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Of course, all of those colourful detailed graphics will require a lot ot processor power to move them around, which is why Commodore opted lor a 14Mhz 68EC020 chip. More than twice as last as the standard 68000 lound in the A500. This was by lar the best option in order to hMp production prices down. Compare this to the MegaCD's i2Mhz 68000 chip and you start to get an idea just how much more powerful the CD32 really is. Another important factor when you're talking about moving large amounts ol graphic data around is the memory to do it in. There's no point having compact discs capable ol storing 600Mb of data if the computer can only accept 128k of that at a time (as is the case with the MegaCDjl Fortunately. Commodore have come up trumps again, provid- »ig CD32 with a lull 2Mb ot RAM The console naturally has two joystick ports into which can be plugged two 11 button controllers, yes that's nght. 11 buttons! This means that CD32 will have the highest number of buttons on a console controller, which in turn means that owners have the best chance ol getting exact conversions ol arcade games, to say nothing ol plenty ol original CD32- only stuffl In terms ol outputs, the machine has an S-Video, a composite video and RF out jacks. It also includes stereo audio jacks for connecting to a hi-fi if you own one. If not, there’s also a stereo headphone jack so you can listen through Walkman headphones il you preler. There's even a separate volume control lor the headphones. On the subject ol sound, the machine still uses lour channels to provide stereo 8-bit sound. However, it's worth remembering that with all that storage capacity, sampling rates can be higher, and samples longer, so we should see a dramatic increase in sound quality Mind you. That's totally overlooking the most important asjject ol the console It's a CD player, tool This means that programmers can incorporate a lull CD soundtrack il they so desire The CD player uses 256 position 8-bit oversampling. With its CD playing abilities comes another bonus - the ability to play CD8G disks. CDSG is an acronym for Compact Disc and Graphics, or to put it another way.

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AMIGA CONTENTS OFF THE CUFF 8 AMIGA CD 32-BIT CONSOLE In a world exclusive, CU AMIGA brings you all there is to know on Commodore’s new 32-bit CD console.
This is the future of gaming as we know it. There is simply no other console available that can match this machine.
With the addition of full motion video it'll form the future of home entertainment.
And with an unprecedented level of support from software developers it's sure to hit the streets with the force of a nuclear explosion. In another CU exclusive we reveal who's coding what and when you’ll see it.
Turn to page 8 for the start of a four-page report on the new machine.
34 MUSCLE UP The first peripheral that most of us buy is bound to be some form of memory expansion, hard drive or accelerator. But the market in third A party add-ons is enormous; so, how do you j know if the hardware is any good?
We’ve scoured the scene for the best peripherals there are and now we can bring you a comprehensive report on how they perform. It’s chock full of comparison charts so you can tell at a glance whether that hard earned dosh is going to be well spent. Remember - don’t buy unless you’ve read it here.
REGULARS 8 NEWS chopper fear not cos the CU tipsters are here with a complete guide to Gunship 2000.
PRODUCTIVITY REVIEWS See panel on opposite page.
ART GALLERY AGA art is starting to show through more and more. This month we feature two excellent examples.
PD SCENE The public domain has finally thrown up an excellent game. Find out what this miracle is here. Also this issue, more Eric Schwartz anims. Plus some whacking demos.
PD UTILITIES The public domain is the perfect place to look for cheaper alternatives to commercial programs. This month we take a look al an AGA utlility compilation, a disk that tills the gaps in the AMOS manual and a snazzy menu creator.
AMIGA CD32 console launched • 80 games already in development • Whars the future ol the CDTV? • A1200 A4000 CD add-on announced •
• Full Motion Video by the end of the year... 16 COVERDISKS See
panel on opposite page.
36 THE CU AMIGA INTERVIEW Commodore's Vice-President of Engineering gets grilled by the CU AMIGA team this month. Find out what he has to say about the future.
44 GAME PREVIEWS See panel on opposite page.
48 GAME REVIEWS See panel on opposite page.
86 PLAY TO WIN If you're having trouble handling your RIAL Nintendo and Sega are history! After months of speculation, Commodore have finally unveiled their new super console, the Amiga CD32, and it's an absolute corker. Featuring AGA graphics, the new machine comes equipped with an 020 processor and 2Mb of RAM.
What’s more, its 32-bit architecture means we re going to see some stunning new games in the coming months, the likes of which have never been seen before. An incredible 80 games are already in development and at least 30 of these will be original titles. Best of all, its world-beating CD technology means we can finally wave goodbye to multi-disk floppy-based games once and for all.
The implications are immense, and some of the product we’ve seen is simply breathtaking. If the machine takes off, and I honestly think it will, then the games market is set for a revolution.
Sega and Nintendo are still some way off launching a CD-based 32-bit console
- some estimates put it as much as two years - so Commodore have
a chance to monopolise the market. At £299, the Amiga CD32 is
almost £100 more expensive than we predicted, but it’s still an
incredible buy when compared to Sega’s lacklustre 16-bit
(Shame about the design though...) Even better news, A1200 and A4000 owners will be able to upgrade their machines with a CD drive which will be launched later this year, so everyone can benefit from the plethora of new titles that are on their way. And It’s not just games that are being developed for the machine - as our news section reveals, there's a number of serious litles set for release over the next few months. Full details begin on page 8, and we’ll be following it up with a 32- page supplement next month.
Blimey, after all that excitement I think I’d better go and have a cold shower! Enjoy the mag and, hopefully, you’ll be back for more next month... HNTOR Iton S*»»g by OWVTY HXTOR c*olwn Skoi TIORRCAL KXTOe N.k Vof*4i P1000CTIOM IDTTOR IteoKerTirtey *TA » WRTTW 'my Hogan GROUP ART HMIOa Gwdon Bond: TECMNKAL ADVBORS '**1 BnxxnW) & Jdn E*S* COWMUR Kemy Gum DESIGNER bWirzi.v. GROUP AD MANAGER Ngd Tcryta SCAMMRIO Soo IW AD MANAGER Cdngs SALES IXICUTTVT Dm Powi K*ro RaJt AD PROOUCTtON Tina Gynn. Rcfcin Ryon managing edetor Sw* tomes pub- USHDI Cx»ry Wiliam london 8CIR 3AU Td 071 977 6700 TAX 071
977 : Tel 0858 4688) ABC 96,235 July-Dee 1992 FRODUCTIVITY REVIEWS PRODUCTIVITY REVIEW I to the best dedicated technical review section of any Amiga ;azme. This month we bring you a first look at Vlab YC. All the way i Germany’s Macrosystems comes this excellent SVHS compatible fser. It can actually grab images, frame by frame, using the new rteaf frame grabber, find out more on page 98. Also, in response to r massive demands, we've got a complete step-by-step guide to ailing a hard drive on your At 200. Get your irons out on page 122.
¦ Am ttiuitv Biuaruir - CCViRDISKS M XL1 CD
SCENE Cor, what a pair we've got! And as for the disks, they're
not bad either. This month there’s an ace wordprocessor.
Interword, plus, a fantastic playable demo of Apocalypse, a
frantic blast and rescue game from Virgin. Remember you only
get two disks with CU AMIGA.
DISK 62 PAGE 22 Our recent survey showed us that loads of readers are interested in word processing. So, in response to overwhelming demand, here’s one of the best full-price programs there is!
InterWord is a fast and stable word processing program with new advanced functions including, amongst other things, an optimal utilization of your printer hardware. Moreover, as part of the Interoffice range, it can import and process text from other members of that family as well as most other word processing systems. In addition. It has extremely fast screen updating, a user-definable layout and a massive 137,000 word dictionary.
Should you desire, and have the memory, you can also have up to 50 documents open at once.
Incredible! Don't miss out on this fantastic package.
- kvass c Park - the game of the movie - is in development. Will
it be vst another Ocean license? We go behind the scenes. Also
this ssue, US Gold's massive RPG, Blade of Destiny, gets the
full treatment. Fancy a burger but worried about the
environmental damage 41 cause? Well, you can have your cake and
eat it as McDonalds' eco-warriors go on the rampage in Global
Gladiators. Full review on page 69.
52 FIRST IMPRESSIONS 56 JURASSIC PARK 60 BLADE OF DESTINY 64 CASTLES II 66 ISHARAGA 66 SIM LIFE AGA 69 GLOBAL GLADIATORS 70 ANIMATION CLASSICS 72 GOAL! COMPO 75 CAMPAIGN- MISSION DISK 76 THE PATRICIAN ¦0 VFM 65 PLAY TO WIN- GUNSHIP 2000 69 TROLL’S HEAD DISK 63 PAGE 28 Anyone remember ChoplilteiP That early arcade classic had gamers hooked right from the start. Well, now's your chance to play a souped up 90s-style flight, shoot and rescue version of that top game. This ace blast from Virgin lets you pilot a helicopter gunship across scrolling levels of tropical jungle.
You can blast the opposition out of the sky using your twin forward-mounted cannons or, better yet, pick up one of the many power-ups and then fire off a heat-seeking missile. In between frying the enemy take time to strafe the ground troops and their buildings. Careful though, 'cos they've got some prisoners of war down .NEWS - AMIGA CD IgPNSQLE REVEALED jpjjj e, cjjj jjore unveiled it console SWw the CD32.
Wcu.lt Sep™ was attended f the most n Mn the , fiufec reu-lj [UCU.SU'Y LLJ dc-LecuiLi ®2 looked as sweet ' JB of the day as it did at fhfe Part. In an extended neWs feS ire all the A QUESTION OF EXPANSION On* lid mat Commodore barely mentioned is me machine's eipan- sion capabilities- Thasa coma la the form el a keyboard connector and tail espansion bos. Wtm the eitras that are planned lor release later this year. It will be possible to upgrade the machine to a loll *1200. So It can be used lor senoas applications as wall. Even more impressive is me tact that a CD32 kit will be
released lor me *12110 which will give it loll CD capabilities.
Whichever wsy you upgrade, from *1200 to CD console, or from console to *1200. The total price Is likely to be the same, and ol course the FMV module will be available under bom routes.
I strongly suspect that me CD32 upgrade linslly eiplams the tiny espansion port al me back right ot me *1200.. Incidentally. It's also possible to add an accelerator end RAM to lheCD32.
Let s start by looking at the tacts: the CD console has a sfightly larger footprint than a ne« ot A4 paper and is a couple ot
• tenet deep It has a slight bulge on r» lop caused by the top
loading CO holder Unlike the CDTV, the CD32 does not require
expensive and ungainly caddies to hold the Cds. .they just slot
straight in as with
• standard CD player GETTING BASIC The machine is based upon the
AGA Jioset found in both the AI200 and
* *000 Amigas, although Its specifications place it closer to
an A1200. It
• capable ol displaying graphics in JO to 256,000 colours from a
24-bit palette ol 16.7 million at resolutions vpto 1280x512
Ot course, all of those colourful detailed graphics will require a lot ot processor power to move them around, which is why Commodore opted lor a 14Mhz 68EC020 chip.
More than twice as last as the standard 68000 lound in the A500. This was by lar the best option in order to hMp production prices down.
Compare this to the MegaCD's i2Mhz 68000 chip and you start to get an idea just how much more powerful the CD32 really is.
Another important factor when you're talking about moving large amounts ol graphic data around is the memory to do it in. There's no point having compact discs capable ol storing 600Mb of data if the computer can only accept 128k of that at a time (as is the case with the MegaCDjl Fortunately. Commodore have come up trumps again, provid- »ig CD32 with a lull 2Mb ot RAM The console naturally has two joystick ports into which can be plugged two 11 button controllers, yes that's nght. 11 buttons! This means that CD32 will have the highest number of buttons on a console controller, which in
turn means that owners have the best chance ol getting exact conversions ol arcade games, to say nothing ol plenty ol original CD32- only stuffl In terms ol outputs, the machine has an S-Video, a composite video and RF out jacks. It also includes stereo audio jacks for connecting to a hi-fi if you own one. If not, there’s also a stereo headphone jack so you can listen through Walkman headphones il you preler. There's even a separate volume control lor the headphones.
On the subject ol sound, the machine still uses lour channels to provide stereo 8-bit sound. However, it's worth remembering that with all that storage capacity, sampling rates can be higher, and samples longer, so we should see a dramatic increase in sound quality Mind you.
That's totally overlooking the most important asjject ol the console It's a CD player, tool This means that programmers can incorporate a lull CD soundtrack il they so desire The CD player uses 256 position 8-bit oversampling.
With its CD playing abilities comes another bonus - the ability to play CD8G disks. CDSG is an acronym for Compact Disc and Graphics, or to put it another way.
You can look at pretty pictures, whilst you listen to your favourite star warbling or groaning away. To be lair, CDTV was also capable ol playing and displaying CD&G disks, but there is a very, very important difference in CD32. And one that means that this really is world leading tech nology.
With an appropriate add-on. To be released in the not too-distant future, the CD32 goes from simply being able to show static photographs, to playing animated ones a la television. Called Full Motion Video (FMV) this means that you could soon be buying Cds that not only contain music tracks, but also include an accompanying video, too.
There are two important factors that allow the CD32 to handle FMV when Sega's rival MegaCD cannot - the first is the lact that the CD32 is able to transfer data from CD at 300 kilobytes per second, twice the rate that the MegaCD is capable ol.
Furthermore, with the FMV add-on, the unit gains MPEG capability.
MPEG stands tor the Motion Picture Experts Group and it refers to a special type ol picture compression that yields absolutely amazing rates of reduction. It's only really suitable for real world' images (digitised photos and video), and is only practical when a hardware Implementation ol the process is used (it's too slow otherwise). However. MPEG is seen as the future in computer video animation by many. There are two implementations ol MPEG. The CD32 uses version 1 which is targeted at home and non-professional users, whilst version 2 is being used lor full broadcast video (TV and
When asked whether or not existing CDTV titles will be compatible with the CD32. Commodore s David Pleasance responded that about 60 per cent ol titles would be compatible. Obviously titles that require a keyboard or floppy disk drive will only work on CD32s which have the necessary upgrades It would seem then, that the majority ol incompatibilities are due to the new AGA chipset which caused problems lor many pre-3.0 software titles.
Although Commodore themselves now admit that CDTV was something of a failure, the technology used did enable them to develop this new console. Although its existence may bring a little hope to CDTV and CD ROM owners, it s highly likely that most developers will produce software that uses the new console's capabilities. This means that software written lor the CD32 is unlikely to be downwardly compatible. The main reason tor this is that the specs ol the two machines are so different that CD32 developers are unlikely to want to spend time developing two separate sets ol code, especially
when you consider that the total worldwide CDTV market is less than 50,000 units.
Ol course developers could write code which simply runs on both machines, but the major problem there is the difference in quality between the two Alter all. If you'd just spent a year developing a game, would you want it to lose out simply because it uses 32 colours instead ol 256?
SAVE IT Because of its games bias the CD32 includes a 1 k Hash RAM area This is non-volatile RAM that can be used to store game positions and the like, even alter the power has been turned oil. Amazingly, this new technology doesn’t even require a batteiy to work!
Now obviously, 1 k is not much at all to save games in and to combat this, publishers are being urged to wnte games that use password saves or other reduced data methods.
Because the CD32 has the necessary hardware to attach a floppy drive. I don't suppose it'll be long before appropriate drives appear and more complex floppy disk based saves start to appear again.
NOT JUST GAMES Commodore describe CD32 as a games console, and ol course it's set to be not just a games console, but the games console. Nevertheless, there will certainly be serious programs available lor it too. At least one software developer has educational products planned, and another has what he would only describe as 'a unique and exciting new concept in computer software'. There is no doubt that we will also see the likes ol Encyclopaedias and other reference works.
These titles will ensure that the CD32 is completely unique among games consoles as being the only one to expand your mind as well as your trigger finger a great advantage il you're trying to convince your parents to buy one lor you!
The world's most popular games console the Super NES. However, their arch rivals Sega have just released the MegaCO As enjoyed good relations with Commodore and since the apparent demise ol their c» - CD console project the Play Stattaa' Bwr mm (¦oil - ref 946 ¦ ¦Jim - ref 947 Urge - ref 948 X'large - ref 949 Kill ege 7 8 - ref 943 ege 9 10 - ref 944 ege 11 12-ref 94S tumiumrwmnm Mtto iis-tiutri:::!::; ege 11 12- ref 415 large -ref 418 X'large - ref 419 ! PHONE OUR 24 HOUR VIRTUAL REALITY CREDIT CARD HOTLINE TEL: 02 72 76 89 99 OR SEND A CHEQUE WITH COMPLETED I COUPON TO - "BUSINESS
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APPROX CHEST SIZES (measured flat) KIDS AGE 7 8 = 16 ins approx KIDS AGE 9 10 = 17 ins approx KIDS AGE 11 12 = 18 ins approx ADULT S = 19 ins approx ADULT M =21 ins approx ADULT L =22 ins approx ADULT XL = 23 ins approx DATE OF • I•T H We «dl also Mad o brodoHO • ywr liM, ploni Ifl hi dohfl* Wow.
ALTERNATIVES UD1 P0 BOX 20, BRISTOL BS99 10W. (remember to (ill your name and address dearly cn the tod) or debit my credit and.
VISA O A«ESS 0((jm*W Ww)_ ______ £ _ _ _ •
- --- s Tick tklt ko* il to. Do Ml Nml I* Ticihl Mf [of or loaf
too okool olkoi ollort wo »oj ko rooolof ri ifl 8 n SN TOTAk £
: PjsSj Paamc £ .
- - i lopir* dolo TOTAl PRICE OE ORDER £ : (maka su« lt»e oddress
gr»«n is the some as that registewl ¦ith you* conll sig.«m«
LETTERS MICROCOSM PSYGNOSIS This game was previewed in CU a
couple of months ago (along with Dracuta) as a CDTV product.
It’s extremely unlikely now whether it will make it in that
format. However, should Commodore and Psygnosis reach an
accord in their discussions it will be a definite for the
The plot is essentially a rip- off of the Fantastic Voyage and Inner Space films with the player acting the role of the miniaturised pilot. You’re dropped into the body of some noted VIP who's been invaded by other miniaturised warriors (don't look at me, I don't write these plots). The idea is that you race around his arteries and veins seeking out the enemy and blowing them out of existence. It uses superb ray-traced graphics to depict the action and certainly moves along at a fair old pace. A definite contender for CD game of the year.
BULLFROG Only recently released on floppy. Syndicate will shortly make its debut on CD. Those top coders at Bullfrog are already beavennj away at re-programming this strategy blaster to take lull advantage ol the new machine. As the team are known lor their innovation we re sure that they must have more than one product lined up lor the console. It's likely that they're also planning at least one totally new game.
GRANDSLAM As it was their biggest hit to date it comes a no surprise that Nick Faldo's Championship Gollwill be making an appearance on the C032.
Scheduled lor October, this top (light goll sim is sure to take full advantage ol the CD s capabilities with digitised pics ol Nick as well as enhanced backgrounds and music.
GREMLIN It's encouraging to see one ol the country's top live software houses putting their money where their mouth is and wholeheartedly supporting the new platform. The Shellield-based soltcos have lined up no less than nine titles lor the console. Among these, the premier title has to be the Lotus Turbo Trilogy. Yes, that's right. Gremlin are combining all three ot their hit Lotus racing games and including them on one disc.
The Amiga CD32 console might be a tasty bit of kit, and it certainly kicks the MegaCD right into touch, but it’s the level of publisher support that either makes or breaks a new games platform. Luckily, Commodore have gone out of their way to ensure that the CD32 has an incredible roster of games lined up for its release. There are an amazing 90+ games already in development for the machine and many of these are original products, too! After much burning of the midnight oil, and running up a huge transatlantic ’phone bill, we’ve managed to come up with a definitive list of exactly what you can
expect to be playing on the new Amiga console in the months to come.
This has to be the way forward and Gremlin are lo be congratulated lor such a bold move. We're sure it will pay oil with record sales ol what is the best series ol racing games on the Amiga.
Games to appear lor the first time include LitilDivil. No longer exclusively bound up with Philips' Coi system and which was previewed in CU some months ago. Also in development is a Star Wars X- Wing Fighter-type game which will involve loads ol 30 llythrough animalions where you pilot a cralt through hazardous meteor showers whilst tackling other enemy spaceships. We were lucky enough to have a sneak peek at some ol the game and it looks absolutely stunning. Finally there s Utopia 2 and Zool 2. Both sequels to Inrge i successful games. It's undecided whereto release them on this format
lirst M d they do A1200 versions are sure to WtRw * a pace.
On the conversion side Gremlm ¦ » he releasing their new Hero Quest jam - The Legend ot Soracil - as well as the Mansell racing sim which wilt lew»*v the addition ol CO sound. Sports will gel a look-in too with an eahaand Premier Manager plus top pUtana ram Zool.
The competitive nature of the Lotus titles means you'll be battling away for hours with this value-for-money ottering. Although the games are slightly lacking in on-screen pick-ups to boost the performance of your car, such add-on extras are not really necessary as the pace ot the game, the huge sprites and super smooth scrolling mean you'll not be able to put this one down once you've loaded your disc. Whether you're competing over desert tracks, across icy mountain passes or merely over circular racing tracks, the testing conditions will really put you through your paces.
MICROPROSE Geotl Crammond is one ol the lew celebrity programmers to have really earned his reputation. With Stunt Car Racer and Revs already under his belt, he set the Amiga work) alight with the release ot Formula One Grand Prix towards the end ol 1991 Super-tast and incredibly detailed, the game used a first person perspective to depict the on-screen action and, at times, it almost felt as if you were really there. Each ol the sixteen courses was modelled on an existing F1GP track, with extensive video footage used in designing the twists and turns ot their digital counterparts. Now. Thanks
to those lovely boys and girls at Microprose, we re about to experience all the thrills and spills ol Grand Prix racing all over again, but this time in a much souped up version.
This time around we'll be able to enjoy 256 colours, and the game itself will be much, much taster thanks to the console s 020 chip. You'll need quick reflexes to stop your car banking a curve or running out of control on a razor sharp bend. There's also the possibility of enhanced sound effects, too.
Although these were fairly impressive in the original 16-bit floppy version, there's scope tor extended sampling on the CD-version and Microprose are looking to take maximum advantage from this.
LOTUS TURBO TRILOGY GREMLIN Three games tor the price of one - that's the promise from Gremlin as they collect together their chart-topping Lotus games and stick them onto one disc.
All three games topped the Amiga charts on their release, and with good reason. The first two games ottered different methods ot control, and different racing arenas, which were then incorporated into a third version which tweaked the gameplay still further to produce the ultimate racing game. Played as either a one.
Two. Three or even four-player game.
£KIRA Manga fans will be ecstatic to learn that the character that caused such a popularity explosion in the genre will be appearing in his own game. Akira is set in a post-Apocalyptic Tokyo and tells the tale ol the next stage in human development! Despite such a high-brow premise it's actually an incredibly exciting cartoon movie with rival biker gangs slugging it out across a garish, neon-lit city. One gang member has an encounter with an escaped mutant child which causes him to realise his own superhuman capabilities. The resulting trail ot destruction is something that could only be
feasibly achieved in cartoon torm and is amazing to watch.
The game is going to intersperse actual movie footage with the proposed platform and beat 'em up elements that make up the mam game. With the huge surge in popularity ol Manga this game could actually sell the console by itselt.
GOODBYE PIRATES For software developers, the CO console is a dream come true If combines the high specs of an A1200, with virtually unlimited storage capacity and low development costs. Better yet. Because commercial CD duplication is so eipen- sive. Only professional pirates are able to copy the games, and they're relatively easy to detect and combat It's this factor that has kept COTV alive despite its small market. The COTV market is one seventy lifth as small as the Amiga market, but for every title sold on the Amiga. 50 are pirated. On the COTV.
There is no piracy problem at all.
Of course, because of the huge amounts ol data stored on Cds. Most titles will be too large to copy onto floppy disks anyway. This means that far less titles will carry manual-based protection systems which can slow down your entry into a game.
E kind ol great deal to help gel a product oil the ground.
Commodore nave done some brilliant bundle deals in me past and the console is bound tu have one too.
Given the release date for the console and the proximity ol a certain gama-ola- blockbuster film it doesn't late much etton to pat two and two together lo come ap with Jurassic Fart. Previewed elsewhere In this issue the game looks set lo be as big a smash as the film. Also rumoured to be indeded la me special pach are litmatioa from Mindscape and TO(lormerty irrttnro) Irom Ocean. All three games are graphically intensive actioners that will show the CD oil very well. A pack containing those three titles would certainly be very popular at a £349 price point.
Gi Any i s It Vggiss.-' .
N. PAUL COPPINS. % ’ A% * I IkeT'A nf.ru AriKir dv hfiru I
;OPEAN MARKETING: ANDREW WRIGHT. VGA SCREEN SHO TS SHO WN % GAMES CU AMIGA Upcoming games Irom Renegade, the brains behind the smash Chaos Engine, include Rough& Tumble. Uridium II and Flight ol the Amazon Queen. It is believed that they have agreed in principle to lake a CD license but all the details had not been ironed out by the time we went to press with this story.
Rough & Tumble stars a small kid with a liking lor big guns. The gameplay is essentially a platform shoot 'em up with graphics that make Magic Pockets look like a Spectrum game. Uridium lion the other hand is the sequel to that classic space blaster of the same name, where your small tighter flew over gigantic battleships destroying everything in sight. It's due for release on the standard Amiga soon so we'll have a full review then. Their third offering.
Flight ot the Amazon Queen, is a bit of a departure for the Renegades as it s a graphic adventure. Not much is known about the project at this stage, they're keeping everything top secret, but we ll have more soon.
Although better known for their Shadow ot the Beast and Lemmings games. Psygnosis have just put together two corking games for the PC CD. Microcosm [see main text) and Dracula were both well received by the trade press when they were screened and received coverage here in CU. Dracula s basically a scrolling beat em up adventure that's more loosely based on the film rather than the book. The idea is to travel through the Transylvanian countryside to Drac's lofty abode smacking all manner of evil dudes on the nose (or wherever) before having a showdown with old toothy himself. A license has not
yet been signed for the Amiga version but would seem likely. On a lighter note the Lemmings series is bound to make it onto CD32. Possibly with all three games on one disc.
NEWS essentially a biology lesson on disc. Imagine being able to visit the zoo with the presenters from The Really Wild Show and you'll get some idea of what I mean.
Also scheduled are two books on disc. The first is the CD version ot the Guinness Book of Records which will contain the complete text of the famous record book as well as various digitised stills, the second is a former CDTV title called Insight Technology. Both will be published by Commodore.
GETTING SERIOUS It's not all games you know, there are some people out there who believe that the storage capacity of the compact disc should be put to better use than simple games playing. For those poor unfortunates here's a brief list of the more educational titles already confirmed Already on PC CD ROM San Diego Zoo is a complete walk through of America's largest menagerie. It features Full Motion Video, stills and samples of all the animals contained there. It's ALIEN BREED 2 TEAM 17 This Gauntlet Aliens cross breed was one of the most successful games of 1992. It utilised a top- down
view of the action which covered an abandoned space station absolutely over run with aliens.
Up to two players could explore the sprawling station blasting any aliens foolish enough to cross their paths. There were loads of pick ups to collect giving you better firepower, keys to unlock doors thus saving you wasting ammo shooting them away and auto mapping functions. Its critical and commercial success paved the way for a Special Edition version earlier this year.
In the sequel the action has moved down to a planet once more over run by hordes of aliens. Apart from the MORTAL KOMBAT CU AMIGA NEWS lAft&AINMENT We re sure that the console is going to herald a new dawn for the adventure game so it's not surprising that Delender ol the Crown II will make an appearance on it. Due for release on CO this month this classic RPG game will be a welcome draw for adventure lovers.
|4» ? • *1 LEGACY B games are likely lo receive a resurgence in popularly with the ntroduc-
* or ol the console; ittl finally give Amigarowners the chance to
play a( those ace °C adventures that we could only drool about
before. One ol the first smashes is we to be this from
Set in a haunted New England mansion the game revolves around the main tjractefs attempts to escape - ol course the only way to do that is to travel into re deepest darkest depths of the building in older to solve its mysteries. Unluckily
* » you this must rte entire move ever Amityvifle
- as virtually room con ghosts, ghouls hundreds ol I You (»il 10
bd(« pmyoui tttxfea.
You£iato(fc «p«tyou* enti Mma.
Rs played neusua nek* controls using a unique window environment that can be tailored to your needs. It you've ever played Wonderland from Magnetic Scrolls you'll have idea of how the control system woiks. That's where the similarities end cos the PC graphics in Legacy are out of this world with bnlliant filled pdy- i graphics, texture mapping and goraud shading used to their lull effect.
We re unsure how the windows environment will be interpreted on the console : w«h better graphics and CD sound it wil be fantastic.
• •cam CD games technology Is to on. Han't very little to compare
da CDS? Against.
• m ohvious choice is Sega s MegaCD which was launched a couple
ol months ago with a T million pound advertising campaign. I
called Sega to ask lor the specs ol their MegaCD an as soon as
they found out that I was working lor an Amiga magarlno, they
refused to Mg at saying that they didn't want their machine
compared against any Commodore com- amtioo. Their reaction
speaks volumes, but here are Die ligures that I came up with
Mari Saga's bolpl).
SEGA MEGACD 68000 M2Mlu 64 2SG colours Channel EM 128k 300k per second 150kps 11 Button pad 4 button pad Keyboard, FMV module, accelerator Llghtgun and lull range 0IA12W add-on £299 2269 ? El 19 = £388 SYSTEM 3 Famous tor their Last Ninja series.
System 3 s most recent Amiga offering was Putty Completely original games are lew and tar between these days but this was such a one You played a small lump ol elasticated goo in a desperate race against time to save your fellow creatures trom alien invaders. Utilising your amazing amorphous capabilities you stretched and squashed your way around platforms avoiding or absorbing all manner of nasties in order to reach your companions We thought that it was such fun that we even had a special coverdisk commissioned featuring CU AMIGA artwork.
Anyway the sequel is due out soon on the SNES and both that and the original will definitely appear on C032. Also up for conversion are System 3 s excellent Nm a series ol isometric chop socky adventures.
21st CENTURY Pinball simulations on a computer seem like a pretty stupid idea but when you actually play 21st Century s ace sims you re soon hooked by their frantic flipper action. Using all the tricks and surprises ol their real-life counterparts, about the only thing that you can t do on the sims is to tilt the table' As you ve probably guessed Pinball Illusions and Fantasies are two personal favourites here at the CU offices so we re hoping that 21st conclude their discussions soon in favour of the console.
TEAM 17 Always at the forefront of Amiga innovation.
Team 17 have fully committed themselves to the new format. All their major titles will appear on the console in September so we can look forward to beat em up action with Body Blows, space blasting with Protect X and fast and furious platform leaping with Superlrog. I don't think that there is a magazine anywhere that can really criticise Team 17 s games so it's absolutely fantastic that they ve decided to go ahead with console development.
THALION German-based sottco Thalion have a long tradition ol bringing quality games to the Amiga and they will be continuing that excellent reputation with the release ol Lionhearton CD.
Recently released to good reviews the game stars a man-beast in his adventures across a multi-scrolling platform world One of the brilliant innovations with this title was the way that Lionheart could interact with the backdrops. He could actually climb trees and swing from ropes in a way that hadn't really been fully explored before.
With the addition of 256 colours and CO sound this game is sure to be one of the stars ol Ihe new machine.
VIRGIN Richard Branson s top software publishers have long supported the Amiga As their new Dune adventure has appeared on CD ROM it’s not surprising to learn that it will also make it to CD32. Other CD ROM titles not yet confirmed include 7th Guest which is a haunted house mystery using real live footage to depict all the action Its clarity and fullscreen size have achieved loads of plaudits lor
- Virgins develop- ¦R |TJ| ers and It s a Sri * »•-' i prime
candidate ¦ lor CD3? Espe t,a"V "*** 4 J the Full Motion Ay’ MB
Video peripheral ¦¦I is released could see some real ground
breaking stutf RAILROAD TYCOON
13. 99 F15 STRIKE 2
10. 99 Games marked HOP will not work on A500 Plus, A600 or
AI200. Games marked H012 will not work on the A1200.
ZOOL 2 (1 MEG)------------------ EDUCATIONAL ADI ENGLISH (11-12 YRS)_______ ACM ENGLISH (12-13 YRB_______ ACM ENGLISH (13-14 VRB) -- ACM FRENCH (11-12 YRS) -------- AIM FRENCH (12-13 YRS) ----- ADI FRENCH (13-14 YRS) ____ ACM JUNIOR COUNTMO (4-5 YRS) AW JUNIOR COUNTNG (6-7 YRS) ADI JUNIOR REAOWG (4-5 YRS) ADI JUNIOR REAMNG (6-7 YRS) ... AW MATHS (11-12 YR8) ___________ AW MATHS (12-13 YRS)--------- AW MATHS (13-14 Vrtt ----------- ALVIN'S PUZZLES (68 YRS) .. AMOS EASY (FIRST PROGRAMMM FUN SCHOOL 3 (2-5 YRS) . FUN SCHOOL 3 67 YRS) --------- FUN SCHOOLS 7. YRS) . FUN SCHOOL
4 2-5 YRS)______ FUN SCHOOL 4 (5-7 YRS) .... FUN SCHOOL 4 7. YRS) ------ FUN SCHOOL SPECIAL
I. 668 ATTACK (1 MEG) (N012)... 19.49 IOLLS) . 3.98
788 • MZA«a BCIMO NOW) . Is* ••AAUirim ACV8NTUMB (81 10v« 30
• OAWU '9«8 »*•» j* •-.ANTIS *04 row* 3CLP COURSE on* ' * «8
¦ ¦ »*6 NM iOTU ¦ MFC. tm TYM 748 NBA.1 tWIAHI ¦ • M OPEN
...16.89 PITFIGMTEA ...
-.7.49 RUGBY CHALLENGE 17.48 PLAYER MANAGER IM012) ----- 9.88
1) ___________ 10.49 POPULOUS 6 POOMSEO LANDS (N012 998 CHAOS (1
MEG) 17.88 POPULOUS 6 SIM CITY ...1698 iSERT
3. 5” DSDD DISK WITH LABEL 10 Pack £7.99 DON* 7 - BATTIE TOO
2) ...748 ESP ANA THE GAMES S?(1 MEG) I HOI 2)
2 (I MEG) TJM FI6 STRIKE EAGLE 2 (1 MEG) .....I1M F18
(HOI2)--------------- CHUCK ROCK 2 (1 MEG) --------' CIVILIZATION (I MEG) .....!
• 4NBAM9 Not2 HUMANS 0* »• 0*K |NO*»l
EXTERNAL 3.5" DISK DRIVE 54.99 3388
- ----a--------- DELUXE FAWT 3 (WITH AMB8ATI0N) ... DELUXE PAINT
4(1 MEG) .12.99 (HAM MODE 6 ANIMATION)______ .9.99 DELUXE PAINT
ART (S. YRS) ...098 HOME ACCOUNTS t .- ..
• WAR- • L9PMIA. C*r*A.| «R(m!
PVW r.»« .meg:
• VTTy - . - - .
Ounr A G. OR r». OOOWVO* . A. A» H BA'lM'TTi .
19. 99 QUICKSMOT I37F PYTHON _ JOYSTICK Sptcud Huvlm mtmUu M* ham
all Uui.. cctttyQU?
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If you thought playing Street Fighter li was hard you ought to try playing the Stock Market. Rumours are beginning to circulate that both Ocean and US Gold are going to do just that. The main reason that a company decides to float itself on the Stock Market is to raise extra capital from investors.
The stories about possible flotation started after a report in the Sunday Telegraph's City and Business Section and were picked up by trade magazine CTW. However, US Gold's Chairman Geoff Brown has strongly denied that they are considering such action. 'All we’re doing is what any other firm is doing. To be in the business we're in is expensive and a lot of companies, from the largest to the smallest, are trying to fund that business... I think that The Telegraph just looked at our end of year results and thought
- they're going to need some money" and put two and two together.
But we are not going on the Stock Exchange.' Confirmation about
Ocean's possible move too was not available.
SPEEDY PRINT Seikosha have jusf announced fhe release of a powerful new inkjet printer, the Speedjet 300.
The 300 of the title refers to its exceptionally high print speed of 300 characters per second at to CPI in letter quality.
Although the printer uses similar technology tp that found in the HP500 and Canon's BJ range of bubble jets, it uses a 128 jet print head capable of printing extremely high quality text using one of three built-in fonts. Strangely, despite its high number of print nozzles, the printer only manages a bog-standard 300 DPI in graphics mode.
Still, at a recommended retail of only £359.00, the Speedjet offers the highest print rate per pound of any ink jet printer.
GAME WEAR BY Do not adjust your magazine. We control the horizontal, we control the vertical, and lor the next 20 seconds or so (depending on how fast you can read these words) we re going to tell you about some hot new t-shirts. London- based clothing company. Outer Limits, have just released a whole range ol t-shirts based on characters Irom popular computer games. Touting their new tees as Softwear'. The London-based company has signed up a whole swathe ol characters Irom Sonic and Zoo to Chuck Rock and Lemmings Costing an incredibly reasonable £9.99. these trendy fashion accessories will
make you incredibly popular at parties and will almost definitely help you pick up women. For further details, ring the Outer Limits' mail order hotline on 0272 768989!
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But I can already hear you screaming for more, so here's how you could win one. Just answer this extremely easy question:
• Which popular US brand of T-shirt advertises itself as 'one
that stays T- shaped?
Quick, run and grab a pen and write the answer on the back of a postcard.
Add to this jotting your name, address and size of T-shirt wanted (children or adult). Pop a stamp on the front and finish off by adding this address. ‘I Want To Look As Great As Dan' Compo, CU Amiga, Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU.
All entries to be in as soon as possible.
Dan's decision is final and all the usual people are barred from entry. And don't think we don't know your handwriting, Mr. Horgan!
DIGITISERS FOR THE MASSES Scottish budget digitiser specialists Rombo are putting the finishing touches to what promises to be two exciting additions to their line.
The first of these is called Vidi 12 (RT). RT? Real Time, of course. The digitiser is almost exactly the same as their Vidi 12 unit, but has the additional capability of capturing true 12-bit (4096 colours) images Irom a live source such as a video player or camera. It can grab in all screen modes including the new AGA displays. At only £199 Vidi 12 (RT) is the cheapest colour real time digitiser available.
Targeting the protessional market as well, Rombo have released Vidi 24 (RT) a 24-bit version ol Vidi 12 (RT). Again the digitiser is very competitively priced at only £299. Expect a lull review of both units soon. In the meantime you can phone AWARD WINNERS Do It Yourself and DTP fans will doubtless be thrilled to learn that EM Computagraphic have got the rights to distribute the Award Construction Kit (ACK). Based quite closely on the old Award Maker program, ACK is described by EMC as a 'fun productivity program which can be used for quickly creating awards and certificates’.
The program is supplied with a variety of borders, typefaces and award styles which enable even the absolute beginner to put a decent-look- ing certificate together in minutes.
The program retails for £39.95, but for the first two months will carry an introductory price of only £29.95. Contact them on 0255 431389.
EM Computergraphic is a dedicated Amiga DTP Business specialising in the distribution of fonts and clipart.
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New Horizon will collect your Amiga, lit the drive of your choice and deliver it back to you within 48 hours. Full 12 month RTB Warranty on your Computer when we install the drive. Weng UK carry out our repairs. Phone our Sales Hotline for further details.
A1200 BLIZZARD 32 BIT TRAPDOOR MEMORY AND FPU ACCELERATORS Indudes Real Time Clock and Zero Wait State Memory MONITORS MODEL CONFIGURATION PRICE A1200 4 A1200 4A A1200 4B A1200 4C I ADD4 4 MEG 32 BIT FAST MEMORY 4 MEG PLUS 14 MHZ 68881 4 MEG PLUS 20 MHZ 68882 4 MEG PLUS 33 MHZ 88882 ADDITIONAL 4 MEG MEMORY e 189.001 £218.001 £248 001 £288 001 £ 149 001 HOWTO ORDER MODEL Ptliipe 8833 Mk II 14' .31 LOW YES 15KHZ POA Commodoro 1064 ST 14“ .31 LOW YES 16KHZ POA Commodore 1960 14' .31 MED NO MULTI POA Commodore 1940 14" .39 MED YES DUAL POA Commodore 1942 14* .28 MED YES DUAL POA Mcrartoc Cufaocon
14" .31 MED NO MULTI POA Novr Honnm VonBo 16- .28 HIGH NO MULTI POA Mm Horizon VonBo 17* .31 HIGH NO MULTI POA rt Doy Ookvory c ?£&"'von l By Pool Sond o ctioquo or PosM (Mor modo peyobio to New Horixon Compum ond poet wifi yaw Ordor to New Horixon Computers (Mol Odor) H& Hope Loo.
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1. By Phone. Next add €6.0 r on amal MmxpMooo l Computers.
Monitors ?
SALES HOTLINE 0989 750260 TECH SUPPORT 0989 750337 CU AMIGA NEWS MICROPROSE CRASH AND BURN Things are not well in the flight sim industry after US-based Microprose has been torced into a merger with lellow air enthusiasts, Spectrum Holobyte. It appears that the rumours about the shaky state of Microprose s finances have been confirmed by this move. The merger, set to complete on July 15th, will allow the company to make use of some $ 10 million supplied by Spectrum In return the rival company will own 60 per cent of Microprose, making it the majority owner.. In recent years, the two firms have
shared an uneasy alliantfS despite their nvalry, with the UK arm of Microprose serving as a distributor for Holobyte's European products. Unfortunately Microprose's position has been steadily eroded by a number of failed and mistimed business concepts, including a very late entry into the console market and an unsuccessful attempt to launch an arcade version of its hugely successful F-15 game. These event have served to drag their earnings deeply into the red. They showed a total loss approaching $ 9.4 million in the last financial year There is some good news for games players though as
there are no plans to drop either the Microprose or Holobyte brands and there will be no substantial changes to the UK or US operations.
WE NEED YOU details that you may have Send them to NEWS.
CU Amiga, Priory Court, 30-32 Famngdon Lane, London. EC1R 3AU Alternatively you could fax information to us on 071 972 6701. If it’s really important you could phone us on any Friday to GET YOUR RIBBONS RE-INKED Despite their general price-friendliness the main problem with dot matrix printers is that sooner or later your ribbon Is going to fade. New ribbons are not always very cheap. So it's good news for all that Caspell Computer have just contacted us about their environmentally friendly ribbon reinking spray. Called simply Re-Ink, a single can of ozone free fluid can be used to refresh
between 20 and 40 black ribbons. At an incredibly cheap £12.95 per can, your ribbons can be made as good as new for as little as 33 pence a timel Conlacl Caspell Computer by phoning 0202 717001.
SHORTS Gastelmr Technology has just become the official UK distributor lor Inc Mtfjkt premium 24-bit palm package Irom BSC Soflware In Germiny. Phone Gastelner on 081 3851151. • The continuing saga that la Music X2loot another turn this ink as publishers The Software Business sheepishly announced that It would in tact be delayed lot another three months The reason? Nobody has written any manuals lor it! • Printer Ink Company System Insight have just demonstrated their all-new bubble |et refill ktt design which features built in syringes for hands- clean cartridge refilling. They've also
taken over the manufacture of ink under licence from US company Inkmon. • Poolsmasler gets a facelift after three years in its original form. Mall order specialists Intraset have finally announced a total revamp of their Poolsmasler pools prediction software • Kuma books have jest released a book aimed at desk top publishing students.
Unimaginatively called Students Guide to Desk Top Publishing' the book retails for a very reasonable £9.95 and aims to complement conventional DTP courses such as those offered by many colleges and night schools
• Golden Image are oflering their AlfaPower hard drive kit lor
the *500. Designed lo be used wllh a single 3.5 Inch or two 2.5
Inc* IDE drlses. The unit also has space for up lo 8Mb ol RAM.
At COB. Il seems fairly priced, although il's questionable how
much call there Is lor an IDE Interlace on Ihe ASM. • Rumours
circulated in the tnde press Oils week that both US Gold and
Ocean were lo go public US Gold denied the reports, although
nol absolutely, and Ocean were nol available lor comment. •
Future Publishing have just released two titles aimed at novice
users. The diminutive Pocket Workbench 8 AmigaDOS Reference is
horribly over-priced at £9.05. but more reasonably at £19.95
'Got Ihe Most out of your Amiga 03' is a collection ol hints,
comments and reviews covering everything from games lo hardware
• Siren software offer an £80 discount on Ihe 4Mb Turbolech
card lor the At200. The card also includes a built-in clock and
now retails tor Ihe enescep- CANON DISCOUNTS BUBBLES Bubble jet
technology just took another step towards total affordability
with the announcement that the price of Canon's excellent BJ
200 has just been reduced by £70 to £349, excluding VAT. This
will mean that the street price will probably be nearer to £250
or even £200.
The BJ-200 is one of Canon's prime home printers capable of printing at speeds up to 173 characters per second Although this is not exceptional, the fact that it uses bubble jet technology to deliver ink at up to 360 DPI makes it more exciting The printer comes with an automatic sheet feeder capable of holding up to 80 sheets of paper, and its unique vertical design means that it occupies very little desk space making it ideal for desktop use Its quiet operation (less than 46 decibels) means that it’s as friendly to your ears as it is to your pocket Contact Canon on 0800 252223. Alternatively
visit your local computer shop for a demonstration.
MINDSCAPE MEANS MONEY It's no! All doom and gloom in the games world this month with the announcement that Mindscape has turned in a profit of over $ 3 million for the last year.
Much of that figure is directly attributable to floppy sales which continue to be buoyant despite Intense pressure Irom the cartridge market. The CD-ROM market is turning out to be a good source of profit too with Mindscape claiming that they are the world's largest publisher of that format, having shipped three million discs in three years. With that much time and capital invested in the CD format it's likely that Mindscape will also play a maior part in Commodore's new CD32 console.
NEWS CU AMIGA COMMODORE WRITES U35T Our hotline to Commodore has V borne fruit once more. David Pleasance, the UK General Manager, talks about their DAYSTBUSyI Y NIGHTS hopes and plans for the new Amiga CD32.
A small selection from the vast range of titles we stock.
Phone for a complete price list containing over 600 titles including great value compili I HERO QUEST 2
16. 99
II. I S' H. UbS
21. 99
- ovaiMi'i
16. 99 ? HUMANS
0. 99
9. 99
- ¦ .i - 0 99 KID PIX
6. 99
0. 99 LEGEND
0. 99 LEMMINGS 2
6. 99 LOOM
20. 99 ? LOTUS M HXA. ' AUf N3r
13. 99
7. 99 ' !:-.IA
25. 50
17. 99 MORPH
15. 99 1AP(M0NIC thing like this is placing a story in the
trade press saying that they have such a machine but it's
over two years away from launch!
I 771 PHONE WELCOME Welcome, once more, to my monthly column dedicated to telling you about what we at Commodore are doing. I’m very pleased to have been gwen the opportunity to talk directly with you as it is one of the few ways that you can acquire accurate information about developments here.
There are many false rumours circulating on, amongst other things, bulletin boards. It would take far too much space to discuss all those issues in this column but suffice it to say that unless you read it here you cannot guarantee its veracity.
On the subject of rumours you've probably heard a lot about a new 32 bit Amiga CD machine. Well, I can reveal that it does actually exist. In fact, it received its official press launch on 16th July. As you can read more about our amazing new product elsewhere in this issue, I would l*e to use this space to discuss some of the plans and hopes that we have for its future.
PRICE AND POWER We have priced it at £299 retail which is. I believe, a very competitive price tor such a high specification machine.
When you look at the cunent state of the market it is clear lhat a less than £300 price point is actually very cheap. The only thing that you can compare it to realistically at this stage IS the Mega CD. In order to get into that technology you first have to purchase a Megadrive at £129 before spending £270 on the CD player. You can work the figures out for yourselves but I think that it is obvious who, on that comparison alone, is offenng the better value for money.
In some respects I am actually quite reluctant to compare the two machines simply because technically mere is no comparison. We have a machine incorporating 32 bit technology, a 68020 processor and our own AGA chipset which makes it far beyond anything yet available. Also, we have incredible support from software publishers with some 18 games already available at launch. The majority of these have appeared first on the CD and are not basic conver- stons of existing products. I cannot cxomise it but it is almost certain that there will be close to 50 games available tor the CD32 by
Christmas. The nearest that Sega can come to any- OWN UP As for existing Amiga owners, you can rest assured that we will continue to support our current machines. We learned a lot from our experience with the CDTV and we have used that knowledge in our design and marketing of the CD32. On the subject of the CDTV, we are presently considering whether to offer an upgrade deal for CDTV owners. A decision has not yet been reached but, as soon as we decide, I will notify you.
One further peripheral that will definitely be available before Christmas is a Full Motion Video add-on. This will give your CD32 the capability to run full screen live action videos direct from CD. The music industry is extremely excited by this and there are a number of albums already available that contain both sound and vision. It won't be long before the film industry too attacks this market with gusto as it gives them the ability to all but eradicate video piracy.
To sum up, you can rest assured that the CD32 really is the future of home entertainment Commodore has made mistakes in the past when launching new products but we have learnt from them. They wb not occur again. This machine has extremely advanced technology, unprecedented software support and the backing of a company with unrivalled experience of bolh the games and CD market. It will not fail.
CU AMIGA would like lo stress that the views expressed herein do not necessarily relied those ol the publishers.
One reason (or setting up this column was tor it to serve as a direct link between Commodore and our readers So. What we d like you to do is get writing. Judging by the volume of mail we receive every month you have plenty to say about Commodore, so now s your chance to put those questions directly to David Pleasance himself. No matter how controversial, no matter how difficult David will endeavour to answer every one.
Send your questions to: Commodore Writes, c o CU Amiga. Priory Court. 30- 32 Farringdon Lane. London. EC1R 3AU.
10. 99 AMOS PRO
10. 99
23. 99 AT0MIN0
10. 99 B-17 FLYING FORTRESS 23 99 BARBARIAN 2 10 99 BEAST 2
10. 99 “ ¦ W: 10 99 BLADE OF DESTINY 27 99
16. 99 CHAOS ENGINE 16 99 CHUCK ROCK 8 99 CHUCK ROCK 2 16 99
7. 99 CYTR0N 10 99 OARKSFfD
19. 99 D-DAY
20. 99 LIESHRI S’-I.F 20 99 DUNE 2
11. 99 FACE OFF
21. 99 17 99 GOAL (1 MEG)
21. 99 HNWIGOODlWlDtt*
16. 99 GUNBOAT
9. 99 GUNSHIP2000
I ViWMaHertard wrtt 0HVNCKIEMM6SM 10 99
17. 99 PIRATES
16. 99
19. 99
DESKTOP VIDEO VOL 1 HOW TO ANIMATE THE MA6C Cf MUSIC & MIDI JOYSTICKS OUICKSHOT APACHE QUICKSHOT PYTHON I Make cheques payable to: European Computer User & send to : Units A2 A3 Edison Rc 1 St Ives, Huntingdon, CAMBS PEI 7 4LF PRICE PRICE PRICE POSTAGE TOTAL 49037 COVERDISK £2 On this month’s coverdisk we have the answer to all your text fantasies. A fully-fledged, fully working word processor, complete with a 115,000 word dictionary. Aren’t we nice?
YOUR QUICKSTART GUIDE TO LOADING DISK 62 IMPORTANT The Interword package has been stored in four compressed files, three of which are contained on Disk 62, the other is on CU Disk 63. You will need both disks handy to uncompress these files, and four blank disks to put them on.
Select the Statistics option and InterWord will provide you with information about your document. The most useful of these is called UX short tor Legibility Index. It tells you how readable your document is.
4. Double click on the icon ol the disk you wish to create. A
shell will open and the disk will be accessed while the tile
is copied into RAM:. This may take a while, but don’t worry.
2. Switch on your machine and insert the CU62 disk. Wait lor
Workbench to load and double click on the disks icon.
7. Repeat steps 4 to 6 lor the other icons, until you have a set
ol three disks.
8. The lourth disk is contained on the second coverdisk.Reset
your machine and boot Irom this disk and open the window as
9. Repeat steps 4 to 6 lor the disk icon that you will lind.
10. You now have all lour disks ol the Interword set.
11. Reset your Amiga Boot Irom your workbench disk or
hard-drive and insert the Interword disk. Double-click on the
Interword Icon to start the program.
USING INTERWORD When InterWord has loaded, you’ll be greeted by the main window which has some icons at the top of the screen, a couple of scroll bars running down the edge and along the bottom of the window, and a large empty area occupying the main portion of the screen.
The window is where text will appear as you type. When your text reaches the end ol a line any words that are too long to fit on the current line will automatically be moved down to the start of the line below, a process known as word wrap. The words in the line above will then be spaced out according to your preference. This is called justification.
There are four types of justification represented by the icons at the top right of the screen. The default is Ragged or Left justification. This means that each line of text is lined up against the left hand edge of the page. The next option is Flush justified. When this is selected spaces are inserted in the text so that it is lined up against both edges of the page. Right justification simply lines the text up against the right-hand margin of the page. The final option is Centre justified and it simply aligns the text so that it is an equal distance from each margin.
Speaking of margins, you can set left and right margins using the ruler at the top of the screen. The ruler is divided into characters, and if you look at position 76 you'll see a large arrow pointing back towards the number 70. This is the right margin character. To alter the right margin simply select this arrow with the left mouse button and keeping the button pressed, drag the margin to its new location.
If a block of text is highlighted, the new margin will apply to the highlighted text only. If no text is highlighted the new margin will apply to all text from the current text cursor position.
TEXT DEFAULT By default the text cursor is simply a Hashing white rectangle, but you can change it to an underline character using the cursor option in the pro- ject Preferences menu. To highlight a block of text move the pointer to the start ol the block ol text then press and hold the left mouse button whilst you drag the pointer to COVERDISKS CU AMIGA wMI replace tha duft one.
InteiNord v1.01 Project: Console6anesI.TxT Hfn? Open docunent ml seem lo work as it should, then follow this simple all unnecessary peripherals, such as printers, modems etc. Follow Ike instructions on these pages lo Ae letter, and il after that you lind that the disk still doesn't work, call Urn PC Wise htfpitea on 0685 35C5Q5 between 1030 and 1?30 Monday lo Friday. M they advise you M At dob a tarty. Ann pop d m an envelope with a covering letter eiplaining what Ae problem is A: CU 061 «TURW. PC WISf, OOWLAIS TOP BUSINESS PARK, MERTHYR TYDFIL, MID-GLAMORGAN CHI Ttt include 28p per disk lo
cover postage and packing (55p tor overseas readers) Yemdohw tested and a new. Wortong one dispatched to you as nor PC Wise accept responsibility lor any disks damaged due lo negligence on Ae part ol Ae user ' drto5!2rtN» |l»l.*.rO.I;ll 'NIKI: UHKWIH apsU chachar will p Ipelhfcdre attempt lo provkte the Tp«rt] Trve] fcjess] correctly spelt version. . R * -1 rrr-*-T- the end of Ihe text area that you want to select Returning to the subject ol margins lor a second, you'll notice that the lelt margin arrow actually consists ot two small triangles which can be moved independently of each
SAVE OPTION Ot course, there's no port doing all this work it you cant save, and the way to do that a to sated Save As from Ihe Protect menu A He requester wdl open up where you can specify both the name lo be given to your text tile, and the place that it will be stored. At the Dodom ol the requester are a number ol gadgets labelled DFO, OF1. RAM etc. These gadgets represent the dances where you can store hies It you only have a single drive the only options will be DFO and RAM
- . Che* the button correspondng to the dsk where you want lo
store your tile. Do not save your text ties on your program
risk under any drcum- stances It needs be. Return to Workbench
and tor- The top triangle represents the paragraph indent,
whilst the bottom one simply denotes the left margin.
In word processing terms, whenever you press the Return key to start a new line, you are considered to have begun a new paragraph. InterWord wit interpret these new paragraphs according to the paragraph indent that you set on the ruler, so if you want your paragraphs to be indented by live characters, simply drag the top triangle five characters to the tight ol the lower one.
UtMkrl il.lt front: BWKbWilS FT"- £ Fruiw : h*f*rtK« | fl Font : Dmwrits srlratN finis | fl rmftii 1 I 1 Fpo" tm 1 hw:i W} | ¦ Mkwtep if cirlHi 1 | J . W'gel ¦ i tmr11; i r == TnM]itlj llj|S :«l»Kkocj-ii Itrtttt wi nport. In 4l ow ?uf fjtuly iifvnmd uwiioit of tistim*!1 w liiwr tf ui'i 11*«’: inn ;ugM celii fma*. Fwili life u icmii. Lid mt t« fniUll met in w did pitki kin » Kid i«jmhi9 oh dimt cwnn »i did SftLl » andOtather’s close relationship uith son.
That night, tired hot happy, fanily sits doun to pizta and cards, t» on inObackoround. Further sans report. Son o( one sans (anilu inprisoned asDresult of testmony by leader of opposins sans luho’s been caught byDpolice?)
Nonday norniny. Fanily life as nornal. Kid goes to football practice afterOschool so dad picks hm up. Kid standins on street oerner as da rr.,,1,t!l ?!l ?•! “I ’•! “I ...1, i ODCaoid felt that it vas his duty to keep up uith current affairs, so hrOaluays listened to the nevs on his uay to uork. If he’d had the slishtestOincliris of the uay that this norning’s bulletin uould irrouocably affectOhm and his fanily. He uould haue screeched his nercedes around, drieenOhone at 3d miles an hour aboue the speed linit and bundled then off to theOother side of the
ucrld. Or naybe not.. Fanily Hatching breakfast IV father, lawer s mother houseuife s son nico kid, day student at expensiveOprivate school shots ring out on to i new report of ongoing battle betueen tw biy fatier goes to uork, nother driues kid to school. Picture of nornal, doseOfamly relationships as scene setting.
See dad in court prosecuting minor crininal, nakes speech about morality toll jury, establishing his credentials as a straight arrou, also serving asureference point for his subsequent slide to the darker side of hunanOnature.
Next day, dad takes fanily on outing, reinforcing fanily’s unity andWather s close relationship uith son.
That night, tired but happy, fanily sits down to pitta and cards, tv on mObackground, further gans report. Son of one gang fanily luprisoned asOresult of testtnony by leader of opposing gang (idio's been caught byOpolice’l Nonday norning. Fanily life as nornal. Kid goes to football practice afterOschool so dad picks hm up. Kid standing on street corner as dad SUPER NES SUPER NES + MARIO WITH SUPER MARIO WORLD ONE JOYPAD 1 AO OO SAVE £20.00 DC DUCT (20 Off OUR PRICE Of ANY GAMI PURCHASED AT THE SAME TIME AS THIS MEGA DRIVE WTTM SO*«C PACK fj " jr SUPER NES + STARWING WITH STARWING GAME ONE
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7. 99 14.99 UK MEMBERS ovitsus KIMWUS
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frwts *ii to ichotl. Flctj-* f il, tlKtlfwilv rtutimhps u t«n» Mttur
* f w ii court frowwitira nitor cnrinal. Tukri wwh about lit*
nfljuru, HtftliskiH mi it i miijH wti, wr*m uliMffrm? Roml for
lit wbirwnt Ofc to tW iarkor t taftes fault « oyliof,
r'iofwtif* faalt’t unit* ritke j tlose rmti«9|f vitk to*.
|ht. Hr* but »*;.! Firil, (ill loo* to pim »W (iHf, ft M nipiji FxtWr ¦ «, wport. Ft* of om i*f fault ifritiiri rult m trstinMt »i liar *f tmiiio |M i bm c*«Jt To reload a hie.
I select Open docu- I ment then foaow the I same procedure as I you to save one.
I You can either type i the hie name if
- you remember it. Or you can dick on the name in the directory
window below UwtcMon kuya make lext Mllrtlpn aaatat.
Mat a blank disk to save your text
* es onto.
Once you’ve clicked the button corresponding to your chosen drive, the contents ot any disks in that drive anil be shown in the main directory ¦widow (above the device buttons). II rou want to store yo ur file inside a drawer on the disk, dick the name ol Tie drawer in the directory window and the contents ol the drawer will appear in the window.
When you’ve reached the appropriate place, dick in the text gadget labelled Document at the top ol the window. A text cursor should appear.
Unless you want to store your document using the name that already appears in this gadget, use the delete and backspace keys to erase any text. Then type in the name that you want to save your file under.
When you’ve given your lile a name, look at the buttons at the right of the save requestor. You’ll notice mat one ol them is labelled Save Click mis button and your document will be stored to disk in InterWords own proprietory format. Alternatively, ckck the button labelled Save ASCII and your document will be stored in ASCII format so that it can be loaded into any other text editor or word processor. The only restriction is that an ASCII save does not save text formatting or styling information. The !mal save option is Save Locked.
Again this stores your document on DICTIONARY InterWord includes a comprehensive dictionary. To check your spelling as you type, select Dtcoorary Automatic Spellchecking from me Extras menu.
From now on. If you make a spelling error, me screen wW lash or a beep will sound acconkng 10 your settings in the Preferences meraj. It's then up to you to use the spaing checker to find alternative spemgs When you select Spelchecker from the Dictionary menu InterWord automatically begins checking your document using the (kcbonary settings specified in the Dictionary Setup option.
If it encounters a word that it doesn't recognise if slops and highlights the word for you lo choose one ot the options in the Spelchecker requestor. The most useful ot these is Guess, which lets InterWord to try to guess the correct ipeang it will search its dictionaries lo knd any words that begin with the same letters and all matches we be displayed in a list. Assuming the correctly spelled word appears - Bis list, simply click on it, and it wet replace the misspelt one.
If the Spell checker queries a correctly spelled word (somebody's name for instance), ckck Learn and the program will add the word to its own dictionary for future r PRINTING men you want to print your InterWortl document. Select Pnnt Irom me Prwect iweo far ckck to Punier icon at the top ot the screen) and the pnnt requestor will appear AfthMfh to requestor is similar to the Workbench Printer requestor, there are a few imports* Mto- ences At the top ol the requestor, you II see the name ol the printer driver that will be nod This will be the preferences driver that is set up on your
Workbench disk. If yoe to t tow how lo alter the Workbench printer preferences. It's worthwhile taking the time to read to relevant chapter in your Workbench manual.
Below the printer driver name is a cycle gadget that lets you determine the type * ton tot your document will use. By clicking on Ihe gadget repeatedly, you can select Irom a ¦umber ol choices. For now. There are only two choices to worry about. NIQ and Draft II you select NLQ your document will be printed using your printer's best quality typeface Select draft and the document will be printed in a draft typeface which is poorer in quality M much taster to print.
Unlike most word processors. InterWord allows you lo apply draft and NLQ styles to your left AT ANY POINT, even in the middle ot a line It you highlight a block of left aid ft lo to tot option in the Style menu, you II see the NLQ and draft listed. Simply select the om tot ypo want, and it will be applied to the highlighted test.
This facility explains the third option in the Print tot cycle gadget which is Document s selected fonts'. If this option is selected, all font quality changes in your document will be acted upon, whereas the NLQ and Draft options simply apply the chosen style to all left in your document.
Below the Font gadget you can specify how many and which pages are to be printed. It you only want to print a specitic range ol pages Irom a multi-page document, you can enter the first and last page numbe rs in the From and To gadgets. However, it you are printing pages which will be bound in a folder or book lor example, you can choose lo print only the lett or right lacing pages. This allows you to print a document on both sides ol a piece of paper, starting first with the pages on one side, then the other. Again, you can make your choice using the cycle gadget. It contains three options:
All. Even and Qdd. And whichever option is visible is the one that will be used The last lew options in the Print requestor are sell-explanatory. Number ot Copies indicates how many times the selected pages are to be printed. Perform Linefeed fells the prmtor to move the print head down a line, whilst Perlorm Form Feed tells the printer to ¦mm the pnnt head to the start ol a new page Needless to say. Print tells InterWord to common printing Once Printing has begun. Cancel tells InterWord to stop printing and send a stop command to your printer II your printer has a memory butler the slop
command will only he executed once the contents ol the butler have been printed.
INTERWORD MANUAL INTEROFFICE ONLY £29.99 (OR £19.99 FOR INDIVIDUAL PROGRAMS) ONLY £7.99 Now that you've got to grips with InterWord on this month's coverdisk, you've doubtless discovered what a top-notch program it is Ol course we could go on tor page alter page and still not cover every leature and function ol this tine word processor - but fortunately somebody else has already done it.
To get the absolute maximum benefit Irom this month's coverdisk giveaway, why not purchase the original program's manual at the special price ot only £7.99?
Printer manual lor reference.
The manual also explains hard disk installation and gives a lull breakdown ot InlerWord s comprehensive menu system. It really is an invaluable aid to producing professional-looking letters and documents.
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Fill out the coupon below and return it without delay I IXTKKWOKl) The 54-page tome Is written tor both beginners and more experienced users alike, with chapters giving a general introduction to word processing and ones that cover the more advanced features ot the program including line-spacing, palette options, and preferences. You will tind that InterWord is easily configured to work the way you want it to. And this manual will show you how to set up the software for your particular needs Interoffice The manual gives full details on how to use your printer with InterWord ana even
goes as far as letting you detine new printer drivers using only your ; Interoffice is a completely inte-
• grated software package - it I comprises three programs, all of
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• InterBase. When CU AMIGA ; reviewed this versatile database a j
couple ot years ago, we said at the
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A full : screen interface allows flexible
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displayed on screen in virtually any graph format you could
With InterSpread you need never fear your bank manager again.
• INTERWORD We’re not suggesting that you cough up the readies
for this one, as we've just given it away tree on this month's
coverdisk. But you will get the manual thrown in for free if
you opt to buy the complete InterOttice program. Are we good to
you or what?!
!~Please post to: Interactivision Offers, Kompart UK, Guildford House, 20 Guildford Road, St. Albans, Herts AL1 5JY . PLEASE SEND ME: I ? INTERWORD MANUAL @ E7.99 CU INTEROFFICE @ £29.99 )? INTERSPREAD @£19.99 ? INTERBASE @ £19.99 | I enclose a cheque for £ , made payable fo Kompart UK. Please add £1.50 (or postage and packing.
I ACCESS VISA card no.: .EXPIRY DATE . I Name on credit card: ..... I Please supply credit card holder's address if different from the address above.
I Signature: ..... I NAME ¦ ADDRESS .
Ash. Thank heavens lot CVG.
Making me look great ana laOkng me to have a brilliant WerMoteOnnks. Girts?
Nmnwi. The bus is a bit lale today .
Well done, Mr Guy! And if!
An due lo this cva magazine. I Prime BACK IN LONDON.
[AMP SO. AT W5S SECRET SPY HO over, Mi Spy! The insurgents have been wiped out!
Oh yes - and rve eliminated world hunger and poveit) f Mr Guy. Yet more crackpot tenonsts are attempting to detsroy everything we stand lor! As a reader ot CVG only you can stop thorn1 'AMAZING! How do you do it.
L. Great Guyi A Leave Slo me. Y MrSpy-leorn let you down'J LATER.
AuuPHi] Have you noticed I rea u cva?
ITS all thanks Oh, thars differed then. Can I have a wet snog?
COVE 9ISK 63 direction you want to fty to turn around. At first glance, you probably won't find much. That's because all the huts and enemy are to be found lower down in the jungle, so drop a little and keep searching.
HUTS Before too long, you Should Lend on the poo to the right ol your own to collect e come across a flat platform meaieei team.
This month we give you a completely playable level of Virgin’s up and coming Choplifter-style shoot ’em up Apocalypse. ' AIM) with the standard cannons, there are four special weapons lor you to light with, fired by quickly double-clicking on the joystick button. These are shown by the lour icons down the nght side ol the screen. To select a weapon, press the space bar to pause Ihe game, then use the joystick to highlight the one you want. And here they are. In all their glory!
With a couple of huts on it.
The huts are where all the people in the game are hiding, be they POWs or enemy soldiers. To let them out.
Shoot the huts with your cannon (hold down the fire button to release a stream of bullets) until the hut THE FOUR WEAPONS APOCALYPSE Tkiti explodes. Then a few people will scamper out ol the burning buildings If they are dressed in white, then they are POWs and are just waiting to be collected. To get them, gently lower the copter to the ground and your side door will open automatically. The men in white will rush towards you and climb aboard. It is vitally important that you don't open fire at this point.
If. On the other hand, the soldiers that emerge are dressed in green, then treat them as a threat whether firing or not. These are the enemy soldiers - scourge of the world, and deserve nothing more than to be blown sky high by a well-aimed vol- (Win JW -' n:t MI mi ti :i
* - UP t Apocalypse is very similar to an old arcade favouhte
of ours by the name of Choplitter. In that game, you flew a
rescue helicopter across a variety of scenarios, from
collecting POWs to rescuing people from burning ships. In our
demo of Apocalypse, you begin your duty on a launch pad
somewhere in the middle of a dense forest.
Somewhere out there are POWs, and by golly you're the person to go and get them!
The entire game zone lies to the left of the base, so take off by pushing up. And then move the joystick to the left to fly in that direction. If you find you are flying backwards, use the fire button in conjunction with the ley ot bullets Fly past them a couple of times with guns firing and laugh hysterically as they scream and bounce into the air!
The enemy helicopter causing death and devastation throughout the camps and particularly towards youl NF.W MEGA A1200!
Due to Ihe shortage of A4000 I ¦ •0 INDI are nowoffering a mega 1AI200 configuration. Just look at spec AI200 * 4 MEG RAM k *0 Meg HD * Ml230 XA 50 Meg HZ .Runs @ 1.5 times faster
* un a standard A4000 030. Now took at the price £939.99 (save
£100 with A500 trade in) Credit trims available.
PHONE 0543 419999 FOR Idetails Performance Comparison AMIGA 400 040 *MIGA 1700 with MI230XA INDI LAUNCH NF.W MULTI MEDIA CLUB Indi have just launched "TW ltdi Multi media Club" Members will be offered a complete range of Amiga Software covering Professional, Games, Utilities.
('l)l V. and CD Audio and video and selected PD.
Membership costs £10 per annum with a free offer on joining.
Members will then receive a monthly catalogue giving incredible discounts on all products listed.
RING 0S43 419999 FOR MORE DETAILS AMIGA 1200 DMA ENSURES HIGHEST PRACTICE As with most industries, the UK's personal computer industry has its share of cowboys operating in the mail order sector and at the receiving end a line up of despairing consumers who have sufTcred at their hands.
A personal computer is a sophisticated and expensive item and provided the purchaser is dealing with a reputable and accredited supplier, buying a computer by mail order can be a perfectly safe and cost effective exercise. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) was set up in April 92 to set and maintain high standards for the sake of the industry and society at large, and to ensure that we can continue to regulate our own activities on the basis of proper professional responsibility.
Membership of the DMA is not conferred lightly - it is a privilege which entails responsibilities, to the consumer as well as to the industry. The foundation for this must be good practice.
DMA members are required to abide by the highest standards as laid down in the DMA's code, enforced on members by The Authority of the DMA a separate body with an independent Chairman, and which is an assurance of vigorous self - regulation and professional responsibility.
DMA members also agree, as a condition of membership, to abide by The British Code of Advertising Practice and The British Code of Sales Promotion Practice: to apply the Mailing Preference Service file when appropriate: and to subscribe to the Advertising Standards Board of Finance (ASBOF) and to the Mailing Standards Levy as applicable.
The DMA symbol can only be used by members. Printed on stationary, advertising and other promotional material it demonstrates that these companies conform to the Association's high standards and arc subject to the DMA's Code of Practice, thus enhancing the companies credibility with customers, suppliers and of greatest importance, the Since the symbol was introduced last June, it has become synonymous with quality . Professionalism and and responsibility. While it cannot be shown in any way which will become a sign of best industry practice and of strict adherence to DMA codes of con
duct. The symbol represents authority for members and reassurance for consumers. It has been a high valued mark of confidence signifying to the consumer the truly professional edge of the industry.
Alison Sian (Director of Public Relations.DMA) INDI DIRECT MAL Proudly Presents THE JAKKI BRAMBLES COLUM Commodores decision to reduce the price of the Amiga 600 took everyone by surprise and really positions the A600 as the perfect entry level computer .
Of course the problem with new technology is that something has to be left behind and in Commodores case it's the poor old 500.
Now Indi tell me that Commodore are taking back all old ASOffs when you buy a new state of the art Amiga 1200. So dust off that old A500 make sure that it is in full working order and you still have the mouse, modulator, manuals and power pack. Give Indi a call on 0543 419999 and ask for "Amiga 500 Trade in Desk**, Indi will send Securicor to your home and pick up your A500 at their cost and then deliver a superb new Amiga 1200 with £100 ofT the advertised price. Remember this is a limited offer What's a PCMCIA slot I ask? Indi explained to me that its Commodores way of ensuring that both the
Amiga 600 and 1200 can remain future proof. Credi card style memory cards are already available from Indi but thats just the beginning, faxes, modems and network cards are on their way and who knows what else. If you need to know more about PCMCIA why not drop me a line.
On the subject of letters I have been swamped. It's absolutely great and I promise each one will be responded to and get a signed photograph so keep them coming! I.ast months winning letter came from Adrian Simpson of County Dow n Northern Ireland who gave a very well informed comparison between Amiga and less useful consoles.
I was absolutely knocked out with all the details he sent me concerning the music capabilities of the Amiga. Adrians letter was far too detailed to reprint but a big thankyou to him for writing it. Adrian the prize is on its way.
WHAT DOES THIS SYMBOL MEAN Finally I received a few important letters asking what is the DMA and why is it important to consumers that Indi is part of it. On thais page you will find a letter from the Chairman of the DMA, it's well worth a read.
CHARTER INOI Dir«-rt Mail is original and .cry •¦tiling Before
you buy mail order you mull first be confident lhai you will
receive the product you've ordered and that the tuppller will
be still be there in the future, should you need them.
A mail order purchase from INDI is a safe and secure decision, and here's why.
INOI is a wholly owned subsidiary of a public company now in it's tenth year of trading and specialising in the supply of computer product*.
With a turnover approaching 10 million per annum, we have the resources and the purchasing power to offer you the best deals, deliver them next day nationwide and always be around when you need us.
ALES AND SUPPORT The INOI sales team have been trained to take your order with the utmost care and efficiency. All stock offered for take is held in stock, centrally at our group ware house complex and Is available for next day delivery, direct to your home or business. If at any time we are out of stock your money will not be banked until the product is available (a point worth checking should you be tempted to purchase elsewhere) General Information regarding product is available from our sales team, however technical support is always on hand should you need assistance.
All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT.
AMIGA A4000 NEW MONITOR RANGE THE NEW DUAL SYNC 1942 Monitors have been specially designed for the New Amiga 1200 and 4000 computers.
Both monitors feature built - in stereo speakers.
It's here - The new Amiga 4000 030 The NEW Amiga 400(V030 features a EC60O3O processor run( » m incredible 25Mhz. And upgradable at a btcr [INDI PRICE | 1940 Monitor £279.99 Parnet Adaptor for CDTV Connect a CDTV player to any Anaga. And access the of CD ROM software The Parnet -KeHace and so* will allow the Amiga CDTV to be used as a CD - dm* w*h* any Airvga and wi gtv* any Amiga owner I CREDIT FACILITIES INOI are now able to offer competitive credit facilities on all orders over 200. All credit facilities are subject to status and applicants must be over the age of 18.
If you would like a quote simply call our our tales line where acceptance can normally be notified within the hour. We are also able to offer Credit Insurance to cover repayments in the event of sickness or unemployment 4000 030 80 Mb HO INDI PRICE £939.99 Other Drive Options 4000030120hl HD IMS PRICE £1039.99 40000X1240h* ..N» Phmefcrprte.
4000030 120 SCSI HdtedaecMS Phone for price A Id range of approved lyyades are ¦ iliHi for the 1942 Monitor £379.99 I INDI PRICE] £399 A4000 030 PLUS CDTV ? I960 MONITC INDI PRICE £ 1599.99 CDTV ? PARNET.
INDI PRICE £329.99 AMIGA A600 PRICE CRASH AFTER SALES AND SPECIALIST SERVICE All products are guaranteed for 12 months.
Some products carry a 12 months at home service and repair guarantee (where indicated). In the unlikely event that any product purchased from INDI arrives at your home faulty, we will collect from your home and replace the product completely free of charge.
A600 EPIC PACK (40 Mb HD) PACK INCLUDES: A600 Hard Disks (40Mb) * I Mb Memory * Epic * Rome * Myth * Trivia Pursuit * Amiga Text * Deluxe Paint III * 12 Months at home service.
