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As we ve also got a compretiensrve guide mat starts on page 14 as well as me Hist part ol an AMOS games tutorial on page 166 And it that Isn't enough to satisfy your creative urges, we'll also De publishing a FREE 32-page guide to AMOS nest issue which will really help you get to grips with the program It s sure to be a sell-out Inside me mag. You'll find an in-depth preview ot Electronic Arts Oetoze Music 2. Plus benchtests ol the new Retina graphics board. GVP's At230 accelerator card. Blitz Basic, and a range ol A1200 peripherals which will make your mourn drool the big games in tor review Include the Amiga conversion ot Desert Strike and learn 17 s Body Stows! Plus there s our mag-within-a- mag Amiga Workshop which continues our step by-step guides to some ot the Amiga's top programs. We've lined up some stunning competitions. Too! To celebrate Diamond's return to these hallowed pages, we re giving away 10 A1200 computers with internal 80Mb hard drives We've also teamed up with Empire Software to otter some truly mouthwatering prizes including a round ot golt at me world lamous Belfry course and 4s4 Oft- raad racing at Brands Hatch Special Reserve have also chipped in with 30 Competition Pro mysticks up lor grabs There really Is something lor everybody in this issue ot CU Amiga - the magazine that minks computing should be FUN! See you nest month when we ll be giving away ASDG s The A 1 Department plus a huge playable demo ol EA's Superstar-rated shoot ’em up, Desert Strike. 147 AMIGA WORKSHOP If you're interested in the more serious side of the Amiga, then this is the place for you. Each month our team of experts detail how to get the most out of your machine and the many and vaned software packages that exist to help you do just that. This month, in conjunction with our AMOS coverdisk, we've introduced a new series for games programmers to help you get the most from AMOS. Also, there's the next instalments of the Dpaint and Workbench tutorials. If that isn’t enough there's the usual plethora of colourful columns dedicated to Amiga enthusiasts everywhere.

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Document sans nom SAVE £80!
? !£ uuj'J;wjv; IJJirS i -J2!JU3 y? R'Jii UiL'JJJUl 9 "770963"00902 THE F.A. PREMIER LEAGUE Ouerhead and Grandstand
- More comprehensiue than any other soccer simulation - you can
euen design your own.
ONE TOUCH FOOTBRLL -For fast, fluid.
Flowing football.
SPECTRCULHT) -Large, superbly animated players.
RUTHEHTIC -Hll 22 Premier League clubs and their strips.
- UJind and pitch conditions that truly influence gameplay.
- Play against the computer, play against a friend or join forces
with your friend against the computer. Each team may be
"managed" by a different player.
| Ocean Software Limited, 2 Castle St, i Castlefield, Manchester, M3 4LZ.
Tel 061 832 6633 Fax 061 834 0650 F15 STRIKE 2 BATTLE OF BRITAIN
11. 99 13.99 VROOM
13. 49 11.49
11. 99 8.99 JAGUAR XJ220
16. 99 13.99 Games marked NOP will not work on *500 Plus, A600 or
*1200. Games marked N012 will not work on the *1200. Ml
prise* iwcWde V*I and UK postage
COMPATIBLE WITH MOST AMIGA AND ATARI ST GAMES ...00*570 20.49 OUICKJOY JET FIQH1 JOYSTICK GO5207 OUICKJOY Ojt JOYSTICK (MKROS WITCHED) 006041 Join now hr f6.99 (UK) and ,'1.11,1,1,: * 0279 600204 The Biggest and Best computer games dub in the world. Probably.
3. 5 ’ DSDD DISK WITH LABEL 10 Pack C7.99
BJ-10EX PRINTER 009120 safe
* We only st«k official UK products Q06541
10. 'Aaett'MsatercardSwecTvVisa Swiich issue No.
FOR A FREE 8 PACE COLOUR CATALOGUE PHONE 0279 &00204 Re only supply members but you can order as you |oin. Annual Membership: UK C4.99 EC 0.90 WOK 10 110.99 I We Meins cocnpetllionr lo win IIIIs worth el prises Currently on olfer. An autoaraphed espy el Nlycl Based! World Omwylemliip. W Lethal Weapon Videos and Censes. Bubsy T-Shirts and pie bodyes. Sonic Cuddly leys and your chance lo desiyn the Irael carer oi NIC!
Wr el yonec end accessories ell at erne.in, pices, les Mrgodiht. Kisses S|M Caur Ceos Super HIS. Censrhsy N1S. Ipu. Insips Itnrl SI and ISA PC.
Over 140,000 people have joined Special leserye, so don I delay, join today! The dub with no obligation lo buy!
You can phone in your order or use this coupon - AMIGA CONTENTS 28 THE BRAIN GAME Evert as we sit comfortably reading our magazines, alien intelligences are at work, controlling aspects of our life.
What's worse than that is that we don’t notice the meddling hands at work. Artificial intelligence isn't some mad SF fantasy of the future, it s all around us even today.
In this month's special feature we look at how your Amiga can be made to simulate the human mind, why anyone would want to do such a thing, and how well they're doing so far We'll also be taking a look at some of the artificially intelligent devices you may encounter every day without realising it.
As usual we'll be rounding off with a look at the future - with mad indestructible robots running around the place will your Amiga control your life?
Will evolution pass us by? Will anyone notice?
OFF THE CUFF squeeze both AMOS Compiler and Die tales! Version ol AMOS-Tlre Creator onto ONE superlative coventisk.
Don I worry it you re a newcomer to AMOS.
gk. As we ve also got a compretiensrve guide mat starts on page 14 as well as me Hist part ol an AMOS games tutorial on page 166 And it that Isn't enough to satisfy your creative urges, we'll also De publishing a FREE 32-page guide to AMOS nest issue which will really help you get to grips with the program It s sure to be a sell-out Inside me mag. You'll find an in-depth preview ot Electronic Arts Oetoze Music 2.
Plus benchtests ol the new Retina graphics board. GVP's At230 accelerator card. Blitz Basic, and a range ol A1200 peripherals which will make your mourn drool the big games in tor review Include the Amiga conversion ot Desert Strike and learn 17 s Body Stows! Plus there s our mag-within-a- mag Amiga Workshop which continues our step by-step guides to some ot the Amiga's top programs.
We've lined up some stunning competitions. Too! To celebrate Diamond's return to these hallowed pages, we re giving away 10 A1200 computers with internal 80Mb hard drives We've also teamed up with Empire Software to otter some truly mouthwatering prizes including a round ot golt at me world lamous Belfry course and 4s4 Oft- raad racing at Brands Hatch Special Reserve have also chipped in with 30 Competition Pro mysticks up lor grabs There really Is something lor everybody in this issue ot CU Amiga - the magazine that minks computing should be FUN! See you nest month when we ll be giving
away ASDG s The A 1 Department plus a huge playable demo ol EA's Superstar-rated shoot ’em up, Desert Strike.
147 AMIGA WORKSHOP If you're interested in the more serious side of the Amiga, then this is the place for you. Each month our team of experts detail how to get the most out of your machine and the many and vaned software packages that exist to help you do just that. This month, in conjunction with our AMOS coverdisk, we've introduced a new series for games programmers to help you get the most from AMOS. Also, there's the next instalments of the Dpaint and Workbench tutorials. If that isn’t enough there's the usual plethora of colourful columns dedicated to Amiga enthusiasts everywhere.
NEXT ISSUE ON SALE 26TH APRIL ABC 101,923 11992 8 NEWS 149 BOOK REVIEWS Up-to-the-minute Amiga news.
More Amiga books come under the scanner 38 GAME PREVIEWS 152 DPAINT TUTORIAL See panel on opposite page.
This issue perspective is explained.
50 GAME REVIEWS 156 WORKBENCH See panel on opposite page Want to know mote about your Amiga s OS?
75 PLAY TO WIN 160 COMMS More top tips and ace cheats.
Find out what your modem gets up to.
86 PRODUCTIVITY REVIEWS 163 PROGRAMMING See panel on opposite page IIC is sending you loopy, join us here 124 ART GALLERY 166 AMOS COLUMN Amiga art ol the highest order A new column devoted to games programming.
129 AMIGA PROFILES 170 Q&A Tony Kaye justifies his lile as a radio ham Puzzled’ Let our expert explain it all.
138 PO SCENE 174 BACKCHAT Demos, games and anims are examined.
CU s readers get a chance to have their say.
143 PD UTILITIES 178 POINTS OF VIEW Useful programs trom the public domain Matt Black ol Cold Cut raves on.
- =rcvogress doves on. Anfl yel again we've gol it covered
* -¦- 1 ‘ 200 5 Beginning lo be served by some third party man-
• it sttiows COVtRDISKS
- ra=u-&s s-c rev.ew their new products on pages 97, 98 and 1 sc
EA are about to release Deluxe Music Construction Kit 2, ¦»
tsasr out ‘or the changes on page 108. Plus new Buyer's Guides
3 and peripherals start on page 119.
Easter Is upon us and we re teeling so generous that we've given you an incredible amount ot programs on this month’s disks. The amazing AMOS Compiler, the original AMOS, plus a couple ot sparkling games demos are all here lor your delectation PAGE 14 M ROCGEN PLUS «7 FUGHTPATHS 87 MEGADISC 88 RETINA 92 BLITZ BASIC 2 94 STUDIO 97 At200 PERIPHERALS 105 FINAL COPY 2 UPGRADE 106 MUSICOLOR 108 DELUXE MUSIC CONSTRUCTION KIT 2 111 GVP A1230 ACCELERATO 112 A1200 COMPETITION 114 JOYSTICK COMPETITION 119 BUYER'S GUIDE TO WORDPROCESSORS 134 BUYER'S GUIDE TO SYNTHESISERS SCRMSN SCVNff GAME REVIEWS GAME
REVIEWS GAME REVIEWS Many long awaited projects finally come to fruition this month. Team 17 have released their challenge to the Street Fighter beat 'em up crown - Body Blows', while EA have completed their Desert Strike conversion, and what a stunner it looks, too. Elsewhere there have been one or two surprises with Abandoned Places 2 exceeding all expectations, scoring a hefty 87%, and Adventuresoft going it alone with the impressive Simon the Sorcerer. Full reviews and previews below.
38 THE PATRICIAN 39 JAMES POND III 39 RULES OF ENGAGEMENT 2 40 SIMON THE SORCERER 45 ARABIAN NIGHTS 46 CYBERSPACE 50 CHUCK ROCK 2 54 BODY BLOWS 60 DESERT STRIKE 64 LIONHEART 69 ABANDONED PLACES 2 73 COMBAT AIR PATROL 75 SMALL TIPS 76 PLAY TO WIN: STREET FIGHTER 2 79 TROLL'S HEAD AMOS may be the most popular programming language for the Amiga, but that doesn't make it the best. In fad. AMOS is a lot slower than many other languages - but not for long. On this month's super-full disk you'll find the AMOS Compiler, a utility that will speed up your programs dramatically and also make them into
executable files, just like real utilities and applications.
If you don't already have AMOS, fear not - we’ve managed to stuff that on the disk as well. What's more, this is a new and fully A1200 compatible version of AMOS, so there'll be no compatibility worries for anything you write or compile with this great package.
If you are new to AMOS you can't afford to miss the first part of our guide, starting on page 166. But now, turn to page 14 and get unpacking those great disks... Mil.Ill PAGE 2: On our second disk this month you're in for a treat. We’ve joined forces with two top software houses to bring you fully playable demos of some great games. First up there's Chuck Flock 2 from Core Design. The plot revolves around Chuck Junior's attempt to save his dad from the nasty Brick Jagger.
Guide the stone age kid through the perilous waterfall to reach his objedive. Poor Junior must face a whole horde of baddies before he can get to his dad. Still, if he smiles cutely... then bashes their heads in, he might just make it. It's up to you. Second, we kick off with a two minute demo of FA Premier League from Ocean. This super soccer sim pits you against a team made up of... well, us. It's adion all the way, with easy controls making the game zip along - so, you're in for some real end- to-end play. See you on the pitch.
The Gameboy s honest new star, Allred Chicken, is all set to make his Amiga debut this September thanks to the creative team at Twilight Design. Full ol hidden rooms, power ups aplenty and load ot slapstick humour, our eponymous hero's debut game is a multi level plaHorm attair in which Alfred has to rescue his girlriend Irom the evil Meka- Chickens. What makes the game stand out Irom all the rest is the amazing number ol animation screens that have been lavished on the Allred sprite - some ol his comic gestures are just amazing. Recognising a good thing when we see it, CU Amiga have already
negotiated an exclusive playable demo ol the game tor later in the year. Watch out lor it. In the meantime, ring publishers Mindscape lor more into on: 0444 246333 New versions ol both Kickstart and Workbench have been issued to developers lor preliminary testing. Although this is still officially Workbench 3'. The included liles bear version numbers ol v40.4 lor Workbench and v40.3 lor Kickstart.
The updates are ol little significance in themselves, as most of the changes are merely minor bug fixes, but the fact that they are being shipped out now could be an important indication of when we are likely to see a new machine released.
The last major testing of Workbench and Kickstart files came shortly before the release last year of the A4000 and A1200 machines. It seems likely that Commodore will have something to say by Easter... Buy the next issue of CU Amiga to find out exactly what!
872. 232 flrachics mem 3.186.2S6 T555 ~n ffiBT' Llvh° rkbench4.
• ther Men nlM ttgfli
- il wi "nir-n m OMWrd 01-Mar-93 18:12:28 RP«! !1-!!¦• S3
1S-13I13 LocalU4.0 I El Stor*V4.0 Draw* Extras V4.fe
- ru.d ei-n»i r a A I OL Too 11 Prefs ' «¦’ il I Svstfs A m i
-maa OCTAMED PRO 5.0 From the utter obscurity of its early
days, OclaMED has risen lo a position ol respect that many
lull price programs never achieve. We were fortunate enough to
purchase the rights to put version 3.0 on our Edit swie... I
tmt sy»ths...| I 1*3 I IOIHWI (kt Bllil SmliiaT l l 11 c| 1
S.t| Cip| coverdisk Iasi year, and apart Irom SeelNII itH
bIhMmT 1 ..nnrnrfi. in uarrinn A n a minor upgrade in version
4.0, , there has been little revision to the , program since
then. Now CU Amiga brings you an exclusive peek at version
5.0, a program which promises to be a total rewrite rather than
just another update.
This is made immediately 31IT!!!!! £.'!? *-»-¦ - *-*- ¦*- «*- »¦-«»-1«~»»- ¦- m gram only »orks on taigas running , m-mr-Mr-m- mr- m- Mr- «•- *«- KB- a 2.0 operating system or higher. It H - „ -„ - m;. M- nr- m- Mr- KB- Mr- Mr- m- ata- KB- Imr- KB- aat this tail manages to get by you. V H M- an-KB- »t- «»- kb- ee- tm- Mr- kb- KB- me- am- kb-m- kb- aa then one glance at the program .III * ~ JO- a*: m- KB- JB- JB KB- BK- B»- m- JB- a.;; IJJ-;«- JB- « “e h» cnb,an,n.V,0',"d" ~ **~ *' ’ Tel|o(OcaWiauthor!bar |Chip: MH7WM rest: | - StewrO - J Freeze tisylay dearly had a major rethink about the
layout of the program. The existing layout is fine, but suffers Irom two major problems: 1. It ___ doesn't use intuition at all, and 2.
There's no room for expansion. If Teijo comes up with new leatures, there’s no space for them on the screen!
Both problems have been completely overcome and all options that were previously accessed via buttons (such as FILES.
SLIST. SYNTH, etc.) have now been tucked into menus at the top ol the screen.
Although in this early version most options aren't yet working, the maximum number of simultaneous tracks has been increased from 16 lo 64, which means lhal you can now use your MIDI instruments more ettedively. The commonly used options are now permanently on-screen, filling the area where the buttons used to be. There's also what seems to be a lime signature gadget. All ol the old options appear to be present, although finding them among the maze of gadgets and menus is another matter entirely!
I'm certain that the new layout is a major improvement, but boy It's going to take some getting used to. All II needs now is MIDI lile import and export, and support for triplets and quintuplets and it’ll be even better. Let's just wait and see... In the meantime, for more info contact Amiganuts United. 12 Hinkler Road, Thornhill. Southampton.
K*. I I | Tncks || 64 ; Length lit I I l«l»l Exit I THE LOST VIKINGS Already a hit on the SNES, Interplay's The Lost Vikings is about to hit the Amiga with a crashing thump! Yep, it's back to the days of the Vikings, when men were real men, women were real women and « going clubbing meant something entirely different to what it does today. It's a platform game, pure and simple, but with a good dollop of brain- straining puzzles to solve along the way. Featuring some of the tastiest graphics seen in an Amiga game for some time, each of the three main Vikings looks and moves a treat. Taken
captive by a bunch of aliens, it’s up to you to guide the terrible trio to safety and if that means crushing a few skulls along the way, then so be it. Watch for a full review soon. Interplay's number: 0865 390029.
*»¦* is* •?» *- Lu NEWS CU AMIGA A1200 BREAKS ALL RECORDS ee it.
Ile jm It looks like there’s no stopping Commodore’s new wonder machine as the 32-bit A1200 has now sold more than 100,000 units since its launch. Having passed the 50.000 barrier by early January, many high street shops have subsequently sold out of their entire stock as magazine reviews heaped praise on the machine. With Atari announcing a price hike in the cost of an entry level Falcon from £499 to an incredibly steep £599, Commodore must be laughing all the way to the bank.
Could this be the year when home computers fight back against the consoles?! To find out more about the A1200 ring Commodore on 0628 : stoppin' us now. The A1200 breaks all records. It ever confirmation 770088- am this is the machine ol the future this Is It.
SAMVE Wrr NBS Remember Smash TV. The futuristic shoot 'em up where you got to win tree videos and toasters depending on how many opponents you managed to maim?! Well, it looks like we re going to get the opportunity to do it alt over again, as the coin-op s sequel Total Carnage has been signed up by ICE. The software house who ve brought you Firetorce and Abandoned Places 2 in recent months. This time the action switches to the ca’S you I awarded milila’y I Wl, | • * medals each lime you take out |1 , '•¦MUM More into trom Bfffi [1]Li U&jlll ICE on 0453 ,BH3t -fifth. CUB EMUL WITH
EVERYTHING 1 r nteresting new emulator package has been a'-ounced by Blittersoft. Presently a hardware and software combination for the A1500, A2000, A3000 and A4000 (with an A1200 version due it is an emulator with a differ- r than being limited to emulating one ystem, it has been designed to act as r of different computers. Operating in j environment, it's shipped with x emulation. Further modules can :nen be obtained to allow emulation of the Mac isi Cl. Mac Quadra, PC 386 486, Atari Mega ST, Atari Falcon, Commodore 64 128. And Sega and Nintendo consoles (whether Master System.
Megadnve, NES or SNES is not yet specified).
At least 2Mb of Fast RAM is required (3Mb if using MAC System 7). And a 68030 or 040 pro cessor with MMU and FPU to get it running at full speed. Support for the 68000. 010 and 020 processors will follow.
GENESIA Looking and sounding like a combination of Populous 2 and Powermonger comes this new release from French outfit. Microids. Obviously owing more than a doff of the hat to Bullfrog's two best-sellers, Cenesla puts you in charge ol a small army which must be used to expand your empire and develop new methods ol mass destruction.
Your people have various skills which must be harnessed if you’re to achieve your worldly ambitions, and they're a finicky lot so it's best to keep them sweet. Neighbouring districts are also a problem; should you trade with them or send in your army and crush them beneath your steel boot?! It’s a game ol strategy and skill, lopped oft with some gorgeous looking graphics and a number of novel twists to the standard god sim game.
Watch out for a preview soon. If you'd like more info, give Daze Marketing a ring At first glance II all looks very familiar. On 071 328 out -e ve been promised something very 2762.
NEW SCALA INFOCHANNEL Scats, widely regarded as the best multi-media presentation package around, has iust received another update. Seals IntoChannelIC400is used by professionals around the world tur many applications, including video production, public intor- mation systems and business presentations. The software now has 15 typefaces, lest effects such as drop shadows and 30-look. 60 backgrounds, 40 pre defined palettes, a library of 80 logos and symbols (you can also include your own), and over 80 wipes. As it can accept and act upon information trom a modem, an Amiga running Scala can be
remote controlled trom anywhere in the world.
The new AGA resolutions are now supported. Standard AKIM tiles can be replayed, as can IFF and 8SVX samples. Now there's even support tor Soundtracker. SMUS and DSS modules The recommended system is an Amiga with 3Mb ol RAM fat least 1Mb ol which must be Chip RAM|. A bard drive and either the ECS or AGA chip set. More memory and an accelerator are advisable. Scala also requires Workbench 2.04 or higher. Contact Scala UK on 0920 444294.
INTERNATIONAL OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP GOLF More death and mayhem trom the air as Flrehawk comes to the Amiga, there was Shoot m up action galore.
Firehawk. That’s right, the Codemasters’ NES hit of the same name is being converted to the Amiga and looks likely to touch down very shortly. With air, land and sea scenarios, the fast-paced strategic shoot ’em up features an awesome array of weapons with which to blast your enemies from the sky. Codemasters can be contacted on 0926 814 132. • Death Race 2000 has got nothing on Ocean’s latest race game. Provisionally entitled Hot Hatches, the action takes place at a number of illegal races in both Europe and America.
There are no rules, so anything goes, and the first past the finishing line grabs the lion's share of the prize money. After each race, it will be possible to upgrade your car and add on extra bits of kit such as turbochargers, different tyres and wheels, superchargers, suspension racks and three nitrous exhausts.
Sounds like fun!
More details on | 061 832 6633. • Fans of strategy master. Doctor Peter Turcan.
Might be interested in a new collection of his games. On-Line could have boon a little mom dlplo- have Snapped Up matlc than to call it Hot Hatchet] the rights tO Waterloo. Borodino and Austerlitz and crammed all three into one pack. Featuring Turcan’s award-winning battle system and some amazing 3D graphics, Napoleonics gives you the chance to feel what it would have been like to take a of one of the world's largest armies j at £34.99, expect to see it in the shops by 3 April. For more info, call On-Line on 081 558 6114.
Desert Strike ULATORS - CU AMIGA NEWS MITSUBISHI PCMCIA SRAM They're the next big thing - they're removable battery backed RAM cards Mitsubishi have just announced their latest 4Mb PCMCIA card Conforming to the PCMCIA II standard, it's a 68 pin card with a write protect tab. Which acts just like the write protect tab on a 3.5 inch floppy disk Now you can have the flexibility of a floppy with the storage capacity of a hard drive.
For further information contact Mitsubishi on 0707 276 100.
Hurrah! Anothur *up*f »iim credit card add-on lor the A600 At200 Unfortunately there la atill no sign of a modem or hard-dnve yet THE BLUE AND THE GREY The bloody confrontations of the Amencan Civil War are to be reenacted m the latest computer wargame from strategy specialists. Impressions Edward Grabowski's The Blue S The Grey features real-time animated combat, an easy to-use point'n’dick control system and all the usual options such as army compo sition, deployment, recruitment and training. There will even be a specially commissioned book about the Oil War included with each copy ol the
game. The war is retought over a map stretching from the mid-West to the East Coast and trom Florida up lo New York. There will also be a series of data disks released that will reenact tamous battles, such as those at Gettysburg There s no release date yet. But pencil it m lot mw-surrv ew .«• » gwm o m «ci™» m» mownon « mer. Impressions can be reached on 071 351 2133.
ImpfMSlOii* Ul.,1 strategy HIM And you know where he's ended up? Yep. The Italian Stallion |don I you n plunder’ £d is about lo make his Amiga debut Unfortunately, it s not in a typical Mario platform affair, but In a series of edutainment’ products to bo released by US la Arch theKoopas. Have captured Mario and are attempting to steal most of the world s tamous treasures. Taking the part of Luigi, Mario's brother, it s up to you to use your wits and beat the Koopas as you follow them through lime. There are more than 19 different cities to visit in the game, and each missing treasure must
be returned to its original home. Oh yeah, and that Mario geezer has to be rescued, too! Expect Mario Is Missing o be released in late April. More details from Mindcsape on 0444 ?46333.
PANASONIC COLOUR THERMAL PRINTER New from Panasonic is the EPL 8543 high resolution thermal colour pnnter With a resolution of 203 DPI. It's capable of outputting 40% colours, using a maximum of a 2x2 dot dither pattern. It comes with 3 Mbs RAM as standard, enough for one complete colour pass. Panasonic estimate that output costs around 50 pence per page The EPL 8543 retails at £4495 00 For further details, contact Panasonic on 0344 853913.
PRINTER RIBBONS Pragma have launched a couple of new pnnter ribbons that claim to eliminate smearing and smudges, reduce mechanism wear and give extended use at even 1.200 lines per minute. The Printromx Premium Text and Premium Bar Code nbbons are compatible with most popular matrix line printer systems The elimination of smudging is due to a new type of quick drymg ink. There s also a serrated reversing patch to reduce the nsk of ribbon break age and minimise operator interventions Contact Pragma on 0923 853411.
• There were a lew gremlin* in the work* Iasi issue, so we
thought wed better put the record straight No. Kid Pix does not
cost a whopping great £299. As we stated in our review In tact,
the asking price for this easy-to-use paint n create package is
a much more modest C25 99 For further into, nng Electronic Arts
on 0753 54944?
• Another point of confusion surrounded our review of Lemmings 2.
Yes. There Is a hard disk installable version ol the game but
its release has been held back Expect it soon - if you want to
find out exactly when. Psygnosrs. The game s publishers can be
contacted on 051 709 5755 BOARD OR BORING?
Two classic board games come to the Amiga soon. The first is US Gold's conversion ol Scrabble, probably the world s most infuriating word game if you're as bad at wordplay as wot we are! Fortunately, there will be 12 skill levels lo choose from, so all abililits will be catered lor - even Jon's! You can choose lo play the computer one to one or hold a tournament match against three other players But no cheating, as the programmers have included every page ol the Chambers Official Scrabble Dictionary (which includes over 126.000 words). A new version of Monopoly is also in development, by
the learn that programmed the original Leisure Genius edition Enhancements lo Ihe 1985 version include animated cartoon characters who appear al the side ol the board offering encouragement or nol as Ihe case may be. Watch out lor if in early April. For more information about Scrabble, ring US Gold on 021 625
3388. For more into about Monopoly, ring Supervision on 071 702
9391 MIGRAPH OCR JUNIOR The optical character recognition
program Migraph OCR has spawned a cheaper Junior version.
Like its parent. Migraph OCR Jr can read phnted type via a
scanner such as the AlfaData, Golden Image or Migraph
units. Once a document has been scanned, it can be saved
out as an ASCII file The new version is now compatible with
the AGA chip set.
Version 3.0 of Touch-up. Migraph's scanning and editing software has also been written for AGA compatibility The zoom and rotation functions have been accelerated, the greyscale conversion has been improved, and it's got a Workbench 2 look even on 1.3 machines It also works with Migraph s PS-400 Wand For further information, contact DMI on 0753 686000 OFFICIAL 1200 HARD DRIVES Official third party hard drives are now available lor the A1200 Zcl are offenng two systems lo owners of the At 200. Neither ol which will invalidate the machine's warranty. ZCL will Install an HD60 60Mb drive for
£219.99, and an HD80 80Mb drive for £279 99 They're also ottering complete A1200s with drives pre fitted, priced at £539 99 lor the 60Mb version and £599 99 lor the 80Mb model Contact ZCL on 0543 414817.
• Quantum Software • 00 s ailable for to owners ite the )60 60Mb
re for ; with 60Mb Contact G?
Ion. The ibly the ; bad at be 12 be The history books have tried Now here is your characters who but have failed* your name on the next uf the deludes ly is also the origi- e 1985 io appear I or not as For more 1 625 rvision Quantum Software have developed a new same system enabling you to play against 5 other human players throughout the United Kingdom. This system is called Interactive Computer Play (I.C.P.). Although the origins of I.C.P. stem from Play By Mail, Quantum Software have taken this a step further. The game is played on your computer as in any other computer game, the difference
being that in order to interact with other players all turns are saved to disk, and forwarded to us for processing by our computers. All turns are on an approx. 10 to 14 day basis Global Conflict is a contemporary strategic wargame for 6 players. The game in played on as world map consisting of 31 different countries. The computer will randomly choose 6 countries, one for each player The remaining 25 countries are neutrals controlled by the computer. A player needs only to retain occupation of any one country to remain in the game.
Features Include:
• Over 20 different types of Combat Aircraft • 6 different types
of Armour • 6 different types of Artillery • Modem Stealth
Aircraft • Recce Satellites • Modem Combat Infantry • Surface
to Air Missile Batteries • Early Warning Radar Sites •
Anti-Tank weaponry • Hand-Held Surface to Air Missiles • Aerial
Recce • Strategic Bombing Missions • Precision Bombing Missions
• Ground Attack Missions • Over 12 different types of Aircraft
Armament • Both NATO and Soviet weaponry used • Option to view
air mission from Aircraft Cockpit • Option to view ground
combat from Battle Command Centre • Detailed graphical and
written information on any weaponry used in the game • Further
Weaponry Data Disks to come • Intelligent behaviour by computer
controlled neutral countries • Option to printout a copy of all
reports • Player to Player Message facility • Realistic Sound
Effects • User-friendly Game Interface • Hard Disk Installable
• Compatible on A500, A600and A1200.
IIOR Migraph on. Like aData, Dcument an ASCII ith the anning i for AGA ions version nch 2 vith nation, Quantum Software will present a cheque for £500 to the player who wins the VERY FIRST game of Global Conflict.
Thereafter any further winners will receive Quantum Gift Voucher.
A boxed game containing Manual, Disks and 2 Free Turns for only £12.99. Further turns are charged at £2.95. Due to the complexity involved in matching players to games, please allow approx 28 days for delivery.
, - | Global Conflict--Amiga 1Mb RAM only (CU)| J Full N«ne ...- ...... j I Address . I i • i ¦ ¦ | tost Cede | | Please supply me with a c«yy of Global Conflict [ B I enclose a Cheque Postal Order for the sum of £19.99 made payable to Qu«rtt*n | I Software | I ] QUANTUM SOFTWARE, 14 BENTHAM ROAD, LANCASTER, LAI 4JX- TEL: 0594 841616 I I---------------------------------------------1 FREE FAST! UK DELIVERY SAME DAY DESPATCH*
• ol the b**t computers. Feertros -Khrte I Mb o* RAM 2M • TV
moAPator • lamnunga • Captaai Ptonut •
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and includai the excellent v Sottwoie Mies Oehue Pernl III •
Formula On Grand Pra • Puev»Puaho»*r 0010 OOI
19. 9l_ ..£359.99 Ptioemx mca . A 800 2MD (met EPIC •
LAHQUAQE PACK Mb A 600 as standard md includes 20MB EARD
DRIVE the ucellent value Softwara ¦Oat Daiuia Pa.m III • I
Pursuit • Epic • PHOEniNPRICE £399.99 ¦ top Mil • n mi Hard
onaa A 600 The xtMd eleM A too t» cemfKC eewi yen.II. hilly
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2MD Chip RAM leipendebit) 2M colours ( scroon from a 18 I milllt colour palatta • Full Amiga Kay board (with Alpha O (IS if » w rpowrt Phovn to hr the dm* PHOENIX A1200 HARD DRIUE UPGRADES - NOUI AuailaDle!
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included with both A'BWOO accelerator cards
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Praiassioaai Draw a .. intro CA0 Pius------- x CAD 2001
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PRICE £79.99
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Labels. 9.BB
39. 90 MB tlll.ll e gmehty disks nvrtk ot*»n currently CU AMIGA
COVERDISKS COVERDISK 54 If you’re new to programming and want
to get your Amiga to do exactly what you want it to do but
don’t know how, then you’ve come to the right place. On this
month’s coverdisk, in conjunction with Europress Software we
bring you both AMOS and the brilliant AMOS compiler! Read on
for more... IF YOUR DISK WON'T LOAD II your coverdisk doesn't
seem to wort as il should, then tollow this simple guideline
Firstly, remove all unnecessary peripherals, such as
printers, modems etc. Follow the Instructions on these pages
to the letter, and it alter that you find that the disk still
doesn't wort, then pop It in an envelope with a covering
letter explaining what the prohlem is to: CU DISK RETURNS. PC
MID-GLAMORGAN. CF46 2YY. Please include 28 pence per disk to
cover postage and packing (55 pence lor overseas readers).
Your disk will be tested and a new, working one dispatched to
you as soon as possible.
II your problem is a little more urgent, then call the PC Wise hotline lor advice on 0685 350505. The line is open between 1030 and 1230 Monday to Friday. Please note that neither we nor PC Wise accept responsibility lor any disks damaged due to negligence on the part ot the user.
AMOS Welcome to AMOS! Just in case you don't know, it’s one of the best-selling Amiga utilities of all time, second only to EA’s Deluxe Paint series. A development from BASIC, AMOS is a programming language that is easy enough for the beginner to understand, yet comprehensive enough for you to be able to create the programs you want with the minimum of fuss.
If you’ve ever programmed in BASIC, you'll have no trouble at all getting into AMOS. Just skim through the rest of these instructions and you’ll be ready to go. If you've never touched a programming language before, then there's no better place to start.
Before continuing here, unpack and load up AMOS (see the Quick Start Guide opposite for further details). You'll then be faced with the main editor screen. Along the top of the screen are 10 buttons marked Run', 'Test' etc, with an information line directly beneath that, and the main edit window directly below that. This is where the programming takes place.
EDITOR VS DIRECT When the main edit screen is showing, you are in edit mode. Anything you type here is entered into your program, with none of the commands you type taking effect until you run the program. There is another mode to work in, called direct mode, in which the commands you type are effective immediately. To switch between the two, press the escape key. Pressing it now takes you into direct mode, which shows you a small edit window, just like a CLI box, and a blank screen. The blank screen is the current work screen, and all commands affect this area. To see the difference
between these modes, return to Edit mode and enter the following line: mouse pointer to the word Run' at the top of the menu bar. Or press F1. After a short pause, the screen blanks, and the words ‘Hi There' appear. If you're wondering why it's written twice, it's because the first line was already placed using Direct mode, and you haven’t cleared the screen since. To clear the screen, move the cursor to the start of your program in Edit mode, using either the mouse pointer or the cursor keys and press return.
This creates a blank line in the listing. Now type: Print "Hi There" As you can see, nothing happens. Now press Escape to enter direct mode and type the same line. This time the words Hi There' appear in the top left corner of the screen. To get the instruction you typed in edit mode to function, you need to run the program. Return to Edit mode and move the The main AMOS edit screen, with the menu bar at the lop, and the main edit area Riling the rest ol the screen.
CLS (Return) Run the program again, and you'll see that the CLS (CLear Screen) command has wiped the slate before PRINTing your text. Looks easy so far, doesn't it?
THE MENU BAR Before we really get into some programming, let's take a moment to look over the menu bar. As you YOUR QUICKSTART GUIDE TO LOADING DISK 54 PROTECT YOUR COVERDISK!
X ng ake sure your Coverdisk 54 is write protected. To
• re .a Mack tab on the corner, so that you can see through s
•• stop you decompacting the disk onto itself.
• 5* s actually three disks in one, all compressed down as far as
they can go. Before you can load any of them, they need to be
decompacted, so the first things you'll need are three
formatted floppy disks.
Switch off your machine for at least 1C seconds and then switch it back on. Stick your CU coverdisk in the drive, and wait for the drive light to go out. After a few seconds you'll be faced with the familiar CU disk icon.
Double-click on the first ot these icons, AMOS . COMPILER, and wait tor the Disk Masher program to load At this point you'B be prompted to insert your blank disk. Remove the CU coverdisk and Insert your first disk. Now |ust press return and wait for the program to write Itself onto the disk. Re-insert the CU coverdisk when prompted and label your new disk AMOS Program Disk'.
DooWe-clMc on the CU 54 Icon to open the I directory. A window will appear with three similar looking Icons. AMOS . COMPILER. AMOS d AMOS MISSING.
Carry out the same sequence with the other two icons on the disk (double-clicking. Insert a blank disk when prompted), remembering to label the disks when they have been written. When all is done, remove the CU coverdisk and switch off the machine for 10 seconds. Put your AMOS Program disk in the internal drive and switch on I Fi: Dirte" F5: Parent1- f1: Save Iff 1 Fll: FselSC* FM:Uind Close' F15 Bob Off:ip Fl?:ldit- F28:Svsten FOR A=1 TO 100 i=rnd(15):p=rnd(15) x=rnd(30):y=rnd(20) PEN I: PAPER p LOCATE x,y: PRINT nameS NEXT A END minutes work, is it? Before you start to worry, though, let's
take a look through that listing. The first thing you'll come across is the FOR A=1 TO 100 instruction. This is pari of program structuring, and merely tells the program to repeat the segment between this instruction and the NEXT A instruction a certain amount of times. It’s a lot easier than writing out the same set of instructions over and over again. The letter A is another variable. And again could be called anything.
The RND() command tells the computer to see. There are 10 commands just waiting to be : *ed. From Run’ which runs the program, to Line Insert’, which creates a blank line in the list- 'g just like hitting return. Now. If you press the smtt key, the system menu appears. These 10 new commands are used for system management and control the loading and saving of programs and accessories. Accessories are the add-on modules Artnch expand the capabilities ot AMOS. You might iave noticed the list when AMOS booted up, showing you the various system files. These are all accessories.
Holding down the control key brings up another menu, this time the Blocks menu, which is used for editing chunks of the program, just like a word processor. If you want to move a large block of the program from one point of the listing to another, you simply specify the start and end points of the block, which is then highlighted, and 'Cut' it. Move the cursor to where you want the block to be placed, and Paste’ the block down.
The last menu is the Search menu, revealed by holding down the Alt key. This menu is used to locate words and phrases in much the same way as using find and replace on any word processor.
All of the menu items can be used by holding down the appropriate function key. Keys F1 to F5 select the top row and F6 to F10 select the bottom.
YOUR FIRST COMMANDS You’ve already used two of AMOS's 500 plus commands (PRINT and CLS), so now we re going to use some more. Let’s say you wanted to write a program that asked you for your name and then printed it all over the screen in a multitude of colours. The first thing you would need to do is get the computer to ask you your name, and for this we use the command INPUT, like this: CLS PRINT WHAT IS YOUR NAME?’’ INPUT nameS INPUT tells the computer to ask the user to type something. NameS is a variable, a pigeonhole used to store information. If you imagine that inside the Amiga there
are lots of little labelled shoe- boxes, the line INPUT nameS is telling it to get the words typed in by the user and put them in the shoe box marked NameS Now, if you ask the Amiga to print the contents of the box. All you need to do is type: PRINT nameS Try it to see how it works. Run the program a couple of times to see how you can put any name into NameS. Variables can be called anything you like, with one or two minor rules. If the variable is to hold text - to be a string - then it must have a dollar sign at the end. Anything else will make the computer look for a number instead,
leaving you with an error message when you try to enter your name.
Delete the PRINT line we just entered by putting the cursor at the end of it and pressing the delete key until it is all gone, then try the lines shown in Table 1.
Now run the program. Not a bad effect for three 1: ListSsnV' Fi: Itfjuli' . _ 6: Load :sflS( V: Save FeelSi 3 Load Iff ' ll:Scre«i Clos FI2:Scraer won I3:Uind Oton lCFmn' El?:LnFree;o' lSHoal Off' IMI TfDiJtl The Long Awaited Sequel to the Award Winning Team Yankee and Pacific Islands!
War in the Gulf pits a crack unit of M1 Tanks against invading Iraqi forces in Northern Kuwait.
This game of immense tension and hectic action is set against a backdrop of hundreds of burning oil wells near the Iraqi border.
IBM PC & Compatibles, Amiga & Atari ST. Owners of Pacific Islands can take advantage of our special upgrade offer!
Contact us for more details on (0268) 541126.
Empire S O F T ¦ W A R E Boxes are drawn with the BOX command, followed by the co-ordinates ol the top lett and bottom right corners. For example: 00 INK RND(15) X1=RND(320):Y1=RND(200) BOX X1.Y1 TO XHRND(50).Y1+RND(50) LOOP Polygons can be drawn just as simply, using the POLYLINE instruction. You can have as many sets ol co-ordinates as you like with this command, as it just draws from one pair to the next. Try this routine: DO INK RND(15) X1=RND(320): Y1=RND(200) X2=RND(320): Y2»RNO(200) X3-RND(320); Y3=RND(200) POLYLINE X1.Y1 TO X2.Y2 TO X3.Y3 TO X1.Y1 LOOP II it's circles you're alter then
see il you can guess what the command to draw circles Is. Yes, it’s CIRCLE! To deline a circle, you need three co-ordinates, the x-posilion. The y- position and the radius. Here's one more eiample: DO INK RND(15) X1=RND(320): Y1=RND(200 : R=RND(100) CIRCLE X1.Y1.R LOOP make the variable (in our case ‘i' and p') a
• andom number oe tween 0 and 15 ndusive. You can put any number
between the brackets you like.
GLOBAL a,b,c,d,e DO PROC NUMBER PROC DUNE LOOP PROCEDURE Number CLS PRINT "Enter 5 numbers, after each one."
INPUT a: INPUT b: INPUT e CLS END PROC PROCEDURE DUNE INK e DRAW a.b TO c,d WAIT KEY END PROC For example, if you wanted to do a dice simulation, you’d use the line dice=RND(5)+l. You wouldn’t use RND 6) oecause that would give you a number Detween 0 and 6. And there is no nought on a die. As you are no doubt aware.
PAPER and INK tell the computer which colours to draw the background and text in respectively. Finally, the LOCATE instruction tells the computer where to place the text, so you aren’t restricted to just writing in the top left corner. There you have it, your first program!
STRUCTURING You’ve seen how using a FOR...NEXT loop can save a lot of time, and AMOS has a few more struc- The start of your first AMOS aSBMiti I Iff ' ln«it B lte*s III Itafdi Hum Ran Other Edit Other Overwltr Sfold UnfiJd Line Insert pressing return c: INPUT d: INPUT turing tricks up its sleeve that are well worth getting to grips with. The first, and most important, are Procedures. A procedure is a small, separate routine that can be jumped to from any part of the program, executed and then jumped back from.
Imagine you had a program that asked you to insert some numbers, and then drew some lines corresponding to the numbers you had entered. By using procedures, you could structure the program so that the main code itself was very short. Try the example shown in Table 2.
Run the program and see what happens. Now go back to the listing and see if you can figure out what is happening. From the main loop (DO...LOOP), the program is jumping first to the Number procedure, which asks you for five numbers. And then jumps to the Dime procedure, which draws the line from the numbers you gave.
That should give you some idea about how the AMOS system works. To learn more, experiment with some of the step-by-step boxes dotted around these pages, or why not check out next month’s issue of CU Amiga when we’ll be giving away a free 32-page AMOS guide. If that doesn’t satisfy your curiosity, there are a couple of excellent books dedicated to creating games with AMOS, including Phil South's Guide To AMOS, available CU AMIGA COVERDISKS SCREEN EFFECTS How often have you soon flashy screen fades and wipes and wished yoe could do the same’ With AMOS you can. And you won I beliere how easy if
To fade a screen, you FAOf it. It's as simple as that. Try this out.
U LOAD IFF “(Your IFF screonlM FADF 15: WAIT 5 If you look at a game like Gremlin s Zool. You have to admit that the brightly coloured backdrop adds a lot to the game How would you like lo do the same with one easy command? Give this a whirl.
SET RAINBOW 0.1.64. “(8.2.8)“.”“.“" RAINBOW WAIT KEY We ll be looking at this command in more detail neit month.
I I . READING THE JOYSTICK As AMOS is primarily a game creator, reading the joystick movements is an essential part of most packages you'll write. Here s a quick and simple joystick tesler.
HigH lml program. Generally ra« l» Mowt, Hun «*» nucHiM language parMr. Limply became Won Ike procener too ran your program. It Iras to convert toco lino into mlcnino language. This takes tuno anO slows no program town «compittr turns the entire program Into l pure machine code routine spuing the conversion limo. Thoratore. Compiled programs run tor taster than the original AMOS listing AMOS compiled programs have the added honus ot being able to be ran independently ot the AMOS system.
HOW TO COMPILE YOUR PROGRAMS First of all we set up our loop and pul In our initial message On the AMOS Program disk you'll find the Compiler program. Load It up and run it. And you'll be laced with this control panel The three large icons at the top ot the screen denote (from left lo right) the source location, the destma lion location and the type of compiling required. Clicking directly on these toggles between the two states each otters The source and destination can be changed from chip (memory) to disk and back again, and the type Icon can be either AMOS (runs Irom AMOS), CU (runs
trom CLI) or Workbench (Saved with a WB icon). If you have a megabyte or more of memory, yoe can compile completely in memory, which it tar taster than compiling with disks For now. Thoegh. We re going to compile onto disk, so set the first icon to chip and the second to disk For the type, select AMOS.
LOOP PROCEDURE JOYREAO LOCATE 0.0 asking you which program you want to compile. Select the Scrolling Text Demo' and click on OK. When asked lor the destma hon name insert a blank disk and type the name Text'. Click on OK to continue.
IF JUP(1)THEN PRINT "UP'; IF JDOWN(1) THEN PRINT "DOWN IF JRIGHT(I) THEN PRINT "RIGHT IF JLEFT(I) THEN PRINT ‘LEFT IF FIRE(1) THEN PRINT FIRE.- ENO PROC Now we need to join the two together, and this is done with The program will now start to compile. The arrows across the middle ot the screen show you how tar Into the program the compiler is. When It has finished - and this process doesn I take long - quit the program by holding down the Control key and pressing C. return to the editor and load the compiled Text program. You won t notice much speed difference on this program, but at compile!
(Insert this after the IF D«0...~ line) IF Dofl THEN JOYREAO That saves you buying a joystick tester!
It’s a flying experience you’ll never forget We were just kids really and it was Our first time away from home. We had 25 tough combat missions to complete before we finished our tour.
Ompiler run lar dently We called her a Fortress but she sure didn't seem like one when we were tuck in tight bomb run formation over the enemy target with devilish black flak clouds bursting all around us.
Then, after the bombardier yelled 'Bombs gone!' The mad scramble for home. All ten of us watching for bandits and calling them out: 'Tail gunner, belly gunner, right-waist gunner' $ they swept past spitting out,sh«lls.
When we had a good run. Knocked out a few fighters and were approaching the English coast, still in tight formation; that's when she felt like a Flying Fortress.
B-17 Flying Fortress.
Command the supreme daylight bomber of World War Two. Navigate accurately across Europe, locate and bomb strategic targets and defend the plane from furious enemy attacks.
It’s a flying experience you'll never forget.
"TivrKUX SIMUlAflOM • I O M * * I I B-17 Flying Fortress.
Released first on IBM PC Compatibles, followed by Commodore Amiga and Atari ST. MicroProse Ltd. Unit I Hampton Road Industrial Estate, Tetbury. Glos. GL8 8LD. UK. Tel: 0666 504 326.
HOW TO MAKE A STANDALONE DISK So. You've written your program and you want to put it oo a disk and give it to your friends But what if your friends don t have a copy of AMOS? AMOS is copyright software. So you can t just copy it for them. You have two options: you can either compile a disk (see How to Compile your Programs boi on previous page) or make a standalone RAMOS disk. To do this, first make a copy ol your AMOS program disk, using any suitable disk copier That done load the RAMOS program Irom your AMOS EXTRAS disk Run the program and follow the on screen prompts. When this program
has finished, you'll have a RAMOS disk - an AMOS program disk without an editor program Now all you need lo do is copy your program to the disk and you have a standalone program.
CREATING A SCROLLING SCREEN AMOS is eicellenl al manipulating IFF screens. For tsample. Here's a quick guide lo creating your own scrolling backdrop.
TT] IA RELOKICK PROBifMS It seems a it seems a tew people are experiencing problems with last month s cover program ReLoKick For anyone who's having trouble with this excellent utility, here's what to do.
• After unpacking the program, do a soft reset and insert the
disk in the machine.
• Some copyright messages will appear, followed by the phrase
Kicking In Now'.
• When the screen flashes, remove the disk and do a soft reset
You * now be greeted with the
1. 3 kickstart screen If you have any other problems, please
contact the PC Wise helpline on 0685 350505 between 1030 and
1230 every weekday NEXT MONTH Next month we'll be carrying a
full 32-page supplement on AMOS and how to use it.
Including hints and tips on programming shortcuts and ideas, along with a full breakdown of all the AMOS commands. Until then, this should be enough to keep you going. See you next month!
- - • m get onto our coverdisks and we aim to include accept no
responsibility whatsoever tor possibl incurred by viruses which
may have escaped oi a virus sr. We can e damage ir attention
most from your free AMOS and Compiler with the official user
You've marvelled ai the power and speed ol AMOS and AMOS Compiler.
You've linkered wilh the demo programs, and maybe even created a lew little routines ol your own, but what now? It you really want to get the best from this stunning package, there's no substitute for the official instruction manuals.
For starters, the AMOS manual explains in simple terms how the system works. As well as this, every command is listed in detail, with clear examples and descriptions of each to get you up and running within minutes. Extensive technical appendices are also included for detailed information on the more obscure points.
Once you've got to grips with the basic AMOS language, you'll probably want to get things running even faster with the Compiler. The Compiler is available fully packaged, giving you a home for your disks and full instructions in one hit!
To complete your AMOS set, fill in the coupon below (or telephone your order on 0625 859333 quoting reference CU Amiga), indicaling whether you require the AMOS manual, the Compiler manual and box. Or both. The AMOS manual and Compiler set are each priced at £14.99. Cheques should be made payable to Europress Software Ltd. Alternatively, quote your Access Visa card number, and the amount will be debited from your account.
NAME .. ADDRESS.. POSTCODE.. ienenc- jram, ale with eset followed isk and n the antact tween PLEASE SEND ME: ? 1 AMOS manual @ £14.99 ? 1 AMOS Compiler manual wilh box @ £14.99 ? 1 each of AMOS manual and Compiler manual wilh box @ £24.99 ? I enclose a cheque for £ , made payable to Europress Software Ltd.
Access Visa card no.: ... Expiry ...Date: .. Please supply credit card holder s address if different from address above.
Signature: ..... Send to: Europress Software, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield, SK10 4NP. Please allow 14 days for delivery.
INFRA RED JOYSTICK OR STREETFIGHTER JOYSTICK Your choice! The control of the arcade machine or the cable free infra red.
WIN £250 WORTH OF GAMES 0839 404076 OR THC T6SoTo 0839 404075 0839 404071 I WIN!!! Y The mountain bike of your choice upto £200 I 0839 404079 PLUS TV TUNER ,0839 404073 ft's action galore this issue! Inside your small blue plastic square this month you’ll find a fully playable level of Core’s smashing Chuck Rock 2, and a two- minute playable demo of Ocean’s new footie sim, Premier League Football.
YOUR QUICKSTART GUIDE TO LOADING DISK 55 -ngs first, switch off your machine!
• rjses are nasty creatures, and it’s far zmoer to be safe than
sorry. Leave the
- acrtoe off for a minimum of 10 seconds (or a maximum of three
• ¦ -si before switching on. Disconnect =r, oenpherals
(Modems printers,
* *: and switch off the advanced oset on the A1200. Wait for the
Workbench prompt, and then insert
• cur disk. The drive light will come xfora few seconds, and then
the CJ con will appear.
Oclick on this Icon to load the Ocean playable demo ol Premier League Football.
O Double click on the CU55 Icon with the left mouse button. This screen will then appear.
CHUCK ROCK 2 SON OF CHUCK It’s club smashing action in this demo of Core’s new baby. Guide Chuck Jnr on his platform-leaping quest to save his Dad.
Oh no! Chuck has been kidnapped by the evil Brick Jagger and the only person in any kind of position to rescue him is his baby son.
Admittedly at first glance, a baby isn’t much to contend with. But when this baby is Chuck Junior, well that’s something else.
This level is based on the Waterfall section of the game, but won’t actually appear in the finished club 'em up. In his travels from the play pen to the lions den, Junior has to make his way through jungles, over volcanoes, along the back of a giant dinosaur, finally to end up at Datstone motors, where Chuck is being held. (You’d know all this if you’ve read the review on pages 50 and 51). The Waterfall section comes about half way through the game, and features Junior doing battle against surfing turtles, pathetic sharks and the occasional spitting dinosaur. All you need to do is get him
from one side of the waterfall to the other - using any method you can.
Chuck is controlled with joystick only, although the finished game will allow you to use a joypad.
Scattered about the level are various components. Good things include the sweets and feeding bottles, which top up your energy, and the squids which can be used as trampolines to get you to higher platforms. Just jump on their heads to launch!
To balance everything out. There are more than enough nasties to harm you. Watch out for the sharks CU AMIGA COVERDISKS that swim just below the surface, before leaping out of the water with teeth bared. The spikes have to be given special attention too. As landing on these is seriously bad for your health - talk about serious nappy rash!
When you reach the end of the level, Dan The Dinosaur (No relation) will appear. You won t be able to kill him in our demo, but it gives you some idea of the size of the opposition. Time to go clubbing!
HINTS AND TIPS Just like there's more than one way lo club a cat. There's more than one way lo linish a level.
If you are having (rouble, try a different route.
Some rocks can be moved around by hitting them. Knock these onto spikes to make novel stepping stones.
For maximum damage, swing your club at the apex (top) ol your jump to smash everything below you.
FOR A1200 OWNERS FOOTBALL Premier League is not compatible with the AGA chipset, so here’s what you do. Before loading FA Premier League, make sure your machine is switched otl for 30 seconds. Switch on, and hold down both mouse buttons. When the main menu appears, select the boot options screen. On here, disable the CPU caches and click on the Use’ button. When you to the main menu, go to Select Display and click on original chip set. Click on Use’ return to the main menu. Click on boot and insert your coverdisk. Ail should work fine!
The ball will be shot in, generally towards another player. In the finished game, this method of passing will be optional, but in the demo, it's all you can do. Releasing the fire button passes shoots.
Other key controls in the game are: Left shift - Pause game Right shift - sound on off.
Sisting of...us! Yes, you can try your hands, or feet, against the CU Crew.
Do you feel lucky?
The controls are quite straightforward.
You always control the player nearest the ball, who will be numbered to let you know what position he usually plays in. Push the joystick in any direction to get him running that way. And pull the joystick in the opposite direction to get him to stop. This might seem like an odd control method, but it does make tactical passing a lot easier to achieve.
When off the ball, pressing the fire button does one of two things. If the ball is in the air, you'll do a diving header. If the ball is on the ground, then you'll do a sliding tackle. Fouls are present in our demo, so watch where you put your feet!
TAKING CONTROL Oh, the roar of the grass. The smell of the crowd.
[Or something like that - Ed.) Nothing gets the joystick finger swinging quite as much as a good football title, and with games such as Emlyn Hughes International Soccer and Premier League Manager under their belts, those happy chappies at Audiogenic should be more than capable of turning out a good football game. At the moment.
FA Premier League is being coded for Ocean Software, to go up against Kick Off Sensisoccer Goal etc. and we've got the latest playable demo for you, so you can see exactly how it works.
No sooner will the drive light have gone out than you’ll be plunged headlong into the action, so it’s worth quickly perusing these instructions before loading. The game is a single player, two minute kickabout against a computer team conWhen on the ball, the same running controls apply. When you push and hold the fire button though, something unusual happens. An arrow appears above the player, showing the direction DISK VIRUSES CU Amiga makes every effort to ensure that viruses do not get onto our disks, and we try to include a virus checker whenever possibe. However we are only human, and
can accept no responsibility for damage incurred by viruses which may have escaped our attention.
MicroProse Ltd. Unit 1 Hampton Road Industrial Estate, Tetbury, Glos. GL8 8LD. UK. Tel 0666 504 326.
V'""' * ""| another it you shoots.
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Sat LEAD FEATURE m Are humalNMIngs still jWfeV kings of the hill when it ‘ comes to intelligence?
Jr * Maybe, but our silicon pals are closing the gap... Nick Veitch peers into the future.
You cam )ust imagine the scene. The last few survivors of the human race battle past inhuman robot guards in a last desperate attempt to shut down the reactor which is fuelling the huge artificially intelligent computer. It is a scenario which has returned again and again in various terrible plots, which somotimes produce a watchable film (Terminator. Robocop, etc.). The reality is very far removed from this. There has been no machine which has ever rivalled the intelligence of a lab rat. Never mind a human being. Besides that, any even vaguely intelligent system has been put to work in the
service of mankind, to varying degrees of success. But where is the threshold of intelligence? An automatic kettle turns itself off when the water has boiled, but it has no understanding of water, its boiling point or how to t .
Make a decent cup of tea. If you don't put any water in to start with, the kettle will still try to boil.
The quest for real artificially alive machinos is motivated purely by vanity, man's desire to create in his own image. That doesn't mean to say there aren't some very useful spin-offs though. But before we can create inteligence, we must understand what being intelligent is. A child who can do his 12-times tables at the age of four would be oonsidered a bit ot a prodigy - but for a machine it s no a remarkable feat at all. In wooly-speak. Intelligence can be defined at the ability to understand, )udge.
Reason and make decision*.
Whaf. Then, constitutes an intelligent machine? That question alone is enough to send waves of confusion and contradiction teeming through h|e scientific community.
There is a widely acknowledged last though... The Turing Test _ SO how Oo you tell whether a machine is mtel- bgont or not? Well, you don't By a simple process ot reversing the logic, a Professor by ne name ol Turing said simply that a machine mm intelligent if you couldn’t tell that it was not reagent BEGIN Define problems and goals Construct prototype Test system Analyse and correct Are design Assumptions Correct?
Essentially this test would involve a human ’ester asking questions of a series of human con- rc-s and Al units, in an attempt to discern
• •'ether or not they were ‘real’ or artificial’,
- -’fortunately this is not what you would call a
- amernatically precise test, in that different peo- could give
different answers. It is not a test a*ech can be replicated,
which makes it a bit
- rpopular with scientists.
AM of this is academic really, because no Al has ever been able to consistently fool people armed with the right questions. Interestingly, some early Als' responses to questions were giv- ng to psychiatrists to analyse, who. Not knowing rey were dealing with computers, diagnosed “em all as having character disorders. This was
• -•ned around with the emergence of various Al yograms which
attempted to analyse the psyche of the questioners. The best
known of these was Eliza Al. Which did manage to fool a number
of people, simply by rewording information which
* »y had already supplied to it.
Ready for Evaluation?
Final Evaluation But even the Tunng test wouldn't satisfy everyone Some have pointed out that by merely processing a set algorithm (albeit a very complicated one), an Al could pass the Tunng test, but sal not have any real understanding of what it is doing. It could, for example, apply the same rules 10 instructions written in Japanese just as well as « could to an English phrase, without necessarily understanding either.
A neural network attempts to emulate the brain by loosely copy- ¦I aw mechanics ol human brain cells Each cell is connected to ewny other cells, and can fire - or pass on a signal - only il the Cmbmed value of its inputs exceeds a certain threshold Each a** lo the cell is given a different importance, or weighting These weighting lectors can be adiusted to allow the network to perform some pretty amazing feats.
A typical network consists of three layers of cells - an input layer, an output layer and a hidden layer Before the network is esed, the cells all have random weights. To become a useful network, it must lirst be trained.
This Is achieved by exposing the input layer to. For example, a picture of an apple. The output from the network - which will initially be total garbage - Is compared to the inpul. And the dil- terence used to calculate an error value. For example, we may want the network to respond with the word Apple when shown a Sigrtised picture of an apple The error between the output and the input is esed to alter the
• eights of the cell connections between the different layers
mnrnth a process called back propagation . Which is repeated
¦any times.
Eventually the network will start producing useful results -
• hen a picture of an apple is presented to the input layer, the
output layer will generate the word Apple . The network is
capable ot learning several other pairs in this way, until It
becomes saturated.
Interestingly, when the input layer is exposed to a picture it has not seen before, it makes a very good guess as to what it is.
For example, il a picture of an apple with a bite taken out of it was Orange or Banana Neural networks are thus very good at recognising patterns, and are widely used in industrial applications Sometimes ¦* patterns are more subtle, in that they may not even be in visual form. For example, the control of an industrial plant may regoire output signals which depend in a very obscure way on previoos input signals A neural network trained with the inputs and outputs may provide a remarkably cost-effective way ol automating the process.
Used, the network would still output Apple and not EXPERT SYSTEMS As Francis Bacon once said, knowledge is power. A massive computer which could answer any question put to it is a theme which comes up time and time again in fiction (Deep Thought.
The General, etc.) but it is not something that those groups developing Als are working towards.
At the moment they are more interested in an intelligent machine which can come even close to being able to take decisions which humans take every day of their lives. These systems are built up from an immense amount of raw data and a complex set of algorithms to determine the correct course of action. Unfortunately, the algorithms seem to be the weak point, but some effective systems have been created by overcompensating with the amount of data supplied A store of such data is known as a knowl edge base and is usually built up by questioning dozens of experts in the particular field to
which the expert system is to be applied One success story is MYCIN. A medical expert system which specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of meningitis It continually gets a better success rate than any single consultant, but it is always used as a tool to aid diagnosis by a doctor, rather than a replacement system. This is partly due to patients' fears and partly because it is just possible that the computer would miss something completely obvious that a real doctor might detect - like the patient is lying or obviously mad.
It may seem a little sad. But apparently the medical establishment would prefer if more people suffered due to tricky mistakes, rather than fewer people suffering because of simple mistakes The problem with such systems is that in order to create them it is necessary to acquire all the knowledge and feed it into the machine in the first place. A truly intelligent machine would be able to learn, which takes us swiftly into the domain of... NEURAL NETS The human brain consists of many thousands of
• neurons' - highly complex cells that are known to be somehow
involved with functions such as decision making and pattern
recognition Their exact function is still not known, but Unit 2
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Specifications subject to change without notice. All Trademarks LEAD FEATURE CU AMIGA themselves, altering connections and their thresholds, depending on how tar their output differed from the desired target result.
Given enough training, even a relatively small network could recognise simple patterns with 100 per cent accuracy. The amazing thing is the way in which the networks reacted to input that had never been seen before - other than responding with a don’t know - never seen it before answer, they still produced an output. Such a net trained to recognise a particular typeface would make a good attempt at recognising a slightly different font, too.
Of course, nothing is perfect. Once the patterns become large the networks grow in size and become prohibitively slow to process. Furthermore, even by 1941. Warren McCullough and Walter Pitts had constructed a mathematical model using simple neurons and their interconnections
- the first neural net. They discovered that all pure logic
problems could be described by a neural network, as long as
you knew what the net should look like. For many scientists,
this was the proof needed to describe the human brain as
nothing more than a highly complicated, although ultimately
reproducible, machine. It seemed that truly intelligent
machines were only a matter of years away.
Unfortunately, the work of Marvin Minsky and Seymour Papert showed that such simple nets (sometimes referred to as perceptrons after their ability to recognise patterns) had severe limitations, and no matter how large or fast, would always fail under certain circumstances. This fact crippled research into neural networks practically overnight, for it seemed that neural nets were a completely dead end.
To the rescue came the networks developed by Stephen Grossberg and John Hopfield. These new nets were special in that they could be trained’ to recognise inputs, rather than relying on pre-programming. A process called back- propagation' allowed the networks to re-organise CU GUIDE TO Al MACHINES According to the rules of intelligence set down by the CU crew, here is a quick spotters’ guide to Als IS ISN'T Airbus 320 Cashpoint machine London s Trattic control system Kettle MYCIN. Medical diagnostic sollware John Major (well, artificial maybe...) The Terminator Video recorder Replicants (trom
Blade Runner! Telephones Viking Mars Lander Microwave armadillo, will be useless at predicting Premier Div sion football results. The latest nets - Boltzman networks - add the concept of energy eveis to prevent loops from occurring, and have recently appeared modelled in silicon.
It is fair to say that a network simulating a complete human brain is completely impossible - for the moment.
HEURISTICS The early attempts at using computers to solve simple puzzles were very successful. They were pretty fast and very accurate, but they could have been even faster. These involved computers taking on games with simple rules which they could follow, like noughts and crosses. What could be easier?
Unfortunately, they worked by looking ahead’ and calculating every possible move in a game.
Even with a simple game of noughts and crosses there are 362.880 possible sequences of moves.
Imagine a game with only slightly more complicated rules, like draughts for instance, and you quickly discover the limitations of your calculator.
You can think of the process of this search as a I »t1srs--c a y a FUZZY LOGIC One of the more recent notions concerning artificial intelligence is that it is not always good to be exact. If you fake the case of weathermen (who we ll assume for the moment are fairly representative members of the human race), youll notice that on the new-style forecasts they never say it will rain tonight', but rather there is a high probability of rain tonight. Using traditional Boolean algebra, the founding logic of machines, it would be impossible to come up with a statement like that Why would you want
to though’ Well, suppose you had to deal with qualitative judgments rather than straight black and white issues. Consider the question: is it doudy today?'. Unless you are very fortunate there will probably be some clouds, but not a sky filled with them That leaves a problem - if you answer yes or no you will be wrong, so the real answer must be somewhere in between. In fuzzy logic it is permissible for percentage responses to be given, which are represented by numbers between one and zero.
Unfortunately, the introduction ot fuzzy logic tree, with every move creating another set ot branches. Heuristics Is all about pruning this tree and narrowing the search ot possibilities Obviously, in order to do this, there must be some sort ot goal to aim tor: after all, you can't be sure ot taking the right turning at a road junction unless you know where you are going. In a game this is easy, the aim is to win. But many other applications also have goal states which should be reached.
The way most algorithms approach this problem Is to introduce another set ot rules to evaluate a possible course ot action. In the case ot noughts and crosses this could be simply a small routine that worked out the potential number of winning lines available tor any particular placement in the grid. This can't always identity the best route, but it can identity the hopeless ones and eliminate them and all their descendants trom the search also introduces the possibility of fuzzy answers. It is one thing for a machine to tell you that it’s safe to go outside, but it is less reassuring when
it says that it is 78 per cent safe to do so.
Fuzzy logic is incredibly important though, as it allows the computer to deal with uncertainties.
Humans are constantly dealing with uncertainties; in fact, it is very difficult to think of anything that humans do actually know for certain Will the sun come up tomorrow? Probably... COMBINATIONAL LOGIC The trick ot real logic applied to everyday situations comes trom combining these systems.
That's how a real Brain works: it is a tuzzy logic neural network which emulates a Heuristic system with a large knowledge Base Or something like that anyway. The human Brain is, unfortunately. Still a mystery. Some argue that it can never really understand itself - can any system, organic or otherwise, ever have sett knowledge to that degree? It depends which philosophy you subscribe to... LEAD FEATURE
A. I. all around CU AMIGA All this theory may be very
illuminating, but what are the benefits to the common peo
ple? Will the man on the top of the I apham Omnibus ever find
himself sitting next
• o a thinking, feeling, living machine?
The influence of artificial intelligence is = ready tangible in the real world. It is perhaps ~x re pervasive than we realise - which, given amount of rabid technophobia in the world, is probably just as well.
UP IN THE SKIES... =robably the most obvious example of everyday Al is the fly-by-wire' Airbus A320. The plane is still controlled by a conventional pilot, but all of tm actions are interpreted by a bank of three computers, which interpret his instructions and act on them to control the actual mechanics of rne aircraft. The important part of this system is
• nat the computers do not blindly carry out Tstructions, they
check what the pilot wants to do against their knowledge
database and their own instrument readings and then pass on the
The reason for three computers is that they can all come up with their own idea about what exactly should happen, go into a quick confer- JARGON BUSTERS
• NEURON-In electrochemical trigger found in human Brain cells
and Ihe part which allows Ihe flow of data from one cell to Ihe
• GOAL STATE-A term used in heuristics lo deline the objective of
Ihe logic process. The goal stale is usually Ihe answer lo a
• BOOLEAN ALGEBRA - The area of mathematics which deals with only
true or false stales, including a system of logic definitions
very common In computing, such as AND.
NOT, OR etc.
• ABS- A system employed in cars to prevent the wheels locking
when the brakes are applied too hard. A simple computer
monitors traction and pulses' the brakes to avoid skidding.
IT AIN'T LIKE THAT IN THE MOVIES Als feature quite highly in science fiction films. There is something appealing about a cold, logical machine inheriting the greatest evolutionary gift of all. The father of Als in modern fiction must surely be Isaac Asimov who reasoned that if we gave machines intelligence, we would also have to include some safeguards to prevent them from running amok. These Laws of Robotics, set down in his book I. Robot' seem to be the only ones required.
1. A robot may not harm a human, or by inaction allow them to
come to any harm.
2. A robot must follow the orders ot any human, as long as they
do not contravene the first law.
3. A robot must act lo protect itself, except where this contra
venes the first or second laws.
There is the question of whether the machine is intelligent enough to follow Ihe rules, but leaving that aside, the disturbing concept is that machines which were intelligent, living beings would be much further up the evolutionary scale than homo sapiens. We got a head start because of our ability to use tools, but Als would be living tools, effectively able to operate in virtually every environment so far discovered. In many ways, the more stupid they were, the more dangerous they would be.
The moral issues would be quite perplexing, too. Could any democracy deny a group of thinking, living individuals the right to freedom? Yes, they probably would. Would an unshakable belief in Silicon Heaven' and rigorous programming keep them from rising up to overthrow their oppressors ? The possible futures put forward by BladeRunner. RoboCop and Terminator don't seem too fanciful at all.
Fortunately we seem to be a long way from ever achieving a machine which can even remotely simulate the intelligence of a human being. Essentially that is the state of play in the field of artificial Intelligence at the moment - we are discovering ways to simulate intelligence, not create it. There is a big difference.
Spectacularly more than once. On one occasion the pilot claimed that the plane would not respond to his commands and that it seemed determined to land in a small forest (which it did).
Perhaps this more than adequately demonstrates the extent of Al research, after all. To err is human.
Ence, have a bit of a debate, propose a resolution, vote, and carry out the result. Being computers they do this very quickly indeed, so there is no noticeable lag between the pilot pulling back on his stick and the plane responding. Unless of course the computers decide that he didn't really want to do that... The Airbus Als are not programmed to make decisions about which way the plane should fly, whether it should be climbing or descending or any of the navigational details. In practice they are only used to modify the pilot's instructions. If he banks so quickly that the wings are in
danger of falling off, the computers will intercede and only allow the plane to react within safe limits, rather like an ABS system on a car.
Interestingly, the Airbus has crashed quite VIKINGS When NASA sent unmanned probes to Mars they struck a bit of a problem. The surface of the planet is a very dodgy place. Apart from being a long way away and a sort ot red colour, it is also not very well mapped and full of great boulders.
A landing unit would not be able to pick out a safe spot to touch down until it was on its way down to the surface, and would need a bit of LEAD FEATURE CU AMIGA UFE AS WE KNOW IT According to my old biology nolcs. And I suspect many other people s. there are lour conditions which must be met in order to consider an ob)ect alive. There are actually seven ot these but they can be shortened to just lour: metabolism, growth, response to stimuli and reproduction.
If we take the Amiga, we can see straight away that it fulfils at least two criteria - it metabolises (otherwise you wouldn't get such a large electricity bill) and it also responds to stimuli - the mouse etc. Reproduction is an interesting one. A mule cannot reproduce (it is sterile), but it is almost certainly alive. Is reproduction a necessary quality ol life’ Think carefully before you answer that. It may be necessary tor the sustained existence ol a species, but not lor an individual.
There is a sort ol natural reproductive cycle lor computers anyway - il they are good, people will buy them, stimulating more demand and more production As lor growth, well - they deni exactly grow physically, but they soon till up with software, don t they’ The software does produce data which fills up the computers storage space or long term memory' so It could be argued that they grow intellectually intelligence lo arrive safely Unfortunately, being a long way away, mission control could not really guide the craft by remote control - in the lime it would take the message watch out* to
reach Mars, the lander would no longer be able to receive it.
The landers were outfitted with cameras and a pair of computers whose task was to scout out a likely spot and guide the craft to safety. The computers weren’t the latest in hi-tech sophistication, but the software was cunning enough to land in a reasonable spot completely on its own.
The fact that it just missed a large boulder by about 12 leel is neither here nor there... It is likely that luture reconnaissance' missions by unmanned probes will include more sophisticated Al equipment, enabling them to complete their mission without having to be in regular contact with Mission Control. Already several projects are being considered lor the extensive task ol mapping the surface of Mars (the present maps only have a resolution ol Isq.km). BANKERS You don't have to leave solid ground 10 have your life affected by an Al Not so long ago.
Expert' systems were introduced to the City's financial centres to provide a more rapid response to wavering share prices. On the first d?y all the computers experienced a bad case of low confidence and managed lo wipe millions of pounds off Ihe values ol shares in a single morning. The expert systems had developed a bad case ol nerves, and once one started selling, the FURTHER READING These books are available Irom all good bookshops or alternatively Irom Addison-Wesley.
Finchampstead Road, Wokingham, Berkshire RG11 2NZ
• Artificial Intelligence structure and strategy lor complex
problem solving - George Luger.'W. Stubblefield
• Natural language processing m Prolog Gazdar Melhsh
• Genetic Algorithms - David E. Goldberg Chamak Drew McDermot
others followed swiftly behind The financial results, ol
course, have an effect on us all THE REST There are plenty of
less spectacular examples of artificial intelligence. Traffic
lights in maior cities are often controlled by computers which
sense' the flow of cars. In fact, most of the practical work on
Als is being done by the motor industry.
Cars and HiFi systems are the driving force behind technology these days There are already systems installed in cars which can regulate the engine and stop the steering Irom locking up. In France they are experimenting with a car which can drive itself by following the lines in the road It is unclear whether it will also be able to swear at other drivers in French and wave its fists.
Well, starting ott with intelligence itselt. We decideO that we don't really know what it is exactly, but it has something to do with Being able to learn and to make decisions Computers can do this already.
We also discovered that, given that we don't know how our own intelligence works exactly, it may be quite difficult or even impossible to replicate that teat in a machine.
But we do know that by simulating intelligence in machines we can produce such amazing leats ot wizardry as the Cruise missile) and spacecratt which can just about land on alien worlds.
Perhaps the real intelligence ot machines lies in a different area After all. It we succeed m creating a duplicate ol the human species, all we II have is more ot the same vague, unreliable, fallible specimens that are already far too abundant.
Creating a superior being may be beyond our reach, and it not the consequences may be too terrible to contemplate THANKS... Tbit pseudo-intelligent article would nol have been possl bit without the aid and interference ol John Kennedy The National Museum ol Science And Industry. Addison Wesie- and MegageM software Thankyou and goodbye TRANSFORM YOUR AMIGA INTO A 32-BIT DREAM MACHINE!
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CHAOS ENGINE 11 MB)---------------- CHASE HQ I (NOTI200)... CHESS CHAMPION 2175.
.13.95 CHESSMASTER 2100 CHUCK YEAGER 2-------- CISCO HEAT ....
