't have to justify their creations with profits, they're free to release whatever they like, however obscure or off the wall it may be. It’s these highly specialised or even useless bits of software that you'll find here - simply because they refuse to be slotted into any neat pigeon holes.
Enjoy... COMMUNICATE A. Far from useless, this is a very well-produced piece of software that aims to teach you eight methods of communication without speech The eight languages" included are two-handed sign alphabet, deaf-blind sign alphabet, one-handed sign alphabet, braille, semaphore, flags. Morse code and naughts S crosses code Clear simple graphics are used for the sign languages, with animation where necessary You can get the program to show you the sign for any letter of the alphabet, sign out a complete sentence, or even read a document Irom disk.
You can also turn the tables, and get the computer to make a sign, which you then have to translate. The same system is used for all of the other languages. This is a most Impressive program, and one that should have a place in every school.
Your Choice PD. No. N a 1EMMINGSBENCH At first this looks like a Workbench that's been tampered with. Then it looks like a new level of Lemmings. Then, the mouse pointer starts moving around on its own. It opens up a Lemmingsbench disk icon, and loads of little Lemmings come pouring out. Sooner or later, with a bit of teamwork, they work their way into the Home icon in a window at the other side of the screen. Weird stuff.
MBS. No. P124 ASTRO 22 Astrologers will be interested in Astro 22, which calculates the position of the planets, cusps and zodiac positions to within 30 minutes of an arc. It does this with the help of an attractive star chart, and lots of menu options that I won't pretend to understand. Boring your friends will never be the same again! ECOLOGY Everything you ever wanted to know about ecology, but didn't really want to know after all.
No, sorry, this is actually a rather nice three-disk book presentation type thing created with Hyperbook. It could do with more graphics, but what's there is nice.
Central Llcenceware Register, no. CLE 14 a-c STAR VIEW We've just had astrology, and now we’ve got an astronomy program. What it does is pretty clever: you enter the time, date, and your current longitude and latitude settings according to where in the world you are (or where you would like to view the stars from). The program then has a little think, consults its book ot stars, and plots out exactly what you'd see if you were to look skyward on a clear night at that time and place.
Rather than just filling the screen with dots, it highlights notable constellations and any visible planets. You can then Turn your head" from side to side by scrolling the view from left to right. If you feel the need to pick out a particular constellation, you can enter the Find mode. This gives you a list, from which you pick your constellation. If it’s visible from the current spot, it picks it out for you. This is a must for all budding Patrick Moores.
PDSoft.no. V1109.
LANDSCAPE Have you ever wanted to design your own garden (or anyone else's garden for that matter)? If so, then this could help you find out what works and what doesn't before you start messing around with real plant pots and flowerbeds.
As the author describes it. Landscape is a sort of poor man’s CAD program. In fact if s more than that - in the right hands it could be quite a useful garden design tool.You draw the garden in 2D, marking out areas of lawn, flowerbeds and so on.
Then you can place trees and other features wherever you like. To see what it could look like in real life, you set the program rendering your garden. It then draws you a full colour 3D rendition of your design (viewed from your selected point), complete with realistic fractally generated trees and plants. You can then save out the 3D rendering as an IFF file.
Dlskovery, no. U320 ODDS Order hotline. 0793 4' SHE] Public domain Software liweo. GRAY SLAYER Hack mala* )B4T7. BUNNY BLAST AM aa man, little bum) a as you can. Sick) B402. GOHIJR Pa.man dnm ymm. Ciiainsaw dfaiti ma»r.
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Collecting disks Ycxs «r ark-renr k- oortret yew PD cxdo.
Tre»-t,.2£tag£ga..-J f-purr. Ihe tottl co-. Ud yew tune It addrm or if you tak imply mark off Ihe utki you with Ip order, fill m your name 4 u d acid tttae wet U q ic Matkeling. Ut floor office*, M hmgdon Rd. Swmdon. Wibhire. Mdcattg full ptome- Ordering by Phone EPIC Marketing, first floor offices, 31 faringdon rd, swindon, wilts, snl 5ar. England NOVEMBER 1993 ISSUE 11 Ot adjust your maga- Jwes, we know the .Wes, we know the following 32-pages are printed on something akin to toilef peper, but if you can ignore that necessary economy, you’ll also discover that these pages are absolutely
packed to the spine with all sorts of useful step-by-step guides and.
Tutorials onfome of the most popular programs to appear on the Amiga.
What’s more, you’ll also fijnd our all-knowing Q&A section, where readers’ problems are answered by our in-house experts, and the always-controversial letters pages. Take it away.
1 80 You don I need a morphing package lo change Graham Taylor into a turnip All Ihe necessary tools can be found in Dpamt Peter Lee shows you how it s done 1 85 We plunge ourselves even deeper into our in-depth look at our Video Tiller program and show you how to create your own mini-movie master pieces Jim Spielberg Strutton holds the clipperboard 188 Dave Smithson is in rant mode this month as he bemoans Europress reluctance to release an AGA version of AMOS In between the vitriol. I also fmd his next instalment of his™ AMOSlerotds tutorial.
190 All good things must comeTo an end.
So this month we wave a tearlul good bye to Jason Holborn's Hyperpook tutorial. There’s not a dry eye in the house Snittle. Slurp, cough.. 193 OWN ROBOT We re getting ready to throw the switch which will make our very own DIY robot come to life John Kennedy plays God and shows you how to turn a pile ot wires, vero board and soldering iron into a latter-day Robbie the Robot 197 Our resident musical maestro. Tony Horgan shows you how to turn your Amiga into an analogue synth Well. It keeps him off the streets at least!
200 ANSWERS In a special four page Q&A Mai Broomfield tackles a selection of your computing problems He gets more like Oprah Winfrey every day especially when he comes to work weanng his favourite miniskirt 204 Our regular look at the wonderful world ot electronic communications checks out another bulletin board 3 details the latest advances in the electronic jungle.
208 Once more unto the postbag lor CU Amiga's resident letter opener. John Mather On u te the paper cuts on ootn hands lie dives into another ball || III I. .liters rants .
210 Not one to mmce his words. Tony Dillon nets on his soap box abc * another Arr ga-related issue You actually see the steam coming ou* his ears MINT Throwing various Deluxe Paint ingredients into the melting pot, Peter Lee comes up with a movable feast for Amiga artists.
This month’s tutorial ingredients include some hot stuff - and we don’t just mean Sherilyn Fenn or Cher... PART 10 We have been examining every facet of Deluxe Palm over the past eight issues. 11 has been like all the pieces of a jigsaw falling into place: once you know how to control the basic functions, you can link then) together to increase the program’s power tenfold - and at the same time make your artistic dreams spring to life.
This month, we ll be continuing our tutorial, featuring animation control and brush morphing. We'll also show you how to use both these features lor excellent results.
MORPHING Like Tony Hart's little plasticine pal Morph. Dpainl Ivs morphing facilities let you change one thing into another Dpainl takes one brush, and over a number ot user specified frames, converts it to another brush image stored in memory.
Sometimes it works brilliantly, other times not. But it’s always worth experimenting because the effect is so powerful and packs such huge impact in an animation. Morphing creates an new Anim brushes each time, so make sure your current Anim brush is saved if you want to use it again, otherwise it will be replaced To execute a morph, you must have a custom brush. There is a limit to size resolution colours of this brush, so try not to be too ambitious as it is annoying to keep getting brush too big' messages. Remember. Dpaint has to keep both brushes in memory, as well as any animation
frames you may have, and it also needs some workspace and room to keep any new Anim brush frames it will create Once you have selected a brush, you can access the Brush Spare Brush- Spare option.
This makes the current brush the spare one With this safely tucked away in memory, you can now dip out a different brush image. To ensure a left: IIWI brilliant aims VI trom • 30-lram. •nmiMon wtUcti comblnaa Iwo Anim Brush*.. Th* main ona Is a llns-drswlng ol a ghoul which I mslamorphosad Into a ralhar acary skull's haad. Th* allacl la raally smooth and morph vary wall II tha Imago* only hava two colours and ars roughly lira asm* air*.
Tha sllhouatta bird Is anolhar Anim brush mad* up lorm |usl six tram**, which I palntad rapaaladly throughout th* duration ol lira animation.
Now H can b* told. Haro a a naat and nasty trie* using th* BrushMatamorph option In which a handsome, debonair, articul.ta and. Shah I say. Hlraul* chap la tumad tmo.... ms. Ufa makaa a monkay 01 ua ad.
Smooth transition, this brush should be around the same size and use the same colour range as your I first brush. Once you tell Dpaint to create your transition by clicking on the Brush Metamorph option, it asks you for a number of Anim brush frames to make the transformation. You must base the number of frames on your minimum require- | ments measured against your memory resources It's no good having a massive 30-ceN Anim Brush created if your set-up will only allow you 20 frames of animation. Plan ahead and avoid disappointments. Once Dpaint gets dug in to converting the brushes, you may
as well find something interesting to read. It can develop into a lengthy process, because there is a lot of maths to work out, and a lot of data to adjust. But once completed, you are presented with an Anim brush, hopefully of stunning cleverness. You can use this new brush as you would any other Anim brush.
Tip - Keep copies ot your start and end brushes before metamorphosis, as Dpaint has a habit of losing' these You will find it invaluable to add two extra frames to your Anim brush, the orige nal brush at ceH one. And the secondary brush as the final cell. To do this, create an animation with two more frames than the number of your Anim brush, and Anim paint your Anim brush down from frame 2. Position the original brush in frame one.
And the secondary brush in the final frame. Now pick up the Anim brush again.
Ever wondered why the long-shots of desert roods in movies (Mays shimmer onfl blur? Heat haze - he hot air rises off he surface and dctorls vhat you see beyond Ihe same thing makes car exhaust fumes shimmer loo. You can simulate this very easJy in Often! - here's on example using a smoking gun Ihe trick is to hove a reasonably-sized brash on inch thick is fine, ond use Dftwrfs Smear option from the Mode menu.
Having copied your main imoge to 10 or so [iTZmZTZZZ homes, you sfeuld then activatefoe Sparing m. »« m ¦ »a o»«ate mi Is hard to convay In print. Taka It Irom ma that a hast haze generated from the gun barrel shimmers over manner. This technique can be used In conjunction with the flame Anlm brush too, or even underwater is expected.
Requestor (right dick Ihe line tool) ond set Ihe N total «"• • “a* i™~oon » to 10, and activate that function. Now wfen you draw a Incl the brush wdl be printed 10 times along the length. Using the technique of Anim painting we featured last month (reminder: press he left AMIGA key as you draw out o tne-or he All key far Workbench 2 users), we can aim he simmer from Ihe gun barrel ocross the fate of text. You need to do Ms htee or fou limes to use the effect, otherwoe it wJ be too subtle; choose different drections too tor he tne of haze. Using Ms kdnque you con create reafehcaly hot scenes,
from Medherranean islands to emphasise Fliafterb.
ANIMATION EDITING Last month we looked at Dpainfs Light Table, which you can access trom either the program s animation control panel or the pull-down menu.
The program's control panel is more than a cosmetic graphic interface tor controlling your Dpaint movies: U provides editing and play-testing features to help line-tune your work. It's easy to move backwards and forwards throughout an animation, and the panel will stay on screen while you make edits to particular (rames. Apart from the Light Table controls, it's a tool menu which duplicates the keyboard animation controls and provides fluid mouse control lor an otherwise awkward method.
ANIMPiAY Player is a utility which comes with versions III and IV ol Dpaint. This is what's called a stand-alone utility; which means it doesn't need Dpaint to play an animation. It's like a protector which will show your Anim Ides on an Amiga. The real benefil ol this is twofold: people without Dpaint can still see » CHEAP 'N' CHEERFUL EoHw in Ihe series m looked ot some brashes, and one o( the (ommands w ravered ihen becomes o Indy wonderful speed effects generator with only a title more knowW If yot wt.lfyouhaveo custom brush octive, and press the 0 on the keyboard (that's capital 01,
Dpaint wl strb) the outer edoes of pixels from Ihe bndt. Keep your hroer on the 0, and you soon end up witti nothing.
Imagine Ms spnad over an animotion, your brash would be just eoten away as you watched.
Ihere are two ddferent ways of achieving an effect Ms woy. Me first is to have some background colour er z sfti&SBfc wtiui ore In8 soidb os to background wib be transparent. So nw, if you press the 0 key, as well as the pixels being eaten away from the edges, where you'd expect, they ore also dissolved from any background oreas: in other words, your imoge begins to melt all over Ihe place, this con give some realy useful effects over something srnafl Ice a 10-frame animation.
The second way of using this noble effect is to pick up your brush with no background colour in din the arse of rfailisad pictures, which lend to hove a lot of block in them, Ihe best way to leave Ms in tad it to select as a background colour one which isn't in tie enogt at ol You can check ¦Mdi colours are in Me image by calng up he palette requestor and ploying tnundwidi colours ottwkim end of he scale. More often Mm not, youl lit on a colour not being used Wh o nonbrash colour as your bade ground, your enlie image can be picked up. If you now press the 0 key, he brash tril be uniformly
cut down. In he case of rectangular images this gives a brihnt keyhole effect, where mote of Ihe imoge is reveoiedas the animation processes, until the final frame when the entire picture Is smoothly revooiod.
Whichever method you choose, odualy completing the onimation should he second nature now; here's a five-step guide: 1 set up your blank frames.
2 wilh your chosen brush octive, place it on screen on frame 1, 3 press capital 0.
4 2 key to advance to Ihe next frame ond dick down your dimin 5 go to 3, orid repeat until al frames ore painled.
If you brash is large, hen pressing 0 two or Mee times between painting gets the job done quicker. If you need an animation to play he oher wry, hen start at you last frame wih he whole brash, and manualy work backward; using keyboard 2 to go to he previous frame, oral port he brash wih the mouse button.
PUyM Met n UoU •• • in FLAMING GOOD... This 20-frame sequence uses similar techniques to the smoking gun effect, but in a much more dynamic way. Il combines several features that w've covered and gives you rt»typeolslunningph eafelkimoMw OTTj»olo« of impact. Ihe heart of the animation is Ihe flame effect.
The began He as a static imoqe of a fire. I copied it to 20 frames and using the ine tool wdi the spodng set at an H total of 20, Anim painted a randomly-shaped brush upwards a dozen times usinp the Mode Smear opt ion.
(Remember Anim painting is a way of spreodng your brushwork Aroughout relenglh a an anmalion; Dftrt III users should press Ihe left Amiga key, and DP IV users the left Ah key as they drag out their brash to paint on on To effect, all.