I moat o* the A ngas capaowcm MFW 'SSmEZEZ LOW LOW i3f£W£SLor PRICES I Mb Memory Pushover: Grandprix Silly Putty: Deluxe Paint III ¦ a Mouse and Manuals f s oc As part of our policy of continual product development and refinement, we reserve the right to change specifications of products advertised. Ploasc confirm current specifications at the time of ordering.
* Micros witched Joysock * Lockable Disk Box * Disk Wallet * 10
Blank Disks » Kick Off 2 * Pfpemania * Space Ace * Populous ?
Zapsac Carry Case * Zapp T - Shirt.
1 INDI PRICE] £26.99 Prices are valid for month of publication only.
o outsard ifrom oo
• researched the colour primer market at great depth to find a
colour printer good enough to cope with Amiga's powerful
output, yet at an affordable price.
We found the perfect printer in the KX - P2100 and KX - P2123 quiet printers.
Then considered that if you were going to buy a Panasonic printer you would probably need a quality word processing package to use with fL. We found that too. With Wordworth' yet at "wad price of £129.99 we thought dut mght be a little too expensive on top of your primer purchase? So together with Panasonic we decided to rve a copy of 'Wordworth' free with every Pmesonic printer. How's that for added value?
1 Panasonic KX - P2I23 KX - P2I80 omc
writers choice. The ultimate word processor for AMIGA
computers Wordworth is undoubtedly the ultimate word document
processor for the ful range of AMIGA computers. The graphical
nature of WORD- WORTH makes producing documents faster and
easier, with the enhanced printing fonts (Including full
Panasonic KX - P2180 and KX - P2123 colour poncing support).
Doubt this is one of the best document processors for the AMIGA. Today* (Amiga Format) NORMAL RRP £129.99 inc. VAT fke new Panasonic KX - P2180 9 -pin quiet printer.
Produces crisp clear text in mono or in 7 glorious colours with £ I Q Q eew quiet technology. The new KX • P2I80 is typically IsdBa h I 07 aaeter in operation, than the competition.
- Fast Printing Speeds 192 CPS NLQ . Colour Printing 7 colour
palette (blue, red, green, yellow, violet, magenta tock)
• Quiet printing Super quiet 45 - 48 dBa sound level (most matrix
printers are typi o8y« excess of 60 dBa) « * Resident Fonts
Over 6.100 type styles using Courier Prestige. Bold PS. Roman.
Script and Sans Serif Fonts.
• 3 Paper Paths Paper handkng from bottom, top and rear for total
toubdry e I Year Warranty for total peace of mnd The new txgh
performance Panasonic KX - P2I23 24 pin. Quiet colour printer
offers leading edge quiet printing technology at an affordable
* Fast Printing Speeds 192 CPS draft. 64 CPS LQ and 32 SLQ I
Colour Printing 7 colour palette (blue. Red. Green, yellow,
violet, magenu. Black) Quiet Printing Super quiet 435 - 46 dBa
sound level (most matrix printers are typacafty in excess of 60
* 7 Resident Fonts Over 152.000 type styles using Super LQ.
Courier Prestige. Bold PS. Roman. Script and Sam Serif Fonts.
24PIN Diamond Prwithead High performance and Ngh quafcey output
* I Year Warranty for total peace of mind.
• S pages per minute a 28 resident fonts e Optional 2nd input
b«n total printer opeoty 2 x 200 sheets)
• Low running costs
• Parallel interface ¦ Optional memory expansion to 45 Mb |D5 as
standard) e HP laserjct II Emulation KXP - 4430
* Satinprint (optimum resolution technology)* to* price!
• HP LaserJet IN Emulation. PCL S
• 8 Scalable fonts & 28 bitmap functions
• Optional 2nd input bm (tool pnnt er capacity 2 x 200 sheets
• Optional memory expansion to 50 Mb (I Mb as standard) inc. VAT
sheet feeder far KXP 2180? KXP 2123 holds 80 M sheets. MDIPRICE
2) PRMT DUST COVER Specnlv taAored (fofcy dus co*er for Fbnasonic
KXP 218» KXP2I23prhttr. INOI PRICE £8.99
colour ribbons lor the KXP 2123 RRP £119 99.
INDI PRICE £34.99 SAVE £30*!'
4) PAPER PACK 500 sheets qudty A4 paper MDI PRICE £9.99
5) CONTINUOUS PAPER 2000 sheets I port bay; peper INDI PRICE £
6) PARALLEL PWNTER CABLE To be teed whoi arraan Arnp to hmnc prim
MDI PWCE £*.99 (£599 ffuxtmml -eh a pew)
7) PANASONIC COLOUR RIBBON Gam- ittoi fcr KXP 218CV KXP 2123.
PACK 2 PANASONIC RIBBON PACK Contains 2 black and 4 colour ribbons for KXP 2180 KXP 2123.RRP £99.99. INDI PRICE££69.99 SAVE £30*?!
M1230 XA W 40 MHZ EC 030 OMB INDI PRICE £299.99 Ml230 XA W 40 MHZ EC 030 4MB INDI PRICE £399.99 M1230 XA W 40 MHZ EC 030 8MB INDI PRICE £499.99 M1230 XA W 50 MHZ MMU 030 OMB INDI PRICE £399.99 M1230 XA W 50 MHZ MMU 030 4MB INDI PRICE £499.99 MI230 XA W 50 MHZ MMU 030 8MB INDI PRICE £599.99 The original and best floating point unit and mei upgrade for the Amiga A1200. Available with 0.4 or 8 I 32 brvTast RAM and a choice of floating point units complete with real tune dock (RTQ IMBXI200Z 6881 14 MHZ 0MBINDI PRICE £149.00 MBX1200Z 6881 14 MHZ 4MB INDI PRICE (299.00 MBXI200Z 6881 14 MHZ 8MB INDI
PRICE (399.00 MBXI200Z 6882 25 MHZ 0MB INDI PRICE (199.00 MBX 1200Z 6882 25 MHZ 4MB INDI PRICE (349.00 MBXI200Z 6882 25 MHZ 8MB INDI PRICE (429.00 MBXI200Z 6882 50 MHZ 0 MB INDI PRICE (399.00 MBXI200Z 6882 50 MHZ 4MB INDI PRICE (499.00 MBX 1200Z 6882 50 MHZ 8MB INDI PRICE (599.00 MEMORY UPGRADES AND ACCESSORIES MS01 The original 0.5MB battery backed upgrade for the A500 If PRICE I £29.99 MS02 The original HI MB battery backed upgrade (or the A500.
UNM PRICE] £49.99 8 Up memory board. Designed for the A1500 A2000. Memory upgradeable to 2 4 or 8MB EndT PRICE | £69.99 Hard frame suitable for A1500 A2000. Allows for the interface of a SCSI hard drive.
PRICE~| £110.99 AUDIO'VISUAL MEGAMIX. Low cost, hi spec digital eflecu cartridge plugs into the printer port cd die A mp.
Apowt stereo timp4ng from almott any mmidl source INDI PRICE £29.99 VIDI AMIGA 12. The ultimate low cost colour digitiser for the Amiga. The best value full colour digitiser on the market- AMIGA FORMAT.
INDI PRICE £75.99 TAKE 2. Animation package is a must foe computer artists and enthusiasts of al ages. As used in Rof Harm Cartoon Chib.
A* above buc with extra features such as onting and signal inversion. Allows for real time editing of graphics. Compact with all Amigas INDI PRICE £133.99 ROCTEC ROCKET.
The ultimate accessory for Amiga Video fans. Separate R« controls to chroma key on any colour.
With interface and sofcware.(mono) INDI PRICE £99.99 DISK DRIVES ZAPPO 601.
Trapdoor upgrade for the A600. IMB with RTC INDI PRICE £49.99 ZAPPO 601 INCAi above only 5I2K no dock INDI PRICE £29.99 ZAPPO EXTERNAL FijnY You’ve teen .1 the review, on ind affordable second Amiga drive. Compatible with all Amigas.
I INCf PRICE] £59.99 Quality: 9 out of 10. “ Exceptional value for money.
Commodores original and best selling colour stereo monito Now Includes swivel and tilt sand for total ease of use.
It price! £189.99 (£179.99 If purchased with AMO A1200 AIS00) Third Party OpalVision Software (Available now or coming soon) Aladdin 4D. Amilink Video Editing Products, Art Deportment Professional, Caligarl 24, Cine Morph,Fractal Pro, Image FX, Imogemoster, Imagine, Mchtron Entertainment Products Morph SSAaisassJBSLlL The NEW Opal Presents - Comprehensive, icon - tfoven presentation package Special Limited offer IMAGINE V2.0 for only £59.99 yrfyen purchased with OPALVISION imagine 3D is the most popular 3D rendering software, that now supports OpaTVnxxvThcs S a ful version that wouid
cost £300 £ purchaed separately.
- 0..- .«To *Ux-taproa-f "Undoubtedly die fbieH. Mod profeswonof
point pnifrom to onfyt on die OpalVision NEWS FLASH At Last -
OpalVision Upgrade Modules' OpalVision Video Processor - Plugs
into the Opa Voion mamboafl adds a waekh of additional features
* 24 Bit real - time frame grd from composite or S - Video. *
Professional quality gen locking
• VLSI microcode processor "Roaster Gp- for Digital Video Effed
• Luwnance & Chroma Keying • 256 - level ‘Alpha Channel- (tn ey)
key Management Software Full specification available on request
OpalVision Video Suite - An advanced external rack mourt video
and audio switching device with it’s own Internal computer 9
video and 10 audio inputs. 24 - BN frame store and a host of sp
effects triggered manua»y or automaocadyTuI specification
avail) request OpalVision Scan - Rate Convertor - For 31 Khz
non - output of Amiga graphics. OpalVision images and any Pal
or NTSC Time Base Correction adds to the tat of professional
features of that senpfy plugs into the OpafVwonmain board Full
specification on request Amiga 4000 OpalVision Systems Complete
Amiga 4000 I OpalVision systems are available for a raJ
• Graphics Fme A osts * Mutamedu • Vdeographers • A wnd Desktop
Publishing • Designers id QBSi DESPATCH All orders received by
4pm Monday to Friday are despatched sameday for delivery using
our national courier • Securicor. (UK Mainland only).
Saturday deliveries are available at a small surcharge. If you are out when we deliver, a card will be left at your home giving you a contact telephone number to arrange a convenient re • delivery.
Delivery queries can be resolved immediately using our on - line computer.
Cheque orders are despatched immediately on Cheque clearance, usually 10 working days from receipt. A delivery charge of £5.00 is made per item unless otherwise stated.
I bece Ace.
HOW TO ORDEI BY POST • Simply fill in the coupon below.
BY PHONE - phone lines open9.00am - 7.00pm Mon - Fr*. 9.00am • 4.30pm Sat. • where your call will be answered by one of our INDI sales team.
A her 7.00pm each day your call wiB be answered by answerphone. If you would kbe to place an order have aN the details at hand including credit card. All offers subject to availability. Prices correct at time of going to press. May we suggest you call before ordering.
CDTV is no exception and in our opinion everything we have rea does a pretty poor job of explaining just what CDTV can do and why K is so excitmg THE INDI GUIDE TO CDTV | IT'S A CDTV PLAYER • Y*l. U will play all your Primal Scream, Paveroto, Pink Royd and any other CD you care to mention in superb high quality stereo, with infra red remote control.
IT' AN AMIGA - Rug In the keyboard, switch on the external disk drive and the colossal range of Inexpensive Amiga Software can be used on CDTV.
FT A MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM - just imagine, stereo sound, images and text aB on screen. It asks a question, you respond, it responds - truly inter- P* CD dak holds hundreds of megabytes of data with instant optical access The whole of Hutchinsons encyclopeadu Sts on to one dak. This inter-
* v«*m is a unique aid for Education. Business or Leisure. The
future is here!
I**CK CONTENTS AS STANDARD * Amp CDTV Ptaypr * CDTV Kpytxonj * CDTV 1411 3.5" Dilk D™ * CDTV Mm PM RemoM PACK AS SHOWN £329.99 PRICE CRASH multi media pack with- (710 00 .W77.77 OUT INDI VALUE ADDED A 7.77 CDTV CONNECTS DIRECTLY TO YOUR TV SET PRICE AMIGA CDTV ACCESSORIES If you are thinking of buying CDTV or »ke»dy own one you'll be pleased to know that INDI stock all CDTV accessories and software that are available from manufactures. We believe in CDTV and w* therefore continue to support this exciting product.
You will always have a source of product for your CDTV from INDI.
THE BRICK - ETTE Jutl plug in the brick - m and uta any wired Amlg» compatible (oyttkk. Moute of trackball device on the Commodore CDTCV. The built - in 8 - bit Micro BLACK IMSMOhfTOR At last the CDTV Monitor L to R CDTV Encore SCSI Controller • Internal Mown 109.99 CDTV Wanel Gar*x* £149.99 Mack I0B4S Colour Stereo Monitor 189.99 (Whan purthBadwd. CDTV MA.MaHaPk*) £179.99 CDTV Ramoce Mousa £49.99 Sort TV Monitor Lead £14.99 (Me Stareo Phono Lead) M»dq Ift L**»fcO»MMl*BifrtarCDTV £159.99 CDTV Trackbel £49.99 AMIGA CDTV EXTERNAL HARD DISK DRIVE You've got the CDTV. You've got the keyboard
and the floppy di»k drive - for a total computer solution all that’s neodod is an ultra fast hard disk drive The CDTV - HD unit boasts a massive 85 Mb of hard dak storage with lightning fast access omes through its Scfi interface The unit comes complete with Workbench 1.3 and al necessary cables.
• ) ..
2) ..
3) .. )
I Price ...... ? Delivery.
I I enclose cheque PO for L . I or charge my Access Visa No ..... SEE THE JAKKI BRAMBLES PAGE FOR DETAILS OF THE INDI SOFTWARE CLUB £29.99 £2499 £25.99 £3499 £2499
09. 99 £3499 £29.99 £14.99 £39.99 £19.99 £49.99 £29.99 £29.99
09. 99 £39.99 £29.99 £49.99 £29.99 £34.99 £34.99 £34.99 £34.99
£29.99 Deliver to if different £34.99 £34.99 £29.99 £29.99
£29.99 » -Booi. Under S's 114.99
• »l Mvd Day at the Ranch £34.99 V W kmn r? j ee MudPuddk £34.99
My Part £29.99 North Polar ixpedoon £49.99 Pat*, Bag Prmcau
£34.99 Scary Poama lor Roctan fed* £39.99 TdtofBa amiBMy
09. 99 Tala of Pacar Rabba £39.99 Thomu I Srowuat £34.99 Movrg
Gnat rna Stomach Ache £34.99 Bamay Baar Goat Carrprg
09. 99 Am*™ Engfith lor French 1
04. 99 japan Wortd (PAL) £49.99 NASA, tha 2Sth Year £19.99
Fractal Urwene £34.99 ENTERTAINMENT BafdecheM
09. 99 Battle Storm £29.99 FredFhh(CDPOI) £19.99 N Cm Go To
HeeiOn. C r £34.99 lAvnaae BaAatbal £29.99 Snoopy Town wKh No
Dictionary Complata Works of Rietratad Holy Bbt* xCockbook
Orta of Ka SpacaWart MUSIC Mue* Mmer fUrm KaraokeFunHKsI I
Expiry....J....J..... Signature Name Daytime Tel TEL 0543
419999 FAX 0543 418079 Although some misinformed pundits
sneer at the Amiga as a serious' machine, it can do almost
everything that a PC can and much, much more. Even Amigas
costing as little as £199 are capable of running complex
software ranging from word processors to image processors
and sound sample editors. Having said that, sooner or later
most serious users will want to increase the power of their
machine in some way.
Upgrading your Amiga needn't cost an arm and a leg.
There are some add-ons which are quite inexpensive, yet can make a significant difference to your computing life. Here we take a look at some of the most interesting ones.
RAM ROUND-UP Memory is the Amiga's temporary storage space, where it holds the information relevant to a program that is being run. Some programs such as games don't really need a great deal ot memory because they’ve been programmed to work in 1 Mb or less. Nevertheless, they may run more efficiently if you increase the amount of RAM Utility programs, on the other hand, may need to store lots ol temporary data in memory and can sometimes need as much memory as possible.
Although 1Mb has more or less become the minimum standard nowadays. More and more programs require 3, 4 and even more Mbs to operate in efficiently Due to their architecture, each different Amiga model (A500, 500., 600.
1200, 2000 and 4000) requires a different type of RAM. As you move towards the higher number Amigas (A1200 and upwards), it's rare to find RAM cards that come on their own. Most RAM is added on a board that does something else - an accelerator or PC emulator for example.
A500 wmm&z A500 1MB EXPANSION WITH THROUGH-PORT l4°843 rR C5 MPUT,NG * This trap door memory expansion uses low power 256x4 DRAM chips to provide 1Mb ol extra memory for an A500. However, where it differs from most expansions is in its through-port This means that if you wish to further upgrade your computer, provided you use half size RAM (which most of them are nowadays), you can simply plug a second card straight into the end ot this one.
To use this RAM card you'll need to open up your Amiga and plug a mini-circuit board into the slot where the Gary chip sits. The Gary chip is then Inserted into the mini-circuit board. Remember, by opening your Amiga you invalidate your warranty, although I don't suppose there are many 1.2 3 Amigas that still have a warranty by now. Nevertheless, if the thought of messing about with delicate chips makes you nervous, perhaps you should look at other alternatives.
Instructions are also provided 1o enable you to perform an advanced installation on Amigas that have Kickstart 1.3 or higher. This installation upgrades your memory to give you a full 1Mb of Chip RAM.
Unfortunately it's not suitable for the A500+ machine.
PC501 HALF MEG CARD iitfUSSU’ computing .
'he PC501 is about as ordinary as a Irap-door RAM expansion can be Roughly the size ol a narrow credit card, it uses 256x4 DRAMs and is ideal tor plugging into the 1 Mb with through- port expansion reviewed on the previous page. If you’re going to use It on its own, I think it's a tad overpriced at £29.95 especially as it doesn't even include an on off switch. Mind you. At least it includes a battery-backed dock.
..... ¦ ® • If you don't think that a dock is important you can buy a version without for £24.95. Not suitable for A500.
ZYDEC HALF MB MEMORY UPGRADE MICROS 0386 765500 Although the board layout is skghtty different (and less neat) than Power s PC501, the Zydec RAM very similar in every other way It too includes a battery backed clock and is little smaller m size than the PC501 It does, however, come in a pretty box and it indudes an orvoff switch I Not suitable for A500* ZYDEC AMIGA 500 1.5MB MEMORY UPGRADE £99.99 • ANY RETAILER Another board to take your A500 beyond 1 Mb. This time manufactured by Zydec, this is a real monster of a board and Is unlikely to win any design awards.
It plugs into the trap door and again needs you to plug an extra board (supplied) mto the Gary chip slot The Gary chip is then plugged into the mini-circuit board that's attached to the main RAM by an eight Inch wire.
Fitting this board will invalidate your warranty, but the process is easy enough if you take your time.
Unlike the Power board, this one also
• ndudes a battery backed dock and an orvoff switch. The Gary
board is also fitted with extension legs to lift it clear of
the main motherboard.
AMITEK 512K RAM BOARD WITH CLOCK ?!S9iWSYSTlMS* This last A500 expansion looks as if it hails from me days when people were still paying £150 for Commodore's A501 expansion, ft uses 256x1 DRAMs and indudes a dock. It appears extremely we* made, even if the board design is somewhat dated now.
I! Doesn't include an off off switch, but it does have a clock and is by far the cheapest expansion MICROBOTICS VXL RAM-32 ,2MB • 888 Unlike the other A500 expansions* reviewed here, the VXL RAM-32 can't be used on its own - it has to be plugged into the VXL-30 Accelerator However, it has a great advantage over other RAM systems reviewed because it is 32-bits as opposed to 16-bits wide. This means that all operations performed via this RAM will also be accordingly faster The VXL RAM 32 is supplied with between 2 and 8Mb of RAM, and this is configured using a combination of lumper blocks
and software settings The VXL RAM-32 can be plugged into both an A500 and A500+ (and an A2000). Installation will invalidate your guarantee, but boy it's worth it' Well worth the initial cost of purchase ZYDEC A500 EXTERNAL 8MB RAM BOARD For those of you who want to expand beyond the usual couple of megs, or who don't want to invalidate your warranty, this unit really is very nice indeed. Similar in appearance to the SupraRAM.
The Zydec board plugs into the expansion port at the side of the Amiga It even has a through port so that you can still add further peripherals (such as hard drives, scanners, Action Replay cartridges, etc.) to your computer.
It uses 256x4 16-bit ZIP chips and these can be added in steps of 2, 4 or 6Mb, and as usual the system is configured using jumper blocks.
The unit really is incredibly easy to use, just plug in. Switch on and go. It has a light on the front to let you know when the RAM is being accessed, and a socket at the back so that if you have a lot of power consuming extras plugged into your Amiga, you can add a power supply lo your RAM board The whole thing is housed in a very sturdy metal case which is nicely colour co-ordinated to match the Amiga's plastic casing. The only tiny gripe that I have about this otherwise excellent unit is that when plugged in, it seemed to sil at rather an odd angle to the computer. Perhaps it's just that
got a duff one?
Suitable for any A500. » » MOO UPGRADES A1200 A600 1MB MEMORY EXPANSION tanijmar"- A nice straightforward trapdoor expansion tor the A600 - simply plug in and go. It expands the A600 S chip RAM trom 1 to 2 Mb without atlecting your warranty. Uses 256x4 DRAMs and comes with an optional battery backed clock. There’s no on otf switch, but as it's a chip expansion it isn't needed The board is up to Power's usual high standards of workmanship.
ZYDEC A600 1MB MEMORY UPGRADE £67.99 • ANY RETAILER Another trap door expansion that is almost identical to Power's ottering. Why then is there a £28 price difference you ask? There isn't an easy answer to that - it is usually down to the actual RAM chips used on the board, but would the user notice any difference?
Having said that, to be tair. Zydec products can be found at greatly reduced prices from store to store so it's well worth shopping around.
AMITEK 2MB RAM CARD FOR THE 600 Sil’dSS iffF* SYSTlMS * For sheer ease ot use, the Smart card has to be tops. However, it only increases your Fast RAM, so it doesn't necessarily enable you to load more graphics or sound samples.
FAST RAM This 2Mb card plugs into the PCMCIA slot at the side ol your A600 so you don’t even need to open the trap door to tit it.
Note that this is different trom the slot on the CDTV.
Ctoms I must say. It's the chunkiest smart card I've ever seen, and it's not even particularly cheap I guess you're paying tor the convenience and ease ol use.
ALFARAM1200 siim4??,GOlDtN,MAGE- Although RAM upgrades lor the A1200 are ten a penny now, this one troth Golden Image is unusual tor a number ot reasons It comes populated with t Mb ot RAM as standard, and can be upgraded to 5 or 9 Mb, to give your A1200 a maximum capacity ot 11 (I) Mb. However, rather than ottering this upgrade in the form ot SIMMs modules, Golden Image have opted for ZIP chips, which are cheaper to purchase. This results in a board which otters exceptional value tor money in my opinion.
It comes with a battery-backed dock as standard, and has space tor a maths co-processor and oscillator rated at speeds between 16 and 33Mhz.
The various memory configurations are indicated by simply moving jumper blocks around. A program called SetMM is also provided tor testing and configuring the board.
As a matter ol interest, special warnings are given about the dangers ot using a fully populated 9Mb board with a PCMCIA card Apparently your A1200 can be permanently damaged by doing so.
Prices start at £t 15 tor a 1Mb board and go up to £439 tor a 9 Mb board with clock, 33MHz 68882 maths co-pro and oscillator.
AMITEK 2MB RAM CARD FOR THE 1200 HiMiiflP5"""8- For the A600 this card was a dubious purchase, tor the At 200 it's a detinite no-no. The main disadvantage ot using smart cards' on the A1200 is that the PCMCIA slot is only capable ol 16-bit data transfer. This means that RAM access will be slowed down to half the normal speed whenever the contents ot the PCMCIA card are accessed The usual advantage ot 16-bit RAM Is that it's much cheaper, except in this case.
FAST I Ctoezss Apart trom that, there are so many good combo expansions for the A1200.
There's really no need to mess about with cards.
MEMORY Memory on the Amiga is a tricky business, mostly because there are several llavours and even worse, different models all have different expansion paths - do you use Ihe trapdoor, a PCMCIA card or an external card? First you need lo consider Ihe types ol memory - Chip memory is used lor graphics and sound data, and because it must be shared between Ihe processor and Ihe custom chips it is quite slow at times. The amount ol Chip memory supported by the Amiga depends on the version ot the custom chips inside - old Amigas can have 512K to 1Mb newer AGA models support 2Mb and need it all.
Fast memory is used purely by the processor and basically you can never have enough - 4Mb is a nice amount, but I lind that 8Mb has brought true enlightenment (at least lor the time being) Any Amiga lilted with a processor ot type 68020 or above is capable ol using 32-bit memory, which is organised to let the processor access it at top speed The 16-bit memory used in 68000 machines, and that available through PCMCIA cards, have access times twice as long.
Extra-last memory is usually available in the lorm ol SIMM modules, although some A1200 expansion boards use ZIPs. One important point to realise when fitting extra memory to your system is that by buying a smaller capacity you may be limiting your tuture expansion For example, the A4000 30 comes with two 1Mb SIMMs in its Fast memory expansion slots.
Adding two more 1Mb SIMMs will till all lour slots, and although 4Mb sounds a lot. It 4Mb SIMMs had been used trom the outset the Amiga could have been expanded to a wholesome 16Mb. Theretore bear in mind that very lew expansion systems can support mixed sizes ot memory modules be they SIMM. ZIP or DIP. The rule ot thumb is always buy the biggest module you can altord. Or might lind you have to throw away perfectly good memory six months later. Memory is available in several formats, ol which the PCMCIA card is probably the most loolprool - cards o! Up to 4Mbs are available but they are
quite pricey at the moment.
Single In-line Memory Modules, more commonly known as SIMMs, are the next easiest to use. They were originally developed by Wang and consist ot memory chips surface mounted to tiny circuit boards SIMMs are available in 16 or 32-bit wide varieties depending on application, and clip into holders with negligible luss. GVP hard drives are keen to accept 16-bit SIMMs, whilst A1200 accelerator expansion cards nearly all use 32-bit SIMMs Further down memory lane are the ZIPs, or Zig-zap in-line packages, which pack lots ot memory into very small spaces A3000 motherboards and several A2000 hard
cards use these miniature wonders. Finally, we have the trusty Dual in line DIPs such as those used to expand the Commodore A590 harddrive Apparently a good source ot these chips are defunct PC VGA cards, so ask your PC-owning chums if they have any spare. When buying memory lor your corn- outer ao throuoh this checklist 1 Is the memory Ihe correct tormat (DIP. ZIP SIMM.
Trapdoor)? 2. Do I need 16 or 32-bit memory? 3. Will buying this size hamper future expansion? 4. Is the memory ot the correct speed’ (80ns usually sutlices) ACCELERATORS Accelerators used to be boards which replaced the Central Processing Unit (CPU) with a taster one. The CPU is the brain' that processes all information and instructions in order lor programs to run The taster the CPU Thinks' the faster it can process information Now a number ol companies have come up with alternatives that donT require new processors (which can be quite expensive) Well be looking at a number ol ways ol
improving the speed performance ol your Amiga A500 ACCELERATORS The VXL-30 comes in the form ol a large board that fits ms Je me casing ol your Amiga It's a 25 Mhz 68030 board with space on n lor a mams coprocessor.
To lit it the A500's 68000 chip has to be removed and the board fitted in its place.
The 68000 is then lined back into the board. When litted to an A500-T. The accelerator board needs to be raised up Irom the Amiga's motherboard, and extra legs can purchased tor the job. It would have been nice to see them included as standard, but mere you go.
Hill 1 ' inn- ¦ VXL'3Q The card has an edge connector to which can be added an additional RAM card which m turn may be populated by up to 8Mb ol 32-bit RAM The installation is quite straighttorward and the instructions adequate if somewhat vague at times. To complete the installation, you must use the supplied software to spec-*! Me RAM and maths unit that you are using (il any). Alter that, me aoa-o ' "visible to the user.
One option that I particularly liked about this board is the 'acr mat it allows you to specify whether it should be switched on or olt by data* Therefore if you use a lol ol software mat might conflict with it (games tor e *-o*' you don't have to keep turning the board olt before you can use me Perhaps a bit pncey considering the competition.
GVP A530 TURBO im?WicSWWns“ This has been justifiably described time and again as the - • -a-e A500 add-on', the A530 turbo combines a 40Mhz 68EC030 acoc i': • m a
• ast hard drive, SCSI interlace, up to 8Mb ol 32-bit RAM a-to
space tor a £100 PC emulator.
The drive simply plugs into the expansion port at the stoe of me A- ga and it's immediately ready to go. There's space on board tor an optional 68881 or 68882 maths co-processor and 32-bit RAM can be added in the form of 1, 2 or 4Mb SIMMS bnngmg the total up to 8Mb I The accelerator itself isone ol the best 030 upgrades available lor the A500, although it is still a tad slower than the A3000, A4000 030 and some ol he Zorro card accelerators.
The A530 is an excellent choice il you want an accelerator. RAM and a hard drive. Remember it has no through por though.
A12D0 ACCELERATORS GVP A1230 TURBO £ 99J0MB} • £499(4MB) • SILICA SYSTEMS Taking the experience they gained in developing the A530 Turbo. GVP were quick to release an A1200 accelerator which is very similar to the accelerator part ol the A530. It runs at 40MHz and has space for a maths co-pro.
One important difference is the fact that the At 230 lets you add not 8 but 32 Mb of 32-bit RAM il you so desire.
The down side ol this is that you have to really decide how much RAM you want before you buy. As there aren't very many slots.
There is nothing quite as annoying as ending up with a 4Mb SIMM that you canT use. On the other hand only a very lew people will be able to afford expansions much bigger, so they probably won'l mind.
PCI 204 FOUR MEG BOARD FOR THE Al 200 Power's board is primarily a RAM upgrade offering 4Mb ol 32-bit memory. However, it also comes with space lor a maths co-processor which will speed up any floating point maths that your Amiga has to do. In all honesty, most people don't do enough ol this kind ol work to justify the maths chip, but il you have a penchant tor ray tracing, fractal rendering or perhaps avery large spreadsheet, then this is a good option as it allows you to add a co-pro rated at up to 50MHz.
• Megatraveller 1 "There cant be a more prestigious role
Megatraveller 1".
PC Plus
• Elite Plus 'Quite simply the most original gameplay since the
birth of computer entertainment. An all time classic".
II200 4MB MEMORY UPGRADE & CLOCK £159.99 PC Format
• Wing Commander "This is more than ever an essential addition to
any self- respecting PC gamer's collection*.
PC Review The Complete Space Experience for IBM PC and Amiga 32 bit zero wait state fastram. Simple trapdoor Installation. Doubles the speed of the A1200 batten lucked dock.
¦Elite on Amiga versions I C TRONIC ARTS' mrSOPROSE Borkun empire Empire Software. The Spires. 677 High Road. North Finchley. London N12 OOA.
Telephone: 061-343 9143 Emoire Software is a reaistered trademark of Entertainment International (UK Ltd.
This product must not be used to infringe copyright.
X-COPY PRO X-Copy Pro is the most powerful disc copier available for the Amiga, BUT DON'T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT... 991 “it’s unbeatable •ee CU Amiga Magazine. July 1993 Unlike other disc copiers, X-COPY PR Is totally automatic and eitremeli simple to use. It is fully comp hie will all AMIGA computers e Sill copy irtully ana disc onto anoth ] er disc, e Full hard disc backup, e File management facility.
Includes the new CYCLONE cartridge Tor copying, protected ?softwa
• optimises, forsats, repairs, aerifies.
• includes tke autoswitch ctcione i tridge. Simply plugs luto tke
eiterual disc driae socket at tke rear of tke Amiga, and plug
rour eiternal disc drlae Into the back of the CYCLONE cartridge
for unbeatable disc copying poarer. An eiternal disc drlae Is
reqnlred for ust | ¦Itb the cyclone cartridge. These are
aaallable from us priced ESA.99 FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE If
you can find a more powerful disc bacKup utility, we will give
you your money back HOW TO ORDER:- Telephone 061 724 7572 with
your credit card details or send a cheque or posta order for
£40.99 made payable tc Siren Software, Wilton House, Bury Road,
Radcliff, Manchester M26 9UR IVS VECTOR 2000 A1ti!V UDU
MXBJERKV19RS £449.95 • MICRORACE • 0753 551888
• V card supplied lor review was titted with a Motorola 68EC030
processor and ! Floating Point Unit both clocked at 25Mhz.
Although 33Mhz and 40 Mhz I exist as well. Additionally the
board can be bought with a tun 68030 pro- r which includes the
Memory Management Unit, very useful tor development It is
poss*le to use the newer 4Mb x 8 Simm chips to achieve a total
on S memory capacity ot 32Mb The Vector is also equipped with
internal and nal SCSI connectors connected in parallel allowing
the attachment ot a hard »internally and an additional device
to the 50 pin Centronics external connec- t* Vector checks
every two seconds lor the presence ot removable media (e.g. ape
streamers) and so the disk change' is not necessary to detect
The very unique teature ot the Vector is something IVS call PROPLEX - short
* » PROcessor multiPLEXmg This allows the native 68000 to access
the ¦esources on the Vector in situations where this may be
desirable Apien the system is running in 68000 mode Vector
makes available 4 or 8 Mb ot at 32-bit RAM as 16-bit
auto-contig RAM. In addition any on-board SCSI drive is also
available to the system in 68000 mode With other accelerators,
it the user chooses to use 68000 mode then access to the card
is lost with both RAM and any attached device being invisible
to the system The choice ot which mode to use is taken at boot
time by holding down the nght mouse button and selecting
desired opera- tonal parameters from a boot screen The 2000 wil
continue to operate in this mode even after soft reset It you
want to change to the other available mode then smply repeat
the procedure - simple and very well implemented Performance in
general was taultless with the accelerator providing on average
a six to seventold increase in speed over a Fast RAM equipped
2000. Single-page documents in Professional Page printed in
just over a minute where normally this would take between four
and live As well as the significant increase in system speed
hard drive performance has also improved by a factor of two.
Yiektng just over t Mtysec Writing this review usng Pretext
showed just how last the system has become, word counts and
spell checking have become bkndmgly last. In over a week ot
heavy usage the stability ci the system is not in question One
problem did, however, cause concern. All attempts to use a
recoverable RAM drive in 68030 mode have met with failure
although in 68000 they worked as normal. Commodore s Rad,
ASDG’s RRD and Richard Waspe s StatRam all tailed lo preserve
their contents alter a solt reset It the card was £150-200
cheaper then I for one would seriously consider adding one to
my Amiga 1500 ICD ADSPEED 8 |RCOMPUTINO* The idea ot an
accelerator appeals Jp almost everybody At CU Towers we have an
Amiga 4000 040 which takes regular beatings trom an irate Tech
Ed., shouting something about it being lazy and good for
nothing. You can never have too much speed.
The AdSpeed is a high-compatibility plug-in module which should work on all 68000 based Amigas - the A500 500. A600 A15000 A2000 machines. Essentially the device plugs into the CPU socket on the Amiga motherboard, but getting at this can be tricky. On the keyboard-style machines this can be a chore - you have to take virtually the entire machine apart to get at the slot This, not unnaturally, will completely invalidate any warranty you may have been fostering up to this point. Installation on the box machines is not much easier The CPU socket is located inconveniently on the nght hand
side of the motherboard and it may be necessary to remove the drive bays and the PSU in order to perform the delicate operation properly Removing a massive 64-pin DIP package is not an easy task - well, not without breaking it anyway. A special chip- remover tool is recommended if you have a shaky hand.
The result ot all this work is a hardly nimble 14Mhz processor, a dock speed of twice that of the original processor. It does also provide a 16k data cache, which will make some impact on operational speed The results, however, speak lor themselves. Doubling the speed ot the processor won t double the speed ot your machine. At best we have seen a 15-20 per cent increase, which is not bad lor a mere processor replacement, but which you will easily tail to notice after about two days ot use It is cheap though Rating 686 dhrystones on Syslnfo, apparently 17 per cent faster than a plain A500
ACCELERATORS No computer is too last and to be honest, you're a very lucky user II you think that yours is last enough. No sooner have we all got used to our software going just quickly enough, when along comes a whole new batch requiring another leensy increase It's a never ending battle between hardware art software, with the specilicalions getting better and better.
Measuring the speed of an Amiga is a Nicky business, as so much depends on the unique custom chips. For example, no matter what Amiga an arcade runs on, the video circuitry will be locked to a certain frequency and so there will be no noticeable
• •crease in speed - Project-X runs the same or the A600 as it
does on the A4000 (Note: some games, notably 30 simulations,
will Mr an improvement). When it comes to sheer
number-crunching the improvement is a more than a little
obvious. You II hear a lot about MIPS or millions ot
instructions per second . And obviously the higher the MIPS
rating the better. To put it all into perspective. An Amiga
600 rates less than one MIP. An A120Q about 1.5. an A4000 30
about 8 and an A4000 40 about 20 • a top of-the-range Amiga
4000 can process data more than 20 limes taster than an A600
The mam reason tor the speed difference is the choice ot micro
processor unit (MPU) at the heart ot the Amiga All Amigas are
based around the Motorola 68x00 tamilyr the A600 uses the lowly
68000. A1200 the 68020 and A4000s the 68030s and 68040s As the
technology used in the manulacture ot micro processors
improves, the chips have become taster and taster.
The forthcoming 68060 is rumoured to run at an awesome 100 MIPS - which onty a lew years ago would have classed it as a super computer. The speed at which a processor runs is also important, but it can be misleading. A 50Mh; 68030 (one which works internally at 50 million operations per second) is twice as last as a 25Mlu 68030.
But not as last asa25Mh; 68040. .
A further way to boost performance is to lit a maths co-processor (also known as a Floating Point Unit or FPU). Normally an MPU such as a 68030 iso t able to directly manipulate floating point (non-integer) numbers, relying instead on external software. The FPU is capable ot dealing with these numbers and because the code is built into the chip itsell. It can do it very quickly Adding a Motorola 68881 or 68882 FPU to an MPU can speed up the maths operations in a ray tracing program by at least 50 per cent When the software has been specially written to make use of the FPU. The speed up
can be even greater FPUs are clocked independently of the CPU. So it is quite possible lo have a 50Mh? FPU running alongside a 25Mhz MPU. To improve choice. Motorola have made several budget versions ol their chips: the 68030EC is the same as the 68030 but lacking a Memory Management Unit (useful lor virtual memory systems and program debugging) and the 68040EC also lacks the integral FPU which is present in full 68040s Whether or not you'd benefit Irom buying an accelerator depends on what you use your Amiga lor. II you use a lot ol graphics software, code compilers, sound sample
manipulation programs or DTP packages the speed up can be staggering In situations where time is money, an accelerator will pay lor itsell.
HARD DRWSS Whilst extra memory increases the temporary storage capacity ot your Amiga, a hard drive increases its long-term storage capacity.
Hard disk drives have two distinct advantages over tloppy drives: speed and capacity A normal low-density Amiga lloppy disk holds 880K, compared to current hard disks which can hold thousands ot megabytes.
Hard disks can also read and write data at up to 60 times the speed ot a tloppy. Unlike Amiga lloppy drives, the speeds and capacities ol hard drives are constantly rising.
A common misconception is that a 60Mb hard drive will give you 60Mb ot RAM The Mb rating ol a hard drive reters to the storage capacity ot the disk Just to complicate things, most external hard dnves can accommodate extra RAM. This is always Fast RAM, as Chip RAM cannot be accessed via the DMA port used by the drives. II you can't attord, or simply don't need any extra RAM when you buy the drive, you can add RAM at a later date.
It's usually just a matter ot removing the case and slotting in the chips, although you need to make sure you buy the nght type ot RAM We've stretched the heading ol hard drives to include a number ot other mass-storage devices A5Q0 DRIVES ALPHA POWER 65 Si?S3«°? N "**“ * Belore you can have any tun with the Alpha Power, you need to install it. It comes pre-formatted. But completely empty. The installation software is tar Irom easy to use. Alter you've run through the procedure, the drive still isn't usable. Vital commands are missing trom the C directory among others, which makes it
impossible lor you to complete the installation yourself if you boot from the hard disk. You end up having to do it all manually, booting from your tloppy Workbench once again.
IDE drives usually aren't that last, but this performs surprisingly well, clocking in at 593K per second when run through Syslnto. Even so. When it comes to reading directories, it lags behind other drives, such as the Reference 100.
As for RAM, it can hold up to 8Mb ol ZIP chips To fully populate the board, you'll need to remove the mechanism trom the drive, but this shouldn't be a problem as long as you're careful with it (hard disks don't like to be knocked about). The supporting software has a RAM test option, and let’s you do a low-level format and re-partition the drive.
Although there’s no through port at the rear, there's provision inside the case to add another 2.5" IDE mechanism. This could double your storage capacity in one tiddly move. Apart trom the poor installation software, the Alpha Power is an impressive drive, both large enough and last enough to satisfy the needs ot most, with the added security ol a sturdy steel housing.
GVP HD8+ Mw.wamvr” • “ The HD8 comes in capacities ranging trom 42 to 120Mb, and uses last Maxtor or Quantum drive mechanisms. Although it s supplied unpopulated, it has space for up to 8Mb of 16-bit RAM and you can even plug in a PC emulator for only £100.
The drive is styled to match exactly the A500 and it plugs into the computer's side expansion slot. A game switch lets you turn the drive oft il any games object to it. I can definately say that this is still the best choice for those on a budget.
COMMODORE A570 CD ROM DRIVE WOTpram This is Commodore s ottering lor people who wanted to join the CD flOM revolution as heralded by the CDTV.
The A570 can now be picked up lor the give away pnce of £149.99, which must surely make it the cheapest CD ROM drive in the world.
It plugs into the side of the A500 (with Kickstan 13 or higher) just like a hard drive. However, it doesn't let you write to disks but you can read trom .
CD ROM disks, which are capable of storing over 600Mb of data. Although tar slower than most conventional hard drives, its vast capacity and changeable disks more than make up tor it.
21 MB FLOPTICAL DRIVE POWER COMPUTING • Probably the most exciting new drive technology is to be found in Power's floptical drive. Although it uses three and a hall inch floppy disks, these are no ordinary floppies - they can hold 21 Mb oldata.
The drive connects to your computer via a SCSI interface and comes In two varieties - an internal unit tor the A2000 and an external lor the A500 ot whatever. Needless to say. The SCSI interface is not supplied so owners ot a computer other than the 2000 will need to buy an interface, or own a suitable SCSI drive already (such as the GVP HD8 or A530 Turbo).
With a data transfer speed ol 109,060 byles per second the drive is significantly slower than a hard drive as it doesn't use high-speed rigid disks, but the bonus of being able to change disks more than compensates. Well worth a look and very fairly priced.
GVP A530 TURBO £699 • 20 MB • SILICA SYSTEMS • 081 The A530 Turbo uses the same mechanisms as the HD8*. But includes a 68EC030 accelerator and supports 32-bit RAM (which is much faster that the HD8's 16-bit variety).
Data transfer speeds of 987,979 bytes per second make this one of the nippiest drives in town!
It's even more user friendly thanks to its intelligent' on off switch that automatically activates the drive when you turn the computer on.
For A500 owners this is Ihe creme de la creme.
TRUMPCARD 500 AT £277.28 • MICROPACE • 0753 551 888 Another IDE dnve. The Trump Card 500 AT has a rather flat, wide appearance, but still blends in with me Amiga quite well. The plastic case should suffice for most setups, but obviously won’t offer as much protection as a steel one It comes pre-installed with Workbench 1.3, so ail you need to do is plug it in and switch on. All Ihe Workbench files are put in their own partition, leaving the rest of the drive free for all your own software.
With 120Mb. It’s one of the bigger drives, and there's enough room on the disk to meet the demands of most applications Its access rate of around 620k per second is not particularly fast. It can hold 2, 4 or 8 Mb of RAM, and takes standard SIMM modules. The supporting software, supplied on floppy and on the hard drive, has all the usual memory testers and disk formatters snoukl you need to re partition or format the drive. There are no through ports Compared to some other drives, the Trump Card is a breeze lo use Coming pre-installed, it's a good option for anyone who doesn't want to get
their hands dirty in the Shell. It performs well, without any luss REFERENCE 100 sen m,cros • The drive comes pre-formatted. But uninstalled. Installing it yoused e easy enough - just a matter of booling with your Workbench and ereenng a kne m the Shel from the instruction book. This copies your Workbench across and the cUve is ready to use.
As the name suggests, it's got a 100Mb capacity. It uses a SCSI nertace, and even though Ihe data exchange rate of 424K per second 6 c*-ow that of the IOE drives here, it's actually faster in many practical applications On tie RAM side, it can take up to 4M of SdAMs The supporting software s preoy comprehensive, filing three disks with RAM Bears and c*sk Utilities. Cased m a sleek saeei box. A should be able to withstand a lew knocks An external power supply is included as standard.
Further expansion is made avaMte via the SCSI through port at the rear Aboonthe back panel, you! Find a game seech' This disables the drive to save you hewig to *s- connect it when playvig ¦u.insti games.
Additional dip switches alow you lo toggle the auto-booting, the RAM and rw hard cksk.
The Reference 100 grres tie regression of being a quality product ITS fast. WeebuM.
And comes with some decent software Certainly one ol the best ataosidars COMMODORE A590 ltfW?flV ,UCASVSIBM5, A paltry 20Mb are all that's on oiler with the storage capacity The access 1ms s ’ 50K per second, which is a fair bit slower than the competition On the good side, it comes pre-installed with Workbench and Extras, so there's no faffing around before you can use it. Other hard disk utilities »e included The drive uses an XT system, but there's a SCSI through port for further expansion. Up to 2Mb of CMOS DRAMs can be installed inside the unit. An external power supply comes with it.The
A590 looks Paled now. With small capacities lor both RAM and disk space, and a slow access speed, loo but it does AiAoConfig properly and is guaranteed compatible 0 ICD ADIDE 2 Ksv jBsmcoMpuT,NG • It you are looking lot a cheap solution to your ever-growing storage problems then it may be worth considering an IDE interlace. Possibly the most minimalist of these is the AdlDE board from ICD. Of course if you have a 600 or a 120( you already have an IDE interface, anaif you have a 1500 it is better lo get a Zorro card instead The main beneficiaries of this system will be owners ot the now
defunct A500 and A500-.
The AdlDE is another one of those disturbing interfaces which plugs into the processor slot. Not only does this entail a lot of work with pliers and screwdriver, but it also means that your chances of having anyone fix your machine under warranty are long gone (mind you. You're in trouble these days even if you do have a warranty).
The plus side of all this is that on the 500s you could get hold of one of those nice 2.5 or 3.5 inch IDE drives and mount it inside Ihe case. Power could be a problem Ihough. The drives themselves are cheap, but as with all IDE interlaces, a hard disk is about all you can add.
II you aren't afraid to rip the heart out of your machine and you trust yoursell to plug in the board the right way up, this could be an ideal solution for financially restricted owners of A500s and A500+S.
1150Q 2000 IJJiJWES ICD TRIFECTA 2000 aa&wtnruMr"" ICD have certainly been very busy recently, and if this hardcard is anything to go by they haven't been wasting their time. Using the latest manufactunng methods, the T nfecta 2000 packs every possible feature short of an accelerator onto one Zorro card. Available in EC and LX versions, both models support up lo 8Mb of ZIP-based Fast RAM, and fitting memory here will actually speed up any drives controlled from Ihe card by providing some cache space The availability and pnce ol IDE drive mechanisms means Hie Amiga can benefit from the PC
world, and the Trifecta allows up to two low cost IDE drives to be added. One can be bolted to the card, but the other will need to find a home in a nearby bay.
The IDE interface is very last (faster than the A4000 S). And docked in at a cool 1,041.631 bytes per second on an 68030 based Amiga. The only reason for choosing between Ihe EC and LX cards (apart from the price) is whether or not IDE isn't enough, and you also need a fast SCSI2 interface If you opt for the LX version with its SCSI2 option - or you upgrade the EC up to LX standard - you open the door to all sorts ol weed and wonderful peripherals.
Apart Irom rather ordinary SCSI hard drives, you can add floptical drives, optical drives, magneto-optical drives and any other drives ending in -optical that are likely to be developed When funds permit, you could even add a SCSI2 compatible device lor some theoretically blistering speeds - although it has to be said that the only dnve we ccxid test the Tntecta with was a rather old SCSI Quantum whch relumed a poor 920.880 bytes per second (actualy slower than the IDE) Installing the card is simple, as it slots dkectty into the nearest Zorro slot The biggest problem has to be where you are
going to fit all the possible hard drives - two IDEs and a SCSI inside, and six other SCSI drives chained onto the outside connector could provide about Bgigabytes ol storage if you have Ihe cash, the desk space and the inclination.
The good range ol set-up software includes support lor the rather idcsyncratic AdSpeed accelerator (also from ICD) as we« as drivers lor AMAX and Cross-DOS PC partitions The Trifecta has got to be the ultimate in hard cards - featuring memory expansion facilities and a dual IDE interface is good enough for the price, but the option of a fast SCSI2 interface makes it the best bargain A2000 A1500 owners are likely to see for some time. » ALFADATA AT-BUS 2008 tUMf?Wr ,MAGE * When I first saw the AT-Bus I thought there had been a mistake and someone had sent me a PC card by mistake. But no,
there in tiny white print on the rather stark circuit board was the label ‘Zorro IT, so there was no doubt this was an Amiga card - who else but Commodore would name an inter lace standard after a mythical swordsman? The AT-Bus 2008 is produced in Germany by a company called BSC. nd judging from the name on the the supplied disk of programs and development notes (ALF2) it seems to have evolved from the original ALF (Amiga Loads Faster - groan) interface which has been skulking around in the shadow of GVP for quite some time.
Fitting the card was a trifle tricky, and in the end a pair of pliers had to be taken to the blanking panel in order to convince it to locate in the slot properly. Thankfully, once in place the computer fired-up as normal, and alter wading through the rather stilted pseudo-English installation program everything worked fine - another icon to play with on the Workbench.
Although an IDE mechanism at heart (IDE is the PC standard, hence the AT-Bus' name). ALF works by emulating a SCSI interface It's all rather confusing, but thankfully it works perfectly. In fact.
Commodore use the same principle to add IDE drives to their machines.The choice of an IDE mechanism might seem disappointing when everyone else seems to be raving about SCSI, but there are several distinct advantages to going the PC route Firstly. IDE drive mechanisms are a great deal cheaper than their SCSI counterparts, and secondly any IDE dnves you buy can be added to an AGA Amiga if you upgrade at a later date.
The version of the AT-Bus we reviewed came with a 40Mb
3. 5 inch Seagate IDE drive bolted to it, which turned in a very
respectable access rate of 1.010,835 bytes per second on an
68030 based Amiga Although nothing like the quoted 1OMb second
speeds of mythical SCSI2 devices, ALF has certainly fast
enough tor day to day use The bonus feature of up to 8Mb of
ZIPs makes this an ideal card for both experienced users need
ing some extra room, and the beginner looking for a first hard
Alpha Power 65 Alpha Data 65 Mb HOW THEY COMPARE Tramp tart MOAT tvs 120 Mb OlOKpersec IDE Preinstalled Average 8 Mb (SIMMs) None Optional Manufacturer Sin
• Speed System Ease ol installation Supporting software Mai RAM
Throogh ports Eitenal power 593K per sec IDE Poor Average Smt
(ZIPs) Internal 2nd IDE 21MB FLOPTICAL A570 Commodore 600Mb*
(readable only) 156K per second Proprietary interlace N A N A
2Mb (CMOS) Audio through ports Supplied Model Manufacturer Sin
Speed System Esse ol Instillation Supporting software Max RAM
Through ports External power Power Computing 21Mb removable
disks 109K per sec SCSI - needs Interlace Easy II you get all
the bits!
Poor None SCSI Supplied Reterence 100 A590 A530 TURBO Evesbam Micros Commodore GVP 100 Mb 20 Mb 120Mb 41 Ok per see 150K per sac 988k per sec SCSI XT SCSI Average Pre-installed Pre-installed Good Good Excellent 4 Mb (SIMMs) 2 Mb (CMOS DRAMs) 8 Mb (32-bit SIMMS) SCSI SCSI XT Mini slot and SCSI Interface Somum Supplied Supplied Trilecta 2000 AT BUS 2008 ICO Alfadata DM N A 1042 to S526k per second 1011Kpersec SCSI2 t I0E IDE Easy Hard Good Medium 8 Mb (Zips) a Mb (zips) SCSI2 None
* Speeds according to N A N A Syslnfo 3.11 YOU WON’T FIND A
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1179. 99
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* Ann fiCMB* oo Odes flr,w vR A6D0 85MB* 429.99 *“' 2M8 VERSION
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between Amign OOS .MS DOS, 2 rear. 2 bont 3,5" boys, I x 5.25"
boy, Herd Drive os below, Amiga DOS 3.0 system ond uliiies,
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Pdporfao) I MabbHOdofaa (oUisOo* Rn : 5(31 Sdiool(under I?)
OnArgoM MA Hotrfiu- MoxtlA Said lame Fimfaofar *op- nrfti»iH |oep missiop 931 CU EallbOafabWIS (¦*¦** Oais I la n» amils 92 AA SprforaaVtpafaau fao. (.ft Gone ol It* Moalh ItmiArfart Ibkio A FW. A l»rol. A Acton . 25 TTTU5 TO CHOOSE FROM AMIGA 24 BIT - £BEST!
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A1300 2000 3000 4000 GST INI 1140M : -1 - t -sr.. COOMB 4M 004.99 gyp Han mm 31494 ¦.¦m.amam 904.99 GY7HQ H120M 154" i 0 33MTTZ 4M 1284.99 CY9M I2IM So." FaMo' 340 2MBI3000I1149.99 IssoHfaNOxBiUN MiSSioa*h4000729.99 Obit 030 2SMH.’ ¦ JM99 'mi. IfaliHOMM 054.99 EXPANSION A500 5121 loo fa Mo 319* MWI YTISMMcasdnfa 104.99 A500. IM.« 2*99 rW4Uw.MaiJMli239.99 A500. ?W i« s HH 199" ¦ W4Uoip.M88225ll0274.99 ouamoimm.m v 09 romp*.umsMtt 129.99 A40tt0200 2«lajo* 117 99 m I »«*] TAMHi...208.49 A600 I2004MW btf 179 99 Ml l2B4Mrf68822SHHi ...334.49 anviMBap.sa*4*H iy.99 mi tawrfansiMi...409.00
A500Iomli.-.- ' 37 05 Mm.MXInArfmJUH 8930 A500 lorn Stoo 2 04 MOS M9MQM2.I upgrodobit 74.99 ASM Ion Skoro • ! 99 OS IMS ibnw (H. _______229.95 EMULATION CMPT4O CA0 Mao gpl2__73.99 3 ?". ]2« Ms 140----211.99 PM '“J Ai*fa5dad3a4_IS.99 1 ."**' ™ ” fan A Coat_10.99 5«i*b......
- 8-2 Spelngfa_______16.99 Aobbrfoar.2-149.49
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KkzaS 8 JSBlHzziliS iss sa==fi8 assess oMMoAGA II9.J! 2™!=""
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71. 90 W- Uti OossOosv5 1-2975 MkStl GENLOCKS MODEMS 192 (12M
caapal 1*9.** Moll»ai_ I at- _HUS M**I200«* ISMMM_9*999
bkltnZ* 45240- 0*499 Soro240(lilodoo
- ---JNM Son fa Modem DISCS
- --------- 319.49 I • 09so lib ...949.99 i A3
Tables Digits* 319.99 S29.99 iZwHO imS f kw POA Gum*2000
________2199 &»?.:-'RS “5--’J” p*- 23H 3*2 .36.90 gy«-if-2
300 600 1200 ¦ » “I40M .479.00 WlSOIOMHi
• I 01 (Ml 579 00 2141 lu*i 1AM b abo*t 179.99 SB1iSS::::*4**I
A600 1200 hd SSSs:::::: 111:5 upgrades 3* Ml POMI 324.99 SHI
aatmMC MM120M 458.99 ,
199. 99 l"*jo*lllgm4 S=K=: SimmS:?™ RO Sm JIS 275
• aaiUI ___.4Af.99 120 177m _J19_399
• MU40MMI 219.99 709MI___-_549 V2KU40MJU4MI M9.99 IktHMAl CUXX
POA &SMdR3 aar.sm.4M- AM. A rta pack Ofc-IJM___«B QMMar----296
SnclGO '1.99 tffaySlO J19.9?
NfWI (Em 90 mb' 1 St *9 * *** 500 afi .439.99 NfW1 (i*iw« *0aim*' ** -g* SfaVfcBS 553 J55 MoUMrf ; 7119 * OropT T2M( 1349.90 _ sbitMir: mol » t jfifaprtNojiiij *
50. IT KIM 24 |a 17344 - JJ" .
S»K»29t »« t- 255 " SbUHMrf__741 44 - -*}-• _ aril’ll -125 “ wsi«“--=zi55 « £SK 155 » tST* mis «.
E 10171----469*0 o Xl&TS Q SJWJC-12999 telSSa5M Qtoaa S3M 24 af 19199 774 *P QmuS740 ? of* 759 99 5to JX fSOO *p 5**50 (R-W«l»---W.90 QMS Ik M cel 7T .-4999 9S
• Shi*, *WU*y (Wl 71 above) kifUr mommaM *00 £39 95 I STARTER
RACK: 500 Stotts A4 paper, Amiga la priatar lead, I Uaivtrsol
Prialer Stand I Driver * with PriN Monog« I CITIZEN DEALER PLUS
is& fepctoedh, OT. (tose dad doges ata onkrag pinsm Ate d» com
smKt. 510 p. ha.
Tods tasterqm Off fR Thf fOUOWNGIXPBSS S8WKIS: » load we (to SI 5 Hcmd rote piss £8 1SAIION CU: Do you ever teel Ihel hardware design Is compromised by marketing ob actlves?
CU AMIGA INTERVIEW This month CU was fortpnate to talk to Lew Eggebrecht, Commodore’s Vice president of Engineering and designer of LE: Yes. All engineers feel that their designs are compromised by market requirements. The major requirement is cost. All engineers would love to be able to ignore cost targets in a system design.
CU: What factors determine where hardware Is manufactured?
LE: The primary factors are competitive manufacturing costs: i.e. labour costs, facilities costs and special duty (import tax) considerations. Also of importance is the quality and reliability of the work force.
CU: Are you completely happy with the IDE interface on the A4000?
LE: Remember that the A4000 is actually a family of systems with different price and performance targets.
The IDE costs less than one dollar to add to the A4000 and makes good sense on the EC030 class systems.
SCSI is more appropriate on the 040 and A4000T class systems and is thus available as a feature on the A4000 and as standard on the A4000T.
CU: Surface Mount Technology enables cheaper mass production, but does It cause design problems?
LE: Surface mount technology (SMT) is less costly and much more reliable.
It causes no additional design problems. And in fact some components are only available in SMT packages CU: Aside from the marketing aspects, how feasible Is a portable Amiga?
LEW: A portable Amiga that is competitive with IBM or Apple systems is not technically feasible at this time.
CU: Do you feel that a sufficient market yet exists lor such a machine?
LE: Personally. I don't believe that a large enough market exists to devote any resources to such a product at this time.
CU: Do you have plans, however vague, for adopting reduced the CD32 console.
Lew Eggebiecm started his life in compute 24* the business world that the Amiga is every Bit as good, years ago when he left college to join the fISBgling, it not better than, the popular computers. To achieve company IBM. He was part ot the teampat a®ei this he's made himselt more accessible to people so oped their first Reduced Instruction Set Chips (f SCT ,that-the technology can become more widelyjknown Later he moved to Atlanta where he worked with%ie vift? And understock president on low end systems He s stayed Wlh su* When lev. Tcok over engineering at Commidore the mamlrame sized
systems ever smce. • • e AGA architect-re was already completed, but nobody From IBM he was dratted to Commodores a consul-* was doing anything with it. A kind of unfocussed malaise tant on their Pcs. In particular working on the next , had fallen over the development team and although AGA generation of PC compatibles Having already irorked" existed, they hadn't come up with a machine to put it into with Apple and IBM. He was finally moved trdlhe AfBiga ' Lew s first action was to give the team a proverbial boot about which he knew absolutely nothing.(That neitseit" up their collective
backsides and give them clear devel was challenge enough for Lew and he promptly started * dpment objectives (which they had largely lacked until work on the next generation Amiga ch ppt - a iove , that point). The result was the A4000. Then the At 200.
Which eventually resulted in the AGA chips jnd of oursp . Since then Lew has been working on the nex- gener Lew's personal baby, the CD32 atian o' Amigas. Including triple A architecture and true Acknowledging the fact that the Amiga ha beenleft colour graphics. Obviously the CD32 has occupiecla behind by the Pcs in the race to find a mdls matftet grgat deal of his time, and it’s expected that the peripher- computer Lew says We re trying to d ionsbfete cWdi • als for that will keep his team busy for a couple of bility and an ability to produce new p'OduMs.' Inother* 4nonths yet. After that’
Welt, read on as Lew answers ’* words Lew and his team are out therefrying to shqpr . Oifr questions INTERVIEW CU AMIGA instruction set chip (RISC) tech- notogy?
LE Yes. We are very actively investigating alternative RISC architecture tor use in the Amiga.
CU: Are new developments In Amiga technology market led or technology led?
LE Most new developments are technology led. In this industry it is common to have technologies tor which markets do not yet exist.
CU: How much ot a problem Is backwards compatibility when designing a new Amiga?
LE Backward compatibility is a major design issue and effort for new products With limited software we cannot afford to make existing software or development tools obsolete CU: By constantly attempting to maintain backward compatibility.
Commodore has created a market which expects this from new Commodore machines. When Is It time to make the break, and forget about compatibility in favour ot a more powerful and wholly original machine?
LE: We are presently planning a new generation of Amiga systems based on RISC and new graphics architecture Plans are to support both Motorola and RISC to provide users with a migration path from one technology to the other.
CU: Aside from SCSI cards, brldgeboards and accelerators, which upgrades do you think Commodore should provide Itsell rather than relying on third party manufacturers?
LE: We need to concentrate our resources on the systems, units and key peripherals and new technologies that will eventually end up on the motherboards of our computers: i.e. audio, digital signal processing (DSP), full motion video (FMV), CD ROM, Local area networks (LAN), etc. CU: Why Is there such a delay between the release of new Amiga technology and the update ol the Amiga reference manuals?
LE I believe we have improved the ead time and quality of manuals on the A1200 and A4000. Manuals fake time due to the effort of translating them.
CU: What technological advantages do you think the Amiga has over Its rivals in business?
LE Our major advantage is our multi-media capable Amiga chip set and multi tasking Amiga DOS CU: Dots It sadden you lo see your technological ettorts marketed badly as they have been In the past?
LE: Everyone would like to see more marketing efforts. More marketing targetted properly early in the life of the Amiga could have helped significantly CU: What are the most Important hardware features that you think should be present In the next generation ot Amigas?
LE: RISC processors, real-time 3D animation, 16-bit sound, high resolution screens (greater than 1K x 1K) and true colour graphics.
CU: Do you think that there's any point expanding the colour resolution of the AG A chipset?
LE: Yes. The next generation Amiga chip sets will have both greater resolution and increased colour depth.
CU: Is there any likelihood ot seeing a hlgh-res flicker-free (as standard) Amiga tor the mass market?
LE: The cost of monitors capable ot showing such a display needs to come down Aamaocaly before this becomes a mass-market prospect CU. Why do think so few manufacturers actively supported the Zorro III standard?
LE: Because maiy adaptors don't need the Zorro lirs capabilities, designers try to capture all market opportunities CU: What one thing would make your lob a lot sealer?
LE: More engineers CU: What do you say to people who complain that a new Amiga Is released every six months?
LE: I wish this was true.
CU: Do you consider the COTV to be a mistake? What would you have done differently ?
LE: Although it wasn't as successful as we had anticipated, we gained invaluable marketing and technical experience from it.
CU: How much ot the CDTV's technology can be found Inside CD32?
LE: A lot of technology and experience from CDTV is in CD32: i.e. CD ROM DRV. Development tools Many CDTV titles will operate on CD32.
CU: Don ’t you think that the CD32 Is a tremendous risk considering the market dominance of Sega and Nintendo?
LE: No. Sega’s MegaCD is only 16- bit with poor performance and software, and Nintendo has no CD product at this time.
CU: Why did you develop the A600? Are you aware ol the tremendous amount ol III feeling generated towards Commodore by those people who rushed out and bought what they thought was the next generation only to find their machine junked after less than six months?
Many lessons learnt during the development ol CDTV proved invaluable when It came to laying plans for the CD32.
Overall uaer-lrtartdllneaa was an important consideration so thankfully there are no more caddies lust a simple lop-loeder. ) » LE: The A600 was originally planned as a low end C64-like replacement. It was originally called the A300.
Unfortunately, it was marketed as an A500 replacement. This was a mistake.
CU: How have the present cutbacks at Commodore atlected R&D. Has this had any ettect on the rumoured A1400 or A8000?
LE: We have taken stall reductions in Engineering but the core development group is still intact with no major eftects upon new systems development schedules.
CU: It was mentioned at the recent press conference to launch the CD console that the forthcoming triple A machines will be live times taster than the Pentium chip. Is this true?
LE: Pentium is approximately 60 MIPS. The highest performance RISC system DEC alpha and HP-PA only achieve 200 MIPS. I don't know ol any system that is live times as last as Pentium.
CU: Considering the constant pressure from console rivals, why doesn't CBM develop any decent Point-of-sale demos to show off the Amiga in shops?
LE: We will be adding new demo capabilities to support Demos.
CU: Obviously CD ROM is seen by many as the future of computing.
Where does this leave smart card' technology? Do you expect to see that grow on the Amiga, or was the Inclusion ol a card slot an afterthought which nobody takes seriously?
LE: The two technologies are not comparable in any way; i.e. lunction, application or cost.
CU: In the CD32 CBM has a console which beats any other on the market. Sega have already announced a virtual reality headset tor their machine - is it likely that CBM will explore a similar route?
LE: Yes, we expect third parties to add virtual reality applications and peripherals to the CD32.
CU: What’s your opinion of virtual reality?
LE: This is an exciting new area just now being addressed by software developers. CD32 is one of the lirst consoles sufficient power to support virtual reality applications.
CU: Back to the subject of peripherals again, I believe games peripherals such a light guns, joysticks, etc. produce a much higher profit to development ratio than computers. Why don't CBM follow this avenue of business?
LE: With our limited resources we must concentrate on the base systems. Peripherals may have high margins but come with many inher- rent support and logistical problems.
Therefore in reality they provide lower total revenue opportunities.
CU: Do you plan to stick with Motorola-based chips? What are your thoughts on the 68060 and the pentium?
LE: We will continue with the Motorola 680xx processors. The 68060 seems to be coming late compared to the Pentium. After the 68060 we will switch to RISC-based design.
CU: What would be the specs of your dream machine?
LE: You have to give me a cost target to properly answer this question.
In the real world there would never be a time when one could simply choose a machine with no consideration of its expense.
CU: How tar away do you think intelligent' computers such as those seen in Star Trek are?
LE: Artificial Intelligence is still a long way off.
CU: Why was the Amiga's speech synthesis so poor considering the wonderful quality of Its sound generators?
LE: Speech will soon be available on the Amiga in four languages. Its quality will be vastly improved over what you've heard before.
CU: There have been complaints about the lack of a DSP. Is It likely that we'll see an Amiga with one In It soon?
LE: Yes, but it’s starting as an addon adaptor for the high-end systems first.
CU: Has the importance ol a DSP been overrated by the press or techies?
LE: Yes, I believe so. Many RISC processors can actually outperform DSP-based products. The cost ol DSP sub-systems has been much higher than anticipated.
CU: Many people predicted that the first A4000S and A 1200s were simply a stop-gap' measure released to stop Atari's Falcon from getting too popular. Is there any truth to this? If so, can we expected to see any changes to the design of either machine or will they forever remain in their current form?
LE: We do not consider Atari to be a threat. The form of the A1200 and A4000 will evolve slowly over time to improve lunction and costs but no major changes are planned.
CU: Do you feel that the price of the A4000 can be justified given the price of a 486 PC? And if so, why?
LE: Pricing is set in each country depending on competitive situations.
I don't deal with pricing issues. I am most concerned with costs. In the cost area we are competitive with IBM clone systems.
CU: Which came first as a development idea the AGA chip set or CD32?
CU: Apparently there will be a CD32 add-on tor the A1200 and A4000. Is there any hope of such a device for non-AG A owners?
LEW: There will be a CD32 'add-on' for the A1200 and A4000. Such an add-on is planned for the A600 or A500.
CU: How soon can we expect to see the CD32 tor the A1200 4000?
LEW: Late this autumn.
CU: And the FMV attachment?
LEW: The same time.
CU: Isn't It high time the Amiga's sound capabilities were upgraded, either to 8 16 channel or 16-bit (or both ideally)?
LEW: Yes. The new chip set will have 8 voices with 16-bit sound at sampling rates ol 100KHz.
CU: What do you think was the single greatest challenge in designing CD32?
LEW: Achieving cost targets.
CU: Are there any comments that you would like to make?
LEW: The new Amiga CD32 is a great step forward for Commodore achieving a price performance design point unique in the industry.
We have high hopes for this product as a replacement for the CDTV and as a game console competing directly with Sega and Nintendo.
LIFE THE G E NE T I C.PLAY0ROUND SIM THERE ARE TWO VERSIONS AVAILABLE: STANDARD - KIR All AMIGAS. ENHANCED • FOR A1200 A4000 ONIH As you take the SimLife disks out of their pack you hear strange celestial music. Load them up and a deep rumbling sound is heard in the distance, the cosmos twitches. You are about to become a major player in the game of life.
Until now you thought gene splicing involved ripped oouscn a balanced ecosystem was a new washing powder - and that genomes lived at the bottom of the garden? Now you'll find out different.
In SimLife. Take the challenge of our inbuilt scenarios or c where your imagination can run riot. Design plants and an act, how (even who) they eat - even how they reproduce' Now watch this world evolve in front of your very eyes, at a completely new environment takes shape under your command. Will you he responsible for producing a tropical paradise, an arctic wasteland - or a planet inhabited by even stranger creatures than in this one?
: your own unique world
v. then decide how they More than a game. It's evolutionary.
“Superbly designed.
Flawlessly executed..." 93% Cl Amiga SUPERSTAR “It is in entertaining piece nf software and has years of enjoyment..." 85% Mactormal “Intriguing, very deep and absorbing, easy to use. Great fun...” 85% PC Home ENHANCE Distributed by n ; s »y Mindscape International.
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CU AMIGA SCI FIRST IMPRESSIONS SC REALMS Of DARKNESS SEEK AND DESTROY BUBBA AND ST1X BLADE OF CASTLES II ISHARAOA With more games than Toys R Us this is the only place to find out what’s coming your way.
DIGGERS MILLENNIUM From the creator ot Global Ettect comes this mining-based puzzler.
Set on the Planet Zarg, you'll play the leader ol one ol tour digging races as they head for the Zargon Trading Centre to start mining tor riches.
The game begins at dawn on the glorious 412th, which signifies the start of a month ol trenzied mining of the planet's riches. The aim of the game is. Much like Powermonger. To dominate 33 mining zones by either stripping them of an appropnate amount of gems or by killing the other mining party there. Either way I"-" frrr is equally valid so it'll be left to you to decide whether to play the game strategically or offensively or to mix the two With 33 zones, each composed of different temperate zones including ice. Forest and desert, there'll be over 37.000 locations to explore.
With hidden levels and fiendishly hostile inhabitants this game will surely take a long time to beat Indeed, if that's hot enough your diggers all have personalities and will go off and do their own thing if left alone for too long. This little twist is bound to make for frantic switching of characters as you not only try to protect them from the planet, the other team and themselves but also try to collect as many gems as possible.
It looks like Toby, the coder, really has pushed the machine to its limits with the inclusion of a 64 pixel wide AGA background and smoothly graded copper skies. Due to make its first appearance on the Amiga CD in August, followed closely by the A1200 version, this Lemmings- like game is sure to tease puzzle fans for months. We'll have a full review soon.
SUPERSTAR 7 PROJECT X ENHANCED B VFM 8 PLAY TO WIN: GUNSHIP aooo 8 TROLL'S HEAD THE PATRICIAN CAMPAIGN TENSAI GRANDSLAM This scrolling beat ’em up certainly has an unusual storyline. It's set over 300 years in the future after a nuclear holocaust has devastated the Earth. Some lucky survivors managed to shelter from the horrendous effects of the radiation and have emerged dean but with fantastic telekinetic powers Others were not so lucky and have mutated into hideous creatures.
Jealous of their former countrymen's health, the mutants set about attacking their city. The attack fails buf their leader. Arashi, escapes to his stronghold Many years later a child is born with The Power and it's decided to train him in its use so that he can go out and destroy the mutant leader.
As you've probably guessed you get to play Tensai, the hero with The Power, and guide him through multiple levels of sword swinging, mind blasting action. The game features stylish post-apocalyptic backdrops with eight way parallax scrolling. As well as giving the many mutants a good kicking you'll have to solve various puzzles and find hidden sections if you want to reach the mutant's stronghold intact.
Luckily for you Tensai has The Power, which gives him vast magical abilities, and there'll also be loads of different physical weapons to pick up.
Judging by what we've seen. Tensai is shaping up well. It's due tor a late Autumn release so we'll bnng you a fuH review in a few months.
Fl abili- laai and funous gus spied (all of course) . In love it so finding ¦ Hey manage As well as the usual run, jump, catch and throw action there's the opportunity to pick up various power ups that equip your team with swords, shields and even magical ice that freezes all the opposition. There's also a weird pick-up that makes the ball sprout legs and run into the other goal.
Best of all though, it you find the goals piling up against you, you can confuse the other team by decapitating one of them and using their head for a ball!
There will be various leagues to play in and a whole host of different man- MILLENNIUM Millennium's second lorthcoming release is an altogether less serious, more violent allair Brutal Sports - Football is planned to be the start of a series of futuristic, violent and funny sports sims where the aim of the game is to maim as many opponents as possible As its name suggests, it's a pseudo-American Football Sim, but it bears little resemblance to the game we know today. Two teams of less than human players battle to score goals on a pitch that gradually degenerates into a muddy war zone made
mutanaW at ties. Judging by the had , the gamepuy ¦ with lots of Hood an very tongue xl fact, the guys a much they're time to do any to drag may be GRANDSLAM Realms is the next big offering from Grandslam. Billed as the role-playing game for people who hate role-playing games it does seem to offer a strange mix of gaming styles.
Set in the mythical Plains of Darkness, Realms is mainly an isometric RPG. I say mainly because it will also offer a side view of cave and building interiors as well as a plan view for detailed combat situations.
The main isometric play area is mutilating (and if anyone can tell me what that means I'll be grateful!) And.
If the screen shots are anything to go by, contains some beautifully evocative graphics Realms follows the adventures of a boy cursed with a long dead Necromancer’s soul and his quest to cure himself of the torment he's suffering because of it.
Along the way, he's likely to meet many intelligent non-player characters with whom he can have detailed conversations.
Alternatively he can just blast them with a lightning bolt!
Progression through the six main plots will be governed by solving the many puzzles and negotiating your way through the vast villages and towns in order to find dues wimw nn As with any RPG there’s going to be loads of magic to play with as well as the usual hacking and slaying of various monsters.
In addition, there'll be realistic weather conditions affecting the landscape, sun and moon changes and numerous languages to learn.
Judging by what we've seen.
Realms is sure to offer hundreds of hours of entertainment. It’s due for release in September so we'll have a full review soon.
IMPRESSIONS Core Design Bit of a wend one this Best described as a platform-cum-puzzle adventure the game's hero. Bubba, has been transported to an eene alien world with only a triendty alien stick for a pal. But this is no ordinary alien stick. This particular lump ol wood is capable of all sorts ot acrobatics and in the hands ol a skilled user (that's you), it can be made to perform all kinds of tricks and stunts.
Set over seven levels, the game begins with Bubba crash landing on an alien world. From there, he has to traverse its many lands, using the stick to overcome the bram-straining puzzles that block his progress. UnS he finally manages to find a way back home On his journey, he has to travel through torests, a derelict space ship, swamps, volcanos, sewers and the like. There are also absolutely tons of aliens to splatter and the graphic artists working with, or as a lever, snooker cue. Tightrope balance, lightning conductor, javelin, baseball bat, handy platform, under water snorkel,
boomerang or any number ot zany posstolities Of course, translating al these uses into on-screen actions has been a major headache for the programming team working on the game.
