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THE ULTIMATE AMIGA... In a montti when Commodore launch another machine In Ihe growing Amiga range, this lime a low-end A500 Plus, speculation grows over what the next bold step into the unknown will he. The A4000 - what will it need to he like in order to sateguard the future ol the Amiga against the PC threat? What do industry leaders, software houses and. Perhaps more Importantly, the end users, want from a new machine? As we investigate the possibilities we also investigate what is available now to those willing to pay for it - can we create tomorrow's machine today? Is the Amiga still holding it's own against the other 16-hit home computers and consoles? Investigating the machines available today we take a closer look inside the A500 Plus and examine in detail what makes it special Also in this special feature, we look at the sort ol hardware and software that can be rounded up to make your Amiga into a PC-beater at a fraction of the price The future is wide open and it starts here in another CU special report.

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Document sans nom ARE YOU READY FOR A The Godfather™ A computer adventure which captures the very essence of the Godfather trilogy, where Domination, Power, Wealth and Justice are all part of the game plan.
• Digitised sound effects.
• Full colour bitmaps allowing stunning detail and realism.
• Unique graphic interaction sequences.
Available on: Atari ST, Amiga and PC (VGA only) TM and ©1991 Paramount Pictures. All rights reserved.
The GODFATHER is a trademark of Paramount Pictures.
U. S. Gold authorised user.
G-LOC™ At the controls of an experimental super Klane you plunge eadfirst into the unknown fighting territory. Fast and frantic G-Loc takes you to the edge!
Indiana Jones™ and the Fate of Atlantis Action Game Nazi Germany has rediscovered the Lost Kingdom of Atlantis, and with it the formula to produce the ultimate bomb.
Only one obstacle stands in their way • Indy!
• 9 lavishly detailed action packed locations.
• Dazzling 3D isometric world ¦ click from one camera angle to
the next.
• Awesome animation, music and sound effects.
• 3d missions and three 'player selectable' modes.
• Armed with impressive lazers and a missile guidance system.
Available on: C64 & Amstrod cassette & disc, Spectrum cassette, Atari ST and Amiga C 1990, 1991 SEGA™. All rights reserved. G-I.OC™ is a trademark of SEGA ENTERPRISES LIMITED.
Indiana Jones™ and the Fate of Atlantis © 1992 LucasArts Entertainment Company.
All rights reserved.
Indiana Jones and Indy are registered trademarks of Lucasfilm Ltd.
Software 2000's The Manager The definitive football management simulation featuring all clubs in the 1991-1992 top 3 league divisions. “ ... Sppm
• Select your team and choose from 1 a I year, 3 year it U. | i
or unlimited game
• 3D animation * sequences let you ‘ IS watch highlights of
vE * ;':f _ your team in action. Wu
• Manage your money Wl as well as a team. H A Available on:
Atari ST, Amiga and PC (VGA only) ©1992 Software
2000. All rights reserved.
Available on: Amstrad & C64 cassette & disc, Spectrum cassette, Atari ST, Amiga & PC and compatibles.
U. S. Gold Ltd., Units 2 3, Holford Way, Holford, Birmingham B6
Tel: 021-625 3366.
• champions of krtnn til 0191 442 024 BUCK ROGERS • SKKT Of THI
WON EACH MONTH. At 'AMIGA CNNfINTS The ever-bustling Public
Domain scene has thrown up yet another array of essential
megademos and unbelievable utllitias, and CU Amiga is here to
bring you all the latest advances on this most exciting ef cir
cuits. Sample fan - ami Raven in particular - will find
renditions ef The Bouncer1 and Opus M s It s A Fine Day1, aad
Wacko Jacko makes yet another demo appearance la a compilation
ef bis most recent work.
Meanwhile, Eric Schwartz is back and in fine form, and other eye-catchers include a rather spiffy Lemmings-orientated Asteroids clone, a series of Garfirld illustrations, aad famous comic artist, Brian Holland, makes his Amiga debut in a stunning slideshow of his stunning Judge Dredd and Batman illustrations.
• 0251 Mr-ok mi 31 THE ULTIMATE AMIGA... In a montti when
Commodore launch another machine In Ihe growing Amiga range,
this lime a low-end A500 Plus, speculation grows over what the
next bold step into the unknown will he. The A4000 - what will
it need to he like in order to sateguard the future ol the
Amiga against the PC threat? What do industry leaders,
software houses and. Perhaps more Importantly, the end users,
want from a new machine? As we investigate the possibilities we
also investigate what is available now to those willing to pay
for it - can we create tomorrow's machine today? Is the Amiga
still holding it's own against the other 16-hit home computers
and consoles?
Investigating the machines available today we take a closer look inside the A500 Plus and examine in detail what makes it special Also in this special feature, we look at the sort ol hardware and software that can be rounded up to make your Amiga into a PC-beater at a fraction of the price The future is wide open and it starts here in another CU special report.
48 'ERE WE GO, 'ERE WE GO, 'ERE WE GO... As the European Championships draw ever closer, computer Football games are becoming big business once more. With Anco's legendary Kick Off currently reigning supreme, can anyone knock it from its perch. CU Amiga is on the touchllne as Renegade's newly-acquired Sensible Soccer, Rage's Sinker, and countless other contenders for the trophy run on to the pitch. And what's happened to Kick Oil III? Forget other preview sections, If you want to know what's in the running, this is the place to be.
CU AMIGA OftCM -Priory Cowl. 30-32 Fomngdoo lot*, London KIR 3AU T l: 071 972 6700 FAX: 071 972 6701 DtHrAvhoo - BBC Frontline Ltd. Pori Howie. Pork Rood. Peterborough PCI 2TR Tel: 0733 555161 Subxriptiont - PO Bo. 500. Leicester IE99 OAA Sub. Enqvirt, - Tel 0*58 - 410510 Order line I omwerpkone) 0858 410888 Bocit woes - P O Box 500, Leicester, LC99 OAA. Tel 0858 - 410510. SS iKowNel CLASH-
• 071-9726700 « pIimp it- «n lift •( 0* ittft-lw*: can I rarcn J*
nan I ora r gr- ingn let m ran COMPETITION COVERDISKS Our
coverdisks have always been lamed for their up-to-the- minute
demos and variety of utilities and accessories, but this month
we've got to admit that we've excelled ourselves.
Leading the way is Byte By Byte's stunning Sculpt 4D Junior package - and we're giving it away in all its entirety.
Sculpt 4D Junior is the perfect entry to getting into 3D animation and rendering.
In addition, lor anyone who is struggling with limited disk space, we are also giving you Powerpacker 3.0, too. This essential utility can save floppy users up to 60% of their disk space, and is well-supported within the PD circuit. Also, should you wish to upgrade, there's also a demo of Powerpack 4.0. Finally, games players haven't been neglected, either. An entire level from Ocean's The Addams Family awaits your attention. Comprising the dungeon section from the final game's five-stage house, all manner of nasties and obstacles must be avoided as you guide Gomez around the sprawling mansion
as he searches for his kidnapped son, Puggsley.
FOR MORE INFO ON THESE GREAT DISKS, TURN TO PAGE 18 106 LIT'S DANCE Ray-Tracing is made even easier as Ray Dance hits the unsuspecting Amiga. Mat Broomfield explores it many applications and comes away suitably impressed at its speed.
Ill BMOHT SPARKS Does the thought of linking a series of circuit board experiments to your precious machine send shivers down your spine? It needn't any longer. CU Amiga enters the world of electronics as we dissect Catus AB's Tekno Amiga.
IIS MAKIN' MOVIES The use of the Amiga in video work is becoming rapidly more easier, and the array of lades and wipes your machine is capable of are ever-expanding. Chris Jenkins looks at two new bundles which hope to revolutionise this evolving market.
120 VISIONARY Ever since would-be adventure writers dipped into The Quill, they have hoped that, one day, they can produce something to rival the likes of The Hobbit or Twin Kingdom Valley.
With adventure game systems growing ever more complicated, at last there's a package to allow you to design your own catacombs and the creatures within them.
168 WHEN IT COMES TO THE CRUNCH Archiving is an essential means to getting the most from your disk space. Mat Broomfield looks at the options available.
4S Ooky and Spooky, we enter Screen Scene with our exclusive review of Ocean's The Addams Family. As the Mancunian company attempt to bridge the gap between the Amiga and Console markets, we're there to tell you if they have succeeded. Supporting Gomez and Co., we also have reviews of Krisalis's John Barnes licence. Renegade's Fire And Ice. And 21st Century's Deliverance. RPG fans are similarly well catered for, with U.S. Gold's Might And Magic 3 and Eye Of The Beholder 2 making their long-awaited debuts along with Gremlin's Space Crusade.
140 Win your own PD library 167 Special Australian compo TECHNICAL GAMES The “Black Crypt" ™ positively oozes with twenty five of the most hideous and despicably cunning monsters.
They await you in a dozen plague-ridden interconnecting dungeons, on 20 spell binding levels.
The most heinous among them is the Dark Lord Estoroth, who, many centuries ago, had been banished from the land by four Guardians with awesome ' supernatural powers. In the process, the Guardians and their weaponry had been lost.
I Now Estoroth is back, seeking a ghastly k revenge against a defenceless people.
Available on Amiga.
Your task is to lead an intrepid band of adventurers to retrieve the mystical artifacts that may hold the power of the four Guardians and provide your only chance of saving the world from evil.
The "Black Crypt" is the most electrifying fully animated dungeon adventure, with exceptionally detailed rotating point-of-view perspective.
It features real-time combat and spell-casting, all in 64 colour extra half-brite Amiga graphics.
But be warned, you enter this breeding ground of evil at your own peril. And hopefully not on a full stomach.
Electronic Arts, Langley Business Centre, 11-49 Station Rd, Langley. Berks SL3 8YN.
Tel: 0753 549442. Fax: 0753 546*72 ELECTRONIC RECESSION ZOO CLOSES RECESSIONARY BLUES There may have been a general election, but the recession is still biting hard. CU Amiga reports on two important casualties of the present economic downturn and asks when will it end... European Electronic Zoo. Purveyors ol line quality software such as Magic Garden. Germ Crazy and Under Pressure, are no more. Apparently, the firm went under due to liquidity problems, but Zoo boss. Stewart Bell, was unavailable tor comment as CU Amiga went to press. Despite a patchy track record. Zoo looked set lot better
things with the recent release ol their massive RPG game.
Abandoned Places. Scoring a healthy 83% in the March issue ol CU. The game raced up the charts upon its release.
Sadly, the company won't be able to reap the rewards ol the game's success. Coming just months alter the Mirrorsott crash, we're left won- dering how many more software companies will be forced against the wall. A good Amiga game can still expect sales in the region of 20,000 copies, but average titles are tailing to shift more than BUNDLES ONLY FOR GVP ACCELERATOR A flood of GVP minicards are due to arrive in the UK by the time you read this. The minicard variants, including at the moment an accelerator and a PC emulator, are an easy upgrade path for A500 owners. Fitting inside the GVP series
II Hard Drive, the minicards don't require any modification to the A500 itself, leaving warranties intact. The ability to add on an accelerator in this way is a first, and it's just as well that GVP have done it, since the Series II is notoriously unfriendly to third party accelerators installed on the motherboard.
Originally billed as add-ons, these minicards will now only be available in the UK as part of a complete unit. However, existing owners will be offered some sort of upgrade path. Said Andy Leaning of Silica: ’We are not sure what form this upgrade will take or how much it will cost, but we will not desert our customers.'
10,000 units. That's an important benchmark figure as when you take into account the development, production and advertising costs a company incurs during a game's manufacture, things will get tight il sales dp below this magic number. Already, there have been rumours that some firms are considering ditching the Amiga over the next couple ol years, and moving towards the burgeoning console market. This has already happened m the ST market and whether the Amiga sutlers the same fate rests firmly in the hands ol Commodore.
Although sales of the Amiga are at an all-time high, there's no doubting the need lor a substantial upgrade In the near luture. With the A600 and A570 in the pipeline, things are looking good, but until we can take a closer look at these machines we won't know lor sure... AMIGA CENTRE SCOTLAND TO CLOSE ITS DOORS In a development that may come as a surpnse to many, Amiga Centre Scotland is closing its Edinburgh based shop. ACS is well known in the industry as being the home ol the Harlequin, the only true 24-bit display card available lor the Amiga, as well as lor their part in organising a
series ol Animation festivals and as a local point lor Amiga owners north ol the border.
All is not doom and gloom, though. The reason given lor the move ol premises and the public lockout is that now ACS will be able to spend more time on research and development ol future Harlequin upgrades and possibly some entirely new products, as well as selling related packages by mail order. Now well have time to do some work without having to bother selling printer cables,' commented Martin Lowe.
What the closure does mark, however, are the tough trading conditions hitting the high street.
Alter the boom period ol the late 80s and early 90s, the harsh realities ol a bust economy have come home to roost and many independent computer retailers are finding it tough to compete with the big chains.
In case anyone needs to get in touch with Amiga Centre Scotland, their new address is: Harlequin House, Walkerbum. Peebleshire, Scotland EH43 6AZ. You can ca» them on 089 687 583 or lax on 089 687 456.
SILENTS QUIT DEMO SCENE Top Danish demo creators, Silents. Have made their last megademo lor the Amiga. In a shock development, the team have released their stunning follow up to last year's Global Trash demo on video tape rather than floppy disk. Apparently, the group have become disillusioned with the scene and the technical restrictions imposed on them using disks lor distribution.
Their new megademo. Global Trash . Leatures live Camcorder footage shot at a Rave, interspersed with some stunning new Amiga effects.
Elegmning with an incredible tog etlect.
The accompanying music begins slowly before building up into a Hardcore rave beat.
Interestingly, there are no scrollles, plasma or bob effects to be seen, only a host ol amazing new elfects. One ol these leatures a Sculpt 4D animation ol a man’s face rotating through 360° and lip-synced throughout.
Silents have also branched out into game design, and originated 21st Century's Pinball Dreams which we reviewed last issue.
Unfortunately, the game was cracked before its release, and widely distributed on Bulletin Boards throughout Europe.
Undeterred, the group are considering a number ol new oilers and are busy putting the finishing touches to an as-yet-undisdosed project.
- DIP ON HC CHEAP 17 Bit are hard at work finalising a release
version of an entry-level DTP system. Planned to cost less than
£10, the package will include some fairly advanced features,
including Compugraphic Font support, a window-based text
editor, and variable zoom levels.
At present, the only sub-£10 package is Foxbase. Which isn't exactly a great advert tor the PD market. 17 Sirs system will be updated every six months or so with trade-in offers available for existing users. Extensive professionally-produced documentation will be provided although the system does include a very woikable on-line help system.
Appropriately marking the 30th anniversary of the BBC's cult scl-fl show. Doctor Who, Alternative have announced that they've secured the rights to produce a new Doctor Who game. Visitors to April's European Computer Trade Show were greeted by one of the Doctor's Dalek foes and an advertising blitz to publicise the game, which Is due out later this year as either a mid or full-price release.
Previous attempts at converting the popular show Into a playable game have been laughable affairs. Apart from a game that appeared on the BBC Micro, the most famous attempt at the license was MicroPower's Doctor Who and the Minds of Terror which was released on 8-blt machines more than five years ago. Unfortunately, MlcroPower only secured the license for Colin Baker's Doctor Who persona and, thus, K9 became a mechanical cat and the Daleks were replaced by what looked like upturned dustbins on wheels.
Scant details are available about the new game, as the title is still in the planning stages. First Ideas revolved around a maze game set on Gallifrey, Skaro and Telos, similar in style to PacACan. Doubtless things have moved on apace since then, though, and we'll bring you a First Impressions piece as soon as we can.
BEAT STUDIO ON THE STREETS City Beat have just released a stereo sampler for the Amiga. Beat Studio indudes a compact stereo ADC interface with twin phono inputs and a jack lead for connecting to Walkman-type cassette or CD players. The software support has been provided by the author of Technosound Turbo, once regarded as top ol the heap of Amiga samplers.
Advanced features will indude: samples at up to 36KHz in stereo and 57KHz in mono, simulated stereo mode, real-time echo effects, and a vanable digital delay to program the echo. An unusual addition is a range of real-time voice-altenng effects (guaranteed to break the ice at parties). Also included in the software are some fairly extensive looping fadlities, amongst which are reverse loops and sweep effects Another interesting inclusion is a RAMscan mode - in etfed a built-in 'Ripper which enables the user to lift samples from other packages.
Beat Studio is priced at £39.95 so it may be worth giving City Beat a call on 0234 857777 DID YOU SEE?
In the mad preamble to the April 9th election shocked Amiga owners may have noticed everyone's favourite home computer making a guest appearance on a Tory party election broadcast. As the small boy climbed out of bed to use his computer the Commodore logo was doarly visible on the front of the monitor. Thore followed a sequence of vidoo fades where Amiga graphics slowly dissolved Into real-time footage of tanks in Axerbi|han or soviet missile silos. In fact. It was so woll done one could almost believo it was an advert for the multimedia capabilities of the Amiga (obviously Commodore
weren't too closely involved or they would havo insisted on using a CDTV).
P. ..P...PICK UP A PENGUIN After buying ad space in Millenniums
Aobocod game.
McVibes Penguin chocolate bars are set to sponsor the GALLUP charts. From the beginning of April, all ELSPA charts will feature the Penguin logo and character What interests us most is the fact that the deal was put together by Micro-Time Media, a firm who specialise in Selling advertising space in computer games. The company were also responsible tor placing billboard ads for Seven-Up and Ouckham s motor oil in Microprose s a CD ROM LAUNCH DELAYED, HEX GOES HARDCORE CU ON-LINE Well, not quite, but we will be soon. So if you’ve got a modem you'll be able to bombard us with all sorts of trivia
over the phone lines. Until then, we've set up a CU conference on a number of boards. Anyone wishing to contact us can leave a message on the board in the CU AMIGA area and we'll get back to them as soon as possible.
Node No.
2:255 406 2:255 400 2:255 404 2:253 510 Location Rochester, Kent Telford, Salop Crewe, Cheshire London Surrey Phone No.
0634 831389 0952 641724 0270 583287 0372 278000 HARDCORE The world's first hardcore rave CDTV release, Global Chaos, is set to be unleashed sometime in May from innovative publishing house, Hex. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because the same company were also behind the spectacularly bad Top Banana game, released at the beginning of the year.
The CD combines animation with three ambient house tracks and four hardcore techno tracks.
Anyone who saw the smart intro to Top Banana will know what Hex are capable of, so expect more of the same. The CD will retail for £29.99. recent Formula One GranO Prix and have a number of other deals in the pipeline. Such product placement is common practice in American movies, where nolhing appears unless it's been paid for, and Micro-Time look set to successfully import the idea into computer games.
According to MTM boss, Danny Bobroff, products are only placed where they will tie-in with the game in some way. Obviously, Seven-Up and Duckhams were naturals for Grand Prix anti actually enhanced the sense of realism by dotting the ads around the race tracks. What next, one wonders? What about adverts for condoms in Leisure Suit Larry1 Addidas trainers in Kick OH, and Barrett Homes in Domark's 30 Construction Kin HEX GOES CD ROM LAUNCH DELAYED No sooner liave Commodore pencilled in a release date tor their CD Rom upgrade, than they promptly change their minds. Delays have seemingly plagued
the machine since news was tirst leaked ol its existence just under a year ago.
Now, according to reliable information leaked to CU, the machine's release date has been delayed once more.
Enthusiasts will now have to wait until September at the earliest to get their mitts on one of the drives which effectively enables an Amiga to run CDTV software.
Rumours persist about incompatibility problems with the machine, and this could be one reason for the delay.
Another could be the dearth of decent software support for the CDTV. Few titles are worth buying, and many are lust expensive copies of existing Amiga software. Until there's a good selection of utilities and games readily available for the machine, Commodore may keep on delaying its launch indefinitely - who knows... MORE FROM MAXIS Simulation specialists. Maxis, have been exceptionally busy of late. Due for release within the next couple of months is the Amiga version of Sim Ant which should be reviewed next issue. Then, towards the end of the year, we should see A-Train, a railway
construction game of enormous depth set to rival Microprose's Railway Tycoon.
Sim Farm is scheduled for release early next year and, yes, it will simulate the running of a farm complete with battery Hens and Foot and Mouth disease. Later still, comes Sim Life where the objective is to guide a life-form from its early primordial origins through the evolutionary process.
There’s the chance to play mad scientist with your chosen species as the game will have a genetic engineering option to help mutate your life forms into all manner of weird beasts.
At the back end of 1993, comes the sequel to the award- winning Sim City. Imaginatively titled Sim City 2000, the game promises to be immense with the city's infrastructure expanded considerably. There'll be many more construction tools to juggle than before and there will also be an enhanced CDTV version.
X MARKS DC SPOT Weekly (weakly?) Games title, Games X, has finally bitten the dust after nearly a year of outrageous claims that the magazine was pulling in readers faster than Julia Roberts gets film offers. On its launch in April 1991, erstwhile publisher, Hugh Gollner, claimed the title's first ABC would exceed 60,000. In reality, the title failed to be Ihe money- eamer Europress hoped for, and sales were rumoured to be nearer the 20,000 mark. The last issue of the multi-format mag hit the newsstands on April the 27th. Covering all computer and console formats left the magazine open to
competition from single-format mags which could offer more specific and in-depth coverage. Only CSVG appears to have got the mix right concerning multi-format coverage and, that again, is aimed at the pre-teen market.
BBS The Hotel BBS The Silver Link Reachout BBS Amiga Junction The printer war is on again as Hewlett Packard launch their new entry level system. The HP LaserJet IIPplus is a cut- down version of the industry standard in laser printers. Incorporating the proven Hewlett Packard engine and 512k of memory, the new printer is aimed at people who use an HPLJIII in the office and want a similar standard of printer technology at home.
The IIPplus is fully upgradable with larger paper trays, memory boards (necessary for heavy graphics work) and even an HP PCL5 cartridge to allow full compatibility to the latest LJIII range, although you may find that simply being an LJII is good enough for most applications.
One off the HP's claims for the LaserjetllPplus is that, although its top speed is a mere four pages per minute (measured, as with all laser printer speeds, as the number of full page copies that can be output in a minute), its actual engine speed (the time it takes to accept the data and print the first page) is way ahead of most other systems. Incorporating a 16MHz processor and new internal hardware HP claim a ten second speed increase over previous LJII models.
The price may still be a bit steep at £863, especially considering you will need extra memory to take advantage of full-page graphics at 300dpi, but at least it's a move in the right direction.
IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD AND WE FEEL FINE Imagilec Design, the force behind Viking Child and Mirage's lorlhcoming Humans, have yet another game up their sleeve. Ragnarok, also lo be published by Mirage, is based on the ancient Norse game ol Kings Table and involves a bathe royale between the gods ol Viking mythology. An intriguing strategy board game lor the home computer.
Ragnarok lets the player assume the guise ol Odin, king ol the gods, and pits him against a variety ol evil gods and their henchmen. Ragnarok has only just started development, but Mirage are looking towards a Christmas release.
REALTIME 12- BIT ANIMATION Avideo ia the latest video product to be taken on by Checkmate Digital. Having been stung by Black Belt with HanvE, they are obviously looking to outdo the revamped Amiga when it eventually arrives.
Avideo comes in two configurations.
The first is a 12-hit board, which only allows up to 4096 colours (the same as HAM) but it will do so in Hi res Interlaced Overscan mode (768 x 580) and without any of the fringing effect associated with HAM. PIP (picture in picture, or the ability to have mixed resolution screens) will be supported and the package will come complete with application software and an offer for TVPalnt, widely acclaimed as the best professional paint AvIdeo 24 Is essentially the same only with the capability to display 24-bit images at 768x580 resolution and consequently, the ability to double buffer
12-bit images for animation purposes.
Unfortunately, neither of the boards follow approved expansion paths, though, and to fit one to an A500 will require the user to Invalidate their warranty and may stop it from working with other peripherals or software.
There Is nothing especially impressive in the specification but when you look at the prices, with A video 12 at C249 and Avideo24 (including TVPalnff.5) at £599, you may want to give Checkmate Digital a ring on 071 923 0658 CD-QUAUTY SAMPLERS ARRIVE The latest hot news Irom SunRize industries is that they are now shipping their AD1012 sampler board. What separates this Irom the rest ot the crowd is that it can sample at 100,000 samples per second, giving a sample frequency range up to 50KHz - well above the range audible to the human ear and almost twice the frequency ol a CD player. In
addition, the AD1012 samples at an enhanced rate ol 12-bits giving a 4096 level sound resolution (a dramatic increase on the 256 level resolution currently employed by standard Amiga samplers).
The card can play back lour channels ol 12-bit sound simultaneously and decode a SMPTE time code lor Video work. In lact the card is Toaster compatible and includes a SMPTE generator to trigger a cue-list without the need lor an external time code. Incorporated in the board is a 2105 Digital Sound Processor (a 40MHz chip rated at 10MIPS). This is a custom co processor which, rather like the Witter, handles all the sound functions without too much interference from the Amiga's processor. This enables the AD1012 to be effectively used in multimedia applications where the Amiga is needed to
simultaneously control graphics and disk accessing as well as sound.
The accompanying software, Studio 16, allows direcl sampling to disk. Many record companies are now using this method to prepare digital masters lor CD reproduction. Unfortunately, at 5Mb per minute, you'll have to have a fairly big SCSI dnve before you can master Tubular Bells lor yourself.
Updated 16-bit versions, which will actually give better than CD-quality reproduction, are promised soon, although pricing and release dates have not yet been given.
BY ANY OTHER NAME Black Bell have run into trouble with their latest amazing graphics package. Image Master. They have been working lor some time on a package which will promote the Amiga to the top ol the list when it comes to high-quality video work.
Some ol the advanced features include 24-M morphing routines like those used in the Mm Terminator 2. Manuals have been printed, disks duplicated, and boxes shipped but to no avail.
Apparently. Black Belt did not undertake an extensive enough product search before trying to break into the UK market - there already Is a product selling here by the same name. For copyright reasons it would be illegal for anyone to sell 1 here under that name. Either the name must be changed (presumably including all the references in the manual and disk labels) or il canl be imported and sold.
Unfortunately, the package is already on sale throughout the rest ol the Amiga world under this name. Changing the name and packaging would not only be confusing but also expensive
- Black Belt estimate that it would cost them $ 12,000 just to
produce a new version lor the UK. One possible solution that
Black Belt are investigating is to get permission Irom the cur
rent owners. Until such a deal is made Black Belt are advising
customers in the UK to order their copies Irom overseas.
Perhaps in light ol this it will eventually appear under the
name 'Image Remaster" PGA TOUR®GOLF - NOW WITH 3 NEW KILLER
WIND Perhaps you were getting just a touch too big for your
brogues because you were up there with pros like Azinger and
Stadler out at Avenel, Sawgrass, Sterling Shores and PGA West
Instead of retiring smugly to the 19th Hole for a few rounds of Scotch, its time for a brand new challenge in the shape of three new tournaments: The Honda Classic, The Phoenix Open and The Federal Express St. Jude Classic.
Electronic Arts present three more authentic PGA TOUR courses • TPC at Eagle Trace, TPC at Southwind and TPC at Scottsdale.
Plus, you get all the features that have made PGA TOUR Golf one of the best selling computer golf programs ever: fly-by course previews, hints from the pros, TV-style coverage and realistic crowd reactions that reflect your best shots.... and biggest duffs.
IE I. CTRtNIC ARTS® Electronic Arts, Langley Business Centre, 11-49 Station Road, Langley, Berks SL3 8YN, Tel: 0753 549442. Fax: 0753 546672 So don't putt around. Get your clubs out and prepare for three new 18-hole challenges.
You can find them in the new PGA TOUR GOLF PLUS edition, which also contains the PGA TOUR Golf program and the four original courses.
Or, if you already own the original PGA TOUR Golf program, find the three new courses in the PGA TOUR Golf Tournament Course Disk.
PGA TOUR GOLF PLUS Edition Amiga £29.99 IBM PC £34.99 PGA TOUR GOLF Tournament Course Disk Amiga £14.99 IBM PC £14.99 QUICKSHOT ANNOU N C E T WO NEW JOYSTICKS NEW AIRCRAFT JOYSTICKS For committed flight aim users, Quicksbot hove released two hi-tech joysticks to provide extra realism and controi during play. The Intruder is a new one-handed, aircraft-type joystick which offers dual flrebuttons, two-speed turbo fire control and a six-foot cable. With an extra wide joystick base and an easy to grip handle, this could be the answer to every flyboy's dreams. Priced at a reasonable £29.99, the
stick should be in your local software emporium this month. Also on offer Is the Aviator, featuring easy-to-grip handles, altitude and level Indicators, frame-by-frame slow motion capabilities, four positive response flrebuttons and two dual speed turbo-fire selectors. Such options don't come cheap, however, as the Aviator will set you back £34.99. We ll have a full review of both sticks next month.
FREE EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE DIRECTORY ibiCNfiWffi May 15-17 i MAY AMGA SHOPPER SHOW Lots of bargans on offer tor thferycne's lavtxrte mahre, plus you chance Bty before you buy.Tet 0225 442244 16ft MAY ALL FORMATS FAIR Sandown Paik Incredtty pcpular shew U o( cul-price software. Tel: 0225 868100.
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The world's favourite Viking is ready to storm your computer screen ... Help Hagar eat, fight and drink his way around the globe in search of loot oh, and don't forget to make sure he brings back enough souvenirs for his wife, Helga, or he won't get his supper!
Join Hagar and his friends in this action-packed platform adventure, you're guaranteed to have fun!
© King Features Syndicates, lnc. Diatr. Bulls. * The Hearst Corporation, Inc. Exclusive Marketing and Distribution by DMI.
Available on Commodore Amiga (£25.99), and CS4 (£15.99 Disk, £11.99 Tape) from DMI Ltd., Concorde Building, Newlanda Drive, Colnbrook, Berks. 8L3 ODX.
Telephone: (0753) 686000 or Fax: (0753) 680343 P aaaa check availability before ordering. Screenshots shown from Amiga version.
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Signature__ "AMIGA Welcome to the CU AMIGA coverdisks. We have
a real treat for you. Not 3233 only are we giring away the
excellent Powerpacher 3.0 utility, we're also giving you Sculpt
4D Junior, too. In addition, games players are equally well
catered for as Ocean’s brilliant Addams Family licence hits our
second disk... DISK 32 The more astute ol you will have noticed
that there are two lull commercial programs on CU's Disk 32.
Sculpt Animals 4D jr may be the more exciting, but that doesn't mean that Powerpacker is any less useful. For a start, how do you think we managed to lit two commercial programs on one disk in the lirst place?
INTO THE ARC Powerpacker 3.0 is a cruncher. In order to get more out of your magnetic media you are bound to be considering the archive option. This is where the data or program is compacted by various binary tree or other algorithms. Instead of holding the pure data, the archived file will contain instructions on how to create the original data. The problem with archiving data is that in order to use it again you must first unarchive it. This can take time, can be annoying and even impossible if you have already used up the space you saved' when you archived the file in the first place. The
answer to this problem is a cruncher.
A cruncher will compact data, not as well as an archiver maybe, but when it has finished, it writes a special decrunching header on to the file. This means that when the file is executed it automati- SUPPORT Behind every good utility there is a good support tile. The PP range ol liles are lleirble and useful - even if you never use Powerpacker PPMore Is a replacement lor Workbench’s More utility. In addition to reading standard text tiles. PPMore will enable you lo read crunched led files immediately - without the need to decrunch them lirst.
PPShowis a similar utility which will replay animations. To use either ol the tiles you must have the Powerpsdrerand regtools libraries in your workbench directory. To install Ihese libraries simply bool up on Workbench, open a shell and type: copy CU3?:libs reqtools.lib libs: copy CU3?:libs powerpacker.lib libs: The libraries are now installed and you will be able to run Powerpacker or any ol Ihe utilities even il you have not booled Irom the CU32 coverdisk.
Cally triggers the decrunch routine, which unpacks the program directly to memory. This Is all transparent to the user, the only side effect being a slightly longer loading lime.
GETTING ON WITH IT In use, Powerpacker is simplicity itself. First of all, before you even decide what file you want to crunch, you buffer size (small, medium, or large). The buffer will produce a great increase in speed so it is wise to give this as much space as you can afford. Be wary of using a large buffer size on an unexpanded machine, though.
The second thing to set is the efficiency.
Obviously, the best efficiency means that the file should be optimised to the smallest amount of space, but it will also take longer to crunch.
You can also set the decrunch colours. This is just a bit of fun. Really. As it works, it simply flashes the screen using a myriad of coloured bars, and looks rather similar to the way the good old C64 used 115 look as it loaded games. In order to let you know that something is going on whilst decrunching your file, Powerpacker will cycle the colours on workbench or the pointer. There are a multitude of other preferences but they are sthctty the domain of the more technically minded. If you want to find out more about them read or print out the doc file on the disk.
POWERPACKER3 THE CRUNCH To start a crunching operation, simply select Load tram the Project menu A requestor will pop up asking you to select a file to load.
Navigate around the directones using the gadgets and options to select the tile you want.
Select OK and as the tile is loaded in it will automatically be crunched.
A percentage timer will appear showing you how far there is to go with another percentage showing how much space has been saved. If at any time during the crunch you get bored or decide that you wanted to use different settings or you can abort the crunching process by holding down both mouse buttons.
When everything is finished just use the save m option to re-write the file back to the disk (or another disk). Data files will automatically be given the ‘.pp’ extension. This has no particular evil or arcane significance, but it does make it a bit easier to work out why VILBM won't work with what you know to be a picture file.
To really get to know Powerpacker you should read the doc files on the disk, but you can easily get through the next twenty years without ever needing to know whether you should alocate BSS to Chip.
I DEMO Also on this month's utility disk is a demo of the very latest version of Powerpacker V4.0. This new version takes advantage of some of the special features of Workbench
12. 0 (if you are lucky enough to have it) and also includes full
Arexx support.
The demo version will allow you to load in files, see the new progress display and requestors.
However, you won’t be able to save the files again once you have crunched them - after all, it is only a demo. Luckily we are doing a r great upgrade deal for readers of CU. See the coupon on page 159.
You're probably already aware ol it, but free on the cover ol this month's issue ot your favourite Amiga magazine is one of the best 3D graphics packages aroun'd. Sculpt 4D Junior allows the user to create huge, intricately-designed solid objects, and colour or light them in any way you like. They can then either be saved as pictures to wow your friends, or, with a little effort, be used to create stunningly realistic animations.
One of Sculpts best assets is that it is so easy to use, and these pages are designed to help you get up and running with your new utility as quickly as possible. For lull details on this excellent package, please refer to this issue's 24-page graphics and animation supplement.
BASIC PRINCIPLES Before I explain what those three windows on screen are for, let's spend a moment perusing the basics of three-dimensional drawing. Anyone who has ever been involved with technical drawing will already fully understand the principles behind three-view images, and can happily skip to the next section. For anyone else, the fundamentals behind Sculpts drawing system will take a little explaining.
Everybody knows that you can't draw a true three-dimensional object in two dimensions. It can't be done. To fully display an object's size and shape on a flat piece of paper takes three drawings. One of which is to represent a view through a wire-frame model of a shape. By doing this, you can tell exactly what the shape looks like from all sides long before you've actually started to build it.
Sculpt 4D Junior lets you create your objects in this way, building in three separate dimensions, before the program pieces them together tor you.
THE TRI VIEW The three windows shown represent the current object or area of an object which you are working on and is shown as a wire-frame image from three different angles - from above looking down, south of the object looking north, and east looking west.
Each of the windows relates and interacts directly with the other two. Select a comer in one cursor in any of the three windows and watch how the cursors in the other two move to give you an exact readout of where in 3D space the cursor is. If you don't understand what it’s doing, then picture a glass box with a single beam of light passing through all three sets of opposite sides. The cursor is representing the point at which the light is entering the box. When combined, these inform you of where in the box the three light beams meet. It may seem complicated, but is a very clever way of
manipulating points in a 3D environment.
TOTAL PERSPECTIVE VERTEX Before you can get drawing, you need to understand how shapes are built up. Objects are created from sets of dots, called vertices, joined together with straight lines to form edges. When three edges are joined together, they form a face, and lis is the only thing that Sculpt can disptatyn 3D. Strange as it may seem, all objects have to be built from these triangular faces, and Sculpt won t recognise them as faces unless they are triangular. To demonstrate, let's try a simple exercise.