Colours, then cleared the rest nlhot when I picked up the resulting flame got were the flamesJ made a stendfof he fire . Tn deored the rest of Ihe animation screens using blade as the backgnxinf cokiur. After freeing the stand, and usiig die Anim Brush pick-up commana I was able la pick up only the leaping flames. This Anim brush is now part of my Ibrory, and can be used whenever it's needed (for instance in burning bukkngs, wrecks and the Bee). In the case of our example I typed in the text and daced it on a neat-locking screen, then stencilled evety colour except the background
Afterjlositioning the flamKorx] stamping dmreddTtihL settn toH&'fc rtteWm brush down. The results are enough to warm the cockles of your heart... wmm Flames » your magnificent work trom disk, and auto-running animations can be made which will start automatically if the disk is in the Amiga drive at start-up.
You can run Player in several ways: Simply: from Workbench by clicking on its icon.
You will then have to load in an animation using the pull-down menu options. Don! Be put off by the blank screen which appears, there is a menu bar hidden at the top, and you access it by moving your pointer to the top of the screen and pressing the right mouse button.
Interestingly: again trom Workbench, but using the extended selection mode. It you have an Anim icon on screen (an icon representing one ol your saved animations), you can press the Shift key. Dick on that icon, and with your finger sell on Shift, dick on the Player icon twice. This will iun Player, with your selected animation already loaded.
Cleverly: It you are happy using the CU (Command Une Interlace), then you can run player by changing to the directory where It lives (cd dlsk:directory), and typing Player.
Automatically: from a bootable disk, which has an S directory and which contains the file start-up- sequence' All this file need contain is the command player anim.name’ where 'anim.name' is the name of your animation file. But one really useful option is the ability to run a script, containing several sequences one after the other You will need to write your script in plain text, using either a word-processor which can save work in Asdi format (which is standard text), or use the Amiga's Ed editor. To ran one sequence after another, you simply create a script file, and on each line write the
filename of the Anim sequence you want played. In addition, you can add what are called switches' after the filename. These control the length of the playback and the number of times the animation is played before stopping. For example. A script could look like this:- TrekOl.anim 10 Trek02.anim 20 loops This plays TrekOl .anlm for 10 seconds, than plays Trek02 anim 20 times. One thing to remember is that your filename should have its complete path in the script if it is different from the Player location (e.g. c:Anims Trek01 .anim). In addition, the Player can also display single pictures,
so for example you could have a title screen as your first image, then go through a script automatically Finally, actually using Player is just like controlling your animation trom within Dpainl Here is a list of its keyboard controls and what they do, happy animating: 'gt KEYBOARD CONTROLS r NEXT MONTH If* loosc-end lime as we do tho linal spadework on Dpaint; there'll be more tips on using what we've learned over past issues We'll also be looking at preference settings and how to get the best out of the pnntinq options offered by Dpaint.
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taoSjrod Genlock, which Mows you to m« Arr-ga '•* and mages
with mowing video pictures.
You can then send combined raeut back i .
Video recorder fc* recertng.
• ZSslaSStsSgsxsL.
Otrkm JXItO W*i o~. U ACA'AA rric«rt Other A1200 cards claiming to be accelerators onfy add maths coprocessors and extra RAM. Whilst the A1230 can provide both of these PLUS an enhanced CPU.
This replacement CPU upgrades the A1200’s existing processor with a 68030EC processor running at 40mh»I 32-blt RAM and a maths coprocessor can also be added, enhancing performance still further.
The A1230 doesn’t void your Amiga warranty, and Is also compatible wflh PCMCIA standard cards, not preventing their use!
• The Flrat True A1200 Accelerator
• eaOSOfC Proceeeor Running et 40UH, e Up to 32m ot 32-blt RAM e
Cat, Fitting Trapdoor Cxpanekm - Doeenl Void Your Warranty e
Doeenl DteeDte PCMCIA Interfece sr ~mr £199 £299 £399 £149”
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roagas. Ew" capturad iraga* and wipa baa an 2 wdao
groSxtaT*'MSdo°*WtS MaeroPam 2. A po-wM 2444 graphcs cecxaoe
r»cn can pamt m 68 muon cotews.
1. 5m 24+H. Rs.OmMUon Colour Buffer Deinterlaced. Video Flicker
Ftxar Moveble SUeb* PIP (Pktwe4mPKture) 2 Video Genlock (RGB S
a hard dnva to your Amiga will have a considerable impact on
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......daztfrg ___ aflacts Curonfty vary popular n music videos
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atfact to use Now with ClnaMcrph you Real-time 24-0H Pointing
Anlmatlon JO Rendering FRUI CeHgerl 24. MecroPelnt2. MyLed end
Deektop Derkroom Sottwere
• Opdone! $ m Ot 22-bd RAM IV24 wc VIU-S IV24 -c VIU-CT A1230
40MH. ACCELERATOR tesw. Iwf*u «¦» * rtAQQ £1299 NEW!
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EfaoiFXAnAXaVFXAJOOO 290 215 235 r -«FimiX*XII VFVMX1000 3.36 3 21 3.01 Epioo LX80286290 2.12 I «1 ITT NEC Pinwnle* P22CO 3 03 2 81 268 Fauna* 1071123 112421140 3 46 3 31 3 11 PiDjacauc KXPIOKVIIIOA(VI5V2 2 84 2 14 2.54 Ring foe ribbooa, Inkje rtHdgea and inkjet reBU vol dll'CI IIOWIO VV H a omputer Services Ring us and we will beat all other prices 0543 250377 Rinsor 'f"d 0543 25037 Owl Associates. Dept 132. Owl House. Eaoe f-=-| 5 The Brambles. Lichfield. Slaffs WS14 9SE ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT & DELIVERY AMIGA REPAIRS FIXED CHARGE ONLY £42.99 Incl.
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Full credit facilities available Send for our Free information pack today... INTERNAL 33" DRIVE Simplr lo fit. Fully document ROM SWITCHER KICKSTART 1J ROM KICKSTART 2.05 ROM Upgrade lo 4500c Rom SUPER DENISE 6*000 CPU ¦* Ull 08DC1 MM SUFWUS GRADE A' FULLY GUARANTIED DSDD 3.5“ PLANET BRANDED C2 PAP C3 PAP C3 PAP C3 PAP Dept.CUA 9 High!
Olney, Bucks MK46 41 Tel: 0234 240954 Fax: 0234 240272 10DS E BRANDED DISKS supplied in QUALITY plastic flip top library case with labels ONLY £5.99 Inc.p&p Enquire for bulk prices VIDEO TmJNG ON YOUR AMIGA This month, Jim Strutton looks at how you can turn your Amiga into a video editing machine.
Editing is that vital ingredient which transforms a good video into a brilliant one. Look at any TV advert and you'll see that there can be up to 30 cuts (or change of shot) in any minute-long advert These cuts are vital to the quality of the add and maintaining the consumer's interest.
So, how can you turn your Amiga into a video editing machine? There are many options for turning your Amiga into a video edit machine, but I want to look at Video Director which is one ol the cheapest options. Video Director is a dedicated controller and at £120 and is widely available from reputable Amiga stockists. Video Director consists of software and two special cables. One cable controls your camcorder and the other controls most infrared remote videos.
To use Video Director your camcorder must have a Control L’ or 'Lane' socket which is present in most 8mm and Hi-8 machines from Sony. Sony clones and machines from Canon and Sanyo etc are compatible. However, I haven't seen any VHS or VHS-C camcorders fitted with the socket and unfortunately Video Director is not compatible with the 5 pin edit sockets found on machines from Panasonic.
The software consists of several utilities which set up the main program to work with your camcorder and VCR. The control signals vary from camcorder to camcorder so you have to configure your main program by selecting the appropriate driver file. Not every variation of camcorder is listed, so you might have carry out test runs to get the system to work with your camcorder. Although my Canon A2Hi was not listed, I found that the high end Sony driver, in fact, worked. I also found that the more expensive Ihe camcorder, the better the control. Some basic camcorders only allow the minimum of
control through the Lane socket. This means that the editing process wilh Video Director gets a bit slow if Ihe program can't put the camcorder into fast picture search. That is not to say that it does not work, it's just that it is not as fast as a camcorder with more features.
The video output side is controlled by the cable with the infrared transceiver. There are no standard control files, but you create your own using the standard remote lor the machine. To do so.
You run the utility and point the remote at the transceiver, whilst pushing the command keys as requested.
To get the best from your target video, it must be able to work as an edit machine. It needs to have things like record pause and flying erase heads to get a good result. This rules out the very cheap VCRs because even though they will work, the results may only be a little better than ‘Crash Editing'.
Crash editing is a term that describes the system lor manually editing a video. First of all. You cue up the source machine and put it on pause, then you find the place where you want the scene inserted on the target video and put that into record pause. You then release both the pause buttons and hope that a successful edit occurs.
One of the reasons why crash editing can be difficult to get right is because of the pre-rot on the video decks.
A pre-roll is the time lag which occurs before VCRs start to play or record a video signal Prerolls are different for every model of VCR. Video VIDEO TITLING r il ¦* t | GreendounB 1 EJECT | CLIP |Fran-Spec-Needs mcai • i SEEK 00:23:09.00 I i
M. J 00:23:30.00 | |- 1 Enter pre ?1 1 i . ¦¦ Oki ASSEH T .LIB
teaoher_1_Z_1 parent®teacher1 scene!4-shot1 scene15-shot1
lunchtine Iunoti ne cu eendown01 GreendnunH 1 Gdwn-BoatSh
Gdun-BoatSh GreendownBI Gt-eenduwr 01 Setting the Pre-Roll
deley lime ol Ihe output deck. A lot ol Kiel end error goee
Into gening thle Itgure eiectl Director has a parameter that
you can set. Which allows lor pre-roll in different To set up
this parameter you record a picture ol a dock with a second
hand as you edit the tape. You adjust the pre-roll parameter
until the recording starts exactly where you set the start ol
the clip.
That really is the only painlul part ol getting Video Director set up once you have loaded the correct Lane tile set the inlrared control and adjusted the pre-roll, the system is a dream It can identify any number ol clips on any number ol tapes, depending on the capacity ol your disk.
The operation involves viewing your camcorder tapes and identitying the dips that you warn It stores a record ol the dips in a database You can then paste these dips, in the order you want, into a script file lor the whole production It allows you to define a set ol clips as a scene and so to build up a coherent story line.
You can then print this file lor relerence. Once you have a story line built, the assemble command takes the tapes and outputs the dips, in the order you want, to the target VCR.
MINOR DRAWBACKS II this sounds all too good to be true, then perhaps it would be as well to point out a lew of the pitfalls.
The system is not time coded in its basic form, so Irame accuracy is not possible Having said that, with a bit ol forethought, you can get near to 3 6 frames accuracy or around a tenth ol a second. I have lourtd that Video Diredor works best, if it is compiling dips in a linear sequence down a tape.
For my commercial work I can shoot my tapes in that way I arrange it so that I shoot all the scenes Irom a location on one tape This means that as I compile the finished programme. I am building the scenes up Irom the beginning ol the origin al camcorder tape. It is possible to put special timing events into Video Diredor. Which allow you to rewind tapes and to identify events, to keep the timing accurate. I use this leature to start Irom Ihe beginning ol the tape lor each new group ol dips. I For subsequent dips I start shooting with a con- I ventional clapper board so that I always have a
relerence point.
Timecode is a system that is found on proles- I sional video equipment and also on some high end I consumer machines. It is an additional eledronic I track on the tape that numbers every video Irame, I which means that you can accurately position the I tape to a specific Irame. Whilst this is useful, the I consumer versions do leave a bit to be desired in I that they are still only accurate to 2 3 frames .
Video Diredor will also allow you to put static I graphics by way ol a Genlock over scenes. This I can be great lor transition elfeds between scenes I or things like captions It will also control our old | friend the Digital Creations SuperGen. Which as it only comes in the NTSC lormat is not much use to us. Other makes ol GenLock can be used, but you have lo manually control the lades it you want any effed and the video signal is always passed through the GenLock in overlay mode Video Director creates a blank screen during the time that no graphics are required.
IN At around £120 Video Diredor is an advanced version ol all the dedicated controllers that are available. Desk Top Video has been likened to Desk Top Publishing Video Diredor is a program that makes this possible, in that you can cut and paste video clips in the way that you can cut and paste words in a DTP system. I could not exist without it and until somebody comes up with a way to cheaply record video to disk lor editing on the Amiga, it does me just fine!
On that very subjed, I attended a trade show recently, where wonderful Multimedia and video things where demonstrated on expensive Pcs.
Looking at some ol the presentations, representing the state ol the PC art. The average Amiga user would have said ‘so what*. When they showed the demonstration ol the PC formatting a disk, whilst concurrently running a small animation and a WP program, I nearly lell ol my chair laughing. Corred me il I am wrong, but haven't Amigas always been able to do that? -2Jt Video Diredoi is published by bold Disk ond is ovodoitie front Slika Systems,Tel: 081-3091 111, Price: £ 117 (inti VAT).
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symbols 5. Wild animals
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12. Frames ft borders inogement simulation, guaranteed C7 each
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PART Dave Smithson goes once more unto the breach with his AMOSteroids shoot ’em up game and takes a look at the routines needed for the parallax asteroid field.
U lad couple ol monltis or so have seen some pretty mojor events in ihe AMIGA (immunity, not least of whkh must be the releijse of the new CD32 console. Wwi its 68020 procss sor, 2 Mbs of RAM and AGA drip set, the bunch of the 0)32 must surely open the flood gates lor a whole ronge ol AGA- specific gome titles on floppy (for AI 200 and A4000 owners) and on CD-ROM. Many thought that AGA screen modes would never be used by commecda games programmers, but now that Commodore have thrown down the gauntlet vrith the launch ol the CD32, developers hove no choice.
With ol bis AGA ottenlion the 32 (bit) nrilon dolor question has to be. 'Where is me AGA compatible version ol AMOS ftalessiondlhotEuropress hove been promising us?
Wei, I'm ofraed there sM seems to be no tglri ol the end ol the tunnel When I last spoke to Europress, bey seemed to be doing a very good job of passing the budc. Wai Vomer, development manager ot Europress, seemed doubtful thot Francois lionet (the programmer of AMOS) would ever gel around to upgrading AMOS at ol. Instead, Richard tried to cushion the blow by doming that several third-party programmers were working on their own AMOS extensions. All fine and dandy, but come on guys it's your responsibiity!
0k, so on AGA upgrade isn't going to moke Europress any money, but il you wont AMOS to survive the impending battie with Blitz Bask 2 (which is fuly AGA conpatiMet), ben it's up to you to provide AMIGA programmers with a language that is up-iodole. List ol us who hove upgraded to AGA modrines wont to be able to program games, demos and educoliond software ihot an k»e advantage ol our new modrines and if AMOS can't do i, then I con see a bl ol AMOS proonmmers looking elsewhere.
