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ACCESS A serious PC experience EDITORIAL Welcome to yet another massive issue ot CU Amiga. Inside, you'll find the very best in Amiga games and productivity review,, plus regular pages devoted to buyer's guides .. sHnfbf - zVrru. And tutorials to help you gel the most out ol your Amiga. And. As usual, we've also got a white-hot lull price utility. This month Gold Dish's MovleSetter adorns one ot our TWO coverdisks. It you're not familiar with this amazing package, then you're In lor a treat. It's a complete animation and movie studio which can breath life Into your graphics. MovieSetter Is used by some ol the Amiga's top animators, Including tho multi-talented Eric Schwartz whose spectacular animations are often featured In our Public Domain pagos. Enjoy HI Just as we were putting this Issue to bed, news came In of Commodore's A600 price cut, slashing the cost of the machine to cm This should open up the world of Amiga computing to thousands ot new users and. Hopefully, signal Commodore s tight back against the dual threat of cheaper Pcs and the even cheaper cnnsoles. People have been saying that the Amiga Is past Its prime, but with this aggressive new price point and two new machines waiting In the wings, things haven't looked as promising tor a long while. Even the A570 has, at long last, made Its debut, so now Commodore can attack the home computer market on two fronts. It’s going to be an Interesting Christmas. And while I've still gol your attention (WAKE UP at tha back!), I'd lust Ilka to wish the very best to our Deputy Editor, Steve Merrett. And Staff Writer, Stevo Keen, both ot whom are moving on to bigger and better things. Steve Merrett has been with the mag since Kovemher 1990 and has helped make the magazine what It Is today (If that's a good thing or not. I don't know!). Steve Keen joined us lowards the end nf last year and.

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Document sans nom WORTH £80!
REQUIRES 2 BLANK DISKS gold wsrs MnvieSetter!
• Pal Mode * 32 colours ' synchronised sounds ‘ can run in 5121 •
backdrop editor • wipe effects 1 lull sloryboardmg
• WB 2 0 compatible * stand alone playback module THE CHEAP THEN
ASK YOUR NEWSAGENT SEPTEMBER 1992 E3.95 USSS 95 CAS9.95 DM20 PTA 995 113600 ii mp mucimi ROLE PLAY FOR PC The Legend of Darkmoon continues The famous role model for all AD&D« role-playing fantasies, the dreaded Temple Darkmoon is back.
More sinister, terrifying and haunting than ever. It will slowly weave into your sub-conscious and refuse to let go.
LAUGHS FOR PC Side-splitting pirate adventure Just when you thought it was le end for LeChuck.
He's back.
The legend states that “when LeChuck wants you dead, you’re dead"- grim news for his old adversary, young Guybrush Threepwood.
Through a clearing in the shadowy forest, a trio of towers rise menacingly into the night sky. You are on the threshold of terror, one wrong move and it’s curtains.
The exciting sequel to Eye of the Beholder is here. Bigger.
Better. And so realistic you’ll keep looking over your shoulder.
The improved “point ‘n’ click" interface lets you come face-to- face with the most gruesome characters and complex clues.
With 256 colours (PC version), variable difficulty modes, interactive reggae music and "point 'n click" interface, you’ll be transported to Monkey Island in a flash.
In fact, you'll only want to stop playing this State-of-the-Art adventure game for one reason. To pinch yourself j and prove you're not in the middle of a nightmare.
Available on: PC (EGA.
VGA ' MCGA (256 Colour). 640k HAM and Hard disk required. Supports AdLib™. Soundblaster™ and compatibles*.
Amiga version coming soon.
ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS. AD&D and the TSR logo are trademarks owned by TSR. Inc.. Lake Geneva.
S1. USA and u*ed under license from Strategic Simulations. Inc .Sunnyvale. CA. USA. C 1991. 1992 TSR. Inc. £ 1991. 1992 Strategic Simulations. Inc. All rights reserved A serious PC experience U S Gold Ltd.. Units Ui, Holford Way, Holford. Birmingham B6 TAX, England.Tel: 021 625 3366 So. Brace yourself, the fun starts here. Who knows w’hen it will stop?
Ai'atlable on: Amiga (32 colours* and PC (VGA MCGA. Requires 640k Ram AT or compatible. Supports AdLib™, Roland™. Soundblaster™ and SoundMaster™!!
Sound cards. Hard drive required.
TM & ' 1991 LueasArta Entertainment Company. Lucas film Games m a trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. Monkey Island 2 • LlfCasArtS Le Chuck’s Revenge is a trademark of LucasArt* Entertainment Company. All rights reserved SPORT FOR PC Play a round All year round It'.- raining rats and dogs outside, but it's a beautiful crisp Spring day on the Torrey Pines Golf Course.
You approach the tee. Driver in hand. Gazing down tlu fairway. You notice every feature of this classic Pacific Ocean Links course.
FLIGHT FOR PC A Simulation to take your breath away Hard on the tail of Jetfighter I. the mind-blowing combat sequel is airborne.
Jetfighter II: Advanced Tactical Fighter shoots Top Gun down in flames.
Available on: PC (VGA or MCGA, ¦ 640k and Hard disk required. Supports: AdLib™, Soundblaster™ Msound™ sound cards) Amiga version coming soon. Y But WOW. What a game!
And now. The 256 colour 3D graphics can be enjoyed on another six championship courses: Bountiful Municipal, Firestone CC South, Bayhill, Pinehurst, Barton Creek and iyatt Dorado.
So, put on your sun visor and practice your swing.
You’re next on the tee.
The Challenge of Golf takes you to a new level of realism. You can almost smell the grass, feel the silky putting surfaces and take in the fresh sea air. At times, you’ll want to replace the divots, until you remember it’s only a game.
Strap yourself in as the most advanced and powerful 3D technology takes to the skies, with you as pilot whatever the time of day or night.
Revolutionary animation lets you see parachutes opening in the wind, radar chafTblooming behind your jet and feel the landing gear deploy and retract.
Dogfights take on a different dimension with real time artificial intelligence. Includes F A-18 Hornet, F-16 Falcon and F-14 Tomcat.
Features instant flying mode for beginners, interactive hypertext help system and tunable joystick system for maximum response.
So, answer the call of the wild. Now, even the sky’s- Available on: PC (CGA Tandy (4 Colour), EGA (16 colour) VGA (256 Colour). 640k RAM required. Supports AdLib™ and Soundblaster™ sound cards: Hard drive recommended.
©Access Software. Inc. 1991 All rights reserved.
© 1991 Velocity.
All rights reserved.
ACCESS A serious PC experience EDITORIAL Welcome to yet another massive issue ot CU Amiga. Inside, you'll find the very best in Amiga games and productivity review,, plus regular pages devoted to buyer's guides .. sHnfbf - zVrru. And tutorials to help you gel the most out ol your Amiga.
And. As usual, we've also got a white-hot lull price utility. This month Gold Dish's MovleSetter adorns one ot our TWO coverdisks. It you're not familiar with this amazing package, then you're In lor a treat.
It's a complete animation and movie studio which can breath life Into your graphics.
MovieSetter Is used by some ol the Amiga's top animators, Including tho multi-talented Eric Schwartz whose spectacular animations are often featured In our Public Domain pagos. Enjoy HI Just as we were putting this Issue to bed, news came In of Commodore's A600 price cut, slashing the cost of the machine to cm This should open up the world of Amiga computing to thousands ot new users and. Hopefully, signal Commodore s tight back against the dual threat of cheaper Pcs and the even cheaper cnnsoles. People have been saying that the Amiga Is past Its prime, but with this aggressive new price
point and two new machines waiting In the wings, things haven't looked as promising tor a long while. Even the A570 has, at long last, made Its debut, so now Commodore can attack the home computer market on two fronts. It’s going to be an Interesting Christmas.
And while I've still gol your attention (WAKE UP at tha back!), I'd lust Ilka to wish the very best to our Deputy Editor, Steve Merrett. And Staff Writer, Stevo Keen, both ot whom are moving on to bigger and better things. Steve Merrett has been with the mag since Kovemher 1990 and has helped make the magazine what It Is today (If that's a good thing or not. I don't know!). Steve Keen joined us lowards the end nf last year and.
Although only with us a short time, has proved Invaluable in pumping out a steady stream ol reviews and features. It's just not going to be the same without 'em...Hurrah!
R E G U L A R S 7 NEWS 12 COVERDISKS 37 HISTORY OF COMPUTING 40 SCREEN SCENE d2 IN DEVELOPMENT 81 VFM 94 GRAPHICS DIY 102 GET SERIOUS 135 PD SCENE -.V-' Ml POUTimiES 154 INSIDE INFORMATION 156 COMMS 159 BACKCHAT 162 education r.f-ir-VV 164 HELPLINE 166 Q&A 174 MUSIC 176 CLUB CALL 178 POINTS OF VIEW ABC ¦DCTO* Co*) Sfa»gtbr DiMirr IWTO« Sw Meow *atiOITOUAmlm-Be*«d TKHHKAHDrVOW Nick Vrafch TtCHMKAiMVmWMmBwnWd nur WttlllB Sera Keen DmtOtCOI Ibern Ot«COMHll«K™,&orl »w»MAioo«r»i-Glenlw an s»us ixrcorrvv UUIIIKUTIVI Koran NOI CLASMMID'MOOVCIION MAN40UH Remii Solik l~ -HOUSI KANHWM fed? W*.
..OOOCTK-. UstStUrV Erhav MS MANAOtMO IdiTOO Srara Jorara miMJHCWt Goey Wipomr lemma!6 40VWTUZH0 071 -972 6700 CUA4VGA C*llc«-erlory Court. 3032fctttngdoe .one. lortdor. EC IB 3AU Tel 071072 6700 FAX07I072 670' DirFrlbuSon - 38C Frontline lid. Por. L-com. Pork Bood. Pe*c.bo O P Ip I 2TP T,l 0733 55516' SuEnctiprw.r - PO Bo. 500. Loico.ru. lEOO 0AA Sviw Toour-or - IV 0059 610510 Order Orro lonvvorokonet 0059 4I089B Sort .- P O Bo. 500. Lerce.rer. 1100 0M Tel 0958 4 05 0 SS0265 7J1X 26 DO IT YOURSELF Nobody could ever say that computing was a cheap hobby. As your Amiga system grows,
unfortunately your bank account will diminish at a similarly-steady rate but it doesn’t have to be that way. In this month's lead feature, we enter the perplexing universe of DIY. No, it isn't a world governed by people who excel in the use of a soldering iron, and, no, it isn’t as complex as it often seems.
To ease you into this brave new world of resistors, capacitors and spindly bits of wire. CU Amiga has prepared a series of projects which will enable you to add all manner of useful gadgets to your system and at very little cost. Our devices range from the easy such as a freeze switch to make your games easier to play to a light sensor which could feasibly double up as a burglar alarm. All the 'ingredients' you will need for such operations are detailed, and step-by-step photos and diagrams will ensure that you don't end up welding your fingers to your Amiga keyboard.
So, if you have ever shied away from Do It Yourself, then do yourself (and your Bank Manager) a favour by reading our article and delving into the delights of computer creation... AMIGA CONiKMIS 36 SCRATCHCARD COMPETITION By now you'll probably have noticed the scratchcard attached to this issue of CU Amiga. Simply by rubbing out the three silver boxes, you'll be able to find out whether you've won one of the four A570 drives we've got on offer or if you've been successful in winning a copy of Kick Off 3. If not, there's still the chance to get £5 of Kick OH 3. What can we say? We re just
all heart! For more information, simply turn to page 36 nowl **T SmklOUS PRODUCTIVITY REVIEWS This month, our dedicated team ot reviewers get to grips with the long-awaited A570 CD unit. After what seems an eternity of waiting, does Commodore's small unit truly offer complete CDTV compatibility. And. If so, is it really the way forward? Also under scrutiny is Dr. Ts all-rounder music package, KCS 3.5. This complete package allows the user to work on every aspect of a tune using the Dr. Ts software, whether it is initially putting the thing together or even printing out a score. That's not
it. Of course, and a further selection of reviews also await your attention... COVERDISKS In our continued attempt to bring you the cream of utilities and lay; demos, this month our coverdisks are particularly Gold Disk's stunning MovieSetier animation studio graces disk
40. As we proudly present you with the utility Eric Schwartz uses
in all his Aerotoon animations. With MovieSetier you can
piece together stunning sequences AND add sound to them!
Full editing capabilities are also available, allowing the user complete editorial control over their creations - Steve Spielberg watch out! In addition, all the usual graphical thrills, such as colour cycling and scrolling backdrops, are available to add much-needed movement to your work. In fact, the only limitations imposed on you are by the memory available and your imagination, and if you have ever wanted to take on Schwartz at his own game, then here's the perfect opportunity.
103 AUDIO GALLERY 103 FAXMODEM 103 SAFARI FONTS 104 IMAGE MASTER 107 PFMPLUS 108 KCS 3.5 110 FRED 113 KIND WORDS 3.0 114 IMAGINE 117 HAMA 290 121 A570 126 PRODRAW 133 REXX COMPILER 148 HARD DRIVES GAME REVIEWS With previews of Aliens3, Kick Off 3, Indy 4 and Second Samurai, there's certainly a lot to look forward to later in the year. There’s also a lot of brilliant games out now, too, as our reviews of Shadow of the Beast 3, Sword of Honour, Trivial Pursuit and Tennis Cup 2 prove.
40 FIRST IMPRESSIONS 42 KICK OFF 3 47 ALIEN 3 52 THE SECOND SAMURAI 54 INDY IV: THE ADVENTURE 56 BEAST III 60 CRAZY CARS III 62 SWORD OF HONOUR 67 FASCINATION 68 ESPANA ‘92 70 TRIVIAL PURSUIT: CDTV 72 CALIFORNIA GAMES II 74 GUY SPY COMPETITION 75 TENNIS CUP II 76 RED ZONE 78 THE CASTLE OF DR. BRAIN aim' 78 BUG BOMBER pnn Southern conversion it 1 U f(||| gafl rn,s Vmt C$ 4 classic QBIC: Complete name' Brilliant Q'lert clone 'rom the rente, ot swtv I SteSS. CflTCH.'
Arsr f u disk 41 "AMIGA Opening Disk 41 is an exclusive conversion of Shaun Southern s 8-bit classic, Pod - written for us by the great man himself. Incidentally, Shaun will also be converting some more old favourites exclusively for us, so stay tuned for more stunning versions of old faves. Also on the disk is a playable demo of DMI's cutesy ape-related caper. Catch Em, which offers several stages for your delectation With Shaun Southern contributing Pod. Next up is O'Bic - a conversion of the old O'Bert coin-op by SWIV coder, Ronald Weesernik. It's a corking version of the arcade stalwart,
and one that will have you returning again and again as you try to conquer its many pyramids. Finally, we enter the realms of silliness with one Mr Wobbly, before entering a large 3D Maze in the originally-titled Maze... It’s amazing how different things look with a NatWest Card Plus account and £30 HMV vouchers.
Aged 13*20? This is for you Opening your first bank account should be exciting - and rewarding. That’s why Nat West designed Card Plus.
How's &30 of vouchers for starters?
To kick off with, if you’re aged 13-20 and you open a Card Plus account between 1 July and 15 October 1992, we’ll give you a free HMV voucher worth £8" to spend on any record.
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Free Account Pack We ll also give you a statement folder, chequebook cover and card wallet to help you keep things in order.
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• OhlonHIH) NaMtcmMeMIt 41 LaMar*.banilif ttf Mrabnof IMBO Phone
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1 R i: S T R PRICE DROP FOR A600 b's newest Amiga has just had a 25% cmca cut and now retails lor only E299. The machine, alter healthy sales ot 65.000 in its first three months, has abandoned the E399 price point that Commodore seem so fond of. The move has been explained away as the result of unprece- J reliability in the new machine, with returns MONSTERS UNLIMITED Probably the scoop of the year (or should that be spook of the year?!). Ocean have secured the rights to the Universal monster characters. With Dracula. Frankenstein. The Mummy and the Creature From The Black Lagoon among the
many characters included in the deal, the soon-to-be released game is as yet untitled, but will feature as many of the characters as the in-house team can cram in. Featuring a 3D isometric play area, in much the same style as Head Over Heels, the game involves the player in a race against time to collect the six parts of an ancient crystal and thus imprison the prowling monsters for all eternity.
Watch for it soon!
Of around a mere 1%. This may well be the case, but with a new machine on the horizon and a probable A600 bundle it could be that lor once the company is trying to sort out a coherent price structure before the machines actually go on sale.
This will not effect the price of the A600HD (the hard drive model), which will remain at the still reasonable £499 mark. Whether or not this is because the HD model isn't as reliable as the plain A600 isn't certain.
Silica Systems, one of the UK s leading Amiga dealers, were pleased with the new low price, but also surprised by the move. Andy Leaning, Silica's spokesperson offered. 'It's great news. At this price the Amiga market will grow considerably and attract a lot of new users. It'll be interesting to see what other manufacturers, particularly those producing the high specification games consoles (PC Engine, NeoGeo. Etc) do in return A £299 Amiga will make many prospective console buyers think twice about which system they buy. Previously there was a large difference between the prices of consoles
and the Amiga, now that difference is much smaller and I d expect a lot of the more serious console buyers will consider the Amiga 600 given its better specification.'
IDEAL HARDWARE TAKES ON FLOPTICAL One of the most practical solutions to large volume storage has arrived in the U.K. The floptical drive is a combination ot conventional magnetic disk technology and the optical dnve techniques used on more expensive removable cartridge drives.
Based around a normal si2ed. Specially treated
3. 5" floppy disk, the floptical uses high precision optical
alignment hardware to squeeze in an incredible 1245 tracks per
inch ot data This means that a formatted disk can hold around
21 Mb ot data, half the size of an average hard disk. The unit
itself is an embedded SCSI mechanism so it can connect
directly or be added to a SCSI chain.
It can also read and write standard and high-den- sity floppy disks, which could make file transfers to other systems much easier.
No phce has yet been fixed for the unit, but it is sure to be around the £200 mark. The incredible thing is that the floptical disks, manufactured at the moment by 3M and Maxell, cost only £12 - that's about £1.75 per megabyte.
The floptical drive, which is manufactured in the
U. S.A. by Insite, is already very popular across the Atlantic,
and is sure to catch on here as a reliable and cost effective
way of backing up and transferring large volumes of data.
CBM PERESTROIKA SHOCK In a surprise move, new Commodore boss Kelly Sumner recently entertained members of the press at the company's UK headquarters The normally taciturn company executives were fielding all sorts of questions from the floor, which were understandably predominantly about the proposed new Amigas Although not completely forthcoming about new hardware, Sumner admitted that two such machines exist and both are planned for a UK launch, although no date was given.
Well placed sources say that one of these machines will feature a 32bit 68030 running at 25 Mhz and will include the new AA chipset New graphic modes will allow resolutions up to 1280x800 in 256 colours or 16.7 million in HAM mode. The DMA channels have been speeded up to around four times their original speed, allowing for new sprites 64pixels wide and a full screen high. The blitter will also be lour times faster. As mentioned before the new Amiga will feature a DSP and an 8-channe 16 bit sound chip Although Commodore were understandably cagey about a release date the latest rumours from
well-placed sources in the States say that the machine will go on sale there within the next two months. If that is the case Commodore UK might seek to put together a console beating bundle for a Christmas release in this country.
SOFTWARE BUSINESS RAVES IT UP Amiga newcomers Digital Muse are imminently releasing two very promising new MIDI music packages called Rave and Prodigy. Rave is aimed at total beginners, and has been designed to make music making both entertaining and spontaneous.
On the other hand, Prodigy is aimed at the experienced user, and contains every possible feature Tee off on the most challenging 18 HOES OF MAJOR CHAMPIONSHIP GOLF wnx THE LEGEND WHO HAND PICKED EAX ONE - J*CK NlCKLAUS.
Badlands rcwrs onto your screen in a FABULOUS COVERSION OF THE CO IN-OP HIT.
Customise your racer with missiles, speed.
You could sensibly require. Both Dockages place the emphasis firmly upon user-friendliness, and | both are very easy to get started untfi- However. Digital Muse are certamly not sacnfidng features tor Nnaww and My confidently declare that WiMlirrT take on and beat the Ikes ol Dr T's ACS are Osasa Hawng seen the package. I ma nor dsagree ««h them, Rave represents an
• ¦'•'•w. ' ng slap forward in MIDI music tech- aatogy on tie
Amga as It s the first fully «gradBto modular system. Digital
Muse's philosophy « Ml bsgmers don't want to be STREET
FIGHTER 2 AMIGA DEBUT h complicated and unnecessary 1 they buy
their first MIDI package, rwy ut a«nl tomake music as quickly
as possi- 9 is not over burdened with s that beginners will
never use.
: package Is very simple to get to grcs w*h Where the exerting bit comes in. Is the ‘act Ml you can upgrade Rave by purchasing addaonai program modules.
» you want professional arrangement features, cat buy them, if you need comprehensive modula- 9on and pitch drawing facilities, there are modules tor that too Whichever modules you buy, you will be sent an entirely new version of the program containing the features that you specify. This must surely be an Amiga first - a designer MIDI program' Prodigy represents the ultimate enhancement ol Rave, essentially containing every poeaible module m one program Although prices have yet to be finalised Rave ¦dl be approximately £70. Prodigy approximately Ct70 and additional modules will cost in the
region of £15 30 each The Software Business are dis- Irtoutmg both programs, and you can nng them on 0*60 *96497 for further details Look out next issue for an exclusive preview of both programs.
An assortment of the world's strongest men and women All the main coin-op characters are to be wgfl featured, including Ryu. A Japanese lad who has mastered the arts ol Kenpo and Karate; Honda, a lardy fat guy whose speciality is Sumo Wrestling; Zangief.
Russia's answer to Hulk Hogan; and Dhalism, a Yoga master One or two players can control any of the eight charaters in the game with the addition ol four computer controlled tough guys to test your skills against We'll have a review soon access with their latest release earaway Thomas isn! |ust for live mix of platform antics and s with enough speed lo even ¦ his money. • French outfit, I in England captain. Stuart their latest football compilation, ’(again), World Championship prepared to fork out the cash for such a motley collection of old games Knock this one into touch!
• Those wacky funsters, the Codemasters, have struck a blow for
pensioners everywhere by basing their latest achonpuzzle
platlormer on the exploits of Captain Dynamo a 75-year old
superhero Pausing only to coked las false teem and cash his
giro, the Captain has to negotiate a series of gem packed
levels in pursuit of the dastardly Von Flyswatter, a geriatric
criminal who has made off with the world's largest collection
of diamonds Out soon. • Psygnosis are gearing up for a
productive fourth quarter, with a whole batch of new games
ready for release. Looking rather similar to Team 17's Alien
Breed. Cytron is set in an underground research complex which
has been taken over by rebel mechanoids A rescue mission is
planned, using the prototype Cytron robot which is capable of
splitting into two independent halves. With Ihe usual plentiful
supply of power-ups and bonus tokens littenng each level, the
action Is viewed trom a bird's-eye perspective and looks
tremendous tun • Another release from the Liverpool house of
Ideas is the long-awaited sequel to ArmourGeddon With more
advanced weaponry, taster polygon graphics and a much expanded
play area. Armour Geddon 2 wilt be touching down in October •
With more than 100 levels on offer, Psygnosis third offering is
a polished looking arcade puzzle game featuring the exploits of
Terry Tomato as he seeks to navigate his way through level
after level of puzzle-packed screens Various tools are al your
disposal to help him on his way, including trampolines,
jack-in-the-boxes and fans, with each level having a particular
theme plus appropriate accompanying music. Could this be the
new Lemmings-oealer?
GAME BfcwP Canadan-based Gold Disk have yet another product due for imminent release Gold Disk Office was the most complete integrated software soloution when it was released a few years ago However, most ot the component parts around which it was based have undergone maior facelifts in the previous six months, so it was about time Ihe office had a spnng dean Office 2 has five compo nent parts - a word-pro. A DTP system, a spreadsheet, A500 owners who still rely on a modulator to display images via a T.V. set may find their viewing interrupted in the near future The modulated sig
nal usually appears around channel 36 on the UHF scale, slightly above BBC1 (depending on which broadcasting region you live in).
MERIDIAN INTO ORAL CHANNEL 5 INTERFERENCE Unfortunately the new domestic channel, Channel 5 has been alloted a neighbouring frequency. Although nol exactly the same, because ol the way the signals are encoded, and depend ing on the strength ol the signal, there is a great deal of cross channel intederence.
Modulator owners can already suffer from intederence from video recorders which operate on vanous similar frequencies, but this is only really a problem if both the modulator and video are in close proximity and in use at the same time.
In the case of a terrestrial broadcast station the intederence will be a great deal worse however and there is little chance ot getting them to turn it oil so that you can play Lemmings.
CANON APOLOGY CU Amiga would like to apologise to Canon UK for our review of the Canon BJC-800 colour printer which we published In our August issue.
It s not the review that we re apologising about, but the awful screen grabs that accompanied the piece. Due to technical problems with our in- house scanner, the original colour prints obtained from the pnnter were sadly distoned and failed to show the best ol the machine s capabilities a graph plotter and a database These units an run separately from each other and are in tact, slightly reworked versions of the already available Gold Disk products such as Pagesetter.
As the product is still in Beta test stage there is no pricing information available yet. But the last package offered substantial savings as it was being sold at less than haIf the pnce ol all the component programs The official position is that Channel 5 should bear the cost of retuning any video equipment that will be effected, but have so far neglected to point out to consumers that this will mean retuning consoles and computers as well.
Fortunately Ihe modulator on the Amiga has an adjustment screw to move the frequency 10 a different channel. The adjusting screw is present on the A600 as well, next to the RF out port.
Simply twiddling Ihe screw clockwise a bit should do the trick, but remember that you will have to retune the channel on the TV again to get the picture back. It's a bit ol a nuisance, but much easier than waiting for the Channel 5 chap to do it Adjustment screws are present on most equipment that uses an RF frequency 10 display images on a TV sel - the modulator components have an adjustment screw as standard, but on some units like video recorders and consoles this may mean having to open the case.
% * HERO QUEST 2 Gremlin's firs! Venture into fantasy role-playing games, Hero Quest, was a more-than worthy nterpretation ot the popular board game and consequently sold m buckets More than a year on.
And the Sheffield-based publishers are gearing up for Hero Quest 2 The new game, The Legacy ol Soracen. Goes beyond the confines ol the boardgame and introduces a whole range of new as well as a beefed up combat system of 14 different scenarios are on offer utills- same isometric view as the first game GOLD DISK'S NEW OFFICE SOCCER PINBALL Alter the recent success of 21 st Century's excellent Dreams game. Codemasters look set to capi- l that particular title's success with the of Soccer PinDall Combining the skills of the with those of the pinball table, the game ol tables each with a lootball
am being to score as many goals possble Priced at a budget-busting C7.99. well a review next month HISTORY LINE Blue Byte are set to capitalise on the success of Battle Isle, with a new strategy war game sel at the time ol the First World War Hstory Line beg ns with the assassination of archduke Fraru Ferdinand an event wtech precbHated Ihe 191* 1918 war During the cocrse of the war, the player will have the chance to prove his strategic worth on both sides (Allies and Mitteimachte). With more than 60 unique units under your control and 24 different battlefields, the game also features
regular updates on the political events of the time with newspaper reports and hisloricaSy accurate facts displayed periodically. Dunng the course ol the war. Your scientists constantly invent new weapons of mas6 destruction and your arsenal ot planes, ar- ships and tanks are continuously updated PRETTY CLEVER AND PRETTY COLOURFUL, BUT WE'RE KEEPING IT VERY QUIET.
Even the loudest colours are far from deafening when they come from the new Swift 2 AMIGA COMPATIBLE Series. These new 24 pin printers are so quiet, you can keep talking while
k. ¦iiiiu awwjji they keep working. Yet they can produce stunning
colour graphics and fast, accurate, scalable type in sizes
from 8 to 40pt.
All of this from a series of printers at prices that are really worth shouting about.
To find out which Swift 2 Series printer is right for you, contact your nearest Citizen dealer. For details call 0800 52 51 05.
CITIZEN COMPUTER PRINTERS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA ¦SB" goscf tltor t»o bud • »fs:oo'* l"d Ik* Knot mown « This month's offering is Gold Dish s MovieSetter, a complete animation and production studio rolled into one. If you 're always wanted to make your own demos, MovieSetter is here to make it easy... If you have never seen an animation demo on the Amiga then you obviously haven’t owned one for very long. If you have, then most likely you have seen one created with Gold Disk's MovieSetter.
MovieSetter is a utility which aims to combine all the facilities of a real life production studio into one easy to use package.
Because the animation is constructed from the basic blocks frame by frame this means that you can get at least a few minutes worth of animation out of even the most humble machine.
The advantage of this system over more traditional animation packages like Dpaint is that you can edit all the animated strips, or tracks, at any time - just like they do in the movies.
Create backdrops, synch sound effects, overlay animation frames and create your own opus now with this amazing coverdisk.
M I III I ¦ II I ¦ I M MovieSetter comprises Two disks in its original form, and yel we have managed to squeeze it onto one disk on the cover, giving you much better value tor your hard earned cash Because the files are compressed, they will have to be decompressed before you can use the program Before you attempt to load the coverdisk you should format two disks and name them CU40A' and 'CU40B'. To format a new disk, simply insert an unwanted disk into the drive and select 'Format' from the Workbench pull-down menu. The disk win whirr for a while whilst it formats, then an empty’ disk icon
will appear on the Workbench screen. You can then rename the disk by selecting its icon (by clicking once on it) and then choosing rename' from the pun-down menu (the exact menu depends on which version of Workbench you are running). A text gadget will appear and you just type in the relevant name. If you are unsure about these steps please consult your Workbench manual.
When you have the two disks ready, boot from the MowesSeffercoverdisk. A script file will automatically decompress the data onto your disks and will ask for each in turn. When the requestor appears asking for one of the disks, insert the relevant volume and press return. The data will automatically be written to the disk. When the operation is finished you should remove the coverdisk and insert the first disk ('CU40a'). Reset your machine (using CTRL-Amiga-Amiga) and the new Moviesefferwill autoboot. Once loaded, you'll be asked to enter a protection code - we've printed the relevant words
on the next page Simply look up the right word and type it in.
GETTING TO GRIPS WITH MOVIESETTER MovieSetter is an animation and video program which allows you to create your own animated cartoons in only minutes. It you've always wanted to produce your own demos, then now s your chance.
Gold Disk's program gives you total artistic control over the entire production with full editing features available at every step.
If you don't like the way your video is shaping up, an entire character can be added, moved or eliminated with just a click of a mouse button - it really is that simple! MovieSetter frees the user from the drudgery that was once associated with the art of animation and lets you spend the time on the creative process itself.
Here are the main powerful features that are available in MovieSetter.
• Stereo digitised sound.
• Backgrounds scroll horizontally and vertically.
• Full control over multiple colour cycles.
• Number of tracks only limited by RAM available
• Tracks can be placed in production with a dick of the mouse.
• Timing adjustable anywhere in your movie.
• . Frame accurate editing.
• Frames can be looped.
• Tracks can be shifted in any direction.
• Tracks can be attached to guides tor automatic spacing.
• Movies can use the overscan area.
• Fully featured editor set included.
- Backgrounds can be 'wiped' onto the screen in many ways.
• Cut and paste tracks and sets.
Your finished productions can be played back easily in real time. They can also be recorded onto video tape or transferred to disk using the freely distributable MoviePlayer (also included on our coverdisk).
OVERVIEW Fortunately, creating simple animations with MovieSetter does not require a complete understanding of the program. More sophisticated operations, however, will require a knowledge of how MovieSetter’s various elements interact. You can read through this section quickly for now, but you may want to come back to it after you have completed the tutorial which appears later on.
All MovieSetter Productions begin with IFF pictures (such as those drawn in Dpaint . Pictures exist in two forms in MovieSetter. Backgrounds and Faces.
Backgrounds always reside at the back of your scene, and nothing can ever be obscured by a background. A background can be as large as full video overscan 352 x 290 pixels), although editing is done on a normal 320 x 256 screen. During playback, the entire background is displayed.
Backgrounds may be scrolled either vertically or horizontally, and are independent of other elements with the scene.
The second type of picture is a face. A face is a single image of an animated character or object. A Set is a collection of related faces in a logical order. For example, a set could contain all of the positions required to make a character walk, each face representing a snapshot of the walk.
If all of the faces from a set of a character walking were painted on clear plastic cards and laid out on a table, it would resemble a strobed view of that character s movement. Stacking the cards in a particular order and flipping through them quickly would give the effect of animation. Changing the order of the cards would affect the movement of the character, and copying some of the cards would affect the timing of the set.
SET EDITOR The Set Editor allows you to create the tools with which you will make your movie. While the order that faces are placed within a s et does not constrain you in any way, it is convenient to have the faces follow a logical order. The set editor allows you to preview your set, animating the faces in the order that you created them. Your MovieSetter package comes with pre drawn sets, so it is possible to create movies without entering the set editor.
GETTING STARTED Once you have loaded MovieSetter you may like to take a quick look at an example production.
Use the menus at the top ot the screen and go to the tar left one, called 'Production', and choose 'Load'. A requester will appear which is your prompt to select the Demo file. Make sure the CU Clip Art disk tor MovieSetter is in a disk drive and select the Drive gadget such as DFO: or DF1:.
Click on the drawer named Productions' and then double click on the tile called Demo'. It should now load without turther ado.
Somewhere on the screen is a small requester which looks similar to VCR buttons. This is the Player Control window. The icons work the same way they do on a video recorder, so click on the play button and watch the Demo production.
Hitting the space bar stops the production.
PROTECTION CODES P°9« line word num word 1 5 5 like 5 9 1 referred 6 4 6 necessary 7 7 4 loaded S 2 11 movie 9 6 7 pictures 11 5 5 order 11 11 3 editor 12 5 5 changed 13 2 4 creote 14 6 5 wit 13 4 4 bar 16 4 6 menu 17 2 5 speed 19 5 7 carrying 20 6 4 saver 21 7 2 manual 22 3 4 insert 25 4 1 effective 27 4 3 specify 27 2 9 each 28 1 3 criteria 29 2 4 duplicated 30 2 3 obscured 30 3 3 what 31 5 8 rood 31 6 2 would 32 3 2 overlap 32 4 4 placing 33 4 5 normally 33 3 2 return 36 4 4 scan 37 3 2 drawing 37 4 3 pockages 38 3 8 until 39 3 3 repeat 39 3 8 filled 42 2 5 first 45 2 11 series 45 6 1 file
46 4 5 number 46 7 5 stick 47 3 4 into 47 7 4 need 48 4 3 outline 48 6 7 adding 49 3 3 practice 49 8 9 center 50 5 3 current 50 6 4 palette 51 2 3 limited 52 4 4 real 52 6 8 close 52 9 1 patience 62 2 7 results 62 5 2 free 9 4 2 quickly 7 5 5 parts 14 2 2 special 19 2 4 started 21 4 5 from 25 2 4 elements 1 3 5 minutes 36 2 4 quality Using the set editor, however, you can create new sets from exisitng ones by taking advantage ol its editing tools (e g. sizing, relation).
SCENE EDITOR The Scene Editor is at the heart ot MovieSetter.
The highly interactive nature ol the scene editor allows you to view productions as they will finally appear while you are creating them The first step in creating a scene is choosing a background (though n may be changed at any time) It you were creating a scene by hand, you would start with a painted background At your disposal would be stacks ot faces painted on a dear plastic, each stack representing a set You would create the first Irame ol your movie by overlaying a single sheet from each set. With the background showing through the plastic where no image was painted.
You would continue to do this lor the lengt h ol your film: a tedious, but inherently simple operation.
FRAME BY FRAME Movie Seller works in almost the same way except that you create the movement ot each character completely betore starting the next For example, if you wanted a dog to run across your background, chased by a cat. You would first create a track trom your dog set (ie all positions ol a dog running) by starting at the left edge ot the screen and clicking SET EDITOR TOOLS The set editor tools are located down the left hand side ot the set editor screen They control the various editing controls used in the creation ol the animated sets.
Go to beginning ot set Places at the first tace ot the current set.
Go to previous face: Places you one lace back trom the one shown in the current set.
Preview set backwards: Cycles quickly through the laces in reverse to give you an idea ot how the set looks when animated Use the Up and Down arrow keys to alter the playback speed Stop preview: Stops the preview! You can also hit the space bar.
Preview set forwards: Plays the set forwards in real time Go to next face: Advances one lace in the current set Go to end ot set: Advances to the last frame in the current set.
Cut: Cuts the current lace trom the set and places It in the paste butter.
Copy: Copies the current tace and places it in the paste butter.
Paste: Clicking on the top hall ol this gadget places the lace trom the paste butler betore the cunent lace in the set. Clicking on the bottom halt will paste the tace after the current face in the set insert tace Clicking on the top halt ol the gadget places a blank tace before the cunent face in the set and clicking on the bottom halt places a blank i tace alter the current face.
Delete lace: Erases the currently shown lace trom the set.
Register mark: This places registration marks on your animated set The mark is a pixel where MovieSetter lines up the animation It s also the hotspot that MovieSetter connects the pointer to when you are laying down the set as a track.
Your way to the right edge MovieSetter automatically adds Irames as you create the dog's movement, and cycles through the set laces in the order that you created them If It took twenty clicks to make the dog run trom the left side to the nght side ol the screen, twenty frames will exist in your movie. A track contains much more information than a set A set is simply a collection ot images; a track is an ordered collection ol laces trom a set.
With screen position and depth information To add the cat's track, you would step through the movie to the point at which the cat would logically enter and elk* out its movement using the cat set When creating the cat track, the cat is auto- maticalty forced in front ot all other tracks in the current Irame This may be changed later, it you wish, when the track has been completed.
MovieSetter is WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get): while creating the cat's track, the dog is still visible. When adding to your movies, you always see what you have previously created, making animation as simple as moving the mouse and clicking!
This concept of creating tracks parallels that ot the multitrack studio used in the music industry A single musician may play several instruments in a song by recording them as separate tracks and then overlaying them using a mixer'. The scene editor is essentially a mixer that integrates sets into tracks and overlays them to create scenes.
A conceptual complication ot tracks is that it is only possible to view a single element ot a track In a given trame. Tracks start at one Irame and at some time later, end A given Irame is a snapshot of the track as it interacts with other tracks in the movie.
EDITING TOOLS MovieSetter s editing tools have been designed to make changes to an entire track, or a single track element last and easy. For example, an entire track may be repositioned by simply moving a single element within the track. History' allows you to show track elements from previous Irames in the current trame (a strobe effect) While tracks exist across many Irames, Events' are attached to specific Irames and initiate an action There is NO LIMIT to the number of events that can occur withxi a movie A background change updates the background with a new picture but does not
affect the tracks in that trame.
A sound event begins in a specific trame. But ends some time later (depending on the length ot the sound and the complexity ol the movie). A palette event causes the colours to change until another palette event or background change occurs. Other events are background scrolling, timing, colour cycling, and loops While all ot this may seem complicated now, you will see in the tutorial that ALL ol these actions may be performed by the simple act ol moving the mouse and clicking1 TUTORIAL This tutorial is designed to danty the terms we've introduced (lace. SeL background, track, event) and help
you create your first animation So buckle up and let's go tor it!
CREATING A PRODUCTION We'll create a simple production ot our own using some ol the dip art that comes on the CU coverdisks Before we load any ol the individual elements, let's select Project Clear to dear anything that already might be in our production Go to the Event menu and choose Background Select This will bring you to the Load Background requester There are a series ol backgrounds in the Backgrounds directory on the disk with the MovieClips. Double dick on the one called TutonalBackground'. This will automatically load in the picture trom the disk, and place an event in the first
Irame This tells MovieSetter to change backgrounds at the first trame. Unless we add another background change event, this will be the background for the length ol the movie "Unlike so many of the lacklustre wargames out there Vikings has some kind of magical
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Before the background appears Move Setter allows us to choose a wipe effect for the background. This wipe will take place when the background enters our production The Wipe requester will appear and ask us to select the type of wipe that we want to use MovieSetier comes with many special wipes built in. If you choose ¦none" there will be a direct cut to the new background picture Since we are m the first trame ot our movie, select 'none' The background tor your animation will now appear CREATING A TRACK Our background looks a little barren so let’s spice things up a little by creating our
first track Remember that tracks draw their imagery from sets of faces. MovieSetter comes with pre-drawn sets so we won t bother to create one from scratch for this animation.
This process is called stamping. Every time ypu stamp, the set also advances by one face. This set was created to make Boing Ball look like it s rotating. Let s try it.
Stamp out a few frames in a path from the top left down to the centre of the road. Stamp out a few more going in a path from the centre to the top right of the background. To complete the track, hit F5 on your keyboard or hold down the Control key when stamping th e last trame of the track.
PLAYING A PRODUCTION When your want to play your production use the player control window.
Select the Start Movie gadget to -rewind' to the first frame of the production Select the Play Forward gadget to play the production. Press the space bar to stop the production at any time.
ADDING A SOUND Let’s add a sound to give our production a real ‘cartoon’ feel. There are a number of great sounds provided for you on the CU coverd isk.
Rewind the Production. Using the Player Control Window, step through the frames until you reach the frame where the boing ball is bouncing off the road. Choose Sound’ in the Event menu. This will take us to the Sound requester. Doutye click on the sound called Boing!’ to load it into the production.
Play the production again to hear the new sampled sound. Sound adds an extra punch to any MovieSetter production. (Imagine a Bugs Bunny cartoon without sound - yeuch!)
CHANGING THE TIMING Changing the timing lets us slow down or speed up the production. MovieSetier works on a scale that breaks every second down into 60 parts. (Actually 50 in Europe because we use a power supply rated at 50Hz, not 60Hz.) The default setting for MovieSetter is 6 60t h or 10 frames shown by the player for every second of real time. The timing value tells MovieSetter how long lo delay between each frame. For this example, let's slow the film down to 4 frames per second.
TbU timing window: Soo tho Tablo lor moro Into,motion about timing figures.
Go to the Track menu and choose New. 'New' lets MovieSetter know that you are going to add a new track. This will bring you to the Set Load requester.
There are a series of sets in the Sets' directory which is again on the CU coverdisk. Double click on the one called 'BoingBounce'. This will automatically load that set in from the disk. You will now have a small Boing Ball' attached to your pointer. This is the object that we are going to animate.
Move the pointer to the far top left of the background. The real power of MovieSetter is that every time you click the left mouse bu tton. The current object gets placed onto the current frame.
Before the sound is loaded into the production we are placed in the Sound Control window. We'll return to the special sound effects that can be preformed here later, but for now just dick on the Event button. This tells MovieSetter to play the Boing! Sound when it reaches this point of the movie. To hear the sound without creating an event, press the Play button. Remove the sound control window by pressing its close gadget (like dosing a window on Workbench).
IF YOUR DISK WON’T LOAD... In the unlikely event of your CU disks not loading, remove all cartridges and peripherals and try again. If It still won't load, pog it In an envelope and send it to: CU DISK RETURNS, PC WISE, MERTHYR INDUSTRIAL PARK, PENTREEBACH, MID GLAMORGAN. CF48 ADR. They will then test your disk and send a replacement as soon as possible.
For any urgent problems, though, please ring the PC Wise helpline on (0443) 693233 and this line can be reached between the hours ol 10:30 and 12-J0 during weekdays. Whilst CU AMIGA makes every effort to check our Coverdisks lor all known viruses, we can accept no responsibility for possible damage caused by viruses which may have escaped our attention.
TRACK EDIT WINDOW The way to get your sets actually animated on the backdrop is by creating a track.The Track edit window contains all the controls for bringing life to your sets.
Select Track: Choose the pointer icon and then select the face which is in the track you want to edit.
Move Track: Use this to reposition the current track as a whole or Just the visable track element.
Insert Elements Before: This creates new elements in the currently selected track before the cufrent frame Insert Elements After: The same as Before but this inserts the new elements after the current frame.
Track Behind: Moves the currently selected track back one position in the current frame.
Double clicking on this icon positions the current track behind all other tracks in the frame. Holding down the ALT key will perform the operation from the current position in the track to the end.
Track In Front: The reverse ot Track Behind.
Copy Track: Copies the selected track into the paste buffer.
Cut Track: Copies the selected track into the paste buffer and also removes it from the production.
Paste Track: Places the track currently in the paste buffer into the production at the Irame and I location of your choice.
Change Face: This changes the face that is visible in the currently selected track. Use the next or previous arrows on this icon.
Go To Beginning Of Track: Jumps to the frame containing the first track element of the currently selected track.
Go to End Of Track: The same as above but this time it jumps to the end.
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Rewind the production to the first frame by using the MovieSetter player control. Choose liming' in the event menu. This takes us to the Timing requester. Click in the Delay bo*. Now enter the number 15. Press return to leave the Timing requester. Play the production to watch it at 4 frames per second TIMING NOTES MovieSetter uses the 60th of a second scale because this is the number of times your monitor refreshes or 'draws' the video image every second.
MovieSetter plays the productions at a default setting of 10 frames every second because most people cannot distinguish separate frames at a taster rate. This is very close to the frame rate used by the classical animators of the thirties and forties. Below 10 frames per second the animation will tend to appear jerky. For example, the popular television animation that is produced in Japan i Japanamation to the fans) is often shown as slow as 4 Irames per second. This accounts for the noticeable gaps in the animated movement. You may be satisfied with this timing speed as it means less
drawing work for you. Yet it is still smooth enough to be acceptable. Animation purists will stick with the taster rate of 10 Irames per second.
Use the scale below to convert MovieSetter’s timing to Irames per second It is important to note, however, that MovieSetter cannot guarantee the playback speed For movies of moderate complexity, using 32 colours, it is likely that 10 frames sec is realistic.
However, when large sets are used or many tracks overlap. MovieSetter may not be able to keep up with the timing you specified. Speed of playback is also affected by the presence ol a background, sound, scrolling and the number of colours. If you simply wish to do a pencil sketch animation, running MovreSefferwith only two colours will aloow animations up to 60 frames sec.
Timing is an event. This means that the new timing will remain in the productions until you decide to change it. You can slow the beginning of a production to slow motion and then through successive timing events you can slowly speed up the animation until you reach the speed that you want.
DELAY FRAMES PER SECOND 1 50 2 25 3 16 4 12 5 10 6 8 10 5 15 3 20
2. 5 25 2 60 1 NB: MovieSetter uses NTSC timings so we con
verted the numbers to the nearest PAL frame rate.
ADDING A NEW TRACK We have already produced a simple production with a background, an animated track and sound!
Now let’s add a second track to the production.
Rewind the production. Advance to the frame just before the ball hits the road. Choose New' under the Track menu. Select the ball again.
The ball set is now attached to the pointer.
Stamp out the new track in roughly the same way that you placed the first bouncing ball. When this ball leaves the screen, rewind to the place where the new ball track hits the ground.
Add the boing' sound to this new track. Play the productions to see the two separate balls chasing each other down the road. To see a working version of all this, try loading 'TutorialProduction' and playing it.
Salsct Track (s) Mave Tract (m) inurt Element Before ( AR I) I man Element Alter ( AJt l) Tract Behind f) Tract la Front (I) 1 Go to End ol Tract ( CMxRlQht Arrow) 1- Go to Beginning ot Tract ( Ctrlxlelt Arrow.)
J 1- Change Face f«' or V) Paste Tract ( Alt»p)
- Cet Tract ( Alt «)
- -Copy Tract ( Altx) The track edit window, showing the
functions and their shortcut options In brackets SET CREATION
The key to creating effective productions with MovieSetter is
making your own animated characters with the set editor A set
is a se ries of faces that you combine together, MovieSetter
let's you play them back in any way you wish. For example,
imagine that you hav e drawn several pictures of the different
positions of a walking person. Using the set editor you can
easily combine the separate pi ctures into one file which
MovieSetter will show you in real time. Let's create a simple
set of our own. (It s a lot simpler than it sounds, so don't be
shy...) SET CREATION TUTORIAL Choose the Set Editor menu item
from the MoneSetfermain screen. This puts us into the set
editor We will start a very simple set, a slick man jumping up
and down. (Not too much ot a brain strain, eh?)
Go to Beginning of Set (dUtxtlp Arrow Preview Set Backwards ( ShlttxUp Arrow ) Go to Previous Face ( Up Arrow ) Stop Preview ( Space | Go to Next Face ( 0own Arrow ) Preview Set Forwards ( Sh!tt 0own Am»w ) Go to End ot Set ( Alt Down Arrow ) Cut ( Alt x) Copy ( Alt c) Paste Above ( Alt p) Pasle Below( Alt P) Insert Face Bove ( Alt i) lnsert Face Below ( Alt l) Delete Face ( Alt d) Register Mark ( Alt m) The eet editor gadget list (and shortcuts).
The player control window showing keyboard shortcuts.
Tration mark and place it in the centre of the character's head.
This is the first face of our set completed. We need two more to finish off this animated set.
Since our character is only going to change slightly in each face, we can copy him directly and make the alterations as we go (Pretty neat time saving stuff, then!)
Select the 'Copy Element' tool. This places a duplicate of face number one in the paste buffer.
(Just like a word processor but with graphics instead.)
Select the lower half of the "paste below tool".
This copies face number one to face number two.Select the colour to be the same as the background colour and use the drawing tools to erase the stick man s arm and legs. Select the colour of the stick man and draw in a new pair ot arms and legs in a position that is a little higher than face number one. Repeat the last three steps to copy face two to face three Redraw the arms and legs again, a little higher than before. (Not too high because we can't be held responsable for any physical mishaps your stick man may endure!)
Play the set using the preview set forwards' tool. This flips through the set in real time and lets you see how our animated set is going to look.
When you are finished dick once on the 'stop preview gadget.
Save the stick man set by choosing Save As' under the Set menu. If there is no room left on the MovieSetter disk then save onto a b lank formatted dtsk of your own.
Restart Movie | Altxleft Arrow*) Play Reverse | Down Arro* ) Previous Frame ( lefl Arrow*) Loop Next Frame ( Rlphl Arrow } S Forward ( Up Arrovr ) Movie ( AnxRlgbt Arrow*) incorporating racing environment construction system Lotus III is the ultimate experience, incorporating the a revolutionary concept giving you the power to generate a virtually infinite number unique racing scenarios. The Final Challenge is ready to give you the drive of your life.
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now call up the stick man and use him as an animated figure in
our MovieSetter productions. You may want to experiment on
the set since you have a permanent copy safely saved on to a
disk, haven't you? Go to the beginning of the set and use the
fill control to fill in stick man's head. Add hands and feet,
perhaps a moustache or a beer belly. Try drawing a face on him
as well Preview the set often to make sure that the animated
set is turning out the way that you intended it to. Remember
that if you slip up when you are drawing you can use the Undo
tool to remove the last mistake. If one of the faces is beyond
repair you can delete the current face by selecting the
Trashcan tool.
SET CREATION FROM IFF FILES There are other ways of creating faces that make up an animated set. You may feel more comfortable using one of the existing Amiga paint packages such as Deluxe Paint. If you have saved all the original pictures, as IFF pictures or brushes, you can load them directly into the set editor bypassing the built in drawing tools.
SETS FROM PICTURES If you have more than one (ace in a ptcture file: Choose 'New' from the Set window. Type in a new set name. Select the load custom brush from disk' tool. When the requester appears, select the correct path and picture file.
The picture is now loaded into the clipper. Use the rectangular or freehand brush tools to select the area that you want to place in the drawing area. Remember that you can resize the window and move the picture around with the left mouse button if you need to. Clip the area and stamp it into the drawing area. Select and place the registration mark.
Select load custom brush from disk' to return to the picture in the dipper Repeat the last three points as many times as you have to. You can dip from more than one IFF picture if you please Choose Save As' from Ihe Set menu to give the new set a name and save it lo disk for safe keeping The *et editor graphic tool* and their keyboard equivalent*.
SETS FROM BRUSHES If you want to use IFF brushes as the faces in your sets: Choose 'New' from the Set window. Type in a new set name. Choose Load IFF’ from the Element menu. When the requester appears, select the correct path and picture file. The picture is now loaded into the drawing area. MovieSetter loads it automatically into the upper left hand corner.
Select and place the registration jnark. Select Add a new element below' to advance to the next face in the set. Repeat the last three points as many times as you have to. You can load as many IFF brushes into the set as you want. Choose Save As’ from the Set menu and give your new Set a name and then save it to disk.
ALTERING AN EXISTING SET Sets that have been saved can be called up at any time and changed in the set editor. Let’s do some quick alterations to one of the sets that’s already on the disk. Choose 'Load Set' from the Set menu.
Select the ’Boing_BaH’ set and load it in.
Boing_Ball now appears in the drawing area. Use the Preview tools to scroll through the animated set. When you are finished return to the first face.
Add an outline ellipse to the outside of the ball. Go to the next face and add a new ellipse of a smaller size. Keep advancing through the set and adding smaller and smaller ellipses until you reach the end.
Preview your new set. With any luck your ball should now have a sort of ’atomic' feel to it. If not, load it back in and try again. If it looks the way you want, save it to disk under a new name such as Boing_Atomic’ or something. Try adding a face, antennae or even feet to the ball. Loosen up and go wild with your imagination!
You can also make a duplicate of a set by selecting Set Copy. If you have made a copy of a set named 'Boing', you would end up with a copy named 'Boing Copy’. Finally, to return to the Scene editor, select Set Exit from the menu.
Altering existing sets has a lot more uses than the couple mentioned here. Just loading in and recolouring old sets will give them a new feel. You can save sets at different stages. (Saving at regular intervals with any software package is a recommended action, just in case of a power failure or a system crash.)
NEXT MONTH: The fun continues next issue when we get on to more advanced animation techniques and explore the program's full capabilities. Be here in 30 far the lowdown.
L. oliis .1 coder, Shaun Southern, comes up trumps this month, us
41 he unveils our exclusive Amiga version of his old C64
blasting classic, Pod. We also present a playable demo of
DMI’s platform bash 'em up, Catch 'Em, whilst Ronald 'SWIV'
Weeserikgives us Q'Bert clone, Qbic.
POD - FULL GAME Before he made his name on the Amiga scene with the excellent Lotus series. Shaun Southern was one ol the most renowned budget games writers on the good old C64 Starting with the classic Kikstan motorbike series, he then produced a btis- tenng shoot 'em up which soon amassed something of a cult following. And now, CU Amiga is proud to present Shaun's Amiga conversion of the game which kept thousands ol C64. Cl 6 and Amstrad owners busy - Pod Yep. That's right, once we feasted our eyes on this polished shoot 'em up, we reached tor the of cheque book and promptly bought the
publishing rights to the game Over the next lew months we've got a whole host of full-length games on otter, some new versions of old classics, others totally original games that wouldn't look out ot place on the shelves of your local software emporium.
Pod is an incredibly fast-paced game set in the timeless void of space. Your circular craft is positioned on an electronic gnd which is suspended in space providing a surface for intergalactic combatants to engage in battle The tiny craft is restricted to moving along Ihe power lines of the network, but can shift anywhere on the screen, providing there's an available route to the desired destination The power provided by the cables allows you to zip around the area at a blistering pace, which you'll be all too glad of when the scores of alien invaders start to circle your ship.
There are sixteen different makes of alien craft, and each features its own attack pattern The elaborate formations swirl all over the place and. In later levels, they mix and match their forces and begin to spew forth an incredible amount of flak for maximum confusion and devastation Not content Simply place the coverdlsk In your drive and turn on the power. You'll then be presented with a choice of live gems Icons: Pod, Qbic, Catch 'Em, Mr Wobbly and Mesa, so |ust select the one you want to play. Your menu should boot up almost instantaneously, but in the unlikely event that It doesn't
please direct all enquiries towards PC Wise, whoso number can be found elsewhere on tho coverdisk pagos.
With this, the invaders also have one more trick up their sleeves (if aliens have sleeves, that is). When you do manage to blast one, the resultant explosion takes away a portion ol the grid with it. Which prevents you from moving over the damaged spot.
All is not lost, though, as the grid will repair itself, albeit quite slowly when there is a lot ot damage You start the game with three lives, but are awarded an extra one after each level is completed. There's no need to kill all the aliens as they have a time-limit imposed on them and will explode when it reaches zero It's a real test ol reflexes and coordination, and you won t find a faster game to play anywhere Altogether, there are 100 levels to blast your way through, each one more difficult than those that proceeded it. We doubt very much whether anyone will reach the final stage,
but if you do.
Send us a screen grab and well give a small pnze to the first to do so. If, on the other hand, you've got the playing skills of Steve Merrett (I.e. none whatsoever), then we'll be publishing a cheat to the game next issue which will instantly give you access to all 100 levels.
Until then, happy blast ing, and watch out for more lull games from CU AMIGA very soon!
Capture the escapees and return them to their cages The monkeys are not easily caught and.
Although a few can be stopped m their hacks with a quick bump on the head dekvered from a bat.
Others have to be detracted with lekes and the Ike before you can sneak up on them and bash them on the bonce - it's certarty not a game lor members ol Greenpeace I m afraid to say If you can't find the relevant piece ot enticement kit for the coshing job. A quick visit to your van might produce the correct Item It also holds spare essentials like baseball bats and extra jellies, which should make your unenviable task a little bit easier One word of warning, though, the obtects at your disposal don't last lor ever, so speed is of the essence Another worrying factor ol your task is that the
furry fiends aren t totally defenseless either and, apart from coming In a variety ol sizes from chimps to fully grown gorillas, they also tend to leave banana skins everywhere causing your on-screen alter ego to slip and land flat on his back - wasting valuable seconds. Each round is played against a strict time-limit, and whilst CATCH 'EM - PUHABEDEMO MM Catch Em a a fully playable, multi-stage romp of massive proportions It s slightly reminiscent of those old Game n Watch affairs you see displayed m toy shops, but Its simplicity belies some extremely fast-paced action.
Hundreds of apes are roaming around your home town causing havoc and mayhem Cast as the local monkey catcher, it's your responsibility to progress around It* - the screens is speedy, the nientty-placed platforms to Dnm »ns Ftrt - Dr*p Mft- reach other parts '[•""IS*?
Of the screen... Siwcrtsr-Flcliiipliljli- QBIC - FULL GAME ObK could quite easily be coupled with such computer classes as Tetris and Pacman Not only is it extremely simple, but it's so addictive you'H have to np your hand away from the joystick in order to dabble with all the other fantastic stuff we've compiled on this month's cover disks.
The game Is loosely based upon the arcade classic, Fuzzball (AKA O'Bert), and has been written by Ronald Weeserik Ronald's no stranger to writing classic games on the Amiga and a few of his most recent smashes are Silkworm, SW k'and Rodland Even today, after an illustrious line of brilliant shoot 'em ups. Weesenk still claims Fuzzball to be his favourite The idea is to guide a Btobby little sprite around a three-dimensional pyramid by hopping from square to square and hghtmg up al the cubes in the structure There are 28 squares to kght m every pyramid and every square must be coloured in
order to make it to the next level Some of the blocks in future stages have to be landed on more than once and the 3D perspective coupled with the nasty blobs and coiled snakes that career along the pyramid's surfaces make it progressively harder to reach the next stage It all sounds very simple, but Ronald has included some devious nasties to compete with your sprite Bubbles roll down the pyramid from top to bottom, whilst other similarly-shaped creatures may roll down AND move from side to side One globe even hatches into a snake and can spring back up to the top in order to pursue you. Only
by using some incredtole joystick combinations and jumping out of danger onto one ol the teleportation disks which Ime the side of the pyramid will you complete every level Amazingly. Weesenk has chosen to release Obiconto the bulletin board circuit, and is not hoping to make Available on: CBM 64 128 & Amstrad Cassette .
WOBBLY - FULL GAME The lull title ol this game is Mr Wobbly
Versus The invaders From Space and there's no prizes lor
guessing that those lamous pixelised alien bugs are going to
make an appearance in here somewhere Controlling Mr Wobbly
you must run Irom one side ol the screen to the other to
collect a token which will award you with a feature neces
sary to combat Ihe alien menace Mr Wobbly must then run back
to the other side, avoiding the ever- increasing barrage ol
Space Invader lire to lick the huge switch that produces
another bonus lor you to collect. Repeating the process a
number ol times rewards you with alt kinds ol features that
will be strapped onto your traditional cratt tor the blast
that follows. The more tokens you collect in this fashion the
more chance you'll have ol living through to the next round.
The frantic dodging antes coupled with great sampled sound
effects are what make this game so addictive We know it's got
awful graphics, and the world really doesn't need another
Space Invaders clone, but this is great fun!
X MAZE - FULL GAME Ever wandered lost and forlorn around Hampton Court maze? If not. Then you can do so in the privacy ol your own home - and it you get totaly lost at least you can switch off your Amiga in frustration!
Maze is (surpnsmgly) a very last-moving 3D maze (neverl) game. The idea ol the game is to try to get out ol the winding labyrinth as quickly as possible using as lew moves as you can. Use the arrow keys on the numeric keypad to move around the maze You can select different maze levels Irom For*e0 -1 the menu running at the top ol the screen or even get the computer to complete the maze lot you whilst you THE ONLY SCANNER THAT IS INTERCHANGABLE BETWEEN ATARI & AMIGA Noktta Alon ST Aniga swifchabi. Mout, - h CfKroroi Ska!* Sok»ar, ObvKr • 290dpi • A«m SI ml AiwgoA500 SIOO SMO S-*hobU
• WM.MO •MuoHcU.-OpmrSMHitrUSGaU
• Bkwvc Am & US Gold Dncowtf Vowkwi EJOf 1 pew ffcbd. V»1 S DiW,
and or. Iub|« ¦ *0-5. W»oU «U.
SI0-»“ Nakshafrom RSC 0923 243301 Change to PC - PC interface, DTP software ? Manual RSC Ltd. 75-77 Queens Road. Watford, Herts, WD1 2QN Fax: 0923 237946 This month, we are giving you the chance to enhance your Amiga. There are projects galore to make all aspects of life with an Amiga that bit easier or more exciting. To aid and devices, John Kennedy will be your guide through five pages of fal ulous fixes, fudges and formulas. Read the warnings, trust in God, and kee your solder dry.
This Is by far the easiest project to make, and It will probably be the most useful too! Imagine that you can instantly stop any Amiga in its tracks - tor a minute or an hour - no matter what It's doing The possibilities are endless: INGREDIENTS 1 On-off toggle switch (perhaps a footswltch for hands tree’ operation) 1 Short length of 0.1 pitch edge connector, ft should have at least 32 pins on it 2 Short lengths ot wire.
INSTRUCTIONS Strip about half a centimetre ol the insulation from the wire and tin the ends with a little solder With the edge connector in front ol you, the solder pins to the left, and the side which dips onto the Amiga to the right, count 13 pins away from you Solder one wire to this pin. Then, from the start again, count 16 pins and solder the other wire. Check this with the diagram The ends of the wires should be soldered to the switch. It makes no difference which terminal of the swllch is connected to which wire To con- IMPORTANT!
H© downside to at i**ts wonderful messw'g rouoc wijh soldering Itops and integrated c* j'ts is simple - not only could you give yourself, nasty burn. But you coud breaK your Amiga.
Ithougti jnhkely. In tbe event of eitrtef event. .
Iking place, neither CU Amiga ncr the autnors an bo-held in any way responsible. To make jre hat nothing does 90 wrong. Please read
• foSDwinQ oomts.
Mains electricity can kill-, -None Dl the GU Amiga jrojects require any connections to the main
• lectncity suppty. SO DON'T MAKE ANY:», you ieed an external
power source, buy. A kans- rn any H n Skset eieck*cal tr lOy..
'•••’ hop. A transformer land here we re talking iboui a
mou*ded plastic. P»etused box w-tr.
Nree pns to stick directly ;nto the fidfl - not the ump of iron and copper taken from the back
• f an o*d telly) wtH convert the potentially deadly ugh current
240 Votmams'.into'a cute andcud- liy. Several hundred
miHlamp'.4- 2 VptrSbppty .. Stat.c electricity carrkiVyour
crtps: T QSa tB * larmfess etectriDty matcah make your como •
* * uo pieces of paoe'. O« grie? You a 6hpck hen you get out of
a cat on a hot day ts fatal Jo hips. Even a small charged*
static e*ectncrty an be many thousands df vcns; and tf dis*
iharged lhrough.a oomputer'caobring tears to'
• NY3' t to ‘ground' yoursetTby wearing an earthing connected to
earth • Ai thd.Vety least touch jator or piece of e*etk»c3l
equ.pm.ent with (posed rnetat surtaces every. &q. Often.'
Don t wear rubber soled shoes and shuffle ourvj on a nylon carpet. V- V;V.
Opening ttro cased 'yppr. AMIGA-rnay.invaltdate our warranty. This means fbatypn wonTde ble to-run to Commodoie -srtdutd anything rtasty appen.-You ifso wqm be a&te td tuh'jp. Ts-, aS - U Amiga takes absolutely no resttonsibiiify.it-.. ou decide lo inyatttefe.yeur warranty, and thp . - rojects.shoukj be undehaKeg yvithihis firmly; m nect the pause switch to your Amiga, first power down. Now remove the edge connector cover on the left hand side ot the Amiga. Put the cover in a sale place in case you need it again! Clip on the connector, so that the wires can be seen on the upper surface.
The connector should be as tar forward - towards the front ot the Amiga - as possible.
Switch on your Amiga. If nothing happens, flick the switch. It nothing continues to happen POWER DOWN IMMEDIATELY Check the edge connector and make sure you have soldered the wires to the correct pins and lilted the connector correctly.
When you have your normal insert Workbench disk' screen, pop in your favourite game and wait tor it to load. Once there cs something moving on screen Ilk* the switch - everything should freeze!
Although you can freeze your Amiga at any time, it is probably not the best idea to do it when disk access is occurring. Otherwise leel tree to stop anything and everything!
HOW IT WORKS One ot the pins in the Amiga's 68000 CPU is called HALT or (HLT). When this pin is grounded, the CPU simply stops working Our switch connects a ground wire and the HALT signal via a switch. When the switch is on the CPU halts.
When the switch is oft, the CPU carries on.
OTHER AMIGA OWNERS At 500, 2000 and 3000 owners should be able lo modify the instructions to allow a freeze switch to be fitted to their computers. Instead of an edge connector, a piece of 0.1 pitch veroboard can be used, and the wires from the switch soldered to it.
The board can then be plugged into one of the Zorro slots inside the Amiga's case, and the switch brought to one of the blanking panels at the rear.
EXPANSION It is possible to expand this project into a slow mode with a minimum ot extra components. To slow Ihe computer down instead ol actually slopping it the halt line is pulsed instead ot held down.
All you need to do this is a simple oscillator circuit, which we will be showing you how lo make in a future issue.
With the release ol Kickstart 2 (and the option ot Workbench 2). Amiga owners have a choice ol Operating Systems Sure. Workbench 2 is a major improvement, but what it your favourite games stop working on your Amiga 500 Plus? Or it you want to occasionally use WB2 on your standard A500, but still want Music-X to work correctly?
You want a ROM Swapper, that's what you want. OK, so you can buy one trom any one ot countless advertisers, but why not save yourselt some dosh and build one yourselt? If you do. You could save the price ot the new ROM!
INGREDIENTS Pause Switch 1 Piece ot veroboard (at least 22 strips by 32 holes) 3 40pin DIL sockets 1 Double pole, double throw switch DPDT Lots ot lengths ot short wire 1 New Amiga ROM INSTRUCTIONS Building a device which selects between one ot two ROMs is a doddle - it you can make your own Printed Circuit Board (PCB). The problem is that there are forty connections which must be carried Irom one side ot the circuit to the other, and that is a lot ot hassle.
The design detailed here is nothing more than the simplest way possible, but once you see how the circuit works, you will probably want to design your own. For example, a form of stacking system will save space and allow many more ROMs to be added. Furthermore, owners with accelerator cards and or A2000s will have lo use a 40-way ribbon cable to reposition the circuit well out ot harm’s way.
To build Ihe ROM switch, start by making holes in Ihe board as shown by Ihe little Xs in the diagram. There are 61 holes, so it you have the official veroboard hole-making machine - called a Spot Face Cutter - you’ll save yourselt a lot of time.
Next, solder in the first two sockets - ROM socket t and 2 on the diagram. Pay particular attention to their position with respect to the holes.
The third socket is a tricky little chappy, and I’ll explain why.
We really don't want this third socket, what we really want is something completely different.
Somehow we need to connect our circuit board to the empty ROM socket on the motherboard. The AMIGA CDTV.
£200 OFF IF YOU PAY WITH Amiga CDTV multi-a
* 399.
Nputer | 12 month warranty - the whole shooting m to our Amiga customers closes at the end of !
As they say. While stocks last. And don't forget I AMIGA CDTV VAILABLI AT lILItTII) Ml" T* CALL OK •••• «•«¦ DIY best way * to use something designed lot the job
- like a 40 way 1C Header, with ribbon cable Unfortunately, these
are a little difficult to get hold of and so some cunning is
required. By taking each pm out of the DIL socket in turn and
bending the part which normally holds the 1C pin in place to
the side, you can splay the legs out tar enough to allow them
to be soldered directly to the veroboard It's not a very
elegant solution, but it works (figure 2).
You might like lo try using some special Wire Wrap DIL sockets, which should have long enough legs to pass through the board, be soldered and still fit into the motherboard socket It all seems a bit Blue Peter, but the best hardware projects always are Once you have finished with the three sockets, it's time to stan soldering the wires into place The wires must bnng pm 1 of ROM t to Pin 1 of ROM
2. Pm 2 ot ROM 1 to pin 2 of ROM 2 and so on The only exception
is pm 10 - don't solder any wires there yet The wires are not
drawn on the diagrams because they would dutter it up too
much, so some ot your common sense is required at this point
Remember to use long enough pieces of wire to allow both ROMs
to be seated in their sockets. Use figure 3 to sort out the
pin numbers.
Four longer wires need to be soldered to the circuit board and brought to a switch. The switch must be a special type (not just On Off), and must have a little wiring done to it See the diagram When the solder has cooled, lit the ROMs in their sockets. One ROM will come from the Amiga motherboard, the other Irom the friendly mail order ROM stockist Use a gentle levenng action with a screwdriver lo obtain the first ROM. And any major credit card lor the second. Or should that be the other way around... and returns the data if is asked for. If the CS line is left high, the chip is in a special
turned off state' which ensures it is totally invisible to the rest of the system Since the Amiga normally only has one ROM.
The CS line to it is low all the time However, to connect two ROMs we will need to find a way ot choosing between them. If all their pins - with the exception of the CS line - are common, selection is nothing more complicated than making sure when one ROM s CS is low. The other is high - and vice versa Most of the hard work in our design is carried out by the DPDT switch, which is why it is essen- »- tial that you wire it correctly.
In any case, when squeezing them into place, make sure that none ot the legs have bent instead of fitting into the socket. If they have, bend them gently back into shape The pins are flexible, but they're not like Captain Scarlet (indestructiblel Check out the caution on static, or you might end up paying for another ROM.
Plug the board into the gap on the motherboard. For some reason (a dead-end expansion «*ea?|. Some Amiga ROM sockets have 42 pins mstead of 40 If this is the case, keep the two pins nearest the back tree. Check the white wnnng stamped on the motherboard near the socket for more details Switch on! If nothing happens, switch off immediately and check everything thoroughly. Try flicking the switch (with the power off!| and seeing If that makes a difference If it does, one of your ROMs is working, the other isn't: check the wiring.
If the floppy disk drive makes grinding noises, you have either the ROM board or the ROMs them selves in upside down I You may want to make a small hole in the Amiga's casing to mount the switch. Leaving it to dangle out of the side of the machine isn't gener ally a good Idea HOW IT WORKS Al memory chips have a controtmg signal called the Chip Select (CS) line Whenever this signal is made low (i.e. grounded), the chip springs into life PROJECT 3: AUDIO AMPLIFIER Suitable: A500,
600. 2000,3000.CDTV Difficulty: Hard INGREDIENTS Veroboard (15
strips by 17 holes) 2 LM386 audio amp Ics 2x8-pin DILIC
sockets 2x10Ohm resistors 1x10Kohm logorllhmlc potentiometer
2 Polyester 0.047uF (micro larad) capacitors 2 PC-mountlng
220uF (micro tarad) elec- trolitlc capacitors 2x80hm
loudspeakers (e.g. cheap pod- mounted car stereo speakers) 1
Simple toggle On.'Off switch 2 Phono plugs and audio cable
Connecting wire 9V Battery & clip (or transformer) Box
Knob Four sell-adhesive non-slip rubber teet.