Everything is controlled from one single-button joystick and, although some ol the sequences of tugs and lire presses are quite complicated, it’s an easy-to-leam system that you’ll be able to master in no time. Actions are triggered by joystick combinations, the position of the sprite on-screen and the proximity to puzzle-specific areas, so that the variety ol moves and uses the stick can be put to are immense.
The game is crammed with spot animations, special effects, huge sprites, cartoon sequences and the like, with a whole host of zany sound effects thrown in to accompany the action. If you like your puzzle games hard and a bit left of field, then this multi-level brain-strainer looks like it’ll be a welcome diversion from the run- of-the-mil platformers that have been dogging up the charts recently Balls and Bounder (two aging C64 classics), Blob is a 3D puzzle game made up ot a number ot tiled areas set at different heights. The star of the show is a tiny little blob ike creature (hence the
name), who bears an uncanny similanty to Putty and other bulbous creations Blob has to be guided over the multi-storey levels picking up trapped spodtets whilst avoiding all manner of enemy sprites, traps and obstacles In all, Ihere are 50 levels to navigate, the aim being to collect the required number of spods within a specific time limit. Fail to reach the exit in time and an antiblob creature appears which chases you about the screen until it squeezes the very life out of your blob Not all tiles are Ihe same. Some disappear underfoot, others SEEK AND DESTROY Vision Software After
scoring a massive hit with PD game, Cybemetlx. And their first full- price release, Woody's World. Vision Soft return with an out-and-out blaster See* and Destroy puts the player in control of a state-of-the art chopper, equipped with all sods ot deadly weapons, and promises nothing but non-stop destruction.
If you cast your mind back to our April issue, you might remember a review of a top PD game called Transplant. This fast-paced shoot ’em up was a bit like Asteroids, but instead of the ship moving about the screen, the ship stayed in the middte while the screen scrolled and rotated around it.
Vision Soft have incorporated such a system into Seek and Destroy Although it's initially otf-putling, it soon becomes second nature to have enemy sprites swirling across the screen, and there’s a handy radar system to keep track of enemy 'copters.
Trigger the appearance ol more tiles, while some are sloppping or slippery and might propel you to your doom. Fall off the sides of a tile and it’s a long, long way down! Other obstacles include tiles that spew out an endless torrent of bullets | whilst spinning blocks will try and mash your spnte into the ground.
While the game doesn't look particularly swanky. Jonathan has spent a great deal of time animating the main sprite so that the our hero can spin round, bare his teeth, shuffle his tiny legs, frown, stick his tonue out and all manner ot other expressions. At the moment, he’s putting the finishing touches to the game, tweekmg the levels so that there is always something to do and the pace and feel of things is just right. Full review next issue.
Things are still at an early stage in the development process, so all we’ve seen so far is a scrolling demo.
Graphically, things aren’t up to the standards we've come to expect from the team, but we re promised big changes in the final version Sonic- wise. Too. There's stil not a lot to crow about - even the helicopter’s whirring rotor blades sound take they’ve sampled someone banging together a couple of coconuts and speeded things up. Still, it looks like a frantic blast, so keep your eyes out for a review later in the year.
Colin is downloaded into hisTy comHH,..Mo,oouo„s„ IT EXCELLENT, DUDE! Y The intense visuals are taking their toll on Col! ...but Colin won't ho glum for long ¦ ho eon take One Step Beyond to retrieve his Quavers!
I Meanwhile...Colin is having another late night, playing the The Moon of Chromos The unimaginable has happened: despite his enormous material losses, Skynet Titan has managed to recover and is preparing for a new, final attack.
The Drulls and Skynet Titan have both been searching for the vital energy crystals which have become rare on Chromos, and have managed to find some on a moon. But wherever the Drulls try to gain a foothold, they find the enemy has got there before them. Skynet Titan is mobilising his still enormous forces once more. Fighting has already broken out. Can the Drulls emerge victorious from this last
- battle?
With its new maps, new music and newly created units, this game represents a milestone in strategic simulations. Even the most experienced BATTLE ISLE General will be forced to rethink his strategy in this continuation of the BATTLE ISLE saga, which also includes animated sequences.
Like all parts of BATTLE ISLE, this next step into the universe of BATTLE ISLE is designed for 1 or 2 players and can be installed on your hard disk.
torts..0727 868005 Afctiensfr 62 WORK IN PROGRESS From the depths of time and Ocean’s Manchester offices comes the game of the movie of the book. Jon Sloan goes behind the scenes for a sneak preview of the action... PLOT TRANSFER Preproduction on the film started in August 1992 with principal filming commencing on location at Kauai In a quirk of fate real life followed lie Humcane Iruki devastated ortunately most location filming was finished by then and the crew .ret. inosaur Mvn of the screenplay, centres around a soon id theme park on a small rican island. Utilising %.
Brand new genetic en9' ncenng enlists have tpngakM.
Used dinosaur DMA found in a prehistoric amber encased mosquito to recreate living dinosaurs. The Park's owner, John Hammond, has invited an eminent team ol scientists to view the Park before It opens in order to give It the official seal of approval. Unfortunately, things go wrong (don't they always?) And the Park s security system breaks down Just as a hurricane hits the island. In the resulting confusion the dinosaurs are released and they're hunofr for flesh... waiting for them. It was here that the special effects team really came into their own. To make the dinos look as realistic as
possible ace Director Steven Spielberg assembled a team of film special effects wizards considered to be the best in the industry; these included Stan Winston. Dennis Muren. And Michael lantieri, plus loads more from Industrial Light & Magic. These guys have worked on such amazing films as Terminator 2, Allens and Star Wars so It's unlikely that the film will flop co-sorter. She's tore to tike a loot it the plant life tint’s been recreated at the Part Top: Grant tafcaa on the baby T-Rei. The team have still to decide whether or not Grant will be abte to kill the T-Rex. Even It the answer Is
yes It s Ifcety that the only weapon capable of doing so will be well hidden.
Rlgtte One ot Grant's earlier encounters with the vicious Veloclraptor comes here. Fortunately, the electric fences are still working!
STARRY EYED instead ol attracting a high-prolila cast (i incurring outrageous lees) Spielberg has gone for a second-tier human cast. Perhaps he reasoned that il would be the Inhuman cast that would be the big draw. Anyway, here's a list ol who plays whom.
DR ALAN GRANT Played by: Sam Neill The main star, Dr Grant is a paleontologist attracted to the Park by Ihe prospect ol seeing hit life's wort lor roil and fo validate the duality ol the dinosaurs.
OR ELUE SATTLER Played by: Laura Dam Settler la a paleobotenist and Grant's DR IAN MALCOLM Played by. Jeff Goldblum ¦an and chaos dwonst Malcolm Ms bean hired fo loot al Via systems al fbt Part fo predict bow they II reacf lo ona another. He predicts disaster due fo the unpredictable and complai interectioas between the natural organisms.
TIM Plsyed by Joseph Manello Tim Is Hammond's nine-year-old grandson and an avid dinosaur enthusiast.
LEX Played by: Arfaui Richards Another of Hammond s grandchildren. Ibis 12-year-old's computer thills may come In handy in getting the part bach or line.
GAME CRAZY That's the tarn, but what about the game? Manchester-based publishers, Ocean, eagerly snapped up the rights lo the PC, Amiga and Nintendo versions and have been busily assembling the biggest development teams in their history to ensure that they make the game a success, too. Ocean's software director, Gary Bracey. Views this tcense very differently. It's a once in a lifetime kind of thing. We want to make it unlike any other license that W .fir' "** . 'vl'- j-c puzzle W sub-games lor 3* instance instead, what the r 13-man team have oome up with is a sort ol Chaos fngpne-stylq '
h isometric arcade a»*re»e sseiiei.
Ous 3D sections, very wiwtftcsmit Legends of Vaku frown n lor good measure You get lo play fie heft.
Grant, as he frarftady crosses the Park in an attempt to rescue Hammond's two grandchildren from the marauding monsters This may seem like a strange mix of game styles but from what we've seen it works well. The coders themselves are pleased with their results. Andrew Miah. One of the four main coders, is quick to point out the changes they*vt made. The 3D is unlike anything you've seen on the Amiga before The graphics window is about three or lour times bigger than Legends of Valour's and running twice as fast.' In fact, Matt Wood, one of the co-designers, likens the whole thing more to
Cadaver with lots of puzzle elements creeping in to the blasting action. It has to be said though that Jurassic bears more than a passing resemblance to another Bitmap's game - The Chaos Engine Man leaps quickly to their defence We first saw The Chaos Engine when we were part of the way through coding Jurassic Park and thought "Oh dear its going to look the same' but it looks a lot different when you see it moving ' To be fair that’s we've ever produced He s so enthusiastic about the protect M (s hard to shut him upl This is Jaws «nft dinosaurs This isn't just a ten anymore - its an event'
Tha Sme though, his enthusiasm • yusefeed Visually the game s very afferent to r Ocean teeltot section ounh as the back- carelully designed .i -I leave:, and CU AMIGA ACTION!!!!!
WORK IN PROGRESS Work started last November on an A500 ptatform due to the lack ot availability of A1200 development kit.
However when they got hold of one they transferred all development onto it This means that well have to wait a little longer lor the A500 A600 versions to appear. A1200 owners are in for a treat though as, apart from the obvious colour improvements, it will run much faster with the topdown bits scroling at 25 frames per second. The 3D section too will be improved with all surfaces texture mapped. This part of the game is chock full of nail-biting atmosphere This has been enhanced with a thumping sound track incorporating a heart beat which races when you're being chased. In an unprecedented
move the coders were provided with a DAT of actual sounds from the movie to use in their soundtrack. This works to great effect as the T-Rex's approach is preceded by a detent ground shaking rumble before it screams onto the monitor to chase Grant.
Jurassic Park - The Came looks ¦.It will live up to the precedent set by is big screen brother Watch out for a x'Sh la guarding Its tick par- ill coma* ip the lor* here The baby ent. The MONEY MACHINE It sill probably come a • wwprise h I that the film is only Dm tip ol the iceberg as In u profits go. Tiro ml money is going to come from all the thousands of spinoffs, ol which Ocean’s game Is but a small pad Apart Irorn the radons video games wear There’s even a Jurassic Park credit card Presumably to use lo buy all the rest of The current largest grossing him ol all limo. In lerms of license
spleofts. Is Batman.
That brought in an Incredible $ 1 billion worldwide and MCMInlvorsal (Jurasslc s owneni predict fiat die eltimate total lor Jurassic could approach if not exceed, that jaw-dropping llgurs The key lo achieving thia It lo keep the product In the public eye for • long period of lime. MCJWJnivotsal inlead to ft so by beeping the theatrical release es long as possible and Own tdllow It up with a video: there's even the possibility ol a TV series, a theme park and the It's wnlikety that ol going to tee and Mar a lot Irani T-Rei and hit Irlends over the coming years.
PUBLIC DOMAIN SOFTWARE A500 A600 A1200 COMPATIBLE SEASON The Logical Choice - Bnlant new verwon of thts famous 8 channel music eOttx with a totaly rww look - PUU DOWN MENUS. ON-UNI HIT. UU MO SUPPORT WITH UPTO 64 TRACKS. SAMPVEH EDITOR. OOPLAVS STANOARO TRACKER OR TRAtXTCNAl STAVE NOTATKW ETC.ETC. (REOUIREOS KKKSTART 2 OR LATER) rePMfftshPT ONLY £4.75 fa MS PG1Q3 • Super P»cman-92 PG106 - SI Manager (Footed Management) PG134-PFPO Game* Croak. Maze Nebula.Mr Wobbly. & 0be W3MT SCY (1) - a IUI »* * WwgBMrB AOOC (i) - 9*m doe ua OORO COACH (f) P*otnwu» F*OST & PACKING Orders under £5 please odd
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(Football A12M OWNERS PACK re,ei cpUi„ **«»“('a 5 essential
flisKs lot owner? Ol the new Amaa Another wo mi 5 disks Only
24.75 PG 168 • American Football Coach KICK 1.3 (solves mosl
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(aistom.se your wrWrencb) py, S1. Creator (ante your o»n AGA
ptOures (see just what your machine can game) feplay) AGA
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games) WINBLEND (create 256 colour'8? Aim. Bay. Snoot AfensS
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Centre S| First Floor. 80 Woodlands Ave Rustington, W Sussex BN
16 3EY Tbl ¦ 109031 850378
9. 30 am lo 7.00pm Mon-Frt (to 5pm Sat) H II) create emoo* motpM
S 2 i 11 net doi ? (root on ou t 3 ArMb*
(1) tax rwrwc NPYpa tT-n A0OO KICK tJ(1)~ urtokJA500Brog*on AMOS
At?00 HO AGA D6MO (1) - Braart A1700 or*t Oer»o PC TASK Vt
(1) BM PC emuMBor AGA TFTRS (I) ctesc gm 4 AGA UCHESS(I)
tAm*AGA (TWM p-cfl (rwMi 4 meg) PI)fras (par dsk)'-4C 50. 59
Cl 75. 1074St O r*w OTWWM iBMd M We *rk on A600 ASO). AflOO.
A1200 AM FM Dish based magazine for Amiga musicians Issue 13
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C2.SO (1-12 also available) BLDTTTERSOFT Credit Card orders attract a 2.5% handling charge (DEPT. AC) 40 COLLEY HILL, BRADWELL, MILTON KEYNES, BUCKS. MK13 8EL EmpLqnT ¦KB HDDS) A-.r.n, NODI¦ deal!
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r Currently shipping with the most sophisticated MAC emulation available.
Mac emulation boasts full colour (16 standard. 256 AGA. 1.6 Million with RETINA, with other graphics card support to follow) and it multi-tasks!
Supports Hard Drives (via on-bourd SCSI or AmigaDOS partitions). MAC 800K (via SYBIL). MAC IBM 1,44Mb IBM 720K. EMPLANT and AMAX formats.
Support for AppleTalk Serial ports. Printers, Modems, Midi etc. Supports SyQuest, Any AinigaDOS device (DH0:. RAD:, VD0: etc.). Scanners etc. Emulation speed is comparable to the real machine and compatibility is excellent.
r The IBM 386 486 emulation in under development, with Atari ST Fakon. C64 128.
SNES SEGA (among others) all planned in the future.
r Currently supports any Zotto bus Amiga (A50(VA 1000 via suitable Zono bus adapter such as Slingshot, with A60(VI 200 PCMCIA version to follow).
6 Requires 6802GT3 V40 with 4Mb RAM recommended. (The MAC emulation requires 256K MacII x cx SE30 ROMs).
O The EMPLANT can also provide 2Mb battery-backed static RAM!
r Additional features being added all the time. We provide full UK support and free Mac upgrades. A UK support BBS is imminent.
* Compatibility is excellent. Every Mac program tried worked
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Amiga Computing • July 1993 SPEED -As fast as the equivalent Mac.
Whichever Amiga vou use ¦ 85% ~ Amiga Formal - July 1993 (Includes AppleTalk Serial pons SCSI Interface) SYBIL HARDWARE • £59.95 Superb prices on the complete range of top end Amiga computers. We believe these represeni the lowest priced performance Amiga's lo he found' A4000 030 25MII . 4Mb RAM. 80Mb Hard Drive ONLY £91445 A4000 030 25VIII . 4Mb RAM.
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ONLY I This amazing little board otters 24- bit graphics and even has a tree 24-bit paint package! Supports many monitors for superb crisp displays. EMPLANT now supports RETINA tor a 16.7 million colour Macintosh!
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They come in a sturdy, complementary coloured metal case. Available NOW!
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OUR 3 MACHINE EDITORS - SAVE YOU £500! TEL 0332 298422 itronix DTV Systems, Burlington House, Prime Industrial Park, Shaftesbury St, Derby DE3 8YB. Tel: 0332 298422 a BLADE O Strapping on his mighty weapon, Jon Sloan steps into a world of beautiful warriors and brave women... or should that be the other way ’round?
To restrict you to a linear progression Amazingly that's not the case. Your hearty band is free to travel and do almost anything and needn't follow a set route to achieving its ultimate goal It s this freedom that makes Blade so wonderfully appealing. Your travels through the Realm will take you to many towns and villages looking for dues to the sword’s location.
When visiting you're bound to come across intriguing tales of local monsters that no self-respecting adventurers should ignore. These sub plots not only serve to prolong the main game but also give it an added level of realism. And realism is a theme carried through the whole game - you actually believe that this place could have existed.
It's an established standard for this genre that you should view the action in 30 from the first-person perspective and, in that respect, Blade is no different. Although this can be a graphically exciting means of playing it can also be very limiting. For instance, other than sticking the warriors at the front tactics are difficult to execute Blade has recognised those faults and offers a second viewpoint when you get into battle.
Stranger names, like Sir Shaun of Crispy (I kid you not) and Alrik v, Angbar. It tells the tale ot a famous sword lost in the lands of the Ores and of a brave band of adventurers who set out to find it. Actually, it's a little more complex than that, but you get the idea WHAT A BIG ONE The first thing that strikes you about Blade is the sheer size of the map ot Arkania - there's over 184,000 square miles of territory and more than 80 towns to visit, not counting the numerous hidden dungeons' With a play area this size it would be an easy cop out for the programmers The Amiga role-playing
market is pretty tough to break into successfully What with the amazing Eye ol the Beholder series and, more recently, Legends of Valour, the standard of this genre has risen dramatically since its early days There are quite a few hot games out there and RPGers are a choosy bunch.
Into this arena strides Blade ol Destiny. Converted from Germany's number one role-playing system, Das Schwarze Auge (literally, The Black Eye). Blade is the first of the Northern Territories Trilogy. Set in the Realm of Arkania it's filled with strange characters with even CLASSY CHAg tYi&S With 1? Character classes available chances are that you'll lind one close lo your perlecl image ol what an adventurer should be It s a good idea, though to go lor a finely balanced team ol sn heroes It s no good lacing up to a 50-foot dragon with six pickpockets! Try to get an even mi* ol lighters.
Magicians, rogues and hunters That way the team should be prepared lor most eventualities.
V. V ‘ Vl-S y "H': -w a* * L 4- - These guys are the bar
barians irt the game Renowned tor their love ol drinking and
lighting they also make groat sailors and explorers if KT sr
If ) jjrfll' mako groat sailors and M - ,** Missile weapons
and tracking skills make Hunters groat lor lights on the road.
You II never bo short ol lood with one ol these in the loam.
Jp I* If VLL Masters ot armed combat, warriors are usetul In a light. They are the only class able to handle Ihe two-handed sword f Jk I GAME REVIEW CU AMIGA DESTINY HJFiLDING CAPITAL.
Without taking his weapon. That's not atl either, In BIMe. Lust like real llto. II you plan to sptnd the night comfortably under tha stars It's wise to carry a bedroll, plus A tikX&Si £ Vi
CX. 3 3 AV • • HE ft S ou s.x VT 4 4 •- ouar the years I thiak
that It’s sale ta say that Utit otters you the largest choice
ol oguipmenl and weapons aver. There are some weird and
esoteric swords, s range ol ases, plus rope ladders, shovels
and some pretty nitty snow shoes.
What you eventually decide lo lake is entirely up to yoo, hut there's a lot ol lac- ol currently selected Item Character s weight.
Character's height.
Travel Between town* Is eeey lo do but difficult lo carry out safely. Simply find a signpost In lown and this map screen wM pop up. Ckcfc on a location lo get Info then travel there.
In a fight situation the screen shifts to an isometric perspective very similar to that in The Immortal.
Whilst Blade's graphics are nowhere near as good as those in The Immortal it Is a brilliant way ot organising battles. You can execute some high level tactics placing lighters, magicians and archers in appropriate positions. It s even possible to split the party into smaller groups and have your most perceptive characters scouting ahead lor the many lloor and ceiling traps that litter the dungeons.
Thoro or* many houses lo visit, but lew occupants will give you the time of day If you don't know them. Better beat it fast before he calls the town guard.
ALTERED STATES This changed view has allowed the graphics artists to have a field day.
Too. With every spell cast accompanied by an appropriate explosion or effect and, considering there are over 70 spells to choose from, that’s a helluva lot ol animations. This spell system must be the most comprehensive ever with spells lor just about every situation from turning solids to liquid to blinding opponents with a lightning flash. Physical combat has been developed well. Too.
With fighters given the choice to guard, parry and attack at one ot three levels ot commitment. That realism I was mentioning eadier comes into play here with players able to tumble attacks and weapons and armour prone to breaking right in the middle ot a pitched battle with 10 Ores. It's a pain when it happens but overall it's tremendous fun. On the sub|ect ol pain your characters not only sustain weapon damage, but they can also catch a disease or get infected wounds!
Before I explode from using too many superlatives I've got to tell you that Blade does have its (laws. The graphics are tar below what we have come to expect trom this type ot game Whilst the static screens are very detailed and colourful the 3D ones are not. Dungeons are especially difficult to negotiate as the walls are a nauseating shade ot blue Apart trom controlling the forces of nature Druids are capable ol summoning and controlling demons 1,' 1 L AMIGA 4000 AMIGA 1200 AMIGA 600 AMIGA 500 88030 25MHz CPU, Slot tor processor, 80 or 120Mb IDE HD AGA Chipset, Workbench 3 1 year on
site warranty 2 Mb RAM Models, t 7Mb High Density, 3.5 Disk Drive 4x Amiga Zorro III expansion slots 3 of. These are also PC AT slots A4000 030 170HD 2Mb RAM £1000 A4000 030 220HD 2Mb RAM £1050 A4000 030 256HD 2Mb RAM £1100 A4000 Fast RAM 2Mb RAM £120 4Mb RAM £150 Ram available next month A1200 COMIC RELIEF PACK £375.00 A1200 above with 85Mb HD £570.00 A1200 STANDALONE £357.00 A500 TRADE IN £120.00 A600 TRADE IN £120.00 A1600 TRADE IN £150.00 A2000 TRADE IN £150.00 A3000 TRADE IN £300.00 TRADE IN PRICES VALID ON
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PC Bridge Board. Video Slot .Word processor. Database.spreadsheet. Home Accounts, Dulux Paints, Amiga Vision .plus three games.
This system Is Ideal for home accounts or small busines £390 7fl for mnnit Cartoon classics £189.00 A590 20Mb hard driv £179.00 Gvp 42Mb Hard Dri £249.00 A370 CD-ROM Driv £139.00 External drive £49 VIDI AMIGA 12:E75.00 Video backup £59 00 Lynx £5900 Arena accounts:£79.
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Gigamem £60 Dpaint AGA :£80.
Vlab Y C :£340.
ImageF X :£195.
Amiga Vision :£50.
PARNET CABLE CD-ROM SWITCH CD-JOY AMIGA CD 32 Allows a network Ink with two Amigas 4a the paralel port.
Instructions come with dak.
Works with all Amigas!
Connect to a CDTV to access data on a CD-ROM from your Amiga.
1. 8 Mtr Cable £20.00
3. 0 Mtr Cable £35.00 A CD-ROM SWITCH,Is a cost etfective method
ot allowing you to use the lull 1mb Chip RAM supplied with
your CDTV. Birds of Prey, FormulalGP, Knights ot the Sky or
any other true 1 megabyte program win now run with no problem.
Plus tree Pandoras CD to 1st 10 CD-ROM SWITCH £25.00 The
CD-JOY was designed to allow CDTV owners the use of up to two
onknary Joysticks or one mice. The CD-JOY is an internally
sited Interlace, this means opening your CDTV to install.
Free Pandoras to 1st S customers quoting this number CD32 CD-JOY £25.00 Yes! The much rumored eagerly awaited Sega(tm) and Nintendo (tm) Stopper is now here.
Specially enhanced AA Chip set and processor. 16.8 million colour| palette. Free game and joypad controller.
Hence forth it*' new title will be CD GOLD. So. What is CD GOLD ?
If you own an Amiga CDTV or an Amiga with a CD-Rom. Then you will find CD GOLD invaluable as a source a up to the minute reliable information on your machine. Be it A570, CDTV or any new CD E««pfl machine commodore may release in the future. CD GOLD is the worlds first multimedia nugarinp on compact disk designed for Amiga CD users. CD GOLD has much the same structure of any other magarinr designed for Amiga users but with motor advances over paper based variants. Interviews are oil Hve. More free software, more playable demos, see hardware protects constructed before your very eyes. Talk to
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Prepare for the next leap forward in Amiga Technology Buy your Copy of CD GOLD now I The Pilot issue will be available in August. So if you have any questions regarding your machine that you would like answered by the experts or if you have .-ny ideas or programs that you would like to be included then why not send them in to us and we will them into the first issue CDTV + ACCESSORIES GOLDTECH CDTV Multimedia pack £270 inckides, mouse, caddie, keyboard, disk ckive. Remote controler and Iree software, mckxtng Fred Rsh Disk.
CDTV Player with software £170 KEYBOARD Turns CDTV into Computer £45 MOUSE ..Vital tor any serious user £30 DISKDRIVE .Access Arrvga 500software £60 IR CONTROL You never know. £30 AMIGA to Scart . ..Plug CDTV Into scan T V. £10 CO Scsj card Used to connect hard drives £90 ER NAME_ ADDRESS.
Please reserve me a copy at £10 Make Cheques or Postal Orders payable to
• GOLDTECH COMPUTER SYSTEMS* CD GOLD £10.00 £39.96 £34.96 £19.96
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YANKEE Town with No Name MUSIC MAKER TEL: 081 520 6224 FAX: 081
LONDON EI7 3JG Contact us via Email on:Gok*ecM9cix.compuink.co
uk AN prices are correct at time of going to press, E&OE AN
£49.99 £14.99 £14.99 £1499 £24.99 £24.99 £39.99 £24.99 £34 99
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£29.99 £24.99 £29.
£29 99 £34.99 All Doga go to Heaven American Vista Allas Barny Bear Goes to School CASINO GAMES Els (green Space awnulator North Polar Expedition SUPER GAMES PACK Heroic Age of SpaceNght Wrath o( The Demon XENON 2 ULTIMATE BASKETBALL TIE BREAK TENNIS S4I COY CO REMIX GUINESS Disc ol Records
2. 5 IDE A1200 A800HD These drives come bundled with Sid Meier’s
£160.00 127MB HARD DRIVE £220.00
3. 5 IDE A1200 A600 A4000 170MB HARD DRIVE £240.00 250MB HARD
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850MB DEC SCS2: £850.00 425MB Fujitsu: £660.00 525MB Fujitsu: £750.00 External case and power s with cables: £94.00 or £30 when purchased with a drive.
CU AMIGA which serves to tvde ooware and doorways even Mwn you m stondng right next to them Tone My Uni an auto map when daaW where you are and aWi near The towns, too. Are very iscsatoto whole areas empry d yana
- houses do not xnw .rei you re OVERALL 86% ALTERNATIVE BUYS The
RPG market is awash with james. Some good, some not so good,
and some utter rubbish.
Here's a briet guide to three alternatives to B ade.
THE IMMORTAL If the isometric combat screens appeal to you then buy this game. It Is the most IN CONCLUSION... It would be impoaaMe tor me 10 go into detail about nv) mpert d Blade - it realy e too rvga to do that adequately herd These are oer 70 statistics and ltd areas isxgse to each player But C« uSs to say that it you've ever played a eosapussr- based RPG and to» Suae 1 HSI didn't do somsTwiq set you eos • should do then Blade will not trus- trate you in the same way. There are limitations, after all it is governed by the coding and not by some Dungeon Master's imagination, but it is the
most comprehensive RPG ever to appear on your Amiga.
This game may not have the graphical beauty ot Legends ol Valour or The Immortal, nor the intuitive control system ot the Eye series, but it you can live with those tailings then I can heartily recommend its purchase Cji UNITS 2-3. HOLFORD WAT. HOLFORD, BIRMINGHAM B67AX.
TEL: 021 6253366.
• ••70% SOUND
• 98% PLAYABILITY •?••??
• 93% C Expensive and graphically uninspiring bul, ulli- m
mately, this Is an Incredible game.
GAME REVIEW WHALE'I Paul Presley spent his childhood summers in places like Llandudno, Towyn and Rhyl, so he seemed the perfect person to mis-read the title of Flair’s latest.
VOYAOE pit] • I A FLY ME TO THE MOON(S) Have you ever seen Ihe cockpit ol a space shuttle? There are buttons, switches lights and dials everywhere On the walls, on Ihe floor, on Ihe ceiling, there's probably some in the toilet compartments too (but that's (ust an eicuse tor a cheap laugh so I won t mention it) Oh how I bet those brave pioneers ot the linal frontier long lor the kind of control system seen in the Whale. You |ust pick your planet and press a single button to go there No controls, no loyslicks, no messing around with altitude adiustments and speed corrections Jnst a single,
solitary button Actually the Planet Selection screens do contain some ol the finest graphics in the game, even if they are |usl life sustaining. Solar orbiting spheroids (planets to you and me. Bub) Pick a planet and you also gel a handy little description ol what life is like there It's all rather tolly, but with only six planets, sadly short lived Let's see, how do you best describe Whale's Voyage?
Hmm ... take Elite Now take all the bits that made Elite good (the three-dimensional space flights and the nail-biting combat) and throw them out. Next reduce the hundreds of visitable planets to a total of six and add a sub standard Eye ot the Beholder routine to simulate planet exploring. Hey presto. Whale's Voyage. And boy does it flounder.
Games like this really irritate me and I'll tell you why. You can just picture the design meetings - four or five guys and gals sat around a pub table (or Biergarten since Ihis was made in Austria) discussing their next project. Hey.’ says one, let's do an Elite You know space travel, trading, combat It'll be great (or zoo-per.
As I believe is a popular phrase in fashionable quarters of Vienna).'
Unfortunately no one has the heart to tell these people that you can't do' an Elite as Elite was the qumtessen tial space game and the only way you can cover it is if your name is David Braben since then people won't think you're just ripping it off.
The other thing is that if you are going to go ahead and do a cover version anyway, you have to make sure that what you produce is not only bigger, but better than Ihe original in the lirsl place. Whale's Voyage (ails on both counts so it s right up a certain creek without a certain instrument before it starts.
GOING DOWNTOWN It has a brave stab at being innovative. But sadly its blade of choice is as sharp as wet celery. You don't just control one character at a time but four, treating you to a more typical role-playing game envrronment when you venture down to a planet's surface. You know the form (or at least you should by now), first-person flick screening around the local town, bumping into wandering locals and exploring the various shops (none of which sell anything except trading goods).
Now this might have been quite good, after all Elite never went near the surface did it? Unfortunately in Ihe same way that the space bit of it failed to capture any of Elite’s good points, the role-playing element fails to deliver The control system is one of the most unwieldy I've ever . Encountered. For example, to hit someone you first have to access the relevant character's icon menu, then you choose the Select Person icon, then you select which computer controlled person to hit, then you re-access the character’s icon menu and select the attack icon. And just because you selected the
opponent with one character, don't think you've done it for everyone. Each time a dif- PARENTHOOD ¦UN ut the most comprehensive ol character peneration systems ever seen, the (level- iwunl section ol Whale's Voyage is certainly... unique. After all. What other RPGs let yae p ch the parents ol the child, metale him altar birth, than send him through school at the top ol the screen. As athtir personalities and Mis. It's all up to late ¦ II be Interesting trying to gat that alee young blonde la mate with that slime e Irom the planet 121 Neat, with the potential wrag'1 mom and pop aaned out. You
get to mess around with Its genes. Add a hit toils physical prowess, just a touch more intelligence ferent member ot your party wants to hit someone they have 10 go through the whole process ol selecting' all over again H noting else 4 encourages peaceful contact with whoever you meet.
I4I Alter school comes college and all the
• scitement ol stimulating intellectual challenges.
Mag-term career plans and your first 'serious' relationships with the opposite ¦os (l.e hissing with longues). This is also where you determine your character's profession.
TRULY INDIFFERENT It is hard, truly hard, to convey how much indifference Whales Voyage invokes in me. I have not the indination to persevere with it nor the desire to see what lies ahead I have no real reason to loathe the ttung. But there is nothing about it
a. Well.
«'s better than leaving it all to late and ending up with a young conservative an your hands.
Ill Ah, school. The best days ol your lile (ascept the bib when you re being beaten up. Robbed ot dinner money and being reiected by girts). As tar as the game Is concerned land leaving my private Me out ol It), the type ot school you choose determines your eventual skills.
But surely, you ask. There must be something good 10 say about Whale's Voyage No game is 100 per cent drop dead awfut. Is it’ Well, the graphics are pretty good (especially involving your ship) and the character creation technque is. Well, different (see Parenthood panel).
Perhaps the most positive thing about Whales Voyage is the way each character has a unique set ol icons in any given situation What the character can do changes depending on his profession, his skills and the situation in hand. ITS a feature that's only marred by the awkwardness of the control system itself.
Apart from that. No. I can find precious little else to recommend about Whale s Voyage. There's hardly anything in the way of excitement ot atmosphere, nothing of what you would call addictiveness and it cer tainly doesn't inspire confidence in the Austrian games market. What it does do is present a damn strong argument in favour of waiting for Ellle 2 to come along.
Worth praising. It's like a big league football manager seeing a young lad kicking a ball around in the park and thinking 'That kid reminds me a bit of a young George Best. Maybe he’s got talent', only to sign him up lor the clash against BigTown United and watch him stand around at the back doing nothing. It's really got nothing going for it and I can't help but feel sorry for it. Or at least I would if it could make me bothered about it. Which it can't. R$ t, FLAIR SOFTWARE LTD THE SMITHY SIDE. PONTELAND. NEWCASTLE NE20 9BOTEL: 0661 860260 RELEASE DATE: NOW GENRE: RPG STRATEGY TEAM NEO
INSTABILITY ••••••45% PLAYABILITY •?••??40% (A substandard space slm. Roll on Elite 2... quickly!
OVERALL 45% FLAIR SOFTWARE £29.99 S1S00 ISHAR 1200 DAZE OUT NOW £32.99 SIM LIFE AGA MINDSCAPE OUT NOW £34.99 The first party member to recruit Is this thief. This guy s called Bormlna - you know Tolkein has a lot to answer for with his stupidly named characters like Bilbo Bagglns and Aragorn. What's wrong with simple names Nke Fred and Steve?
The archipelago of Arborea has featured in a fair tew RPGs in recent years First there was the Crystals ol Arborea. Then Ishar
- Legend ol Ihe Fortress and, last month. Ishar 2 - Messengers ol
Doom. All the games have been well received by both public and
critics alike. So it was with some disappointment that many
adventure fans found that Ishar I did not run on their
Fortunately that grave oversight has been corrected and A1200 owners can finally experience the delights of one of the best RPGs on the scene. Not only is it now fully compatible it has also been significantly enhanced.
Unfortunately the town's not as peaceful ae It first appears. Here's a band or roving ores out to make pancakes ol your adventurers. One of em's dead but It cost the life ol poor old Bormlna (still, with a silly name The player sees the world from the standard first person perspective but. Beyond that, the game does not conform to the usual tenets of the genre.
First off there's no character generation to deal with - you start the game already equipped with one fighter who must then travel the lands recruiting other parly members. This is one of the more intriguing aspects because you can often find yourself in a position where you desperately want to recruit someone whom the rest of the party will not have. In this respect a character's personality greatly affects many aspects of the gameplay You can even find your self in a position where a wounded character, who is disliked by the rest of the team, is refused medical aid.
The special window Is excellent. Say you make a mistake with one animal you can change It Into another, either Immediately or over a tew generations.
The idea of the game is to explore a vast world in an attempt to find clues that will help you defeat the nasty Krogh.
This evildoer has built a huge temple in your lands and is doing his utmost to terronse and kill the local population. The sheer size of the map is probably the greatest problem that exists with this game in that the landscape is often very sparse with few locations for you to explore.
Still, if you like mapping you're definitely in for a treat.
Improvements to the A1200 version include the obvious expansion in colours to 256 which adds significant depth to the backgrounds.
Also, the gameplay has been tweaked to take advantage of the faster processor. This is quite welcome given the older version's tendency to run fairly slowly.
The most welcome improvement in this version of the game comes in the form ot a doleful soundtrack
- great for atmosphere All in all it's a substantial improvement
serving to enhance your overall enjoyment ol the product Jon
Sloan V'fifT' At first view Sim Lile looks like one of those
incredibly complex utilities that takes you ages to learn to
use properly before you realise that you don't actually like
it. Fortunately that's only half true - it will take ages
before you learn what all the buttons are for. But it's great
fun experimenting. And that is the core of the game, as the
designer Ken Karakotsios says, 'It is a game, a toy and an
experimental tool to learn about life, real and artificial.'
It's absolutely necessary in such a deep game for you to be slowly introduced to it via growing levels of complexity.
Thankfully. Ken has realised this and provides you with a full on-screen tutorial. Also, as It was ported straight from the Apple Mac the control system Is very intuitive indeed. So, despite the fact that Sim Liles got more buttons than all the bellies in China you soon learn what all the major ones do. To help you start there's also six pre-set scenarios or experiments ready for you to explore. One of the fun ones starts you oft with a colony ot herbivores which then suffers from a gradual introduction of carnivores. The aim being to try to find out at what point a balance is reached.
There is no specific goal to be reached. The basic idea is to establish an ecosystem where the various lifeforms reach some kind ot equilibrium with each other and their environment. You can achieve this by changing factors at every level of the life scale from basic genes all the way up to whole species ot both plants and animals. Also, instead of taking such immediate control over evolution, you can influence it less directly by altering the environment making it hotter, wetter, less lush. Etc. This range ol options makes Sim Lile a game you're likely to be playing for months, maybe even
years, down the line and still finding something new to do.
On the down side. I was less than impressed by the standard of the graphics with animals being depicted as simple block drawings that move but do not animate.
The game speed too is not good, even on the A4000. Those little niggles aside, if the idea of being able to control a whole ecosystem and the evolution of all the life in it appeals to you, S m Life will draw you in and keep you playing for a long time to come. Now, what if I cross an alligator with a poodle...?
Jon Sloan Ur'JJj Mflflj Needs, One Solution.
Whether you 're new to computers, a computer whiz, or somewhere in between, you 7 find Directory OPUS an invaluable tool for making your Amiga more efficient and productive.
"Directory OPUS lets me feel like I’m in control, even if I don't always know wliat I'm doing. Instead of being frustrated, now can do fun things with my Amiga!"
- Sonia King. Amiga Hobbyist "With Workbench and CU. You waste
loo much time using correct syntax and looking for the right
program lo view the right file. With OPUS, everything is at my
- Harold Williams. Pm,, r User "With OPUS I can get on with my
real business. I don't waste my time figuring out commands or
looking all over my hard disk for files."
- Greg Ruuska. Corporate User Face it. The more you do with your
Amiga, the tougher it is to organize hundreds of files,
directories and programs. How do you copy a file? How do you
view and manage multiple directories?
Which viewer works best with which files?
How in the world do you control all these details, have some fun. And get some real work done?
Directory Opus is the answer!
Disk Management can turn into a full time job. OPUS keeps your life simple by giving you point and click control over all your housekeeping functions - like copying, moving, deleting, and renaming files. It also gives you enhanced requesters for doing things such as disk formatting, copying, and installing. The intuitive interface gives you the necessary information and tools to easily organize your files and directories.
Making Disk Management easy is just the beginning. Directory OPUS knows what your files arc - even if you don't. Want to see any image file, regardless of format? Play sound files or even a music file? Run an animation? Just point & click with OPUS. Want to sec what’s in a Workbench drawer? Just drag and drop it to see a full list of its contents. And there's more. You can even use OPUS as a "home base" for common tasks like printing or searching for files, and for uncommon tasks like file encryption.
Why not have OPUS your way? Simple point and click configuration lets you modify every aspect of OPUS to suit the way you want lo work. From interface colors and fonts, to the appearance and operation of every button, to controlling the way files are copied and deleted, the configuration program helps you through every step with on-line help.
Directory OPUS makes it easy to start your applications. Using the point and click configuration utility you can customize your Buttons and Menus and even teach Directory OPUS to recognize new file types. Got a word processor? Teach OPUS to run it and edit a selected file - it's a breeze!
Directory OPUS: The Number I best selling Amiga software utility. Pick up a copy today, or call INOVAtronics at 0707 662 861 for the location of the INOVAtronics dealer nearest you!
Announcing: Our new UK office, offering sales & Technical support!
Unit 11, Enterprise Centre. Cranbome Road Potters Bar, Hertfordshire EN63DQ. England Tel: 0707 662 861 FAX: 0707 660 992 atronics, Inc 84 59 Greenville Avenue Suite 209B Dallas. TX. 75231 USA Tel: (2141340-4991 FAX (2141 340-8514 ics, Ltd. Unit 11, Enterprise Center Cranbome Road Potters Bor Hertfordshire BM6 3DQ ENGLAND Tel: *44-707-662861 FAX *44-707-660992 atronics GmbH Im Heidkamp 11 W-50OO Cologne 91 GERMANY Telephone +49-221-875126 FAX +49-221-8704747 Ameagre Prices for Amiga Users LOTUS III - TVK ULTIMATE CHALLENGE (1MS) 1 LOTUS TURBO CHALLENGE II
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STREET FQKTER 2 (IAS) STRIDE R STRK FLEET , Amiga Atari PC Sega ttwR Tnot usrolw.atyouiweO NOBODY DOES IT FASTER VO Creuii CafO Sut Credit card orders 10 171 608 7 Kays a wask (not or | You can also FAX your Ontario 07' Include UK pottage and VAT arO are atlecave urel 18IH August order* postage is charged at cost New titles wfl 0* and ate eubiac* »«wnutae*jr r»' pie* reviews All Cheques postal orders to DataGEM Ltd GAME REVIEW CU AMIGA form-packed scenery is made up ot grassy hills and outcropping cliffs with deadly gunge-filled pits lying In wait If you lose your footing. The Mystical Forest
levels throw up their own set of nasties in the form of wood-chucking beavers, man-eating plants and murderous axes that liter- aly fly off the handle at the slightest provacation. The most testing obstacle are the bees' nests - once shot to pieces, they unleash a swarm of bees which follow you around.
Further on, Toxi-Town features a series of interconnected steel girders. Moving conveyor belts, lifts and other obstacles. On the prowl are pneumatic drills, mutant trash cans thal throw out a deadly diet of broken bottles and other such rubbish, and toxic clouds that split into smaller panicles once hit. Finally, Arctic World is set atop a series of snowcapped mountains and glaciers, and features some cute snow- ball-chuckino Yetis as well as nowstorms Certainly looks Ihe business, butIhe gameplay's loo easy.
OVERALL 75° w V irgin's first attempt at exploiting the McDonald's license - Ihe thoroughly miserable McDonaldsland - was such a stinker we didn't even bother reviewing it. Happily, their second stab at the license is a much more playable affair.
Global Gladiators once again features the exploits ot Mick and Mack This time, the two pals are tucking into a meal at a McDonald's restaurant, reading the latest Global Gladiators comic, when they're suddenly transformed into the comic book heroes by Ronald McDonald and transported lo McDonald's Land which has been taken over by some evil slime-monsters who are spewing out a deadly lidal wave of gunge.
To save the day. Mick or Mack must run or jump about the game's lour worlds, made up of three levels apiece, destroying the alien invaders and thus preventing them from turning the worid into one big toxic waste dump. Each character comes equipped with a Gooshooter, a marvellous device which chums out an endless supply of a gunge-destroying substance making short work of any alien nasties that get in the way.
Each world is built around a particular theme. Slime World is full of globular-shaped nasties which wibble and wobble all over the place, spewing out a torrent of green slime at anyone who comes near. The platUTTER LOUTS As meM as destroying f» Mating louts that lest each level. Ihere e also a number of EoonaWs Arches to t* i© Once you've
* eded 0. Ronald j McDonald appears to «e you through to the d
stage of the game I P«9 i* another 30.
I (tough, and you gain I er»y to a special bonus level. This nvoTves collecting various bottles, cans and newspapers as they tall to Ihe grcaxid and depositing them in the correct recycling bins for bonus points galore Mick and Mao* possess an amazing repertoire oI facial contortions and, If left to (tar oen devices too long, theyl blow a bubble with some chewing gum spn (tar Gooshooter around in thee hand, or a z*on other set pieces Even better dou i. Is the mass ol sampled spoocf and sound effects that have been nciuded Collect an energy-giwig head and you get an 'Awesome, dude greeting
blaring out of the speakers, with similar phrases kttermg other pads of the gameplay STAND AND DELIVER Untodunately, the game tads to deliver in a number of departments For starters it's only a one-player game, so you can play either Mick or Mack but not both together. More impodantly, the whole shooting match Is too easy. It's possible to romp through the first two worids in a couple of hours, and I reckon that most CU AMIGA readers could complete the entire game within a day if they put their minds to it. It's rather like buying a Porsche and finding that its equipped with a Mini’s engine.
Globals graphics are cedainly stunning, but the gameplay isn’t in the same league. There’s also a problem when Mick or Mack’s sprile Is flipped over - the on screen view changes to show the area directly ahead of Ihe sprite, so things can become confusing if you have to quickly change directions a number of times.
That's not to say Global Gladiators is a bad game. If you're new to platform games, you II get a kick out of it.
But the more experienced players amongst you should look elsewhere r£Ji VIRGIN GAMES, 338A LADBROKE GROVE, LONDON W105AH.
• HO 51 *500- SI ••00 SI *1000 U A1500 Bt 12000 51 *5000 51 **000
Si VIRGIN £25.99 When Dragon ’s Lair appeared in the arcades,
everyone oohed and aahed over the cartoon antics of Dirk Ihe
Daring. Fifty pence pieces were dutifully shoved in the
stunning looking cabinet without a break, before people
finally realised that it just wasn't a very good game. Sure,
the graphics being played straight from an oversized Compact
Disc were staggering, but the game was almost totally devoid of
playability The problem was that it played like a speeded up
adventure game - rather than control the actions of the on
screen hero, you chose the reactions to what was happening.
If you thought Dirk should leap left Irom his current position
to avoid Ihe swinging axe, then you pressed left on the
joystick - not at the time he should jump, but in any of the
five seconds leading up to it. In a sense, you could 'program'
the moves for an animation sequence, and then step back and
watch it unfold Readysoft have long established themselves as
the premier Amiga animators, successfully converting numerous
laserdisc titles to the humble A500. Tony Dillon takes a look
at a new compilation that collects three classic games.
DRAGON'S LAIR 2 - HMEWARP The original Dragon’s Lair, when released on the Amiga, wowed everyone in much the same way as the arcade game. Strangely enough, many people drdrit mind shelNng out the £45 for the game, nor Ihe inherent lack of playability. It looks like people were happy just to have the stunning animation and graphics, which goes some way to explaining why Dragon’s Lair 2 is no better than the original.
It isn’t so much a sequel, more a continuation.
Dragon's Lair, the arcade game, was huge - so large in fact that the Amiga conversion only held one half of it, even though it came on six disks. This is the second half of that game, and it can only be described as more of the same. It contains the same unconventional graphics and controls, which is a
- ¦» V IB which there are 46. Starting in the kitchen ol your
beloved mother in-law, you have to flee and rescue the
gorgeous, pouting Daphne who has been kidnapped again The sound
and graphics are amazing All sounds have been digitised Irom
the coin-op. And all graphics mimic the arcade ones perfectly
Oddly enough, the whole thing runs on a half Meg machine,
though lotd knows howl Sadly, the controls are the same as
before. There is no room for error, and as you need to make
between one and three joystick moves per scene, one wrong move
sees you losing one of your three lives. A word of warning:
this game features no skill whatsoever. The entire thing can be
played through with trial and error, trying each joystick
direction as you come across another trouble spot, until you
get the right one Remember the moves you make, and you can
waltz through the game!
II you wonder wtiat I mean by 'unconventional graphics', then I'll tell you Most games have a single graphic for the main character, something instantly recognisable regardless I surroundings. This game works mori
• . Along the lines of a cartoon, with the camera view and zoom
chang- R j ing- Top Right. What a way to dwl Out gala nun with
a rosing pm. Coidd aha bo ttw dragon 01 Itlo two?
Speech, laser Dolls. Screams of pain and all the usual explosions run throughout, giving the whole game the atmosphere I led was missing tromffie Dragon s Lae games The bggest dderence S the Wl«4t| The is a lot harder than ee-er at tie Dragon j Lair titles in met pysao moves have to be bmed to etMT* on screen Now. Instead of orogranr-mg « the steps at the start Ot *» action, you have to wait jrti are enseal point and then move Unfortunately, the critical port comes and goes very quickly, and more often than not you'll miss a and die That phis the fact that the scenes are longer now. Some
requmng as many as six different loystick movements, means that this is a game you'll keep at for ages. Or not. If the frustration factor has anything to do with it.
Make one mistake, and you're dead Die three times, and it's back to the start ot the game. As with the 0 previous games, each puzzle' is sorted out more through trial and error than anything else, and when you keep dying at the same point because either (a) you’ve moved the joystick in the wrong quarter of a second, or (b) you've moved it at the right time but in the wrong direction, it's enough to make you smash up the disks, tear up the manual, put on some soothing music and watch some flowers for a bit. Nice graphics, shame about the game.
SMG ACE Another Don Bluth arcade rnactww Space Ace featured more sagger ing graphics and little ptayaMty This lime we move away from the mediaeval feel of the prewous too games and set oft rto spec* Ace1* girlfriend has been kxmapped again(l'), and guess amo "as K tare all sorts of urwnagraOle dangers IB reach her’ Again the grapftcs and icue are impeccacre Th» tcvrcCraOi runs consantfy through re gaee.
Thanks to a deve- oadng lecf- ruque that foam ante you pay not GRAPHICS SOUND INSTABILITY PLAYABILITY demon who has placed a plague v a small village, and destroy hvr, Your journey takes you Bvougr some unfriendly countrysxle or.
Horseback, through some even laas friendly caverns, and on towards demon. Hit and stab things as you travel along, collect pobons to increase your energy and gnre you special weapons and fight the txg guys at the end of each level - rs al standard stuff.
This time around, though, you ww find that the graphics are original rather than converted from any cow ops. And they really don't come up fo the mark, especially when compared to, say. Myth or Lkmhean. Let alone the other games included in this package The parallax scrolling is all very nice, but unfortunately the sprites aren't attached to it correctly The backdrops move very quickly, whether you're running or riding, which is certainly a good thing. Sadly, the sprites move very slowly.
Each action just takes too long to perform to be playable If you are walking to the right, and something walks along behind you to attack, by the time you've managed to turn around to hit it. It s hit you instead and run past you. Infuriating, to say the least The collision detection in this game is abysmal You can hit enemy sprites a dozen pixels out of reach, and they can do the same to you These are not little details that can be ignored. This sort of thing reaKy spoils the playability, and in the process renders this game completely useless.
CONCLUSION The package is called AnmaHon Classes, and as such it stands up very we There are examples of the best Amiga animation around in here
- games kke Dragon s Larrwill always look impressive ITS |ust a
shame that there's so little gameplay. Rrt, READYSOFT, THE
343 7337.
RELEASE DATE: OUT NOW GENRE: COMPILATION TEAM READYSOFT CONTROLS: JOYSTICK NUMBER OF DISKS: 14 NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 HARD DISK INSTALLABLE: NO MEMORY: 0,5 Mb (A collection ol superb looking games, but almost completely devoid of I gameplay. * OVERALL 43% ????« ?90% ??* - ??89% ??????41% ???????32% HAVE YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES?
GAME LTD -HEMCl HEMPSTEAD Unit 12, The Merle t Centre. Hemel He«i*stoad MM10X Tel: 0442 233802 GAME LTD-WATFORD 45 Tito Harlequin Centre. Watlord. WD1 2TA Tel: 0923 213404 GAME LTD-SOUTHAMPTON Imt 12. Yortgola Level. Bergoto t»B»»| Centre. Si I SOI IMF Tet 0703 2377771 GAME LT0- COVENTRY UeH 22. The Weal Orchards Stopping Centre.
S nerd Way. CeeenSry. CY11QX Tet 1203 250141 GAME LTD -MEADOWHAll IMS?. M*Street. Mea a*Centre Sheffield. SO 1ER Tet: 8742 S0029I Look, I could run rings round Dino Dini if I wanted to. Let me take part in this kickabout cup and I’ll show you just how good I am at Goal!
WHAT'S ON OFFER First prize will be two tickets to watch the England vs. Poland match at Wembley on 8th September. Weil pay your travel expenses lo the world lamous ground, ply you with drinks before and after the match, lay on a tour course meal, and plonk you in a plush executive box trom which to watch the match. We ll even lend you a telly just in case you get bored with England’s miserable performance and want to watch Coronation Street instead There will also be an extra bonus ol a couple ot tickets to a football fixture of your choice (within the UK and subject to ticket availability).
Plus, the GAME staff will be giving away gift vouchers and a limited number ot Adidas football shirts on the day of each competition.
HOW TO TAKE PART To enter this completely excellent competition, simply check out the list elsewhere on this page to find out where your nearest GAME store is located. Then dip out the coupon at the bottom of the page, turn up on one ol the specified dates, hand your entry form to the special Goal!
Representative and get set for some serious joystick waggling.
WHEN TO PLAY If you want to take part, we’ve fixed up a number of dates for the competition. These begin on Thursday 22nd July, and continue on Thursday 29th July. Thursday August 12th, Thursday August 19th and Saturday 21st August for the regional heat winners. The Grand Final __ takes place on Saturday 4th September at GAME'S prestigious Manchester-based headquarters, when winners from each regional heat will compete for the title of Goal!
So. You think you're a good gamesplayer.
Eh? Well, we re going to put it to the test!
We've teamed up with Virgin, and nationwide games store. GAME, and come up with the ultimate games challenge Over the next couple ol months, each GAME store will be running a series ol challenge matches using a specially prepared demo version ot Dino Dini's Superstar- rated kickabout. Goal!. The aim ol the competition is to rack up the highest score and reach the regional linals, before taking part in a Grand Final and walking oft with a pair ot tickets to see England at Wembley, plus slacks of Virgin goodies NAME: ...... ADDRESS:...... This is an official CU AMIGA PRIORITY ENTRY FORM
lor the VirgirvGAME Goal! Challenge and provides for one free entry. No photocopies will be accepted.
RAVE & TECHNO PAC S76 Belinda Carlwle S77...Cher Slide.
S79 Proddie. Dead U32 Modem lt«H I'M Red Drtdt llh I ¦ 21 SK'GuKWar!
SH6 Magical Pics S88 Gulf War Tribute S89-90 " Thing Ktttry (2) BUSINESS PACK ANIMS Al PW*e Sequence A2...dhott Ptwl Al Jogger‘Magician I A4 Oymnatt Demo AS ..Fractal Flight
019. Varicut Advcnluer.
021) BatdeTooe G22 Dragee Cive 024 ..Riagt Of Zon 025 Mayhem D70.
028 A9J G29..J AlO Puga to Space Al I l.utr*Teenager „ Dcirai AI6...Cool Cougar d Cycle Aw 030 OmyOayer 0317-Tilct 032 Mega Comp I 033-M .Sur Trel I OJS-37...SU* Trek 2(3 038-39 hteW.«e 121 EDUCATIONAL PACK 121 AIR I A20 Mayhem On Wvrtt 040 I A2I .
0*2 Car 0*4 SBVcSrS m,
045. . Sacc Gurnet Comp A22-J A23 T-Pl* Amm A2T Heel Manouvre A2K
Billiard Anno A29...E PHW Lea.** Dock
A. 30 Slafwart 2 Amm A31 Star Trek Amm
050. Game. Comp 6 051-52 Tmclmg (2) 053 letpac
t. " (Juck AndSiMa Ml Ait AJT .Bwgt Bonny Show A38 Iraq V. UK
Aum A39...Mike Tywn amm A40. Knighl Amm A42 Walker 2 A43
Walker 3 A45 46.-LMh Cycte (2) A47 Etptodng Head A4* tanCaChm
A49 Top Gun Demo A50 Animator. Demo A5I...5 Way. To Kill a M
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057. . Lamer Game 058 Gama comp 7 059 . Game, comp 8 ( Ml Pran
Pom Ouonr.
067 lame ST Pun.
GA8_ .Paranoid 069 Pugglci AS* VGA AW Low Level A63 Amy V. Walker A64 . Real Pltttull Amm A65 .Franklin TV l-ly A66. Pnrky Pig Amm Of Chuck 076 Wizzy'tOtttt Q77_.Growth 078 Skale
079. ..Atic ABC UI67 A70 71 Mat Ovodrne (2) A 76 . Alarm Amm A77
High. Anun A7H. ..Piano Amm A79.. Dan Amm A80 Bad Bud Amm
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TV Bong.
AM CtothesPrg 095 Hollyaaod Tnta A86 Pociel Watch Anim A9«Ml.l. IV Movie. 2 (41 A95..My TinToy A96..T PW 2 Anim Comdrop 0101 ...Clauic Comp I
0102. . Card Oumet 2 ASSA88INS PACKS Cl .50 EACH 10 disks
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Pm Sim 0105 GmnraCraapO AIOD MphmDranra.
A101 102 Ttaradrrhwd. 12 AI03 Hbaoryof Amy AIO*. PogoArumt’Megl
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01. 39 Doa To Duur KICK 1.3 NOWAUPD DISKS
1) 301..Subway Demo D302..Tam Demo D303..Dctpatr Demo D307..L.SD.
Demo D»l2..Devikt Cnfcaiit D3l4iTr*krao D315 TV (m.« Ramp
D322 321 Star War. (2)
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1) 31’..Melted K.pltlcix*
1) 333 337. Ody.tey «S
1) 338 Beau* Hoyt Demi DM0 ..WncMmn Deeno
D. 342. £d 2OT TV Rctewgr D34V M4 Hardwired (2) D 346..Wildfire
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D350-S52.Tma.-le Tram 3) D358..Mr Men Steen DB7. ..pirhani
demo DIOI..Alcatraz M Demo 3 DI02 Aouplin Demo DHUToniDmcttan
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DI36 Goldfm Mrg.lrmo
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DI45 Oyttal-Symph.e.
1) 14* Ray Ol Hope 2 DI49 .No Beam No him DI58 l59.Cyhoen Ivmra’l
1) 195 Cctuul Comp DI97..MC Ditk I Coena
1) 190 End O Century 1999 D245.Total Kelrral D24T Pulling The
Trigger D2S3..CB8 Demo.
D256..ToLal Rce.unt D257..T«al Raw D262 Spatmolyeit
1) 26* IXMcb Wdrmo D26’_5m Crmmu 2 D27D Kefroen TV Wall
D27I..TImet Hydra D272..Elev«iK Dram I D274. .Dcl[uilf »
Deeno D2T6 Cate La W«rd
I) *79..lraqni Demo D34 F.D.
I) 16 Virtual Worth DJ7_V«B» Vttm, Dm Dffl TFFDemo Voyage
040. -Safy Demo D59 .Video Hto.lt M) D6* ..Q* Verur Dime 2 lalVmo
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D2l6CI7_BaaoMttk |7| D2IS Dmedrt Demo D2I9 Tuff t-ulf D225..Cool Fndgr Demo
1) 226.Haediraik M Demo D233..HypnauiK D235 Sit CW One Demo
D239J« | D30.J D292 f UI*I5 Pwdau*t.2l II2IY2I Red Scctocll)
1) 24 25...New Tel RmI»2) f 26.Total Remit 2 Demo D27...T V Tvmr
III! .Wa1 DEMOS Dl ...Mental Hangover
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UI76 OFX Imt 3 U ITT ..Star ChaKt UI79-IH0 D*ei2 L'IKI Celtic
Demo Maker UI Kb-206.. Track Int 10-30 U207.loon Collection I
U208 Dave Iran Foot. I U2I0 IbnpH U2II AmaMBran U2I3
Drrt.TapPu6h.VT U2I4 Dert bench km.
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SuprriiUe U255 Pi.era.-ker t20 C256 Alan ST Emnla U258 Dccgry
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U275 8CI0 Butlneu Iretei U279 latoKe Printer U280 Woman V202D
U2*3 I U2I6. Matter V Kilkr 2.2 U2I« Data Bate Wizard U223 Ten
Pin Data Bate U224 OhhOuBh U2W. Kkkttan 204 t‘292. Black Tiger
Uuk I U29.1...Black ngcrU.ih2 U2M Tcti lingine V4.0 U295. Game
Tamer U296 UlOnMr Dnk Cien U297 10 PDCOpien U298 PnerackeeVSO
USS.Cauktt Wort.hop I I'M C Jufcif Wort-top 2 l«7. Maid Dlik
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1775. .J teUult U74. M Cad GI6I l-Typr 0162 TcaaCtt 0163 Sea lame
GIM Duy Dianwnd.
0165. No Mam land GI66. ..Word Sqwur Solver GI67_CWa Hue
0168. Wattrlandt 0170 Apace Bhtr 0171 Crazy Sor 0172 hMRe A Break
0173 .1 gamhlr GI74 F-I Challenge GI75..0tVllo OI7*..livil
Dead Game
0179. .. Tram tel 01*0-1*1 Pcompa 1*2 0182 Optnntary GI83 Trvtar
Beam 0184 Mon* Owl 0185 Gam Boy TeM* 2 0186 Waier Worki
GI87 ..AtHM War GI88 Mutant. Gurnet hiflu.l. 1-5 019*
Nirvana 0195-196 Neigthcm (2) Gl* Gar Boy Tra» l 0199
Tetien 021*1 Halt In art 2 0201 .Dr Manu
0204. ..AiMdo
0205. ..(Vale Dnk 2 G206 Chta. Dtk 3 S40. Pratmn Devine 2 541
Fratlon Devine I 542 Oolenii Gale Slide.
S4.3 Chalanaw Slipper.
S44 Cry For Dawn 543 Fiiwfi Realma 2 547 Km* Off 3 Shdn 548 PP Slide V. S4W52 Tmnmanrt*) GI52 W.rardWnrld 0154 Toally f rantic Quiz 0155 CV«V20 GI56 .Smail Telly
0159. Billy TV Deagcn SS4. Tra.1 matter Slide.
555 Hoeeutton Realm. 2 556 Garlleld Sllda 557 Pewnhmker Slide.
S'* Mellraner Shda S59 Nigfe 8 0209 PR A.C G2I0 TV Golden fleece C2ll...Lapradof Lothun SJ9...I S6I...I S53...I GI50 0145 MtMtnn X Raid 3 0146 Tvek 73
0147. ..Wack In 3 GI4* **¦*• Rev 0149 Sky Itphl S70_Mutcle Mama
S7I CtratureCnmdoru S 72 The Wander Year.
STX-WaamBp Down S75 Nmn U* he
S. 34 Ins Maiden Slide.
S3S36 Trdwt. Ridaeri2) S3’ Jar TV Shda S3* Battel me 2 S2S. Treat Recall
529. .Jm’t Sfadn
530. Ham P3ct Show 2 531 D Painl Slide.
532 Neighbour. Sltda S27_l si7...d«i SI8 Dr Who Demo SI9...Napalm Death 520 Nam Slide.
521 Jjodua 3D Sbda S22-24 Wwf ACCESSORIES MOUSE HOUSE .... . MOUSE MAT ...... ...Cl .99 £2 00 SOUICK MOUSE ... 10 CAP BOX . 100 CAP BOX .£19.99 ...£1.99 £6.99 A500 DUST COVER . ...£3.99 A600 DUST COVER PRINTER STAND ... MONITOR STAND .. MONITOR
COVER .. £3 99 ...£0.69 ...£499 .£10.99 ...£4.99 thoa em up game lditk£3.50| CXXHM. X SYSTEM (A toy addMUve game toe mtul tmd al level wwm I dnk 1330 CL GO* TRUCKING ON Try and mraape your ow* mack Iwat FltceOrM 2 dttfca (4 »k CLGOb OBI TTUtATKFI (Ameher fa- -nee ew up type gomr I ditk £3.50 no. Phi. Compk O-OS-DRAOON TIIES (Old lapunoe type Maj Jong flyte u.ura- I ditt tl.50). oZcn SUITOR DUEL (Dnvc a 31) car and racing with onponctv I ditk £.150) CLGIO Ftm’RE SHOCK (A caa rf pet ball dmwgli dr mare Idnk £3501 (CGI I All. Ot NS
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C1AII2.. VIRTUAL WINDOWS I (A callfctitm atrial mil-*, like wMrr« hook, note pad. ToA-arc can etc I 4*1(130) C1X13-DATUS (tmy lomr yet very powertal . Ink .cat _ . Ihur •dttk.(4 5n CLEM .NIGIIT SKY (Lock al IV -art. Ptanrl.. etc from any whrre r«t tV lace cd the earth and chch at a ditptoyed *yact for ttdo 2 dittt (4.50). CLE09 WORDS • LADDERS (A weed iprtkng per 6* I a 2ptoyerv I dnk(3503 CLEIO BASK All.Y AMIGA rO* ¦ know year PRICES POSTAGE ¦ tlSO~o
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tV guMar b, Obfc MATTtS INSTRUCTOR (Help ycararN through tV
OCM-t wnh dm raonh ittfll tnicu* Trig. Quadrarc Sunulanon..
DSllCtNCEWAM CLBOI DINOSAURS (lean 81 ahum .iru type, oI Dtnntaun ir luratsK. Tnatuc and Crralacewi.. tn 2 ditk. (4 50) CLED2. GEOLOOY (Waa to know el Mm.
Tixi" abuit the toOr .yttrm with mdornamon cm plmtti etc and with ptciutrt to look at 3 did. (4 99
CI. EO* COUNI KINO PAD IA uni** colouring coifct etc i* tin.
Etcelleni learning aid.
l. om ' I U.,l 11 VI, CTEI2 AIFIlABBT TEACH (Try to »| Kre on IV
tcmra I drtk (3 50) 13 HOMT BREW (Will recipe* la Bt llDOOTt
BOB t Wipe our tV iceen t ccaoured blixkt I did £3.50. OGI3 .
PARADOX t A puzzle game lo leu thorn CIOOI NORRIS (A very
att!*ii r game m the Mcdteatal era I dnk £350).
CLOOi DARK THINGS (A hnll plathrm «ro(Iy THE REVENGE (Anal pUtcraramr.ohnazzhsMirdve I dnk £350k CLGI7 LMBKH M DAY Of RECKONTNO t Ve etc- with figure. I disk (3.501 aJ)05...SAS MBNU MAKER (Make m “srl?
Ll)Ti n.FR (Make your .kh profewHHMl. Sc roller, etc. I dak (3.50k CUI02...FISH INDEX HR (Make pie cl Ksr-.’nsg CLE07. FKI SHW A D« FISHING (Think CLIP ART PACK ik to keep IV I kit a mited fee hour.. I dnk ¦ SONIC SMARTlEHhAD (Al C64 EMULATOR PACK ROCKFORD PACK GAME REVIEW CAMPAIGN FROM NORTH AFRICA TO NORTHERN EUROPE EMPIRE OUT NOW £ 1 5.99 PROJECT-X ¦ ENHANCED VERSION!
TEAM 1 7 OUT NOW £ 1 2.99 ¦VTiafs one man's
- at is another's L .. .. c son And liNNifjTr* JO t true than in
a Wkj 1,1' ' l0i:l ' .-ryo-es got aoinion concern* ng which
game is ultimate blast My favourite is ‘earn 17's Pro ecl X. a
silky smooth last with arcade quality graphics and electrifying
gameplay Once ,ou ve picked this up, you'll never want to put
it down.
Unfortunately, the original ver- ¦on was also quite hard, and some people found it almost impossible to W get very far without getting totalled.
Admittedly, I've never managed to get past level four, but that certainly hasn't kept me from trying The lack of a cheat was a bit of an oversight NOVICES START HERE If you're never heard of Pn ed-X before hold on lo your hats, os here's a whistle- slop guide to Its essential lealures. For
n. It's a shoot em up. Pure and simple. Aim your on-screen
craft in Ihe right direction, stab the lire bulton, and blast
all and sandry Into so much intergalactic space dust. 01
course, as in any self- respecting game from the genre, there
are power-ups aplenty and It's possible to w your cralt with
all manner of ons such as plasma bolls, sideshots, seeking
missiles, lasers and a nifty h facility to render your craft
virtually I indestructible lor a certain length of lime.
Up against you are ranged a deadly collection ol bio-mechanical beasts, the results of a series ol failed scientific esperiments. These evil creations, dumped on the planet Ryn. Now pose a threat to the rest of the galasy. Tour job as | intergalactic llyboy is lo power down lo the planet's surface and blow the whole ¦ng match shy high. Set over live levels, and featuring some ol the best graphics ever seen in an Amiga game. Ihe action comes thick and Iasi and you need all your refleies to stay alive.
(until CU provided one on its December '92 coverdrskf), but the game did provide a tremendous challenge for those willing to invest the time and effort. I should know, I’m still playing it even now!
To help out those who couldn t even complete the first level. Team 17 have Iweaked the gameplay to make things slightly easier Unlike the Alien Breed Special Edition, though, Team 17 haven't added any extra levels or included any new aliens to slaughter - they've merely listened to some criticisms of the gameplay Coming from Empire, you would expect any World War II sim to deal heavily in tanks, as indeed Campaign does.
In fact, the only halfway interesting part of the game is the simulated tank battles where you can control any of the vehicles involved, from thin skinned scout cars right up to a well armoured Sherman, or the Prize of the Wehrmacht. The Tiger This is fair enough it you can be pixel accurate with the mouse, and you can do it in real time as the game unfolds.
This disk hopes to develop the strategy side of the game more.
There are 25 new scenarios based on famous campaigns. The battle orders, geography and starting positions are all fairly accurate, but your campaign is unlikely to gjjH I proceed in the same way that the original did.
The orders given to troops are just never accurate enough and the logistics is a nightmare - tanks can be stranded in perpetuity through lack of fuel because all the J gas has been deliv- The unit emulation 1. Good tun and probably cover, more omerettt ered to the pixel next door.
Since it is possible to create your own scenarios in Campaign, the worth of this Sadly, they've gone too far the other way. And things are now too easy Without losing a life. I managed to reach the start of the third level and didn't even break out into a sweat In this new version, you begin the game bristling with weapons, making the first few attack waves crumble beneath your overwhelming firepower As you Don't stand ailll lor too long with this crill.f on your bach. Kaep moving. H..p tiring.
Acquire more power-ups. Things become skewed in your favour Instead of losing 25 per cent of your weapons when a ship gets destroyed, you only lose one level ol power-up, so you're soon back to where you started after you've scooped up the next power capsule.
And that's it. There s nothing else that s new with this version of the game except that it comes on three disks instead of four. Oh. And the fact that it now costs half as much as the original at a bargain busting £12.99. «Oo nan linn«hu o The strategy element is fairly haphazard. You can control the movements of your tanks, the production of factories and the deployment of any active aircraft.
This is all done via the mouse on a fairly decent scale battle map.
- a disk is questionable. The scenarios themselves are well
thought out, but can only be as good as the original Campaign.
Since the only decent part of the game is controlling the tank
forces as they clash, and since it doesn't really matter, for
the purposes of the simulation, whether they are fighting in
Berlin or Basingstoke. I would suggest that scenario disks for
Campaign, however good, are a waste of time. You'll also need
the original program to run the data disk.
Nick Veitch A life on the ocean waves, buying low, selling high and climbing the ranks to power. It’s all in a day’s work for Tony Dillon.
MISiClftN The Patrician has to be the Europe-wide surprise hit of 1993. This game has dominated the German charts tor longer than anyone can remember, and judging by the response Daze Marketing have received alter last month’s exclusive playable demo, it's set to repeat that same success in the UK. Who would have thought that a strategic trading game would have done so well?
LECTURE TIME Just in case you aren’t familiar with this particular phase of history. The Patrician is set at a time of great change in Europe. The Renaissance is on its way, and all over this great continent traders are calling for some kind of agreement - a union almost - to ensure the safety and livelihood of those who carry cargo from port to port. It's at times such as this that great ideas are bom, and in this period the Hanseatic league was created. In essence it worked as the predecessor to the European community. Mayors from the main towns would oversee the running of their ports
and would answer in turn to the Alderman of the league, otherwise known as The Patrician.
If you didn't play the demo, you might be wondering what your role in all of this is. In short, you are a simple trader with designs on fame and fortune - well, fortune anyway.
Starting the game with a single boat and 200 Thaler to your name, you have to complete a number of tasks.
Firstly, you have to become incredibly wealthy through shrewd and Hamburg al sundown, and what a lovely city II is. For Ihe sake ot simplicity, all cities in the game look like this, so the buildings are always In the same position.
Your office In your homo town. Tho map on tho wall Is used tor plotting your next route, and the largo book contains all the stock prices. What more could you want I cunning dealing. Secondly, you need to get married. Thirdly, you must rise in public opinion to the point where you are elected Mayor of your home town. Finally you must rise even further and become The Patrician him herself. And once you've reached the top, you'll probably find that it isn't too easy to stay there.
The first thing you’ll need to come to grips with, however, is money.
Thaler, the currency of the league, isn't the easiest thing to get your hands on. The safest way to get it is to trade, and with around 40 commodities to barter with, some solid logic is needed. The position of the port and the time of year both play strong parts in the pricing of goods.
Corn in summertime is plentiful in most ports, and therefore very cheap S This might look like a rowdy bunch to some people, but In tact those will all work on your boat for a little as 1 Thaler a month.
Indeed. So, buying a large amount, and then waiting until winter, when supplies are low, will guarantee you a good return on your investment.
People will always pay high prices tor spices and pepper, so when the spice ship arrives, you’d better get down to its port ot call as quick as you can. Get there first and you're guaranteed a small fortune.
What if you can’t get the money, together to make the investment?
Then it's time to borrow. At the time, ACTION STATIONS!
It's not all thinking, you know. Pirates were rile at the time, and that's not too surprising when you consider how much cargo was passing between the towns. As a result, one of the lirst things you'll need to spend money on are some decent arms for your ship. After all, you never know when a pirate is likely to strike, but when they do, It's bloody. What you have is a full arcade sequence, controlled by the mouse, in which you have to load, aim and fire cannons at the approaching ship before they can do the same to you.
Thankfully it doesn't happen too often. You can switch off the arcade sequences and leave the end result tor the computer to work out. But it can be a nice break from all that thinking) GAME REVIEW
* ]38n VI HI Ilia moment, The Pet idea 1$ compatible with all
AMIGAs In the near luturt.
Hewasir. An A1200 wily rot- siee will appear with all the 2M-colour images olttie stunning Isoking PC version The gime wilt*remain exactly the same in all other respects.
Of power doe* nay* its dormsoeand tke I said, borrowing money is Illegal So a Dnbmg a council otkoal to gnre you a lag up »»ladder.
Or leak -recit mtormation lo you.
In tact the game «ts you do a hell ol a M BW Ml acluaty allowed This is purely ID *00 you m it later in the game Peaae I* scene There you are, Mayor ol ,ou- own town and adored by ytt.- citizens. All ol a sudden you raca e a letter from a Irader who has never reached your lolty heights, threagenmg 10 expose all concerning you and certain borrow- ings that happened early on in your career unless you pay a lump sum each month mto a Sees bank account Do you «ry to caa thee bluff, or do you pay? The tensor ups yet another notch TOP DESIGN You can no doubt akaady tea what a superbly designed gwe
tN* 8. And so it should be after 18 mcn*B of hard work WhaTs reaky rece a that the same attention 10 detar and perfection has been earned over mto the presentation You can see Irom the screenshots on these pages what a ASCON £29.99 oa.rn.E1 RELEASE DATE: GENRE: TEAM CONTROLS: NUMBER Of DISKS: NUMBER OF PLAYERS: HARD DISK INSTALLABLE: MEMORY: AUGUST STRATEGY ASCON MOUSE 3 4 YES 1Mb ¦ GRAPHICS SOUND INSTABILITY PLAYABILITY (An almost perfect game.
Strategy the tray it should be done.
OVERALL 91% though, the banks were run by the church, and borrowing money was seen to be a great sin.
So, the only way that you can possibly borrow any cash Is to seek a private investor who. At the start anyway, will only offer you small amounts of money over very short periods of time and at over 40 per cent interest. Don't worry, though.
Things do get better.
This is the part of the game where you begin to learn about power.
There are two types to wield, and to get anywhere in this game you'll need to have both. There's political power and there's people power it might seem like a small thing hut marriage is something taken very seriously by the people ol Europe. Basically, there's no way that they will elect a mayor who has never married, so one ot the things you should keep a constant look out lor is a companion lor life. The way to tmd one is.