II you feel strongly about AMOS getting an AGA upgrade, then why not let Europress know. Send your biters to: Richord Yarnier, Europress Soft Pork, Mocdesfieb SKIO 4NP.
As you may remember trom last month's issue, we were tackling the subject ot generating and moving the asteroids that the player's ship has to avoid and then and shoot In many ways, the code that we will use is very similar to that required to gen erate a parallax startield The original control code tor the asteroids is based around a very simple parallax startield routine that I wrote a number ot months ago So where do we start? Well, belore we can write the code to handle the asteroids, we need a sprite bank containing the imagery tor the asteroids. Because ot the enormous size ol the
asteroids, we use AMOS' slightly slower blitter objects (bobsj in preference to hardware sprites. II we were to use hardware sprites, we would need three hardware sprites tor every asteroid (each asteroid is 48 pixels wide!) Using bobs also makes the task of designing the asteroids easier because we can use any part ol the screen's colour palette. As it is. However, the asteroids use only the first live colours (including colour U' which is transparent).
Drawing a simple rock-shaped object is very simple, but our asteroids are fully animated so the process is a bit more compkcated Using Deluxe Paint to draw the asteroids makes this task easier All I did was draw a basic outline ol an asteroid and then rotate it 45 degrees to generate eight different views of the same shape After a bit of touching up. Each frame was then tilled in using a range ot brown shades The resulting eight Irames were then saved onto disk and grabbed into the AMOS Object Editor using the IFF Grabber' option.
Acteroids’moving Keeping track ol eight different asteroids is quite code intensive. So, in order to make lite somewhat easier tor yourselt. Group all the asteroids together into a set ol three data structures which you must define at the start of the program using the following lines of code: Dim ROCKXPOS181, ROCKVPOS (8), ROCKXSPD181 Global ROCKXPOS O , ROCKVPOS (I, ROCKXSPD O The variable names that I've assigned to each data structure make their use selt-explanatory - ¦ROCKXPOSO' contains the X' screen positions ot the asteroids. ’ROCKYPOS()' contains their 'Y' screen positions and
ROCKXSPD!)' contains their horizontal speed. Each time a new game is started, these three data structures are tilled with a set ot randomly-generated default values.
The procedure that handles this task is called INITASTEROIDS' and here it is in the box below: Rem ••• INITASTEROIDS Procedure Rent ••• Set position and speed of aster- olds Ram . Asteroid Rem ROCKYPOS - Y screen position of asteroid Rem ROCKXSPD - Speed of asteroid Procedure -INITASTEROIDS For C-0 To 7 ROCKXPOS C)-320 ROCKYPOS(C)-Rnd(240) ROCKXSPD(C)-Rnd(5)+1 Next C End Proc This procedure gives some indication ot how the data structure is processed A simple For... Next' loop sets up each asteroid in turn, calculating a
• m ft rat drawn up In Dluxa Paint by drawing a sing la outline
and than rotating by 45 dagreas to produca aight framas.
Ganaratlng a random speed for each asteroid produces parallax movement allowing the faster asteroids to overtake others.
Random value for both the asteroid’s ‘Y’ screen co-ordinate and its speed. Calculating a random speed for each asteroid gives a good impression of depth as each asteroid moves at its own unique rate, so some asteroids can overtake others - giving a sort of parallax effect, if you like.
Once the asteroids have been initialised, the game starts and the main game loop is processed.
In every frame the asteroids are updated by a procedure called ‘-MOVEASTEROIDS’. This procedure moves the asteroids on the screen, keeps track of when they move off the screen and updates the asteroid’s animation. Let's take a look: Rem **• MOVEASTEROIDS Procedure Rem •** Update positions and animation of asteroid bobs Rem •** Resets any asteroids that have passed ship Rem »** FRAMECOUNT * Delays animation Rem *** ROCKFRAME - Current rock anima tion frame Procedure -MOVEASTEROIDS Rem **• Update asteroid animation FRAMECOUNT-FRAMECOUNT*1 If FRAMECOUNT*5 FRAMECOUNT-O ROCKFRAME-ROCKFRAME*1 If
ROCKFRAME-9 ROCKFRAME-1 End If End If For C-0 To 7 ROCKXPOS(C -ROCKXPOS(C)-ROCK XSPD(C) Rem *•* Has asteroid left screen?
If ROCKXPOS C) -40 ROCKXPOS(C)-320 ROCKYPOS(C)-Rnd(240) ROCKXSPD(C)-Rnd 5)?LEVEL End If Bob C,ROCKXPOS(C ,ROCKYPOS(C),ROCKFRAME Next C Rem *** Make game progressively harder!
If SC0RE 1000'LEVEL LEVEL-LEVEL*1 End If End Proc The procedure starts by increasing a variable called FRAMECOUNT’ that acts as a sort of delay for the animation of the asteroids. The animation of all the aster- oids is updated at once if the 'Framecount' variable reaches 5. If it has reached 5, then the ‘Framecount’ variable is reset and the animation frame is increased by one. To loop the animation around, the value of the animation frame is checked and if it too has reached a maximum value (in this case, a value of ‘9’), then the animation frame is reset to 1.
Once the animation update process is complete, the procedure moves on to update the pos- itions of each asteroid. Every asteroid is handled individually using a very simple 'For... Next' loop that counts from zero to seven. The loop starts by decreasing the asteroid’s ’X’ screen position by subtracting the asteroid s speed (held in the 'ROCKX SPD()’ array) from its ’X' screen co-ordinate (held in the RCX KX- POS()’ array). When an asteroid mo- ves off the screen, it is reset so that it can be used again. This is done by checking that the asteroid's ‘X’ co-ordinate has not fallen below a
value of ‘-40’. If it has, the asteroid's ‘X’ position is set to ‘320’ and both its Y position and speed are randomly calculated again. Finally, the asteroid is redrawn on the screen by calling the ‘Bob' command.
Note how the speed of the asteroid is increased by adding the value held in the variable ‘LEVEL’ to the random number. This variable gives us a quick and easy way of making the game progressively harder. Simply by increasing the value held in the AMOSTEROIDS CHEAT!
II you're still struggling lo dock up a decent store on (tie (omJed version ot AMOSleroik, then why rot try this handy cheat. When the gome's title saeen appears, hold down the left 'Shift' key ond type in 'CHEAT'. If the cheat was octivoted correctly, then you should hear an audible beep. Start the gome ond your ship wl be invincible, alow- ing you to dock up some impressive high scores!
‘Level' variable, the speed ot all new asteroids will be increased too. And, at the end ot the procedure, that's exactly what we do - if the player's score increases above a multiple ot '1000' (multiplied by the current value of the 'Lever variable), then the level is increased by a value of 1.
Now you have all the codes you need for the parallax asteroid field. Note how the asteroids are not redrawn automatically by AMOS. Each call to the 'Bob’ command requires the setting up of the Amiga's blitter, so redrawing them all would just be too slow. Instead, automatic bob redraws are turned off using the 'Bob Update Off command and only when the main game loop has finished are the bobs drawn onto the screen ‘en masse' with a single call to the 'Bob Draw' command. This saves huge amounts of processor time. 0 NEXT MONTH!
Phew! We've covered some pretly heavyweight programming techniques this month. Hexl issue, well be Inking o look ol Ihe code required lo generate ihe missiles that ihe player's ship con fire. And, ifwe've got the space, we may even cover the collision detection code.
OPTIMISING YOUR GAMES No one could possibly doubt that AMOS lums in some pretty impressive code performance ratings, but it wl never be my- whete near os fast as pure assembw language, the choice far commercial games programmers. There are ways, however, of squeezing that extra spurt of speed from your AMOS aocfe Herearejuslofew: AMOSteroids!
""I" j AMOS games may not run as last as theJr assembler counterparts. But there are ways ot squeezing that extra spurt ot speed trom your AMOS code.
1. Buy the AMOS Pro Compiler because it produces a machine code
version of your program, whidi wil ran much faster.
2. If you insist on usira AMAL (most AMAL programs run no faster
than their AMOS equivcdents once comated!), then switch off
ihe AMAL intenijpt system (using the 'Synchro Off command) and
then ran all youc AMAl programs directly (with ihe 'Synchro'
3. If you game uses two or more bobs, switch off AMOS' automata
bob redrawing feature (using 'Bob Update Off) ond then redraw
ol bobs 'en masse' with the 'Bob Oeof ond 'Bob Draw' commends.
Ibis wil increase In code performance as ai your bobs wfl be
ckawn onto the screen in a single blitter operation.
When handing ihe process of updating o double buffered display switch AMOS' 'AuloBak' fixity ficm its default settrg ('T) to AutoBack mode '1When you need to swap the physical and logical screens, just add the line ‘Screen Swap'.
4. Try to keep your game screens as smal as possile - even ifrau
knock your game screen down horn 256 vertical Snes to 2tX)
vertiad Ires, a huge speed naease wil be evident.
5. Wien compilteg your game, turn off the compler's 'Run- lime
Error Checking' focfty. Runtime error checking eats up
valuable system cycles which can be used by your game.
6. Try to keep the depth of your screen as low as possUe.
Every single extra bitplane mat the Amiga's blitter has to work on wl cause a slight decrease in code performance.
When designing blitter obtedi.you should always try to design them so that they use the first set of colours in a game’s screen palette. Another good idea is to restrict the depth of h bobs tot your sprite bank so that only the brtplanes that the bobs use are included in the sprite tianic. Not only wi this reduce Ihe size of your sprite bank, but AMOS con plot diem onto screen o lot faster!
7. Insert the line ‘Dolce SOFT 80.SRGB' (where SRGB' is o valid
hex colour value) between each procedure in your mate game
loop, each with their rm unique 'SRG8' value. Wien you ran
your program, the badcjound colour wil change d several
different vertical positions, giving you ? Sort of psmla-
graph of the time required to run each procedure, tf one
colour section is much larger than the others, youl know which
procedure is cousing Ihe speed problems.
9. Keep it simple! AMOS may be fast, but it's si a Basic pro-
gramming language at the end of the day. Although it can nande
ample arcadegames, don't expect it to run yaw AMOS version of
Project X The most ntporiant aspect of any gam is its
gameplay; even Ihe simplest games can have ihs n ah» dance
(check out Te risif you don't believe me!)
Sadly its time to say goodbye to Hyer- book and make way for pastures new. So with out further ado - in the fourth and final instalment of his Hyperbook tutorial, Jason Holborn extends his database program with the addition of ‘Delete’, ‘Search’ and ‘Sort’ functions.
Delete raord Macro fc Jason Holbom HYPERBOO PART Mne = InputStriogCPli SeeroNtaM : " then ocit : SnrdiltmiCSlist'O; f itw s •• than do Call Infomt'Record not found'') bit End K0elStr Iteo,l,4) Extract fields for that record fran lists ¦ w : Getite*test('Slist'()7'ltM) re z 6etitB.text('Rist'()' *ltw) : 6etitentext('Ptist'()' 'Itw) » enter surna to delete', MASH The process of learning any complex subject Is often compared lo a long journey that is fraught with trials and tribulations. Well, II our look at HyperBook is a journey, then we re already well on our way to the train station. Yes
folks, I hope you've packed your clean underwear because the HyperBook train will be departing within a matter of seconds All aboard and 'mind the step!’ If you were with us last month, then you'll already know that we started work on a very simple database program that makes use of HyperBooks powerful ’HML' macro language; an A flex-based programming language that extends the usetulness of HyperBooIt immeasurably Many who have had only a passing glimpse look at HyperBook as a rather limited tool, but will be amazed how much power is locked away beneath the surface.
Because HML is Afiexx-based. However, you're going to need an Arrvga capable of running Arexx This won't be a problem as all Amigas since the A500 Plus now come bundled with Arexx as part of the Workbench system disks. Even if you are still running an old Amiga 1000.2000 or 500 with Workbench 1.3 (or even older), you can still get in on the act by buying Arexx separately; it is available for £35 from Silica Systems on 081-309 1111.
In last month’s CU we completed the user Interface of our database program and added the first two HML macros to our HyperBook application in the form of the Enter Record- and Edit Record macros. The Enter Record' macro allowed us to enter a record into the list gadget while the 'Edit Record macro allows us to edit any record by clicking on its entry in either one ol the three list gadgets. Now all we need are the final three functions 'Search', 'Delete'-and 'SorT and our HyperBook database will be complete1 If you fancy adding a few extra functions, then feel free to experiment Don't
forget that the HyperBook manual Is sti* available from Silica Systems on 081 309 1111 for £14.95. Before you rush off to find your chequebook, let s get stuck into the next instalment O First, let's start with the Delete Record' macro. Go up to the Arexx pull-down menu, select Create Macro' and the Macro Editor will appear Enter the macro in the box In the top-right of this page. Once that is done, dick on the Macro window close gadget and name this macro Delete Record.
There's nothing complex about this macro - it starts oft by asking you to enter the surname that you wish to delete by calling the Inputstring' function. We haven't actually used this function before; all It does IS bring up a single line string gadget that prompts you to enter a line of text that will be used to locate and then delete the record in question. It requires two parameters first, the line of text to place along the top of the string gadget (In this case iat - ’ SurnameSurname 'Oa'x Form Format - Format'Oa'x ’Telaphon :'Phon* Chack that uaar wishes to delete Record
Record-InputForm("Delete Record - Are you sure?",Format) B * Delete record • Call Delete('SLiat' )' 'Itam) Call Delete('FList'()' 'Item) Call Delete('PLiat'O' 'Item) Exit Surname to delete and a second parameter that contains a default value. We don't actually need to provide a default value, so this parameter is kept blank.
If Macro' then checks whether the user has entered a string. If no string was entered it exits back to the main HyperBook stack. If, on the other hand, a string was entered, we use the ¦SearchltemsO' function to search through the surname itemlist ('SUst(n for the string that was entered If the SearchltemsO' function was unable to locate the record in question, a short error message is displayed on the screen and the macro, once again, exits back to the main HyperBook stack If. On the other hand, a string was found, then the lull record details are extracted trom the item- llst and a
requestor pops up onto the screen prompting the user to confirm whether they wish to delete this record or not.
You'll notice that the macro doesn't automatically check whether the user clicked on the 'Ok' _ gadget (to confirm the delete! Or the 'Cancel' gadget (to abort the delete). There's a very good reason tor this - HyperBook is intelligent enough to know whether it should continue executing the script or not.
If the user clicks on the 'Cancel' gadget (the cross symbol), HyperBook will automatically end the script.
Finally, the record is deleted if the user confirmed the'delete operation by calling the 'Delete!)' function three times - once for each itemlist FILE SAVING You'll notke Ifial our datobcse program doesn't octudly save the database records to on external file in the same way as a conventional database program Bke SuperBase. Unless you want to use it to manage several completely separate databases, vou don't redly need lo - because HyperBook treats its Hemfcts as permanent gadgets. The contents of the itemlist are saved as part of the HyperBook stock. Ibis means that f you do wish to
retain Ihe contents of Edatabase, the stock must be saved e you exit HyperBook.