INSTRUCTIONS Cut the veroboard to size with a hacksaw or sharp knite. Make holes in the copper strips where indicated in the diagram. Make sure that no shards ol copper remain, or a short circuit will occur.
Solder the IC sockets in place, and using their position as a guide, solder in the rest ot the components and connecting wires. Take long leads Audio Amp 2 = Speakers EggSH T Switch «PO i VER • - .
Irom the circuit to bring to the power supply (battery or transformer - a battery is best to avoid any mains hum), audio inputs, and audio outputs Both audio inputs come trom the Amiga and are connected across the potentiometer using screened audio cable Remember to put the phono plug covers on the wires before soldering them! The inputs to the amplifier circuit are taken trom the central pins ol the potentiometer (see diagram). No other connection to the Amiga is required.
The switch is connected in-line with the power supply. You might like to add a small LED (perhaps by using a DPDT switch) to remind you that the power is on. Even it the amplifier is not connnected to the Amiga or speakers, it the battery is connected power will be used. The loudspeakers can be connected directly via their cables to the circuit board, but it may be better to use some 3.5mm plugs and sockets. This will also provide a little more portability. Mount everything In the box, alter drilling holes tor the volume control, switch and connection leads. Stick rubber teet on the
bottom ot the box tor a professional finish.
HOW IT WORKS The two chips are practically complete audio amplifiers. We just need to add a power supply, a volume control, an input signal and a pair ot speakers. The rest is handled by the silicon chips!
The connections
• rent complicated, but there are rather a lot of them. H you are
|oWng wires together It la easier to solder them at a natural
Junction, like where they are soldered to the pot for example.
LR- Gnd PROJECT 4: LIGHT SENSOR Suitabie 50o! I 600,2000.3000,CDTV I V Difficulty: Tricky y APPLICATIONS ’ Burglar alarm - trips alarm when beam is broken.
• Get your Amiga to wake you up when it gets light.
' Use your Amiga to time moving objects.
INGREDIENTS Veroboard (at least 11 strips by 16 holes) Light-dependant Resistor (LDR) BC177 Transistor Miniature DIL relay (single pole, 5 volts) Maplin Order number:FX88V 14-Pin DIL IC socket for the above 10K preset resistor Connecting wire 9-pin D-type joystick socket Power supply Ovolts FALCON™ Available on IBM PC, Amiga & Atari ST STE Digital Integi Limited. Wi Available from leading retail outlets.
In case of difficulty phone: 0276 684959 award wim simulation VIS GUI5 3AJ LEGEND OF THE FORTRESS WE BELIEVE "ISHAR" IS THE BEST RPG ON THE MARKET.
BUT DON'T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT.... "Hey freedom fighter, how's aboutadate with DC's Nol ffr s party ... animal?"
Available for PC A Compatibles A coming soon for Amiga
CU AMIGA 89°o "The exciting sense of adventure makes ISHAR Incredibly smart."
ZERO 89°o "A truly great adventure with the best graphics about."
ST REVIEW 87° c "Don't pass this one by, MUCH BETTER THAN EYE OF THE BEHOLDER 2."
THE ONE 87% "ISHAR" a great adventure for YOU.
Not your WALLET NOW SEE FOR YOURSELF.... SEND FOR THE FABULOUS "ISHAR' AMIGA SUDE-SHOW DEMO DISC FOR JUST 99p (+50p PAPIST, AMIGA, PC £29.99 OUT NOW And we'll send you details ot our speclsl money back otter... D*» uraang Ud. Dv« Home. 12 OB SW*l Undoft EC1V MB Cheque P O's payable to: Daze Marketing Ltd.
Name: ....- . VSZ27 Address Enclose £1.49 per disc (99p + 50p P&P), post to: Daze Marketing Ltd. Dagmar House.
12 Old Street. London. EC1V9AB. C « ccmnne fydfriFNCF D I Y INSTRUCTIONS Fust cut the veroboard to size. Thu is best done with a hacksaw, although it you repeatedly score the board with a very sharp knite and a sleel rule you will eventually (a) cut yourself, and (b) be able to snap the board to size.
You won't need to make any holes on the track side tor this protect, so you can start soldering straightaway The best component to start with is the socket lor tne miniature relay Once this is in place, the posdion ot the other components can be more readily seen. When soldering the transistor, keep the heat to a minimum. Ask someone to hold the transistor's leg In a pair ol pliers to transfer some ot the heat away The LDR may be put on the end ol a long pair ol trailing wires it you prefer A small cylinder made from black insulation tape will help to blinker the LDR so that only a direct beam
makes a difference to Its resistance Connection to the computer Is via the spare joystick port It might be possible to take power tram the port, but I recommend that you use a separate supply, such as a battery eliminator transformer, set to provide 5 to 6 volts When connected, you will need to calibrate the circuit tor tbe amount ot light preset The small resistor should be adjusted with a screwdriver until the relay just clicks when light falls on It, Using the Light Switch tram your tavounte pro grammmg language is not difficult - you just need lo be able to read the joystick port. All
BASICS provide functions lor this, as does AMOS and even Arexx. Our light switch is connected to the 'FIRE' button. Out you could connect a different switch to each of Up. Down. Left and Right it you want. The world's tint light sensitive joystick’ ' Don I some lor a ioint an Isol brig hi and shiny. It could bt a dry joint ehich will nol conduct electricity very well and cnuld caust all sods ol piobltms.
HOW IT WORKS The nnky-dinky little 1C tookakke relay replaces the microswitch used in a joystick. It is switched on and oil by current flowing through the transistor This transistor is itsell acting as a switch, and will only turn on when the current into its base terminal reaches a certain level This level depends on the LDR. Whose resistance changes depending on the amount ol light available The preset resistor (realty a miniature vanable resistor without a knoDlj is used to balance the bruit and control exactly how the LDR must change before the transistors becomes active.
THAT'S ALL, FOLKS Well that just about wraps it up lor doing it yourself then We will be continuing lo publish protects in the Blues pages, with upcoming specials like a genlock, and even an accelerator card H you have any protects ot your own, send them In.
One last thing, remember that any alterations you make to your machine are your responsibility, so take care with that solder and have tun customising your Amiga m KftOFftOMOOLP tUTB SACE06ALL 2 FltSTCALTH MALMS WOYJOMSAOV SUAMMACY SPIRIT OftXCAl
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• Scratch away each ol the panels to reveal the messages
• The card may reveal an 0839. If this is the case, then ring the
number. You will have either won one ol 200 copies of
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H you have won an A570, you must fiH in the back of the card and send it to the Editor, Dan Slingsby BY RECORDED DELIVERY lo CU Amiga, Priory Court. 30-32 Farringdon Lane. London EC1R 3AU. We will get in touch and organise the delivery ol your prize.
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Appetite, 200 runners up will each get a free copy of Kick Off 3, while barrow-loads of readers could soon be mailed a specially discounted copy of the new game. So, reach for your pennies, grab your scratchcards and get scratching!
TIME FOR A CHANGE If last month’s opening instalment of the history of computing seemed rather remote, you’ll be pleased to hear that from 1984, things will become much more familiar. Take it away, Christina Erskine... THE HISTORY In 1984, the games computing industry underwent huge upheaval Many software and hardware companies went to the wall, and most ol those which remained have survived to the present day in one torm or another. Both Amstrad and the new-look Atari under Jack Tramiel made their tirst appearances. The licensing deal became suddenly popular, too. And has yet to go out ol
lashion. In addition, American games became attordable lor the tirst time, thanks to newcomers, US Gold, who helped raise the standard ol Commodore 64 software no end, and broadened games players horizons.
Micros such as the C64 and Amstrad's CPCs were intended primarily as games machines (despite the utilities and cut-down business software which appeared on each), rather than the tenaciously ‘boffinish’ image ol Sinclair machines.
Finally, 1984 saw the decline ol home computers as the preserve of the amateur programmer and electronics enthusiast, and reinlorced the micro as part ol the entertainment lumiture, along with the video recorder.
In January, the national press and the TV cameras packed into the formal launch ol the Sinclair QL.
The machine which would lead to the eventual decline of Sinclair Research. The real problem with the QL was that Sinclair saw it as the first business machine lor under £400' - and that Sinclair Research spent most ol 1984 desperately trying to finish building the machine. Additionally, the Sinclair-buying public wanted it to be a games machine- and the business community found it impossible to take the non-standard, Microdrive- driven machine seriously. The Spectrum, however, was still selling strongly, and Sinclair injected new lile into it by upgrading the machine, with a new- case and
QL-style keyboard, to the Spectrum * in October. The company also announced that it was working on a portable computer - code-named Pandora - a machine which eventually came out as the distantly-related 288.
The most significant computer launch ol the year was, without a doubt, Amstrad's entry into the market. Amstrad Consumer Electronics, known for their cheap Tvs and music centres, unveiled the CPC464 in April 1984. The contrast between the CPC launch and that ot the QL, three months earlier, was marked. Large numbers ot complete CPC464s were on display, and - unusually for 1984 - they appeared in the shops exactly when Amstrad said they would be. Twenty-odd software titles were ready under Amstrad's Artisoft label, with 30 or so more in development. Its parts were nearly all standard
components, and as the tape recorder and monitor were included in the price, the machine was hailed as tremendous value for money (£229 for a green-screen unit, and £349 for a colour model).
MAC ATTACK Also launched in January was Apple's Macintosh computer - billed as the first truly user-friendly computer. If you think Macs are expensive now.
Consider that the original 128K Mac cost £2.500 In the UK, and that this was still considerably cheaper than the Apple Lisa (which later became the Macintosh XL). Lisa was the first machine to use the now very familiar WIMP interface, devised by Apple from original graphic user interlaces developed by Xerox's research centre in Palo Alto at the turn of the decade However desirable the Macintosh is. Though, it has never become a prime home computer in the UK - mainly due to the price. But its user interface, the mouse and icons, the ease of operation, and the inclusion of the larger and more
practical 3.5" disk drive greatly influenced Atari and Commodore when planning the ST (dubbed the Jackintosh’ at its launch) and the Amiga.
This year also saw the first MSX machines appear. At regular points during the year, new manufacturer's names were added to a list which would supposedly comprise the Japanese computer 'invasion' - 12 or so machines which all followed a common standard, based on the Z80 processor. Despite their success in their home market. MSX struggled in the UK. The concept of the MSX standard' was not well understood, they lacked software, they were sold through Hi-Fi outlets where browsers weren't particularly interested in computers, and they were priced ridiculously high - the 64K Sony. Sanyo and
Mitsubishi models. For example, were £300. By Christmas, the prices were beginning to fall to nearer £200, and the reductions continued into the next year. The manufacturers unsurpnsingly declined to launch MSX 2 and MSX2+ to an ungrateful British public.
OVER TO COMMODORE Ever since the C64 took off. Commodore had struggled to identify a worthy successor. Machines tentatively christened the 114. 264, 364, Ultimax, etc, fell by the wayside, until the C16 and Plus 4 finally amved in April. The C16 had moderate success as a starter computer, but the Plus 4 was nowhere near as attractive as the 64 as a games machine, and its in-built business software (3 Plus
1) was inadequate for serious use.
FAST, the Federation Against Software Theft, was set up in July. Its initial aim was to lobby parliament to have the Copyright Act (1956) amended to include computer software as a specifically-protected item, a goal which it achieved in 1985.
Continuing support from the software houses, and the dedication of the current chairman, Bob Hay.
Has led to its expansion to encompass active investigation of software piracy.
Flamboyant high fliers, Imagine, ran into difficulties in March when publisher Marshall Cavendish rejected games commissioned to support its Input magazine. In June, Imagine flogged its entire back catalogue to new company Beau Jolly - and it became apparent that they weren’t wallowing in cash as much as people had been led ,mpNrEoWved P.F. Mi PERSONAL FINANCE MANAGER If you run a personal bank account and have an AMIGA then you need "PFM PLUS’ AS EASY TO USE AS A CALCULATOR PFM PLUS makes full use of the Amiga's window interlace to amend or update an entry or Standing Order simply click
on it.
Your screen looks just like a bank slatementl STANDING ORDERS & DIRECT DEBITS EATEN ALIVE PFM PLUS handles Credit and Debit - Weekly. 4 Weekly Monthly. Quarterly, Yearly and even complicated regular payments like 12 payments of £52.99 followed by one of £12.50, PFM will check the date and automatically insert standing orders as they become due.
If you're the type that likes to look ahead then PFM allows you to set budgets for both expenditure and income. Up to 28 budgets can be set over a year, a quarter or a month and then displayed either in figures or as a bar graph for a given period.
Income Expenditure for these budgets can also be shown as a pie chart so you can tell at a glance where your money's gone. PFM also allows you to display or print your budget groups selectively so you can see your expenditure quickly and easily.
BUDGET PIE CHART BALANCE PLOT GRAPH TREND GRAPH BUDGET COMPARISION BAR GRAPH Up to 5 •*** of any on wndo* can Da dtptayad at T» sama ara th* a»o** dNaram pat* o' *a account to Da vttCMa Trough ndapanoont scronng or cop** Of grsjn* to Da dltpiayad covamQ ofiarant m* partoOs atotslo'67 windows aradaftnad Each n* coni*.ns accounts snd itardmg o-da' antnss.
Budget details and full information on the sues and po» tons of ai account atrdows n analog ar car I used man if it a not n Tie top wndo* Cask top cons can Da re arranged a* ra«ju«ad Graphs Four d'flarent types of grafh pot are avaitaOia A balance plot, a p* chart showmg selected budget caiego-.es. a budget companion bar chart and a send graph The trend graph can Da used to snow tong term increases o- decreases in your biH A BALANCING WITH YOUR BANK ACCOUNT IS NO LONGER A JUGGUNG ACT PERSONAL FINANCE PROGRAM BY PETER VEALE AMIGA CONVERSION BY DAN LENNARD Based upon the original highly
successful Personal Finance Manager, PFM Plus from Michlron is packed with additional features, improvements and enhancements all designed to give you better control over your money Take a look at this comprehensive specification.
Prints* Fotmeltmg Esc* u* can hold up tan accounts, ssch with its own Extanst.s control ovar rw format o' prtnsng *t*tsms-i* s-itr** snd stanOro onjar* Au»msl posting o' sn«na* atemst** charsets' prtcfm bod undsrWig and w M control of the use- dales prtnsng. Pints' centrW cooss datnad m sacarala cot*g«*o i Ms When you get your bank account statement or a balance from an autobank machine you can confirm it with PFM quickly and easily. Simply select PFM's unique ’Auto Balance' option and type in the balance as given by the bank and PFM will attempt to balance and .highlight entries that have
not yet been processed through the bank.
* The number ot entries is limited only by memory size
* You define the file size
* Old entries are automatically deleted
* Automatically places entries in date order
* European or U.SA. date formats
* Balance of account graph
* Moveable and re-sizeable windows
* Run multiple bank accounts by simply using different tile
Multi-Tasking allows Multi-Account access.
* Facility to check oft items against statements
* Locates cheques written months ago in seconds
* Selective print features tor dates statements standing orders
and budgets.
Cornwall. PL25 4YB Allow up to 28 Days tor delivery.
I32C BY PHONE: WITH CREDIT CARDS TELE: (0726) 68020. £40.95 (inc PSP) Statement and ttandng order printouts UPGRADE FOR £15 It you already own Personal Finance Manager and want to upgrade to PFM Plus simply return your original disk with £15 lor a full copy ot PFM Plus.
IMPROVED FEATURES INCLUDE ? Handles multiple account ? Full printer report for- with Auto transfer matting ? Graph of Trend Plotting ?Desktop Calculator ? Increased Budget handling ? Extensive user configurable options Please send me AMIGA PFM PLUS at £40.95 (inc P&P) ? Cheque enclosed made payable to MICRODEAL.
Please Debit my Credit Card Account. Expiry Date .. rTTTTTTTTinrTTTim NAME: . .
.postcode. Signed:.
NOT COPY PROTECTED HISTORY lo believe. Imagine went into receivership in July, m a flurry of winding-up orders, off-the-shelf companies, resignations, unfinished Megagames, and fast cars. It owed money to Marshall Cavendish, Liverpool City Council, and its wine merchant among others. Imagine wasn't the only company to go spectacularly bust inf 984. But it was the biggest of the software houses to do so. It caused shock waves throughout the industry and beyond because Imagine had been excellent at publicising Itself as a non-stop success story far and wide. It had been symbolic of the good
life of 1983 and its tall was equally representative ot the new realism of 1984.
JACK'S BACK When Jack Tramiel. High-profile managing director of Commodore International, left the firm on January 13th (a Friday), it surprised even his own employees None of them would have predicted that, before the year was out, he would be heading Atari, the company Commodore had virtually buned. Tramiel had built Commodore up front a typewriter repair company in the 1950s to an international Corporation which had survived the "Calculator Wars’ of the 1970s, and had gone on to lead the worid in low-cost colour computing with the Vic 20 and the C64. It is generally accepted that Tramiel
left in a dispute with chairman Irving Gould over bringing his three sons into managerial positions within Ihe company. Tramiel only laid low tor a few months before his name was linked with Warner Communications and its ailing Atari division. In July, an extraordinary deal was signed in which Warners, in effect, lent Tramiel the money to buy Atari. Relations with Commodore at this point were hardly AMIGAble. As senior Commodore executives left to join Tramiel at the new Atari, law suits were also exchanged.
The legal action concerned an unfinished micro called the Lorraine, which was being developed by a company called Amiga and headed by Jay Miner, designer of the Atari 800 s graphic chips.
Commodore was trying to buy the company outright; Atari claimed Amiga had not repaid its advance to Atari for a chip design contract. The legal arguments continued tor well over a year, but didn't prevent Commodore from acquiring Amiga and continuing to fund development of the Lorraine micro, which Commodore consequently renamed the Amiga.
Games Of The Year mu - first ol the space combat and trading games and arguably still the best. British Telecom bought the conversion rlghtsto prodecre it across all formats Jef Set Witty (Spectrum) - long-awaited follow-up lo Manic Miner JSW was really simple platforms and ladders. But It scored highly for its playability and programmer Matthew Smith’s sense ol humour - It was also the first ever arcade adventure lords Ot Muntght-Strategy wargame with a vast number ot locations. Slantingly original at the time.
KnlglitLore- Probably Ultimate s lines!hour. Witt (fn pOf lore, they revolutionised Spectrum programming by creating highly-detailed solid graphics, but each screen was a single colour against a black backdrop - thus avoiding tht Spectrum's notorious attribute clash.
In 1985, memory chips were cheap and manufacturers took advantage of this by upgrading their old machines. The Commodore 64 became the Commodore 128, the Amstrad CPC464 became the CPC664 - four months later 664 buyers all had collective apoplexy when the CPC6128 appeared in the shops.
Atari proudly unveiled its new ST technology at the CES in January. The original ST series comprised two models; the 128K 130ST and the 512K 520ST - oddly enough, the machine's disk drive was separately housed, rather than built into the keyboard. The Sts were initially pitched as Macintosh perform-alikes at a third of the price - the 130ST was to be priced at $ 399 and the 520ST at $ 599.
Commodore's Amiga was also launched this year, at a high-pizazz function in New York, and in the UK at the September PCW show. The Amiga's exact configurations remained fairly fluid until it eventually became available in 1986. Commodore, however, spent much of 1985 forcing attention on to the C128 - with only partial success.
While Atari and Commodore were redefining the leisure computer, Amstrad took an entirely different route with the PCW8256, creating a completely new market for cheap word processing.
Finally, it was farewell to the Oric. Which finally gave up the fight and the parent company went into reveivership.
GOODBYE C5 On a snowy day in January. Sir Clrve Sinclair and SinclairVehides launched the C5 electnc vehicle By April, the production line at Hoover in Merthyr Tydfil was cut back from! ,000 C5s a week to 100.
In August, production ceased altogether and in October the receiver was called in to Sinclair Vehicles. Around 4,500 C5s were sold in total.
Sinclair's target was 200.000 in the first year 1985 was the year in which industry stalwarts Acorn had to be rescued by Olivetti - twice The Cambridge-based company's shares were suspended, first in February, and were then reinstated the same month when Olivetti took a 49.3% stake in the firm. Then in June the shares were suspended again and in August came Olivetti to the rescue again, raising its share to 78.9%. Also in financial trouble were Sinclair Research.
Production of the OL and Spectrum were halted, and development work on future machines seemed to have ground to a halt. The company admitted in June that it was looking for finance and famous Oceanic swimmer. Robert Maxwell, was to announce that he would help his old friend Sir Clive out of his predicament This was before Maxwell had seen the Sinclair accounts, though.
Barely six weeks later the deal was off. Sir Clive responded by saying that the latest Dixon's order for £10 million worth of Spectrums. Qls and Tvs meant a rescue was no longer necessary and that Sinclair Research would soldier on.
COMPANIES OF THE TIME ACTIVISION Founded: 1979 (UK: 1983| Initially a video game manufacturer, Activision turned its attention to Atari. Commodore, and Apple II compulers in
1984. The UK division was established in September 1983 and, like
its US parent company, began selling computer titles in
1984. The company has a strong reputation in the lield ot
licencing games, but has also produced some ot software s
quirkier gamessuch as Alter Ego and Little Computer People.
In February 1986, Activision bought out adventure
specialist Intocom, which continued as a separate label
within the group. Activision are now owned by the French
team, The Disc Company.
First computer titles: Pltlall and Zenji (Atari 400 800) Best ever seller: Ghostbusters (all lormats). Released lor Christmas 1984. Ghostbusters is the world's biggest-sell- ing computer game, with over 2 million units sold altogether todate.
OCEAN Founded: June 1983 Collaboration with US Gold in 1984 pushed Ocean Software into software's first division. The company was founded by David Ward (who had previously headed up mail order outfit called Spectrum Games - whose name had singularly failed to delight Sinclair Research) and wine bar proprietor, Jon Woods. Together with Superior Software, it became Ihe lirst publisher lo acquire a legitimate coin-op conversion licence - Hunchback-Irom Century Electronics. A lew years later, they bought the rights to use the Imagine name as a label. In recenl years, Ocean has become one of the
most consistently successful publishers, with a string ol sought-after licences converted into computer games, including The Untouchables, The Addams Family, and Terminator II.
First title: Armageddon (Spectrum) Best ever seller Daley Thompson s Decathlon US GOLD Founded: January 1984 Geoff and Anne Brown set up Centresoft in 1982 to distribute computer games. Among the titles they handled were Atari400 800 and Commodore 64 imports from the US, which were generally superior lo home-grown titles, but proved difficult to sell at £30-£40. The Browns tried to persuade the US companies to let them duplicate, package and sell their titles in the UK. Under the separate brand name US Gold. They were fairly unsuccessful until Beach Head, Irom a then-tiny company called
Access, sold in vast quantities, and convinced the American publishers that they were missing out.
As the US Gold catalogue grew, the Browns asked Ocean to deal with conversions to British machines, and Ocean chiefs David Ward and Jon Woods became directors. Beach Head was the lirst title to be convened on to the Spectrum, and remains one ol US Gold's best sellers to this day. US Gold introduced British gamers to Epyx's sports simulations and Leaderboard, and to Microprose's Might simulations. SSI's role-playing games, and. More recently, to coin-op conversions from Capcom and Sega.
First title: Beach Head. Commodore 64 Best ever seller: OutRun (all formats), with over 500.000 sales.
MASTERTRONIC Founded: 1984 Mastertronic invented budget softwnre. Before Mastertronic,Spectrum soltwere cost anytbing from £5 to £10, Commodore 64 titles around £8 to £10. Atari XI flames £10 upwards. Furihermore, Mastertronic distributed its cheap games into unconventional places: motorway service stations, newsagents.garage lore- courts, and supermarkets. In July 19B4. Mastertronic joined forces with Galactic Software - the Darling brothers - and Ihe lirst ol the long running Simulator' series came out. The Darlings broke away to lorm CodeMasters in 1966. In 1967, Mastertronic bought
Australian publisher Melbourne House, and in 1968 became part ol Ihe Virgin group.
First title: 12 debut titles, including Vegas Jackpot.
Spacewalk and Bionic Granny, lor Vic 20. C16 and C64.
Best ever seller: Formula One Simulator (all 8-bits) SCREEN SCENE Welcome to Screen Scene.
Within these pages, you will find THE most concise information on all the latest and best games.
DELPHINE US GOLD When US Gold released Another World late Iasi year, cntics were unreserved in their praise Ai last, here was a game that effectively combined superb graphics and animation with a control system that involved more than pressing a tire button at relevant points during the game (a la Space Quest, Dragon's Lair, etc). Unfortunately, the game was also very short, with experienced players able to complete it in little over two hours from a standing start Learning from past mistakes, French development house. Delphirre. Are now back with another stab at claiming the interactive
crown. Ten times larger than Another World, Flashback features a typical 50s B-Movie plot involving aliens from outer space taking on the outward form of human beings In their attempt to infiltrate the higher echelons of a society they wish to destroy.
Square iaweO hero. Conrad B Heart a research scientist who stumbles across the aliens plans, is kidnapped by the extra-terrestnafs and impnsoned in a high security hospital. Losing his memory, he escapes his confines, only to find he has been transported to the aliens' home planet. Alone, hungry and dazed. Conrad must search lor an escape route while also piecing together his lost identity... Well, so much tor an original plot, but trom what we've seen of the game- play. Flashback certainly looks a winner Owing a lot to Brodeibund's Prince Ot Persia. Conrad can walk, run. Jump, climb, roll,
duck, skid lo a halt, inch his way cautiously forward, pick up objects, hang trom ledges and a lot more besides The character animation was achieved using a technique called Rotoscoprng were real-life video footage of actors Is used to obtain realistic and fluid movement in their animated computer counterparts This technique, coupled with cinematic techniques such as animated dose-ups, zooms and numerous flashback sequences (hence the title), help give the game a movie- style presentation.
There's a lot more to do In Flashback than simply dodging laser fire, beating up guards and blasting alien hordes.
Vital dues must be obtained by questioning van- ous characters and there are five large levels to explore before you can save the day and win the igame Available in the autumn, jwe'll have a full review as soon as possible.
LIONHEART THALION Coming soon from Thalion is a graphically-stunning mixture of Sfriderand WoltchM. Entitled Lionhean. The game is a massive platform affair, with the player controlling a half man half beast ; creature as he traverses the eight-way- scrolling levels in search of the huge . Guardian who awaits at the end As he leaps from branch to branch or wall to : wall (depending on the graphical theme of each stage), numerous nasties must be avoided or killed using whatever comes to hand. Luckily, though, the
• sprite under the player's control is an incredibly athletic
chap, and can be made to run, fight and slash out with his
sword, whilst simultaneously jumping trom ledge to ledge A
release date has yet to be set, but there's no doubting that
Lionhean is looking very interesting indeed.
MOTORHEAD VIRGIN Yes, it’s true, warts’n’atl rocker.
Lemmy, is set to smash his way on to your Artuga - courtesy of those wacky guys and gals at Virgin. Virgin signed the licence to produce a game based on Motorhead almost two years ago, but now the game has finally been unveiled. Cast as Lemmy. The player must guide the long-haired rascal as he fights his way through a series of Double Dragon- style levels in search of his kidnapped band members. These fine musicians have been stashed away in a series of music-related levels, so Lemmy must punch and kick his way through all manner of evil Ravers, country and western legends. And rap stars
before he reaches the chained members - in addition, by strumming his trusty 9 1 guitar at the oncoming baddies.
Lemmy can also reduce them to a pile of goo! What's more, the subgames are also tuned in to the Lemmy mythos. For instance, in one.
You must guzzle as much lager as possible before a timer ticks away, or pop out for a game of 'Grab A Groupie' (you wait until the Daily Mirror gets wind of this!). Expect a review shortly WALKER PSYGNOSIS Since its conception two years ago.
Walker has grown in leaps and bounds.
Ned nly and er his fierce h his ic 3ue.
Nd ovie- eat- ds 3 s. must 1 by j vari- ters ire ivels can ay a ilable mn.
A full loon .
Initially in the hands of DMA Design's David Jones, the game is now being handled by Ian Dunlop whilst David attempts to follow-up the exploits ot those little Lemmings critters The story tells ol how the player gets sucked into an arcade machine and must literally play or die. Once in, the game is split into two sections, with the first involving I blasting whatever comes your way from t second part taking you past a guardian and into a platform-based area.
Expected for a Christmas release. Walker will be reviewed very soon.
OUTLANDER MINDSCAPE Mindscape have owned the rights to produce a Mad Max game for several years now. But it seems the nearest they are going to come to one is the forthcoming Outlander. Assuming the role of a Government-paid mercenary, the player must venture into the Outland' in search of dangerous crooks and.
In particular, a highly-important weapons specialist who has been kidnapped.
Armed with a super-fast car and a series of weapons, you must enter the barren deserts and take out anyone who attacks you whilst scouring the area for the weapons ace. OK, so this sounds like familiar Roadblasters territory so far, but there are a number of gameplay enhancements, which include the ability to shoot people through any one of the car's windows - leading to some spectacular crash sequences where ihe hapless enemy is sent skidding across your bonnet only for you to run him over! Following this, the game then adopts a Rolling 77iuncfer-style scrolling section, where the hero must
fight his way through a mob of unruly baddies in search of dues.
Outlander is slated for a November release.
KICK«3FF The best football game on the Amiga has been entirely recoded. Steve Keen takes a look at Kick Off 3 and comes away with an exclusive look at the game's new features.
I Just over lour years ago a young programmer began an assart on the computer footballing world which has remained unrivalled tor years. With his first ever commercial game. Kick OH. And its sequel, he managed to single-handedly revolutionise the way we all perceived Football games on the home computer.
It's only now thal the ba« has been swept from under his feet, in the guise ot Sensible Soccer and Striker, that he's prepared to shed some light on the most eageity ankdpated sequel since Monkey Island 2- With Kick OH 3 onty two months away from completion, that programmer. Dino Dun. Will be hoping to confirm that he is the definitive soccer programmer and grab bacfi the footballing crown tor good.
Let's get It out In the open. Kick OH 3 Is not an ordinary sequel From the screen shots you could be lotgven lor thinking that the graphics are exactly the same In the tlesh, however, it's an enkrefy new ban game. For starters, the sprues that tear up and down the pitch look twice the sue at the original, and now measure up to 24x16 pixels instead at the 16x16 we are aH used to. They are also a lot taller, giving the impression that they're at a less steep angle to the pitch. They have been totally redrawn and possess a provi- Pitch •roaaarr WORLD IXCLUta ¦ r* r * ¦ another football sim?
Wen. Kick OH2 had been around tor over a year, and we found that during that time most people who had bought it had played the game to death and knew It meide out.
The game was limed to be released in conpjnctton with the start of the World Cio which didn't give us much lime lor play lasting Alter 12 months it began to transpee that there was a lot of room for improvement and people were beginning to suggest things that they would have liked to have been included ’ ously unseen amount of detail that's so dear and precise you could almost swear that they have expressions on their tiny laces However, this Is only one aspect ot the game thaf s been revamped, as youll dUcover later, and the innovative changes have been packed In tighter than an
agoraphobe baked bean m a Heinz factory. To spil the whale story let's dve straight Into our World exclusive interview with the man himself Over to you, Dinot Following the enormous success of Kick OH 2 why did you think that there was room lor yet So what'6 new? 'The game itself has been completely recoded,' he explains I wanted to improve the way the computer teams played and they are now tar more Inteligent Each team member now possesses his own set of tactics and there wSI also be a wide choice ol team strategies lo suit every style of play. These tactics are the most superior any player
vnD have come across, using ten times the amount of data and complexity than those found in Kick OH 2 The manoeuvres you can now perform are extremely detailed and accurate passing becomes second nature.'
S*i«ct fat Kit S»l«ct Sra Kit Pitch hap editor view Omphic Pi l* IN DEVELOPMENT Hah* Pitch Pi I* Tactic editor Wip* Diah I One of the txggest changes I’ve implemented s the introduction of player acceleration and deceleration When I started Kick OH, the brief from Anco was that they wanted an intettgent and reafiebc football sim. So I spent a lot ol time trying to find the best way ol recreating the feel of the sport. The ball is the local point ol the whole game I knew that it had to behave in exactly the right manner lor the game to be convincing and that IS where I got the idea for
When a player runs up and kicks the baU it moves away from turn taster than he is travetknfl Then, due to air tncbon. The bal slows down allowing him to catch up and that is the basic ball movement. In Kick Oil 3. By pushing the joystick forward you can actually see the players begin their run and build up to a spnrrt, whilst centring toe joystick slows them down. Thus, the realism in the movement of toe ball has been transferred into toe movement ol toe players, resulting in a much more realistic-look- ing game Not only that, but the speed at which toe players run directly affects toe amount
ol control you have over the ball. Ultimately, dabbling is easier as you have control over the speed at which your player accelerates. The faster you run the less dribbling and turning on the ball you can do.
At a slow speed toe ball won't move so far away from your feet and you can actually pull it in all manner of directions, bobbing and weaving with all kinds of fancy movements.'
Impressive claims, but you haven't heard toe half of it. Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed toe discrepancies in sprite sizes from around toe pages. This is not a fault with our camera zoom, but another amazing tirst from toe would-be Footy King - Kick Off 3 actually includes a choice of sprite sizes. This means that you can decide whether to play your game with large detailed sprites or scaled down versions allowing you lo see more of the pitch Not only that, but at any point during the game you can alternate between toe two modes with a quick stab of the spacebar.
Incredibly, though, the reduction in spnte size has not resulted in any loss of detail, as they are exactly the same as their bigger brothers and still pump their arms and legs as ferociously as before when hurtling around the pitch However, even more exciting, Dino has also included the option for the player to set the computer to automatically switch between the two views at opportune moments during the game For example, if the ball should go off for a corner you can take the kick in small mode and teH Ihe computer to instantaneously switch to full-size when the ball floats into toe area
for a dose up of toe action. 'The screen updates at 50 frames a second, says Dino, and with all the detail I've put in I've had to use some real tricks of the trade so that there's no loss of speed. Even Kick Off 2 suffered a slight 10% or 15% reduction when things became duttered. But the new game won’t have this problem at all.’ m ng Hit.
A ion reus 1 tor 0- iaHSSgSagfeTSSSg tnd nem- there osuit 1 ing than iu 1CCU- Not only are there the Aral picture* In the world taken ot Kick Oft 3 but drey are also pictures ol the ft ret game In the world to leeturo more than on* atyta ot pitch. Thla k* how the hortzontaBy scrolling field will look In enlarged mod*.
Mges Kick an I a tot 8 toe toe on- Jtion.
Oves en, g him KICK OFF 3 There were more than a lew criticisms levellea at Kkk 0(12 and Mr Dim promisee that the same will nc« Oe true ot his latest creator! One ol the hardest aspects to address m a Football game is the personality ot the keeper and how he's going to deal with the perpetual torrent ot shots Some people scotted at the way the goalie tended to be slightly hyperactive in Kick OH 2. He oould jump Irom one goal post to another, studding 20 feet across the prtch and still save the bal with his teet when it had appeared to have long gone past him.
The trouble is that the only thing you can do with the keeper - apart Irom rolling the ball out or goal kicking - is diving and saving This provides a bit ol a problem as the actual reaction Bme needed lo switch controls occurs taster than humanly possi ble. You would never be able to see the keeper and the ball on the screen at the same time early enough lo be able to make the decision to control the keeper with the roystick. It he was joysfick-con- trolled. The whole thing would be a mockery. Goals would be pouring In let! And right, making it very frustrating So. Lor the mo3t part, the
computer makes the decisions I The goalie in Kick OH 2 is controlled by akjonttims and although it may surpnse you. He never cheats. The algorithms are a set ol complicated calculations and formulas which look at the bal and woik out where it's going lo go, where It's going lo cross Ihe goal line, and how high It's travelling It then sends all lhat inlor- mahon to the routine which prompts Ihe keeper to dive On top ol that, he must be wittin a certain radius of the ball to catch it. In order to prevent an enormous amount ol goals being scored, that radius is set quite large - larger than
perhaps it would be In real life. This means it won't always touch his hands, but ml be dose enough to his body to be transferred to them. Thus, you! Get Ihe effect ol the impenetrable, invisible torce held lhat seems to surround him sometimes' Kick Off Initially took litteen months lo produce and the sequel was finished in less than half that bme. With the original providing all the ground work kick Off 3 has taken more than twice as long, signifying the incredible amount ol new code that's been needed. Another leature I’ve adapted is the scanner I still teel it's vital lo the game even The
single team multi-player system Omo incorporated into Kick 0112. That allowed more than one human to play and control selected men on the same team during a match, didn't quite take oil The problem was that you couldn I have both the controlled players on the screen at the same lime Omo is currently looking into the possibility ol having a nearest-to the ball routine lor two independent joysticks that would switch control to one |oystick so that the two players can control any sprite rather than be stuck with one all the time.
Though many people could not move their eyes oil the bad to use H Kick OH 3 wifi not only lei you change the sire ol the scanner, but its position as well. You can place it almost anywhere on the screen: That’s not the only difference as the tiny dots have been discarded and replaced by little men with an option lor the* shirt numbers to be displayed above their heeds. An altogether more pleasing and user-friendty device I Now hold onto your seats as we've saved the really big surpnse unM last.
We all know that the Kick Off series are played over vertically-based pilches, but what would happen if you applied the same gameplay. Style and characteristics lo a horizontaly blased version?
Well, now's your chance to find out because Dino has crammed an entirety new perspective, including that very same scenario into the game The sprites are the same and include all the options ol the other game including the size ratio, but they now run lett to right! The immediate difference, although drawn to exactly the same scale, is that the pitch is a lot bigger (espedaly in terms ol its width) as the scaling accommodates lor the shape ol the TV or monitor. This new view works particularly well with the new Free Kick and Comer routines. The arrowed box has been replaced by a dotted
marker which traces out the path ol the bal and controls Its direction and height (a system a fit- tip simitar lo lhat ot Rage's Striker). Altertouch and swerve will be available alter you've set your desired kick. You now have almost infinite control over where you can place the ball: enthuses Dino.
¦which was one ol the main problems before Now you can position it right on your man and with practice you should be able to have a great chance ol sawing Irom any given situation: KiHMiillili’iiiUi'iHili With a« these new additions, it's easy to forget that the game will still have its quota ol old tamiliar options There will be in the region ol 100 learns to play with, individual kit designs, skill levels, and editors. Single game, 01 Kick on 2 Omo says I think it was the best game ot its time, but it I had more upenence ot people playing it and I d had the knowledge that I have now it could
have been a lot better It s taken two years ol playing the game to get the understanding ol how to make it play better Nobody ticepl Steve Screech realty play- tested Kick Otl 2 and it was almosl a case ol straight oil the computer and into Anco s hands practice mode, action replays, cups and leagues wiH also be making a welcome return along side some rather novel option menus one of which will allow the customisation ot joystick controls However, with all this detail, menus and sub menus comes an ocean lull ol problems lor Mr Dini The hardest and most time consuming part ot producing a game
such as this, apart trom the actual programming, is debugging it all. The programming is so involved, and the computer so dumb, you have to tell it to do everything and then instruct it how to cope with all the different circumstances that occur. In a simulation like this, you have hundreds of independent things moving at once. What tends to happen is that these hundreds of pieces interact with each other to provide millions of combinations and it only takes one unexpected result to produce a bug. The new programming techniques I'm using are designed to minimise these problems, but
they're not always easy to foresee That's what happened with the now famous bug in Kick OH 2, where the player occasionally takes the comer from the wrong end of the pitch. These things are literally one in a million and something Nke that occurring in Kick OH 3 is almost impossible. The intelligence factor is incredibly hard to implement and you can imagine the mathematics involved are unbelievably complex. You have to give the sprites eyes and make them aware ol the objects around them in order to decide what action to take. One single decision taken by a player would take up aboul
thirty screens of data. Ail that text has to be scanned through, scrutinised and a reaction produced in a millisecond. It’s not surpnsing that the occasional glitch is thrown up.'
What with the commercial aspect ot computer advertis ing rearing an ever increasing head. Anco have thought about placing some corporate ads on the hording that surround the pitch. So far the main player seems to be Coca Cola, but nothing's been confirmed in writing yet.
Mil33Sm3il£liiilflThere's much more passing in the area involved in the new game as well as turning on the ball - which is again directly affected by the speed of your player. The computer players try exceedingly hard to get into good shooting positions before they take a crack at the goal and. At the moment, few opportunities are wasted Fortunately for us, however, Dino says the final version will indude realistic inaccuracies.
After all, no one is likely to get a shot on target from the half way line, and Dino s aim is to make every shot as reaksec as m real He Another characteristic he's kxkjng a mtrodudng, as if the goal keeper rouenes weren t complicated enough, is how easy a shot is lo save. So a fast ball travelling low lo the back end of the goalie's body we have a low probability of being saved and one Wagft lo his chest a high chance of bemg slopped The results in the keeper having weaknesses that you can learn to exploit.
Kick OH 3 is set lo make ts debut in September and the Dm. Anco dan are backing it to be the ultimate tnntseknq experience. I don't see how much more anyone could get out of the football genre, says Dmo There's so many different soccer geieer out there that what I've tried to do is tying the best points together with some incredx e new features ot my own. Every aspect of Kxk OH 2 has been improved right down to the skdng tackles that now have aftertouch as w*i odter shots. The Kick OH trilogy allows you lo develop your skills the more familiar you become with the games, and the excitement of
the original Is still here in abundance. Loyal fans of the first two games will not be disappointed and new comers will be surprised at the achievements. I guarantee that there's something to delight everybody.'
We'll have a full review of the game as soon as it's passed the playtestlng stage and the game itself looks likely to be in the shops by the beginning ot October at the very latest.
Although guaranteed huge sales on Its release, Anco have resisted exploiting the massive following the game has built-up by keeping the price at a budget-beating £24.99. What is still uncertain as I write this, is whether there will be any add-on disks as was the case with Kick Off 2. Anco have now abandoned the home computer market, so this could very well be the last version ol Kick Offwe'll see on the Amiga. The good news is that it looks like a winner all the way. ® Nothing's mot* satlaTylng man slamming a thundsrous voksy Hi lo ins back ol lha nal trom 30 yards out. Woll, psrhaps slamming
ona In Irom 30 yams rmgnt Bal All IMS and mors Is poaaWa thanks lo Wo ksapor's lalllHlty The original Kick Otlis a far cry from the game currently under development. It only possessed two team colours and there weren't any such luxuries as after touch, sliding tackles, extra time or replays Competitors did have the option to play Sunday League however, and had the choice of playing the full 45 minutes a side in real time!
So call now to win this fantastic prize Calls cost 36p (Cheap rate) and 48p (at all other times) per min. inc. VAT
T. T.P. Ltd, Berwick upon Tweed TD15 1AB. Please ask permission
before you call.
Your cwne may b»pw»d on too»iBrre6pcmMecompa(i«» who may send special cflers and promotonal fcraMB. »you * na wart Mi (*»»»«*» P»wabo»» PLUS I Cartoon Classics I Lemmings Captain I Planet I I Bait Simpsons I Paint 111 • with animation I Workbench 21 PLUS I Hollywood collection I Robocop Batman - The Movie I I Indiana (ones I FIB Stealth Fightert Wicked 30 Game Pack I ¦ Another 50 great games' Microswitch Fighter joystick ¦ Dust Cover ¦ Mousemat COMPETITIC ENDS 31st It is one of the most eagerly* awaited films of the year. And it certainly has a tough act to follow. Steve Merrett takes a look
at Alien3 • the film and Acclaim’s new game... illill i.cl Whereas James Cameron's Aliens ana its gun-toting action scenes lent itself perfectly to a computer game, it has to be said that Aliens isn't the most trigger-happy ol films. As with Alien, Ridley Scott's first film in the series, the Producers (on Sigourney Weaver's insistence) deliberately kept the prisoners on Fiorina unarmed to make for a tighter and more suspenseful film.
Yet corridor chases and the occasional death scene don't exactly sound the sort of thing that an action-packed game is made ot. So when Croydon-based Probe Software were approached to produce the Aliem licence for the consoles and the Amiga, a few liberties had to Be taken - well, quite a few, actually. You see. In the quest for a decent Alien-related game, Probe decided that a few of the film's ideas should go out of the window, rather than for them to stay totally faithful and produce a game which nobody would want to play.' - As far as sprite recognition goes, there are no problems here.
The eight-way-scrolling world of Fiorina's prison complex is populated by the movie's bald-headed convicts - all of whom rather strangely seem to resemble Brian Glover (the film's Prison Warder) rather than the likes of Charles Dance and Paul McGann. However, Ripley herself is instantly recognisable as, armed with a pulse rifle and a series of explosive weaponry, she legs it through the game’s many corridors in search of the Alien menace. Explosive weapons? Pulse rifles?
Shome Mishtake, Shurely? Not Really. 'When we started work on the Megadrive version nine months ago.' States coder Tim Round, 'we had the script, storyboards and loads of photos for reference. It was obvious from the 'no weapons' dause. Though, that the actions scenes just weren't conducive to a decent arcade game - after all. What's the player going to do when they encounter the lone Alien and can’t shoot it - run away?"
¦•ViillaaiiMaa With stories regarding the film's problematic shooting schedule flying about, just how complete was the script Tim was working on? 'Actually, it was virtually complete,' he affirmed. ‘There were one or two minor alterations
- such as the creature the Alien emerges from, for instance - but
all the plot elements were there.
Considering that I only had pictures to go on and hadn’t seen the film at the time of coding. I was really surprised at how close the game screens are to the real thing.' Right at the start, it was decided to avoid the script. It threw up a lot of problems in respect of making a game. 'The main difference between the two,’ explains Tim, 'is that in the ¦ As with the Allen movies. Ihe Intro sequence Is highly Impressive. As a huge plane! Comes into view, the Allen* logo appears to form slowly In the planet s film are spelt out, with an atmospheric soundtrack adding to the hugely Impressive
By one, the words ol the RESTRICTIOMS n mogul fashion the s had restrictions imposed on them when producing e Acclaim game. One ol the sttioprovtsethatin il-so-ever were they
• the Ripley char- ¦ange indeed!
Movie Ripley spends most of her time weaponless, being pursued by Ihe monster, white in the game she’s armed to the teeth.’ Work started on Alien1, the game, well before Acclaim took up the project. Initially the rights were held by Mirrorsoft before their unforeseen demise. As you would expect Alien1 was one of the first to be snatched up by the circling buzzards. ’You don’t leave a money spinner like this license gathering moss,’ says Probe.
So how’s the license shaping up? Set on the desolate planet’s surface ot Fury 161 the game kicks into action outside a main entrance that begins your five level horror blast. Each level is amde up of four individual stages, including a special section where you must locate and destroy anything between a single guardian alien and a whole horde. The level is a maze ol platforms and ladders and the beasts will even spit drip acid onto your body to drain Ripley's energy.
The standard mission is simple, rescue the stranded prisoners and kill anything else that breaths before your time’s up. Before each stage starts you are told what your objectives are. It could be a ’simple’ matter of finding your way out ol a level betore the timer expires, to rescuing as many prisoners as possible or killing sundry aliens in a given time limit. If you should miss a couple of the convicts the computer scrolls back to their location alter the completion of the level and you can watch them explode betore your eyes! But with so much hardware at your disposal it shouldn’t
happen often.
The four choice weapons are the pulse riffle, flame thrower, grenades and grenade launcher.
Obviously, some are more powerful than others, but in some situations it's best to choose a weapon for its versatility rather than Its carnage rating. The riffle lets you shoot at angles, whilst the flamethrower allows you to stand and duck when firtng.
Grenades can be dropped into ducts to bounce around before hitting their target and the launcher, the most devastating weapon, will take out huge numbers of beasts, but takes precious seconds to cock and load.
The locations of the levels are excellent with all the 16 colour Amiga palette used to great effect.
Some of the environments, such as the slaughter house, contain the Aliens and are richly detailed and very atmosphehc. Dead chickens scatter the levels and oxen hang from hooks riddled with gaping holes looking like they've exploded from the inside out. The usual gantries and girders, ladders and conveyor belts make up the platforms and all look well al home in the themed arenas. As often happens when British programmers produce games of block busting films, timed for movie release, they don’t get to see the flick until well into their schedule. However, the team were astounded by the
closeness in detail and the resemblance that the software bears to the overall look of its celluloid cousin.
HUZESQS There are two types of Alien to combat during the game The small face-huggers and the huge, fully developed aliens. This monster has been genetically spliced with an ox and therefore runs around on all fours. The smaller crab-like versions hide in shadows, crawl across ceilings and walls and generally scuttle around just as they do in the films. One of the most entertaining sections sees Ripley coming across scores of pods that begin to hatch before your eyes. Suddenly they burst open, flinging the face-huggers through the air and onto her face Only by waggling the joystick
furiously from left to right will you break their grip. All the time the monsters are in contact with the heroine they drain her energy so the faster you waggle the longer she’ll live.
Life preservation (yours and the prisoners) is the name of the game and there’s plenty of useful kit to help you in your mission. An on-screen monitor warns of approaching lite-torms including the various aliens and prisoners. This feature is invaluable when exploring some of the bigger levels as you only have a few minutes to complete a search- and-find mission. Nearly all of the levels contain the claustrophobic ducts seen In the original film. A lot of the game's action is based around these tun- nels. They were one ol Ihe hardest pads ol the game to implement,' Tim continues. 'When
Ripley submerges into the ducts you can't see anything outside as it's pitch black and when she's outside you can't see into the ducts. Finding a way ot having this natural transition Irom a lairty well lit scene to pitch darkness, without the player knowing what's coming next, was very hard to pull oil.'
ALIEN3 THE FILM It is one of the most eagerly-awaited films of the year. And it certainly has a tough act to follow.
Steve Merrett takes a look at Alien3 - the film and Acclaim’s new game... It's in one ol the massive tunnel sections on the loudh level that the game takes on more ol a Gigeresque leel as you find yoursell emerging into what looks like the aliens' main breeding ground.
The whole place is smothered in gunge and secretions. Slime drips from the walls and ceilings whilst lace-huggers scuttle around everywhere. It's here that you will find the main use lor your grenades as randomly located and barrels ol Quintacetaleen, an extremely volatile and flammable chemical. II you shoot them you'll be blown sky high, but by keeping your distance and tossing a lew grenades at them you should be able to start a chain-reac- tion totally hying entire tunnels ol aliens at a time Your hardware isn't unlimited but extra packs ol bullets and first aid can be picked up on
¦ Aliens3 looks set to be the biggest and best arcade console game ever released on the Amiga and it all goes to plan it could even topple Team 17's Alien Breed Irom the number one horror slot. The sound ol deep fried lace suckers, sampled explosions and alien screams are enough to bring anyone back lor more. And until the game is officially released none ol us will be able to sleep at night.
:n".TW in space no one could hear you scream The second time round, it was war (few it s hxing in the most terrilying place ol al. Yes the bach is back, and despite what the press say about Sigourney Weaver, the phrase descrtes » e creature starring opposite Ripley m the third land probably final) instalment ol » Aten films.
In 1979, on a windswept planet known only as LV57, a party ol space truckers were seen entehng an organic-looking spacecraft in search ol the transmitter responstte lor a Mayday call. It was to lead to a dearfty confrontation against a creature which was to revolutionise the popular image ot the 'Man In Rubber Suit' monster and result rt yjst one sur vivor. This survivor.
Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley, was to return to her home planet ol Earth some fifty- seven years later alter an extended hypersleep to lind that LV57 had been rechristened Acheron, and that contact with the colony had been lost. Realising that the only way to lace her tears ol the add-blooded creature was to take it on and k* it oft tor good, Ripley joined a party ol heavily armed Marines on a hunt-to-kill mission. Once agam. Trough, casualties were high and as Acheron was vaporised in a nudear explosion. Rftkey Corporal Hicks, and a nine year-old grl rafted Newt were the only people to return
lo hypersleep - but not, unfortunately, to Earth tr'Vu'lT.Milli J Alien’picks up several days alter the events ol Aliens, with Rfoley.
Newt, what's left ot Bishop the Android, and Hicks still in hypersleep on the journey home Unfortunately, though, they are not alone, and a skittering lace-hugger’s acid blood starts a fire which prompts the ship to depose ol the three survivors - and unwanted guest - on to the nearest planet Due to actor Michael Hicks' Biehn s reluctance to appear in the sequel and Carrie Newt' Henn's aging in the eight years between films, the Producers were left with a problem ol writing out two main characters early on in the film. Alter all. Ripley spent most ol the second film looking after Newt, and to
have the poor child killed at the start ol the third was unsatisfactory but, sadly, necessary - but it also solved the problem ol how to replace Hicks.
Thus, alone and barely alive, Ripley is found and escorted to a dark dwelling several miles Irom the crash site - leaving the bodies ol Newt and Hicks in their cryogenic coffins. It tran spires that the windy planet Ripley has landed on is called Fiorina 161 (AKA 'Fury') and it is treated by the all-powerful 'Company' (who financed both Ripley’s original ship and sent the crew to locate the Mayday AND return to eradicate the Alien menace) as a prison where the workers eke out a pitiful existence whilst kept out ol harm's way.
Populated by a weird assortment ol rapists, crooks and anti-Company 'problematics', the cast ol Alien’ is predominantly British, with Charles Dance, Brian ‘Nowt Taken Out' Glover, and Paul McGann amongst the surly convicts.
As the film progresses, the surviving lace- hugger which sparked Ripley's premature landing impregnates one ot the prison's dogs, which promptly keels over to give 'birth' to one ol the acid-blooded Aliens. Recruiting what's left ol Bishop to aid her, Ripley is stunned to find out that the prison leatures no weaponry whatsoever, and as the Alien starts to pick oH the convicts one by one, only she can end the menace tor good... ¦¦¦,,,:,l,3i'.'1ili;v;l=i'„--A Work on Alien’was troubled to say the very least. Whilst every critic is ready to put down a sequel as 'been there, seen it, bought the
T-shirt', with the third in the Alien series, such speculation was fuelled by the constant hiring and tiring ol stall.
No less than lour plot lines were forwarded and ignored (including a genetic-splicing tale Irom the castle logicians, Ihe Lost, the Ice Palace ami Her iure his safe passage home.
2 is available on Hmn frc Amiga 1 meg only) fV| PC compatibles.
Screen shots from various formats.
Tradeuiinds 'House, tisfitwume Had, Derby, DS2 335. Telephone (Q332) 297797 3acsimile(a332)3Sl511 the atmosphere. However, because ot the many delays with the script and the story running massively over budget on several occasions, the film's release date was bumped back from Christmas last year, to an August release this year. In addition, this caused several of the actors to get a little 'agitated' as the hours got longer and the atmosphere worse. Similarty, when it did all come together, the preview audience were tar from happy with Fisher's original ending which, without giving the
plot away, was rather similar to that of Terminator II. Thus, the cast once again had to be recalled, but Weaver was adamant that she wasn't going to shave her head again. Luckily, she was won over and. After some nine months ol filming.
Alien III was finally in the can.
On the film's release in the US, it was critically panned by the film reviewers, but nevertheless went on to rake in a whopping $ 56,000,000 in its first week - before tailing off almost immediately after. It opens in Britain in August, so you should have been able to judge the results ot Fisher's work for yourselves by now... TAXING Tht BISCUIT Ridley Scot, me director ol tu first Allen film, directed Brian Glover, one ol Alien*'! Prison stare, in his Orel ever advert lor Kevin Bread.
Frank Batman: The Dark Knight Returns' Miller), and a further three Directors were similarly ousted before the producers settled on David Fisher.
However, even this couldn't stop the prattling Hollywood skeptics, as Fisher's previous directional work had been tor music videos tor the likes ot Paula Abdul and George Michael, leading people to believe he wasn't ready for what was a very strong Ace in Fox's hand.
Unabated, Fisher started working from a script by Vincent Ward set on a distant prison planet and setting the cast against just one creature rather than James Cameron's army in the second film.
Fisher was a massive fan of both films, and admired the fact that they were both so different - a trait he wanted to carry through into his.
Thus, as the movie reached storyboarding stage, with Sigourney Weaver s return as Ripley now confirmed, and the majority of the cast onboard. He decided that there would be no high-tech action and more emphasis on suspense. In addition. When working with the Alien effects team of Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff, Jnr (both of whom worked with Stan Winston on Aliens) it was decided to make the creature more similar to H.R. Giger s original ideas. For example, the knobby head of the warrior aliens have since been replaced with a more transparent and smooth dome which acts as a powerful
reflective surface during the predominantly dark action scenes which abound in the movie.
Initially, both Gillis and Woodruff had envisaged taking the Alien another step forward by adding Chameleon-style elements to the creature.
This way, they had hoped tor a creature which looked like wood because that was the environment it ‘grew up’ in, whilst they had also planned for metallic and even glass-based creatures. However, in the end it was decided that this would be taking the idea too far from the original track and may upset die-hard tans, so any additions to the costume were minimal. One thing they did pull off.
Though, was increasing the number of stages in the Alien’s development. In the first film, it was seen as the face-hugger, before emerging as a chest- busier and eventually shedding its skin to become the fully-grown creature. In the third film, though, there are more transitions and these make for a more varied and unpredictable creature.
As with the other two films. Alien III was filmed at the Pinewood studios here in the UK, and the film covered seven massive soundstages - with the famed 007' set (named after the number ot James Bond films shot there) acting as the steel mill for the film's finale. In addition, to get the bleak-looking planet surface otf to a tee. A gravel-filled backlot, spanning several acres, was used with the typically dull English weather adding to the overcast look ot SI ?
«: c- U ¦| » e .
;•} , | El
• • f + . * I_J L4 iid iiVj rvrnru ••• LcAiiJ.
1 fm _________... art Although me Amiga version olAUent was me leal lobe started, it's especwd mat the mashed game arte be In the shops by November. Already much crt the game is In place, thanks lo a speedy map editor srttlch makes the placing ol obtects and scenery In the game a piece ol cake. Above are a couple ol screens srttlch hopelully shoa me attention to Oetak that has been Invested In me Amiga version.
CURRICULUM VITAE Tim Round, the Alien* coder, has worked for Arc Developments and on such games as Forpoften Worlds. Crackdown. Dragon Brood and FI-Typo amongst others. All sound etlects were done through Prohe and the music by Krtsalls.
El Can you imagine how you'd feel if you were, say, a sludent and your Lecturer losl the essay you’d been beavering over for the Iasi two months? Or if you were an aspiring pop star whose top-notch bid al pop stardom was messed up by a careless music promoter? Well, thaf s exactly what happened to Vivid Image's Mev Dine. After beavering away on The Fust Samurai tor no less than eighteen months, Mev was on top ot the World. The stunning-looking beat 'em up was winning acclaim trom every magazine under the sun and collecting more awards than a Richard Attenborough fHm. But then, with the game
In the shops for a mere two or three days, Robert Maxwell's untimely swimming lesson pulled the rug trom beneath Mirrorsoft's feet - and its demise took The First Samurais chance at the big time with it.
Sadly, Vivid Image’s The First Samurai never got the break it deserved.
Undaunted, though, the Harrow-based developers are currently busy on a sequel.
Steve Merrett was there to see their new warrior... It was dreadtul.' Recalls Mev from Vivid Image's North Harrow offices Everyone loved the game, and loads ol people were showing interest, but nobody could buy it - it was so frustrating.' In an attempt to raise cash, a deal was consequently struck wilh UBI Soft to bundle Samurai with Sensible’s similarly-dumped on Mega-Lo-Mania, but it was hardly the release the game deserved However, undeterred by such a major blow. Mev and his Samurai co-writers. Raff Cecco, Teoman Irmak. And John Twiddy were already preparing a sequel. OK, so in these days
of Robocop III, SECOND TIME LUCKY' IN DEVELOPMENT Indiana Jones IV, and the like, a sequel is no big news - but for the first time since the company's inception. Vivid Image were prepared to commit themselves to a follow-up - but only on a number ol premises. With the first game, we perfected a map editor which allowed us to piece the game screens together with the minimum of hassle,' explains Mev. ‘However, although this would prove useful, we were determined not to rewrite the original game with different levels. People had also complained that Samurais levels were too long to be fun and. On
reflection, I tend to agree.
Thus, the first idea was to break the game into smaller sections and also perhaps opt for a more 'console! style to the proceedings.'
I In terms of plot, The Second Samurai follows directly on after the events in the first game. The first game was all about defeating a demon over a number of time zones,' Mev says, ‘but a due in the first game mentioned that the Demon was only vulnerable in ancient Japan - whereas the player eventually catches up with it in the future.' So does this mean that the idea lor a sequel was being touted early within the first game's development? 'No,' he continues, there were ideas we thought would be good for a sequel, but nothing concrete.'
Thus, having banished the Demon into space and - supposedly - destroying it, the hero actually finds out that it has somehow survived in space and is currently wreaking havoc through the cosmos - ‘a sort of twist on the Time Tunnel thing,' Mev adds. This also conveniently means that Vivid can then add whatever backdrops and scenarios to the game they like - including the possibility of a shoot 'em up stage. 'Basically,' he explains. 1*6 want to add as much variety to the proceedings as possible For a starter, the levels are smaller, with the four main worlds split into SECOND AND THIRD
SAMURAI No. Vivid Image aren t planning a third game in the series - bul The Second Samurai does lealure a two- player mode for double the lun. Basically oilers Mev the whole game is about bonus collecting and solving the simple puz les in it. However, il Ihere are two ol you working together, we hope to have it that you can steal each others goodies with a little cunning. The way the system works is to have the player with most amassed booty as the Leader , and it is this leading sprite that determines when the screen scrolls However, il they die.
Then until they collect enough money again to usurp the other player, they must follow the second sprite obediently. In addition, they will also be able to light each other to gain collection ol the many treasures within the game We don't want them knocking seven barrels oul ol each other, says Mev. But they will be able lo stun each other slightly which won t cost any energy, but will be extremely inconvenienl' Afal U&MMIRAJA tour smaller levels. Ana, in addfocn to those, we want ttie game to have as many hidden levels and Bonus rooms - lor instance, one room contains a series ol mini Demon
heads which spin Into smaller versions - a la Asteroids: Actually, whilBt this sounds rather dodgy, when the game is running on screen it all fits together 'ather snugly. The first thing I noticed is that the Samurai sprite seems considerably larger.
Actually, he's only about six pixels higher man last time, otter Mev We tell that the original game's sprite was tine, and that he behaved as we wanted rum to. As a result we've pretty much left him alone and have iust tightened up a tew aspects - he can throw knives when he lumps now, lor example' The team have strived to make the game as sxnple to play as possible, and this is extremely apparent, as the now-dad Samurai that's nght. He's put some clothes on at last) wanders across the eight-way-scrolling play area As volcanoes erupt into mini-fountains ot tire, all manner ol strange
creature ambles to and fro. Ready lo sap our hero's health But not all are as nasty as they seem..
MV. SlilMiiy The first game was a little too serious in
retrospect,' admits Mev It has all this really good action,
bul the only bghl-hearted thing about It was the sound
effects. This time round, we've tried to add elements of
humour to the action' To demonstrate, he positions the
Samurai above a deadly flame pit and stands ready for action.
Alter a few seconds what appears to be a large Pufter Fish
glides towards him. Only lo be reduced to instant Sushi by
Mev's whirling blade As it Is sliced, though, its watery
contents drop trom Ihe sky to douse the (tames 'See''' grins
Mev And, true enough, there's more ol thra kmd ol humour
throughout the game to keep things sght- hearted without
resorting to silliness Queen Bees who must be killed so that
you can steel mee crown and Egyptian Dancers who you 1
encounter when passing through a Time Gate to a sub-game The
Second Samurai ts now enlenng Ss ninth month in development,
with Rail henamg tie coding on his trusty 386 PC, Teoman
supptymg me graphics, and Mev and John overseeng ms project
(although John is heavily nvolvod with Vivid's forthcoming
SuperSprint done). ITS been tun coming up with a whole new
idea.' Says Mev There's so much we have wanted to get n
there, and the game is really starting to shape up rvcety -
it should surprise a tew people You can expect the surprise
this coming Christmas, before which a Publisher must be
decided SPACE-THE FINAL FRONTIER Iccated throughout each ol
Ihe game s tour Worm - which include a weird Twilighl Zone a
high lech lab a possibility ol a dedicated blasting level,
and hact lo olde woilde Japan - are a series ol small pinkish
Pressing lire whilsl standing in tront ol these, warps the Samorai lo a strange sub-game Depending on momoiy space, these will lealere variations on platform games tstiroits and assorted shoot em ups - all ol which will feature the same Samurai sente We dido t want lo alien ate the player by suddenly turning the sente mo ssy a .
Spaceship so we tried to incorporate as many pame styles as possible whilst retaining the mam sprits and possible IN DEVELOPMENT Indiana jonis and TNI MU or ATLANTIS - THE ADVENTURE Leaving the high-seas of the Monkey Island series behind them, Lucasfilm go in for a bit of deep sea diving in Indiana Jones’ quest to find the lost city of Atlantis. Dan Slingsby jumps in at the deep end.
I But what ot the game itself. I hear you ask? In development lor more than a year, a lots expected Irom the title, especially alter the prase heaped on Monkey 2. The plot lob lows the same pattern as the recently-released arcade game. It’s a race against tone lor the world's most lamous archaeologist to track down the lost city ol Atlantis and thus thwart the deadly plans ol Klaus Kemer and his Nazi lackies From Iceland and New York, to Monte Caito. To Africa, Crete and Atlantis, the game's many locations are packed with puzzles, logic riddles, action sequences and sub-games galore There’s
also a love interest in the shapely form ol Sophia Hopgood, a psychic with a mysterious past and a deadly secret.
Forget the dreadful arcade game ol the same name Irom US Gold (which was so bad we binned It within live minutes ol playing It). Lucasfilm's version is much superior and looks likely lo capture the flavour ol the Indiana movies perfectly Hopetully. With the conversion malung speedy progress, we ll have a lull review in the next couple ot months.
I Alter the swashbuckling antics ol Monkey Island and its sequel. Lucasfilm have once again turned their attentions to the heroic deeds ol Indiana Jones in their latest graphic adventure. Swapping pirates lor Nazis and the legend ol Big Whoop lor the labled City ol Atlantis, the US-based company are once more destined to set alight the adventuring world with a tale ol derring do.
EVELOPMENT Developed on the PC, the Amiga conversion has been placed in the capable hands ol the same in-house team who were responsible lor the Monkey 2conversion. Printed here are some ol the early preproduction shots Irom the game Alter preliminary pencil sketches, the broad outlines ol each scene are then scanned and touched up with various graphic packages and. When approved another group ol artists add the Anal detail As I'm sure you'll agree, the Amiga graphics look totally breathtaking, and with more than 200 rooms to explore in the game, Indy IV is sure to be Lucastilm's biggest and
best graphic adventure to date. We just hope it doesn’t come on twenty disks, though!
~I At the start ol Monkey Island 2.
The player could chose either the easier Monkey Lite or the more challenging Classic mode. The advantages ol this were easy to see: people new to the genre or who had struggled to complete other adventures could play the streamlined version ol the game, while the more experienced gamer could opt lor the classic version and encounter much harder puzzles and traps INDY BIN It Has to be lu id that poor hrtiana Jon« das had a felt ol ¦ ioagh tun it Hu hints of computer jams tmlopin. Ms started his Binary slMatiirts in a rather dull idvontuie flame based oa Raiders 01 The Last Aik on the VCS. And
was again signed ap - this time by U.S. Gold - tor a ton- version ol the arcade game based on The Temple Ot Doom Undeterred. Ihoegh. U.S. Gold promptly signed Ihe rights to prodace a game based on Ihe third Indy Him. Tha last Crusade hut announced turo games based on the merle The firs! Was a rather Insipid platformer which was designed by Unites, whilst the adventure game was a com plebahr dmerest settle elfish Penned by LecasMm. The Last Crude - The Advenfare Game nWroied dm mat's familiar with Ihe pdad meddled It garnered reviews In Me Ms treat virheally every magazine amend, aad Is still
worth a bay leday Non recently, though U S Gold here released an arcade game based on the Fate Of Atlantis scenario. M Ms Isometric arcade adventure Is best Ignored. I’m afraid Lucasfilm have employed a similar method ol sorting the men Irom the boys in Fate Ot Atlantis.
Here, the deciding factor isn’t your level ol adventuring expertise but which sort ol puzzle you're more orientated to. Early on in the game, the player is challenged to enter a theatre There are three possible routes to take you into the auchto- num - and all three feature the same degree of difficulty For instance, the player has lo find his way through a maze of boxes m one scenario, beat up a guard in another, or talk his way past the guard in the final choice. It is assumed that the player will pick the route which most appeals to him. By this sort of thinking, maze-lovers will opt lor
the boxes, verbally-inclined gamers will want to talk their way into the theatre, and action-ortntated players will choose to beat up the guard. Despite serious flaws in this logic, the game is then tailored to your expressed preference. While the three paths cross one another at times, many ol the puzzles and their solutions will be different - effectively giving three games in one!
01 course, such a narrow choice so early on in the game would be fairly restricting, so Lucasfilm are also planning to implement an override mechanism, so that players who want to choose a ddlerent route through the adventure can change course at any stage ot the game And even if that option tails to matenalise, there's still the chance to save your position before making a choice so you can opt to double back later on and change the game's style With such vovages of fantasy at your fingertips, there's no reason to have a 'quiet night in' ever again. Devised by the guru of games design. Sid
Meier, each adventure involves strategic role playing to stretch your imagination and sharpen your wits.
Tonight you could become a Railroad Tycoon, shape a Civilization or indulge in a little Piracy in the Caribbean Alternatively, you could grab an early night So you could be playing with the train set you always wanted, surviving and thriving in the company of Genghis Khan or navigating a galleon around the Spanish main.
Are you really prepared to setde for anything less?
AsCRQPROSE Seriously Fun Software Railroad Tycoon, Civilization, Pirates! ¦ all Classic games from Europe's Number One Software Publisher MicroProse Ltd. Unit 1 Hampton Road Industrial Estate, Tetbttiy, Glos. GL8 8LD. UK. Tel: 0666 504 326 The beast is no longer a beast, thanks to a little magic from those boys at Psygnosis. Tony Dillon picks up where the squillion-selling sequel left off... DANCING IN SHADOWS Shadow a The Beast is still generally regarded as one ol the mosl attractive games ever to appear on the Amiga OK, so the actual game- play itself wasn't exactly the honest ever, but
the large, smoothly animated sprites coupled with the kind ot parallax scrolling that makes polygons look old hat made it an instant classic Alter winning dozens ol awards, Psygnosis duly followed it wrth another scrolling adventure - albeit with a little more cerebral challenge Again, the graphics were ol a very high standard, but I couldn't help thinking that the puzzles involved were difficult to the point of disheartening. Thus, it was with some trepidation that I encountered the sequel to the sequel Psygnosis are about to let loose Seasr III Fears that it would be more of the same
vanished in the first lew minutes of playing the game Beast ill stands head and shoulders above the other two, both in design and game play and there's still a lot of room left for some mouth-watering graphics The plot carries on from before. The Beast Lord has killed Zelek and. As promised, has been returned to human form. But it doesn't end there, though Now mere is a fresh challenge in the form ot me demon Maletoth The Beast Lord has dreamt that the demon has kidnapped his baby sister and. As is always me case, such dreams turn out to be prophetic Wrth his regained form, the ex-beast
must face the demon once again.
The game is played over four levels wrth four completely different sets of backdrops and nasties (forest, temple, caves and castle). Taking a step even further away from the original. Beast III is based on a much more puzzle-orientated system where visual riddles have to be solved belore you can move on. And mis is really me backbone ol the game MOVING ON Psygnosis could never be described as a company blind lo their own mistakes.