Move the cursor anywhere within the 'down' window. Hold down the left button and click once on the right to place a vertex. A small yellow dot will appear to let you know it’s there. Now place another two anywhere on the same window, so the dots form a triangle. Fine, we have our three vertices. Now we have to join them. In the bottom-left corner of the window is a small triangular icon.
Click on this and it will join the three points together? Congratulations, you have now made your first face.
With regard to the edging icon, it will only work if two or three vertices are highlighted (coloured yellow), thus creating one or three sides. If you find It doesn't work, then you've probably laid two vertices very close together by accidentally double clicking on the right mouse button. Redundant vertices are easily removed when necessary, but, just for now, go to the menu bar and select 'erase all', and replace your three vertices.
DEPTH CHARGING It's now time to add some depth. Move the mouse to the centre of your triangle, and click on the mouse button to position the cursor. Take a look at the north window and you’ll see that the cursor is LOADING To load, switch oft your Amiga tor at least 30 seconds, to prevent the spread of Viruses. Insert your copy of Sculpt 40 and switch the machine hack on. After a lew seconds, the Workbench menu will appear, with the CU coserdisk icon loud and proud in the middle ol it. Double click on the CU Icon, followed by a double click on the Sculpt 40 Junior icon which appears a moment
later. The program will now load automatically.
Window, and the same corner will be highlighted in the other two. This makes it easier tor you to place objects precisely, and no guesswork is involved.
Finally, to load Powerpacker 3.0 and the demo ot V4.0, simply double-click on the required icon, and the demo or utility will load and run within a tew seconds.
Take some time now to experiment with the triviews. Using the left mouse button to place the Before you can start tinkering with all things AD, though, the package s manual protection must be bypassed. Inside the 24- page supplement given away with this issue is a further guide to Sculpts many intricacies. Within the eight pages dedicated to Sculpt, you will find a list of the protection codes necessary to enter the utility. Simply enter it and you'll be ready to roll.
COPYING YOUR CU COVERDISK We strongly recommend you make a back-up of Sculpt 4D Junior bofore using it, as It will protect your original against accidental erasure or damage. Once copied, stash your master copy somewhere safe and work from your new back-up.
To copy the disk, you'll need a blank, formatted disk. If you don't have one, load up your version of Workbench, and then place the disk you want to format in any drive. Walt for its icon to appear, and click on this once - Its colour will darken slightly indicating it is roady. Holding down the right mouse button, go to the disk menu at the top of the screen. Find the Initialise option, and release the right button on selecting it. After following the prompts to swap disks, a requester will appear asking you If It's OK to initialise the disk in DFO:. On answering yes, another window will
appear, informing you that the disk is in the process of being formatted.
Once it has finished, remove the disk and insart your Sculpt 4D Junior disk. Click on it once to highlight it, and hold down the right button. Qo to the Workbench menu and select ‘Duplicate*. Follow the on-screen prompts to make a back-up of your master disk. Once the process is complete, click on the copy you made and salect 'Rename' from the Workbench menu. Delete the words 'Copy of from the disk name and you’re ready to get started.
Remember, once finished, put your master somewhere safe and only use your new copy.
Positioned in roughly the centre ol the line. We re planning to make a three-sided pyramid, so position the pointer a little way above the cursor and dick on the left button. Once you are satisfied with the position ol the cursor, place a vertex. You're now ready to add more faces.
Although the edging tool is limited to three laces, at the moment there are fourhigh- Irghted. To deselect a vertex, double dick on it with the lett mouse button. Do this with one ol your triangle's corners, and dick on the edging tool. Repeat this on the other two, and - voila! - there is your finished pyramid!
OBSERVING For a quick update ot your work so tar, move the pointer to the down window, and dick in an area away trom the shape, resizing the windows it necessary. Click with the left mouse button, and go to the north window to add some height. Then go to the 'Observer' menu, and drag the pointer down to your required position and release the mouse button. Go to Mode, and ensure it's in Scanline.
Return to the Observer' menu, and drag it down to start before releasing the button. If all is well, in a second or two you will see the outline ot your pyramid. You can't see it properly yet, though, because it still needs to be lit. To exit the picture, place the pointer anywhere over the picture and press the lett button followed by the right. The pidure writ now disappear only to be replaced by the tri-view screen. For the aforementioned illumination, you're going to need a lamp or two - lor the most part, one will suffice, though. Position the cursor near the observer position (marked
with a smal O') and select Add Lamp from the edit menu.
For back- groundsvgo to the world menu.
Select sky. And change the box at the top Irom None’ to Solid' by clicking on it with the lett button. I'm sure you know how to use slider bars by now. So set the colour of the sky by mixing the Red, Green and Blue bars until you reach a colour you deem suitable.
Select ground Irom the menu, and repeat the colouring process.
Go to the observe menu and dick on start to see your first 3D work ol art. OK. So it isn't fabulous, but you can't deny that it was very easy. With the basics sussed, we'll move swiftly on to some ot the more advanced aspects, induding a look into the basics of animation. For lull information, though, read the instructions in our supplement, which further explain the different icons' lunotions and will help you get the most from the program. In addition, the supplement's guide also expands on the basic features we have covered here.
IMPORTANT! Whilst every attempt is marie to ensure that the contents of the coverdishs match the details given on the labels and in the magazine, we cannot be held responsible lor any last-mlnuto changes. Also, although our dishs are also checked thoroughly lor viruses, we caonot be responsible lor any damage caused by tbe contents ol tbe disk. If you have problems regarding your disks, please DON'T call tbe CU Office as there's very little we can do. Instead, ring PC Wise using tbe number listed in tbe WONT LOAD? Panel. Thank you.
HAVE A DRINK WITH Clf “Cruise for a Corpse was murderously good, The Secre of Monkey Island sent everyone ape, but now ‘point and click’ graphic adventures are set to undergo a REVOLUTION” The title ol this odd picture is Have A Drink With CU' (it should be sub-Wed And Don't Expect Them To Pay'), and it isn't hard to understand why. Good as it may look, it didn't take a great deal ol time or eltort to do, and I produced this picture alter a mere two hours ol loading and getting to grips with Sculpt lor the first lime.
To start with, you'll need to construct the CU lettering. There are two methods with which you could do this. The lirst is to plot each vertex, and join the lines up one by one. Or, alternatively, you can use the curve tool, which is lound in the tools menu - but make sure you are working Irom scratch. On selecting the curve mode, the cursor changes to indicate the mode switch. Curve allows the user to plot a vertex in the normal way, but keeping the lett mouse button depressed whilst moving the pointer releases a rubber band' which stretches Irom the last plotted vertex to the cursor.
Subsequent vertices then allow you to draw a plotted curve, which automatically links itself as it goes. To start the lettenng, draw the outline ol the letter C in the north window, and, when you close the loop, control will return to normal.
Select curve again and draw the outline ol the letter U. ?ssr Rendering the picture now would have no etlect as there are still no laces to the letters.
To rectify this, go to the tools menu, and select the edging tool.
By keeping the right button depressed and using the left button to start a line, this allows you to draw the edges between two points. Work your way through the two shapes, zig-zagging through them to till them with triangles. You now have the letters CU standing proud, but still a little Hat. To fatten them up, you need the extrude tool.
Make sure all the points are selected, and click on the extrude tool’s icon.
Alter a moment's pause the cursor will change, and clicking anywhere on the down window will cause a strange effect. The reason lor this is that you are placing another copy ol the selected object on screen at the cursor position, and AMIGA FORMAT} ...All real change must come through revolution... Anon the computer is joining them with connecting edges. Move the cursor to above the original CU object and press the left button. Once you have lined it up. Dick the right button and you'll have your monolithic CU logo.
SPIN THE BOTTIE The bottles and glass may look impressive, but you'll be amazed when you see how little work you need to create them. Scroll the tri-view window to the place where you want a bottle to appear and select the curve tool. Imagine the bottle had been cut into quarters along its length, and draw the line its edge would follow. Position the cursor at the centre ol the base ol the bottle, and select Do Spin' Irom the Edit menu. Enter '18' and '360' on the two prompt windows, and watch the program draw the bottle for you.
TRI VIEW WINDOW GUIDE Dotted around each of the three windows are a large set of icons. Here's a guide of what they are and what they do:
1. Rotate Anticlockwise Clockwise: Rotates any selected objects
around the centre of the window.
2. Front Back: Standard Workbench icons.
These deal with the positioning of this window when overlaying others.
4. Expand Tri-View: Look at a larger area via the tri-view
windows lo place Ihe bottom edge on the line. With the
grabber, you can also move the objects closer together to
improve the traming ol the picture. Conversely, place the
observer away Irom the objects, just above ground level, and
place the target at the same height somewhere in the midst ol
your picture.
Place a lamp, as betore.
Dose to the observe point to give the most bght on the images - although some really great effects can be attained through unusual lighting. Now render the linal image. In the meantime, as the picture is being rendered, you can muse on just how easy it was to do... Ai ihe moment, the bottle is lying down, and it needs to be upright. Easier done than said. Scroll the tri-view windows so that the bottle is the only thing on view, and then dick on the select all icon in the north window to highlight its vertices. Then use the rotate icons to turn the bottle upright.
Simple. Repeat the same process lor any other bottles and glasses you may want to add.
Using the same method as belore. Create the sky and ground. This time, however, take a look at the north and west windows. Along the middle is a straight line, denoting the ground level. Any part ol an object below this won’t be seen, and any object not touching it will be seen to float. To reposition an object, make sure it is the only thing shown in the windows, and select its vertices with the select all gadget. Using the grabber Irom the tools menu, pull the object around in either the north or west GETTING MOVING Animation is last becoming one ol the Amiga's strongest points, particularly
with packages like Dpamt IV. Sculpt 4D Junior also allows you to animate, and direct mini movies with your freshly-created 3D objects. Like everything else you've seen so far, the process is very easy. Sculpt uses a system called Key Frames for its animation, which means that you only need enter key frames for your sequence. The computer then fills in the gap using a system called Tweening. And this saves a great deal of time.
Basically, you can set. Say. Live points, and the Amiga will link them so that they flow smoothly into each other.
The animation we're going to produce is an eternally-spinning CU weathervane. Before the animating can begin, though, the screen must be set up. In this case, we re going to have our already drawn CU lettering (albeit with an anow running through them), sat atop a tall pyramid. Create the pyramid from triangles as before, and create the 3D CU lettering using the curve and extrude tools. Using the grabber, place the lettering on top of the pyramid and the pyramid on the ground. Make the middle of the CU lettering the Observe target and place the Observe position somewhere down south.
Place a lamp near the observe position, and colour the scene sky and the ground.
“Looks set to become Britain’s answer to Sierra and Lucasfilm” Paul Presley • PC Review) ...All wickedness is but little to the wickedness of a w’oman... The Bible • Apocrypha Ib.25:l9 TOTALLY WIRED Do this lor each frame and return to the global window. Click on preview. After a couple of minutes, you'll be able to see a wireframe version of your animation, which wi no doubt knock you silly. It you dick on Render AH', the machine will begin the lengthy rendering process. Be Place the cursor on the down window over the centre ol the pyramid, and dick on the Centre window' icon. Select
the CU logo, and you're ready.
TAKE YOUR PIC(TURE) Go to the load menu, and select Load Take. Enter the save name of your new animation, and go to the Modify Take option. Under Number ol Frames' IF YOUR DISK WON'T LOAD?
In the unlikely event ot one of your CU disks not loading, remove all external cartridges and peripherals and try again.
If it still won’t load, pop the offending disk in an envelope and address it to: CU DISK RETURNS, PC Wise, Merthyr Industrial Park, Pentreebach, Mid Glamorgan . CF48 4DR. They will then test the disk and send a replacement as soon as possible. Ring the PC Wise Helpline for any urgent problems. It’s open between 10:30 and 12:30 during weekdays and can be reached on: (0443) 693233. Whilst CU Amiga makes every effort to check cover disks for all known viruses, we can accept no responsibility for possible damage caused by viruses which may have escaped our attention.
Enter 36. And dick on the word Global' to change the window to the Frame window. We re going to enter our key frames every 6 steps from 1. Click on the first frame of the roll of film, and dick on the word No' to make Frame 1 a key frame. Do the same tor frames 7,13,19,25.31 and 36. Click on frame 1 again and then dick on Save Key Frame' lo store the current frame, and OK' to dose the box. Now to work on the next key frame. As the weather vane has to rotate through 360 degrees, it has to rotate through 60 degrees for each key frame - with the exception of frame 36 in which It only has to
rotate 50 degrees. If you enter the last frame, the program won't be able to complete the animation, and to rotate the vane, make sure the CU lettering is selected and click on the clockwise rotation icon 12 times.
Then go back to the Modify Take' window and save it as the next Key Frame.
Warned, though, as this takes quite a while, but it is worth it lor the Impressive, lull-colour and solid object animations It creates.
YOU'RE ON YOUR WAY And that, as they say. Is all there is to it. Obviously there's quite a bit I've missed here, but you should be suitably impressed already. Remember, full details on all the icons and further instructions to the program can be lound in our supplement - Happy rendering!
“Acclaimed as a revolution in game design, Revolution Softwares’ goal is to change the conventions of role-playing games forever with...” (GAMES X) ...Art is either a plagiarist or a revolutionist... Gaugin It's creepy and exclusive, It’s quality condusive, It’s absolutely mahoosive... 1HEADDAMS That's right, in an amazing coup, CU Amiga has trounced the competition to bring you an exclusive demo of the most eagerly- awaited game this year. So, get ready for an exploration of those ooky, spooky Addams Family... Easily one ol the most eagerly-awaited licences ever. The Addams Family scoops an
almighty 95% in this month's review pages, and we are proud to bring you a complete playable level Billed as the Amiga's answer to Mano. The Addams Family is a massive platform romp, with the player assuming the heroic role of Gomez Addams. Owner of the massive mansion the game is set in, Gomez's family - his wife Morticia. His cranky Granny, slap-head Uncle Fester, and his children, Wednesday and Puggsley - have been kidnapped by an unscrupulous property developer who has whisked them away until Gomez hands over the deeds to his house Obviously, Gomez is loathe to do so, and consequently he
must explore his rambling property and attempt to rescue his family members from their horrible fate. Our demo features an entire wing of the five-stage building - comprising some forty screens - and is set within the house's dank and creepy dungeons and torture chambers.
Somewhere within these winding catacombs Is young Puggsley, but If Gomez is to locate him, he will have to run the gauntlet of the many subhuman creatures who inhabit the lower regions.
Gomez is controlled using the joystick (see panel), and can be made to run, jump, change direction mid-leap, and duck. Starting at the entrance to the level, each stage scrolls either horizontally or in the customary eight directions, keeping Gomez central at all times. As progress is made through the dungeon, the screen layouts get rapidly more tortuous with the nasty-laden platforms giving way to revolving axes, guillotines, and spiked traps.
Additionally, the creature and obstacle content is similarly stepped up, and this paves the way to a final confrontation with the 'Boss' creature who Is presiding over Puggsley.
Obviously, the odds are stacked against the diminutive Gomez, and the success of his rescue missions depends on his health Displayed to the left-hand side of the screen are a series of hearts, and these depict our hero’s health. On contact with any of the nasties, these are gradually drained and should his back-up supply of lives be fully depleted, the mission is prematurely ended. This means that the house will become rubble and, eventually, a car park - ‘Game Over1, effectively.
It's not all bad. Though. Dotled across the levels are a senes of odd-looking devices and objects which can be used to aid Gomez’s progress. The first is a flashing ball which grants our hero with temporary invulnerability, and is indicated by a sparkling Irail which follows in his wake, and the second is the 'Fez-Copter'. This unusual device is a Tommy Cooper-style hat with flying capabilities and can be found circling the ceiling in certain rooms. It Gomez leaps up at the circling Fez. It attaches itself to his head and allows him to fly past particularly tricky areas. By repeatedly push
ing up on the joystick, Gomez's flightpath can be extended, but it will eventually expire, and Gomez will be back to using Shank's Pony (ie. Walking).
Also scattered throughout the house is part of the Loading Your Demo... To load yoor demo, simply nmrt till disk into 0F0: an! II 111 auto-bool. II it fills to do so, then turn your machine off and remove any extra drives, printers or cartridges, and try again. The demo works on any expanded or unexpanded machines, but if it still fails to load, pop it in an envelope and send it to the usual PC Wise address which can be found elsewhere in this section.
Twonty-flv* Dollar* award* Gomez an extra health point Th* bMutfful but fatal Madam* Outl lotto* - donl loae your haad... Now let the game commence... Monster Mash Although most ot the nasties are extremely hazardous and best avoided. Gomez can often use them to his advantage. The “ 0 cannons, lor instance, lire a regular O'-' pattern ol shots and. With perfect ? £* OF THE a-, i timing and positioning. Gomez can lump into the path ol an oncoming $ cannonball and bounce oil it to reach _ any cash or bonuses that may have been previously inaccessible. -i Unlortunately. There are also
several 1 t* creatures who are readily equipped J • .• to deal with your back breaking - antics. These are often armed with spikes and. Should Gomez try and squash them, they will reward his efforts with a spike up the jacksy Firepower or running over them whilst invulnerable is the only way to deal with these - either that or stay well clear... Family's vast wealth, and Gomez can trade in any collected money for much-needed health points.
Shown as Dollar signs, on collecting twenty-five of these. Gomez is rewarded with an extra energy unit, whilst one hundred grants him with an extra life.
. can resist everything except temptation... Controlling Gomez The mission is over when Gomez has bounced the 'Boss' creature to death and Puggsley is free. You will then be given a password which is compatible with the complete version of the game when it is released But. Be warned, it will be a white before you get It... Up-Ji when iher, ascend Fat Copter Oscar Wilde Raa left GAMES CALL US NOW FOR IMMEDIATE SERVICE ON (0386) 765500 • lEmRamMicrosl lEvesham fticrosl AMIGA 500 SOLDERLESS RAM UPGRADES o!40£ 22.99 512K RAM CLOCK UPGRADE | ALSO WITHOUT CLOCK FOR ONLY : £ 1 7.99 INC. VAT AND
Simply Plug* Into trapdoor expansion area tr Increases total RAM capacity to 2Mb ChlpRAM RAM OrVOff Switch tr Compact unM aIn tr Only S low power RAM Ics * High reliability CALL US NOW ON (0386) 765500 • R'.T TffTr Tm • CALL US NOW ON (0386) 765500 •
1. 5MB RAM BOARD Fully populated board increases total RAM in
A500 to 2Mb! Plug* into trapdoor area, 4 connect* to ‘GARY’
chip r Include* Battery Becked Real-Time Clock tr Socketed
RAM Ica on 512K11Mb Veraiont Unpopulated RAM board with
dock--------------£ 34.96 [ with S12K installed C 54.95 with 1
Mb instaBed C6S95 , RAM Board with 1.5Mb FASTRAM installed
.... £ 79.00 L. CONNECTS TO YOUR TO GIVE 1.5MB ONLY £54.99 OW
COMPUTER SHOPPER'S ‘Best Customer Service*
- AWARD FOR 1991 - Send Cheque, Postal Order or -0 ACCESS VISA
card details to: Evesham Micros Ltd.
Unit 9, St Richards Road Evesham, Worcs. WR11 6XJ Government. Education A PLC order* welcome Same day deepatch whenever possibw Eipreea Courier delivery (UK Mainland only) C6.S0 extra Please note that 5 banking daya mutt be allowed lor cheque clearance. Immediate clearance on Building Society cheques or Bank Draft*.
Call us now on 0386 765500 TELESALES OPENING TIMES : 9am - 7pm Monday-Fiiday 9am - 5.30pm Saturday
10. 00 - 4.00 Sunday HERE TODAY - HERE TO STAY (tnWDciH href to*
chowo oend *" ¦ I ttaeinned lot (B»t ogni |t* -ilh ¦ Itfoog
financial aiatu* and mxt liHtn Out CompuUneed Teleailee Order
Processing mva.lm.nl means feel, serve Well appomled Reled
Sl*...oom. -nr large product PRICES INC.DELiVERY » VAT® 17.5%
Express Courier Delivery : (UK Mainland Only) £6.50 Extra HOW
ACCESS VISA Cards Welcome Mail Order Fax: 0386-765354 Unit 9 St Richards Road, Ev®sham Worcestershire WRI1 6XJ TT 0386 765180 _ »a» OM6 6&354 5 Glisson Rd, Cambridge CBI 2HA n 0223 323898 CorpotofeSOwDep* • aMosaMr 251-255 Moseley Rood, Highgate, Birmingham B12 OCA Tel 021 446 5050 .Fa* 021446 5010 CopctgioSc** Dept » lasy Paney 320 WITAN GATE MILTON KEYNES MK9 2HP tT 0908 230 898 ft* 0QCB 230865 ¦ZT 0386-40303 Monday k) Friday. 10 00 - 5 00 12 MONTHS WARRANTY ON ALL PRODUCTS AT MU* conwa a Mot ol gong b m • ? Very low power consumption tr Styled to match the Amiga tr Throughport lor
further expansion ? RAM access LED & RAM lest run switch tr Optional PSU (allows Amiga to power other devices) tr Available fitted with 2Mb. 4Mb or fully populated with 8Mb Incorporating Ihe latest ‘ZIP' DRAM technology, our new External Memory Upgrade allows Ihe A500 A500* lo be upgraded by up lo a further 8Mb of auto-configuring FASTRAM.
A500 PLUS' 1MB RAM UPGRADE I ONLY £42.99 With our MEQABOARD, you can further £101 DAM HdfiDAnE ¦yxpand your A500* memory to a total of • I Al RMJT1 VlVltMl L | 2MB without disposing of your existing 512K upgrade (must be 4 x RAM-chip type, or not exceeding 9cm m length).
A500 EXTERNAL 8MB RAM UNIT 3’A" EXTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVES With 2MB fitted...£119.99 with 4MB...E179.99 with 8MB...£289.99 PARTIALL Y POPULATED UNITS EXPAND TO SMB WITH 2MB MODULES. AVAILABLE SEPARATEL Y AT ONLY CBS 99 PER 2MB At EG ABOARD naeds Kicksun I J to operate (Kick*tart 13 upgrade available from ui for C2* InalaUalion require* connection to me CARY -p Easy lo folio- nslruClK *vs pnmdM ’MEGABOARD’ UPGRADE 1 . TcnT" lEmh.rUur.'J
amp, £ro I Features Amiga 500* Cartoon Classics'Pack as
detailed above, plus Virus Protector. Mouse Mat. Top Quality
Joystick plut 19 FABULOUS GAMES including : • OAZZA 2'
Unde Preaaure' High Steel The Ban Game DM Mot' Night Walk’
Block Alanche Treasure Trap' LoH N Uue' DiakMen «*' apaechecami
C7«*ea amo itatoiLiyn PRINTERS Pricos Include VAT, Delivery and
Connection Cable Cj old Registered (§7I Ie© Dealer EVESHAM
Compatible to any Amiga or Commodore COTV. This NEW Genlock
Adapter provides Advanced Special Efleets end Performance
Features without sacrificing user-friendliness!
Nfea special Features ncfcde: Dual Daaohe contrp uxd providng freely adt stabW Degrees ol overlay or irwerl (kayhofel affect*. Auto Video ptn-trvu.
Eika Vdoo Ifvougnporl lor separata line monitoring. RGB pass-thru to.
I*al Bme adtng of Amiga grapNca. Put Key in port lor use wilh an artarnal keying Uovko HARP DRIVE RAM UPGRADE BOARD KIT Our hard drive Ms include (u* aize he d kek controller ca.da with unpopulated SIMMS RAM upgrade aocketa tor feting up to Bmb HAM. Plue fugh speed, new technology NEC Herd tkeka 40Mb HARD DRIVE A INTERFACE RAM CARD £ 349 00 Mb HARD DRIVE I INTERFACE RAM CARD£ 499.00 PHASE MOTE Thaaa m an**, FLAM toot Add ( 90 00 pe Tnb RAM -toxic I and a new super-last | print speed of 180cps I in draft and 44 cps in NLQ. The LC20 appropriately supercedes the ONLY £129 99
phenomenally V INUT L IAJ.33 successful LC10 I Star LC 200 9 Pm Cotour. 4 toms. L80 4Scpe C11 Star LC24-10 2APav 4 kwe. I80.«0cpe------CM Star LC 24-200 24-Pm. 5 ton* 20Q 67cp* . _...£ a ¦rLC 24-200C 7cokuwwonotabo*-CM aomeftc Sheet Feeder tor 1C 10-prreernptastaie modal) (84JS W StorIB24-200 COLOUR 24DH. 80 CM power pma 198000 NEW St*. XB24-280 132 eokam va cn ol XB24-200 ( 439 99 REALISE THE TRUE SOUND POTENTIAL OF YOUR AMIGA WITH THIS PAIR OF FULL RANGE SPEAKERS!
C VIO-Cfeone ssassssssssfi only E 39.95 PHILIPS 15" TV MONITOR VIOMtOB ootou» kam generation U Irom BAW magas w al a Mpi «uaWy ¦*«»* raaoMMn Amiga *00 Dual Cover delivery A cable CALL US NOW FOR IMMEDIATE SERVICE ON (0386) 765500 e RTTliHiirrrim Cl AMIGA 500+ SPECIAL OFFERS A500+ CARTOON CLASSICS PACK TOP VALUE PACKAGE INCLUDES : « NEW AMIGA 500 PLUS' with 1Mb RAM, 1Mb Drive, Kicketart 2, Workbench 2, TV Modulator, Mouse, etc. DELUXE PAINT IN', PLUS:
- X LEMMINGS' (tqp -Her!)
£349.99 2MB CHIPRAM version £379.99 e CALL US NOW ON (0386) 765500 • CALL US NOW ON (0386) 765500 CAPTAIN PLANET' BART SIMPSON vs. THE SPACE MUTANTS' CARTOON CLASSICS IXTRA' PACK TOP VALUE 400dpi HANDY SCANNER QUALITY SCANNING ¦ AT THE RIGHT PRICE I to money. Hue package £369.99 2MB CHIPRAM version £399.99 m o.a»aap id as -toil eaoyacdes PaoecMa ONLY £99.99 FuBy compattole. Wlh I Mb unkxmetted capacfy h Straightforward irmallabcn precede. M ndudM II Ung nsoixtcns TRUEMOUSE WE OUAftAMTEE that this la the ONLY E39.99 TRACKBALL PHC QQ SATISFACTION
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Video recodart and overlay mphc and tart onto video C apaUe oI smooth and • labia lading and overtaytng effects _with special Hiring WitO ONLY £89.991 STEREO SOUND SAMPLER NEW! ROCGEN PLUS' ONLY £29.95 Citizen PRODOT-24 COLOUR Professional 24-Pin COLOUR Printer MIDI INTERFACE ¦anal port and pnwtdM IN OUT A THRU port* to. Good Ha.bMy uo M.M, 0NLY £19.95 L PROFESSIONAL 24-PIN COLOUR PflWTER ¦ AT A BUDGET PRICE! I VIRUS PROTECTOR ONLY £6.95 m pratocton laaMy AMIGA 1500 2000 UPGRADES I Philips 018833*1 I one years orvsrte Mk.ll Monitor induding cable, game and A590 ADD-ON HARD DRIVES i a* *
SOFTWARE amqs car so SpacaarOtgM Vkvdaorth (MOO HgoaiaBCeC CtMOO KndWotoa? T 37 to GFA BASIC V3 C H 05 Proloal VS * (170 00 GFA BASIC Compter (MBS Ogata Honta Aoorti V2 C 49 00 Davpec 7 15 C44 0S Oakua PaH 4 t 9 00 Deney Anmaton Studo f M 05 (11000 a«a* caart SCSI Haid DnMa?S*e Mopanag NEC ewtfafMma and ¦apa.aWpoee.B4* , Plug* no Vw aocaal ptowMd on *m reaa O tw A500 *« E Hemal 40Mb SCSI Drive cased with PSU lo A*ecBy aOd-on lo me Commodor* AMO . ( 249.00 Eittrnal 10OMb SCSI Drive cased mth PSU € 399.00 Eveshim Micros] Race your Jaguar XJ220 against other super cars
including Ferraris, Porsches and Lamborghinis over thirty six circuits through twelve different countries. Speed through variable weather conditions whilst tackling waterfalls, tunnels, cliffs, bridges and mountain passes.
• Fog, snow, wind, rain and sandstorms.
• One or two-player split-screen option.
• Joystick or mouse control.
• Map editor - Create your own circuits.
• Financial Management strategy.
Available on Atari ST and Commodore Amiga (both 1 Meg only).
Under licence of Jaguar Cars Limited, UK.
Screen shots taken from Amiga version TRADEWINDS HOUSE, 69 71A ASHBOURNE ROAD, DERBY DE3 3FS.
TELEPHONE: (0332) 297797 FACSMILE: (0332) 38151 1 A lot of people say that the Amiga is not in fact the all-out, up-front King of all machines. ‘Ha’, they say, ‘my PC486 with SuperVGA is much nicer’. That may be true, but what you have with an Amiga is a system based around 80s technology, not 70s.
The Amiga has the ability to metamorphose Into an even more stunning beast and it does this better and at a lower price than any Mac or IBM system.
Having bought an Amiga you have automat)- la ting the Mac or PC makes it an ideal candidate cally become a member o( an exclusive dub. It's lor networking. Just because someone buys an not a dub run by business, nor by the company FST Trinitron Super-Surround Sound TV to watch who manufactured your machine - it's not even sports programmes on, it doesn't mean they won't run by the software houses that support the occasionally enjoy Red Dwarf, too People who machine. The dub is run by Amiga users - all of say that the Amiga is only good for playing games them. It stretches from the bizarre
fringes where are generally people who have bought Pcs and coders stay up late for weeks to bring you a are a bit upset because they’ve found that, say.
Demo, to the more mainstream user who just an Amstrad 1512 is not very good for playing enjoys using his A500. The Amiga binds people games on.
Together - it is a machine with community spint Yes. The Amiga has it's detractors Once upon Nobody is suggesting that some people don't a time, it was compared to the ST These days, it buy Amigas mainly to play games, but it is very is compared to more professional systems. The short-sighted to believe that they don't use ther Amiga is fighting the age old battle of innovation machine for anything else. Versus establishment - the new blood versus the In fact, it's what makes the Amiga such a great old. It can only be a matter of time, games machine that enables it to perform so well While we
re waiting, as a spot of entertainment, In other fields. The graphics capabilities have we'll take a look at some kit that equals or beats opened up the realms of DTV and DTP; the stun- anything available on any home computer, nlng sound makes it excellent for music and Prepare yourselves for the ultimate doombringer - multimedia applications: and it s versatility in emu- the mother of all Amigas... I A3000 At the moment this is still the hottest Amiga you can buy Running on an 030 chip with a '82 math coprocessor this baby is fast 2Mb of chip RAM and a built-in flicker-fixer puts paid to
any worries about graphical ability Its small size means you can legitimately include it as a part of any desktop solution 2 MONITOR The Amiga s custom multisync monitor can handle all of your graphic DELIXKPAI1VT IV 1SIOS requirements, even the new produc- glass and the bass to shift furniture, tivity and super hi-res modes The just as nature intended the ultimate The Ultimate Set Up... A selection of the hardware and software which help make the Amiga great.
Idea of a multisync is that it can tune in’ to the frequency of your display so 4 GRAPHICS TABLET that enhanced video modes, such as The ability to draw is a great gift. The interlace, will appear as stable as a ability to draw using a mouse as your normal lo-res screen input device is a miracle That is why most artists prefer to use a graphics
- SOUND tablet The genius tablet is particu- ENHANCER larty
excellent as it comes with a Omega Project's sound enhancer is
an ready made template for Dpaint excellent unit if you care
about your Other systems are available to give ears
Essentially, it does what puck control or a wider pad for more
Commodore s filter should have done specific tasks Everyone
knows that to listen to music properly you have to turn the
filter off 5 PRINTER (usually accompanied by the power The
printers supported by the Amiga light), or it sounds like it's
being played are generally the same as those sup- through an
old sock (the Socks and ported by any other computer. You Rugs,
and Knock and Dole' syn- could even drive a linotronic film
prodrome) The Sound Enhancer lifts and cessor direct from the
Amiga given separates leaving the treble to shatter the right
software 6 SCSI DRIVE The ability to connect SCSI units to the
Amiga (via a suitable interface supplied with most hard drives)
means that users can take advantage of the vast range of
devices initially intended for Mac and PC machines. Hard
Drives. Optical Drives, Tape Streamers and Scanners are all out
there waiting for you.
7 GRAPHICS Board The Harlequin spits on the PC s Super VGA mode. It’s a 32-bit card capable of displaying 24-bit images with enough bits left over to provide syncs for chromakeying and other effects. There are many other 24-bit framestore cards for the Amiga but unfortunately there is no standard as of yet.
K SAMPLER The SunRize samplers haven’t made it to the UK yet. These promise 16-bit sampling capability. At present, the best 8-bit sampler on the Amiga is Audio Engineer, but Microdeal s AMAS combines an 8-bit sampler and a MIDI interface v MUSIC The Amiga may not yet be the musician’s first choice for a studio setup but there is a large amount of professional software available The KCS Sequencer 3.5 is generally regarded to be the best available on any home computer. The lack of built-in MIDI ports may have held back the Amiga initially but they are so commonplace and cheap these days
that it is no longer seen as a serious obstacle.
To PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES Almost all popular available languages are available on the Amiga, especially if you use a PC bridge- board Assembly language is the first choice of crack programmers and the Amiga is well represented here by Hisoft's Devpack. The Amiga is becoming better known as a developer’s machine because it's multi-tasking ability allows for easier debugging li GRAPHICS Graphic applicatons are definitely the realm of the Amiga. Not only is it possible to create stunning artwork with packages like Dpaint IV and TV Paint, it is also incredibly easy (as Rolf Harns has proved on
his shows) n DTP SYSTEMS No major publishing house in this country is using th Amiga yet. But in North America several projects have been set up. The much-missed AMIGA Times was produced entirely on the Amiga DTP on the Amiga is catching up with Mac systems thanks to an excellent range of products like Professional Page and Pagesetter II from Gold Disk.
13 MULTIMEDIA Given its ability to multitask and the astounding graphics and sound capabilities of even a bog-standard Amiga, it certainly ought to be first choice when it comes to multimedia.
There are quite a number of good packages available such as Amiga Vision and Showmaker LOWEST PRICES GUARANTEED!
CORTEX 8Mb RAM EXPANSION for the Amiga A500 Plus A1000 CORTEX 1 Mb MODULE FOR A500 plus Gives 2Mb CHIP MEM • D «C. ?mfi?quivalen' ,0 A50 Plus Ultra low power desiqn • Low component count lor maximum reliability • Available Populated to ' 2MB or 1 mI The ONLY RAM upgrade approved by Commodore UK • Fully compatible with A500 plus for 10Mb maximum RAM • External fitting (Warranty remains intact) • Through port (covered by blanking plate) • Fully implemented auto- configure • Zero wait states • Compatible with A590 and all major hard disks • Usesl M x 8bit or 1M x 9bit SIMMs • Complete with its
own power supply unit (UK. US. Or EURO) • FullyAI 000 compatible • RAM test software.
2Mb I 4Mb I 8MI £189.00 £249.00 £369 GVP IMPACT SERIES 2 HARD DISK WITH RAM (A500HD8+) it 52Mb Hard disk system with up to ¦ 8Mb ol RAM • Factory-fitted 1 Quantum Pro-drive. 11 ms access. • Uses 1M x 8bit SIMMs (see RAM CHIPS section for prices) • Game switch (hard drive disable) and power supply-__ EXTERNAL FLOPPY-DRIVE High-quality silent mechanism • Tnrough-port • Enable disable XETEC HARD DISKS Systems available for all Amigas INCLUDING A1QOO call for prices PRICE PROMISE Cortex will match any genuine pnce offered by one ol our U K conpetiiors on goods that are *i.stoc* on a ike-tor-IAe
basis Thsoher apples at the time o pxchase only and does not apply to pnos offered n sales * banfcnp* sloe*, clearance or dosing down sates 2 YEAR GUARANTEE AH product bearing the Cortex brand name carries a 2-year guarantee. Other products m this advertisment carry a 1 year guarantee.