HyperBook doesn't actually provide its own functions foe file handling. If you wish to save the contents of your database to on external file, then you need to turn to Arexx itself which offers a whole host of functions designed specifically foe handling both sequential t"1* im mwm.. ond even random access files. If you know youc Abexx ond you're feeling particularly adventurous, then why not have a oo at odding the 'Load' and 'Save' functions yourself. Lo moke life somewhat easier, however Hyperbook does allow you to col up adding Ihe fcnam? = filelequesll Prompt, named 'FileRequestO'
function. The format of
I) .
) function bos follows.
Ihe two parameters that ore associated with this function ore pretty self-explanatory. The 'Prompt' parameter is simply a string (hot contains a Ine of text that wjl be used as the file requestor's title. You couk enter onything here ranging from 'Please Select file to Load' to 'Hey Dude, which file?'. The optional 'Default1 parameter contains the default AmigaDOS path and filename.
If you’d like to find out more about Arexx, then why not treat yourself to a copy of Abacus' brilliant Arexx tome, Using Arexx on Ihe Amiga (ISBN Number 1-5575S1 I'M). Written by the same guys that programmed HyperBook, it's packed with of lucid descriptions of al the 4 Pexx functions and even includes a very good section of using 1Wexx to control on ihe Amiga is available from ai good book stores.
Iv rr 0 With the 'Delete Record’ macro complete, we need to attach it to the appropriate button. Move Ihe mouse pointer over to the HyperBook toolbox, select the 'Edit Object' tool and then click on the 'Delete Record' button once with the left mouse button and then click again with the right mouse button. If everything went ok, the 'Edit Button’ requestor should pop up onto the screen. Move the mouse pointer down to the action gadgets, click on 'ARexx macro’ and then select 'Delete Record’ from the list of macros that should appear.
Finally, dick on the 'Edit Button’ requestor's 'Ok' gadget (the tick symbol) and the 'Delete Record’ function is complete.
If you fancy testing it, click on the Delete Record' button and enter a surname that you know is in your surname itemlist.
_ _ m gg - fate__________________ Irom Ho lbo«T i*t SJ HE3QJ [1 LjqI Miff a « action 0 to to mw Coworlf ? $ hc« pletor* OftwAi* 0 tout OHI o«wrd
• ""•?¦mwrnrt D«roMero Si faulted_ fiS S3 , E33 Ubh 611611 Q Irom
Loot H«l MM © Now let’s move onto the Search Record’ macro. If
you look very closely at the listing below and compare it to
the 'Delete Record’ macro, you'll notice that there's very
little difference.
This shouldn't come as any great surprise: the process of deleting a record in any database program (whether it's written using HyperBook or any programming language) requires the program to start by searching for the record.
The only real difference between the two macros is that the ‘Delete’ macro will remove the record from the database. The ‘Search’ macro, on the other hand, leaves the record details intact once they have been displayed.
Once you've entered the macro into the Macro Editor, click on the dose gadget, name it 'Search (OT : lOTTdlltOTrt'llilt'O
I : 6»titOTtwt 'Ri*l'07'! OT( m ¦- rvtKOTMCnicCOY-llw : fctilOTCOTtmift'OV’llOT) [¦(net litlOT (v WOT rttort t OT liltl ¦ Search for record macro By Jason Holborn « SearchName = InputString('Please enter surname' ,") if SearchName - *' then exit Item - Searchltems ('SList'(),SearchName) if Item - *' then do Call Infom('Record not found!') Exit End * Extract fields for that record from lists * Item-DelStr(Item,1,4) Surname - Getitemtext('SList'()' 'Item) Forename - Getitemtext('FList'()' 'Item) Phone - Getitemtext('PList'()' 'Item) Format - * Surname:'Surname 'Oa'x 'Forename:'Forename
Format - Format'Oa'x 'Telephone:'Phone Record' and then attach the macro to the 'Search Record' button in exactly the same way as you did with the Delete Record' macro.
Display Record Details * Reco rd-1nputForm("Record Found",Format) Exit O Finally, our last HyperBook database - the 'Sort List’ macro. Considering the complexities of sorting any list, you'll be pleased to learn that HyperBook takes away all the hard work here too thanks to a handy function designed specifically for the task called 'SortListO'. It you were writing your database using any other language, sort three separate lists so that they are all sorted into the same order would be quite difficult, but the 'SortListO' function takes care of this too - simply by feeding it a list of all
the lists that we wish to son, the function sorts the first list (in this case, the surname list) and then reorders any lists that follows in exactly the same order. As a result, all three lists are kept in the same order regardless of whether the first names or phone numbers held in the two extra lists start with different characters from those used in the surname list.
Enter the following macro, name it ‘SortList’ and then attach it to the Sort List’ button. Once you've done this, your HyperBook database is complete. If you're feeling adventurous, why not try adding a couple of extra functions of your own! © NEXT MONTH And that's il folks. Our Hyperbook series draws lo a close Join us next monlh lor a new column aimed al Ihe novice Arexx user Call SortList('SList'(),'FList'(),'PList'()) Exit Sort List Macro By Jason Holborn lit ¦ Matrix Software Club Computer Software Hundreds of programs at a fraction of the price - and we buy them back
- guaranteed!
* OVER 3000 MEMBERS * Send S.A.E. or phone (24 Hours) for full
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Issue one was launched on the 1st September and is available now. Its content includes CD32, 3 Monitors (The 1940, 1942 & I960).
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Name:..... Address:.
PART With the interface and 3 control electronics safely finished, John Kennedy shows how you can finally start to get your robot moving.
Figure 1: The wiring required 10 provide control two motore. With three relays you can chose the direction of each, and an overall orVoff control.
Mm Short ol pushing your robot oft the desk, the only way you will gel it to move is by using electric motors. A small DC motor will only need between six and nine volts to provide enough power to push a small or medium buggy around a table top or tiled lloor. However, we also need to able to steer the robot by remote control or it will fall off the desk by itself anyway. To do this, you’ll need to build a rack-and-pinion system as used in a car. You will need two motors: one to provide the main driving force to move the robot forwards and backwards and the other to operate the steering
Or you could position the two motors so that when one is moving forwards and the other is moving backwards the buggy will spin around on a central axis. When both motors are driving in the same direction, the buggy goes forwards or backwards. By determining the length of time the motors are operating, the current orientation and position of the buggy can be gauged. I must profess to liking this solution, as I find building a rack and pinion system a bit ot a chore. Also, the inherently large turning circle is not always suitable tor a small robot. Ot course, you may have a better design tor
a steering system already in mind. Or perhaps you don't need to steer your creation at all: you might have created a robot arm rather than a buggy.
SIMPLE BUGGY SIM VIEW BUILDING IT Deciding what material to actually build your robot with depends on several factors. For starters, if you are handy with wood or metal you might be able to completely fabricate your robot from scratch. Or it you own lots ot Mecanno or Lego Here's a suggested plan tor making your buggy. Note the weight ol your battery should keep the balance wheel on the ground.
Sets you might want to use those. My lirst excursion into the world ot DIY robotics made use ot Mecanno. Which had several advantages. Not only was it very strong, but the pieces could be bent to fit around specially-designed parts (motors, electronics and so on). This time. I'm using Technical Lego. Although the kits are rather expensive they seem to otter the easiest way to integrate electric motors and gearing into the system. Plus of course, you can get little men with crash helmets to stand around and get run over.
GET WIRED No matter how you decide to build your robot, the method tor driving the motors remains the same.
The overall aim is a connection scheme which allows both motors to travel forwards, backwards and in opposing directions more or less independently. Control over the direction will be governed by a number sent to the Input Output port. In turn, the port will operate the relay circuits we built last month which will determine which motor receives which voltage.
There is ample scope for expansion. You may wish, tor example, to provide a twin speed system.
(With a little cunning, this can be achieved with only one more relay circuit: arrange lor the motor battery supply to travel through a resistor when the relay is in one state, and lor the resistor to be shorled in the other state.
Figure 1 shows the circuit diagram ol the connections needed to drive two motors. You should then check this against the photograph and solder the leads as appropriate.
Note that drawing power for the motors directly from the Amiga is not a good idea: not only could they draw too much current and cause the Commodore PSU to overheat, but as electrically 'noisy' components, the motors could cause the computer to crash. The Least Significant Bit (LSB) ot the Input Output port. DO, is used to control power to both motors via the tirst relay circuit In this design, the two driving motors are always both on or both oft. The situation when one motor » is on and other is off does not arise The motors can however operate m different directions (to provide a spinning
movement), which is what the second and third relays govern.
D I Y ROBOTICS Because of this all or nothing' system you only need three relays. If your robot requires the motors to operate completely individually you will probably need two relays for each motor - one to control the direction, the other to control the power You'll need to determine exactly the values required to drive your buggy around, as the orientation of the motors and how the voltages are connected will probably be different from my robot.
FEEDBACK The trouble with our buggy is that there is very little in the way ot feedback none in tact. Here are some ways you can expand your robot to make it even more useful.
Nected between ground and an input pin). With some careful programming, your robot will now know if it has walked into something, and will be able to reverse, change direction and try again You might want to build a maze and then try to write a Robot control program which will lead your buggy to freedom.
PARTS Input Output board (see August CU Amiga), three (or more) relay control circuits (see September CU AMIGA), two DC motors, lego, Mecanno or simitar Connection wire ond solder.
2. Light Sensitive Eye' Remember the fun we had with the sampler
project'’ Remember how we added a Light Sensitive Resistor
to measure the degree of light or dark?
Try mounting the LDR on the buggy and then programming the robot to follow dark or white lines drawn on the floor. Or write a program to move the buggy towards a nearby lamp SIMPLE BUGGY I O PORT CONNECTION
3. Pulse counter When the buggy is moving around, it sometimes
seems to slip or move too far. If you are relying on software
delays to control how far the buggy has moved, these errors
can soon mount up and before long the direction the buggy is
facing and the direction the computer thinks the buggy is
facing are two completely different things I've found the best
way around this problem is to add a pulse counter to the drive
mechanism, to measure exactly how many rotations the wheels
make Pulse counters cost a couple of pounds, and consist of a
light source and a light-sensitive device in a small package.
There is a space for something to slide between the devices,
and in here you arrange lor a slotted disk to rotate m step
with the drive wheels Now your software can wait for, say. 30
pulses to pass for the robot to move 90 degrees, instead of
counting to 1000.
4. Pen Using a felt-tipped pen attached to a solenoid, the buggy
can draw lines or shapes on pieces of paper placed on the
floor The solenoid can be pro grammed to move and so the pen
can be raised and lowered Very useful if you are trying to
implement a Logo system.
CONCLUSION That's about all the hardware I'm covering for the moment. The robot’s design is where you can use your own ingenuity. If you come up with something dever send us a picture and tell us how you did it NEXT MONTH II you wetc wondering exactly how you were going lo pro gram your robot, John Kennedy has some good news: a complete programming language developed especially lor aH AMIGAs ana CU Robots everywhere It's based on FORTH, so d you wont to get o head start np down to your local I O CARD
t. Switch Adding a touch sensor to the robot is probably the
simplest expansion you can make. Get hold of a miniature
momentary push-to-make switch, and mount it on the front of
the buggy in such a way that when it collides with a solid
object the switch contacts are made. Now connect the switch to
the Input Output port as shown in last month’s diagram (the
switch is con- night: lour pin. Ol the Input pon lrt utilised
Ike tlret three ase dehned ea outputs end control the dhecdon
o* the motors. The fourth Is defined es an Input end Is
connected to the tesnpef ssrttch When the huggy tiaill wen
something the sertlch la made end the Id pon vslue sWI alter.
9-pin 80column 192cps 9-pin 80column 300cps 24-pin 80column 240cps SEJKOSHA rorn FR0M rnCCi silica
• DELIVERY sstcasr
• AMIGA DRIVER Dtw wth etoy Si -95 For am nigh quaMy output PMIM
• Seikosha SP-2400 IFREE!
• 9-Pin Dot Matrix
• 80 Column
• 300cps SO. 240cps O. 60cps NLQ
• 21K Printer Butter 5 5 Fonts
• ParaMei and fierial Interlaces
• Graphics Resotubon 240x144dpi
• Epson and IBM Emulation
• Fncbon Feed and Push Tractor
• Paper Parking Standard
• Optional Auto Sheet Feeder Unit
• FREE Silica Printer Starter Kit
• Setkosha SL-90
• 24-Pb Dot Matrix
• 30 Column
• 240cps SO. 192cps D. 84cps LO
• 20K Butler * 2 Fonts
• Optional Font ROM
• Para6 Interlace
• Graphics Resolution 360x360dpi
• Epson LO850 Emulation
• Built-In Semi-Automatic Cut Sheet Feeder - Paper Parking. Auto
Paper Load - Optional Automatic CSF
• FREE Silica Printer Starter Kit 4 VAT = C128 08 4ppm LASER
• PPM OUU [ 0P-I04-4 Pages per mh e HP Laser Jei UR' EmMKo kUL
ResduSon 300i300 S* 14 RwiOoft form IffW Uses Ongrnel HP* Font
Can* MM Pcsrsc-*X EmtMWi Qmcn (Em) QmntflBU Epson t Out*}
EnveeonCaMgea 300 CPS QUALTTY
• Speed A*) - Mpr Av*r
• HghCjMSy 128 Nozzle HqetHM*
• L*ryek*Tar*tg to42MbcnCharaaen
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notice.E&OE Jse FAST or Chip memoiy for samples.
yl0* '• The Realtime Effects Generator II included, FREE
• Now supports even MORE samplers including.. TectrxsoundTubo,
TT2, Triogc sampler. Megamix Master Over 70 Fantastic Special
.Mfil ' • Full set of Editing and Looping functions IFF compatible, and compatible with ALL Amiga's.
• High sampling rates: 34KHz Stereo, 50KHz Mono * ¦ NOTE: Saucing
rates we very far dlterent samping eartidgee.
¦Supersound 4.12 is one of the most advanced sample editors available, easily surpassing the standards of any budget sampler.- Tony Horgan, 93%, CU Amiga, Sept. '93.
Join CU AMIGA’S Mad Scientist Tony Horgan as he |concocts weird and wobbly noises, and then calls it music.