When the time teels right tor you. To hire the services ot a marriage broker Generally they will otter you two types ol partner The first will always be a Marilyn Monroe Clark Gable look-alike, with little money but bags ol appeal. Or. You can wait lor an aging widow with pots ol cash and little life left. Which should you choose? I don't know. |ust how mercenary are you leeling?
People power is that small factor that counts the number of people who will vole lor you In elections. Gain the trust ol Ihe people, and you can start to attain political power Once you have both, things get a little easier for a while. For a start, wealthier businessmen will want to deal with you. Offering you larger and larger sums of money, over much longer periods lor much less interest. Now you'll begin to see how the whole game intertwines with itself to create one ol the most realistic and thought gorgeous looking game it is. But they can't tell you how well it plays.
Controlled entirely Irom the mouse. The Patrician uses a combination of static screens and control panels to handle everything from having a balh to borrowing beyond your means. II ¦BHBB you want to go to your office from the town square, you click on the window to enter. If you wanl 10 leave again, you dick with the nght mouse button.
And that's really all there is to it
- there are no messy menus, no masses of key control. This is a
game that leaves your concentration alone. You can focus on
your next move without reading through the manual to find out
which key to do it with.
INVOLVEMENT This has to be the single most involving strategy game since Elite.
There's Just so much to do that you could never play the same game twice, and the thnll of taking a gam- ble and seeing it pay off merits the purchase by itself. Unbelievably good stuff. 3! Free FAST! UK DELIVERY SAME DAY DESPATCH* All prices INC. VAT TOWARDS BRITISH STANI This has got to be the greatest development to the Amiga since its conception in 1985. The 4000-030’s are packed full of features and truly represent a milestone in design and value lor money from C.B.M. Ill HAT W A II ft F TI • 68030ec processor • wnm tuu uswm 25Mhz clock speed • Optional Chip and Fast RAM configurations
(expandable to 16 Mb on mother board. 2 gigabyte max • 9 interfaces • 4-16 32 bit Zorro III expansion slots * 80 120 hard disk rl,1"* »•« PAY’ 04000-030 with 80 120Mb HD Memory options Clup RAM • Fast RAM 04000-030 80180 1 I--- 04000-030 80(88 2 0 --- 04000-030 80(88 2 0 ---- 04000-030 80I80 2 4 04000-030 120(80 2 2 All the above include FREE next working day delivery.
Prices are correct at the time of going to press NEED EXTRA FAST RAM?
NOW AVAILABLE!! 32-Bit Memory Modules 1 md £36.99 a hu £139.99 e mi .£299.99 fpus 25 mni 50 mnz ..£P0A ravounie tunes i m UIHAT YOU PAY £289.99 By Post to: PHOENIX COMPUTER WORLD, UNIT 2, YORK TOWERS, 383 YORK ROAD, LEEDS LS9 8TA.
HOW TO ORDER For Customers not able to visit our Showroom we otter one of the fastest and most complete mail order services available.
Next day delivery only £5.00 2 day delivery £3.50 To order by phone: 0532-350091 Quoting your Credit Card No.
Please make cheques payable le Phoenix. Allow 0 working days lor cheque clearance.
- SMMOI, Dnulch M Creon Crfl OrWrs' bankin dnn BUM, nOM, (Mw'PMtM
Customer CareGeneral Enquiries 0532-350652 FAX: (0S32) 350702 E&O.t.* FEATURES INCLUDE: 68020 Processor Running at 14 Mh7 • 2Mb Chip RAM lexpandabte) 256 colours on screen from a 16.8 million colour palette • Full Amiga Key board (with Alpha numeric key pad! Nnrn on CUI PRICE .... £359.99 A1200 HARD DRIUE UPGRADE PACKS All 2.S* IDE Hard disks offer ultra fastaccess time and are supplied from leading manufacturers such as wtstern digdaVseagate. Pack also includes cable screws and software uniDMci.jni9.99 ooMD pick...£169.99 8omo mci._£199.99 izomd paek...£294.99 1 year warranty
on all models'I ____ _ _ QUP A1230 Turbo +....£289,99 INCLUDES: the 40MHz 68030ec-accelerator chip, optional 40MHz fpu I68882I up to 32 Mb 0UP A1230 4IAU + Cl fTO INCLUDES: trie 40MHz 68030ec accelerator chip. 40MHz fpu 1688821 • I if. MI I ¦ 111 up to 32 Mb for the most hungry applications. Simply awesome!! (Both oe demo) memory 32-011 1 MD £65.99 AMD £179.99 ibiiid . £P0A 01200-PCdCIA FISI RAID EXPANSIOII Credit card memory now available 2MD_______£114.99 AMD .£169.99 P0UUER-PC1204 4MD Memory expansion for The A1200, features include: Zero
wait state • Optional Ultra fast FPU iSOMhz) • Real trnie battery backed clock • Low power • Optional FPU disable switch pc 4 m n0 fpu. I ...Si I PC 4 IflDM? Mhz 68881 FPUl__________ PC 4 mb US Mhz68S82 FPU ... PC 4 MR 33 Mhz 68382 FPUK .£ PC 4 Ml 40 Mhz 68832 FPUU PC 4 MD M Mhz 68382 FPUL.
Includes real time clock A1200 ACCESSORIES C1(;QQ CUI A1200 real-time docn?.y, -l. »i »r 9 CUI A1200 600 HD orei disk ... £3.99 conirol centre m mi cm--------------£36.99 Dust Chtri ..... X multi-sync monitor adaptor ciOM ....£12.99 i a SO Mhr me ¦tmoiy management ui peripheral can exptnd up lo 128 Mb ol FAST 32-bit memory.
Existing MBX users can transfer their current memory and fpu and includes real-time clock M1230NA 40 fflNZ 0NID---------------£269.99 M1230RA 40 mtiz 2mn .....£349.99 M1230XA 40 Mhz 4MD .....£428.99 mi230KA 40 mnz emn ..... mi230XA mmu 50 mnz omn .. mi230KA ramu 50 mnz zmi .„ £428.99 rni230KA mmu 50 mnz 4mn ..£499.99 mi230KA ramu so mnz ant-----------£642.99 Long awaited, superb performance, tempting but too eipewsire-NOT ANY MORE1!!! This excellent interface lor A50Q 500- owners is now at a price that YOU can
Use it to exploit stunning software packages or simply to listen to your favourite tunes UIHAT ? 0ET
• A570 CD ROM • Fled CARTOON CLASSICS PACK' It's Back and ITS bad
the pack they tried to kill returns for its final minion •
don't nws this golden oppommey to acquire cne of the best ever
home computers, features include: 1 Mb of RAM Workbench 2.M •
TV modulator • Lemmings • Captain Planet • The Simpsons •
Deluxe Pant III (MAN AA cut price ....£19*1.99
THE WILD. THE UIEIRD i THE WICKED' 1 Mb A 600 as standard and
includes the excellent value Software titles: Deluxe Pamt III •
Formula One Grand Pnx • ciu raicE... mm £224.99!
A 600 2IYID utmaML £264.99 A500 Base Pack.™. am £194.99 A 600 2MO ft,« £231.99 EPIC • LAHGUA0E PACK' I Mb A 600 as standard and includes 20MB HARO DRIVE the excellent value Software titles: Deluxe Paint III •Trivial Pursuit• Epic• Myth• Rome_ CORA AA!
CuiPrice iduxew !
A 600 2MD+20 mo Haro Drive ....£390.99 Ibatn mdude mo item MiM tohtttrel EHTRA MEMORV-onlv £39.99 gar Ml.
Connicl ? WHAT VII in Bjft TOQORE194211" Monitor f'IIT-T ideal lor AI20Qi'4000 • AGA • 28mm Dot KW4 Pitch • Tilt n' swivel stand • Built-in H M Stereo Speakers • Works with ALL Amigas in most resolutions • 1 yrs on- site warranty COMMODORE 1940 14" MOMIOr Specification as above, but this one has ¦ dot pitch PHILIPS 6933MH II.....CZEJ £194.99 Col. Stereo Monitor inc 'lotus Turbo Challenge'.. 1 yrs onsite warranty. A« l | A A Commodore i960 .£384.59 Col multi-sync monitor works in all AI200t'4000 modes inc low-res.
ADD £28.09 if you would like COMPUTER WORLD STEREO SPEIXERS bundling with your order.
MONITOR ACCESS0RIES- 14" oust raven . L w tilt*suiiuei sum... 1.99 omi-giare misr scrwL-£19.99 m com 8Mder._B12.99 Fish Disks 1 660 • Sim City. NB you need al least Imb ol chip ram check with telesales before ordering GVP IMPACT SERIES II Hard D„.«i. the I Hard Drive Controller for the Amiga. Features G Switch, external SCSI port. FAAASTR0M SCSI GVP's custom VLSI chip and internal RAM expansion 4 8 meg! Units use high specification fast access Q' “ Hard Olives coming with 2 yr. Gi 500 500+ A500-HDB+ A2 MB......enm rn £244.1 A500-HD8+ aa md znemi .£342.1 A500-H0a+ 120 MB.....'¦ £389.1
A5C0-HD8+ 213 MD .“tutor £564.1 A500-hdb cMPNar omv .... 1500 2000 sarin II Hart disk Cmrallir uin card...... serin il 2 Ml urn disk kid kb nn„.£284.l serin it M md «are Bin km bam card £329 !
Series n no md aare Bin aae bam tare.... serin il sis m Hare disk see SAM care...£544.9 BOOST V0UR AMIGA'S PERFORMANCE UIIT* EXTRA MEMORY - 0HLV £20.99 jr 500 500 + GVP Combination Accelerators & Hard Drives '1 ultimate expansion product for the Amiga 500!
A530 comm 40F8HZ + 42180 mXTff _£474 A530 comei ewe® + bomb 03EES _£5694 4530 COIIlOl 40MHZ ? T20M0 Ojftlfcvfg £659.9 MM COMM MMD + 20N8 flmXST _£74 4530 68882 CO-Processor 1500 2000 .
GDP 0-f8rce 830-2518112 + Ml------------i-*W*4.1 GVP G-Force 030-40MH2 + 4MB . GVP 8-F«rce 030-58I8HZ + 4MB----------£1136 !
GVP G-F0PC8 040-33MH2 + 4MB.______£1419.1 gup Accelerator raiyi , imo simm-32 Bit 60 nanoseconds £65. 4mn simm-32 Bit 60 nanoseconds ...£179.!
Using the trapdoor expansion port. V ... -------- full 2 year no quibble replacement guarantee. It's n been cheaper to upgrade! Oqfl t CUI PRICE ......iOo.i I mo unDODuinad RAM Marl .£16 L A500 POO “ ' , mn inc. clock 600 pa 60i-B0iniaiea-tMB ......£39. pa aoi-vnaogaiaiei-aMD ...£24 PA 1020 2 MB PCMCIA Carl. N*X3 £114.8 PA 6040 A MO PCMCIA caro.. NJI.T...VI £169.1 mastering Amiga D0S2 voi 2 .£’ mastermo Amiga ui.B. 2 .£’ mastering imiga
C .... mastering inioa flfflos..... mastering Baioa arena.... Mastering Ai 4800 insiders Guide.. £169.99 ..£219.99 C1Q9 gg ’ABiioa-mntisvnc.....
• amiga-rnicrovitec... 'imiia-CPC momior...
• ABiga-RQB TU ..... £39.99 .. £132.99
- 23-20 (III ...|224.99 it-20«
colour ...£199.99 __£46.99 Deserf
strike (E. Arts)--------- sensible
soccer ... _____£27.99
.£23.99 LANGUAGES 134 99 Ckuck Rock 2 (Soi oi
cnuck)----------- ________£23.99 ....£25.99 Amos
compiler £21.99 £25 99 R17 Flying Fortress (Microirese)--------
zool (Gremlin) ....
_____£29.99 £23.99
125. 99 Humans (Jurassic leuols)----------- Abandoned Places
(ice) ... _________£27.99 cvonvs Ed
Pro 2----------------- HISQll
Basic .....
_______£59.99 , £39.99 ’ £264.99 ...£379.99 ..£219.99 4-200
Colour _________ 14-200 Colour__________________ Buooieiel
. "prrtteis came with one year warranty
...£57.99 ..£59.99 HISOTI Dev Pie.".' LC200...
LC24-200 .262.99
IC24-20 .£62.99 viui hiiiivu
it mu ...'(Li p T no
- Rendaie GeniecK 8892 ...£164.99 £49.99 hi cue
p.t.p titeui SIR.??
EuPGstiiocn £284.99 VftAuqW tlprrca vssAitlei inurrJ potttge to' (KJCB otmhW miwiiYmm control centre .....£34.99 Heavy duly construcuon.rubbcr edging, perfect colour match, makes an ideal workstation for (he A50(VA500- A 600 control centre aow available.
CW Stereo speakers ..... .£37.99 Superb sound and excellent dynamics. These two-way stereo Hi-Fi speakers are an Amiga standard.
Analogue JousilcH adaptor----------------------..£9.99 Grams joiisIicm .£21 p Grauls uni and ..19.9 UTIUIIEI crgsi Dai is ion m ft mam.---------£32 99 in 1 »b--------334.31 It .nil nil 335 II 8ie«id*? OH* •« • IldlBOB
• cum* fin mi HUM* Ijimmt" if iM-ii*ie» rMil
• -(•ft MtlMBtVI I Sims)... iilhon in... _J Turbi. .. crilsir...
18 M M----- jjiich tun »ire Kjna aniMtJf imim tins).
Sue Cftntir ---------- Pf| 6010 mm toco eeeiis Mouse (Hr ncsi irt*t on .
Fioi PIOII UllVUtt11..' w * WSJ V t* .
, Thi EASTER YOU 60' flu 7H4F«1 tUJfllll , _£t? 9!
No s , Emf 2D*JOT9-I!.5»,0.u,,....£,9.99 worflworin u2 (ABA)... anzen Auto sneel teener £79.99 Gftzm printers come with 2 year warranty. • V.2.0 Amiga
• wwdok _ MAJOR DEALER •MAJOR DEALER Canon Canon.
Unon bj iosh jraded version of Oex. The worlds biggest ling portable inkjet nter. Newly designed
* end. Fasterpnnt limes, re fonts. 95% Amiga Gold Award, includes
BJIOSx ter Disk' HON BJ 200 95% Amiga Gold Award....£319.99
(ure include: 300 dpi. • Mm 80 page Auto sheet feeder •
- '¦num 3 pages per minute SUPER Valtlt!
UNON BJ 230 ..... £374.99 I tode carriage version of BJ200 :iuon bj boo ...£429.99 Mlumn bubbleiet provides User quality output.
Bob bj 330 ...£499.99 column bubbleiet.
Bob BJ eu SH cartridges ....£17.99 CHOI bj 200 cartriaoes .....£24.99 bj 10 ok sk ouiosnooi reeaer ..£49.99 COMPUTER WORLD PRINTER PACK Supplied with ALL printers containing 1.8m std.
Titer cable, printer ribbons cartridge and 250 meets of paper absolutely FREE COMPUTER WORLD ARE A CITIZEN SUPER DEALER" BtiilWaM Wlnl'HaRl Ktntmaei Kill bo colour 'IN colour primer is fast el has additional fonts and n« complete with a 2 year rranty and V 2.0 drover disk!
Nil 90 mono raw £150.99 Kill 240 Colour £269.99 Kin 240 mono .£259.99 . Rortaoie rmn £359.99 510 mono ... otot £319.99 ““esc? Lo the top selling 500 Mono - - 500 (Colour) ......£445.99 Deskjet 550 (Colour)... fTKTJJ £579.99 _es faster than previous HP range • Top sellers •
• 6 primers HP primers come with 3 year warranty.
Deskjet 1200C Laser inkjet...£l369.99 aieable loms.P.C.L level 5. 6 pages per min 300x600
• using the resolution enhancement technology 4 I per mm 12Mb of
RAM expandable lo 26 Mb. Laseriet
Laserjet4L ......£624.99 «rs per
minute, laser easy 10 insial & use. No on off m Hums off
automatically when not in use) 1 hay 100 9 50 output. 26
scaleable typeface s, microfine toner.
. 1Mb of RAM expandable to 2Mb.
£24 99 h inn cartridoe---- inh canridie--- ER ACCESSORIES i a large range of high quality printer .. ies for all the printers we sell including: overs from £2.99 • Ink cartridges from 9 • Mono ribbons from £3.50 • Colour from £7.99 • Printer stands from £7 99 (¦lit 200 colour.. Kilt 200 I ...£29.99 goloeb imoGE-meoa mouse £12.99 Received 90% Amiga Format Gold Award-- -- mesa moose 2 ...nrw £19.99 Newly designed, 400dpi. An absolute must!!
Optical mouse ...... High precision, pointing device.
Crystal Irachoall ..£37. £ inlrareo-coroiess-mouse £47.99 (Rechargeable top selling innovation.!
Optical pen mouse ..£39.99 Hign ouantv 8mm mouse mats £3.99 Auto mause JovsticH sullen £15.99 Don't damage your Amiga's portslThis device saves wear and tear makes switchover FAST.
Powerful image processing tools lor the office or the home environment.
POWER-FHlirts liduie: too-aoo dP,-64- Greyscales Thruport to printer • FREE Editing software.
Power scanner us.e £109.99 Includes TREE upgraded editing software.
Power scanner eoloir SZ3Q.99 GOLDEN IMAGE- Allascan Feature* Scan and Save • Migraph Jnr. OCR software • 400 dpi • 256-Greyscale * Not A1200 4000
- compatible _ .... CUI PRICE MiiiejiXMM £139.99 All3SC0n
+Features: Touch up an merge if * Migraph Jnr.OCR software *
400 dpi • 256-Greyscale * 100% £169.99 This fully featured
professional quality midi interface is very flexible giving
semi-patch bay facilities. It has four ports 2 in, 2 out (inc.
EREfc midi lead) cup Digital Sound Studio High quality souni
sampler for all Amiga Computers. «*** * 'miRMLE'
KEYBOARD .....£279.99 It really does teach you how to
play!!! Full sire keyboard with built in MIDI interface • 100 '
onboard sounds with effects • ability to ustomise lessons by
use of artificially intelligent Computer world are a major
stockist of rombo's multi-media products for the Amiga and P C.
Be assured that we offer extensive technical backup on- all
Rombo products and that the maiority are on demo in our
showroom. .... ftn uifli Amiga 12 RT iKlawro .£135.93
Real-time colour capture from any video source uiot flmiga 24
or uinnM----------------£224.99 24-Bit Real time colour capture
from any video source for the professions ('serious user umi
Amiga 12 iui mm ... JJ7.99 uidi Amiga 12
(MiinMi .... £75.99
Tecnnosound-turDo ...£29.99 ppm Midi 2
interlace ..£24.99 ....£5.99 ioo £52.99 ..£23.99
313_______________£249.99 looo computer worm dish unis £9.99
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thru port and come with a 1 year replacement guarantee!
Computer uiorio Deluxe Grin £54.99 rocioc floclllo ...£3® £64.99 This famous drive has now been upgraded to include Anticlick and Vuus Checker dish Head cleaner ....£3.99 snnmE Mifli-iimi 2b....£3.99 Modulator bii....£9.99 rain-mii !¦....£4.99 Amiga-scari £9.99 Midi-Midi SB £5.99 dniida-8833Mkii.£9.99 Disk oriws IH....S9.99 jiystick long ml.£4.99 mouse Jovsnck ill S!’!® moHSd Jiisnck smtiir ....£4.99
• serial mooem cables ......£9.99 Ita
ancient an at ujar la tne sales. £F.o.a. Boat an vtrsm aiai av
man nmt «w£P.0.i. leasers 9WHUIIU ------- HT7F £25.99 US
Robotics Aulhorised Reseller The No 1 name in fax modems - US
Robotics pride themselves on high quality modems at an
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THE SPORTSTER .....£294.99 This modem incorporating data pump technology, operates at 14400 bps standard. II is 50% faster than 9600 bps modems and has full error control and data compression.
Ii has the ability for throughput to reach 57600 bps.
(ask Tele-sales for a full information pack if required)
51. ...£22.99 ni ...£259.99
140. .£39.99 1010 ......£339.99 DllSSn
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10. ...
50. ... Don't confuse these quality disks with others currently
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10. .£0.99 200_________________£72.99 ..£12.99
000 .£174.99 SisnowilKnr-Gnnlt nttnl
totnm-------------£23-99 mag Junes I Fata at Atlantis (OS
lata £35 90 legtnm at valur fits Ball)-----------------£37.59
tiling cammanflar tnnaacaaa) £32.59 soansmaslers
tfmniret -----£27.99 W9.99 £9.99 £9.99 £9.99 £9.99 friilir
urn £5.99 printer2.aa HQ. £7.99 eranam Goocn crickei.. F-19
sieaitn Fionter ooeranon steaitb ... lank Piaiaon--------
Fiasnnack_________________ Body Blows neamm
• sesi cable uriiis .... !4I 98 Jll 99 111 89 IMII JXV 99
iHH in 91 ...10 PRODUCTION 8 TITLING bib Aiiepnaiive
Screiier £3I.M Bid
Aiternanue scroller 2 ......£59.99 Broadcast
Tiller 2 £229.99 Broadcast
iniar 2 super Hires Editioa----------- Foil Pack 1 lor in
------------------..£88.99 pro video
Pul-----------------------------£164.91 scaia
500 ...-gl.il
Professional ......
WORD PROCESSING 8 DTP fibbi codv Release
2.1 ......¦* !•!!
Ilndwords ....£38.99 HBIBBBOM £29.99 PaoestreaBv2.22 £781.99 pagesiream Business Forms ..£29 91 Paueseiier 9 . £41.99 StfS =z:i£3.:|. ___________£59.99 £42.99 Deluxe poibi a aba ANIMATION ......£89.99 morok Plus ...... Real 31 Classic Real 9D V2 .....J77.M __________POA Take 2 .. .....£36.99 personal Paint ... ___.£06.99 x-r.an ?nnn CADDRAVIINB ______£99.99 ¦ MiiMi • ?:q qq maiisrtoi Pius . DATABASE
_____£38.99 suoeroasB 2 ..
- -------------------------- ......£19.19 £182 99 MUSIC 8 SOUND
...1219.99 . 1249.99 Kits lor Bars aRd pins-------------------
snner jab tin._______________________________ £44.99 _ .£89 99
video Foms: awn i tn m. Mr mrani £49 91
2 An cent Pro Conn
Hit.---------------------------.£59 99 OeiUNB Pam 4
aga £89.99
imaienasier ....£129.99
monk Pies.-------------------------.£159.}} Pro uisia
2 ...£39.95 system
s----------------------------------------------------£39 99
3E ..£54.99
• uernaiivb 30 TeiHras .....
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THE IMMORTAL BUDGET HIT SQUAD OUT NOW £ 1 3.99 Way back in the mists ot time, when this game first appeared as a full-price release. I almost gave up my ST so I could play this on an Amiga Unfortunately I didn't, which is a damn shame cos I wouldn't have had to have waited until now to sample the rich delights of The Immortal.
The Immortal is an isometric RPG.
The player takes the role of an unnamed wizard drawn to the dungeons of Erinoch after a plea for rescue sent in a dream by your old mentor, Mordamir. You progress through the depths by a little fighting, a little spell- casting, and a lot of problem solving. This dungeon is full of traps and monsters just waiting to catch the unwary off-guard and. As many are instantly fatal, it pays to be cautious.
The control system is fairly simple, with the joystick and spacebar controlling most things However, combat does take a while to get used to, especially fine tuning your parrying skills: but then again who ever said that fighting seven foot tall Trolls was easy? Once you get used to the controls there's plenty of seen games that look fantastic yet have little or no gameplay. Thankfully The Immortal does not fall into that league. There are puzzles galore to solve, most of which involve finding an appropriate object to throw, cast or twiddle at the right time.
However, it's here that the game's cracks begin to show. There are Instances where you are immediately killed if you do not have those objects.
Yes, I know that's what it would be like in 'real' life but this isn't, it's just a game. The frustrating aspect of this part ot the gameplay is that you can only save the game once you've completed a level. So, if you reach the penultimate room on a level and are killed you'll have to play the whole of that section again repeating all the same moves you made before That aside the graphics and general playability ot the whole thing make The Immortal a game not to be missed. Hell, you'd probably enjoy it even if you don't normally like RPGs.
Jon Sloan ' 1 .v 1 - • f r.' 1 % « ‘1 ( «vvr ¦•?
' A» v,
* * 4r -w * vrtVr- Our hero does Ns Carl Lewis impression a* he
avoids a horde o* n to jump mio the arms ol a loving gargoyle.
MYTH KIXX OUT NOW £9.99 Taking its storyline from various myths and old wive's tales, Myth offers a halfway house between traditional hack and slash platformers and arcade adventures. In other words you run around various platforms hacking monsters and solving simple puzzles.
This mixed bag has been tried before fairly successfully - look at the Bitmaps' Gods, for instance Myth follows roughly the same lines in that you play a muscle-bound adventurer carrying out some obscure quest or other to rid the world of demons These enemies range from basic skeletons to larger foes, such as the Medusa, a woman with snakes for hair and a deadly gaze that can turn you to stone. The standard baddies require little more than a punch or slash to kill them, but others require you to have a knowledge of legends if you're to figure out which weapon you'll need. Unfortunately some of
the vital weapons are one shot only and as the bigger monsters require specific ones to kill them, further progress Is Impossible if you trigger a weapon at the wrong time.
Control of the main character leaves something to be desired. Although each weapon has several ways of implementing it, the reaction to your controls feels sluggish and slightly unresponsive. As for the sprites, they are detailed but lack the smooth animation necessary to make them convincing, this failure spoils otherwise tine graphics.
The sound is also unremarkable, although there is a nice tune on the I title screen which fits in well with the atmosphere of the game, the effects within the game are not exactly mind-blowing. They're limited to simple punching and shooting sounds. The backgrounds vary from level to level, bringing a different atmosphere to each, ranging from dark and moody on the underground levels to bright and breezy on the island of the nymph Myth is both challenging and addictive and although the puzzles aren't much to speak of, they do give the game an extra something that lifts it up from being just
another platform game. That is not to say that Myth is an exceptional game - in fact, there's nothing here that hasn't been done before, but what you are getting is a solid game for a reasonable BUDGET GAMES CU AMIGA HILL STREET BLUES KRISALIS OUT NOW £9.99 Hill Street Blues is. Fairly obviously, based upon the famous TV series of the same name, and sets out to simulate the running ot an American Police precinct. But therein lies its problem - it emulates it rather too well.
You get to play Captain Funllo (he's the one that had an incredibly fit wife and they always seemed to end the TV show with them in bed together!. As the Captain, not only are you in overall control of the station, but you're also in control of each of the officers Now. This may seem great, having total control of the station, but unfortunately it's been so poorty implemented that the game just doesn't work. You have to tell your officers to do every single thing, right down to ordering them to gel out of their car to walk to Ihe scene of the crime. This means that you spend too much time
doing the mundane things such as looking for the scene of the crime on a map or telling each officer to walk to their car. So when a crime actually happens you'll either have fallen asleep or have tried to make your officers walk under the nearest bus I mean, forgive me if I'm wrong, but I always thought that cops had a modicum of intelligence Then again The graphics are pretty minimalistic and the scrolling is almost unbearably slow. This makes an already flawed game annoyingly bad. It's a shame, because I feel that if the game design was just a bit more sensible and the graphics made
smoother, then this could have been an enjoyable strategy game. As it stands it's just a lesson in tedious gameplay and a wasted licence.
Jon Sloan -J -I ?'
FACE OFF KRISALIS OUT NOW £9.99 Have you had a chance lo read the review of Manchester Utd. Europe yet? If not, go and read it now before you carry on with this one. There, done it?
Good. Now, simply substitute ice hockey for football and you'd have an almost perfect description of Face Otf.
Viewed from the same side-on perspective, Face Oil is an ice hockey simulation without the blood and broken teeth. Call me an ultra-violent sadistic gun-fetishist (everyone else does), but the real pleasure for me in watching ice hockey only comes when one of the frequent punch-ups break out.
Unfortunately. Face Oft falls short ol reality here.
Admittedly, tights do occur but all you get to see is a still screen of two players pushing ineffectually at each Other. Where'S the Scrambling lor nomination on tha canlro Una Canada and ,r¦1 fists? What a let down. Iinticoito The rest ot the game fails to live up to scratch too. The control system, though intuitive, feels very spongy and leaves you with a sense of frustration. The graphics are little better than poor and. As for the in-game sound effects, the less said about them the better Which is probably what the programmers thought as they consist of little more than the odd grunt and
To try to stretch out the pitiful gameplay there's a management option which allows you to train players, treat injured ones. Etc. There's even the ability to give them a night out on the town before a match which actually helps them play well the next day. Personally, after a night out, I'm good for little more than sipping iced water... very slowly and very quietly!
If you absolutely love ice hockey then you may get some enjoyment out of this game Alternatively I'd wait for EA's version on the same theme.
Due out later this year.
Jon Sloan MIG 29 FULCRUM HIT SQUAD OUT NOW £ 1 a.99 Flight sims are, perhaps, the most poorly represented of Amiga games genres. It's not that there aren't many to choose from, it's that there are so few that are any good. Unfortunately, this game isn't one of the few As usual the game comes with a fairty huge manual detailing every aspect ot flying a supersonic jet fighter, including a section on tactics and air combat Also as usual it's not until you've crashed and burnt two or three times that you actually take the time to read every page in it!
Once you've got a grasp of the controls. MiG 29 is fairly easy to fly, perhaps the best analogy being that it is to planes what the Kalashnikov is to guns - easy to use, easy to maintain and very deadly! In fact it's quite novel to fly a plane that is usually flying against you in other flight sims.
However, once that novelty has worn off the cracks in the game become all too obvious.
When It was first released MiG 29 received great praise for Its speed and smooth scrolling. But this came at a price - the almost complete obliteration of any ground detail. This is immediately obvious, but I was hoping that the lack of detail was just something that occurred on the practice missions. I had hoped that, once you set off to do some real attack runs, cities would scroll beneath you. Mountain ranges would spring up on the horizon etc. No such luck MiG 29 suffers from all the faults so prevalent in most other Amiga flight sims - lack ot detail, poor sound, lack of realism - only
more so Don't get me wrong, there's nothing I like better than donning a flying suit, leather boots and goggles and going about my favourite hobby, but that's enough about my personal perversion. Perhaps this genre will only be done justice with the advent of an A1200 specific flight sim. Until then, don't bother with this Jon Sloan Iha oulalda IM coma In iraty uaahd 11 you gal dikoneniatad and can I aaa Via ground Ihay'ra alao good d youva gol a Oogay on your lad and cant Hgura oul whara ha la.
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2257 Dolphin Dream(P) 2291 Gl Spy (3MB) (3D) (P) 1065 Yep
(Pacman Type Game)(P) 1151 Othello 8 Card Sharp (P) 1066
Kingdom at War-(P0 " ...- " 1067 Intact (Shoot'em Up)(P)
1207 Fighting Warrior* (P) 1208 Soktare Sampler (P) 1209 18lh
Hole* (2D)(P) 1210 Cash Fruit (P0 MUSIC 5073 lYn Too Sexy
(RSF) (20) P) 5098 Phorever People Remix-(P) 5099 1 992 Daroe
Remix'(Not 1.3) (P" 5102 Nightbreed Music 12 (P) "XP) 5081
Banging Raves 1 5082 Banging Raves 2 5083 500 Things (P) 5050
Guns * Roses'(Youf Crazy)(P) 5091 The Four Seasons (2D) (P)
5113 Took My Love- (Not 1.3) (PO 5067 The Meaning Of Life"
(2D)(P) 5096 Ultimate Dance (P) 5114 1993 Dance VOV (Not 1.3)
(P) 5072 Van Halen (Srupton) (P) 5097 2 Unlimited‘(Not 13) (P)
5115 500 Things 2 5105 Total Kaos (LSD) (2D) (P) 5109 Gel
Ready For This-(P) 5110 Dance Trance (P) 4161 Epoch V(P) 4162
Typng Tutors (P) 4163 Learn & Play Plus (P) 4164 The Mr Men
Pack 4166 A-Gene V4.18 (P) 4167 Bbase II V5.5 (P) DEMOS 6075
Odyssey (5D) (P) 6078 Voyage (P) 6088 Hardwired (2D) 6090 Cat
Computer Club (P) 6095 Jesus one's (2D) (2 Drives) (F 6096
State ol The Art P) 4136 Sound Tracker 2.6 (P) 4140 Viz Clip
An (P) 4141 Garfield Chp Art (P) 4143 D-Copy V2 (DMob) (P)
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Amiga Fox V1.0(P) 4096 Icon Mania 4098 Home Utils (SCalc)(P)
4100 Text Plus 3(P) 4102 Messy Sid II (P) 4108
NorthCV1.3(2D)(W«)(P) 4110 SID V2.00 (P) 4112 UedH V3.0a (P)
4117 Electric Cad V1.2 1011 Return to Earth (P) 1030 Antep Slot
Cars" (P) 1031 Air Warrior (Sim)(P) 1040 Bionex (Shoot 'em
up)(P) 1043 Popeye (LCD Sim) (P 1051 Wooden Ball' (P) 1054
Balloonacy'(BomOer) (P) 1055 Crossfire’(P) 1059 Tile Trial* (P0
1082 Ouik & S*va (Platform) 1102 Parachule Joust* (P) 1106
Pete's Quest(W B) (P) 1107 Black|ack Lab (W B)(P) 1110 Armenia
(P) 1111 Pom Pom Gonner(P) 1119 Starlrek (2D) (P) 1120 Sealance
(P) 1156 No Mans Lard (2 Payer War) (P) 1203 Cheat List V2.01
1157 Total War (Risk) (W.B)(P 1205 Fruit Salad (Ptattorm)(P)
1163 Battle Cars 2* (P) ~ 1165 Routetle (P) 1166 Texas Chainsaw
Massacre(P) 1167 Amos Cricket (P) 1168 Hellzone (Shoot em up)
(P) 1211 Roton (Asteroid) (P) 1175 MR & Mrs-(Ptatfofm)(P) 1212
E-Type II 1180 Pipeline V2.0(P0 1183 Dungeons ol Nadroj (:P)
4119 MED V3.21 4121 Simon SayvSpece Maths (P) 4122 Anti-Virus
Disk V3.14 4124 Amibase Pro II V1.2(P) 4126
PCTaskV1.04Demo(W.S)(P) 4127 Magnetic Pages 1,3(W;B (P) 4128
Drivers (CarwVStart) Pn) (P) 4168 Protracker V2.3a P) 4129
Print Drivers (Over 100) (P) 4169 CaicV1.2(P) 4135 BootX V4.50
4V5.01 (P) 4170 10 Challenge (W;B)(P) 1121 Super Skoda
Challenge (P) 1126 Survivor V2 (P) 1128 Storytand 2 (P) 1129
Doody (Ptatlorm)fP) 1131 Truckln On-(2D) (P) 1136 Colour It 1.3
(P) 1142 Attack Copper (P) 1147 Alien Network (P) 1149 Menial
ktmage Games 2* (P) 4173 Kick 1.3 (A500 EmulalorHP 4174 A64
Emulator V2.0d (20) P) 4176 Lasl Will & Testanent (P) 4177
Ming Shu Chinese Astrology HP) UTILITIES 6059 Indianapolis 500
Demo (P) 6063 Thames TV Demo (P) 6065 Pink Floyd The Wall •
(6D) 6067 Singing Toilets (P) 6072 Ray ol Hope 2 6073 Alpha
Omega(P) 5001 Flash (Oueen .
5005 Madonna (Spanky) (P; 5006 Bad (Mlcheal Jackson)* P) 5017 Pure Metal 5021 Vangeks-(P) Iron Ma«Jen(P)
- (CatA 2040 Tron-(Liaht cycle Duel) (P Newtek Demo 3(20) (P)
2183 Jet Anim" (P) 2258 Back Frcm The Beech (1.5MB) IP 2193 6
of 1 (Prisoner Slideshow)(P) 2261 The Circus Act* (2D) 2196
Four Stroke Enkgine'(P) 2262 Mayhem on Wheels 3'(Anim) (F 2198
Sweet Revenge( 1.5Mb) (P) 2263 Kick Boxer’(Anim) 2199 The Art
o' Tobas Reiter (2D;P; 2268 Invisible World 2 (P) 2206
Unsporting (W B) (2Mb)(P) 2269 kingfisher 1‘(Anim) (P) 2209
Small Station at Kham* (P) 2270 Kmgfisher 2' (Anim) (P) 2210
Monty's Animation Demos'(P) 2277 Oympic cyclist" (P) 2211 Mars
Flight Animnatlion-(P) 2278 2001 A Space Odyssey IISAbXP 2213
Planetside • (Anim) (P) 2279 Saving C«|Advert • (Anim) (P) 2217
Perils of The Deep-(2D) 2281 Speed Limit (t.5Mb) (3D) (P 2230
Unpleasant Ways to Die(P) 2283 Two Stroke Eroxie Anmaion (P
2231 RDF Shuttle Smeshow 2284 Steam Eng.ne Anim V2* (PJ 6097 In
The Kitchen (P) 6098 Sanity World ot Commodsre (P) 6100 Xpose
(2D) (P) 6101 TxneZone (2D) (P0 6102 Wxked Sensation(2D)(P)
6103 Alpha & Omega II (3D) (P) PLAY TO WIN CU AMIGA Like all
Microprose simulations, Gunship 2000 is based on promotion
and reward. The more medals you carry, the more celebrated a
pilot you are.
All mission scores work on a points basis, but the only way to get the highest possible mission scores is to tace the ultimate challenge - fly a mission with all options set to their hardest settings. Here's a course of action for those who want to be able to call themselves Top Gun' in front of their mates.
To begin with you need to change the Flight option from Easy' to Realistic' This gets rid ol all self correction. When you push the nose forward, you start to lose height for example, so get ready to make constant minor corrections, as well as having a hand ready to correct the torque for level flight.
Once you are used to realistic flight, you can change the wind and visibility switches These don't make much difference, unless either is particularly highly restrictive, such as gale force winds or flying at night in fog.
The next thing that you need to turn off is the automatic ground avoidance. You might have noticed when approaching a mountain or similar obstruction that the game automatically increases torque speed to get you over. Not any more, so keep an eye on the altimeter!
Finally, switch on the realistic landings This really shouldn't make much difference, just as long as you remember to keep the gear down when landing, and do so very slowty.
Using as little drop as possible If you can get used to flying missions with all these set, then you can start to gently increase the enemy skill setting.
Try to fly at least five missions with each setting, to get used to improved tactics, faster response time and generally more enemy per square inch than betore.
The ultimate accolade for a pilot is the Congressional Medal Of Honour. The only way to achieve this is to do a campaign mission with everything set at maximum difficulty. Destroying loads of targets and returning within a reasonable time for each objective you attain (aim for 30 game minutes per objective completed!
That much difference in difficulty on the earlier missions, and the European landscape can teach you far more in the way of using your surroundings for stealth and cover. For example, one excellent route to your objectives is along the rivers that cross the terrain If you feel confident enough, try flying along the trench, below ground level. This way.
Ground-based radar can t see' you.
And the only way you'll be discovered is if an enemy aircraft spots you visually. Otherwise, use the hill-jumping technique explained in the panel on the next page One ol the blessings of the game is the co-pilot. Use it to control the counter-measures at all times, as things can get fairty hectic in battle and you don't really want to be fumbling around the keys and racking your brains trying to remember the correct response to a radar guided missile. If you like, you can also get the co-pilot to handle the weapons systems, but I always find that it takes the fun out of combat.
If you are running low on supplies. And the FARP point is too far » away, or there isn't one on your mission, head for the base instead. You can refuel and reload there as many times as you wish.
Play to win Learn to read the HUD, as well as the dials in the cockpit. If you take some damage, you could lose all the dials, so it helps to be prepared.
Should you take too much damage, but have completed at least one objective, then head for the base. It's better to take the points than take your life.
Similarty, if you find you are so damaged that one more shot will cause you to crash, or you just can't muster the power to lift off again, then land and use the end mission (alt - E) keys to aboil. You never know, you might get rescued, which is a lot better than dying!
HILL JUMPING When you ve got a vehicle as stealthy as a helicopter, there's no point charging around like there's no tomorrow. Learning to work with the terrain rather than against it is the secret to a long and prosperous life. Hill lumping is a way ol sneaking around without being spotted, leaving you in control ot the situation at all times. It works like this: using the small map in the centre of your cockpit, find the first hill or mountain on your route and fly at a very low altitude towards it. Stopping once you reach it. Check your radar to see if there are any enemy units on the other
side. If there are. Use the pop-up attack to take them out. And then locate the next hill on your way. Now fly around the hill and head towards the next one at a low altitude.
Keep repeating this process, and you should have a trouble free ride.
ATTACKING Hovering is the only real advantage thaf helicopters have over jef aircraft, and if you don't make full use of this in combat, then there's no real point using them at all.
In the hilly terrain scenarios, there is one main mode ot attack that really works, and no it isn't rushing through the middle of the plains with cannons blasting. If you've ever looked at any manuals for helicopter combat games, you'll have heard of an attack strategy that goes by the name of Pop Up'.
Use your radar and the mini-map in the centre of your cockpit to hill jump to the nearest targets. Now hover behind the hill with your targets on the other side. Take a quick breather, and use the shift and equals keys to quickly rise, or 'pop up' over the top of the hill. Lock onto the target you aim to hit, and wait for Flying along Ihe river Itself lets you get below ground level. What a superb hiding placet them to fire. When they do, use shift and minus to drop back down.
Now hover again and wait for the missile fired at you to slam into the side of the hill. Once you hear the explosion, pop back up and fire at your target before they have time to reload. Easy!
There is another way to do it, and that's to sneak around the hill rather than over it. For this to work, your target must be very close to the hill.
Hover behind the hill as before, and then fly around it at a low altitude with weapons ready. As soon as you target, start firing, and destroy the target before it spots you.
You can mix these two tactics with the more intelligent enemies.
For example, hover behind the hill, and then pop up. Drop as before when the enemy fires and now move around the hill. The enemy unit will be loaded and ready, but aiming at the top of the hill. You now have all the time in the worid to destroy it before it spots you and starts turning toward youl That should be enough to get you well under way with Gunship 2000.
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Burtt-n Fonts 2 C Cant Slots lor fkJIer £«pansicn * Fonfs
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4 Ucps
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Please send cheque PO's (made out to Premier Mail Order), or
advise Visa Mastercard number and expiry date to: : Dept CU 08,
10 Tinkler Side, Basildon, Essex SSI4 1LE Tel: 0268 271 1 72
Fax: 0268 271173 Telephone Orders: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm and Sat &
Sun 10am-4pm We Are Open 364 Days a Year P&P and VAT is
included for all UK orders. Please add £2 P&P for Europe and
£3.50 for Rest of The World Next day delivery service available
99 3D Construction Kd
2 ..32 99 A320 Airbus
(USA).... 22.99 A320 Approoch
Trainer* .. 22.99
«dnoc«2 22.99 Fan*.
___________________16 99 A-bus A320
(EUROPE) 22.99
__________________________1999 Alien
Bro*d2* ......19
99 Alien Breed Special Edition ...10.99
Altered Beast
...- ....6.99
1. .....20.99
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24.99 Amos
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-*» . 2799 Anoher World
19.99 aas=r j=ss
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Moaaans Pool_______________16 99 Arsenal FC
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of .. - 14.99 A •
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AV8B Harrier
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Fortress (1 Meg) ..22.99 n the Mone
.6.99 Bat 2 (I Meg)
...26 99 BattUoods
B. C.K-J - ...... 14.99 Beavers_____________ 17.99 Birds of
Prey (1 Meg) ...... 22.99 Blues
BroAm______________________ J.99 Body
Blows .....18.99
Coesor ...19.99
Campaign ..... 22 99
2* .22.99
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2* .....20.99
Championship Manoger 93 ... 16 99 aSX
roS? :z::::::::::::z:z:i:::i6:99 II
Meg) ..22 99 Cohort
2_________ 19.99 id ..19 99- Cool
Wodd ....17.99 The
Gnvreoan *__________ 19.99 Covert Aceon (I Meg)...... -22.99
Crary Cars 3__________ 14.99 Creepers ---------------- -19.99
Curse of
Enchatio .22.99
Cyberspace* ..22.99
D Day"
22 99
Daley Thompson Choilenge ..... .6.99
DarUere* .20
99 Dark Seed
...20.99 Dork
Sun Shattered Londs * ..- ...21.99 Deluxe
Port 4 AGA .. 64 99
* ...19.99 Dragon'S loir
3 .. 2299 ‘ ‘ • _________ .2299 Dune . See Ihe
Greatest Dune 2 20 99
OungeonMosterChoos ...1999
* ‘ 19.99 Easy Amos .. 29.99 Elvira 2 (I Meg)
.24 99 Elite 2
(Frontier)* ...22.99
Eye of the Beholder 11 Meg ) .19.99 Eye
Of The Beholder 2(1 Meg) ......21.99 Eyed Ihe
Storm* .....19.99 Fwd*
30HT-19.99 F15MbEb*2(1Mi0..___ ...beeCcnfcjOaad
F16 Combat
Not ....8.99 F SterAh
Fightor ....19 99 Falcon
3*------------------- -24.99
FostFoodDuxy___________________________ 6.99 Find
Fight 8.99 Fire Force 16 99 Fire
Hawk - .14 99
Fire and Ice .... 16.99 First Somuroi ?
Mega-lo-Monio .....19.99 r S kSXZZ""-Z-Z"""""
1099 Footboler of the Year
2 ...£5.99 Formula 1
Champions* 17.99
FomtoCheGcardPri. ......2299
GkfcdGbJdtor* ..- ....
2099 I ______________ 19.99 Gooch World doss Cricket 19.99
* . 1699 , 2000* (1 Meg) ....22.99
Guy Spy 1999 Homer Junv Jet * 22 99 Harpoon. SoeWset
2 ...... 22 99 Horpoon Battieset
3 9.99 Horpoon
Baideset 4 .9.99
Harpoon Scenario Editor .....13.99
History Line 1914-18 .22.99 Humans 19
99 Human Roce - The JwrrossK Levels ...19 99 IK. 699
tody Jones - Advhs Adv (1 Megl 24 99 tot 3D Tew,
.5.99 Intamahond Open Go Chanoonship ....
totemahcnal Rugby Challenge 17 99 Jack NkUaus Gol 799 Jock
NicUous Extra Courses .10.99 Joguar XJ220 (1
Meg) 16 99 Jimmy Whites Snooker See he Greatest JohnModden
KGB* 20.99
Keys ol Maramon " .....16.99
Kmahlmare ...... 11.99
KrJtodheSkyll MqJ ___________22.99 leroi Weapon . 16.99
legmd 1299 legends of Vdour 24 99 Legend of
Kyronrko 23.99 lemmings 2 (The
Tribes) .....17.99 lemmings Double Pock 1999
licnHeort 1899 Lombard
Roly. .6.99 Lure of the
Temptress ....See The Greatest Mocdonolds land* 17.99
Maelstrom* ..22.99
Man Utd. Europe 16.99
Mego Traveller 1 (iMeg) 19.99 Mego
Traveller 2(1 Meg) 19.99 Messengers ol Doom
19 99 Macro Modiines’ 12.99 Macroprose Soccer 6 99 Madniaht
Resistance 6.99 Moonstone (1 Meg) 19.99 Mononpofy 899
Narco Pokce ......5 99 New Zealand Story 6 99 Nick Faldos
Gol ..22.99 Nigel
Monsdl World Champ 19 99 Nigel Mansell World Chomp
(A1200)...... 19.99 No Second
Pri2e ...17.99
Operation Thunderbolt 6 99 Operation Woll .. 6
99 Operation Stealth* 11 99
Overdrive* .....16.99
I one 6 99 Pa&tGmserd 22 99 Parked General Dato Dsk 14 99 PGA
Gal Coune* .. 9.99 PGA lour Gol. 19 99 Mol
Fontos.es 19.99 PinbJ Dreams 16 99 Pinbal
Magic ..6.99
Pools of Darkness (1 Meg) ..... 2199 Populous
2 ....22.99
Populous Challenge Dsk 10.99 Power
monger 19.99
Powermonger Dato Disk 1 ......9.99
Premiere Manager 2* ..17.99
Prehistoric 2*..... 16 99 Premier Manager
. 17.99 Prime Mover .....19 99 Prince
Of Ponia ..... -6.99 ...
19.99 .._ .... 16.99
R-Type 6 99
Rognarok*.- .....22.99
Roilrood Tycoon (1 Meg) ..22.99
Rainbow Islonds 6 99
Rampart 16.99
RBI 2 Baseball ...6.99 Roach
for the Skies ....22.99 Realms (1
Meg) .19.99 Risky
Woods ....16.99 Rood Rash
. 19.99 Robocod --------
- ...(tee Raving Mod) Robocop 899 Bob e cap
3.... 16.99 Robo Sport 1999 Rome AD 92 ... 16 99 Sabre Team
1999 Scrabble ...20.99
Sea Air Rescue* 22 99 Sensible Soccer 1.1 (92 93)
...16.99 Shodow Lands
.....19.99 Shadow of
Beast 3 ..19.99 shodow Warriors 6 99
Shodow Worlds 17.99 Shoot Em Up Con Kit
..8.99 Shutde .....
1999 Silent Service 2(1 Meg) 22.99 Saworm
8.99 SA At* ...... 16 99
Sim Gty Deluxe 22 99 Sam GtyePopulou* ....
19.99 Sim
Earth 22.99
Simpsons ..(see Oeom Ieom|
Syndicate- .....22.99
Sleepwalker .....21.99
Sleep Walker (Al 200) .21.99
Slides- ....- .12.99
Smash TV 6.99
Soccer Stars Comp4iation ------------16.99 Sonar Kid* 1799
- .9.99
- .7.99 7.99 ...7.99 Spoce legends_____________________19.99 Kkk
OfT 2 I KM Off 2 F kkk Off 2 (aients Of Furo| SpeocI
Forte* - .22.99
Strategy Master* Cmdofcm ..17 99
Storush* .. 16.99 Kick Off 2
Return To Europe - Kkk Off 2 Winning Tactics... Golf.--- Street
Fighter 2 ...19.99
Striker (T Megl ..... 16 99 Strip Pokar
2 ? Data Disk ....6.99 Super Barbarian
* .. 16.99
SupatCare 6.99
2 ....8.99
Cauldron .....16.99
Super Fmhfcn . 17 99 Super Frag.
----------------------------17.99 SuperMongOn ------------ 6 99
Super tW___________ 19.99 Super Term 16 99
SwRcMiledB ....6.99
SwitMilode 2 ..... 8.99 Sword of Sodan
___________________________J.99 SyndkalB* - .
.. Team Yankee 2(1 Meg) 19 99
Terminator 2 .(see Dream Team)
The Adventurers 21.99
The Greatest ...21.99
......19.99 Their
Finest Hour (1 Meg) ......19.99 fern
Ion dry Strategy Foolbal ......27.99 IBModo*
..... 22.99 feyotoCebcoGT Ro*y 599
Transorcea* _______________17.99 Iroddkr* 1699 aA12001_______
- --16.99 torbo
ChcAmgt .....8 99
Turbo ChaAenge 3 16 99 Vtke O.+v' 6 99 ¦-4ght 200C- 20 DO J96*
2299 Jnnersal Monton" 17 99 Jtopo • DotoOn* 1999 tohso 1999 w*.
20 99 War in he Gulf ..... 19 99
Waxworks .. 22.99 WWF 2 1799
WWF_______________________8.99 fcp---U»
Widud 16.99 Zool Al
200_______________ 16.99 Zool 2 *. 17 99 AWARD WINNERS
Populous. Kick Off 2.
Space Ace. Ptprmania £19.99 SPACE LEGENDS | Wing Commander.
Elite. Mega traveller 1 £19.99 SPORTS MASTER « «ttT wo £19.99 BOARD GENUS Claedo. SoabNe.
Deluxe Monopoiy. RiU £1939 COMBAT CLASSICS F15 Stnke Fjigle 2.
Team Yankee. 6KK Attack Sub £19.99 2 HOT 2 HANDLE Goldem Axe. Suix-i Oil Road Racer, loul Recall. Shadow Warrior* £19.99 DREAM TEAM WWF Wreatkmania.
Simpvonv. IctminaitB 2 £17.99 Fantasy World Dim.
Treasure 1* Dim.
Oru Player 21V)
117. 9* £1A99 F ANTAV1H WORLDS Mega Lo Mania.
Puaicv, Populou*.
Realm*. Wonderland £22.99 S H KHM1I S World Champ Soccer.
Kick Off 2. Microprmc Soccer £16.99 FOOl BALL CRA7.Y Kick Off 2 1 2 Met.
Player Manager. K02 FmaJWh.uk £9.99 THE GREATEST J,mm» White. Sm.Acr.
I. ure of The Tempcre**.
Dune C2I.99 ANIMATION CLASSICS | Sptce Act. Drtgc*»Latr2.
Wrath ct'The Demon £27.99 Mkroprae C Paperboy 2 _
9. 99
5. 99
9. 99
- .9.99 ...14.99 I Ininderslrike... Turbo Ch Turtle* 2
- 17.99
- 17.99
- 17.99 ...12.99 ADI English i All Ages).
ADI French (.AD .Age*). ADI Math* t Al Agr*l~ r Spelling 18- r Math, (12-1 ( ave Men 18-12).
'School" 6-8).„ Fun School 2 (+8)- Fun School 2 L6)_ Fun School 3 (5-7)-.
Fun School 3 (17) _ Fun School 3 L5)_ Fun School 4 5-7 _
- 16.99
- 16.99
- 17.99
- 1799 SSSlS Typist (5-10) Magk Math* (4-5).. Math* Mania
(8-12) Math* Dragon, 16-13)-.
Merlin Math* (7-11) _ Mkkey's 123’s(2-5)... Mkkey'* ABC's, (2-5) „ Mkkey's Jigsaw Puule* 5*1.. Mkkey'* Colour* & Shape* (2-5).
Mkkey's Memory Challenge Noddy ', Play roee (3*)- Paint pot 2_ JUNIOR ADY£KTU; The Wind in The Willow*.
The Three Bear* (5 JOYSTICK A ACCESSORIES Qukkjoy fopstor 17.99 Qukfcjoy Turbo Quickjoy Jetfighter Cheetah 125+
10. 99
11. 99
7. 99
14. 99
13. 99
24. 99
26. 99 Competition Pro Extra Competition Pro 5000 1 2 Meg Upgrade
1 2 Meg Upgrade*dock TDK VERBATIM 10 X 3.5- -
7. 99 20 x 3.5- *
14. 50 50 x 3.5" •
35. 00 100 x 3.5"-
65. 00 PBECISION - BOXED 10 x 3.5" •
6. 49 20 x 3.5" •
11. 99 50 x 3.5" •
- LOOSE 10 x 3.5" -
5. 99 20 x 3.5" •
10. 99 50 x 3.5" •
23. 99 100 x 3.5 -
44. 99 RECYCLED - LOOSE 10X35-450 20X35 8.50 30X35- 12.00 40 X
35- 15.00 50X3.5-17.50 100 X 3.3 • 33.00 HINTS AND CHEATS CU
AMIGA trolls mm A chill wind gusts from the North, whipping
the clouds across the dark night sky.
SHRINE OF KNOWLEDGE Draw near and ask your question. Don’t be embarrassed, even the most noble adventurer la sometimes stuck lor a clue. Behind the velvet curtain Is the Shrine ol all Knowledge where the deepest secrets are revealed and hearts are laid bare.
The cold fingers of the storm tear at the shutters of the Ttoll’s Head Inn.
Never fear, if you have made it this far you’re safe.
HEROES WANTED BOARDS LANDS OF LORE - THE THRONE OF CHAOS Have you ever gone lo bed with a beautllul young maiden, only lo vrake in tbt morning nan lo a hideously agly crone?
In that cate you may have already met Scotia, agent ol the Dark Army, who Is naturally nauseating, bul capable ol changing her chaps. On die other hand yon may just have gone home with the Troll's Head barmaid! You may be wondering why Westwood Studios, who wrote fy» ol tho Beholdrr. Chose lo gin away die task ol writing [ye ol me Beholder III [o mother company [who incidentally apptir lo have made a trail's tar oat ol the jobl). The reason was that they wait busy craning The Throne ol Cheot lor an tarty winter release tram Virgin Gamas The game has 30 unique areas lo nplore Including crtepy
castlns. Dungeons. Ancient ruins and The White Tower. Heroes signing up lot this campaign art promised an mu smoother combat system, SO dilterenl Intelligent monsters, plus stunning graphics. The Management strongly recommend that you got your namt down early lor this toor ol duly at there It cure to bo a rath ol late bookings.
• Tickets lor Ihe Wizard's Ball are now on sale behind Ihe bar -
price 1 Zortmid each.
Attention: Please nole Ihis is a Rattle nol a Dance!
• Arm wrestling is nol allowed Especially it you're using someone
else s arm.
By Order ol The Innkeeper ZAK McKRACKEN It s nol often that you'll come across a two-headed squirrel, but il you do you'll be glad thal Frazer Young of Reddilch look the trouble lo ask whal Ihe normal procedure is for dealing with such an animal. Frazer and Zak McKracken have gol inside Ihe cave in Seattle but are now at a loss.
The Shrine replies If you are inside Ihe cave you have obviously already worked out lhat you deal with Siamese squirrels by giving Ihem packets of peanuts which you find on Ihe aeroplane What you really need lo know is that you should pick up Ihe tree branch oulside Ihen enler the dark cave. Use the What is' pointer to move around the top half of the screen until you find a bird's nest Knock the nest down with the branch. Use Ihe pointer to locate the pit in the floor, Ihen place Ihe nest in it. A quick Hip of the lighter (which you should have found under a cushion on the planej and you’ll
have a cheery lire going.
ZORK 1 In Australia men are men, and kangaroos are nervous. Kerry Zwar is Irom South Australia and his letter indicates that the age of the ‘New Man' hasn’t quite caught on down-under So lar he's amassed 240 points in Zork by killing the thief, mapping the maze and the coal mine, sailing the river and draining the lake He sounds like a blooming, ecological disaster. No doubt he's also skinned a couple of gators and chundered under the bridge, but he didn't think that worthy ol comment. Not content, he now wants to know how the hell lo get into Hades, and what in hell he needs to do to get
past the bat in the mine?
The Shrine replies Most people would wish to avoid going to Hades, but I don't suppose it will seem so bad for someone who's been brought up in the outback. The trick you must learn is how to exorcise demons. As all priests will tell you this must be done with a bell, book and candle Those items can be found on the altar which is two floors above the gates to Hell When you ring Ihe bell it will become hot and you will drop it. You will also drop the candles. At this point, in one command, you must: Get the candles, light match, light candles with match'. If you now read the book the demons
will gel zapped The bat you speak of is a vampire bat. And whal do vampires avoid like the plague? French cooking of course! If you don't have a bowl ot frog's legs in your fucker bag, I suggest you use a clove of garlic which is the next best thing YouH find this magical, culinary ingredient Inside a bag. Which is to be found in the kitchen of the house near Canyon View.
AND THE James O'Brien of West Glamorgan has written lo say that he believes the Troll's Head is the greatest source of knowledge in the known world, but of course we all know that so let’s just get on with his problem. It would appear that James cannot play the musical skulls in the Indy adventure. No matter in what sequence our tuneless triend raps Ms bony xylophone it scores a fat zero on the musical scoreboard.
The Shrine replies' The answer is to be found in the Grail Diary my son. Consider the row of six skulls lo be numbered, from the left, 1 - 6. In that case you must push the skulls as follows: 53342.
It's a lousy tune, but it’s sure to be a hit.
CURSE OF ENCHANT1A Fathers are supposed to know everything, but Stuart Ruben's father is a bit of a washout. Having got his son into the Curse ol Enchanlia, he has callously left him lo Ihe tender mercies ol electric eels on the seabed. Shocking I call it. To be lair he did help him find the worm in Ihe sand before he abandoned him lo Ms fate, but that hardly excuses him.
The pair know lhat they should give the worm to the big fish for more oxygen, bul that is where their partnership foundered on the rocks.
The Shrine replies'. I assume you know fhal this is Cherish a Fish Week ? Otherwise known as, Be kind to a Cod and Ditch your Rod!' If you were a good-hearted type you'd have released the little fish which you saw trapped behind the railings on the first screen Next find the coin behind the big rock, then go left and look at the hole in the sand. Pick up what you find there and give it to the Mr. Fish who will rej ay you with Oxygen. It's now that your Good Samaritan work will be rewarded because the little lish will reappear and drop something which you can pick up. Give this object to a
passing turtle and he’ll oblige you by giving you a lift over the eels.
MONKEY ISLAND II I have received a goodly number of letters from poor benighted souls who cannot find one or other ol the items needed to give to the Voodoo woman to enable her to deal with Largo. For all of you. I II stick a gold coin of my own money into the Shrine's slot and let it give you a quick hint.
The Shrine replies. Largo’s hair comes from the toupee in his cabin. Of course you'll have to release Ihe alligator first to create a diversion The thread is from his clothes which he'll put in the laundry If you balance a bucket of mud above his » mi Yel another golden-oldie, called Colin Hayword.
Has written to own up to the tact that he is both 47 and a graphic adventure nut. Colin has decided to solve his disk-swapping problem by upgrading to an A1200 with a 60Mb hard drive, but he requires the help ol Ihe Shrine to solve his contusion with the latest Indy epic. Having got to Atlantis, made 30 beads in the machine, rescued Sophia trom jail, he now can't get past the octopus.
The Shrine replies: Instead ot all the aggravation you should take up a relaxing hobby like fishing. Even more relaxing, take up crab fishing. Ot course you're going to need a crab pot and some bait to put In it. Did you pick up some food during your sea voyage on the submanne. Or did you eat it and ruin your diet again? Never mind, you can always beat up a guard tor they all seem to have some food on them. I'm alraid there are no crab pots around, but it you search that entrance maze again you'll find an abandoned lorry with a skeleton inside. I'm sure an experienced adventurer like
yourselt won't mind ripping out the poor soul's rib cage and using that as a pot. (I think I'm going to be sick.,.) ABANDONED PLACES 2 You would think that anyone who had managed to complete Dungeon Master. Chaos. Eye ol The Beholder 1 and 2. Black Crypt and the Bard s Tale 1 and 2 wouldn't need to seek help from the Mystic Shrine, but not a bit of it. Robbie Priestly from Co Wicklow in Ireland has come a cropper in Abandoned Places 2 On the first level of the Tower there are a number of pillars which Wock all routes, and despite repeated head butts from our bold adventurer they won t move
Apart from some annoying quirks, this game does have some good features, but it can be a swine at times.
What do you think of it9 The reviewers all had different views, but I d be interested to hear what you think.
The Shrine replies If you consult the map on this page. I ll explain what you must do. If you consider the top left of the map as grid co-ord
(0. 0) then go to position (23.20). That's 23 squares East and 20
South. Face South and locate the hidden switch in front of
you This removes the pillar at (10,12) and allows you to
access S2 This will open the door at (14.12) allowing you to
get to the North Room » cabin door. The laundry ticket will
be found behind the cabin door The liquid is his spit which
you'll coiled from the wall ol the bar using a piece ol paper
trom Wally's room, (Euckl) The grandfather's bone comes
trom the cemetery, but you'll need the spade which is fixed
to the sign on the bridge to dig it up.
D THE Battle-weary but unbowed, Mark Mdeod (of apparently nowhere in particular), has arrived before a drawbridge in Wizardry 6. The complicated instructions on the control panel seem to be too much tor our hardy Iriend (all muscle, no brain I suspect).
Please,' he begs, which buttons should I press?"
Nol content with one question he also wants to know, 'What does the green parrot do?'
The Shrine replies I would have thought it obvious what the green parrot does. It makes a mess on the floor and eats crackers! Isn't that what they all do? Again I will take the opportunity to clear up a lew Wizardry queries, so put your ear to the grille and listen closely. You need Mystery Oil to open the drawbridge panel The order of the buttons is found in a dictionary, however it you are desperate this is the sequence: Satety, Pump, Coilwrap, Truss, Satety and Winder. The treasure is buried on Giant Mountain. The password is Skeleton Crew. The green parrot bestows Armour Magic. Use
rotten cheese on the hole in the wall.
Give beagle to man in the tower Merge the steel hook with the rope trom the beltry to cross the chasm. The Book ot Ramm contains the code tor the altar. You'll find this behind the second gate (use the gold key) on level -2. Use the JR Decoder ring on the Deadman s log to read it. Use the Wizard's Ring to open the Wizard's Chamber.
As the magical glow from the Shrine fades and dies, these final words ol advice are heard faintly.
‘It's not the size ot your weapon that counts. It's where you stick it.'
LURE OF THE TEMPTRESS At last the letters I am receiving concerning Lure centre around the final puzzle - How do you lower Ihe drawbndge?'. Gemma Cullis of Luton has used the tat on the lever, but can t do anything with the winch.
The Shrine replies There are times in one's life when me must get a little help from our triends.
Surely there is someone you can ask to operate the winch while you concentrate on the lever.
C’mon. You must have at least one triend. Even Tony Gill has one Iriend - well more ol an acquaintance actually.
If you have a problem, a notice for the Board, or perhaps you have a piece of scandal which you wish to whisper in the Inn, write to Tony Gill at: The Troll's Head Inn, CU Amiga, Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU.
OF THE COSMIC M m mw all mm mum - guaranmh!
Mmi FOR ALL AMIGA Am Am &AI200 MS The Original and Best For: Hints n' Tips n' Cheats n' Pokes
PRICES IfWHIM FAX: 0530-414433 LOOK THESE Aa PRICES INCLUDE VAT AT 17.5% D I AM O N D I MAIL ORDER RING 0703 334638 OR 0703 230934 MAIL ORDER RING 0703 334638 OR 0703 2309: AMIGA CLEARANCE GIVE AWAY SALE Due to our massive success in the world of PC computers with our own brand name Diamond Phoenix, a company decision has been taken to part company with the Amiga H must be said that this was a hard decision as Diamond was founded In this market and went on to become Northern Europe's leading Amiga dealer chain, but times change. As of now Diamond will be known as only a PC supplier, although
we shall still stock leisure titles and obtain application software to order.
Diamond would like to take this opportunity to thank every single customer, 274,312 In all to be precise, who have supported us over the years with purchases of Amiga related goods from our stores, and we hope you will still come and visit us for your software or if you switch over to a PC In the future.
So for you, and all Amiga buffs out there, Captain Diamond as a last gesture is literally giving away every piece of Amiga hardware we have In any of our branches. This Is a one day only sale at our Tottenham Court Road branch In Central London and will be held on Sunday 1st August.
SUNDAY 7TH AUGUST TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD STORE ONLY lO -5PM iRDER RING 0703 334638 OR 0703 230934 MAIL ORDER RING 0703 334638 OR 0703 230934 MAIL ORDER RING 0703 334638 OR 0703 230934 MAIL ORDER RING 0703 33463 All Books only £5 each Advanced S Prog. Guide 30 Graphics Prog. Base Amiga Basic Inside A Out Amiga C Advanced Prog.
Amiga C for Beginner* Amiga DOS Inside A Out Amiga Dos Chick Ret.
Desk Top Video Guide Disk Drives Inside & Out Amiga For Beginners Graphics Inside A Out Machine Language Printers Inside Aout SyifoTTB Prog. Guide Best Tricks A Tips Making Music On Amiga AMIGA WORLD In the basement ot 232 Tottenham Ct Rd London W1 Tel 071 580 3355 FAX 0716804359 1045 High Rd Chadwell Heath Romtord Tel 081 597 8851 FAX 081 690 8959 83 Fawcett Road PORTSMOUTH Tel 0705 811136 FAX 0705 822297 84 Lodge Road Southampton Tel 0703 232777 FAX 0703 232 679 144 Ferry Rood Edinburgh Tel 031 554 3557 FAX 031 554 2115 406 Ashley Rood Poole. Dorset Tel 0202 716226 FAX 0202 716160 OVER 3,500
AMIGA ITEMS MUST GO DIAMOND SHOPS AROUND THE UK 410 Both Rd 1022 Stockport Rd slou9h Manchester Tel 0628 604555 Tel 061 257 3999 Fox 0628 668952 FAX 061 257 3997 443 Gloucester Rd Bristol Tel 0272 522044 FAX 0272 521738 AMIGA A1200 AMIGA 500+ MONITORS The Amiga A1200 Is the90’s AMIGA 68020 Processor operating at 14MHz, AGA Graphics Chip set gives you a palette of 16.8 MILLION Colours, so AMIGA 4000-040 ¦ HARD DRIVES
256. 000 colours on screen at any one time. The A1200 comes with
2Mb of Chip RAM as standard.and a 1 Year on site maintenance
warranty FREE.
U. C.S. PRICE £359.99 AMIGA A1200 COMIC RELIEF Pack This A1200
comes to you with a free copy of Sleepwalker software worth:
£25.99. £10.00 will be given to comic relief for every pack
U. C.S. PRICE £365.99 AMIGA 1200HD
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A1200-80MBHD .£564.99
A1200-120MBHD ...£634.99 ZOOL S WARE PACK This
amazing otter available with any ainiga purchased, includes:
Striker. Pinball Dreams & Transwrite normal retail price £127.92
U. C.S price £8.99 AMIGA A600 Uupli Limited number please phone
A500+ 1Mb RAM. TV Mod. Workbench 2.4. Mouse & Manuals.
U. C.S. PRICE £194.99 The ULTIMATE AMIGA 68040 blistering
Processor 25Mhz. AGA chip set.
256,000 colours from 16.8 million, dicker free display, 3.5 1.76 MB 3.5"drive . Cross Dos. WB. 3 2Mb Chip Ram (32Bit) 4MbFasl Ram (32Bit), 120Mb HD. I year on site Warranty..
U. C.S. PRICE £1975.99 | AMIGA 4000-030 68030 Proa 4 Mb of RA
80MBHD-2 :ssor-25MHz AGA Chip sc M (32Bit). WB.3 1 yearoi 42
U.C.S. PRICE :t as above, i site Warranty £1058.99 rn ca r t
' iMIGA 30 00 3000 The 52 Mb H 25MH spare drive bay III slots
512K 32Bit ROM. 4 52 Mb Hard Drive.
1Mb Chip, I Mb Fast RAM.
Above with I05MBHD I960 multi-sync .... £377.99 Commodore 10X4 S .. £189.99 Phillips 8833-col ... £199.00 Commodore 1084 ST £189.99 Commodore 1940 .. £289.99 Commodore 1942 multi-sync.. £289.99 Commodore A590 20Mb 20Mb Hard Drive with sockets for up to 2Mb Fast RAM. Ext.SCSI interface autoboots with Workbench I.3+. built- in Fan £174.95 GVP. Series II HD8+ Hard Drives The A500-HD8+ provides the ultimate in hard disk performance for the Amiga 500 + simply the best.. GVP A506-HD8+
42Mb.... £269 99 GVP A500-HD8+ 80Mb.... £349.99 GVP A500-HD8+ 120Mb.... £399.99 GVP A500-HD controller £174.99 GVP IMPACT SERIES II hard drives, with game sw itch. SCSI port. Int.RAM expansion up to 8Mb F AAA STROM SCSI Driver and a full 2 year Guarantee GVP Series n 150(V2000 GVP 42Mb HD & Ram card £374.99 GVP 80Mb HD & Ram card £329.99 GVP120MbHD& Ram card £404.99 GVP controler & Ram card £ 119.99 ALL lies PRICES INC. VAT FAST UK DELIVERY SAME DAY DESPATCH The Amiga A600 Standard Pack VIDEO TITLING & EDITING PACKS Amiga A600 with single drive. 1Mb Chip RAM.Built in TV Modulator.
Mouse & Manuals. Workbench 2.4 I Year on site warranty.
U. C.S. PRICE £189.99 A600 WILD, WEIRD & WICKED Amiga A600 as
above With four excellent Titles: Deluxe Paint III.
Formula one Grand Prix. Putty & Pushover.
U. C.S. PRICE £284.99 A600HD Epic Hard Drive Pack Amiga A600
standard pack .With four Software Titles: Dpaint III. Trivial-
Pursuit. Epic & Rome. + An Int.Fitted HARD DRIVE.
With 40MB Hard Drive BUDGET PACK A500+ CartoonsClassic Ext Disk Drive Rocgen+ Genlock Scala or Videostudio 3 UCS Price £473.99 SEMI-PRO PACK AMIGA A1200 '¦as Ext Disk Drive Rocgen+ Genlock Scala 100 ;e £640 or SEMI-PRO-PLUS.
AMIGA A1200-80MBHD Rocaen+ Genlock ScaTa 100 DPAINT 4 AGA UCS Price £1090.00 HOJO.
PRO PACK AMIGA A4000-030-80MBHD Scala VS 1.13 Pro Vidio Director (Edit Controler) Dpaint 4 AGA. * GVP Genlock.
M si’Ki 10 m ki mi Kit ill r oiU'ii i Buying h mailorder can he frouglu with problems, no making lire ' It) OKI'IK i I M IOK OKI I'll ONKI'S OOI I’ll 1' ¦Her Name day despatch lor credit card order, placed before 5pm. Or ncikI of mail order company iN essential. Wc al UNIVERSAL aiv mirsclscs i I ¦ bankers dnili. Postal orders To UNIVERSAL COMPUTER Amiga users,and arc Ihcrfore ablelo offer you ihc cusiomcr ,mr lull snppiir MrU I hK Amiga users, and are therlore able to oiler you the customer our lull support allow 7 working We can offer vou a fast and efficient delivery service with the
mininuim i luss.
S n-IMS 47 Oxford si. Whilstablc. Kcm, CT5 IDB. Please allow 7 working l**r personal business cheques co clear. Send your Nunc & address, along
v. Hir daytime Telephone number (if possible) and your order
requircmcr PHONE. Phone our order hollins with your credit
card number. Adda kk-r requirements AND WE WILL DO THE REST.
I A PACKAGING Please add LI IK) per item of software & small . *1 Add £5.00 per item for large Peripherals & Hardware . . , ALL U.C.S. Prices are inclusive of VAT.
Css. . T g it* you are looking to buy an item not listed in our current advertise nont.
Rder requirements. Please phone and ask. We will undoubteblv have it axail.il i,- number, address 11 0ffcrs are subject to availability. All prices arc subject lunge . But arc correct at lime of going to press.
RKtt, r.u. our I wake, witn any order over x.iuu.uu ....£87.99 £54 99 £3599 169 99 £36 99 £37 99 £37 99 149 99 £99 99 £3699 £44 99 £1949 £49 99 142 99 159 99 £21 99 £1799 ....£44.99 ....£69.99 ...£74.00 £165.00 £58.00 £114.99 £50.00 . ...£120.99 £POA ...£POA £39.99 14* Monitor Dust Cover_________ 14 Till & Swivel -Stand ..... A500 Dust Cover .... A600 Dust Cover .... Anti Glare Screen Filter ...... Control Centre A50G + . C ontrol Centre A600 „ Ixxkable Disk Box lOOeap . Gtckablc Disk Box 8 cap ... lockable
Disk Box 4( cap .. Mouse Mat. ... Stereo Speakers .... DUSKS Branded Box of 10 ... Unbrandcd Box of 50 MUSIC GVP Digital Sound Studio .. Stereo Sampler .... Bug . .::*on Pro 5000 .. (Black) ... oy Jetfighter ... 137 F Python ...... 155 Aviator .. TopS tar .. £125.99 £189.99 £289.99 ....£38999 ...£489 99 ...£381'Si CANON WON BJ I0SX Portable ....£289.99 ISON BJ 200 Desk Top ...-£345.99 5MIN
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2. 0 Rom .. POA
1. 3 Rom .. POA UCS PRICE
££49.99 A1200- IOMb-80MhHD-14MHz UCS PRICE £949.99 AI200-
6Mb-80MbHD-25MHz UCS PRICE £949.99 A1200- 10Mb- 80MbHD-25MHz
UCS PRICE £10149.99 A1200- 6Mb-80MbHD-50MHz iif; Hf-fCE f
|f 49 99 leads & cables Amiga 8833
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Multisync £POA Amiga
Scan .£8.99 Disk Drive Extension
....£9.99 JoyStick Long Extension £5.99 Midi Midi
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Modulator Extension ...... Mouse & Joystick
Ext .... Mouse & Joystick Splitter..... Printer I.8M.
.....2 Printer 3.0M .... AC Cl SSOKII S SCANNERS
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Wordsworth 2 Excellence ' PenPal ____ Final Cops 2 The Pubfuhcr I Home Acv«rjnts ?