When work finally began on Beast III a year ago. Ihe powers that be sat down and went through both the previous products, pulling out the hits and misses ol each. With both ol these they tried to build a winning formula so that Ians ol both Beast and Beast (not necessarily the same people) would enjoy playing this new incarnation. The resulting ideas were then put down on paper, lor development team.
Reflections, to bring to lile... SCREENSTAR PUZZLES The puzzles in Beast ill are among the most original ever devised. Whilst some are obscure, others are so blindingly logical that you'll sit about thinking no, that couldn't possibly work in a computer game'. They are a far cry from standard platform puzzles which merely involve pladng an object in a certain location, or flipping switches to open doors. These babies require pure thought to get over. Here's a perfect example: during the first level, you come across a platform on a swinging arm. On either side ot the platform are others,
but the first ball only reaches the one on the right. Standing on a nearby platform, you notice it swings down and to the left, but nowhere near far enough for you to reach the far level.
Walking back a little you discover a large rock. Pushing if over to the middle platform causes it to also start swinging - but still not far enough.
However, jump on the platform itself when Ihe rock is on it, and if falls far enough to let you carry on.
One you've find two wheels lo ¦ log.
You've made you reed ¦ handy bartering ram.
This is one of the more straightforward puzzles, and I don’t want to go info too much detail about the others lor fear of giving too much away.
Suffice to say, though, that later on you have some fun with tables with breakable legs which can be used as seesaws and ramps, along with melting metal balls and an aquarium with a crane attached.
In tact, the aquarium puzzle is definitely my favourite in the game. Initially you are presented with one of those sliding puzzle games that we all used to find in our stockings at Christmas. In this case, it's a diagram showing a fishy food chain, and which of the many aquatic species is the only one that cant harm you. Once you have pieced it together, note the innoffensive fish and then progress onto the next scene.
This is made up of three tanks and a crane. Stepping into the control booth, you have to lift fish from one tank to the other, where they will kill any fish they come into contact with, until you only He Bmm qm ¦quH bi cawWi mHim an • have one left, which with any luck will be the sale' one. Get the wrong one.
And you'l be dead as soon as you step into the water.
You should now have some idea ot what sort ol puzzles this game contains The best way to describe them is that they are much more along the lines ol text adventure problems than arcade puzzles, and that is basically the whole point ol the game. There are roughly live dit- lerent puzzles to each huge level (one to each disk) and each puzzle can be spread over hall a dozen screens, so there's a la* bit ol looking around required belore you can even start lo solve the visual riddtes.
HAMMER AND SICKLE There are essentially Iwo weapons m the game, each with Ihe* own specific uses. You begin armed only with an infinite supply ot shurikens, but it you look around caretully enough youH probably find the hammers located somewhere nearby. The basic rule ol diumb IS that the shunkens are used I - J- a 1 ii.:nAn .n a efiwv knmmnrr 'Of destroying mings ana in® nammers are used lor pushing things At the start ol the temple level, you come across a ball swinging Irom a chain You need to get the bad swinging and Ihen knock it down a nearby hole. II you fire the stars at it. Its
simply tall ol it's chain It. However, you fire the hammers at it. It'll begin to swing Hitting It again causes it to swing more wikfy. Until it’s swinging as high as you heed it to. Shooting it now w« (hope- killy) send it (lying in the right direction By using the weapons in the right Ways, you'd be surprised at what you ban do out large naaUeo taMng out of treee. I a a nfnfa throwing alar.
That isn't to say that the game isn't crawling with action. Although nowhere near the blasting Irenzy that was the second title. Beast III SM has its lair share ol hostile enemies - although not so many cannon-lod- der' types as the first. The game is played over an eight-way-scrolling play field, and contains all the best aspects Irom the lirst and second games - i.e glorious backdrops and incredible multi-level parallax scrolling Speaking ol the graphics, you’ll be pleased to know that they are still ol the same high quality set by the previous runarounds Everything has a distinct Rodney
Matthews leel to it.
Trom the mountainous backdrops to the giant skulls and tire-breathing stone gargoyles By using dimmer colours and some clever shading, the game looks dark and oppressive - a lar cry Irom the barrage ol console- styte plattocm games hitting the Amiga ol late The colour scheme also extends to the sprites which fit in with the game's Took' pertectty. II there is one thing that can spoil the look ol a game, it's spntes that look out ol place and awkward BEST BEAST , Beast Itt» certainly very playable. As tar as I can see. Thanks to some superb responsiveness on the part ol the main sprite, you are
more bkely to die by hrttmg the escape key rattier , than through loss ol energy due to the way the puzzles are laid out. The trick to solving most ol them is to work out the chain ol events and then an i me game I start the ball tolling trom the tight point. Doing the wtong action belote it's time causes the whole puzzle to go wrong, but lot some strange reason you cam help trying again However, it you can't stand games which rely on tnal and error. I'd recommend you look elsewhere Beast III is one hen ol a good game, easily the best ot the three As I mentioned earlier. I was a bit
sceptical betore I reviewed the game, but any doubts I had about the game's quality were quickly dispelled once I picked up my joystick and dived in. It looks as good as the first episode and plays better than either ol the previous two Well thought out.
Extremely playable and highly addic five. I don't know what else I need to say to make you buy it! ® INI pmm Arcade puzzle uam, In Houss Joystick ¦win . Juk 4 hriYyZ r. 1 IwkiiwlW; NO m'wrji Any mschlno PSYGNOSIS £29.99
* me fistt so Nr. Flawless design and (lawless playability... J
88° Thai kanT Me hand eiptoOng. Ha a |uel AT ECU, WE TAKE
.0 ACTION COMP HUB 9 -It Jwt HU5MF • mm 9 ¦¦ UM - AIR SEA
PRICE PRICE PRICE POSTAGE T1 TOTAL .(jdyswith p'py Make cheques
payable to: European Computer User 8 send to: Units A2 A3
Edison Rd, ST Ives. Huntingdon, CAMBS PEI7 4U Titus return with
yet another racing game.
Tony Dillon is in the driving seat... Th* xm »ou n** Wt 0*1* with arc marked by arrow* »o make lure I Hfc'n you gel an*ad of Ibem races, though For each season, there are a host ol improvements you can boy lor your vehicle. These range Irom a modest police radar to lull tune ups and extra gears - the latter pair increasing your top speed, lor nstance You can go without buying extras, but they do gnre you a much better chance in the harder races.
DRIVING FORCE Obviously, the racing section is the most important part ot the game, and I'm happy to say it works well. Titus have opted lor the now-standard two- tone scroAng rood, although me width of the strips is far greater than in previous titles. Core's Jaguar, lor example, has 32 strips from horizon to foreground. CCIII has roughly eight. This, coupled with the small number and size of roadside objects helps the game run at a cracking pace Objects glide past smoothly, as do the other cats, and everything is lairty convinang. It lacks the sophistication of Lotus - especially as the
comers are represented by the road suddenly bending to one side - but it stiN works well.
What doesn't work so well is the handling The car tends to swing about a hei ol a lot. Even with the smallest joystick movements This means mat. When you overtake at high speeds, nine times out of ten you wit end up hitting a roadside object. In addition, all comers look the same, yet have varying degrees of force making it impossible to compensate for bends most of the time, making accuracy a frustrating process Wrth practice. It is possMe lo get used to these quirks, but they shouldn't really be there in the first place If It wasn't lor the playability problems, Crazy Cars III would be
an excellent racer - although it does make Its lorrunneis look really trashy As It stands it's quite good, but rather loo frustrating lo be truly addKtive • CARS III FORGET THE PAST 3 - v! , 1 L . .1 ¦.il t Make no bones about it. The first two Crazy Cars games were dire.
Although they bom featured highly- attractive sprites, the movement bom of the road and the objects on It was so jerky mat little or no impression ol movement was created - and chronic sprite detection rendered the games unplayable Naturaly. I cant say I was loofung forward to the third vi the series. Flow wrong I was, though, as CCIII is reaRy quite good.
Cast as an illegal racer, you are part ol a league which spans the width ot the USA Starting in Division 4, you must work your way into the poie position through a combination of driving, gambling and expansion.
MONEY The most vital thing to have m Crazy Cars III Is money - and lots of it.
Each race costs money to enter, and the more money It costs, the more you stand to win. But that isn't the only way you can earn tag bucks. In most ol the races, other drivers Irom your league table w* be competaig against the locals, and before each race you have the chance lo gamble wrth these riders, all ol whom are belting money on themselves to win.
They will rarely bet more than 1500 doRars at a time but. Even so. Mat's a lot of extra pocket money.
TITUS £25.99 t The best of the series, but there are better racers... J GRAPHICS 81% SOUND 70% LASTABIUTY 68% PtAYABIUTY 62% OVERALL 71 ° « Cash isn't just used to enter Tonight you could take Covert Action against foreign agents, deploy Special Forces on a secret mission or fan the Flames of Freedom Alternatively, you could have a game of draughts If thrills, spills and excitement intimidate you, get the bored games out. But when the destiny of mankind can he shaped by your decisions, you could play a more crucial role.
Expertise to lead an elite infantry unit across the world's most treacherous terrain? Clan you unravel intricate webs of espionage and subterfuge against all odds?
Find out tonight on a screen near you!
Are you skilful enough to challenge wildeyed political extremists and lunatic military dictators? Do you have the Covert Action, Special Forces, Flames of Freedom - all classic games from Europe's Number One Software Publisher Micro Prose Ltd. Unit 1 Hampton Road Indusuial Estate, Tetbury, Glos. (11.8 811). UK. Tel: 0666 504 326 BEATING 'EM UP There was a lime In Ihe heyday of Ihe Commodore 64 when martial arts games were all the rage. Classics of the genre included Way Of The Exploding Fist and International Karate to the more strategic games such as System 3’s acclaaned Last Ninja series
Since then, things for the dark vigilantes has been a bit quiet - until now that is.
An Emperor's mighty sword has been stolen by a rival arch-Nlnja.
With it went his honour and. Not surprisingly. He would rather have it returned to its rightful owner rather than lose face in front ol his own people. As a result, he has hired you. The best ninja In the land, to get into the enemy temple and do whatever you deem necessary to retrieve it.
However, imlike the many computer game heroes you keep reading about, there is no way you are going in alone.
Help comes m the form of the blessed statues ol Buddha There are four ot these beauties to collect - two of of which can be found In the first two levels - and they must be placed in strategic places within the temple to open doors, letting you into previously unseen areas and generally helping your progress.
PICK'N'MIX DMI's Sword Ol Honour SOU) is a cross between Fist. Last Ninja and Psygnosis' Barbarian It has all the arcade elements of the first, the puzzle and strategic elements of the second, and Icon control of the Psygnosis game Not only do you get to fight your way through the game, there are also puzzles to solve, maps to make, and one or two objects to use along the way.
The first thing you’ll notice upon loading are the controls. Picking up the joystick, a wide variety of directional moves coupled with presses ot the tirebutton send the Ninja, leaping, jumping and fighting all over the show. So what are all those arrows in the bottom panel lor? It you think back to the days of Psygnosis titles such as the aforementioned Barbarian, you’ll remember that they were mouse-controlled arcade games, with icons replacing joystick moves. SOH lets you play with either simultaneously, with the left button selecting a non-aggressive move and nght button for more violent
This might seem like an odd thing to do. But it does make for a far more playable game in places where very intricate movement is required, like jumping over a spike, when accidentally selecting the wrong direction could be disastrous MAPPING IT OUT Walking across the first screen, you come across a door set Into the backdrop. Pushing up at this point makes your character walk through the door 'Into1 the screen - which makes a change from all the walk left to right' games we re constantly bombarded with Each ot the levels is made up ot roughly twenty screens, and laying them out this way
adds a mapping element to the game Now, not only do you have to do all the rtght moves to get through the exit at the end of the level, you’ve also got to find the thing A couple of screens on, and you find your first fight This is where the game Degms to stand out from the crowd SOH isn't a joystick pummeler like most In this genre Instead, careful thinking is necessary to lay the most blows on your opponent while PHI SWORD Ol rt Vs, They have always been popular but, after a bit of a respite, could Ninjas be back in fashion? Tony Dillon dusts up on his moves and finds out whether there is
still life in the old genre... WEAPONS GALORE Tstagin Hlilh All him Aalu ---L||i| aaJ |Ha| 1A wiin. You ttdYB onty youi nanos ano mi 10 ll|M with, which an aura ttaa caaatli tor most nasties Dana* tM (ama thara ara atacfcs of othar weapons you can collaet to aid you. Such aa a ball ami chain, a tworf ahurfkans anil throwing knives - all of which ara Ihere lo mala your Irta a little aaalar Ta make Mings aotn aaalar (Hall Man’s loan ai loos Potted abnal taa.»too ap ymtr aaargy whan things an galling light.
Avoiding his. 01 course, different types of enemy require different strategies. Quick fire, close-up punching works fine on an enemy with a range no longer than your own (ie. An unarmed fighter), but as most characters cany some sort ol weapon (poles, swords, etc), you have to find the right moment to leap In. Attack and then jump out agam As you can see. The sprites are huge. You may think this won’t give you a lot of room to manoeuvre, and you would be n w However, it you are the sort of person who keeps accidentally rolhng oft screen when the battle is going your way, then don't tear - help
is at hand. Tapping the return’ key at any port locks’ the arts meanwig that if you’re m battle. You can’t leave the screen Tapping it again unlocks them.
GIVE AND TAKE Along tie top of the screen are ten empty boxes These gradually fill with the seme you coSect throughout the game - weapons, the Buddha statues. And various other items These are used to get past some enemy characters thereby saving your energy The rxte of thumb, thou i. Is: if a character has something to say to you. Then it’s an even bet that there is probably an ob)ect somewhere that you can gve them to gam safe passage For example, early on you pick up a fan Usmg the Ian gives you the message Yeah, you feel much cooler A little later on a particularly hard-looking Samurai
says It’s a hot day - beware of the sun Bearing in mm that the Samurai is probably roasting underneath al that armour, you give hwn the fan. Which he accepts gracefully This side of the game adds real atmosphere to an already excellent adventure, and is probably why I’m writing this review alter playmg the game lor five sokd hours Visually, the game is a scorcher. The attention to detail is astounding, even the way the ninia's jimmy-iams wave when he walks and the way tils shadow changes shape depending on his movement The backdrops are gorgeous from start to finish, going from mysterious
paper walls with hints of action shadowed on them, to huge panoramic fractal landscapes complete with trees, waterfalls, and tiny buds flying around in the backdrop.
Sounds are simple but atmospheric The intro holds the only concession to music in the game, but there are constant background sounds such as leaves rustling, or birds singing that paint a perfect aural contrast to the vicious slugging sounds created in battle If the Rocky films used a car door slamming to give then punches some impact then SOH uses samples from the Gulf War. It’s been a hell of a long time since we saw a good example of this sort of game, and it takes something as good as Sworn Ol Honour to make you realise that. It’s an excellent combat title, but there is so much more
than that in there that you would be a complete fool to miss it. O IJOHOVR ( Battles, bartering and blood-cracking stutt... GRAPHICS 89% SOUND 83% LASTABIUTY 88% PLAYABILITY 87% Our friendly, highly trained sales leam will ensure that your order is deal! With efficiently and wilh the minimum of fuss.
At the time of MR placing your ¦MR placing your ’ A 1 order we will : xl : advise you ot ,te V* anticipated Vi I, delivery time W L '***7 and answer any other V queries you Jsr: 1 ' may have regarding your ' purchase All major credit cards accepted The Phoenix product helpline ensures that all our customers benefit from the highest level of after sales technical support.
DESPATCH 0532 310796 Once you have made the decision to purchase from Phoenix your order will be dispatched promptly and without fuss.
I Using one of the 1 countries leading ensures that your goods arrive on time, intact and in the same condition they left our stock.
Phoenix-the first company lo market A500 Plus RAM Upgrades- now introduce Ihe Phoenix PA 601 Fealures Include "Trapdoor installation Will not invalidate your warranty * Battery backed real bme clock ¦ Long life lithium cell
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Phoenix PA 601-populated-1Mb £44.99 Phoenix PA 601unpopulated-0Mb . £24.99 Phoenix A 600 ROM Sharer £29.99 Keyboard switchablel With its modern compact semi portable wedge shape design, ihe new 600 is fully featured and can be purchased in the following configurations: a 600 i w»p« icAun«8L,...£339.99 A 600 Hdlxtc 20MkHard0'rw .... £444.99 A 600 2Mb («»..«• ....£384.99 A 600 HD 2Mb ....£489.99 When purchasing any Amiga you can also buy our unbelievable value PHOENIX POWER PACK, which includes over £100 of quality software and accessories Probably the best bundle around,
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Accounts, Toki.
Puzznic. X Elf. Amiga Format Book and Joystick amira tan £554.99 This SPECIAL OFFER combines both the A1500 (as shown above) and the legendary Commodore 1084 SDI Monitor.
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Features Game Switch, external SCISI port, FAAASTROM SCISI Driver. GVP's custom VLSI chip and internal RAM expansion up to 8 megl Units use high specification fast-access QUANTUM Hard Drives coring vwh 2 yr. Guarantee.
A500-HD8* 52 Mb (Unpopulated!______£349.99 A500-HD8, 120 Mb lUnpopulaled) £464.99 A500-HD8* 240 Mb (Unpopulated! £729.99 ROCHARD 52Mb___________________ £339.99 ROCHARD 105Mb ROCTEC I Controller Only! £164.99 Very similar in style and appearance to the GVP HD8* but unpopulated and without a hard drive so you can fit your own. Graat for all those drives lying at the bottom of cupboardsi Please specify IDE orSCISI.
EXTRA MEMORY Oiriy £27.99 whe. Bo ht with drtv.l Series II Hard Disk Controller RAM card._£139.99 Series II 52 Mb Hard Disk and RAM card. £279.99 Series H 120 Mb Hard Disk and RAM card-£419.99 Series 1240 Mb Hard Disk and RAM card £649.99 LXTRA MEMORYOnly £27.99 whan bougbi with dm!
3VP Commotion AccaB»nws & Haro Dwra-The iltimate expansion product for the Amiga 500!
1530 Combi 40MHz * 52Mb Hard Drive £694.99 A530 Combi 40MHz * 120Mb Hard Driva.-£829.99 A530 Combi 40MHz ? 240Mb Hard Drive £1019.99 A530 68882 Co processor--------- £229.99 GVP G-Force 030-25MHz . 1Mb.
GVP G-Force 030-40MH ? 4Mb------------£894.99 GVP G Force (QO-50MHz + 4Mb.___£1264.99 IE 1Mb Simm-32 Bit 60 Nanoseconds. £65.99 4Mb Simm-32 Bit 60 Nanoseconds..-. £182.99 All drives feature super slim design, enable- disable switch, thru port and come with a 1 year replacement guarantee!
Phoenix Deluxa Drivt ..£47.99 Roctec Rodite i ....£54.99 Cumano CAX 354 ......£52.99 Replacement A 500 Internal Drivo...£39.99 Disk head cleaner ..£3.99 STAR- LC20 .£134. LC200 Colour ......£195. LC24-2Q .....£199. LC24-200 ..£224. LC24-200 Colour ....£279. SJ48 Bubblojut ..£229. Star printers come with one year warranty CITIZEN- Swift 9
Colour._____________________________£194. 224 mono - .£214. 224 Colour ...£244. Swift 240 Colour ......£274. Citizen printers come with 2 year warranty HEWLETT PACKARD Deskjet 500 £339. Deskjet-500 Colour ....£559. HP printers come with 3 year warranty.
HP black ink cartridge ...£24. HP colour ink cartridge---------------£29.
PHOENIX PRINTER PACK- Supplied with ALL printers containing 1.
Std. Printer cable, printer ribbons cartridg and 250 sheets of paper absolutely FREE PRINTER ACCESSORIES- Dust covers from ......£4. Ink certridges from ...£13 Mono ribbons from ...£3. Colour ribbons from ..£7. Printer stand ..£7. Auto sheet feeder .....£P( These prices are accurate at the time 4 going to press but please call for the b deals. Quantity discounts are also availal on some chips so please ask.
AMIGA CUSTOM CHIPS Kicksurl 2J4 ROM.------------------------ Kickstan 13 ROM ._ £29.99 Fmlw Again «372A£ NEW Sapar Daaisa.£34 99 CIA 8S»A _.
MEMORY CHIPS 4 Mb i S (-7SI Sian £11999 1 Mbx4(-S«ng_.M 1 Mb 9(-MlSka*-.£29.99 756k x «(-«) Zip .* C 256* » S (3W Siana £12.99 1 Mb x 1 DRAM £l| 256k 14 DRAM________£3 49 *Tlw pnca is tor 1 Mb ot Rl These chips cover practically every popular n expansion or Hard Drive system on the market ford) Amiga ie. GVP, SUPRA, MIGrOBODCS, C RING OIIR TECHNICAL HE1PLINE If YOU NEED I s SUPRA 500RX Offer the ultimate lo I Ram expansion units.
8 Mb pop to 1 Mb*_________________________£99| 8 Mb pop to 2 Mb* ....£12 8 Mb pop to 2 Mb £14 8 Mb pop to 4 Mb--------------------------£20 8 Mb pop to 8 Mb._ .£30 (•Uses 256x4 Zips) Rombo's new Vidi Amiga 12 is the J Company's direct replacement for thei famous complete colour solution. Leaders video capture systems, they now intro' the world's first mass market colour dig for under £100.
ViDi-AMiGA 12 ....£94.: _ FEATURES INCLUDE: • Colour images capturedl less than a second "Mono images grabbed in let than a second • Multi Tasking software1 Advanced error diffusion stippling • Cut and pad with masking • Capture into a user definaM window • Load and save IFF, ILBM & ANIM fl Grab flipped on an X or Y axis • Multi frame s with animated playback • Composite S-Videoinput - TAKE 2 ..£4Z.:
• Presentations • Home Line Tester • Cartot Productions (both
visual and sound).
R0CGEN Plus ONLY £129.
Quality features and performance-Recommei ROCTEC R0CKEY £299.
(As detailed opposite).
• u.inv’ Mouse Joystick Switch £13.99 auakry Marm speakers have
become the o,., feu,,-. ,ort.!rhe NAKSHA 1 wtii and laat makes
switchover FAST, and doas MT . ,oe, Amiga lot. En, argmSwS SCA
SwtTCH.,£19.99 »mg a hi-tach Intaratad workstation uo"*» IT *
SWITCHES (25pm Drype .£57.99
- £36.99 .£35.99 £29.99 £59.99 £15.99 all you £17.99 E 19.99
Capacity BANX.
£11.99 £24.99 £13.99 £13.99 £37.99 Squik GOLDEN IMAGE Crystal Trackball... Fanciful two colour shining trackball-who can resist?
Infra red-Cordless-Mouse ......£47.99 (Rechargeable!
Optical Pee Mouse___________________£P0A Mouse Mats ....£3.99 £18.99 Capacity £103.99 ..£99.99 £269.99 _£52.99 ~£64.99 Bee 10 Cap Boa 25 Cap Boa 50 Cap £34 99 Baa 100 Cap I Baa 120 Cap.
I would like lo thank you for your t and efficient service. I shall, w ithout doubt, recommend you to all my colleagues"
P. GaUup-Ryde i Ihis month's new ’TRAIL 31AZERS” section we
spotlight Jtne of ihe best new products nd peripherals
currently vailable for the Amiga.
DMB0 VIDI AMIGA 12. £94.95
- 'H0ENIX 1Mb A600 UPGRADE Simply the Best!
FT 99 id, 2m Midi 3m ..14.99 Midi 5m £5.99 a-Scart .....£9.99 gt-RGB ..£9.99 ick ext .£4.99 £4.99 splitter £9.99 £5 99 _£7.99 r 2.0m Ha.. «technical lor complete listing MU OftpEtf HOTUH E NO .... PHOENIX- MAIL ORDER AT IT S BEST!
Tel: 0532 311932 FCC DISTRIBUTION, UNIT 19. ARMLEY PARK COURT, STANNINGLEY ROAD, LEEDS LS12 2AE Please make cheques payable to F.C.C. Distribution lid. Allow 5 working days for cheque clearance. Call our despatch line for details on our full range of delivery options both in the UK and overseas BFPO welcome. OPENING TIMES: Mon-Sat 9.00am-6.00pm (6)0.E Free Fast UK delivery Next-day Courier only £4.50 Same-day despatch on Credit card orders bankers dralt building society cheque Postal orders All prices include VAT AMERICAN EXPRESS WELCOME Stereo Sampler ... Combines ease
ol ust with state ol the err digital conversion technology One. HB £2499 Pro-Midi 2 Intereace Thii tut* It.rui.d p.oUntc i latch Car lacMas B haa Om porta ai. Owe thru and am McM* GVP Digital Sound Studio £54.99 High quality sound sampler fo Computers Amiga Music Made Easy-' NEW N AUGUST 1992!
EPSON GT-6000 FLAT BED FULL COLOUR SCANNER Plug mto Amiga parallel port scan documents as a resolution ol up to 600 dots per inch in up to 16 million colours Phoenix Price..... £989.00 ASDG-S0FTWARE-Scene, ng controller software comes in two forms integrated into art development as a new module or used as a stand-alone programme-Save scans direct to disk- Phoenix Price £109.99 R0CKEY BY ROCTEC-The no,.
Chroma key unit • used in conjunction with a Genlock - allows you to superimpose live video over graphics or video substitute the brightness portion of a video source with a keyed image-Embed live video in graphics' fQQQ QQ Phoenix Price ..... LcJJ. JJ Don’t confuse these quality disks with others currently available. 3.5* 100% certified error free 70% clip. All disks include REE high quality Phoenix labels.
E4.99 £174.99 TDK Branded disks- High peifounance media from the experls-box 10 with labels.
10. .£5.99 .£52.99
54. ...£26.99 £189 99 1000 Disk MOTTLING TV Teal
Pre_________ mew AND SPECIAL FX After taa«e F X-- £97.99
£63.99 £51.99 £71.99 £43 99 £62.99 £43.99 £71.99 £199.99
£59 99 ..£169.99
- £29.99 £282.99 £142.99 ...£99.99 I-Cad
ML .... X Ca4 M ...
Powerful image processing tools lor the office or the home
PANDAAL Daatascan----------------------------£109.99 P0WER- Features: 100-400 dpi • 64-Greyscales Thruport to printer a FREE Editing software.
Power Scanner *2.0 .£94.99 ..£234.99 Power Scanner Colour... GOLDEN IMAGE-Hand Scanner Sorias Features: 400 dpi. 256-G,eyscale • Touch up and Merge it software.
AlfaScan ..£124.99 AhaScan Plus----------------------£149.99 AlfaScan T (Inc OCT Sohwmk £249.99 AhaScan OCR tine OCTSo twara|....£279.99 wrnmm Because soma older games and business software will not run on the new Kickstart 2.04 ROM. PHOENIX hava designed e sharer for both ROM chip sets.
Switchsble between
1. 3 and 2.04 you can get all the benefits of the latest A500
Plus without the drawback of losing all your old software.
Fits any Amiga 500 150V2000
- Kickstart ROM Sharer £24.99
• Kickstart Rev 3 5 ROM Sharer £27.99
• Keyboard Switchable ROM Sharar_£34 99 Kickstart 13
ROM ...£29.99 Kickstart 2.04
- (ROM Chips not included!
"Dear Sir, I am Writing to thank your company for the help shown lo me recently, when I purchased the Phoenix ROM Sharer"
R. W. Cooke- Milton Keynes Now Only.. £79.99 The popular wade fat
hr 12 130 A Alf1 COMPUTER VI I SUPPLIES Suppliers of Discount
Software since 19H4 Educational Local Authority and Government
orders welcome European orders piease call or write lor a
Quotation All goods subject to availability, prices subject to
cnange without notice E40E Prices Include VAT and delivery by
post Courier delivery available on request. Please allow 5
days tor cheque clearance TO ORDER Credit card orders can Oe
placed by calling the telephone number below - or send a
cheque Pos made out to MJC Supplies to: MJC SUPPLIES (AC).
Unit 2 The Arches Icknield Way Letchworth. Herts SG61UJ.
Tel 10462)48116616 Lines) NAKSHA UPGRADE MOUSE 280 0P1 quality replacement mouse - pack ndutfes House House. Uat and Operation Stealth game MJC Price £22 * A500 Plus 1Mb EXPANSION 1 Mb expansion tor the A500 Phis - fits n the frap-door taking your memory to 2Mb - no internal fitting MX Price £39.95 ¦BBBiH MX PRICE £57.96_I hbhbbihi I This memory expansion tor the A500 or A500* uses I 1 Mb x 4 chips and can be expanded up to 8Mb | MX PRICE £139.95 | AMIGA 600 COMPUTER The tales) Amiga computei featuring sulace mount technology lor greater rekability and the Btest WorkOencti 2. Comes comptete
witti Deluxe Paint 3 A Lemmings PLEASE NOTE: For total peace at mind these computers nmvccmewiB 12 months on-site warranty MJC Price £339.95 (Price includes Iree courier delivery) AMIGA A600-HD Includes a very neat internal 20 Mb Hard Drive lor those needing extra storage space and taster loading MX Price E *49.95 (Price includes Iree cootiet delivery) AMIGA STARTER PACK INCLUDES:-10 Discs. House Mai Joystick.
Dust Covers Disc Box MX Price E19.95 OR JUST £&95 it purchased with an A600 AMIGA A600 CONTROL CENTRE The Control Centres are manufactured by Premier Micros and are made trom Sheet Steer veth wetded seams and Epoxy coated to match the A600. They are precision made to tit over the hack ol the A600 to make a pelted piattorm tor a monitor and nry»ove the look ol the A60O They also come complete with a she* tor extra drives and peripherals MX Price E 34.95 OR JUST £2996 it purchased *ith an A60O NEW-A600 1MB EXPANSION Increases the memory ot the A600 to 2Mb MX Price £47.95 For use with Vidichrome
or Dtgtvww (Includes PSU) MX PRICE £49.95 NEW-MEGAMIX MASTER New Stereo sampler and digilal effects package MX PRICE £2195 ROMBO PRICES HELD WHILST STOCKS LAST Vlcti Amiga 12 is Be latest low cost cotour digrtiser trom RomCo There are no filters and no separate RGB Splitter Colour images can be captured m less than a second. Mono images are grabbed in real time. Some ol the features included are 1 - multi tasking software, Capture into a user definable window, Composite ot S VxJeo input. 4096 cotour HAM mode. 54 colour EHB mode and many more.
PLEASE CALL FOR PRICE & AVAILABILITY X1996 17996 £2995 0695 £4995 Pro Md rant2 Hta* Technc Sound turtw MbonOevpacJ ... NEW - MAXIPLAN 4 Latest release ol this excellent spreadsheet - up to 3 worksheets open at once. 70 in-buit functions. 12 graph styles, database facility, colour or mono printing and much more.
Requires 1Mb MX PRICE £34.95 AMOS-The Creator NEW - ROBOSHIFT Auto sensing |oysbck mouse switch box.
MX Price £13 95 CUMANA CAX 354 DISC DRIVE Quafcty brand name 3.5' second drive indudes thru port, disable switch and FREE Virus X Utility.
MX PMCE £54 .95 _ NEW - EASY AMOS - Powerful Cut easy £24* AMOS yl .2-The original language ..£32* AMOS Compiler--------------------------------------£19* AMOS 30________________________________________£21.95 ROMBO PRODUCTS NEW - KINDWORDS 3 Features include: Abdity to open two documents at once.
Import Kndwords 2 files. Proximity spell checker and thesaurus. Text flow around graphics.
Requires 1Mb Ram MX PRICE £32.95 NEW ROCUTE RF382C DISK DRIVE New Soper Slimline super quel second drive MX PRICE B7* (Cream Mly) Protexf V4.3 £39 95 NEW - TAKE 2 iabon package from Rom bo MJC PRICE £39.95 Pen Pal VI .4 .u ...154.95 Wordworth V11 - UK Version ...17455 AMIGA EDUCATIONAL FUN SCHOOL - ProtoMy the best selling Educational Software lor the Amrga - great sound and graphes and now contones to the National Curriculum (FS3 SES4).
Fee School 2 - S programs per pack Frei School 2 under 6 ....£9* Fun School 2 6toS---------------------------IMS Fun School 2 over 8---------------------£9* Fen School 3-6 programs per pack ion School 3 under 5 ...CIS 95 Eon School 3 5to7------------------------£15.95 Fun School 3 over 7-------------------------CIS* NEW Fea School« - 6 programs per pack Fun School 4 under 5 .. £16* Fnn School 4 5 to 7-------------------------£11* Fun School4 7lo11 £16* w Quiz Includes 750 General Knowledge questions 4 a game
reward 114.95 Answerback Senior Quiz As above but for age 12* £1495 Add on question paSstorJe Answerback Qua Facttite Swung (6-1!)-------------------------------£7* Facttite Arithmetic (6-11) £7.95 Language tutors with a vocabulary of over 2.500 words 4 the abiktv to add your own - up to GCSE level French Mistress ......04.95 German Master ...- H4J5 Spanish Tutor 04.95 Itatan Tutor ...- „..-..H4.86 KOSMOS MATHS ADVEMTURE: The latest
offering from Kosmos covers the National Curriculum maths using a series ol four games There are four difficulty levels and your performance can be kepi and printed out (6-14) ...XI 7.95 Primary Maths Course (3-12)----------- ...H9.95 ....£19.95 Micro Maths (GCSE level) .. Micro French (GCSE level).----------- .09.96 £1995
09. 95 Micro English (GCSE lew) Reading 4
Wnbng Course (3*) .. NEW - MEET ADI!
AOI is a friendly aken being that appears on this latest range ot educational software from Europress (the manufacturers ol the Fun School range). Each package is specifcaty designed lo follow the National Curriculum tor a particular school year ENGLISH 11 12: Features pronouns, verbs, adverbs, spellmg, synonyms and prefixes suffixes. MX Price £17.95 ENGLISH 12 13: Using dictionaries and reference books, construct adverbs, punctuate sentences MX Price £17.95 MATHS 11 12: Covers geometry, algebra, statistics, symmetry, quadrilaterals and number operations
...JUC Price £17.95 Further information on our Educational range Is available in our Educational Supplement - on request Remember - prices include VAT & delivery MIAMI VICE In this, the latest game trom those cunning French chaps at Coktel Vision, you play the part ol a beauti- lul temale pilol, who has just landed in Miami alter your regular Paris- Miami flight. Whilst on the plane, a passenger died in your arms from a heart attack, but not before telling you ot a vial of highly-important solution hidden in his brietcase that has lo be
returned to Ihe Director ol a top lab. Returning to your hotel with the dead man's brietcase, you are determined to do as he asks - especially since he stressed that the future of all mankind depended on it. From that point on you are dragged further and further into the mystery... Fascination is a graphic detective story, in a similar vein to that old Infogrames' classic. Vera Cruz.
Unlike the recent spate ol new-age adventures, the whole game is viewed from a pseudo tirst-person perspective, with each location laid out in front of you. Solving the game involves putting any objects you may find to good use and keeping an eye out for assorted clues along the way.
The game is entirely mouse-con- trolled and. As you move the pointer around each location, the names of important objects appear at the bottom ot the screen. Clicking on them will then either bring a close-up view, show descriptive text, or pick them up and place them in the inventory.
From here, you have to ligure out how to use them.
ICE, ICE, BABY Let's take the hotel room our nubile pilot starts in as an example. Moving the mouse around, you find that the fridge is highlighted when you move the mouse over it. Clicking on it opens Ihe door to reveal an empty ice-tray Nearby is a jug of water so, picking up the |ug with the mouse you pour gome water into the tray and dose the door Alter a minute or two you open ihe door again to tind that nesting has happened. Looking at tlta back oi the (ridge you tind the cable rasing uselessly on the floor.
Picking up the plug and sticking it In the socket you are greeted with the massage Now I can have some ice cubes ITS a very simple system to use, bul that doesn't automatically make the adventure an easy one to complete Each screen is packed with things to do. But sometimes the objects you are looking lot are so smal that the only thing to do is to scan the room completely, moving the mouse very siowty around the screen unU a fnaJty rests upon whatever it Is you are looking for.
LOTS TO DO A bad posit about such obiect-filled rooms, though, is mat it is sometimes too easy to overlook something important, resulting n several deadends. Thanktu«y. The game always otters a due as to why you died to aid you next time round. For example, somewhere ui the game there is a guard dog who won't let you take a key hanging on the waR. Trying to take it results in a Rottweiiier attack the tabloids would revel mi. If you die here, you are told mat something sweet might have saved your life.
Next time you play it. You remember to take a lump ot sugar when ottered a coffee.
Fascination is a very interesting game, il only because it's something mat hasn't been done in quite a while. An enjoyable plot, linked with some well thought out and logical puzzles makes tor a playable adventure. Ignore the rubbish about the OO-ER! One ol Ihe mosl unusual aspecls ot Fiulnitlor Is llie large somber ol cheap Ihrilis thrown In. From some ouick topless shots ol the main character lo Ihe Mail Scientist’s hideout (below a Lingerie shop), everywhere you look Ihore's a cheap excuse lor a bikini or a bout of nudity. Even in Ihe hotel loyer there’s a solt-pom mag hidden under
neath a newspaper. This kind ot attraction has been used by French programmers belore - anyone remember tammM(actually, this is written by the same programming loam, so that explains III? And while il makes no dil- lerence at all lo the game, il should give the moral ma|ority something to shout about - especially since Coktel's aim for a 16 certificate lor Ihe game could bolster sales due lo the novelty value... COKTEL VISION £25.99 ( Good genre example.
Entertaining stuff... J GRAPHICS 83% SOUND 73% LASTABIUTY 81% PLAYABILITY 85% OVERALL 80% One you novo tnuwo you. KIWI lo oeOmum portomwnco. Ocluaily taking port In tha avant mot. A HIM pomnaaa - nol 10 ESPANA The Games CQ O With his cycling shorts stuffed with fruit, Tony Dillon reckons he can do better than the British Olympic team.. PLAYER MANAGER Olympic fever has returned, and with it comes the usual wash of multievent sports sims Ocean have also duly jumped on the bandwagon, and have released something almost completely unlike anything seen before Sure, it has its similarities to
others within the genre but. In general. This definitely Isn't a game for Epyx fans You take the role of a country's player manager, looking after the entire sguad both training-wise and competing In the games themselves And there are more than enough ot them to keep you busy - over thirty in all. Ranging from the standard 100m spnnt and relay swimming events to the more unconventional Judo and Olympic Wrestling Oddly enough, classic events like archery and gymnastics haven't been included, but I think there are enough sports here to keep most people happy.
The local point of the game is your office From here, you can select an athlete, train them up, check their medical details, scan the events on your agenda, advance the date. And. Of course, take each athlete out to their chosen events So far so good - but for one thing. You may have noticed that I said you' in the singular sense. I'm afraid to say that this game is solo only Although you and your mates can all control different athletes under the same national banner, you can t actually compete against a human opponent at any time. That in itself lakes most of the fun out of the game.
Virtually every event is played by moving the loystlck In time with the on-screen moves - for example when running, you swing the joystick in time with the runner's feet. This isn't always a regular speed, however Runners in particular are graced with curious limps. You don’t have to control the players, though. If you fancy a managenal slant to the game, you can train the runners and leave them on automatic, and watch their progress from afar Needless to say. This is very dull.
CONFUSING The thing that really winds me up about Espana is the layout.
Everything is presented within a hierarchy ol menu screens, and part ot the challenge ot the game is remem- benng to go to certain screens at certain points For example, on one day you have the |avelM. The discus and the 100m treestyte. The order ol play goes go to office screen, select lavelm athlete, go to office screen, leave office, go to action screen, do event, and so on;.. This makes for a very confusing system made frustrating because the machine accesses the disk drive every time you go to another screen!
The other real problem is that at no point are you told who you are competing against, which completely kills the game's competitive aspect. Dull lifeless graphics jerk along the same old bit ol track used in every game while you spend your time wondering what you are supposed to be doing and why the loading times are so long Even the inclusion of a full reference library on the Olympics does little to raise the standard of this appalling sports sim. *» Tha main manu Wtlh (from lop Ml clockwise i action manu, ttatlstKa. Offlca many, rafareoca
• action.
RrUmii da it July 1992 gtarai Sports skn tamtrab: Mousa. Joystick i Wn • Aiii.
m. mif af flaytr.
1 iard d„h ,„uUaUt No mtmary: Any Machine OCEAN E29.99 ( Dire events and an overcom- plicated menu system.
¦ GRAPHICS 62% SOUND 73% LAST ABILITY 60% PLAYABILITY 58% OVERALL 59% A500 Plus 1Mb Upgrade Upgrades your A500 Plus to 2Mb In Stock NOW!
12Month Parts and Labour Warranty Price includes VAT Postage and Packing FREE!
Send Cheque or call with Access or Visa map uin r or
Fax:(091)4910431 E&OE l fQA r j l_____ So far, the CD medium
hasn’t really been exploited to the full. However, Domark’s
first foray into this exciting medium is a conversion of an
old fave with a difference. Paul Rand gets trivial... BORED
Since Its creation in the mid-Eighties, Trivial Pursuit has become the post- winebar pastime ol Thirtysomeihings the world over. Why? Probably because everyone lires to be a smart arse, and what better way to prove « than by correctly answenng hordes ol trivia questions? Which is exactly what you must do in Trivial Pursuit. Played on a round board (actually, It's square, but the actual playing area itsel Is circular) which s further split into numerous question boxes each player must attempt to IH a plastic playeig piece with different coloured segments and reach the middle ot the board
before the others This Is achieved by landing on one of the six special segment squares and correctly answenng a poser pertaining to the appropriate category - you must have played it at some time... AH we« and good, but snl it annoy ing when you roll in through the front door with the boys and guts, all ot whom are champing at the bit lor an hour or two ot 'Triv', only to tind that hall the segments are missing and the dog has chewed Lp ail the cards? Domarti remedied the a tew years back with home computer versons ol Tmiol Pursuit-and now they're set to sell untold amounts ol CDTVs with a
CD- based converson ot the game.
ENTER RUSSELL No need to ask someone to hold the cards here: TrMai Pursuit - The COTV impersonator Kate Robbins (win you will probably have heard supplying the votce ot Fergie on Sffflmg lmag«| does a lairty mean impress)on of Mae West m He game, while Cany On actor and star of Give Us A Clue (wow. Really big-time!), Patrick blower, supplied the voices of the ofter characters Mind you. Quite what Mr Mower was Nwktaq ol when be M Me voice el Monts we deal Mow - he's got a Cockney accent in Trivial Pursuit!
I 4 PRESENTATION Thanks lo the power ot CDTV, the player sal fost treated to a dull title screen and a snatch ol ropey music! On loading, the CO fnods into action with a full-frontal assaofl on the senses, taking the player ¦oangh an animated cartoon representation af al to different categories, trom Hatty - in which your character just escapes being beheaded by a Roman otfdtt - to Entertainment - in which yen re grabbed by King Kong and carried ¦piefee lop of the Empire State Mmhg The definition of the graphics ial lee hot. But the overall effect, cou- g CD soundtrack, is Version has its
own built-in Master ot Ceremonies, called Russell. He’s an odd.looking bird with a distinctly piummy voice - yes. He talks - who will be your guide right to the end of the game. Russell’s rustled together a tew ol his friends, loo, lo read out Ihe questions. And what a black book this teller must have! Abed Einstein (Science), Mae West (Entertainment). Adonis (Spod), Napoleon Bonepade (History).
William Shakespeare (Ad and Literature), and Christopher Columbus (Geography) are all on hand with questions at Ihe ready and quips in abundance.
All the customary rules are there, with the player rolling the dice and moving the amount ol squares shown. In the likely event ol landing on a normal question square, a poser will be given, which must be answered within a strict time-limit. Alternatively, land on a square with a dice icon and you are allowed a Iree throw. And, II you land on a segment square and correctly answer the trivia question, the appropriate wedge becomes yours. Coiled all six and make it to the centre drcte, answer a random question and you win the game) It is in the question-answering where Trivial Pursuit differs
radically to other computer boardgames. There's no need to choose trom a list of possible answers - simply shout out what you believe to be the corred answer and then seled the Reveal icon. The computer wil then tell you the answer and ask you it that was the one you chose, at which point you seled either Yes or No depending upon whether ot not you were right. This unique method allows lor an ability never belore possible in this genre - cheating There’s no need to worry about running out ol questions, either: Trivial Pursuit is supplied on two Cds, each containing 1000 questions, with extra
question discs already in the pipeline.
MEMORY MAN With 550Mb ol available memory on each CD, the programmers ol Trivial Pursuit have been able to run riot in the graphics and sound department. The first thing you notice Is the animation ol your hosl Russell and his question-asking cohorts. Although quite basic, each charader comes lo file on screen thanks to the many frames of movement. What is technically very dever is the way in which their mouths move in sync with the spoken word - and there is a lot ol speech in this game. How much? Try pvery question, every answer, and God knows how much more. Russell rs never afraid lo
rattle on about something, whether it be informing the player to roll Ihe dice, or making some scathing comment on the amount scored alter the roll. And, on introdudng each ol the question-masters hell spend a good half-minute or so indulging in mindless conversation with them before getting back to the proceedings. Each piece ol trivia has a picture attached to it. And some even have a piece ol music or snippet of running commentary, too.
WHAT A LOOKER Trivial Pursuit is a title that has obviously had an enormous amount ol time spent on it - and it shows. II Commodore are on the lookoul lor a title that shows oil their machine, this is the one . The game isn't without its faults, though. The most annoying is white the screen is showing one question. The CO player occasionally zps off and choses an ncorred piece of speech lo go with it - imagine my surprise when, on heanng my CDTV ask me how many leeth does a human have, I looked at the question which was enqumg as lo the colour ol Yak's mild Other me gnpes indude some
rather nasty Ificker on the digitised graphic screens not» mention the disconcerting and. Eventuaky, agonising dick which Mass out whenever a new block ot speech s loaded And there's a totally untorgwMe omesion - while Domark have stulled the front end lull ol humourous graphcs and sound, come the end ol me game mere’s not even a hint ol congratulations to the winner, just deathly sfonce and a frozen screen.
CD HUMOUR Having said that Tnnal Pursuit is so packed with humor* espdally in the form ol Ihe cyncat Russell and his constant stream ol witty, it sightly cheeky, one-liners (especialy t you aren't very good at Ihe game - he! Let you know in no uncertain terms!, that al the problems. Which would be extremely off-putting on other bites, pale into insignificance. Obviously, with the method ol answer selection employed, mis Is a game that is al but impossible to play on your own, but then again so is the real thing Trivial Pursuit vrit wow your family and friends li has all ihe features and
content that we all exped from a decent CD-based title - none ol your dired ports, here! - and with so many questions on the Cds, its longevity is ensured. And |ust mink, no longer will you have to sutler Ihe indignation ot scrabbling around the floor, „ looking lor the missing blue segment!
Releait da if Out Now Trivia game team: In-House lOHiroh: Infra-red Mouse Humbert af diiki: 2 Cds number af flayen: 6 Just what the CDTV onlered
GAME REVIEW FALUN HERO Once upon a lime, there was a software
Oevelopment team who called themselves Epyx - apt really, as
vir- tualy every game they produced was. Ndeed. An epic. From
the incredible platform antics of Agent 4142 m Impossible
Mission to the race action of the classic Pnstop II.
Epyx's name was synonymous with qualify. And when they look the logical slep into the world of athletics sims with Summer Games. Winter Games, and Summer Games II, Epyx reached their apex. Whereas other Decathalon-style games relied on the player hammering their joystick tor all it was worth, the Epyx games required genuine skill if its hotty-contested Gold medals were to be earned. However, as the senes grew in number, so the events have got steadily weaker And this is rather apparent in this latest addrtion lo the senes LEFT OVERS The original California Games succeeded because its
events were well thought oul and easy lo play.
However, this sequel uses what can only be described as left over1 events
• and il shows. Starting on a typically sunny Californian beach,
you are invited to select an event by positioning a Seagull
on to one of five, typically hip characters. These dudes
represent the five events of Hang-Gliding. Snow Boarding (yes.
M sunny California), Jet Skiing, Body Boarding, and Skate
Boarding - and.
After continual play, these events are EPIC EPYX E»yii production la 1t(1jt2 Oita On rslsasa si Ibs Temple Of Aspdal RPISs. S plat* a rstkor spiff, rads) gams those, they then satered the world e sports sims with Summer Stem.
Distributed la the UK by Rod Ceusen's Quicksilva. Summer Barnes went rela- tltrely unnoticed, hut alter U.S. Sold duly picked w the rights to Iwporl Epyi's stunning knpsssMs Mission aadmsfep (.people started to tahe of the Callton It wasa't until Hand Wafer Semes hit the scene that they really too* off.
From these on, though, things started to fizzle out. Impossible Mttlon II- good as It was - never caught aa like the original aad. With the exception of revealed to be extremely boarding... sorry, boring.
Epyx games are renowned lor their presentation and general finesse, but these (actors are sorely lacking ui California Games II No more is genuine skill required, and when taking your skateboard through a series ol large drains or pitting your Body Board against a large wave lor points, there's very little leellng of achievement as the assorted moves are pulled oil. Each of the events is simply a matter ol amassing as many points as possible by performing tricks with your Hang-Glider Body BoartWet Ski whatever, v and this CALIFORNI I ¦ -i.ill an hour ¦ Hie aforementioned lack ol necessary
skill soon ensures that boredom creeps in Basically, it all comes down to we've seen it all before - and executed better, too The ongwial California Games featured Skateboarding (albert m a scrolling tube rather than the original's halfpipe), and you would have thought that, with the advances in gameplay we have seen over the last lour years, that they could have come up with something better than this tawdry effort.
GAM £ SI I Steve Merrett didn’t want to write an intro about ‘donning his loud surf shorts and getting radical’, so he didn’t... WIPE OUT I am majorty disappointed with California Games Has it Is probably the lowest the senes has sunk There's none of the umovation we are used to seeing in Epyx products, and no events which stand out as particularly remarkable - and even less that you'll play more than a dozen limes And. More importantly, there's no reason lor you lo buy this sad parody of a classic senes .. 0 rtUsu dsu Out Now pmrt: Sport, tin.
U*m: Creative Mat (•arrWi.- Joystick mrnmkers . ditkn 2
• mmhtr *f tUj*n: 1-4 Uriii,kt.,ulUkU. No mtmtryi Any Machine
U. S. GOLD £25.99 ( A complete travesty ol a game-best avoided...
your new Anvga compute3 trom S*c* Systems, we «iD grve you «n
additional £35973 worth of eoftware FREE OF CHARGE. ROOog some
great entertanmer* and croducavity program These tree gta wi
rtroduce you to he world of computing an: h«p you to get 0" to
...... £24.99 PIPE MANIA____£19.99 RICK DANGEROUS £24.99 ROCK
N' ROLL £19.99 SKWEEK £19.99 TRIVIAL PURSUIT £19.95
PRODUCTIVITY: PHOTON PAINT 2S £89.95 The wcemwicedpw”p«»«e»
GFA BASIC V3.5 £50.00 TOTAL VALUE: 058 73 512K AMIGA 500
• 20m* HARO DISK
• DELUXE PAMT M - .- ..
SIUCA PRICE: £219.78 £50.00 £916.68 £55768 20mq HARD DISK PLUS!
16 NIGHTS FREE HOLIDAY HOTEL ACCOMMODATION £359 a»9i *00 Ml moom R* CCO 0670 «mg§ 000 IMS SWJ - AM CCO 0677 FllASC CALL FOR STOCK AVAXA8AJTY ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT - DELIVERY IS FREE OF CHARGE IN UK MAINLAND Mews. Hatheriev Rd. Stocup. Kent. 0A14 4DX Tel: 081 309 1111 |_No Ufa My* Opwmq_F». No 061-306 0606 52 Tonerham Court Roafl. London. W1P 08A Tel: I71-5W 4000 ps i* fiwi Odoid Street London. W1A 1AB let 171-fM 1234 Mgtr ThuMy ate 6pm a u___ Wert Hatter*, Pa Srdcup. Kent DA14 40X Tel: 001-902 Mil Pro: Silica SySems. CMUSR-0992-80. 1-4 The Mew, Halheiley Rd. Sidcup. Kent, DAI 4 4Dx''l
- -eZoT.
I) . H any. Do you own? 80B J Tel (Home): - Company
Right, you ‘orrible lot, pay attention when I'm talking to
you! This is a matter of life or death... and it could very
well be YOURS! Vile alien scum have penetrated Earth's
defenses and have taken refuge at an ex-army training ground.
Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate
Combat UK, hunt down the invading low-life and make them eat
You’ll be equipped with the very latest in paintball armaments, including pump-action shot guns, and will be given 200 paint pellets to wreak your deadly revenge. Also at your disposal will be gas bombs and thunder flashes.
Of course, we don't expect you to undertake such a dangerous mission single-handed, so you'll also be able to bring along five of your fellow Officers for a drubbing, too. The area of infestation has been fortified with trenches, pits and craters as well as physical impediments such as swamps, hills and jungle-type woodlands, so you’ll need plenty of physical stamina to overcome such obstacles.
Once briefed on safety procedures, you'll be taken by your commanding officer into the alien’s lair and given your team’s objectives. The mission begins at 0845 hours and ends at approximately 1700 hours.
Army rations will be served during the course of the day.
DISCLAIMER Neither cu amiga nor EMPIRE SOFTWARE can ba held responsible lor any injuries that might result from participating in the paintball weekend. So, by all means, break your neck, slip a disk or bust a leg - we really don't care, as you do M at your own risk!
WHO DARES WINS TW first priie (oniiits ol a hHI Joy spent at Combat UK, ona ol the loeotry'i pinnier paintball dies. TW wiener ssJ fivo Misdi w* havo to ueukt tWs owo way to and from Basildon (wWro Combat UK is locatod). All six participants will tWs W pal op in a Wtal and fully kittod oat is combat poor. TW wlniKfs wll W playing with and against otWr members of tW general peblk. All participants most W over tW oge of IS.
RUNNERS-UP PRIZES In addition, lor tweaty-Hvo runners-up, there are copies of Reodysoft's Gey Spy orcode odventure on oHor. Can't say fairer than that, can we?!
HOW TO WIN So, how can you win such a magnificent prize? Easy. Just answer the following three questions, write your answers on the back of an envelope, and send it to: YOU'RE IN THE ARMY NOW, CU AMIGA, EMAP Images, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, Farringdon, London, EC1R 3AU.
1. Which is the largest military unit?
A. Division
B. Brigade
C. Platoon
2. What is the highest military award?
1. Victoria Cross
2. Charring Cross
3. Red Cross
3. What was the name of the supposedly unsinkable German battle
A. Titanic
B. Bismaric
C. Marie Celeste TINNIS CUP II MEMORY CHEATS Steve Merrett takes
to the courts of Loriciel's Wimbledon-based sequel, and
volleys a few shots and lobs a few highballs before arguing
with the umpire... I once read a book where some bloke was
whittling on about how the mem- oiy cheats - ie. Things that
you remember fondly may not have been so great alter all. Take
all those TV programmes you used to watch, tor instance. When
I was about ten, I used to be a massive Ian ol Sapphire And
Steel, but on rewatching an episode whilst round a friend’s
house recently, the geezer in the book was certainty proved
correct. The same goes lor Loriciel’s Tennis Cup. Many a good
game ol Tennis Cup was played by mysell and friends when
U. S. Gold lirst released the game two WHAT A PONG IroMtally.
Tennis was me basis lor Hie II* ever video games. With
Grandstand and Binatone leading Hie way in video game
development II was amazing how many Tennis players resembled a
slab ol while pixels which coeld only move along a ironical
asm Yes. That's right, the world-lamous Pong was based on
Tennis. Although there was m net. And no skilllul lobs or
spins, Pong was actually slaleolflte-art entenainmeni in the
late 70s. In addition, Hie good thing about using Tennis as
its basis was tbsl Pong could then miraculously become Sguash
(simply by adding a wall). Badmlngton (by slowing the
haltshuniecock’s flight), or mixed doubles Tennis (by adding
two more bats). This then allowed Ihe companies to boast that
their machine boasted, say. Lifteen difleranl events -
although they were basically sll Ihe same.
Years ago, but on sotkng th* aknosl identical sequel, it’s otMous M my memory was indeed gnnng me gnef Once Tennis Cup Unas loaded, the player meets the Sral - and seemingly only - addition lo tie gameplay.
Standing in the recepeon area ol what seems to be a ralher spaoous leisure centre, your tanary after ego stands with his laden holdBl awacng your control By movwig tie loysack m the requisite deeceon. The would-be Agassi can then opt to view a demo match or after tie game s parameters via two monftor screens, or pass through one of two doors to either practice your shots or enter a match.
On opting for the former, the player is placed before one ol those bit tpMng machines which proceeds to pump shot alter shot I you. Usaig the joystick, the 1 of this section is simply r the game’s limited array ol shots by hmng the balls back.
Granted, the length and placement ol each shot can be altered, but not to any great extent to make this section particularly necessary. Thus, with a quick prod of the Escape key. You are duty returned to the main menu screen where a match against a similarly-seeded computer-controlled player has been lined up.
THE MENU, PLEASE Via the aforementioned menu screen, assorted details regarding the matches can be altered. A choice of day. Grass, and concrete courts are on offer, whilst the length of each match and other such sundry aspects can also be tailored. As with the practice session, the match is viewed in third-person perspective behind the player, with a split-screen mode also allowing a second player the same privilege - it also makes for some very clever animation as both faces of your player are simultaneously animated. As can be expected, your on-screen persona is controlled via the
joystick, and, in a rather nice touch, il Hie player is lett out of position. The computer will then step in to move the player into a decent returning area.
Although this system sounds like a doddle to master, accurately returning the ball can be far Irom easy. As in the real sport, timing is ol the essence, but the forced perspective used to depict the action makes this harder than necessary, as the court appears to be twice as wide as it is long. Obviously, the game comes with the ability to alter Hie placement and speed ot shots, but these aren’t quite as useful as they should be, and I found that beating my opponent was simply a matter ol hitting a couple ol shots to the back ol the court before lobbing a short cross ball just over the
Gratae ered I don’t want to sound too damning about Tennis Cup as it can prove quite addictive - but not if you want a serious game of Tennis. The quirky nature of the controls and the oddly- shaped court also meant that I never felt as if I was in total control of the game, and that most of my shots were flukes.
When compared with Infogrames’ stunning Advantage Tennis, I’m afraid that Tennis Cup II emerges as a rank outsider. Another major gripe also concerns its similarity to the first game. There just isn’t enough in Tennis Cup II to warrant a buy.
Tennis fans have an excellent selection, and compared to the aforementioned Advantage Tennis this is completely unseeded. © mMitwMMmjMnm release dale Out Now genre: Tennis sim team: In-house controls: Joystick numbers of disks: 2 number of players: 1-4 hard disk installable: No memory: All Machines LORICIELS £25.99 ( The Fred Perry ot sims - out of date and slow... J GRAPHICS 66% SOUND 62% LASTABIUTY 68% PLAYABILITY 72% OVERALL 67% ZONE I WANT TO RIDE MY... With car racing games in abundance on the Amiga, it's surpnsmg that there aren't more simulations of the tar more exhilarating sport ot
high- powered motorcycle racing Even a fully equipped Lotus Elan can t come close to the sensation of biking at dangerous speeds. Since the earliest days of software there have only been two worth mentioning - TT Racer from Dl and the incredible Team Suzuki from Gremlin. The former was incredibly realistic and was the first simulation to let the player sit on one part of a track and watch riders on another. The latter had some of the smoothest and fastest and dam realistic polygons ever used.
Psygnosis are trying to reach a compromise between the two with Red Zone, but unfortunately they haven!
Quite pulled it off.
BACK TO BASICS The game itself is very basic. There is only one type of bike to race, and this can't be modified In any way.
There are ten tracks to race around, all of which are Formula One racing car circuits. You can also choose to race one track or attempt a complete championship. When it comes to deciding how the race will look, things get a little more promising.
There are fourteen different options to change the way the game looks and plays, and there are also two sliders governing mouse sensitivity and the skill level of the opposition LAST CHANCE TO SEE.. There are two levels of object detail and additional scenery can be switched on and off - and there's also the more unconventional sky detail and trackside surfaces which add clouds and a polygon blimp, or bushes and trees to the sides of the track respectively As you can see from our screenshots, everything looks marvellous with all detail turned on There's more to see than Microprose's Grand
Prix, and that's saying something. However, there is a price lo pay for all this detail - and that's running speed. With all options on, the game crawls along so badly that it becomes too unresponsive to be playable How can you correct oversteer if you have to wait half a second to see if you have actually oversteered and by which point it's loo lale to do anything?
NO SPEEDING With all options off. Though, things Improve in leaps and bounds. The tracks may look sparse by comparison, but the playability increases enormously. It's now you realise how last you can shoot down a straight.
The problem is that the update doesn’t match the speed of the bike, and a lot of the time you need to start turning before you see the comer to have any hope of taking bends at anything over ten miles an hour.
The controls aren't without problems either Anyone who has played Team Suzukj will remember the true analogue feel of the mouse control, and how you could lean at any angle In Red Zone, there seems to be a mere six leaning angles - and these are lar from responsive Another strange point on mouse control is that the right button, rather than the left, is the throttle. An obscure choice considering that most people are Mght handed.
Red Zone is very good in some areas, but limps along in others. Its biggest problem is that visually it is too slow to be anywhere near as playable as Gremlin's effort, which is why I would go for the latter, especially consdenng that it s just been released on the GBH label. It has been proved possfcle to indude detailed graphics in such a Sim, and to ignore such capabilities makes a game look dated and simplistic - something Red Zone isn't However, at the end of the day. Red Zone is a bit of a disappointment. » RrmiRiim rtUeut d»U August 1992 ftmn: ¦ika Sim MW Dan Qallaghar (coding),
Garvan Corbatt, Laa Carua-Waatcatt, Nall Thampaan, Nick Burcomba (Graphical, Andy Watkina (Seund) cemtreL.
Maaaa.Jayatick, Kaybaard Humbert ef Juki: 1 rnwmk" *f fUytnt 1 karri iuk ...ulLbU: Na mrmary: Any Machina PSYGNOSIS £25.99 Tony Dillon takes Psygnosis’ new bike extravaganza for a test run. Can it out-do the likes of Team Suzuki and Super Hang-On?
T Not so much Greased Lightning as Sunday Driving... 9 GRAPHICS 73% SOUND 80% PLAYABILITY 71% LA STABILITY 75% OVERALL 72% Tonight you could prang an F-19, shatter enemies from your Ml tank or have a smashing dogfight in your FI5 Alternatively you could crash out in front of the TV finely honed skills to decide,on strategy, missions and campaigns.
More ol a c hallenge than waiting fin a rerun of Top Gun. Really.
AfiCRD PROSE Seriously Fun Software With incredible animated graphics putting you squarely in the hot seat, there's no excuse to be sluggish!
These realistic simulations give you a 3D perspective of combat in the sky from your jet fighter cockpit or on the ground from your tank turret. Each game demands that you use your F-19 Stealth Fighter, Ml Tank Platoon, F-15 Strike Eagle II - all classic games from Europe's Number One Software Publisher MicroProsc led. Unit I Hampton Road Industrial Estate,Tetbury. (Hot. GL8HI.I). UK. Tel: 0666504 326 STRETCH THAT GREY MATTER Corey Cole is the man behind such award-winning puzzlers as The Ouesl For Glory series, This Is his latest teasing adventure and, although you won't find it as taxing as
his others, you're guaranteed to have just as much fun.
Steve Keen puts his nose to the grindstone and examines Sierra’s latest brain-straining puzzler.
The titular Or, Brain is an eccentric scientist who specialises in the weird and wonderful He transforms everyday obfects into automated models and experiments in all things bizarre. As luck would have it he's in need of a lab assistant and is advertising in a local paper for one. All applicants must apply In person and complete a series ol mind-bending puzzles that the good Doctor has spread throughout his mysterious home.
The puzzles themselves are a mixture ol the mathematical, logical, practical, and miscellaneous fun.
Anyone with an inbred hatred of maths needn't fear, though, as the problems involving numbers are quite well disguised and presented in such a way that you don't realise that you're actually doing them Some old favourites such as the magic square (where you have to fill in a 3x3 cube with numbers from one to nine making all the rows add up to the same number) brush shoulders with more diverse tasks. Constructing your own circuit boards and solving binary problems as well as negotiating mazes are all reminiscent of TV's The Crystal Maze or perhaps more ol its older BBC cousin, The Adventure
Game (remember that?).
KID'S STUFF The manual declares that this is a game for ages twelve to adult and this seems correct. On one hand, the appearance of the game and its graphics have a chifd-like charm, but the atmosphere created and the deviousness of some of the puzzles can easily lift the product above that of a youngster The three difficulty options ensure that the game will be no walk over for the long in tooth, whilst when set on 'novice' it provides )ust the right amount of tun and thought provoking action for those with less of an attention span.
The game's not all fun, though, as the time spent accessing disks and the lack of speed in each level are a genuine nightmare. The mousefcur- sor controls are extremely unresponsive and often more than four seconds behind in some sections I could say that this ruined my enjoyment of the game and in most othej cases it would, but The Castle Of Or. Brain Is so original I can't bring myself lo dismiss it in that buyers guide Out Now verv.'
Puzzlo Gam turn: Corey Colo fNiralc M J K mwmitrt tfStkm 4 number *f fUytn, 1 memory: 512K manner. This is probably the only genuinely fun piece of educational software I've ever come across and if you buy it for a child it wont be long before you whip it out of a cupboard after lights out for a go yourself Great stuff.
SIERRA £29.95 ( Fabulous fun while you learn... GRAPHICS 75% SOUND 69% LASTABIUTY 80% PLAYABILITY 74% OVERALL 78° &UO MMNR Bugs is back in town and we don’t mean the rabbit. Our Work Experience laddy, Steve Kern, sprays to kill in Kingsoft’s insect bomb ‘em up.
At home with this addictive done from German label. Klngsoft. Taking control of one of four characters, it's up to you to guide your sprite around a JUST BUGGING Fans of Ubisoft’s recently-released OynaDlaster will no doubt be instantly variety of mazes destroying the many bugs that have infested a computer The play area is viewed from a bird's-eye perspective, with different coloured blobs denoting the assorted nasties roaming the maze. You can use bombs to blast the meanies to smithereens, throw deadly thunderbolts to strike your enemy down, or lay mines and build protective walls.
To help you in your one-man onslaught, it's also possible to enlist the aid of a bunch of dim-witted robots, whose fighting techniques and intelligence can be improved by collecting the power-ups dotted around each level ARMED TO KILL The overall aim Is to wipe out the many bugs that crawl around each level Once the area is free of infestation. The player can then move onto the next level. As the 50-levels progress, more obstacles and nasfies W buyers guidtJ rtleu.e dot.
Out now genre: Mazo 9amo IMRU In-houao centrals: Joystick number ofpUyers: 1-4 Herd dub iuuu Utiou: No memory: All machlnos flood the screen, and the going gets decidedly tougher As wel as your own arsenal, there are a variety of additional weapons littering the maze. These include extra speed, the ability to pass through blocks, and to lay extra mines.
The game's most attractive feature is the four-player free-for-all.
Here,it's not only the bugs that need to be eradicated, but your fellow players, too. As with Dynablasters, this is the most appealing aspect of the game and definitely the most fun.
The increased number of weapons available is a bonus over Udisoft's offering, but the awful graphics and practically non-existant sound tend to detract from the goings-on somewhat Okay, the playability is the most important thing, but when a game looks as bad as this, it certainly detracts from the proceedings KINGSOFT £25.99 Addictive Dy wt aifer-style romp... GRAPHICS 48% SOUND 53% LASTABIUTY 82% PLAYABILITY 77% A life on the ocean wave isn’t always a barrel of fun. Dan Slingsby eats his greens and gets stuck into Alternative’s latest licence... LIFE ON THE OCEAN WAVE suit of his
arch-enemy and the girl of his dreams. On the way. Our musde- bound hero encounters a variety of obstacles, such as falling girders, bombs, fireballs, bouncing springs, coconut-throwing monkeys, and collapsing masonry among many other perils. Each stage also boasts another popular character from the cartoon stnp who will either help or hinder Popeye's progress. For instance. Wimpy will only let Popeye pass if he feeds him the many hamburgers which are scattered throughout the first level and Swee’pea needs to be rescued before he falls off a high ledge.
Points are scored for every bomb that’s defused, the With a plol that mimics the classic cartoons, everyone's favourite comicbook sailor must rescue his beloved Olive Oyl from the dastardly clutches of that old sea-dog, Brutus, in this latest release from Alternative.
Popeye is a platform game in which the player must guide Popeye up a vertically-scrolling screen in pur| '1 - - - - * -... , * £
- y:| -J
l. -. .. 6 . . « 11313 h. 1 “ G3BS -'~r- _W * number of
hamburgers or tins of Spinach which fill each level - and
extra points are also available for rescuing Olive Oyl. Each
player starts the game with three lives which are represented
by three beating hearts at the bottom of the screen. After
each mishap, Popeye loses some all-important energy.
Each heart slowly decreases in size after each hit until it disappears, indicating the loss of one life. Lose all three, and Brutus comes on screen to gloat at your incompetence.
COMPLETE DRIVEL Apart from a chance to beat up Brutus and his goons at various stages in the game, this is sub-standard platform fare with absolutely no originality. Popeye’s creator must be spinning in his grave at this drivel.
There really isn’t anything complimentary I can say about the game, apart froro its budget price, but that’s really no excuse for this rot. None of release date Out now genre: Platform team: ln-houso controls: Joystick number ef players: 1 Hard dill installatien: No memery: All machines the atmosphere or flavour of the famous cartoon strip has been retained: the graphics are awful, Ihe animation dreadful, the gameplay Is boring, and the concept reeks of creative apathy. The most embarrassing thing about the whole affair is that the game’s a sequel! I always thought King Features Syndicate
took great care in protecting the integrity of their licensed characters, but there’s very little proof here. How they let Alternative get away with such a poor game tor the second time is a mystery. Let's hope it sinks without trace.
ALTERNATIVE £ 7.99 |( About as nice as eating spinach... GRAPHICS 44% SOUND 31% LASTABIUTY 20% PLAYABILITY 19% OVERALL 22% UMMPOOL Marc D. Richards kicks off with yet another bout of soccer action, this time from Grandslam... required to either enter the FA Cup or the League Championships.
Games are played vertically up the pitch, and are viewed using a weird 3D angle similar to that of Rage's Striker. As usual, you are given control over the player nearest the ball, and you'll have no problems locating IT'S OFFICIAL!
This is it, footy fans, the official Liverpool soccer sim, featuring all the members of the present team. This is your chance to guide your favourite footy team (well, if you’re a Liverpudlian) up the league tables as you play in both the FA Cup and League Championships.
There are plenty of options to choose from. You can practise on a dry, medium or wet pitch; add aftertouch to the ball; and choose which way up the field you wish to play.
The section that’ll appeal to Liverpool fans the most, though, is the team selection routine. Here, you are faced with twenty mugshots of the various team players, and you can even decide who you want in your team, and who to keep on the subs bench. You can even access an info page on each of the players’ histories
- although the true fans will already know most of this.
Following this, you are ready to position your freshly- picked
team on the pitch, in one of three formations. You will now be
your player, as he's indicated by four huge arrows at his feet.
However, this is where the game starts to deteriorate. The
player animatron is basic and jerky and the speed is a little
on the slow side And as for the referee!
He has to be the strictest official ever lo grace the world of Soccer! If you attempt even the cleanest and fairest of tackles, he’ll be onto you quicker than a sniffer dog in a cocaine field, with his deck of yellow and red cards.
What this basically means is, unless you want to risk being sent off, once the opposition has got control of the ball, it'll all be down to the computer- controlled Bruce Grobbefaar to save your team from going yet another one down!