This month: he shows you how to make your Amiga sound like an THE 19 COMMAND utuii SOUND IAB Jus) like ol the other commands in OctaMW, Ihe Sample Start Offset rommond (number 19) should be inserted in the block immediately to the right of the note and instrument number. See figure Z The (kilobyte specifies Ihe ployhack stort point of me somple. Ihis is counted in steps of 254 bytes, which equates lo SI 00 in hexadecimal. You con use this to cue samples from precise points, but in this cose ol you need to do is gradually step up the value from one fare to Ihe next. If you get no sound, it's
probably because you've set the databyte ot loo high a figure.
FOGURE 2: Add a best and a strobing lUythm lo your synlh line and you're off and running.
ANALOGUE HEAVEN They say dance music is only worth listening to in a club or a rave. There’s no emotion, no feeling, it’s just machine music. Oh yeah? Then how come I broke out into waves ot goose-pimples and buckets of cold sweat yesterday evening, whilst listening to Hardtloor's latest on the train home?
Because even the most mechanical techno, trance and hardcore can send shivers down your spine, bring tears to your eyes and make you pull embarrassing laces in public (completely unaided by Intoxicants, I might add).
The thing is, it takes more than just a bass drum loop or a breakbeat to get the adrenaline rushing. Just what is it that twangs those internal strings, kickstarts the pulse and tickles the back of your eyeballs, even when you're stone cold sober?
I’m afraid I can’t answer that, but it’s no coincidence that a lot of the most effective dance records make extensive use of analogue synths.
The biggest difference between analogue and digital synths, is that digital synths are geared towards reproducing the sounds of pianos, violins and other real instruments. Analogue synths on the other hand, have no shame. They’re in their element when they're making tar out noises that sound nothing like the real world has to otter. The other brilliant thing about them is that they produce pure waves, which are tops for beety bass sounds.
IB 303 It there’s one sound that detines acid, it's the ever- changing burble ot the Roland TB 303 Bassline synth. What makes this so special is the way that you can set it to play a bassline loop, and gradually increase the intensity ot the sound from an inoffensive blob to a completely mad, distorted shriek, and then gradually bring it back down again, ready for another build-up. The last one rolled oft the production line many moons ago, but you can still get hold of them secondhand for around £300. Quite a lot to pay tor a monophonic bassline generator, you may be thinking. Well, if you
can’t stretch to that, you can simulate the effect with nothing more than your Amiga and a copy of OctaMED.
You’ll find a TB 303 sample on one of this month's coverdisks. OctaMED is available from Seasott Computing (tel: 0903 850378). If you’ve got a 1.3 Amiga, go for OctaMED Version 4.
Anyone with a 2.04 or higher Amiga should get hold ol Version 5 The key to simulating a full-on 303 attack, is OctaMED's '19' command. This cunning little devil lets you change the start point of a sample. Instead of playing the sample from the start, you can set it playing from any point along the sound. Load up your 303 sample, and play it back with the keyboard. Work out a little riff and put it down on track one. Hit PLAY BLOCK to test it out.
To transform it from a normal bassline into something a bit spesh, enter command 19 into every line on the track, then graduate the values from 0 to 20 tor instance (see figure I). If you're using OctaMED V5. All you need to do is enter ’C-311900’ as the top line, and ’C-311920’ at the bottom of the block, make sure you’re still in edit mode, and select the GENERIC SLIDE option from the EDIT menu.
Users of Version 4 or below will have to do it manually. OctaMED uses hex values, but in this case you can get away with entering in decimal. When you play this back, you'll get the sound cued from the start, then a little way in, then from around hall way.
And so on. This gives you the effect of the sound being filtered and modulated as it is being played.
To change the rate of the effect, change the values in bigger steps. Build it up slowly over a minute or so, or whip it up and down for a more hyperactive feel - experiment.
Alternatively, you could sample a series of variously filtered sounds, then string them together into a sequence to get the same effect. You’ll have to listen out carefully if you're going to get these sounds from the more chart-orientated records, but it shouldn't be too difficult to find something suitable from your local independent record shop.
MORE IS MORE Trance and hypnotic techno owe a lot to the technique of gradually building up the sound. You could maybe start with a bassline, then a few bars later introduce the high hats, then a rim, and work it all up to the full ticket. The problem with doing this on the Amiga, is that with just four tracks of samples, you can run out of voices betore you’re even halfway there. A way around this is to mix your drum sounds.
Set yourself up with all the drum samples you need, then make up combinations of kick and snare kick and high hat, or whatever samples are cued at the same point. It can get a bit fiddly, but with a kttle practice you can use up to tour or five sounds in one track. It's not the perfect way to program your beats but it will leave you with the luxury of three spare tracks. This also has a big advantage over a breakbeat in that you can change it at will throughout the track, dropping bits out and throwing them back n whenever the time is right. © RECOMMENDED LISTENING If you need o hit of
inspiration, get on earful of onyfcqj by Brides Make Arid, HardBoor, Rob Arid, Jam and Spoon, Future Sound of London, ond anylhing on the harlhause or Sapho labels. Alternatively, go into a speriofel dona a shop, and ask for the one thot goes 'Bleep bleep **Ue •fable, and you'll end up witb something good and squidgy.
E WORJUDS IN IOST ROWEI JUST LOOK AT THE UNMATCHED RANGE OF FEAfURES 3AVI- HFIENIIRE PROGRAM IN IWMORV WJISK special compacting lerhWiques enable up lo 3 programs lo III cnT-gne disk Now saves directly lo disk «is Amiga Das teioacH independently of Ihe c actndqe even transfer lo hard drive' Works with up lo '? Megs pi Rare e en I Moq C*iip Mem .» alter Agnus) M l* Supl R PfiWEMfUL TRJUNER mW
* OW wilh DF * P iramAf I ven better than befrtce allows you lo
generate more or even infinite turps fuel ammo Perfect as a
framer Mode IrMjel you past ihnt impossible' level Fasy to use
1 llMPROVFD PRITk EDITORv Ihe lufl Sprite FdHo allots you
lo vi r modify the whole sprite set including any ’‘attache**
X. iJpmprphpnsiyp virus detection and remov; features lo
p'Olpr I your software investment Works wilh all presently
known virusrm II*fRST NIBB1ER Now ihis super disk
ropier program is buill into Action Replay Mk HI Just imagine a
R-flicieni disk copint program al Ihe jiess ol a key no more waiting SAVE PIC TURFS AND MUSfC TO DISK Picture* and sound samples can be s. yed lo disk Files are saved directly in IFF formal suitable lo use with all ihe ma)oi giaphic and music parkaqes Samples are displayed as screen wavelorm Nl y PAL or NTSC MODES SELECTABLE- Useful lor 'emovinq uqly borders when usirtg N I SC software (Works only wilh nr*Her Agnus chips* N. ISC software (Works only wilh newer Agnus W| SIOWMOTIONMODE Now you can slow down Ihe action lo youi own'pare Easily adjustable Irom full speed to'20% vr» •»«» !
Ir1e.il lo hnln i on Ihrnuoh the Irirkv narls* speed Ideal lo help you through Ihe tricky parts1 X MAN V MORE INSTANT CLI COMMANDS- like Rename Relabel. Copy, efc RtSIAlU THF PROGRAM Simply prfss a key and Ihe program will continue where you loft otl EULI STATUS REPORTING At ihe ptr-sK ol a key now you can view the Machine Status including Fast Ram Chip Ram.
RamOisk iLive Status, elc POWERFUL PICTURE EDITOR v Now you rad manipulate and search lor screens throughout memory Over 50 commands lo edit Ihe pir lure plus unique on scieen status ’ overlay shows all lh«uinformation you could ever need lo wcik on sc Veens No other product comes close lo otlennq such dynamic screen handling of frozen progi.ims" JOVSTICK HANDI ER .•Mows the use to select Joystick instead of Keypresses very useluNor many keyboard programs MUSIC SOUND TRACKER With oo'id I lacker you i an lind Ihe complete music in programs domok. Etc and save them lo disk save* »n
formal suitable lor mosl track player programs Works wim loads of programs!!
ALL CHEQUES POSTAL ORDERS MADE PAYABLE GO VAN ROAD. FENTON INDUSTRIAL. ESTATE. FENTON, STOKE-ON-TRENT, STS 2RS, ENGLAND. FAX 0782 744292 TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE 0782 744324 200 Dp. Dual Scan Mode I Screen grid overlay & configure menu lo save parameters ¦ Icon menu lo select functions ¦ X.Y position readout & metric sizes Save images in suitable format for most leading packages including PHOTON PAINT DELUXE PAINT etc ¦ View window and position control panel ¦ Powerful partner for DTP that allows for cut & paste editing ol images etc m Two heads are better than one, so, this month, Mat’s
twisted the arm of regular columnist Jason Holborn to help with all your queries and conundrums.
WARRANTY WORRIES ®l've recently bought my son an Amiga A1200 with a Commodore 1940 monitor which he hopes to use for programming. Writing letters and a bit of computer art. However, there was a warranty card with instructions inside the box, which said that I should post the card off as soon as possible. If I do nol send the warranty card off, will I slill be covered by Commodore's on-site warranty?
Mr J. Brown, Bradford, Yorkshire.
The simple answer to this question Is a big resounding ‘no'l It's vitally important that as soon as you unpack your Amiga, you till out the warranty registration card and return It to the address on the enclosed envelope. It you tall lo send back your warranty and something does go wrong, you will not be eligible for on-site repair. So stop reading this and post the card off now!
CD CHARACTER I bought an Amiga A1200 a lew months ago and I have been , eagerly awaiting the release of At200-speeific games but. To date, very lew games worth mentioning have been released.
Now that Commodore have started shipping the CD32, will software houses ignore the A1200 and produce AGA games on CD ROM only?
II this is the case, is it worth trading my At 200 lor a CD32? III do, what are the chances ol Commodore releasing a keyboard and disk drive lor the CD32?
Jonathan Harding, Bristol.
The lack of AGA-speclflc games is disappointing, especially when you consider that at the launch ol the A1200, Commodore assured the Amiga community that over 20 AGA games were due for release by Christmas '92. To be fair, there are quite a few games that have been enhanced using the extra colours that the AGA chip set has to offer, but It's often rather difficult to spot the difference.
Most games programmers seem content only to expand the number of colours In the background's 'copper effects' without actually increasing the number ol colours used In the game's graphics. Hardly the sort of state- of-the-art AGA games we were all hoping fori I think the main reason that AGA games haven't been released Is because Commodore told developers about the CD32 only a few months after the launch of the At200. In order to get their CD32 wares out onto the market as soon as possible, many of the planned A1200 games were modllied to take advantage of the CD format.
Hopefully, many CD32 games will filter through to the rest of us. But considering the extra hardware Inside the CD32 (the new Planar' chip, for example) I wouldn’t bet on It.
Help Is at hand, however. Commodore have officially confirmed that a CD32 compatible CD-ROM drive will be launched for Ihe A1200 sometime before Christmas.
The drive (which will connect to the A1200 via the machine's CPU slot) has the special Planar’ chip built Into Its Interlace, so you will be able to run CD32 games without any difficulty or problems.
With this In mind, It certainly Isn't worth selling your A1200|ust to buy a CD32. To be perfectly honest, an A1200 equipped with a CD-ROM drive Is a considerably more powerful (and certainly more flexible) machine than a CD32.
Even If Commodore were to bring out a keyboard upgrade - which, at the time of writing, they have no plans to do - the At 200 would still be far more expandable.
BASIC GAMES » l am seriously considering buy- ing a BASIC programming language for my A1200 so that t - H A * 1 can write games Alter taking » a quick glimpse at the options ' ems that there are only two worth considering: AMOS and Blitz Basic 2 I have heard that HiSoft are soon to release version 2 of its BASIC compiler, but will this support the same sort of leatures as AMOS and Blitz Basic? It not, which should I go lor?
Denzil Smith, Dundee.
It games programming Is your primary concern, then HiSoft Basic (even HiSoft Basic 2) is certainly not the best bet. HiSoft's implementation Is slmed fslriy snd squarely at Amiga programmers that wish to produce operating system legal' code that runs under Intuition.
As a result, It's probably better equipped to handle serious' programs like utilities and databases, etc. Blitz Basic 2 can handle Intuition too, but It's geared too much towards games programming to be a serious applications programming tool.
Choosing between AMOS and Blitz Basic 2 Is a rather contentious issue. Although Blitz certainly produces faster code (three times faster), it's not exactly a friendly language.
This wouldn't be so bad If the Blitz manuals were well written, but unfortunately they're absolutely rubbish! If, on the other hand, you feel that you're knowledgeable enough to wade through the manuals and figure Blitz out for yourself, then It's a very powerful language.
AMOS may be showing Its age these days, but no one could possibly claim that It's no longer a worthy contender. In the right hands.
AMOS Is still capable of great things (especially AMOS Professional).
What's more, AMOS is so easy to use that |ust about anyone can chum out hardware bashing' code with ease. As a result. AMOS Is definitely the best bet for beginners.
FRENCH LETTER would like lo know if any software exists that will allow me to covert PICT images Irom my Apple Macintosh lo Amiga IFF formal, so that I can load these files into Deluxe Paint 4 AGA.
• '0
P. Claudes, Marseilles, France There are three programs that will
do the |ob: ASDG's Art Department Proteulonal. GVP's tmegeFX
snd ACS' RasterUnk. All three will handle PICT format files
and a number of other Image formats Including: TIFF, PCX, GIF
and JPEG.
MONITOR MATTERS Having owned an Amiga 500 Plus for over two years now, I Vi have finally decided to treat j e myself to a monitor Looking I m through the advertisements in CU Amiga, there seems to be a bewildenng number ol differ- enl types of monitor available What's the difference between a single scan' and a multisync' monitor? Also, what's the difference between the Commodore 1084, 1940 and 1942 monitors? Being quite a loyal Commodore owner, I'd like lo buy a Commodore monitor. Which of these three would you recommend?
Paul Maslin, Bournemouth.
Amiga monitors come In primarily three different flavours - single scan, dual sync and multisync. The only real difference between these monitors is the range of video signal frequencies that they can handle.
As their names suggest, a single scan monitor can only cope with a single video frequency, but dual sync’ and multisync’ monitors can handle more than just a single video frequency.
Standard non-AGA Amlgas are only capable of producing video signals at a vertical frequency of 50Hz and a horizontal frequency of 15KHz. As a result, a single scan monitor that can handle these frequencies Is all that you will need.
Even If you buy a multisync, the monitor will only ever run In 15KHz by 50Hz mode. For your A500, therefore, a monitor like the good old 1084 Is definitely more than good enough.
If you were to buy yourself an A1200 or an A4000, however, then a 'dualsync' like the 1940 and 1942 monitors would perhaps be a better bet. Both of these machines Include a software-based deinterlacing feature that uses a higher video frequency to remove the flicker normally associated with high resolution displays.
II you tried to display one of these deinterlaced DBL' screen modes on s slngle-scan monitor, all you'd get would be a garbled mass because Ihe monitor would be unable to handle the higher frequency aignal.