All pnees nckxfe VAT and postage & packaging A) products sNpped same day where possOie Alow 14 days lor detoery if ordering by cheque Makecheque* P O s payable to CORJEX 5 E,N”*NCED CHIp SET £ (E.C.S.) UPGRADES 8372A Fatter Agnus IXMTlfll 8373 ri I Super Denise I £ klTlIll MegaChip 2000 with Super ht?ertSi ,aiS,s 2Mb 'o be Wed to A500 1500 2000) See KICKSTART ROWS lor ROM I JLL-FT.l upgrade RAM CHIPS
IM. Stxt SIMMs T2c£e'Gvp Bgjjj] 256K x 4bit DIPs i&etzr EwiT! 1M
X tbit DIPS ‘0-OiCer A2000 1 VlM cards) Mch 1M x 4bil
Static- Mam Column Mode ZIPs MftTnl A3000 4MbUttA|y DEPT CU,
051 -236 0480 24 HOUR FAX: 051-227 2482 »¦ - - «*- »-
ulBMMMRBa anaga m HARD DRIVES Once you have a SCSI controller
you can attach virtually any Hard Drive you like. Most drive
manufacturers produce a SCSI system, including Quantum, who
are generally regarded as the best.
Call Almathera Systems on 081 683 6418. SCSI devices also include Optical Drives and other methods of mass storage. The IBM unit pictured here is available from Power computing, Unit 8, Railton Road, Woburn Road. Industrial Estate, Kempston. Bedford MK42 7PN (Tel: 0234 843388) SAMPLERS Apart form the SunRize, the best samplers are The Audio Engineer and AMAS, the latter of which incorporates a MIDI interface. This is particularly useful for musicians with other MIDI equipment - velocity-sensitive keyboards and synth modules, for example. Suppliers Microdeal can be found on 0726 680020.
24-BIT CARDS At the moment, the Harlequin Plus board is one of the best 24-bit graphics card available on any system, let alone the Amiga. Features like real-time gamma correction, 4-bit overlays, colour-cycling and 15-bit true colour make it the only choice for professionals. Creators, Amiga Centre Scotland, have recently moved, and their new number is 089 687583. Other contenders include the GVP IV 24 (try contacting Omega Projects on 0925 763946) and, of course, the considerably cheaper DCTV from Digital Creations.
PRINTERS Printers are fairly generic, although you may have trouble finding a driver to act as a go-between between it and your machine. At the high end of the market, a colour Postscript machine (one that you can actually fit on your desktop) - such as the NEC Colormate PS - is hard to beat. But then again, at a rather large £8300 it would have to be.
A sensible laser printer like the Canon LBP-4 (which can be picked up for around the £1000 mark) will provide you with reliable output. For the more financially challenged, a slightly less robust Bubblejet should suffice. The Fujitsu B200 is a good bet, so give them a call on 061 5734444.
Finally, at the really cheap end. You can't beat a Star or a Citizen.
SCANNERS The Sharp Jx300 is the nicest In full-colour A4 scanners with suitable software for the Amiga. It's smaller relative, the Jx100, is excellent if you won't need to scan anything larger than a colour print.
Both are available from Silica (081 309 1111).
Similarly, if you are looking for a black and white hand scanner, they don't come any better than the new model just released by Power. Call them on 0234 843388 for more information.
DIGITISERS Rombo’s Vidi unit used to be the best grabber digitiser at any price. Now, however, there are more contenders - especially in the ever-growing 24-bit range. Marcam (0604 700466) produce some pretty impressive cards, and hot in from Germany is V-Lab, which promises to knock the 24-bit spots off everything currently available.
GRAPHICS TABLETS The Genius Tablet from Datel offers 1000dpi resolution and comes complete with mouse replacement software for £129.99 - it certainly makes life a great deal easier. Datel also deal with other more bizarre methods of control. Call them on 0782 744707.
IiJd uj iJiuMft ¦ uiijjp Everyone must know by now that Commodore is the name behind the Amiga, but it wasn’t always that way. We chart the history of the world’s greatest home computer from when it was just a twinkle on it’s designer's monitor to the present day.
There's still nothing to top ProPage. Which is now in M’s third incarnation. Full Arexx support.
Compugraphic and Adobe font handling, advanced layout features and unrivalled display options make this package the professional's first choice.
On the cheaper side of things, Pagesetter II is worth looking at. Don’t be fooled into plumping for the old and outdated 1.4 Version, as V.ll is a serious package which can handle almost all of the features available in ProPage, with the notable exception of colour output. Finally, a PD package is promised soon from 17-Bit SPREADSHEETS Gold Disk have this area sewn up with their amazing Professional Calc package. Not only does it handle over 130 functions but it also includes Arexx support and a hotlink to Ppage.
Gold Disk software is available from many outlets but try Precision Distribution (081 5433500).
Also worth a mention is Finance Manager 2. It’s not exactly a Spreadsheet, but a useful personal account manager nevertheless. Try Microdeal on 0726 680020 GRAPHICS Dpainl IV from Electronic Arts is the benchmark for all Amiga art packages. Most compilation packs carry an older version, but IV can handle HAM images and is also capable of performing tricks that other packages can only dream of - as a result, the competition for Dpainl is scarce Electronic Arts are on 07S3 549442 MUSK KCS Sequencer 3.5 is quite simply the best you can get. Although a lot of MIDI software has been released for
the ST (which features more heavily in studios than the Amiga), this packaged has been judged by experts to be better than any of its competition. KCS is £279 from Zone Distribution, a professional organisation which caters exclusively to musicians. They may also be able to help you chose a system to suit your needs. Call 081 766 6564 AMERICAN PIE... The Amiga started life in true American Dream style. Back in 1982. A group of designers left Atari and headed west to Silicon Valley. Partially funded by independent investors, they started up a business called Hi-Torro, whose aim was
apparently to break new ground in joystick manufacture.
Overtaken by the paranoia that rules the computer industry, whilst the rest of the companies thought they were fiddling with microswitches, secretly they were making their plans for a new. Amazingly advanced computer Their plans involved a highly innovative machine, code-named Lorraine. Jay Miner (who had helped develop the Atari 800) and the rest of the team planned to develop the ultimate, no compromise games console Unfortunately, as the project neared completion, it looked like the bottom was dropping out of the home games market. The future for all games machines looked bleak, never
mind one that was still in production. Investors started getting the jitters and bailing out before what seemed to be inevitable happened. Silicon Valley had woken up to the crash and bum syndrome and few people were betting their money on notoriously unreliable techno-junkies who promised Al this time, the prototype was nearly finished.
The hardware was ready to roll but. Unfortunately, the wonder machine still lacked an Operating System. Hi-Torro didn't reckon anyone would buy their machine just to look at the circuit board, so they scraped together whatever spare cash they could and tried to find someone who could knock out something. In the end they got more than they bargained for.
The job eventually went to a British firm.
Metacomco Tim King and his team based the prototype Amiga DOS on a little known multi-tasking operating system Tripos, originally intended for mainframe systems. This visionary effort made the Amiga the first true multi-tasking home computer and probably saved the entire future of the Amiga.
With AmigaDOS, all the technology that had been developed to make a great games console was now provided with the means to become a tool for more serious applications.
THE FIRST GUMPSE Amiga, as the company was now called, displayed their first machine at the Consumer Electronics Show In January 1984. In those days, the insides were just a collection of boards crudely wired together and the Kickstart ROM had to be loaded In off floppy. It was undeniably a prototype, but people started getting very Interested. The backers were interested enough to put up some more cash, allowing the further development.
Soon the collection of boards became custom chips - Paula. Agnus and Denise, collectively called the PAD. But by now the sharks were circling. There was only one way to go - public. A share offer was set up with an opening price of $ 2.
One interested party was Jack Tramiel, freshly- arrived at Atari after defecting from Commodore (and leaving them with some unpleasant tax problems). Thinking he had Amiga over a barrel, he offered around $ 1.60. Amiga were starting to get a bit desperate, so they decided to accept the offer.
This got Tramiel thinking. Never one to miss a bargain he dropped his offer again. Then a very strange thing happened.
In some bizarre Twilight Zone experience.
Commodore did something rather intelligent.
Whether their motives were actually based on some amazing foresight or just a desire to get back at their former MD will probably never be known, but at the eleventh hour they stepped in and doubled the original offer to $ 4 per share.
It was a price that coukjn't be sniffed at but.
Amazingly, it was. Amiga added an extra 25 cents to the price. Commodore were a little surprised at this. But. After a bit of thinking, they decided to cough up.
COMMODORE TAKE CHARGE The first thing they did was spend even more money, paying off outstanding debts and closing down the joystick part of Amiga (which was only a cover operation anyway and hadn't really con- tributed much to the future of computing - unless you think that a surfboard controller is any great contribution to the future of mankind). In fact, the boys at Commodore decided to set up a whole new department. Commodore-Amlga, to deal with all future development of the product.
When the A1000 was formally launched in Chicago mid-1985, Commodore laid on a spectacular glitzy launch featuring Debbie Harry and Andy Warhol. The industry was a little surprised at all this glitter - it was just another computer, after all - but there was a spirit of adventure about the Amiga project, similar in some ways to the atmosphere at Apple in the early days.
Initially, the A1000 was left behind In the 16-bit surge Atari came up with the ST which, unbelievably in these enlightened times, was considered to be the future of home computers. The A1000.
Some cruelly alluded, was named after it s price tag
- a hefty grand. It also had an undeserved reputation of being
difficult to use. Many developers shied away, though
Microlllusions and Electronic Arts jumped on-board fairly
The future of the Amiga again looked in jeopardy. The market claimed the price was too high.
Commodore responded that technology that good was worth paying for. Then, in 1986. An entry-level machine was introduced - the A500 Although ostensibly a smaller version of the A1000. The A500 had been greatly improved. The circuitry had undergone a massive overhaul and new expansion possibilities had been created. The A500 put the Amiga on the map.
Still more expensive (but only just) than the ST, the A500 drew on the cult following that the A1000 had built up. Since software houses had been reluctant to come up with the goods, the dedicated users had taken it into their own hands to demonstrate the power of their machine - Amiga PD was bom. This made people realse that, in the end. The best was worth paying that little bit extra for The A500 was shortly followed by the A2000. A much more expandable and professionally orientated machine that Commodore rather hoped would capture some niche market, as Apple had done with DTP. It did
catch on to a degree In the world of Desktop Video, but not really enough to make the world take notice.
A DECADE OF LAUNCHES In May 1990, after months of secrecy and denial, the A3000 was launched. This always seemed to be something peculiar to Commodore In fact, they denied the existence of this beast at 10.30am on the day before officially launching It at 11.00am. The new machine was set to conquer the world, building on DTV and capturing the undiscovered country, Multimedia, and aided by It's faster 66030 processor and radically updated Workbench. Well, the fight is still on. But the A3000 hasn't been the success that everyone wanted it to be at the time.
September 1990 saw the arrival in the UK of the 3000UX, a Unix-compatible machine which finally enabled Commodore to daim the A3000 was a graphics workstation. Also on display was the A3500UX, a tower system boasting even more expansion slots, and the power needed to run a network The A1500 also popped up, but It was just a cosmetic exercise to bridge the gap between the A500 and the A2000. Essentially. It Is a 2000 without a hard drive but with an extra floppy No marks for innovation.
Where was all the research and development going? On the CDTV (Commodore Dynamic Total Vision). Commodore were racing ahead with all they could muster to bring out a CD-based home entertainment education system before the CD-I conglomerate got their act together. The 'Baby' was shown a long time before it was sold. A lot of extra features were added to what was basically just an Amiga (although Commodore were initially rather loathe to point this out).
Lasffchrlstmas. Sales of A500s forced Commodore to release the A500Pkis. At last.
Workbench 2.0 had made it to the lower end of the market and brought the Enhanced Chip Set with it.
The new screen modes and preinstalled 1Mb Chip RAM made the machine very popular although the A500 Is still on sale. A minor scare was started when it was discovered that certain software (most of it games or PD releases) wouldn't run on the new machine. To be fair, this was not Commodore's fault - all the programs which didn't work were using illegal instructions and direct hits on the ROM (which had obviously changed).
Since then, there has been much controversy over the fabled CD ROM drive, much of It over the name - A570 or A690? Nomenclature aside, the unit, proudly announced in other magazines, has spectacularly failed to appear. Commodore blame technical problems: compatibility amongst them.
For a start, at the moment it does not have a through-port. So hard drive users are out of luck.
Our history catches up with the present day at ECTS. Where CBM launched the A600. This Is a restyled A50OPIus featuring ECS and 1 Mb of Chip Ram. But also has a built in modulator and sports a smart card slot. Some models will be available with internal hard drives, which in no way makes up for the lack of an expansion port - that's right, there may be a bit of a compatibility problem with the A690 there. Also amongst the ‘enhancements’ are a redesigned trapdoor slot. How Commodore can call this Innovative is a mystery, especially since the A600 seems to be nothing more than a slightly
modified CDTV motherboard in a restyled A500 box with a nice £399 price tag slapped on the front. This lack of advance can only mean that once again RSO are working on something else But what... »*- - --H*----»- [ d iJJUJL'JId* mm Whilst the outside cases of successive Amigas have undergone redesigns, the insides have remained more or less the same until recently.
Here is our guide to the bits that matter... 1 AGNUS This chip's name is derives from its function as an address generator Provided with a 28 Mhz clock, this chip provides all the system clocks for the rest 01 the Amiga. It also controls the 25 DMA channels which allow the other custom chips to access graphics or chip' memory while the main CPU isn 't looking Agnus is perhaps best known as the home of the blitter (a customised data mover which provides hardware lines, fills and software sprites) and the copper The copper is a coprocessor which executes a display control program every 25th ot
a second, allowing palletes and screen modes to be changed dynAMIGAly The copper is the secret behind interlace mode.
Q © The original 8370 Agnus has now been updated twice, tirst to the 8372A (or latter Agnus) and now to the 8372B which can handle up to 2Mb ot Chip RAM. The Agnus is always easy to recognise because (at least so tar) it is the only PLC chip on the motherboard (the tunny sqaure one).
2 PAULA All ol the Amiga's sound capabilities are encased in this little 48-legged piece ol plastic 4 voices ot 8- bit amplitude modulation sound combine to a stereo sound output. By combination the AM sources can be combined to a simulated frequency modulated signal tor effects The on-board UART (Universal Asynchronous Reciever Transmitter) also decodes input Irom the mouse and joystick controllers and plays a small role in the operation ot the tloppy drive The Paula chip is number 8364 and so tar has not been updated since its original PAD inception.
3 DENISE Denise is short lor Display Enable (they were obviously a bit dyslexic at HI Torro) which neatly sums up what this chip does. All the screen modes are created and organised by this chip as are the hardware sprites.
The original Denise was numbered 8362 but the latest version on the A3000 and later models is the 8373 The main difference is that a lew more display modes are available including super hi-res and productivity.
4 GARY Gary is a jumped up control chip. It is his job to handle the bus control and all the address decoding (which is why on some early RAM upgrades this chip had to be replaced or altered) Amongst the diverse O ’ © ~q' tasks this chip must perform are controlling the tloppy drive and providing the flashing grey colours on boot-up.
The Gary is numbered 5719 and has stayed constant throughout the machine's development.
5 68000 The microprocessor is what makes it all happen. This Motorola-designed chip is looking a bit long in the tooth these days, but it and its descendants are the heart ot the sss Amiga range The Motorola 68k series is also used in the Macintosh lamily ol computers.
For techno-freaks, the 68000 has 23 address lines (so you can't address odd memory locations), 16 data lines and over 1000 instructions. The original briet (some ten years ago) was to produce the most flexible system possible with the technology available, judging by the longevity the chip obviously has, they certainly succeeded in their mission.
CDTV - Afuturei 6 CIA The Complex Interlace Adaptors control all communication with the outside world via the parallel and serial ports. They even control communication to the keyboard unit and are responsible lor sending codes to Hash the LED.
There are two ol these chips.: one to handle Odd data, and one lor even. They are also very delicate It you botch a printer connection a tunny smell wil tell you that these chips need to be replaced.
7 ROM The Amiga 500 Plus ROM may not look a lot different from its predecessor, but It Is. For a start, the new ROM is 512k instead of 256k. This has caused some problems with accelerator cards which copied the ROM into Fast RAM to speed up execution.
What is in the new ROM to make it so much bigger?
Well, most ol it is taken up with better housekeeping routines and support for the redesigned custom chips (ECS or Enhanced Chip Set).
8 CHIP RAM The Chip memory installed on board the A500Plus (alt I Mb of it) can be accesed directly by all the DMA chips By installing more memory in the trapdoor, the 500 Plus can have a total of 2Mb ol Chip RAM. The 68000 can address a further 8Mb bringing the total system size to 10Mb. Not bad for a home computer.
9 KEYBOARD INTERFACE The keyboard interlace is more intelligent than you might think. It even has a special 555 timer chip specifically to Hash the LED on and off at the cored rate Further diagnostics can be obtained via the Caps Lock key. A coded message will be sent via this light if there is a hardware error preventing the system from initiating TO CLOCK Not much ol a feature, but the A500 didn't have one.
The small blue thing is a NiCad baHery which will keep the time even when power is disconneded. Despite scare stories, the memory of the clock is too small to permit a virus to live there.
II EXPANSION PORT An extension of the main CPU bus allowing extra peripherals to be connected, These are usually hard drives but could theoretically include devices like scanners or accelerators The latest Amiga, the A600.
Doesn't have one There are problems with any new technology. Not so much the problems of design, or the increasing tolerance and accuracy to which things must be manufactured - but also the problems of marketing. The problems faced by COROM should not have been so great as CDTV salesawould have you believe. It was the right tack to take.
In their infancy, Compact Discs were first conceived for storing large amounts of data, such as would be needed by the computers of the future.
Computer manufacturers took a look at it, said H was too limited and far too expensive and went away again. Philips developed the idea along a different approach. Having successfully sold the idea of audio Compact Discs to the audkiphile (to whom they promised eternal high fidelity listening pleasure) and to the record companies (to whom they promised greater profits and a chance to rerelease their entire back catalogue and get people to buy It again), they were now in a powerful position to offer it again to the computer industry.
With entire West German factories churning out nothing more than Pink Floyd's Dork Side of the Moon, manufacturing prices plummeted to around twice the price of duplicating a floppy disk. Did we see the price of music Cds go down? No, in spite of a fairly low inflation rate they have actually gone up.
Killings are being made.
But not by Commodore. The money in the hi-tech home entertainment market is in the product, not the delivery system. A CD player is a CO player.
Nobody really expects one to be any better or worse than another - in fact that's the whole point of them. That's why CD manufactiaers fall over each other to invent new features and gimmicks to make their system seem better.
So why aren't software houses falling over each other to produce titles?
Well, a lot have produced at least one title, mostly games. It's usually a safe title, like a very well-known game that everyone is going to buy, or at least can become part of some future bundle or collection. The obvious reason why they are not going all out is because it looks like Commodore aren't going to sell many units. One of the reasons is coverage. Walk into any high street store like Curry’s, Dixons, or Connect. Where are the CDTVs? Not there. Instead, they are all huddled together in bands down at Radio Rentals or, if you're lucky, at the local computer store. The second reason is
a lack of commit, ment.
It's not that people doubt that those at Commodore are willing to do almost anything to flog CDTVs, it's fust they don't reckon they'll be able to. The market isn't that receptive to new ideas at the moment (and who can blame it during a four year blip in the economy) - remember the satellite dish? Oh yeah, it's really popular now, but remember the days when they were giving them away every day in the gutter press. Sure, if Commodore started giving away CDTV's then people will start producing more discs. Unfortunately, Commodore can't take a huge loss like that to kickstart the industry.
So what is the future for CDTV? If none are sold no-one will produce any software and no-one will want to buy one. Well, the answer could be CDTVs biggest rival CD-I. What happened In the music industry? All the record companies and technology companies got together and made deals. Okay, so the end user got a bit stitched up, but the industry is thriving. It wouldn't be beyond the realms of possibility for the CDTV to become CD-I compatible, in much the same way as it has become Photo CD-compatible.
By now, Commodore should realise that they can't go it alone. In fact. Judging by sales of CDTV and CD-I they may have a tough time going it together. A CD-I option for the CDTV would give Commodore the edge - no-one Is ever going to be able to expand their CD-I machine to become a home computer • it would be far too expensive.
This may explain Commodore’s reversal of their early reluctance to admit that under the black casing beats a heart that’s pure Amiga.
|L_ -in *- Hid IjlSJllJMft ¦ anga TOWA So, Commodore boffins are already secretly drawing up their plans for world domination in the shape of the Amiga 4000. But what shape will such a machine take?
* 4000 NEW GROUND The secret Is, of course, that Commodore are
working on a completely new Amiga. Where exactly in the grand
scheme of things it will be placed remains open to question.
It's unlikely that the machine will be too far ahead of the
A3000, certainly in terms of cost Commodore will be wanting (or
at least, should be wanting) to consolidate the reputation of
the Amiga as a serious tool In the areas where it has already
made an Impression on. It should also allow greater com
patibility for the peripherals of the future, enabling it to
become a more effective multimedia workstation. But what
specific things should we look out for?
PRETTY PICTURES It would be nice if the the next generation of Amigas came with 24-bit graphics as standard.
This would enormously improve their reputation amongst DTV enthusiasts, especially if the design was based around or licensed from Amiga Centre Scotland's Harlequin board. Unfortunately, this would be a bit expensive. So what is going to be done abou t it?
As we understand it Commodore approached Digital Creations, the makers of DCTV, to obtain a licence. DCTV is a very cunning system that uses TOP TEN SURVEY... Having polled various industry figures as well as dedicated users we have come up with this top ten list of features they would like to see in a new Amiga 1 High density floppy drives 2 Built-in 16 bit sound capabilities 3 24-bit graphics support 4 Integral genlock 5 Faster Blitter chip 6 More capacity for Chip memory 7 Better design to allow easier chip upgrades 8 New RISC architecture 9 Integral Midi ports 10 Integral SCSI II port Some
of these demands may be mad or impossible, but that’s what the people seem to want.
PAL encoding to fudge a 24-bit display. Despite the seemingly backstreet electronics, the results are astounding. Unfortunately, talks over the system. Which has a retail price of £599, broke down.
Commodore then moved on to do a deal with Black Belt, the makers of Ham-E. This slightly cheaper system (£299) is capable of displaying 262,000 colours on screen at once including 24-bit images rendered with programs like Sculpt or digitised with Dig view or V-fatr.
SOUNDING OUT In the very near future, we will see a production line Amiga with 12-bit or 16-bit sound. Third party boards are already available in the States, and it is only a matter of time before they make their way to these shores. What does this mean to the average Amiga user? Well, musicians will benefit greatly from the ability to sample at CD quality directly to the Amiga rather than via a £1000 stand-alone unit as at present. They would then also have the facility to edit the samples at full 16-bit depth which would give a greater creative input to the process, and also allowing many
effects which are not possible without a great deal of expensive hardware.
If the board were to include a DSP (Digital Sound Processor), its functionality would be greatly enhanced. In essence, the DSP is a dedicated processor (rather like the Blitter only dedicated to the sound hardware) which would allow real-time sampling direct to hard disk. This would be a great advance. At the moment record companies are using similar technology on the Mac to master albums directly to disk. The hard disk can then be plugged in at the CD manufacturing plant and all the disks mastered digitally without any nasty analogue noise creeping into the process.
Also, Hie prospect of doing it yourself would no longer require a lot of hardware at home. CD companies will manufacture in lots of 1000 at £1 per disk. If direct disk mastering were possible for the Amiga, even amateur musicians could afford their own CD run.
DISK US The one thing that Commodore would be foolish not to indude would be a high density drive.
Rumour has it that a late batch of A3000S were released with a high density mechanism in the States earlier this year. With such a device and the necessary workbench support Amiga users could at last access PC and possibly even Mac disks directly from AmigaDOS, without having to fiddle around with external drives, CLI utilities or complex and unreliable mountlist hacks.
It would come as a great relief to professional graphics users whose entire existence is made a misery by limited disk space and conversion difficulties. With the amount of information being processed by all the hardware we have already mentioned, a disk capacity of at least 1.4 Mb would be a necessity.
WHATEVER WILL BE... It would be historic for Commodore to take any notice of what the industry or the users want or need. We can only hope that our aspirations coincide with whatever bizarre marketing opportunity they believe Ihey can create, the Amiga is an amazing machine. Some people would say that Commodore gave life to the Amiga, others that since the A500 was launched they have done little but hold it up. Yes, Commodore gave the world the Amiga, but those of us with longer memories also recall the Plus 4, the C16 and the C128. We can but hope and wait and see.
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Cao». Mo SoMtoi a NIHJA COLLECTION toy 113 ® 0 0 »gn 9’lOoei
Wimo'. O H* VIRTUAL WORLDS toy 114.® C* i«. R«ur to wo. Cute
urn. I -• Oypt WNO GAMES onry £14® t"*.
TNT 2 only I2QM l«in9UI-Coi(xrNHMp«e| QUEST FOR ADVENTURE only 123.® Simp. Ddma’t U»i Oumoo »no AIR C04ABAT ACES toy 111.® ?aw. Ou-oftp mo brt****1 MCO.,WOOD COLLECTION toy 116® H»oCoo GrtMtb.ttO'l 2 Mau -0-»» Bat-a-T-e Dn.i« Utrioo* dun Sxaooa Om.
SOCCER MANU toy 111.® WNIUtrtf a Gnat Sea. Heu Mr-*. ¦ C !•»• . InrsBTUM Sax.
FALCON CLASSIC COLLECTION on»y £21* rw,Herni»«.c»i.v lee SUPER HEROES to, £17* Stol mrumupt-n mo So, -no GRANOST AND Orty £17® Gaao So* Sob. Po 1mm lam.
No'cCmbimomm nCanmoNaO.ua 1 HOT 2 HANDLE onty £18* Gtom Am too ¦« . Srao» wo*.
& .0 RtoR«rg SUPERS® PACK toy 121.® tit 30 Tana* Cruy C*» H. lui.tO mo Anuti Mrg.
AWARD WINNERS ONLT 111® K»0f H. Pomt»*u. Some ic* ."0 PWM FUGHT COMMAND to, 113® B mrow.SP*«Fi«o ii" l arc ni*. S*y Fa and S-¦ CftlM LtBjiEMTt. CN*aCUR*y. Too- Sumo, to Ctyrw Hoc.
POWER PACK OOP, £14® Unon 2. TV Stxxil hUM •ooNr rt mfl ItmuroKaiy SUPER SEGA only 121.® BIG BOX toy 111® CwmleKlMerNitorSl'rtn lomogelW. FutoS Om.
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CHAMPIONSonry (HH Jrongr Xhm So.ir Hr id too W*C aoempUmapv MAGNUM 4 to, 116® Aittoa*"., bm Crtacr. Ccaio- v*m.
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OumMO. Irf*ca" A®. LANO. SEA toy £23.® FAH r-woow Ml Alar* S-o M Please make cheques and P.O.'s payable to E»gleSoltw»re P&P is£1.00 per order mthe UK. Orders Name: __ under £10 please add 50p per hem. Europe: add £3.50 per ilem. Elsewhere add £4.50 per nem. It me title Address' you want is not ksied please phone lor prices. New catalogue now available - please phone or tickbox.
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* 7300 Inlirnjl genbdc foe
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Rill QPEN 9-5.30, Monjoy lo Saturday Amigi pii: »«pi ILERS WELCOME AT OUR BRANCHES Welcome to Screen Scene. Our reviews are timed to coincide with the release dates of the games themselves, so you won’t SCREEN SCENE 48 Ere We Go r1 « First Impressions - Football Round-Up - The Addams Family - John Barnes - Super Ski 2 - Plan 9 - Pacific Islands- Might AndVlagic 3 - Peljtarance - m rJth - 56 John Barnesl 75 Fire And Ice 82 Eye Of 1 I 1 86 Global Effect Space Quest IV - rejjrhrhe Beholder 2 - Pspace Crusade - Global Effect - VFM - Helpline - Play To Win - Mirage So You Want An Evolution... THE
GAMEPLAY: Man's evolution Irom an Ape to present-day Homo Sapien has been the subject ol countless debates and arguments.
Newcomers Mirage, however, are set to release their own view ol how we stopped dragging our hands along the ground - and it looks as il Man evolved from Lemmings rather than primates! The first ol a tnlogy.
Humans gives the player control over a party ol six Neanderthals, who are just aching to expand their minds and capabilities. Starting with the basic abilities of climbing, walking, and creating a human tower(l), their progression through the game's 120 levels sees them acquiring use ol spears, the wheel, and eventually lire. In addition, as the player learns to use these revolutionary concepts, they can also recruit witchdoctors to cast spells and and Kings to organise the people. The joystick controls each ol the primitives in turn, with the F keys selecting each character as and when they
are needed PLUS POINTS: The most sinking feature about Humans are the actual Human sprites. Although the game- play is similar - but more advanced - than Lemmings, the characters are portrayed as massive sphtes. And each is superbly animated. As they learn the use of assorted objects, they roll on wheels (and over each others' toes), climb up the backs ol Iriendly Dinosaurs and. Well, fall over a lot. However, the gentle learning curve is also ideally suited tor the scenario, and prompts more logical thinking than Psygnosis' suicidal heroes.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Imagitec Design, are the coding Darwins behind Humans. And they intend it to be the first of a tnlogy ol games. From these humble beginnings, the next two games see the rapidly-evolving race entering The Age a Chivalry' and Space', but these are several months behind in development. Production started five months ago with Imagitec piecing ideas together on paper, coding started a few days later.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Whilsl the goings-on in Humans aren’t exactly breath-takingly last (because the Humans only seem to make one discovery per level - still. I suppose that's how evolution works), one little mistake will set mankind back hundreds of years. It’s definitely a lun little number, with plenty ol puzzles throughout its many colourful and detailed levels, but the vahety could be a problem. Admittedly, in the version we saw. Not all the leatures were running, but if Imagitec can cram in all their good ideas. Humans will be a stunning debut lor Mirage.
PLUS POINTS: It's obvious that Beast Master is heading lot comparisons with both Beast games, but no matter who wins out. There’s always room lor graphics like these The mam area where Beast Master will score points over the Psygnosis games, though, lies with the difficulty level Whereas Shadow lobbed all manner ol nasties at you. With the occasional puzzle to solve, in Master the puzzles take precedence over the arcade element, with the game's beat ’em up elements rarely called for.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Beast Master’s concept has grown from an original Idea from Wayne Smithson, leader of development team, WJS. In the past, Wayne was the brains and coding talent behind Spetoound for Psygnosis. BrA his role on Master is limited to that of project manager, with newcomer Leo Skirenko handling the 68000 duties. Leo is compiling the game using Snasm, whilst BEAST Thalamus Thalamus leave the Beast's shadow.
THE GAMEPLAY: The quest tor the 'Guiding Light' has claimed many adventurers, as the path between them and it is a long and dangerous one. However, you aim to be the one person to claim the Light’s powers but before you can do so, there are three large scrolling sections awaiting your attentions. Beast Master.
Despite looking rather similar to Psygnosis's Shadow Of The Beast, is deemed to be a deeper, more puzzle-on- entated game, with a sptawkng forest, a temple and a third, as yet imdetermined. Level ready for your exploration Each ol these stages contains all manner of energy-sapping inhabitants, and these will sap your precious energy gven half a chance In additxxi.
Guarding the end of each stage is a massive guardian, who also must be vanquished before progress is made.
Iasi iaessis COOL CROCK TWINS Lett. The game opens with the tickle female leaving the Cool Crocks In the lurch.
They throw up a letter that gives you a different power. F freezes the screen, S lights three blocks at once. N neutralises special blocks and so on.
Squash all the sprites on the level and you get an extra life. The graphics don’t change much, except on the enemy sprites which alter according to the world you’re in. They range- from Eskimos and gangsters to * pirates and farmers.
Other features are blocks, boulders, snow- ! 889 balls and doors that obstruct access to the '* X- lights. Passing through L question marks will JjpJSjQj throw you off in ran- dom directions, whilst arrows will send you in the indicated direction and then swivel around for the next time.
BEHIND THE SCENES: The initial game idea came from French programmer Benoit Varasse. The project has taken 12 months to develop and should see a release within the next month. The biggest problem Benoit faced concerned the interaction of the graphics due to the speed at which the two crocks spiral around the screen at the same time.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Cool Crock Twins is the first official launch product for Entertainment International's Arcade Masters label, and it certainly remains faithful to the company's title. The game is a true arcade experience in every respect.
Nice touches, such as farm yard animals and birds, that sweep across the screen bearing humorous messages. All add to the game’s overall feel of quality.
AAAGIC BOY Arcade Masters Croc Around The Clock GAMEPLAY: Funk and Punk have fallen for the same girl, the beautiful crockette Daisy.
Unable to decide between them, she does what any .
Girl would do and runs a W mile - several miles, in fact, in an attempt to escape the problem. With you taking the role f of one of them, the amorous amphibians give chase over 60 plat- M form levels and six m worlds to proclaim their wEjj love. Each level is filled with coloured blocks A ( that have to be lit. The KboM the graphics are produced using Dpaint by Godfather maestro, Pete Lyon. The development period has been 'pretty problematic’ as Leo struggled to get the many puzzles to run logically, but apparently they have beaten this problem, and the game is on course for a July
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: With Shadow Of The Beast and its sequel heavily criticised for their high difficulty level, Beast Master is aiming to capture the imaginations of anyone who wants a high-class arcade adventure which also features balanced gameplay. The game's puzzle element is very strong, and whilst the beat 'em up action certainly adds to the game’s Indiana Jones ’feel', it would be unfair to label Master as an arcade game. Thalamus are getting very excited about Beast Master, and if the playability ends up half as good as Pete Lyon’s screens, then their optimism should be rewarded.
Crocks have the power to defy gravity and by walking around the four sides of the screen and platform’s surfaces, they can jump off, smack into, and illuminate, the three elements that each block possesses.
PLUS POINTS: Each level is patrolled by a quota of baddies.
They begin with four and can go up to about fifteen on screen at once. These characters add an element of excitement to the game, as every time you spin off a surface and squish one.
Arcade Masters Hewlet is the new Sorceror's Apprentice... GAMEPLAY: Take the Mickey mouse scene from Walt Disney's Fantasia and mix it with some JW Hiss* jFv cartoon-style computer graphics -7* tL flv 'V ......" S % and you’ve got Magic Boy. Hewlet 4 fFr j IfltagTT1 has accidentally let loose all the Sorcerers pets so. Armed with his 1 r magic wand and a small bag, he . ‘ must gather them up betore the magician’s return. Luckily, by “ IT L ,l_. .L .,LJ using the wand, he can stun the ffij creatures and throw them into his ; 1 v f I i, ' C X - "5 bag. However, the effect doesn't 3- last
long and it he doesn’t _ deposit them into their pens free. There are 80 levels with '£ fea» J1) t-% eight worlds, each possessing a different theme. Every monster ¦’ " '¦*** *1 » " on every screen must be caught and contact with them means instant death.
PLUS POINTS: Detail on all the sprites is excellent, when Hewlet has collected a monster and put it in his sack you can see the beast kicking and struggling to get free. The Mage's castle is filled with platforms incorporating springs, disappearing blocks, conveyor belts and pick-ups. The magic wand is pretty wimpy to begin with, but you can get more powerful models. The colours and renditionlng of the snakes, birds, giant mosquitoes, mini dinosaurs and elephants are exquisite and animation of Hewlet is full of character.
BEHIND THE SCENES: John Dale is handling the code for Arcade Masters. He currently programs in his spare time as he works in the computer Law department at Warwick University. Not content with just handling the Amiga code, John’s also creating the Atari and Famicom versions simultaneously! At the moment there’s a slight problem with sprite detection, but that will be ironed out as soon as John gets another day off work!
