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What I’m trying to say with this biographical detail is that although I'm the new 'boss’ I’ve actually been around tor years! GROWING During my tenure I've witnessed the Amiga become central to Commodore’s continued prosperity. But that's just looking at it from our point ot view. This unique machine also has an irresistible pull for users - millions of them - and we at Commodore should be mindful of the wishes ot the Amiga user base in every strategy we embark upon. That's the prime reason for setting up this column. It's important for users to have access to new developments. And here’s a chance to keep you in touch. But it mustn’t just be a soapbox for Commodore. We want the column to be a dialogue - so continue to write in to CU Amiga with your questions. We’ll try to answer them whenever possible. I'm lucky enough to have taken the helm at Commodore UK at a time when the Amiga range is really taking shape - with something to suit everyone's needs and finances. At the bottom end the Amiga 600 is unbelievably affordable for those looking for an introduction to technology, the Amiga 1200 is a big step up yet still stunningly inexpensive while the Amiga 4000 range promises a configuration for everyone requiring high powered 32-bit‘computing. In fact. I've been amazed by the sales achieved by Amiga 4000s in the last few weeks. We sold out of machines at the beginning of May! The Amiga 1200 just surges onward After surprising ourselves with sales ol 44,000 before last Christmas we set a target of selling 200. 000 this year It was bullish at the time but already we re well on schedule. UPGRADING It just proves the strong desire of Amiga users to upgrade. This is something we are fully aware of and want to encourage wherever It is possible and practical for us to do so. Hence our latest trade-in offer. From now until June 30 you'll be able to purchase an Amiga At 200 for 2299. 99 when traded in with a working Amiga 500 or Amiga 500 Plus (only through independent retailersj. That's a saving of C100I! This is a logical step for the Amiga community.

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Document sans nom WHY YOU’LL BE WATCHING MOVIES ON YOUR AMIGA UlktfltAUNMMTftf AMIGA THE PATRIClM jjjumh JULY £3.95 USS6.95 CASS.95 DM20 PTA995 LI 3600 ASCH170 A* [MAP PUBLICATION REALMS OF ARKANIA, VOL. 1 Whether you're a wizard with words or you spefl Xylophone w«h a Z. youi love the mapcal piece ot programming from U S Gold Scrabble lor your screen ChaBenge up to 3 Inends or take on the rrvgw Of the computer solo 12 skill levels to lest seasoned pro’s or most Successful rote playing senes has a mynad of features that make RPG one mass ve cnaienge.
Over 400 hours of gameprtay Stunning graphics Chambers Official Scrabble Dictionary • over 134.000 words' Pie* out factty to rrtam Inal board layou Computer Scrabble tor those who en jy (VGA S50h mm memory Hard Dnve MiQh Density Supports AdLib"* and Armga. Alan ST and PC * CompaWle* (VGA • 640k mm memory Hard Dnve.
High Densrty Supports AdL* '“ and (EGA. VGA. Minimum memory required 640k Supports AdLPand SoundBlaster
o into the cockpit of X Wmg Starlighter and battle for freedom
The galaxy is being plundered by the Dark Side, and you are
desperately needed by the Rebel Alliance. Take the controls of
the X-Wing Starlighter • now! Experience the incredible realism
ot polygon graphics and bit mapped special effects as you fly
against deadly TIE Fighters and menacing Star Destroyers. Be
swept along by the interactive musical score and digitized Star
Wars movre sound effects At last, a new generatlen of space
combat technology to challenge the evil Empire.
Destroy the Emperor's ultimate weapon and end his tyranny.
Available on: PC 8 Compatibles (MCGA. VGA.
Minimum memory required 640k and High Density Disk Dnve required.
Supports AdLib1” SoundBlaster. ProAudio .Spectrum and Roland. Dos 3.1 or higher).
U. S. Gold and LucasArts Games present two thrilling versions of
this feature game to test your nerve and brainpower • Indy and
the Fate of Atlanta Adventure and NEW GENERA COMBAT SIMULATOR
Act on The Acton game dahes out afl the excitement you can
handle m a breathless race against uni.
The Graphic Adventure game tests your grey matter with some of the toughest puzzles yet Individually, the re the hottest property this side ol Atlantis Together they're the ultimate Indy Experience Action A Adventure Available on: Amga and PC & Compatibles (EGA. VGA MCGA. 640k required. Hard Drrve.
High Density Supports AdU SoundBlaster and Roland S Action onty.
Alar, ST. Amstrad (128k only) & C64 cassette & disk. Spectrum (128k only) So you think you can handle something heavier than a lightweight computer game.
Pick up some serious software that's solid [ Gold. U.S. Gold, that is.
But be warned. Sparks will fly as you clash with One of the superbly crafted games in our hefty range.
Ij TION III ATOR Whether its Role-Playing, Word Games, Simulation, Adventure, Sports and Action you go for, you'll need real mental muscle to snatch the ultimate victory.
So grab a piece of the thinking person's action with U.S. Gold.
And get some Heavy Metal.
5. K. . ** 0.5. COLD U*. UNIT5 J! 3 “CHXOHOWA*. M Technical
support Hotline 0902-640027 (Mon-Fri) Ki:£* *ots AM CM*
fxiimo 10 m tujsmuw COSC€ M»* KTWHN CtflERfnT fQMMTS K OUHI’Y
A The award winning external disk drive which includes
Anti-Click (cures that annoying click), Virus Blocker
(prevents viruses) and built-in Backup hardware.
The PC880B is available with Blitz Amiga, Blitz and X-Copy or Cyclone compatible (this drive is only available to registered owners of X-Copy Professional. You must provide proof of purchase of X-Copy Professional). The drive comes in a choice of two colours, black or cream.
Scan 100 - 400 DPI in 4096 colours, with the Colour PowerScanner. The scanning software included allows you to edit and manipulate any image you scan.
PC880B WITH BLITZ AMIGA ....£60 PC880B WITH BLITZ, X-COPY ..£75 PC880B (CYCLONE COMPATIBLE) £65 PC880B IN BLACK CASE ...£65 POWER DRIVES PC880E ECONOMY DRIVE ..£49.95 PC881 A500 INTERNAL ....£45 PC882 A2000 INTERNAL ..£45 POWER DUAL DRIVE Two high quality disk drives built into one compact unit, the drive includes the same features as the PC880B disk drive.
POWER DUAL DRIVE £125 BLITZ AMIGA Backup disks at lightning speeds, and stop all external drives from clicking.Blitz does not let viruses from being written into the bootblocker.(The 1988 Copyright act applies) BLITZ AMIGA .£15 FLOPTICAL DISK DRIVE The Floptical stores 20MB of data on a
3. 5" disk (a SCSI interface is required).
FLOPTICAL A2000 KIT ....£289 FLOPTICAL A500 EXTERNAL....£389 COLOUR POWERSCANNER ....£239 POWERSCAN UPGRADES If you consider your scanner system to be inferior to the Power Scqnner, we will upgrade your software and-lnterface.
V3.0 UPGRADE (INC interface, ..£49.95 V3.0 UPGRADE (software, send sae £ 1 5 EPSON GT-L5DD High resolution 24-bit colour flatbed scanning from Epson. Scan up to A4 in size on this 600 DPI scanner. Comes with PowerScan software.
EPSON GT-6500 (inc software) ...£799 EPSON GT-flOOD High resolution 24-bit colour flatbed scanning from Epson. Scan up to A4 in size on this 800 DPI scanner. This is the ultimate in desktop scanning. Comes with PowerScan software.
EPSON GT-8000 inc software) .£1199 TRANSPARENCY ADAPTOR Scan up to 5"x 4" transparencies.
Available for the GT - 6500 and GT - 8000 scanners.
TRANSPARENCY ADAPTOR £589 DOCUMENT FEEDER Automatic 50-sheet document feeder for the GT-6500 and GT-8000 scanners.
DOCUMENT FEEDER ..£399 ALDD MEMORY CARD 1 MB RAM with battery backed clock A600 1MB RAM ...£39.95 PC501+ MEMORY CARD Our RAM board is designed especially for the A500+ computer and comes with 1MB of RAM on-board to expand your memory to 2MB of chip RAM (fits in the trap-door).
The awarding winning PowerScanner is able to scan from 100 - 400DPI in 64 greyscales. The scanning software included allows you to edit and manipulate any image you scan.
PC501+ MEMORY CARD £35.95 1-5MB RAM BOARD Fully supports 1MB of chip RAM and is fully compatible with Fatter Agnus (requires Kickstart 1.3 and above, not compatible with A500 + . Your Amiga needs to be opened, this may effect your warranty).
your A500's memory up to a total of 2MB without disposing of
your existing 512K upgrade (works with 1MB chip RAM, 512K RAM
must be 4 chip type or not exceeding 9cm in length. Your Amiga
needs to be opened, this may effect your warranty).
1MB WITH THRU'PORT .....£49 A500 MEMORY CARD 4 Chip 51 2K RAM expansion with or without battery backed clock.
Free software included (A500+ compatible) I A500 CARD WITH CLOCK .£29 I A500 CARD WITHOUT CLOCK ..£24 I A5DD 8MB POWERBOARD Expand your Amiga from 2MB to 8MB of I RAM. Plugs into side slot, full auto config. I and full through port.
A500 2MB POWERBOARD ....£129 A500 4MB POWERBOARD ....£189 A500 8MB POWERBOARD ....£289 1 X 4 ZIP ..£14.95 A5DDD 6MB POWERBOARD 2MB to 8MB RAM expansion for the A2000 A2000 2MB POWERBOARD £99 A2000 4MB POWERBOARD ...£149 A2000 8MB POWERBOARD ...£239 COMMODORE AMIGA - A wide ronge of AMIGA's are available.
At 200 ..£389 At 200 60MB HD .£569 At 200 80MB HD £599 A1200 1 70MB HD ...£754 At200 212MB HD ..£819 A4000 68040 120MB HD 6MB.E2329 A4000 68030 BOMB HD 4MB ..£1129 A4000 68030 BOMB HD 2MB ....£979 MONITORS A wide range of monitors are available.
• CD sole distributor. Trifecta is SCSI 2 or IDE compatible.
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BBS is o bulletin board service.
Phone 0234 841503. Speeds up to 16.8K SUPRA MODEMS SUPRA FAX MODEM* ill 9 INCLUDING PSU, CABLE AND SOFTWARE) SUPRA FAX MODEM 32BIS ....£249 HOME MUSIC KIT HOME MUSIC KIT .£69.95 MIDI INTERFACE ...£15.95 GVP A530 TURBO HD A 40 Mhz 68030 EC accelerator.
80MB HD 0MB RAM £549 160MB HD 0MB RAM .....£649 200MB HD 0MB RAM ....£699 68882 UPGRADE KIT ......£224 GVP SERIES 5 HD External hard drive for the Amiga 500.
Expand up to 8MB on-board.
80MB HD .....£339 160MB HD ...£409 200MB HD ...£599 EACH 1MB X 8 SIMM £30 CHIPS AND SPARES We stock o wide ronge of parts ond spores.
1MB X 8 SIMM .....£30 4MB X 8 SIMM ...£POA SIMM 32 X 1MB-60 GVP ...£59 SIMM 32 X 4MB-60 GVP .£179 SIMM 32X4 £159 SIMM 32 X 8 £369 256K X 4 DRAM ......£5 1MB X 1 DRAM ..£4.50 1 X 4 ZIP ..£14.95 1 X 4 DIP ..£19.95 PCMCIA 2MB £149 VI .3 KICKSTART ROM ......£24 V2.04 KICKSTART ROM .....£32 FATTER AGNUS 8372 £30 BIG FAT AGNUS 8375 £40 HI-RES DENISE
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Power Computing ltd Unit 8 Railton Rood Woburn Road Ind. Est.
Kempston Beds MK42 7PN Tel 0234 843388 Fa* 0234 840234 Cheques payable to Power Computing Ltd.
Goods are sold subiect lo our standard terms and conditions of sale ond are available on request.
Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.
All trademarks are acknowledged.
All prices indude VAT.
CD 00 to
...£999 1 28MB 3.5" OPTICAL DISK .£39.95 SCSI CONTROLLER
A2000......£1 29 VIDEO BACKUP SYSTEM Use o VCR as a backup
storage device, 200 Amiga floppy disks fit on to a 4Hr tope
which con be used for an alternative hord disk backup system.
Whats more, you con watch television on your 1084S monitor.
VIDEO BACKUP SYSTEM .....£59.95 BARE SCSI HARD DRIVES We can supply SCSI or IDE 3.5' drives in many sizes. These hord drives are suitable for GVP G-Force, GVP or ICD.
80MB ...£179 160MB .£249 200MB .£349 S¦S" IDE INTERNAL HD Miniature hard drives for the A600 A1200 these drives come complete with a cable ond installation software.
60MB INTERNAL HD .£1 79 BOMB INTERNAL HD .£210 130MB INTERNAL HD ......£299 170MB INTERNAL HD ......£365 212»AB INTERNAL HD ......£430 GVP AB0DD HARD CARD High quality SCSI hard card.
BARE .. £129 80MB ...£279 160MB .£349 200MB .£419 AUTO ROM SHARER "AMIGA CONTENTS 28 NOW SHOWING.
Once thought to be out of reach for most Amiga users, Full Motion Video looks set to be so affordable that everyone will have it. We take a look at the technological breakthroughs that've made it possible.
As in the early days of VHS and Betamax development there's a war brewing on the streets as the different formats vie for supremacy.
The market's still wide open, but which one is the better system? Find out here.
From its shaky start on the CD consoles to the machines of tomorrow we predict the future of interactive entertainment. Look right here for the shape of things to come.
147 AMIGA WORKSHOP Your one-step guide to the Amiga returns with more mind melding info to help you get the most from your machine.
Join our team as they boldly go into the depths of the machine to seek out new ideas and explore interesting concepts. This month we start our follow-up tutorial to one of the most popular coverdisks ever, VideoTitler. Plus, we continue our comprehensive Dpaint series with a look at HAM mode and our current DIY project receives the final touch. All the regulars are here, too, bringing you book and video reviews along with more vitriolic outbursts from the pens and printers of our readers.
REGULARS home before visiting Arabia to rescue the princess It s all a breeze with CU.
PRODUCTIVITY REVIEWS See panel on opposite page ART GALLERY From comic art to cartoons, we've got every thing covered in this month’s Art Gallery. Art in your lace!
PD SCENE The Public Domain goes game crazy this month as we give you the lowdown on the latest offerings. Plus, demos from Cynostic and Cryptobumers.
PO UTILITIES If you're into video this month’s top utility will be for you - every bit of video software you II ever need. Also on offer are an excellent spreadsheet lor budding accountants and a typing tutor for would-be secretaries.
NEWS Commodore losses get bigger!
Sony snap up Psygnosis m multi-million deal.
New Judge Dredd game on the way Third Man Utd game announced by Krisalis.
( COVERDISKS See panel on opposite page.
36 THE CU AMIGA INTERVIEW We visit Great Valley Products to talk to Gerard Bucas about the Amiga. GVP and innovation.
I GAME PREVIEWS See panel on opposite page 48 GAME REVIEWS See panel on opposite page I SMALL TIPS The latest smash hits receive the cheating treatment this issue. Help your Vikings get 96,235 July-0«c 1992 RIAL As we reported in the last issue of CU AMIGA.
Full Motion Video has finally tome to the Amiga.
This exciting breakthrough, at a fraction of the cost of other systems, has lar reaching implications lor most Amiga users. No!
Only will you be able to manipulate data in completely new ways, but you’ll also be able to view the latest Schwarzenegger movie via your computer as well as playback video Cds and the like With Commodore putting the final touches lo their new generation of CD machines, you’ll soon be able to play the game, watch the movie and listen to the hit single all from the same entertainment system. For more information, turn to the start of our lead feature on page 28.
In other news. Commodore International have posted record losses of $ 177.6 million lor the Quarter ending March 31st. As well as an operating loss of $ 42 million, another $ 135 million has been wnlten oft due lo the radical restructuring of the company. Of this, almost $ 65 million accounts lor writedowns on the value of old 16-bit technology as well as a scaling down of fheir US operations. It's not as ominous as it sounds, however, as Commodore s new flagship machine, the A1200. Has been selling in record numbers (especially in the UK), and the imminent launch ol their new CD-based games
machine will turther reinforce their market share. More news on page 8.
Elsewhere in the mag, we've got a full lour-page review ol Bullfrog s latest game.
Syndicate, suiting on page 48. This is one of the most violent games ever released on the Amiga, with a body count in the stratosphere Alongside this, we've also blagged an exclusive interview with the boss ol GVP. Gerrard Bucas. Who's got some pretty interesting views about the Amiga And as il that little lot wasn't enough to whet your appetite, there's also our comprehensive Amiga Workshop section wherein we present step-by-slep guides to all Ibe mosl popular programs on the Amiga.
So what are you waiting lor? Don't take my word tor it. Dive In and see tor yourself. See you next month.
Tichnkai iom* Net Veer moowctkm unto* HwtoerTttocy ST AW WrfTU Tcuiy ?torgo" f IDCTOR Gcnfcr Banicfc 1 BroocrAeJd & Kerredy KICUTTVI Chris Fwo Kiero Roche AD 9 Gym, Robin Rynr managino Idftor Stow tomes I NKT ISSUE ON SALI19TH JULY ABC ¦ Gerry Wilora O OFF THE CUFF PAGE 16 FIRST IMPRESSIONS SYNDICATE AIRBUS USA BODY BLOWS ENHANCED CREATURES MORPH SINK OR SWIM SUPER CAULDRON WAR IN THE GULF DUNE 2 BATTLE ISLE '93 ROBOCOD A1200 ISHAR 2 SPACE LEGENDS VFM SMALL TIPS TROLL’S HEAD Venture Into the Inhospitable deserts ol Dune with Tony GUI on page 66. But don't WAR IN THE GULF COMPO let him hog all
the water.
• ir ssmi&vs PRODUCTIVITY REVIEWS The best just got better!
Enhance your sampling capabilities with DSS8+.
We take an exclusive look on page 117. Plus, the first external high density floppy drive receives the lull treatment on page 109. The buyer's guides continue with DTP and joysticks coming under the microscope on pages 124 and 128.
96 CYCLONE UTILITY 97 MOUSE 400 97 CLIP ART - WESTERN MOVIES PLANT IMAGES WORDWORTH VOLS 3-7 98 A1200 PRIMA CLOCK 98 PANDORA'S CD 100 FRACTUALITY 2 104 ANIMATION FEATURE 106 EDUCATION ROUND-UP 109 POWER XL DRIVE 110 M1200XA BOARD 113 PAGESTREAM COMPO 114 AMIBACK & TOOLS 117 DSS8+ 120 VISTAPRO 3 124 BUYER'S GUIDE TO DTP 128 BUYER’S GUIDE TO JOYSTICKS SCIIffCN SCIN1 GAME REVIEWS GAME It's the game that you've all been waiting for. Will Bullfrog's latest be their greatest? Find out when you join the Syndicate on page 48. It's also time to return to role player's heaven with the long-awaited
sequel to Ishar. We bring you full reviews. Still worried about the lack of A1200 games? Fear not as two of the hottest Amiga games, Robocodand Body Blows, get enhanced.
44 48 56 59 59 62 62 63 64 66 70 70 72 74 76 85 87 91 PAGE 21 Megalomania received a new treatment this month with a fully playable demo of Ascon's chart topping trading game. After a stunning six-month run at the top of the German charts it’s finally made it. To the UK game scene. Will it do the same here?
Find out as you venture back to mediaeval Germany to take control of amember of the Flanseatic League, Europe's first trading community. It’s your job to progress through the League in an attempt to gam absolute control by becoming the Patrician. In our exclusive demo you'll be able to take a look around the town, visiting the various shops and banks, before recruiting a crew to undertake your first trading assignment. If you want to play dirty that's up to you as all manner of devious tricks are available.
Also up for testing is a circuit from Team 17's new racing game, FI Challenge. Start your engines.
Fed up with that boring old Workbench? Can't handle all those files? Then this coverdisk is for you. Workbench Management System is a simple to use yet powerful utility that provides you with a whole host of tools to make interaction with Workbench as easy as pie. WMS allows you to manipulate files, archive data, and keep track of all those important events and appointments.
In addition, there's a text editor for simple word processing, two telephone books for business and personal use, an archiver for file compression and an info function that gives you the gen on error codes and DOS commands.
Best of all, WMS is completely user-configurable so you can add your own utilities.
PLUS, disk 60 also comes with the latest Virus Checker and a couple of useful programs for hard drive userfS.and disk compilers.
CommiSKS There's treats galore on this month's two amazing coverdisks. With WMS, the latest Virus Checker and tools lor hard drive users and disk compilers, plus an exclusive look at a chart topping sim and Team 17's latest game there really Is something lor everyone. Don't miss out.
DISK 60 Commodore International have just announced heavy third quarter losses amounting to $ 177.6 million, bringing the year's deticit to $ 273.6 million! This compares against the same period last year when the company reported a protit ol $ 49.5 million.
Sales (ell trom the $ 770.3 million which was recorded lor the nine-month period up to March ot last year, to $ 5112 million (or the same period this year In the U.S.A. third party manufacturers also saw the value of their stocks slump when the news was announced, but after the initial shock, it seems that the market has now settled down.
One American industry pundit commented Well, it's a good idea for Commodore to clear the decks now so that they can build upon their new machines, rather than operating under the shadow of their old stock.’ SCALA CROSSES THE LINE Multi-media presentation specialists, Scala UK. Are working in conjunction with distributors Meridian to offer Scala Protesaional 1.0 owners a greal value upgrade oiler!
Scala Pro 1.0 was bundled with a large namber ol A3000 packs, but wben Commodore released Ike A4000 they sold olf their surplus Scala stocks at bargain basement pnces.
For only £14.95.1 0 owners can send back Ibeir existing disks in eicbange lor whicb they’ll receive Scala Pro 1.13. Although Scala Pro is aimed al professionals on a budget (unlike the £500 Scala multimedia package) it still normally retails lor a substantial £199.95. The latest version includes lues for all known bugs in the earlier program and also includes support tor IFF sound samples and tunes saved in mod lormat (such as those produced by Soundtracker compatible programs) Scala Prolessional 1.13 also produces much smoother transitions and wipes thanks to lb Improved screen
Find out more by ringing 081 543 350 It seems that our source was referring to Commodore's recent restructuring ol their product lines due to the release ol the two A4000 machines and the ultra low cost A1200. These releases have brought about the drastic devaluation ot its older machines, particularly the A500, A600, A3000 and CDTV which have plummeted to less than 60% ot their former value in some cases.
This has not been helped by the harsh economic climate, which has been particularly severe in Germany, traditionally one ol Commodore's largest markets.
A sustained assault from the consoles, particularly the Sega Megadrive and Super Nintendo, to say nothing of the continued dominance of the PC market, has also eroded Commodore's market share at a time when they were already under heavy industry pressure to discount their machines.
NEW VISTAS Meridian Distribution have moved in to till part ol the vacuum left hy the demise ol DMI Pic (formerly HB Marketing) They are now the prime distributors lor Virtual Reality Laboratories Visla products (Vrsu Pm 3.0. Mate Pan and Terraform) They will also be handling their less well known Distant Suns astronomy program.
NEWS Although Meridian already distributed a number ol ASDG (makers ol Arf Department Professional) products they will be expanding Iheir range and will even be selling such specialist items as ft00 drivers for the Epson GT65O0 colour scanner. They may even be slocking Ibe scanners loo. Although nothing has been fiied in that regard.
COMMODORE ANNOUNCE HEAVY LOSSES Contact Meridian on 0B1 543 3500.
PSYGN0SIS TURNS JAPANESE Japanese electronic giants. Sony, have finally ended weeks of industry speculation by formally announcing the acquisition ol Psygnosis.
Sony, who were looking for a base lor their European operation, were first rumoured to by eying up the Liverpool-based software house back in January. According to Psygnosis MD Jonathon Ellis this doesn't spell the end of the company as we know it: Working together with a company of Sony's reputation will allow us to build and develop further our reputation as pioneers of CD technology The prospects tor software do look very good indeed Amongst other things Sony own Columbia Pictures and have their own record label, Sony Music. This means we’re almost guaranteed to see several games based
around their big grossing films and no copynght hassles when it comes to including soundtracks. Current Sony titles on their Imagesoft label include Bram Stoker's Dracula, Sylvester Stallone’s Cliffhanger and The Last Action Hero, all of which are coming out on various Cp formats.
Psygnosis confirmed that they will be continuing to develop for disk-based machines, and. As we predicted two issues ago, both Cliffhanger and The Last Action Hero are making it to the Amiga.
STAR PRICES TUMBLE Although they apparently captured over 24 per cent of the total dot matnx printer market in 1992 93 Star are clearly looking to the future with discounts on two of their colour printers. At £219, the LC-100 was already the cheapest colour dotmatrix printer available, yet Star have decided to go a step further, discounting it to £199. A reduction of £20. The up-market 24 pin LC24-200 colour has undergone a slightly more modest price cut of £16 bringing it down to £333. Contact Star on 0494 471111.
DREDD AGAIN Console giants Acclaim are rumoured to have picked up the rights to what could be the biggest movie blockbuster ol 1994 - Judge Dredd Details are scarce at the moment but the Dim. Which is scheduled to start shooting later this year, is said to have a star studded cast with none other than Sylvester Stallone in the lead role.
Although Acclaim are primarily console publishers. Their home lormats deal with Virgin could mean an Amiga version appearing within a lew months ol the console game Following their excellent conversions ot titles such as Alien J. Probe are hot favourites to develop the Dredd game.
There has been talk ol a Judge Dredd movie lor many years now. And with the character's ever-growing popularity both here and in America, he could well turn out to be the best British eiporl since Anthony Hopkins. Opinion is mixed in the CU AMIGA office about whether Stallone is a good choice lor the lead role or not. The tiny star certainly hasn't got Dredd's stature and it's even rumoured he has a clause in his contract that means he has to take his helmet oil during the film! Gamewise. We |ust hope it's a better laugh than Virgin's last poor eflort.
CU AMIGA NEWS Remember our coverdisk demo ol F.A. Premier League? Ocean hope you've forgotten all aboul it by now, as they've lost the license to the game and radically revamped the gameplay, so anyone who's hung onto their coverdisk has got a real collector's iteml The remixed version ot the game will now be called Super League Manager and will be out in October. Betore that, expect to see another Ocean kickabout in the form ol Olympic tie Marseille Based around the current European Cup champions, the new game will feature both top-down and side-view options and there will also be a
specially enhanced version lor A1200-owners TWO NEW FOOTY GAMES MERLIN BOARD FROM OCEAN Burning Rubber a last-paced racing game, has been scheduled in lor an August release, while Ocean's license ol US cartoon character, Dennis the Menace, looks likely to be one ol the Manchester- based software house's big Christmas titles. For obvious legal reasons, the game will simply be called Dennis in the UK. For more inlormation on any ol these new games, ring Ocean on 061 832 6633.
SPACED OUT Win Elite2ip ’on its way' Microprose looks like they re going to have ne tirst maior league space game 011993 wdh Sarford As a Starlord you're pitted against several similarly titled members ol the space gentry win ne aim being lot you get them all working lor you through a combination ol diplomacy and combat The bulk ot ne game Is made up with Interstellar dog- llghts with you piloting a state-of-the-art lighter. You also need lo employ trading skills lo make enough cash lo buy better equipment in order to get the upper hand over your adversaries. Each Starlord has their
own personallly - while one might be easily bought oil. Another might have to be bested in combat betore he'll come around to your way ol thinking. Slirlord is currently on the PC. With the Amiga version (allowing later In the year. For lurther inlormation contact Mlcroprose on 0666 504326 APPEARS German based Expert Systems have announced their entry into the budget 24-bit arena. Expert Systems are best known lor their incredibly high-end Visiona display card, a challenger lor the Harlequin which gained a substantial following in the States.
Their new board is to be called the Merlin and will essentially have the same leatures as the Retina board (reviewed In the April issue). These include a maximum screen resolution ol 2043x2048 and double buttered display. The board is to be distributed m the UK by Micropace and. According to them, there will be a number ol add-on modules available lor it when it launches As lor a launch date, well its the same old story - any time now You can contact Micropace on 0753 551 888 MUSIC-X 2 Only a mere 11 months alter It was first announced. Mustc-X2is finally ready to be released' Written by
U.S. programming team Microillusions. The package is the long awaited follow up to one ol the most popular Amiga MIDI packages ol all time.
Among its numerous improvements, the pack age will sport a more tnendy user interlace and wil mdude its own notation package (provisionally called Noraror) which akrws you to create scores on tradmonal staffs These can then be played and editing using Music X standard tools.
The package is also likely to suppod import and export ol standard MIDI files allowing you to exchange tiles with programs such as Bars and Pipes and Seguencer One Plus.
The package will retail (or aboul C149 and upgrades will be available to owners ol earlier ver sions It will be dislnbuted by the Software Business who can be contacted on 0480 496497 COME ON YOU REDS (AGAIN) Krisalis look set to cash-ln on Manchester United's Premier League success by releasing their third Man Utd game in as many years. Manchester United - Premier league Champions has been in development since January this year and is set lor an autumn release. Having exhausted the side-on view used in the llrst two games.
Krisalis have opted lor a top-down perspective lor the new kickabout. A la Sensible Soccer and Kick Oft. We re promised lots ol innovative new leatures. Although Krisalis didn't seem to know what these were at the time ol going to press.
Personally. I d like to present Krisalis with one of CU AMIGA s special Lucky Buggers awards. Not only have they timed their latest release to coincide with the team's success in the Premier League, but their previous two soccer games, Man Utd and Man Utd Europe, both came out when the side had won the
F. A. Cup and European Cup Winners Cup respectively.
The Amiga version will cost £29.99. For more information. Phone Krisalis on 0709 372290.
0PALVISI0N A REAL GEM A1200 owners will soon • able to slure the Opalvision eiperience according to Indl Direct. Apparently an eipansioo boa has been OevelooH which will allow the Opalvision board to be ased eitemaliy Whether this boa will also be compatible win ne A500 and AMO remains lo be seen In oner news, ne stealing Opalvision 2 graphics system is being discounted already! Indi Direct (they ol no Jakhi Brambles adverts! Ire ottering the Opalvision 2 main board lor £549 99 - a saving ol £50. The same package with Imagine II ray tracing software a being otlerad lor £599 99 - an even
greater discount ol £1001 Phone Indi Direct on 0543 419999 a WELCOME Many ol you Commodore watchers may have been a little surprised by the top-level reshuffle in the company lately. It's hardly unusual though. Staff come and go in any organisation.
COMMODORE WRITES In the first of a new series, Commodore’s new UK boss, David Pleasance, takes a look at Commodore’s continuing development.
O However, the appointment ol myself and Colin Proudfoot as joint General Managers means that the transition from the last regime to the present one was a painless, organic affair.
Colin was already Finance Director and he’ll continue to run the tiscal side ol things. I have been with Commodore tor over a decade, at first here in the UK and more lately as Director of International Sales based in Switzerland and the US. From now on, I II be directing Commodore UK’s overall sales and marketing activities. Because of my spell in the US I can claim to be very much in tune with the company's Westchester nerve centre! Know their views. They know mine. This should make it easier to drive Commodore forward on the same footing on both sides of the Atlantic. What I’m trying to
say with this biographical detail is that although I'm the new 'boss’ I’ve actually been around tor years!
GROWING During my tenure I've witnessed the Amiga become central to Commodore’s continued prosperity. But that's just looking at it from our point ot view. This unique machine also has an irresistible pull for users - millions of them - and we at Commodore should be mindful of the wishes ot the Amiga user base in every strategy we embark upon.
That's the prime reason for setting up this column. It's important for users to have access to new developments. And here’s a chance to keep you in touch.
But it mustn’t just be a soapbox for Commodore. We want the column to be a dialogue - so continue to write in to CU Amiga with your questions. We’ll try to answer them whenever possible.
I'm lucky enough to have taken the helm at Commodore UK at a time when the Amiga range is really taking shape - with something to suit everyone's needs and finances. At the bottom end the Amiga 600 is unbelievably affordable for those looking for an introduction to technology, the Amiga 1200 is a big step up yet still stunningly inexpensive while the Amiga 4000 range promises a configuration for everyone requiring high powered 32-bit‘computing.
In fact. I've been amazed by the sales achieved by Amiga 4000s in the last few weeks. We sold out of machines at the beginning of May!
The Amiga 1200 just surges onward After surprising ourselves with sales ol 44,000 before last Christmas we set a target of selling
200. 000 this year It was bullish at the time but already we re
well on schedule.
UPGRADING It just proves the strong desire of Amiga users to upgrade. This is something we are fully aware of and want to encourage wherever It is possible and practical for us to do so. Hence our latest trade-in offer. From now until June 30 you'll be able to purchase an Amiga At 200 for
2299. 99 when traded in with a working Amiga 500 or Amiga»500
Plus (only through independent retailersj. That's a
saving of C100I!
This is a logical step for the Amiga community. We re not ashamed to admit that we want 32-bit AGA technology to be the standard for home computing.
This process is already well under way with software publishers currently programming new exciting titles as well as converting the most popular of the existing 500 and 600 titles. The trade-in will cement the machine's position as our mass market flagship The Amiga 500 is over six years old. It s had a glorious run as the premier home computer.
Now, the Amiga 1200 has taken on its mantle.
Hundreds of thousands of Amiga 500 users will be eager to upgrade. Here's their chance.
One further indication that the Amiga 1200 is becoming a mass market machine is that later this year there'll be an Amiga 1200 bundle, although we haven't decided what the software will be yet. If past experience is any guide, the existence of a bundle will build sales by a substantial margin.
In the next column we should be able to tell you how the trade-in offer is going - and answer your questions, providing you've got some. So dig out your Wordworth floppy and get writing!
CU AMIGA would like lo stress that the views expressed herein are not necessarily their own MASTERING AMIGA AREXX Continuing with their relentless publishing agenda. Brace Smith Books have |ust released Mastering Amiga Aren lor £21.95 Written by Amiga guru and all-round bramboi Paul Overaa. The book provides both reference and tutorial material to help you get to grips with the language.
It details the varied uses ol the language and describes its lineage belore going into detail about its practical applications, including inter-program communication.
The 336 page book is supplied with a Iree disk ol complimentary software packed with example Aren scripts to accompany the tutorials.
Brace Smith Books can be contacted on 0923 894355.
POWER'S DELECTABLE DUO Amiga developers Power Computing have announced two major new pieces of hardware this month.
The first is a GVP-beatirtg hard drive called the Trilecta. The Trifecta is the only full SCSI 2 hard drive available for the A500 range of Amigas. And it’s also available on a plug-in Zorro card for the big box machines (At 500 upwards!
The unit is available with drives between 52Mb and 1Gb (1000Mb!). Power claim that its SCSI controller is capable of asynchronous transfer rates of up to an Incredible 5Mb per second. Compare this with the GVP HD8's rate of about 800k per second and you begin to see why the Trifecta is something special! The drive will also feature a 16-bit IDE interface which allows you to connect both SCSI and low-cost IDE drives simultaneously As with the HD8. The Trifecta’s case is aesthetically pleasing and the drive is also capable of supporting up to 8Mbs of expansion RAM.
Slightly less imminent, but nonetheless promising for A600,1200 and 4000 owners is the new IDE Syquest Optical drive. Very few details are available, but optical drives traditionally have a greater capacity than floppy disks and can be used as a kind of replaceable hard drive The external IDE version can be plugged into these machines IDE' interfaces, which is fine for the A4000 but will require extra cooling for the At 200 Power can be reached on 0234 843388 CU AMIGA FISHY CLIP ART NEWS CHEAPO Fw all those who own the original version of Dtaark’s Championship Manager you can now ¦ffratfe to
Manager '93 for just £7.99. The upgrade gives you all the features ol the stand-alone version ol '93 but at only a traction of fee price. These include all the 92-93 teams and 5'ayers as well as every European cup competition.
Oar review last issue gave the new management sia a rather good 84% calling it ‘an extremely absorbing football strategy game' so what are you ¦ailing lor?! All you need to do is send a cheque tor £8.99, (that includes P+P) to Intelek, PO Box 1738, Bournemouth, BH4 8YN. Allow 28 days for the delivery ol the new updated disk. Those who don't possess the original disk will have to buy the tull-price version of the game.
Clip art specialists, Artworks, have just released two new collections ol... wait tor it... clip art! The two latest collections ol clips Irom their rural studio brings the total set up 10. The first ot the newcomers is called Fishing and Freshwater Life and it contains a variety ol freshwater fish, insects and plant life. There's also a selection ot fishermen ranging from children with nets to fly lishermen.
The second collection is called Signs and Symbols 3 and It's the latest volume of miscellaneous clip art covering subjects as diverse as maps, visa cards, speech bubbles and cooking utensils.
The collections retail at £6.99 each or £6 if you buy three or more. Find out more by phoning Artworks on 0469 588138.
LASER SQUAD MEETS UFO Microprose's second foray into the land of sci-fi combat appears in the form of a semi-sequel to the hugely successful Laser Squad. The new game, provisionally titled UFO (though that is likely to change due to legal reasons), will see the player heading up an Earth defence force, whose aim is to protect the planet from hordes of alien nasties. It looks like the game will incorporate all of Microprose's usual strategy elements with the possibility of a few arcade sequences thrown in for good measure.
As part of the Earth defence force you’ll have to decide where to place your protective bases and then use them to monitor incoming craft. Once they've been spotted you despatch Interceptor craft to shoot them down. If, however, the UFOs manage to sneak by you'll need to send out a Laser Squad-type team to take the aliens out on the ground.
The PC version will sport a cartoon opening f sequence in the style of the Japanese Manga comics, but it is undecided as yet whether the Amiga version will include this. Look out for more details in upcoming • • issues. Alternatively, contact Microprose on 0666 504326.
PROPER ENGLISH Gordon Harwoods have just announced that they will be distributing the latest Softwood .
Package aimed at frustrated (or should that be frustrating) writers.
Proper Grammar is more than just a jumped up spell checker - it actually analyses your text for grammatical errors too.
Prvper Grammar II Grammar Corredkm System for the Amiga.
In addition to spotting the old double negatives, split infinitives and misplaced pronouns. Proper Grammar will apparently also draw your attention to cliches, jargon, archaic phrases and pretentious words' - so there's no fear of anyone at CU Towers daring to use it.
Proper Grammar is compatible with Workbench 1.3 and up, but does require 1 Mb RAM and a hard drive. It is fully multi-tasking and supports Arexx to allow it to be used quickly and efficiently with any word-processor you may currently be using. Expect a review soon, but in the meantime you could give Gordon Harwoods a call on 0773 836781.
RUMOUR CORNER There are several interesting Commodore related rumours floating around at the moment. Most of these centre around a notorious piece of electronic mail which has probably been posted on every BBS in every hemisphere by now.
The message apparently deals with the specifications of two new machines. This intormation would be slightly more believable il it wasn't for the fact that at CU Towers we now have three different versions of it. The first contained so many impossibilities and improbabilities that the whole message was suspect. On the very latest version many ol the absurdities have been removed, but the validity ol the whole document is tainted.
What is certainly true is that the A5000 (or whatever it may be called) is certainly on the drawing board and does include an updated chipset. It will almost certainly come with a DSP (which may indeed be the AT&T model) and have an extended Chip RAM facility. What is also certain is that since the de-statting ot the R&D department at West Chester, it is unlikely that such a machine will see the light ol day for some time.
The other rumoured machine is the much speculated portable. Nice idea that it may be. It would be very foolish of Commodore to launch a product without identifying a market lor it first, and there is nothing to suggest that such a machine would be of any more use in the marketplace than any ol the current PC variants. The only certainty is that it would be a lot more expensive, and the spend required to market it successfully would be prohibited, especially at this exposed juncture of CBM history. Of course one can never rule out the possibility that Commodore will not do something just
because it is a bit foolhardy... 8 AMIGA CHARTS TOP TEN TURBO GOES ONE BETTER Sample fans will doubtless be happy to learn that Technosound Turbo from New Dimensions in Wales is about to see release version 2. The updated version will feature completely new software containing even more special effects than the current version.
The sample display area has been greatly enlarged by moving many options into pull-down menus.
Samples can now be recorded directly to, and played back from hard disk in realtime. There are now 18 novelty effects with such names as Pinky and Punky and Dark Vader!
There are also a selection of realtime effects each of which can be controlled using slider bars whose positions can be saved as presets.
Technosound Turbo 2 will retail for £49.99 and should be available by the time you read this. A software-only upgrade will be available for £15 plus £1 post and packaging. Owners of other samplers can also buy a software only version which will cost £29.99. Considering the phenomenal success of Technosound Turbo throughout the entire world, distributor orders are already rolling in and New Dimensions confidently expect this enhanced version to break all former sales records.
Order your sampler or upgrade by phoning 0291 690901.
US Gold’s Flashback hss entered the charts straight at number one, knocking Desert Strike Irom the top spot. A couple of surprise entries, however, at numbers three and four are Domark’s updated soccer management sim and Audiogenic's cricket sim. It just goes to show that sports games still have their place.
1. Flashback (US Gold)
2. Desert Strike Electronic Arts)
3. Championship Manager '93 (Domark)
4. Graham Gooch (Audiogenic)
5. A Train (Ocean)
6. Superfrog (Team 17)
7. Chaos Engine(Renegade)
8. Arabian Nights (Krisalis)
9. War in the Gult (Empire)
10. A320 Airbus USA (Thalion) Charts supplied by HMV.
PRINT WITH CARE If you own a printer, chances are you've heard of Care Electronics, publishers of a range ol printing software including Flexldump and The Colour Kit The good news is all of their programs are being upgraded and will feature new anti-aliasing options which will improve the output quality significantly, especially on enlarged print outs.
There will also be a range of new dither modes for more convincing colour and grey scale shading. Conlact Care Electronics on 0923 894064.
PRODUCTION EDITOR Are you hard working, well-organised and can spot a literal at one hundred paces? Have you experience of working on a national magazine or possess a diploma in production studies or a similar qualilitation? Do you relish a challenge? If the answer to all three questions is yes, and you like a beer, you could be just the person we re looking for. Our current production editor, Heather, is leaving shortly to have a baby, so we need to lind a replacement as soon as possible. You'll need experience of QuarkXPress software on Ihe Macintosh, as well as familiarity with the
Amiga range of computers and related software programs. Another prerequisite is an out-going personality and a confident telephone manner as you'll be expected to chase copy Irom contributors, liaise with our printers, organise a production schedule and be responsible for the smooth running of the magazine. II you think you're up to the challenge, give Dan a call on 071 972 6700 Ext. 2421, or write to CU Amiga c o Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London, EC1R 3A(L We'll need to hear from you by the 10th July at the very latest!
No time wasters please!
SPECIAL RESERVE GIVEAWAY In a new promolional drive Special Reserve, the mail order game company, are set to give away £60,000 worth of prizes over the coming year.
All Special Reserve members will be able to enter the competition, run every two months, by answering a simple games related question then calling the special competition line or posting a coupon.
Each issue of Ihe Special Reserve magazine will carry Ihree coupons which can be used to target three different prizes Irom a list of twenty. Extra chances can be had by calling the relevant telephone number. This competition offers members the chance to get their hands on such goodies as a Nicam stereo TV and video recorder, a mountain bike and a CD player as well as the usual game consoles and compulers.
For more information see Special Reserve’s ad elsewhere in this magazine. Alternatively, give them a call on 0279 600204.
Well as a No* ) MCWimanwiffle griphcneges on |wAmig»,.th ASDG5 award .inning software. The Art Department is just that, a comprehensive art studio to scaln* carecrt* separate, rendering and ccrwtng images on ) wA«ga Art Department is cneol the tor Amga programs »teh truly deserve the aceoiade Vdfepensatte'. Tew must have this! C-v" Worried readers who took advantage of the manual and upgrade deals for the Art Department program given away on CU AMIGA’S MAY coverdisk can rest slightly easier. Due to circumstances beyond our control the company that was fulfilling the order, DMI, filed for
bankruptcy whilst the deal was active, and many orders may not have been filled.
CU AMIGA and ASDG were obviously concerned about readers missing out or even losing money in the resulting confusion, so we have sorted out a new dealer to fill the outstanding orders. Meridian Distribution have stepped in to help out unlucky readers, and will now be sorting out all the orders.
Fortunately, few cheques were actually cashed by DMI, and most people affected will already have been notified. If your cheque was cashed you should obtain a photocopy of it from your bank and contact Meridian with the details of your order.
Applicants whose cheques have not been cashed should not worry, but it would be advisable to contact your bank and cancel your cheque. Meridian nave ICQA 1500+ A500 A1200C0MPATVLE *1 Jl I j r~¥ delais of a most a I the aoo'icants ' ¦ ¦
• rxi i-mv conwr* ivv oosi o' BMRBE * you can give them a ring on
081 Mt J I I Jtb| |N d iT.l J 1,1 1 k d 543 3500 and give
them details. Bill Tlr M N 1 H k 11 to our readers thal
nobody will lose cut o* have to wait a long tine for In' SB: -v
B the receivers to honour the debts * I any loss from their
own stock. We I a J your order, but hope you will bear with
us, ASDG and Meridian until this problem can be sorted out.
ASDG OFFER NEWS GVP have announced sweeping price reductions in their range of Amiga peripherals, with immediate effect.
Among the products concerned are the G-Lock, reduced from £349 to £299 and the basic IV-24 card which comes in for a much needed 33% walloping down to an almost affordable £999. The extended IV-24 with additional outputs drops £400 to £1299.
Probably of most interest to A500 owners is the price drop in the A530, which comes down from £699 to an amazingly low £499 for the 42Mb version. This is really amazing value when you consider the unit consists of a 40MHz '030 accelerator as GVP PRICE SLASH!
A s «
12. 99 13.99 13.99 DEStHT STRIKE BODY BLOWS
14. 99 10.99 10.99 FIRST SALtVEGA SILENT SERVICE 2
9. 49 13.49 13.49
9. 99 12.99 13.99 10.99 16.99 Games marked HOF will no I work on
4J00 Flus, 4400 or 41200. Games marked NO 12 will not work on
the 41200.
N012) ... RISKY WOODS ...4 1
IIN012) 1,1 Imidi
3. 5" DSDD DISK WITH LABEL 10 Pack £7.99
WORKBENCH 3.0 MOUSE jk jn jk xk SAVE E34 359.99 GOLDSTAR 14"
259. 99 CITIZEN 120D+ 9-PIN MONO PRINTER 80 COLUMN . 144
FUNCTION JOYSTICKS m- Special fted&ioe memlwU oat kaoe all
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you can be any age.
Just send in the form below or phone Sales on 0279 600204 As a member of Special Reserve youH receive regular issues ot NRG magazine NRG is our 48 page colour club magazine sent bimonthly only to Special Reserve members. NRG contains:
l. The besi selection ot games, peripherals and hardware tor all
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stockists Reviews in colour and latest intormation on new
products Chans and Release Schedule. 10 help you choose and
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Joining tee Hundreds ot Special Oders. Top games at prices you
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That's why over 160,000 people have joined Special Reserve, the biggest games club in the World!
0279 600204 9«m to 8pm Weekdays. 9nm to 5pm Saturday. 10am to 5pm Sunday 10am to 5pm Bar* Hobdays On*r.Conlrmat on.,Asce pt sent tor every order.
THERE IS A SURCHARGE C* Sop PER GAME ON TELEPHONED ORDERS You can also Fax your order to us on: 0279 726842 We onde ourselves cn Cur aber-sales service 18 customer service llnee) inevitably same games listed may rot yet be avaleOW Please phone u«s on 0279 6CC2C4 to choc availabiMy betore otdemg. In the event or delay wo issue relume on request ai any ime poor to despatch. We reserve the right to change pnces wltticut pmr notmcaticn E SO.E. AI pr es rcluSe VAT ana carnage to UK manH'K) See base Ot order form tor cnereeae surcharges Wo supply hardware orvy to UK maniam addressee 6 MONTHS ONI
¦Oil PRINTERS t MONITORS AVAILABLE - PLEASE PHONE FOR DITIALS rama We sell panes and peripheral* si ai amazng pwco* it' laj-r.e. Manor SysMm Garre Gear. Sjoer NES. GanetO. NES.
N Amgj Alan ST. PC. CD ROM ana Aoplo Mac. And we sell T- stuns and away toy*1 mcL.1 Reserve Club Shop ai The Mailings. Sawbndgcworth.
Hews. Open to 7pm Wee.days and 10 5pm Sslu'days.
__Postcode _ Phone_Machine_ Enter membership number (if
applicable) o ALL PRICES INCLUDE UK POSTAGE & VAT £ Cheque P
O Access'MasiercarO’SwnclYVisa (Switch Issue No_ expiry
date_Signalure_ Cheques payable to: SPECIAL RESERVE
P. O. BOX 847, HARLOW, CM21 9PH Overseas Orders Surcharge (EC or
World): Software orders please add £2.00 per Item.
Non-software items please add 25%. Hardware Items supplied to
UK mainland only.
Overseas orders must be paid by credit card.
COVERDISK 60 WMS On this month’s coverdisk, we give you WMS, the ultimate Workbench organiser, plus Virus Checker 6.26 to help rid your system of any nasty gremlins. But that’s not all, as we’ve also included Bootlogo to stop those hard drive blues and Kepmap Ed, the ultimate editor for menu makers everywhere.
Take control of your Workbench with the Workbench Management System, a flexible utility to help you gain mastery over Amiga DOS.
Packed with features, this just has to be the ultimate Workbench organiser!
AA t jfVt O E D no line exceeds (he ength specified addresses, and the in the margin gadget at the top right personal informatio: So, what's the Workbench Management System all about, and why is it so useful? That’s what we aim to tell you over the next three pages, so strap yourself in for a rollercoaster ride around its essential features. Now that you know how to load WMS (go back to the Quickstart Guide if you’ve just jumped straight in!), let’s explain exactly what it is and does. WMS provides you with a selection of powerful tools to make your life easier and help you to keep control of
your data. Although it will run happily on any Amiga, to get the best out of it you should have at least one megabyte of memory. A hard drive would be simply divine, but isn't necessary!
FUU ;:r telemate WMS consists of lots of separate programs, each of which may be accessed by clicking the appropriate button so let’s see what's what: MemoEd is a simple text editor. It’s so simple to use that it virtually requires no instructions but, just in case, here’s a command summary fora PROJECT
• Open - Load a previously saved document.
• Save - Stores the active document to disk using its current r
If the document has not yet t named, a file requester will open
where you can give it one and specify where it should be
• Save As - Opens the file requestor so that you can give the
current document a name and specify where it’s to be saved.
When you click OK the document will be saved.
- Lets you insert another doc- , loaded from disk, into the t
document at the cursor p
• Quit - Exit the program by j ing Quit or clicking the c (a dot
inside a square) at the top of the screen. When you quit, any
text that you’ve typed will remain in memory until you quit
WMS altogether. To continue editing text once you’ve Quit
MemoEd, simply click the MemoEd button again.
• Undo - Ur last Clear or s the effects of the text
• Goto - Moves the beginning or end of according to the option
you select
• Print - Prints the current document using y preferences.
Telemate is the WMS telephone book containing two directories - one containing business names ar
• Wrap - The wrap command reformat the entire document s ¦
specified in the margin gadget at the top right of the screen.
The default margin is 70 characters.
R containing
• Clear - Any text on the screen is erased.
• Search - Searches the current document lor the text specified
in the Search For' gadget,
• Replace - Replaces the Searched-For text with the text in the 3
With' gadget. You can choose to replace just a single
occurrence of the text (Word) or every occurrence within the
entire document (global).
• Begin LBIock - Marks the begin ning of the text'ydu want to cut
or copy.
• Copy LBIock - Copies the text from the start marker to the end
of the current line. The copied text is I in memory for later
• Cut LBIock - Works the same as Copy LBIock except the copied
text is erased from the document.
• Insert LBIock - Inserts any cut or copied text at the start of
the current line.
• Delete Line - Deletes the current . Initially this is just one
name, but as you add names to your database, they will also
appear on the screen.To add a name to the database, or alter an
existing one, click on any of the names that appear in the
list. This will call up an editing screen where you can make
any changes. To add a new name r you add new names and .. you
should finish the ses- 3 by clicking the Sort YOUR QUICKSTART
GUIDE TO LOADING DISK 60 Switch off your computer and leave it
turned off for at least 20 seconds before turning it on again.
This helps to prevent the spread of viruses should your system become infected.
Now insert Coverdisk 60 and when the icon labelled CU 60' appears, double-click on it to see the disk's contents. You'll see a large icon labelled ‘WMS’ plus four drawers (each containing a separate program). Double-click on the WMS icon and the main program will load. Once loaded, you'll see a bank of buttons running down the left-hand edge of the screen - these represent the WMS command console. You can click these buttons to your heart's content without fear of hurting the program - in fact it'll help you to get a feel for things.
When you’re ready to leave the program, simply press the right mouse button and select ‘Quit’ from the menu that appears at the top of the screen. To enter the other programs on the disk, simply click on their drawers andlhen on the appropriate icon. We'll explain more about these other programs on page 18.
CU AMIGA makes every effort to ensure that viruses do not get on to our disks, and we aim to include a virus checker on the disk whenever possible. Unfortunately, because ol the nature ot viruses, the virus killers can only be updated to include a new strain when it has already become known - i.e. ruined a tew disks and made a nuisance ot itself.
Fortunately we always have the most advanced virus checkers available when the disk is compiled and every program goes through a rigorous regime ol testing before it appears on our coverdisks. Which are then tested block by block.
However, we can accept no responsibility whatsoever for possible damage incurred by viruses which may have escaped our attention. Readers are advised to take sensible precautions.
IF YOUR DISK WON'T LOAD II your coverdisk doesn't seem to work as it should, then tollow this simple guideline. Firstly, remove all unnecessary peripherals. Such as printers, modems etc. Follow the instructions on these pages to the letter, and II after that you find that the disk still doesn't work, then pop it in an envelope with a covering letter explaining what the problem is to: CU DISK RETURNS. PC WISE. DOWIAIS TOP BUSINESS PARK, MERTHYR TYDFIL. MID- GLAMORGAN. CF46 2YY. Please include 28 pence per disk to cover postage and packing (55 pence lor overseas readers).
Your disk will be tested and a new, working one dispatched to you as soon as possible.
Please note that neither we nor PC Wise accept responsibility for any disks damaged due to negligence on the part of the user.
Button which will arrange the records in alphabetical order. Remember, whenever you add new data to finish off by clicking the Save button which automatically saves your new data to the miscellaneous drawer of the current disk.The Dial option assumes that you have a modem connected to your computer. When you dick it, the home phone number will be dialled if you are in the Personal directory, and the Phone number will be dialled if you are in the Business directory.
As usual, click the dose gadget to return to the WMS command console.
CALENDAR REMINDER The Calendar provides a handy way of reminding yourself about important dates, as well as letting you keep track of your day to day appointments. It determines the current date from the system clock. If you don't use a battery-backed clock, you'll need to use the Date command to ensure that the date is accurate before you begin.
If you click the Reminder button, a list of all important dates during the month will be listed in chronological order. To add reminders of your own, click the REMEditor button and the Reminder File Editor will appear.
Change the date by clicking on the digits of the date with the mouse buttons - left to advance the number or month and right to decrease it. When you've reached the correct date, simply click in the Reminder text gadget and type whatever you need to be reminded about, then press return and click the Add button. To change an existing file select the file from the displayed list, then click the Edit button. When you've set up the dates about which you wish to be reminded, you simply need to click the Save button to store the file to disk.
If you click directly on one of the calendar's dates, a 12-hour appointment card will appear for that day. By clicking on any of the times, you can add or delete information about your schedule.
When you've set up the appointment card to your satisfaction, click Save It to store your appointments on disk.
D. E.U.
D. E.U. stands for Decisive Environment Unit and it’s designed
for new users. It provides information about the Amiga's error
codes and messages, the commands available in DOS and th?
Characters in an ASCII table. R Simply click the Error_Dos
button to see a list of all-error messages.
Scroll through the list using the scroll bar at the right of the list, or type in a specific error number to go straight to its definition. ' • You can find out how to use all Amiga DOS commands by clicking the Sheli CU button. Again a list is provided which you can view using the scroll bar, or by typing in the name of a particular command. The relevant parameters and options of the command are also displayed, which saves a lot of head-scratching and thumbing through the manual.
The final section shows you what character is produced by which ASCII number. The scroll bars will take you through the list or typing in a number will jump straight to its ASCII character.
SQUEEZBOX SqueezBox is the WMS archiving and un-archiving utility. It provides support for two archivers, and four un-archivers. Before you can use it, please ensure that you know the location of any archiving programs you’re going to use.
Having selected which archiver or unarchiver you wish to use (LHarc is probably best), click on the appropriate button and you'll be taken to the options screen. In the section labelled Archive Program’ you can specify the archiver that you’ll be using, and where it can be found. In the ‘Switches’ gadget, you can specify the archiving switches to be used.
Information about these switches is provided with most archivers and can be found out by typing DFO:C archiver ? return replace DFO:C archiver with the exact name and path name of your archiving program.
In the gadget labelled ‘Un ARC what file:' you should type in the actual name of the file to be archived or UnArchived. Remember to add its full path name. The final gadget Nol only can you alter the choice ol archivers used lor different operations, you can also select which switches are set when they are In operation.
Labelled 'Destination' is where you should specity the destination ot the archived or UnArchived titers.
All ot the above options are set to logical detault values, and you probably won't want to change them.
When you're satisfied with your settings, dick the Execute Un Arc' button to proceed It you change your mind, click Cancel Exit to return to the SqueezBox options screen, then Quit to return to the command console.
FILE MANAGE File Manage is WMS own file browser and handler utility. Select the directory containing the fite s you want to look at by clicking the devices button at the bottom of the screen.
This lets you choose the drive containing your file. A second click of the same button will display all assignments and other logical devices.
From the list displayed, choose a device and the contents of that device will be shown. Individual files will appear in the right-hand window, directones will appear in the left.
When you see a file that you want to examine, double-dick on its name.
File Manage will display non-AGA IFF screens, play IFF samples, display ASCII text files and even play Anim.bnjshes. What's more, you can even use it to run executable programs!
THE BUTTON EDITOR The Button Edftor is one of WMS most powerful features lor it allows you to add extra button features to the program so that it's completely suited to your working requirements. You can access the program by pressing the right mouse button and selecting Button Editor Irom the menu.
At the letl ot the editor you'll see a list ot the existing button names and the word WMSInstall should be highlighted and should also appear in the List Name gadget Let s add a new button so that you can see how easy it is. Click the ‘Inf gadget repeatedly until the word Anytime! Appears The Int gadget lets you select one ol WMS eight internal options, and we haven’t had a look at the AnyTime program yet.
When the command appears in the List Name gadget, dick the Add button to add the new button to the list Youll notice it appears below the WMSInstall button. Use the Move (up arrow) gadget to move our new entry up through the list until it's above the Empty! Button. Click Save and the new button will be saved ready tor use!
Now click the New button. The List Name gadget should be cleared ready lor your entry. Click in this gadget and type the words V.Checker. INSTALLING WMS ON A HARD DRIVE
• * i* ei «• f ' W-I-. 1* Ml. N in wm VI ; I'M t. tH n* IXVHM
IlMM ' «MD M (to Mrt M*M I* eiai »*•! *¦!¦¦¦ **!’« | !*" •
A rM K *¦* t. tMiai -w m *mm Mtw.. • n nrf m i. »« ¦ft-: Min -ireful ] .?==!_SaSS_I Installing the program on a hard drive is simplicity itselt. Begin by following the loading instructions given in the WMS QUICKSTART GUIDE. Once the program has loaded, you'll notice that the bottom button on the command console is labelled WMSInstall Click this button to access the installation program. On the next screen that appears, dick the Install on Hard Disk' button to call up the diredory window In this window, seled your hard drive's device name Irom the list on the left As you do so, its contents
will be displayed in the window on the right Choose where you want the program to be installed Remember, the installer will automatically create a WMS diredory lor you. When you're happy with your choice, dick
• Proceed and the program will be installed for you. There's no
need to make any assignments The program is ready to use
immediately If you change your mind about installing the
program on a hard drive, simply click the close gadget at any
stage to cancel the operation.
As you press return, the cursor jumps down to the Directory gadget ready for you to specity where the chosen program is to be found Click the directory button and a file requestor will appear. Insert your CU coverdisk in the internal drive and WHAT ELSE IS ON THE DISK?
Dick the top left button of the What Diredory? File requestor It will toggle between Assigns Drawer. Physical and Disks. When you get to Disks and you see the text 'CU 160 appear, click on it. The list will change to show the contents of the coverdisk. Use the scroll bar to move to the end of the list of directones where you'll see 'VirusChecker*. Click this text and a new list of files will be displayed.
There are no more diredories available so this window will remain blank.
In the files window, seled Virus Checker then click the 'OK' button to return to the Buttons Editor.
Now dick the Save button and the new button will be saved for future use Close the Buttons Editor by dicking the Close gadget at its top left corner When you return to the command console, you'll see that our two new buttons have appeared!
There are four other programs on this month's coverdisk. Each of them indudes complete documentation, so we won't be going into any detail here Here's a brief overview of the other programs: BOOTLOGO Hard drive owners, do you sometimes find that when you load a program, the screen.blanks, the drive goes quiet and you're not absolutely certain that anything is happening at all? This is a program that can be added to the • Startup sequence ol such programs to display a high resolution screen as long as the program's adually doing anything. As soon as anything attempts to open a new screen,
Bootlogo detaches itself and dies painlessly! Be sure to read the instrudions on disk.
KEYMAP ED i rrrtrir rrrrr "tITrTtTTtT~l*TT T 51 XIB X I T. £ I101T '
- c~ i" i If you enjoy compiling your own disks, you'll know the
value of a good keymap editor for creating your own menus and
the like.
Unlike the notoriously unstable Setkey program. Keymap Ed is a simple to use and reliable program that must count as an essential part of any serious user's collection VIRUS CHECKER Demonstrating CU's continued dedication to the safety of your valuable software, we re proud to present version 6.26 of John Veldthuis’ worid renowned Virus Checker program.
Capable of detecting yet more viruses, the program is small enough to add to your Workbench startup, sequence, thus ensunng you keep your Amiga virus tree.
LIGHT Written to accompany John Kennedy’s DIY tutorial, this program acts as a simple oscilloscope converting a serial input into a visible display. Read the tutorial for further information, starting on page 160.
SOFTWARE DEMON (0736) 331039 - PHONE OR FAX 38-40 QUEEN STREET, PENZANCE, CORNWALL TR18 4HB HARD DRIVES FOR 500 600 1200, WITH COMMODORE GAUARAfciTEE OR WITH OUR A1200 £355 85 MEG - £199 1Z0 MEG - £249 - 250 MEG - £329 330 MEG - 129 - 426 MEG - £449 A500 HD 40 MEG - £249 - 85 MEG - £299 - 170 MEG - £349 - 212 MEG - £399 - 256 MEG - £449 A4000 030 170 MEG - £969 A4000 030 212 MEG - £999 A4000 030 254 MEG - £1150 A4000 030 340 MEG - £1300 'mm ORDER HOTLINE (0736) 331039 Phone or Fax All prices subject to change without notice. E&OE '1 Isfa mm.
44-661-860260. FAX: 44-661-860270. SURF NINJAS© NEW LINE CINEMA
CORP. COViiDISIC 61 mm This month, not onlv do we team uo with
German hous This month, not only do we team up with German
house Ascon, to bring you a huge playable demo of what must be
the hottest strategy trading game this year, but we also make
enough room on the disk to bring you a completely playable
level of Team 17’s stunning new racer.
QUICKSTART GUIDE We've made it nice and easy lor you this month. Just follow these brief instructions.
1) Leave your machine oil lor at least 20 seconds, to stop the
spread ol viruses.
2| Write protect your disk. This is easy, just slide the black plastic block upwards until you can see through the hole in the disk.
3) Turn on the machine, and insert the disk.
4) Wait lor the menu to appear on screen.
This takes about ten seconds.
5) Now choose which ol the demos you want to load and either
click on the respective icon with the mouse, or press F1 to
load 'The Patrician’, or F2 to load F1 Challenge'.
I f you haven’t heard about this blockbuster game from German publishers Ascon, then you’re obviously the kind of person who likes nothing more than to spend large amounts of time in sensory deprivation tanks. Top of the German software charts for months, this unusual tale of the first ever European community - the Hanseatic league - has taken the strategy world by storm, and here's your chance to play it and see why.
I Your aims are straightforward, but your route never is. Essentially you just want to become the Alderman, or Patrician as they are known. Before you go rushing for your dictionary, I can tell you now that the Alderman is the leader of the League, and master of all he she surveys. To get there, you’ll need to gain money and fame
- the more people know of you, the more likely you'll be elected
as Mayor. Once you make it to Mayorship, you’re on your way!
A trading game in essence, The Patrician can seem a little complex to the uninitiated, and we don’t have the space to reprint the 64 page manual that accompanies the package, so here's a run through of our addictive demo. Load the game as per the instructions above, and then select start on the menu. You'll find it signposted in the bottom right corner of the screen. Enter your name, and you’ll be prompted to choose a family crest and a home base by doubleclicking on the appropriate icons.
Select any one you like, as it plays no real part in our demo. Once this is done you’ll be prompted for the name of player two. If you don't want a second player, just press return twice (up to four people can play at once).
YgU HALL HAVE A * Now you're faced with the boatyard, where you'll see your fine vessel and various types wandering up and down. The first place you'll want to go is the town itself, so just click the right mouse button to get there. A word on the controls at this point. All actions are selected with the left mouse button, and the right mouse button exits the current screen and goes back to the previous one. If you enter your office, and then want to leave, just click with the right mouse button to walk back out onto the The friendly, listening bank? We don't think so. Nice hat, though.
In front of you is the town itself. All the towns in Europe look like this one, for the sake of convenience, with all the appropriate buildings in the same position. Now we're here, the first thing you’ll want to do is take a look around. Click on any buildings you like, remembering to click the right button to step back out to the street. The first thing you’ll need to do now is get some money, and the easiest way to do that is borrow some. Click on the banker’s window to enter the bank.
Inside the bank, you’ll see a stern looking guy and a chalkboard. There are three options, but the only one we want is 'Take', so click on that and you'll be shown a list of possible lenders. Click on any one, remembering that you will probably be refused two times out of three - nobody knows you yet - and when you get to one who will lend, take the money they offer using the abacus (see panel on how to operate the abacus).
Do this a couple of times Uhtil you have at least 1000 Thaler, and you’ll be ready to do a little trading.
ON A LITTLE DISHY Go back onto the street, and then click on your office door. Once
• inside, click on the scrap of paper on the wall next to the
map, to see how far you’ve managed to get yourself in debt. And
in so short a time! Still, no time to worry now, just click on
the large book on the desk to find out what’s on offer in the
town, and how much they want you to pay. Clicking on the top
comers of the pages turns
- eep iy
- Jiike
- ntffr them - there are eight pages (four for your ship and four
for your stores).
Find something that looks suitable cheap - hemp for example - and click on it. A message at the bottom of the screen will show you how much you can afford. Buy as much as you can using the abacus, and then click the right mouse button to exit to the office. Now click on the map to set sail.
Oh, you've just been told that you can’t leave the harbour! Don’t worry, we haven’t recruited the crew yet.
Click on ‘Hire’ and you'll be taken straight to the bar. You can also get there by clicking on the pub itself, but for the sake of this demo, we'll go this way. Now click on the group of men in front of the fire. Hire a modest » handful ol crew members, twenty tot example, using the abacus and you’ll be taken to the map Move the mouse pointer to scroll the map Irom left to right, and click on the town you wish to sail to.
Once you've done this, a scroll will appear, giving you details of your journey, and announcing the harbour fee that needs to be paid before you can dock. Once you reach your destination, click the left mouse button to enter the town. You'll find yourself in a screen identical to your home town.
Now you want to sell your cargo.
Go to the office (it's on the left, in the same place as your own officel and open up the book on the table.
All the pnces are in red. And a message at the bottom will have the word sell. Find your cargo, and check the price. If it's more than you paid, sell by clicking on it and using the abacus to tell the game how much to sell. You've completed your first transaction! Now try to do another, and see if you can make some serious money.
THE ABACUS Most ol the game's decisions will be made on an abacus very similar to Ibis one. You might wonder how it worts, or you might have already figured it out.
For those who haven’t, the numbers are simply Ihe way to enter digits.
Alter that, you have the small 1 t 3 4 5 6 7 3 9 B «¦ » character yoe plus sign, which enters your figure. The large ‘E’ at the bottom works in the same way as the right mouse button.
Mm BOAT Our exclusive demo only really scratches the surface of what The Patrician is all about. The finished game will not only feature all of the trading elements, but also a strong political and promotional aspect. We can't wait for it, can you?
FI CHALLENGE What's this? Another playable demo of a Team 17 game? Honestly, we spoil you lot, we really do. This time there's no frogs, no guns, no lasers.
Only the semi-open road and enough horsepower to move the earth, almost Yes. It's Formula One racing, that perennial favourite, but this is one with a difference, as you'll see as soon as you load.
It’s a sprite based racer, viewed in the classic third person perspective with your 'camera' behind and slightly above your own car. The finished game will feature seventeen tracks, and our demo lets you run a complete two-lap race with all 21 computer drivers. Can you win? Can you even make it to the first five over the line. The first person to do it gets a large bundle of kudos, on us.
The big difference, though, is the price. Load It and play it. Good isn't it? Full price quality, I'd say. But how about this, a full price game selling for only £10.991 Yes, you read it right the first time, £10.99. At a price like that, no-one will want to miss it, and if you want the chance to look really good in front of your mates, then load it up and get practising!
STOP PRESS Latest news on the Amiga 4000-030 shows demand outstripping supply world wide.
If you are having problems getting stock or perhaps feel disappointed that you opted for the A1200 before you knew about the new machine all is not lost. Check out the table on the right showing the A1200 fitted with the new MI230XA Micfobotics accelerator available from Indi from INDI DIRECT MAIL Proudly Presents THE JAKKI BRAMBLES COLUMN ONLY £299.99 Hi, ll certainly doesn't seem a month ago that last wrote for Indi and what a month it has been.
With immaculate timing Commodore announced their superb Amiga CD, are Sega and Nintendo worried?
Interesting question, 32 bit technology, 16.8 million colours and the amazing AA chip set: what do you think?
But, more to the point, what does it mean to you if you currently ow n or were thinking of buying an Amiga 600 or 1200. First of all let's he clear, you cannot use the Amiga CD as a computer until there is a keyboard and drive option (promised for 1994). So if you want to do any more than run CD software remember you will not have access to the vast range of floppy based software on Amiga nor the processing power that makes the Amiga so rewarding if you want to do more than games play.
So what does this mean to the current Amigas? To make it simple, the Amiga 600 is a cheap entry level system perfect for the first time user or those working to a budget. The Amiga 1200 is the elite system for the dedicated user who wants to access the speed and performance of this mid range system: you can upgrade later via an external CD solution promised to be hot on the heels of the Amiga CD.
The Amiga CD should be available to dedicated games players in August. Phone INDI to check for pricing and availability; and don't be confused, both the Amiga 600 and 1200 are around for some time. In rfact Indi have already finalised their plans for Christmas!
Mail order purchasing can be worrying, sending your hard earned cash to a company that may be hundreds of miles away, will your dream machine arrive as promised and what do you do if it doesn't?
Indi is part of a very large company with their own in-house experts and systems and yet it still sometimes goes wrong. At Indi they have a Customer Care department who do nothing else but problem solve. So if Securicor couldn’t find your house but will re-deliver tomorrow, or you cannot load a disk, they are there to help.
But what if the problem needs a fresh pair of eyes, perhaps you feel that you have been unsympathetically or unfairly treated?
Performance Comparison AMIGA 400M40 AMIGA 1200 wltll AMIGA I was delighted to learn that Indi take their responsibilities so seriously that they have joined the DMA.
The Direct Marketing Association is a very serious organisation (recognised by the Advertising Standards Association and other such official bodies).
Getting accepted is difficult, staying in required Indi to set and achieve real customer satisfaction and solve problems quickly if they occur.
I sincerely hope that all Mail Order Companies will follow Indi and display the DMA symbol on their advertising. If they don't you should ask them why not.
AMIGA A1200 AMIGA 1200.
DIRECTT CUSTOMER CHARTER INDI Direct Mail is original and very exciting. Before you buy mail order you must first be confident that you will receive the product you've ordered and that the supplier will still bo there in the future, should you need them.
A mail order purchase from INDI is a sale and secure decision, and here’s why.
INDI is a wholly owned subsidiary of a public company now in its tenth year ol trading and specialising in the supply ol computer products.
With a turnover approaching £30 million per annum, we have the resources and the purchasing power to oiler you the best deals, deliver them next day nationwide and always be around when you need us.
£379.99 or from £14.47* permoi
• (Credit price based on 36 monthly payments APR 29.8%. Total
repayment £520.92 and 90 day deferred payments ) A1200 60 MEG
HD INDI PRICE £539.99 A1200 80 MEG HD INDI PRICE £599.99
Pack Contains:
• 3 Superb Games • International Games Challenge • The Cool C
• Paradrold 90 • Zapsac and Zappo T- shirt INDI PRICE £19.99
ncludes lull Wang warranty on At 200 and Hard disks. Phone tor
The event may be over but the lund raising still ooes on.lf your looking lor the late Amiga technology then this Is the starter pack lor you Based around the out Stan A1200. The pack also gives you Mopwafcer. A most addictive platform game from oc software. You! Be pleased to know that every one ol these pecks purchased ra another £10 lor Comic RekeT A1200 STANDARD FEATURES
• 68020 Processor • PCMCIA slot. • 2MB ChipRAM • 3.5’ Werm Drive.
• AA Chipset • BuH in TV modulator. • Alpha numeric keypad.
• 12 Months at home maintenance AMIGA A4000 PRICE SALES AND
SUPPORT The INDI sales learn have been trained to take your
order with the utmost care and efficiency. All slock offered
for sale is held in stock, centrally at our group warehouse
complex and is available lor next day delivery, direct to your
home or business. II at any time we are out of slock your money
will not be banked until the product is available (a point
worth checking should you feel tempted to purchase elsewhere).
General inlormation regarding product is available from our sales team, however technical support is always at hand should you need assistance.
All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT.
INDI TELESALES Tel 0543 419999 Fax 0543 418079 CREDIT FACILITIES It’s here - The new Amiga 4000 030 The NEW Amiga 4000030 features a EC88030 processor runnng at an rcrodbtt 25Mhz. And upgradable at a later date to a fastor processor. The 4000030 has a powerful 4Mo ot 32
- bl RAM (2Mb chp & 2Mb last) expandable k 18 MD using industry
standard 32 - M S*nms module m Ine w«i the Arvga lag** 4000040
He 4000C30 teases he new AGA grafrtra Wt »vrg you a massive
pa*M * 16.8 m*on odours A range of hard dhe courts are
ovailatte form 80
• 240Mb and inckxtes a SCSI option.
4000 030 00 Mb HD INDI PRICE £939.99 Other Drive Options 4000 030 120 Mb HD INDI PRICE £1039.99 4000 030 240 Mb HD (exefuwv. To indi) Phone tor price 4000 030 120 Mb SCSI HD imuMtoiNDii A tuN ranee ol a tno 4000 010. Including ¦ THE NEW DUAL SYNC 1940 1942 Monitors have been specially designed for the New Amiga 1200 and 40p0 computers. Both monitors feature built - in stereo speakers.
am price i 1940 Monitor £279.99 14 inch screen size - 0.39 mm dot matrix.