. » - I've recently installed a copy ot Richard Veldhuis' Virus Checker 6.28 onto my Amiga 600 hard drive so that when- ever Workbench is booted up. Virus Checker runs in the
* background.
* However, when I insert certain disks (game disks, for
* example). Virus Checker inlorms me that Ihe disk has an
'unknown bootblock'. Does this mean that my games have become
infected with a virus? The funny thing is, they still work
perfectly fine if I reboot the Amiga!
Chris Fox, Barry Island, Wales Just because a virus checker reports that a boot block Is suspect, It does not necessarily mean that you have a virus on that disk. Virus checkers simply work by checking that the boot block of a disk Is In standard AmlgaDOS format.
Many games, however, use their own special boot blocks that have to be present In order for the game to load. If you let your virus checker loose on a game's bootblock, chances are that the game will no longer load.
A good rule of thumb here Is that If your games work fine, then don't touch them. It they no longer work, however, do not even let them near your Amiga!
DECISIONS, DECISIONS ,M« t Having recently come into some money, I've decided to sell my Amiga 600 and buy one ol Ihose swish new AGA- L* based machines.
' Being a bit ol a skinllint at heart, however. I must ask whether it is really worth buying the A4000 030 in preference to the Amiga A1200?
How much faster is the A4000? Can I upgrade the A1200 to a similar specification?
Mr. Pang, Reading Which Amiga you buy depends largely on the sort ol things you wish to use It tor. It you only ever intend playing games, tapping out the odd letter or two and messing around with Dpelnl, then an A1200 is more than man enough for the iob. With its 68020 processor and massive 2Mbs of RAM, even the standard A1200 is almost three times taster than your old Amiga 600. Add a 32-bit RAM expansion to it and the speed Increase will be even greater.
The A4000 030 is really aimed at the sort ol user that uses their Amlgas lor more speed-intensive applications like ray tracing, desktop publishing and high end graphics.
The A4000's 68030 processor runs at approximately tour times the speed of a standard Amiga 1200 (that’s over 10 times the speed of your A600I).
The A4000 also offers a far greater scope for expansion too, thanks to Its PC-llke casing that can accept add-ons In the form of plug-in cards. Quite a few of the more specialised expansions such as 24-bit video cards are only available tor the A4000, so you may feel somewhat held back H this sort ot work is your forte.
It expansion Isn’t that important to you, then you can still take the A1200 up (and beyond!) The performance of the A4000 030. A number of hardware manufacturers have released processor accelerators for the A1200 based around the 68030 processor. MicroBotic’s new MBX1230XA, for example, Incorporates a 50MHz 68030 chip that runs rings around the A4000 030.
After months of deliberation. I've finally decided to upgrade my Kickstart 1.2-based A500 (ancient or what I) to the latest release of Workbench. Most of my friends have upgraded their machines to Workbench 2.0, but I understand that even that is now out of date with the release of Workbench
3. 0! Can I upgrade my A500 to Workbench 3.07 If so, where can I
get it and how much does it cost?
George Brown, Bradford On Avon Unfortunately, it's currently not possible to upgrade any pre-AGA Amlgas to Workbench 3.0 simply because Workbench 3.0 has been written to take advantage of the AGA chipset. As a result, it's tied in very closely with the new chip set.
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3. 0 (the CrossDOS' commodity, lor example).
Commodore are soon to release Workbench version hi which, rumour has It, will work on all Amigas, not |ust AG A based machines.
Although specific details are a little thin on the ground, the only new feature In Workbench
3. 1 is the device driver needed to handle a CD- ROM drive.
* , I've written a game in AMOS J which - in my opinion at least
- fy 7 e is good enough to be sold com- W Q X » mercially.
Being rather new to v a business matters, how would I go about
selling my game to a software house?
I notice in the AMOS manual that I have to credit AMOS. Considering the stories I’ve heard of software houses refusing games simply because they have been written in AMOS, is there any way of getting around this?
D. Curruthers, Poole, Dorset Getting any type of game accepted by
a software house Is quite difficult. Unless your game offers
something substantially different from previous game genres,
the chances ot a software house taking It under their wings
are rather slim.
That’s not to say that tried and tested formulas don't sell; if the software house Just happens to be looking for a game of that type or the game is so damned playable that everybody including the cleaner can't stop playing It, then the software house may poasibly take It on.
What you must consider is that software houses receive hundreds of submissions which they have to wade through every day. In order to give your game a better chance of being noticed, make it as easy to load and play as possible and include brief yet concise Instructions. It's also worth checking out Ihe software house's back catalogue to see the sort of games that they publish. If they specialise In adventure games, for example, then there's little point In sending them an arcade game.
Similarly, a company like Team 17 Is hardly going to be Interested In an adventure game unless (once again) it is revolutionary.
Software houses still seem to shun games written using so called game creators' like AMOS. Europress no longer Insist that all AMOS-produced games credit AMOS, so you’re free to hide the fact that your game was written in AMOS from both the software house and the buying public.
Europress do reserve the right, however, to publicise the fact that a game was written in AMOS two months after Its release.
Don't worry about this annoying the software house, II they made a bundle out ol your games, the chances of them throwing a tit is very slim!
HARD DRIVE QUANDRY I have upgraded to an A1200 and wish to install a hard drive, s III buy a drive, will I need to
* obtain some sort of partitioning and formatting software to set
it up or are all A1200 hard drives set up already?
Also, what's the easiest way ol backing up a hard drive? A friend of mine backs up his hard drive to floppy disks, but even he admits that its a real pain of a job (especially il you have a rather large drivel).
Bob Tucker, Southampton.
Commodore don't actually bundle the software you need to set up a hard drive on the A1200, unlike the A4000. If you buy a hard drive from a third-party vendor, you should therefore ensure that they also supply you with a copy of Commodore's own HD Install' disk. This disk contains all the programs you need to format your drive, partition it and even install Workbench 3.0 in one foul swoop.
Some vendors do supply preinstalled drives that have already been set up, but It's worth getting the Install disk |ust In case you have to reinstall the disk yourself.
Backing up Amiga hard drives used to be a pain unless you were fortunate enough to be able to afford a tape streamer, but the life of the hard drive owner has become somewhat easier since Power Computing (Tel; 0234 273000) released Its excellent Video Back-Up' system.
This package (which consists of a box that connects to the rear of the Amiga) allows you to back-up Amiga hard drives to a video tape by connecting the Amiga and your VCR together.
You do really need a decent VCR and the best quality video tape you can afford to ensure reliable results, but I certainly haven't heard any horror stores of the Video Back-Up system losing hard disk back-ups.
MEMORY MISDEMEANOUR tri« I have been considering modi- lying my Amiga A500 so that it kp offers 1Mb of chip memory.
However. I am concerned about the compatibility aspect.
Is it possible to add a switch that could change from 1 Mb ot chip memory to Just 0 5Mb ol chip and 0 5Mb ol fast RAM?
Paul Simmons, Bolton Very few programs have problems with different chip memory configurations these days, so you're unlikely to encounter problems once the modifications have been made.
Older programs written when the 1 2-based Amiga A1000 was still king do have problems with 1Mb of chip RAM. But very few ot them still exist. Therefore, to answer your question, there’s very little point in the modification that you suggest.
* Could you please advise me on j a decent Computer Aided A'
Design program that can be ¥ a used lor electrical
W. M* circuit design, etc?
A. Cox. Leeds.
There used to be a number ot very good CAD programs designed specifically lor circuit board design called PC-CADand PRO-BOARD, but both companies have since pulled out ol the Amiga marketplace.
A good alternative, however, is Digital Multimedia's brilliant X-CAD 2000 and X-CAD 3000 CAD programs which offer an optional symbol set containing all the circuit board symbols you require.
- » a e When I bought my Amiga A1200.1 assumed that it w k* be
just as expandable as my V Amiga 500. But experience n starling
to show this not to be true. Although the A1200's trap door CPU
slot can handle just about anything from a simple RAM expansion
to a full blown processor accelerator. I can see no way of
using more than one expansion at once. Is there any way lo
chain At 200 expansions in the same way as you could link
together several A500 CPU slot expansions?
Lain Mutch, Norfolk.
The issue ol A1200 expansion certainly seems to be causing more than a few fits of frustration for users that wish to expand their machines beyond a fairly basic configuration.
Although the A1200‘s CPU slot can cope with a variety of different expansions, only a single card can be connected Internally. I'm surprised that none ol the enterprising companies that have brought us such great products In the past have come up with some form of expansion chassis that allows A1200 owners to connect more than one expansion card at once. After all, there's certainly a need!
The Impending release of the new CD32 compatible CD-ROM drive lor the A1200 is certainly going to make the situation a lot worse.
Commodore themselves admit that it will not be possible to use the drive in conjunction with a 32-bit RAM expansion such as Power Computing's (Tel; 0234 273000) excellent PCI 204 card. This really Is unacceptable. If Commodore expect A1200 owners to keep connecting and then reconnecting CPU cards, then not only are they asking for trouble, but they should gear themselves up for a lot of dead or dying machines!
PC INVESTIGATOR I recently managed to steal my
* father s PC VGA monitor (don't k' worry - he hardly ever uses
his J o machine so I doubt whether he »• will notice). How can
I connect ' * this monitor to my A1200? Is there much of a
difference between this and a good SCART TV?
Kevin Daniels, Hereford.
VGA monitors will not connect directly to the Amiga unless you lay your hands on an adaptor like those bundled with Commodore's own 1940,1942 and 1960 multisync monitors. Even if you do get your hands on the adaptor (which Is no mean feat In Itself!), a VGA monitor will only be able to handle the special VGA screen modes offered by the Amiga A1200.
If you try to run a game, for example, the monitor will not be able to handle the video frequencies and all you'll get will be a garbled mess. For word processing, the VGA monitor will be great (and yes. It's considerably better than a SCART TV!), but keep that TV on hand for playing games!
• When using packages such as D-Painl 4 and Pro- Text version M
X 5.5 and I try to to save off my W » tiles to my external
drive I quite _ M a often gel disk error messages flung at me.
Sometimes a system requestor pops up onto the screen telling me
to use diskdoctor and the program then crashes. When I try to
re-access the disk I then get a message saying BAD DISK. This
only seems lo occur alter I have quite successfully saved a
lew files on to that disk. When I examine Ihe disk using a PD
program like D- Copy I find lhal certain tracks on the disk
have checksum errors. Can you throw any light on why this keeps
Charles Astle, S.vy. London.
There are a number of reasons why this could be happening. It sounds as If your Internal disk drive Is starting to die. But It could equally be caused by sub-standard disks. If you hava an external drive, format one of your disks and then check it for errors using D- Copy In drive zero and then repeat the process using drive one. If both drives report the seme errors, then your disks are at fault. H not. Then It may be time to get out your cheque book and treat yourself and your Amiga) to a new internal drive. Expect to pay around £40.
PURE AND SIMPLE I cannot seem to be able lo make some standard Amiga DOS commands residenl (CD and DIR . For example) so that I can access them without having lo insert the Workbench disk every time. I am obviously doing something wrong. Any ideas?
Keith Goodwin, Glasgow.
For any AmigaDOS command to be made resident. It must have Its pure bit set using the AmlgsDOS Protect' command. If. For example, you wanted to make the AmigaDOS Dir' command resident, all you'd have to do is to type ¦Protect c:DIR *p’. Once the bit has been set.
Call the Resident' command again.
IDENTITY CRISIS A n, M I have recently treated my ' A1200 Amiga to a Fujitsu 84 Mb hard drive. I partitioned the ' drive into two 40Mb partitions using a copy of HDToolBox from my old Workbench v2.04 The program recognises the drive as a Fujitsu unit and it also gets Ihe size of the drive correct but it classes it as a SCSI device Does the Workbench program class SCSI and IDE drives as the same or will this cause me problems in the future?
Simon Bray. Wolverhampton.
The installation of the IDE Interface Into the A600 and A1200 Amlgas was something of a bodge on Commodore's part.
Instead of writing custom IDE drivers, Commodore simply modified its existing hard drive code so that It was fooled Into thinking that It was actually accessing a SCSI interface rather than an IDE interface. It may not be the moat elegant piece of software engineering, but at least It works fairly well. This rather confusing situation certainly shouldn’t cause any problems in terms of future expansion. Already a couple of Amiga hardware manufacturers have released SCSI Interfaces for the A1200 that work perfectly along side IDE drives.
What you must remember is that hardware manufacturers that are producing add-ons for the A1200 know that their hardware must be compatible with the standard expansion options ol the basic A1200. As a result, the only real problems that you might encounter are Incompatibility problems between two different third party devices.
* ELECTROPHOBIA ,M . I am thinking of upgrading my Amiga A500 to
Workbench 2.0.1 U have absolutely no knowledge ' of electronics
whatsoever. In fact, it scares me silly, so I would have any
upgrading done by a specialist firm. So that I have some
knowledge regarding prices. I would appreciate it if you could
answer the following questions: 1 What board modifications, new
custom chips.
ROM. Etc would I need to upgrade to Workbench
2. 0? Obviously 1 Mb of chip RAM would be nice.
2 Would a ROM Sharer be a wise option to consider? Given my phobia of all things electronic, a keyboard operated sharer would slop me breaking into a cold sweat at the thought of lifting the lid on my machine.
Bernard Bloxham, Newent, Glos.
1. The only hardware modifications that need to be carried out to
upgrade an Amiga 500 to run Workbench 2.0 Is the Installation
of a new Kickstart chip. Modifying the machine to handle 1Mb
of chip RAM is a definite must II you Intend using the machine
seriously, but your machine will still run Workbench 2.0
perfectly ok without the upgrade.
2. ROM sharers have become somewhat obsolete since Commodore
gave us permission to put the program ReloKick' on our
coverdlsk. If you missed that Issue. ReloKick Is basically a
program that loads the Kickstart 1.3 code held on disk as a
binary file into the Amiga’s memory and then changes a few
system vectors so that when the machine is reset. It boots up
as a 1 3-based Amiga. You'll generally find that games that
don't run under Workbench 2.0 will run once ReloKick has been
MODEM MISERY a _ I've just treated mysell to a Supra 2400zi internal modem ca,d ,or my Amiga 4000 030 r 0 A * 0ul t,espi,e hours 01 frustrating M experimentation. I still can't gel
* Ncomm to recognise it I've tried using different phone leads
and I've even tried plugging the modem into a different phone
socket using a very long (BT approved!) Extension cable, but
still Ncomm refuses to work with my Supra Modem Is the modem
faulty or is it me that has a fuse loose’ Max BerryBath. Avon.