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: With a large childlike sprite Magic Boy is not unlike Rainbow Islands in looks and gameplay. However, a major asset in its favour is its novel ’feel’. When Hewlet picks up a fi-v-i. monster they’ll always fS ,~t i relinquish something. 1 twin] T J. bonus points, letters 1 FrMr to spell a word for an ‘ j! ‘ jfc M Ftfff* extra life, rainbows to * *£- *Tmt' skip levels or stars for P touches, plus the ' charm of the game, * ’ aMHttf ment, makes it look a X X welcome addition lo § t the cutesy genre. 9|(_ With the European championships just around the comer, the Football
genre has once again started to liven up, with nearly a dozen new Footy games on me way. The trouble is. With Kick Off II as the industry benchmark, will they be able to knock Anco’s league winner ol two years' running Irom its perch? Over to you Trevor Brooking. 'Yeah, well, Steve, as I was saying to George Best the other day, I said "Besty, mat Kick Offs a game ol two halves and no mistaking", and he said "yeah, but everyone takes too much of a sensible option with it..." Slunny you should say that, Trevor - nice jumper by the way - but those wacky lads at Sensible Software are first up for
promotion with me aptly-named Sensi Soccer.
SENSIBLE SOCCER During the tail-end of Mega-Lo-Manla's development. Sensible lads. John Hare and Chris Yates, started toying with me idea of a 'Kick Off Beater' Silting down with copies of Anco's classic, Speedball II. And their 8-bit incarnation of Microprose Soccer, they noted the best aspects of each, and what they would like from a Footy game After a few mock-ups. Sensible Soccer was bom.
Featuring tiddly, but well-animated sprttes, Sensi Soccer is a definite game of two halves - half Football, half madcap humour. The pitch Is viewed from above, and the lads have kept everything to a minimum size, with me pitch occupy more ol the screen than Anco's game We wanted to allow the player to plan ahead more,' says 2n-na Errrrr... quite extraordinary... with the England team well on their way towards the next World Cup and the European Championships soon to start, yet another wave of Football-related computer games have started to appear... errr.... over to you Steve Merrett for
a complete commentary... Sensibfe's Chris Yates, and making the amount of pitch on-screen at any one time larger than in past games seemed the logical thing to do.' Another area they wanted to explore was complete controllability over your squad. Rather man scurrying all over me pitch, your players are allocated specific zones' on the pitch - an area for a defender, and another for a winger, for example. In addition, whilst mere were very few moves not already implemented in past kickarounds, they felt that they should be made more easy to use. 'We've included all the usual banana shots,
bicycle kicks, and sliding tackles.' Chris elaborates, "but we've tried to make sure that the players read quicker and mote instinctively than in Kick Off. That way, in the heat of the action, you'll be able to lunge and dive at the ball with a number of players, and they won't head off to do Ihelr own thing or slide for no apparent reason.'
All the usual rules are present, with fouls, defensive walls and the like, but one thing no past Footy game has attempted lies with Sensi Soccer's sound department. The crowd roar when the play goes their way,' Chris enthuses, 'and in me International matches between Italian and Spanish team, there will be fireworks and whistles coming from the crowd!’ Sensible Soccer and its many options will reach the Amiga in time for a May release, and we'll be bnnging you a full review next month. Over to you Trevor...
• Yes, it seems like the Sensible lads have done it again. First
they revived the Footy genre on the C64 with Microprose Soccer,
and they could offer Kick on II worthwhile competition if their
promises come off. After all it s a funny old game, and they
could be as sick as a parrot if they don't make the Elite.
Another extremely tenuous link, cheers Trevor - your hair looks
nice and curly, by the way.
New perm?
EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP 1992 ¦lit* The next battling for promotion and hoping to part Joe Public from a twenty-six quid transfer fee is from Elite. Last year, the Walsall-based company scored a massive own goal with their other Tecmo World Cup licence, but they hope to bounce back with mis conversion of Tecmo's World Cup 90 coin-op - which now goes under the updated name of European Championship 1992.
Using the Tecmo coin-op's original source code.
Elite boast that it will be 1116 benchmark of all Football games' Strong words indeed, beartng in mind the amount of competition Abandoning the ever-popular bird’s-eye perspective in favour of a touchline viewpoint. EC also features all the usual shots and rules we've come to expect. The game Is being developed by Cygnus Software Engineering, and development is being led on the PC version. 'It's looking really good,' said a very chuffed Stuart Hibbert. Elite’s Development Manager Although me PC is leading in terms of development, everything is going across to the Amiga very nicely, and it
should result in a perfect conversion.'
It has to be said, though, that the original coinop was a bit drab and the action a little forced, but Elite are planning to tighten up any loose areas and inject much-needed humour with the likes ot streakers and players running into goalposts. If Elite live up to these promises, they may have a chance for glory, but with the aforementioned World Cup still sorely remembered they may have to make it exceptional to draw me Ians back. Let's go back to the studio and Elton Welsby... LOAD OF OLD BALLS Can we ever forgive Anco? There we were all enjoying the likes of Microprose Soccer and the
countless other Footy games which were hitting the scene, when along they come with their bland-looking game. When Anco first took Kick Off around to all the magazines, it was treated to cursory glances and was relegated to ‘One-Page Review’ Heaven. However, actually playing the game opened up a completely different can of worms. Kick Off avoided the 'Velcro Boot’ syndrome off Microprose Soccer and Activision's abysmal Fighting Soccer, and also bore a resemblance to the real sport! For such a popular computer game theme, the age-old sport of kicking a leather bladder of hot air around had
been sorely neglected, with would-be Kevin Keegans and Malcolm McDonalds limited to the managerial aspects, rather than ‘on-the-pitch’ action.
One of the first (and worst), was Grandslam's Peter Beardsley's Soccer. Then then- Liverpool striker was one of the first players to endorse a game, and he obviously never saw it before it was released! Although graphically, it was fine with large car- toony sprites, all the players looked like mop-top Pete, making the game look like a Beatles convention! And iff that wasn’t bad enough, it was a complete walk-over, too.
Hope springs eternal, though, and Footy fans were pinning their hopes on The Electronic Pencil Company's conversion of Sensible’s 8-bit classic, Microprose Soccer.
Alas, though, the conversion somehow lost all the charm of the C64 original, along with the fast-paced playability, too.
Mere weeks after Microprose’s non-leaguer, though, came a pathetic-looking game from Anco. Kick Off used minute players set against a pitch which, in relation to the teams, must have been at least two miles long. However, it had one thing that the others lacked: complete control over all the shots and passes. None of this 'velcro boot’, where the ball instantly sticks to your player’s foot - in Kick Off, you dribbled properly, and very hard it was to master, too. Nevertheless, it was the best Footy game ever, and consequently won a myriad off good reviews and sold thousands of copies,
raising Anco from their previous obscurity of Scramble and Donkey Kong clones.
Following this, licences galore were released with Liverpool, England (the less said about that the better!), and good old Gazza making an appearance, along with variations on the theme, including Red Rat’s brave attempt at using a 3D perspective to depict the action - unfortunately, the game was rather slow and Microprose had one of their rare duffers on their hands. Again, Anco came to rescue with the now-legendary Kick Off II which now boasted defensive walls, foul?, and aftertouch, and which again left the rest straggling behind. Until now, perhaps... ARSENAL Thalamus (Smarm) Hello, and
welcome to 'The Match’ (sexy grin to nearby Denis Law and his back to the mooning fans in background). On today’s The Match, we’ve got goals galore from all the first division matches (creep, oil), which in other words means that Liverpool are the main feature whilst we butter up all you QPR and Everton fans with the odd clip from the game you stayed in all day to watch (grease, ooze). Anyway (smiles to camera), next up today we have Arsenal who have ditched George Graham and are currently being managed by Thalamus, and groomed for a potential summer onslaught.
Converting the likes of Ian Wright, Paul Merson, and Tony Adams (with or without his prison outfit) into pixels are relative newcomers, Cyrius Software, and their attempts to bring The Gooners’ to the Amiga have taken three months so far. As it currently stands, the game is a mixture of arcade and managerial styles, with the would-be George Graham picking and training his team, and then - hopefully - guiding them to victory during the arcade sections. At the time of writing, only the managerial sections are up and running, but these are still looking very impressive. Digitised pictures play an
important part in the proceedings, with each player shown to the left of the screen, and their relevant stats alongside this. It’s early days as to whether Arsenal will be a league topper, but Thalamus confidently think that it will blow away past licensed games. Now over to Steve Merrett who has been talking to Liverpool-based Rage about their very impressive-looking kickabout... STRIKER
- Rage Rage are a new face on the software scene, but their
reputation has already been forged. Rage is, in fact, the new
label adopted by ex-Ocean developers, Special FX, who have at
long last made the break to become a stand-alone publisher.
Paul Finnegan, head honcho of Rage, is quietly confident
about the move, and their first release, Striker; is nearing
Played over a forced 3D pitch, with the pitch receding into the distance, Striker aims to be the game that International 3D Soccer and I Play 3D Soccer failed at. Using small, but well-animated sprites, the game is a fast-paced Soccer sim which could quite easily knock Kick Off from its perch. It’s difficult explaining what makes Striker so impressive, but the main reason for its success is that it plays so around,’ opens Finnegan, and obviously we looked at Kick Off II the most. The final result we wanted was one where we could make it look very different, but retain the pace and sheer
number of moves of the Anco game.’ And, to be honest, they’ve certainly succeeded. As the players run around the pitch, the screen pans behind the currently-selected player, and via the joystick all the expectmoves are there - and more. Diving headers, lobs, free kicks and comers are all available, and extremely easy to use. ’We’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible,’ Finnegan elaborates. The moves are all accessed via different moves of the stick and the firebutton, but we’ve still kept it that, if a IT'S TOUGH AT THE TOP... Software 2000's The Manager is the definitive football
management simulation featuring all the clubs in ' the 1991-1992 top 3 league divisions. The objective of the game is to take your favourite team to the top of the first division, as well as trying your skills in European championships.
• Up to 4 players can lake pari simultaneously.
E Select your favourite team and choose from a I year, 3 year or unlimited game.
E 3D animation sequences let you watch highlights ot your team in action.
• Manage your money as well as your team: - upgrade your stadium
to encourage better spectator attendance ¦ earn extra revenue
by setting up a sponsorship deal - wheel and deal on the
transfer market to improve your team.
Available on: Atari ST, Amiga & PC (VGA only).
THE MANAGER m m m m Upgro* your .-od.um b, .
M. .. •
• * - O c m ca iv m If s match day! Liverpool have just scored
ogoinst Coventry Snthe 59lh minute.
« 1992 J _________ Marketed and distributed v. Software 2000 by U.S. Gold limited.
U. S. Gold Ltd.. Units 7 3 Holford Way, Holford, Birmingham B6
7AX. Id: 021 625 3366.
KWS- NEED HELP? CALL THE GOLD PHONE MUSE AR • OIAGONS 0* FLAME • HetOES Of TNI LANCE TIL 0891 441 025 HINTS & TIPS LINE 0P(RATION STEALTH • ANOTNtl WORLD • CRUISE f0« A CORPSE TIL- 0839 «S4 384 Service provided by U.S. GOLD LTD., UNITS 2 3, HOLFORD WAY, HOLFORD, BIRMINGHAM B6 7AX “ '18 picatc gat pomMttion to use the telephone. CaMt cost J6p per minute cheap rote. 48p per mcnute oil other timet.
Cross comes across, you can send a player lunging in lor it.'
Graphically. Sinker is ol the Kick OH school ol minimalist sprites. However, whilst they are larger than those ol Anco's game, they are also considerably better to look at In addition, the control system! May appeal to anyone who never got the hang ol Anco’s game’s dribbling system. ‘We’ve gone lor a loose variant ol the 'velcro bool' system,’ says Paul, 'as this makes interception easier, and tightens dribbling. You still have lo work around the ball and it can be swiped away from you very easily, but it isn't quite as free running as people may be used to.' Everything about Sinker is
geared towards the arcade element, and it works very well For tree kicks and throw-ins. A dotted line indicates the path and height ol the shot, and penalties are viewed from directly behind the goal, with a small cursor passing Irom side to side Paul is obviously very pleased with Stnker. And with very good reason. It succeeds where most ol the 3Ders have tailed - in the speed area - but retains Kick Offs obvious playability. Watch out for a full review next month. But now, over to Teque lor a slightly... err... different look at Football.
EURO FOOTBALL CHAMP Do marie It takes a lot to make Teque's Dean Lester a happy man, but Taito’s Euro Football Champ coin-op usually bnngs a smile to his lace. It’s brtl- liant.’ he says, not only is it an excellent Football game, but there are elements ol mindless vio- OWN GOAL NO 1 I PLAY 3D SOCCER Released by Impressions, ihis one looked infinitely better than it played. Utilising the 3D system pioneered by Microprose’s International 3D Soccer, programmers. Simulmondo. Bravely used sprrtes on a vector-based pitch. Although it supposedly contained all the expected moves and kicks, the
screen was updated in such a confusing way that it rendered the game unplayable. In addition, because the action was viewed from behind the players, judging the length ol long balls was nigh-on impossible, making passing extremely difficult - although the dim nature ol your opponents made up for this. Since I Plays release. Simulmondo seem to have disappeared - unless they're working on a sequel OWN GOAL NO 2 HOTBALL I’m atraid the foreign company responsible lor this piece ol garbage escapes me. But as you’re never likely lo spot a copy ol the game (unless it's right at the bottom ol the
bargain bin), I wouldn't worry too much. The most unusual thing about Holball was its complete ignorance ol the game's rules and the bulky anti-piracy dongle which hung out ol the back ol your machine. This allowed lour unlucky cretins lo sutler together, and with its dire graphics, non-existent gameplay, and minimal options, this was the worst punishment imaginable.
OWN GOAL NO 3 ROY OF THE ROVERS Released around the time when Gremlin were publishing such top-notch releases as Artuta. Dark Fusion, and HA T.E(that's sarcasm, by the way), Hoy 01 The Rovers was a two-stage allair lollowmg the adventures ol everyone’s favourite Melchester player.
Roy Race The first hall ol the game was a piss-poor arcade adventure where Roy had to locale his missing team-mates. Blackie Grey and Co had been kidnapped by a ruthless properly developer who wanted to bulldoze their ground for a shopping centre or something, and Roy had to solve a series ol puzzles and occasionally return to his Mum's house lor lea and health replenishment il he was lo succeed.
Once Melchester were reformed, an even worse Footy slage was initiated, where a team ol Lego bricks took on Melchester - whose ordeal had lelt them slnlsterly deformed. This is one ol the all-time stinkers, and il you ever see it. Buy it just to see how bad it is.
OWN GOAL NO 4 FIGHTING SOCCER The worst thing about Fighting Soccer is that it was a crap coin-op before it reached the Amiga. You would have thought that Activision's Big Cheeses would have thought hmmmm, this is a pile ol drivel, lei’s put our cheque book away’ - but no. Someone, in Iheir infinite wisdom, tried to convert the big gaudy sprites over lo the Amiga, along with the exciting and revolutionary’ violence aspect. The result? A conversion which was even worse than the coin-op, and Activision relegated to the French league.
OWN GOAL NO 5 WORLD CUP SOCCER Not to be confused with the forthcoming Elite conversion. This Amiga version ol the Sega Megadrive game lost a lot in the transition. The Megadrrve original was a real laugh - it didn’t exactly push the machine and had very lew moves available, but il was last and play was simple. Elite managed to retain the simplicity, but the speed fell by the wayside With this key area lost.
Elite's game was a pale imitation - almost like a present-day Stanley Matthews running alongside Gary Lineker. Best forgotten, Elite have tried to... lence. Tool’ Quite. But it's a good job that Dean likes it. As his busy band of Teque coders are currently putting the finishing touches to Domark's conversion Viewed from a side-on perspective, the Euro Football Champ coin-op can be played either as a Gentlemanly’ Football game, or, with the cabl- net'seijjra buttons, as a foul-laden scrap, with short-pulling and leg-hacking abound. The coin- op plays a brilliant game,' Dean continues, 'and
has everything you need lor an excellent Footy game. It’s last, it has plenty ol easily-accessible moves, and the violence is the Icing on the cake.'
Among the many moves available to the player are bicycle kicks, headers, and the players can even be made to indulge in a little Keep It Up', using their knees, leet and chest! The moves depend on the situation, and if a player stands still, they can chip it up and boot it over their head, or simply let fly with a long, low shot.'
Another aspect which Dean thinks the Domark game will excel in is in the Goalie area. ’They are great,' he continues. Whereas in Kick Off or whatever they can save or miss and that's it, in Euro they’re regular little Peter Bonettis (remember him?) Who can tip a shot over the bar. Lumble it, and be amazingly acrobatic.' So lar, it sounds like the perfect Footy game, how accurate is it?
Apart Irom the violence, it's pretty much perfect.
We've been playing the coin-op non-stop - actually it’s in for repair at the moment! - and we know what makes a good game, but there's load ol smaller touches which are also worth going In.'
Such as? 'The referee, lor instance, is really lat and. As a result, can’t keep up with the players.
So with him out of the way, they can start fouling and kicking chunks out of each other. In addition, if a goal or equaliser is scored in the Iasi lew seconds ol the game, the scorer goes ape.'
The main bulk ol the game is now complete, and the coders - John Broggy and Rahim Abdul - are currently adding the game's presentation and net data lor the game's May release. And with Krisalis's John Barnes and Man Utd games also hailing Irom their London base. Teque certainly have good Footy credentials. Over to you, David... Errrr... well that's all we’ve got time lor this month. Next month we ll be printing the results ol most ol these forthcoming matches, and it's guaranteed to be a game ol ups and downs. In addition, the first ol the torrent - Krisalis's John Barnes' European Soccer-
has already made it to us - albeit to a luke warm reception. But. At the end ol the day. Ifs sales that count - and there's certainly some competition out there .. FINAL SCORE... WHIM II would b unfair lo predict which ol no above will be the best - alter all, several are still mirivfaw thrmmh rlevslnnmdtnl H hac In ha aaldt iiiiuwaf uiiuuyn uo*eiupmoni ¦¦ nai iu ui hid that Rage'a game is shaping up very nicely Indeed. Thera is still one major contender to watch out lor. Nough - Anco's Kick Oil III. Shrouded In secrecy. Kick Oil III is rumoured lo be a massive revamp ol the original code.
Rumours suggest that H will feature Captains whs orchestrate hey moves and possibly a different viewpoint. Apparently, the game Is three-guarters complete, and the Kick OR name alone will ensure that the others should be wanted, irs certainly going Is be ewe to wslcb out lor - Rage, Sensible and Domark certainly are .
The queSt for the perfect Mario game continues, and Ocean have bridged the gap between Amiga and console playability even further. Recruiting the kooky Addams Family as the stars, have Ocean produced the ulti- I mate platform game? Steve ‘Luffch’ Merreffvj enters their sprawling houstf.7. » CREEPY... From his humble beginnings as the barrel-jumping hero in Donkoy Kong.
Mario has come a long way Since Sufwr Mario Brothers and its horizontally-scrolling platform action arrived with the first batch of NES consoles, virtually every platform game released since has been compared to it However, courtesy of Ocean, the Amiga has its first real threat to the Brooklyn Plumber, as those creepy kooky, spooky, and ooky members of The Addams Family make their Amiga debut SUPER STAR I got my first glimpse of The Addams Family during a visit to Ocean's Manchester HO several months ago. Arid went away fairly impressed by the fun-looking plat- former I save Since then, the
game has come along in leaps and bounds literally - and although little touches (such as the parallax tho programming team had originally hoped for) have fallen by the wayside. The lAMS yy tions have been silenced with the kidnapping of Granny, Morticia, Fester and the kids, leaving head of the house, Gomez, with little option but to scour the house’s many dark corridors and rooms in search of them, closest the Amiga will get to a Mario game - and if that isn’t the ultimate accolade, then I don’t know what is... KOOKY... Taking notice of past licensed failures, Ocean have opted for the
'Hudson Hawk! Route, adopting a single gamestyle rather than a mishmash of sub-games. It had always been Ocean’s Gary Bracey's intention to rival Mario, and on perusing the film’s script, he decided that Addams had the perfect setting for it.
The game is played within the Family's sprawling mansion, and this allows the game to be broken down into five distinct areas - ie. Wings of the building. The scenario tells of an evil property developer who is forwarding plans to flatten the mansion so that he can build a series of towerblocks on its estate. Obviously, this has encountered resistance from the kooky clan, but such protestaand, in doing so. Defeat the mysterious kidnappers. Just as the scenario is far removed from that of the film, though, the Gomez sprite is equally unrelated to the film’s Raul Julia character. With his
squat physique, handlebar moustache and incredible running and jumping finesse, all Gomez requires is a set of red dungarees before the transformation into Mario is complete. However, that said, Gomez can match Mario move for move, and even has a few extra tricks up his smoking jacket’s sleeves. For example, a flying Fez (a Fez-Copter) can be found in some levels, and can be collected to get Gomez airborne and past particularly nasty areas.
MYSTERIOUS... Starting in the hallway, five doors await Gomez’s attentions. These form the entrances to the five wings, and contain a series of creature- infested rooms and the guarded members of the family. Behind these doors lie the garden, the kitchen, a dungeon, and other such rooms, and follow either a horizontally or eight-way-scrolling path. Ocean’s studying of all things Mario also shows up in the animation and control over Gomez. As can be expected, the joystick sends the moustachioed hero scurrying to and fro and pressing the firebutton prompts him to leap, but these simple
controls Belie the Vue athleticism ot the sprite. The length ot each jump can be determined by keeping the joystick pressed in the direction Gomez is leaping, and his direction can also be altered mid-jump The flexibility over the character is essential to the game, as to destroy the rampaging nasties. Gomez can either jump on them or avoid them The jumping method is obviously the most favourable, as several thousand points are given as a reward, but avoidance is less risky Each of the wings lollows the set pattern ol avoiding or killing the nasties until the door to the next area is
found, and. Ultimately, the 'Boss' creature guarding your family member is defeated. However, this simplicity is the basis for The Addams Family s complete playability. Nobody could ever say that Super Mario Brothers was the most taxing or onginal of games, but such is the implementation ol the ideas and the ease of use of both Mario and.
Indeed. Gomez that there's no room INSIDE THE HOUSE... Every bit as Imposing as the Family them- selves. Is Ihe Addams Mansion. Starting outside the building's doors, on entering the toreboding hallway there are live entrances awaiting Comer s entry. Linked by staircases, these open up to the Garden a Oungeon.Torture Chamber the Kitchens, the Library, and the Conservatory However also located some • I where within the building are a senes ot other, better hidden locations For instance, on completing a certain task in the Kitchens, access to the tiery interior ol the Stove is grven and this
paves the way tor an appearance by Itame- coated demons who are oblmous to your attacks Similarly, on entering the garden, access to the Family s Mausoleum and the interior ot a rather spooky tree can be gained. The former ol which actually paves the way to little Wednesday s rescue • mirroring the plot ol Ihe recent Him rather nicely.
A senes of hearts which act as energy indicators. These are steadily reduced should Gomez come into contact with a nasty or hit by one of the many swinging axes or rapid-firing cannons that form the game's plentiful static obstacles. However, to replenish any lost health, throughout the game there are a series of Dollar signs which our agile hero can collect. Twenty-live of these money signs go towards an extra energy point, whilst a hundred grants Gomez with a much-needed Other areas aren t quite so large, but one room prompts a cameo appearance by your loyal butler. Lurch, who tinkles
away on his Piano whilst Thing, your hand-like servant, scurries along on his fingertips More useful, though are the actual bonus rooms which are secreted throughout the area These are often hidden behind secret doors or even inside the mouth ot your Bearskin rug. And feature dozens ol Dollars and energy-boosting hearts to eitend your life eipectancy In addition 21 eitra lives can be found in a particularly useful room during the I Continue? Screen - but a set procedure must be followed before Gome can collect these.
It Jp$ L * I w* * f 4 lor unnecessary sub-games or complications. So. Wtiat you get are hundreds of nasty-infested screens, all ready for a good bouncing.
Additionally, Addamg nasties are all tied in with their respective levels, so the garden features horticultural horrors, whilst the kitchen has cutlery-wielding chefs and the like.
SPOOKY... Gomez begins Ihe game with a set of five lives, the length of which are determined by TO THE RESCUE!
Before the individual family member* are freed, Gomez must take on the massive 'Boss’ creatures who stand guard over them. Although they vary greatly in appearance and attack methods, all can be killed by repeatedly bouncing on them.
However, although platforms are provided to do so, there's still the danger of coming into contact with them, and these larger extra life. The goodies don't stop there, though, and useful power-ups, such as limited invulnerability, can also be collected With The Addams Family, Ocean have produced what is quite easily their best game yet - with the possible exception of the brilliant Rainbow Islands (but It is very, very close).
Forget the likes of Batman: The Movie. Ihe excellent Robocop III. And even Parasol Stars, The Addams Family is platform perfection.
Everything about the game, from the finkly John Dunn music and effects to the little dust clouds Gomez kicks up when he skids to a stop, make it a polished-looking game - but as in Mario, the gameplay still outweighs the aesthetic pluses. The complete control over the Gomez sprite, coupled with the devious layouts of traps, nasties and obstacles makes for a real challenge. Due to programming limitations, there’s usually never more than three moving nasties on the screen at any one time, but they are timed to move or patrol so that it isn't really noticeable. In addition, these objects behave
in such a way that they. Too. Can be used in your favour. For instance, above the flight path of a cannonball, there may be a series of Dollar signs and the only way to reach them is to jump in the path of the cannonball and bounce off it to reach them.
Unfortunately, some of the house's inhabitants can resist Gomez's bouncing antics and come prepared with fiery skins or a well-piace spike or tv Addams Family movie was crying out for a decent game based on it. Or whether Ocean’s programmers have simply pulled out all the stops to produce one of the best platform games ever, but whatever the reason for Addams’content and style. Ocean desen e to be rewarded. It seems that they have listened to people complaining about the likes of Darkman, Total Recall, and Levs loading with 1 meg For anyone who has seen Mario in action on an NES or Super
NES, then you need yearn no longer for the same style game. Addams may not be as busy or as fast as any of the Super Mario Brothers games, and I doubt that Gomez will attain the cult status of the Brooklyn U-bend fixer, but, even so, The Addams Family is a massive achievement. It somehow ties in with the film without compromising its variety, and even manages to get across some of the film’s darker humour. I'm not sure whether it’s just because The MEET THE FAMILY... Starting life as a series ol single-frame jokes in the New York Dailies, The Addams Family have since reached a greater audience
via the TV and silver screens. Originally, the family were limited to hlack-humoured one liners, but with the advent ol the black and white TV series in the 60s. Script writers actually managed to create an amusing hall-hour which was far better than its upstart Wannabees'. The Munsters - see lor yourself on BBC2. Where the series is currently enjoying a rerun. On the announcement ol the film's forthcoming release, skeptics doubted that a hall-hour joke' could be stretched across a two-hour screenplay, but the film's dark and ominous humour and perfect casting sent it well Into the realms of
big budget successes.
Prepare to meet The Addams Family... GOMEZ - The head ol the house.
Perfectly normal in appearance, he is a dashing romanlic who is totally obsessed with his beloved Mortlcta. An expert swordsman, his other loves include his massive train set |lor venting out his rage via a series ot spectacular crashes), and continual sparring with his Brother. Fesler.
MORTICIA - Svelte and vam- piric, Morticia is a real family lady, and takes pride in her little darlings Wednesday and Puggsley - even going so lar as stopping them from killing each other. A fan ol torture • particularly that to her own body - she is a shrewd judge ol character, but perfectly AMIGAble to people she is unsure ol.
UNCLE FESTER - Although he is Gome 's twin Brother, the two are completely dissimilar. Whereas Gomer is swarthy and handsome. Fester is short, stocky and bald. A real whin in the lab, where he Is a master ol poisons, Fester adores his niece and nephew and can often be tound joining in their deadly antics and helping them with new traps.
WEDNESDAY - Morticia and Gomez's Daughter. A Ian ol the 'Grand Guignol School Ot Gore’, Wednesday is fascinated by death and murder. However, there is a softer side of her nature, and when she isn't trying to electrocute her Brother, she can be lound playing with her headless doll.
PUGGSLEY - Wednesday's long-suftering Brother, but equally as devious. Enjoys experimenting on his Sister, and his favourite toy is a mini-guillotine, with which he decapitates all of Wednesday s dolls.
GRANNY - The stereotypical old crone. Granny can be found cackling her way through the house whilst experimenting his her dark magical powers. She enjoys the odd party, and. Although harmless enough. Is the most unsettling member of the family.
LURCH - Not exactly a member of the family, but a loyal Butler and classical Piano virtuoso. When not using his massive physique to add dust to the house s higher corners, there’s nothing he likes more than tinkling the ivories as the appreciative family sit around.
THING - Thing is a handy little helper - literally! For someone whose bodily extremities are limited to lour lingers and a thumb. Thing is surprisingly adaptable. He can pull things on his trolley, massage an aching brow, and. Well, hold objects... Terminator II, and come up with the perfect answer. The Addams Family has instantly become one ot my all- time favourite games, residing up their with the likes of Kick OH II, Rainbow Islands, and Jimmy While's Snooker, and as a decidedly picky gil when it comes to what I’ll actually play in my own time, that's praise indeed. Steal a copy if you
have to, but this is an essenlial addition to every Amiga's software library.
They’re certainly ooky by me... OCEAN £25.99 i At last! The Amiga equivalent to Mario... ) GRAPHICS 92% SOUND 87% LASTABIUTY 95% PLAYABILITY l-MV'UUl Following the likes of Gbzza and Gary Lineker in the rusrfto endorse a Football game, John Efarnes steps up for his turn in Krisalis's loose follow-up to the Manchester United games - Tony Dillon joins John on the pitch... » JOHN BARNES mu CHASE Following in the footsteps ol Emlyn Hughes. Gary Lineker and Paul Gascoigne comes John Barnes. No. I don’t mean playing in the England squad, having a hit single, or becoming an intemationally-renowned
player - he's done that already. I mean having a computer game • named after him Although, to be tair.
John did play a bigger part in the development of this game than smile candidly while holding a joystick for an appallingly crass press photo.
Apparently, John had his hand in the door all the way through this game's development (his leet are far too precious to use), but I'm not sure that that's a good thing - it's a bit like Pavarotti telling Stock. Aitken and Watermen how to have a hit The more football games appear, the more they seem to be mutations ot several previous ones. Kick Off was midway between Speedball and Emlyn Hughes' International Soccer, for example. John Barnes European Soccer (JBESi seems to have I pinched ideas from Emlyn Hughes.
Super Soccer. Match Day and, of course, the mighty Kick Off.
Unfortunately, it also seems to have borrowed a lot ol their bad points The basic design is standard tare.
Eight teams compete in the European league tor the championship title, with your opponents controlled by either human players or the computer. Additionally, there's the option to play a one olf match between you and either a fnend or a computer-controlled opponent. You can play as any ol the teams, but it doesn't really matter as there doesn't seem to be a lot ol difference between them.
OPTIONAL EXTRAS There are a huge array of options to work your way through before play commences. You can choose opt for weather effects: whether to display a Kick OfFstyfe scanner; the length of the match; it you control the whole team or just John; and the assorted control methods which include an option tor play with a Sega joypad.
Once you've found your way past the various options, and selected your team and one of the six basic formations. You can finally try your hands (or feet) at a match Above: The player under your control is indicated by ar arrow at his feet This switches when the ball is passed Below. Although the likes of Ruud Gullit and Gary Linekor are In the sqauds, you d never guess by the way they play Above-. As the ball passesthe players, their hods follow its path. JBES is full isol nice touches such as these Below. The strength ol a shot Is determined by tho length the firebutton is depressed, and is
perfect for long shots.
Above: The Goalies aro estremely brave and dive realistically - they can also dive at an attacker s teet.
Below. Whenever a goal is scored, it can be viewed repeal edly using the handy Replay' facility.
It it's graphic trills and thrills you're alter, you don't need to look further nan this. I would go so far as to say that these are the best graphics ever seen on a football game. The player sprites are large, and very well animated. And players' heads even track me ball as its passes them- mosl vnpressive. Similarly, the crowd bob ¦n their seals, the referee constantly skirts about Ihe screen, and the players have different hairstyles, beards and skin colours. It seems that Knsalis have gone for a football game that looks like a game of football. This, they've done encel- FOUL!
However, it also seems tiat Knsalis have tried to emulate how difficult a small leaf of Cabbage _ would find it to play foot- me keeper ban - especially when taced by a computer opponent who could put Pele lo shame. There are a lew major flaws with the playability, me controls being Ihe largest problems. The response time between joystick and piayer movement is simply too long, and often means that a lot ol the time players are sent looping round the ball, but never quite connect. Also, the length ol time between pressing the firebutton and kicking the ball is atrocious - a full second
and a half al one point. The strange thing is that this rule only seems lo apply lo human players, as the computer can accurately pass, tackle and shoot without batting an eyelid. A typical playing sequence goes like this: Human player gets Ihe ball Checking the scanner he spots a player just left of the goal in a perfect position to shoot. He runs. He leaves the ball behind him, realises his mistake and turns and races back towards Ihe ball with a computer player mere inches behind him. He reaches the ball first, turns and presses the button to kick me ball upfield.
In the small wail between firebutton and kicking, a computer player whips the ball from his feet. While standing on the spot it passes the ball backwards lo another player.
Another two perfect passes and the GAINING CONTROL After their successful Manchester United games for Krisalis, developers Teque decided to upgrade their control system for John Barnes European Soccer.
The basic controls remain the same, with a short tap on the firebutton giving a low ball and a long tap giving a high ball. Holding down the fire button 'locks’ a player running in a direction, allowing you to select a direction to turn and kick the ball.
The other players are now far more intelligent than before, and will move into positions to recieve the ball when it is passed. Passing still isn't as automatic as in Kick Off, but It does add a neat touch of realism.
Computer shoots a goal straight into the back of the net. Most annoying?
BARNES STORMER Everything moves about on-screen quite fast, and mis is a real accomplishment when the size of the sprites is taken into consideration It's actually a little too fast, though, adding to the overall difficulty ol getting possession and keeping control ot me ball. The way the ball is kicked is dependant on which way you turn me joystick with me firebutton depressed. Sometimes it will go a 90 degrees to me direction you are running, whilst on others it will go in the direction you're going, but only a couple ot yards Kick Offs controls were complex, but logical and intu
itive. JBES controls seem to be merely awkward and unpredictable All its graphical thnns aside. John Barnes' European Soccer seem to be little more man another unplayable star licence. It has dashes of real inspiration - Teque have created an excellent Iree kick system. Whenever a player is hacked down in the box, as they pick themselves up your opponents form a defensive wall. As they do so, you are invited to select the taker, and position a handful of attackers where you are aiming to punt the ball. After the opposition has done the same, you are given one more chance to position nother
player, before taking the kick - it takes a while to set up. But is very effective.
However, even with brilliant ideas such as this, the game still can t cut it. Excellently presented.
JBES advances the football game's image and look well into the 90 s. but the playability takes us right back to the days of the infamous World Cup Carnival.
KRISALIS £25.99 If Nice Legs, shame about the game J GRAPHICS 89% SOUND 85% LASTABIUTY 70% PLAYABILITY 67% rtl sit dale May 1992 genre i Football Sim team: Teque London eenirels: Joystick, Mouse, Sega Joy pad nmmiert »f disks: 1 nunskee ef fUjeru 1 5 herd disk imsuUMe: yes memerj: Makes use of and chips OVERALL 75% MILLENNIUM PUTS THE WORLD IN YOUR HANDS A distant world - a new civilisation. You control the delicate balance of the natural world. Confront the many challenges of a true world leader - your actions can save the world from global warming and city pollution... your forces can
destroy the enemy trying to blast your cities or poison your planet.
The world is in your hands - take control!
Sun eyfur natural mount's und seismic stability MILLENNIUM Polished by Millennium, St. John's Innovation Centbe, Cowley Road. Cambridge CB4 4 W S Tony Dillon is on the Piste with a challenger to Winter Games.
Can Microids steal Epyx's glory - and the Gold medal?
SKI SUNDAY it anyone out there remembers the Epyx series of sports simulations, then Microid s Super Ski 2 will be a true trip down memory [ lane. Super Ski 2 takes the would-be Eddie Edwards through six snow and ice-based
• vents in a race to collect as many gold s as possible However,
Hcrotds have abandoned the stupid Eddie "The Eagle' Edwards licence that Elite lum- d the original with when they distributed d a few years back.
Up to four human players can compete, and they take turns at the different events.