MM PHICb I 1942 Monitor £379.99 14 inch screen size - 0.28 mm dot matnx.
Parnet Adaptor for CDTV I Connect a COTV Player to any Amiga, and access I world of CD • ROM software.
The Pamet interface and software will allow the AiJ CDTV to be used as a CD - ROM drive with any Anl and w4i give any Amiga owner access to the range of COTV software currently avMbie The CDTV player offers excellent value for moil when compared with a standard CD ROM drive ¦ interface Most CD • ROM drives will set you back ol £400 while CDTV will cost you less than £300 and f play audo CD's m addeon to CO • ROM COTV (Ml The Parnet adaptor includes the software driver!
Your Am«ga. Interface cable and PD *sk with dn| software lor your COTV player [price] £39.c INDI are now able fo offer competitive credit facilities on all orders over £200.00. All credit facilities are subject to status and applicants musl be over the age ot 18.
If you would like a quote simply call our sales line where acceptance can normally be notified within the hour. We are also able to offer Crodlt Insurance to cover repayments In the event of sickness or unemployment.
• Alter deposit paid £215.99 THE WILD. THE WEIRD AND THE WICKED
A600 is an I ideal starter pack containing a considered mix of
I maiung the most of the Amigas amazing capabilities PACK CONTAINS: NEW LOW LOW PRICES
• A600 Single Drive I • Built in TV Modulator
• 1 Mb Memory I • Pushover: Grandprix
• Srfy Putty: Deluxe Pant III
• Mouse and Manuals A600-SD A single drive Amiga lor those ol you
requiring a basic A600 at a very competitive price.
PACK INCLUDES: A600 single drive, built in TV modulator. 1Mb memory. 12 Months at home service.
• Kick Off 2 • Pipemania • Space Ace • Populous • Microswitched
joystick _ Mmrmrrl £189.9 E189.9S A600 EPIC PACK (40 Mb HD)
PACK INCLUDES: A600 Hard Disks (20Mb) • 1 Mb Memory Epic •Rome
• Trivial Pursuit •Amiga Text • Deluxe Paint III • 12 Months at
¦QUCE] £339.99 INDI A600 ACCESSORY PACK (Featured with WWW)
• MicroSwrtched Joystick • Lockable Disk Box •Disk Wallet
• 10Blank Disks •KickO«2 •Fhpeman • Space Ace
• Populous • Zapsac Carry Case • Zappo T-Shirt INDTpricII £26.99
6. 12, 18, 24, 36 MONTHS.
AMIGA RECOMMENDED PERIPHERALS & ACCESSORIES «r from Microbotics for the A1200!!!.
M1230XA Accelerator launch!!
KBcs beats the competition on price, performance.
¦a me conhgurations.INDI is very pleasefl to announce the Mrr ol the new 68030 accelerator product tor the At 200: the fcWcs M1230 XA call it the ”XA" for short) 50 MHZ speed is M1 Memory management is standard! Huge 128 MB
* » design is standard (the biggest memory space on any
• perpheral) Just look at these specifications and prices!
SO XA W 40 MHZ EC 030 0MB INDI PRICE £299.99 SO XA W 40 MHZ EC 030 4MB INDI PRICE £399.99 10 XA W 50 MHZ MMU 030 0MB INDI PRICE £399.99 JO XA W 50 MHZ MMU 030 4MB INDI PRICE £499.99 MBX1200.
The original and the best floating point unit and memory uppgrade for the Amiga A1200. Available with 0,4 OR 8 MB OF 32 BIT FAST RAM and a choice of floating point units. Now complete with real time clock (RTC) MBX1200Z 68881 14 MHZ 0MB INDI PRICE £129.
MBX1200Z 68881 14MHZ 4MB INDI PRICE £249.
MBX1200Z 68881 14 MHZ 8MB INDI PRICE £349.
MBX1200Z 68882 25 MHZ 0MB INDI PRICE £189.
MBX1200Z 68882 25 MHZ 4MB INDI PRICE £339.
MBX1200Z 68882 25 MHZ 8MB INDI PRICE £409.
MBX1200Z 68882 50 MHZ 0 MB INDI PRICE £339.
MBX1200Z 68882 50 MHZ 4MB INDI PRICE £419.
MBX1200Z 68882 50 MHZ 8MB INDI PRICE £539.
AUDIO VISUAL MEGAMIX Low cost, hi spec lAgrtal effects cartridge plugs into printer port of Amiga.
Allows siereo samphng from almost any musical source.
¦ tor mon M dnve
• ubackc 300 and :dtv ds* e driver with On*
9. 5 PMORY UPGRADES AND ACCESSORIES 11501 The original 0.5MB
battery backed upgrade lot the A500- ¦¦Zrajcf] £29.99 M502 The
original 1 MB battery backed upgrade for the A500.
£49.99 8 Up memory board. Again designed for the At 500 A200 Memory upgradable to 2 4 or 8MB ¦¦jwic!] £69.99 Id frame suitable for A1500 A2000. Allows lor th interface ot a SCSI hard drive.
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Add £2.50 carnage to all printer accessories or oorrriinalions thereof The advent of a new age in home entertainment is upon us, with major electronics companies bidding for success in a completely new arena. Movies on your Amiga may seem like a distant vision of the future, but it may not be too many tomorrows before it becomes reality.
Or many years now computers have toyed with images In games, in training applications, in muh timedia displays there have been animations and stills. Unfortunately there has never been a digitally stored moving image display system.
Laser discs are actually analogue systems, and whilst they are high quality the images displayed cannot be manipulated in the same way that a digital one could. So the world has had to put up with expensive, chronically limited systems, or low-quality substitutes lor real images But not any more. The miniaturisation process, the thirst lor compact power, has finally turned tram the data manipulation hardware to focus on the data itself.
Less is more is the philosophy ol the modem shapers of technology.
Once again science mingles with philosophy as the white coats try to figure out the notional implications of assessing the information content ot data. Borrowing from other sciences to try and explain the intangible, they are already droning on about bandwidths and entropy levels and being very depressing people to get stuck with at parties But the spin-offs along the way will improve the lives of everybody, so they say Information is power, and the dissemination of information is becoming more diverse. One of the areas in which there is much to be gained by high data density is the world of
the moving image. High-quality pictures have a very large information content. At a 24-bit colour resolution, a lull screen image takes up more than 1 Mb of storage space. To display sequences of these running at 25 frames per second, enough to give the illusion ot realistic movement, is the stuff of dreams. Or it least it was.
Once again the toil has not been in vain. Four thousand years of human civilisation have finally brought us the capability to view the world in exact digital accuracy on a small box in the comer ot our living rooms.
Soon the population will thrill to the sights ot Amie brandishing his nine millimetres in superbly stable digital images, games with interactive real-time video elements, and quite probably the relaunch of the CD single - now with added video.
Systems which once cost thousands of pounds will now be available to everyone who can afford an Amiga. The technology revolution has provided a mass-market solution at a reasonable expense. The media revolution will be in full swing again as a whole new wave of personal data systems is opened up.
The ultimate goal ol a digital movie system is now within our grasp.
But it hasn't been easy... LEAD FEATURE The problems with FMV changing image areas rather than ones of high contrast Obviously this would be great for movies.
Unfortunately the best no-loss compression ratio is 5:1 - still requiring a bandwidth of around 5Mb per second
- a speed which is difficult to achieve with some RAM devices,
never mind an optical system.
JPEG still works well as a lossy system though The compression ratios can be increased to 150:1, without too much of a reduction in ’i ¦C - - J’f - f ' • 'mm |h 1 1 V ; I vi mi • 1 w v """ - s ' - ?
4 MW 4
* V-Lab in action. Consldaring this image was grabbed from
standard UHF broadcast H is ot incredibly high quality.
Quality - this would bring the required bandwidth down to !70ksecond. Not far from the grail of 150k sec.
DEEP THOUGHT Once the insurmountable bandwidth problem is overcome (anything impossible is only a matter of time with new technology), there is another problem to face Since it was designed for stonng realistic images in the smallest possible space it is not surprising that little thought went m my digital playback system there
• always going to be a trade-oft Between the quality ol the final
'"age and the speed at which it can B* displayed (or the
'bandwidth' ol He data transfer if you are heavily
• no Information Technology). Over
• me different factors have been the «wn area of concern, but for
the present the bandwidth is the main area ot worry.
It occurs early on that the only system capable of storing enough data on-line to make FMV movies or true multimedia applications possible at a domestic level is a CD Rom drive.
With 600Mb of data available on a CD. This gives a total of around 4k per image, and that's not including the soundtrack!
This is a small enough space to work in. Even if you spread the film across lour disks... The other problem with CD is one of bandwidth. A full quality, uncompressed 24-bit image takes up around t Mb of data. The data transfer speed of a CD drive is about 150k per second At a proper playback speed ot 25 fps (frames per second) this means that each image can only be a maximum of 6k!
COLD COMPRESS Obviously compression is the way to go - reduce the size ol the data required. The best system for compressing natural' images is JPEG.
Natural images are photorealistic ones where there are more gradually playback. This whacks a huge 40 per cent off the data transfer requirements. But purists are against this. If it's worth doing at all. Then it should be done properly they reason When you consider some of the eventual uses (discussed later) this attitude seems to make sense.
Into how long it would take to decompress the files: .
Because of the layered conversion approach, there is quite a lot of processor time involved, and the more the file is compressed, the longer it takes to decompress it.
Essentially this means that you may well achieve the required bandwidth but there is no hope of displaying the image in real time unless you have a network of Pentiums or some other super-fast processor at the other end.
An average JPEG file will take around 40 million instructions worth of decompression. This means two seconds of processing on an A4000 040. Or 10 seconds on an A500I PURITY The other method of reducing the bandwidth is to reduce the frame rate. It is possible to reduce the frame rate to around 15lps without a noticeable difference in the quality of THE FRAME GAME Of course, nobody ever said that you had to store the images a frame at a time Anyone who has had their Amiga for more than a couple ot days is bound to have come across an Anim. Especially If they possess a copy of Dpaint III or
better Anims are a special way of storing sequential frames of data Most Anim formats use a technique known as differencing. This consists of working out the changes between one file and the next one in the sequence.
This information is known as a 'delta' file, and it is usually compressed further using a technique known as run-length encoding. » This method ol compression can produce some very Impressive compression ratios, but again the speed ot decompression is a problem. A differencing algorithm has been developed through the ISO by a group called the Motion Picture Experts Group. These experts have designed a format lor stonng video sequences to varying degrees of quality, much in the same way that JPEG works. Because the images are not processed in the same way and they often use dithering
techniques, still images from an MPEG sequence can appear to be of lower quality However. MPEG has reached the stage where hardware MPEG cartridges will be available for some purposes The MPEG algorithms are encoded into silicon and act like a separate co-processor dedicated to the uncrunchlng ol files.
MPEG may not be suitable for some applications though, at least not in its present lorm Because of the differencing method ol compressing the data, it is not easy to remove frames randomly Irom the data without decoding many ot the other frames in the sequence too. MPEG does have a provision tor both forward and backward dilterencing methods, but these still rely on finding a nearby key frame. This means that short sequences may have to be encoded separately - not too much of a retrieval problem apart from a short delay between clips while the right file is being sought Unfortunately
the complexity of a workable algorithm may mean that encoding the data in the first place would require a very large system.
Set as a reference point. What happens is that the software identifies a frame as the video is played. When the user gets to the point where they wish to start recording a sequence, they press a key and the V-Lab starts grabbing.
As it grabs the software also notes the frame number it started at (counting from the key frame) and the numbers ol the frames which it has grabbed (because it isn’t fast enough to get all of them). Once the sequence run is ended, the tape can be rewound and started again.
This time the software identifies the key frame, counts into the start ot the sequence and starts grabbing again. But, it already knows the frame numbers of the frames which have already been grabbed, so It ignores these and only grabs those which It has. The entire process can be repeated as many times as necessary until every trame has been grabbed The software will make a fairly accurate estimate of how many THE CONSOLE THREAT The CD-consoles that have been released.
The 3D0 machine, may be high spec and have custom graphics chips, but they are
• oetully unprepared to provide proper FMV at present. The Sega
Megadrive game, NigM Tnp. Widely advertised on TV. Looks even
worse In real life. The bandwidth requirements have been
reduced by padding out the image to slightly over halt a
screen, and dithering the image with white space. The result is
something not unlike trying to watch a Casio hand held TV
through a sock. 3D0 will be better, but by how much?
It may be possible to provide a hardware decompression expansion tor some ol these systems, but don’t count on the consoles themselves being sble to handle images at that speed anyway. The colour resolution would mean a low quality solution. Games released on this tormal don't stand much ol a chance against titles on real CD multimedia systems like CD-i.
Joe Benzlrtg el Commodore Is a keen exponent ol FMV on the Amiga, and has been working closely with MacroSystem. The German company who have made it a reality.
Fps is though, so this is the equipment that MacroSystem based their design around.
The system works by first isolating a key frame. It does this by analysing the start ot each video frame as it comes in. Because the V-Lab is only analysing part of the frame, it can do this in real time.
Therefore it is possible to Identify an individual frame and also count the frames as they appear after it This means a key frame can be slve hardware - a characteristic ol Amiga developers in general and of MacroSystem in particular The problem with using real-lrle images in FMV, which everyone will obviously want to do. Is that at some stage all the frames of the original video will have to be digitised Good as they are, current frame grabbers (at least the ones that people can afford) are not capable ot grabbing frames at the same rate they can be displayed Development systems It’s all very
well talking about the potential problems, but how would we go about recording all this information in the first place?
We can talk about FMV in the home, but if Development systems cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds only a few corporations would be willing or able to make the investment. In order for digital FMV to become as valid a medium as video, TV or radio it has to be disseminated to the masses.
The biggest breakthrough so tar by way ot development systems is almost certainly MacroSystem’s Interleaf Frame Grabbing solution.
Using an Amiga, a video player, A V-Lab Y C board and the new software anyone can create their own FMV titles t alien centrpl Oftrmw lybrid TradEUJtnds House, 6B KP1 fishbouroE Road. ClErby, OEEE 3F5,TelEphone [D33E] ErllRl, Facsimile [Q33E] 3315*1 CD-i A MPEG PM* art ka*M| la artalkt lilt Into ttieir CD-i madiines »itti the adnnl ol Hie long anilM MPEG cartnagt. Ida cartridge, imaginatively calltd the 22ER9141 Full-Motion Edaaiioa. Connect! Into a socket on eilsting CD-I glayort which connects II onto Ihe UQMdBl machine.
Thert art One pans lo Ihe cartridge, a MPEG decoder lor imeges. One lor sound and a RAM cache tnirtg image decoder. The benelits ol a hardware based system come den lo compression ntios. Quite simply, because ol the grtatei speed ol a silicon solu- Urn. Me data cat be compressed lo greater ratios lor storsge and slill be played back In rtal hme oa ternary. In CO-1 Ibis means that a compression ratio ol 1401 is possible.
AOotnag Die playback ol quality images accompanied by a stereo soundtrack.
Sound Which on a CO plays back al 1 35 Mbit second. Is compressed lo a data rate ol .2 Mbit second with apparently no noticeable difference in quality.
The lirst CD-i titles lo leslure MPEG support will be games which lealure excerpts ol real Me ndee and possibly a lew educational titles loo.
Music yideos on CO-i have already been demonstrated, hot whether large music companies will bo drawn lo throw their weight behind one standard until the systems have proven themselves in Ihe merketplace is open to question The CO-I copes well with the deta rale and real-time compression. There is even facility lor playing around with the image in real lime - rooming In and out. Stretching and so on Even it MPEG on Ihe CD-I does become an industry standard, this would not necessarily effect the Amiga being able lo replay MPEG loo. And of course the development systems are independent Irom Ihe
playback route, so we may find Amigas being used lo produce titles lor CD-Ill » II afl happen 3S We"- JPEG and MPEG can be decoded entirely in software by the Amiga’s processor. It may not be as efficient but with a speedy processor reasonable attempts could be produced. Hardware solutions are always an option anyway.
The Amiga's expandable architecture would make adding plug-in solutions easy.
Capable ol displaying the frames directly in real-time at 25 tps. This does not necessanly have to be played back from RAM either - a reasonably last Hard-drive would suffice (A SCSI2 device will attain 25tps with no problems).
Passes will be required - often only six or seven. To fully automate the process, the hardware can even send a signal to the Video recorder to rewind and replay the section automatically.
This is done by an air-link' at present. This is simply an inlrared device, plugged into the Amiga, which emulates the remote control unit of the VCR The software cannot be expected to work out how long the rewind should be though _ this has to be set by a value entered by the user. This does mean that the user should supervise the first run through the tape, but they don't necessanly have to be present tor subsequent runs.
The real advantage of this system is the price.
An A4000 030 with a decent amount ol memory, a V-Lab Y C and software, and a domestic VCR. Total cost around £1800. A much more affordable solution than those ottered by Apple or IBM, and one which would allow semi-professional use too.
The replay software is experience ot CDXL - the quarter- Irame animation system developed lorCDTV.
To a certain extent the problems faced by early developers have forced the development ol a mature range of playback and editing software. One such product under development is flay from Pantaray. Carl Sassenrath, the developer, has worked very closely with CDTV since its inception, so there is no doubt that this software will reflect the needs of third party developers.
Most ol the leatures at the moment are extensions ol the old CDXL toolbox. This system also includes routines lor random playback, so frames do not have to be stored in sequence or in an Anim format.
The importance of software solutions over hardware is more than just the initial cost. As anyone who owns an Amiga is bound to know by now. Technology moves torward taster than variety ot playback utilities available tor the Amiga. The advantage that Commodore has in this area is the DVI The PC version ol Video is called DVI. This is a standard which had initial success in the early 90 s and had the backing ol silicon giants Intel. Because ol the eipense ol both the playback and development systems, the clients were usually big corporations with money to bum on training systems Competing
with multimedia systems based around Videodisc players was tough and the DVI standard has made no overtures to the lower end ol the market. The main advantages ol DVI were that playback could be at a user selected rate - something not possible with PC laserdisc systems, but this advantage was only effective in niche markets.
PC commitment to CD-ROM technology remains strong, but at a corporate level. CD ROM games are being developed and include some stunning lull animation titles, like the just released 711} Guest, but the majority ol thinking is at a corporate level. The danger lor DVI is that low-end mass market solutions may also turn out to be viable and cheap high- end solutions.
Thu V-Lab VIC card - tha 1180 cam which makua we would like in a lot of cases.
Today's hardware is often out ot date betore it is installed. It is a lot easier to update software to conform to the latest standard than it is to re-wire your hardware.
The Amiga Is probably the best computer to handle the playback of sequences featuring high compres- sion ratios. Since the custom chips handle the actual display (and sound if included) the processor can concentrate almost solely on the decompression of the images as they Now in. This has great advantages over the centralised processing power in the IBM PC and, to a certain extent, the Macintosh Above: PC CD-ROM dirts have been used lot Interactive education lor years now.
Below: Early DVI efforts included a train simulator lor training BR drivers.
Complicated and are people really going to throw out their VCR and buy a new CD-player just so they can watch the same films?
Well, initially, we won’t see movies on CD. I know what it said on the cover, and someday it will be an option, but for the moment applications will be strictly limited to a few key areas.
Fortunately for a large number of Amiga users, one of these key areas is games. Compact disc technology has already infiltrated the games marketplace, with the consoles and the PC CD-ROM drives in the lead.
CDTV was an exciting product once upon a time, and is still an amazingly cheap piece of hardware for presentation and training systems, but very few were sold and the games industry wasn’t prepared to invest heavily.
Most titles which did appear on CD were simply ports from the original floppies. The few titles which did make use of the extra capacity, like Virgin's Polar Expedition were more in the edutainment line rather than entertainment.
A few pioneering titles using CDXL to its fullest (and the NASA disk springs to mind here) did appear, but had no mass-market appeal. This is a bit of a shame, but if more CDTVs had been sold we may have had interactive-TV type games for ages.
FIRST STEPS Undoubtedly the first FMV titles will feature small clips of movie quality graphics, possibly a film tie-in. At the same time educational titles like encyclopaedias will be able to feature video clips of volcanoes erupting, the stop frame animation of trees growing and so on. The ability to freeze frame will be important here, as is the ability to playback at virtually any speed from 0 to 25 frames per second.
To follow that, there will probably be a Dragon 's Lair effort involving the playback of sequences chosen by the user’s control-pad movements.
This may all seem rather unexciting but it is a process which must take place. As the formats develop, one system will become more popular than the other. This is not always a case of survival of the fittest (wit- ness the VHS Betamax battle) but more often a survival of the best marketed. This is a bit sad, because unfortunately it comes down to the media. People will buy what is touted as the best system by the press. But this isn’t necessarily the consumer press, who may know what they are talking about. It is more likely to be the popular press, CONVERSION TABLES To make things
difficult, there are lots of different ways of expressing speeds and access times. For audio, things are usually done in Hertz (Hz). One Hz is one cycle per second. One kilohertz (KHz)is one thousand cycles a second, and the frequency used for a perfect quality CD sample is 44KHz.
In computer terminology, the smallest division of data is one bit (makes sense). Eight.
16 or 32 (depending on the address size of the machine - 8-bit, 16-bit or 32-bit) ol these grouped together are known as a byte and 1024 of these is known as a kilobyte (Kb). So there are 8192 bits in a kilobyte. 1024Kb is known as a megabyte (Mb), but for some reason, information is often quoted as being so many megabits (Mbit). A megabit is simply 10 raised to the six (10A6) bits of information.
The newspapers whose idea of the best system is the one they can get the most of to give ayvay in a super- soaraway competition.
This is a sad and demoralising conflict for the participants, but it is important. Only when this battle is finally over will we reach the next phase, when the big guns take over.
Although initial support from Hollywood film companies may be forthcoming, these are the sort of guys who wouldn’t think twice about ditching an idea'if ft didn't start to make big bucks very quickly, so don’t think that if Warner (for example) decided to release titles on a 3DO based format that they would necessarily stick to it.
JMS ouid “ s° Initially, it is likely to be the*music industry which takes over. They are more adventurous than the film industry, mainly because they are mostly spending the artist's money and not their own. CD titles which feature compressed, but still CD- quality sound could also feature video sequences. This would be a leap forward from the already tried and failed CD+G format, and may revitalise the CD-single market.
At worst these could find a specialist market in video jukeboxes.
Conventional tapes are prone to magnetic and heat damage as well as wear and tear. The failure rate 310 distributors and end users. Videodiscs are Currently employed in this market, but a switch could come from the manufacturers it development costs prove lucrative. The cost ot pressing a lew Cds would be significantly less than the cost ot a laserdisc, simply because there are greater numbers oI Cds produced already Philip* are likely to lead the way
* i this Md with their CD-i machine, and «tact they have already
signed ¦cences to do titles such as U2's Aditung Baby, Bon
Jovi's Keep Ihe Fmh and the ubiquitous Paul Macca' McCartney s
Pul it There But the long term success depends on acquiring a
large base ot installed units, something they have tared little
better at than Commodore did with the original CDTV Large
marketing campaigns will be needed to convince the great
unwashed that they urgently need a new way ol watching videos
The Panasonic backed 3DO system is already anticipating a large
marketing spend.
ROLL 'EM The high end video applications are very interesting. With digitally accurate frames, there is the possibility ol completely new methods of editing and even shooting motion pictures the initial costs will be high, mainly ACCESSING Although tho primary vehicle lor FMV will undoubtedly be the CD, ordinary machines actually have a much better chance ol displaying Ihe Information al a decent speed In high quality 24-blt vision (or al least HAMS). The league tahle is as lollows: CD ROM drive (e.g. AS70) tSOk second 320K second rsdt second 70S - ISOOksecond 2100fcsecond 5500k7second
Double speed CD Rom (e.g. Toshiba) IDE drive (e.g. 2.5" A1200 style Toshiba) SCSI dnvo (depending on make) SCSI2 drive (on SCS11 controller) SCSI2 drive (on SCSI 2 controller) Obviously you would still need a very large amount ol room on a hard drive to display this data, and 600Mb SCSI 2 dnves aron I as cheap as Cds. But high end systems could use a mixture ol both, using Ihe high-speed drive as a butler.
DATACRIME2000 This Information revolution could also spawn some new datacrimes. The most obvious would be the visual equivalent of sound sampling. Pictures could be removed from a CO-movie and then quite easily processed to disguise their origin.
The up side ot this is that huge PD libraries mi IAUIJ ka am oi vioeo sequences cuuio oe own up, enabling people lo make movies on smaller budgets. Similar systems lor Him sequences already exist, but these aren't as flexible as a digital image Depending on hoe popular videophones become, there Is a criminal polontial lor Impersonation. This would already ha possible with conventioaal video, bul a digital systam would be many times more flexible and more sophisticated.
Because ol re-training, so first usage ol these techniques is likely to come from outside service bureaux rather than the big studios themselves.
Digital editing not only allows easier integration ol effects sequences but provides new freedom in the editing process With analogue and hybrid systems, no matter how good, there is always data lost through successive generations ol tape. Digital lilms would overcome this problem There could be as many generations as necessary.
It would also be possible to do a whole range ol post-production. With macro driven processing systems, scenes could be completely changed. It may take a while to perfect the techniques ot turning a sunny day into a thunderstorm, but it is possible, and in the world ol movies if it is possible it will happen.
This technology could leak into your living-room Although a home recording facility would be out ol the question lor the foreseeable future (but when did we ever stop there?)
The quality ol playback could turn out to be far superior than conventional video. ¦', If double speed CD drives are adopted, it may even be possible that a new High Definition TV standard will be based on a digital lormat, oapable ol being stored on CD.
Unfortunately double speed CD will mean that the discs will only last just over half an hour each.
The ultimate evolution will be lull movies on CD. They may initially appear on two or three disks, but they will appear. It is only a question ol lormats. Again CD-i may initially take the lead, having already acquired promises from Paramount to support CD-i in the development ol lull length movie titles. The initial releases may be sooner than you think - Bob Klmgensmith ol Paramount s Video division reckons that some titles will be shipping in the Autumn. It is difficult to see that any competitor could beat them to it.
However, the first at the trough may not be the ultimate victor. The CD-i and FMV system will not be cheap, and a competitor should have plenty ol room to maneuver on price. The actual tormat ol the movie Cds may not come into it. It could be simply a contest between display systems.
The MPEG lormat, or a variation, is likely to be the victor because it has been specifically designed lor this use. The lormat Is not exclusively licensed to any one playback system though, so anyone with the cash can jump on the bandwagon.
Digital quality pictures (which, even i( they do have a lower colour resolution, will be much sharper than conventional video images) will easily supplant the video as the home entertainment system ol the tuture.
Or will it? The benefits to the manufacturers are clear. In the long run.
Tapes will take longer to produce, degrade in quality as they are mastered. Have high failure rates and are easily damaged. These are the selling points they are likely to try and convince the mass-market on - well, all except one. You have to make a profit trom new technology. Even as the House Committee investigating the price of audio Cds has passed its verdict, the big corporations are looking to increase profit margins elsewhere.
The only ray ol hope for the consumer in the short term is that the war ol the CDMovie players turns into a price slashing contest, otherwise it will be elitist systems at elitist prices. Gil THANKS This mostly analogue lealure would not have been possible without the help, co-operation and cheesy biscuits ol the lollowing: Joe Benzing ol Commodore. Jorg Sprave trom the most excellent MacroSystem. John Kennedy. Jolyon Ralph ol Almathera and Sarah Auckland ol Mathieu Thomas but most ol all thanks to Wodge lor going on holiday during the writing ol this feature THE BEST SELLING FLIGHT
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309 6000 Available on: Amiga, Atari ST, Falcon, IBM PC &
compatibles Price: Amiga 6 Atari ST £35.99 • PC £45.99
THALION Lid, 120 Anderton Park Road, Moseley, Birmingham,
England B13 9DQ Tel: 021 442 2050 • Fax: 021 442 2050 CU AMIGA
INTO THE ALLEY What makes Great Valley Products so great? CU
caught up with their globetrotting head honcho Gerard Bucas and
asked him.
Great Valley Product*; (GVP as tlioy’re usually known) started life live years ago The* aim was to construct and sell a wide variety ot peripherals to Amiga users acros'. The gtob** When they began the peripheral market was dominated by Commodore because they were the only company large enough to mass produce hardware at a price that people wanted to pay From those humble beginnings GVP have nsen to be the largest third party Amiga add-on supplier in the world with a turnover which exceeded 40 million dollars last year Many ol their key technical staff are ex Commodore employees who are
uniquely qualified lo develop what have proven to be some ol the most innovative peripherals ever to see the light of day Gerard Bucas as ex Vice Chairman of Engineering at Commodore, xem plifies this principle better than anyone. Therefore. CU AMIGA was very happy when he agreed to spend considerable time answering our questions.
CU: When you released your HD8* drive lor the A500, you said that it would be possible to add an accelerator to the drive. As it proved impossible to create a small enough accelerator, will you be ottering existing HD8* owners a trade in tor the new A530 Turbo?
GB: From the Aral day that our award winning AS30 Turbo was available, we had a very exciting trade up otter tor A500-HD8 owners, many ot whom have taken advantage ot this. Recently we have made this otter even sweeter (around £300 RRP Inc VAT assuming that the user keeps his her own hard drivel) I wish that somebody would explain to A500 owners that their machine is tar Irom obsolete and that with less money they can get more power and expandability tor their A500 versus the A1200. AG A is great but very lew people actually NEED It (except magazine reviewers of course!!!).
CU: With the recent price drop in your PC emulator tor the HDB* and AS30 turbo drives, is there any likelihood that we II be seeing a 386 or even a 486 emulator Irom you before much longer?
GB: No. We found the market too small tor PC emulators. Everyone likes the Idea ot PC emulators but too few people are willing to lork out the cash required to actually buy one. As a result we were lorced to drop the price on our PC286 emulator to bargain basement level pricing at which we can't make any money on them! Great tor the consumer but not tor us.
CU Whatever happened to the GVP EGS card?
GB: The EOS-110 24 board has been shipping since May.
Development time was a lot longer than we expected. It's a great product lor the Real Graphics' people out there. There's nothing comparable on any other platform
- it must be seen to be believed.
It attaches to our G-Force 030 and 040 accelerators tor the A2000 so only those lucky owners will be able to turn their Amigas into the most exciting graphics machine on earth. It's expensive - lor connoisseurs only!
We are also working on a new Beyond AGA' EGS board which will be the world's first auto-sensing' Zorro-ltlll bus expansion board and will automatically configure itself In a 16-blt bus mode machine.
This product will also be more affordable (less than £500) than the EGS-110 24 which was really intended to be the best graphics board for the Amiga that money could buy!
CU: What about a 500800 compati ble board?
GB: No plans for A500 600 24-blt boards. Sorry!
CU: Considering the tact that the European market is tar bigger than your native American one in terms ot the quantity ot Amiga owners, will the level ot consultation with, and consideration tor. European users reflect the balance?
GB: In monetary terms, our sales are still around 50 per cent in the USA due to the fact that US Amiga ‘owners seem to be willing to part with more dough (per capita) than their European counterparts on upgrading their Amigas. However we ALWAYS consider European users and you should have noticed that our products are launched simultaneously in Europe and the US.
To my dismay, European users seem far too willing to buy from fly by night’ companies who offer five-year guarantees when they the companies) never last more than one year. The old adage penny wise, pound foolish' is very appropriate to the Amiga market.
CU: Why don 't you have a British or European office?
GB: As soon as British or European users spend more money upgrading their Amigas (with GVP products) we will change this.
CU: With your recent graphics products (IV-24 and G-Lock) it seems logical to add some form of graphics digitiser to the stable. Is anything in the pipeline?
GB: We already have the best video digitiser built into our IV-24 product. Most journalists seem to ignore this. In its basic form, the IV-24 could be considered as the best genlock for the Amiga with a built-in real-time 24-bit frame grabber (digitiser) and a 24-bit frame buffer and a host of other features to boot.
Compare this to something like Opalvision, which is simply a 24- bit frame buffer with other features (like frame grabbing and genlock- ing) too, offered as options real soon now'. The press are amazing aren’t they...?
Anyway, back to the video digitisers for the A1200 (as we already have the best for Zorro II III machines), all I can say is stay tuned, we will have one for the A1200 before the end of this year.
And it will be affordable too!
CU: Your office reported that it was difficult to fit the 68030 accelerator into the A530 drive. Does this mean that an 040 version of either your A530 drive for the A500 or the 1230 card for the A1200 is very slim?
GB: The main problem with the 040 is actually heat dissipation (as well as space issues).
However, there are ways of solving these problems but they take time. Rest assured that we are not ignoring this issue... CU: Although the circuitry of your accelerators and SCSI cards is proprietary, you still use a lot ot off-the-shelf components which to a certain extent restrict the degree of miniaturisation possible.
Have you considered designing your own processors, etc, so that you can increase the ultimate power of your hardware?
GB: We are still the only company in the Amiga market that develops our own custom VLSI ASICs. We continuously look for ways to increase integration and thereby squeeze more functionality into less space. Look at the evolution of our products; the decrease in the number of components compared to the increase in functionality over the past five years in the Amiga market is incredible!
CU: Thanks to the new AGA machines, ordinary users can produce near-broadcast quality graphics for less than £400. Does this damage your market, or does the increased interest in this kind of work benefit you?
GB: There are always new and exciting products to be conceived for new Amigas. That is a challenge that we like. We have lots of ideas. The more Amigas people buy, the better we like it!
CU: There seem to be ever increasing numbers of rival companies who produce similar products to your own. Is this a problem? How are you remaining competitive?
GB: Last year GVP achieved sales of over 31 million dollars in Amiga products only! Our closest competitors probably achieved sales under S4M (almost eight times smaller). In fact, other than Newtek which really markets a single Amiga product in the USA only, there are no serious players in the Amiga market.
This means that our economies of scale and engineering budget are such that we manage to stay far ahead of the game.
I’m not sure who the many competitors' are that you refer to, we don’t seem to come across them. In fact, due to the worldwide economic climate, we are finding that every month another Amiga developer falls by the wayside. I'm worried that soon we will be a monopoly (not good for anyone, and no longer a challenge).
CU: Now that the A1200 and A4000 are available, will you continue to develop hardware for the other Amigas in the range?
GB: We will continue to support the older Amigas as we believe in supporting our customer base. A good example is our new 'autosensing Zorro Hill' technology which I mentioned earlier.
CU: Do you think that the Amiga has much of a future? Dare you to guess how many years it has left!
GB: Depends on Commoddre! I believe that there will always be a market for a computer for people who want to be different'. These are generally the people that the Amiga appeals to. The original Amiga marketing theme is still true today, the Amiga is really ‘The computer for the creative mind’.
That is why it has survived against many odds. Hopefully Commodore can remain creative and keep the technology evolving faster. Time will tell.
CU: Do you think that the Amiga will ever make a significant impact on the PC and console markets?
GB: Not on the PC market. Maybe on the console market if Commodore can afford to match the marketing budgets of some of the big players... CU: Despite its initial promise, the PCMCIA slot of the A600 and A1200 doesn't seem to have been exploited at all. Are you developing anything for it and if so what? If not, why not?
GB: How about a 16-bit audio digitiser with 16-bit playback module for under £200? Stay tuned... CU: What sort of relationship does GVP have with Commodore US and how important is this relationship to your business?
GB: We have a very good relationship with Commodore in the US and this is very important to our business. As I used to be vice- chairman of engineering at Commodore in West Chester and we are located only 20 minutes from Commodore’s corporate headquarters, we do seem to have some advantages...!
CU: With the ever more compact circuitry used in Amigas, a portable version seems increasingly feasible.
Is this something that GVP have looked at, or do Commodore hold all the cards in that regard?
GB: We are not interested in doing this. There are many technical issues still to resolve and there's also a very questionable market size due to the fact that the Amiga is virtually unknown In the corporate world. I doubt Commodore » » has any Interest tor the same reasons. This is only a dream ot Amiga magazines (who don't have to sell the things they dream up!).
CU: How long does il lake to develop a product such as the AS30, and how much is spent on research?
GB: It takes about 12 to 15 months to develop something like the A530 and it's very expensive.
Tooling charges alone can cost around $ 50,000.
CU: Considering the adverse ettect that the current exchange rate has upon your pricing policies, have GVP considered following Commodore 's lead and setting up a European manufacturing piant. Especially considering the positive implications ol the single market on pan- European distribution?
GB: We are always looking at ways to improve our bottom line!
CU: A criticism levelled at a lot ol GVP products is Great hardware, shame about the software : Does GVP leel it has a problem in this area?
GB: I have not heard this criticism except about version 1.0 of our Macropaint. Look at the hard disk installation software. We set the trend and everyone followed.
Phonepak software, G-Lock software, Audio software, etc... CU: GVP has a reputation tor innovation in Amiga hardware. Do you think that this is deserved and why?
GB: We are definitely the innovation leaders In the Amiga market.
We took the Amiga market seriously from day one, and from day one we tackled the global market.
We do not consider ourselves a US company but rather a world company that happens to be based in the USA. Our engineers are mostly senior ex-Commodore engineers who know the ins and outs of the Amiga more intimately than anyone else in the world.
We are willing to spend longterm money on serious R&D and make the investments for the future. No-one else In the Amiga market has managed to achieve this. I don't really know why as the formula Is simple. As a result we have been around for a long time and today there Is no-one even close. Serious Amiga owners appreciate this and hence buy more and more of our products - again peace of mind Is critical here.
CU: Do you really think that IV24 represents good value lor money when weighed against a combination like Retina and V-Lab?
GVP have recently become Interested In producing their own application software. Their tlrst forays have been with ClneUorph and Image FX.
The move may have been prompted by the reaction to IV24, whose bundled software Included the unfortunate MacroPalnt and a critically handicapped version of CallgaH GB: This is an amazing question!
Only In the UK do we have this bad perception of the IV24.1 cannot understand this. The IV24 is one of our top products everywhere except In the UK. We've recently lowered the price drastically to see if this will make any difference over here.
The Retina Is simply a 24-bit frame buffer which has no video capabilities. The IV24, on the other hand, is the best genlock for the Amiga, the best real-time frame grabber, the best flicker fixer and a 24-bit frame buffer and a video transcoder (any standard In, any standard out) and it includes a two input video switcher and it can run TV Paint (if you don't like the Macropaint program supplied with It). There Is truly no comparison.
I just can't understand why the IV24 is constantly compared against simple 24-bit frame buffer boartls.
Although the IV24 includes a built-in 24-bit frame buffer, this is probably one of its least Important features.
CU: Do you feel that your products are technology led or market led?
GB: Yes, no question!
CU: Are there any aspects ot GVP which you are unhappy with?
R GB: Yes, weliave more ideas than time to Implement them!
CU: Which of your products do you consider to be your best and why?
GB: A530, A1230, G-Forfce-040 33, Image FX, IV-24, G-Lock, Phonepak, and our new DSS8* The reason? Technical excellence.
CU: And which is your worst?
GB: Our '040 accelerator for the
3000. It should have been cheaper and faster.
CU: What do you consider an acceptable failure rate lor hardware such as the AS30?
GB: Less than 1% CU: What is the actual failure rate on the A530?
GB: One of the lowest ot all our products (partly due to the excellent cooling airflow design of the A530 case).
CU: It you were in charge of Commodore what would you be doing differently?
GB: No comment at this point.
CU: What is the biggest problem lacing Amiga developers?
GB: The market is too small and spread out over too many countries. Software piracy is high due to the low number of corporate buyers (who buy more and pirate less). Not enough UK A500 A600 owners upgrade their machines.
CU: What fundamental change would you like to see made to the Amiga?
GB: All changes should be evolutionary, but 'beyond AGA’ is required sooner to compete with Pcs and Macs.
CU: How would you sum up GVP's business philosophy?
GB: Longer term commitment, support the customer, Innovate and stay profitable without sacrificing quality.
CU: Over the last year or so. GVP's prices have fallen considerably to the point where they now compete directly with the competition. How have GVP achieved this sudden drop in price?
GB: Recent price drops have been due mainly to changing market conditions caused by Commodore's discontinuation ot the A500 and A2000 and the ma|or decline in pricing of bare hard drives and other key components.
To encourage A500 and A2000 owners to upgrade their machines (versus buying new models) we decided to take a significant drop In our own protit margins on existing stock.
This means that some of these prices could be for a short time only! As a result, the consumer gains and there has never been a better time to buy these products.
This is a real (but temporary) bonanza.
So, the ambitious and modest Mr. Bucas is still ready to take on the world and win. GVP's commitment to the Amiga should allay some fears for the machine's future. Now what would happen if GVP bought out Commodore? S’ SIM F E THE GENETIC PLAYGROUND THERE ARE TWO VERSIONS AVAILABLE: STANDARD • EOR ALE AMIGAS. ENHANCED ¦ FOR AI200 A4000 ONI As you lake the SimLife disks out of their pack you hear strange celestial music. Load them up and a deep rumbling sound is heard in the distance: the cosmos twitches. You are about to become a major player in the game of life.
Until now you thought gene splicing involved ripped trousers... a balanced ecosystem was a new washing powder - and that genomes lived at the bottom of the garden? Now you'll find out different.
In SimLife. Take the challenge of our inbuilt scenarios or create your own unique fcorld where your imagination can run riot. Design plants and animals, then decide how they act. How (even who) they eat - even how they reproduce!
Now watch this world evolve in front of your very eyes, as a completely new environment takes shape under your command. Will you be responsible for producing a tropical paradise, an arctic wasteland - or a planet inhabited by even stranger creatures than in this one?
More than a game. It's evolutionary.
"Superbly designed.
(lawlessly executed..." 93* CUM* SUPERSTAR “It is an entertaining piece of software and has years of enjoyment..." 85* MacFormat “Intriguing, very deep and absorbing, easy to use. Great fun...” 85* PC I ENHANCED Distributed by PUBLISHED BY Fax: 0444 248996 AUTOFIRE MANAGER From the Action Replay III preference screen you can now set up autofire from 0 to 100%. Just ¦w«4gine continuous fire power! Joystick 1 and 2 are set separately for that extra advantage!
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SET MAP- allows you to Load Save'Edit a Keymap.
PREFERENCES ActiotY play III now has screen colour preferences with menu setup. Customise Cmc creens to suit youhfci te. Very simple to use.
NjSK Mon1t*«L Invaluable disk monitoT*'«« J£splays disk information In easy to understand format. Full modify save options.
I M:‘! OV :••¦ PT1IM ‘ii A I• including compressed small charactercbmqiand.
¦ i OiMWAMOS Now you have a selection of DOS commands availafele tall times - DIR, FORMAT, COPY, DEVICE, etc. if you enter a command without a filename, then a file requestor Is dl tH«t(£d- Disk Copy at the press of a button - faster than Dos Copy. No need to load workt dhch - available W all times.
Includih Mem Watch Points and Trace.
Either DFO orDK can be selected as the boot drive when working with Amiga Dos disks. Very useful to be able tdH ot from your external drive.
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HOW TO ORDER Order by telephone quoting your credit card number. If paying by cheque please make payable to the: "FIRST COMPUTER CENTRE."
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..",, Plus "X OUT" shoot em up only £219.99 FUJITSU A600 DELUXE ONLY £245.99 12 month onsite included except r-s-sr. Rsrs DL-1 150 (12 month B T Base) A600 20HD Deluxe....only £339.99 Fujitsu DL-1150 Colour.£274.99 20" ..£1 149.99 * Goldstar TV Monitor only £189.99 HP Deskjet Portable-only £369.99 New! HP510 mono.now£3 19.99 HP 500 Colour .now £419.99 HP 550 Colour .now £644.99 4 times faster than the HPS00C!!
Double life 500 cartridges ......£24.99 All HP printers come with a 3 year warranty SUPRA MODEMS!
StarLC2o .....£137.99 The Supra-Fax Modem 180 cps draft. 45 cps NLQ. Quiet mode and multi w __ i j «aa i ...j im fonts, push button operation. V.32 blS ( I 4400 DaUO ) StarLC 100 colour ..£159.99 Allows you to send and receive fa* messages. This new M1 - modem from Supra has full 14400 baud capability.
9 pm colour. 8 fonts, 180 ps draft, 45 cps nlu Spf. |nt|udel y.32bis, V.32, V.22bis. V22. V21. MNP2 only £259.99 including heavy duty PSU SALES &TECHNICAL 24 HOUR MAIL ORDER SERVICE 6 LINES' 0532 319444 FAX: 0532 3 19191 FOR DESPATCH & RETURNS ENQUIRES TEL. 0532 637988 ?
Supra Fax Plus Colour version with 30K buffer expandable to 62K With the ability to send faxes! Ev« transmission speeds. Include free modem only £139.99 THE AMAZING ZOOL PACK! ..
• ZOOL (97% Amiga Computing. Nov 92) FujltSl
• STRIKER (94% CU Amiga. June 92), Bpagespei
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SOFTWARE only £39.99 if bought with modem ?
Supra 2400 ict on line using this great value fast modem with au« ial & receive. 2400 baud Hayes comp. V22 BIS. In Ricoh PCL5 ...£809.99 nsodemcableftcommss w!!
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PACE MODEMS MicroLink V22b FAX......£216.99 MicroLink V3 2b FAX......£449.99 5 year warranty and FULLY BABT Approved I!
All the essentials required for the first time buyer ft ai ' - **” ineessentialsrcqun your Amiga 500 into a CDTV. Includes bargain price Compri :ish. CDPD disk & Sim City •Top quality m Top quality microswitched Powerplay Cruiser joystick “er only £29.99 10 high quality Blank Disks Plus 3 games Fred Fish, CDPD disk & Sim City now only £ I 47.99!
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• All hardware computers PRIMA A1200 KLAL HPDeskjetPortabk are
genuine UK spec. TIMECLOCK New! HP510 morn
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• 1100 sq. ft. Showroom M(j£)7 99 forRealTjmeClock! (ones, push
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• Free large car park , StarLC 100 colou
• Overseas orders welcome HD KIT A600 AI200
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0nly *-949" for 80Mb version printer drivers (if available), paper & cables.1.1 sn£2 ? Jxvr ? Iwccir Or £ I I 69.99 for llOMbversion CANON OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK new;CanonBJIOsx £224.99 OPEN MON - SAT uoam-sjopm Amiga 4000 040 from £ 1999.99 SUNDAY OPENING 11 0OAM-3.O0PM _ . ...... NEW! Canon BJ200......£329.99 THURSDAY NIGHT LATE...9.30AM-7.30PM Cartoon Classics Pack £ 194.99 wido„„iw.bo.. CLOSED BANK HOLIDAYS ihLmn.m Cjpai ir.i.Th.SimpioiMjO Pwn! NEW! Canon BJ230......£379.99 Pursuit, Dictionary. Languagi Labs o. Paint 3 NEW! Citizen Swift 90 Col. £ 175.99 7CM3209 SVGA .28 dp only £309.99
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controller £7.99 The MBXI200 CO-PROCESSOR & RAM
BOARD for the Al 200 Realise the full potential of your AI200
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50MHZ ...£507.99 I mb 32 bit fast
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4mb 32 bit fast RAM ....£142.99 The RAM boards can only
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software patching.
When 2S6*4 ZIPS ate used, the Supra RAM can only be populated up to 2 Mb without replacing with I Mb by 4 ZIPS 8Mb pop to I Mb .. £119.99 8Mb pop to 2 Mb (256*4zips) £144.99 8Mb pop to 2 Mb (I Mb*4 zips) £ 159.99 8Mb pop to 4 Mb ..£214.99 8Mb pop to 8 Mb ..£319.99 8Mb pop to 2 Mb for 2000 1500 range..£ 149.99 AMIGA A500 HARD DRIVES IGVP Series II HD8+ 42Mb ...only £247.99 GVP Series II HD8* 80Mb ....only £347.99 GVP Series IIHD8* 120Mb ...only £397.99 A500 GVP Combo’s AS30
Combo40MHz 42Mb HD..only £475.99 A530 Combo 40MHr 80Mb HD..only £569.99 AS30 Combo 40MHz l 20Mb HD..only £665.99 AS30 Combo 40MHz 2l 3Mb HD..only £759.99 68882 Co-Processor Kit for AS30..only £214.99 32 bit 60ns I Mb SIMM for Accclcrator..only £64.99 32 bit 60ns 4Mb SIMM for Accclerator..only £ I 79.99 1500 2000 Hard Drives Impact Series IIHC8* with 42Mb HD..only £289.99 Impact Series IIHC8* with 80Mb HD..only £339.99 Impact Series II HC8« with 120Mb HD...~only £409.99 All GVP products come with a full 2 year warranty POWER SCANNERV3 With the latest version } sofwire (or bright * slurp grey
scale performance. Flexible scanned image display manipulation options, plus Clean up, embolden, resize * flip.
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FMC..only £ 169.99 ROCGEN ROCKEY For creating special effects
in video production with genlock, ....only
£269.99 PRIMA ROM SHARERS This high quality ROM sharer
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EMULATORS Vortex Golden Gate 386 £389.99 This is a PC 186-2SSX
Bridgeboard running at 2S Mhz EMPLANT SYSTEM NEW!
Multi-System emulation. Shipped with MAC ll llx Ilex. (MAC llsi ci Quadra, PC 386 486. Mega ST, Falcon, C64, Sega. Nintendo to follow) AIS00. 2000,
3000. 4000(1200soon)________from £249.99 ROCHARD DRIVES ROCTEC
A500 CONTROLLER CARD Very similar in style to the GVP HD8»
but without a hard drive so you can fit your own. Expands
to 8Mb of RAM using SIMMS ..£ 159.99 ROCTEC
42Mb ...£239.99 ROCTEC
80Mb ...£319.99 ROCTEC
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Time.£229.99 24 bit quality real time colour digitiiing
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video source. Multitasking s w, cut & paste.
VIDI 12 AGA with built in Megamix Master....only £98.99 TAKE 2 .....£37.99 Features include load and save from D. Paint animations and IFF files. Supports HAM graphics.
Megamix Master £29.99 8 bit, high spec, sampler. Special effects include echo that can be added in real time, fully multitasking & MICROBOTICS | New M 230 for AI200 wit tup to 128 Mb fast RAM!
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Real Time A1200 internal clock module only £ 17.99 I Mouse joystick manual port switcher only £ I 3.99 j Computer Video Scart Switch only £ 19.99 2 3 4 way Parallel port sharers £POA Amiga Sound Enhancer Plus by Omega Projects. Hear the Amiga's [tear: ¦** |WH e.M- hlf be-jr* only I U I QUA. 11 v MO'jSf MATS »!*• JO A**At II V (MSN »() gj M «0 CAN | OCNAB t OISN BOX (4 99 I 100 CAP lOCKAB.E OiS BOX ......4*99 I **e CAP STACKABl f BAN* BOX »« 99 1-iV) CAP SI AC NAB 9 BOSVO BO* --*16*4 I "*0*ilX 0*~"*V* 1*“ yk'iMi1"** j when purchased with other product or when buying 2 or more.
AMIGA A500 DUST COVER .£3.99 AMIGA 600 COVER £2.99 14" MONITOR DUSTCOVER ......£6.99 I 12" MONITOR DUSTCOVER ......£S.99 AMIGA TO SCART CABLES .£9.99 ISTO IB Mf Tftf AhlCA PblNTf ft I f AD 4*99 HOHfN AhO NIXI MotHM Abl *S (S99 AMIGA CON’AOt S’ATIONS jAVJJo ij.'. vfRSOS......13*99 A VW VK*V-: N fl 99 |pmf.lt«BIAlK M ..... 28 99 DISKS All disks are 100% error free guaranteed New High density 3.5 inch bulk and Fuji branded Please phone for best prices!
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Unlike the previous two Gremlin GW RPGs, Ihe game is played Irom a first person perspective. This has given the programmers plenty of scope lor including loads ol slithering 62 FI REHAWK 63 SINK OR SWIM 63 MORPH 64 WAR IN THE GULF 66 DUNE II 70 BATTLE ISLE '93 70 ROBOCOD Al 200 VERSION 72 ISHAR 2 76 VFM A CU Screen Star la tor games scoring 85 V B2V If a game gets one ol these, in be of leal mg queer* and you can rest assured that It you decide to purchase It, you won’t be wasting your money.
Inuv iwn 93% and a game’s worth a Superstar. We hardly throw them around, but H a game gets one rfN be yout- SUPERSTAR Once more the CU AMIGA team take a peek into the future of computer entertainment as we’ll know it.
SPACE HULK ELECTRONIC ARTS With OSD style board games as popular as ever, Electronic Arts have teamed up with RPG giants. Games Workshop, to produce Ihe conversion of their hit title Space Hulk.
The game is set aboard a gigantic space craft, called a Space Hulk, which is intested with aliens. As commander of a team of heavily armed space marines you're orders are lo board Ihe ship and eliminate every thing you encounter.
Space Hulk is shaping up to be radically dilterent Irom the Gremlin Games Workshop licences. For starters it's played in real-time rather than as a series of turns. This has led to the Inclusion ol a new RPG concept called Freeze Time. When you activate Freeze Time the game stops, allowing you lo issue orders to your men. The snag is you only have a limited amount ol time, so you have aliens and their appropriate death animations. The orders are issued on a 2D map screen, then the action switches to the 3D view Your marines are a totally hard bunch of cookies Because ot the rigours ol
combat, normal humans wouldn't survive the opening exchange in a battle, lei alone exterminate an army of aliens So the Marines are outfitted with gigantic power suits and whopping great guns which makes their job a lot easier. It also gives the players lots ol extra weapons to collect and try out on the various creatures they encounter.
One ol the most noticeable features ol the game is the gore-content.
Some ol the alien nasties are incredibly detailed, and wouldn't look out of place in a top budget sci-fi horror movie - they're that realistic. Indeed.
Space Hulk owes much ol its inspiration to the three Alien movies and many ot the alien creatures roaming the decks are definitely Gtger- inspired. Whether the game will capture Ihe tense atmosphere ot the movies is another matter entjrely.
Space Hulk is due lor release this summer and promises to be one ot the best RPG board games conversions ever.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS CU AMIGA URIDIUM 2 tokens, which are dropped by certain craft when shot.
When you finish a level you enter a bonus stage where you leave the safety of your Manta to take on a boss creature face to face. You’ll need to keep your wits about you here in order to avoid the barrages of homing missiles that are launched in your direction.
If Braybrook manages to keep the speed and playability of the original, Renegade will be onto a real winner. We’ll just have to wait and see what the finished version looks like in a couple of months.
RENEGADE ¦ you bought your first computer within the last
* ve years, you’ll probably be wondering what happened to the
first Uridium. The answer is that it was the flagship shoot ’em
up on the Commodore 64 m the mid-eighties, and with many fans
of the game still out there, programmer Andrew Braybrook has
decided to take his original game and produce the sequel for
the Amiga.
The game’s concept is nothing revolutionary, merely being a sideways scrolling shoot ’em up.
What made the original so great was its incredible speed and awesome graphics. These features have survived the ravages of time have been included in the Amiga version.
Each stage is drawn in 32 colours, with a multitude of sprites winging their way across the backdrop. You control a deadly Manta fighter as you attempt to destroy several enemy fleets. At your disposal is an arsenal of lasers, bombs and torpedoes, each of which has its own uses.
Completing a level isn’t as simple as gettir j from one side to another. Before you can land your Manta you have to collect a number of victory 9' M, v- . * * MICRO MACHINES If you don't have a buddy to hand and are playing a one-player game, you’ll find that the action takes on a whole new angle.
There are a dozen computer characters for you to race against, and each of them has been endowed with their own strengths and weaknesses. In this mode it's the first player to complete four laps on four courses who takes home the winner’s trophy.
If the Codies can retain the speed and playability of the NES and Megadrive versions of this game, there’s every chance they could produce one of the top titles this year. Well worth watching out for.
CODEMASTERS You may not have heard of this game, but it's gone down an absolute storm on the Megadrive. Basically it's a race game involving many of the vehicles in the Micro Machines range. There are formula one cars, speed boats, helicopters and dune buggies. It doesn't look like much from the pictures shown here, but this is without a doubt one of the most addictive and playable games in years.
Four vehicles compete in each race, with one or two human players. In two-player mode the aim isn’t to cross the finish line first, it's to get your car to the edge of the screen more times than your opponent. Needless to say this has lead to the inclusion of all sorts of hazards designed to block unwary players.
Because the vehicles are Micro Machines, the settings are appropriate for their size. The boats race in a bath tub, the cars on the breakfast table with Cheerios as the hazards and the helicopters go for a spin in the garden.
The graphics are nothing to look at, but what makes them work is the speed and smoothness of the scrolling. The vehicles are forever bouncing off objects and the rebound scrolling routines are fab.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS CU AMIGA Global Gladiators is just one ol a long line ol Sega lo Amiga conversions currently being tackled by Virgin Games - this time coming Irom the Megadrive smash hit Mick And Mack (not to be contused with Elite's Joe And Mac). In case you haven't already noticed Irom the screenshots, Mick And Mack is McDonalds' entry into the gaming arena, and it's a game with a message McDonald Land has a problem. Pollution and litter is damaging the environment, and only two hapless youngsters can possibly help. You. As Mick or Mack, have to ramble through lour huge levels, Irom a
banen lorest to the even more barren mountain wastes, with your only aim being to collect the lamiliar McDonald arches wherever you lind them, and you could lind them anywhere.
You’ll meet all sorts of nasty, slobbering beasts, all deformed and twisted by the toxins floating around in the air. Large piles ol goo spit at you, green birds fly overhead doing whatever it is that birds do when they fly overhead Later there are mamc polar bears and ONE STEP BEYOND OCEAN Following their first game-ol-the-crisp Pushover, which was licenced Irom Smith’s Quavers. Ocean have come up with One Step Beyond Where the first game featured an ant which had almost nothing to do with crisps, this game actually stars their main promotional character Colin Curley.
Like the first game this is also a puzzler. The aim is lor Colin to leap onto every platform on the level, the catch being that he can jump on each one just once Normally he can only jump left and right but there are the odd insane lish to deal with.
Should you do parlicularty well on a level, you'll find yourself in the recycling bonus game, where you have to race around a shopping mall collecting litter and dropping it in the right bin. The message comes through loud and dear - keep this planet tidy In its console form Mick And Mack received more rave reviews than you've had hot dinners, but it remains to be seen how well it will carry across. Although it's early days, one thing that has definitely made the transition is the superb animation and backdrops. Like many platform games, il you leave the mam character alone for a moment,
they will do something to attract your attention.
They spin their guns, stretch their bubblegum, wink in a knowing way and do all sorts ol other motions until you start moving them again.
Global Gladiators is due lor release in July or August, and we'll give you more news as we have it!
Several types ol special platform which catapult him up and at angles to other parts ol the screen.
When he lands on one it closes shortly afterwards, so he has to leap to the salty ol another. Only when all the platforms are shut can he leap to the special Quavers' platform and end that level; Some platforms are designed to make life difficult, such as the horizontal opener This platform extends all the others in line to it. So Colin has to go back and jump on them all over again. Naturally this is where the bulk ol the puzzle solving comes in as you have to suss out the best route for Colin to take. . , Along the way there are plenty ol plugs lor the crisps and Colin himsell does that
twisty business he does on the ads. It's shaping up to be even more absorbing than Pushover and you can check out the finished item in the next issue ol CU AMIGA.
STARDUST GLOBAL GLADIATORS VIRGIN BLOODHOUSE Arriving with the intention ol bringing cheap software to the over-priced markets ol Europe, Finland-based Bloodhouse are gearing up lor their first release. Stardust.
Basically the game is Asteroids - with a vengeance. This time the asteroids are the least ol your worries as you also come under attack from legions ol space creatures. There are live different areas, each containing six levels which have to be completed in order for you to progress The controls work in much the same way as the classic coin-op.
Your ship can be rotated clockwise, and-dockwise and moved only in the direction it's lacing. For added protection you have a limited supply ol shields, although once these run out the next hit is fatal. Linking each area is an incredible 3D section where your joystick skills are tested to the lull All the graphics are drawn in 32- colour mode, with objects such as the asteroids rendered in fractals.
Stardust is shaping up really well, and with its low price tag it's promising to be one of the big success stories ol the summer.
ACS Electronics is an established centre for AMIGA equipment. We specialise in the repair, maintenance and supply of computer hardware. Dedicated to a programme of quality customer care, our established position in the industry enables us to offer you. Our customer, a service that we believe to be second to none.
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I. idi itf stricken wall tfic the % GAME REVIEW The streets are
awash with the blood of mangled corpses. No, it’s not a
typical night on the town for the CU crew. It is, in fact, the
latest ultra-violent game from Bullfrog.
SUPER STAR Since Bulltrog burs! On lo the scene with Populous, they've gone Irom strength to strength building a reputation as one ol the finest development houses this country has seen. With their lalest game. Syndicate. They appear set to surpass all their previous achievements.
Syndicate has been in development for over three years now. And almost everyone at Bullfrog has had a hand in it al some time. The result is one ol the most violent and original games the Amiga has ever seen.
It's set almost 100 years in the future when the world is run by giant corporations. These syndicates lorgo Ihe traditional backslabbing and under-the-counter deals ol present day business. When Ihey have a problem they reach lor Ihe button marked the lads' and send them in lo blast the opposition into submission MOB HANDED As a young exec in a small, rapidly failing syndicate, it's your job to turn business around through a series of kidnappings and assassinations. Naturally you don’t want to get your hands dirty, so you pay a vtsrl to the vaults to thaw out some ot your cryogenically
frozen operatives. These are everyday people who were snatched off the streets by other agents then sent to the company labs to be altered This process involves erasing their memory, inserting computer chips into their spinal column and replacing various limbs and organs with synthetic parts.
These agents are so hard they make the Terminator look like Bambi. Completely devoid ol feeling they'll shoot anything you tell them too. And when they get nervous they'll open up at anyone who gets too close lor comfort. Bullet wounds are just ignored, it lakes a rocket launcher to bring one pi these guys down.
From your position in a blimp high above the play area you control one to lour agents per mission. The control system is very easy to get to grips with - you simply click on an agent's icon, then at the part ol the town you want him to go to.
Alternatively, using the right mouse button instructs him to shoot in that direction They can also make use ol public transport such as trains, or simply steal a car.
Nobody wants to argue with a group ol six-footers wearing trench coats and bearing big guns.
Clicking between the agenl icons lets you control all ol them at once. This is very handy when you’ve got a lot ol dty to traverse in order lo reach your target. Unfortunately, those agents carrying heavy weapons, or without artificial legs, tend to lag behind so you have to slow the others down and wait lor them to catch up.
GAME REVIEW CU AMIGA Right: The only way in and out ot this town is by car. You’re given one tor the mission, so make sure It doesn’t get caught in a tire fight. It you do lose it, you could always steal a police car tor the return trip.
Below: People who hang around on street comers usually mean trouble.
Shooting first and asking the questions later is always te best policy. Just make sure you have enough ammunition.
GREENE KING IRA f 5c«oal drugs can be administered to L f* agents during the course of a I •esion. There are three kinds which B his IPA (Intelligence, Perception i and Adrenaline) levels. Intelligence dctates how an agent will react to | certain situations. If it’s boosted he’ll j tack off when the odds seem too great, or advance if he has enough f ammo. Perception allows him to spot dangerous situations earlier as well as shoot with more accuracy.
Adrenaline is the fun one. When this g boosted, and the others aren't, the agent goes pretty much crazy ape.
His reaction times are greatly creased and he’ll just blow the hell out of anything on two legs.
Although you have to use the IPA- boosting drugs on the later missions you can't go too overboard. Use the drugs too many times and the agents will become addicts and not be able lo perform without them. Strung out CYBORG JUSTICE When a new syndicate agent is press- ganged he or she is chosen lor the simple lad that they're naturally hard.
All the muscles in the world, though, don't mean diddly-squat when they go up against the agents ol a rival syndicate.
To prepare them lor whatever they may encounter you can pay lor them to have cybernetic add-ons. Robotic limbs, eyes, organs and even a brain can replace their organic counterparts and imbue your agent with super-human abilities.
Naturally, buying such parts puts a serious strain on your budget, so it s best to create two agents with dillerent abilities and chop and change between them, rather than create a squad ot Terminators who cost a fortune to build.
Replacing an agent's chest gives him increased protection Irom bullet wounds, while a synthetic heart increases stamina. New limbs increase strength and speed while a quick brain transplant will give you an agent capable ol getting himsell out ol trouble as quickly as you get him into it.
Agents aren't very effective, but luckily any dibilitating effects are only temporary.
If a battle is going badly there are two options open to you. Clicking both mouse buttons at once boosts all the IPA levels to maximum and instructs your agent to draw his biggest gun. Now you either run or fight. As a last resort hitting Ctrl-D triggers the self-destruct mechanism.
This utterly destroys the agent along with everything else on the screen, so it’s only worth using if you're extremely desperate.
The one group of people who really have it tough are the police. Sworn to uphold the law, they won’t go near your agents unless they draw a weapon, at which point the police are obliged to shoot. Unfortunately for them they only have puny shotguns, which aren’t much good against heavily armoured cyborgs brandishing mini-guns. In this kind of situation the police can be either utterly ignored, or make good targets when you want to try out the latest weapon the R&D bods have come up with.
What you have to keep an eye on is ammunition. For some reason your agents always forget to pack spare clips and there’s nothing more embarrassing than running out of bullets in the middle of a street battle.
The only thing they can do is bring three or four back up weapons with them. If these come up empty they either have to run for it or grab a gun from the body of a downed agent.
Not every mission involves buckets of gore and insane amounts of violence. Occasionally you’re called upon to persuade’ enemy scientists to join your syndicate. Obviously this isn’t a case of asking them nicely, but neither is it a matter of systematically breaking their fingers until they agree to do so. Instead you have a device called a persaudatron. This gadget administers a small dose of chemicals to anyone in close proximity, nullifying their will to resist. After that you’ve just got to lead them to a collection point without encountering any enemy agents.
The persuadatron is also necessary if you want to boost your army of agents. Your company’s funding for the cyborg program has all but dried up and the only way you’re going to get any more is by persuading enemy agents to join your team.
This isn’t as easy as it sounds, though. First you have to recruit 32 civilians, then 16 police officers before you can get your hands on an enemy cyborg. It’s wise to get going on this as soon as possible because you only start with eight agents. In my case it was soon reduced to four after my crack squad leapt boldly from their hijacked police car, shot it GOLDTECH AMIGA 4000 GOLDTECH is a small company formed in August 92. Our brief: to support and develop hardware and software for the Amiga range in particular for Commodore CDTV and CD-ROM.
We are registered at Commodore as Certified developers and are in direct contact with some of the best technical software and hardware developers in the Amiga world. We have the backing and the know-how to give you the service that you want at a price that you can afford, So why bother with anyone else? GOLDTECH is able to deliver with quality, speed and efficiency.
PRICE 80Mb Hard £930 120Mb Hard £1020 P ARNDT Allows a network link with two Amigas via the parallel port.
Instructions come with disk.
Works with all Amigas!
Connect to a CDTV to access data on a CD-ROM from your I Amiga.
Parnet Cable £20.00 CD-ROM SWITCH The CD-ROM SWITCH, a cost effective method of allowing you to use the full 1Mb Chip RAM supplied with your CDTV.
Birds of Prey, Formula 1 GP, Knights of the Sky or any other true 1 megabyte program will run with no problem.
The CD-ROM SWITCH is AVAILABLE NOW AT A SPECIAL PRICE OF £25.00 68030 CPU Slot for Co processor Internal 80 or 120 Mb IDE Hard drive AA Enhanced Graphics chip set
16. 8 Million Colour palette Up to 256,000 colours on screen at
once 2Mb Chip RAM High Density 1.76Mb 3.5" Floppy Disk Drive
4 x Amiga Zorro III Expansion slots 3 are also PC AT slots
CDTV JOYSTICK The CD-JOY was designed to allow CDTV owners
the use of ordinary joysticks and mice. The CD-JOY is an
internal interface and can be bought in kit form or I as
aready assembled unit.
CD-JOY kit form £18 CD-JOY assembled £25 AMIGA 500 600 Amiga A590 20Mb Hard Drive.
Amiga A570 CD-ROM Drive.
£179.00 £139.00 £349.00 £439.00 Amiga A600 with 20Mb Hard Drive.
Amiga A600 with 40Mb Hard Drive.
CD FORMAT is the World's First Multimedia Magazine on Compact disc.
Ifvou arc the owner of a CDTV or an Amiga equipped with a CD-ROM then CD FORMAT’ is designed specifically lor you. Mere are just a few of the features that you will find in Cl) FORMAT. We have the support of some of the best technical minds in the Amiga world, lalk to them in the Therapy section. Need to know how to get more Irom your machine?
Then the Tech section is designed for people like you who want more from this format. News. PD software. Music, Interviews, fantastic advertising demos, there is simply not enough space here to list the dimensions of Cl) FORMAT. For further details on articles or advertising contact RALPH McCLEAN or CAROL SMITH at COI D ITCH.
ORDER FORM NAME ..... ADDRESS ...... PHONE .. PLEASE RESERVE ME ONE COPY AT £10.00 MAKE CHEQUE PO PAYABLE TO "GOLDTECH COMPUTERS" AMIGA 1200 A1200 Comic Relief Pack ,£375.00 A1200 above with 85Mb HD £570.00 A1200 STANDALONE £357.00 2Mb and 4Mb PCMCIA Cards £119.00 and £189.00 GOLDTECH TEL: 081 520 6224 FAX: 081 521 6209 GOLDTECH COMPUTER SYSTEMS 67 TURNER ROAD, WALTHAMSTOW, LONDON E17 3JG Contact us via
Email on: Goldtech@cbt.compulink.co.uk All prices are correct at time of going to press. E&OE All trademarks respected lb : *rces and died in the ensuing B k SJon.
I Honey is your biggest enemy.
¦Eojppmg agents with new parts and pnpons costs a fortune, as does ¦•search into new technology. The (tost tactic is to search enemy ¦¦gents after a battle and steal their b jpment - the extra cash you’ll can be put towards patching up pois men.
DIveloSment lOie of the most important depart- ¦¦•nts in your syndicate is the R&D ¦tooms. Here’s where your scientists 1 beaver away trying to create new K i ega weapons for your agents. They I c*»ssrfy weapons as automatic ¦Ntnch includes shot guns and Uzis), ¦Iksavy (which feature mini-guns and ¦ •¦methrowers) and assault (rocket Ubunchers and such-like).
Developing weapons costs time as he* as money. The more money you r plough into a project the quicker the RAD bods will invent it for you. The weapons. These are instantly submitted for analysis and then duplicated for your team.
A technological advantage isn’t essential in the the earlier missions as you’re only up against shotgun- wielding police and body guards.
Before long though you’re sent out to eliminate enemy agents.
They also have the advantage of replacement body parts and the backing of well-funded R&D departments. Like your men, they're easily identified by the long trench coats they wear, and the fact that they start shooting the second your guys come into range.
OlUTION There are a total of 50 missions, with each one set in a different part of the world. When you successfully complete one, all the territory belonging to the company that you stitched up becomes yours. Along with the real estate comes 50,000,000 or so people. Naturally you get to tax the pants GAME REVIEW BIG GUNS Tbia pm may seem aitremely over me lop lo some people, but mil licl Is big gun sell. Where would Arnold Sclmireenegger be II be never hid Ihe chinee lo utter Ihe words Uzl nine millimetre'?
Gun culture his llso liken Ihe comic world by storm Bick In the eighties we tad DR ind Quioch end The Punisher whose guns’ sins where only eiceedid by their body counts.
Surprisingly, with Ihe millions ol dollirs nked in by me movies, mere Usn't ictuilly been i good gime bised on Ihe gun cull loti-heroes. The Terminiior his hid his reputation systematically slaughtered on multiple lormats, while Van Damme tad hit name allached lo Ihe dubious Universal Saltier game. Which tad nothing lo do with the lilm and fortunately never actually made il lo the Amiga One reason lor Ihe low-hiy computer appearances ol such characters Is mat companies are a trllle reluctant lo reproduce their more horrlllc aspects in games. With Syndrcale learning whal is probably me highest
civilian and police body count ol any action game ever. II could bigger a precedent mat leads to a belter representation ol today's movie heroes in computer games.
Finally there s Judge Oredd. Probably Ihe single most violent character in me history ol liction. With a lilm on Its way and probably a whole series ol games. Ill's hope mat Ihe producers have me bottle lo recreate Ihe skull-cracking violence that is his It you really gel carried away and push Ihe standard lax rate above 55 per cent Ihe people start revolting.
When that happens a rival syndicate can move In and dalm lhal territory, so it pays to give the people Ihe odd break now and then. The ultimate aim is to eliminate all Ihe other syndicates and rule the wortd trom Ihe comfort ol your office - something Dan's been trying for years.
Different syndicates have different ladies Of these the IIA are Ihe hardest Formed from Ihe old CIA. They only employ the biggest, most brutal agents, give them weapons lo match Iheir temperaments and then send them out with a pal on Ihe back and a dired order to enjoy themselves.
It - Fall a mission and yours sir own your boss tbowing a lit.
52 As such they'll carve a swathe of destrudion through civilians in an attempt lo gel al your men. Al Ihe other end ot Ihe scale is the Tasmanian Liberation Consortium.
They spend most of their lime drunk on fizzy lager taking potshots at whal they hope are your agents.
Whan your objsctlvss havt been tulfllsd you rs shown this natty littls animation. H SYNDICATE £34.99 CROSSFIRE This is not a game for nice guys.
When a fire light starts it's lough luck lor anyone caught in Ihe cross fire.
Civilians are brutally gunned down, or burned and nobody really minds - apart from the civilians, that is. In some missions it's impossible to gel lo your target without wasting a few bystanders, but you're supposed to be playing a right bastard in Ihe game, so who cares?
While Ihe graphics are small, they're certainly detailed Blade Runner-style TV screens adorn Ihe building, pumping out commercials for soft drinks. The graphics used lo depid the individual citizens of the game are small, but very well detailed, especially when they're shot. Pump a civilian full ol lead and he or she will fty backwards, landing in a bloody heap.
Blow up a police car and Ihe occupant will leap out, on fire and Sdeaming While these graphics add immensely lo the game's overall look and feel, it's not exactly suitable tor younger players.
This is the game I've been waiting for for years. No holds barred, full-out megadealh violence. No morals, no prisoners, just grab the biggest sod- off gun you can find and total a town The only thing this game could be compared lo is a real-time version ol Laser Squad, but then that's in the loosest sense of Ihe word.
I only have one real criticism When you walk into a building you can't see what's going on. The only way lo keep track of the adion is to use the scanner and move the cursor around Ihe general area as it changes shape when it's over another person.
This makes tor some extremely frustrating moments, especially when you're attempting lo kidnap someone without adually being able to see where they’re standing.
A much better system would have been for the roof of the building you're in to disappear - it might not be easy lo program, but I suspect that I won’t be the only one with this particular whinge.
Apart from that this is one ot the best games I've played in years. The sheer size, violence and the huge among of adion makes for totally addidive gameplay Put all other purchases on hold, this is an essential buy. I© ELECTRONIC ARTS. LANGLEY BUSINESS CENTRE, 11 -49 STATION ROAO, LANGLEY, SLOUGH, BERKS, SL3 8YN.
Civilization or become a Railroad Tycoon * Try these award-winning 'god games' from Sid Meier, the guru of games design.
Civilization and Railroad Tycoon require strategic decisions to test your imagination like nothing else can.