Because the Supra 2400zi is an internal modem, It communicates with communications packages like Ncomm in a slightly different way. By default, programs like Ncomm talk to your modem using the standard serial port device driver 'serlal.devlce' that you'll find in the DEVS: directory of your boot disk.
To get your 2400zi to talk to Ncomm, however, you need to copy the file modemO.device’ from the disk bundled with your modem to the Devs: directory of your boot disk. Once you’ve done this, you need to tell Ncomm that it should start using modemO.device instead of the standard device driver. To do this, boot up Ncomm and then click on the Select Device' option from the pull-down menus. A simple string gadget containing the line serial.device' should pop up onto the screen. Change this to modemO.device and then save your Ncomm preferences back to disk. Ncomm should now work perfectly well
with your modem.
SOUftD CONVERT Having been a PC user lor more years than I dare to mention.
nLt I've finally taken the plunge and [:-25 )9i taken me t»q vap •¦om MSOOS to the Amiga 4000 030 •fflr Although quite a few of my friends have gone in the opposite direction (who wants to run Lotus anyway!). I was attracted to the Amiga by its obvious talents lor video work (I intend buying myself a genlock as soon as I can raise the cash!), graphics (isn't Dpaint 4 AGA great!) And music With this in mind. I’d like to ask you a couple of questions.
1. All the sound samplers that I've seen for the Amiga so far
seem to be 8-bit only which is rather limiting Are there any
16-bit samplers available lor Ihe Amiga and if so. Do any MIDI
sequencers support 16-bit samples?
2. Although the Amiga's sound quality is certainly a lot better
than the PC's rather naff built in sound capabilities, is
there anything like the AD- Lib or SoundBlaster cards
available for the Amiga?
3. 1 want to be able to tie my MIDI tracks in with graphics and
animations that I've created in Dpaint. Can you recommend a
package lhal will be able lo handle this?
Daniel Booth. Swansea.
1. There are a couple of 16-bit samplers available for the
Amiga but they tend to be either very expensive or just plain
naff. If you need a sampler that offers all the thrills of PC
programs like SADIE',then check out SunRize Industries AD1016
sampler - it offers full 16-bit resolution and can sample in
stereo direct to a hard disk.
If your budget is somewhat leaner, however, then the only other option is MicroDeal's Clarity 16, a small external box that connects to the Amiga via the machine’s parallel port. Selling for juat £150. Clarity offers 16-blt resolution too, but the sound quality sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. Rumour has It that Power Computing are soon to release a 16-bit sampler themselves which - to quote Power's Mark Arnold - will blow your socks off. Rest assured that as soon as It Is released, we'll be reviewing It!
2. Because the Amiga's sound capabilities are so good when
compared to other machines.
Amiga hardware manufacturers have been slow to produce sound cards along the same lines as Adlib for the Amiga. The only one that I know ol la Blue Ribbon's One Stop Music Shop which la essentially an Emu Systems ‘Proteus 2' module on a card. II won't work with all sequencers however - to date, the card can only be used with Blue Ribbon's own Bars & Pipes Protessional 2, but I’m sure other music software vendors will be quick to catch on.3.
3. Virtually all sequencers use their own file formats for
storing performance data, but If you convert your scores to
MFF format, you can tie them In with graphics and animations
using a program called ShowMaker’ from Gold Disk (they of
ProPage fame).
It. Rtilhlh thth thats al fairs!
Write lo us at Q&A. (U Amiga Priory Court.
3032 fomngdon lone. London. KIR 3AU I COMMS COMMS you o lot ol time ond money. Every second your . I possible Here sonw mone|frMj!iigninis: op, sove it uncompressed and then put it through a program such os LHA lo crunch it.
Tsuch os long artides, DIP ftles or AmigaGuide documents) with LHA before uploading.
YoupoyBI Here ore some mor i ot about
i. contains a virus con be compressed the ony other. The virus
can lie All Comms users need to know about archiving otherwise
it will cost them a lot of time and money.
John Armitage explains.
Archiving is an almost magical thing. It sounds impossible; how can information be squeezed' down so it takes up less space? How, for example, can a textfile be compressed and then expanded again without losing a single letter? Or how can a photographic-quality picture be crunched to a tenth of its original size, without any noticeable quality loss?
LOSSLESS COMPRESSION Computer programs are fragile things; change a Single bit in a million and the computer can crash instantly. Therefore, when compressing programs, text and important data, it is essential that none of the information is lost. Run length encoding is one of few compression techniques which ensures that none of the information goes astray. It is one of the simplest compression techniques and is used in standard Amiga IIBM (picturel IFF files In the case ol a purely black low resolution bitmap which consists ot 256 (or 200 NTSC) lines of zeros, run length encoding checks to
see if there are several occurrences ol the same value and rather than wnte 256 by 320 zeros to file and storing each byte in turn, the software counts how many zeros occur on the line. In this case 320, as there are 320 pixels across a low-resolution screen The first two numbers in the output file would therefore consist of 0 and 320, which means that there are 320 occurrences of 0.
Decoding the data is easy, simply create a loop and repeat the first number until the counter reaches the second number Every Amiga art pro gram performs this compression and decompression automatically every time you save or load a picture.
If your art program can switch off the compression (such as PixMate). Try saving the same image with and without the compression program to see the differences in its size.
Specially written compression programs, such as ARC. LHARC, ZOO and so on, do make use ot run length compression, but they use other means as well A technique known as Huffman encoding compresses data by constructing a special table to store common multiple occurrences. Other algo rithms, such as IZH, are even better at crunching data Best results are always obtained when compressing data which has yet to be compressed. So.
You should save the image in uncompressed format, first, to keep the quality.
LOSSY COMPRESSION Sometimes, rt isnl always necessary to store every possible bit in a data tile. Some compression programs will throw away the bits that they consider e host p are not essential to the file - hence the term lossy compression. For example a hi-res 24bit picture in uncompressed form will take 960K of information (almost a megabyte). Surely, we could lose a bit here or there without the image becoming garbage? The difficult part is choosing which bits we can do without JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is one ol the lossy compression programs which seem to work
extremely well.
JPEG works by splitting the image into many squares and then performing a DCT (Discrete- cosme Transform) on the data This highly mathematical process will alter the data from being only colour-based to become frequency-based. The compression method win then discaid the frequencies which it reckons we wont miss, and then does some standard crunching.
The range ot frequencies which are thrown away determines how much damage is done to the original image, but in most cases you can obtain at least a 10:1 compression with virtually no * effects to the image JPEG works best with very detailed images, and applying it to a simple bitmap - say a copy of the Workbench screen - can result m the file size actually going up. JPEG is ideal for sending pictures via modem. However, because it discards information it is not the best method tor archiving images and saving a tile in JPEG format more than once can introduce a rather unpleasant noise You
may have heard a lot about MPEG which is to JPEG what Amiga Anim files are to ILBMs. When a sequence ol images, such as digitised live video, is stored in MPEG format, the compression algorithm uses its knowledge of what data has been displayed in the past and what data is to be displayed in the future for quite dramatic space saving of 50:1.
This method is idealy suled lo storing films on CD-ROM. And has been adopted by Commodore in the hot new CD32 as a soon-to-be-teleased-honest add-on cartridge AUTOMATIC COMPRESSION Belore you can use a compressed file, you need lo run it through a decompression program Most ded icated programs, such as LHARC, provide both compression and decompression routines - you select which by including extra options on the Command Line Interface. Several Amiga programs exist which can automate this process for you.
PomrPacker is one of the best and we even gave it away with the May 1992 issue of CU AMIGA. A program which has been PowerPacked will look like any other except that it will be a lot smaller.
When you ckck on it to run it. The compression w* take place automatically and the program will run PowerPacker is a great program to have around if you are still using lloppies or if your hard disk is getting a bit cramped for space Extensions are available which will make other programs save and load in PowerPacked format So, for example, your paint program could save and load crunched files automatically. Using a program like PowerPacker a lot is akin to using a Disk Slacker-type program which PC owners get by with If you have bought any serious sollware recently, you'll have met the
Commodore Installer program which is a brilliant way to standardise any juggling about with floppies when installing new software onto your hard disk Most programs get Installer to make use of a compression program in order to squeeze the program's data onto as few floppies as possible, so you have probably used a compression program without even knowing it.
HARDWARE COMPRESSION If you see a modem which has MNP5 written on it you’ve found some hardware compression algorithms. This modem will accept data in chunks, and then transmits a single key byte instead - rattier like run length compression This works best with raw, uncompressed data, so if you are sending texl files via an MNP5 modem you will probably be better off not to crunch it first MNP5 seems to be optimised to work with source code and text files rather than image data However, there is talk ot crunching techniques being added to newer versions of Workbench, in order to speed up
floppy disks and provide more space So hopefully now you know all there is lo know about archiving, so get compressing!! R© PLEASE MAKE ALL CHEQUES AND POSTAL ORDERS PAYABLE TO- FIRST CHOICE P.O. MOBILE TELEPHONE ORDERS AND ENQUIRES FROM 11AM TO 8PM TEL: (0374) 446776 OES NOT RESPOND TO POOR COVEl THE ORCHARD, 139 HIGHRIDGE GREEN, BISHOPSWORTH, BRISTOL BS13 8AB ALL DISKS COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AMIGA S WHEN DISK K001 - DISKSTART V1.3 IS USED ON A500+ A600 A1200 A4000 A019 TO AQ23-WEIRO SCIENCE - Excellent quartty A024**Ft CHICKS Val«5*5ooo ,ijy pictures tof the A12CO only (2 disks) A02S - FREAKS
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The release of the CD32 throws up a number of interesting questions and problems.
The first area ot concern affects your magazine because your readers will be split into two factions: those who work off humble floppies and those who use Cds What are you going to do about cover disks? It you alienate one laction you may well find that it drifts away. I consider that the best time to switch to cover Cds would be your January issue (you know, the new year. Iresh start and all that crap). The reasoning behind this is that Christmas is likely to be the time the new machine takes off and there will, no doubt, be a massive number ot new users looking for a magazine to read.
Also, as the A1200 upgrade is due to be launched at around this time, existing readers will soon be upgrading their machines.
BACKCHAT Got something you want to get off your chest? Then this is the place to do it in because these are the liveliest letters pages around. This month’s letters are answered by none other than ‘our man covered in paper cuts’ John Mather._ QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS. J The second area of concern affects Commodore. Although, their new baby is amazing and many people are already drooling over it.
Commodore must decide how they are going to promote it. I feel it would be wise to sell the CD32 not as a console or as a potential computer, but as a family multi-media player i.e. highlight the fact that it is not just for the younger members. To do this. Commodore should emphasise that it is also an ordinary CD player. At £300. It is not much more expensive than commercial CD players and therefore there could be a big market here. The machine also has FMV capabilities, so you could soon be watching your favourite movies on CD or, al the very least, your favourite pop videos.
Another important point to note is the cost of software. Console games are ludicrously expensive, so It publishers can keep AmigaCD costs below £30 they'll stand a very good chance of success. Commodore must exploit the tact that Amiga software is substantially cheaper and of a much higher quality.
What we have here is a machine which can kick the opposition where it hurts and has the potential to do so for at least another two years Simon Markey, Co. Down.
I don't think we'll be Issuing a CD disk In the near future, certainly not with our January ‘94 laaue. It'll probably be a good 12 months before the market's matured enough for that.
But then, watch out. As we'll be able to include all sorts of stuff, ranging from pop videos, movie previews, game demos, and who knows what alae. Does anyone have any Ideas about what they’d like to see? Let us know please, because next month's letters column Is a special CD32 forum.
SACK NICK I have a major complaint about one of your writers. Nick Veitch He is trying his utmost to drive Amiga owners away from their favourite machine, but in a very subtle and insidious manner indeed.
Firstly, in his Workbench tutorial (June '93 issue), a screen shot dearly shows Nick's Workbench screen displaying the Intel Inside logo. It's well known that Intel manufacture a range of processors for Pcs, not Amigas, so why did he have this on his screen? Secondly, and this is the dincher, on page 111 of the same issue.
Nick can actually be seen weanng a Mega CD T- shirt. This was obviously a dever subliminal message Irom Nick, intended to subvert our thoughts. Fire the man immediately.
Nathan White. Walsall.
Firstly, the featured logo waa actually an Intel Outside' badge. Bit of a joke, really. And as for Nick wearing a Mega CD t-ahlrt - even he isn't that sad! It waa, In fact, an incredibly trendy and highly desirable CDTV t-shirt! As for sacking him, we wish we could, but the stubbly-faced one has since departed these hallowed pages for pastures new. He left the t- shlrt, though - funny that.
HOW OLD'S DAN? PART 310 I am writing in answer to your question about the age of Dan Slingsby and from the photograph in your magazine I'd guess maybe 32 I have heard stories of pensioners offering him their seat on the bus. Anyway. I can pass on a method of telling a person's age by a devious use of basic mathematics, so here goes... Firstly, tell the person (or victim if you prefer) that you can guess, without looking ol course, how many keys are on their keyring. Get them to write down the number on a piece of paper and to keep it well hidden from your view. Tell them to multiply the
number by five and then to multiply the result by 20.
Having gotten this number, tell them to add 1993 (or whatever the present year is when you do the trick) but call the year out as wntten (one thousand nine hundred and ninety-three) so that they won't guess what you're up to. When they have their total, te* them to subtract the year they were bom and the final figure they're left with is the number of keys they have and the last two figures are how ok) they’ll be that year.
E. g. 6 keys x 5 - 30 30x20.600
600. 1993-2593 2593 -1965 - 626 (6 keys. 26 this yearI I’d like
to point out that this method was not devised by using a
computer of any sort, merely by having access to large
amounts of Guinness.
Peter Butler, Dublin, When we tried this one out on Dan, he got all In a tlz and claimed he'd run out of lingers to count on. As we didn’t want him to take off his mouldy old Dms so he could use his toes as well, we quietly abandoned the Idee. Next month, all will be revealed, however, as we've ‘acquired’ Dan’s birth certificate from his mum.
The secret will finally be made public... WHICH AMIGA?
I am in a dilemma about which machine I should buy. I realise that the future lies with 32-bit machines, so I've already ruled out the A600. This leaves the current AGA machines: the A1200, A4000. And now, the CD32.1 want a machine that I can use for art and music packages, do a spot of programming with and play games on. This rules out the CD32 or at least until the keyboard and floppy drive add-ons arrive, so with my current budget I'm probably looking at an A1200 with a hard drive.
However, I've now heard rumours of an A1400 which is to be released in the near future, and of a whole new generation of Amigas using RISC-based chips that are under development. Should I buy an At 200 or wait for the rumoured A1400 or forget about the current range and hold out for a brand new RISC-based machine? Or should I just throw in the towel and buy a PC instead?