H the unused characters' shoes filled by computer-controlled players I wouldn’t put y on beating them, though, as they seem to have a better idea of what to do than wdol As the title suggests, most of the events are variants of skiing, and these are split into two groups. The first comprises downhill sluing the slalom, and the giant slalom, and afl three use the same screen layout to
* pct the action The centre of the screen shows a sprite-based 30
* om behind your skier as he hurtles | down the hill. Both the
slalom and rt giant slalom involve racing left and right
between coloured flags, whereas the downhill event simply
involves reaching the bottom of the hill in as fast a time as
possible. Points are awarded for the fastest time, but time
penalties are added for faults
- missing a gate instead of going through it.
For example.
Mu WHERE IS HE NOW... n.rtomm.ai momnm. xomptly stuck Skier Edd.e The Eagle Edwards name oa the title. Eddie Edwards was a strange character, like Frank Bruno, he wasn't erectly a massive success, bet his fighting spirit and carefree attitude as he continually came last in the ski |ump endeared him to the Nation's tabloid readers. Oddly enough, lame soon followed and. In true sport celebrity style, record deals and money galore came rolling in. However. II was only to be a short-lived thing, and Eddie's luck turned. The first major blow came when he was banned from entering this year's ¦Mter
Olympics. As a resell, his sponsorships and work oilers dried up and he is now virtually kankrapt - and. According lo The Sen newspaper. Is involved ia legal wranglmgs with his par- arts after he paid lor their house and they are refusing in pay him hack EASILY SLED The final trio of events are a little more interesting. My personal favourite has to be the Bobsled - and Microid’s version is certainly the nearest I've ever come to whizzing down a slippery tunnel whilst sitting on a Go-Cart.
Viewed from behind the player, it’s a dangerous dash along a fast-moving polygon-generated track, following the fastest line possible, whilst climbing the banks of the curved track to hurtle around corners. The feeling of speed is quite incredible. And climbing too high up the sides of the track may result in you flying off the top.
Ftymg away into the distance and landing with a sickening thud. This adds a real element of skill and brings the simulation probably the closest such a game has come to reproducing the event -1 love it!
Next up are the Hot Dog and Ski Jump events. Hot Dogging is a strange sport which involves making as many flash moves and poses as possible whilst racing down a bumpy track against a computer opponent.
The more posey the leap, the more bonus points you score. Finally there's the true test of stomach strength Speeding down the lump ramp, you have to try to keep your skier balanced as he flies through the air.
And then try to land him successfully as he hits the ground.
Despite the naff loading screen, the game's presentabon is superb, and the obvious time and effort that must have gone into the graphics and animation make the game simply shine. The sprites are large, humorous and full of character. The faces of the bobsled team as they fly off the track and into the ground are a delight to watch, and the stomach-churning grunt made by a downhill skier hitting a tree head on at 35 mph is a real treat for sadists It plays well. Too. But not quite well enough. For the beginner. Super Ski2is a little disheartening, as the consistently excellent
performances of the computer players give little incentive to polish up your act - * surely even Franz Klammer takes a dive every now and then It took me a good half a dozen goes before I could manage to claim a single bronze in an event. Like the many sports simulations preceding this, I doubt even the variety of events or great presentation will add the much-needed lasting appeal for the single player, but multi-player armchair enthusiasts will probably stay on the Piste for a good few weeks
• buyer, guide ' rrlrnbr Aolr Out now genre: Sports sim HUM!
In-house eonlroin Joystick. Keyboard uumbtn of Ailki: 2 aamker of ployeru- 1-8 korA Ai,k imtulUUe: No memory: Any Machine MICROIDS £25.99 6 Excellent, but ultimately short-lived lun... 5 GRAPHICS 90% SOUND 87% LASTABIUTY 80% PLAYABILITY 79% OVERALL 80% THE ULTIMATE TURKEY Widely regarded as THE wwsl film ol all time.
Plan 9 From Outer Space is petted lor a game adaptation Which leads me to ask wtiat went wrong?
What pretended lo the tilm's plot featured a hying saucer crash-landing on Earth. Whilst they awaited its repair, the liendish crew created a zombie (played by Swedish weight-lifter Tor Johnson! Who was under the control ol Ihe saucer's Commander - the seductive Vampira. As word gets round about Ihe alien presence, the extra-terrestrials come under attack Irom the local army-reserves. And their glorious assaults are portrayed by World War II news-reel tootage Likewise, adding to the lilm’s mystique(l), a mysterious cowled ligure creeps around - perhaps this suspicious stranger would have
had a more prominent part in the proceedings il horror legend, Bela Lugosi, hadn't died early in the film s production (still, the show must go on) Unfortunately, virtually all ol this mishmashed plot is lost in the game, which instead casts you as a private detective hired to Irack down six reels Irom the lilm which have mysteriously disappeared - It certainly makes you wonder why anyone wants it back! In lad. One ol the lew Ihings that connects the game to the film is that most ol the men look like Tor Johnson's zombie charader and the women resemble Vampira Good release date May 1992
genre: Adventure If am: Gremlin Ireland ion Iro Is: mouse numbers of disks: 4 number of players: 1 W disk ImtJLUm no memory.
Any machine 84% 83% 73% 69% SPECIAL DEFECTS Thed™ Plan 9 boils down to a very run-of-the- mill point and dick adventure The centre ol the screen displays your current location. Including any present objeds and charaders, while in the bottom-nght corner is a list ol available commands. These Include take, drop, inventory and talk, and lo use one simply click on the required deed and on the object within the display screen you wish to manipulate Similarly, stnking up a conversation with a character oilers you a multiple-choice set ol questions or responses, although only one will have the
desired effect Unfortunately, though, Ihe choices are rather obvious with the other options coming across as complete drivel.
CLEVER DICK There are plenty ol locations to explore, among which you'll find Bella Lugosi's house. Rio. A bat-infested cave, and a CIA building When all six reels are retrieved its up to you to use your editing skills and stick them I together, making the biggest turkey ol a lilm ever - blimey, a Private Dick who doubles as a Film Editor, what a rarity!
One redeeming feature (although not redeeming enough to warrant buying the game) are the graphics. The backdrops are detailed and atmospheric, and the variations on Tor and Vampira are neat On top ol that are some very nice animated effects which help patch together the somewhat ropey atmosphere There are also plenty pi sampled sound ellects, including screams and creaks, which are supposed to surprise Ihe player, but usually just wake you up.
II Plan 9 had more to do with Ihe lilm it would have fulfilled many peoples' expectations, even with its many fauns Personally. I’m highly disappointed It’s frustrating to see such a good idea wasted This is basically a standard, and very uninspiring adventure, with little lo make it stand out Irom the crowd II you're alter a good example ol this genre, check out Elvira 2, but definitely think twice about buying this.
GREMLIN £25.99 ( A tragic waste of an excellent licence... J GRAPHICS SOUND LASTABIUTY PLAYABILITY OVERALL 64% “It’s clear from this evidence... ...that we should be playing Sid Meier’s Covert Action. ” Use your skills in deduction to foil terrorists, spies and criminals around the world.
IOkO PROSE SIMULATION SOFTWARE Covert Action, for your IBM PC compatibles. Commodore Amiga and Atari ST from the creators of Railroad Tycoon and Civilization. MicroProse I.td. Unit 1, Hampton Road Industrial Estate, Tetbury, Glos. GL8 8DA. Tel: 0666 504 326 tlie private investigator who must assist thei legendary Bela Lugosi, the original Vampira and the totally forgettable Tor [ Johnson, to recover I six missing film A reels and rebuild the A cult movie classic.
M CONTAINS m ACTUAL FILM M FOOTAGE TO GOLDEN TURKEY M SPLICE AND m EDIT Plon 9 From Outer Spoce 1992 Wade William* Production*, lken*ed by Alter Ego Production* Gremlin Graphic* Software Ltd., Carver House, 2-4 Carver Street, Sheffield SI 4FS.
TANKS A BUNDLE These days sequels are becoming as inevitable as old-age and the Eurovision song-contest. Pacific Islands is one such inevitability, and is the follow-up to Empire's excellent Team Yankee Pacific is set around the same time as its predecessor, but in keeping with our current global peace, World War III isn't the reason lor the game's many confrontations.
Instead, a small army of Russian renegades have teamed up with the North Koreans and inexplicably invaded the small pacific archipelago of Yama Yama In a whirlwind blow from fate, you and your platoon happen lo be on a ship returning Irom the Gulf via Ihe Pacific, and. As you're the closest, your unit of sixteen armoured vehicles has been selected to liberate Ihe island. Well I never.
PLAY IT AGAIN Without wanting lo sound loo dismissive, I'd spotted Pacific Islands biggest flaw within seconds of loading - it's virtually identical to Team Yankee. Okay, so there are loads ot new features and ideas, but the similarities are so great, they aren't something that can be easily overlooked. The graphics, lor example, are extremely similar, as is the control system. In fact, with Ihe exception ol a few more user-lriendly panels, the only major changes have been to the scenarios which are bnlliantfy inter related, and the addition of a screen which lets you select the next
bit ol island you want lo attack.
Anybody who owns Team Yankee and buys this may leel a little Ado** Tht main own* town is split Mo lour quarters, seed ons displaying a viaw Irom ont ol the lour dMsrsnl unlls undar your control.
TANKS A MILLION You Ian lour dltlertnl types ol Kliicles oo your side lot IM conflict, some ol etiicli art superior lo otters Your mainstay is tte Ml Abrams, wbicb combines lirepower «itt protection, laser siglits.
With a lair amount ol lirepower. Bul not much In the way ol armour, so they're best left lor mopping up operallons.
Cheated. Obviously, Empire were also concerned about this, which is reflected in a chapter in the manual which explains the differences between this game and its predecessor - lor all those who hadn't noticed.
I suppose. A better idea may have been lo release the game AND some sort ol scenario dala disk lor the original. As it stands, this Is dangerously similar to the original.
MAKING ENDS MEET One prominent new feature calls on you to remove your bartte-gear and play accountant Each time an enemy unit or building is destroyed, you earn yoursell a cash bonus. At the end of a mission, this money can then be spent on repairing your vehicles and buying ammunition. Here's the sneaky bit: as the game progresses. The enemy become tougher and you expend more ammunition and take heavier damage, but you don't always get enough money to cover all your expenses, so you end up trading off shells lor tanks or vice- versa - although it is possible lo purchase a slightly-used
secondhand model (presumably used by a little old Lady who used to drive il to Church each Sunday). To tell the truth, I was rather put olf with this feature. I may be on my own here, but I’d always thought a tank commander’s job was to shoot things, not balance a budget I'm quite content with wasting the enemy, I don't need any ol the financial rubbish - I'd rather leave that to the buereaucrats, and it comes across as similarly out of place here.
As with the first game.
Ihe graphics are excellent.
The programmers have opted for sprite-based tanks, and although this results in a loss of definition, they are all perfectly recognisable - in fact, while the programmers were demonstrating the game at a show earlier in Ihe year, a tank enthusiast came along and reeled their names off as they trundled on-screen! More Importantly, though, the update is fast and smooth, too, keeping the action trotting along at a lair rate.
Apart from the ridiculous budget-managing aspect, this is a good game. If you own Team Yankee, and are coming to the end of its missions, you may want to take a look at this. Personally, I think they're too similar.
Additionally, the first game's rough edges have been eroded, and there is a great deal more to do in Pacific, but I still can't help but think there's not enough difference between the two. I can understand the coders using a successful game engine again and again, but why not opt for a totally different scenario - space, perhaps.
Still, If you don't have Team Yankee In your collection, then I'd recommend Pacific without hesitation. It's absorbing, easy to play yet still taxing, and second only to MicroProse's M1 Abrams in the Amiga tank-sim top ten.
BLOW BY BLOW There are five Islands to Iree. And each Is divided Into a series of mini campaigns. Normally, you’re called upon Jo achieve three or tour objectives to complete a mission. These usually have your plaloon destroying a communications post or some other enemy site, while eradicating every enemy unit you come across To do so. You have sixteen vehicles, armed to the axles with missiles and machine guns. These sixteen are further divided into lour squads of four.
The Koreans are wise to your landing, though, and have prepared by laying mine fields, digging tanks in, and sending out scouts II any of your vehicles are spotted by an enemy patrol you have to act upon them a bit smartish, as they usually scurry away to warn their friends that a large bunch of Americans are on the way For a little extra help, you also have a few artillery units who'll take advance bookings. Before you embark on a mission, you can ask for a minefield to be laid or smoke bombs, high explosions or multiple- warhead shells to be fired at a particular location at certain times.
The down-shot of this is that it's very easy to advance faster than you thought, and end up on the receiving end of your supporting fire. If you want to take advantage of this feature, it's best to plan ahead and keep to a very strict battle plan That's not as simple as you might think, as the temptation to keep on pumelling the enemy is a great.
CONTROL SYSTEM One of the notable features of this, and of course Team Yankee, is the excellent control system Creating a system that allowed lor adequale control of sixteen vehicles split into tour units was a major achievement by the programmers, and they have pulled it olf admirably The game is played via a senes ol three displays.
These include the gunner's-view.
Where you control the tank and fire its weapons; a map screen where you select your ob|ectives and guide your other units; and the status screen which shows how well each platoon is taring.
The maxi game viewpoint has the screen divided into quarters, each one showing a gunner’s-eye view Irom the command tank of each plaloon. When something happens to a platoon, you enlarge each display lo fill the screen and consequently lake in more of the action. All the commands are issued through a point and dick system via a senes of simple icons, so there's almost no need for the keyboard. This goes a long way to making the game far more enjoyable as you end up not having to think about issuing commands. In addition, the all-imprtant weapons are equally simple to use. And can be
switched between quickly and smoothly.
GUNNING FOR THE ENEMY it'.import™,tocix»s. n» ngttweapon» tha loll. HEAT shells pact quite a punch against baildings and troop earners, but art iatl- lectlve against heavily-armoured vehicles. When you're laced with such a beast, you can resort to SABOTs. Which consists ol a depleted uranium rod propelled by a huge charge which powers it through the thickest armour For the ultimate in tank-annlhilation. Though, there are TOW missiles. These can only be fired when Ihe launch vehicle Is stationary, hut have almost twice the range ol Iheir counterparts, are very accurate and hugely powerful.
Should you gel trigger happy and waste your missiles, you can (all back on your machinegun. Which has an unlimited supply ol ammo. It s quite effective against lesser vehicles, but try to lace oil with a tank in It and you'd be better off raising Ihe while flag.
EMPIRE £34.95 (Too similar lo the original.
But still great fun.
Ill GRAPHICS 86% SOUND 80% LASTABILITY 87% PLAYABILITY 82% OVERALL 83% Tha mission rosier, wteaca your victories and progress are monitored.
RESERVE YOUR COPY OF EYE OE THE BEHOLDER II AND RECEIVE THIS EXCLUSIVE PRINT WHEN YOU COLLECT YOUR ORDER To qualify for your free gift you must produce the reservation form within 28 days of the product release date to yow retailer. This offW is limited to the first 6000 customers throughout England, Scotland, Wales Dungeon Master, Steve Keen, explores the bright and attractive world of Might And Magic. Are these the best graphics yet to appear in an RPG?
NEW BEGINNINGS... After fighting your way through the first two Might And Magic adventures, it's only natural to assume mat you’re hungry for more. The evil forces of darkness are back and it's guaranteed that someone, somewhere, is going to be calling on your extraordinary services again, very soon.
Might and Magic's game engine has been given a thorough going over The combat system has completely changed, and although it s far from perfect, it’s much improved from its flawed predecessors. Slashing its way in on six disks, the game is at least four times bigger than fellow
U. S. Gold stable-mate. Eye Ol The Beholder, and an incredible
clue book consisting of 250 pages has already been put
together in anticipation of Joe Public’s problems.
BATTIE COMMENCES The expedition commences at the entrance to the watery catacombs ot Fountain Head. You are given a well- balanced, predetermined party of six characters, including a Dwarven Barbanan. A hall-Orc Knight, and a human Paladin The setting provides a steady introduction to the game world, and eases the player into the intricate levels. To begin with, nothing will attack unless you're provoking it, and Ihe main obtective is lo seek out the various masters of the arts to improve your skills and guide you through the later stages These experts include a Cartographer, who will train
you in the art of map making; the Pathfinder, who imparts knowledge of the fastest ways to pass through the game's dense forests: and the Swimmer, for those of you afraid of getting your hair wet.
As well as the creature content, the countless corridors also hide all manner of secret rooms and partitions. Once they are located, you can click on an icon in the control panel to break them down and pillage their contents Creatures lurk behind every wall. The first stage monsters are limited to rather wet Rats who squeak a lot and do very little else, but on later stages they get rapidly tougher Whilst the first batch ot nasties can be fought off using a combination of fire spells and brute force, they often group together and consequently cause umpteen times' more trouble.
ONE STEP BEHIND... All magic users are advised to keep their spells at Ihe ready Combat is slow at the best of times, and another bad point is that you can't choose which character is going lo attack next. Instead, a yellow box highlights the player nexl up to fight, and you must wait until it selects the one you wish to use. Normally, this wouldn't be so bad, but Ihe computer gets rather confused if you press the mouse button too many times. As a result, when it finally reaches the character you wanted to pause on. It often skips past.
If you're lucky, you can obtain a spell Irom one ol the fountains by throwing a coin into it. In addition, there is a resident Magician's school which will take on young hopefuls, providing that they have bought a membership to the Guild - and this can be found via a wandering Sage The Magician's Guild is used to understand and learn the magical properties of the game's many spells, and also reveals Ihe mystical power of the countless gems which are dotted throughout the play area.
As you travel through towns ifs advisable to help people as you may reap greal rewards. Tasks completed on behalf of others will either result in materialistic gain or aid in future puzzles. You start off wrth 2800 gold SALE OF THE CENTURY In every settlement, there are locations which will provide help and assistance. However, nothing In this world Is tree and It's advisable to have a large amount ol cash ready before bothering the store owners. Fine's Fineries sell armour and weapons, as well as that little eitra something lor the weakened The Lonely Hearth allows you take a breather, get
a drink and some grub, whilst eavesdropping on some rumours.
Unlike many other RPCs, whenever you rest your party will be restored to full health within sis seconds. However, a resting party are sluing ducks when snacked, as they'11 continue to sleep until the characters are hit. Which often leases one hero to face Ihe enemy alone pieces which are rapidly eaten away by regular visits to equipment shops.
In addition, If you're not happy with your team members' statistics, you can visit the Forty Winks Inn and hire another gang, or create a replacement Once the computer has roiled the new warrior it’ll even indicate the best occupation for them to follow, taking into account their new skills.
MAGICAL GRAPHICS Might And Magic 3s graphics are nothing short of fantastic. The detail used to depict the play arena is suitably subdued, and makes the monsters seem even more lifelike.
Trolls can be seen breathing and you can even see their stomachs moving in and out as they attack. Globular bubble monsters undulate towards you. Creeping across the floor, bolls bursting randomly as they approach.
The fountains that adorn the first level enclosure actually look like they're comprised of digitised pictures of women's faces, rather than the expanded pixelized renditions they actually are -and the overall effect is simply excellent )MAGC All the usual inventory screens are included, as well as the endless lists of carried items. However. I never came across the need to pick anything up using the cursor, as any Items acquired were automatically placed in my inventory. The onscreen movement controls were a bit of a handful at first as mere aren't any separate icons on-screen: instead,
you must place me cursor at the very top of the game window to move forwards and to the sides to move left and right. The position for turn left and sidestep are very close together and unless you take real care, it’s easy to become disorientated, especially in me rambling wilds outside the towns.
Explonng me towns, forest planes, villages, castles, mansions and underground labyrinths, It’s easy to understand just how large the game's play area is. A staggeringly simple intro, consisting of some thumping , music and a disembodied head floating in space, grabs your auention from me start. This talking semi- skeletal face is that of Sheletem, your SCREEXSTAR w nemesis, and ne recounts in detail his plans tor you during his third challenge in crystal-clear disigitised speech. There are no real fancy graphics, but the combination ol music, facial animation and the lengthy samples is
stunning, and sets the scene perfectly.
The programmers have gone to great lengths to maintain the tradition of the Might And Magic senes. And this Is made obvious by the game's distinctive style. Dungeon Master freaks take heed: this is not necessarily tor you, as the game's roots are placed firmly in the Bard's Tale style ol adventuring. Whatever your preference, though, this is top quality stuff that you’re not likely to bra of quickly. With over ninety fully-animated and detailed monsters. I doubt if many of you will finish it within months of constant play - but It will be fun trying!
US GOLD £25.99 ( Great depth equalled by incredible graphic detail J GRAPHICS 91% SOUND 83% LASTABIUTY 89% PLAYABILITY 80% OVERALL 90% mmr™ The Stormlord has returned, but anyone familiar with Raff Cecco's Gnome-like hero won’t recognise the star of 21st Century's, stunning platform-based beat ’em up. The only thing that this sequel owes to the cutesy original is the main sprite’s name. I don’t know what they’ve been feeding him down in rural Oxfordshire, but he must have undergone some serious steroid treatment.
Not only is the Stormlord back, but his arch enemy - the evil Queen Bahd - returns, too. She’s back abducting the fairy guardians of Llyn Cerrig , and has also teamed up with the Devil himself to make sure that her plans won’t be thwarted again. Once more, your task is to rescue the imprisoned little folk, before the haggard crone drains the realm of its life-force and uses it to restore her body to that of a young woman.
To help you on your quest through the four-level world, you have been supplied with an unlimited amount of battle-axes and a set of five Opal stones which act as beacons and make the exploration of the game’s platformed Castle.
Pits of Hell, and Enchanted Forest a lot easier. Despite the game seeming rather short at four levels.
STUNNING... II has lo be said, II you haven't gathered from the screenshots s already, that Deliverance is graphically superb. Owing more to Gods than 21st Century would care to admit, the hanging birds and bats have come straight from the Bitmap's classic. However, the game is saved from being branded a total rip-off by its fresh approach and excellent additional touches Each level features a variety of mutated beasts to slay, and they come in abundance.
Resembling jaundiced experimental baboons, the first level’s boys are B-l-G.
Swinging from rafter to platform, they emerge from every side looking to batter you into a pulp with muscles that would make the Incredible Hulk take out a membership at Gold's Gym.
Your sprite's no Pee- Wee Herman, though, and has two forms of defence. Holding down the flrebutton you can spew forth a stream ol twirling battle-axes which will either knock the Gargoyles out of your path and onto a lower level or simply kill them. Alternatively, whenever the lirebutton is held down and the joystick wiggled up and down, the Warrior goes crazy- ape and enters 'Viv Richards Mode' as he grabs his axe with both hands and Moulinexes the ghouls into freshly-sliced pieces.
Other nasties include massive spiders which scurry through the first level corridors. These climb walls and ceilings In an attempt to drop on you.
Thankfully, and adding to the game’s already-impressive look, the size ot the sprites hasn't compromised the amount ot animation and as the whirling dervish does his stuff, there's plenty ot squirming and gratuitous blood.
PROGRESS An impressive amount of detail has gone into the objects which the hero can interact with.
It's impossible to progress through the levels without keys, and these are located Inside the ornate cupboards Deliverance has everything a sequel should have - better graphics, improved sound, and a larger play area. But does it play better asks Steve Keen?
Deserves all the praise they can get. Probably the best sequel I've ever seen.
Deliverance doesn't offer anything new in the gameplay stakes, but its presentation easily lifts it above Gods and the like. It's so gorgeous to look at that you'll want to play it until you complete it - and even when you witness the impressive end- of-game sequence, you'll be back for . .v A f*.
Spread throughout the complex. Not all house what you want, though, so expect the unexpected - and the deadly.
True to platform form, completion of every level rewards the Warrior with a massive guardian to contend with. The first is a huge green Dragon which thunders towards you breathing the most realistic fire I’ve seen in any game.
The coiled monster’s flames burst from his nostrils and swirling, smaller sparks tickle the air as they disperse in flickering clouds. He's easy enough to kill, but worth coming back to get a closer look at just to admire the attention to detail.
Once defeated, the Guardians implode gradually in a series of minor explosions until their innards are displayed amidst the rotting remnants - it certainly beats fading from the screen politely! In addition.
Releoie date Out NOW grunt Hack ‘am up leomt Kim Goossens lOntMcM Pater Ver* wyvelan [Co4o Bant Nielsen (Sound) toutnUt Joystick Humbert of Jiiltit 2 number ofpUyent 1 herd diib imstolUbU: no memory, 1Mb every defeated monster - Guardians included - leaves coins In its wake which are used to restore any lost health, so there’s no excuse for not getting in close.
CHANGE OF MCE... The final stage takes place in Heaven and the game changes style dramatically. Suddenly sitting astride a huge metallic, leatherwinged serpent you embark on a horizontally-scrolling blast. After the splendour of the first levels, this is a real cop-out. All the last-moving nasties are extremely tiny compared to their platform-based counterparts, but, size apart, they are still exquisitely drawn and the level very playable - with loads of the smaller angels available to collect and power-up your steed.
21st Century are making a name for themselves with quality graphics. Rubicon started the trend, featunng excellent sprites and backdrops but poor gameplay.
Deliverance is also well endowed graphically, but this time the all- important gameplay is there, too.
Anyone who can produce quality of this scale on our home machine more. Pure sequel magic!
21 ST CENTURY £25.99 |f A stunning-looking and addictive sequel.
THE GAME ALLOW YOU TO CONTROL JOHN DARNES OR HE NEAREST PLAYER release date 20th April 1992 genre: shoot 'em up team: Blue Byte contrail: Joystick number! Of diiki: 2 number of pLayeri: 1 2 bard ditb installable: no memory: 1 2 meg DAMN WEIRD The company behind such varied releases as Battle Isle and Atomino have now turned their attentions to a Japanese inspired shoot 'em up. And it’s weird.
The game's intro begins with an evil warlock casting a spell which sends thousands of insects rampaging across the country he unjustly rules. As-the swarm sweeps over the land, inflicting death and misery in their wake, two innocent cottage dwellers come under attack. Ikuro survives, but his wife is badly bitten and, as her life slowly ebbs away, her young lover swears revenge on the DarkLord. All of this is rendered in Jap-style graphics and is quite superb.
FIVE STAR ACTION The action takes place across five levels, each of which is made up of three stages.
Each level has a theme and related nasties, with bonus points accrued for each completed stage and special bonus stages for successfully capturing special sprites. The first of these levels is set in a meadow crawling with bugs, insects and other creepy crawlies.
There are both air and ground-based nasties to avoid and all are capable of spitting nasty venom into the air. Starting with five lives, an additional life is granted at a set number of points, but just one hit is fatal to your small wasp.
Various power-ups are available in the form of small red flowers which are released after certain nasties have been destroyed.
Once collected, these can sn j is certainly give a variety of weapon eyecatching, enhancements, including bombs, quick fire, deadly ‘stinger’ missiles and triple-shot. There’s also a drone fighter add-on which hovers about your main sprite and give you some much-needed extra firepower.
Next, it’s straight into an underwater sequence which takes place in a gigantic pond. Aquatic animals of all shapes and sizes inhabit the gloomy depths but, if things become too hectic, it’s possible to fly back above the surface. Although this might get you out of trouble, there are also airborne opponents to counter as well as rocks and boulders. Be careful, or you just might end up piling into a rock face, your splattered remains reminiscent of all those squashed insects that collect on a biker’s teeth after a long ride.
MAKING A STINK The sewer section comes next, complete with empty bottles and cigarette cartons as well as deadly toxins and skeletal piranhas. Come into contact with any of the poisonous vapour clouds down here and the screen flips, reversing the controls and making things twice as difficult.
Inexplicably, by the fourth level, your tiny wasp sprite has gained some metallic armour and is now pitted against a swarm of robo-bugs and laser defense turrets.
It's very reminiscent of R-Type, which is no bad thing, but it comes as a complete contrast to the rest of the game. It’s undoubtedly the best level, made up of a number of maze-like tunnels, and incorporates some excellently rendered cybermutants and android opponents.
The final level pits you against the most dangerous creature the evil lord Hexaa ever created. Negotiating their nesting grounds, your final task involves their bloody destruction and the successful retrieval of the antidote for your ill girty.
Apidya is a competent blast, rightly enough, and some of the 32 colour graphics are very inventive, but it’s not really in the top ranks of the genre. There are the usual end-of-level Bosses to take care of COMING ATTRACTIONS German-based Blue Byte, founded In 1988, have deliberately kept a low prolile since their inception, preferring lo have their games distributed by several European publishers such as UBISoft and Psygnosis. All that's about lo change, though, thanks to an aggressive new marketing policy. From now on, Blue Byte games will be distributed in the UK by Komparl UK Ltd., run
by industry veteran, Duncan Lowthian. Apidya is just one ol several new Blue Byte games scheduled to appear over the coming months. Other offerings Include Battle Isle II, the sequel to one of the most popular strategy games of recent months. Ugbl, a two-player platform game set in the Prehistoric times, and Starlight One. A 3D space-trading game.
And there’s a weirdo bonus stage which involves a mad scramble to collects as many bonus angels as possible whilst avoiding the stage’s deadly devils. At the start of the game it’s possible to choose from four degrees of difficulty, a two- player simultaneous mode, and when an extra life should be awarded.
Two-years in development, Apidya is an engrossing blast. Its intriguing design means you’re actually getting five minigames in one, which can’t be bad. It’s not going to set the world on fire, but it’s no damp squib either.
T Varied Japanese- inspired shoot 'em up J GRAPHICS 83% SOUND 78% LASTABIUTY 78% PLAYABILITY 84% OVERALL 80% Blue Byte bite back with a bug-infested shoot 'em up extravaganza.
Dan Slingsby takes the lid off this particularly dangerous Hornet’s nest.
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Heavyweight polycotton, and it sports a limited edition illustration by top artist, Tom Kyffin. A quality product, this is the garb that the CU crew wear and wear again. Pure genius, as they say.... CU AMIGA MOUSE MAT Durable and a gem to use, why not have our mouse mad Sporting the CU .Amiga logo, this classy red, white and black mat is the verv best start attacking anything that moves. It transpires that a mad Egyptian magician is the villain causing all the animals to go loopy, although it isn’t explained why the Coyote is unaffected, or why he decides to travel the world and defeat the
PUPPY LOVE Our intrepid canine isn’t alone in his quest, though, and most levels feature stray puppies who’ll make an adoptive parent out of any passing hero. On stumbling across one of these, it will dutifully follow your every move, whilst repeatedly shooting in a sporadic manner. As the puppies have a tendency to hang around on high platforms, though, and travel in huge leaps, they often take out enemies way before you reach them. For all their usefulness, though, they ai* very slow and it's quite easy to leave them behind. Abandon them, or leave them on part of the screen WHAT JOY! Like
several console- style games ol late. Fire And Ice supports a joypad option. By plugging a Megadrive Joypad in to the joystick port, the pad s extra button will come into play. Instead of holding down fire to unleash your super-weapons, instead the B’ button is used, saving time and hassle. However, quite how many Amigas who will rush out and buy a pad is a dilterent story. Still, it s a nice touch... The higher parts or the screen are linked via magic ladders which appear when a special button Is shot A set of icy steps then miracuiously appears, and the Coyote must scale them before they
Where they can’t reach you, and they let out a plaintive digitised bark, presumably to make to you feel guilty - and so you should.
The Coyote is armed with a strange weapon which is obviously a phlegm-based freezing agent. For as the nasties attack him, he simply spits at them and they are instantly frozen into cartoon-style blocks of ice. In addition, these hack-attacks can be enhanced with several types of special spitballs which are liberally scattered throughout the game ready for collection. These take the form of invisible blocks which appear whenever a stray spitball hits them.
Further shots then produce extra supplies which are added to the Coyote’s inventory at the top of the screen. These enhancements include wide-range fire, which shoots eight globules in a wide arc; a super- large gob, which explodes a few seconds after being fired; and several other types, including a shield which proves particularly useful.
Our Coyote's adventures sees him travelling across seven stages.
Starting at his home at the North Pole, it's followed by - amongst others - a jaunt through Scotland, before eventually moving on to South America, and eventually the Sahara Desert. Each of these varied areas is divided into several sub-stages, making thirty levels in total. There are also a cluster of secret screens awaiting discovery which, whilst not essential to the game’s completion, Diving underwater. The nasties appear In the form of Squid and Turtles.
Appropriately, the Coyote dons a pair of goggles as he explores the deep, murky depths.
It’s been ages, but Graftgold have at last returned, and their long-awaited platformer is here. Mark Patterson wonders if Fire And Ice will make him blow hot and cold... RENEGADE'S RESCUE Following the sinking of Mirrorsoft alongside Captain Bob, it looked as though Fire And Ice, Graftgold’s much-hyped cutesy project, was destined to join the ranks of James Dean and Mars Cops in the realms of never-released games. However, in a blaze of wheeler-dealing, Renegade have rescued the title and it’s scheduled for an imminent release.
In terms of content, Fire And Ice is a bit of a step back in time for Graftgold, whose cofounder and veteran programmer, Andrew Braybrook, is famed for some of the most outstanding games of the 80s. Andrew is the man behind THE classic C64 blaster, Uridium AND the all-time Amiga classic, Rainbow Islands - excellent credentials indeed, and Fire And Ice will only enhance his reputation. It’s a platform game in the tradition of Braybrook’s Gribbly’s Day Out. Leds main character is a long-nosed Coyote, and bears a slight resemblance to the Sheep-napping Wolf from Hannah-Barabera’s ‘It’s The
Wooluf cartoon and Road Runner’s arch nemesis, Wile. E. Coyote.
As can be expected, the plot is thinner than Paul Daniels' hair. The Coyote is at home in the Arctic, playing the piano and minding his own business, when all the animals in the world suddenly go crazy-ape and HREANDKE 75 HREAhDK* ¦ usually contain bonuses and special weapons. Oddly enough, although the scenario tells of the Magician's ettect on the world's animals, their lerocity has also rubbed oft on to the vegetation Each locale has its own strains of flora and fauna, which are also out to get you. If that wasn't enough, in the arctic you also have to fight off Eskimos, walruses, pen
guins, and little creatures on skis, whilst in Scotland there are sword- wielding troopers and little fuzzy creatures (which I'm assured are baldy Sporrans who resent never being worn) which leap out of trees and try to stampede the Coyote.
One of the first things that struck me about Fire And Ice was the quality of the animation - ifs nothing short of excellent. Even the smallest characters - such as the dejected Sporrans in Scotland - look great What's really surprising is that most the effects are achieved with very few frames of animation. The Coyote is also excellent, and features great attention to detail, such as his mannerisms and his facial expressions.
Almost matching the sprites in terms of quality, are the fantastic backdrops. The ice-world is the plainest of the lot, but. Even so, features foreground parallax, and shaded objects for the Coyote to walk behind. Nice touches, even if they aren't always immediately noticeable.
The music is another major feather in the game's already bulging cap, and, most of the time, it reflects the current setting. There’s a highland jig In Scotland, for instance, and a suitably Arabic tune in Egypt. It has to be said that some of the tunes start to grate after a while, but luckily there’s an option to play with just the sound effects, so I can't complain too much about that.
TOUGH LUCK For the completely awful games player who may never escape the frozen confines of the North pole, there is a rather neat Trainer mode.
This lets you play any one of the first four levels, with the benefit of eight lives. It comes in most useful for the South American stage, which is appallingly difficult and all of the eight lives will be needed if you are to see the later stages. In fact, this is where you’ll come across Fire and Ice's Above. With the change In backdrops, the sprites are similarly altered. Perhaps the most Impressive stage Is the jungle-based scene, where natives pop up to lob spears at the Coyote, and are abetted by Coyote eating plants who snap at the scurrying hound’s heels.
Left The later stages get rapidly more devious, with the simpler platform layouts giving way lo complex ledges which will give way under the Coyote s weight. In addition, some of the platforms swing, too, and this can csuae all manner of problems ae the naetiee move closer.
Lett end Beta*. Entering e bonus screen, one of Braybrook’s old sprites makes an appearance - Gribbly Grobbly from GritMy s Day OuL In Fire And Ice, though, he's a little pest who scampers across the platforms stealing the point-laden bonuses upon them.
R,U**d*u May 1992 grnrt: Platform gam* games I've seen on the Amiga. It's extremely playable, the graphics are nothing short of fantastic, and there are so many great ideas and smart touches throughout that you need to have an extremely keen eye to notice them all. Despite its slightly kiddre' look. Fire And Ice is extremely challenging, and, once you've completed it, you can always go back and attempt to find all the secret levels.