Starting at the dawn of time, Civilization invites you to create a society to endure beyond the space age. Build a brave new world, discover modern technologies, determine the fate of your people - that's what it takes to thrive and survive.
Railroad Tycoon begins in the railway pioneering days of the 1800's. Changes are sweeping the land, you see the opportunity for immense wealth and power. Have you got the skill to grab it?
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slots • 80 120 hard disk mo!.!!l0,i SUIT YOI PIYT A4000-030
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16Mb... 01200-PCIICII FIST Rim EKPAISIOI Credit card memoiy now available Zffll £114.99 4Mb £169.99 POUJER-PC1204 4IYID Memory expansion for the A1200. Features include: Zero wait state • Optional Ultra last FPU ISOMhzl • Real time battery backed clock • Low power • Optional FPU d-sable switch PC 4 MlIno FPUK--------- PC 4 Ml 20 Mhr 68881 FPUK- PC 4 Ml 25 Mh: 68882 FPU I PC 4 Ml 33 Mhr 68882 FPUK.. PC 4 Ml 40 Mhr 68882 FPUK ...... PC 4 Ml 50 Mhr 68882 FPUK------------*3 mcludes real time clock A1200 ACCESSORIES CUJ 01200 real-time decker* £15.99 CUI A1200 600 HD DMD lltl ...
control centre ibe meet***)-------------£36.99 Dust ceuers . Multl-sync Monitor adaptor calls---------1 .99 CARTOON CLASSICS PACK' Its Back and tfs bad • die pack ftey tried to kill returns lor its final mission - dent miss ths golden oppommsy to acqure one of the best ever home computers, features include: 1 Mb of RAM Workbench 20* • TV modulator • Lemmings • Captain Planet • The Simpsons • Deluxe Pair* III 04 ft I OO ctu price ....answ.aa THE WILD. THE WEIRD S THE WICKED' 1 Mb A 600 as standard and includes the excellent value
Software Mies: Deluxe Pamt III • Formula One Grand Prix • cwpriclII .....fits® £224.991 A 600 2N1D (incl above so hv.yre(......«~- £264.99 A500 Base pack..... mx £194.99 A BOO 2BID fine I. above softwareA.. £234.99 EPIC • LANGUAGE PACK' 1 Mb A 600 as standard and includes 20MB HARD DRIVE the excellent value Software titles: Deluxe Paint III • Trivial Pursuit-Epic*Myth*Rome OQRQ QAI GUI Price LlirlUrtidJ S0U9.9OI
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CommODORE 1960.
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Listing MBX users can transfer their current n and fpu and includes real-time clock M1230MA 40 mi 0MB---------- rni23ono 40 mnz 2Mi------------ MI230XA 40 MI1Z 4MD M1230XA 111234IA IH1230XA M1230XA mmu M1230XA mmu 50 mB2 n 01212 MB PCMCIA uni.. mm £114.99 ra 10414 Ml PCMCIA cirl. Nnmzs £169.99 GVP IMPACT SERIES II Hard Drives, the fastest Hard Drive Controller lor Ihe Amiaa. Features Game Switch, external SCSI port, FAAASTROM SCSI Driver.
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It has the ab*ty for throughput to reach 57600 bps.
U HY IS SPEED » nvrunR vou go the ussn costs' SUMMIT.. T«l gwi “ for a full * Es | Ik *-. .I information pack '* I if required) "I MB. . "fT An airline pilot needs nerves of steel and eagle eyesight. Unfortunately no one at CU Amiga has those qualities, so here’s Tony ‘Shakes’ Dillon, our A 520 very own action man.
U For years, one ot the mainstays ot the PC software circuit has been Microsoft Flight Simulator. Everyone Irom business executives down to the lowest home user must have spent at least one happy afternoon circling the Golden Gate bndge. In recent incarnations, you have been able to design your own cratt. And an extensive library ol scenery disks means that you can now (ly over every major city in the world. The theory behind it. And a million copycat programs, is that everyone would like to lly a plane.
This Is a theory that, in the past live years, has proven true within the coniines of the PC world HEAVY CARGO When you pick up the box ot A3?0. You know you're going lo got velue lor money.
The thing weighs a tonl Open It up, and you'll see why. There are two detailed manuals - one seems to apply lo PC only and one gives the co ordinates ol all the airports in the game: there s also a large poster ot the bos artwork, the game disk and two massively thick pads ol over 3M approach charts lor the bases in the game.
II that doesn't show you how realistic this gams is, then I don't know what will.
A completely different kettle of fish.
Owners ol Commodore's little marvel are generally a trigger happy lot.
And the mundane process ol getting a plane in the air and keeping it On the Amiga, though, it's been there in all weather conditions has long been superceded by the idea ol getting a plane in the air and then using heavy armaments to blow other planes out ol the sky. One exception to this rule, though, is Thalion's Airbus 320 Sim. It seems that, finally, people want more out ol their aircraft than just going behind enemy lines. It’s quite simple really
- most people have, at some point, wanted to lly a plane, and
maybe even scale to the heady heights of an airline captain.
With that in mind it's surprising that a game' like this hasn't
been made available before.
UP, DIDDLY UP UP In fact. Airbus 320 was such a success that Thalion have found it worthy ol a sequel. Well, not exactly a sequel, more a continuation This time, rather than flying around the pitifully small area of the world known as Europe, you can tackle both coasts of the US. Not the ground in between, mind, just the two coastlines. But then, what do you expect for one disk?
Essentially A320 is a simulation of flying a passenger aircraft between the two airports of your choice. That s it. No missions, no sorties, nothing. You aren’t even told which airports to fly between.
Just choose the two you'd like to, and away you go. The aim isn't to learn to fly, it's to learn to fly well.
Anyone who has ever flown will tell you that the secret to being a good pilot is good navigation, and navigation is what this is all about.
From the hundreds ol maps and plans included in the packaging down to the myriad number of ways of telling where you are. Learning GAME REVIEW CU AMIGA Start, and cities are represented by no more than a pale green blob on a flat, dark green 'ground'. If you were wondering how Thalion managed lo fit two enormous areas (West Coast USA and North East Coast USA) on a single disk, then wonder no more. Who would have thought that the US was so, well, barren.
88$ K'i8KfflY Unlike most flight sims these days, you only have three views from the craft - front, left and right. All from
B. IO*. Mch lUgrw. You too to M m u nigm IWCOrf. Wtttl
0. 1.II. Ol toll,
n. ton MiMngati and caroo.
And most that don't, so you’re going to spend a long time just figuring out how to keep this thing in the air A word ot warning. Before trying out the demonstration flight in the Pilot's Manual, read the Amiga key instructions in the Reference Manual At one point, the instructions tell you to use the'»' and '-' keys to change course. Pressing them turns off both engines - not very useful, especially when it takes them ages to warm up again. There’s no military thrust in this game, laddy.
There's also very little in the way of scenery. There are no beaches in California, for a the cockpit. You can have the side views if you're patient, as the polygon view of the outside world updates very slowly indeed, even on the A1200. To show you what I mean, picture changing view Irom the front to the left. The bitmap overlay of the coApit changes almost instantly, but the view takes about a third of a se.cond What this means is that, if you change views FTI «T IIU) navigational skills is the only way to get any pleasure out ot this game. A complex array of on-board computers. Mixed
with thousands of small simulated radio beacons, mean that most of the time you'll be flying by your instruments. Generally, there isn’t much to look at out of the window Flying a plane is a lot more complicated than most games would have you believe Not this one.
There's a warning light and a control tor every bit of metal that moves.
World War 3 hoe happened this Is downtown IA slier me Don* THE LIFE AND TIMES... .Hum airline pilot toil all champagne
• M romance, you know. You just would Ml believe How long it
takes to gel your Laptsia's badge Here's a Quick rundown V wkat
happens e Exhaustive menial and physical tests are undertaken.
E On passing. A two-year training period
• aglet. Incorporating theory and llight
• Then training begins lo become a second officer on a
passenger cralf.
• After around 12 years, the second otll- ter is promoted through
first officer lo captain, clocking In over 5000 hours ol
• igbt In the meantime.
Just don't ask why they re called the Twenty Mlnuters Whan you actually fly for a living, you'ra given your own embossed log book. Ilka this one quickly enough, you can look all round your plane without the outside view changing at all!
This is a true simulation of a modern aircraft, fitted with all mod cons bar the fluffy dice. Like all modem aircraft, it can cover quite large distances, and these distances can take quite a while to cover. A lot of that time Is spent flying in a straight line or preset arc, with the actions carried out by the on-board autopilot. After careful searching through the manuals, I finally found a key that accelerated time, but that wasn't enough to stop boredom setting in. Thanks to the miracle of modem technology, there isn't that much tor a pilot to do except sit and read the paper -
something faithfully recreated in this game. A flight goes something like this: Start on the runway, program the co-ordinales into the Navigation computer and take off. Switch on the autopilot and wait. When the plane comes in to land, switch off the autopilot and apply the brakes.
This whole process can take over half an hour, and you're in control for about four minutes.
There lies the real problem with this Sim. It's probably all very exciting when you're actually up in the air with 60 people trusting you to keep them up there, but sitting in front of a monitor typing In co-ordinates as a means of flight is not my kind of excitement. Essentially, the only real challenge this product has is that of learning a strenuously overcomplicated navigation system
- a far cry from many simulators, where you can just call up a
map and travel in a generally northeast direction until you
spot the runway.
Microsoft Flight Simulator incorporates all of this, as well as letting you fly smaller, lighter, faster craft and design your own. In developing a game with Lufthansa Airlines, Thalion have limited themselves to a very tedious product indeed.
Definitely not worth the £30 they're asking. £ )
* 500 ¦ «SU0. ¦ ACM ¦ kltool kisooB kroon 9 *1000 9 uni THALION,
TEL: 0213282762.
• •39% SOUND 000.000'
• •46* .
LASTABIIITY »•«' 10041% PLAYABILITY 000.000'
• oo43% A perfect simulation ol the This Is ths son of rspon
youTI gsl If you scd- oemally switch off your sngMrss whMa
trying lo change the Autopilot heeding.
Most tedious element ol Hying. Yarni.
OVERALL 43% US GOLD £29.99 tvo ianf 7 n nsd to enter ? ExciliM wld of Attii3-n riHpt|iici “ %
• t. - *
- . V.; v . •* v
* O Vs "...arguably the ultimate Amiga-based graphics system" -
Amiga Computing, 'June 1993 RETINA VLAB YUV Dig(tl2crs for al
Amigas • Caphxe hi* quality mages from Uvt Video
• Supports al Amiga graphics modes nc AGA • Deed support for
Harlequin A Retina
• Saves nWUM iff DEEP • Fid Arexx sipport
• Resolubont® to 790 x 580 • Uses 768k htfi speed field RAM
• Reona 94 bit Graphics Card • Workbench emulation in h£i
• Zorro I slot for Amiga 1500,90Cb, 3000,4000 VD Part 94 b*
software free
• Compatible v*h packages such as AdPro, Morph Plus, ProPage,
ProWrlte, Pagestream, imageMfi • Drectfy supports viab
1Mb---£345 £381.87 ..£381.87 4Mb- ..£499 TVPAINT 2 HARLEQUIN
The 39 bit Paint package for graphic artists Features include •
Anti afcasmg
• Pressure sensitive touch tablets • Alpha Channel
• Fid Aaexx rterlace • Gralexa sipport AvadatJe for Harieqjn and
Hetma, and also Awdeo 94, Domino, A9410, EGS, TV94, Sage,
VD9001, Picaao £705 n RGB 39 bit Framebuffer
• Resolutions from 740 x 576 to 910 x 576
• Alpha CharmelDouble btAer options
• Interlace or Non-Interlace
• Sipported by al major 94 39 bit 7aphic$ V*r • Four models
avaiabie New pricing Harlequin 1500... £940.00 Harlequin 9000
£1098.19 Harlequin 3000 . £1116.95 Harlequin 4000 £1986.69
• Hardware & Software for single frame recording
• Supports a full range of frame accurate video recorders Indudng
Betacam 1‘, Ml, UmaOc, D2, D3, S-VHS and H®
• Full sqjport for Harlequin output & Vlab input as wel as natne
Amga output
• Fid VTR control, tme lapse sucocrt and sequence creation
• Real-tme BW accixate preview mode £458.95
• 94 bit Image Marapuiation for the Amiga • FUI94 bit Morphing
• Work on any number of 94 bit buffers • Hundreds of Image
• Over 50 mage compositing tools • Control 94 bit Alpha Wendng
• Massive Arexx ntertace • Expandable by any developer
• Sipport for Harieqjn and Retna £175 Contact your local dealer
or: AMIGA CENTRE SCOTLAND Harlequin House, Walkerburn,
Peeblesshire EH43 6AB Tel: 089 687 583. Fax: 089 687 456 All
Prices include VAT $ Next Day Courier Delivery Trade enqumes
7 OUT NOW £2.99 B° : 1US EUROPE OUT NOW £25.99 Sody Blows is
without a doubt one of the star performers so far this
year, knocking most other games for six. As if it wasn’t good
enough already, Team 17 have produced and upgrade disk to
further extend its packed list of features.
This is to Body Blows what the Turbo Edition is to Streetfighter 2.
Been altered so some aren't as strong as they used to be, while others are a lot tougher. Finally there have been a few minor cosmetic changes, the most notable of which is the addition of shadows under the fighters.
All you're required to do to take advantage of this offer is send back your boot disk with a cheque for £2.99, which is a paltry sum for the extra features on offer.
This is an exceptional offer and let's hope that more software houses follow suit. Not only does it nobble the pirates, it also extends the longevity of the game. If you have Body Blows and like it, you'd be out of your tree to miss this offer.
The address to send your disk to is: Body Blows Upgrade Offer. Team 17, Marwood House, Garden Street, Wakefield, West Yorkshire. WF1 1DX.
Mark Patterson y lurry thingummys Clyde cannot stand water; in fact he linds it very deadly.
* y lor him there are abundant leavos available to help him cross
the wet patches.
Them are six levels of baddie- infested island. Luckily for Clyde he drank so much ale the night before that his breath has become a pretty nifty weapon and he can now spit gobbets of flame at the nasties. This can even be pow- ered-up by the usual collect-a-flashing-thing-and-swap- it-later-for-a-bigger-gun routine.
You have to pick your route very carefully so as to collect the requisite amount of pick-ups. As the screen only scrolls left to right once a section has gone off screen it’s lost forever. This, and the pixel perfect leaps required, makes Creatures fairly frustrating in a put-it-away-never-to-play- again kind of way.
If Creatures had been a cheap release I would recommend its purchase. However, lor nearly £26 you could buy a much better puzzler than this. Wait a few months and it’ll be on budget.
Jon Sloan K+jjF Betore you 9tart each level you’re given an overview ol the layout to help you plan a route across. This is a necessity given the tact that the screens scroll left to right only.
, n the face of if. Creatures I has a lot to recommend it.
With the interesting mix of 1 puzzle and shoot 'em up.
I a few torture scenes thrown in r good measure, I was hoping for L Unfortunately, b pleasures of s are only i deep and you i begin to tire of b gameplay.
The basic
- rise is thaf you 3 Clyde, a mem- r of a cute alien race that
has crash ended on Earth on a remote tropical island. Unfor
tunately for the Blots (as they are known) the island is also
home to a bunch of demons who take, none too kindly, to this
invasion of their personal space. So, after a particularly
raucous party the demons capture all but one of the Blots and
cart them off to their torture chambers. So, as the only free
one, it's your job to tootle off and rescue Speed is the major
factor in the enhanced game. It'S much faster than the
original, running at almost twice the speed of the A600
The immense difference thi makes to the challenge is almost reason enough to buy the disk, but it doesn’t stop there.
You can now control all 10 characters in one player mode, which is excellent fun. And just in case you're having difficulty .with the increased speed you’re also given extra credits to extend the playing time. The strengths of the players have also No other magazine covers Sega Megadrive and Mega CD like the "all new" Megatech ? Reviews from the cutting edge ? Hyper game previews ? Massive tips from the Technique Zone ? Plus razor sharp writers with Haircuts to match.
Megatech on sale the 20th of every month It's head and shoulders above the competition!
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This was one of my favourite games a good few years back. Cauldron featured a small orange pumpkin bouncing his way around a bat-infested landscape avoiding witches like the plague.
Super Cauldron turned the tables and had a witch avoiding pumpkins, set out against a slightly more extravagant plot.
Essentially, an evil wizard has set up residence in a haunted castle, and from here is terrorising the entire population of the planet. Only you, as the good witch Zmira, can save the day. Mind you, after playing the first level. I doubt you'll be all that bothered.
The game itself is a fairly standard scrolling platform game, with portals set into the floor letting you travel freely between a number of parallel levels.
The major difference between this and, say, Woody’s World is that this is complete and utter pap. To begin with, you're armed with a pathetic little stone, which is almost impossible to aim and has very little effect on the things you shoot. For example, early on in the game you meet a fire breathing snake, which takes no less than 30 full-power hits to kill.
This would be fine if it were an end of level guardian, but as it too, and you can never quite be sure whether or not the thing you've spent the last twi minutes shooting at is ever going to die.
Anyone who owned a C64 in the mid-eighties will feel their pulse quicken when they read that Super Cauldron has been released on the Amiga. To those people I have to say, gently and sympathetically, once they have sat down in a chair with a nice cup of tea, that it is a fairly pathetic conversion. Where the ......s . former was dark and scary, the latter is fun and jolly.
Where the original game was addictive and playable, this 'new, improved’ version seems dated and infinitely dull and tedious. Titus, you've let us down.
John Mather fmihawk &0u?enT s,.„» Originally this was going to get an average to poor review in the VFM section. It’s a below standard shoot ’em up that is tired and dated in both presentation and gameplay. Still, it did have the saving grace of being cheap. Only it isn't. A quick call to the Codemasters office confirmed my fears. Firehawk is as overpriced as they come.
The game casts you as a gunship pilot with a limp, hired by the government to get in, complete a series of tasks and get out again. Missions include such inspired stuff as rescu- ing hostages and collecting paratroopers.
All of this is done using a rotating helicopter flying over a 360° scrolling battlefield with few weapons, limited fuel and a poor defensive shield. All in all, it would be a poor man’s Desert Strike, were it a lot cheaper.
IN THE BIN The bulk of the game involves flying about the puny maps (four screens by four screens) shooting anything that moves and searching for the hostages, whom you'll probably find in your first five second scan of the map. Move the helicopter over them, and lines will begin closing in around you to form a box. This is to tell you that the hostage is getting ready to board. As soon as the lines join, you can move into the really dire part of the game.
Cast your minds back to a game called Hypersports. In it was a clay pigeon shooting event which featured two gunsights. These only moved up and down and automatically tracked the vertical position of the nearest target. You pressed the joystick left or right to fire the appropriate gun. It was a poor system, and one only acceptable because it was released in 1984. Nine years later it's a crime to use it again. What a terrible game.
John Mather smk m. swim smaa, The first is to rush around and find some jet packs, which automatically transport them off the level, or use your emergency raft. This can be employed only once per stage, and although it saves the passengers, you still have to guide them through the rest of the level.
£19.99 Uke a bad egg, Lemmings.slyle games keep repeating en us. This latest ene takes place aboard a sinking cruise ship, the SS Diablo, The Lemmings in this case are Dim Passengers. They’re blinded by panic and will rush head-long into any danger, be it ot the fiery or watery kind. They'll just walk in one direction, climbing up ladders and stumbling into crates until you clear a path lor them. If they end up in the drink they'll die within a few minutes.
You do have two options though.
Sink or Swim is one ot the better Lemmings clones, but is too short on features and polish to make it a serious contender for the crown. The graphics are basic, and even though they fit this kind ol game, more could have been done with them. A few more things to do wouldn’t have gone amiss either - as it stands you can only really flick switches, move objects out of the way and blow the occasional thing up. Not bad if you like this sort of thing, but personally I’d hold on to my cash.
Nn? nnn Mark Patterson MORPH sflusram.
Since the advent of Lemmings, puzzle game designers haven't been able to come up with anything nearly as groundbreaking. Millennium’s latest gives you control of a bizzare, and almost original character. Morph.
Forms: gas, solid, liquid and something stretchy which doesn’t quite make it onto the periodic table.
Using this skill, Morph has to track down the missing pieces of the teleporter which was blown to bits by a fluke lightening strike just before Morph could teleport back to normal.
On hand with advice is his pal, and the machine’s inventor, Professor Krakenpot.
Morph is an unfortunate boy who was caught up in a bizarre teleporter accident which turned him into a cloud of ionised gas. Undeterred by his new form, he found he had the ability to transform into four different 1200 SPECIAL The version reviewed here is lor Ihe A500 and A600. Millennium are currently working on a special enhanced A1200 version which will be released in September. It will leaiure additional levels and Ihe graphics drawn in using the A1200's utterly lahulous 256 colour mode, so it looks like being an improvement over the version reviewed here.
By utilising his various configurations you have to guide him through four areas collecting cogs to rebuild the teleporter (which, presumably isn't at the cutting edge of technology) whil§.trying not to fall foul of various household horrors such as fans and broken glass. Morph only has a limited number of transformations per level, so the trick is to work out the .* • best time to transform.
Many levels can be completed without using all the transformations, but as the game progresses you find yourself having to track down bonus ones in order to reach the end. You can find a map of the current level, but it doesn’t show you many of the hazards or bonuses, and so isn’t much use.
Morph falls somewhere between a puzzle and platform game, and because of the exploration-based garqeplay, persistence rather than skill is required to play. One of its biggest failings is that it relies on ignorance regarding new levels to provide the difficulty. Starting a stage is like walking into a dark room - you don’t know where the hazards are and have to find your way through by trial and error. The generous amounts of extra lives are some compensation for those unavoidably lost during exploration, but it doesn’t make up for this glaring hole in the gameplay, which makes the
whole thing seem rather flat.
Mark Patterson SHAPE SHIFTING The various forms that Morph can adopt all endow him with particular abilities, but they also leave him open to certain pitfalls.
Gas. In his gaseous form Morph can’t prevent himself floating to the top of the screen. However he can pass through grills and small holes. Keeping away from extraction fans is imperative and coming into contact with water reverts him to flexible form.
Liquid. As a liquid Morph can seep through grills and put out fires. But in this state he’s got to watch out for drains and other liquids.
Flexible-. This is Morph s most useful state, allowing him to bounce over hazards and up stairs. However, he’s not puncture proof, and must watch out for sharp objects such as metal corners and broken glass.
Solid: With its mean expression, the cannonball is Morph’s most formidable form. He’s capable of smashing through some walls and is impervious to even the pointiest hazard. However, he’ll sink in any liquid he encounters and is so heavy that some flimsy surfaces can’t support him.
There are a number bt improvements.
First of all you’re required lo attack more buildings and installations than before. This gives you plenty of scope for wanton destruction although you’re required to buy ammunition out of the unit’s budget so you can’t afford to get too tngger happy.
The hard part about this, and the other two games, is that you’re in charge of four platoons at once while the whole game carnes on in real time. You must keep a constant watch on where each group is and how RELEASE DATE: GENRE: TEAM: CONTROLS: NUMBER OF DISKS: 2 NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 HARD DISK INSTALLABLE: YES MEMORY: 0.5Mb GRAPHICS *117«% SOUND LASTABILITY .WMIlltISS PLAYABILITY MlK C More of the same with a m few new surprises. J OVERALL 83% WAR IN j)« ©UU Some people attract bad luck like a magnet. Others draw insects by the hundred. Fer some reason I just can’t seem to escape Empire’s tank
My first thought on seeing the shots on the back of the box was 'bloody hell, they’ve got a cheek’ - the game looks like Team Yankee painted yellow. If I was the average punter in Ihe shop stanng at the game packaging I would have returned it to the shelf without further hesitation.
Fortunately for Empire I’m not the average punter, so putting on my reviewer’s cap I started playing the game and was pleasantly surprised.
IMPROVEMENTS It may look the same as Empire's previous games. Pacific Islands and Team Yankee, it might play the same and use the same control system, but dose they're ( tting to the enemy. Things really start to become confusing on the latter missions when you have one platoon trailing an enemy convoy to their base, while you’ve got another two dealing with an assault elsewhere with your fourth unit preparing to ambush a tank column.
When you complete a mission you have to sit back and assess the damage. Firstly you only have a limited budget, which increases with the amount of enemy tanks you destroy Damaged tanks can be repaired for only a few dollars, while a replace ment will soak up nearly all your cash. Ammunition also has to be bought, and after a few missions you'll probably find yourself having to send out tanks which are almost unarmed.
MODERN WARFARE Because this is the 90s, technology plays an important role on the battlefield. Instead of just blasting a shell from your tank towards the target, As Empire roll out another tank sim, Mark Patterson finds out if he can spot the difference.
You now have laser sights to make sure your aim is good You also need the right weapon for the right job.
High explosive shells are fine against personnel carriers and other lightly armoured vehicles, but they just bounce off a tank's armour. Instead you need to use a SABOT rocket.
This blasts a depleted uranium rod through the tank’s armour and the resulting shrapnel shreds the crew The ultimate in tank weapons is the TOW missile. Your vehicles have to be stationary to launch them, but you’re almost guaranteed a hit every time.
Obviously stopping your tank in order to fire this weapon gives your enemy a golden opportunity to take pot-shots at you. So it's usually best to stick to the conventional weapons You also have access to a large battery ef artillery. Sthkes have to be set up before your mission, which means you have to be careful not to get caught up in your own barrage.
Mines can also be laid, which is useful if you're expecting to be chased by enemy forces.
A comprehensive training mission is included to break you into the wortd of tank combat - or at least that's what it attempts to do. Instead it requires lots of cross-referencing with the manual and frustrating attempts at tracking down key buildings.
They say you can’t have too much of a good thing. I, for one, have. I don’t really want to see another game in Ihis series, unless it's radically different. That said, it you haven't played any of the other games in this series, War In The Gull is the best of the lot and well worth checking out. © 15M V MM. I Mil 1IM I 11500 B UM I UIN 1 1*100 B EMPIRE SOFTWARE, THE SPIRES, 677 HIGH ROAD, NORTH FINCHLEY. LONDON N120DA. TEL: 0S1343 7337.
OUT NOW SIMULATION IN-HOUSE MOUSE EMPIRE £29.99 We Put Your Pieces Together I about music and the A i us for the answers!
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Imagine, multi-track recording inside your computer! To round it off, we present Rules for Tools, documentation and C source code for writing your own musical features.
Can’t find It nearby? Callus!
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Want to triple the capa3 U nDI studio? Use Triple Play Plu r y MIDI interface that includes 3 sepa- • rately-addressable MIDI outs for 48 *~ simultaneous MIDI channels. Of course, we designed it especia ly for our software.-.Klo compatibility problems here.
Synchronizing witfl'yijjeo and Sync Pro' ftware and works with any application that supports MIDI imdCode.
THE k BLUE RIBBON r SOUNDWORKS LTD W I o Venture Center 1605 Chantilly Drive NE Suite 200 Atlanta, GA 30324 USA
(404) 315-0212 Fax (404) 315-0213 UK Support (081) 332 6959 audio
tape is universal SMI 'synchronization box for audio, video
and mult 'due pie with GAME REVIEW i *iij : i =¦ 11 It you
ever thought that war- games were bonng, be prepared to
change your mind. Beneath an alien sun on a far-off planet.
Ihe elite troops of three rival houses are preparing to hud
themselves against each other in deadly combat. You may
pick which ol the houses you wish to command, and then you
must use your wits to build your defences, manoeuvre your
troops and plan your overall victory Once the enemy lirtds
your base he will keep you under constant attack, and
you'll lind that events will accelerate and hours will pass
in a flash as you frantically juggle with all of the
options available to you.
The desert world of Dune first appeared in the book of the same name, written by Frank Herbert. The book became a beloved classic for all sci-fi fans as it conjured up a world which was both unbelievably fantastic and yet convincingly possible. It was a world of unending sand dunes with no trace of wafer. Here the fearless He who controls the Spice... Controls the Universe. We thought that this sounded like a job for Tony Gill, so we gave him a bucket and spade and sent him out digging for worms in the sands of Dune!
The Haivonnen Invasion force arrive on Ihe desen world. They're the most weMike of the three houses.
Ihe fmpcrot is up to his neck in debt lo the moneylendws. And his only way pul is to make some money last A contract lot the eitki- Hive mining lights on the planet Dune is on olloi to whoever can come up wtlh the most spice inhabitants harvested the spice and wore airtight dothes which trapped their sweat and recycled each precious drop. These Fremen tribesmen knew how to survive on this blistering ball ot heat and dust, and to prove their manhood they would take part in the sport which men marvelled at throughout the galaxy Moving out from the salety ot the rocky outcrops they would stand
in the open dunes and thump the ground, deliberately attracting the giant worms which moved beneath the sand as effortlessly as sharks In the sea, causing them to nse up out ot the depths beneath them. Then with hooks tied to ropes, they would ride these horrors across the desert, using their own strength and their makeshift reins to prevent the terrifying mounts plunging back into the depths.
The worms ot Dune have a mouth whose teeth-hnged maw is capable ol swallowing men, tanks and aircraft From the moment man or machine moves onto the surface of the sand, the resultant vibrations act as a dinner gong to any passing monster.
The prize that the Spice gatherers seek is great, but the danger is equally high.
GAME REVIEW CU AMIGA ROOTS Dune II has its roots in games such as Powermonger, Empire and SwnCity. As with all empire building games, your task is to use the ncome from your money making enterprises (in this case spice gathering) to fund the creation of new weaponry which can be used to attack your rivals and hence increase your sphere of influence.
This is a well-worn and popular game genre, but it tends to be played in a sedate way and involve tots of tables containing endless facts. There have been some attempts to inject some passion and excitement into the basic idea and they have had their successes (e.g. Mega-Lo-Mania), but this is a serious attempt to turn up the excitement control to fever pitch. The game con- DUNE ON THE BIG SCREEN It fell to the cult director David Lynch to attempt the seemingly impossible task of bringing Dune o Ihe big screen, and if is generally agreed by the book's devotees that he failed. He had Agent
Cooper Irom the Twin Peaks series play the part of the hero, Paul Alreides. And who could forget, (or forgive!) His decision to cast the pop star Sting as the villain? (Ah well, not every story can have a happy ending). However, that ill-fated attempt is not quite the end ol Ihe story.
When George Lucas had lo shipwreck the robot comedy duo - R2D2 and C3P0 - he picked a desert planet which had more than a passing resemblance lo Frank Herbert's creation. Watch the movie again and you’ll see the giant skeletal remains ol what can only be a sand worm amidst the dunes. When we lirst meet Han Solo he is heard boasting that he had served his time on the Spice Run. Compare the description ol Emperor’s Sardaukar Troopers with the similarly heavily armoured troopers under the command of Darth Vader.
Our heroes returned to the same desert world in the Relum ol Ihe Jedi. Where they almost became lunch lor a sand worm which surfaced below their floating ship ol the desert'. More than one poor soul disappears down that ghastly mouth during the action.
Trols are simple to understand, and the first few levels of the game provide an easy introduction which anyone should be able to complete without giving more than a glance at the slim game manual.
The beauty of this game is that there is no one strategy which must be followed to conquer the opposition. You are free to replay levels continually until you devise a strategy which works. You could choose to scout the surrounding desert and find the enemy camp before they can build up their forces, then risk an early strike and hope to overwhelm him; or you could iold back, bide your time, and wait until you have built up enough heavy weapons before you risk pokiog your nose out behind your fortifications. Whatever you do, you can be sure that the computer-controlled opposition will give
you a real run for your money.
Once you wake the sleeping tiger he’ll harry you constantly.
The game has a similar objective to that of Powermonger, but there the comparison stops. Powermonger may have looked good, but it was an Your main screen display glvos you a bird's-eye view of your outpost and ot tha battlefield. In the bottom right corner your radar screen gives an early warning of advancing enemy troops - providing, of course, that you have built a radar station. To the left of your screen your large blue harvester is all set to go lumbering out to the spice deposits and scoop up a tew hundred credits for your bank account.
Awkward and ultimately frustrating game. Dune II has the looks and the depths you’ll want, but the gameplay and the controls are as smooth as silk. The interface has been carefully designed to be easily understood and used intuitively.
HnttMT1 A further complication to your plans for world domination is that you can only build on a firm foundation. The sands of Dune are criss-crossed by rocky outcrops and it’s on those that you must lay the concrete platforms and erect your factories and Spice Refineries. Simple rules let you know where you can and cannot build, but even these can be ignored - at a price. A fool builds his house upon the sands, and you may join him if you feel you must, however you'll suffer a constant drain on your money as you pay tb repair the foundations. You may only expand your base by building cheek
by jowl with existing buildings, however that means your troops have a long treck back from the war zone for repairs » A MENTAT IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED A veritable Napoleon vou ntay be. But you can I be eveiywhere at once I uckily. Whichever house you choose lo command, each has its own lairy godmother, known as a Ment3t. Who is always on hand to otter advice anil keep you updated on the latest developments on and oil the battlelield. I lie evil hissing voice ot your computer is just right, and it's a dead ringer lor the late James Mason Cyril is tin* Menl.it loi the House ol Atieirtes.
I'.oUlen h.iiusl .mil with .1 hook nuclei his ami to show that he s got hiains as well as looks. This is the sort ol guy yoor mothei w.iiiIihI you to he The twisted biain ol Radnor is at the disposal ol the House ot Harkonnen. This guy has no hair at all which means he is cither a mad scientist or someone who has been playing Dune lliot tar 1 , too long.
Ammon is your guide Irom the House ol Ordos. Dark haired (which is newer a good sign) he Sis obviously a bit ot a smoothie and very sneaky.
GAME REVIEW CU AMIGA » and reinforcements What you need is a mobile construction site which you can drive across the desert, (watch out for Mr Wiggly!) And set up shop within shelling distance ol the enemy. Once you have a forward post in operation you can hopefully chum oul heavy units faster than he can replace them.
You may*decide you toined the expedition to be a soldier and not a construction engineer. Why spend your time, and valuable credits, building a spaceport when there is one for the taking just over the next hill? II you use your forces to pound the opposition into a position where they are on their knees, your troops simply have to move onto the occupying area lor it to become your own. Ol course you will have to spend a bit of cash on redecorating, perhaps a lick THE NOBLE HOUSES nine ancient Houiei have filtered the battle lor die control ol meplanel.
House ol Atretdes intelligent and noble, they have an unusual devotion to duty. Tbey are noted lor tljeir stills in diplomacy and lend not to strike the tiist bio*. They are aboul lo discover that turning Ihe othei cheek only gels you a broken jaw.
House of Ordos Noled lor their trading and merchandising skills, the ruling princes ol this clan have little conscience and gain avoir power of paint and some new curtains, but alter all you would expect some orA- lay alter your Devastator tanks have spent an hour lobbing 190mm shefe through the windows Smash and grab tactics work well unless you'ue managed to persuade F remen tr*es- men to act as mercenaries lor you These tnbesmen are lanatrcal light ers and will serve you well in any battle, but they do have Ihe teeny weeny problem that once they get their teelh into something, they wont
slop while one stone is still standing on top ol another.
This is Ihe game lhat old-time war-gamers would have died lor. It has real-time action with intelligent troops.
Place your forces strategically, and then leave them to do the business while you are occupied in another comer ol the battlefield. The pace is frantic once the balloon goes up. And the addictive gameplay makes it very drtlrcult to hit that Save Game option and leave the battlefield until another day.
It's the deceptively simple game play, coupled with Ihe atmospheric sound eltects and maddeningly calm voice of the computer which lilts this game out ol Ihe war-gamers cul-de- sac and onto the motorway. © VIRGIN GAMES. 338A LADBROKE GROVE. LONDON W10SAH TEL 081 960 22S5 RELEASE DATE: MI0JULY GENRE: WAR GAME TEAM: WESTW000 STUDIOS CONTROLS: M K NUMBER OF DISKS: 4 NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 HARD DISK INSTALLABLE: YES MEMORY: 1.5Mb House ol Harkoanen The terrible Harkonnen House is a dynasty ol cruel people, led by ruthless princes.
Promotion is nol awarded in Iho Harkonnen society, it is taken. II a subordinate kills his superior, then he assumes that position and is respected lor his action. This House does not appear lo be attempting to win Ihe contract by simply hsnresting more spice than the others, they have decided to annihilate For each ol the throe houses yoa select, there art 10 different campaigns, giving a total or 30 war games Each house has a preference lor certain weaponry and you'll usually have a sprinkling ol Oeoir favourite armoury to get you started The skill levels are graduated lo lead you gently
into the gameplay. So you won't have to light the game controls as well as the enemy tanks.
S THE bcsi sampling program you are going to find ANYWHERE for less than a tenner!
He only place you will find something better is on the 3rd planet of the Octaungaga system in x galaxy!
T just take our word for it. Super Sound v3.2 has recently been reviewed in both Amiga g and CU Amiga, and this is what CU Amiga had to say about Super Sound... ryone who's seriously into sampling would be a complete and utter fool to pass up the superb f offered by Super Sound 3.T - Tony Horgan, PD Utilities, CU Amiga June 1993.
«to find out what will be in store for you when you buy Super Sound then read on... c Chip memory is used for sample, le rales up to 28Kh* and Mono sample rates up to 40Klu.
Mono' sampling mode • Combines left and right channels.
• 66 effects can be added to samples
• Easy to use editing tool*.
• Support fa repeats with Powerful Phase loop find.
• Fully IFF standard compatible.
• Multiple Sample bonks - edit more than one sample at o Sizes
Available Call for Latest Prices MCUUDES2YR EXTENDS WARRANTY I
• Configuration Editor - Keep your favourite settings.
• Sample Keyboard - Play samples on your Amiga keyboard.
• Realtime Effects - Add echoes and many more effects realtime
sampler input.
• Hard Drive Installation Program - No need to fiddle about with
• Full reference documentation on disk, including diagram*.
• Printed manual available.
• Fully compatible with ALL Amiga's, including the new A1200 and
• Multi-Tasking • Use other programs at the same time.
A1200 40 MEG HD £475.00 New Horizon Computers The Hard Drive Specialist l»BSaaid**A (described above) will be available from la July 1993 fa £4 (iixt P&P) only from KBE (attest below).
X manual will I will be available for Super Sound v4 for £10 (incl. P&P) which includes an extensive tutorial and a reference section. Get Super Sound v4 together with the manual for only £11 (incl. P&P).
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No Credit Cards please. Cheques and Postal Order payable to: ' ' '* Y S* KBE Sottware " x 8 Church Street Kingsley ST10 2AA England Software Tel Fax UK (0538) 757400 Tel Fax Inf.: .44 538 757400 HARD DRIVE DIY KITS FOR A1200 OR A600 INCLUDES HDTOOLBOX AND INSTALL3.0 2.0 PHONE FOR LATEST LOW LOW PRICES |
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• ai2 k vmmm* Mat Broomfield mims With A1200 owners still starved
for software which makes use of their machine’s capabilities,
it’s good to see companies such as Millennium producing A1200
enhanced versions of their back catalogue.
They've taken their aquatic smash-hit Robocod and revamped many of its aspects for a standalone 1200 version. It first appeared on the Amiga over 18 months ago and was an instant hit thanks to its colourful graphics and masses of levels.
When the Megadrive version appeared shortly afterwards it too received rave reviews.
The biggest single improvement on this version of the game is the addition of five new levels. Each level is broken down into several smaller ones, so you’re actually getting about 18 Many of the existing levels have undergone changes and now contain 256 colour backdrops. Some of the sound effects have also been updated, although these are few and far between and easily passed over.
256 colour copper bar etlects now feature on many of Ihe original levels.
OUT Not quite Robocop's police car, but It suits the game.
At a speed lhal would make Sonic pack up and go home.
There are just so many graphical touches and hidden levels that you can play right through the game several times without seeing them all, so there's always something to go back lor.
There aren’t any radical changes in terms of speed and gameplay in this version, so if you’ve played the game to death on the Megadrive or A500 you may be disappointed.
On the other hand, if you've never played Robocod you’re missing out on one of the finest platform games ever.
As before there are several thousand screens to conquer, nearly all of which are populated with some of the strangest characters yet seen on the Amiga.
One of the best features is the variations in the levels. You might be required to practice precision jumping on one, then at the next junction you find yourself hairing down a corridor CITIZEN PRINTERS FROM SILICA SYSTEMS CITIZEN
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Conpany Name (it ap0icabb): SILICA SYSTEMS MAIL ORDER HOTLINE 081-309 1111 After defeating Krogh in Kendoria, you’ve gone on to bigger and better things. Tony Dillon warms up his sword arm once again.
Ishar is. Without a doubt, one of my favourite adventure games of all time. There was something tresh and exciting about the idea of taking control of a bunch ot individual characters rather than actually role-playing a single one. The clever use ol psychology within the party, mixed with the wonderful graphics, made it one of the most original RPGs yet seen, so you can understand why my hand shot up taster and higher than anyone else's when our beloved Ed asked who would like to review it.
Natty. The first shows what they are carrying, the second shows their health statistics and the third opens up a character information screen, showing the various statistics for that character The optional submenu, denoted by a red light, shows the collection of spells that character can cast, if any.
Until you have completed any tasks set. Bullies Not .IKItr Ih. Wfl bad WON, but on. Had ol * maan guy to bwL so enter the bad guy. An evil wizard has created a very powerful hallucinogenic drug, which he has used to poison the population of Arborea.
The aim behind this is a simple one: rather than try to take the people by force, he can just twist their minds so that they accept him as ruler without question. Clever, huh?
Or at least it would be, but he obviously didn't reckon on you stepping into the breach. Take control of your party once more - your original Ishar crew, or start anew within the SIMPLE MINDS Since Ishar. The island itseH has become a cultural and intellectual centre lor the archipelago of Arborea (as first seen in Crystals Ol Arborea) The people have become settled and the entire group of islands is as pleasant and lenile an environment as you could wish for.
This kind of tranquil setting does not make for an exciting game, however, game, the choice is yours - and set out to vanquish the Wizard by working your way across the seven islands slaying beasts, rescuing people and living it up whenever possible.
Yes, you did read correctly, there are seven islands for you to work across, and you can't move to the next one until you've solved all the puzzles for the one that you are currently standing upon - the reason for this being that the guards on the harbour won't let you board your boat SMALL AND NEAT The large compass has been removed from the screen and replaced with a small, unobtrusive indicator. In fact, the only large icons on screen are the ones you would most commonly use or that you would want to get to in a hurry, such as the movement icons. Each character now has three or four
sub-menus, depending on class, rather than the two employed origi- IT'S BIG - REALLY BIG!
One ol Hie selling points ol Mar was its immense size. Clocking in at a mammoth 160 000 views scattered over 40 000 loca lions there was more than enough mapping to keep any adventurer happy This lime, however. Silmarils mean business. And have come up with a game with no less that 100.000 locations giving you a stupendously massive 400 000 different views, all built up Irom the same collage system ol building blocks employed in the been, roughly where you are going and exactly where you are - a real boost for getting around. With this new system you can get back to an exact spot with no
trouble at all - try doing it in lshar Ishar 2 is a very cleverly scripted and designed game. The storyline unfolds beautifully as you walk through the game collecting information. Almost everything everyone tells you has value, even if it appears to mean nothing at the time, so it's GET LOST, BUDDY!
The biggest problem with Ishar was that it was too easy to get lost.
Although the game had a map, it had no marker to show you where you were, so it was more or less useless.
In situations where a character would tell you to head in a westerly direction to reach a town, you could walk for miles without finding what you were looking for. The new map shows you in detail where you have THE FIRST ISLAND As you've probably read, the game is broken up over seven huge islands now. Rather than the single landmass of the original. Travelling between Ihe islands is easy enough - just get on a boat. Before you can get a boat, though, you need lo complete Ihe island's puzzles, and merely finding them can be a struggle in itself. I’m willing lo lay my cards on the table and
reveal all, so here's the complete solution to the first island of Ishar 2.
You begin standing near a stone circle in the middle ol the island. In Iront ol you are three thugs attacking a young girl. You need lo speak to her, bul there is no way you can overpower Ihe Ihugs alone - the large one is enough to keep a complete party occupied, believe me. So, Instead Ol heading The king is upset because someone has stolen his daughter s neck- towards them, head Who *ou,d ,h« •ud*c*tY?
North lo the large village. There, find the pub to Ihe west of the well and recruit some characters (there’s a thief in the well, bul your party won't like him). Now go lo the shop on Ihe other side of the town and slock up.
If you have Ihe money, buy a bow or two and plenty ol arrows. There he Is! That’s the one!
Return lo Ihe stone circle and kill the thugs. To kill Ihe large guy, attack him al a distance with arrows lo weaken him, and then step in. When he's dead. Ihe girl will give you a pendant. Take it and head easl into Ihe lorest.
Some large lizards will attack you, but these are easily dispensed. Continue easl and you'll meel the gianl lizard. Step back and attack him with arrows. Use as many as you can, then step in and pulverise him quickly - he's strong and will take a lot ol hits. Once he's down, take the necklace he was wearing.
Now head lor Ihe harbour in the south-west comer and your way will be blocked by a beggar. Attack him and you'll be arrested and taken to Ihe castle. Here the Lord ot the Manor will tell you that his daughter’s necklace was stolen. Give him the one you lound and he will give you access lo the boat. Now go back to the harbour, and you're away!
Worth making notes of what you hear. You begin knowing very little about what’s happening, but before long you’ll find yourself on the right track, free of frustration.
WORD ASSOCIATION The psychology of the first game has really been explored in this package, and it works remarkably well. I felt that the individual characters in Ishar were a little underplayed, but they shine in this. As you hire your party, you really do need to note the characters you take on board, because a bad mix means poor team spirit, which can lead to all sorts of disasters. For example, at one stage I had an excellent thief who was a wizard with a dagger. Unfortunately, no-one in the party liked him. He got seriously hurt in combat, but no-one would perform first aid on him,
claiming they just hated him. As a result he died and I lost a good fighter. That taught me to be more careful.
The presentation is simply incredible. The graphics are among the most breathtaking seen on the Amiga Al 200 SPLENDOUR At present. Ishar 2 is completely and lully compatible with the Amiga 1200. So il you like you can rush out and get it now.
However, before too long an A1200 specific version will appear with the most stunning 256 colour graphics known to man. The only question is. Can you wait that long?
- the view from the city gates over the harbour is awesome - and
they have been massively upgraded since the original Ishar. To
think this is just the 32 colour version! The impression of
height created when climbing the mountains is indescribable.
These, mixed with the non-stop background of sound effects and music make this one of the most atmospheric adventures around.
Ishar 2 is a must buy. If you like adventures, you will happily remove your own limbs for this. Rffi OVERALL 93° « DAZE E29.99 (A1200 £32.99) 500 rA 500. H 600 1 1200 H 15001 2000 H 3000 fl 4000 H DAZE MARKETING, 2 CANFIELD PLACE.
* *89% f Surely Ihe most Incredible ¦ RPG ever! An astound, jm
Ing sequel!
_L I 3 ga ME REVIEW Apart from being good value for money, compilations are a good way to prevent boredom from creeping in. Empire’s latest unites three of the most popular space games ever.
- Wt- ¦ * Bo§i | t 7 inn r l _j n MEG tilt XUElLtR 9:'i Your
party gat slaughtarad m MapaTravT Thara'a a aequat, but this
gama a ao big It ahould keep you buay tor ages OVERALL 89°
ELITE PUIS When II was released on Ihe BBC back in 1984, Elite
sent shock waves Ihrough Ihe gaming world Programmers Bell and
Braben had mixed slralegy. Irading and a space combal
simulation lo produce some- thing that had never been seen
The premise is simple, all you have lo do is make a name lor yourself in Ihe galaxy by lighling and trading. There are no restndions whalsoever, and you can play Ihe game any way you like. This means that il you prefer the lite ol a pirate or cargo raider you can arm your ship with powerful lasers and head oil 10 seek your fortune. Of course, before you can do any ol that, you'll need lo earn some cash.
By today's standards the graphics look very simple, but Ihe vector space craft are last on any machine. There are eight massive galaxies to explore and several special missions you're asked to undertake So you're guaranteed not to run out ol game in a hurry.
For all the nostalgia value. Elite does show its age, although that doesn’t prevent it getting a high ranking in my all-time Amiga top ten. It may sound biased, but I like it and there you are.
It This is definitely the worst looking ol the three games, but the most absorbing You and your band ol amateur space adventurers were having a quiet drink in the local hostelry on Elate when an intergalac- bc security officer bursts in. Mumbles some cryptic message then asks if you would be so kind as to deal with the gang ol armed men who are following her.
This is your introduction to life in the luture. From here on in you're on your own with only the game's manual lor comfort The first thing you need to do is tool up with weapons Laser guns swords and armour are musts lor techno adventurers.
One thing you do start the game with is your very own space ship.
Taking oil leads to a crude action sub game where you have to try to steer the ship to the right planet This part ol the game is extremely tiresome and really lets the side down MegaTraveller was never a pretty game. From the moment it was released it was daled That doesn't mean it's bad.
The comprehensive play system is reminiscent TSR's boardgame RPG Star Frontier. There are puzzles to solve, planets to explore and an army ol alien mercenaries and criminals to overcome.
WING COMMANDER Wing Commander has both a good side and a very bad side Play it on an Amiga 1200 or 4000 and you're in for hours and hours ol excellent space-related tapery. Play it on any other Amiga and you'll find yourself cursing the programmers and their inability to get the game running at a decent speed.
Ignoring the speed aspect. Wing Commander is a thoroughly absorbing game. Recruited as a young flight officer, you're given the latest piece ot space hardware with a view to going and destroying mankind's deadly toe. The Kilrathi. The action is punctuated with excellent cut scenes which update you on the plot. These lead to the game coming on three disks, and while the disk swapping isn't too Irequent, installing it on the hard drive makes life easier.
The graphics are excellent, with well drawn ships and awesome explosions. This is what makes the game, it just wouldn't be the same il you were up against vector-drawn craft.
For owners ol 32-bit machines this is the icing on the cake, lor everyone else at least you have three blank disks to put your save games on.
THE VERDICT II it wasn't lor Wing Commander being almost unplayable on 16-bit machines, this would be one ol the best compilations available. Elite is still excellent alter all these years and MegaTraveller is so huge it will keep you going tor months. It you think your machine can handle Wing Commander, or you can overlook Ihe sluggish gameplay. This is a package you shouldn't be without.
EMPIRE £34.99 1H11 A500. ¦
* 100 ¦ 1200 ¦
• isooH 1000 ¦ .30*1 ¦ ..00. ¦ EMPIRE. THE SPIRES. 677 HIGH
TEL: 081 343 7337.
• *87% 1 LASTABHITY 1 Dl A V A Q II ITV I******
* ?88% ,,07: ¦ rUATMOIll 1 I gnim
• *o 7% m One ot the best compi- m ¦ lations in ages.
7 !
I D U N E II" BATTLE FOR ARRAKIS AVAILABLE ON AMIGA CU AMIGA BUDGET GAMES VFM It’s time for another trip to the bargain basement as we round up the best of this month’s cut-price offerings.
PREHISTORIK TITUS OUT NOW £9.99 As dinosaur lever begins to grip the nation, what better time to re-release the old Titus platform club ’em up, Prehlstorik. For those of you who missed it the tirst time around here’s a quick run down ot the plot. A lone caveman, whose name is probably something like Ugh or Bleurgh, is getting a little hungry. So, he goes on a mammoth shopping spree (mammoth as in large, not as in hairy elephant) through prehistoric Earth. Armed only with a dub he has to take on the best that nature has to throw at him, induding mini-tyrannosaurus, brontosaurus and all manner
of large, lumbenng beasts, all ol which can be felled with a couple ot swings with your trusty club.
Interestingly enough. Ugh just happens to be a vegetarian, so instead of eating the dinosaurs he smashes to a pulp, he simply walks past them and collects the points they represent, and then wanders into their caves and steals their tood. Which indudes berries, apples, bananas and various other kinds ol fruit.
This isn’t the most derivative ptattormer in the world, but it comes dose In a lot ol ways it bears a striking resemblance to Chuck Rock, although with some maior differences The screen doesn’t scroll, lor a start Secondly, there is very little in the way of animation Most sprites have only two or three trames, which looks a little sad when compared to more recent, better quality games. It isn't too bad a game, but there’s nothing I can really rec- 44k, ommend about it.
LOTUS 2 GBH OUT NOW £7.99 Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge was the game that really made Gremlin Graphics the torce it is today Lotus 2. Featuring the Lotus Elan, merely strengthened the reputation of the original. Lotus was one ot the tirst true arcade quality racers, but some people tound that racing around a collection ot similar looping tracks against an identical backdrop got a little tedious after a while. Always ready to listen to the public, Gremlin took on board what people said and came out with Lotus 2, essentially the same game but relined and revised completely.
Now. Rather than race around a series ol looped tracks as part ot a league, you have to make your way across eight long courses, taking you over the snowy mountains, through the dark night city streets, across® desert and even along a motorway where it’s a little too easy to career into the wrong lane and get hit by oncoming traffic! The varying conditions can pose a real problem - try anticipating a sharp right hand turn in extremely foggy conditions - and so add to the game challenge greatly. 1 Lotus 2 features the same single and double player modes of the original, with the big
dillerence being that in solo mode the player gets a full-screen view ot the road. Add to that the fact that you can link up two machines and play with a total ot four players, and you have one excellent excuse lor phoning your mates!
I haven't played Lotus 2 in quite a while, especially after the release of the superb Lotus 3 and the equally brilliant Jaguar XJ220 trom Core Design, so it was a nice to see that this hasn't dated at all. Visually, there isn’t a lot of difference between this and its successor, which isn’t surprising as there isn’t much room tor improvement.
The spntes are slick and convincing, as is the scaling of objects trom horizon to foreground In fact, the overall impression of speed can be quite overwhelming, particularly on the fog and snow tracks.
An exciting race game with more than enough in the way of challenge and variety. At this price, you'd be a fool to miss itl Driving .1 nlgrtt with- neadllghta It a bad CRAZY CARS 2 BUDGET GAMES CU AMIGA TITUS OUT NOW £9.99 cor a while, Titus released some really awtul driving games. I mean really ewful Anyone who has ever played Crazy Cars ot Fire And Forget van know
• •actty what I mean. The screen shots looked incredible, but a
complete lack r* animation and the most unconvincing scrolling
ever made these games aughable. Crazy Cars 2 was a step in the
right direction, but Titus had to wait ¦fM Crazy Cars 3 before
they got anywhere near the mark.
The game is a very simple affair. You are a lone criminal on the run from Tw police and have to cross as many state lines as you possibly can. Or something along those lines anyway. The practical upshot of it all is that you find yourself cruising at high speed along some of the most deserted highways in the US with the only other traffic being the local cops that try and block the road or run you off it.
My first thoughts when loading this were “what sort of racing game has no other cars?' Once the game was up and running, I could understand why. Crazy Cars 2 is very, very hard to play. Where most games of this genre play along the lines of 'rtght turns the car right, left turns the car left', this one works on a non-returning steering wheel prtnciple. Pushing left slowly turns the steering wheel left, and releasing the joystick leaves it turned. To centre you have to steer right - this can take some time - so trying to keep the car on the road while going round a sharp bend is an acquired
It's not bad, but with Lotus 2 released this month, why would you bother?
That cop Is not going to be too happy when you career into the back of him!
BUDOKAN HIT SQUAD OUT NOW £12.99 The budget market is many fhings, one of the worst being a resurrector of many games you’d hoped had gone for good.
Budokan is one such game. As a budding martial artist, you train in areas such as karate, kendo, nunchuks and get lo wield the ferocious bo slick. Each area has a great many moves which are executed with wrist-breaking combinations of joystick movement and fire button, as you battle your way through a succession of expendable Japanese pensioners who act as your sparring partners.
Once you've mastered a few basic moves in each discipline it's time to move on and enter the Budokan. Here the greatest lighters converge to beat each other to bloody pulps, thus proving how in tune they are with their inner self. Most of the fights turn out to be massive mismatches as you're allowed to choose your own style. So if you're facing a Karate master, simply pick up a six foot bo stick and batter him at long range, thus preserving your strength for the next encounter. You only need to be proficient with three or four moves, as the rest do the same things but with added twirls.
This isn't what you'd call action packed. In fact its more action-lacked as the fighters sluggishly twirl their nunchuks at each other. The lack of speed carries over to the controls, which are unresponsive and make playing the game horribly frustrating.
Despite the obvious realism, you're probably better off giving Budokan a miss, especially when it's at a 'budget' price of £12.99. Go lor Body Blows or Slreettighter 2 instead, they may be far-fetched, but at least they're . FWri.
Fun to play.
HOT RUBBER TITUS OUT NOW £9.99 This has to be one of the tackiest titles I’ve ever come across, with a cover that ranks up there alongside Barbarian and Vixen. Hot Rubber is your standard bike racing scenario, featuring a handful of riders racing hell for leather around the most famous courses of the world, pausing only to collect medals and shake champagne all over each other.
I must admit, I’m a very big fan of bike racing games. From Team Suzuki to Super Hang On, I always have my eye out for a new one. This is quite definitely the most appalling one I have ever seen. It’s completely unplayable in every respect, with a useless two-player mode and some of the smallest player windows ever seen.
You begin, as always, on the starting grid, and at this point things look really good. The graphics are fine and detailed, and everything looks fairly realistic. Then the light turns green and the other riders hit the horizon in about three hops. Push forward to get moving and you hit this game’s big problem. Rather than have you at the centre of the screen with the road swinging around as you change lanes, the programmers obviously decided that that was too much hassle, and opted for the other side of the coin, which involves the road being centred and the sprite of the bike moving around
unrealistically. The result of this is that it’s impossible to judge corners correctly, and as for overtaking - forget it.
This is one useless game. Even as a budget title, it just isn’t worth the disk it’s recorded on.
The triangles level. Can you see how to finish this In five easy moves TITOS £9.99 They always say you can't go wrong with a good puzzle game. Alter all, look at Tetris or any ot its millions ot clones. Ever since that major Russian export hit the shelves, people have been trying to emulate its success. Most have tailed.French outfit, Microids. Had a go and came up with Swap, but this again tailed to gain much in the way ot critical acclaim. Now at a much reduced price, it's back courtesy ot Titus.
You begin with a grid ot diflerent coloured squares with the aim ol removing every single one. Whenever two shapes ot the same colour are placed together, they explode leaving empty space behind. The only way to get two shapes together is to 'swap', flipping pairs of shapes to bring colours together.
To begin with, almost any swap you do will result in some blocks being removed, but as you continue you'll lind it harder and harder as the gaps get larger and before you know it you'll have no pairs left to flip.
THE BRIDES OF DRACULA At the side of the screen you have a couple of handy gadgets which allow you to place extra blocks on the screen with the colour of your choice - just right for getting rid of those hard-to-reach problem areas, and a collapse icon which causes everything on screen to drop and settle in a neat pile at the bottom of the screen.
Things get more and more difficult as you progress from squares to triangles to hexagons, getting more and more complex. Not the most addictive game around, but definitely worth a look.
Before each level you're told what shape the pieces are, and how many colours you're going to have to contend with.
I. EVKJ 002 5S1 ran M ZEPPELIN OUT NOW £9.99 I remember seeing
Gonzo Games demonstrating this title a couple of years ago.
Why it has taken so long to surface is anyone's guess, but I’m
glad it finally did. The plot is a simple one - Count Dracula
is alive and well and is looking for a wife. The nearby town
of Bistritz has 13 suitable candidates, but before any can
become a bride, Dracula must first bite them and then lead
them back to the castle, where they will wait in their coffin
for him.
Unfortunately, Van Helsing is also alive and well, and has a few scores to settle, so is also searching the town with an eye for revenge. He'll stop at nothing to get his hands on Dracula, and that's where the fun begins.
In this one or two player game, you and a friend can play either of the characters in their relevant quests. It’s all played out on a split screen, horizontally scrolling landscape with both parlies occupying the same world. To begin with, they start as far apart as possible - Dracula searching for wives and Van Helsing looking for the tools he needs to destroy the dark Count.
However, as the game progresses the tension mounts and before too long you’ll find yodrself crossing each other’s path constantly.
It's all good fun, and very easy to get into, despite the slightly confusing screen layout. The simple controls mean that before you know it you can get rigrtt-into the game. An excellent attempt at an odd idea.
Dracula finds one of his brides, turning her from a shy, retiring lass Into an Elvira clone.
EDO THE DUCK 2 ZEPPELIN OUT NOW £9.99 I don’t know about you, but I find Andi Peters' sidekick to be one of the most irritating things ever to grace my TV, and the thought of two games based on the same character is enough to send shivers down my spine. But still I sit here playing it, and I have to admit that, even with my low expectations, I was disappointed. With the exception that the main character is a duck, this game has almost nothing to do with the inbred son of Sweep from the Sooty show. Surely the most obvious thing to do would be to sample his kazoo voice, but no. This Edd quacks.
The game falls somewhere between Treasure Island Dizzy and Fantasy World Dizzy, with a little Dizzy thrown in for good measure. In short, it’s a scrolling platform game with attempted cute graphics and very little in the way of lasting gameplay.
As Edd you must travel through the Wild West in your best cowboy outfit.
Avoiding such terrors as large cowboy hats and electric sparks that travel up and down telegraph wires. Most of this is done by jumping, although you can use your gun to shoot down the opposition. Hang on a moment - Edd the Duck with a gun? Surely not! Well, OK then, it isn't a BuUwye! Who nMds a fiahlng rod to catch liah? All you real gun. All this weapon is nM I. a handy cuatard plat capab|e o( |jring are cus,ard pies which merely stun the enemy for a short period of time.
Everything about this game reeks of budget quality. Fine if you want a five-minute platform game, but there are so many better examples- ®., of the genre about. -tbs' Diamond Buy With Confidence Reasons To Be Cheerful, Part 10
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available, and W* only at Diamond 80Mb HARD DISK • £829.95 130Mb HARD DISK • £899.95 200Mb HARD DISK ¦ £949.95 340Mb HARD DISK . £1249.95 a wtth 8833 Mkll Monitor Add £209.95 Inc vat 1Mb W 1Mb ram pack ram Basic A600 only £199 Or with 8833 Mkll Monitor ADD £209.95 Inc vat 12 month on alte warranty Add £44.95 lot 1Mb exha RAM 2Mb W 2Mb ram pack ram AMIGA 3000 Workbench 2-25MHz 2Mb Chip RAM 3.5' Roppy 52Mb Hard Drive only an Incredlbie £869 or with 105Mb only £969 a with 8833 Mkll Monitor Add £209.95 Inc vat HO) 1Mb W 1Mb RAM PACK RAM WILD, WEIRD & WICKED A600 PACK £229.95 Or with 8833 Mk I
Monitor ADO £209.95 Inc vat Add £44.95 tor 1Mb IMOI exha RAM MIL ORDER RING 0703 334638 OR 0703 230934 MAIL ORDER RING 0703 334638 OR 0703 230934 MAIL ORDER RING 0703 334638 OR 0703 230934 MAIL ORDER RING 0703 3346: GOT AN AMIGA ALREADY BUT WANT MORE POWER & MEMORY?
AMIGA 600 S 1Mb RAM Up 2Mb PCM1A £129.95 4Mb PCM1A £1*9.95 NOTE: Many professional applications such as spreadsheets, databases and graphics pogroms require more than the basic RAM supplied as standard with Amiga’s.
AMIGA 2000 ¦ 0 8Mb Aries Board £69.95 2 8Mb Aries Board £115.95 4 8Mb Aries Board £159.95 6 8Mb Aries Board £199.95 8 8Mb Aries Board £249.95 MEMORY CHIPS TO FIT MOST AVAILABLE MEMORY BOARDS AMIGA 3000 1 Mb x 4 Static Column £22.95 lMbx32bitSimm £64.95 1 Mb x 8 Simm for GVP's £39.95 2Mb x 32 bit Simm £129.95 1 Mb x 1 Dp DRAM 80ns £3.95 4Mb x32bit Simm £169.95 256K x 4 Dip DRAM £3.95 TURN YOUR STORAGE PROBLEM INTO A PROFESSIONAL HIGH CAPACITY STORAGE SOLUTION Please Note, whilst we list 3.5' drives we remind customers that although they can be used in both A600's & A1200.S they are not a
correct fit. To install them is quite complex and Involves cutting away part of the Amiga's case. Diamond do not recommend 3.5" drives dnd suggest,you would be better off with a 2.5'. AMIGA 600 & 1200
2. 5' Drives * Cable 40Mb 60Mb 80Mb (Umited Offer) 130Mb 200Mb
NEW 2.5'340Mb drive £99.95 £165.95 £199.95 £279.95 £369.95
£599.95 For fitting by a Diamond engineer please add a further
£2225 to the purchase price.
If you wish to fit your own Hard Disk please be warned, opening up your own Amiga may invalidate your guarantee.
For 3.5' Drives see Bare Drive prices below (Add £5 for Cable) £115.95 £2*5.95 £335.95 £409.95 £549.95 DRIVE YOUR AMIGA TO THE LIMIT Bare Drives can be used with Quantum 35 SCSI 80Mb £159.95 120Mb £199.95 170Mb £219.95 200Mb £289.95 325Mb £749.95 SCSi Controllers, internally or in external drive cases, for use through the SCSI Ports.
External Housing for SCSi Device «o £69.95 POWER USERS ADVANCED SYSTEMS I! ??•?? 1 2gig IBM Corsair 3.5‘ Hard Drive £999.95 rl, 21 Mb Flopptical Disk (MO. £419.95 5265 95 128Mb Removable Magneto Optical SCSi Drive mo £729.95 545 j 95 128Mb Magneto Optical Disk »k» 44.95 lAmiga External Floppy 1 |Amiga 500 Internal Driv« Amiga 1500 2000 Internal Drive £59.95 Orive £54.95 Amiga External Drive & Virus Block £69.95 3 £49.95 Amiaa 3000 Internal Drive mo AMIGA 500 500+ ¦ £289 95 £379.95 £475.95 £569.95 GVP Impact II 42Mb HD 8 + GVP Impact II 80Mb HD 8* GVP Impact II 120Mb HD 8 + GVP Impact II
213Mb HD 8* AMIGA 530 HD Controller + IS 68030 Accelerator GVP 42Mb A530 £475.95 GVP 80Mb A530 £569.95 GVP 120Mb A530 £665.95 GVP 213Mb A530 £759.95 68882 Co-Processor kit forthe A530 £159.95 AMIGA 500 S I 512K 512K + Clock
1. 5Mb* Clock Supra RAM 500 Rx 8Mb Ram Upgrade, Populated to 2MB
upgradeable to 8MB imo Zydec 8MB Ram Upgrade (Pop 2MB) £29.95
£34.95 £75.95 £175.95 £145.95 AMIGA 3000 S | 2Mb RAM Upgrade
£89.95 4Mb RAM Upgrade £175.95 8Mb RAM Upgrade £349.95 16Mb
RAM Upgrade £699.95 Pro RAM 0 64Nb for A3000 (MOi £319.95
AMIGA 1200 !• OmbMBX 1200 14MF6 68881 £144.95 2Mb MBX 1200
14MHz 68881 £258.95 4Mb MBX 1200 14MHz 68881 £298.95 8Mb MBX
1200 14MHz 68881 £428.95 0Mb MBX 1200 25MHz 68882 See
Accelerators AMIGA 4000 4030 4Mb RAM Upgrade £149.95 8Mb
(2x4)RAM Upgrade £289.95 12Mb (3x4) RAM Upgrade £429.95 NEW
Pro RAM 0 64Mb for A4CC0 (MO) £319.95 Nexus *'»•« Trmphcard
Classic £65.95 Trufnphcard Professional £105.95 All Ihe above
are SCSI Controllers only and require SCSI Drives like those
listed dlrectty below. For bare drive pricing see next box
GVP Impact HC 8 0Mb GVP Impact HC840Mb GVP Impact HC 8 80Mb GVP Impact HC 8 120Mb GVP Impact HC 8 213Mb A1500 A2000 A3000 A4030 A4000 vlAIL ORDER RING 0703 334638 OR 0703 230934 MAIL ORDER RING 0703 334638 OR 0703 230934 MAIL ORDER RING 0703 334638 OR 0703 230934 MAIL ORDER RING 0703 3346 AMIGA 500 Blizzard Board (MO £209.95 GVPS30 HD Controler Inc 40Mb £509 95 GVP530 HD Controler Inc 80Mb £565 95 GVP530 HD Controller Inc 120Mb U6S 95 GVP530 HD Controller Inc 213Mb £75995 Progressive 040 500 28MHz (MO) £499.95 Progressive 040 500 33MHz iuoi (799.95 A1200MBX Board 25MHz 68882 0Mb £208.95
A1200MBX Board 25MHz 68882 2Mb £328.96 Al 200 MBX Board 25MHz 68882 4Mb £358.95 Al 200 MBX Board 25MHz 68882 8Mb £488.95 Al 230 GVP Accelerator 68030 4MHz £284.95 A1230 GVP Accelerator 68030 * 68882 814MB £484.95 AMIGA 2000 1500 1 AMIGA 3000 Zeus 040 28MHz £579.95 Progressive Peripherals 040 Board 28MHz P.OA. Zeus 040 33MHz £869.95 Progressive Peripherals 040 Board 33MHz £749.95 GVP 030 25MHz £469.95 GVP 030 50MHz £1039.95 GVP 030 40MHz £759.95 GVP 040 33MHz £1419.95 A300040 28MHz (HO) Mercury Board 25MHz imoi £629.95 Mercury Board 33MHz imoi £889.95 I THINK, THEREFORE I CAN BE IBM OR EVEN
APPLE You can now turn your Amiga Into either an IBM or Apple Macintosh using the latest Amiga upgrades IBM EMULATORS APPLE MACINTOSH EMULATORS Commodore A2386 386SX Emulator I 8Mb £234.95 Golden Gate 386SX Emulator 0.5 16Mb No HD £409.95 Golden Gate 486SLC 2 16Mb No HD £749.95 Monitor Master tor Golden Gate Emulators £89.95 A MAX II Plus £339.95 All errxjators work on 1500.2000.3000.4030 8.4000 AMIGA's.
Please ask for details on A500 600 & 1200 Emulators IMAGINE A WORLD FULL OF COLOUR & SOUND VIDEO ACCELERATORS S ¦ 24BIT IMAGE PROCESSING H* EDI Flicker Fixer ruoi £219.95 Opal Vision £679.95 Rome Matching NEW mo £739.95 Retina NEW iuo £399.95 DCTV(MO) £419.95, Harlequin 4000 (MO) £1599.95- Video Blenda imoi £1119.95 G2 32bit Imoge Engine (mo) £2599.95 .
GENLOCKS WBI EDI PAL Genlock (MO) £339.95 Rocgen Plus £129.95 Rocgen £95.95 Rockey £225.95 Rendale 8802 £165.95 G2 Video Centre VC1 (mo £449.95 G2 Genesys Centre (MO £729.93 G2 Boodcart Vweo Cents VC3 M £1549.95 Pro MIDI Interfoce (lxIN, lxTHRU. 2xOUT) Triogic MIDI Interface V330 £1299 V330 » Amiga 1200 SOMb Pack inc. D-Paint (4 AGA) Scala 0 User Video £1995 VIDEO EDITING MODEMS & ACCESSORIES Now with a Far-modern you can link straight Into bdletln boards for Ihe latest Info, or use your AMIGA as a fax to send recetve hard copy.
Diamond Dynalink Pocket Modem This Amiga Modem has a 9600 baud in send receive mode (Can be a fax using GP S W) £149.95 External (Via serial port) 9600Bps send receive Fax * 14400Bps data modem; CCITT V .21. V.22. V 22BIS. V 32 with V.42.V.42BIS MNP 2-5 £249.95 SUPRA MODEMS Supra-Fax modem V.32 (14400 baud) £363 Heavy Duty Prima Power Supply tor above £10 when ordering the above Fax-Modern.
Supra-Fax Plus (9600 baud) £128 Supra 2400 (external) £68.95 Supra Modem (Internal) £151.95 Turn your Amiga Into a Fax Machine with GP Fax Software only £61.95 when buying any of the above Modems. £84.95 seperately.
VIDEO DIGITISING I Rome Grabber PAL (mo £559.95 Take 2 Complete Solution £119.95 1 VIDI Amiga 12 £79.95 Flicker Ree Video 2 (PAL) imo £249.95 Rocgen Picture in Picture £79.95 Just In & Best Buy Frame Store mo £339.95 Epson 6500 Parallel iuoi £925.95 Epson 8000 Parallel imoi £1419.95 Power Greyscale Scanner £125.95 Power Colour Scanner A500 £265.95 Paver CobuScamer A1500 2000 £245.95 Alfa Scan 286 wilh Seal Ssavewo) £109.95 Ata Scan Plus with OCR Soflwjesso) £189.95 DIAMOND MODEMS
1. 3 Kickstart ROM £19.95
2. 04 Kickstart ROM £36.95 A600 Kickstart ROM £15.95 Kickstart
ROM switch £14.95 Kickstart Switch Mouse £16.95 Super Denise
8373 £28.95 Mega Chip A500 A2000 with 2MB Angus imoi £275.95
Kwikstart II £52.95 Multistart II £24.95 Amiga mouse ioystick
selector (12.95 Amtrack Trackball MO) £59.95 Crystal
Trackball iuoi £32.95 Intra-red Mouse (Cordless) iuoi £48.95
Logic 3 Speed Mouse (12.95 Mega Mouse in Blisterpack (12.95
Optical Mouse (29.95 Naksha Mouse (24.95 ALL PRICES INCLUDE
QUICKSHOT 149 INTRUDER 1 £19.99 QUCK9i0T111ATURB02 £4.99
QUCKJOYQJ1 JOYSTICK £3.. 99 ZIP STICK £9.99 Convert your IBM
Joystick to work with your Amiga £9.99 Audio Engineer Plus 2
£219.95 Clarity 16 Sound Sampler £105.96 Megamix master £29.95
Stereo Master £29.95 Techno Sound Turbo £27.95
Adl012SarrplefwithStudb 16aso £449.95 AMAS2 £74.95 Perfect
Sound V3 £54.95 You Can't Buy Printers Cheaper Than Diamond ML
ORDER RING 0703 334638 OR 0703 230934 MAIL ORDER RING 0703
334638 OR 0703 230934 MAIL ORDER RING 0703 334638 OR 0703
Citizen Swift 240 Colour Panasonic KXP2123 Col.
Epson LX400 Mo NEC P22 oho) Star LC100 Colour only £527.00 only £267.78 only £210.32 only £109.27 only £223.25 only £135.76 CITIZEN SWIFT 9 COL S145.72 NEW CITIZEN SWIFT 200 S16550 CITIZEN SWIFT 200 COL. *19960 CITIZEN SWIFT 240 COLmoi S26900 CITIZEN SWIFT 24X(MO) *29269 CITIZEN SWIFT 24X COL(MO) *61760 DOT MATRIX PRINTERS PARALLEL LEADS STAR LC20 SI 18.95 STAR IC100 Colour *155.76 STAR LC 200 Colour SI 7656 STAR LC 24 10CkMO) *162.97 STAR LC 24 20 ll(MO *20669 STAR XB 24 200 COUmo) *6*257 STAR XB 24 250 COUmo) *455.9* SEIKOSHASP 1900+ SEIKOSHA 2400(MO) SEIKOSHA SL90(MO) SEIKOSHA SL95
* 10455
* 12966
* 1515*
* 699.99 | HP DESKJET 560C
* 599.99 HP 1200 COLOUR
* 122960 HP 1200 C P Script £176*62 CANON BJ200(MO) £2*547 CANON
* 69960 CANON BJ330(MO
* 45960 CANON 5J10SX £1992* PRINTERS
* 52757
* 70363 £96563 Canon BJ10EX £1663 Canon BJ 300 330 SI 1.74 HP
DeskJet 500 mono *17.61 HP DeskJet HI Cep. *22.31 HP DeskJet
Cokxi £2251 LIMITED OFFER £96563 Southampton Office MAIL ORDER
Phone.0703 334638 OR 0703 230934, SCOTLAND 031 554 3557 Minimum
Hardware Courier Service £17.63. Software only £5.00 Allow 10
working days for cheque clearance. Bankets diatts clear same
day. All prices are correct at time of going to press, but ate
only valid until the 10th day of month of publication due to
magazines coming out four weeks earlier than issue cover date.