Technology moves along at an incredible pace, maybe it moves too fast, so where do you draw the line and say. Righl I win buy this partxxilar machine?! You have to take a hell of a gamble with your money when you buy a machine nowadays, it's not just one firm against another, but also against itself.
I know that computer firms have to try and stay one step ahead of their competitors, but maybe they should help the public by providing a service, instead of the get-rich-quick-and-let's-not-give-a- damn-about-the-consumers attitude that seems to prevail at times.
So please give me an answer to which I should buy, or if you don't want to answer that, which machine would you buy?!
Garry Abel, Nr. Grimsby.
Thf FAR MDI machine. II possible. Ihe CD32 should also be shown playing a snippel Irom a blockbuster movie to emphasise that the CD32 is MPEG compatible and can be turned into a home cinema. And this business about not extolling its expandability into a real home computer is a bit silly - it's another selling point and one that could convince a lot ot parents to choose the machine instead ol a Nintendo Sega games-only console. Point out that it's not just another brain-cell-destroying, mind-numbing, 10- sapping Japanese games console!
I'll probably end up buying a CD32.1 just hope I don't end up owning a white elephant like the legions ot CDTV-owners. Come on Commodore, get your act together and make a decent ad.
Clifford Hayward, Weymouth.
Commodore recently Invited us to their HQ to unveil the Christmas ad campaign and, having It's certainly a difficult decision. I know a lot of people who were stung when they bought the A600, just months before the launch of the A1200. No-one wants to spend £300-400 on a home computer only to find It superseded almost straight away. To an extent, that's the risk you’ll have to take, though, as we can't guarantee when new models will appear. Yes, there are rumours about an A1400, and RISC- based machines will definitely be with us in the next couple of years, but you’ve got to ask yourself
what you want your Amiga for. If it's just for playing games on, word processing or similar pastimes, then you really don't need an expensive new model and you're best bet Is to go for a secondhand Amiga at a giveaway price.
Obviously, if you're interested in 3D graphics, sampling, professional video or other more memory-intensive pursuits, then go for one of the boxed Amlgas with better expansion capabilities. It's difficult to access your needs from what you've told us, but don’t worry, as next month we’ll be taking you through the minefield of buying yourself a new Amiga, plus taking a look at the different set-ups that Amiga enthusiasts use.
CD32 ADS I hope Commodore have a decent advertising campaign lined up to promote the CD32. Their previous efforts haven't been particularly marvel- lous, have they?! Someone said in CU AMIGA recently that the Amiga succeeded despile Commodore's advertising, not because ot it, and I think that's true. An advert can be an hour long and give a list of technical specifications as long as your arm, but it won’t mean a thing to your average man woman on the street.
If Commodore want an advert that'll make the CD32 sell, they shouldn't just say what the machine is capable of, they should show it doing it!
They should pick the best CD32 games currently available [At Ihe lime ol writing, that's precisely four - Diggers and Oscar which come with the machine, James Pond 2 and Pinball Fantasies.
Hardly state-ot-the-an, I'm afraid! - Ed| and show them going through their paces. They should also make it clear that the machine can play standard music Cds - a big selling point, as owners will be able to play their games and Cds otf the same GETTING 'ARD Three years ago I bought my first Amiga. It was a good machine apart trom one thing: disk swopping. I hate disk swopping, so I bought an external drive and found, to my disappointment, that not one single game I had bought recognised an external disk drive. I considered buying a hard drive, but they were too expensive at the time and games
were rarely installable in any case.
About eighteen months ago I started using a PC at work, and I tound that games came on four or five high-density disks, but that they were all installable. I decided to save up for a PC, knowing only too well that there were hardly any Amiga games that were hard disk installable. I managed to buy a PC exactly one year ago and have been generally very pleased with it, and have a hard drive that's bulging at the seams with games.
The point I’m trying to make is this: I believe the Amiga is a better games machine than a PC.
Graphically, they are now on a par, but technically the Amiga is ahead, especially with the introduction of the At 200. It is a great machine, but companies are still retusing to make their games hard disk installable. There are supposedly 30,000 A1200 owners who have purchased hard-drives, and I bet a lot ot them are cheesed otf that there are few installable games on the market.
I bought an A1200 with a hard drive in February. The reason l bought one is because I program using AMOS Professional, which is hard disk installable. I have two games on my hard-drive: Historyline and Darkseed. Both are impractical to play Irom floppy drives because ot disk swopping, but with a hard drive they're so much less hassle.
I have read in your sister magazine. The One, that Virgin's new game, Beneath the Steel Sky, will only be playable from floppies because there are not enough hard-drive owners to make it worthwhile being installable. Also, the game’s designers are cutting out some of the animations. I quote from an interview with the game's designers: 'If all Amiga owners had a hard-drive then they would get the works but, sadly, they won't. It’s a shame we can’t compromise for the hard drive owners.'
Well, the thing is. They should compromise. What's the point in us buying this game when the game designer has stated that we'll be getting a cut-down version? People with hard drives will be buying a game which is not installable, Ihus defeating the purpose ot owning a hard drive in the first place.
I am tortunate in that I have a PC and an Amiga. However, there is a PC version ot AMOS being developed and when it appears I'll be saying 'good-bye' to the Amiga unless software companies radically change their attitudes.
Software houses use piracy as the be-all and end-all tor almost any argument when it comes to the Amiga. They harp on about copy protection on disks as their only solution to software piracy. Why don't they wake up? Go to any school playground and you'll see that disk protection doesn't matter. There is a network of suppliers who can get any pirated game. If I wanted a game, I could go to a nearby market and buy it along with a photocopied manual tor about three pounds. I don’t, because I can afford to buy originals, but it won't stop a kid Irom doing so. One buys the pirate version and then
all ot his other friends get a copy for free.
For me, disk proteclion has never been a bug bear. The type ot protection I hate is manual related.
Microprose, for example, have the right idea. They produce a huge manual and potential pirates have to copy every page if they want to be able to play the game. It’s a pain to open the manual every time I want to play a game, but at least it's a reasonable way to beat piracy. I don't suppose too many kids have the ability to copy two hundred pages ot text. This, of course, is not practical in a shoot 'em up when the only instructions needed are how to press the joystick button. One ot the best forms ot protection I have encountered as regards copying trom the hard drive is with the PC
version ol The Secret ot Monkey Island. The game is installed lo hard drive as only one file which is 9Mb long. For most people copying 9Mb to one disk is an impossibility.
What this letter comes down to, is a plea tor sense trom software companies. Unless a game is hard-drive installable, I will refuse to buy games for the Amiga. I just wonder how many more Amiga owners will also move onto the PC before software houses change their views.
Richard Johnston, Banffshire.
I think your letter says it all really.
Seen the storyboard for the TV ad, I do hold out some hope for a successful conclusion to this year's sales drive. In terms of printed ads they'll be very aggressive with much of the copy taking a direct dig at Sega. To do that, though, they'll need to be able to back up their claims!
As for promoting the console as a computer you'll have to wait till the post-Christmas period.
Until theij the public face of the CD32 is firmly games-led. Personally, I think that they’ve got it right on that score cos no matter how much you know about the machine there are thousands of people out there that know considerably less. To advertise the CD32 as both a computer and a console will only confuse those people new to the Amiga. Commodore need to expand the Amiga user base and not just sell the CD32 to current Amiga owners. I firmly believe that they'll do that with this campaign.
Write to Backchat at: CU AMIGA, Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London, EC1R 3AU.
LETTER OF THE MONTH While everyone else sits around wondering what games are going to be like in the future, Tony Dillon ponders the possibility of a future without games.
Are going to make the shift from peanuts to sprouts, il you catch my drift.
At the recent ECTS, I sat in on a very interesting conference with US developer Chris Crawford of Chris Crawtord games, where he debated the possibility of a future were computer games really become kid's stuff and will be consigned to only a very small part ol computer entertainment.
His line ol thinking went something like this: Comics are lun and intense, but are an incredibly small part ol literature. Sweets are lun and intense, but are an incredibly small part ol the whole food culture Computer games as we know them are lun and intense, but logically must be an incredibly small part ol computer entertainment as a whole.
He went on with this comparison lor quite a while, and claimed that computers will move away from tun and into something more subtle and satisfying.
Bui what exactly is this more subtle and satisfying larger market we re supposed to be expanding into? It's the world of computer entertainment, of course! We hear all the time ol the latest hardware advances, and ol newer, better and faster programming techniques. Who would ever have thought that something like Legends Ot Valour or Frontier would have been possible a couple ol years ago?
What most people seem to be skipping around at the moment is actual game design itself. This is crucial because It's the changes in design that The future of home entertainment? This la how you might be playing Str Might* 01 MORE OF THE SAME At the moment, game design is stuck in a loop We keep seeing the same games coming out over and over again, as software houses and development teams continually repeat and improve the Tried and tested', creating guaranteed sellers but never actually moving the game market forward. Take Lure Ot The Temptress, it is rated as one ol the most original
graphic adventures around, yet is really nothing more than Maniac Mansion with a better game design.
The desire to impress visually and sonically.
Matched with the drive to provide entertainment through lun is whal is causing game designers to double back on to themselves time and time again Interestingly enough, the two games I've mentioned already are perfect examples of how game design is changing You probably won t have played Frontier yet.
So look at Legends Ot Valour Whal sets it apart Irom most graphic adventures, other than Ihe graphics? Give up? The freedom. Yes, there are a certain number ol set quests to be done, but because you have complete and total freedom to do anything you like, even starting a quest bnngs a certain sense of fulfilment In turn, completing a quest brings even greater joy. But why exactly is that? Why does the simple task of finding a cup and bringing it back k-V ?
To a certain location make you leel like you've really accomplished something?
The answer lies in the amount of effort you've had to expel lo actually do the quest. You've had to search the huge city looking lor the person who actually gives you your mission, and then you've had to locate the ob|ect with only minimal instruction, and then find the original location.
You could have gone anywhere There were a million wrflng turnings to take, but you got the right one. And got the job done. In a standard adventure, you know that two screens across there’s a lantern, and two screens down is a dark cave. That's not satisfying because that isnT life.
That's just logic. In Legends Ot Valour you have actually spent some time of your life running around Mittledorf. Not moving a couple ot pixels around on a screen. Frontier is more of the same, only you have a far larger and more varied locale to live in.
What about Frontier? How can you possibly have a game that doesnT have an ending? A game that doesnT have any predesigned tasks or Obiectives? Quite easily, and very successfully if our 97% mark is anything to go by.
Again, the secret lies in the freedom of the game. All space games offer you the chance to ride the galactic waves and live life as a space pirate, but Frontier is the only game that actually follows through.
There's not much fun to selecting a planet, and then travelling to it. But lor some reason it's far more enioyable than blasting the Laa'args from Quaa'arg If you still don't get it. Try this for size. When you were running between buildings desperately searching for the lost treasure High Priest whatever in LOV, were you having tun? Be honest with yourself, did you really enjoy spending all those hours running round in circles? Probably not. Unless you're the kind ot person who denves pleasure Irom running through alleys tor long periods of timel But did you enjoy yoursell? You bet you did,
because you were working towards a goal in a lar more involved way lhan usual. That's where the magic is. And as lar as I can see that's where the luture ol game design lies.
Ol course, they won't be tun' as you and I class tun', and everyone knows that a computer program that isn't 'fun' obviously isn't a game.
That's what I mean by a luture without games.
ENTERTAINMENT* NOT FUN There have been plenty ot games that have surfaced that tit the bill of this new age of design, but many have failed or just been rejected by the masses. • I remember the Max Headroom license - a sprawling and engaging battle ol wits through a horrifically maze-like towerblock. There was lots to be done, it you could hack it. But it was universally panned due to its inherent lack ol fun.
Although it's quite possible that you could denve lar more enjoyment and entertainment Irom a game like this over something like ZooI.
Software companies are slow to pick up on this kind of product due to the risk factor.
It may be brilliant, but that doesnT mean it will sell. A shame really, when you consider that flight simulators have provided years ol entertainment without being zany or zappy So why can't we have the same in other games A combat game that works property, lor example.
If someone kicks you hard across the knees, then your kicks lose their strength, or you could lose your ability to walk!
To my mind, that gives you a far more rewarding challenge than Streetfighter Gvte tU 'WonlcU ie&t Selling Amiyx VenipJmaU Recognised by all Amiga users editors and journalists as one of the finest peripherals on the Amiga market Today. .
Just for a moment forget the state of the art video hardware included with Vidi Amiga and look at the software.
AWARDS M 90% Amiga Format Jason Holburn Sept. 1993 Rombo Productions, Kirkton Campus, Livingston, SCOTLAND, EH54 7AZ.
In itself it is one of the most powerful packages on the market. Offering a level of image processing & picture manipulation unmatched by most of the so called market leaders !
Add to this the hardware capable of capturing both colour and mono images in less than a second.
So io Amiga Maniac Dave Cryer May. 1993 No other device from any country offers this level of specification for the price.
"-Making Vidi Amiga one of the best selling peripherals of all time.
If you want to get involved with video or imaging then you won t go wrong with Vidi Amiga 12 (AGA) Plugs into any video source including. TV Video Camera.
What could be more fun !
* **** , ,, Amiga Shopper 91% Camcorder User GaryWhiteley Richard
Benson Feb 1993 July. 1993 Software available sepera*®'.
For only £29 95 ..CAu. Tel; (44)0506-4M63- Fax.(44) 0506-41465- TP GRAPHICS PACKAGE ASK YOUR NEWSAGENT AMIGA OCEAN SoflWABt I CASTLEFIELD MAK TEL: 061 832 6633 1 2 levets of difficulty, whchreafry do cater lor both novice and expert RPG gamers alike
• 12 tfrfferent races rttabfrng over 50 towns and villages 2
COMMODORE APPROVED UPGRADES: Offical Hard Drrre upgrades *'tn
WANG on-s« warranty.
• FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: Gi all hardware orders shipped in the
UK mainbnd
• TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELPUNE: A team of AmiQa technical e«ptrts
wil be at your senice.
• PRICE MATCH: We nsrMfly ctBfi corrpdh s cn a -Sara pnxtat •
Sant im’ Mss
• ESTABLISHED 14 YEARS: We haw a proven tr«k record m
protessional computei sales 3
• £12 MILLION TURNOVER (with 60 Stall): We are solid, reftable
and profitable f (*rcf*fai we sugg«i 4 meg SIMM-32
• meg SIMM-32 I meg SIMM-32 imeg SIMM-6
• meg SIMM-6
• meg SC ZIPS 5 Pwa*l F-GraphxsResXC.300cf
• HP Destqet EmAaaon (PCL3)
• Bak-in AiM Sheet Feeder (100 Sheets*
• Economical to Run-ortyl .Sp per page 6
• Imra (Xiiet • 46dB(A) Maxxnxn

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