DEATH KNIGHTS OF KRYNN (IMB)------------20.95 DELIVERANCE-------- ......17.95 DELUXE PAIVT IV..._ ------------------59.95 DIZZY COLLECTION .. .-,,..17.95 DIZZY PANIC ---------- 6.96 DIZZYS EXCELLENT ¦V DV ESTURES 17.95 DONALD'S ALPHABET CHASE ...17.95 DOODLEBUG .. __.I7.95 DOUBLE DRAGON I (NOT 1200) 7.95 DOUBLE DRAGON II (NOTI200)..._ .7.95 DOUBLE DRAGON III - .... 17.95 DRACK NS LAIR III • DIF. CURSE OF MORDREAD ______________________ - ..... .20.95 DREADNOUGHTS .....- ....25.99 DREADNOUGHTS - BISMARCK .... 12.95 DREADNOUGHTS •
IRONCLADS----------------12.95 DREAM TEAM. -------- .... -.,-....17.95 DUNE (IMB)_ .- - .... -2095 DUNE II (IMB)-------------------- -20.95 DUNGEON MASTERCHAOS STRIKES BACK (IMB) . 20.95 DYNA BLASTER- --------------------......-...-20.95 EASY AMOS IMB) ..25.99 EMLYN HUGHES INT. SOCCER (NOTI200) 7.95 EPIC (IMBJ90T600) . 20.95 ESCAPE FROM PLANET OF ROBOT MONSTERS ______________________________________ .6.96 ESPANA - THF. GAMES V2 (NOTI200) .20.95 EURO FOOTBALL CHAMP. --------
17.95 EXODUS 3010 (I MB)________________ 20.95 EYE OF DIE BEHOLDER I (I MB.NOT 1200) 20.95 EYE OF DIE BEHOLDER II (I MB.NOT1200).. ..23.95 F-16 COMBAT PILOT (NOTI200)-----------------7.95 F-19 STEALTH FIGHTER (NOT600) ..20.95 F-29 RETAI.IATOR (NOT*) ------- .17.95 FALCON .. H-95 FALCON COUNTERSTRIKE DATA DISK -.7.95 FALCON - FIREFIGHT DATA DISK .7.95 FANTASTIC WORLDS (COMP) 23.95 FANTASY WORLD DIZZY ..-......- 6.96 FIRE AND ICE FIRE FORCE (NOTI 200).
FIRE HAWK-------------- - FIRST DIVISION MANAGER (NOT600).. FLIGHT OF DIE INTRUDER (NOT*) - - FLIMBOS QUEST --------------------- FLOOR 13 (IMB)-..--------------------------------- FOOTBALL CRAZY (COMP) . FOOTBALL MANAGER 3--------------------- FORMULA I GRAND PRIX (IMB) .. G-LOC----------------------------------------- GATEWAY TO SAVAGE FRONTIER (I MB).
GAUNTLET II...---------------------------------- GAUNTLET III .-......- ... GHOSTBUSTERS 2 (NOT*) ------------- GHOULS 'NT GHOSTS (NOT600) . GNOMF. ALONE. .... GOAL GOBl-IIINS.. OOBLIINS2 GOLDEN AXE . 7.95 GRAHAM TAYLORS SOCCER (IMB) ..17.95 GUNSHIP 2000 ...... 23.95 HARLEQUIN --------------- -......-.1795 HARPOON - BATTLE SET 4......-------- 11.95 HARPOON . EDITOR -----------------------13-95 HARPOON Vl.2.1 ....- . 23.95 HARRIER ASSAULT (IMB). ------- -23.95 HEAD
OVER HEELS...--------------- ....-6-96 HEAD TO HEAD (COMP) -------------------23.95 HEIMDALL (I MB .NOT 1200)-------------- 2395 HEROES OF THE LANCE (NOT600) .6.96 HEROQUEST TWIN PACK ......-20.95 HEROQUEST2_______________ 1795 HISTORY LINE (1914-1918) IMB) .... 23.95 HOME ACCOUNTS 2--------- - - 39.95 HOME ALONEOMB.NOT*) --.17.95 HOOK (IMB)------------------------ 17.95 IIOVERSPRINT --------------------- - .6.96 HUMANS---------------------- - -......20-93 IIUMANS - JURASSIC LEVELS (DATA DISK) .13.95
GOLF (ACCOLADE) (I MB) ..-......- ....20.95 JAGUAR XJ220GMB.NOTI200) --------------17.95 JAMES BOND COLLECTION (NOT*)-------------17-95 JAMES POND---------------------------------------------6.96 JIM POWER----------------------------------17.95 JIMMY WHITES WHIRLWIND SNOOKER (NOTI200) - - ......20.95 JOE A MAC - CAVEMAN NINJA (IMB) - 17.95 JOHN MADDENS FOOTBALL-----------------17.95 KEYS OF MARAMON------------------ -.....17.95 KGB (IMB)-----------------------------------------------20.95 KICK OFF II (I MEG)
_________________________17.95 KICK OFF II (FINAL WHISTLE) (NOT.) ......9.95 KICK OFF II (GIANTS OF EUROPE) (NOT.) .6.96 KICK OFF II (RETURN TO EUROPE) (NOT.) ...6.96 KIND WORDS 3 (IMB)-----------------------------36-95 KIX PIX---------------------------------------------17.95 KNIGHTMARE ......--------------------------.20.95 KNIGHTS OF THE SKY (IMB)----------------------.23.95 KWIKSNAX ---------------------- 6.96 LF.ANDER-----------------------------------------------17.95 LEEDS UNITED CHAMPIONS ...17.95 LEGEND .... -..-.20.95 LEGEND OF K YRANDLA (1 MB.NOT
1200) 23.95 LEGENDS OF VALOUR (I MB) ......26.95 I JAMMINGS (ORIGINAL) -----------------------17.95 LEMMINGS 2 (IMB.NOT1500) ..20.95 LEMMINGS DOUBLE PACK -20.95 LEMMINGS IEVF.LS (ADD-ON VERSION) 13 95 LEMMINGS LEVELS (STAND ALONE) .....17.95 LETHAL WEAPON ... 17.95 LETS SPELL AT THF. SHOPS------------- -...14.95 LIFE* DFADI ------- ------- 12.95 LINEKER COLLECTION - ...11.90 LINKS (IMB.HARDDISKKNOTI200) .23.95 LINKS • BAYHILL ....------ 12.95 LINKS -
FIRESTONE ...... 12.95 UNKS - HYATT DORADO---------------- 12.95 LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL . 17.95 LOCOMOTION------------------------ 17.95 LOMBARD RAC RALLY - -6.96 LORD OF THE RINGS ------- -......15.96 LOTUS ESPRIT TURBO CHALLENGE 7 95 LOTUS III - THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE (I MB I ______________________ 17.95 LOTUS TURBO CHALLENGE II (NOT 1200) 15 96 LURE OF THE TEMPTRESS (I MB).. .....17.95 Ml TANK PLATOON - -20.95 MAGIC STORYBOOK (IMB) .20.95 MAGICLAND DIZZY
MOTORHEAD------------- NARC.
6. 96 ...20.95 ...20.95 . 179?
1795 369* 2»9* ..Ii95 . -20 *5 6 96
17. 95
- . 99?
2C95 9* _ -2195 ,‘•5
- 2395 109?
696 , - 20.95 . J09?
Ii 9* , . 1795 2055 696 . 496 .179?
17 95 . *9* . -2695 696 1696 269?
- -2395 395 .96 1795
- 2095 20-95 HOT*)...... NOT*) ....6.96 . _.36.95 . 17.95
20. 95
23. 95
26. 95
17. 95
20. 95
20. 95
13. 95 .17.9
17. 95
14. 95
12. 95
11. 90
23. 95
12. 95
12. 95
12. 95
17. 95
17. 95
3) 45
• 7 9* 21*95 696 09* NGE(IMB)
- -----------17.95 N200).....15-96 __________17.95 . -2C95 . 2395
. 2393 ...23.95 ...20.95 ...20.95 8.95 ...21.95 .2095 ...17.95
...20.95 ...20.95 ... 20.95 ...20.95 . 13.95 13.95
19. 95 .19.95
14. 95
19. 95
- ____19.95
19. 95
17. 95
17. 95
17. 95
17. 95
17. 95
17. 95
17. 95
17. 95
17. 95
17. 95
17. 95
17. 95
17. 95
17. 95 6.96 . L7 9*
- I' 95 , -2395 . :?»?
395 '95 . 4095 199?
- ____10.95
- 17.95
- 6.96 .6.96
- ..-17.95 . 17.95
7. 95 ttlluwfUniMi . * t' BBV WOODS i 9?
¦OX!) MSB 17 95 BOBOCOP1 ... 6.96 ¦OBOCOP 111___________________________________________17.95 BOBOS PORT_____________________________________________20.95
(IMB.NOT*).... 17.95 In- MIA.M I'l «s::n IMH| 26 45
;3KWi*«v!*eni*5 , mk, ¦FNXPmt SOCCtJf 92A»».
SHOO* «» THE e» AYT 3 ¦RADUW ftAftRIORS ¦HAOUWURIJXS IM3, vn «j«*» i SMOOT em -.vrnNmu'ntisfcn BM'nu? Ittbi .... 4£NTHH'i:| U IMX an AST-------- 3M4TTY XK.Mm*.TvV£ fTOICTTY AROtfTftn • .
04 CITY TERRAIN EDITOR ...... 34M CITY DELUXE . MM CITY POPULOUS .. IBM EARTH (IMB) .. 3K1 OR DIE .. SLEEPWALKER (1MB)..._ ....- . 'LEEPWALKER - ENHANCED (AMIGA 1200) ..21.95 SLICKS------------- 6.96 ¦UT SPY... SMASH TV ... ISMOW e*us port** *o pocrot mnbai .
(¦¦TO* I .
SI Itt *« xis vtbc. No M i I STORM MASTER M»AT» MASTERS snfj" n« mu* «%! » • 'W HOKTTR 3 IMH ana**--------- ... STRIKE ILEET ___________________ STRIKER (IMB) .... STUNT CAR RACER ...... SLTAPLEX SI. PER CAULDRON ' PER FROG (IMB .....
- PER MONACO G P .....
(NOT.) ....17.95 Si PER TETRIS
(IMBNOT1200) ......-17.95
(NOTI200)- ... 7.95 ¦MVERFIOKIERS
(COMP) ...17.95 WW7 LBMHtAI
iM3i PqftTlX.VOUO’ tOUR&KOttK PGA TT); ft Goif * I N PCTona* L
DREAMS-------------------- t r-XVTx.»IfcS 'MU Waoiaiw k*ik ue
»UAnv.rM- OMP »m.5 !* AI««SV» IMB pom m so oaiaci$ c
pvuxxadpua Mf » P lUUNPi .... WMJlMOsr.:- 0*T* ~*SK i*»i
PontKB nnoj‘!iM8 soii o mam of frost* mt 1WMS KX-fl (NO- .
MBOffi • x I'MB pMSHOVfil iv., RUTTY MB vOJUHT.OMNOT »•'} ¦LMNXa.-v. WA.9BS **ri»in« ¦AVfNCMAT ¦»AlMM*rni 5XJk5 . . .
» TYTT I ¦MCBMIVN ¦MONORAll suspicious Ia6 j6 SWITCHBLADE n---------------- SWIV------------- TEAM SUZUKI _________________ TENNIS CUP 2__________________ IMF man v AS . Mb imomas n« tank pngiaf nf-ND«33HAWRi7*OTiJ0r 4C9« HNY SftWUAS _ . '95 TV GPP__... . . . 'vi TmSTWHtt TOTAJ wrAll "MJOXAN------ nmn*iEUA _______ TraNSaRTTVa Imx.
RWRjCMTMB---- WBC--------- _ I NTVmVAI MKS7ERS ...__ vends n* n ytrap VIKKHi (MB’----- VO---------- VRIBMI -MOT! TO. . _ .
WAXWDBKSiikflBi _ 2)9?
6*rMCWm»J --i 96 WINGCOMMANDER I (IMB) .....23 95 WI KID .....17.95 WORLD CLASS LEADER BOARD..... WORLD CLASS RUGBY (NOT600)... WWF EUROPEAN RAMPAGE__________ TOOT XENON I__________ Z-OUT_____ ZAK MCKRACKEN . ZOOL (IMB) . ZOOL - ENHANCED (AMIGA 1200)_____________17.95 EDUCATIONAL CAVE MAZE________________10.95 FRACTION GOBLINS------------------10.95 MATHS DRAGONS ---------------------------10.95 “71 "TTRF FRAOIOftS _ . ; 1VS SEASONING WITH Irili J _ i09 nuv IMF HOUSE. 1096 ANSWER BACK AMOR OU7 -6 1H i*«9 anxw r
hair vmiqoU (i2 AD i*o» HtfNTO MBTRFSS i • 99 U13U4AN MASTUt--i* 99 iT«mxnms i* maths advtnti m it. Mi i« v spamsh ixttor i**» MFCamaIHSuA1»V»I, i* 5 MiiR unoijsh «oar up Mi: ft -k*NiH.BHJNNF»V x'S(. l*»5 MICRO GERMAN BEGINNERS. GCSE.BLSINLSS)
(3-12) ...18.95 READING WrmNG COURSE 3-8)
.18.95 ALVINS PUZZLES -..... - ...13.95
ADI MATHS (12-13) _ ADI MATHS (13-14)_ ADI MATHS 14-15)_
SCHOOL 3 (UNDER 5, FUN SCHOOL 4 (5-7) _ FUN SCHOOL 4 (7-11)
CREATE 'OVER 5 S FOOTBALL CRAZY 17.95 Kick Off (1 2 Meg).
Kick Off II (Final Whistle), Player Manager MAGIC WORLDS
17.95 Crystals Of Axborca. Dragons Breath.
Storm Master COMPLIATIONS 10 GREAT GAMES 20.95 Carrier Command. Chicago 90, Ferrari Formula One,Night Hunter.
Pick n’ Pile, Pro Tennis Tour CARTOON COLLECTION 17.95 CJ’s Elephant Antics, Seymour Goes To Hollywood. Slightly Magic. Spike Island Dizzy DIZZY’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURES 17.95 Bubble Dizzy, Kwik Snax. Panic Dizzy.
Pnncc Of Hie Yolkfolk. Spellbound Dizzy AIR SEA SI PREMACY 20.95 Carrier Command, Gunship, P47 Thunderbolt.
Silent Service, Wings (1 2 Meg) AWARD WINNERS 17.95 Kick Off II (1 2 Meg). Pipe Mania. Populous.
Space Ace CAPCOM COLLECTION 20.95 Wars. Forgotten Worlds, Ghouls n' . Last Duel, Led Storm. Stridcr 2.
Un Squadron CHART ATTACK - VOL I 20.95 Ghouls n’ Ghosts. James Pood, Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge. Venus The Flytrap DIZZY COLLECTION 17.95 Fantasy World Dizzy. Fast Food. Kwik Snax.
Magicland Dizzy. Treasure Island Dizzy AIR LAND SEA (NOT.) 23.95 6H8 Attack Sub, F A-18 Interceptor.
Indianapolis 500.
2- HOT 2-HANDLE 20.95 Goldem Axe, Shadow Warriors, Super Off Road Racer, Total Recall.
COMBAT CLASSICS 20.95 88 Attack Sub. F-15 Strike Eagle II.
Team Yankee MONSTER PACK 2 17.95 SUPER SEGA 20.95 Crackdown, Eswat, Goldem Axe. Shinobi.
Super Monoaco G.P SCPERF1GHTERS 17.95 Final Fight, Pit Fighter. WWF Wresllemaina THE GREATEST (IMB) 21.95 Dune. Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker.
Lure Of The Temptress MISCELLANEOUS Deluxe Work Centre .... .£49.95 Cumuna Disk Drive ......£57.95
0. 5Mb Upgrade * clock ......£29.95 0 5Mb
Upgrade .£26.95 1 Mb
Upgrade (500*) ...£56.95 I Mb Upgrade
(600) .....£5195
Mouse . £14.75 Mouse
Mat ....£2.95 Mouse
House £2.95 Dustcover
(Amiga 500 +) .....£3.65 Dusicover (Amiga
600) £3.65 Dustcover (Amiga
1200) ......£3.95 Dustcover
(Monitor) £6.99 Dusicover
(LCI0) ...£7.65 Dustcover
(LC24) ...£6.99 Auto
Mouse Joystick Switch .14.75
Trackball .....£28.95
Head Cleaner .£3.75
PSYCHO'S SOCCER SELECTION 20.95 Int. Soccer Challenge. Kick
Off II (1 2 Meg).
Manchester United.
World Championship Soccer QUATTRO POWER MACHINES 6.96 Grand Pnx. Nitro Boost Challenge.
Pro Power Boat. Violator SPORTS MASTERS 20.95 Advantage Tennis.
European Championships 1992. Indianapolis STRATEGY MASTERS 21.95 Battle Master. Chess Player 2150. Hunter, Populous. Spirit Of Excalibur RAINBOW COLLECTION (NOT 1200) 13.95 Bubble Bobble, New Zealand Story.
Rainbow Islands NINJA COLLECTION 13.95 Double Dragon I. Dragon Ninja. Shadow Warriors SIM CITY DKI.LXE 23.95 SPORTS BEST 17.95 Stcg The Slug FIRST IMPRESSIONS The most definitive games review column of any Want to know what’s going to be hot over the next few months? This is the place to find out... THE PATRICIAN ASCON 38 THE PATRICIAN 39 JAMES POND III 39 RULES OF ENGAGMENT 2 40 SIMON THE SORCEROR 45 ARABIAN NIGHTS 46 CYBERSPACE 50 CHUCK ROCK 2 54 BODY BLOWS 60 DESERT STRIKE 64 UONHEART 66 COMPETITION 69 ABANDONED PLACES 2 73 COMBAT AIR PATROL 75 SMALL TIPS 76 PLAY TO WIN: STREETFIGHTER 2
79 TROLL'S HEAD NAME: Oan Skngsby AGE: Unprintable (basically - ancient) OCCUPATION: As little as possible Otherwise, bullying his editorial team Can you successfully trade your way to the lop of the Henaeetic League? WMI your dealings all be above board? These questions and more can ell be answered in Ascon s new strategy title.
It's been out in Germany lor a white NAME Jon Sloan AGE: Surely that’s irrelevant?
OCCUPATION: All tha horrible |ob» that Dan doesn’t want to do NAME: Tony (no Jokes about Ms) Morgan AGE: Too old to rave anymore OCCUPATION: Anything as long as he can play with MED tor long periods of time & NAME: Tony Dwon AGE: Prehistoric OCCUPATION: Freelance scrounger and all round heedbanger.
And lt‘8 very successful. In fact it’s been number one on the PC since June and number one on the Amiga since September The Patrician is a trade'strategy management game set in mediaeval Germany in the period immediately preceding the Renaissance At the time there was a powerful trading organisation known as the Hanseatic League - a sort of early Common Market - and you take part in that league, with the aim of becoming Mayor of a town and eventually Patrician of the league Heavy stuff You start the game in your home town with no workers, one ship and little money From here you have to get
married, rise politically, grow rich and generally make something of your life, all played out within a complex game world Everything has a bearing on everything else, and nothing should be taken lightly. It might be OK to tend money for ilte gal interest now. But what happens when you get blackmailed for it later’ The game is mouse controlled and is a combination of action sequences and souped-up menu screens You are based at one of 16 towns and have to travel between them, trading objects and improving your profile You don't have to make money in this way - you can always tend money
TheRenws or dabble in the black market “ * • •*
- both highly nsky enterprises.
A life on the ocean wave can be fraught with danger, though, and there are more than enough pirates around who will happily clear your decks. When under attack, you'll have to participate in arcade action sequences, using the pnmitive weapons of the time You don't nec essarily have to fight pirates, though, if you have a spare ship you can rent it out to them, and they'll pay you handsomely and provide a little protection The Patnoan (Der Patnzier in Germany) has been coded by new boys Ascon; they've spent almost two years piecing together what they hope will be the Amiga game of the year
Ascon are headed by Holger Flottman. Who used to be 50 per cent of German team T ha lion A PC CD Rom version is currently available, so there's every possibility that a CDTV version will appear The Patncian will be in the shops m June, so we'll carry a full review soon.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS II CU AMIGA r IMPRESSIONS JAMES POND III MILLENNIUM Pond is back! The learn mat brought us the highly successful previous incarnations of Pond are at it again. As you’re orobably well aware, the James Pond games are Basically an action-orientated jump, run, shoot and squash platform series, featuring an jnlikely and decidedly fishy secret agent.
After the delights of James Pond came the second and best in the series, are sent after him and, shortly before being captured, discover a hidden base on the dark side of the moon. It may be a small step for man but it’s a bloody long way for an orange fish! Still, armed with a new Robosuit and a new set of gadgets. Pond leaves the safety of the sea to set foot on the moon. If anyone can save man and marine kind from Maybe s fiendish plan, it’s James Pond.
There are a number of new features set to appear in the game.
The most impressive thing so far is our hero’s speed. It's promised that Pond will move at least as fast as Sonic the Hedgehog and, if he picks up the right gadget, faster even than the blue hedgehog in sonic speed! That’s a very big claim, but if the preview we saw is anything to go by it could soon be reality. Another innovative feature is the introduction of a sidekick for Pond, Finnetus Frog, opening the door to a two-player mode. The game also boasts over 100 different sections, a bigger Pond (40*32 pixels), and even parallax scrolling The only down-side is that Pond III will be
released in June only on the A1200, with a 500 600 version due later in the year. Could this be the first in a new breed of Amiga 1200 games? We’ll bring you a full review soon.
Robocod. Then there was Aquatics, which if my maths hasn’t let me down should have been Pond III.
Still, as it was universally panned, ~iaybe Millennium have decided to forget about it.
Fortunately. Millennium have decided to put Pond back on track again with Operation StarfiSh. The mission sees our hero pitted against his arch enemy, Dr. Maybe.
The evil doc has hijacked a space shuttle carrying a top-secret defence satellite and hot-footed it to the moon. A team of FI5H agents i-'ongsl I be gadgets to collect will be these rocket bootS- Pond t new sidekick leaps tor his life to escape the evil doc.
RULES OF ENGAGEMENT 2 IMPRESSIONS Omnitrend and Impressions are joining forces once more to bring you Rules Of Engagement 2. Which promises a new slant on an old theme.
Intelligence for these, and consequently each character has 18 different personality traits, giving a huge variety to the game population.
All other characters have full-colour digitised photographs to accompany their character descriptions, so with any luck it should be just like dealing with deadly enemies!
To add to the human interface just that little bit more, the ship's computer will have an extensive vocabulary of sampled words and phrases, and will vocalise all ship reports. Look out for a full review soon.
You will play the role of Fleet Commander of a group of spaceships through a series of campaigns against all the usual nasties and hurdles. The game is being designed in a completely different vein to most others, however, as the major part of your strategic actions will be conducted on a far more personal basis, with the Commanders of other fleets. A lot of time has been spent on the artificial Part ol lha strategy element will be deciding how to allocate your precious resources In the construction ol the heet. Spend wisely now and you will reap the rewards later.
WORK IN PROGRESS As Adventuresoft plan to take the adventure crown from Lucasfilm’s Monkey Island 2, Tony Dillon can only marvel at the programming team programmer.
SIMON through it. The rest? Well, you’ll have to wait and see Ever since Maniac Mansion burst onto the scene eight years ago.
There has been a fierce battle to create the greatest graphic adventure ever. To be honest. Lucasfilm have held all the cards, sometimes against some very stiff opposition. Once they had MONKEY MARKET It’s an animated graphic adventure, more in the style of Curse Ol Enchantia than any of Adventuresoft s most recent oftspnng on the Horrorsoft label Waxworks. Elvira) 'We re going for the Monkey Island market, says Mike simply. We want to better it or at least equal it. When you see how many copies of that game have sold.
V it shows that there are a lot ot players out there hungry for this type of game The problem is that most just aren't up to scratch Legend Ot Kyrandia looked nice, but was far too easy It was just standard adventunng collecting gems and what have you. Curse Of Enchantia was confus ing. There was no logic to the puzzles The biggest problems with Simon The Sorcerer are that (a) we re not Lucasfilm and (b) it's not called Monkey Island 31 We have, however, broken our game down into components - graphics, anima tion, plot and so on - and are concentrating on making every element that little bit
better than Lucasfilm.'
Monkey Island 2 in their hand, though, ¦ - - people got a glimpse of what could be achieved The race was on.
The problem with most British adventure games is that they are too wet. The plots are always tar too thin, and there are never enough puzzles to make the games last, complains Adventuresoft boss and long time adventurer Mike Woodroffe Also, the games just aren't tunny enough Computer games should be funny, but most of the time they aren't. I notice now that people are beginning to include humour, which is good ' And Mike's new game certainly looks funny.
The plot tells of a young lad called Simon who.
Since his 14th birthday has been obsessed with magic tricks. One day. A small puppy arrives on his doorstep with a leather bound book. After reading indiscriminantly, Simon accidentally opens a portal to another world and goes I L ..... .
Tunny enough I- .
Now I ' The game will be controlled with a set of NURSERY RHYMES Humourous purzles in th« game will include a variety ol scenes where you can interact with characters from famous nursery rhymes. At one point, you come across a bridge where the sloiy of the Three Billy Goats Gruff Is about to be played out Along comes the first goat, and out from under the bridge pops the troll All is going well until the troll finally admits that he s sick of the story, is ted up with being kicked Into the river day in. Day out and is starving because he never gets any goats lo eat Story books and union rule
boots are drawn, and the two characters argue away like mad What you need to do is find a goat substi lute lor him to eat! That's one for Linda McCarlney!
Verbs, as with the Lucasfilm titles, rather than the icon systems fashionable at the moment We want to make it as easy to use as possible, but keep it intuitive at the same time. Icons really |ust perform exactly the same function as verbs, so why not just use the verbs? Ideally what we want is a game that doesn't need a manual I never l*e to read manuals, I just want to load up and start playing. With Simon, we want people to be able to load it and get used to the interlace immediately, and when they've done a little explonng and have got hooked, then they go back to the manual and find out
what they are meant to do No village would be complete without an Inn. And hare'a youc local. Ouautf looking, un i it?
The animattonlnSMionhMlobe teen » be beOeved Over 1000 framee. Rust tor one scene' E SORCERER CLEVER MOUSE Mouse control is the order of the day, but this is being designed as the most intelligent mouse control to date. As you pass the mouse pointer over the verbs, possible words become semi-lit.
Clicking with the left button selects, and then sentences are constructed in the normal way. For example, if there is no-one else in the room, the Give' verb won't light up. If there is someone, you can click on the 'Give' icon, and then on the object in your inventory. A text window will ask you ‘Give object to whom?', and you then dick on the person you wish to give it to. Simple!
Riety ol im famous bridge bout lo be om under e troll i with starving iks and its argue it substi- V than the We le. But eally just rbs. So we want never like nd start be able to and have nual and But does a game like this need verbs at all?
Take Legend Of Kyrandia, for example. There’s a JUST YAKKING Simon Woodrofte. Who just happens to be Mike's son, has spent a long lime working on the character scripts for the game, and mosl of it is very, very funny. A lot of conversations in the game won't require any input Irom you. You can lust stand back and watch people talking. My favourite has to be the lour wizards hiding away in a pub pretending to be yokels playing a game of Mah Jong - only they aren't particularly sure of Ihe rules, and what ensues is something Tony Hancock would have been proud ol.
Fat: Where did this game come from anyway?
Specs: That short man with the strange eyes gave it to us, remember?
Fat: I hope we didn't have to pay for it.
Thin: A very nice man though. As I recall.
Specs: Very clever wilh his...wok, wasn't It?
Thin: That thing looked really sharp. I wouldn't dare mess with it.
Specs: I wanted to meet his confused friend he was always on about.
Thin: He wasn't confused. He was called Confusion or something.
Specs: Judging by some of the things he is supposed to have said, he sounded pretty confused.
Old: I had a friend who was confused once. Never saw him again.
Thin: Let's have another go al this game then.
UoUto Loot at Ope, Am Consvme Piot up Close Use Tait to Remove Hear Ciae game with no menu interface. With Kyrandia, you can't tell why something hasn’t happened.
There are no messages to explain what mistakes you might have made, which makes the game very confusing.'
SHORT TROUSERS Another criticism that Mike levels at his rivals is the shortness and simplicity of their games in comparison to Monkey Island. With Simon, we re trying to create a game that, once you know everything about it and can run through it from start to finish, will take two hours to play.
That's about as long as Monkey Island 2. If.
When we've finished the game to our designs, we find it’s too short, we'll just add another location and another puzzle.'
Another puzzle could involve another day's play, if the current set up is anything to go by. The puzzles themselves form vast sections of the plot, and go much further than the find an item and give it to the Ore' variety so often used. In Simon, the puzzles are stacked, stretched, interwoven and then doubled back to make them as complex as possible, while still keeping them logical. In the case of the Ore scenario. In most games that would be the end of that particular puzzle. In Simon it would be much more along the lines of 'Give the item to the Ore because he has the gem you need to open
the door to get into the building which contains the brick required to smash the glass...,' and so on.
A lot of time is being given over to the graphics. The screenshots on these pages are PC VGA unfortunately. As there are no Amiga screenshots available at the moment, but there shouldn't be that much difference once the palette is squeezed down to 32 colours. If you study the pictures closely, you'll notice a definition not usually seen in this kind of game. In fact, they’re far better than Monkey Island 2 .
The secret is simple. Adventuresoft have five full time artists working on the game, three of whom (Maria. Jeff and Karen) had never used a computer before. By using traditional artists rather than Dpaint jockeys, each location is sketched by hand using pen and paper, and then scanned in and coloured on a PC. This gives much more clarity to the backdrops and saves a lot of memory too, as you can control the palette.
Lucasfilm hand paint the backdrops and then scan the entire image in, giving a slight blurred effect to everything as well as using far too many colours as Mike demonstrated when he loaded one scene, and then squeezed the palette down to 32 colours. There was no loss of definition, and practically no loss of tone, but a huge memory saving.
KEEP ON MOVING The animation is probably the most impressive feature of the program so far. Mike wanted games? I certainly think so.
To show how easy the system is. Mike created a new room lor me. First the name of the room was defined as a noun using the MAKE NOUN command Next the room was defined using MAKE ROOM command A series of flags appeared, which showed what sort of room it was and what it connected to. Text descriptions were added and a link command was used to load a graphic file It really is as easy as that Mike has no plans to release AGOS commercially, but we are badgering him for a coverdisk copy. Some chance!
If you think that a system like this would be limiting - aller all, you can spot a game written in The Quill, or SEUCK a mile oil - then check the differences between this game and any of the Horrorsott titles. They were written in the same system, and the only similarity between them is the tact that they are adventures. Mike is confident that any sort of game could be written in AGOS, provided you have the completed graphics and a full design After all, if a necessary command isn't in the system, a module can be attached quite simply Could this be the way forward tor Amiga At present.
Simon The Sorcerer looks like it could be |ust the title to knock Monkey Island 2 from its pedestal To see if it does, though, you'll have to wait until September at least More news as we have it. © Disney quality animation, so that's what they've gone for, and already the effect is stunning.There are 80 frames Just for Simon's walk (facing various directions), as well as numerous small animations for specific actions In one scene, a Swampling is trying to get Simon to eat some delicious soup which is in fact warm swamp mud. For this scene alone there are over a thousand frames of animation.
There's perfectionism for you!
The most staggering thing about Adventuresoft is that they have no full time coders. They simply don't need any. The games are pieced together by Mike, who admits freely that he can't program He just uses an exclusive system called AGOS. Wntten by himself and partner Alan Bndgeman a couple of years ago when he had become completely fed-up with program mers missing deadlines A game construction kit in essence, the immensely powerful database system allows graphics and sound files to be linked together simply and turned into a full game After looking at the system for five minutes, I can
honestly say that it seems simpler than AMOS!
II you have spent more than five minutes in the last 10 years playing any adven ture games on any machines, then the name Mike Woodrofle should ring a bell. Mike is one of the longest running game designers in the business, clocking up more awards and accolades than anyone else in his Iteld.
It all started back In the very early 80s. When Mike wondered why there were no computer shops in Birmingham Remember, at the time the only home machines available were the Apple 1 and the Commodore Pet. He set up a sottware shop, and soon lound out why. Nobody wanted to buy computers, and there was no software lor them Before long, he had the idea ol setting up busu US, particularly from Scott Adams at A International. Mike was also the first person to stock Microprose software in the UK. Ordering direct from Major Bill Stealey himself, and also has his name on the first ever Centresoft (US
Gold's distributing arm) order, which is framed and hangs in the Centresoft office He soon realised that he was paying a lot of money to freight air, so contacted Scott Adams about the possibility ol duplicating the software in the UK Scott agreed, and Adventuresoft was born.
A year or so passed, and Scott Adams test-based about converting the back catalogue lor these machines.
His big break was just around the comer The Questprobe series was a revolution in adventure gaming large colourful graphics and an intelligent parser made these two adventures - based on The Hulk and Spiderman. Massive hits instantly Adventuresoft had a name More and more adventures appeared and sold in the heyday ol test adventures and Mike changed his hand to arcade games, convening Gauntlet lo the ST and writing the Captain Amenta platform game At this point. Mike was getting led up with programmers. He had hall a dozen working under him, and lound their run ot missed deadlines and
shoddy wort all too much With Alan Bndgeman and Alan Cos. He created the AGOS games system and formed suhsiduary lahel Horrorsott. Which went on lo release Personal nightmare.
Elvira 1 and 2. And Waxworks.
FREE-KICK SO MAKE A WALL!!! ) like created he room E NOUN using room it was tions were lo load a Mike has ly. But we (. Some iks like it Island 2 ugh. You'll vlore news machines.
Adventure lligent The Hulk ituresolt had and sold in ged his hand T and wril- program- . And lound k all too created the ibel f Nightmare.
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Krisalis think they have a good idea of what would happen if you crossed Sinbad with Zool. Tony Dillon pictures Aladdin of the Nth Dimension.
This year it looks like Krisalis are turning their backs on their footballing roots. Arabian Nights is a scrolling platform romp that promises to be the fastest, the biggest and the best ever. It may not be able to hold true to those promises, but it does look Bee it could be one of the most varied platform games in a while.
Pieced together by the two- Str»MMw«»r man team of Simeon Pashley Graham Taylor, Manchester United ST. Megadnve Robocod) and Darren Hebden over the last nine months, the game follows on where the manual eaves off. You have been captured and held prisoner by the evil Caliph (boo, hiss) who thinks you nave kidnapped his daughter Ayrina (phwoar). You haven't. Of course, being the hero (hooray!), but you still have to prove your innocence. So. You have to first escape and second, find the Caliph's daughter WOMANHUNT The journey will take you over 10 tortuous levels, but then again, what doesn’t?
Not only will you have to run around inside and outside the city, you'll need to fly on a magic carpet, dig around in a diamond mine, race in a mine cart, cross the seas on a ship, sniff about in the forest and if you have enough time at the end of all that, you might just want to slip into a volcano or two!
The promising thing about Arabian Nights is the amount of variation between levels. On the first level, you are racing about a straightforward eight way scrolling platform game, with all the usual moving walkways, disappearing floors and maze-like rooms. On the next level, however, you are pacing the forest warping between locations by using wells, just like that age-old classic Wizball.
PUZZLING AWAY The core of the game will be puzzle solving rather than slicing and dicing. On each level, goals have to be achieved before you can move through customs to the next area. The goal might be to collect a number of coins or just find the exit, but you can be sure that it won't be easy - whatever it is.
As you wander around, you'll find objects hidden in treasure chests or they will be given to you by people you talk to. It’s down to you to figure out how they are used.
The clues come in the way of a small lightbulb that appears above your head, k la Gremlin s Harlequin. At these points, tapping the space bar brings up a text window that will usually hint towards something you have to do. At the start of the game you come across a prisoner hanging from a wall. As you pass nearby the lightbulb appears and tells you that the winding handle from the mechanism that frees the prisoner is missing. What do you suppose you have to do then? Other clues, fortunately, are less obvious.
One other sequence worth noting is the Mine Cart race. The mine layout is a maze of crossing tracks and broken rails, and you have to find your way to the end by following tiny little signs while staying ahead of the other, strangely unoccupied cart. If you liked the mine scenes in Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom, you’ll love this.
Although Arabian Nights might not look like the most original platform game ever devised, it sure does look like it's going to be fun. We'll have a full review very soon. © EXPRESSIVE ART Ttc nil character. »tiom we ll call Sid. Lorn lo sliow on. Sid. In lad. Has a variety ol expressions and poses, and enjoys displaying them whenever he can. Leave him alone lor too long, and he'll start peering out at you. Stand him too close to the edge ot a planorm and he'll swing his arms to balance himselt. Stop him In mid-run. And he'll skid. Yes. I know It's all been done before, but it still makes me
• Title: Arabian Nights • Publisher Krisalis • Graphics: Darren
Hebden • Programming: Simeon Pashley • Release Date: April •
Elsewher* in tins issue you might have read how Adventuresott no longer program games Instead they use their own custom-written game creator, leaving the world ot game production open to designers rather than codors. ODE have also written their own system, which allows them to write plots and sub plots. The system Is tleilble enough to allow them to add new commands when needed I asked Rick it he saw this as Ihe way forward in game development, particularly with consoles threatening the How ol new programmers Yes. Absolutely. There will always be a need lor low-level programmers, but with
a system like Ihls, only a very basic knowledge ol programming is needed.
In a violent future city the only way to escape is to enter a virtual world inside your computer. Join Tony Dillon a he takes a stroll amongst the hardware After Team Yankee, we did a couple of arcade conversions, just for a change, begins Rick. However, nobody here really enjoyed doing those, and we couldn't wait to get our teeth back into something meaty John Wood, who designed Sleeping Gods Lie. Came up with most of the design for the game and we've been working on it for the past 18 months.'
Imagine a game where you had the freedom to walk through a complete city, a game where you could meet people you recognise and stnke up Inendships, a game that didn't restnct you to a single plot or a single path. Most importantly, imagine a game that didn't behave like one a program so realistic that you forgot you were playing a game Sounds incredible, doesn't it? It also sounds a long way off. But not if you take a look at what ODE are currently beavenng away on.
The team that mixed polygons with bitmaps for the first time on the Amiga, creating games like Sleeping Gods Lie and Team Yankee, are getting ready to return with what could be the most incredible Amiga game ever.
Then the cyberspace RPG licence came up and we went for it. Most of us here play RPGs. And one thing that really gets to me is the fact that there are no real role-playing games on the market Obviously with games like Ultima Underworld the genre is progressing, but most of the time you're just playing someone else s adventure There’s none of the feel generated by a human Game s Master What we re trying to do is give the computer GM some intelligence, so you don't end up m one of those situations where you're walking around aimlessly, not quite sure what to do and there's nothing happening In
Cyberspace, the computer will see what you're doing, and move the plot on a little. The encounters it throws in might not have anything to do with the overall plot, but at least you’re doing something!
A NEW GENERATION Most people are familiar with the term cyberspace and its origins in the various William Gibson novels. If not from games like EA s Neuromancer then from the features CU has done on Gibson and his world predictions in the past Cyberspace will be the sixth generation of computing, vast computer networks that you actually enter - usually for some illegal purpose No more sitting at a screen waiting for a modem download. No more tapping your fin gers in irritation as you wonder why the hard drive is taking so long to find a file the world of cyberspace lets you do the running.
Cyberspace, the game, is based partly on the Gibson novels, but mostly on the ICE role-playing game of the same name. A complicated affair, similar in style to Games Workshop s Cyberpunk, the game is set not in the murky caves of some mystic past but m a grim, cnme-tilled future. The message is simple things don't get any better from this point on. But how did it all come about?
WORK IN PROGRESS r- CU AMIGA CONVERSATION The conversation element is possibly one of the freshest ideas in the game. In a true RPG, you would never be given a choice of three answers to any question, so that system has been dropped in favour ol this new one. If you are asked a question, generally you will be given a choice of answering yes no, or tell the truth lie. Next to these will be two slider bars, which affect both the strength of your reply (a weak yes, a resounding lie) and the tone in which you answer complimentary lo insulting). This is the most expressive system of conversation
yet seen in a computer game, and if it pays off, it'll be worth playing for lhaf alone.
Course, there’s far more to get lost in than ever before? Statistic freaks, brace yourself.
To rony id a couple f a change,' iy here id we back into j, who came up 0 game, for the past came up r RPGs, and ict that the mar- Jnderworld le time enture.
1 human a is give the j don’t end i’re walking d do and ice. The id move the i in might I plot, but at Cyberspace is based in the fictional United States’ city of New Boston. The aty measures 16 miles by etght miles, with over 100,000 buildings. Each of these has a number of floors, broken up into several rooms, of which there are more than a million. In these rooms is the city’s population, close to a mil- bon-and-a-half residents. Most ol th« buIdlings arc madt up ot long corridors and Each has his own name, unu8ual ,oom But’H ,ou ™ character, job. Address and " physical appearance.
Isn’t that all a bit too much?
'Well, no. A lot of the buildings are there for completion - after all. You can’t have a city without factories.
You can go into any of the buildings you want, but that doesn't mean that anything is going to happen. If TOMORROW PEOPLE A million and a half people is a lot to envisage, especially when you consider that each one has a job. A home and a face. Yes, a face. ODE have come up with their own 30 photofit system that allows every character in the game to look different. The bodies and clothes are created from polygons, and then the bitmapped face is pasted on. The possibilities this allows are almost endless. Rick hopes that when the game is running, you'll be able to go lo the same bar a cou
ple of times and recognise the regulars, even make a circle ol friends you could spot anywhere, not lust regular meeting places.
You walked into a factory now, would you be attacked straight away?
Or be welcomed with open arms?'
Yes, but what is the plot? This is something Rick wouldn't give away.
What follows is his description of how the plot wiH fit together. If it seems a little cryptic, take a deep breath and read it again.
There are six different character classes in the game, and each starts at a different point. Each character has been called into the city from outside to do a particular thing, and being different characters they do them in different ways. As each character starts at a different point, there are essentially six different stories to play, but after about 20, per cent of the game has been played, the plots merge into one. There are lots of sub-plots in the game too, which you can play if you want. These could be anything from doing a small job for someone to meeting a new circle of friends
or just going to the pub for a game of darts.’ So where does cyberspace fit into all of this?
‘Every building has its own computer network, and all of these are connected to a main network. Within this frame, if you’re good enough, you can break into systems and get information on the buildings and the people who live there. Most of the actions that are done in cyberspace can be done in other ways, so people don’t have to become Net Junkies, but you have to do a little at least.'
Unlike EA’s Neuromancer, where there was a lot of adventure solving to do before you could enter the cyberspace system, cyberspace will allow you to log on immediately, and as the cyberspace map is as large as the New Boston one. Players will need to do a lot of feeling around.
THE FUTURE Who’s to say if Cyberspace is the game of the future
- all we can say is that from where we re sitting it’s a very
exciting proposition. ODE might just have come up with the game
that the Amiga was invented for More news as and when we have
• Tille: Cyberspace • Publisher: Empire • Graphics: 00E •
Programming: ODE • Release Dale: September
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memory as below: DESKTOP 52MB 120MB I ME video * I Ml Fasl
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279. 99 A5301M8 40MI___ A5301MB80MI___ A5301MB170MI- A530 1 Ml
213MI- A530MSS2__________ GVPHD8 42MI____ GVP HM 80MB_ GV?
Hdt 170MB GVP HD8 7I3MI___ IVS TrurwpcorB 42MI HD 47 45 5244
44 49 65 00 7849 I25JW 3495 Expert Orw M«V - lrrxognev2-
Pbcd 30 Pro Prod«rw4AGA POA Red 30 IrboProl 4.
Solo SO - SdaMMTOO Scolo Pro 1.13.. SoJpt Anbn.40. Spectra (dour.
X (A0 7000 ..... 89JO X (AD 3000 ......205.99 VIDEO PRODUCT*)* TITUNG Adxoge- ._»,49 ArngoVeian 39.90 Broadcast Ida I______14899 DduxePhotdob .JM9 Motyf_______________12899 Pro Video His ....137.99 IV Shan Pro -5139 TvkxfPro 6899 1200 500
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.198.99 c*
116. 99 K100 9 pin aL-156.99 Otinn Snift 9* al---163.49 Star
IC200 ccl-174.99 StalC 74 70 183 49 » »J 200 . Sla
1(74-100 24pnL-...l7149 BJ 330 A3 ... .....
StaK 24-200 ------209.99 . BJ300-----------
945. 99 StoK 24 200 col 248 49 cm StoSJ4l . Grow
1240- .176.99 Pwosotc KXP4410 ,,,, Epscn 10 100 89 99 w
laser Sppn ...49495 w ivS Gum5200 24" 179 99
Sto IS Se. Laer S»m 27 " Gum S200 24 cd' 194 99 o
Mtm -729.90 o GUM 5240 24 cel* 25999 o
Sharp JX 9500 las.. o
• •• 8802 11200 ramocti 139 99 V*Ed»P9afv330 994,94
C*imS24icoI’... 296.99 S99S0 «x 15999 R»__l599 HPDrkjaSOQ 234
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$ 424 99 0MS Ini»col A4 4999 95 W.w JO.TV ’tit+torn mm 2 i
tonra) lty*y raon-Mrtd ADO 139.95 HP Deskjei EMULATION
______________________146.50 GgoR 386sx 25MH2 ..386.99 :
‘aboard whh DOS 188.49 G Gate 486SX 689.99 :
swear ..59.99 GVP 286 fa GYPII .530 ...146.99 .
•'egeooardfpr 1500.....199.00 AT Once.
......214.99 k I 'c;eboard fori500 ...238.50
GVP 40 4 fa 1500 _ DISCS _______________4.99 SO Blank OS DO dm
tern DS HD discs 6.99 SO Blonk DS HD disc GENLOCKS TELESALES
NO: 10737) SS6005 m «f o *«( 0* Iflfe ia TOi M temiM t»S«
rtr)». Tw (« c«m« Cmw. 10 Lulfin«.,$ l
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Pmomlo,uwo,UftulBmw,LW&*• WbyffineUtirai DCUVIRY CHARGES:
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To CD1V Joystick odogxt 44.95 MODEMS O* 5 1*9 wwrarv -- 78.45 FLOPPY DRIVES ¦ J 5uto»9 oenrtom • « lH ¦•OJ 354 3 Seimd Om toj.
• mtoW?Ndvra Poo ¦ :dc?*r.
• rft on* M • ttt bod « mdwApmecto mmtMLr* MofJTTORS ACCESSORIES
. D84ST including tft • swivel .2 gomes
....199.95 le UkSSiI tiJrfhodsVTsxbo’+
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swhd___________________259.99 Ht MuM-Syr* 544.99 ¦ Tvtuner *
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fixer___________________________________________124.99 .
_ker Free Video 7-A500_____________________________197.90 .
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* 70" Multi Sync for 1200 4000... TOTAL V wmr" ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS
PACK 3-13 YEARS VALUE RRP Your choice horn: Fun School ? 3 or 4
(lor 3-9 yrs - spealy oge. 9 diff. 25.99 versions available) Up
to 6 stunning UK educotoroi gomes in eoch podoge. With
beautiful piclues. Exciting animation . Mus* helps te develop
numbers, word ? Other skills Up to 6 levels ol difficulty,
(onforms with Nolonol (urrKukim Merhn's Moths (for 7-11 yrs)
from the owad wanmg Fun Schoof' stable, 6 engrossmg gomes to
leoch essenliol moths skills, in o woy children mil love.
Spelling Fob (lor 7-13 yrs) dl the fun ol the fob en 6 levels makes learning spelling addictive and fun. Indides 6 gomes plus 3000 wad dkticnoy • special selector of words for need of dyslexic (Mdren ? Parents can creole own rbtorory of words regubing special (rUtheDud (7 yrs) OR Elf (7* yn) OR Round the lend 25.99 Hctoyte 30 Easy Childrens' Gomes. 10 pod disc including Trom Set and other top entwloining P0 tiiies 19.99 ¦ Photon Pomt II * 700 (lip Art pks 89.99 ek children faryloW .legend chorocters. Sport, (ortoons etc. ¦ Joystid. 10 bfanir discs 15.98 TOTAL VALUE 197.92 WITH AMIGA CDTV 39.99
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- . Juj
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reol time digitizer
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• Fitting and free 1 2 doy customised training TELEPHONE JP
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i »*.w 1 Horlegun 4000 74 bit cord------------------------------- .... I Scfc OpdPanl Opd PrcserRs. La* 74 bit v'- I Rembrandt 74 bit board------------------------------------- OA vv
C. -YW
• rtf, | V lab 24 bt red
nmedrofca-------------------------------- ..... 1 Vldt
1200 4000 vv
)V4M r 4 the 'fir School* suite hm wen just about emy award
rwna 5 or 6 wonderful animoted gomes 24.99 OR Picture look: 4
rolourful and omusina gomes from ex Fun School' In Mam.
Loirflde UinnKn, Sport. (onoom Hi.
• Hobbyto Mmory LawaCional PO bwb. Lonlaimng 10 11.W tun Ji you
twin aanws
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- lOHonliDhcx. Javxlido. Mouse Mol 26.96 TOTAL VACUi 221.90 WITH
AMIGA CDTV 59.99 SEPARATELY 29.99 SPECIAL: hditilrolM. Bon fine
Mloolion odd just 11.99 Video Director__106.99 Video
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.. 17.50 Medn'sMifc .-16.99 PdntlOeete 16.99
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LANGUAGES AMAXII Plus_______ Amos 30 Amos die Oeata Amos
(ampla .._ Amos Prof_______ Easy Amos------ Goss Dos v5__
Drectoy Opus 4.. DskMmtoll_ GEABanc.
Quatobnd ..3030 Ouato bad bats......44.99 Xcopy Pro ..34.95 APPLKATIO* Arena Aaounts.. 8930 ExcelMce3 ..39.99 Frol (am 11 64.99 Kind Wank m--34.99 Maxiplon Pbs v4.._ -3430 Mini Office ..-39.49 .2 2 139.90
42. 49 Wilh Shoe People music OR Fun School ? (lor 3-9 yeors -
sperify oge I Fun School 3 or 4 - the 'Fin SchooT suite h n
mop. Keyboard overlay and Ihe Shoe Peojxe 6 colourful ond
GAME REVIEW After the belly-bumping antics of Chuck Rock, the
prehistoric boozer returns for some more platform fun. Only
this time he’s had a son. Tony Dillon goes clubbing.
I have to raise my hand at this point and admit to one and all that I was never really a tug tan ol Chuck Rock. Most people I speak to seem to say the same thing, but that rtdnt stop It outselling everything m sight when it was tirst released. Now. Atter two years, Core have returned with Chuck. Ophelia and a new addition, Chuck Junior.
Atter deteatmg Gary Gritter at the end ot his tirst adventure. Chuck has settled back to a Ule ol luxury and success With las developed mechanical skills, he shot right past the wheel and tire and any other major inventions and created the Rock-Et', the world's tirst car. Chuck was an instant hit, and quickly became one ot the richest men in the world as owner ot fjord Motors. But that success was instantly topped by the birth ot Chuck Junior NEVER EASY But things aren't all rosy (are they ever?), as Chuck made a lot ot jeal- ous enemies on his meteoric rise.
One sunny alternoon, two hoods enter Fjord Motors with a proposal once That doesn’t really help the fact that straight off all you can see is a large green expanse, but it doesn't take long to get used to it, so that's alright.
ADORABLE Once you've adjusted to having a layer of parallax scrolling in front of the mam character, you can begin to appreciate the superb character animation. Just the mam spnte alone is bursting with personality. Check the scowl as he crouches in the bushes.
See him scream a battle cry as he leaps heroically into the fray Watch his Ip wobble as he runs out of energy, before throwing himself on the floor in a screaming tantrum (just like our wonderful Editor) He’s just sooooo adorable! (Unlike the Ed.)
As I've said, you start the game in the suburbs, which are little more from Brick Jagger. Of rival company Datstone, to buy Chuck out. Naturally he refuses, wishing to keep his son's future safe On his refusal, he is bundled out of the office at gunpoint and kidnapped Ophelia is too overcome to do anything about this, so the only person who can rescue Chuck is... Junior' The game itseff is a scrolling platform escapade like the original, in which Junior must toddle from left to right bashing baddies, leaping over spikes and generally causing the same kind of havoc that 18 month old babies
usually do. It's all set over six huge levels, with four sub-games played out in between, so there should be enough there to keep you playing for a while From loading you are treated to an excellent animated intro, which leads onto the main menu screen.
GGGGGG GAME REVIEW uck for me ibing.
Ifficulty hich affects the the com- ie easiest ns are g puzzle el, and it's c suburbs Naturally jre the i honest, viously, parallax, hat there :reen at IN BETWEENING n Detween each of Ihe levels is a sub-game, just to add that little extra variety to the game.
After level one, Junior comes across a giant apple tree, and suddenly teels compelled to nock the apples off the branches. The more he knocks, the higher the points! Alter level three. Junior races against an upturned Turtle in the Chuck Rock River Race. A waggler from start to linish, this should tire you out enough to slow your progress on level lour.
Survive level four, and you get a carving lesson, whereby you have a carve a statue of Daddy from a lump ot stone by smashing It with your club. Finally there’s the Dinosaur and Cart race Irom the cliff face to the car plant, where Junior is attacked from all angles as he races along on the back ot a carl drawn by a donkey-like dinosaur. How’s that for variety?
Than it sounds.
If you like, you can walk along the ground, but the bonuses and other toys are to be found in less accessible places, so it’s worth the effort to take more obscure routes through the levels.
Secondly, there are quite a few traps waiting for you. Spikes are the most common, waiting to spear you. Most of them are just lying around, easy to spot and just as easy to get over. Others, though, involve a little more thought. Some stretch along for half a screen, giving you no chance of leaping over them. This is where the puzzle solving element of the game appears.
AUTTLE HELP If the gap is too large to jump, look around for something to aid you. In the original Chuck Rock. Chuck could throw boulders around. Junior isn't strong enough to do the same, but he can whack them along with his oversized dub These can be Some dinosaurs will let you stand on their backs, and make excellent vehicles.
Higher platforms.
Chuck Rock 2 features some of the largest enemy sprites ever seen on the Amiga. Half way through the first level, a pair of legs stomps across the screen, and god help anyone who gets in the way. If you’ve already played our coverdisk demo, you'll know how huge Dan The Dinosaur is, and that’s nothing compared to the Brontosaurus that takes ving a front of 1 begin to acter ani- i alone is heck the s bushes.
1 as he
r. Watch it of lself on trum (just le's just e Ed.)
E game in more Amtor In mid battle cry. Watch out lor that giant turkey] Swinging across on vines Is an excellent way to get around the jungle.
Knocked onto the spikes to make stepping stones, or placed near high platforms to act as stairs. Who would have thought that stones could be so versatile?
Not that stones are the only way to solve problems, of course. There are a variety of other helping hands along the way, such as small dinosaurs who will let you ride them across levels, or a plethora of different springboards, ranging from squids to strongmen, who will throw you into the air allowing you to reach up the entire second level.
Playing Chuck Rock 2 is a lot of fun, even after the humorous elements have worn off. Using the dub is an immensely satisfying form of attack - there’s nothing to match the crunching of bone as you bring a well timed hunk of wood down across somebody's head. Gosh, that sounds violent!
All things considered, though.
Chuck Rock 2 is really nothing new or special. Don't get me wrong, it’s a really good game. Fast, playable and fairly addictive, but there just doesn’t seem to be enough to it to really keep you entertained for any great length of time. © Al 200 FUN!
At the moment Chuck Hock 2 is fully compatible with the A1200. But get this! Later on in the year Core will be releasing an A1200 specific version! This new improved Son ol Chuck will feature more colours!
More enemies! More fun in general!
Watch this space.
A500 Si A500- Si A600 Si A1200 Si A1500Q A 2000 SI A3000 SI A4000 Si CORE DESIGN. TRADEWINDS HOUSE, 69 71 ASHBOURNE ROAD. DERBY.
• Order by telephone quoting your credit card number. If paying
by cheque please make payable to the: "FIRST COMPUTER CENTRE."
In any correspondence please quote a phone number & post code. Allow 5 working days for cheque clearance
• All prices include VAT & UK mainland Delivery
• All hardware computers are genuine UK spec.
• Free Fast Standard 4 to 7 day Delivery
• Guaranteed 2 to 3 day (week days) Delivery..£2.50
• Guaranteed Next Day (week days) Delivery...£4.90
• Open seven days a week
• I 100 sq. ft. Showroom
• Free large car park
• Overseas orders welcome
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3. 5” VtRBATUM Bulk KmI BRANDED iinaaimiEQna |.ii4 .mu a
contender for Street Fighter 2’s crown? Tony Horgan dusts off
his trunks and prepares to get pasted.
Opmwns on the Amiga version of Street Fighter 2 seem to be divided While some maintain that it's a bnfUant conversion of the best beat ’em up ever, others say it’s a slow, barely playable game that’s only got by on the strength of its illustrious comop cousin If you are of the former opinion, then fine, but I can’t honestly say that I am. Ft could have been a lot faster, and the increase in speed would have resulted in smoother graphics, more responsive controls, and generally tar superior gameplay. But it wasn’t, and I'm still on the look out for an Amiga beat em up to rival the console
offerings. At least, I was, until Body Blows arrived.
So it's better lhan Ihe legendary Slwel Fighter 2 then? In a word, yes. But of course it doesnl have the coinop In your bedroom' appeal ol the latter It you've fallen tor the charms ol SF2to such a degree that you can now be lound prancing around the house in a pair ot red underpants, pretending to be Zangiet, then I'd say you need to see a doctor.
Okay, I don't want a show ol hands, but rt that sounds Ike you, then it’s time you took olt your Street Fighter blinkers (and put your trousers back on), and introduced yoursell to the scper- speedy world ol Body Blows CONSOLE YOURSELF It’s a strange state of affairs, isn’t it?
We re all singing the praises of the Amiga saying how much better it is than consoles, but one of the highest compliments paid to the best Amiga games is that they're just like their console variants Body Blows fits into that category, thanks to the slick programming and flashy graphics that have made Team 17 one of the most respected developers on the scene Originality doesn’t come into it. We
- st want a decent arcade beat 'em jo. And that's just what Body
Blows is.
• s not enough to just have a couple of characters these days, so
this jame offers a hefty 11 fighters. In xe-player mode, you
can choose to :«ay as Nik. Junior Dan or Lo Ray
• 'our first four opponents are roughly equal. To keep you
interested in the early stages, you're pitted against T'em m a
random order, so even if you're completely useless, you
shouldn't find yourself getting pum- meied by the same opponent
all the
- me There are two skill levels for the one player mode, but you
can only complete the game if you play it on the harder level -
the easier mode stops the game just before you get to Max, the
final big champ Two player mode lets you take control of any
character except Max. Player two can choose the same char
acter. Which should settle all those ‘It's not fair, I've got a
weaker character1' arguments There's also a tournament mode -
not a simultaneous multiplayer free-for-all unfortunately,
but a kind of round robm competition with up to eight human
players randomly drawn against each other TODAY'S SPECIAL Apart
Irom a wide variety ol characters. Ihe Other essential
ingredient lor a good beat em up is special moves Each
character has his or her own RELEASE DATE: GENRE: TEAM:
'em up money can buy ¦ OVERALL 91 % special moves, generally
two each, but some have a third. The trouble is, standard
joysticks just have a single button, so some of the moves
aren’t as accessible as they might be. Even so. Whoever you’re
controlling, you’ve always got a repertoire of high and low
kicks and punches, available from the usual
fire-button joystick combinations.
Depending on the current character, you’ve usually got at least one hot move that’s accessible from fhe normal joystick positions, but for the real super-special stitch that mate’ moves, you’ve got to hold down the fire button and store up a bit of ‘Chi’.
Once your inner strength reaches a dimax. You automatically let rip with your trump card (fortunately, minus that irritating ‘Hiujit!’ grunt that emanates from SF 2).
MR SMOOTHIE So the screenshots look good, it’s got loads of tasty features, and best of all, it lives up to all this when it comes to gameplay! If you’ve played any of Team 17’s games in the past, such as Project X or Alien Breed, you’ll know the kind of technical standards to expect. The game runs at 50 frames per second, so the scrolling and sprite animation are really smooth. The other advantage
o f the fast pace is the good joystick response - there’s none of
that horrible squishy feel you get from certain other beat
’em ups.
Some of the backdrops aren’t as ornate as SF 2, but they’re all pretty big, with little inddental animations ol bongo-playing Buddhist monks and excited onlookers. It’s unlikely that you’ll notice much of the background activity though, because the action's so fast you can't take your eyes off the players for a split second. As far as I can tell, there’s no safe' move.
Even so, the computer-controlled characters could do with a bit more intelligence. The lower-ranked fighters seem to give a more varied performance, drawing on fhe whole range of moves. As you progress, the fights get a little more predictable: a few blows are exchanged, then the computer player decides he should be winning and launches into a massive attack of special moves, before settling down again, then repeating the process.
The game is at its best in two- player mode. The option to pit any two characters against each other, gives a lot of scope. Whether your sparring partner is completely inept or a video wizard, you can always set up a reasonably matched tight, and best of all, you can both play the same character. Street Fighter 2 was declared the best ever beat ’em up on the Amiga, but its reign was a short one - Body Blows has just taken the title with a knockout in the first round. Slick graphics, a decent soundtrack, and palm- sweatingly frantic gameplay make this one a must for anyone wilh a penchant for
mindless violence.
Don’t miss this one. © TEAM 17 £26.99 jtely inept t always hed fight, 3th play it Fighter 2 it beat its reign I lows has mockout aphics, a alm- ay make e with a lence.
Now the succe- E, GARDEN YORK- 291867.
OUT NOW AT EM UP IN HOUSE JOYSTICK ??84% ,?90% ??84% ?95% has been kidnc Jagger, the shady boss of the Datstone Car Company.
Following the arrival of the ransom slab, Ophelia cries as she reads the list of demands to secure Chuck's release. Six month old Chuck Jnr. Breaks out of his playpen vowing "I'll be back - with my dad!"
Join Chuck Jnr. On 6 levels of prehistoric combat as he battles through volcanoes, mountains, jungles and caves. Tackle dinosaurs, snakes, elephants, grizzly bears, monkeys, tigers and turtles on your way to the final confrontation - the showdown at the Datstone Car Company to rescue the kidnapped Chuck Rock!
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Orderline & enquiries telephone (0908) 211665 open 7 days a week 9am-7pm Dan's always wanted to get his hands on a big chopper, so when we gave him a copy of Electronic Arts’ latest shoot ’em up, he got all hot and bothered.
One cold shower later and here’s his review... Cast* * jtrrwfift .. . *
- ’ . IIP 1 * Naming, warning! You are about to be blown to
smithereens. Caught In enemy crossfire, one ¦tore hit and your
armour shielding will bo dostroycd.
.a i *• mm MCDONNELL DOUGLAS AH-64A APACHE Dubbed the ugliest military helicopter ever built, the Apache AH-64A Is also one ol the most sophisticated battlefield helicopters ol all lime. Named in honour ol the legendary Apache Indian warriors, it's equipped with a learsome array ol weapons, including a chain gun capable ol pumping out 625 rounds per minute, conventional folding tin rockets and laser-guided Helllire missiles with a range of 3.7 miles. Its two GE T700-701 turbo-shaft engines can generate 1.694 horsepower with a top cruise speed ol 187mph. The Apache can also climb taster
than most jet airliners and absorb a straight-down impact at 20 leet per second The airlrame has been constructed to collapse in on itself, giving the crew a 95 per cent chance ol walking away Irom a crash at anything up to 42 leet per second - how they actually came up with this figure, though, is something I'd rather not lind out. Its twin engines are mounted more than sii leet apart to minimise the chance ol both being simultaneously damaged by enemy tire.
Another safety leature are the blast shields which separate the pilot and co-pilot. II one crew member is injured there s a good possibility that the other will remain unhurt and continue Hying the craft. The exhaust system also incorporates three secondary noules that suck in cooling air which is mixed with the exhaust. This helps reduce the exhaust temperature by up to a hall, thus minimising the engine s infra-red signature and making il virtually undetectable by heat-seeking guided missiles. Carrying enough luel to keep airborne lor 1.3 hours and able to cover 330 nautical miles, extra
luel tanks can be added so that the Apache is capable ol crossing the Atlantic under its own power (without the need lor mid air refuelling!). The US Airlorce now has 34 attack battalions ol Apache helicopters with more than 614 copters in service at any one time.
Winch for picking up supplies and ground troops. There's a choice of co-pilot at the start of each campaign
- most are either good winchmen or expert shots, but rarely both.
It’s all a bit frustrating, especially when you're practically
hovering above a target, watching your shots go wide of the
mark. Luckily, there is always one effective co-pilot
available, it's just a question of finding out which one!
Another aid in your one-man war is the Apache s on-board computer, Hellfire missiles can tear a building apart In seconds, but it’s pointless using them on an undetended weapons factory. Save them tor the SAM and Anti-Aircraft sites.
M esert Strike is about Bwas close as you’ll get B0to experiencing the thrills and spills of a modern military engagement - unless, of course, you have a multi-billion dollar defence budget. Put in the cockpit of a lone Apache helicopter gunship, your ultimate objective is to prevent a tin- pot dictator, General Kilbaba, from developing a nuclear bomb and holding the West to ransom. The action's set m the Middle East, hence Kilbaba's striking resemblance to Saddam Hussein, and involves four campaigns, each made up of a number of specific missions. In all, there are more than 27 missions to
complete before Kilbaba's corrupt regime is destroyed.
The original Megadrive version topped the charts for months on end, and it looks likely that the same will happen with the Amiga conversion.
The programming team may have taken their time finishing it off (the lazy sods were supposed to finish it m time for last Christmas!), but the wait has definitely been worthwhile.
JOYSTICK WARS In the States, Desert Strike caused quite a storm (no pun intended) when it was originally released on the Megadrive Many people felt it came just a little too soon alter the end ol the Gull War and there was even one celebrated incident ol a group ol American vets (ex-soldiers rather than budding James Herriot-types) burning a number ol copies ol the game to show their disgust. Whatever the moral implications ol the game, it's slightly ironic that EA should have brought out a shoot 'em up based on Operation Desert Storm. After all, the Gull War was nicknamed the Joystick
Wars' because ol all the hi-tech, remote-controlled hardware used to bomb the Iraqis into submission.
In lad, one pilot returning Irom a bombing mission was quoted as saying the war was just like playing a video game, only this particular game’ cost billions ol dollars to take part in!
Most of the game's graphics have been completely redrawn or touched-up and the sound effects cranked up a notch or two. Extra frames of animation have been added to the main helicopter sprite, making it look much more realistic as it swoops about the sky, and the animated intro screens and overall presentation have been significantly improved. So much so, in fact, that the Amiga conversion is far superior to the Megadrive or SNES versions currently doing the rounds - so tell that to your smug console- owning fnends!
LETHAL WEAPONS Missions typically involve knocking out tracking sites, rescuing hostages, bombing runways, blowing up chemical weapons plants and shooting anything that moves. You've got a full complement of state-of-the-art weapons on-board, including a chain-gun for taking out ground troops and several laser-guided Hellfires capable of reducing the largest targets to a smouldering heap of rubble. Unfortunately, you've only got a finite supply of ammo, so extra supplies have to be picked up from drop sites scattered around the map.
The same also holds true for fuel, so frequent sorties have to be carried out to replenish supplies before the rotors fail and your copter crashes to the ground. Soaking up enemy fire isn't a good idea, either, as each hit significantly reduces the Apache's armour plating. Ground fire isn't too much of a problem, but heat-seeking anti-aircraft missiles are capable of diminishing your armour at an alarming rate. As you only have two copters in reserve, it's best not to be too gung-ho in your approach. Again, re-supplies can be picked up from special drop sites or by stealing enemy supplies.
Your co-pilot operates the gun- ship's targeting system and the called into play by pressing F10 on the keyboard. From here, a detailed map of the mission area is displayed: this is useful for locating key installations, enemy gun emplacements, ammo dumps and fuel pick-ups. It also monitors fuel consumption, the number of missiles left and armour points - but why this information couldn’t have been included on the main screen I don't know. Status and mission windows give a breakdown of the campaign so far and detail the SCREEXSTAR remaining targets.
The m-game action is viewed from an isometric, three-quarters top down perspective and the screen scrolls in eight directions, panning out in front of the copter as it’s guided across the desert terrain. It’s possible to configure the controls so that either the joystick, mouse or keyboard can be used, although I found the mouse controls virtually unplayable The joystick is also a problem because the keyboard is needed to access the map screen and toggle between the three differ ent weapons. This can be a bit of a distraction, especially when you're in the thick of things Sega's joypad was
much more effective, as every thing could be accessed via its three buttons.
SOUND AND VISION Graphically, the game looks a treat.
Everything has been rendered m the Amiga's 64.colour extra halt-brite mode and the battlefield atmosphere is enhanced further with huge palls ot smoke dotting across the desert and burnt-out wrecks littering the area Much ol the game s military hardware has been redrawn and the weedy explosions ot the original have also been ditched m favour ot digitised effects that resemble mini Hiroshimas. Even the sound is top-notch, with sampled guntire, monitor-shaking explosions, and the dealh screams ot enemy troops heightening the on-screen action.
The whirr ol the copter's rotor blades speed up or slow down in sync with the cralt's speed and an on-board computer voice warns when supplies are getting low or it you're entenng a designated danger zone Best ot all is the screeching launch ol a Helltire missile and the rattle ol the Cham gun as you wreak your vengeance on the enemy lorces - they re some ol the best samples I ve heard m an Amiga game lor quite a while Bui great graphics and sizzling samples don't necessarily guarantee a good game as any Spectrum owner will quickly tell you.
Fortunately. Desert Stnke is simply amazing to play. Once you've started a campaign, you just won’t want to stop There’s so much to do and each mission is refreshingly different from the last Once you ve mastered the Apache's controls, this is real seat-ot the pants stuff with hardly any let up in the action Most of the gameplay remains true to the Megadnve original, although some missions have been made a little harder or easier as a result of feed back from EA's playlesters One important change, though, is the near indestructibility ol your MIAs Friendly fire has become a bit of a
contentious issue since the Americans managed to kill oil more of their own troops than the Iraqis were capable ol, so EA have decided to imbue your lost men with a near- Kryptonite invulnerability. This means that no matter how many Helltires you shoot into their midst, they'll still be left standing once the smoke has cleared. Fortunately, some of the other characters in the game, such as a lost TV crew, are not so Invulnerable and can be reduced to cnspy cinders with a well-placed missile That's definitely more like it!
Another quibble is the sheer stupidity ot the opposition forces If you position your gunstvp so that a target As the US’s top fly boy, you’ve been chosen to pilot a lone Apache ‘copter in a series of covert operations against General Kilbaba’s regime. Be careful out there!
MISSIONS IMPOSSIBLE CAMPAIGN ONE AIR SUPERIORITY It's important to establish air superi ority right away Knock out the two radar sites lirst. Otherwise the enemy's defences will be able to automatically track your chopper as it flies across the desert. Each site is guarded by a couple of AAA batter »es These can be picked off with your chain gun while you remain outside their range. Your next target is the power station. It's relatively undefended, but is heavily armoured Don’t be tempted to use your valuable Hefffires though - keep plugging away with the cham gun and it'll eventually
explode m a huge fireball Once that's taken care of. It's time to take on the heavily for tified airfields There are two to take out and they re surrounded by Rapier SAM sites. AAA battenes.
And a whole host of other such goodies. Extreme caution is advised.
Even when you've polished off most of the perimeter defences there are still the mobile rocket launchers to take care of as well as some suicidal foot soldiers who just won t quit until you’ve reduced them to a pile of cinders. Keep an eye on your fuel supplies as this part of the campaign is extremely time consuming and you'll probably have to refuel a couple of times during your raid. The command centres are also heavily defended with sentnes and missile banks forming an outer ring around the complex Once you ve negoti ated your way past that lot. The real heavy stuff is wheeled into
play and the air becomes thick with triple A' and heat-seeking missiles.
This isn't a time for heroics. So hover just outside the perimeter and pick off your targets one by one.
This might take some time, but it s better than charging in and getting your rotors shot to pieces When the command centre falls, pick up the fteemg commander who wil give you details ol where the American spy is being held hostage After locating and freeing your compatriot, leg it back to the frigate for some well deserved victory celebrations CAMPAIGN TWO SCUD BUSTER Now that you've established air superiority it's time to turn your attention to the enemy's scud launchers As in the lirst mission, it s wise to take out the radar sites first.
They re even better protected than the first two. But d you keep a cool head you should be able to accomplish It without taking too many hits Now it s time to start a tail break and tree your imprisoned compatriots The area around the jail must be made sale betore you blast open the building, otherwise the lleemg prisoners Will be picked olt with sniper tire betore they can be picked up.
Alter winching the prisoners to salety. Another power station has to be decommissioned, as well as a heavily lortdied chemical weapons complex This one will take all your Hellfires to complete. Once you've reduced the chemical weapons facility to a pile ot rubble, the Seeing commanders need to be captured Alter a bnef interrogation, they'll give you the location ot all the Scud missile launchers It's now a question ol Hying Irom one site to the next, blast- ing each one into oblivion. It's a race against time, though, as they must be destroyed belore they can launch their own missiles. At
least live ol the six launchers must be taken out belore the mission can be deemed a CAMPAIGN THREE EMBASSY CITY Things really start to hot up now!
This huge campaign involves eight comes between you and an enemy gun emplacement, the idiots will iaunch a volley of shots in your direction and do your job for you. It’s also possible to sneak up on a target and stay just out ot range of its guns while you pick it off - sometimes they're not even aware of your presence which seems a little crazy when you're blasting away with all guns blazing. The only other com- piamt is the excessive number of shots it takes to dispose of some of the bigger installations. It's obvious padding to stretch out the action, but it isn't really necessary as
there’s tons to do anyway.
But I'm nit-picking really, as the game is probably the best blaster I've ever played on the Amiga. It’s been programmed by Gary Roberts, the brains behind the excellent conversion of John Madden last year, and everything about it shouts class.
It’s the little details that really make it stand out. Such as the large number of fire-fights and the sand particles thrown up as a stream of bullets rip into the desert. Even when you've completed a campaign, there's still lots to do if you don't want to head back to base straight away. And there's always the incentive to keep on playing to improve your high- score.
The mix of low-level strategy and shoot 'em up action is a curious but successful combination. It might seem a chore to have to continually replenish the Apache’s supplies in the heat of battle, but the game would be much duller if the strategy elements had been left out. In fact, the finished game has a special ‘fire- and-forget' cheat which will give you unlimited ammo so you can play it as an out-and-out shoot ’em up. All things considered. Desert Strike couldn't be a better game. The mix is just right, the action fast and frantic and the missions suitably varied to keep you coming back
again and again. It’s got the just-one-more-go appeal that so many of today’s games seem to lack. Thoroughly recommended, r- separate missions and each must be carefully planned if you're not to run out of fuel halfway through. The first mission involves rescuing a team of United Nations inspectors who are under attack in a hotel's car park.
There's an enemy tank to take care off plus a legion of ground troops equipped with snipers and jet-propelled missile launchers. Be careful not to hit the inspectors or you'll have to start the mission again. The next target is a biological weapons complex on the city’s outskirts. The chief scientist resides in one of eight dentical looking buildings. Each one has to be destroyed and the scientist captured. He'll give you the location of the underground missile silos which should be your next objective.
These are covered by sand dunes and are difficult to locate at first.