Mir.j Of.ee Pm I Hyper Bonk ( anDo VI _______ Amo* Pro Amos Compiler Directory Opus IV Quarterback Qaarternack Tools V?
Crow Dos ? V Pro-Midi Interface VideoMastcr. . D Paint IV AGA. - Scala ..... Scala 1.3 Pro ..| Scroller 2 ...... Video Studio 3 Mini Studio .. Video Director ...... Vidi 12 AGA ... Vidi 12 Real Time . Cine Morph ... PAYMENT I Enclose cheque PO for £ ... CREDIT CARD... SO] TWA RE GET SERIOUS Brace yourself for another
trip through the wonderful world of technical wizardry with this month’s Get Serious section.
96 AWARD CONSTRUCTION KIT 97 ILINIOS PROFESSIONAL 97 XL-1 97 NCOMMAND PRO 98 V-LAB Y C 102 PROPER GRAMMAR 104 MIGRAPH SCANNER 107 GIGAMEM 110 OCTAMED V.5 114 DELUXE MUSIC CONSTRUCTION SET 2 119 DIGITA FONT COLLECTIONS 122 FITTING AN A1200 IDE INTERNAL HARD DRIVE 128 JOYSTICKS BUYER’S GUIDE 132 ART GALLERY 136 PD SCENE 138 PD UTILITIES 142 READERS’ OFFERS AWARD CONSTRUCTION KIT Loosely based on Ihe old Award Maker program. ACK contains 50 different awards and certificates ranging Irom the commonplace '1st Place certilicate' to the humorous You’ve been Had' award There are also 12 blank
templales lor you to fill as you see lit. Many ol the awards also include appropriate graphics.
Once you've chosen the style ol the award that you want, a lull-colour screen representation will be shown so that you decide if it looks OK.
The award is basically composed ot a number ot parts: the border, the headline, the body text and a seal (if required). Each ol these elements can be altered to your heart's content. The program comes with six headline tonts and eight lor the body text. The body text is where you actually put the recipient's name 1 and any details about the nature ol their award. II you preler, you could leave this area blank.
There are also 11 different border types ranging Irom Ihe conventional loils and scroll-work to movie film and icicles. These borders are drawn in two colours which can be altered via the palette In tact the colour ot every element ol the program Irom text to borders can be changed.
A choice ol live seals (lips and skull and crossbones being the two most interesting) ensure that your awards will be finished in style.
When it comes to pnnting. Award Construction Kit uses your Workbench printer prelerences. So provided they're set correctly, you shouldn't have any problems. Awards are printed as a straightforward screen dump so they don't take too long to output. This does mean that graphics and text can look a little blocky sometimes, but the overall eHect is quite convincing Tho program can be installed to hard dhve although the installation program is very basic - DHO or DH1 only. Fortunately, it's an easy matter to install the program elsewhere and create your own assignments in the startup-sequence.
ACK has space lor a number of user-defined awards, and Ihese can be stored on disk tor rapid retrieval. Untortunately. You can only define five awards per disk as they are written to a specific area ol the disk. I suppose that you could make lots ol duplicate disks if you define a lot ol styles.
An enterprising reader could make themselves a bit ol money at letes or even on a market doing mostly humorous awards. The program is certainly quick and easy enough to use.
Available Irom: E.M. Computergraphic. 8 Edith Road, Clacton on Sea.
Essex, C0151JU. Tel 0255 431389. Normal cost £39.99 but being ottered at Ihe introductory price ol £29.99 lor a limited two- month period. .P h GET SERIOUS CU AMIGA t's a database! It's a mail merger! It's a labelling system! It's llinios Professional! The blurb on the box claims that it was written with the user in mind', and it looks as if it could live up to the daim when you first boot up.
IUNIOS PROFESSIONAL I Earlier versions of this program were purely keyboard controlled, and not too user-friendly. Now the interface has Been updated to make use of the mouse, and it's a hell of a lot quicker to get around the various functions.
On the database side, you'll find that it's capable of much the same functions as those of any other basic database available on the market today. IFF pictures can also be attached to and files you enter. Included with the software are some address, disk, and cassette labels.
Llinios Pro has enough features to lake care of a modest database mail-shot requirement. Including some sample labels is a good idea, and lets you get started straight away. If you need a low-cost labeling system and database, llinios Pro is worth a look.
Available from: Code Works Software, 31 The Meadows, Hanham, Bristol, BS15 3PA. Tel: 0272 478402. Price: £24.95 XL-1 isn't your run- of-the-mill sample CD. Sure, it's chock full of slomping Beals, vocals, loops and all the rest of it, this one's a bit different.
NCOMMAND PRO XL-1 It's a two-disc set from Polestar Magnetics, who were also responsible tor the fabulous XSIalic Goldmine double pack.
The first disc has a complete cross-section ot dance music samples, but instead of laying them out in the usual way. With a section lor bass, one for drum loops, one for vocals etc., there are 60 three-bar demo songs, which are then followed by the samples use to create them.
If you're flicking through a CD for a good bass sample, hearing lots of tones one after the other can get confusing, and after a while your ears turn oft. You could be passing up some great sounds, but without hearing them in context (ie. Playing a bassline in this case), they just sound like a senes of drones.
The same could be said about any other sounds you might be sampling. This is where the short demo songs come in. They lend the samples a context, which gives you a much better idea of the effectiveness of the sounds.
The demos are in a wide variety of styles, Including garage, house, hip hop. Techno, hardcore, ragga, trance, funk and disco. They know their stuff, these Polestar bods After the demos, there are quite a few tracks of drum samples, including the TR-808. 909 and so on, with a lot ot others taken from all over the place.
Disc 2 is considerably more conventional, with the various samples being grouped into sections of similar sounds. Some of the samples are duplicated from CD 1, which is a bit of waste of space - space that would have been better used for new sounds. Apart from the occasional repetition, the sec ond CD is top notch. There are plenty of loops in all kinds of dance-orientated styles, along with a good helping of breaks, vocals, fx and chords.
My only quibble Is with the price, which seems a bit steep. Other than that, It's hard to fault this delicious feast of dance samples.
Available from: Time and Space, PO Box 306, Berkhamstead, Herts, HP4 3EP. Tel: 0442 870681. Price: £79.95 While AMOS is a pretty powerful language, there's always room for improvement. Most programs written in AMOS have a certain look and feel that gives away their origins. This is due to the customised interface, with its own style of requestors and Buttons. With Ncommand Pro. You can give your programs a whole new front end The main Ncommand program comes as an AMOS accessory. When run through AMOS, it gives you 47 new commands to play with. These are all geared towards making your
programs more user friendly, offering alternatives to the standard windows and buttons offered by the AMOS system.
Although it runs fine on a 1.3 machine, the end results look and work just like Workbench 2-3 programs All the usual file requestors and text input boxes are easily created, and even things like cyclic boxes and check boxes are no problem Another command allows you to knock up progress boxes in a jiffy, and there's also an automatic snoozing pointer option.
If you want to shake off the stigma from your AMOS creations, and make them a lot easier to use in the process, Ncommand is definitely the way to go. |r Z Available from: Oasis Software, Price: TBA.
I here used lo Be any number ol digitisers around lor the Amiga. There still are, but these days most ol them seem to come Irom the same company - MacroSystem. Why? Well, they all address dillerent needs.
The very latest is V-Lab Y C, a reworking ol the original Zorro card version ol Ihe grabber. This is a board developed specifically lor a component system such as the S-VHS standard It will grab any component Y C source so you can use it with any equipment which has a Y C output. At the moment this Includes a large number ol video decks and camcorders. The downside to this is that they tend to be the more expensive pieces ol equipment, but the extra picture quality is worth it. It also has two composite source inputs, so you can use horrible inferior image sources il you wish.
SOURCEY STUFF It is necessary to select a source before you start grabbing There are a number provided, including the DEFAULT’ one which is active at startup and is more or less designed to work with a bog-stan- WHY Y C?
II It Is possible to send images down one wire, why should we bother with two? Well. Ihe composite system Is lair enough, and II does go easily down one cable. This saves eflort and espense. But It is a bit ol a coo. Video images are made up Irom two signals. Chrominance (which determines the colour) and Luminance (which determines the brightness).
In a composite signal, both these values sre encoded into a single wavetorm. But there is a resultant loss in quality keeping these signals separate reduces any inter lerence due to crossover and bypasses the losses caused by Ihe encoding process.
The disadvantage ol a component system Is that there are twice as many channels ot information, making It almost completely incompatible with conventional composite technology. There is no point in having a component device in your system it everything else doesn t work in component, too. This means that it is necessary lo have a Y C video deck, loo.
Such decks do exist, mostly conforming to the S-VHS standard, which doesn't make any difference to Ihe signal they produce, hot does make a difference to the way these images are stored on tape.
The dltterence can be go deeper though. »n S-VHS VTR, or any component video deck, can still output separate Y C signals whatever source tape you use. II you have S-VHS tape though you are going one better The S-VHS lormat has a resolution ol around heico that ol normal VHS tape, giving a much better picture.
Darfl VTR II you aren't happy with this lor any reason, there is always the option ol delining your own. There are a range ol fillers covering the chrominance, luminance and noise.
This is also the place to set the VTR switch il your source is a VTR.
The reason lor this is that video tape decks are all the same. You may think you are getting a regular 25 frames per second, but the actual speed can vary quite horribly. This is simply not good enough when you are frame grabbing. Grabbers may not need an exact 25 Ips playback speed, but they do like to get their frames regularly.
PRODUCT TEST CU AMIGA THURSDAY Picture* ol this quality are hard to come across Irom any source EspeclaHy one like this.
This is not a problem with V-Lab, as it includes custom circuitry to get around this problem. This is an example ol more MacroSystem ingenuity, as it is all handled by some Philips designed circuits which make up a tair percentage ol the board. The image width, height and oftsets can also be specified here.
V-Lab can handle image areas ol 720 pixels by 625 lines (in PAL mode). In practice you will not often need this information as the first 34 lines or so are used lor test information and encrypted data broadcast (such as teletext). These can be useful to grab as they may help you better adjust the output ol your video source to give a clearer picture, but lor normal use you’ll want to ignore them.
Similarly there is usually quite a gap down both sides ot the screen, which you may choose to ignore. Different sources may well give you different image borders, so it is worth defining the ones you use most often Uovlee on CO could be ot this quality DOING IT Once you have a source set up the first feature you will want to use is the monitor.
This opens up a window on the current V- Lab screen which allows it to show the input that V-Lab is currently receiving. You can choose between two sizes on the Amiga display, but the image can also be piped directly to the Retina display card if you have one installed. This is by far the best way of using V-Lab, especially if you also have a copy of ASDG’s ADPro The V-Lab monitor window is good enough though, and is quite detailed on a 16-colour screen. It is able to keep up with the action too. Delivering around seven frames per second on the A4000 040.
The second stage is the actual grabbing of the image, which MacroSystem refer to as scanning.
The easiest way to do this is to call up the scan A BRIEF ANATOMY OF V-LAB Oth «lck boiM Mtteci lh preferences lor a scan. Mole that you cannol laler convert ihe picture OA preview wMI give you a rough eelimele o* whal Ihe completed image ADPRO SUPPORT In many ways, it you are just alter a quick grab, the loader provided lor Art Department is a lot more convenient than the V-Lab software The loader works like any other ADPro loader, but when selected it comes up with a selector panel with most of the grabbing options available as gadgets. These can control grabbing area, interlace,
colour mono and whether the image is to be hires or not. II you press the grab gadget and know that you missed the moment you were waiting lor you can retry without having to convert the image. Only when you select Okay is the image internally converted to RGB values. Because ADPro allocates a large bank ol contiguous RAM on startup these conversions can be quicker than ones done by the V-LAB sottware There is a YUV loader supplied as well, so YUV files can be loaded directly into ADPro and processed.
ALTERNATIVE BUYS The only real alternative to the V-Lab hardware is Rombo s Vidi system. This is probably Ihe longest running digiliser on tho Amiga, having graduated from that well known home computer, the Amstrad CPC.
rr The monitor w dlaplaya whal V-Lab la currently There have, of course, been many updates lo Ihe Vidi system. Ihe latest version being Vidi 12. Reviewed a short while ago. The software on the V-Lab system is undeniably more flexible, but Vidi does have the advantage of producing reasonable quality images al a lower price If you are grabbing on a light budget you may want lo call Rombo on 0506 414631.
AM FM MAG .....£2.5 AM FM SAMPLES...£2.50 CLR SINGLE ....£3.50 CLR 2 DISK SET..... CLR 3 DISK SET.
Call for details!
X2622 Andys A1200 Ulils Loads ot excellent 1200 utils!
* 2621 Sun Jels Animation ot 3 lets tlying past the Sun
• 2620 Multiplex VI. T____________________The old sliding blocks
puzzle +2619 First Alert_______________________-A good virus
killer compilation
* 2616 Ming Shu ......Chinese Astrology
* 2617 Titanic Cheats V1.40 ...More game
* 2616 Powercuts Good sound ettect type sample disk +2615 (ABI
Beatbox ..2 disk set ot melodic tunes!
+2614 Mystery 2144AD .Futuristic murder adventure +2613 Shadow Sample Maker V3.1 Create your own.
+2612 FakeMem ...... Turns chlpmem Into fast!
+2611 Mexican Massacre ..Tricky arcade action!
+2610 CDTV Player V ..Listen to Cds In workbench!
2609 HD Prep ......Preps your 1200 Hard DriveI +2608 3DGames ..A compilation ot 3 3D games.
X2607AGA Ferrari Slides ...One tor Ferrari tans!
+2606 Shuttle Run_________________________________________2 player only game.
+2605 Raging Hormone III ...Raging gets some advice!!
+2604 GUSH! ......-An excellent Popeline clone!
+2603 (AB) Parnet Set-up .Link 2 Amigas via Parallel +2602 Brainbow ...Addictive puzzle game +2601 Boundless Void ..Great new demo!!
+26001AB) Alchemy 'Rage'------------------Demo like OddyseyH +2599 Satanic Rites 4 .Latest issue ot this mag!!
+2598 Dodge Em ....Avoid the cars and collect dots!
+2597 Technologic Death .Reminiscent ol Jesus on E's +2596 Solitaire Sampler ..5 Solitaire type Games +2595 Advanced Heroquest ...Helps DM'S +2594 Astro 22 V 3 ..An update to disk 1961 ¦2593 Compugraphic Fonts 4 ..More Compugraphics +2592 Compugraphic Fonts 5 ..More Compugraphics +2591 Bait Masking ....New 2 Meg Shwartz Anlm 2590 ChequeBook S Tutors---------------Great languages Tutor!!
+2589 Octamed V2.0_______________________________The Complete Version!
..Superb Plattorm Game!!
• 2588 WiObte World Giddy.. .Loads ot Fonts!!
+2587 Compugraphic Fonts 2... +2586 Compugraphic Fonts !.. Even More Fonts!!
• 2585 Astronomy V2.0 ..Data Generation &
Graphics +2584 Slamball .....Futuristic
Team Management +2583 Elevation
II Great Sequel to disk 2328
+2582 Tankhunter . 2 Player V Tank
Actionl ..Great 1200 pics!
..More 1200 pics!
X2581 Nightbreed AGA Slides.. X2580 Nightbreed AGA Slides ,+2579 (AB) Spectrum Emulator VI.6._____________A1200 Compatible!
| ..2578 The Designer ...Create maps & Backgrounds!
X2577 Cynostic AGA Slides .Vup, you guessed!
+2576 The Engineers Kit -..Packed with System Software +2575 (AB) Snow Joke Anim ...2 Meg Charty Cat Jobby.
+2574 Xi Pro Utils ......Inc. PowerPacker, Degrader + others +2573 Xi Rave Samples Use with Protracker etc. +2572 AmosLoadsaMoney ..Brill Fruit Machine Sim I!
+2571 (AB) Amercan Football Into on the Game 6 rules!
+2570 Flute Concertos___________________1.5 Meg Chip Ram Required!
.2569 (AB) Horn Concertos-------------------1:5 Meg Chip Required!
+2568 Games Galore 15 The latest Mega games comp!
+2567 Games Galore 14 .More great games!
+2566 RJ Utilities ..Inc. PertectPaint Image Workshop.
2565 Capri Slideshow ...Shouldn't that be Craprl??
+2564 Bop S Plop ..Cutesy type scrolling shootem up!
+2563 Inventory II ....Keep track ot stock, wages etc. X2562 Ham8 Pics .More pics tor you At200 Owners!
+2561 (ABC) Grapevine 15 No Introduction needed!!
+2560 (AB) Demon Download .....Latest Stints Demo.
+2559 (AB) monty Python Anim!------------------Grin! Is all I will say!
We still stock the Demo Collection, CDPD
* 1 (Fish to 650) & CDPD II (Fish to 750, Scope & Jam). Each CD
is available tor £19.95 + P&P Only around 5% ot the contents ot
all these disks are repeated on the 17 Bit Double Disk
We stock clipart which covers just about any major subject possible in black and white, hi-res, lull colour etc. It you require a specilic image why not give us a call. We should be able to help!. Clipart disks are available singularly tor £1.25 each, or you can buy them in pack lorm to save cash!
INSTRUMENTS Single instrument disks for use with Protracket, Med. Soundtracker etc are avaiilable for £ 1.25 each. Or buy a complete 10 disk pack tor only £11.50 inlclusive of P&PU FONTS!!
Wether its Dpaint, Ppage or Pagestream, we stock fonts to suit your needsI Big, Small, Coloured ar just plain Black and White Bitmapped stuff, We've got the loti We also cany a superb selection of compugraphic fonts tool I Single disks are £1.25 each II IfPBB The 17 Bit CD Allster Brimble Presents I "Sounds Digital" an amazing Audio CD Which Includes Theme Tunes tor Project X etc Only £10.99 *75p PSP " The Final Frontier" The only dedicated Trek magazine for the thousana of you that are out there!
Issue 4 is on 4 disks and £6.95! Each issue contains seminar news, Photos a Exclusive art from
T. Richter!
AM FM *13 Its Here! More news.
Reviews, Help, Utilities, modules, Utils, and Midi tiles for all you Amiga owning music entrepreneurs! £2.50 or £5.00 with samples LSD GRAPEVINE "15 You've been waiting for i Well now its here! The mag that needs no introduction!! £3.
We currently stock all LS.
Tools disks which are a valuable source of Pro Utils!
Cat disk available tor £1.0. VERSIONS Ihe original V Lab was produced as a Zorro card lor Workbench 2.0 machines The imafle quality was excellent but at lhal lime very lew Amiga owners actually owned Ihe right machines Ihe next stage in development was the V-Lab Par a parallel port version ol the hardware which was released towards Ihe end ol last year Al last ordinary Amiga users could grab with clarity and accuracy, albeit rather slowly Ihe V-Lab hardware was also supported by the Retina board, a MacroSystem ?4 bit solution The paint package bundled with it was able lo grab directly Irom
V-Lab Finally we have V-Lab Y C and its amazing new software Al present Ihe IFR grabbing software will only work with the latest version ol the card, which includes version
4. 0 ol the software MACRO CITY V-Lab Y C, like Its predecessors,
is lull Arexx compatible. Every feature is accessible through
the Arexx port and there are even some special settings which
cannot be altered any other way.
Macros can easily be added to the system, either pure Arexx scripts or ones ustng the concise V Lab macro language Examples are provided Writing your own macros can be a bit tricky, but that's Arexx for you... The manual is exoellent. It may be lacking slightly in the tutorial department, but it does explain even the basic features of AmigaDOS ASL requestors are explained Someone who has never touched an Amiga before could operate V-Lab in a matter of minutes There is even a section which explains some aspects of video technology and the display systems, which is going well beyond the call
of duty The only real problem I have with the manual is that MacroSystem don't use strong enough glue - a few pages of mine have already left the fold.
CONCLUSION If you have a WB2.0 Amiga with a spare Zorro slot and a camcorder you should have a V-Lab. It's as simple as that. If you have an SVHS tape deck or better still, an S-VHS camera you need V-Lab Y C.
The images possible on this system are the best grabs I have ever seen on the Amiga, or on any PC or Mac system come to that - including ones which cost thousands of pounds Some of them you would be hard pushed to tell from scans done on a decent £1000 desktop scanner. At this price it would be invaluable to anyone with a small video setup. The IFR feature could make it extremely useful to people who want to develop digital graphics. TTT, JARGON BUSTERS
• COMPOSITE - a video signal which has all the YUV signals
encoded Into one.
• Y C - a component video source, with two channels, Chromanence
and luminance
• VTR - Video Tape recorder MACROSYSTEM £381
* 500 01 A500* E5I *600 F3 *1200 Q
TEL: 089 687583.
VALUE FOR MONEY t Simply Ihe best. No other digitiser comes close.
OVERALL HcujrWeftj Sioupj- SlmpteKVertoCrojps 551 Cw(S«Veit)&c« SirriptexK'ounSroups 1411 Complex Not* Stop 3E0 Total Avg Serf.
2. 21
- RMOooSy- Fieicr Reccing Ease Score KW FoMyMcut FleschSecang
Ease SiaM 19*81 1212 Sotre hgh$ choo FlescMncad Score 104!
Gcrring's Fog inOex 1241 Proper! ¦ Grammar If your phraseology is old hat, Nick Veitch has something to say to you... 87%
h. r« nmtto curfxt dww * :
* mo35n It is very rare, in these enlightened times, to find a
word processor that does not include some sort of
spell-checking dictionary utility. A great many of them, like
the one on this month’s coverdisk, have dictionaries with
vocabularies of tens of thousands of words - far in excess of
the average human s knowledge of the language.
Unfortunately, writing correct English goes a little further than just an ability to spell words correctly. With longer, more obscure words, the reader may not even notice that it was misspelled in the first place. A more obvious pointer to literary ineptitude is to infringe the laws of English grammar (and you will not find any terrible puns about where you might find her...oops). Split infinitives, double negatives, disjunctive adverbs, unreconcilable second participles of the first part - most people don’t even understand the names of the errors they are making, never mind the errors
themselves. Your word-pro s spellchecker may notice that ‘undoubtably’ is not a real word, but it doesn't give a four-X if you start a sentence with ‘But’.
Rod iWbcckii«rMicMtNeowtfM9lMnMin« MWO»1»*C(RJOunNd tfe* The Cool you ¦ tn Ihe oAc« near me tfaMoy. FT Ottt* w*nv«ccf*.
TieMC*yogr**c»«ffi*Wvorefc taw iota at Word Length 15* Hota,_ W* ’« 55i.. jConpWi 121 PotAe 024 iaa Ki Avgsyi uilngl»Mgrv!oeWcn C5i24iie C$ 12 dive Odvlou* |- 611Mb SCSI : 9Cdl» r Poragroptu ji Sente e1.
AH YES, BUT... Well, now that we know Ihe problem, ils just a mailer of solving it. Nol so easy I'm afraid. In all my years in Ihe business I've never come across a word processor with a grammar checker thrown in.
These things do exist on the PC, but I think that's a bit of a desperate measure. What you need is a standalone grammar checker. And that is just what we have in the torm of Proper Grammar II.
Quite simply it is an external grammar checker.
A grammar checker works in exactly the same way as a spell-checker - it processes through the lexl and when it comes across something which it reckons is wrong il will question it.
The program does this by calling up a dialogue box, highlighting Ihe questionable phrase and displaying Ihe supposed error in an output window. You can correct Ihe mistake or ignore it If you choose to ignore, you are then given Ihe option ot turning that particular rule off for the remainder ot Ihe session or permanently. There are a great many rules, ranging from commonly confused words (like 'practice' and 'practise'), archaic expressions, double negatives, split infinitives, wordy expressions - virtually everything you can think of and then some.
ERROR Proper Grammar will also check for spelling errors, which is actually a bit of a pain. If you use your word-pro's spell-checker it’s tedious to have to update the 'user-dictionary' files on both programs. Fortunately you can turn this rule oft. The spell-checker may be useful it your word-pro either doesn't have one, or if
• DIALOGUE BOX - a Workbench-style requestor lor text.
• ASCII - Ihe vanilla' flavour ol lext tile formats.
• UNDOUBTABLY - a wonl I have apparenlly been making op lor Ihe
Iasi 15 years.
JARGON BUSTERS you didn’t actually write the text yourself. You can enter text directly into the program, and cut and paste, but it lacks any more sophisticated options.
You can view the statistics of your writing which contains details on complex verb usage, reading age. Sentence lengths and the overall reading index.
CONCLUSION If your word processor has Arexx it will be a simple effort to write a script that automatically dumps your text into Proper Grammar. Even as a standalone program it is tairly simple to use. Its great strength is the ease with which it can be configured to suit any system.
The software is certainly powerful enough to pick up any lax literature and so should be on the 'must buy' list of anyone who is concerned with their text. J) A50oH A500* 9 A60oS«t20oH At 500 ,11 A2000H A3000 A A4000 H GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS, NEW STREET, ALFRETON, DERBYSHIRE, DESS 7BP. TEL: 0773 836781.
£ An entertaining way to discover how terrible your writing really is.
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Handy scanners may all look like devices lor removing unwanted Body hair, but they still represent the cheapest and easiest way ol getting graphics out ol the analogue real world and into a digital computer.
Ol course, monochrome scanners have been with us lor some time - steadily decreasing in price whilst simultaneously increasing in resolution. Scanners have even started to appear which leature true greyscale options, bypassing those dreadlul dithering approaches and so leading to near-photographic results.
But to be honest, what we all really want is a way ol capturing colour with the same ease, quality and above all cheapness offered by handy scanners.
• DPI - Dots per indi. The more DPI. Ihe higher the detail In Ihe
icannefl image.
• Flatbed - Scanners which loot like photocopiers and
automatically scan the image. Usually wort lo nry high
resolutions (800DPI) and cost a bomb
• HAM6 - The quirky hold-and-modily' method by which all Amigas
can display up to 4096 dHtertnt colours on-screen.
ENTER THE DRAG At last Ihe waiting is overl The first colour scanner to make it through the doors ol CU Towers comes Irom the long-time producers ol scanners, Migraph. Even belter, it doesn't simply stop al colour; Migraph have gone so far as to equip the Colorburst scanner with a remarkable 18-bit option: that's 262,144 colours to you, mate.
In an attempt to make it stand out from the crowd ol beige. Ihe Migraph scanner is available in any colour you like, as long as it's black Construction is on the lair to middling side ol things, with rather indrshnct switches to select scanning modes and resolution options. Apart Irom the novel colour, there is nothing external to suggest that this is no ordinary two-tone armpit-shaver, er... scanner.
The scanner is connected to the Amiga via a match-box sized interlace connected to the parallel port. No through port is provided, and apparently switching devices won't work either. However, as a lorm ol compensation Migraph say that the interlace can be inserted and removed without first disconnecting the Amiga's power... a very strange recommendation.
SOFTWARE The software which drives the scanner is a very user tnendly atlair. All the option setting screens and requestors are in standard-issue Amiga pseudo-3D grey, and it only takes one peek at the manual before you know your way around.
In contrast to the software which comes with the Better monochrome scanners, Migraph have decided to concentrate more on the scanning options rather than post-elfects. You won't find any editing features, no picture rotation or pixel editing
- the nearest is the ability lo select which part ol the scanned
image you want to save as an IFF.
This isn't really a problem - il you are using 24- RESOLUTIONS The resolution ot the Image, in Sols per Inch, changes depending on Ihe mode the scanner is working in. A resolution ot about 100 DPI will produce an image of approximately actual size on screen, 400 DPI a larger Image and 50 DPI a smaller one.
For video and graphics work, 100 DPI seems to do line, but for Oesklop Publishing the better detail can make all the difference.
MODE: Mono GreyScales Colour SuperColor Colours 2 64 greys 4096 262,144 Min Resolution 100 1 0050 50 Max Resolution 400 400200 200 Scan Settings Hod®: _J HI _IHG_I DC BCG _| SCG It (Pit!
_1 iaj i5i length. _| IL-UJUI Metric I
3. 67 in.
Hidth: (24 Length: 551 JH RAH Available MM Needed: FAST: 11371(1 Ham Buffer: 514811 CHIP; 538144 Tew Buffer: 332816 Cancel I Al a mono resolution ot 40Odpl this unit compclcs with Ihe best hand scanners on the market- Colour resolution goes up to 200dpi but the results can be dubious.
Display Width: 326 Height; 512 B5M No-Lace I NTSC bit graphics on anything more than a trivial basis you will already have invested in some software which can do a much better job - Image FX, AdPro or ImageMasler spring to mind. The memory that software would require in order to otter these tea- tures can be better used tor scanning images into.
REQUIREMENTS Memory is going to be a problem - at the very least you are going to need an Amiga with 2Mb of RAM, as is the case with the A1200, but you'll soon find that this is far from enough. Migraph recommend 4Mb and a harddrive, and this is a much more sensible minimum. Any extra memory fitted to the A1200 trapdoor will also speed-up the rather intensive processing that needs to be done to the scanned images before they can be displayed.
That said, running on a bare 68000 CPU the time delay between scan and display wasn’t unbearable, even for reasonably large images. On 68020 and higher machines the mean-time-to-display will only get better.
One of the features of the Colorburst scanner is the ability to scan in 262,144 colours - remarkably that's the same as ottered by the new HAM8 mode available with the AGA chipset Amigas. The upshot is that those lucky enough to have the newer machines can get the lull benefit ol the pictures, and the rest of us will have to make do with normal HAM6 and 4096 colours. Ot course, those using the colour scans tor DTP or Image Processing will still benefit from the 18bit Super Color (sic.) Mode even if they can't see the extra detail on their monitors.
IN USE The hardest part about using the scanner is the waiting, and this is something that no amount ot accelerator cards can change. In order to obtain consistent colour results, the miniature fluorescent tube inside the scanner must be allowed to warm up - a process which takes between two minutes and 30 seconds.
Once you’ve survived this ordeal, the actual scanning can begin. Guiding the scanner isn't difficult - it just requires a steady hand. It's best to go into it with a eupjaiMeonwm!
Relaxed approach as trying too hard seems to have a detrimental effect.
As you move the scanner over the image, a rough equivalent is displayed on-screen. By watching this, you'll soon know if you are moving your hand too fast because all the taces will have become squashed vertically in a most amusing manner. It’s well worth trying.
Once the scan is finished, you have to wait again for a short while as various numbers are crunched.
In a tew seconds everything stops, and you are back to the menu. Now the various display modes can be chosen to view the pictures, or they can be saved to disk. Saving in 24-bits is usually best, as this will preserve all the detail. For use in Deluxe Paint or the like, HAM or 32 colours will suffice.
RESULTS Scanning pictures from magazines can produce unexpected results, and not only trom copyright lawyers. In the world of professional printing a 'screening' process is use, and when scanned at certain resolutions strange interference patters can appear.
For best results, take your own photograph and have it developed at Boots. The prints are just the right size for the scanner, and providing the picture has lots of bright colours and good contrast the results will be excellent. A good range ot colours is possible, and these make up for slighter poorer resolution.
The current software has several bugs (such as occasionally saving double images), but as registered users will receive an immediate update this should cease to be a problem for long.
What the scanner lacks in the highest possible quality, it more than makes up for in ease of use and at this price, it has to be cheapest way of getting near true colour images into the Amiga. As a bonus, you also get 64 shade grey scale and extra-sharp monochrome modes - three scanners in one: how’s that for value?
ALTERNATIVELY There are other options when it comes to image scanning.
More upmarket scanners such as Ihe Epson GT6500 8000 (available Irom Power) otter unrivalled quality - at a price.
Smaller flatbed scanners such as the extra cute Sharp JX100 (Silica Systems) are well worth considering, as automating the entire process can lead to better results.
Finally, but only it you have access to a camcorder, video digitisers such as VIDI, SuperPic or Vlab are capable ot instant results ol very high quality.
MIGRAPH £TBA A500 WA A500+ ’A A600 WA A1200 % A150oQ A2000 -fil A3000 Q A4000 E GO DIRECT, 7 VINEGAR HILL, ALCON- BURY, WESTON, HUNTINGDON PE17 5JA. TEL: 0480 891171.
? ?86" .
EFFECTIVENESS Good image Quality.
FLEXIBILITY The easiest, cheapest and most colourful way yet to grab images.
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Ber where it is... I've got 50Mb ot memory in my Amiga. Hang on a tick ... 10 seconds later and I've got 100Mbot memory in my Amiga. Don't believe me? It’s true, I swear. Well, virtually true.
The concept of virtual memory is simple. When installed, if a program runs out of 'real' memory - the memory on the little black chips, which are just one kind of storage device' - the program starts to use another kind of storage device. This could be floppy disk, hard disk, removable hard disk, writeable compact disc or whatever, but plainly it makes sense to use the fastest disk storage device available in order to keep the program or programs running as quickly as possible. So that means a hard disk is best.
And, of course, if you want to make large amounts of virtual memory available, then you need to have plenty of spare room on the hard disk. So this means a fairly large hard disk.
INSTALLATION Before installing Gigamem you have to decide whether you want to give it a whole partition to use as virtual memory, or whether it should use a very large 'swap file’ on one of your existing partitions.
Giving it a whole partition is by far the best option, mainly because this speeds up the access times to virtual memory. There is only one advantage to using a swap file - you can change its size at any time.
Once the hard drive is ready, installing and configuring Gigamem is painless. After the stanWHAT WORKS?
I was disappointed fo find that I couldn’t get PageStream 2.2UKto use virtual memory, nor the Touch-Up or Powerscan scanning software. But TypeSmith worked straight off. And so did ProPage 4 and Protext 5.5. Wordworth and Final Copy II, two programs that would benefit a lot from virtual memory, wouldn't use it.
A cycle button enables you to instruct each program in the Gigamem list to use virtual memory first, normal memory first, only virtual memory, or no virtual memory.
Tasks that are already running can be added to the virtual memory list. Sometimes a program may use a different name for the filename and the task name, and in these cases the program won’t work with Gigamem unless the actual task name is added to the list. This is probably the first thing to check when you can't get a program to use virtual memory.
Dard Commodore installer has copied everything across, running the GigamemPrefs program opens a window that contains a pre-defined list of programs that are known to work with Gigamem.
You can add to this list yourself, but not every program will work with the default settings unless you choose the Advanced option from a menu.
To help speed-up the access time to virtual memory. Gigamem enables you to set a buffer so that a portion of the virtual memory can be kept in RAM. The bigger this buffer, the faster virtual memory will work. Gigamem’s swap partition uses its own non-standard filing system, and the preferences programs enables you to set a cache figure which will speed up access times to that partition.
The system will work with any Amiga provided it is fitted with a memory management unit (MMU|.
The 68000 chip in the A500-2000, the 68EC020 chip in the At 200 and the 68EC030 chip in the A4000 030 cannot have MMUs fitted and so will not work with Gigamem unless an accelerator board is fitted that has a full 680x0 chip and MMU on board. Thankfully there are no restrictions on what hard drive controllers and disks can be used.
The maximum size of virtual memory that can be used is 1 Gb, which is 1000Mb.
CONCLUSION It really is a very simple program to use. If you regularly get 'out of memory' messages, and you own an Amiga that has an MMU and a hard drive, then I can't think of one good reason why you shouldn’t rush out and buy Gigamem today, gr, COMPATIBILITY Strictly speaking, the compatibility details in the score box are true, but they are very misleading indeed. As we have said, Gigamem will work on any Amiga provided it is fitted with an MMU, which essentially means any Amiga lilted with a decent accelerator board.
Note that Gigamem will not work on the 4000 030 as it comes, and the 68EC030 chip in that machine cannot be swapped for the full 68030. So no MMU can be fitted without buying an 040 board for it.
F If you ’ve got an MMU and a hard drive you’d be a fool ¦ not to invest in Gigamem. A GOLDEN IMAGE £69.95 A600 M A1200I A3000 F3 A4000 * OVERALL MONITORS All our monitors are UK spec. All monitors I come complete with a free Amiga lead PHILIPS CM8833 MK2 Colour Colour stereo monitor. 600*28S line resolution, green screen facility, one year* on site maintenance.
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Ml. AGA r . -.ci.'.i chipset. Th.
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£169.99 £249.99 Imb 32 bit fast RAM £35.9 2mb 32 bit fast RAM £97.9 4mb 32 bit fast RAM .....£142.9 The RAM boards can only work with the use of the Co-Pro board EMULATORS It started as a simple Soundtracker clone, but soon grew into something far bigger. Tony Horgan makes ? 93% ? 94% ? 90% As you can see, the biggest difference with the latest version of OctaMED is the user interface, and the fact that it needs Kickstart 2.04 or higher. The old OctaMED system was starting to get a bit untidy, with lots ot little boxes all over the place, and no particular
form to the whole thing. All ot that has gone out ot the window, in favour of a far more approachable system of menus and standard windows. It all that sounds a bit daunting, don't worry, because all the old keyboard shortcuts are still there, and the top panel has retained most ot the important buttons.
Rather than stacks of new commands and effects, a good deal of the changes are there to make your life easier. The interface, for example, is a bit of a trial at first it you’re used to an old version, but after a while it’s much easier to get around the program. In previous versions, it was easy to miss out on some ot the features, simply because you hadn’t noticed some of the little buttons. Now all you need to do is pull down a menu and peruse all those lovely features.
In terms of power, the biggest new feature is the step up to 64 MIDI tracks. This is a giant leap forward from the maximum 16 tracks of previous releases. It’s still limited to four channels of normal Amiga samples, and up to eight channels of lower grade samples, but if you’ve got some MIDI gear, now you can really make the most of it, DSP SUPPORT?
The short answer is no, there isn’t any DSP support. Programmer Teijo Kinnunen has written some preliminary playback routines, but they’ve not been implemented in this version (partly because exact details of the chip still haven't been finalised).
Unfortunately, Teijo has just started his compulsory national service, so we won’t see any further updates for at least 18 months.
One problem with previous versions is that when you look at the playlist, all you see is a string of numbers. Finding your way around the list could be tricky, but not any more. Now you can give each block a name or a string ot text, which describes what's happening in that block.
If you take a look through the playlist, you can then pick out the section you're after.
SAMPLER EFFECTS The built-in sampler and sample editor have had a few changes for the better. There aren’t any new effects, but you've now got a lot more control over the existing ones. The pitch changer has optional anti-aliasing, the volume boost has an optional 100 per cent limiter to avoid distortion, the filter has a further adjustable parameter, and the mix function allows you to alter the relative volumes of the two sounds. There's a menu item that automatically removes unused space from the start or end of a sample, and the loop controls are easier to use.
It you use a TV and more than tour tracks, you'll be pleased to know that you can now switch the maximum number of on-screen tracks to 4, 8 or 16, instead of being lorced to squint at the tiny text in 8 column mode.
CONCLUSION It's a shame that anyone using a 1.3 Amiga will miss out on all ot this, but that’s progress I suppose. I’ve just got to get a 1200 now! Has anyone got a tew hundred quid spare? The other disappointment is that when Commodore's DSP does materialise, it looks as it we’ll have a long wait before we can use it with OctaMED.
Apart from that, this is an excellent upgrade.
Alter only a couple ol sessions, you’ll be flying around it with ease. The menus, windows and sliders mean that you can start experimenting right from the start. There are plenty of new features to keep you interested, and herds of little short-cuts that make it so much easier to use. OctaMED was already by far the best MIDI and sample sequencer about - now it's even better.
UPGRADES H you're still using the OctaMED V3 we gave away as a coverdisk last year, you quality for a reduced rate upgrade otter. Send your coverdisk to 169 Dale Valley Road, Hollybrook, Southampton, S01 6QX, along with a cheque or postal order for £24, made payable to S Burt Frost. The disk must be an original CU Amiga V3 OctaMED coverdisk. V5 will be copied onto the disk and returned to you.
NEW FEATURES There are loads ol new features and alterations since version 3 and 4. Here are some ot the main updates.
• Kickstart 2* only
• 64 MIDI tracks
• On-line hypertext instructions
• menu-driven interlace
• named blocks
• redetinable keys and mouse buttons
• generic slide function
• improved control over sample editor effects
• autosave option A500 Q A500* O A600 Q A1200 01 A1500 Ol A2000F3
EASE OF USE Far more user-triendly.
* 11 anioM pooi icooisi ios tour oi PAOKSWIIM MOMJimCOIMIMOr'IM
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Set the Tempo tor a section 9 play too last so be prepared t J Treble The SctClel requestor is an ideal example ol DMCS ot doing things.
User-lriendly Workbench 2.0 way Electronic Arts describe Deluxe Music Construction Set 2.0 (DMCS) as the musical equivalent of a word processor, turning your computer into a desktop music publishing studio.
In the same way as a word processor allows an author to quickly record and manipulate literary ideas, DMCS lets a composer do the same lor musical ideas. However, the analogy falls down in one important area. To find out more let's take a look at the program... QUATRO SCREENIO When you initially load DMCS. The screen is divided into four areas. Running along the top is the menu bar containing eight menus. At the left of the screen is a tool window whose contents change according to your requirements. However, most of the time this window will hold the actual notes that you will use to create a
score. At the bottom of the screen, there's a keyboard window containing, surprise surprise, a keyboard! This can also be used to enter notes, either singly or as part of a chord. The main and central part of the screen is occupied by the score window. This is the place where your score will appear as you create it.
Before you start to create a score, you can use the options in the Settings menu to tailor the environment to your own personal tastes or requirements. This menu contains options such as whether or not to highlight notes when a score is being replayed, and what kind of MIDI set up, if any, you are using. If, like me, you tend to stick with a single configuration, you can save your preferences for future use.
THE A new score consists of only two staves denoted by a treble and bass clef (which can be changed to tenor or alto clefs if needed). In the original version of the program, you could only add a further six staves, bringing the total to eight.
This meant that the program was fine for creating tunes that only used the Amiga's four internal sound channels, but when it came to MIDI use. It was very restricting. Thankfully, the program now permits the use of up to 48 staves - more than enough for the most dedicated MIDI composer, even one composing for an entire orchestra! If you do find yourself working on a score that uses more than four staves, you'll soon come to wish as I do. That the programmers had thought to number each stave and each bar, regardless of the part of the score that you are editing. The bars are numbered but
only at the bottom of the page, so if you are working at the top ft 3. Of a 24 stave page, you'll have to keep ief. - scrolling to the bottom to see which bar you’re working on. The individual staves are not numbered at all, so it can be pure guesswork to figure out which one you’re actually working on, especially as you get further and fur- raP ther away from the start of a score.
I By default, staves are given a time pr signature of 4 4 (common time) and a key signature of C major. If you need The program supports the full range of dynamics.
To change these settings, you may do so using the appropriate menu options. The time Signature option thattSir **** n0W SUPPorts on|y 64 bea,s Per bar r (measure) as opposed to version 1 s actual volume isn't user-definable.
99. However, the beat duration has been increased from 16 to 64.
For most average compositions, time signatures above 12 16
will be rare.
When it comes to setting the key signature of your music, you’ll need to select the appropriate key from a scale wheel known as the ‘circle of fifths'. For people who understand music theory, the circle of fifths lets you specify a key in either a major or minor key, and existing music can be transposed into the new key. For inexperienced musicians, the anti-clockwise segments of the circle add flat symbols to the key and clockwise segments add sharp ones.
REQUEST STOP Having set the clet, key and time signatures, you're ready to begin entering notes. Click the note icon in the tool window and select the required note trom the note palette below. Users of the original program will notice that there are two additional notes available - 64ths (hemidemlsemiquavers) and double notes (breves). Although the breves aren’t particularly useful, the 64th notes are invaluable, both for classical and electronic styles.
When you've selected a note, there are three types of modifiers that can be applied to it before it's positioned in the score - tuplets, dots and accidentals. Tuplets (triplets, quintuplets and septuplets) decrease the duration of the note. For example, suppose a triplet is added to a quaver, it reduces its duration by one third. The addition of septuplets (which reduces the duration of a note by a seventh) is very handy for classical musicians.
Dots increase the duration of notes. A single dot increases it by 50 percent, whereas two dots (a double-dot) increases it by 75 per cent. The latter INFLEXIBLE VOLUME DMCS provides a lull range ol dynamics (volume sellings) ranging Irom PPP (very softly) lo FFF (very loud). These are difficult lo position accurately, and although the instruction manual is voluminous, a great many specific details are notable by their absence. Control ol dynamics is doubly irritating when used with a MIDI instrument because you cannot pre-deline EXACTLY what volume level PPP. MF or FFF should represent.
Therelore PPP is not audible with my synth when any other notes are playing.
Two of the more important menu options are Tie Up Down which is used lo join two notes together so that a single note plays lor their combined duration, and Slur Up Down, which tells the computer to play all selected notes legato, creating seamless transitions Irom one note to another (depending upon the instrument being used ol course). Both options appear as curved lines between a group ol notes, and in DMCS 1.0 were rather bug-ridden both in their articulation and the way that they appeared on the screen. These have been debugged so that they look and sound as they should.
Is another new option that will find favour with classical musicians. The final modifiers - accidentals - change the pitch of a note outside of the current key signature. For example, in the key of C major there are no sharp or flat notes. Therefore, any which occur are known as accidental and must be specifically added. Regrettably, the programmers didn’t take this opportunity to provide double sharps and flats, which would really have been nice as it’s currently impossible to create chords that include sharpened and natural versions of the same note.
Having chosen a note and any modifiers, all that remains is to position it on the score by moving the cursor (which has now turned into the selected note) to the required stave and clicking the mouse button. Here again, the new version of DMCS has been improved. In the old version the » 0! HlI Setap I® 1 .yjltllt let In fialput Link [nut.I _J Send Mil Clocks VI Seal Progran Chart*!
Lent Link jin.l | line Saurte lime pain | _J Rill latut enabled Input fiplw (SKMldl) _il J ! I ,-feSH The pfogram supports MIDI Inpul, but despite Initial plans, H cannot support real-time entry after all.
D| mn Setup 1 yjmil £ctloe _1 Send mil Clocks | Vi Seed 'rearm Changes Output Link loet.l input Link lin.l line Source Hane |llain _|HIBI iRKut Enabled Inpat Belay (seconds' In J tancel I This IB how the program looks when you Initially load It, although you can customise It to your requirements.
cursor could be moved up and down the staff pixel by pixel which, whilst producing lovely smooth animation (I), could mean that you sometimes put a note down on a line when you meant to do it on a space or vice versa. Version 2 overcomes that problem by only allowing the cursor to appear exactly on lines or spaces. Another new feature is the cursor position action indicator. This small read-out simply displays the cursor's current note position and the action that will be performed if you dick the left mouse button.
SMARTY PANTS Electronic Arts have further refined the note entry procedure by creating a ‘smart cursor' that only lets you position notes in legal positions. In my opinion, this doesn’t always work to your advantage. For example, if you have a chord containing an A and a C, it can take really precise cursor positioning before DMCS will acknowledge that you are able to place a note in the B position. I found it easier to put down a note, say half an octave away, then drag it into the correct position.
When dragging a note to a new pitch (or indeed positioning a note in the first place) a new option ‘Chromatic Dragging’ lets you select accidentals without having to resort to the tool window. Initially I was very keen on this option, but after a while it simply became confusing, counteracting the benefits of the new way of positioning notes.
Nevertheless, when composing music, especially when you've not decided on a key signature, this option is invaluable.
BRAVO The program's handling of samples has been improved beyond all recognition. In the old program, no consideration was made for the stereo nature of the Amiga, and this meant that sounds just blurted out of whichever channel was avail- ALAS POOR YORICK!
When I saw the incomplete version of DMCS 2.0, it featured a couple of items that have mysteriously disappeared in the final version. The colour scheme is an example of Ihe less important changes. However, one absence which worked perfectly in the preview is the ability to beam groups of notes around a rest, if lor example you had two quavers, a rest and a quaver, they could be beamed. It's utterly beyond me why EA chose to remove this important option when it was already working.
Able. Furthermore, there was no way to tune or transpose samples and single octave samples could be quite unpredictable. Furthermore, instrument changes could only be made at the start of a bar. Now, all that has changed, and compared to how it used to be, DMCS instrument handling is a dream come truel DMCS 2 is capable of using up to 64 instruments, and these are stored in a list which is accessed via the 'Set Instrument' option. Each entry in the instrument list refers to a sample or a MIDI instrument. This means that you could create an instrument called 'Lead' which actually refers to
a sample called 'Stratocaster'. Alternatively ‘Lead’ could just as easily refer to MIDI instrument number 30. This means that you can insert instrument changes in a song, then specify the exact instruments to be used al your leisure. DMCS 2 can handle samples consisting of 1-7 octaves and these can be transposed in semi-tones and luned in 100ths of a semi-tone. Although MIDI instruments can't be tuned, they can be transposed.
Each instrument can be assigned a stereo position using the pan slider. If it's a MIDI instrument, then you can specify the position in steps of 1.4 degrees. If you're using a sample then obviously you can only specify whether the sound will appear from the left or right channel using a system known as 'preferred pan'. This means that if two samples flpply and Close| Apply! Tancell You can add a playstyle (such as slow attack or echo) lo a specific note, or directly lo an Instrument.
Are already playing out of your preferred channel, the instrument will play from the other side.
Strangely, although the Transpose and Tune sliders have digits lo show exactly how much a sample has been tunedftransposed by, the pan slider has no such quantitative indicator so any settings will have to be made by ear.
SHARE SAMPLE Share sample is an excellent new instrument option that lets two different instrument names share the same sample rather than wasting memory loading the same sound twice. This is useful because it means that you can create for example, a left and right channel version of the same sample with virtually no memory overhead.
The best new instrument feature of all in this package is the fact that you can now insert instrument changes at any point in a score, not just at the start of a bar.
CONCLUSION Although my feelings towards DMCS 2 are generally extremely positive, I feel that it doesn’t offer nearly enough ornaments. Whilst this isn't a problem for a sequencer, for a program which claims to be a musical DTP package, it's very poor indeed.
Sure the program supports basics like stacatto, legato and even sforzando, but what about common classical ornaments such as twists, turns, shakes and trills?
It’s also very annoying to see that the program still doesn't support de crescendos over a single note. It's ridiculous that one can apply a crescendo over two tied semi-breves, but not over a single breve.
Pj Print Decmest- Printer Driver |CteonU1l-orii av-a | Pan lame: _Vj il 1 iron [i 1 il |1 1 (¦Pies [1 ]| Prut duality 81 Hi* 1 Paptr lype | | tingle lensitvt 7 Bl Aspect 81 Horizontal Paper Size 8!
UN M Paper Hidth (Inches) | 1.31 Paper Bright (Inches) [fl.H| Tha program's print routines are vastly Improved. It only dels, key and time signatures weren't duplicated at the start ot EVERT single printed bar!
The printing section is vastly improved and even offers high and low quality print-outs (although they both seemed equally slow, and of equally high quality to me). The print resolution is much higher than previously, and can genuinely claim to be of near-DTP quality. The only irksome thing in this regard is the way that the program insists on printing the clef, key and time signatures at the start of every printed bar, even when printing four bars per line. This tends to detract from the professionalism of the finished result as far as I'm concerned.
Overall, I'm greatly heartened to see the appearance of Deluxe Music 2 and it will definitely be my notation package of choice. It's far and away the friendliest package of its type. By version
2. 2 I think that Electronic Arts are really going to have
something to brag about... r® |j*. *1084 SPECTRUM EFWAATOR
* 16 (2) u 5 P* be* 4 btcsl veraon c te iroy willow for to Amo
Ithere 6 on 020'XQO versons row on m d '* wh h o’tcnw me gomes
cm dsk J A. Vt087 STOCK ANAIYST is 0 kxtntal analyse, and
sccunties tnxbrg pico'CTii whkh cakLlalcs Mien to bw ond sel
shores 2’it A* rawwc CONTBC* try K,
* 774 BOUUlf BOTM WS n* to oarOtt MW ihya a tw a»o m SOCCIB CARD
InAy a wr«W ocU.il Vax MnrT y T« i- Jan cuhmuu -»o r«wn. Oto
Oo«. Nol BI SBOM. 'A u IBM euxnB C«) Cto-»e4.
C«ro6»m.C*r tArCk wcutw. »-»ca.
CUT, TICK & POST...CUT, TICK & POST...CUT, TICK & POST Tel or Fax Hotune (0702) 466933 PD SOFT ICUSII1 Bryhht A Vi,Southend-on-Sea, ESSEX, SSI 2YD
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erf oc. .VcgoiVA. MR Cre (Sow, Cw«U«k PetumeNVter & 5afloi» J V1089 ST A TRAM *1.5 A vety recoverable ram drbe based on VDO J • • im*®««y ir-»ww*i rol»» m *. "o i ur»N Ml lords J ‘ • MW BUI MM »UTf«B «* *»* low woufff ove smARr H'UfKi & i»h J • . M4 WA?VSUIIS Qrflloi «- tel W«*.J *0 poix- gor* KSSSSIC, ..- I I -«X) II lot -ti Od ten cut
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* 94S PRORAGE 3 Ow40Ger.es fcr use 3 0. .r lx)r g usekil a
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244S*OMaAOSll*UU( MM lta Ol - UOI STM I*IX • . ,105-a BOB
• .TS01StA«™»tirC.«*»wn a BOB I - • 2*J A STM W TMW» ® m» OW*» I
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I no* erf Vows ?emit* (Os 4 «a»r " s rxtxto I orctoc loscrk
OuflBS. M(»i txxtaMt I
- as __________ GENERATOR eaies slfaedsaws ol pktura in ,
fcrnxits lor the amga '850 FRAC *1.1 r. o graphklX lole pkning
game cieafar
A. *856 Picture tools Gcrwetts Pictures to other farmats end
svfas a A. *857 POSTSCRIPT0S Down faods Posbcrpt Fonts fa
porting cn starfaad Da matrix (.inters ? A. *858 AkUSIC MAKERS
A se*N»n r C MXce cwnmuSK J A. *859 AUOIO TOOLS (21 ound arfa
Audxi p'cfai.ocn unities ? A. *861 3d DESIGNER VanOLB 3d ’
uAitla includrg _ ...... iPROCKSORS Contoins Tools lo perbrm a
• xrteti ol knoge T cchnqucs I If I ? A. *866 MANOEL EXPLORER (21
This is the besi ccReaton d ftocfal Geryerotlna sottware on the
fimga U A.*869 AMMATKN ASST (2) "I soke maw d yoa arraai
d'o»oto Ixljka AfiiK :. Fsttos. DA Ani-iToOlS ? A. *871 3d
HELPER A c you sto’tng od wtti 3d graphns. Ihis is
* 4id you rieed ? A. *872 ICON TOOL KJT Cast obout every txO you
cook) magne ? A. *873 UgfC *1.1 WII hofa you ; wrtrai oragron
WnskXe b.fw«r. G-cphi; fatmas "N0OW8ENCH J A. V875 SPAQ Hdp you
Facniit, tic Stars 4 cdolfal obiects ? •• V876 SYSTEM TEST *4.1 Checks 4 reports on yout computer »9 BEAT OS MOOUIES Fa toAmajfantVfRooe met ? A. *1063 RIPPERS. S' TMKROlkKMMOt y*m »i utn-A iasa mohi 8aio stasat I a«in «s - ceyAMOtl SC0C4CX 2 CfAMtlDBt I
- uck.i™kiw n ivp Kite* at kxwc net**: i wsraxi J *• *1077
GENEALOGST .3 04 Is a ¦OCoa uiO daktosc fcr ko««rg track ol
amoXagcd rfcrmolcn Id kalireJ 4 wfae tekedor d faakres fa use J
A. *1078 PC TASK *2.01 SO sdFwotei&M-PCerrukxcr lakwsyau me
ma«xt ol PC idfrwWe on your ar«gow*m no odttfarcl hardware
ffa- 5u«an XfCACGAcrfaVCA Tws djmastafan mun '• VIO79 KEYBOARD
* 1.1 Best Pubic Dotrofa Typing Tutor An ewcefent New program
A nfaa J-.VWeiRB-AM-ITSIhenaM sefectcn of Dsk arfa Hard Orr»e
rcpanng ' smrg uh far the Amiga ? A. V1083 CROSS *4.16 0 progom
mof crexes ctasswan) pj zfes fry you MOUSE PAD £3.49 ¦ DUST
COVERS £4.49 J A5C0 J AMO ¦ ? A1200£4.99aia0 JIC24 10 _ J 3 5
015* CUANNG *11 £3.49 I C«S« IABI1S 3p Each .
* Mhi o cofauted pen H-iqtiter cr (ust cxAlne tie disk Id you
wari to order 20% for Armoltkftfage lurochaxoscr«a:«Rfa
NTEPNATON OROOS Haase cfad 20t fa your crder s tc* l Imin £2
001 Art Mon postage Cheques nUK Bonks, no pos adiofi and Pod fa
the Addess abo«e Hand wrLten crtfers »e Xw ocepied Cheques 4
Postal orders mc*e payabfe .
Fa FO-SOFT Ordered Ddcre please tck _ lhaArcaiirlbraar|uslHlinyasrnuiriaci |l which was on tie ptevous defcwry re Iranhr ptogioms I J *• VS44 KIOS PAINT A pantrg ¦ smgrarn destaned k» cWdteri.
¦ J *. VS44 FASTI ACTS (verymra ¦ ai mi real»«r:« c*out the I -cr system. WORLD MAP PrcxJ.irc s MANETS OS GAM«S Geography ¦ A*ah. Sicetxe arfa Word Gomes ¦ J ' - V793 4AM3A WgttrCR •... js« ¦ m «».r Tutceoi Vr die beanna on usna a Nwgo1 Cowo CU 4 rtcWCdfa' , ‘ * *874 EUMEKT -30 Nke Wo I ifte dsofay d re Pencdc icUe 1 J V82S WORU) DATA BAMC*2.2 I LfaPQ a doktaw d coxdnata d Pe ¦ 04 S. 1 Ckt', wjrld reps h cylrfarkd d ¦ wexa irucasa 4 :tna.cl rrocnlwxn ¦ J •. *843 0€S*RT STORM «1 ¦ Map s ord idcrrraKri surrotxxlag ¦ t*D Storm Attack 1 J *849 LANGUAGE TUTOR*1.0 I Sorrfah french. Getmar 4, llalan
- J *881 SECOND WORU) WAR i*eierri ir cerratd' prodoctton J *908
DRAWT TUTOR Do you Xte Mfani loam how to use It J *. V927 CU
TUTOR Hefakil I dogrom to uidersisrd raw k use "Oi arfa Shell
J ¦ * *933 GCSE AUTHS Program »»9 PRWT STUOOE elcrt far c*rilrg
graphic pcfcjra or text J I- V2l5 0tSKMASTBt *3.2 Copra ; from
ooe disk to another .*2*2 OUPUCATION 4 BACKUP (Xfer.ltrbo copy.
Saw copy J *• *277 FORTRAN 77 •OcCam “ a. Inks 4 run tme sumorl
lbs , *. V29B NORTK *13 The Cdnplele
• rgioge wih c* ties needed 0) J A. *301 m Of THE BtHOUWt :x»
fcc* w«t Mrs Slmtegy & Sddkrv J A. *323 ANAITICALC SpflfAD ®T
The l»al spread sheet. 12) '. *332 PUNT PROGRAM Ftedkl :h horse
wflwtn me race MESS CARO MAKER eogn yout awn Business cards.
I *. *366 600 BUSINESS UTTERS er 6C0 Skirdurd Busrtis letters ooMr PO OatXase on ir _ . *490 MESSY SO *2.0 Pcc._ ¦MS-DOS dses Tnyisler any te*l ties 10 ¦4 from me PC Soyoocondowotk x *M or on Amfao J *. *523 DICE C COMPUR |2| ¦Matthew (Mere hil loctiret: pawohil Oxder 4 amrennoerr baJem _ '. VS36 CATALOGUE UTUTVS A ¦aXeoton oI ut«t« used fa Cawkg ¦*s« vtoei) 4 tope colectcns 12)
* 567 PRMTER DRIVER MRATOR AsdcctonddlMia& ran Over Genetak»s
* . *569 DUNGEON MAPPBI *1.1 Cx «Skr moos *d diroediS 4 Tpwis Li
* * V573 FK£ 4 HD Kxk» *2 0.
«¦ Mndor. DcsCcntrd. Ccmt.no, ¦ icas ol irony sapaale lods (2) tJ * • VS7S HOAU BUSMCSS PACK Mbtes based en wad processrg.
Doio Marog-etrianl Spceod Sheers.
I J A. *9*0 MATHSADV Stride math croofemslosohe phuxtiSt T ys J W4I AMIGA WOT START Hefe or txfi sitact you won - fosv Sion j *. V944 AMIGA WORLD Contains nkrmaten atxxd e-ory county
• COMPUTEA64 PAOAO* 2.0 i nfcrfixe 4 M Corner*® sdvcre atari dsK
from your cngrol 64 dsk e Mlnritadfofrccya-i £44 99
• CROSS SIDCM Prh cut o pCtore Wltm kr arbtoCtorrg 614.99 i
teaM'es.rexi & GrapMcs Idiots ? V392 AAUCASH BANK IN Bat
* 16 AQUAJauM tons yew n into Ol eyocakbtna llsfi tank V479 o«ss
« ununts A non ol cross relaied PW2tes
• .» GS4 SPBIK COPTW One 01 i best eaxottond games on tie not
£4.99 '•GS4Sura SOUND *4.0 A rotcfty Now *db toads oI extra
¦urn €4.99 or £14.99 w i a kl ''ted .Mjiiwii_
fntoomeonifieATioo £4 99 .2 powirbase sacWobose d cdd kr ewnonw
ne«s , o 10.000 records C4.99 ? GS3 1A»Y LEARNNG MATHS ch youro
chrtJren cga S-9 vfah nke tfcnscftodB...... anfan program tat l
ho»e mot used i A. *394 ChtMiSTITtCS*2.14Ooas OK da usng tie
coWie mcfael I A. *401 wtNOOWWNCH |2) Ji 2 repttxetrent
upgrade ' a* 13 crsers.
V424 ANTI fUCKO? Safa to )( t« Ocker n High Pes duttng r-ectcaiori
* 2.12 E :e6ent Amos w*itkn J A* *773 WB *2.04 WMOOS
* 20 EmRenl Vtortbarxh rapkxemoY faratnB*7 04.UsarsCa
* 777 VOICE CU v53 The dec a hd tie CU wlh yeer own wXce _ V778
RAYSMAOf *4.0 Compa.
¦. Cdour 4 prrt your own farro V783 PROORAMMNO TOCXROX e mosi0C but sometn botto V784 AREXX (2) dskswNch codon Arexx program, & oxarrpka ? *. V786 PASCAL F«s dsk conkara hkkdaaSwSow osserSeTtmn a *• *787 PROGRAMMER TOOLS Godlods fa deegn year user inodoce to war awn creator, usna it ol lengo DOS20.SnewloXura AisoRugTaXs V790 ANIMAT1CN UH5 Incfada CyoJIs tor tplilrg cotrbnng. Ond crextg or»m rtc*6 from *F p kre U«
* tw?fare
* 703 MID *3.21 E) updc«e lo the lamous music proorotr ? A. *710
ABEXX TUTORIAL ncfaKS snetO sonde Arm sapEs 4 sonpt pngs ewes
frt* cn ol KB 2 0«* dob J A. V711UNK Contains o workng damo d
Mruc Una workdkc sytdcm col canpafaUe ? A. *715 COAtPllTI BSU
Lwh It* emte text ol tie New Testomera 4 torcti Old Testament
ive (3 J*.V719FRHC0RY.1« Perroras pvoieckfa games copy
protnctton so ‘ So user can inskil Ihom on HO
* 727 ART 0 MID 2 Atldher lent select d Med tunes _ V731
AMOSBROT vl.ta More frocrai types which include logistic
Eniatcn. Coast mes 4 tees J " *732 WB *2,04. UTIUTK fPk Dcopy.
Bool Merw. Scenery. Huge J *. V733 SofTWAR* USTIR *1.6 This
program is designed fa keep a frock ol you Sc*m»o cateetvoo J
** *747 ONUNE Vi 4 Frcgtomw« r wlttn l Mb vorsicr is only I
dst) J A. V681 GAME TAMER *2.2 Gdt hofa d Pd edta hord are &
Cheat ? *. V684 FONT EDITOR *1.0. AJSC conic«ns oter dttites. F
fonts ? *» V685 ASTRO ASTROLOGY *3 0 program re been nstokfa
nx aiNa ran twn read 720, IBM De V688 MAGNETIC PAGES *130
Craxes disk based magazines with graphics J A V690 AB m UTUTB
CcrTars hot shoufa ha* been vfah ed’herron*
a. a obfa |2)
* 693 HARLEQUIN VIDEO ART 4 fONTS A video pHOdudon wlti
backgrounds (3) olowyajfalndcr ? ». F*9IPRC«
* 3.0tsti«lorgesico»a*rolui ... dxumcrts 4 8 onii«es far c. h
consSs nxruXs. Ntti na 40 danrs 15)
• V757 AMIGADEX *1.61 Ocota ¦d frxdex ddabase system _ . V758
TEXTPLUS *4.0* Arfatie* update * iNs excdlent nerd pro cessor
woaram Pequres t*»d d’ve J A. f s4TEXT BEGtNE *4.0 Up doted
yeracn al the Word proci database 4 To-do 1st V661 VERTEX
Create 3d cOrcI witioul using the X, Y 4 Z news ds Scdpl 3d'4d
. W662 OCOPY *3 1 PRO You select »* speed of tie disk dam
modes. Dos. Nbcopy. Ver & a *. V741 A-Gtm *4.n The fatal
* etskn A tie pos*A» oeaeafagv rfnlrt Kma ...--wi_.. J *. V698
AGBAPH *2,0 Bnngs tif wW) a ch«p drew BoM re. Mai 4 P»
• • V627 DPAINT FONTS No’* 1-3 The fates! SeKicn Fonts fcr use
witi ory lit Ffarrrg DIP Ftoaon J I- *635 BoM EMUATOR *13 Is
a CGA Cofaor BEX PC ImUfakr yrtkn fa All
* 624 MB COP11B *2.01 rrgcOas tfaex Nbbfc OkcS V611FOOTIAU LEAGUE
EDITOR 0 be chockifa yvdsttB fcnl ccr.otto ch coma wfai *cw Pro
fOge J “ *806 WB *2.04 UTMiTlES (2) 1 coledkn d «B *2.04. ut
lies tal k*e odKrroge d me new ccpxxrte, J A. *811 aiCTROCAD
faA2 4 PRO TOYPERI lechoncs OroMrg Progroms
* *812 CANON Ihn Disk taxors
• Oxets 4 Ccron Saidfa. Oras better ptia oucal lot ony 9 pin
A. *815 HU 4 HD 2 OrVEOrt .1 62 tegoO Fite copier Ifce Dsk Moster
(2) 11- VST7 A500 PLUS EAUXATOR -V.
Sounds wll let vl 3 I yl 2 owners tun IB V2.04* sdlwore with our ori eed to purchase fa WB *2 0. Chips ) A. *818 INSCRXT *1.1 Prwkce ¦Montes kxUMsWy edkXXclcxr rlris. Use f f ftckies a tore gc.rds l A. *820 BB88S *S.7 Baud Bad' dktin Boon) System (hra fadude up fa 9Ue»)'otfas. Nteface fa eoo ce-ces I -* *821 SN00P0C6 .13 Mows m Xte CiXfa 6 cXOws you to sec wt X trorr. Dmes, tonh ae riaj'cd J A* *822 BACKUP *3.77 A hxd tdifeowes.mXi- ... ip. crt(r»9on V823 POWERPIAYER .3 4 Ver, fat user frKrvXymodJepiaya I Kkte reortrol rrajik fcrrxXs
* 826 AHOM *3.4 tkrd One Menu Men (Weed n you skrtup-
:eo*osol6pogerifarv 827 «PA»-(T 2: Nt-fcpfaJ, Kfar tfa eMrg
sytrn FtXDtSI ill .®nsxhc6pastMfrai o dete 09CSALVE »t.4l CeOcs
a rew Re mel e on aohet de*«e. «9i os mah dm sMged hn te agrfa
A. *841 MOOUlA-2 Con loins JA. *882 MAGNUM .14 A ' nCukVogame
Creator _ . .'888 TRONI CAD *10 The best CAD progem tor your
Amgo. WITH Various power functions J « V896 TOOLMONAGEP .2 0
• faufaes te dab, to oM merus Byw «nu odd A6 cxs cr 'Atofaws 899
ABACKUP rt * A Powedd bockup dMy toot rroy be used for Ffard
Cme bxk.p 4 Fie AtthMng J - *900 BOOT JOB vlO IncUM xOktis »
Ocre. Retol Mew ot oecde otr, toobock Cos xm B8 as euXuWtfc j
*901 fm *2 2 rnoMalerto »youownfahos Iffirrootts _ *921
COMPUGRAPHIC FONTS Ml work wth Dftart v41. ProPoge3.
Pogesheom Pogo screw & lYok bench *2 04. About 30 fenb 13) J A. V924 PLOT MAP .0 85 An ok lot use wtt C*ow ‘ mcfauta-2 fanguoge cn the Amoo J *. V842 S® vi.OI iAd con be used k* «moMS ope»oikms. The b«B
o tie i»e ccpw on it« Air i J *. VB44 0€UTBAC«S .13 PowOfW 4 yycm
IrkrOI, itim pkw- MfWy nv 40 cWe Bxe voes ol mo Wes J *t V845
QMJ *5.31 Generate Mk) se»s & ccmtie Ooc*c*nton Kilo slkes
mordebn« 1799 advenced arm $ e»Ne let. Ccmneci 2 Amox & shore
:es *to 9te ser«X or Porald AyVenuWB 2 0 menus '801 KO PRO PAGE
3 FOFFTS fcrhaefcruBcvrthftolageA tun Home OCCtxnB di b dkrws
* 794 GftMOCR A500., AIM. Aim users mothiies to soKvae t X wodd
N» rwrrdy wat. Turns tern in» o VwrtCench 13.
J A. *983 MEGA CHEATS *3 0c Now ccrrarts ova 500 choOs 7984 PROTRACKER *3.0o The fated upfaxed version from Noway, vaous tugs Ued crfa TO new texuies J A. *988 ZP8ENCH *4.0 AfOtW Wfatwxh repkxtmom but cenlons cwdDre mite Ike. Ccwerpocker fa 2a.
SfawerpkwH. SysWo. VfrusX. Archner. B- Base. 800R1T0. Cegrodcr. R& Aid So-12) J A. *994 THE MONTY PROGRAM
* 15 fwmve, mcfade upto o raaim d xrTs. UOo 50 drecl coirrerrys.
* 1000 GRAPHPRO .10 ArlW
• BiAmnproty DxfaXrdai Based* k»es a set d d* pds Nm cn o y*r j
A. V1001 VMORPH *221 By lee ynke wll ofcx* you to creole smooth
mcrphVworps be»*s*n **o dflcronl mages over a pwxfa d frames fa
* FOMorintxImerrcry _ _____________ccrrrryjnd
dwwirrerociwfanctonptata Ctecte stnrmg ptaugrcphs d matomaScal
fanetoro Paj-res a had dsk drne J A. *948 WTUtTON BASED ssassf
age. KMah&MOro itS Comxra dl ol the is afa system chads we
cafaUfa inckfaoCFUSpeed.AW -'I SOOAM CONSTRUCTION ACE is o
prcgranntg krguoge ond ravtme erwronmcnt destyed far te tiat
will dkrws you k edit ond keep »ack oF wx» d.tsanvleoggup stats
J A. *959 AMIGA E vE.lb SpadK compikr Isa pjwertul and Bentie
procedad programming korguoge ? “ V962 SUPER KXLtRS O f2) The
Wes Mrvs Krers fte BooW *5 23a whch ccn to*« cry bcdbkxk ond
n«6 I ai crctw dak cb id a, deck fcr wuse*VCrt2ondV*usZ J A*
V976 WB *2.04 UTVTIS 6 Neil coleckon d WB *2.041 udllies ? A.
V977 FIU 4 HD No 5-6 Next Excellent coleclot HO utlnes CO J A.
V979 NCOMM .0 Is 0 ccrrm- axcakcrs program b®«d cn Comm I A.
*9}5 SLAUONTER CHEATS I A. *928 TF* umi OFFICE One as a Word
Proccssa I A. *936 UTTERS 4 BOURPLATI Itfws for you to use os
your own or ' p«)use into o Word Processor _ *942 SCREEN
BIANKERS A disk pocked wit screen bknlers irxkfaes the Twtlght
Zone saeen bkmier along with 10 olhers J A. *943 LYAPUNOV1A
*1.5 Mnd bomngty cdocrlul program thcd metes pcfaro from o
rrothetroKol asa Vorr mpressweyersaan 13 POOLS PREDICTION Iher
he* ng hofa with the Pods then ihis is It.
J A. *1016 OCTAMED *2.0 AVSK rfakr whkh «» oevgnad tor rrctong mia kr progroms pu. 4 w* mo* J A* *1017 POST *1.86 An excdfcri'
- faUscnpl rrerpreter kr tfie Wrigo which mpKnerrs te kl Adobe
kreooge (3) J AA *1021 WB 3 SCREENS Edionce AMOS PRO r you hone
Amos Pro tien ins otsk mc»e year progrorns Bod witxai hov»ra »
use Airas pro J *• V1003 MOCPROS S on wiharee- msnl lo WB 7 3
wtifai odds 3 new prcta oxo «P«1utn Buriftafcf & lk«)* J A‘
V7005 WB *3.0. UTIUTIC b tie hit fa a saia ol upicoimxj disks
k* the 1200 4.4000 J A. V1009 K*BO TBCT *1.1 IxsAed structured
dtoart fcr urtqoe botdets!
J -• *946 SYSTEM optimizer Kcawttodhyg.esvcu memory meiers.
(TCose-VeitOOiO Erhonc«r*nfi Pfcrg
* r «moB horn Acfspy daks for Dg sarcd iik'kbc •OMonnroliremxr
J * . *951 PROTECTION a a mlocfcn 1 Mfta aired to irotoil ycut
dota ond t»««i oukboolng i Os 4 Kxunwi Hie.
Lock y® aoia ties wihoposswora ? V952 x-BWCH *1,0 OffUm Ccrrors Cegroda lostbpa v»."" Crccier. (Owet pocka a*) CC( »2
• *937 TACKS *1.2 Help you PrcRoge ...... Iko Vake fkc Chat &
other, Inckfaos wlh theses rice Ml coloured ptlUes J A . *1022
LfTTU TRAVHUR *1.1 4 Jrwwer, w»ti thi adcr to odd J AA *1024
AkANOELSQUARE *1.6 Fvogrom fa generde enhcrced ADA chp VIX«6
Ar-.JO Mru« t*er aadte krpw »n»or6 «“• ino oavi cr ne unnmts
ot ji srsssisaiis..-*- wniM mimOal ouioc»do »«m i* vitro atnn
J*-NC *r. ¦ , uvwirx»ji7i U"MI5 IXWNMCMERyWNia u*«?«sa
*susoNis i»a J - 11M MtvE rouk WXISE dl J-.»77 0IH9A Midi
mWBMiWiwt O Sound* iKatoKMitMi JI - 7116T9* I UwoM » wte« «u
(MatxrMccBuboMaora JA. 7» SOUTANE F*ecAarcafaame Xi it«ima
EaBnewBai JA. 7 NBOHeOUMIMa wB« J-.MW iMZCwt ttsnil J 2412
T09LD CotHkACr U -2te TtOefa rMSIAICN
J. 2»fa otceuus-W*KA J ‘~nn CMOKittoxtixAv U*.2NI MMAnAUCI J-.
2413 IIC-KO rtA • a •• 2?s j •otCMv at nxri« a*.2l»t
C6**€VCP S j*.7Ha «u*ntrwi«i t • arjicwMNTtx .-y. . smGow
• IM iftrm «*-. Tttm tnl «n*'o
A. *1034 AMOS PRO UPDATER 111 Update fa the Amos Fldesscnal V039
(AGA) WB3.0 INSTAU H u need fa instol your A1200 K
* 1040 bBASE ¦ *1.3 An easy use. Wrsdtte. Yet Ml featured oou ise
prcxiram Groati. Anhaacod cceoor fa bBASE 1
A. *1041 OKWTAR BREADBOARD ful featured dtglWl circuit simdotkr
* 1043 SUPER DARK vl 5 A m UcrkotlikoAhsr dark from the MAC
Iheres abed 30 btanttrs V1044 FANCY PRMTMG OISK Cortafas Bamer.