With Fire And Ice, Graftgold have made the best comeback they could have hoped for. With Paradroid never appearing, they needed to bounce back with a real smash. I'm pleased to say - as I'm sure Renegade are - that they've got one.
BRAYBROOK'S DAY OUT In a nice return to hit coding roots, one of Fire And Ices stages features the main character from his classic CS4 game. Gribtly's Olf Out Time, though, seems lo ham had an adverse effect on Gribbly and whereas once he would spend his days trying to round up his little Grlbblets, he know chases the poor Coyote around the plattorm-laden screens. As he does so. He also steal the many cakes, sweets and hamburgers which form the level's bonuses.
With rumours ot an Amiga Uridlum starting to circulate, does this mean that Gribbly's going to be making a comeback, too?
RENEGADE £25.99 ( An excellent return to form by Graftgold J GRAPHICS 90% SOUND 85% LASTABILITY 87% PLAYABILITY 93% OVERALL 90% biggest problem: its mixed playability.
The first three levels are relatively simple, but on entering stage lour, things get ridiculously tough. This is almost excusable, though, as there’s not much else to fault in the game and practice will see you through.
This is one of the best platform It has taken control.
It owns their minds.
It imprisons their bodies.
It even absorbs the building!
A secret project is out of control at Genoq Corporation, the world's leading biotech research lab. The building is in chaos. All employees are either dead or zombies. The security system is blasting away at anything that moves.
D Generation, a malevolent organism that uses virtual reality to disguise itself, has taken over. And it is your task to destroy it.
But first, you must find a way to stay alive. Then, as your understanding of this evil force increases, you can take the fight to the enemy. T he tools you have are sparse, l ittle more than ingenuity and determination.
¦ l ull VGA graphics support ¦ Sensational animation ¦ Stunning musical intro, and sound elicits ¦ Available lor IBM H . Amiga. Atari VI 1 i affright O w Koliil «"»k. Ml rights rrsrnn .
O'* itiH'itilioii1" 11 i m rlglll 4 • W Mlntluiipt hi,. Ml right* rrwrm .
MINDSCAPE VIRTUAL REALITY MEETS ACTION ADVENTURE lor your IinjI dealer, contact: Mindvtape International I.Id, Ihe ( n.uh House, I look lauds I state, Scaynes Hill. W. Sussex Rill7 7N(i. Lei: IM44 8.11 761.
QUEST IV Yet again, Sierra is concentrating on the exploits of a space travelling hero from the sewers. Sarah Hibbert asks if it’s really a giant leap for mankind... MILKY WAY Hey. Dudes! Ffs time to get wacky and weird with two guys from Andromeda and a freelance intergalactic sanitation engineer called Roger Wilco. The joy In this sort of game Is essentially one of exploration, puzzle solving, and entering into conversations with total strangers. Wilco's home planet of Xenon has been decimated by unknown forces, zombies and droids are wandenng the streets, and the Sequel Police from Space
Quest X are after Roger’s butt. Does the mysterious alien building in the distance hold the solution to these troubled times? There’s only one way to find out.. GALAXY Stem's Creative Interpreter has been running the firm's adventures for years now Of course, it has been refined and enhanced in the never ending march of progress.
Nevertheless, somebody in cryogenic susObject manipulation la vary May, and la aimply a matter ot highlighting tha object you wtah lo control, foSowed by whal you ward lo do with t pension since playing the original Space Ouesf cou d still tackle the latest instalment ol Roger Wilco if you unplugged their fleeter and thawed them out in the microwave. Perhaps the most startling difference for them will be the easy control over their hero, where they can Interact with any characters or obiects located in their immediate surrounding with two elides ol die Amiga's mouse controller Pitfalls
and puzzles can be overcome through the initiation ol classic adventure game commands - walk, examine, take, talk, even smell.
Additionally, these functions can be accessed from a serie ol Iconss. Previously, adventurers either had to type out the commands or use a keyboard shortcut MARS Over the past lew years. Sierra has employed a cluster of professional artists lo produce attractive 'rotoscoped' sprites and hand-painted backdrops in every adventure In the rotoscoptng method, an artist uses video footage of people moving around as a reference. Hopefully, this results in life-like Images with a twist. Tried and tested movie and comic book techniques, including varying angles of view and close-ups. Are also used
to heighten the tension and increase your level of attention Sadly, the pixel painters at Sierra do a far better job on the IBM PC where they can tall back on the luxury of 256 hues and a larger colour palette The stuff on show In this Amiga adaptabon is crude and oddly-coloured by comparison.
Furthermore, the display frantically jerks around when the programmers make their first, embarrassing, attempts to scroll certain scenes for dramatic effect These notable graphical deficiencies are accompanied by a dreary soundtrack and the occasional spot effect.
Is this game written In Amiga BASIC or something? No, it's almost certainly a product. In large part, of the aging C much-loved by our American cousins. Sadly, this programming language is easy to use but can't handle speedy operations like scrolling. That’s why titles like Wing reU+udste pmrm Now ttmmr In house tcnirth: mouaa, joystick number, ofiitkt, 7 number »f pUyent 1 bird disk iuiulUbU: yea m emery: 1Mb Commander 2 anti Space Quest VI require the power of a fast PC to function properly.
After the miserable conversions of Willy Beamish and Heart ot China, more proficient coders should have been contracted lor transferring games over to the Amiga.
SNICKERS Sierra has built up a loyal band of adventurers over the years who, if this release Is anything to judge by, must be a bunch of,.
Masochlsts. Although it can be played from two floppy disk drives, you definitely need a hard disk to get the most out of Space Quest IV. The new version of Kickstart can also help cut the awkward periods ot waiting. I rapidly tire ol seeing the watch icon as this means the game is doing something other than fulfil my every whim and desire.
It's just not good enough.
In comparison with earlier Space Quest games this is a definite step backwards, both in terms of speed and gameplay Basically, it reuses Larry Vs control system, and simply reworks new graphics and plots into it. OK. So It's obviously a good system, but It hardly offers variety (or Joe Public.
Additionally. I found it rather easy to die and quickly get fed up wading for the game to let me get back into the fray. It's dripping in zany American humour with no style or substance. And lor that fact alone, should probably be avoided. If this is all Sierra has got to offer, give me lucaslilm every time.
THOSE WERE THE DAYS Ken and Roberta Williams lormed Sierra in early 1980 with high hopes and little money Their premier game Mystery House, was released on the Apple II A number ol forgettable games followed until Sierra cultured a magic formula with the 1984 release ol King's Quest I. one ol the first animated graphic adventures. The most tamous Sierra character Leisure Suit Ljrry. Appeared a couple ot years later In those innocent days this publisher (and many others) were happy to support the Commodore VIC-20. Atari
400. Texas Instruments TI-99 4A and Coleco Adam' Perhaps you’ve
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I Thii pack also comes with Lemming*, (the only game ever to get a 100% rating?) The Simpsons. Captain Planet and Deluxe Paint 3 I the incredible paint and animation package plus mouse and modulator Protar Stereo colour monitor This monitor urn th* urn* tuM u th« Phil** 8833 MK2 end has a similar specification. Th* Proar comes with » full 12 month replacement guarantee.
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professional system Icludes overscan fadity. .28 dot pnchund Miwrttl sand. Monitor cover only £5.99 t purchased at the same time i soo version £399.99 with Flicker Free Video card A500 version £499.99 AMIGA 1500 2000 Hard Drives Impact Series II HC8+ Control card only ...1 134.99 Impact Series IIHC8+ with 52Mb Hard Drive... Goldstar remote control TV monitor superior to a sands rd TV set with ful remote control now only £179.99 Impact Series IIHC8+ with 120Mb Hard Drive.™ .....1419.99 Impact Series IIHC8+ with 240Mb Hard drive ..1659.99 Impact Series IIHC8+ with
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8. 300 D AMIGA 1 300 2000 ELUXE SERIES Vthe AMIGA 500 Deluxe i an
uprated version of the A500 Plus with the Phoenix ROM sharer
nd 1.3 chip because some older software will not run on the
A500 lus. The A500 Deluxe has been developed so you can choose
to run
• ther Kickstart 1.3 or 2.04 making incompatibility problems a
hing of the past 1 The Deluxe also Comes complete with the
Eartoon Classics software pack.
Only £409.99 or £444.99 for 2 Mb version The Amiga 1500 2000 Deluxe is an advanced version of the standard AMIGA 1500 Plus incorporating the famous Phoenix ROM sharer and 1.3 Kickstart ROM chip.
As with the A500 Deluxe, this enables you to switch between the old and new operating system to accommodate older software that can only run on the 1.3 operating system.
Only £579.99 for A2000 base pack or £609.99 for the 1500 software pack version I ___ GVP HMD DRIVES i ACCELERATORS GVP Series II HD8+ 52Mb .£359.99 GVP Series II HD8+ 105Mb ......£469.99 GVP Series II HD8+ 240Mb ......£749.99 GVP Combo Accelerator Series for the AMIGA A500 A530 Combi 40MHz with 52Mb Hard Drive ...£699.99 A530 Combo 40MHz with 120Mb Hard Drive .£849.99 A530 Combo 40MHz with 240Mb Hard Drive .11039.99 68882 Co-Processor for A530 1234.9$ ' GVP memory RAM modules Series II
RAM 8 RAM card for AMIGA 1500 2000 with 2Mb ...1149.99 32 bit 60ns I Mb SIMM for Accelerator cards £64.99 32 bit 60ns 4Mb SIMM for Accelerator cards .....1179.99 Amiga 1500 Plus Business & Entertainment Software pack The same spec, as the base pack but with Deluxe Paint 3, Platinum Works I (the best integrated package available for the Amiga), Home Accounts.
Puzznic Elf. Toki plus the latest Amiga Format Tips book (104 compatible) and Joystick.
Now only £549.99 or £759.99 Free Delivery on a.11 products CDTV New CD Rom for the Amiga A500 The add-on that every one has been waiting for. This high quality CD I ROM turns your amiga into a CDTV only £279.99 Commodore Dynamic Total Vision I Complete with Hutchinson* Encyclopedia.
Lemmings and Welcome CD disk. CDTV is a I powerful media for both entertainment and educa- I tion. Capable of handling up to 540 Mb of data.
I whole encyclopedias can be stored on just one I compact disc. The CDTVis alto a high quality audio I CD player. We also stock a large range of CDTV | software all at discount prices now only £449.99 UK Spec. New CDTV keyboard New CDTV Trackerball complete with 2 joystick ports, this is a must for CDTV owners only £74.99 Effectively transforms your CDTV into an Amiga so you can get even more out of CDTV. With the aid of a standard 3.5" disc drive the CDTV will take most of the normal Amiga software from word processing to entertainment 0n|y £49.99 FIRST CHOICE PACK I Take the headache
out of buying a computer with our ever I I popular FIRST CHOICE Pack. All the essentials required I I for the first time buyer. Ideal for any Amiga and great value I too!
I Comprises: | * Top quality microswitched Powerplay Cruiser joystick I * Mouse Mat .
* Dust cover only £29.99 |«I0 Blank Disks Plus 3 Extra, games
STAR PRINTERS The Star LC20 I Replacing the famous LCIO. The
LC20 is faster I at I80cps draft and 45 cps NLQ. It's also qui-
I eter. The front panel now has push button I operation
replacing the old LCIO membrane | panel. Other spec is similar
to LCIO.
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The latest version of Imagine, the ultimate 3D animation rendering system only £89.99 only £199.99 IMAGINE V 2 THE LEGEND OF DARKMOON Not since Knightr re has a game got RPG fans in such a f flurry. Steve Keen.1 armed with any- ' 'thing he can get hjs hands on, believes that b&auty is indeed,
• in The Eye Of The Beholder... LONG TIME NO RPG... It's been
over a year since we first immersed ourselves into the fantasy
role-playing world of Eye Of The Beholder, and just as most
seasoned adventurers are coming to the end of the first game,
U.S. Gold proudly release the long-awaited sequel.
Heralded as the best and most faithful representation of a Dungeons and Dragons RPG since FTL’s all-time classic. Dungeon Master. Eye Of The Beholder held the number one spot in adventure land until Mindscape's Knightmare appeared - but the TV licence's reign is now set to come to an end, as SSI U.S. Gold unveil the all singing, all dancing sequel... Emerging from trie festering sewers beneath Waterdeep, your trusty friend, Khelben, gleefully expresses his gratitude for your efforts in the first adventure, and his ecstasy of the news that you’ve volunteered for the next one. Things go from
bad to worse when he also informs you that, in a fit of extreme generosity and blind stupidity, you've donated all the aitefacts, scrolls and valuables you fought so hard to obtain underground, to the city - did they see you coming, or whal? People have been mysteriously disappearing in the North and West of the lown and it’s your task to find out why.
The first thing lhat strikes you about EOS 2 is its ease of entry.
Although the game comes with a large and comprehensive manual, it’s easy to pick up the rudimentary functions within minutes ol exploration, and the more complex manoeuvres within an hour. As with most RPGs.
Your first task is to generate your fool-hardy party. If you're a hardened warrior from the first expedition, you can Import your saved party - minus their collected goodies, of course - and use their experience and wisdom lo your advantage. If you haven't got a saved party to hand, don't despair as a purpose-built 'Super Part are included on the disk. Your party once again consists of four members, but there is also enough space fo recruit two more team members A BETTER CLASS... The character classes will be lamiliar to most, but the concept ol multiclass heroes may need some explanation.
Eye 2 not only incorporates different gendered adventurers, but difterent races as well. These fellow Earth dwellers have special abilities peculiar to their races and are therefore not confined to one class. For example, an Elf has excellent hearing, eyesight and dexterity and, although he could dedicate his life to being a rather spilfy lighter, he's more suited to the ways of a thlet. Thus, incorporating his hereditary abilities with those he has studied and added to his capabilities, he can be made eligible tor doubleclass status. Likewise, some races can have up to three
classes, depending on how many points they carry in these abilities. A lighter needs strength, so, as a result, his strength point must be a good one it he is to have longevity in battle. Used wisely, these characters are extremely adaptable, and as • the initially-selected group are limited to the abilities of the founding quartet, the multi- class characters can muck in by making use of objects and spells that the others are unable to use.
It was EOBs perfect mixture ol traps, objects, puzzles and monsters that made it such a success, and all these aspects have been improved upon for the sequel. Old favourites, such as giant spiders and wolves are represented. Whilst new and even more fearsome creatures await the party in the catacombs. Such new tiends as the Basilisk - a leathery eight-legged monster, with a gaze that can turn a target to stone - and the Mind Flayer, which feeds on a character's psyche causing hallucinations and possession Additionally, rather than keeping the game below ground in the original’s dank and
dark passages, the sequel takes us into the surrounding forests, too, paving the way for an even wider selection of nasties and aquaintances, including packs of Wolves and a weird old Lady who is searching for her lost child and will otter to help you it you ask her nicely.
STEPPING OUT... The collected party explore in a set pattern ot a square formation, with the most gullible pairing at the front.
SPELLING LESSONS Uss ol magic Is confined to Clerics.
Mages and Paladins (win may use a tew el On Cleric's spells). Cleric's spells come trout scrolls aed must he prayed lor. Whilst Mages mast memorise their iecaetattoes. A powerful wizard et eey sort is a great advantage to a party as they cao perform such wonders as a Flame Strike.
These cell dowo a column ol flume causing up to 48 points ot damage, whilst a Fireball is a red hot blast that causes sir points ot damage lor every level el eiperieoce a character hat.
SSI Wsstwood Ascoclatas Bill Stokes (Coding) Rick Parks, Aaron Powell and Ken Olsen (Qraphics) and Paul Mudra, Dwight Okahara (Music and Sound Effects) controls: numbers of Juki:
• umber ofpUyert: bord disk imulUbU: memory: 4 Game disks * 1
Party disk 1 yas 1Mb ready to take the brunt of the oncom- ng
damage. Characters such as Mages and Clerics can’t wear armour,
so it's best to let the macho Paladins and Fighters occupy the
front-running slots whilst the Soothsayers lob their spells and
xtcantations from behind. If this method is used effectively
this enables the Magicians to grow in power levels extremely
quickly. The guys at the front can hack away taking all the
hits and the magicians can heal them without incurring any
wounds themselves - and all the time, they’re collating massive
experience points. To begin with, spells are a bit thin on
the ground, but with frugal usage there should be enough to
see you through to the later, more taxing, sections, where
they'll really be needed.
Whenever you think you're likely to get into a scrape, it's wise to have all your weapons at the ready. When battling in some RPGs, there's nothing worse than messing around with dull charts and tables, and one of Eye 2s greatest attributes is that there’s no fumbling about with such tables during combat. The solution is also a very simple one: the screen is simply designed to show most of the characters’ details simultaneously.
Each character possesses a very handy pouch pocket, and these are used for the storage of up to three objects. When an item currently held is dropped or discarded, the next item In the pouch automatically shifts into the player's grasp. This feature is especially useful for spell and scroll users as, once a spell has been used, it cannot be reused until the party has rested, effectively leaving the player defenseless. However, by filling the pouch with plus one dag- gers(a dagger which has been upgraded to cause more damage), the Sorcerers can continue to fight by throwing the knives with a
machine- gun-like effect.
Such is the difficulty of the game, all the characters begin at experience level seven, and although a first level spell is pretty weedy in a lesser Mage's hands, its power increases manyfold as your experience increases. In addition, if your other hand is free, you can place another scroll or weapon in it and double your attacks per move.
MAGIC... Eye Of The Beholder 2 is a logical, and very enjoyable, follow-up to the first game. It features extremely convincing graphics which are far improved over the first game, and the sound is of equally high quality.
There’s nothing more chilling than hearing the footsteps of your enemy getting louder as they come towards you - a perfect example of the game's claustrophobic atmosphere.
The animation of your attackers is first rate and the detail on the objects is both detailed and dear. At a ground roots level, Eye 2 Is basically a larger and tweaked update, featuring a larger play area and a new scenario. However, I still challenge anyone to leave this adventure before they've finished it. Eye Of The Beholder 2 is a thoroughly enjoyable and user-friendly game which finally lays that sturdy ok) horse. Dungeon Master, to rest. They don't come much better than this, so ready for the adventure of a lifetime... US GOLD £25.99 ( ‘The best RPG experience In a long time...
Xenon c a d a u e r s p e e d b a I I VI * V u it I ii ifi e I ! T D AT E: A I* R 1 L 125.11 ? ORE AMIC5A & ATARI !
- sng the same viewpoints and con- system as Heroquest, Gremlin
are to space in their souped-up sci-ti Mquel. Set on a series
ot alien ships, rx and your team are given a limited iznber ot
game turns in which to
• Wve the assorted missions.
Although you control a team ot
• ve marines, your Commander is the
- ’ost important and, should he be lost r battle, the mission is
deemed a ¦•lure and must be restarted. Luckily, "owever, the
all-important Commander is far stronger and car- a more
powerful weapon than ne grunts - but that’s the joys of rank
DICEY DOINGS On attacking a visisble alien, the success ol your assault depends on how well you roll the computer-controlled oce. However, the team's weaponry
- xist also be taken into account - for example, a light blaster
will give you one throw ot a light dice, whereas a
r«avily-armed Commander has more throws in his favour. The
total ot the thrown dice is then the strength of rour attack,
and any number over the armour rating ot your target equals tne
damage caused. It's a very lair system, but the dice are very
heavily oaded. With three of the six sides
• eading zero, and the others as one, two. And three
During a game turn, your marines are each allocated an action and movement point. The former allows mem to attack using whatever means possible, whereas a movement point moves them a specified distance around the map. Everything in the game is controlled via a series of eons, with any currently-available options lit.
Once you have completed your actions, control passes to the next player or the computer-controlled enemy. The enemy also use this system, but with one important difference - The Alien Event. At the start ot each turn, something odd will nappen - whether it’s a soul-sucking alien absorbing one of your marines, or a scan from your mothership revealing new aliens. Easily the most aggravating event, though, is the activation of the auto-detences, which always home in on your Commander.
EXTRA DUTIES At key points throughout each mission, you may recieve a radio message trom your mothership, detailing secondary objectives. For example, if your mission Is to seek and destroy an alien dreadnought, you may also be called to eradicate a lesser being, too.
One improvement over Heroquest is thatSpace Crusade is viewed from above on a scrolling map screen. All visible aliens are marked and others appear on the map as they are spotted. Similarly, you can also use a scanner which radiates in every direction, marking suspect objects as a white star on a green background.
The viewpoint can also be switched to isometric 3D, but the game runs faster in map mode.
PLUS POINTS Space Crusade has two main plus points: its atmosphere and its addici- tivity. Although a lull view of the decks is given, it isn't until you enter a room that you can see what you're dealing with. This generates real claustrophobia, which, coupled with the game's minimal but effective machine noises and alien squeals, is a perfect setting. The game’s learning curve is perfect, too, with easy-to- get-into missions which are far trom simple to solve.
Space Crusade is a classic strategy game. It's made the biggest impression on me since I saw Rebel Star Raiders on the ZX Spectrum eight years ago. Having never played the boardgame, I can't comment on how well it has transferred, but on the Amiga. Space Crusade isbrllliant. It has enough depth and character to keep you coming back lor months to come. In tact, the best commendation I can give Space Crusade is that not since Rebel Star Raiders has a game impressed me so much.
An engrossing and atmospheric masterpiece... GRAPHICS 86% SOUND 89% LASTABIUTY 93% PLAYABILITY 91% E-Vi Hui-LM SCReenstaR reUaie dote May 1992 genre, RPG Adventure team In-House ton troll.- Mouse number, ef disks, 1 At tho Squad mova on thtir -Bug Hunt' your objectives are revealed step by step... number of players: I -4 bard diib in,tellable: No memory. Any machine GOING GLOBAL The Green movement’s bandwagon may have been derailed some time ago. But that hasn't stopped Millennium trying to jump on board with a Sim Cify-style game tinged with environmental sensibilities Millennium go
green with their latest release, a game that involves both global conquest and green-fingered care of the environment. Dan ‘Son of God’ Slingsby does his best to nurture a nuclear winter... The time is the not-too-distant future, where global development is handled by omnipotent world con* trollers. Your task is to develop a world’s natural resources and build a thriving civilisation. Of course, it's not that simple, and each world's enclosed ecosystem is vulnerable to your industrial advances and the plundehng of its mineral wealth and other natural resources. It's up to you to balance the
specific economic and environmental concerns of your chosen planet and successfully guide your citizens towards a prosperous future.
The game offers three main options. You can either choose to save a world from an environmental catastrophe, build up a new colony from scratch on a virgin world or become embroiled in a deadly war with a rival controller. Whichever option you plump for. The vanous scenarios ensure that you'll have your work cut out to stay in power. Not only will you have to contend with natural phenomena, like earthquakes and volcanic activity, but on some worlds there's also computer-con- trolled adversanes who couldn't give two hoots about either yours or the planers good health.
SAVE THE WORLD The save a workT option involves four scenarios. The first of these is set amid a nuclear winter where large parts of the planet are uninhabitable, the polar ice-caps are expanding towards the equator, and few people have survived. Your task is to reverse the ecological damage and help civilisation to thrive once more.
Whether this would be possible after a real nuclear conflagration is extremely debatable, but as this is a game we ll let them get away with It.
Other scenarios offer a post-industrial society poisoned by its own pollutants, a world m the grip of global warming, and another exhausted of all its natural resources.
In the first of these, a new world order has to be established based around clean, green, energy-efficient policies while the other two require speedy action to reverse the global rise in temperatures and to maintain the existing civilisation at an optimum level to ensure their long-term survival.
If you're more concerned for your own good fortune than that ot your people, the 'rule a world' option will be more to your liking. Here, you have the optron to become involved in an industrial confrontation with another controller where rampant mdustnalisation and expansion by your rival needs to be contained and reversed, or there's the much more appealing arms-race scenario which sees both sides stockpiling nuclear arsenals lor an eventual military engagement. Unfortunately, much of this option's appeal is muted as the environmental concerns have to be taken into consideration. By launch
ing a first strike you may well catch your opponent off-guard and thus win the battle, but the war with the environment will be well and truly loot.
The final option allows the controller to develop a number of virgin worlds. Its possible to start from scratch on a fully customlsable planet or choose from a number ol scenarios There are eight of these, each throwing up individual environmental problems, ranging from volcanic activity and frozen worlds to mineral and fossil rich planets.
There are eight virginal worlds ripe for development, each with Its own proa and cone. If you're not happy with any of them, you can always customise your own pionM and start budding your own Mue empire.
You can then concentraee on building up a formidable arsenal.
Unfortunately, this Is exactly what the enemy la busy doing, too!
OUIDI TO MAIN SCRIIN 2 The economic and environmental meters monitor how well your economy is performing and the degree to which your actions are affecting the planet. If both are okay, you'l gain more power.
3 This bank of icons allow you to save or pause a game, get strategic information or begin a military build-up.
5 The compass is one way of moving about the map.
Another is to drag the mouse off each side of the screen, whereupon it will scroll accordingly.
6 Occasional messages appear at the top of the screen, informing the player how well they are doing and of other major game-related events, such as earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.
GAME ON The main game screen consists ol a ¦widow display which oilers a brrds- eye view ol a tiny section ol the planet's surface. To the left ol this is an icon selector which contains the assorted construction tools necessary lor global management.
Unfortunately, only the currently- selected icon is displayed at any one
• me and it's necessary to scroll isrough the numerous tools
to find a particular Hem. A much better option would have been
a Sm City-style Icon panel but, instead.
Global Ettecf uses every tedious display, which becomes a distinct vntant the more you play the game. To be lair, it's possible to program the function keys to take on the different icon characteristics, but it's still a cumbersome system To the left ol the display area are two information meters which detail your economic environmental rating as well as your power level. Any movement or construction requires power which, in turn. Is generated by your economic performance and how well you're managing the environment. To move around the map.
There's a compass to the bottom right of the screen and it's also possible to move the mouse cursor olf the main screen to dictate movement. Once you’ve started to build something, messages at the top of the screen inform the player how well they're doing. For example, ‘very good drainage', 'commendable farming coverage' and Well organised recycling network' are common encouragements. Equally common.
Though, are messages stating your city is in need ol repaif or that your citizens are dying’.
TOOLING UP Global Effect certainly kx ks the business. The icons used for the different tools are all fairly straightforward and there’s no real need to consult the lengthy manual to discover their function. Keep an eye out for the icon which denotes the sewage treatment works - I think I could have come up release date May 1992 genre: God-aim team: Toby Simpson contrail: mouso numken ofdukv 2 ammker af flayer,: 1 2 kard duk initallaklr: »•» memory: 1 Mag with something better than a beaker of water and a big brown pile of excrement! Sound-wise, there’s not a lot to say. Except that I’d
have preferred a meatier selection of sound effects and decent atmospheric music.
City construction isn’t as detailed as Sim City. The game is more concerned with effects rather than detail.
There’s no need for hospitals or police stations as the action takes place pnmanly on a global scale. City blocks are just that - tiny squares which can be linked together on screen to form an expanding metropolis. Other tools include farming units, water reservoirs, recycling plants (naturally), solar generators and sewage treatment plants. Once you’ve got your basic city unit up and running, it’s then time to consider adopting coal-dnven power stations or the much cleaner option of nuclear power. Once your city has expanded ¦ to a certain limit, environmentally- friendly sources of power,
such as wind or solar generators, become inadequate and economic forces dictate the development of more ‘advanced’ energy sources. This is when problems start to arise and it’s a complex balancing act to keep both the environment and your economy in equilibrium.
This might sound an incredibly dull idea for a game and. Admittedly, there are times when things become rather routine. It can take a long time to build up a city-state and even longer before your actions begin to have an effect on the environment.
Initially, the most exciting things to happen are breakdowns in the sewage disposal system or an outbreak of dysentery, but things do start to improve the more you get into the game. There’s a sense of achievement in slowly building up an embryonic city and an even better feeling once you’ve built up an atomic arsenal and launched an all- out nuclear wari il hi OF THE mm RiiyRi Despite the game’s many good points, such as the well-thought out scenarios and myhad number ot options, I couldn't help teeling that something was missing. That something happens to be one ot the most important
Ingredients that goes Into a successful game - originality.
There’s nothing new here except an over-zealous environmental consciousness which casts its shadow over the entire game in a rather crude and intrusive manner. It's obvious to see where much ot the inspiration has come trom: Sim City Is the chlet point ot reference, but Bullfrog's Populous, Gremlin's Utopia and Maxis' Sim Earth have all been plundered for Ideas. If you're going to borrow ideas quite so liberally as Global Effect has, then the final game has to be as good as, if not better, than the original products.
Sadly, this is not the case, and I'm left bitterly disappointed with what could have been an excellent god- sim but. In reality, is more like a Green Party broadcast.
That's not to say there isn't any fun to be had in creating your own environment and carefully nurturing it. ITS just that I can think of many better games to spend my money.
• you lo build *nything from trngt and recycling plant* to
nuclaar power stations. It's bast to start off wfth solar or
wind gen- k your city, aa these cost considerably lass than
more conventional forms of energy. Coal mmea are vary expansive
and extremely y-unfriendly whereas oil rigs coat even more and
tha chances of finding oil are fairly n SERIAL KILLERS Bycon-
necting another machine to your Amiga via a null modem cable,
it's possible to have a head-to-head confrontation against
another player. It doesn't matter whether the second machine is
a Macintosh, PC or an ST - Global Effects can be linked up to
all of them and then you and a friend can wreck industrial
suicide on some poor unsuspecting planet. There's also an
option to play the game via a modem, but due to the vast
amounts of data transfer involved, Millennium advise against
using this option. Better yet is the computer opponent. There
are various parameters that can be set, such as the computer's
economic ambition, its speed, and its military intentions.
Initially, it’s best to use a low setting, or else you'll soon
find yourself out-manouevred both economically and
Millennium £29.99 i Playable God-slm which lacks originality... J GRAPHICS 80% SOUND 69% LASTABIUTY 75% PLAYABILITY 72% OVERALL 74% THE CONSOLES AND ARCADES SMASH HIT NOW ON YOUR COMPUTERS!
"As for as playability is concerned, this is a dream come true. In one player mode, it's a massive and addictive task, but in head to head (with up to five players), this is truly awesomel This is just one of those essential purchases and I guarantee that absolutely everybody will love thisl Get itl" CVG b C&VG H I T CU AMIGA: "A great game" AMIGA ATARI ST IBM and compatibles C64 (only 3 players) Saddlers House, 100 Reading Road, Yateley, Camberley, Surrey GU17 7RX Tel. (252) 860 299 Collect the icons to get more bombs and larger or programmed explosions.
Screen shots on Amiga Don't smash the icons or you'll be in big trouble!
In the 5 player-mode your opponents are both your allies and your enemies... depends on the situation!
DISC Tron’s disk-lobbing sequence spawned a series of coin-ops, but it took Loriciels eight years to get it on to the Amiga.
Consequently, the gameplay and presentation now look a little old hat. Stood at either end of a rectangular arena, the two players are given a frisbee-like object which must be thrown at their opponent.
Directly behind each contestant, there are a series of blocks, which correspond to the tiles the duo are standing on, and whenever a section of the wall is hit, It disappears taking the relevant floor square with it. In addition, both players are given a limited supply of energy, and H the lack of floorspace doesn't get them, then constant buffeting with the disc will.
Hardly taxing stuff, Disc is a nice-looking game, but was a poor full-price release, and still doesn't warrant a buy for eight quid.
ACTION 16 OUT NOW £7.99 NAVY MOVES For years, Spanish team, Dinamic, were famed for releasing unplayable games under the 'Moves’ monicker. There were loads available: Army Moves. Army Moves II, and this. Navy Moves - luckily, by Navy, the games were actually starting to come together. Cast as a heroic aquanaut hero. Navy Moves is a shoot 'em up played over a series of scrolling stages, before moving into a large military complex for the second, arcade adventure stage. As can be expected, these aquatic antics lob all manner of Squid and sub-aquatic nasties at our flipper-weanng hero, and
these must be shot or avoided. A Irager content of creatures makes this increasingly difficult, though. And that’s all there is to it, really. The base section is marginally better than the first half and features a large and detailed play area to explore, but getting to it is hampered by the dodgy collision detection the scrolling detection suffers from. It seems that Dinamic's original intention was to create a game similar in content to a Milk Tray advert, but too annoying lactors work against it. Navy Moves is by no means complete trash, and does have something quite addictive about It
but even though it's less than a third of its original price, it's still a dubious buy.
HIT SQUAD OUT NOW £7.99 Steve Merrett, CU's resident skin flint, peruses the wide range of budget games set for release this month, and offers his verdict on the best buys... THE BITMAP BROTH Although they've come in for some severe knocking recently, there's no doubting that The Bitmaps are still in a dass of their own. Since their less-than-hum- ble beginnings with Xenon, the Bitmaps have redefined the shoot 'em up and iuturesport genres with Xenon II and SpeedDall II respectively. This compilation Is made up of the aforementioned Speedball II, the arcade adventure, Cadaver, and the
original Xenon - and whilst the latter is the weakest of the three, it still makes most recently-released blasters look tame.
Speedball II should need no introduction, and is quite simply the pinnacle ol tuturesports. Played across a three-screen-long metallic pitch, the basic aim is to rumble the ball past your opponents' goalie - using violence whenever necessary.
With all manner of bonuses and tactics also available, Speedball II Is a genuine dassic and ultra addictive.
Equally playable, is Cadaver.
The Bitmaps' first foray into the arcade adventure genre.
RENEGADE OUT NOW £25.99 38*T »v-wfa.- Set wtn.n a - stunning SB ztSCjBBB isometric landscape. HHMEjWMSl Cadavers ¦¦H9B puzzles out weigh even F T ay*?f~ its graphics
- andthat's PH saying 91 something. ™ £zwas gna game, and is
still playable. The first 16-bit arcade-quality blast, Xenon is
a little too hard for its own good, but Is still a worthwhile
A stunning collection of some of the Bitmaps’ finest games - and if you're new to the Amiga scene, this is the perfect introduction to gaming.
SUPAPLEX Xhi*i a rather 8u,pri8e bud- I get release, but certainly a welcome one. Supaplex was originally released a mere five months ago, but for some reason didn’t sell. Perhaps the prime reason for this is its primitive look, with a main sprite which doubles as a Tomato, and background sprites which resemble crude user-defined characters. Even so, these dull aesthetics barely mask Supaplex’s brilliant playability. Basically, it’s a variant on the time- honoured classic, Boulderdash, with the original's AWARD WINNERS Getting off to the best possible start with Anco’s Kick Off II, Award
Winners is well supported by the likes, of Populous and Pipemania. All three - are excellent and diverse enough to make the compilation a worthwhile buy, from the arcade perfection of Anco’s legendary footy sim and Empire’s Pipemania, to the devious Deities of Populous. What doesn’t make sense, though, is that, for rea- sons known only to themselves. Empire have also stuffed Space Ace into the pack.
Thankfully, this hasn’t inflated the pack’s price, but I can’t help but think that the space could have been better served. Oh well, even if you only play Ace once, you’re still getting an excel- EMPIRE OUT NOW £34.99 pm lent deal, and you’ll be playing Kick Off II and Populous for years to come.
However, perhaps it’s time for a forty- quid Readysoft compilation, with their work to date bundled together... cluster of gem- filled caves, replaced by Supaplex1 s 111 circuit boards awaiting excavation. Your little Tomato has been given a set time within which to collect a predetermined number of each board's Infotrons, whilst avoiding any rockfalls (soory, Zonkfalls!) Or chain-reactions your actions may set off. In addition, an assortment of nasties - such as scissors - inhabit the caves, and will pursue him if freed from their confines. The game’s superb puzzle element is
strengthened, when the only way to collect sufficient Infotrons is to drop the rock-like Zonks on to a particular species of creature to create the necessary goodies, and this leads to some extremely taxing situations.
Original it ain’t, but playable and worthy of a buy, Supaplex certainly is. And when you consider what a travesty Databyte's Amiga Boulderdash turned out to be, Action 16's rerelease becomes all the more welcome. Go on, invest eight quid - you won't regret it.