Pepper the desert with shots from your chain gun to find them. Listen out for the metallic clanging sound as your bullets bounce off the silo's armoured covering. Again, you must prevent any missiles being fired. It's best to collect any nearby ammo crates or fuel drums before you start blasting as once the missile silos explode any supplies in the vicinity could be caught up in the blast. The action now takes on a nautical theme as you're requested to rescue several pilots who have had to ditch their planes in the Gulf. It's a fairly easy mission, but watch out for the speed boats which
spew out an endless stream of bullets. Next up is yet another power station to blow away1 This one houses a special radar system which protects General Kilbaba s personal yacht which is being used as a floating prison.
Once radar cover has been knocked out, fly to the yacht, blast a hole in its side and rescue the prisoners from the sea by winching them out of the water. You have to be quick, though, as they're weak and can’t stay afloat for long. Once you’ve secured the area, head for the enemy's embassy.
Your objective here is to capture their ambassador and rescue the 12 officials who are being held captive. You're in for one hell of a fire fight here as the whole of Kilbaba s army appears to have converged on the area. Most deadly are the enemy helicopters that swoop down like birds of prey.
There are also the usual gun emplacements, ground troops, tanks and other military hardware to overcome. It's not possible to blast through this stage of the game without re-arming, so make sure you've located an ammo dump before moving in. Your co-pilot is needed to drive a bus to ferry the hostages to a safe heaven - it’s incredibly vulnera ble to enemy fire, so needs to be escorted all the way by the Apache.
CjftMMUGNTFOUR In a spot of environmental consciousness. The fourth campaign involves protecting the oil fields from Kilbaba S henchmen. This necessitates taking out all the enemy tanks that surround the fields and dropping off a group of commandos to secure the area. There are a couple of crippled oil pipes, though, and these need to be closed down. This is done by firing at the end of the pipe to stop the oil gushing out. Once done, a special briefing appears on screen, detailing the rest of this top secret mission. We re not going to give too much away, but you’ll find yourself in a
race against time to stop Kilbaba launching a nuclear strike against the West. Good luck, the world is depending on you!
E. A. £29.99 A500 WA A500- WA A600 A1200 1500 5| *2000 51 *3000
MEMORY: GRAPHICS SOUND ??????????91% INSTABILITY ??????????93%
PLAYABILITY ??????????94%
* The best shoot 'em up on I the Amiga bar none « UONHEJ LKT
Everyone loves a hero, especially if he moves well. Garth
Sumpter blunders around with the latest... Lht A fire-look log
Wo. Ltonlwail com * compWM with flaming locks and hafo-fypa
pactoratt by picking up crystals as you go through the game,
and even his original sword can be replaced with a better one
as shown by the numerical value that appears next to it in
the display But combat is only one of his concerns - to
traverse the various levels, he must use his athletic aMi ties
too Scattered around Norka s land are energy crystals that are
normally found in the trickier recesses of whatever level you
may be on. There are platforms and steps, cut into trees and
rocks, which Vakfyn must ascend by jumping and ckmbmg ropes His
jumps can also be mea sured for different heights and lengths.
If you hold the joystick up longer, he jumps higher; if he’s
running down a slope when he jumps, he jumps farther just
move along the ground and cannot be hit with a sword but must
be dispatched with a squelching sweep kick. There really isn't
anything new here - so why is the game so good7 It's the
attention to detail and feeling of quality that you get when
you play. Animation is excellent; Valdyn’s teetering on a ledge
when he needs to jump not only looks impressive but also
becomes an integral part of the game The fight mg when he's
actually hanging from a rope and especially when he’s climbing
onto the top of it to either turn tightrope walker or jump for
an otherwise unattainable platform are all excellent and worthy
of note If you’re a fan of arcade adventures, this game will be
a welcome addition to your collection © Vakfyn, known to his
friends as Lionheart. Isn’t your old-fashioned hero. He's got
more in common with Oliver Reed than Errol Flynn But that's the
reason that the king has now contacted him - he's been singled
out for his reckless courage and his known fierceness - to
recover a holy relic that has been stolen by Norka, an enemy of
the king What makes his task so crucial is that the relic
proves the king's right to rule and is due to be shown pub
licly in just three days’ time Just by coincidence, the relic
happens to share Valdyn’s nickname, and the king informs him
that it is his destiny to recover the Lionheart.
Thereby absolving himself of any regal gmlt. And Vakfyn of any excuses for not taking part in this mission. To reinforce his commitment. The king tells him that his beloved llene was turned to stone in the raid and the only antidote lies within his enemy’s castle HEIGH-HO And so, armed only with a sword, determination and seven continues, lionheart sets ott to find Norka. At the beginning ot play you can set the difficulty level, try out the ditlerent tunes and even determine the joystick controls - you can set the game up to use a two button joystick it you prefer. To take out his
frustrations our hero is equipped with a sword which he draws with a flourish whenever you hold down the fire button.
Moving the joystick now has him make various sword-swingmg attacks, but any successful attacks by the enemy reduce his energy, which is depicted by bright red hearts.
Valdyn's energy can be increased EN-GARDE!
Each level in Lionheart is stacked with danger and puzzles, all of which show off the character’s animation Small monsters, like the green maggots from the giant fly.
THALION £27.99 luoo THALION, 120 ANDERTON PARK RD, MOSELEY BIRMINGHAM, B13 900 TEL: 0213282762 RELEASE OATE OUT NOW GENRE ARCADE AOVENTURE TEAM THALION CONTROLS JOYSTICK NUMBER OF DISKS: 4 NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 HARD DISK INSTALLABLE: YES MEMORY 1Mb GRAPHICS ••••••••MMX SOUNO ••••••••M74X IASTABILITY ••••••••••79% PLAYABILITY ?•??•?••??*5% (Good looking, well-animated example ol the One* again Indi hove joined together with Panasonic to offer all Amiga owners the most outstanding loser Printer offer ever We art now able to offer high quality, professional laser printing at very affordoblo
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Sports Masters is a compilation of some of the best sports games ever, including the classic PGA Tour Golf, possibly the best computer golf simulation on any machine, Advantage Tennis with its realistic, smooth animation and 3D court movement and the smashing - literally - Indianapolis 500, where the race can turn to stock car-style in seconds. If you fancy a pop on the greens, or screaming round bends at high speed, then this is the package for you.
Funnily enough, this is also the competition for you. To celebrate this release, CU have teamed up with Empire Software to bring you what has to be one of the greatest competitions ever run in this magazine, with one amazing prize for every game in the box! Here’s what you could win: amig.
PGA TOUR GOLF You might think you're a hot shot on the digital greens and fairways, but how about the chance to really try your luck?
Win this prize and you could be swinging your way up and down The Belfry with your own personal coach.
Yes. This prize comprises a complete Golf lesson at the famous Belfry course, which will be videotaped for you to hide from your mates later!
You too can enjoy the fairways and bunkers of this Par 72 course, home to the famous Johnnie Walker Ryder Cup, and maybe even find a little Ballesteros in your swing! The course has always been regarded as one of England's finest, and since some alteration last summer, it now gets even higher praise. The changes are fantastic,' said Ryder Cup team member Colin Montgomerie. Who knows, you might get the chance to agree with him!
INDIANAPOLIS 500 If a looped, banked track doesn't offer enough excitement. Then get your steering wheel round this. The winner of this prize will soon find themselves hurtling around the Brands Hatch 4x4 Off Road Course, the ultimate off road experience! One minute you'll be climbing a steep bank of mud. The next you'll be navigating around tree roots. It’s great fun, and very very muddy. It's said that this is the closest a motorist can get to a commando course, do you think you're tough enough for it?
The emphasis is on fun and safety, but that isn't to say it won t be exciting. After all. What would you think to driving a Suzuki Samurai four wheel drive over terrain that’s impossible to cover by foot?
Obviously, to be eligible to win this prize, you must hold a full UK driving license.
ADVANTAGE TENNIS Get ready to get tennis elbow and then have it gently soothed as we send the winner of this fantastic prize to the Riverside Racquet Centre, probably the finest tennis and leisure centre in the country. It’s so good, in fact, that among its members are top professional tennis players, such as Stefan Edberg, Pat Cash and Jeremy Bates. Atter receiving a full hour's tennis tuition from one of the many professionals at the centre, the winner and a friend have the rest of the day to enjoy all of the centre's excellent facilities, including grass and cushioned concrete courts, a
variety of exercise studios, a six-lane. 25 metre swimming pool and. Should you find yourself a little tired at the end of all that, a clubroom to relax in afterwards. What a day out for the lucky winner!
• PGA TOUR GOLF Question (1) When was the tint records! PGA
Question (2) When were the tirst prolits donated lo charity?
Question (3) Who was the tirst American to win the tour?
Tie-breaker: The secret ot a good swing is
• INDIANAPOLIS 500 Question (1) What is the nickname ol the
Indianapolis Speedway?
Question (2) In which decade was the Indianapolis 500 pari ol the Grand Prlx World Championship?
Question (3) What does the '500' mean?
Tie-breaker: I love to rev my engine because
• ADVANTAGE TENNIS Question (1) Who was the first British woman
to win at Wimbledon?
Question (2) Who was the oldest male player in last year's linal?
EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP inis ive it we send prize to tre, md
y. It's so s mem- jnnis berg,
s. After s tuition ssionals ida lay to :ellent id cush- iriety of
i. 25 should d at the lo relax ut for 1992 If playing football
games puts you in the mood for some real action, then you
won't find anywhere better than Wembley Stadium, home to more
big games than Toys ‘R’ Us.
Get your name picked out of the bag for this prize, and you - along with your family (a party of two adults and two children) - will receive a ticket for the New Wembley Stadium Tour.
This entitles you to a tour behind the scenes. You'll get to see how the Wembley Control centre copes with the thousands of fans, learn about the history of the stadium and even climb the famous steps to the Royal Box and visit the changing rooms.
In addition, if you come close but miss out on the major prizes, there's a chance to get your hands on one of five Runners-up prizes - copies of the brilliant Sports Masters compilation.
So, what do you need to do to get your already sweaty mitts on one of these magnificent prizes?
Just answer the questions. On this page are four sets of questions - one for each prize. You can enter for all four prizes if you want, but you can only win one. If you don’t want to win a particular prize - for example you don't hold a driving license, so don't want the Brands Hatch prize, then leave that set alone.
Once you have completed the competition, stick your personal details in the spaces provided, tear out the slip, stick it in an envelope and post it to us with no delay at 'I Want To Win The Best Day Of My Life'. CU Amiga, Priory Court. 30-32 Farringdon Lane. London EC1R 3AU. Employees of EMAP Images. Empire Software or any of the clubs and promoters used for prizes are not eligible to enter. The Editor's decision is as final as we let it be. Neither Emap Images nor Empire Software may be hekj liable for injury or death ansng from accidents which occur whilst attending any of the prize venues.
Question (3) How much should a tennis ball weigh?
Tie-breaker: The nice thing about lobbing is ...
• EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP 1992 Question (1) How many F.A.Cup
matches have been held at Wembley?
Question (2) What is the seating capacity ol Wembley Stadium?
Question (3) Name the major musical charity event ol the 80s. Held at Wembley?
Tie-breaker: Oan Slingsby should be in the England squad because Name: .. Address: ... Daytime Telephone Number .. Please number the boxes below in order ol prelerence, i.e. il your lirsl choice prize is a goll lesson put a 11n the box next to PGA Tour Goll, etc. ? PGA Tour Golf ? Indianapolis 500 (R~yuir«»
h.n uk DrM-a J Advantage Tennis J European Championship 1992 ers of this ilk. Four hundred years after the events that formed the original game, you are once again called upon to save the kingdom of Kalynthia from impending doom, by killing Pendugmalhe, the creator of the evil Bronagh.
All of the main ingredients of an RPG have been incorporated into this game. From a list of 32 heroes you select a team of four aspiring champions to battle your way through 35 levels of monsters and puzzles. Fighters, Wizards and Clerics stand ready to take up the armour and weaponry strewn throughout the game.
SOUND ADVICE There are some atmospheric snatches of music, plus some interesting sound effects. However, there are one or two instances where I could have done without some of them. One sound which you'll have to learn to love is the mad clip-clop- ping of your heart. This incessant the ideal person to take a look at Ice’s Abandoned Places could have been a great success, but the collapse of its distributor, Electronic Zoo. Meant that many games players never got their hands on it. Fortunately for RPG fans everywhere. The sequel has just been released by ICE and looks set to be the smash
that its big brother never managed to be.
Originality certainly isn’t this game’s strong point. If you're familiar with the likes ot Eye of the Beholder or Black Crypt then you’ll feel quite at home in its dank passageways. The gameplay is almost identical to oth- tap-dance reaches a crescendo whenever there are monsters nearby
- some kind of Middle Earth radar. I suppose. After a while I
found it a little too intrusive and found myself reaching for
the volume knob.
OUT OF CONTROL The game has many alternative movement controls, but some of them appear to be a little on the sluggish side. Let’s face it, when you have a demon treading close behind, you want to be absolutely sure that you're going to move when you press that key! Another problem with the controls is that they can be a little confusing - for example, you have to press the right mouse button to operate a hand weapon, but you need the left button for a magic spell. In the heat of battle that little touch can cost you a thick lip!
Can suspend your disbelief more easily. However. Abandoned Places 2 requires you to leave your dungeon and travel overland through field and forest before you once again plunge into the gloom. During your sojourn in the open air you will be molested by bears and trolls that are just as vicious as anything you will find underground, so don't think things get any easier in the sunshine.
MKT™ As your heroes progress, their experience points mount up until they are automatically elevated to the next rank of warnor or mage. New spells magically appear for both your wizards and your clerics, while your weapon handlers start hitting things with more effect.
Don't be fooled into thinking that the early levels of this game will break you in gently. There are a few places at the beginning of the game- where you can step on an invisible pressure pad and find that you have just released an army of skeletons that position themselves between you and the exit. However, for those of you who like the easy life, this is made up for by the fact that, unlike many RPGs, disk swapping is kept to a minimum.
CLASS ACT From the very start you Know that you are in for a treat with this game.
Apart from some awkward controls, everything else appears to be topline. The half-brite graphics are first-class and the monsters have been drawn to really look three dimensional.
There are few concessions in Abandoned Places 2 - the writers have taken it for granted that you have been here before and that you're ready to plunge into the maelstrom from the moment the starting whistle is blown. Things start tough and then they get even tougher. The whole point of this game is to build on what we have seen before instead of simply playing the same old game again but with different graphics.
When I found I was cursing myself for making the wrong decision during combat because of the panic. I realised that there must be something worth playing here. ® Th«r» I* more lo this game than gloomy dungeon corridors A walk in the sunshine makes a nice break, but beware ot the forests.
Role-playing games which have made it big on Ihe Amiga Dungeon Master. Chaos Strikes Back. Bloodwych. Eye ot the Beholder I and II. Captive. Black Crypt and Knightmareveie all very successful. These games took monsler-lhrashing away Irom Ihe sedale world ol dice rolls and added real-time combat. There is no time in these games lo lormulate a battle plan: combat begins the instant a claw rakes your Ironl rank. Real-time action has done lor role- playing games what the likes of Monkey Island did lor text adventures. Both formats have been dragged onto centre stage where the mainstream player
has picked them up and carried them to the number ICE £34.99 resenting this intrusion into their private world, role-players should welcome the enthusiasm and effort which now goes Into producing ever more exciting games and acknowledges the magic and tun to be had in the worlds ol fantasy and science fiction.
4500 9 4300- 9 4600 9 41700 9 41500 RSI 42000 9 A3000 9 44000 9 ICE LTD. BRIDGE HOUSE. MERRY- WALKS, STROUD, GLOS GL51QA. TEL: 0453 756993 RELEASE DATE: OUT NOW GENRE: RPG TEAM: IN HOUSE CONTROLS: MOUSE & KEYBOARD NUMBER OF DISKS: 5 NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 HARD DISK INSTALLABLE YES MEMORY: 1mb GRAPHICS »•??*????? 91% souno twmmm LASTABILITY ?*??????*?90% PLAYABILITY »???•?*??» (3% (At long last comes another RPG to set your pulse _ racing' 9 Star has built its reputation on building top quality, feature packed printers at prices everyone can afford. And the two new dot matrix printers offer the
best value ever.
The LC-100 colour is the UK's lowest cost colour printer.
It offers the best of both worlds: mono and colour printing for work or play.
Fast printing and Compressed Data Mode (for rapid transmission of Windows based data) are all standard.
In fact, with so many features at such unbeatable prices, the only flag the competition will be waving is a white one.
Flag down an LC-100 or LC24-100 now. Contact Star on 0494 471111. Or complete the coupon.
SOFTWARE SUPREME i Address---------------------------------- 139 High Road, letuglilon, |
- ----------------------- Eail).x |G10 4i.T Tel 24hr Ordering
Service I Card No. ------------------------- Qf,, . 365 0}44
(Ai| Hues) | Expiry Dari I 21hr FAX 081 - 365 1650 VI |
|Ch| | PO | | m Si CU_j 139 High Road.
Loughton, Essex IG10 4LT Tel: 081 365 0344 (All lines) Fax: 081 365 1650 ¦enstaR A number of recent Amiga flight sims have taken their inspiration from real combat situations. Flight Ot The Intruder centred around the Vietnam War, Reach For The Skies had us participating in the Battle Of Britain and Harrier... well, there are some exceptions, but I think you know where I'm coming from [ know where you're going - Ed.]. COMBAT AIR PATROL Tyrants, dictators, male chauvinist pigs - is no-one safe from John Mather and his magnificent flying machine?
It comes as no surprise, then, to learn that Combat Air Patrol is based on the Gulf war when we really taught Saddam Hussein not to mess with us Westerners. Except we didn’t because, although we succeeded in liberating Kuwait, the tyrant is still in power and ruling his people with a ruthless hand. Well, now’s your chance to rewrite the history books and drive Mr Hussein out of power with a crafty combination of military planning and flying skills - all in the privacy of your own home!
M - m m You could hardly describe the landscape as impressive, bul then again you could hardly describe the game as not being tun to play, so who cares?
ACT RESPONSIBLY To succeed you’ll need lots of strategic know-how as you’re ultimately responsible for the whole of the UN force. Issuing orders is achieved via a handy campaign map and once you’ve manipulated the troops to your satisfaction it’s off to the mission screen which details the targets and objectives of the next planned flight.
From here you can either accept the assignment and start thinking about what payload you'll be equipping yourself with or feign illness by popping over to the busty medical officer who will sign you off sick for the day. Too much cowardice, however, will result in a swift discharge as the rest of the crew don’t take kindly to malingerers.
Once past the tedium of selecting your weapons (just press ‘default’, is my advice), you'll find yourself aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt Aircraft Carrier, ready and waiting to take to the skies and do some serious damage to the Iraqi army. It's as you take off that the quality of Combat Air Patrol becomes apparent - this has to
I. It is 1,000 feet long but be the fastest, slickest flight
simulator available on the Amiga. In many flight sims you
find a time lag between joystick and actual response on
screen - not so in CAP Here the effects of your decisions are
depicted almost instantaneously. And whereas looking sideways
or behind would usually involve the screen blanking and 'cut
ting' to a separate view, you can scroll the cockpit around by
pressing the keypad, meaning it's possible to quickly glance
to one side and back again with some realism. You can also do
an Exordst-style 360 degree head turn, which is always
something to impress your friends with. Probably.
FLY-BOY The plane itself is a joy to fly. There’s hardly any messing around, the keys are sensibly chosen and with the chotce of either mouse, joystick or keys, every prospective pilot will find a method which suits them. The controls aren't as complex as in most simulations and the necessary keypresses soon become second nature.
The actual landscape is fairly empty but the game more than makes up for this in the playability stakes. The 3D routines are also suitably speedy and everything, from the other aircraft to the ships, whizzes by at an amazing pace.
The general chaotic war atmosphere is further enhanced by the sampled sound effects which tell of any damage and give other valuable information.
Overall, it's hard to find fault with Combat Air Patrol. It's fast, thrilling, and
- more importantly - fun to play. It may come as quite a shock to
gamers who take their flight simulations seriously, as the
action is far more immediate but, for me at least, this
approach serves to make it far more accessible.
It’s been a long time since we had anything near a decent flight sim for the Amiga. Psygnosis really have put the
• flight’ back into simulation. CAP will have you swallowing air
sickness tablets by the bucket full. © PSYGNOSIS £29.99
* 500 91 1500. WA *000 91 *1200 91
* 1500 TA *2000 91 11000 91 * 000 91 PSYGNOSIS. SOUTH HARRINGTON
••????????74% LASTABILITY ???•••••??89% PLAYABILITY
?????•••.?90% f It you ‘re Into flight sims || then buy this;
it you ’re not, buy it anyway MEAN MACHINES ALIEN BREED - THE
SPECIAL EDITION To skip through the levels of this superb alien
basher from Team 17, type the following key sequence.
Can’t zap that alien quick enough? Fed up banging your head against the wall in frustration? Here’s CU’s very own headbanger, Tony Dillon, with tips so hot, you could dry roast your grandmother on them.
QAZWSXEDCRFVTGBYHNUJIKOL OAZWSXEDCRFVTGBY You might find it easier to press the keys in groups of three, e.g. QAZ, WSX, etc. ASSASSIN No-one could say that Team 17’s platform caper is easy, so here’s a whole plethora of helping hints.
On the first level, go to the first tree you find and climb to the top, left corner of it. Once there, type in PINBALL FANTASIES Here are a few more codes for Digital Illusion s excellent pinball simulation, thanks to Colin Thomson of Simshill, Glasgow. Type in the following codes before selecting the number of players.
HIGHLANDER: Makes the balls heavier VACUUM CLEANER: Clears the high score table EARTHQUAKE: Disables the Tilt function FAIR PLAY: Resets all the cheat options.
NICEVIEWFROMUPHEREMATE (no spaces) and the screen's border will flash a couple of times.
Press P to unapuse the game, now the following keys can be used to make the game that little bit easier: 1-6: Go to the selected level (with unlimited energy).
W: Gives you the maximum weapon configuration.
E: Takes you straight to the end-of-level Guardian.
C: Grants infinite continues.
TROLLS Level skipping on Flair's imaginative platform title couldn't be easier. Start the game and walk to the Soda Pop' level door Pull down to enter the level.
When the level has loaded and you are shown the Get Ready' screen, push up on the joystick and hold the 'K' key while pressing the fire button to start the level. From this point on, all you need to do to complete the level you're on is hit the Escape key.
Elite's coin-op conversion isn't the easiest of Amiga games, but then again it wasn't when it was in the arcades. Here's some help to keep you on the right track.
The caveman carrying the rock will nearly always drop fruit. Hit him. And then jump on the rock he drops three times to get the fruit. Now and again you'll come across a caveman who isn’t doing anything. When he wakes up and starts chewing, hit him for extra points. Vertically scrolling levels have a special Spaceman bonus. Stay on the right side of the screen to get this.
On levels 9 and 10, after you have defeated the spiky guy and the disk loads for the next level starts, hold the joystick left and hold the fire button until the bonus section starts. You'll float down slowly, and will be able to catch more bonus fruits.
TEARAWAY THOMAS For Infinite time on DMI’s smashing little platform game, type in Time Flies Like A Banana' (no spaces) at any point in the game. From that point on. You can take as long as you like!
NICK FALDO'S CHAMPIONSHIP GOLF Are you finding that your casual slacks are clashing with your diamond-patterned sweater? Don't worry, because here is the ultimate guide to the first course in this difficult golf game, courtesy of Grandslam themselves. And if that isn't enough here's a cheat to help you get a hole in one every time.
First, you must be playing in amateur mode and stroke play. Play the hole as normal until you reach the green and sink the ball. Then select Old position to mulligan'. Sink the ball again and once more choose the mulligan. You'll find your stroke has gone down by one. You can repeat this as often as you like until you get that hole in one.
Hole 1: This is a long par 4 requiring an accurate tee shot to set you up lor a mid-to-long 2 Iron.
Hole 2: This tricky Par 3 requires a long iron on to the green, but watch out tor the water trap behind it.
Hole 3: You should reach the green of this Par 5 in two long, accurate strokes. This will set you up for a definite Birdie!
Hole 4: Forget the wristsnap and concentrate on a straight hit. The two bunkers have been positioned to catch any drive off line on this Par 4.
Hole 5: This easy Par 3 only needs a long straight iron onto the well sized green.
Hole 6: This short Par 4 oilers a real Birdie possibility, being only 304 yards long.
Hole 7: The double water hazard makes your tee shot the key shot. Think about the positions Irom tee to green.
Hole 8: Consider a long iron off the tee to ensure good lairway position on this dog leg Par 4.
Hole 9: With water down the left side of the lairway. A hook is big trouble. Straight hitting should cause no problems on this simple Par 4.
Hole 10: No danger here, but be careful with the club selection.
Hole 11: A short par 4 that requires a straight tee shot and some finesse with a pitching wedge.
Hole 12: A long drive and a good lairway wood will leave you a putt away from an Eagle!
Hole 13: Wood selection is very important here, as the rough cuts into the fairway in three places on this par 4.
Hole 14: A nightmare Par 3. Use the right club and correct back spin or you'll be splashing around all day!
Hole 15: The most difficult hole on the course. Club selection is vital il you want lo reach the island without penalty points.
Hole 16: Not a long par 5, but with the green surrounded by water, you might want lo use two short positional shots, to make sure you can stop the ball on the green.
Hole 17: The toughest par 5 on the course. Make live with a position drive, two regulation irons and two putts.
Hole 18: Another dog leg. This one to the left. The narrow lairway makes positioning the important lactor, and watch out lor the two bunkers behind the green.
PLAY TO WIN The instalment PART Street Fighter 2 guide. Our !Wj.| k Ibl' I top Steve Keen is HI WK J I here to help you out of that I IV 1 .
ROLL! I I VS. RYU Get in close and use fast attacks to whittle him down. The only special move of any use is the Dragon Punch, so smash away with that!
VS. DHALSIM Time your jumps so that you can get in close without getting hit and then attack. Alternatively, just stand back and throw Fireballs at him. Most aerial assaults directed at him will be countered with a kick.
VS. BLANKA Although Blanka has a longer reach he still mysteriously jumps in on you. Dragon Punch him VS. ZANGIEF Make full use of your Fireballs until Zangief gets in too close. Then switch to rapid punches and kicks.
Not much energy will be taken off at first, but every little helps to flatten him.
VS. BISON Use fast attacks when he vertically leaps at you and If you're lucky one of them will land before he hits you!
II Bison does the Flaming Spear attack jump over it, there's no blocking so don’t even try.
VS. CHUN U Because of her great speed you have to time your Dragon Punches to perfection as she flies over your head. Use leg sweeps to hit her as she lands near you.
KEN VS. THE BOSSES VS. HONDA Honda will try and over power you from close range with furious hand slapping attacks. Keep him back with Fireballs and leg sweeps if your timing's off.
Hurricane Kicks work very well in keeping him away.
VS. BALROG Keep the guy at a good distance with constant Fireballs.
Balrog's very vulnerable to Hurricane Kicks so unleash plenty, especially when he turns his back on you lor a power punch VS. VEGA Never let Vega get in too close. He's incredibly fast so bombard the Spanish devil with Fireballs and Hurricane Kicks. If he climbs the fence for the Inza Drop, prepare a Dragon Punch and, if you hit him on the way down, he'll be damaged beyond belief!
VS. SAGAT Get in close as quick as you can. But don’t leap in or he'll upper cut you. Use a Hurricane Kick to get next to him and then wipe him out with short sharp punches and kicks.
GUILE VS. THE BOSSES VS. HONDA Keep the fat man back with those protective Sonic Booms, you'll score heavily at the beginning as he's pushed to the edge. High powered kicks can be used for close attacks and, if the weighty warrior uses the Sumo Torpedo, time a punch to catch him on the chin!
VS. VEGA Another one who should be kept at a distance. When he climbs the fence, either time a Sonic Kick to catch him on the way down or jump to the back of the screen out of his way. Quick punches are the only ticket out of a close fight.
VS. KEN RYU Make good use of your Sonic Booms to counter Fireballs and to sneak in the occasional hit. In close combat use leg sweeps to hit the guys twice in rapid succession and you'll stun them and leave them at your mercy.
VS. BLANKA Blanka relies on sheer power to win and for that he has to come at you all the time. Use the Sonic Kick to ward him off and quick punches when standing toe to toe. At a distance you can throw a Sonic Boom or two. But not too many!
VS. DHALSIM For once here's a character who likes to keep his distance. Use this to your advantage and let loose Sonic Booms. Quick attacks will knock him off guard and smash him into the ground.
VS. CHUN U Immediately crouch down when the fight begins and wait until she jumps over you. Then leg sweep her. Alternatively, perform the Sonic Kick when she’s still in mid-air to bring the wench crashing down.
VS. ZANGIEF Use all your special moves on Zangief before he can get in close, once there he’ll pulverise you. The Russian has a problem blocking low moves so keep your attacks below the waist.
VS. SAGAT Sagat is actually pretty easy for Guile. Leap In close with a quick punch and catch Sagat ofl guard then follow up with a leg sweep to stun him. Simply repeat until he's out for the count.
VS. BISON Beating Bison Is almost the same for every character. You need a lot ot luck and must stay clear of that Flaming Spear attackl Keep to the fast punches and kicks and don't try anything fancy.
BLANKA VS. THE BOSSES VS. BALROG 5 Fireballs, unleash )u lor a Attack with a roll then follow up with an upper cut and a leg sweep. Keep advancing lorward until he's pinned in the comer and finish oil with shock treatment!
VS. VEGA Just stand still and let Vega jump al you then fry him as he lands on top of you with electricity.
F Iasi so iurricane prepare a wn, he'll in or next lo iches - VS. SAGAT Jump straight up into the air and hit with a downward swinging claw attack. Immediately follow up with an upper cut. II he jumps towards you try him!
Vs. BISON Slay in me mid- .£ die ot the screen. Crouch "} and block at the beginning and he’ll ’ * leap towards you. Catch him with a leg sweep as he lands. II he uses the Flaming Spear, upper cut to to the chin.
DHALSIM VS. THE BOSSES VS. BALROG This bust-up should prove to be no problem! Keep a good distance and make sure you swap between those long hand and leet attacks. You can even use Yoga Fire occasionally lor a bit ol variety! II he gets too close just chop the blighter in the neck.
Rryand A hen he lien hit VS. VEGA Vega will usually be able to get in close pretty quickly so the only moves you should bother with are the sliding kick attack and low chops, changing quickly between the two to throw him oil. II you manage to stun Vega move in lor a throw and immediately punch or kick him.
Hen he :h him n out ol a ose ilol* al until VS. SAGAT You could have your work cut out here. Attack with Yoga Fire at the beginning and, whilst it's travelling through the air, use low punches to keep Sagat occupied. Repeat the process.
VS. BISON The only chance you have ol winning this light is if you can keep Bison at a sale distance, which is considerably hard to do! II he leaps at you. Either attack with a long kick or time a Yoga Fire move. Follow it up immediately with a long low punch. II Bison uses his Flaming Spear attack, slide into him and then turn around and kick. In close range combat, the only thing you can do is block until he moves away.
VS. GUILE Immediately open with a torpedo attack, then quickly force Guile into a corner with sliding kicks and long range punches. Finish off with low kicks and punches.
VS. BLANKA All you have lo do is alternate between long punches and kicks to beat Ihe beast. Don’t jump in on him or you'll be tried.
* Hif BLANKA VS. KEN RYU Use a rolling attack to get in close and
then adopt combinations ol punches and kicks to thrash the
twins. II you can pin them in the comer pump up the Electric
Shock tor an instant victory.
VS. HONDA Don't let Honda get in close and use his powerful kicks. No real tactics here just keep it low.
DHALSIM VS. KEN RYU You must keep leaping forwards and backwards with kicking attacks to counter their Fireballs. Get in close and pummel away with punches.
VS. CHUN U When she's in mid-air slide forward, turn around and punch her in the legs as she lands.
VS. GUILE As Guile leaps towards you crouch down and hit his leet away from underneath him with a kick.
Then claw him with double handed attacks and repeat.
VS. ZANGIEF Blanka s a lot faster than Zangiet so lure the Russian forward then hit him with electricity as he walks into you. Follow up with a well timed rolling attack as he comes out of the shock.
Otherwise, keep it simple and you'll win.
VS. HONDA Use the same tactics as with Blanka. II he does get in close use loads of chops to force him back again and repeat VS. ZANGIEF Once again the long reach of Dhalsim comes to the rescue. Just keep stabbing at those long range attacks lor victory and the mighty Russian won't stand an earthly! Keep your distance to avoid the crushing attacks.
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P .R PRINTER ORSVfRJ 9 B 74 PM MO40 AND cacut l*WBS D*
* 00130 Ab 33 KMMJMjOOSDLRL. MOUlll MAN TS BO0138 AN*3«
- ---------- £ ITS Bocfi .. .£1.50 *acti
20. ..£ 155 ooch D«(o VU
dltRi .....*9.99 ooch P = Compatibt* vmttv
A4CO A500 Plu.
Potto®. A Pockmg IRE! Oo all ordus ol 3 dlBu O moro Loss than 3 disks ploow oddCI 00 !ufop0 odd ?5p par disk.
FORMULA CMS CMAUiNO* l-'l I T-TSCORAW CRSFGN PRODBAM (Pi ¦ POU 437 TEXT ENGINE v*.0 ADVENTURE HELPLINE CU AMIGA There is a place that the seasoned adventurer knows well. In those for* gotten kingdoms where dragons roam and werewolves prowl, you can always find a warm spot by the bar in the Troll’s Head Inn.
ROLLS EAD ¦Uier nowever. Min ine eiperience gained al me Temple your pony should be ready lo taka on Myth Drannor Let it be known that parlies ol heroes are required tor an
• idling quest now under construction - codename COB III Previous
quests by the same builder (Strategic Simulations) include Eye
ol Ihe Beholder and Temple ol Darkmoon. Those groups who are
selected will be required lo lake pari on an Assault on Myth
Drannor1 - a ruined city set in the Forgotten Realms
Preferential selection will be given to groups who have taken
part in the previous eipe- ditions as they will tit perfectly
into this new campaign The Myth Drannor assault will be 50
percent larger than its predecessor and the action will take
place in various locations including a lores! Mausoleum,
temple and several guilds. There will be 35 new monsters taking
pari in this exercise, plus even liner graphic illustrations
The quest is expected lo be the most complex yet devised by
this award winning construction team and interest is expected
lo be extremely high Watch this space lor more details
1. Blue Hedgehogs and Italian Plumbers with moustache
• ill not be served In the bar until further notice 2 Please
tether all Werewolves securely
3. There is an outside toilet Please use it!
The letters T or K •ill be asked to leave
5. Please do not ask •hat is in the Chef's Special - as it
sometimes offends RULES OF THE INN Kneel Belore the Shrine in
humble penitence, confess your ignorance and just maybe your
question will be answered.
Remember to always ask politely and pop the gold coin into the letter before you send it in [Hold on. The Shrines free Slop trying to bump up your pay-Ed] SPACE QUEST III Alex Bannan from Coventry has written to say that he was recently mugged by a rat. Well. I thought all muggers were rats, but Alex is referring to the rat in Space Quest III which steals the power reactor from you on route to the wrecked space ship. Alex also wishes to know whether the Shnne would class this game as easy, medium or hard as he likes this type of graphic adventure but he can't seem to get anywhere with it.
The Shrine replies: The reactor is the source of power for the lights in the basement. Don't you remember that when you disconnected it the lights went out? The rat in question was half way through reading his CU Amiga mag (you'd be surprised how many readers ot the Troll's Head column are rats!), when you cut the lights.
If you return to the basement you'll find the lights are on again because the rat has put the reactor back in place i would say the difficulty level lor this game is medium, but like all games it does have a couple ol problems which can fox anyone Space Quest IV is much easier and has a lot more laughs. Another one ol the easier Sierra adventures which is even lunnier is the first of the Leisure Suit Larry series called The Land ol the Lounge Lizards.
ME SHRINE LEGEND OF KYRANDIA Out of the dark, frozen wastes of a Norwegian fiord, a husky has arrived bearing a plea for help from Fanne Nakkerud. Unfortunately, I can do nothing about his her(? name, but I can consult the Shrine concerning the problem of the missing birthstones in the Legend of Kyrandia Apparently. Fanne is having trouble locating the baubles to give to the altar The Shnne replies: As you are obviously aware, the land is lull ol sparkling gems which can be easily collected. They have a tendency to appear in the most common of places. It's a good point to remember to search
places you have previously visited II you place the correct gems on the altar plate they will magically light up a section ot the altar The one gem which I suspect you have not lound is the one which is hidden in the bubbling spring. This is the Sun stone which you seek.
CU AMIGA ADVENTURE HELPLINE I have received two queries regarding the Curse oi Enchantia which have touched my heart. Out of the Medway towns in Kent, Damien Gregory's sobs have been loud enough to be heard in the Troll’s Head Inn. Deep in the caverns, Damien cannot find out how to reach the magnet which is lying on a shelf high above his head. The second call comes from Waseem Aslam from Rochdale who has made a lot more progress with this cunning adventure, but has finally come to a halt in the graveyard. Waseem has found the spade, plate, cross, symbols and a vacuum cleaner, but being a
greedy adventurer he still wants more. A piece of garlic bread is the object he seeks before he deals with the guy with the sharp pointed teeth and the bat cloak.
The Shrine replies: The solution to the magnet problem concerns the plank and the boulder. By placing the plank over the boulder you will have made a see-saw. If you stand on one end and throw the computer at the other end you will catapult yourself up onto the ledge. To deal with the vampires in the graveyard you should carry out the following moves. Having entered the graveyard, Look, Pick-up bone. Fight with bone. After climbing out of the grave, go right and the vampire will appear. Move quickly left and the vampire will fall into the grave. Pick-up spade and then go right. The
vampire will appear, so go behind him and fight with spade. Go right and stand before the next vampire which appears before the gravestone. Push Pull the gravestone to scare him away. Go right and pick-up symbols.
Go right behind the tree and pick up cross. Go right and pick-up coin. Go to the gates at the far- right and pick-up the vacuum cleaner. Return to the grave you first appeared from and there you will see the bread and garlic. Pick this up and go right until you meet a vampire. This time fight with cross, then go to the gates at the far right. A vampire will appear behind a gravestone. Come up behind him and fight with symbols. Once you have given him a good thrashing he will open the gates just to get rid of you.
I WRITE BACK If you have a problem, a notice for tha Rna.H a, aa.Kaai: uai. Hawa a the Board, or perhaps you have a piece of scandal which you wish to whisper in the Inn, write to Tony Gill at: The Troll’s Head Inn, CU Amiga, Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU.
LEGEND CURSE OF ENCHANTIA An intriguing letter arrived from Peter Frederick of Coleford who claims that he has uncovered a secret riddle which would give him unlimited power in Mindscape’s game Legend. The riddle goes like this: There was a Runemaster from TAG, who kept all his runes in a bag. He added ONE for Knowledge Two for Wealth and Power And GOD for ability beyond belief. Even with this precious secret, Peter has been unable to make the game yield up its secret. I had never heard of this information and was intrigued by the strange words.
The Shrine replies: Well, I have good news and bad news concerning this question. The name of the game’s writer is Tag, so that explains the first unknown. The good news is that the riddle means that you can go to the game’s Option screen and select Runemaster. Now you have the opportunity to use the Rename selection. If you choose the Name TAGONE your character will now have lots of gold. If you rename to TAGTWO he will be able to access places that are normally inaccessible. If you rename to TAGGOD. He will become all-powerful, invulnerable to monsters, and be able to shoot open locked
doors. And what is the bad news? This option only works on the PC version.
Ah well. I never promised you a Rose Garden.
One piece of more useful information I can give you is that a certain Legend-eer called: Phil ’The Berserker' Noonan, 60 Kilncroft, Brookvale, Runcorn WA7 6BH has written to say that he has a large repertoire of spellcasts which he thinks are pretty clever and he would like to correspond with anyone who is having difficulty with this game. He is personally having trouble in the stinking sewers of Balanhelm searching for a lock which will fit his key, or even better searching for a key to fit all the locks on the doors he can’t open. He has plumbed the five levels of Fagranc and scaled the
Dark Tower. Any offers?
LORD OF THE RINGS Carried on a cold breeze from the dark mountains of Wales comes a faint cry for help from Jake Lester in Clwyd. Jake is outside the castle Dol Guldur in the Lord ol the Rings, wishing fervently that he was inside. He also wishes me to ask the Shrine how he can make the Gollum do his bidding.
The Shrine replies: It is impossible to enter the castle from the outside when the main gate is locked. (Well so much for that!) However there are two secret entrances. One is via the secret passage in the stone near the forest maze and the other is the secret entrance in the Hill of High Sorcery. Somewhere in the Hill of High Sorcery you will receive a message that you can feel hot air coming from the east. At this point you should use a Perception skill and this will get you into the castle’s cellars. Regarding the Gollum of Mirkwood I have this advice. As soon as you encounter this
treacherous beast use the word lOrome to freeze him in one spot. You now will be able to recruit him and he will join your party As you journey on past the southern boughs of Mirkwood, the Gollum will show you the entrance to the forest maze. To gain entry to the secret entrance to the castle you must get as close as possible to the northwest corner of the stone in the forest maze.
MIGHT AND MAGIC II No sooner had one message arrived from Wales than another bearing the seal of the Red Dragon plopped onto the welcome mat of the Inn. David Toulalan from Clwyd found that he could successfully take the Elemental Orb from its pedestal in Dawns Cavern but now he is unable to leave with it as the orb won't let him get out.
The Shrine replies: It's problems like these which are sent to drive mortals mad, for the answer is really quite simple. The Orb won’t allow ’you’ to carry it out, but others may not have any problem. The answer is to give the Orb to a hireling then dismiss him. The hireling will leave carrying the Orb with no difficulty at all. All that is left for you to do is return to the inn where you hired him and recruit him again. Of course, if you hired him at the Troll's Head Inn you just may have a bit of a problem, for Tony Gill will almost certainly cheat him out of his treasure before you can
OPERATION STEALTH A morse-code message from a wobble-board reveals that Benjamin Muir in Australia is stuck for a clue in Operation Stealth. Having passed through the dreaded rat-maze, tied up the guard, given the man water, and swapped the security stamps, Benjamin is at a loss as to how he can get up the elevator which is controlled by the fingerprint identifier.
The Shrine replies: As it’s obvious that you will need to have a copy of someone else’s fingerprints to activate the door control, you need to find something which would have a set of prints on them. If you return to the Guard’s Shower Room you should be able to spot an empty glass in the sink. Grab the glass and then remove the tobacco from the blue-tipped cigarettes in your spy kit. This cunning paper can be used to 'lift' a copy of the prints from the glass and then be used to bypass the security door.
With these final words of wisdom the magical glow from the Shrine fades and dies. Outside of the inn the dawn is breaking over the surrounding hills signalling that another night of danger is coming to an end. Rouse yourself, gird up your breastplates, sluice your ale-sodden heads in the horse trough outside and prepare yourself for another day of adventure.
• FREE DELIVERY • WINDOWS 3.1 Hut Cay M«vci nTkUk ngnun! Frw
Wn5o« 3 1 wlhSWVt K«
• FREE STARTER KIT • FREE HELPLINE Wcrtti (52 S4 - Woi Otiroi *1
nan. TktnKal uiiocn cp*" dtrng tomttliamSiici atkehcurs
• 2 YEAR WARRANTY • FREE COLOUR KIT ImdidDg tm lot mttni [mtir
OPTIONAL _ its is unable get out.
E these ir the won’t ly not re the Orb ling will at all. All inn where course, if u just m will asure ,VAMl35i3P»Zt20, KIT VALUE COLUMN board is stuck jassed I akes ot for a j guide the tlch protect .»»nacp • m nu.
RETURN THE COUPON FOR YOUR FREE COPY OF SILICA S NEW CITIZEN CATALOGUE PERIPHERALS & ACCESSORIES SHEET FEEDERS FRAI2M 1200...... CT PRA1215 124022 ASMt 424 £81 fRA 1223 1240224,S»ffi *24 £* SERIAL INTERFACES PMI189 1200.______D FRA12M SwU 99. 124Q224 £32 fRAI7M S*t2*?4rt4« £21 32K MEMORY EXPN FRA 1753 I240224S»A24 £t: PRINTER STAND PRA1242 124022ASM* 974 £2 PM1274 Sat* 8W4X____O ORIGINAL RIBBONS RIB 3520 l20OS-n9B«« £2 RIB 3*5 SvWfl9« 8Uc» V, RIB 3124 1240S«*t1 24 BlM t 3*3*38 2745-11474 Co*S« f: RIB 3248 lW8S*wStm. C RI33W RMBMjftS'W C COLOUR KTTS PWI238 224S*ffM*67O ?40 £3!
FRA1240 S-t 9i?*L______ EX PN48 ACCESSORIES ERA 1148 PN48BHtry £41 FRA 1154 ETMBCjMEoi £21 ERA11B2 PTM8Cu*aie40- £H 5 Continuous Envelopes.
• 3’ Dist with Amiga Print
• Citizen Swift 200 '24 pin-80 column
• 270cp$ Sonw, 216 CDS Draft. 72cps IQ HP
• air Pouter Butt* mm. 6 LO Fonts saia
• Parallel Interface
• Graphics Resolution: 360 x 360 dpi
• Epson. IBM. & NEC P20 EmuMws f
• Quart* Printing and Auto Set Facility f
• Ultra Quiet Mode -430B(A)
• Colour KK - Optional Extra (See Below) «
• FREE Silica Prim* Starter Kit I Cttwt Swh 24S24JC •» C* ¦ SO W
I sow SO (Hot no cm £«. Mm iO |» AW & Tt •
iJJCtaB.7ScjU!«FqiB, «m Pnesatwtrt i Me AwoUKn 360i JMVv
iftwt W HKPZOtCfilmM-** I kUOStlftCM, ¦ ShfccMOflf.
Xtfe ftuuwi Omclu' I dm"**) vw IV *wr awrw flmn I con PiMng StoWtrt ¦ S*X M c *»**tos crw» s*«w
• Citizen Swift 9 - 9 pin ¦ 80 col
• 192cps Draft. 48cps NLQ
• 8K Printer Buffer
• 3 Fonts
• Parallel Interlace
• Graphics Res: 240 x240dpi
• Epson and IBM Emulation
• Proportional Spacing
• FREE Colour Kit
• FREE Sdica Print* Starter Kit Citizen 1200* - 9 pm U4cps Draff
30cps NLO 4K Print* Baft* - 2 fonts Parallel or S*ial interlace
Graphics Res otutton: 240 » 240dpi Epson ana I Bit Emulation
Pull tractor & Bottom feed FREE Sihca Print* Starter Kit arm
PN4S Notebook Pmi* «tMi«V Prmtng an PSKo ft**- 53tg» 10 ¦ *
Butte . 2 fouls Per tea Bottom Paper loating Pntei interlace
Gomes Res 360x360001 tsm m leCKi Ooufmtox Power Urns Battery or
Car Adaptor e guard, ecurity ie can the fin- t you t’s fin-
need to prints wer ty glass ve the 1 your 0 ‘lift’ a be HP
Peskut plus rmulanon Rd Sotup Kml 0A14 4DX Tel 081-3W 1111' m
U. teyl OewipQ_ • Ho 081-MS 0K» jurt; 'Rwc.UiCon *v- :.r.v Tel
071-580 4000 3rd Street. London. WIA 1AB Tel: 071-620 1234 u»
t*pt im wt - ip"_ Rd upJgM)A14 40X Tel: 08V30 8811
Ihenfl-ori-Sea Esso. Ssi ’ •' Tel 0702 468039 SILICA SYSTEMS
• FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY On all hardware Coders Shipped in He I*
• TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELPLINE: Team ol techrical experts at your
• PRICE MATCH: We normally match competitors on a ’Same pnxtoct •
Same price* basis
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computer sales
• C12 MILLION TURNOVER (with 60 staff I: Solid. Reliable and
• BUSINESS * EDUCATION * GOVERNMENT: Voli ne discounts available
081-306 0888
• SHOWROOMS: Demonstration and training taolities al cur London &
Stdaip benches lagical iide of ound- nger is your s in the for
• THE FULL STOCK RANGE: Al of your requirements horn one Supplier
• FREE CATALOGUES Will be mailed to you wilh offers • software
and penpneral details
• PAYMENT: Maior credit cards, cash, cheque cr monthly terms.
BeOre yec decide when to buy ycxir new pmter. We suQgest you ihmk very camMy abou WHERE you buy n Ccosider »mat II wil be ike a iew months after you have made your purchase, when you may recure additional penpnerals and accessories, or help and aOvrca And. Ml tha company you buy trom contact you with delate of new products? At Silca Systems, we ensure that you Ml have nothing to worry about We have been estabtahed tor atoiotl 14 years and. With our umvalted experience and expemse. We can now ctoim to mee« our customers' reryuirements with an understanding wtveh is wtcond to none Bm don't just
take our word for 4. Complete and return the coupon now tor our latest E Merature and bogin to o«ponorx» tho "Sac.i Systems Sotvcn' ~r MAIL ORDER HOTLINE my081-309 1111 SILICA SYSTEMS FI LONDON SHOP SIDCUP SHOP: H The opeM, kunsa sw-nyr__ ESSEX SHOP Kedflies I2M »wr To: Silica Systems. CMUSR-W93-68 ,.4 The Mews Hatherley Rd SuKup Kent DA14 PLEASE SEND A BROCHURE ON THE CITIZEN RANGE Mr Mrs Mes Ms: Initials: . Surname: Company Name (it applicable): ... Address: ....
. Postcode ... Tel (Home): ...- Tel (WorW: Which compoiei(s). It any. Do you own? .. AMIGA Al 200 The latest, the ultimate, the best home computer available
16. 8 million colours, superfast processor, superb sterec sound,
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• 68020 Processor • PCMCIA Slot • 2Mb Chip RAM
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OFFICIAL A1200 HD SYSTEMS. Indi are pleased to announce the drive systems. The A1200 HD 60 and HD 80 comes complete with a ful Commodores official maintenance company, Wang UK. These two off order from Indi Direct Mail.
Beware of unofficial versions!II Phone for best price. (Systems are supplied prepped, preinstalled with Workbench ; include the official 12 month Wong on-site warranty)_ railability of two Commodore approved ho 12 months on-site warranty and support frc a I systems ore exdusively available via tru INDI is a wholly owned subsidiary of a public company now in its tenth year of trading and specialising in the supply of computer products.
With a turnover approaching £30 million per annum, we have the resources and the purchasing power to offer you the best deals, deliver them next day nationwide and always be around when you need us.
SALES AND SUPPORT RECOMMENDED PERIPHERALS & ACCESSORIES AMIGA 1084S T COLOUR STMIO MON ITO« Commodor.. original ond best soling co*oo" sroroo "Onnor is My compatible ¦id* oil Ami ond Ummmmgs) INDI PIIICI C3I9.99 ¦II AMIGA computers Thu modol now features *h m S»»voT and 1111' tsand (or tcnol soso ol us. Wehout doubt tho boo iloblo. INDI PI ICICI 19.9 L FLOATING POINT AND J2BIT "l0« MIMORY EXPANSION fOe TMI NfW AMIGA 1200 The MIX 1200 ¦* offered *o Art-go I200owne*saioco»effectl»e.
Htgh quohty upgrode soli* on to proride o MoTc-oio 68181 68882 Hooting pont unit and so so ppon the -sfollaho- ol up so night mogobytos of 32btl wide AMIGA foslRAM Spoods up IPU oporofom by as m «h os 55 limos thoi ol tho nohuo A1200 M8X1200 pormns Ih o A1200 uso* so roaliso tho full potential ol his system ond softworo (No- avorloble The INDI sales team have been trained to take your order with the utmost care and efficiency. All stock offered for sale and efficiency. All stock ottered tor salt is held In stock, centrally at our aroup warehouse complex and is available ealemol 3 5 dnvo lor
- A A500M500 • MOOOAf A1200 I aceplionol volue lor warehouse
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of his svtsem ond softworo. (Now th real time doc* odd C10 00
lo ooch option) IDI 99IC8 Basic Co-Processor Cl3S.99 (a point
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RAM card u*4smgA6 AI200 PCMCIA slot 2Mb SMART CARD Cl 29.99 4Mb SMART CARD Cl99.99 Comas with lifotimo 3 Top*rality JOYSTICKS recommended for umw* t product General information regarding product is available from our sales team, however technical support is always on hand should you need assistance.
All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT.
INDI TELESALES Tel 0543 419999 Fax 0543 418079 DESPATCH orry A"too product PYTHON I RBPCU99 INDI PtlCI C9.99 MAVRICK Arcade stylo micros Hchod ioystkk Cl 2.99 AVIAI09 Flight urn ore C22.99 jet printer. Whisper quiet yetprinfs at an amazing 160CPS. Possibly the best volue ink jet available on the market.
Especially at this pricelll INDI PRICE £99.99 (A500 A500+ A600 A1200 C64 compatible) All orders received by 6pm Monday t Friday are despatched that day for next day delivery using our national carrier Securicor. (UK Mainland only).
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Delivery queries can be resolved immediately using our on-line computer.
All orders are despatched on a next orders are despatched immediately on cheque clearance, usually 10 working days from receipt. A delivery charge of £5.00 is made per item unless otherwise stated.
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INDI PRICE £26*22 A600 EPIC MCK (20Mb HD) PACK INCLUDES: e A600 Hard Disk (20Mb) e Imb Memory e 512K RAM Expansion e Epic e Rome e Myth e Trivial Pursuit e Amiga Text e Deluxe Paint III PLUS INDI ACCESSORY PACK AS LISTED. COMES WITH AN EXTRA 512K RAM EXPANSION FREE!! I ¦ price CiOC 99 I Panasonic Quiet Me researched the colour printer market in great depth to find a colour printer good enough to cope with Amiga's powerful graphic output, yet at on affordable price.
Me found the perfect printer in the Panasonic KX-P2180 + KX-P2123 quiet printers.
Printing e then considered that if you were going to buy a Panasonic printer, you would probably need a quality word processing package to use with it. We found that too, n 'Wordworth', yet at a retail price or £129.99 we thought that might be a little too expensive on fop of your printer purchase! So together with Panasonic we decided »o give a copy of 'Wordworth' free with every Panasonic printer. How's that for added value?
KX-P2123 Panasonic
• WORDWORTH completely free! With Panasonic QUIET PRINTERS The
writers choice. The ultimate word processor for AMIGA
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nature of WORDWORTH makes producing documents faster and
eosier, with the enhanced printing fonts (including full
Panasonic KX P2180 and KX P2123 colour printing support),
Collins spell checker ond Thesourus, no other word processor
comes close. "Without doubt this is one of the best document
processors for the AMIGA, Today." (Amiga Format).
NORMAL RRP £129.99 inc. vat PRICE The new Panasonic KX-P2180 9 pin quiet colour printer.
Produces crisp clear text in mono or in 7 glorious colours with new quiet technology. The new KX-P2180 is typically 15dBA quieter in operation, than the competition e Fast Printing Speeds 192CPS Draft and 38 CPS NIQ
• Colour Printing 7 colour palette (blue, red, green, yellow,
violet, magenta and block) e QuietPrinting Super quiet 45-48dBA
sound level (most matrix printers are typically in excess of
60d BA) 3 Paper Paths Paper handling from bottom, top ond rear
for total flexibility 1 Year Worranty for total peace of mind.
The new nigh performance Panasonic KX-P2123 24 pin.
Quiet colour printer offers leading edge quiet printing technology at on affordable price.
• Fast Printing Speeds 192 CPS draft. 64 CPS LQ ond 32 CP SLQ.
• Colour Printing 7 colour palette (blue, red, green, yellow,
violet, magenta ond block)
• QuietPrinting Super quiet 43 5-46fcBA sound level (most motrix
printers are typically in excess of 60dBA)
• 7 Resident Fonts Over 152,000 type styles using Super IQ,
Courier Prestige, Bold PS, Romon, Script and Sons Serif Fonts
• 24 PIN Diamond Printheod High performance and high quality
output a 1 Year Warranty for total peace of mind.
KXP2180 KXP2123 holds 80 A4 sheets INDI PRICE £89.99
2) PRINTER DUSTCOVER Specially tailored quality dust cover for
Panasonic KXP2180 KXP2123 printer INDI PRICE £8.99
3) PRINTER STAND 2 piece printer stand INDI PRICE £9.99
4) PAPER PACK 500 sheets quality A4 paper INDI PRICE £9.99
5) PARALLEL PRINTER CABLE To be used when connecting Amiga to
Panasonic Printer INDI PRICE £8.99 (£5 99 if purchased with
6) PANASONIC COLOUR RIBBON Colour ribbon for KXP2180 KXP2123 INDI
PRICE £18.99
7) PANASONIC BLACK RIBBON Indi hove joined together with
Panasonic to offer oil AMIGA owners the most outstanding loser
Printer offer ever We are now able to offer hit trices. We are
also giving away a free copy of Wordworth with every Panasonic
laser Printer purchased (RRP 129.99). Whether you're looking
lotion or complex graphics applications - the Panasonic range
offers you the power to meet your requirements complex
graphics applications -
(0. 5Mb as standard)
• HP Loserjet II Emulation RRP £992.00 ¦riwcr] .99 inc. VAT
polity, professional laser printing at very loser printer to
handle word processing.
DTP, presentation KXP-4410
• 5 pages per minute
• 28 resident fonts
• Optional 2nd input bin (total printer capacity 2x200 sheets)
• Low running costs
• Parallel interface
• Optional memory expansion to 4.5Mb RRP £1286.00 KXP-4430
• Satinprint (optimum resolution technology) *
• 5 pages per minute
• HP Loserjet III Emulation, PCL 5
• 8 scalable fonts & 28 bitmap functions
• Optional 2nd input bin (total printer capacity 2 x 200 sheets)
• Optional memory expansion to
5. 0Mb (1Mb as standard) PRICE £799 .99 inc W WORDWORTH
wMim t-oo»* o~a, voo.ikiuV |ogg*d dg*i eo cm) choioawi a»d
!-• 0.
- o'r*9 «• *» tin Panasonic PRINTER ACCESSORIES SAVE £££££'s ON
PACK Contains 6 colour ribbons for KXP2180 KXP2123.
RRP £119.99 INDI PRICE £89.99 SAVE £30.00111 PACK 2 PANASONIC RIBBON PACK Contoins 2 black ond 4 colour ribbons for KXP2180 KXP2123 RRP C99 99 INDI PRICE £69.99 SAVE £30.00111 PACK 3 PANASONIC DELUXE ACCESSORY PACK Contents ¦ Automatic Sheet Feeder, 2 x black ribbons, 2 x colour ribbons, I x dust cover, 2 piece printer stand RRP £169.99 INDI PRICE £139.99 SAVE £30.00111 1Mb ( • Myth tES WITH THE MULTIMEDIA COMPUTER TOTAL HOME ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM AMIGA CDTV The problem with any new product is that it always takes time for everyone to realise its full potential. CDTV is no exception and in our
opinion everything we have read does a pretty poor job of explaining just what CDTV can do and why it is so exciting.
Inufejoi** THE INDI GUIDE TO CDTV IT'S A CD PLAYER - Yes, it will play all your Primal Scream, Pavarotti, Pink Floyd and any other CD you care to mention in superb high quality stereo, with remote infra red control.
IT'S AN AMIGA - Plug in the keyboard, switch on the external disk drive and the colossal range of inexpensive Amiga software can be used on your CDTV.
MONITOR NOT INCLUDED IT'S A MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM - Just imagine, stereo sound, images and text all on screen. It asks a question, you respond, it responds truly interactive! Each CD disc holds hundreds of megabytes of data with instant optical access. The whole of _ Hutchinson's Encyclopedia fits onto 1 disc. This interactive system is a unique aid for Education, Business or leisure.
The future is herel 4 PACK CONTENTS AS STANDARD • Amiga CDTV Player • CDTV keyboard • CDTV 1411 3.5" Disc Drive
• CDTV Infra red remote controller • CDTV wired mouse • CDTV
Welcome Disc • Manuals • Fred Fish CDTV INDI VALUE ADDED FREE •
lemmings CDTV (£34.99) • Blues Brothers (£12.99) • Pipemania,
Populous, Kickoff2, Space Ace (£122.52) | CDTV CONNECTS
LEISURE Mind Run £29.99 All Dogs to Heaven: Electric Crayon
£34.99 Global Choos Advanced Military Systems £29.99 Mud Puddle
£34.99 Ultimate Basketball £29.99 Turrican II Women in Motion
£29.99 My Point £29.99 Classic Board Games £34.99 Guy Spy
Guinness Dix of Records £34.99 North Polar Expedition £49.99
Dinosaurs for Hire £14.99 Cover Girl ftrlcer Animols in Motion
£29.99 Pbper Bog Princess £34.99 Hound of fhe Boskervilles
£29.99 MUSIC Connoisseur Fine Arts £34.99 Scory Poems for
Rotten Kids £39.99 Psycho Killer £29.99 MuskMoker Fruits &
Vegetables £34.99 Tale of Benjamin Bunny £39.99 Sherlock
Holmes, Remix Trees & Shrubs £34.99 Tale of Peter Rabbit £39.99
Consulting Defectrm £39.99 Karaoke Fun Hits 1 Garden Plants
£34.99 Thomas' Snowsuit £34.99 Sim City £29.99 Voicemaster ?
Microphone Indoor Plants £34.99 Moving Gives Me Stomach Ache
£34.99 Trivial Pursuit (RAl) £49.99 Voice FX EDUCATION Barney
Bear Goes Camping £29.99 Wrath of the Demon £29.99 REFERENCE
Fun School Under 5's £24.99 AsJerix English for French 1
£34.99 Team Yankee £34.99 American Heritage Dictionary A long
Hard Day at the Ronch £34.99 Japan World (PAg £49.99 Raffles
£34.99 Complete Works of Shakespeare A Bun for Barney £29.99
NASA, the 25th fear £19.99 Prehisforik £34.99 Illustrated Holy
Bible Cinderella £39.99 Fractal Universe £34.99 Snoopy (PAL)
£34.99 New Basics Electronk Cookbook Fun School for 5 to 7
£24.99 ENTERTAINMENT Town with No Nome £29.99 Timetoble of
Business Fun School for over 7's £24.99 Boftlechess £39.99
Lemmings £34.99 Timetoble of Science Heather Hits Her First
Home Run £34.99 Battle Storm £29.99 European Spoce Simulator
£34.99 World Vista Atlas ITV-English os a 2nd language £34.99
Fred Fish (CD PD1) £19.99 Fantastic Voyage £34.99 Dr. Wellman
prices include carriage AMIGA CDTV ACCESSORIES £34.99 £29.99
£14.99 £39.99 £19.99 £49.99 £29.99 £29.99 £39.99 £39.99 £54.99
THE BRICK-ETTE Just plug in the Brick-ette and use any wired
Amiga compatible joystick, A mouse or trackball device on the
fib Commodore CDTV. The built-in ¦ 8 bit Micro Processor gives
the Brick-ene big smarts in a tiny package and makes easy to
use just plug into the remote port and it is ready to go with
real time mouse or joystick movement on your CDTV. No loading
of driver programs or software. No switches for mouse or
joystick. Special settings (with mouse) allow you to blast away
with three rapid fire modes & dual fire buttons. Comes complete
with Python Micro Switched Joystick.
INDI EXCLUSIVE £49.99 With two Joysticks £59.99 BLACK 1084S MONITOR At lost the CDTV Monitor you have been waiting for. The original and best selling colour stereo monitor from Commodore is now available in block to complement your CDTV.
INDI PRICE £189.99 £1 09.99 COIV iMmol £149.99 Block 10845 Colour Smo Morulo. £189.99 (When purchased with CDTV Multi-Media Rock) £179.99 CDTV Remote Mouse £49.99 Scart TV Mon it or load (inc Stereo Phono lead) £14.99 Megachip - 1Mb Upgrade ChipRAM Upgrade for CDTV £159.99 AMIGA CDTV EXTERNAL HARD DISK DRIVE You've got the CDTV, you've got the keyboard and floppy disk drive - for a total computer solution all that's needed is an ultra-fast hard disk drive.
The CDTV-HD unit boasts a massive 65Mb of hard disk storage with lightning fast access times through its SCSI interface. The unit comes complete with Workbench 1.3 and all necessary cables.
INDI PRICE) 3 9 ,£269 PROFESSIONAL AMIGA this oner tXCLUSWU £115922
1500 2000 3000 4000. If you have an Amiga 11500 2000
3000 4000) you must Have OpalVision with the ability to turn
your system into a tailor-mode 24 bit workstation, complete
with bit Double Buffered Display, Video Switcher, Broc md of
course ‘ “ “ )tiered Display, Video awitcher. Broadcast
Resolution e the unique DVEs, the Opal is auite simply the onlv
w 24 bit all rounder who needs a system that will ol, Opal
presents - powerful presentation n Hotkey - controls and
manoges OpalVision I with A1500 A2000 A 3000 A4000.
3 at 25Mhz. Complete with 52Mb EE AMIGA VISION SOFTWARE.
Of the Amiga, all in one box. Run the PC or the Amiga ond transfer Ttiga 3000 specification, the Amiga 3000-PC system features 386SX INDI PRICE £1449.99 (AA) Graphics chip set with ultra
- da 68040 (Not EC Chip) proce (Additional Memory available) high
resolution ssor running at INDI PRICE Note: Monitor is not AL
got ard ota I ded sive vith jgh ties ind PRICE £75 22 PRICE
Genlock, Frame Grabber, Chroma Key, Flicker Fixer, Pig, True 24
e uniaue 6VE$ . The Oaal is auite sim choice for ony 2 grow with
your imagination and needs. Quite simply, it's a spectacular
product. Contents: Opal Board, Opal Paint - 24 bit ’creation
tool, “ „», Opal Vision F and Amiga Graphics, Opal Animate -
onimotion software packoge, King of Karate - the world's first
24 bit graphics computer game. A VERY SPECIAL OFFER FREE
IMAGINE 2.0 Software. For a limited period only, INDI direct
are offering a very spedol OPALVISION bundle, that now includes
a copy of IMAGINE 2.0 worth £299.99 absolutely free. Imagine
represents the »tale-of-the-art in 3D imoge processing that is
oble to utilize the performance of the OPALVISION boord ond
render imoges in full 24-Bit colour. Now you con hove the very
best 24-Bit painting softwore, and the very best in 3D redering
software when you purchase OPALVISION. Hurry this is a limited
promotion, while stocks lost. INDI PRICE f --* --- softwore,
and the very best in 3D redering software when you purchase
OPALVISION. Hurry this is E £699.99 Inc VAT.
COMMODORE 1960 MULTI-SYNC MONITOR A 14' high resolution monitor for .
INDI PRICE £369.99 OR £351.99 IF PURCHASED WITH A3000 A4000 AMIGA 3000 25 52Mb The Amiga 3000 features the powerful Motorola 68030 processor runn INDM*RICe'£1 22 99,iVe n° ava'l°bl«) 2Mb system RAM (6Mb Option Available). I AMIGA 3000 - PC SYSTEM (386SX-25) The Amioo ond PC hard drive system offering high performance PC386SX-25Mhz industry standard computing ond the true multi-tosking performance c'...... files between both operating systems. In addition to me stondard Am' processor running ot 25Mhz with 1Mb of PC memory and DOS 5.
NEW! AMIGA 4000 040 120Mb The new flagship Am,go featuring the ond a pallette of 16.8 million colours. The heart of the Amiga 4000 is the MEGAMIX is a low cost, high spec digital effects cartridge that plugs into the printer port of your Amiga. This allows you to sample or record stereo sound from almost any musical source. Special effects can be added in real time, perfect for the up and coming singer musician producer who wants that professional sound at home. You will find Megamix masters performance and its ease of use is unrivalled, _ just plug In and go... INDI PRICE If 90.99 The A1500
is the ultimate home computer for the whole family and is designed to cover every computing requirement.
INDI are able to offer you exclusive deals on this outstanding product in various configurations and bundles.
All configurations come complete with the following software and occessories:- FEATURES:
• Fully functional keyboard with numeric pad separate from CPU
• Includes 2x3)6" disk drives os standard with 5 Vi“ Disk Boy.
• Integral memory and cord expansion capabilities (most cost
effective expansion route)
• Work bench 2.00and Kickstart 2.04. CONTENTS:
• Keyboard, mouse, reference manual, Puzznic, Toki, Elf (Games),
D Paint ;, The Works (Platinum edition: Wordpro, Spreadsheet,
Dotabase) Joystick I (Graphics Package), Home Accounts, AMIGA
Al 500 FEATURED (see photograph above) • 52 Mb SCSI Hard Disk •
Pack now includes 1084ST Monitor & Panasonic KX-P2123 24 pin
colour printer.
INCLUDED FREE Amiga Vision ond Wordworth f I Worth £229.99 Other 1500 configs available at very competitive prices.
Phone for details.
Eluded with ony of these systems.
£29-99 VIDI AMIGA 12 is the ultimate low cost colour digitiser for your Amiga. There are no filters and no separate RGB Splitter. Colour images can be captured in less than a second, mono images are grabbed in real time. No other image ifica ' capture system offers this level of specification for the price.
'The best value full colour digitiser on the market' Amiga Format breathe taking 25Mhz. Complete with 120Mb hard drive ond 6Mb of 32-Bit RAM (Additional Memory £2095.99 (240Mb HD version of above product £2259.99) All products are guaranteed for 12 months. Some products carry a 12 month at home service repair guarantee (where indicated).
In the unlikely event that any product purchased from INDI arrives at your home faulty, we will collect from your home and replace the product completely free of charge.
Products advertised represent a small sample of our instock range. A complete price list is available on request.
Now located at our parent company's
M. O., we are now able to offer even better all-round service,
stock availability, problem solving and technical support.
BY POST simply fill In the coupon below.
BY PHONI - ring 0543 419999 - phone lines open 9.00am-7.00pm Mon-Fri.
9. 00am-4.30pm Sat. - where your call will be answered by one of
our INDI sales team. After 7.00pm each day your call wll be
answered by answerphone. If you would like to place an order
have all details at hand Including Credit Card.
The message will guide you through your order.
All offers sub(ect to availability. Prices correct at time of going to press. May we suggest you call before ordering.
Please send ..... Price + Delivery I enclose chequelPO for £ or charge my AccesslVlsa No.
AFTER SALES AND SPECIALIST SERVICE LOW INTEREST CREDIT Low interest credit Is available on all orders of £250.00 and above. Subject to status. Someday response. Why not ring te?
HOW TO ORDER TAKE 2 is a must for computer artists and enthusiasts of any age. It will cater for both amateur and professional applications. So get the most out of your computer and open up your imagination to Take 2. As used in Rolf Harris Cartoon Club.
Expiry date I Signature .. Send to Name... Address .... Daytime Tel [price] £37-99 TEL 0543 419999 • PAX 0543 418079 GET SERIOUS MEGADISC Jeff Walker throws loyalty out of the window and looks at an Amiga mag with a difference.
The section for all serious Amiga users is here again with another cornucopia of reviews. So, sit back, keep your eyes peeled and get a load of the stuff we’ve got for you... 86 MEGADISC 87 FLIGHTPATHS 87 PRO GEK PACK 88 RETINA 92 BLITZ BASIC 94 STUDIO 97 A1200 PERIPHERALS 105 FINAL COPY UPDATE 106 MUSICOLOR 108 DELUXE MUSIC 2 111 GVP A1230 112 DIAMOND COMPO 114 SPECIAL RESERVE COMPO 119 BUYER’S GUIDE - WORD PROCESSORS 124 ART GALLERY 128 NEXT MONTH 129 AMIGA PROFILES - ANORAKS AND f.MIGAS 134 BUYER’S GUIDE - SYNTHESISERS 138 PD SCENE 143 PD UTILITIES 144 MEMORY UPGRADE OFFER ¦ entioning a
rival magazine is a taboo prac- lice m publishing. But as tins one hails lion fl W Maustralia. Comes on floppy disks and is more like a massive dub newsletter, we thought we d make an exception.
Launched tive years ago. Megadisc was the brainchild ol Tim Strachan, who has a long history in traditional magazine publishing and knows a lot about producing quality publications. Released approximately six times a year, it's up to issue 32 and has over 6.000 subscribers worldwide, mostly in Australia and New Zealand, where Megadisc is considered to be the main ‘information resource' for the Amiga.
You may think that two 880K floppies is a lot to fill with articles, but amazingly each article is in a compressed format in order to pack in even more information. A special text viewer. Mega View, is used to present each artide on the screen The subjects covered vary greatly, from articles for real beginners right up to sophisticated programming and hardware projects for experts. Each issue carries reviews of current software and hardware, comparisons between rival packages, tutorials on popular and some not-so-popular packages, hints and bps for all manner of things, bug reports and
workarounds, programming in various languages, and even articles and series on some very specialised topics.
As well as articles there are some PD and shareware programs. Some ot the most famous Amiga shareware authors are Australians - names like Jonathan Potter (JPDirlftil to name but one program, which was developed into the famous Directory Opus), Nic Wilson (Syslnfo. Set040, AutoCLI, TrackDOS, NoClick...) and Chris Hames (DirWork.
PCTask. The V MK virus killer. FSDirs .) - and titles from these authors tend to appear first on Megadisc, often before they even hit the bulletin boards, and way before they make the Fish disk library.
Being Australian, you might be tempted to think that a lot of what is written will not be relevant to us Poms, but that only really applies to the classified sales and bulletin board sections, and maybe the Aussie prices at the end of reviews. Even the hardware stuff is perfectly relevant as they use the same PAL system as we do.
There are no infanble boot blocks or intros to contend with, thank heavens. To use Megadisc you boot from your Workbench disk as normal and then insert disk A or B and simply dick on icons. The great advantage ot this is that it can be guaranteed that no matter which model of Amiga you own or which version of Workbench or Kickstart you have, from the andent A1000 to the superfast A4000, Megadisc will work first time.
If there is anything complicated to do with reading an article or copying a PD program, explicit step-by- step instructions are always provided.
The UK distributors tor Megadisc, George Thompson Services, are so determined that every Amiga owner should at least experience Megadisc once that they are giving away a back issue absolutely tree Send a blank disk and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the address at the end of this review and it'll come back packed with articles and programs.
To accomplish the quality and quantity ot excellence issue alter issue is a remarkable achievement
- one wonders how it is managed in just 60 shod days. And there’s
enough in each issue to keep you going for quite a while, maybe
even until the next Megadisc is ready.
Of all the dedicated animation packages on the market. Deluxe Paint IV is surely the most popular tool among Amiga anima- lors. Whereas most other animation systems have
• anous sprinklings of drawing functions, most rely on pre-drawn
backgrounds and brushes. That
- leans using another piece of software to originate
• our graphics, and that can be very awkward (and
- temory consuming) if you have to jump back and tofth between
two programs.
The beauty of Dpaint is that it’s an art and animation system in one. Some of the animation
• eatures aren't as developed as those on the dedicated
animators, but Dpaint's got the massive advantage of being
easy to use. Any ideas you have can be tested out instantly, so
you don’t end up wasting valuable time carefully crafting a
sequence that could turn out to be a load of rubbish.
FLIGHTPATHS at an Nothing at all to do with aeroplanes, Tony Horgan zooms in on a solution to one of Dpaint’s problems.
Of the standard Workbench fonts. All the flightpaths are listed in the manual, with descriptions of what each one does. Fortunately, they’ve been saved with relevant file names, such as Bounce, Curve, Hit and Tumble. Roll and Spiral.