Re. This advert is only valid until EXPORT- 0703 334638 OR 0703
230934 2 way Switch Bare SI9.96 1 Mt *9.96 4 way Svritch Bax
*29.96 1.8 Mt (14.96 Centronics Centronics Cable *14.95 2 Mt
*16.95 PAPES 3 Mt *19.95 SOOshtslOOgsm S7.95 5Mt *24.95
I000shts60gsm S9.95 lOMt *29.95 1000shts90 gsm *14.95 2000 shts
60gsm *14.95 Printer starter kit: Includes paper, ribbon.
Printer stand & cable £29.95 Printer Driver Disk £560 Dust
cover *2.95 Printer Stand £4.95 Printers Inside Out Amiga Book
*1977 HOW TO ORDER iders Help us to help you Okl 400e NEW Okl
OL410 1Mb Inc. HP IIIP Emulation OKI LASER 810 OKI LASER
830(MO) Postscript 2Mb NEW OKI OL 850. (Feature enhanced
OL84 fl(MO) SHM|H with 4Mb RAM - £1444.08 with 6M5 RAM -
£1513.40 2Mb Upgrade-£116.33 4Mb Upgrade - £233.83 FOR BRANCH
already dKOintec.
Graphics ft Digitising Video Tilling
654. 95 Development ft Utilities Wordprocesslng ft DTP Deluxe
Point IV 54495 Adorage A-Talk3
631. 99 Transwrite 529 99 deluxe Paint IV AGA 1200
574. 95 Amiga Vsion
516. 99 AMI Bock 539 99 Xridwordl 3
531. 99 Digi view Media Station
5151. 95 Big Alternative Scroler V2 654 96 Amiga Upgrade 2
575. 99 Final Copy V2 545 95 Evert Draw
545. 99 Broadcast Titter 2
6201. 95 AMOS Starter Pack
636. 95 Wordsworth V2
571. 95 Expert 40 Jni
534. 99 fort Pock Isrtxrcsd lor atxws
599. 96 Easy AMOS
519. 99 Excellence 3
599. 95 RexkAmp Printer UtWy
530. 99 Fort Podr 2 stand kx abovs
554. 95 AMOS 3D
619. 99 Hems Osks 11 (Word-ho, Intro CAD Plus
544. 99 Pro Video Post
5156. 95 AMOS Compiler
616. 99 Mobase t fcssaMmft 634 95 X CAD 2000
557. 96 TV Show V2
549. 96 Cross Dos V5
531. 99 Hot Links
647. 99 X CAD 3000
5216. 95 TV Show Pro
550. 99 Dos 2 Dos
533. 99 Pagesetter2
549. 99 Image Master V5.23
544. 95 TV Text Pro
553. 96 Disk Master 2
535. 99 Pogesetter3
549. 99 Image Finder
534. 95 Video Director 59900 Dev Pock 3 649 95 Page Stream 2.2
57999 Vista
544. 99 Video Master
559. 95 Directory Opus
649. 99 Pageitieam Bus Forms
529. 99 Pro Vota V3 (2Mb Reqiired55 1.95 Can Do V2
545. 95 Lattice C 6.2
5222. 95 Pen Pd 1.4
535. 99 Make Path lor Vela
527. 99 Show Maker 614100 Quater Back V6 635 99 Saxon Publisher
5159 95 VOI AMIGA Col .Solution
542. 95 Scaki 500
570. 95 Quater Bock Toots
544. 99 Propage 3 598 95 Pixel 3D Pro
544. 99 Scokj Pro
5173. 95 Superbase 2
549. 95 Propoge 4
599. 95 Pro Draw 3
575. 95 Music, Midi ft Sound X Copy Pro 6.2
531. 95 Protext V4.3 W P
549. 99 Tubo Mnt Studto
537. 95 AM*S2AD10l2Sarpl8t. Shxfc)
5499. 95 H Speed Pascal
670. 95 Protext V6.5W P
599. 99 Animation ft Rendering Audio Engineer *2
5219. 96 Accounting 3D Images
536. 99 Audiomaster 4
642. 99 Educational Home Accounts 2
531. 99 Art Expression
5140. 95 Bars ft Pipes Pro
5211. 96
614. 95
614. 96 Irrterspread
528. 99 Art Dept Art Dept Pro 2.2
644. 99
6134. 95 Clarity 16 Sompler Deluxe M. Construction
6106. 96
649. 99 A D1 Maths 11*12 ADI Maths 12-13 Vinl Office Personal
Finance Mngr 53499
529. 99 Director V2
669. 99 Digital Sound Studio GVP
544. 99 ADIEnglish 11*12
514. 95 Platinum Works
517. 99 Imagine 2 Map Master for Imogkie
6124. 95
534. 96 Dr T Copies! Apprentice Dr T KCS Level I V3.57
549. 96
6190. 95 ADIEngllsh 12-13 A-Toic Comms S W
614. 95 5950 System 3 Enhanced Arena Accounts
537. 99
581. 99 Morph Plus
6134. 95 MurtcX 1.1
520. 95 NEW Distant Suns
635. 95 Pro Calc
599. 99 Presentation Master
5161. 95 Music X Junior
511. 99 Fir Schools 4 Ceoch)
514. 95 Advantage
644. 99 Surface Master Imagine
619. 95 Stereo Master
529. 95 GB Route Plus
532. 95 Day By Day
619. 99 Real 3D Cknec
544. 99 Pro MkJ 2 Interface
620. 95 GP FAX S Ware
636. 99 Cash Book Combo
545. 99 ScUpt Animate 40 Take 2
5295. 95
636. 99 Super Jam
552. 95 527 95 Gosery m m Udase u-i w Cnkfi Play Word Pro 523.99
• 1AIL ORDER RING 0703 334638 OR 0703 230934 MAIL ORDER RING 0703
334638 OR 0703 230934 MAIL ORDER RING 0703 334638 OR 0703
AROUND THE UK amc* centre 83 Fawcett Road London W1 Slough
Manchester PORTSMOUTH Pomlotd Southampton Edinburgh Poole
Dorset Bristol Faxii ”)32. ?A 79 fAX031 564?l 15 FAX0202
716160 FAX0272S Are you fed up with struggling through your
favourite games? Then here’s the answer to all your prayers -
the latest tips and cheats courtesy of CU AMIGA.
ASY WORLD To make Dizzy's quest a hell of a «t easier, simply enter your name as IMMORTAL on the high score table. This should imbue the egg- shaped one with infinite lives, making the game much easier to complete.
Thanks go to Neil Collins of Maidstone for that one.
4. 1 467464
4. 2 818234
4. 3 182394
4. 4 298383
2. 1 392822
2. 2 446364
2. 3 984448
2. 4 477444
3. 1 343522
3. 2 882311
3. 3 992334 Having trouble with Krisalis' Eastern platform romp?
Then let us help. As you’ve probably discovered, the toughest
part of the entire game is beating the Vizier. Here’s how to
overcome each of his four elemental attacks.
WIND: The Vizier materialises on one side of the room and a set of spikes appears on the other. As soon as the wind starts blowing keeping jumping towards the Vizier and attacking. This should keep you clear of the spikes.
WATER: Avoid the spinning bubbles.
If you get caught they'll push you up towards the spikes, so move left and right rapidly to escape.
EARTH: Watch the walls as the blocks will start flying out. Duck and jump to avoid them. You'll always be attacked by the block level to you. So keep moving left and right as well.
FIRE: Keep your fingers crossed and do the best you can to avoid the fireballs by ducking and keeping to the sides of the screen. Eventually the spikes vanish, giving you a chance to get a few hits.
TERMINATOR 2 As this has just been re-released on budget we thought we’d print this handy tip. If you're finding that Arnie isn't quite as hard as you remembered him, hold down all the F keys during play and you should be transported to the next stage. If it doesn’t work, you should try pressing them one after the other.
FLASHBACK LOST VIKINGS The Vikings may be trapped in space, but they’re not without help.
These codes will take you to any point in the game with maximum energy but no items.
However difficult life may seem in this excellent game, you can always skip past the tricky bits with these codes.
I5SPKS 16JMNN 17TTRS 18JLLY 19 PLNG 20 BTRV 21 JNKR 22 CBLT 23 HOPP 24 SMRT 25 V8TR 26 NFL8 27 WKYY 28 CMBO 29 8BLL 30 TRDR 31 FNTM 32 WRLR 33 TRPD 34 TFFF 35 FRGT 36 4RN4 37 MSTR EASY Level 1: Back Level 2: Loup Level 3: Good Level 4: Spiz Level 5: Bios Level 6: Hall DIFFICULT Level 1: Clop Level 2: Cara Level 3: Cale Level 4: Font Level 5: Hash Level 6: Fibo Level 7: Tips 1 STRT 8PRHS 2GR8T 9CVRN 3TLPT 10BBLS 4GRND 11 VLCN 5LLMO 12GCKS 6FLOT 13PHRO 7TRSS 14C1RO Each Issue Contains By Far The Most Impressive Selection ot Professional Utilities. Unique Musical Scores And General Amiga Articles
And Information Contained on Disk. Each Issue Comes on 3 Disks (3rd Disk Optional) For Only £6.95 or £4.95 (2 Disks) Volume 12 JuaiHj Only £2.50 or £5 00 «V Samples D*k Also Available AMFM SPECIALS NOS 1.2. 3.4*5 containing Nothing Pure Mk* Data Feat Each Special Dak ¦ Just £2 50 72 Minute Long Which Includes Soundtracks from 7 17 Smashes Project M * Assassin * Many oM Original pieces.
Still Available Demo CD £19.99 600 MB Of Classic PD Demos. Cliparts & Mods. I CDPD Volume 1 £ 19.99 Contains Fish To 650!
CDPD Volume II £19.99 Contains F651 To F750* Scope A Jam Disks!
Inc. 75p For P&P I Tobias J Richter Space Wars “ Last production Run S I Buy It Now Or Regret * f Forever More!
24 Bit Dynamic Hi-Raa I 150MB Animation | Supplied On High C VMS. Only £11.99 V Stocks Last Only!!
HoBBitS & SpACEsHlpS Last remianing Stocks of Bjom Lynne's Stunning Audio CD Are Available For £12.99* 75p P&P Recorded & Created On Professional Synth Equipment For TopOuality Sound Reproduction.
HINTS AND CHEATS CU AMIGA Walk swiftly friend and keep your eye fixed on that light ahead. For all too close behind your heels, a frightful fiend doth tread. Lucky for you that’s the Troll’s t Head Inn up ahead.
There you’ll you find the cup that cheers, and the beer that kills all known fiends.
Three adventurers are required to crack the secrets ol the Nippon Sales Are you as thick as two short planks nailed together, but also immensely strong? Or are you a female exotic dancer, lorever being arrested lor indecent exposure? Do you look like Mr. Bean, but possess a brain like a computer? II you can answer yes lo any one ol these three descriptions then Dynabyte Software have a job tor you Billed as a Parallaction game Nippon Sales is a graphic adventure with a ditterence. Three separate games are rolled into one. Depending on which ot Ihe three different personas you choose to
adopt. Tyoko in Japan is the setting lor this tale ol sale cracking and wacky skullduggery. It's all icon-driven and the graphics have a definite comic book style. The game was created in Italy, so it has that indefinable Continental flavour which either makes you want to smile or groan. Looks like tun.
T m 41 Nippon Snips can best be described as Leisure Suit Larry goes to Japan . This is an offbeat game with a strange sense of humour. Depending on which character you choose lo play, you'll get a different set of puzzles to solve.
RULES OF THE INN The venue lor this year's annual Berserker's Murder and Mayhem Day’ will be in the Bog ol Despond on Skull Moor.
NOTE: II wet - in the Bide a While’ Tea Rooms.
By Order of The Innkeeper.
SHRINE OF KNOWLEDGE Draw near and ask your question. Don't be embarrassed, even the most noble adventurer is sometimes stuck for a clue. Behind the velvet curtain is the Shrine of all Knowledge where the deepest secrets are revealed and hearts are laid bare.
MIGHT AND MAGIC III you'll find a piece of smelly cheese. Restrain your natural urge to have a feast with the fish and cheese and instead head for Mordack's Room.
When he decides it's time for a cat-nap, you should sneak in and steal his wand. Now you can go to the laboratory and place his wand at the opposite side of the machine. Place the cheese in the fuel pot at the bottom of the machine. Now take Crispin's wand and wait for Mordack to reappear.
LURE OF THE TEMPTRESS Nicola Fairdough from Skipton has a complaint. It seems that every hint she's ever read concerning Temptress is how to get into the castle. Well, she's done that bit! What Nicola needs is for someone to tell her how to operate the damn drawbridge.
The Shrine replies: Yes, this is a tricky problem which drives many players wild, so don’t feel too stupid. I assume you've got the fat and the tongs. Talk to the stranger twice and tell him you've come for Selena. Talk to Minnow and find out about the Skorl's desires. Tell Minnow to advipe the Skorl that Selena wants to see him. Use the tongs on the bung in the barrel. Tell Minnow to tell the Skorl about a leaky barrel. Once the Skorl is out of the way. Count to 10 then you can get to the Gateroom and use the fat on the lever. Once Minnow arrives you can tell him to pull the lever while you
operate the winch. This requires some practice to synchronise your actions.
LEGEND OF KYRANDIA Emma Smith is 14 and talks to trees. She has been wandering around the Timbermist Woods in the Legend of Kyrandia searching for birthstones Elliot James has wisely written in a most humble way, begging to be allowed to prostrate himself before the Shrine. Having battled his way to Castle Whiteshield in Might and Magic III he has been defeated by the cryptic message which adorns the courtyard where the four statues ol Leadbeast, Jobelle, Teshy and Astnel stand. The message says:- Seek the four warriors, North before South, East before West. Subtract the castle's name, And
you'll pass the test'.
The Shrine replies: The answer you seek is JOABARY. I won’t bore you explaining why, as I’m sure that you'll realise where you were going wrong once you've seen the answer. Now if you wanl to know two really powerful magical words which are known only to the innermost circle of.
Wizards, here are a couple which will blow your mind. Stand before any Mirror Portal and type ORB MEISTER and you’ll be transported to the passages beneath the pyramids. Here you can find an Ultimate Power Orb. Take that to the King and you'll be handsomely rewarded. Should you use the command DOE MEISTER you'll be transported to a room stuffed with rtches. It is possible to return from this place, but it will take some thinking about.
KING'S QUEST V Conrad Fenech didn’t tell me his address - perhaps he’s too embarrassed. However at the • moment he is residing on Mordack’s Island in King's Quest V. His inventory consists of a key.
Crystal, hammer, empty peabag, amulet, hook, hairpin and smelly fish. He has placed Crispin's Wand on one side of the apparatus in Mordack's Lab and got rid of the blue creature using the dried peas from the cupboard. He also claims that he's read the strange symbols in the book in the Library and tried giving the fish to the cat. Now what?
The Shrine replies: Mordack tends to be a nuisance in this game as he wanders around and keeps turning up at the wrong time. My advice is to keep saving your game position, for there are occasions when it seems that the only way to avoid him is to reload at an earlier point. What you haven't done is use the hook on the mousehole in the dungeon cell. From here CU AMIGA HINTS AND CHEATS » for so long, she claims that she knows each tree personally Can the Shrine tell her where she can tmd the missing birthstones she requires to place on the altar?
The Shrine replies'. My awesome powers tell me that you have already found the first stone which is the Sunstone from beneath the waters of the bubbling fountain. I fear the next two stones are randomly selected for each game, so I cannot tell you whal you seek. However as I recall you can't walk two yards without falling over gems, so provided you visit every location that is available, (that includes trecking back over the bridge) you should find them. The last stone is always the ruby from the Ruby tree. If you get bitten by the serpent you can use Ihe amulet lo rid you of the poison.
ZORK III The Royal Puzzle ot Zork III is possibly Ihe nastiest problem ever devised, and that's something that Nirmal Singh from London is already all too aware of. Not content with being driven mad with one Infocom adventure. Nirmal wants to know when the Lost Treasures ol Inlocom will be released The Shrine replies'. Activision is the publisher who is releasing the compilation ot Infocom's games, and as far as I know they are available now, although I have been unable to speak to the publishers as they have their headquarters In France and the phone-bo« in the Gents has been stuffed full of
hamburgers again! At least I can tell you the secret of the Royal Maze. I. Go down the hole, then push the South wall. Go East. South, East, East. Push Ihe South wall, get the book, then push the South wall again. 2. Push the West wall twice. Go East. South, and posh the East wall
3. Go North until you come to the marble wall, then push the East
4. Go West. South.
South, South. South.
East. East. North, North, North, and push the West wall. 5. Go East.
South, South. South, West. West. West.
West. North. North.
North, West. North.
Push the East wall three times. 6. West. West, South, South, East.
East, South, and push the East wall. 7 West, West. West. North, North. North, East, East, and push the South wall twice. 8. West. Soutb. South.
East, East, North, and push the West wall twice 9.
South. West, and push the North wall as far as it will go. 10. Go West and North - and you'll have made itl OPERATION STEALTH Robin Francis from London has managed to escape from a watery death in the flooded cave and made it back to Ihe hotel where all further progress seems to stop.
The Shrine replies: Providing you changed all your dollars into the local currency (I believe this takes two operations at the bank) you can now byy an inflatable bracelet from the man on Ihe beach..- Use the lift to go to the second floor of the hotel and then use the stairs to climb lo the third floor.
Open the correct door and you'll meet a beautiful young girt - and a load more trouble1 GOBUINS II Apart from being a gormless Goon, Eccles is the name of the place where Stephen O'Neill comes from. Having bought Gobliins II he is stuck after solving the problems of the Wizard’s house.
He doesn't say that he's got the key from behind the poster, plus the one in the cuckoo clock, but I II take his word for it.
The Shrine replies: IF WINK . W AND FING - F THEN GO SOLUTION!
BwiMtn a atany ally, bMmy Diaazas alroaa ma tropical ialanda of ma CarlbOean. Thla Idyllic scene la the elan lo an adventure of • lifetime. Sign on In blood lo bocome one ol me plrele ciew on Monkey Islend.
Go outside, use key on cellar and get the wine.
Go back to the first scene and use the water on the Dowers. F gel flower and give to notable W stand on doormat. F press button to send W onto roof. W gets sausage. Go out through gate. W get chicken.
F hit chicken over head with sausage and gel egg.
F use sausage on pothole to distract dog, W walks past. W Into tree to open burrow Both back to giant. F uses matches on firewood Use egg on fire. Give wine and sausage to giant.
Outside castle go left lo tree and straight out via the branch half way up the left-hand side. W use bottle on nymph. W use bottle on Kael. W use Kael's hand to get in tree. W use branch, F gets flower Both get down F uses flower on stone in bottom left-hand comer. Use stone again to get honey. F stand on rock behind stone, W use stone and F jump onto bee's back. Give honey to nymph.
F get mushroom. W knock on door then give mushroom to heron.
MONKEY ISLAND You would think that there is nothing like a sea trip to make you feel good, but Neil Wright from Derby is feeling pretty sick at the prospect Having finally got his crew on board ship he is all set to raise the anchor and set sail for Monkey Island, but his crew has gone all mutinous and won't lend a hand.
The Shrine replies: Climb the rope ladder and get the flag. Go down into the hold and get the rope and fine wine from the chest. Pick up the kegs to get gunpowder Go to the galley, pick up the pot and open the cupboard to get the cereal.
Open the cereal to gel the prize which is inside.
Get the ink from your cabin. Use the prize (which is a key) to open the cupboard, then open the chest to get the cinnamon and the recipe. Go to the galley-and use everything according to the recipe on the cooking pot. When you regain consciousness (that's a hell of a recipe you've found!) Use the business card Stan gave you on the fire, then get some more gunpowder. I won’t tell you what to do next, but it involves a sharp report and a short flight!
As the magical glow from the Shrine fades and dies, these final words of advice are heard faintly, 'There are bold adventurers and there are old adventurers - but there are no old. Bold adventurers' l2 II you have a problem, a notice lor the Board or perhaps you have a piece ol scandal which you wish lo whisper in Ihe Inn. Wrile lo Tony Gill al The Trolls Head Inn. CU Amiga. Priory Court. 30-32 Farnngdon lane. London EC1R3AU GREY-TRONICS 081 686 997 LTD (LOWEST PRICES) CUT PRICES „
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«0| AO* ENGLISH (11-12) ADEMjLISH (12-13) ADI EM1JSH IIS-141
AOIFRqCH(1 M| I fe, AprnfeiliAiS I AcrAMB CCAMTM 9
ac«aa»CojntWm7| AC AMBP REAGM0I4 5, ADULM*R£AD «Jl*-7) * . ADI
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211MB) . (SV123) Th» Bm) Mac* O' ffwn (BVI27) Hardware DataGEM
(1MB NOT1200I
• ~| Amiga Atari PC Sega | Tn&t uanhaveatrounMd NOBODY DOES IT
FASTER Isewtiere in this issue, you'll find a review of Empire
1 Software's new tank game, War In The Gull. This stunning new
battlefield tank sim puts you in command of four tank units,
simultaneously controlling 16 different vehicles through a
unique split screen control system. Set in the late 1990s, the
Iraqi Republican Guard have overrun the oilfields of Northern
Kuwait It's up to your crack unit ol M1 Abrams tanks to put an
end to this incursion of Kuwaiti sovereign territory and send
Saddam's boys packing once and for all. Featuring 25 different
battle scenarios, the game uses a 3D mix of bitmap and vector
graphics to heighten Ihe onscreen action and is, by all
accounts, a cracking game.
To help celebrate the launch of War in ihe Gulf, those nice guys and gals at Empire have kindly donated an authentic replica of a Field Radio Not only is it an exact copy of the original machine, but this one comes equipped with three band radk), too. And as if that wasn't enough, we've also got 10 runner-up prizes consisting of copies of War In The Gulf and its two companion games. Pacific Islands and Team Yankee So, how can you get your mitts on such a marvellous prize? Easy.
Simply read the multiple choice questions on your right, tick which answers you think are correct and send the entry form to: CU AMIGA, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London, COMPETITION CU AMIGA EC1R 3AU. Entries to arrive before 1st August 1993.
WAR IN THE GULF COMPETITION Okay, if you’ve got this far down the page, you must want to win the Field Radio, so let’s get on with the questions.
1. Who was Ihe Commander-in-Chiel ol Ihe Allied lorces during
Operation Desert Storm.
? A. General ‘Stormin’ Normaq’ Schwarakopl ? B. Colonel Cathcart ? C. George Bush
2. When did the Gull War take place?
? A.1991 ? B. 1992 ? C.1988
3. Who actually won?
? A. The Glorious and All-Conquering Coalition Forces ? B. The Glorious and All-Conquering Islamic Republic ot Iraq ? C. No-one wins at war, dummy!
And that's It. Now cut this entry lorm out. And send It to CU Amiga at the address on your left. N, by chance, you’d like to know more about Empire's forthcoming releases, why not tick this boi? ?
,„ZZ” ro Usf this AO lOAAAltKEt PtACfe ST ALBANS HERTS AL3 5DG TEL: 107271 856005 841396 THE GALLERY ARNOALE CENTRE LUTON BEDS LU1 2PG TEL: (0682),457.1951411281 AMIGA 600 ““ “! "» ALONE ,„miHH0raCHO,‘3 A600 169.99 l«"SgB5lHa A600 20M6HD 325.99 A600 40MB HD 379.99 ' '“ Vwl”*' A600 8SMB* 469.99 2MB VERSION ADO C2S 4«« f ’
- bwkrMimAM.M.Ax umlwl-W*’* .UtahiMllaMI AMIGA 500+ £179.99
1299 ADO Cl 69.99 i7UViSyUn4Nhc.l*lnM ADO £309.00 . ADO £180
513. 71
49. 99
69. 99 ADO 25.00 SOON!
• Wwpanei SayPtftv Fomulo I Grand Pm Pushover
• Dpoint 111 with ontnalion
• 700 dip art pics graphics for Dpoint III
• 3 fa Home Pud id* Process* Dbase, VALUE7 tP rl AGA Top reviews,
impressive DP IV dene with addrtional ZwAGA EPIC PACK EXTRA
Nmdi IMI wdHmdDriv. VALUE RHP Trrynod Funnel. Kmgaogn L«b,
Imigo rnrM.W
77. 97
79. 99
9. 99
9. 99
4. 99
212. 92 «r«r| OrddeberyafNPN No dopotlt ii JSI'if, HO OTHIR
• Muhi-mifcor compoRy with 9 yeon iKperaRce » (emmodore
• Ssdm ¦» fmejy md hfavi ad en MdWd spetiebds (usuefly e*i
• Open 9-6 pm Mondoy lo Salurdoy Ord lO.OOomloiJOpm Sundays (M
Aborts only) for (onvenient vhopcwng.
1 (ifas waken* bredvke and demonstrofcori at u 1600* sqfl High Si bn (eMre beeches
* far mod ordn rwfrvd by 5 30 pm eipress A500s PROM £149 Al 500s
PROM £249
- .14* lSOOHD.tamfcrc 027* 40MI fMMIM __________J37* CD1Y FROM
249 IrailUn 3* AS9020 40MB....129 13*
mioSc .7* Eldar llur 1500- 7* All
Board_______________149 OTHER ACCESSORIES - MUSI ASK.
OU AMIGA 1RADE-M TW bed Trade-in dbwanre, txtra for perlekefoh on orcnsorm. Trade in raw old mochino for a brand new A600 Al 500 1200 3000 4000 CDTV or mu PC A Imlod number of refurbished A500 150073000s on Pm extra 2MB fined to stondoid machine ...JbDD £89 Pec exlra 4MB fitted lo super exp. Mnchine ADD £159 , tamAcd and deiivumd mlely and nimbly mwrtd, lop Ram courier servki : i«3E3as support and m house enameen Upgrade ond iredt in often to keep you up lo dote NEW PRICES AMIGA 4000 40 Nnw AGA Chip Snr • blowing 68040 protnuor, 7 SI 000 toloin ham 16 AM Kan
do«66ng im ftrhat 6m Avdny ?S N8l Mam Amga* - 3S’ I 76 HI 3 S tm Ews trmi DOS lor tmnfcr ol in bum Amgo DOS. MS DOS 7 nor - 2 fruit 1 S'bnp. 1« S 25“ lay Hard Diiva as balow, Amiga DOS 3.0 lyiNm and ubliies. Gold Snrvhi Wonomy FUU 68040 ALONE 120MB HD 2 ¦ 4MB £1989 120MB HD 2-8MB £2139 240MB HD 2. 8MB £2239 I P*C,rZr ..n ’..._.ADO£349 Per exlro 4MB filled ......JL0DC159 STARTER PACK MAX VAUIE HP
• ftaosmsched Joystick 9.99 ¦ 80 cep. Lockable disc boi PLUS 10
Monk fas 16.98 great boxod gomes See HOT UST 159.96 Phoae for
current dwice 08 Dpoint III «700 Clip Art Pks graphics Mouse
Mai ad Dud Cever 9.98 » 16 Deys free hod Aciomodonce ¦ UK, bebd
er Freen yeu poy only for moeh TOTAl VALUE 196.91
AUGUST NEW 1940 + 1942 AGA MONITORS 1940 - dual syre. 14'.
0.39mm dot pikl (approx 8833 1014 pqu'naM wdhrpeokerx.fnr
1200 4000 1947- Mw ir. 0 71mmdor pM lappax I960•AumdMl «Nl
weaken l« 1700 4000 PHONE H0BBYTE FOR LATEST DETAILS Penonol
Point AGA lectures inc. In Tn drone of er Semite Soccer AGA
34.99 5 Hot ltd' games (AOA ttmpeofcie) mdmderfy boxed 174.95
MkraswKhed Joydid 9.99 Mouse Mol • Dust (ever 9.90 10 BbnkDnn.
10 capably lodabledisc box 16.91 Virus lie* 4.99 Tottl VatUI
321J7 mmr* .as 4000 40T NBC SCSI -0 AGA GG PACK (GRAPHICS ?
£10 DONATION TO CONK REIEB iwiAisiooBiAsn f 2MB SO 369
I2DO2MB.80M8H0 '575 ”S9S 2MI.20MIHD '49S 1200 2MB »120MB HO
*639 ”675 7MB 60661 HD '535 I TOO 2MB .207MB HO 'fOA ”895 NEW
AGA GG PACK BELOW '1200 SO fitted with lop ijuafcly 3erf parly
drives, iisloll dHc ? Hdl 17 months return lo base warranty
with FREE roBection.
25. 99
25. 99
25. 99
79. 99
9. 99
9. 99
4. 99 11193
24. 99
49. 99
IMI. Uil6IUK(eddy. WdxomnCD • hirarid. ALOME WITH
WMMngmAMIMt Ai pirn Snp. 1pm. £157.99 eiill I • Phis
HuRhinom iiKydope I See below ocross for i software pocks
• Al assert. Pock 70190
• Another 10 GIEAT mdmfaly podoged games, KTTII 269J2 THAN THE
REST previous tin up lo 39.99 eorh, phone to choose from HOT
uST, ot laova il lo us! Children s pomes ovoiaWe ZOOL STRIKER,
PLANET DP III S OF BAS ADD £19.99 1200s wilh had drimmorfrad"
indude (BMappranddttrai hnedby CBM approved engmeen.ful legal
xalStron uAy d* ond documenwion and rome welLi CBM on-ate
warranty setvici.
Word Processor. Spreadsheet, D ultimate virus killers • a mud fer every ne TOTAl VALUE WITH AMIGA SEPARATELY SPECIAL ALSO 10 eifrn TM list' gi WITH ANY COMPUTER CDTV TOTAl VALUE WITH AMIGA COTV Exlro 4MB. Dork lined » above.. EpkPed: 700 d««l nxv'gnpdmslw O M HI 3dnrHenMBarh«aVI tirur Mmr .
. ,»IOhV"«5 ,0M1 VMM 3B*-" s.mvcd,v SffSSA Epic. Inww. MytEi PROFESSIONAL FAMILY PACK (1 MB REQUIRED) ' laMUalx Inamdgi 09 a ~TL*4 Iha Sampnms Hnm 24.99 CagMm Plaaaf W 25.99 ¦ 9 041 law Ol land Iha land »0kk 4.99 ' 10 Frog. Hobbylm PD EmoB Pak - im HdHbsi loiPodi'39.99 14u 09 port la. FonK. Go M ond Div 1 10 Frjmor ory (apmdfr) a Smoodory 10 North Oho . 80 (opootv Imlobie disc bo* 26.99 ' Mmw I4al ¦ Owl Can* ana layrlirt 19.97 TOTAl VALUE 499.45 VflTNAAUSA CDTV 79.94 SEPARATEE* 99.99 ¦ FrtMa* ao4 SMUh Pad ''-VSf ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS PACK 3-13 YEARS .
WMU4 1R4 Ol Moifa't Mnh II. 7-11 ml horn lh. M«d Mooiim Fm Sdaal' Uahh. 6 onioning garni» Mad anaaMM molk it m Lmoaar OR Spelirg Far (for 713 yn) oil tbs fun of die fair m 6 leWs mokes boning spetmo oddiclive and fun. Includes 6 gomes plus 3000 word dictionary + selection ol words lor needs of dyslexic children. Porents con create own dtfionary of words requiring special oltention.
OS Any *01 Junor
• fdd the Duck (7 yn) Ot 0f (7* yn) OS Round ihe Bend 25.99
. ilh.ckf.oRrm,
19. 99 , 10 pock (fee including Train in 19.99 rtoeerann
* wa**nen 89.99
* . Cttdrw Frtytte .UgwdcWterv Spat (Met Jeyshk.lObttiiso 15.98
SPECIAL Eodi eitro Mile from first selection odd fust 15.00
• Hew de lank Eapne's Fm wi Words 6 aeon* easy 29.99 to ese
boremg programmes witfi oarnorion and sound OR Reddy's Pwyime
(to 7 years) I ma*ad bonwg names ol 3 bveh.
• Tha Shoe Paaplr 6 oioudj aidantanominggamm OR Fun Sc how 2 (For
3 9 veors specify age) 9.99
• Fun School 3« 4 AeTun School" suite hove woe just oboutevery
oword gang S « i worxhrful onimoted gomes 24.99 Ol Picture
Book: 4 colourfd end amnna gomes from ex Fen School’ .
TefflrSKtar* MlcUdren Forytafe •legendchcrociers.Sport,
(eneens. ER
• Hobby* Pranry Eacseoni PD Pick, cartaaag IB 19.99 fm wtt» ye«
keen news
• Hetty* 30 fey Oboe sGews Peck 19.99
• lOBMDncyjeyskt Moesel* 26.96 TOTAL VALUE 221.90 WITH AMIGA CDTV
59.99 SEPARATELY 79.99 SPECIAL Eodi extra title from first
selection odd just 1S.99 , , + SCHOOL PACK
• laol-RmaballOmdniiMr 25.44
• Mar 44XCU large 25.44
• FmialOroM* 44S1III 25.44
• haawm Ul ** .5«*lkhak. 44.44
• SKTnlffi'gLfc axaiaasas-"™, 09 UR luma (wdrn 5 0 09 6 HOT U5T
Damn 294.44 ' Hottyle 80 ProgromnuPO Greats Pock-See Hottest
lav' 39.99 Hobbyte Secondary Educational Pock 19.99
• Mkroswitchied quaafetv joystick 9.99 TOTAL VALUE 407.87 WITH
AMIGA CDTV 49.99 SEPARATELY 69.99 A tides 74 wttTY Port fa 500

588. 90 DOT_ GVPIV.VHIS 40100
989. 99 GYTIY ? VUICT_
1279. 99
S. HMM_105.99
* »»NMtan-to*honk*from too.Mbin . 919.99 wta.i Wi»_ rot Mo Mi hr
M Mm __________________ 90* bi.no M Ml graph* (ad.
LMB‘*D9o**_ ...1)9.00 Inina II bil
graphic tad * 4MB * VO
Puiia ......409.00
* lab 24 U rool liiaa ifiiw 1100 600 aflnal ...... 114.99 »lab II
bn mi lima Ogifen 1100 400 mramol ....119.99 « Lob
4000 3000 hlemol
SVHS_____________________- .....114.99 FOR
...WtoUwJfflHHSELw. 219.50 Eearn49151-999.99 atm' ________
214.99 G*7106la.EWII ‘538._I46.99 0*940 4k. 1500--------945.99
bend Pm KgeiMonulAGA 21.99 fW Kroger .15
Fwy ....*9.99 SenubbSocnr .....1 SbepnA*. 2190
SbepdkarTMl *9.99
17. 49 VIDEO PROO TITLING Adoroge - .....59.49
Angraea-17.90 BtedalRttl__17X90 Dim i Flilid-$ 1*49 Merit*
13199 PmfcdeoFVn 137.99 Seek_$ 9.99 TY Shew
Pm ......3139 IV hi Pie_7936 VdnS*io3_115.95
WeoOreOH_123.99 c 500 600 1200 A600 1200 HD _1MW 1HW
* .169.49
- 29499
- 319.99
- 439 99
- 639.99 339 99 .639 99 maw m_ s|& Pol 163.49 S*r
IC1000I----174.99 Sew l( 24 20II----218.49 Slor LC 24100 24
pin____173.49 Saar 1C 24 200 209.99 S*er l( 24-200 cel-248.49 -
8)300 _.. Gtinn 1240 176.99 tei Saer SJ 41----------
(pun 10 100 ..119 99 Poeosoer UP 4410 ‘ xi 10 570
-------259.90 “ InerSwa .
- 469 90 o SmrtSSfcer .. HP In** 41---- S* IS Sex Sppm
Claex S200 24 of 19499 dxiU (Mee 6740 24 at* 259.99 fpu-
SeyttsBOO 794.90 InmSuER'.!
20MB----------114__________• 40MB_______149___________• 60MB_______179 ....214 M B5MB .215_______275 120 127MB ...319 .399 209MI------------ $ 49 UfTBIAiaOa ..POA ___________ -72990 Shop H9600 9ywa 59931 QMS hi M cdATl-.4999.95
* S*de iwer Oilty (VI71 sheet) HgMy re HARD DRIVES ACCELERATORS
A1500 2000 3000 4000 6*9 NCR ll 40140--17199 E Fan 0)0 4044M2
4111---749.99 EI9HO RHMI 114.99 Edna OK S04HL 4419__999.99 e*p
Ham i nu 154.4* EfwrnDWiiMiuui 1199.99 OltKMllll* 599.99
Flag¦».040990DOOR 1)49.99 fm 91 fold n an daM*9.99 d**9 10 '
onto b 4000 _ 1)9.99 E fana 010154IH2 1140 .479.99 SnwH rammth
RD B1MB 959.99 EXPANSION 1500 Silk lam bp.OocLll.99 HfWll
K11044M8to44.- I84.99 A500* IMS ana____________19.99 Kl 104
4111 m. 68801 ICUhi 139.99
1500. 2MB, np. Lo 8MB... 149.99 HI 104 4MB mp. 6888215MHi.274.99
CUM 16001 MB up‘dak .27,99 PCI 204 4MB e»p* 68882
5096.244.99 A400 12001MB mgImdi.i 17.99 MSX
11004148.6888114MHz 269.49 1600 lD04Mlop((odl 179.99
MBIIMI4MB.6888?»4t, 314.49 (04* IMBa»*5i*nlgan_l 57.99 MSI
1200 4H8.68881 HMIMz 409.00 1500 lam Mm 1.3_______17.95
BM8mnMHObMafcdn.UOI4.SO 1500 lam Shaiaf 104_____39.95 HIWH
IBM 7.1 agnOt Hi 74.99 1600 lam Stan. 13 49.95 12045
iltnan toi_ 219.95 _ ....-.10949 SmrAGA 119.49 Ris
63.99 Phi 30 Pie 119.95 PieAew4*G«... POA Pmlfe**GA 4949
U30 Me Pie 7190 Saxo SOOHtT 64*49 Scab Pte 1.13_17159
SadsMMTOO434.99 SattMn« 19199 SpaKCa*. 67 99 £7 3199
TP** $ 4490
* »P« 4999 I (At HOC 9930 ICAO 3001 245.99 GRAPHKS CAD
* *40____21199 An***_17.99 ArthmmnAGA 134.90 Art D*Pte23A_ 147.90
Mom 14190 «Qon24. 23449 Wu-f Flint IT 5199 Deluxe h*ot
AGA 64.90 fctontScre 49.49 Ess*rxe 35.99 4199 Expert
D______ &=r5C Any fui Schod 3 c»4 15.99 tty AO-1199 Morins Male
1199 PatliCieo* 1199 Spiling Far 1199 See oho scdtwore podo
UTIUTIES IAHGUAGES AMAXII Plus 249.99 Ami bode_____39.90 Amos
3D ..21.49 Amos le (motor 3195 toMjjto NO C
_______215.99 Ouelerbock .39.49 Osater bod
boh 4199 tapyPm- .....-.34.95 APPLICATION Arena
Accounts.-------8150 Exceh*e3 OaDnvS ¦ 12-
97. SC ADI0l?Saeiel6 Sonytt ...349.95 Auttbvneer .7 149.49
AuttMos*r4 41.49 8aslfipn2 ...239.99
OodtvSomptt ..104.99 GVPDSS . 3199
Midlnttface ....19.95 Bomho Megamcx Mslr 24.99 Snree
MasNr_____2199 IfiSURE TOP SELLERS AY38 Harwr AnauN 27.49
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MIC,A AI MO COMIC RELIEF Pack * 3 I his A1200 comes to you with a frt cops of Sleepwalker software wor' t25'9‘). 110.00 will he given to i relief for every pack sold.
U. C.S. PRICE 68040 blistering Processor 25Mhz, AGA chip set,
256,000 colours from 16.8 million, flicker free display,
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4MbFast Ram (32Bil).
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1749. 95 ROM SHARERS .128 50 ...£16.95 POA POA .£22.99 ...£6.49
Scan fWvSiIcr Pototn'"* .U19S* a scJSmEiam* Hive I™ i
...,Powci Scanner Col A «*! ... Eil ySS"*"" Iwcr Scanner (
..I AIM) P' Swifi 200 mono ......£186.99 n .-r ncn TO
Swifl 240 colour .....£262.99 . ' ¦B-N Swifi 240
mono .....£249.99 l pM,n 6,00 ..
H. SHA SL95 colour £209.95 rSHA FP I900PI.US mon
..£109.99 _ STAR _____ A600 Rom Sharer...... Wit l no colour _
-.£164 99 Ron Sharer Kickoff.
- . It" !»*¦*« i 2.0 Rom ... W 1(24 mi
..£184,99 '-3 Rom ... » '%i TT.R wilh
.iiiinn-* cl ilnu 16k huflrr
* LC 20 112 _ It LC 200
colour ...1194J It LC'24-200 colour..... It I
C24-200 mono -.....1214 Ml B24-2UU colour .1379.9
* SJ48 bubble jet 1209.99 GAME ZONE Street
Fighter n ..... Alien Breed Special ED ..
ZOOL ..... . 7001 12m Vet WWF 2 Indiana
Jones. Fare ot Allan Sill) Put!)
Premier Ma.'uigc.’ A Macleans Pn»«i Wing Commander ... AV8B Harrier ...... Sensible Soccer 92 93 .... Lotus Fin. Challenge Lcathal Weapon. .. Sim Earth ... Pit I ighter Bubble Diuy Robocop II.
• -Lock Genlock.... ROCGEN EN Plus DGEN Rockey ..... WE WILL TRY
1279. 99
• HCE & TRACKBALLS v Mouse ... t Mouse
... la Daia (Oniical Mouse)...... GOLDEN
IMAGE J Mouse .. v Optical Mouse ..
Cordless Mouse . II Pen Mouse ¦¦ M trackball ...... P X
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R EXPANSIONS A500 ( 5I2K w ith clock . 5I2K without clock .. A500 plus
• I Mb ..'.iJSB AftOO I I Mb with clock
.... PCMCIA VI200 PCMCIA card 2Mb.. VI200 PCMCIA card
4Mb A1200 uickJoy 137 Fpylhon... uickJov 155
Aviator ..... uickJoy FootPedal ..... uickJoy
TopSlar uickJoy Turbo Touch 360... Freewheel.
...... I nT'fbpylh Amo*
Amos Pro . Amos Co .
ToqATvs .. Dos ? V5 - Pro-Midi Interface .... VideoMaster .„ ...
¦200-32Bit PC 1204 4MB Exp.
Microbotkx BX Bare Board no FPU ... BX B B 14MH -68881 .... BX B B 25MH -68882 ... BX B B 50MHz-68882 ... M32Bit)for above .. K32Bii)for above .. £163.99 .1118.99 .1133.99 .1190.99 .1281.99 ...1 59.99 ...£147.99
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Enclose cheque PO for RAN DORA'S CD Clip art discs and sound
banks are ten-a-penny on the CDTV. So in an attempt to grab
our attention Optonica have produced a multimedia reference CD
for less than a fiver.
With such a low price you'd be forgiven tot - thinking what you're getting is a load ol old tat.
The aim ot the disc is to give you a worthwhile database ot colour pictures and sound effects to use in multimedia presentations.
The picture files are nothing outstanding, with the usual crop ol buildings and business shots which fall well short of being original. This is ail very well if you're producing some sort ol corporate promotion, but face it. If you're doing one of those you've probably got the cash to get hpld of some decent shots To give you an idea on how your finished article could look there are a number ol demonstration files. The definite low-polnt ot these disks has to 96 PANDORA’S CD 97 WESTERN MOVIES 97 CYCLONE 97 PLANT IMAGES 98 A1200 PRIMA CLOCK MODULE 98 MOUSE 400 100 FRACTUALITY 104 ANIMATION
PACKAGES 106 ADI JUNIOR READING 109 XL DRIVE 110 M1230XA 113 COMPETITION 114 AMIBACK AND AMIBACK TOOLS 117 DSS8+ 120 VISTA PRO 124 BUYER’S GUIDE: DTP 128 BUYER'S GUIDE: JOYSTICKS 134 ART GALLERY 138 PD SCENE 140 PD UTILITIES 142 READERS’ OFFERS SERIOUS 11 CU’s team of technical experts take you through this month’s new arrivals.
* 6oe em cowboy, and other Wild West expressions. Western Movies
is a collection of 2.300 spnte frames and backdrops The
two-disk set is presented as a complete cowboy film
construction kit Instead ot thousands of IFF files, the sprites
come in banks, saved as full icreen animations. The idea is
that you load the animations into Dpainl or V. Then cut out
the sprites and save them as anim brushes. You could then use
them in just about any animation package, such as Deluxe Video
III, The Director 2.0, MovieSetter and so on Most ol the
sprites are horses, cowboys and Indians. Shoot outs account lor
a lot of animations, and there are also simple frames of
characters walking and nding. Unfortunately, the figures are
hopelessly drawn, with a very amateur look about them, both
in their still and animated forms. The bloomer-Dashing dancing
giris are a hoot, with their telescopic matchstick legs! In
contrast, the horses are surprisingly well animated. There's
also a decent buffalo sprite in there somewhere The other half
ot the package is the backgrounds These are mostly your
standard cowboy bars, banks and hotels. It's tace-on 2D
graphics all the way with these. Windows are square, pillars
are straight, and all the planks are perfectly painted and
nailed together. Frankly, it's all rather unconvincing.
There is one decent backdrop - what looks like a fractal generated mountain scene. It's a shame the rest are so far behind.
Unless you wanted to create comically bad animations, the standard of most of the material here is lar too low to be worthwhile. Anyone writing a cowboy shoot 'em up would find plenty of suitable material, but you couldn't use any of the characters in a commercial release without becoming a laughing stock. Its saving grace is its animal sprites, which just about make the package worth investigating Available from: Diskotech. MeHn-Y-Garth, Bullth Wells, Powys.
LD4 4AW Tel: 05912 242. Price: £15.00 (Including PSP).
PLANT IMAGE Do you know your Euphorbia chardas from your Taraxacum hamatum? No, neither do we. But we know a picture of a nice Dower when we see one. And there are no less than 500 of them in this collection.
A. R.K. have a comprehensive library of fullscreen digitised
images ot all kinds of flowers, available in any combination
you choose.
Make your order trom the list of available pictures, specify the file format and they’ll put them onto disk and send them off to you. Prices vary from one image to another, Irom 20-60p each, excluding the cost of the disks and post and packing, which of course would vary depending on the order.
Most of the pictures on the presentations Available from: ARK. Corve Farmhouse, Corve Lane, Chale Green, Nr Ventnor, Isle of Wight, P038 2LA. Tel: 0983 551 496 (10am- 6pm week_ days).
There are more than enough back up utilities available. But very tew otter anything other than straight copy modes Cydone. However, handles |ust about
• very aspect ol Amiga disk operation imaginable It's based on
the popular Xcopy 2 and leatures an enhanced version ot that
program. To save time copying tiles there's a Bam copy mode,
which scans the disk lor used tracks only. Alongside this are a
number of disk tools, such as an optimiser, which are very
The next gadget on the option menu Is Xpress, an extremely handy hard drive back-up utility.
Apart Irom dumping the contents ot your hard drive onto floppies, it can also be set to regularly back up only new files, so you don't have to spend hours each week copying your whole disk To use the Cyclone copy mode, you must first plug the Cyclone cartridge into the back of your Amiga then plug a drive into that. This allows the program to copy otherwise uncopyable files We lound that Cyclone had some trouble backing up certain game disks, but for making ¦ duplicates ol your own I tiles It's unbeatable.
Available from: Siren Software. Wilton House. Bury Road, Radcllfte.
Manchester. M26 9UR. Tel: 061 724
7572. Price: £39.99 (including PSP).
C room mfORPWOW CflJMRT 3-7 ZJ 7 A Further to volumes 1 and 2 released about a year ago. Digita have eipanded their A -W Worrtwonh clipart collection to seven disks V The first two disks were taken up with high quality colour cartoons, and heaps of mono logos and symbols. Disks 3 and 4 continue in a similar vein The cartoons aren't quite up to the standard ot the previous disks, but they do have a style all ot their own. The symbols include loads ot handy little arrows, icons, boxes and logos lor letterheads, magazine pages, greetings s and so on. Volume 5 is devoted to sports, with all
kinds ol icons and drop-in images Science and ire is on Volume 6. Covenng anatomy, plants, technology and so on. Geography and Transport is rolume 7, including a limited selection of accurate maps, a vast library ol international Hags.
All the images are standard IFF files, usually with extensions to the filenames indicating the number of colours they use. As they're IFF files, you can use them in any graphics or OTP package.
A Unlike some clipart collections doing the rounds at the moment, these graphics look very slick, and , coutd be used in anything from PD demos to pro- lessional documents.
Available from: Dlglta International, Black Horse House, Exmouth, EX8 1JL. Tel: 0395 270 273. Price: £14.99 per volume.
PRIMi iMODUUE How many times have you listed the contents of a disk, only to be told that all the files were created sometime in the late seventies, be tore your machine was ever invented? What you need is a clock module, such as this one from Prima.
Powered by a lithium battery about the size of a 20 pence piece, it fits into the 40 pin slot on the main board of the 1200. This involves removing the cover of the machine, which will void your warranty. Locating the connector on the board is simple enough with the help of the installation instructions, and then it s just a matter of slotting it into place You may need to jiggle it around a bit.
Maybe loosen off the odd screw, but nothing that should tax anyone who can use a screwdriver One important point to bear in mind, is that a few A1200s don't have the connector on the board at all. Which means there s nowhere to fit the clock.
This problem only affects machines built in the Philippines and Malaysia Check the label on the underside of your machine, which will tell you where it was made.
Available from: First Choice, Unit 8 Armley Park Court, oft Cecil Street, Armley, Leeds, LS12 2AE. Tel: 0532 319444. Price: £17.99 Available from: MicroPACE UK, Unit 10, Perth Trading Estate, Perth Avenue, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 4XX.
Tel: 0753 551888.
Price: £17.95. Most of the Amiga's components are built to withstand years of daily use, but the one exception to the rule is the mouse You can expect the Commodore mouse to last for about a year, before the buttons stop working, and the rollers get permanently clogged up Instead of getting another Commodore mouse which is bound to suffer the same fate in another year's time, why not try a third-party offering, such as Gasteiner's Mouse 400?
Compared to Commodore's rodent,4he Mouse 400 is rather petite. It's been designed to fit snugly beneath your middle and forefingers, with a very small main body. In fact it's so small, it's hardly there at all At 400 dpi (dots per inch), it's about twice as sensitive as the standard Amiga mouse. In practice, that means you only have to move this one hall as far as the Amiga mouse to get the same effect. Even if speed across the screen isn't your main concern, the Mouse 400 would still beat most rivals with its more precise control over short distances. Anyone who uses a mouse with a graphics
package will know how important this is, especially when adding fine detail to a high resolution image.
As for the buttons, the left Is nearly twice as big as the right and has a gnppy ridged surface. handy for those who like to eat slimy Chinese takeaways while using their Amigas. The buttons only require the slightest pressure to work, but don t seem oversensitive There's also a generous two metre long cable, which might seem excessive, but can be very useful in certain setups.
Some could find the Mouse 400 just a bit too small and fiddly. There's not much to get hold of, which means your hand has to form a dome over the top. Rather than just resting on its palm. This wouldn't be a problem for those with small hands, but it can become a bit of a pain after long periods of use. On the flip side, it s extremely light, gliding across the desktop with ease. So long as the size isn't a problem, you can't really go wrong with the Mouse 400.
- jOO CU AMIGA PRODUCT TEST Search out those red braces and pony
tails - ¦ the 80s revival is underway! Greed, Yuppies and
Mandelbrot Sets are all making a comeback. John Kennedy takes a
look at the current state of chaos, PRODUCT TEST CU AMIGA
generated from very s ods. Although the Julia images are (
symmetrical, and contain many r lar features.
It's a shame that Fractualrty stopped wm Mae two sets, as many more equally beauDM anas have been discovered over the years The newer sets could have rekindled interest in those iaaea by many years ot fractal creation.
COLOURS Working internally with 24 bit colour means that the images produced can be tailored to suit all sorts ol hardware. Humble A600s can display up to 64 colours, but newer AGA machines get to use as many as 256 colours. It's a shame that neither HAM mode is supported, but the ability to output 24bit IFFs means that an image processing pro- Julle Sol* traditionally look Ilk* splatted Insect*. But why Julia, and not Sally or Kavln or Stephen Sat*?
Just when you thought it was safe to open a computer magazine without seeing pictures ot fractals... Yes, the revival is on again with the latest generator coming from home turf. Fractuality is the name and generating graphs of iterative functions in the complex plane is the game.
The Mandelbrot Set was the Icon of the 80s.
Every school lab had at least one nerd who could create the strange dot-matrixed printouts on demand (I should know -1 was that nerd). Then all was deathly quiet as games consoles tempted the kids off the keyboards and onto the four-way directional controlled joypads from Japan.
This was the way it was to remain, with fractals for the people deemed destined for obscurity until the techno music scene dragged it back into business as a video star.
NO MATHS REQUIRED Generating a fractal image with Fractuality is dead easy - you simply click on the button marked generate Alter a soon while I the tamiliar image appears on screen, and from then on you re On your Own SZ Zoom in, zoom out. Alter the colours, adjust the aspect ratio - every change you make causes the.
Patterns to shift and alter Because Fractuality works down to such precision you can be Sure that alter a tew zooms the image you get on your screen is unique, and will probably never be seen by anyone else again.
The images are an strangely beau "'¦[ titui with weird organic spirals and tronds growing in all directions The more you explore, the stranger the patterns you discover: people have spent years wandering in this inter- dimensional world.
ALL SET Fractuality deals with two fractal ‘sets' - the Mandelbrot Set and the Julia Set. Both sets are gram will generally be able to do this for you. If you happen to have an Avideo 24bit board - also available from HiO - you'll be able to see the images in real (and imaginary?) Colour.
Perversely, support for generating images in 2 or 4 colours is provided, and these look stunning when sent to a printer.
Full control over the palette is provided, and you can load and edit the many examples provided to find the one that best suits your fractal.
Controlling the 24 bit colours takes a bit of getting used to, and some better selection options are really needed to make the most of the 16 million plus options.
SPEED Fractuality has been written to be as fast as possible, no matter what your hardware setup. Even with a 68000-based A600, creating full-screen images at shallow depths takes only seconds. With CU AMIGA PRODUCT TEST
* 500
* 1500 I
* 600 I A3000 I
* 1200 1
* 4000 I 70% something as powerful as a 68040. You won't have
lime lo blink before Ihe picture is on-screen.
Pan ot this speed comes from the auto-detec- tion and utilisation of the main processor and any floating point co-processor, pari comes from the unique grid system which gives you an almost immediate feel as to how the image is going to turn out.
The use of memory is kept to a minimum, so no matter what Amiga you have you can be sure of generating some amazing pictures. Of course, for the ultimate in resolution you'll have to bump up the number ot iterations used in the calculations for each pixel, and sooner or later you'll reach a set which takes just too long to calculate no matter how many MIPS your Amiga is capable of.
MOVING EXPERIENCE Colour cycling is an evil thing when combined with fractal generated pictures. Because ol the way in which the colours are chosen, selecting the cycle button from the palette requestor will immediately CONCLUSION Whilst Fractuality is undeniably good, there are some features lacking before it can be awarded the accolade of ultimate fractal generator. For starters. It definitely needs more sets. Even though there are a near infinite number of possible images, unfortunately they eventually all start to get rather repetitive Further, the colour and palette selection needs to be
tidied up. The manual states the user-interface will be strangely familiar to users of Art Department, and to be honest it should have been even more familiar.
If the better ANIM support was also added, and perhaps a few alternative viewing options (such as that from the PD program MartdelMountains) or output formats (a fractal Imagine 3D object anyone?) Then Fractuality would be close to perfect.
Nevertheless, as it is. Fractuality represents an excellent purchase for anyone interested in either fractals, graphics or the 1980s For some people. It could be even the first affordable way there is of making use of the new AGA chipset. '** suck your eyeballs out of your head and into the monitor. These are the sorts of images which cany health warnings, so show them at your next rave with care.
Slightly less hypnotic, but equally addictive, animations can be created by zooming into the sets with total abandon Simply mark slart and end points (which can be stored to disk il require ), clear some disk space (preferably on a large harddisk! And then start rendering.
At this point it's usually a good idea to go to.. bed, and in the morning you can load your thousands of images into Deluxe Paint for conversion into animation format Fractuality should really create the ANIM itself, as waiting for Dpaint to process hundreds ol frames can take an incredibly longtime.
Halt-way between a one-dimensional line and a two dimensional plane lies Ihe infinite world of the fractal dimension Here, objects have tagged edges and no mat ter how closely you look at them they remain |aggy This lorm ol mathematics has many analogies in the real world. For example, il you set out to calculate Ihe length ol Ihe coastline ol Ireland, you would reach Ihe interesting conclusion lhal it is. In fact, infinite. It must be. For the closer you gel Ihe bigger il gels. You start by measuring around that headland, then lhal rock, then a pebble, then a grain of sand - eventually you'll
have lo give up. A dimensional system was even worked oul to describe such features and results in many phenomena having a non-integer number of dimensions.
Working al IBM in the 1970s. Benoit Mandelbrot was looking al iterative (repeating) functions which used imaginary numbers An imaginary number is one which features the square rool of minus one. And although dearly impossible, they are extremely useful in descibmg many tricky aspects ol the real world which would be loo complex to comprehend otherwise including engineering architecture, nuclear physics and information technology Whilst exploring Ihe various Julia Sets produced by these equations, he found a new way to generation images
- Ihe Mandelbrot Sel. This set is a sort ol map ol all Ihe
possible Julia Sets - for each point in Ihe Mandelbrot Sel.
A Julia Set exists.
Mandelbrot continued to study fractals, and found many situations where il seemed lhal Nature was using Iractal techniques. You may like to consider how organic obiects such as lerns. Birds and people are all created from a relatively liny amount of information repealed over and over again in ONA structures.. EASE OF USE it a i in r no unucv ? ??85%
* ? ??*«% ? ?0% ? ?????75% VALUt rUH IVUNtT CCCCPTIIICUCCC trFtL
Fractals: you Ve all seen ¦ them - now you can make them.
HIQ Lid, 176 Kenton Lane, Harrow, Mld- dleaex, HAS 8SU. Tel: 081 909 2092.
* 500* I
* 2000 I TOUCH TYPIST For the Commodore Amiga TOUCH TYPIST For
the Commodore Amiga
• •- A 3000 word vocabulary, 400 lessons with an on-screen
interactive keyboard that will teach you how to touch type from
absolute beginner to over 100 words per minute.
Features include ft Graphical output of your results ft Adjustable targets ft Save Load results to from disk ft Full on-screen interactive keyboard Price only £16 inc VAT + p&p from your local computer software supplier or direct from: Sector Software 39 Wray Crescent Ulnes Walton Ley I and Lancashire PR5 3NH Tel: 0772 452414 ft Unique 'Spacing sentence' mode ft Beginners Tutorial ft Demo mode ft On line instructions ft Free type mode for advanced typists'* ft New lessons disks available ft Touch Typist received a 5 STAR review in CU Amiga, Dec 91 Access Visa accepted Written by CU Amiga
editor Dan Slingsby, the highly illustrated Amiga Gamer’s Guide contains a wealth of background Information for your favourite Amiga games such as Streetfighter 2. Sensible Soccer and Zool.
You'll find full solutions, picture by picture walkthroughs, tactics, strategy and cheats.
From sports sims to arcade adventures, Amiga Gamer's Guide gives you all the hints and tips, hidden screens and puzzle solutions you could ever need. Topped off with the most complete A to Z of tips and tricks to over 300 of the greatest games, it’s sure to become your essential guide to winning on your Amiga.
Amiga Gamer’s Guide Dan Slingsby, 368 pages. £14.95. ISBN: 1-873308-16-7 The Arexx programming language is assured a bright future as part of Workbench, with offi- endorsement from Commodore itself, harder to leam than BASIC, the examples and itings supplied will teach you Arexx from
• atch. A complete understanding of the application control
advantages of this powerful language can be yours.
Find out how to install Arexx on any Amiga.
Work through the tutorials, on both beginners and advanced programming topics. Also applicable to Workbench 1.2 and 1.3 users (we tell you how to get Arexx). Free disk of example scripts when ordered from BSB.
Mastering Amiga Arexx Paul Overaa. 336 pages, £21.95, ISBN: 1-873308-13-2 series series e send to: Bruce Smith Books Ltd (CUJ), FREEPOST 242, PO Box 382, St. Albans, Herts, AL2 3BR.
; i enclose a cheque PO for £ .Alternatively charge my Visa Access Mastercard: £ Number: I i . . I ' ' I . . I ; . I Expiry Date: The Amiga Best Sellers!
These are the perfect books for the A600 and A1200 beginner, explaining how to set up your computer, copy files, configure for your printer and run programs. Step-by-step practical guides to the Workbench, Preferences, utilities and AmigaDOS. Learn the secrets of the Shell, combat viruses and get the most from Commodities. By following the 55 Insider Guide illustrations you will quickly leam how to control the Amiga by straightforward example.
Discover how to get the best out of programs like Memacs, MultiView, CrossDOS and ED. There are in-depth explanations of all new features on the A1200, such as the colour wheel, Intellifonts, configuring sound, and much more besides.
Your Amiga comes with a wealth of software. Learn how to use it to its full potential with these easy to understand guides. They're sure to sell out soon, so order your copy - today!
Amiga A600 Insider Guide Bruce Smith, 256 pages. £14.95, ISBN: 1-873308-14-0 Amiga A1200 Insider Guide Bruce Smith, 256 pages, £14.95, ISBN: 1-873308-15-8 CREDIT CARD HOTLImT (0923) 894355 (244tr Ansa phone) - 24-Hour dispatch Also available in all good bookshops How to order Please send erther a cheque PO made payable to ‘Bruce Smith Books Ltd to the address left.
Alternatively call our Credit Card Hotline quoting your name and address, credit card number, it’s expiry date and your daytime telephone number.
First class postage (me In the UK. Postage £3 per book (Europe). £6 per book elsewhere.
John Kennedy looks at some animation programs which could save you an absolute fortune in RAM and video ne of the most impressive pieces of Amiga software engi- . Neering has to be the creation equipment, and adoption ol the Interchangeable File Format (IFF). Most of the work on this data protocol was done by Electronic Arts way back in 1985, and amongst its successes was the ILBM format (interleaved bitmap) tor pictures and the related ANIM format for animations.
ANIM works by sheer cunning - instead of storing the individual pictures as separate entities, it stores only the changes between successive frames.
This difference or delta file can itself be reduced by a technique known as run length compression, where columns of similar pixels can AMIGA ANIMA TION CONVERTOR In order to create animations of ANIM7 lormat. You'll need this companion program to AAP (both are supplied on the Fred Fish disks). AACcan convert an eiistiog ANIMS Into ANIM7. Or work with a list of still frames - lor esample, those created with Imagine.
You may specify a longword or shortword tile, depending on whether you have a 68030 ot hetter processor.
Before AAC I used Onion Palnl to convert a sequence of stills into an animation, but AAC Is a lot faster, and also supports different colour palettes, which means non-HAM (tor example, 3?) Colour animations look a heck ol e lol better.
THK SOFTWARE AMIGA ANIMATION PLAYER AAPIt a small program which can display still pictures and replay animations of both ANIM5 and ANIM7 lormala. It is designed to to mainly used bom the CU. But operation Is vary simple.
To display an animation yon need lo type some thing Ilka AAP tllename or AAP -d flloname to run It Irom disk.
Wm AAP you cm specify animation spends, or use script flies to create mammoth productions com prising various pictures and animations.
Anmaton be replaced with a single value and a count Deluxe Palnl is probably the best known ANIM-creation program, as it can create quite complex animations using nothing more than its brush manipulation tools. Image rendered programs such as Imagine or Real 3D can also produce animations, and with a bit of practice some really professional results can be obtained.
PROBLEMS Unfortunately, as any Deluxe Paint animator will know, there is a major problem when it comes to creating epic Amiga feature films - memory.
ANIMs may be compressed, but they still consume memory like it grows on Formats A4000 has temporarily died leaving me with a 3Mb A500 and GVP hard drive. Yet I can still play back a 1000+ frame wireframe animation created with Imagine fast enough to blow any passing Mega CD users’ minds. Even a HAM animation ran at about the same rate from disk as from memory.
It all means that when I get the A4000 back I’ll be able to render a good few full-colour five minute animations ready for direct recording on domestic video recorders. There’s nothing so good at satisfying that old question 'Yes, but what does your computer actually do?’ than sticking on a videotape of your own film BladePunner II - The Amiga Cut.
CONCLUSION The ANIM7 format seems doomed to a temporary existence - ASDG have started using ANIM8 - but it has one distinct advantage in that the creator and the player are both freely available in the public domain. Contact your local PD library for more info. 3 trees. When you start dabbling with HAM or HAM8 graphics modes, you need to put your accountant on danger money - stocking up on the little black SIMMs. ZIPs and DIPs isn't cheap.
Then there is the problem of playback rate. Deluxe Paint is a great program, but it can't replay animations terribly quickly - if you played one back to a TV professional they’d laugh you out of the studio before you could ask to borrow a frame-by-frame video deck.
In the world of television, frames change 25 times a second and Dpaint just isn't up to the challenge.
Another snag - Dpaint needs a fixed palette for the entire animation which can be a real damper on picture quality.
There are various stand-alone animation replay programs in the public domain, but one of the most interesting in a long time has just appeared courtesy of Wolfgang Hofer. AAP-the AmigaAnimPlayer- has several attractions, not the least being the creation of an entirely new ANIM format.
The standard until recently has been ANIM5, the format supported by Dpaint and nearly every other program. There are snags to this format - it doesn’t always take advantage of either the new AGA modes or the advanced features of later additions to Motorola's processor family (the 68020, 68030 and 68040 now present in the various new Amigas) and full 32 bit RAM.
The Amiga world was waiting.
ANIM7 Wolfgang's ANIM7-although not a true IFF standard (yet) - has been specially designed to work with 68030 and above machines, and as a result it can really shift data. Even on a 68000 rates of between 10 and 20 frames per second are possible which can look very impressive. With a new Amiga 4000 the images really fly onto the screen.
In fact, ANIM7 is so good that animation direct from hard disk is possible. Due to sunspot activity, my EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE Educational Softwa CU AMIGA Mark Patterson goes back to school with a pair of releases from Europress.
ADI JUMOR READING 4 6 ADI JUHMR READMG W1 EUROPRESS £25.99 TEL: 0625 859333 EUROPRESS £25.99 TEL: 0625 859333 The lalesl edition in the Europress ADI range is aimed squarely at the preschoolers with the aim ot giving them a thorough grounding in basic character recognition and sentence structure. In addition to these exercises there are also games which teach children to recognise sounds, tell the time and match shapes The exercises are written with the national curriculum in mind along with copious amounts of user-friendliness at every step.
If you already have a copy of ADI Junior Counting you’ll instantly recognise the similarities between it and the latest products in the Junior range Apart from the main screen, they also share several games, such as the lace designer and jigsaws.
On the lighter side there’s a driving game, complete with track designer, which pits the player against the game's host, ADI, or another kid (or adult for that matter). Even this has multiple skill levels where the first makes the car almost crash-proof while level three produces a car with minimal road handling.
Although it looks like Europress have cut comers by including some features of Junior Counting, the total package puts it at the top of the table in its age range. The activities are made as much fun as possible and the difficulty levels should make it worthwhile even lor the most precocious kids To teach common letter combinations the child is shown two letters then a picture ot an animal. They then have to deeded whether or not these letters occur in its name. There's even a sort ot computensed Fuzzy Felt where the user has to stick various animals on a landscape Almost as importantly, the
package is surprisingly easy tor computer illiterate parents to use. The help function explains where everything is and what it does. The manual takes care of any other points as well as explaining the benefits of each activity and the differences between the difficulty levels. It is.
However, a bit patronising in places and whoever wrote it can’t spell disk. That aside it covers every area of the package in great detail.
To keep track of your child’s progress as you go along, the package automatically saves their results to disk, so that the next time you load the package they'll be playing on the same level they left off. It also displays a progress report showing how many questions were answered correctly out of Ihe number attempted If you want to give your child a head start in reading before they begin attending a play group or other preschool class you'd certainly be hard pressed to find a better option than this one. J J~ The advanced version of the other Junior Reading package utilises the
same format as the 4 5 version with the addition of a few new elements.
Where the other acts as a primer, teaching letter sounds and shapes, this one goes much further. Now the user is required to learn more complicated letter sounds and read and spell more complicated words.
For the most part this version is almost identical to its younger brother, and they even share the same manual. The games take on an almost identical format, although the questions are much tougher. This means that if your child genius speeds through that package they won’t leel out of place using this one.
All the extras are still there, including Paint Pot which is an easy-to-use art package. The amount of tools available depends on the level the application is set to, initially there's only a tew line tools, eraser and a box icon to choose from. Cut and paste tools, a symmetry feature and a fill tool can be added.
Again, the package goes into great detail while being easy to use and providing a liberal smattering ot games to keep minds with otherwise short attention spans interested.
Despite its ease-of-use. It's essential to keep an adult on hand to help out with the trickier puzzles and the disk swapping between programs as the disk labelling could prove a little confusing for younger children Equally as good as the 4 5 version, it's unmatched in its field. The variety ol problems to solve and the various games and extra programs make this package extremely absorbing Parents need not worry about being shown up either when it comes to using the machine as there is an extremely useful on-line help system. The perfect way to prepare kids tor first year education Computing's
innovative 4MB 32-bit memory n for the Amiga 1200 is now available. The includes these many features: Fo Wait State - Unlike some other expansions PC 1204 never leaves the processor waiting around which means that your A1200 can run at its speed.
Ko Fast FPU An optional maths coprocessor ids up intensive calculations. A 50MHz chip will id up operations by up to fifty times.
Vl-Time Battery Backed Clock - Allows
* be date-stamped with the correct time and date of you know
exocfly when they were created.
R Power - High density RAMs means low power wnption.
To Fit - Fitted in minutes without the need to ore the computer's case.
I FPU Disable Switch Disable the mstantly for software that will not run with a maths rocessor installed.
204 4MB with dock, no FPU Processor £ 185.95
* 204 4MB wdh dock. 20MHz 68881 FPU £219.95 204 4MB with dock,
25MHz 68882 FPU £279.95 204 4MB with dock, 33MHz 68882 FPU
£289.95 4MB with dock, 40MHz 68882 FPU £299.95 204 4MB with
dock, 50MHz 68882 FPU £339.95 The XL 1.76MB Drive for the
Commodore Amiga.
Power Computing's XL 1.76MB Drive* for any Commodore Amiga is now available. The XL Drive includes these many features: Formats to 1.76MB Using high density disks you can fit a massive 1,76MB on each disk.
Acts* as a standard drive Insert an 880K Amiga disk and the drive behaves like any other AMIGA drive.
Fully compatible - Will read and write disks written on an Amiga 4000 internal high density drive.
Compatible with PC disks* Also read and write high density PC disks using a suitable device driver.
Compact size No larger than a standard 880K floppy disk drive.
High quality design • Uses a high quality Sony high density mechanism.
Free - Box of 10 3.5" Polaroid high density disks.
Comes complete with disable switch and through port.
XL Drive £99.95
* R«qwM KxkiXxt 2 or obov« Workbench 2 .1 or oboe* 48Hr delivery
£2.50, 24Hr delivery £4.50 I Parcel Post delivery £1 (Orders
under £50 & UK mainland only) j Specifications and prices
subject to change without notice All Trademarks acknowledged.
VAT included Power Computing Ltd Unit 8 Railton Road Woburn
Rood Industrial Estate Kempston Bedford MK42 7PN Tel 0234
843388 Fax 0234 840234 Goods are sold sub|ect lo our standard
terms and conditions of sole and ore ovoiloble on request
GASTEINER Marflet CMC’ OWEf Unit 2 Millmead Business Centre
Millmead Road London N17 9QU „„„ Tel: 081 365 1151 v orTex
PHILIPS Fax 081 885 1953 ICD AATARf 41TA ¦ DATA A500+ £269.00
A600 £269.00 A600 20Mb Hard Drive £465.00 A600 60Mb Hard Drive
£549.00 A1200 £379.00 A1200 20Mb Hard Drive £529.00 A1200 40Mb
Hard Drive £599.00 A1200 65Mb Hard Drive £639.00 A1200 80Mb
Hard Drive £679.00 A1200 120Mb Hard Drive £769.00 A4000 120 Mb
Hard Drive £2089.00 MONITORS Philips CM8833 Mk2 £229.00
Commodore 1084 5SD1 £209.00 Commodore 1960 Multisync £439.00
Gasteiner Multisync Monitor £349.00 PRINTERS Citizen Swift 9
Colour £179.00 Citizen Swift 240 Colour £279.00 Citizen Swift
200 Colour £219.00 HP 500 £309.00 HP 500 Colour £439.00 HP 550
Colour £550.00 RAM A500 l 2Mb £14.95 A500 1 2 Mb With Clock
£19.95 A600 1Mb £34.95 A600 1Mb With Clock £39.95 A1200 2Mb
(PCMCIA) £119.00 A1200 4Mb (PCMCIA) £189.00 I MB Simms (Gvp)
£27.00 4MB Simms (Gvp) £89.00 A2000 2Mb - 8Mb £129.00 SCANNERS
rProducts advertised represent ~ a small sample of our instock
range. A complete price list is available on request.
’ower Mono £95.00
* ower Colour £235.00 Alfa Data Mono £99.00 AlfaData Plus £119.95
AlfaData OCR £165.00 Gasteiner Mono £89.00 Gasteiner Scan Read
£129.00 DataScan Pro V3 £89.00 Epson GT 8000 £1199.00 GASTEINER
* External IDE HDD for Amiga A500 A500+ A1500 A2000 Memory
conveniently expanded to 2 4 6 8Mb by using 1M X 4 Zips
* 100% compatible Easy Installation. Just Plug in and go
* Auto boot. Auto config and zero wait states Controller for
A500 A500+ A1500 A2000 £99.00 Controller + 40Mb Hard Drive
£249.00 Controller + 65Mb Hard Drive £279.00 Controller + 85Mb
Hard Drive • £299.00 Controller +¦ 120Mb Hard Drive £329.00
GASTEINER POWER FOR A600 A1200 20MB + IDE Cable £149.95 65Mb +
IDE Cable £199.00 85Mb + IDE Cable £279.00 120Mb + IDE Cable
£299.00 Fitting for A600 or A1200 £29.95 BARE HARD DRIVES IDE
SCSI 40Mb £99.00 50Mb £199.00 65Mb £199.00 85Mb £279.00 85Mb
£219.00 120Mb £299.00 120Mb £249.00 210Mb £319.00 Power Supply
A500 A500+ A600 A1200(High Voltage) £34.95 Power Supply
A1500 A2000 ‘ £69.95 Internal Drive for A500 £40.00 Internal
Drive for A2000 ' ' £45.00 A500 Rom Switcher £12.95 A600 A1200
Rom Switcher £12.95 Auto sensing joystick Mouscswitch Box
£12.95 Printer Cable £6.00 Modem Cable £6.00 SCSI Cable £6.00
IDE Cable for A600 A1200 £15.00 External Drive for 42000 £49.00
Blitz Amiga £20.00 ICD Flicker Free Video 2 £199.00 Commodore
64 Power Supply £19.00 10 Blank Disc £7.00
3. 5" External Drive £50.00 Despatched by post please died
charges when ordering.