If you’re looking for a Soccer sim at the moment. Sensible Soccer is the only game for you. So, If you want accurate passing, blistering action and excellent controls, save your wad for Renegade's classic. To be fair, though, although not a complete disaster, Liverpool: The Computer Game is only recommended to real Liverpool fans and die-hard soccer sim addicts who need yet another fix.. GRANDSLAM £25.99 ( Average in every respect - J there are better about... 68% 51% 67% 71% OVERALL 70% release date Out now genre: Football Sim team: Arc centrals: Kays,Joystick number ef disks: 2 number ef
playen: 1-2 bard disk installable: No memery: 1 Mb p ISLANDE LEISURE fiROUP 1 0327 311108 0327 72722 SALES ORDER HOTLINE FAX ORDER HOTLINE ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT § 17.5% AND POSTAGE COMMODORE A500+2 AMIGA 1500 COMMODORE A600 STO 20 MEG £369 .99
• 10845 MONITOR
5999 KINDWORDS 2 49 99 MASTER S0UN0 37 99 MAVIS BEACON 29 99 MR
BACK-UP 29 99 i PEN PAL 74 99 PRO DATA 79 99 QUARTET 44 99
STEREO MASTER 36 99 I SUPER JAM 90 99 DAY BY DAY 29 99 0161
39. 99 WIZKID
99 MONKEY ISLAND 2 22 99 GRAHAM TAYLOR 2199 2001 21 99 TV
99 ISHAR 2099 ADAMS FAMILY 1999 JAGUAR XJ220 19 99 EYE
• TYPING TUTOR PHILLIPS 8833 MK2 229 99 I CBM 10845 229 99 I j
CUMANA CAX354 52 99 I R0CTEC 35* 1MEG 54 99 | GVP II HD8» 52
349 99 1 SIMS FOR GVP 22 99 | Hooray! Despite leaving us this
month, Steve ‘Mary’ Merrett has still found time to bring us
another round-up of the new budget releases. God, we’ll miss
him... STEG THE SLUG A pparently. The Spectrum market wen ape
over re exploits ol this gallant Gastropod, and it be easy to
dtsmss Stag s success on such a machne purely because it was
the oily 9ame released tof it that month. However. Steg The
Stog s actually very playable Cast as the slimy Slug, the
player has been charged with the ta» ol tearing hcs young
od-spring. These hungry little beggars are a little lussy.
Though, and demand grubs tor their grub. Thus, the weird
platform-based action gets rapidy more iMIicUl as Stog scours a
series ol grub-filled mines In search of his fame's dinner. As
a Stog. Steg can sfene up wans to get to the grubs, but there
is also a succession of rocket packs and bionc legs to take han
to the prevtously-inaccesstole snacks. And once he gets to
them, they can be taken to the end of the level by
encapsulating them in a bubble - providing they donl come a
cropper on the game's many hazards.
Okay, so it all sounds rather silly, but Steg is a very playable twist on the platform theme New additions to the gameplay are steadily introduced to keep things interesting, and some of the later levels get very tricky indeed.
Oh. And it also comes in the most gross-coloured box I've ever seen (you know when you've got a cold and your phlegm literally glows in the dark?
Well, that's the colour I mean). What more could you ask tor?
CODEMASTUS OUT NOW £7.99 STUN RUNNER I can sum STUN Runner up in two words: total crap factually, total wasn't my first choice, but never mind...). A conversion ol the stunning vector-based coin-op, this Amiga version has none d the speed or style ol the original. The Amiga is more than capable ol producing last-moving filled polygons, but somehow the coders behind STUN Mil realise it and the game is as last as a stalled Skoda. And when you consider that the actual - rather vacuous - coin-op relied on its speed to keep it interesting. You'H realise that you've just spent eight quid on a
complete piece of sMSnip-Ed).
HIT SQUAD OUT NOW £7.99 £2 GO FOR GOLD rtxx x I, as Go For Gad rolled in lor review, a conversion of the rather spifly not to W mMon extremely old) C64 wagglet, Mas Games, lor the Amiga.' However, on boobng me dek. Go for Goto is revealed to be an updated version olEpyx's The Games: Summer Altar a series ol excellent 'Games' games (il you'll excuse Ihe phrase), the Epyx series
• •d to go a ttOe awry with both the Utoler and Summer EoWton
titles. The main reason was a lack ol decent events, and it
also seemed that Epyx's nice touches and elements of humotx
were starting to lade away. That said, though.
Go for Goto is by no means awful, and events such as the Hammer Throw show the touches of genius normally associated with the series. At the end ol the day, though, the six events just don't gel together somehow and don't seem to require real skin to make achieving those gold medals all the more satisfying. A sad demonstration ol a lading idea.
KIXX OUT NOW £7.99 SUPER MONACO GP l Ithough a little quiet oI late, programmer ZZKJ was lamed lor handling REALLY tough larcade conversions. First ol all, he impressed us all wrlh his lechnicaily-stunning (il a little Slowl Ptmrdtilt conversion lor Activision, belore eventually moving on to Smash TV lor Ocean. In between these, though he also produced Ihis massively underrated conversion of the popular Sega racing game. Super Monaco is your basic, bare bones race game. There are no Ihnls and spills of a long distance Police chase, and there are no Smokey And The Bandit-style road race
scenarios. What we have here is just a good track circuit, featuring some ol the fastest screen updates the Amiga has seen. Optng lor a choice ol automatic ot manual gears, the player must fxst complete a test circuit within a set time belore taking place il a 'proper' race. However, this is easier said than done, as the car proves extremely responsive and can Ify olf the track with incredible regularity. This initialy proves very frustrating, but once the tendancy to whizz the car around every comer is lost, a race game featunng true skill is unveiled. This is an excellent game, and is
definitely an essential budget purchase.
KIXX OUT NOW £7.99 FALCON and it was also the first game to alow you to pan around the craft vrtritst it was in llfpt.
Everything about Falcon is polished and impressive - even when compared to the many more modem games which have smce followed - and wdh me addition ol a cable- based two-player mexfc, the fun is effectively doubled. A stunning budget release, and il you are one ol the handlul ol people who has never played It. Stop alienating yourselves and go and buy one,.. ofaHtime. Fatoonwas- and indeeo stll is - a classic of vector dog- lightng. Released by me now-delunct Minorsoft over two years ago, the game puts you in charge of an F16 as you undertake a series of related missions. Alt the action is
depicted using fast-moving filed polygons.
ACTION 16 OUT NOW £9.99 W I N If Rage’s excellent Footy sim is proving rather hard to beat, here are a few pointers from the development team behind the game... ¦« GENERAL TIPS FORMATIONS Against obviously superior competition or a difficult computer-controlled opponent, always choose a defensive formation which also utilises a sweeper system - 5-4-1 or 5-3-2 are normally the best.
Obviously, though, this method is reversed for the likes ot Mexico or Chile, where the 4-2-4 and 2-3-5 formations allow you to attack more aggressively.
Whatever formation you decide on. Always make sure that your style of play is suitable lor it. For instance. If you preler to make your attack by leg ging it down the wing before crossing it In lo the centre ol the penalty area, then once agan the two attacking formations isted above will ensure that a good number ol players will be waiting to receive the ball.
Finally, if you And It difficult getting or keeping possession ol the ball, then opt for a good mid- field-orientated lormation (3-5-2 or 4-4-2, for example). Then, when you gel ahead, switch to the defensive positions to keep the lead, and vice versa if you are struggling.
GENERAL TIPS DIAGRAMS 2 r_______________ ________ -_______ 1 Running down the wing is an excellent way to gain ground - just make sure your crosses are accurate 2 When in possession of the ball, fart around outside the penalty area so that, hopefully, one ol the opposition hacks you down for a tree kick.
3 Although everyone groans when John Barnes does It, whenever you are under pressure. Always pass it back to your keeper 4 Never use a player to chase an opponent currently in possession of the ball. Wait for a delender to attack them, and go In hard for the tackle - you'll stand more of a chance that way.
5 Although this is a rather obvious point, aim for the ball when tackling - not the player!
6 When an opponent has possession ol the ball and is on the attack, it's possible to shoulder barge them out of the way without resulting m a foul in their lavour. Practice this, though, as it can prove quite tricky.
7 Use sliding tackles lo speed up your movement across the pitch and toward the ball.
8 Desperate times call for desperate mea- sures. So always loul an opponent il they are looking as il they pose a threat. They stand less chance ol scoring Irom a Iree kick than they do a conventional shot.
9 Keep certain areas ol the pitch rigorously guarded - le. The comer areas, the penalty box, and any areas in this vicinity.
10 Force your opponent into a central attacking position as they are quite as adept when shooting directly at goal - and keep them away Irom the wings.
SCORING TECHNIQUES These are reliable tactics which, even il they don’t result in a goal every time, will allow you a chance to nip in and score from the rebound... 1 Run down the wing, and when you reach the byline cross the ball, adding altertouch as you do so. This will swerve the ball out ol Ihe goalie's grasp and, hopefully, onto the head ol one ol your _1 r
* »* ,T- '-.A forwards. Two quick jabs ol the lirebutton should
then send the said player in for a diving header.
2 What Rage affectionately call the ‘Jammy Jimmy’ goal is a variation on the above method but, rather then heading lor the byline, when you are roughly 25 (onscreen) yards from the byline, cross the ball into the area using altertouch to swing the ball towards the goal. A forward who is running in Irom the right-hand side ol the pitch should then be able to latch on to it a simple kick - and with the keeper well out ol range... 3 When In the box. A gentle sideways kick in front ol Ihe goal makes the keeper rather p»ry forcing him lo dive lor Ihe ball and allowing you to lap it pasl him.
4 The comer ol Ihe penally box can be usea as a neat guide lor an easy goal. Jusl shoot ckago nally Irom it adding plenty ol atlertooch and 4 wc loop behind Ihe goalie.
5 When you lake a comer, vary your use of altertouch. When taking a comer Irom the left, add loads ol right bending, and, obviously the opposite from the right-hand side ol the held wah a Me practice, these can then be met by a i forward nearly every time with an overhead kick or header. In addition, heavy altertouch when booting a comer can often result in a goal.
6 As a rule, ALWAYS loiow through when shooting. This way, il the ball careers oB lot a rebound, you can meet it nearly every time 7 It's also possible to dribbie the bal around the goalie by performing a diagonal run just past him (not too close, though, as the computer is very generous with his sprite detection). When you get past him, just run the ball into the net.
8 From a standing position directly m front ol the goal, it's possible to score by curling the ball around the keeper. Run down the wing and pass the ball to a conveniently-positioned player, who can then welly it around the unsuspecting goalie.
FREE KICKS When taking a free kick, position the guiding line slightly away from the goal and around the wall (If there is one), and. Adding loads ol power, boot the ball as hard as possible. Then just add altertouch to curl the ball just inside the near post.
Alternatively, just place the kick so that it lands at the leet ol a player in the box - this should then disorientate the goalie.
Finally, lor a laugh, just welly the ball into the defensive wall to see them all fall down, clutching their gonads (copyright The Vlnny Jones School Of Footy’)l f, PENALTIES These are extremely easy to cock up. But a pretty much sure-lire way ol scoring is to wait until the cursor is to the right ol the screen, betore using a quick tap on the tirebutton to crack it home - press it lor too long, though, and it will soar over the bar.
As lor saving penalties, this is far Irom easy.
Basically, just take a guess as to which way he's going to kick it - just like real lilel XZE USE ™,S AO foam?
Olhoif I CALL US!!
AMIGA 3000 2SUH2 S2MB 100MB 240 42SMB 2MB £1889 £2039 Phone 2MB • PCM MOB. £2139 £2289 Phone 6MB £2049 £2199 Phone 4MB * 7CM mon. £2299 £2449 Phone uima5iiH.ni With SCALA, 0 Paint IV end AalgoVisioe ADO £299 AMIGA 600 IMB, WB 2.05.1T ID • Senotl Cord twine
* 12 ewi* eo-ole eenenty WITH ALONE 8833 1084 AtOO £324-okVAT
£519 Ik VAT I HD £434 in* VAT £624 In* VAT '2MB VERSION ADD £45
• « £329 withpPia* Some See beWwross for software pocks CARTOON
• (orloon (bssks Genes: lemmings 23.99 The Simpsons 24.99 Cepioin
Plonel 25.99
• Deluxe Peeil lit «ilh onhnotios 79.99 " 3 Di« Herne Pod
inducing Woid Ptotessa, SgnuMoel. Ooiebote or PO Gomel
(onpilolion 9.99 TOTAL VAIUE 161.96 WITH AMIGA COTV 15.99
SEPARATELY 29.99 AMIGA 500 PUIS hi III sees. In. Nt P«w nwh.
K°* * «»«*. * «u ALONE 8833 1084 IMB 329.00 519.00 2MB 369.00
559.00 lydetexleind Am will en olfl deny itwecel ADO 48.00
Ahoei*Bidtttat 1.3* ROM Sheer fomenting Eetnew 1.3 2.04 lo
deminnle lenpoltAly problems ADO 39.90 AMIGA 1500 2000 M IK
spam* HU RAM, mew. Txpensta or 2000, lends, monuofc H» winding
Muon 8 •txEbmh 2.04. Had dm lanligixotiai in* die bhjh pafaaear
GVP II leMrollet tad, iXPlHOLRLE 10IMI. Poo 1*1* 52NB . I TOMB
GwiUn Dines at owl A10NE WITH WITH 7CM 8833 1084 .(FIXER Dad Dm
415.00 682.00 859.00 0D.GYP.20HIH0 699.00 199.00 1065.00
O0.GYP.52MHD 765.00 969.00 1129.00
00. GYP.I20MB HD 908 00 1112.00 1272.00 Pa onto 2IU lined ID GtT
ADO too.00 Use eilh Moot 13 * ROMShora AD0C39.90 I
AhoydnitT AIBHaPCianpollbRil. ADO C95 C200.00 lldl, nidi Dis*
(eddy, Wekome CD. Nwiol • inxele towel uat.
AS ABOVE WIYHMA1CHING DRIVE KEYBOARD. MOUSE. W11J A, Mm £339- £379- WM OeMaa Mat TV |£498' £538' 1 line RAM £POA When you hodi in you cU Amiga 500- pheee fa dHeh.
Fa gnu wheel node ¦ phese phene j See bekw oooss hi ioflwoie pocks Vs&:i§:WfeL CDTV « CBM 386) STARTER RACK I .
MAX VALUE RHP I 10 llonk Discs • BO copoary lockuMe disc box 555* | Mouse Hot 4.99 Virus Igler Disk 4.99 DfoW W ot Home Accounts 79.99 TOTAL VALUE 116.95 «* cwy «:H NO OTHER DEALER CAN BEAT OUR CREDENTIALS 1 I* y*crs experience in Commodore product ond h«t* lo tfoy ¦ Commodore trained staff ore friendly and helpful and are parents, andtimedio, eduratnnal. Games, programming or ledmei specialists (usuorty more than one!)
1 Open 94 pm Momfay to Saturday and 10.00 am lo 4.30 j • Servine for odvxe oidSrntrolion ol our 1600* « ft High St, Town Ceatte bandies Hot day delivery lor mast orders received by 5 pm; express am and Salurdoy services ovodaiJe Hardware coreMy handled and defcmed safely and retably by caged, enned, top name courier service 100% pie-despokh testing cn AMIGAs Free 30 day, next day courier cotlechan and defcvery of NfW feplocement (except product »ah on-site maintenance) ¦ HoSne support ond in-hemse engineers
• Upgrade and trode in offers te keep you up lo date ¦
Exceptional ofter sdes service AMIGA SPECIALISTS • STAR GOLD
DEALER • CDTV CENTRE • (ALSO FOR A500,A500+, A600 CDTV, 3000}
• Hie Worts PhMnun. Word pxaeiwi, tpieodiheel.
IMose 169.95
• Dehjxe Point III *16 oitnolion 74.99
• Gel the ml M ol yew Miego book 9.95
• Hebhyle SO Piogrooimf PD (hints Pock I 14.95
• Penn* 24.99
• Toll 24.99
• t6gil«1 Home Accounts 29.99 . 0f 29.99 . Mkrosoilih Tuibo
Jvyslidt 9.99 TOTAL VALUE 418.79 WITH AMIGA CDTV 49.99
SEPARATELY 69.99 SPECIAL Abe with Ca1000 Oeiiht Gooes ADO 12.99
WNAT THE CUSTOMERS SAY exlremely coulrars k rapid response to
my preblenTJl «i eel hesitaM to recommend you te my (oBeegues.*
Dr Darrel Noddy Slough Tfaek yea for deahee so promptly wi* my
requests ...'I urn rehKtael abtul ordering my computer no)
order However I hove km very pleased
• 1 my dealings mHi rabjii you or* to be (ounmdtd for yew nrtomer
Trevoc ftflenen • Boegx "ie have dedi mdi monv of e leainq computor vjppiiars, m posl, ha 60 sonta you ptovaid nos soane lo none.'
.Thonhyee he eeoyow's good senW_' ¦ erixed M 7.10oet ihe next 1 m wy xwetied eit Ihe wxixe I fectWed ie Ihe Mil inlwe, I inty wuecatd hoe noddy yen leeeegld 10 gn da pnoM dosewhed ftcm yen lulan bfoedilcx eit. J S Coindinos Anwthom
19. 99
9. 98
26. 98
9. 99
511. 72 SEPARATELY SPECIAL ALSO 10 exile greet gone!
PROFESSIONAL FAMILY (1MB KIQUIREB) VAW R8P (onoon Oonia Ganet: Lemmmgs 25.99 IheSimpiats 24.99 (opleet Plonet 25.99
• Deluxe Pool 01 eelh onhnoliee 79.99 ' Hie Wahi Phdnua Wad
Praeua, Veodsheel and Dotabote 169.99 ¦ Iheii Fnatl Hae, Eight
SineAohx 29.99 OR loih to da Fehxe ond Pownon Pet 11.3 only) OR
Oigild Heme fcieenn a Edd the Deck
• YmtOlaOBl 4.99
• 50 PiogMeene Holiyte PD Gieolt Pah II 39.99
• Hobbyte Inloot, ionia (igetily) a Setanlory IdaehaielPedi 19.99
• 10 Meek OHO* 80 Copoiity lakobh *« box 26.98
• Mane Met. OeilCeea 9.98
• turbo Mrtioteuih JnyUrth 9.99 TOTAL VALUE 468.86 WITH
AMJGA CDTV 71.11 SEPARATELY 99.91 SPECIAL Also wBh Slei 1C 200
9 PIN Cotool Priela end Slerta Pexh AM 180.00 COMMODORE 386SX
3. 5" DRIVE, VGA 14” ColbUR MONITOR (D quality it«M speakers Mad
Mouse 8 entertainment titles: Wing Commander, Herd Orivin ?,
Midge W,
- ----- ' i the Planet ol the Robot Monsters.
Kivial Pursut, [scape from the Spoce Invoders Secretory Bird Wf S DOSS £789* £965* Full 1 yea on site ¦wraity Uso with Slor 1C 24-20 Printer, lead, paper and printer stand
FwiSAod2,adei6y*on,68y«iisc.8. yenrs 19.99
• hot 5d ool 3 or 4. Spool) utifo 5 non. 5 to 7 peon ox
- !2sJaaigUR*dwmiadgomes«*lhbeoul ld pBurn. Tinting ottonalioo
ood aiM. *ol helps lo deniop
10. 0*0., wed ood oHim tklk. Up to 6 skill In*.
(oolo 6) to Haelonai (utnaduo legdrements. 24.99
• Postmon Pot 113 ottly), OK Edd the Owk (7* yoonl OR Moldted
Poin OR BI6*Y s Say S. hod 14.99
• Hobbyte lidom a Joetiof (spedry) fdurahond Pah.
Lecturing op to 12 "lexen ttfcile yoo pWp' aims 19.99 leoiunngupio ic
• Hobbyte 30 Eosy Chi induing train Set at
• 10 Blank Dtsa ty Gdldnn's Gomes, 10 pwxdis.
Ot ood oth*. Top ectertdnWi PO titles 19.99 . Joysfek ¦ Oebjxe Pont ll PWi Point II o. Bl c. PuffliK 89.99 IOIAI VALUE 206.92 WITH AMIGA CDTV 49.99 SEPARATELY 69.99 SPECIAL: Wi* tonooo (loss.,. Gone, ad DpoWt III.
• ThoSba Paw* 6 mlomkd ad aatdning gomes 26.66 lidwg bmopy ad
hods * eo.ou.ogo emty numb*.
M«*q ad Noxa*og ddk Wi* 5boo People tmist.
Ot tarn to W tenI F *6 M 6 sepord. Eosy le ¦ hewn pmramies mlb onimeba end sand O Sbamadtdnms BebM *« doom ootemonts ond Wys dan Wi EoadOa a ornlbs cod noting in 6 id.i68a.WdE.il 1.66
• Fa5* 73ee4 die la SdtooT serin havt me nesr obnnt ewry mad
gemg. 5 o. 6 nonderld Ot Helmo lee* 4 tdotfbd ad omusmg games
* ¦ ta 5*ed design manoger edl ddighl young ridden
• • ... Vu 1 Tboia Pan II« EK o. Purr*: 89.99 n Iwbpy* Mdae
Edwawnd PD Pod. Ratdnlng 10 19.96 dyalamamm ¦ on 30
FosyOddran's Gomes Podt 16.99
• : 1=-. . Omlox. Joyslid., Moos. Mm 26.96 TOTAL VALUE 221.90
WITH AMIGA CDTV 46.66 SEPARATELY 66.66 SpfQAL Wteb Certnoo
Clessks Gomes ad Dpamt III .
' tii - 'iM ADD 14.66 A30OO 24 BIT SYSTEM THE ULTIMATE!!
- Exlro 4MB FosI RAM
• Progressive 68040 atceleralo.
• 24 b» totoor ran)
• Vtob 24 bit colour reo) time digitizer
• 24 bit 3D Ail * ananolion s w
• Fitting end Free 1 2 doy mstom'sed training TOTAL RETAIL PRICE
79 99 I AU AS ARTIST'S P. IT rv.re H P4GE5ETTTR os, Amos
A C0TV 66.66 gl ¦ 068: PRO PAGE 3 clad Ant ode ¦ ' L_ A3
poslsxripl raloui ink jet prinlei, 8MB with sterlet kit HOBBYTE
• EASY4*05 lonpWte.stoopleslprato j tMbe mws onode games.
Edurotiond. M. sdtnox. » nets not pa. ' Comples* orth gn*h«y,
soad. Oniotdion and mom UpgtodMlie to 4mos 34.66
• CmtoaOossks Games: OR lemmings OF 2199 (opto* Ptaet Pttxadk
2199 TheScnpscm D«to Home dnouds 24.99
• SO Pioginmme Hobbyte P0 Gratis Pod. 39.99
• 20 Bhmh Discs. 80 Copwiry ItxtobleDis. Box 33.97
• Mouse Hot. Dust Cove. 9.91
• 'Gel lb. Most out d tout ltd* book 9.95
• tfccmsnoih turbo loysfck 9.99 TOTAl VALUE 2IS.S4 WITH
AMIGA CDTV 59.99 SEPARATELY 76.66 As obove, but with:
• Amos the Creolor iitsteod ol E«sy Amos WITH AMIGA CDTV
SEPARATELY NOTE: to booh dbompoKks. Osmond floppy grata hr lb*g
me lomwoodod. B» not Cmtbd.
ARTISTS PACK VAUIE RRP Dam Pal ¦ eettFi onanoea (upgrodecble to OP IV) 76.96 Pa 4tD*ismnai**P»asmnpidmsio«ls . 66.96 : fax Hoayte P0 Graphns Pmk int (lip ml * ublities 39.96 (nea Oqssks Games: OR
a. l*
25. 99
25. 99
24. 99
39. 99
33. 97
9. 98
9. 95
9. 99
400. 82
139. 99
169. 99 TWSapum Digilo Horn* Accounts 56 Programme Hobbyte PD
G-eoh Pock Dbg.80(opacity LockoUeDnc Bax 1m* Mai * Dint
(over Get fee Moil out of Your Amiga' bock Meowed) Krbo
400. 82
99. 99
499. 81 m
269. 99
AMIGA CDTV SEPARATELY Gba.l26.0_ 5a 1(26- Sa 1(200 (d (a Se*
9 .
5a U 24-20- 5a IE 14-200 5a L( 74 200 id (*0.1241_ Gba.224_ Gaa224n*f 101.99 117 25 167.25
167. 25
177. 25 197 25 239 99 17699 .20 5 99
218. 99 IMS an bx 4600- ...204.99 ACCESSORIES tt&MvspWttlo..
bwkupdera Ice ony extend drive 23.99 1520 Module*. 26.99
4500 Deluxe .and (awe 44.99 CanippHtion Pro Joystick 11.95
(DtVKoybooid 39.99 FLOPPY DRIVES lydet 3.5 extend kite,
doisydiMi. Oft nll 48.95 Cumao CAX 354 3.5 extend 6n* beige
52.99 CDTY extend 35 tklve. Work. 49.99 F( 8800 with nnli
.Wk • Bttz bo k vf and virus pottoe. 67.95 Ft 8808 os oWjvo,
Cydae lotpclible 78.99 Ft 8808 .IlhBBi. Kopy 98.99 Did dm*
os ft 8808 115.95 SCANNERS Hckshn 400 dpi 32 graysMe *
Ontosia soltnote 87.69 Pone. Had 5.0(10*. 400 dpi 64 gmysmW,
Powmsransolbrae 97.99 Pen* (dow Hood 5 aoe 23195 Slap 1*100
46 Senna .sranlcb s a, t* to18 Wl 59195 Slap HOT A4 Samos ,
up to 24611 1729.16 EXPANSION ACCELERATORS 4500
517RRMew.dod._J9.9O (t*150lexp- _____________ .. 2199
KSUo?.R0M9xra 39.90 A500.»*b!Wo»-37.99 GVP 4500 oneLsee Ho.d
Ivins FH,n».68040A500_7T9.69 Gfbcb680X 25MHZ I 411 58900 Pmg
68M0 4150VA3000 .Plot G Foe 68030 50MHZ 4M .138900 G Fee
6803) 75MH 1MB589.00 ...46.99 450O.IM8.xp_ PRINTIRS «t'H
win 4100 stun. Raout sratn not .40 (ihren SntH
74 .239.75 „. GbaSmh 74. Id’.248.75 » » 5a XB 74 700
d- .347 99 »
• 5«x«B 24 250 rf .416 99 • « HP Deskyet ...32999 «
- HP Deskpet col .509 99 - “ HPPcmlim 429.95 “ a BJIOex
Bobbimetpn' 70:95 Q 81300 ....-.....-.338.99 0 Sim
5148... STARTB PAOL 500 Sbete A4 o. o (Bid 1084501
mcflilo..leads 194.99 Philips 6833 MKII monitor end loads . (El
9 . On-sK) 199.00 16 • swivel stood In Pbiips 8833 1 2.99
3M1960 Ffigh r«s monitor 379.99 Ftdips 7(M Hkos SVC* ,28dp m.
til 8 s«vd 259.99 nwyFfoketRxH 79.99 HARD DRIV1S CD 4570 lot
50C* 600 265.00 4570 »th 7.04 la 1.3 309.00 4530 CVP 52 »B HO
.610301 «B 0 p »8146 6 55.99 4530 GYP 120 HI HO .68030 INI exp.
Lo 8M8 844.95 4530 GYP 240 MB HO .68030IMB top. Lo 8M8 1038.95
4590 20*8 HD 269.99 4500 GVPII 52*8 HD, oop to 8*8 332.99 4500
GVPIII20MB HO, exp to 8*8 435.99 4t 500 2000 GYP II (ooootoi.
Exp to 8*8. OubAxo 57*8 HO 264.99 41501 2000 GVPII mol, oxp to
8 *8. Qoaoluot 170 M8 HO 406.99
F. ox6o 7*8 Iwod Io(*o.o 62.99 OLD AMIGA TRADE-IN The best Hede.
DlowniK*. .... I» p-.pi-.ok odd minimi*. Trod* • (air old mod™
la 0 Wad nnr A600 II 500 7000 3000, CD1Y er era. PC EMULATION
(S Ponertootd ..188.99 AEMgMoerdlwISM 329.99 GVP
286 fox GVPII .530 216.99 ITBridgdtoortlm ISOO .99.00
llOna________________178.99 GYP40 4lo. 1500 94199 DISCS T 0
Bbnnk D5 D0 dtsxs iei box 6.99 50BbrillVII0*sol7.99 50 Blank
D5 H0 disc 27.99 SOFTWARE Gates Idi»(si (ROM3.50 Ullolestgomm
175. 00 OP IV 54.00 3 107.00 PtoOro.2 79.99
187. 00 TYPoml 697.X NO DEPOSIT CREDIT FACILITIES (itir term K
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FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CALL OR WRITE TO: MRJOHN PETERSON SCOTTISH BORDER CONSULTANTS 54-56 HIGH ROAD BUSHY HEATH WATFORD HERTS WD2 3JG TEL: 081 420 4209 W I N AN IMPOSSIBLE LOVE ISM A RPG fans rejoice! Following on from last month’s epic guide, here’s the second and final instalment of Silmaril’s fantasy adventure solution.
Gate crash at Irvan's house in the village oI Halihdor and he will tell you that hts daughter has been kidnapped. She used to live In the city o( Elwing and it you rescue her and bnng her back to the old gent he will reward you with a vita! Key (you'll also find Thom in Elwing He w* give you five monk robes for later use). You will find irvan s daughter in the town square, but belore you can persuade her to accompany you back you! Have to lose a member of your party Leave the town by the road oppoaka to M by which you entered and return North to the v*age of Halinor and to Irvan's house. One
ol your party has fallen in love with the girt and the only way he'll let her go is if you give him the anti-love potion (the essential ingredient s Tortoise spittle).
Get the key and you will be advised to build a War (tour people in a line will suffice) Now go West - watch out for the wizard - and take the teleport THE DUNGEON OF VALATHAR Gather together food, water-pistots, and treasure and search everywhere Numerous passages open up thanks to the levers and pie keys collected along Pie way You rrkght have to go to and fro between Pie town to strengpien your team wall Open the door with the key collected at Irvan's house. At the first crossroads turn left and you’ll find the house of the living dead brothers More exploration reveals another key A VISIT
TO THE DARK KNIGHT Continue along the route to Pie East crossroads.
Turn SouPi. And fight the Dark Knight before continuing SouPi Another key can be found in pie labyrinths. Return to the Dark Knight's Room and open the door facing the East labynnpi Find the exit to the East at Pie crossing and turn North.
Continue and retrieve the key from pie cul-de-sac and use the levers to open up a passage. Return to the previous crossing, continue South and Pien turn East (the passage opens according to Pie position of the levers previously seen Follow Pie wide corridor until you reach the cul-de-sac, collect the key and return to the Dark Knight's room. Keep going North until you reach a wall and open the door to Pie East.
THE WILD LEVERS If you keep going East, you'll find a labyrinth consisting of Iwo parallel corridors interspersed wipi doors which are operated by levers. Each one operates two doors simultaneously. Take Pie passage South Pien move East, ignore Pie lever Pien access on Pie leh. Operate the lever and return Eastwards to Pie aforementioned room. Turn right and Pien to Pie left pull the other lever on a half turn Now return towards the previous room (West) Pien turn nght and left again. Pull Plis lever and you can exit the maze by continuing along this corridor towards the East. At Pie end
turn right and then left. You’ll now find yourself in a smaller labyrinpi populated by blue ghouls. Moving along Pie corridor in a SouPiemly direction you will find a key and teleportation point.
FOUL AIR Walking South, you must turn East immediately. At the end, turn left and you'll arrive at another room with a lever. Make each person drink Pie Worgaz potions (Aponea), and pull the lever. Gas filters into the chamber, but you will be protected. Follow the corridors and look in all Pie nooks and crannies for treasure. When you enter a new chamber pull the lever and the gas will disappear. This room has two access routes. The one to the South is the shortest and mildly interesting, but Pie path to the East is indispensable After passing Pie skeletons you find another key in a
cul-de-sac. Return to the chamber, pass through the area of foul air and exit the room.
CONJURING TRICKS From the wide corridor you have to find an access point heading West which will lead you into a huge diamond shaped chamber. In the centre of the room a demon is casting spells at you. Try the doors to the North and West and then take the access route to the South at the end. Continue in a Aufti e fit f f v - 4 ' * ?
1 **0 RCSLLV * westerly direction and you come out into a broad corridor. Just to the right there's a lever and a passage leading East. Follow this and open the door that's controlled by the previous lever. This is the entrance to a spider-infested room. Collect the runic tablet. This room has illusionary walls so try them all and collect the different articles you find.
Now return to the lever in the corridor. There’s a very large labyrinth to pass through heading West (watch out for the ghouls). Try and find the door facing South in the broad corridor. This door opens onto a small room guarded by a fearful magician that you must kill and whose talisman must be taken. The talisman gives the wizard his strength.
Exit the room when you have the item.
On one of the walls in the labyrinth you'll find three levers. The right combination of up and down must be found in order to open the door to the extreme South East route.
Follow the corridor and you'll come face to face with Medusa. The use of a psychic shield is recommended here. When she’s dead, a flame-spitting dragon will try to bum you. He seems to be quite a way off but he’s well within range if you hit out. At the end of the passage will be a door. Dress everyone in the monk robes and open it. Kill the monk on the other side and cast a protective shield. Now teleport.
ISHAR Finally you are in Pie temple of Ishar. Once again a very long corridor awaits your exploration. Before seeing Krogh you will have to fight three monk guards with fairly well-developed psychic powers.
Use the psychic shield again and kill them. When it's over another protective shield could be useful.
KROGH The grand magician casts flashes of lightning at you and even if you manage to escape he will give chase so there’s no other solution than to go in studs up! If everyone has a runic tablet, and your magioian has the talisman. Morgula can cast ‘anti- Krogh’ spells and Krogh is having a particularly bad day you might just do it! Now prepare for the end of game sequence. ® ® * ni* . » * One* again, Tony Gill is here to aid any ailing adventurers in the murfcy worlds of RPGs and adventure games. So, if you are far from a Dungeon Master, or Just a struggling Knight Of Darkmoon, drop him a'
scroll... POLICE QUEST III Being a streel cop is a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it Luckily lor us.
Nicholas Golding trom Newbury is ou there keeping the streets sate - but even he needs a helping hand from Joe Public occasionally Nicholas needs help on Day 5 ol Sierra's Police Quest III. It's a tair cop. Guv, here is what you need to know. Once you have used the police computer to read We 1991*5. And you have plotted the spot where the next murder will take place, you will receive a confirmation message Get the number ot Morales' locker trom the note in her desk Ring Dispatch, and go to the Psychologist s Office and get the tile. Now's the time to use the white car parked downstairs to
drive to Palm 8th-9th Street where you believe the murder wiD take place Stop here, and walk to the outside ol the saloon Use the tracking device on the 1976 Sedan and then look at the car.
Return to yout car and get the scraper and envelopes trom the case in the boot Use the scraper on the car in tront then enter the saloon. Alter a while, a pod player will arrive, 'eyeball' him and you will recognise him trom the computet files. Try to talk lo him, but be ready to eat the d«1 when the bullets start Uy ing. You can now use the tracker to tollow the escaping lelon (don't worry he won't get tar).
Eventually, you will be returning to the Pdlce Station and then on lo the hospital lor a passionate embrace before the day is out. Sound exciting? It's just a pity the game limps along like an old police dog.
BLOODWYCH Now you and I may be wondering what wonderful new game we should buy next, but Tom Gates ol Surbiton has no such worries, tor he is still playing Btoodwych. Come on laddie, give it up! There are games programmers starving to death lor the want ol your cash. I'll only help you out ot your present predicament il you promise me that you ! Invest in a game Irom the 90s! There are two gems to be tound and you tell me that you have only managed to get hold ol one. How do you know there are two to be tound it you haven't tound them both? Sbll. Lor Tom and all the other misers out there,
here is the definitive solution.
The tower is in two halves - lelt and right. The boor locks behind you as you enter. In a two player game, each team should attack a separate side and meet at the top. Two keys are required to enter the final level and they are placed one at either side ol the tower. During your climb up one side, you wit find a Serpent Key and you must use this to open one ol the two doors mto the Serpent Crystal level al the top. On the Boor between the two doors a a chromatic key. Go down the stairs and find the chromatic door and go through this and find a pit. Jump into the pit and this win lead you to
the top ol the other side ol the tower, and another Serpent Key. In the crystal level, you will see the green gem in the wall.
As soon as you take it you must run to the left, dodging past the monster until you reach an open area where you can tight and manoeuver.
You can rest when necessary by locking yoursell in Ihe rooms behind Ihe stairs. You should have the Moon key by now. So it's time to gel out. Press one ol the buttons m the Crystal room and this will remove a pillar Irom the exit. Go to the exit room and jump down the pit Down here is a serpent key and some armour. Go through the portcullis then through the Serpent door. Pass through a cavern, picking up the key and potion, and then use Ihe key to enter a larg e room with a box room to one side. Find the grey key here then jump into two pits. K* a dragon (easier said than donel) then press a
button to get out.
EYE OF THE BEHOLDER II There are times when you are so hungry that pizza and coke just can't crack it, and Brian Webb ot Birmingham has just experienced such an occasion.
Actually, it's not our blend who is so ravenous but a group of six doors. Is this a weird letter or what?
Having smashed his way through the hellish hordes that guard Eye Ol The Beholder Ifs cellars. Brian has now come across these magical doors who demand to be ted before they will open up. Each door
* ves a mystical riddle which suggests the special oo,ect is
required lo be served up. But our con- teed chef doesn't know
his artichokes from his escallops. Objects required are: a
piece of parchment, a lew rocks, any potion, the Hunger1 sword,
a Ruby and. Finally, some rotten food. Don't worry it you don't
have any rotten food, just hang onto it tor a while and you
will find that it will go past Us sell by' date and turn nasty.
ULTIMA VI It. While you were storming through Ultima VI. You noticed a wide-eyed individual wandering around looking lost, you were probably looking at Neil Wood trom Great Yarmouth. Having got himself all fired up lo go hunting. Neil has had to admit that he doesn't know where to begin with the game. In this case. I suggest you begin your career in the Land of Britannia by being a good guy and saving the Shrine ol Compassion from the nasty gargoyles.
To liberate the shrine you'll need to obtain a certain Rune and its Mantra. Your search for the Rune begins the museum where you ! Find three musicians. Ask the child called Ariana about the Rune and she will tell you that she has it, but she won't give you anything until you get her Mother's permission. Go and seek her Mother who is working as a barmaid in the Blue Boar and say Rune'. She will tell you to tell her daughter that it is Okay to give it to you. Having got the Rune and the mantra 'MU', it's time to head for the shrine. Follow the eastern road out of town. Travel until you
pass the second stream, and head east till you see the shrine pillars.
In the centre of the circle is the shrine itself. You'll need to clear up the gargoyles. Before using the Rune on the shrine. After you use the Mantra, you'll be able to take the moonstone from the altar.
There are a few more shrines which I suggest you liberate and here are a few tips for them. The Shrine Of Honour needs the Rune from Trinsic (it's m the altar in the town), and its Mantra is SUMM. The Shrine Of Justice wants the Rune from Yew. It’s found under the plant near the south door in the tavern. The Mantra is BEH. The Shrine Of Sacrifice is m the desert to the east of Minoc and the Rune is obtained trom a character called Selganor. As a music lover. Selganor will want you to play him a tune on some wooden pan pipes before he will part with his treasure, so you will first need to
find a woodcutter for some wood, a sawmill to cut it, and a music shop to have the pipes made - the Mantra for this one is CAH. The Shrine Of Spiri uality needs the Rune from Skara Brae and it's f und in Mamey's chest. The mantra is OM. The Shiine Of Valor is in Jhelom. First get some sherry Irom Lord British's Castle, then look for a mousehole in a tavern, The mantra is RA.
EYE OF THE BEHOLDER Paul LindbrkJge of Crowborough thought he would be smart and buy Eye Of The Beholder II as he was about to finish the first game. The snag is that weeks later he is still stuck in the first game.
The door which you can't open. Paul, is released by a secret button on the South wall of the room you are in. The alter in Oracle of Knowledge on Level 4 is activated by placing an Orb of Power in it. I guess you'll have already found a number of these magical items on Level 12 where you are stuck.
If you return to Level 4 and activate the altar, it will say interesting things about the weapons and magical items you are carrying. It's really a kind of 'Identify Item' booth. Another tip for anyone suffering from poison wounds on Level 4 is that there is a room with healing potions to be found in the NW comer of the level. You can open the door, collect all the potions, close the door and then collect the potions again. All you poor souls who are still searching for the Stone Gem can give up, because there actually isn't one to be found in this game.
There is a Stone Gem in EOBII with a magic portal to match.
LEGEND OF FAERGHAIL Assuming you can put up with the game's annoying mapping exercises, there is lots to do in Faerghail. You can, however, get rid of the mapping aspect once you find the crystal ball in the Dwarven Mines. Dang Tran Vu who hails from Helsinki has written to say that he's worried about the way the mine's exit collapsed when he left it.
Don't worry. Dang, as there are a number of ways back into the mines - especially if you've got dynamite. Dang also asked what he should do in the Abbey. Go to the south-west corner where you will meet a monk who you should recruit. Go west along the south side and find items in the fifth and seventh cells. Go down the stairs in the south-west corner. On the second level go east of the stairs to a wall, then north, then west. Here you should find a hole in the floor which you must jump into.
BLACK CRYPT Peter Waddel ol Birmingham is stuck on level 7.
There is a plaque at location 13.20 which the magical word HCTIWS written on it. Peter has stared at this word for weeks but Its meaning remains a mystery. There are two alcoves nearby, one of which contains a bow and the other a chest. Pete is sure there Is a connection between these items and the plaque, but he doesn't know what. The clever ones amongst us realised instantly (well almostl) that HCTIWS is the word SWITCH in reverse. If you simply switch the two objects between the alcoves a secret passage will open at location 11,19.
ELVIRA II Elvira II - The Jaws Ol Cerberus is quite an eyeful.
It's a big game in more ways than one - and I mean that most sincerely folks. So here are a lew hints which will come in handy on level two of the haunted house. Before you nip upstairs, cast the following spells: Protection - use the soda can.
Breathe Underwater - three of them using the popcorn, gum (you had at the start), and the cupcakes.
Healing Hands.
Luck (remember that four-leaf clover from under the Studio sign).
Ice Darts (several).
Unseen shield.
Enter the Stage 2 elevator (the one with the big 2 on its entrance). When you enter Ihe stage area, drop the wallet, the computer disk, the wrench, the mirror, the hairspray. The towel and the seltzer bottle. Turn left, go through the doors. You are now in the living room of the haunted house. Take the helmet and the left gauntlet from the suit of armour on the right. Don't put anything on just yet. Enter, and on the inside there is a desk to the left. Open the drawers and take the prayer book and use it to mix an Unholy Barrier spell. Take the padlock. Go back to the living room and take
the antique vase from the comer shelf. Turn this into a Detect Trap spell. The bucket next to the fireplace is used to cast another Protection spell. The door to the right of the fireplace leads to a library. When you pass this way later, to get past the poltergeist simply drop the kiddy toys from the bedroom upstairs. Apart from the odd scuffle, that should see you through... COMMODORE ATARI CITIZEN STAR AMSTRAD CUM ANA PHILIPS GOLDEN IMAGE NAKSIIA ABACUS SEGA DIGIT A ra rrff;K ULLY GUARANTEED BULK DISKS DOUBLE SIDED DOUBLE DENSrTY 135 tp.
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3. 5* DutDmrHcsd Otam. K* I 1mm kmnct Moo. Furom lad I WU Kw *Y*
Lad ...I Mil«« Amo Senui| Sral Bar bp
Rito. II I Mm A*f«Kt Uboiuos Ink I
Acral Svmhii Bow, 5taTVk.dMrUaa.Sc Surge fmrckt Pvsp "l
Pn-crC-to I tfcduiMf Emm Lad San Tout
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GtABau.Imerpmrr.iitiDw* lewawgt PropmmisaOrsrtoc'Onil wa I0t4 Uiwl krt M IV hSb« Aiwa «"M Vnrl trf MamB Vd Amp ROM Kernel Bef Stoi 3rt t* Answer Back Sensor- ... Fact File 500 - 20ih Cent History Fact File 500 - General Scan .
Fact File 500 Know Eneloal Fact File 500 English Wool Fact File 500 Natural Hiuory Fact File 500 World Geography.
F«t File 500 -FOw Aid----------- Fact File - Spelling------------- Pact file-Sport... - . Ptotfilc AntfcmrtK . FwFtle Asaociauoo Fncrhall.... The French Misueu _..._ . TV Italian Tatar .... Micro English (GCSE).
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Filled FREE if requited COMMODORE ATARI CITIZEN STAR AMSTRAD CUMANA PHILIPS GOLDEN IMAGE NAKSIIA ABACUS SEGA DIGITA W I N ot the barbanans you should only move onto these squares with a military unit with a high defensive factor
4. When the technology anses you will be able to set sail, tirst
ol all in Triremes - these are not deep water vessels and can
be lost at sea very easily. It's always a good idea lo keep
them near to the coast, but il you get an opportunity lo get
to the nearest unexplored land mass, do so although It's
extremely danagerous to stay in deep water lor too long. When
undertaking a voyage on a ship, you should always lake a
diplomat, settler, and a strong military unit. With these
units in tow, you can cope with any problems that may arise
The military unit will take care ol any barbanans. The
diplomat will make peace with other civilisations and the
settlers will occupy any virgin territory OPENING HOSTILITIES
When playing Civilization, you can play defensively or
offensively Start off by building up your defenses and
technologies and making peace treaties with other
civilisations (do this so you can put all your energies into
new technologies and building more military units). When a
neighbouring civilisation becomes a threat or a problem, you
wil need to open hostilities, but before this you should gat
an idea of the enemy's technology level To do this, you'll
need lo establish an embassy m an enemy city (use a diplomat
for this). If the enemy s more technologically advanced than
you. You might consider postponing your aggression urei you
are more evenly matched You can catch up with the enemy in one
ot four ways:
1. Concentrate on research, building Mbrarfas and universities
and devoting a larger portion of your revenue to scientific
2. Exchange technologies with friendly civilisations
(preferably not with the one you are about k) go into war
3. Build a Great Library: any time two other civilisations obtain
the same advance, it becxjmes yours as well
4. Steal the technology by using your c TAKE IT EASY When you are
at war. Don't be atraid to take a breather dunng a long
campaign You can push your troops too hard - exhausting both
your resources and your people's willingness to fight From
time to time, your enemies will otter to make peace with you.
It need be. Accept the treaty and use the time to rebuild your
combat torces Dunng any respite from war. Place ships on
sentry outside enemy harbours, post sentries along land
borders and tortity units around enemy cities Have diplomats
ready to undertake spying and sabotage missions as soon as
hostilities are resumed Later on in the game, you will be
laced by the nudear dilemma, either because your use ot
nuclear weapons will lose you points m the game, or because
the enemy, after threatening your civilisation. Reinforces
its threat by revealing it a nuclear arsenal. An enemy is
unlikely to use nukes, but U '* ?
(3 IX’inouM having ¦ Mda MrMch tread carefuSy all the same. It's a good idea to bu -c an SOI system in your capital city or other I metropolises. It you use nuclear i you should have plenty ol settler units in I to dean up the mess.
CIVJtJZAVJ OM If you’re stuck on Sid Meir’s latest epic, Andrew Luckett has been doing a bit of empire building in his spare time and offers these handy tips to anyone with global conquest on their mind.
WINNING WAYS There are two ways to win at Civilization either defeat a* the other civilisations (this may not be poss£te as they may be as strong as you) or wm da space race to Alpha Centaun.
To wm the space race, you must complete the Apoilo program After this you will be able to build parts ol your spaceship. As construction proceeds, keep an eye on its characteristics - Population.
Support. Energy, Fuel, Flight Time and Probability ot Success - all should be at 100% or morel FIVE STEPS TO HEAVEN
1. The more propulsion units your starship has. The taster it
reaches Alpha Centauri The more colonists you attempt to
deliver, the more your starshp will weigh Try to install two
propulsion units lor every complete colonist package - includ
ing habitation, life support, and solar power modules - you
intend to launch.
2. Guard your capitalQ Losing it brings your interstellar program
to a very abrupt end
3. Watch the dock You must reach Alpha Centauri before your reign
4. II other civilisations launch betore you do.
You should make a mad dash tor their capital m the hope of capturing it before their starship reaches its destination
5. Don't launch unless your arrival time is less than 20 years If
it is more than that, add more luel and propulsion unit 0
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7. 90 Mancftaatar lAWed..... .799 ...5.99 8EUC.K.--------7A9 12
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... SOME OF THE ITEMS FEATURED MAY NOT BE RELEASED AT TIME OF DESPATCHED AS SOON AS THEY ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP ENCLOSED £7.50 POSTCODE FIRST ITEM ANO AN EXTRA 50P FOR EACH ADDITIONAL ITEM NEXT DAY P&P DELIVERY AVAILABLE AT £3.50 PER ORDER (OVERSEAS ORDERS WELCOME PAP DEPENDENT ON DESTINATION) V TOTAL ENCLOSED TEL: .. Stardate, September 1992. The USS Enterprise, under the control of gifted CU Amiga readers, has taken up station around an endangered planet. Uhura has relayed a cry for help, and Spock is currently beaming down. Our mission this month is
to draw the said planet and add assorted plot devices to it. There’s no time like the present, so off we go... option. This allows colours to be splattered and mixed on screen The effect is just what's needed when it comes to having Spock transport down to the planet Kirk is already there (animator's licence1), but it wilt be nice to see inside the transporter room and watch the Vulcan lade away The .
Ettect is achieved in a similar way to the technique we used last issue when we built the text up from darkness However, we need to improve this a little to give a realistic and convincing teleport. The transporter room and Spock should be drawn separately, so that we can create an animbrush of the character without worrying about intertenng with the background, so work against a plain black background Once you have drawn Spock, create 25 blank anim frames, and paste him into the SPARE screen - which we ll be using as our draw ing area tor copying the image into the animation later. The
start of the sequence should have Spock looking normal, so copy the spare screen with him on it into the first five frames ol the animation.
Can and a 4" transporter! There is no end to how professional you can make this sequence lo look as. By using the smoothing tool or speckling light due throughout what remains ot the image as it tades. You can add plenty ot finishing touches.
Having seen the sequence on TV countless times, you should be able lo bring your own interpretation of it while still retaining its magic.
GOING UP Creating the effects of perspective can be achieved reasonably well using Dpaint. In the same way we created the horizontal parallax scroll, we can give the feeling of depth with vertical movement. Adding it to our storyboard context, we have seen the alien running across the screen, and now we want to cut to a close up of Jim Kirk appearing from behind the foreground rocks ready to stun the creature The simple way to do this would involve a brush of the character popping up from behind a static background. But - and you may have sussed this already - simplicity isn’t what we re
about We need to display a real-world, dramatic sequence which capitalises on our am mation skills. The effect has three mam parts, identical except for the image we will be moving, and the speed at wHlfch it travels.
1. You need a background We're still working with the 16-colour
palette so all our sequences are compatible, but this doesn't
prevent the design of some pretty weird and wonderful alien
Initially, you must draw the sky m whatever colours you prefer - perhaps adding a few wisps of cloud or maybe a sun or two.
BEAM ME UP True, not a great deal has happened in the previous two episodes ot Star Trek: The Amiga Animation seres, but we've already covered a lot ot ground in our efforts to boldly go where few Amiga animators have gone belore Using our storyboard based on a Trek incident, we've already mastered some pretty beefy animation techniques By once again using Dpainl IIIs low res 16-colour palette, we'll be putting the Special into Special Etfects so that, when you come to do your own home-grown animations, you can call on your new found skills Well create each portion ol the animation as a
separate item, to be either appended into a longer sequence later or played back in comic-book style. We'll get to saving and editing later as. For now. The show must go on... Dpainl comes with many sophisticated image processing tools, and tor the first segment of this month's animation, we'll be using the Smear Set the Mode menu command to smear and. With a medium sized round brush, brush up and down .
The drawing to mix the colours After each blending session set the mode back to its original COLOUR setting and. Using the fine airbrush tool, eat away a little at the picture with black as your foreground colour Thus, in addition to muddling the image, you are also erasing minute parts of it. Too Don't forget to copy each amended image from the spare screen into the next frame ot animation, and control the look of the picture so that on the final frame Spock is just a memory. Once your trames are complete, pick up the image as an amm brush and save it. Load in your background (the trans
porter room), and paste the animbrush on to it - making sure Spock fits into the transporter bay before you start! It's not much tun having a 6" vul- Now you wo Mo - now yoo dool Btaneng we
2. Create 30 animation frames based on this background.
3. Switch to the spare page to create the middar background.
Selecting a two-colour range from the Palette requester,
dither the colours heavily before tilling, to give nice grainy
textures lor the rock lormations - quickly drawn with the till
Iree hand tool.
4. Cut out this rocky image as a full-screen brush, and go to the
tirst animation frame.
5. Call up the anim movement requester, and enter a value of
minus 50 in the X distance box.
Preview the animation to ensure the brush moves down screen, then select Draw
6. We now need to add Kirk to the equation, so load him into the
spare screen, and cut him out as a brush. Flipping between
spare and anim frame, you can position the Captain so he is
fully visible, and while on the spare screen, register this
position on the spare screen - this is where he will end up
at the end of the sequence - by clicking the right mouse
7. From the first frame, call up the movement requester and enter
a value of 200 in the X box (no minus sign). Click on the icon
showing an arrow hitting a blob - this tells Dpainl to animate
the brush TO the position we previously registered, not FROM
it as would normally happen.
Preview the scene again and. If all s well, draw the frames.
8. Finally, we need a foreground image which will begin by hiding
Kirk, before moving down to simulate a shift of camera angle.
On the spare screen, draw the loreground to fill the lower
half of the screen, using the same techniques as in the
background brush. You should try to add more detail - say,
nooks and crannies or the odd rock.
9. Cut out this foreground as a brush and follow step 5 again -
but this time the brush needs to move more quickly, as we’re
telling the eye that it is nearer to us than the background.
To do this, enter a value of minus 150 in the X box (making
sure you deselect the move TO button - we want the brush to
move from its registered position this time).
10. Preview, then draw the animation. Kirk should rise
dramatically, and so should you, having now mastered multi
directional parallax scrolling! -_ ZAPPING Once Kirk has
emerged from the rocks, he needs to fire his weapon to stun
the running creature.
While a laser bolt would have sufficed, I decided on a web of crackling energy to subdue the alien.
This is easily achieved and gives an immediately recognisable effect. First, using white as the pen colour, draw several arcing branches coming from a central point. Now pick up the drawing as a brush and. Using light blue, press key O to outline the forks of energy. Do the same with dark blue to give a neat glowing effect, and paste it down on the spare screen.
In addition, the animation of Kirk rising can be extended to allow for the gun shot. With the last frame displayed on screen, select the Anim Frame add frame menu option, and the current image is duplicated into an extra frame.
Press the A key nine more times to repeat this and give us 10 images of Kirk at the end of the sequence. Now cut out the energy brush from the spare screen, and with the first static frame of Kirk
M. *jan i f t ed : The inci'*dibl laved Having pasted down ft*
anim brush onto successive anim frames, we can now add the
monstrous head Use the magnify option for detailed work. Once
completed, the head can be cut and copied to each frame before
the new anim brush Is picked up.
These are individual frames from the fM Thing* anim brush before we customise them lor our needs.
On screen, register the brush so the energy bolt's centre is on the weapon's barrel. Call up the animation move requester, and in the Z value box type 300. This will enlarge the brush in successive frames, to give the impression the bolt is coming towards the viewer. Preview, then draw.
ALIEN BREED Making the man of your dreams isn't so hard after all, girls... IT'S A REAL THING It ids Imd it tough to draw a particular oUject, or dont lavs the lime, an elegant solution is to use someone else s worst The AMIGA lus spawned a vast re ago ol clip art (predrawn images! Which Is available Irom Public Domain libraries or from professional software houses.
In the case ot our Star Irelr alien, I decided to use a piece ol animated dip art as the basis lor my being. Hul Things have produced several disks lull of heeuUlolly- animated crealores - ranging from horses lo sharks sad y ygb;--.’. Rather than tinkering with one ol these, though, I decided oo a human tom Using a nmalng man from tha Peil Ttrtntt Humans collection, I kept the body and simply remodelled the head to give it a humanoid wild boast look, fl you tuve any of the Real Things disks, you can conjure op some pretty weird hybrids - horses with Hopping wings, lor example. Tha point is
to use them la a stimulating way and make them suit your needs. The human running animbrusb is ideal lor our storyboard, and acts as a good foreground Image to the horbentally- scrolling backdrop'.
HOW TO RUN The figure, once Us monstrous head has boon pasted over the eiisflng one. Can run across the screen In hoot of the scrolling pleoel. This etfect oilers a superb feeling ol speed, and makes what could have become a bog- standard effect into something special. To adit the anim brvsn. Pasta it into the regulred number ol Irames and, using Ihe magnify lool. Make your enhancements. To save time I drew one head, and cut end copied if to ell the Irames. Once you've tweaked the Image, pick it op as a new anim brush ready tor pasting on to the backdrop.
You will lino tha colour palette for Real Things will not match ours, so to overcome this you need to access the Brush Change Colour,flemap option. Orairt win try and get as closo os possible to the colours already chd- sea lor the screen, but you may have lo manually alter some animbrush colours II they ere totally out ol whack.
Opehn in has a clever in built way ol painting down an animbrush across the screen without using Ihe movement requester. Using oor running man as an eiampte.
Here's how ITS done. Using the right roousebetton, select tha line drawing tool, and enter tire number of frames in the N Total boa. With the line lool selected and your ani- mbnrsh active, hold down the lelt Amiga key and draw a line trom the lelt ol the screen to the right. Your anim- brush cells will stretch and. When you let go of the button, successive bnrsb Irames will be drawn onto the rolling animation. I-tt'AV-V.'-.-. Video Users: VideoWare Presents A New And Innovative Concept In Video Titling The VideoGold Collection 12 Disks full of superb animations and effects to transform your
videos into professional looking productions instantly!!
Mix and match the animations with your own text or use our specially designed brushes and animbrushes supplied to give you endless variations and cover every occasion.
Designed by graphic artists, the volumes cover Weddings, Birthdays, Sport, Holidays, Parties, Children, Special ocasions and much more!
All will run on Amigas with a minimum of 1 meg and Dpaint 3 or 4 and any other graphics or multimedia program supporting anims animbrushes.
Animated Wedding Album, Christening, Animated Copyright Messages, Holidays and Places, Anniversaries, Christmas, - you name it!!
Just £29.99 for the 12 disk collection Don't worry if you have little or no graphics experience.
The VideoGold collection comes complete with a full user guide to unable you to get the most from the Disks - we even supply a hot-line for those who need further assistance.
Please make cheques P.O's Payable lo Videoware and send your order to: VIDEOWARE (Dept. CUA) 50, Heather Close, Locking Stumps Birchwood Warrington. WA3 7NX For further help, information or advice please telephone Q925_- 851559.
GRAPHICS DIY GRAPMCS MY IMPORT ANT Ensure the frame count bo» m set to 10. Otherwise the brush will be drawn over the beginning ot the animation sequence ROLLING ALONG If you want to include a full-screen horizontaliy- scrolling background in your animations it's not as hard as it sounds as Dpainl works oul all the tricky stuff. Draw your background, making sure it reaches the edges of the screen, and make sure too thal the left side matches the right side (lo do this, simply cut a full-depth narrow brush from one side, flip it horizontally (x key) and paste it on the other side). You may need
lo re-touch the place where the brush was pasted, but you have to ensure it matches what's already there - it's better 10 do it now rather than try to cover up a ghastly mess caused by 30 uneven animation frames Next, cut out the whole screen as a brush and, having created a reasonable number ol frames (32 IS a useful figure), call up the animation movement requester Enter a value of minus 320 in the X movement box. And draw the frames The brush moves across the screen from right to left, leaving blackness as it shuffles out ol view We need to link both parts ot the scenery now, and to do
this we have lo change the brush handle Pressing ALT 2 allows us to move the spot where the mouse pointer is attached to the brush, and we need rt over to the extreme left. This lets us carefully position the brush - remember, it's the same full-screen brush we picked up earlier - a whisker off screen on frame 1. And stamp it down.
If you can imagine if. Whal we've done is set Ihe brush's new starting position butting close up lo the edge of the original screen. Now. When we call up Ihe animation requester again the program will draw Ihe brush on screen, watching it tallow hoi on Ihe heels ol Ihe original moving background II you find a black line between the two. You obviously stamped down the second brush a little too far to the nght. You can time the speed ol the scroll to suit your needs by altenng the frames per minute value Irom the Anim Controt'Set rate pull-down menu - you can also use this technique to tinker
with the multi-layered parallax scrolling » A vtgnvttu I* a umwll MjpurlmpoMd Rum ol animation on Pw own aaquanca. Hara, ¦ yaoman'a hand worka ma Iranaportar conlrola.
VIGNETTE la comic emu, It s possible lo ctmhms loni shots - lena-ssalo news - etui smaller close-ups. Those are callee »l|nettes ami can comtlna elements el a story.» tight close-up ol a character s eyes Is protahfy mo com- monesl use ol this teeltnlgsa. Picture il - a dutkaimd palti aleogsMealeeeticiital.eiioise. snOsaoic The mam picture would te ol the general scene, sal leant lata It would be lliose wonted eyes.... This idea translates eitremely wall lo computer animation - la our casa It melds perfectly with oar cartoon-like presentation. The scops is endless In the realm ol providing
ialormatlon aboul olleds. H you decided to draw your home, it would He nice lo create so animated Wgoelte ol each room and superimpose II on Ihe ostarlor mow. Edging hack to our pro(ecl the vignette tadmlgoe can usefully he incorporated in the traasportor scone. We have a standard-issue transporter hay, aad Spock shout to disappear. Wee enough, hut It needs Wat hots estra that only a computer animator can ghn II And oil we need add Is the yeoman's hand sliding the trass porter controls )ust before Spock vanishes Simple, alaganl - and aot tee hard to dranrf The ilgnetta soeeance can either he
crested at the same dine as We main scene, or as I prefer to do. Create it as an arum brush, sad pasta H oa to tho esisting frames. It will self use another 1( frames (which will alt he of Spock welting In tho hay), and is also low on memory osage. Once the haad Is drawn, you can move It manually aver the coalrol switch instead ot invoking Ota Movt control rnguosUt - a coin ol earning down the hand, advancing ont Itame. And moving the hand a hole more. Soirmmd the whole anlm- brush by a vivid cartoon-slylo Irame, and an already clever sequence (ust got better.
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Optional 68882 Maths co-processor Optional PC-AT em (Action Accelerator ? HD ? RAM Upgrade Plugging a GVP A530 Accelerator onto your A500 or A500 Plus w* boost its speed from
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SCSI devices S Say To hstdSMMS These tie tw eqdvder* of Ihe M08» had cMve. Col for the 1500 A 2000 model* Not or* oe they some of the fastest herd rtrves ovcricrte but ttey rtso rccrpof ate cn upopo- Oted 8A* RAM exjxidKHi board.
52Mb £269 120Mb £409 240Mb £439 420Mb £1149 S YOU EST44 88 Mb ? 44 of 66Mb removecbie meda ? 20ns access nme Can be stppted with or wffhouf GVP HC8 controter Extern* case available tor A500 or A3000 users Each cttve comes ccmpfete wfth one ccrtodge Sycuest dtve* gfy® compfete storage tlextoiity. Ottering a cjsck osd easy «o» lo add extra storage to you system.
44Mb bare £445 44Mb * HCS £545 88Mb bare £595 88Mb * HC8 £495 G-FORCE 30-25 40 50 ? 68030EC 68030EC 68030 processor ? 25 40 SOMHz dock Speeds 68882 Mate coprocessor ? Expands to 13 16 16Mb 32-bit RAM ? 32-bit SCSI contrcAer These tart 68030EC 68030 accelerators wrttrnemory i pgrrxle end SCSI Interface bocsd offer uibeafct* speed 25MHz 1Mb £595 40MHz 4Mb £995 50MHz 4 Mb £1395 IMPACT VISION 24 ? 768x580 PAL resolution Snjports composte video S-VHS & RGB egnds ? Aroacfcartaucrtfy Genlock ? Now wflh RGB spttter This Is the very latest 24-btt Profeseonc* Video Adapter It feakaes l6 7m*on
colours on screen at once. B«Jt-fn gerfock. Flicker fixer, frame buffer, ftcme gnfcber. C» d * dgitcJ keyer. It comes wrth Ccrtpat IV24 30. Seda N24 p*j» Macro Pdnt. A1500 2000 recMres addtloncJ adcplc* • £49.95 ONLY £1495_ COMPONENT SHOP HARD DIMS IE* SCSI sies.s* ti7t.se K6*4 UHH K7t.se 2 yea ware** SYQUEST RemoveatSe ccsWdge 44Mb 2fcre *399 00 CCNTROUER tor rtxwe odd Mt.W ROM Switcher Now Avaitobta
14. 2 04 RCM Swtchw *t.te u rom *«*«•• tae.ee 204RCMavx*ne«
• PX Cfter on page 1. Murt be tr good working condttlon wflh Imh
RAM Ajdgemenl of condhon subject to mcnagers dscreton CAPTAIN'S
CHIP SHOP 4X»6KC*AMS ForAStOSetc HU lXlheC*?AMSFor«u Sq«oe»C
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titkn cotoa tame bdler Smcrt easy lo It ctcU txxsd. Fi*gertock-
able. Rue on rfmdaid A500 (1ht ** RAM) Comet w*lh 24T4t p B4
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Captain Diamond has asked me to personally thank everyone who
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Regret it rgqti on ‘..Commodore made multimedia available to the masses with the Dynamic Total Vision (CDTV), but it looks set for dinosaur status in the light of Philips' impressive Compact Disc-Interactive (CD-I). Chris Cain's (Senior Staff Writer PCW) comparison of the two systems gave him the best hardware experience he's had for five years...." Personal Computer World July 1992 Did you bet on black and it came up red?
Did you buy Betamax when everybody bought VHS?
Have you booked your summer holiday in Yugoslavia?
I bet you've got CDTV.
Well don't worry we won't take fhe micky anymore because you are not the only person who fell for all the hype, but don’t panic, Captain Diamond as always is here to save the day. You can bring your old CDTV into any branch of Diamond until the end of September and we will give you a brand new all singing all dancing CD-I system for only £399 Due to the excessive demand from last month's adverts for this great product Diamond have not only dropped the price but we have widened the offer to include Amiga 500's & 1500's.
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£17.99 £ 1S .59 £18.59 '£14.99 £15.59 £1559 AMIGA BUDGET TITLES E-Motion. Dungeon Quest. ShufHepu4k Cafejowet ot Babel.
Data Storm, Grand Monster Slam. Powerplay. Soccer. Kid Gloves.
Predator 2. Carv-Up, Corporation. Cadaver. Line of Fire, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Back to the Future III. Gunship.
Mike Reads Pop Quiz. Gazza II. Monty Pythons Flying Circus.
Any 3 Budget titles for only £10, why stocks last INK JET PRINTERS HP PAINTJET £532.15 CANON BJ10EX HP DESKJET £334.87 CANON BJ300 HP DESKJET COL £515.82 CANON BJ330 STAR SJ4& £205.62 CANON BJC800 LASER PRINTERS Oki 400 HP III P OKI LASER 800 0.5Mb OKI LASER 800 Dual bin 0.5Mb OKI LASER 830 Postscript 2Mb OKI LASER 840 Postscript 2Mb CITIZEN SWIFT 224 CITIZEN SWIFT 224 COL CITIZEN SWIFT 24E COL CITIZEN SWIFT 24X SEIKOSHA SP 1900* NEW SEIKOSHA 24 PIN OKI 380 PANASONIC KXP 1123 NEW PANASONIC 2180 COLOUR PRINTER SOFTWARE PRINTERS 232 Tottenham CtRd London W1 Tel 071 580 4356 FAX 071580 4399
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THE DIAMOND PRICE PLEDGE If, whilst buying goods trom us, you con show us a better price for the same goods in stock with one of our UK competitors then we will match that price.
Even if ocx prices have increased we w« honour the price in th*s advertisement on iterra in stock as long as you bring this advert with you.
This pledge applies only to customers relying on this advertisement before the end of the month of publication. It does not apply to competitors _prices offered In closing down or stock clearance sales.
Within the next section anything can happen.
Every month, we will be getting to grips with strange new software, seeking out intelligent peripherals and inviting you to... JETSERIOUS Pronouncing them, though. I* a different mailer enttedy.
LEARNING THE LANGUAGE It's always been difficult to learn a language You can always buy a set ol books, but when you come to actually speak, nobody will understand a won] you say As ever, though, there is always a solution. Fairbrothers Inc. have j decided lo try and harness the sound capabilities ol the Amiga, with its colourful but memoryetficient screen display to provide a true multimedia approach to learning. II has been proved that teaching is more effective when I several levels of data are presented all at once Audio Gallery, spread over eight disks, provides a series of 20 images, all
ol which are linked to a particular theme - e.g. the weather. Individual items in the pictures are numbered, and dicking on the number prompts a digitised female voice who pronounces the word in Russian The Russian text and a translation appears in a window at the bottom ol Ihe screen simultaneously. With about 20-25 different items labelled on each image, this gives a total vocabluary ot over 400 words When you have expenmented with all the words you can use the same system to test yourself. There is also an auto-testing mode available where the computer will ask you to translate English
into Russian or vice versa. The answer is chosen via a one-in-five multiple choice selection, which ts not the most accurate ot lesti, but it works quite well NO UNDERSTANDO The contusing Russian alphabet is portrayed in authentic fashion on the screen, but a book called Russian in Three Monlhs' is Included lo aid recognition. A complete on-line dictionary is also available Irom within the program, but it only details the words used in the program and no pronunciation is available in this section It may seem a bit gimmicky but this system actually works Within a short space ot time I had
learned at least ten new words and could taka a good guess at most ot the others - its longevity is a little limited, though. This Is exaclly the sort ol software that should be released on CDTV.
Since undoubted the space consideration is what limits the vocabluary.
Combined with the book, though, it is an excellent tutorial package.
You, loo, can learn Russian u lth Ibis simplistic package... EASE OF USE 96% VALUE FOR MONEY 74% EFFECTIVENESS 95% FLEXIBILITY 86% INNOVATION 83% shbourlnp civilisation beopmt,o part hostllltlas. Hot l.uloro Ihlc y.iii SUPRA FAXMODEM Nick Veitch gets his fax right as he looks at Supra's new approach to transference... SUMMER'S DISEASE to go on, it is s tairly sate bet that a large percentage of the modems owned privately in this country have originated Irom the Supra corporation. They are a big name in comms. So it is not surprising to find that they are now introducing a whole new line in
tax- machine is a modem with a it. The paper goes in, the is machine ot the line. The data is transferred scanner attached to it The paper goes in. I image is scanned and simultaneously the c s other e speeds ot up to 9600 baud. Because th stored in an encoded lashion. Though, r 9600 t encoded lashion. Though, it is impossible to just take an IFF file and download it over the phone. A tax modem is just a modem with a tew customised tax chips connected - all the hardwari linking it to the computer and to the phone line is identical to that used during normal operations.
DRIVER SOFTWARE mode, t in a slightly different way i commands than a normal modem, al driver software is required. There are a but First Choice, who are Supra equipment in to this country, are looking to bundle their units with GP Fax. An impressive-tookirtg piece of software from Australia.
ADDRESS BOOK First Choice, Unit 8 Armley Parle Court, Cecil Street, Leeds, LSI 2 2SAE. 0532 637988 FIRST CHOICE £149 Cheaper and more effective than two separate units... EASE OF USE VALUE FOR MONEY EFFECTIVENESS FLEXIBILITY INNOVATION 88% 90% 89% 86% 86% into a Fax tile and send it, no Faxes sent this way actually turn machine, is no scanning process to degrade t oltt include standard IFF images in) faxes, but it is best to make them monochrome only as greyscales don't turn out too well. GP Fax will even allow you to customise covering sheets, automatically add your signature to the end ol a
lile and even schedule the faxes to be sent to a group ol numbers at a specified time.