BEYOND THE ICE PALACE Software for less than three quid? Blimey! Elite originally released Ice Palace as an unofficial sequel to Ghosts'n'Goblins. But it never really hit the same mark. The similarities are fairly obvious, with all manner of ghoulish goings-on to avoid and spooks to kill, set upon a series of platforms. Every now and then, though, a spookier Boss creature comes along to sap your energy unless you can kill it first - get the picture? Hardly original stuff, is it? Aside from the price tag, there's not a lot going in Ice Palace's favour. It looks and plays like an 8-hit game,
and has all the lasting appeal of a hag of chips, but I suppose for three quid it isn't bad.
POCKET POWER OUT NOW £2.99 38“o ESCAPE FROM THE PLANET OF THE ROBOT MONSTERS THE HIT SQUAD OUT NOW £7.99 ACTION 16 OUT NOW £7.99 Winner of ‘The Longest Game Title Ever’, Robot Monsters is a spoof of countless space- based B-Movies, and pits two heroic fighters against a mass of manic robots. Played across a series of isometric zones, the game is basically a shoot 'em up, as the two laser-tot- ing heroes blast their way through the scrolling areas, in search off an exit. Along the way, they run the risk of getting impaled, electrocuted, and shot, all of which are depicted in brilliant car
toon style. Although it gets a little samey in places, has stood the test of time very well. And is most certainly worth its modest asking price.
SUNDERLAND, SRI 3JE 091 565 2506 PUBLIC UNITED PBCMBANKMAcc PAD a BONGO AMMA’ICN AimsLcn ol i nan saying l*e t *g i PADS BUST BEE Cute Jninelin ol »frwky p* »mo* loo** wc PAOW CLOTHES PEG Bcuncng cloth*. Peg. And mom Not tod.
PA03S COOL COUGAR A cartoon .ty® anim. Tele to story ot cool Cougar *¦ PB«7 CLERK Anoiho crogrem MX to Journal. Mmgee your berk account.
P8CD8 OTP PUBLISHER front Germany English Irantiadon now aratob®. | PBTO9 aEXVBASt DATABASE A *mp® to use database Mr tnc Beginner. .
PB010 JOURNAL A netprogram duignad to keep track cm vour fra----- PBO-,1 WlSCEl t ASEC'JS GUStNLSS PROGRAMS G«time. D'OC*., PB012OBASL Cola-OK grog* RfiOVJGCC A ncret.y lo uk »B014 HIM DATABASF W, to PGOOt 3 ADVENTURE SOLUTIONS 2 disks lull Of aJrentut PGM3 AIR WARRIOR Tua * a fight Mnutator program .
POSH S All NEW STAB TREK Great 01 - U“S9r?1™ *?!!*. ,C* P4D3S DRAGCetS LAIR TIME WARP Antmebon W the cartoon game .111 • ueewflhUI March tael P«S EWC-SAAIY VS WALKER Cure 1 sexytl) squrrei crasng Wahar IS I ogram! Load, am. Pm. PAM1ERK-S BATMAN A meat ammacon Muring Mmen indthe PQW6 AMTEP A SLOT CARS A graphical ra® paying gome t a car game • PGCD7 APOYA Brdiant demo of¦ great new game Get H!
WgameSplatM PGOtt AS! T Jjrpar Gomoku. Crecktf, Jumpy. Turbo Orel A SIS Raid,OoLi ----- 11 Onp! Sopot Br Gomoku. Cracker, loot, i Retake** 3 .hoot am up* - ch.ilirgc Pacman 87. Hea Lkamat A WtHtrii PGC12 AS P0CI3 AS 6 _ .
PG0HAS7 OottlnaDon PGOtS AS 8 Air ace k. Htall Nienber Fjnbter A Snekepit!
PG016 ASI9 Belt* pcra A Bkz...... P0017 AS110 Escape Pipeline. Ptckout A Sre!
PG018AS II Dad, Coonex. 1 * Toarere ot Hanoi. Rertrsi A Thppbi' PG019 AS112 Uammren. Car. Poarerpong A X FII PG020 AS 13 BaR.AaltfoaJa.Tu1m1a.BWck It.Squamb® A Amigatraf P0021 AT1C ATAC A corrrerann O lha oH claaMc Spectrin game .
PG022 AWESOME PREVIEW FarttMic trerte« ol a great gama!
PG023 BATUEFOBCE A strategy war gama emller to Mediforce MRS™ PAMS HER A~minar buck Wadr raaH lr 'a" bjggY » °* talan a'uay 1H PAMS UR POTATO HEAD Waleh M potato nan «cabaret!.
PAOM NEWTONS CRADLE rey traced animation. Mu. F-19 and Rocking cW .
PAOSt PtUROAH AMMATON An Bnmalen ot a Pharoa* Ung. Muik PAM2 PIANO AMMATKW Thl» I. an animation ol a cartwny pluno!.
PUM4 AM EMULATOR NEW PUCOS AMATEUR RAW) I Soma program, ol D POINTER PACK [»« lull 0( 2S CASTLE OF DOOM An nty anphC adrenwa garnet.
PGC27 CHINESE CHECKERS CompuHr »«f*on ol me popular beard game •
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demo ol lha " . PaflTO SHUTTLECOCK AMMATION 2
thuttla* pMylng win a aaWHa!
PA071 THE BoilGS Ore* anm ol 2 Zabadao charackm on wmno.lt SM 01 . Id 1000. Of Ambai1 PG031 DARKSTAFF A ipectrj" tmulated W PG032 CRAGONS CAVE great Oraaon. Gi PGOSt ETERNAL ROUE 2 OOMNOES 2 nk X Amiga*!.
PA07J THE KHGHT DEMO Animaiton ol a knl a clmblrg out ot a took tM • PA074 Ti* WALKER OSAO HnkoplBr attacking It* malkar. Fum ityla. 1M .
PACTS THE WALKER OCMOII WiftB AtQOung the A20M. Not bad. TM .
PA072 THE JUGGLER theoUck PU023 CHET SOLACE UTILS 261 PU02S12 CUPAHT 8 disks cretrmed Ml ol acrea ol the Baal caput around! • PUC36 CURSER BASK COURIER Just ehet you reed to apotd up boalc pfogr.
P0M6N PGM7 HOLLYWOOD TRTrtA Nice irtda gama PGMS HOLY GRAB. A nice Mxt adrentumof P0C62 LAMER GAME SmRar to operation eod Moot am .
PA077 UNICYCLE Al PA HtrtBU WlSwT&NAi PA079 MR POTATO HEAD 2 AmMhar great Chrla I PAMO LEMMINGS ANIMATION Greai lamming, at PAMI BUSTER DOUGLAS Okg an ot BuMam nca sc PUD37 OCOPY One ot the bait PO copy utHttre ayaitebk. May to uaa.
PU33B DARKSTAR UTIUTES 3 A Mak lull ol aaacrlad utatul unlniti P10» DBW Good PO DBW Good PO ray Vklna prcgram re .on* pcturas! CU Knowledge.
.. CCMOltSHEP UT11TIES IM eaiv to un utls .omethlnj lor ereryon* .
PUMI43 DESKBENCH Nce aHemadva aorkbandOcona . Baaaa ® PUOM IXRECT ACTION A umIM UHMy W adHIng an mated laouencas Pt»*S caSKMASTER 3.0 CU UMIty program, copy Hie. DMate. Formal dial PLW7 DOPE HTBOMAKER MM your 0 ---- PGMA5S LEARN* POOS6 LASEFOONE GraM Old 6* PGM7 LEAPING LARRY Smple ptattofia game dona In Amoe PGOSS LETTRtX Nice (u M gamM aloHar to THH!
PG058 LORE OF C0M3UEST ExMNnt ipaca tredng game DtO MyW PGC« MARBLE SUOE Punla oaare. BuM Mda up!
PGOSl MASTER Of THE TOWN Shoot the VgnpoMa In th« gama PG0S2 MENTAL IMAGE PACK 3 great game. Ghdrwnar lrr.adem I Rebound .
PGOSS MORU Tail adrenlure taiad arcund Dungeons t Dragons thema!
PGOM NAPOIEONC WAR SIMULATOR A ncc itrelrgy rype garre!
PGOSS «STOfl CARO GAME Another card gama, lo" ------ AGATRON AVENUE miWOtallh Ms uMlty
i. OlPFta AGAOt RED LOTUS Spinnno doan the road. FantaiOc * AGA02
JET FIGHTER tandno on a runway, baale anlm .
AGA03 STAR TREK • Shuttle tty paH • Great! 1m • AGAW KUNQON CRWSER Ftylrq around your arega wreen - AGAOS STAR TREK KUHGON Ares torptdoM 1m .
AGAM LOGO, ptos a great aur ware fry by aramaoon. 1 Nog AGA07 STAR WARS FIGHTER doing Mops ale tm .
AGAOS STAR WARS a great am mtrem the moria ICU Shown AGA09 STAR WARS - FraMer Ry by. IiNxaMra 1m .
AGA10 STAR TREK-Enurprtieln dry dock. BcredHa I 1M.
AGAll TRON - Tank « Doactnaocr Good rectors * AQA12 TRON ANBIATION • Not ona O the best.
__ ... IdeMgnlrythisnoa V1.4I. PUOSt EXLE FONTS Mm. Ot thasas wrpert kmtwreens. or ure with Dpainl .
PUOSS FONTS AW) RAM MANAGER Lois oI font* put a aoltaara ram awhch!
PUC69 FONTS * SURFACES Lot* Ol Umlul fonts GruthM ate Ka um at DpaM!.
PU081 GENESIS DEMO Suptrbbaetal generator. Realh “ S imUTtfS Load ot uMI greplucal,.
PUC62 GRAPHICS UTIUTES Load ol uwU grepheal, orfntaaad frograaa.. FM0S3 H AMLAB Conrert VGA PC pictures lo Amiga ham aoda ahh lha iMNy. • PUOM HARDORIVE UTILS Soma good WHOM lor hard drtre owners.. arga-eLfc-cclnnup .
. Th goM graphi:. Qur* PG070 PETERS QUEST Rewue lha maiden In this fun pBtform game. I POJTi POM POM GUNNER Blast the mem, al remit r thla Beochaad 6 PG072 PROPERTY MARKET Become a mlicnaim balcae you more al 8s PG07J RAPHAELS REVENGE A turtle, gaaa dona In SEUCK!.
POB74 RETURN TO EARTH Ellla type tpuct trtdrg game) • PGOTS SEVEN TILES Superb Mamporta apMlbsl tip* ga . Great!
PG078 SCLM HATERS Shock am up dcaa by BrexrH Atfcas n SEUCK * I PQ079 SEALANCE A wbnanna stratagy game mm. »ery Inroliad •
- - good oailHShoM am up.
PUOtt ICONS This dak a |ust cr PU067IMPLOOEP V4.0 Very good crunching program, uer PUOU INTERFERON PRO Creole protected boottWcU a( PU071 JRCOMM I .... PU072 KEFRENS METALUON URUTSS Graol Wl dllk toll of to .
PU07178 KIWJ JAMES BIBLE Old Malamar* * Now tesUmant * ted readtr (4H PU077 LANGUAGES OSK All you eier needed ! Forth. ModMa 2. X-Uap logo.
_________ ,______,* Jal Fighter ar AGA16 STAR TREK Wamus enms bom the star Ire* ga AGAt 7 STAR TREK TWOK animation Shcat tM okay • AGA18 STAR TREK - EntarprtM by try. S*cn anim .
AGA1S LOTUS CAR, Bl IE SHOOT UP Al PU07B MGAO Compuatr adad design [ockaga usm h. PU079 MACVIEW.OflAWROTATE Colacbon ol »rea ir PUO» MESSY-SIO Emy 10 uaa PC • Amiga hie transter programKliant PLD62 NOSED A rem usWulprogrem k rdH.ng .pilm and DcCo I. PU3BJ MORSE PROCflAMS DtakluB ol Morea coda progrema lor radio haa PU0B4 MYSTU HARDWARE MOOS Documantt d«k tea hard-on PG0B6B7 STAR TREK The US Mfskm by Jim Barber, rery good 12) POMS STAR TREK NEXT OOCRATKW Sralagj game naa r Hrto 1 mg .
PGOSS STAR TREK THE SHOOT EM UP Yes a SUCK remiem ol game • AGA24 KUU PEN notion * Plnj pong Greet! 1m .
A0A2S THE RUN. A subert car chase tng or ore. 1m .
AGA26 SUP ROCKMG al soo.1 enlerpnse Mores dock. 1m .
AGA27 BOOK OPEMNG Nice ankn ol a book opanlng 1 Mg AGA2B SHUTTLE » ENTERPRISE FabWout anmaoon try ftceoir. 1M .
AGA29 MILLENIUM FALCON The ship bang chased - Eiceiem 1M PU39S7 NORTH C U (2| A two di* uwked remkm ol aboua program 1.
PUDBS NORTH C 1.3 (Packed) The comnMe C complar by Ste*a Hawtin !•
- --------------becoming a p ‘ “ r cimMck * 19 PASCAL COMPILER
Now Coccmlnj a popular language, row PO .. W PC EMULATOR
Software PC emuator need. MS DOS lo run! CGA graph.
PUM1 PENOLE MEGAUTIUTIESI An esaenfOI ccdacbon ol over 200!.
PUCB2 PEHDLE unUIIES 5 Another great concoct by the Rad DavK PUCB3 PENOLE UTHITIES 6 IncMdM copiers ard mom uotrto.
PUW4 PEHDLE UTILITIES 7 A «r» popUMr Witty collectcn. Try HI PUCOS PRINTER OflfVEP GENEflATM Detqn )0Ur o«m primer Wtrer with this.
PUCS6 PRINTER DRVER UTILITIES Vjrlmia ncrvstandarp prtnler «trem PUCB7 PRINT STUOO V13S Great utltty lor Kan* (WmoW ol pics.led.
- ....- "¦.May Waver Ms I PGOM TURRICAN 2 PI
AGA30 HYPERSPACE animation * Landng a mabon 1m .
AGA31 PORSCHE anim ol a rnlng out ol a 1st* i rrg. .
AGASS SPACE PROBt great anim ol a probe reomMg ott 1m .
AGAM BMD OF PREY, Mdo the loc*. AicolMnt animation Im .
AGA37 TOBIAS GCCS KNACKERS Cnecbthts on out! 1m . I
* let® fjmp * run game.
PgtCt? WATERMNES Mca boudardaWt type gama!
PG103 WET BEAVER GAMES VWNon ol M M pong game!.
4ES Got. Cong. Mime fnlkn. Wrdmil d arcade atfrenajra game from Oi PGIOS WtZZYS QUEST Are . .
PG1M YaP Hce little palmer npa gt PG107ZEUSAV4 pgimaj: .
Pgl 10 SUPER SKODA CHALLENGE Nice m PG111 MOMGHT THIEF A nice Mil ad «ntum game!
PG112ULTMATE CARO GAMES CnbbagaJ* ' “ M YaP Wee little paint* type game!.
07 ZEUS A very good * popular Hock puzzle game • 09 ASSASSMS14 New Pack. China Challenge II * Amge Ci PUI02 RAZOR 1911 Graphics rvpos. Vims killam. DhkmN pcnaerpackar PU10B POT A sMpla 3D drawrg package lor your Amiga. Vary popular.. ¦ PU109 SCOPE 11* Sbucaxad cilpan lor Oeskop punishing etc! Pwoe alt!
PU110 SCOPE US Sbuctured dinar Mr use in Prolessionol page EflX.
AGAM TOTALLY YACKED! Shuttle * EnMrfdse (2 MEG - BUY ONE It) DIRTV CBS POWER-ANIMS PU111 SID VI« Nemest rereion ol the aoty to um CU WtHy Eswmiai!
PU1123 SOMETHNG FOR NOTHNO 2 disk * lull Ol vldoo utils, toms elc.(2| PU114 SOZOBAN C Another rey popular C envMrcoaeM. Smiter to North C PU115 ST EMULATOR Rui Atari ST aoftwore wi yota Amiga. Naadt 2 drtraa.
PuttS SUPER 'C* DISK As near lo a hard drrra at mare morliM gat!
PU117 SUPERKLLERS Kilt. 190 vvuws. Tho a ESSENTIAL to your eoAoetlon!.
PW1 2 AHTI LEMMINGS 0) AbSC-utWy bntlam ammohon! Get this ncMH PPM) *T THE MO'dES Cute anm Irom Ur Sctr-arU leotu-irvg Amy wuhrelli PK047 AUTOMATED LkjHT 4'f ab Bolllestar gaUctlca type r.m*on. 3" - PPM* 10 BUZZED (3) Great rimetion ol a wasp crashing into tnmg.. 3Ml_ PP01112 DATING GAME |2I Sx»b now demo Irom Enc Schwartz. Get ft. 3S"g PP0I319 DRAGONS LAX 3) tW meg power demo -th souTO ahectt Gmm PP0I6 GULF WAR AMI Find out whai happens to HuStoM!
PPD'' JLCCLER I J-ggfr nrnats M. J jln- Great-Xowj; PPO’.STO LOST 1 SPACE 13) Rmw-BoM e old TV scrts ’ PP02134 LANOM (4) TcCas McMrr PoworenM I Superb ray faced *IW1.4M PP02S37 STATKW AT KkkPN (3) ArrmeWn ot a a speculation.nceiy dona. 2U HBBIDI ;e; Wo. • Camtxo,** Oman moats tho Amga ! GREAT' PG1IM19 NEXT GENERATWN TRIVIA 5 dHk PG121 ASM. GAMES PACK 21 P0123LEMMBiG0t0SC PU1'8 SUPER WORKBENCH Yet ar PG12SCARDSHAI P0126 SKYFLVER Superb WW. Mux PG128 CICAT« tSw3oS' PG129 PUGGIES Brlllant 0*B«rt style PG130 BATTLEMENTS ConveraOr - PG131 ATLANTIS PGI32 . PG1J3 P0134 PU125 ULTRAPAINT *3 A noa
pamt package lor IFF (Kama!.
Pui 26 UTILITIES COLLECTION Another great colection el utillot about IMI PU127 UTILTES DISK 1 Ancther one lor me coRactMn. Abow 60 or more.
Pui 28 VECTOR DESIGNER A rery cowpraherufm Cut dfttvcuh to uaa proogy.
PU129 30 VtOEO APPLICATIONS (2| Programs Mr use wA geHocks * niaoal.
Pui 32 3 YRNOOWSBENCH A Windows iWorkbencM ootalika. Rery nlca. P| PUI34 WORKBENCH HACKS Dhkbdol amujlng workbench hocks!
PU1J6ZX SPECTRUM EMULATOR Latest rsraion now with sour* too!.
PU138 LAST HOPE Pricalasa when you're |u«t anwd a raUabe He!.
PUI 39 GRAPHICS CONVERTERS Convert graphic*, to PutWLITTlEBENCHAl last a file copier etc lor A500 PG137 BALL LIGHTNNG Pretty ererege platMrm gam* (no PG138 ASIGASKS 20 Amoa com drep. TWIyrrood TuvM. M
• filecopier etcMrA500.(Doe2ONLY)I• PU1412TAROTI lawn abow your
Mart with program, on 2 disks!.
EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE POOOI AGONY DEMO Bnlllanl graphic. In tht. Game d P0002 ALARM UEGAOEUO Nca new deno with a good add type Wdao patl .'
POM5 AMOS 30 DEMO Shon you aema aHacta mi are possRM won 3d!.
POM7 ANARCHY INSPIRATION IS NC*tE Demo with v-pcrt rey tree* GFX FOC09 ANARCHY SYSTEM VOLATK* Clauy demo Vcctcr Bob Gti Cod !
POOiO ANARCHY DKIIUU. MNOVARON Tha» Mien and beat. Aupatb' PO011 AMIATORS MEGAOEMO A nca naw magadamo horn the Animator.. 211 "area. Zoo PUI47 BEATFtX POTTER Clipart eonretted bom tho PC. LorsOy .
PU149 El ECTRCMC PROTOTYPER Demon ' ---------- PEW7.8 LEARN » PLAY 2 dttka ot adacaoonal programs, irdor 10s .
STORYLANO 2 BtHlont kid. Game, tare toy land Irom the whch’ .
TOTAL CONCEPTS ASTROMOMY Fab interactive book on a Mob G ,0ad |DOS2 ONLY!) PUI9266 CLPART SET: A15 duk set ot ad the basLarailabM In ona Ml!.
PUI67 MULTVPlOT Eiceiem data plotting program ! Mnot Version PU188 RAY DANCE Brlltont crevlew ot an McredfeW fractal ray traetr PU1S8 GOJGNTE FONTS Supatb cut n pasta fonts MmMar lo Eilla to RJ170 PSJkTE Make your omn dsk ataMgue wfh prtturet' » P€0i i TOTAL CONCEPTS CtNOSAURS uam about tie d| PE012 MR NEN STORIES Emofant Mr chlWen leomingrfBBT PE013 SMON t SPACE MATHS Taking mam program tor .
PE014 SPANSH. FRENCH. GERMAN TUTOR Trandatas all langaa| PE015 TREASURE SEARCH Haip the p*m tlnd trot treasure U wthnre sn the DeJs tu llUng sags aObckdetttv th* suprrt masdona dr POC232S ALCATRAZ MEGADEMO Erekent. Huge damo on 3 «aas!.
POC26 CRUSADERS SPACE OEURU FamasIK nus by IHAmesome P0027 CRYPTOBURNERS HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER lovely Wed red* dtno BUSINESS SOFTWARE PMDt AEG6 AWMATONS 3 anlms. Juggler. Plan * Martyn. • PA02S AGATRON ANNS 5 great Mioit looped animation.!. PA029 APPLECUS ANIMATION Great anan ot an aMcue (a«*ocus77).
PA£00 BAD BIRO ANB4ATK* Not 100 tad M one .
PA03I BASKETBALL A baakelbell player ahooting a taB Into Ma net 1M P0030 DEAD OANCE THRASH Amating ffrash mew aoundtrack » wlard pics!
P0032 OEVLS LABYRINTH Great new damo -Oh Km* Mb etMcB.RGBpkwna P0033 OEVIS NO REALITY Arothor great mult(on dmno fom DarlH' PD036 E-P+C bcredblt prrdew lo a new game by Oceon, rectors. TM P003738 ERPLANO (2) Bill ksHdaacop pattarna on m great damo!.
Bank marogemor* program, very easy to ure.. unpacked and ready to net (2Mekraralon).
I Al the bed label printing program on t dtifc .
PBOOIASI LABa PRWTERS Al the be* label printing program Vally PD Dept.UPD6, PO BOX 15, PETERLEE, Co.DURHAM. SR81NZ 091 587 1195 PD • 1-19 £1.25 EACH • 20+ 99P EACH DEJA VU LICENSEWARE £3.50 UK • PLEASE ADD SOP P&P EC +25P PER DISK • NON EC +50P PER DISK Most orders dispatched same day!
MAIL ORDER: Send your Order with a Cheque PO IMO lo any ol Ihe lour Distributor* ttsted.
BY TELEPHONE: Coll us now with your order details « Card number (Minimum credit card order £6.00; NBS SOFTWARE UPD6. 1 CHAIN LANE. NEWPORT.
ISLE OF WIGHT. PO30 50A 0983 529 594 ryss
* **«?„ . ... LP036 • FRACGENII (kml liecttl crogran generalor
svfDhs iDBuae mus* I LP037 . ROCKET MATHS Heq children In
maths -Dh *m game LP038. AMOS ART Certains lots ol tones,
bobsjprme A scenes block.
- ---- -- OREST I Greet ebda-eys scrOlrq platlcrm ga-nc I AW
EDITOR UlkM sprilea reMly ees, 10 use A 30 admnture game dons
alh 30 conatrucOon se« LP043._______________ IP044 . FORMULA
ONE CHALLENGE Slratag, road feeing game V.Good LPD46 • MUSK BOX
A muse program lor ceddren ol 710 rds .11 gama! Frut
machn sMnulata PT015 MCI OISK Contains lots ol useful midi
programs lor smth omr PT01B NOISE TRACKER Muvc semmncm uaM by
the pro. Stacks of PT017 NotSETRACKER-EXECUTEABLE Cor.....
LP047 . CXRTY CASH Our most poputor 01 LP049 . MARVW THE MARTI
AH Fin) youi gMitnd ta Dda mate game LPOJi • MAGKAL YCUhG
ARTIST ContMna M atanols lo cdour Ini LPOS2.LC74.760 FONTS he e
sampta eoil program -tm sancia!
Progran, eomerf Rotand sampta, to IFF.
) various disks rreaabta ring hx tatata.
Pttmckertflmpm, BRUNOS MUSK BOX *1 M«e laaluni sht* muMc Get 111« SaiWHH L.KiHZftHe»rtt«i CLASSICAL MUSK Great music ol Bach. Hondal elC bom Rob Btder SJ5K5S2Ia JSE'.Si PT024 ST-B) BEAST SAMPLES lowaty parAXs sounds Irom ST PT02S676 ST-90-93 SAMPLES DISKS Stadta cuiln tanpot. EicedsM ID .
PT029 YAMAHA DX7 VOICE FILER Program lor DX7 sale, syrthesisers LPOS8 . LOCKS KEYS 6 LPOM LPOlO _________________ LP061 . THE FINAL CHAPTBt 30.
Irmat PT030 YAMAHA 0X7 VOICE SORTER for Dta . .
PTW1.73 ST-67 • B9 3 disk lul ol gnot unOes!.
PTCG45 ST-87 *98? More great is»s lul 0I serrples!.
- •* yen 10 create aampta.-tihoul ssr- AMOS PUBLIC DOMAIN APO1014
AP01IO AP0115 AP0139 AP0132 AP0137 AP0146 AP01T6 AP01»1 APOtCl
DATABASE Nee geneotag, ( ogram I at SwhgDtapuotalo
eohewdhin«lime tank DEMOLITION MISSION AnoDtar ve APD231 APD737
AP0257 AP0771 • ar to pugg*. But nolqutttt good.. ONS Supob
Akanvfype Intro pbo prefer*.. . . *0 Great oMUptrl demo «Hth
vector* u .
Amutuw domo ol Sodtam r atlng Preeldtflt BuMi III i MEGA&MO VW loads ol MM Melon end muMc 2} 4 HAROT Gooidaro . .
- ----- ',SSE«2llM.»cWflr.cl5» I B (OUT |21 am -in groat -uec
Decks IVEHWOE (?) Voy Me* Bled vector Otmo by TS8.
INTERSPACE Is time Uneer ? Gol thil to End OKI ENIGMA «b*.utei, bnllant. One ol the otmM .
JOYRIDE Another absciule eerier ol ¦ Oono!
.. THE WALL (8) Yeah IA hug* demo bawd on fltas I KickmSouMSoul-uMbeets*-Ik)co«*rptawra!.
*y«up«f.dwctodmin •
o. ihe kkH ail ton It i c*J (0. MM*? Hem the demo!.
1 out Ml of dMOO. •
- -------lassie BOS from Die pasl' • »P A me* demo vrito spooky
style music bsefc Gtmi PIE TROUBLE Sen. BollUnt ptas-e WikIs
MEGADEMO |2) Sill Wood th» Ini ol tWta. Good • HUM Superb demo vrWt great graphics sndmuMc.. U HANGOVER On* ol Ihe Best demoi ol Ml tme. • EMO Superb tta-oolsctassKgsm*'.
Ms li ¦ MUST lor ill de o ItmA* .
_________«m the Silents. Bnllant muse .
BY DECAY Wdh superb anlmsltan md * grMl music beat Remli of the song I pics o4 our Mm Bart? • OHELY HEARTS 60s syH demo bom BrnoM).
MEOAOEMO Not ¦ Md HM mmsdemo A s ooty demo *tth good music A .fleets!
TO l&RS Very good A MM motor tup lo-M UAL WORLDS An abeoiuteEpc! Best demo of Dm year Suoert. Gnt*ic* A stMd m this grew demo. .
Q .i!yamtMrcycMdgft tmg.. . - ..BlHewdemo just Inched Iouel.
C OEUON DEMO Anchor (o show Oft tM machnes gli.
- • -ANO latest demo trom a profits: oxH! Eiceltenl GUAROtAN
DRAGON A vwy nice m demo bom Kcfrtns!
- ..FRKWT Vectors In boot olHaa pies? Good!.
BAD BOYS IUNGAO Jecones* tt|t* carlooM A lechno imMc!
DECAYMG PARAHSE Vscy good mdor dtmo A audio! • Iffaaasaft.
HARDWIRED Fab tpoce snM Mb superb efcrts A misic I?
6 Kffitr1 m**' , 'POWER A AGOHY DEMO Some unusuH Vector sheets!.
A MORE VECTORS A TerMnMor 1*0 . HunWsds ol mdorsl.
ESOUNOS Of GNCME Mahoney and Kefe* reuse. 46 graat Kma.
WALD - FOUR SEASONS (2j S-petb 4 Seasons by Mr Buta! .
US MASTERS NOISE E»sn better than the sounds ol gnome X?)
MOZART HORN CONCERTO S 4 superb ccncoto s bom H.Oennon .
W TUNES I great Protreckared becks trom Andy CMIIonl.
N Rendeon ot Stairway to hasten . ODta tracks. Great’ MEGAMIX Really nice muse ask Worm astsntng to.
Hi Rc-ii 01 aresuree lop long* RAVES I Fantasbc 4 disk musk sal -tin smpeene sntm! • iS COMEBACK 4 great r»*e lype Decks, rery well itana! • IS MEGAMIX |2|Ftbuloas dance auaK. Amadrng quality .
• * "C voll A large seiedion ol poputar lunaa. Goodl|7).
K V0L2 A targe seBcoon dgoodinreattT CVOU And yelanolha greet BttactKnti).
90 GREATEST 64 TUNES Omr tM di U THE POWER" EiMlent m___ Z MORE THAN MUSIC A aupw) a .____ AMA7WG TUNES 113| Ttss ants a Brggi loads ot great muatc I PARTY WftNERS Four EJCEUENT songs Ihst -on the parly .
- EUS CLASSICAL Supwb randdons ol tRe Klero, etc. .
- CAPTURED MAGKATK3N ExcalMt music by 44let .
RAVES Yeah! Pump up the music bcUn rsmrr ol house SONX Sccopei p-mem m muatc trom Beeal I Ml bm •
- :S SOMX lots ol Bmlles mupc don. In SOOOI .
¦EAniASTER BCB STATE CcCU and mor. Ol BBS type ol nvWc I LOVE TECHNOLOGY Mere ol Ihe rare muMr .
NUSCBOXI This ta gte.1 Jao-Funk music I '"tS MUSIC BOX III .- CONCERT 3 Anotner house m.sr: ra m, Grwl quallr, • lornII ¦ CONCERT 4 Four songs ixtudng Gw to keep on Brllunl!'.
, 1 CONCERT 5 Th. Kmt. Fedlln Tcwh Me Bril pTAL CONCERT 6 Ulral n mo sortas. Vary good quelty house mute [DtGITAl DEBUSSY E.cellenl! Clar oc uni i rrore Irecks .
20UAMAMAII Oh-o ad» a greet dance rruw Inc. and tab eouaiart!
Rn EVIL FORCES Brand new mne acMhouw (tarns |s-arlng(K7i.
MttpOIE CEREBRAL DELIGHTS p) ExoMonl music dim. .
45 JUKEBOX Th, r« ,u * Lo.et, iuk aim0 Juia
- -‘.musicdisk.e.elM • SLIDESHOWS MUSIC DISKS id no one great
back' IS BLUES NCUSE |?i Tarqartnt Drum style muac 6 game!.
FULL POWER Hcwse H up muse. Inc RemU O tricky dlKO .
SOUNO OF SKBITSThal a meat I Greet eamoaphetlc musk!
TECHMOTRONK REMIXES Pump Up the Jem Wget Up I SkCOAMS FAMILY Th. Adda-a tamDy itartad -hen Uncle Festar... .
ADVANCE HAM «ccitactrcn ot bnllant dgittaM picwes -tlh music .
AGATRON JsomesupobHAMpctuns.cmtadby TcdasBchNr.. PS01A15 BUTTERFLIES 12) Ugh gualty shdihow ol butterflies. By WS • PSOtt C64 ART Lots olpcture screens bom the good o*J CommorW* M. P9017 CHAMSAW SLIPPERS Tvs on* Is Great, the pictures an 41 But MM! • P9019 CckOUfK YCLES a side ot cotau cycled pkMw. Very Imprmshe .
PS020 CREEP SHOW bon -astan type pres. Eddo and mors. Hoi male too .
P9021 DARKLORO S'S lots ol pactum In We Oerklcrds style P9KJ DEMONS m A qu.ity Ssbom C-Oryb O Oe-ons. -tlh music PS624 DESERT SLAtfcs-S Lots d Mm pburet on this dak * P952S 26 DIVINE VISIONS (?) A SS ol Mythytogieal gods -tlh music • PSP77 DR WHO SS Plata. Ol Dr Who and the Mamous Detetsl.
PSBB FEMITASTK VOL 1 PtcWe show ol T-tn peaba star Sherytn Fw. • PSOa FCRBOOEN PLAICT NtM state mth swy ten ol cult »* Set ¦ 171.
PS330 FRAXOH FUTURE VISKM Groat lancet* SS. Tab lor lo res. • PS031 GARHELD DtgltltM SS ol the cartoon hero by Am daMa.. P9JS2 GENOCIDE grsat tanlasy tide *Hh unusual lades A mpM A eowsRrsct.
PSOa GERMAN RiY TRACE High quaaty r trscM [KS by a gwman artlK .
PS034 GRUSEL SLIDE Eerie tanSn stale bom Germany. UruuM • PS036S7S8 HERCC OREAMS SS 1 • J DigitleM tantasy art E.M«ant I. psoa WvtSBLE WORLD Not one for peopta acarM ol cismt cra-tlee!.
PS0A3-M JOE SS Some Euolont eiarrpMs ol archies on to emgo PS045 KELLY SS Seme eieedert qualty MAM pclures • PSOM NAGEL PICTURES Hbw pictures ot grtKerysrT) .
PS0145S NASA SUOES1A2 Ptcbrs ol the ipom ahultle *ar» A etors PSOM NEWTEK DYNAMIC HUIA SS ol NeMMis new $ «0sS1J 4096 Cotts .
PS0M60 NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET SS gre« lor Mtreddy tin. (» .
PSOKNW DYNAMIC HAM More from the NbWOiams senn&porb quaMy.. PS063 PENTAGON A DRIFTERS Very high It-rM SW tanlasy (retires.
PSOM PHOTMONTAQEI SS on mrtous MbtKU mr. Mmlr done.. PSOtS PHOTOMONTAGE I Another grcol slide ol rartous sdycls .
PS066 PC* STAR PICS PtCOM ol Met A Kim. Madcma. Curiosity A PS8 .
PS067 RICK PAW S ART Opsmt aeyt* picturea tV done lo HI Rnolut«n. .
PSOU ROGER OEAH DotlsM cutums By Die emst ell m HAM mode. Good.. PS06B70 SXENTSCH «5 (7) TTM is superb, stadn plus s great music tract PS07I SPACE BUBBLES Grmi lamas, art pretuie. In rVMacM Kae.. PS077 SUPER HAM CARS Sup MglllsM SS m b-srtOMd HAM Uage'* PS073 SUN CONNECTION SUOE Grew lay traced pictures on this OlWr. • PS075 TOTAL RECAU MuK and Moum bom the Amtt'a SO II Mm. Grwtl.
PS062BS WRESTLE MAMA (7) Coliecwn ol pclure Md anlrMtlona. Good !
PS064 WVIF WRESTLERS Pciums ol Hull Hogan and th. M* ol Em Ormt U PSMS YABBADABBA DOO Hey Hey Hey *s lh» ItintKones ! Wlma. IrM...» PSOM SCNC DYNAMIC HIRES 5 Superb *86 cOour pics cm Dlls dts*!.
PS067 ALTERED DECEPTIONS Supwb Mat ol pieturM boa Cwts Ml!.
PSC66 EVOLUTION SLIDE Wes been one MbM H. M hunwrlty?? • PSCB9 RAINBOW SUOES 2ppy A Bungle 6 Hw Diana auaK! • PSOM FRACTALGEH GrMl Iractal landscapes A star sluUM sdes. Etuac! • PS091.7 FRACTAL MOUNTAINS Superb 7 disk Ml Ol fractal pKlumsI.