Next dav courier service. 10 per box Please enquire Small consumables & Software Items Other items, except lasers OfTshore and Highlanders m addition v Saturday deliveries AM next day.
Normal rale plus 15* VAT per box Normal rale plus 8+ VAT per boy MICE + TRACKBALL AMIGA COMPUTERS HARD DRIVES AlfaPala Infra Red Mouse £45.00 Mega Mouse £10.95 Mega Mouse (Mat + Holder) £14.95 300 DPI Optical Mouse £27.95 The Trackball £29.95 Crystal Trackball £34.95 Optical Pen Mouse £35.95 Golden Image G1-600 £13.95 Optical Mouse £23.95 Brush Mouse £19.95 New Golden Image 400 Dpi Mark 2 Mouse £14.95 SOFTWARE 1 Word Processors Publishing 1 Pen Pal VI.4 £49.95 Final Copy II V2.0 £99.95 Kindwords 3 £39.95 Wordworth Vl.l £109.95 T ranswrite £29.95 Prowrile 3.3 £79.95 Pagestream V2.2 £129.95
Professional Page V3.0 £129.95 Pagesetler II £44.95 Softclips CliD Art Classic Clip Art £29.95 People Clip Art £29.95 Collectors Clip Art £29.95 Animal Clip Art £29.95 Electric Thesaurus £29.95 CAD & structuredrawine Intro CAD Plus £79.95 X-CAD 3000 £269.95 Professional Draw 3 £89.95 Animation and GraDhics Deluxe Paint 4 £64.95 Real 3D Professional Turbo£249.95 Art Department professional V2 £144.95 DCTV Composite Video 24 Bit graphics System (PAL) £379.95 Imagine 2.0 £189.95 f Phone for access to our massive competitively priced range nowy ' E&O.E Price subject to ' changewithout notice.
Goods subject to availability.
Specifications subject to change without notice. All Trademarks Acknowledged.
PRODUCT TEST CU AMIGA rip-off, it’s a bargain as Nick Veitch discovers.
Power XL DrJve Over a hundred quid for a floppy drive? But it’s not a There is not much new in an external floppy drive. We've had fat ones, black ones, wide ones, slim ones, click-preventers. Virus-check- ers and even double-deckers. Why on earth should someone, least of all Power Computing, who already have an unfeasibly large number of floppy variants, decide to unleash yet another contender on the Amiga population?
Well, astoundingly, they have a very good reason. This is not just your average 3.5" external. It’s a high-density device.
MORE DENSE THAN MOST If you have ever used one of the lesser forms of computer you will know that in at least one area they are superior to the Amiga. The Apple Macintosh, IBM PC and even the Acorn Archimedes come with a high-density floppy drive.
This doesn't mean that the drive is heavier or smaller. It means that you can fit around twice as much information on your disk. By using more precise heads and some cunning electro-mechanics it is possible to read and write to a greater definition on the magnetic surface of the disk. This is a bit unfortunate, because most disks aren't expecting this and can’t cope with such densely packed information. You need to use a special High Density disk. The real difference is that the magnetic particles on the disk are more densely packed - like the difference between metal and ferric audio
These disks are identified by the extra hole (like the write-protect hole, but on the other side), the HD symbol on the bottom-left corner and the slightly higher price.
POWER UP The Power XL drive simply connects to your existing chain of drives. If you already have an external drive it will plug into the back of this (or the old drive will plug into the back of the XL). If you do not yet have an external drive the XL will connect directly to the drive port at the back of your Amiga.
The drive will immediately be available for reading and writing ordinary disks, and for reading HD disks. To be able to write HD disks as well you need to install a software patch onto your bootup disk. Thoughtfully, the Power disk supplied with the drive will do this automatically. It doesn't use the standard Commodore ‘Installer’ approach, which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, except that it doesn't actually tell you what is going on.
My startup-sequence failed to start-up once the patch was installed (not Power's fault -1 have a very messy startup). This could have been prevented if I had known that the patch had been installed on the first line of the startup-sequence.
UP AND RUNNING In use the XL drive is silent and effective. Not only can you store serious amounts of data (1.76 Mb) but it actually has access times faster than those on the standard A4000 high-density drive.
The power consumption is low enough to prevent any worries about overloading the system (but remember, the standard power supply should only be used to power one external drive to be safe). In conjunction with CrossDOS (as supplied under Workbench 3) PC disks can be formatted as high-density as well. The PC format only enables
1. 44 Mb of space, but this does mean that you can use these
disks directly in ordinary Pcs. This is invaluable when
sending off large files like images to output bureaux for
printing, or even when transferring files between home and
PC disks formatted in this way tend to be slightly more unreliable than normal PC disks, but this is a problem encountered on the A4000 too, so it is not necessarily a fault of the drive.
CONCLUSION The unit is well-made but won’t win any beauty prizes. The top shell is plastic, and not sturdy enough to have too much of a weight on it (a bulging lid can interfere with the mechanism), but at least it has no nasty edges on it.
In use it is disturbingly quiet. It’s a good job that the drive-light is quite bright otherwise you’d never know anything was happening. How will blind people know when it has stopped?
The access speed is also slightly faster than on the standard A4000 HD drive, due no doubt to the Power drive’s Sony mechanism.
POWER XL DRIVE £129.95 A500 9 A500+ IB A600 H AI200 ¦ A1500 Q A2000 HI A3000 V A4000 IB Power Computing Ltd., Unit 8, Railton Road, Wobum Road Ind. Estate, Kemp- ston, Bedford MK42 7PN. Tel: 0234 843388 EASE OF USE Ml plug In anil go ThesoKm mote inlormaiive VALUE FOR MONEY About Me same as you a pay tot EFFECTIVENESS li moils! PC formatted disks cat FLEXIBILITY Just use il like any normal drive INNOVATION Handy lor A1200 omm and a. Me American solution C Power brings the Amiga into _ the 90s at last. J OVERALL 88% Could it be that GVP’s A1230 accelerator for the A1200 has been stopped dead in
its tracks by a new board from rivals Microbotics? Mat Broomfield finds out.
‘F I irst and Best' is a statement that could I accurately be applied to GVP's Amiga hardware releases - until now that is Although their A1230 accelerator lor the A1200 is a tasty piece ol kit. Barely a month alter its release Microbotics are ottering us the M1230XA. A board that appears superior in every important respect As with just about every expansion board lor the
1200. The M1230XA permits you to add expansion RAM in the lorm ot
a single 32-bit SIMM module.
The breathtaking thing about this board is the amount of extra memory that it can accept - not lour, not eight, not 16. Not even 32Mb ol RAM. But a whacking 128Mb can by added with a single chip.
At present. 32Mb SIMMs cost about £1200. So a 128Mb unit is likely to set you back in the region ol £50001 SM. Il you're doing the kind ol work that requires an expansion ol this size (most likely 24-bit video or publishing) then chances are you've already spent thousands on your peripheral equipment and will see this as a reasonable expense which can soon be recouped by your work.
FITTING Not surprisingly, the M1230XA slots into the 1200's trapdoor expansion slot. To read the instructions A FEW OF MY FAVOURITE TIN M1230XA will |M 1 lit 01 rip Is jut Moo you do on your *12110. Except ploying arcade games. * These are some ol the things that I really notices a speed improvement with:
• Dpalnt 4 AGA - Screen epdales and area tills were much laster.
• Battle Isle 93 - Computer takes Its turn lar gulcker.
• Vista Pro 3 - Everything Is laster, especially Image ren
• AdPro - Everything much taster, particularly conversion trom
24-bit down to HAM8.
• OctaMED - Was able lo use Ihe HO mode lo improve the nnalHv nl
camnlps In nlnhl rkunil mnitn
• Pie Page Page Stream - Eveiything is much faster, par- one
would think that this consists ol doing no more than opening
the trapdoor and slotting the board into place. In tact, the
instructions tell you to only touch the board by its edges, yet
because ol its size, this makes it impossible to lit onto the
appropriate edge connector. In fact, having first got rid ol
any static charge that my body may have held, I had to bodily
man handle the board into place by holding the processor - an
action I’m sure is bad lor the processor The board supports a
wide range ol machines, including both 68030 and 68EC030 CPUs,
either ol which may run at clock speeds ol 25, 33. 40 or 50
MegaHerz according to your spending power. II you use a 68EC030
processor, then you can also add a 68881 or 68882 maths co-pro-
cessor (FPU) and these come in 25, 33.40. 50 and 60MHz
The board also supports 32-bit RAM with access times between 40 and 100 nanoseconds. And again the type you choose depends upon how much you're prepared to spend. Lower numbers mean laster access AJ ncROBoncs SetXA (Nil PI 1 51 HI: PI 1 Hon* PI Ww 1 m i N»M PI Hlvtet | M 1 PI HiMC | M 1 PI 4 1 RAM! Unlonunulvty Ihi* mum b. In m. lorm ol a Mug* SeiBI modulo to each lima you upgrade, mo pravtoua modulo lo wanted unieae you can aoa n lo someone. Funnermore. You can only upgrade In powers ol g (2.4, a. 10. M, 04 or 1 JO mega).
And higher prices. Regardless ol which ol these you are using, the board needs to be told, so that everything will work in harmony. Speaking ol which, il you add an FPU which runs at a laster speed than the CPU. You'll also need to add an oscillator (or crystal as they're more commonly known), but this should be supplied with the FPU when you buy it. The crystal simply plugs into a vacant slot on the board.
What is especially gratifying to see is that the M1230XA also includes a memory management unit (MMU) which further increases its performance and means that hard drive owners can use programs such as GigaMem to turn their drives into virtual RAM.
Once the board has been correctly configured and the installation software run. It sits invisibly to all intents and purposes, speeding up just about every operation ol the computer.
The amount ol speed increase depends on exactly which permutation of board you chose to buy. But our test unit came with a 68030 CPU.
4Mb ol RAM and no FPU. Even so the CPU is about 5 8 times laster than that ol a standard A1200 and the additional RAM is 75 per cent laster.
CONCLUSION The M1230XA is a very nice board indeed. Its staggering RAM capacity means that it can transform your A1200 into an awesome work station.
It's fairly easy to install despite its single page instruction manual'. A good range ol diagnostic software is also supplied with the board With this on the market, I would find it very hard to consider GVP's rival offering - this is just too powerful and too flexible. The Power 1204 is worth considering il it is just last RAM that you are alter.
INDI DIRECT £299 A500 B A500* ¦ A60Q B Al 200 B A150oB A200flfl A3000B a«oooB Indl Direct, 1 Ringway Industrial Estate, Eastern Avenue, Lichfield, Staffs WS13 7SF. Tel: 0543 419999.
EASE OF USE t*4 *4(0% VALUE FOR MONEY ? 90”.
EFFECTIVENESS ? ??85% FLEXIBILITY '•*??5% INNOVATION ?? ??*0% f Extremely powerful and flexl- m ble - there's no competition. 7 OVERALL 88% l COMPUTERS IRK ROAD, ST IRYCHURCH, WAY, DEVON TQ1 4QR !_• 0803 329190 POSTAGE ON DISKS IT049 £ISO 50 TO 100 £2 JO OVER 100 £4JO 3-5"DISK BOXES POSTAGE POSTAGE INTER PAPER PdSTAGI For backlng-up your original protected software, x-eacfep Is a must, however offers so muoh more.
Formats, repairs, verifies Includes Autoswitch CYCLONE cartridge.
Includes full 8 page manual pv**y Cmlscr (Coloured) 9.99 (puimn Pro (K.iri Clew) 15 99 KmI 999 2M (Micro Switch) 11.99 NU IM (Micro Switch) 13.99 kulM (Micro Switch) 11.99 Arnica500 4.99 Sop
20. 99 Amiga 500 plus 4.99 50p tavby Cruiser (Black) 9.99 Arnica
600 4.99 50p ¦Mirion Pro (Black) 11.99 Amiga 1200 4.99 50p
Sinitioi. Pro (Star) 15.99 Citizen 120D Pnnter Cover 5.99 50p
fcidwt’ 10.99 Citizen 124D Printer Cover 5.99 50p I 12.99
Citizen Swill 9 Pnnter Cover 5.99 Sop
10. 99 Citizen Swift 24 Printer Cover 5.99 50p
24. 99 Star LCIO Printer Cover 5.99 50p
6. 99 Star LC20 Printer Cover 5.99 50p Star LC24-10 Printer Cover
AVAILABILITY EAOE SwEJtv Mourn) 3.99 Mouse House 3.99 3-3" D»k
Cleaning Kir 3.99 Mousemai 6mm Red 3.50 MouKCtnal 6mm Blue
3.50 Mouscmat fmm Grey 3.50
200. IVi , Labeb (Red) 4.00 200 3.5* Disk Labeh Blue) 4.00 200
3.5‘ Dak Labels (Green) 4.00 200 3.5* Disk Labels (Yellow)
4.00 200 3.5- Disk I jhcls (Black) 4.00 200 35‘ Disk Labels
(Tractor Bed) 4.00 Hlttl 3.5" Disk labels (Red) 12.50 1000
35" Disk labels (Blue) 12.50 1000 35” Disk labels (Green)
12_50 1000 3.5" Disk labels (Yellow) 12.50 100335" Disk
Labels (Black) 1250 101000 3.5' Disk labels (TiMoc Fed)
1. 00 Arnica Modular or F.xiensmnCable 8.99 Amiga Disk Drive
Extension C able 8.99 Joysttck Extension Cable 8.99 Moguc
Extension Cable 8.99 Amiga 4 Player Joystick Adaptor 8.99
Amiga Joy slick Splitlcr 8.99 Amiga Null Modem Cable 8.99 I
the most powerful disk dupllcater utlllti package ever
designed for me Amiga.
Backs-up virtually ANY disk Backs up hard disks Full file copying & management utility.
Optimises disks HOW TO ORDER Available now, only I £39.991 Telephone our sales hotline with your credit card details for immediate despatch.
©h‘ CL-7 II Plus £1.00 postage 8 packing The Original and Best For: Hints n1 Tips n’ Cheats n1 Pokes THE AMIGA GAMES LINE dial 0891 445 786 GALORE wy yet for Amiga) 089 061 724 7572 Send a cheque or postal order for £40.99 made payable to Siren Software, Wilton House.
Bury Rd, Raddiffe, Manchester M26 9UR -I UtlJI PRO is compatible with AIL Amiga computers.
• ccect i s me STOOD cr mo A12CC
GAME WITH This product must not be used to infringe copyright I
‘.AT NUMBER ID another DM , And IT* run IAAIEEEI mat's Prime Ir TiNLONDOJL IwaHGj Ho* i do fou do it .
L Great Gu ’j T* Guy . Yet more crackpot terrorists a a«S5S!S.'S 2S CWSSWK.'* GUHPH’J that's t***™* a'wSfwo*7 _ w®iz *¦ . Tet yOCjOow Excuse mi AND THE MORAL IS... Him »» CVO *i gnu imt wen pi»yi« uao «*" AMD MV»MK 1t»C uv«s. ** ™m“ you1** »»r» piiah «UY CVO.
By im way. Wo «i«™ ™” «( TMIAY YOYM.
Your ptcOerm *® over.M'SpitnTje SSdSS' Otryes*® ?
Eliminated world hunger and poverr ID SO ON.
COMPETITION CU AMIGA Lurking inside your Amiga is the power to publish newsletters, flyers, programmes, posters, and even complete magazines.
All you need is the right software, and the sky’s the limit. If you’ve already taken a sneaky look ahead in this issue, you’ll know that we’ve been testing out a range of OTP packages (turn to page 124 in case you haven’t). Now. Thanks to Meridian Distribution you can win your own copy of one of them.
Whether you’re serious about desktop publishing or you just want to dabble.
Pagestream is the ideal package. Pagestream is a fully featured DTP package with many advanced functions usually only found on topflight Macintosh packages.
Page layout used to be a tricky skill which took years of training to master, but with Pagestream you'll be churning out page after page of artwork from the word go. Among the advanced features are GIF, TIF, IFF, and PICT bitmap graphic importing, rotating boxes, Compugraphic, Adobe and vector font support, full Postscript support, user definable zoom, multiple windows, side by side editing - the list goes on and on, but rest assured there is everything you would expect from a professional DTP system. You could win yourself a copy of Pagestream by answering the three simple questions on the
coupon to your right.
Fill in the coupon and send it off to: Meridian Pagestream Competition, CU Amiga, Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London, EC1R 3AU.
O Which national newspaper shares its name with the ball of gas at the centre of our solar system?
0Name the London street most often associated with newspaper publishing.
Q Name the world's best-selling book.
It mine is one ot the first 20 correct entries pulled out ot the hat. Please send a copy ot Pagestream to: I Most hard drives lor the Amiga come with some backup software hidden in a drawer somewhere.
Usually this software works fine, but lacks any real power or finesse. Features are usually limited, as is the user interface and unless your anorak is well used at parties, you may have problems.
So what can you do? Selling the computer, buying a small plot ot land and raising pigs is probably the best solution for a stress-free life, but software vendors have different ideas. Take Moonlighter Software for example. They recommend that you should invest in copies of AmiBack and AmiBack Tools.
H REASONS TO BE CHEERFUL AmiBack opens with a cheery little menu screen providing you with lour button gadgets labelled backup, restore, scheduler and quit. Yes. Forget the CLI (unless you preter it). AmiBack is as user- fnendly as they come I 11 IbiB 1 Ml unfair • r«r A A B' Cow let* Off (mliiirt fUt*r| tut I if I I era's a puzzle lor you. Try lo spot Ihe deliberate mislake in the following statement: computers are machines lor processing vast amounts ot information reliably, quickly and efficiently.
Did you spot it? Yes. As an Amiga user I knew you wouldn't have any trouble - Ihe word reliably sneaked in there somehow.
Solid state electronic circuits can work tor years without a single hitch (unless they belong to me. Ot coursel but when hardware begins to depend on small circles ol ferrous-coated plastic spinning at speeds ol up to 300rpm. Things can occasionally go wrong.
Take floppy disks tor example As new users are quick to lind out. Popping one out from a disk drive betore the Read Write LED has gone out is a definite no-no The disk will probably be damaged, resulting in a plethora of irritating error messages next time it's inserted, and at worst you may lose hours of work.
Hard disk drives are also vul- _ nerable A sharp knock, a power |T1ITT1ITJ| cut. A badly written program or 0 film frlwtl) even inexplicable events put down to excessive sun spot activity can cause an error with which AmigaDOS is unable to cope.
More and more Amiga users are finding that hard drives are becoming affordable luxuries, although few realise how quickly they come to depend on them. John Kennedy looks at the latest tools to care for your investment.
Krm NoOcv how you can select n However, before you can click on backup or restore you really need to use the menus to set some preferences. AmiBack offers a great degree of control over how you proceed, including which hard dnve partitions need to be saved whether they need to be backed-up to floppy, file or SCSI- driven tape drive, whether compression is to be used and so on.
You can select to back up the entire device or selected tiles from normal AmigaDOS hard drives.
As long as you permit an index file to be made (not a problem) you can selectively restore any file at a later date VIRTUAL REALITY This is especially useful when you've used several computers. I have several virtual hard drives' in my floppy storage box - a copy of all the files I’ve made on various computers over the years Using the restore option I can load any file I need within minutes. Of course, it's not as fast as keeping them on a real drive, but as I don't have a 500Mb SCSI system spare it s the next best thing.
AmiBack also allows an image of the files to be backed up. Which means that non-AmigaDOS files such as those created with AMAX can also be kept for safe-keeping.
Finally, a special option allows as many files as possible to be taken off a drive which has developed a serious fault. This ‘911 -Recovery' mode (911 is American lor 999) can be a real life-saver, as it can even recover some deleted files. This is a big plus for AmiBack. As it means you don't need any other software to recover lost files.
The backing up process itself is very straightforward. With indications of the length of time to go.
How full the destination device is and basically all you need to know to be able to judge whether you have time to nip off to the bathroom before the next floppy is due i * * 87% A500 !
A1500 !
A1200 I A4000 I A600 A3000 I [not I a be iles ept as I- 88% il-
Moonlighter Software don't Iran the market to llumulm
- they art In direct competition with Central Coast Software and
the OinrfnAutnriis, even going so lar as to luve similar
product names AmiBtcKTIuiniiBiU and AlPlBiet ToMOurltrBia
Ooonortuct. Also anilatle trom Micropace is non into version 5. And alDmign it s gained a better graphical lilo-structura display, it has lost Ike destination device capacity bar. AmiBack claims lo be the taster backup program, but trom our trials Ouartarbocaseems to have the edge.
I'm tlndlng it very difficult to make a recommendation ot one backup program over another, bnt in the end the inclusion ot AmBicTs recovery and Image modes puts II slightly ahead.
However, when it came lo a simple recovery lesl.
AmlBsel Tools' Reviver was considerably tastes al tlndlng and re-crealing the deleted Ilia. I haven’t had any major disk disasters whilst testing the prognms, although both with relatively simple disk laults Once you've backed up your entire disk at least once, AmiBacKs extensive filters will ensure you don't duplicate your effort. Using the archive bit already present in each file, subsequent backups can save only those files which have changed.
You can also select dates if you prefer - such as.
Backup only those files altered after 20th June
DISASTER You don't know when, you don't how, but a data disaster will stnke your system sometime That's when you need AmiBach Tools. The companion package to AmiBack contains a complete repair kit, and once more it's in a user-friendly package.
Overall tmiBid Tools was slightly slicker and taster although a rumoured new version ot OosrterBiil Tools may help redress the balance.
ALTERNATIVE BUYS There are actually six tools available, and all are as useful on floppy disks as they are on the hard ones. First of all, for those irritating occasions when you accidentally type delete ? In the wrong directory, comes Reviver Reviver will scan a disk and unless data has been written over the relevant portion of the disk, it will return the file to the land of the living.
Next up comes Analyst which will ensure the disk's structure is intact and will attempt to repair any damage. Nine times out of 10 the Analyst will repair a damaged disk. In the cases when it doesn’t, 911-Recovery (a slightly different version from that incorporated into AmiBack) will take as many files off as possible. The disk can then be reformatted and the files sent home.
For the paranoid, the Antiseptic tool will ensure that anyone else with access to a program such as Reviver won't be able to get at your data, by ov'er- wnting the disk rather than just removing the enter from the file index. I have my doubts as to the usefulness of this tool, but someone, somewhere will probably find it indispensable.
LabTest is a useful program for those concerned with virus damage LabTest creates a database ot file information which you can then compare with the files at a later date and highlight any changes. Again, not a mass-market utility but someone, somewhere... Finally we have the General Practitioner, who as long as he has sufficient funds remaining for the year, will come around immediately and re-organise your disk in order to speed up access. This de-fragmentation process really works, as it repositions the files so that their constituent parts lie as dose to each other as possible.
I had one problem in that after a crash G.P. was convinced the disk was corrupt, although the Analyst thought otherwise - this is one occasion where a full back-up and restore is probably best.
Besides, this will automatically optimise the disk.
TIME FOR ACTION Both programs come with a scheduler program, which is capable ol activating any tool or backup process at a set interval: only really useful if you keep your Amiga switched on 24 hours a day.
Whilst you sleep, the G.P. can re-organise your disk so that when you wake up, not only will you be an inch taller, but everything will run slightly faster too.
OK, to be honest unless your Amiga is in serious professional use and you have a SCSI tape drive for backups (would you want lo be awakened at two o' dock every morning just to insert 40 floppies?! Me Scheduler will be little more than a gimmick.
CONCLUSION A set of disk utilities and back-up software is essential for the Amiga user. There are many programs in the public domain suitable for the task, but AmiBack and AmiBack Tools collect them together and polish them till they shine. A most professional set. R f Cthe first time you use It, it will have paid for itself in ¦ time alone. 7 Arguably the easiest to use and most powerful backup ¦ utility yet. * OVERALL OVERALL AMIBACK TOOLS MICROPACE £69.99 A500+ I A2000 I II DSDD DISKS QTY'S 100+ QTY'S BELOW 100 @ 37P EACH 100% GUARANTEED INCLUDES LABELS AND VAT ACCESSORIES joysticks!
DRIVE £52.95 A500 0.5MB RAM UPGRADE £19.95 A500+ 1 MB RAM
UPGRADE £34.95 A600 1MB UPGRADE £39.95 MOUSE POCKET £ 1.50
COVER £ 3.50 A600 DUST COVER £3.50 Al200 DUSTCOVER £3.50 ROLL
STAR LC10 20 BLACK £2.25 S1ARLC10 20 COLOUR £6.95 SATR LC200 BUCK £2.95 STAR LC200 COLOUR £7.95 STAR LC 24-10 200 BUCK £2.95 STAR LC 24-10 200 COLOUR £5.95 CITIZEN 120D BUCK £2.75 CITIZEN SWIFT 9 24 BUCK £2.75 CITIZEN SWIFT 9 24 COLOUR £5.95 PANASONIC KXP 1050 90 £2.75 PANASONIC KXP 1123 24 60 £3.35 AMSTRAD PCW 5256 5512 £3.75 AMSTRAD PCW 9512 £2.95 AMSTRAD DMP 2000 3000 £2.75 AL OFFER s 200 x 3.5 DSDD DISKS ClL QE PLUS 2 x 100 CAPACITY BOXESTfl 0.7U cables win our i m rows of so f we m u disco am ms mou“Sy?i,ackExt SM AMIGA A500 PLUS PACK C100 0C, KL'Spv tio! « mmnN Mjma 1 I 77. 7 J
3. 5; HIGH DENSITY DISKS 58p for 100+ 60p BELOW 100 CHEQUES
SHOWROOM VISA Everything becomes clear as GVP unveil their
latest 8-bit sound sampler. Emma Chapman lends an ear.
Left: Resplendent In a radically dIMerent clear plastic case, It's DSS8*. Surely there's more to this upgrade than meets the eye?
Anyone watching the Chart Show cannot have failed to notice the rise in popularity of sampling amongst not just rap groups, but mainstream pop artists. Ever increasing numbers of groups and individuals are now using relatively cheap technology to produce ‘songs’ in the hope of becoming the next Megastar.
But even if you are just a humble Amiga lamer, and have no interest in producing a song, sampling has its purposes. For programming, particularly games, samplers are used to create special effects or even background music. Others may simply want to experiment and mess around with music for fun. Whatever your intended use the Amiga is one of the best choices as a low cost sampling system.
There are numerous models available.
However, the hottest product on the scene as of now is the latest product from well-known Amiga developers, GVP. GVP’s UK PR machinery is already gearing up for their latest outing and the hype is about to start. The original DSS was an offshoot of the technology originally developed for use in their high end telecommunications product PhonePak - which we’re still waiting for.
Having gone through several improvements over the last year, GVP decided that component technology had progressed enough to warrant redesigning the basic engineering of the circuit board. Never being people to mess around, GVP also took the opportunity to redesign the casing, improve the manual and the software.
The software could maybe have done with a bit more improving. It seems rather similar to the original DSS8 software and still lacks some of the real-time effects and processing facilities of older competitiors.
HARD FACTS The hardware delivers an 8-bit sampler capable of sampling at rates of up to 51,136 samples per second and incorporates hardware channel selection with separate microphone and line-input ports. All this hardware is held in a compact unit (roughly the size of a cigarette packet) which works with all Amigas by plugging into the parallel port. This hardware can be controlled not only from GVP's own supplied software but also from almost any other Amiga sampling software.
When you get DSS 8+ the first thing you notice is the styling. GVP are a company that take product design seriously, their A500 hard drives winning awards for design, and DSS 8+ is also clearly distinctive in its styling. In fact, its advantages are crystal dear!
A TOUGH CASE The case is made from a transparent polycarbonate (a see through, pretty tough material to you and me) which reveals the internal workings. Many hardware and peripheral manufacturers make special demonstration models just like this, but these are generally only available in limited editions or used for shows.
The next thing that strikes you about the unit is two massive screws. The ports on the Amiga have screw holes which will accept the fixing screws from any cables attached to them. Many cables » There's a basic Soundtracker section within the main program, which lets you try out your samples In a sequence without having to load up your normal tracker sequencer software.
And plug-in peripherals don't bother with these screws because ol the added expense GVP has.
But not only that, they have made them bigger so it is a lot easier to attach and remove the device in complete security. This may seem like a little point, but you try removing standard fasteners it you have arthritis Plugging the unit in and using the software reveals no major surprises. The software provides everything that could be wanted in a sampling environment, the ability to capture sound, mix it up, edit it. Play it back and save the sound to a disk file.
Like the previous incarnation of DSS 8, the soft ware has several components, these allowing for the actual sampling, editing, sequencing and a Control Panel.
IN CONTROL In most hardware products a Control Panel simply allows you to configure the hardware set-up The DSS 81 Control Panel and smaller utilities go a lit tie further. They allow full control of the hardware without having to use GVP's own sampler software. This means you can use your own favourite sampling or sound editing package in case you don't like GVP's.
They also allow full control of the hardware through an Arexx interface. This open architec- ture’ environment is a bold step by GVP. But one which should be applauded. The Arexx interface means that other programs, not directly connected with sound, will also be able to use the sampler.
This means that you could control the sampler from Scala, Hyperbook. CanDo. Or even Art Department Professional it you had the urge From the Control Panel you can control Left and Right input levels, frequency filter settings and sampler relerence level settings. These are all set through simple slider controls and are available at any time with a 'pop-up' panel.
The sequencer is a cut-down tracker-style module This lets you compose sophisticated music without having to worry about notes, staves and other music notation. With the tracker you can create four track songs (lour sounds being played at once). To expenenced musicians lour may seem a little limited, but this was done to allow the tracker to play its sounds through the Amiga's own internal sound chip, which only has lour channels. Each track is represented by vertical bars and you create your songs by positioning notes samples on these bars. When played, the lour tracks are then heard
simultaneously, with the various sounds a occurring in the order you specified on the vertical bars. This section ol the software is fairly competent. But if you are in anyway senous about creating tunes this way there are much better PD offerings, such as Med and OctaMed EDITING Like a text editor, the sample editor lets you create and rearrange your samples. Each sample is stored in a slot. And to access a particular sample you dick on its named slot. You can then change the charactenstics ot a particular sample via an array ot sliders and others gadgets, alternatively you can edit its
waveform. You can cut bits out, paste them back somewhere else and loop a sample - i.e. repeat it, magnify in on part ol the graphic display ot a sample lor easier editing. Having rearranged your sample you can play it back and make further changes Before you can do any of this, however, you must sample your sounds. This, surprisingly, is done in the sampler. Again this is littered with lots of buttons, but is simple to use. You first specity the various attributes such as the sampling rate (the higher the better, and DSS 8. Goes up to
51. 136 samples a second - which is excellent) and then simply
click the mouse button to begin sampling. Finished samples
can then be saved to disk.
CONCLUSION What makes a difference is the quality of the reproduced sound. In this respect DSS 8* is probably the best budget sampler around Although It's only 8-bit. GVP originally engineered the hardware for use in their telecommunications package PhonePak and it features some advanced technology. The samples I created using the package were very impressive. These results, combined with the easy-to-use soltware. Make GVP's DSS 8* a real contender lor the best Amiga budget sampler so far! However, there are more releases to come so we'll keep you posted... JARGON BUSTERS
• AREXX - A macro language lor Uw Amiga, supplied with WB2.0 and
op. Pronidos a itandard interlace alkmlngap- pllcaliont to
communlcalt with each other.
• TRACKER - Generic term tor music sequencing eofurare designed
lor non-muslclans. Comes Irom SoiitilTnckn, Ihe original
example ol Ihls type of program.
• WAVEFORM - Term used lo reler lo the graphical ¦unraiq ol a
sequence ol sample data points WORLD CLASS PERIPHERALS FOR THE
ACCELERATORS FOR AMIGA 1500 AND 2000 if you um your Amiga lor
DTP. Ray trecng graphics or any (XTier SenouS aootcaion you il
eo«eciaie mo power
• rd nrpriccripms m po"orTa"ce lhalar VnfiBk; acceleraiii brings
Accelor.tnr. -splaco nam prixosKir »ilh a taster version ana ;,
cting so Hie speed cI IP a Arg.1 is GVP offer a range of
A1500A2000 accet- erawrs that smpy cmsirp me compeinon lo-
speed and spcc4eation* Tnor G-Force range B ndudes the fasiesi
Amga acceeralor avalabe 9 Ohe 66040 3S*u verson) wtiist oflerng
a range o' 9 fuicfions. Such as 320* RAM ipgrades. SCSI 1
«norTace8 and maths co-processors. II you’ro kxdong lor ways to
boost Ihe power of your Amiga I hen you can t Deal the GVP
G-Fcrce range!
A530 HARD DRIVE A 40mm, ACCELERATOR 42Mb 80Mb 120Mb 42Mb 80Mb 120Mb £499 ¦k v.z - h*« oeo?
£599 £699 £299 £399 £499 G-FORCE ACCELERATORS 030 25mh, 030 40mhz 030 50mhz 040 33mhz Speed MIPS”
7. 48
12. 1 15 30 Processor 68030EC 68030EC 68030 68040 Math co-pro
68882 included 68882 included 68882 included In 68040 Std
32-brt RAM 1i» 4ub 4ur 4k*, Max 32-bit RAM 13-b 16md 16m ti
16mh Extras SCSI SCSI SCSI SCSI Sor Par PRICE £399 £699 £999
£1299 upoone UPOMM UPQ0»« Tho as 30 « a unque combination of
a hard drive. RAM board and .
An acceerator. Inside is a full s Motorola 66EC030 processor = rimnmg at iOteu meMng you - V Amiga faster than you Brought possible The A530. With a malhs co-processor, is up lo 300 times faster than a slandard A500' The new processor and 32-bil SIMMs Is |oned by up to But of 32- bit RAM. Further enhancing .
Performance Features Include
• 40wc 6S030EC Processor
• Up lo to* 32-bit Memory. It* fitted j iVlfr
• Cut Off Switch For Game Compatibility
• Designer Styling to Match the A500
• Dedicated Power Supply and Fan Unlike Many Competitors -
• Mini-slot tor Future Expansions PC
• Factory Installed Hard Disk ro nSfc
• High Speed DMA SCSI Controller - OOC Can Handle 7Devices £uu_
Arvgn. Were ou used » ccnslanPy swap *$ ¦ war for files and
program* lo toad and M aroun waling kw dok accesses you'l rxm
be pushed k keep up with your Amigal Hwd Owes wet* n me same
way as lioppy dsks. DU can hold lar. Lar The ASCO-MDB. PoitOM
the uBrraee n hard , ar.vo performance. N can also increase the
memory of yoy Amiga, and prondo PC I compaiwey FoaturenncUS e
Ultra Fast Access SCSI HD
• Up to 8ut of FAST RAM |l.~I
• Mini-slot for Future I Expansions
• Cut Off Switch For Game Compatibility . Designer Styling to
Match l the A500 ¦ a-ftra • OmUcalad LATOR Power Supply and Fan
i *mo to allow -ou Unlike Many Competitors COO * High Speed DMA
SCSI Controller • luutao 5 J Can Handle 7 Devices FOR A1500
A2000 A3000 A4000 ALL-IN-ONE GRAPHICS CARD Vnpaci Velon 24 is
a tiily featured video card Unlke other gratnes cards which
r«jre you » buy exva modules later. IV24 has evnryttvng you OXM
war* Ircm a video board Due irro tho base model!
Included with IV24 is GVP’s cuswn Video mwrtace lmt (VIU) The ghee you mcro choices for in and outputting wdeo 57100 tan any ctfier Amiga perohora' cn mo martel FREE SOFTWARE WITH IV24 Thoso froo Mies can create stunning 30 rendered mages, retoich caphired meges and tar* belneen 2 .**0 screes wrm 50 packages video Irarencns fc» produceon stucko ottocts Also rduded is (AaxoPant 2. A powerful 24 on graphics package wtuch can point n 188 mmon coixire
• I5I4D 24-Oft tS.BmHUon colour butter IV24 ,v VIU-CT IV24 i-t
V1U-S £999 £1299 G-Lock is fully featured aiowrng you lo mix
Amiga iSvJillJ ¦ generated text and pictures with video
pictures and send tho combined result back to your video
recorder for recording.
• Two Composite Video Inputs.
S-Video (r C) Inpul e Simultaneous Composite S-Wdeo end ROB Output
• Video Processor ¦ Reel Time Software Control of Video
Attributes (sharpness, pain, brightness etc) _
• Arexi Compatible G-LOCK
• Works win Flicker m £349 e Futl Audio Support ¦*"' The HC6.
Hare) ckrro card gnos f Ihe upimate in hem dnve performance ard
ncreason your Amiga's RAM.
E High Speed DMA SCSI Controller - Cen Hendle 7 Devices FOR THE AMIGA 1200 Addng RAM or a hard drWo to your Amiga wil have a considerable impact on Its speed. The GVP SCSI RAM allows you to enhance your Anwga with either its SCSI hard drive interface is one ot the lastest available, whilst its 32- brt RAM upgrade is based on the same technology as that lealured in the best selling A1230.
• fluilNa Fun SCSI Herd Drive Interface
• OpUonel 8Mb of 32-tvt RAM
• Optional 68882 Maths Co-processor e Eety to FR end Doesn't Void
Warranty VIDEO EFFECTS CircMerph horn GVP opens i* the wxtd ot
mnge lo another to create dl rtng special eltects Currently
very popular n music videos and leature hms. Morphing has
become the laabonabe video eHect lo use Now with CmsMotph you
cen create theee Stunning eltects on your Amiga
• Supports the AA Chipset e Static or FtiH Motion Morphing
• *y*JTa9° rCINEMORPH W 9 as eaa ne . Fast Render Times C AQ . 95
• Renders to HAM-E 4*10 and DCTV Other A1200 cards dairmng lo bo
accelerators only add maths coprocessors and extra RAM,
whilst the A1230 can provide both of thoso PLUS an enhanced
This replacement CPU upgrades the A1200‘s existing processor with a 68030EC processor running at 40MH*I 32-bit RAM and a maths coprocessor can also be added, enhancing performance still further.
The A1230 doesn't void your Amiga warranty, and is also compatible with every PCMCIA standard card, and doesn't prevent their use!
. The First True A1200 Accelerator ¦ S303OEC Processor Running at 4Omo ? Up to 32ub of 32-bit RAM i Optional Maths Co-processor i Easy Fitting Trapdoor Expansion - Doesn't Void Your Warranty i Doesni Disable PCMCIA Interlace i Optional 68882 Co-processor - Twice the Speed ol a 68881 A1230 40mhi ACCELERATOR £299 £499 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT - DELIVERY IS FREE OF CHARGE IN THE UK MAINLAND SILICA SYSTEMS OFFER YOU
• FREE OVERNIGHT OEUVERY: On a* hardware orders shipped in the UK
• TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELPLINE: Team of technical experts at your
• PRICE MA TCH: We normally match competitors on a ‘Same product
- Same prce' bass.
• ESTABLISHED 14 YEARS: Proven track record in professional
ccrreuter sales.
• £12 MILLION TURNOVER (with 60 staff): Soid. Refable and
• BUSINESS * EDUCATION . GOVERNMENT: Volume discounts avalable
081-308 0688.
• SHOWROOMS: Demonstration and training facilities at al our
• THE FULL STOCK RANGE: All of your requirements from one
• FREE CA TALOGUES: Will Be maied to you with offers . Software
arx) peripheral details
• PAYMENT: Major credt cards, cash, cheque or monthfy terms
(APR298% - *mten quoimonr«w«i).
Before you decide when to Buy your new Amiga products, wo suggest you think very carefully about WHERE you buy them. Consider what fl wB be Ike a few months after you have made your purchase, when you may requre additional peripherals or software, or hefp and advice And. W4l the company you nothing to worry about We have been established tor almost 14 years and. W*h our unrrvalod experience and expertise, we can now claim to meet our customers’ requrements with an understanding which is second to none. But don’t just take cur word (or * Corr©leie and return the ooupcn now for our latest FREE
literature and bepn * experience the ‘Silica Systems Service”.
4DX 5? Loftenftam Cbun RoM. L_oMon. WIP OBS _Nj law NgH ftwnng_ London. W1A 1AB 1*1: 071-629 rai LONDON SHOP: Opsrtrg Heurs: Ml SIDCUP SHOP: __0p»rgH*r. » iBastmtrikmiil Oxford "Ima, ay_EmrtKn 3S14
3. Kent. DA14 40X T*t 181-302 8811 1-4 The Mews. Hatheriey Rd,
ESSEX SHOP: Keddies 'Jm tori High Street, Southend-on-Sea,
Essex SS11 LA Teh 0702 460039 Ote-g Hxrt UX..F- 10IS. 9Kent
Ccpii Ulr St.-rc htuau,, Tpn_Ft, lk .
To: Silica Systems. CMUSR-0793-68. 1-4 The Mews. Hatheriey Rd. Sidcup. Kent, DA14 PLEASE SEND A 64 PAGE AMIGA COLOUR CATALOGUE MrWrsTMiss Ms: Initials:...... Company Name (it applicable): Addres* .... 'T MAIL ORDER HOTLINE SILICA SYSTEMS 081-309 1111 Postcode: .... Tef (Work): .
Which computerts). Rt any, do you own? 68N eace m*. Ind « alcwo» may oengt ¦ Fvum r*iu"i th« coxxn lo ne BIMI inkxmovxi The Amiga’s fore most landscape generation program has just appeared in its third incarnation.
Mat Broomfield renders a few screens to see how it performs.
VisUi handl'oq ol Ums is greatly improved allowing you to specify their sire, density and even their shape Full 30 trees will greatly increase Ihe amount ol time it takes to rondei a scene Using VmlB s fractal generator it took about an hour on my 68030 Amrga lo render this 24-bit twin peak landscape Pound per pixel, the Amiga still rates as one ot the most powerful and cost-effective graphics computers in the world. This is doubly true thanks to the new Advanced Graphics Architecture (AGA| chips which are capable ot generating screens in up to 256,000 colours at resolutions ot 640x512 and
higher. What better machine then, to flagship the virtual reality revolution?
Vista Pro 3.0 is a tractal landscape generator STRANGE BUT TRUE One ol the most valuable lenout uses lor Vista Pro is the randtriiig ol real landscapes ruing OEMs (0l|ital Elevation Maps). Thera are DEMs available lor just about every noteworthy topographical region In the United States incloding the Grand Canyon, Sequela National Part and Vosemile DEMs ars also available lor many other intoresting regions throughout the world including Mounts Fu|! And Etna, the Alps and even Ihe surface ol Mars.
It's ironic then, lhat Ihere are no DEMs covering parts ot Britain available, and the reason? They're fust too expensive. The British authorities charga such a high price lor geological »d topographical intormalloo ol this sort, thal It's cheaper to buy maps ol the surface ol Mprs than it is to hoy a map ol the Lake District. Snoardonia or Bee Nevrs!
Capable ol creating static and animated landscape scenes in all Amiga screen sizes and colour modes including HAME and 24-bit These landscapes can be generated in a number ol ways.
The lirst is by using Digital Elevation Maps (DEMs) which are essentially the same as ordinary contour maps except inlormation is represented electronically instead ot visually.
ALTERNATIVES The alternative to DEMs is to create an imaginary landscape using Vista's generator which uses fractals to convert a nine digit number into a landscape II you don't mind the long wart, there's even a Lyapunov-to-DEM converter on the disk, although I was never able to generate a believable looking scene using the program.
Whatever the origins ol your landscape it will be converted into a DEM and a contour map will be created on the screen. Although this looks very similar to an elevation map, the actual landscape contains tar more detail than can be displayed Having selected a map. You must now select both the viewpoint (known as the camera position).
The program now otTora avan Boner control ovar ttra arte and typa ot cloud formatlona Inal you can craata. You can aava cloud fomrallona independently ot the landecapee.
And the viewing direction (known as the target).
These may be specified using the mouse, or by typing precise figures into a number ot requestors.
It you use the mouse to specify the camera location. The camera will automatically be located 30 mainly for reference, and as such s cono arc easy to understand. There are also heo sr-iatm mm uals, one of which serves as a tutorial to r* -+r program, whilst the other detais the compafeMfce animation scripting language With this language you can define a voyage through your landscape occupying as few or as many frames as possible. Considenng that sor*e of the numerous sample scripts on the disks cover nearly 200 frames and can take several days to render, it should come as no surprise to
leam that Vista is hard drive installable, and is all but useless for animation purposes unless you have one. True, you could render the frames to RAM: and run them from there, but the size of your memory then restricts the animation duration to unacceptable levels.
CONCLUSION I was enthusiastic about the first version of Vista Pro, and this version is even more powerful and user-friendly. I'm very sad that its memory requirements take it beyond the reach of most users because its entertainment and educational value are immense.
Metres above the terrain where it’s positioned. By using the wire-frame preview mode, you can get a rough idea of the view that you will get although it takes practice to equate the wire-frame view with the finished image.
To further refine the final output, you can choose between a wide angle or zoom lens, and these work in exactly the same way as their counterparts on a camera. It's even possible to change the focal length and field of view.
SIZE MATTERS The next step is to specify the image size in pixels.
This is done using the new graphics panel which lets you specify both the image size and the screen mode. Images up to 4096x4096 are supported.
Having specified the image size, you’re ready to render your first image. The time it takes to render will vary according to a number of factors. The screen resolution, image complexity and additional terrain features (such as trees, clouds, etc) will all take their toll. There’s a separate version of the program for owners of accelerated machines and this version runs significantly faster than the standard program.
At the lowest resolution, with no screen frills, a landscape can be rendered in a minute or two. But taking one of the more complex images, especially one that includes full three dimensional trees, it’s quite possible to spend upwards of eight hours rendering on an unaccelerated Amiga... Before you walk away, it's worth noting that all screens are rendered as 24-bit images, and these are only converted to specific screen formats when you save them.
Fractals is the generic name for a simple but revolutionary type ot mathematics pioneered by a man named Benoir Mandlebrot. By applying simple formulae to the construction of natural objects such as landscapes, a high level of complexity and realism can be achieved. Vista Pro also uses a precursor of fractal maths known as recursion. The basic theory of recursion is that large objects are made up of lots of smaller objects which have the same characteristics as each others. Therefore a mountain can be simplified as a jagged triangle shape. Furthermore any part of that mountain, no matter
how small, is also very broadly speaking, a jagged triangle shape. Knowing this, you don’t need to know the exact dimensions of every millimetre of the mountain in order to draw it realistically. All you need is its overall size, and a list of the rules which govern its shape.
You can then till in the fine detail by extrapolating from this information.
Although Vista Is supplied with a Lyapunov-to-DEM generator, the fractal generator Is far more effective and lets you create billions of different landscapes.
A far greater problem than the long rendering times (on basic Amigas at least) is the astronomical amount of memory that the program requires to run. AG A display modes require at least 6Mb of RAM, and even non-AGA modes need 4Mb.
FEATURE RACKED When I asked Virtual Reality Labs why the program was so memory intensive, they responded by saying that they wanted to include every feature that their users requested. Whilst I praise this laudable sentiment, I would suggest that they should '' strike a balance between the accessibility of the program to ordinary users and the number of features it supports.
A number of new options have been added since version two. The most interesting feature must surely be the option to create three dimensional images which can be viewed through 3D glasses (not supplied). Better still, Vista can also generate stereo image pairs, which, if viewed with the right equipment (say a virtual reality headset) create genuine 3D without resorting to colour trickery.
Another interesting new feature is the option to add roads and buildings to a landscape. Buildings are merely square blocks of a pre-defined size, but they do provide an outline for your own hand- drawn modifications. Roads, on the other hand, seem rather pointless. Not only are they tricky to use, but you can't even specify their colour.
The tree function has also been vastly improved. The four basic tree types (cactus, oak, pine and palm) still exist, but the user now has infinitely more control, both in the trees positioning and their appearance. Each landscape is divided into four elevation zones, and you can specify the type, size and density of trees to be found in each zone. Furthermore, you can opt between unconvincing, but fast-to-render two dimensional trees, or you can specify the level of three dimensionality.
The higher the level, the greater the number of foliage layers that are drawn, and the longer the rendering time.
DOC SUPPORT The program also comes with excellent documentation. The main spiral bound manual is designed MERIDIAN £69.99 A500B A500+ B A600 B A1200B A15D0 B A2000 B A3000 B A400D B Requires 4Mb of RAM (6Mb for AOA display) MERIDIAN DISTRIBUTION, EAST HOUSE, EAST ROAD INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, LONDON, SW19 1 AH.
TEL: 081 543 3500 EASE OF USE ? ???????' ?95% ???????*??80% ??????????70% ? ?????? ??85% VALUE FOR MONEY NASA pay millions lo a EFFECTIVENESS TV-quality results, but.
INNOVATION £ A superb and well polished pro- ¦ gram capable of some truly _ amazing results. ™ OVERALL 90% EVERYTHING you NEED FOR VOUR AMIGA AT LOW PRICES X COPY MO new 0*1 Uwl mloi - (BBlMa « N 1 Aataartio Cretan* al
* W« Ml*ilr ouooooi MM CYCLONE ADAPTOR C ZsAVE cttslaTiX lllagal
Wwv CTVIUMTK* I (o 'writ* off' aoua Aalga.
£119.99 40MEG only 60MEG only £169.99 80MEG only £199.99
120MEG only £299.99 PRICE INCLUDES: £164.99 £214.99 £249.99
£349.99 FITTED FREE while U wait All ¦ is price COLLECTION,
PACK' FROM WICKED' 20 OR 40MEG £199.99 £229.99 FROM £339.99
OUR Specially Negotiated LOW COST NO FUSS Warranties cover BOTHCOMPUTER & DRIVE FROM ONLY £27.99
COMPUTERS UPTO £600 - £27.99 for 2yrs or £42.99 for 3yrs.
COMPUTERS UPTO £999 - £32.99 for 2yrs or £67,99 for 3yrs.
Not availoble few Business users E*cKnk n*:- theft; wiluldamooe. Cosmetc damage - lul wrdter detain on request. These ate Return to Bate warrants*. Computer must be undet 6 months old.
Computer votue used to calculate warranty cost must include cost of internal hotd drrve WHY HOT COVBR YOUR AMIGA 500, 600, 1200STAHDALOHB OR 4000 - the price« above apply. Monitors 4 printers can also bo covered -poa.
STANDALONE BVXLT-XN J,»" disk duvi only IS£“ «•*¦»» i TV MOOULATOB womanic* a. os CARTOON CLASSICS BUILT-IN J.*- PLUS DISK Dtni LBMUHW UCO RAH CAPTAIN PLANET MOUSE TEE SIMPSONS TV 9COULATO* DELUXE PAINT 3 WD*XBD,C* 04 onlt taa«.»*y 3 Hag ¦ rsiom add jual FREE STARTER PACK NITE ALL NBK CITIZBH SWIFT 90 C179.99 TNIS BRAND NEW MODEL replace* tha Swift 9 COLOUR Spin! H o 240n» In high •* ! Draft 6 54cpe NO prietiwj spaed. I built-in (onI*. Friction 6 tractor feocb. Paper pack. Low o at ribt 2 yaar warranty. H eon rX450 6 IM Preprints III wlatiov. Low r Isssl. • ' »»l.t and.-.
CITIZBH SwirT 9 COLOUR ONLY £179.99 CITIZBH SWIFT 240C COLOUR £284.99 CITIZBN SWIFT 240 MOHO £269.99 K| 24fepa draft 6 SO i» letter aaality print apead. 5 Is ( - - •• ... AMIU DAIVtA DON T BE WITHOUT A WARRANTY...... C MM*dor haea told ua that thair On-iite warranty will not npply if tha Warranty aaala are broken by ANTONE including daalara.
"Mr** v fAm .
SEN SWIFT a00 SUPERB MIOEL S ONLT £209.99 CITXEEN SWIFT aOO COLOUR ta««.99 24 Din! Hoqe feaft 6 SO -pe letter reality print spaed. Hina latter reality font., 2
• calabl* letter tpiaUty fotta. Faper perking, puab t pull
tractor food, friction feed.
Tpacn 10570, NC P20 i IBM Fix irInter24m asulaticaa. 2 year warranty AMIGA 1200 MEMORY & CLOCK UPGRADES A1200 INTERNAL CLOCK MODULE - £19.99 Plua into intarnal socket (not fittod to all 1200s)- fitting inealidatas warranty. SATTKRT BACKED.
AMIOA 1200 PAST RAM CARDS .2*0 F04CIA 2 NC 16BIT PAST RJM (149.99 29® I04C1A C 4MIC I6BIT PAST RAH 1224.99 CITIZEN PROJET INKJET LASER OUALfTV PRINT 10*4*1 leaar reality 50 soul* IM )et printer. F letter quality print apsed.Tluee letter piality fa Floe eauUtion. Cptional 121k 6 254k re carfc. 10 SEXKOSEA OP 104 budget LASER PRINTER £559.99 Inc eat page par ainota! HP leearlat IIP emulation! 100.100 DPI; ly, on aite w acript eeraion with a wag ran (S49.99 inc eat MICINSOIICS «l rangai lb 6 wicnceoiics i4«i 1 MICKGBCTIICS 141*1. In Available with or wl undaraid iripta.
COLOUR MONITORS RXCOi LpiaOO LASER PRINTER €799.99 inc eat 6 pages minute; PCL5 with eceUble fotta; n»to 400.* 1 raaolutiom (100 atandud, 4 ratyiiraa a«tra 2mq rra) | tmt ram aa standard! Straight paper path! Resolution ¦ fiiMn IC card slot tor flash me; a PHILIPS CM8833nk2 COMMODORB OHLY £229.99 1084S 14* slninn £199.99 AVAIUJUC FASTEN Jim, 60191 V MSIOHS ART ALA PLEASE ACC n ABDtV PRJCXS .
* 300 4 500. - M MIVT (1(4.99 1 HD*. 42 Hog for A5®0 - PRICK
DCWW - 1244.99 I HD*. *0 nag for *509 - PRICE DO* - 1145.99 P
- only
(575. 99 « either 1 EXTERNAL DISK DRIVES r AX5*0 20** - NO DU nag
for *1590 2000 ¦ag for *15*0 2*00
• Dot pitch - 0.28mm.
• Antiglare 14” hi-brightness screen.
• Digital memory sizing - for automatic borderless display in all
Amiga modes.
• All controls at front.
• VGA compatible for PC use. SHARPER
• 15-40KHZ horizontal scan rate. Ptctiidp
• 45-90HZ vertical scan rate.
• Tilt-swivel base included. TH*" ™E 1960 OHLY £469.99 IHC AMIOA
II MCI SERIES II NCR Tha IK $ Sanaa f .CUMANA CAX354 £64.99
Iqajraife. ? Clock - now only £44.99 KXTIA CARD* - SEN Al 29*
204X0 FOR A500 £177.99 InclurWa socket* (or up to 2ang (mi
m .ry (1)4.99 Urqar SCSI hard VwtTTX AT **» PLUS 2*6 PC MJIAKM
*1500 2000 other, av COMMODORE 1960 14” MULTISYHC COLOUR
MOHITOR «*S IH ALL A129* «ns Inc law (15.6.Hr sodas) SPECIAL
OFFER - £399.99. Fries inc Productivity adaptor csblsa par
-eg art,.. * gr*dabl* w I DTP packages Desktop publishing is
no longer the exclusive domain of rich arty types with Apple
Mat Broomfield and June Brierly summarise your Amiga options.
BUYER'S GUIDE As ils name indicates, desktop publishing (DTP| is the process ot creating publications trom your desk - as opposed to a commer dal printing environment These publications may be as small a a single sheet newsletter or report, or they can run to hundreds ot pages complete with 24 bit artwork With its WIMP environment and its graphical abilities, the Amiga is the ideal choice tor low cost, high periormance DTP work, and there's ; healthy rivalry lor Ihe accolade ot best DTP package We re going to take a look at the main packages to see what they otter.
PROFESSIONAL PAGE 4 GOLD DISK • £199.95 For a long time. Professional Page has been seen as the de tacto standard tor Amiga DTP software. Despite intense rivalry with Softlogik's Pagestream.
Pro Page has always managed to stay one step ahead. In version 4, Gold Disk have yet again managed to come up with the features people want... but at a very heavy cost.
One ot the program's more impressive leatures is its support for the AGA chipset as lound in the At 200 and A4000. This means that you can now work in 256 colour screen modes tor greater accuracy Better yet, you can also use those wonderful new ultra-high screen resolutions, although you're going to need an e»pensive monitor to appreciate them One essential new feature (for magazine design at least) is Pro Page 4s ability to handle double page spreads This means that you can now add pictures and titles which extend across two lacing pages.
Although the program handles scalable lonts. It can only directly use those which are saved in Compugraphic format. A conversion program is included so that you can use the wide range of Adobe Type 1 tonts available in the public domain, but It’s not 100 per cent reliable. Another serious problem with Pro Page s font handling, is that it can only load tonts stored in the assigned CG tonts directory. This means that you must either create a very large directory on your hard drive, or you must keep re assigning the directory when you want to use other tonts. It would be nice to see Gold Disk
give up their obsti- nance on this teature. And simply build Type 1 support into the program Perhaps the program's greatest asset is the incredible precision to which you can work. Everything happens in boxes: text is loaded into bounding boxes, as are graphics These boxes can be sized and positioned to 1000th ol a millimetre precision, as can the size ot tonts and graphics within them Strangely enough, lonts can only be resized in both axis simultaneously, whereas Pagestream lets you resize in either one independently of the other.
The program supports Arexx, and this is put to good use In Genies', single commands which can be used to perform complex operations such as creating drop caps.
Although a bitmapped art program is included, if you own Pro Draw 3 the two can be hot-linked together As you make a change to a graphic in Pro Draw, it will automatically be applied to the same graphic it It's used in a Pro Page document Also included is a fairly uselul word processor (called the article editor).
Both article and bitmap editor are attached to the program and can be accessed via a simple menu option.
One factor that limits the nuhtber of people who can use this program is the rather demanding system specifications needed - you MUST have a hard drive and at least 2Mb ot memory Unlike previous versions ol the program. Professional Page 4 is extremely unstable, and it seems to crash or otherwise misbehave with almost painful regularity Gold Disk are apparently working on a new bug lree version, and this may be available as you read this, but based on the versions I've used.
I'd be inclined to stidt with version 31 Contact: Silica Systems, 1-4 The Mews, Hatherly Road, Sidcup, Kent, DA14 4DS. Tel: 081 309 1111.
PAGESETTER 3 GOLD DISK • £49.99 Pageseltercan nghtty be thought ol as Pro Page s little brother Although early versions ol the program were not too clever, version 3 is only marginally less powerful than Pro Page version 2 and its support ol the AGA chip set is an added bonus Pagosotter works in essentially the same way as its more accomplished sibling, with all text and graphics being imported into bounding boxes which may then be freely positioned and resized as requirements dictate.
Although bitmapped graphics can only be shown In a maximum of four colours, structured art can be displayed in up to 256 colours on an AGA machine. Non-AGA machines are only capable ol 16 colours, but these are dithered to produce over a thousand 'apparent' colours. Graphics may be imported in all IFF formats may be imported including 24-bit. However. Ihe graphics editor supplied with the program can only support non- AGA. Non-HAM screens.
As you would expect, the program uses both bitmapped and compugraphic tonts, and was in tact the first program to allow you to add patterned fills to typelaces.
Pagestream can import text in a wide variety ol formats, and its powerful text editor is a slightly cut-down version of Transwrite. The text editor is even supplied with a spelling checker, so you could actually use It as your main word processor.
As you would expect, trom a program such as this, pnnted output is both slow to produce and high in quality.
Pagestream will run on a 1 Mb Amiga with two floppies, so it’s also the least demanding of the DTP packages reviewed here.
Contact: Silica Systems, 1-4 The Mews, Hatherly Road, Sidcup. Kent, DA14 4DS. Tel: 081 309 1111.
Four years ago, the difference between DTP packages and word processors was clear. DTP packages were for page layout and design, and word processors were for handling text only documents.
Then came Wordworth, the first of the so-called page publishers; word processors which had enough DTP features to blur the distinction between the two.
WORDWORTH 2 OIGITA INTERNATIONAL • £129.95 Wordworth 2 supports scalable fonts, and is supplied with 17 Compugraphic typefaces. It also supports bitmapped graphics and AGA screen modes.
Its graphic handling abilities are not as flexible as those of a DTP package; it can't handle structured or clip formats for a start, nor can it deal with 24-bit images. However, for the average home user, its features are more than adequate tor creating reports, doing homework and that sort of thing.
However, as an added bonus (because Wordworth 2 is marketed as a word processor) it has excellent text editing and proofing features.
These include a very comprehensive English spelling checker and thesaurus, indexing features, headers and footers and a host of other options.
The program is far more intuitive to use than a DTP package, and is a delight to use.
It can import and export text written on a variety of other Amiga word processors, and even recognises PC Word Perfect format.
Perhaps the program's very best feature is its encyclopaedic support for just about every printer in the known universe - and then some!
Quality from your print outs.
Contact; Digita International Ltd, Black Horse House, Exmouth, EX8 1JL.
Tel: 0395 270273. CtAZ This means that unless you own some weird device built and designed on the third moon of Tau Ceti, you're certain to get the best possible The PageStream vs. ProPage battle continues with the release of PageStream v.2.2. Of course the choice is dear if you don’t have a hard drive, as current versions of ProPage cannot be used without one, but PageStream will run from floppy disk.
PAGESTREAM 2.2 SOFTLOGIK • £69.95 £ 199.95 PageStream v.2.2 uses Workbench 2 styling, with standard requestors. Many improvements have been made; for instance, the option to select items by double-dicking has been added, and the program can now be loaded by selecting a document icon.
PageStream opens with a blank page onto which you can import graphics, draw columns to receive prepared text, or type directly onto the screen; this produces a ‘text object’, which can be resized and manipulated, including the ability to rotate, slant and twist it. Unlike Pro Page, sizing handles appear on the active object only, giving an uncluttered look and showing instantly which element is selected. There is a useful Align’ option which will automatically align objects to the top, bottom, sides or centre of your page, or to each other. To enable you to line up objects precisely, you can
use Snap to Grid or Snap to Guides, using a grid measured in inches, centimetres or points.
Structured drawing tools are provided, and variations in line style and width can be applied to all structured shapes. In version 2.2 the tools have been redesigned, combining the rectangle with the square, the ellipse with the circle, etc. A new magnify shrink tool has also been added.
PageStream can import bitmap pictures, ProDraw. Adobe Illustrator and EPS clips; when you save a document any graphics are saved with it, and will appear automati- Rename Me cally as soon as the page is loaded.
HotLinks support for SoftLogik's Bitmap Editor and PageLiner programs is provided.
Font handling is excellent, especially if you own many typefaces. Eleven fonts are supplied, and SoftLogik’s own fonts, Adobe Types 1 and 3, and Compugraphic formats can all be used.
You can load fonts from any drive, adding them to your fontlist as and when you need them.
Unfortunately there's no preview facility, but a FontSpec template is supplied so you can print out the full character set of any typeface for reference.
PageStream can apply many styles to your text, from the usual italics, underline and bold to more unusual effects such as shadow and reverse. Text can be in any colour, on any colour background, and your choice of fill patterns, including a user-definable pattern, can be added.
Type size can be selected from the given list or typed into a string gadget, and the range of possible sizes far exceeds anything you are ever likely to need.
Text flow round graphics is
- well supported, and columns II Sj E 3 are easily linked,
allowing u 1 ¦ y°ur text 10 ,,ow *rom one co*‘ jjj- ° | umn to
another, onto any page of your document.
Templates and style tags can be created.
Dozens of printer drivers are provided, including the popular Canon bubblejet and H.P. Deskjet ranges.
PageStream overrides your Workbench Preferences settings to produce the best resolution possible.
The colour separation feature lets monochrome printers produce colour pictures by passing the same piece of paper through your printer four times, with a different coloured nbbon or ink cartridge for each pass. Crop marks are available for use with any pnnter. And the improved PostScnpt dnver can also include slur gauges, colour strips, registration marks, and frequency and screen angle for print bureau use.
Soft Logik are currently running a special offer version of Pagestream which comes shrink wrapped (as opposed to boxed) for only £69.95 - a discount of £130 on the regular boxed edition.
Owners of the shrink wrapped version will not receive a free upgrade to version 3.0 (which is due in the Autumn), but they will receive a voucher enabling them to upgrade for $ 125.
Contact: Meridian Distribution, East House, East Road Industrial Estate, London, SW19 1 AH. Tel: 081 543 3500. W » The program is let down by its nonexistent import export filters which restrict its ability to communicate with other industry standard software.
However, its print engine is even more powerful than Wordworth's so if results are your ultimate concern, this is well worth a look.
Contact: Gordon Harwood Computers, New Street, Alfreton, Derbyshire, DE5 7BP. Tel: 0773 (TTfr 836781.
Lacking Ihr slamira for a prolonged chase., lijec cly on their striped markings to conceal their movements as they silently creep op on llrii victims before making a s i If i i ¦ I n I 'III I FINAL COPY II SOFTWOOD INC.* £99.95 Final Copy II is the only real rival for Wordworlh in the page publishing stakes. It can handle standard Compugraphic fonts, but it also uses a propriatory typeface called Softfonts, which produce even better quality output than the Compugraphics. For people on a budget. Final Copy II also handles Adobe Type 1 fonts (which are available in the public domain in
their hundreds), and it's the only word processor to do so.
Remaining with text handling, Final Copy II even has features which are not found in DTP packages such as positive and negative obliquing for precise control over the direction and degree by which text slants (if at all).
Like Wordworlh, the program has a number of text flow options so that you can specify exactly how text should position itself around graphics. Uniquely, it also lets you place graphics under text.
Thanks to Typesmith (or Font Designer as it is known in non- English speaking countries) Amiga owners can now design and edit fonts which can be imported and exported in all the most popular formats including postscript, Adobe type 1 and Compugraphic.
In some ways, Typesmith is similar to any other structured drawing package in that the individual letters are constructed out of bezier curves.
However, because of some Postscript printing rules that the program adheres to, the simple if time-consuming design process may seem a bit unfamiliar at first.
This is an essential program for serious (and well heeled) DTP enthusiasts.
Contact: Silica Systems, 1-4 The Mews, Hatherly Road, Sidcup, Kent, DA14 4DS. Tel: 081 309
No discussion of desktop publishing would be complete without mentioning the scalable font technology which has improved output quality beyond recognition.
Unlike bitmapped fonts which are designed to be used only at specific sizes (and which deteriorate drastically when they are used at other sizes) structured fonts can be rescaled with virtually no loss of quality.
The only trouble is, there are lots of different types of structured fonts, and different programs require different types. To make matters worse, until recently, there was no way of designing your own structured fonts on the Amiga. You had to use a designer on the Mac or PC then convert the fonts across.
Y - 2.«« PRO DRAW 3.0 GOLD DISK • £129.95 Nothing perks up a page layout better than a picture, and nothing improves a picture better than designing it in a structured drawing package such as Pro Draw.
All drawings created with such a program consist of nothing more than a series of connected lines and curves. Whilst this method costs more memory if the image is to be be printed at a small size, the great advantage is that no more memory is needed, even if the image is printed at gigantic sizes.
Furthermore, the printed image is always produced at the maximum quality of the printer.
Although there are contenders in the structured drawing package market, Pro Draw is the one against which they're all competing, and in my opinion, it's still far and away the best choice.
Contact: Silica Systems, 1- 4 The Mews, Hatherly Road, Sidcup, Kent, DA14 4DS. Tel: 081 3091111.
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• *4 2716 RESCUE Sixxeshp game da kSaample txrehyf g-au-Ks
- 2721 e-typeroyex-dsaT.
Where kw |d oreurd coterrg weapens J -4 2723 SOUTABE Popular card retell vetsen RS TNS IS to best grgphed QiMnk'te m*! Grtir sMe gome wfti supa Itel sc-Olrg J*4 2738 A* TRAFFIC CONTROL ’ ¦
* s nk toAifkti IE ROYAL Why tx to case TtrtyOKr, srrtie Fcctbcd
Morcgenvnigxiie J'4 2802 CARO O RAMS 00 hrven.
Crib Kkrdfce. Blar* nX Spodo. Shed Jl4 2803 FVZZLES God. (XrrCCdl F*Mg C!trc6rtny.G« .W, Ckrt. AorchoL dgycrbu odtw? Tor peopk you Seed Trust ? *4 2854 SPACE NVAIDERS H A tensed dd dassc tooce tmrtckrs game J 2863 FIGHTUG WARRIORS A karate combat fchirg contest game.
? *4 2876 ESCAPADE B«* bricks n a wd WhttngobalwrhbT erect CM ¦932 MVVCHX :• .r-jonct, Terj fen lbs so must Vcu scroWe bowd ft yew nwp pkxe tuns toicreund to get ports EXTREME WOUNO ?raphe pi J *. Vbft jn, 2749 ?'4 2623 ?!- 2637 Hi- 296S J"4 2870 ?ot 2872 ?to 2763 puuk'l htoose Cmlne to ds* Is ,ou wart » r,vr EEC (NON UtQ Y7en o 0a d S cksa pi Aemolpcatoge.E tNTERNATlONORO€RSC'eoseal(!2W £, 10 your ordNS lotd tMn £2 001 to carer OctoEs on to order korm prowded CUT out or Phoiocopy to atort arvd Post to to Art* ess abate Hand written ordas ore dso occpded Ipo ft'c | Card Card No ???????? DDDC
I I enclose chequr PO for I Signature I best spread. .. „ '• V332 PUNT PROGRAM PrcdC ¦ hors* wil win lhe toce VI50 BUSMSS CARD MAKER awn business ords 600 Business LETTERS 600 Standard Busikss Inters VI90 DCS* TOP PUBUSHHO tortwes.Texl & Otpiks Edfcrs V392 AMCASH BANKM -a!
N potjttn tot l ho a ana uaed V39ft CMCMHTTTKS v2.M 0*5 its (®na tie coktk node V401 WINOOWBEWH .10 (2) _«rh 2 reparcm*rt.' Lrarotc Worlbench .13 users V«20 CURSOR BASIC COMPtl* , Anugo Bosk program
• Awn-moetR ¦¦•*a io iket In High Res rode i* programs ctotatons
M Turns n khanafhl UOKJExc
* groprtc art*es a vat
• 3 CKSKMASTIP .12 Copes _ n one disk to exohe*
• V262 OUPUCATON & 8AOCV* u&RS&SB&SSK : toer & run ime support
The Comdek ih di tks needed (2J
MATHS I ag chcWcr og« 6 9 wh n« V Khxl ll(«wgta[fKs£«.99
* » educouxin! Gomes on to (Vert ratos £4.99 »FlfrCH£RfONTSA3
pock d 50 • XtO point 16 cokwr s includes HKTipiasos £9 * 2Mb
PUY & READ CHAUiNGf togs kw to urder 7 s IS PAINT A Donlrg
dcs*gned lo* chidem colours 6 spe«h FASTFACTS, EveThmg «w - .ip
Produces ditere* PLANETS naxtflKOKni AMOS USSON 1 to xai(»o®am
AP0151 DS GAMES «c udK ti. $ Kms m Wort Rons Whcd ol krt.ne
SaUp.AkcUjertTv Am ga .ExponsonSrtHftCll £15.99 WAPS ANIMATION
• wfcObv'Ct-OStortW 2Sm« ottato render £11.99 tSKS Iheeomdek 10
660 £19.99 ¦WO ran DISKS 'V :v~c**9 xszsi
s. onl al rftxrrvjiot- ~ the Desert Slorm Alta: I. LANGUAGE TUTOR
vl.O french German ft llolon SECONO WORLD WAR ft Iran llie PC
So you can do work on
* W or on Arrvqo ft Swap led VS23 Dice C COMPUR (2) Vvalhew Obons
Ml featoed p-Twer ~«* ft enwrorment system CATALOGUE UTUT1ES -
coJochon ol u tines used Va CoViVxi dsk Video ft Tape
odteotans |2| I!- VS67 PRINTER WVER GENERATOR selection ol
uUhes Wlh various xoeikrt liner Orwor Gereralors I *. VS*9
0LM3CCM MAPPER *1.1 Condewn ropskxdu'gxns ft Towns J •. VS73 nu
ft HO Kxldc»20.
Ilo Mrdot. DasConltd. Combines functors ol mor» set»ate looH |2| V575 HOMC BUSINESS PACK selecai« crtiss lowl cr m trvasg Oan MaragemeY.
* *»eod»e«s. AccouWftfVnlna W J V5B3 tCONCDCTOR ¦ *7.0. Con oeoie
kons upto 640«?00 « Kcrs. Ml 4 Crau or. Kcvo VSB7 GCUGMTI FONTS
CD A sdectond lontslorusewihor OTP Pwkoge or Dpon tasks J •.
V610 GOU SCORtS vl 84 l wil :ord eoch round you play. Skre I
* * V6II FOOTBALL ItAGUt fDHOR vl.l rtnnt a u0»n scut ream f
potion os tse toulh ccme »i _ V620 ASPIC! .3.2 ful leolurod
pogrom fee deem; ckcu i J I- V624 NIB CCPRR .2.0 indwHbWirodes
soach mole ft speoa paomeier copy J V627 OPAMT FONTS No * 1-3
|3I The fcoesl selatcn lontslorioc vv*h ctt FI Parrrg DTP
Progtam J I- V635 «eM IAMAAT0R *15 Is a CGACdosr ewtC fmdokr
wthen to nona’yAmgo Shorrmoto sasnti
* • VftftO HOMt MANAGCR o 0 ¦eol oil m one orMtess brx* Wlh on
• encry doiabose ft To-do is V661 VBTTtx Creak 3d oOocts nttxxr
usng lhe X. Y ft Z ssews loads ScuW 5d'4d4TutoSWo J I- V662
DCOPY .0 PRO ' u on sekd the sp»d d »te chk Otw. CW» mcdcs.
Oas. MtKccw. «kt ft sdotctv
* . V67B DRAW MAP W.l (2) You gerveroie *o« mops in dew ; 3d a ?d
JZVCot JIMB V681 GAAU TAMtR v7.2 Get O hdd d *NJI wvo hold pare
ft Cheoi J «. V684 FONT HMTOR .10, Also contains other (Allies
ff fonts V68S ASTRO ASTROLOGY .3 0 sReAmgo ... ... *112 Ahitms
xogtatr has been rs’akti yc« itnao
- ' tton then read 72CR IBM Dsks V688 MAONPK PAGtS .1 30 a ds«
tnsed Mti gochcs V690 WB 2 3 U1ILITIS CorAjns .