Ui paper •eqji’Bd faxes sent this way actually tu' P'-yiha CWTOTO I. You crS 0U| Belter than when using a normal tax machir
* »y touiidirto op your (toionaoo.t? As there is no scannma
orocess to dearade the with nlhor dvillcatlona « 5 f'l P 'to
now lochnoloyio u and hwllclt V. duality 01 ln8 ielx'J
clQhbourlno civilian Hop becnmr -i '00 Can nclud SAFARI FONTS
Nick Veitch goes on Safari as he gets to grips with an
elephantine series of excellent fonts... j tw 'iiii-'ii' - ;a
jl Koe«l liMieii I IWWjv.Vv.r.V.'.jl & |itl grate Jis Jopfl Is
Mill if.
SCALEABLE FONTS s differ Irom th in that they: Instead ol a great tile lull ol inlc it the individual pixels in each lont, a scaleablt contains the mathematical definitions ol the shape ol each character. This may make the lont files a lot bigger, but it does mean that you don't have to have a different lile every time you r at a different size - a i rendered as and when it is 3 the Amiga didn't start off with vn, so the early software that wanted to use them had to adopt their own. Gold Disk started using the Agfa standard Compugraphic lonts in their software, and soon enough, so did all
the other DTP packages. When Workbench adopted scaleable lonts. Commodore also chose the Compugraphic standard, but in a slightly different lormat. The real pity is lhat most lonts are available in the Adobe standard on the Mac. Fortunately, Gold Disk have a conversion utility that will translate these lonts into a Compugraphic (or CG) lormat. There is a simililar Jloru utility available lor users ol I DESIGNER FONTS On the Macintosh there are several lont designing utilities, so a large number ol lonts are available as Public Domain or Shareware. The lonts available in the Safari collection
all come as Adobe Type 1 files so you will have to convert them before use.
The Gold Disk CG Update program is provided on the disk il you don't have the latest versions ol Professional Draw or Professional Page, so that once the lonts have been converted they will work with these programs. The conversion utility isn't bullet-prool, so you may have a bit ol trouble with the more complicated files.
Ttware simply sit as an IFF tile n screen or simply FONT-TASTIC VOYAGE The lonts themselves are around 70 lonts in disks, covering many different styles. AI them are not particularly useful, like hieroglyphics and the alien font which are completely illegible, even il they do look quite nice. There are two excellent Star Trek lonts though, so now you can make your own scrolling credits and boldly go has gone before.
The quality ol the lonts is very impressive and these lonts commercially you will be held responsible lor any copyright inlringements, so it's best to get them Irom a reliable source and not some German pirate board.
II you are looking to expand your lont library at a reasonable price, you couldn't do much better than taking a look through the sets offered by
E. M. Compugraphic.
Quality fonts i price... EASE OF USE 76% VALUE FOR MONEY 99% EFFECTIVENESS 80% FLEXIBILITY 86% INNOVATION 80% | OVERALL 84% migraph OCT ¦ .*» M |«. v I:W.A.I. M-I'iV ....
• V • . M at ...I litieiu .
H h v.-l 1.1 Ml I I•* I'Hli yew hilHi vH-eHw • • .bill h l*he Inn JI Knv 4 •'.* •.• •••••¦• Y*v». LV v»*'v Nhj wi" K' *. U I very i'v«.x:i.tlvc iu *1 J::v*l»r _u H’n «Cilr a l-ur M*«i i y. Mor mob) I % jAri»ri y «.ivn *hh r*.. mi.»n * WiA% iwi - - ...... __ - - cr.- In.k» y»J Lul i incrv sMl«u‘Whtluiilif ««. ? Mi«»rvry ?
R. v.ru* MT.h. H. "«:» M tv* *A y.»_ • V*. %v. R'**1" '*'» •*•
-•*•••• •• ..... irlaJi s bl -M «|.M lit. . »*- •rg't h II**
• • h“« .e.i.ii»-ig WM* Wlhl V *«A8.
IA • .• Mm..-*. • »"i . i* •**! *" 1 I I ••• i •• i* •••••¦ i ii nl . lM V WMi VI «M«nVMV.
VI'uinIvu i.mf iiiclilHiy D«-»mi l ynur Hot* airy tUmr Mir iit.a n
r. Kl’JUl-WAMiViIrt .(VJhil 'iiiiil**' i4ym« ua*| .ilMl
Iv I Ml ....AM I IlhllHI Mll . 4 l«lV N ... 11
„.... I.Hi.lv II I.••.¦•• •• v. v |'V» ••'Illi I’.'V Ol irivrv
Lv u w»i»r«. **n « mi - I vv«iK1 JvvU VV aT Uiv ir*Ku »i vw
V. wiv.'i*.ih .% •• ai.*i ..lo .ey. .*M«il«l. • N .1 LmmImmi.m.
Abe »Ml .. .... ..... .
Mm* v VMM. I.m ,1 Mim.ji v vmi'I oln.li l-vcy l'W«an,« uvyll.iH. .
Always one for the easy life, Nick Veitch scans some software which could free you from hours of tedious typing... TEXT WITHOUT TEARS Does Itie thought ol duplicated ettort annoy you? Ate you the sotl ol person who would rather spend two hours wnBng a program that solved simultaneous equations than spend two minutes working one out?
You are? Then read on... OCR. Or Optical Character Ftecognrton. Is a process lor converting printed type into computer readable ASCII text Using a simple scanner, an image is burfl up from the printed text The computer then tries to match character patterns to ones stored in a database By analysing each character sepa ratety. Words are built up and the text is then saved as a standard ASCII Me Migraph OCR is the latest development ol a technology dating back to the late sixties. It is a tribute to those developments that such a system is now available which can run quite happily on an
ordinary home computer - such as the Amiga - equipped with a talrty standard hand-scanner.
THE INPUT The lirst step to a quality result is scanning a good image. II you have a Migrgphcompatible scanner you can scan the mage directly Irom within the program This doesn't make a great deal ol difference because ifs just as easy to use your custom scanrang software to scan and men touch ip the image belore loadrig it m. but it makes sense that scanner control has been included in the software There are three important things to bear «i mind when scarmmg the image The first is a bit obvious- you must By and get the lines ol text as dose as possible to absolutely horizontal. H the
lines are skewed so much mat the beginning ol one line starts at the same level as the end ol me previous line it will be a nightmare lor the program to work out what is going on The next important consideration is that you scan at the right resolution. Migraph OCR works by analysing the shapes ol the characters and it's not going lo be able to do that il they are al only lour pixels high Finally, you should adjust the scanner settings to get a decent contrast - lor instance, nice black letlers. A nice white background, and a very low noise level Ol course, a lot ol the w* depend on your
original pmtout SELECTION BOX Oonl worry if the text is arranged in columns, or even il there are graphics mixed in with il You can select areas on the scan usmg a standard box drawing tool so it s relatively easy to bypass annoying thmgs fee headers and looters or logos on the page The boxes can be sequenced, too. Mearang that you can st* process successive columns ol text as a continuous document. Simply by putting boxes around the text and cropping out keylines and graphics, you can suck' al the text oh the page and leave the rest behind The only thing to beware ol are different torn
sizes and styles. Migraph will be contused il you have the same lont in drfterent sizes, so you'll have to crop out headlines and me like. Italic text can also cause a lew womes. But it's best not to lorce the software to learn these characters as it just makes the range ol acceptable characters that bit more tuzzy.
THE LEARNING CURVE Mgraph OCR sets up dctonanes lo deal with pamcu lar styles ol loots This doesn't mean that you can't run a 12-pomt lont through a 14-poinl(*ctionary. But« does mean that you shoiJd use different Nes lor very different families ol loots, Ike Helvetica and Times Having looked through the IFF and picked out the One* *w mg* to been »
• tytee al tie tmrm nme. As t tries, words and indvidual
characters. Mpraphthen Bies to match them to what it expects to
see II you are sli training your actionary (which is advisable
lor the first 5000 words or so) then a requestor we appear
asking lor advice on certaxi characters A small area ol the
scanned bitmap is also dsplayed lo make it easier to establish
me context ol the word. II letters are touching in the scan
then the software can contuse them bom lor a single character,
but this error is easily corrected by typing In the two correct
characters Similarty, a whited-out area ol scan may Bick the
software into thinking that there are actually two characters
where originally there was only one CONCLUSION This software is
astounckng Without even Baining it lo recognise a lont I seems
lo achieve at least a 95% success rate with even the ropiest ol
scans The only real drawback is that it does consume rather a
lot of memory. 2Mb is requred lor processing even smal Hes. And
remember that the scan has to be n memory at the same time At
a reasonable resolution of 200dpi an A4 page takes up a couple
ol megabytes ®
• to try an. ProcM. N '¦'i "T'Kn v WHY OCR? Optical Character
Recognition was researched long ago as a method of marking
items that could be read by a computer, to help automate
stock-taking and accounts systems. Rocently, though, the
bar-code has takon over from OCR in a big way when it comes to
marking goods in the warehouses and in the shops. The roason
for this is that it is much simpler for a computer to recognise
a simple system of lines than trying to work out characters.
There are still areas where OCR is important, though. If you have a chegue book you will have noticed the row of strange numbers along the bottom of each cheque, detailing the cheque number, bank code, and account number. The remarkable thing about this is not that the computer can read the marks, but that you can read them, too.
Admittedly it is a strange-looking font, but bear in mind that the banks started using this system years ago and it still works okay for them (actually, banks use Magnetic Character Recognition, but it's almost tho same thing).
The cheque book code is what is known as a raster-based OCR system. In this case, the program relies on a database of images which should exactly match the pixels scanned in. This meant that the system was quite fast, but also very expensive because all the characters had to be printed very precisely. The next step was to develop train- able OCR systems. If a character wasn't recognised the user could look at it and then tell the system what that character was. The pattern would then be added to the database so that it could be recognised again automatically at a later date.
The real breakthrough was Omnifont technology. Put simply, the database no longer contains bitmaps of the characters to bo recognised but instead relies on a mathematical definition of the shape. Not only does this make it easior for the computer to take its best guess at unknown characters, but also means it isn't strictly limited to one particular font at one particular size.
MIGRAPH . . . A I a glance
* lnu-Kr.il Manner ominrf * U t box scipieiKin« ’ AukskstminK *1
S'T s ' Su ms am III mum1 *Onrnil.x« kviuv Ji* K»’|unv at
k-.i i J.MI» Myrjpft OCR a not jet available on it* own m this
cwr.tr but a Mnaaa *1 it bees cane bundled wtb thr Alt ascae
Pks hanX ican W . AwXabie Gadruev H rw mM hbe le cwtact Mqrjpb
frecttv tbei are at 3Z7M Paciftc Ibfbiav i. Svfc 1 ?. Feaetal
Wai MMB.UU GaMeiw are w 061 3661151.
MIGRAPH £TBA An amazing piece of technology, but with limited practical uses inti unit in the i EASE OF USE 84% VALUE FOR MONEY 80% FLEXIBILITY 86% EFFECTIVENESS 94% INNOVATION 96% FAX: 0446 420404 ,344-.
50ppliS3- pr 421316 7-8 SULLY VIEW Ty Verlon Industrial Estate Barry CF6 3BE ROCLITE 3.5 SLIMLINE DRIVE FLOPPY DISKS 3M DATAUFE TDK VERBATIM fttw DATA* Ilf PIUS MITSUBISHI ATHANA CHOOSE AMY Of THESE BRANDS Box* ot 10 1-2 3-9 10* 25* dkrxne chv® mc* and quet with al m* e *® asx' ? 3 5' 680KB E«t*mol DtV® ? AcceaWn* 3m*
• oditoWWr ? 09- htgh ? Enabto cMaM i«ech ? 23 pr pau through
wcfcet ? Alowiconnec Bon lo O 3rd **• £52.50 626-DS0048tDi
£660 €630 £620 £4.70 S2S'OSDD96tp 090 040 0 10 £780 526’DSHD
16Mb 090 040 0 10 £780
3. 6‘DSDD 135lpl 1Mb £7.10 0 80 0.60 0 16 35'DSHD 2Mb £1200 £1140
£1100 £1036 3 Max** Cf2 £20 60 £1960 £1850 £1&70 100% ERROR
FREE (Prices iKUd* VAT)
• per** 20 SO 100 200 500 I 525* DSDD 48tpi 028 027 024 023 022
020 526" DSCO 96»pi 030 029 027 026 026 025
5. 25- DSHD 1 6Mb 0.40 0 39 0.36 056 0.34 033
3. 5* DSDD 1Mb 0.45 0 43 0 41 0.39 0 38 034
3. 5‘ DSHD 2K* 068 066 0.63 061 069 058
9. . £77 00 £133 00 9coKXif....
9. ... £7700...... £17500 ......£19996 £24000 24--- 24
colour.. .....£77.00 ..£7700 ..... £23000 £269 96 £16900
£17500.. £41500 £47000 9 C1&40Q
...£164 96 CHAW** NO
CDTV Player
- ------1 - Hutchinson* E ~7X AMIGA A600 SINGLE DRIVE T)t At 1
includes Scarl leods. Remote Control and 40 Channel TV SS»
£895" f SOFTWARE - Hutchlnsons Encydoooeda lemmings. Welcome
DISK BOXES 1-9 10* 10 Capacity 3.5* SO 85 £0.75 lOCapocity 5.25’ £0 95 £0 85 25 Copocity 3.5' £3.25 £2 75 40 Capocity 3.5' £4 40 £3 95 80 Capocity 3.5' £4 95 £4 55 100 Capacity 3.5’ £5.65 £5.25 50 Capocity 5.25- £4.95 £455 100 Capocity 5.25' £5.66 £5 25 80 Copocity (stackable) £11 50 £9 40 200 Capocity (stockable) £19.50 £17 95 FAX PAPER Width Length Core Box Price box (Incl VAT) 216mm 30m 13mm 6 £24 00 210mm 30m 13mm 6 £33 75 210mm 50m 25mm 6 £24 00 210mm 30m 13mm 6 £1800 210mm 30m 25mm 6 £18 00 210mm 100m 25mm 6 £44 00 216mm 100m 25mm 6 £44 50 Please ask if your fax is not listed Sue Weight
Quantity Price (Incl VAT) 11' X 9 5” M pert 60gm 2000 £17 95 irx95*Mperf 70gm 20C0 £18 95 Exact A4 M'perf 70gm 2000 £23 50 ll’x 14.5- 60gm 2000 £22 50 ll’x 14.5‘ 70gm 2000 £24 50 A4 Square Cut 80gm 500 £6 50 A4 Copter paper 80gm 500 £3 25 OtUVW* FAX 420404 421316 MICE & SCANNERS ROCTEC AMIGA MOUSE rm3000 Superbly styled, ergonomic design smooth precise operation!
200dpl 500mm sec .. ....£13.95 OPTICAL MEGA MOUSE 6 leod 300 dpi ..... £29 95 NAKSHA SCANNER for Amiga 500 ... ..£115.00 DAATASCAN PROFESSIONAL A625 SCANNER 2 3 400 dpi .... ..£170.00 FANCY MOUSE (AMIGA) CORDLESS MOUSE £26 50 £57 95 JOYSTICKS Mcvehck QS128F £1495 Fkghtgnp .. £896 Python 1 ... Ouickshot Turbo . .....£9.95 .....£9 50 Speedking
Autofire . ....£10.50 Cheetah Bug .... Apache 1 £1395 .... £699 Toe 50 £1299 Block Cruiser .... £9 95 Python 3 (Sega) .. .. £11.50 Zlpstick ...... .. ... Foot Pedal .. ....£11.95 ....£22.50 CREDIT CARD ORDERS 0446 421316 I Doumant hu* ¦ U|IIIUIIl HJ ¦ Keyboard Drawer . £14.90 14’Tut and Swivel monitor
stand .£9 99 Muflifunctlon printer stand ......£15 99 Universal printer stand -------- £3.99 Copyholder - adjustable £14 50 Copyholder - ghpdp ... S3.99 14' Anti-glare screen filter £9 99 Dust Covers - al types__________ from £3 50 ACCD PC workstation ...£99 95
3. 5* cleaning kit .. .£1.50 Mouse
mat ....
...tt45 Mouse
pocket ..£1.95
Cheque,Postal Order, Visa or Access. Please do not send cash
E&OE ol prices and manufacturers specifica- Nons are subject
to change without notice.
Please call befote ordering Pereonal Finance Manager Plus Do you suffer from overdraft overboggle?
Perhaps you ought to spend more time with a finance consultant. Nick Veitch takes a prudent course.
You can buy lot your Amiga that you can honestly claim wil pay lor themselves. Personal Finance Manager Plus is no .- exception lo this rule, but at least you will be able to assess Its value m real terms over the fiscal period and onset the .
Cost as a legitimate expense-maybe Almost everyone has preconceived ideas that every finance package looks like a spreadsheet with huge grids tilled with unwieldy numbers, all ol which are Inked together in some complicated and arcane lashion PfM is more hke a computerised bar* statement.
FUN WTTH FUNDS It’s elusive, II talks. Ihe love ol it is Ihe rool ol all evil, and It's Ihe primary cause ol the Earth's axial rotation Money It's a but doing so can be a bit ol a pain What with standing i orders, direct debits, credit cards, switch cards, cheque cards, and all sorts ol other horrible ways lor your money to disappear n seems you need a degree m applied mathemat- es to wort out how much you've got and how long you are likely to have it lor.
There aren’t many pieces ol software Having opened an account', dated entries are made lor every transaction The simplest set up is to use the account to mirror a current account at the bank Every bme you write a cheque use a credit card or withdraw some cash, an entry should be made m the computerised account II you do it regularly enough this means that your computerised bank statement Is more up lo dale than the one at the bank.
Think about it. When you wide a cheque It may take the recipient a week to enter it into the bank Then, ol course, the bank twiddle their thumbs lor three days before they deduct the amount Irom your account. By this time you could already be looted into thinking you are richer than you really are. Because even though you have theoretically spent the money, it hasn't yet disappeared Irom your account Your computerised statement will always be up to date (assuming that you have remembered everything) BALANCING OUT Well. Okay, so lar there's nothing that you couldn't have done lust as easily
with a pen and a piece ot paper. But PfM goes further II the balance at the bank doesn't match the balance , on the screen you can select the auto-balance feature This tries to reconcile the balance at the bank with all the information you have entered - usually by assuming that certain debits you have entered have not actually been cleared by the bank yet. The is an astoundingly useful function - you need never be surprised by a late-clearing cheque again The effect is achieved by deferring payments - le. The entry is left in the account but is ghosted and not added lo the balance tigure
You can deler payments manually it you I know that payment has not yet been made You can also Imanually check' the entries, il you are absolutely sure they kre accounted lor. The auto balance can take a long time II you have too many unconfirmed entries.
STANDING AROUND For regular standing orders, you can also create a list ol the standing orders which are automatically debited trom your account over a specific period This is quite easy to set up you tust give the start and (II appropriate) Imish dates and select to pay either monthly, annually, quarterly, every six months, or every lour weeks (which Is different to monthly). You can select a single payment option II It is a one-otl In the distant future whcft you don't want to enter yet. The transactions wilt not be entered until the relevant date is reached II you have more than one account
(a secondary savings account, lor example), you can set this up alongside your current account In the same workspace The benefits ol this are that, when you enter a transaction Into any account (including standing orders), you can speedy a destination account, too, saving the bother ol making two entries when transferring money between accounts. You can have up to ten accounts side by side, which should be more than enough lor anyone, but you could make good use ol them il you have a number ol store charge cards which have to be paid oil regularly BUDGETS Norman Lamont may have trouble with
his, but you should be able to balance your spending with ease Every transaction entered can have an optional code The codes refer to budget allowances and. By tagpng each transaction, you can work out how much you are spending on any particular group ol expenses - lood or computer games, lor example By specifying a target lor each budget you can plot graphs showing the percentage distribution c. your spending and bar graphs ol how close to your targets you are getting You could very swiftly lind out how many dnnks you were owed by your devious (and tight-listed) Deputy Editor, lor example
The budgets wort across all the accounts, so II you buy some lood on your credit card instead ol through your current account It will still appear on your lood budgel The onjy possible way lo make this program any better Is it thdbjnks would allow you to make direct modem links with their computer. You canl really claim that this package will pay lor itselt but at least It will show you where you are wasting your money. An excellent entry in the 'keep your hands oil my stack' hall ol lame. Stingy people everywhere should raid their tuppence collection lor this one.
MANAGER PLUS . . . A I a glance
• MullipU oi iXKinl* •iH'K rro ¦ • • : • Miciodeal ltd. Bo. 68 St
Austell. Cumuli PL25 4YI Of call then oa 0776 68070 MICRODEAL
£39.95 A comprehensive pachane which could prove Invaluable...
FLEXIBILITY 90% INNOVATION 86% KK.V3.57 Is Dr T’s latest Amiga
package really the best in the world?
Tony Horgan knows the score.. NEAT AND TIDY Remember when you tirsl got your Amiga? You thought it would sit neatly in the comer ot the room, with a little bo* ol disks sitting alongside.
And so it did - but not tor long. Before you knew it, you had stacks ot disks appearing on any horizontal surface, all sorts ot wires and boxes protruding trom the computer, and a sea ol cables connecting the ever-expanding mass ol outboard gear Wei.
Here’s your chance to put a bit ol order back into the chaos, with a complete MIDI sequencing, editing. Mixing and notation package trom those chaps at Dr Ts.
Rather than just one program, you get no less than tour in the package: KCS V3.5. Tiger, Automix and Qutckscore. Each ol which specialises in one particular field ot MIDI music making. However, this is tar more than just a bundle ol MIDI sequencers. Once loaded, they come together as one, interacting with each other in total harmony. The idea is that you record your song with KCS. Arrange and correct it with Tiger, mix it with Automix, and run it out to a printer with Qwckscore. Anything you record m the sequencer is automatically written into the editor, and you're tree to jump between
all tour programs whenever it suits, with no loading or saving of files to slow you down It sounds great, but does it actually work?
KCS It al begins with KCS which acts as the nerve-centre of the system. On loading, you’re presented with the reasurringty familiar tape deck-styie transport controls: bold icons tor record, pfay, rewind, tast-forward, stop and pause. With the record button already engaged, you’re ready to jam The moment you play a note on the keyboard, the sequencer starts recording Initially you’re given an almost endless track on which to record.
Bash out a few chords, a beat, ot whatever, and keep going until you come up with something you’re happy with.
Now you can start building trom your initial track. KCS automatically switches onto the next tree track, demonstrating its own ideal ol hassle- free recording. With the basic backbone laid down, you can then define those bars as a loop. Using the Mute new tracks' option, you can record your bassline or whatever over the top The backing track you laid at the start win loop tor as long as you like, while your overdubs are recorded on subsequent tracks. The track muting feature, combined with the loop, allows you to make multiple takes ol your ovetdub. Without needing to stop and go back to
the start each time. When you’re satisfied with any one ol the takes, it’s a simple matter of hitting the stop button, and deleting the previous rehersal tracks.
Unkke soma sequencers which may give your pedormances a mechanical ngidity, due to low recording resolutions, KCS Imposes no such restrictions with its maximum 384 ppqn (pulse per quarter note) storage rate This does mean, how ever, that if your playing isn’t water tight, you imghl need a helping hand from the quantisation functions There are two ways you can go about quantising your work trom KCS. The simplest method is to toggle the QUANT button on the control panel. Now anything you play is automatically pulled into time belore It's put on the current track You can still vary the degree
ol quantisation, tout auto-quantisation cannot be undone. The alternative is to use the numeric editor.
Up to now. You haven’t been able to see what you've played The numeric editor gives you the chance lo examine and correct your music In detail A screenful ol letters and numbers isn’t the most welcoming sight when you’re hallway through a virtuoso performance, but It soon becomes a lot clearer.
Using the vertical slider to move up and down the current track, you can peruse and alter the channel numbers, note and velocity values, and their order In the sequence. Changing a single parameter (the duration ot a note, for example), is just a matter ot clicking on the appropriate value and entering a new one If you want to get mto . You cu umultane- sk you’ve got memory lor Eadi one gives you Iso tanks ol sliders, isstgned lo sixteen MIDI channels The 100 bank could be assigned to control volume, while the bottom could control pen tor example. Now. When you ploy back your sequence. Ell
oo the mixing desk are recorded along e dote.»you’re happy with yoer rale, men nee- |ust replay iloelUyooi mastering machine II net. Lost as you've edited your note data In Ihe segveircer u cu go bach and re-do your tadei pans and so on Each hart ot lasers can be assigned to any MIDI coo- , and cu oven control ttymg taders on MIDI mixing . Lei's say you've surfed oet the volume ud eon . But want to add another controller to the mix- All yoo do Is load up another Airtomfi. And assign
o the appropriate controllers. You can then play a once more,
while the tlrsl Is replaying eilx automatically.
No need to stick bits ot masking tape over the yoo what s on what track. There's provi- the screen ter yoo to name each slider activity meters »let yoo know what's some heavier editing, you can select a whole range ot notes, and perform blanket transpositions, velocity shifts and so on.
The Amiga's sampling abilities are one of its strongest features ui my book Unfortunately, partly because a lot ol Amiga sequencers start out on the Atan ST. sample support has been pretty poor in the past KCS does accomodate Amiga samples, but it seems an afterthought.
Once loaded, samples ate assigned a MIDI ' * channel, and treated as if they were triggered from an external sampler. This uses up MIDI channels, but keeps things simple. Unfortunately, it’s all rather too simple at times. An extra sample editor module would have been handy, and it's extremely frustrating in its insistence that all samples should be in IFF format. It you've got loads of raw samples. You’ll have to convert them to IFF before you can use them.
There are also options to synchronise your sequences with the Fostex R8 tape machine, and a choice of using the Amiga’s internal dock, a MIDI dock, or song pointer messages TIGER So far we've seen nothing of Ihe standard piano- roll editing system. This Is where Tiger comes In.
By loading it directly after KCS. You can jump from one to the other via a neat menu at the top right of the screen, which lists any other programs you may have running at the txne It's a lot easier than pulling screens up and down to get from one program to Ihe next Unlike KCS. Tiger hasn't undergone the Workbench 2-style graphic makeover. The minute text, and far-from-bold windows take a bit ot getting used to. Especially after the neat and clear style ot KCS The screen is occupied by two main windows.
The top window shows the note data, depicted In Ihe usual piano-roll style, with note lengths indicated by horizontal bars, and velocities shown as vertical bars. The bottom window is used to display and edit controller values.
A row of icons along the bottom of the screen are used to change the function ot the left mouse button. Click on tne select' icon, and you can activate any group ol notes, which then become the subject ot any operations you perform, such as quantisation pitch changes and so on. A more direct approach may be to select the specific function you want from the icon strip. Click on the 'edit duration' icon, and you can then alter any note's duration with the mouse.
The same system is used for velocity editing, so once you’ve mastered one. The other will come easily Beneath this is the controller window This relates directly to the note data «i Ihe window above. From here you can draw smooth changes In any controller you like. As with the track window, you can edit at just about any resolution, using the zoom function to move in and out. The advantage ol this is that you can come up with incredibly smooth changes in pan, volume and so on.
The step editor works well enough, but could be easier to use As with the rest of the package.
Tiger is very powerful, but It can be fiddly to use.
QUICKSCORE With your masterpiece in the can, you might want to run it out to a pnnter in proper music notation form. This is a breeze with Ouickscore It's really nothing more than a matter ol hitting the print’ option, and watching it score your whole track lor you. There are a few options to control the density of notes to staves, but that's about it. Quick and easy, just as it should be.
CONCLUSION While the package has its faults, the good far outweighs the bad. The often confusing array of features is one of its best points Any one of the programs on its own would be fairly impressive, but when they all link up together, they really come into their element.
Because each module specialises in its particular field, you’re not short-changed with a half-baked graphic editor, or a token score pnnter.
The inclusion of Automix brings the world of automated mixing to the masses. For a change, the programmers have made excellent use of the Amiga's superior hardware. You won't find a more powerful, complete MIDI sequencing package anywhere - on any machine. 9 KCS . . . A I n % I ii n c ' uiiMitul(xl Sc«*rinjt * Muhi LtHkinR Mi|»r*oii Hi.M1i " til« nn.ifocl Tliixiiiji *li *»K "111 MM|»I(
x. ppon (JuuniisaIBM * Hull Mll'l sij-n.il ..mirol
• *k 1'r.H k 2*w DitlMkutiM. 5 AnwviHe Road lo-dor SETS Ttl: 171
731 5444 ZONE DISTRIBUTION £279 Tbe most complete MIDI pack
age on any machine... EASE OF USE 79% VALUE FOR MONEY 94%
OPENING DOORS Ask anyone which is the best Image Processing
software on the Amiga and they'll probably say ‘Art Department
Professional (also known as ADPro) from ASDG’.
Simply put. ADPro is one of the best Image Processing programs available - on any computer.
It was last reviewed in the March issue of CU. And the reason it's here agam is because ol the latest addition; Fred- the Frame Editor.
With Fred, ADPro is suddenly a veiy attractive proposition lor the Amiga animation fraternity In the old days, if you wanted to process more than one frame you would have to load them in one at a time and process them individually To stop yoursell going mad you may have written an Arexx program lo load each Irame in. But you'd always have the problem ol the need lor standard file names and a sensible way ol getting your Arexx program to generate these names. ASDG have recognised this need with the latest ADPro upgrade, and have even given it the catchy name ol Fred To use it you'll still need
to be able to program (at least a little) in Arexx but, at the very least, the generation ol tile names will now be handled automatically.
SEQUENCES Fred works on sequences' of images, displayed on-screen by miniature boxes representing Individ- EXTRAS rue latest version ol ADPro lias a fear little eliras. AOPro can new cache all its loaders, savers and operators which means It can mn on floppy-based ZAP will alter the IFF-llles which can cause problem with PrnPage n. altering the rogue DPI' chunk.
Finally, there is a suits of programs wtiicb allow the splitting ol large files and supports Amiga. PC and Mac formats I’ve had to resort to all sorts ol horrendous solutions in the past (null modem cables. OIY EXAMPLE SESSION Let’s say I have a sequence of 320x256. 16-co*our frames created with VIDI which I want to shrink and turn into an animation. I could load them all into ADPro or Dpaint) and halve them that way.
Art Department Professional is back and, as John Kennedy finds, this time it has brought a friend... A » »"‘iW '* Jk*al gal harries The images J*a| are loaded individually or £¦¦¦¦ ¦¦¦1 in ranges m the same I I Oh I A Mil "ay mal Dpainl can, but I I H at the present. ANIM files IRMIRMJ are not supported. ANIM 1 . Tiles must be saved as 1*1 h'h J LT ¦ U'ljl individual frames first- nul an entirely unreason- able proposition.
¦ ¦¦¦ You a,e allowed to I BCPal IT .» open "H.'e fi il- one | IB |B a time and ! Individual frames can be i ¦¦ J ¦ cut ccowd and pasted • you have the lime, you can ask Fred to make a stamp’ for each or all the frames, which causes a tiny version of the full- frame image to be displayed for each frame The stamp is just big enough to recognize on Freds hires interlaced screen, and permits a cute animation preview option.
Incidentally, an interesting aside on screen resolutions is where one of Freds pop-down menus allows you to select the number of bitplanes from lour to eight At the moment. Amiga hardware will only support lour bitplanes in Hi-Res. So it looks as though the next generation Amigas will be letting us use up to 256-colours. Yummyl Once the sequence has been defined, you are free to pud on the rubber gloves and perform some operations on It. Doctor Fred has a lew Iricks up his sleeve himself - you can alter timing information, mix two sequences and incorporate an ’alpha channel’.
Alpha channels are used with 24 32-bd video boards to allow images to be overlaid on top or behind the main graphics display Never has animation editing been so easy!
AREXX REARS ITS HEAD The main purpose of Fred is to allow Image processing to take place on the individual frames, and that’s |USt what the option invoke Arexx does Betore the processing starts you can deline a list of Arexx scripts, and these scnpts are executed fix each selected Irame These scnpts talk to the copy ol ADPro which you’ve had running in the background, and specify which operations need to be done. ADPro grinds away doing all the hard work, and then returns control to Fred who proceeds to the next Irame. It all takes time, but the beauty ol such an automatic system is that
rt isn't your time that's being wasted - you could be doing something else in the meantime.
But chances are I would make a mistake or simply go bonkers with the boredom and bln the entire project A better way is to use Fred. First ol all, I need to get ADPro running. Then I return to the Workbench and run Fred Now I select New Sequence' Irom Freda Project Menu, and start to insert the frames As my frames are cunningly called FRAME000'. FRAME001' and so on (up to FRAME200 ). I can load them all in one go as a range. If I had the time, I’d ask Fred to make a stamp for each one so I could recognize it.
Now I need an Arexx script that communicates with ADPro. Asking it to shrink each frame Well, here's one I prepared earlier r John s Arexx macro to provide quarter screen animations! * ADDRESS -ADProT Talk to ADPro V OPERATOR HALVE * Select 'Halving- operator * EXECUTE r Do »t * line * arg(1) * create new filename from old * parse var line number name parse var name T name name * “dhO:fre«Vnew“name SFORMAT “IFF SAVE name "IMAGE" "DISPLAY- 200 * Save the image! * EXIT * The end 7 Most tram© operations will require equally simple Arexx programs, because ADPro does all the hard work -
all you have to work out is what to tell it. For which the the Arexx documentation in ADPro's manual is more than adequate Now I select the frames to shnnk, by pressing the Amiga*P keys to invoke the macro After a while, the quarter-sized animations are all saved on my hard disk, ready for me to load in Dpaint and turn into an animation Of course, resizing isn’t all that’s possible - anything ADPro can do. Fred can. Too.
CONCLUSION Anyone who uses ADPro will be surprised af how badly they need Fred After seeing the problems thrown up attempting similar processing on the PC and Mac. It’s a testament to the Amiga's superta- ’ tive multi-tasking environment that Fred can even exist, never mind work so well. II you are a regular user ol ADPro. You should have the 2Mb* memory (and realistically a hard disk) required to use Fred.
You should also realise that it is an essential upgrade . ® FRED ...rtf rt x rtitf?
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R No:_ Compute: DM_ Q Till* Prleo Prlc* Prlc 93 Mail Order Only ™ PRODUCT TEST IN SEARCH OF... Everyone is looking for something different. Some people want a word processor with lots of dictionaries and thesauri; others want to import graphics; whilst even more users think it vitally important to load and save in about seventy different file formats. It goes without saying that it should be incredibly fast and easy to use. It’s not surprising that there is such a diversity in the WordPro field today. Nobody could produce a program that is all things to everyone. But still they try.
There has got to be at least one word-pro designed specifically for any one text task you can think of. A large number, though, are devoted to what is now known as page publishing - a sort of mini-DTP. Kindwords 3.0 is one such program Kindwords has had a bit of a chequered history.
The original version was ritually tom apart in every review it appeared in. This latest version is completely different as there is little remaining from the original apart from the name. In fact, Kindwords
3. 0 is a lot more like its competition than either of it’s
predecessors. In fact, it is one of the competition - a
reworking on the text engine of Digita’s Wordworth.
TEXT HANDLING Using standard fonts on a four-cotour screen, Kindwords still seems to lag behind it you get up a good head ot speed when typing. This is more than a bit annoying and wouldn't happen on a dedicated text cruncher like Pro text or Word Perfect.
As you would expect trom a package with this sort ot bent there are a lot ot text formatting options.
Apart Irom the ruler and tabs set-up now almost de rigeur on any page-publisher, there are also a whole host ot linespacing and justification options.
It presentation is important to you then these options should provide you with more than enough to fiddle with. You are not going to find more typography options anywhere else with the exception of a full-blown DTP package.
Headers and Footers options are available - as are automatic insertion features. Many programs read the system date and insert it as an option but I haven't seen many which have the option to automatically update the time or date when it is printed out. This means you could have a standard letterhead including the date and all letters would be dated (and timed, if you are very pernickety) correctly when you prtnt them. In fact, there is a worrying amount ot clockwatching going on in the program. The document information screen contains, amongst other things, the total amount ol time
worked on the document, and the time spent dunng this particular edit. This is quite useful it you are charging lor work by the hour as you have a record ol exactly how long you have spent on some text, PICTURE PERFECT The ability to import bitmapped pictures into text dramatically enhances the image of your document and of your word-pro. Kindwords will accept any standard Amiga IFF (including HAM) Image ot any size. Having selected the graphic to place, a requestor will pop up with textflow and mapping options. You can select colour zero to be transparent, and this is useful il you are
trying to run text around an irregular object. It you are using a HAM graphic, understandably it will take rather a long .
Time to create a screen image, which of course is only going to be in 16-colours anyway - it's probably a good idea to use something like Pixmate or ADPro to convert the image down before importing it. The text flow options are fairly comprehensive, and the screen does operate on a dynamic refresh if you move the picture about. Picture handling on the whole is quite good, but the lack of a cropping option means you are going to have to spend some time with Dpaint or an image processor to get them rtght.
THRILLS AND FRILLS The ability to write on a 16-colour screen makes a difference when you are trying to work out the detail in a picture. Unfortunately it also means the refresh time is about four times longer. The thesaurus is by far the best on any word pro so far, though perhaps the way in which words are looked up could be made a little more intuitive. ® KINDWORDS 3.0 . . . A I i n I ii n c e VluliipK* documents '* AtlvjiKml document layout ‘ KINDWORDS 3 £49.99 A competent and user-friendly word processor... EASE OF USE 76% VALUE FOR MONEY 80% EFFECTIVENESS 80% FLEXIBILITY 82%
INNOVATION 78% OVERALL 79% GRAPHICALLY SPEAKING John Kennedy is almost rendered speechless by the latest version of an old Amiga favourite... No one will argue that graphics are what makes the Amiga special, and nothing looks better than a really good ray-traced image Ever since the near accidental HAM mode was discovered by programmers, realistic pictures produced by rendering programs have boosted Amiga sales and tilled magazine pages. Over the years, such pictures have become more and more realistic and, with the advent ot 24-bit video boards, the Amiga can now create photo-realistic
works ot art - as long as you have the right software.
Silver was one ot the first ray -tracing programs available (although the term ray-tracing is a bit misleading as we shall see) and has been responsible for creating some remarkable pictures It evolved into Imagine which has now been updated to version 2 Once again you're going to have to catch your breath.
HARDWARE To run Imagine, you will need an expanded machine. As can be expected, your RAM limit must start at 2-3Mb. And a hard dhve is all but essential I have been using Imagine on a 2Mb Fast RAM. 1Mb Chip RAM A500. With a GVP hard drive and. To be honest, anything less than this wouldn't really be enough You could possibly survive on floppies, but if you are going to boy a software package at this pnce you'd be daft not to buy a hard drive first.
To put together either a single image or an epic animation, you will need to master the many editing screens Imagine provides Most screens supply the traditional tri-view windows (top. Front, right), along with a pretty 3D wire-lrame The Form and Detail Editor are where your ob|ects will be created - the Form editor is ideal for organic or symmetrical objects, the Detail edilor for tweaking and assigning physical attributes, such as colour, texture or reflectivity The Cycle editor is used lo control me varous positions and shapes an object may have if it is mov ing - a bicycle's wheels spin,
a person's legs wall, and so on. If your object is static, there is no need to usethiseditor Additionally, the Stageedhor provides control over the composition of Ihe various objects, and the poscioning of the fcghf sources and imagsiary camera. It s here where objects can be linked to paths to describe thee movements, and a nwvature wire-frame animation can be created lo fine tune everything Palhs can even be assgned to paths, to allow complex movements to be choreographed quickly and easily ACTION-PACKED From the Stage editor. Ihe next step is the Action editor This is the first editor not
to feature the tn- view display and wire-frame model. Instead, each .
Element included at the Staging process is available for editing, their altnbutes varied over the length of the animation if need be. Various special effects - such as explosions and rotations - can be applied to objects These effects are preset, but Impulse will update registered owners with more as they come along The supplied 1st will keep all but the most demanding Harry Harryhausen happy for a good few animations.
An extra element called Globals is included in the Action editor, and from here the overall look and feel' of your universe can be created A global backdrop file will provide instant detail to your image For example, in these pictures I have made use of Brett Casebolt's excellent Scenery program to provide sky. Land and sea The same backdrop.
Or another it you so wish, can be used to provide reflections in certain objects. If your picture is sel in an evening setting, you might like to make use of an automatic star generation feature, or simply make the sky blue and the grass green The ability to animate global brushes opens up the world ol backdrop animation - remember the car sequences in films where actors pretend to be driving with a fake roadway behind them’ Finally, you will reach the Project menu where you can select the resolution of your finished picture and also provide a sensible means of stonng and organizing your
ANIMATION Unloitunately. One of Imagines best features cannot be shown here - the animation facilities. It's only when you spend a day creating a state picture of a cow that you realise that it's animation which makes the difference between actually pho- PRODUCT TEST Bgraphing a cow and rendering one. With anima- ! Ten you can create a new kind ol art form - a film
- and one in which the normal laws ot physics simply need not
apply Now your cow can mutate Into a burger and spin oil into
the setting sun. as azure waves crash on a wooden beach.
Salvidor Dali
• cold have loved it... HOME TV?
Ips not an exaggeration to say that with a properly- aquipped Amiga you could make a broadcast television-standard animation with Imagine. A whizzing company logo for example - or even a short cartoon or film. With a genlock and some good live video footage you could certainly produce something better than most pop videos The tools provided by Imagine include powerful 'inbe- tweening' and pre-determined path tracking. The animation editors provide all the facilities you need lor controlling your 'actors' and also allow the spe- cral effects.
Imagine also supports both brush and texture maps, and deals with both in a reliable and sensible way. Brush maps will allow any standard IFF image to appear directly in a picture - for example, a previously digitised photograph could be placed in a rendered picture frame - to provide that final touch ot realism. Texture maps will give an object some 'bumps’. Depending on the map, anything from the skin of an orange to a stormy ocean can be simulated. In fact, like brush maps, up to four texture maps may be applied to any one object to produce some incredible results.
Animating the maps can provide convincing effects, such as waves.
SPEEDY Rendering times are very respectable, but that still means that a good picture could take an hour to produce on an unaccelerated Amiga. If you want to generate animations, you will need an 020. ‘030 or even an 040. Leaving the Amiga to generate pictures overnight is all very well, but a minute of animation could still take a month. Life is too short.
To speed up rendering times whilst in the editing stage, you can perform a so-called ‘quickrender’, which really means a single frame render without any globals. If you select a sensible resolution (quarter screen HAM) you can check out your work within a minute or so.
A rendering program exists to achieve a single goal: pictures. If the pictures aren't up to scratch, all the effort put into creating the objects has been wasted. Simply put. Imagine produces some of the best images I’ve yet seen. I remember the first time I used Sculpt 3D, and the excitement at creating my own universe on screen. After many years of exposure to Amiga graphics, I thought I had lost that feeling. Imagine brought it all back.
As you would expect, most Amiga graphics modes are supported. Those that aren't won't be missed, and with the support of both 12-bit and 24- bit files in vanous formats, creation of a custom format is child’s play. Direct support for Impulse's own Firecracker 24-bit board and the DCTV ensure top quality images can be seen as quickly as possible DOCUMENTATION Imagines instruction manual is amazing. The first impressions I had varied from ‘inspirational’ to abysmal'. After using it for a week, my conclusion must tend towards the lower end of the quality scale. Rather than a simple description of
features and some tutorials, Impulse's work - which could easily be renamed 'Zen And Art Of Image Rendering’ - is a complete week of patronising evening courses. If you want to find out about a specific feature in a hurry, forget it: you simply must work through the entire book in order. If you can’t remember something, you'll have to work Aoovr After spending eo much Brno creeling this cow.
You have to ash wouldn't It be simpler to photograph one?
Bstow. Within this aramaton, the boat moves forward, pitching from side to side as the tand- Contact Digital Multimedia Ltd via 102-104 Church Road.
Teddington. Middlesex TW11 8PV. Alternatively, give them a call on 081 893 4000 | DIGITAL MEDIA £164.95 | ProfessimuU quality image rendering, shame about the manual.. EASE OF USE 60% VALUE FOR MONEY 90% EFFECTIVENESS 98% FLEXIBILITY 95% INNOVATION 90% OVERALL 83% xoldstar Computer (EC) Ltd.
“OMEGA HOUSE”, 83 RAILWAY ROAD, LEIGH, LANCS. WN7 4AD Pfl COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE Deluxe Paint IV„ ... Deluxe Print II ..... Spcclracolour ... Digiview Gold 4 ... Digiview Media Station Wah Disney Animation Studio £89 99 149.99 ...£29.99 .£179.99 £59 99 £12999 £129.99 CrtmT £49.99 Intrrrl £49 99 £69 99 £5999 .159.99 Turbo Silver Cod DFX Conversion!
Protext V5.5, .
Cum* Bd p™ Per-mal W'ntc, Kind Word*..... £119 99 £199.99 ,£99.99 £199.99 £139.99 ProWritc V3.
Final Copy,, £174.99 £9999 £5999 Woid Perfect V4.1 Red lotus Animated Brushes Star Voyager Aram Bm«hes.. Animated Fonts I ..y™. Animated Fonts 2 ... J.....u New Vidi AMU is-.vctior v: rhgjfiiH Vista Pro Vista Grand Can di|2'.... Vista Grand CanytriH Vist Flaming Gorge Vista Western USA I 1 Vista California Scapes .
Vista Mars Scapes ..... Distant suns 4.0 I nt rt it A 3D Piofl| The Com Vidi RGI .tW.99 Alter Image Video Fr.
..£49.9) Broadcast Tiller II ... £149(99 Video Effects 3D .. ;.£ 999 Video Tiller 3D ... .£49 99 Pn* Video l sl -- 149 99 The Video Director.
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1) 25- Fonts A Surface- Cut ami U32- ( -Light- Lapsed commerce !
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Tools- 203 tools no does (•elignile Fools 3 - Maik at his bexi
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IK YOU ORDKk 10 Ok MORE, YOU GET A FREE ONE pi va posta ;e: JL1 .ZU UK & BK HO- Please add 50p to order Per l i .L EUROPE - Please add 20p per disk Plus Postage WORI.D - Please add 40p per disk CO-FOUNDER OF THE PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS FOR DISTRIBUTION ENDORSED BY COMMODORE UK Hama 290 What’s the difference between a £99 genlock and one costing hundreds of pounds? Chris Jenkins finds out... SIGNALS The three knobs - Chroma, Contrast and Luminance - work like the picture controls on your TV, enhancing the colour level, dynamic range and brightness ol the output.
There are also separate level controls tor the Red. Green and Blue components ol the video signal - these are use- tul lor correcting the colour balance ol pictures or lor separating the signals lor use with a digitiser. When using a digitiser, such as DigiView Gold, the 290 is connected to via a joystick socket to the Amiga, which controls the colour-switching process. Anyone into serious video production may already have these (acuities on other units, so it's a pity that they bump up the price ol the unit. Still, it's handy to have all these functions on one unit. The Bypass button,
lets you display an unprocessed video picture, lor comparison with the version output alter processing by the 290. The 290 incorporates a 'blackburst generator' which means that recording ol the output signal can continue even il there Is no video input signal. Many genlocks, such as some Rendale models, don't allow this. Another ol the 290’s incidental functions lies in conve rting S-video input signals into RGB outputs, which can be displayed on a TV with the increasingly common Scan connector. You could easily pay 2100 lor a box to do this job alone.
01 course, what you can do with the 290 depends very much on what software you use. ZVP's Video Studio is the ideal choice, but Deluxe Paint or one ol the many other graphics, animation or video captioning packages available lor the Amiga will work equally well. The 290 is supplied with a demo version ol Hama's own titling software, Easy Effects. This isn't a very ambitious software package, ottering 8-colour titles with just one font in two sizes, one graphic page with 10 lines ol text, and vertical or horizontal scrolli ng. More impressive 'Disk- Magazines' are available in Germany, and
will in time be release by Hama's UK division.
CONCLUSION The Hama 290 genlock is certainly one ol the most impressive such items seen in the domestic market, and this is reflected in its price. Put together one ol these. S- vldeo equipment and something like ZVP's Video Studio.
And you'll have a cracking production system which will olfer the best quality available below the megabucks range. • CHEAP BUT CHEERFUL?
A genlock Is almost obligatory lor any serious video production job using the Amiga. By synchronising the screen-scanning rates ol Ihe Amiga and your video source, and allowing the video image to show through the Amiga's transparent background colour, the genlock lets you superimpose Amiga graphics over live video pictures, to produce effects such as captions, subtitles, and wipes. So, it all genlocks do very much the same job, why is it that they range in price from the £99 Minigen to models like the £749 Hama 290? Well, tor a start, the Hama 290 is more than just a genlock. It's more ol
a video production centre, hallway between a genlock and the sort of video mixer which might cost you around £2000 - the 290 is also S-video compatible.
S-video (or high-band video) Is the preferred lormat lor serious domestic and semi-pro video makers. While prolesional TV broadcasts pictures boast something like 700 lines ol resolution, ordinary domestic video gear (in the VHS.VHS-C Video8 formats) olfer a mere 250 lines.
S-video gear (S-VHS. SVHS-C or Hi8 equipment) oilers in the region ol 400 lines. This may nol be professional standard, but it's a hell ol a lot better than the standard fare. The best thing about the Hama 290 is that, unlike cheaper devices, it handles S-video signals with no appreciable signal degradation, and that should be crucial in your choice ol genlock.
You pay a heavy price lor this quality, though, so the obvious conclusion is that it's worth considering the 290 il you use S-video equipment - and it’s probably not worth spending this much money it you don’t.
FEATURES What you get lor your wad ol dosh is a neat table-top unit which is sturdily built and styled to lit in with Hama's other audio and video products (the German company is one ol the world's biggest manufacturers ol video gear, and can set you up with anything from a camcorder bag lo a tripod). The genlock has a trailing ribbon cable which connects to the Amiga's RGB port, and an output socket lor an RGB monitor. Power is drawn from the Amiga, or from an external 12V supply which is provided. There are also composite video and S-video inputs and outputs, and a special output designed to
connect to a video digitiser cartridge. We won't go into all the connection details here, since everyone's video set-up will be different - everything Is explained in the brief 10-page English section ol the manual.
Once you have set up your video sources, recorders, Amiga with video software, and genlock, the fun begins.
On the front panel ol the genlock are six control knobs, along with three buttons and two laders. Small LEDs indicate the status ol the controls. The Monitor Select button lets you choose whether your monitor displays the Amiga graphics or the mixed Amiga Video image.
With the Genlock' LED lit, you can lade the Amiga and Video images up and down independently using the jet- control style laders. Have lun doing this lor a lew hours before you explore the other controls! The Key-Convert switch swaps between background and foreground keying modes - in other words, the Amiga graphics can appear over the video image, or become a window through which the video 0 image shows HAMA ... a I a glance HAMA UK £749 Higb-specification genlock with advanced video production facil- EASE OF USE 92% VALUE FOR MONEY 60% EFFECTIVENESS 94% FLEXIBILITY 89% INNOVATION 76%
A500 PLUS' 1 MB RAM UPGRADE I ONLY £37.95 a total RAM in A500 lo 2Mb I Phjge w area, ft connacta lo GARY chip Include. Battery . Socketed RAM Ice on S12K 1Mb Versions Unpopulated RAM board with dock ...C 34.95 with 512K inatallad £54.95 with 1Mb Installed £59.95 opeST*** 1 3 up£ede RAM Board with 1 5Mb FASTRAM mate I led £ 79.00 "*** f» 98 CONNECTS TO YOUR 512K RAM UPGRADE TO GIVE 1.5MB MEGABOARD’ ONLY £49.99 A500 EXTERNAL 8MB RAM UNIT Very low power consumption Throughporl for further expansion Style matched to the A500 RAM access LED RAM teat run switch . Available fitted with 2Mb, 4Mb, or
fully populated with 8Mb ir Optional PSU (allows Amiga to power other devices) Incorporating the latest ‘ZIP’ DRAM technology, our new External Memory Upgrade allows the A500 A500+ to be upgraded by up to a further 8Mb of auto-configuring FASTRAM.
Send Cheque. Postal Order or ACCESS VISA card details to: Evesham Micros Ltd.
Unit 9, St Richards Road Evesham, Worcs. WR11 6XJ ACCESS VISA Cards Welcome & Government. Education ft PLC order* welcome y (UK Mamiand on*) C ft SO axlra Please note that S banking days must be allowed lor cheque clearance. Immediate clearance on Bank Drafts.
Mail Order Fax: 0386-765354 With 2MB fitted...£112.99 with 4MB . £159.99 w.th 8MB...£259.99 ' Si Me hards Rood. I.Mhom VotcMMahM WRII 6XJ 0 0386 765180 rot Q36o eft»«_ »Ifsion »d. CanrbstdpR Cl 2MA 00223 323896
* » amynw Corpora*BofcsPipft ? Mmoeoier 251 255 Mosoioy Rood
Highgaf*. Birmingham BI2 0EA Tel:021 446 5050* Fa* 021 446 5010
Corporate Saw Oepr.fCByftv.ng 320 Wrtan Gal*. Whan Court Mdlon
K*yn*t MK9 2HP tr 0908 230 898 _fcj. QOCS230606 tr 0386-40303
Monday to FrKlay. 10 00 - 5 00 1 YEAR WARRANTY ON ALL GOODS 3
• Very quiet a Slimline design
• Suita any Amiga
• Cooling vents Sleek, high quality metal casing oThroughport
facility for addition of further drives
• Quality drive mechanism
• Enable Disable switch
• Full 880K Formatted Capacity
• Long reach connection cable REPLACEMENT A500 INTERNAL 3.5"
A600 with 40Mb Hard Oisk £ 479 99 A600 with 80Mb Hard Disk £ 579 99 A600 with 120Mb Hard D.Sk E 699.99 QUALITY SCANNING - AT THE RIGHT PRICE !
I i Simply Plug* Into the A600’s trapdoor expansion area 1 * Increases total RAM capacity of A600 to 2Mb ChlpRAM’ I if RAM Enable Disable Switch T Battery-Backed Real-Time Clock ONLY £49.99 J, ----------n •• combtnaa top auaftry hardware Ai a gwuna 400dpt acanrmg laaduaon. Ml na* aan* proikcaati 4, apatoouaat* aeana HaaU lOVwn arwvwigmd* vrtaMa kn| anaa« craw and 100 200 300 '400dpi «aaoMOn ONLY £99.99 ag Oaluaa Part 4. TouctoUp TRUEMOUSE WE GUARANTEE that Ma Is the NEW! A500 ROM SWITCHER can buy lor Via Amiga. Eicellenl parformanca. Now wtth a 300dpi C 1 A QO SATISFACTION GUARANTEED
Krtatwt ROM chp. Gwg you toe freedom aI d ONLY £24.95 rang a very ata ndaad. Atd aquraa no aeUwmg ot m two metoodi toggle erteh MS Rrtawn RON no aappNrt MOO Dealer ROCGEN GENLOCK MK.II on*, FM N EVESHAM MICROS STAR PRINTERS INCLUDE 12 MONTHS ON-SITE WARRANTY OFFERING EXCEPTIONAL VALUE TRACKBALL STAR IC20 9-Pin Printer SUCCESSOR TO THE REST SEUINO LC-IO, WITH MANY FEATURES AND EAST OUTPUT Prowling superlative ONLY £29.95 excellent and a new super-fast prim speed of 180cps in draft and 44 cps in NLQ. The LC20 appropriately supercedes the phenomenally successful LC10 I REPLACEMENT A500 PSU
ROCGEN PLUS Compatible to any Amiga or Commodore CDTV, this NEW Genlock Adaptor provide* Advanced Special Effect* and ONLY £129.99 Performance Features without sacrificing uaar-friendlineaal Naa Spaaal Faamraa todudr Dual Otoaoha control fcnoba pacMdng fraaly ed|i»ta»e degree ol ovartay ca marl (keyhole) aSacta. Auto VkJeo paaa-rtu; mwMfc. E«tra Wjao trcugxcn to. Separate f toemoMonrg. A06 paaa4tai tor L reai-Bme adeng ol Amiga I giacMc* ptoa Kay to pon for uaa ONLY £39.95 Star LC24-200 COLOUR Printer TS] AiMga *00 Service Eachenge Power Supply COMBINES HIGH QUALITY 24-PIN COLOUR PRINTING
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afaalaW-raM I-ophono SS’i'trrs: ONLY £29.95 »?cpal4*ipaad na
* 30K Bu*tai eapandet*e to 82K
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LC 34-20 24-Pln. 4 Ionia. ISOftOcp*----------- ......t» 4
Feeder lor 10* LC printer* (pi* alalo modal). CS4JS | Star
*824-200 COLOUR 24-pto, 80 col power pHnMr--------1» Star
*824-260 132column uaraion ol XB24-200------------------tO ONLY
£19.95~| aiir Cia Ow eanaa VSMPielrt» M aiiN ID fa Pel d fa rtl
d* »Me •« ££3f.riI ONLY £6.95 puk-VCtoaan Swtfl 24F frvdudtog C
g COLOUR Ml--------------- OmvaM JP-190 tokjot good *jaaty •
exceptional vafete--- OmwatB JP-340 tol)a aicrteM Imgh apead
*XK» pmter A590 ADD-ON HARD DRIVES ,0 00 aitaan Profai tofrjat
Prtnia* VKN-12 Amiga vvleo tfg*eei package at V ID Chroma
frame generator krt from BA Winvagea ._ aapauto power upply
Pfcga no toe aocMl proadad on fta roar ol toa A580 irt
• mal 40Mb SCSI Drive caaad with PSU _ to drecdy addon to ra
Commodore AS90 ----------1249 00 il 100Mb SCSI Drlva cased wdh
OPENING FROM 10AM - 4PM . FOR 1500 2000 VERSION £69.99 7 -
FAX 0782 744292 TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE 0782 744324
PRODUCT TEST It was here, then it wasn’t and now, at long
last, it is.
But what exactly is the A570 CD-ROM drive, and is it any good? Nick Veitch accesses the data... COMPATIBILITY DELIVER UNTO US... Thoy said it would be here by Ihe summer. They were wrong, but at least they had the decency to hurry things up for an August delivery. Yes. The CD-ROM drive is finally amongst us - but is it any different from the machine we previewed all those months ago?
Not really, but a few things have been cleared up. Yes. The port at the back will accept IDE hard drives The IDE standard is supported on a number of MS-DOS platforms so there is no fear of supply drying up. It should also mean that drive units will be more competitively priced. The power unit is still the old ugly but reliable 'brick' style.
Hmmm... Well, it should be compatible (when working in CDTV mode) with all CDTV software M should be, but remember that the CDTV doesn't come with a keyboard or a mouse. Remember also that the A570 unit doesn't come with a remote control unit. To get around this the units were designed to have roughly compatible controls. In the same way that holding down the Alt and the right Amiga key on the keyboard is the same as pressing the right mousebutton, the control pad of the CDTV should be emulated by the mouse buttons and the cursor controls. This burden of compliance lies with the
developers, though. In practice, the Operating System sees to most of this compatibility but there can still be some problems.
Whilst using Sim City, for example, neither the keyboard nor the mouse seems a suitable replacement. Perhaps Commodore could have included a controller and infra-red transciever with the pack.
AND THERE'S MORE The advantage of having an A570 over a standard CDTV is that you will be able to access CD ROMs in Amiga mode as well as in CDTV mode The CD- ROM drive recognises all Cds which conform to the IS09600 standard, and these include many of CD UPDATE There are now a growing number of CDTV titles around, with more appearing at regular intervals. The latest releases reflect the amount of data capable of being stored on this format. Trivial Pursuit from Domark (reviewed on page 70) comes on two disks and comprises over two thousand questions, including picture and music questions
which are not possible within the framework of the original boardgame. Few developers have yet exploited the CDXt format, which allows quarter frame animation from CD. So few in fact that Commodore have started producing at least one such title themselves - an American Football simulator complete with animated anchorman, half-time interviews and coaching tips. We previewed CDTV Sports Football in our news pages last month, and we hope to bring you a full review very soon - as this sort of TV-style simulation and humorous presentation is ideally suited to the CD medium... the disks full of
clip-art, fonts, or raw data intended for use with IBM PC or Macintosh CD-ROM systems. Obviously, you will not be able to execute any of the files you may find on these disks, but you can use the data files. Graphics can be easily convened over using Art Department, and even Adobe fonts can be converted using the utilities now bundled with Pagestream and Professional Page. In effect, the CD-ROM now becomes like an extra large Read-Only floppy. Discs are loaded into a special caddy (which resembles an optical cartridge) and just slot in the front. This isn’t quite as convenient as the
slide-in-and-go CDI players, but it makes more sense, reducing the possibility of errors and damage to your predous Cds. If there is a break or a scratch on a music CD.
Chances are you might not even notice it, but when it comes to binary data even the slightest error could screw up the whole application.
You can still use the A570 as a normal CD player, too. When booting up in CDTV mode simply insert the disc and the lamiliar CDTV control panel will pop up. Play the tracks normally, select a sequence or choose the random play option. The CD side of things will also handle CD-rMIDI and
CD. G formats. CD+MIDI contains extra data which is read as the
music is playing. This MIDI data can be used to control a
keyboard attached to the Amiga via the serial port.
IMAGE HANDLING CD+G is a format which includes slowscan or still frame graphics alongside the music data. These images can be handled quite adequately by the Amiga display and, in fact, the A570 is one of the very few systems (along with the CDTV) which are capable of displaying these graphics. In Amiga mode you can still use the A570 as a CD player, via a small utility supplied. Although Commodore claim that the CDTV will be able to use Kodak PhotoCD discs (where you have your films developed onto CD instead of normal prints), there is no evidence at this time that the A570 will be able to
handle this format. The same goes for the Electronic Book format discs, which are roughly similar to the old style CD singles and are much smaller, handling only around 200Mb of data.
CONCLUSION As a CD player. I think I’d still rather have a standalone unit. Your Amiga is going to look a bit conspicuous in a big stack ol matt black and chrome amps and tape decks. Still, it's nice to have the option The A570 is actually a CD-ROM drive and a multimedia engine in one, so you have The Competition The CDTV is not the only home multimedia system available. Philips have a rival system, the CD-I unit (CD Interactive) which you may have seen advertised in various magazines and on huge 16-sheet hoardings.
The CD-I standard is set so other consumer electronics manufacturers will soon join in, giving a choice of units from JVC, Sony and the like.
Initially, these units will be fairly expensive because they are not based around a computer, but around dedicated hardware. The software likely to be produced promises in time to incorporate full-frame animation at a decent speed, but at the moment this would require some additional hardware like the MPEG compression chip, bumping up the price even more. Although launched after the CDTV, titles are being released for CD-I at a faster rate and more developers are sure to join the fray on the side of CD-I because it will probably have a much greater marketing budget. Also edging into the arena
is the Sony Data Discman and looka- likes. These units work on a smaller disc (the 3" ones which used to be used for audio CD singles) and are designed to be used as travelling notebooks Time Out magazine has already released a number of City guides in the Electronic Book format. Although the discs have only about 200Mb capacity this is easily enough for games, reference works and language translators to look at its cost relative to those systems.
The A570 is considerably more flexible than the CDTV, and in some ways a much more viable unit.
This is only the first step on the path to make all Amigas CD-compatible. Admittedly, you can get SCSI CD drives for your Amiga already but they can’t operate in CDTV mode. This is the perfect - and relatively affordable - entry to the CD market.
Simply because it links to your Amiga makes it a worthwhile buy, as poor CDTV owners have been alienated by several conlroller-based compatibility problems, and although the mouse doesnt exactly perform perfectly, it is a slightly more fluid control system. In addition, as the machine is aimed at the ’lower end’ of the market, it means that more larger software companies will start to produce Cds for it
- at last. The only query about such an excellent unit is why did
it take so long and why did.
Commodore produce it after the stand-alone CDTV instead of before? ® A S7Q ... a I n glance Commodore Business Machines (UK) Ltd.. The Switchback, Gardiner Road, Maidenhead. Berkshire S16 7XA. 0( give them a call on 0628 770088 Better late than never - anti a neat entry to the world of CD.
EASE OF USE VALUE FOR MONEY EFFECTIVENESS FLEXIBILITY £ INNOVATION Slotting nootly Mo tM Mo of on WOO. Tt» *570 looki portoct wtlon noit 10 your mocMno. In odOmon, Installation and loading la aattatnoli asay to ettoct. Ensuring that any unnocasaaiy hassle Is kept 10 a Bate mlnMum.
OVERALL 87% AMIGA PERIPHERALS HGVP GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS QUALITY AMIGA PERIPHERALS WITH A 2 YEAR WARRANTY Silica Systems are pleased lo present the GVP range ot penpherals. GVP are the world's largest third party manufacturer ol penpherals lor Ihe Amiga range and have a reputation lor high specification, quality products. The company was founded only tour years ago by a man who knows about the Amiga.
Conmodote’s ex-Vce President ot Technology.
He, along with a team ot Amiga experts rckdng other ex-Cornmxkre stall, mderstand the add-on requirements ol Amiga owners better than anyone. Not only do GVP provide pertTetals that Amiga owners want they also oiler peace ol mind, with a 2 year warranty on the products they manufacture. So, if you are locking (or the very best in penpherals lor your Amiga computer, look no further man GVP.
• 16MHz 00286 processor
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HD that wrong'.
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214. 99 HPSOO mono cartridges..- All HP printers come with a 3
year warranty MONITORS free Amiga lead All our monitors are
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stereo monitor 600*285 hne resofooon. Green screen facility.
One years on site maintenance, cable for Amiga included.
Tilt and swiyel stand only £11.99 when purchased with
Cover only £5 99 only £209.99 uksp«.
With FI9 Flight Simulator Goldstar remote control TV monitor superior to a standard TV set with fu* remote control now only £179.99 Commodore I960 multisync only £436.99 Philips Brilliance SVGA Colour monitor with overscan facility All monitors rome I WARNING; Before you purchase a monitor make sure it has a full UK rnmnlPtP with a specilkadon. You might be buyfog what you thfok a a similar monitor at a complete Witn a | |ower pne* but R Is likely to be a -GHEr Import. These comply with B riteh safety standards and are not covered by ai The Balance monitor has a high quality Super VGA I
resolution ideal for making your AMIGA into professional system Incfodes overscan facAry.
Dot pftchand dk swivel stand. Monitor cover only I £5.99 if p n site maintenance.
Isooversion £399.99 with Flicker Free Video card A500 version £499.99 ,| DISK DRIVI New Roclite 3.5" IMIGA A590 20 Mb HD 199.99!!
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save from D. Pamt anwrvaoons and IFF Me* Supports HAM graphic* only £44.99 MEGAMIX MASTER now only £53.99 only £79.99 e recommend all ROMBO products full 2 year warranty |TME ROWER SCANNER Clean up. Embolden, mat and flip. Highly recommended by the reviews' inly £94.99 or Colour version only £229.99 Deluxe Music Costruction Set..£54.99 Deluxe Paint 2 now only £4.99 Deluxe Pelnt 3....now only £12.99 Doluxe Pelnt 4 now only £57.99 DEVPAC 3 . £57.99 Deluxe Print 2____£9.99 Distant Suns new version!! £34.99 Easy AMOS ...... ...£24.99 EXPERT DRAW---ONLY £49.99 EXPERT 4D
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Only 89.99 holder and 2 year warranty only £24.99 ROCTEC MOUSTl
• complete graphics creation uon package for your Amiga impiete
with the famous Dip-View igi-Paint and Elan Performer w only
£119.99 KINDWORDS V3] wanted to buy Wordworth but ght It too
expensive buy this Very similar but without Speech synthesis
and produced by Digiu only £37.99 Fully micro-switched.
Only £13.99 only £129.9 ..£39.99 Wp... 4tow only £29.99 Pro Page professional V3 DTP..£I49.99 Protext 4.3 W P---now only £39.99 Pro Video Plus .....£139.99 Quarterback Tools--only £44.99 Sequencer One ... £74.99 Superbase Personal--------------£19.99 Scale S00. ----- Supports up to 4 disk drrves. Variable o presuoo opt*™*nd M Macro and Arf ,UPP°only£34.99 Quarterback Toois.-.only £44.99 Kickstart 1.3... This best selng word pcWlsher ncorpo rates many features found only n a desk top pjbilsher Abo exclude. An easy to use "only £53.99 DIS £33.9* deal for
ASTO 6 Supra Hard drives and Fatter Agnes-|372A ..„«0.49 others Super Denlae j ..£30.8* 4* (SI2K) ......n. 6570 Keyboard controller £7.99 8* (IMb) .now only £3.29 CIA 8520A Disc controller------£8.99 16* (2Mb) ...-.now only £3.05 IX AMIGA A500 Pll i RAM MODULES XJT 3.S- disks are GUARANTEED FQR A LIFETIME *nd CERTIFIED 100% ERROR FREE double sided, double density daks are of the highest quality in magnetic meda and are extensively used by dupiicateig houses Built for First Choice these hi your A500 Plus or the new At to 2 Mb of chip RAM without
RAM modules will take built in real time dock) up “* your warranty.
A500P Unpopulated ..only £16.99......£29.99 Populated to 512K ..only £29.99......£39.99 ‘ lated to I Mb .only £39.99......£49.99 I Bulk I' QTY
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1000. .£339.9 9 ....£POA„ Sony Branded disks come complete
with labels Disk Labels....500 now only £6.99 Disk
Labels... 1000 .now only £9.99 NIX ROM SHARERS] older
software will not run .
Choice launched die hfh quality Phoenix ROM share, best on the market, this ROM tfurer features a fiexftle that it can be positioned anywhere wxSn your A500 Plus or AfiOO Keyboard twitchabie sharer now available! All OUT Phoenix product* Come complete with a full 2 year replacement warranty 104 operaorg system First ¦ Recognised a, bong the iISe ribbon connection so FINALCOPY new version 1.3!! Now faster and eas.er to use. This superf) word publisher from the writers of RenPal With built in outline fonts lor top quality output, full graphics import capability (IFF and HAM) Features include
thesaurus, spelling checker and detec- «or. Insert date. Time, and page number, scale graphic* to any sac. Crop graphics, multiple colianns layout, magnified and reduced page view and much more Highly Recommended now Only £47.99 or £99.99 with Cumana 3.5" external drive "AMIGA RELEASE 2 UPGRADE kTH Complete with: fGckstart 2 04 CHIP. Workbench 2.04. Install. Fonts and Extras disksAI Commodore manual set Qn|y £79.99 PLATINUM WORKS Pius home accounts h ] Aa recommended by Commodore we befieve the to be or* of the best al round integrated mdse Amiga k ccmes w«h Pbtnum Scnttte Wp. Sped choicer,
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Mb ..£94.99 8Mb pop to 2 Mb using 256*4zips ..£119.99 8Mb pop to 2 Mb using Imb*4 zips......£139.99 8Mb pop to 4 Mb .....£194.99 8Mb pop to 8 Mb ....£299.99 8Mb pop to 2 Mb for 2000 1500 range.....£149.99 '(placing tht fl moo I Complete Colour Solution, thli now package It oven better value'!!
The ultimate low con colour digitiser.
• filters or RGB tplitter required.
Jour Image* can be captured In let* in a tecond. Mono images are grabbed In real time. Fully compatible with any video source Includes multitasking software, cut A SUPRA RAM This Is a low cost 8 bit. High spec, tan .
That pi up into your printer port Special effects include echo that can be added in real trre, fully multitasking and easy to ui only £29.99 Areiyse (a lotus 123" compaoHe spreadsheet di 3D Btphcs). A di «ky ard corrrxrvcaOcris tcftwwe p*a the best seBrg Dgfta Hcem only £44 99" PAGESTREAM121 Order by telephone quoting your credit card I number. If paying by cheque please make payable I to FIRST CHOICE. In any correspondance I please quote a contact phone number and post | code. Allow 5 working days for cheque clearance AIL ORDER ? WHY FIRST CHOICE 1 Mail order Hotline 6 lines 24 HOUR MAIL
0532 319444 Prices are sublet to change without notice. E&OE.
* All prices include VAT and Standard Delivery ’ All
hardware computers are genuine UK spec.