Crophi Paper *12 ond Disk Prtt *3 S9 VKMSuORAW.I.OFYowfeso
mechantsm tor the rat*) dtmng d ‘ nxk dcfararro B4rr ap almlec
VI046 IKE XI RAVE SAMPUS Grarett Watts ff 8C« Stole sam **s ¦
V1048 HAM-8 VtSTAS (2) ctsan ol Horn 8 Vote daMngs
* 1051 EASY CALC faO A arafa designed fa te bXh easy to use ond
fax. BuEl in enelex Fefe syden V1054 ADVANCED UU5 2 .
BskdcMjtesmecopa'yd meNwrhcareresRon, Aho OROUONG BY POST
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* 1071 (AGA) MSM .18 Mortfas syfaem iroilkr lor Jtll 99 tor 1000
Wfech Indudes P&P I DISK BOXES J 40 £5 49 380 £8.99 | »•«»««
S‘_5qh.so| "l MW £3 00 2-5 oen £2.75 6-10 ce 00 21-50 uea £175
51. Oeo£1.50
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fcr the AMIGA Gufae 4 nstdl uolitos U *• VKJ57 EORIAYER VfaBC
WOO 3d rryfadelng'roy tracing ptoatoms ? '• V1059 GRAPHICS
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* 1037 |AOA) A1200 WB I vorwdcr set rrooes. R«uras on 0* CFU 4 o
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TERM Comnprgrwn.
I & paste, pcratorfa-rtck, a*o upfaodJ wnkoo. VTt02A l720. Ansi emiiason.
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ScaAablc Adobe Fonts Wort h»c born xa « Finl lib. T v SueMn VM. And the ScalaMe Fran lu e teen need on Profonrai Pfpe Vi O. Pip* Setter V3.0. Worthcnth VIOand Wrrtlwxh V3.0. Both ty|n
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STaiiuuMui ' wing COMMANDER fc- Cl 299 TMPLE PACK I
(ACTION) o"r £1199 N8UA COLLECTION ortrfllM TWPl£ PACK 1
HOTLINE: 081 889 9172 ENOURYOROER LINE: 081 361 5730 24 HOUR
FAX UNE 081 361 2733 SPORTS COLLECTION ordytll* R«HIMMfioTi a1a
and Wortl Ci* Sooee R*N DG7YB DCCEUCMT ACAf DfTlMES only £18"
Ddy PeMe, IrtMtOtrn. Otny Paeoe * Y * foA I MOM 0«V eta Kmt
lata 118a Palmers Road New Southgate LONDON N111SL ACTION I
ot+1 £19.99 “«* I EDUCATIONAL Bill* -1 "iMi-1 B |« cega«
1314--1 £15 ADIF«eec*1M2 I JIJS ADI Freeck 12-13--1 A£h Fieedi
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... £8" TWSbM 2000 ------ . £28" Umm V... .. £18" UsmVI
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£18" ImdhMl*__________ . £18" " £i2* vuiaoiod mm u - ¦I 96 VawflF-WrtCow-W £13" i«Essies: £18* fSSamM- £18" FMFBM-..IZ_ £23* Ftotadke----------- £23* FMSwtVMegaLoMen .
. £24 " FleStone Moflceeeiy .... . £10* Fmftdc* ... £16* Fight of the Intoder . £16* FootalCwy____________ £18" FtoMHMwB___ WESact
- -JWc908li.. £18" " 30 Peel--an • Aimtow---£8" 1 AsiS er--£8* 1
AsewdBeeel-£8* 1 Artenaed II ... £8* .
Tudaon HaM-----£8*
A. ....._ ...£8* epoeate* Utobel--£8" nif LmI
Cnraed* Qn(*lc Q* leaeaPond £8* ATOMMO - £8* .
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Letehel--"* ¦ Maee The Mode ______IS" l il Set MS*--£7.W Ikhie8*H---£8" QKSeee-I_.C8» eM Nme I _____£8® BMMwete 1892-"* l fcilMoeey--C8" 1 c+ttT-L--¦* i jMMfcl------£7.» sL“ s dencMtor C7.» 4 JecMon Uoonuak*. £8* teyiHNaWe C8* f«Me can dooreWteAecen £8* « «* £7* Carrier Ccrea and---"" 1 aaa'sSsiiBas i CheeeHQ ...... £8* 1 Ctoud Ktodoa_________£8* 1 sSr-----------“»' ConfhS In Europe-------------£7JO 1 ssMSfa---......gs!
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FieCoaMPU-C7» (
F. O.F.T.____B* 1 M-Kfcc--s= : QMSBil "* 1
* «• Europe----£7.*
* eta___________£8" ¦-J.KW h»*ro a*
* abel Uerec ______£7 * ‘¦I ____ "» GoMaeAn------£8* 1 HardM__£SW
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* rodeD« £»» bi- £11" Greed Pi* (Fereae* £18" Q 9M 2000 a: am
£18" H*pooe(1 Meta- CO* leera Aeeeealv" PGA Gel Tew . _ £14*
PGACoereeaDW _m" MalDwi £23* Ptebefl Dieeae ¦ .. £18* PcmM U -
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PuehOrer ZZZZZ £18" Pttay---------------- £16*
Reonocah ... (2QW Reioad Tweoe .. . F 6*
-te* *»Sd£iee 1’6» rare Pot H (Oe 9te*e*C C’6* RedSaroe Ssr
£18* Red Zoee_ £16* AaA* Wooda £16* Roed Re*- £18* RotteHeod -
£20* Rotocod _ £13* Rotocod A1200 £14* Rctoco9 - £16*
RctoSgoto _ tSSLWSL sassf** SeteeTeeei 1200 VISIT OUR SHOP AT
120a MYDOLETON ROAD Please mahscDequmanlPO'spsTableloEA *
Soltmra PAPaCIOOpsilenilntaUK. Nam«: OrDere under Cl Oplsaae
add 50p per ten. EucRssddC350psileni. EbewhereaddC5 50per ... ~
ittn. New titles dill be asm eereleeeed and are
suttectkrmanulBclunrBpdCB revives E.&O.E. ROOFMAI Computer _
Title Dete _ Price _ Price _ Price _ Price PAP Total AMIGA Tel:
Poetcode: Card No: _ Exp Dete _ AceeeeQ VleaQ Cheque ? P.O'e ?
Pr~~ Quo* Atxnnt NunSer -»n HtOMtie Account No: 061 SS»172 174
• M reX-ed-to ofjWffc ree Does anyone need 50 new fonts? Of
course they do, as Nick Veitch discovers.
There are few experiences quite like your firsf time with a printer. The noxious gases escaping from your print head seem like a fragrant reminder of the pioneering spirit of Caxton. Was anyone ever unaffected By witnessing the transmission of data to the printed page for the first time?
But after a few sheets of A4 have shunted their way past the rollers you begin lo notice how jaggy the fonts are and how you could probably have done better with a bottle of Quink and a Jersey Royal.
Well, with the advent of scaleable fonts, fewer and fewer people will be having that character forming experience. A scaleable font never lets you down. It is always in the correct proportion, its straights are straight, its curves are curvy.
The AGFA Compugraphic font standard has been adopted by Commodore from Workbench 2.0 upwards. This means that everyone has access to at least two scaleable fonts from Workbench, as well as the usual range of bitmapped fonts. These fonts automatically create bitmaps of the relevant size when requested to by an application. This is all very well for applications like Dpaint and other packages where the results are only seen on the screen, but for printing slightly better control is required.
THE SAME BUT DIFFERENT The difference is that a screen resolution font is manufactured at a resolution of 72dpi, which looks great on screen. Translate one of these fonts to a 300dpi printer like a LaserJet, or even a 120dpi printer like a Citizen 120D and you will see that what looked good on the screen doesn't look so nice in the real world.
Having proper fonts isn't enough though - you need software which can intelligently render them at the correct size for output. All DTP packages can do this, including Pagesetter 2. But a number of word processors are capable of it too.
One of these is Wordworth. And its creators have decided to maximise this potential by coming out with a range of Compugraphic fonts designed for the average wordpro user.
THE PACKS The first of the packs, the Classic Collection contains some fonts which may be known elsewhere, the Goudys and the Futuras, but the average user may not have come across many of them before. The complete list is: Agfa Nadienne Medium, Goudy Oldstyle, Goudy Oldstyle Italic, Goudy Bold, Goudy Extrabold, Coronet, Delphian. Dorn Casual, Futura Bookll, Futura Book italic II, Futura Bold II, Futura Bold Italic II, Garamond Antiqua, Garamond Kursiv, Gill Sans, Letraset University Roman, Lisbon Cursive, Marigold, Microstyle, Microstyle extended, Peignot Oemibold and three symbol fonts. At
£39.99 that works out at a little under £1.60 per font - not bad considering the quality of the merchandise.
The Pride and Presentation pack has only 20 JARGON BUSTERS
• Dpi - Dots per inch. This is a method ol measuring output
resolution - the larger the number Ihe belter Ihe result.
• CG lonts - Compugraphic fonts, licensed by AGFA, Is one ol a
number ol scaleable font formats. The most notable alternative
is Ihe Adobe Font standard.
• Family - a collection ol lonts which all share Inherent
characteristics. E.g. Futura. Futura Bold and Futura Oblique
are pad ol the Futura lamily.
Cfck» jmm Iti tarlEtilUu ni h l-Z-J ON&j S*r U K»n tram fint mm TfTiTicTi foiTT" PEL r mhhuk Iriduq |T~" T Kcrnm wwm fonts: Antique Olive Compact, Branding Iron, Broadway, Brush. Carmine Tango, Poster Bodoni.
Hobo medium, Murray Bold, Old English. Revue Shadow, Shannon Book. Thunderbird Extra Condensed, Times New Roman, Times New Roman Italic, Times New Roman Bold, Times New Roman Bold Italic, Uncial and a few symbol fonts.
The Reference Library contains 50 fonts, the popular ones from the other two sets, such as the Futuras and Nadiennes, as well as a few other families such as Avant Garde, Clarendon, and Univers.
The most curious aspect of the software is that the installer program asks to locate Wordworth. It is possible to use these fonts with other programs, but unless you really understand scaleable fonts and the Amiga, the instructions and software supplied are not going to help you out.
CONCLUSION The fonts are authentic Agfa fonts. You may not know Ihe difference between a proper font which has been designed according to the standards and a lot of the CG format fonts which are going around the PD circuit and appearing in unofficial collections.
Next time you load a PD font into ProPage and discover that the baselines are all screwed up it may not be the result of a notorious ProPage bug... it may be that the font you think is CG standard bends the rules too much. This isn’t true of all PD or third party fonts, But it's a problem which often oops up. AGFA fonts do conform to the standard and programs which make use of them will have no problems. RyT DIGITA FONT COLLECTIONS £29.99-£69.99 A500 H A500+ H A600 H A1200 I A1500 H A2000 H A3000 H A4000 I Digita International, Black Horse House, Exmouth EX8 1JL.
Tel: 0395 270273.
EASE OF USE ??????????75% Easy to install Dot no instructions on how to use these loots with other programs.
VALUE FOR MONEY ? ??????' ??80% Not bargain bucket. Dot these are top-Quality products EFFECTIVENESS ??????????95% As you woold expect trom industry standard AGFA lonts.
They are well designed and function properly FLEXIBILITY . F ??????80% Even il you own Wworlh and Propage, some liddling about is necessary lo gel the lonts to work with both packages INNOVATION ??????????72% C Industry standard fonts at a _ realistic price J OVERALL 91% il discover WHOLE NEW WORLD . PC GAMES ¦ Two cover disks every month bringing you the best in PC entertainment ¦ The most in-depth, up-to-date reviews in the business I Extensive J beginners' guides for configuring your PC to play games ¦ Players' guides, tips and cheats for all the top games Place an order with your
£ 3.50 £ 3.50 £ 3.50 £ 1.95 £ 7.95 £ 9.95 £ 9.95 £12.95 £13.95 £13.95 £10.95 £10.95 £10.95 £12.95 £12.95 £12.95 100 CAPACITY DISK BOX 3.5‘ £ 4.75 50 CAPACITY DISK BOX 3-5’ £ 350 QUAUTY MOUSE MAT £ 250 ROBOSHIFT MSE JST SWITCH £12.95
DRIVE £52.95 A500 05MB RAM UPGRADE £19.95 A500+ 1 MB RAM
UPGRADE £34.95 A600 1MB UPGRADE £39.95 MOUSE POCKET £ 150
£7.95 STAR LC 24-10 200 BLACK £2.95 STAR LC 24-10 200 COLOUR
PANASONIC KXP 1123 24 80 £3.35 AMSTRAD PCW 8254 8512 £3.75
AMSTRAD PCW 9512 £2.95 AMSTRAD DMP 2000 3000 £2.75 AL OFFER
mou joys ckext I59S AMIGA A500 PLUS PACK Cl00 OR £5.95
3. 5" HIGH DENSITY DISKS 58d for 100+ 60d BELOW 100 CHEQUES
A1200, Commodore’s flagship personal computer, comes with an
IDE interface as standard. Mat Broomfield shows you how to
save time and money (Jetting a h l drivAyourSSl In the A1200
Commodore have produced a revolutionary computer which
combined new processing power with 256.000 hi-resolution
graphics, all in a neat package that retained a high level of
compatibility with earlier Amigas.
The only real trouble with a state-of-the-art computer is that people want to write state-of-the- art software for it. And this requires increasingly large amounts of storage space.
For example. Pro Page conies on four disks.
Wordworlh 2 AGA comes on seven and ntochanne occupies an incredible 14 disks! It's dear that floppy disks are no longer the ideal storage medium - unless you have a passion for disk swapping that isl Hard drives have become increasingly popular across all sections of the Amiga community thanks to companies such as GVP and Zydec, who have released drives that are cheap enough for most people to own Commodore had already recognised the importance of hard drives by the time they released the A600 and this became Ihe first mass-market machine lo incorporate a hard drive interface as standard.
It was only logical then, that they should also include such an interlace in the A1200.
The At 200 comes supplied with a drive mount- ing bay capable of accepting a two and a half inch drive, and an interface that allows you to connect any industry standard IDE drive. This is particularly useful as IDE drives are commonly used in portable Pcs.
This means that you can really shop around to find the best deal when purchasing a drive. However, if you are new to the world of hard drives, you may prefer to buy a preinstalled drive from an Amiga-specific retailer. This will save you the time and stress of having to format and prepare a drive, to say nothing of copying an appropriate version of Workbench onto the drive.
A WORD TO THE WISE Before we go any further, I should just mention that opening your A1200 will invalidate your guarantee. Although the installation is extremely easy to perform, this means that you will not be able to claim free repairs from Commodore's authorised service engineers should a future problem arise regardless of the nature of this problem.
If you have any doubts at all. You may prefer to pay a Commodore authorised technician to install the drive for you. This will cost at least £15 extra, but you’ll get peace of mind and your warranty will still be intact. Of course, I for one would prefer to fit my own drive and save the money, but it's entirely up to you... OPENING YOUR COMPUTER Before you even consider opening your A1200. Disconnect all leads and peripherals, starting wilh Ihe power cable. You can leave inlernal expansions such as RAM or accelerator cards In place - we won't he going anywhere neat lhat part ol Ihe computer.
To perform the installation, you'll need a large Hat area such as a table to open your computer on. I personally like to do this kind ol thing on a carpeted floor because It stops the computer being scratched, and there's less distance lor any pieces to tall. Obviously a shag pile carpel is no good because you risk losing screws in Ihe pile!
0 Having unplugged everything Irom your Amiga, place it upside down on your work surface.
V In case you haven't already noticed, the A1200 la housed in a two part plastic shell. The parts are held together by five screws which need to be removed. As you look at the underside of your computer, you’ll see eight or nine screw heads. Don’t go on an unscrewing frenzy at this point, some of the screws hold Internal bits of the computer In place. Look at the picture and you'll see exactly where the appropriate screws can be found. The centre bottom screw should be covered by a silver sticker. This Is the warranty seal and once It’s been broken, you are no longer eligible for free repairs
II the computer should happen to go wrong. If you're happy with that, break the seal and remove the screw. Once you've removed all five screws, put them somewhere safe till later.
A Holding both parts of the plastic A1200 shell, turn the computer over and place It back on your work surface. By gently lifting from its front corner, you should find that the top shell can now be lifted back quite easily. Be careful because you’ll notice that the top shell Is still connected to the computer by a small cluster ol wires leading to a circuit board In the top shell. This circuit board contains three light emitting diodes (LEDs) whose purpose it Is to Indicate when the power supply is switched on, when the floppy drive Is being accessed and, It you have one, when the hard
drive is being accessed.
H you’re careful, you should be able to lay the top shell down on your work surface behind the computer.
0 Now that the plastic upper shell ol your A1200 has been removed, you can see some of the w computer's Inner workings. At the back right you'll see the Internal tloppy drive which Is attached to the machine via a Oat grey ribbon cable. At this stage, the rest of the computer Is obscured by the keyboard which is itself attached by means of a green track cable. Lift the keyboard up (being careful not to put tension on the track cable) and lie It down on the top shell to get It out of the way.
Looking at the computer again, you'll see that virtually all of It Is encased In some sort of metal sheeting. This Is called shielding and Its purpose Is to stop electrical emmlsslons Irom the computer from interfering with other equipment that may be nearby. Although this Isn’t actually much of a problem (unless you use a lot of sensitive equipment) American laws governing RF (Radio Frequency) emissions makes It essential.
A Now Is the time to attach your IDE drive to the cradle. Turn the cradle upside down so that Its four legs are facing you and the three keyboard rests are lace downwards. Turn the cradle so that the two keyboard rests are nearest you, and the single rest Is at the top. Now unwrap your IDE drive. Although these drives are nowhere near as delicate as hard drives used to be, you should treat It with respect. That means, no banging or dropping It and try not to touch the exposed circuitry. Needless to say, using it as a replacement ball In a game of rugby is definitely out!
Holding the drive circuit side uppermost with the cable to the right, put the cradle on top ot the drive. There are five holes In the cradle. Line up the four which are in a rectangle with their counterparts in the drive casing. Once the two are lined up, insert and tighten all four screws.
The screws should have been supplied with your drive.
Ovou should now locale the drive connector on your cor in* Ml of the apse* that Ihe cradle cam* out ol, can be up Hi a rectangular group. Holding the drive and cradle In the Hi. Pul Hi* drtv* plug onto Ihe connector. Be careful lo eneur* dial PREPARING THE DRIVE If you purchase your hard drive from an Amiga dealer, there's a fair possibility that it will come preformatted and with software already Installed on It.
This software should include a version of Workbench 3 and may also include further IDE specific sottware for backing up and formatting the drive. If this is the case, then you are one ot the lucky ones because you can begin using your dnve immediately If your drive is not pre-formatted and propped, you'll need to do it manually, and there are a number ot pieces of software available to let you do this, but only one which is public domain Written by Microbotics, Hard Frame contains every formatting and propping utility you could possibly need You can acquire it from most public domain
libraries, and you'd be well advised to order your copy before you buy your drivel miuuiumi urn ii«uuu , iiuiiiii mu ii uiiiituiii Of course, if you buy your drive from Trilogic, not only will they pre-format it for you, they'll even include a copy of Hard Frame for nothingl O Malta aura lhat It's propaily sealed. Ihen replace Ihe keyboard and Ihe computer's plastic top shall. Holding both parts ol tha shell Urmly. Turn the computer upside down and replace the screws Whan doing this, pleas* note that they are ot the self-tapping variety, therefore you should b* vary careful nol to overtighten
One* tha screws have bean replaced, him the computer back over, plug aH ol tha Wads and peripherals beck In and that's It, your drive I* installed!
Would say that there's virtually never a time when it's worth buying a 20Mb device; even if you can’t imagine filling that much space now, you'll soon find a way once you gel used to the idea ol being a hard drive owner.
The first thing that you should do is list all of the hard drive installable games and utilities that you use or play regularly. Figure that you'll need about a megabyte of storage space per disk of software. This is not absolutely precise as disks don't hold a meg of data, but it s a good enough rule of thumb.
Once you've arrived at a figure, you should double or treble it according to your financial resources. This allows for programs that you didn't know installed on hard drive, programs that you haven't bought yet and data from the programs you already use.
DON'T OWN AN If you’re considering purchasing an A1200, and this article has made you think about buying a drive as well, it’s worth noting that Trilogic offer a range of machines with drives prefitted that work out considerably cheaper that the two would cost separately.
For example, an A1200 with a 40 meg dnve already fitted will cost you £499.99. To buy the two individually would cost £518.98. Even better yet, Trilogic also provide a two-year insurance free of charge, and are the only suppliers in Britain to offer this duration of coverage as standard. Even Commodore themselves only offer one year. 2 INSURANCE As soon as you open your computer's case, you void Ihe warranty thus forfeiting any repair replacement rights that you may have had Trilogic (in conjunction with Comhill Insurance) are able to offer you an insurance policy on any computer provided
it's six months old or less. The all risk policy will cover you if you accidentally spill a cup of lea over the computer or damage it whilst installing a hard drive. It does not cover fire, theft, Hood or lightning damage however - that's the job of a standard household policy.
A two-year policy covering computers worth up to £600 costs £27.99. and a three-year pokey with the same coverage is £32.99. If your computer is worth between £601 and £999.99, two and three year policies win cost you £42.99 and £67.99 respectively They wi also collect your computer, instat the hard drive and return it to you tor £20 on lop of Ihe pnee of the drive. Phone Tritogic on 0274691115.
• ro Wait State - Unlike some other expansions PC 1204 never
leaves the processor waiting around data, which means that your
A1200 can run at its ¦mum speed.
Bra Fast FPU optional maths co-processor
• •ds up intensive calculations. A 50MHz chip will fed perations
by up lo filly limes.
Battery Backed Clock - Allows B to be date-stamped with the correct time and date you know exactly when Ihey were created.
The PC1204 4MB Memory Expansion for the Commodore Amiga 1200.
Rtional FPU Disable Switch - Disable the instantly for software that will not run with a maths rocessor installed.
Power PC 1204 A leading competitor ¦c Vi Woodard A600 ¦ k Woodard A‘2C*0 CPUMtfS
4. 84 times fasiei
2. 19 times faster
2. 96
4. 79 times foster
2. 17 limes foster
2. 93 1204 4MB with clock, no FPU Processor £185.95 1204 4MB With
clock, 20MHz 68881 FPU £219.95 1204 4MB with dock, 25MHz 68882
FPU £279.95 1204 4MB with clock, 33MHz 68882 FPU £289.95 1204
4MB With clock, 40MHz 68882 FPU £299.95 1204 4MB With clock,
50MHz 68882 FPU £339.95 Power Computing's XL 1.76MB Drive* for
any Commodore Amiga is now available. The XL Drive includes
these many features: Acts as a standard drive - Insert an 880K
Amiga disk and the drive behaves like any other Amiga drive.
XL Drive £99.95 48Hr delivery £2.50, 24Hr delivery £4.50 Parcel Post delivery £1 (Orders under £50 & UK mainland only) pecifications and prices subject to change without notice All Trademarks acknowledged. VAT included Goods are sold subject to our standard terms and conditions of sale and are available on request Power Computing Ltd Unit 8 Railton Road Woburn Road Industrial Estate Kempston Bedford MK42 7PN Tel 0234 843388 Fax 0234 840234 VISIT OUR NEWLY REFURBISHED & ENLARGED SHOWROOM WITH CUBSCAN AT LOW PRICES. MONITOR A1200+40MEG HD £499.99 special offer £939.99 A1200+60MEG HD £559.99
- ADD LIB.00 £999.99 £1029.99 £1129.99 )HIC RELIEF £379.99
£164.99 £214.99 £249.99 £349.99 FITTED FREE while U wail AU -
KXX LATOR wowaaici a.o« f FREE STARTER PACK Win ALL ci run twin
£284.99 £269.99 NEW LOW COST % AMIGA 4000o3o RANGE WITH 80MEG
replaces the Swift 9 COLOUR ?pin: tpto 740 pa In high Rml th.fl
4 6«cpe NLO printing ap I. built-in fonts. Friction 4 trsctor
!«h. R«r*r park, taw cost rib 2 year warranty. Ep-c«i rx*50 4
I* Freprintai III ablilitn. U» level, • l(ilot ¦chi-.
CITIZEN SHIFT 240 MONO 24 pin; 24 Rpe draft 4 80 pe latter quality p .________ ¦eatable f«ts. Paper parking, puah 4 pull tractor feed, friction I fpaon 10570, INC P20 4 IBM ulatione. Ultra low noise level, • |o lot even lower noise. 2 year warranty.
OUR Specially Negotiated LOW COST NO FUSS Warranties cover BOTH COMPUTER 8i DRIVE FROM ONLY £27.99
COMPUTERS UPTO £600 - £27.99 Cor 2yrs or £42.99 for 3yrs.
COMPUTERS UPTO £999 - £32.99 for 2yrs or £67.99 for 3yrs.
Not avoUoblo lot Buwrtow om E.ctuHom:- thell. Wikjl damog*; cosmellc damog. ¦ lul wntto, data* on request. Thete ate Relutn lo Base wanant.es. Com outer must be under 6 months otd Computer value used to calculate warranty cost must include cost of internal hard drive WHY NOT COVER YOUR AMIGA 500, 600, 1200STANDALONB OR 4000 - the priceR «bOT apply. Monitor ft printer, can also be covered -poa.
40MEG only £119.99 60MEG only £169.99 80MEG only £199.99
MAILORDER COLLECTION & DELIVERY SERVICE JUST £19.99 I LOWER HARD DRIVE PRICES DON'T BE WITHOUT A WARRANTY...... SALES: 0274 691115 not apply if tke TRILOGICl Limbi sum 1UU UIUII ’ 1244.99 24 pin; ?10«pe ifesft 4 10 ps letter *»aUty print spe.1. Nine letter «isllty fcnts, 2 scalable letter quality fouls. Paper parking, push 4 pull trsctor feed, frlcti™ f d.
Ipson 10570, me P20 t IBM Propr inter 24 xe ouu 1st Iona. 2 year warranty AMIGA 1200 MEMORY & CLOCK UPGRADES CITIZEN PROJET INKJET LASER OUALfTV PRINT 1 loser tpiallty 50 turtle IN )et printer, r quality print speed. Three letter lyulity MBS MC VAX very yiiet. Hckpe dr (ptional font csrda.
¦au carcki. 100 sheet autruetic feeder.
IE1KOSEA OR 104 budget LASIX RR2N1
1539. 99 inc • ; 100.100 DPI; lyr on CS49.99 inc « 'our pega per
uiuatei HP tnaar ot IIP ueula
• oetacript version with 2neg ru RICOH LP1200 LASER PRINTER 6
pages ulnute; PCX-5 with scslable fonts '”!'i ‘T1 rtm ** *i
parallel p rtsi 1 yt on-site warranty.
IDEAL FOR YOUR A1200 OR 4000 AMIGA 500 HARD DRIVES A1200 INTERNAL CLOCK MODULE - £19.99 Flue into internal aooket (not fitted to ell 1200a)- fitting invalidates warranty. BATTERY BACKED.
COLOUR MONITORS PHILIPS CM8833mk2 COMMODORE ONLY £229.99 1084S »u- SOBER £199.99 SIFRFO SCUO 14- SCREEN R® 4 OXK»m UWOTS STFRFO SOMD OM SII* WARRANTY R® 4 CVES IHFU1 tons nan) cxalwkb siscrb pichire AMIGA 1200 FAST RAM CARDS aitoo pomtia 2 me isbit fast ram (149.99 A1290 PORTIA C 4me. I6BIT FAST RAM 1224.99 E*nn lug of 32bit fa.tmeu give. Approx 1001 apeed increaae.
Nkxcnorics mbi r. Minrooncs mmm
• uoxaoiics IIBh M1CKWJICS ItXIi umory I I ia.it fa aog 17tilt
fael rau 1199.99 ung 1Tbit fast u 1219.99 MIOXM71I® 14M4 inc
4 ung 1Tbit fact ia £119.99 Aval labia with or without 88881 7
FP J t til in the undpralda trapdwr. Warranty ia unaffected.
ALSO AVAIIABU MIT* (H-WWRD CLOCK - ADD £24 fastoi ismt, 6»*si versions are also available - PLEASE ADO TO ABCAV ERICKS . ISO. 00 VMM *8182 vetelon aleo evail.d le. 0 aag £419.99 P 32BXT P MS 120IT 28*0 128IT 4MFC 12BIT duAila aided..... CUBSCAN uSSr MULTISCAN 14" MONITOR.
T5»8--SKJr- U»:g The ND4 aerlee I r I c FRIES II 1*39 foe Al500 2000 - Wl MtlVE £119.99 mr SERIES II wet • 42aeq toe A1500 2000 1285.99 CVF SERIES 11 NCR * S0w» foe A1500 2000 £334.99 FRIES II 1C* . 120uag foe A1500 2000 - now only 1409.99 FRIES II HC* - 210-cg foe A1500 2000 - only £559.99 C 8 Seriee II con accept ujKo 8, lawg *9 Slaw in 2 ««
• Capa.
514 CottOt with 42M Alva *’5.91 EXTERNAL DISK DRIVES Dot pitch - 0.28nun. Antiglare 14" hi-brightness screen. , Digital memory sizing - for automatic display in all Amiga modes.
ROCLITE RF382av 3.5" EXTERNAL DRIVE £64.99 borderless ___,__t ___ All controls at front.
VGA compatible for PC use.
15-40KHz horizontal scan rate.
45-90HZ vertical scan rate.
Tilt-swivel base included.
52MEG C149 W(leu only) (OftMEG CI99 99 BC 32BIT snots F A590 42MEGE139 90 r ONLY £469.99 INC AMIGA LEAD OR £499.99 HITH SUPERFI 2 STEREO SYSTEM
1 2neg upgrade without clock £24.99 500* l 2ueg with clock 4
battery 129.99 MC UFGKALC .. (44.99 ¦00 lung ipjn* -
clock - now only (44.99 A600 KM; IA CARDS - SEE Al 700 KM! IA
A500 1177.99 Inclodea oockate for up to 2uog fast aueoiy
((14.99 eg extra. H«)nwlnhl« with largor SCSI hard EMULATORS &
SPECIAL OFFER - £399.99. Price inc Productivity adaptor 4
cables OIUHH GAT* 104SX PC CARD Ft* A1500 2000 M CAT* 4S6SX PC
* CE 010 76Atr FOR AI600 2000 otlur. Aval Forget printers and
hard drives, joysticks are the number one home computer
peripheral There’s such a wide variety avail able, all ottering
robust steel shatts' and mega-blaster tire that it’s almost
impossible to know which one to go tor. But it's a sad tact
that, despite the diversity ot the market, there are only
actually a tew sticks worth buying. So. Once more. CU AMIGA'S
top panel ot expert testers has scoured the scene to bring you
the detinitive guide to the top sticks on otter. Remember -
don't buy till you've read the review In the second part of our
comprehensive round-up, we look at another batch of blistering
BUYERS GUIDE Joysticks THE BUQ • CHEETAH • PRICE: £14.99 • TEL: 061 707 7080 The Bug Irom Cheetah is one of those novelty sticks which looks as though it could actually be rather good, but when you use it you find out that your assumptions were completely wrong It's impossible to get a good grip on the ultra-short handle and when the going gets tough the hand starts slipping. The only good thing about this stick is the well-placed lire buttons, which are perfect lor Ihumb use, but a little awkward when it comes to linger operation. One small compensation is the size, which is spot on. Lining
perfectly into the palm ol your hand. Handhelds like this are best for last moving games, like Sansi Soccer, but in that regard the Speedking Irom Konix beats the Bug hands down This new slime green version does absolutely nothing lor an already ugly stick. What I would like to see is a rubbensed version ol this, not out ol any kind ol letish I hasten to add. But because you'd get a much better grip. An extra £1.50 on the asking price lor that, a redesigned handle and this would be a lar better stick.
VERDICT Uncomfortable lo hold and difficult to use.
12fe * CHEETAH • PRICE: £9.99 • TEL: 061 707 7080 This is a real veteran joystick -1 remember using one back in the days when the Spectrum was popular and nobody had even heard ol the Amiga.
The generation gap shows when you get to grips with this stick as it torgoes microswitches lor more traditional leal switches. This isn’t a bad thing though - whilst they’re not quite as responsive as microswitches, there's none ol that annoying clicking and they actually work better with flight sims.
Although it's hardly revolutionary, the stick is comfortable to hold What does let it down are the lire buttons, which could have been more responsive.
Despite being ancient in joystick terms, this is still a good performer II you have a tenner spare and want a stick which will give you the kind ol performance that you can't tind with microswitches, this is worth more than a casual look.
VERDICT Solid and reliable This is one old leaf-switched oysticks on the market.
N PRO EXTRA • DYNAMICS • PRICE: £16.99 • TEL: 0457 Ol all the sticks to be reviewed in CU AMIGA over the years, none has had such consistently good reviews as this one.
The stick's travel is tough to begin with, but alter a lew days il loosens up and becomes lar more tolerable. This version also as a slow motion mode which slows the action down to one third ol its normal speed This is particularly handy lor games such as Project X where the pace is blindingly last.
Because it uses rubber pads instead ot suckers to keep it on a table top. It's comlorlable to hold. II there has to be a criticism it s that the autolire switch is a little out ol Ihe way. Aparl Irom that the Comp Pro is one ol the best sticks ever Reliable, accurate and solid, there's almost no reason lor you to look at any other stick.
It may look dated, but that's because it's been so successful lor so long. YouH be hard pressed to AJ . J find a better stick.
VERDICT Still the best all-round joystick on the market.
JETFI6HTER • SPECTRAVDEO • PRICE: £14.99 • Tgj 081900 0024 This certainly looks impressive lo begin with. It's larger than your average slick wilh a good array of switches. Using it, however, is a complelely different kettle of fish.
For starters the stick's size gives it too much travel, which limits its responsiveness. The fire buttons are also cluttered up with the various autofire switches, so it you get too carried away it's easy to thumb the rapid fire off.
Should you lose your temper with the stick, the base is constructed well enough to withstand a good thumping, providing you can get the stick off the table.
Although we had no problems with ours, the looseness of the stick and cheap teel of the plastic gives you the impression that the Jetfighter wouldn't be able to survive a determined pounding.
VERDICT Bulky, uncomfortable and unresponsive.
Joypads may be the norm on consoles, but for some inexplicable reason they're few and far between on the Amiga.
Even by console standards the Bollistick is a bit of a weirdo. You grab hold of the two handles and operate the pad with the thumb of your left hand and the buttons with the thumb of your right. The choice between joypad and joystick is mainly one of personal preference, but I actually prefer this pad to most conventional joysticks. The response is fantastic and it's actually very comfortable to use.
In fact the only drawback of this stick is that it s very awkward to hold if your hands are bigger than average size. Apart from that there's almost nothing to fault this stick on. The casing could have been made out of better quality plastic, but a joypad hardly takes the same level of thrashing that a normal stick does, so that hardly matters.
VERDICT HEEWHEEL*UMC3«PMCE: £39.99* TEL: 0819N 0024 So-called 'novelty' joysticks are normally very limited in their usefulness, or just plain crap. The Free Wheel touches both categones.
For sheer innovation this scores 10 out of 10. There's no base, just the wheel and the cable. It works with tilt switches which detect when the wheel is moved, while the fire buttons are set in the rim at the top.
Because there's no base, there's nothing to rest your arms on. If you start feeling wrist cramps it's nearly impossible to take one hand off fhe wheel to pause the game without sending your car careering off the track. The response is incredible, in fact it's so good that it actually takes you a couple of hours to learn how not to over compensate.
Ignore the novelty value, this just doesn't cut it when compared to conventional sticks.
VERDICT This is the big brother of the Superstar we reviewed last month, although for some reason it doesn't quite match up to it.
Again, it’s impressively large, with plenty of suckers to keep it held fast on your table top. There are more fire buttons than you actually need, although all of them are equally responsive, if somewhat hard to reach. It's nice to see such a wide choice of fire button positions.
What lets the Superstar down is the ultra-tense stick. Where the Superstar is loose and has plenty of travel, you end up fighting this one, which ruins any chance you have of notching up a high score.
The response is excellent once the stick has loosened and the twin fire buttons are perfectly placed.
The Navigator is decidedly more futuristic, with a black and blue rounded design. Not only does this look good, the shape is also very comfortable to hold. It also features an autofire mode, with the switch sensibly located in front of the stick.
Like most hand-held joysticks this suffers from having a really short stick. Once you're used to it the problems soon dry up. But some people never adjust to only having two inches of plastic at their mercy.
Obviously hand-held sticks aren't nearly as versatile compared to likes of the Competition Pro, but in the case of the Navigator it's far more comfortable to hold.
L0839 406068.
AU THE ARCADE ACTION IN YOUR OWN HOME) 0839 406061 0839 406069 WIN A B A R CODE BATTLER it’s new and it COULD BE VOURSl 0839 406057 THOSE ON THE MOVE!
0839 406052 Calls cos! 36p fcheap) 48p per min (other times! Multiple choice quest ns Bx possfcle cost £3 60. Please be sure that you have permission to make this call Ends 30.9.93. Bar Code Battler. Nintendo. Sega. Amiga. Streetlight J*. Btarwing and Donnay arc all registered tracki4Biks of their respected TSWscosI 36p (che companies. We are not related to or endorsed by them. For rules and winners names send a SAP to IMS Ltd. PO Bo 28 Northampton NNI 5DS ' Integrated 32 bit Ram co (comes with I Mb imtalkd). Giving a maximum capacity of upto 11 Mb to your Amiga 1200.
Expandable to S Mb or 9 Mb
• Option to conveniently install an FRJ with up to 50MHz and
oscillator to increase performance.
• Real time battery backed-up dock, a must fcr hard drive users.
• Auto-ecu fig with zero wait states.
• More than twice as fast as the graphic RAM of the Amiga 1200
thanks to the double clock rates and shorter access cycles.
• 100% compatible with all Amiga 1200.
• Easy installation, just plug in and go.
Important Please note To operate the Mathematic Co-Processor with dock rales over 14 Mhz you need a Quartz(Osdllatcr). The Quar Oscillator) must have the same clock rales as the Mathemetic Co-Processor.
[ The New________ rocessing Tools for the Office or Home Enviroment. No Powerful Colour Image ITEMS PRICE AF1200 1Mb with clock, no Oscillator, no FPU Processor £ 115.00 AF1200 5Mb with clock, no Oscillator, no FPU Processor £ 239.00 AF1200 5Mb with clock, Oscillator,16MHz 68882 FPU £ 285.00 AF1200 5Mb with clock, Oscillatoi;20MHz 68882 FPU £ 290.00 AF1200 5Mb with clock, OsciUator;25MHz 68882 FPU £ 295.00 AF1200 5Mb with clock, Oscillatoi;33MHz 68882 FPU £ 299.00 AF1200 9Mb with clock, no Oscillator, no FPU Processor £ 369.00 AF1200 9Mb with dock, Osci!lator,16MHz 68882 FPU £ 415.00 AF1200
9Mb with clock. Oscillator,20MHz 68882 FPU £ 420.00 AF1200 9Mb with clock, OsciIIatoi;25MHz 68882 FPU £ 429.00 AF1200 9Mb with clock, Oscillatoi;33MHz 68882 FPU £ 439.00 Hand For Amiga The First 9 Mb 32 bit Internal Ram Card for Amiga 1200 Features:- Software Features: Longer a "Professional Task" to Scan High Quality Images.
• Easy to learn and use intuitive user interface.
• Real-Time Scanning displayon screen.
• Supports 256,000 Colours and 64 greys for Amiga 1200 and 4000
with new AGA chip sets.
• Supports 4.096 Colours, 16 greys,dithered Colour and black &.
White capabilities for all Amiga models.
• Image size is limited only by the amount of RAM available.
• Memory requested does not have to be Chip RAM.
• Pull Multi-Tasking with all Amiga computers.
• Intelligent maximum scanning length indication.
• Imports Exports IFF file formats.
• External IDE HDD for Amiga A500 A500+
• Internal IDE HDD for Amiga A1500 A2000
• Memory conveniently expandable to 2 4 6 8Mb by using 1M X 4
• 100% compatible
• Easy Installation,Just Plug in and go
• Auto boot. Auto config and zero wait states Controller for
A500 A500+ A1500 A2000 £99.00 Controller + 40Mb Hard Drive £
199.00 Controller + 65Mb Hard Drive £ 279.00 Controller + 85Mb
Hard Drive £ 299.00 Controller + 120Mb Hard Drive £ 329.00 Hard
Drives For A600 A1200 40MB + IDE Cable £ 149.95 65Mb + IDE
Cable £ 199.00 85Mb + IDE Cable £ 279.00 120Mb + IDE Cable £
299.00 Fitting For A600 or A1200 £ 29.95 System RwuiremnHF-
• For all Amiga Models with a Monitor or compatible TV-set, 1
Megabyte of RAM and a floppy drive.
• More memory and hard disk are recommended but not requried.
• Compatible with Amiga WB 1.3 and Higher (WB 3.0 also
Compatible Withi-
• Any painting,publishing, and OCR programs that load IFF files.
* ixe Paint, Professional Page, Page ~ Saxon publishers, MiEraph
C LICE £ 299.0( GIGAMEM Virtual Memory for Amiga Application
Easy installation, plug in and go in just minutes.
256,000 Colours, 105mm(4 inch) scanning width.
Built in Over-Speed Buzzer to prevent scanning too fast.
With SC(Super Colout), CG(Colour Grey), MgfMonocnrome Grey), and D T(Dithered Text) modes selection switch.
Selects 50 100 150 200 DPI by resolution selector switch for SC and CG modes.
Selects 100 200 300 400 DPI by resolution selector switch for MG and D T modes.
Metal Interface Box With a Printer Through Port.
MIGRAPH PRODUCTS ColourBurst Scanner + OCR £
399. 00 Full OCR Software £
99. 00 Touch-UP Version 3.1x £
49. 00 Scanning Tray £
49. 00 Touch-Up Upgrade &. Junior OCR £
79. 00 Touch-Up Upgrade V3.1x available £
29. 95 (MICE & TRACKBALL Optical Pen Mouse with Mat £
35. 95 Three button Trackball £
29. 95 Crystal Trackball with two colour shining ball £
34. 95 Mega Mouse 290 DPI £
12. 95 Mega Mouse Mark II 260 DPI £
11. 95 Mega Mouse with Mat & Holder £
17. 95 300 DPI Optical Mouse with Metal Mat & Holder £
29. 95 400 DPI Mouse £
14. 95 Cordless Infra Red Mouse with Mat & Holder £
49. 95 ACCESSORIES A1200 and A4000 With Scan &. Save, Merge It
With Latest Tcuch-Up, Merge-It & Junior OCR With Latest
Touch-Up, Merge-It Compatible with £ 129.95 £ 99.95 £ 179.95
With Scan & Save, Merge-It and Junior OCR 10% Off all Prices.
To Order Please Qoutc Ref. No.
£ 149.95 TEL: 081 365 1102 IAX : 081 801 8356 lifec.oiDKNlM AGE EAOE. Pricri tu**tx lo charge mOa* notice. Goodi ijl tct»
• railability 4 cc rkaik*M lutjtct id ctnrgr without notice. All
trafc mart. Adno-fatard Delivery Charges:- Orfcr* bebw £50.00
Plmc add £3JO for poau* and pacing.
Ordtn abort £50.00 Plene add £6.00 for Courier Serviot Next day ddivery (Oteci availabally) Please Add £1000.
All above charges are fc* delivery in Main Land UK.
Hard Soft Mouse Mats £
3. 00 Aut Mouse Joystick Switch £
12. 95 Auto KickStart Switch for A500 2000 £
17. 95 Expansion Adaptor for A500 500+ £ 17 95 Unit 12a, Millmead
Business Centre, Millmcad Road , London NI7 9QU If you’d like
to see your name and work in print sort out some Dpaint files
and send ’em in. Here’s Tony Horgan’s selection of
exquisite art from readers who did just that.
BART AND HOMER The male contingent of the Simpson family get the pixel treatment from Raymond Vass of Moray in Scotland.
HIPPY CHICK Mark Gray of Blackpool gives us a stunning example of what’s possible with the new AGA 256 colour modes.
BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED Another AGA masterpiece, this time from Mark Lockett of Manchester, who you may remember featured in the May '93 Art Gallery.
FUNNY GEEK Funny Geek comes from Ttond E. Haveland of Fyllingsdalen in Norway.
An approximation ot the texture ©is kOUd colours, bringing the on a wrinkled background.
5 Finally, a little more shading and a background were added, with a drop shadow lo bring up the contract between the foreground and back- GET DRAWING When sending your work lo us. Here's a lew points lo remember 1 Include a selection ol liles showing Ihe picture in various stages ol construction
2. II your wort is based on that ol another artist, please
include his her name and where you saw it.
3. II you would like your disk returned, please include an SAE 4
Please mart your envelope Magnetic media - do not X-Ray and
send il lo: Art Gallery.
CU AMIGA. Priory Court. 30-32 Farnngdon Lane. London EC1R 3AU THE BEST SELECTION OF PD IN THE UK !
Tain Distributors
o I the i in i t a t o r s ! I t) The Central Licenseware
Register ¦j PD price!
Most (I. R lit ley ok on A1200: Most CLR titles ok on A1200!
WllllC helpsyou improve «! 2disks4.50. - CIU12 VIRTUAL WINOOWS Notebook Address booketcl *8K3.50. CLE25 CHORD COACH This is a superb Piano Tutor, learn the CLU1 3 DATOS A power! J database, many features i disk 3.30.. chords & hear the Amrga play them) 1 ask 3.30. * ClU 14 STOCK CONTROLLER Keap track ol stocks! 1 osk 3.50. .
CLEM SNAP An educational game for languages, t disk 350. • CLUtS EPOCH VI calendar lor Amiga.1299 yr diary 1 dak3S0.
CLE27 C.A T T.This is a superb Tarot reading program! Now you can CLU16 CROSS STITCH good noedlework program.! Disk 3.30 .
Read your own' 3 disks 499! . CLU17IC10 FONTS Nee lonistor Star LctO printer! T disk 3 50.» CLEM FUN WITH CUBBY There are 8 tun games on ths disk tor CLUI8 LC200 FONTS Fonts tor your LC200 porter' 1 disk 3 50 .
Typing.speltng.painting.countlng A much more! Super' 1 disk 3 50 * CLUI9 LC24 FONTS Fonts for your Star 24 pin pooler t disk 3.50! .
CLEM PREHISTORIC FUN PACK Here are 4 super dinosaur games CLU20 CANON BJI0 Super Fonts tor Cannon Bubbieiei tdisfe 3.50. al -tth a prehistoric theme, great for the kidsi t disk 350.. CLU2t INVOICE MASTER Sort oul your mvocest t Osk 350 .
CLE30 PEG A PICTURE Make a picture from coloured pegs or CLU22 HARO DRIVE MENU Superb hard drive u*«yl t disk 3 50.. coloured shapes, great for young tadsl t disk 3.50. . CLU23 F15 ANIM BRUSHES Needs D paint! T dak 3 SO .
CLE31 UNDERSTANDING AMOS This set wd really help you Warn CLU24 RED LOTUS ANIM BRUSHES Needs D Paint t disk 3 SO - how to use Amos! ( NEEDS AMOS) 2 disks 4 50. . CLU25 STARFIGHTER ANIM BRUSHES Need D Paint 2 diaks 4.50. CLE32 SPITFIRE! Superb illustrated book on a disk covering the CLU26 STAR VOYAGER ANIM BRUSHES tor Dpanl 3 diskss 499.
Legendary WWII fghter pane! 2 disks 4.50.. CLU27 IMAGE BASE Simple to use authoring package t dsk 3.50.. CLE33 MESSERSCHUITT BFI09 Another super WWII book on a GAMES gsss wr2.Trs:ia!“- siKTiinssr«i.»,™. *„»,a®™ »sssissur CLSJI DISCOVERY AUERICR l.jm II n. oMunn CLQ,2 BullDOrEO B0B c,„, aKSsssaaws sTSim.
NFWUV CLGI5 SPIOOOE IRE ESCAPE ouak Uto. I ,i.l 3 SO- P ? . UmE arhsi Sum “*»*» “»«CIGI, ,UBR,UU , d„ 3S0.
¦nun ». CMOUM .. ml I MM., I mgi clvp ..m ! «,». . 50, CL0,B SK N „ aM m JS0 .
UTILITIES CLGI9 STELLAR ESCAPE Vertical shoot em up! 3 disks 4.99. .
CLUOi VIDEO TITLER Create video Mies! T disk 3 50! • CLG20 JUNGLE BUNGLE Nice adventure game' i d sk 3 50 .
CLU02 FISH INDEXER database lor the Fish Ibrary! 1 disk 3.50. . CLG21 FLOWER POWER Gro betore Ihe bogs eat theml disk 3.50. CLU03 TYPING TUTOR FiA typing course.shows you where to put CLG22 STOCKING FILERS Seasonal Xmas games! T ask 3.50 .
Your ringers 4 more! Comes on 1 disk 3.50.. CLG23 MARVIN THE MARTIAN A maze type game. 1 disk 350.. CLU04 ALPHAGRAPH tor produce* Bar 5 Pie chart* etc' 3 50 . CLG24 EASY MONEY hue machne simulator! (Not dos 2 or 3) 3.50. CLU05 SAS. MENU MAKER make your own menu's 1 dek 3.50. . CLG25 WHITE RABBITS Thle le a good puzzle game' I disk 3 50 - CLU06 SUPER SOUND III Siporb sampling program, samples 4 CLGM MONSTER ISLAND Dungeon Master game! 1 disk 3.50.* alows epeoal effects such as reverb 4 Hanging! 1 dsk 3.50 - CLGM TIME RIFT Game played over 4 time zones' i disk 3 50.. CLU07 PHILO Simple to use
database system. 1 disk 3 50.. CLGM BILLY BALL Good 3d isometric game' 1 dek 3.50.. CLU08 WORD FIN0ER crossword 4 anagram soher 4 2 dsks 4 50- CLGM CAPTAIN K Nice patlorm game! 1 dsk 3.50.. CLU09 PLAY 4 RAVE2 Music module linker. 2 disks 4.50. CLG31 DIRTY RACKETS 3 tennis games on here! 1 dek 3.50.. CLUiO POWER ACCOUNTS account statements, mcome etc' 3.50 .
¦ ' .• BffVrrVddirn aA : .;V T0I rf ?
. ¦ CLE01 TOTAL CONCEPTS DINOSAURS Learn your famrfy all about the amazing dnosaurs! 2 disks 4.50. .
CLE02 TOTAL CONCEPTS GEOLOGY Superb book on a dsk by Chris HiL learn ail about the roc*s! 2 disks 4.50. .
CLE03 TOTAL CONCEPTS SOLAR SYSTEM A superb illustrated guide to our Sofar system! 3 deka 4.99. .
CLE05 A CHORD Teaches you all tho chords you need to play tho guitar, become the next Erie Clapton! 1 dek 3.50. .
CLE07 TOTAL CONCEPTS FRESHWATER FISHING Learn all about freshwater Hshing! Comes on 2 disks 4.50 .
CLE08 NIGHT SKY Featured over 1500 stars.sky can by displayed as seen trom anywhere on earthl E.oSont! T disk 350. .
CLE09 WORDS 4 LADDERS Good spelling program lor the very young child!, t-2 players! 1 dsk 3.50. CLEIO BASKCALLY AMIGA Extensrve gude to Amigadosl Very good program for beginners 3 disks 4.99! - OLE 11 LE~S LEARN For children of 5-7 years, progress through 5 levels of dlfhctRy. Sums tunes ate t disk 3 50. - OLE 12 ALPHABET TEACH Simpte to understand spelling program for the kids! Shows pcture.asks lor word 1 dsk 3.501 .
CLE13 HOME BREW A very nice program tor the creation of home made wines! Option lor pnnting recipes t disk 3.50. .
CLEM ECOLOGY Learn about Ihe most important 'dogy* In our trees' Superbly illustrated! 3 disks 4.99. • OLE 15 FAST FRET This « a flmUr scales tutor. Che very thing for the budding lead guitarist' 1 dek 3 50. • CLEI6 KINGS 4 QUEENS A hstory lesson on al ot the Kings 4 Queens ot England snca recorded he*ory! 2 dleks 4 50.
CLE17 ThfNGAMAJIG An electron*: jigsaw with 24 pictures, place tho piocos correctly on the screen, by Len Tucker, t disk 3.50 - OLE 18 WORK 4 PLAY 3 educational programe: CLICK CLOCK learn the troe.FUNTIME TABLES maths 4 GO SHOPPING' 1 disk 3 50. .
CIE19 PLAY IT SAFE Teaches safety in the home. Help Teddy make your home safe from the beasties! 1 disk 3.50. • CIE20 BIG TOP FUN Four program.Word balance Matchpiay Balloon burst 4 Seel a grams I disk 350. • CLE21 JIGMANIA Jigsaw sofvxig 4 construction set' Keep you busy for ages! I disk 3501 * CLE22 CHESS TEACHER is a program designed lo leach chess in a tun 4 easy to understand way't dak 3 50 • CLE23 MIN0 YOUR LANGUAGE This is a self iirprovemenl vocabulary course, with huge dictionary! 1 dsk 3.50. «_ CLE028 FUN WITH CUBBY A superb educatonal disk conianmg 8 programs: Memory game.Paint
studio. Count with Cubby. Apple citchor.Lefs Spei.Typng lusor. Puzzler 4 Cubby's loot! The one * guaranteed to keep the kids amused lor hours!
Simply enter each subgame through a door, a superb value for money disk, suppled on 1 dek or*y 3.50* AMIGA CO ROM COM PACT DISCSI
M: IO DISK OtciMMI HIP uinpln. Uiiinr'. Clipart. Uni MOO modulr* lo play!
To co«ee*0n ol eofotved cifcart
- mode (4096 cobuvsi. Mooon some Can be loeOoO »nro OoUie P&ni 4
wage accepting Ham pun*•*.'
500*. 600, 1200 4 4000!)
CLASSIC CUI'ARr (Black * While) A1200 A4000.)
' Ft ORAL.
' MYTHS V ItpCMl) MiHSrtimtilni iSZtstsssai BLITTKRCHIPS I'OX. CUI 11: HOI .SI-. I’RIMKI )S| STRI-I I .KI-.Killl.KY. Bl 21 4NB.
TEL: 0535 667 469 FAX: 05 3 5 66 7 469 NILS CU0X. I Cl IAIN 1 l . I- V PORT IAV. PO30 5QA TEL: O') S 3 5 29 5 94 K A X : 0 9 8 3 8 2 1 5 ') 9 VALIA PI) CO. I) l RH AM SRX IN I E I. : 0 • I 5 8 7 1 1 9 5 E A : II 9 I 5X7 II 9 5 Nerves of steel, heart of gold, knob of butter...yes, it’s Tony ‘and his’ Horgan with another monthly guide to all things public domain.
WIBBLE WORLD GIDDY MJP game This is the best PD game since Transplant.
II you think it looks and sounds rather (amil- iar, you'd be right, as it bears more than a passing resemblance to the Dizzy games.
Giddy is the star ol the game, an egglike character with unteasibly large hands.
Wibble World is a colourtul Itip-screen comic book land, where slippery snakes mingle with spiders, Ninja Turtles and seagulls.
There's plenty to get the grey matter working too. With lots ol little puzzles to solve along the way. The problems don't amount to any more than using the right objects in Ihe right places, but what do you expect lor a couple ol quid?
Not only is il one ol Ihe best looking PD games ever, il's one ol ihe most playable loo. Slick Irom slarl lo linish, Wibble World Giddy is one game not lo be missed.
Available Irom: Cynoslic PD, 85 Wyken Crott Road, Coventry, CV3 2AD. Tel: 0203 613817. Disk no. G0112. Price: E2.00 (Including P&P).
2 Unlimited Ians are spoilt lor choice this month.
The inescapable No Limits gels Ihe remix treatment first, with this disk Irom Legend. There are two main alterations here. The tempo has been pushed right up. And there's a more hardcore sound to the backing beat Some ol the samples haven t been pitched up accordingly, and get cut oH early. It's not radically dilterent Irom the original, but should please Ians ol the duo.
Available Irom: PD Solt, 1 Bryant Avenue, Southend on Sea, Essex, SS1 2YD. Tel: 0702 466933. Disk no. 3088. Price: £3.00 , Py*.
(including P&P). * mi BRUSH!!
FlUSIC Ry = R-ESM It's amazing how little you can lit onto lour disks il you try hard enough. Would you believe this 3Mb animation is only about 10 seconds long? Then again, that's HAM ray tracing for you.
Space is the theme once again. The sequence is about as simple as they come - a stumpy little spaceship orbits a planet, then enters the docking bay ol a spacestation. It's very nicely done, with lots ol different pans and camera angles, but nothing actually happens. Unless you're into ray tracing yoursell, there's not much to get excited about, even though technically it's quite neat.
Available Irom: PD Soft, 1 Bryant Avenue.
Southend on Sea, Essex, SS1 2YD. Tel: 0702 466933. Disk nos. 3069-3073. Price: £11.00 (including PSP). L-XVA HOW TO SKIN A CAT demo Melon Design always come up with something a bit dillerent. This one's completely tree ol the usual scroll-text and techno-babble ol most demos, and looks a lot better lor it. Starting with a tunnel made ol tiny dots, it moves through some interesting ellects such as jelly vectors, blurred 3D dot patterns, and a lew more vanations ol the basic vector themes.
It's supposed to have AGA graphics support, but it doesn't seem to be much dillerent whether you run it on a 500 or a 1200. There's a good simple soundtrack that suits the arty laid-back style ol the graphics. You won't be bowled over by reams of stunning ellects, but it's worth a go il you've had enough ol the usual demo lare.
Available Irom: Cynostlc PD, 85 Wyken Croft Road, CV2 3AD. Tel: 0203 613817. Disk no. D0138. Price: £2.00 (including P&P). 1 (cvs 2'S 'W
* CfiTJ SCOOPEX PLAYS 2 UNLIMITED music disks It's three lor the
price of two disks with this one.
Get Ready For This, Twilight Zone and The Workaholic ate on the menu. All three tunes are created Irom the rap versions, with big chunks ol vocals included. The mixes have been chopped up and messed around a bit with a tracker, but there aren't any new sounds, beats or rills.
Considering the length ol the samples, the sound quality's not bad at all, but they're all a bit too unadventurous to cause much of a commotion.
Available Irom: PD Solt, 1 Bryant Avenue, Southend on Sea, Essex, SS1 2YD. Tel: 0702 466933. Disk nos. 3139*3140. Price: s-Aa* £5.50 (Including P&P).
W &mflaws irtoar -uti mi rvjinu5 reon raint. .
Slideshow The title screen proudly boasts T able slideshow of Deep Space 9.
But in their rush to get it released, the producers have ended up .with one of the ropiest slideshows I've seen for ages.
All the screens are in 4096- colour HAM mode, but are either blurred, grainy or too dark. Its saving grace is the subject matter.
Available from: PD Soft, 1 Bryant Avenue, Southend on Sea, Essex, SS1 2YD. Tel: 0702 466933. Disk no.
3108. Price: £3.00 (including P&P). V CRASH BANG WALLOP game
Could this be one for Super Sprint fans? It should be, but
falls some way short of the mark, despite a good start.
Where you’d normally get the sounds of a roaring Ferrari to
match the intro screen, you’re greeted with a sampled Robin
Reliant that refuses to start. The trouble is, it’s quite
Viewed from above, it’s a simultaneous two- player car racer spread over 10 tracks. If you look hard enough, you should find some semblance of inertia, speed, and laws of physics in general, but to say the cars moved realistically would be rather generous. I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for this type of game, but even so, Crash Bang Wallop didn’t exactly have me gagging for another go. Then again, as PD games go, it could be a lot worse.
Available from: Cynostic PD, 85 Wyken Croft Road, Coventry, CV3 2AD. Tel: 0203 613817.
Disk no. G0110. Price: £2.00 (including P&P).
ASSASSINS GAMES compilation Butter up the Hovis, it’s nostalgia time! Aztec Challenge is now available for your Amiga! Retro- coders Bignonia have converted the crumbly old C64 game to 16-bits. It comes in two flavours, the original blocky variety, and a slightly smoother-looking Amiga update. The game is a seven-level romp set in ancient Inca country. As the brave young warrior, you take on a variety of life-threatening challenges in your attempt to find the mystical hidden gold (or something like that). It’s brilliantly crap - identical to the original in every respect.
You also get another two games on the disk.
Landmines is a tediously simple game of chance, and Jonus Fulstrand is a promising little platform game, let down by lack of speed. Be warned: you need a sense of humour to appreciate this disk.
Available from: Assassins, 32 Ripley Avenue, North Shields, Tyne and Wear, NE29 7SA.
Tel: 091 2586418. Price: £1.00 (including P&P).
BAIT MASKING animation Fish-fanciers, this is the demo for you! It's another from Eric Schwartz, and fits into any machine with 2Mb of RAM.
The opening shot is of a worm on a hook, slowly sinking beneath the surface of a river.
Along comes a fish, who takes a fancy to the worm. To save his skin, the worm quickly puts on a scary mask, which sees off the hungry fish. Later, the fish comes back with his own mask, and the two end up spooking each other.
All the Schwartz trade marks are in there, but it’s far from his best. Even so, it's another one for the collectors.
Available from: Cynostlc PD, 85 Wyken Croft Road, Coventry, CV3 2AD. Tel: 0204 613817.
Disk no. A0074. Price: £2.00 (including P&P).
C ll teSIMPLY THE BEST N demo compilation More demo-foolery as compiled by LSD comes your way in Simply the Best 41.
Sometimes I Wish I Was Famous is an intro from Circle, featuring some weird samples and interesting variations on the current fave effects. There’s a BBS intro from Dark Demon, sporting some clever rotating cogwheel effects, but best of all (yes, it gets better!) Is the trackmo from Defiance, called Shangri La, which makes up for the inadequacies of the other demos on the disk. Derivative in places, it’s still impressive enough to warrant the attention of all armchair ravers.
Available from: Cynostic PD, 85 Wyken Croft Road, Coventry, CV3 2AD. Tel: 0203 613817. Disk no. D0136. Price: £2.00 (including P&P).
PD UTILITIES What’s extremely handy AMOSSIBLE cam os extensions There’s nothing more frustrating than a program that refuses to work, As programming languages go.
AMOS is pretty user friendly, but some of the shortfalls in the manual can leave you pulling your hair out.
And available to anyone for next to nothing? No, it’s not Tony Horgan, but the latest and greatest PD utilities.
ADVANCED UTILITIES II utility compilation Here's another ol those handy disks with a sprinkling ot various utilities. Those included are Restaure, Re-Org. SCSI Mounter, Compress Disk, Enforcer. Keymap Ed and KME, some ot which need Kickstart 2.04 or higher to run.
Restaure Vt.O is an easy-to-use disk salvager. It's not an alternative to Diskdoctor- instead it helps you get Back tiles that have been deleted When you delete a tile Irom a disk, the actual data isn't blanked out. It's merely scrubbed Irom the directory list. This means that providing you haven't written back to the disk alter deleting a tile, Restaure can usually get it back tor you.
This could save your bacon one day.
Re-Org V2.33 is a disk optimiser. It you do a lot of reading and writing to the same disks, they gradually become tractured. This makes loading and saving a lot slower, but an optimiser can put it all back into order. Re-Org does a good job ot it. But remember lo backup any data before you optimise it.
SCSI Mounter is a removable partition mounter lor SCSI devices, Compress Disk Vt.O is a disk archiver, and the remaining utilities are two remarkably similar keymap editors, both of which are simple to use and very handy.
There are some good utilities here, but it's a shame that PD Soft didn't organise the disk a bit better. All the programs have just been thrown onto a non-booting disk, with all the directory icons piled on top ol one another. Come on PD Soft, it you're charging £3 per disk, you could at least put in a bit of effort on the presentation.
Available from: PD Soft. 1 Bryant Avenue, Southend on Sea, Essex, SS1 2YD. Tel: 0702 466933. Disk no. V1067. Price: £3.00 (Including P»P). Memory: 1Mb.
Compatibility: Kickstart 2.. loaded into AMOS. Covering many areas that are overlooked by the manual, they come packed with explanatory REM' statements to wf help you figure out what’s going on. T There’s nothing radical in the routines themselves, but they should be a big help with your day to day programming.
Available from: Mark Wickson, 49 Perrott Close. North Leigh Witney. Oxon. 0X8 6RU.
This is the best use of an Amiga CD-ROM I've seen. 17 Bit have tilled two Cds with some ot the best PD around. There's over 1000Mb of data across the discs, including utilities, demos, games, graphics, music, samples, clip art and animations.
When you Boot either ol the Cds. You get a rather tacky tile selector Each file has a brief bit of text to go with it, telling you whether it's a utility, dip art or whatever, with a brief explanation of what it's all about. AH of the disks have been archived on the
CD. So you can't access any of them directly.
Instead you need to copy them onto floppies first, and then boot them as usual. It's a bit of shame that you have do this, but it is necessary to ensure that all the software still works as it should.
If you've got a CDTV, you may find that a lot of the disks won't work without extra memory.
This is an enormous source of PD software. For £39.95, you're getting one of the Bargains of the century. Anyone with a CD drive should get a copy pronto.
Available from: 17 Bit, 1st Floor Offices, 28 Market Street. Wakefield. West Yorkshire. WF1 1DH. Tel: 0924 366982. Price: £39.95 (including PSP). Memory: 1Mb plus.
Compatibility: CDTV. A500. A500.. Price: £1.50 (including P&P).
Memory: 1Mb. Compatibility: All Amigas.
MENUMASTER III menu creator If you release PD software yourself, you've probably gol hacked off with trying to make your disks idiot-proof. One of the best options is to put a menu on the front, but what if your programming talents are non-existent? Menumaster tit will do the trick.
It's by far the simplest and most straightforward menu creator I've used. The creator and the menu are combined in one program. When you bool up.
You get a blank menu, which you then fill in to suit your requirements Each line of the menu has a stnng ot text that's displayed on the screen and a corresponding CLI command. Clicking on the line has the effect of entenng the command in the CLI running in the background. You can also use menu options to launch new menus, with more options ot their own.
Available Irom: Alpha PD, 3 Whlckham Street.
Easlngton, Peterlee, Co. Durham, SR8 3DJ.
Disk no. 181. Price: £1.45 (including P*P). Memory: 512K. Compatibility: T-CTh All Amigas.
3D OBJECTS Sculpt 3D filos Building your own 3D objects for ray-tracing can be very time-consuming. If you could just pick what you wanted from a list of pre-drawn objects, the whole process would be a lot quicker. That’s the thinking behind this disk from PD Soft which contains 13 quite complex objects in Sculpt 3D form, unrendered and ready for you to load into any scene you like.
They’re split into three categories: furniture, street objects and cannon. Among the items of furniture are a four-poster bed, a chair, an ornate mirror and a lamp. The street objects have a couple of street lights, a set of traffic lights and a signpost. Then there’s the cannon set, which has a cannon, balls, a plunger and a bucket.
Rendered IFF screens are included to give you an idea of how they'll look, and very nice they are too.
Available trom: PD Soft, 1 Bryant Avenue, Southend on Sea, Essex, SS1 2YD. Tel: 0702 466933. Disk no. V1061.
Price: £3.00 (including P&P). Memory: 1Mb.
Compatibility: Amigas.
FRACTAL COMPILATION fractal generators A batch of seven fractal utilities have been rounded up for this disk, covering the entire range from abstract graphics to landscape generators.
Cloud is an old 2D generator which, as you've probably guessed, specialises in atmosphere and cloud effects. It’s a doddle to use, and produces some useful backdrops. By changing between the four default palettes (atmos, earth, water and therm), selecting one of four types of generation, and setting the zoom range, there’s a wide variety of images you can create. The save option is disabled, but you can get around this with something like Quickgrab or Grabbit.
A standard Julia set plotter is included which, to be honest, is rather tedious these days. Much more fun is the curiously named Bez Surf. This plots strange 3D objects from a screen of scrawled lines and curves. Next there's Scenery, an ancient 3D landscape generator. It’s not the fastest around, but the results are still realistic.
Mandelshow draws out the usual Mandelbrot set, and Mandelvroom does very similar things with a bit more flexibility. Terrain Sculpt gives you a 3x3 block of squares, which you click on repeatedly to set each square's height. From this, the computer first generates a 2D fractal relief map, and then a 3D version.
Seasoned fractal-heads probably won’t find here they haven't seen before, but if you’re new to the game and just want to dabble, this is the best place to start.
Available trom: Roberta Smith PD, 190 Fallon Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London, NW11 6JE. Tel: 081 455 1626. Disk no, _ CU103. Price: £1.40 (Including P&P).
Memory: 512K. Compatibility: All Amigas.
AGA UTILITIES 3 1 300 4000 utilities There’s plenty on offer here for all you lucky A4000 A1200 owners - a whopping 10 AGA-orien- tated utilities are on the menu.
CPU Clear 3.20 is a replacement for the standard Bitdear routine from the graphics library. The optimised routine can speed up certain operations by 60 per cent. Degrader attempts to overcome incompatibility problems by emulating the workings of 1.3 and 2.0 machines. Run in conjunction with the alternative boot options (old chip set and so on), you could find a few of your old disks revitalised.
Diskmate 4.0 is a natty collection of disk tools, including a copier, formatter and the disk archiver DMS. Fast GIF lit.01 allows you to view GIF graphics files from Workbench. This version has an improved user interface and proper file requestors.
Qdisk t.0 is a simple tool that lets you know how much space has been used on a device, and The Disk Ute 2.0 is another disk copier formatter.
The difference with this one is that it can handle high density disks. Workbench Genie 1.02 is an alternative program launcher, and Workbench Verlaulgives you a copperlist graduated backdrop using the 16 million colour palette. YAPS allows you to open and close public screens.
Available from: PD Soft, 1 Bryant Avenue, Southend on Sea, Essex, SS1 2YD. Tel: 0702 466933. Disk no. V1074. Price: £3.00. Memory: 2 Mb. Compatibility: A1200 A4000 only.
More tjPs th«n yo« a stjCk at!
At last! The essential for the discerning sega gamer Over 50 of the greatest Machines Sega *¦ DIGITALLY MASTERED SAMPLES IFF aCL'ND SAMPLE LIBRARIES Eroh Aik » compiled Horn * «a«o quaM? Luin *M a umptcd cm Ae Anri*. M twice the roropk rele of
P. D trotpM dnki Twy ere compuiftte mil m P D end commecciil
cracko rod wquenar pro*run, NB no of aampk, in (racket, Ml
AFRICAN TiRn| drum. Mrorafxi 002 INDIAN INST Sion. Broun.
Chaim 003 INDIAN PMC TiNb. Biya, Rlyomi Leapt 00* ARABIC (03
010 DRUM KIT 011 ANALOG To Advertise In CO AMIGA Call Chris or Kiera On: 071 972 6700 014 BASS GITTARS Slip, pecked. FteUeii. FX. Etc 015 ANALOG BASS Ooertero, RolrodKarg. Me.
016 DIGITAL BASS Yamata DX. RoUrt. Ktxg t ”» 017 BRASS Sect am. Sue, Truntpeii.'
’ Oil SYNTH BRASS Analog. Digital ALA. Etc. (II) 019 PIANOS Octave Spin, will itnngt.FTC (16) ’ 020STRINGS Cello. Oroh. H«.Section,M:.t2l)
u. 021 S’**™1™*** AnalogA Digital(19) MS Tli532Sn22,15 022 CHOIBS
M"“bell‘ * *ynlh 116) 012 LATIN PF.RC. TinMMt. Corfu. CiMiu.
Coeteili etc. ( ICTi rmsoi'NDF 013 GLTTARS : Acouiac. Electr*
A DiuooedeK (4|| Each Disk is priced al £2.50, any 10 for £
19.95. the Complete Collection for £49.95. In addition.
Sampler owners can use our Digitally Mastered Chrome. Metal,
or DAT sample Cassettes which contain most of the above
COLLECTION (228) PAP£1 (ta, cheques APOsto C003 GUITARS AND
BASSES (161) WALKABOUT MUSIC (Dept CU) ' E*h Chrome. £9.95.
The Three collection Package is priced at: £21.95 (Chrome). £25.95 (Metal). £38.95 (DAT) ¦ ¦ ¦ Lowest Priced Top Quality Ribbons Amivision Software present the NEW ‘.4 fe fes luff it Si 2 29 2.14 1.94
6. 00 5.85 5.65
3. 00 2.85 2.65
9. 78 9.63 9.43
2. 86 2.71 2.51
9. 63 948 9.28 FORMULA ONE CHALLENGE v4 Amslred DMP 2000 3000
Amstrad DMP 4000 Citnm l20Drt5PIWSwift 24 Citizen Swift 24
Colour Commodore MPS 1220 1230 Epson LQ400 500 K00 850 Epson
NEC Pinwriter P2200 Panasonic KXPI123 1124 1140[ 3.46 3.31
3.11 Panasonic KXP10«VI1»VWI592 2.89 2.74 2.54 Star LC10 20
Black Star LC10 20 Colour Siar LC200 Black Star LC200 Colour
Star LC24-10 200 Black Star LC24-10 200 Colour An incredibly
oddictive ond deloiled Formula One simulotion lot 1 to 4
players Watch the races as they untold with three levels ot
highlights. Crashes, spins, pile-ups, cor failures, prlstops.
Weather chonges, fastest 4 record lops. Four independent
levels ol ditticulry Accurote ond detailed graphics ol the
teams, circuits etc. 15 teams, 2 cars per team. 50 drivers
with varying skils, complete engine and lyre conlroct* Choose
tyre compounds, tune your engines, change wing settings, even
train your pit crew! Qualifying. 16 I occur ate championship
circuits, news section, realistic sound fx. Lood save games,
weather forecasts statistics saved, latest FISA rules, lull
drivers and constructors championships (redesigned) Includes
lull 1993 season Details can be easily updated eoch year
Incredibly oddictive. Produced by true Formula One Ions.
This is the most realistic Formula One simulation, guaranteed 430
3. 45 :
2. 90 :
3. 36 :
2. 12 1.97 1.77 BJ-10 Inkjet Cartridge HP DeskJet Cart. (Double
Cap) BMO Refill (Twin Pack) HP Desk jet Refill (Twin Pack
Original 17.54 each Original 24.24 each
11. 00 10.60 9.95
11. 00 10.60 9.95 Ring for ribbons, inkjet cartridges and inkjet
refills not listed Vatfy updated tints »3 Mtoah
• an** AlTOOroaeattt. .. Ring us and we will beat all other
prices 0543 250377 R s«*«s5nd0543 250377 Ow! Associates. Depl
78, Owl House. E * oe 5 The Brambles. Lichfield. Staffs WS14
ORDCR PAYABLE TO:- S. RENNOOCS Dept. CUI, 1 Cherrington Drive,
Great Wyrley, Walsall WS6 6NE SD DOCS 1-39 AVAILABLE LARGE
Payable to: J§ 3TD1P 1PJD.
SELECTAFONT ALL DISKS 0 + 600 1200 3MPATIBLE SO CHEAP SSORHES [ VND SECOND | H AND GAMES GAMES Trek Trivia Fruit Machine 2 Fighting Warriors Tetren Soccer Cards Strikeball Battlements Holy Grail Gameboy Tetris namite Dick Elhos Ghost Ship Chess Wrex Top of The League Atom Smasher MUSIC Guns n Roses Safe Sex Metal Music Depeche Mode Beatles Voice Samples Led Zeppelin Piano Classics Top Gun UTILS ONLY Per Disk p&p 50p Per Order 24 HOUR SERVICE ALL DISKS VIRUS FREE CATALOGUE 50P &
1. 3 Emulator Dr Mag Show Std Hackers Ethic Rippers Text Engine
V4 Freecopy VI .8 Join Sounds 500 Letters Picture Box
Spectrapaint Degrader & CAG Sid V2.0 V Morph V2.0 Bus Stop
Utils 1 Viaverick Copy ANIMS Iron Maiden Fast Cars
K. D. Lang Busy Bee Anti Gameboy Dracula Aircraft STARSURST
niEDaSft Please send a large SAE with a 36p Stamp for a
comprehensive Print-Out of all Fonts. Also state _which
programs you will be using._ (Dept CU) 84 Thorpe Road,
Hawkwell, d Nr Hockley, Essex. SS5 4JT Tel: 0702 202838 MBOOK
Mjt jMMLLS3 Having gol your hands on Ihe megatastic and
popmungous Hyperbook sottware it will not be long belore you
experience a strange yearning to possess the associated
firmware - the Hyperbook manuals.
Enter the true spirit ol multimedia
- see the program and buy the books! The lirst manual explains in
intncate detail every aspect ol every menu and tool in the
program. It is lull ol helpful advice and explanations which
not only show you what to do, but why you are doing it.