To70T6Pn»dui3t«h«e been wti WB? TokeVIodsonugedlhemonr pobllns
thol ore OdMDe |2) 193 HARLEOUN VC40 ART ft A video trodxlm
with evcdterri bockgrcunds ft fonts (3) ¦698 AGRAFH vd O Brrgs
70 cheop do* Bar. Ire Arco ft Pe chart fcdoclo'c (cewnWkr poati
J ** V70S MtD .351 • icetent updere to te laitus rrcoc crccrcm
J *• V710 AREXX TUTCRM txkdra snerd sarpk Crea sap* & sor»k
pogs Ateo canes hw on d BB ? 04. Dies J *4 V7I1 UNIX Cmtoro a
swxkrsg demo d l tno. A Una wxkalke Mux is s»s»em cdl corpoiobe
J *. V715 COA4PUTI BSU rt»s te crflre tort d the New TesAamcn
ft Tordi idd Tetomerrt !.Mb 131 J •. V718 SPECTRUM EMULATOR
.1.4 Vahch r. NOW1 3 smes kislot j V719 IrtECOPY vlS protected
gomes ccpy protection so that ihe user con rrskt* them on HD J
- . V727 ART OF MB) 2 Arom- racNInnl select at Med lunes
vl. la Vne froctai i*pes whch rckde logtsW EdLOtcn. Coosr lr s &
roes J *• V732 WB W.04. UTUlttS fPSc Ccopr Bool Menu.
Scenery. Huge J *. V733 SOFTWARE USTER .16 This progrom s
designM to keep a Rock ol your Software colechon J *. V742
ONLINE .14 (“oyar nil dO*ycu kind (hodsnihn gores J *» F691
* 3« is he krgwi cdkcion d utites.
Dxumoils ft eoarplcs kr C " tonsils d s« meruaS wlh ow 40 chcpRrs (S) J *. V7S7 AMIGAOEX vl.41 Creates O cord **de« database system J *. V7S8 TlXTPLLS v4.0e Another upd*e d this exelerY iwo pro- vhkrdd-rte
* 4.0 Up doled verson d lhe Word processor . CxceiirA spei
check** J *. V761 A-GENE .4 IB *he Oefl versas at lhe ck xj or
qrrcaoar drla base trogan. By Mle Smpscn J *. V770 ACCOUNT
* 2.12 f¦ceicrl Amos nnren proatom j *• V773 WB .2.04 tMNOOMMCH
* 2.0 Iweleni Workbench repAxe- meni tor ai M *2 04. Users |2|
- . V777 VCAC1 CU .5.5 thedsaa caYrol he Ql whyoj own vdce
* . V778 RAYSMADE .0 Cor'd® Niaingpocloge 2 MO (3) V782 FORMS
Create, fail Crow. Cdour ft pilnl your awn terms J *» V7B3
PROGRAMMING TOOLBOX Van cxijcrrs k k yxr dwkp- trem eforts
i-rusi C bX scrre in bosk J '. V7B4 AREXX (2) dste vvftvh caYan
Atca acjar; ft erompes J *. V7B6 PASCAL Th6 dS» COYons herpUrg
needed k progmm k Posca incudes o6» 68X0 onetrbkr & mac j *,
V444 PHNTIR DRIVER C*S* III Yew contorts mlructcns on how to
nodi tom indido over 90 V479 CHISS ft UTUT1ES A ccAectton ol
chess reiored fifties V4B4 ADVENTURE SOLUTIONS
2) SoJulens tor va-ious games V449 AmlBASi PRO *2.0 This _ V844
___________ Trts is the Wrti cdtectcn d frocto Gcnaatmg
salwarc on fie Amga J *« V869 ANIMATION ASST ID Mi sdre ncry d
»ocr avtftw pottoH hdxfcs Aardje. (t«rs 3A & Anolocfs J *.
V871 3d HELPER A.-e«u Osl g cut ¦rhJSgaXts Iheonhciysu.to!
J*. V872 ICON TOOL KIT m obXit erery ted vou ccuW mogfe J *• VB73 UGFC .1.1 Wl help you Iran side behveen Graphic lormols ? *. V87S SPACE Hdp yxi Sudy.
Tons*, me yo's ft ceesiai J V876 SYSTEM TEST y*i Checks L reports ai yax contMs J “* V879 BEAT OIS MOOOIIS tor use With OctiVEO includes o Player J *. V882 MAGNUM .1.4 Another lent Disk MogaOne Creolor _ V888TRONICAO *1.0 Tt« best CAO p'ogrcm to vxr Amga WITH Vanoca ptowet lunctrxa J *• V896 TOCXMANAOER ir2.0 totudes to ctoiy k odd rr«n k rox menu odd WB tons or Mrtom _ . V899ABACKUP .4 AfkwWkJ brxiup rtir, hot mo, be used M h« D-nebKtopftfleArtrtwiq J *• V900 BOOTJC8 .ID rtkto xctcraksUe iB«lvre*cre«ecu»a , bsdttok Cm sew ffi as trtcAito tos J *• V901 FMI *2.2 nfcMoler k creole mu own inrca
iffr-corts J-. V921COMPUGRAPHC KXTS Wil wort Wlh Dpoini .41 fYoPoge3 fogesteorr, Poaeserter 4 Work bench *7 04. Abojt 30 fonls 0) V924 PLOT MAP v08S An eiko rwftido»tnap.40ofHI
* . V925 SLAUGHTER CHEATS ArtXher selection ol Hacks ft Chocfc
* . V928 IX LITTLE OFFICE One ol to besi disks oi the presem tme
cwicesi*oheseri3( Vtru filh trerus on yxr WB saeen V801100 NO
PAGE 3 FONTS Theses knts ore tor use w*h Pro Poge 4 »Checked
wlh lhe kni cortHTer h cares whynr fro fkoe3 1V806 WB »2.04
UTUT1ES 12) 2nd cdtedon d WB W 04. Uilkes ihd k*e aJvomw d he
NEW copoWies J *. V811 EUCTPOCAD vl.42 ft PRO WbwTcnad V8I2
CANON fhrikt errors ft Conyi Skdo. Ghes beoer pdY a-tiAi kr onr
9 an pr*Y» J •» V814 PC TASK .1,11 a o satwarc BMPC (mASor
Atows vou k nxi he
• raaY. D IBM softvere wih NO M» onY 'ordvcre CGACokut V8IS nu ft
HO 2 OrSVcrt .162 MegaD fie coper like Disk Master CD J I- VB17
A500 PLUS EMUATOR As sounds wil M .1 3 vl 7 owners run
WBV704. SoltAor w*th out orw need lo pcrtNase lo WB v? 0» (hps
J *. V818 INSCRIPT .11 W«duce wwoiibs Tctudes Uv ndobie vn ,
Use Iff Pr'irm os bock grounds V820 6688$ *S.7 6»»d Bosdl bANn
Boxd Srswn fhres rckde ip k " He Krones. Nwiox « c«ta dnces
• . VS71 SNOOPOOS .15 ItoYkTS AmgoCks coh 4 akws wu lo see whoi
krcri de-ces tens ere teg M
• V822 BACKUP 77 A -on) Ove axBD p’cgronv fal toakres. Mdt-dnve
Meat M Mtfap. Corrpresw rd) ikakol rroXlj 'mh cai taxd fP ncd
As 5 canes wh »s owl ourcho VB26 AHOM .3.4 WJ CftW Menu M«n
plxed in your satup- s«»«- e. Dvrs a 16 p s nvtru. Eoch poos
"cm-o (ok 10 p»a0c octons J *. VB22 REPAM-IT: Nf-Zaprt3, A
- vftseckrBeedfcgsr.-n wxsk.i j. i«o Ers os irrxh os (ossbtt knr
a dob ¦nw XI WKSiLVI 42. Ocdcs o new Be Mien sluarecn other
de*Ce. Mhos ¦Mh OM sc®n« hem te atgrd dh«
* . V841 MOOULA-2 CcnWrts aduka-2 larguoge on he Amoa.
* . V842 SC .2.01 So cen be used r vdrtus eperdons. Lhe Bcre o
the to «¦» cn he Amga Reccrrmened
- • VB44 OEUtRACKBt *1.3 Powerfd &SYS»enl'entfyrtusicd W Mlpkw
40 allmrxa hpes d r-kdJes
• V84S QAU »S.31 Onerule .se«s ft compt® ajnernion **o sites
Dtsdays nv«ndelb as J -. V846 SCOMOUS MAPCW .-..I rwdtn"
D-ngoan napptig pegrem J VB47 MONEY MANAGEMENT .101 Home
occounts which dkrwts wxi io keep Inxk d upk 12 cxccunts JV848
* 3.1 Oeaes sideshows d pictures *i w ious formas k» the otrigo j
*? V850 fRAC .1.1 a a graphacal !oio pkiing game creator J V8S4
(*CTUR* TOOLS Ccowts J . . TV V,U l UUD ytolMs tor spttrg.
Ccmbnng. Ond twdkg orrnvrkns 'em Ff pekre Iks iX V791 DUECTORY
UTS HgNy reco- 'rr'ended crcgrara whch ctc deegned ke CU ft
Shtf kBa *rKct d»c4He V794 ORMOER Ccnde*- Wff*.
Cr«*rsfcn pxke t hoi soppar. 01.
Ptg. Atti Si hkoc-rarc i Cogas'.fCX, ktods Pasiwnpr texts to porting on stoidad Dot mcwa pnwers J *« V858 MUSC MAKERS A sOeckan ol programs to (reduce must itodudtns Vole vait arm muse J *. V8S9 AUOtO TOOLS 0) Sound on) Audk prodxtian ullncs .DKBTftxeottlSorE V86S IMAGE PROCESSORS Contains Toah k ptetlcrm a wde lisiem » to morMes wh cm needng o t'oflcr prcgrom ttort 20 ModUes J *4 V988 ZIPBENCH v4.0 AnYtio Mxllwch rrpocerixi tut ccntons EscdeY (Hies lie. Pcerpocker 2 2a tp*W 6ywib. Wusx. Fcchxer. B- Boal Ytc. Degrale (to Ad Bar CD V994 THE MONEY PROGRAM
* 15 Feotoes rck®' *0 o rnseum d (0 occoxis. Upto SO dred
Kevbootd shxt ofs Ccrtans dxumcrts . V1000 GRAPHPRO .10 Wrthrtl Amor. ArdessKxrt by Orwd Jjrda-t ftasKrt*, tho progrom lake set ol dan pws hen on o a«h J *4 V1001VMORPH "7.0b By L« Yflto wil ctfow you to create smooth mapt-ai'warps between two dflerem mages Over a period d homes k creole on crirrolcn Recyjres Ivb J -4 V1002 RAMOS FRO FOR AMOS PRO H you how Amos Fio fen ihs dsk nv*e ya.r programs Box' wthcM Wg k use you Amos rto ertn ime j *• V1003 NKKPREFS11 as crhonce- mem lo WB ! 3 wtoh odds 3 new pro) acne es WBFichrc. BunOorMr ft Fbpp, J *4 VI004 VtEWTEK - :kre .e*r whch ScMOrts. AGA1CS.
24-bi i|6«4, Shews HF. JUGft mctoAfiWCtoonms J '• V100S we .3,04 UTUDES IS tic Irsi n o series d upcomcg disks lor to 1700 ft 4COO Ccmprters J '. VO09 TURBO TEXT W.l Euskri Processor Very r-pressrre as on
* *h di to kotoeswho wxfd nead J *4 VIOT? POOLS PREDICTION TOOL2
Need arrtha he« ng hard w«h to Pods then this is t. ? *4 VI016
OCTAMID *2.0 VusC e3ix whch was 0*sgY« to rrcMng m jsc to
programs *.u ft nr* «aso«l j *• viot7 Post .ib* An metm
Posrscnpi rtwirKe- to to Amgo wtKh nvtotvrn he (111 Ad»o
toajogc 01 j *• V02I WB 3 SCREENS (rtxree ytxr iWkbe-ch ebto
boMgrocrdswfli toses rtce U coktrcd pctutes J V022 UTTLE
TPAVBLEP .11 thaws o word map ft yaj can select cry ouYry to
lnr*« intomakk. Zecms up orcftkr dose up mop wh mere (tool J *4
VI023 OUZ Contors Ouestcns boggngh’Cdovrtil prog’om m® m»es
• n.tos rctr a matomaKd tormuk J -. V94S PROPAGE 3 ENHANCER
Conttns owr 40 Genes to use wth 13 fl rcttog useM cres »e
eOvH&ohets rtotos smxtred dpsi to ungue bcrders1 J *• V946
SYSTEM OPTlMOBt Kcomnrah, gees yxj rremcr, mekts.
Trouse.'kertvxd o-horveti'crfs. If org wl oplmtfe *ord' Ikpps dsls to bQ spe«7 tedse tOMcm mu® memon J *? V947 GMJPLOT 0 carrrond dwnlcrojwkncionpkncf Owes Yurrrg ptoctgrophsd nvftwrctccl tuncicns HD ft unpwta io I twe J *. V948 WTVATKN BASED BENCHMARKS A ra* poclogc wlh 01 to popUar BkG irOLdng Sime.
OhtoJone. Sovoge. Wtoh ft Matti.
Bock ol your dMsons 'eaggue i J*4V9S9AMIGA £.2*Sped.: orroier E is o powvertul ond nedbte ptccedurol) J-4V960 .... . .
D o new e p«r maYal Pscd Ite togjoae KktdesCcmptoondSoxce ? V96t cpk .io sector o spcce flltg represmwtois d atons n mto cdes Hxdles IrArenscna spheres 5 ** V962 SUPER KILLERS .3.0 (21 The lated Wus Wtos lie Boax .5 23a wtoch ccn sow on, bocrbtol ana raol avof er dsl as wd as check to «s vC- 6 2 end SvusZ y3.2 J ’• V976 WB .2 04 UTILITIES 6 Ncul cOtocton ol VIE Y2.0S. unites J*. V977 FIU ft HO No S-6 Next ExcelerY ceded d HD utlnes |2J CONSTRUCTION progorrY-g Trrg.i etc run- e etmtnmenl acsgrca to lhe J *rV951 PROTECTION *0«lScl- tor ol ulllles a mod la crave I your data Password protects
artobootna Kxs&DocumertFik lock you doio Bies with o passworded mcrpion J *. V9S2 x-BEKH .ID Coae*«B Ccntons Deg*a» lostoce. To*. Wus Checker. Power packer and 0Cc©y2 j *4 V9J7 TACKS vl.2 Hrip you
vl. 34 wthlab d ten rice ohoncarerfs V9B0 KICK .15 Ml dxvr gtade
A5CO.. A603. AI2C0 users mochnes 10 satware hot wcud NOT
rvrrret, wcrk lums hem mo o Ymritench 13.
J *4 V983 MEGA CHEATS .3.0c Now c Ortons ewer 500 cherts lust tort ft ckk at to game you wont J *4 V984 PROTRACKER .3 0o The civsi updjied verscn *om itoway.
. . Wsetimoges.'wuresar
120. CPU 4 a rvr-crcd cccrccessor You cos create 256 cdax eokured
pcs J *• VKC75 TERM .3.1 Commprgtcom.
Xpr t’OMfto. (Wipe Kton dto dc .. woo word Fyoceswr J V939 ANIM PB .1,2 Wil stan org seguerccs d orrmalcns or
* ck*es ftomn memory ot dsk Voros bugs toed ord atxx* 70 ni
eatures. Ilo many lo tat toml V986 MAO TttS MOOUUS 2 auHlnl
nkdesCfUSp J*4 V103S FES BASK list in Irre to Ol to r*v
tTVKhrva whch ds tto We Baoc wfti Ihet mxhrcs a - mxe J-V1037
A1700 WB HACKS0,1 eccelenr cdtectcn ol unties ft Hrxls J *.
V1038 AMOS PRO UPOATER .lit 4 Uctote k Itie Amos Prdesncrol j
vt039 WORKBENCH 3.0 INSTALL i| you to Inslrtl your A170D raid
dak then you need this . VHMO bBASE ID .11 An easy to versrtie
yet Ml toxtoed dito boseprogtom GreoW erhonced ascr k bBASE U.
Recommended VI04I D4GTAII BREADBOARD Full dgito• orcuit smuknot
program J ** V1043 SUPER OARK .1 5 A screen bcrket Ike Aker
datk horn to IA6C haes abort 30 doriets J *4 VI044 FANCY
FR1NTHO DISK Conlohs bainer pr'l Groph Paper .12ondCXskpnnl Yi
59 VI045 uORAW .1.0 fYovidcs a mecharism lor the iabd drawing d
schemoic dograms Bitmop otienied J *4 V046 THE XJ RAVE SAMPLES
Gratert WOTs FF 808 Sto* samples J *. VI048 HAM-8 VtSTAS 21
Coiectton ol Ham-8 wskt drawings J *4 VHD51 EASY CALC irt.O A
spreaJ sheet ccsgrod k be boh ray to use trdlast ftrtl in
euelHii help system J *4 V0S4 AOVANCEO UTIS 2
iOUdxblesfecrtMcivd ihcfVwYhccrrprcsscns Also I»siOiWi2e. SC9
Mxjnt ond mote J *• V10S5 PAR8ENCH am re wlwore you need k
bxWup 2 Amga s r CD Tvs J *4 VI0S6 DEVELOPER Coitons lhe dkC*
Commodore dhetopers *31 lor to Airtgo Gude ft mstol utlne J '4
V1057 COPlAYtft kkoc .WO Sctoce hpe sub wor gome cn po J -4
2054 ATC ATAC A renrtkxi d «mc fcom he crgral Spcrtum 2162
BATTLE Of BfltTIAN WAR MX 2 Strategy wor gomes J '4 2164
DLMGEON ON NADROJ hs a to best Ccngcorns ft Crogans Pudk demon
Vpe grne. Lood Wb J *4 2220 STRATEGIC GAMES Etotld Rcrre. Id* d
Hosts, r kv»nsr.ne J *4 2221 MtNO GAMES 21 dto ter games k
chdlenge «cr ? *4 2272 BUCK JACK I _ uto versions t ftofcen
178 CAJO SHARP A prdrftem- a», prcsaYed sekdon d vrilarc gxnes
teconmeoto) co o-6 to.. . _w tie had ome backup. Ik mcow. 0K
rock rB»m end toted cisr vdoaixx J *4 VI062 DESKTOP WJBTterslas
Mocnksh screen tots Apt mere lies to Amiga tois FPoge metre
lies J -4 V1063 RIPPERS, STRIPPERS ft BEATS (cr to muse
oYhjsiasl design.
M lo grip muse lom vox to*rie gomes J *4 Vt067 30 OBJECTS 3 Atot 20 ctoects n Scrtrt Turbeeho tomal J *4 VK069 PRWTER DRIVERS 5 Con loins Desk(ei 660c. 600. 60CC.
CndQrtckGrab.il PureWB3Orth V1071IAGA) MSM *18 Vartns system monitor lor pregtomm rs j . . VW72 IAGA) WINBLENDER . rtknvshi'mg .39 28 Mil AGA Itoclds 680W. 040.'ieu verSKro J *4 VW73 FT-X ACCOUNTS .2 01 Was written as tore are rcr reoO, pianes n this Cperaioo Wdl j I - 2018 JETMAN AxSpedtrtT iar.se oxrrersed »the cmga 7 jd moddding ra. Liocing programs, J »4 VI0S9 GRAPHICS Croak sijm K LAB Po,ol player Tetris this has to be 1 d Ihem J *4 1561 TWTWtS Contains 1 pkwr ‘ ployer ft 3 Pawr oome optens I I • 1747 LLAMA IRON GAME 2001 8, Jell M*Y*r ft an exdkn produJto J *4 1749 SCRAMBLE to
Olghat lemcmber hat dd ckassc gam uitse Oaf vr M131 £4 at ¦ BLUE PwrlPISSUE Of LUNCH TwlftSSIJl 3121 ¦ SLKJ0E6SLE4" ZAMtSSL€3| ) . TOYRW 6SUE 11 LPS'REAAt IsftJE 11 I AflMCRMAL A 1-d BHATH ? I t VCOUS ISSUE 21 GRAPCVME1501 £400 B RAW I5SCE S ¦ tH: BCCNTYISSL8 S |
BJZAPRE INCi7l| UtllSLATI DANCE¦ . TIME ZONE » TPS t?ll ’ECFhiOCCNSPlRAaB TKMK1 ¦ INVESIATOnB CECfiUlS DAMAGE ¦ C64 OJ«t BOA TcrtfST l'5 TIME TO PLAY* RAVE ATTACK in TECHNO TfAMI II_ HISTORY Of HciJSE C64 V£Vi _ Af CCUShC SEENal These loots wil work wih al wvxltvrvrh systems vl J 300 ADOBE TYPE I FONTS Ivrt ova il 300 kxn lor use with Phage 3 0 ft
* eom2V2.?0'h £44.99 . PORAW FONTS fa usewdhal II ICVolessonal
Ortws £24.99 J 300 SCALABLE FONTS-L (IS« wrti .1 (' eSehr 2,‘3
Dpav *1. WB II 'y7 04. Ond WwdsWcrh £44.99 I-I: W.:a- be wm
W'u-cvcu pu-rtasell wst send 0 S A (or 1 ng to Hcrtne rurtor.
IT You can purd-aw srgk daka tor 1 (Oil e»xh toase ask wren
o-denngkx ohJP COLLECTING DISKS YOU ConrawcokC j MOCGE PAD £3.
Am, al or otkc oddtcss 6 I D.rtom pyj. RovtRS £4 49 j A500 J A6( . J A12C0 £4 99 J LC10 J LC24 W OBKQEANNGKT DtSK BOXES J 40 £5.49 J 80 £8.99 | Ar' Mail posiagc ChoQute'must be CATALOGUE IMB JMO* rtown cn U K Banto No postal adets OiSKS tZ.OU I 24S0 SMASH TV SmAx k to crcoietrwhne OctoKs4 so.nd 2480 FRLXT MACHINE 2 As near as peas to the A code mochnes J*4 2482 DESCENDER s a done ol cade.
2483 lerserk ctoie wth srrooh graphKs 2484 CATACOMB .17 Ocphcd Ad. Gome srt cn a jrrcfl fttod i to m*k d he io-d d IX0U6M 2485 IRON CADS |IMn LtoMe 4 2494 HUNCHBACK I hr vetscrn d the dd dassc game 4 2498 AMOS CRKKIT ixeleY to crew vtnfoto «h gopnes 4 2534 BATTLE CARS IG* BWM red da heahanral ca asyii race d cwrses 2 ckyrs wh to cantrttt k* 4 2535 SUPER PACK MAN 92 Tbs s re tosi fiKl rrcn k dak wlh sup® sticch sctdrg ft mediant gtophcs J A4 2613 DUAL 2 do«r oamewhrre cu certrd atmorttd **i«s & nxiets . YSMHMB _ j 3H2 SON O* WM cm dossc 'Specrxb 9 CU AMIGA BUYER’S GUIDE Buying a joystick is
easy. Choosing one that doesn’t fall apart after five minutes isn’t. But fear not! The CU AMIGA team have been putting a variety of ’sticks through their paces.
Here’s the first of three “ comprehensive reports.BUYER'S GUIDE Alas, there's no such thing as a perfect joystick. We wish there was Not a week goes by. It seems, without another stick biting the dust. And as this usually happens during a game of SensiSoccer. It’s a tad annoying (especially when poised to stick yet another goal past the hapless Jon. Who has the co-ordination of a drunken slug and is the official all-time worst Sensible Soccer devotee ever)! If I were a conspiracy theorist. I'd be shouting my head off about how it’s all a plot by the joystick manufacturers to keep us buying
their sticks in ever increasing numbers, but I’m not. So I won't. But it does make you wonder, doesn't it?!
If you re as fed up as we are at having to fork out for a new Stick every few weeks, then fret no more! CU AMIGA'S crack team of wagglers have been putting a select number of sticks through their paces for the last few months to find out which select number of sticks through their paces for the last few months to find out whic1 of them can truly be called the king of the sticks. So if you want to get a stick with lasting value, read on!
COMPETITION PRO MINI • SONMAX • £12.99 • TEL 0457 876705 Competition Pro sticks have long been an office favourite, but when we saw this micro version we thought it just HAD to be a wind-up. Literally half the size of its big brother, the Mini stick is one of the smallest joysticks we’ve seen. And, once you've plugged it in and started using it, you'll also find that it's one of the best. It fits so snugly into the palm of your hand that you almost forget it’s there. This makes it a brilliant stick for youoger players, without the cumbersome grip familiar to most joysticks.
The only reservation we have with this stick is that it feels as though it will fall apart if you really give it some welly, despite having the obligatory robust steel shaft'. Ours remained in one piece however, but we may have been lucky. As an added bonus the clear plastic box the joystick comes in also doubles as a couple of disk boxes.
VERDICT II you con wilhsland the taunls lhal nil I come hom your mates when they see Ihe size ol youi slick, It's detinilely worth buying.
CRUSH TURBO • POW® PlAY • PRICE £13.99 • TH: 0457 876705 Since it first came into the office a few years back, the Cruiser has a been a firm favourite with the CU team. So much so in fact, that instead of losing sticks through breakage, most of ours have been nicked.
The Turbo is the latest addition to this range.
It’s basically an autofire version of the existing Cruiser, which is designed to replace the previous rapid fire incarnation. That joystick had a major design flaw - you couldn’t deactivate the autofire.
Power Play have solved this problem by including an extra button for the autofire, which is a good idea until you try to use it.
It’s positioned right in front of the stick, which makes it awkward to use if you’re pushing the stick forward. Apart from that the stick is almost identical to the basic model. It has the same excellent handle and its wide body makes it one of the best desk-top sticks. If you can't live without autofire and don’t mind getting involved with some finger aerobics, this is a great stick.
VERDICT Robusl and accurate, this is one ol Ihe best slicks on the market. J SPEEDKMG ANALOGUE •KONX* PRICE: £14.99* TEL: 0495 350101 The difference between digital and analogue joysticks is that the latter senses how far you move the stick rather than just what direction you’ve moved it in. This makes them ideal for driving games and flight sims, but very few titles cater for them. For some people the Speedking is the best joystick ever designed, but a quick survey of the CU offices found that quite a few end up with cramped hands. The analogue model is no exception, and you either have to
grit your teeth and bear it, or reach for the pause button.
The centre return switch which activates and disables the return spring is really awful, and just know it's going to stick or snap at some point.
However the stick is guaranteed for a year, so Konix obviously have faith in it.
It's not all bad news though, this is cheap,and it certainly costs less than a PC joystick with a converter. But you get what you pay for. There aren't many games that require an analogue stick and there are many digital sticks which are a lot more comfortable than this one.
VERDICT: Cheap and nasty with almost no sottware support, i At first glance this joystick looks like another one of those hideously cheap, fall-apart m-a-minute slicks. But once you plant it on ihe lable it's a whole different story.
For starters, Ihe cheap-looking plastic is actually very robust, although there’s not much of a base which makes it difficult to hold on to. The slick is surprisingly comfortable, mainly because it’s comparatively thin, but it doesn’t feel very solid, especially when you start yanking il about when playing something like Aquatic Games.
QJI TURBO • SPECTRAVIDEO • PRICE: £6.99 •' The micro switches are impressively dicky, although the joystick is a little unresponsive al limes One design llaw is the lop fire button, which SUPERCHARGER *SPECTRAVDE0*PRKE: £9.99 *711:081 9000024 This stick goes from one extreme to the other The stick is far too loose while the fire buttons are frus- tratingly stiff.
The basic design is that ol the old Quickshot 2, which acted as a prototype for most of the modem sticks. Maybe I'm a nostalgia freak, but that joystick was good enough as it was. This incarnation doesn't look as good as the original, and despite 10 years of technological advances, doesn’t perform as well.
The loose stick makes it too easy to over-com- pensate or accidentally move left or right when you SUPERSTAR • SPECTRA VD60 • PRICE: £13.99 • TEL: 081900 0024 such close proximity it would have been good if one remained on normal fire. One drawback is the positioning of the suckers which makes the Superstar impossible to use while holding it This joystick has been a star performer on many table tops since it first appeared. One big advantage Is its five suckers, which keep it level no matter how much of a thrashing you give it The stick is loose, but not to the degree ot the Supercharger.
This makes for excellent response and the design of the stick makes it far more comfortable than most of the sticks with handle grips.
The dear plastic body makes it look like it will only stand a few minutes ol determined pounding before cracking, but in reality nothing short of jumping on it will harm this stick.
The autofire is fast, but with two fire buttons in CRUISER • P0WERPLAY • PRICE: £10.99 • TEL: 0457 876705 The Cruiser range is certainly one of the most unattractive off shoots of the joystick tree, but their look utterly belies their performance.
Firstly they feature a novel system which lets you set the stick to one of three different tension levels. The fire buttons are well-placed, but the overall design of the joystick makes it impractical for hand-held use.
Durability is another plus point. We re still using one ol the original ones we were sent when it was first released. If you buy one of these you can expect to be using it tor years to come.
The only down side to this stick is the hideous SPEED KING • K0NIX • PRICE: £10.99 • TEL: 0495 350101 Unlike its analogue brother, the digital version ol the Speed King is a very good stick. Its design makes it one of the most ergonomically sound hand-held joysticks, unless you’re one of those people whose hands cramp up while using it.
This particular stick has a very cheap feel to it.
The plastic is the nasty kind that's usually found on Taiwanese kids’ toys, with additional nasty sharp bits underneath where it hasn't been trimmed property. We’ve been using these sticks on and off for five years now. And in that time we’ve only busted two.
Because the stick is so short, unresponsiveisn't high enough »a you spend more tvne i button. Despite that, na | contend with many of its eipm-m which makes the price seem al I tive The only thing it lacks is an it’s difficult to get a good amount ol from a front-mounted trigger VERDICT It you're alter a cheap replacement joystick with no extras Itien ttiis is one you should seriously consider just meant to fire. As a result the joystick is frustrating to use and you’ll probably end up chucking It around, drastically reducing its life-span.
VERDICT A yuklry little sticl wim my little going lor it. We pitted it against Team I7's Project Xand it ms truly hopeless There was lust so little control over the on-screen cratt that the game was even more trustrahng than usual Little design or though!
Has gone into the shell 's construction and it’s best avoided at all costs.
VERDICT Tough, reliable and once you plant it on your desk you won't be able to shift it accidentally. Obviously, because ol its construction. The 'stick isn 't meant to be used as a hand-held.
Out once altixed to a desk-top. It’s impossible lo move. A touch on the expensive side, Out probably worth the investment.
Colours they come in, I can think of several hundred combinations which are a lot easier on the eyes than the ones chosen for these sticks.
VERDICT Strong, reliable and responsive, this is still one ol the best sticks around. The three different tension levels mean that there will delinitely be one to your liking. Oh. And il Ihe garish colour schemes aren’t lo your liking, there is a pure black number available Built lo last, we're still using one ol _ the original sticks Iran way back when.
Ness is not a problem. The side-mounted fire button can lead to finger stiffness it you have to pump out a constant stream of fire, but there is an aut- oflre version ol the stick which eliminates this problem. If you don't mind its cheap feel, the Speed Kings are a tough and responsive range of sticks.
VERDICT The best hand-held slick ol the lot. Fits snugly inlo the palm ol the hand and is responsive to even the slightest tug on the shaft. Worth a look. (lYall THE BEST DEALS, THE LATEST AMIGA TECHNOLOGY AMIGA 600 WILD, WEIRD, & WICKED PACK Comprising Iris Amiga 600 computer with 1 M RAM. 3.5 Inch 1 Mb (loppy disk drive PLUS mouse, manuals. Workoench 2.0. all connections to your TV set.
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Powei B8W scanner, 64 greyscales, up to 400 dpi, editing software inc. New! Power colour scanner. 4096 colours, up to 400 dpi. Software inc. i HEWLETT PACKARD with 2Mb RAM fitted indude ribbons & Amiga cabie!
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Compact unW sin Only 8 low power RAM Ics it High reliability A500 PLUS' 1 MB RAM UPGRADE ONLY £42.99 PRICES INC.DEUVERY & VAT @ 17.5%
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ONLY £47.99 Send Cheque. Postal Order or Access Visa Switch AmEx card details to: Evesham Micros Ltd., Unit 9, St Richards Road, Evesham, Worcs. WR11 6TD .£ds PRINTERS Prices Include VAT, Delivery and Connection Cable VALUE FOR MONEY, the Rocgen OerUocks ofter M of quaMty. Function and sophlatlcatlon not normally available In this price category.
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64.95 Star XB24-200 COLOUR 24-pai. 80 col. Power
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NEW PHILIPS TV MONITOR With Its dedicatod monitor input, this modal combines Ihe advantages ot a high quality 15' medium resolution colour morwor wflh the convenience ot remote control Teletext TV - at an eaceient low pnee' Features daft ¦ glass semen lor anproved corwaat 1 £249.00 Philip* CM8833 Mk.ll Monitor (Genume UK version), includes cable. 1 Year on-site maintenance and lotus Espni Turbo Z gams ..C 229.00 Government, Education A PLC orders welcome • Same day despatch whenever possible • Prices include delivery (UK Mainland only) • Express Courier
delivery (UK Malnlsnd only) £6.50 extra • Please note that 5 banking days must be allowed tor cheque clearance, immediate ranee on Bank Drafts • Credit card orders: Ws do not charge the card until tfw goods sre despatched , Cards Welcome ¦W a Canon BJ-10SX Intqat FrtnSar ------------------- ACW7 Canon SA-300 tnfetat Frmar 360dpi LOW 240cea.
8 tonts. 60-shoM taadar. MM and Epeon amutWon Epson LX400 oudgaf 10-carnage 9 xn I6025cpa Epson LQ100 24 pn 18Q B0cps. 8* bultor Panasonic KXP1124I uprated 24 pn modal MOMOOcpa.
Paneeonlc KXP2123 good value 24-pn colour modal 37," EXTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVES EVESHAM BIRMINGHAM Unit 9 St Richards Rd, Evesham Worcs WR11 6TD V 0366-765180 tax 0366 766354 251-255 Moseley Rd, Highgate Birmingham B12 0EA TT 021-446 5050 fax 021 446 5010
• Quality Citizen Sony drive mechanism
• Enable Disable switch
• Full 880K Formatted Capacity
• Long reach connection cable
• Throughport facility for addition of further drives CAMBRIDGE
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• Suite any Amiga
• Cooling vents
• Sleek, high quality metal casing 5 Gusson Road, Cambridge CB1
2HA tT 0223.323898 fax 0223 322883 320 Wltan Gate.
Milton Keynes MK9 2HP TT 0908*230898 fax 0908 23C865 S 0386-40303 Monday lo Friday. 10.00 - 5.00 Futy compatible, with 1 Mb unformatted capacity.
Straightforward installation procedure Kit mdudes tul fitbng instructions.
II. ....I A1CIA IATC AliauT
TRACKBALL performance IraOcBal. Drecvy compsMW to v any Amga or Amrf ST Plugs rto mouie ot pi* d port Supar srrcodi and accurate - you ptrieb'r went wart lo use a nxcso again altar ueng , 9wTractte«' Ful one-handed arfrd. Top
a) dsegn gwng ugh Incorporating the latest ZIP' DRAM technology,
our External Memory Upgrade allows the A500 A500+ to be
upgraded by up to a further 8Mb of autoconfiguring FASTRAM.
AIB. Any memory Mod to this unit it to adOtbon K mat on your mactmo a toady, to a maximum ot 8M0 on tha oxtomat unit.
* RAM access LED it RAM test run switch | it Uses 1 Mb 4-bit ZIPS
ir Style matched to the A500 ir Very low power consumption ir
Throughport for further expansion if Compatible with A590 and
most other SCSI Hard Drives (please call to check) it Optional
PSU (allows Amiga to power other devices) it Available fitted
with 2Mb, 4Mb, or fully populated with 8Mb ONLY £29.95 NEW!
software ccmpatMity on y*ir A500 Plus1 By ttttrg our ROM
Ycu can aflomata Mh oen ra Kkkuert 2 Middy rddont am o’OTor verslcn ol KrdHfait RCS4 ch© gung you tha freedom Ol FiBng a tary bmpla irvdaad. And requree no so**“*V ONLY £24.95 0 "athod* X s-4inng: mttx.- Cry .eyccard reset Or by an ertema, vpggle nrtch MB. Klckstarl ROM not supplied AMO With 2MB fitted...£112.99 with 4MB...E159.99 with 8MB...£259.99 PARTIALLY POPULATED UNITS EXPAND TO SUB MTH 2UB MODULES. AVA.IABIE SEPARATELY AT ONLY E0999 PER EUB • OPTIONAL POWER SUPPLY ft4S5 Klckatad 1.3 ROM suppled separate* Klckatad 2.0 ROM suppled separately .. A500 Revision S PCB Circuit
Modification Service AMIGA 6 7Y-FI Amplified Stereo
* * * * Speakers Standard Pack With 12 months on-site mantenance
ONLY £199.99 I 2MS RAM CLOCK VERSION £ 239.99 Wed Weird Wicked Pack Bum,,,tv ONLY £364.99 IDE Hard bisk CoJ5££2SE im» xam cuxk vmioN r 40199 1Mb ChipHAM • Accepts Memory Cards CPIC PACK Features 20Md Hard Disk • Push-over
• Grand Prlx . Putty • Dolux Paint III
• 12 months on-site maintenance ONLY £229.99 2MB RAM CLOCK
VERSION C 2CA99 Your Amga produces n re quality ht-B s 4MB RAM
CARD ONLY £39.95 ONLY £389.99 an RAM CLOCK vnsrow resw bufl-in
arrpller wffi scpanto a Lustaba volume cur trots ter each
speaker uril Runs from PSU (supptedl or Irom bononos (not
mauled) Speaker Ovnensrens l60x9Sxl0Smm (HxWxO) For any
A600 ..£189.00 [ AMIGA 1200 UPGRADE YOUR OWN A600 1200 TO
A500 type replacement Power Suppfy Unit. Good quality ‘switch
mode’ type. Super low price!
ONLY £39.95 I processor • AGA chipset • CPU DMA ¦ expansion port • PCMCIA expansion slot £379.99 Hard Disk Model With Evesham Micros OIT IO QO fined 60Mb Hard Disk. L3 *t 9 ¦ 3 3 Bring the benefits of a Hard Disk installation to your existing Amiga 600 1200 with our easy to tit upgrade.
60Mb kit....£229.00 Replacement Power Supply for A590 Hard Disk ..£ 49.95 A600 1 MB RAM CLOCK UPGRADE ACCESSORIES MIOI Interlace connects K serial port ... Virus Prolector fit* so Mat drive n sytaam. Proaoctng ad dnvos VIDt-12 Amiga Moo dtgoeer package «x VtO-Ctrome Amiga 400 Dust Covor Amiga 400 Duel Cover ONLY £44.99 SOFTWARE _-*«** o a AA«ri:opp*p uttt UPGRADE YOUR NEW A600 TO 2Mb WITH THIS SIMPLE PLUG-IN MEMORY UPGRADE I if Simply Plugs into the A600's trapdoor expansion area if Increases total RAM capacity of A600 to 2Mb ChipRAM'
it RAM Enable Disable Switch it Battery-Backed Real-Time Clock NEW LATE NIGHT SHOWROOM OPENING UNTIL 7PM, WEDNESDAY TO FRIDAY lEveshamflnrosl line has been removed and the shading has begun Note the use of small shapes and patterns across the body to break up the colour. This way, Iho transition betwoon light and dark shades is smoother.
O The finished Pacman on a black background. The background, incidentally, is Ihoto to make anti-aliasing by hand so much easiei We know you’re a talented bunch out there, and here’s your chance to prove it. Dig out your Dpaint files and send them to us for minute’s worth of fame.
PACMAN’S REVENGE Ryan Morgan envisages a world where sprites tight back. Here he is with his low-res 32- colour rendition of everyone's hero, Pacman.
Pjpor Ry transferred ttie image to screen using the circle and line tools. After deciding where Ihe light source is going to be, he drow a lightbulb as a drawing aid and then added basic light and shade ROAD RUNNER A WILE E. COYOTE Possibly the most entertaining cartoon on our screens after Tom and Jerry has to bo the adventures of Road Runner and the ever hopeful Wile E. Here they are on your screen courtesy of Tim Symonds of Peterborough.
BLUES BROTHERS They've been on Sky Movies a lot recently, so why not let Barney Neale bring back some of that old Belushi magic, using his A500 in 32 colour lowres?
WRITE BACK So. You think you can do better than the artists on these pages? Are your standards so high that you haven't been knocked senseless by the quality ol the work you have been allowed to witness? Well why not put your money where your mouth is? Or are you all mouth and no trousers?
Remember, it you’re going to send us your work, take note ol these points:
• Include a selection ol liles showing your picture in a variety
ol stages
• Include a description ol how each picture was constructed.
Please write this on a separate sheet ot paper rather than a
text lile on the disk.
• II your work is based on the work ol another artist, please
state who the artist is. The name ol the original picture and
where you saw the copy you worked Irom
• II you would like your disk returned, please include an SAE.
Remembering the weight and fragility ol disks
• Please make sure that your envelope is marked Magnetic Media -
Do Not X-ray to save any unfortunate occurrences at the sorling
office When you ve got your work ol art ready and have
tultilled all the criteria above, send your disk to: Art
Gallery. CU Amiga. Priory Court. 30-32 Farringdon Lane. London
EC1R 3AU United Public D The i n n oval o r s THE BEST
- ru.n i m rna rowy ue ER A cia*K inga demo'- Y R VI The HmkOpte.
Uop «. V R V* A2COO A cMaatc! • Y :ssk
• myeem uauM-Y ss m ol Amy ld»rr« 1 5M.Y STUOOC At Vary Am- DEMOS
cogpar A paana aBacNU PD063 PHENOMENA EnlGMAAbaohiMfy bntamf. Y
trading gamal .
POO79 SEAIANCE A lubmamo strategy gam* .Y POOftt TRAIN CONSTRUCTION KIT maka oan track*. V PQ101 THE INSIOERS CLUB Slock* A share game PO110 SUPER SKODA CHALLENGE Nice car raoegamel.Y PQ171 A500. GAMES PACK 21 game* lo run on a phi*. Y PQ127 ARMAN IA Super ( orro Mia Irom Addeare • Y Pol3* DUNGECNS O* UADROlEttellanl DAD game-Y PO140 MINO GAMES Stacks a* lun eth to* IV P0174 AMOS CRCKET Snareeare crM game i or 2pe.
S 175 SPACETRAX 2 oarer Box ea O&e game. Y ITS MENTAL MAGE 2TTvea CicaNrt nae gamaa .
Poiti STRWEBALL OaaiOW rypa gam. An. N Amo* .Y Poit? ETHOS Sv-ON pachaf Me*. Srt «W*.V PQ'O CATACOOU8S great DAO **• gam* VQOFX .Y Polt4 FATAL MtSSCN Very good Srootarvx* gam .
Poit SPACE RESCUE Soper k PO190 TOP SECRET An t.a Poi91 ACT OF WAR Nae « PQ199 CASXRU1T Nice (mi P0300 ALL ROUNDER CRICKET Nee a .
PO202'3 IRCN ClADS Gccd sl-afagk: ear gdm.'i7|V PO204 THRALLBOUNO Tad aWitur -flh orapRcal.V PQ205 SOCCER CARDS FoolDWI managrg game*.Y PG214 LEGEND Of LOTHIAN Superb Uhima type oame'i.Y PQ2159 CLASH OF THE EMPIRES Super strategy*. Y PQ220 MICROMARKET VI.I Good shxAA khare* gamal .Y PQ221 OXYD RcK martte to dPerert Ma on»l . Y PQ228 30 GAMES 3 game* don* n 3d conatnxOon.Y PG227 IMP WALKER 3d eakar Hoot am up A mor* .V PQ242 MR A MRS Great ptaborm adrerAur* gamal .Y PG243 NIRVANA Cute weccy type ptMtorm gamal PG244 NUMERiX Van n e puzzle type gam 1 .V P0347PCTURE TILES Nea pclrr pozzia game •
V PG244 WILY M CASTLE OF DREAMS F«) pkaPormaM.Y PG2e» LEEOMGS 5»vel d mo Feaen gam.'. Y StiSSai il 29 OOO. Roma Nova. B Bal Abu. Obdn.. Asi 30 Bourca A Blast. Total Fire Tar* attack I. ASI 31 Arazmaz.Crazy ppo. Revohlbon OKI.
ASI 33 BW . Sector one & F.eftgrtari .
ASI 33 HypavMI A Wari 3 good game*.
ASI 34 Tral blazer. Volp. Qbc Ruahoufl .
ASI 3S PolngSnakaprt.Cybemeto Jump n roW.V ASI 3A Monet lode Wondertarto. Kong Taetol.
ASI 37 KlakM*. GhosWp. Paxar etc!.
ASI 3t On on C .B*k)y.Skr*y0.2.Trar-pl*nf' ASI 39 lea* ol card ganm on toe dak' • as 40 Oak M ol aWng puzm gamaai.V ASI 41 Paonan dakj.a Hoiacna leap II ate Asi 43 Qtfaga. Kwrdar atari Dogt n *a»'* Asi 43 maartxk RoUeae Oc*» aK*.
AS 44 NwallMt InpoMtoto RM on me ASI 45 0** Pawaataici Ta«.aa ale.
Asi 44 Maga Q Cay.OwW OucAaK'. V A$ 4L_________ Asi 4t Daanrvgar m spa A* SO tupronon.Roatfifc ASI 51 Lamar*. FqMm Wamcv 9apa»‘ .V ASI 53 Rockalde. Moutrvnan. A Nul • ASI 53 Vanua krvadan.MaSerrrmd aid . Y ASI 54 Sarena.Sorane II A Car Ward . V ASI 56 CH-na. Pacalac A Asterordii . Y ASI 54 Slocmeegto. Ertaoo Violence A TbaaUY ASI 57 Poo oco Dommooi Dizzy diamond* Squirm. V ASI St Super rad 4 Uagnatron A Uaeuaal. Y ASI » Turbo Ihrual QX200 A Leednoil .Y A3I 00 Pipe maater2 A n Honor A Checker*! .Y ASI 01 Rallleanaka Raining Ch*er Scud bto*t r.V ASI «? Plpava? Mazeman A Up and Doen I .V ASI 1*
Uamabhrv Car. Poworpcna. XfuSu AS) 13 T«ntn« SquamCM Stock ".Bad **.
ASI l« ChmaCha"* »»2 A Aing Courwiai.
AS11« WW«r« Usw' * DeMrrvw.Pacman .V S17 Tomcat Detand*. Jaanan BugDUaer.
It Henry n Pane Skybyer Onega raoef. V it On ,r.*rwtf.aafrjhrtne A mor .. A9 JO Men*** HoNreood Wm» C*n Or* .
Asi 21 Zaua TaWu BMNmerw A Cngxraaaa V ASI 23 lerwe**Wo« a Ouai UaMW» ASI 23 Ode* moneyJB .W«1aron Arcade.
324 Ravarga ol can Oua Croak 3dna» etc'.
25 ** B «» Cctoar n m*ro*)e.E Type.
E ofSncx* st"!
ORO COMPAER As (in •• V S .sSk: S A WORLD F» m PG003 AIR WARRIOR Oood Bflrt S.m . (not A600'i POOOS AHTEP i SLOT CARS -ot. Paying gam*. V Saass'ssajBSsS;:* PU050 FONTS AND RAM MANAGER B PU059 FONTS A SURFACES Backdrop* A lor*a. V PU062 GRAPHICS UTIUTIES Vanxn mac program*. Y PUOSJ HAU1AB PK V2 CWCcnwrl VGA P TJ» HAM. Y PU064 HAROOfWE URLS MP” PU066 CONMAN1A Program « PU06S CONS Cramm packed ¦ PU007 MPLCOER V40" PU071 COMM 1.02 li PU073 METALLION LTTVS Fort El . . .
PU07S70 KNO JAMES B«lE OtdANee H PU071 MCAO Hwa deegn pattaga E ca«art . Y PUOOO MESSY SID 2 DaadWrt* PC Flaa. BrNanf. V PU063 MORSE PROGRAMS lor Via raRo ham* V PU0067 NORTH C 13(2) CompMeCcomcHw Alba. V PUOOO NORTH C 13 Tha a Via pecked 1 dak varWort.V PU091 PENDLE 200 MEGAUTAS An aaaarta) coDaoicm. Y PU095 PRINTER CRIVER GENERATOR A new drver*. V PU090 PRINTER DRIVER UTAITIES Varlou* ullb He Y PU097 PRINT STUOIO VI.26 Pnrt* PC» A teat *C.. Y PUIOO ROT A snple 30 ttavrog package Vary opuW .Y PUI i2G*9&uething for nc5tmin vJaiTunaAFort*. V Pui 15 ST EMULATOR Run Alan 8T aolhan I! 2 Dhva*
PU117 SUPERKILERS Vru Man' You naad lhal • PU121 2 TV GRAPHICS Dpaml DackdrapaFonn.(2) Y PUI24 ULTIMATE CONS MnmaaNr.Oortab.. Y PU12930 VIDEO APPLICATIONS Vdao Uwbw. Y PUI36 ZX SF £CTRUM EMULATOR Noe -4" aound .
PUI3* GRAPHICS CONVERTERS PC -AMgagr. Comenar PUI 40 UTUEBENCH Fa* copra A t*M Doa7 orty Pui43 OPTIUTLS 1 Crammed M ' Gat a. Y PU144 OPTXJTIS 2 Gat V«* da 100 I • Y PU'45 CFTCC*R4S 1 Ncomm I «1 Urarc* Zoo Art. Y PUI 49 ELECTROMC PROTOTYPER Varoboard daagnar Y PU15266 CLPAHT SET 15 Daha Ot Vro BEST dpart .Y PUI*7 MULTVPLOT Superb daMjKrtrg (rogram ' .
PUI70 P-SUITE Oak maoazre maker.v PU171 OPTCOMMS 2 ffcomm 2 * PU172 WOROPOWER SofvaA _________ _ .... 0«c »10*»*.Y PE009 STORYLANO 2 Sm Bvland irom rm eatfil -Y PE0I0 TOTAL CONCEPTS ASTROMOMY BookondM-.Y PE011 TOTAL CONCEPTS DINOSAURS Book on a dek.Y PE013 SIMON A SPACE MATMS Taking mam* program PE014 SPANISH. FRENCH. GERMAN TUTOR.Nol 000 PE015 TREASURE SEARCH krd Ihe OH treasure i .V PE0I6 COLOUR THE ALPHABET learn lettex A colour*" .Y PE018 TYPING TUTOR. Suporapell Budget A IkMrtW.Y PE019 DUNKS DTP Aaorl of DeekTopPuMaher Or MM .Y PE020 MATHS ORAL Good math* dak lor *a yotmgl .V PE021*4
SCIENCE Verv good »r dWk Ml. |4)Y PE025 FRACTIONS A SAHOUETTES Oood matw tulor. Y PE026 ww il FACTS Good iMoncal program!. V PE027 AMIGA BEGMNER I earn lo ua* yoa rrahra. Y PC02t MATHS ADVENTURE Save Wtcn* 10 proye.V Easgsftt&MsmBs PEOJ3 MATCH WITH HUMPTY If 4 LAST WILL A TESTAMENTS Juet 5 EDWORO »and nae reordpro V good .Y
- --------WT Good lab* pa- PROGRAM Home A uat nae Fa* a UTIUTIES
S 2fEMU ?ORt35f'VERSION 2 012) PUC05 AMATEUR RADO I mi PU012
PUJ22 CHEMESTHETICS molecule oUpV w .
PUI70 GELIGNITE FONTS III Mor of al PU177I8 BENCHMASTER Wmdoe*b nc PUI62 STOCK ANALYST Tochrtcal analy*** program.3 PU183 AMYGEN Excolanl ganacfog, program. PUI BSD COSMOPOLITAN FONTS (4) Packed mlh lort*.Y PU199 TRCNIK VIRUS WLIERS 21 vaua kJkan A doe*Y ,3 Nauhlut Frenzy A Dn»a Mil . Y 4 CbavonOab'i Breakoji cm ka atd.Y 15 ParanovM Che** Won) Puzze Wen) l vmiv "My iu ve -w * UNIIMTtIdio creahon prog.Y .TAMENTS JuM Hi caw i.Y PB001 AARCASH b PWCC3 ANALYTICAL C S-oiro rnroHmf. (2 PB004 AS) LABEL PRMTEftS Jofre M*Y PBCC6 BANK IN control yoa chaqim Doc*' .V PBC06 BUSINESS Caflb MAKER Nc
MMMMBy until MEOAUY PU197 M06ED 2 Dpaml lor 9prtw A Dob*.Y PU198 VIDEO WIPES Maak* A ladw Dpaml 34 *Y PU2Q2 CYCLOPS Weed Pl**ma*ac*H (reeky ' .Y PU203 SCOPE 10* uaa a op* k» Ppega y PU205 PC T ASK WOM PC E roaoOa t ¦ • V PU207 MULTISC CO-4W. S©2 A Mmato* PC»AMKJA).Y PLDCC ASI HAN0YT00L8 3 maga compaawn al itN Y PU209 FRED FISH CATALOGUEomlam* F«H 1 600 - Y PU211 AMK A PUNT A non* raw preJckng programi.Y PU312 PERM CHECK PLUS a pooM paMon onro Y PU213 RACE RATER ArtiViar her* -acmg urogram" »Y PU215 CAPTIONATOR Superb Waraaet* vidae tOnguy PU219 WBHACKS. Cokecacn cl necka to • oamar*. Y PU221
-225 B COLOR CCNS HurtVad* of raw ccns .Y PU22677 C EYES FofTS For uaa m Opart. WB. AKIQeY PU229 JPEG 24 04 grapftc* corrpraaaron uOI dH* .V PU230 MORE PRINTER DRIVERS nee pnrtar dnveroi.Y PU231.5 PAGESTREAM FONTS 5 dak* aupar Ions'. (5)Y PU2367 SCOPE 197.0 Adobe type Ions 2 dak* lull' .V PU230 9 M.O RC Mouae operated run easier ored* '- PU240 FREECOPY VI .4 poeerhA d* copy mg program I .Y PU241 CALORC BASE UaaM lor pacpa on a flUtl.Y PU243 ASPCE CircOI analvaa programl.Y PU244 BON APPETIT Tina a a racpa database programUY PU245«6 C MANUAL Laleal varoon on I2daks! (12) .Y PU257*1 PAGESTREAM
FONTS 2nS M M DMBNY PU262 RICHARD SMEDlEY COMP II Uongagw aW-Y PU263 LYAPUNOV Fabutoua A umauM DacMf V _ PU2048 OUTlrtE FONTS For Pro pag ON.Y".Y PU772 GotF RECOROCR D - • F-_'2'3 PC- -AM.GAS PU2-4 TRCNICAD V. V278 GELIGNITE FONTS IV Y*a-J H ¦ PU279 V MORPH Yea maty a PO merortng crog*. V PU280 POOLS WUARO PboS predKttn save JaVal.Y PU282 ASI MULTiviSlON 2 Imagaaci W»C A mora.aups. PU283 CYCLING MILEAGE RE COHOE R Uaakrl' .V PU2S4 DART MACHINE Oan acoe recorder1 .
PA043 ERICS MORE AERO TOONS Vary witty I". Y | PA045 ERXCS STEALTHY II Mg 29 v* BlaalV UY PA100 VTCL CONTEST Chat* out tm r ES m PA101 DCLPHir, DREAMS Qr.al Dcfprtn anm' . Y PA103’4 KNGFSHER 2 Superb Dm) antmabonal. Y PA10B7 THE JOURNEY Fab fractal pea A an*n (2).Y PA10B DESERT OOO Guy find* c* aaam van r daaarl.Y PA109 SATURN ORBIT Ray raced tlghl anxmd Salum.Y PA118 3 SCHWARTZ SkydU.So" larUng A bomber' -Y PA119 STEAM AWMATlCN V2 0 Ncm -flh MOKtl .Y PA120 TWO STRCKE PETROl ENGINE Super annuY PA13U40 10 dak sel Slav. Parfer .r.rre',l2a) ONLY) PA121 BOAT ANIM Cc*xxlU arum fait on I200I.Y
AGATRON AGA01 RED LOTUS Sprmmg doen Ve rood FanlaMK AGA03 STAR TREK SrwOM *y pa* Orel' im .V AGA09 STAR WARS F ae Ay by imprwane 1m .Y AGA10 STAR TREK Eroepnw n «y doc* roe«W.Y AGA23 FLEET UAMDEVRE Skmrg anma*C"' 1m .Y AGA24 KUJ PEN NiaiMO" A Pmg pang Omar lot .Y AGA2S THE RUN a atseTO car *aw img AGA31 PORSC*« aren r----- * * AGA35 SPACE PROBE ( AGA36 BIRO Of PREY. X , _____ _ AGA37 TceiAS GOES KNACKERS Chack Vaa Out 1*1 .Y AGA36 TOTALLY WICKED Shorn A Erteror * (2 MEG)|Y AGA3653 AGATRON SPECIAL! Vaa. A 15 Jak antrl.Y AQAS*62 AGATRON SPECIAL! A 9 dak anm. Fans crty.Y POWERANIMS »8vsux?s
II Tobraa RkWh porvar PA099 ATT AGAITY re- ES ai PP003 AT THE MOVIES C PP04445 AMY V WALKER ¦ IL ___________ PP046 SWEET RE VEND* Coyote v* Roadnmer ' 1 5mg.Y PP050 UNSPOR’ir® Wcked aarotoon by Stheartz. 2M Y PA094 AMY XxiS WALKS A SNCE3ES by E SM PA095 HOW TO RLN WTO A WALL bv Erfc Sen-.
- ----- * from char** cat Babor* (31 PA072 THE JUGGLER A ctaaac a
ANUATON FracM Ftgrt M baaar" .Y Mmia trnim mabon' 3mg (5) .....
*• artmabonl 2md|2) hmny 2mg ammabonl(2)Y PP09CH ROAOHOG ANM
SIC Sue-' fltapNc* 8 *a.
SLIDESHOWS PS002 ADVANCE HAM Raety alumna I. Y PS013 BORN TO BE FREE wtd anirrW* .Y PS033 GERMAN RAY TRACE Sx-rti Saa the PS045 KELLY SS Soma ruMy MAM pdure* PSC66 NEWTEK DYNAMIC HAM 640«512 405 . .. IVNAMIC HAM Nfc Wnama Superb Q IR HAM CARS Th* a a muel-UegaU .9 5_Svperb_D ham aootcokx* sazs and Waan pcaaa** Y MUSIC UTILS PT001 ALGORYTMBSCmrtaewdnUNr PT002 ART OF MEO EnClbaf U V PT005 CAS® CZ EDITOR 250 pakhe* I. PT009 Kf *f SAMPLES Fabukxa aamptw PTOf 1 KAWAI KI adar lor prtch cftanga*' PT0I2 KAWAI K4 ader aa abort!
PT013 MED 32 E«* ert muac aaq. • Y PT015 MIOI DISK Vartoua mkd alufl.
PT020 ST 01 • ST-10 Saif** * Rng for dab PT021 SOLNDTRACKER 2 6 Eicallart. Ok phrtl.Y PD 13034 ALCATRAZ ODOESSY PD154 DECAY GET FROOOEO Fab P0159 ANARCHY IN THE KITCHEN Soma POI64 DESIRE MENACE Oood PaycNo P0166 DARK DE MM Mega nae demo geia.Y Pol 70 PECC OF UNO Oood 30 vector efted* • .
P01712 SCENTS EXPOSE(7) M P0177B TRSi TBAE ZONE Nae. Aoma good *Rec*d PO'Si CNEMDRPH Fab morpfwg of 4 taca*' irrtd Pol 82 SPACE BAL. Abaoki Pol83 OtGfTAL LETHAL E P0184 ANOFiOMEDA Mnt .
PG251 PARADOX 4 WHITE RABBIT Damos Of CLR* PG252 ATOMS A no* puzzle gama' -Y PG2534 ZALYCON Skx* em 10 apace gam*X2| .’ PE034 WORLD OEOORAPMY 6u*a uaatul dak' .Y PE035 KOS Disk i Super lo Isam roadng1 .Y PB032 PAY AOVCt Keep raoort of payees' *Y PBOS3 A BASE A Verne, drtabaw proaranY .V PU2B6 MSCRWT Program Mr Vrteo *Bngf . Y PU267 MJMPAD - --~ PT047 AUOO M PT04BS2MOOL .
CCALAIN araphtcal «venfuro.Y K 4 SHOPPING LIST Easy » UM STORY DATABASE Latest versa PU291 1200 WORKBENCH HACKS UaakA u*t*l Y
r. good row racks- .* iTE 9 great tergi hereu PT041 NOISE PLAYER
4 0 M ft PM09Q 91M02ART (CRN CONCERTO 4 by H Ga PM392 PIANO
TUNES Nr- pare aorgs- good • V PM1224 PLAYSID 2 (J) You muW
gel VW'll" .V PM 125 PLAYS® *-“* - ---- PU319V3 OUTLNE FONTS
For Pro pag* 2 1 or 3»S PU324 WINEMAKER Dalabaw fcv enamakanf
Iress & Order details with a Cheque PO IMO lo any ol the
companies listed rd number and details for a 1st class
service. All ma)or cards accepted disk *6-25 disks E1.25 per
disk • 26 or more disk ore still only 99p per disk : Recorded
Delivery Cl 00 • Europe *25p per disk • Rest of World *50p per
10. TboQ 1-74. Amos. Scope Snog. Amicus. AMIGAs A lots more
superb PD i D ain Distributors D .. The Central Licenseware
Register.. “os'onct*,' ; Commercial Quality programs at a PD
price I Tel: 091 587 1 1 95 TEL: 0535 667 469 TEL: 0983 FAX:
091 587 1195 FAX: 0535 667 469 FAX: 0983 ARTM tIOCin
Ararlariaa rfcpart’.
ARTS* FLORAI 14 .wy datafed p-tem!.
ART40 MYTH* Mythical -nasr. . MdlacN ART4I IXMi MlHlIN ITS Suprr Modpi pin!.
ART4J CAT WOODCITS (lr.il »iMtal pin!.
ART4* FARM WtNMKlTS Par* aakaak!.
AR I4N BIRIM WIHHKXTS Inh ivnlary bird pin.
ART49 MOKE ANIMALS Mart -H b pwtarn’.
ART** ANIMAI. LINEART Varkd obrdaa afpka ARISI WIT ANM AI ART drtaM pNai pka!.
ARTM I AMII 1 MT-NES 2 dkk. U liaiar Mr*.
ARTM GOU HI AMR R 2 mat carSaaa drtl ¦ ARTM SPACE A TRANSPORT Oa a «a Ora.’. ARIS5 SIHTM I NI 2 .knnl merry prat.'
ARTSSSIORIVI Mon pin aa a iparti Ikai!• ART5T NAVY IM. El.a.ai typa pkSana!.
AR r« TRAVEL 2 dkk. Oa a lr..rt a ARTS' Al PH AM I Rirkn A i'lil ApdMb ARItd ACCENT* A »1 AMO * Am* Mv am.
ART* B1TIHIH IKS Me. Yktm’r ARTS rono 24Mi aa a 1-rtka.Wa Wem,'.
ARTM lOUH RIV, RIMIK Cataar ¦ Dmar ART.1I BORIM «A 2 4* mmt l-ad Ma Uir - ARTM MAC CUP 2 dkk, h«k aualll. Macarf.
ARTM HORN HACK Mrs anak clipart!- ARTM TKDOY II FAILS 2 dkk. d ledd. Bar.’. ARTM VANITY PARE 2 dkk. MM ckpart!- ARTM HALLOWUN CLIPART Wkrd cUparf CLOU SKAN 79 This is a tun platform gama In *Ntfi you aaiai S-J mroegh 220 acraana and dataat t* tag *oWt a me end o« each Neel . V* gama m» run failar rl you ara lucky enough lo haya an Amga 17001 Tha gama mould keep you occupied lor a long tmoi Comas on 1 dak pneed 350 • CLEU3 TOTAL CONCEPTS SOLA* SYSTEM Near our mow popular Ms I This ons man you lo Mam all about tha aoM system wm iniormaoem on al ol Ilia pan ms A ayiiams with picauraa 8i»pltad
by Nasa.
Ilna a a atparb aducaoonai package for children A aducs Tna Me la to ftg a a eupphed o« Three dau CIE02 TOTAL CONCEPTS OEOLOQV Thlt or.
Second n fie tenet ot que*y program* by Cl uamg me Oo dO tk t*rpen a . Or***. • M CLEil LETS LEARN VI I for Otfcpeo of aboul 5 lo 7 ye»l o oge Mcf pari prograsses mrough IM Mrvek CLE05 A-CMOHD So you warn become It* nail Eric Clapton man Ihia la just what you nead Tna program CLU03 TYPING TUTOR A program hara now lor all CLEI2 ALPHABET TEACH A nice aducMon* BLITTERCHIPS »W *« It* coneWo" 0» »• WWHW worO The program also km built m speech and wfl run a ten©, ol pcturet al ll*o sama lima ipeakmg Via name ol Ha objacl displayed. Comes on I a*k and la pn«ad 3 50- Most CLR lilies ok on A12001 K
or o"' WORO BALANCE « a cMd. Faading aid. M MATCMPLAY you mull mate" pawl ol cafda.
BALLOON BURST ie a «ord recogrrton program A SEAL A GRAMS a a ipakng program* Th* program comaa on 1 dak A a pnead 3 50 • CLE14 TOTAL CONCEPTS ECOLOOY Tot* Concapta Ecology gM you and your cinldran an ara many axarclsai In many bacoma Hie nan rock legend!
CLE1A KMOS A OUCENS A Haajry laaaon on al ol ma Kings A Ouaans ol England stnca racordad history’ Aloes you lo road A examine tfia royal lamily iroo A It compare »»h many pWures' CLE10 BASICALLY AMIGA This It a 3 dak sal lor II* 74 pictures
Superb codscdcn ofcxaiouretf oMdrt ' Nm iro * *4096 cofcurs.' Rtcufi soma am C~ t» warn, r* OwmP*" 4 ST-rara* tjst CLASSIC CLIPART (Sto-I a wmw; ARTPS MIN 2 dak. M of aaa al ara*!.
ARTM WOMEN 2 dak. M d emmem rtpa!.
AR TO’ KIM 2 dkk. Nmlaiilni kid. Apart!.
ARTM BIMNP.SN Ukk fliH Mrrlfkr tHpart!.
ARTM OFPICP A.Mber aflka lypa dkk!.
ARTI* ATI IH N IN Lai, of *ad«M lypa pio! ARTII SAIJTIM* Maa, •oMMad.!. ART 12 XMA* I Ak. Of Xaa. Nin pa,!.
ART 13 P1M H 3 dkk, of tatlaaa pin! .
ARTM AN1MAI-N lulrta qaakt. Pktana!.
ARTIS CAT* Only II pin bal mprr quoin.!. ARTI4 SILHOtlETTU llwpn .IHwurnn!. VALLEY PD Tony Horgan peruses the public domain and gives us the lowdown on what’s hot and what’s not this month in the world of the weird and wonderful.
ARTISTIC MODULATION are a little bit on the saucy side, but at least they manage to be tastefully so.
Whatever the subject though, all ot the pictures are superbly drawn, and the detail on the hi-res pics is immaculate The background tune's pretty good too - a kind ol mellow, spacey, film score type ot thing. Very nice Available Irom: 17 Bit Software, 1st Floor Offices. 28 Market Street. Wakefield. Wff 1DH. Tel: 0924 366882. Disk no.
2545. Price: £1.75 (including PSP).
REVELATIONS slideshow It s tasty visuals all the way with this one Cryptobumers have come up with a lavishly detailed slideshow packed lo the brim with original artwork. Digitised slideshows are ten-a-penny these days ot course, but Revelations features 100 per cent hand-drawn graphics.
Some of the pictures take the favoured lantasy route, teaturing goblins and spooky planets. A tew music demo Nine steel toe-capped dance tracks are on the menu from Scorpio. Some ot them are a bit on the experimental side, and like all good experiments, they go wrong sometimes. When they work, they're pretty powerful, with driving beats and mad sounds. The sound quality could be a lot better, but the basics ol some good tunes are here. Steer dear it you're ottended by abrasive beats Available from: Cynostic PD. 85 Wyken Croft Road. Coventry, CV2 3AD. Tel: 0203 613817. Disk no. S0085. Price:
£2.00 (including PSP).
- COM W Xi;S UCHESS Requiring 4Mb ol RAM. Uchess is the first
game to be written specifically lor the A4000. It's one ol the
better looking games on the PD dr- cuit, and although it's only
two-dimensional, the pieces are well detailed and there's a
good marble effect on the board. The computer puts up a good
tight, even against the experienced chess player. The price you
pay is that it's very slow to think out its moves, and that's
with the help ot an 040 processor. Apart Irom the lack ol speed
and the large memory requirements. Uchess is very impressive
indeed. A must tor all chess-loving A4000 owners.
Available from: Cynostic PD, 85 Wyken Croft Road, Coventry, CV2 3AD. Tel: 0203 682084. Disk no. G0097. Price: £2.00 (Including P4P).
FRUIT SALAD game Board games or bored games? That is the question. Numeriii could tall into either category, depending on whether you like games with squares, numbers, and not a lot else.
It's a little like playing dominoes on a Scrabble board, but instead ol normal dominoes, the pieces look like bits from Tetris. Pieces can be rotated through steps ot 90°, then put anywhere on the board, as long as they're adjacent to another piece. Alter you've scored 75 points, you're allowed to lay the pieces on the higher-scoring peripheral squares. The game ends when all the pieces have been used up.
Four different boards inject a bit of variety into the proceedings, and also double as skill levels.
Available from: Cynostic PD, 85 Wyken Croft Road, Coventry, CV2 3AD. Tel: 0203 682084. Disk no. G0094. Price: £2.00 (including P&P). ¦'7 - been crammed onto this one. First o the list is an intro from Anarchy - a simple series of vector routines with twiddly organ tune in the backgroun After another set of vectors, there's.
Smalltro'. This is a demo that’s confined to a window about two inches wide. It’s a nice idea, but the only ef is yet another spinning cube. If you’ still not had enough of cubes, there': another in the next intro, which is fol lowed by The Race, the only game c the disk. This is just a single-screen 100 metre sprint stick waggler. Finally, there's an uneventful intro from Slipstream.
If you like spinning cubes, there's every imaginable variation here. That's fine for the vector bods, but it won't do much for the rest of us.
Available from: Cynostic PD, 85 Wyken Croft Road, Coventry, CV2 3AD. Tel: 0203 682084. Disk no. D0109. Price: £2.00 (including P&P).
DUNGEON FLIPPER gam* I thought this might have been a game about my favourite TV dolphin, but it turned out to be a pinball simulator. It's hardly in the same league as Pinball Dreams, but approach it with a sense of humour and it’s quite a laugh.
The ball wobbles around like a half-filled water balloon, occasionally passing straight through solid objects, then bouncing off others at highly unrealistic angles. The sound effects are some of the worst I’ve heard, and the purple background is sickening. Despite all of this, it’s not that bad a game. It would be criminal to release it as anything other than PD, but at this price it just about gets away with it.
Available from: Cynostic PD, 85 Wyken Croft Road, Coventry, CV2 3AD. Tel: 0203 613817. Disk no. G0103. (.TiTO Price: £2.00 (including P&P).
WOODEN HEART comic strip It's a strange one, this one. It's a comic strip of seven pictures, digitised from hand drawn originals. The story begins with the Pope getting off a plane, where he’s greeted by a mass of Elvis fans.
The fans have mistaken The Pope for their idol (well, they do look so much alike), and can’t escape the hysterical hordes.
So it goes on, with The Pope insisting that he's not Elvis, until he finds an adoring female fan in his bed. This causes him to break into song, with the words 'I am made of wood and I do have a wooden heart!’, which I’m told is a variation on lyrics from an Elvis song. Well, the graphics are nice, even if the joke is a bit weird.
Available from: 17 Bit, 1st Floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street, Wakefield, West Yorks, WF1 1DH. Tel: 0924 366982. Disk no.
2558. Price: £1.75 (Including P&P).
PD UTILITIES Another batch of PD utilities come under the CU AMIGA spotlight. Mark Patterson sorts the wheat from the chaff.
TOUCH TYPING TUTOR typing tutor r,V? W 51 V " V “ *3 boot utilities (WB 2+) One o! Ihe Best ways lo add a touch ol finesse lo a disk is lo pul a bool inlro on Ihe Ironl ol il.
Boot intros are small title screens lhal pop up Ihe moment you pul Ihe disk into a wailing machine. They can be anything from simple text screens lo full-on demos, and can be very handy when you're silling through slacks ol unmarked PD disks. Fast Intro Maker gives you Ihe chance to make your own. Without all Ihe hassle ol programming one Irom scratch.
For a Licenseware release, this is surprisingly comprehensive. I expected a few simple copy-typing lessons, but there's quite a lot here for those willing to put in the effort.
Here’s a quick fact for you: typewriter keyboards were actually designed to slow down the typist - the old machines used to get jammed-up if they were worked too quickly, so the keys were re-organised to make them more awkward to use - hence the seemingly random arrangement of the QWERTY keyboard.
Touch Typing Tutor helps you get around this problem by displaying a large keyboard on the screen at all times, to help you get better acquainted with the layc Each time you press iy, the corresponding on-screen key flashes, so you can tell which keys you’ve hit without lookin the real keyboard. Text appears at the top of the screen, with a pointer moving along as you hit the r. it keys. At the bottom of the screen, a pair of hands lets you know which finger you should be using for the current letter.
There are lessons for starters, intermediate and more advanced stages, ranging from things like ‘aa ss dd ff gg’. To full paragraphs on various irrelevant subjects. If you’re particularly bad at hitting any one key, you can choose an exercise with a predominance of the letter of your choice. When you've completed an exercise, you can view your progress on a bar chart, with additional readouts of words-per-minute and the number of mistakes.
You’d have to put in a lot of work to really benefit, but if you want to learn to type properly, it comes highly recommended.
Available from: NBS, 1 Chain Lane, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 5QA. Tel: 0983 529594. , b. Disk no. CLU 03. Price: £3.50 (including P&P). Memory: 1 Mb. Compatibility: All Amigas.
PROMIZER 1.8A music utility Promizer is short for Protracker Optimiser. If you've got a soundtrack written with Protracker, but find the replay routine is slowing down the rest of your game or demo, this could be the answer.
First you need a Protracker module. Once you’ve created one, you can convert it with the main Promizer program. This compresses it in a number of ways, the simplest being the omission of any unused patterns or samples that might still be in the file.
The patterns themselves are also compressed, and the compressed file is then saved out as a Promizer module.
To play the module back again, you need one of the replay routines also included on the disk.
There’s a multi-tasking player, for use with Workbench, and one provided as source code for you to incorporate into your own programs. The Promizer replay routine is faster, and also makes it a lot harder for others to nab your modules with a ripper.
Available from: Cynostic PD, 85 Wyken Croft Road, Coventry, CV2 3AD. Tel: 0203 613817. Disk no. U0106. Price: £2.00 (including P+P). Memory: 512K. -yfc.
Compatibility: All Amigas.
Your inlros can be made up of text, an IFF rop. And a Soundtracker music module.
Ihe most ol it. You'll need a text editor Workbench will do), Deluxe Paint and kind ol Soundtracker permutation that saves out standard modules. Your text, picture and soundtrack can then be loaded into Ihe intro maker, and saved out onto your disk. If you're feeling in Ihe mood, you can add a wobbly scroll effect lo your background or Ihe text.
Ifs a shame it doesn't work with 1.3 machines. It's one thing lor Ihe editor itself lo require a version 2 or higher, bu! Il should be capable ol producing 1.3 compatible intros. Other than that, it’s a very handy little program.
Bootjob is also on ihe disk. This lets you copy boot- Irom one disk lo another and save them executable files, which can be launched from without resetting the machine.