* Free Fast Standard 4 to 7 day Delivery
* Guaranteed 2 to 3 day Delivery only £2.00
* Guaranteed Next Day Delivery only £4.50 ’ Open seven days a
week for your convenience Top quality RAM eapansxxis for the
A500 complete with battery backed dock and on1 off switch This
RAM e sion will not In any way invalidate your Amigi now only
package is a necessity tor anyone taking design or Desktop
Publishing seriously. You can't always rely on Being able to
get a picture ol something and even if you could, Illustrations
can often be a to) dearer and easier to understand A bitmap
paint package may be alright for the lowest quality of
newsletters but anybody who cares about their output is going
to go structured On Ihe Macintosh they have Ihuslrator. On the
PC it's Corel Draw, on the Amiga It can only be Prolessional
Draw In fact, there is only one challenger to Prolessional
Draw - Design Works from New Horizons, which is designed
primarily to be easy to use and lacks any real power. This lack
of competition is worrying - where is the incentive for making
the product better?
YOU CAN DO MAGIC Well, on loading up there doesn’t seem to be much difference between ProDraw3 and ProDraw2. The screen looks pretty much the same - as does the tool bar - apart from one significant addition.
There's a little lamp new to the selector tool. It's a magic lamp, because it means that ProDrawnow accepts Genies, the slightly customised version of Arexx already adopted in Prolessional Page The genes can control every aspect of ProDraw.
Automating any repetitive function, performing any tedious replication. There are around 40 of these already defined, many of which are very useful indeed. A lot of them mimic the (unctions on packages such as Illustrator, including step and repeat.
Or moving an obfect to a given layer, but there are several unique macros, including some 'Special Effects’ which seem to have been constructed over a long weekend with the benefit of some therapeutic pharmaceuticals.
Unfortunately, you need to have Arexx before you can use these macros. It Is also a great advantage to understand Arexx if you want to write your own macros. A simple tew editor has been incorporated to help you make your own macros, but it's a shame that there is no recording function. A large number ol macros which people may want to perform are just a simple sequence of maybe three operations and surely it couldn't be that difficult to record the mouse movement and menu selections.
LINING UP The most basic element ol any artwork in ProDraw is the line A line isn't necessanly straight, though, and it can be given velocity at any point, turning it Into a bezier curve. By holding down the left mousebutton whilst maiking a point, you can stretch out a line indicating a Velocity' or the tendency for the line to go in lhat direction. Having released the button you can now specify the second point at the other end ot the line You have now drawn a curve between two points, which will annoy any maths teachers you come across It sounds a little difficult, but it becomes second
nature very quickly. The excellent thing is that you can come back and edit all the points later II you were drawing a nose, for example, and decided to make it a little more pronounced, it would just be a matter of moving a few points (imagine having to re-shade a bitmap drawing in HAM mode).
If this gets a bit too tedious for you, there is always the freehand mode. This is excellent when used in conjunction with a graphics tablet. You draw a line or a curve with the mouse and when you let go of the button the program draws points and approximates curves to follow your path It can be a bit hit and miss (especially with the mouse) but remember that all the points can be edited later You can even join points onto lines, take them away or break a link between two points.
- Jhere are plenty of tools for manipulating your objects, too.
Minoring. Stretching, rotating, grouping, combining - it’s
all there. Perhaps the most invaluable of the additions from
ProPage 2.0 is an 'undo' option. Simply press escape and the
last action wil be undone, instead of your artwork.
TEXT HANDLING One ol the most useful aspect of ProOraw s its ability to take a compugraphic font and turn it mto a bezier curve structured dip which can then be edited All obtect man©ulations can be performed on the text and it can even be filled or blended to create surreal or special headlines for Pro Page.
Using the new hottmk feature, you can send the dip direct to ProPage. You can even wrap text around objects using a special Tit to curve' option.
ProDraw now supports the same typie of CG lont as ProPage, which means an end to the duplication of hundreds of font files all over your directories, not to mention all the time it took to create them ProDraw 30 comes with the same font manager utility that was bundled with ProPage
3. 0, enabling you to draw on the stockpiles of Public Domain
Adobe Type 1 fonts.
THE NEED FOR SPEED The trouble with complex applications like this is that they tend to be incredibly slow. Well. ProDraw j has come a long way since Its original version in terms of speed But sM. There is nothing more annoying than trying to get on with your work and having to stop for about 10 seconds every lime something is added to the screen. To get around this there Is a wireframe mode, allowing you to see only the outlines and the points This is a lot taster and works Quite well. But ol course you have to see Ihe detail to make sure that you've done it right
- meaning you must keep switching between wireframe and preview
modes. It also includes a new leature which allows you to
select sole objects lo be wlretramed. So you can work in detail
on one object and wireframe the rest.
Structured Versus Bitmap Eyaiy lima we review a structured art pacbaga or pomp compugraphic lonls we always have a Oltcassioa abast the dlffaranca between d»m and their bitmapped ermine Will, this lima la nn dlttaranl. « bitmap Is |att that: a map it hco A bitmapptd picture is always a certain number ul plasm wide Md u certain lumber high Ism H you rasceb II tt he twice at Mgh and twice is wide le bran a) phytbhl dtmunsrous. D ra sue the came resolution, be lamu aua- Mr monad ugh aad wide Structured artwort« a hil Ilka Schraadlagar'aCht-N detail have a rasolution until you but al H Becauie be
plcbra II made up ol metre dram on how lo draw It ralhdi than actual ptnls, II caa be rondarad al any resolution you like. In inlormation level term, Ihu means a structured drawlnp hat a Iheorellcal Intlnib amounl pt hdMIt g a lit). The reran is helms suuchne wi • a ice M the eery least, certain ””***- typuc nf prcturts IttustraIBM an Siurmui well suited b ttnicbrnd art: Mags imimmio like legos. Diagrams. Schematics «* *• and maps Because ol tho curvilinear ntirt ol tho artwoik II is Ml suitad lo realistic reproduction.
CONCLUSION With Its now standardised postscript output, extended torn support, and Arexx compatdxlrty this is an art package that is worthy to stand beside the mighty Protessanal Page With the emphasis in the Amiga world on bitmapped art and video work, it's nice to see this degree ot commitment to the home publishing crowd 0 PRO DRAW 3.0 ... n I u % I a h c HB Marketing. Unit 3. Poyle 14. Newlaads Drive.
Coinbrook S13 00X Tot: 07S3 686000 HB MARKETING £1 29.95 The only structured art solution
- and fast. Too... EASE OF USE 88% VALUE FOR MONEY 94%
No, DM Slow Merratrs sister or Sharon s MM. Trace u l email
utility lor converting bitmap! Into clractareO lit.
TIM la Incredibly usefnl II yoo are actually girlie bopalns al drawing but need to create clip-art. Trace eppedn n • umple regueltor. Simply specify the input IFF. Ttie output Mo. And dip name, and preis ihe trace button Fairly Incomprehenetble dull will pop ap In tto ten window going on atoot con loan and matched points I npposo It dooa lortollolyoe bnow how tar along be traca la aad ¦lie bow complicated Us Maly te be tayway. N beta lort ol toctla ae N gob the mo mbe ap trom me . Tto only thing yoo can alter la Ihe till option end nepUal aeiultlrlly. The fill option decides whether Ihe
rcralt- ing image will piat be an ienc with possibly the best structured art package ever., oblects will have Mb. The pixel sensitivity Is more important It you set Bis too Mga you will be in Sa.
Per ol rtplicatiag the steps M between thp pixels - the dreaded legpiet that structured art is se pooled lo svuld. Os the other hand II you ire a tit cuoal about It ill mu result will bob like It's been left it gel men 5 lor
• couple ol bom. Usually Ihe default ratting Ii about right.
Traci cen t handle HAM imagti. But Iburu would he no point
anyway. The bus Is b trace simple Images, not onus with
thousands ol Tiddly shades In Item You deserve the best!
Now you can get the best... with PEN PAL!
A superb package. With immense power, to fulfil all your word processing requirements and it includes a Database!
It's all so easy to use, you prohably won't need to refer to the extensive 250 page manual too often.
Whilst working, you can open up to four documents simultaneously (memory permitting), search and replace: cut, copy and paste: check your spelling with a lOO.OOOt word dictionary. You can import your favourite IFF HAM .
Graphics, from programs such as Dpaint II or Clip Art files f'® in various sizes and colours. You can auto- _ matically flow text around graphics in any Workbench compatible font (there are over 200 available styles), in different sizes and g-B colours to suit your design... even as you 5 type. All this from a word processor and... Much, Much, More!
As you can see, this is not just any ordinary word processor! Full Page View with position, edit and creation of graphic objects. Mail Merge using the built in database and forms designer. Creation of templates for complex reports, into which the database can be merged.
Operating with 32 fields per record, and 32,000 records ,per database with a fast sort of 1000 records in less than 5 seconds this is a real database.
Pen PaI retfuires an Amiga 500 I500 2000 or 301X1 with a minimum of 1 megabyte of axxiilable memory.
Pen Pal When...you deserve the best!
£79.95 % & Software [2 marketing NCREDIBLE i celebrate the release of the updated official Amiga Reference ¦Is, we here at CU towers have teamed up with publishing us, Addison Wessley, to bring you this amazing exclusive comps- ' Amiga Reference manuals an invaluable resource for any.
We considering programming or Issigning hardware for the Amiga.
Several thousand pages of infomta- B’- 9 .'
Ion detail every function of the Operating System, the software fcraries and the hardware itself, giving invaluable insights into the ¦iracle that is the Amiga. In four volumes they take you on a voy- 9e of discovery to the far horizon of Amiga knowledge. Either that r they just look very large and impressive on your bookshelf.
This fourth edition includes all the latest information on the ewest Amigas, the A500 Plus an the A600, safeguarding against compatibility problems between different versions of Workbench, tey're up to date, and they’re just off the presses.
Now the complete set of books, worth over C120 in the shops, can l yours. Just answer these incredibly complex and technically 'Vs detailed questions and complete the tiebreaker at the end.
1. Who invented the programming language ‘C’?
A. Flannaghan and Allen
B. Kemlghan and Ritchie
C. Mork and Mindy
D. Anthony and Cleopatra
2. Much is said about the Amiga and Ms DMA channels, but what
does DMA actually stand for?
A. Diribonucleic Multiphase Adaptor
B. Don't Mind Agnus
C. Direct Memory Access
D. Distant Memory Access
3. The person regarded as being the father of modem computing is:
A. Sir Charles Babble
B. Sir Charles Babbage
C. Sir Charles Cabbage
D. Steve Merrett And finally, just in case too many of you found
the above questions too easy, here's the amazing tiebreaker.
Complete in less than 3000 words the following sentence:
‘Send those books straight off to me because...' The closing
date Is the 30th September, 1992.
The competition is not open to employees of Emap Images, Idison-Wesley, or people who don’t like motorbikes.
1. _
2. _ 3-- No correspondence will be entered into.
No proof of purchase Is necessary.
The Editor's decision is final.
TIEBREAKER Please send entries to: CU Amiga, Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London, EC1R 3AU. I AMIGA SPECIAL OFFER OgmMEDPROFESSMMALm Adorning our July coverdisk was Teijo Kinnunen’s highly* acclaimed OctaMED Professional, a superb music package and a major step forward in Amiga sequencing technology. In fact, it’s probably the only music package you’re ever likely to need! If you missed it, now's your chance to get a copy.
During the last couple of years, MED has consistently shone out as being one of the most powerful and flexible music packages available, and has gained respect from hardened professionals and amateurs alike. The latest incarnation, OctaMED Professional V3.0, was exclusively given away with the July issue of CU Amiga and lets you create music using either samples, a MIDI instrument or the Amiga's internal sound generator. It also give you a multitude of features unseen on any other commercial music package. These offer you a combination of flexibility and user friendliness which will amaze
even the most demanding user.
Of course, if you bought our July issue, you're probably already revelling in the pro- _ gram's capabilities and OCTAMED PRO FEATURES
• Supports PowerPacked sample, and song files
* Notation system
• File requesters with Workbench 2 look
* Powerful editing
• Mulli-octna samples and synth sounds
• Comprehensive MIDI options already creating mind- blowing
music. If you managed to miss your copy of the July issue,
though, here’s your chance to make amends. For a mere £6, the
mysteries of OctaMED can be yours, as can a massive 180-page
magazine and a second disk containing playable levels of
Electronic Arts' Risky Woods and Qremlin’s Zool. The disk is
also backed up with a comprehensive tutorial to get you
started. And, over the coming months, we're going to be taking
a closer look at the program, offering extra samples and hints
to help you get the most from your program. So, this really is
an offer you can’t refuse... coupor.
Please send me a copy of Ihe OctaMED Pro July issue of CU Amiga. I enclose a cheque PO for £6 payable lo EMAP Images.
Ttm r i cofcfton (if 13 **« All are n IFF fcemai and arc .lea! For Drdtkifi puHMhing. There are kadi of image. To ctmtu! From ringing from fancy licedcn lo special uccuunt and pcupke lo pbccc They are viper c*uhry All 1.1 DISKS KM £15.00- IIOMF IHTilNTSS PACK nib NF» H dwi pack romiAR Ten Eiwinc 30
- ofd |ruiv«. B-Bore II - dtoham. Vkteak »prea ld*NT DTP program.
«» Busancs Letters, ttuunc** card ntakc-r. Ranking lirilv K«m»
dnagne a MsrroKHcaamssms
- *12.00- P D DiREC Ilf MO PACK (W Dido) Hudsrain 111 dtfks).
Budbnun . Soopex 'Menial Hwgorei' Palace
• Pulling Ihe nigger’. Quartex 'SuUscuKC'.
Phenomena Tr*cr p*V. Deny 'Simp*.* Demo' GVAT STAKTFKPACK £12.00- GAUEONS Safaig.hp«ra*iipmrllMBKP) JliNC.il BINf Al • ChMrem adreraure. Kui (knen-TraaEy uipctb» IMBHP) WORkNPLAY 3 Great akaranraul grnn to kfcb-Vtiy (,..JilMB)fP) RXXU) FACtlXtY • (ire* rtqi (nr to kxk rfi FlAY rr SAIT • Excrikre program fcr irrehin* utrn * young .hddren 11 MB) (Pi IXMiHGKI II ArrUl comb* to «p to 8 p.ver. XJT-SO ¦ Very good puAr far IP) WC*DY • Ccnd men! Prra* * • nmp4r lo gar 1CI0IONTS auto*. Lore creator (Pi C YAD • llr.luri puufc game' I Mbl (Pi BIG TOP FIN • Tcp qualln okjeahmal gnr I1MBXP)
ADVENTURE TCXXXfT create yena oan T TTCjava • Produce A (Are lotimcd draevigtfl MBMPi ¦ XMT VUUN C«d nuauu gau-11 Mbl (Pi Mirsic PAOC110DISKS). Vboi Muue Masters. Crusaders ’Baocru Mu ' Crack Mu.* Dwk. Leuet Overkud Muue. RAF Mcgamix No 1.
Had. Digital Co-rrt No 6. Hashing B.Io *Sw Song* I'. Akatra 'Pan. Vc*r»'. Ousadrt* M»n Cooccn Archace Mu.* Didc DMA VIIIJCENCKVV ARK 11m i. liccncroarc and com W.99 per di*k Ml SIC MAKERS (P) MFD 320. Pn. Tracker. Star Trekiet *U 3-Sung.
Disks tlfwumcni DtA* A UISTF0K IKMf MISKMSS,
- £12.00- Tran-tomet v}J (IBM iai Cioft ibs Tore U%KP TTXT PUS
.30m (MrCnndedFOBKP) Mn»v3*icr«h wm I Pi GAMES PACK (P) Thb NEW
12 cadi pad; ctnure Star Tret. A* Are II.
DM*. Aton. Tax. Arcade Gan* Jeemd* Wacko
r. Vondrrtand. Super Arab Challenge Hoflynccd Trma. Cad Slurp
- £15-00- EAC'.K EIGHT minus pack Thu NKF 3 disk |«a»k contain.
Mes-y Sul n. D-ci i|*» 2. New Mipcrkiller* (v«u* kden)
Fixdick. Ten plus *30 meess&nuL couacnw
- *8.00- Ractojf u «oofc tofiad. Ilok) (A ANIMATIONS SPECIRAPAINT
32 IXSKMA'TEI »J2 EI£CnRXAI »ll(P) AVUGAfOX *1.1 Erg|ah Verwn
DlTi IP) imixraMIESOI «10 2 Dnko GO* BLMNESS l£TTTRS (Pi BflASF
II (Furikw. Fae Duahmr) TEXT ENGINE «30(lad Tew **ap and veil
iDualiareKP) DCOPY (*2 J vl 0 »ah Onex) (P) GOU UCORDER .10
NORTMC12 Doka) (PI I1AMLAB .091 OFF Cmvntorl (Pi Bruce Ur'Emo
die Dngwi' Bnxr Lee SlkJnhcw '2 Siolih) Arwraoauh (DSr Sdmanr)
Slokhy Mineoosm rEric Sdw.«u) P) Wlmiw Don, (Bk VtmacD (2 Mrg.
Ttr Dm Game (hv SdnrO (3 Meg 2 D Btrard (IK VlmwU) (3 Me*. 3 IM Al (he Mo.se. 2 (En. ScBwaitr» OPR IT1UT1ES • I (PI ar»imimFs»2 n GDJGNflE FONTS (Prrfew»ul FonoKP) SIPFRXM M D (F) 1MP10DER %*0 P) ham) iwve i mums P) PfOnSSIOXAl DCOPY «3 0 SID vM • Brand Ne« Ventoi) BEATRIX POTTER CUPART MB CCP1PR viO (SuprabO N-COMM »20(iaiam prcgran) A-GBSF *3125 (Genrdog) I MptRWUntS.23and B00I-X1.4I PRINTER UMVTX GINERATOR OCTAMED 1 Och • 8 chamri made afcor lakcti (non* 379 (P) BOOT INTRO COMTRUTION SFI - dtue
* js2 Raib'M.lto" ITS BUIy Un*De 160'Mamck Wro rlMBXP) MISK! BOX-
M*c ruw to age*-(I Mbl(P) MAGPIE CUP ART - Orcr ,«i«np-al inugn
(Pi Wim CASH ihe boi Fnia inadunr (I Mbi (P)
MM. PIE CUPAVr I more o«oiul adures' (• Mbl(P) MAGICAl Y03KG
AUTTST Naprr colaunrg ixiongunv cei» perum1 (P.
LC24 FONTS DISK (PI MAGPIE CUPART rPl MAGPIE CUPART PI KII S UiPART I • lers U InKfJwn onagr. (Pi PMHISTORK U N PACK - Dneaur game, and (Xiirtes - recreimendrd'I MBKPi MAGIC FOREST Ol - Aim.Vt grod pbttom guard MBXP) PCWT* PLANNU • Poswul eg.nact(PI HOTTl MAVAC.FR Beard game a b monopnrt (IMBHP) HRIN W STIR v2l - Voy ucr brmly (I Wh (P BATTI1CAJR - Race* p** onmertol cuaTs ¦ htgMy reevmmertod (I MB) (P MOWER ISLAND- RP.G to dtkton P) VIDEO LAB - Vidro Hung paduge IP) POMTIBASE *21 - Very pre rvm ma' (I MBKPI
MI. SIC INCISE Pb bm created m MED.
Vundracko ere 11 MB) IP) POCLS PRO Prokc! -ra (P COUXBNG BOOK 2 la»a*itrt regud cf Imiu-js people I Mbl (P) MAGIC MASS0CK3 AmiHng (Barton game II MBKPI FREE COPY *1.9 (P) UNG JAMES BIME tec (. IX*.) (PI .ASTRO 22 wper awoto DPAOCT FOKTS • kod cr I2EX*.KP AMIGA PINTER • here* I PC • TASK • gre« new IB Cc rl 3b (Saddam kiRcr) (P) k-Ura* *12 (P) MA.AD i Drugn pmgm) IP) ? VIRUS FREE ? 24 HOURS DESPATCH ? FIRST CLASS DEUVERY liimawmiikiE PD) «l RM Demo Maker PIN: 36* RM i nlkxs ix*k • I PDI 392 RM I lilkm Da* • 2 Pdl 393 RSI Vcoor ** ¦ F*re* PIN: 3'l RM VcmMb IXMor Pdl) 39a RSI Font Fckn* PIN
ViS TSB VecM DoWier FDD J9A RS Module» I 2*3 120 lavael A HaMy 2 dnioi (P) I2H NAJPV2.0
1. 31 Pel 9)0p. Boy. Renal a I (P 132 Pn Skip Bo*-. Remix • 2
(P) 1 learn R Play.ml » I (Iraki IDS) (PI 2 learn A Pb* vi2 »
2 ( ndrr HP* (P) 3 Slieybnd 2 (Save Totland fnm (he wach
11P) 3 Trail Ccmrrn. - Ixiraeufs (bUrraclhe BogkJilP) 6
KdmaMOtoyGoraJKPl 7 Ml Men Srrne.
(Rxerllml Teaching Aid) 8 Sown R S| *re Math. (Talking MartW) IT) __________________II23 cad K9MHW otrv. AiA H6 (.(I HU.l STRUT.
NE«(ASTU . STAFFS STS IDN CATALOGUE DISK AIWIACN (PI ¦ Coafuhk ASM PUIS id Pabig FRFE cn * crekr. Il 3 iWe « mar lew & AAPain hm» ukl 2Sp pc de. Icnir IradaR HSH COLLECTION Wc now w.Kk (teki No. I-680 T-BAG COLLECTION Duks 1-63 now avadaMc NBS PUBLIC DOMAIN DISKS Top quality bulk 3.5* disk. S 5 peach TDK branded (Box 10) ....-£8.99 Dak Label*. In 4 colour, (mixed) 30 lor. £L00 200 for-iSM Dak Label*. Budget m Grey SO for- MU £5 00 Canon DISK BOXES 100 Cap________________£8.50 80 Cap by DATALUX .....£830 40 Cap_£6.25 200 Mac__________£2.75 Home House --------- £1.99 ROBOSHIFT ,oy mou*e
*wKch._ £13.99 Amiga Dun Cover (STD) Z140 Amiga Dun Cover (LUX) 0.95 DRIVE Cleaning Disk Nacaha Mouse-£27.99 Budget Replacement Mouse...£ 17.99 CABLES 4 Player adaptor ------ £550 NuB Modem Cable----------£950 PRINTERS RIBBONS LC 10 20 Mono_£3.45 LC 10 colour . £ S . 75 LC 24 10 200 mono-------£4.95 LC 24 200 colour (Star)---£14.95 LC 200 mono-£4.25 LC 200 colour (Stir)-£11.99 120D---£4.95 Commodor MPS I230_ .....£455 Epton MX 100-------------£100 Epson MX 80---£355 i LX 80__£199 19512-£355 Amscrad PCW 8254----£3.95 Amstred DMP 2000.... -£3.25 Panasonic KXP
1060-------------£3.95 jOYSTICKS Cheeta Bug------13.99
- 9.99
- 9.49 £999 Maverick----£13.99 GAMES G152 BULLRUN Rare PD battle
Mm GI67 SEALANCE Good submarine sim G170 MEGABALL Ultimate PD
Breakout G253 TOTAL WAR Good game of Risk' G254 SMASHED TV WP.
MecOc 340 degree bbst G259 REVENGE MUTANT UamSJrfMntarbnlpme
G26I CABSAET ASTEROOS Perfect ccpy ol Arcade Gtme G267 21 PLUS
GAMES Selection (or the Andgi pkn G28I TOTAL FIRE Good SEUCK
orpwl good game.
MENTAL IMAGE 2 3 more. ExceAent* HELLZONE Real quality SEU Ben in PD* CATACOMB Superb graphic dungeon pme.
G289 G29I G292 0*11 rwi U. Spur*. V*. Norn For. Mk pe.
Cov. Ar* Luton. Co*. An Gil 2 Men C Man U. Palace, QfR. Lr*ar.
Evetan. Old Nor Gill WW-b. CheHe* lewh. SrieOW.
Fow*. An, QPK 0*14 Shad U Nor. Co*, km. Bbum. Vfc. Notu F. Lee* Gil* SCOTS Rang C C Heart*. D Utt Aber. HL A*r. Dunf Gil7 SCOTS Rai« Cel Heart*. Mb*. Mum. Falk.
St K Aber • UTILITIES U6I6 AMGAFOX (MTepMBAer Mil MBSY 90 Eny PC to Amp tool M77 TEXTPLUS Good word proceuer U6W UNARCHIVER WB »peco*y (or un-oxhmng RSH U7IJ GATOR GRAPHIC TUTORIALS Tip* on Dpoat U7I3 CAPTONRTOR VI0 Bat PO odao Mar U7I4 WtASE i J Hjcowg d*nb*» EC 14 CXXS DTPS-*. DTP tar tadi DEMOS ANIMATIONS MUSIC Laten BEST teiected demo disk* D766 NECRONNOMICON Inuractrie demo D776 7 SJLENTS XPOSE Excellent FX and Mualc D771 PALACE LINUS Si*er anenroon D771 ANALOG FALLING UP Bril original enarumnw D7B0 MB.ON DESIGN SOS DeOS*mtod* eei«| D7BI ANARCHY M THE KITCHEN Good GFX B tow* M4JB 1 ROUJNG
I AND 2 brcaiont ewR (not *) HAH ITT ANIMATION Smdar to Fractal Fight H617 FRACTAL ANIMATION Ftp O'rough fractal leaner, SS71 DYNAMIC HIRES SLOES 2 V-ar«ofcy. Tuned iM.
CLR LICENCEWARE CLG05 TRUCKIN ON 2 (Roq 2 dnrea) o« mS K' -- 30 level* of fruccraoon CLG01 MOTOR DUAL JD driving Hay io*o or hnk 2 Amiga.
CLU02 FISH INDEXER Daubeae with total search foclMry CLUE3 TYPING TUTOR TOTAL c2NC rTD!NOLRuSa DGK) £450 £450 Groat pacs and faonaong torta CLE02 TOTAL CONOTTS GEOLOGY (3 DBK) CLE0J TOTAL CONCEPTS SOLAR SYSTEM (3 DISK) Include* origan* NASA picture. £4.99 CLE0S ACHORD GUITAR TUTOR Teechee guitar chardt £3 SO CLE06 TAMI MATHS CALCULATOR £350 S’ ORDERING DETAILS a S Please make chequei PO payWe to NBS and sand to: mr m NBS (CU) BL I CHAIN LANE T * NEWPORT. ISLE OF WIGHT PO30 5QA TEL 0983 529594 821983 FAX: 0983 821599 PD PftlCIS: I to 5 Oaks £2 each i to 24 Ask* £1.25. Over 24 disk*. *011
only Up each.
50p per total order towarde PAP Sope-n 2Sf per «* -*£ 100) Sop par *ek mm £2001 AMIGANUTS UNITED PROUDLY PRESENT
MINUTE FUNCTION (ptanirts wall love dus) - AUTOMATIC
AND WE WILL UPGRADE IT TO Oc(aMED Professional Note (hat (he
above upgrade offer is ONLY open (o customers reluming (he (V4)
official while Amiganuts disk lhal has (he RED Amiganuu logo
primed on it. Il is not open lo (hose who upgraded lo V2 using
(he FREE V1 Amiga Formal Coverdisk. If you purchased a full
price copy of VI or V2 from one of Amiganuts liccncees, (hen
you murt contact (hem for any upgrade price details.
TAKEN TO TASK On the whole, Arexx is still viewed as a practical macro language - and very few people would consider writing a complete application program with it, not least because of its lack of speed.
I rexxplus compiler flRXTWT !SrfSs:!f!K" ¦ aTfiSaAsnr _|£ l»r.r«.» ......- RLXX PLUS nrmgti BLINK onpltld - Haxtnim tod* tilt p-wTwnf . R HK The eicclllcnt Intuition Interlace ol the compiler makes It simple to use, even lor the deftest ol people.
The reason for this is that as it is an interpreted language, the program is decoded one step at a time. But now Arexx no longer has to be an interpreted. Enter the RexxPlus compiler.
The package comes with a well presented 280-page wire-bound manual which includes a complete description of the language.
The compiler language is essentially a superset of Arexx, with some very handy additions. The package also contains a disk with most of the major freely distributable Arexx utilities to date, and the necessary bits to get them working with the compiler. A very practical Intuition interface allows easy access to most of the compiler’s features. In interlace mode all the option buttons appear in one window, but if you select non-interlace, they are spread over two windows, that can easily be toggled back-front, for better legibility.
PERFORMANCE The increase in speed of normal Arexx scripts varied considerably. In general, the more involved the script, the more the benefits - a halving of the execution time was typical. The best gains, however, were on really long and involved scripts, such as those used in complex format conversions, pattern-matching. And related data processing. A script with three nested DO loops and lots of arithmetic and parsing ran almost three times faster when compiled! On the other hand, some small scripts had no significant speedup, and one even ran slightly slower. Intuition scripts are a
bit more tricky to time, but there is no doubt that the compiled programs executed faster, and were neater.
IDCMP instructions (mouse-clicks, etc.) are converted into Arexx strings by most support libraries, and in this form they are passed around the Arexx ports of the system. The compiler does many optimisations to port access, so that programs do not have to go through the time-consuming search of the system lists, but find the ports directly. The authors of RexxPlus daim speed increases of 4-12 times. I think that, in reality, four times would certainly be possible.
The best results appeared when calling maths functions. The compiler has built-in support for the freely distributable rexxmathlib.library and allows it to be used at maximum speed. Since this library will take advantage of a co-processor if one is present, there is a genuine real possibility that you could Arexx with any work involving mathematical computation.
OPERATION One ol the most intelligent features ol the compiler is that it allows interpreted and compiled programs to run and interact together. A special command sets up the environment to run both RexxPlus and regular Arexx scripts. A new logical directory, RPDir:, rep laces Rexx:. This has been implemented very well, and posed no compatibility problems. The code generated by RexxPlus is 'pure', which means It can be made resident in TIMETABLE mistui.p..* umnary of ran you can tee th« speed increases art Uinly attract stritts Arexx users.
Test Normal Compiled 677 sec 243 sec Drawing 1000 random graph Unas 69 sec 38 sec RexxPIPIot Mexican Hat' caic.
270 sec 45 sec Math library Savage' test 408 sec 71 sec memory, and does not have to be loaded up every time it is needed.
From the point ol view ol execution speed, the main contributing factor is the way that the library calls are handled. For every Arexx library (and function host) it is possible to have an equivalent RexxPlus library. These are used at compilation time, and allow the support libraries to be accessed directly. Cutting out the intermediate step of library (or function host port) search, gives substantial speedups. Even better, the rexxsup- port.library and rexxmathlib.library functions can be accessed as built-ins by the compiler.
Vtl Support is also provided lor the included PD libraries, and for some commercial products including a function host for the very popular Video Toaster.
INTERPRETING One major difference between RexxPlus and Arexx is that the INTERPRET instruction isn't available to the compiler. Any code containing it will have to remain in its interpreted form. The executable programs carry a substantial amount of overhead, and even a small script will end up as There is more than one way to run a script, as our resident Arexx expert, Alex Gian, discovers with DEG's new package... an executable of around 30 kilobytes - the PD utility, ExecRexx, is more suited to the job. The code generated is also pure and the executables are no larger than the source
code. You can't distnbute your work without DEG's permission, though.
Eduard* Oro CONCLUSION This Is an impressive program, but there is room for improvement. Perhaps there could have been a utility to create RexxPlus support files automatically?
After all, many new libraries and function hosts are appeanng all the time, and I do not think it would be viable to rely on DEG for every single support file. This is a must for Arexx fans and serious users. As Arexx itself gains greater acceptance, this could well become one of the standard Amiga prograpis of the future. © REXPLUS . . . i l a n 1 a M f ('
• '-n,p,l-. NLAVsuipt . MjtiniL , int rr:isc • Sjk» ijl setup
torun Rcxxpl i in irinal Akexx siniukancoush • Supp • t
lihr.iiA files * Clcnratcs pure ohIc Dineen Edwards Group.
19785 West Twelve Mile Rd . Suite 305.
Southfield. Michigan. 48076-2553. USA Tel: (313 352-4288 A great acceleration utility, which will prove essential... EASE OF USE VALUE FOR MONEY EFFECTIVENESS FLEXIBILITY INNOVATION 80% 68% 86% 78% 90% OVERALL 80% CUT, TICK & POST.....CUT, TICK & POST CS Telephone or Fax Hotline (0702) 466933 ZE PD Soft (CU40) 1 Bryant Ave, Southend-on-Sea, ESSEX, SSI 2YD ipourgt* sastssr idMZocmvl* aih*si«»i n WKUWIt-progrom lArWPT 'MkOT« rogrom lor modsm & Hard C**o javTnwuaaitiiMs lw fell .**00 It CO "CM* ia vn* r*n D«VW iDai 9iirta»r««nM X’DW* SCO & S00 Colour CcncnMOo.
JIM 10(0 hoc?4p C*C4p **.
10 * nn VWNO mroocs»» anapch* a Nit*} v)oo of satiici •* ouw obf J17 tot wum vie* Como J I JO imCO'SMTTr *£*¦**•!¦• '4jr TOT VKTHWOOM r s*v 9tmt ns MoaximxBriMfXMtNAftM j is* M71 MCI r * wwry ® J I’¦ 7*45 15© OHAPIVM 9 (& j ill 141} MVTSCaMSWoAKMO ¦NMH.u-MWir.ru' c i hoibw a apon u *w o west from *am 10 7p »OfnlOiT"- mSaKW*JWl u"ui«s»cg p« Bo****
* f»*. M*. Sceoer, Muge QIC J» V711 SCHWA* Utm *1* n* r»ogmm it
dmrgrad to Imp , boo d «¦»» Sc* »• uAwion J« V7T4 TK MAM MKT
tt-0 n « »n Urop* iw-embw M fur* on»g «n t* *nv*i._ln» J« VW
KIUCATON PD expert, Steve Keen, once again scours the hundreds
of new PD disks in search of the wild, wacky, and fun. Here's
what he found this month... ANDROMEDA damo Quite a weird little
program this, consisting ol a series ol rather short demo rou
tines running around the Amiga screen The program ad,usts the
size ol the screen to fit the requirements ol the demo
currently scrolling along, partnered by vector objects. The
etlect is somewhat spoiled by the unnecessary greetings which
are superimposed across the screen and obscure the demos,
though. Just when you think all is lost and it's going to tall
apart the screen crumbles away to reveal an excellent rendition
ol 3D vector machinery. Featuring a senes ol cogs and bals
that scroll across the screen reflecting light and shadow off
one another Not bad. But tar from bnliant and certainly
nothing original ,.
Okk no: S6S (Phis compMlbl.) Availabl. From: Foftlas PD. PO Box 2. Earl Shilton. LaicMtar.
LE9BLU Two games ol exactly the same themes and difficulty.
There appears to be just one level per game, but they're guaranteed to take you ages to solve The idea is to cover a series ol dots on one side ol the screen with pucks that are pushed around with a cursor The cursor can only move one puck at a time and some real thought is needed before you take a turn as one mistake and you'll never be able to complete the whole puzzle tova Is the bigger and therelpre the harder of the two. But then again we haven't been able to complete either ol them. The programmer would like anyone who does manage to complete either ol the games to write to him in the
States and tell him exactly how long it took My suspicion is that the only correspondence he'll reserve before next year will be Christmas cards! . U Onk M: ZOOS (Plus compatible) AniUtll Mm: 17 lit. ID Flew Odlcet. 2lt Market Street. WaketltM.
WF110N Price: Cl 50 (iaclueie, PIP) Tel: 0924 366962 In the light of our ‘Points Of View’ article last month, Messrs Andy Strachan and Andy Gibson’s latest disk could soon be very illegal indeed. Agas have a distinguished reputation for quality slideshows and these pictures taken from the Hellraiser films are a lot clearer than the animation we featured last month. None are particularly gory, but there's a fair cross section of stills of the starring Cenobltes and other blood-smeared monsters to keep fans amused.
Disk no: Hellraiser 1 *2 (Plus compsttbis) Available from: Deltra* PD. 36 , Clwyd, LL29 9HP Price: Cl .50 fFVh ALCATRAZ MUSEUMI This Alcatraz slideshow consists of t wan tv stunning hand-drawn colour pictures which, at the very least, will have you grasping for your mouse and a copy of Dpalnt to see if you can do better.
There's no particular theme, but some are a bit weird to say the least. Particularly good are the renderings of the beast from the fantasy film Legend and the cartoon styled pictures.
Disk no: 199S (Plus compatible) Available from: 17 Bit, 1st Floor Offlcos, 2 8 Markot Stroot, Wakefield, WF1 1DM Price: Cl.50 (including PAP) , Tel: 0924 SANITY artwork It you're Into PD in a big way you'll know that full-time professional demo crews like nothing better than to organise parties Far trom berng lame aflairs. These gatherings bring together hundreds ol kke-nunded people to hold discussions on luture protects, show their latest works, demonstrate techniques, hold competitions and listen to music demos One ot the most popular aspects ot these highly organised affairs is the
graphics competitions and here, on this disk, we have the ten best that were entered at the Crusaders Deadline Party '92 Every picture is an original hand-drawn affair and, although the disk gives no Indication as to who won. I'm glad I wasn't the judge as most are fabulous See how the experts do it.
Disk no: 1977 (Plus compatible) Available from: 17 BH.
Tat Floor Offices. 2 6 Market Street.
Wakefield. WF1 10M Price: £1.50 finclud- ktg P*P) Tetr 0924 366962 Definitely one of the saddest games I’ve ever played within these PD pages. This platform game possess as much addictive appeal as a packet of razor-backed pig flavoured crisps has to a practising rabbi. You control an aging geriatric as he bounds about a single screen-hopping from platform to platform dogging arrows and collecting computer disks. The hairless ones opposition remains virtually the same throughout most ot the levels and the abysmal rudimentary graphics are appalling. Just to seal the game's fate the old
timer’s control system is extremely temperamental much to the game's and your character's loss. He shows as much athletic prowess as Oliver Reed working out in a Jack Daniel’s factory. Invest in something else or save your money.
Disk no: 2051 (Plus compstlbls) Available from: 17 Bit, 1st Floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street, Wakefield. WF1 1 DH Price: Cl .50 (including P4P) Tel: 0924 356982 = jy i v V fW8* ' 4 A TVRVT ¦III IIP!
FRANK SIDEBOTTOM'S FANTASTIC SHED SHOW ¦lldaihow In case you haven't heard ol Frank Sldebottom he's an alternative comic who gets by on a little talent and wearing a massive papier mache head.
He's quite famous amongst trendy student types and Working Men s Clubs, but now. With a PD computer sideshow all to himsell he's really hit the big time There's not a lot ol humour lo be tound on the disk, unless you reap great mirth trom view- ng Frank's head from different camera angles - very boring stuff It anything was guaranteed to make you want to cave in your monitor in desperation, captions such as ‘Frank about to sing wild thing' and 'Frank singing Wild thing' are |ust the ones to do it. Get him off!
Disk no: 2046 (Plus compstlbls) Available from: 17 Bit, 1st Floor Offices. 2 8 Market street, Wakefield. Wft 1DH Price: £1.50 (Inelud- Ing P*P) Tel: 0924 366962 TAKE A CHANCE ON ME music demo I *¦» unusual lor the Two Toms to have been so I qute on the sampling front. With recent events and I Ire crack down on samplers it was feared they’d I flren up altogether. However, they're back as bold I as brass with Erasure's latest version of the Abba I classic. Great quality as usual and Ihe weirdest accompanying picture they’ve used yet. We've yet 1 lo see anything from them with a bit ot thumping
guitar, but perhaps they’ll do a Guns N’ Roses rip- off next.
Disk no: 2043A.B (Ptus compatible) Available from: 17 I ML 1st Floor Otftco. 2 S UorUt Street.
Wakefield. WF1 1DH Price: ct 50 per kTrn dNk (Including POP) Tel: 0924 366902 ROLLING 1 +2 Two disks incorporating seven brilliantly clear tracks and melodic tunes that can be faded m and out of with a click _ of the mouse button What's extra special about this disk • - however are the incredibly presented animated icons that _ TPT--- have to be accessed to make the tracks play If you buy “ •. Erl this disk make sure that you purchase an icon creator at ••» - the same time because when you see how cleverly these at av r- Z* ones have been put together you'll be dying to try and ere- t i : 1
ate your own. The animated girt that sits in the comer ol the workbench screen waving her legs in time to the music is a bit to 'eu naturelle' to be shown here but she's definitely worth checking out.
Disk no: 2002A«B Available from: 17 Bit. 1st Floor Offices. 2 8 Market Street.
Wakefield. WF1 1DH Price Cl SO (including P&P) Tel: 0924 366982 PD TOI TEN I A-Animatlon S-Sound U-Utillty ~ G-Game M-Miscellaneous S-Slideshow 1 BLITZ O I I 3 UNSPORTING .
I U 9 PICTURESQUE U 10 COPPER a Confuted by CU Amiga PtiASi MOTE: Some releases come on more fkan one disk so please take note of the eiacl cost ol each program before sending off any cheques or postal orders. A quick phone call will also confirm whether the disks are A500. Compatible or oof.
GRAPEVINE lO magazine Issue 10 of probably the finest disk-based magazine In the country has just reached us What sets Grapevine apart from the others is that it doesn't take itself too seriously and you’re bound to find something ol interest in its hundreds of pages Also ITS very easy to go straight to the parts you want to road thanks to an extremely fast location system Amongst this issue s articles are a feature on lax machine viruses, a preview of Evk Dead III coupled with a kst of banned movies, fictional and fantasy articles and loads of other stuff lor senous coders to casual
browsers. The usual party news and Invitations are also well represented and there’s also news about forthcoming horror, computer and fantasy events Whatever your interest the three disks are a lot of fun and there’s some genuinely hilarious stuff to lllck through.
Disk no: QV1. 2.3 (Plus compatlbls) Available from: Software Sanctuary, Station House.
Llanelly Hal, Waunavon. Nr Abergavenny. Gwent. NP7 OPU Price: Cl JS per dlek (Including SO PSP) Tel: 0495 7*0*30 TECHNO POWER music Now (his is what w« like. A bit ol ingenuity worked into an old theme. Paradise's demo utilises four techno tracks held on video’ lapes al Ihe edge of Ihe screen. Once you've selected the track you want lo hear the tape flies out of the pile and twists through the air before landing slam dunk style in Ihe player. The screen then cuts to a
• video’ computer graphic show that matches fhe tempo and style
ot the music being played. Each one uses a lew of fhe same
graphics but fundamentally they're all different. The tracks
are pretty good, too Original stuff that seems lo be all loo
lacking m most works at the moment Dlst no: 203* lid Pin
comeallMi) Anilakie front 17 M, 1st Floor Offices. 2 1 Mjriot
Stnol. WoUfloll. WF1 1DH Prica: fl SO Unclosing PAP) Tel: 0924
, 366382 Vl'rf.
M ; ¦ stop ¦ B Keeping up their policy of releasing huge PD games compilations, Fortiss PD have collected together another giant amalgamation of classics from past and present. There are three disks in this collection, but all can be bought separately I wasn't as impressed as I was with the boxed set released recently, which possess an amazing amount of quality stuff, as this release contains more than its fair share of flops. Some games don't even bother coming out of the Workbench screen and run with it behind them However, amongst those worth mentioning are the super Alien Fight Mouse Walk
and Space Raiders and I’m sure you'l agree that you can’t really go far wrong with a compilation comprising fifty games Be warned though, not all the items are plus compatible, so check with the PD company first.
Disk no: 321 A,B*C (Plus compatlbls) Available from: Forllsa PD, PO Box 2, Earl Shilton, Lslcestar, LE9 8LU Pries: £1.50 (including PSP) 50 GREAT GAMES LIIJIII' 4055 LaMaDMlflMf 40M Worid Data Baaa 2 |W«| 4070 MaM 3.70 (PI 4007 Cmanoal V2.0 (40) (PJ 4100 TaatPta-- 4100 North C VI.3 (2DI (PI 4100 Odaaa 11 VS.32 (P) 4110 Sid V2-00 (P) 4110 Mad V3.21 (P) 5018 Safa 0aa Damo (P| a(RochM»| Total Kaatyls (P) 2009 TffiU .IP, 2077 Koch Album (SIIda.how) (PJ 2069 Madonna Cartoon' 20M Tha 1110 siness.
Cl'A I. 31 Pilton Place. King and Queen Street.
Walworth, London SE17 ll)R.
FSH633 SofllOa. Pouwrord protodicn lor HD FSH631 AHDM. DmM menu lyitrrn lor 1C man FSH627 ROCK! Addidn. Ne-BaAjudoiF don.
F5H650 PAMMATl Irhort aninWlon tod FSH642 EOT KEV5 1 2. Keyboard dot on FSH680 VIRUS CHECKER 406. A mwd MAKE YOUR AMIGA EARN!
Yes. Making money with your AMIGA becomes incidental when you know how!
Your AMIGA is. If only you knew it a gold mine. The size and make is irrelevant Make ihe initial effort NOW by starling your own HOME BASED BUSINESS.
This may be the most important move you will ever make!
REMEMBER: You’ll never get rich by digging someone else’s "ditch".
Anyone in the country, including YOU. Can become very rich in a relatively short period of time just by doing a few basic things! It's more rewarding than playing games.
The benefits are many and varied.
Full or part time.
For FREE DETAILS SEND SAE. To FSH639 640 DRAWMAP .4 Enlonr imp gmn*.
FSH657 NO CklfTE Bnngj up a wquwlct to conhfm FSH656 SURFACE PLOT 3D. Arming dope gmrotoc FSH65S ASHIOO. Vrry odklm topornw gome F9M3 AMMAN Don1l)t*4, toy) Amneg FSH652 MASE ll.V5.32. TopqwAfyDotofcc* FSH6SI 501 DARTS SCORER. V«y uuMI dom ihmgy Send lor our FISH Catalogue. FREE with any order or just 50p moA. DnquM poyubi. Lo: 'W. .
PIKI’t PO. I 2 Hnrthlnna* Clot., Iwlndon, wilt., SN2 3JJ.
FeiMf 024 IfMktr (P| s5=s£?L 006 Kingdom At War* (P) 0*3 Downhill Choll.ng. (P) OM ItopM* (F) 100 Itartroli T.N.O. 101 Uamatrons (W B) 100 OrwM PH* Sim 13 SXSi 120 Storyland 2 (P) 120 Doody (PI 131 Truchln On* (2D) (P) Soiifh I Ins s Pll. Ili‘|il i I. II I lndcii RK .
Roiinio. I bus. Pill Mil. Ill I S I II I I ®ome®asedsIhi; (P) 1 9 *sfcs90p. 10* tfafca aop. Add 50p tor P5P pm oidtc. Lama MmcOon ot Anwi PO IdudnQ.
Games. GrapNcs and Animabons. UofeMs. Musk:. Domes. FrwJ F»h Disks 1 000. T Bag Doha 1 64 Bolow is a small MtocOon 0I titles available PENTIRE DEPT. CU9, 10a Hag Hill Lane, Taplow.
Maidenhead. Berks. SL6 OJH (0628) 666641 99p per disk.
P&P 90p per order European add 25p per disk Worldwide add 50p per disk G295 ALIENS (P) TITLES MARKED (P) ARE ALSO COMPATIBLE WITH A500+ GAMES G300 AIR ACE II (P) G240 .BLIZZARD (P) G144 DRIP G138 FLASCHBLER G303 GREY SLAYER (P) G294 (ETMAN (P) G125 .MEGABALl (P) G17S .PARANOID Cl 39 .PIPaiNE (P) Cl 06 POM POM GUNNER (P) C110 .PUGGLES (P) G292 .QUADRIX (P) Cl 69 .QUICK AND SILVA G137 .RETURN TO EARTH (P) G302 .SEA LANCE (P) G297 .SMASH TELLY (P) G142 .STAR TREK (2) (P) G274 .STAR TREK ARCADE (P) G140 .STONE AGE (P)
30 ..GIRLS 2 Al 76 ..KATHIE LLOYD A102 ..MADONNA A103 ..MARIA WHITTAKER (2) (P) A173 ..SAM FOX VOL 2 A160 ..UTOPIA (2) (P) A182 ..SABRINA (P) A105 ..SLIDES 1 (P) A125 ..PUZZLES (P) A158 ..SUDES 2 (P) A159 ..SUDES 3 (P) Al 88 ..ROSANA ARQUETTE (1 Mb) Al 89 ..CINDY CRAWFORD (2X2 DRIVES) FRED FISH FS80 ..WORLD DATA BANK (P)
595. .PREADER (P) F594 ..CUBE 4 (P)
F589 ..TERM (P) F561 ..PPMORE (P) F558
....V...DISDF (P) F536PB LAN KER (P) F533 ..DOS
T43 ....LHARCA (P) T42 ....LFF2EXE (P)
T40 ....PCOPY(P) T38 ....VICUSX 4.0 (P)
2.2A (P) T28 ....VIRUS TRAP (P) T22 ....SID (P)
Due to the sheer number of programs of Fish & T-Bag it is
mpossible to guarantee compatability of all programs,
however, most will run within CLI or SHELL.
HOW TO ORDER: Make cheques postal orders (sorry, no credit cards) payable to Pentire PD and send to the address above stating titles and disk numbers required. Please note prices are per disk and not per title. Titles with a number in brackets denotes the number of disks. Note: we do not stock pornography, so please don't ask for it.
WE ALSO STOCK A LARGE RANGE OF PC SHAREWARE CATALOGUE DISK £1 FRED FISH TO ORDER GLAMOUR 1500 TITLES AND T-BAG PLEASE STATE CONSTANTLY UPDATED COLLECTIONS STOCKED OVER 18 ‘tVIRUS FREE PD of For fhe very best in Amiga Public Domain Software E3 PD UTILITIES Wiltshire SN1 5AR. England Tel: 0793 512321 51 073 Fax: 0793 512075 (Dept CU) 31 Faringdon Rd, Swindon, P D GAMES DIMO MAKER HELP An essential disk for RSI Demo Makers, Disk contains instructions on how to get started etc, a collection ot Graphic templates for Logo's etc. If you've got RSI, get this!
PLAY'n'RAVE VI.O Play'n'Rove is a great music utility that allows you to link Modules together without gaps between loading, Demo runner Included. 3 Disks in total.
FREE COPY VI .4 Freecopy allows you to moke easy backups of commercial software that contains "Manual" protection, and whilist it's copying it removes the Password Protection.
AMOS UPDATE 1.34 Amos updater is on essential disk that wilf update your exsisting Amos disks to give you the latest version. Compiler Update also available.
TIXTRA VI.2 Here's the latest version of Textra, It's been totally updated ond is now eosilly the best Text Editor WP around.
Re-Org is a powerfull new disk optomiser, that will reOorgonise your data on your HD or Floppy disk so ibal it can lood & save faster.
This is o grec* update, and contains loods more A while ago there was a PD gome released colled Truk’n Chi, which was imensly Cul licenceware disk, ore alto available (torn other top PD Libraries PROJECT TECHNO Out of this world 35 minute mix on 2 disks INTENSE RAVE Totally awsome sounds. We love iH TIF "OIO MIX- 20 minutes long & features Moggy Thatcher PLAYSID "C64 TUNES" A 4 disk compilation of hundreds of of C64 tunes TECHNO WARRIOR Sponditious music compilation, Grrrreatlll RAVE ON Features some omdzing Rave tracks OCEANIC INSANITY REMIX DIGITAL DISCO 2 An amazingly long 3 dak mix ol
insanity, not to be A 2 disk compilation ol some stunning duff HANDCON* 3 TECHNO TOWER amo!ing 10|K,lcin Q| Yeah|||| Groovy mego music monstrosity, mote! WORKAHOLIC MANIC RAVIS Fantastic new music compilation 3 tracks in all.
A trully hot rove mix, lasts for ages VFPD CATALOGUE DISK Get a copy now if you want to know what's new in the PD Scene, over 2700 disks FREE with any order, or just 50p with a SAE Commercial Software!!
OVER £8 OFF ANY FULL PRICED TITLE eg: ZOCX by Gnmlin. Rip £25 99 Cl 7 99 OCTAMED PROFESSIONAL MODULI DISKS A Collection of 40 disk*, eoch containing 10 superb music mocMes. For use on Octamed Pro niter of 5 dub ot only Cl .00 eoch 11 ih® disbaodverMed here have been tested x|and found to be compatible with A500, A500 Plus, A600. A1 500, A2000, unless staled.
DCOPY V2.0 Very Powerfull disk copier.
To place an order now... f 0793 512321 includes options like DEEP SCAN NIBBLE, includes full documentation.
CRAZY SUE Take control of Crazy Sue, in a world full of weird & wonderfull creatures, in this highly addictive ond very colourfull platform game BUNNY BASHER A classic release where basically the object of the gome is to mome as many defensless Robbits os you con, Very bloody.
PORK A PORK A very cute and enthrawlingly oddictive, but extremely frustrating tuKer A totally ond ulerfy wickedly oddictive rip-off of an exceptional Gremlin game.
PC TASK VI.04 PC Task is a great new PC Emulator, allows you to run IBM PC Compatible software.
SURFACE PLOT Surface Plot is a great new utility that renders fantastic looking objects, such as contours, Bolls etc. rAy SHADE V4.0 As the name sugests this is a ray- tracing package, but of the highest standard, the program requires knowledge of CU to run, but the results ore amazing. 3 Disks.
Central Licenceware Registar popular now it’s been Totally re writen ond is belter than ever. A great Role Play biggest odvenlure yet, Noms gome* 2 Disks Only £4.50 DARN THINGS lewh Il your atler o cue plaltorm NORRIS gam bu* one hat's no* -hat Take convot ot Norm in hit you could coll ooty, rUn got biggest odmUuro yut. Norm violdof this. . is ahighly oddictive platform VIDEO TITLER gome & Matures great music Do you wont produce & & GFX. _transfer Video Titles onto Now here's o gome with tfvtt, it's ocross between 'Turricon* & Pong And it's oddictive! Not ?
11 Phaw 11 has been highly X-SYSTEM V2 Video Cassette, Well now This is eosJy the best quality you con wrtti 4vs great NEW game ever mode with Video fitter which is very AMOS, multiple levels, easy lo use & comes with full indudemg Platform & Docs DRAGON TILES praised not only for it’s great Shoofem up.
Graphics ond oddictive gome PISH INDIXIR ploy but becoose of the “ rice. If you want a she up with style get thisll MOTOR DUEL Drogon Tiles first appeared jlay be* because of *se grec* Pish Indexer is o lop quality on a co*r disk, but now if» rice. If you want a shoofem disk database that has details been totally updated & of oil the bock catalogue fish disks.
Features even more levels thon before It's simply atop notch PAIR ft game ONLY 13.50 a NtU, You've probably seen th. PD TRUCK'N ON 2 version ol Bottle Cars, well CARD SHARP Try and hussel at this entertaining collection of varied Card games, all will have you stuck to me screen for houcs.
E-TYPE Remember the classic game Asteroids? Well here's a total rewrite especially for ihe Amiga, ihe Sme contains some really smooth ophics & excellent sound EX.
SUPER PACMAN 93 Here's s new re-write of an old ATARI arcade classic, obviously much better than the old version. A gome not to be missed!
NEBULA Nebula is a very fast 3D Shoot'em up, You take control of your XJB- 32 hter in your quest to save the RUSH HOUR Is an exilerating"frogger" clone, but with some brilliantly Hair pulling moments.
SHANGHAI Here's the latest in a long line of "clones, non the less an oddictive Star90™ Fantastic strategy gome from the author of "Battle Cars" very playable game, it's an exceptional Pit your wits ogoinst the forces of gravity, in the excellent Arcode extravaganza. One of the best PD games around ond a definote collectors item.
PD PRICES PER DISK I Single Disk £3.00 CLR Licenceware£3.00 6-10 PD Disks £1.75 FISH Disks £100 21-99 PD Disks £1.25 Pocket Power Gomes£2.99 2-5 PD Disks £2.00 Blank Disks 59peoch II -20 PD Disks £1.50 Postage in UK FREE 100+ PD Disks £1.00 UTILITIES POWERMENU menu creator Nothing rounds off a good compilation disk better than a nice menu. The trouble is the damned things take so long to create and, unless you can program, you’re normally stuck with CLI-based menus. Many programmers have realised this and, as a consequence, there are now a number of menu-creation programs available, of which
Powermenu is one of the easiest to use, letting you create mouse-dnven menus in next to no time The program itself runs from CLI, and can pf course be incorporated into a startup-sequence for auto-booting. Menus are created as standard text files using a word processor. These files are then converted into on-screen menus, complete with scrolling star fields and highlighted text. You can also alter both the text colours and the fonts used to display it via additional options whenever Powermenu is activated.
Quite a handy little program, and an ideal way for novice users to leam a little more about disk compiling.
Disk No: U216.
From: Select PD, 79 South Road, Sully, South Glamorgan, South Wales, CF6 2SL.
Tel: 0222 530461.
Price: £1.49 Inc P&P.
Compatibility: Any Amiga (the intro isn't 2.0 compatible, though).
Memory: 512k.
Mat Broomfield presents an identification parade of the meanest utilities to hit PD town.
BENCHMASTER replacement work- bonck Although PC owners are only just discovering the joys of Windows, Amiga Workbench users have long realised that it’s not the be all and end all of user interfaces. There have been many attempts to improve the basic concept with programs such as Windowsbench and Radbench among the better ones. Now, at long last, someone’s finally come up with a version that seems to have everything.
Benchmasler loads on all Amigas and. Whilst it’s loading, you're given the opportunity to mount a PC drive. This means that one of your drives will be configured so that it can also read and whte to PC disks. Once Benchmaster has loaded, a more or less normal Workbench screen appears, although it has been designed to have that Workbench 2 look, even on non 2.0 Amigas.
A quick glance around the screen will reveal that SID 1.06 has also been loaded, along with a program called Shortcut. At the bottom of the screen, a Shell window is also opened ready for use. Glimpse at the top right-hand comer of the screen and you’ll notice not one, but two, RAM Disk icons. The extra one is in fact a RAD disk, which works in the same way as a normal RAM disk, but its contents are not lost when you perform a soft reset.
Returning to Shortcut, its small menu bar completely belies the superb power of the program, for it is this above all else, that makes Benchmaster so incredibly flexible and useful. When Shortcut is activated by clicking on its menu bar, four menus become available at the top of the screen.
Between them, they give you access to all the most frequently-used Workbench and CLI options, and a lot more besides.
System is the first menu, and it lets you load SID, Dmouse. Iconmaster, Setkey and a number of other valuable programs. Dmouse, for example, turbo-charges the mouse cursor, and activates automatic screen blanking to protect your TV or monitor screen from phosphor burns. The File menu contains options to look at ASCII files, as well as IFF pictures and Anims. It even contains a Soundtracker-compatible module player.
Options such as Install, Format and Copy, are contained in the Disk menu, which also contains a disk editor, and gives you a further opportunity to mount PC compatible drives. The final menu contains the utilities that almost everyone uses. Stuff like Text Edit, Powerpacker, Virus Checker and Multi-Ripper (for ripping text, graphics and music data from games and demos).
Although the disk takes even longer than the ¦If Ilf IISK ITIIITIES o« •* usual Workbench to load, it’s well worth the wait, and it’s certainly the ultimate Workbench replacement program.
Disk No: U701.
From: NBS, 1 Chain Lane, Newport, Isle of Wight, P030 5QA.
Tel: 0983 529594. Price: £1.75 Inc P&P.
Compatibility: Any Amiga.
Memory: 512K DISK PRICES 7-BIT. FISH------11.10 JLR----£3.50 SCHEME I7_ AMFM- AMFM SAMPLES £2J0 NEWSFLASH -£6.95 PLEASE REMEMBER HUCE IS PER DISK A+B IS 1 DISK BOXES 80 CAPACITY_______£5.99 100 CAPACITY---------£6.99 SOFTWARE I WHAT IS PL BI.IL DOW AIN? Well generally they are program* Illal base been placed inlo Ihe public sector, svith no enpy right laws In slop you spreading Ihem. Thai doesn't mean to say Ihe programs are rubbish, infact in a lot of cases Ihe programs equal or better snnte of the full price slulT It. Disk 1498 Test Engine 3 (Word Processor!.
1894. .ANARCHY BIG TIME +1865 ....
1851. ...TUBULAR BELLS 183
1635. .....- CRYSTAL + SILENTS 1629______ VEGA MUSIC DISK 1576
...Language Tutor ? 1923 Dir Work (file
handler) ?1926 ...... MED 3.21 1893 KREST MASS
1703. .. ......TEXT PLUS 3
1901. .. - PURITY TEST (18) 1895 ..BOOTBLOCK
1909. ..EREE PAINT
?1498 .....TEXT ENGINE 3
+1792 .OPT1COMMS 2 1417 ..GRAPHICS
1462. .... UNICOPY ?785...... TETRACOPY
2019. MAGNATRON ?2018 .BITS & BATS
2 ?2011 .AMIGA COLUMNS ?2009 .....NOVA (PUZZLE)
?2008______________WAR (GREAT) 1992 .FRANTIC
QUIZ ?1982 THRALLBOUND .1973- SUPER PACMAN + 1966 ..
1960. ...CRAZY SUE
1997 .METRO 2 + 1986 ....RACE RATER
? 1993 ..ARAZMAX + 1980..MODULE MASTER +
1964 CYCLOPS ? 1961 ASTRO
22 + 1835 DEMMY CHECK .1612 .....PRINT UTILS GOT MED?
2091. .....CHEATS V2.1 (LOTS) ?2090 SOCCER CARDS (GAME)
?2081 ......INSTRUMENTS ?2080......GOT S
2077. .....MIDNIGHT THIEF (GAME) ?2076 ......SHAMEN PROGEN
2075. ....OCTAMED 1.01 .2074 ...MR
2073. ....BRONX DEMO 2 +2072 ....STEAM
+2067 ......SOUNDTRACKER 2.6 ?2066
A+B ......SILENTS XPOSE ?2065 ......ANARCHY
?2059 PLUS ISSUE 12 ?2058
...2001 ANIM (2 MEG)
MIX +2055 . ..APPLE CATCHER (GAME) +2054 .RAB. C.
?2051 .BALDY (GOODGAMES) ?2050 ...ORDER VI.7 (DATA
2047_________________SHINING 8 DEMO +2046 FRANK SIDEBOTTOM
?2044 ....SATURN FLYBY ?2043
A+B .GRAPEVINE 10 ?2042.....PROTRACKF.R 2.2
...R.R.P £29.99. OURS £10.99 ...R.R.P £29.99. OURS £12.99 Wolfpack (not +) .. Mag Scrolls Collection ... Lightforce (4 Game Comp).... Football Manager 2 .. 3D Construction Kit . 4D Sports Boxing ...... Amtalyte ..... Battle Squadron ... Champ Of The Raj (not +) Feudal Lords (non-) ... Heart Of The Dragon ...... MIG 29 Fulcrum _____ Moonshine Racers.... Narc (Arcade Action) ...... Pitfighler Predator 2 (Johns fave) RBI 2 Baseball ......
Rotox ... Rugby World Cup Simulcra .... Welltris ..... Zarathmsta
R. R.P £25.99. OURS £7.99
R. R.P £25.99. OURS £7.99 .. .R.R.P £44.99. OURS £22.99 ....R.R.P
£29.99. OURS £12.99
R. R.P £25.99. OURS £7.99
R. R.P £25.99. OURS £7.99
R. R.P £25.99. OURS £7.99
R. R.P £25.99. OURS £7.99
R. R.P £25.99. OURS £7.99 ... R.R.P £35.99. OURS £12.99
R. R.P £25.99. OURS £7.99
R. R.P £25.99. OURS £7.99
R. R.P £25.99. OURS £10.99 .R.R.P £25.99. OURS £7.99
R. R.P £25.99. OURS £12.99
R. R.P £25.99. OURS £7.99
R. R.P £25.99. OURS £7.99
R. R.P £25.99. OURS £7.99
R. R.P £25.99. OURS £7.99
A500+ AND A600 PD BUNDLE A selection of the best In PD that has been fully tested on these new machines. Check out these Programs:- Assign X. Remap. I'ool Manager. Execrex. Rex. View 50. Power Snap.
Super Dupcr. Star Struck. Pic Puz. Add Tools. Pic Saver. Seek.
Mandlevroom. Keybiz. Tetris. Watching. Wavebench. Simgen.
Newzap. Player. Cloud 9. Texted, irus X. Fixdisk. Titanics.
IX'lock 1.3. Swapools. AzrSpell. Prifli Studio. N Debt. Sys Info.
Qcd. Tic Tac Toe. Dos Error. Fix D«k. Dragon Tiles. Disk Talk.
Text Engine. Target. Dictator. D Copy. Disk Optimizer. No Clock. Arq. Mandlcbrot. Textra. Splinner. Addmenu, Raid.
Mandelvroom, Showbiz, Icon Totgs, Stcpz. Mouse. Accelerate.
Mouse Blanker. Picturesque. Mambamovc. Back to Front. Nuke.
Pop Up. Miniblast, Filescarch. Dir work. D Copy 2. Fblanker.
WOW ALL THAT FOR JUST £11* IM PV PLEASE ASK FOR 11 DISK PLL S OWNERS PACK WHEN ORDERING HARDCORE AND TKCKMO PACK p the High-Fi for this super music pack comes with free cotton wool for the rest of your household!
Pump up t cotton wool for the rest or v DISKS INCLUDED ARE: 2089 Sesame Si Remix. 2062 Love Sex Intelligence. 2004 Intense Ravc Vision. 2000 Cubik Hardcore.
0. 006____________________________OBLITERATION
» 0.5* 2 DISk US* 3 DISk MW update: 26 ou r now::: Include* :
Pipeline 2. Brain. ARTM.
KNE. RDM. New ‘ ~ " Swuchcolourv C HOME Pl'SIISESS PACK A great pack for the businessman DISK 1700 .AMIGASH DISK 1498 TEXT ENGINE DISK I486 DATABASES 2 DISK I654....AMIBASE PRO 2 DISK 1541 .600 BUSINESS LETTERS. A LETTER FOR ALL OCCASIONS F495 ANAYLITICALC opening limes are: MON - THURS 9am Kpm FRI - SAT 9am - 5.30pm Please make all cheques and postal orders payable lo 17 - BIT SOFTW ARE Our address is I DeplCt l 1st floor Offices. 2 8 Market Si Wakefield W H
11) 11 Telephone -10924) .366982 f ax - (0924) 20094.3 foreign
orders (Add 2 fi Minimum £11 Posial charges as follows 1 - 9
Disks 50p 10- 19 Disks 75p
20. Disks £1 MEGADR IVK Mickey mouse 04.99 Spiderman 04.99
l!K Jap convener 19.99 GAMICBOY
l) r Mario £19.99 Melriod 2 £19.99 “ Trackmeel £24.99 Batoum 2
£24.99 Superhunchback £24.99 We also slock lilies fur: NES. PC
ENGINE. SUPER NES RDUTILITIES If you do a lot of word
processing or text printing, regardless of the software you
use, there's bound to have been a time when your WP package
fell short of your requirements. Most word processors have
nice justification abilities, but ask them to columnate your
text and, metaphorically-speaking, they lay on their backs
waving their legs in the air!
APRF 5.00 print format!
APRF attempts to remedy this problem by providing a variety of text printing options that don’t come with your average package. The program runs from CLI or Workbench, and although it’s extremely easy to use. The sheer quantity of options may seem a little overwhelming at first. To use it. Simply type: Aprf textfilename (options] substituting the required option codes where I’ve written the word ‘options’. There are 26 different formatting commands, ranging from obvious stuff like margin settings and the number of lines per page, to more interesting stuff such as headers footers, date
insertion and multi-column LABEL MAKER 1.5 disk label maker Whenever you look into your disk box. Do you see dozens ol disks each sporting barely legible, handwritten labels? If the answer is yes, and you have a printer, this program is definitely for you. Label Maker helps you to create smart disk labels, each containing multiple lines ol text, and optional graphics. Unlike previous labelling programs, though, it's both easy to use and gives excellent results (that sounds a little like one of those washing powder adsf).
Formatting. The latter option lets you take an ordinary ASCII file and output it in up to 999(!) Columns as seen in, say. A newspaper. In practice, the highest number you will need is five, but it's nice to see higher figures supported so that the program is practical for owners of 132 column printers too.
APRF is also Arexx-compatible, so if you use it regularly for large scale formatting, much of the work can be automated for you. In addition, SID could use this instead of the default printing program, and I’m sure that it would be much easier to use if activated in this way. If you care about the way your text reaches the page, this could be just what you need, especially if your word processor isn’t up to much.
Disk No: UT143.
From Roberta Smith DTP. 190 Falloden Way. London, NW11 6JE.
Tel: 081 4551626.
Price: El.30 Inc P&P.
Compatibility: All Amigas.
Memory: 512K. F The program is controlled via a strip of gadgets running down the right-hand side of the screen, and although there seems to be quite a lew of them, they all fall into four categories: text, graphics, printing and defaults.
The text and graphics options simply let you add and position titles and illustrations on the disk label. There are a number of graphics provided, and in text mode, you can use any Amiga font at virtually any size. Having decided on a picture, or piece of text to include, the program treats your choice as a brush, which can be positioned anywhere on the label.
Label Maker is ideally suited towards printing on labels that come on continuous rolls and are tractor fed through your printer, but it will work with single sheets ol sticky or plain paper as well. It lets you define the spacing between labels in thousandths ot an inch, and therefore ensures that the positioning of your text and graphics is really precise. I can wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone that doesn't own a Desktop Publishing package because it really takes the work out ol creating nice labels.
Disk No: U142.
From Ground Zero PD, 4 Chandos Road, Redland, Bristol, BS6 6PE.
Tel: 0272 732978. Price: £1.40 inc P&P.
Compatibility: All Amigas.
Memory: 512k SLIDESHOW GENERATOR 3.1 demo maker AMOS is an incredibly powerful and versatile language - however, on the down side, most programs written with it look rather too similar in appearance. The Slideshow Generator is an exception, because not only is it extremely easy to use. It looks and feels every bit like a commercial product.
The idea of the program, is to let people with little or no programming knowledge, create their own picture slideshow, complete with music and flashy wipe effects. The program comes with instructions built in, but due to their ill-considered colour scheme (red on black), they're rather a strain to read. Fortunately, because the program’s so easy to use. The instructions are very brief and you won’t Generator ts written in AMOS. It is extremely well presented - it prone to crashing!
Be squinting at the screen for long.
The slideshows are built up as a script, with file names and effects added as you go. For those of you who are programaphobic, don't worry, you don’t actually have to type anything in - heaven forbid! The script is built up automatically by clicking on various buttons to specify which screens should be loaded and in which order they should be displayed. There are nine different fade dissolve effects that can be used on each screen, and Ihese are chosen by clicking on one of the numbered buttons to the left ol the all-important main window. .
When you think that |he slideshow is set up correctly, you can click oh the Test button to have a look al the results. Alternately, you can load any Soundfracker-compatible module so that there's some music to accompany your efforts. All modules are converted into the program's own format before being used, but as this is automatic, that's no problem. When you've set everything up to your satisfaction, the entire production can be saved to disk as an auto-booting slide show.
To be honest, as good as this program is, it tends to crash if you make the tiniest little mistake.
This is a shame because it makes it very frustrating to use. However, weigh that against the program's simplicity, and perhaps it’s not so bad.
Disk No: 1804.
From: 17 Bit software, 1st Floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF11DH.
Tel: 0924 366982.
Price: £1.50 Inc P&P.
Compatibility: Any Amiga. Memory: Any machine, but 1Mb needed if using music and hi res screens.
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Extravaganza featuring spectacular graphics and stunning game-play.
NB: I meg of Amiga memory required.
RAINBOW COLLECTION SUBS SUMMARY 12 issues United Kingdom £47.50 12 issues Europe - Air Mail £65.50 12 issues Rest Of The World £96.50 Air Mail (tones 132) We suggest that overseas readers pay by International Money Order.
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STARS ISLANDS 2) ready for some as blast their onto your computer Use the elements water and overcome upon wave of little you attempt to secret of Fun Stars.
This "Addicted To compilation offers you 3 of the most popular, classic coin op favourites ever: New Zealand Story, Rainbow Islands and Bubble Bobble. This is a monster fun-pack for all arcade addicts.