The second half of this manual details the Arexx port and all the commands available Irom it - invaluable il you plan to do anything adventurous. This sottware probably has the most comprehensive Arexx support ol any application known to the Amiga, and the only place to find out all the commands available and how to use them is in this book.
And that’s not all. The second manual is a guide to creating your own applications. Full ol ideas lor the office and home, it’ll have you creating everything Irom cookery books to interactive databases.
And all this can be yours lor the incredibly toothsome price of just £14.99 (including VAT). Just fill in the coupon below and pop it off to those jolly nice chaps at Silica and they'll do the rest. As it by magic your manuals will be delivered to the comfort ol your own home - isnl technology wonderful? And remember. This oiler is not available in any record shops.
• FREE DELIVERY •WINDOWS 3.1 Hut dry - ArywWrr in M UK minMnd frw
WnKws 31 wth Surftr lOt
• 2 YEAR WARRANTY TREE HELPLINE (nclusng m« dot nwtnr pnrwr Dm)i
TtcWttl supwn dudnj oiler hoars
• FREE STARTER KIT Wffi DtiMndol irviinxpmnrrsliomSika PRINTERS]
• 3'A‘ Disk with Amiga Print Manager
• 3’4'0tstmiU Windows 3.1 Driver
• It Metre Parallel Printer Cable
• 200 Streets ol Continuous Paper
• 100 Continuous Tractor Feed Aodress labels KIT VALUE
• 5 Continous Envelopes on Tractor Feed PERIPHERALS & ACCESSORIES
• Citizen Swift 200 - 24 pin - 80 column
• 270cps SO aw. 216 cps Draff, 72cps LQ
• 8K Printer Buffer Wmui5 7 LQ Fonts
• Parallel interface
• GraptHCS Resolution: 360 x 360 dpi
• Epson. IBM & NEC P20 Emulations
• Quarter Printing and Auto Set Facility
• Ultra Qwet Mode-43d8 A)
• Colour Kit - Optional Extra (See Left)
• FREE Sitica Printer Starter Kit RRP £259 SILICA STARTER KIT £49
TOTAl VALUE: £308 SAVm: £129 SHICA PRICE: £179
• Citizen 120D. - 9 pm - Socotenr
• I44cps Dratt. 30cps NLQ
• 4K Printer Butler * 2 Fonts
• Parallel or Serial Interface
• Graphics Resolution: 240 x216dpi
• Epson and IBM Emulation
• Puli tractor & bottom teed
• FREE Shica Printer Starter Kit The CM80 I20D vvm (Omei siWitd
wth a parai* interface as swoaro H yo. 'Mure a srrlal nt*rt*:e
mslwd. I «6 st« r«f Prl 2125 vWen pUcnq yc»» order with Saca
For Swift 9, 90,24.24e,
200. 240 and 224 Printers
• H ps keep pace with Gwen Printers
• ffcttst i DuretPe Cmstnjaon
• Saves spec* and protects contwous Katonery fn*T! And dam*?-
• CcnoetiVemViltoaom and reai feed
• VAT. £2213-PR* 1242
• Citizen Proiet mkiet - 80 column
• 360cps Draft.
I20cps NLQ SHEET FEEDERS PRA 1200 12CO- .£71.35 «U1222 iJIOWiS-HMfciFimr: £8*13 PRA1228 l?4Q2249«t*503lPrmo . £42.03 SERIAL INTERFACES FREE!
PftA11&9 12CO- £8645 PR* 1209 SM119fo'l24D224 £1225 PRA1209 S*rt1242ta2la20W4D . £2638 32K MEMORY EXPN PRA1751 224 S«l124'24K?4e . £14.45 PRINTER STAND fRA 1274 9W119X24X201240 ____£34.95 ORIGINAL RIBBONS RIB 3520 12CO$ **99084iM...... £291 RIB 3924 124O5WK24r3XW40B4tt.E4.20 RIB 3938 22A9«1WW4«OMW £15.63 RI33248 PX«aSftjBSO*4 0.61 RIB 3348 PH48MUtSmte .0.61 COLOUR KITS W1235 22*5wt! 99W*e70W40 0525 PRA 12*3 S»Wtl9W24« _______£4525 PN48 ACCESSORIES CftA1i4* PM&nri £4670 PRA 1155 PN48 CS5M Eilf £29.37 PRH16? MMBCa-Mitffif .. tl'74 iT**n*m. _w TO’M mill 1401 SAVHG
P« CITIZEN Swift 240 Ijtztrxswin Cmm SmMAMX-24 He-KcoWm xkw Spntm 240cpiDav. Tocos to SWIFT 240 MONO .WTrf2«83-PRi2i», SWIFT 240C COLOUR 19 IQ Fonts 12 ScaMH Foetsn«s I Fan Cartmpi » stye' WB iRuawuMe* I C'Asftfs BeeobOot 3t0 360dp i Epson. MHCP20AOL BmOtm i Culrffr Phetieg fioWy iA«BSirfaoB3-fto«wWi'P 4u» fmiOtwi Omaeftw i OU'J Outf Ms* - 4J5®A,I i com Pmng savant • s*v 2*& co otr PrMni cbww - Sate 2*0
* FREE Sxu Pnm Sam kt
- f*T 43X13 • Prl 2571 Ctffen S» tt24x-24 pm-136 col 92cps
Dratt. 64cps NLQ 8K Printer Butler . 4 Forts Parallel Interlace
Graphics Resolution: 360 x360dpi Epson. IBM ami NEC P6 EmMlm
Colour Option Amiable FREE SUIca Printer Starter Kit CXBen SmO
-9p»7-«) column .’4 «ST|1IWI Iffm Dtf Heps HQ SK Pnm Butler 6
feats Butt-ui Pi raCW Iwr&w Sriptves RtSOMion 240 • 216dpi
Epson pro mSmuObon Auto Set FacXO, SWIFT 90C COLOUR on Uon
Otnel Mode -*5dB A) Afaaced Paper Handbag Colour Pmnnq Standard
• S* ! 90c Colour Printing Optionai ¦ Smft 93 FREE Skea Pnm
Snner KX Citizen PN48 Hoteboo* Printer Non-impul Pnnwq on Pwn
Paper S3cps LO ¦ 4K Butler , 2 Fonts Rear and Bottom Paper
Loading ParaBel Interlace Graphics Res 360.3600p Epsox m KECKS
GtunEmm* Pourer. Mans. Battery or Car Adaptor
• ¦iM2aO-Ni2H)j TOTAl VALUE: £496 ILH ?
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you buy It Consider «hat 4 will be like a few mon«h® after you
have made your purchase, wf«n you may require addibonal
peripherals and accessories, or ho«p and advice. And. W4l the
company you buy Irom contact you with details ol new products?
At Sikca Systems, we ensure that you wfl have nothing lo worry
about. We have been established lor almost 14 years and, with
our unrivalled experience and expertise, we can now clam to
meet our customers’ requirements *Nh an underslandmg which is
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MAIL ORDER HOTLINE 081-309 1111 SILICA SYSTEMS MAIL ORDER: 1-4 The Mm. Hatherley Rd. SiOCup. Kent. 0A14 4DX Tol: 081-309 1111’ o« ot-- u r-swooomxoQtm mumnw o7_f«. No coi-oooooee LONDON SHOP: 52 Tottenham Court Bend. London VHP 06A Tel: 071-540 4000 Opeoog Nw: Moi-Sal 930«mO. Opn_No Ulo NffJ ( onng_Pm No 071-323 4737 LONDON SHOP: Selfridoes •&»r«liA-tiui. Oxford Sireet. London. WIA 1AB Tel: 071-629 1234 CwiOj *xn Uc SJI 93(Uii*7 Coc "_ m NqN nurMa, ftwn_M14 SIOCUP SHOP: 1-4 The Mm. Hatherley Rd. Siflcup. Kent. 0A14 4DX Tet 001-302 0811 Cflmig Hxn WovSa 9Q0«m4.30OT_u* Nyt frdat - rW"_Pm No
cei-309 C017 ESSEX SHOP: Kedfl es urn Awi. HiST Street. Southeid-on-Sea. Essex. SS11 LA Tel: 0702 468039 cptoiv; Hoirs wcr-fn locoim-sav iSr9QcaT"fl:oc«iii m N»yt Theraam - re«" Pa Nj Q7co«6MW Ito!" SiiicTs Ss.'c!ruSn5593755- iTT»T3em.TiaenerNir,Sacii‘o-ReiirroviJTDX PLEASE SEND A BROCHURE ON THE CITIZEN RANGE M'iMr&'Ms: ... ItlWB: .
Company Name (if apptcatte): Adlress: ..... ...... Postcode ...... 181 (Home): ... Tel (Work) .... Ythth ccmputer(s). It any. (to you own? ..... .55T MEMORY UPQ Want to boost the power of your Amiga? Then look no further, as we’ve put together a sensational deal with a leading distributor to offer you a series of memory upgrades at unbeatable prices. And, if you’re looking to upgrade your mouse, check out our own replacement mouse at a super low price.
Unleash the hidden power of your machine with a memory upgrade. With more and more applications requiring a minimum of 1 Mb of RAM, can you afford NOT to upgrade your machine's memory?
We've negotiated a series of cut-price deals on a range of top quality memory upgrades to ensure you get the best possible value for your money For A500 owners there's a 512K expansion board to boost your machine up to the magic Megabyte.
A500* owners can gel their hands on a ' 2Mb upgrade to expand their machine to 1 ' 2Mb, or opt lor a 1 Mb board to give them a 2Mb wonder machine. For the A600, there's a 1 Mb RAM upgrade complete with clock, so you'll be able to catalogue your files by date. All the boards are populated and are fitted via the trapdoor, so you won't invalidate your warranty It that's not enough they even come with a lull 12 months' guarantee.
So what's it going to cost? Not as much as you might think! Take a look at these prices...
• A500 upgrade costs only £14.50
• The 12Mb A500. Upgrade works out at only £17.99
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• A600 upgrade costs just £39.99 or without the clock a mere
£24.99 The best thing about the offer is that all these prices
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SPECIAL HOTLINE NUMBER 0480 891171 If you don't receive your goods within the allotted 28 days, then something's gone lerrihly wrong.
Obviously we value your custom, so we ve set up a special HOTLINE number to help sort out any problems or to answer any queries you might have.
Please ring 0480 891171 lor all your enquiries.
Don't ring the CU Amiga offices as we II only pass you on to this number and you'll have wasted a phone call.
Sorry but this oiler is only open to UK residents.
Fulfilment by: Go Direct. 7 Vinegar Hill.
Alconbury Weston. Huntingdon. Cambs. PE17 5JA.
• A nd while we re in such a generous mood.
SB here's your chance to upgrade your mouse. If your mouse is feeling the strain, isn't it about time you retired it to the local stud farm? This high-quality replacement mouse costs a mere £9.99 and comes with durable microswitches. A 280 dots-per-inch resolution and is switchable between the Amiga and ST. The CU Amiga mouse is much more sensitive than the Commodore one that came with your original machine, so an immediale bonus is its increased accuracy and control. The microswitches also mean it's easier to click and double click than ever before. Even the most robust mouse can turn up
its wheels and stop working, so here's the ideal low-cost replacement Send tor yours today1 BADE OFFERS!
ORDER BY TELEPHONE VISA AND MASTERCARD TELEPHONE ORDERS 0480 891171 ORDER BY POST PAYING BY CHEQUE AND POSTAL ORDERS If you pay by cheque or Postal Order, make all orders payable to GO DIRECT and mark cheques with your cheque guarantee number on the reverse.
All prices quoted are Inclusive of VAT and include free after-sales technical helpline on all memory upgrades.
Please allow up to 28 days for delivery. Send your completed forms to: CU AMIGA READER OFFERS, GO DIRECT.
7 VINEGAR HILL, ALCONBURY WESTON, HUNTINGDON, PE17 5JA A500 1Mb upgrade ......£14.50 A500+ 1 2Mb upgrade £17.99 A500+ 1Mb upgrade ...£22.99 J A600 1 Mb upgrade with clock £39.99 [ A600 1Mb upgrade £24.99 New Mouse ..£9.99 Total . £ Method of payment: Q Cheque Postal Order I | Visa Mastercard II GROUND ZERO 4 CHANDOS RD REDLAND BRISTOL BS6 6PE ENGLAND NEW STUFF G247 FLEUCH - Remake of the Classic Coitmodore 64 game. Thrust.
G248 FURMYRE - Traditional style scrolling shoot-em-up.
Ai 40 CAR MORPH - Clever animation showing off the morphing technique.
Ml34 RHAPSODY IN BLUE - Renowned Jazz music recreation.
Ml35 136 NUTCRACKER SUITE (2 DISKS) - Synthesised musical arrangements.
T028 DREAMS FOR AN ANGEL - Decipher the meaning of your dreams.
D153 RETINA - Energetic rave track with flashy visuals. A1200 ONLY.
U273 ACCOUNT MASTER - Comprehensive personal finance manager. The best.
U270 VMORPH - Create your own morphing sequences. Superb!
U271 POLYED - Polygon animation package.
U269 DART MACHINE - Computerised dart scorer.
U277 AMOS PRO UPDATER vl.1 - For Amos Professional owners.
U272 TEXT ENGINE v4.0 - This unmatched Word Processor now comes with a 36,000 word spell checker.
G241 IMPERIAL WALKER - 3D perspective shoot-em-up.
G240 BILLY THE DRAGON - Cutesy blaster for youngsters.
The best PD game ever. A mix of puzzle and platform, in the same | genre of the hit budget Dizzy series. Don't miss this near commercial quality game. Wow.
PRICE PER DISK X0.89 U273 - ACCOUNT MASTER Professional personal finance manager. Very comprehensive, with features that match the full price commmercial CATALOGUE DISK ...£0.50 POSTAGE & PACKING....£0.75 OUTSIDE UK..ADD 25% OF GRAND TOTAL TO COVER EXTRA POSTAGE COSTS.
0278 - SKICK Downgrade your A5004, A600 or A120C to Kiekstart 1.3, to aid in incompatibility problons with A500 software.
Also another program allows you to u your A50C* or A600 to Klckstorr 3.0, used by the A120C. This allows you i the sophisticated fjnetona ot Workbench CHECK OUT OUR CATALOGUE DISK.
..... equiv* TOP UTILITIES U2I5 FREECOPY vl.8 - Remove* protection from 60* commercial games.
1) 003 M-C.AD U009 C-I.tGHT - released as public domain software.
U062 SCENE GENERATOR - Generates random life-like scenes. WiU mountians. Water, clouds, ice etc. Incredible results.
UI02 AMIGAFOX - Desktop Publishing package.
U137 ELECRO CAD • Circuit board designer.
I) 142 FREE PAINT - An package similar to Deluxe Paint.
U154 AUDIO ANIMATION - Animation studio, plus you can add sound effects in sync with the visual*.
U190 GRAPHICS GALLERY - Learn ho*1 to produce stunning logos as seen in the top demos.
U267 SPECTRUM EMULATOR vl.4 • The latest vcrion of Ihe Spectrum emulator.
U206 RACE RATER - Hone racing predictor.
U158 NOERRORS - Hides the hard errws on disks, making useless G205 TOP OF THE LEAGUE Brill Footy management pine.
G222 GNU CHF.SS • The best PD Chess game available. NOT A500 0232 MONACO - Clone ol the original arcade race game.
G245 ALL ROUNDER - Crkkct Simulation.
G169 DONKEY KONG - Faithful lo ihe original plaifoimer. NOT A1200.
G037 SEALANCF. Brilliant Submarine wargaroe.
G244 OBLIVION • Blistering version of Defender.
G22I BOW A ARROW - Arcbcry game.
0229 GIGER TETRIS - New Tetris game for A1200's only.
G233 PACMAN DELUXE - Incredible Pacman done.
G2I4 DR MARIO - Convcroon from the SNES console.
GI99 FRAC - Create your own lext Adventures!
GI93 HELL20NE • The ultimate PD shoot-em-up. Too good to miss.
GI77 CRAZY SUE II The highly rated professional platform game.
0150 LEGEND OF LOTHIAN Fabulous Ultima style RPG.
G078 3D Battle cars blaster to the death.
G030 MEGABALL - The ckaesi thing to Arkanoid. One of the all time great* of the Public Domain World. Mis* out at your peril.
G236 RAGS TO RICHES - Regarding Monopoly based board game.
Require* al least 1.5 megaby te* of memory.
G237 GAMMON • Polished Backeammon aame.
G128 TOTAL WAR - Faithful R AMIGA SYSTEM DISK - A batch of computer diagnostics tins Make sure your Amiga is in a healthy state.
MED 3.21 - The most popular music sequencer available. We can also provide you with load* of instrument disks - See catalogue.
UI78 COMPOSER - Traditional musk making with staves and notes.
GI07 WASTELAND -The closest thine to a VR game.
0093 GROUND ZERO GAMES 12 - Parachute Joust, lumpy , i Alors.
0091 GROUND ZERO GAMES 11 - Destination Moonbase.
Pacman. Wanderer 22.
G089 HOI J.YWOOD TRIVIA - Do you know your dull!
0088 21 GAMES - A massive bargain of 21 games crammed on single diskette.
EDUCATION E044 THE MATHS ADVENTURE - Maths integrated into a game.
E042 OAS TURBINE ENGINE - Animated cross section.
E037 FOUR STROKE ENGINE - More of the same.
E036 STEAM ENGINE - More animated engine*.
E043 WW2 HISTORY BOOK - Loads of text and picture data of the history of the second world war.
G04I FRACTIONS - Test and teaching.
E038 AMIGAZER - Astronomy program.
E026 A VISIT TO THE RED PLANET - A guided tour of Mars.
E024 TOTAL CONCEPTS DINOSAURS - All you wanted to know about dinosaurs.
E023 TOTAL CONCEPTS ASTRONOMY - All you wi about space.
? Know E022 SPANISH FRENCH GERMAN ITALIAN TUTORS - Four language tutors KOIR BIORHYHMS CALCULATOR - Display your personal biorhyhms graphs.
E0I2 EVO - Follow the evolution of man from 20 million years ago plotter.
E033 ELEMENTS - Computerised periodic table.
TOP DEMOS Check out our catalogue disk for * thousands more programs, from ihe most detailed reference guide on all the best public domain software available.
Whats more we are one of the cheapest
- libraries around. Don't pay £3.00 or even £1.25 when you can
have the same software for just 89p.
DI48 STATE OF THE ART - The hottest demo of the year.
Unbelievable graphic*. Get this now.... DI47 SONIC THE HEDGEHOG - Could ihi* be lor real???
Ml 27 M 128 JESUS ON ES12 DISKS) - Possibly the best music demo ever. 27 minutes long (REQUIRES 2 DRIVES).
MI3Q MI3I M132 MI33TIIEA-ZOFC64 TUNES-A huge col led Km of old classic C6» gam: tune*.
Ml 35 M 136 NUTCRACKER SUITE • Classical musk.
Ml23 KAOS THEORY - Five hardcore tracks.
Ml 19 TECHNO WARRIORS - Rave for 24 minutes.
D046 ENIGMA • The demo that set the standard.
DI49 PLANET GROVE • An AI200 only demo. Making use of if s superior AGA chipset.
DI45 PIECE OF MIND • Excellent use of vectors, in this Star Trek spoof.
A127 DOLPHIN DREAMS - Beautiful animations.
M084 GATES OF PAGAN - Inspired music disk V.good. A093 5 WAYS TO KILL A MOLE • Ten really.
HARDWARE JOYSTICKS A600 + Joystick + mouse mat-..-......£959.00 A500 Plus & Software £999.00 A1900 £389.00 1084S Monitor £195.00 GVP series 9. Hard drive 40 Mes £999.00 GVP series 9, Hard drive 80 Meg .£369.00 Phone for 9000 * 300 prices.
Quickshot II ... £6 50 £8 00 £1050 £11.90 £18.95 £12.95 £21.50 £23.50 £12.99 Python Micro Switched Speedking Airtofire Competition Pro 5000 Black .. Ma rick Autofire . Zipstick Autofire .. Intruder .. Aviator Flight Sim . Jet Fighter......" ...... TRACTOR FEED DISK LABELS 500 plain white labels & software to print your own professional labels Only £9.95 SPECIAL OFFER 1000 labels with software £13.50 ACCESSORIES 3 Amoa ht drwe aSw Ptvner Supply A500 Moderator Zydec dm* ~
- - - , SI2K upgrade wth ckx« £4900 £2995 £19 95 £5* X £2350 512* upgrade no dock 1 5 Meg upgrade v*th ckxk 1 Meg Amiga plus upgrade £*9 X £79 X ..£37.X 1 Meg Amiga 600 upgrade 8Meg last ram, 4 Meg populated ..£44.X £16900 PRINTERS STORAGE BOXES Star LC-90 .£133.00 Star LC 94-90 ...£195.00 Star LC 100 Colour -new .£169.00 Star LC900 Colour £189.00 Star LC 94-900 Colour ......£974.00
3. 5‘DSOO wtdcd Bufc 100% Certified 37p each
3. 5* DSHD.....
5. 25' C6DD. .. Branded Disks .49p each
3. 5'Labels per roll of 1,000 £6 50
3. 5* Tractor feed per 1,000 ....£8.50 Please
phene ter bulk purchase discounts- lOcapooty £095
r*vrSOO apbc»»oebie4ocub* £1909 SO capac tyiockaWe £395 100
capacity lociatse MM 80 cap Bara rtacxaWeAocxabte £8 M
lSCcapasiso«ac«&e £1500 Most oMh. Abova available » »r and
Mousenouse Mouse
Mat .. Disk Drive
Cleaner ... Amiga Dust
Cover ... ......LI OU £9 50
......£1.80 £3.50 Monitor Dust
Cover . Mouse Jo»stick Auto
Shift . Amiga Light Pen & Software ......
Optical Mouse .
.....£3.50 ..£13.95 ..£32.00 .£32.00 Mega
mouse Primax
mouse ... Zy-Fi Amplifier &
Speakers TxanO & r.nger Tr*:tt eii
..£12.99 £12.99 ...£37 95 £19 99 C vital tract*
l Act on Replay Marx II Techno Soux) ti»t 0 Samper 9 Pcce
ftrter Stand Mas. Master Wordwextn 1 1 £3900 £57 00 £39 00
£399 £90 00 £77 SO Trt 1ian Moreor Sta-rc £995 W Prices
include VAT DIRECT COMPUTERS SUPPLIES Hanley, Pottage please
add £3.30 0782 - 206808 Anytime Stoke-on-Trent We accept
cheques 0782 - 642497 9am • 5.30 L 0630 ¦ 653193 Ives
Weekend 1L ST15BS JA P.O.'t Visa Access J± BSB Having
already written Books on C and Assembly language programming
as well as a generic Amiga systems Book, it comes as no
surprise to learn that Paul Overaa has tlnally got around to
doing one on Arexx.
Mastering Amiga Arexx begins with an obligatory chapter on the origins ot the language in which Paul traces its evolution from the IBM right through standalone packages lor the A1000 to become one ol the lew third parly products that's not only endorsed by Commodore, but eventually included in their machine's software As Paul moves on to descnbe the advantages ol the language over other altematrves and the way it interacts with the Amiga's system architecture, he gets a bit bogged down in tech speak and long words which could very easily intimidate a programming novice.
Atter describing the basic elements needed tor an Arexx program to run property. Paul quickly dives into programming examples It s nice to see that he starts with one almost immediately rather than beginning with loads ot theoretical stuff that oould overwhelm a novice.
At this point it’s worth mentioning the fact that the book is accompanied by a free disk of material to accompany the text. This is particularly useful because It avoids the dangers of syntactic and grammatical mistakes whilst you learn. It's also handy because Arexx does not use a dedicated compiler so all programs have to be typed into a text editor before being passed to the Arexx interpreter. The tree disk means that you can immediately jump right in without having to learn how to use text editors as well.
The next lew chapters deal almost exclusively with the rules and tools of the language without too much specific reference to any particular programs.
These chapters are the ones where you will learn the cans and can ts of the language, and although not particularly exciting, they lay the groundwork for the more interesting material that is to follow.
There is a very useful section on debugging, complete with tips and advice.
As programming can often be 30 per cent original coding and 70 per cent debugging, it's nice to see this important subject given the prominence it deserves Paul also allocates two entire chapters to inter-program communication. Demonstrating how the language can be used to pass information back and forth between unrelated programs. I believe that this will Become increasingly important in the future, and it's good to see it being treated thoroughly.
Overall, a hefty and generally readable tome giving you all the information you need to learn Arexx.
ISBN 1-873308-13-2, 332 pages, £21.95, Published by Bruce Smith Books Limited, PO Box 382, St Albans, Herts, AL2 3JD. Tel: 0923 894355.
INK eOMMMKl MARK NORMMMKS WM UN CMVtoif This month Mat Broomfield takes a look at two books that cover two very different aspects of programming.
KUMA If you've ever considered entering the games industry as a programmer, designer or artist, this is the book for you. To my knowledge, it's the only title which attempts to give advice to help you enter the industry. Written by Dave Gibbon who is a games programmer himself, the book attempts to give advice on a number of subjects, from choosing a programming language to setting up your own publishing house.
In some ways the Information given is quite incongruous. For example, the book starts by saying that it doesn't aim to teach you to program, then there's a large section on learning to program professionally. There's not enough space for a thorough examination of the subject so Dave simply covers the merest basics And another thing; if, as the title professes, the book is designed to help you to become a Commercial Games Programmer', why is so much space dedicated to the Spectrum, Amstrad and C64? I would have thought that it would be commercial suicide to dedicate months or even years
learning to program computers which are long dead Anyway, that aside, the book does have much merit as a tool lor inspiring the creative (Uices. As well as giving hopefuls a direction to move in.
There's a good chapter on how to get ideas, which comes complete with tips on creating and animating characters, and creating believable movements for computer controlled adversaries.
There's also a section on how to present your games or ideas to software houses. This tells you what these companies look tor in a game, and how to analyse the market for popularity trends. If all else falls, there's even a chapter on marketing and publishing software yourself.
The book is concluded with a list of programming packages and accessories lor all computers and a software company contact list. At only £9.95 The Commercial Games Programmer's Guide represents fair value for anyone interested in this line of work.
ISBN 0-7457-0155-8, 131 Pages. £9.95, Published by Kuma Books Ltd, 12 Horseshoe Park, Pangbourne, Berkshire, RG8 7JW, Tel: 0734 844335.
0] IE HO] IN] Dopt CU9 14 Ouslon Closa Wardley Gateshead Tyne S Wear NE10 8DZ Tel: 091-4385021 HAM OFIAPrl a.
DEPT HC, 41 Park Lane, Netherton, LIVERPOOL L30 1 QA AMIGA PUBLIC DOMAIN TEL FAX: (051)524 2112 COV88EY«.
0CQ6M4 THE W*LL pM 6oy6 (6) OONEa®.
KM7 CAT COMPUTER aue • D0*» STATE OF THE ART • UnraM Cad data (X60 W THE KITCHEN • V*9 -oHdnapoCSlC 2001 Mr. Febdoue demo 2004 The Wal - Kefrene 2005 RAF Megademo 2006 HardCrack demo 2007 Warrkxs Compaa 1 2000 Phenomena demo 2017* Pink Floyd demo-8 disk set Req s 2 DRIVE* and fast ram. Fantastic 2028 Odysaey -brllarl demo lasts 40m*ia 6 dsk set 2030* Jesus on E s One of the beet rev* demo aval 2032 8tate of the Art. Maybe the beet demo ol 1883* 2033 Lethal E*t demo* 2035 Mayday Reelstanoo 2038 Mh»d Riot -Andromeda* Printer Peck £8 88 5 disks Tull of very useful printing utilities, disk
labels, cast label*, print formatting, IFF prlndng and iocs more.
Font Pack £3 88 3 disks packed wtoi Amiga bitmap lords. Use Vi Dpaint etc. Graphics Pack £3.88 3 dleke full of graphics utility programs, convert Images from 4008 to 32 oolour, dtapiay 24 bfl.
Font utility etc. A must for all graphic* uaers.
Dlak Pack £3 88 3 disks • 21 programs. Disk coplsfs. Cask repat backup, speed check A loads more.
Samples Pack £5.40 4 dlske absolutely full of sound sample* Instruments etc. Lots of 88VX samples .
Chaos Peck £8 88 7 disks-5 MandeKrot progs, plus Lyapunov. Everything for the WS: aiSSSr SSOi iSfi aaaSS WMinTlE OFFICE iriegralM pact 3001 Caahfrut ?
3003 Compuar Conflict • 3006 Paranoid (breakout) 3006 AjrWarrtoc (*»«)• 3007 Bane Cars* 3008 Assassin* Gama* 1 • 3010 Super Pac-Man 3015 Roulette * 3018 Mayhem* 3017 Donkey Kong* 3010 Staifleel* 3023 Cubiius* 3025 Crossfire * ImB BFCRMA' UTOPLOTUAPi U314PCAMOA U3J7KKK13 *600 USJ6 BLUE ROSE FONTS 9 e UNO SOUND TRACKS* 10*1 CONS UOM LABEL MAKER U03NM PACESETTER Cto *41 (6).
UC40 AM BASE PRO II • gr*a daiaM* U042 TVFWQ TUTOR • Vnpto** typrg no*r'c‘‘J£Z£r'' L e»E«Y. U371 LVAPUNOVAA • , 0372 vnUSZ *deteo
GAMES o*xr.d Kora 0097 FRUIT MACHME I • zaBonalpapanQOMHO C84 GAMES 9 naadaUCB* ¦aiaapctoaa 0064 9-fCAYFR 900CCR LE GUE • yvw 600 0066 FORMULA 1 CHALLENGE V3 ?
Rrorpfia I warp* QC69 MONOPOLY •
i. mwaK*** 006164 STAR TREK(9)* jlmOn OC06 SUPER PACMAN 82 *
- .. hun«8«o*lft U073 GELIGNITE FONTS 3 * *«I L 1*574
MULTI PLAYER ? Muac May* Y U079 ICON EDITOR • aaaan..... 1*563
UC66 FREE COPY VIB • groat ootMr ’"T' L IXM ZX SPECTF8JM EMULATOR • J**? «*; He »«.. ..... ¦ Sti Vn~ CLP ART a? • Uacdpart 0)16 SOCCER CARO • uSm &i ioai IK r il¥T n rfW TTi U410N90 A64ATELR RADK5 PACK (10) Out BATTLE CARS 2 .
SstTti rS Si . 'M*2 LMT Y*L 1 tSTAMBTT . Q19C GROWTH • Hi?? U493 ICONS ll.kxaoloc**** Kona Qi»TETREN* m2 9004 UC4CWE MORPH DBK5 VIO* G1M NU* m2 *’W0 0°*" QIWE» WB3 0187 TOTAL VM»fl * m2 FmTxaTOWI X»MATX?N U446 446 VBEO GRAPHICS «4) • 0166 NO MANS LAND 9 ptaya. -
iii. » w *aS««VKTiTM . U460 QA TEST • MOT laal Y*t arrlga Q1» NEW
CARD GAMES e I nan ua«££r?PNtFtt viT. U462M6 ISO LEGAL
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UNUMITEO * T i aaenh 1 1 Ar, 10 ( ANIMATION 303? Rings Of
Zon 3038 Hired Guns Demo BrMant All 1 mB arrSgas 3038
HelUone Demo - 3048 Surtrek -The Game T Richter 4006 rm Too
8axy (2D) * 4008 I...... 4007 1 4008 8ound of 8 4014 Ride on
Tim* 4106 Great Baas of Hre 4018 Bad Boyz • ImB 4020
Btackadder II • 4021 Pet 8hop Boys 4023 Sonic Jukebox • 4024
Led Zeppto (20) * 4025 David Benda 1 4028 Fteeh lor Fanlaay
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Ham-8 Vleiae 1200 only f10J5O Any 90 Cl 6.00 I C26 CO Any 40
C34.001 C42-00 Di.™ 1 -63 C70.00 U136 U138 PC TASK 9
dak* FRED FISH 1-880 U173 0*086 MAZE VI Oa • ooaa •« *053
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program *064 QHOST POOL ANIMATION • PATAI nnriF ni ;K Q«U»
U 80 IQ TESTER * tad yoc o O A066 M THE CIRCUS ACT (9) 1
° LB91 POD DEMO MAPER Virus Checker on most bootable disks
Catalogue • £1.00 (20) or frw wkh 5 or more dttks 1 -10
Diska - £1.50 11 -20 Disks - £1.20 Over 21 Dieke - £0.99p
Pleas* add 80p per order 10 cover poelage SPECIAL PACKS Fish
Disks 350-750 available (2D) ¦ 2 dleke (30) 3 disks etc.
• works on A500, A500 plus and A600 x after dlak number ¦ 2
DRIVE* req.
Please make cheques or postal orders payable to Ham Graphics Catalogue lists details of Demos. Music. An ms. Shdeshows. Games, UtiMes etc. PRICES 1-6 OSK8 .....C1.2S 6-18 DISKS 98p 20* DISKS .BBp POSTAGE Eun EERS £200 BUSINESS PACK 1 * Conlana 5d.aka C4 06 WORLD. "11T.~X4.00 BUSINESS PACK 2* A further 5 dial* £486 UTILITIES PACK 1* FONTS PACK 1 • CUP ART PACK 1 - CUP ART PACK 2 * Contain* 6 diaks £486 Contain* 3 disks £286 Contain* 6 disk* £486 Contain* 5 disk* £486 5 disks - 30 games £486 5 disks • 30 gams* £4 06 HOW TO ORDER Pkoaa* make efiequea Mti bankers card
numbar or poatal order* payabla to * ORION PD * At order* dewlchad 1*1 da** same day.
? - A500* A600 compatible ( - Numbar oI dlak* GAMES PACK I WB2 - Thl* program is only WB2 04 compatUe GAMES PACK 2 Amiganuts Public Domain Library 12 Hinkler Road Southampton Hants S02 6FT Telephone Enquiries(0703) 470017 imUTIES 1265 Word Power VI. 1 1266 Agraph & Freepaint (P) 1268 UEDIT V3 CP) (1Mb) 1269 PCTask (P) (1Mb) 1275 The Money Program (P) 1319 Super Sound v2.1 a (P) (Mb) 1337 Relokit 1.3 (P only) (1 Mb) 1339 OctaMED v2 (P) (1Mb) 1341 TextEngine v4 (P) (1 Mb) 1342 Checkbook v2.3(P) (1Mb) GAMES 1277 Fatal Mission (P) 1280 Defenda (P) 1281 Wofs It’s Name (P) 1283 Catacombs (P) 1296
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format or save notation.
Europe Prices OctaMED & Manual £30.00 OctaMED £22.50 Manual £8.50 Rest of World OctaMED & Manual £32.00 Manual £10.00 AMFC (£10.00) Music File convener. This program will allow you to convert between various sequencer formats including MusicX, SMUS etc. A-Gene (£15.00) World famous family tree program ACC (3-50) The Amiga Coders Club disks. Now in it's third year, of interest kto new and seasoned coders.
Issue 30 available at last!!.
Fruit machine (£3-50) Got to be the best version yet!
The graphics arc stunning kand the gameplay as smooth as you expect from a coded game.
AmlDash (2.00)A true to the original clone of Boulderdash. Will run on a v2 machine if using Relokitl.3 SuperSound v3 (3 50) An excellent sampling package that allows numerous effects to be applied to sampled sounds.
Central Licensoware Register The total Concepts disks in this scries utilise a 'HyperBook' presenation that makes for quick and easy viewing . These disks offer great value for money.: CLE01 TC Dinosaurs (4.50) 2 Disks By far the most popular.
CLE02 TC-Geology (4.50) 2 Disks CLE03 TC- Solar System(4.99) 3 Disks CLE07 TC - Freshwater Flshing(4.50 CLE14 TC - Ecology (4.99) 3 Disks Other educational programs available CLE11 Lets leam. Great for young kids CLE08 Night Sky (3 50) Identifies stars. For astronomers!
CLE06 Maths Tutor (3.50) good companion fro GCSE students.
CLE05 A -Chord 0.50) Show buddinj guiarists where to find chords.
CLE15 Fastfree (3 50) Speed drills and practise for lead guitarists.
The following Disks are available from the CLR utility range: CLU01 Video Tiller 0 50) Nice and easy to use.
CLU03 Typing Tutor (3.50) This is an excellent program!!
CLU11 Cakl.3 0 50) Efficient and easy to use spreadsheet.
CLU14 Stock Controller (3 50) Vgoot at it's job.
This is just a small selection of the CLR titles available. More dcttils can be found on our caaloguc disks.
Please make Chcques Posul Orders payable to Amiganuts Why not visit us on our sail at Southampton's Kingsland Market in S Mary's St. We are there eveiy Saturda from 9 00am until 4.00pm. We also sell accessories on the stall at very competitive prices. So if you are in the area why not pay us a visit and we will be able to demonstrate the software etc that you are after.
For a copy of our catalogue please send a S.A.E. preferably a padded envelope to protect the disk in trar envelope to protect the Cybervisual trance morphing - all these buzzwords and more can be found in this month’s video selection, perused by Tony Horgan.
GLOBAL CHAOS HEX £10.99 For a full-on techno-visual experience, this is your best bet Clocking in at a lull hour long, it's a non-stop trip from hardcore to ambient, taking a scenic route via techno and house Amigas featured heavily in the production ol the visuals, together with a couple ol Macs and Archimedes.
Rather than a continuous barrage ol sound and vision, the video has 12 distinct stages, each with its own unique mood, soundtrack and graphics. This is a good idea, and makes a change Irom some ol the never-changing alternatives. For example, II you want to change the vibe, you know you’ve only got to wind the tape forward or back a lew minutes, and you've got a Iresh style ol graphics and music The stars ol the show are the ray-traced aliens. These semi-humanoid creatures leap around like mad things, prodding keyboards and performing weird ntualistic dances. Extra spook factor is given to
some by the addition ol video feedback, a simple technique that results in some freaky effects.
Strobing images ol fractals, random colour-cycles, snippets ol digitised animations, and clips ol real-work) video are all mashed up together.
Towards the end there's a change to more soothing sounds and gently evolving images, including a flight around a volcano crater, which was submitted by a CU AMIGA reader alter seeing our profile ol Coldcut a lew months ago.
We like this one. Where others make the mistake ol being too techie, losing sight ol what actually works.
Global Chaos uses the technology to excellent effect. If you want to catch it live, keep your ear to the ground - Hex and Coldcut are currently Vjing at various one- ofl club nights around the capital.
Available from: HMV, Virgin, Our Price, Tower Records and all major video retailers. For further information, contact Imagine on 071 734
FORCE TELSTAR VIDEO ENTERTAINMENT £10.99 For those Condor moments, you might like lo take a look at this one Irom The Irresistible Force. It comes with a warning ol its '1.4 Gigatherms chdout tactor'. And aims to transcend the inner chambers of your mind'.
Mixmaster Morris has supplied the soundtrack, all ol which is on the ambient side, but maybe not quite what you'd expect Instead ol the long, filter-swept analogue synth sounds that form the basis ol many chillout tracks, these are more rhythmical, but still undemanding, which is important when you're cabbaged.
The visuals come courtesy ol GJ Productions, the team behind Temple ol Kaos. Anyone who's seen either ol the earlier two Dance in Cyberspace videos will have some idea ol what's on offer. Surprisingly, the harsh strobes and spiky vector graphic styles haven't been toned down that much lor The Irresistible Force. When it flows, It's pretty smooth, but some ol the visuals dash with the soundtrack now and then.
It does have its moments though, and the points where it all clicks into place make up for the lower spots. Don't get me wrong - it's just that I was hoping lor a complete mongout session, and this is still twitching Irom time to time. That's not really a critidsm though II you want something with a bit ol life, but don't fancy an onslaught ol drum and bass, this could be the ticket.
Available Irom: Telstar Video Entertainment, The Studio, King Edward Mews, Byfield Gardens, London, SW13 9HP.
DR DEVIOUS AND THE TEMPLE OF KAOS GJ PRODUCTIONS £10.99 This is the third video from the brains that brought us VR Dance in Cyberspace 1 *2. Temple ot Kaos is a continuation ol the theme, and even though the name has changed, the idea is the same It's another 45-minute job, and in terms ol mood, this is more along the lines ol Global Chaos than The Irresistible Force The soundtrack's by Dr Devious (Gum Josh in a former life), and pumps along al a trancey kind ol vein, but more melodic than a lot ol the current dub sounds, which is probably better suited to home listening anyway Bags ol
technical trickery has gone into the making ol the video - mainly Amigas and souped-up Pcs lor most ol the fractal animations, strobes and 3D objects. Quite a lot of it's also been through a VideoToaster On top ol the graphics, there’s a human element in the lorm ol chromakeyed laces and dancers, and some ol the old lavourite eltects Irom VR 1*2 make another appearance Most ol the raw sequences are pretty good, but a lot ol the effect is lost when too many images are laded together More is less in this case Even so, there's plenty lo keep you interested. Irom the 3D worlds to the abstract 20
images It would have been nice to see some more variation from the format ol Ihe first two Cyberspace videos - if you have either of those, most ol this will look very familiar. However, newcomers should have plenty to get stuck into.
Available from: All major high atreet video retailers. For further Information contact GJ Productions on 081 995 2723.
Ist NEW 111 B WOI LDS MOSX ROWER JUST LOOK Al THE UNMATCHED RANGE OF FEATURES AVE HE'ENTmE PROGRAM IN MEMORY 1XKDISK X Special compacting techniques enable up to 3 programs to tit on one disk. Now saves directly to disk as Amiga Dos - reloads independently of tho cartridge - even transfer to hard drive! Works with up to 2 Megs ot Ram - even 1 Meg Chip Mom (Fatter Agnus).
I super Powerful tvumner mode* now with DEEP trainee. Even better than befbee - allows you to generate more or even infinite lives, fuel. Ammo. Perfect as a Trainer Mode to got you past that "impossible" level. Easy to use.
Yimproved Sprite editofl The fufl Sprite Editor allows you to view modify the whole sprite set including any "attached!
Sprites. PLUS A RANGE OF IMPROVED FEATURES. VIRUS DETECTION Comprehensive virus detection and removal features to protect your software investment. Works with all presently known viruses.
I b jrst niddler Now this super disk copier program is built into Action Replay Mk NJ. Just imagine a superfast, efficient disk copier program at the press of a key - no more wailing.
SAVE PICTURES AND MUSfC TO DISK Pictures and sound samples can bo saved to disk. Files are saved directly in IFF format suitablo for use with all the major graphic and music packages. Samples are displayed as screen waveform.
PAL or NTSC MODES SELECTABLE- Useful for removing ugly borders when using NTSC software. (Works only with newer Agnus chips). S | SLOW MOTION MODE Now you can slow down the action to your own pace. Easily adjustable trom full speed to«0°o speed. Ideal lo help you through the fricky parts* MANYlMORE INSTANT CLI COMMANDS- like Rendme, Relabel, Copy. Etc. N. I RESTART THE PROGRAM N Simply press a key and the program will continue where you left off.
FULL STATUS REPORTING Al the press of a key now you can view fhe Machine Status, including Fast Ram. Chip Ram.
RamDisk, Drive Status, etc. POWERFUL PICTURE EDITOR v Now you cart manipulate and search for screens throughout nVemory. Over 50 commands lo odit the picture plus unique on screen status "overlay" shows all thXinformation you could ever need to work on screens. No other product comes close to offering such dynamic screen handling of frozen programs!! JO YSTIOK HANDLER- allows the use} to select Joystick instead of Keypresses - very usefulNor many keyboard programs.
MUSIC SOUND TRACKER With Sound Tracker you can find the complete music in programs, demos, etc. and save them to disk. Saves in format suitable for most track player programs. Works with loads of programs!!
ALL CHEQUES POSTAL ORDERS MADE PAYABLE TO..... SELL ELECTEOSSSSCS GOVAN ROAD. FENTON INDUSTRIAL ESTATE. FENTON, STOKE-ON-TRENT, ST4 2RS, ENGLAND. FAX 0782 744292 TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE 0782 744324 _ O INI O SMI 33 VAVA?’T From the Action Replay III preterence screen you can now set up autofire from 0 to 100%. Just ~--**Q inc continuous fire power! Joystick 1 and 2 are set separately for that extra advantage!
Now many morTT'esXemalRam Expansions will work with all Action Replay III commands.
With the new "Diskcoder" option miN£an now ‘tag' your disks with a unique code that will prevent the disk from being loaded by anyone eT5b «i agged" disks will only reload when you enter the code. Very useful for security.
.NEW srvAf. "sw allows you to Load Save Edit a Keymap.
Actioh«4i play III now has screen colour preferences with menu setup. CustomiseybtM creens to suit youb*»§te. Very simple to use.
Invaluable disk monitot Jisplays disk information in easy to understand format. Full modify save options.
____including compressed small character*cfcnaqiand.
NEW 7?" 77TVf,v7S Now you have a selection of DOS commands availabto tall times - DIR, FORMAT, COPY, DEVICE, etc. if you enter a command without a filename, then a file requestor Is dis| ta4(ed.
Disk Copy at the press of a button - faster than Dos Copy. No need to load workb S ll times.
Includfhg Mem Watch Points and Trace.
Either DFO or D Jcan be selected as the boot drive when working with Amiga Doe disks. Very useful to be able t& oot from your external drive.
:3 r. Tf. C-"V = CC73 -- 1z7.1~ TC 'c~ =V=V TO' ¦ ' VC-1 FE TM-ES INCLUCtNC EC CCLUWN 7'3~.C v C VC Jf vr r v ScpWf!
Vrgijoo Mirr-blnr Oispssomblor Tuff rc- r ~fi‘o' 'V.eptf 'Spvr Wooft '* 3**rc *0 rrr ry ? 'c fycific (hjtff**-.-. ~ Show Ppm pn for* ** Show 'ro.wr plefurr ~ P*py rr*hf**ef rpf-pb* " arif r*ji- nil CPU mijic'rr-. Pro? Flpg * Cafcuhrtor Hrfp ccmmprvf '"Tpff ffpprpf? Fppftrrr ___ "•!* Custom Cnp Etfi'o' allows you *o w rrP mo'fi'y pfr cWp r*vji rv- - ow wo’fr cr'y ’*'¦'? ''Wp'rpr* '.''n-'ri-o • -.bow ro'unf 'rack. Ci'k Syr*c. Pp**«*rr »*'o. * Oyrwlc Emrf'pofr* bamf'frc r-r-cn as HEX. ASClf. T swrljlw. F oimpf ** Cooper f isrfnNHCIawwBISft* - row wi* -v fT- ?~v v? ~'E3’3”~? *V” C~- ‘W r
• * *; "C".‘V?-- ATE WITH ALL 24 HOUR MAILORDER HOTLIN E W “¦ _ TE1_ = « 7 PART i U JJ K Over the past six months we’ve been laying bare DeluxePainfs artistic soul. But at the heart of the program is one of the most powerful animation systems on a home computer. This month Peter Lee undoes the nuts and bolts in a bid to get you moving... t's often said that DeluxePainl is the yardstick by which Amiga art packages are measured.
But really it's in a class ot its own for completeness. This didn't happen overnight; Electronic Arts has always had its rivals, but Dpaint only hit top spot with version III. And the reason was the inclusion ol animation. Dpaint has evolved to version IV now, with much more animation control than before. But the basics remain intact, and although initially we ll be concentrating on getting things moving in Dpaint III. It's still relevant to DPIV users.
I Dpaint needs computer RAM to store its images in as you work on them. When drawing single images this rarely presents a problem on machines with the minimum ol RAM, but lor animation work QUICK KEYS (note »se keys are keypad) Quick keys for controling a at die main keyboard, not die n 1 -Moveto previouslra« 2-Move lo next frame 3 - Go lo frame (enter number in requestor) 4 - (toy onimation continuously 5 hoy onmoliofi once 6-hayonimolionnpeigiiorBmodeJFoninid - Back) 7 - Move to previous win Brush cel (if arimbrusfi defined) 8 - Move to next Anim Brash cell (if animbrash defined) SHIFT
and the folovMng 1-Goto first fnme 2-Go to lost frame 3 - Go to the frame you last did o'w to’to 4 - Ploy onimation continuously backwards 5 Play animalion once in reveise order FIRST STEPS Dpainfs Move requestor can be ott- putting at first irs chock ful of options.
But once you know what each feature does, you will lind it easy to control complex movement. We’ll be moving onto that later, but first we need to understand the basic procedures First things first - you need a custom brush to move about. This can be anything from a drawing to a coloured shape, text or a Th. OPxint Mov. MuHioi .now. you n cnooaa 10 animat, uamg in. Acroan or dwitised image. Once you've cut it out bruan co-ordinal... Hi. Dltttraoca lo apparwrl hara. II vou nav. Aliarad tno par- ¦ . _“ . . . , apactlva ol your bruon (lowor right) and cbooaa Bruah co-ordinal.., oewolwlll
w,lri ™ Bru®n (or loa0ea " 3" image as a brush) you can call up the 7-Goto first Aram Brash cel (if onerdxush defined) I - Go to fast Anim Brash cel 0 onmbrash defined) M- Move requestor r- Revenes animation white it is ptaying Spots bar Slops animation playing Left arrorr Slow down animalion as il ploys Right arrow Speeds up onimation as it ploys ALT- When used wMe painting, turns on anil pointing.
You really do need as much memory as you can get Anything less than 1 Mb ol RAM will prevent you Irom creating lengthy or complex animations, and even then you may lind a meg just too restricting. Another tactor in determining the number ol frames is how complex your screen animations are II lots ol things are moving then Dpaint will have to store more information, which leads to bigger RAM overheads. This is because the program saves the differences between animation frames rather than the whole Irame.
TIP: To minimise storage overheads on an animation. Try to keep the background static DOWN TO BUSINESS When you start Dpaint. It defaults to a single drawing screen. To create an animation you need to tell the program how many Irames you intend using, and the way to do this is to pull down the Anim menu, and from the Frames item select Set (which is American lor set number!). Actually you have an earlier choice which affects the way your animations are stored by the program. When I mentioned that Dpaint stores the differences between each Irame in its Anim file, I was only grv- ing half
the picture. If you want, you can have the Irames stored in a lile ol complete screens This can take up vast amounts ol memory and disk storage space - It’s like saving as many single screens ol artwork as you have frames In your animation.
So why bother? Because Dpaint doesn't have to do any decompaction as it plays through your sequence it can play them more tluidly. TIP: II you choose expanded, there's no need to guess how many frames your animation will hold. The program calculates how much tree RAM you have, and oilers the total number ol Irames you can use in the Frame requestor X Distance box will move your brush 100 pixels horizontally across the screen; the same value in the Y box moves the brush up, and entering 100 in the Z box will appear to diminish the brush by moving It back from your point of view. The
identical measurement boxes labelled Angle work similar magic, but they give the X and Y plane depth by allowing 3D rotations to be made. Imagine the effect of using the Y angle as a coin spinning in one spot on its edge on a table; the X angle is like a coin being flipped in the air, and the Z angle is like the coin rolling along the floor. You can use any of these six boxes individually or in conjunction with each other. In this way you can define complex movement paths to rotate brushes as they move across the screen.
Move requestor (Keyboard M) and enter the values the program needs to calculate the animation.
TIP: Dpainl works out the path ot your brush based on its last position, which is initially where you clipped it from. You can create a new position by stamping the image down on-screen in the location you want. If there’s something on-screen already in the place you want the brush to be animated, dick Undo immediately after stamping down the brush. If the area is just background colour, stamp the brush down by using the right mouse button.
MOVING THINGS The first row of figures in the Move requestor is headed Dist:, and typing values here affects the way your brush moves on the screen. X and Y refer to horizontal and vertical movement respectively. Z is more complicated, but if you followed our earlier tutorial on perspective you should remember that's the imaginary plane which stretches ’backward’ and ’forward’ from the front of the screen. Giving a minus value in any of the Distance options will make your brush move in the opposite direction. To recap - a value of 100 in the SPINNING'S TOPS!
The three buttons to the right of the main requestor cause most confusion. People tend to ignore the two Brush boxes and the one labelled Cyclic. If you leave them as their default state you'll still get an animation, but it’s worth taking the time to find out what they do. Here’s how they affect what's happening on screen. The two Brush boxes control whether _ Dpaint rotates the current brush along the screen axis or along the brush's own axis. A tick in either box shows that it's the brush axis which is being used, and each box refers to the Distance or Angle settings alongside it. You can
have one. Both, or no boxes ticked. If your brush is a straightforward screen clip, then the boxes will have no effect.
I If you have a brush which you have I rotated in perspective, the brush will have its own co-ordinates, and it is these which Dpaint mil use to calculate any movements you request. By clicking on the Cyclic box, you tell Dpaint lo seamlessly end the brush animation in relation to the brush's starting position; this means that if you spin a brush around 360°, the final frame is not drawn with a 360° turn. If it were, it would be identical to frame one, and ~ 3 “T" , , you would have a momentary pause Visualising how DP.Int mimics resl-wofld spscs Is hall Ihs Battls to praailannlng ’ .
-.avhark jftofflinal imanes your animations. Hsrs you can ssa how s brush would travel In Ihs X,Y sort Z uuring piayDaCK as Kjenocai images were shown. Instead Dpaint compensates for the starting position. 2* THE OTHER SIDE One neol effect K n spinning object. In our example we've a simple plaque which revolves lo show Iwo sides. Draw your ini switch to ihe bionic alternate screen. Oeole a 20 frame animation. (ul out ihe first imoge as u brush from the spare screen and move bode lo the first frame, marking the position ol the brush by clicking with Ihe eight hand mouse button, (all up Ihe
Move requestor and in the Count box enlei 10. Type 180 in the Angle Y box ond dick on Draw. Your brush wiH be drawn and rotated though 180 over 10 frames. Move bade lo Ihe spore poge ond pick up brush number 2 with the ollcrnotivc lexl on it. Go bock lo the animation, ond lo home I. We hove lo show Dpainl thcl iftis new brush will be in the same position os the old one, so we need lo stomp it down. Covet up ihe orig inal brush in frame one exactly with brush 2, and tide.
Immediately Undo the move. How go lo frame 11, and col up Ihe Move requestor ogoin. All you need to do is cSck in Ihe Record -; box, which tells Dpainl lo animate bodewotds, ond dick in ihe Move box with the arrow pointing lovrnds the blob.
Select Draw ogoin. Ond ihe brush will be painted on sceen fot the remaining 10 frames. When ployed bock, your animalion should show Doth sides of die brush revolving.
NEXT MONTH Peler lee delves further into ihe most effective woy of controlling your animations, with advice and tips lo let you squeeze every ounce oul of DeluxePaint. We ll also be looking at more hand made animation techniques.
One ol Ihe things lhal grnni puls Ihe Amiga way ahead ol Ihe PC is Us ¦ j The power of thlSshell isn’t limited to one bff :ommands. This monfn, Graphical Use' Inlertace (GUI) This is all very well bul W Ihe Apple Macintosh has a I Inendiy and easy lo use GUI too Wen one o' the things !
That puts the Amiga way ¦ ahead ol the Mac Is its powerful Command Line Interface (CU). You must olten have happened upon a set ol circumslances where a seemingly easy task is made impossible by the constraints ol the GUI. These occasions are a ]ob lor the CLI. But there are also instances where the CLI can make the GUI easier to use.
FIRE AND FORGET The CLI doesn't have to be a simple solution.
Everyone knows that it is the most direct and ettec- tive method ol performing a wide range ol everyday tasks. Even with the complexity ol something like Workbench 3.0, there are still some tasks which are easier to perform In the Shell.
A knowledge ol AmigaDOS commands is essential it you wish to customise your setup on a 1.3 machine, and it is St* a worthwhile area ol the machine to explore il you have the very latest Amiga.
Although you may have used the Shell or CLI in direct mode', where every command is executed as you type it in, it can be uselul to put a series ol commands together in a script. This is just a list of commands, each on a separate line, which will run
under Workbench 2.0 II is not necessary to opsn a shel or QJ
to execute an AMIGAOOS command. Al you hove to do is use Rte
Execute Command" ertly In menu ltahofay fa tecawttnntl is
AMIGA ttheM deem You cun type any commend you tke into ihe
gadget Witch appear on screen, and if there is any resulting
output a windcw be opened to deploy it.
In sequence when the script is executed.
The most important scripts you are likely to come across are the ones which lurk in the S: directory ot your startup disk. The most important of these is the one called 'startup-sequence' as this is the very lirst thing to be executed when you turn your machine on.
STARTING UP IS HARD TO DO... One ot the major difficulties people face under AmigaDOS is not due to some software failure or badly coded program, but simply because the system has not been set up correctly.
Usually this is the fault of some installer not doing its job properly, some file in the wrong place or a startup sequence that isn't working right. The Startup-sequence is a small piece of code which is the file which is executed when the Amiga starts up. Everything else that happens at startup - preferences. Workbench loading, directory assigns, commands being copied to memory - all these are pedormed by the startup sequence. But, this magic bit of code isn't some nasty compiled object file, it is just a script file, written as a sequence of CU commands. The examples on these pages show
the standard startup sequences supplied with Workbench 1.3 and 2.0. Pthe old 1.3 startup is a bit complicated.
Initially, buffers are added to the drive and the system setpatch is run.
FastmemFirst is a utility which forces the system to use any expansion RAM ahead of valuable on-board Chip RAM. FF is a utility which patches the AmigaDOS font system to speed it up.
After that a variety of system commands are made resident and a second script is executed. The startup sequence waits for this extra script to finish, then opens Workbench and closes its window.
The second script is used because it can take advantage of all the resident commands. This sets up a few directories in RAM to store temporary files (t:) and environment variables (env:).
If you want to add anything to this script, it is better to add it to the second script. Typical additions would be directory assigns or running useful utilities at boot-up. If you wanted to have a directory called ‘tempwork’ which you could treat as a separate logical device, all you would have to do to the startup-sequence is add the line: Assign Tempwork: Hard:temp as you would if entering the line at the CLI.
The usefulness of having these commands entered at startup is that the whole way your AmigaDOS system works can be altered. If, for example, you had a CD drive connected which contained all your fonts, you could use the startup sequence to assign the system font directory to be the CD device. Every time the system, and consequently any time that any Workbench friendly program, tried to access a font it would be redirected to the CD drive.
It’s all change next issue as we leave the Workbench behind and concentrate on a brand new series aimed at the novice Amiga user.
(Under system 2.0 and up, startup sequences get a bit more tricky. The first fling to be considered is the fact that all he commands, up until 'IPrefs' is called, are all patched so that their output is redirected to the Nil: device. Effectively this means that no window is opened until halfway through the sequence, which accounts for the apparent delay at startup.
There is a good reason for this, and it appears immediately after all the system assigns have been made. This piece of code cunningly creates a script file, containing the complete pathnames of every monitor currently stored in the Devs:Monitors path of your startup disk. All of the preference settings, are set up by the Iprefs command.
Workbench 2.0 startup This leaves the secondary startup file (user- startup) free for customised assign statements.
The example shown here is of a hard disk based machine with a few commercial programs already installed. Well written installer programs will include any device assigns or special commands they need in a file called 'user-startup' or 'startupir, which is where you should put yours. If you do not put comments in this file (comments begin with a ';') it will be very hard to remember exactly which commands are relevant to which piece of software.
DOING IT WITH ICONS For a script to be run from the CLI or Shell, you use the ‘execute’ command. This tells the operating system that the file is not an executable object file, such as would be produced from a compiler, but rather a script file of AmigaDOS commands.
Whilst this undoubtedly saves time, it is still a Bit of a chore to enter the CLI to access the commands in the first place. Well, you don't have to.
There is another Workbench command called IconX which is designed specifically to link script files to Icons.
The first thing to do is create your script and give it a name. Now you can create an icon. All script files should be given a 'Project' type of icon, which means that it requires a 'Tool' to run properly.
P Under Wbl .3 this means that you will have to copy the icon from a file which already has this type of icon. A typical project-type icon is the 'pointer1 icon in the Prefs drawer. Simply copy this using the command: copy :prefs pointer.info :script.info assuming that your script file is called ‘script’.
Select the icon from Workbench (you may have to dose the disk window and re-open it for the icon to appear) and select 'Info' from the Workbench menu.
In the 'default tooltype- gadget you should delete the text referring to Prefs and insert: 'C:lconX' in the gadget Delete the extra 'tool types' text and dick on save. Your Script now runs from the Workbench without you having to type anything.
USER STARTUP witnout you r ¦InV the toe VOU |ln Workbench 2 and above you can use the IconEdit tool supplied with the Amiga create a suitable Icon. Draw whatever lyou like, but remember to set the tooltype to be a 'Project'.
Once saved (with the name 'script.info') you should alter the tool types by clicking once on the Icon and selecting 'Information' from the Workbench ‘Icons' menu. Edit the Default Tool gadget to contain1 C:lconX' and save it. All you have to do now is double-click on the icon to run your script.
Continuing his awesome titling series, Jim Strutton, head of the Amiga Video Producers Group, reveals a host of handy hints for the Amiga videophile.
Espite the implication of its name.
Video Tiller is capable of much more than merely adding text to your videos Use it inventively, and it can become a valuable tool for video post-production This month we'll start by looking at its potential for creating Backgrounds.
Load up Video Titter with any preferences you may have set before. On a dear screen, select a Polyfont and type in a small amount ot text. Now stretch it until it is about half the width ot the screen and adjust the height accordingly. In my example I have typed AVPG'. Stamp it down anywhere on the screen with the right mouse Button and then pick it up as a text clip, using 'Edit Cllpboard Set to Text' trom the pulldown menu.
Adjust the dip box to make sure you pick up all the text, and then dick on the right mouse button to save it to the clipboard. Now clear the text using either the menu option or a combination of the Right Amiga and C keys.
From the menu, select the 'Edit Paste Tile full’ option. The clip box will reappear, so position it in the upper left comer of the screen and dick the right mouse button. The text dip will file all over the screen. For a different effect, use the Display Quarter 4 4' option from the menu, which puts a 1 4-sized copy of the full screen in each corner of the display.
You may have to use a bit of trial and error before you get this just right, but you can size the text by moving the sides of the clip box and repeating the tile exercise. You can also use the other options on the Display menu to Invert. Mirror.
Compress or Duplicate the screen background for more creative effects. Experiment to see what effects you can come up with.. TROUBLE SHOOTING A frequent problem that would-be users find Is that the Amiga picture becomes unstable when Hie Genlock is connected.
Hie most common couse is that ihe heads ore dirty on the source video deck, which is cured by the use of a cleaning tope. If the problem does not go owoy, then look ot the tope. It should be dot, any ripple along the edge is a sign of wear or boo transport in Hie medionism. In o professional machine, the cure is to use Hie budt-in timebose corrector. This is o devke thot restores the syne pulse on the video signal ond compensates for ony tape faults. Some high-end domestic machines olso have these, but there is a device raj con odd loony system, colled a'Bug- Blaster' ol obout £60, mode by a
company colled ACT Electronics. This will improve Hie signal from the source VCR lo the Genlock, by re-generat- lignal. You hook n in the diogrom TRANSITIONAL BACKGROUNDS To create a quick background, try using the options under the Edit.Clear’ menu The first option clears the screen to colour zero, and the second clears to any solid colour from the current palette. You can also set up a gradient fill.
To get a smooth transition from one colour to the next, you should first set up a palette that gradually mixes in elements of red. Green or blue into the current colour. You can then set the gradient by selecting the first and last colours in the range when prompted The only problem is that on interlace. The screen can tend to flicker badly unless you select the colour range with care.
The Blocks option sets up a grid, with a fixed size matrix, over the top ot a solid colour background. Again, choose your colours careluly. Or It will flicker like mad. The final option puts up a test grid in a fixed colour, which shows the borders of the screen image. You use this to test the screen position and size when using overscan Some video equipment shows images in a more com- pressed or expanded form than others, so an overscanned display still may not fill the screen on certain monitors. Use these grids to test whether you need standard or severe overscan mode. Alter the screen
position using the WorkBench Preferences if it is not in the centre of the display.
VideoTitlar can create screens in the main Amiga resolutions excluding any of the HAM or the new Productivity or AGA modes When you change any mode trom the Display*Screen' menu, be warned that the current project is cleared For most uses you can get away with using either low-Res or Video-Res modes Low- Res uses the least memory, but you must remember to set Interlace on before you send these screens to video.
SUPERIMPOSITION Much of my postbag at the Amiga Video Producers Group concerns the art ot getting titles superimposed over existing video footage The maiority of the problems anse not from the Amiga part ol the effort, but Irom the quality and content of the video footage Forward planning is the key At the shooting stage, be aware of any titles you may have to overlay at a later stage. Here are some basic pointers:
• Always use high quality tape in your camcorder.
Cheaper tapes do not record as strong a signal as the premium quality versions.
• Invest in a non-abrasive cleaning tape and use it before a
recording session.
• Still shots work best for title sequences, so use a tripod or
other support to get a steady picture.
• Shoot the sequence too long rather than too short, so that you
can cut to the correct length as you edit and add the title.
IN DEFENCE OF COMPOSITE Ihe majority of you nil be using a notmd VHS, VHS-C or 8mmrarmorder fonnal. These al use composfte video signals, which have a reputation lor poor quality. I would like to defend the reputation ol composite by saying that 75X of professional TV in the US stil uses this method! Hie reso- stgMy higher. Composite signals are capaUe ol over 3M Ines. Wh3i is (or above the resolufionrfVHS. Ihe two high band systems, Hk8 aid S-VHS, work by rearing the pic- lure brightness and (ofcrnr levels smarafeiy whdi nves higher resolution record m*oMi afcout 400 fees lor S-VHS and 420
tnes lor Hi-8. However, most ol the S- VHS and Hi-8 romtordert I have seen, have composite as well as the! ' “ 1 ' would argue mat a composite Genlock can worh just as well when creating a VHS tope.
J use a Rendaie 8852 composite Genlock on o S-VHS edit suite lor the majority ol my videos. Originaly the same Genlock was used on a Sony U-Matic professional system, which was al composite as wel I have found that the tridc is lo put the tides on cl the very bsl singe, which ncrmcfy means on the finished k e. As a composite Genlock am cost only a quarter ol a high laid versta it am be a good wry of making you video budget ao further.
You do see some cheaper nigh Land equipment Ike GenLocks and signal processorvwhitst it may be genuine high band, some devices convert the high band input to d lot output. Therefore, this type ol equipment is not as good value as it may seem. You moy os wel buy o composite version ond pay less money Ihe wav to ovoid buying equipment lire the is to ask before you buy. H you amnol get an answer horn the store, contact the manufacturer.
It takes a bit of work to plan your shots with regard to post-production titling. Shooting a good video is 40 per cent planning. 20 per cent shooting and 40 per cent editing As part ot your plan, take a spare tape with you. Purely to shoot the scenes that you will use for the title sequences of your video.
Take the shot that sums up the content of the video. For example, on your next holiday, climb to a high vantage point and shoot a wide angle view of the location. Frame the shot in such a way as to allow your titles to fit Into one third of the screen area. Other suggestions are to shoot a view including a bridge or archway, and use it to Irame the titles or captions on the finished production.
Try to place the title over a contrasting bit of the video picture. Choose an area ol grass, sky. Sea, snow or another area with no visual interest, and place the graphic over it. Draw up a grid that divides the screen area into three (vertically and horizontally! And use it as a guide to placing various graphic and picture elements. Draw your graphics in a contrasting colour to show up against the video background. If your choice is for a white or light coloured title, it will look better outlined in black and perhaps with a slight drop shadow.
Videomens a good starting point for all the lettering you need You can set the colours and special effects on the characters to fit your video.
Try out effects like distorting the scale able fonts to fit an area on your video picture. I use VideoTifferto create my basic words, which I then save to disk.
Next I load the saved pictures in Dpainl, and cut the words out as brushes, so I can move them around to get the correct placement.
Mu WORK SEQUENCE Try to play back the original tape using the machine that recorded It. For many of you. This will be the usual method, as your camcorder will be the source video in your home video edit suite.
The same goes for any soundtracks you may be dubbing over the visuals With analogue machines, head alignments and frequency responses win always vary slightly from one recorder to another It is worth investing in dedicated cades to connect your source video to the GenLocfc and on lo the record video. This will give a far better signal than a set ol universal cables and adapters Before making the final edit, go through a rehearsal of the sequence of titles and video Have your text prepared in Video Tiller in advance, save it as a file and pick up the words as a brush In Dpalnl. Having the
text as a brush will enable you to accurately position the text within the video picture. Should the colours dash or cause interference, you can adjust the palette at this point before stamping the brush down in the correct place Use the F10 key in Dpainim turn off the menu bars, before you position the text, as the screen position can shift, especially when using overscan It is better to run the camcorder off a fully charged battery when making the final edit, because some mains adapters supplied with camcorders can cause problems by introducing interference from the mains electricity.
RJJ, NEXT MONTH Next montli Jim will be locklinq some ol Hie problems expe rienced wilti more odvonced video produrtion FHE BEST DEALS, THE LATEST AMIGA TECHNOLOGY AMIGA 600 WILD, WEIRD, & WICKED PACK PACK FOB ONLY €20 EXTRA' GRAND PI
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3. 5 DISKS, BOXES CDTV ROM DRIVE 7 Call our orderline shown
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telephone number OR. Send your order into us at the address
shown below, together with your personal cheque or a bank or
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Futuretech Consumer Electronics Ltd Please state your requirements clearly, along with your name, address and telephone number JOYSTICKS FLOPPY DRIVES CONTROL CENTRES MEMORY ALL US NOW AND ASK FOR YOUR FREE AMIGA CATALOGUE!
Even with all those ghosts chasing after our PacMan, he’s still untouchable. Until now, that is... Dave Smithson shows you how to add collision detection to our special CU AMIGA PacMan game.
Over the past tew months, our PacMan game has been growing at a phenomenal rate - already we've got PacMan wandering around a maze pursued by three Pac-hungry ghosts. At the moment though. It still leaves a lot to be desired.
POWER PILL PUSHER TABU 1 SCORE-SCORE+IO If MAPDATA (PACT, PACX)-4 Easte Icm EKX*16)»8, (EKX*16)+6,1 MAPDATA (PACT, PACX) -1 SCORE-SCORE+lOO PPILL-1 : Timer-0 Adding a collision detection routine to our game isn't as complicated as it may sound. AMOS already provides us with all the commands we need to keep track ol any collisions that might take place.
These commands allow you to check whether a sprite or bob has collided with Th. Poww prll. Th.1 n Kwnd wound th. Gwn. .
Sam Play 1 Sam Play 2 End If End Proc either another sprite, bob or even the background. Our game still needs to be quite intelligent though - after all. PacMan doesn't always come ott worse if he does collide with a ghost. If. For example, he's eaten a power pill, then he'll be able to chomp his way through the ghosts instead. Under normal circumstances, however. PacMan will lose a life if he comes Into contact with his ectoplasmic pursuers.
Before we can code a collision detection routine. We need to add in a routine that allows PacMan to pick up the four power pills scattered around the screen. We don't need to use AMOS's collision detection routines to handle this simply because their position is held within the MapDatat) array that we used to draw up the map and to handle the movement of both PacMan and the ghosts All we need to do is to call a short routine that continuously checks to see whether PacMan is standing on a floor block with a power pdl.
Check back to the issue in which we discussed the PacMan movement routine As you may remember, that routine called a procedure called _CHECKFLOOR that was responsible for removing the dots and power pills scattered around the maze as PacMan moved over them. What you may not have realised is that this code also LEVEL HEADED So far out gome bos only one rather basic level, but it is possible fo moke the gome progressively harder simply by (hanging the values ol certain variables. You could lor example, modify Ihe ghost movement routine that we published lost month so lhal Ihe speed ol fhe
ghosts is controlled by a single variable. As ihe player progresses through ihe game. Ihe ghosts could be accelerated by increasing Ihe value ol this single variable Ihete's only so lor you con lake this though - il you have the ghosts running mound the more 10 limes losla thon PocMon, he's hardly going to last long regordess ol now skilled fhe player is.
Another possibility is lo increose the number ol ghosts roaming around Ihe more Once ogan thrs would be foirly simple - os the ghost routine mat we published last monlh simply processes a set ol three data structures using ihe loop, al you need to do is to turn on on extra ghost bob and then increase ihe number ol times that Ihe ghost movement routine loops. As it is, the routine loops three limes - by increasing the number ol loops, the extro bob wouldoulomatically be handled with virtually no changes having to be mode lo the code. This is onolher good reason why you should take advantage ol
data structures whenever you con You could even vory Ihe map dato itself by storing severol mops in memory ot once. Becouse all Ihe various routines that move PocMon and the ghosts mound the moze work on this map data it would oulomotkolly work with ony new map dota that you generote. Once oaoin, this loo jost goes to demonstrate how important il is lo plan your code before you write it - il we hod written o routine thot was 'horcl coded' to work with just one screen layout, it would have been virtually impossible to odd lurlher levels!
Lett Our game can be made progressively harder by increasing the speed of ghosts the number ol ghosts wondering around the mare and even the maie itself!
Included everything we need to handle the power pills! See Table 1.
The first half of the _CHECKFLOOR routine simply checks whether the floor tile that PacMan has walked onto contains a value of 3 (denoting a standard ¦dot ). This obviously has no effect on PacMan. The second half, however, is far more interesting. If the floor tile that PacMan walks onto contains a value of 4 (denoting a power pill), then a flag variable called 'PPItX' is set to 1 and the AMOS timer is reset to zero. As soon as this is detected, PacMan becomes invincible.
COLLISION DECISION This invincibility must be taken into account once we move onto the collision detection routine. This little procedure is called within the main game loop (the section of code that calls the PacMan and Ghost movement procedures). See the listing in Table 2.
The _CHECKCOLLIDE routine does a lot more than just monitor any collisions between PacMan and the ghosts. It also keeps track of the power pills that PacMan can pick up (more on this later though). So how does this routine work? Well, it’s actually very simple indeed. It starts by catting the AMOS ‘Bob Col(O)' command that essentially checks to see whether blitter object 0 (PacMan) has collided with any of the other bobs on the screen. As the only other bobs are all ghosts, we can take it for granted that if a value of -1 is returned, then PacMan has collided with a ghost.
Unfortunately though, the Bob Col() command TABLE 2 Procedure _CHECKCOLLIDE GHOSTCOLLIDE=0 STATUS=Bob Col(0) If STATUS=-1 For A=1 To 3 GHOSTSTATUS=Col(A) If GHOSTSTATUS=-1 GHOSTCOLLIDE=A End If Next A End If Next C Rem * * * Monitor Power Pills If PPILL=1 If Timer 500 PPILL-0 If GHOSTCOLLIDE 0 _LOSELIFE End If Else If GHOSTCOLLIDE 0 _KHIQCei (QESICQLLIEE) SCORE=SCORE+100 End If End If Else If GHOSTCOLLIDE 0 _LOSELIFE End If End If End Proc doesn't tell us exactly which Bob PacMan has collided with. In order to do this, we need to check the contents of the array Col(). This hasn't been
defined within our program because it is what is known as a reversed variable’ - that is. It's a variable that AMOS uses itself. In order to check this array, we run through a loop that checks the three ghosts to see if they too have been in collision with PacMan. This is done by reading the value of the Col() array and if a value of -1 is returned, then we've got our ghost. The ghost's number is then stored into a variable called GHOSTCOLLIDE.
The routine then moves on to the section of code that decides whether PacMan or the ghost that he collided with came out worse. The first thing to do then is to check the status of the PPILL flag - if a value of 1 is returned, then we know that PacMan has recently swallowed a power pill.
What we don't know, however, is whether the pill still has an effect on him. We therefore check the timer to see whether it is greater than 500 (don't forget that 50 = 1 second, so 500 = 10 seconds). If it is, PacMan is no longer Invincible so the PPILL variable is set to 0 and PacMan then bites the dust. If the timer is less than 500 though, the ghost comes out worse and a short procedure that kills off the ghost is called and the player's score is increased by 100.
If the PPILL variable is not set to 1, then we know for a fact that PacMan will lose if a collision took place. The value of the GHOSTCOLLIDE variable is checked and if it is greater than 0, PacMan loses a life.
SKELETON CREW Our game is now complete in a skeleton form, but there are a few extra routines that still need to be added to give it that professional look - a high score table, a title page and even a title tune. The high score routine is documented below, but adding the title page and music is simply a matter of booting up Dpaint and your favourite Sound Tracker (I personally use ProTracker, but just about any Tracker clone will do the job). Once all that's done, your game is complete.
NEXT MONTH Nexf month we ll be continuing our look ol ihe ancient art ol AMOS games programming with a new type ol game altogether - ihe good old shool 'em up. Il you've ever wanted lo blast baddies Irom the skies, fben slay funed. See you nexf month!