Available from: PD Soft, 1 Bryant Avenue, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS1 2YD. Tel: 0702 466933. Disk no. U901. Price: £3.00 (including P&P). Memory: 1Mb. Compatibility: Requires Klckstart 2.0 or higher.
AM FM SAMPLE DISK 12 PUBLIC DOMAII Cl AHIM sound samples An off-shoot from the AM FM disk magazine, the AM FM sample disks are usually a safe be!
For some decent samples. Previous disks have covered synth sounds, acoustic instruments and drums. This one is devoted to sound effects, with a strong horror slant. Some of the best include the gouged eyeballs (beautifully squelchy), strangulation, screams and monster growls. Some could do with a bit of editing to cut out blank spots, and a few need to be amplified about 200-300 per cent, but there's a good range of interesting and original sounds here, so that's excusable. It's worth a shot for game and demo coders, and anyone who wants to add a bit ol spook to their soundtracks.
Available from: Cynostic PD, 85 Wyken Croft Road, Coventry, CV2 3AD. Tel: 0203 613817. ¦ ry».
Disk no. SofOO. Price: £2.25 (Including P&P). Memory: 512K. Compatibility: All Amigas. ‘ ‘ MONEY PROGRAM account manager For the novice user, getting results from Lotusderiva live packages is a daunting prospect This is where Ihe Money Program comes in. The selling point ol Ihe package is its ease of use. Data is entered in several easy-to-follow steps then combined and displayed on one screen. You can then update the information and view il in several different forms. Two sets of accounts can be compared head-to-head lo let you check dis crepancies between two periods.
Despite being easy lo use. The Money Program |ust ¦ doesn't offer _ _ _ _ enough features to give it Ihe edge over the competition The presentation is simple and the data entry system can't hope to match up to that of Easy Calc What it does have is a number of different graph options, so you can view your information as a bar chart or standard graph While these features are nice, they can't possibly compensate lor its lack of power when compared to some other titles Available from: Cynostic PD, 85 Wyken Croft Road, Coventry, CV2 3AD. Tel: 0203 613817. Disk No U0109.
Compatibility: All Amigas. 3 wiMEp upprrr-ATior video gadgets tapes and a time code log to store lists of edits.
These seem insignificant at first, but are actually extremely useful.
Scomev 3 sometimes assume that you
• exactly what they're on about, s 1 your ¦¦•it Although some of
the applications are not as detailed as their full price
counterparts, all the necessary packages are here to get you
started with video titling. One thing is certain - you'll be
hard pressed to find a better bargain than this one this
Available from Galactik PD. 10 Avenue, Kinmel Bay, Clwyd. North LL18 5DG. Price: £3.00 Disk No U071. Compatibility: All Amigas.
Crugan orth Wales, I .I' i FAKE FASTMEM memory Utility Despite the relatively low price ol memory upgrades these days, not all of us can afford lo stuff a couple of extra meg in to our machines The is where utilities such as Fake Fastmem come «i handy.
It takes the first 512K of RAM. Converts it to Chip then takes the rest and labels it as fast RAM This enables you to run all those Fast Ram only programs you've always wanted as it fools them into thinking you've got the correct RAM setup For instance, running the program on an At 200 gives you 512K of Chip RAM and 1 5Mb of Fast Ram Naturally you need to have a least one meg spare in order to use it.
Running the software couldn't be simpler. You simply chuck the disk in the drive, wait for tho information text to disappear, and when the machine resets you put your application disk in.
It’s very likely that this program will not work with some packages, but in the mean time it's cert- tainly a lot cheaper than buying extra memory.
Available from: Cynostic PD, 85 Wyken Croft Road, Coventry, CV2 SAD. Tel: 0203 , Wk 613817. Disk No U0141. Compatibility: All Amigas.
EASY CALC account manager Underneath the unfriendly exterior of Easy Calc is a professional quality spread sheet package, albeit without the frills.
Its roots lie in Lotus 1-2-3, the popular PC spreadsheet package. The screen is divided into a number of boxes, called cells, into which you enter data. You can then tell the computer to tally up a specified group of celts, or perform ¦some other mathematical calculation using the available categories.
Once you get the hang of it. Easy Calc is very simple to use. It encompasses enough functions to keep the most hardened ninja bookkeeper happy for months. The registration fee ol £15 does seem a bit sleep, although it does entitle you to access the user helpline plus software updates. Cost aside this is a very effective package, although if you're not familiar with this format of spreadsheet you could find yoursell struggling at first.
Available from 17 Bit, 1st Floor Offices. 2 8 Market Street, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF1 1DH. Tel: 0924 366982. Disk no. 2507.
Price: £2.00 (including P&P). - Compatibility: All Amigas. (TM*.
HYPE'BOOK MANUAUi Select a continent: Button2 Oh H N iti-J |LslI r- CD Show plolur* a 1 .,'1 L» Oo *o pw CD Show hidM _J DOS oannand ZM *•*• iworo 1_-._1 support of any application known to the Amiga, and the only place to find out all the commands available and how to use them is in this book.
Having got your hands on Iha megalastic and popmungous Hyperbook software it will not be long belore you experience a strange yearning to possess the associated firmware - the Hyperbook manuals.
Enter the true spirit of multimedia
- see the program and buy the books' The first manual explains in
intricate detail every aspect ot every menu and fool in the
program, ft is full of helpful advice and explanations which
not only show you what to do. But why you are doing it.
The second half of this manual details the Arexx port and all the commands available from it - invaluable if you plan lo do anything adventurous. This software probably has the most comprehensive Arexx And that's not all. The second manual is a guide to creating your own applications. Full of ideas for the office and home, it’ll have you creating everything from cookery books to interactive databases And all this can be yours for the incredibly toothsome price of iust £14.99 (including VAT). Just fill in the coupon below and pop it off to those jolly nice chaps at Silica and they'll do Ihe
rest. As if by magic your manuals will be delivered to the comfort of your own home - isn't technology wonderful? And remember, this offer is not available in any record shops.
1 1 1 SUN 1 MON TIB WED THURS FAI SAT Delete Suirartj • 2 1 3| «l 5 J A 6 7 8 3 18 | 12 N U A 13 | N 15 16 17 03 13 A V 28 | 21 22 23 23 | 25 26 27 1 28 23 38 31 1 Index | 1 1991 Hwerflook Calendar Fill la and HU to: Hyperboo* Otter. Silica Systems. 14 me Men HatMrley Read. Sides*. Keel 0*14 01.
Pleat*, please pleas* let me lake advantage of your wonderful HyoeiOook Manual offer. I understand that you are great guys and I am In aw* ot your magnificence. Please find enclosed a deque postal order for the amount of £14.99 made payable to Silica Systems. I understand I may have to wall up to 29 ol your earth days lor delivery NAME.
C 1 Y UjI YUVAl Dl ji , , _i or buy Art Department Professional, J | j. I | )jJjJ_ j Morph Plus or other ASDG products at ~ our special reader offer prices.
The award winning software from ASDG is available to CU Amiga readers as a special offer. By completing the coupon below you can purchase upgrades, manuals or full product at the prices shown.
Art Department Professional is the recognised product within the Amiga community for image manipulation. Morph Plus has been used in major film productions and it was recently demonstrated on a UK television science program. Both come with the CU Amiga seal of approval.
Upgrade from Cover Disk to Art Department Pro v2.3 Upgrade from ADPro v1 to v2.3 Upgrade trom Adpro v2 to v2.3 )_ -_VAT A I.H'J s'Jlt, 3JS.
""NOTE"" for the first upgrade we will need the cover disk. For the second two upgrades we will need your registration number and disk serial number.
Other products on offer from ASDG are: Morph Plus Please print in BLOCK capitals - we may use the address portion ol this label as the address label for your parcel Name ... Address CygnusEd Professional The leading text editor for programmers Fully Arexx compatible Dual Serial Board Provides two serial ports for the A1500 A2000 A3000 Operates from 110 to 115, 200 bps E8920 Ethernet boards As supplied to system builders (software separate) Please
remember to include £1.50 post and package with your order (all prices include VAT).
Post Code.. (Visa or Access) Credit Card No ..Expiry . Phone (in case of difficulties) Please send me ..... Costing Plus £1.50 p&p Send your cheque or credit card details to: Meridian Distribution, East House, East Road Industrial Estate, London SW191AR Tel: 081 543 3500. Fax: 081 543 2255 Want to boost the power of your Amiga? Then look no further, as we’ve put together a
sensational deal with a leading distributor to offer you a series of memory upgrades at unbeatable prices. And, if you’re looking to upgrade your mouse, check out our own replacement mouse at a super low price.
MEMORY Unleash the hidden power of your machine with a memory upgrade. With more and more applications requiring a minimum of t Mb of RAM, can you afford NOT to upgrade your machine's memory?
We've negotiated a series of cut-price deals on a range of top quality memory upgrades to ensure you get the best possible value for your money.
For A500 owners there's a 512K expansion board to boost your machine up to the magic Megabyte.
A500+ owners can get their hands on a V2Mb upgrade to expand their machine to 1 V2Mb, or opt for a 1 Mb board to give them a 2Mb wonder machine. For the A600, there's a t Mb RAM upgrade complete with clock, so you’ll be able to catalogue your files by date. All the boards are populated and are fitted via the trapdoor, so you won't invalidate your warranty. If that's not enough they even come with a full 12 months’ guarantee.
MOUSE OFFER And while we're in such a generous mood, here’s your chance to upgrade your mouse. It your mouse is teeling the strain, isn't it about time you rebred it to the local stud (arm? This high-quality replacement mouse costs a mere £9.99 and comes with durable microswitches, a 280 dots-per-inch resolution and is switchable between the Amiga and ST. The CU Amiga mouse is much more sensitive than the Commodore one that came with your original machine, so an immediate bonus is its increased accuracy and control. The microswitches also mean it's easier to click and double click than ever
before. Even the most robust mouse can turn up its wheels and stop working, so here's the ideal low-cost replacement. Send for yours today!
SPECIAL HOTLINE NUMBER 0480 891 171 II you don't receive your goods within Ihe allotted 28 days, then something's gone terribly wrong.
Obviously we value your cuslom, so we've set up a special HOTLINE number to help sort out any problems or to answer any queries you might have.
Please ring 0480 891171 tor all your enquiries.
Don't ring the CU Amiga ottices as we ll only pass you on lo this number and you'll have wasted a phone call.
Sorry but Ihis otter is only open to UK residents.
Fullilment by: Go Direct. 7 Vinegar Hill, Alconbury Weston, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE17 5JA.
So what's it going to cost? Not as much as you might think! Take a look at these prices...
• A500 upgrade costs only £14.50
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All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT and Include free after-sales technical helpline on all memory upgrades.
Please allow up to 28 days for delivery. Send your completed forms to: CU AMIGA READER OFFERS, GO DIRECT, 7 VINEGAR HILL, ALCONBURY WESTON, HUNTINGDON, PE17 5JA.
(I A500 1Mb upgrade ......£14.50 ? A500* 1 2Mb upgrade £17.99 d A500+ 1 Mb upgrade ...£22.99 ? A600 1Mb upgrade with clock £39.99 ? A600 1Mb upgrade £24.99 ? New Mouse ..£9.99 Total ......£ Method of payment: Cheque Postal Order Visa Mastercard G246 - The best puzzle and genre of tt D148 STATE OF THF. ART - The hottest demo of the year.
Unbelievable graphics. Get this now.... DI47 SONIC THE HEDGEHOG - Could this be for real???
Ml 27 M 128 JESUS ON KS (2 DISKS) - Possibly the best muSK demo ever. 27 minutes long (REQUIRES 2 DRIVES).
M130 M 131 MI 32 M 133 THE A-Z OF CM TUNES - A huge collection of old classic C64 game tun*.
Ml 35 M 136 NUTCRACKER SUITE • Cla»Kal music.
Ml23 KAOS THEORY - Five hanfcore tracks.
Ml 19TECHNO WARRIORS - Rave for 24 minutes.
D046 ENIGMA - The demo that set the standard.
D149 PLANET GROVE - An A1200 only demo. Making use of it's superior AGA chipset.
DI45 PIECE OF MIND - Excellent use of vectors, in this Star Trek spoof.
A127 DOLPHIN DREAMS - Beautiful animations.
M084 GATF.S OF PAGAN - Inspired music disk. V.good A093 5 WAYS TO KILL A MOLE - Ten really.
U273 - ACCOUNT MASTER Professional personal finance manager. Very comprehensive, with features that match the full price commmercial EW STUFFjj G247 FLEUCH - Remake of the Classic Commodore 64 game. Thrust.
G248 FURMYRE - Traditional style scrolling shoot-em-up.
A140 CAR MORPH - Clever animation showing off the morphing technique.
Ml34 RHAPSODY IN BLUE - Renowned Jazz music recreation.
M135 136 NUTCRACKER SUITE (2 DISKS) - Synthesised musical arrangements.
T028 DREAMS FOR AN ANGEL - Decipher the meaning of your dreams.
D153 RETINA - Energetic rave track with flashy visuals. A1200 ONLY.
U273 ACCOUNT MASTER - Comprehensive personal finance manager. The best.
U270 VMORPH - Create your own morphing sequences. Superb!
U271 POLYED - Polygon animation package.
U272 - TEXT ENGINE v4.0. Powerful word processor with the | unique feaure of an fully intergrated 36,000 word spell checker. Not to be missed.
G200 FIGIfTING WARRIORS - PD equivalent ol Street Fighter.
G205 TOP OF THE LEAGUE - Bnll Foot n*m*cnwit game.
G222 GNU CHESS - The hot PD Ches* game available NOT A500 G232 MONACO - Clone of the original arcade race game.
G245 ALL ROUNDER - Cricket Simulation.
GI69 DONKEY KONG - Faithful to the original pUtformcr. NOT A12110.
G037 SKA1ANCE - Bnlliant Submarine wargame.
G244 OBLIVION • Blistering version of Defender.
G221 BOW & ARROW - Archery game.
G229 GIGER TETRIS - New Tetris game fee A1200* only.
G233 PACMAN DELUXE - Incredible Pacman cleete.
G214 DR MARIO - Conversion from the SNES console.
GI99 FRAC-Create your own text Adventures!
GI93 HELIZONE * The ultimate PD vhoot-cm up Too good to miss.
G177 CRAZY SUE II - The highly rated professional platform game.
GI50 LEGEND OF LOTHIAN - Fabulous Ultima style RPG.
GC78 3D Battle car* Waster to the death.
G030 MEGABAU. - The closest thing to Aitanoid. One of the all time greats of the Public Domain World. Miss out at your peril.
G236 RAGS TO RICHES - Rewarding Monopoly based board game.
Requires at least 1.5 megabytes of memory .
0237 GAMMON • Polished Backgammon game.
0128 TOTAL WAR - Faithful RISK clone.
GI2I BIPLANES - Take to the skies and dog Tight.
GI14 GROUND ZERO GAMES 14 - Dictator. BugbUuer. Lamer Extemtirvaof. Mambaroove. Sokusky. Revcrsi. Mine Clearer.
GI07 WASTELAND -The closest thing to a VR game.
G093 GROUND ZERO GAMES 12 - Parachute Joust. Jumpy. Zut Alois.
G091 GROUND ZERO GAMES M - Destination Moonbasc.
Pacman, Wanderer 22.
G089 HOLLYWOOD TRIVIA - Do you know your stull’ r •imc 4__w..__... -Vi .. CLASSIC GAMES!
U215 FREECOPY v 1.8 - Removes pnMection from 60* ccanmeeaW U0O3M-CAD - Computer Aided Design program.
U009 C-L1GHT - A former commercial Ray-Tracing package, released as public domain software.
U062 SCENE GENERATOR - Generates random life-like scenes.
MountiaiH. Water, clouds, ice etc. Incredible results.
UI02 AMIGAFOX - Desktop Publishing package.
U137 ELECRO CAD - Circuit board designer.
U142 FREE PAINT - An package similar to Deluxe Paint.
U154 AUDIO .ANIMATION - Animation studio, plus you can add sound effects m sync with the visuals.
U190 GRAPHICS GALLERY • Leam how to produce stunning logos as seen in the urn demos.
U267 SPECTRUM EMULATOR vl.4 - The latest venom of the Spectrum emulator.
U206 RACE RATER - Horse racing predictor.
U158 NOERRORS - Hides the hard errors on disks, making usele** disks into working ones.
U151 P-SU1TE - Disk magazine creator, add graphics, sound and even animation sequences.
U150 A500- EMULATOR • Upgrades your ancient Kicksurt 13 Amiga into a A500 PLUS. For tunning Workbench 2.0 on the AS0Q I U146 AMIGA SYSTEM DISK - A batch of computer diagnostics programs. Make sure your Amiga is in a healthy stale.
U186 MED 3.21 - The most popular music sequencer available. We E044 THE MATHS ADVENTURE - Maths intcrgrated into a gi E042 GAS TURBINE ENGINE - Animated cross section.
E037 FOUR STROKE ENGINE - More of the same.
E036 STEAM ENGINE - Mote animated engines.
E043 W W2 HISTORY BOOK - loads of text and picture data of the history of the second world war.
GO* I FRACTIONS - Test and teaching.
E038 AMIGAZER - Astronomy program.
F. 026 A VISIT TO THE RED PLANET - A guided tour of Mars.
E024 TOTAL CONCEPTS DINOSAURS - All you wanted lo know about dinosaurs E023 TOTAL CONCEPTS ASTRONOMY • All you wanted to kiw about space.
E022 SPANISH.TRENCH'CERMAN TTALIAN TUTORS - Four EofsWORHYHMS CALCULATOR ¦ Display your personal biorhyhm* graph*.
E0I2 EVO - Follow the evolution of man from 20 million years ago.
E003 GRAVITY SIMULATOR - Doe* just that.
1-040 FAMILY HISTORY DATABASE Fain.lt tree plotter.
E033 ELEMENTS • Computerised periodic table.
TOP UTILITIES EDUCRTION Amiganuts Public Domain Library 12 Hinkler Road Southampton Hants S02 6FT Telephone Enquiries(0703) 470017 mvm unumEs 1265 Word Power VI. 1 1266 Agraph & Freepalnt (P) 1268 UEDfr V3 CP) 0 Mb) 1269 PCTask (P) (1Mb) 1275 The Money Program (P) ...... i v2.1a (P) 1319 Super Sound v2.1a(P) (Mb) 1337 Relokii 1.3 (P only) (1Mb) .....J only) (11 1339 OctaMED v2 (P) (1Mb) 1341 TextEngme v4 (P) (1Mb) 1342 Checkbook v2 3(P) (1Mb) GAMES 1277 Fatal Mission P) 1280 Defenda (P) 1281 Wot's It's Name (P) 1283 Catacombs (P) 1296 Mental Image I (P) 1297 Mental Image II (P) 1307
Sanity (P) 1313 Strikeball 1 (P) 1320 Denver Duk (P) 1323 The Dart Machine (P) 1324 2 Neighbours Game (P) Mb) MISCELLANEOUS 1312 2 The Journey (P) (Mb) 1322 Dolphin Dreams (P) 1315 Sudden Impact AMOS Mag (P) 1329 Jesus on Es(2) (?)
1330 RSI Timezone Demo 1338 State of The Ait (Rave) (P) ASSASSINS GAMES DISKS ASI 41 .Hcllzone, Delux Pacman, Leap n, Tractor Beam ASI 42 Galaga 92. Dogs In Space, Intruder Alert ASI 43 Octothdlo. Roulette.
Interlock. Gameboy Tetns ASI 44 Galaxy89. Mouse Impossible, RoU On, Nibblcr ASI 45 Kastlc Kumquat, Dltris, The Brain, Parcheese ASI 46 Atom Smasher. City, Ouch Isolation, AS147 Elevation. Crave. Arena Furmyre ASSASSINS PACKS Any 10 Assassins Disks for ill.50 Any 20 Assassins Disks for 421 50 Any 40 Assassins Disks for *42.00 PD PACKS MLSPO Music Maker Pack-45 50 OctaMED v2 with docs, SuperSound v2 2 disks ofsamples and 1 disk of modules 5 disks in all. Must be the best pack of its type available!!"
MUSh OctaMED Samples-49.00 A 9 disk set of samples for use with OctaMED. Very popular'" IP3 OcttMEf) Modules-41500 A 14 disk set of modules for use w*h OctaMED ANIM1 Schwartz Pack -45 50 A 5 disk set cf Eric Schwartz antfna- ; that wall run on any 1 Meg
- Includes the Aerocoons1 New PD Starters Pack -45.50 A 5 disk
set including a Workdisk animations, a demo, utility disk and a
games disk.
BUSP1 Productivity Pack -45.50 5 disk containing more serious software Indudes a Word Processor, A Database, Spreadsheet, Finance Manager etc. etc.. PD PRICES “All PD supplied on branded disks- POSTAGE EC. WORLD I TO 5 40.60 41.50 6 TO 10 40.60 43.00 II TO 20 41.00 47 00 21 or more 42.00 49 00 Licensoware Note that Postage Prices Still apply, unless you OctaMED Pro v4 The definitive sequencer. Utilise up to H channels using the Amiga or 16 with MIDI. Can enter notes, display and print in standard tracker format or stave notation.
Europe Prices OctaMED & Manual 430.00 OctaMED 422.50 Manual 48.50 Rest of World .
OctaMED & Manual 432.00
410. 00 AMFC (410.00) Music File converter. This program will
allow you to convert between various sequencer formats
including MusicX, SMUS etc. A-Gene (415-00) World famous ACC
(3 50) The Amiga Coders Club disks Now in it's third year,
of interest kto new and seasoned coders Issue 30 available
at last!!.
Fruit machine (43 50) Got to be the best version yet' The graphics are stunning kand the aameplay as smooth as you expect from a coded game done of Boulderdash T v2 machine if using Reloldtl 3 SuperSound v3 (3 50) An excellent sampling package that allows numerous effects to be applied to sampled sounds.
Central Licensoware Register The total Concepts disks in this scries utilise a HyperBook' presentation that makes for quick and easy viewing These disks offer great value for money.: CLE01 TC Dinosaurs (4 50) 2 Disks By far die most popular CLE02 TC-Geologv (4.50) 2 Disks CLE03 TC- Solar 5ystem(4 99) 3 Disks C1E07 TC - Freshwater Fishing(4.50) CLE14 TC - Ecology (4.99) 3 Disks Other educational programs available CLE11 Lets learn. Great for young kids CLE08 Night Sky (3 50) Identifies CLE06 Maths Tutor (3 50) good panion fro GCSE students CLE05 A -Chord (3.50) Show b guitarists where to find
CLE15 Fastfree (3 50) Speed drills and practise for lead guitarists The following Disks are available from the CLR utility range CLU01 Video Trier (3 50) Nice and easy to use CLU03 Typing Tutor (3.50) This 0 excellent program!'
CLU11 Cakl.3 (3 50) Efficient and to use spreadsheet.
SK 14 Stock Controller (3.50) atifsiob.
This is just a small selection of the CLR titles available More details can be found on our catalogue disks Please make ChequevToatal Orders payable to Amiganuts Why not visit us on our stall ai Southampton's Kingshnd Market m Mary's St We are there every S from 9 Ooam until 4 00pm We also sell accessories on the stall at very competitive prices. So if you are in the area why not pay us a visit and we will be able to demonstrate the software etc that you arc after.
For a copy of our catalogue please send a SAE preferably a padded envelope to protect the disk in tranfl STRICTLY P0. Dept cu, 11 YORK PLACE.
NR BRANDON HILL. H0TWELLS. BRISTOL BS1 5UT PUBLIC DOMAIN I NOW ALSO AVAILABLE FC HARGWARE IN AUSTRAL 04M FRACTALE -EBatMOimoetMMoryot 003 ALCATRAZ COYSSEY (5 daksi Prcftably th* bait daro Bus yaar (MIT WMF PICS - Tho cWW Hhm pics No mot D4M RAUNCHY SLIDES Pctimotprany or* MOT SCHWARZT0CNS i3 dMAs) • PacMd a«h «: caw out* b* Ere ScNaatr
- ----- vadgoodrr.; V002 S4*0Ma • Srwth Krotlna Mao Mr (•) V003
TirtoWar-AMsuMdsaByourv'daDal*) VOW TV 4 Vbao Graphici (8 daii
• Pariad NRB8AJC0H * :bu HLL.H0T1E1& Vraraa wiOCOW.
BRBT0LBS15UT Wsnera s£ $ UI EMJLAT0R - *• cm can uuos ORE CG0V’*2-ThabmegoMdagaat IiS6loeM(w»w Msmav SxffORMS REAU.Y UNUMTTEOCWa yar om WOC sooSg massagsa U 1)0*4 TYPNG T£S?£*R5lBsaBChtek your SSSlSvi.OCrWi InmpMnaH NO ERRORS • I team kw *wd M By Ndng U woe I am A&nT-K«es cf WOSW STOCK BROtEftKaapi ata of feAafcra cm f*montym ' ’ WOW C-MA)i)AL|* tesl• Hundradsolauirpaaol sourwcodtatoW WOW BASCTUTW-TSeV slapsloaami-gho« . TTheW*OtNa wov cwLcw mm t« trom Mmop 0* rrwvra Id ART01 MoMngdeartCdM) ARTO xmPctm ot mam (2 dmi MINI IMBw UotlaNcfcKMWK ARTM WW1 Area* •’’(» ART* Man2MUda«naaad.
Mflfi W0J7 Rwu smriOsywolinipewlipoort UU020 UU029 TrWll-Reaiytxrwmitsn|2»«i UJM WVi.04rtaWoroWagi CWI c paMCMlw USW hre ow nro K UU002 ?UTUt5-Laamaia»40iaCllQ'*a"70% WOM ME YSID lMdi and arttH PC(WM Odn magura rairg ct 95% 0807 IMPw-CWa B Nlsy poW, - NM SsrT&E&’w&ceSU.Uarar N007 IMWWWwm MM TvatocuxS-CcrtaraioalffWVUind N012 E«anW*r V1.0 abeh ho* du lo «am and Mi you on toroio" r*a«. Alto ¦ flood M nh¥tu% daly daatoae d your atoda (Wb diaBd(t) BadiTaik - Deaeiei comren 6w bee* Iwgtog • Mala a doBded Bg d your Iheoi S' frtrrfi. Garrnan. Mbn Utn • Fov MVQageunl'i AvanoMMPBna GudadTowaMari
¦«“ « » nsmset. •VMnat* SmqSe iailAV - Ban pyao aagglng K«NC€R GAME Oor» a arrnod aoda daaic wroaa *«i dcxraad grvnea (.)
ACT OF WAR Tba mk cKra raoavad I MM ing rtiBw Yen’ Amga Formal (.)
GRAM) PRIX SIM - Saa»youVa ga Ba Iran B ba ba ran Mgd Mamaf AN.N.0 • AiBleacad Mutat Nvta Badarr a laap rB aaen In tit amming gama |.; GENERAL ELECTION • Tau palnigaradt aBOor «fn ta wart urUWr «M*ctr J S&EH SKCW CHAUEKX - Mo « rcSffij c»2S»ilea cm ntamn -nq nwma S3 ili oc .an » ¦- «Q _____________JWf -I...... SbryiMut Astronomy 4 dnosoura It) A nanon FooDsI coaOi-Pliy tha ida ol Arranon Botdi monogsr BaOarantt • sMBr BkrtJWc* on ta Spactum ar« CM It) Omfr T « DM Pb Mtscn ot VM dWC « AriusfwlewrUHoMyB on s* "iCJSlow' mm- Mate WnSnoft SnWTVntRpOt GWSUI Harry rr Pane- .at Sat Wy dona NEW WAVE
Sip on your «p«a and E SeSIoAs 3 -3 Tnaa atb 27 ninuM
• odr a trBad rxiaa»M nuac ALCATRAZ • Itora tan nxaB M»g*y orgTal
music and d»*o MM3 CHAHTTECHNO 1 • 25imaaallam8 ... ra-Yias
U341 FCNTSL030S Uassat Bruaadt Dpw UiSt BANGING RAVES • Tha 2nd
CemVg I Bands r U3J7 PftOFESStCNAL DBA) MAKER- Cat fis grad
farm w 8i I mMhImii M3» SufwSYNTHS VOL 1*2 (1Mb Qw ipta U2M S.
OES*OV MAKER -Show boa B
• dMhws n dlarwi *eyi(.)
UM4 SPEECH TOY G« you Ana tataxi- UM2 VOCES - Add saatfB yo danoaaas* U3T2 MANOOROTS ThabadMartflMf urn “tIS'cck o» IwiorllHB SaIBM* U371 SLPAFCNTS-M*aaaatanBruao« 0PM *W Bmakayoi oanir ____ CR004 VarB Ifcdalr • Alon you B craaB » ayactt rdhcut Lam tta X Y&Z Ba Mdi SostODOITaMSMrf!
CROM Ibdabv Cbac* Codans ot* 20 *tcu Ogda r knaga BrW Pa4ad Br iaa W CROM Uvnwa.'XtafUorM R*wed1»10nw*0yA*| I07S TB ioiANiA v Mra tn rc you CROBT S Ba viT Hnoacapa Q pnnferg a tan tom any aga. Any any nagnialon (.1 AnoMra V1.1 (A) • Tbi «dMa iaa a* Fraoal VfiM diet rOuM LopMc * Ccaat Uraa 4 Tran Racamd a ‘ ipombMB Voac C8 - Macs no a ycu sssyss iissr w VOW riga LM'Lto «t**Too«WBp- a» Boa* cacu ban 4 gay aari (•) V0M Vbao Swora • uaad B aoda Mr t a dv graclK ran lira ta 9 ooodi m V011 Andods BU Abo Grands saaaen a BTGn CR001 Angavanturt 4 Adv«s • mau you cam ¦ advantura gamas Mm program*
CR002 Print Studo • ExeaWtrt kr pvtOrg praurts a» Wl, Are you led up with hunting frantically through your back issues, trying desperately lo find that all-important hint or cheat?
Where do you go Irom Angarahn Village in shar? Is there a loolprool way ol scoring in Kick Off 27 Have you just dug out a copy ol Psygnosis' Blood Money and want to have infinite lives? Stop tearing your hair out.
Lor help is at hand. Bruce Smith Books, that smashing bunch who seem to have a book to cover every eventuality, from a beginners' guide to Amiga BASIC to an in depth exploration ol the At 200. Have come up with the answer to your prayers in the torm ol The Amiga Gamer's Guide, an indispensable reference woik spanning the entire Amiga games history.
Written and edited by some bloke who goes by the name of Dan Slingsby - you may have heard ol him - the book draws on his three years experience as editor ol your favounte Amiga magazine and even longer as a dedicated games player.
Or so the introduction says, so if there's one thing you can be sure of.
It s the quality and accuracy ol the information contained in the 360- page tome.
The aims behind the book are simple ones. Firstly it aims to Introduce you to the best Amiga software around Irom classic old titles such as Shadow Ot The Beasf right up to Sireetfighter 2, so in one sense it's perfect lor the new consumer, armed with a new Amiga, a pocket ol notes and almost no idea ol whal they're looking lor.
Under the spotlight this month are the latest words of wisdom from a very close quarter... AMIGA GAMEA'S GUIDE BRUCE SMITH BOOKS £14.95 Secondly. Ihe book aims to be a complete guide to over 300 Amiga games, so if you're already an experienced user, you're bound to find something to please you here The book breaks down into two distinct segments The first, and weightiest, contains in-depth players guides and complete solutions to 26 popular Amiga titles, from Lure Of The Temptress lo Microprose Formula One Grand Prix, taking in a wide spectrum along the way. Each ol the games has been
heavily researched (il Ihe bags that appeared under Dan's eyes just belore Christmas are anything to go byl) with each game getting between eight and 20 pages In turn, each of the games are broken down, with lull descriptions ol Ihe games themselves, hints, walk-throughs, level guides, helpful hints, annotated screenshots and, of course, the most comprehensive collection ol cheats available Whenever possible. Dan has contacted the programmers and developers ol the games, to get as much inside inlo as is humanly possible without actually printing the source code! For example, the 17- page
Puffy guide covers each and every level, tells you exactly whal each enemy is capable ol and how best to avoid them, complete with detailed screenshots. How much more help do you need?
If a solution is available lor a game, as is the case with Monkey Island 2 and Lure Ol The Temptress.
The book takes Irom the first screen, explaining exactly whal needs to be done and when. No more collect the trowel Irom a neaiby screen and dig in the ground' The equivalent here would be 'walk right three screens and find the trowel at the bottom ol the barrel. Walk back lelt again and dig at the base ol the tree.'
For games that don’t have solutions, like Puffy and Microprose Formula One Grand Prix, Dan has come up with strategy guides and helpful information. In the case of Grand Prix, a handy cheat on some races is to leap over the grass verges on chicanes which will gain you a couple ol seconds or even a position or two! This sort of information, while not exactly vital to the smooth running of your game, can definitely improve your performance, thereby increasing your en|oyment ol the product The second segment ol the book is a tul and extwane fMe Amiga cheats, gong toe *sr Fighter ax one end
10 Z-Ortm Be other. It doesn't cover every game released, but then not every gene has a cheat mode1 Aa wea aa rhiee Dan has also included level codee where possible, so it's a sate Dr-jr whatever you need help on. You find it here!
Don't expect to lind too much new stuff in the way of cheats and codes Almost everything released has had tips and cheats printed belore. And mis doesn't aim to reveal any hidden secrets. Instead it provides you with me sort ol player information that enables you lo get more out of a game. Completing a game with a cheat mode on is all very well, but you can't beat the satisfaction of finishing a game without a cheat.
Computer games can sometimes be cryptic, and entering cheats more so - just ask a console-owning friend! With mis in mind, Dan has written the book as concisely and clearly as possible, with lull explanations and nothing lelt to the imagination. It's all written In his own humorous style, and neither patronises nor baffles the reader with jargon. All in all, it's a very readable book.
A lot of thought has gone into the layout too. And it has really paid off Thanks to the use ol titled side straps and the title ol the game running across the top of the page, it's easy to locate the help that you're alter All is not rosy, though The games chosen for the in-depth section are varied, but there does seem to be a lean towards me more arcade end ol the market. Personally, I would have liked lo have seen some strategy guides lor, say, Ft5 Strike Eagte 2 or Sim Earth, but that's just a matter ol taste. Maybe a sequel is in order?
Also, there is no mention ol the formats mat the games run on, Some ol me titles included are a lew years old, and it is completely possible mat these will not run on an A1200. Still, with so many games appearing on budget now. There's no reason why it should be a problem to lind out.
We all know what you're thinking as you read this, alter all if is quite possible that this is a heavily biased review. However, we would like to point out that this review was wntten with no bias whatsoever, and mat the gun that is currently being pointed at my head is merely a courtesy detail supplied by the editor to help the How ol creativity. II you still think we’re being biased, men check Ihe book lor yourself.
For now though, il you want the most comprehensive Amiga lips collection around, and have had more man your lair share ol scanning through hundreds of back issues in your attic, men pop out and get a copy of this Available from: Bruce Smith Books Limited, P.O.Box 382. St Albans, Herts, AL2 3JD.
Tel: (0923) 894355.
WE ARE OPEN ALL HOURS Sjir "’ 1 HARDWARE 1 A600 + Joystick + mouse mat .. ..£259.00 A500 Plus 8. Software ..... ..£229.00 A1200 ... £389.00 1064S Monitor .. .£195.00 GVPsenes?. Hard drive 40 Meg ... .£299.00 GVP series 2, Hard drive 80 Meg..... ..£369.00 ( Phone for 2000 * 300 prices. , AiwiMlnldfoc---------------------- A500Power Stpply .... £2995 £1995 £5100 £23 50 A500 Modulator .. Zydec Ext drive ... S12K upgrade with dock ... 512K
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Pro 5000 Black M*enck Autohre £10 50 £11 90 £12 95 Zlp«ick Autohre Intruder ...- .. £12 95 £21 50 Aviator Flight Sim Jet 1 ighter £23 50 £12 99 Unbranded Bufc 100% Certified
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Glen Celyn House Penybont.
Llandrindod Wells, Powys, LD1 5SY Telephone: 0597 851792 Fax No: 0597 851416 ES i a11 ©MSI EDUCATION AND GOVERNMENT ORDERS WELCOME 24 HOUR ORDERLINE 0597 851784 M THE HISTORY OF THE AMIGA TECH MEDIA £8.99 How much do you know aboul that little machine that gives you so much pleasure? Did you realise that the original Amiga was called Lorraine? Or that when the prototype was built, Agnus sat on eight full-size motherboards, each containing around 250 chips? Or that Jay Miner's dog was the deciding tactor in including a line draw in the intuition library? You can find out about all this and
more in the latest Amiga World video that re-unites the team that created the Amiga to find out how it all happened.
The 45-minute tape runs between the fascinating and tedious, the incredible and the laughable and, unfortunately, the good old American knack of spoiling everything by getting tar too emotional.
The fact that the team felt like more than family throughout the creation process is driven home time and time again, and at one point head of software RJ Mical looks too close to tears for comfort.
The anecdotes told vary from the interesting and humorous (the tale of the bouncing ball), to the tediously 'in-jokey' as in the tale of the 256 512K memory argument. If you can sit through the 'stand up comedy' routines, then you'll find a real gem of a story in here, somewhere.
Available from: Burgess Video Group, Unit 6, Industrial Estate, Brecon, Powys, Wales, LD3 8LA. Tel: 0874 611633.
ANIMATION 101 MVA £12.99 Yes, it's another animation tutorial video, only this one has a more unusual slant. Instead of the snappy Californian voice-over, this one features a tank- top wearing 50-year old from Oklahoma who is willing to show you what you can do if you're a complete beginner, have access to at least six different art packages, a video camera, a basic genlock and a professional video editing suite, preferably U-Matic or higher in grade. An Amiga 2000 with a hard
- drive and 5 MB of RAM will also ANIMATION I0I lEAUtf: Dl
Jicf.drJ-.on enable you to duplicate the rather basic looking
animations he creates in his own mysterious way. By mysteri
ous, I mean there's a hell of a lot he isn't telling you.
The video features two programmes - the fabulous looking but completely confused and useless Part 1 and the just as contused but staggeringly dull Pari 2. Part 1 features the basics of animation, such as how to get your mouse to look like a mouse by putting a furry dust cover on it, and Part 2 shows you how almost anything can be done with colour cycling, from snakes that ripple to perfectly symmetrical spaceships that have things that look like rippling snakes wrapped around them.
A firs* course in animal ion for video, based on the AMIGA* computer system.
MYRIAD VISUAL ADVENTURES Available from: Burgess Video Group, Unit 6, Industrial Estate, Brecon, Powys, Wales, LD3 8LA.
Tel: 0874 611633.
Well, once again Tony Dillon was the lucky one who got to curl up on his sofa with a cold drink and a large box of popcorn while everyone else stayed slaving away at their hot-to-melting- point monitors.
BENNY BEAR HAAS ANIMATION £8.99 This is a very unusual video. It doesn’t contain any information at all, nor does it teach you anything you need to know. The 30-minute cassette features nothing more than the cartoon adventures of Benny The Bear (Yogi without the accent) and some shorts starring Scrap Cat. What does this have to do with the Amiga? Nothing, I just like cartoons.
Only joking. In fact all of the cartoons were drawn on an Amiga with Deluxe Paint by one Jeff Haas, then recorded to tape. A voice-over track was added and finally a music score.
The end result is a cartoon so professional, you’d be pressed to tell it was ever drawn on computer. After watching it for a couple of seconds, I had to keep checking the screen to make sure I could still make out the jaggies
- it really is that good.
BENNY ¦ £ M BEAR As cartoons, they’re not too bad either. Amusing storylines run alongside the sometimes too simplistic artwork, and the music track makes it all the more authentic. Is this really the future of Hanna Barbera? Scooby Doo is already drawn on computer, so who can tell?
Available from: Burgess Video Group, Unit 6, Industrial Estate, Brecon, Powys, Wales, LD3 8LA.
Tel: 0874 611633.
HOW TO ANIMATE - PART ONE RAZZA £10.99 Yet another in the long line of Amiga World videos dealing with Amiga graphics, this time showing you how to animate using Deluxe Paint IV and Imagine V2.0. Although not exclusive to these two packages, the examples and tutorials shown do have a heavy bias towards them, so be warned!
In this brief (50 minutes) video, you'll find a very quick history of animation, a rundown of classic animation methods and a short overview of the kinds of packages available to Amiga owners.
This rather basic opening gives the impression that the video is aimed at the complete beginner, which poses the question of why run a tutorial on Imagine
2. 07 Still, once past the learners' section you get down to the
meaty stuff, which disappointingly only leatures two tutori
als. The first, on Deluxe Paint, shows how to create a moving
startield (apparently, the starfield can't actually be seen
due to the low-quality recording) with an unconvincing
rotating asteroid overlaid.
The second, run through very quickly, shows you how to use pre-drawn Imagine objects to create a static rendered scene which is then rotated.
Not the most informative of tapes, but novices will find it interesting.
Available from: Burgess Video Group, Unit 6, Industrial Estate, Brecon, Powys, Wales, LD3 8LA. Tel: 0874 611633.
If you want to appear in the Sell Out page please call. Chris Perera on this no: 071 972 6700 I Bf AwlflB W h 3 0 J J in ( ) 0 i NOW FOR FREE i AND ORDER FORM NO OBLIGATION 0 LU A A J V Please can I have an Ad in Sell Out ) I enclose cheque P.O. for £ ... [Name . ! Address ..... | Total number of words . ] Post to: Ad Dept, CU Amiga, Priory Court, jFarringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU.
' Lineage - 30p per word to private individuals - 20 words mln. 40 words maximum. 40p per J wordto trade, 20 words mtn - 40 words maximum Semi-display • £15 for S.C.C Ring 071 ! A ctasJhed & Semi-display advertising is prepayable. All cbssified ods I ovailoWdy. WARNING - It Is itegol to self pirated copies of computer gt
• software that can be sold legitimately through our classified
section are g cartridges bought from shops or by moil order
from software houses.
.. ore subject to space gomes. The only genuine topes, disks or 1000'S Of quality PD and shareware programs from only 99p per disk.
Free postage. Free printed catalogue or three 2nd class stamps for disk catalogue JEWEL PD 19 Hodgkinson Road Kirkby- in-Ashfield, Notts NG17 7DJ Tartan Amiga Scotland's Nol P.D From 89p+manuals read me Printouts Stereo Headphones £1.99 Send
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Electronic Arts weren't the first to master this tricky obstacle - but by managing to cleverly absorb HAM Into their existing Dpaint structure they were guaranteed to maintain the loyalty of users who cut their teeth on this legendary graphics packages.
This month’s Dpaint tutorial ventures into the psychedelic world of 4096 colour HAM mode. Leading the trip is our art expert Peter Lee.
But it's one thing to have HAM, and another to make it work to your advantage. This isn't a problem with Dpaint; HAM drawing rivals such as the excellent PhotonPaint or gifted SpectaColourvtete there first, and being dedicated to this mother of all modes they managed to work miracles. But the shortcomings are all too apparent.
Centrating on. This may sound like a tall order, but' it will save a lot of fringing pain later on.
Editing the palette in HAM mode is similar to other Dpaint IV modes, except there are more colours available. Pressing P on the keyboard, or right-clicking the foreground colour box in the toolbox brings up the colour requestor at the bottom of the screen. Selecting any of the colours in the squares activates it, and edits can be made by sliding the control panel to the left. Initially this allows changes in the Red Green and Blue components of the chosen colour. But by clicking on the word RGB you change the emphaSpeed, for instance, is a drawback. On a regular Amiga, shifting over
4,000 colours around in 6 bit-planes makes a Post Office queue seem fast.
And then there’s the fringing. Sure, you can try to minimise the problem of stray edge-colours forming a pattern on the picture. But if you're drawing a subtle work of art on your Amiga, the last thing you need is a Rave show of psychedelic colours.
So who needs HAM with all this pain? Anyone interested in the subtleties and challenge offered by such a vast palette, but particularly when you are working with digitised images. Colour digitisers can capture images in HAM mode, and often you will want to incorporate them into your own work, or edit them. In either case HAM, with all its shortcomings, is better than nothing. The difference between images drawn in any other regular Amiga mode and HAM are all too apparent. Try converting a 4096 colour picture to 32 colours, or even halfbrite mode (with its 64 colours), and see the
degradation of it all... one another. This Image Is comprised of a black and white picture of a spiral galaxy as the background. I then drew the artistic Inter-galactlc cloudy bits and moody stars before loading in a separate picture of the moon and reducing it in size, to act as a small foreground planet. Buzz Aldrln was clipped from yet another Image, and his palette re-mapped to match the main picture. Finally the text was added, using colours In the main band of 16 to avoid any ugly fringing.
IN PRACTICE Despite Ihe vast range ot colours at your disposal, the most important are the first 16. As shown in palette toolbox a . These are the master hues, and are the most flexible: If you have been following this series, you will have become familiar with pre-planning - get your palette right before you start. And nowhere is this more important than in HAM mode. If you intend to do any precision editing. Pixel by pixel, then you must think ahead and give the a palette the colours you will be con- sis to Hue Saturation and Value. We covered j the functions of these controls in our
tutorial on Colour. The condensed Readers' Digest definition is that RGB alters the various colour combinations which go to make up the colour, while HSV alters the actual colour, its concentra- | tion and brightness.
The reason why the first 16 colours are so vital is that they are the only ones which can be painted on screen without affecting any other adjacent colours; all other 4080 colours are displayed on screen by the Amiga copying the colour |!l!WI!rflll ill MAM mnilc.
Of the pixel to the left of it and modifying its RGB content. One snag with this is that HAM can only change one of the RGB attnbutes per pixel, so it could take up to three pixels for the colour you want to be displayed correctly. And the wicked light-show which sometimes happens in between start and end pixel sometimes causes fnnging. Not a pretty sight, but one which can be minimised by either going for a more suitable colour (one which doesn't take three pixels for the transformation) or using one of the first 16 colours. Another little snag with this mode is that if you are painting on
screen with a non a palette colour, then you stand a good chance of affecting the colour to the right of where you're painting as well as to the left. This is because the program has to recompute the colour to the right from the colour you’ve just put down on top. TIP- You may find when using tools which display lines on screen (brush, rectangle draw etc.) that the actual tool lines cause irritating fringing (or ramping). In this case you can often cut down on the effect by activating Fast Feedback from the Preferences pull-down menu. This disregards whatever brush you have selected, and
instead works with pixel-thick lines. Even so. Some fringing may occur, but it will not be as grotesque as if ypu were using a custom or preset brush.
RAIN BARRIER The real plus of using Dpamt s HAM mode is in the drawing manipulation the program offers. From stunning brush effects and perspective control, Dpaint actually makes HAM worthwhile in spite of its annoyances You can do everything in HAM which you can in standard modes, which is a hell of a lot. OK, it’s slower - even a screen clear takes seconds - but you gain the kind of subtleties which just aren't available on any other home computer at this kind of price.
While translucency works after a fashion m other modes, it really comes into its own in HAM. Where the palette gives the program the chance to find the optimum colours for the transparency value Using ths Stencil feature In HAM Is slow and slightly involved; here’s the kind of view you gel when part of the Image has been made into a stencil. The stencil requestor itself Is simple to operate given that HAM is the mother of all modes, but you may still have lo spend some time tweaking things lo get exactly the colours you want highlighted The miniature image to the lower Ml Is one I added to
show how the picture actually looks.
Selected. The same is true for tinting existing images, and using either facility it’s possible to coiounse grey-scale images. In practical terms this gives owners of cheap and cheerful black and white digitisers the benefits of capturing a crisp 16- cofour grey scale image, then adding lifelike colour via Dpaint.
CUT IT OUT One of the few areas where Dpaint has to handle graphic manipulation differently is in Stencilling. In less complicated modes this is handled with ease, just point to a colour in the palette or on screen and protect it. Lite in HAM is not so easy, although the Stencil requestor is greatly simplified. The main control you now have is to give a tolerance value based on Ihe currently selected colour. This tells Dpaint to select your chosen colour, plus any other colours whose RGB attributes lay within the tolerance level you set. In this way you can hope to hit a range ot colours you
need to either protect or remove. This Is great in theory, but In practice you will have to stnke a balance between the tolerance level and the number ol colours you protect For instance, take a range ot blues making up a sky scene. Ad|ust the tolerance too tar and you could end up with some colours appearing which you don't want to select. In this case the best option Is trial and error. You can always see which colours are selected lor the stencil by clicking on the Show button. This dims the screen image and highlights the colours stencilled. It you have missed out part ol your range, you
can lock more colours until the ones you needed to be chosen are included. To lock a colour, simply select it Irom your screen image by left-clicking the mouse button while the pointer is on it Be warned though, this process takes time! In a bid to try and make this shotgun- type approach more subtle, Dpaint otters a tine-tune function In the HAM stencil requestor This useful addition allows you to manually'select with the mouse single colours within your image either to protect or tree, regardless ol the tolerance level. In this way the process, combining protecting and freeing based on
tolerances and tine-tuning gives you complete control over the HAM stencil REFLECT ON THIS I mentioned reflections eariier - these are a piece ot cake lor HAM mode. These can be simple mir- ror-surtace Images, or more complex contoured shapes which then take on some of the mystery ol ray-traced objects By now you should be familiar with brush manipulation, and that's all you need to know to Th* vlto* ol the helm*1 r*fl*cu solMhe Image ol Ilw (•!. End .
Th* glow Irom the HUO (H*ede- up dMvWr). Th. M mag* « th plan* was dipped as a brush. Ihso with ths WRAP option In the fill requests'
• MOM. I used th All tod to pour' th Imago Into th spoco ot
th visor. Th HUD was drawn as a series ol atralght lln a on
the spar screen In grs n, then bent vertically aa a brush to
glva th right curvature to ua In th curved visor. With
translucency s t to 50% It was painted on top ot the vlaor to
get a perfect reflection of an object Take a glass- topped
coffee table as an example. There may be fruit, a vase and book
on the top, and we need to see their reflection on the surface.
Cut out the objects as they stand, and flip the brush
vertically by pressing Y. At this point the colours are too
bright for a realistic impression, so we call on Translucency
again. By giving the brush a setting of around 60 per cent,
when we paste down the image it will have less than half the
original intensity, which Is about right lor an image on
smoked glass You may find your brush is too large for the
amount of table you have drawn In this case you could make the
glass surtace an Inverted stencil (that means all other colours
are protected except the glass colour), and then paste down the
brush, leeving the rest of the image untouched, TIP- For more
professional reflections, try shearing the Inverted brush
slightly before painting it down under the original objects.
PROCESS YOUR IDEAS The process menu gives you access to a wonderful Tint option, which like Translucency will colortse what's under the colour you are painting with.
Tinting colours in HAM mode is independent of your chosen palette: in standard modes you had to be really clever in creating ranges of colours for the program to use when colourising an image. But In HAM any of the 4096 colours is readily available. The Process Tint options allow some startling effects to be created; take mist on a mountain peak for instance, or any reflective object. The mist can be as thick as you like, depending on your translucency settings. Hue can perform a similar transformation; it doesn't woik at all with greyscale images because they totally lack colour saturation.
The final Process option is Value, which is purpose-made for making dark areas light, and light areas dark, depending on your brush colour. Once you've mastered these features everything else should come with ease. © NEXT MONTH Pcto really gels things moving when he makes his first foray into the stunning features of Dpainfs animation power. There'll be advice for Dpaint III and IV owners on how to get the action animated on yd6r Amiga, plus lots more tips and tactics to help become a Dpaint expert.
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Company Name (if appbcaWe; Addreea:---------------------------- Which compuier(8). Rf any. Do you own? .....104E WORKBENCH TUTORIAL Roy Ferguson discovers the missing link between the CLI and Icons. Plus some handy hints on making the most of your WIMP.
Ow that you’re an expert CLI user, or at least you can open a CLI and type DIR without suffering a nervous breakdown, you might be wondering about all those files which have appeared on your disk ending in the .info suffix.
Where did they come from, are they important and why are they there?
Are all common questions.
PART You might also have wondered why some files on the Workbench are ‘invisible’ in that they don’t seem to have any icons. Could there possibly be a link between these two strange phenomena?
Open a CLI and type DIR to get a list of your Workbench disk. You'll notice a large number of files with (dir) after them, followed by a collection of files ending in that .info pattern.
Closer inspection will reveal that the drawer (or directory - that’s what ‘dir’ means) called C doesn’t have an .info file, whereas the drawer called tools does. As predicted, when you open the Workbench disk’s window with a double click, the C drawer can’t be seen but Tools is right up there.
If you are still running Workbench 1.3 - and you should seriously consider upgrading if Us you are - you will only be able to see the invisible files such as C from the CLI. You will not be able to display them as icons on the Workbench if they have no .into file, and will therefore be unable to drag them around or click on them to open or run them.
WORKBENCH I rnmroRm D Workbench versions 2 and 3 have a menu option which will make these invisible files crystal clear - it’s in the Window Menu and is called ‘Show’. The default setting is 'Only Icons' but the other setting is 'All Files' and this will display files with or without icons. It will display a normal drawer icon for directories, and creates a dummy icon - in the shape of a hammer for some reason - for other files. When you use the other Workbench menu option ‘View by Name' the .info filename is not listed to avoid cluttering the display.
Although Workbench 1.3 users cannot see a file unless it has an icon, there is nothing to stop them making their own. For example, you may have a desire to be able to see the C directory in your Workbench.
Copying icons is also possible for Workbench 2 users, and goes like this:
1. Open a shell (or CLI)
2. Copy the .info file from a similar icon to Ram Disk. For
example, to create a new drawer, copy tools.info. From the CLI
you would type something like this: COPY SYS:TOOLS.INFO RAM:
3. Rename the .info in the Ram disk.
4. Copy the new .info file back.
5. Close and open the Window in which the icon will appear.
6. Find the new icon (it will be overlapping the TOOLS icon),
drag it away and select SNAPSHOT WORKBINCN T•1 I ten the menu
to log its new position.
You may want to customise the icon by making I « a new colour or shape, and for this you can use I *e program called IconEdit which lives in the L Tods drawer on the Workbench.
With this program you load in the directory's or |ram's icon, mess around with it, and then i It back out. You can also create an icon Irom l if you wish, but remember to select its type before you save it (for example, drawer or tool).
MULTIPLE CHOICE Whilst we are still on the subject of icons, you may not be aware of the sneaky ways you can highlight more than one icon at once Why would you want to do this? Well, imagine a scenario whereby you need to copy to files to a floppy disk. You could highlight them one at a time and then drag them over, but it's much simpler to select them all at once and then drag'n'drop.
Highlighting more than one icon is achieved by using either Shift key and the mouse buttons together Start by holding down Shift, and then dick on as many icons as you want with the led mouse button. If you accidentally click on an icon Many Work bench tilee lack en ‘Inlo' We and cannot normally you didn't want, keep the shift key down. HI press and hold the left mouse button and dick with the right. It sounds complicated, but you'll soon get the hang of it.
If you find that you are repeatedly double- clicking' and so opening drawers and running ¦* programs, you might want to alter the doubleclick speed from the Preferences option.
¦Workbench 2 and 3 users also have the option of drawing a line around a j series of icons in order to highlight them. Simply click with the left mouse button on any part of the window not taken up • wtth an icon, and move the pointer so that ton on any part of the window not taken up • wtth an icon, and move the pointer so that the flashing lines surround the icons you i want. Let go of the mouse button and all the enclosed icons will become highlighted. If you quickly want all the icons highlighted, - hole down the right Amiga key and press A When copying a group ot highlighted
icons, you must remember to keep the shift key pressed at all times Then mouse the pointer over the location you wish to deposit the files and let go ol the mouse button.
The flashing lines surround the icons you -* want. Let go of the mouse button and all the endosed icons will become highlighted. If you quickly want all the icons highlighted. - hole down the right Amiga key and press A When copying a group ot highlighted icons, you must remember to keep the shift key pressed at all times Then mouse the pointer over the location you wish to deposit the files and let go ol the mouse button.
MASSING ICONS Sounds painful, doesn't it? Don't worry - it's ling just a way of speeding up the loading pro- IBIS cess of some programs. For example, say ¦ you had a picture created with Deluxe Painl H stored on your machine, complete with icon.
¦ One way to look at this program is to load S Dpaint, load the picture and then get rid of the | menu and tool bars - hardly spontaneous. A 1 bener way s to make use o a custom pcture i display utility Workbench 2 users have i Display'. Workbench 3 users have multiview IJ and Workbench 1.3 users - well, theyll iust
* have to look around their public domain disks until they find
something like the archaic VIIBM or state-of-the-art ViewTech.
| 11 In any case, there is a really simple Way ol launching these programs and viewing your picture. The first step is to get the icon for the pidure and the icon for the picture viewer on-screen at the same time Obviously if they are on the same disk this won't be a problem. If they’re not. And you only have one drive and no hard drive, you might have to copy the viewer (or the picture) to the Ram Disk first.
Anyway, with both icons on-screen, highlight the picture icon and with the Shift key held down, double-click on the viewer. The viewing program will load and accept the picture icon as the image to show - and hey prestol one image on screen and no messing with paint packages or CLI commands.
¦ Workbench 2 has built on this ponciple and allows a great deal more flexibility. For example, if IconEdit is running and you highlight an icon, drag if over the IconEdit and drop it. IconEdit will immediately load that Icon Similarly some programs, such as WordWorfh or iQuarterback, will open a deposit' icon on the Workbench screen. By dropping an icon onto this region, the main program will load or process the required directory or file.
DEFAULT INFO Below: Wwi IconEdit you can even change the default images lor dlshs, protects and tha real.
Going back to that picture created with Deluxe Painl, the icon which accompanies it contains some secret information. To read this hidden message. Highlight the icon and select Info (Wbt .3) or Information (Wb2, Wb3).
If the icon is of the correct type - a project - there should be a box with the name 'Default Tool'.
It's inside this box that some optional mlormation about the program which created the file is stored With Dpaint, it will probably look something like DeluxePaintllLDpaint.
If you were to double-click on this icon, the Amiga's operating system would look for the logical device called DeluxePaintlll: (see last month's tutorial about devices) and try to load a program called Dpaint.
If you have another picture showing the program, you might want to change this - simply click in the box and type the lull path and name of your viewer. For example, on WB2 machines this would be SYS:utilities display. In this way you could create your own slide-show disk quite simply. Copy all your pictures onto one (loppy, alter their icons to have an image display pro gram as the default tool and then snap-shot them into a nice tidy pattern. Why not alter the icons to a miniature version ot the picture for that really professional touch?
J Selected NEXT MONTH Next month ml be looking at how to edit you startup sequence ond customise you Workbench.
AMIGA WORKSHOP I DIY SAMPLER ymk own PART or from 552961.
A WORD OF WARNING We wort you to enjoy building your protect, so please tale the lime to read tee warnings.
Although Ihe project desoibed here has been built and tested, neithef the author nor CU AMIGA can be held responsible for ony damage whkh moy be caused to either yourself or your computer as o result of using it. As no mains voltages ore required in this circuil, it is extremely unHcely that you could electrocute yourself, but you should still take core. If your computer does not behove normally when the project is connected, switch off immediotely. Check the circuit curefuly for short circuits and wiring deficiencies.
Always odd or remove the parallel port connector with Ihe computer switched off.
Never leave the soldering iron unattended, ond always switch it off when it's not in use. It is oil too easy to forget about it ond then pick it up by the wrong end several hours later. If possible, weor protective eye-gear when soldering and use a vice or damp to hold Ihe circuit in place. Never splash hot solder around.
An amazing twist to the sampler project allows us to tell whether the sun is out or not! John Kennedy proves he’s no slouch with solder... The sound sampling circuit we painstakingly built in the May issue is an incredibly useful device. At the heart ot the sampler is an Analogue to Digital convertor - an 1C that can convert constantly changing signals (sound as sounds) into the digital format preferred by computers.
The A D chip works by looking at the voltage level supplied to its sense pin.
This voltage can vary from 0 (ground) to 5 volts, and the digital output supplied to the Amiga will vary in turn from 0 to 255. The A b is said to be an 8-bit convertor.
Although we have used the A D only as a sound sampler up till now, this month we shall branch out into more esoteric uses - the simplest of which is a light meter.
HOW IT WORKS As stated previously, the sampler needs an input on its sense pin in the form ot a voltage in the range 0 to 5 volts. We can produce a voltage in this range by using a voltage dividing circuit, such as tigure 1. Depending on the value of the potentiometer, the voltage will vary from 0 to 5 volts, and the digital output will swing from 0 to 255.
Such a circuit could be used, tor example, to add a steering wheel or aeroplane control stick to your computer, although you would unfortunately have to write your own software to make use of it.
This shows the modifications which must be made for the light module to work. Note the changes to pin 6 on the 10.
Incidentally, the Amiga allows one ol the joystick ports to act as an A D convertor - but as a much less sensitive kind.
Instead of using a potentiometer to divide the voltage supplied to the A D, we can use other devices which alter their resistance. One of the best known of these is a Light Dependant Resistor, such as the device with the exciting name ot ‘0RP12’.
By connecting the circuit shown in tigure 2 to fhe sense pin ot the A D convertor, the digital output received by the computer will vary in relation to the amount ot light tailing on the LDR.
The variable resistor is used to vary the sensitivity ot the voltage dividing circuit to ensure as large a voltage range as possible is produced. It also ensures that the 0 and 5 volt lines are never directly short circuited which would not be good for your Amiga’s power supply.
BUILDING IT Assuming that you have already built the CU AMIGA sound sampler in either mono or stereo configurations, adding the light sensor is a relatively simple affair.
The circuit is best built on a small scrap of vero- board, but if you wish, it can be squeezed onto the sampler's own circuit board - there should be enough space on the top right. In either case, you may wish to position the light sensing LDR some distance from the actual computer. If so, extend PARTS REQUIRED
• I CU AMIGA sound sompler (see May's issue).
• 0RP12 or similar light Dependant Resistor (LDR).
• 10K minoture pre-set resistor.
• Smol scrap of vero-board.
• Connectng leads.
I ports ore reodfy Mapiins on 0702 the two leads Irom the LDR Itself rather than the three wires Irom the sampling circuit.
There is one alteration that needs to be made to the CU sampler: lind pin 6 in the 1C. And notice the wire connected Irom here to another part ol the board.
This wire carriers the filtered and balanced sound input, and is connected to several resistors and a capacitor II the stereo sampling circuit is being used the signal travels through another 1C as well.
In order for the light sensor to work correctly, you will need to remove this wire and solder on a new one. I suggest that you use a switch that will permit you to select whether you will be using the circuit as a sound sampler or a light meter.
Although the Amiga is multitasking, it is not possible lor this circuit to do both at the same time!
IN USE When you have made up the light sensor board and attached it to the sampler board, give it a final check. There should be three wires connecting the boards - a ground, a connection to pin 6 ol the •.
A D and a connection to 5 volts. Rotate the pre set resistor to its mid-way position.
Switch off your Amiga and plug the sampler into the parallel port. II. Alter switching on. You don't see the familiar booting screens SWITCH OFF IMMEDIATELY! Check to see il the 5 volt and ground lines on the light sensor have been inadvertantly short-circuited In order to use the light meter, you will need some special software as audio sampling packages will not provide useful results.
On the coverdisk is a small program called LIGHT. It will monitor the parallel port, and display a moving graph ol the input light. To run it, simply double dick on its Icon.
II all is working property, a senes ol lines will appear on-screen, scrolling Irom right to lelt. The further down the screen the lines appear, the more light is tailing on the LDR.
You may have to adjust the pre-set resistor to give the largest possible range ol values. When the drcuit is working property you can experiment with your new sensors. Applications which spring to mind indude burglar alarms, photograph development. Timing and counting systems BEYOND SIGHT Now that we have mastered adding sensors to the circuit, you might like to try a lew others. A thermistor. Lor example, changes resistance depending on temperature. A similar circuit based on this device could lorm part ol a control system lor beer brewing or greenhouse management.
Other sensors are available which measure pressure - by connecting this device to a bladder it could be used to measure weight, '-t DIY PROGRAMMING Hie trick to reading As value from the pxalel port is one address: OxWelOf. Il you need to do is petit fc OW drip register and fie current value 4 be returned.
Here is a snippet ol C code Iran »Wi you ait treole your own oppfcoiions: A" “ Parallel Peeking C Program “ V «2d rrd"k' «ndude exec lypesJt A Ihe address ol Ihe paralel port'
• define Reg-ktOxblelOl main!) iriabl E 'In, sample; M e
•Variables* U8YIPI oa-gmpmp v A Perform ihe operation 100
limes * fi r o=0;o 100:ot*)( A Gel the parallel port value *
somple=(UBYrtrin; A Display il on saeen *, jrinHCWurMwMrt] '
(intjsomple); NEXT MONTH Next month we II be taking a bieak
Irom Ihe samplci pro jert, but ogoin it will be DIY with o
musii slant On the droning board wdl be a MIDI port whkh is
very useful and surprisint|ly eosy lo build, so keep your Bkxk
8 Deckers VIDEO TITLING p video mum
- your AMIOA Starting this month, Jim Strutton, head of the Amiga
Video PART I 1 Producers Group, helps you get started with your
Amiga and video set-up.
AMIGA VIDEO PRODUCERS GROUP The AVPG are a collection ot around 60 amateur and semi-professional video makers with one key link - they all use Amigas in one way or another. The group first met around 18 months ago, and their shared experience and knowledge has made them a formidable force in video production. Who else would we ask to write a series on video production than the experts?
The Amiga is the ideal tool for creating reasonably priced videos of an acceptable quality. In this series we’ll show you how to make the most of your Amiga's video editing facilities.
There are various methods of getting an Amiga graphic onto video tape. For users of the Amiga
500. 500-r, 600 and 1200, the basic hardware all comes in the
box. You can transfer the Amiga picture to video tape
using the supplied modulator.
The quality is not, however, going to be great.
If you only want to record Amiga graphics to tape, you could buy a PAL Encoder, such as the CP-10 from Amiga Centre Scotland (089 687 583) which will set you back £165 plus VAT. This box of electronics plugs into the RGB port on the Amiga and converts, or encodes, the three separate colour signals into a single composite signal. This can be directly input into most video recorders, either through a video input socket or using the multiple socket on the back of some video machines called a SCART or EuroSocket.
In some ways the excellent DCTV device from Digital Creations, which is actually a display enhancer,acts a PAL encoder as it outputs composite video and the signal can be directly recorded.
We are going to look at putting either an Amiga- only graphic onto tape, or putting an image over a video signal direct from the camera. Apart from the Amiga and either a modulator or a GenLock, you will also need a copy of VideoTiller, given away with the February issue of CU AMIGA.
Dure, as outlined in the Workbench manual. Now you're going to need to copy the Workbench fonts onto the copy of the Video Titter disk, which is done as follows:
1. Boot with your Workbench disk.
2. Double click on the Workbench disk icon, then again on the
Shell or CLI icon.
3. Enter the following: resident c:makedir (return) resident
c:copy (return) resident c:dir (return) makedir ramrfonts
(return) cd fonts (return) copy ? Ram: fonts (return)
4. Replace Workbench disk with VideoTitler copy
5. Enter the following: cd dfO:(return) makedir fonts (return) cd
ranrfonts (return) copy ? Df0:fonts
6. Wait for the drive light to go out, then reset the Captions
created with VldeoTimr can be composited onto still
slideshow presentations and the like. An Department or even
Dpalnt Is capable ot overlaying the Images.
Machine with the VideoTtler disk still in the drive.
The next task is to set up the preferences that you want. VideoTtler is very flexible, you can either set the defaults every time you start up. Or you can save different set-ups for different purposes. We will establish a set of standard Amiga fonts to use.
VideoTtler uses two types of font: its own scalable format and any standard Amiga bitmap font, including ColorFonts. Click the right mouse button and pull down the FONTS heading or use the F6 key as a shortcut. Almost every function in VideoTtler has a short-cut key sequence. Whilst you are working, it is worthwhile making a note ot these on a sheet of paper for future reference.
All the font entries are set to the system default font, Topaz. Click with the left mouse button in the first entry in the table to highlight it and then click on the Install New Font icon at the bottom of the requestor. You should now see a list of all the fonts, including the sizes that you added to the disk. Pick a font and size and click on OK. Now work down the list adding more font choices and sizes to all the other entries. Once you have finished, click in the top left to close the requestor.
SAVING YOUR SETUP To save the setup, pull down the Project menu, highlight Settings and then Save. Now, whenever you want to get back to the setting with all the fonts set up, you just load VideoTtler and use Project Settings Load to get back your settings.
VideoTtler has five different palette sets, but only one set is active. Choose the active palette from the Edit Colors menu, or by using the Right- Amiga 1,2,3 or 4 combination. Save the set-up again. Now. When you select your colours, bear in mind that they are destined for video. PAL TV hates fully saturated colours!
As a safe reference, keep all the settings at a maximum of 12. That means that white ends up a bit of a dirty grey and the other colours are not quite as vibrant, but they transfer well to video.
You can get away with some higher values, so a bit of experimentation will tell you the maximum parameters for your equipment.
Amiga graphics are set to fit comfortably inside a TV or monitor screen. If you are using a background graphic, you need to expand the screen size to fill the whole area. Depending on the equipment that you are using, you need to set Medium or Severe Overscan from the Display menu.
Medium Overscan should be sufficient, but a quick test will show you.
Select a standard Font like Amiga Diamond 20 and the ‘3D Block' style from the 'Text' menu.
Place the cursor in roughly the centre of the screen and click once with the left mouse button.
You will now see a large cross-hair on the screen.
Type in 'CU Amiga’ or some other text and dick the right mouse button to render it on the screen.
Now select 'Set to Text' from the pulldown menu.
A white box with an inverted triangle should appear and the mouse pointer will change to 'CLIP'. Use the left mouse button to grab the edges of the white box and surround the text. One click with the right mouse button grabs the text and stores it on the Clipboard. Now use Right-Amiga C, to clear the text from the screen. Then use Edit Paste Tile Full from the pulldown. The empty clip box will appear again. Move this to screen top
* «* V %*.
YOU'VE BEEN FRAMED A TV picture is made up of 25 pictures or frames every second. The full picture frame on a PAL TV system is 625 lines, but as some of these are used for special purposes like TeleText, the viewable picture size is about 580 lines. Each frame is made up of two fields, which are the odd and even lines respectively. Although the frame rate is 25 per second, only half the frame is sent at one time, so the true rate is 50 per second for the PAL TV system. This is expressed as'50Hz.
As only half the information is sent each time, the display is said to be Interlaced, which accounts for the flicker that you see on a TV and on tfie higher resolution Amiga displays.
To be able to merge two video frames, it is essential that the two signals are synchronised so that the frames are at the same frequency and at the same time. To do this, the Genlock adjusts the Amiga and brings It in time with the incoming video signal.
Left and click once on the right mouse button. The screen will then fill with tiles of the text. If it is not what you want then try again. Right-Amiga Z key combination will clear the screen for you to try again.
Once you have a background you are happy with, use the F7 key to call up the Poly Font Requestor. Poly Fonts are Video Tiller scalable fonts, which means that they can be created in the size and shape required. Again they can be modified by the style menu called up by F10 . Once you have selected a font and style, pull down the ' Text Entry menu, but make sure you select the second occurrence under Poly Fonts. You will see a scaleable font bar appear on the screen. For now just type in the title text. It will appear surrounded by a box with small blocks on the sides and on the corners.
By using these little boxes you can pull the letters to the size and shape you want.
Having got the title page set up. Save it to disk.
TAPING WITH CAMCORDER AND GENLOCK To put your finished screen to video tape use the following steps as a guide if you are using a camcorder and Genlock. Switch off your Amiga and connect your Genlock to the RGB port. Connect the video output from the camcorder to the video input of the Genlock and the video output from the Genlock to your video recorder. If you have a monitor. Then connect that to the pass through port on the Genlock and connect a TV to the video so you can see what is going on. You will have to select the AU input on the video before you will see the output from the
camcorder. Switch on the camcorder and check that it is getting a picture. Now switch on the Amiga, booting from the VideoTtler disk. Load the first image that you saved and select Display Screen lnteriace from the pulldown menus.
Select the options on the Genlock so that you see the image either over the camcorder picture or on its own as required. Now put your video machine into record pause and move the crosshair pointer off the screen to the top or left.
Release the record pause on the video and tape the graphic for as long as you need.
TAPING WITH THE MODULATOR Make the connection from the Modulator output to the UHF input on the video. Connect the TV to the UHF output from the video.
Load up the screen as above and again select the Interlace option to get the best possible picture. Tweak the tuning controls on the video until the picture is as good as you can get before recording the image for as long as required. The composite output from the modulator can be used if your VCR has a direct composite phono or SCART input.
NEXT MONTH Next month more tips on creating graphics with VideoTiUer and the full lowdown on how to shoot video footage and overlay titles onto it.
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22. 99
17. 99 .6.99 ..19 99
19. 99 20 99
19. 99 22 99 1999 J.99 17 99 17 99 ......6 99 Welcome back to
CU AMIGA'S guide lo games programming in AMOS. If you’ve been
following the series over the pasf three months, you should
already be well and truly on your way lo gening your first
AMOS game up and running. So far though, our PacMan game
leaves a lot lo be desired as tar as gameplay is concerned.
And let s face it. What use is a game without gameplay? So
without further ado. Let's take our game one step further by
adding some ghosts HARD CORE AMOS The routine that we'll be
covering this month lorms the core of the code required to
gel three ghosts running around our maze in hot pursuit ot
PacMan We won't actually make them attack PacMan yet.
But the code will be there to allow the ghosts lo search out PacMan and - once they've sponed him - follow him until they either lose him or manage lo corner him.
Or right Check whether ghost can move forward If he can't, then find a direction thet he can move in Move ghost in the direction he is facing You need to introduce a certain amount of intelligence into the computer controlled baddies which is no mean teat Unless you just want your ghosts wandenng around the maze bumping into each other like halt- drunk toumalists. You'll be amazed at how much work is required to add even amoeba-like intelligence to a computer-controlled character particular routine should work without having to get bogged down with technicalities Trying to code a complex
routine oft the top of your head is one of the biggest mistakes that many coders make. Always start by trying to establish what the code must achieve and then consider the steps that will need to be performed to achieve this. See Table 1 for an example routine.
Once we’ve got the bare bones of the ghost movement routine down onto paper, it needs to be fleshed out into true psuedo code that can later be turned into AMOS code.
Table 2 on page 166 shows some pseudo code. The code is still in a very rough form, but PSUEDO MASOCHIST Let's start by taking a look at the psuedo code for the ghost movement routine. Writing a routine out onto paper in psuedo code format is always a good idea as it allows you to think logically about how a n PacMan has had it easy up to now, so it’s about time we got him running for his life. Dave Smithson explains how to add ghosts to our game.
TABLE 3 Procedure _SEARCHMAP[GHOST] BEARING 1“ For A-0 To 4 X-GHOST(GHOST,0) Y-GHOST(GHOST,1) Repeat If X-PACX and Y-PACY BEARING-A+1 End If X=X+BEARING(A,0) Y=Y*BEARING(A,l) Until MAPDATA(X,Y)“2 Next A End Proc[BEARING] you should already be able to get a good idea of how the ghost movement routine is going to work.
ENJOYING THE CHASE Before you start turning the psuedo code into AMOS, let’s take a brief look at how the routine will work. As you can see, it starts by checking whether the ghost in question can actually see PacMan. This will allow the ghost to look around as he is wandering round the maze. If he sees PacMan in the distance, then he’ll instantly change direction and start moving towards PacMan.
Most pursuit games allow the enemy characters to pursue the player around a maze regardless of whether they can actually see the player’s sprite or not.