There are no brushes included but vou can use the ZF YBQnX £?£JT THERE?
40ft iiiuiuuwu, wut Jvu WUI 1 U U Ut.
Fonts on the second disk to try • them all out. Most of the Tricks like this Star Wars scroll could lake hours to perfect by hand. With Fughlpslhs, I hey re Instantly available from the file requester.
It’s not all plain sailing, though. Some of the more advanced features can still be pretty daunt- »ig. Even when you've worked them out, actually getting the results you want is often far from easy.
One such feature is the MOVE option, designed to help you get brushes flying around, in and out of the screen, without you having to paste down each frame separately. To get it working manually, you've got to input a whole load of angles and dimensions, which is a bit of a headache for most of us. To help you get around this problem.
Meridian Software have released a range of preprogrammed flightpaths’ for use with Dpaint.
Flightpaths is a two-disk set: the first is filled with around 90 flightpaths, while the second is home to some fancy colour fonts, plus a few flightpaths are well suited to presentations and video titling applications. The step-by-step walk-through demo works quite well, showing how easy it is to get titles (and any other graphics you fancy) spinning in and out of the screen. Also included with the disks is a tutorial demonstration video, to get you up and running as quickly as possible. The video is available separately for £12.50 plus £1.50 p+p. Which you get back if and when you decide
to buy the whole package.
Think of it as a kind of clip art. Made up of animation paths instead of actual graphics. It's a good idea, and one that works well. It’s a bit pricey, but if you’re into animation or video titling, you'd do well to take a look.
Contact: Meridian Software, 9 Gurney Crescent, Littlethorpe, Leics. LE9 5JL.
Tel: 0533 863501. Price: £49.95 plus £1.90 p+p.
PRO GEN PACK In an effort to set up his own video studio, John Kennedy grabs a genlock pack.
F you read the CU Amiga guide to Desktop can be a frustrating business. You need leads to Video you’ll already know what an exciting carry the Amiga signal to the Genlock, leads to device a genlock is. The ability to add computer connect the Genlock to the video camera, and graphics over the top of an incoming live video sig- leads to carry the overlaid results to a video nal can revolutionise home video productions. Recorder.
What you won’t know until you try is that sort- Some video recorders use SCART sockets, 'OrldTlme tots es around the l tools tor ing out all the leads and software you also need some use RSC-style phono plugs but by definition must use the type of connectors that you don't have, and couldn’t possibly get until after the weekend at the very earliest.
Rge lat every legadisc ie abso- Jdressed.
Id of this des and of excet- lievement maged in e's enough oingfor jntil the son ntre, fen City, 7 One of the few dealers to have recognised this problem is Gordon Harwood Computers, who have put together an all-in-one genlocking solution. The Pro Gen Pack consists of the genlock itself, a large collection of leads and a decent paint package for titling - in short all you need to begin titling the same day.
The Genlock is the Pro Gen model, which despite its low price produces some very stable results.
In fact, to get better images you would need to spend considerably more. In our tests, even prerecorded video - notoriously difficult to genlock - produced worthwhile pictures.
Although Pro Gen has no external controls for altering levels and fades, as an added feature software control is possible by means of a special cable. When connected to the Amiga’s parallel pod, control over several operating modes is possible: Normal Background mode. Amiga only, Video only and two weird Foreground modes. The Foreground modes allow the live video to show through colours other than 0 and can produce some rather neat special effects. Unfortunately, the software is only menu driven and not Arexx controlled, which limits its usefulness.
The painting software provided is Photon Paint 2, which is perfect for creating titles. It's also perfect for creating more extravagant images - for example, you could paint a space ship floating above a strange alien planet. My using colour 0 in the ship's windscreen, you can genlock live actors into the ship. With Photon Paint's animation facilities the backdrop could be moving - that is, if you have an older Amiga, for Photon Paint's animation doesn't appear to work properly on post-1.3 machines.
The most welcome part of the package from my point of view was the excellent set of cables.
With the adapters supplied, any combination of SCART, Phono or BNC equipment can be mixed and matched. The only omission is the addition of a connector of the miniature sort that some camcorders use - luckily most camcorders come with an adaptor as standard.
The Pro Gen pack is a perfect way of getting to home video titling and special effects with the minimum of fuss.
Contact: Gordon Harwood Computers, New Street, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE5 7BP.
Telephone: 0773 836781. Price: £64.95. MacroSystem are becoming well-known in this country for producing some high quality hardware. When the makers of the excellent V-Lab come up with a high-res graphics card, it’s time to sit up and pay attention.
The Retina is actually a three-mode display, as it works in 8.12 and 24-bit colour. What is the point of working in 8-bit colour if you already have AGA graphics? Well, the Retina isn’t just a colour board, it also functions as a resolution enhancer and a flicker-fixer.
In fact, judging by the manual, the most important of these is the resolution enhancement. Using a retargetable graphics library and a special commodity' program, the Retina allows virtually all software to take advantage of an increased dot resolution.
The program keeps track of all the applications which attempt to open screens. By intercepting the graphics calls, a screen can be opened through the Retina card. Big deal, you may say - but the advantage is that, if the application can handle it.
This resolution can be up to 2400 pixels wide and I 1200 pixels deep, giving a sum total of 2.8 million pixels worth of display.
This works especially well in Workbench mode.
By editing the ScreenMode preferences, simply select the Workbench screen size to be, say 1600x1200 instead of the default settings. No problem,' thinks the Amiga, it's obviously going to be one of those scrolling window jobs.’ But when you run RetinaEmu, the screen appears in its full glory. The Workbench isn't confused, because when you apparently reach the edge of the screen the scrolling instructions are intercepted by the Retina software and simply ignored.
The result of this is that any application which can normally be run on the Workbench window will automatically be able to take advantage of the full screen resolution.
THE DOWNSIDE Unfortunately, any programs which attempt to operate displays with more than 16 colours can run into trouble. MorphPlus suffers from this, as does Personal Paint and other graphic packages in the higher colour modes. They still run fine, but the picture is reduced to a one bitplane image (i.e. black and white). This is a bit of a drawback to most art packages, especially when editing colour palettes.
However, these packages would not usually derive much benefit from the enhanced resolution.
Ics tablet, any artist could run through the usual repertoire of effects with ease.
VDPaint does support the JPEG image format, which is almost de rigueur for high resolution image work on an Amiga these days. It's no use spending months on a stunning creation that would knock the tiles off a Michelangelo (that’s the Renaissance artist, not the turtle) if you discover that your file is over 20Mb and there’s no way it will fit on a disk. JPEG is a form of image compression which is particularly effective at crunching down realistic images (i.e. ones with lots of smooth shading) to realistic sizes. A 90 per cent reduction in file size is not unheard of.
The package also supports standard IFF and 24-bit IFF formats.
On the whole VDPaint is rather reminiscent of DigiPaint3. It has a vast potential, but a less than intuitive interface. It has great potential in some areas, but some simple effects are left unsupported. It doesn't give the impression of a finished piece of software, but behaves more like an early version which lacks features intended for release.
With the advent of the A1200 and the AGA chipset it is a valid question to ask whether we really need 24-bit graphics any more.
In tests on various guinea-pigs around CU Towers, many people were unable to identity the difference between a HAM8 image (262,000 colours) and a 24-bit one (16.8 million colours). In fact it is quite unusual to be able to get all the colours on one screen anyway.
Perhaps the AGA chipset has reduced the need for an add-on graphics adaptor, but it hasn't removed it entirely, especially when the card does more than simply add a tew extra bitplanes to the image. As we have seen. Retina acts as a flicker-fixer, a resolution enhancer and a framebuffer, as well as increasing the colour depth ot an image.
In the worlds of Video. DTP and graphic design there is always going to be a need for the full range of colours, in Ihe average home there is probably not - but then again when was Ihe last time you bought something for your computer that you really need?
Artwork can always be created in these packages m the normal way and then displayed on the Retina card later anyway.
Although software which opens a custom screen can also be forced onto the Retina card, they are often unable to take advantage of the extra resolution in that way. You can ask Professional Draw to run in 1600x800 mode if you like, but if you don't set it to run through Workbench all you will end up with is a tiny square in the top left-hand corner of the screen that the software is actually using. Retina doesn't 're-scale' the graphics of a program, it simply allows them to take advantage of extra space - if they choose not to there is little to be done.
NO MEMORY By using up to 4Mb of onboard RAM the images themselves take up very little of the host machine’s Bundled with the Retina card is VDPaint. An interesting paint package. In spite of its rather unfortunate title, it is really nothing to be ashamed of.
A rather interesting approach to the user interface means that all menu and tool selection is performed on a command square, which is activated by the right mouse button. Although this does give an unrestricted view of the artwork whilst in preparation, it is also more than a tad disconcerting.
The features of the program are not quite up to the standard of packages such as TVPaint, but they are still slightly beyond the simple mucking about level. There are several ways of selecting colour ranges and. Coupled with the brush transparencies and painting modes, this means a great deal of flexibility. Unfortunately it is also a rather laborious task to set up one of these effects.
The shining star is definitely the airbrush mode. With its feathered edges and definable spray it is perhaps the closest you can get to the real thing on a computer. Combined with a graphBACK TO V-LAB Incorporated into the VDPaint control panel is a gadget for controlling V-Lab hardware if you should happen to own some. V-Lab is the most excellent video digitiser (reviewed in the August ‘92 and January '93 issues) ever to come out of Germany. It is also the best video digitiser ever to come from anywhere, and since it was also made by Macro System it is only reasonable that there is an
interface for it. Grabs can be initiated from this interface and will automatically be displayed on the Retina once they are converted from YUV values.
A * VDPain o 1 ® ITT* Lib GO STE RS
• YUV - A term used to describe video signets wtilch heve three
encoded components Instead ol RGB they are encoded as three
different nurtures the sole point being that it is easy to
extract a monochrome image Irom them as well as a colour one.
• AGA - The new chip architecture in the A1200 and A400 which
allows new displays with up to 256 colours (or
262. 000 using HAM8 mode).
• TVPAINT - The most impressive 24-bit art package to date,
originally developed lor Ihe ACS Harlequin card.
• JPEG - A standard file format lor 24-blt photorealistic images.
Enables a x5 reduction in tile space with no lack ol quality.
Storage capacity. This is quite useful, because when you start running applications in 24-bit colour at a screen resolution of 1280x1024 pixels, you soon discover that your system isn’t quite as well endowed as you thought it was.
Another bonus is that the memory has a faster access time, allowing a decent rate of refresh on the Retina display. It also means that screens can be buffered - very useful for animation, because a second image can be built up in the buffer whilst the original is being displayed The memory on board is arranged in ZIP packages and can make up configurations of 1.2 or 4Mb You should really have at least 2Mb. Otherwise some of the display resolutions will not be available. Remember that a 24-bit 1024x512 image takes up nearly 2Mb SUPPORT Retina comes with several support files. As well as the
RetinaEmu and RetinaScreenMode programs, there is a display program for simply viewing IFF images with the card.
All IFF modes are supported, including HAM.
HAM8 and 24-bit files. There is even support for the IFF-DEEP format (which can be loaded faster from disk) and the uncompressed Sunraster format. Images can be animated using Retina display, by giving a list of files to view Double buffenng is also supported to prevent unsightly glitches whilst the images are loaded As well as V-Lab support, there are a number of files which allow direct support for the Retina board from programs such as ADPro and Imagemaster. Even if your particular piece of software doesn't support the Retina directly, the card comes with a Harlequin library, which
should theoretically allow it to work with any Harlequin compatible software.
Wry high resolution mode it may bo worth consid- 1h considering that you'll probably need two INSTALLATION The Relina Card will lil happily on the Zorro bus ol any Amiga lhat has one. It is a simple mailer ol locating a Iree slot and slipping the board in. The software uses a standard Install program, so all the libraries and utilities are properly located within about live minutes ol starling up.
Each time an application which is unknown to Ihe Relina is opened, the Relina software program will attempt lo open up Ihe relevant screen. This can then be changed by calling up the RetinaEmu program (using a hotkey II you wish) and editing where the screen is to appear (on the standard Amiga display or through the Retina) and what screen sin to use. It s as simple as that CONCLUSION The potential of the Retina board s really quite staggering. In addition to being able to output 8. 12 and 24 bit graphics in a variety of resolutions it is also capable of enhancing existing software The
effectiveness of this system may be slightly limited at the moment by the standard software packages available, but as new versions of Workbench will come with retargetable graphics as standard, it will soon work with all major products The intelligent refresh of the display enables it to keep pace with all but the most demanding of tasks. The animation speed is not too hot. Even when spooling direct from the RAM disk of an A4000. But this is more a limitation of modern life than any particular fault of the Retina.
The most amazing thing about the board is the astoundingly reasonable price. It is not a broadcast quality unit like the Harlequin, but it is more than adequate for most purposes. » AMIGA CENTRE SCOTLAND E34S IMB
• 500 R *500. R *600 R *1200 R
* 1500 WA *2000 WA *3000 WA *4000 WA AMIGA CENTRE SCOTLAND,
583 EASE OF USE ???????????«% It really Is a simple mailer ol
sloping In lire carp and VAIUE FOR MONEY ????????•??IX ll 's
simply 'gobsmacking llral yon can gel so muclr lor so
EFFECTIVENESS ??????????»?% Hisnllhe laslesl llring since sheep
biead Dul lire images are sharp and clear.
FLEXIBILITY ??????????02% You do need lo be running WB2 and II may not *on INNOVATION ??????????? % The hrst'mxaable graphics enhance! System ere re seen f MacroSystem have redefined ® graphic excellence on the Amiga at an amazing price. J ART GRAPHICS VIDEO ¦ FLOPPY DRIVES R! 1)1.PI PRO ...131.99 ¦POWER DUAL DRIVE ..25 STANHOUSE ENTERTAINMENT " A HOME FOR ALL YOUR AMIGA NEEDS" THE PRICE YOU SEE, IS THE PRICE YOU PAY TEL (0244) 382435) BIG ALT SCROLLER D PAINT 4 ....60.00 DIRECTOR
V2 61.99 GVP CINEMORPH 72.99 IMAGINE V2+ .....171.99 MORPH PLUS .....145.00 PRO DRAW V3 ... 80.00 PRO VISTA V2+ ....67.99 SCALA 500 ...73.99 TAKE 2 ...34.99 POWER DUAL DRIVE ..250.00 I PC88OB ......65.00 PC88OB & CYCLONE .....87.00 PC88OE ......50.00
80MB ......399.99 I20MB ....469.99 240MB .....637.99 INT GVP HC8+ 80 MB__________________ 120MB .. 240MB .. V 7 PROCESSING & DTP FINAL COPY 2 ... ......67.50 PI N PA I .... ......34.99 PACESETTER 2 . PRO PAGE V3.X ....117.99 PAGESTKEAM 2.X .. ....139.99 Ol t K W RITE ..
... 6 99 S KIBBLE PLAT ...33.99 WOKDWORTH V2 ... ......81.99 ACCOUNTS 1 ARENAACCOUNTS . .....73.00 1 1 ASIIBOOK COMBO ...... .....53.99 1 HOME ACCOUNTS 2 _____37.99 1 SYSTEM 3E ..... .....53.99 DATABASES DIGITISERS AM) SC ANNERS COMPLETE COL SOLUTION________________________________131.99 DIGIVIEW MEDIA STATION_________________________________119.99 POWER SCAN V3 (B&W)___________________________________________103.99 POWER SCAN V3
(COL)___________________________________________194.00 | ROCGEN GENLOCK ....88.99 ROCGEN PLUS_____________________________________ 134.99 Villi AMIGA 12 .._ ...86.99 COMMODORE COMPUTERS A600 W ILD. W EIRD & WICKED .. A600IID EPIC PACK ..... ...459.99 A1200 (STANDALONE) . ..377.99 A2000
..999.99 A3000 1 311) (HI A4000 .....2150.00 I PRODATA_______________________________________________72.99 I SUPERBASE PERS 2 ... 30.00 | SUPERBASE PRO ____________________________4149.99 MUSIC AMAS 2 .. ....68.99 | BOOM BOX...... 29 99 BARS & PIPES
PRO . ..195.00 COPYIST APPRENTICE . ....72.99 CLARITY 16 .... ..104.99 DEL ML SIC CON KIT ...... ....48.00 GVPDIGl SOUND ST ....48.00 KCS LEVEL II 3.5 ..... ..199.99 RAVE SAMPLER 49 99 SUPERJAM .. ....72.00 X-OR Vl.I . [WIN! WIN! WIN! WIN!
If you are not responsible for Ibe bill check with the person w ho is first Fall rules available with SAE to above address.
THE MOST INFORMATIVE CATALOGUE AVAILABLE | SEND 1.50 TO COVER COSTS | THIS CATALOGUE WILL BE J SENT FREE WITH ALL ORDERS. PROGRAMMING I ARF.XX .. BASIC...- ...... DEVPAC 3 LATTICE CV6 .199.00 [ A 5% SURCHARGE WILL BE | ADDED TO AI.I. CREDIT CARD ORDERS All the way from the land Down Under comes the sequel to one of the fastest programming languages ever created.
John Kennedy holds onto his hat as he takes a look at Blitz Basic 2.
Programmers on the Amiga have a strange image. They are either seen as teenage European Oemo hackers with skin problems, or boring pony.tailed C boffins. Very tew Amiga owners realise that Amiga programming is a remarkably easy and rewarding thing to do - all you need are the nght tools The latest programming tool comes from Acid Software in the form ol a BASIC compiler called Blitz 8asic 2. Users with long memories may recall Blitz Basic 1, and how it failed to take off in any big way.
As a compiled language Blitz is remarkably last, and as a re-work ot BASIC, it's remarkably easy to use. Could this be the ultimate Amiga development system?
EDITOR Before you can run your program. You H need to either type it in or load it into Ted. Ted is the integral JARGON BUSTERS
• Intuition-Ihe Amiga Wimp system which controls features such
as menus and windows. These are the features which make an
Amiga program instantly recognisable.
• Libraries - These are compiled sections ol code which provide
routines lor your mam program The Amiga relies heavily on
libraries lor Marty all its applications JARGON BUSTERS AMOS
VS. BLITZ Blit Basic is going to be constantly compared to
AMOS, the development system produced by Europress Software
AMOS is an interpreted language (although a compiler is an
optional extra) which has attained cult status I had lunch with
the creator - Francois Lionet once but unfortu- nately I can
only remember the rather excellent lasagne and the tirst lew
pints before it all became a ha e (the dangers ot company
paid lunches} As far as I could tell, he was an earnest chap
but felt that he could do things better than Commodore.
As a result, a program written in AMOS immediately stands out as being written in AMOS. The program has a certain feel that cannot be shaken oil Even the new AMOS Prolessional comes with its own version of Intuition to provide windows, menus and so on - which all look as though they came supplied with AMOS Professional By contrast. Blit Basic is a considerably more Amiga- friendly program Writing programs which actually use Intuition is simple and. In lad. Any standard Amiga library can be used A finished Blit program is an Amiga pro gram, not an AMOS program. By default it is a stand
alone program which requires no further compilation or run-time libraries.
To appeal to Ihe more dedicated Amiga programmers, a special mode called Blit Mode is provided which ditches the operation system and permits complete access to the custom chips as well as high speed hardware control methods Thus even the more hack-hungry coder is catered lor in a way in which AMOS owners can- Ml even dream about Blitz Ba source code editor provided with Blitz, and it scores highly. It is lacking in only one or two areas, such as being able to split a line, existing line or being able to delete an empty line with the normal delete key.
Cannot This is not really a problem, as if you really want to use your own editor (lor example, Cygnus Ed or TutboText) the automatic tokenisation of con- trot words can be switched on and off to allow normal ASCII files to be used.
The entire process ot creating a program can be controlled from Ted. From code entry to compilation, running and debugging One keypress will compile, run and list any errors present in the source file I was about to complain about the lack of 1olds' «i the editor (sections of code which may be r»dden when not in use - essential for longer files) when the rather clever label system caught my attention At any point in the source code, a label may be added by preceding its name with a lull stop. This label is then displayed with any others on a list on the right hand side of the screen Clicking
on the label will move the cursor immediately to that section ol code - very handy indeed.
BASIC Bktz Base IS obviously based on BASIC, that well known and oft maligned programmmg language m the old days, computers came with BASIC built-in as it was such an integral part of the experience BASIC has its advantages, but also severe drawbacks. It is not a structured language (no matter how many GOSUBs and PROCedures are used), and it does not suit black box' programming design methodologies - both of which are important when a program of any size is being developed Blaming Blitz Basic for the shortcomings of BASIC is. Of course, more than a little unfair, being rather kke blammg
cheese for bemg loo cheesey As the chances of a Blitz C or Bktz Pascal appeanng are probably quite remote, the disadvantages of BASIC will simply have to be overshadowed by as the advantages of ease ot use and the powerful extra commands provided by Blitz.
The editor opens on a standard Workbench sized screen with a restrained choice of colours looking like most other Amiga text edrtors Standard Intuition menus and requestors provide tor loading and saving (although not via the ASL - Amiga Standard Library) and all the compiler options. It's all a lot flit lerenl Irom AMOS, where slick and colourful effects are the order of the day.
Although an Arexx library means Blitz programs can converse with other Amiga programs, the editor BASIC ENHANCEMENTS As tar as programming languages go, BASIC is one of the older varieties. It misses out on some of the more advanced data and control facilities supplied by the newer languages and so the creators ol Bktz have seen St to create their own additions Line numbers are a thing of the past and. In fact the dreaded GOTO statement has almost been eradicated, too. I spent some time looking through the example programs, and failed to Snd a single one This was because ot the excellent loop
control structures and condition operations While Wend If Endll. Select Case EndSeiec! And other coding options ensure your programs are as easy to read aspossble You can even define functions and pro- cedures to accept and return arguments User deSned datatypes - Nke structures in C - are a welcome addition, as are the built-in list opera tors Perhaps there's life in the ok) dog yeti AMIGA ENHANCEMENTS C* course. «rtial makes Blitz Basic different Irom any other implementation are the huge number of Amqja specific commands which ascrw intimate control over the hardware Sprites, bobs (shapes),
copper lists, sound effects, pysock and keyboard routines - they are all here in abundance For example, loactng an IFF image deectty from disk and displaying it is handled with only one or two lines of BASIC.
When they re not all there - for example, a 3D library or MED module playback support - they can be added with the addition of extra libraries. Both these libraries were supplied as extras with the user newsletter, but I don't know if you'll get copies with your copy of Blitz Basic, so ask.
If that one missing routine is still driving you batty, adding your own by means of the integral inline assembler is possible. Although hardly recommended for the beginner, adding machine code to your programs will wring every ounce of speed out of your Amiga and provide total low-level hardware support. If you can't do it with Blitz Basic, it can't be done Support for the AGA capabilities of the new Amigas (A1200 A4000 and A8000I is conspcuous by Its absence However the beauty of Blitz Basic s that support is very easy to add after the event, by means ot the libraries If there is something
special you have in mind, you can bet that a library is either Wow! Thl* a am ol ih, b«sl OMMxMr dorwx i v mn m a long Mno Tho only thing II lock! Lo tno loom onoct Irom your oh*) 1UPQ00B6B0 t-t
* ? .
II available, or shortly wil be. It the worst comes lo the worst, you can have a stab at writing your own - the User Guide shows you how. One ol the newsletters I was supplied with included a senal driver, ideal for adding a two-player option to your latest game TOOLS Designing Intuition screens (screens, windows, gadgets and so on) is such a common and tedious task that Blitz Basic comes with a point-and-click program that will do all the work for you. A ciick here, a drag there and the source code is automatically produced, saving hours of work A similar set of programs will create maps
for you. Ideal for creating different levels for games The demonstration programs provided with Blitz Basic are nothing short of amazing For starters, an arcade perfect version of Defender proves that speed is not an issue. A spreadsheet program wil keep the application programmers happy, and lor the more technically orientated a (fcgrtal arcurt simu lator and 68000 assembler should destroy any doubts as to the power of the language Aod Software produce a newsletter called Blitz User Each issue is packed with examples, bug reports fixes and news. Not only that, but a supplied disk keeps your
system up-to-date with the latest libraries and tools.
CONCLUSION II you want to know exactly what makes the Amiga tick, without having to buy 15 manuals and learn assembler and C. there is no better way. You can wnte whatever sort of program you want, be it a demo, a game, or a piece of application software The only drawbacks are those of the Amiga and the BASIC language itself If you want a program to do something bad enough. YouH find a way with Bhtz Basic It s ideal tor beginners and experts akke. And what's more t produces true Anuga software Get it (No U K dstnbutor has been fixed as yet. But wel keep you informed as soon as a deal is signed
AMIGA PROGRAMMING I have a theory regarding home computer* and H i Hut the more popular a particular computer, the smaller the percent age ol people who actually program Ihem.
It all started when Ihe ZX81s and Speclrums were overshadowed with machines like the Commodore 64. Which became one ol Ihe most successful 8-bil computers ever The software was so good that most users didn't write a single line ot code on them, being content instead to play the stale ol the art games. Now we have Ihe Amiga. Ihe Mac and Ihe PC appearing in numbers too large lo imagine Nearly every one uses one but how many people do you know actually wnie programs? Not very many I m sure Why should this be’ Could it be that every possible appli cation program is available and is perfect’
Could it he that no one actually wants to write programs any more’I douht it hr
• III look awtui compared to commercial products These days
computers are supplied ready to be used, Ml programmed But the
Amiga o diflerenl. And so are Amiga users They known their
computer is one ol the best available. M s a fact ol all trades
that can do anything Ihe serious machines can as well as
playing some ol Ihe besl games written The Amiga is such a
friendly machine, tlul people soon want lo learn more about it.
They want lo use H their way. Lo run their programs. So lor a
change. Ihey bool Irom Ihe Workbench, open a Shell window, and
pow! Suddenly every thing gels so complicated lhal Ihey give up
Immediately and load Alien Breed Special Edition again.
Thankfully. This sort ol scenario is starting lo change From professional languages such as SAS lattice C lo grown up games programming systems, creating programs on the EE that you buy oft lie shelf hi your local retailer s shop So. Why isa t everyone programming’ Again 4 s all lo do with the hardware To provide all Ihe high-resolution mega effects you need complicated custom chips On lop ol the chips you need a complicated operation system To use all this you need to be able to program in a language called C and own about lour telephone book-sued technical manuals M s bound lo be
ott-putting. Isn't it?
This still leaves a gap in the market lor an eaty-lo use programming environment. AMOS Irom Europress software was designed to be such a tool, and succeeded admirably Blitz Basic was another early conlender. And Ihe new improved version looks like being the besl way yet to start using your Amiga in the way you want ACID COMPUTING £TBA A500 WA A500*WA A600 VI A1200 VI A1500 VI A2000 WA A3000 VI A4000 WA Add Software, 10SLKevin s Arcade, Auckland 1, N.Zea*and. 01064 93581658 DOCUMENTATION (Equally good for both beginners and experienced J programmers.
1 A printer can be the most Infuriating peripheral you ever buy. One of the greatest annoyances is that a lot of sales assistants omit to inform you that you need the relevant printer driver to make the most of your hardware. This is a special piece of software which sits between the printer and the application package, converting Amiga graphics and control codes into a form the printer will understand.
Wolf Faust is a gentleman who made a big mistake - he publicly admitted that writing printer drivers wasn't really a big deal He was immediately inundated with requests and the Studio Pnnter Software package is a result The package consists of two main parts a new set of printer dnvers and a special printing program The printing program can work with any driver, although for best results the supplied drivers are recommended - they're essential for the output of 8 bit mono and 24 bit colour pictures.
PRINTERS SUPPORTED The special printer drivers supplied with Studio support the lollowing printers: Laser - LaserJet 1.1*, 500, 2000, II. IIP,
III. Illsi, HIP. HID. IV and 4M. AH PCL 3.4 and 5 compatibles.
Star laser 4, Laser 8. Ricoh LP1200 Brother HL4V. HL8V. HL8D
Nec S60P. S62P. Panasonic KX-P4455.
DeskJets - HP DeskJet 500 Colour and DRIVERS When installing the program
- made easy with the now- standard Commodore Install program -
you are quizzed on your type of printer.
Decisions here will determine which driver and preference program get copied onto your system - dot matrix, laser or ink jet. Rather than make an overly complicated, the Wolf has wisely decided to separate the program into different Dot Malm - Most 24 48 prim those irom: Oki Citizen Epson. Fujitsu.
Panasonic. Nec and Star (including the SJ-48).
Unfortunately a driver lor the Canon BJ program can still be used - albeit with reduced features - with other drivers.
On. Ol th. Rm* pttowr drtvw i *IW2 U.U f»l Imril.in C y| 1 yj I vll Hlrtir _J Tiiwht 15] CwfBS 0 Iml K3 5»rt I Jib CM 0 main I irxit Pin 0 nmm I M't n Sfcujie a J i!» J ib I il*J 5b J Bifictcof 01 lMit Ci I pans tor different printers.
Using the driver is simplicity itself - just click on the normal Printer preferences program and select the new driver A new preference program will also appear in your Prefs drawer, and running it will show you how flexible your output options have suddenly become.
ClUrlw 01 Uwrifty liiliti 01 Hull Grumes leaf Control.?• (lutonizr Dither.,. £19* Size Control... | (ilor .. Inn I Almost every aspect of the output can be adjusted for optimum results, including image brightness, contrast, coiour weighting and compensation and also Gamma correction, the ability to re map the image brightness levels STUDIO PART TWO The second half of the package is a standalone program dedicated to printing pictures, regard less of size, resolution or colour depth. The images are taken directly from disk, so even if the image you want to print is several megabytes, you'll
still succeed in getting a pic ture. The size is up to you. From postage stamp to wall-filling poster The ability of Studio s drivers to work with 24 bit colour and 8 bit grey is a real improvement over the standard drivers, which offered only 16 grey levels and 4096 colours Of course, mono pnnters will display the image in shades of grey, but you can use a mono printer to create colour separations which a local print shop can re-combme into colour Swapping the ribbons or cartridges of your printer with coloured ones will also generate colour images. The hard part is lining up the page
perfectly for each pass Studio also has the option to spool the pictures to be printed, so you can set up your pages and then go and do something a lot more useful than watching a pnnt head move from left to right Arexx is supported, so integrating the program with your existing software is possible For example, by means of the pubkc screen option. Studio can pop up on the same screen as your DTP program and control printing from there.
If you’re disappointed with the printed output you normaHy get from Amiga programs, you should get hold of Studio now The dnvers are fast and efficient, and the control software beautifully makes use of the enhanced WB 2 environment and any faster processors fitted. Even the manual is one of the clearest I've seen. If you are thinking about getting an HP500C then let this help you decide. ® CU AMIGA PRODUCT TEST Not normally known as one to dither, John Kennedy wonders if he’s found the ultimate printer utility.
Studio Printer Software JAM £49.99 500 d 500. M 600 Ql 1200 01 1500 ft 2000 III 3000 Q 4000 1SI JAM, 75 OREATFIELDS DRIVE, UXBRIDGE. UBS 3DM. TEL: 0895 274449 EASEOFUSt ??????????MX Printers are usually nothing txt Hassle Out installing and using Studm eras the easiest hung t Man day VALUE FOR MONEY ??????????«!% Large amounts ot Quality tor small amounts ot cash I aoome EFFECTIVENESS ********** 9354 Although me results Oepend on the printer used, nith Studio you can he sute you 're malting the most otnhat you'vegot FLEXIBILITY ??????????8054 Reguites at least tMD and WoitDench 20 ot
better INNOVATION ??????????*754 It's not the tirst. Hut it's detmitety the cheapest t You need this software if you own a printer 1iMb AMIGA 500plus SOFTWARE PACK WITH THE AMIGA 500, 600 or 1200 FROM SILICA WUWm* I PACK: i Oft BASIC ,3.5- 4 JP3«iB ssxs**61 'a” nu$ -
- V La j : .W r‘,i • ounrruj baiuto"** SOFTWARE PACK
Year FREE with every A
500. 600 c* 1200 purchased al normal Saca pnces BOO.
' rocah«axWc*SaK‘-1*.-tnp& ikirp-li»» snWER
fcoUftrdMYHi-inlKnaM .
RhBAUCRJAIIS •nfc«ar0)W*C- ,w s„r TtUNSWBITE enei nr) pnnaa |UK| nrtiiO"* H cfKMr Pla. Attr «*wy Cenoat OaukS, wrrnriTnvFo «CO«aiMMMIgMffi _ "° t" 0«" E£&2£3 £26i We are pleased to offer the 1m* RAM Amiga 500plus Standalone for only E199. The lowest EvtR price for an Amiga! PLUS! When you buy il from Silica we will give you a FREE ZOOL PACK - worth over E125!
(CDTlf CDTV ADD-ON VJ rasB FOR THE AMIGA 500 BUILT-IN 18-KEY NUMERIC KEYPAD !li mm I IjwJG liMHj 1 1 1Mb Amiga 500plus + ZOOL PACK Enables yxr Am$ a to urn CDTV sotows Pays iffma audc CD Oiks Swagi catedy axel» 600 tope, dais Irnemai RAM expansion opbon » -, s»i TranVer nme 163Koseetnd i Compatbte aiti CO . G ard CO .
• CompaoNi ¦* CO-ROM nou»y uandM ISO9M0 Cones ¦» C0PD cotodkm «
Sim Oty FREE Irom Sftca 2mi RAM VERSION A500*w ? ZOOL PACK
r-i-HZ Star* ifi 5
I ytv AMIfct1200 “ 99 Amiga ' now.
I the con- 8 ister pro- f the out getting MU'I 1200 Q sooo WA
114. l9wi’ ClOCk Sport '32-M Archiitcture 'at*.Chip RAM Standard
'Air.gaD0S.3 0 AACIkpSHIOi Enhanced Graphcs ' 16 Mllloi
Colours 2-256 000 Colours on Screen
• 1«, A600 - Moose. 3S‘ Drive. £299 99 TV McOulawr. Smart Card
• DELUXE PANT HI • Graphcs & Anmatcn £7999
• MICROPROSE GRAND PRIX • Racng Sim £34 99
• SILLY PUTTY • PhabW Arcade Game £2599
• PUSH OVER • Game ol Puzzles £25.99 »FREE Frcm Sica (see
lop left) £267 87 _total Pick Value £734.82 1 YEAR AT I Less
Pa* Saving £435.82 HOME WARRANTY | Silica Price £299.00 ROME
Role Phying Advenhjre £2599 MYTH- SlopHeSpeadolEv* £1999
TRIVIAL PURSUIT • PcpuW Quz £29 99 FREE From Siica (see lop
leR).. £267 87 Total Pack Value £872.82 , year AT ) Lesa Pa*
Saving £473.82 HOME WARRANTY Silica Price £399.00 d*sk space
GVPs FaaasPrt© software
• Marual Ccm(4eie long ut ixludad Fitting service avalaWe Two
year hard dm* WatMty_ NC VAT Rel AMC 0799 AMC 0649 RAM 0570 i
FREE OVERNIGHT OELIVERY: On at hardware orders shipped n the UK
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your service s*o-9 ~o*i *¦ «» u» «?« ifne* ¦ aw* tnww »u
irmally match competitors on a ‘Same product - Same pnee' Mss
SIDCUP SHOP: 1-4 The Mews. Hathertey Rd. Sidcup. Kent. DA14 4DX
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computer sales Cwe Hew Mm-su mww&anaa_ua asm, ¦ _r.. t*»
cei-are wit 'ER (with 60 atatt): Solid, reiatXe and profitable.
ESSEX SHOP ' 1 LA Tel: 0702 468039 ON * GOVERNMENT: Volume
discounts available 081-308 0888 *¦” “m*" sau- axr ¦:SM9
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Llolinn »«v ••-••mnn M r. I i C SILICA SYSTEMS OFFER YOU
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you acodo when to buy your new Amiga corrt iaer. We suggest you
think very caretuty about WHERE you buy it. Consider what it
wit be Ike n tow months after txiymg your Amiga, when you may
require addhonai peripherals ix software, or help and advce
with your new purchase And will the company you buy trom
contact you with details ot now products’ At Siica Systems, we
ensure mat you w« have rotting to worry about We have been
established tor aVnost 14 years and. **ei ot* tnmaied
experience and expertise we can now claim to moot our customers
requirements with an txiderstandirn which is second to none But
don’t |U6t take our word for il Compsete and return the cotoon
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Postcode: Tel (Home) Tel (Work) Which computer(s). It any. Do
you own? . m cmrq* - Hrau
r*tim »¦ «•* 3 96 PAG V TIPS BO Of ISSUE 138 " V jFggl
MEGADRIVE MASTER SYSTEM If you have an A1200, chances are you are only using half its potential. John Kennedy checks out two of the very first A1200 peripherals.
A1200 Peripherals MBX1200 MBX 1200 PRICE UST 14MHz 25MHz Omt) £139.95 £199.95 1Mb £207.13 £267.13 2Mb £266.89 £326.89 4Mb £356.19 £416.19 8Mb £559.90 £619.90 Once the novelty ot using the excellent Workbench 3 environment has worn off and you start using your A1200 for some serious computing, you may be in for a shock. Although advertised as a full 32-bit power-house of a machine, Commodore's new home computer has a few minus points, not least that it runs at almost half its possible speed.
This is mostly due to the fact that its 2Mb basic memory is totally given over to Graphics memory, and also because adding a maths co-processor is practically impossible.
As ever, what Commodore fail to provide, the third party manufacturers are only too glad to offer.
The first to make a splash was the MBX1200 from Microbotics, a combined co-processor and memory expansion.
TECH SPEC The MBX1200 comes with a choice of memory configuration and maths co-processor. As the maths co-processor (Floating Point Unit) seems to be compulsory, unless you plan to make extensive use of image rendering, ray tracing and morphing packages you would be advised to get the simplest FPU available - a 14MHz 68881.
Faster 68881s and 68882s won't make as much difference as the addition of any FPU in the first place. If you plan to use your A1200 in a situation where processing time is a prime factor, a 68882 will run at least five per cent faster. Upgrading the FPU after purchase is possible, and a spare socket on the board is available if a faster clock crystal is required.
FITTING SIMMs being what they are, I would go so far as trusting my mother to fit one to the MBX board. If you buy your MBX and memory together, you probably won't even need to ask her, as the dealer will have already fitted it.
Inserting the MBX1200 is a different matter entirely, but it still only involves turning the machine upside down, opening the trapdoor with a five pence piece and spending 15 minutes edging the card into place. If you have a weak heart any dealer worth his salt will be able to fit the board while you wait.
Replacing the plastic hatch and switching on will result in nothing more exciting than a large number appearing beside other mem' in the Workbench title bar. Everything else will appear as normal - except, of course, when you begin to use your favourite DTP or graphics program.
The MBXI200 comes In a vsriely of configurations.
There are fwo FPUs to choose from (68881 at 14 Mhz or 68882 running at 2S Mhz), and H can hold 0.1. 2,4 or 8Mb ot RAM.
MEMORY Purely as a memory expansion, the MBX may seem a bit pricey . It’s also extremely limited in that it only offers one SIMM slot. This means that you can t expand memory in increments as funds allow, rather you buy a 1Mb, 2Mb, 4Mb or 8Mb SIMM, and junk it when you want to upgrade. As the memory added to the MBX is fully auto-configunng 32 bit Fast Ram its speed is almost legendary. Any memory added here will almost double the speed of the A1200 when non-games software is used, although programs such as Grand Prix and some flight sims also show an immediate improvement.
If you already own an A1200, buying an MBX populated with as much memory as you can afford will certainly answer your processing needs for a considerable time to come. Add a hard drive and you have a system which offers exceptional power at very reasonable cost.
EASE OF USE ??????????64% Quite hard to tit into the trapdoor VALUE FOR MONEY ??????????71% Quite expensive. An option on the FPU would help EFFECTIVENESS ??????????87% Instant increase tor all non-games software Most 3D games speed up too FLEXIBILITY ??????????52% Although it enables RAM and co processor expansion, no further expansion is possible.
INNOVATION ??????????83% The lirst. But probably not the last, uselul expansion tor the At200 A500 9 A500+H A600 9 A1200 WA A1500 9 A2000H A3000 Ki A4000 VA DIAMOND COMPUTERS, 84 LODGE ROAD, SOUTHAMPTON, SOI 2QS. TEL: 0703 232669 (Doubles the speed of the A1200
- at a price. Limited in its 53E overall expansion.
Techrtophiles can complain all They like that the IDE hard dnve interlace is rubbish compared to SCSI, but they can't change the tact that for the first time entry-level Amigas are appearing with hard dnve interfaces as standard.
The A600 caused a stir with its integral interface, and the A1200 carnes on the tradition. To transform your machine into a workstation, you just need to buy a hard drive and cable and plug them in - no other hardware is required A1200 IDE DRIVES TINY The drives themselves are minute 2.5 inch mechanisms - that measurement is the size of the internal disk platter. The height is less than an inch, and they can easily fit inside the At 200's diminutive case with room to spare.
If you opt to fit the dnve yourself, you'll find that your official on site warranty from Commodore will evaporate when you remove the Amiga s top JARGON BUSTERS
• 16 32 BIT - A measure ol the way in which memory can be
accessed 32 bit memory can be used twice as quickly as 16 bit
• CPU - Central Processing Uait. On tbe A1200. It s a Motorola
66020 running at 14-and-a-bit MH;
• FPU (Maths co processor) - A special chip which works with an
68020 or 68030 to speed up mathematical operations. The two
chips available are the Motorola 68881 and the 68882. The
latter Is slightly taster.
• IDE - An up till now PC-only standard lor hard drives.
• SCSI - Small Computer Systems Interface A faster and more
powerful interface lor hard drives and other penpher- als.
Allowing up to seven devices to be chained
• PARTITION - A single hard drive can be split Into different
sections called partitions. These sections appear to the
computer to be separate drives.
Cover. This needn't be a worry, as it's instantly replaced with a back-to-base warranty offered by the dealer you bought the dnve from The design is very tned and tested having been used in portable Pcs. So it is quite unlikely that you will find the drive itself is defective The entire fitting operation takes less time than it does to fit an MBX1200 memory expansion. First you remove the screws around the bottom of the casing, then you lift the lid off Attach the small cable, screw m the fixing bolts and replace the lid When you power up. You'll notice three things First, your Amiga now
sounds like a fndge as the drive starts to whirr. Secondly the up-to-now unused hard drive LED on the keyboard starts to flash and thirdly, you've never seen Workbench load so quickly.
IN USE The Amiga s operating system is so powerful and geared towards hard drive use that your productivity levels will soar Operations that would have taken a whole day can be achieved in half an hour.
Choosing the size of your drive is tricky. It’s generally reckoned that 20Mb is far too small - after all. Most of us have more than 20 floppy disks 40Mb is gening there, but 60Mb or 80Mb is a good starting figure If m doubt, get a bigger one.
Booting with both mouse buttons held down will present you with the special Kickstart menu options. From here it's possible to disable the hard drive, and although it will still do its fridge imper- sonallon it won't be available for use. Having a hard drive may otherwise cause a problem with some games software, but then again, so does havmgan A1200... SPEED Unlike SCSI, the IDE standard is geared towards PC compatibles and is therefore only 16 bits wide The drive wasn’t the quickest I've ever seen, but it was only about 20 per cent slower than my GVP A500-HD2. To be honest the speed decrease
went unnoticed until I ran the speed testing software Taking the faster chips in the A1200 THE PROS AND CONS OF GRAPHICS MEMORY Amiga memory is split into two types: Chip Ram and Fast Ram These are given Ihe names ol Graphics and Other mem at the top ot a Workbench 2 or 3 screen.
What makes the Amiga technically more advanced than other computers are the custom chips which handle graph ics and sound These chips wort together with the CPU. Htf both need to be able to access the memory in which the sound, graphics and general program data are stored Memory which is shared between the two systems is called Chip Ram. The custom chips always get priority to Chip Ram. As their operations are usually time-critical Therelore the CPU can expect to be occasionally locked 0*1 Irom Chip Ram. Which will obviously slow it down slightly Fast Ram can only be accessed by the CPU - the
cus tom chips can never touch it Thus programs stored here will run as last as the CPU cm manage or at least until some sound and. Or graphic operations are needed Most action games are tied completely to the speed of the screen update, and so the addition ol Fast Ram will be completely inconsequential to them However, a program such as a ray tracer or a game with lots ot 30 calculations will benelit Irom Fast Ram - In some cases running at lott twice as last tnto account, most operations seemed a lot quicker, even it ttiey actually weren’t The special hard drive installation software is I
still a grey area, and probably will be until Commodore start selling A1200HD units. Luckily I Ihe A4000 software seems to do the trick - in laa I it was a tweaked A4000 disk that Commodore sent to us.
The disk contained the installation software and a hard drive tool kit and backup program Most dealers will already have performed the installation process, but the extra software is use- I lul if you need to alter the number ot partitions on I your drive. Usually Ihe dnve is lormated with a I small panition containing the actual system soft- ¦ ware (Workbench) and a much larger one lor all your applications » DIAMOND £179 299 500 i3 500. 13 60013 At200 WA 1500 13 2000 13 3000 13 4000 13 DIAMOND COMPUTERS, 84 LODOE ROAD, SOUTHAMPTON, SOI 2QS. TEL: 0703 232669 VALUE FOR MONEY
??????????•!% As they come Irom the PC worn, the drives tend to be Once you use a hard disk you’ll never go back to flop- _ pies again. J J*L Diamond Buy With Confidence Reason* To Be Cheerful, Part 10
1. Diamond shops are strategically based within major cities and
not on expensive Industrial parks. The majority of our shops
are owned by Diamond so overheads can be kept to a minimum,
hence guaranteeing you the best prices.
2. Diamond have over 100 staff, with over 50 trained sales people
and dedicated engineers In every shop.
3. Diamond having retail shops allows you to see and evaluate any
merchandbe before you make your pirchase.
4. Diamond are always easy to contact, we have 50 telephone sales
lines. 16 fax machines & a separate Direct Man Order Service
5. Diamond have a full Customer Service Dept, at head office In
Southampton wfVch has been quoted In the press as "the envy ot
the computer retail market.1
6. Diamond are Northern Europes leading Amiga dealer.
7. Diamond have In excess of 3000 product lines In every store at
any one time.
8. Diamond offer technical support six days a week & are regarded
as Amiga experts.
9. Diamond Prices are unbeatable and that is guaranteed with our
Price Pledge which promises to match any other dealers price.
10. DlanonO philosophy works, in a recent Independent survey it
was shown that 9 out of 10 customers preferred to buy trom a
locd source. Diamond promise that during 1993 we will
continue to expand to bring us even closet to you.
BBC TV. MOD. British Telecom. GEC.
British Aerospace. Rolls Royce, Shell (UK). HM Prisons. National Health Service RACAL. Granada TV.
The Open University. Philips. Plessy.
British Steel. Barclays Bank.
The Royal Air Force & Royal Navy.
Vosper Thornycroft UK. Mobil North Sea Oil. The Scottish Office. Scottish Nuclear Fuel. Britsh Coal. British Rail.
Thorn EMI. HM Customs & Excise.
News International (The Sun. The Times etc.) and not to mention 27 local county councils & many many many more.
For Branch Details see Last Page Ot This Advert NEW VIDEO EDITING SYSTEM FROM V3I V330+ only £1291.33 FREE Cpt.DIAMOND SOFTWARE CLUB MEMBERSHIP WITH EVERY PURCHASE OVER £100 Limited otler until March 10th OR COMPLETE VIDEO EDITING SYSTEM V330, Amiga 1200 with 60Mb HDD Scala, D-Palnt IV AGA Version £1995 1 Mb W 1Mb o o -o a o mmmm E ram pack ram Basic A600 only £239.95 Captain Diamond's upgraded A600 pocks using the superb 2.5’ Quantum Drives as used In most notebooks A600 with 40Mb Quantum only £349.95 inc vat Or with 8833 Mk II Monitor ?Turbo Challenge II Promotion * leod ADD £209 Inc vat
12 month on site warranty Add £44.95 for 1 Mb extra RAM A 600 a Hard Disk see opposite Hard Dttk repairs: 12 month* retun to base_ CAPTAIN DIAMOND S AMAZING HARD DISKS 40Mb HARD DISK FOR THE A600 & A1200 ONLY £149.95 ADD £4.95 FOR AMIGA 1200 CABLE ADD £9.95 FOR AMIGA 600 CABLE For fitting by a Diamond engineer please add a further £49.95 to the purchase price.
If you wish lo fit your own Hard Disk please be warned, opening up your own Amiga may Invalidate your guarantee.
60Mb only £174.95 inc vat 80Mb only £229.95 inc vat 130Mb only £349.95 Inc vat 170Mb only £459.95 Inc vat 200Mb only £549.95 inc vat fev Al Hard Disks are 12 Months retun to base warranty Lotus 2 is not compatible with Ihe Amiga 1200 2Mb 'WFr 2Mb RAM pack ram AMIGA 1200 only £358.95 (Limited Stock 200 only .then £389.95) AMIGA 1200 ZOOL PACK featuring Zool,Pinball Dreams Transwrite & Striker only £378.95 inc vat (Limited Stock 200 only, then £408.95) 12 MONTHS ON SITE WARRANTY Or with 8833 Mk II Monitor ?Turbo Challenge II Promotion ?lead Add £209.00 Inc vat
v. We cannot be beaten ffk on price A1200 Memory Upgrade &
Accelerator MBX Board (0k Ram Expandable to Smb) 68881 14MHz
OkMb « £139.95 1Mb-£207.13 2Mb - £266.89 4Mb-£356.19 8Mb -
£559.90 68882 25MHz OkMb-£199.95 1Mb-£267.13 2Mb - £326.89
4Mb-£416.19 8Mb = £619.90 Includes Maths Co-Processor v Hard
Dtokt at* 12 Monttn v-a return to Ba»e warranty 2Mb y F 2Mb 3
Q Q ro o o ram pack ram NEW AMIGA 1200 Ultimate Hard Disk
pack with 40Mb HARD DISK - £529.95 with 60Mb HARD DISK -
£574.95 With 80Mb HARD DISK » £614.95 With 130Mb HARD DISK -
£739.95 With 170Mb HARD DISK - £349.95 With 200Mb HARD DISK -
£939.95 (These prices are for the 1st 200 customers only, then
add £30 to price) 12 Months return to base warranty With 8833
Mk II Monitor odd £209 We recommend you invest In a 80Mb Hard
Disk instead of a 20Mb. Many gomes are growing in memory size.
Workbench - 2Mb Monkey Island II Game - 8Mb That equate 172
you hard disk gone Who says size doesn t matter?
O o o Workbench 2 - 25MHz - 2Mb Fast RAM 2Mb Chip RAM - 3.5' Floppy 105Mb Hard Drive only an incredible £1349.95 £1049.95 (52Mb Version) A3000 Memory Price = £129.95 per 4Mb RAM o CO k The NEW Adventures Of CAPTAIN DIAMOND Latest 25MHz 68040 CPU - 32Bit Architecture Built in Maths Co-Processor - 2Mb Chip RAM 4Mb Fast RAM (Expandable to 14Mb)- Amiga DOS Version 3 New AGA Graphics Chip Set. 120Mb H Disk £1999.95 A4000 32bit Memory - £159.95 120Mb HD 2 ? 10Mb- £2149.95 240Mb HD 2 ? 10Mb - £2249.95_
p. PQ-ESS- CQKlPgfe.tL.MCET (co.rwchi eorroCi o**c£.)
Whwevee the ccsr, M )2 T HAVE MIM It WU. I CFFi S N THIS TTME is THAT WILL BE Signing jiorw ixmwt i PffL.. IS THE BEST 1' MAC.A24AJE, ftttWO.. . Xu ftOHAT’s ColNC, 0*1 ,
r. APTftirv.7 OOHS O vofvjtf iQ MEMORY UPGRADES New Smart Card
memory upgrode (A600) 2Mb only C 29 4Mb only $ 169 DIAMOND'S
A600 A1200 MEMORY CARDS Small Compact Crettt Card Sae P-SEUDO
SRAM Card 0.1. Power Consurptlon 2Mb Memory Upgrode $ 99.95 4Mb
Memory Upgrode $ 169.95 New 2.04 Official Upgrode with manuals
& ROM only $ 79.95 A500 Plus 1 Mb Expansion $ 39.95 New A600 1
Mb Expansion $ 54.95 Supra 500RX 2Mb E«pan(£C0 500.) $ 13995
512KRAM Expansion. Clock(500) $ 34.95 Above without dock $ 29.95
1,6Mb Mb Expansion (Not Plus) $ 79.95 1Mb Expansion with
Thru-Port (500) $ 49.95 8Mb RAM Boaid tor A1500 or 2000 Aiies
Board 0Mb $ 79.95 For eoch 2Mb RAM odd $ 56.00 £3.50 £3.50
£34.99 £159.95 £59.95 £49.95 £549.90 £57.60 MAIL ORDER
4259 £299.00 £49.95 GRAPHICS 8t VIDEO New ICO Flicker llxer
$ 209 GVP Impact Vision 24 Bit Cord (1500 2000 3000) irom $ 1550
DCTV (Pol Version) $ 44000 Rocgen $ 89.95 Rocgen. $ 124.95
Rendale8802 $ 119.95 Rendde 8806 RGB $ 49900 Commodore 2300 Int
$ 99.00 G2 $ 57500 G2* $ 99900 Video Pilot V330 (Video Editing)
$ 129133 Philips Editing System $ 399.00 A VIDEO 24 24« IJKxXKh
lor Ihe A500 leftneoncoexf tnmebUTw. $ 589.00 NEW 24 BIT OPAL
CARD 24Citcoiotr 108 melon cdern FiS .giBiMtLfitia raa_ AU15A
AMO UABD BBIVE5- GVP HD8» 42Mb Quantum $ 299.95 GVP HD8* 80Mb
Quantum $ 377.00 GVP COMBO ACCELERATOR FOR A500 GVP A530* 80Mb
Quantum $ 755.95 ASM Combo 40Mu . 120Mb H D $ 849.95 ASM Combo
40Mhr. 20CMb H D $ 918.00 66882 Co-Processor 141 lot A5M
$ 200.99 GVP MEMORY RAM MODULES Series II RAM 8 RAM Card for
Amiga 1500 2000 with 2Mb $ 148.99 32 b4 60ns I Mb SIMM tor
Accelerator Cards (A530.G FORCE) $ 63.99 32 b4 60ns 4Mb SIMM
(A530 - G FORCE)_$ 176 99 iRNAL DRIVE KIT Replacement A500
Internal 3.5‘ drive kit. Futy con-potable with 1Mb unformatted
Comes with easy to fo»ow guide £59.95 MICE New Robcahft. Auto sereng Joystick Mouse switch bo* £13.95 Prlmax Mouse £14.95 Techno Mouse (With free Thunder hawk or Mystery Game) £ 19.99 Naksha Upgrode Mouse £22.95 RACKBALL One hood control unit, after using this you will never want a mouse ogain £29.95 LEADS ft ADAPTORS Nui Modem Cable Amga to Amiga Lead £14.99 Four Player Adaptor £4.95 Amga to Sony TV lead £14.95 CONTROL CENTRE Turn you Amiga into the ultimate hi-tech intergrated workstation environment.
600 - £24.99 1200-£39.99 POWER SUPPLY Commodore A500A600PSU with the switch mode (£10 OFF withP X) £49.95 SOUND EXTRAS Anvga Sound Enhancer £35.99 Stereo Speakers £39.95 EMULATORS Golden Gate 386-20 for 1500 2000 £349.00 Golden Gate 486SX25.1500 2 3 4000 £749.00 GVP 16MHz PC-266 1500 2000 £137.99 '-OVERS A600 500 1200 i2 91. Each 4X256KDRAMS fc* A5WS etc IX1MB DftAMS For 8up Supra 1 *9MbSMMS CNEXUS G VP Roc hard) 4*9Mb SMMS For GVP etc DISK DRIVES AMIGA Internal CDTV drive RocHte Slimline no cick ft Vrui protec»on Diamond Amiga Drive New flop tlccri Drive 21Mb disk SYQUEST DRIVE
Removeablecart. 44Mb 20ms CONTROLLER for above odd ROM SWITCHER Now Available
1. 3 2.04 ROM Switcher
SHOP £9.95 £29.95 £39.95 MONITORS KBONH&rai 1 Philips 8833Mkll
+Turbo Challenge II SALE PRICE ONLY £199.
_ _ Add £9.95 for you connecting lead Philips 14-SVGA morvtot. For A3000 or A40CO wilh stereo speokers $ 292.58 |CBM I960 Multisync Mon4or GVP HARD DRIVES ACCELERATORS Now wflh a Fa*-modem you can ftr* strait into buleftn boards for the late«t Info, or use you Amiga as a fa* to send recefve hard copy.
Diamond Dynalink Pocket Modem The Amiga Modem has a 9600 baud In send recerve mode (Can be a fa* using GP S W) £149.95 External (Via serial port) 9600Bps send receive Fa* ? 14400Bps data modem. CCITT V .21. V.22 V 22B*s V 32 with V.42.V.42B* MNP 2-5 £249.95 SUPRA MODEMS Supra- Fax modem V.32 (14400 baud) £258 Heavy Duty Prma Power Supply for obove £10 when ordering the obove Fax-Modern.
Supra-Fax Plus (9600 baud) £128 Supra 2400 (external) £74 Supra Modem (Internal) £133 Turn your Amiga Into a Fax Machine wtth GP Fax Software only £49.95 when buying any of the obove Modems £69.95 separately.
AMIGA 1500 2000 HARD DRIVE Impact Series IIHC8* Control Caid only $ 123.99 GVP HC8 . 42Mb Quantum lor 2000 $ 282 95 GVP HC8. 80Mb Quantum for 2000 $ 329 95 Impact Series IIHC8* & 240Mb Hard drive $ 638.99 Impact Series IIHC8* & 420Mb Hord drive $ 1038.99 GVP Impact Vision 24 84 Card $ 149900 AMIGA 1500 2000 ACCELERATOR CARDS G-Force 030-25MHz w4h I Mb 32-B4 RAM $ 469.99 G-Force 03040MHz wrth 4Mb 32-84 RAM $ 755.99 G-Force 030-50MHZ wrth 4Mb 32-84 RAM $ 1038 99 G-Force 040-28MHz wrth 2Nto 32-84 RAM $ 1415.99 FLOPTICAL DRIVE $ 549.90 (21Mb disk $ 57.60) Philips 8833 Mkll Monitor with Turbo Challenge
ll.S199.95 . Free (19 Stealth Fighter Id the Hist 500 cuilomets Add £9.95 lor connecting lead Roclite Drive wrth Anti click Virus £59.95 DIAMOND MODEMS DIAMOND ARE THE No 1 DEDICATED GAMES CENTRE IN BASEMENT FOR ALL THE TOP GAMES AT OUR TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD BRANCH Wolf Chdd £5 Thunder Howk £5 Live & Let Ole £5 Bek Dangerous £5 Trivial Pursuit £5 Snutrrep. »:tk Cate £5 Data Storm £5 Kid Gloves £5 Corporation £5 teenage Titles £5 Gcrrshrp £5 Asterix £5 Drivin’ Force £5 On SI ought £5 Rock 'N' Roll £5 E-Motion £5 Predator £5 Monty Pythons £5 Predator 2 £5 Codover £5 Back to th Future III £5
M. Reids Pop Quiz £5 Chess Player 2160 £5 Torvak the Warrior £5
Pipe Mania £5 F-19 £5 Dungeon Quest £5 Tower of 8oDel £5 Power
Play £5 Carv-Up £5 Lrre Of Fire £5 Gazza II £5 Grand Monster
ONLY £20.99 ZOOL ONLY SI 5.6?
TRANSWRITE. WORDPRO £29.95 COMPLETE OR £15.00 EACH CLUB MEMBERS PRICE ONLY (Prices are alteody discounted) CLUB MEMBER SPECIAL Why not join Captain Diamonds Discount Club and save a fortune on all your games Personal callers only Normal saving off RRP 25% Why bother with on expensive Hard disk for your A500, when you can get an incredible part exchange deal.
For example, if you were considering buying a 42Mb GVP Hard Disk for your A500 It would cost you £299.95. why not think about a part exchange deal instead. You could P X your A500 for £75 against the amazing A1200 with a 40Mb Hard Disk already built in and then you would only effectively have to pay another £155 on top of the £299.95 you were already going to pay.
Giving you a total of only £454.95 for the very latest in technology from Amiga.
YOU KNOW A PART EXCHANGE MAKES SENSE Allowance against A1200 CDTV £25 Allowance on A3000 against A4000 A3000 with 52Mb HDD £250 A3000 with 105Mb HDD £350 A600 £50 A500 £75 A1500 £75 A2000 £75 To guarantee these prices, systems must be In good working order and boxed with original manuals, it not subject to managers discretion a lower price may be offered CAPTAIN DIAMOND S SECOND HAND CENTRE Normal Price is £10 per year BUT FOR THE 1st 1000 CUSTOMERS ITS Looking for a great machine at a great price, but not looking to spend much money? Then why not look at a second hand deal?
Great Second A3000 with 52Mb HDD £399 A3000 with 105Mb HDD £499 FREE Hand Deals CDTV £49.95 A600 £79.95 A500 £99.95 A1500 £99.95 A2000 £99.95 AS A CELEBRATION OF THE CAPTAIN'S 100,000th MEMBER JOINING HIS CLUB.
AND HIS 2 NEW SHOPS IN SLOUGH « PORTSMOUTH Obviously second hand machines are only available from previous trade-ins. Please check with your local branch for availability on all the above items.
All Machines come with a 3 Month Warranty You Can't Buy Printers Cheaper Than Diamond DOT MATRIX PRINTERS STAR LC20 STAR LC100 Colour £143.35 STAR LC 200 Colour £176.25 STAR LC 24 200 MONO £197.40 STAR LC 24 200 COL £244.40 STAR ZA 200 COL £309.03 STAR XB 24 200 COL £394.80 STAR XB 24 250 COL £459.43 INK JET PRINTERS HP DESKJET HP DESKJET COL £39833 HP DESKJET 550C £51230 CANON BJ10EX £191.53 CANON BJ200 £313.73 CANON BJ300 £363.08 CANON BJ330 £415.95 STAR BUY CANON BJ10SX £269.08 only £734.38 only £233.83 only £193.88 only £108.10 only £215.03 only £143.35 W2En Swift 4 C6L iuTsT NEW CITIZEN
SWIFT 200 P.O.A. CITIZEN SWIFT 240 COL £233.83 CITIZEN SWIFT 24X £284.35 CITIZEN SWIFT 24X COL £311.38 SEIKOSHASP1900* £108.10 SEIKOSHA 24C0 £133.95 SEIKOSHA SL92 £166.85 New Seiko6ha 24 Pin Col £182.13 COMING SOON, DIAMOND 24 PIN COLOUR PRINTER WITH DISK £19995 Oki 400 £527.57 NEW Oki OL410 1Mb inc. HP HIP Emulation £703.83 OKI LASER 810 £938.83 OKI LASER 830 Postscript 2Mb £938.83 NEW OKI OL 850. (Feature enhanced OL84Q) £1408.83 Oki 400 0.5Mb only £527.57
H. P. DESK JETS 500 Mono £314.90 500 Colour £398.33 550 Colour
£512.30 OTHER BARGAINS OF T MONTH HPLaserjetlllP Citizen Swift
240 Colour Panasonic KXP 2123 Col.
Epson LX 400 NEC P22 Star LC 100 Colour with 4Mb RAM * £1345.38 with 6Mb RAM ¦ £1462.88 2Mb Upgrade = £116.33 4Mb Upgrade - £233.83 PRINTER PERIPHERALS PARALLEL LEADS 2 way Switch Box £19.95 1 Mt £9.95 4 way Switch Box £29.95 1.8 Mt £14.95 Centronics Centronics Cable £ 14.95 2 Mt £16.95 PAPER 3 Mt £19.95 500 shtslOO gsm £7.95 5Mt £24.95 I000shts60gsm £9.95 10 Mt £29.95 1000shts90gsm £14.95 2C00 shts 60gsm £14.95 Printer starter kit: Includes paper, ribbon. Printer stand 81 cable £29.95 Printer Driver Disk £5.00 Dust cover £4.96 Printer Stand £7.95 Printers Inside Out Amiga Book £19.77
PRINTER TYPE BLKX2 BLK X6 :oiX2 COL X6 SEIKOSHA SI 1900 2400 SEIKOSHA SI90 CANNON IJI0EX HR DESKJET PANASONIC 2180 OKI 400 410 610 830 840 CITlZEN9 24* 200 224 240 BIX BIX BIX BlX Cd BCK COl BIX BU COL £15 98 £11.98 £43 98 £49.98 £15.98 £49.98 £11.98 £43 15 £32.36 £118 75 £134 95 £43.15 £13495 £235_ N A N A N A £49.98 £29.98 N A N A N A N A £134 95 £8095 N A WE lOkC VOO CA* TO»* , WC Op toe tout You CftPrmw , ME Do me L-C*e Van CafrAiW . «AJ£ oo oh . CnPmirv uie i_oue You 11!
Xo For your local Diamond branch details Dlease see last Daae of this advert is ceeet'-... 1 twinc i Cwr see e veev Mtww Furuac .. --- 1 ftow u a better price tor Ibe *"'* " rtoc* wttb c«e of 01* I* car«»e«lon wew«ma»chl. » jww iuMi crty to ontomert reV* t» mow. 01 o*ooih ¦o cortoemcn price* offered rt or flock cteaa.ce Me. Flea*e Wfl the cc.t *«to t den* wttb WW-e ccn
- vertfy aiy ck*n.
IBM Joystick to work with your Amiga £999 Advanced S Prog Guide 30 Graphic* Prog. Basic AMIGA Basic Inside ft Out Amiga C Advanced Prog.
Amiga C for Beginners Amiga DOS Inside ft Out Amiga Do* QiJck Ref lCWT«YMtgftrtt- AMIGA WORLD HEAD OFFICE In the basement ot 84 Lodge Rood 232 Tottenhdm Ct Rd Southdmpton Tel 0703 232777 FAX 0703 232 679 LondonW1 Tel 071 5804356 FAX 071580 4399 410 Both Rd Slough Tel 0628 604566 Fax 0628 668952 1022 Stockport Rd Manchester Tel 061 257 3999 FAX 061 257 3997 406 Ashley Road Poole Dorset Tel 0202 716226 FAX 0202 716160 144 Ferry Road Edinburgh Tel 031 554 3557 FAX 031 5542115 APPLICATION SOFTWARE I “I Graphics & Digitising Wordprocessing & DTP Deluxe Paint IV £59.99 Transwrite £19.99 Dtgi view
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-nlxxnssA .OQ Inct rvtno nf this odv Qft Jeff Walker discovers
the latest version of Softwood’s wordpro- so much more.
ore for form- e Ptus Arfe.
£228.99 flr.il Copy II, as its name suggests, is a word
• ¦processor dedicated to producing high quality ¦ printouts. It
contains all the basic text editing features expected of a word
processor - cut. Copy and paste; find and replace: rulers for
formatting ndwidual paragraphs, blocks of text or the wtx *e
document; and. Of course, a spelling checker and thesaurus It
is another m the recent spate of what like to be called Page
Publishers. A hall way house between a standard text processor
and a DTP package mors to.
I £123.99 £148.99 £278.99 evelop- orrme Llflftga.
JR .NCH £14.66 £9.05 £17.10 £9.75 £17.10 £17.10 £9.75 S17.1S NEWSLETTER COLUMNS Up lo six columns are supported should you want lo produce a newsletter type document, and graphics can be imporled - anything trom simple black-and- white IFFs up to 24-brt, including 256-colour and HAMS pictures. Graphics can either be saved as part ot the document, which is a better way to work with Hopples as it keeps all elements ot the document together in one tile, or just the link’ to the graphic can be saved (the path and filename), which makes lor smaller document sizes and is a handy way to work it you
have a library ot often-used graphics on your hard disk.
W e. lgto oe to Rudimentary an tools are provided tor drawing knes. Boxes and aliases, filled or unfilled Text can be made lo automatically now around the contours ot these graphics, or indeed imponed IFFs.
Graphics can be sized and positioned by mouse or by entering measurements and coordinates into a requester. There's even an 'an board - an area outside the actual page size on which graphics can be temporarily slored.
:2£T'"‘ ¦fea w-»a¦« n,' Gibr is'ifi aSsa, lot tn.nl How to cvet darling's ter. ’A’;;.*.::; a daw i n?
N'T!? S mm (til .
I fo [nglish .Mr- The new PostScript Type 1 support enables you to use the thousands of Ineapsnslve PD and shareware typefaces that a available In this I or mat This graphics suppon Is 75 per cent of the way towards what you would expect trom a lull blooded desktop publishing program.
Typeface support, likewise, is closer to DTP than word processing As well as Softwood's home-baked outline typeface support, PostScript Type 1 support has now been added. As there are thousands of inexpensive PD and shareware Type 1 typefaces available. Final Copy II Release 2) now has the most comprehensive typeface support of any Amiga word processor. The program even sports a style tagging system that is more powerful than that of the Professional Page DTP package, and there is macro support via Arexx should you want to wnte scripts that perform laborious or repetitive tasks Five
families of typeface (plain, italic, bold and bold italic) are provided m the SoftWood outline format, plus a Symbol typeface, making 21 typefaces in all.
Pnntmg is via preferences in the normal Amiga way. As Final Copy lluses nothing but outline type faces, everything is output as graphics, which takes longer than normal text printing, especially at the highest resolutions, but the results are always worth the wait. Mono and colour PostScript pnnting is catered for, and if a Type 1 typeface is used in a document it is automatically downloaded as part of the PostScript file CONCLUSION Final Copy is as dose to being a desktop publisher as a "word processor’ can dare to go In fact, in many areas it has replaced the normal word processuig way ol
doing things with the DTP way - witness the style tags, the drawing tools, and the optional coordinate system for graphics sizing and positioning The program has been criticised for being short on professional features like footnotes and index creation, but looking at the Arexx support I see no reason why these features, and many others, can't be implemented as Arexx macros. Perhaps Softwood's next move should be to include a library of such macros with the package, if only to compete in the
• features provided department with its biggest rival.
Eight levels of magnification are plenty lo see the smallest point sires end a general overview of your layout The Mend area lo tha right In this screenshot can be used aa an art board on which graphics can be stored temporarily JARGON BUSTERS
• Arexx - a macro language, derived irom Ren. Which ts used
primarily on the Amiga to interlace between different
• Style tagging - a system for automatically applying a common
set of test attributes (sin. Font, etc.) to multiple teit
items, sue SOFTWOOD £99.95 A600 WA A1200 tl A3000 VA A4000 WA
Settuy up me correct page sui VALUE FOR MONEY So dose to Pemg a
DTP package that it can only realty De compared with
PageSetter* which costs halt as nxti and is tat mote powerful,
though mote drthcuit to master EFFECTIVENESS ??????????§?%
Lacks some ot the mote powerful word processing features, hut
less is mote when it comes to teat rung the ropes FLEXIBILITY
??????????82% Can do anything trom simple texl-onty letters lo
many- paged multi-columned documents incorporating 24-bit
graphics INNOVATION ?¦?????? ????2% The tirst Amiga word
processor to support PostScript Type A word processor that
makes you want lo use II. J OVERALL 81 % For mosl school
children, music lessons are a bn ol a nightmare.
Generally, a (air bit of lime and a lot ol effort has to be pul in if you want lo develop an understanding of music theory and, for most children, this pan of music just isn't stimulating enough.
Musicolor Virgin s Musicolor (sic) looks set to change all that Packed into two compact discs, the program aims to teach children sight reading and singing, Ihe basic theory behind the construction and relationships between chords and composition using music shorthand. Phew' WHO'S INTERESTED?
What you might be wondeong at this poe* is how.
Exactly, are you going to get the target audience (seven years and older) interested in this side ot music? After aH. It's all very well smashing away on a xylophone or whacking a drum, but music theory?
Too much like homework, isn’t it? Not quite. Musicolor is based on a revolutionary teaching system developed by Candrta Tobin, designed to stimulate young mmds using suitable mnemonics and senple rules. By tackling the subject m a straightforward and entertaining way. The learning rate is greatly accelerated.
A lot of time was spent selecting the right voce for the package, too. Virgin Jdnt want someone who was too patronising, but then again they didn't want someone who didn't appeal to kids In the end who should they pck but one of my personal heroes - Derek Griffiths! Derek is well known for he work with children, through Play School and any number of Sunday morning children's programs.
The program is presented as a senes of 15 lessons, written to be played in sequence starting with basic terms and an introduction to the Tobin System, and then gently introducing chords, sheet music and note recognition. The proper terms are used nght from the start, so the child has plenty of time to get used to them, rather than use dressed-down versions initially and thus confuse the child later.
Each lesson is made up of a combination of demonstrations, interactive examples and tests. In the demonstrations, particular topics are explained in detail, but all the child can do is watch. An example of a demonstration is the first time the Composition screen is displayed. The narration describes what each button does, and an arrow on screen highlights the button No buttons at this point are operative GETTING INVOLVED Interactive examples are the true teaching part of the program Like the demonstrations, the narrative will explam how certain functions work, but this time the child can
experiment with the topic under examinaTHE TOBIN SYSTEM Candida Tobin s music teaching system, as used in Musicolor. Has been recognised as a revelation all over the world, winning her numerous awards and accolades The system works on simplt mnemonics - as music teaching always Has - but instead of using phrases such as Every Good Boy Deserves Football lo help you remember the stave sequence. Ihe Tobin system uses a mix ol colours and easy lo remember pictures, such as animals Using this system children can quickly grasp the basics of music giv tion If. For example, the child is doing a
lesson on pitch. And how the same note can be duplicated up and down a piano scale, there would be two buttons which would raise or lower the currently playing note by one octave This « how the child develops an understanding of some of the more difficult concepts Finally, there are a senes of tests which quiz the child on what they have leamt Generally, these win either ask you to perform a specific task, such as con struct a chord or name a senes of notes, or it will give you some multiple choice questions, where you have to dck on the bghtbut) with the correct answer Visually, the package
is geared to be simple. The screens contain only what is completely necessary. If a button isn't going to be used on a particular screen, then it isn't nduded. Leaving less chance of confusing the user There are no blocked options, no irreversible moves and no hidden functions Everything is instant With icons that look like the functions they perform and the informative soundtrack, there was no need for Virgin to include an instruction manual, so they didn't CONCLUSION Mustcokxts staggering Very, very easy to use. It uses the sort of learning process that teaches without you realising it is
happening. A very clever and worthwhile package © VIRGIN £49.99 AMIGA COTV COMPATIBLE WA VIRGIN GAMES, 338A LADBROKE GROVE, LONDON W1. TEL: 081 960 2253 EASE OF USE ??????????94% The tew necessary control icons ire so simple, the pack- age doesnt rove y need an tmtJm manual VALUE FOR MONEY A superbly priced product bearing in mmd you g two Cds tor your money, along wrth a whole pack ot related EFFECTIVENESS ????????? The system has already been proved to work, and Uustcokx uses tteta veryeHeHvewa, FLEXIBILITY ????????? it does all it proposes to do bull would have like tc ??????????93%
INNOVATION The only other si ot the COTVs capability j If you want to learn music.
There is no better way to start.
This Issson is dssUng wrth ton** while helping children lo Two notes ere pi»y d end you The CDTV and Derek Griffiths come together? Tony Dillon forgets about heavy metal for the moment and learns about real music.