Car chases, jet flight- packs, arm to arm combat with Robot Ninjas and much, much more.
Address Post Cod*.
I woidd like the foUowing FIXE game (please tick box - on* only!] Hook The Addams Family Parasol Stars Epic Rainbow Collection Robocop 3 ? Source code 64L ? Source code 65Q ? Source code 66U ? Source code 67Y ? Source code 63G ? Source code 62C I enclose a cheque postal order made payable to EMAP Images for £.____________ Please charge £.___________.to my the team which you F29 now emerges
- a sci-fi Access VISA Diners Club AMEX (please delete as
Card Number.----------------------- Expiry Date __ Signature: _________________________________________________________________________________________ Fulfilment and enquiries : Alan Weds International, Memberibie House, Famdon Road, Market Harborough, Leicester LE15 9NR. Tel: 0858 410 510.
033=00 0333=00 | anuct itt suoct
MCAUMMO DISK boxes joysticks also xj cap locjuaii mm AMCMtt tm
oustcovt" 1-9 PD. DISKS £125 each K) ? PQ Disks 99p each UOC um
mPuaiwcoionwoiMiMwiDoacM*' M NOW TAAf ACCESS I VISA CAPOS I
HOTLINE Tel 0274 880066
HSTATS Ynt m DIVISION ONE 92 REV 1 "(The MidniKht Oil) Ireal
soccer in Ihe sophisticated way Americans treat their national
gumes." -The Guardian THE GAME Everyone ha» their own idea. On
what make. A wxcer team "nek" Here to the iwramml, » [« •*.
Pnuc you o«e idc Opmav Irooi Ihe la division you must build a
.quad lo challenge lur the league title. Ihe FA and league
Ctopa and thr 3 European trophic* And at player. Age. Rebuild
the team while holding off relegation.
Sql ADSTK ANSITJt MARKE T In a 3 .quad .yurm lal leant .quad, reserve rquad and youth tquadj. We thr contmnu. Intake ol you* ptoyen and traaaag program to create a Kjuad who* skills nflect your idea. Supplement the* aktlto with carefully wtected tnmfer market » quotum. A» fee, age. Veteran. Fade and youngtfer. Develop.
Keep an eye on Ihe changing aktlto of ynur team ¦* • “«ut of all the best BULLS All player. Have . Mance of 5 tk.ll. ino -*ill level*') which you must drvelnp CUSTOMBATION PROGRAM Custom** Ihe 45 by experimenting with your team Even mote important »ill be your judgement about the m“ *"¦ favoume players. C effect of the twuculv team halwice or ikill combination cm the outcome of the match, and your local sidr How about a* .quad with Pek, ol UMI SuiuMc turning c«i tk. 'hgWitfann .lllk Bec*o«»kT. Bco. Cmyll. Mv.lon, .?
Your (cam and your moil reliable » There are dtoplaytof: Midi flow.
K. poueaaton breakdown and REVISION ONE The be* just got better'
All update, that ha e been made lo Divtuon One 92 over Ihe
laal ill month.. In addition the match Kteen ha. Unproved.
Opposition team mfo expanded, a European iramlcr market added
and a few more inner change. Aa cdn program and a ustomnation
program have alxo been added. The Tel Sales: 0438 721936 Get
POSTAL SALES The Midnight Oil IX-pl (CU)
IX. I la elmerc Road.
And check n out m atxunly umulatrd k.gtxXup lootball. Mafch tewlta are from a wuquc much Every pan. LacUr. Dice « a HEAD COACH V3 §k ¦ When it comn to the 4th, h".'Headcoach' TV Sports Football'' head to head.’ L U E INTRO Once again, the blistering blues are upon you, packed full of Amiga- related tomfoolery and info to give you the very best in Amiga m m infotainment. If you’re seri- £ gg g gg g 9 ¦ a • ous about your Amiga, there’s no better place to look for the most up-to-date information about your machine.
148 HARD DRIVE BUYER'S GUIDE The CU Amiga team have been hard at work to bring you the ultimate buyer's guide to one ot the most important add-ons a computer user can purchase. It you're thinking of buying a hard drive then look no further.
1 54 INSIDE INFORMATION Inside Info gets a lick of paint as it’s miraculously transformed into an industry scandal sheet. Yes, if you want to know about the low-down, darn-right dastardly dealings and doings of the computer biz, this is the only column worth reading.
1 56 COMMS Diddy Dave Burns gets on the blower with his latest comms column. This month, the man with the modem goes global in his quest for the perfect networking system. If you want to know more about networking, look no further.
159 BACKCHAT If you've got a gripe or simply want to get something off your chest, Backchat is your chance to let off some steam. Each month, we present a choice selection of letters from our many readers, guaranteed to stir up controversy in the Amiga world.
162 EDUCATION With the support of Education Otherwise, you no longer have to send your kids to school for an education. Mike Gerrard takes a look at one couple who took their son out of full-time education and now teach him at home, with a helping hand from the Amiga.
164 HELPLINE The only tips pages worth reading is relocated to the blues and is absolutely chocabloc with all the latest hints and cheats to make your gaming days that much easier. Plus, there’s the added bonus of Small Tips, where we feature a whole host of cheats to all the new full-price and budget releases.
166 QUESTIONS & ANSWERS All your problems have an answer and Mat Broomfield is on hand to provide them. So, if you're stuck on which accelerator board to buy or don’t know your Scart socket from your serial interface, Mat’s got the answer.
170 OCTAMED PRO Once more, Mat Broomfield ventures forth into the world that is OctaMED Pro to provide another excellent tutorial based around the latest release of this excellent music program. All part of our continued support for our stunning coverdisks.
174 MUSIC COLUMN Tony Horgan is your guide as this month the musical maestro shows how to inject a bit of creativity into your sampling. It's all very well ripping off other people's bass lines, but transforming them into an original score takes time and a large amount of talent. Here's how it's done.
1 77 NEXT MONTH If you want a completely unreliable guide to what to expect in next month’s issue, then here’s the place to look. If, on the other hand, you want some cast iron guarantees, may we humbly suggest you write a couple of suggestions on a scrap of paper, as you’ve probably got as much chance of getting it right as we ever do!
178 POINTS OF VIEW Ahoy, me hearties! With piracy as rife as ever - if not more so
- and car boot dealers making thousands of pounds out of
ripped-off software, Steve Keen assesses the chances of the
commercial software houses beating the hackers. Is the com
puter industry doomed, or is it a problem that’s been blown out
of all proportion? Also, just how good are the industry over
seers, FAST and ELSPA when it comes to cracking down on such
pirates - and do they offer the companies supporting them good
value for money?
Buying a hard drive is one of the most important decisions you’re likely to make. Although they will speed up your efficiency, negate the need for irritating floppy usage, AND allow you to play a decent game of Monkey Island II, they do cost a lot, and making the wrong buying decision can be fatal.
However, here to rescue you from wasting your cash, are CU’s hardened team of hard drive users with their useful words of advice... COMMODORE A590 A lot has been said about the AMO.
Most ol it bad It's noisy, it s slow, it needs a tag power supply and it doesn't have a through port Well, that's not quite true The AMO on the shelves these days is actually an updated AMOPIus The ditterence is a redesigned interlace giving better access times Irom the on-board XT drive. The Ian still makes a noise, though The 590, it is true, does not have a through port. It is drtticull 10 imagine what else would be plugged onto the expansion port other than a hard drive or a RAM expansion, though RAM expansions usually come with a through port so this shouldn't be a problem.
In the expandability stakes, the A590 does offer connectors lor both SCSI and XT external drives. The SCSI pon hangs neatly out the rear ol the unit whereas there is an inter rial connector lor any XT devices you may come across Internally, there is also room lor 2Mb ol RAM. Which is enough tor a decent system It you want to expand more than that you are much better oil with a standalone unit like the Cortex. The lack ol a through port is basically down to electronic noise levels - it's a tough thing to implement an error tree data bus on a device with two large motors in it. This isn't as
bad as many people seem to imagine - most people only want to attach a hard drive Any hard dove should have Its own power supply, but some ol them seem to work quite happily without. The A500 will not be able to power up It an unsup- ¦£:yWW plied A590 is * connected, which is quite sensde Actually, you can leave power con nected lo the A590 continually and it will only spring to lile when you switch on the A500 The only real problem with it is its size - it tits in the same style mega-case that the A500 power supply comes in And with only a relatively tiny 20Mb mechanism the dnve is a
bit small Once you have installed all your workbench stutt - Dpaint. ProPage.
SID ana a Word Processor - there isn't much room lor a lot ol actual work. Style wise about all you can say lor the A590 is that it's the nght colour. It's wide and high, with only a very minimal rake on the front which makes it look a little incongruous.
The obvious advantage ol Ihe 590 is that this is a Commodore product and so you should (theoretically) rest assured that it will be 100% compatible with any other Commodore approved perpherats It a definitely the most rek drive so tar The test model has never failed in two years ol heavy use Q • ICD TRUMPCARD The Trumpeard lor the A500 is now getting on in years, although when first available it never really got the recognition it so nghtlufiy deserved In direct competition with the ubiquitous A590, it was pnced slightly higher, but always provided that little bit more in the way ot
performance As far as I know. Trumpeard is still unique in the way in which it provides complete compatability with the A500 as well as the A1500 2000 Inside the rather uninspiring pressed steel box.
Lies a little bonus - a A500 edge connector to an A2000 expansion bus converter For A500 owners the Trumpeard interlace slots into this adapter or. It removed from the beige box, plugs directly into a Zorro slot on the bigger Amiga's motherboard. In this way It is ideal lor A500 owners dithering over that upgrade (Checkmate A1500 owners wi probably be able to concoct a method lor internal long - lor me it was acceptable to have the dnve hangng oil the side, supported with an abandoned mouse mat|.
Against the A590, the Trumpeard always ottered that Utile tut more. It supports SCSI (where the first A590’s were XT), it can suppon up to 4Mb ol expansion Fast RAM (where the A590 has 2Mb) and it comes with a 32Mb STI28N Seagate drive
- 12Mb more than the A590. Speed is certainly ol the same order
ol magnitude. And is therefore perfectly acceptable The
Trumpcartfs inter face also manages to support mixed
partitions, in that at as Amiga DOS partitions.
PC and Mac emulators may be provided with partitions ol their own Supplied software is more than adequate with TCUhls providing all the setting up options that could ever be required AH hard disk utilises tested ( QuanarOack. Bad. Disk Mechanic) worked line There are a lew drawbacks though. Any further SCSI connections require a little DIY work - no connector is present, just holes on the circuit board and il you want to add any RAM you'll have to buy a rather expensive RAM board first There are a lew quirks ol incompatibility. As With the Datafiyer unit For example the drive contnuafiy
tails it an SSL A5000 accelerator is used on the host computer. The unit comes without an external power supply, and although some Amigas don't seem to need one, a 12 and 5 volt supply is heartily recommended As lor the unit's reliability, the test model IS broken After three years ot trouble-tr«e everyday use, a triend with rubber-soled shoes and a nyton carpet shuttled over and gave 4 a .
Severe zap ol static electricity However with another interlace card (lor £80- good value) the drive will probably run again lor several more years SOFTDRIVE GAMES CENTRE 031 229 4122 We stock all software titles for the Amiga.
Also stockist of Sega, Nintendo, Atari.
Telelphone for price list, sales, part exchange, hiring.
145 Dundee St, Edinburgh.
Showroom open - Mon - Fri 10am 8pm Sat - Sun 10am- 6pm Trrespisr-r"- .m Mejia 17 Bit.. ...142 Microdeal ..... AmigaNuts .....132 Microprose .- Audition .....90 Midnight Oil ... .. Citizen .11 NBS .. Commodore ....28 Naksha . Connect
International ......92-93 Nat West Bank ...... ... Core .. 50 Ocean i' ...S......1. Datel .... ] 20 On Line ...:» . Diamond ...PD Direct ..... Digital Integration ..31 po Soft .. W Diskovery ..146 pa|m Island ... CU ......59 Pentire
PD ..... K Eaglesoft ...12 Pikes PD Eurbpress.. ...] § Premier Mail Order.
Evesha Micro's .118-119 ProDisk .. Wj FCC ......64-65 Domtvj mm First Choice ..124-125 BoVder!!
K fl Silica . Goldstar ...116 Cnftr)..;..-
* * Gordon Harwoods .....128 s are C ""
¦¦Ground Zero .....86 Vsn"
HI Hqqs ....,,.69
Hobbyte 84-85 ff!aT a
SSBz :::::: ¦ .
Tiir aa Virus Free ... Manor court suooiies::::::::::::::::::::::::::::86 waikaboutMu»k= o VORTEX SYSTEM 2000 GVP IMPACT You don't see too many ot these drives around any more, and not without good reason. The initial concept was great: the drive and the interlace came in two Boxes. This meant that tor a start you could place the drive up to a metre away from your base unit and, secondly, the drives could be cheaper. The actual interlace cards were specific to an individual machine (Atari, Amiga, etc.) but the drive units were generic making them that bit cheaper. The drives
themselves were 40Mb jobs, but you could be tooled into thinking it was Bigger given the size ol the box. At roughly twice the size ol an A590 the unit did include an integral power supply and Ian though (although Inside that can it made a very irritating noise). The interface unit which connected to the Amiga was called a Personality Module'.
This was were the problem started on the Amiga. Firstly, the interlace did not adhere to the Commodore AutoContig standard.
Instead it wrenched control Irom the system and initiated itself. This was good in that it meant the drive autobooted completely transparently Irom Ihe system (even on older ROM versions) but it also meant it was beyond hope ol resurrecting by any conventional device il the interlace went wrong. Unfortunately this seemed to happen quite a lot. Some units were sturdy and robust in even the most Inclement conditions, whilst others only needed a slight draft to wait over the interface and they went on a one way trip to guru land. Apparently that was because many ol the units were made in
this country under licence where, to cut costs and bring the price more in line with the German version, many components in the interface were replaced with cheaper alternatives. The test model was line once it had booted up, but getting it to boot up took about lour minutes on average. Another model would lock up every time the disk was accessed continually lor too long - no big animations or 24-bit files.
In operation the drive was lairly last and quite reliable, though there were a lew instances when it seemed there was a bit ol incompatibility trouble with other devices. The interface did have a useable through- port but the sticky leet on the bottom didn't last too long betore they started coming unstuck. Later units were supposed to be more reliable and now come with a RAM option. Check where they came Irom before you buy one.
For nearly two years now, the GVP Impact Series 2 hard drive has been the bench mark against which other A500 drives are compared. It plugs directly into the expansion port at the side ol the Amiga, and has a built-in SCSI interface, which can be re-con- figured, so that additional SCSI devices can be used.
Although it was originally available only in 40-105 megabyte capacities, this range has now been increased to 52-240mb. Every drive uses a Quantum drive mechanism, which is noted pnmarily lor its speed and reliability. When it comes to data transfer, Ihe Impact series 2 goes like a hot knile through butter. The spec sheet that comes with it claims an optimum SCSI data transfer rate of
3. 58 megs per second, but in real terms, the drive can read
about 451 k per second. That still means that a lull 1 Mb game
can be loaded in only
2. 3 secondsl Another thing that really sets the Impact apart
Irom other drives, is its expandability. It has internal space
lor up to 8Mb ol SIMMs memory chips, which the Amiga treats as
normal last RAM. The only limitation is the fact that you
must decide how much memory you're going to add before you
start buying any. I know that this sound obvious, but the
drive only has space for lour SIMMs, and these can only be one
or lour meg chips. II you're going to expand to 4Mb, you'll
need four 1x9 or 1x8 SIMMS, whereas an 8Mb expansion only uses
two 4x8 SIMMS. You can't mix and match by adding one 4x8 and
three 1 x8 chips.
As is almost standard on all newer hard drives here is a disable switch. Many old (and even some new) games won't work with a hard- drive active on the expansion bus, and they are a bit of a pain to take oil and put on again everytime you want to play your favourite game.
The Impact also has a special mini slot for adding additional internal peripherals, like a PC emulator or an 030 accelerator. On Kickstart 1.3 2.0 Amigas, the GVP will auto-boot, but in case ol any possible compatibility problems, it can be switched otf so that the computer boots normally.
The GVPyjmt is probably the best selling hard drive lor the Amiga and not without good reason. I’ve kept my eyes open lor any potential rivals lor this drive, and although the Roctec looks very promising, there's nothing else to touch it. The gap is sure to widen when the turbo version appears here very soon... COMPO win a load of es, that's right, you can vin the entire contents of he CU offices - well, the iseless stuff, anyway.... A SKIPFUL OF JUNK COULD BE YOURS!
We’ve run some good competitions in the past - with trips to the States or numerous Video Recorders on offer - but this one's really scraping the barrel (literally)! This is your chance to win all the junk that now infests the CU Amiga offices. That's right - pen a witty caption to the photo on this page, and all the rubbish that has accumulated in the office over the last couple of years could be yours. The reason for this madness? Well, we re getting rid of Steve 'Mary' Merrett and Steve ‘Queenie’ Keen, so we though the rest of the dead wood should go, too!
But don't scoff! This trufy great prize includes some absolute gems. Not only could you walk away with Steve Keen's collection of vanity mirrors and Nick Veitch's handy supply of Doctor's notes, but there’s some real bargains hidden beneath all the crap. For instance, tucked away in a dingy filing cabinet are more than 2,000 PD disks accumulated over the years, including all the games, demos and utilities we’ve featured in the mag - plus a lot more besides (sadly, Dan half-inched his prized collection of King’s Cross ‘Business Cards' before we could include those as well).
My Caption is (no more than thirty words, please): There's also a clapped out C64 that nobody wants anymore, a vast collection of computer game magazines, roughly 100 boxed games, broken tea-cups, CU Amiga T-shirts and a very fat and sad Publisher who nobody likes (who must remain nameless for legal reasons). We'll also throw in an assortment of joysticks, mice, books, videos and whatever else isn't bolted down to th? Floor or already carted off to Steve Merrett’s flat.
So how can you get your hands on this skipful of rubbish? It’s easy. Just write a'witty caption to accompany the picture of our dashing Managing Editor, Steve James, printed on the entry coupon and send your answers to: CAPTION COMPO,
• CU Amiga, EMAP Images, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, Farringdon,
London, EC1R3AU.
The caption we think best, wins the lot - nope, there are no runners-up prizes at all!
Closing date for entries: 30th November. The Editor’s decision is final and he’ll almost certainly ignore anyone who writes in to gripe. Hah!
PREMIER MAIL ORDER Titles marked " are nut yet available and irill he sent on day of release.
•lease send ebeqae l’O Aceess Tisa No. And expiry date ((Jaynes isf PO's payable to Premier Mail Order) lo .
Depl CUOX. Trybridgo Ltd., 8 Biukwins Sq., Burnt Mills. Basildon. Essex. SSI3 1BJ.
Please stale make and nnnlel ojeompater alien anlerinq. P&P inc. I K on orders aver (5. Illl. Less than C5.00 and Europe add (I.Ik per item. Elsewhere please add (2.00 per item for Airmail. These offers are available Mail order only..Telephone orders: mon-Eri JOYSTICKS Fun SdxW 4 7-11._ Fir SchoO 4 under S ___ QLOC* Glcbal Effect (1 meor _______ Gamier 3------------ Ghoelbusiers 2------------ Ghouls And Ghosts ... Graham Gooch *--------------- Gods __________________ Godfather Acton---------- Godfather Adventure * (1 meg) Gunship2000*______________
Guy Spy * - ... Hard Driven .... Harpoon (lMag).._ .... Harpoon Battles ! 3---------- .10.99 .19.99 1699
* 99 699 1999 1699 1999 1999 Comp Pro Extra.. Quick Joy Turbo
2... ..14.99 ...8.99 Qulckehot 3 Turbo (Sega Comp) ..9.99
Qulckjoy Topatar---------------16.99 Harpoon Scenario
Editor__________ Head Over Heel* ...... Heart of China (1
Meg)---------- (1 Meg) --------------
Hertequin--------------------- HWMJHII Hero Quest
Daa_______________________ Huchiher* Guide_____________
Hook*--------------------- Hunter_______________ Hudion
Hawk_________________________ X*________________________
immortal (1 meo)..._ .... Indy Hex
____________________ Indy Jonee Atones Acton ‘__________ Indy
Jones-Allanos Adventure * (1 me( Nanhoe_______________________
Jaguar XJ220(1 meg)*.
Jack Nichiaus Extra coureee ..... Jack Nduaus unlmited Gof (t Meg) Jack Nckiaus Clipart .. JmmyWhaasSnookar_____________ John Madden__________ John Barnet (1 meg)*__________ Keys To Maramun ..... Kick Off___________ Kkk 0*2(1 Meg) ____________ Kings Quest 5 (1 Meg) . Knightmare---------------
K. 02 Finei Wtw»e______________ K 0 2 Giants of Europe
K. 02 Return of Europe-------------
K. 02WKOTng Tactics ..-
K. 0.2 Super League .. Knghts of the Sky (1 meg)
LastNinla2------------------------ Last Nina 3 Laser
Souad2*__________ Leander ----------- Leather
Goddess________________ Leisure Suit Larry 5(1 Meg)___
Lemminge---------------------- Lemmings Construction KM *____
Lemmings Data Disk---------- Legend’ licence To
KB_____________________ Lord of the Rings ..... Mas
____________ Magnedc Scrolls Colection (1 Mm). Mag* Pockets
Mage Fly -----------------------------------
Mega Traveler i (i Meg) Mega Traveler 2(1 Meg) -------- Mega
Twins ...... ------------- Mooprose Golf (1
Meg)____________ Mig 29 Super Flacrum------------ Moonstone (1
Meg)------------------ Ml Tank Platoon ________________
Midnght Resistance...... ....
* "¦ nter2(i Meg)--------------------- Might and Mag* 3*
------------ My**..- -------------------- - New Zealand
Story-------------- f*n»a CoMdton .... Operation
Thundvbol .. Operation
VfeI---------------- Oik
_______________________________________ Outrun
Europe ...... 1699 1699
9. 99 799 1999 .1999
16. 99 Dragon (1 Meg) 1699 1999 .1999 699 .1999 999 .1999 999
...19 99 ...16 99 .16 99 1999 999 __1199 2299 .19.99
8. 99 1999 1999 1699 899 ::!« .26.99 2699 1699 ...16.99 2299
6. 99
* 99 ...1699
19. 99 649 .1999 .1999 ...34 99 999 2299 499 ...19.99 449 ...1949
...19.99 . .19 99 .16.99
8. 99 ...1999 .19.99 .16.99 ...22.99 .2699 ...1999
- 19 99
* 99 .22.99 .1999 1699 1999 1999 ¦ 1699 1699 1999 949 1999 1699
16. 99 . .. .6.99
16. 99
6. 99
6. 99
9. 99 1999
6. 99 .13.99
6. 99
* 99 .1699 1699 1699 ...1699 . 1999
9. 99 ... .6.99 ...1999 1899 .1999
19. 99
16. 99 .....949 .16.99 .1699 ...12.99 00111-7pit 12 Meg
Upgrade..._________________ 1,2 Meg Upgrade with oock
3D Construction Kit_______________________ 2449
„ . 26 99 -.....4249 1A AA 2 Hot To Handle
. Arsenal PC ’ .. _____ .
Award Winners ’ . 19.99
- -----16.99 ______16.99 1699 Aoandcned
Places_____________________ Addams Family* ...
AfBue- ...
AifDueP____________________ Air Land
- ------1900
- -------1649 ......2249 ......2249
- -------1949 ________16.99 ...*99
- ------16.99 .649
- ------1649 Agony --------------------------- Altered
Beast ... Aben Storm_________________
A. P.B_____________________________________ Assault on Ajcatraz
’ .._.... AMOS
30 . AMOS
Compdar . Another World
... Arkamod
2 Award Winners ’
... B17 Flying Fortress (1 meg) *_____
Barbanar 2 ... ......2949
- --------2440
- ------1949
- ----1949 ..649
- ---------18.99 ......22.99
- --------1649 Bards Tale Triple Pack *_____________- Batman the
Caped Ousader .
Batman The Movwy . . Baffle Chess 2------------------------- Baastbuatars- Beach VcAey_______________________________ Board Genius ...... Birds Of Pray (1 Meg) .. ......- -......- Black Crypt (1 Meg) .. Blue Max(1 Meg) .. Blues Brothers ... 24.90 ..*99 .....-*49
- -----1*99
- ---------11.99
- -----699
- ---------1949 ....22.99
- ------1699 .19.99 ..... 19.99 .16 99 Bonanza
Bros * ... 4D Boxing
. Bubble Bobble
. Budokan---------------J_ .16
99 ......1699 ....-6.99 4.99 CmpMgn
*----------------- -------- CasOes (1
Meg) ...... Chart Attack
1--------------------- .*49 .....22.99
...19.99 ___________19.99 Chase HQ______________________
Capcom Coiection ___________... California Games ....
......- *99 .1999 6 99 Came*
Command ... Cavadar .------v
..7.99 .....1299 Cadaver Dau
D tc .... Cap** ....
Centunon ......-9.99 ...1299 4.99
___________16 99 Ct»fcHon(1 Meg) Conan The
Cenmerian’ ...... Contmenui
C*cus .. Covert Action (t
Meg) ... Crazy Cars 3 *__________ ___________
- ..19 99 *99 ...22.99 ......16.99
Curse of Azure Bonds (1 Meg) ..
Cytwbal Das Boot
________________________________ Daley Thompson Challenge
H. ....1999 6.99 .1999 .....-*99
- ---------1999 Dearftbnngar________________________ Death
Krvghts Of Krynn (1 meg) ..... Dsney Anvnaton.
--------------------- OizzyCdectoo ....
1999 1999 ....22.99 .....59.99
...16.99 OoutAe Dragon____________________________
DoLbie Dragon? .. Doube Dragon 3
...... 8.99 ......4.99
...1699 Dragon N «(a ......
E*ra2(lMeg)... _________________ 6.99
....24.99 1999 Eye of me Beholder (1 meg) .. Eye
of the Beholder 2 (1 Meg)’_____ Eye of the Storm’
. Face
Oft . F15 Strike Eagle
2 (1 Mg)’__________ ..IV.W
- -----------1909
- ---------1999 ...... .1999
- --------1699 ....21.99 F16 Combat P*ot
.. F19 Stealth
Fghter ... Falcon
3*______________________________ Final
Fight________________________________ First Samurai. Mega Lo
Mama_____ Flag *--------------------------------- F«od
Forgotten Worlds . Formula One Grand Pn» (1 Meg).....
Football Drector 2(1 Meg) Football Crazy
.... Ci.r. CiAmI A C V
- ---------7.99
- ------19.99 ...24.99 .....1699 .1999 .....1999
.....440 .....449 ...22.99
- -------1699 ......16.99 r-un bcnoo 4 5
7 ... ......16.99 PGA Golf Couses ..
PGA Tour Golf ... Pnbal Dreams----- Player Manager Pool
of Rakance (1 meg)..... Pools of Darkness (1 Meg) .
TNT 2_______________ The Marvtger • Team Yankee------------------ Team Yankee2(1 Meg)*... Teenage Mutant Turfes 2 .. Terminator 2--------------- Their Frest Hour------- Their Finest Msskms______ Thunderhawk . TipO* .. Titus the Fox* . Tokl---------------- Tocttn--------------- Turbo Challenge 2______ Turbo Outrun _ ---- Tuntan ---------------- Turrtcan 2_____________ UMS 2 (1 Meg)___________ Untouchables .... Ultima 6 (1 Meg) .. U»P*I - ---------- Utopia Dau Disk*_____
* *09* ..- .. Warlords (1 Meg) .... Rugby
World Cup-------------- Rules of Engagment .. ft*
The Gauntlet---------------- Senstte Soccer
*..._ ... Secrets of the Luftwafle *_ ....
Secret of Monkey Island (1 Mg).._. Secret of Monkey Island 2 (1
Mg) * Shadow Lands ________________ Shadow Sorceror
_______________ Shadow Wamors ___________; Stwobi
..... Shoot Em Up Kit
________-.________ Shuffiepuck Cafe . Ski Or Ole
______ Smash TV________________ Space 1889(1 meg)...... Space
Ace---------------- Space Ace 2 ...... Space
Crusade--------- Space Gun Special Forces (1 Meg)
Strider ____________ Strip Poker2. Dau .
Strike Fleet--------- Supremacy .... Super Hang On .... Super Sega --------- Suspicious Cargo Shuttle’ _______________ Stunt Car Racer ...... Switchblade Rartow Colection_____ Rarttow Islands .
Rafroad Tycoon (1 Mg).
Realms (1 Meg)---------- Red Baron (1 Meg) RedHeaL _________ Reach lor the Skies*.- Slant Service 2 (1 meg) Sim Ant * . Sim City ?Populous ... Sim Earth*_______________ Wonderland (1 Meg) ... Word Cup Cncketl Meg.. World Wresting Fed______ R*k Dangerous Rise Of The Drat Robocop Jack Nicklaus Golf Now Only £12.99 ONLY £8.99 EACH Battlechess Centurion & Imperium Branded Disks 34" DSDD---1.25----Each 5-25" DSDD---0.75-----Each Cricket 1 Meg Now Only £9.99
K. .SPECIAL OFFERS 1* » 34" DSDD 20 s 34" DSDD 50x34" DSDD
- 4.99 KICK OFF 2 (1 meg) NOW ONLY £11.99 Top Quality llnbranded
Disks Cadaver Now Only £12.99 BLANK DISKS information A change
of pace this month, as Inside Information mutates into a far
more enter* taining beast than ever before. You want the gossip
on industry happenings?
Then look no further. You want all the latest charts? Here they are. You want to know about Dan Slingsby’s sordid hobbies. Sorry, he cut those out... BROOMFIELD JENNIFER, JUNIPER GETS HIS SKATES ON CU'S TECHNICAL Guru Mat Broomfield amazed as recently by proving that ho does actually loavo the tide of his Amiga.
ANCO BOSS HAS 'NEVER Whereas most technical writers suffer from the popular image of an anorak and thick specs (an Image which Tech Editor Nick Veltch revels in), Mat has become Basildon's King Of The Skates.
IN A SOARAWAY CU SCOOP, Anco's dimunitive bats, Anil Gapta, has admitted that he has indeed never stored - at Kkk Off, that is.
Grinning broadly, Anil admitted that deaplte being responsible for what must surely be the most-played computer game ever, he ‘can't play the bloody thing to save my life!' ITTiltTTPlW This revelation came when CU AilUltlUM Shown here at his local 'Bowlorama', Mat can be seen strutting his skatey stuff much to the amazement of the local girlies. So gets, t you have got a problem with OctaMED. Give Mat a call. Also, from next issue. Mat's QAA copy Wio be featunng ope on squeaky wheels and halfpipe turns... Ah, the course of true love never runs smoothly - especially when the Atlantic Ocean
stands between Cupid's arrows and their target.
Shortly after returning from a trip to New York on CU's behalf, our Tech Editor. Nick Ve*h. Was bombarded by a senes of lengthy faxes from a certain Jennifer who works rian Ontano-based company who will remain nameless (the due la. It starts in G and ends in Old were |ust tying up this month's incredible Kick OK III scoop, and Ihe Anco boss was undaunted by our looks of horror Well, when I say that I have never put one past the goalie, thars not exactly true' (at which points our faces rose agam)'- I've Disk...). Now. Rather than the usual «.
How are you? Down to busmess.'
Faxes we are used to seeing, these were lengthy opuses which spoke about feelings, long-distance kiuurve, and (gasp!)
Buying a house. 'I don't know what she's on about' claimed Master Veitch Hmmm, doesn't explain those long-de- tance calls that keep you «i past office hours, though, does «, Nick? Despite what David Meltor says. I Ihink we have a right to know. Watch this space... put a couple past my own goals several times!' At this point, we left Mr Gupta as he went into lengthy detail recounting the exact events and how Kick OK programmer, Dtno DM. Can't stand footbal Has this man got no shame?
INSIDE INFO Proud Northerner and longterm Leeds United tan, Martin Brown, has been shown up to be the lily-livered pansy we always thought he was.
Team 17’s leader can often be heard extolling the virtues of Northern life and the benefits he reaps from consuming dozens of pints of Tetley Bitter - pah!
In a recent visit to EMAP towers, Mr Brown was last seen stumbling away on a wildly-varying course to catch his train back to Wakefield. This was after an evening with assorted EMAP lager fiends, none of whom make half the noise Mr Brown makes about the quantities they consume. Adding insult to injury Martin then conked out on the train, only to wake up in Darlington - which is many miles from his homestead! Still, at least he'll stop going on about his booze prowess now, and a challenge has been offered for a session at the next computer show, (PS. Kids, we know It's no I hit1 ond clever
lo drink lots otalchohoi befon you ell write In - but we can't help oureehreml) THE WAY WE WERE NORTHERN GEEZER IS A REAL SHANDY DRINKER THREE YEARS AGO
• The first screenshots of Ocean's eagerly-awaited Batman The
Movie licence started to appear, and the Mancunian giants also
signed the rights to Robocop II.
• The Edge announced that they were set to produce a game based
on Marvel Comic's The Punisher - and what a pile of rubbish
that turned out to be. Too! Luckily, their game based on
Daredevil never reached completion.
• US Gold's conversion ot the incredible Strider coin-op made it
debut and earned itself a Screenstar
• Hoorah! Graftgold's stunning conversion of Rainbow Islands
finally reached Ihe Amiga courtesy ol Microprose - but it
didn't if you know what we mean. It 'officially' came out via
Ocean months later.
• Cartoon-quality graphics hit the Amiga as Mindscape’s Fiendish
Freddy game wowed us all.
TOP 20 AMIGAS ROMEO AO MANAGER TOM SLEWS TER (who forms one Half ef The Loving Brothers' with Dtp Ed, Steve Merrett] has g and for all what a sad case he Is. Whilst The Loving Brothers were out ‘on the town' in Merrett’s locale ol Harley, Tea met and eichanged phone numbers with a rather attractive fllrly. She else made the promise ot calling him sometime dering the following Monday.
Thus, after much crowing about his exploits. Tom waited for the call... and waited „ and waited.. In fact, Tom never actually moved from his desk for two whole days! He never went lor a sandwich, he never walked to the other end of the room to consult with the editorial team, he never even went to the loo! Sad. Really. Still, on a happier note, she finally called on Wednesday, which made us all breathe a sigh ol reliel as he really stank by then - thus explaining how he managed avoiding going to the loo.
1. SENSIBLE SOCCER (Reneqade) Their second month in the top posi
tion. And rightfully so. The Sensible lads continue to do go.
And shows no signs ot being toppled. CU Screenstar.
2. LURE OF THE TEMPTRESS (Virgin) Virtual Theatre is obviously
putting bums on seats, as Virgin s eagerly- awaited rival to
Monkey II shoots up the charts CU Screenstar. 89%
3. FIRE AND ICE (Renegade) Graftgold s excellent return to the
soli ware scene looks set to give Renegade both the number one
and two spots - but can Cool Coyote beat the Temtress? CU
Screenstar. 85%
4. FLOOR 13 (Virgin) Ever wondered (usl what the Government gels
up lo. And how much ol their activities has been covered up?
It so. You can become John Le Carre's Smiley in their
espionage thriller. CU Screenstar. 85%
5. MONKEY ISLAND II (U S Gold) Yo. Ho. Ho. And a bottle ol Rum!
Lucaslilm s epic piracy yarn is selling just as many copies as we expected A genuine classic. CU Superstar. 95%
6. HOOK lOcean) Not exactly the best lilm licence we've seen, but
its Monkey s amfesque gameplay obviously makes it a winner
with all you Peter Pan Ians. There s no accounting lor
taste... CU Awarded 64%
7. EPIC (Ocean) Still Hying high. DIOS stunnmg-look ftAUEC ing 30
blaster is wUflW making itself legions ot tans And it's not
really surprising. CU Screenstar, 91%
8. MEGAFORTRESS (Mindscape) Realistic bombing action as Mindscape
s massive plane reaches the Amiga s cluttered skies Extremely
(Empire) How did this get here? Empire s rather lame selection
ot Olympic events crawls into the charts - presumably on the
back ol the games themselves. CU Awarded. 67%
10. OUNE (Virgin) David Lynch s epic film played a huge part in
development team Cryo's vision ol the game - and it certainly
works A massive space opera crammed into your Amiga -
CU Awarded. 81%
11. STRIKER (Rage) Ere it goes, ere il goes, ere it goes Alter
being pipped lor the number one seat by Sensi Rage s
excellent 30 kickaround finally starts to slip. CU Superstar.
12. THE MANAGER (U S. Gold) M s still holding in on Ihere. And
Soltware 7000 s management sim has managed (oops, excuse Ihe
pun) to beat oil stilt competition trom Domark and Krtsalis.
Not reviewed.
13. PROJECT X (Team 17) The Amiga s linesl ever blaster finally
relinquishes its hold on Ihe chart - but is there anybody oyt
there who hasn t bought a copy yet? CU Screenstar.
14. PINBALL DREAMS (21sl Century) Personally, we wouldn t say
that ?1st Century s game sure played a mean Pinball but it
obviously has its legions ol Ians CU Awarded 71% 15 PGA TOUR
GOLF PLUS (Electronic Arts) A set ot data disks lor anybody
still interested in Goll alter Ihe Open Would be Nick Faldos
should be dusting down their woods as we speak.
Nor reviewed.
16 GRAND PRIX (Microprose) Geolt Crammond's stunning Grand Prix sim shows no sign ot stalling.
Definitely the veteran programmer's finest hour, and a game lo be savoured CU Screenstar. 93%
17. PACIFIC ISLANDS (Empire) Rather too similar to Team Yankee
lor our liking, but Pacllle Is still managing lo stay in the
lop twenty CU Awarded 83%
18. ANOTHER WORLD (U.S Gold) Blimey, this is yonks old! Delphine
s unusually-presented story ol a misplaced scientist is
back with a vengeance. CU Screenstar. 85% 19 DIZZY SEXCELLENT
ADVENTURES (Codemasters) The Codie's compilation ot Dizzy
games starts to roll back down the chart in a way only an egg
can. Bui how long to the next selection ol Dizzy greats ? Not
20. CIVILIZATION (Microprose) Empire building has never been so
much tun - as shown here in Sid Meier's stunning Sim City
Great tun. CU Screenstar. 86% TWO YEARS AGO
• Psygnosis announced a rather spiffy game called Walker
- see this month's First Imps for more (up to date) details
• Being the nice people we are, Screen Scene introduced all Ihe
latest reviews with a piccy of Dan Slingsby in his McDonald's
outfit - he still looks like Ronald McDonald today
• Supremacy led a bustling reviews section, which was ably
supported by Microprose's F-19, Virgin's Monty Python, and U S.
Gold's Murder
• Also, news was revealed of a major revamp to CU's layout. As
one Andy Beswick joined the team... ONE YEAR AGO
• All things Comms graced both our cover and our lead feature, as
we asked 'Who Ya Gonna Call?'
• US Gold made us an offer we couldn’t refuse as we scooped the
rest of our so-called competition in bringing you thb first
screens from their Godtather licence.
• Dpaint Ivwas revealed in our massive, four-page
• Steve Merrett went lo have a look at El's forthcoming Eye 01
The Storm - which, incidentally, is still forthcoming'...
• Oops, we upset US Gold by being the only magazine to give their
Final Fight conversion a kicking. Whilst other mags gave it
scores in the high 90s, CU rated it at a mere 60%. We still
think we were right...
• Games-wise. We had a busy month, with reviews of The Simpsons.
Blade Warrior, Head Over Heels, Cruise For A Corpse, and
Nebulus II.
Civilization, Zool, Risky Woods, Kick Off III (preproduction
version, nyah, nyahl).
Better Than Life STEVE MERRETT Sensible Soccer, Striker, The Addams Family (he's completed it, you know), Jimmy White’s Whirlwind Snooker Sensible Soccer, Project X, Guy Spy, The Addams Family TONY DILLON Beast III, Sword Of Honour. Red Zone NICK VEITCM Sensible Soccer (albeit badly). Omar Sharifs Bridge, and with several females' emotions... Following last issue’s look at setting up a bulletin board, this month, Dave Burns lends us a hand as we try to get networking... FIRST THINGS FIRST First ot all. You're probably wondering wtiat networking is al about? When a user logs onto your board and
leaves a message, any other user that logs on wto be able lo read it and reply to it. This is great, but what's more fun is to be able to have your message read on boards all over the world And this is what we mean by the term networking.
How it works is that certain message areas (called Echoes) are linked via whatever network you decide to use to boards al over the world. Your users leave a message in these areas, and your board palls a local board and sends them all (he new messages. At the same time you pick up all the new messages he has collected. These are al archived Nee. And when your system receives Ihem. It you have set It up properly, It will unpack the mall and toss It into the correct mail bases. What this means to your user is that a message they enter on Monday could be replied to by a user in America.
Australia, or indeed anywhere - with the reply appearing on your board by Wednesday or Thursday ADVANTAGEOUS There are many advantages to running a Networked system, the main bemg the international contact. Your message bases win be lull and varied even II you only have a lew callers a week, and you have instant access to a vast worldwide selection oI files and discussion areas. It also helps you advertise your board, as each networked system has its own Ongin Line. My own Is as follows: Origin.
Wombats Burrow II0634 377303 10pm - 8am (2:440(102).
The first part Is whatever you want to say about your system. It Is LINK ESTABLISHED Interlacing with the Mchnology tint mskn commc possible as srt sow boobed op lo two Firstly, et lira I local sawn seas as In Hodl MS |MJ 4831M8) - Prseffe Fmp Mt You can land« matsapas ria any Pol it nut supporta Kilt adis ana. Alttoegli wa may not raply Inatantanaoaily, you can ba un that your command and mouagaa ara bolng road and dot eo adM got back la yaa (ramombar Hat ea still batra a magazine Is echo).
Wa can accspt your dcbalcal gosrtsa, oplaloaa aad Itnart Isr pubiicatisa ita amail.
The oilier any you can cantact at da your modem la by calling CIX. CU Amiga ban their own conlarince there whara you can poat your Inauld or your guorloc direct lo the people Imt manor nut contoronce Is dhrldod Mo oonral parts. Wdadlag one e«k* lad yaa CIX la a labschptlon only board, so you do ban to pay lor tbo time yoa ara comncdd H you wantd contact us da either ol tbaca cytdmc yoa mould email "Daniel jamai Sllngaby" oa Wa Hdo CU Amiga acts sr "tuamige" oa Wa CIX aohrarb, at altamatmiy lain Wa CU Amiga coafsraace. Imagine lively titled ¦euamlga". (CIX It on 081 3908448) Wa hope d ba
extending tar oenrsgo ol Wo Ul da modem al a local latral. Wbltet eo add be warning up aae eayc d got at Wee* criW yaa. Yaa ceaid mu yam deal tytop W pick up wo CU Amiga acbo an bd board 8oa you online coon ???
ATI k yow ADDITIONAL ADVICE My thanks 90 *0 Andrew Pick. Sysop of the Needful Things BBS who assisted with Information. Andrew's board can be found on 0495 245151 at speeds up to 9600 a very generous offer to readers of CU Amiga. If you want any of the software mentioned, give his board a sS- call and he will be more than pleased to make it available to you for downloading - or, on receipt of a disk and quito happy to send it to you.
If you are not sure that you are able to set it all up, once more Andrew will come in useful. Just leave him a message explaining the problems you are having and he will do his level best to help you.
You can also leave messages for this magazine in the CU Amiga area of his board. Should you want to contact me direct, give my board a ring on 0634 377303 from 10pm-8am or netmail me at Fido 2:440 40. Please do not use this number for advisable lo pot youi nombei and operating hours her* The number «i brackets is generaled by your system. And identifies your system to the network For example, the Number shown earlier is a Fido Net Number.
Fido being the biggest international network The 2 is the zone (Europe).
440 is South East England, and 104 Is my Node. This Is all the information your system needs to send mail or messages to mine. Before going into how to set up a networking system, let's look at the types ot mall: LOCAL This is mas left on your system that win not be exported to the networks The only way others can see and reply lo It Is to log onto your board.
ECHO This mail is Echoed' throughout the network system There are rules which apply to this sort oTman If you are In Ihe Amiga echo you must suck to topic, you are likely to get a severe ticking otf If you start talking about Sts or Pcs here Likewise, you would not be very highly thought of if you went Into the ST echo to Inform those poor misguided souls that along with the best computer, you also subscribe to the world's best Amiga magazine NETMAIL This is private mail Mainly used between Sysops, if you wish to you can also make this avakable to your users This la lor private man, and wd
only appear on the board it Is intended lor Therefore, it Is essential that you know not only the name of the person you are sending It to. But also the network Number ot the board they use. Netmail can be sent In a variety ot ways, so setting up this service tor your users requires a lot ot thought. Are you going to allow your users to CRASH mail (to send immediately and directly)? This wd.
Of course, add to your phone bit.
NEXT MONTH Next issue, we will look at a lew 'Doors' you can add to your BB System to round off this 'Setting Up' series. If you are running a system, or know of any good systems, please feel free to contact me as above, or drop me a line c o CU Amiga. Your input is very important.
Are you going to send the mail direct or are you going to route it through your hub? Direct means that It win arrive at the recipient immediately, at your expense Routed means that a package ol al mall will be made and wd go lo your local host lor dMrftubon Another term »iat you wd become lander with is Moderator He la the man reaponeOle for hr echo, and ton of brjcks on anyone that disobeys the rules ol the echo SETTING IT UP Now that we know what Networking Is, how do we set it al up? Wen. This requires a little thought and time, but Is worth It In the end You need the addition ot two
more programs There are a lot available, but I the* that Andrew Pick of Needful Things has a great system, so we wd look at the assorted features he Is using TRAPDOOR This IS the main Maker It sits at the front end of your system and warts lor a caller. The phone rings.
Trapdoor answers and decides whether It is a human caller. Or a mailing session II the caller is human. Trapdoor will call the BBS software and nip ott lor a quick cuppa while your caller is online. It. However. The can Is Irom another system to send you man or files, it wd receive the packets and place the* nto a specified (krectory unU « « dealt with Uaetg Trapdoor you can also set up an Emsi profile for the bud In Comms software that wd not only dal any of the boards In the network, but also log you mil Usmg Trapdoor you can also
• FREQ' Files. Send Net. And even send messages without actually
logging on to the board concerned.
What happens with FREOing (File REQuest) a thal Trapdoor will dial the board, and request the file. The mailer at the other end will then auto- matlcaay transmit the requested file Once received Trapdoor will disconnect and go back to waiting for a can.
To" use Trapdoor to its tun extent you wd need to spend time studying the documentation, and you wd need to write a tew Script tnes to tie everything together. * FOOZLE This is the 'guts' ol the system. While the board takes the message, and Trapdoor sends them, Foozle is the program which scans all your Echo Areas to find new messages, packs them all up. And puts them where Trapdoor will find them When mail Is received by your system, Foozle comes back into play to unpack the received mai and Toss’ It Into the echoes it is meant tor.
The whole procedure a automated by the setting of Events' For example, you can set an event lo scan al the message bases, pack up new man. Dial another board, send and receive mall, then unpack the new shift, before putting it in the correct place and returning to wait lor a call.
Finally, It is your responsibility as Sysop to ensure that all messages and tiles thal appear on your board are legakand decent You cannot be held resposible lor views expressed m messages that are on your board, but it you have abusive, obscene or other such messages on public display you can land up m trouble Likewise, you are also directly responsible lor the Nee which appear In your download areas Therefore. I strongly advise that you have an area set aside lor uploads so that you can check them belore making them available lor public consumption. You cannot have any commercial
software so, If In doubt, delete it. This is alsd a good time to check that each upload is virus tree and working well WIN l£1,OOOl CASH WITH [ TELEPHONE 1 BINGO tor* UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE It not completely satisfied, you may return any product wflhin 14 days tor a ful refund 0839 333 012 n isrstm, ag TURNON (1) 21 pag ___ |wa pay tor imaf programs you «dta tor lha Port) Amazing Sensor and Control Experimenters Kit £?off . . Plug Into tha I O Port No soldering required lpuR*aas4NB*IOPwt ndudas relay module, motor. * sensor, reed switch. Hart buto. 4 LEDs, powerful software on dfek ‘ for £4)
and FREE ‘Guide to Amiga Interlacing*.
JUST RELEASED DUAL MOTOR CONTROLLER MODULE E17.S5. Any 2 small motors: Forward Reverse speed controuorake. Plugs into just 10 Port channels. Ideel for Buggy Kit (£3090) Tanspaeatur. * Light Exparimarrtaro KH moo phS ron «B£t adWce on CCWSTRUOON Thartno 4 R oto ssraors »4«eh ptog Into tia snstog tnpoA* • "AmOo of robots s arms etc Ptoase send cheques payable to SWITCMSOFT " or mg Switchsott on 0326 464423.
Prtcea include PAP. Overseas add £4 SWITCHSOFT. OeptCU92, 26 Ridgeway. Darlington.
_Co Durham DL3 OSF._ and cortM robot* Oavtoaa 10utput* tor motors ale up to 13 with the AMIGA INPUT OUTPUT PORT £27.95 No* you can ds* your Amiga to awRch atoctrtc motors. Raapond to Mnaora BUILD YOUR OWN ROBOT 21 25 27 28 32 34 35 39 43 44 47 48 51 52 55 57 AMIGA KEYBOARD OVERLAYS Sup. PecUd. FnOcu. FX.n (44) OtoSM. RoUMJCorg. Oc.(22) '«* DX. BoUnd. Bor*. «c (2t| Soraom. S.wv Trvmprt. ™ (24) Amlo*. DwWALA.ec. (IS) Oc**» SpUu. Wtt -r-jvfX (16) Olio. Ort Mu Satttoa*. Er 121) AnHof a DifUl (If) MU4dcU» . «JA Orth A oyath (14) Chun* A Electric (17) Real A SynA. Orth Choee A Sung. C20) Ac S A.
E.|«e . OW «. (Ml «-(M) aoc. 423 R- HI) Each Diik ¦ pnerd at £2.30. any 10 for £19.93. (he Complete CoUecuoti for £49.93. In addition. Sampler n can u*e our DiKlUll» Mattered Chrome. Metal, or DAT tanple Cassettes which contain most of the above sample*: COO I WORLD MUSIC COLLECTION (173) COO’ PERCUSSION COLLECTION (22*, PAP£1 (an, order, Cheque* A P.O.* to: C003 GUITARS AND BASSES (161 WALKABOUT MUSIC (Dept CU) Chrome: £9.95. Metal £ 11.95. DAT: £16.95. TRENOVISSICK FARM.THE MOUNT. PAR.
The Three collection Package it priced at: CORNWALL PL24 2DA £21.95 (Chrome). £23.95 (Meul). FW.95 (DAT) Tel: (0726, *13807 » Twy r* coonpanbU « * ill f D *nd ckttok! Tracfte ond Moynto ¦o of uonpUt • knrtoa 001 AFRICAN T i'* vM«o*».,i . * (11) 014 BASS OLTTARS CD2 INDIAN INYT Sot*rv ImI. Chmm Me. (If| 0|5 ANALOG BASS CO.* INDIAN W( TibUa. Bayu. Rhythm Loopo Me. (JJ, 016 DIGIT4 " - . BhyOnn toopi *¦ (IT) 017 BRASS OK FAR EAST Tibnaa BeDv Ymaqoa. Ibaoac. (II) oilSYKTH . _ _ „ 020 STRINGS nrjssiisssa. Sess-* 010 DRUM KIT Bui H *i.H.-Hm.CywroMtT« U orc.ans 011 ANALOG P*R(. TR-aORCR
T8.Looa.ee (64) Q24»UL3 012 LATIN PRRC. TM.C IM.,C«WU« .10’, q* SOUND fX DIGITALLY MASTERED SAMPLES IFF SOUND SAMPLE I.IBRARIFS Dll GUITARS 007 OCEANIA vriA** '5flv@(rlbSrdJ-: 0*«jk ond monty onion only lo SdYorbird Dope (U7,47 loflon Hood. HoHington, Bedfordshire, IDS Sold only » ports ol No lor (S 20 PltlS poolS yorki* UK “S'S. Bxopo BFPO SI .50, rest ot *0 raid C.S0 ...now you eon wrlto tho keyboard commands on the keyboardI ...no more referring fo the manual for which key does whal Gttsni for ywx favourite program ond speed up the humon inlsrfoce • brifiont fa Right end other simulators,
ond for gomes, musk, graphics, OTP, word processors, programmers & ol.
A. tyo-T- Uu s Lq Jj in &luxAtlityruil Kosmos are specialist
producers of Educational Software designed to help you enjoy
learning from your computer. Versions are available for most
popular home & business computers. Many ot our programs even
allow you to add your own lesson material.
French, Spanish German, Italian Science, History Geography English Words Spelling Arithmetic Football, Sport First Aid General Knowledge England, Scotland Natural History I Write or telephone (or our NEW FREE 16-page COLOUR BROCHURE of Educational & Leisure software LET YOUR COMPUTER HELP WTTH THE NATIONAL CURRICULUM Kotmos Software Ud. FREEPOST (no itamp needed In UK) DUNSTABLE, Beds. LUS 6BR Telephone 0525 873942 or 875406 E3 VIDEO USERS!!
Videoware presents a new and innovative concept in video titling.
THE VIDEO GOLD COLLECTION This is the product you have been waiting for!!
For more details turn to page 96.
BACKCHAT MUSIC MAESTRO After reading your entertaining article on 'Sound Advice' I found myself with some interesting remarks to make.
1) The cheapest way of mixing sound (and connecting computer,
monitor, key- Ooard and tape recorder) is buying some T leads
at your local Tandy shop.
2) Instead of stealing beat-tracks from various Cds, you could
easily make them yourself! All you need to do is sample (at
high quality) some drums and other instruments you might need.
Make your own backing track, spread over 4 tracks in your
sequencer(Soundfracker-or MED).
Keep It short - to roughly t6 note positions. Record this on tape and sample it back into your computer. And there you have it: one nice backing track and 3 channels still remaining!
3) As I have performed live with the A500 and a Casio CT47.1 know
that there is no real need for expensive equipment, just good
quality samples and a great deal ot talent.
4) We musicians (and I speak for a few) are not satisfied with
the way things are going on the PD market these days.
There Is practically no room lor original and or progressive music lo get published, but lots of space is given to what we call 'stolen' software. Why does everyone find it normal to sample complete pieces of copyrighted music? Isn't there a law against that in Britain?
Man Hugo, Belgium WRESTLE FIX I have recently been reading a lot ot negative reviews about Ocean’s WWF Wrestlemania. I have recently bought Wrestling Masters trom E.S.P software, who advertise in your cool mag! The game cost £19.95, but It's certainly worth the outlay as It's far superior to Ocean's effort. Why not check it out... Scon Carter. Surrey.
A600 BLUES I have iust finished reading the cover feature in the June edition of CU Amiga I am beginning to wonder if Commodore know what they are doing. They bring out the A500» just before the Christmas rush, probably knowing the A600 and A570 were on the production line, and then discontinue the A500+ line six months later.
Not only did Ihe A500* bring compatibility problems, but the A600 is now rumoured to have the same trouble. As I am a A500* owner I am glad to see that the A600 has almost the same 2.0 kickstart, so the games market lor the A500* will not disappear over night.
Rita DeanMn. Sheffield.
A600 BLUES 2 Commodore have undeniably done quite well with the Amiga, Out with a product like the Amiga it's quite hard to go wrong.
The A500* and A600 are obviously good machines but would be so much better if they had received the proper release and support they deserved. Leaving third party developers and magazines such as yours to pick up the pieces and explain things to the bewildered public is inexcusable. The mind boggles to think what could have happened if the Amiga had fallen into the hands of a half-competent computer manufacturer. Good God.
Commodore! What the hell are you playing at?
Stephan Sweet, Kent.
II certainly looks like Commodore have angered a lew people with the teleasa ot the A600 so soon after the A500*. Who knows what people's reactions will be when the 32-bit MOO Is released in the Spring ot next year. Do Commodore really deserve the Amiga? Will incompatibility problems rear their ugly head once moro? I'm all for Innovation and change, but with three new Amigas and a new version ol the COTV in development, It's certainly difficult to know exactly which machine is best sailed for which purposes.
GB ROUTE I bet there are lots of Amiga users out there still struggling to install GBRoute It didn't take me long but I found it a bit tedious to have to search out the Explode' tile which you tailed to mention as necessary. Precise instructions or a script file would have been most welcome. And ifs so easy to make it auto-run but you chose not to mention that either.
The program itself? Crap. Despite its fairly good reviews I consider it outrageous that a program can be sold, updated to version 1.02, distributed on a magazine coverdisk, and still be seriously bugged.
The enclosed print-out shows both the fastest and shortest routes from Dunstable to Pontypridd. The summary of the Fastest route shows the Total Time as 03:36, not 02:42 as shown In the Cumulative column Total cost is shown as £12.08. it should of course be £14 80 It appears the program takes the Shortest figures for Time and Cost when printing both charts, even if the Shortest route has not been requested. The correct figures are shown on screen, so why aren't they printed?
I'm still looking for a place called 'Berkhamstead' on my Ordnance survey maps. The closest I've found so far is 'Berkhamsted'. I wonder how many more bugs and spelling mistakes there are?
Sim Ellison. DunstiMe Apologies, once again, lor tha GB Route cock-up - we ll certainly print clearer instructions In future. As lor the program Itself, I think It's brilliant. Admittedly, there are a few bugs, but then what program hasn't? As the only one of its kind
• a tke Amiga. It's better than nothing.
SCORES ON THE DOORS T I read your article Scores On The Doors' regarding the problems connected with the greatly-increased scoring' of computer games, with considerable interest but with a growing feeling that you were actually missing the port si a big way It seems to me that the evaluation of games by giving a mark out of 100 is a completely meaningless exercise - its only discernible purpose being to save the critic Irom .the bother of expressing his feelings about that game in words that adequately convey those feelings to the reader II one is scoring games out of 100, then the scores
must have either an absolute or a relative value or possibly both It is clear that the scores cannot be absolute values in that they are not actually the measure of anything tangible. 90% is 90 out of 100 what? Does it mean that the game is nine tenths of the way to being a perfect game? If so, what on Earth Is a perfect game? If it does not mean that then what does it mean?
The scoring is equally useless if we treat all marks as relative. Suppose, tor example, that one game is scored 90% and another 89%. The difference is so small that by itself it is an inadequate guide to the relative merits of the two games and the only way that the' reader can properly separate the games therefore is to re-read the text of the articles tor each game's respective good and bad points and, if the article tells him that, then he does not need the mark in the first place.
Scoring as comparison is no more helpful over wide marking discrepancies.
Take a game with a score of 90% and compare it with a game given just 45%. In relative terms, one is twice as good as the other. That is surely not what the maker in such a case would be wishing to convey since the 90% game would presumably be outstanding and the 45% game very poor and would in no way be half as good as the better game. In fact, the 45% game might not be considered by the reviewer to be worthy of purchase at all.
The use of figures gives a quasi-scien- titic air to an evaluation exercise that is essentially one of opinion. Numbers and percentages are not used in everyday conversation to express relative values of quality precisely because they do it so badly. People do not say 'I saw a 75% programme on television last night' because it conveys nothing to the listener.
Use of simple English terms and expressions like 'good', 'bad', 'better', worse', etc. may appear less precise but tell the reader a whole lot more about the feelings of the writer than presenting him with a number and more or less telling him to make what he can out of It.
Book reviewers do not give marks out of 100 for a book. They tell you about the book, they discuss its merits and demerits and they then leave the deciding process up to the reader. The games reviewer should do the same and if, at the end of it, they are unable to express his views in literary form sufficiently cogently not to need to give a mark to summarise it, he or she should not be a reviewer.
The greatest Irony is that the reviewers in your magazine do In fact sum up the qualities of a game in their articles very well and have no need of a scoring system which as often as not seems to bear no relation to the excellent article above it and detracts from rather than adds to the overall quality of criticism.
JP Silver. WceUac.
SCORES ON THE DOORS 2 I write in response to your Points of View column (CU July 1992).
I run a small (very small) Public Domain library. One of the things I do each month is to wade through the PD sections of all the main Amiga magazines and add the review scores to my database so that I can give an accurate score for each program in my catalogue. I know that when you wrote your column you had commercial software reviews in mind rather than PD but of course the principles are the same.
As I have said. I personally get some use from the system ot marking programs as percentage ratings or as marks out of ten, but I nevertheless feel that it would be better all round if. Instead of giving a mark where 81% is better than 80%. A moft) general indication along the lines of 'good', 'fair', 'excellent', 'rubbish', etc., were given. Reviews are in any case far too subiective to make a precise marking meaningful, and as you point out yourself, what do you do when you've marked something highly and something even better comes along? How do you beat a perfect ten in Olympic
If software continues to improve, and like any other field of human endeavour, it certainly should, then theoretically we must ultimately reach the point where 100% is awarded regularly. How will you then distinguish a program which surpasses all others? True, you can fust as easily run out of superlatives in verbal desenptions, but these descriptions do find their own level, so to speak, when standards change. By that. I mean that something described as 'superb' ten years ago will not devalue the same description being applied to a far superior product today As standards change, so does the
reader's interpretation of the description and consequently his expectations from the product.
The marking system does not allow this dynamic reassessment of relative BACKCHAT
* standards. A rating becomes a watermark, anything higher is
better and anything lower is poorer, regardless ot the general
standards ot the times. Further, by being so specific and
precise, much emphasis might be put on a difference ol a couple
ot points which may not really be merited.
This, too, will cause sguabbles and moans from the software companies.
In tact, according to my database, the differences between different reviews are not as great as one might expect. There are exceptions, for example the music demo DeadBeat Vol I received 75% from your reviewer in your June issue, while the same month Public Domain magazine slated it with just 25%. Broadly speaking, though, reviewers do tend to concur in their assessments ot what is good, bad or indifferent. Again, the rating system seems to force attention on what are really very marginal differences - so-and- so gave it 77% but this chap’s only given it 75% and so on.
I must say. With apologies, that I disagree with your stated policy of only reviewing good software. Your reviewers must presumably spend some time with such stuff in order to reach the conclusion that it's not good enough, and I for one would like to know what they found.
When buying software you cant always find a review for it, so you go ahead and buy it. It may be that on occasions disappointments could have been avoided if we'd known that CU Amiga binned it! I'd also question the wisdom of this policy from the point of view ot inspiring confidence In your reviews. I know you say you only review the best, but you must realise how it reads when everything glows. Some readers may begin to wonder whether you are ever critical ol anything. Are you really sure that you are not just avoiding possible conflicts with advertisers?
OavM Millar. Ctwytl.
SCORES ON THE DOORS 3 My feelings on your comments about game reviews are as follows: It is essential that readers can Trust' a magazine to review games talrly. It a game is a load ot rubbish (and many of them are!), but a review still gives it a reasonable rating, it becomes Impossible for the reader to determine the good games from the bad. If a magazine is prepared to give a mark of 10 or 20% for a review ol a bad game, the reader is more likely to believe that a game which gets 90% rating is worth buying!
Editorial independence from the software houses is also of fundamental importance - once a magazine allows a review to be influenced by the publisher, the reader's Trusf Is lost.
As you say, the standard of Amiga games is improving all the time. It would be ridiculous for review ratings to match this improvement as all current games would now be scoring between 300 and 400% based on 1987 scales (well, most of them anyway!). Games should be reviewed against the current standard only. This would mean that It older games were re-reviewed today, they would score lower than they did originally, to reflect the general improvement in standards since they were released. The standard ter judging budget software should be lower to reflect the lower price.
You said in your column that a perfect’ score is only just around the comer.
In tact, a rating of 100% was given to Xenon II a couple ot years ago by a rival mag. They then had a problem the next month when Battle Squadron ms released, as it was significantly better than Xenon II. They of course had to give it more than 100%. So they did!!
Garalh Kitchener, Shelters.
This Is only a small selection of the lot- ten we had about Dan s rent in Points of View in the July Issue. The vest me|ortty were in favour ol abandoning a percentage-based scoring system and letting the reviews speak lor themselves. I can obviously see the advantages In doing so, but computer game mags have traditionally used a percentage score when marking games. Is It lime we abandoned this principle and adopted a more mature stance? Should a game stand or tail on the quality ol the written word?
Please write in and let us know your thoughts, as we're teetering on Ihe edge ol abandoning the pecenlage-based system once and lor all - and It could be YOUR letter that settles the argument.
AMIGA vs MEGADRIVE For the last couple of months, I have been in two minds as to whether to purchase a Sega Megadrive or Amiga A500. Alter purchasing your magazine and making a tew enquiries, I decided on the Amiga.
I am extremely pleased with the Amiga, it's just so much more versatile.
Even though the initial cost is slightly more expensive than the Megadrive, the Amiga range ot software is greater and generally much cheaper.
Mike Grsen, Sumy.
Hmmmm, a variation on a theme, perhaps, but one we'd like to comment on anyway. II seems that everyone wants to jump on the console bandwagon at the moment, but they forget the versatility that the Amiga otters. It's all well and good playing games all the time, but what happens when you want to write a letter, compile a report, hack around with screen shots taken directly from a game, draw a picture, compose a tune, etc? Yep. The humble Amiga is there, ready and waiting at your disposal - so don't neglect it.
BATH TIME In the May issue of CU Amiga, you printed a man in a bathtub playing with a rubber duck! I read the contents of the page - which was all about the obscene price of computer games - but there was no reference to this picture! Why was it there, and who is he?
Hlsham A. Rahman Khallla, Bahrain.
The sad Individual in the bath tub was, in lad, none other than CU contributor, Rik Haynes. Unfortunately, just after the photo was taken. Rlk disappeared down the plug hole and has never been seen since. A major loss to the software Industry and we'll miss him (like a hole In the head).
PC vs AMIGA 1 I know a tew people, myself Included, have consideied replacing their Amiga with a 486 computer. Alter all. Lor the same price as an A3000 (or even less) you can get a computer with a taster processor. 8Mb ol RAM. A 200Mb bard disk, graphics with a resolution ol 1024'768'256 and 640'480'32768 or mote, and an 8 bit stereo sound board with tens ol FM channels in addition and a built in sampler. MIDI and CO-ROM interface.
Not only that, but the Amiga has very tew soltware development platlorms which are easy lor the programmer (I only know ol Highspeed Pascal), while the PC has Turbo-everything. Visual Basic, and other neat stuff. And as lor games - once all graphic designs were created on the Amiga and ported to other machines. Now most games are developed in 256 colours and potted to the Amiga. Even so. I really dislike the PC architecture and the processor within. It s totally uneiciting. And not integrated very well. But it this architecture gives better results than the elegant one ol the Amiga, and lor
a cheaper price, why should I stay with the Amiga?
I hope that Commodore get their act together soon. I read the Ultimate Amiga' in the May issue (this letter is a response to that), and my opinion is that Ihe lirst thing Commodore should do is to give the entry level Amigas 256 colours in low-res. With an enhanced palette, so that at least the Amiga would remain a competitive games machine. Soltware companies will probably support this mode because they will be able lo use the same graphics developed tor the PC.
As lor higher level Amigas. Commodore should do something really innovative with them - make them better than other computers - just like the Amiga was in '85. I'm not sure it is possible, and I have no laith in Commodore when it comes to innovations. IBM now goes lor a 2.8Mb disk drive, and on the Commodore front t 4Mb is still a rumour. II Commodore could licence the new Japanese mini disks - rewritable optical disks with a 128Mb capacity, that might be more interesting. Why not use the new I Ons cached memories to allow a 68040 and a hi-res true-colour video controller to access memory in
a similar way to today s Amiga architecture? A relatively cheap 68LC040168040 without floating point processor) can be used to produce an ineipenslve but powerful new Amiga.
But I know Commodore - they wilt put out a 68020 machine as their new flagship, and will probably let us use two 16-bil sound channels instead ot lour 8-bit ones. And maybe even give us 64 colours instead ol 32 plus hallbright - Wow! I'm |ust waiting lor that day. So i can say I told you so,' and go out and buy my 586 with true colour. 32 16-bit channels, a video processor and Digital Signal Processor. 20Mb diskettes and 1G hard disk tor a lower price.
Eyal Teler, Israel.
AMIGA vs PC 2 As a prolessional Ireelance programmer. I thought I'd air my views on a lew subjects. In response to E. Gray Irom Middlesei CU Amiga, Backchat. July) - don't bother writing about anything you obviously know bugger all about! Here we go again, the PC vs Amiga debate... Fact: The Amiga doesn't run at 3MHz as stated by E. Gray. Its processor (tor the Amina models containing a 68000 processor) is 7.14MHz. Generally, a 68000 rs roughly eguivalent to an 80286 processor lound in PC AT machines).
Just because the processor runs at 33MHz doesn't mean its blisterringly fast - the PC processor setup is based upon eitended 8 bit architecture in order to remain compatible with XT models). Add a slow hard disk, high resolution display and crap MSOOS with Windows and you'll see how last’ a 33 Mhz processor is! The 680X0 family was based on 32-bit architecture right from the beginning. I've not even mentioned the crap memory addressing system on 80X86 processors - segmented slow addressing - with eitended or eipanded memory just to get above 1MB. Has E. Grey ever seen how last' a PC runs at
3276B colours with 800x600 resolution? Even at 256 colour mode things are slow. Fact: The bigger colours and the higher resolution means slow tunning.
Why do you think you never see any games run in HAM mode?
Okay. E. Grey. Try out a PC and use Windows v3.1 or Paintbrush, then come back to an Amiga with Dpaint- then argue with me! For a decent' PC setup you'll need: 4Mb ol memory. 130Mb hard drive. 2Mb VGA card and 486 processor. Think how much that lot will cost you! The Amiga might be out-ot-date.
But the new 'AA' chip set is coming, just be patient.
An Angry Programmer, Scotland.
The argument continues unabated about the individual merits ol both the Amiga and PC. II you haven't had your say yet, you'd better hurry up belore we move onto other, more enlightened topics.
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Parameters: duplicates disk protection exactly. Gets nd of protections schemes. £44.99 Internal & External floppy 2S6K x 4 DRAMS £4.99 I MB x 1 DRAMS £4.99 1MB x 9Simms £44.99 Direct replacement requires no case modification £49.99 External sliminc floppy drive £59.99 Includes free software Just how easy is it to educate your child at home? With computers now playing an integral part in home learning how good is the software available. Mike Gerrard talks to Gill and Steve Crippen about the problems they have faced... x _r Rve-yMT-okf Matthew Crippen anting at hto Amiga. Whereas mod kid*
hi* ugt quit* content lo btMt the naatkM In, say. Protect X. Matthew prefer* lo tinker wttti PtgNDum 2~ school's DOING IT YOURSELF AI a time ot year when children dread the end ot the school holidays as much as their parents look forward to it. There are many other families lor whom school holidays simply don't exist. They are the ones who educate their children at home. It's estimated that there are at least 10,000 children outside the school system. The number may easily be twice as high, swollen by those who escape the net ol government statistics completely Many are members ol Education
Otherwise (see separate box), a group which believes that parents have the right to educate their children in the way that they choose. The law agrees with them: education is compulsory, but school isn't.
EDUCATION OTHERWISE Education Otherwise was established in 1977 and now has 2400 members around the world, though mostly in the UK. There are many local groups,' says Publicity Officer Jane Lowe, usually organised on a county by county basis.'
Membership costs E12.50 a year, which provides a bi-monthly newsletter, a list of members and all the support and information you might need. The legal situation.’ Jane eiplains. ‘is that if your child hasn't yet attended school, then you needn’t intorm anyone that you intend to educate them at home. If your child has attended school then you must inform the school and the Local Education Authority that you intend to withdraw them and educate them at home. They’ll send an Inspector round to see what arrangements you've made. The Inspector will usually visit once a year to see how the children
are getting on. But they tend to be more concerned with the older children, and obviously every authority and every family is a different situation.'
Education Otherwise is at 36 Kinross Road, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV32 7EF. Its helpline phone number is 0926-886828. And it has a special helpline tor dealing with problems ot school phobia: 0304-210997.
Gill Crippen, who lives in Hemel Hempstead, read about the organisation in a woman's magazine several years ago, and turned to EO when she and her husband, Steve, withdrew their son trom school due to the problems he was having. They now educate Matthew. 5. And his younger sister Sarah, 3. At home - with the help ol their trusty Amiga, ol course!