REALISM If you think about it though, this sort ot scenario is hardly realistic. Alter all. It you were being pursued around a maze by the CU AMIGA crew, they'd be as lost as you are - not until they had actually spotted you would they be able to start chasing atter you. Until then, theyd simply be wandering around with absolutely no idea ot your whereabouts. Even once they had spotted you, it would be quite easy for you to lose them again simply by ducking out of their field of view. Once they had lost you, they would no longer be able to chase you. Instead, they would continue in the
direction that you were last spotted hoping to catch a glimpse of you later.
Turning this part of the ghost movement routine into AMOS code isn’t as difficult as it may first seem. If you think about it, our ghosts only need to look in four directions - north, south, east and west. The easiest way to do this would be to check every square in each of these four directions until the ghost had either spotted PacMan or he runs out of floor space (ie, he's looking straight at a wall). The AMOS procedure for this routine is shown in Table 3.
BALL BEARINGS TABLE 2 Routine: Ghost Movement Start Check map to see whether Ghost can see PacMan Can it see PacMan?
If Yes Update bearing so that Ghost faces PacMan If No Can Ghost turn left or right?
Does it want to?
If Yes Update bearing to new direction If No Is direction of movement clear?
If Yes Do nothing If No Find an alternative direction Update bearing to new direction End If End If End If Move Ghost in direction of bearing End As you can see, the code that handles this seemingly complex operation isn't that long at all. The code works by checking every square in a particular direction (dictated by the ’BEARING’ variable) until the set of co-ordinates generated by the Repeat..Until structure matches the current co-ordinates of PacMan or a wall section is reached (a value of 2 is returned from the MapData array). The clever bit about this routine is the use of an array
containing a set of bearings that control how the X and Y variables are updated each time the loop is performed.
This array contains four sets (one set for each direction) of two values (one for the X co-ordinate and another for the Y coordinate). For example, the set of co-ordinates for a movement to the north is 0, -1 - that is, add zero to the X co-ordinate and minus one to the Y co-ordinate (if you know your maths, then you'll no doubt have already realised that adding -1 to a number is the same as subtracting one). Each time the loop is performed, these two values are added to the X and Y co-ordinates, allowing the routine to snake upwards through the maze until a wall is encountered.
When this happens, the routine then checks the other three directions.
If the SEARCHMAPJ ] procedure did manage to find PacMan within the Ghost’s field of view, the direction in which the Ghost is facing is automatically changed so that he faces PacMan head on. If PacMan was not found, the psuedo code then con- All three ghosts are controlled by a data structure that contains four Items of Information that is Interpreted by the ghost movement routine.
Linues by checking whether the ghost can turn left or right. I put this condition in to stop the ghost simply wandering in the same direction all the time
- by introducing a bit ot curiosity into the ghosts, they should
never trample the same path twice making the game somewhat less
CHECKING MOVEMENT The routine that is needed to actually check whether the ghost can move left or right is considerably more involved than you might have believed, as the code below demonstrates.
What you must realise is that there are so many different (actors to consider with this routine.
For starters, the direction that a ghost moves in when he moves either left or right depends entirely ufaon his current bearing.
For example, if the ghost were facing west and you want to check whether he could move left, you lihost uata structure fjIfflSTli , , , i
- x coordinate = K coordinate
- Bearing l _ North z-south 3- East 4: most I =Status l - Normal
Z-Eaten would actually need to check the mapdata immediately
to the south If he were then to turn so that we faced south,
you'd have to check the mapdata to the east.
You've also got to consider what happens if the Ghost can move both left or right. Do you just take it for granted lhat If this should be the case, the ghost will automatically take the path to the left?
Not really, unless you warn your game to be predictable. My code actually handles this situation by performing a random number test that generates either 1 or 0. If a value of 1 is returned, then the ghost moves off to the left else he moves off to the right. See Table 4.
Once the computer has checked to see whether ihe ghost has the option to move left or right, it then checks to see whether he actually wants to change direction - after all. He nvght be TABLE 4 Procedure _CHECKMAP[GHOST] BEARING 1 : LEFT-0 : RIGHT-0 X-GHOST(GHOST, 0) : Y-GHOST(GHOST,1) If GHOST(GHOST,2)-1 or GHOST(GHOST,2)-2 If MAPDATA(X+BEAR- ING (2,0), Y*BEARING (2,1) ) 02 LEFT-1 End If If MAPDATA(X‘BEAR- ING (3,0), Y * BEARING (3, 1) ) 02 RIGHT-1 End If If LEFT-1 and RIGHT-1 Randcmize Timer Choice-Rnd(l) If Choice-1 BEARING-3 Else BEARING-4 End If Else If LEFT-1 BEARING-3 Else BEARING-4 End
If End If Else If MAPDATA(X+BEARING(0,0),Y*BEAR INS(0,1)) 2 LEFT-1 End If If MAPDATA(X+BEARING(1,0),Y+BEAR ING(1,1)) 2 RIGHT-1 End If If LEFT-1 and RIGHT-1 Randomize Timer Choice-Rnd(l) If Choice-1 BEARING-1 Else BEARING-2 End If Else If LEFT-1 BEARING-1 Else BEARING-2 End If Endif End If End ProcIBEARING] STRUCTURED PROGRAMMING This month s code also introduces another games programming concept that you sKOUd be
- the data structure. As any C or Pascal programmer will tell
you. A data structu ol array thal allows you lo group several
different variables together under a sm BASIC doesn’t support
real data structures, so we've had to make do with AMOS' so*
mora capable arrays.
Each ghost is given its own data structure that holds a number ot important tacts about that ghoat - its current X and Y position within the mapdata array, its bearing the direction in which it is hearing] and its current status. The status is used lo tell the game whether the ghost has been munched or not (ghosts can only be munched when PacMan eals a power pill). Although our code doesn't use this facility at the moment, it's in there lor fulure expansion. When such things are taken into account the movement routine will treal the ghost differently according to its status - it the ghost has
been munched, tor example, then it will run away trom PacMan rather than pursue him. There's sM a lot to be done to the ghost movement routine, but the data structure that we've looked at this month is flexible enough to cover all eventualities Using data structures also adds an extra benefit - just a single movement routine can be used to control the movements of all three ot the ghosts on screen. Although each ghost is treated in turn, the movement routine treats each ghost independent of Ihe others, so we’ve cut down on the amount of code we need straight away We could have recoded the
PacMan movement routine lhat we covered last month so that PacMan too was controlled by information held within a data structure Most professional games programmers use data structures to keep track ol Individual characters within a game. Once you start coding complex arcade games that employ tens of sprites, rather than just Ihe lour lhat our game uses, you'll soon come lo realise that data structures are Ihe only way to control the movement of sprites without your code grinding to a halt. From now on, you need to think data structures!
X X H ?
Dl Ay, * quite happy to continue in the direction that he is already travelling. Once again, we re introducing a little bit of unpredictability into the ghosts so that the player cannot simply learn a preset movement pattern. To be perfectly honest though, the routine that I use is hardly artificially intelligent - what it actually does is to generate a random number between 0 and 3. If a value of 3 is returned, then the ghost changes direction. If. On the other hand, any other value is returned, the ghost continues in the direction that he is already moving. This gives the ghost a 25 per cent
chance of changing direction. If the ghost decides to move in that new direction, the direction in which he is facing is then changed accordingly.
Ward, but what happens if the ghost has walked as far as he can along a passage that Is blocked by a wall? It we simply allow him to walk on. He'll walk straight through the wall (OK, I know ghosts can do this, but they can't in my game, so there!).
What we need to do is to first check whether .the ghost can continue in the direction that he is facing by consulting the mapdata array. It he can move in that direction, then all well and good. If he can't though, the game then tries to find a direction that he can move in. © NEXT MONTH Our game really is starting lo shape up now. So it won't be long before it becomes truly playable. Nexl monlh we'll be taking a look at collision detection and Ihe handling ol the power pills thal PacMan can eal to allow him to munch through those meanies In the mean- time, have fun with this months code.
LAST BUT NOT LEAST Finally, once all the movement parameters have been checked, we come to the section ot code that handles the ghost's movement in the direction that he is facing. This too may seem very straightforASK THE EXPERTS Ever eager to help anyone in distress, Mat Broomfield is back with this month’s batch of problems to be solved.
Stand by for CU AMIGA’S very own knight in shining armour.
I've recently bought an A600 and I'm thinking of buying two , programs very cheaply by joining I» a mail order club. The programs f * that I'd like to get are Music X Jr and Photon Cel Animator and they’re being offered for £14.99 and £18.99 respectively.
In your opinion, are they worth the money and will they both work with my 1 Mb computer? Can I use Technosound Turbo with Music X Jr? If it makes any difference, the club that I am considering joining is the Home Computer Club.
Please help as I know virtually nothing about computers.
Joseph Robertson, Hawick, Borders I think that a great many programs are horribly over-priced, but perhaps regular users of those programs would disagree with me. At £14.99 for Music X Jr I don’t think that you’re getting ripped off, but I believe there are some compatibility problems with 2.0 Amigas and as you're a beginner you'd probably be better off looking at one of the public domain sequencers such as Protracker, Soundtracker or MED.
Unlike Music X Jr which has been designed primarily for MIDI use, these programs have been written to play samples such as those that you can record with Technosound Turbo.
In my opinion £18.99 for Photon Cel Animator is a little on the expensive side. The program is now several years old, and it only animates HAM mode screens, it doesn’t actually come with an art package. I’m sure that you could find it cheaper if you scanned the mail order ads in this magazine. In any case HAM animation is very costly in terms of memory, and although you could create very simple animations of minutes in duration, you’d be better off to use a non-HAM screen mode which lets you create longer animations. A program such as Deluxe Paint III is ideal for this, and you should be
able to buy a copy for less than £19 if you look around.
FLOPPY ENCYCLOPAEDIAS I saw an ad in ttie May edition ot your magazine tor Amiga ency- , clopaedias tor £40.1 don't really
• want to tork out that much, so I f * phoned the company, who
suggested checking the public domain libraries tor cheaper
alternatives. When I phoned some public domain companies they
said that encyclopaedias lake up too much memory to put on
floppy disk and that they are only available on CD. Can you
J. G.Tewes, Stanford-le-hope, Essex The encyclopaedia that you’re
referring to is supplied on a CD ROM disk. To use this you
need either a CDTV player or an A690 CD ROM drive. CD ROM
disks are essentially Cds which hold computer data Instead ot
music data.
They are capable ot storing more than 731 floppy disks’ worth ot Information, so you can see why it isn't practical to convert them onto normal disk. There are no worthwhile encyclopaedias available on floppy disk.
I use Ihe Relokick 1.3 program that you gave away with your , March edition and I find it very I» useful for making games work J * with my 1 Mb A600.
Unfortunately, I still seem to encounter the odd game such as Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker, which crash before I can get a chance to play them. Can you please tell me if there Is any way that I can overcome this problem?
K. Skewes, Bognor Regis No matter what you do, there will always
be some games that don’t work on your A600, however increasing
the amount of RAM on your Amiga may improve the situation.
Preferably you should use some form of expansion which gives you additional Fast RAM such as a PCMCIA slot card.
CAN'T READ-ME I wanted to make some of my own games and to include a A1T(|A read me file on Ihe disk contam- ing instructions and credits, etc but I don't know how to go about making I tried using one from another program, but any attempt to change it either results in it not being changed, or needing the program I used to change it with in order to load. Do you have any ideas?
S. Smethurst, Stamford, Lines It seems that you’re somewhat
confused about exactly what a read-me file is. True the file
is a text file that can be accessed and read by dou
ble-clicking its Icon, but the bit that you seem to have
missed Is that it’s not simply a text tile on its own -
there's also a reader program into which the text tile is
Here’s an example ot how to make a readme tile:
1. Make a copy ot your Workbench disk, then load the copy.
2. Create a text tile containing whatever you want to say. Use
the ED program on the Workbench, or a similar text editor.
Using the name ’Example’ save the text tile to the copy of
your Workbench disk.
3. Create another text tile containing the t ing command:
DFO:PPMORE DF0:example Using the name 'Test' save the text
file to yotw Workbench copy.
3. Open the Shell and type COPY FROM DF0:Shell.info TO
DF0:test.lnfo then press return.
4. Close the Workbench and Shell windows.
5. Open the Workbench window again. On top ot the old Shell Icon
you’ll see a new icon labelled test’. Click once on this icon
and than select Information trom the 'icons’ menu. A requestor
will appear and beside the words 'Default Tool’ you’ll see
SYS:Syatem CLI'.
Delete this and type C:lconX then press return then click the 'Save' button.
6. Copy The PPMore program to the copy of your Workbench disk.
PPMore is a public domain text reader that you can use to read
both compressed and uncompressed text files.
You can obtain it from any public domain company, or If you buy the commercial version ot Powerpacker, PPMore is supplied as a free extra. You can buy Powerpacker trom Database Direct Ltd, PO Box 2, Ellesmere Port, South Wlrral, Cheshire, L65 3BN.
You should now find that whenever you double-click the ‘test’ icon, PPMore Is loaded and your text file called 'Example' Is loaded into it ready to read.
I have owned my 1.2 Amiga 500 for over four years and have spent a lot of money on it in that time My setup now includes an extra drive. 40Mb Vortex hard drive- modem, printer, 3Mb of memory and many, many programs of one sort or another.
I also have a program to upgrade my rather archaic 1.2 ROM chip to Workbench 2.0 so it doesn’t seem necessary to buy a ROM sharer and chip. This program was written by an acquaintance who claimed to have somehow copied the 2.0 ROM chip onto a floppy disk.
, Bearing in mind that it’s possible to copy the contents of a ROM chip onto disk, is it likely that anyone will find a way to copy the contents of OS3 complete with the new AGA chips onto disk, perhaps for hard drive installation, or is this impossible due to large amounts of data to be accommodated?
Unfortunately the OS2 upgrade software that I’m currently using requires three megs of RAM to operate in. Do you know of a version that uses less RAM AND is hard drive installable?
Incidentally, is there any way that I can tell my Amiga to use Fast memory as Chip RAM? Even with 3Mb of memory I still can't get some programs to run from my hard drive - Cruise for a Corpse for example. Are there any programs available which will do the job for me? What are the pros and cons . Of Fast and Chip RAM anyway?
As you may have gathered from my questions, I’d ideally like to get a cheap A1200, but I don’t really want to part with my A500.
As I'm unemployed and can't afford to buy a spanking new 1200 I was looking for the cheapest possible upgrade path from my 500. My final option is to sell my 500 and buy a 1200 but in your opinion is this REALLY necessary?
If there was any legal way that I could make money with the machine I’d be as happy as the proverbial pig. Any suggestions mate?
Graham O.D. Wynn, Southsea, Hants Let’s get one thing straight - It is highly illegal to copy Commodore’s Kickstart ROMs or A1200 HARD DRTVU Snsbvivgrl'Mkll Chnssnss rvaaaar was I consxtemg txgmg • -M » transfer them to disk. Therefors Ihe 2.0 BOM you currently uss Is In contravention of the copyright laws.
Anyway, you don't get ell ol the advantages ol using a proper 2.0 upgrade using a software upgrade such as yours. For starters, you can't take advantage ol the auto-bootlng hard drive option. It la absolutely and totally Impossible lo simulate' a
3. 0 machine on your 1.2 Amiga even If you do copy all of the
ROMS. For starters the A1200 uses 32-blt architecture that
your 500 can't duplicate.
Furthermore, your old hardware has no way ol reproducing the new graphics architecture, or the laatar 66020 processor. The only way to get a 1200 compatible machine la to buy a 1200 or a 4000!
Aa lor your memory problems, you can't turn Fast mem Into Chip RAM, but I'm by no means convinced that this la tha source ol your problems. I suspect that It may be the herd drive Installation that’s at fault. Not all programs recognise every make ol hard drive and this may be one ol those problems.
I suggest that you give Cruise lor a Corpse's publishers, US Gold, a ring and ask their advice. Phone them on 021 625 3366.
One solution to a lot ot your problems Is to upgrade your Amiga's chlpaat. At the very least you should purchase the new 2.1 kick- start chip and 2.1 Workbench. You can then modify your molherboard so that It recognises one meg of Chip RAM.
II you're using programs which are loaded via Workbench, you can use a program called FastMemFlrst to force them to load Into Faat memory unless they specifically require Chip RAM to run. This can generate a subatantial amount of extra Iras Chip RAM.
You've spent ao much on your A500 that I think that you'd be vary foolish to sell It at a massive loss simply to buy an A1200. The A1200 la a wonderful machine, but your setup sounds quite tasty too.
On the subject of money-making schemes for you and your Amiga, you might want to consider using your printer to print Cvs lor people. You can charge £10-16 each tor them and at this time ol year a lot ot college and school leavers will be In need ol proles- slonel-looking Cvs as lhay start Jobhunting.
You can advertise this kind ol service In tree local newspapers, or on college notice- boards and It shouldn't set you back too much to do so.
Alternatively, why not start up your own typing service, taking people's hand-written notes and converting them to ASCII text files and printing them?
Again, this Is ideal If you live In a university town where a lot ot people will need essays typed up, but you'll also lind lots ot clubs, societies and small buslnasses who will occasionally be glad ol your services.
Perhaps you could design Isttarhsada or logos lor local companies using Dpaint.
What about nawalatters tor local clubs, community groups or charities? Or certificates for schools? Or mailing lists for national companies?
You will lind that It Isn't quite as expansive nowadays to upgrade to tha At 200 aa It used to be either. II you read tha news In last month s issue ol CU AMIGA you'll be aware that many indapandent dealers can now give you a Commodore backed trade-in reduction on the machine ol your dreamt. This otter la, however, only available through Independent dealers.
,Ha- I am considering buying a hard ' drive lor my A500» but there are k* a few points that I need to have
• clarified lirst: Which size ol hard drive would you recommend?
I use my A500 lor OTP, games, Dpaint, music and messigg around
with Workbench, and my finances will only stretch lo £350.
Do hard drives come with their own power supply? II not. Why not? I read in the Evesham Micros advert that their hard drive comes with a power supply as standard, Does that mean that some don't?
What is SCSI? I have read that I need a SCSI interlace, but what is it and how does it affect the hard drive?
Which brand of hard drive do you recommend in my price range, and which retailer?
Whal is a low level formal, and whal does it do lo the hard drive? Does il aftect Ihe storage space? I read in another magazine that Evesham Micros' drive cannot perform a tow level format.
Would you still recommend Ihe drive?
P. CIark, Goxhill. South Humberside Choosing the correct size ol
hard drive is almost ss important as choosing the right brand
ol drive. Many people underestimate their use and end up
lllllng the drive up In no time. Apart trom your Workbench
dabblings, all ot your other activities have high capacity
requirements: DTP needs lots ot space tor scalable fonts,
structured dip art and the like, music requires modules and
samples which can also gobble up space, and with games coming
on 10 or more disks even ¦ 50Mb hard drive Is easy to till. I
think that you would be unwise to look at anything less than
80Mb, and if your finances will slretch to a higher capacity
then go tor It.
Some Amiga-specific hard drives draw thalr power from the computer Itself and hence don't require additional power supplies.
However, this can place a strain on your power supply and you may think It prsterable to use a drive that comes with its own power source.
It's also possible to buy a non-Amiga specific hard drive either bare or In a case and add your own power supply. Such drives can only be linked to the Amiga via a SCSI or IDE interface.
SCSI stands lor Small Computer Systems Interlace and it's a standardised way of connecting different devices to your Amiga. With a SCSI Interlace you can connect up to 16 SCSI compatible devices to your computer and these may be hard drives, tape streamers, CO ROM drives or whatever.
Most Amiga specific drives ars supplied with an Interlace already built In, and SCSI Is the preferred choice over IDE because it’s both (aster and has a greater expansion potential.
A low-level format Is when each and every track on a drive Is literally wiped clean ot Information. It was necsssary with some old clunky A590 hard drives but most modem Amiga drives simply ignore low-level formatting commands as they have their own Internal formatting systems. In some 2.5 Inch IDE drives forcing a low level format can actually be detrimental to the drive. A high-level format prepares the drive tor use by making It AmlgaDOS compatible. This Involves putting such things as file allocation tables, and directory structures onto the drive.
The fact that a drive can't low-level format Is pretty much irrelevant nowadays, and anyone who says otherwise Is misguided.
Drives so low IdsodedP ww4f ¦ to ses it these herd *wee woue come down further in price, and rm g aa to re* that lhay have started to.
However, alter reading an nerve* e*i m- Commodore MD Kelly Sumner in your taasr magazine The One. I'm in a bit of • momma I* Sumner lelt that in the near luture the PCMCIA to could be used lor hard drives.
This would be excellent as lar as tlexib*ty and convenience goes, but would it be better and cheaper than IDE drives? Also would cards coma in 80-100 meg capacities or only some smaller size?
What's your opinion ol the PCMCIA slot? Have Commodore given us a white elephant or do you leel that this medium will be used to its potential?
Pat McGrath, Luton You'll tlnd that IDE drives are actually more expensive than their SCSI equivalents. Unlike SCSI drives where most ot the controlling circuitry is on-board a SCSI Interface, IDE controllers are built Into the drives, pushing their prices up accordingly.
Because you can use any 2.5 Inch IDE drive with your At 200, their prices are not particularly aftected by current developments In the Amiga market, therefore any recent price decreases are likely to be a matter ol coincidence.
As lor PCMCIA hard drives, such drives already exist tor Pcs, and I would assume that Mr Sumner perhaps thought that their existence on that platform automatically meant that they would also become available lor Ihe Amiga.
Unfortunately this theory doesn't necessarily hold water because the cost ol developing the required circuitry lor an Amiga version may be prohibitive, especially when Amiga users already have a choice ol two perfectly adequate drive Interfacing methods.
PCMCIA slot hard drives are really designed primarily tor lap-tops and other portables, so until we see a portable Amiga, I don't suppose we ll see PCMCIA drives. Incidentally, these are likely to be vastly more expensive than their full-sized cousins.
A more likely possibility Is the arrival of so- called 'virtual drives'. These are actually large-capacity PCMCIA memory cards with a battery so that their contents are not destroyed when they’re unplugged or the mains power Is turned off.
At the moment, such cards are, unfortunately, staggeringly expensive, but keep your eyes open as the situation will hopefully change soon.
Despite Its initial promise when It appeared on the A600. The PCMCIA slot has yet to be used In anything but the most superficial way.
No utilities, games or protection systems have appeared which use It, and no hardware other than RAM cards has become available. The point It that, until a tar greater number of Amiga owners have PCMCIA equipped machines we won't be seeing much development tor It.
The lact that Ihe rest ot the world has moved on lo a newer PCMCIA protocol may mean that we never aee the likea ot the modems and hard-dlsks that were originally promised to us.
* I have almost finished writing out a text adventure on paper
and I Mr now wanI ,0 00nv8rt '*,0 mn on rs ' M * my A500*. I
presume that I will of * have to use BASIC for this, or even
AMOS so could you please ¦1 tell me how best to go about it?
Is there an Amiga program that allows you to write BASIC programs?
Simon Geary, Bearsden, Glasgow H you're going to use BASIC to write your adventure, then you’re better off with AMOS which Is more powerful and flexible. However, I strongly suggest that you buy a copy of Visionary, a program which has been designed specifically for writing your own adventures.
Better yet, It even allows you to Incorporate graphics and you can also use it to create Dungeon Master type games. Visionary is available from Centresoft on 021 625 3366.
ERROR VALIDATING DISK I have recently purchased an Amiga 500 and many of my disks are failing to load and I'm being given the message Error Vivalidating Disk'. I'm then told to use Diskdoctor, but I don t know what it is. If you suspect that the problem could be a virus, could you please advise me on which virus killer to use? Could you also please give me so advice on how to retneve files on bad disks?
Raheel Shafl, Fartown, Huddersfield The message that you're referring to can be caused by a number of factors, of which virus Infection Is only one.
To eliminate that, I suggest that you contact Goldstar Computers on 0942 682205 to purchase their latest disk of virus killers or use the Virus Checker on this month's disk.
Having ensured that a virus Isn’t responsible, it's likely that the disk has become damaged or that the drive heads are not in good condition.
The disk can become damaged In a number of ways: It can simply wear out with repeated use, It can be damaged if dirt gets Into It and rubs against the magnetic surface, or It can even be physically damaged if you take the disk out of the drive whilst a disk operation is being performed.
The Diskdoctor program to which the message alludes Is a small repair program supplied with your Workbench. To use it, simply open a shell or CLI window and type diskdoctor return then follow the screen Instructions. It attempts to repair the damaged disk well enough for you to copy the files off It.
Unfortunately, due to the way It works, It only gives one shot at repairing the disk.
There are a few programs which can be used for repairing disks, such as QuarterBack Tools and AmlBack Tools. Not only can they repair damaged disks and files, but they will even restore files that you may have deleted accidentally.
The last possibility Is that your drive is In some way not working. The first thing to do Is to give it a clean using one of the cheaply available head cleaning kits advertised from time to time. It's very Important that you don't clean your heads too often. Once every few months is quite adequate.
If this still doesn't help, perhaps your drive heads are out of alignment? There are programs available to check this, but as realignment will invalidate your warranty, It’s probably best left to the professionals.
DPAINT PALETTE PROBLEMS w t c a Thanks to Peter Lee’s tutorials, I'm getting along very well with Dpaint, but I still have problems when overtayin9 graphics.
Basically, I'm working on a pic- ture and I try to load another one on the spare screen so that I can cut images from the second picture and paste them onto the original one.
Once I've loaded the second picture, I press 'J' to return to the first screen but its colours are all changed so that I have to recolour the picture manually. I also find that when I load a brush, it loses its original colours. Is this right, or am I doing something wrong?
Paul Weemas, Belgium You're not actually doing anything wrong, but you don’t seem to understand the way that Deluxe Paint handles the colour palette. When you load or create a picture, that picture uses a palette of between two and 64 colours according to the screen mode you've chosen.
If you subsequently load a picture on the spare screen, the new Image will also have Its own palette, and If this Is different to the original picture’s palette colour distortion will occur.
This is because Dpaint is only capable of storing one palette at a time, therefore the main and spare screens must both share the same one. Similarly, when you load a brush it must use the current screen’s palette, and this means that the brush will probably not appear In its original colours.
One solution that helps when pictures and brushes share similar palettes is to select Remap or Brush Remap from the Colour menu.
Dpaint will then attempt to recolour the screen or brush using the available palette.
If you are loading a brush and you don’t mind what happens to the screen colours select Palette Use Brush Palette from the colour menu to use the brush’s palette.
If you have Dpaint IV It may be worth forcing both images Into HAM mode, merging the Images and then use the Screen Mode to select the actual number of colours you want.
riM , I currently own a 500+ with a GVP series IIA500-HD+ and I a am considering an upgrade to ' an A1200. I’ve seen references to a SCSI interface for the A1200 in the May issue of Which Computer and I was wondering if such a device will allow me to use the GVP drive with the 1200? If so will it also let me access the 2Mb of memory that I have on the drive?
Ian Black, Deeping St James, Lines The SCSI Interface will cost at least £350 and the A1200 will cost about the same. You can buy an A1200 with an 80-120Mb hard drive already fitted for less than that, and that's what I’d recommend. Better yet, get a standard 1200 and fit your own IDE drive - you'll find that It’ll be cheaper still!
It Is possible to add a SCSI mechanism like the GVP drive to an external SCSI port, but It’s not easy and requires a great deal ot DIY. This will not allow you to use the memory though.
» » I have the CU AM IGA coverdisk 54 and with the help of your
- excellent AMOS special guide, r 'QN A»together with the user
manual, Jt * I'm now exploring this absorbing and fascinating
However, I seem to have hit upon a problem whenever I try to use the Cmove command.
From the manual, and also from your guide, I understand that this command causes the cursor to move relative to its last position by adding the parameter values to the respective co-ordinates of that position.
In practice, I find this not to be the case and I am unsure whether the effects that I do get are simply a bug with the program, or whether the problem is that I have totally misunderstood what I have read.
For instance, if I run a program containing the line Cmove x,y:Print "A" then parameter 'x' is treated by the program as absolute, and 'A' will be printed at column ’x' irrespective of the cursor's previous position. Nor will AMOS accept a negative value for parameter ‘x’ as shown in the “Hi Dan” example that appears on page 12 of the guide. Any attempt to do this causes the error message ‘Illegal window function at line...' to appear.
Parameter ‘y’ is also dealt with in a most odd and quirky way. In this case, negative values are readily accepted, and the result is indeed relative to the last 'y' co-ordinate.
However, to move the cursor down by one line a value of 0 must be specified whereas fo move it up by a line -1 must be usedl I hope that you will be able to help me.
L. J.Seymour, Rugby, Warwickshire This Is a relatively easy
problem to solve. Your difficulties with this command stem
from the fact that you don't seem to fully understand the way
that the Print statement works. It you enter Print "Llnel”
Cmove 1,1 Print "Line2" and run It, 'Llnel ’ will be printed
on the first line and Llne2’ will appear one character In and
two lines below 'Llnel'.
This is because, without additional formatting characters, the cursor Is automatically moved to the start ot the next line after a Print statement.
Therefore, If you then use the Cmove command, the cursor is moved relative to that position rather than the last printed character as you expected.
To make the Cmove command work as you would expect It to, the first Print statement should finish with a semi-colon like this - Print “Llnel”; Cmove 5,5 Print ”Line2" The semi-colon moves the cursor to the next available cursor position, rather than moving it to a new line.
Incidentally, giving a 'y' value of 1 does only move the cursor down one line. It's an 'x' value of 1 that seems to move the cursor two spaces, and this is only because the cursor Is already moved one space in the first place - If you ended the previous Phnt statement with a semi-colon of course!
As for minus values for the 'x' variable causing error messages, this only occurs If the value specified takes the cursor beyond the start ot the line.
Therefore if the cursor is currently at 5,5 and you issue the command Cmove -8,0 you'll receive the error message that you have described In your letter. On the other hand you could use Cmove -4,0 and it would work as you would have expected.
OVERSEAS AMOST ~S£=r aril. L.ISfltrw so a local library would s
2. Why are subscriptions lor c expensive7
3. If I wrote a game using AMOS wouM r - : sider it tor
publication in your r Johan Van Hoeydonck, Deurne. I •© O ,IC|
I own a Star LC-200 and Deluxe Paint. My printer works OK, but
when printing pictures the 1 colours are a lot darker than on
the screen. Is there any way of changing things so that the
printed colours are brighter and I get a more realistic
Paul Jonea, Newcastle The trouble la, the colours used by any printer ribbon are always darker than those created by beams of light on the screen.
To test this, go Into the Dpaint palette (by presalng 'P') and create the colour Cyan by moving the G(reen) and B(lue) sliders up to their maximum value of 15. The R(ed) slider should be set to 0.
Now compare this pale blue colour to the blue colour of your printer ribbon... They're nothing like each other, yet they're both supposed to be the same colour.
One way to Improve the problem of dark prlnt-outa la to go into the PrinterOFX section of your Workbench Printer Preferences program. At the top of the window you'll see that there Is a section labelled Colour Correct' and three boxes labelled 'R', 'G' and B'. Click all Ihrae boxes (a tick should appear In each one as you do It).
Thla now reduces the number of colours that the computer attempts to simulate when printing. Thla In turn can stop your prlnt-outs looking quite so 'muddy'.
Alternatively, both Star and Citizen produce special print programs which will greatly Improve the quality of your graphics printouts. I believe the programs are free so contact them now for your copy. You can phone Star on 0494 471111. Phone Citizen on 0753 584111.
For owners of other makes of printer Flexldump will make dramatic Improvements to your printed work and It can even produce poolers and banners. Phone Care Electronics on 0923 894064.
Of course, the final solution Is simply to Increase the screen brightness of your Images before you print them. To do thla, you simply call up the palette and Increase the V' slider by a uniform amount for every colour in your picture.
CHANGING KEYMAPS How can I change Ihe keymap in a program such as AMOS? I've tried changing the startup sequence, adding the line keyboard 'rancais key and I ve even thed copying the WB keymap to it but nothing works.
Johan Van Hoeydonck, Deurne, Belgium You're on the right track, but I'm not sure where you got the command keyboard from.
There la, however, a Setmap command and thla la how you ahould use It In your startup- aequence: Setmap t. Provided that both the Setmap command and the f (ehort for France) keymap are In the correct place on your AMOS dlak, Ihe program will use a French keymap from now on.
The Setmap command should be In the C directory whilst the f keymap ahould be In the Devakeymapa directory. If the keymap la abeent. Copy one from your Workbench Extras disk. If the Setmap command Isn't there you can find one In the C directory ol your Workbench disk.
OTHER FONT DISK . » . I would be extremely grateful If you could tell me how I can AEL assign my fonts disk (in DF1:) to flwpwa Dpaint 4?
W M ¦ G. Walker, Aberdeen You don't need to assign a fonts disk with Dpaint 4. Simply move the cursor onto the text Icon (a letter A ) and dick the right mouse button.
The font requestor will appear at the bottom of which Is a text gadget Into which you can type the path to your fonts.
Assuming that the new tonts are in the fonts directory of a disk In DF1: you should simply delete what's already In the requestor and type DF1 :fonts. When you then press return Dpaint will read your fonts disk and after a few moments a new list of fonts will appear.
CANNY CAPTURE ,n a Which ISO value and settings do ' you use to take the screenshots published In CU AMIGA because mine never seem to be as perfect as yours?
Johan Van Hoeydonck, Deurne, Belgium Although we used to photograph our screen shots, we're much more high tech than that these days. We use a Macintosh-based system which can load Amiga screens directly.
Therefore whenever possible we simply provide our designer with IFF picture files.
We grab these with a variety of software and hardware tools Including Grabbit, Qulckgrab and Action Replay 3.
When we are trying to grab fast action games, or stuff that can't be grabbed by normal means, we have a multi-thousand pound piece of hardware which can grab any RF Image.
When I go on location and have to photograph stuff from the screen, I generally use ISO 100 or 200 transparency Him. Of course the aperture size and shutter speeds all vary from subject to subject.
Having said that, shutter speeds above 1 15th of a second are too fast as they tend to catch the scan lines as the screen is refreshed and speeds below 1 4 of a second are unnece- sarily slow. With these shutter speeds, Fstop settings less than 8 seem to produce the best results.
I find that It's essential to use a tripod In a completely darkened room, and I always use my camera's macro mode to get good image sharpness.
• in How can I go about designing ®my own icons? When I write a
tank game for instance, it would be a nice idea to have a tank
icon appearing on the Workbench screen, but I've no Idea how to
go about achieving this. Is there a special program I need?
D. Carter, Maidenhead There are a host ol Icon design programs
available, both commercial and public domain.
Three programs that spring to mind are Icon Uelster, Icon Master and Icon Lab. All of which are available from 17 Bit software. Icon Lab Is by far the newest ol the three programs.
1. Sorry, don't have a clue about oversees PO libraries. Perhaps
you could llnd some advertising In magazines which are
published in Belgium? Any Belgian readers know of PD libraries
In your country? If you do, drop us a line and we ll pass on
the details.
2. 1 guess subscriptions for overseas readers are expensive
because additional expenses are Incurred in sending them. The
cost ot airmail alone is astronomical.
3. Although we can't guarantee to publish software that readers
send In to us, we carefully consider every program that we
receive. And I don't just mean games either as we re particu
larly Interested In utilities. However, you should remember
that to stand any chance at all of getting your work
published, your programs should be thoroughly tested and
should run on ALL Amigas including tha A1200.
POTTY PROCESSOR . See What's the difference between a 40 and 50 Mhz CPU? Why does .* a 25MHz 68040 chip cost more than a 50MHz 68030?
Martin Anness. Noak Hill, Wilts In order to operate tha CPU executes Instructions each of which Is measured by the number of cycles It takes to (Jerform. A 40MHz processor can perform 40 million cycles per second.
However, the higher the chip number (68020, 68030, etc) the more efficient and numerous the available Instructions are.
Therefore to perform a certain operation on an 030 chip may require the use ot six different Instructions which between them require 100 cycles to complete.
The same operation on an ‘040 chip may only use two Instructions which can be performed In 15 cycles.
Theoretically, if you could get a 68000 chip which ran at say a million MegaHerz, then It would be faster than a 60MHz 68040, but such chips are simply not available or feasible.
In the real world, however, you will find that the higher the MegaHertz. The faster the CPU, but a higher number CPU Is always taster than the next one down, regardless of their MegaHertz rating.
Thonks lo everyone for writing in - ond don'l forget, no problem is loo small or silly for me lo handle After oil, we've oil been in Ihe some position ot one lime or another.
Please remember, QSA is lor problems ol o roughly lechnicol nalurc. I can’t give game playing lips, ond I con'l help get your money bock Irom unscrupulous dealers although we ore pleased lo receive letters on these subjects if they are oddtessed lo Play lo Win and Backchot Send your questions to: Mol Broomfield. QSA. (U AMIGA. Priory Court, 30 32 Fotringdon lone, London. KIR 3AU.
If you want to vent your spleen or have a rant about anything Amiga-related, this is the place to do it. If you'd like to take part, drop us a line at this address: Backchat, CU Amiga, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London, EC1R 3AU. This month’s letter answerer: John Mather.
Excellenl! Al last, the return ot the DIY section!
After the last series of DIY projects, I kept hoping for a sequel - and it's finally here.
The 16-bit sampler is a brilliant idea. As a keen musician, I would love to be able to own one, but all of the currently available boards either don't deliver the goods, are too expensive, or are not compatible with the A500 due to lack of slots (or all threel). Is it still possible to use it via existing 8-bit sampler software? Is it just a simple case of using the 16-bit jobbie in place of the 8-bit one in the parallel port, but routing the output through some 16-blt player? I'm a bit hazy when it comes to this sort of thing, but I assume that if the article goes ahead, then it will be
explained in easy-to-understand, step-by-step CU AMIGA-speak?
Another idea might be to include the Maplin catalogue codes on the list of components, so it's easier to order them. Also, could you keep the costs of your projects below £40?!
Keep up the excellent DIY series and let's see some really exciting projects in the near future - I suppose a CRAY III Is out of the question?!!
Stefan Dawson, Bradford At the moment, there are no Amigas capable of replaying 16-blt samples without extra hardware. Any 16-blt samples you recorded would have to be played back through Clarity, the Sunrize AD1016 or some similar add-on.
Alternatively, they could be ported to some synths and sample-replay units, so long as you could convert them to compatible file formats.
When the DSP arrives, you should be able to play them through that without any trouble.
As for the Maplin codes, we'll be Incorporating those Into the very next issue and you can bet we ll try and keep our projects as cheap as possible. As for the Cray III, that was covered on a recent episode of Blue Peter, so It's a bit old hat now. It’s amazing what you can do with some milk bottle tops and sticky back plastic.
BLAST FROM THE PAST Isn't Tony Dillon, one of your reviewers, the dne who gave the absolutely dire Ninja Master an overall score of zero way back in 1988 (and allegedly almost starting World War 3 in the process)? It's nice to see a familiar name!
Steven Scougall, Australia.
Sad but true, Tony Dillon Is in fact... Tony Dillon. Over the years we've tried to tell him he's not wsnted around these parts anymore, but he just keeps hanging around begging for work. And he Is cheap! As for Firebird's Ninja Master It deserved everything It got (or didn't, as the case may be) - what a truly dire game!
NEW AMIGA I have heard rumours about a new Amiga. It's both CD and floppy-based along with AGA graphics. It's said to be coming out before Christmas and is called an ‘AMIGA CDC'. Could you, if possible, confirm this? I’m planning to buy a new Amiga and this sounds like the one I’ve wanted. If it’s false, I shall buy an Amiga 1200.
Robert Kent, Banbury As our exclusive news story five months ago revealed, Commodore are currently working on a new CD-compatible machine. No release date has yet been approved, but Commodore have already gone on record to say that any future release will be both floppy and CD-compatible.
Don’t hold your breath waiting, though.
NO 'C' PARKER I am very pleased with CU AMIGA, but one thing that disappointed me in the last issue (May 1993) was the missing ‘C’ tutorial by John Kennedy. I was really looking forward to the next part of this tutorial, but all I could find was the AMOS Guide Special. I understand that as you gave AMOS away last issue, you have to cover it in some dSpth, but you should consider the people who still want to learn to program in C. If you decide to con- TEAM TALK One of the most popular questions we’re asked by readers is how to break into computer journalism.
So we thought that we’d use this month’s Team Talk to tell you how it’s done.
DAN SUNGSBY Dan began his career early, editing his own comics fanzine while still at school. ‘I’m still fairly proud of it today,’ he lies convincingly. ‘I typed everything out on a typewriter and then cut and pasted it down onto A4 sheets. It was a lot of hard work, but I published a total of six issues and reached a heady circulation of 400 copies an issue!’. After that, Dan thought he’d better get an education, so completed some mickey mouse degree course in Communication Studies (whatever that is!), and then went on to do a postgrad diploma in Publishing Studies (another excuse not to
get a job. No doubt!). From there, he got a position as deputy editor on a bicycle magazine and was then offered the dep ed position on CU AMIGA after buying then-edi- tor Steve James copious amounts of alcohol. So you see kids, bribery can get you everywhere!
JON SLOAN Unfortunately, Jon's off getting married this month, so we really can't ask him how he got involved with writing about computers.
Never mind, we'll just make it all up instead then! No, actually, as far as we’re aware, Jon started his joumalis- I tic career writing for some incredibly tedious law magazine. When he replied to an advert for a new deputy editor on CU Amiga he was an outrageously dull person, prone to wearing grey pin-striped suits and topping it all off with a bowler and brolly. Sad. Still, after a few beers down the City Pride (after all, we are journalists!), we realised the guy's potential, especially after his great joke involving a striptease artist, John Major and a lavatory brush which certainly
cant be repeated here! Of course, it goes without saying that Jon is a fanatical Amiga user in his spare time, as that’s probably the most important requisite for the job.
HEATHER TURLEY Before joining the CU team Heather could be found beating the staff of former sister publication ST Review into line. Earlier in her illustrious career she was employed by giant publishers Reed international where she was an Editorial Manager.
Lilly U IB Sldll Ul IUI- n ST Review into 3 Luckily she saw the light and made the move to the sunshine pleasure beach that is Farringdon. Now she spends her days terrifying freelancers who are late with their work and reminding Dan that the working day finishes at six, not five in the evening as he claims. However all that's set to end in a couple of months as she drops her first sprog later this year. Soon the leather whip and thumbscrews which have become her trademark will be passed onto someone else, and if they slip Dan £20 they might be able to, by some quirk of fate, avoid getting
one of these increasingly dodgy write-ups.
EHHEzmma Sego'i recent move to submit one of its aones, Ngk ftm to the British Board of An CfasificatioiL resulted si the title receiving o mid 15 rotiio. Tws wos despite Terry Dirks, MP, condemning tfc game os 'fifth' and the FamJy and Yootti Concern pressure Slop recommendmg that parents should not W „------1 -L- )i • * j game ior youi cnnaren. N is evi. Rroaucea speafkaly for the Mega 0, Nifo Trw involves saving a party of giristroni blood-suaing Oggers (wfiotever they might heQ and is a tndy akt example of hteractive entertannent. About as offensive as flowery wdpqier.
Tinue with John Kennedy’s tutorial (and I nope you will). I would like lo see some ot the graphic commands covered The magazine is very well balanced on both technical and games coverage, but what is lacking is compansons ot similar software. For example: CanDovs. Hypertootc, ProPage 4.0 vs. Pagestream 2.1, Dpaint IV AGA vs. TVPaint, Bars A Pipes Prolessioral vs KCS v3.5. Levent Oz, Istanbul, Turkey Don’t worry, the ’C’ programming tutorial will return (and that's a threat!). We've already commissioned the next two instalments, It's |ust finding the space to fit them In that's the problem.
FAST ITS SELL-BY DATE As soon as I heard that the A1200 was being launched, I raided my bank balance, and bought one. I think it's a superb machine. Progress is something that all ol us have to be a part oI and, unlortunately, there will always be those who feel cheated by it, in this instance those people who went out and bought an A600. Although I was lucky and only upgraded when the A1200 was released. I have also been stung by the relentless march of innovation and new products. I bought a Canon BJ-20 with my Amiga and two days after purchasing It I read a review in CU AMIGA that AN 'OFF
THE CUFF' SPECIAL EDITORIAL - DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Canon has released a better pnnter in the form ol Ihe BJ-200 I would obviously have preferred to have the better pnnter. But I was too late. The same has happened with my car. CD, Stereo System, Video, Walkman, alarm dock, watch, joystick, hair dryer, etc. but people don't write and complain to Alarm Clock User when their latest prtze buzzer suddenly becomes outdated only days after they bought it.
Domlnlc Hill, Worcestershire An alarm clock la hardly a state-of-the-art home computer, but I get your point.
Technology la a wonderful thing, providing you've got the cash to keep up with It!
ZORK IT ALL I am writing to your magazine as an act of desperation. I've been a keen text-only adventurer since the early 8-bit days and still play them on my Amiga. Although they are now seen as outdated, I find them much more absorbing than most arcade- style games (and cheaper, too).
Basically, I would like to get in touch with any serious adventurers who have played still play Infocom, Level 9 or Magnetic Scrolls, to exchange hints and tips. Being stuck in a 10-year-old adventure is a lonely experience! Here are some of the games I’ve played: Dungeon Dragon Level 9 100% Lords of Time Level 9 100% Snowball Level 9 95% Red Moon Level 9 Finished but poor score Zork 1 Infocom 70% Zork 2 Infocom 80% Zork 3 Infocom Dont Ask Planetfall Infocom 100% HitchHikers Infocom 350 400 Write to me at: 62 Cedar Avenue. Spixworth.
Norwich, Norfolk NR 10 3PA.
Jonathan Belson, Norwich.
I couldn't agree with you more aboc* mm text adventures [Sad man! - Dap E f, f or ye me If I sound like a tragic anorak case Our today’s graphic adventures seem to iKfc 9m magic of the Infocom Level 9 games. Test adventures let you Imagine what's going or rather than presenting everything on a plate A bit like a book, you can really let your Imagination run riot.
DAVID COOPER IS MAD I am writing with a query regarding a letter which you published in the Apni issue ot CU AMIGA where David Cooper of Portsmouth expresses his delight in using the Kickstart 1.3 utility which you recently gave away. He says he can now run Speedball 2 on his A1200.1, too. Have an A1200 and have tned every combination of Display options, disabling CPU caches and the 1.3 emulator and SB2 always crashes when the playing field is about to appear.
I am under the impression that the 1 3 utility is only useful on programs that run under Amiga Dos
(i. e. which don't kill the system) as I can't get any non-DOS
programs to work with this utility running that already
didn't work. As I am probably the world's greatest fan of
SB2.1 would love to be able to play it again, so can you tell
me If:
• David Cooper is mad
• I am mad
• SB2 doesn't work under any of the above circumstances.
If SB2 will not work on the A1200, can you tell me if the Bitmap Brothers or their publisher Renegade (I assume it is Renegade, as the game's original publisher. Mirrorsoft tmageworks are now extinct) are planning to release a compatible version?
Ian Davis. Eastbourne NICK VI ITCH After being found washed up on a Welsh beach. Ulster-bom Nick staggered to the nearest tram station and attempted to make his way to London - | where he'd heard the streets were paved with gold.
Instead he was kidnapped bya wandering group of nomadic yak herdsmen and sold to a publishing company in Macclesfield, where he became editor of Amiga Computing. Not content with his lot, the Irish Rover eventually found his way to London where Dan Slingsby took pity on his haricut and brought him into the CU offices. Since then we haven't been able shift him. Which is good thing as we dont know where else we could have got a Technical Editor who works for (ust two meals a day and a constant supply of Amigas to expenment on. Nick is also still bike-less, so if anyone's got a Honda
Fireblade CBR going cheap, let him know.
TONY MORGAN Tone was too lazy to get a proper |ob when he left school. Signing on and watching Nerghtours lost its appeal after a while, though, so he deckled to bktz the entire computer press with articles and begging letters _ After a year of con- stant mailshots, he landed a job at Commodore Computing International, which soon spawned the UK's first Amiga mag, Amiga User International. The wanderlust took a grip after a four-year tour of duty with AUI, and he packed his bags for a big holiday, followed by a second spell ot dole-queueing. But journalism was in his blood, and the lure ol CU
AMIGA was too much to resist Okay then, that's a bit of a fib.
The fact IS. He was skint, and wormed his way onto CU with articles on how to make your Amiga sound bloody awful Somehow he got offered a full time (Ob and has lived to regret it every working day since!
David Cooper is a lying little toady who should be strung up by his [Snip! - Dep Ed]. Speedbsll 2 is also one of my all-time favourite games, so I was also quite miffed when I couldn’t get the game to work. Fear not, though, as Renegade promise an A1200-compatible version in the very near future. Hurrah!
TRUE CONFESSIONS I have now had my Amiga for about six months and have discovered a whole new world. I used to own both a Megadrive and a Super Famicom, with about 20-25 games tor each machine, but then I got bored and decided to sell them. It was then that I bought my Amiga and it has turned out to be the best move I have ever made I used to spend 1-2 hours a day on my consoles, but now the Amiga takes up most of my spare time as there are just so many uses to which it can be put.
Games such as Sensible Soccer. Monkey Island and Pinball Fantasies are tar superior to anything on the consoles. Most console games can be completed in a couple ol hours and are tairty pricey when compared to Amiga games What’s more, the Amiga can be used tor much, much more.
Have you seen An Alnre on the Megadrive? It's an incredibly sad paint program that comes nowhere near the quality ot Dpaint on the Amiga.
I am now going to purchase an A1200 as this will destroy the flimsy 16-bit consoles once and lor all. And the rumours about the 32-bit console are even more appealing... Paul Kaln. London Good tor you Paul, but where on Earth did you get the caah for both a Megadrive and a SNES, PLUS 25 games tor each system? I could have retired on that tidy little sum!
All my Inends, including myselt, have been arguing about how old Dan Slingsby really is. The only thing we agree on is that he looks like he's fourteen. How old is he?!
Oyvlnd Vamnes, Norway.
Jon replies: Dan was so upset by your letter that he's gone off to sulk lor the rest of the day.
I don't know, these precocious teenagers are just so difficult to work wlthl Actually, let's have a small competition: We ll give a huge bundle ot free software to the tlrst person to write in and correctly guess just how old Dan really Is (and believe me. It's fairly ancient It the truth be known). Send your entries to: It's About Time Dan Retired And Collected His Bus Pass Compo, CU AMIGA, 30-32 Farringdon Lane. London, EC1R3AU.
THE LEGEND CONTINUES I'd like to reply to Michael Rupprecht's letter in the April issue. It's rather good news actually: Legend ot Kyrandia does work on an A1200! To play it you'll have to modify the startup-sequence with an editor by removing the line 'kyraa'. Hard disk users have to do the same to the file 'kyrandia' in the root directory of the Kyrandia bootdisk.
The problem is that kyraa' is In fact just a renamed add21k command. This command will absolutely not work on an A1200. When It is executed the lop lines of the display corrupt and the machine crashes. So I advise you to remove the add21 k from any startup-sequence of disks that contain this command.
I hope this will get some A1200-owners' disks back to work, as this just has to be one of the best adventures for some time.
Rene Osstdljk. BK Krulnlngen. Netherlands PRICE POINT I read your review of the MBX1200 in the April issue of CU AMIGA I was shocked, to say the least, that you only gave it a measly 78% rabng I bought an A1200 in December 1992 (after reading your review of the machine) and was very happy with it. Later I added a hard disk, but memory problems arose, so I needed an expansion. After looking around I chose the MBX12007 because it was the best one available The first thing I noticed in your review was the ridiculous price. I bought a 4Mb, 25MHz 68881 FPU complete with clock for the English
equivalent of £276. This Is nowhere near the £419.16 as stated. It might be an expensive bit of kit. But it's worth every penny. My Amiga now runs neariy twice as fast! Overall. I'd rate the board at a more- than-wonhy 92%.
Laszlo T. Spoor. The Netherlends FROM SMALL ACORNS... I read with interest your lead feature, 'Which Computer?', in the May issue ol CU AMIGA, but leel I must point out some inaccuracies regarding the Acorn A3010.
You say that the computer’s protessor is called ARM2. This is not entirely true. The processor is In lad called the ARM250. The ARM2 processor was first put into Acorn machines In 1987 and Is much slower However, dose inspection ot the photograph showing the insides ot the machine reveal the processor is an early ARM250. It is actually four chips on a board. One of these is similar to the ARM2, the other three are the Video Controller, Memory Controller and Input Output Controller.
Under the pros and cons ol each machine, you stated that the Acorn A3010 had reasonable sound' while saying that the A1200 had good sound". I don't know about you. But I take good" to mean better than 'reasonable'. The Acorn machines have, as standard, eight channels, and each one can be in a multitude of stereo positions ranging from full left to full rtght. Does the Amiga A1200 have better sound capabilities than this?!l You also daim that the A3010's user interface isn't customisable. I fail to see how you reached this conclusion. For instance, you can change icons that make up the window
(eg. Scrollbars, dose Icon, size icon, titlebar, etc) to your own custom sprites: change the way in which the windows are resized moved; alter the colours: change the back-drop: and alter all the built-in sprites. Along the bottom ol the screen - on the iconbar - there are some icons that appear every time you turn the computer on. In the windows, all files and programs are represented by Icons. Some of these icons, along with the ones on the iconbar, are built- in to the operating system By designing your own.
With the same names, and toadmg this file when you turn on the machine (either automatically from the hard drive, or manually from a floppy disk), the icons will be placed with your own creations. I must point out that the software to design icons is built-in to the operating system and is available instantly, at the dick of a mouse button.
Mr. A. Ayre (An Acorn User), Hull FAIRER IMPRESSIONS I read your article comparing the new Amiga models with their competitors and would like to point out a few mistakes so that your readers get a fairer impression of aH the computers reviewed.
As an owner of a 486-based PC, Archimedes.
Amiga 500 Plus (soon an A1200) and an Atari STE. I feel I can take a more obrective view of each machine's merits.
Let's start with the Archimedes. I am The prices we list atthe bo elmmm m I are the recommended retea price (MMTy Bam obviously, this Is only the eugpeeeed pnee e, the manufacturer, and retailers are m »oiS| «e charge what they want In the coaapaBBsa Amiga market, many firms undercU each oae and offer Incredible savings on the RRP of a product. Still, you were incredibly lucky to gel such a bargain.
Mu the I bought an Amiga 1200 last November, so imagine my joy when it was announced that there would be '15 to 20 A1200-speci!lc titles available before Christmas, all enhanced to take advantage ot the new machine's advanced capabilities'. Wefl.
I'm waiting - maybe they meant before Christmas
• 93?! OK. So we've got enhanced versions of ZooI » ashamed to
admit it, but I think you’ve overrated the processing power.
The Archie relies on its RISC processor for almost everything.
In reality, this means when a game requires lots of sound,
sprites and hardware scrolling the Archie does not cope too
well in comparison to a standard Amiga. 3D games are, of
course, much faster on the Archie -1 doubt if even the A1200
will be able to match it In this department. The software base
for the Archie is also quite considerable, with a wealth of
productivity software available, plus a whde swathe of games.
The Falcon seems to be your number one target for abuse. You complain about its architecture as il it was all-important when, in reality, it just takes a small amount of performance away. The Falcon operates at 4mips whereas the 1200 operates at 2.5mips. The DSP works in parallel and can improve the processing power up to tenfold. It also has a blitler and hardware scrolling. There just isn't a comparison really. Multitos may look ugly and less versatile than Workbench 3.0, but it’s a much easier, friendlier Graphic User Interface (GUI).
Graphically, the Falcon is superior as it offers true colour which means thousands ot colours on screen, fully animated without restrictions. You cah’t really compare HAM modes as they are just for static screens and only good lor art programs The Atan STE could put 4096 colours on screen by constantly Interupting the graphics chip as it drew the screen. HAM means little - it's just a bodge to get a lot of colour on screen. In reality the 1200 has 256 colours on screen fully animated and that's what should be compared. Your Mac comparison is fair but it's not comparing the best machines.
Someone with a little more money would find some excellent models at a slightly higher price.
By the way. I am not a Falcon fan. Atari seem to have released a prototype model onto the market It's in an ok) ST box with little ST compatibility. It's priced above the mass market and quite honestly it could be one to two years before ’ the Falcon gets any real software support and becomes sorted out and restyled. So why buy one just to get a nice spec ? I believe the 1200 is a superb computer which makes upgrading from the 500 600 to a 32-bit computer relatively painless thanks to good compatibility.
Martin R. Wilson, Yeovil And the letters just keep on coming. You wouldn't believe the response we got to our Which Computer? Feature. It seems that everyone has got an opinion on which computer Is the best all-round model. You're certainly a picky lot! What's even more staggering. Though, Is the number of you who possess more than one machinal RESPECT IS DUE!
Dear Mr. Slingsby Sir.
» LETTER OF THE MONTH An obsequious slab I grant you, but I retain a natural respect for my betters and, as an Editor, you are surely higher up the ladder of Those Who Command Respect than the undersigned, who, whilst not being entirely humble, certainly knows his situation in life.[ like this guy - Ed The attainment of excellence is not easily achieved, but having been arrived at should certainly not go un-applauded, and having cast a knowledgeable and critical eye over your May '93 issue, I congratulate you on a publication that is well balanced, attractive and informative, and certainly
a front runner In the current crop of Amiga mags.
If I may illustrate your superiority by an example, another Amiga mag earned a review in their May issue of B17 Flying Fortress, and awarded it 91%. Having bought the game, and found it a dodo, I was of the distinct opinion that the reviewer hadn't actually played it, but had written the review from the game manual, and even then had got it wrong. Fact: they showed a picture of the cockpit and stated and I quote, every one of these buttons (and dials) actually does something'. Truth: NONE of the buttons except flaps and gear do anything at all.
It was apparent that your reviewer, Tony Horgan, had taken the time to actually play the game, and I found myself in total agreement.with all his conclusions. Personally, I had doubts about the game coding when I suffered the loss of an entire wing on three occasions by a short burst from a solitary German tighter. I decided to investigate further, and what follows are my findings - this next bit is good, I promise you!
I tested the sehousness and authenticity of the simulation by deliberately not taking off at the end of the runway at Alconbury, and found that by keeping the knots below 40, was able not only to trundle through the town, but also able to conand Sleepwalker. Big deal. The extra-detailed backgrounds of Zool make it almost unplayable and the eight extra colours added to Sleepwalker are very noticeable I must say! Admittedly, there are a few productivity packages coming out, such as the excellent Dpaint AGA and Personal Paint, but where are all the excellent games we were promised?! Can you
provide us new At 200 owners with a release schedule for our machine, so we can start saving our pennies for when the truly mind-boggling stuff comes out?
Simon Mark Kelly, Liverpool.
Everyone got a little too enthusiastic about all the A1200-specltlc releases. We’re still a few months off from seeing anything really special, but when we do I'm sure It'll knock your socks off. Keep an eye out for Allen Breed 2 Irom Team 17, The Legacy from Mlcroprose, A1200- versions of both Odyssey and Inferno from DID, and a souped up version of James Pond
III. As always, we'll keep you up to date on all the latest
DANGER, DANGER This is not a letter of complaint, so please do not take it that way. While playing the May Coverdisk demo of Desert Strike. I came across a small (hopefully, for EA) bug in the game. The game plays fine using the 68000, but when I played it using an 030 882 I got this up on the screen: tinue down the length of England, through London, and on to the south coast, where the plane obligingly tootled across the beach and then displayed a successful emulation of a duck by crossing the Channel. It eventually climbed onto French soil and continued its unholy quest to wreak havoc upon
an entirely unsuspecting Hun base by the simple expedient of appearing at zero feet, undercarriage still down, by way of the local Autobahn.
An advantage of this sneaky technique is that one is not pestered by German fighters, who. Not surprisingly, are busy searching at a much higher altitude. Nor is one bothered by flak, which suffers from the disadvantage of not being designed to explode at ground level. Having persevered in this fashion to your target, you can blast it with your guns to your hearts content. A tip: to speed up your sedate progress, press ALT-A.
Now back to the other Amiga mag's review: 'Very realistic flight slm...Much more technical than most flight sims...Flying Fortress is a game that will last and last which is why it earns itself a coveted Amiga Gold Award...' ((,?)
Finally, my own opinion and conclusions: The CU review was by far the most observant and informative of the two, and by being so, was genuinely better placed to give a prospective game buyer the necessary real information of whether to keep his hard earned money in his wallet or not.
I think the game was wrongly named. B17 Flying Fortress is misleading. Far closer to the mark would be B17 Floating Mattress.
Tony Melling, Hyde, Cheshire It's nice to know that you agreed wtth our- revlewer's opinions on the game In question.
We wouldn’t admit to getting it right every .
Time, but at least we try and let our readers know when a duff game comes along. By the way, want a job as a reviewer?
FATAL ERROR ADDRESS 000080854 followed by a number of data and address regs.
When this came up the machine just locked up. No recover or a reset. I only wrote this because I read somewhere that if this kind of thing happens it’s important to write to the programmer giving details.
Since I don’t have EA's address, I’m writing to you so that you'll be able to warn them of this bug.
William Vogelsang, Scotland Thanks for the info. I wasn't aware of the bug In our coverdisk demo until I read your letter - I've played it for a couple of hours and not come across a thing. Still, It’s a good job the EA coders took out their original Error Code messages, otherwise we'd probably be being sued right now!
GAMES PEOPLE PLAY I have recently noticed that you review games! I was wondering what you do with them after you have reviewed them. I would guess that you must have quite a few of them, as you've been reviewing Amiga games for many years. In your latest issue, you reviewed 16 games, 17 PD titles and 16 other utilities and other programs. If you did this every year for five years, this would approximate to 2940 disks! Where do they all go?! Do you flog them to your friends for a quick fiver, or do they merely collect dust in some darkened comer of the CU AMIGA offices? I only ask this as I
am a keen games fan and wondered if you could send me any you didn't want.
Liam Twoklg, Eire You've only just noticed we review games?
Well done, Liam, for being so observant!
There’s obviously nothing wrong with your eyesight, Is there?! And there we were hoping that nobody would notice them, even though they do take up more than a third of the mag!
Nice try to get your hands on some free software, by the way, but you'll have to crawl a little harder than that to curry favour with the notoriously tight-fisted CU AMIGA team.
Actually, most of the games we receive go to the local OXFAM shop after we've finished reviewing them.
CLOCKWISE There are lots of things I like about your magazine, so I won't dwell on those, but the things I think need changing include less game reviews and much more coverage being given over to the PD market.
Also, think of your average punter a bit more.
When something comes on to the market that is good but obviously overpriced, tell us about it. For example, when the A4000 040 came out it was much too expensive, as will be proved by the soon-to-be-announced price drop. Good machine, but too expensive. The price of memory expansions for the A1200 is ridiculously high too, so why aren't you telling us?!
Why was no fuss kicked up in your magazine (or any of the others) about the lack of a backed up clock on the A1200 or the lack of ANY FORM OF DOCUMENTATION on AmigaDOS? This is a scandalous situation brought on by Commodore UK, and you should be shouting from the rooftops until they listen, as they sure don't listen to their customers. If anybody needs proof of this, just ring Commodore's almost ridiculously named Technical Support department. If you get past the ‘Are you a dealer1 repetition, you'll probably find that the person you’re talking to knows less than you do.
Can you think of anyone foolish enough to buy a new PC without any form of documentation concerning MSDOS? No. Neither can I. so why do we have to put up with it? 1 read your magazine every month, yet when I bought my A1200 in December I didn't know about the lack ot documentation or the lack ot the clock. WHY NOT?!!!
Steve Powell, Bracknell Well, you do ralae some Interesting points. The price ot the A4000 when It came out was not really too expensive. You should remember at the time that the pound was doing very poorly against the dollar and this forced up the cost of the machine. It would have been foolish for Commodore to Introduce the machine at a lower price and then raise It a few months later.
As for the At 200: The unit we were supplied with (though not by Commodore) did come with all the documentation required, including the Workbench manuals. Whether this was a cynical ploy by Commodore or Just our good luck we'll never know. The A1200 does not have a battery backed up clock. Neither did the A600, neither did the A500. Not having a clock Isn't news. None of the other machines had a clock as standard, so why would you expect this one to have? If we had said there was a clock that might be a different matter, but as It turned out there were a great number of more Important things
that were missing (SCSI port, 16-blt sound, etc.) so these got more of a mention. If you really need a clock I suggest you turn to the 'Get Serious' pages. The A1200 doesn't have an Internal tape-streamer either, by the way.
Oh, and our PD coverage will be increasing In the very near future.
Your stance on piracy runs a little thin when you give games away lo people who have finished a game before it is released. I refer to Gavin Kay of Sheemess. When did you receive his tip for the final level of Flashback If it was before the release date I hope he is not receiving his prize.
Either way, a statement is required on your policy.
J. Clarke-Rombard, Sheffield.
I’m afraid we've got to plead guilty on this one.
The person who was compiling the hints and tips was of the opinion that Flashback had already been released, so he Innocently Included the solution. Once we'd spotted our mistake It was too late, as the issue had already gone to the printers. Needless to say, Gavin will not be receiving a prize for his efforts, and we've written to him expressing our feelings about software piracy. We hope our readers will accept our apology and you have my personal guarantee that such an Incident will never happen again.
Your letters page often contains correspondence from software pirates and fheir customers. On each occasion you, quite rightly, state that piracy is theft and is Immoral and illegal. I was therefore surprised fo see ReloKick1.3 on coverdisk 52.
As you know, all versions of the Amiga Kickstart ROM are still covered by copyright.
Perhaps you could explain the legal position, since disk 52 contains the complete 256k 1.3 ROM (the actual file is in the devs directory). If you had a similar program containing Kickstart 2.04 or above, would you be happy to make it available?!
I hope you are not going to fall back on the excuse that this program is widely available from PD libraries and bulletin boards. After all, many ‘cracked’ games are widely available, but they are unlikely to be distributed by you.
Matthew C. McQueen, Glasgow.
Another batch of clubs comes under the CU AMIGA spotlight.
AMIGAMANIAC We first mentioned Amigamaniac in the October ’92 issue of CU AMIGA. Since then it’s grown to become one of the biggest Amiga clubs in the country, with a 22-page magazine as its newsletter, currently circulating 800 copies. For an annual subscription of £14, you §et the bi-monthly magazine and coverdisks, free classified advertising in the mag, special offers on selected hardware and software, discounts on the Amigamaniac PD library, access to a free technical advice hotline, and a free gift when you join.
You can subscribe to just the magazine for £7.50, but you don’t get the added benefits that come with club membership.
The magazine is well produced, with lengthy reviews of new products, illustrated with screenshots. Along with the reviews are bits of news, small features, competitions, classified ads and a letters page. Each issue has a coverdisk, sometimes even two! If you want to get involved with an Amiga magazine, this is as good a place as any to start.
Contact: Amigamaniac, 88 Blackbull Road, Folkstone, Kent, CT19 5QX, ENGLAND.
THE 24-BIT CLUB The 24-bit Club was set up for Ihe benefit of anyone who's into ray-fracing. 24-bit graphics, desktop video, DCTV, the Videotoaster and so on.
The membership fee is £20. Which buys you a quarterly magazine, with articles on animation, hardware and software, readers' views and occasional features.
If you need more images to work with, you can take your pick from the club's free library of clipart, which can be supplied in any format you like, whether its HAM8, GIF, HAME, IMPULSE, JPEG or TIFF. There are around 5000 files in the library at the moment, including categories such as nature, raytrace, space, fractals, cars, cats, ReloKIckf.3 appeared with the kind permission of Commodore. Case dismissedl FANTASTIC!
Scenario: CU AMIGA reviewer goes to buy a Mars bar: 'As I entered the shop I was absolutely GOBSMACKED!! There was an INCREDIBLE! Deal on Mars bars. For a meagre £25 I could have 30 pieces of this ASTOUNDING!! Confectionary. But these Mars bars were AWESOME!, they had a MASSIVE!! 15% extra, SUPERLATIVE! Value. The graphics on the wrapper were UNBELIEVABLE!
This sexy bit of kit is something that every Amiga user would be MAD!! Not to own. I was so AMAZED!! At this offer that I refused to leave the boats, TV, maps, clipart, logos and abstract 30 objects are also available in most popular 30 formats, and even whole animations are on offer, supplied in DCTV or HAM formats. The animations can also be supplied on VHS video if a blank tape and return postage is sent with the order. A phone helpline is at hand to solve your technical problems.
The club's library of images, objects and animations Is also available to non-members at £4 per disk of data. Current members should note the recent change of address.
Contact: The 24-blt Club, 6 Sklrsa Square, Floor 1, Cadder, Glasgow, G23 5DW, SCOTLAND.
CDTV USER GROUP Have you got a CDTV? If so, the CDTV User Group is here to help you get the most from your machine. They publish a monthly news letter which covers all things CD, from reviews, to letters, tips, technical advice, and news on hardware and software. Plans are afoot to set up a software hire system for the members.
Although the club has only been going for a few months, it's already proving quite popular, and is steadily growing in size. A helpline is also being organised, which should be in operation by the time you read this.
Contact: CDTV User Group, 50 Averlll Road, Hlghflelds, Stafford, ST17 9XX, ENGLAND.
AM FM Bjorn Lynne, editor of the premier music disk mag AM FM, has let us know that he's willing to pay for decent music-orientated utilities, for inclusion In the magazine. If you've written a useful utility that would interest fellow Amiga musicians, and fancy making a few quid from it, get a copy off to Bjorn, and you could see it distributed around the worid on the next issue of the diskmag. Issues of AM FM come on two disks, and are available from 17-Bit (tel: 0924 366982) at £2.50 each. See June CU AMIGA'S Club Call for further information.
Contact: AM FM, c o Bjorn Lynne, Schleppegrellsgt 10, 0556 Oslo, NORWAY.
Shop as I was DESPERATE! To review one on site (as it wasn't half finished). This was until three ENORMOUS!! Men in white coats arrived and put me in a jacket with HUGE! Wrap-around sleeves on it. It was at this point that I noticed a PHENOMENAL!! Offer on Walker's crisps. A WHOPPING!!
10% etc.’ Though I appreciate that the CU staff are genuinely enthusiastic about the Amiga and the products Ihey review, I would be grateful if you could restrain yourselves from such excessive hyperbole.
P. S. Applause to Alan McMannus who manages to priovide excellent
snooker entertainment and yet still find time to edit CU
Eric Goodburn, Birmingham.
¦IHE RIGHT NOISES ?l Is the DSP just another hyped up disappointment, or will it turn out to be really rather good?
Tony Horgan reckons it might be a bit special as the wizened one contemplates the merits of supposed wonder chip.
It’s going to be all right. That’s a bit of an understatement, but I do hate to gush. Okay then, it's going to be bloody brilliant! If you hadn’t guessed, I'm talking about the Digital Signal Processor that Commodore have got lined up for the Amiga, pencilled in for release as an option on the A4000 some time in the latter half of this year, and rumoured to be included as standard on the new A5000.
So why all this excitement about a simple sound chip upgrade? Because it’s so much more than just a sound upgrade, that’s why. A DSP can happily process any digital signal, whether it’s a sound sample, a video picture, or any other stream of ones and zeros. With a DSP at its heart, the 1200 and 4000 could wipe the floor with the competition.
MAKING AN IMPACT So far, CD-ROM technology has failed to make the impact that was expected. It had been hyped up for years before it appeared in the high street, and when it did, it was a big disappointment. As far. As CD-i and CDTV go, it’s little more than a removable read-only hard disk, with some of the most tedious, non-interactive software ever devised. Where’s fhe gosh-factor in that? The DSP could be just the thing to put the excitement back into computing.
You may be wondering why we haven’t seen the Atari Falcon performing all kinds of wonders with its own DSP. The answer is simply that no-one has yet written any software to drive it. You could interpret this as good or bad news. Good news, in that it’s leaving the door open for the Amiga to lead the way in sound and image processing, but bad in that it suggests a lack of enthusiasm from software developers.
SUPPORT I don't think there's too much to worry about concerning the software support for the Amiga DSP. The Falcon has suffered because the DSP looks great on the surface, but beneath the sporty outside is the engine of a 50cc pizza scooter. To be more precise, the Falcon's DSP cannot get on with its business totally independently of the CPU, which makes for slower running and reduced power. The basic Falcon comes with only 1Mb of RAM, which severly restricts video processing, and limits its sound capabilities. In short, there's really not much that can be done with with a configuration
such as that.. it’s a different situation with the Amiga DSP.
The chip itself is more powerful, and so is the operating system it's scheduled to run on. The 1200 has 2Mb of RAM as standard and runs a multitasking environment. The planned DSP will be able to act as another of the Amiga's custom chips, running its routines without laying a burden on the CPU. Whereas, for example, the Falcon would be unable to act as an effects unit and a sequencer simultaneously, it would be a simple job for a DSP-equipped A1200.
WHAT'S IN STORE As fhe possibilities are so much greater, there should be a lot more interest from developers.
Future revisions of OctaMED Pro and Bars & Pipes Pro will be supporting the chip, and no doubt all the main music, graphics and video packages will follow suit. Soon we should have CD-quality sampling and straight to hard disk recording, realtime effects on live video input, full motion video digitising, decent sound synthesis instead of just sample-playback, and just imagine what the demos will look like... So does this mean the Amiga is going to replace Sts and Macs in recording studios?. It’s unlikely - at least in the near future. The majority of sequencer-using musicians have settled
for Cubase on the ST, and Sound Tools on the Mac for hard disk recording. If one complete music recording system was designed to run on the 1200, 4000 and 5000, which combined sequencing, effects processing, hard disk recording and 16-bit sampling in a modular software package, then we’d be in business.
To be honest, I don’t much care if the DSP- equipped Amigas take off in audio-visual recording studios or not, so long as the software is still produced that lets me do what I want with it. Maybe that sounds awfully complacent, but it really doesn't make any difference to me if a bloke in a plush studio is using an Amiga, a ZX81 or a Cray
III. I'm not on a mission to get an Amiga in every home, office
and studio in the land - that's Commdore's job. With the
right marketing strategies, and enough promotion, they
could well achieve that. Of course it would be nice if the
Amiga did replace the Sts and Macs, but as I see it. It’s
far from essential to the growth of the new generation AGA
machines. Obviously if the market for Amiga audio-visual
software increases, the quality of the software is likely to
rise too, but just because the ST is the current market
leader when it comes to music, that hasn't lead to a lack of
decent sequencing software for the Amiga. Rest assured, the
Amiga has such a large user-base, which is continually
upgrading, that developers won't be able to ignore the DSP.
Unless they want to be left behind in the dark ages.
The future’s looking rosy, and sounding pretty noisy too. It won’t be long now... Now Supports all New AGA I A1200 Modes Still Only £99.95 Composite, S-Video or SVHS inputs.
Digitise in 320 X 200 NTSC or 320 X 256 PAL 320X400 NTSC or 320X512 PAL '262000 HAM-8 128 COLOUR 32 COLOUR 4 COLOUR '4096 HAM 64 COLOUR 16 COLOUR 2 COLOUR 256 COLOUR '64 EHB MODE 8 COLOUR HAM-E (*) 320X256 320X200 640X512 320 X 512 320 X 400 704 X 240 384 X 283 384 X 200 704 X 283 384 X 566 640 X 240 704 X 480 640 X 256 640 X 400 704 X 566 SUPPORTS FULL OVERSCAN INTERLACE HI-RES MODES _JW-1.. SWIPE & PLAY ANIMATION WORKSTATION.

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