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CREDIT CARDS WELCOME New Horizon Computers, High Hope, Leo,
Ross On Wye, Herefordshire HR9 71N. Tel: 0989 750260 Fax: 0989
0989 750337 Deluxe I Ce STKUCTlON SET 2.0 Way back in the
Amiga's Jurassic era, music packages were tew and tar between
In tact two programs ruled supreme: Sonix and Deluxe Music
Construction Set (DMCSl Although Sonix had much to recommend
it, DMCS stood proudly above the competition, and it still
hasn’t been beaten.
With his heart positively beating a tattoo of anticipation, Mat Broomfield visited Electronic Arts to see what has probably been the longest awaited sequel in computer software history.
It you're familiar with the Amiga music scene, you might be wondering how I could make such a bold statement after all. These days we are spoiled with packages such as OctaMED. Which lets you play eight internal samples at a time, or Bars and Pipes Pro, which has superb sequencing abilities.
DMCS eras never in direct competition with these: it titled into a niche which it created lor itself.
DMCS 2 is a traditional musical notation editor
- it lets you create music by arranging notes on a stave rather
than by playing in real-time or entering tunes as a sequence ol
numbers. This has several INSTRUMENT NAMES One feature that
really impressed me with Deluxe Music Construction Set 2 0 is
the way that Instrument names are used In the new program,
samples or MIOI inslruments will be assigned lo an instrument
name, and il Is this name that will appear In your wore lo
indicate that a particular For eiample supposing that you've
loaded in a piano sample, you may choose to attach it to an
instrument name ol Keyboard You can now move through your
score, specifying Ihe notes that should be played wilh Ihe
keyboard II you subsequently decide that you don't like Ihe
piano sample and would preler. Lor eiample. A MIOI harpsichord,
all that you need lo do is lo advantages - you can key in sheet
music by copy mg exactly whal appears on the sheet: traditional
notation gives a more visual impression ot the structure ol a
piece, allowing you to compose your own music more easily: and
your compositions can be printed as ready-to-play scores
LIMITATIONS Although DMCS could perform some rudimentary MIDI
functions, tunes were limiled lo eight staves which tended lo
make all but the simplest creations impossible Now, alter a
five-year gap. Electronic Arts have finally decided lo release
an updated version - but is II a case of loo little loo late?
Although It s not ye! Complete, this program s pedigree is immediately apparent The screen colours have been changed from a lurid peach, black and red combination to a much more tranquk mixture of blues and whites which are almost, but not quite, standard Workbench 2.0 colours. In keeping with this new trendy image, all of the buttons and gadgets are now three-dimensional, which makes a great difference enabling you to quickly identify which selections have been made The most important part ot this program is the stave window, where you will place Ihe notes onto name Keyboard and it will
replace your previous . . muniment An iiltliliim.il aitvanlaoe is that instiu- Th ‘•’“P procedure Km been unproved beyond recognition instrument an .mm lonai auvantage is mat mstru h can handle onB lo octeve iff samples. Raw sample, ments can now lie changed anywhere within a bar. „uch „ lhOM) u,Pd ln p,0„iM:Kei) and midi instruments Better stm.
Not lust at its Start Instruments can be changed at any point within a bar or song.
There ere numerous improvements on Ihe wey Ihel notes appear on Ihe staff, Including Improved lies and slurs and the ability lo perform extended note selection.
Es in Score The player piano Is still present, but now you can also use It to enter notes onto your i itrucHon S'”31 I creations ictronic fated e?
Jram’s een ?ach.
I tranquil ost. But . In Ihe but- lal, rou to i made.
I is the tes onto JARGON BUSTERS
• POLYPHONY - The maximum number ol notes available at one time.
? MIDI - Musical Instrument Digital Interlace.
• SAMPLED INSTRUMENT - A sound recorded and played back by the
Amiga's own hardware.
Individual staffs. This occupies the majority of the visible display and superficially has not been altered. However, one major improvement is the fact that the maximum number of staves has been increased from eight to 48! This means that MIDI users can not only output 48 notes at a time, but they can use a separate staff for each one. This improvement alone is enough to make the program worth buying as this was one of the original's few shortfalls. In fact the maximum level of MIDI polyphony is 48 notes spread over 16 channels.
KEYBOARD A miniature piano keyboard appears below the stave window.
In the original program this showed notes as they were played and it could also be used to try different notes before placing one of them onto a staff. Now notes can be entered into a score directly from this mini keyboard; just play the desired keys and the appropnate notes will appear on your score.
The new version of DMCS will contain additional expression marks and abbreviations, including a seven-note tie (septuplet), a double dot. Which increases the duration of a note by three quarters, an accent (sforzando), legato, leggiero and portato.
Of course, there's far more to the program than the relatively limited number of options contained in the tool window. There will be eight menus, each packed with options. Although many of these will be familiar to users of the original, the way that they're executed has been vastly improved. For example, when you select Set Instrument, an entire sub-window will open which allows you great control over both sampled and MIDI instruments.
The Set Instrument requester lets you specify the stereo position (pan), the tuning and transposition of all instruments.
The pan feature is useful because the old version of the program simply didn't make allowances for stereo output, and consequently notes were simply played out of the left and right sound channels randomly.
One particularly annoying notation restriction in the original package was the fact that it was impossible to define beams surrounding a rest. For example, if a piece of music contained a qua- g 20wih stlM ver, a rest and two more quavers, support a tun rang* the three quavers couldn’t be ol (« • beamed because the rest inter- ppp fered with the process. This fault (Pt*ni4i*»imo - has now been rectified. To Frr (Fortlaslsaimo MIDI SUPPORT stmt* MIDI support has been greatly enhanced, and although it isn't a group*, sequencer, it can accept realtime input from a MIDI device such as a
keyboard or guitar. It can also perform limited quantisation upon such input. These features weren't implemented in the version we saw, so they have to be taken on trust. However, they're not all that crucial.
DMCS is a notation package, not a sequencer; if you want extensive real-time input options you are more likely to buy Bars and Pipes. Deluxe Music can import standard MIDI files from other sequencers, so it's feasible to buy this package purely for notation editing or printing, and still use a dedicated sequencer for real-time composition.
Surprisingly, Deluxe Music Construction Set 2.0 only sports a couple ot major improvements over its predecessor, although these do make a huge difference. What really counts is that the program contains hundreds of minor (sometimes cosmetic) changes which between them prove that it's the sum of a program's parts that make the difference.
Electronic Arts apparently spent a long time performing extensive user research on the previous program to identify every possible shortfall.
Although the version I’ve seen is by no means complete, it is impressive, and I'm going to be at the head of the queue to buy my copy when it comes out.
EA have been releasing great software for so long that it’s hard not to get excited about a new release from them. Deluxe Music Construction Set
2. 0 looks as if it’s just going to confirm their position at
the very pinnacle of Amiga software development. « ONS Along
the lett-hand side ot Ihe screen there is a tool window
containing graphic representations ol the most frequently
used functions. In Ihe previous version ol DMCS. This
section was called the Note palette' and the two are
essentially the same.
At the top otthe tool window there are six icons and whenever one ol these is selected a new bank ol icons will appear that tills up Ihe remainder ol the window.
The most important ol these will doubtless be the editing icon: this is used to call up the actual notes that you can add to your score. The great news here is that the program now supports 64th notes (hemidemisemiqua- vers) and double notes (breves).
The addition ol these notes and their rests (particularly the 64th note) means that you can now enter more than 99.9 per cent of all written music using Ihe package.
The print requester on Dokixo Music Construction Sot 2.0 has bean updated and Improved so that you con now alter moat preference* without reluming to the Workbench prela program*. Tht* only confirms that the program la designed lor Instances where output Is Important.
Uidtk IlMtKl | I?lt» Hit*! TlMfeO I I I &¦*"« I P-tpn* Slit (? Igrot Iracti Jsl_ bill Siullt* 0 Inti I r»ir Iff! B fMfoll tMsily: I_| teitl B_ | jtu wrJl
• MIDI INSTRUMENT - An external sound source triggered by a
sequencer (the Amiga in this case).
• QUANTISATION - Corrects bad keyboard technique by pulling
recorded notes into time.
• NOTATION - Graphic representation ol music on a traditional
• IFF - A multi-purpose Amiga file format, which when used with
samples Includes loop points, replay rates and multiple
EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE A A I COMPUTER VIJ L SUPPLIES Supplier* of Distimnt Software since 19H4 Educational. Local Authority and government orders THE FUN SCHOOL RANGE The ADI series are aimed at being fun to use as well as being serious educational tool. Each package is specifically designed lo follow the National Curriculum for a particular school year ADI -Engksh 11 12 years 17 95 :;s ADI-Matns 11 1? Years 1795 ADI-Mil VIS vein 1796 mS-BS iSrtd years 1795 Aot-MMM 14715 y«n 17* ADI-Frentfi 11 12 years 1795 MM-French 12 13 years 1795 A0I - French 13 14 yem 17.95 ADI-Frtnchl4 15 years 17 95
Probably the best selling educational software lor the Amiga Fun School 3 and 4 also conform lo the National Curriculum Fun School 3 for Under 5 £15 95 Fun School 3 tor 5-7 years £15 95 Fun School 3 tor Over 7 £15 95 Fun School 4 tor Under 5 £15.95 Fun School 4 lor 5-7 years £1595 Fun School 4 tor Over 7 £15.95 quotation All goods subject to availability, prices sabiect lo ckaaqe wtthool notice EAOE Pnces include VAT and delivery by post. Courier delivery available on request. Please allow 5 days for cheque clearance.
TO OROER: Credit card orders can be place by calling the telephone number below - or send a cheques,POs made out to MJC Supplies lo: MJC SUPPLIES (CU). UnH 2 The Arches.
Icknteld Way. Letchworth. Herts SG61UJ.
Tel: (0462) 481166 (6 Lines) In response to consumer demand a range ot FUN SCHOOL SPECIALS nave been developed to help children with specific areas of learning Merlin's Maths £17.95 I Spelling Fair £17 95 Paint and Create £17.95 | £1895 £18 95 £18 95 £18 95 £18 95 £1895 £1895 Primary Maths Course (3-12 years) Micro Maths (GCSE Level) Micro French (GCSE Level) a wman (GCSE Level) wnce (GCSE Level) & Writing Course (3 y Micro English (GCSE Micro German (GCSE Micro Science Maths Cragons (5 to 12 years) £12 95 Cave Maze (8 to 13 years) £1295 Reasoning with Trolls (5 to 12 years) £12 95 Fraction
Goblins (8 to 13 years) £12 95 Picture Fractions (7 lo 10 years) £12 95 Tidy The House (5 to 9 years) £12.96 I Kosmos software produce a superb range ot educational software including the Answerback Out; programs and four foreion language aids as well as the hugely popular Maths Adventure Answerback Junior Quiz (6-11 years) £14 95 IA complete entertainment and learning package lor young children Contains 10 exerting programs which include a full Junior Ait package. Noddy s Paint Pot.
Post Office. Market Place and many more (1 Mbyte Required) MJC PRICE £11 96 Answer back Senior Quiz (12 to Adult) £ 14 95 Facttile Spelling (requires Junior Quiz) £7 95 Facttile Arithmetic (requires Junior Quiz) £7 95 French Mistress £14 95 German Master £14 95 Spanish Tutor £14 96 rtakan Tutor £1495 Mams Adventure £1795 AMIGA COMPUTERS AMIGA 600 - PRICE DROP?
Due to strong rumours that the retail price ol the Amiga 600 Computer is to be dropped, we are currently not accepting orders tor this product until we receive further information.
AMIGA SERIOUS SOFTWARE & HARDWARE Easy Amos - Simple but powerlui Amos VI .2 - The original language Amos Compiler Amos 3-D _ Features include Trainer Mode. Virus Detection. Burst Nibbler. Save Pictures and Music. Slow Motion. Disk Copy. Boot Selector. Diskcoder, Disk Monitor and many more excellent utilities MJC PRICE £54 95 An enhanced version ol the very popular Amos program Contains over 200 new commands 650 page The first tow cost 16 bit stereo sampler for the Amiga Contains an Editor. Midi Function Sequencer and Realtime Special Effects MJC PRICE £105 00 Great new integrated package
teaturmg a Word Processor.
Database. Spreadsheet. Graphics and Disc Utilities MJC PRICE £39 95 MISCELLANEOUS Vldi Amiga 12 is the latest low cost colour diQittser from Rombo RGB Splitter is budt m and colour images can be captured m less than a second Mono images are grabbed in real bme Features muto tasking software compos* or S-VHS input HAM. EMB and overscan MJC HIKEf79.«l_ 9 mm&m Pro Midi Interface Rombo Megamrx Master Rombo Taka 2 Final Copy 2 PageseHat 3_ R0MB0 RGB SPLITTER Hisoft Highspeed Pascal Hisoft Devpac 3 master to be aWe to - MJC PRICE £49 95 AMIGA 600 CONTROL CENTRE AMIGA ACCESSORIES & ADD-ONS ZYDEC
SECOND OISC DRIVE "Il ... H Great value replacement mouse MJC PRICE £ CALL Auto sensing joystick mouse switch box.
MJC PRICE £ CALL Further information on our Educational range is available in our Educational Supplement - on request Please quote CU Amiga when ordering (40MM Remember - prices include VAT & delivery GVP’s A1230 V hen Commodore released the A1200.
An accelerator, co-processor and memory upgrade on one card - sounds too good to be true?
Tony Horgan investigates.
' most greeted it with open arms. However, the most common criticism levelled at it was that it wasn’t expandable enough. Next to the A500,2000. 3000 and 4000, the compact 1200 doesn't look like it s got any room for expansion.
There are no Zorro ports, so cards made for the bigger machines are incompatible, which means the upgrade options for the A1200 owner can be limited.
Although Commodore have managed to make the 1200 smaller than the old 500. They haven't sacrificed the space given to trapdoor expansions. If you own a 500. Or have just upgraded from one, you could be forgiven for thinking that the trapdoor port is only good for simple half megabyte RAM upgrades.
On the contrary; for the 1200, it’s a gateway to phenomenal computing power.
THREE FOR ONE GVP's A1230 trapdoor expansion is really three upgrades in one: a 68030EC processor, a 68882 FPU (Floating Point Unit) co processor, and up to 32Mb of 32-bit Fast RAM. The basic card, at £399, comes installed with 1 Mb of RAM, the 68030EC, but no co-processor. The next model up, which costs £599, has an extra 4Mb of RAM and the co-processor. As it fits in the trapdoor, there’s no need to open up your machine (doing so would invalidate your warranty), nor to have an expert fit it for you. Just plug it in and you're away.
The 40MHz 68030EC processor boosts the w machine's basic speed from the 68020 s 1.4 MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second) to around 7.0 MIPS.
That's about five times faster than a standard A1200, almost one and a half times faster than a 3000. And over 10 times faster than an A500 or 600. This doesn't mean, however, that all your software will run five times faster than before, because the Amiga’s custom chips will still operate at their previous rates.
On the other hand, all the bits in between, which are handled by the CPU. Will be executed much quicker.
Applications tend to run at anything between two to four times the normal rate.
25 Processor speed compari: sons
21. 21 20 J) Q_ 15 3 10 .III A'lUUU 5 HHH HQKH HHHi 1 The
optional 68882 FPU co-processor accelerates things even
further, clocking a rate of 1.14 MFLOPS (Million Floating
Point Operations Per Second).
Applications that farm out a lot of work to the custom chips won’t benefit as much as programs that rely on software routines. On the games side, it won t make much difference in most cases, but 3D games, such as flight sims, should get quite a boost. The A1230 is in its element when running processorintensive tasks, such as ray tracing, image processing, sample editing, DTP, animation and general data manipulation.
Depending on the type of software you’re running, the practical advantages vary. A ray trace that would have previously taken two or three hours may now only take about 40 minutes.
Then there’s the extra RAM. It s configured as 32- bit Fast RAM, so you can’t normally use it directly for The A1230 streaks ahead ot both the 030- based A3000 and the standard 020-based A1200, with a speed ot around 7 MIPS.
Displaying graphics and playing samples. But there’s already 2Mb of Chip RAM on the 1200, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Amazingly, the card can hold up to 32Mb, which is quite a feat considering its size!
There’s also an option to install a shadow ROM. This is a copy of the operating system from the ROM chips, put into 32-bit RAM. If the original ROM was 16-bit, there would be a noticeable increase in speed, but as the A1200 ROM is all 32-bit already, there’s little point using it.
CONCLUSION Unfortunately, the A1230 uses the same port as GVP’s imminent combined SCSI Interface and RAM card.
At least for the near future, other SCSI interfaces will also use the trapdoor port, which can only handle one card. Also, a switch to disable the card would have been helpful. As it is, if you come up against any compatibility problems, you'll have to remove the card - this isn't really a problem for occasional use, but any regular removal would take its toll.
That aside, the A1230 is hard to fault. Bags of memory, an accelerator and a co processor can make life so much easier. At the price, it really is quite a bargain, especially when you think what you'd have to spend on an equivalent A3000 or PC.
G-LOCK £399 £599 A500H A500, «600F3 A1200 WA A1500ft A2000 Ki A3000 III «400oH SILICA SYSTEMS, 1-4 THE MEWS, HATHERLY ROAD, SIDCUP, KENT, DA14 4DX. TEL: 081 3091111.
EASE OF USE ??????????90% Just plug it in am) fat's tlat II could do with a disable swilcb.
VALUE FOR MONEY ??????????•IX lakes your A1200 beyond the potter ot fa A3000 lor a traction ot the price.
EFFECTIVENESS ??????'????*»% The speed increase varies with diferent software. Out most applications benefit hugely FLEXIBILITY ??????????83% Available in a number ol models, expandable up lo 32 0.
Suitable lor all types ot serious applications.
INNOVATION ???????????!% So much on such a small card' Amazing'.
The most desirable A1200 peripheral yet COMPETITION CU AMIGA COURTESY OF CAPTAIN DIAMOND & DIAMOND COMPUTER SYSTEMS AMIGA I5IOOs WITH HARD DRI res oly Amigas1 Captain Diamond's back in the pages ol CU Amiga and to celebrate he's come up with a competition that's as superpowered as the Diamond Pnce Promise. Our muscle-bound hero has given us THREE A1200s to give away and what’s more they aH come with an 80Mb internal hard drive!
H: : It's generaty considered that Commodore's new 32-bit wonder machine s the finest home computer money can buy There s just never been a machine like it before! And now. Thanks to Diamond, a brand new A120O could be winging its way to you. But these aren't just any old At 200s - they all come with ah 80Mb internal hard drive so you can gain instant access to all your favourite games and programs.
So how can you win one ol these state-ot-the-art home computers? Easy Just turn to page 99 lot the stan ol this month's Diamond ads. Have a good long look at all the amazing otters they've put together and then answer the live questions we've printed below plus the tiebreaker. All the relevant into you need is included in the DIAMOND ad copy QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS.
Printed below are the live questions you must correctly answer to be in with a chance ot winning one ol the three At 200s we’re giving away.
Once you think you've got an answer, Jot it down on the entry lorm and send it to CU Amiga.
Winners will be the first out of the hat on April 30th.
1. Approximately how many members are there in the Captain
Diamond Software Club?
A. 25,000
B. 50,000
C. 100,000
2. What is the normal saving for Diamond club members?
A. 25%
B. 15%
C. 5%
3. The Captain has recently opened two new shops - where are
A. New York and Paris
B. Slough and Portsmouth
C. MegaCity One and BritCit
4. Mow many product lines does the Captain endeavour to keep in
his stores at any one time?
A. 3,000 lines
B. 1,000 lines
C. A couple of Amigas and a spark plug H you're lucky.
5. What magazine does Captain Diamond think is the best value for
money Amiga magazine on the planet?
A. Amiga User International
B. CU Amiga
C. Amiga Format (Anyone who gets the answer to question five
wrong will get a visit from the CU Amiga boys and no mistake!)
COMPETITION mom CU AMIGA J milt i i r:r r° i; 1= i if 1 M l l 11 Oil III no L 1 1 | I , 3 • f 4 I 1 * JUST WHO ARE THESE DIAMOND GEEZERS ANYWAY?
What do you mean you don't know who Diamond are?
They're only one ot Europe's top Amiga dealers, with a steadily expanding number ol shops the length and breadth of the country, that's all. And they now advertise their low. Low prices and amazing deals exclusively in the pages ol CU Amiga. What's more, they've got the fantastic Oiamond Price Pledge which means you can't buy cheaper anywhere else. With over 100 staff and a dedicated engineer in every shop, there's no where better to go when buying an Amiga computer or looking for guidance when it comes to selecting the right sort of peripherals and add-ons. Regarded by many as THE Amiga
Diamond offer technical support six days a week. If you d like to know more about what Diamond have to offer, give them a call on 0703 232 676 or fill in Ihe form on your right, making sure you tick the box tor further information.
Plug let?
Les- the RULES
1. The competition isn’t open to employees of EMAP Images or
Diamond Computing Services.
2. The closing date for entries is April 30th 1993.
3. The editor's decision is final and no correspondence will be
entered into.
ENTRY FORM ' Cut out this coupon and once you’ve tilled it in send it to: Cor Blimey! Captain I Diamond’s a Right Good Geezer Compo, CU AMIGA, EMAP IMAGES, 30-32 Priory I Court, Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU.
I Answer One Da CU B CU C I Answer Two ? A ? B ? C ¦ Answer Three ? A ? B ? C Answer Four CU A CU B CD C
• Answer Five CD A ? B CD C I I Hang on a mo! You haven’t
finished yet - we've got a tie-breaker lor you! Just complete
the following sentence in no less than 10,000 words.
I Tie-breaker: I think the Captain is a diamond geezer | because ..
| If you'd like to know more about Captain Diamond's Software
Club and Diamond's I Price Promise, please tick this box. [ ]
NAME .- ...
TELEPHONE NUMBER ... on pages 4 and 5
of this issue for the current offers.
What else do you get for your membership fee? Well, for every year that you're a member, you receive six copies of NRG, the Special Reserve magazine, packed with news, previews, reviews and more money off coupons than is feasibly possible. If, for some unknown reason, you're actually interested in other machines they also cover all the major game formats, including Nintendo and Sega as well as the PC. Not only that, but stacks of exclusive competitions. Too. This month, for example, you could win an Amiga 600, 7 Super NESs. 7 Megadrives, an autographed copy of Nigel Mansell's World
Championship, 10 copies of the Lethal Weapon 3 video and game, plus stacks of T- Shirts and badges! Incredible!
2) Microswitches are one form of joystick contact devices.
What's the other?
A) Relative Polarisation
b) Guesswork
c) Leaf contacts
3) Joystick waggling is a major force in joystick destruction.
What was the first game to feature waggling?
A) Starglider
b) Track and Field
c) Med
4) Which on of the following is NOT a joystick?
A) Competition Pro
b) Zip Stik
c) Arnold Palmer ling mail urope, i mem- rship of zine!
Tiber, i games can get How a One Zool for a for soft- ally miga jrals.
Cwever, counts if it not at ce of on at i, we can for just ' one jr mem- tisement When writing your answers, you only need to write down the letter of the correct answer, so if you think that the answer to question one is B. then write 1B. Jot your answers on a postcard, or the back of a sealed envelope, along with your name, address and daytime telephone number and send the lot to: MY JOYSTICK DOESN’T WORK ANYMORE SO GIVE ME A NEW ONE, CU Amiga. Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU. Closing date for all entries is 15th June 1993.
Remember, if you don’t enter you can't win.
If your pulse is racing, there’s a sweat on your brow and your fingers are itching to get one of those Competition Pro Extras in your grip, merely answer these four simple questions.
1) How many directions can a digital joystick recognise?
b) 4
C) 19 This coupon entitles you to £1.50 off when you join and
order at least one item from Special Reserve’s advert in this
issue of CU Amiga (see pages 4-5 for advert).
Valid until June 15th 1993.
Only one coupon per order.
UTt NEW 31 x 'itLs Ml!
techniques enable up to 3 programs to fit oVt ne disk. Now
saves directly to disk as Amiga Dos - reloads independently ot
the cartridge - even trftopfer *o h«r * drive! Works with up to
2 Megs pi Ram - even 1 Mog Chip Mem (Fatter Agnus).
I Sl PER PQWERf UL TRAINER MODE- now with DEEP traindr. Even bel(er than Delbn - allows youTo generate more or even infinite f el, ammo. Perfect as a Trfttper Mode to get you past that "impossible" level. Easy to use.
)VED VRItVeDITORl Sprite Editor allots you to vidw modify the topole sprite set including any "attachetK!
PLUS A RANGE OF IMPROVED FEATURES i DETECTION henslve virus detection and removal features to prdtect your software investment. Works presently known viruses. BUKSF NIBBLER fting techniques enaWe up to 3 prvgrama to tit on «*s - reloads independently ol the c*f]ridge - ever a disk. Now saves directly to Master to hard drive! Works d ynoi niDDi.cn Now this super disk copier progrftm is built into Action Replay Mk ML Just Imagine a superfast, efficient disk copier program at the'oress of a key - no more waiting.
SAVE PICTURES ANO MUSfC TO DISK Pictures and sound samples can be s&ved to disk. Files are saved directly In IFF format suitable tor use with all the major graphic and rriysic packages. Samples are displayed as screen waveform. PAL or NTSC MODES SELECTABLE- .
Useful tor removing ugly borders when usirtg NTSC software. (Works only with neWer Agnus chips). 'v SLOW MOTION MODE Now you can slow down the action to your own pace. Easily adjustable from full speed to 0% speed, (deal to help you through the tricky parlsf MANYXMORE INSTANT CLI COMMANDS- like Reni no, Relabel, Copy, etc. N. RESTART THE PROGRAM N Simply pr ss a key and the program will continue where you left off.
FULL STATUS REPORTING At the preak ot a key now you can view the Machine Status, including Fast Ram. Chip Ram, RamDisk, Drive Status, etc. POWERFUL PICTURE EDITOR v Now you can manipulate and search for screens throughout memory. Over 50 commands to edit the picture plus unique on screen status "overlay" shows all thklnformatlon you could ever need to work on sckoons. No other product comes close to offering such dynamic screen handling of frozen programs!! JOYSTICK HANDLER- allows the use* to select Joystick instead of Keypresses - very usefuhtor many keyboard programs.
MUSIC SOUND TRACKER With Sound Tracker you can tind the complete music In programs, demde. Etc. and save them to disk. Saves In tormat suitable for most track player programs. Works wlfh loads of programs!!
- Ul FR AUTOFIRE MANAGER From the Action Replay III preference
screen you can now set up autotire from 0 to 100%. Just imagine
continuous fire power! Joystick 1 and 2 are set separately for
that extra advantage!
IMPlTfHUgDRAM EXPANSION SUPPORT Now many morPhwUgrnal Ram Expansions will work with all Action Replay III commands.
DISKCODER ___ With the new "Diskcoder" optiorT'yeu an now 'tag' your disks with a unique code that will prevent the disk trom being loaded by anyoneeTSfr! Ragged" disks will only reload when you enter the code. Very useful for security.
SET MAP- allows you to Load Save Edit a Keymap.
¦ SET allow ActioYf play III now has screen colour preferences with menu setup. Custom I seybsst creens to suit youhtm te. Very simple to use.
DISK MONImSv, Invaluable disk monitot*««4isplays disk information in easy to understand format. Full modify save options.
IMPROVED PRINTER SUP OQT- including compressed small charactercbmqiand.
Now you have a selection o! DOS commands availat5le* tall times - DIR, FORMAT, COPY, DEVICE, etc. if you enter a command without a filename, then a file requestor is distH q(ed.
Disk Copy at the press ot a button - faster than Dos Copy. No need to load workbench - available ¦mall times.
V includfft's Mem Watch Points and Trace.
Either DFO orWU can be selected as the boot drive when working with Amiga Dos usclul to be able t Hjoot Irom your external drive.
• Full M68000 Assembler Disassembler • Full screen edtto
• Jump lo specific address • Show Ram as text e Show fr
• Show and edit all CPU registers and flag • Calculator • f
• Jmque Custom Chip Editor allows you to see and modify b Otsk
handling • show actual track. Disk Sync, pattern etc.
• Show memory as HEX. ASCII Assembler. Decimal • Cop EMEMBER AT
IB)0IM 11M) FROM 17-BIT SOFTWARE The IK’v leading HI libraey,
»»cr 40W divkv in stack. Nvcr 4CMNM valivlkd ruvlumrrv world
W »: MT M K F INI 1.1HU, ( I K AMI IS.
PLEASE MAKE CHEQUES AND P O PAYABLE TO 17 BIT SOFTWARE 1ST FLOOR OFFICES, 24 MARKET STREET WAKF.PIELD. WEST YORKSHIRE, Wfl IDH OFFICE HOURS ARE MO VTHURS * AM TO RPM FRI A SAT RAM TO 5J fM WE ARE OPEN TO CALLERS MON SAT UNTIL 5M PM SPACE WARS Ihe dynamic 24 hii r.i)V«nl vulcv* h.zs .umiil. Ihe legendary Ithi.w Rieliler prevent* hi* m.ist *.iunnuy |vice olworkjo dilc. Su|»plied on high gr.iJe VI IN video i.ipi hik H minute movie in* ' Amiga ARHJU k working nsaid the cksfc .i *» week* lo ivixkr! Truly i m.«i«rpio . «* «k.* |t. i lake our word lor it..... Ik hard In helievr lhal I hi* tv juvl
an animated untie Kyw rr allrr »lalr-4-lh» jrl ray armed jniraalHKi or |uvl want In vce what Ihe Amiga it tapahlr ol you )uvl hate lo huy Ihit tideo" ( i: AMKiA J.m• .' ' Wickedly humuruu* Un vidm toMamt far and away Ihe mnvl imprewite animal** I hate eter teen, period AMIGA COMPl1 I1NG. Feb 03.
SPAC K WARS • 11 IK NR V IK Cl 1-99 * T5p PAP CDPD VOLUME *1 The complete collection of Fish disks (to 660) on one packed CD!
Only £19 99 ? 7$ p PAP!
CDPD VOLUME 02 the continuation of the Fish library including the jW( SCOPE range tool £19.99 . 7SpPAP DEMO CD VOLUME HI himumdy of ikmo . Intros, modules games, unim and clipurt ull on one O megu-i I). (Inly £79. W Please inclu.U7SP PAP MACAETIPACK 12 Disks packed with images from Ihe likes of Viz, Comic Clipart and loads of other miscellaneous stufT. All 12 disks for £13.IN) Inc. P&I* OUIPAIRTPACK Not Macart. But 14 disks crammed with categorised clipurt such as people, llaces, occasions etc. All 14 disks for £15.00 IncP&P Dozens of games packed onto 12 disks for Ihe kidsiand parents!) Lo
All 12 disks for the pack price of just £13.110 Inc PAP Jbi.IOFraPACK Another 10 disks of very high quulitr fonts for use with Pagestream 2.0 nr Pro-Page v3.0 Take the kj| for £11.00 liieP&P coiuora STOTTS 10 disks filled with colour fonts for you to use with your favorite word processor or paint package.
Just £11.00 Inc P&P ASSA332NBJPACK 30 disks exploding with over 130 games!
Dials enough to keep ail) games enthusiast bos) for a LONG lime!
£19.90 Inc r&P H9M9 14sC*- II «e are -raring disks by ph~ne. Pirate state wtChrr cbey *n Hiulriplr, k. («bci after i number mean* (Ini parlkular Ulk is on 3 dEk v Thanks.
. V, i l Ipaaltg! EiilM Please add 50p In all PD orders l«r PA P Overseas please add 20% (min £1.00). If you are buy inje to mm. Rib I lilies please add 75p per Hem.
Disk Box.s( 100).....£7.99 Mouse Mata £2.99 A5U0DuslC-otrrN.J2.99 A600 Duxl Coven. J6.99 ipslUks J11.99 Cruiser Joyslkkv.J9.99 Bbnk Disks (10) . £6.99 'CAT DLSKS Are atattahk at 5 p each (we now hat e 4!) Or free If a slamped addressed envelope h se»C.
GRAPEVINE 13 Full of Ihe uniihI hot news and articles.
THATS FAR LESS THAN JUST ONE TITLE WOULD COST AT FULL R.RPH! M EASE INCIUDF. 75 PAP SOFTWARE BARGAINS 4D Sports Boxing £7.99 Alien Breed Remix £9.99 AMO Airbus £26.99 Avvassia £18.99 Altered Destiny £9.99 Action II Compilation £8.99 Brides Of Dracnla £9.99 Cadaver £8.99 Caesar £18.99 Continental Circus £5.99 Chuck Rock £11.99 Curse Of Enchantia £19.99 Chrono Quest £8.99 Chrono Quest 2 £8.99 Chronicles Of Omega £8.99 Dcalhbringri £9 99 Dune £19.99 : Dclu Force Comp.
£8.99 | Dk Hard 2 £8.99 I Doable Dragon £4.99 | Enchanier £7.99 j FI6 Combat Pilot £11.99 I Fuzzball £9.99 ?
Flight Of The Intruder £14.99 i Fire Forte £18.99 Gales Of Jambala £7.99 | Harlequin £14.99 Keys To Maiamoa £ 7.99 Ulus III £17.99 Lure Of The Temptress £19.99 !: Midwinter II £12.99 | Megalomania £11.99 Moonshine Racers £7.99 | Magnetic Scrolls Coll.
£10.99 I Mercenary III £9.99 Movie Scars Comp.
£8.99 Myth it 4.99 Ninja Warriors £4.99 Omnicron Conspiracy £8.99 Pictioaary £6.99 Photon Pa ini 2 £12.99 Project X £17.99 | Putty £18.99 Reanaisaace Comp.
£6.99 | Realms £11.99 Shadow Of The Beasl 11 £11.99 | Silkworm £6.99 I Sorceror £7.99 j Special Fortes £14.99 I SWIV £7.99 | Suptiheros Comp.
£1299 | Under Pressure £6.99 1 Vengence Of Lxcalibur £12.99 I Warlock £7.99 | Wolfchild £12.99 I Zoo!
£17.99 !
AMFM 10 Includes MIDI for beginners, utils, reviews, mask * I Aiads more.
£2.50 per Issue ®odM«rclffjlh Ipudkl 10 supwb *tks full rj the classic Dxildcrtiuh Tmcrald Mine garnet including an editor to ere We your ow caves’ All 10 daks can be yours (or £11 50lnckdingPAP!
17-BIT DISKS £1.25 EACH FISH DISKS £1.25 EACH SCHEME 17 DISKS £2.00 CLP DISKS £3.50 SINGLE CLP 2 DISK SET £4.50 CLP 3 DISK SET £4.99 JUSTINV KIC K 1.3! ONI Y 11.25 HI N 1.3 DISKS ON YCR 'R 13*1* Hypeidnve (1.5M) ?2347 ..... .rvuwAH) .2345 ......Shtwi-Hm-Up ....Culr TV Vol 2 Ssal .2U4 .2343..... San.iy WO.CDemo Vam»h WOC Demo
* 2341( AD) Xbench .2340 ..¦vVwAfL
?2337 ...... IV vii Amm Ihe Jv:«vmcy i meg.i) 01 Imulaior
Acid Punk Slide* wnnvDwec M.m Slides
• .'Ml) 1 .
• ?535 ... IkmX 5.20 1 2334 Grand Pn« M.vxtger 1 I
*23.33(AliV IhundeitMr* Are (ionc’ 1 1 . 2332
I.w.u idc 1
1. 733: -AIR )
1. 2330 Grapevine 131 Slideshvw Cons Kn 1 I .23» ......
CEDV1.511 1 42328 .Elcviiiioo Game 1
l. 232?|AIR'I the AD 1 1 *2326 Irireoid 1
1. 2325, AH) 1 .2374 ..... Iren Ha* 1 .. Texture* 1 1 1
From Ihe C ruvuders Duo comet a new experience In vy nlhevived
muwt. Iljorn "Ik Awrvomr-
l. vnnr A Srppo 'Hr*hram' llurmr prrsnil Iheir Dnl I00'«
prdlrwlMd audio CD. Ihlsb NOT recorded Amiga muvk! Ll it
prodiK rtl on Ihe bet! E«|uiptmeM avadable and voumh S11 NMNG
when plaved D8 I)!
Quiz Challenge LCD Dream* Quiz Master MLP Rav e Mo* Ml J* Modi Megache.il V3.0 Stolen Data 10 Techno Read 2 ...PyrogenK Mo* 2 ...C*»livion(Mega!!)
?2365 Cat Woman Slidealxm ?2366. .. AdverZurc Game* Creator 2367 (1200 Onlyy Slccpicaa Nigha ?2368 Owlman Anim ? 2369(AB) Ziptoench ?2370 Addresspr.nl v3.0 . 2371 SpoataJb Stale Of The Art ?2372 National Saving* Ad.
?2373 World Geography ?2374 Password Paradise (cheats) ?2375_____________Order Ublky ?2376 .... .Crorn Over ?2377 Ihe Dart Machine (scorer) .2378(1200 Only) .WB3 Screen* 2379(AB) FairligN Demo ? 2380(AB) Anarchy Legalise ll ?2354 Anim.il.on Ccnstmction KjL ?2353 ....Deluxe Pac Man OSIYt'I?99, 7%,. P.iP I CU AMIGA Word Processors Choosing a word processor can be a confusing business. Mat Broomfield takes a look at some of the best packages that money can buy.
WORDWORTH 2.0 Digita £129.95 Wordworth has always enjoyed a good reputation, but in version 2 the software has reached new heights of excellence. To be pedantic, the program is actually a word publisher as opposed to a word processor. This means that it's possible to include graphics in a document, making the software something of a half-breed, combining elements of both word processors and desk-top publishing packages.
As a word processor, the program is very user-friendly, and it includes a full selection of professional’ features such as autohyphenation and spell checking, and completely definable paragraph and page formats including headers and footers. When it comes to importing graphics, Wordworth
2. 0 is adequate, and can handle all pre- A1200 graphics modes
and can even import PCX. Postscript and BMP formats as well
FINAL COPY 2: 2ND REVISION The main strength of the program is
the way that it utilises scalable compugraphic fonts to
produce jaggy-free text at literally any size. To assist with
the output side of things, over a hundred specially written
printer drivers are included, and these ensure that virtu
ally every user can get the maximum quality from their
Wordworth requires Kickstart 1.3 or higher and a minimum of 1 5Mbs of RAM in order to operate. For anything remotely complicated. 2 or 3 megs would be preferable.
Contact: Digita International Ltd, Black Horse House, Exmouth, EX8 1JL. Tel: 0395 270273.
Softwood Inc. £99.95 Although Wordworth is certainly the most popular page publisher for the Amiga, Final Copy 2 gives it a damn good run for its money, both in terms of features and pricing.
Like its rival, Final Copy allows you to import any IFF graphics provided they don't use any of the new A1200 4000 modes.
C (1.5M) l-lim-lip rvvoi2 ,...NS»1 C Demo C Demo .Xhemfc «af Anim ' (me i) imulalor k Slides n Slides tX 5.20 Linager e Gone!
Scapade rvinc 13 ns Kit i VI.51 n Cm me Ibe AD Intrepid n Clods Vxrures Final Copy also permits you to load 24-bit graphics! This ability tends to highlight one of the strange dichotomies in the program: with jts 24-bit picture import, superb postscript output and Adobe type 1 font support, it's clearly targetted at the semi-professional market. This is borne out by the huge range of specialist postscript fonts available for it.
However, acting as a fly in the professional ointment, is the fact that Final Copy can only import and export text in ASCII format and EXCELLENCE! 3.0 Micro-Systems Software £39.95 Word processors are being developed on the Amiga at breathtaking pace with new packages emerging almost every month. Apparently not wanting to be left out of the fun. Micro-Systems Software (MSS) have developed Excellence13.0. To their credit, the original program was one of the first ever page publishers on the Amiga, so MSS have more right to be in the game than most. Judging by Excellence! 3.0, they’ve decided
to withdraw from the quality stakes and launch their assault on the basis of aggressive pricing.
Superficially the program looks rather like Final Copy 2 (FC2). The program uses Compugraphic fonts, and it also allows you to include IFF graphics in your documents. However, whereas FC2 lets you import 16.8 million colour 24-bit images. Excellence! 3.0 can only manage up to 64 Fail Carr I -h*i*h* Z man o» Ilc.x sictiw b:l«ir unkiu;: * J du mh finn chiiid Tfe' kill bj Tix lie ninl '.vi* a of tit ioqti. DiwMth dt dt , tta i i tale 1! ;lc n tlioal L pMltetttii ink;: Mu in;1 lleit Ml lo m Mha ta b dt»-.njd aiijflt 21:15. !il,' has no filters to permit file exchange with other industry standard
programs such as Word Perfect. As a professional user myself. I find this limitation almost unbearable.
Final Copy 2's graphics output and font support just can’t be beaten. Its other features are so easy to use that it s the ideal program for word processing newcomers. To my knowledge it’s the only W.P. program that supports Adobe.
Compugraphic and Postscript fonts.
Well worth a look, especially if output quality is your primary criteria.
Contact: Gordon Harwood Computers, New Street, Alfreton, Derbyshire, DE5 7BP. Tel: 0773 836781.
Colour extra half-brite screens. To make matters worse, although it uses scalable font technology, printer output of these fonts is pretty dire, totally defeating the object of using such fonts in the first place.
Having said all that, Excellence! Does have a number of things to commend it, not least of which is its extremely low price tag. It’s also unique among the programs reviewed here because it’s the only one that includes a grammar checker as well as the virtually obligatory spell checker and thesaurus ( wondered why your copy was semi-decent for a change! - Ed . Grammar checkers can cost hundreds on their own, so you might consider that this is reason enough to buy the package! All in all not too bad for its price.
Contact: HB Marketing, Unit 3, Poyle 14, Newlands Road, Colnbrook, Slough, SL3 ODX. Tel: 0753 686000.
WORD PERFECT 4.12 ' Corporation £203.83 Desprte the tact that graphics support seems to be an increasingly important feature ol worfl processors these days, there is a school ol thought which says that graphics should be lett to the desk top publishers and that word processors should get on with their primary objective: manipulating and outputting words Word Perlect comes Irom such a school, and although it hasn’t undergone any development ol late, it can still hold its head high against the very best Amiga word processors It’s lull ol features lor those who write professionally, and this is
lust as well because at over £200 it’s certainly not one tor the ¦.*£¦»" " beginner Naturally it includes such basics as a dictionary and thesaurus, but it also supports multi-column pnnting and automatic index creation (ideal lor longer documents such as books).
I really dislike this package s printing features as making even the simplest changes can be a maior task This isn't helped by the lact that the program comes with poody laid-out manuals totalling over 750 pages. In lact there's an entire 150 page manual just on printing!
That's not to say that it Isn't very powerful and flexible when it comes to output it is Multi-column newsletters, reporls. Mail merge documents and bog standard letters are all just in a day s work lor Word Perfect It's supplied with custom dnvers lor a bewildenng variety ol pnnters to ensure that you get the most Irom your output. Trouble is, they’re all expensive laser pnnters or obscure and outdated dot matnx devices. Fortunately, the program does support prelerences drivers so you can revert to your Workbench settings if needs be Word Perfect is extremely powerful, but It scores very low
on the intuitiveness and user-friendly scales Contact: Information Services Dept, Word Perlect UK, Unit 9, Weybrldge Business Park, Addlestone Road. Addlestone, Surrey, KT15 2UU. Tel: 0932 850500 kJP ' INTERWORD PROFESSIONAL 1.0 Compart UK £49.95 This is another package that loregoes the graphics support in preference for more efficient text handling InterWord Professional is a very stable package guaranteed to keep up with even the lastest typists 01 all the word processors reviewed here, this one seems designed for people who are more concerned about the literary content ot their documents
than how they appear on paper It includes a number ol analytical and statistical features including something known as the LIX (short lor Legibility IndeX) which can be used to determine the approximate comprehension level required to understand a document.
InterWord was one ol the tirst Amiga word processors to use on screen icons lor commonly used lunc- bons such as altenng a document s justification, saving a tile ot printing. This system works well and saves you having to hunt through menus all the lime As you would expect, the program has a comprehensive dictionary, but unfortunately doesn't include a thesaurus.
SIFT InterWord is refreshingly free of gimmicky features, and this means that it’s extremely easy to use because there’s very little to contuse you. It’s actually part of a tour program suite called Interoffice and at £49.95 for all tour (word processor, database, spreadsheel. Comms program!, it’s phce is as spartan as its features A nice uncluttered program that’s perfect both lor beginners and those who seek to perfect the craft of writing.
:nr ssjpiiBfisai StlMSttE” Contact: Compart UK, 20 Guildford Road.
Guildford House, SI Albans. Tel: 0727 868005.
PUBLIC DOMAIN ALTERNATIVES All Me word processors that I re look* it to lor art com menial packages that will cost yot at least £3195.1 wouidn t want to give you the impression that printing your letters has to cost a king's ransom. For people operating on a tight budget there are a number ol public domain or shareware otterings that'll cost next to nothing.
TEXT PLUS 3.0 Public Domain £1.75 This is probably tha most Impressive ol tho PO word processors and compares very favourably to the commenial otterings ot only a year or so ago. In appearance it sports a Workbench 2 look art a vary uncluttered screen which is not dissimilar to Proten5.5 The program is very haste in terms ot leetures: it has cut and paste, justiticatlon and text styling Incongruously, Ten Plus also includes AREXX hot links' lo Powerpacker.
SID set Fiiemasler so that they can bt loaded trom menus Although not integrated into the software, the program's disk doos include a PO spall checker which you can ust to give your documents Ihe once over before you print them.
Simple search and rtplaca tacilitias mora or less conclude this program s portfolio It’s worth mentioning that although Ten Plus .s nol big on features, it scores highly la terms ol user-friendliness and. At only a couple ot pounds.
Contact: 17 Bit Software, 1st Floor Offices. 2 8 Market Street, Wakefield, West Yorks. W1F 10H Tel: 1924 366912 TEXT ENGINE 3.4 Public Domain £1.75 With slightly dilterem leetures to its rival. Ten Engine is also a teirty simple word processor. This time tho emphasis appears to he on output guilty rather than document ere ation Every conceivable type ol text styling is mcleded, ranging trom bold and subscript to enlarged and proportional Those are all line so long as your printer uses the standard Escape codes to activate the different print modes, but it not most ol them will he useless to
Like Ten Pies. The program includes bosk cut and paste options, but where its rival featured hot links to other programs. Ten Engine has macros instead. These can be programmed to perlorm entire sequences ol commands or keypresses it the click ol e single mouse button The program also Matures better screen and printing preferences than Ten Pies, and the screen layout (which is again designed to give that 2.1 look) puts some commercial programs lo shame.
Yet again, there is a PO dictionary program Included on the disk Contact 17 Bit Software. 1st Floor Offices. 2 1 Market Street. Wakefield. West Yorks. W1F1DH Tel: 0924 366982.
FEATURES COMPARISON LAYOUT FEATUI TEXT HANDLING Good Good Good Root lost Good Very Good OK OK Good Very Bed Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good Good VetyGood OK Bad Very Bed VeryPooc OK OK OK Best Very Good Very Bad Very Bad Veiy Good Adequate Best OK OK OK OK Worst Vtrr Slow Slow OK OK OK OK Yes Ydd Yos Y t Yes No No Yot Yds Yes No No No No Up to HAM Up lo Halt-brite Up lo 24-blt 1st Yds Yes NO No No No Ef 29.95 £39.95 £99.95 £203.83 £49.95 £1.75 £1.75 90% 70% 87% 10% 79% 50% 05% offered scan rates of upto 300dpi in both 24 bit colour and 256 grey Jo scale monochrome. Now EPSON have done
it again. They have launched the GT6500 and prices start at £799.
SCANNER DEALER Tel: 0753 686000 Fax: 0753 680343 " sub scan logic doubles the standard 300dpi 400dpi maximums and working in 200% zoom mode in line mode can offer 1200dpi 1600dpi when used in conjunction with certain software hardware configurations.
EPSON won an Amiga press Gold Award for its GT6000 colour scanner - epsO y it became the first sub £1000 full A4 flatbed scanner for the Amiga and EPSON Available from your local Epson scanner dealer (where you see this Epson Scanner sign) With glorious 24bit,
16. 7million colour technology, the new Epson GT- 6500 and
GT-8000 flatbed scanners produce high definition,
professional colour images.
Yet they also handle line art and 256 greyscale images (for monoDTP, optical character recognition and computer aided design) with equal clarity and verve.
Then SCAN THIS !!!
With the optional transparency adaptor and automatic document feeder, these scanners are almost too accommodating for words.
"isn’t colour wonderful?.
Output resolutions of upto 600dpi" are available on the GT6500 and 800dpi" on the GT8000.
Remember this Do you prefer him in colour or black & white?
Transparencies as well !
* ******************* LOOK NO FURTHER!! J FOR THE CHEAPEST AND
419. 99 * Arabian Nights
415. 99 * Archer Maclean's Pool
415. 99 * Assassin
415. 99 * A-Train
422. 99 .
B17 Flying fortress
422. 99 * Big Box 2
419. 99 * Body Blows
416. 99 * Bug Bomber
422. 99 .
415. 99 * Civilisation
422. 99 * Cool World
415. 99 * Curse of Enchantia 41999 .
Dalek Attack
412. 99 Dream Team
415. 99 * Dynablaster
419. 99 * EXODUS
419. 99 * Flash Back
417. 99 Formula 1 Grand Prix
422. 99 * GREATEST COMP (Lure Dune Jimmy White) £19-99 * Gunship
422. 99 * History Line
422. 99 International Rugby Challenge
415. 99 * Jimmy Whites Snooker
414. 99 * John Madden's Football
415. 99 * KGB
419. 99 .
Legend of Kyrandia 419 99 * Lemmings 2
419. 99 * Locomotion
415. 99 * Nick Faldo's Golf
422. 99 .
Nigel Mansell GP
415. 99 Noddy's Playtime
415. 99 * No Second Prize
415. 99 * Pinball Fantasies
419. 99 * Reach For The Skies
419. 99 Sensible Soccer '92 ’93 Edition
415. 99 * Sim Earth
422. 99 * Sleepwalker A500 A1200
415. 99 * Street Fighter 2
417. 99 Sword of Honour
415. 99 * Superfighter
415. 99 * Tearaway Thomas
415. 99 * Tracon II
422. 99 Transarctica
419. 99 * Universal Monsters
415. 99 * Wing Commander
419. 99 * WWF Euro Rampage
415. 99 .
419. 99 * * *
* The above represents only a very small *
* selection of titles that we stock. If you do not *
* see what you want listed, please give us a *
* call. * Given ihe nutuic ol game, pubbvlKT*. We GUI IKH
guarantee that all the above will be ccleawd by the time
this advert appears Please call u* to check availability to
avoid disappointment.
* Post & Packaging £1.50 - Securicor £5 * 48 hour despatch
(cheques 7 days) Cheques should be made payable to SoftStore
Access and VISA cards accepted £ SoftStore, Dept CU, PO Box
1720, Slough, SL3 0YX 0753-683336
* ******************** FX PRICE LOST AJ A99 MEASURES V I t|
Centre, Beaumont Close, Banbury, Oxon 0X16 7TN ORDERS & GENERAL
ENQUIRIES, please call: 0295 252422. FAX: 0295 263991 AMIGA
GAMES Title FX Direct Price RRP Title FX Direct Pnce RRP Aliens
3 . 1999 ..... 2999 History Line ..... 2299
34 99 Another World ... 1699 ..25.99
Hook ... 1699 ...25 99 Aquatic
Games .. 1699 ..2599
Humans .... .19.99 ...29.99 Archer
McCteans Pool..... .16.99 .. ...25.99 Indiana
Jones Atlantis Arsenal FC ..... .1699
..25.99 Adventure
22. 99 .... ...37.99 A-Train .
2499 39 99 Indiana Jones Atlantis Bat 2 ......
22. 99 .34.99 Action .. 1999 3099 Battle
Toads .. .1699 .. ..25.99 John
Maddens .... .19.99 ...30.99 BC
Kid ... 1699 ..25.99 KGB
...... 1999 3099 Birds ot Prey
.19.99 .. ..30.99 Kick Off
3 ......
16. 99 .. ..25.99 Board Genius 18
99 ..29 99 Knights ot the Sky ..... 2299
.....34.99 Body Blows .17 99 ..25.99
Kmghtmare 1999 29 99 B17 Flying
Fortress .. 2299 ..34.99 Krusty's
Funhouse .... .19.99 .. ..29 99
Campaign ...... .22 99 .34.99 Legend
...... 1999 .30 99 Chaos EnQine
.16.99 .. ..25.99 Legend of Kyrandia ...
.22 99 .. ..34 99 Chuck Rock
II 1699 ..25 99 Legend of
Valour .27.99 ...... 39 99
Civilisation .... 22 99 3499 Lemmings
II ...
20. 99 3099 Cool Croc Twins .16.99 ..25.99
Lemmings Double Pack... Lethal Weapon
19. 99 .. ..29 99 Covert Action .22 99 ......
34 99 1699 .25 99 Curse ot Enchantia ... .2299
..34.99 Liberation (Captive 2)
Links ....
19. 99 3099 Daemonsgate .... .22 99
.34.99 .32 99 .. 44 99 Dark Mere .. 1699
..25.99 Lion Heart 1699 25 99 Dark Seed
..... .22.99 ..34.99 1 nst Treasures
nt Infncnm ?7 99 .....3999 Dizzy Collection .
.1699 2599 Lotus III . 16 99 ...... 2599 Dune
II ... .1999 ..29.99 Mega
Fortress ..
19. 99 . ..30 99 Dungeon Mastr Chaos ....
Dynablaster .. .1999 ..29.99
Microprose Golt 22 99 .. 34 99 1999
..30.99 Moonstone 1999 29 99 Elite
II ..... .22.99 Nick Faldo
Golt .. 22 99 ..34.99
Epic ..... 1999 ......30 99 Nigel
Mansells Championship ..... Eye ot the Beholder
II...... .23.99 ..35.99 19 99 .... 2999 FA Premier
league .... .16.99 ..25.99 No Second Prize .
16 99 .2599 Fantastic Worlds .22.99 .34.99 Oh No Not More Fire Force ...... .1699 ..25.99 Lemmings (add on)..... Oh No Not More
13. 99 ..19.99 Fire & Ice ...... .16.99
..25.99 First Samurai Meglomama. 19.99 ..
..30.99 Lemmings (stand alone) 16.99 ..
25. 99 Floor 13 .. 1999 ..30.99
Ork ...... 16 99 ..2599 Formula One Grand
Prix... .22 99 ..34 99 Pacific Islands 1999 29 99
Graham Gooch ... .19.99 .. ..29.99
Perfect General ..
2299. ...... ..34.99 Gunship 2000 .. .22 99
..34.99 Pinball Dreams 1699 ..25 99 Harpoon
V1.2.1 .. .22.99 34 99 PGA Plus ... 19
99 .29 99 Harrier Assault . .22 99
..34 99 Pinball Fantasies 19 99 ......
..29 99 Hero Quest II ..
.17.99 ... ..29.99 Player Manager ll__ .
1699 .2599 Title FX Direct Pnce RRP Populus
II ... ....19 99 ...30 99
Premiere ... 1999 29 99 Premier Manager ... .16
99 .. ...25 99 Protect X . . .16
99 ..... ...25 99 Pushover .
...1699 ..25 99 Putty ....
...16 99 .. ...25 99 Ragnarok 1999 30
99 Railroad Tycoon ..... ...22.99 ..34.99
Raving Mad
1699. . 25 99 Reach For The Sloes.....
• 2299 .. ...3599 Road Rash ...19.99
.30.99 Robocop III .. 1699 ..25 99
Robosport . ...1999 ..29 99 Sr rahhle
Deluxe 22 99 .34 99 Secret ot Monkey Island II
.23.99 .. -37.99 Sensible Soccer 92*93.. .16 99
..2599 Shadow Lands ..... .19 99 .....30 99 Shadow
Worlds..... 1699 ..25 99
Shuttle . ...23.99 ..35.99
Silent Service II ...... .22 99 34 99 Sim
Ant .19 99 .. ..30 99 Sim
Earth ... ...22 99 .. ..34 99
Sleepwalker ...2099 25 99 Special Forces ...22 99
..34 99 Storm Master .1999 ..30 99 Street Fighter
II .... 1999 29 99 Striker ..
...1699 .. ..25 99 Super Hero ...1999 ..30
99 Super Tetris ...1999 .....29 99 Terminator
II .. ...1699 .. ..2599 The Adda ms
Family 1699 ..25 99 The Manager ...
...19.99 .. ..30.99 Troddlers ...
.1699 ..25 99 Trolls ... .16 99
..25 99 Ultima VI .....
...19.99 .. ..30.99 Utopia & Data Oise 1999
..30 99 Vroom ...1699
..25.99 Walker ...... ...19 99 .....29
99 Waxworks ...22 99 ......34 99 Wing Commander
1...... ...22.99 ..34.99
Wizkid .. ...1799 25 99 WWF
II . ...1699 ..25 99
X-Wing . ...32.99 . ..4599
Zool ...... ...1699 .25 99
RRP Arena
Accounts .83.99 117.99
Cashbook Combo . 45.99 79.99
Home Accounts 2 ...35.99
54.99 Personal Finance Manager Plus 29.99
39.99 System 3 38.99 59 99 DATABASES l Superbase Personal 2...
69. 99 102.99
32. 99 49.99 .
FX 0«td Pr« RRP .30.99 49 99 .21.99 34 99 18 99 29 99
24. 99 34.99 3999 69.99 ...44 99 69 99 .199 99 299 99 DESKTOP
PUBLISHING FXDrvctPtxv 32 99 49 99
126. 99 204 99 .
The Publisher . Pagestream V2.2.. 4 MUSIC SOUND 1 Amas 2 ... FX Direct Pro ..64.99 n*p 99 99 Audiomaster 4 ... Audio Engineer Plus . 43 99 .159.99 59 99 204 99 Bars & Pipes Professional ... Dr. T’s Copy Apprentice ..... Dr. T's KC5 Level2V3.5 .. Deluxe Music Construction Set .. Stereomaster ... .179.99 ..69.99 .184 99 ...4999
29. 99 29999
99. 99
279. 99 6999
39. 99 NEW VERSION Technosound Turbo.
...29.99 39 99 Advantage .
I Maxiplan 4 .
FX(&VCtP*BV Amiga 500 Upgrade .23.99 Am.ga 500 Plus Work Centre 37 99 Amiga 6001 Meg Upgrade 37.99 Amiga 600 Work Centre .37 99 Amiga 1200 Work Centre ...44.99 CanDo V2 .....89.99 Cumana External Drive ....52.99 Directory Opus V4 49 99
G. B. Route
Plus ......39.99
Kickstart Rom
VI-3 ......27.99
Kickstart Rom V2-4 ......34.99 Pyramid
Scanner ....89.99
Switcher 18.99
Rocgen Plus
Genlock ....119.99
Screen Beat Speakers 19.99 Quarterback
V5 ...42.99 X
Copy V9.2 .. 33 99 k Professional Midi
Interface ...24.99 , ASSEMBLERS COMPILERS
Amos The Creator Amos 3D .... Amos Compiler Easy
Amos . Amos Professional... Devpac3 ..... lattice
Blank Bulk Disks ....
....499 25 Blank
Disks . cn Dlinl HicUc
...11 99 OA QQ DU Dianx
DISKS . 100 Blank
Disks ... 0 C* inA A.n.Athi
r u.k Daw .-4U.33 ...39.99
j. d luu capacity uisk box . Amiga Mouse
Mat .
.....D.yy .....2.50 Amiga
Dustcover |500 . Amiga Dustcover
(600) ...... Amiga Replacement
Mouse .....399
....399 g 99 Cruiser Multicoloured Joystick
ZZZZZ . 5 99 Fighter Joystick .... 4 99 i Art
Department V2.1 ... FXDrvaPrc*
.....129 99 RfiP 21999 Director 2 69 99
102. 99 Expert Draw ..... Expert 4D
Junior .. 48 99
36.99 6999
49. 99 NEW Deluxe Paint AGAV4 ......64.99 9999 Turbo Print
Professional 39.99
49. 99 Vidi Amiga 12 ...... Broadcast
Titler 2 . Scala 500
159. 99 ......6999
99. 99
249. 99 99 99
Interword ..
XdrvciPncv 19 99 4999 Mini
Office . NEW
ENGLISH VERSION Penpal V1 4 Kindwords
3 4299
34.99 3299 5999 4999 4999 NEW NEW VERSION
Wordsworth V2 ......64 99 74.99 9999 129 99
Funschool 4 under 5 FX Drvet pr« ......16.99
Funschool 4 between 5-7 .....
Funschool 4 between 7-11 ...
..1699 ......1699 Funschool Specials: Merlin Maths
(7-11) .. ..16.99
Spelling Fair (7-13) ... ..16.99 Paint A Create
(over 5 yrs) ... ......16.99 Adi
Range: Adi Maths 11-12yr - 12-13yr .....
.16.99 Adi Maths 13-14yr - 14-1 Syr Adi English
11-12yr-12-13yr .... 16.99 .....1699
Adi English 13-14yr-14-15yr .... Adi French
11-12yr - 12-13yr . Adi French 13-14yr -
14-15yr . ..16.99 ..16.99 ..16.99
4 EDUCATIONAL 1 n Olivet Pika Kosmos Range: Answer Back
Senior (12-Adult) .....14 99 Answer
Back Junior (6-1 lyr) .14.99
Fact File 500’s (Require Answer Back Junior lo Senior to
Work) Fact File 500 Arithmetic (6-11 vr) 8 50 Fact File 500
Spelimg (6-11yr) ..... ....8.50 Fact File 500
World Geography (12-Adult) ....8.50 Fact File 500
General Science (12-Adult) ... Maths Adventure
....8.50 ..16.99 Kosmos Languages: French
Mistress (All ages) ....
..14.50 German Master (All ages).. ..14 50
Spanish Tutor (All ages)
..1450 Italian Tutor (All ages) .. ..14.50 4
EDUCATIONAL LCL Range: Micro English
(8-GCSE) ..... FXOrwlPnt*
..1895 Micro Maths
(8-GCSE) Micro French
(8-GCSE) ...... ..18.95
..18.95 Micro German
(8-GCSE) .... NEW Micro Science (8 -
GCSE) . ..18.95 ..18.95 Mega Maths
(A-Levei Course) ...
18. 95 Primary Maths Course (3*12) ......
Reading Writing Course (3-8) .....
..18.95 ..18.95 Miscellaneous Software:
Compendium Six (4-12) .. ..29.99
Belter Maths (12-16) .
Noddy’s Playtime . L
Magic Maths (4-8) .... ..14 99
..17 99 ..1499 HOW TO ORDER PLEASE Charge my
Access VIsa Swltch No .. ORDER FORM .. Expiry Date:.
F1 STREET LEGAL This month's ‘Steppenwolf - Get That Motor Running' Award goes to Peter Feetham of Chaddesden for his cool looking Maclaren, drawn on his 3Mb A2000 with Deluxe Paint 3.
Bet you wish you weren’t sat on the bus.
The sun is shining and the sky is blue. What better time to put mouse to art package and come up with a masterpiece! Here’s Tony Dillon with this month’s selection for your perusal... VJICTHAM *1 | O , depth. Peter used i ret* He spent tour and highlights are used to give more me magmhcatioo mode to be totally ac spent tour hours working on this dream machine which to work out his palette ART GALLERY i These two images ere drawn In same way the main picture - with slow but effective outline work followed by block colouring.
R" ' More detail Fie added, g the mag- | nlty tool, darker a have i been placed In | key areas to add | shadow and contours to the Image.
THE FEW Schnell! Schnell! Die, Englander Pig Dog! God, this takes us back to the days of reading Warlord alright. This collage of Sixties war images was pieced together by M. Davies ol Bridgend. Chocks away!
| ’ (1* MCKOlCp and Ou, .l.f.cj, you This Spitfire J was also drawn In the same way as before. Mr. Davies didn't have any pictures of Spitfires to hand, so he went out and bought an Alrtlx kit and built a model to work from!
Been picked up as brushes and placed onto the main screen, giving you some Idea ot how the picture will piece together. It still | looks e little too i cartoony so... The extra 'images with a pretty good example ot how subtle shading can be used to its best. By using a few colours, but half a dozen shades, Warren has managed to create a realistic and intricate backdrop for his moon exploration shot, based on a picture by David Hardy.
WRITE NOW II you've come up with some artwork that you feel should be hanging in the CU Gallery, please make a note of the following points before sending anything in for inclusion.
• Include a selection ot IFF files showing your picture in
various stages of construction, as well as the finished
• Include a stage by stage description of how you created your
masterpiece on a sheet of paper. NOT a document file on the
• If your drawing is based on the work of another artist, then
include their name and the name of the artwork, along with
where you saw the copy you worked from.
• Disks bearing drawings featured in the Gallery will be retained
by CU. If you would like your disk returned, please include a
stamped addressed envelope (taking into account the weight and
fragility of computer disks).
• When posting your disk to us, remember to write MAGNETIC MEDIA
- DO NOT X RAY on both sides of the envelope, to ensure the
disk isn’t corrupted in transit.
A copy of the magazine in which work is displayed will be sent to all featured artists.
Send your disks to: CU Gallery. Priory Court. 30- 32 Farringdon Lane. London EC1R 3AU.
?-S The final picture. The Spitfire hae been reeceled and dropped In and the whole picture has been touched up. Crtkey Skip, you can almost smell the Jerries.
Orders Taken Until DISK DRIVES & EXPANSIONS PRINTERS COMMODORE AMIGA DOUBLE SIDED DOUBLE I 'density bulk DISKS FULLY I 'GUARANTEED & INCLUDING | 'labels ODSOO £1099 25DSOO ODSIX) i:‘ i1 ¦1 P'lHi 0 0800 _--- 1 TDK Branded Dwk»_____ disk mgs ip Top fhtk llnldrr hold* 12..... - ......99p I Rip Tup l**k Holder holds 20 £2.99 | 0 Dili lloMrr. Lockable. TopQualiiy. Ami
K. wnh Dividers A 2 Key*-.. Pactol 30mam T v Qualtv L«iaNf ao I
ZAPPO DISK DRIVE, Slim Lmr Design, quid I low power
consumption, througli |«c«n A I on off
switch ..U 1 CUMANA
CAX354 1Mb JJ' Single disk droe I I .ruble.Visible switch Thru
Expansions wrth Clock and On Off Switch ...£26 99
COMMODORE A501 PLUS • I Mb module I.. A500 plus gives 2Mb Chip
Memory .....£29.99 COMMODORE A60I • Amiga A600 n:Mb Ran
Expansion • give* 1.5Mb Clap Memory .127.99 AMIGA 600 1Mb Chip
RAM Module with dock, plugs into trapdoor underneath the AND
Kick Mart Work hcrwh 2.05. plugs directly into any T V I Mb
RAM. Smart Card Slot. 3J~ Built in Disk Drive.
Complete with Mouse and PSU 12 months in home service 1254.99 PACIHMQ EXCLUSIVE - AMIGA A600 FD with
1. 5Mb RAM As above filled with Commodore A601 Ram Expansion
(with clock) giving a total of 15Mb chip RAM
_____________________________£274.99 I'RKK STARTER KIT (WORTH
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interface for both Commodore M and Amiga compatible. FREE
Starter Kil £99.91 Ult DRAW Drawer Type Boa Hold* 100 disk*.
Lockable. Rtackahlr TOP QUALITY _ £10.99 POSSO BOX Drawer Type Bra • Can he stacked horizontally or vertically Hold* IMDnks £16.43
G. V.P 42Mb Fail Access Hard Drive wilh K M Mil ROBOTICS MBX
I200UI I Bn Ram Expansion with l4Mh I Coprocessor. For
A1200., . 1 I Mb SIMM for MBX 1200 . I 2Mb SIMM
for MBX 1200 .. I 4Mb SIMM for MBX 1200 .. I SUPR
A 2400 PLUS FAXMODEM I Enables you to up into Hundred. .4
Bulletin I Hoard* mid download free »oft» are Also act* r
Include. Software, lead* and Pom* ______ £13*.
MONITORS PHILIPS CM8833 MKII Stereo Colour High Resolution Monitor with FREE Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 Gante and One Year On- Sitc by Philips Engineers ..1219.99 Amiga Stereo Sound and RGB Co* Cable for above 19.99 PACK lllKLh Wilt. MM 20Mb III) P K AS PACK ONE PLUS a 20Mb built in hard disk dnve, installed with Workbench 2.05 £324.99 ktlKUSliASL?* Colour, 24 pm dm matrix. 9 font*. 41Kb buffer, '60 a 360 DPI graphics FREE Surfer Kil. I year* on-sile warranty 1234.99 rAUkfOLK The W ild. The Weird & The Wicked.
AS PACK ONE. With Deluxe Paint III.
GRAND PRIX by Marroprose. PUTTY by System 3. PUSHOVER by Ocean and Deluxe Paint III 1294.99 I PACK FIVE I EPKTUnguue Ub. Hurd Drive Pack.
| AS PACK ONE. Wilh Trivial Pursuit in e different languages. Amiga TexL I word processor. EPIC by Ocean, ROME I by Millenium, and MYTH by Amiga 1200 Model DUST COVERS Ptulipa Monitor MK II------------ Amiga 1500 Two Pan Cover .. Star LC20 Pnnter . Star LCI00 Printer Star LC2Q0 Printer ------------- Star 1114 200 Pnniei---------------- Amiga 500 with Control Centre &
1116. 99 ine Philips Tih A Swivel S Tailored Dust Cover-------
P. 42Mb Fast Access Hard Drive with 8Mb Unpopulated RAM
board..... These are Ihe original and best. Manufactured by
Premier Micro* from Sheet Steel with welded warn* and Epoxy
coaled to colour
.1294.99 |
G. V.P 80Mb Fast Accew Hard Drive with 8Mb Unpopulated RAM
board...... 1364.99
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G. V.P. 120Mb Fast Access Hard Dnve with 8Mb Unpopulated RAM
board .
..1484.99 | I
2 x I Mb SIMMS lor above (Free
lining) ..£39
G. V.P. COMBO 40Mh Accelerator Plus 120Mb Hard Drive Plus 8Mb
RAM board all in one cate 1874.99 4Mb SIMM
for above • fitted free if required)..... 116999 ZAPPO
A300 A500* Hard Drives take up to 8Mb of I Mb Simms, mouse
operated Games Switch, SCSI through port.
12 month warranty.
ZAPPO A500 40Mb Hard Drive ZAPPO A50GZ60Mb Hard Dnve.
| PACK SIX e Office Puck The complete all in one package for your home or business. Commodore Amiga 600 as PACK ONE with word processor.
50. 000 word spell checker, database, spreadsheet with graphics,
disk manager .. 1294.99 32 btl
graphic*. KwksUrt Workbench
3. 0. plugs directly into any T.V. Smart Card slot. 2Mb chip RAM.
3.5" built in disk drive. Complete with Mouse and PSU. 12
Months In-Home Service with FREF. SLEEPWALKER GAME .....
.£394.99 Top quality
40 disk storage box. 10 best quality disks with labels, mouse
mat. Tai SPECIAL PRICE £21.99 or £ 19.99 when purchased with
any Amiga sy PRINTER RIBBON RE-INK Simply open your plaslic
nbbon case, spray over ihe ribbon, replace the lid and 9 Pm
do* mama. Mono. 4 NLQ font*. I Wept.
¦Kb hrffer. FREE Starter KM 112999 V Pm dot mama, colour, 4 NLQ font., 223cp*. FREE Surter Kil .....-...4 Starter KM----------
- ...1134.99 24 Pin dot matrix, mono. 7 letter quality fonts. 2
scalable fonts. 200cps. 1 IK buffet.
50 page auto sheet feeder. FREE INK ITT PBIKTFBS Citizen Fro Jet .....1369.99 Canon BJIOEX-- ____£21499 Commodore NIPS 1270-- Ipvm Stylus «0----------------- _______£99.99 .1POA Canon BJ10 20 ....- 11699 .114.99
110. 00 Citizen ProJet ..... Commodore MPS1270.
12. 00 Midnight I NEW DELUXE PAINT III Tt TOR VIDEO Learn lo gel
ihe best from NEW Deluxe Paint III. This video shows you how
to design and execute your own Animations, Titles and so much
more in a Step-By-Step. Easy-To-Follow way.
Subjects covered include: ? Screen Painting ? Zoom
* Colours
* Working with Text and Fonts
* Stencils
* Perspective ? Animation ? Video Titling etc, etc RUNNING TIME:
Superb Value At ONLY £18.99 inc Post & Packing "I was a litlle sceptical about the chances of taking a complete hegtnncr to such artistic
* ( but I must admit lo being wrong" 4 COMPUTING. Seplembtr 1991
...£7.99 ...£7.99 £12.45 £15.45 .£15.45 £15.45 ..£15.95
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Over. Fun School 4 - Under 5 Fun School 4 - 5-7
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Junior Counting 4 5 ..... ADI Junior Counting
6 7 ..... Paint 'N' Create 5 years*
Merlin's Maths 7-11 years_________ Spelling Fair 7 • 13
years ...... KOSMOS Answer Back
Junior ... Answer Back Senior .
.. Fact File 500 - 20th Cent. History Fact File
500 - General Science.... Fact File 500 - Know England.....
Fact File 500 - English Word Fact File 500 - Natural
History..... Fact File 500 - World Geography.
Fact File 500 - Fust Aid . Fact File • Spelling------------------- Fact File - Sport .. Fact File - Arithmetic . Fad File - Association Football... The French Mistress ____________ The Italian Tutor .... The German Master The Spanish Tutor ...... Maths Adventure
L. C.L M*n» fsyglirt fOCSFl Msrofitub 0CSC Micro Marts 0CSC
MkioOhii iGC-$ e Mega M«Jo- A L*s*,i fNu** Mats* 3 17.
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auto sensing switch box by
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Switch Box - plugs on to TV aerial socket.
Allows you to switch the TV input from aerial to computer .£3.99 Modulator Extension Lead - Stops your modulator falling out! 12" lead plugs between Amiga & modulator allowing modulator to sit along the back of Amiga - ... £10.99 3 Metre Amiga to Stereo Lead ..£4.99 5 Metre Amiga to Stereo Lead .£5.99
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We've snapped up the rights to ASDG’s powerful graphic manipulation program for next month s disk.
Completely compatible with all types of Amiga, from 1 Mb A500s right up to the A4000. Art Department can help transform your images into all manner of weird and wonderful works of art thanks to a wealth of special effects options.
The package s 24-bit image processing system has been specifically designed to make it suitable for both the novice and expert Amiga user Just take a look at some of the pack age s features Automatic imaoe touch-up Professional colour separation
* Slx dlther'
• Convert colour images into grey scale
• Fetch Workbench colours for creating icons
• Scale images quickly and precisely
• Render in 208 video modes
• Load, edit and lock partial or full palettes
• Automatically produce line art
• Colour balance and colour correct
• Convert from diverse input file formats to IFFs
• Produce high-quality colour separations
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• And much, much more!!