¦Matthew has been to school,' Gill Crtppen explains. 'In tact, he started when he was lour. I was watching a TV programme once about MENSA children. They were showing some incredibly clever children ol seven, and I thought: hang on, my Matthew can do that and he’s only three!'
MENSA sent torms lor Matthew to complete, and, as a result, advised the Chppens to have him assessed by an Educational Psychologist 'We went to Hartey Street to see a woman called Margaret Pollock,' Gill continues, and she said that Matthew was the most gitted under-live she'd ever tested and that he had the 10 ol a nine-year-old.
She also said that he should go into a pnmary school as fast as possible. We had a huge light with the local authority to get him in, but eventually he was put in with the live and six-year-olds.’ PULLED BACK However, what should have been an exciting time for Matthew proved to be a disaster. Instead of being a help, his high IQ was a hindrance: he was so much brighter than the other children that he began to be bullied, coming home with bruises. He was also bored with the work. ‘He used to come home from school disgusted at the simple things they had to do. He came home one day and said, 'We
had to count buckets!’ He couldn't see the logic in it. He didn’t see why you had to count buck- ' ets: why couldn't you count numbers? He could blue pages EDUCATION recent return visit to the Educational Psychologist, he was assessed as having the IQ ol a twelve-year-old And you can believe it as you watch him using the Amiga, concentrating on his tavourite programme, which is not Fun School or Lemmings, But the DTP program, Pageslream 2. ’He loves it,’ Gill says. 'He’d spend all day on the computer if I let him. We tend lo do two hours ol education' every morning. Irom eight o'clock until
ten o'clock, and the rest ol the day is 'play' But we leam Irom playing, ol course.’ So what are Gill and Steve's qualifications for teaching? 'None at all.’ Steve says. I hated school and lelt at 15. Gill left al 18. We re neither ol us qualified, so I think we’ve proved that you can do it.'
Gill uses Pageslream 2 to prepare work sheets lor projects - they're currently doing Transport - and Matthew uses it to write his own letters to Iriends and others. He recently wrote to NASA as he wanted to see one of their satellites, and when he wondered how a ship was built he wrote to a ship builder to find out.'
Multiply and divide when he went to school, But he had to go back to counting buckets. He said. 'I'm really disappointed with school. I thought I was going to leam to read and write and all we did was count buckets and play with sand.'
'And he couldn't understand,' Gill adds, 'why a six-year-old was still drawing a picture ol the sun with a lace on it. He said: 'Don't they realise it's just a star?' But the more he said, the more he was disliked ’ Alter eight months, the Cripperts withdrew Matthew Irom school, joined Education Otherwise ENTER THE AMIGA Steve Cnppen originally considered buying an Amiga to both play games on and to help him with his site clearance and roofing company Now he's lucky il he gets a look-in. 'I'm delighted,' he says, that Matthew is proficient at a program like
- and bought an Amiga. Alter a slow start, Matthew's IQ continued
to increase and. Alter a out Pageslream 2, and we haven't even
covered hall ol what it will do. It's a fantastic program. He
loves playing with it, and of course he's learning a lot Irom
it - reading, lor one thing.
There are some very long, words on those drop-down menus. He'll say to me. Dad, what does 'append' mean?'So I'll tell him and then lor the next lew days he’ll be saying, 'I’m just going lo append this picture to that text.'
His sister Sarah prefers Lemmings, which meets with mum’s approval. 'I think that’s a brilliant game,' Gill says, 'because it makes them think.
You really have to figure things out well to get through the screens, and it's not aggressive. I don't like these shoot 'em up games, although Matthew loves them.'
Their 500 Plus was bought at about the time Matthew was removed Irom school, and has since acquired a second disk drive. 2Mb ol memory and a Star LC200 colour printer Steve provides images lor the children to use in Pageslream 2 by digitising footage from his camcorder.
He also has his eye on a hard drive: 'I might even sell the lot,’ he says, 'and get an Amiga 2000.’ 'We don't think about school holidays.' Gill says. ‘My whole life is dedicated to the children, though I do sometimes think: oh. I’d love to send them to school today. But thafs only now and again. I’ve only got to remind myself how unhappy Matthew was. But it's mostly good fun. They've both got a terrific sense ol humour and are great to be with. The main priority we have is that he has a happy childhood, and that's all we want. At the moment he's getting a good education and he’s happy and
that's what counts.' © EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE BROUGHT TO BOOK Parents baffled by the Increasing amount of ede- cational software available tor tfie Amiga will soon have a boob to help them sort the wheat from the chaff. CU Amiga contributor Pat Wiastaaley. Herself the mother ot two children, Is writing the Home Educational Software Buide.
It's aimed,' she says, at parents who probably don't bate a clue as to which type of educational package Is best for their children.
It's done In two sections, the first about how to choose software, what to look for, what to avoid, what type of gone suits what type ol child, how many ef the manufacturer's claims to believe, things like that.
The nail section covers lots ol educational fames daao In a magazine reviewing style with rettafs. Comments and screen shots from the games. Nr the Amiga I'd say there are probably at least fifty educational programs reviewed.'
The Idea fer the book was Pat’s, and has bsea babbling under Hi her mind for the past IB there is nothing like It An approach to publishers Kuma turned an Idea Into a deadline, which her children helped bar meet. 'They’ve been my testers all ateeg. One Is seven, the other nine, wMcb Is bandy because they can also help me test stuff ter ye pet children and to some eitent for the elder ddldrea too. Though I also roped in other local children to help me with some of the soft- wan aimed at older children.'
In what are some of the conclusions she's reached? Tdalaly,' she says, 'that the age ranges given ea the packaging are often wildly Inaccurate. They obviously aim very much at the , average ape but they can easily be a year or men net either way, depending on the ability el ladtvtdnal children. Thera are also very dilferent types ef educational games, and how good they an ter year child depends on whethor they enjoy that type of game. The arcade-type games obvl- oesly appeal to children who are good at that kind ef game, bet it your child Isn't then they won't get as much out of It Tw not
limiting it to |ust software that's labelled educational, but also programs such as Papaides aad Caplin, which are said as games bet are meek more than that - they do have educational valee. And require a great deal ef skill to play them. Many of the programs don't actually teach, they simply prevlde practice - which tstine, as long as yea know that's what you’re getting.'
We'll be reviewing the book when available, which should be sometime In the autumn at a price of £14.95 (For more Info contact kuma on 0734-844335).
NEXT MONTH Mike takes a look at more of the Amiga's growing uses as an indis- penable education tool.
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Anthony Carpendale. Z6 THE IMMORTAL I recently bought this budget game and I'm stuck at the end of level two. I have killed the Goblin King to get the combination, but It makes no sense. Could someone please tell me the combination? Please!
Anthony Carpondale. Z7 THE MANAGER Please, please, please, can someone he* me?
Has anyone got a cheat or code to get loads of money or to get into the First Division easily?
Please help as rm starting to get extremely frustrated with the game and It just may start taking flying lessons... Daniel Smith, 2S CAPTAIN PLANET On level three (The Jungle) I’m findng it quite impossible to find my way around Please could you help?
Stephen Hudyhe. 29 SENSIBLE SOCCER I'm really crap at this game Al my friends rack up the goals when they're playing against me. I've even chosen Brazil, but still I get a thrashing. Is there some kind of cheat so that I could win every tackle or nobble the opposition's goalie?
Mark Dustin, 210 DUNE It’s easy to get Into, but once I’ve got spice production underway, that's all I seem to do. I've minetfa mountain of the drug, but am still toiling away waiting lor somettwig exciting to happen But, as yet.
Nothing. Surely there’s more to this game?
I. Tit RISKY WOODS Has anyone got a level skip or infinite lives
cheat for this excellent slash 'em up platform game? I can
only just manage to get to level three before the skeleton
hordes overcome me.
P*t Stalker, Z12 COVERGIRL POKER Has anyone got a cheat to make the girlies drop their kit at the press of a button? Dribble, dribble Mark Storsy. 213 JOHN BARNES This game plays at a snail's pace. Is there a super- fast mode ot am I just being Incredibly hopeful?
1. 214 RESPONSES LAST NINJA 3 Y2 There's no cheat, but here are
all the level codes: Level 1 - SUSS Level 2 - IMED Level 3 -
URTl Level 4 - BASD Level 5 - NOUS Level 6- RERO CAR-VUP Y3
Enter your name as R.J.TOONE (no spaces) on the high score
table tor infinite lives. Altemativoly.
Type In BUMPER for Infinite bumpers, or PUSSYCAT for nine extra lives.
Type BARMY CAR during the game for an extra 1000 points. WOOAARRGGH for faster turns and WHOOPSIE to skip the level.
Adrian Johnson. York.
RAINBOW ISLANDS Y4 Type m the following codes on the title screen for different effects BLRBJSBJ (permanent fast shoes) RJS8JSBR (permanent double rainbows) SSSSLLRRS (permanent fast rainbows) LBSJRLJL (permanent book of continues) RRLLB8JS (all hidden food becomes money bags) SBBJSLSB (increase counter size) BJBJ8JRS (first hint) UKSKBLS (second hint) SJBLRJSR (slow meanies down) SRBJSLSB (increases score counter to 100,000,000 points).
Dan Waafey. Buckingham.
FINAL FIGHT Y5 To make yourself Invulnerable to hits and locks, watch the Intro screen until the bloke asks Mike Hagai to turn on the tely. Then press the Help key five times to activate thekbeat Marvin Orulan. Hlghgate. '' AGONY Y6 While In play, type the following keys: Ft - Sword appears under owl F2 - Sword appears above owl F3 - Bullets become enlarged Press F3 three times for an extra life Slava Rlx. Southport.
KICK OFF 2 YIO For a successful free kick, keep your finger on the firebutton. Push the (oystick forward, let go of the firebutton and press It again to control the ball and turn the joystick any way you want to curt It Duncan Karr, Glasgow MIDNIGHT RESISTANCE Yl T On the title screen, type in ITS EASY WHEN YOU KNOW HOW (including spaces) for Infinite lives and energy.
ADDAMS FAMILY Y12 In the hallway, go to the bottom left and press up to reveal a hidden door. On the next screen.
Rtectty above, is another hidden door to yet more doors and extra lives On the continue
• creen, go left off the screen to get four more
• vee Enter BLS1T as a password to go to the last level.
Lee Rowland. West Yorkuhlru JOHN MADDENS FOOTBALL XI2 Here are the passwords lor the later stages of the game 0540300-Quarter final 0150361 - Semifinal 0550361 - S iefbowl fetal I hope these help.. If Apidya is bugging you or Hulk Hogan is still getting a kicking in Ocean’s WWF, then fret no more. CU Amiga is here with all the cheats and tips you are ever likely to need... small tips CHROME I must say I really liked your free Chrome game on one of your coverdislcs. After hours of play, here are Ihe codes lor each level: Level!-Start Level 2-Truth Level 3-Jelly Level t - Story Level 5-Cloud
Level 6-Mouse Level7-Hunun Level 8-Floor Level9-Paper Level 10-Earth Level 11 - Seace Level 12-Genam Level 13-Apple Level 14-Juice level 15-Chess level 16-World Level 17-Audio Level t8 - Logic Level 19-Title Level 20-Venus APIDYA If you're having trouble vanquishing the insect horOes in this tough shoot 'em up. Here are the access codes to each stage Type in the toRowmg words on the title screen and then press return 2nd Stage mrsshoneybee 3rd Stage: deputyoftove 4th Stage: hastatavrsta 5th Stage: snealpreview Finale: showcredits SUPREMACY Virgin's complex space strategy game has lew cheats,
but II you're alter unlimited fuel, scrap a solar satellite on a planet which already has sufficient reserves ot tuel and you'll be granted 30,000 tonnes ol liquid tuel.
WWF WRESTLEMANIA It you want lo become the world's best wrestling champ, pause the game during during a bout, type 'HULKHOGANWEARSTIGHTYELLOWKNICKERS' and then ungause the game The light vrdl now finish with you as the winner HOW TO USE HELPLINE HELPLINE It s easy Just sens ia your letter mating you envelope witti Ihe appropriate code mimbef il yea are sending a response or marl II Enquiry il yon need some help Also as lltose nice chaps at Microprose are Ihe sponsors ol our Helpline, anyone whose reply is printed will receive one ol Ihe lelhury based copmpany's games Post your tellers lo:
BATTLE SQUADRON This hnely-honed (but tarty short) blaster has two very simple cheats
t. For invincrtMlrty. Type CASTOR' whde playing. The screen will
Hash green to indicate the cheat is active and you'll now find
you have unlimflid amounts ot energy Pressing F6-F10 w* cycle
through the weapons and F1 - F5 will give different power
2. Typing in ELECTRONIC’ win enable you to cus-.
Tomrse the game to hap suit each stage Pressing F1 to F6 Will change the range ol your shot, whde F7 to FI 0 wll cycle through tl MAGIC POCKETS When you lose your Sst Me. Map yow Unger on the hre- Dutton and me game wM start agawi. Out yow score won t have reset Keep doing dm wrt you've reached 100,000 at which port youl become super-powered NIGHTBREED Although fairly playable, we never really went a bundle on this rather lame licence. Out as It's on budget now. You may feel Ihe need lo extend its longevity with a simple cheat. It so. Type RISEN FROM THE DEAD' tor infinite lives.
POOLS OF RADIANCE When an enemy is about to mam his move, press Alt and X (or AN and A) A message vrt pop up announcing The Gods Intervene and youl win the tight Tim can be repeated when necessary and will also work with most ol SSI's AD&D PARASOL STARS For all you Bub and Bob diehards. Here's a bnlliant cheat mode tor Ocean's latest platform romp. Type -CYNIX' during the game to enter cheat mode, then type: C - lor extra credits T-to end a stage D-todie G-to loll all nasties X-to skip to an extra level B - tor a bonus screen Ft-10 - to skip a particular level M-to get all three stars 1-7-to
skip a stage.
PUSHOVER Curvy Colin has set some dastanty puzzles to atom to this amazing Ocean game Here are a* 100 tort carte Laval Code Levtl Cart 1 00512 51 21534 2 01536 52 23582 3 01024 53 24094 4 03072 54 23070 5 03584 55 22558 6 02560 56 18494 7 02048 57 19006 8 06144 58 20030 9 08656 59 19518 10 07680 60 17470 11 07168 61 17982 12 05122 62 16956 13 05634 63 16510 14 04610 64 16511 15 04098 65 17023 16 12290 66 16047 17 12802 67 17535 18 13826 66 19583 19 13314 69 20095 20 15362 70 19071 21 15878 71 18559 22 14654 72 22655 23 14342 73 23167 24 10246 74 24191 25 10756 75 23679 26 11782 76 21631 27
11270 77 22143 24 09222 78 21247 29 09734 79 20735 30 08718 80 28927 31 08206 81 29439 32 24590 82 30463 33 25102 83 29951 34 26126 *• 84 31999 35 25614 85 32511 36 27662 86 31487 37 28174 87 30975 38 27150 88 26879 39 26638 89 27647 40 30734 90 28671 41 31246 91 28159 42 32270 92 26111 43 31774 93 26623 44 29726 94 25599 45 30236 95 25087 46 29214 96 06703 47 26702 97 09215 4B 20510 98 10239 49 21022 99 09727 50 22046 100 11775 UPGRADE UNCERTAINTY Should I upgrade my Amiga ... 500 lo a bigger Sand better
• machine, or ’ should I perhaps buy a brand new computer
Although my A500 is a super machine. I think that it's totally useless when put next to any other Commodore machine except the C64.
Andrew Rawson, Handsworlh, Sheffield I suppose It depends on what you want to use your computer for, and against which machines you're comparing It to. If you want to use It for graphics and you compare If against a Quantel Paintbox, of course the Amiga will look Inferior.
I've spent a great deal of time recently comparing the Amiga against 16-blt games consoles, and although there are a few outstanding titles on these machines, I (and many others) still think that the Amiga Is clearly superior.
If you want to use your Amiga to play a few games, dabble with a few utilities, perhaps draw some pictures, or create some music, a standard A500 with expanded memory Is more than enough. If you want to move Into more serious areas, such as video production, 3D rendering, or programming, you will benefit with a taster machine with more memory. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to buy an A3000; you can upgrade your A500 to the required level quite cheaply.
Incidentally, rumours ot a new Amiga (provisionally called the A500), have now been confirmed and, by all accounts, the machine (which will supposedly be launched early next year) will form a reasonably- priced bridge between the A500 and the A3000.
COLOUR UPGRADE I've owned a Citizen 1200+ printer since last Christmas.
And I'm very pleased with its black j* and white printing, but would also like to have colour. I heard from a friend that I can buy colour upgrades for it. Is this true?
If so, how good are they, where can I get them from, and how easy are they to fit?
David Cowhlg, Cwmbran, Wales Unfortunately, Citizen don't make a colour upgrade kit for the 120D+.
However, don't worry too much, you can still print In colour using your printer.
Care electronics have a special colour separation kit, complete with three coloured ribbons for £39.95. They are available for all the most popular nine-pin dot matrix printers, and let you build up colour images by printing each picture out three or four times using different coloured ribbons. Contact Care at 800 St Albans Road, Garston, Watford, Herts, WD2 6NL. Or call them on 0923 894064.
GAMES ARE SLOW Mat Broomfield is here with a cool flannel to swab your fevered brows and ease your problems.
I own a 1 Mb A500 and was considering buy- |n9 a hard drive in the near future BfY At,e,pur- chasing PSS's Harpoon, I became a fan almost at once, but when embarking upon large campaigns, there is a severe delay between mouse clicks and the onscreen response, sometimes even causing the program to crash.
I've heard of a piece of hardware called a maths coprocessor and, considering that the game revolves around constant equations and computations, I wondered if this would increase its running speed? Would a maths chip also affect the running of games such as Rainbow Islands and Falcorrt Darren Smith, Ashton-Under- Lyne, Manchester I'm not entirely convinced that a faster processor would help. Two other possibilities spring to mind, and you can check them out to see if they Improve the situation.
When most programs load, they reserve a special area of memory for calculations called the Stack. M this area Is Insufficient, the program will almost certainly crash. You could try Increasing the stack by going to CLI or Shell and typing STACK 30000 retum before you load
II. Alternatively, you could check the size of the current
stack by looking at the program's startup sequence or using
the Info (Information on 2.0 machines) menu option from
Workbench to check its Icon tor a stack command.
Another possibility Is that your computer doesn't have sufficient memory to support the stack size the program Is requesting. If the program In some way allocates stack space according to Its requirements, more complex campaigns would require more memory, and perhaps even 1 Mb isn't enough.
Maths coprocessors generally require some form of board to slot into, such as a mother board or accelerator card. They simply enhance the maths functions of the machine.
ICD produce a board called the Adspeed which Improves the processor speed for all operations, not just the maths functions. The Adspeed costs £149.95 and is swltchable, and will therefore only function when you want it to. Most accelerators are Incompatible with arcade games, and have to be switched off In order for the games to run. Flight simulators are one notable exception to the rule because they're usually compatible and show a significant speed increase.
It is apparently possible to use a 68010 processor Instead of the standard ~ 68000, and this will yield a speed Increase of between 16 and 80%. The Installation Is apparently quite straightforward. You can find out how to do It In the book The Best Amiga Tricks and Tips from Abacus. All good bookshops should either stock It or be able to order a copy for you.
MULTI-TASKER I was given Vista for my birthday along with Formula I Grand Prix. I really enjoy both programs, but Vista takes almost an hour to render (draw) each picture. I know that the Amiga can run © prc lots of programs at once, but I've only got 1 Mb of memory, and both of these programs require that much to work. I was thinking of upgrading to 2Mb so that I could use both programs simultaneously, although that wouldn't leave any space for RAM buffers. I recently heard that I can add 2Mb, to give me a total ol two and a half. I’ve noticed a lot of different boards on offer, including the
SupraRAM and the GVP board.
I don't earn a lot of money, so can you offer me any advice, and tell me which one you would buy?
Richard Peacock, Crossgales, Leeds Before I answer your main question, I must just make one extremely important point. You are completely correct about the Amiga's ability to multi-task, running two or more programs at once, but you should also be aware that multl-tasklng takes up more than just RAM - It also requires processor time. The processor Is the 'brain' of the Amiga, and any operation requires a bit of its time. When you're running two programs such as a word processor and a database simultaneously, there's no problem.
Only the active program is occupying a significant amount of processor time.
The Inactive one Is, at most, simply scanning the keyboard and mouse for activity.
The trouble with Vista and Formula 11s that they Are both extremely processor Intensive - In other words they occupy a large degree ot the processor's time. That’s why It takes so long to draw pictures in Vista. Some programs prioritise their calls upon the processor's time, and only become active when there are no programs ot higher priority trying to use the processor. I doubt whether this Is the case with either ot these programs as they haven't been designed to multi-task.
The only real solution Is to Increase the speed ot your processor with an accelerator of some description. See my mponu lo the letter heeded GAMES ARE SLOW above. A lor RAM upgrade!. I think that the SupraRAM la one of the beat professional ones around, although certainly not the cheapest. It's flexible because you can upgrade It to aa much as 8Mb, and It doesn’t Invalidate your guarantee or require any complicated Inatallatlon because II plugs Into the expansion port al the side of your computer.
BIT KNITTER RETURNS Regarding Loma Palmer's enquiry about knitting pro- grams in ¦JH; the June Wvt issue, she maybe interested to know that the UK contact for the Bit Knitter is Kamalini Trentham, Machine Knitting and Design Centre. High Cross House, High Cross.
Aldenham, Herts. Tel: 0923 859242 A demo disk is available lor £5 and new products wH soon be available Colin Vsmall. WIMnslow.
WHY Al 500?
After using a German A500 with 2Mb and a second drive for I* two and a half years.
I've decided to move on to bigger and better things.
What are the advantages of the A1500 over the A500 apart from the extra expansion ports?
I’m looking at Diamond’s ¦3000 Basher’ pack. Will the hard dnves and other peripherals be more compatible with an At 500 than with a 500, because I’ve heard that there are compatibility problems on the latter? Also, is it true that a 33mhz processor will disable many games? If so. Will Diamond supply the pack without the processor?
Finally , and on a totally unrelated pomt. What exactly does the Workjipackage consist of?
R-Hoppe, Selebl Phlekwe.
I’ve asked many, many people about the A1500.
And they all seem to agree that the expansion ports are Its only main asset.
Mind you. It s not an asset to be overlooked, as they open the door to whole new worlds of hardware peripherals, such ss 16-bit samplers, graphics cards, Internal hard drives, etc. Whilst I’m not familiar with the ’3000 Basher’ pack, It sounds as If Diamond have pul together a low- cost Amiga which has similar specifications lo the A3000. Talking to a number of Amiga experts recently, I was advised that this Is actually a much better, and more cost effective way of building a high-powered Amiga, than simply buying a 3000 Many games don’t Ilka 25, 33 or 40mhz processors, but as tar as I’m
aware, all ol these processors can be switched off so that the games will load and run normally. At 500s and A500s use entirely different hard drives and other peripherals, and the only 500 compatibility problems I’ve aver heard of, arise when people fry lo assemble Incompatible extras. For ax ample, most hard drives will work perfectly on an A500. But It you try to use a certain type with certain Internal boards (accelerators and PC emulators), problems can arise.
On to your last question, the Works! Contains a word processor, a spreadsheet and a database. The Platinum edition also contains a comma program lor modem users.
DISK DRIVE Can you please tell me where I can buy a replace ment lead for my external disk drive as mine is damaged? Also, how ¦ ¦¦jr. Many bytes jajfrssTf Arran Hussain.
I would suggest that you approach the manufacturer of your drive. If they can’t help, try Vldek, who supply cables for )ust about everything. Their address is: Unit 10.
Bowman Trading Estate, %lf..l_»la(ul Deed rvesimonana noaa London. NW9 9RN. Tel: 081 204 6690.
According to the documentation that comes with the Apple Macintosh’s Mac Write H word processor, a disk Is constructed as follows: 80 cylinders per side, two sides. A single cylinder on one side Is called a track and It contains 11 sectors each of which is 512 bytes long.
Therefore, a cylinder contains 11264 bytes (80x2x11x512 80=112641.
SAMSUNG SCART There Is a Scan socket ort the back of my Samsung television, and I» ngthat.il I my computer Into it a would I get apkV quakty monitor9 Which lead do I need to buy?
No. You won t get the same quality as If you used a monitor, but you would notice a very significant Improvement. Tvs and monitors have different resolutions In exactly the same way as the Amiga does. Unlike the Amiga, though, they are not variable. The correct expression is Dot Pitch, and il describes how many monitor or TV pixels are used to create a single Inch or millimetre of screen Image. The smaller the dot pitch, the better the Image.
Because Tvs are esaen- tlally 24-bit (le. They have
16. 7 million colours available to them), they don’t require
such a high resolution to create a realistic impression.
Add to this that all TV images are animated, so a single
frame Is never still long enough for your eye to detect Its
low resolution.
When you use a Scarf lead, the RGB information Is led directly to the TV’s processor, without being converted via a modulator.
Uuum Image is much sharper with better colour. I would definitely recommend a Scarf cable, even If you’re only using a TV.
Theoretically. Scarf (or Europlugs) conform to a single standard, and any Scarf cable will suffice provided It has the correct plug on Its Amiga end. In practice, there seems to have been a recent change In the Scart standard, new Tvs now require a special cable that Includes a Jungle Chip (no kidding)).
The cable apparently works fine with old style Scart sockets too. You can buy one for about £16 from Meedmore Ltd. 28 Farriers Way, Netherton, Merseyside. L30 4XL Tel: 051 521 2202.
DATABASE DILEMMA l have been searching without success, for a database that can handle numbers. I'm under the impression dfoSr handle numbers in excess of eight digits - am I correct?
I want to make a database to handle Premium bond numbers. Is there one available?
Lawrence Neleon. Oxford Frankly, I'm amazed that you're hiving a problem. I have never encountered a database which doesn't handle numbers, and even the cheapest of them has no problem handling far more than eight digits. If the one you're using doesn't, perhaps the problem lies more In the way that you're defining the datafletd when you're setting up the database.
Most databases require that you specify whether data should be numeric, textual, pictorial, etc.. before you actually start entering data. Some also require you to specify the maximum size of the data that may be entered in a particular field.
Ensure that the field length la greater than eight characters and that it is of the numeric type. K. by some zillion lo one chance, this doeenT help.
Try specifying your numbers as text fields. If you a be entering numbers containing a various number of digits, you’ll have to precede short numbers with zeros until they reach the number of digits ot the longest number. For Instance, If Ihe longest number Is 12345, the number 23 would be entered as 00023. The database will then sort and arrange the numbers exactly as you require.
Incidentally, many also handle long numbers using scientific (E.) Notation. Try Penpal, Organist!
Or InterBase.
HEX HOCUM I noticed in your MED tutorial, that you reter to some of the numbers as being in Hex. I’ve also come across this expression in other arti- «cles What is Hex. And L how does t I work?
' Steven Borland, Hex Is short lor Hexadecimal and It’s a counting system which uses base 16. As opposed to Decimal which Is in base 10. Hex uses numbers 0 to 9 then continues A, B, C. D. E, F. F Is equivalent to the decimal n limber 15.
In decimal, the columns reading Irom right to left, represent la. 10s, 100s.
1000a, 10000a etc. with each column being worth ten times the value of the column to Its right. In hexadecimal. The columns represent 1s, 16s, 256s, 4096s, 65536s, etc. Each column Is worth sixteen times the value ol Ihe one to Its right. As you see.
This results In a very compact numbering system, that requires leas space to represent large numbers. It Is also directly compatible with the Amiga's sixteen bit architecture, which also works In multiples of 16.
P. O. BOX NO.888 Wolverhampton WV1 1TP CALL US ON : 24 HOUR
Rainbow Island* St New Zealand Story.
£13.99 MOUSETERIOUS HAPPENINGS I n recenlly started naving problems with my machine I han an A500 and a 32Mb hard drin. I often use me program with SID. And tha directories always scrol straight to the bottom without me toochmg anything Also, when using Dpaml III. Everything keeps Hashing The only way that I can remedy the problem is to install a program called Lelty Mousa which switches Ihe functions ol me lelt and right mouse buttons over.
I'm reasonably expen enced with the Amiga, and I'm certain that me problem doesn’t lie with the mouse itsell as I've tried others, with me same result. This seems really strange, and I don't know what to do. Cook) it be the Amiga's mouse ports?
Its a complete mystery why my Amiga has begun acting in mis manner, and any advice to rectify me problem would be gratefully received.
8. 0.Martow. BFPO 25 It certainly sounds as If the mouse port Is
In some way detective. I assume that you are experiencing
unusual occurrences with all mouse-controlled programs, and
not|ust the two you mentioned? What happens If you unplug the
mouse, do the disturbances stop?
I would suggest having your computer looked at by a professional but. It that's not convenient, you can always use the keyboard to simulate the mouse. Simply press down the right Amiga key and press a cursor (arrow) key to move the cursor around. Keeping the Amiga key pressed down, the left and right Alt buttons replace the lett and right mouse buttons.
To play them back Independently of the program Is there any way in which I can either play the samples via Cll or convert them to a format which can be played using Ihe fled Sector Demo Maker or another such module player?
I suspect mat the answer may lie in the song sequencer that comes wrth the program, but whenever I try and save the samples to RAM (ksk. The program freezes up.
Daniel Page, Hiverfordwett, Walea Although tha sequencer Technotound Is capable of replaying samples In a song format. It Is your least effective solution.
Technotound saves samples In both IFF and Raw format, and there ere Innumerable Public Domain a- ¦ a I - -, II. - CapiDW oi rspiiyiny in®fTi.
Any Soundtrecker dona will do. And the results are compatible with the RSI Demo Maker. Of course, we mustn't forget the superlative OcteMED Prolessioral program that we gave sway on tha July coverdisk.
Any of these programs will let you Include your samples as part of a song.
H you're recording single, large samples (perhaps an entire single), there are many sample player programs available that work from CLI and will simply replay a single IFF sample. One such Is called Sample Player and Is on Tbag disk number live, available from Amlganuts United. 169 Dale Valley Road, Hollybrook, Southampton. Tha problem you mentioned about Technotound locking up.
Could be caused by Insufficient memory, especially If you are recording large samples.
I'm very interested in paint packages, DTP.
I need your help as there is nobody else to save me! I opened a CLI window and typed INSTALL, and received the message USAGE INSTALL [DRIVE] opeueo a uui - ¦ i ©window and typed INSTALL, and received the message DFO:|DFi :|DF2:|DF3:} [NOBOOTJNOCHECK]. I then inserted the formatted disk to be installed and typed DFO: and received the message Unable to load DFO Error 212'. I tried again, but this time I left the Workbench disk in before typing DFO.
And this time I got the message Unknown command DFO'.
Am I doing something wrong? I tried it with my RAM expansion switched off.
But received the same result Please help.
John O'Neal, Chadenon.
There's s vary straightforward solution to your problem. You have misunderstood the nature ot the first message the computer gave you when you simply typed INSTALL Whenever the Amiga responds with a line that begins with the word USAGE', It means that the computer Is simply giving you Information because you have used the wrong format for the command. It was not asking you for a drive. It was simply telling you that you had to supply the name for one when you used the command.
Therefore, the correct format for the commend would be INSTALL DFO: retum» This will automatically install whatever disk is In the drive, and as you only have one drive, this will be the Workbench disk (as the Amiga needs to load the INSTALL command first).
If you have any questions of a technical nature send them to me, Mat Broomfield, at DBA. CU Amiga, Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London, EC1R 3AU.
That's the end of this month's thrilling episode, see you again next month.
To get around this problem, type INSTALL ?
return.. When the computer responds by saying DRIVE A.NOBOOTiS.CHE CK S:', Insert the disk to be Installed and type DFO: retum .
Spread sheets, etc ;• I would like to buy a rel- Wt atively cheap printer to use with these packages I have considered a bubblejet. But I've heard that they only print in black and while What is Flexidumpi Could you also tell me what uses I could put the new Rombo sampler to as I play electric guitar and saw an ad lor It In the mag?
Jonathan lizard. Epplng. Essex Citizen and Star both make colour dot matrix printers in »-pln and 24-pln versions. Star's LC200C and Citizen's Swift 24 are equally popular, and although they won't give you photographic quality printouts, they are adequate lor home use. The new Swtft Is provided with e special Amiga printing program which performs similar colour enhancement functions as Fletldump.
You are right, most bubbte|et printers don't let you print In colour, and those that do lend lobe very expensive. However, you do get a great Increase In monochrome quality with these printers, which operate at the eqiKv- llent of a 46 or 64-pfn printer (300-360 dots per Inch).
Flexldump la a dedicated printing program, which not only enhances the clarity of both colour and monochrome Images, but also lets you create and web t numerous c screen on the I of paper. To find out met check out the review hi last month's r The Rombo I like any other, lets you record (digitise) sounds Into the computer so that you can Include them In your own work. Depending on the available memory, and the rate (quality) at which you record them, these sounds may be as brief as the single thump of a bass drum, or as long as an entire album. You can use the digitised sounds (samples) as
single Instruments, or as Ihe entire soundtrack tor a game or demo.
There are two main advantage to using sound samplers:
1. You can create your own Instruments for use In music.
2 The Amiga can only play four samples at a time. By using a sampler, you can digitise single samples that may contain multiple elements ot a song. For example, the drum track and bass line.
You could, of course, sample your electric guitar, and use the sample In computer-generated music using a package such as OctaMED Professional which we gave away on our July coverdisk. If you missed N. though, there’s a special back issue offer which can be found elsewhere In the magazine (page 130. To be precise).
Be warned, though, that sampling can be very memory Intensive, so you will have to be frugal with your selections.
Iff it were a car, OctaMED Pro would have a drinks cabinet and TV in the back - it's probably the most complete music package you'll ever ffind. In part three of this comprehensive user guide, Mat Broomfield continues his look at this accomplished music package. As mentioned last month, we’re going to take a look at some more off the special commands that can be applied to your music. Before we do that, though, I think it will be extremely helpful to take a closer at the way that the program handles instruments... A CLOSER LOOK AT SAMPLES '¦¦¦¦¦loll_ ¦"! .
Iwgi.-i • .««,. mrm MB*.. Last month, I showed you how to add your samples to OctaMED s internal sample list so they can be loaded more quickly. By now, you should already have added the new samples we gave you to the sample list. If you haven't, go back to last month's issue and do that before we go any further... Right, let's load up an instrument and take a closer look.
This window is where you can temporanly tailor each instrument to your requirements. Although it doesn't giv»you the same flexibility as the sample editor in terms of restructunng an instrument, it lets you alter the defaults of presampled instruments, and it's ideal for making temporary adjustments for a single piece of music.
1. Click on the SLIST button In the Options palette.
2. Click on the words 'CU38:Instruments ’ in the right-hand
sample list window. A new list ot instruments starting with
the word 'Alien' should appear in the left-hand window.
3. Click on the downward scroll arrow at the bottom centre of
the screen, and scroll through the list of samples until the
instrument Strings2 becomes visible.
SAMPLES, LOOPS AND THE SAMPLER this are two windows titled R B:' (Repeat Begin), and 'R L:' (Repeat Length). These ate connected with setting a loop within an instrument. The number 6672. Beside the letters R B:' signifies the starting position of the loop, whilst the number 3028 denotes its length.
LOOPS Loops are extremely useful, and to understand them better, let’s go to the sampler Cuck on SMPED from the Options Palette and the lower half ol the screen will switch to show you the Sample Editor.
WAVEFORMS Running horizontally across the middle of the screen, you’ll see the Waveform Window The current sample is shown as white squrggles against a black background As you may know, when a sample is recorded, it is converted Into numbers representing its amplitude (volume) and frequency (pitch). Click the Zoom In button until the pink number at the top right of the Waveform Window reads 75. You'll notice that the waveform has become much simpler, and is composed of lots of little steps'. Each step represents a different number, and it is these that the Amiga converts back into
audible sound Because most samples consist of thousands, sometimes even tens or hundreds of thousands of these numbers, the waveform is not an exact representation of the sample. It merely shows the general trends In amplitude and pitch.
ZOOM Next, dick the Zoom Out button until the pink number reads 9700 again. If you look at the last third of the waveform, you'll see two blue lines, indicating the current loop. When the sample is played, the area within the lines repeats indefinitely and is good for creating sustained effects. To see how this works, press the letter Q. A thin white line will start moving across the sample from right to left, but when it gets to the very end of the sample, it wM only return to the first blue kne before starting again The first blue fine is the Repeat Begin, and the number ol bytes between
the first and second line is the Repeat Length.
TRANSPOSING AND FINE-TUNING AN INSTRUMENT Now. If you look back at the Instrument panel at the top of the screen (it should still be there!), you'll notice two boxes labelled Transpose' and Tne Tuie' These are used to alter the pitch of an instrument so that it sounds higher or lower ¦Why would I want to do that, when I can simply enter a drtterent note at the Note Edfcng Window?'
I hear you ask. (you *d ask that DIDN'T you?).
The reason is very aanple: every sample has a natural pitch at which it plays. Ideally, this would always be C. so that, when you enter the note C in the Note Editing Wmdow. The sample plays that note. Unfortunately, this is often not the case.
Many samplers are set up to record samples tuned to the note E flat This means that when you enter a C m the Note Ecttmg Window, you actually hear a note which la three semitones higher than it should be Remember, a semitone is the dstance between one note and ate next highest or lowest on a piano keyboard For ralance. The distance between C and C sharp, or E and F (there's no E sharp, as you'll see If you look at the keyboard diagram we pnnted the month before last).
Of course, you could resample the instrument so that it was tuned lo the note C, but you might have a good reason to leave it tuned as it Is No problem, if you temporarily need to change the tuning of a sample, you can use the Transpose feature Beside the Transpose window, there are two smal gadgets beanng a minus and a plus symbol (--I When you dick these, they lower or raise the current remanent's pitch by one semitone Therefore, to re-tune our E Flat sample to a C you'd cfick Vie minus arrow until the number reads-3.
As you're not actually altering the sample, and merely me way that OctaMED plays it, this will only altects Ihe current song, and If you want to re-tune the sample lor addMonal songs, you'll have lo go through this process each time. Retumng information a saved wah the song.
The Fine Time option works XI exactly the same way as me Transpose feature, except a lowers and raises me pech of a note m steps of one eighth of a semi-tone' QeneraVy speaking, these steps are too small to dabnguah one from the next, but some types of mueK parhcularty Chinese and Indian, use instruments which are capable of playing quarter and eighth tones, so this level of precision is especially uselU m such cases.
INSTRUMENT VOLUME SLIDERS AND THE VOLUME COMMAND At the bottom of the Instrument Settings Wxidow.
Youl see the volume skder. The numbers lo the left represent the default volume for mis Instrument In both decimal and hexadecimal. By moving the slider, you can change me volume for the current instrument throughout the entire song. For example. Suppose you've created a song in which a bass drum plays, but it seems too loud in relation to the other instruments Rather than work through your song decreesxig the volume each time it occurs, by decreesxig as volume in the Instrument Settings Window, you create the same effect Please note that al volumes given withm a song using the C command are
expressed as a percentage of the instrument’s maxxnum volume as specified in the Instrument Settings Window For example, if the instrument has a maximum volume ol 64 (decimal) in the Instrument Settings Window, me command C32 will make it play at half volume However, if the instrument's maximum volume In the Instrument Settings Window is decreased to.say. 32. The command C32 wil actually cause it to play at quarter volume MORE COMMANDS OK. Enough with the instruments! Let’s continue looking at the commands that we stared aeen mg last week If you've been lollowxig the tutorial so far. You
should understand the composition of a nose, and know where the special effects commands are placed You should especially understand where and what the left and right data bytes are If you don't, I suggest that you go back and reread the introduction to the Player Commands' section of last month's tutorial Command E - Synth Jump | Although OctaMED is at its best when playing sound samples, it can also be used to create its own synth(etic) sounds using the Amiga's internal sound generators. These are created by joining several simple waveforms together. For example, an instrument may be
compnsed of up to three sine waves which are then followed by a square wave The order in which these waves wiH play within a synth sound is defined by Ihe Waveform sequence list Tins useful command lets you lump straight to a particular place within the Waveform sequence fist - an Intro, lor example - and proves surprisingly easy to use For example: C-2 10000 - In this case, instrument 1 should be a synth 00000 or hybrid Instrument 03 - Makes OctaMED lump to position 3 in 00000 Waveform sequence list. »• DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM?
OctaMED is a truly excellent program, but getting the very most out of it can be complicated at times. If you're having any problems using it, you'll be glad to hear that CU is starting a special OctaMED help column. Send in any questions that you have, and I'll try to answer them for you at the end of my column or in Q&A each month. Address your letters to OctaMED Help, CU Amiga.
Priory Court. 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London, EC1R 3AU.
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Stockport. Cheshire SK7 6BE 100% reply OCTAMED Command F - Miscellaneous Unlike Ihe other commands which only perform a single function, Ihe F command has lots of different functions according to the values given in the data bytes.
Command F00 - Jump To Next Block This causes OctaMED to jump to line 000 of the next block in the Block Play List. If there is only one block, OctaMED will go back to the beginning of that. It's better to use this command than to change the length of the blocks as it takes up less memory. For example: C-2 10000 00000 C-2 10F00 - This note is played then the program jumps.
C-2 10000 - This note will never be played.
Command F01 To FFO - Change Primary Tempo Although the command has a hexadecimal range between 00 and FO (0-240 in decimal), speeds between 0 and A (decimal 0-10), should only be used when working in Soundtracker mode. As seen here: C-2 10F0B - Sets the slowest possible speed.
00000 - Speed remains slow.
10FF0 - Sets the fastest speed.
10F78 - Sets a medium speed.
Although this command goes up to FFO, you're most likely going to require speeds between F20 and F40 (decimal 32 and 64).
Command FF1 - Play Double Note Plays a note twice really fast. In theory, this is the same as playing the original note twice at double the speed, but you actually end up with two very fast notes and a brief pause Nevertheless, this is useful for creating very fast rhythms. Load up a drum, set a very slow tempo, and try the following: C-2 10000 C-2 10000 C-2 10000 C-2 10FF1 - Plays this note twice, very fast Command FF2 - Delay Start This slightly delays the start of the note, but then plays it much quicker once it begins. Load up a drum, set the Primary tempo slider to 33 and try the
following: C-2 10000 - These notes are just for comparison.
C-2 10000 00000 C-2 10FF2 - The effect starts here.
C-2 10000 Command FF3 - Play Treble Note This is the same as FF2 but three notes are played
- for example: C-2 10000 C-2 10FF3 - Plays this note three times,
very fast.
Command FF8 - Filter OH The Amiga has a built-in sound filler which is meant to remove unwanted hiss from sound samples. Unfortunately, it also muffles them. This command turns the filter off. You can see that it's worked because the power light on your computer will dim or go out. Note, the filter is off by default, so you won't see anything happen unless you've turned it back on.
Try this: C-2 10FF8 - Low pass filter turned off.
Command FF9 - Filter On This simply turns the low pass filter back on. You should see the power light come on or get brighter
- ie: C-2 10FF9 - Low pass filter turned on.
FFD - Change Channel Pitch This command changes the pilch ol the channel to that of the note The note itself Is not immediately played. Load up the Stnngs2 instrument to try the following: C-2 10000 - The now C in Octave 2 is played normally.
00000 C-1 OOFFD-Now. The pitch* changed to C in octave one 00000 and eel affect how the sustain part of the 00000 note sounds.
Command FFE - End Of Song This command tells OctaMED to stop playing. Use it at the end of a song when you don't want it to loop back to the beginning As seen here: C-2 10000 00000 OOFFE - Stop playing now.
Command FFF- Stop Playing Note With sampled sounds, the S equivalent to the command COO (set volume to zero) However, it also works with MIDI. It simply stops the current note from playing.
C-2 10000 00000 OOFFF - Turn off the note now There are many new commands which are unique to OctaMED Prolessional 3.0. So that users ot earlier versions of the program could also benefit from this tutorial, I haven't described them yet Many of the commands described here, and In last month's tutorial, are only for use with samples, hybrids and synth sounds. MIDI users wil find thaf they have completely different effects Needless to say, I will be describing how to use them at some point in the future, but if you're desperate to gef the most of the program right now, you'll find a text
file called NewFeatures’ in the Docs directory of the OctaMED cover disk that we gave you with the July issue. This summarises all of the new features, especially the extra MIDI capabilities of the program.
NEXT MONTH In the fourth part of our guide, we'll be looking at how to enter sheet music, both using the notation screen and manually.
At the end of the tutorial, you'll be able to enter all your favourite pop songs from music books - unfortunately, we won't be telling you how to dress for that all- important Top Of The Pops debut.
See you then.
Do you know what's what about Music X? Or do you consider your- sell the World's leading authority on Moviesetter? II so, then CU Amiga - Britain's fastest-growing magazine - wants to hear Irom you.
In our attempt to cover virtually every aspect ol the Amiga and its software, we are currently on the hunt for comprehensive guides to all the most popular utilities and software. We don't mean the likes of Dpaint and Photon Paint, as these are more than adeguately covered in other features in the magazine, but there are dozens of users out there who may be struggling with, say, Sculpt 4D or ProPage - and if you can help them, why not earn a few quid doing it? Yes, you did read that last bit correctly, we are willing to pay for well-written and concise guides.
To put yourself in the running, simply give Dan Slingsby, CU Amiga's Editor, a call on 071 972 6700 and talk to him about your proposal. However, be warned, that there is a lot of work involved and that all submissions must be supported with step-by- step illustrative materials, such as screen shots or specially- drawn IFF diagrams.
So, if you want to join the editorial ranks of the winning Amiga team, give us a bell. Or if you have an idea for a utility you're struggling with, drop us a line and we'll try to help... RAGGA TIPS making the most off your See those Utah Saints? That’s you that is. Or at least it could be, after a bit of practice with your sampler. Tony Horgan takes a look at some ways of making your Amiga sound like a whole heap of expensive recording gear.
Have you ever heard a record on the radio, and thought I could have done that on my Amiga ? I know I have. Take a record like SL2's On a Ragga Trip', lor example. It you break it down into separate sounds, you’ll find it’s made up ot lour main parts:
1. A fairly short vocal that's been looped and stuttered
2. A very simple basaline
3. A catchy riff played on a very abort sampled chord
4. A raving drum loop There's absolutely no reason why that
record couldn't have been sampled, composed and recorded on a
standard 1 Mb A500. The same could be said lor Altern 8's
Hypnotic St8’, Rhythmatlc's 'Give Yourself to Me, and even
Cola Boy's Seven Ways To Love'. Add a cheap MIDI synth lo the
setup, get someone to sing over your backing, and you’re into
KWS territory For the moment we II assume all we've got to
work with a a basic Amiga, a £30 sampler and something like
MED or Protracker for the sequencing. Let's also assume we
re writing dance music ot some kind. So what’s the first step
on the road to hit record making? How about.. THE IDEA Yes. It
does help il you’ve got an idea or two kicking around belore
you get started. Decide what kind of mood you want to create,
whether it’s happy, ominous, camp, ecstatic, mellow or what
ever. If you’ve got a particular theme In mind, then so much
the better. Once you’ve got an idea of what you want, you can
set about putting theory into practice.
THE SOUND OF NOW Before you delve mto that stack ol ST-00 sample disks Iyou know, the ones you got years ago with your first Tracker program), take time out to see what sounds are being used on today’s records. .. For example, hardcore and rave music currently favours subliminal sub-basses, slightly more upfront ’blobby’ basses, a couple ol live drum loops mixed into one, and hooks made up ol vocal samples and staccato chords. The more soulful dance records are going in for simple electric organs and the ever-popular stnngs. While distant sounds of Mother Nature serve as a backdrop for the
occasional ambient house tune.
Trends in dance music do move on pretty quickly, though, and as you read this, new fads will be developing. Keep your ear lo the ground, unless you want to end up like Status Quo, in which case you’d better grow your hair long, and learn how to play a Rum-ti-Tum’ line on an electric guitar for 25 years.
NO EXCUSES Now that you’re competing with the big boys, there’s no room for excuses. Offer a record company a track that s ’Good, considering it's done on an Amiga', and you won't have much luck. The fact is that Djs. Record companies and the public couldn't gnre a loss what gear you used to make the record, as long as it sound good Even so. It’s not a good idea to advertise the fact that you work with a 1Mb. 8-bH sampler Let them assume you’ve made the record with professional spec gear, and they won’t have any prejudices. The last thing you want is a black mark against your music belore
it’s even had a hearing.
Before you can realistically hope lo create anything of broadcast-quallty. You'll have to hone your sampling technique Once you can grab samples without a noticable drop in cianty from the original, you’re ready to roll. See last month s column for some bps on how to improve your sampling QUART IN A PINTPOT The biggest problem now is the Amiga's limibng four tracks. You could easily fill those with the drum pattern alone, so how are you supposed to squeeze in the rest of your samples? The trick is to the make everything count, and not to take up tracks with unnecessary sounds at the expense
of key samples.
When it comes to drum sounds, sampling a complete breakbeat is the best way to economise on tracks. It's often a good idea lo chop the beat into four, eight or sixteen parts, so that you can rearrange it to suit your needs.
If you like to make up your own beats, you can still get a decent groove from a single track Work out the beat with four tracks first. Look to see which sounds are triggered together, and mix the two, three or four samples Into one. You should then be able to reconstruct the beat on a single, track, using your combined samples.
You could choose to sample a beat with a bassline, which would save you another track, but then you’re getting .on to rather dodgy ground Generally, no-dne gets too uptight about people using their Brum loops, but you can expect a bit of strife (not to mention demands for cash from the original artist) if you over-step the mark. *- SHUT UP AND SUE II you do sample anyone’s work, you should be prepared for the consequences. Any blatant samples will come to the attention of the artist and record company that owns the copyright.
The best outcome you can hope for, is to have a reasonable cut ot the profits go to the original artist record company. These financial settlements can go either way though While some make a good Irving this way. Others have had sobering experiences. DNA’s remix of Suzanne Vega s Tom s Diner’ sold over five million copies worldwide. DNA earned a mere £4,000 from the record.
That must sound like a fortune to Shut Up And Dance, who recently saw their potential number one Ravin’ I’m Ravin" shot down In llames Party-pooper Mark Cohn ob|ected to the samples from his song Walking in Memphis, nd ordered its withdrawal after a week at number two In the chart. All proceeds went to charity, leaving SUAD with nothing but a bit ot controversy lo their name. So watch out!
FAME AND FORTUNE Fortunately, lame and lortune don't necessarily go hand in hand when it comes to dance music. If being mobbed by Ians while you re shopping in Tescos doesn t appeal, you can get away with anonymity So. Even il you re ugly as sin don’t be put oil by nightmares ol appearances in Smash Hits II you want it both ways, you could take a leat out ol Aitern 8 s book. Go on telly with a silly boilersuit and what appears to be a gasmask over your lace, then take oil the mask, slip into a pair ot jeans, and pop down to the shops unaccosted.
So that’s it. Easy eh? You'll have to excuse me now.
I've got a number one record to write - not to mention a gasmask lo buy... FALSE MOUSTACHE Use a bit of imagination, and it’s possile to disguise your samples, so that even the original artist wouldn't recognise them. Play your sample back at a different speed to the original, put it with a new beat, bassline and chords, and not only is it harder to detect the borrowed sound, but the case for the prosecution is diminished to a degree.
THE GOOD BIT While Ihere's a good market for dance records at the moment, there are also a lot of people making them, so you've got to make yours stand out from the crowd somehow. This is where the good Bit' comes into play. It could Be a weird vocal as in Utah Saints' 'Something Good', or a simple but hypnotic bassline like The Future Sound of London’s Papua New Guinea'. It could just be a good tune and catchy chorus.
Then there's the novelty record. I should think anyone working on a Charly-style record has missed the boat, but then I thought that before the Trumpton and Sesame Street records appeared. It seems there’s life in the old dog yet.
ORIGINAL ROUTE For those who fancy a more ongnal approach, there are a number of options You don't get many purely instrumental records breaking into the charts, mainly because vocals provide a local point for the listener to latch onto But you don't need a rack ol expensive keyboards to come up with a catchy tune. Remember Tricky Disco? That was one hit that used comically krw-lech bleeps to excellent effect.
There's still hope for those who like the idea of original vocals, but can't sing a note. Add a cheap mixer to your setup, and you could overdub rapped or spoken verses, via one of the voice-changing real-time effects options found on the likes of Audio Engineer, Audition 4 and Techno Sound.
Better still, team up with someone who can sing.
MIX AND MATCH Once you've finished oft the track, it's not a bad idea to.try some alternative mixes. It you want radio airplay (your best bet tor chart success), have at least one mix that’s around three and a half minutes long. Doing an extended 12" mix is a fairly straightforward exercise. It's surprising how much difference a new breakbeat will make to the overall mood of a recop). Without changing the tempo at all, a different beat can tame the most hardcore of tunes, whilaa raging drum loop can bring new life to a previously laid-back mix.
With all your mixes finished, you've then got two main options for getting them on general release. The first is to make up some demo tapes, and send them out to record companies and independent labels. The advantage of this is that it requires very little financial outlay, but it can be a bit of a lottery. It you can afford it, probably the better option is to get some records pressed, sell them to independent shops, and give out copies to pjs. At least that way people get to hear your music, and once you start selling worthwhile amounts, the record companies will start to take notice. Who
knows, as Del Boy says: 'this time next year we'll be millionaires!' Just don't bank on it that's all!
NEXT MONTH So is what Tony says as easy as il sounds? Next month, he takes another look at the Amiga s capabilities in producing professional-sounding music Stay tuned... AMIGA VIDEO PRODUCERS GROUP B Rochford Clou. Orange Park. Swindon.
Wiltshire, SNS SAB.
Tal: 0793 870667 The aims ol the Amiga Video Producers Group (AVPG) are quite simple: they are out to promote and assist anybody who wishes to produce video material using the Amiga as a production tool The group was founded more than 16 months ago by Jim Strutton, a man with more than 22 years experience in the computer industry, latterly working on very high-level graphic systems. T initially bought an At 500 to aid me In producing video and tell straight into a black hole concerning information about using the Amiga tor video production, beyond simple video titling usxig Deluxe Pan«.'
Explains Jim.
However, with a bit ol work. Jim resolved his problems and started to make progress, to the extent that he now runs a video production business based on using middle-range video equipment and a greatly-enhanced Amiga 1500 as the critical tod.
The AVPG is a vehicle lor Jim to share his knowledge with other users as wet as pookng other members’ knowledge and expertise lor the common good. Membership ranges from semi-pro- lessionals. Who aim lo derive some income Irom video, to pure enthusiasts who do it lor lun.
Membership currently stands at just over 50. But is growing at the rate ol about one or two a week Meetings take place in Swindon once every three months, mostly because that's where Jim lives, but also becase the area has good road and rail links.
The meetxigs normally take up a whole weekend, from Friday evening lo Sunday lunchtime They take Ihe form ol a protect, with members attempting to script, plan, shoot, edit and produce a video during that time.
At the moment, there's no charge lor membership. Although an SAE is politely requested II you want to receive a reply. There's a plan to produce a bi-monthly disk-based magazine lor a charge ol about £10 per year Once the demand reaches the CLUB 25 subscribers mark it win be viable lo produce.
Interested members can obtain a tree inhumation pack by sending an SAE to the above address.
There's also an introductory video available to members lor E 16.95. This was produced lo intfg- duce the concepts ol DTV to the first time user. At this time, it a being revised, to take account ol all the changes *1 the Amiga world, but the new version should be ready by the time you read this.
THE PENNINE AMIGA CLUB 26 Spencer Street. Keighley. West Yorkshire, BD21 2BU.
With its membership starxkng at 826. The Pennine Arraga CM) is already well-established, drawing members Irom an over the world and not just along the M62I The dub is even opening a branch in Texas this year Membership and ALL services are Iree ol charge Members only pay lor Ihlngs they buy.
Because of the size of PAC, the dub can get almost any item Irom almost any supplier at a discount price. The ck* is non-profit making, with the organisers receiving no reward except the satisfaction of seeing the dub grow and prosper.
Membership is open to anybody, regardless ol their computing ability, providing they own and use an Amiga.
AMOS PROGRAMMERS' EXCHANGE 7 Majestic Roed. Hatch Warren. Basingstoke.
Hants. RG22 4XO.
II you're one ol the thousands ol AMOS users, then you'll certainly be interested in this new dub The AMOS Programmers' Exchange is planning to start a new disk magazne. Run exclusively by and for AMOS programmers. The subscription will be E15 per year in the UK, £18 lot overseas subscribers At the moment, the dub is just finding its leet, so any help would be gratefully appreciated.
NORTHERN IRELAND AMIGA USER GROUP 96 Crebilly Road, Ballymena. Co. Antrim.
BT42 4DS.
We were sent very little information about this group, other than they produce a regular newsheet to keep members in touch with each other A disk magazine Is also currently beng put together Computing was never meant to be a solitary affair!
Hundreds of computer groups exist around the country to help you get the most out of your Amiga. If you’ve got a problem that needs solving, want to buy hardware or software at cost price, or just want to converse with fellow enthusiasts, there’s a club somewhere near you. Here are some of the first replies we’ve received.
AMIGA USERS KLUB (BODMIN) 1 Windsor House. 19 Castle Street. Bodmin.
PL31 2DX.
The Amiga Users Klub (Bodmin) was started by Jack Tailing in 1987 when he realised that a number of Amiga owners would be expenendng exactly the same problems he wasl The jump from the ZX81 via the Spectrum to the Amiga 500 was a big leap as far as getting to grips with the like of Amigados. Workbench, etc. was concerned.
From a small gathering of three, the dub soon grew to Its current tally of twenty members.
Meetings are held every Friday evening from 6.30 IXIOI the last one leaves Al computer subiects.
Irom animation to music lo spreadsheets to programming are covered In an informal atmosphere There is no membership lee or Committee, just a container for refreshment funds and an eager group ol Amiga owners wanting to learn from each other. Beginners are especially welcome.
SHROPSHIRE AMIGA UNK 2 Dodmoor Grange, Rand lay. Telford.
Shropshire. TF3 2AW.
The main alms of SAL are:
1. Generate communication between Amiga users.
2. Help beginners gel lo grips with the Amiga
3. Ensure members get the most from their software with an advice
helpline to answer any queries Full membership costs £15 per
year which includes access to a telephone helpline, a database
of cheat modes, a small PD library, cut price disks, and a dub
disk magazine. Worktop Membership hasn't even reached the
Teens yet.
So any input or support from readers would be very much appreciated So, do yourself a big favour, and get writing... GET IN TOUCH!
II you run a club specifically aimed af the Amiga owner, get in touch.
We’ll promote your club through these pages, as well as provide a free subscription to CU Amiga. Send all ontries to: Dan Slingsby, Amiga Clubs, CU Amiga, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, Farringdon, London, EC1R 3AU.
NEXT MONTH MONIH MULTIMEDIA IS GO! (...AGAIN) Yes, I know we said our multimedia feature was going to be this issue, but if things ran as smoothly as we wished, then we wouldn't be able to give our Publisher a heart attack each month.
Thus, our next issue will be taking a look at all things multimedia as we show you how to transform your humble Amiga into the workstation of the future. Weil be reviewing some of the best authoring systems available to help you combine graphics and sound into your very own multimedia extravaganza. Will the multimedia revolution change the face of computing for ever? Also on show will be the definitive head-to-head between two of the most prominent CD-ROM platforms.
Which machine will come out tops? The only place to find out is in the next issue of CU Amiga.
GAMES BONANZA With the big software houses gearing up for a deluge of games in the coming months, CU AMIGA is there with Joysticks wiggling with delight as we try out all the latest games (and before you, too!!).
Games scheduled to appear include Gremlin's Lotus 3, Origin's Wing Commander, Sir-Tec’s Crusaders Of The Dark Savant (again), and countless other goodies. Be here for the most comprehensive and thorough game reviews of any magazine.
BOOKWORMS START HERE There are certainly a lot of books available that detail all you could possibly ever want to know about the Amiga, but which ones are any good?
The CU Amiga bookworms have been plying through a library full of the very best Amiga books and giving their verdicts on what’s hot and what's rot. We’ll be taking a look at all the latest hints and tips books as well as an extensive round-up of the many technical books that adom the bookshelves of your local computer store.
WHICH AMIGA IS BEST FOR YOU With so many different Amigas vying for your cash, it's difficult to know which one to choose. If you're thinking of upgrading to a higher spec machine or considering buying an Amiga for the first time, here's where to look to find out which model's best for you.
ART GALLERY Our art gallery section kicks off with a fantastic selection of work produced by our readers. If you're a budding artist, this is the place to look for hints and tips on improving your technique. If you’ve produced a masterpiece and have saved out your pic in various stages of completion, then why not show off your work to the rest of the Amiga world?
CEEI TWO RED HOT DISKS Gremlin's Lotus 3 is ready and waiting to be put through its paces in the most eagerly-awaited playable demo of the year. Also on show (hopefully, and with a prevailing wind) will be Sir-Tech’s Crusaders Of The Dark Savant, tjhe latest installment in the on-going Wizardry series. Of course, there’s a lot more on offer, as we'll also have another fine selection of complete games to play, and there'll be a few surprises in store, too.
Another packed disk full of all sorts of top-quality programs. There’ll hopefully be another full-price utility on offer, as well as the best programs drawn from the Public Domain. Plus, there’ll be yet more samples to use with our OctaMED Pro giveaway and some more Star Trek clip art. And don’t forget, there’ll be extensive documentation to help you get the most out of all the programs we use. We spoil you, we really do... Contents may be subject to change without notice.
MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN II may surprise you to know that, tor all the moaning software houses make about how much money they lose to piracy every year, no accurate survey into the problem has ever been conducted However. In 1990 a thorough investigation was conducted as to the losses suffered on the business srde with some incredible results. In England alone, business software manufacturers lost £300 million, with an incredible $ 4.6 billion lost just in Western Europe. With this in mind, we spoke to the men in the front line about what can be done to reverse the trend and curb the pirates'
Roger Bennett is the General Secretary of ELSPA (European Leisure Software Publishers Association!, the body responsible for protecting the interests of more than 80% of the software companies in Britain. He said: We are taking great strides towards ridding the industry ot this menace.
It's common knowledge now that we have invested £33,000 in FAST (Federation Against Software Theft) this year alone so that they can provide themselves with a full-time professional investigator who specialises in hunting down the pirates and taking action on our members’ behalf.’ ELSPA have long been associated with FAST and this latest action is nothing new. Most of us can remember the somewhat disturbing adverts in the computer press not long ago, depicting pupils turning in their pirating teachers to FAST and being rewarded with a £1000 cheque. But how successful have they been? Roger
continues: With the new-found steam that FAST and ELSPA have created we’ve succeeded in a number of raids and prosecutions. We’ve just this month paid out another £1000 pounds for a conviction in Ipswich which, considering the legal problems of such a case, only took two months from the initial phone call to its fruition. We ate currently totally revamping our ad campaign. This time we're concentrating on educating the public so they realise the pitfalls and consequences of buying and using unauthorised software.'
On the other side of the coin, FAST'S representative, Bob Hayes, never ceases to be amazed as to where the 500 or so phone calls they receive every year come from. We get a lot from children young teenagers, even businessmen, after a reward,’ he claims. 'But an increasing amount of people who’ve recently been made redundant are turning in their former company lor using pirated software.
We re even getting calls from people still at work who are being forced to use copied software by their bosses and risking their jobs by refusing. So you can safely say that attitudes are changing and the message is finally getting through. We recently dealt with a case concerning the Mirror Buildings where over 80% of the software being used was copied and passed throughout the company.
There can't be an office in the land that doesn't do that or thinks nothing of it. But. If you can imagine 2000 copies of MacWrlte 2 at £200 a time, in one such building, it works out to be a very expensive loss for Apple' WHEEL OF FORTUNE On the software side, Electronic Arts have been one of the leaders in anti-piracy techniques and they were the first to introduce the dreaded code wheel. Simon Jeffries, PR Manager for the company, said: 'We were the company who came up with the idea for a coded wheel. However, they add to the cost of the product so we don't do them anymore. I don't think
there’s any way to protect your software completely so we've tound a happy medium and gone lor manual protection. Most of our games are so In-depth that to try and play them without a manual would be impossible, and to try and photocopy them wouldn't be worthwhile.
There will always be people who'll come up with ever more elaborate code protection to prevent disks being copied, but our attitude is that if there’s someone out there with the knowledge to produce such code then there’s definitely someone out there with the knowledge to break it. And to some pirates that represents a challenge. We estimate that for every legal copy of a game there are six illegal versions. Having said that, FAST have done a great job as two years ago the problem was a hundred times worse.'
Ocean's Managing Director and man behind the now infamous Dongle’ puts the numbers even higher. Says Gary Bracey: It's impossible to estimate the size of the problem, but If I'm forced to I'd say that for every one of our games bought on the shelves10-5O are being copied, depending on the title. Of course not everyone who pirates a game would have bought it, but we think that every software company's profits would, at the very least, double if piracy could be eradicaled. This is one of the main attractions of the console market and the reason a lot of Amiga developers are abandoning , the
machine. As long as piracy continues to thrive the number ol companies making the transition to console will rise. It must be stopped now and what we had with the 'Dongle' was a chance to do |ust that. Someone had to make a stand and although every other software house was interested in the device they would only come in when they knew that the thing had been tried and tested. So we put our money where our mouth was which was a pretty brave thing to do. We could have passed on the cost, between £1 and £4, to the consumer, but we didn't, which is something we're pretty proud of. So it didn't
work, but contrary to popular belief the device was not cracked in hours, but weeks by a team of hardened professionals using Emulators (very expensive bits of kit which mimic the micro- processor chip allowing access to all aspects of Ihe program's code). The version that appeared on the Bulletin boards was a preproduction copy which was sneaked out of our back door shortly after the game was finished and didn't have the Dongle' code in it. Interestingly enough, we had hundreds of letters after the gadget's release Irom people who claimed to have an alternative, definitive anti-piracy
device, but nothing really stood out as being viable, but I'm sure there's one out there somewhere It's up to someone else to take up the running now.’ Piracy has always been a problem. But what, if anything, can be done to stop the perpetrators?
Steve Keen talks to the men in the front line.
ENTER COMMODORE Ultimately,-yvho better to cross swords with the pirates and lake theayind out of their sails than the Amiga manufacturers themselves, Commodore.
We asked Andy Ball, head of Commodore UK's marketing, if they (jad any tricks up their sleeves.
'We aren't going to produce any hardware for existing machines, but with the 600 PCMCIA card slot now adorning the side of the A600 it should allow programmers to develop cards making it a lot more difficult to pirate. The same can be said for the CD, which is virtually Impossible to copy. We don’t suffer from software piracy directly simply because we don't produce any. However, we monitor bulletin boards and the like and. As was the case with workbench 2.0 which appeared on the circuit, we stamp on any infringements very quickly. I think you'll find all the companies do. The only way
piracy can be beaten in my opinion is by technology and the medium ot data storage changing from floppy disk. It’s a pity Ocean's Dongle' didn't work. Without piracy, manufacturers could put their disks out at £14.99 or even £9.99 and still easily increase the profits they make today.' So the next time you meet a pirate and are offered dodgy disks for an amazingly low price, remember, he's not only taking money from corporate coffers, but he's practically stealing it out of your pocket as well - it doesn't seem quite so clever now, does It?
VI$ fQN, S&UND AN&AfilMA DP* ' r "FROM ROMBO TH£WORkD$ BlGQCST AHD B&T ffSaStL Professional Animation with Optional Image Capture OVERVIEW Taka 2, as used In Rolf a Cartoon dub" Is the ultimate multi-level animation package. Offering up to 4 levels of animation and 4 levels of aound.
Real Time Digital Effects OVERVIEW MEGAMIX mMtar ta a high specification. Low coal digital offsets cartridge that plugs Into your printer port. Special stereo effects such as echo can be added In real time.
You will find Megamti Master's performance and eaae of use unmatched by any rival. Just Compatibility with all Amlgas.
Supports 2. 4. S. 16 and HAM colour.
Loads or saves IFF or ANIM flies Traditional animators dope sheet Play back up to 25 frames per second.
Other Menu's Include: REMIX (with many sampling features).
EDIT (for sample manipulation).
DISK (for saving and loading etc).
16 8 4 2 shade mono.
262000 HAM-E mode 256 colour EREQ mode.
Overscan lnterlace HI-Res.
£49.95 me.
JUST LOOK AT THE SPEC AS SEEN ON TV COLOUR IMAGE CAPTURE FOR ONLY Ameiican Software (U.S.A.) (217) 384 2050 Arkoleto (Spam) (34) 3301 0020 Centresoll (U K ) (44) 021 6253388 Darius Soil (Austria) (43) 123 4555 Gem Distribution (U K I (441 0279 442842 Goldhill Associates (Export) (44) 081 9062009 HB Marketing (U.K.) (44) 0753 686000 £99.95 me.
Rombo Ltd.. Klrkton Campus, Livingston SCOTLAND EH54 7AZ Tel: (44) 0506-414631 Fat: (44) 0506 414634 Sales Hotline: (44) 0506-466601 Merlin Grati (Austria) (43) 5223 8896 Micropace (U.K.) (44) 0)53 55188 Precision Distribution (U.K.) (44) 0(1 5*33500 Sclbis Sprl (Belgium) (32) 2245 8307 S D L IU K.) (44) 081 3005000 Soundware SRL (Italy) (39) 3322 32670 V C S. (Holland) (31) 1045 11537 James Lovelocks Gaia hypothesis, SimEarth simulates the Earth as a single living organism.
OCEAN SOFTWARE LIMITED 6 CENTRAL STREET MANCHESTER M2 5NS TEL: 061 832 6633 FAX 061 834 0650 James Loeo o Gaia hypahe ¦ SimEarih sr ®r the Earth as: r . living orgcr OCEAN SofTV.* 6 CENTRAL S'-':!
MANCHEST- = 'A TEL: 061 832 tt K FAX 061 834 OnS SO DISK ATTACH ie*le ««d fleilroy continents etratorm hostile month 1 1 Fun Soiool programs m* work with a sOrnHrd 2 5I2» Amga and Be new AS» Pte 3 FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: On all hardware orders shaped In the UK mainland
• TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELPLINE: Team of Mchrecal experts at your
• PRICE MATCH: We normaty match competitors on a ‘Same product -
Same pnce’ Mss
• ESTABLISHED 12 YEARS: Proven track record W professorial
computer sales
• BUSINESS . EDUCATION . GOVERNMENT: Volume dscounts avatebie
081-308 0888.
• SHOWROOMS: Demonstrate*! And training facNies al our London &
Sidcup branches.
• THE FULL STOCK RANGE: Al d your requaements from one supplier
• FREE CATALOGUES: W* be mailed to you with offers and
softwartepenpherat delate
• PAYMENT: By cash, cheque and al major credt cards Before you
deode when to buy your new Amiga computer, we suggest you twik
very careMy about WHERE you buy 4. Consider what it wH Be the a
few months after buying your Amiga, when you mery requre add
tonal peripherals or software, or help and advice with your new
purchase And. Wtf the company you buy from contact you with
delate of new products? At S*ca Systems we ensure that you w«
have nottwig to worry about We have been estabtehed lor over 12
years and. With our unnvaAed experience and expertise we can
now claim to meet our customers' requirements with an
understanding which is second to none But donl just take our
word tor it. Complete and return the ceupon now for our latest
FREE iterators and begn to experience the “SAca Systems
Service’ 4 Star LC200 colour-------------1199.99 . oto,
IuvUSTM«g nlo. » I Star LC24-20__________________£199.99 Star
LC24-200 mono £229.99 I 24 pin. 222 ip. Dr*. 07 cp.LQ. 10
fonts, Ml 5 you can’t wait for the results of our competition,
or you
* ant to find out more about the extensive range of books
ubiished by Addison-Wesley, please write to them at:
* ddison Wesley Publishers Ltd., Finchampstead Road, Wokingham,
Berkshire RG11 2NZ., or telephone 0734 94000.

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