HIGH SCORE TABLES One ol the most important routines that you'll find in virtually every game is Ihe good old high store table that keeps track ol the best five or so stores. Surprisingly though, actually writing a high store table routine isn’t quite os easy as it may seem - if you don't believe me why not have a go? Il you do fail miserably, then here 's all the code you need arranged as a very handy procedure that tan be plopped straight into just onout any gome. Although it handles a high store very well indeed, its presentation is very bosk indeed, so it’s up lo you lo enhance it so
that it looks pleasing.
Ihe code itself is fairly simple. All it does is to create two arrays - one lor the high stores ond onother (or the player's names. The task ol maintaining these arrays is handled by a short procedure tailed HIGHSfORf that takes a store as it’s input and then checks to see whether this store is higher than the last store in the table. Il it is, it then searches through the table to find the position ol the store within the table. All the stores directly below this store ore then shifted down by one position (therefore causing the bottom store to drop oH the table) ond the new store is
inserted into the gap that is remoining.
I've also intluded a short section ol code at the beginning that demonstrates this routine. Ibis isn't attuolly needed, so chap il out once you decide lo include il in your game. All that is really needed are the variable definitions at the beginning (these should be plated at the start ol your game), the loop that fills the orrm with the default volues and the highstore procedure itself.
D im HI SCORES U0),HISNAMES(10) Read HISCORE (C), MISNAMES ( ) Once more unto the breach... Mat Broomfield attacks that ever growing mailbag of reader’s queries. If you've got a problem you’ll find the answer here.
COLOUR PRINTER n,. I consider myself to be a professional semi-profes- sional DTP WP user. I
• recently purchased the Citizen Swift 240C as I’d heard it was
an excellent colour printer. Having printed out a couple of
full colour pages. I felt rather let down by the results I
wasn't expecting bubble-jet or laser quality but I'm far from
happy with the output. I recently used Wordworth 2 to print 10
colour pages, and although the first page was quite good, by
the last one the colours were both faded and muddy and there
was a great deal of colour contamination, particularly with
the yellows.
I know that you warned about this problem, and you may wonder why I bought a dot matrix phnter in the first place The reason (apart from price) was that I have seen no colour bubble jets (except the HP Deskjet 550C) or laser printers advertised in your magazine. I planned to buy the 550C. But although my contamination problems would stop, a resolution of 300x300 and bubble jet technology isn't quite what I’m looking for.
Are Hewlett Packard planning to bring out a 600C with a resolution of 360x360 or possibly higher? Is it possible to buy a colour laser for the Amiga? Why haven't you covered them in CU AMIGA as I'm sure that many people treat the Amiga as a top DTP computer, and consequently require this level of performance.
I would very much like to see Ricoh producing a colour laser printer for the Amiga, especially considering the fact that they make perhaps the finest black and white laser. Is this a possibility?
I have heard about the Canon BJC800.
How do you rate this printer? Are there any colour laser printers available with an Amiga driver disk? Are there any particular ones that you can recommend?
Nathan White, Walsall. West Midlands Why don't we review colour lasers?
Because they start at around £10,000 each and go upwards In £5000 steps!
We feel that the kind of person likely to commit to such expense Is not likely to read CU AMIGA for buying Information; they're going to go to the showroom and try the thing out for themselvea.
Similarly, colour laser manufacturers may suspect that CU AMIGA doesn't hit their target readership precisely enough to merit the expense of advertising.
As for your problems with the Citizen Swift 240C, fading and contamination are Inherent problems with dot matrix printers. Any decent printing program will attempt to minimise the contamination effect by outputting the lighter colours first, but eventually the ribbon Is bound to lose Its sparkle.
Your point about bubble |et resolution and technology doesn't hold weter either I'm afraid. The Hewlett Packard DeskJet 550C Is a lovely little printer and at 300x300 DPI it has the same resolution as most laser printers. I would further state that bubble |et technology Is close to that found In mono laser printers because the manufacturers are striving for high-quality resolution and fast output for a low operating cost In both cases. The major difference Is that a laser printer Is seen as a high throughput workhorse and needs a very durable engine, whereas colour bubble Jets are not
designed to take such constant punishment.
I think it's unlikely that HP will release a 600C with the specifications you mention, when their existing mechlnes are more than adequate.
When I first saw Canon's BJC800, I liked It very much as It produced very solid areas of colour. Since Its release however, HP brought out the 550C which in my opinion is every bit as good for £1500 less!
I don't know If Ricoh plan to release a colour laser, but It seems likely that most international laser engine manufacturers will want to explore this route.
There's one myth that I must dispel; except in the case of computers that have obscure Interfaces such as the Apple Mac, ZX Spectrum or CBM 64, printers are not made for specific machines. Therefore a laser printer that works on the PC will usually work on the Amiga assuming you can locate e compatible driver.
The best colour printer that I've ever used on the Amiga was the Hewlett Packard XL300, a thermal fixing bubble Jet that costs £1 a page to print!
A1200 DRIVER I own an A1200 and have . Been printing from Deluxe Paint 4 with great success.
• I now want to alter the printer preference editor, but do not
have have any printer drivers in the scroll gadget. The manual
doesn't help at all.
Rod Sumpter, Birmingham The manual does help. Read chapter 9 of the Workbench manual. It tells you at the bottom of the very first page how to copy printer drivers to the correct place on your disk.
However, the tact that you've been successfully printing from D-Pelnt leads me to believe that your preferences are already correctly set (on your D-Palnt disk at least). If you load D- Palnt through Workbench, I suggest you leave well enough alone until you understand chapter 9. If you load D- Palnt without first loading Workbench, then copy the preferences on the D- Patnt disk to your Workbench disk.
CHEAP DRIVE I own an A500* with 2Mb of RAM and a second drive.
Currently I'm thinking about 1“ buying a hard drive but my funds are limited. A friend informed me that it is possible to connect an IDE to my expansion port Please could you tell me if this is true, and if so what I would need and how much It would cost?
Neal Wilson, Haxby, York You can add an IDE drive to your Amiga, but it's not really a cheap alternative. There is an Interface called ADD-IDE (available from Silica Syslema on 081 309 1111) which allows you to connect the drive.The trouble Is IDE drives are slower and more restricting to use so given that you're going to add a drive I would personally opt for a SCSI device which gives you far more flexibility In the future. There are a number of SCSI drives (Including my favourite - the GVP HD8+) which cost £250 or less. Although I would only buy a second-hand drive as a last resort, you
may be able to find one for £150 or less. Why would I only buy a secondhand drive as a last resort? Because there are numerous hard-to-detect things that can go wrong with them, and you may not spot potential problems when you buy. Furthermore, the surface of the drive is not Indestructible - It eventually wears out, and you can never be sure how much use a second-hand drive has had.
BIZARRE KEYMAP ®l bought an Amiga 1200 in December of last year and ever since then I have been unable to set up the keyboard correctly. I’ve followed the instructions in the manual, visited dealers for advice (three of whom found the same problems with their demonstration model).
I even tried ringing Commodore's technical help line. They wouldn't help 'cause I wasn't a dealer and the boss is never available for complaints. No matter what I do I end up with an American keyboard.
The machine was bought from a reputable dealer and further checks confirmed that the machine is a genuine UK version. I've enclosed a separate sheet outlining the steps I've taken.
Can you answer the following questions:
1. Have others experienced the same problems?
Have I been supplied with the wrong ‘ter disks?
3. Where do I go trom here? Names and addresses please.
Why did I buy an Amiga when I've expe- nced problems with three other Commodore computers (C64. C64. And A500)?
I really hope that you can help because I'm on my own up here. There really aeems to be a dearth ot A1200 users in Yorkshire. All the other Amiga mags that I've written to (nicely I might add) have chosen not to help or print my letter.
David Butler, Wakefield, W. Yorks
1. Not that I've heard.
2. 1 doubt It.
3. Read on...
4. Because It's the best-value cool graphics hot-gamln'
mega-muslcal MIDI maestro DTPowerlul son of a gun you ever
For once, I can sympathise with our rival magazines who chose not to answer your query because by what you've said In your attached sheet, there's absolutely no reason why the GB keymap doesn't work. Steps 11, 10(1) and 12 were unnecessary extras, but you've followed the correct procedure and a selection of keymaps should be available In the Input editor list.
I don’t want to state the obvious, but I assume that you are aware that when you select the 'GB‘ keymap. In the Input Editor this appears as 'British'?
Again, not wishing to insult your Intelligence, are you absolutely certain that you're copying the keymap to the correct drawer. I say this because whilst I was checking your procedure, I noticed that In the Storage window the Keymaps directory is at the bottom, with printers above It, but in the Workbench:Devs directory these positions are reversed. Consequently, I copied the keymap to the wrong window the first time I tried.
If neither of these work, then I'm at as much of a loss as you are. I suggest you take your computer back to the shop you bought It from (well the disks at least) and insist that they show you how to make the relevant changes or you’ll demand an exchange.
As you've already discovered, Commodore’s so-called technical help lines are an utter waste of time, however Silica Systems run free technical help on 081 309 1111. By the way, if our letters are anything to go by, there are loads of 1200 owners In your part of the world and just about every other part of Britain!
UPPITY AMSTRAD raj. I have inherited an Amstrad DMP 2000 printer. It works fine on my A500*- except 1»for the pound (£) and hash ’ ( ) signs which both print as P' Could you please tell me the correct pin assignments as I believe that this is where the fault lies.
S. A. Sullivan, Estover, Plymouth I don't think that your problem
has anything to do with pin assignments. I think that you
haven't told the printer to use an English character set.
The printer is capable of printing characters from more than half a dozen different alphabets. By default.
It's set up to print American characters, but before you can use it you need to tell it which country it will be used In.
According to Paul Moore of Glasgow, who responded to my request for printer configuration Information last year, there are two banks of DIP switches on or In the printer and they need to be set as follows for English characters: BANK 1 - All switches off except number 3.
BANK 2 - Numbers 1, 5, 6, 7 and 10 on, the rest off.
ARABIC AMIGA I am a student learning Arabic (it looked good in the prospectus, honestl) » and I’m in desperate need
* of the following: *
1. An Arabic English word processor:
2. An Arabic English database; or
3. A database capable of handling user- defined characters fonts.
I did think that for number three I could design a font of half Arabic, half English characters to use In the database, but I haven't a clue how to do it. Can you help?
Can any of your readers help?
John Rudolf, Leeds Unfortunately, you're right out of luck, John. To the best of my knowledge, not one of the things that you’ve asked for exist on the Amiga.
If you own a DTP package, there are modern and ancient Hebrew fonts available if they're any use? But I suspect not. Alternatively, you could design your own fonts with Typesmlth or some other similar font designer.
I suspect that the Word Perfect Corporation produce an Arabic word processor, but unfortunately they only got as far as 4.12 of the English version on the Amiga.
You'll either need a PC or a PC emulator In order to access their foreign language Wps. Contact the Word Perfect Corporation on 0932 8S0500.
As for Arabic databases, I doubt that you'll find such a program on any computer outside the Middle East, and even then, they're only likely to be available on Pcs.
If you can find out which font an ordinary database uses, you could substitute their version for your own one provided you give It the same name. Then you'll need an Amiga bitmap font editor to create the appropriate characters. Two such programs are Font Grabber from Genlsott and Calligrapher from First Choice, call them on 0532 319444.
DTP POSERS I'm going to get into desk top publishing but being rather new to the computer scene, I must admit that I've tried in vain to understand what I'll need to buy to get started. Hopefully you can clarity matters...
1. Is there an inexpensive DTP program that lets me use an
unlimited number of fonts?
2. I've noticed that various PD outlets advertise clip art. Is
this a worthwhile source of material for DTP use? How Is It
3. I was thinking of buying a scanner and a digitiser, but the
bank manager will only allow me to get one at a time. Is it
worth buying both or will one provide me with sufficient
4. I understand that DTP software can require more than my
standard 1Mb Amiga. Is a hard drive the answer or is there an
alternative choice that would work just as well if I had two
disk drives?
If not. Can you recommend a hard drive as I don't understand which one to buy.
They go on about 52Mb with 8Mb expansion What does this mean and what size of hard drive would be most suitable?
5. Which should I buy first, the DTP program or the expansion
required to run It?
In other words can I work with the DTP program while I save up for the upgrades to my Amiga?
Michael Ramaay, Forfar, Angus
1. It depends what you mean by 'an unlimited number of fonts'. If
you msan an unlimited number of different typefaces in a
single document, then I believe they all do. The only
restriction Is the amount of memory available to you. If you
mean an unlimited number of different font formats (such as
Compugraphlc, Type 1. Postscript, etc.) then no single package
supports them all, but Sottloglk’s Pagestream 2.2 comes
Incidentally, It’s extremely bad. Typographically speaking, to change fonts too many times on a single page. I’d be surprised if you needed more than three or four fonts and bold Italic versions of them.
2. Clip art is like computer games.
Some are great, and others are real dogs! On the whole. It's quite worthwhile, and It's cheap enough to take a chance on. It can be produced in one of three ways - It can be hand drawn, It can be scanned or It can be digitised. If the clip art Is structured as opposed to bit-mapped. It produces better printouts, especially when re-sized, but the Images tend to be simpler.
3. Scanners are for digitising Images from paper. Digitisers are
for digitising images taken from a video signal.
Scanners are ideal If you want to digitise a photograph or graphic or piece of line art. Scanners capable of producing black and white or grey Images start under £100, and my favourite Is the Alphascan Plus which can create 256 levels of grey.
Colour scanners tend to be very expensive to buy (£200+) and worth- » while ones will cost upwards ot £500.
I’m rather dubious as to thslr value In all but 24-blt colour modes. To scan or digitise in 24-blt colour will require very large amounts of memory for all but the smallest of images.
Digitisers can be connected to video cameras and video players. They are Ideal for digitising real world scenes or television images. Whilst they can be quite good at digitising photographs (with a suitable video camera), a scanner would produce a sharper image in auch circumstances. A digitiser is certainly the more versatile (and entertaining) of the two pieces of hardware. For £99.95 you can buy Rombo's superb entry level Vidl-12 digitiser which Is compatible with any Amiga and even supports the new AGA screen modes.
4. Even If you buy Pagesetter 2 which works with your set-up,
you'll soon run out of memory with only 1Mb, especially when
you start using multiple fonts and graphics. If you csn
possibly afford a hard drive, it will make your life much
easier, but at the very least you should purchas. A couple of
megabytes of ex ra memory. Apart from animation and 2+-bit
graphics work, DTP Is probably ne of the most memory
Intensive act vltles that you can do on your Amiga.
Ideally you sho Id buy at least a 52Mb hard drive s h 4Mb of extra RAM.
This means that y+u will have 52Mb of disk storage space - equivalent to 59 floppy disks - and a total of 5Mb of memory.
As usual, my recommendation would be the GVP HD8+ hard drive, which you can buy for about £249.50. It depends which DTP software you buy. If you go for Pro Page, you can't run It without a h rd drive. At the moment, the Pag dream 2.2 shrink wrap pack repre* nts Incredible value for money at abc t £62 (a discount of £237 off its norm. I retail).
Personally, I lif e to get the most expensive kit oul if the way first, and that will certainly e the expansions.
- • • - In recent adverts, Datel 0 Electronics say that their
• Ac'ion Replay cartridge can. Among other things, Ire ize any
game and allow you to save that screen to be used in a paint
Is this correct and. If so. Does the copy retain the original quality.
Michael Ramsay, Forfar, Angus The advert Is essentially correct. Action Replay plugs In' i the expansion port (where a hard d re would go if you have one). Wher 'ou press the Freeze button, the cartrl ie Interrupts the CPU and takes control f the computer.
Theoretically, at tl s point you can save whatever screen i is currently displayed. In practice this doesn't work with a lot of progr ns, particularly those that use sp es or bobs (such as many arcade gan i), or those that directly hit the cc per chip for colour cycling effects, etc. AMOS screens also cause problems for some reason. The screens that can be grabbed are exact replicas of the originals, and thus retain all of their original quality.
EMULATORS I own an Amiga 1000 and I would like to ask a few questions about PC emu- ¦yH R.Iators.
1. What actually is a PC emulator?
2. How much would it cost?
3 What will I need to use it?
4. Where can I get one from?
5. Is there an Atari emulator as well?
Christian Holland, Spilby, Lines A PC emulator is a device (usually a combination of software and hardware) which pluga Into an Amiga and temporarily turns it Into a PC. Most of them emulate slow 286 Pcs although some emulate 386s. Unfortunately, due to the graphics capabilities of the non-AGA Amigas, most emulators are not capable of reproducing all of the PC's colour screen modes.
Try as I might, I couldn't find anyone who sells PC emulators for the A1000, which to be honest Is more or less obsolete now anyway. Sorry, but Isn't it about time you considered one of the newer Amigas? You can buy an A1200 for £400 and a second-hand A500+ for little more than £100!
VIDEO VORACITY a v , Being a dedicated user of t'* an expanded A500* for V* post production video titling
* » I have one major question about my possible future upgrades
Presently I'm using an Electronic Design genlock to overlay
titles onto video signals. With this set up I have several
problems when using hi-res since this is flickery when output
to a TV. I have to use a TV since my clients will watch the
finished product on a standard TV (from VHS tape).
I've seen several reviews of the A4000 with its AGA chip set which can display resolutions up to 1280x512 in 256 colours out of a palette of 16.8 million. I've also read a lot about 24-bit graphic cards which, when connected to the desktop Amigas (A1500 upwards), can produce stunning effects.
The obvious question is, is a normal TV set capable of displaying all these colours and resolutions (24-bit and AGA) or are they useless?
Some additional questions: Does an OpaMsion card exist for the A500»?
Which is the best 24-bit card?
Dominic Cachla, Sllema, Malta Because of the encoding of the PAL broadcast system, the images displayed are actually pseudo 18-blt. The actual screen resolution Is only theoretical. Because there Is a great deal of channel crossover in an analogue system. Basically, your Amiga can at present produce a greater resolution picture (In terms of pixels) and the AGA chipset will produce a comparable colour resolution. Some of the new screen modes will not be available If you are directly connected to a TV. Try putting your screen Into an Interlace mode, which may (perversely) cure your flicker
problems on video.
There Isn't an Opalvislon card for the A500* yet, but an adaptor has been promised to coincide with the release of OpaMsion 2, which will work with both the A500 and A500*. So far as I know, the only current A500 compatible 24-blt card Is the AV24 from Checkmate Digital.
There are some truly awesome 24-blt cards available for NTSC users, but on PAL machines the best broadcast quality solution is the Harlequin. If you just want a 24-blt display card the MacroSystem Retina Is hard to beat.
Both of these cards are available from Amiga Centre Scotland, on 089 687 583.
PRO PRINT SERVICES rti I use my A1200 for DTP work, and until now my humble 300 DPI laser * printer has been more than . ' adequate. However. I’m
- - now hoping to move into full colour work and I don't feel
that even Hewlett Packard's high end colour bubble jets will
produce sufficiently high quality results.
Can you suggest a way of outputting my Professional Page documents? Also, do you know of a cheaper alternative to the £600+ flat bed scanners for capturing 24-bit images?
Steven Booth, Hawksley The logical answer to your first question Is to use the services of a commercial printing bureau. Unless you want to mess about converting your files onto PC disks, you'll need to use a bureau that can handle Amiga files. BJ Print Services are just such a company, and they offer a range of output services ranging from 600 DPI mono laser prints to 24-blt colour at 2400 DPI.
For maximum economy, you'll need to supply your document in Postscript format Including any fonts you've used.
You'll find that they charge about £25 an hour for labour.
Co-incldentally, they also offer a full 24-bit scanning service for digitising your photographs.
Phone BJ on 0803 666003 or write to them at 19 Wlnsu Avenue, Paignton, Devon, TQ3 1QG.
1 200 EXPANSIONS t, a a 1 currently own an A1200 and I'm looking to expand.
My problem is whether to
• stay with my A1200 and buy a hard drive, maths co-pro and
memory, or sell my
1200. Buy an A4000 030 and take advantage of the faster
I use my computer for a variety of things other than games Can you help me decide by answering the following questions:
1. Is the A1200 limited to 10Mb ot memory or can this be
increased by using bigger SIMM modules.
2. Are we likely to see Zorro slots and the like tor the 1200?
3. I've heard that the processor on the 4000 030 has an MMU but
It has been disabled. Is this true?
4. Does a maths co-pro for the 4000 come on a separate board or
is It just a chip that plugs Into the CPU board?
5. I've noticed in your game reviews that when reviewing games,
you also state which machines they are compatible with.
Does the A4000 entry reter to the 030 or 040 version ot the machine?
6. I have a few games that work on my A1200. It I upgrade to a
4000 will they still work, or will it only run 1200 specific
Name and address supplied
1. No, the A1200 Is not limited to 10Mb ot memory. Golden Image
have just released a 9Mb expansion board (bringing the total
to 11Mb). Mlcrobotlc's accelerator board lets you add up to
128Mb In a single (very expensive) SIMM module.
Incidentally, these SIMMS cannot be plugged straight into the A1200 - you'll need some kind ol board to plug them Into.
2. No, we won't see Zorro slots, the 1200 doesn't have the
architecture to support them.
3. The 4000 Includes the 68EC030 CPU.
Apparently these chips are actually lull 68030 chips whose MMUs failed at the llnal testing stage. Therefore, although In the physical sense the 4000's CPU does Include an MMU, even If It weren't disabled, It wouldn't work anyway.
4. You can plug a maths co-pro directly Into the 4000.
5. The '040 version.
6. Provided you only upgrade to a 4000 '030, your games should
However, there are a number of programs that work on an '020 ’030 processor which won't run on an '040.
THE WRONG CHOICE I have recently bought an A1200 with an 80Mb hard disk drive. At first I thought it was the best buy I could ever get. But now I'm having second thoughts for a couple of reasons.
The disk drive on the A1200 only has a capacity of 880k which means less storage space on a disk. It seems that the A1200 is the only computer which has this small capacity as all others have high density drives. Can I replace the A1200 drive with a high density one?
Extra memory upgrades also seem to cost a bomb. For example, Power Computing's PC 1204 4Mb expansion with clock and no FPU costs £185 95. Some people may be able to attord this, but my pocket doesn't stretch that far. Isn't there a cheaper way to expand the memory on a 1200? Even a 2Mb PCMCIA card costs a whopping £149.
Alter examining your comparison in the May edition, I feel that I have made a bad choice and would have been better oft with a 386 PC with which I would got a monitor as standard tor the same amount as I paid for my 1200.
Tell me something to change my mind, and don’t refer me to your comparison because it's that which has made me doubt the wisdom of my choice in the first place.
Farrakh Chowdhry, Pentwyn, Cardiff The A1200 drive Is, In fact, capable of formatting disks to a capacity of 901k If you use the Fast Filing System (FFS) format option. Furthermore, not all computers have high density drives. In fact some still use drives that only have a capacity of 360k.
In any case, although high density drives mean that you can stora more on a single disk, you will find that these disks are considerably more expansive to buy.
I don't think that you can replace your existing Internal drive with a high density one (It's certainly not possible to do so without invalidating your warranty), but Power Computing (tal: 0234 843388) produce a high density external drive which costs £129.95. It's worth remembering, however, that high density drives can only be used to store your own data on as there are no Amiga programs available on high density disk. Power's drlva la also capable of reading ordinary low density data as well, and will allow access to PC format high density disks on WB3 machines.
I agree, memory expansions do seem rather pricey, but the Power card that you're referring to was not a good example. For starters the card contains extra circuitry to run an optional FPU (maths co-pro) chip which would speed your A1200 up. It also comes with a clock as standard, so the price seems quite reasonable to me.
The cheapest way for you to add memory to your A1200 Is In the form of a dedicated RAM-only card. This means that you don't pay for extra stuff that you don't actually need.
Of course, it's worth remembering that memory expansions on the A1200 are fast 32-blt RAM as opposed to the much cheaper 16-bit kind found In the older Amigas. Needless to say, this Improved technology costs moral As a matter of Interest you can buy a 1Mb 32-blt expansion for £65.99 or a 2Mb 16-blt PCMCIA card for £114.99 from Phoenix Computer World. Phone them on 0532 350091.
• • » e . 1 am considering buying the VIDI Amiga digitiser which
was advertised in flL the June issue ol CU ¦IAMIGA, but before
I com mit myself can you please answer a few questions?
Will it still work on a video recorder which has a terrible pause facility? I know that it is capable of capturing moving pictures but the quality must surely be better if they’re paused. How did you do the Star Trek pics, moving or paused? Does the AGA version have better software, because I'm only using an old A500?
I'm going to buy a 2Mb A500* from Silica; will it still work with that set-up?
Can I save pics In HAM mode to be edited in Spectracolour Juniort What about 64 colour for editing in D-Paint?
If I want to make a slideshow for PD release will I find it easy to do? What's the highest resolution that ViewlLBM works with? Is there anything better?
Are all cables supplied with Vidi 12?
Does the manual show you how to connect digitiser to video and is it easy to get to grips with? Does it plug into the mains because I don't have spare socket ?
Rlzwan, Bradvllle, Milton Keynes Vldl 12 can only capture moving pictures In grey scale, not full colour. Full colour requires an Image which U perfectly still for at least a second, therefore your video recorder wm be no good. You could still digitise from a camera though.
I took one Star Trek picture from a television, and the other (the Ferengl trader) from a video camera pointed at a page In a magazine.
Vidi 12 comes with a single software program for both AGA and non-AGA machines. It's up to the user to configure it as they require - therefore the software Is equally easy to use regardless of the Amiga that you use It with.
The digitiser captures all Images as 12-bit colour data, and then mixes this according to your display preferences.
HAM mode Is by far the best, but 256 and 64 colour are the next best modes.
The unit draws Its power from the disk drive slot on your Amiga, a1 d therefore won't require a mains socket.
Naturally It comes with all cables.
The manual shows and tells you everything thst you could possibly need. In easy-to-follow steps. For further Information phone Rombo on 0506 414631.
SAMPLE STORY a * 1 am writing to enquire about Oiaa the sampler featured in your DIY section. A friend who is a 52D. Qualified elecirician has built |H the sampler to soec and we ¦jAQR have noted the correction in ihe June issue. The problem is that there's no sampling at all when connected to my A1200. So could I please ask you lo check your specs and parts.
Mr. H. Ambler There’s nothing wrong with the sampler circuit, and Ihe parallel Interface on the A1200 Is more or less exactly Ihe same as on every other Amiga. Try it with any exlsrnal drives or other peripherals connscted, and check out the software you are using - It may not be fully A1200 compatible. Check the 'Light' program on last month's disk.
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FROM 75p Swapping Service, Featured Catalogue Disk £1 10, CRUGAN AVENUE KINMEL BAY CLWYD NORTH WALES LL18 5DG Amiga Al 200 £369.95 int. Comic Relief Pock Citizen Swift 90C £174.99 int. Cable Walker £20.99 Gunship 2000 £24.99 body blows £19.49 Desert Strike £20.99 PGA Tour Golf £20.99 AU. PRICES INCLUDE P&P AND VAT Make Cheques Postal Orders payable to: Colwyn Software 17 Giodvs Grove, Colwyn Bay Owyd LL29 7UB If you’ve been tinkering with HyperBook, from June’s coverdisk, If you picked up a copy of the June issue of CU AMIGA, then you'll already be the proud owner of HyperBook, Gold Disk's
easy-to-use multimedia authoring system for the masses. As you have probably already realised just by looking through the demo books’ (this is what HyperBook calls its ¦stacks ). HyperBook provides a quick and easy method of knocking up just about anything Irom a simple slideshow to a full-blown multimedia-based educational training system.
GETTING STARVED Over the next few months or so, we ll be putting HyperBook through its paces by showing you how it can be used to create some really qutte useful applications. Don’t let this concern you. However - there’s no coding involved (well, at least there's only very little) so even your Grandma will be able to handle our HyperBook tutorials This month we re kicking off with a little utility that all hard drive owners will undoubtedly find very useful indeed - a hard disk menu.
Our HyperBook menu system will allow you to set up a menu containing a list of all your favourite programs that, once installed, can be run simply by clicking on a gadget. Just think - there'll be no more need to hunt through endless directories trying to find that ray tracing program that you haven't used for months!
3 WHIS!! Iltff"'"' it.i issrtircs-w Q Once the basic shape ol the list has been defined, we can start typing in the names ot the programs that we can launch from the menu.
At this point, exact file and pathnames aren't important - the text that is displayed within the list is nothing more than labels, so you can type anything you want - Dpaint AGA 4.5 Paint Program’, for example, for Dpainl. II you want to split the entries up so that different types of program are grouped together. HyperBook does allow you to do this simply by pressing the RETURN key to Insert a blank line. Don't worry about these blanks
- unless you assign an action to them, they will do absolutely
nothing if the user clicks on them.
And want to know what else it’s capable of, here’s the place to find out. In the first of a new series, Jason Holborn puts the program through its paces.
RUNCTIONS In these tutorial pages over the next few months we'll also be including a couple of useful functions which will allow you to carry out all manner of house-keeping chores such as formatting a disk, copying a disk trom DFO: to DF1etc.
Does all this have you raring to go? Well, in that case, why don't we boot up HyperBook and get started?
0 Now that we've entered all the program labels into the list, we need to assign an action to each one so that the programs in question are loaded when the user clicks on the appropriate label. To do this, simply select DOS Command’ and a string gadget will appear. In order for HyperBook to access any program, the filename complete with full path Information must be entered. If, for example, you wanted to attach Dpainl to a particular list item, you would enter something like 'DH1:Graphics DPalntAGA HYPEmOOK 0 Once the HyperBook program has loaded, we can get started with this month's
pro]ect. The first thing that we need to do is to create the HyperBook list' that will hold the list ot the programs that can be run trom our hard disk menu.
Simply Click on the 'Add List' gadget in the HyperBook toolbox and then drag out a rectangle. This will need to fill the entire left-hand side of the screen.
Dpaint’ for the pathname (obviously you should change this to reflect the position of Dpainl on your hard disk!).
If you want to run a program that needs a fair amount of setting up (you might need to increase the stack, for example), simply write an AmigaDOS script that carries out the setting up and then using the AmigaDOS Execute' command to call the script from your HyperBook application.
HYPERBOOK TUTORIAL ide- Ltnl 5.5 FrooMMr NifMiml Calc Spreadsheet Dttfntwl Pm* 4.1 DTP n EEHteBir'-' U Pr*«»i«Ml 2.1 Imf«)ir ¦ bbMW Cavil* mum j warms.. p r a .
Q The colour of each list entry can be altered simply by selecting each entry in turn and then clicking on the appropriate colour gadget.
This can be quite useful as it allows you to group programs using a sort of colour coding system.
You could, for example, have all your DTP programs listed in red, programming languages in blue and so on.
A Now let’s change the background colour of the list box. Quit out of the Item List requestor and then click on the Edit Ob)ect' icon within the HyperBook toolbox. Move the mouse pointer over the list and then press the left mouse button followed by the right mouse button to bnng up the List Editor. In the middle of the requestor you should see a row of three gadgets that allow you to alter the appearance of the face, outline and shadow of an object. Click on the face gadget and then select the colour that you'd like. Quit out of this editor by dicking on the tick gadget Q If you're not
happy with the default colour palette, you can change it by selecting Edit Page' from the 'Page' pull-down menu. The Edit Page requestor should appear Click on the little Rainbow gadget and a colour palette requestor will pop up on the screen. Alter the palette to suit your needs and then click on the tick gadget to return to the Edit Page requestor Click on the Edit Page's tick gadget and you'll be returned to HyperBook.
G% Now that Ihe list is complete, we can start adding in the menu title and a couple ol function gadgets. Fust, the title. Click on the Add Text' tool and then drag out a text box of the size required Once you let go of the left mouse button, a flashing cursor will appear inside the Mil box Enter your text (in this particular case, enter Hard Disk Menu ) but don't press RETURN» If you do, HyperBook will insert a carnage return causing the text to be scrolled up and decentralising the title Along the HyperBook screen drag bar you should see two iconified windows entitled Spacing' and Text
Control'. Click on the close gadgets of these two windows to bring them into view Before we can alter the text however, we need lo select H Click on the first character and then drag the mouse pointer across the text to highlight it Using the Text Control requestor, now dick on the Centre gadget to centre the text You can also use this requestor to change the font by didung on the 'Font gadget. This will brtng up a font requestor that - by default - displays the ROM fonts only. To load disk-based fonts, dick on the gadget that has a small picture of a disk with an arrow and then select the
font that you want.
II the text doesn't fill the text box fuly. Then you can also change the spadng of individual characters. Just drag the little arrow left or right to increase or decrease the charader spacing n With the title complete, we can now add some w function buttons to allow us to carry out common disk operations such as formatting, copying etc First though, we need to create a button to hold the function. Click on the Add Button' tool and then drag out a rectangle of the size required When you release the left mouse button, the Edit Button requestor will appear. Click on DOS Command' and then
enter SYSSystenVFormat DRIVE dfO: Name ’Empty" NOICONS'. This essentially ties the AmigaDOS 'Format' command to the button so that when the user clicks on it the Format command will be run. Note that this will be completely transparent
- you won't, for example, get an AmigaDOS requestor appearing on
the screen that shows progress. All that will happen is that
the disk currently in drive DFO: will be formatted By
default, the Edit Button requestor will not allow you to enter
text Into the button, so we need to quit out of the Button
Editor and edit it manually using the 'Edit Object' tool. Click
on this icon and then click twice on the button to select it.
Just like the 'Add Text' option, a flashing cursor will appear
in the centre ot the button. Type in Format disk in DFO:'
remembering not to press the RETURN key.
D Ortce the buttons have been set up, we can v fine tune the button labels by altering both the font and its colour. Click on the 'Edit Object' tool and then dick twice on the first button to edit it.
Highlight the text by dragging the mouse pointer across it whilst holding down the left mouse button Cal up the Text Control' requestor and dick on the colour that you want.
0 Finally, let's add a graphic to our hard disk menu First we need to draw the graphic using a paint package. Set the paint package to medium resolution (640x256) with eight colours and then draw your graphic and save it to cksk as a standard IFF Ne.
Once this is done, return to HyperBook and dick on the Add Graphic' tool. This will bnng up a file requestor prompting you to select the filename of the picture to load. The graphic is loaded into a separate screen that allows you to select a rectangular region using the mouse. Draw a rectangle around your graphic and then - If you're happy with it - dick on the tick gadget to return to your HyperBook stack.
Even once you've seleded the graphic, HyperBook won't simply drop it onto the page The graphic is attached to the mouse pointer as a Dpan*e brush that can be moved and pasted onto any part of the screen Place it dredly below our function gadgets and then press the left mouse button. By now you wil have realised that HyperBook doesn't display graphics in colour by default. It will remap the palette of the graphic so that it matches that of the stack. Click on the 'Edit Object' tool, dick on the graphic with the left mouse button and then dick the right mouse button to bnng up the 'Edit Picture'
requestor. The remapping gadget is a tiny square box to the right of the palette controls. Click on this and then dick on the tick gadget to return to HyperBook Vtj Make music the easy way by connecting your Amiga to your musical keyboard.
John 'badly burnt fingers’ Kennedy shows you how.
Tb» Vwo layout (Man hara front above) la ti that the XpoMttatoOcale a track cut-make aura me comp track la cut and chacfc wttfi a multimatar If poeatttfe. The In ehows tha tranaiator aa vtawad from bakm. If you ara using a a atltuta tor tNa part than remember that not all packagaa ortantalad In tha aama way, |ust to confuaa avarya suiid We wrt you lo enjoy building you project, so please take the time to reod these warnings.
Although tie project desalted here has been built and tested ndLfw author nor CU AMIGA can be held resnnsUe lor any damage which moy be coused to either yourself or your con uter as a rest* ol using I. As no mains voltages are required in this circuit it is extremely unlkeiy that you could electrocute yourself, but you should sli take care. If your computer dors not behove normaly when the project is contacted nekh off rnmeetately. Oadt da draif cnrafuly lot short cirajils and waing deficiencies. Ahwiys add or remove tla parolel port connector with the computer switched off.
Never leave the soldering iron unattended and ofwtys switch it off when if s not in use. It is al too easy to Si about it and then aide 1 up by Ihe wrong end sev- bours bier. If possoe, wear proactive eye-gea when soldering and use a vice or damp to hold the draiil in place. Never splash hot solder around.
T you have a music keyboard, synthesiser or drum machine, gel it out ol the cupboard and check lor some round DIN-type five pin sockets marked on the back. It these MIDI connections exist then this month's project will be right up your street, tor this circuit is a fully functioning MIDI interface to conned Che keyboard to your Amiga.
I MIDI MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interlacel is a miracle - it s a standard that actually works. Way back m the 1960 s al the big music keyboard manufacturers got together to agree on a standard connection protocol. At the time the idea was to provide a method of allowing several keyboards to be conneded together, in order to generate more powerful sounds.
Each MIDI connection uses two cables, one lor transmitting and one lor receiving information These are called Ihe MIDI OUT and MIDI IN signals - the OUT from one piece of equipment is conneded to the IN on the other, and vice versa. In order to indude the Amiga in the MIDI chain, we need to find a way to process both the transmitted and received information Into a form suitable for both parties Although the Amiga doesn't sport a MIDI connection, adding one Is quite easy, as the serial port has been adopted as the recommended method by Commodore. All that needs to be done is to change the MIDI
data into the RS232 standard Any piece of music software which uses a MIDI interface can be used, as every interface is addressed by the Amiga in the same way.
C» course, CDTV machines have MIDI interfaces as standard so they can practice smug grins and swan out of the room.
RS232 The Amiga uses the wikfy exciting RS232 industry standard, which means the serial signal pulses in swings from -12 volts to ?12 volts.
To provide a MIDI IN signal, the interlace must convert the small voltage pulse from the musical instrument's MIDI OUT into these * -12 volts, and likewise convert the Amiga's + -12 output Into a suitable MIDI voltage. Part of the MIDI specification requires that the input signal is passed through an opto-isolator in order to keep each instrument etectn caty separate In practice this s no big deal, as a suitable isolator costs considerably less than a pmt of Guinness, and it's better to be safe than sorry.
PARTS LIST Resistors-AI0.2SWott HI 150 Ohm 112 390 Ohm [optional-for use wdhlfl)] 113 390 Ohm R4 10* Ohm 1(5 390 Ohm 116 390 Ohm R7 3K90lm (Note: It's dftrent from the 390R, this one!)
Semi-tonductors TR1 2112905 PNP (if unovailaUe. BCI77 8 9 veil suffice) TR2 BCI 07 HPN or senior K1 OptCMSoiator CYNI7or equnaknf. Mapfci's hove one vdA order axie«A57M.
01 _Mond] Any old coloured LH).
Smol piece cd vertrboard Two 180 Spin sockets, suitable for mounting direclly on PC board. Connecting wire. 25way mde D-type plug for connection to AMIGA's serial port.
Cosing for obove. MIDI instrument 8-pin (or 6 if you con find one).1C socket. Sockets for trareislots (if you lie a red dedcenl). Hi of MIDI luds, eadi endmg in Spin DIN plugs.
HOW IT WORKS There are two indwidual circuits on the board - the MIDI IN and the MIDI OUT Rest, the input. From a suitable 180' 5-pin DIN socket, the input signal is passed (via a resistor) to the input ol the opto-isola- tor. Inside this tiny piece ol black plastic, an infra-red LED will light every time a MIDI pulse is received.
Beside the LED is a light dependent transistor, which will be Turned on' by the inlra-red Hashes. The output ol this device is led into the base ol a transistor. Which acts as a switch. When a pulse occurs, the transistor switches on, provichng an RS232-kke input to the Amiga The transistor is also used to flash an optical LED when a signal is transmitted, but this is an optional extra purely lor show. You can leave it out with no ill effects.
The MIDI OUT circuit is even simpler, as no opto- isdator is required The signal lo be transmitted by the Amiga is used to switch yet another transistor on and oft When turned on, this transistor allows a 5mA current to flow into the MIDI socket which w* light the LED ol the opto-isolalor on the receiving end BUILDING IT Only a very small scrap ol vero-board is required lor this project, less than 20 holes by 20 strips. Probably the best way to proceed is by soldering the two 5-pln DIN sockets into place Next make the breaks on the track. Pay particular attention to the connections Irom the
DIN sockets.
And ensure that no short circuits are present You'll PROBUMS. PROBUMS Here's a spedai note to ihoso w(io hove hod probtems yvilfi previous arcuils. Al itie drcuifs definitely work because I have built and used ihem - check yout own board very care- Becouse we're ordylvogue buman the occasional minor error might stp Ifirougli in ihe circutl diagrams, bill the comeco cannot le.
Work through the folwmg checkist.
1. Hove you made dean beaks on die wroboartfs comer Hocks where
indkaleif? Moke die bretis before soldering components if
possMe, anddieck for short tirajits vntft a
3. Are alf the connecting leads present? Again, check wilb a
multimeter if possible.
4. Are all Ihe connection leads in the right places?
5. If Ihe project still refuses lo work, it's possible a
component has been broken, perhaps by applying the soldering
iron for lo long. Ihis applies espedaly to Ics and
Need to examme the sockets lor the pin numbers, as it may be different Irom the one I used.
Now solder the IC socket lor the opto-isolator in place. Note that the isolator is a 6-pin device. But you will probably need to use an 8-pin socket as I’m not sure 6-pin ones exisl Solder in Hie wire links and resistors. Watch out lor R7 as the colour code is almost the same as the R2.3,5 and 6 When soldering n the LED and the transistors, use the soldering iron as quickly as possible as these devices are heat sensitive. Check the orientation ol the LED's and transistor's legs with the diagram. II you use different transistors, check their legs as the order may be different.
Note that I used a 2N2905 transistor because that was the only PNP device left in my local electronics shop - il you use a BC177 like I originally wanted to. You must check the pin outs You cannot connect a transistor any way you want tol The pin numbers following the connection leads In the diagram reler to the pin number ol the 25way serial socket. You should be able to make out matching tiny numbers on the socket, but check with your Amiga manual it you are unsure.
TESTING IT With the circuit built and thoroughly checked, it's time to plug it into the Amiga Always, and I mean always, switch oil the computer first. Switch it back on, and il the normal boot-up screen does not appear or you smell burning, switch off imme&ata y and perform a double, triple and quadruple check.
II all seems lo be working property, connect Ihe MIDI OUT socket Irom Ihe musical instrument to the MIDI IN ol the interlace. II your keyboard performs active sensing', the LED will start to flash immediately In any case, pressing a key on the musical keyboard should deflneeiy make it flash. If this does not happen, there are several possfcilities: 1.
The interlace circuit is not functioning - test it again
2. The circuit is working, but the LED is soldered-in the wrong
way round. 3. The musical instrument is not set-up to send
MIDI Information - see the instrument's manual lor details.
II all is working, try loading your sequencing software. A good example is MED, which can be configured to use an external keyboard as an extension ol Ihe standard Amiga voces Other PD programs are available, but consider buying a program such as Musc-X (be prepared to read the manual inside outl) or Bars £ Pipes lor best results.
When place in playback mode, and the correct cable used, the MIDI OUT function ol the interlace should work perfectly well. II not. Check there is any output by using a multimeter. The value ol R7 may need altered slightly if you are using extremely long leads. NEXT MONTH In Ihe next issue, John Kennedy will delve deeply into Ihe world ol robotics. Watch Ihis space lo learn how lo turn your AMIGA into the brain of a highly suspicious android always worried whether you're planning lo turn il off.
Once again the task of wading through our monu- Mental stack of mail fell to John Mather.
Perhaps you have heard ol me and my nationwide campaign in the cause ol Temperance.
Each year, for the past 14,1 have made a tour of England, including Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, East Anglia, and the South East and have delivered a series of lectures on the evils of drinking.
On this tour I have been accompanied by a young friend and assistant, David Morgan. David, a young man of good family and excellent background, is a pathetic example of a life ruined by excessive indulgence in whisky and women.
David would appear with me at the lectures and sit on the platform wheezing and staring at the audience through bleary, bloodshot eyes, sweating profusely, picking his nose, passing wind and making obscene gestures, whilst I would point out that he was an example of what drinking, etc. can do to a person.
Last winter, unfortunately, David passed away.
A mutual friend has given me your name and I wonder if you would care to take David's place on my next tour.
Yours in earnest expectation, Rev. Harold Knight, Chairman, The Rescue Mission, London.
Thanks for the Invitation, but sadly we'll have to decline your most splendid offer - pressures of work and all that. However, we would like to Invite you for a drink at our local boozer, the City Pride, were you can Join In the laughter as the CU team fart and belch their way through an evening’s entertainment of lavatorial humour and Tony being sick on the nearest moving object. Believe me, it's not a pretty sight, especially If you're the victim!
MAN-UALS UNITED As a coder the one thing I was waiting for since the release of the At 200 was an AGA Hardware Reference Manual. Getting to grips with all that lovely new hardware was going to be a real challenge So I was disappointed to read in Martyn Brown's report last month that such a publication will not exist! I'm sure that many thousands of A1200 owners have been eagerly awaiting the flood ol jaw-dropping AGA megademos Irom the PD scene. But in six months there has only been one measly A1200 demo and with this news I can't see there being many more for a while yet I was hoping
Commodore's age-old ideal that all programmers must use their beloved Kickstart routines was dead and buried. It seems not! These routines are all very well and good for writing word processors etc., but without direct access to the hardware coders will never be able to push the machine to its limits.
The only other reason I can think ot behind Commodore's decision is to attempt to stop incompatibility problems from occurring in the future. But such problems in the past were not caused by hitting the hardware directly but mainly by the assumption that the addresses held in the Kickstart ROMs would never change - nobody takes such things for granted now! Programs other than utilities don't need to multitask and anyway, you CAN write non system-killing code that hits the hardware directly so what is Commodore's problem? Their snobbish attitude smacks of the compulsory Nintendo Sega
licensing agreements.
So it looks as though we'll have to wait until the hardware data is leaked to the outside world. Once it gets on the PD circuit everyone will have access to it and Commodore's policy will have failed and achieved nothing. I think they'd be better off publishing an A1200 Hardware Reference Manual - it certainly didn't harm sales of the A500!
Phil, No Address Given.
Don't worry, you'll be able to get your hands on an AGA Hardware Reference Manual - unfortunately you'll have to wait until NEXT SUMMER!!! Apparently, cut becks at Commodore have delayed the publication of such a book, and It looks likely that the heavyweight tome will not make an appearance until next year at the earliest. Sorry.
CUT THE HYPE So where was the Hyperbook tutorial we were promised in the June issue, when you gave the original program away? I'd managed to suss out most of the functions and even put together a rudimentary slideshow routine, but I was really looking forward to an expert tutorial on the program After all, if you bother to give away a program that’s worth over £70. The least you could do is back it up with step-by-step guides I hope we'll see the TEAM TALK In a rare gesture of goodwill, CU AMIGA'S publisher opened up the rusty locks on his bomb-proof wallet and treated us all to a slap-up
day out. Not ones to turn down the chance of wasting someone else's money, we leapt at the chance... DAN SUNGSBY The day began with Dan making a right prat of himself, trying to show of his ten-pin bowling prowess and failing flat on his face and guttering the ball at his first two attempts. A couple of pints later, though, and Dan was in the swing of things (with everyone € ducking out of his way), and he finished up tops [natural bom leader that I am - Ecfl. After that, things rapidly detehorated when we piled into the Ruby In The Dust restaurant for some nosh. By this time, most people were
a bit worse for wear, and Dan had an unfortunate encounter with his publisher in the downstairs toilet which resulted In his jeans taking somewhat of a soaking.
The only problem was, Dan was not totally aware of Garry's dirty deed and proceeded to come to work in the same pair of jeans the next day.
He's now got a rather jaded opinion on senior management!
JON SLOAN Jon had his sensible hat on during our day out and snootily sat by himsell while the rest of the team were stuffing their faces with all manner of Tex- Mex grub and generally having a good time. At least, that's what he'd like you to believe. The truth is a rather more sordid affair, with Jon proceeding to drink everyone under the table, ordering champagne by the bucket full while Garry wasn't looking (which we've somehow got to pass off as a legitimate business expense!), and doing his best Enc Morcambe impressions to passers-by in the street After falling asleep at the table
(before which he muttered something about taking a mid-afternoon nap and could we tuck him up in bed. Please), we decided to put the Northern lager fiend on the next slow train home, whereupon he promptly had his first encounter with a rolling pin from his just-married wife. Domestic bliss!
HEATHER TURLEY Heather took the day off, rather than mixing it with the beer boys of CU.
She can't kid us though, we know she’s not really pregnant and that bulging turn is really an unfeasibly large beer belly from all those boozy lunches she sneaks in when no-one's looking. Actually, while writing this pack of lies, I've suddenly become all maudlin and sad as this is the very last issue of CU AMIGA that Heather will work on as she's about to become a mum. Things just wont be the same anymore - no more threats of grievous bodily harm if we don't finish a feature in time, or wacks around the ear-hole for coming in late after the register's been called! But joking apart, everyone
at CU Amiga would Nke to wish Heather and her soon-to- be-born sproglet all the best tor the future. Thanks for all the effort you've put into CU Amiga over the last few months - it’s been greatly appreciated.
AMIGA WORKSH BACKCHAT THE FAR SIDE Dan's the guilty party when It comes to the non-appearance of the Hyperbook tutorial. He forgot to commission it! Still, ha s made amends this Issue. This Isn't the only example of Dan's forgetfulness - the fresh-laced Editor recently left £50 sticking out of a cssh-polnt machine! I don't know, we pay him too much... EQUATION EDITOR In replying to S.P. Buckley's letter (p. 176 June issue), you said that it was possible to gel an equation editor for Ihe Amiga. I am desperately looking tor a WP with this feature tor writing my University reports. Can you tell
me where to get the program you reler to? At the moment it seems I might have to draw the equations in Dpaint and import them as graphics.
Arthur Laughton, Sheffield.
Like to see a DTP package if possible and maybe another music package to the standard of your OctaMed giveaway last year Don’t want much, do I?!
Ed Sawyer, Exmouth.
I’m glad you're enjoying the lull- price software we've been giving away.
And don’t worry, we're certainly not going down to one disk In the foreseeable future and will continue to give away commercial software lor at long as we can atford It.
It's doubtful you'll see either Easy AMOS or AMOS 3D as covermounts just yet, aa the two titles are still clocking up respectable retail TONY MORGAN Never having experienced a CU day out, Tony didn't know quite what to expect. He still hasn't fully recoveredl What little he can remember, he's still too embarrassed to talk about so we thought we better enlighten him through these very pages. When we told him over dinner that Lord EMAP had decided to double his pay overnight and give him a company car, our Tone was overcome with emotion and it was hugs all round and 'Yersh my besht mates, yoush
Funnily enough, his mood changed quite dramatically when we told him it was all a pack of lies - never could take a joke, that's what we say!
Nevertheless, Tone soon recovered (and was able to regain the use ol his teet and stagger to the next pub) and spent the rest of the night enthralling us all by playing No Limit’s latest hit with a spoon on a couple of empty beer bottles. Very sad.
Yes Indeed. There Is a text editor which can handle proper super and sub scripts which goes by the name of TeX (pronounced "tael. It also has a resume of integral, differentiation, Laplace and virtually every other mathematical symbol you could possibly Imagine. This used to be carried by a great many dealers, but it Is not quite so easy to find these days. Try UnlTeX Systems on 0423 520902 and make sure you tall them It’s the Amiga version you are after. Thera Is a PD version, but only on the PC, but you may be able to run It under an emulator. It’s called EmTex and is available from Eiglen
on 0793 611270.
I have searched every issue ot your magazine (or at least the ones I have got) and can't lind a review ot a decent basketball game anywhere! I already have TV Sports Basketball and I think that the only thing which makes this game good are the options (ot Which there are a lot). The actual game has good graphics and the sound is just about OK, too.
But when playing I find it irritatingly slow and frustrating The game is sometimes easy to beat, but on other ocassons I don't stand a chance. Any recommendations?
James Gilbert, Newcastle-under-Lyme.
Basketball aims are tew and far between on the Amiga. Apart from the Cinemaware game you mention, the only other title I can think of Is Anco’s Tip-Off, a very lacklustre game which sank without trace a couple ol years ago and len t even worth buying at a budget price.
I've certainly been impressed with the standard of your coverdisks in recent months. I'm building up quite a collection ot top-notch utilities with which to bore my wile and children to death. Whatever you do. Don't stop putting them on your coverdisk.
If I'm going to have to tork out £4 tor your tine mag each month, this is one way I get to recoup my outlay Is there any chance of seeing Easy AMOS or AMOS 3D in the near future? I only ask because you recently had both AMOS and AMOS compiler on one disk. I 'd also NICK VEITCH Unfortunately for the rest ot the CU team, Nick has a lead-lined stomach that is impervious to alcohol, sulphuric add, neutron -1 bombs and any thing else you'd care to chuck at it. ¦ 1 Its also a huge bot- tomless pit that can R .., anything that's poured into it. This was especially unfortunate for our wily
publisher who thought everyone would have passed out by 6 o'clock and he could escape with a cheap night out. Nick was hearing none ol it and proceeded to mop up the entire contents ol Garry's wallet plus several credit cards into the bargain. He's subsequently been banned trom any further days out until medical science can otter a creditable reason lor his still being alive. It was certainly back to earth with a bang the next day, though, and one with a very loud reverb too! But remember kids: drinking isn’t clever or anything, irs just plain tun!
Lastly let's have many more DIYs and especially the previously mentioned slow-motion switch.
They are a brilliant way ot burning lingers and blowing fuses around the house I cannot claim that my amplifier met with any degree ot success, but it sure was tun trying! I'd love to get my hands on more ideas Keep 'em coming Tanzeel Ansari, Whoknowswhereland.
Apologies about over-hyping coverdisks, but we do try and bring you the best game demos around. Because of our large circulation, we usually get llrst pick when It comes to the best demos available. I've got to agree with you, though, that the Chuck Rock 2 demo was a bit of a let-down. It wasn't that big a playable slice ot the action by any stretch ot the imagination.
In this partlcuar Instance, though, the coverdisk label was actually produced before we'd seen the completed demo (such are the vagaries of magazine production!), so we had no idea It would be as short as It was.
I also don't think we overmark. If you check out any given Issue, you’ll find a whole range of scores. Only the best get top marks, and If that means awarding a CU AMIGA Superstar to a hyped game, then so be It. Project-X definitely warranted a high-score as It's the best shoot 'em up on the Amiga bar none. Wa ve » sales. II they do become available, though, you can bet CU AMIGA will be there with Its cheque book poised. Just wait until you see what we've got planned tor later on In the yearl COVER UP One thing that constantly annoys me is the way you'll hype a game demo up out ot all
proportions to exactly what's on otter A good example would have been April's Chuck Rock 2 demo which was described as being absolutely HUGE! I can understand why the Goal! Demo had a limit, but I'm sure a platform game could have ottered more. Premiere Jumps to mind as the way things should be done. It was absolutely brilliant. The other disk, by the way, has always surpassed even my expectations - thanks tor providing superb packages which would otherwise have cost an arm and a leg, and a kidney and liver thrown in lor good measure.
Another gnpe I have is the teeling that CU has a predisposition to shower hyped up games with high percentages Pro ect X is a case in point. I had the dubious privilege ot playing the game at a friend's house, but even with the cheat (which made it less tun to play) I could only take a couple ol minutes ot pure mayhem. It was truly an ultimate - but Hawed - experience. But it still garnered tons ol praise. Maybe a little bit more objectivity is needed The percentage points seem to be taring worse than the rouble!
Does the recent merger between Spectrum Holobyte aid Microprose signd the start of a series of sott- wtee house takeovers? It's known that o number ot softies tee on doddedy dodgy finandd ground ot the moment, and that a hk up with a cash-rkh pub- bherwoufclbeone way to survive the eicreosesgty tough IrotBig comMons of the Aieties. Only recently, we ve seen Psyposis gobbled sp by Seay mi Orupt dsoppear erto the bowis of Bectroek Arts. Rumours sweeping the industry spedt of a buying spree from the For East in wiedi maty famous names wi be swept away. Keep watching.
INSIDE INFORMATION A WORKSHOP LETTER OF THE MONTH ON THE sasmu least once a week. II enough readers write In, perhaps we'll reinstate the column. As lor board numbers, here's some ol the most popular Amiga BBS names and numbers: I have become addicted to the world ol comms ever since I got my trusty Linnet 24 Modem a couple ol weeks ago. I have been logging on to all sorts ol weird places and chatting to various Sysops and enjoying every minute ol it.
Unfortunately. I can't download anything, as most of the boards I phone are not aimed at Amiga users. Could you please tell me some Amiga BBS numbers north and south ol the border?
Also, are you going to introduce a comms section In your already excellent magazine?
Yours saving up lor the next phone bill... Jeft Cronkshaw. Kincardineshire, Scotland.
We Introduced a Comms section last year, but It wasn't very popular and was subsequently dropped. Our recent survey also showed little support lor Ihe sub|ect, which Is a pity as everyone In the office logs-on at 01 For Amiga 061 Developments Amiga Forgery Chiba City ClitfNet End Zone Guru 10 Junction 9 Mendian Amiga Needful Things Ponty Protocol Rock Lobster Saxon 071 377 1358 061 799 4922 0908 604229 0501 44262 0642 467324 0524 752245 0738 52063 0372 278000 0273 588924 0495 245151 0443 409882 0403 272931 0462 679524 0273 308800 0625 828795 0232 768163 Theatre West End Yukon Hoi expect
clubs to keep us Informed of their progress, otherwise we ll withdraw the sub.
Only fair. I'm sure you'll agree.
Actually marked the enhanced version (reviewed this issue) down somewhat, as Team 17 have made it too easy lor our liking now.
Some months ago. I sent in an entry lor your Club Call section ol the magazine Details about my club. City Centre Amiga Club, were printed in the December issue, lor which I thank you very much.
I'm not moaning about that, it's just that you promised a Iree subscription to the magazine lor any ol the groups published. Well, we haven't received one. And I'm writing to ask il this situation can be put right Sean Corrigan, City Centre Club.
Sorry you never received your subscription.
Your first Issue should be with you as I write this. What I would like to make clear though, Is that the subscription Isn't entirely free. We I am a university student and I am learning physics. As you might expect, there are lots ol Pcs in our school. On them we use a maths program called Mathematics which calculates some complex calculations (like integrals, differentiations, etc). Alter using this program fairly extensively on the PC and Macintosh computers, I wondered il Wolfram Research (the people behind the program) were planning an Amiga version, so I wrote to them to find out.
They replied that: 'At the current time we are not planning an Amiga version. We don't have enough interested people to make such a port viable. This may change in the future with more people, like yourself, writing in and expressing interest in a version.’ A computer lives as long as its users support il Unfortunately, the Amiga is seen as a games machine and that annoys me. II Amiga users showed a bit ol interest and wrote to Wolfram Research expressing their interest in this program, then maybe they would entertain producing an Amiga version ol what is an excellent program.
I know I am not alone in this There must be other Amiga owners interested in this subject. If you are, please wnte to Wolfram Research Europe Ltd., at: Evenlode Court, Main Road, Long Hanborough, Oxon, OX8 2LA, United Kingdom and express an opinion.
Slnan Gurkan, Turkey.
GAMES FRENZY I read your Which Computer? Feature in the May edition of your magazine, and on the whole I found it very interesting and accurate I especially liked the sarcastic comments about the idiot proor Apple Mac Classic.
However, I thought that the games rating lor the Acorn A3010 was a bit strange. It received a lower mark than the black-and-almost-white Mac Classic. It simply escapes me how a machine with a small blocky black-and-white screen can possibly outdo a 256-colour TV-compatible machine like the Acorn A3010. Alter all, I can't see Lotus Turbo 2, James Pond, Populous, Zool, Nebulus, Oh No More Lemmings. SWIV, Paradroid 2000.
Gods. Hero Quest, Chuck Rock. Manchester United Europe or Battle Chess on the Apple Mac What the reviewer also seems to have ignored is the wide range ol games that are only available on Acom RISC machines such as Chocks Away, Saloon Cars Deluxe, Technodream, Microdrive and Chopper Force to name but a lew And does the Apple Mac have games like Sensible Soccer, The Chaos Engine, Xenon 2 and Speedbalt 2 under development? I think not1 How can the Acom A3010 come out joint WORST with the Atari Falcon ol all machines? I think that the reviewer seriously underestimated the Acom 32 bit gaming scene
The Macintosh Classic II is a good business machine - Claris Works. Pagemaker and so on are very powerful packages, but lor games it does not quite cut the mustard. A colour screen may help and a decent blitter chip or a last RISC processor to take care of graphic operations would be ol great benefit.
Allstair Brown, Strathclyde.
Yes, we got a bit carried away with the Classic's gameplaylng capabilities, didn't we?!
The Acom Is a lar belter games machine, although It's definitely not In the same league as the Amiga. The only reason why the Classic got such a hefty vole was because we all play Spectra over our networked Mac system. This Is a 3D shoot 'em up which takes place In an enclosed arena, the Idea being to blow each other to smithereens. Excellent fun and one reason why the magazine's late each month!
But don't tell our publisher... CD CONSOLE I'm getting very enthusiastic about the new Amiga CD console that’s about to be released. Although I've only read a few details so far, things are looking good I'm an Adventure and RPG fan. So the INSIDE INFORMATION Soar gropes by Sega, wethMu, wrtti tlw recent mnouncemectt of a 32-bit CD console due for iaundi_ in 19951 funrJy enough, thee announcement ¦ trade paper, CTW, coskxM wM tW urtvefcg of Commodore's new modene to the computer press. But ol's fas in love and war and when they My do launch their modene, theyl most Beefy find the maritef
aheady overcrowded. What has to be a fantasy, though, is Atari's dam that they've aeiefy finished development worit on a 64- bit cuesale that! Come in of a competitive price.
WeLHmadeosla ti possibility ol only having to bother about one disc Irom now on instead of zillions ol floppies has greatly gladdened my heart. It also means, I hope, that we'll see a bit ol a renaissance with both genres The recent introduction ol the SEGA MegaCD.
And its multi-trillion advertising campaign, really shows up Commodore's lack ol commitment or support lor the CDTV and the A570 CD drive. It's like owners ol the latter two machines have been shoved on a raft in the middle ol the Pacific and told to row home without a paddle. The possibilities and potential ol CD-ROM is unbelievable, and while I’m not happy with Commodore's efforts in supporting the end user, they have at least attempted to put CD technology across as a multi- media environment rather than SEGA's whoopee-where-has-my-intelligence-gone attitude It makes me mad to think ol
the money they must be making out ol their new machine. The Cds are tar too expensive - £49.99 lof a CD which costs less than a quid to manulacture is highway robbery, but will bolster SEGA's cotters so that they can run even more TV ads and sell even more pieces ot kit.
Think about it. A CD can hold a huge amount ot information and the possibilities are endless as tar as I can see. It's not just a platform for games There's a real potential lor revolutionising teaching Discs could contain pictures, sounds, diagrams, animations, full motion video excerpts, practically anything to get the message across.
You could pack the entire National Curriculum on one disc if you really wanted and it would be a much more fun way to learn than some boring text book and an even more boring teacher. Instead of blasting evil wizards to death in yet another bog- standard platform game, we could be learning and developing new skills in an interactive and fun way When the new Amiga CD console is released and drives made available lor the computers I hope software firms bear this in mind. Not that I want to be accused ol being a dullard -1 enjoy a good intelligence-zapping blast the same as anyone else, it's
just that I'd hate the Amiga to be classed the same as a Megadrive as this would be the ultimate humiliation.
Allan McLeod McDonald, Preston.
INSIDE INFORMATION Acdrim know when they're on to a good ring.
Fresh from the success of their never-endng trie of WWF games, (tie firm hove signed a new ded with the Wocfd Wresting Federation which effectively lies up the Scence unit the end of the century. The deed covers di eiteroctive meda. Hcfsdhig cartridge, arcade gattes and floppy dbks. This has truly qioo- deeed IM hearts of everyone here of CU AMIGAas such was the ootstowfag ienEty of the last two Amina games, that we canhcedfy wart to get ow teeth nto the next series of releases. Let's hope they come up with some BIG eigxovements.
Well, as you'll now know after reading this month's news pages, the CDTV Is virtually history now that the CD AMIGA console has been launched. Fortunately, Commodore claim that 60 per cent of CDTV titles will be compatible with the new machine. I’m In total agreement with you about SEGA's Mega CD -1 haven't seen a decent game so lar. Great ads, thoughl HOW OLD'S DAN PART 2?
I've been doing a bit of research to find out how ok) Dan really is by re-reading all my old CU AMIGAs. Now, Dan (Oined CU in June 1990 (I think), so he's been with the mag more than three years. He's also mentioned that he's got a degree and a post-graduate diploma, so that's another lour years at least. I then came across a piece in which he said that he's had a couple of years on the dole and also worked on a bicycle magazine.
Toting all this up, you get a grand total of approximately 10 years.
Now. Add that little lot onto the usual entry age to University (18) and you get the grand old age of
28. So that's my guess and I daim the free bundle of software
Charlie Slicker, Manchester.
Close, but no tomato. Entries have ranged from 18 to (somewhat unrealistlcally) 48, but no-one's cracked It yet. Still, great piece of detective work. Maybe we ll have a winner next month.
Club Ttopicana drinks are free... fun and computers, there’s enough for everyone... DISK AUSTRALIA For a different perspective on the Amiga scene, you might want to take a look at Disk Australia, a 16-page magazine that comes with four supporting disks. Until recently, distribution has been limited to Australia, but there's now a growing international membership.
The four disks cover most aspects of the Amiga, from games through to the technical side, including DIY projects, hardware reviews, game cheats and various features. UK members can get the disks and mag for £7 per issue.
Contact: Disk Australia, PO Box 418, Cowandllla 6033, South Australia, Australia.
NORWICH MASKED HEROES What do you reckon on that name then? No, it s not the local balaclava helmet dub. But a band of enthusiastic Amiga users (is there a difference?)
All their correspondence is earned out via their own disk mag.
With no bias to any particular subjects, it caters for most enthusiasts. There are the usual artides on all things Amiga, with a few real world' features too, which help to break it up. To be frank, the standard of writing in the reviews is well below par, but as it s all very informal anyway, it doesn't really matter. Contact names and addresses are induded on the disk, and there s a lot of encouragement lor you to get off your bum and get involved. For £2.50 you can become a member, which gets you the current issue of the diskmag, and mailouts every now and then with news of forthcoming
Contact: K. Frary, 22 Russell Avenue, Splxworth, Norwich, Norfolk NR10 3NY.
NOTHING BUT AMOS If a few pages in CU AMIGA every month isn't enough to satisfy your lust for AMOS info, take a NULL AND VOID We are two Amiga owners in distress! Maybe, just maybe, you can help!!
Recently, we parted with £9 of our hard-earned cash to buy a Null Modem cable. This wonderful device allows us to link up two Amigas via the senal port and play dual games on Lotus T urbo Challenge and Stunt Car Racer These already incredibly good games were utterly transformed and we soon found ourselves battling it out to the death on Stunt Car racer and making three other drivers eat dust on Lotus, Daniel Mortimer, Maidenhead.
Off the top of our heeds, we could only think of Falcon, Populous Populous 2, Powermonger look at this new diskmag. It's dedicated completely to AMOS - It's even written in AMOSI News, reviews, previews and tutorials account for most of the content. These are read from a simple but dull text viewer, which can also play music modules and display IFF graphics. Some articles are aimed at beginners, while others are written with more advanced users in mind. If you're the type who can go on about AMOS till the cows come home, you’ll be in your element with this disk.
At the moment. NB AMOS is still in its first issue, but within a few months, it'll probably be twice the size, and twice the value You can either buy issues separately lor £2.50. or stump up the £24.00 annual subscription rate for 12 issues.
Contact: NB AMOS. 64 Western Avenue, Prudhoe, Northumberland, NE42 6PA.
.%AN ,mp,NTiR- If you still can't find a club that's right for you, maybe you should get hold o! The AUGI Register.
Compiled by Computer and Design Services, it's a massive list of Amiga clubs that spans the globe As well as the UK contingent, there are organisations from North and South Africa.
Australia, Canada and Europe. The disk is available the address below for £1.50 (including post and packing).
Contact: Computer and Design Services, Dept PD, 24 Blackmoor Croft, Tile Cross, Birmingham. B33 OPE. Tel: 021 779 6368.
AMOS X-TASY PD As a dub. X-TASY PD doesn t exist yet, but they're on the lookout for members. Already established as a PD library. X-TASY are trying to get hold of as many AMOS users as possible, and hope to set up a network of members who can swap code, sound samples, graphics and so on, and give each other advice when problems arise. If you fancy becoming pan of the fledgling club (whether you're a beginner or an experienced user), get in touch with them pronto.
Contact: X-TASY PD, 6 Heysbank Road, Olsley, Stockport, Cheshire, SK12 2BJ.
And Vroom, but thanks to a message we put out on Clx, we got the following additional list: Global Eflocls, Knights ot Ihe Sky, Powerdrome, Days ot Thunder, Perfect General, Robosport, Flight ot the Intruder, Battle Chess and Air Warriors (the multi-link modem game). There, that little lot should keep you busy for a while, and If anyone knows of any others, do let us know.
With the bottom ol the page rapidly coming up to meet me, I'm just left with enough room lo say keep those letters coming. We read each and everyone ot them, and en|oy reading your thoughts on the magazine. Send your letters to: CU AMIGA, Priory Court, 30-32 Farrlngdon Lane, London, EC1R 3AU. Tal Recently developers have been steering away from porting PC adventure games onto the Amiga.
Jon Sloan laments this change and asks whether the new Amiga CD32 console will change all that.
I've been involved in the games scene for many years now. Both as a consumer and, more recently, as a journalist. This duality has allowed me to gain insights into the workings of the industry that most games players simply don’t have the opportunity to get.
RPG FOR ME As an ardent fan of adventure games I have long hovered over making a decision whether or not to buy a PC. It's not that I think that they're better machines, they patently are not, it's just that all the really great adventure games appear first on the PC Recently Microprose released the fantastic Legacy on PC: it's received rave reviews in all the mags and I must say it looks wonderful However, it's going to be many months before it hits an Amiga and even when it does there's no guarantee that it will even be half the size or half as good.
Another worrying trend is that many developers seem to be dropping the Amiga completely when it comes to new RPGs Take the recent Atone in the Dark game from Infogrammes. At first glance it's nothing too new - a third person perspective 30 adventure - but doser inspection reveals a game ol stunning graphics and even better gameplay It uses odd choices of camera angles and a forced perspective to generate an incredible amount of atmosphere Our sister magazine PC Review rated it 9 10 which, on their marking scale, is unprecedented. Unfortunately it won't appear on the Amiga. Even if that
doesn’t appeal to you what about the third game in the Monkey Island series? If any game epitomises fun adventuring that is it and it's been phenomenally successful on the Amiga, yet there are no plans for the third game to make it onto our favourite machine.
I'd like to know whyl It's not that the Amiga has worse graphic capabilities. Now that we've got the AGA chip set there simply is no excuse.
What about the sound? Again, base machine for base machine the Amiga outperforms any PC - you're looking at upwards of £80 just to install a decent sound board.
BAD MEDICINE Software houses have long argued that piracy has been one ot the main reasons that games don't appear on the Amiga. Evidence the fact that the majority of PC games are hard disk installable, especially the adventures, yet many Amiga ones are not. They claim that it makes it easier to pirate a game when it is installable But their reti- cence in doing so has not stopped piracy has it? If you’re worried about piracy you can still use ingenious manual or map based copy protection if you put your mind to it. Of course, the majority of PC- based adventures have to be installed on
hard disk. It can be organised like this because Pcs come with hard disks as standard It wouldn't work in the Amiga market simply because, for the lower spec machines, hard drives are optional extras.
On that subject, I have spent many wasted hours of my time frantically fumbling for disk number 8 or 9 or whatever (all the time wishing I'd had the sense to save up tor a hard disk). It seems to be an accepted convention in the adventure genre that games must come on multiple disks Obviously, they involve complex plots and detailed graphics so you need a large amount ot memory to store and run them. The down side is that we all have to live with multiple disk swapping. That wouldn't be so bad if programmers had the foresight to write games so that you didn't need to insert a disk just so
the processor could access about 50 bytes of inlo before asking for the previous disk back.
GET TO THE POINT However, I do see light at the end of the tunnel (or dungeon). Let me pose a little question - what will happen to adventure games if there existed a machine with AGA capability with a virtually infinite storage capacity that needed one disk? The logical answer would be that they will explode. Well, we now have that machine, launched towards the end of August the CD32 could herald a new age tor adventure games. Think about it - 256.000 colours on screen, 68020 processor, single disk with huge storage capacity - and you must see that this is the machine that Amiga adventurers
have been waiting for.
BACK TO THE FUTURE There are hundreds of PC adventure games already in existence that could very easily be ported across onto the CD. That's an amazing backlog of games to start on Plus, there are dozens ot new games in production. Best of all I have it on good authority that CD pricing is going to average out at about £29.99 Compare that to PC games where the average price is now closer to £40 or £45. And the new console is going to be prtced at £299 - less than one third of the price of a decent spec PC.
Anyway, the real point ot this article is a plea to developers everywhere Please realise the potential of the CD, support it, develop for it and, for me, write a few decent adventures. Forget the platform romps, ignore the beat 'em ups - they're all short lived phenomena anyway - an adventure lives for longer and gives you the potential to snare older players with a greater disposable income Think about itl 25 Don't you think these images speak for themselves J anua B nssue.
".. compared Rombo and Digiview digitisers extensively. To summarize them...I judged the Rombo results to be more consistent and have the edge on quality !" % NewVor.2.0
x. software with AGA chipset sort.
"Vidi 12 gives unequalled results for anything within £200 of its price....Forget the competition. If you can afford Vidi 12, buy it.
If you can’t afford it, borrow it from someone who can !"
If you want the ultimate quality images at a price you can afford then there is only one choice... Vidi Amiga 12. The Video Digitiser that all others follow!
Now supports all new A1200 modes up to a maximum resolution of 704 x 566, has improved animation features with enhanced user interface.
, w onlyt sii VS4 Jason Decemfl "Vidi Amigal2 ... The best value digitiser on the market !"
PRINTOUT - mJ * I mi'i ms % j* ky ¦¦ V it
Information call: (44) 0506 414631 or Fax (44) 0506-414634
Rombo Productions Ltd. Kirkton Campus, Livingston, SCOTLAND,
(UK), EH54 7AZ.
A Just awesome!... best Mega Drive game I've ever seen or played!» PAUL GLANCEY Megalech (UK) it Flashback... outperforms Another World - it’s by far the deeper game of the two a This game has no equal in its field » DOMINIC DIAMOND Gamesmasler TV Series (UK) CIARAN BRENNAN Games Retailer (UK) THE CRITICS HAVE CAST THEIR VOTE- FLASHBACK IS THE WINNER n ...there's over two-thirds of the year left and I can honestly state that Flashback is the game of the year! » SIMON BYRON The One Amiga (UK) availabSe for your Sega Mega Drive, PC & Compatibles and Amiga Creadon and Development: Delphlne
Software International 1993 Delphine Software International. 1993 U.S. OoM Ltd. All right* reserved. -SEGA* and 'MEGA OfllVE' are trademark* ol Sega Enterpriaes Ltd.
RO PROCESSOR PACKAGE a Just awesome!... best Mega Drive game I've ever seen or played!» PAUL GLANCEY Megatech (UK) a ...there's over two-thirds of the year left and I can honestly state tt-ct Flashback is the game of the year* n SIMON BYRON The One Amiga UK AMIGA ApjQC-ALYPSE ul) or your Sega Mega Drive ompatibles and Amiga YOUR ilAitO 9WV5J, filEi’ IUIiT 1 wSO AVAILABLE IN WHITE AT £199.99 2 Twis ,S JZJL • AMIGA SPECIALISTS 3 orders of PD sent same day by first class post, postagespackag- SOUTH LINCS PD,(CU), 10 LINDEN RISE, BOURNE, LINCS PE10 9TD. TEL: 0778 393470 .
4 HAMS - The even quirkier way in which newer Amigas (A1200,A4000) can display up lo 262.144 colours.
5 SO Nozzle Head - _ Whisper Quiet 47dB(A) |
• 8K Printer Butler
• RAM Card Options
• 3 Fonts Built-in
• Optional HP Compatible Font Cards
• ParaBel and Serial Interface
• Graphics Resolution.
300•300dpi 6
• HP DesK et Plus Emulation 7
• 2 Year Warranty

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