Can you really afford to miss the best graphics package to have appeared on the Amiga since DpainflU We've flogged the family silver, sold our sisters into slavery and dug deep into our pocket money to bnng you what is without a doubt the PLAYABLE DEMO OF THE YEAR. Elsewhere in this very mag you'll see Dan’s review of the excellent Desert Strike on the Amiga. This drool-worthy shoot em up scored a whopping great 93% and was duly awarded a highly prized CU Amiga Superstar into the bargain. And next month you get the chance to play an entire campaign! That’s right, those lurverly people at
Electronic Arts ,Hfk. Have put together a huge playable demo that will 7 ‘ " ¦ take hours to complete Taking control of an Apache helicopter gunship.
You have to guide the flying fortress on a series of missions against the evil General Kilbaba This involves taking out radar sites, blowing up fighter bases, destroying power stations and knocking out a heavily defended command bunker Equipped with state-of-the-art Hydra and Hellfire missiles, it's up to you to save the day and end the evil madman s threat to world peace once and for all. This is one senous shoot em up. So whatever you do. DON’T MISS IT!
As with our OctaMed, MovieSetter. Sculpt AD Jnr. GB Route and Power Packer V3.0 offers, our next issue is sure to be a sell-out, so you’ve only got yourself to blame if you miss itl Contents subject to change without notice.
Britain’s brightest and best Amiga magazine only comes out once a month, so don’t miss out - put in a standing order with your local newsagent.
Please reserve me a copy of CU Amiga every month, starting with the MAY issue which goes on sale on April 26th.
NAME .... ADDRESS .. TEL ...... CU AMIGA PROFILES ORAK& ¦"GAS CE - ULF kar ;srii What has the Amiga got to do with Amateur Radio? Tony Kaye, a licensed Ham, explains... ' i - * I M3 211 iue capnupi .hr,,; What's your impression of a Radio Ham?
Someone who wears an anorak and stands on a hill with a walkie-talkie in his hand? A Tony Hancock lookalike being conned into thinking he's talking to a round-the-world yachtsman? You couldn't be more wrong Of course, there are people who do look like outcasts from the National Tram Spotter s Unmn. But they are in the minority now.
Today, there are many different aspects to the hobby including Packet Radio, a system of com- munication using computers A network of Nodes and BBSs are in existence tor sending personal mail and bulletins around the world, and you can access it with a single channel radio with very little power The catch’ You need to sit an exam and get a licence to use it.
LICENCE There are three classes ot licence available in the UK: Class A, Class 6 and Novice.
They are identified by their callsign Rather like a car number plate, a callsign is unique to the operator Mine, tor example, is G4UUZ. The G signifies that I'm licensed in Great Britain the 4 shows that my licence is a class A and the three letters make up the rest ol my individual identification.
To get a licence, you have to take a City and Golds tvkhpart examination which w* gnie you a Class B operators licence and loHow that with a 12 words-per-minute Morse code test run by British Telecom to get the Class A. The novice licence nvotves a 30 hour training course covering a practical lest and theory ol radw operating, taken by RSGB approved instructors This is followed by a City and Guilds Novice Radio Amateurs Exam. Again, these are split to class A and dass B, the (Utterance being a live words per minute test lor the dass A Basically, the only difference between the classes is the
range of frequencies available At one time, it was essential to be able to use Morse, but nowadays, with data communications being so comparatively reliable, even the Navy has stopped insisting on it as a requirement There are various discussions always in progress about the validity of the Morse Test as a method ot dividing the Ham Iraternity. So rules can and do change frequently Amateurs are licensed lor good reason It s easy to cause interference to televisions and radios, so you must be able to recognise the symptoms and know how to cure Ihem. The basics of electronics are covered, too
Many colleges run evening classes and even Radio Clubs can teach you what you need to know.
PACKET RADIO Amateur Radio is not limited to just talking to people about how well they're receiving your sig- PROFILES nal in Northern Ireland or Finland.
JARGON BUSTERS Packet Radio works on a system that Bulletin Board users will be familiar with. Your local BBS (Bulletin Board System) is joined to all ol the others via radio links.
They are provided by other Hams, often free of charge (although donations are always welcome) or funded by clubs and other groups.
All you need to do to send a message to someone on the other side of the world is link into this board.
There's a wide range of subjects covered on the Bulletin Boards from technical subjects through political comment to the downright flippant! If you have a specific interest. I can almost guarantee that someone else also shares it and information is soon exchanged. For example, when I first set up my system, I put a request on my local board for PD software. Within a couple of hours, I had three replies and the following day. A parcel of disks arrived! This is unusual, but it can and does happen
• OH - The Department ol Trade and Industry are responsible for
licencing and policing the airwaves.
• ms - Bon TKCs law a Psmeil Message System tain la Iktsisesea lo
lorn* yew messages to you whea yoe’re aet Mere. It saxes luring
lo tog oa lo the MS last lo see ll there's any mail lor you.
Although you will need to keep up with the bulletins Some of
the larger supported areas of conversation include repairs
and upgrades to radio equipment and other radio related
subjects, but Hams know how to have fun, too. There is an
active group of Amiga owners swapping programming tips and
even sending PD programs to each other, satellite television
watchers. Star Trek fans, comedians. ST. PC and C64 owners and
many others, too. Debates on various subjects. Some serious
and some more light-hearted are nearly always running. All you
need to do to join in is send a message.
We've already discussed the need lor a licence to operate a Packet Radio station, now let's look at the hardware.
You already own the heart ot the system, the Amiga itself. To this, you need to add software, a TNC (Terminal-Node Controller! And a radio transceiver system. The hardware is available Irom specialist dealers and magazines like Ham Radio Today carry a regular Packet Radio Column as well as advertising Irom suppliers.
Most ol the software, like Ncomm and the excellent AMI-PAK, are PD or shareware, so that won t cost a fortune.
There are several TNCs on the market ranging upwards in price from around £t40. A buoyant second-hand market means that you could save on this it you don't mind a unit that's already been used.
Most TNCs also incorporate a PMS (Personal Maabox), and by serving a message to the SysOp ol your local BBS. You can have your personal mail lorwarded to you while you're not there The radio can be bought second-hand tor as little as £50. And an antenna _ can even be home-made. All that's needed is a one channel transceiver with relatively low power, so there's no need to spend vast amounts on (lash equipment. A lot ot hams use converted commercial equipment. More information is forthcoming trom joining local groups and visiting 'Rallies’. These are gatherings ot amateurs that take place
at various locations throughout the year and take the torm ol small exhibitions Retailers and enthusiasts can be tound here and it's also a good source ol computer add-ons and consumables. ® FOR FURTHER INFORMATION... Siskin Electronics, 2, South Sti Radio Society of Great Britain, 59015 For aH information regg ent Here's a list of useful contacts Larrpoa Mouse. Cranbome Road Potters Bar Mens EN6 3JE tel 0707 ‘EagCe 1Soft 6 on* tis.ee MrqtltwiwwA UuUOM «wc ¦•* «*•* • m an bcq on* tis.ee CttumIUI ThTH *IMMoMMatlOrMA iMuagaOM Ntp»ltfrnDw« ay radio, adio capa- Ojtzvare V FREE MYSTERY ~ GAME
UNE: 081 361 5730 24 HOUR FAX UNE 081 361 2733 lio equiva- a
signals stand and HOUYWOCO COLLECTION on* tllN node or BBS.
It all your these. A (rating on THEOREATEST oMtllN
• MdWMOMlwcM MOW STRATEGY MASTO on*t71.H D • Poo , H
Packet municate files and iters.
Lya t you to a s avail- ranster 0BZY3 EXCELLENT ALNEMTURE8 on* tie.ee Oby Pw« BmtwOoa. 0«a P « o» Ft* Sp**»M oar, MuaiMt 118a Palmers Road New Southgate LONDON N111SL SPORTS MASTERS on*tieee PQA 1n«Od 'I*M *PwM«0» WfxwCM TOPTTTLES AMIGA A500. 1 Mag Upgrade £3696 ABBiMagUpgtade»cJoc* £4896 .c*xk £2596 _________jn-------cases 40 Sporla Boxng £1190 4D Sport*DrMng tllflS AtraM 12390 ActtmSWtone Adlan* Fan* *9
cii. se £1396 £1896 £1696 £1899 £1696 £1896 £1699 £1896 £1696
£1696 £1696 £1486 £1496 £896 £846 £646 £1686 £1646 £1646
l*n*» Mow** Man •------- Laandar ... LeMhMW pan ......
laadatld------------- lagand . Hat Book----- aiasazz: LeSwe
Sut Lany II--------- l*iew* Sul Larry lU------ I Maw* Sul
lany V----- Laraialng* ...... LaantatandOMaDtt .
Lannkigal. ..... LanHlnga-DaliOMk ... LannMt-Stand Alone... LmaHO-------------- LbuMWda*__________ leal TiaaauiaaMIMooMi ¦ Ictus Turbo ChalangsII lc«* Tuito Chafcnga III luredtha Tenptraae Ml Tar* Platron .
MacDonald Land Magic PocM -- Man UU Europe...... M D*a Uba*a FcoCml ¦ M*ga : Vm-------- Mag* Sporll ...... Mngatrarafcr II .... MtayaaaQc* .... l splits
im. It has I the BBS tween the OmteOMM11-------- ......
Dana I* .... Dungeon Own...- 8r?±== Emta I •
Cerberu* .
Epic ..... Eya ct fw Bahctter ... Eye ct th* Bdhoidw II Fl4 Tom CM* F15 Strike Eagle ¦...... FI 17AStoe*i Fighter* - F19 Steel* Fighfir______ F2S ReOlntY ... Faca OH • Ico Hockey .. ... Falcon UM*i)iT"I Fakon Mmion DM II FefconSO----------------- ESSORa-: fm« : ***Ma (Afd ..... £1299 eieee £1396 £1894 £1591 cisee _ C1S09 £2396 £2390 £1990 £34 99 £1999 £2399 £1896 £2396 £21 99 £1999 8p*aAnB - ... Spat* Gun ------- SpacaCmaada. Upgrade.
Space Quad lK.HI.or IV ... 8pe5lFo*eai ..... OhalEMple -------- ON in lliMir - ... Swn MaM*r ...... FghNrN.... .
AduafcGaraes Nat J Pond £1896 £1396 £1896 aid M_________ No&V* PayBir?
• he Thiae Boon £1496 £1846 £1496 £17* £13* C1S96 £1896 stem you
when BS )ust to leed to £1896 ..£2396 ... £1896 ... £1896 ...
£1896 ... £1396
3. 5 DS DO discs with Lib*la boicd n 10‘a 0x35 DS 00.. £396 20x35
DS DO £119 30x33 OS 00.. £1386 Mx 33 DS DO £2196 00 x 33 DS
00...... £3699 £1896 See* Few Super CaxAtraa *---- Super
SWIV* .... SfflU; Tear Away Thonas... Tannl* Cup 2
... Teat onue ill* . IS £1896 £1296 £1696 £1696
£1696 £899 HudaonHaak --------- £896 HuntarKBar -------- ...
£896 IK ... - ..£896 lapoaaAH MaW n II ......
£899 IndyLMlC'uerteGr«*fc £896 Jataaa Pond _________ ...£891
JelBMM* ....- £899 J Khan Squash ...... £899
KMGkaas ... £896 LaNNMall ... (886 * -*,rr” £896 OuOandar*
* ... PkIG aland* • T.YaHaa II Pecfie Wanda
II*-------- Par **ol Star* _______ Parted Ganeal PGAGodToar .
SS: £2096 . £1086 PGAC
• DM Pntal Dream* PmtadDraan* ..... ..... Pcpubua II - The
Chabnge £11.96 Populous II • (1 Mag)----£2396 Pcmwr and Gto*
-------- £1896 Power Up CotapleHoo.... £1266 Prsnlara
..... £2006 Praniar Manager £1696 Protect X _________
£1696 PiSOrer .. £1596 PM* _ _ - £1896 QUEST
AMD GLORY... £1696 Ragaonli ..... £2396 RaKoad Tycoon
..... £2396 Reach lor he Suas £2096 Rad Bam ....
£1806 Rad Zone ..... £1396 a Woods
£1696 Ml________________ £1896 Rot* food Roboeod..... Rotxxxpil
£8 96 £896 £896 £896 UtfntgM R H19 CricM .£1846
ImwnMtonal Sports Che* . .£1396 lehar-legend
Fcrtme .£2066 Jaguar XJ220 ..... £1886 Jataaa Pond II
(OpStaitMh) £1686 - CTS9I £1866 £1396 £1666 £M96 £1396
..£1496 , women*... FlOCoabal Plot...... Fhal CounMoan
F. O.F.T. ...... I Worn C1-r.cwn.np Boxing £866 i
ZakMcK adien---------------£896 i X*non II . £7.96
RodLand .. Hooka** _ Btjgell £1896 fieae £1896 TOR TITLES
ThoGMM 82 Etern.
AMUA 0066 £1866 The M«!*QW . Thund«hs«kAH-73M ..._ Thrmdw Jaws Tip 06 . . £2098 42186 £1896 £1886 Tokl_______________________ Toon WctM* ...... Ttoddhaa------------------- T*o9» TVSpomBaaatMl £1386 £1866 £1896 £1896 £1196 Twttwir. ?!? ... T hi 2OD0 £11.88 ulU* Marian Oaaw** .
Ubraa V________________...... £1516 £2086 £1888 £2088 UMSI ---------------------w.
UMSII Planet Edte ¦..... £1888 42098 £1886 UraSuwO* ...... WopM . £17.96 £1866 Ulopw Nan Wald Video KM Vai»g FieM* ct Conquaal VwBayond £11.96 £1396 £1586 £1886 Wafcar* ...._ . £1896 njviri “* - £1296 BS™=
W. W.F.---------------- £1896 £1396 £1586 Zool--------------
£1896 £899 Hart ---------- £7 96 Nary Saab------------- ' *
Ho* ZealMd Sto* SS SSS& .
£896 Out Rue .. (896 OperatMSMaMr . £366 Opetaton TkutderfcA. .
£7 46 Operate! Wo( .... £896 Outrun Ewopa ________ £896 Pang , . £896 P*rw*Kc»badng - . £896 PpMIMeglC ---------- SS BB'- SS ACTION PACK cm* t12.ee mbcPMh Bna Maw 0»$ M*rV IW ruLw wiw- '«ei
• adCabted* 2 HOT 2 HANCLE on* tie.M Oort* An TcUi A SUM* WanBt
tw»oenoMiUcB« SPORTS COLLECTON on* tiiee
R. *tM OmMM Pro ImM Tow
* a* Wort* Co (oooii MM*m to ft* Ftfi» M. R-Typa RmI Q tMdNEM TV
Sport* loOtal POWER PACK ¦ on* P7.H PwMOII. IO»tUM*IS ¦ Cmlva
RAJN8CW COLLECTION on*f13M “*» i «»**R0RWEon*ti6.H MfWiMuor*«*
tMCo*K°w DREAM TEAM on*t18M Please make cheques and P.O.'s
payable to E*gb Sottmn PiPofl .aOiw lommlhnUK Orders under CIO
please add 50p per item. Ei*ope:addE3.50 per tem.
Ebewt)ereaddf4 50c*K (torn. New tides will be sert as released
and are subject to manufacturers prk»r*!te» E&OE SPECIAL OFFER
_ Price_ _ Price_ _ Price_ _ Price_ 149 3HES™ ¦Nd rWW at to
.olw o * A ¦ N*m«: _ Addrnt: Po*tcode:_ Card No: _ M«mb*r No:
Exp Data _ AccwaQ Vim ? ChequaQ P.0'« ?
Simply Plugs Into trapdoor expansion area U jh__ Increases total RAM capacity lo 2Mb ChipRAM fAlAASjKmkJjtfrfk RAM Orti’Off Switch Compact un.r s«to M * - 5 Only B low Oowei HAM IC S M.qh reliability
• CALL US NOW ON (0386) 765500 • RtrfXr TT Trn • CALL US NOW ON
(0386) 765500 • With our MEGABOARD, you can further expand your
A500's memory to a total of 2MB without disposing ot your
existing 512K upgrade (must be 4 x RAM-chip type or not
exceeding 9cm in length) PARTIALLY POPULATED I Unit 9 St
Richards Rd, Evesham WofCS WR11 6TD 77 0386-765180 fax: 0386
765354 CAMBRIDGE 5 Glisson Road.
Cambridge CB1 2HA 77 0223-323898 fax 0223 322883
• Very quiet
• Slimline design
• Suits any Amiga
• Cooling vents
• Sleek, high quality metal casing REPLACEMENT A500 INTERNAL 3.5"
DRIVE KIT ONLY £39.99 Send Cheque. Postal Order or
Access Vlso Swltch AmEx cord details to: Evesham Micros Ltd.,
Unit 9, St Richards Road, Evesham, Worcs. WR11 6TD Mail Order
Fax: 0386-765354 '•* JOINT WINNER OF COMPUTER .6HOPPER56 Best
Customer Venice* 11 ¦'AWARD H)R mi Li HERE TODAY - HERE TO
STAY I eel*"| Micro* Fkwt P»*t for chot*. Price* »nd aert-Mw
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Out Computerl.ud TaleuMn Order Processing Investment means fast.
ETficmnt service. Web appmnted Retell Showroom* mtlt large product range on ft*play. Our huge Customer detalwse. Hrgh percenlage o* repeat custom and pe*sonat reterrals underlines our popularity REMEMBER ¦ when you need us. We «*tn still Be horc. Our extensive
- a* Call us now on Q 0386 765500 TELESALES OPENING TIMES:
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Education & PLC orders welcome • Same day despatch whenever
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extra • Please note that 5 banking days must be allowed lor
cheque clearance. Immediate clearance on Bank Dratts • Credit
card orders: We do not charge the card until the goods are
PRICES INC.DEUVERY & VAT @ 17.5% Switch Access Visa AmEx Cards Welcome RETAIL SHOWROOMS Normal Opening times: Monday-Saturday, 9.00-5.30 Late Night Opening Until 7pm Wednesday-Friday 251-255 Moseley Rd, Highgate Birmingham B12 OEA 77 021 • 446 5050 lax 0214465010 MILTON KEYNES EVESHAM ¦S’ 0386-40303 Monday to Friday. 10.00 - 5.00 320 Witan Gate, Milton Keynes MK9 2HP 77 0908-230898 lax 0508 230866 1 YEAR WARRANTY ON ALL GOODS cornet Mumeot goo* to pens- AH poo* «ut ,ecl to WolOrnor* Throughport for further expansion Very low power consumption Style matched to the A500 v RAM access LED
RAM test run switch Available lilted with 2Mb. 4Mb.
Or fully populated with 8Mb ,Y Optional PSU (allows Amiga to power other devices) Incorporating the latest ‘ZIP’ DRAM technology, our new External Memory Upgrade allows the A500 A500+ to be upgraded by up to a further 8Mb of auto-configuring FASTRAM.
A500 PLUS7 1MB RAM UPGRADE| n 95 hMM 1.5MB RAM BOARD |||(g| ONLY £42.99 .mgaasssss A500 EXTERNAL RAM UNIT With 2MB fitted...E112.99 with 4MB...E159.99 with 8MB...E259.99 Fully populated board increases total RAM in A500 to 2Mb! R Plugs
• into trapdoor area, & connects to GARY chip Includes Battery- ¦
Backed Real-Time Clock Socketed RAM Ics on 512K 1Mb Versions
board with clock-----------------------£ 34.95 With 15Mb
FASTRAM installed £ 62.99 A500 512K RAM CLOCK UPGRADE
• Quality Citizen Sony drive mechanism
• Enable Disable switch
• Full 880K Formatted Capacity
• Long reach connection cable
• Throughport facility for addition of further drives Fully
compatible, with 1Mb unformatted capacity Straightforward
installation procedure. Kit includes full fitting instructions.
ALL EVESHAM MICROS STAR PRINTERS INCLUDE 12 MONTHS ON-SITE WARRANTY Star LC 20 Successor to LC 10.4 fores. L80-'44cps NEW Star LC 100 Entry level 9-Pin Colour. 4 fonts Ster LC 200 9-Pin Colour. 4 tools. 180 45cps NEW Star LC 24-100 24-Ptn. 5 fonts 192 64cp* Star LC 24-200C Siperb 24-Pin Colour. 5 fonts. 2CO'67cps Automatic Sheet Feeder tor 10* LC proters (pis slate model) Star XB24-200 COLOUR 24-pin. 80 col. Power printer Star XB24-2S0 ’32 column version of XB24-200 40Mb MODEL ONLY £229 100Mb MODEL ONLY £329 Citizen 240 COLOUR printer ... Hewlett-Packard
Do*k)ot 500 Hewlett-Packard Deektet SOOC (Colour) Ni W Hewlett-Packard Deakfet 550 Colour Canon BJ-I0EX lnk|et Prlntor NF i’ Canon BJ-200 Inkjet Printer 360dp. Upto 240cpe 8 fonts. 80-sheet leader. IBM and Epson emulaton Epson LX400 budget 10* carriage 9-pin 18(V2Scps Epeon LQ100 24-pn 18Oi80cps. 8k buffer Panasonic KXPt 1241 uprated 24-pn model 30Q,'100eps Panasonic KXP2123 good value 24-pn colour model ' iiCiil ilitflll Uliii' ~IEJl Ji.lli I'jr •jpliiu'Mn pjihiiiuiisj. Fiist AcsoiJ fuiio j riUlo j iufiy iti ’j.iu UsUKAls'J Pi'J. OHM1 ¦.MiiiuwJs I'j ivi'.i
uij ijl riM'J Diii'ki iilldoul iiuJapiiiiLaiifit yy.t-jr -y **-! Opllui) lor uy Vj-JCJii -jllLiul jjj iW.lul iLi .liJil i 1,
• JiiriJ 1 yli’l-M-l' ’ COOL.... t y ygyjlur Uuri-jnd, *. t*jv
j ItUori .j tny run!
.(rllyi IpJlliy IIHdiil 5i fia. Stfe*unj.
- j||SlxU» ?i 'J ii3 ijiill J QUALITY SCANNING - AT THE RIGHT
PRICE !• At a genuine tcwnng reedutkrv IN* tcanna- produces
Irul, supedi quWt. Scans AMIGA 6( fkVglWJ Ml? U fern?
U iacEC’P4ac Features: Push-over • Grand Prtx
• Putty • Delux Paint III • 12 months on-*ite maintenance ONLY
£324.99 Standard Pack ONLY £279.99 Epic Pack Commodore's 20Mb
Hard Disk version ONLY £449.99 scamng and ad vg eofhrare alo»«
rest uno wannrg in ether Ihe an or n up to 8* umuolod groy
scales PrcrrtOee powerful edtr j “ealiires and eicatem
compatOtrf) wstri most DTP and Pant Packages, og Deti ePant4.
Touch-Up Aie: suppied « The Pubaahsr OeekTop t *Mf og pKfcag* ideal roc inccrpcratng yo» Built-in TV ..... Modulator • Built-in IDE Hard Disk Controller • KkkATARI 2 • ImbChtpRAM • Accepts Memory Cards Evesham m rose.-ttw.n;t!
* • are now stta to tupc** Amiga no* ** * A500s-«ti larga. Hard
daks Wa p?5 2!v£3y Si’S.'SSSS? SlwBMPfliad STILL ONLY £99.99
iccurate replacement mouse you can buy for the Amiga. Excellent
performance, now with a 300dpi resolution. Amazing new price!
For any A600 ..£149.00 KickStart WorkDench 3.0 • Fast 68020 processor • AGA chipset
• CPU DMA expansion port • PCMCIA expansion stot AMIGA 1200
compatible - excellent travel.accuracy assured NEW LOW PRICEI E
29.0o| 60Mb £229.00 120Mb £359.00 UPGRADE YOUR OWN A600TO HARD
DISK Bring the benefits of a Hard Disk Installation to your
existing Amiga 600 with our easy to fit upgrades.
TRACKBALL NEW FROM A600 1MB RAM CLOCK UPGRADE Ns TraOMl! Fdl one-Mndsd luary cc'j'racharxal oaug ipsod and accuracy * «ty frne UPGRADE YOUR NEW A600 TO 2Mb WITH THIS SIMPLE PLUG-IN MEMORY UPGRADEI Simply Plugs into the A600's trapdoor expansion area Increases total RAM capacity of y| A600 to 2Mb ‘ChipRAM' RAM Enable Disable Switch A I J Battery-Backed Real-Time Clock ONLY £29.95 ONLY £39.99 NEW! A500 ROM SWITCHER SWITCHING BETWEEN VERSIONS OF KICKSTART ON YOUR A5O0 IS EASY WITH OUR NEW ROM SWITCHERI Yoj can improve amperXMrt on fn ASM »uV 8. Iltng or U sMKhr* ONLY £24.95 KickMart 1.3
ROM mppliod soparatol.
Kicketart 2.0 ROM wippltod separaloty Amplified Stereo Speakers ROCGEH MK.M INCLUDES HONE GENLOCK MK.II GENLOCK PLUS ONLY £79.99 ONLY £119.99 PROFESSIONAL AMIGA REPAIRS Fixed rale repair service, includes disk drive faults. £ 54.95 Please contact us on 0386-446441 Please note that we reserve the right to refuse any machine which is beyond economic repair PHILIPS 15" TV MONITOR With its dedicated monitor input, this model combines the advantages of a high Quality medii»n resolution cctout monitor with the convenience ol remote control Tefotext TV at an excellent low prce! Features dark glass
screen lot improved ccnfrast £249.00 delivery & cable I REPLACEMENT POWER SUPPLIES Genuine Commodore Amiga A500 type replacement Power Supply Unit. Good quality switch mode1 type. Super low pnce I ONLY £39.95 ONLY £39.95 Uitso nmtMer «Mti wpoiate aQustaOc .«umo ¦OTWl or kom batlanoe irot inOuded) SprM-gi Kranooa I60 95. (OSrrvn (HitV-D) | Replacement Power Supply lor A590 Hard Disk Evesham nicrosl
BUYER S GUIDE B BUYERS GUIDE JV-30 Keyboard l‘02£5525816181
This is a complete all-in-one pop machine. It's just about got
the lot. The first thing that stnkes you is how easy it is to
use. It may not be completely knob and slider-based, like its
big brother the JD-800, but it's easily the most friendly
instrument at this price.
Let's start with the piano sounds If it's house or pop you're producing, these are spot on Bright and pknky.
With a skghtfy metafcc edge, they! Cut through the mushiest of mixes Add a touch of the onboard chorus, tweak the resonance and cut-off levels, and you can come up with radically different pianos within seconds.
Moving on. There are another 15 groups of sounds, each of which has eight preset variations. More high scores are notched up in the organ section, which includes some very useful standard electric organs, along with a superb Hammond imitation. The stnngs are pretty good, but even better when fattened up with the many built- r effects The preset basses are a little disappointing (there's no standard eiectnc bass), but you can easily azz them up.
The is. However, a synth. So what about the synthetic sounds? These mostly fan into the lead, pad and synth fx categories Ranging from hard and rasping to silky smooth, they’re well Admit it. Four channels of samples just aren't enough. You can use all the tricks in the book, and still find you're a track short when you want to drop in that vocal What can you do? Well, you could always get yourself a professional synth. Just imagine it... you could farm out all those basslines, chords, beats and melodies to your synth. And free up all four sample channels for those essential loops and
The high street chain stores are full of home keyboards, but if you're serious, you should go for one of the big boys' toys. Rounding up the entry level offenngs from Roland.
Yamaha. Cheetah and Peavy. We sentenced them to a month s hard labour in the CU studio. Here's how they shaped up.
Suited to ambient and soundtrack work Of course, you also get synthesised versions of the brass, wind, stnng and piano sounds. The pads generally aren't as complex as on the bigger synths, or the Yamaha SY-35, but they still get the job done in style.
As well as all of this, you get nine drum kits, covering rock, jazz and elec tromc styles, and including samples from the TR-800 drum machine (a big plus m my book). It s just a shame that they ve gone to al the trouble, but left out those detmctrve 909 sounds That realy would have topped it for me There's also an alternative krt devoted entirely to sound effects - ram. Thunder. Birds. Trains, cars, applause, footsteps, sirens and sd-fi warbles are all on hand to add instant atmosphere to your tracks.
To cap it all. The synth features are a doddle to use. The most drastic alterations come from the resonance and frequency cut-off sliders. Thanks to these, you can create a whole range of new sounds, and change them all in real time as they play. There's also a load of onboard reverbs and other effects to choose from. Sheer luxury' A General MIDI compart** synth that's got al the bases covered, powerful and versatile, but easy to use (helped by an excellent manual), the JV-30 is almost too good to be true.
Thinking of expanding your music set-up? Tony Horgan tests a quartet of entry- level professional synthesisers.
167777 This tfrtleis from the others reviewed here «i two cfrsnnct ways First a doesnt have a keyboard. And second, it uses analogue technology to produce its sounds As it doesn't have a keyboard, you ! Need a separate one to trigger it Any MIDI keytioard will do.
But to make the most ol the module, it should be capable ol sending out velocity, altertouch, pitchbend and modulation data It s also quite feasible to use it in conjunction with MED.
Where the Amiga keyboard is a trigger device, but the results won't be great.
As it uses analogue synthesis, you don't get any samples ol real nstnj ments Al ol the MS6s sounds are created from sreple waves. Wtveh are osolated and tittered m various ways Whereas the sounds on the digital synths have a tirvle resolution, which becomes more apparent on very low sounds, analogue waves are pure. The result is a smoother sound.
It wont recreate the sound ot a grand piano very well at all. But it you want ethereal sweeps, seismic back ground drones, metamorphing pads and aad bleeps, this is the box lor you It can also knock out a killer sutkbass.
And Its stnng sounds will take care ot your chord sequences With all this synthesis power available, it’s a shame everything's controlled by a few pokey little buttons and a couple ot cfcgits on an LED display. A tew sliders would have done wonders, but as It is. It you want to simulate a 303 bassline, you've got to prod lots ol little buttons, or try embedding the tiller sweeps into your MIDI sequence There aren't any buriMn elfects. But you can simulate reverb by giving sounds long decay trees This isn't a complete music workstation but then It s not supposed to be It you re Into electronic
music, youl love the sounds It makes. I d say it s best suited to ambient and add style music.
IM R Rad IM rmtwj looted it IM pRtty (rclures Mim r! Still HM •«*« OM lo (Most? Will, worn 00 IMR lor MR I ¦ lide-ty-sidc comparison cMrt lo Mlp maM Pul Buying decision so modi saslor Model JV-30 SY-35 MS6 DPM-2 Price £559 £599 £349 £675 Multilimbral 16 part 16 part Opart 16 pari Polyphonic 24 voice 32 voice 6 voice 16 voice Keyboard 61 note 1 notel n a (module) 61 note Dram Kits 9 yes 0 9 user Eltects yes no no yes General MIDI yes Digital no no Synthesis Di|ltal S.S S»S Analogue Digital S.S Output Slereo Slereo Mono Slereo DMA-2 The SY-35's pretty good with the bread and butter sounds, too.
The pianos aren't as bright as those on the JV-30. But there's a better selection of basses. Unlike the JV-30, you can strip down a voice to a single sine wave perfect for sub-basses. The stnngs section has some lovely fun textures and the brass and lead sounds are just as impressive. There's only one drum kit. But it just about covers the range from dance to rock, although the kicks could be better Where it loses out is user friendliness. Setting it up for MIDI sequencing is awkward, and the man ual could be a lot dearer.
Unfortunately, there's not much poten tial for editing the sounds with filters and osdllators. It comes down to combining different waves with each other Despite this, the power of the onboard sounds is still very impres sive. If it's epc pads you want or even just a good general synth. This is unbeatable at ____________ST-35 Price: £599 Tel: 0908 366700 This and Roland s JV-30 are in tfrect competition. As to which has the upper hand, it's a very dose-run thing. The sounds on the SY-35 are arranged a little drttefenty. There are eight banks of eight presets, but there's also a collection
of 77 internal sounds, and it s these that you can edrt and use to create your own ongkial sounds Al the sounds are made up of either two or four elements In a two element voce, one part is a sampled wave (of a piano or trumpet, for example). While the other is a synthesised wave With a four element voce, there are two sampled and two synthesised waves. The upshot of this is that you can get some really meaty pads on the go. With one sound crossfading into another, or just with all four of them layered on top of each other Plus, there's the Vector synth control - a joystick that allows you
to control the mu of all four sounds m real time Price: £675. Tel: 0563 205530 The first thing you notice as you wrestle it out of the box is that the DPM-2 weighs a ton! It s a point well worth bearing in mind if you're going to be gigging, but it shouldn't be much of a problem in a home or studio set-up. Anyway, enough of the physics, on with the sounds First, let's have a look at the presets. As far as the basics are concerned, it's a bit patchy On the one hand, it's got a wide variety of excellent basses, but has a big shortfall in the strings department.There wasn't one string sound that
I'd really like to rely on for regular use, but a lot of that comes down to taste Similarly, the pianos on offer are only adequate, and lack a good pop variation, but then again this is one of the only synths in this range to have a convincing electric guitar You couldn't play anything to rival a real guitar solo with it, but used sparingly in the right places, no- one would no notice it wasn't the real thing.
The smooth jazzy organs are nice, although the fake Hammond could be a lot fuller If big pads are your thing, you'll be well catered for Layering sounds is simple, so you can easily come up with your own spooky washes and dreamy warbles. There's also a big drum kit. With a range of kicks and snares that should just about have something for everyone, although as usual, the samples do have a rock bias, so you'll probably still want to sample your own if you're making dance music. You're free to remap the drums any way you like, and you can even include any single sample in an instrument patch
For example, you could overlay one of the bassdrum samples onto a bass synth sound, to give it more punch, or include a pitched-down crash cymbal in a big pad Editing is made fairly easy with the multi-purpose data slider and the generous amount of buttons on the front panel. Layering waves is simple, and there are a plenty of effects variations to spice up your sounds, including reverb and gated reverb, an exciter, EO, panned delays, choruses and distortion.
The combination of resonance and filter controls gives the synthesising potential a big boost Although the DPM-2 does have its shortcomings, it's still a very powerful and versatile synth. But in the light of the competition from Roland and Yamaha, it does look a little over- priced Party on with your regular copy of the most excellent football weekli a,u jjoyy wiir} 3j.jAM lit J rliCuA -A.
Jsjx js&icis ZjJS SO? TsxE Is!Z§ SJU i COLOUR KITS for MONO PRINTERS Ever wished you'd bought a colour printer instead of a mono one? Wouldn't it be nice to print out Deluxe Paint pictures in colour? Now you can with “FlexiColour Kits”. FlexiColour kits come complete with everything you need to print in colour, including ribbons and superb software.
The colour kit is simple to fit and use. Will not affect your guarantee and prints AS GOOD AS A COLOUR PRINTER. If your printer is not listed below please phone. FlexiColour kits for Star LC10, LC20. All Star 24 pin. Panasonic 1080 81,1123 1124. Epson FX80, FX100, LQ400, LQ800 etc. Citizen 120D. 120D+, NEC P6, P6+, Seikosha SP800,1900. 2000. COMPLETE KIT £39.95 COLOUR RIBBONS FLEX I DUMP 2 ? Total COLOUR CONTROL ? Select area to print ? Select size to be printed ? Balance control for enhancing dark pics IFF or HAM ? Now includes new feature to insert colour pics into word processor documents
? Page control ? Colour sieve ? Ink correction ? Pattern rotate ? Dot pattern control ? Automatic poster mode for larger than A4 ? Production Graphic text labels letterheads ? Multiple copies control ? Import larger than screen size files and use Flcxidump to reduce (produces superb letterheads) ? Gamma correction (fully adjustable and savable) ? Colour mono catalogue function. Will print a mini picture (size selectable) of a complete disc (sorted alphabetically) including titles ? Ideal for T-shirt printing. Drives a wide range of Colour and mono printers ; Star LC10. LC20. LC200 Citizen
Swift. NEC and many more. £39.95 (for all dot matrix colour printers) FLEXIDUMP 2 BUBBLE JET PRINT FULL COLOUR ON YOUR BUBBLE JET PRINTER AH Ihe features of FLEXIDU MP 2 including AUTO COLOUR SEP ARATION Laser quality colour graphics. Flesidump 2 bubble jet £39.95 Ho» lo order cheque P0 made payable lo CARE ELECTRONICS or use Access Visa Care Electronics 15 Holland Gardens. Garslon. H alford. Herts H D2 6JN Tel: 0925 894064 or Fax: 0925 672102 all prices include VAT & CARRIAGE UPGRADE FROM FLEXIDUMP TO FLEXIDUMP 2 £11.75 inc. RETURN MASTER COLOUR RIBBONS can be “reloaded" with a new ribbon
loop this is simple to do and is cost effective. Comes with full instructions.
Star LC200 9pin 4 col reload £5.99 or pack of 5 £23.95 Star LC200 24pin 4 col reload £6.99 or pack of 5 £29.95 Citizen Swift 4 col reload £6.99 or pack of 5 £29.95 Star LC200 9pin reink £9.95 a bottle Panasonic 1080 81 1123 1124 in reink £9.95 a bottle 10 Star LCI0 black reloads £14.95 5 Star 24 pin black reloads £ 11.95 5 Seikosha SP800 1000 1600 2000 £11.95 HP DESKJET CANON BJ REFILLS "Care .'-pack" will refill HP SI60KA cartridge 3 times. Canon BC 01 SJ48 cartridge 3 3 black refills £14.98. "Care 6-pack" 6 black refills as above £24.95. T-SHIRT PRINTING RIBBONS T-SHIRT PRINTING RIBBONS prim
on lo paper iron on your T-shirt 4 col T-SHIRT ribbon for CITIZEN SWIFT £29.95 reload £ 14.95 4 col T-SHIRT ribbons for STAR 24 pin £29.95 reload £ 14.95 4 col T-SHIRT ribbon for STAR LC200 9 pin £ 19.95 reload £ 12.95 4 col T-SHIRT ribbon STAR LC10 £14.95. Single colour BLACK for STAR LCIO £9.95. STAR 24 pin £11.95. CITIZEN 120D SWIFT£9.95 PANASONIC KXP 1080 81 1124 black only £11.95. EPSON LX80£9.95 FX80. FXI00. LQ400.
LQ800 £9.95 many colours and types available.
I r flue reed by (be like) of Lemmings. (A500 ONLV G22I BOW A ARROW • Archery came. Original and fun.
G222 GNU OIESS - The very best PD chew game around (NOT A500) 0214 DR MARIO - Faithful cicne of the comole game G212 FRUSTRATION - Absorbing text adveoture.
G205 TOP OP TOE LEAGUE - Fab football management j 0200 FIGHTING WARRIORS - PD *«« d Street RgWci GI97 TEXAS CHA1NSAW MASSACRE - Stck Slasb«m-up.
G188 AIRPORT - Try your hand at air traffic control.
G186 ACT OP WAR - TaUcal wargame similar lo Laaer S. G162 Sy3tE$ 4 - A bit hke Q-Bert. Bat much, much beu G156 MISSION X - Amazing Jusi take SWIV GI50 LEGEND OF LOTHIAN • Excellent Role Playing game G224 OBLIVION - Amazing Defender clooe. Updated to use the full of the Amiga- Not to be IN (2D uraLma© 1255 KICKSTART I 3 - Downgra* your A500.. A600 or AI200 to to aid In solving compatiNbty problems.
1249 MAGNUM VIA • The ultimate Ask magazine creator. (NOT AI200).
¦215 FREECOPY 1.8 ¦ Removes protection from s whole boat of of commercial games.
1206 RACE RATER - Win on the gee gee's.
1201 PC-TASK VI.04 - PC emulator, sappons CCA graphics.
H79 SID 2 • Essential utility 1158 SECTORAMA - Recover lost data Floppies or hard Alves.
1146 AMIGA SYSTEMS CHECKERS TOOL KOI I program, that check for Amiga perfcenunce. And if your chips are healthy. InckAng keyboard, joystick and internal clock.
1253 PAY ADVICE ANALYSER - Keep a daubs* on yew pay 1254 TOEMONEY PROGRAM - Mcoey management 1243 LTTILE OFFICE • Imergraird word processor, database, spread sheet, etc- H35 600 BUSINESS LETTERS • Letters for all occassioos, Inc I20« IFF pictures 1186 MED 3.21 • Ihe famous music sequencer (We can sappiy you with bunAedi of sound samples, and mini menu See catalogue disk.
G2I0 T ETAUSMAN (iDISKS) - Fantastic graphic adventure.
Requires 2 Mepbyies of memory.
G170 AMOS CRICKET • Can you perform better than England!
G16I ASHBX) - Toogb Oinese puzzler.
GI60 SUPER PACMAN - The besl yet!
GI58 BRAIN BALL • Hard puzzle game requiring skill and brains.
GI42 BATTLEMENTS - Rescue Eure re Ida.
GI28 Ccanputerised version of the RISK board gane.
GI22 DUEL - 3D tank batik game far two players.
GI2I BIPLANES - Taiy Hooooooo.
G107 WASTELANDS - Virtual Reality game!
GI02 CABERET ASTEROIDS ¦ Faithful to the coin cp. A real Clasa (A500 ONLY).
G09* A NICE DAY IN TOE MAZE • Nice 3D rrnze game.
G093 PARACHUTE JOUST - Entertaining Tight for survival.
G0B4 ATIC ATAC Remake of the Classic Spectrsm game.
Ever Megad a of staff.
G072 RASTA BIKES • The best Tron light cycles game availabk.
GO66 NO MAN'S LAND - Two player masaaae.
G030 MEGABALL • Artanoid clone. Beau (be socks off (be real DEMOS Ml 27 JESUS ON E» (2 DISKS) - The highly acclaimed music demo Received 97% in CU AMIGA. Kequures 2 disk drives Ml 22 GOSPEL KARAOKE The first ever sing-a-loog disk Ml23 KAOS THEORY - 5 banktee tracks M081 VIVALDI. TOE FOUR SEASONS (2 DISKS) • Classical music.
M076 AMIGADEUS • More of the above DUS PIECE OF MIND - Star Trek spoof DI40 RSI TIME ZONE (2 DISKS) Redseclora D077 TET: MELTED EXPERIENCE - Brilliant. Loads D073 SQ.ENTS GLOBAL TORASH - One of the best demos arot D065 SILENTS BLUE HOUSE (2 DISKS) • Another classic from this top coAng group. (NOT A1200) D052 RED NECKS FLOP PACK 3 - My personal five demo ctmpaa.
D046 PHENOMENA ENIGMA - The classic demo which ael new standards for the rest to follow.
DO«S SAFE SEX DEMO • Fumy, nothing dirty.
A00I ENIERIRIZE LEAVES DRY DOCK - Tofaas Richter* weU known masterpiece.
A003 MAGICIAN V2.0 - knptesMve ray-traced animation A004 GYMNAST ANIMATION - Very hfckke ray-traced amm.
A066 AGGRESSOR SOVIET SOFT LANDINCVSTEALTO BOMBER Three classic Eric Schwartz anunauens on one disk.
AI33 BONDS LAST STAND - Funny track take of the Boo) films Catalogue disk lists A500, A5O0+.
A600 and A1200 compatibility.
U230 - Food, food and mxe food.
U245 - ButlAngs U229 - Mixed sutyectt U22I - Anatomy . Bindings. Holidays.
U223 - Sport. Transpcet. Work U220 . Animals. People. Places U2I9 - Show Business U2I8 - Religion. School. Waddings UI44 - Gar field the Cat.
Every month we get skip loads of PD disks sent in for review. Tony Horgan has a rummage through the latest entertainment disks. Be safe, be scene.
Music compilation Here’s a quality collection of tracks trom various sources. There aren’t any visuals, apart from the menu screen, but the tunes are pretty good (six of them in all), even if some of the samples are knocking on a bit now. The remix of Playing With Knives is well sampled, and there's also a short nape-tickling clonky version of Moby's Go! (well I still like it anyway). A couple of the others aren't so impressive, but the better tunes are well worth a crank.
Disk no. 2352. Available from: 17 Bit, 1st Floor Offices. 2 8 Market Street, Wakefield, WF1 1DH. R Tel: 0924 366982. Price: £1.75 (including P+P). % COMIC ART 2 slides)- ow It Superheros are your thing, you'll love this slideshow trom Cyber. Featuring The Hulk.
Spiderman, The X Men, Thanos, Wolverine, Rogue and Spawn, it's a classy collection ot 16 hand-drawn pictures. Expertly crafted in colour hires intedace. They're some ot the best you could hope to see on the Amiga.
Disk no. P0006. Available trom: Cynostlc PD, 85 Wyken Crott Road. Coventry, CV2 3AD. Tel: 0203 613817. Price: £2.00 (including P+P).
SWINGS CERTIFICATES AD Have you seen those Gary Larson ads on the telly, the ones for National Savings Certificates? Not as good as his original cartoons are they? Anyway, if you do like them, you might be interested in this computerised version of the butterfly and frog advert. The brief sequence has a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, only to be immediately eaten by a stealthy frog. The smug frog isn't smug for long though - a second later he’s squashed under the wheels of a car. Not a side-splitter by any means, but still one of the better anims of late Disk No. 2372. Available from: 17
Bit, 1st Floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street, Wakefield,
W. Yorks, WF1 1DH. Tel: 0924 366982. Price: £1.75 (including
CLAUSTROPHOBIA Wahey! Dive in! The tunnel effects on Claustrophobia are brilliant - you just want to jump into the screen and slide down the twisty tubes.
Apart from these though, the rest of the demo isn't really up to much. There's a weedy bit of plasma, some brief chequerboard zooms (heavy stuff), and a bleepy soundtrack reminiscent of the Budbrains' Africa demo. Definitely worth a look for the tunnels though.
Disk No. 2452.
Available from: 17 Bit, 1st Floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street, Wakefield, WF1 1DH. Tel: 0924 366982. Price: £1.75 (includ- ing P+P).
OBLIVION game As Detender clones go, this is definitely one of the better ones on the PD circuit. It's got a lot ot the important bits right, like the meaty sound effects (sampled trom the original by the sound ot it), and the big wooshy laser that stays on the screen for a second or two. The programmers have added vertical scrolling, to increase the size ot the play area, but it can get a bit disorientating. II you’re still looking tor your ideal Defender clone, this could just be the one.
Disk no. 2364. Available trom: 17 Bit. 1st Floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street, Waketield, WF1 1DH. Tel: 0924 366982. Price:
21. 75 (including P+P). 'Mid PUBLIC DOMAIN CU AMIGA THE AD
animation From Craig Collins, the man who gave us Speed
Limit, comes The Ad, another ray-traced sci-fi animation. You
had to watch Speed Limit a few times to make out what was
going on. But I've watched this one for ages, and I still
can't figure it out.
Set in outer space, it opens with an astronaut welding part of a ship. From here it all gets a bit confusing, with ships darting around and explosions going off everywhere. To make matters worse, it’s very dark, so even if you could follow the plot, you'd have a hard time actually making out the graphics. A bit of shame really, because there are some nice touches dotted around, and some good animation on the main character Available from: 17 Bit. 1st Floor Offices, 2.8 Market Street, Wakefield, West Yorks. WF1 1DH. Tel: 0924 366982. Price: £4.25 (including P+P).
LCD DREAMS game Do you ever think I wish I could play those little LCD games on my Amiga'? No. Neither do I. but whether you want to or not. Now you can with LCD Dreams.
It’s a compilation of four games: Fire. Octopus, Oil and Parachute. Just like the original games, the sprites can only move along preset paths. If you can get into the spirit of the thing, and imagine your Amiga is actually a giant LCD game, it’s quite good fun. Otherwise it could look pretty naff. It’s almost good because it's crap, if you know what I mean.
Disk no. 2356. Available from: 17 Bit, 1st Floor Offices, 28 Market Street, Wakefield, West Yorks, WF1 1DH. Tel: 0924 366982. Price : £1.75 (including P+P).
TRANSPLANT game Inis is one of the best PD zappers for ages. It's a bit like Asteroids. But instead of the ship moving around on a still screen, the ship stays in the middle while the screen scrolls and rotates around it.
Super-smooth scrolling gives it a good arcadey feel, and you’re not short-changed on firepower.
New levels bring new aliens, and there's quite a bit of variety here for a PD game. A tad on the easy side, but a solid blast all the same.
Disk no. 138. Available from: Alpha PD, 3 Wickham Street, Easington, Peterlee, Co Durham, SR8 3DJ. C'l'Efo Price: £1.45 (including P+P). (Not A500+ compatible.)
LEGALIZE IT 2 music demo Not everyone writing music demos is obsessed with techno - Anarchy's Legalize It 2 has a smooth blend of jazz and funk spread over a couple of disks. There are eight listed tunes, plus another seven hidden tracks. Sound quality is very clear, and there are some nice live-sounding samples, like the slapped basses and drums. Pleasant' is a word that springs to mind - not head-banging or spine-tingling, just laid back easy going. It's rounded off by a slick front end. If you’ve had enough hardcore breakbeats to last you a lifetime, this could be just what you've been
waiting for.
Disk no. 2380 a+b. Available from: 17 Bit, 1st Floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street, Wakefield, West Yorks, W1F 1 DH. Tel: 0924 366982. Price: £3.00 (Including P+P).
CATWOMAN slideshow After seeing a disk like Comic Art 2 (also reviewed this month), a slideshow of stills grabbed from a pirate video doesn't impress This is one of those demo formats that just doesn't cut it anymore.
We've all seen digitised graphics before, and these grey scale grabs are pretty tedious. One for real Batman enthusiasts only.
Disk no. 2365. Available from: 17 Bit, 1st Floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street, Wakefield, West Yorks, WF1 1DH. Tel: 0924 366982. Price : E1.75 (including P+P).
Animation Cartoon animations should be funny, or at least mildly amusing. This one is just too predictable to be either. Against a backdrop of the Arizona desert, a tortoise trundles along an empty road, while Road Runner buzzes past left and right. The tortoise gets annoyed, turns into Wile E. Coyote, and beats the crap out of Road Runner. We've seen it all before.
Available from: NBS, 1 Chain Lane, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 5QA. ( 1 Price: £2.50 (including P+P).
Iiant State of the Art demo doesn’t work on the A1200. In fact it does, if you turn off the memory caches and use the old chip set emulation. Now you’ve got no excuse to be without a copy. It’s available from all good PD suppliers.
United Public D " ' T h c i n n oval o r s THE BEST SELECTION OF PD IN THE UK iep 6 sior cars TOEARIM Elta woe. Ira Jumpy MCI.
PO079 If AUANCL A PO094 TRAIN CCWST Rue roS cu® s*p“ * g!5»vsffi M?6?
£3'2i A»0. GAMES PACK 21 game. To - 13 ASI 36 One on O. Br 14 LEQfNDQFLOlMMl.
ISUSfRST PE019 OLNKS DTP A 22 5*fi5S Good ma*a dto lor ».
P» 726 WW B FACTS toB».* PEQ7' AMIGA BEGUNCR Laam to .tow BUSINESS RIM DATABASE ‘J* toatm.’ ".
TEXT ENGINE 3 4 NEW Vonioi. I" .
P*M* LIT-.E OX'CE Wrro $ *!
P»0» ADDRESS PRINT a dlM rnna PU00S AMATI UR RADO I l..l„.»' lo .Mo tom. .
PU01? AS' ORAFRX UTX8 o -WNe* • PU013 AS BOOT UTLITES &**«• Mu . Y PU51S BCRTMMS STARCMART 2 Got) pran PUC2- Cl»l RAY TRACER GocO wogranwY IESE.%; ELKTgSS:SK sb.
E3! Ssi it rrssr.'srT PU062 GRAPHICS UTUTIE8 V»rtou»W poo...... 25“!““« “"-S. “'T- •u-T*™ ratsr riyajssrs Msassaaa&sst'j!
PLOT8 M CAO Mm dew •CUO. T .cata raj jsSSSas 5aasrc?ja.cwsj,TS »y*9 PASCAL COMPEER toadTgoM CLI PUWI PENOLf 2CO MEGAUTILS JJ09S PRINTER DRIVER OENERATOR 6 r« PU096 PRINTER DRIVER UTIUTES Vatout PU39T PRINT snxwo VI K P-«, PC.T-. gs nsatusstts aislwaasffiSs s PUI16 ZX SPECTRUM EMULATOR No. M. Sii53?f5!»Sffes«g PUI4I J TAROT II Lavn Mout your alan I. Y Mss isnRELrV’ »!SS3S?asasiBM«aa PUISO FOOTBALL LEAGUE ED Uodto.
RisuresssRS'S'aiSEiffi ws jsraaeu?
PUI ro P-Sli*» Cw "wgor-r. -m.y sissssaUSaissc.
V? 421 PU' TS GELKjMTE CWTS ii EciSTVl too PU'TEGELONTf FONTS la More o. - PU177B BENCHMA5TER Wvawm , « u, PU'62 STOCK ANALYST Tochrwal arWyuo p. wsesaiS 3»i8«avasa'ua PUI9I LANOBUILOER It acta and gxwilcr.Y PUI9T MOBED 2 Dpamt tor Some. 6 Oato.Y PU'9B VOEO •PfSW,, 6 imm Coart V ssicTcSK'isvsr.E.Tis1 sssjssr f sx,''.- S;?0? 2SP .l8M CATALOQufcorttoto FIS* w?sa»s»is»; SS:iX3,SS? .-sr,EJX PU2I4 DIR wow. A Sa N?wL7 1S PU2-9 WBMAC*S. Coimk o* to M ic . C~.
PU22’ 22SFCCXQR CCPtS Fwiaad. « to. .
Ssb?£ssb iessfrj-• p~« “ AGA IZZ&r’' * -0n * Iun0°‘*»l1 Im.
bSwofpSetJsr-r ssari?. AGAT TOBMS GOES KMACKIRS Ctoto Bto M • I. .
AGA3B TOTALLY WICKED SnuW. 6 tw w J MFC, SPECIAL! Yto. 6 tsXkinanl.V AGAW«2 AGATRON SPECIAL! • 9 da* anim. Far* or*,.* POWERANIMS PPOOJ AT THE MOVIES Cute aom ol Amy uurral I SM.Y PPOOBIO BUZZED (3) Great tr.iv p mtto PhtoXI1 2W 2221*22 Pf cW VP, -ary TT?- PP07M TALES OFATWK TRAVElxERS wr DEMOS PC094 SCOOPEX MENTAL Maf OVErf A tato S5JS»»ttSf»5n; PoiTi 7 SA.ENTS EXPOSE 2 f toXto Oar t J Y K;i5c-E cLiS rsi '; Si ’aJS'kSKsrciSS, MUSIC DISKS PM00I 100 GREATEST 64 TUNIS 100 tab64 tunes!.
32K PM027 0 «ce MUSIC 3 Houa. Mtoe tarn., aoov .
2£?££»sssa Li'srSsr ss a%srss'«RsntassI- wiimmupoiiT.ua;," PM127 4 PLAYSID 2 JJ) you "X.I to. To.
PM15- Pu.SE *m puUDng » 6 PV'57« F«ATBEAT IA*OATf9«el ten PM'WOtClMl OVERLOAD 1 iLm a pM'60 FUSION MATRIX imm PM-6 OblRSfTI. 9.or«.eS*d n PV*62 MORE MED 'LUCS Fto v. h, ,
• Mioa-ASV toi.puir.Ti, PM1W OCTAROCK X) MorTatoec* 6 3d , PVI6S«
O.itohM watsassxffjKssr--' SSSETTSXS&faSSSS wssssia?a4Bja£3i
PS093 VANISH 3D AMMO* 3d .a, Yocod .V PSC©4 INVISIBLE WORLD M ViA Badtug. Ato - PS'01 ANALOGUE S Of Ray n9nt pc.
PS1« ACCESS DESK* Re, too) , PSIOJ OYNAMC MIRES 2. 4 IrtM. Aiair, » PSI04 VGA PICS Sam. .mHiii .yuan, ix«s; srass&uettdSST.
PstOT ALCATRAZ MUSEUM 16 M« M, «i PSIOB sanity ccmp wwncrs to MUSIC UTILS PT00I ALOORYTMM Ow mmr* to u. PTOW ART OF MED I .T7 PT005 CAW) CZ EOITOR 260 panne. I .
PT006 DELUXE MUSIC DATA MtoTmuac. V PT009 K1 FF SAMPLES FebJtoue ifw .
PT011 KAWAI K1 Mb tor pMPi Oaom PTC’2 KAWAI K4 MK to to.
PT013 MID 12 E.ctorl muec « . Y PTO'4 MED MUSIC DISK A. it toy? I, V S'SSSBks®.-. S£ SSSSiS PT0» ?.« ST 90 91 SAMPLES Studo ou.ltv* ¦ Ptiaiai s'cniwuu ly 5s?*.ssisifr,sr»s,««« Rkssaa.wasaKssy.'?
Cm m * i'.A-l 11 4 c -GTT. , PT042 START IFF SAMPLES Suto Q« N. da PT043.S MOUSE SAMPLES )4to uT«l, PT046 AUDIO MAGICS Sw Inn dnfc. Ok o- AMOS PD NEW!
5SS 5SJ S£.Syrsst; * SaKaaaBV.waff.ia PG223 PUW»W3 OUXAate toa« «ri 4 teea * PG224 THE LOST OCCREST Cotoct r. to!, SSSBX&BSfigSZ PG27T UP WALKER M atohw tot am « 1 to PG22B Asi 42 Qwag. R to. «*t Qog.
PG229 ASI 43 totattoca Roulelte Ortomtop .. .
!££? «' 44 Myotoible Rot on a PG23I ASI 46 Dtns.PKctoeeaBCtola TaMra* Poiai CNEMCRPM Fat, msrwatg « « I**. - P01B2 SPACE BALL AmolutoN ml romM I mag 0 P01B3 DOIT A* LETHAL ExlTGo« uKton d?-x PD’64 ANDROMEDA MptOROT Var, «d torto PA'»7 Tm* JOURNEY ae Yacta oriianH. .
PA10B DESERT DOO Ou, Ind. *a iSn PatCO SATLRN OR»T F(n Yacad 'W6 atourto S «2m2 J? "* *¦ SORCEFajR 2 Mm Aaoora tax 2-c ::;;s sssKaaawSEays Kif? AsJiraTasjaat: URDFRING MADE EASY Iiae,all‘“lm°Ch*«- tO IMO loony olTh.compani.. ..led C0*1your card number and details for a 1st clasi service ah nw. Ro.rt. ni-r liIUi !?.?!C.ES J • 5 d,‘k* £J00 • 6 25 disks 11.26 per disk • 26 or more disk are still only 99p per disk PD PRICES 1 • 5 disks £2.00 per disk • 6 • 25 disks £ 1 25 oer disk • 26 m mma hmi. .t.u ««k, - MMCMtlHMW Iock M 1 '' 00 ‘ 'U'°D'*26° *•' ol“ ’ '•*' ¦ ' *°* -Mp pi dU ' *• ‘,0ck '-7t0
,ba« '-43, Amo., scop. Snog. AiMcu.. Anego. A loft mo. Wpem P0 daMII ’ UK ‘ * UK Recorded Delivery’ £1 00 • Eurooe .2Sn rw - rtiv* . D..i xm hh .la- - D lain Distributors ' i o l the i m i t a t o r s !
.. The Central Licenseware Register.. Commercial Quality programs at a PD price I Most cm tms ok on a moot ANT41 AINU AN WOODCUTS Africa* animal.!. ANI44 AMIRI. AN MINMMI’lA Man lalm.lf. AN 145 ANTIC WIKIIKTT5 Nnrtbarn animal.!. AN 14" I ABM WOODCVTS farm aH.1.!. ANT47 MIXID AMMAl. W.MIDOT* Nka I*.'
ANT4I BIRDS WOOIR I TS 1*11. ..mar. Mr* |.l SNI4* W.IRI AMMAI.S Mutr ™| SRI5U (MM Al I IM INI lira.
• Rl'l IM I I S |l SI SKI r,.+ SKI5J I ..... ' sk is. I.
SKI54 si SHI55 -PlTM lM! J* rarar -.i . MUKIs. H-. P.. . S '*
BLITTERCHIPS VALLY PD TEL: 0983 529 594 F A X:0 9 8 3 82 1 599
T E L:0 9 1 587 1195 F A X:0 9 I 587 1195 0535 667 469 0535 667
469 35] nun uses] FREE DISKS p 1) ORDER V10 gr* 1 free 11* p8
2frce 1 -9 disks 99p. 10. Disks 850. Add 60p lor PSP per order.
La-oo seieaion ot Amiga PD ap*WMTvaie|y 2000 dsks) mdudrg.
Gamas. GrapNcs and Anmation. Uwitws. Music. Demos. T-BagFrwJ
Fish Disks t-770.
U148 AMSACK - U167 20CMV64 .
M. gi.1 Truoki Ouch! (P) type 9 .akout On’(20)(P) HIT 1165 1197
1179 1192 1097 Intact (shoot'« 2277 2280 2112 2193 2274 2279
2279 poevdiA U»3 LITTLE OFFICE ifd rabi LB64 EMULATORS 2
U286088 HXCATION 1 (2) U39S OCTAMEO 4 0" U298 0FORMAT 4 0*
LW7LSLA6CL 129- 1098 ARESTAUFE-f I0IIM 4109 a«P) Sound Trackar
2-6 (P) Epoch V(P) OTP Amiga Fo« VI.0 (P) Homo Util. (SCalc
aproadahoal) (P) ¦ Bate II V9.32 (databaaa) (P) Boot X V4.SO A
VS.01 (P) Wild Cat Clip Art (P) Typing Tutor. (P) U306I307
(P) * 900.
M *»* I "lilAMLL .
UTLITIES PACK 1* FONTS PACK 1 • CLIP ART PACK 1 • CLIP ART PACK 2 • GAMES PACK t a GAMES PACK 2 • HOW TO ORDER Pteaae maka cheauea Wth banker* card numbar or portal orders payable lo ' ORION P0 * Ail orders despatched T« class same day
* - A500- A600 compatible ()= f*jrr*rtr of rfcefca WB2 - Tme
pyogram is only WB2 04 awnpaWSe All blank diake are 100%
cortifiod and guaranteed. Prico.
S) Hill I 111. T I I . I 11.11 I hull'll I iv.
Ill'. I Ini S. I I 11 Ml . Il l I S I I 11 1 ToM Wo. (fUak) (WiB) (P) Roulette (P) Amo* Cricket |P) " • (piatlorm) (PI ta Sguambk
• 2 Do mo (P) Microbe. (bloat ’om up) (P) » UP) (PI Doody
(platform) (P) Ptpolmo W2.0 (P) Dungeons Of Nadro) (P) Hu
(difficult shoot 'em up) (P) I III IIILS C Manual V2.0 (40) (P)
loon Mania North C ¥1.3 (2D) (W 9) (P) a small selection o(
(ides available Tbo Wendy Jamoa Sibtoahew (P) Street Ravonga
(t.SMb) (P) Unpleaaant Way. To Dio (P) Invisible World 2 (P)
Klngflabor 2- (anbn) «P1 Saturn Flyby’ (anlm) (P) Olympic
Cycllat* (P) Flash Harry’ |P) The Dating Game (2Mb) (2D) 9 Of t
(Prlaonor Slldoabow) (P) Mara Flight Animation’ (P) Mayhem On
Wheel. 3’ (anlm) (P) Klngflabor 1 • (anbn) (P) Back To The
Future II’ (anbn) (P) The Angua Be.’ (P) Savings Cert Advert’
(anbn) (P) Speed Uadi (1.9Mb) (3D) (P) HI M IHIM Iron Maiden
(P) The Four Seasons (20) (P) Nigbtbreed Music 10 (P| Ultimate
Dance (P) Phorever People Rem!.’ By IRM (P Guns A Roses’ (Your
Cra*y) (P) Nigbtbreed Music 9 (P) Strangers MetahSnap! (P) 2
Unlimited* By ERM (Not t.3) (P) Key's Courting Song (2D) (1B|
|P) 9091 ID 2 9072 Ray Of Hope 2 9095 Jesus On E . (20) (P)
9097 Singing Toilets (P) 9079 Odyssey (SO) (P| 6099 State Of
The Art (P) . 1Mb. (2D) - 2 Disks (3D) ¦ 3 Oisk UTILITIES
OCOPVwo • «rt mtocbr UM6 ME8SV SIO ¦ • PC Anga IW.
MOA FOX DTP • "surdrt OPII UH1ICS ¦ • Ob o* aim UOU LABEL BAS£V30 * »»u.
U0I3 TE)CTPUl9V30a • NMV.C uoib DISKSAAVAOt - iKOnnUb RE0 OCVKS UTEI1CS • g'» NUKE vi *a • rtusidbr U0'9 NEW SUPER "Him • PHPiTTRUTimES * ill V4JHID DATA BAA* VJJ* AM EMULATOR V!
U0MW PA0«9(TTTRC»e A U04C AMBASE PRO H - grab 0042 TYPING TUTOR • typtrg
U244 HASH COPY mumaMJog dope Q08iM STAR TREK (2).
U263 MENU MASTER 2 1 -man. 0066 OUADRIX • U2S4 OCQUE BOCK * Icmt tvaiwa. 0097 OBIC • U268 BLUE ROSE FONTS • graal loni. 0008 SLP* H PACMAN 89 • U296 VOEO MANAGER -tape org»r*aaf Qi 02 DUB. * 02909*4 Vito UTIL (TIES (S| MufNI Q'M TtTTRtt • DOCK 3 01 A500. «m-M°r. Gal » 0107 POPE YE ICO GAME A04N49 ANTI LfUUH (2) 2Mb • AO&O STEALTHY ¦ • haid dak Miry A062 STAMP COLLECTOR • . DEMOS ’*f'7*O®0 RAY OF MOPE 2 gn DC01 ALPHAOMEOA.
0322 VOYAGE -
BUSINESS PACK 2* A further 5 disks C4 96 ASSASSNS GAMES 22 - E'TYP*.
Ad*. D*mGi-.3 TOP C* Tf« IEAOL* • »BaddauGl14 D- MARIO • ¦be onme 0n6 BOCCERCAFO- ObaiedkaaGi'l ASSA8SN9GAMES37 • Contain. 6 disks (4 B6 Contains 3 disks Contains 6 disk. C4 B6 Contains 5 disk. 14 96 5 disks - 30 game* C4 96 5 disks -30 games 14 96 Dept CU6 14 Ouston Close Wardley Gateshead Tyne & Wear NE10 8DZ Tel: 091-4385021 M FILLET THE FISH, i 508MAF0VMRED0I 8 AMOS SO (X MO V* GAMES a 0007 30 BREAKOUT • 7 FRUIT M----- WE ALSO STOCK ASSASIN GAME 11-401 LSD CHEATS (1-401 FRED-FISH. TBAG AND MUCH MORE SAMPLES iSAMUS
• "«r*n AaaKii « a»i Lhh -ST IVOKl NEXT HANK 1
• ST ivnm NEXT HANK )
- 'T p«ikiheaBA*4c» CLIPARTS CKC HUPAkTFAOddm
PAINTS P004* AT IDE MOVIES 4 (*DI ?): Amita A508- A480
Broomfield dusts the cobwebs from his keyboard and gets down to
reviewing some of the brightest new Public Domain Utilities to
grace the scene.
UTILITY THE DART MACHINE Swe(I No"youcante,,hecomou'e"a,,eca,eo' I don't know about you. But whenever a group ol my tnends get together to play darts, the scorer is always the one who lost the toss Not only Is It a real drag having to deduct al my 180s [What a fbOer - £3.] but « can be a reaty hazardous |Ob to be stanrtng lor ward ot the throwing line.
Anyway, no longer do you have to ruin a perfectly good game ol darts by having to exercise your brain WORLD GEOGRAPHY EDUCATION Relalrvely speaking, we live on a tiny speck ol dusl floating on a minute ocean on an utterly insignificant planet In a lesser solar system. Given our extremely limited amount ot living space, why then, do we know so little about the planet we call home? Nah. I don't have a due either, but it makes you wonder, doesnt it?!
Anyway, you can reduce your ignorance Ihanks to a duo of programs which have been lovingly created on AMOS by Tony Kingsmill. The first ol these programs is called World Geography and it's a pseudo hyper-mecka wander around the physical world, starting with the planets, and zooming down to the ma|or landscape features ot Britain Controls within the presentation are strictly kmited; FI to show the previous picture. F3 to show the next picture and F2 to show the text accompanyvig a screen The graphics (which consists mostly ol maps) usually contain annotated landscape features such as rivers
or contour blocks.
The information given is not terrifically detailed, and doesnt even follow any particularly logical order the scores. What's more, the computer, being the tncky old number cruncher it is, can also grve you a whole bunch ot flash statistics about your play A stylised board dominates the display. Click on the appropriate part ot the board and the score Is deducted trom the current player s score The scores are rtsplayed on either side ol the board, and the starting figure is user-detinable Irom 101 up to 901. You can also specify the number ol legs and sets to be played. Once play has com-
menced. You can find out at any time crucial' tacts, such as the number ot visits a player has made to the ockey, or his average or best scores.
For most ot us, it's hardly worth turning the computer on just to score a game ol darts, but lor serious players, this program can provide a range ol statistics which allow them to monitor their performance closely. A very nicely produced program indeed.
Disk No: 2371. From: 17 Bll Software. 1st Floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street, Waketield, West Yorkshire, WF1 1DH. Tel: 0924 366982 Price: £1.50 Inc PSP. Compatibility: Any Amiga (A1200 S 4000 not y K tested).Memory: 512K.
That I could recognise, but tor some reason I found the program strangely endeanng. And I'm sure that it would be ideal for use by top juniors or tower secondary students.
The other program on the disk is called Geo Base and is perhaps aimed at a more mature audience Quite simply, it's a database of the countries of the world, giving such information as their primary religions. Land area, main languages, capital city, etc. Unfortunately, so few countries are included, that this program is only of strictty limited use. Even to chil dren. I also felt that it could be a bit more thorough in the type of information it gives I would have thought that the currency, world time zone, primary industries and population would have been essential additions AJI m an. I
recommend this dsk for kids, but l doubt if adults or older students w* find it much use!
Disk No: 2373. From: 17 Bit Software. 1st Floor Offices. 28 Market Street. Wakefield. West Yorkshire, WF1 1DH. Tel: 0924 366982 Price: £1.50 (including P&P). Compatibility: Any Amiga (A1200 & 4000 not tested).
» Hi 1* VU 1 *i k Ijr.x trtT t t t JjiLE. H!__ l«|l« DIB* J TOT I TTTHITII n f 1 .
EPOCH V ORGANISER In pnnciple. I always liked the idea of computerised organisers and address books. The sad practical reality of the situation is that I never felt it was worth the effort of loading a database for a phone number that I could get from my diary in a fraction of the bme Likewise for the organiser Perhaps that feeling was heightened by the fact that I never really encountered a program that was good enough to use Now. Thanks to Epoch V. I may very wen have to reconsider my position The program is basicaly an integrated ckary, memo pad and address book When you first load it.
Your customised calendar Me is also loaded and any important events within the next seven days are brought to your attentions Events may be prioritised from 0-99, the higher the number, the more important the event. When an event is brought to your attention, the program automatically searches the address file for any related addresses, and offers you the opportunity to see further information.
Once you've dealt with any flagged events, you will find yourself back at the main screen. This basically consists of a 31 day calendar and a row of option buttons which are used to select the program s various editing functions It you double ckck on one of the dates on the calendar. A new window called (somewhat pretentiously) the Edrtmg Suite w* appear The e sunpty where you can specify any information about events that wil occur on the specified date, as we* as assigning a location to them Although you can enter everything manualy. Most entnes can also be made solely with the mouse,
and additional area maps are available to overseas registered users.
The address book section of the program is really quite elegant, and very easy to use. Although it doesn't yet have proper printer support The entire program can be made memory resident, being recalled at the press of a couple of hot-keys. This is ideal because it means that hard drive users can toad it in the background as part of their start up sequence Although Epoch Vis a complete program m its own right, its author clearly states that it is merely a taster of the licenced version, and what a promising taster it is too1 Disk No: EpochV. From: NBS. 1 Chain Lane.
Newport. Isle of Wight. PO30 5QA. TetD963 529594. Price: £4.25 for two disks.
Compatibility :Any Amiga (A1200 & 4000 not tested). Memory :512k.
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A500* 1.2Mb upgrade £17.99 A500+ 1Mb upgrade ...£22.99 A600 1 Mb upgrade with clock £34.99 New Mouse ..£9.99
I. ..£ Method of
payment: ? Cheque Postal Order Visa Mastercard DIGITALLY
MASTERED SAMPLES (Bl AFRICAN Tiling drum. MarniMi -Urn eft
(5JI 002 INDI AN INST S*««. Bum.. Q-mc«.(l9| 0Q INDIAN PNC
TiblM. Biyu. Rbythm Loopi etc 05) 004 ARABIC Dd. Sal. Benin.
Rbytlira Loops elf (37) 005 PAR EAST Tibetan Bell. Kou etc
01) 006 EUROPEAN Balalaika Chon. BodlUM etc (Ml OOT OCEANIA
Dldjendu. Ctaou. Sill tkiasev 2J) Oot AMERICAS Knu. Benmbau.
PmPipes fU 00) 009 FX PMC. PmlcmSwnABuSankARtpOi) 010 Drl M
KIT Has sA Snares.HiHau.C)TnbalsATcem i6«i 011 ANALOG PCRC.
-IR-m.CR-n.LoopiMC.4Ml 012 LATIN PERC.
01) GtlTARS AcmMK. Bwne A Doioned esc 141) uDX.N Ikoff.Mc 128)
OFFERS Each Diih it pneed ai 12.50. My 10 for £1995. The
Complete Collection fc. £49.95. In addition. Sampler owners
cm use our Digitally Mattered Chrome. Metal, or DAT sample
Cassettes which contain most of the above samples: COOl WORLD
COLLECTION (228) SAND BASSES (161) '.95. MeuI £11.95. DAT:
£16.95. P&P £ 1 (My oeder) Cheques « P.Os to WALKABOUT MUSIC
CORNWALL PL24 2DA Tel: (0726) 813807 INTERNAL 3.5" DRIVE £38.99 Simple to fit. Fully documented ROM SWITCHER £14.95 Keyboard mouse switched KICKSTART 1.3 ROM £25.00 For software compatibility KICKSTART 2.04 ROM £29.90 Upgrade to A500+ Rom SUPER DENISE £29.90 68000 CPU £15.00 A500 KEYBOARDS £49.00 Factory new. Genuine part FATTER AGNUS 8372A £36.50 Meg chipram compatible CIA IC £10.93 Printer, Serial. Drive ports GARY IC £11.50
15. 95 (Metal). £38.95 (DAT) Lowest Priced Top Quality Ribbons &
& ,
3. 51 3.31
2. 70 2.50 ;
12. 66 12.46 ;
4. 35 4.15 ;
3. 30 3.10 :
2. 75 2.55
3. 21 3.01
1. 97 1.77 rLC 10 20 Black it LC 10 20 Colour r LC200 Black
trLC200 Colour tr LC24-10 200 Black tr LC24-10 200 Colour
Amstrad DMP 200(V3000 Aimlrad DMP 4000 Cruct l20IHSPKYSwtft
24 9 Cm«n Swift 24 Colour Commodore MPS 1220 1230 Epson
LQ400 500 800 KV) Epson FX MX RXWFX LX800 Ffsea
FX MX VXIOOtFX MXIOUU Epson LXB0 X6 N0 NEC Pinwnter P2200
Panasonic KXPI123 1124 1140 Panasonic KXPI080 1180 90 1592
6. 00 5.85 5.65
3. 00 2.85 2.65
9. 78 9.63 9.43
2. 86 2.71 2.51
9. 63 9.48 9.28 £19.95 £19.95 PAULA IC DENISE A ATTENTION ALL
DEALERS A Our company now offer the most competitive dealer
repair service.
Full credit facilities available Send for our Free information pack today... Canon BJ 10 Inkjet Cartridge Onpral 17.54 each HP Dcskjct Refill (Twin Pack) 11.00 10.60 9.95 iniyet ailridgesjuicHnl e id we will beat all otl refills not listec e repair for whatever reasons Ring for ribbons, Ring us and We reserve the right I Prices only valid with this coupon Service HOTLINE (0533) 470059 DART Computer Services ,-= ) 05 London Road _ _ 1L LEICESTER LE2 ope S Computer oervices other|
- 9ARF- 0543 250377 „ . Rins U5 'c"d 0543 250377 Owl Associates.
Dept 56. Owl House. E & OE r=-i 5 The Brambles. Lichfield.
3. 5inch 10 capacity (qty 5) .£4.50
3. 5inch 50 capacity. Lockable ...£3.70
3. 5inch 100 capacity. Lockable ...£4.70
3. 5inch 200 capacity. Stackable £ 11.99
3. 5inch 250 capacity. Stackable £18.00
5. 25inch 60 capacity. Lockable ...£3.70
5. 25inch 100 capacity. Lockable ...£4.70
ACCESSORIES Parallel Printer Cable 1.8
mtr ..£4.90 IBM Atari Amiga
Mice ...£11.99 2:1 Auto Data
switches ..£19.99 2:1 Manual
Data switches .....£16.99 4:1 Manual
Data switches .....£19.99 Crossover
switch 2 to 2 ..£22.99 PRICES
OHLY IF BOUGHT WITH DISKETTES 2 1 2 “ P SIM Type Qty 25 50 100
BenchMark DS DD £18.60 £32.20 £47.35 linbranded DS DD £13.40
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DS HD £26.20 £38.35 £63.70 Pre-formated Disks: BenchMark DS HD
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3.5 inch diskettes include labels 5- 4" IKSKf I Type Qty 25 50
100 BenchMark DS DD £11.00 £18.00 £28.00 Unbranded DS DD £9.50
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envelopes G label set I ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT & DELIVERY ((IK
19. 9.1 DATES Manchester (Bowlers Exhibition Centre) Coventry
(Novotel Hotel) Sheffield (Novotel Hotel) Oldham (Periquito
Hotel) Manchester (Bowlers Exhibition Centre) Preston
(Novotel Hotel) Liverpool (Everton Park Sports Centre) Derby
(Periquito Hotel) 24 HOUR ORDERLINE 0597 851784 Cheques and
Postal Orders to: MANOR COCJRT SUPPLIES LTD Telephone: 0597
851792 Fax No: 0597 851416 :pt CCI04 151 Glen Celyn House
Penybont, Llandrindod Wells, Powys, LD1 5SY 1 M_ COME G
come under Mat’s microscope this month. If it's been printed.
Mat’s read it. If it hasn't, he probably wrote it.
Deluxe Paint returns to your Amiga.
Peter Lee delves deeply into perspective, before vanishing up his own mouse lead.
In the second part of his guide to Workbench, Mat Broomfield peers suspiciously through your window trying to find a drawer.
What does your modem do while you're asleep? If you want to avoid sleepless nights standing guard over it, let John Armitage tell you.
Kennedy translates even more obscure terms as he explains loops and variables. For C’s a jolly good fellow.. In conjunction with this month's coverdisk, we re starting a new column dedicated to AMOS. Dave Smithson leaves no stone unturned as he constructs an AMOS game for the 90s - Pacman (!).
In his third and final appearance in Workshop this month, Mat Broomfield raises pen to paper once more in an effort to answer all those niggling little questions.
With tutorials, step-by' step guides, questions and, more importantly, best in Amiga info iok The letters' page is bigger and better this month. Not only have you got three packed pages of readers letters, but we re also treating you profiles of the star players on CU's team. Phwoar!!
No further tha HHE&K Cold Cut's very own Matt Black raves on about technological developments. Just what does the future hold in store?
R~F*VC?+ir&V &Vi)CV Titles marked * are not yet available and will be sent on day of release.
Please send cheque PO Access Visa No.oneI expiry date to: Dept CU04, 10 Tinkler Side, Basildon, Essex SSI4 1 LE Please state make and model of computer when ordering. P&P inc. UK on orders over £5.00. Less than £5.00 and Europe add £1.00 per item. Elsewhere please add £3.00 per item for Airmail.
Telephone orders: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm. Saturday & Sunday 10am-4pm. Tel orders: 0268 271 172 Fax orders: 0268 271173.
Next day service availablle add £2.50. Check to see if games are 1 Meg Capacity.
Football Director 2 (1 Meg) .16.99 Footballer ol the Year 2 ...£5.99 Fomx4a One Grand Prix ...22.99
6. 99
6. 99 ...19.99 . I ft 99 899 999 699 699 ? 99 .. .19.99 ...22.99
.16.99 .22.99 . I ’ 99 l?99
11. 99 1199
26. 99 ¦»
5. 99
17. 99
10. 99
11. 99
7. 99
14. 99
13. 99
24. 99
26. 99 10 £ Vo
- i i DID - W _ _ *5.99 100 X 3.5 - 44.99 4D Sports
Boxing ......9.99 4D Sports
Drivin .9.99 Construction Kit
2 .....32.99 A320 AirBus
(USA) .22.99 A320 Approoch
Trainer* 22.99 Abandoned
Places ..19.99 Adda ms
Family 16.99 Airbus A320
(EUROPE) 22.99 Alien
3 ..19.99 Alien Breed
Special Edition .10.99 Altered
Beast .6.99
Ambermoon* ...20.99
Amberslor ...19.99 Amos The
Creator ...29.99 Amos
3D .....24.99 Amos
Compiler 19.99 Amos
Professional ...44.99 Another
World .19.99 Aquatic Games
......16.99 Award Winners
.....16.99 Archer Macleans
Pool ....16.99 Arsenal FC
* 16.99 Ashes of
Empire .....22.99
Assassin 16.99
A-Train* ....22.99 AV8B
Harrier Assault .....22.99 B17 Flying Fortress
(I Meg) ’ .....22.99 Batman the
Movie .....6.99 Bat 2 (1
Meg) .26.99 Battletoads
’ 19.99
B. C. K»d .17.99 Box
2 .....19.99 Birds of Prey
(1 Meg) ......22.99 Blues
Brothers 8.99 Board
Genuis ...19.99 Body
Blows ..18.99
Caesar ..19.99
California Games ......6.99
ipaign ..22.99 Capcom
Collection ..19.99 Captive
2* ...20.99 Celtic
Legends ..20.99 Championship
Manager (1 Meg) 16.99 Chaos Engine
.16.99 Chuck Rock
2* 16 99 Civilisation (1
Meg) 22.99 Cool
World .17.99 Combat
Classics ......19.99 Conan The
Cimmerian * .19.99 Covert Action (1
Meg) ...22.99 Crazy Cars
3 ...16.99 Curse of Erich aha
...22.99 Daley Thompson
Challenge ...6.99 Dark
Seed ...20.99 Dark Sun:
Shattered Lands * 21.99 Dark Queen of
Krynn .....22.99 Deluxe Paint
4 ..54.99 Deluxe Paint 4
AGA 64.99 Desert
Strike* ...19.99 Dizzy
Collection ......16.99 Dizzy's
Excellent Adventures ......16.99 Double Dragon
2 ......8.99 Double Dragon
3 ....16.99 Dragon Loir
3 ..22.99
Dreadnought ...22.99 Dream
Team 17.99 Dune See The
Greatest ...19.99 Dune
2 ..20.99 Dungeon
Master Chaos ..19.99
Dynablaster 19.99 Easy
Amos ...29.99 Elvira 2(1
Meg) .....24.99 Elite 2*
(Frontier) .....22.99
Epic ......19 99 Eye
of the Beholder (1 Meg ) ..19.99 Eye Of The Beholder 2
(1 Meg) 21.99 Eye of the Storm
* ...19.99 F15SrieEidc2(l Meg)
(seCcnbtfCkH*} FI6 Combat
Pilot ......8.99 F19 Stealth
Fighter ..19.99 Fantastic
Worlds .....22.99 Falcon 3
* ....24.99 Finol Fight
...(see Combat Classic) Fire Force
...16.99 Fire and
Ice .16.99 First Samurai +
Mega-Lo-Mania 19.99 Flash
Back ...26.99 Flight of the
Intruder ..8.99 Football
Crazy .16.99 Ghoslbusters 2
Ghouls ond Ghosts .. Gobliiins 2 ..
Godt Golder Axe Graham Gooch * Gruham I eyky G*usome *
Gunsh* 2000*C Meg; Guy Spy ..... Harrier Jump
Jet * ... Harlequin . Harpoon ?
Battleset . Harpoon Bottleset
3 ...9.99 Harpoon Battleset
4 ...9.99 Harpoon Scenario
Editor 13.99 Hoad Over
Heels 6.99 Heimdoll (1
Meg) ....19.99 History Line
I9T4-I8 ......22.99 Moo* I* 99 Hjmcns 19 99
ton Bohcm 19 99 IK. 6 99 ndyJores Artiriti 19 99 nrty .ores
Arlm its V*. 11 *tog| 24 99 ndy Jures Gjsooe Adwervu-e 19 99
Int 3D Tennis ...... £5.99 Int Sports
Challenge 19.99
Ishar . 19.99 Jack Nicklaus
Golf ..7.99 Jock Nicklaus Unlimited
Golf (1 Meg) 12.99 Jock Nicklaus Extra
Courses 10.99 Jahangir Khan World Champ
SquashC5.99 Jaguar XJ220 (1 Meg) ....16.99
Jimmy Whites Snooker ....See ihe Greoieu John
Modden ..16.99
KGB* ....20.99 Keys
of Maramon * .16.99 Kniqhtmare
v ....19.99 Knights of ie Sky (1 Meg)
22.99 loser Squad 2 * 16.99 Lethal Weapon 3
...16.99 Leather
Goddess 7.99 Leeds
United 17.99
Legend ..21.99
Legends of Valour ...24.99 Legend of
Kyrandia .23.99
Lemmings ....14.99 lemmings
2 .17.99 Lemmings Double
Pock ...19 99
Links ......24.99
Links Extra Courses ..13.99
LionHeart* ...18.99 Lombard
Roily 6.99 Lost Treasure of
Infocom ..32.99 lure of the Temptress
.....See Ihe Gceatest Ml Tank
Platoon .....19.99 Macdonalds
land* ..17.99 Magic
Pockets ..16.99 Magic
Worlds ..17.99 Man Utd.
Europe .....16.99 Mega Fortress 11
Meg) ..12.99 Mega Traveller 1
(IMeg) 19.99 Mega Traveller 2(1 Meg)
..19.99 Microprose
Golf ......14.99 Microprose
Soccer ....6.99 Midnight
Resistance ...6.99 M dwmser 2 11 Meu:
22 99 Muur sfc: m 11 Wig.
Norco Pol ce 5 99 New Zoo 3rd Skxy 6 99 N*li foUusGotf 22 99 Noel Morsell Wend 9 99 Nigel Mansell World Champ (AI200C19 99 No Second Prize .....17.99 Operation Thunderbolt .....6.99 Operation Wolf .6.99 Pang 6.99 Paperboy 2 ...9.99 Parasol Stars ...16.99 PGA Golf Courses .....9.99 PGA Tour Golf+ .' .19.99 Pinball Fantasies 19.99 Pinball
Dreams ...16.99 Pinball Mogic .6.99 Player Manager ......12.99 Robo Sport .
Rome AD 92 Sabre Team.... Scrabble* Sea Air Rescue' Second Surami ..... Secret of Monkey Island (1 Meg) 16.99 :ey Island 2 ..24.99 7 1.1 .16.99 ..19.99 Shadow of Beast 3 ..19.99 Shadow Warriors ......6.99 Shadow Worlds ......17 99 Shoot Em Up Con Kit .8.99 Shuttle Z ...19.99 Silent Service 2(1 Meg) ..22.99 Silkworm .8.99 Silly
Putty ....16.99 Sim City-fPopulous ...19.99 Sim Earth .....22.99 Simpsons ......(see Dream Team) Smash TV 6.99 Soccer Stars .16.99 Special Forces ..22.99 Strategy Masters ..... 20 99 Street Fighter 2 .19.99 Striker (I Meg) .16.99 Strip Poker 2 + Data .6.99
SuperCars .....6.99 SuperCors 2 ..8.99 Super Fighters ..17.99 Super Hang On .6.99 Super Tetris ..16.99 Super Frog* .17.99 Switchblade ...6.99 Switchblade 2 ..8.99 Team Yankee 2 (1 Meg) .19.99 Terminator 2 (see Dream Team) The Adventures ....£21.99 The Greatest
.....£21.99 The Manager ....19.99 Their Finest Hour (1 Meg) 19.99 Tornado 22.99 Toyota Celica GT Rally .....5.99 Transarctica* ...17.99 Troddlers ....16.99 Trolls .....16.99 Turbo Challenge .8.99 Turbo Challenge 3 ...16.99 Turbo Outrun .6.99 Twillight 2000* 20 00
U96* .....22.99 Universal Monsters* .17.99 Utopia ? Data Disk ..19.99 Vector Storm* £19.99 Waxworks ...22.99 WWF 2 17.99 WWF ...(see Dream Team) Ween ....17.99 Wing Commander (1 Meg) ....22.99 Wizoall ...6.99 Wizkid ..16.99
Zool ......13.99 Zool Al 200 .16.99 Pools of Darkness (1 Meg) .21 99 Populous ..8.99 Populous 2+ .22.99 Populous Challenge Disk .10.99 Powermonger ..19.99 Powermonger Data Disk 1 9.99 Premiere (1 Meg) 19.99 Premier Manager 17.99 Pro Tennis Tour 2 ....16.99 R-Type 6.99 Railrood Tycoon (1
Meg) 22.99 Rainbow Collection ... Rainbow Islands Rambo 3 ...... Rampart ...... Raving Mad .. RBI 2 Baseball ... Reach for the Skies ’ . Realms (1 Meg) . Risky Woods Road Rash ... Robocod .
Roboeop Robocop 3 Tun Sch«M»l 4 (5-7)...... 16.99 Tun School 4 17-11)..... 16.99 Fun School 41115) ... 16.99 Fun School Paint * rcalc lover 5+»-17.99 Fun School Spelling Fair (7-13)-17.99 r Tvpisl (5-10)-------------10.99 Maths (4-5) . 13.99 ______(8-12)...... 13.99 .erlin Maths (5-13).... 17.99 Mickev's l23’s 2-5) ..... 16.99 Mickey's ABC's (2-5) ... 16.99 Mickey’s Jigsaw Puzzles (5*)---1 Mickey's Colours & Shapes (2-5) 16.99 Mickey's Memory Challenge (5+) ..16.99 I Noddy’s Pla Time . 16.99 Paint & Create 17.99
i(3-8) 17.99 . Three Bears (5-10)________________13.99 UMOR ADVKM I KK eg --------7.99 Kick Off 2 Final Whistle .7.99 Kick OfT 2 Gaints Of Europe-----7.99 Kick OfT 2 Return To Europe......7.99 Kick Off 2 Winning Tactics ..5.99 Mega l.o Mania ....9.99 Prince Of Persia .4.99 Sevmour (Joes To Hollywood 6.99 ~ low Of Beast 2 9.99 Kristal. ... 9.99 rslrike ... .6.99
3. 5 External Disk Drive 49.99 18 J i:i- 8 X 3.5" - £65.00
RECISION - Computek Fighter Quickjoy Topstar Quickjoy Turbo
Quickjoy Jerfighter Cheetah 125+ Competetion Pro Extra
Completion Pro 5000 1 2 Meg Upgrade 1 2 Meg Upgrode + Clock I
English i Ml »fesi .
I Trench i All Aeoi .
| | Math* t All Mjrs. .
* pcMng .
Math* 12-161- ( nmpendiom 6 I Mn School 2 .6-4*1 _ tunSsh.-4 2..Xi tun Vht-4 t 6l Tun Scho 4 -- Tun Vh«4 .CIV JOYSTICK & ACCESSORIES The W ind in The Willows 1.'.99 BOXED x 3.5 - 6.49 Chuck Rock.. Dizzy Panic.. NBR L ‘ 10 100 SPECIAL OFFERS m IO.VS
6. 96
9. 99
7. 99 7.99
7. 99
7. 99
5. 99
9. 99
4. 99 .....6.99
9. 99
9. 99
6. 99
12. 99
12. 99 L 17.9*
17. 99
17. 9*
13. 99
13. 99
26. 99
6. 99
6. 99
6. 99
16. 99
16. 99 ...16.99
16. 99
16. 99
16. 99
* 1.17.99
17. 99
10. 99 In his constant quest for knowledge, Mat Broomfield flips
through the pages of four more Amiga books.
16. 99
5) 16.99 ¦) ..16.' .™163
17. 99
17. 99 _ 13.99 LIKE PAUL FELLOWS
5. 99
17. 99
10. 99
11. 99
7. 99
14. 99
13. 99
24. 99
26. 99 99 :§8
• In the year 2000, children who can’t program a computer will be
as disadvantaged as children in today's world who can’t
read!’ This astonishing statement was made a few years ago by
one of the American government's education spokesmen, and
although it may seem a little far-fetched, just consider how
far computers have intruded into our lives over the last 10
Of course, the British government has long appreciated the need for computer literacy in our schools, but the budgets allocated for such purposes are subject to the merest whim of whoever holds the chequebook.
If you have children, you could do far worse than giving them some grounding in computer programming, and this book is quite a good starting place.
It's a DIY course in Basic and Amigavision programming for ‘children’ aged 8 to 80. Of course, there’s no version of Basic bundled with modern Amigas. But the language is so similar to AMOS (which is really just an extended version of Basic) that the lessons in this book can be applied equally to the latter language.
Each of the 32 lessons focus on a narrow aspect of the language, giving instructions in easy-to-read and usually entertaining language. However, as the book is written by an American, some potentially unfamiliar expressions and phrases occasionally rear their heads. Anyway, the lessons are accompanied by copious examples and a few ’quizzes' so that the students can test their new-found knowledge.
Each chapter is also suffixed by parents and teachers notes, enabling it to be used in a formal educational setting if required.
The book employs frequent use of cartoons, metaphors and other attention grabbing devices as a way of aiding the student’s memory, and I feel that these work very well. The programs all serve some practical purpose which the reader can appreciate and identify with. A good book for teenagers, and probably the simplest introduction to Basic that I’ve seen.
Available from: Computer Manuals Ltd., 50 James Road, Tyseley, Birmingham, B11 2BA.
Tel: 021 706 6000.
Rmrrmmm Thanks to the release of the A4000 and A1200. The Amiga world is undergoing a revolution at the moment. One side effect of this is that virtually all existing books are outdated to some degree. This could be because they refer to old versions of Workbench, or don't take into account new screen modes or processors, or simply because they refer to software which is no longer bundled with the new machines Therefore, unless specifically stated, you can assume that any books reviewed here, refer to earlier versions of the Amiga.
AMIGA BASIC - A DABHAND GUIDE DABS PRESS£ 15.95 As I've mentioned time and again, there is no version of Basic supplied with the Amiga anymore, and therefore the language cannot be thought of as the universal standard for all machines. AMOS makes extensive use of Amiga Basic-type commands, but adds many more of its own to the instruction set. These things considered. I can’t help but wonder who on earth is brave (or foolhardy) enough to publish a book solely about Amiga Basic.
Having said that, this book has a great deal of merit to dedicated Basic and AMOS enthusiasts, because it delves deep into the language, teaching programming techniques not to be found in the Basic or AMOS manuals.
My initial impression is that this book has not really been written with the absolute beginner in mind, although it professes to be suitable for such readers. I felt immediately comfortable with it, and didn't feel that it was unnecessarily laborious in its explanations This means that it's almost certainly not user friendly for the absolute novice. Instead the book seems appropriate for people who, like myself, once knew how to program decently in Basic, but have since forgotten a lot of its subtleties. More of a refresher-cum-reference manual if you will.
Unlike many programming tutorial books, the Dabhand Guide includes some pretty substantial example programs, several of which extend over two or more pages. I particularly liked the database program being a fan of such things, but I was also intrigued by a less ambitious program to test the effects of different vocal combinations using the Amiga’s speech synthesizer.
The book is almost totally devoid of graphics which would have helped to keep it lively, but at over 550 pages for £15.95, it's a weighty enough tome already!
This is probably the best book on Amiga Basic that I’ve seen. It doesn't patronise the reader at all.
Which is good considering the fact that its probable audience will mainly consist of people who already have a little Basic programming knowledge. The book sets some good programming guidelines which will apply equally whichever version of Basic you’re using.
Available from: Dabs Press, PO Box 48, Prestwich, Manchester, M25 7HF. Tel: 061 773 8632.
I .i, u Amiganuts jk, l| Public Domain Library vjAUy : 12 Hinkler Road Southampton Hants S02 6FT Phone (0703) 470017 Send this advert for a free copy of our catalogue disk containing two games, a short story and Dcopy2 POPIIIAR Pl DISKS unurnES 1265 Word Power VI.1 1266 Agraph & Freepaint P 1267 TextEngine v.3 4 (P 1268 Uedit v.30s CP) 1269 PCTask CP) 1270 Magnetic Pages (P) 1271 FreeCopy (P) 1272 Bbasc Uv5.3 (P 1273 Dcopy v2 P) 1274 Wbase & W'Control (P) 1275 The Money Program ( P 1302 Inventory 2 1303 Epoch v3c(P 1316 Football League P) 1309 Audio Amm Studio (PI 1319 Super Sound
v2.1a P) (Mb) Aslt: 1-6 Assassins Util Disks GAMES 1323 The Dan Machine (P 1276 HeUzoneCP) 1277 Fatal Mission (P 1279 Raid III (P) 1280 Defender CP) 1281 Wot’s It's Name P 1282 Top Secret (P) 1283 Catacombs (P) 1296 Mental Image 1 (P) 1297 Mental Image II CP) 1304 A Night At The Top P) 1307 Sanity (P) 1311 Gamcbov Tetris CP) 1313 Suikeball I (P) 1320 Dover Duk CP) 1324 2 Neighbours Game P Mb) 1284 Typing Tutor (P) 1285 CU Tutor CP) 1299 Irregular Verb Quiz (P) MISCELLANEOUS 1312 2 The Journey (P) (Mb) 1322 Dolphin Dreams (P) 1301 2 J’s CD Player (P) 1315 Sudden Impact ASSASSINS GAMES
DISKS ASI 1 Tanx, Rollerpede, AMIGAkb, Cave Runner. Avatris ASI 2 Girl Action, Missile Command.
Amoeba Invaders, Bally U, Maze Think Ahead ASI 3 Mega Ball, Drip ASI 4 Jumper, Gomuku, Jumpy, Cracker, Klondyke, Turbo Duel ASI 5 Go Looly. Retaliator, Raid ASI 6 Downhill Challenge.
Pacman 87, Llamas. Welltrix ASI 7 Destination Moon base ASI 22 Lemmingotds, Dud.
MouthMan. Wizzy’s Quest ASI 23 Quick Money. Biplane It.
Interferon, Arcadia ASI 24 Revenge of the Mutant Camels Nebula, Croak, 3D Maze. Dux ASI 25 E Type, Mr Brick. Mr Wobbly, Hemrokls. Copper ASI 26 Super Pacman 92. Smash T V. Asnido. Bally III, System 4 ASI 27 Video Poker. Card Sham.
Montanna, Blackjack Lao ASI 28 DcxxJv Game. Dr Mario.
Invaders 2. Flag Catdier.
Mad Bomber II ASI 29 Dog, Rome, Nova, Bridge Ball Attacks, Quadrix ASI 30 Chrome, Tank Attack.
BounceNBIasi. Raid uKTotal Fire) ASI 31 Lslii O Static. Crazy Pipe.
Arazmax. Revolution ASI 32 Blob. Fire Fighter. Sector One ASI 33 Total War. Hyper Ball ASI 34 Trail Blazer. Vclp. Q-Bic. Rush Hour.
ASI 35 Poing, Snakcpit. Jump N Roll.
Cybcrnetix ASI 36 Donkey Kong. Sub Attack.
Tacktix. Mother Lode.
Wonderland ASI 37 Klaktris. Pod Pacccr.
ASI 38 Baldy, One On One, Transplant. Skyflyer II ASI 39 Blue Moon. Card O Rama.
Klondilke. Power Poker, Sea Haven. Spades Amiga Sohtare Streets & Alievs. Blackjack, Spades, Crib Master ASI 40 Pu 15, Gold Rush Horn.
Col ra. Dumbbell. Flvmg, Lkann Rabbit. Get My Coat, ASI 41 Delux Pacman. Leap 11.
Hellzonc. Tractor Beam ASI 42 IntruSe Alcrt* '10 OctaMED Pro* The definitive sequencing package!
Utilises up to 8 channels using audio hardware and 16 if using MIDI Package has built-in sampling software, synthesised sample editor .
Even popular computer press nin series on this program, its that good.
Europe OctaMED & Manual £30.00 OctaMED £22.50 Manual £8.50 World OctaMED & Manual £30.00 Manual £10.00 A MFC (£10.00) Music File converter.
Allows modules to be convened between common sequencer formats including MuskX OctaMED.
Octalyser. NoiseTracker etc A-Gene (£15.00) The world renow ned gcncology program.
Frac2 £5.(») Adventure creating system Received well by the press.
Amibase Pro 3 (£10.00) Final version of this popular database program. This is more comprehensive dun (he PI version.
Amnuts (£3 00) Multi font text displayer scroller.
ACC (4.00) The magazine for assembly language programmers.
NEW NEW NEW’ NEW NEW' NEW Fruit machine (£3-50) Hie best version yet!
Excellent graphics, spinning reels.
Hold Nudge. Series Climb, High ScoreSave etc. AM FM DISKS Amiga Musicians Freeware magazine Each issue comes with a disk of high quality samples and features MIDI as well is tracker modules. 9 issues £4 .50 Each PD Compilations ASIP1 any 10 Assassins disks for £11.50 A5IPI any 20 Assassins disks for £21.50 ASI PI any 40 Assassins disks for £42.00 MUSPO : OctaMED 5 Disks Pack £5.50 Includes PI) version of this tracker. 2 sample disks and two modules disks MUSP1 s disks of sa.plcs for OctaMED v4 tltc samples have been crunched ASI 8 Air Ace II. Snakcpit. H Ball.
Number Fumblcr ASI 9 Blizzard. Battle Pong ASI 10 Pkkout Escape, Svs, Pipeline ASI 11 Dad, Rcvcrsi, Conncx 4, Trippin, Towers of Hanoi ASI 12 Car. Power Pong, X..P.I., Uamatron ASI 13 Amigatraiion, Block It, Squamhtc, Super Twintris, Asteroids, Ball ASI 14 China Challenge, Amiga Columns ASI 15 Lenrix, Mamba Moses , Battle Cars ASI 16 Wastelands. Delemma. Raid II.
Pacnun ASI 17 lelman. Dcfcnda. Tomcat.
Bug Blaster ASI 18 Omega Race. Sky Flyer. Henry' In Panic. Mega iron ASI 19 Growth. Blop Box. Fight Slider Biplane Duel. Frantic Freddie ASI 20 Microbes, Hollywood Trivia, Match Patch, Amos11 tin 1to p ASI 21 Zeus, Dragon Tiles, Tetrix, Battlements MUSP2 10 disks of Merlin samples, suitable for any sequencer £10.50 MUSP3 14 disks of modules for OctaMED v4 All modules havcbccn crunched using Ppacker £15.00 AN1M1 5 disks of aminatxxu. By Eric Schwartz, including the famous Aerotoons.
Wil run on a 1 Meg Amiga £5.50 POSTAGE EC World 1 to 5 £0.60 £1.50 5 to 10 £0.60 £3.00 10 to 20 £1.00 £7.00 20* £2.00 £9.00 PD PRICES All PD orders supplied on Sakura disks 1 to 5 disks £1.80 each 5* £1.25 each Cheques. Postal Ordcts payable to: Amiganuts Great New Books for Beginners Insider Guide series Bruce Smith Books - the UK’s leading Amiga book publishers - have launched a brand new series of Insider Guides aimed directly at the Amiga beginner. The first two titles - now available - are devoted to the Amiga A600 and A1200 and each costs just £14.95. The Apiiga A600 Insider Guide is
the perfect introduction to all models of the A600. If you have never used an Amiga before then this book will provide you with the guidance you need to get going with Workbench and AmigaDOS. Packed with practical hands-on advice and tutorials, it's written in a friendly and simple style by one of the top Amiga writers.
A600 Insider Guide 256 pages. £14.95, ISBN 1-873308-14-0.
The Amiga A1200 Insider Guide is the perfect introduction to all models of the A1200. If you have never used an Amiga before then this book will show you. Through step by step tutorials, the shortcuts to using Workbench and AmigaDOS successfully?
We won't blind you with science, just share some hard-camed experience at the keyboard!
A1200 Insider Guide 256 pages. £14.95. ISBN: 1-873308-15-9.
CREDIT CARD HOTLINE (0923)894355 (24-Hr Ansaphone) - Same day dispatch7 Look out for these other great Amiga titles from Bruce Smith Books: Mastering AmigaDOS 2 Vol 1 - £21.95 Mastering AmigaDOS 2 Vol 2 - £19.95 Mastering Workbench 2 - £19.95 Also vailable from all good bookshops To order, send chequea POs made payable to ‘Bruce Smith Books Ltd' to: Bruce Smith Books Ltd (CUA), FREEPOST 242, PO Box 382, St. Albans, Herts, AL2 3BR.
Alternatively charge my Vua Access Mastcrcard: £ . Please rush me the following books:
- ------------- I E W S INSIDER GUIDE - AMIGA 1200 BSB £14.95
Although the A4000 was the tirst ot Commodore s new range ot
Amigas, its high price has, to a certain extent, suppressed
general interest in it so that it’s viewed as an interesting
cuno by most people. The same can NOT be said ot the A1200
which provides unparalleled power tor less than £400.
It letters to CU are anything to go by, interest in the machine is running near tever pitch at the moment.
Iave the d to Insider t models u have iga ook will h step he .sfullyr hi with r some rience (e 9.
MwtMr* 1 3BR. I Considering their book a month' philosophy, it comes as no surprise to learn that Bruce Smith Books have published a guide to the machine.
What does come as a surprise is the tact that they've completely altered their existing tormat to produce a book which is now physically much smaller than previous tomes.
In tact, it's not just the dimensions ot the book which have changed, its contents seem quite a departure too.
The conversational 'let me take you by the hand' style that started to emerge in earlier Mastenng' books, seems more fully developed now as Bruce casually chats his way around the A1200. Taking us along for the ride.
The book states quite dearly in its opening pages that it doesn't daim to be a complete reference work to every feature of the A1200, rather it aims to guide the reader logically through the sort of essential information that she will need to get the best Irom the machine.
The book is intermittently punctuated with 'Insider Guides', small boxed off areas which give detailed information on a specific (frequently needed) aspect of the machine's workings.
These work well, and break up the text.
A comprehensive book for understanding and using Amiga graphics Speaking of text, you certainly get a lot of it for your £14.95 - 256 pages to be exad! Bruce starts with a brief overview of the machine: setting up, and that sort of thing, then he progresses to discuss the WIMP environment, and other basics such as disks, the purpose of files, etc. Because the book is aimed at the newcomer, it doesn't delve too deeply into the machine, but gives dear explana tions of essentials such as how to set a printer up, and how to deal with the virus threat.
As if they hadn't already proven their status as the new Masters of the Amiga book scene’, BSB’s new ‘Insider Guide' series gives you even more information for less money. Oh, and the books are easier to read in bed too!
Available from: Bruce Smith Books, PO Box 382, St Albans, Herts, AL2 3JD. Tel: 0923 894355.
AMIGA GRAPHICS INSIDE & OUT £32.45 We re constantly reminded what an amazing graphics machine the Amiga is, but most of us never explore its abilities much beyond creating the occasional screen or animation with D-Paint. One of the most rewarding and powerful ways to use the Amiga s graphics is to program them for yourself. Not only is this often more memory efficient, but you can achieve results that simply aren't possible with off-the- shelf packages.
Unfortunately, standing between your ideas and actually putting your graphics on the screen is a complicated web containing such demons as the copper, bobs. Rastports, blitters and viewports. Not to worry, that’s where this book comes to the rescue.
Hin samples, ccr £10.50 Jules for cs havebccn r £15.00 aliens by Eric- famous liga £5.50 ;e Worid £1.50 £3.00 £7.00 £9.00 :es on Sakura disks rrs payable lo Amiga Graphics is, first and foremost. A programmer's book. That’s not to say that it’s filled with doubledutch listings like the ROM Kemal Manuals, but its contents are geared towards programmed graphics and animation, as opposed to creating a single static masterpiece with an art package. It focuses on two languages - Amiga Basic and C, and there are frequent examples given in both languages.
The book starts off with the absolute basics such as how to plot points and draw lines, and I feared that it would be just another beginner's guide. However, by page 93 (there are 600 in total!) We were already looking at Intuition and RastPorts.
Amiga Graphics Inside & Out Section four in the book looks at ViewPorts and explains how to program the Copper in Basic. I was quite impressed by this because it goes well beyond the scope of most tutorial books, and I wasn't even a third of the way through yet!
There are many areas of interest to the non-programmer too, such as the information about the Amiga’s screen modes, and the (extensive) chapter covering bit mapped fonts Trouble is, at £32.45. there aren't really enough non-programmer bits to justify the cover price.
Anyway, for programmers at least, the book is excellent, and by the end of it you should have enough knowledge to write your own art or CAD package, or some very impressive game animations Unfortunately, 3D vectors are only briefly touched upon, but by contrast, generous coverage is given to the subject of pnnter output and screen dumps.
Quite an interesting book, which is rapidly being overtaken by new developments in the Amiga hardware forum.
Available from: Computer Manuals Ltd, 50 James Road, Tyseley, Birmingham, B11 2BA.
Tel: 021 706 6000.
GRAPHICS D I V Left. Anti-alias in Parspactiva mofla gives a smoolhaf teal lo the Image. The section ot the text, which was vanilla to start with, had the edges smoothed using intermediate colours.
Top: Using a single brush you can see the effects ol perspective rotation In the X, Y and Z planes.
A sual ggg por t i o of the HjHajfa F r» to sho "“"I . T n, u,,0!-' Life’s too short to learn all about horizons and spatial relationships.
PART So why bother when Deluxe Paint does all the hard work! Peter Lee continues his on-going mission to boldly bring you info from where no mag has gone before... PERSPECTIVE KEY INFO NUMERIC KEYPAD Enter - toggles Perspective mode on or off Keys 7 and 8 - Rotate around the X axis (9 resets X) Keys 4 and 5 - Rotate around the Y axis (6 resets Y) Keys 1 and 2 - Rotate around the Z axis (3 resets Z) Key 0 - Reset all angles to zero Key . (full stop) - Reset centre point Key - (minus) - Fill screen (Escape halts.
Space aborts) Shift 9 - Fix X axis Shift 6 - Fix Y axis Shift 3 - Fix Z axis ENTER - enter or leave perspective mode As our journey into the heart of Deluxe Paint progresses, we re bound to hit a stumbling block And for a lot of people, this is Perspective. The actual nuts and bolts of Dpaints Perspective commands are so immensely powerful, it s no wonder they can be a barrier. So this month we re devoting the whole of the tutorial to 3D. Taking in its powerful effects on fills and brushes.
Perspective mode works with your own brushes - artwork that you've clipped out from the screen. These images can then be rotated along the three planes which define our 3D world
- height, width and depth.
A lot of you will, no doubt, already be familiar with the concept of the X and Y axis, horizontal and vertical planes on screen which are very similar to the way that we use a sheet of graph paper. And the Z, or depth plane, is not so hard to understand either. If you use the surface of your screen as measurement 0, then any distance apparently moving back into the screen will be a minus value, and everything seemingly nearer will have a positive value.
OTHER KEYS Shift and any rotation key will rotate the brush by the angle specified in Angle Set in the Perspective requester box.
Keys ; (semi colon) and - Moves the brush along its fixed axis in a direction perpendicular to its plane.
Shift 5 and Shift increase the fixed axis movement in large increments Ctrl - Fixes the Y axis to let you move the brush in the Z and X directions (backslash) - Acts as a toggle for the Angle position display on the menu bar Shift and Shift move your viewpoint nearer or further from the brush.
This is, of course, a major con. In the words of Einstein himself, it's all relative - just believe it and it's true! Thanks to evolution and education, the brain allows itself to be fooled into thinking that what’s drawn on a flat surface has depth if the illustration follows the rules we’ve come to expect. If you look at illustrations of cave paintings. You'll see that the animals, hunters and landscapes are all flat - laid above and below each other as in a child’s drawing. Even the Bayeux tapestry has no depth cueing. But we’ve come a long way since then, and we can let the computer do
all the hard work with depth which escaped painters before the 15th century.
IN DEPTH Dpaint uses one-point perspective to display real depth, and you can place the centre of this 3D world anywhere on screen. This allows you to experiment with different viewpoints; for instance if you were painting a 3D wall, placing the perspective centre at different places on screen would give the effect of standing nearer or closer to the wall, and making the view wide-angle or close-up. The program default is to have the perspective centre bang in the middle of the screen, but you can alter it using the Perspective centre pull-down menu option and re positioning the crosshair
anywhere on screen. You can even do this after giving a brush perspective to try out fresh ideas.
TIP-. If you are filling a screen with a perspective option, pressing the SPACE bar will stop and undo the operation, and pressing ESCAPE will finish the fill at the current position.
TIP: Even when you have given your brush perspective. You can still edit the Perspective settings box without cancelling any rotation.
PAD IT OUT Once you have an image as a brush, you can manipulate it in 3D space with simple key presses Selecting the Do option trom the Perspective menu (or Enter on the keypad) pre sents you with your brush on screen, outlined by a ghost ot its rectangular boundary, and a crosshair which marks the centre ot the perspective world The brush's apparent perspective is changed by using the numeric keypad. Once you begin to alter the brush, the three figures printed on the menu strip begin to show the degree to which the brush is being rotated in X, Y and Z space (See the separate perspective
key into box tor details on which keys actually do what) As you edit any of the Perspective angles, your ghosted brush will move accordingly on screen.
At any time you can move your brush ghost around the screen with the mouse, and see in outline how it will be printed relative to the centre point - it will be different wherever you place it.
TIP The most under used feature of Perspective I've found is viewpoint change. Pressing Shift and § . Or Shift and : keys . Or Shift and Shift . Effectively move you closer or further away from your brush in 3D space This is great for effectively re sizing heavily angled brushes which tend to have parts of themselves hanging off the actual screen.
Vords Jlieve It sation, king Dthif e to aint- nd tow « we've 3t the trhich ay real 3D oer- in closer 9 or ie per- :reen, antre ie an do tctive d per any G ALIAS - PRO OR ANTI?
It is possible, and sometimes vital, to control how the brush is painted on screen during perspec tivedraw In Dpamt III the Perspective settings requester has three options for anti-aliasing: none, low and high OK. But who needs it. And what ? In it for you? Anti-aliasing is a computer technique for fooling the eye (another one!) By trying to mask the jagged edges which are bound to occur when lines are drawn at an angle on low-res screens. It does this by finding an intermediate colour between the edge of your brush and the background, and filling in the saw-tooth lagghes. So who needs it?
Anyone who cares about the look of their finished work The one problem is speed. Having the anti alias setting on high (the preferred option) results in the pro cessor taking up much more time to calculate the new image But it is worth it In Dpamt IV. The anti-alias function is inde pendent of perspective, but is still as useful (access it via the Effect menu) TIP: Anti-aliasing produces the finest results when there is a good range of colours for it to work with. If you get poor results the first time, try freeing up three colours, and giving them a range slightly lighter and darker than the
main brush edge colour and the background FILLING IN THE GAPS One of the in-buit effects offered by Dpamt is the ability to fill the screen with the current brush using your perspective settings This is an ideal way of creating that other great 3D artistic con, the vanishing point; this mimics the way straight lines look as though they meet somewhere off into the distance - like a long, straight road, or railway lines. In fact, the perspective centre in Dpamt is the vanishing point Provided you have selected an X rotation (that is. Leaned the brush back into the screen) and your centre point
is roughly in the centre of the screen, then filling the screen will force the brush to be painted repeatedly as if it went on endlessly into infinity TIP To avoid any unwanted background colours acting as spacers in your symmetrical brush fills, when clipping them out make sure that the brush crosshairs are actually on the edge pixels, and not outside them Fill screen isn't the only option open to us with perspective defined. Dpaint allows any shape - regular or custom - to be filled with the current brush in the chosen perspective setting.
This feature is accessed through the Fill requester, and although not massively useful, it gives you the chance to localise areas of depth filling without having to wait for the entire screen to be drawn (which can take several minutes if high anti-aliasing is selected).
GRID LOCK When you’re working with a number of different brushes, each having its own rotation values, it can be a real pain to try to position them accu- rately in relation to each other. Help is at hand with the Perspective grid requester (not to be contused with Dpaints general grid function, which is accessed either from the tool menu or by pressing G). When you select Perspective settmgs in Dpaint III, you have the option of entering values m X. Y and Z spacing boxes Once set, your brush will snap to this invisible 3D grid regardless of the rotation you specify on the keypad. And as soon
as you pick up a brush, the program sets these co ordinates to the co ordinates ol the brush until you change them Another useful feature of the Perspective requester is Angle Step; the value you enter in here defines the pre-set amount of rotation which will be applied to your brush when you use the keypad'Shift key option (Pressing Shift and a keypad figure responsible for rotating your brush in space will tilt the brush by the angle step; default is 90 degrees) IN USE Perspective eltecls take all the mystery out ot getting the real world right. When used wllh digitised images they provide
almost professional effects, letting you spin and rotate easily recog msable images in space But as an aid to hand-drawn images, Dpamf s perspective takes a lot of the pain away Simple everyday objects such as tumblers or box shapes (televison sets, computers and so on) can be drawn perfectly by taking advantage of 30 tools What would take an ordinary artist several hours to create can be drawn in minutes It also means you don't have to mess up your artwork with a lot of nasty construction lines. Vanishing points - who cares?
And while Dpaint doesn’t pretend to do all the work - atter all, it's not a dedicated 30 modeller
- it gives you the power to create real objects from many angles
with just a little effort Take the interior of a room for
instance. All you need do for a three-wall view is create a
rectangle with the wallpaper of your choice, and use this as a
brush for the basis of each of the walls, tilting the view to
represent the real world The floor, too, can be drawn as a
rectangle, with any kind ol tile or carpet pattern you care
for, then foreshortened using Perspective so it saves you hours
of guesswork - and probable ultimate dissatisfaction.
Probably the most important thing is to start visualising the objects that you draw in more than two dimensions, then you can use the per spective tools of Dpaint to position them within your scene As long as you think in more than two dimensions, the construction of your image becomes merely one of logistics, not one of visualisation.
Simple text, when anti-aliased, can be given a dramatic impact by positioning it in 3D space, from Star Wars recession, where the words disappear into the screen, to acute perspective which emphasises the massiveness ot the let ters, these techniques will give your work a real edge over standard techniques o PICTURE A DIMENSION Getting a teal-life object looking anything near believable In a 3D environment is one ot the great stumbling blocks for any kind ol artist But Dpaint gives you the edge over ordinary methods with its ability to tame perspective.
Take a simple object such as a tumbler.
Normally you would draw two ellipses tor the mouth and base, then join them. But how do you get the nght position lor them’ What does a glass really look like from above’ You donl really need lo know; seen directly Irom above, both top and base are circles, and by holding down SHIFT and drawing an open circle in Dpaint. A perfectly proportioned circle can be drawn.
By culling this out as a brush we can view It from any angle atter selecting Perspective Do from the pull-down menu By rolating the circle 60° In Ihe X plane (tilting il backwards In ettect) you turn it into an ellipse, and you know It's bound to be graphically correct. Creating Ihe base Is a simple matter ol adding distance between you and the brush in space by pressing the Shilt @ key combination The top and bottom ol the tumbler are joined by straight lines, and Ihe liquid is added using different values ot blue.
It you look at the straw, you'll notice that alter it enters the liquid its image is refracted - bent out ol true by the ettects ol light passing through the denser liquid It's a little touch, but atter going to the trouble ol getting the glass right, you don't want to spoil Ihe illusion.
Finally Ihe shadow; the whole image - glass, liquid and slraw - were picked up as a brush and changed lo black by selecting Colour from the Mode menu (key F2); by calling on Perspective again and tilting the X plane back to 135 . The toreshortened shadow ettect was created and pasted down NEXT MONTH In the next issue Peter Lee will be lifting the lid on palettes, colour mixing and cycling with equal emphasis on Dpaint III and IV, which adopt different approaches in these areas. He'll also be making his first cuts in HAM mode (or Dpaint IV users. Plus lots more graphic ideas and tips to
help you squeeze the most out of Electronic Arts' brilliant software.
Ricoh. The world's second largest manufacturer ot laser printer engines, have used their expertise to produce a first' n lase printers tor the world market, the LP’200 with FLASH ROM. HP LaserJet «T compatible, the LPI200 employs industry proven laser technology. Unlike LED printers, which use light emitting diodes, the LP'200's laser hght source is able to produce the most accurate and intense printed images. It has a last efficient processor and engine, together with a straight paper path design which a tows printing at a ful 6 pages per minute and. It can address a range ot print
resolutions up to 400 dpi. The 2« RAM version can pnnt a fuH A4 page of graphics at 300 dpi and a futt A4 page ot text, or A5 page of graphics, using standard resident internal fonts and the alternate controller firmware supplied, at 400 dpi. A tree Windows driver supplied enables the 2ve Ricoh LP1200 to pnnt a typical page ot text at 400 dpi from Windows 3.1, using the alternate controller firmware supplied on the Windows Driver Disk and standard intomal resident fonts. The RAM version has the added advantage of being able to print a futf A4 page ot graphics at 400 dpi and makes fuH use of
the LP1200's 400 dpi printing capabilities, such as using Microsoft Windows fonts.
Unique additional standard features include FLASH ROM ‘future proof technology and LAYOUT - a powerful document description language. The LP1200’s unique internal FLASH ROM. Which holds the printer controller firmware, can easily be updated as new developments in technology occur. This protects the investment you make in buying a Ricoh LP1200. Other manufacturers would require you to buy a new printer' Internal FLASH ROM and industry standard FLASH ROM tC cards can also be used to permanently store fonts, macros, graphics and extra emulations.
Again, unlike the competition, the LPI2QX0 includes LAYOUT a powerful document description language as standard, which offers unique opportunities to develop custom made printing systems. Forms and document templates can be designed and stored etectroncatly in the LPI200's FLASH ROM. Alleviating the need tor pro-printed forms' The LP1200 comes complete with a 100 sheet A4 paper tray and the facility to feed single sheets of paper and card up to 157gsm An optional extra universal feeder provides the facility to automatically teed up to 150 shoots, trom sizes of 98mm x 148mm to 216mm x 356mm in
size, at weights of up to 158gsm. It can also teed up to 15 envelopes, overhead transparencies and labels automatically.
• 6 PAGES PER MINUTE Using a straight paper path
• PCL5 - wc HP-GL 2 See how the Ricoh LP1200 compares to its
Laser Printer Competitors With scalable fonts and vector
• SHARP EDGED PRINTING Ricoh FIAL Ifine Image Algorithm) enhances
• 400dpi RESOLUTION Idetaull bs. - 300dpi. WIN IKAftess 200.240
S 4OOdpi.l
• UNIQUE FLASH ROM For controller upgrade and storage
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c 1-4 The Mews. Halherley Rd. Sidcup. Kent. DAI4 4DX PLEASE SEND INFORMATION ON THE RICOH LP1200 Mr MrsiMiss Ms ..... Indials..... Company Name (If applicable) Address: .. r7 ~_ MAIL ORDER HOTLINE SILICA SYSTEMS m HM 081-309 1111 Postcode: Tel (Workl I Which computers). It any, do you own? .. ¦ 75 WORKBEi TUTORIAL After unravelling the mysteries of icons, Mat Broomfield continues his wander around the wonders of Workbench, the universe and everything.
Tast month we took a preliminary glance at the way the Workbench screen is laid out and talked about the purpose of drawers.
This month we ll continue where we left off with windows, and we'll also be exploring some of the menus.
If you were paying attention, we opened up a window by double clicking on an icon, and we then looked at what the various icons represent.
Now let s go back and take a closer look at the window itself.
Because the windows are different according to the version of Workbench you’re using, you’ll remember that we used special symbols to indicate text that's specific to a particular version. Any text that begins with this character: applies only to Workbench 1.3 or earlier, whilst denotes text solely applicable to version
2. 0 or higher.
H a PiskCopy =r~ri™j Fomat V-
a. -;-.1 FastHenFlist SetMap D InitPrinter st- NoFastMen ?
MeigeMeh ee FixTonts °l _ :ne| (II Setwap NoFastMen ID 1V flddtlon itor Format RexxNas If BindNonitor DiskCopy FixFonts WHAT'S IN A NAME?
So why is it called a window' in the first place?
Well, in the same wdy as a window in a building offers you a view of some of the inside of the building, a Workbench window offers you a view of some of the contents of a disk. However, unlike a building window, those found on the Workbench screen actually give you a certain amount of information about the disk itself.
At the top of the window, there’s a bar containing the name of the window, in our case Workbench.
EM: ofi Woekbendi l.xwidm Running down the left-hand edge of the window is a black and orange gauge with a letter 'E' at the bottom, and an 'P at the top. This tells you approximately how full the disk is, and the nearer to the ‘F the orange bar is. The less space remains. If you open a sub directory window (such as System), this gauge will be absent - remember a sub-directory is simply a division within a disk. The top left corner of the window contains a small square with a dot in it, and this is known as a close gadget’ You can close the window by clicking the gadget with INSPECT-A-GADGET
As you learn more about the Amiga you will constantly encounter the word gadget. Because this word is used in many different contexts, you might be confused about what it means. A gadget is a graphic image which may appear in a window, requester or on the screen, and which has been programmed to perform a specific function when manipulated with the mouse. We've already looked at zoom, dose and depth gadgets but let’s look at some other types: Sccfltti!
Sen Arc*-[ Scroll Gadgets - This is a large gadget comprising three elements. Although its appearance and layout differs between Workbench 2.0 and earlier versions, it still serves exactly the same function. The main part of the gadget is the scroll box. This $ »1Arc*-[L j-Srow Mbendili Wocibencrt 2.x box represents the entirety of whatever you're doing. For instance, if you're word processing, the scroll box is equivalent to the document you’re working on.
Within the scroll box, there's a white bar called the Scroll Bar. This represents as much of the current project as you can see in the window.
Therefore, if you have written a document which is three windows long, the scroll bar will be one third of the size of the scroll box. By clicking the scroll bar and dragging it up and down (or left and right in some cases), you can move around within the document or whatever you’re working on. The final element of a scroll gadget is the scroll arrows. These are used to move the display by smaller amounts than the scroll bar.
- Scil In r If you press the right mouse button and hold it down,
a number of titles will appear in the status bar at the top of
the screen. These are called menu headings' and they give you
some idea about the type ot things to be found in the menus
they relate to Keeping the right button pressed, move the
pointer on top of one of these headings and a list of further
options called menu items', will drop down below the heading.
You’ll notice that many of these menu items appear to be
written in faded or ‘dotty’ lettering. This is known as ghost
ing' and it’s the Amiga's way of telling you that these items
can't be selected yet. Of course you might be wondering What's
the point of showing me menu items if I can't use them?’.
That’s a fair question, and the simple answer is that you will
be able to use them under the right circumstances, and rather
than keep adding and removing menu items (possibly causing you
to forget where they are) the Amiga simply ghosts them until
they can be used. This is a standard feature of the Amiga's
Intuition interface. Among other things. Intuition provides a
uniform way of presenting things such as menus, file
requesters, windows, etc By ensuring that their programs use
Intuition, programmers can guarantee that whenever they write a
new program, you will be immediately familiar with the way its
menus and requesters work, even if you don't necessarily
understand the options that they contain.
Anyway, back to the subject at hand. Most of the items in the menus can also be performed in other ways, perhaps by opening a CLI window and typing the appropriate commands. However, because Commodore wanted to make the Amiga as easy to use as possible, the menu items can be selected by mouse without requiring any knowledge of programming to use them. Let’s look at some of the options: The first menu under Workbench 1.2 3 is called Workbench’, and under Workbench 2.0 the equivalent menu is called ‘Icons'. It contains items which pertain to the icons and windows we looked at earlier.
Initially, all of the options are ghosted, but if you select an icon (by clicking on it once with the left mouse button), most of the options will become available. Here's what they all mean: Open - This is the same as double clicking on an icon. If the icon represents a disk or drawer (or the Trashcan), it will open a window to show you its contents. If it's a tool or project icon, this item will attempt to load the relevant program.
The way). Click it again and the window will revert to its previous size. Beside the zoom gadget there's a picture ot two overlapping rectangles, and this is called a depth gadget. If more than one window is open at a time, they can sometimes obscure each other. By clicking the depth gadget, the window will move to the tront of the display if it's behind any other windows, and vice versa if It's already at the front.
Regardless of the version of Workbench you're using, the bottom and right-hand edges of any window are occupied by gadgets known as scroll bars. They can be used to move the display within the window so that you can see things which might be out of sight, but that's all I'm going to say about them for now!
The left mouse button. The top right-hand corner contains two overlapping square gadgets known as depth gadgets'. When more than one window is open at a time, they can sometimes obscure one another, but by clicking on the appropriate depth gadget you can bring the required window to the fore. The gadget with the white square brings the selected window to the front of the display, whilst the other gadget sends it to the back.
Eleaents of i Wortbendi 2.r window Man Moral* M t lace?
Uilding the a view ot unlike a ibench ot infor- contam- £ Li.
Beside the name of the disk there are three pieces of information which relate to the amount of space in use and remaining on the current disk. The first figure just tells you what percentage of the disk is full (a fairly useless statistic unless you know the capacity of the disk in the first place!). The second figure tells you. To the nearest kilobyte, how much space is left on the disk, while the third figure tells you how much of the disk is occupied.
Common sense would seem to indicate that by adding the latter two figures together, you can calculate the total capacity of a disk, but in fact this is not true; there are a number of factors which can give a distorted reading. You can read the section on disk capacities elsewhere in this article for further details. Suffice it to say that the standard' capacity of a brand new disk is about 854K.
At the top right-hand corner of the window there is a gadget which looks like one square inside another. This is known as a zoom gadget, and by clicking on it, you can instantly toggle between two sizes for the current window. When you first click it. The window will usually shrink (and jump up to the corner of the screen out of e of the »uge d an *F mately F' the ou open this irectory eft cor i with a get. You et with Close - This is the same as clicking the close gadget at the corner of a window.
Duplicate - This option will only become available if you’ve selected a disk icon. It allows you to copy the disk (provided it's in Amiga DOS tormat). The copy will then be renamed Copy of and whatever the ongi- nal disk title was.
Rename - This option can be used to change the name of the selected icon.
Copy - As with the Workbench 1.2 3 Duplicate item, this option can be used to copy an Amiga DOS disk. However, it can also be used to copy individual files and drawers in exactly the same way.
Leave Out - If you move an icon outside its window, it reappears inside the window next time you load the Workbench.
With this option, the icon is permanently left wherever you move it. However, the tiles pertaining to the icon remain in their original position.
Sizing Gadget Again ihe appearance ol Ihe sizing gadget has changed belween Workbench 2.0 and eadier versions, bui its function is identical.
Sizing gadgets (pictured below) almost always appear at the bottom right-hand corner of a window, and they provide an alternative way for you to alter the size of the window. Simply dick on the gadget and, holding the left mouse button down, drag the gadget until the window reaches the required size Cycle Gadget - A cycle gadget lets you choose one option from a list.
Rather than display the entire list, only one option is displayed, and each time you click the gadget the next option is shown. Whichever option is on display is the one that will be used.
B| Parallel ure iing, it r called sents ject as v. tten a vin- vill be ¦ scroll bar wn (or »s), you ledoc- lent of II i move aunts B| Fanfold (}| Nitron Tractor Lffi "fTar**"' P M. a Rfij .J The sizing geo gel provides you with e vrey ol elteflng your view through Ihe currenl window. Just dick end dreg Ihe window 'III II reeches Ihe required size.
ILIA Info - This calls up a special window which gives further information about the j ft’ selected icon.
A VOYAGE Of MSKOVEKY ¦ Information - See Info above ¦ Snapshot - Icons can be moved around within their windows This will save the positions of aH selected icons onto disk.
B Unsnapshot - Cancels the effect of the Snapshot option. Icons which have been Unsnapshotted will be placed wherever Workbench wants to put them next time you open the appropriate window.
¦ Put Away - Puts icons away that have been moved with the Leave Out option.
P Discard - This is the same as dragging an icon into the Trashcan then selecting Empty Trash’ from the Disk menu. It permanently erases the selected icon and its associated program or data from the disk n ¦ Format Disk - This is only available if the selected icon is a disk icon. It will format the disk using the standard file system. If the disk is already in Amiga DOS format you are offered the option to perlorm a Quick format. Which formats the root block of the disk Because this is the part of the disk that identifies it and refers to information stored on it. This is essentially
the same as formatting, but much faster.
¦ Empty Trash - This is only available if the Trashcan icon is selected If files have been put into the Trashcan, this will permanently remove them from the disk.
NEXT MONTH Mat will be back next month as we continue to discover more about the fascinating world of Workbench.
Plastic Case Cleaning Sheath Magnetic Disk - Cleaning Sheath Plastic Case Leaf Spring The Amiga is totally dependent upon software stored on disk, and at some stage, you're going to have to do more than simply bung one in the drive and wait for a piece of software to load A standard Amiga disk is referred to as a double sided, double density 3 5 inch micro floppy diskette At its simplest, it consists of two elements, a protective plastic casing (which is the bit you see), and a circular sheet of magnetically responsive com pounds which collectively form the cksk itself Broadly speaking, a
disk works in a very similar way to audio or video tape, and the same basic technology is used to produce both.
The molecules (grains) on the surface ot the disk can be altered when electro magnetic force is applied to It. By applying this force in precise ways, the molecules can be made to form patterns which can be read and interpreted by the disk drive The force is appled by the write head and in the Amiga disk drive there are two such heads, one for the upper side of the disk, and one for the lower These heads are moved across the surface of the disk In minute amounts by a small stepper motor inside the disk drive The motor moves the heads in and out across the disk, but the disk must be spinning to
allow the heads to reach every part ol their surface.
Before a disk can be read ot written to. It needs to undergo a process known as formatting' This divides a disk into smaller chunks (known as tracks and sectors) that the Amiga can handle.
Unfortunately the formatting process reduces the storage capacity of a disk.
Although Amiga disks are said to have an unformatted storage capacity of 1 Mb, the amount of information that you can store on a disk depends upon a number of factors inducing the software controlling the drive, the precision ol the stepper motor and the quality and size ol the grains on the surface ot the disk, not to mention the directory structure and blocks reserved by the operating system.
Under Workbench 1213. You can only store between 854 ana 888K on a disk. Witn Workbench 2, a new type ol tiling system was introduced called FFS (Fast Filing System), which enables you to store up to 901K on a Itoppy disk When you save data onto a disk, it is saved in a standard torn known as AmigaDOS format (DOS-Disk Operating System). Hes saved m this way can be accessed and copied easily Irom Workbench. However, when games companies save data onto a disk, they otten save it in their own format which can't be accessed or copied without special knowledge and or hardware.
When a piece ol data is written to a disk, each Me begins at the start of a new sector and occupies as many complete sectors as it needs Unfortunately, partially empty sectors cant have any other data stored in them and this can sometimes result in empty areas of a disk which are too small to write anything to, yet which between them can account for a substantial amount ot wasted storage space (perhaps In excess of 50K). This process is known as fragmentation, and can be overcome by using a t*sk opwniset which rearranges the con tents ol the dKk in a more efficient way.
None ot this takes into consideration any ol the types of compression which can be performed on data before it's even stored on disk.
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Lor the A1500 2000. As a rosud the A50O-HD8* offers I unbeatable hard disk performance The easy-access * Ajtoboot'Game Switch allows the hard dsk to be disabled, ensunng compatibdity with the few games that will not work with a hard disk.
Every A500-HD8* incorporates the latest n hard disk technology with a factory installed and formatted 1* high , low power. 3 f SCSI hard dsk. Offering storage capacities up to 213**.
The A500-HD8* also offers the ultimate in expandability Additional SCSI peripherals can be attached to the external SCSI port Up to 8md of internal Fast RAM expansion can be installed using state-of-the-art SIMM memory modules. The unique internal Mini-Slot alows for future expansion. Every A500-HD8* has j its own dedicated power supply, ensuring that the Amiga 500 power supply will not be overloaded and an internal fan to prevent the unit from overheating. M WHAT THE PRESS SAY... 5W bofd. MeHeN oeBhetKS and bMog speed moke Hi L. the bee 600 W drNe' - AMIGA SHOPPER I
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» ACCELERATOR mu 500 500, 04% *tna*WM*r «?
PLUQ4N HARD DRIVE 4 ACCELERATOR OPTIONS MODEL 42m. 80v» | 120m 213** PC EMULATOR PUKWN OPTtON FOB MO*. 4 AMO The Impact II HC8 hard cards are the equivalent ot the HD8* hard dnve. But for the 1500 and 2000 models. They are sane of the fastest hard drives available, and incorporate an unpopulated 8* RAM expanse Return the coupon now for your FREE copy of Silica Systems NEW GVP CATALOGUE video genlock m g0A FOR ALL AMIGAS
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HOTLINE It's late al night, but the hard drive is still
whirring. Listen to the sweet howl as the modem changes pitch,
thrill as the Carrier Detect LED suddenly bums red and whoop
with delight as the system finally locks onto that host system
which has been engaged tor hours.
Suddenly your computer is not alone - it's linked to the world. This is what Comms is all about.
Unfortunately, using the telephone network is not tree, in fact it's not even particularly cheap. If you want to save money you need to restrict your time spent on-line', but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to make fewer calls. Instead, it means knowing your Comms software inside out, and making use of its money saving options.
NCOMM One of the best pieces of Comms software available is Ncomm v2, written by Torkel Lodberg and Daniel Bloch. Ncomm is shareware, which means if you like it and use it regularly, you should send some money to the programmers. In return, you'll receive a specially registered copy which will remove the annoying little requestors which occasionally pop up. Full details are supplied in the documentation which comes on disk.
To get your copy, flick through the ads in CU Amiga to find your local PD library. Send off a cheque for a few quid, and within days you'll get a disk through your letter box.
Ncomm can at first appear more than a little daunting, with more menus and requestors than you can shake a very large stick at, but getting it going is really easy. Simply connect your modem, switch on the computer and boot with the Workbench and then pop in the Ncomm disk. Find and double click on the Ncomm icon, and you're in business.
Probably the easiest way to see if a Comms program and modem are talking to each other is to enter a few AT commands by hand. The AT commands are part of the control language that practically every modem can accept and understand. For example. Atz will reset the modem to its default condition. If you type it on the keyboard, you should see the letter echoed back to the screen. The RX and TX lights should flash briefly on the modem, and when you press return you This Is a typical telephone book entry. Each BBS has Its name, number and any other relevant details recorded here. It you want a
script or Arexx macro to execute at log-ln time, here Is where you supply the name.
332 ilm Hunbr Sitr-Nme of file i tm “ ‘ 1 " Nunber of tines a block mist be re-sent Ncowi keeps a track of how ions the file transfer will be Ncomm about to start a Z-MODEM transfer. This Is all you see on-screen, as the data is sent directly Irom your computet to the modem. Z-MOOEM will make sure no errors occur, and give you an estimate as to how long the process will take.
Should see ‘OK’ appear.
C Still the arrier op with tat host rs.
S linked to ut.
Itwork is :heap. If trict your jssarily ead. It iside out, ans.
Ire avail- tberg and ch means jld send irn, you’ll i will ich occa- in the sin CU off a su’d get a i a little »rs than letting it modem.
I disk. Find d you’re in ktmms other is to AT com- lat under- xJem to keyboard.
The ih briefly rn you as Us name.
Re. It you :ime, here is If this doesn’t happen, check the following:
1. Is the modem switched on?
2. Is the cable properly connected?
3. Has another program running on the Amiga - such as a MIDI
sequencer - taken over the serial port?
4. Is the baud rate set correctly?
To discover if it is the baud rate which is causing your troubles, you'll need to find the menu in Ncomm called COM The first sub menu is called BAUD RATE’, and when you move the pointer onto it you’ll see all the possible rates displayed. If a sensible rate - say 2400 - isn’t selected, set one. The default baud rate is taken from the one set in your Workbench Pref’s serial drawer. Set this if you want the modem to work correctly every time you reset.
LET YOUR MODEM DO THE WALKING Another of those AT-commands mentioned is ATD, which is the code for dialling. Most modems can operate with both tone and pulse dialling exchanges. If you were to type ATDT the modem would use tones, which are faster but require a modern local exchange. If this is unsuitable. ADTP will suffice.
Typing ATDT12345 - and replacing the ‘12345’ with your own telephone number - should hopefully result in your modem calling your own house As you would expect, this should be engaged. If you don’t hear the engaged tone, or your software doesn’t report back there may be a problem with the connection between the modem and the telephone wall socket.
Itoe aord l-rOErl Having to type in numbers by hand in this way can be a real pain, so in common with most software, Ncomm has a telephone book option.
The name, number and any special information relating to the system to be called are entered.
Subsequent calls can be made by selecting the BBS by name from a menu. You must remember to save the telephone book information before you leave the program, or your details will be lost. If the filename is called NCOMM.phone, Ncomm will automatically load the phone data when the program is first run.] INFORMATION EXCHANGE The main purpose of any Comms program is to transfer information. There are two main ways of doing this: using text and using binary. When you first log onto a BBS, the text appearing on-screen and the text you type (name, password and so on) is transferred as plain ASCII
text. Likewise when you enter a message, the text is sent character by character.
Sending text by this method is extremely inefficient. Unless you can type between 240 and 960 letters a second. A better way is to prepare your text files beforehand, and save them until you log in. All comms programs have a text send and text receive option. To send a prepared text file from within Ncomm, use the Start ASCII Send option from the Transfer menu. A requestor will appear for you to select your text file, and once you do it will be sent at a much higher speed than you could normally type.
The Start ASCII Capture option will do the inverse - it will remember all the text that has been received, and store it on disk. In this way you can review all the bumph that has been sent your way when you nipped out to the bathroom BIN IT The second method of data transfer is to use binary information. Instead of the visible character set of letters and numbers, binary files are pure byte values. Since this is exactly the same way that programs, pictures and sound samples are stored this is the method used to send all-non readable information.
There are several protocols of data transfer available, and they are given the exciting names of X MODEM, Y-MODEM and Z-MODEM. Other protocols such as Kermit are still used and loved by some, but most file transfers use Z-MODEM. This is rather intelligent protocol, which can alter the packet size of data (how large the chunks’ are) depending on prevailing line noise. If Z-MODEM file transfer is interrupted, the Comms program can usually re-start from when it left off This can save a lot of time if you accidentally kick the telephone cable from the wall, or someone picks up an extension
phone and whistles into it.
With its Auto-download feature, Ncomm will automatically trigger a download when necessary. For JARGON BUSTERS
* Kermil- A file protocol still used by PC users and in links
with large computer systems at universities..
* Modem- The hardware which connects your computer's serial port
to the telephone line. Most have several flashy lights so you
don’t think you wasted your money on a very dull box..
* X MODEM. Y-MODEM, Z-MODEM- Binary file transfer protocols.
Z-MODEM is the best.
JARGON BUSTERS example, within a BBS you may want to download a new demo file, so you select [F] from the BBS menu.
Ncomm recognises the data sent by the BBS. And automatically starts the Z-MODEM download into the correct drawer on your disk - in RAM: if necessary.
Basically, you should try to use Z-MODEM whenever you can, as it works out quite a bit faster than the others. If a BBS doesn't support Z- MODEM. Ask them why not.
ERROR All binary protocols have one thing in common - they can detect errors. It is essential that a program is received exactly as it was sent, for although you can probably guess that ’HELPO WORLD started life as HELLO WORLD', if the same degree ot corruption occurred to a program it would crash instantly when run.
The protocols use check sums to ensure that the previous block of data has no errors. If there is a mistake, the block is resent. In this way the data arrives with 100% accuracy at the other end of the telephone line, even if it has had to make several attempts in the process.
Ncomm will list the number of errors which have occurred during a transfer, along with a constantly updated estimation of the length of the transfer. To re iterate, the number of errors does not mean that the file has become corrupt, rather that a number of blocks have had to be resent. © SQUEEZE v do you reduce the amount of time it takes to 3 a binary file? If you were to send a full disk s using a modem operating at 2400 d, it would take over an hour - even assum- _ a perfectly clear line.
The first way to reduce time is to squash the files before they are sent. An archiving program such as ZIP, ZOO, LHA or LHZ will reduce a file to a fraction of its size.
If you need to send an entire disk, rather than just a few files, you can use a disk masher pro- rn to archive the contents of the disk into one This file can be transferred in the usual way.
But whoever receives it needs a copy of the masher program to reproduce the disk.
The second way to save time is to buy a faster modem. Most sysops will scoff openly at you if you use a 2400 baud modem, and send ridicule laden messages if you use anything slower.
A 2400 baud modem can be bought new for about £80, but it possible try to find the extra cash to buy a 9600 or faster. For about £250, you can buy a modem which will send an entire (unsquashed) disk in about 10 minutes. If you plan on using it a lot, this saving will soon appear on your ’phone bill.
...... t. , - • i__ .
R CUT, TICK & POST.....CUT, TICK & POST *f' VA CC Telephone or Fax Hotline (0702) 466933 C' L- L- k 'SS'PD Soft iom JX 24}? GC4DIN C4M5 C-l‘»0 1 JX 2932 NUH6BX :r.j p.iMli&o'fl | JX 2436 DRAGON THIS v2.5 1 JX 2447COMOROP I.VOCW 1 J 2450 SMASH IV ¦ IH( HIP OP | JX 2482 £ £SC(ND€P ociooocf 1 jx 24*3 Mimjoet ¦ o .sTi I JX 2933 ASSASSMS OAMI5 41hx*mui- X 2934 ASSASSMS GAMIS 4?
JX 2935 ASSASSMS 43 QdttfttiO.
X 2936 ASSAS5MS *4 xiij'V 89. MOoM JX 2937 ASSASSINS GAMES 45 0'f«. '•»“ X 2938 ASSASSINS GAMtS 46 X 2941 (XTWMI «!OU«( 2949 0e»r*)0»- (XfIKC€H jx 249i aoec a iothan «i02 JX 2494 HUNCHBACK The i» a 1 X IP73 AMOS DATABASE vS 0 . LuUUlv JX LP10I MORSE COM TUTOR * v-jni to Hu» 14. The a rrr il ixk l gunn 1 Haix. 5 oirC4« jx'lPIll STOCK CONTlKX yl 0 Tic. (twwi JX IPT12 9NOtd*OfiOCR MANAGER JX 2621 FTIRNAl ROM!
JX 2*74 NTMPe r tv Ait* «e ran 1 iX IPU5 ROOTS A-oEmt kjr*t ttttxyptgio-i D IP11B HOM iMylMunoMtrutyWmtOI JX 2676 AMI MORIA *5.4 JX ?7K C1ASH C* THIIMMKS *2 1 JX 2738 A* TSAWIC CONTROC PROGRAMMING ¦"“n Let John Kennedy show you the way to programming heaven, in part five of his amazing C tutorial series.
Especially when using higher than assembly level programming languages such as C. the importance of program design can be greater than the actual programming. One aspect of design which is becoming more important, as typified in the field of Software Engineering, is the concept of Data Structures.
By spending time right at the start of the design process selecting the manner in which a program will store and process information, much effort at the programming stage will be saved. Programs become easier to understand, which can only help the writing and debugging processes.
This month we ll take an introductory look at the facilities provided by C to enable the programmer to develop a structured outlook on problems. We ll start with rather simple arrays and move on to higher dimensions. Soon we'll be looking at ways of defining your own custom structures, and also ways ot making them into arrays.
ARRAYS When you grasp the benefits of using loops to perform a task rather than simply repeating the individual instructions, the concept of arrays always follows fairly easily.
Instead of declaring a variable to hold only one item of the desired type, it is possible to declare the variable to store a complete list, of which each element is independently accessible.
Here's an example which should clarify that rather vague statement. Imagine that a database program must store 10 telephone numbers. The numbers are to be stored as integers, and not contain any spaces or brackets - just pure numbers.
We could declare the variables as in TABLE 1.
There is nothing wrong with this approach - it works fine, and in some instances it may even be advantageous to use it. However, if the list was to be expanded to hold 100 numbers the program would quickly TABLE 2 r Example 2 - Telephone numbers 2 7 main() TABLE 3 C Example 3 - Assigning array elements 7 main() int numberspOO]; r assign some numbers at random 7 numbers(O) - 122456 numbers! 10] = 123456 numbers(56] = 133456 numbers(45] - 122456 numbers(80] = 133436 become full of assigns and tests. When disk filing and printing facilities need to be added, the program becomes ludicrously
large. As you can probably predict, there is a much easier way to do things.
Instead of declaring 10 (or
100) separate variables, we can combine them all into one
multi-part variable. Called an TABLE 1 r Example 1 -
Telephone numbers 7 main() numbers[99] = } 123443 intnumber!
- 123456; int number2 = 234567; int number3 = 345678; int
numberlO - 987654; int numbers[100]; array. TABLE 2 contains
a good example.
Believe it or not, but this example actually reserves enough space for up to 100 different numbers. To access them separately, you indude a number within square brackets after the name, as in TABLE 3.
As always there is a trick, and the trick is this: when accessing the individual elements of the array, you must remember to start with element number zero. In the example in TABLE 3. The number in the square brackets
- called the index
- must be in the range 0 to 99. If you forget and access element
number 100 (which doesn't exist) you could conceivably crash
your program.
Of course, using the indexing method provided by arrays opens the way to using loops and loop counters to save a lot of work.
Take a look at the program in TABLE 4 - it prints out the 100 'phone numbers, all with one printf() function call.
You may need to revise the section we covered in the February issue on loops if you have forgotten how 'for()’ works.
HIGHER DIMENSIONS For more complicated programs, it may be necessary to increase the number of indices used to access the array. In effect, we can add more and more dimensions to our array to store more and more data, as sometimes we don't need more storage, just a better way of accessing it.
For example, in a chess program it usually Fok needs to store an internal copy of the board Each square on the r Example 4 - Loops and board can be rep- Arrays 7 resented as an integer, each main() storing the type o' playing piece which can be int numberspOO]; placed there We could theoreti- int counter; caily use an array like the one we defined to store r assume the elements are telephone num- assigned in here 7 bers; int board[64] , for r there are sixty (counter=0;counter 100;coun four squares 7 i**) However, it helps visualisation and later pnntf(”Number:%d is coding if we use
%d Ji",counter.numbers(count a two dimen- er]); sional array like this: int board(8j(8]; } r there are still sixty four squares The second definition uses exactly the same amount of memory as the first, but it is probably easier to visualize the second as eight rows of eight columns - just like a chess board. That's the key to successful programming, make your data structures as realistic as possible.
THE MEANING OF LIFE Now, as an exercise in real life programming, let's take a look at a program that was popular several years ago. Well before colour graphics and Mandelbrot Sets were invented. It's called the Game of Life, and it was first produced in the 1970s by a chap called John Conway, who wanted to model living cells.
His program uses a grid of cells, each of which can be alive or dead. From one generation to the next, whether or not a cell is born, lives or dies is determined by some simple rules:
1. A cell remains alive if it is not-overcrowded (it has no more
than three neighbours) and not too lonely (less than two
2. A cell will be born if it is surrounded by three parent cells.
These rules weren't made up on the spur of the moment, but were decided upon after much work. Other rules can be applied, but these seem to give the most interesting results.
The program stores the state of the various cells TABLE 4 T PROGRAMMING in an array called Grid. This array is actually three- dimensional. In that not only does it have rows and columns, but it has depth in the form of two layers.
These layers are needed to implement the rules, for each cell is influenced by its neighbours over the entire layer simultaneously. If we used only one layer, and changed a cell according to its neighbours. Then the neighbours of the changed cell wouldn’t be influenced correctly. Therefore two grids are needed, and these are indexed by the constants GRID1 and GRID2 in association with two variables. X and Y, to look at each cell in turn.
HIGH DEFINITION But hold on. What's this define stuff? More magic spells - as if that include gibberish wasn't bad enough... But Don’t Panic-the •define is there for your benefit. It's just like a word processor's find- and-replace feature, in that anywhere GRID ONE appears in the program, it is replaced with a 0.
Likewise SIZEY is replaced by 20 and SIZEX is replace by 40. These substitutions are made before compilation even begins, by a special part of the C compiler called the pre-processor'. As these instructions are not part of the C language, no semi-colons are needed to separate them - they must be placed one per line. Although not compulsory, it is the usual custom to use capitals with defines to make them stand out from normal variables. The Amiga's library files make extensive use of defines - sometimes called Macros - to simplify programs and add many advanced features.
Using macro definitions of constants’ like the size of the grid makes tinkering with the program a lot easier. If you want to make the life grid bigger or smaller, you need only alter the numbers following SIZEY and SIZEX - there is no need to hunt through the program looking for all the numbers that need changed.
HOW IT WORKS Now we have seen how the data structures work, it's time for the main program. Only three functions are needed: lnit_Grid() (to set up the initial pattern of cells). Display_Grid() (to draw the cells on-screen) and Calculate_Grid() (to perform the life and death decisions).
After an initial call to lnit_Grid(), a small loop in the main() function calls Display_Grid() and Calculate Grid() repeatedly. If you key the program to run more than 10 times, alter the value in the for() loop.
Lnit_Grid() uses a random number generator to decide upon the initial state of the grid.
Depending on your C compiler, you may need to alter this line, so check your documentation. I’ve used the version of Random which comes with SAS Lattice C v6. If the worst comes to the worst you might have to set individual cells with 'Grid(GRID_TWO)(x)(yJ=1'. Why 1? Within this program, a 1 means that a cell is alive, a zero means it is dead. This makes counting up the number of neighbours easy to do - as long as you remember to subtract the middle cell. The two 'i' and 'j' loops scan the cells on either side of the cell at x,y making up a total, but in the course of this scan they will also
include the cell at x.y. If it is alive, it must be removed from the total. Since if it is dead it will contain a value of zero, we can subtract it any way on the off- chance.
After counting the neighbours, all we need to do is apply the two rules - one for birth and one for death. The line previous to these rules ensures the default condition is for the cell to survive to the next generation.
TRICKY BITS OK. Let's have a look at some parts of the listing which could be construed as 'tricky'. We've already looked at the technique used to count up the number of neighbours belonging to a cell, but the decisions that follow may look a little complicated.
The birth test is really quite simple, and doesn't even require special kits from the chemist. If a cell is currently dead but the total number of its neighbours is three, then a cell will be born in the next generation. Remember we use the double equals sign for testing, and the single equals sign tor assignment.
The second test is in two parts, and it’s all to do with the round brackets. For the first condition to be met, the cell must be currently alive.
However, if either the number of neighbours exceeds 3. OR if it is less than 2 the second condition is met. If both the first and second conditions are true (because there is an AND), the cell dies in the next generation.
In this function, extensive use of C shortcuts are used: ++. ?- and -=. As you'll know: X** is the same as X=X+1, X+-2 is the same as X-X+2 and X-=2 is the same as X-X-2.
ENHANCEMENTS When you start playing with this program, you'll soon find a need to be able to accurately determine the initial cell pattern. Probably the easiest way to do this is with a program to read in an external grid of cells. Which will lead us expertly into file handling - the subject of next month's tutorial, « NEXT MONTH Next month in your soaring, sizzling C tutorial - the joys of file handling, including how to save everything from ASCII text and in tegers to whole arrays.
ARRAYS Grid|GRID TWO||x|ly|-0; (
* Arrays are variables which can I r update grid with new store
many similar types of data under one name. For example.
Void Calculate_Grid(void) ****" Calculate new Life 1 values 7 int ages(20); Grid...... Grid(GRID ONE][x|(y]=Grid(GRID
* To access the contents of the int x,y,i,j, total; void
lnit_Grid(void) TWOKxHyJ; array, you need to add an index )
*.....Initialise Grid if value. For example, ages(l)=25; for
(y-1 ;y (SIZEY-1);y++) (GridfGRID_ONE][x][y]»=f)
* Arrays can have as many dimenfor (x=1 :x (SIZEX-1 int x.y;
printf(-0“); sions as required, although it is j else quite
difficult to visualise dimentotal=0; r Set generation counter
to 1 7 printff"."); sions higher than 3! For example, : for
(i--1 :i 2;i++) gen.1; } printf(“ n’); ChessBoard[8][8] is OK.
But i Hypercube(4][4][4][4] is tricky.
For (|=-1;j 2;j*+| r Set all grid cells to be dead 7 } gen++; * update my generation 1 lor (y-0;y SIZEY;y*t) LISTING total+«Grid[GRID ONE)[x+i)[y+j]; tor (x* 0;x SIZEX;x++) i r LIFE - THE COMPUTER GAME 1 1 Grid[GRID_TWO][x]lyJ=0; 7 r Set some cells to be alive 7 for (y=t ;y (SIZEY-l );yt+) total-
- Grid[GRID_ONE](x](y]; for (x=1 ;x (SIZEX-t )jr++) main()
include stdio.h if
• include stdlib.h (rand() 1873741824) Grid|GRlD
TWO||x][y).Grid[GRID Grid(GRID TWO)lx]|y|=t: int count; * The
size of the grid - change it for bigger or smaller universes 7
ONE][x][y]; ) lnit_Grid(); for (count-0;count 10;count++) r
Tesl tor birth 7 void Display_Grid(void) r Repeat process 10
times 7
• define SIZEX 40 il 1 .•••¦. Display Life Grid 1 Display
• define SIZEY 20 ((GridJGRID ONE|[x)[yl==0) 88 Calculate_Grid();
• define GRID ONE 0 (total =3)) int x,y; )
• define GRID TWO 1 Grid[GRID_TWO][x][y].1;
printf(-7 nGeneration:%d n n-,gen): for (y=0;y SIZEY;y++) 1 r
Test tor death 7 il int Grid(2][SIZEX][SIZEY); ((Grid[GRID
ONE](x]Iy] t)S8 1 int gen: ((totat 3) || (total 2))) for
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Dave Smithson shows you how.
Mm ost of us have dreamt of becom- ing games programmers at MWM some time or another. From the sidelines, the life of the games programmer seems understandably attractive - fuelled by images of fame, fortune, fast cars and the thought of getting paid to sit infront of an Amiga all day seems just too good to be true. Unless you know where to start though, actually writing a game is a totally different ball game altogether.
Europress' AMOS is certainly a step in the right direction. Since its launch way back in 1990, AMOS has given the rest of us the tools to bring to life those game ideas that have been pent up inside for years. Programming the Amiga's hardware from assembler language is not a pastime for the faint-hearted, but AMOS takes away all that heart ache by providing a comprehensive selection of commands and functions that makes the nitty gritty of writing games childsplay. No longer do you need to understand minterms, copper lists and interrupts in order to write your own games.
Because AMOS takes away all this drudgery, all you need is a few good ideas and a working knowledge of how games tick. With these foundations laid, you're well on your way to writing that blockbuster game that will shoot you to stardom.
This. Then, is the basic idea behind our new If you want lo program game5 bul assembler reduces you lo a quivering wreck, ihen AMOS Is Iho answer.
AMOS column. We re not going to bore you with the basics of AMOS programming - if you want to gen up on that sort of thing, then watch out for our 32-page AMOS supplement. If, on the other hand, you want raw facts with no waffle, state of the art source code and a few pointers here and there, then you've come to the right place. Over the coming months we’ll be taking you step-by-step through everything you need to know in order to write games.
POLISHED PERFORMER Sounds good so far, but even now I can see that a few of you are starting to tremble at the thought of coding games, but it's really not as painful as you may expect. Although games may seem to be terribly complex beasts that require the programmer to have a degree in just about everything just to get a sprite to appear on the screen, most games are actually not that complex once you understand how they work. Yes. Even you could be a games programmer once you're armed with the right knowledge. A word of advice though - don't try to run before you can walk. Although we'd
all love to write a game that would turn David Braben green with envy, writing a game is like driving a car - although the theory is pretty much the same no matter what type of car you drive, putting a learner behind the wheel of a Lotus Esprit would be lethall Start by writing simple games and then work up to the more complex genres once you feel confident enough.
Over the next few months we'll be taking a look at how arcade games work. In particular, we’ll be writing our own PacMan clone complete with hoardes of nasty blobs, power pills and gameplay galore. It's always worth picking a game that has been around for a long time, because the standards of computer technology have improved so much over the years, you can bet that most of the early games were actually pretty simple because the programmers that wrote them didn't have a lot of computer power to work with! Defender is, perhaps. A more complex example, but games such as Space Invaders,
PacMan and Pong are perfect material for polishing up your programming prowess.
TOOLS OF THE TRADE So, what do you need to program games in AMOS? Well, obviously, you already own two of the most important tools of the trade, namely a copy of AMOS and your Amiga, but you'd be well advised to invest in the following items.
AMOS COLUMN T- THE GOOD GAMES PROGRAMMING GUIDE Europress v tholAMOS J went lo great lengths lo ensure S mode gomes programming os os possible, but not aB these 'niielies' k in our favour. In foci, some of them ore such a poin that we actually need to take a few steps backwards in order to get a game up and running ot o decent rale, like a 'real' gomes programmer dumps the AMIGA s operating system out ol the window, the AMOS gomes programmer should olso dump certain aspects of AMOS in order to get the very best from the language.
Ihese measures ore necessary in order to keep the gome running smoothly and in sync. Here’s a qukk guide to Ihe three moin culprits that should be put under the axe.
Double Buffeting No we stiH need to use double buffeting in order to ensure that screens scroll smoothly ond Bobs ore ticket free, but the first thing you should turn off is AMOS’ automatic screen swopping facility. As you will know, under normal dfcumstonces AMOS handles the task of swopping betwen the physical ond logical screens outomoti- colly which is ok if you're writing a simple demo, but it con be o real poin when writing gomes. Instead, we wont to be able to swop me screens ourself when (ond only whenl Ihe entire moin gome loop has been executed.
AMOS provides us with two commands which moke this very eosy to achieve - AutoBock 0 ond Screen Swop. AutoBock 0 should be put ot the start ol your gome ond it basically instructs AMOS thot we wont automatic screen swapping turned off. The Screen Swop command is then used within the moin gome loop to perform this screen swopping monually.
Object Updating - Just like Double Buffering, AMOS usually bandies Ihe task of redrawing sprites and bobs automatically.
Although this is very nice of AMOS to moke the effort of doing the hard work foe us, it hos the unavoidable side effect of slowing down a game becouse each sprite or bob is redrawn immediately. To keep things running as lost as possible, we need to be able lo redraw oil the sprites ond bobs ot once. If we allow AMOS to redraw our sprites ond bobs automaticolfy. The main game loop wil be slowed down considerably.
AMAL - Yes AMAl is o wonderful thing, but it t® should be kept firmly under control by running oil AMAL programs as part of the moin gome loop instead of running them in mon®l mode ond interrupt mode is hardly noticeable. Not only trial, but we also get olol more AMAl channels to ploy oround with in manuol mode - 49 extra channels, to be precise!
1. 35 (the latest release) and Easy AMOS are very good, it’s well
worth the cost to upgrade to AMOS Protessional. Although we
don’t really need such things as its Interlace language tor
games programming, AMOS Professional's editor is a tar
slicker affair that can considerably increase your work
efficiency. You also get a much better sprite editor and Easy
AMOS owners really do need AMAL. And no, Europress aren’t
paying me to say that!
• THE AMOS COMPILER - Even it your code is hyper-etticient, you
can bet that it’ll stilt be a bit sluggish it you run it in
interpreted mode. Running it through the AMOS Compiler will not
only speed up your code considerably, but it’li also hide your
valuable source code trom prying eyes. Although Europress still
haven’t released a compiler tor AMOS Pro, the standard AMOS
Compiler will do the job just as well providing you don’t start
using such things as Interlace and IFF animation. Don’t worry
about buying an old product either - Europress assure me that
they will allow existing Compiler owners to upgrade to the AMOS
Pro Compiler once it has been released.
• A PAINT PROGRAM - Although the AMOS Sprite Editor is a pretty
capable character (especially the new AMOS Professional
Sprite Editor), it’s worth getting your hands on a paint
program such as Deluxe Paint lor drawing background graphics,
title pages and even sprites. I tend to draw all my game
sprites in Dpainl and then import them into the AMOS Sprite
Editor once they're complete, simply because Dpaint provides a
better range of painting tools.
With Dpaint, your game I won’t be half as impressive if you start using the standard AMOS ’Shoot’ and ’Bang' commands for your sound effects. With a sound sampler, you’ll be able to grab weird and wonderful sounds from your favourite 50's B-movies and then use them within your games (be caretul of copyright restrictions though!).
• A SOUND TRACKER - These are available ten a penny in the PD
libraries these days, so you shouldn’t have much trouble get
ting your hands on a decent 'tracker done.
Now that AMOS has direct support for Sound Tracker mod- I ules. You can write your | WRITTEN IN HMDS PROFESSIONAL game S sound track M you fe new t0 programming, then always start with easy’ protects such as classic flames, within a program, such m a couple ot months lima, you loo will bo able lo write a flame like PacMan in an afternoon!
Although the AMOS Sprit Designer Is a pretty powerful beast, a decent paint package such as Dpalni Is a neccesslty tor both sprite design and other graphics work.
.r r-w- JARGON BUSTERS updated. If, for example, you were writing a Space Invaders clone, your main game loop might loop something like the example below. As you can see, the main game loop consists of basically two actions - decisions and processes. Decisions and processes are very different and it is important to understand the differences between them. When a process is encountered, it is performed everytime regardless of what it going on within the game. A good example of this is the process of moving PSEUDOCODE Ihe following is on exam, typical code should contain ond how It Start of Loop
Update positions of all aliens Update positions of all missiles Hove ony of the aliens fired o missile?
Generate missile sprite Ploy missile fired sample Hos the joystick been touched?
Has il been moved left?
Move player's ship left by x pixels Hos il been moved right?
Move play Hos the lire d Generate missile s Hove ony ol the player's missies collided with aliens?
Remove alien sprite Remove missile sprite Draw explosion sprite Ploy explosion sound effect Ada x points lo player's score Hove any of Ihe alien's missiles colided with Ihe player?
Remove player's sprite Remove missile sprite Draw exolosion sprite Ploy exposion sound effect Set Gome Over' flag to 1 Redraw all sprites ond background Swap physical ond logical screens Wait for vertical blanking interrupt Jump to Start unless 'Gome Over’ flog = I End of gome!
• LOTS OF MEMORY - If you're still using a 1 Mb (or less) Amiga,
then I strongly recommend that you get some extra memory
2Mbs at the very least). Once you start pulling in lots of
colourful sprites, pretty backgrounds and sonically superb
sound tracks, your source files will start to get pretty big...
• LOTS OF COFFEE AND MUSIC - Games programming is thirsty work,
so always have the kettle topped up and a good supply of cof
fee at hand. As for the music, opinions are divided on what is
best for games programming. Although Jeff Minter prefers Thin
Lizzy, I personally recommend a copy of Depeche Mode's
'Violator' and their latest single, I Feel You' (especially the
remixes!). [What about Kylie?- Sad Ed.)
LOOPING THE LOOP Now that you've got the right tools for the job.
Let's get stuck into the serious task of getting started in games programming. First though, some theory. All games, regardless of whether you're coding a platform game, shoot 'em up or adventure are all based around pretty much the same theory. Like most programs, the core of a game consists of nothing more than a continuous loop. In the case of games software, this loop has a special name - the main game loop.
If you're ever sat in the pub surrounded by games programmers and they start talking about the speed of their main game loop, you'll now know exactly what they’re referring to!
Everytime the main game loop is performed, every aspect of the game is either checked or as ProTracker, and then port it directly into your program! I personally use a commercial ‘tracker called AudioSculpture', but you can use any 'tracker you can find (they’re all pretty much the same!).
• A PEN AND PAPER - Uh? A pen and paper?
Yes folks, even games programmers need ancient tools such as the humble pen and paper! These indispensable items are just the ticket for designing sprites and for drafting out routines before committing them to code. Planning code is all important, so always have a pen and paper handy.
Onscreen sprites. Aggressive aliens don’t like to stay still, so their positions will be updated everytime the main game loop is performed.
Decisions, on the other hand, are made in order to establish whether certain sections of code should be performed Take the firing of a missile, for example. Obviously you only want a missile to be fired when the player presses the fire button, so the first thing you would do is to check whether the fire button had been pressed. If, after checking the firebutton, you find that it hasn't been pressed, then there’s little point in running the code that handles this particular aspect of the game.
As you may have already realised, there are a lot of steps within the main game loop that may not always be executed. If the results of any of the decisions made within the loop are found to be false (a missile hasn't collided with a ship, for example), then huge chunks of code will not be executed. Splitting up your code in this way not only makes it considerably easier to understand, but it can also make your game run faster. As we shall see over the coming months, speed is always of the essence, so we should take advantage of every opportunity that we get to save valuable processor time.
Although this isn't particularly important when programming in assembler (even sloppy assembly programs run fast!). AMOS isn't quite so rapid so it is possible to slow even the simplest of games down if your code is inefficient. ©
• Compiler- A program which converts source code written in a
computer language into object code lor direct execution by the
computer. Compiled code is (aster than any interpreted
• Loop- A repetitive part ol the program which is repeated until
some condition is met. A loop inside a loop is known as a
nested loop.
• Sprites- A graphic element which is manipulated as a block by
Ihe program. Hardware sprites are overlaid onto the graphics at
the end. Rather like a genlock.
• Source code - This is the code as written by you, before being
translated lor the computer. This is the only lile that you
will need in most cases, but compilers produce another lile.
Called object code, which is the executable version.
NEXT MONTH In the upcoming issue Dave Smithson will cover the lirst part ot the actual source code for our AMOS version ot Pacman. All the into you need to. Draw the screen, blocks and icons will be right here in glorious CU Vision.
SEIKOSHA - QUALITY PRINTERS T paint pack- hic* work.
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A that e. ire are a « may not of the to be . For not be ay not jrstand.
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Scissors in hand, Mat Broomfield is here to unravel another batch of readers’ problems.
Whatever the question he has the answer.
NEW OWNER, SAME OLD PROBLEMS « 0 I own an A600 and I have quite r* a decent collection ot cover disk t games and utilities which I would like to condense, thus " treeing some of the disks for other use. I just can’t manage to get them from one disk onto another. I've spent hours trying to perform this task using my wits and the reference manual.
Also, how come when I’m using Workbench and set the clock(s), the time is lost when I switch oft, forcing me to reset them each time I load up?
Finally, using the Workbench and the manual I've tried to set up a series ot accounts using the drawer and tile system. I managed to open new drawers and name them, but what on earth do you put in them? In the book it shows tile icons and text, but no descnption of how to input them.
I realise that these questions may seem pretty pathetic, but I’m fast becoming disillusioned. As a games machine, the A600 is second to none, but as an interactive educational medium it’s bloody frustrating!
Phil Noonan, Brookvale, Runcorn It's all too easy to develop misconceptions and get confused when learning to use a computer.
However, I think that the biggest problem that you, and many people like you, seem to have, Is your expectation of the computer's manuals.
To draw an analogy, when you buy a new car, the instructions that come with it don't teach you how to drive, nor do they tell you how to modify it to run on methane gas, or how to convert it into a hovercraft! Why then, do people expect the Amiga manuals to teach them how to become programmers, or how to perform every task they've ever dreamed of?
They’re basic operating manuals designed to show you the most rudimentary functions of the computer.
I really can’t over-emphasise the importance of buying some good tutorial books to expand your knowledge. Better yet, join a club or watch a friend who knows what he’s doing.
Compiling disks can be one of the hardest things to do, especially for a beginner. Even magazines employ professionals to do the Job for them. However, you may be able to give it a go, but I have no intention of going into great detail in this column. To give you a clue about where to start, look up how to use the following instructions: MAKEDIR, COPY, DUPLICATE, CD. You’ll also need to know how to use the Shell, how to use a text editor, how to create a start-up sequence, and how to load or create a script file. Mastering Amiga Beginners and Mastering AmigaDOS Volume 7, both from Bruce
Smith Books, will make a good starling point, but you can say goodbye to £40 if you buy both! Contact BSB at Smug Oak Green Business Centre, Lye Lane, Bricket Wood, Herts, AL2 3UG. Tel: 0923 894366.
It’s not enough simply to set the clock, you also have to save the time that you set. The Amiga has two clocks: the system clock (which you have presumably set) and the battery backed clock (which you haven’t). Once you’ve set the system clock, you need to open the Shell window and type Setclock Save return to transfer your system time to the battery backed clock.
Mind you, if you have a 1.3 1.2 Amiga, it’s possible that you don’t even have a battery backed clock (which would be on your trapdoor expansion board if you do have one).
As lor your question about setting up accounts, you seem to have completely misunderstood the whole purpose of files and drawers. Think of a drawer as being equivalent to a drawer in a tiling cabinet. It has no information value on its own, it is simply a data receptacle. A file is like a specific document inside a filing cabinet. You don't buy a filing cabinet full ol pre-written documents, and you don’t create a drawer full of pre-written files. If you create a picture with Deluxe Paint, or write a letter with a word processor, you can save the results in one of your drawers. Regardless
of the type of information, your saves are all stored as files, although you can (and should) give each file a unique name if you like.
To create a file, you obviously need a piece of software that lets you create and save whatever it is you want. You mentioned accounts, and I don’t know if that was simply a generic term, or if you're genuinely interested in accounts. If the latter applies, you’ll have to buy an accounting or spreadsheet program before you can set up any accounts.
SLOW-WRITE SAVER After seeing the review of Ouickwrite in the June edition of , your mag, I purchased it for gen- 0 eral home use. The system is M* quick and easy to use except when I want to save a document.
Each time I try. I get the message Volume Ouickwrite Full’ followed by DOS error 221.
What am I doing wrong? I’ve read all the manuals without success. I have a Workbench 1.3 1 Mb A500 with no extra disk drive.
How do I save documents on an extra disk?
John Thompsett, Witham, Essex Gasp, shock, horror! You’re not trying to save onto your original Ouickwrite disk are you?
Trying to save to your original program disk is a definite no, no. Not only do you expose your valuable program to the risk of virus infection, you also risk damaging it if there’s a power cut while you are saving. You should copy the original disk (if possible), then put it away safely and only use the duplicate. Both duplicate and original disks should remain write-protected unless you’re told otherwise by the program's instruction manual.
The message you're getting is telling you that the Ouickwrite program disk is full. To save to another disk, you'll first need to format a blank one. You can do this from Workbench using the INITIALISE or FORMAT options in the menu at the top of the screen. Refer to your Workbench manual for exact details on how to do this. Having formatted a disk use the RENAME option to call it Quicksaves (for example). When you select SAVE AS from Quickwrite's Project menu, a requester will open up allowing you to specify exactly where you want to save your document. At the bottom of this requester is a
small text gadget labelled Save document as:’. Click in this requester using the left mouse button, then type Quicksaves: (if that's what you called your blank disk), then press return. Please note that the colon (:) after the title denotes that you are referring to a disk. The program will ask you to insert Quicksaves in any drive, so remove the Ouickwrite program disk and insert your blank. The program will read the contents of the disk (Trashcan), and display them in the file window. Click back in the text requester and type the name that you want to give your file. This time when you press
return, your file will be saved.
Loading a file involves the same process, except that when the contents of your saves disk are displayed in the file window, you can load the file you want by simply double clicking on its name in the tile window.
CD ROM MUSINGS I’m an A600 owner and am keen 0to get a CD-Rom drive for my
* computer. My father has raised a few questions on the features
and price of the CDTV and the CD-ROM drive for the Amiga, and I
was wondering if you could set the record straight once and for
1 I read in a magazine that the A570 is £400 and in another it’s £350. What is the real price?
2. When is the A670 for the A600 due out?
3. Will Commodore make the A670 photo-CD compatible, and if not,
why not?
4. Are Commodore likely to enhance the A670 in the not too
distant future?
5. Is it possible to produce an identical version of the Street
Fighter coin-op on the CDTV?
6. Finally, could you persuade my father that buying an A670 is
a good idea in one reasonably short paragraph.
I hope that the answers to the above questions will clear up some confusion, and convince some people to go out and buy one.
David Waites, Stainland, West Yorkshire
1. You can buy an A570 for £329.99 from Gordon Harwoods. Mind
you, they can flog you a standalone CDTV for a very reasonable
£379.99! Call them on 0773 836781.
2. Commodore said that it would be out in time for Christmas!
(That’s last Christmas! -Ho, ho.)
3. The A570 is CDG (Compact Disc with Graphics) compatible, but
that doesn’t mean it will work with Photo CD. Although these
disks can be read, the technology hasn't been licensed from
Kodak by CBM.
4. As is their style, Commodore are constantly upgrading their
hardware, and rumours of an upgraded CDTV are already rife. I
can’t be more specific, because I don't know.
5. No, I very much doubt it, but you can get nain rwise 9 you
I. To i format bench ns In r to ils on i use ss (for om will
where e bot- Jget his then lied ase lotes igram y drive, and
d the splay he text vant to s return, cess, saves ou can
»cllck- am keen or my »raised eatures md the miga, rou all?
00 and ?
CD 670 in rsion of hat buy- ibly itions will ime peo- e in flog onable : in time +fo, ho.)
1 mean it ?e disks n istantly
* of an be ) get very close. I don't know the exact specs of the
coin up, but I suspect it has more than four channels of sound,
and animating those big sprites at a decent speed might cause
problems. Anyway, who said the game was coming out on CD ROM?
6. Mr Waites, CDTV is rubbish, a waste of money, bad for David's
education, he'll be in prison within six months! Nah, just
kidding, CD-ROM is a great idea, which has yet to be fully
exploited. The value of the system is measured by the
quality of its software, and in that regard it's being rather
let down at the moment, but with Commodore's Christmas sales,
and the recent price cuts, we could finally see a major upturn
in the quality of software. Its strongest feature is
probably its educational and family entertainment value. If
you’re considering the system, you should look very seriously
at the CDTV (as opposed to the ROM drive).
DRIVE INSTALLATION I've recently bought Ishar, and I'm disgusted to discover that it doesn't install to hard drive. Why
• is it that serious games such as this don’t provide for
hard-drive installation, especially when their PC counterparts
do? Is there any way around the problem?
David Burton, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia I agree with you, it really annoys me when I pay good money for a strategy game only to discover that it won’t install on hard drive. Other notable examples are Heimdall (which comes on five disks and swaps between three of them almost non-stop), Powermonger and Utopia.
I asked Gremlin why Utopia wasn’t installable, and they said that it was to prevent piracy - a lame excuse. I can install Pro Page, and that costs five times as much! And anyway, Populous 2 installs, it just uses manual-based protection instead.
There's now a new type of pirate whose sole purpose Is to crack games so that they'll install on a hard drive. Come on software companies, piracy is 10 times as serious in the PC world, yet they get to load their stuff from hard drive!
- * a * In the Memory Adaptations’ arti- ‘ _ * * cle in your June
issue, you . Mention a wire linked to the Gary
• chip. I've looked but I can't find it.
Do you need this to connect Gary to Evesham Micros' Megaboard? I own a 1.3 Amiga.
G. Tickner, Llancarfan, South Glamorgan The wire is part of the
modification that you can perform to upgrade a 1.3 Amiga from
half a meg to 1Mb of Chip RAM. The wire isn't attached to the
computer when you buy it, you have to add it yourself if you
want to perform the upgrade. Its absence won't affect the
efficiency of the Megaboard.
,I I noticed in September's Q&A that in reply to M. Abernethy's letter regarding SCART leads, you said that they don t all con form to a single standard.
7 I recently bought a LINXS lead to connect my Amiga to my Fidelity television. Whenever I use the computer the screen is about two inches over to the left. I've tried using Workbench to re-centre the picture and I’ve looked inside the TV to see if there was some sort of centring control, to no avail.
So do I have the incorrect lead, or does the lead need the 'Jungle chip' that you mentioned?
Jonathan Storey, Eighton Banks, Tyne and Wear The jungle chip I referred to is not a separate component; you either get a SCART lead that has one, or you don’t. In my experience they have only improved the display when it was either not there at all, or much too dark. My instincts suggest that your problem is not due to the type of lead you’re using, but to something else, although I'm blowed if I know what.
Anyone else able to help?
MIDI MASTER AND SERVANT t „ A couple of months ago a reader
* wrote in asking about the possi- K o bility of linking two
Amigas together via MIDI interfaces so that one could act as a
slave' to the other, thus doubling the number of sample
channels available for his compositions. At the time, you
suggested that it was probably possible, but asked if anyone
had already done it.
I have performed the operation, using OctaMED. There’s no trouble connecting the two Amigas. All you have to do is ensure that the computer which is to be the slave’ has the external sync setting activated in OctaMED. This will then allow the controlling computer to start both programs playing simultaneously Gavin McKenzie, Preston, Lancs Thanks a lot Gavin. See, easy as pie!
CG FONT UPDATE I own Professional Page 3. And I have been using the Font Manager program supplied with
* it to convert a number of Adobe typefaces into Compugraphic
format. At first everything went fine, with Professional
Page's font list being updated automatically as I converted
each font. However, now that my CG fonts directory contains
several hundred files, Font Manager no longer seems to update
Pro Page's font list, so I can't access the fonts from the
program. I've tried using the CG Update program, but to no
I'm also experiencing another problem which may possibly be related. At first Font Manager seemed to convert every font I threw at it. But now it occasionally freezes halfway through a conversion without completing the required processes.
No matter how long I leave the program for, the computer remains permanently locked up Marcus Little, Cambridge I contacted Gold Disk about this, and they reluctantly admitted that there were restrictions with many versions of Font Manager, not least of which being the fact that it will only update a CG Fonts directory containing less than 255 fonts (750+ files). I encountered similar problems at a much lower figure than that.
Fortunately, there is a simple solution.
In the ‘S’ directory you will find a file called fontlist.pp which is used to tell Professional Page exactly which fonts are available in the CG Fonts directory. All you need do to add the offending fonts is load the fontlist.pp file into a AMSTRAD DMP 2160 9 , f Four years ago in my Spectrum
* days I treated myself to an Amstrad DMP 1260 printer which
worked fine with it. I recently tried using it on my Amiga and
was happy with the results using most word processors. Sonix
and IntroCAD. But was disappointed when it came to D-Paint. All
it prints are question marks and numbers. Could you please tell
me what the correct DIP switch settings are for 0- Paint, and
which printer driver is needed?
Doug Loveridge, Haverhill, Suffolk Before I answer your main question, I must just point out that you don’t generally use different drivers for different programs, i.e. Epson for 0- Paint, NEC for word processing, etc. Once you've set up the correct driver, you can use exactly the same one for virtually every program you use. Printing graphics is one of the hardest things you can ask a driver to do, so when setting up your printer, always try to get it working with D-Paint, then you can be confident that it'll work with everything else.
Anyway, your answer comes to you thanks to R.Woodward and Tim Natrajan who sent in Information about their printer set-ups last May, thanks guys.
First the DIP Switches: text editor such as Ed or Cygnus, and add the names of the missing fonts.
This solution will also work for Professional Draw, except that the Pro Draw font file is called Fontlist.pd As for your problem with the program locking up, there are two likely causes:
1. The font has too many elements.
Compugraphic fonts may only have a certain number of composite parts and if you try to convert a font which exceeds that number you'll either get a faulty conversion, or no conversion at all.
2. The font Is not of the correct type. At the moment Font
Manager only converts Adobe Type 1 fonts. However, this is far
less likely as the program is almost certain to identify fonts
of the wrong format before it even tries to convert them.
According to both readers, you should use an Epson-X (old) driver.
I have become the new owner of an A600, Commodore 1084ST monitor and a Star LC-20 Multifont printer which I purchased as a family Christmas present.
Although I can type, I am a computer beginner. I want to use the Amiga as a word processor to replace my 16 year-old electric typewriter. Can you recommend any particular software titles?
Where is the best place to buy the software, Bank 1 Bank 2 off on off 1 3 1 2 8 2 4 3 9 5 4 6 7 7 8 10 ASK THE EXPERTS and which is Ihe besl lille on the market today for the A600?
Mike Nobbs, Carisbrooke Park, I.O.W Opinions vary greatly on which is the best Amiga word processor, but my two personal favourites are Word Perfect (a text only professional' package retailing 1or about £200) and Wordworth (a word publisher which handles graphics as well). As you mention that you can touch type, perhaps graphics support is not important to you. In which case Word Perfect is the tops. However, there is a plethora of cheaper alternatives such as Prowrite, Quickwrite, Scribble and InterWord. If you feel that graphics support might be useful, then Wordworth or Final Copy II are
both popular.
As you have a multi-font printer, you'll especially appreciate InterWord or Wordworth, both of which allow you to use a variety of printer fonts in a single document.
There are many good stores and mail order companies who will be happy to sell you the software. If you want to push me for a recommendation, I’ve always been very happy with Gordon Harwoods Computing. Phone them on 0773 836781.
FULL WORKBENCH DISK Thanks for the latest version of Virus Checker which I’ve installed on my Workbench 2.0 disk. Unfortunately, there's now no space left on the disk. I've deleted the format and diskcopy icons, but that only gives me an extra 5K. Is it possible to tell Workbench to search another disk in DF1: for the files it requires to automatically execute during boot up? Alternatively, could you please tell me what additional files I can safely delete from my Workbench 2.0 disk?
% My second point is in reference to an article in the November issue of your organ about the A4000 having 16.8 million colours. My point is, if the human eye can't detect the difference between these colours, how do we know that Commodore aren’t lying about their existence? Who would know if they kept a couple of colours for themselves without telling anyone?!
Ray James, Ammanford, Dyfed There are two ways that you can make a program look elsewhere for files that it needs to execute a script. The first way is to assign the disks or directories that they would usually read to a different disk. For example, to assign the entire Workbench disk to one called Files' the following line will work: Assign Workbench2.0: Files: A different solution is simply to use the complete path name for every program you execute, i.e. Files:More Workbench:textflie This example would load More from your Files disk and then load a file called textfile into it from the
Workbench disk.
I don’t know what your problem is, but it’s cer tainly not too much memory. I’ve loaded and played Zoo on my 5Mb 1.3 A500 (with half a _ meg of chip RAM) and my 10Mb A500+ (with 2Mb of Chip RAM), and it works perfectly in I l I 9.4 ¦ i j I* J 111 both cases. Perhaps your drive is damaged or out of alignment, causing loading problems that only manifest themselves at that particular point.
I can’t comment on the speed reduction for Knights of the Sky, but I do seem to vaguely remember someone else commenting on a similar problem. Anyone got any suggestions?
Whichever method you use, the computer will ask for the appropriate disks as it needs them. It's very hard to say what you can delete from your Workbench disk, without knowing what you use it for. However, good places to look for extraneous files are the utilities and C directories.
As for your point about the A4000's colour palette, whilst it’s true that you can’t tell the difference between adjacent colours in the colour palette (i.e. Red 255 - Green 255 - Blue 255 (white) and R254 - G255 - B255 (almost white!)), you can often tell when such a colour is absent. For example, imagine a sky which graduates from light to dark blue; if one of the colours in the graduation is missing, it's often quite noticeable, especially when dealing with large areas of colour.
DIY BUSINESS I'd like to reply to Mr D. Shrimpton's letter that appeared in the February issue concerning ft * the setting up of PD libraries. He wanted to set up his own library, but you warned him how difficult the climate is for such companies. I have an idea which Mr Shrimpton or some other readers may be interested in. The basic theme is a company that specialises in old software. In Swansea - and I expect it's the same all over the country - unless you want a popular new game, or an equally popular budget release, you can't get your hands on anything. Since last summer I’ve been
trying to get hold of Nebulous 2, but I’ve had no luck despite the fact that the game's barely 18 months old.
I'm certain that there's a consistent market for this sort of thing, although sales will never be big.
Just because a game's old doesn't mean it's not any good or won't sell any more Slim, Swansea, S. Wales Of course you're right, there is a substantial market for back-cataloguc games, but then that's what budget labels are for. Most of the major software houses have their own budget labels through which they sell their own and other publishers' older titles. Of course, the big problem in setting up such a venture is that you need a fair amount of capital to start - exactly what most of us don't have!
. . . „ I own an A500 with 2Mb of internal RAM. I'm having problems loading and playing certain soft- ware. Zoo! Appears to load until it reaches the screen telling the player to press fire, then it software fails. I've tried on my colleague s 1Mb computer and it worked perfectly.
I've also tried switching off the expansion RAM (reducing the machine to half a meg) but the game requires at least 1 Mb to work.
I considered installing a boot-block memory controller but I realise that doing so would probably wipe some important data from the disk, and even if it did work, would probably reduce my memory too much.
I also find that Knights of the Sky slows down considerably using 2Mb of memory.
Please can you help as I don't want to keep taking these games round to my colleague's house to play them, and I don't really want to return them to the shop I bought them from.
S. J. Hanley, Walsall, West Midlands GIZZA JOB MR SOFTWARE HOUSE
¦ i. . 1 h3Ve had my Am'9a ,0r 0ver two years now and read CU
Amiga all the time. Having ftt, recently obtained a degree in
computing, I’m finding it difficult to get a job. I'm very
interested in writing games and I'm learning to program AMOS
and hope to progress to 68000 assembly language. I would like
to work for one of the big software houses that produce games
for the Amiga, but I don't know the addresses to write to.
Could you please print a list of software houses to contact?
A. Bains, London A lot of the software houses are just begging
for decent staff, especially programmers and graphic artists.
Learning AMOS isn’t good practice for learning assembly language. If that’s your objective, drop AMOS now, and get an assembler and a teach-yourself book. There's nothing wrong with AMOS but the two languages are about as different as English and Chinese.
Perhaps you should use a little initiative and look up the software house’s addresses from any of the ads that they run in this very mag.
RAM OR DRIVE tin I own an A500*, an Action Replay Mark III and a Citizen
* y Swift 24e printer. I am faced with A JS1 a dilemma as to
which piece of hardware to buy. There are two 7 possibilities:
an external drive or a 1 Mb RAM expansion. My main objective is
to make my DTP. Word processors and other applications faster.
Can you please enlighten me and give me your personal
If you think that I should buy both, which should I buy first considering that there will be a two or three month gap between them? Will either of them make things faster when programming in C, Pascal or AMOS? Can you please tell me where I can buy the public domain BBC emulator?
Stephen Peters, Burry Port, Dyfed My first instinct is always to say take the memory first. An external drive makes loading programs easier, but it takes up some of your precious memory. Furthermore, there are some programs that you can't even load without the extra RAM, but there s nothing (except PD demos) that demands an extra drive.
You can often cache DOS applications in RAM to speed them up, and this is particularly true of the applications you’ve mentioned.
I think that you should buy both as you're using so much serious software. I always recommend Cumana drives. As for RAM. If you can possibly afford it, have you considered one of the external boards such as the Supra RAM? They're more expensive to start with, but you can add extra RAM to them.
I didn’t know that there was a PD BBC emulator. Anyone know differently?
I look forward to receiving more letters from you, but please remember that I never enter into personal correspondence so there's no point in enclosing SAEs. Also, some answers take me a while to find out so if you don't see a reply this month, keep looking. Send your questions to: Mat Broomfield, O&A, CU Amiga. Priory Court.
30-32 Farringdon Lane, London, EC1R 3AU.
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r BACKCHAT Here to answer another bulging mailbag of insults,
innuendo and, horror of horrors, even a few compliments is the
one, the only (thank god), Nick Veitch. Take it away... BIT OF
A PROBLEM I am Ihe owner of an Amiga 500 and have noticed the
release of a new 32-bit Amiga 1200. I would like to know if
there is an upgrade to make my A500 into a nice 32-bit A1200?
Robbie Payne, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Hmm. Well, for a start you should have addressed your question to Q&A, and for seconds: No. Next Please... UPGRADE RATH Having recently upgraded to a CDTV I have a number of questions concerning the future of this machine.
(1) Given that Cds only cost a pound to produce is there any
chance of seeing huge games (like Monkey Island 2] being put
on CD at a reasonable price?
INSIDE INFORMATION Ikon now be revealed: Dim Dini, the brains behind Kick OH ond Kick OH2, hales football. Amazingly, Ihe man responsible lor die most addictive soccer sim in the whole cl aeotion is blessed with two left leet when it comes lo kicking o ball about. Not only that, but he can't stand to watch Ihe game either! He only come up with Kick Off after software house, Aneo, hod badgered him into doing a sports gome.
(2) Could you review Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective as I
would like to buy it?
(3) I was informed by my dealer that an MPEG cartridge would be
available soon, allowing me to see real time Full Motion
Video on the CDTV. And that various films would become
available for it.
Also, have you ever considered that many people may own a console as well as an Amiga? I have a SNES and a Megadrive.
L. Fairgrieve, Gwent Given that the development time for Monkey
remains a constant across all versions, if it makes it to CD
it will probably not be a bargain, even if it is about £5 less
to produce. As for an MPEG cartridge, yes it will enable the
CDTV to display FMV, but whether that means it will be
produced, and whether it Is supported by developers and
whether Commodore licence the technology to enable you to view
films on CD - it all adds up to a whole lot of whethers.
Contrary to popular belief I am not psychic, just incredibly intelligent, so I can't say what will happen.
The signs are that Commodore are very keen on developing a viable CD multimedia engine, which will play Amiga games and do everything a Cdi unit can do, but you may find that the CDTV will not be compatible with the dream machine when It arrives.
It is interesting that you and so many of your friends have Amigas and consoles - are you all exceptionally rich?
And the next contender please... BOTTOMS UP Please explain to our friends and parents that the Amiga is far more advanced than the PC in everything relating to graphics and sound.
By the way do you know that in Portugal, ‘CU Amiga' means Ass Amiga ?
Bruno Fereira and Joao Miguel, Portugal Well, I tell you what, rather than starting the whole Amiga vs. PC debate again, perhaps you could just cut out every second letter in Backchat from the last six months of the magazine and redecorate your house with them.
As for the mag's name in Portuguese, It's not as bad as the reputation the Vic 20 got in Germany... Come in number 4... FREAK OUT More games will load on the A1200 it you change the boot options. Try holding down both mouse buttons and selecting CPU cache OFF and Original chipset from the relevant screens. Kick Oh 2 does work on two players, so does Slreehighier 2.
Ed, Cardiff A1200 owners should note that the boot-menu TEAM TALK Want to know what the CU Amiga team have been up to this month? We didn’t think so either, but we've a space to fill and just had some lovely new photos taken, so here you are anyway!
DAN 'ADOLF' SLINGSBY Our super-fit Ed has just enrolled at the local health club to start getting in shape for his summer hols. It’s going to be a long uphill struggle, though, as the only exercise he's undertaken in recent times is a quick jog over to the photocopier and a regular work-out with a pint glass at the City Pride. I mean, he even gets tired bashing away at his keyboard!
Dan s also recently moved - trouble is, he chose to make his new home above a Kentucky Fried Chicken and now permanently reeks of stale chicken batter. Still, this is a definite improvement, so no-one's complaining too loudly. Gameswise, our illustrious Ed is fighting his way through Team 17’s excellent Body Blows and having a blast with Electronic Arts' Desert Strike conversion.
JONMDEATH NINJA' The man with the incredible resemblance to a chipmunk has certainly been busy this month. Fed up with Dan s constant quips he has decided to fight back - literally.
Having spent his youth in a distant eastern temple, Jon has developed unearthly fighting skills (or so he says), which usually involve smashing his fist repeatedly into a wall whilst swearing blind that he feels no pain! In reality, he has just gained his second dan black belt in TaeKwonDo. Apparently, part of the test was to fight two of the British Army team, who are all Gurkhas.
When he told Dan this, our illustrious Ed was seen to go very pale and disappear into the toilet for a short time.
On a more gentle note, Jon has been seen practising his skills on Body Blows, and trying to remember where he was in US Gold s Flashback.
TONY 'CHIPS' HORGAN The rave meister himself has been having a little bad luck of late. In his search for the perfect rave he was recently spotted on a freezing cold morning trudging around the Elephant & Castle. Despite the reputation that this place has as London's answer to Beirut. Tony was prepared to face the cold and danger to find the party. In the end it all came to naught as the promise of a party turned out to be a wind up.
This little set back has hardly diminished his love of techno-tunes
- we have to nail him to his desk all day to stop him sneaking
off into the back room for a quick composition.
When he's not working on his synth. Tone can be found racking his brains for a solution to Lemmings 2, and beating Dan at Body Blows.
R edia ad do iay find Ith the y °f
• -are that the n every 3 the aps you i ie maga- em.
E, it s got in flange suse but- hg.nal 2 does 2.
EffiNONAD,ET' When Ihe regular CU learn lake their hols, we reach for Ihe Bal phone and draft in Tony.
The greasy grebo (as he's effec- tionately known at CU Towers) has been in the industry longer than anyone really cares to remember, starting off as a staff writer when he'd just left school These days he’s a freelance wnter - meaning he gets to stay in bed while the rest of us are hard at it. For the last two weeks, though, Tone has had to be in at 9.30am prompt and he’s beginning to show the strain.
It’s a good job that everyone is back from their hols now, as we doubt whether he d have tasted another week Now it's back to getting up at one in the afternoon, taking long hot baths, and generally slobbmg around (which is something Tony is particularly good at).
Dung options (which you activate by holding down both mouse buttons during startup) can cure some incompatibility problems, but a better bet is the utility on last month's coverdisk. Next... INCOMPATIBILITY BLUES I bought Legend ot Kyrandia in November 1992 and played it on my old Amiga - it is a great game if you like adventures (and even if you don't). But then in December I bought a new A1200 with harddisk and sold my old Amiga Unfortunately.
Kyrandia will not work on my new computer.
Everything I tried was useless, not even emulating the old chipset made it work, which leaves me a little confused.
I already own Eye of the Beholder II. And this game works fine on the new Amiga Both Kyrandia and Beholder were programmed by the same team, Westwood studios, and now I don't understand why the programmers have an older game which works and a newer game which doesn't.
What did they do wrong when making Kyrandia?
Michael Rupprecht, Germany It must have been very difficult for you to upgrade to a new machine knowing that some software would probably not work anymore. It is especially annoying if the software is recent, but that's the price you pay when you upgrade.
The problems that occur in games are mainly due to the instructions In the Kickstart ROM being relocated in successive versions.
Although this can be overcome by using the systems library calls, this is frowned upon by programmers, who always believe that custom code written by them is going to do the job much better than that supplied by Commodore.
In many cases they are right, but that does mean that generally the games are written for the specific machines which are available and not for those which may or may not come along in the future. The problem occurs when games which have a long development time, like Kyrandia, are started and a new machine is announced whilst it is already well on the way lo being completed. Software houses do get advanced warning and details of new machines, but sometimes this is not enough, and then they are faced with the difficult problem of delaying the launch and fixing the game Our very own alleged
terrorist was last seen visiting the Mother Country carrying a suspicious looking parcel. We promptly informed Special Branch who picked him up at the airport.
Despite the tact that the parcel turned out to be a cake tor his dear, grey-haired old mum the polite police officers subjected Nick to a full body cavity search - he hasn't been able to sit down tor a week since. But, being a big hearted sort ot guy. He instantly torgave us and promised to send us all a special present by post.
Nick doesn't play games he's tar too serious tor that except when no one s looking, that is When pressed he admitted to looking at O- Day, from US Gold, and Lemmings 2 but not actually playing them you understand.
VenCH (which costs them more money) or releasing the game anyway, knowing that it is incompatible. As long as they don’t claim compatibility with the Amiga 1200, there Is nothing wrong with this. It may soem unfair to you, but it is not unjust. The fact Beholder 2 works is likely to be pure fluke.
I have been made to feel a complete idiot by your magazine This is probably not unusual for your readers because I imagine a lot of them are fairly stupid, but in my case it was completely unjustified. Having seen a game I really wanted in the February issue. I went out to the local computer shops to try and find it. Only to be told it didn't exist. At first I thought the shops were being incompetent, but then I stumbled upon the real answer - the game in question was called AV8B Harrier Assault, not Attack as you said in your magazine.
Was this simply a ternbly stupid mistake on your part, or is there some more sinister reason, like the game not being finished when you reviewed it?
S. Waters, Bournemouth Hah, if only every question was as easy to
answer - yup, you re right. Mark Patterson confesses it's
all his fault, he botched it up totally and got the name
wrong. He claims he was terribly overworked at the time, but
we didn't believe him. So, os o punishment, we've sent him to
do 10 years hard labour in the United States. We reckon that
that's a fate worse than death!!
THE IRISH QUESTIONS As a veteran CU reader may I say that I feel the magazine has steadily improved over the last year or so. But I do have a number of ideas With the release of the A1200 I think you should have another buyer s guide and score box. Then you could comment on any enhancements the A1200 version had over the normal software.
The cover disks are next. I have been thinking that one of the playable demos should be made A1200 only. This would not only encourage people to buy an A1200. But would also allow A1200 owners to see some of the great games which are being designed for it.
What about a CD ROM drive for the A1200? Isn’t it about time that someone got it sorted out? CDTV is pretty crap - it is only a 68000 with 1Mb RAM and Kickstart 1.3. This wiH be a great disadvantage for a real CDTV if it comes out. Because developers will want to make software which is compatible to both machines. This is Mhat happened to the Spectrum when the 128K Speccy came out.
And finally. I hope you lot in London enjoy all the great computer shows that you get to go to I do not like to sound bitter but here in Northern Ireland we are not treated to anything at all How I would love Tony Dilton used tol* the front man for a rather good games video (afled Qkk, otherwise known as the computer eauivoient of Press Gang. Reviewing ail the best Amiga and Pi games, the video magazine was a roaring success in the shea (or so Tonv le«s us - fiver in the post please!).
Untortonatoly, (ick was consjgied to an early grave afler much of die fuming behind die project dbappeared abroad and the world mb a sadder place alround Bui don't fe pare, as B Hairy One is about to make a comeback in o top seael nlu protect telmed lo ma in o nmogenh neot you soon. You nave been warned!
To see such a show bless our Ulster Hall. I am sure there are enough people over here to justify a show, why hasn't there been one?
Simon Markey, Bangor, Co. Down We have changed the scoreboxes to show A1200 compatibility, and when dual versions of games are out you will be made aware of the differences. We will be reviewing some A1200 software in its own right soon.
It would be nice to think that if we put an A1200 demo on our disk that people would go out and spend a lot of money on a machine just to get the most out of the magazine. It Is a bit unlikely though. You have to remember that there are only about 60,000 A 1200s In the UK, compared to over a million other Amlgas, and we have to cater to them all. I am sure that we will have an A1200 demo In future, but I don't think that now is the time to say it will be a regular feature.
You are quite right about the CDTV.
Everyone who bought a computer in the early 80s learnt fairly quickly that having a technically brilliant machine meant nothing unless there was the marketing clout and commitment of the software industry behind K. I think that the next CD machine released from Commodore will most likely be aimed squarely at the entertainment market. It may support current CDTV software but will have advanced features. The trick behind this is that CBM will no doubt fork out a lot of cash to have titles developed to take advantage of the new machine well before its launch.
I take your point about living in Northern Ireland. There are very few decent computer shops, never mind any good shows.
Unfortunately, you will never see a major computing event staged at the Ulster Hall, King's Hall or even Bangor market. There are two reasons for this - firstly, the expense of moving all the equipment and stock necessary all that way, just to sell to a relatively small audience and secondly, because most of these soft English people think that Belfast is twinned with Sarejevo and they'll be dodging sniper fire the moment they touch down at Aldegrove.
The only thing you can do is to persuade someone to organise one for you. It may take time, but if you get in touch with other Amiga owners (put an ad in the Spectator perhaps?)
And get a really large group together you may be able to persuade some local computer stores to sponsor a small show.
It's not all a bed of roses here anyway - the Guinness is terrible and it's impossible to find soda bread In the shops. You can't get Tayto crisps either in fact - so if you want me to campaign on your behalf a few bags of cheese and onion for a BGS old boy would be appreciated.
Ou want to appear in the Sell Out page please call Becky White on this no: 071 972 6700 r£1,OO 0 WITH TELEPHONE BINGO SUPER NINTENDO 0839 03 03 29 h D SEGA MEGA DRIVE 0839 44 22 73 BIG MONEY GAME 0839 07 07 48 083 21 9 3 25 33 27 012 28 32 34 35 39 43 44 47 48 51 52 55 57 NIKE AIR JORDANS ‘ hU1* 0839 44 22 74 BIG CASH PRIZES TO BE WONI IFF Fonts, Videotools Plus Tutorial Video £24.99 (Includint Cresswell Court, Hartlepool, Cleveland, TS26 A500 A500+ A600 Amiga PD from 35p, Amiga ipal .
Life membership. Games list every change. Send info including favourite game and type. Will match a friend. SAE to: Redlaw Resources PD, 74 Durban Road, Patchway, Bristol BS12 5H0.
Window Operated Diskpal, L.Opthore, Manuals filck through disk Epsom Road, based manuals in a jiffy Leatherhead Surrey, comes with 580 manuals [DOS 2 1.3, exec...) Send £5 lo: Bernard Piette Collingwood College. South Road, Durham DH1 3LT.
KT's PD Software.
500 +600 all disks 80p each Send SAE for list, or 50p for catalogue + goodies to: Kts PD Software, 75 The Drive, Rochford, Essex SS4 1QQ.
New Amiga Contacts Wanted! Please send j j your disks and lists to: Mr Psycho, Losbatvn. 12, N- Domain. Sent .
4056 Tananger, Norway, for full catalogue. Disks All letters answered. Only 80p each All letters answered Disks = fast reply!
Purely PD From Free - 80p! For our new catalogue send a SAE to: Please can 1 have an Ad in Sell Out 1 enclose cheque P.O. for £ ... Total number of words . Post to: Ad Dept, CU Amiga, Priory Court, Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU.
Imeoge • 30p pe- weed lo private individuals • 20 words mm. 40 words max.mum. 40p per 972 6700 All doss-lied & Semrdispby advertising is pm-payable Al doss.tied ods ore tuOfect to spoc© availably WARNTNG It is illegal to see ptroted copes ol computer gomes Ihe or*, cartridges bought from shops • mo l order Irom software houses.
(A Exorcist Ferrox, Cannibal, Holocaust, Aliens - Special Edition, Evil Dead 1 & 2, Thing, Alien Widescreen, Texas Chainsaw Massacre. All titles 2 disks, 2 drives.
Amiga + compatible.
£3.00 each + 60p P&P.
K. Howell, 54 Collin Road, Brislington, Bristol, BS4 3SD.
Cheats for over 900 games covering 200 paqes only £4 includinq PSP! Alex Barley, 80 George Street, Maulden, Beds, MK45 2DD.
Lorrox Public Domain Over 1,200 disks from 80p 1st class P&P. Fast reliable service. Send SAE plus two 1 st class stamps for catalogue to: 57 Broughton Road, Summerston, Glasqow, G23 5HL.
Desktop Video Titling Kit 8 disks incorporating backgrounds, symbols, Disk Australia is a huge 3 disk magazine. The magazine otters about 4 times the reading of conventional magazines. Best of all, the magazine is bought worldwide. It offers support to everyone and everything on Amiga - from Games to D.T.V to Music to Amos to CDTV to even a Aussie hoilday Guidell You will NOT be disapointed! - Please send 7 pound cheque to: ARGYLE PUBLISHING
a maddening new horror that lies within the Gothic foundations
of Farlight House. 15 Characters (Priest, medium, warlock).
132 skills (Hypnotism, Marksmanship, psychology), work alone
or with others, character development throughout the game,
detailed atmospheric text accompanying all actions, auto
mapping, realistic fighting and time system, a large six floor
mansion and things that lie hidden in darkness ... £6
payable to Gothic Games is all you need to start your journey
into terror. Gothic Games. Highlands House. 14a Combe Close,
Yeovil, Somerset, BA21 3PA.
DISK AUSTRALIA MAGAZINE ON DISK DON'T LOOK NOW accessories, unique and SAE or 70d in stamps offers, something for catalogue. Disk to: 44 for everyonel For School Lane, Easton free details and disk Bray, Beds, LU6 2DT.
Catalogue whip two Amiga Penpal Club: 1 stamps off to; WIN ElOO IN 2 MINUTES!
CASHCADE osmmojjo mtn cheap rate 48p all other times 11 Hood Crescent, Wallisdown, Bournemouth, Dorst, BH10 4DA.
KT22 8SP.
Over Twenty PD arcade classics, Pacman, Frogger, Invaders, Asteroids, Tetris, etc. Send cheque for £6 to Carl Harper, 9 Hale Road, Hough Green, Widnes, Second hand goods much more. SAE for deatils: Chic (cu) Box 121, Gerrards Cross, Bucks, SL9 9JP (0753) 884473 PD Power Amiga Public Domain. Send an SAE unused disks or international reply coupon for list-disk to: NPDL B, Otto, Valstads Vel Tob, 136U Hvalstad, Norway.
Master PD. For the best in Amga PD send disk only 80p each. Loadsa titles available. Write to 530 Davidson Road, Croydon, Surrey, CRO 6DH.
Cheshire, WA8 8SF.
Chic : The best Amiger User Group. Contacts PD Amiga Games For Sale? 1600+ titles available. For sample and catalogue info, send two blank disks to: Alex, 40 Jalam SS12 2D, SubangJaya, 47500 Selangor, Malaysia.
Include 30p for P&P.
Al -PD Send SAE for catalogue to: J.Atkinson. 44 Glynfellis, Gateshead, NE10 8RJ. 48 hour despatch and free postage AMIGA Public Domain Software tor sale hundreds ot games, utilities, Clip Art from 35p for catalogue send SAE to: 89 Wolverhampton Road, Codsall Wolverhampton WV8 Wanted Amiga Contacts in the UK.
Send lists to: Chris and Jut, 46 Woodmancott Clsoe, Forest Park, Bracknell, Berks, RG12 3XU.
We require Computer Artists, Animators & Programmers (Amiga).
Please send your details and an SAE to: Mr
R. Jose, 201 Aldborouch Road, South, Seven Kings, Ilford, Essex,
1G3 8HY.
Swapping brand new
3. 5" DSDCTblank disks tor your used mercury cards, Sood
condition essential, egular exchange contacts wanted; No
mercury cards, no answer. Try and make my day, write to David
James, POB !!54, London W3 8PZ.
* nat he does
- aork their fingers i-w
* aid b»g Ed can usued -coding with top 5 arc generally X or
’reebie lunches rr. Appropnate that oers The Masked % sent m
this oh- V xcxse ol Dan with I r agar So much tor ;me- we
said it tore -'an a week1 *ass art’! [It s not true. I * » r:s
careers in ruins ana «* 90 K »» games during ofic I you 'll
jam-Dan t second disk wti Me nw to go.
Aid all that though * set s any pos- sfeie way we ll keep hang r » our double disks as long as possible as ¦* Mik they represent exceptional value • or -:*iey.
And on the subject of (Asas mm .• got some reel corkers lined up lor .o_ ater this year How does Art Dep*rtm ~ jrwb you. Or a huge demo of Desert Strike** '-w? Are a lot more top quality programs in fte works so keep watching.
S, im 35p ISAE Dion ¦V8 GET YOUR KICKS Thank you. Thank you. Thank yoc referring »o do you ask? The ama 1 3 program you gave away on yo covercfcsk. That's what Ever smce A1200. I've been waiting for a pro f my library of games • and wouldn't work or. -
• ut now almost all of the i sit down with my nepr game of
Speedbaii 2 S « CU Amiga . Portsmouth ; Retokick
- ngan
- *e this, smpletely em r«i Once and lose «ce again.
Almost redundi K. ; and ®tt G12 rr
• ouch n (, 1G3 new isks lor cards, ential.
Badly .
Thanks David What do HU. Tine Worn., Electronic Ire ClT ond Mofsushao ho* to common? H you da t Mi ton* they le (*t some ol J* heavy Might me snang Jut peomses id be the ultimate gomes modae fce ancon sole, named die 300 Muhiployee, is safe ¦ ancepe to the in that die main piocessot is soptmc custom , t and sound chips. This in itself isn t «r. -jpnsing os 300 hos been designed by itiiee of da xorc team fe developed die Amiga ol those yaanqi dhotis sue pnsatg e d. mochns specs But anna 12 W «IK piocessoi ond double speed CD MM tm toe -fete a oho be coudde ol supporting music Oh ta loadc Fhoto
CD ond hit motion video disk What's hr mil be healed to 34 bit animations running ot St tar; die speed ol those on o bog-standord home computor recessed?
You shouU be1 Launching in Ihe US desRaofer.o UK launch a o fee off vet, but seel baa yon pad. So no», rdien you smug and mrauided cafe g bonds slnrt to tom ofaoul hmv marvelous the. Modaes at you con tel 'em they mm o piece ol antiquated nori Serves'em right, they should have bought on AI3O0 raead ake vid .ondon Mo» evarylhing is rosy in die Commodore romp ol Ihe moron Despite surging soles of Ihe *1200, making I the.
Most successful launch evec, Ihe US pocent compaiyhas jus!
Announced on olorming drop in pcofdobilily. In their second punier lo December 31st, lommodoee hove reported o net loss of o staggering £55 million. This compotes lo o profit ol £30 million in the eomporobie quartec of 1991.
Commodore's UK managing daector, Kely Sumner, ms heard lo comment ff vou re going lo lose, you may as «el lose big!'. Iholl rr y Ihe troops, ne're sure.
DAYUGHT ROBBERY was recently burgled and the thieves took away my Amiga, hard-drive. Colour printer, games and CU coverdisks 44-47 I can replace everything but the coverdisks containing precious utilities and demos I would also like to be able to buy back issues of CU Amiga. I would really like to get hold of the May and June 1990 issues to complete my coverdisk collection.
Rick Attrlll, Boscome, Dorset Well. I hope you were well Insured. The problem is that due to lack of space in our offices, we only keep reference copies of issues more than a couple of months old. You can order the back issues by calling the back issue department on 0058 410 510.1 don't think that even they will have issues that date back to 1990 though.
POLICY OF LIES Is it true that you review unfinished games? I've been reading another magazine which claims that it's the only one to review finished products and that everyone else cheats and reviews unfinished versions I'm a little bit miffed to find that my favourite magazine (that's you. Or at least it was until I read the other magazine s Policy of Truth) has been hoodwinking me by reviewing half-complete games I've always used your reviews to help me decide what to games to buy. Although I've never been disappointed with any of your recommendations. I think I’m going to be a little
more wary in the future.
Douglas Campbell, Firth Dan replies: Your letter is one of several we’ve received on the so-called Policy of Truth another magazine has been running, and I can tell you it's a big load of tosh. I’m incredibly angry that they should be adopting this holier than thou approach as it’s pulling the wool over their readers' eyes. Let's put the record straight: EVERY Amiga magazine reviews unfinished software. Sorry H this comes as a shock, but at least we re honest enough to say It. I don't mean we review a couple ol screenshots and a press release as some other magazines have been known to do
- that would just be plain stupid and the software companies
concerned would almost certainly sue us out of existence. Nine
times out of ten we review finished product, but there's always
the chance to snag an exclusive review of a really hot game
and this can sometimes mean we'll have to review a Beta test
version. This means that the game is virtually complete and
is undergoing final play INSIDE INFORMATION tests to uncover
any bugs and flaws in the gameplay. And no. We DAN AT don't do
a deal with a software hee s Z * a: company to artificially
boost a best - xsxi game s mark - they're more inter- res: of
f» -1 ested in the number of pages to the xr* - we re going to
give their game and ally betawRI whether they II get a mention
on industry foma the cover. They know we'd just swa" -: laugh
in their faces if they sug- So. It se-r-1 : gested we come to
an one of os - * arrangement over the mark in Artist, shouti •
exchange for an exclusive. And so-irue-to ; yes. Even the
contrite people who his feet up oxhide behind the Policy of
Truth his lates- tone: statement do exactly the same. If wouldn
t as* - they want to pretend otherwise, Who said i'- • then
let's hear their response In sacked I these very pages. I’m
offering never be a low them an unedited Right of Reply next
month - let s see if they take up the challenge. I'm not
holding my breath though.
By reviewing unfinished software we aren't trying to rip off our readers. If we waited for a finished boxed copy of a game, because of the time it takes to put a magazine together the review would almost certainly appear a couple of months after the game has gone on sale. And that's of no use to anyone.
Why do you have such stupid pictures to introduce the Amiga Workshop section’ The last one was a picture of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. I can’t think of any relevance it had to the section.
Paul Harrisson. York You mean you don't know why we include kitsch sci-fi pictures on the Amiga Workshop intro page? No, neither do we. Except Dan thought it was a good idea one night after several pints In the City Pride next door and no-one s dared tell him it was a stupid idea in the first place. Still, we've made an effort to improve things, and this month's picture is much more sensible. Or maybe not.
DOUBLE DISKS I noticed that Amiga Format have dropped one of their disks and have reduced their price to £3.25 Are you about to follow suit, or have you decided to tough it out at two disks for an extra 70 pence? I mention this as I’ve really enjoyed the free commercial programs you've given away recently, and I'd be disappointed to see them discontinued. You wouldn't be able to have a games-specific or utility-specific disk anymore and that would be a great shame. As it stands, you offer something for everyone.
Samuel Smith. Wimbledon There are a number of pressing problems that might make us abandon the double disk policy we've been running for the last 12 months.
The European Commission is currently debating a 30 per cent levy on imported disks to help out European manufacturers. If this should go ahead we'll have to abandon one of our disks, or else put up the cost of the mag to more than £5 - and I think we re expensive enough as it is already! There's also the threat of magazines being charged VAT In the upcoming budget (which will have come and gone by the time you read this). If that hap- Send your letters to: BACKCHAT, CU AMIGA, EMAP IMAGES, PRIORY COURT, 30-32 FARRINGDON LANE, LONDON, EC1R 3AU.
Technology, eh? Who’d have it? Matt Black, out of Coldcut, wouldn’t be without it.
Technology. Alternative New Edge spelling: techKNOWLEDGE E. Love it or hate it. There's no longer any chance of getting away from it. And you need to know about it to ride the coming waves Stand by for the deep rant Technology is now the most powerful force shaping our world. Technology currently enables man to achieve test tube babies, generate computer art, build robot car-clampers.
Grow square tomatoes, make house music (and any other kind of music), play video games and.
Of course generally distress the world's resources at hitherto undreamed of rates Technology is Yang to Nature's Yin - and well out of balance TECHNOLOGY - I LUV YOU However, we can no longer live without our techno toys and, personally. I don't want to.
Reading CU. You are presumably well into your Amiga. Excellent machine, shame about the crap company though. My venerable A2000 has seen sterling service on the cyber graphix tip (not to mention man-years lost on such worthwhile pursuits as Speedball 2, Lemmings etc.), but I quite fancy a 4000 or even a 1200. Which I rate as something of a snip at about £400. I have to admit to being a bit of a MacHead as well. Up until now the software was light years ahead of Amiga stuff in terms of usability and power TECHNOLOGY - WHAT COST?
Trouble is. still need a 24-bit colour card and an encoder to record my Mac stuff onto tape Another £1K AND another 24-bit card for my Amiga. (At least the Amiga can move graphics around quicker than the Mac ) How much was that Betacam pro video recorder? You what’ £12K*VAT’ Maybe I'll just use the old VHS a bit longer. The first thing you usually learn when you start trying to actually control technology is that you always need just one more box before you can do exactly what you want Keeping up with the Joneses just got changed to keeping up with the Boffins The nice thing about the Amiga
is that the boxes at least are cheaper than those for the Mac Ranting on about which type of computer operating system church is best is a classic example of what hackers call Holy Wars People who do it to excess are called flamers and are not cool, dude. So. I’ll desist - except to say that the ultimate answer is a computer as cheap as a PC. With Mac-like software.
The sound capabilities ot the Falcon and the graphics power of the Amiga. Sorted Technology will give you the power to fully realise your creative abilities in several fields simultaneously, e g composing, mixing and recording music, writing, painting, animating and designing and. Of course, playing games, all from a machine that will sit comfortably on ; desk Yes. It shall happen. Real soon now.
MUSIC TECHNOLOGY As half of Coldcut. Dance music has provided my living for the last six years. With people mal ing tuff records just using Amigas. I d like to giv a salute to the other major machines of the dance world. Let's give it up now for the top Tech Knowledge E boxes 1 Equal top billing for the Akai St000 sampler and Technics SL1200 deck Snatch and Scratcf
- a deadly combo The duo that launched 1000 hits and 1000 writs.
2. Atari 1040 Creator Cubase - the non-musicians revenge.
Putting MIDI sockets on the Atar was a brainwave and was the
sole reason for making it a successful machine. It's old now.
Bu still very popular
3. Equal and massive respect to Roland 909.
808. 707, 727. 303. 202. 101, JX8P. Juno, JD
800. MKS50, etc. Yes. Yes a big shout out to Korg. Yamaha. Casio,
etc. who all do some good boxes - but Roland rules house
music anc no arguments please 4 Akai MPC Lmn thang Wicked
drum pads sequencer. I don't use it but I know several peo
ple who do. Like Nellee Hooper (Soul II Soul).
5. Numark 1775 sampler mixer: instant gratification to the
bedroom DJ. Just tap. Tap and... I could listen to that loop
tor ever Honourable mention for Phonic Xfade mixers - dirt
cheap and perhaps the poor scratcher s favourite 6 Publison
Infernal Machine: £40K machine that can pitch shift time
stretch a whole track. A useful professional lifesaver, but in
this list due mainly to having an excellent name
7. Sony Walkman - essential protection device for urban
environments such as the tube Play loud. But watch that
nutter. He’s got a bad case of technophobia. He wants to tear
your ears off for enjoying what the Japanese Master Plan is
doing to us. Don't get the Gameboy out or he'll really freak.
8 Sega Megadrive - wastes even more studio time than looking for the skins. Most people's introduction to computers looks like this. Could be worse. But remember, playing computer games - fast forwarding your life.
TECHNO - WHAT IT IS Deep, stupid thought for the day: techno music is the sound of a conversation between Man and the Technology he has created. If you don't understand what I mean, you need to spend more time listening to your fndge Go and do it now -J rJ y .a r "Vidi Amigal2 ... The best value digitiser on the market J anua W ssue.
"Vidi 12 gives unequalled results for anything within £200 of Us price....Forget the competition. If you can afford Vidi 12, buy it.
If you can’t afford it, borrow it from someone who can If you want the ultimate quality images at a price you can afford then there is only one choice... Vidi Amiga 12. The Video Digitiser that all others follow!
I and the id.
Wer to fully rerai fields ixing and animating ng games, fortably on a on now.
Provided people mak- d like to give s of the r the top 00 sampler and Scratch nched 1000 non-musi- . On the Atari eason for old now. But and 909.
Juno, JO
• ut out to
o some e music and m pads ieveral peo- il II Soul).
Int gratifica .
And I durable irt cheap oufite.
Nachine ale track. A us list due ion device ube Play a bad case , ur ears off er Plan is ut or he'll are studio peoples iis. Could aputer
o music is tan and the t under- more time w. I II Don't you think
these images speak for themselves !
DecemM ssue.. t Janua V nssoe.
Now supports all new A1200 modes up to a maximum resolution of 704 x 566, has improved animation features with enhanced user interface.
".. compared Rombo and Digiview digitisers extensively. To summarize them...! Judged the Rombo results to be more consistent and have the THINK OF IT ASA WAY OF LIFE Ol RNALISTS see new titles even week, each one claiming to be the best of it's kind, to date. Yet at the recent Kuropean Computer Trade Show it was the journalists themselves that could be l ound singing the praises of one new title in particular - LEGENDS OF VALOUR.
KEVIN Bt'LMER (The Designer of Corporation) and IAN DOWN END the creators of LEGENDS Ol VALOUR.
Ere literally jostled off their feet as writers, retailers and fellow programmers sought to experience what one prominent industry figure called "A game that' more a w ay of life-utterly extraordinary Demo disks can onlv scratch the surface, screenshots in could never do the astounding graphics justice only way to really find out what all the fuss is about is to experience it for ourself. LEGEN DS OF VALOUR The Dawning will be available on Amiga. ST and PC very soon.
Ask vour retailer for more details or send a S.A.E. to Danielle Woodvatt at the addrevs below for an information IW*«YVTHETK tMSWVHIDfttA COU» All Hll .Ills RIM MAI II MAM IM H Rill AMI III. I Kl HI Till BA I .AMHDIItl (OR DEATH)
C. S. Gold I.id. Unit* 2 3llolford Way. Molford.
Birmingham. B7 6AX. Tel 021 623 3366.
HELPLINE ANATON Teli 0839 654 394 • SIR TECH HELPLINE CRUSADERS OF THE OARK SAVANT TEL 0839 994 477 oi kwhs is European Computer TraAr the journalists ihrnxh Ik- found singing I hr VALOUR.
KEVIN BlIMLR II at ion J and IAN creator* of LEGEND'* sought lo exprrim* r industry figurr 1INK IF IT lSA VY OF Demo disks surface. Screemhoto fuss is about is !• yourself. I D.IMmU' Dawning will hr address below f« JR DEATH) 1 CRUISE MISSILE-a very intelligent missile which can choose It's own route to a target. Most notable lor their sterling work in Iraq.
2 MEGABYTE - Mb A measurement ol storage A floppy disk holds less than 1Mb. A typical hard DRIVE about 40Mb.
3 RAW - The alternative tile lormat lor samples, contain4 ing just the sound data, with none of the above features.
5 A SOUND SAMPLER - A sound sampler is a definite must if you’re programming games. Even if your game is the most playable thing since Mac Tetris (Mac owners will know what I meant), it's an unfortunate fact of life that a game is often judged on the quality of its graphics and sound effects.
Although we've got the graphics aspect covered

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