PSCB3 VANISH 30 A som. 3d ray bscM picbr. Dtllrl • JchemDta Biotts In MM mam .T1PAJHT Another Amos paint n uo.oiEROIOS Four versions ol the asir-om game.
AMOK Vo* robot B"e»ed in estrange world I mg SHAPES Voy nice mtta puota game.
CASSETTE LABELLER • MIXED SOURCE Itake your own case* WIZARDS OOMAM Mcety done graphcM advertbjre game . AMOSAGRAM Me* anagram (rogram
• WAR OF THE FOUR A stare-art grephc advantur* gama . GRANO PRO
SMJLATOR Not a race gsme.moe ol a sanulabon . BLACKJACK TRAINER
A ntao n*. DtaetWCk gmtW . BctNG Gal Herbort back home to tta
vtlagd . HANGMAN V2 Hangman game -Dh edltorf . HYPERBALl
iWmrstan ol woodent** an uatoM game!
. FRUIT MACMNE O*lo 1 rsc title hull macha. Program!
AP0333 . AMERICAN FOOTBALL RAOIO VERSION You sre a looaall ccac
• P0SJ4 . SNAKE M THE GRASS Cohsct -hrte mushro*ns. Sroid toadsto
APOMO . KARATE WCRM Vay nice ptaDorm gar-, .mprq omr -orms e
AP0343 • SAVE THE TREES Slop the Coddas Octroying ¦* trocs!
AP0347 . NOTEBOOK Eaay to uat notabook A shopphg list program!
APOBI. ABCHMST 2fl Demo version ol e uwluldautae. Program!
APOS36 • POWERSASE V20 Demo mrskm ol a very posnrtaldaubasal PT001ALGORYTHMS Mmi progran lor synlhsbc muec creatlerv PTDtO ART Of MED Oilb lul olMed musk scorn .
PTXD ASIAUOO MAGIC Coltactton ol soundbacMrt and ripprng progs!
PT004 ASI AUDIO MAGIC 2 Utasl . PTOW CASIO CZ EDITOR Superb PTO6 OEUIXE MUSC DATA Scm PT007 FUTLBE CCAIPOSER A chip music SSDMncw W* ' PT0C6 GAMES MUSK CREATOR A music sequencer, irmltar to: PTOM IFF SAMPLES Great samples PTO10 JAMCRACKER Four channel chip r PT0I3 MED 12 Ver, latest mrsion or mis auporb aequmcer PTD14 MED MUSK DISK Some nice mod muse on this disk PT015 MW DISK Corta PTD16 NOISE TRACKER FT01T .... PT018 .... PTDIBROLAMDDItO , PTB20 SAMPLES OtSKS ST-01 TO ST-10 PSOH AGATBON b bcMWe cc PSMS AGATRON 8 EiceHem HA» pic.IBBPIiHRP.... PSCD6 AGATRON 9 llore Ol
Rkhlsrs superb-Olb» a H H PstDT AGATRON I? Some men. Geel picfetas on Ms rw- task .
PSCDA AIRCRAFT SUDE Lots ol pictures ol ftghler Mrcrall .
¦ PSW9 ASTRONOMY SLIDE N'ee pics ol consteMcns, patties nets
- -------- --fenmHB-astme V20 Mce database progrem. Rweds t-6
DUNGEON D&VER Roam round aaeas collect Keys etc (2 daks) PlXE
KINGDOM Another good nptarsdon gam. On 2 disks
- ------- Dw WocEsIn ths mamai arts gsna l petures el done in
Opamt plas sc bom the nirn Music suits the plctim. I.
MUSIC UTILITIES S MIDI TILE TRIAL OEMOUTIO DATABASE MASTER V20 LP0I3 IP014 . PLAY IT_________ LPOtS . ARC ANGEL SHAPES ,__________ LP016 • REVERSt I New Imfromd mrtOr cJ Rarer* LPDI7 . OOGFIGHTI Up lo m 8 pleyer shootemup game. GreeT LP01I. TOUCHSTONES An Bho i pe game played Mh Mas LP019 » X-T-SO Shoot cMacta across Die Kieen LP070 ¦ WOROY A Eea«AmM-a e -ordprxes ** crogrerr. Qute mmd LP021 • OulNGO Great 9x1 game In -Wcl, you play Bnoo LPD22 . LC10 FCWTS Nr- lorts lor your Star iClO1 idOO prtnler LP023 . ESP Col let De letters ESP LP02S • THE MSSKM A great Iwt admnuue *11160 in MeoA basic
LP026 . CYAD Collect me damondt m DM punta gem* LP027 . FLOWER POWER grwr flomrs Befere Bugs nucli them asmy.
LPD2» • BUCCBASE Smple lo use database mth lulonai LP079 . BIG TOP Fl*t 4 great erMsdonal games lor younger children IPOM * SHY1IER Nmery rhyme adventure gamw lor ycung or okl LP031 • CU PRINTER DUMP Prrcs a Kreen Ourrp ol the tcreen diipiay LP032 • HARO DRIVE MENU SYSTEM Has menu ot omr 3JOO items.
LP03J . CHEATtVE ADVENTURE TOOUOT Prodjc* sand sloo* LP0J4 • INVOKE PRWTER Xc* production ol Invoiced on pa Off APD3B2 • SQUATS REVEM3E Openann mol type game!
| ‘De Ja Vu Licenseuiare £3.50 'Each LP001. COLOURING BOOK Colour In Pie mrsery thyme pctura LP002 • ARC ANGEL MATHS An educational gam. To help kida -tth naihs LPO03 • GALLEONS Fclhne ta * *---- LP004 . THMGAMAJIG Super.
IPM6 • JUMSLE BUNGLE fcon . __ .
LP006 . PUKADA A SPRITES AraM al Dw Ba LP0B9 . MAGICAL MIX UP Puo« game, son out Ihe mt.ed up pCtures' LP07« . PAMTBOX Chlldrena paining paciage lo cotar in or draa IP071 • BATTLECARS Ca racing game lor two players, really addictive!!!
. WfarldA.
- ------------------------ al get ycur enemy dnmki!
LP07J . VDEO LAB Sa-ple lo us* video Mmg pacUge lor home vtdeoe LPD76 . T-TECMAZE Escaileni puzzle type game match game* one" IP077. POWERSASE 2.1 Po-eduldetaCas* system mtfia hou ol leatures IP07* . SPECTRA * CHEATUSTER LogC purrta game i a 1st erf cheats LP079 . HUSK ENGINE Play MEDSTl r mottatal -Hhout cawlhg them LPOW • CCW BANK EDITOR Manipians Icons m Ihe seme ary as tpDtat LPDBI • POOLS PRO Program to help you lit in your pools coupons public Domain 99p LP0S5 . SPRITEX VI .3? Nea sprbe edHor. Supers* lo ocoinM edHor!
LP0S6. CTEXT VI23and 13»or programmers me lecabar* based tones!
LP047 . KIDDIES CUPART Andha me. C*p*1 d«k!
.LOCKS KEYS tENEHES Hunchback game ! Bnlksnt, put gat «1
• THE PREHtSTORC FUN PACK Four drascur games lor kids . TECHNO
SNA! Fbe stane it We enemies - Great ptafors, hm!
¦dventure. Very good I to me top old* Screen 1st!
1 Eicettant ptaDorm game • GM t!
Gram-GET IT HID "azzmm' HE ton «rmn adrsrw. Game tor the Vida ¥TES AioN) al Dw boddos as you rwnom the Blaa LP007 - FOUR WAY LYW A 77 level putt* lo tin to a main corttf tM LP006 . WORK A PUV } l«a y goM Mucatlordl gamas on thH dot.
LPOlO . THE WORO FACTORY firm) program ha*. M Uda to !«•¦ rot A card game -hrre ,oj ham to pats go.
NC LANDS catch ball, ccming Oo-n kw orherenl tana sc*ing puute A a «sa- construct.*, tit SAFEFcr the mry younj h«p. To MrnW sataty at homo GEL SHAPES Make petures frcm a mrtety oI siapes Jmted Public Domain Licenceware
• OBLITERATION The Ulltmale ShootEmUp. A cross betaken Turrican &
asteroids, has received more rave reviews than I ve had Chicken
Nuggets. Utterly addictive - You II love it! Cost £3.50 LPD64.
RESCUE I Totally.
LP068. POWER PLANNER LPD66 . HOTEL MANAGER SrmiBr lo monopoly y D t| . sg .
• TOTAL CONCEPTS DINOSAURS This is Ihe first in a new se ries.
Total concepts is an interactive encyclopedia thai lets you
explore tne world with pictures and information on a profusion
of subjects. Th* trtle t$ based on the ancient world of the Di-
nasaur Plus Compatible. Supplied on 2 Disks. Cost £4.50 MORE
oiogues are now A500 plus compatible
• ' signs lo Indicate compatibility I
a. ic get» or regret a I
- AMIS 20 - loo- Mega new gam BLITTERCHIPS UPD6. CLIFFE HOUSE,
PRIMROSE ST. KEIGHLEY. BD21 4NB 0535 667 469 RAM expansions
made for the older A500 will not work with the new A500 Plus if
they are populated to more than 512k. Phoenix have developed a
range of RAM expansion units specifically for the new A500
The A500 Plus can only be expanded to 2 Mb of chip RAM using the trap door expansion port.
Chip Ram is required to unleash the full graphics capabilities of the Amiga 500 Plus ?
The A500 Plus can only use specific RAM expansion modules that will do this such as Phoenix.
Phoenix Ram expansion modules are built to the highest possible standards in the U.K. ?
Each unit is individually inspected and tested before release. * , Or ? : M Phoenix 1 Mb RAM modules ? V come in either 512K, 1Mb or ?'Vi unpopulated configurations.
All Phoenix product is backed by a full 2 year replacement guarantee.
EXPAND your C*AMIGA A500 Plus with the.
A500 Plus 1Mb RAM modules The Phoenix Imb RAM expansion is available either unpopulated, populated to 512K or fully populated to 1Mb. All boards use industry standard 256 by 4 DRAMs. The Phoenix Ram will fit simply into the trap door expansion port without any modification and Will Not invalidate your warranty.
Unpopulated only £19.99 512K populated only £39.99 1Mb fully populated only £49.99 Kickstart R0M1.3 2.04 sharer Because some older Games and Business software will not run on the new Kickstart 2.04 ROM Phoenix have designed asharer for both ROM chipsets.
Switchable between 1.3 and 2.04 you can get all the benefits of the latest A500 Plus without the drawback of losing some of your favourite software.
Kickstart R0M1.3 2.04 sharer only £24.99 (ROm chips not included) Kickstart ROM 1.3 chip only £29.99 Kickstart ROM 2.04 chip- only £39.99 Now in stock Order Hotline 0532 311932 TEL FCC Distribution, Unit 8, Armley, Park Court, Stanningley Road, Leeds LS12 2AE. Tel (0532) 311932. Fax 637689 Phoenix products aro solely distributed in the JX by FCC Distribution Ltd.
TRADE ENMJIRIES WELCOME HELPLINE If you're stuck on a game and don’t know who to turn to for advice, then look no further. The original and best Helpline is back with yet another massive selection of game queries and desperate cries for help.
ENQUIRIES NEW ZEALAND STORY Level (our Is impossible and we defy anyone to get past ttie whale We can dodge whatever it is he drops, but don't know how to deteat him. Help please!
Helen Pase. Amy Nicholson, W1 LEMMINGS It's a great game but I can't gel past level 19. Can anyone guide me through this extremely tricky level?
Barry Ambrose, W2 LEANDER We don’t want a cheat tor this game, just some usetul advice We're stuck on level 1 4 Although we have retrieved the crossbow at the bottom ot the cave, we can't get out and are trapped down there Any help, please?
Marc and Gavin Preite, W3 KULT How can I save a game? I get the OK message after trying, but when I try to load a saved game it always fails. I’ve followed all the instructions, but to no avail.
Adrian Bernascone, W4 DEUTEROS I cannot get any further with this game. I have built eight space stations, have seven fighters (drone fleet control computers) all of which are armed with 200 drones, and have won countless battles. The problem seems to be that I am unable to advance any further in the game. For example. I cannot build any more space stations, and my scientists have not invented any more powerful weapons or space ships.
Adrian Bernascone. W5 HERO QUEST It's a good game, but a little frustrating. Is there a cheat lor inlinite lives or money up to £5,000 for each ol the four players? How about infinite spells lor the Wizard and the Elf characters.
Matthew Farrow, W6 HOW TO USE HELPLINE It s easy. Just sent in your letter, marking your envelope sltk the appropriate code number it you are sending a response or mait it Engniry' it you need some help. Post yonr letters to: HELPLINE. CU AMIGA. PRIORY COURT. 30- 32 FARRINGDON LANE. LONDON. EC1R 3AU.
ALIEN BREED Is there an infinite lives cheat for Team 17’s brilliant shoot ’em up? I know the level skip cheat, but it's still too hard.
James Kinghorn, W7 I I FIRST SAMURAI This is |ust too difficult. Don’t get me wrong, it's an extremely polished game, but the second level has me well and truly stuck. I can collect all the special Oblects on the second level, but I don't know what to do next or where to go?
James Kinghorn. W8 MANIAC MANSION Let's have a hint or tip for this aging classic, please? I've been doing really well until I get to the Man-Eating Plant Boom. I've watered the plant and thrown the paint thinner against the wall to reveal the door but I need to get through the trapdoor above the planet to get into the Telescope Room and I cannot find a ladder anywhere!
Kathy Anderson. W9 CRUISE FOR A CORPSE I’m no John Thaw, and I'm completely stumped with this game. I've spoken to the Mermaid and found the piece of paper with the message, but I can’t get any further.
Alistair Round, W10 WINGS OF FURY It’s kind ol embarrassing. You see. I can't get past the first screen of this game. Please help me!
Duncan Hughes. W11 MAGIC POCKETS I've noticed this game crop up in Helpline on quite a few occasions. Now I know why - it’s realty difficult. The game is a doddle up to level three, but after that I can’t get past the Frogs with the extra long tongues or the stone-throwing Zombies. Any hints and tips would be greatty received.
Mr A Coulson. W12 LEISURE SUIT LARRY 5 I’m a member of Mensa and have an IQ in the stratosphere, but when it comes to Sierra's latest Larry game I bow my head in shame. I can’t get a ticket, get into the VIP lounge at the airport, or into the boss’s office. I've collected everything possible, but I can't find a brochure for the ticket machine.
S. Anderson. W13 SMASH TV Ok, so it's not a patch on tho arcade
version, but it's still a cracking game. Things do tend to get
a bit hectic, though, and a cheat for infinite
Hveslenergy credrts would not go amiss After all.
Points mean prizes... Adam Turner. W14 4D SPORTS BOXING I've steadily built up my Boxer's stats, but still can't seem to make any progress. Even when I let the computer do my fighting for me. I still take a pummelling. A cheat for increasing my stats still further would be most excellent.
Robert Bryant. W15 INDY HEAT Money’s loo tight to mention in this Storm conversion of the brilliant coin-op. Indeed. I never seem to have enough of the old moolah, so is there a cheat for generating fat wads of cash? A fuel or turtx cheat would be handy, too.
Simon Wilson. W16 NEW IMPROVED HELPLINE That's right. Irom next issue Helpline Is going to he bigger and better than ever before. Not only that, but everyone who sends in a game hint or cheat will receive a FREE game from a top software company Keep reading the only reader hints and tips service worth bothering with!
If it's top tips for the top games you're after, CU Amiga is here with all the latest hints and cheats.
Leve Code Level Code 2625 3455 4916 12 1350 933 0738 POPULOUS II If you’re having troubling battling Zeus and his cronies in Bullfrog's excellent God game, here’s a cheat for maximum strength for everything. Type in: ADKITAKDVGZL- RGWZ (no spaces) at the password prompt at the beginning of each level and you’ll be able to slug it out with the best of them.
Thanks to Adam Chapman, who hails from Middlesbrough, for that one.
GgggMULA ONE GRAND If you can't get pole position in Microprose's Formula One racer, here's a cheat to turn your motoring fortunes around. Go to the pits, escape from the game and go to accelerate time. You should now finish the Grand Prix in Pole Position.
* Using the Space Hopper on water will allow you to skim across
the surface without drowning.
* Watch out for hidden bonuses located at the following
locations: The first Tower's clock face The clown’s noses in
the Learning Cun e The taps in the Sewerside The trees and
flowers in Cutesy Land The pipe openings in the Organ Chamber
The ace of Hearts piaying cards in the House of Cards
* Don’t stay in the straws level too long. When the timer runs
out, the credit tokens disappear and aren’t regenerated.
However, if you grab as many as you can and leave before the
timer reaches zero, when you reenter the level, all the credit
tokens should be back again. By doing this two or three times
you will gain an extra life.
HARLEQUIN Gremlin’s multi-level platformer has rather a lot of nasty surprises waiting for the inexperienced gamer.
Here’s a mini hints’n'tips guide to help you on your way.
Mobo and Robo (Mobo s the good looking one) are the coolest villians you II ever meet They rob banks, museums - and innocent computer gamers ot - their sanity They re on a mission and they re coming soon. Ask them why they wear dork glasses and they n ’ell you Our future s so 7 cnght we aofa weo-shades' ¦figgr Y Available on Amstrad. CBM jm 64 128 Cassette S Disk Spectrum m Cassette Atari ST S Amiga.
9©0 m SO'.an:* BBOS ¦ » a rt30«-"or« O' SEGA ENTEBPB stS LiMlTEO * SEGA " i o •'ode-on. O» SEGA EMEe°OiSES UmiTf D ARCADE HITS MARKETED BY NEED HELP? CALL THE 4 AM Li tlnnnnim 199c uuesiionnaire SURVEY 1992 That’s right. It’s that time of the year again when we ask you, our valued readers, to pick up your pens and let us know your thoughts and opinions on Britain’s fastest-growing magazine, CU Amiga.
It's been a hectic year ol change and development tor CU Amiga and now it’s your turn to tell us what we’re doing right and whal we're doing wrong.
You might think that questionnaires are a waste ot time and that no-one's going to be interested in what you have to say. Well, you're wrong! Each questionnaire we receive is carefully scrutinised and each comment has a direct bearing on the future development of the magazine. This isn't a space filler n £2,000 worth of ee software!!
- it's your chance to dictate the development of the mag over the
coming 12 months. I For example, you might think we don't have
enough game reviews or that we don't cover the enthusiast
market very well. If that's the case, venl your spleen and tell
us about it. The dramatic changes CU has undergone in the last
year were a direct result of our last survey, so we really do
listen to what you have to say.
And as an added incentive, we re also giving away more than £2.000-worth of top-rated software in a special prize draw. The sender of the first survey out of the bag will win £500-wot1h ol software of their choice, with the next 15 runners-up receiving £100-worth of top-quality utilities and games for their Amiga. If you want to get something off your chest, now's your chance... Age: Sex: Male Female
2. What do you do for a living?
At school Further Education ?
University Poly ?
Full-time work Part-time work Unemployed Please try and answer every question. II your stuck lor an answer to any particular question, simply miss it out and go on to the next one. Most questions simply require a tick in a box, but some require more extensive answers - please try and complete as much of the questionnaire as possible. Vou can either tear out this lorm and send it in, or a photocopy is ust as acceptable. Vou can also write out your answers on the back of a matchbox it you want, we re not picky! Once you've filled everything in. Send it to: CU AMIGA SURVEY
00N. LONDON. EC1R 3AU. Entries to arrive not later than
June 1st, 1992 (Although the compo stays open lor our
overseas readers until 1st September. 1992. As we
appreciate that some ol you get your copies some time after
the mag has gone on sale in the UK).
Uflt ¦ fhm It tu yuvtlvotr. Will t« traM It t trill tot bt yltm toU tt toy ottur
3. What’s your income per year?
1. About You Name: ?
£2,000 or less £2,001-£6,000 £6,001-£10.000 £10,001-£15,000 £15,001-£20,000 £20,001 -£25,000 £25,001 -£30,000 £30,001 plus Address: 1992 Questionnaire
4. What do you use your Amiga tor? (Tick more than one box It
11-15 hours per week ?
Necessary) 16-20 hours per week Regularly Sometimes Never Over 20 hours per week Music ? ? ?
Graphics ? ? ?
11. How much money do you spend on your Amiga per month?
Programming ? ? ?
Less than £20 ? .
DTP ? ? ?
Between E20-E30 ? ' Games ? ? ?
£31-£40 ?
Word Processing ? ? ?
£41-£60 ?
Education ? ? ?
£61-£100 ?
Comms ? ? ?
More than £100 ?
Business ? ? ?
12. What percentage of your answer to question 11 is spent on
5. What type of Amiga do you own?
Games software?
A500 (512k) ?
25% ?
A500 (1 Mb) ?
50% ?
A500 Plus ?
75% ?
A1000 ?
100% ?
A1500 ?
A2000 ?
13. What other computer magazines do you regularly buy?
A3000 ?
Amiga Action ?
Amiga CDTV ?
Amiga Format ?
Amiga Shopper ?
Other ..... Amiga Power ?
Amiga Computing ?
6. In the next 12 months, are you interested In purchasing any
Amiga World ?
Of the following machines: AUI ?
Amiga 600 ?
C&VG ?
Amiga 4000 ?
The One ?
Amiga 570 (CD Rom drive) ?
14. How important is the content of a magazine s coverdisk In
influencing you to buy the mag?
7. Do you own a memory expansion for your machine?
Not important ?
Yes ? No Occasionally influences me ?
Major influence ?
8. We re thinking about making our coverdisks 1Mb only. Do you
think this is a good idea?
Yes No
15. Where did you buy this copy of CU Amiga from?
Local Newsagent ?
9. Which of the following peripherals do you own?
Subscription ?
Own Intend to buy this year Chain Store ?
Monitor ? ?
Computer Store ?
Disk Drive ? ?
Hard Disk ? ?
16. How many other people will read this copy of CU Amiga?
Printer ? ?
0 ?
Action Replay ? ?
1 ?
Genlock ? ?
2 ?
Sound sampler ? ?
3 ?
Modem ? ?
4 ?
MIDI interface ? ?
5 ?
Scanner ? ?
Digitiser ? ?
17. If there's one thing you could change about CU Amiga to PC
Emulator ? ?
Make It better, what would it be? (Please use a separate sheet Accelerator Card ? ?
Of paper if there isn't enough space for your answer) 24-Bit Graphic Card ? ?
10. How much time per week do you spend using your Amiga?
Less than 2 hours per week ?
2-5 hours per week ?
6-10 hours per week ?
18. How many copies of CU Amiga have you bought in the last year?
1-3 ?
4-6 ?
7-9 ?
10-12 ?
19. How do you rate the following sections in this month's issue?
Very Good Fair Poor News ?
Coverdisk pages ?
Lead Feature (The Ultimate Amiga) ?
First Imps ?
Game Reviews ?
Small Tips ?
Technical Reviews ?
Buyer's Guide: Printers ?
PD coverage ?
Buyer's Guide: Education ?
Buyer's Guide: Joysticks ?
Backchat ?
Step-by-Step ?
Buyers Guide: HD Games ?
Q&A ?
Programming ?
Music column ?
Comms column ?
Inside Information ?
Educationcolumn ?
Points of View O ?
20. Have we the right balance between our technical and games
Yes , ? No ?
21. It you answered ‘No’ to question 19, how should we change our
More technical coverage ?
More games coverage
22. Does CU Amiga give you enough information to make a
purchasing decision?
Yes ?
No ?
(If 'No', what could be done to improve our reviews?)
23. Do you buy Public Domain software?
Never Occasionally ?
Regularly ? •
24. Which sort of PD are you most interested in? (Tick more than
one if necessary) Demos ?
Music ?
Slideshows Games ?
Animations ?
Utilities ?
Virus Checkers ?
25. From the following list, please indicate how you rate CU
Amiga's design (Tick as many as you like): Yes No Attractive
Gives enough info ?
Easy to read ?
Too serious D ?
Not serious enough ?
Just about right ?
26. The price of the CD ROM drive Is expected to be £299.
Would you buy one at this price?
Definitely ?
Possibly ?
Only if it's cheaper ?
No ?
27. Which of the following Buyer's Guides would you like to see
appear in the magazine over the next 6 months?
Hard Drives ?
Accelerator Cards ?
Modems ?
Animation packages ?
Memory Expansions ?
Emulators ?
Digitisers ?
24-bit graphics ?
Word Processors D Public Domain ?
Business software ?
Mice T rackballs ?
Printers ?
Games ?
Cam-corders ?
Genlocks ?
Programming Languages ?
Databases ?
Education ?
28. Would you buy CU Amiga produced merchandise, including
videos, book guides, binders, games and utilities?
Yes Yes Videos ?
Disk-boxes ?
Books ?
Mouse mats ?
Binders ?
T-shirts ?
Games ?
Jumpsuits ?
Utilities ?
Zit cream ?
Phew! That's the lot. Thanks for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. Only with your help can we make CU Amiga even better.
Do you want to overlay computer graphics or titles onto your videos? If so, you will need a Genlock. Rendale Genlocks are built to a very high standard, and are used widely in the professional environment.
62 Tenter Road, Moulton Park Business Centre, Northampton, NN31AX, England.
Tel: (0604) 790466 ' Fax: (0604) 647403 THE GENLOCK PEOPLE The Rendale range of Amiga Genlocks begins with the 8802. This is a Genlock, which, when attached to an Amiga computer and a suitable video system, will allow you to mix video and computer graphics. It offers all the functions that you need, such as: RENDALE 8802 £139 - RENDALE 8802 FMC £178- RENDALE SUPER-8802 £499- NEW!
RENDALE FMC £45-fitted £42-loose 8802 UPGRADES £42-
* RGB feed through, allowing for a preview monitor.
* High quality output video, which in default mode provides video
with overlaid computer graphics.
It can be supplied with a device which will allow you to fade between computer graphics and the video source, and also a mode control unit so that you can move between Amiga only, video only, background mode and foreground modes 1 8 2.
The Rendale Super-8802 is a development of the basic 8802 unit, it performs the same functions, but has the added capability of also working with Super- VHS signals. The unit will allow the user to cross fade between the Amiga and video signal. In addition, some basic wipe patterns are provided, and also a fade to black option. Mode control is also provided via hardware.
8802 FMC Unit This is a brand new piece of kit which will improve the capabilities of the popular Rendale 8802 Genlock. This unit allows you to cross fade between the Amiga and video signals, so that you can gently fade computer titles in and out. Also, the ability to switch between the various modes offered by the 8802 is provided. The required mode is selected by a push switch, giving smooth, flicker free transformations.
The FMC unit does need to be soldered into the 8802, we can do this at our factory if required.
UPGRADES PATHS Rendale Genlocks are designed to be flexible, and the ability of your Genlock to grow with your system was deemed to be of paramount importance in our design process.
As a consequence, existing 8802 users can follow one of two upgrade paths.
The fade and mode control unit (FMC unit) can be purchased independently, and fitted either by yourself or our engineer. Basic soldering skills are essential for self-installation. Or, for only E3.00, our engineer will fit it for you.
The other upgrade path is the move from a purely composite 8802 to the Super-8802. This can also be done simply, although we do have to perform the upgrade work at our factory. We would only require your unit for around two days.
PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND DELIVERY. ACCESS AND MASTERCARD ACCEPTED GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS QUALITY AMIGA PERIPHERALS WITH A 2 YEAR WARRANTY Silica Systems are pleased to present the GVP range of peripherals. GVP are the world s largest third party manufacturer of peripherals for the Amiga range and have a reputation for high specification, quality products. The company was founded only three years ago by a man who understands the Amiga - Commodore's ex-Vice President of Technology. He, along with a team of Amiga experts including other ex-Commodore staff, understand the add-on requirements of Amiga
owners better than anyone. Not only do GVP provide peripherals that Amiga owners want, they also offer peace of mind, with a 2 year warranty on the products they manufacture.
So, if you are looking for the very best in Amiga peripherals, look no further than GVP.
• 40MHz 68030EC - processor
• Hi-speed SCSI interface with 52,105 or 240Mb hard drive
• Accommodates up to V- 8Mb of 32-bit RAM
• Optional 68882 Maths _ Co-Processor [for tw]
• Optional PC-AT ISOOI 4*** emulation _ ACCELERATOR + HD + RAM
UPGRADE Pluogog a OVP AS30 Acc**ra»or mo your AMO ..I boost I*
speed from 7.HMH* to a Wisaonng 40MHr The A530 w avMabe Wth
ca.tr.er 52. 105 or 240Mb hard Orrve and can be L©gr*)«l to
• nckide an adOtiooal mads Co Pnxcssor. 8Mb at 32-W FAST RAM ar«j
rr«Kh more droui i QVPe ur**je -mini-eror.
40MHz-0 52Mb HD Rot MAR0962 £749 40mhz-0 1 05Mb HD Ret hapooos £529 40MHz-0 240Mb HD Rot har0966 £1099 NEW! OPTIONAL PLUG-IN 16MHz PC286 EMULATOR
• 16MHz 80286 processor FOR THE AMIGA 500
• 287 Maths Co-Processor socket
• 512K of PC RAM plus the use of Amiga RAM
• Supports Hercules. CGA. EGA VGA (monochrome) and T3100 video
• Runs MS-DOS (3.2 and upwards) plus thousands of other PC
programs This powerful 286 emulator module simply plugs into
the ‘mini-slof of the GVP HD8* or A530 rout invalidating the
warranty). The emulator full access to the Amiga's _ resources
and allows you to run PC and Amiga programs at the An JflU same
time, giving you two computers in one. ** 52 105 240Mb
LIGHTNING QUICK HARD DRIVES New Sbte-Of-The-Art1 * interna
Quantum tart) dmss. «itna 1.100* wt second (linn) Am Kjrslp
rale iraUng ihs ID* tasMM Hard drive available for me Amiga.
LEADING EDGE TECHNOLOGY Htgn-tKfi (ui»om VLSI. Faaau ROM chips and OKU style dnrai. Ensure mi no H other Amigi hard drive ail Out perlotm tr« GVP HD8* 8Mb RAM SOCKETS - UNPOPULATED In&de every drhe there are sockets to eqxam tre Amiga's RAM by 8Mb USES EASY-TO-FIT 1Mb 4Mb SIMMs Meerer, upgrades Pksase or«t MEM 363? At T39 » « Mb lor up 10 4Mb M To tegrade to 8Mb. Please order 2 MEM 3849 31 El99 95 per 4Mb SIMM W CUT-OF SWITCH FOR GAMES 'natures a special games swech to cot of tre dtlve lor games ttui «on1 wotk f ¦ttt a hard Os» Most Oder drwes tetwte unbefling Item the Amiga. F "MINI SLOT”
EXPANSION Itis traqut slot has Men built-in to alkw exwoion to be nude without using any rtsk, wss-dvoixn' lechniMs See PC2* emiHior atuve EXTERNAL SCSI PORT Add w to 6 external SCSI devices, e g CD-ROM. Upe stream* rs. Addr.ona hard dmes removobV media, scanners, etc DEDICATED PSU + FAN fotowlno Commo«*es reeommendaeons the GVP HD8- is sWed .id 4 FULLY COMPATIBLE fuly compatible «tth all Amiga 500* (ire PLUS) and .wsmns or Kicttun.
FREE 2 YEAR WARRANTY 105Mb £499 WHAT THE PRESS SAY ...... 'Superb build, excellent aesthetics and blinding speed make this the best A500 hard drive'... • AutU SHOfWft 'GVP claims this is the fastest hard drive in the world and none of our tests could prove that wrong.' - aviga SHOPPER 'Overall: Untouchable. THI choice' - AIAM SH0PPC8 'Still the best hard drive'... 92% - aawsa hdrmat 240Mb £799 ALL PRICES INCLUOE VAT Ref HAR 0852 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT - DELIVERY IS FREE OF CHARGE IN THE UK MAINLAND V % C* SOUND SAMPLER
• 8'brt stereo sampler
• Plugs into parallel port
• MIDI support lor song input
• Extensive editing features
• Works with afl Amgas A o*-ro* Max) am nuie xfctoi la the am
axfc m»yei i tottun rf a -mu. R«0i qai, 3-W wa 3 «n»«, ra
cq-tucb rro ** (urj* 0: t cm O’, Ar$ ja 5M. ’600. 2X0 cr XK
cmaMi CMW! -I’l ons K to Ibjm ran fxxttij a-d wuvj am s £59.95
G-FORCE 30-25 40 50
• 6303G'68030EC processor
• 25 40 & 50MHz clock speeds
• 68682 Maths co-processor
• Expands to 16Mb 32-bit RAM
• 32-bit SCSI conooker on board rm» ‘an teco:;e:o!€C aowum m-x v
u afla av) SCSI Wan) u-amtroerorq am wU-ma-Oi
- l*o,t N Mi pnee EW bad carm CKW® a 66852 -She cu-KTXKM, I'd
KM«9? »ai»mmj 25MHi lMb Mmnw £599 4Cmh,74mb £999 50MM, 4Mb
• Factory installed Hard Drives
• 52. 120, 240 & 420Mb options
• Onboard 8Mb memory sockets
• Controls up to 7 SCSI devces
• Easy to install SIMMS Time (IB tie eojxmrl d tt» HOB- mu M f»
he 1500 am 3X0 ncWh Ha on, era tm» son* ol r« taurti han) inM«
b-t tt*y af» mapxm or umroiQWd au? PAM upareKO txaU 52Mb £299
120Mb --1,00 £449 240Mb iimb £699 420Mb ~-i,« £1299 IMPACT
• 768 x 580 PAL Resolution
• Supports composite video.
VHS and RGB signals
• Broadcast Quality genlock
• Now with RGB spktler tufa 24-t.i Pwbaao vox AqapiD- ItVuhras
iBdUo-tacueacnwwi a ona. Eul-n oeHxk IVMb lie Inrrn tuts- Iturx
gifbw aa) doUl ieyer. Lirpad vaai 24 carat suppfed -h Chqah »
rcoona am mwn) Mhure SoH IV24 ¦UfO Mug Kttawe. A* Maco Part
2«t 4 tw«pec»«e a £1699 RAM 8
• Up to 8Mb ol FAST RAM
• Upgrade n 2Mb increments
• Supports industry standard RAM chips
• Diagnostic software included
• FuHy auto-conhgunng A UT£4. Aid cemwwnt Wb RAM ?.panao' CcaiB
Va the Anna VC am 2CCC Uam miBry WmbU RAM Om ire RAMS oTo-i an
MW «*y B upaMe yo.r t5C0 a 2X .* n 2Mb ncnmmt The ham 8 e t* «»
oahgr’ a-d a «ti ptme-tfaiud "S £99 SYQUEST 44 88Mb
• 44 Or 88M0 removable media
• 20ms access tune
• Work w th aa standard SCSI controllers
• External case available lor A500 or A3000 users GVP in rot,
chstng Syaieal d-»oi «r a
- t'OJ trx. HC5 mantle- T-e* ae z.uxt r « ax) S8MB capwaea trx)
new a 20m mcess me. EW dr.ii ccaei vtrpee rat) vr lews* can- e
Sygaa orxei g*« 0» **4f wag* Ivl.airy oty.ro; a wea a-d oaiy wy
d ad) ait'» iipraga to yoa s *a«n 44Mb a haa no. £449 88«.
£599 52L122s»± ¦ 1 To: Silica Systems, Dept CMUSR-0592-68, 1-4
The Mews, HatMey Rd, Sidcup. Kent. DA14 4DX PLEASE SEND ME A
• FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: On all hardware orders shipped in the
UK maiNand.
• TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELPLINE: Team of technical experts at your
• PRICE MATCH: We normaly match oompeMors on a 'Same product •
Same pnee' basis.
• ESTABLISHED 12 YEARS: Proven track record in professional
computer sales
• BUSINESS . EDUCATION * GOVERNMENT: Volume dtscounts avafable
for large orders.
• SHOWROOMS: Demonstration and tranmg fac»t s at our London &
Skfcup branches.
• THE FULL STOCK RANGE: AD of your reqt-ements from one suppler.
• FREE CATALOGUES: Will be mailed to you with oilers and
software,'peripheral details.
• PAYMENT: By cash, cheque and all maior credit cards Before you
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Every month in this section, we will be exploring strange new software, seeking out intelligent peripherals and inviting you to... Ray Dance 106
4. Tek„no Amiga -111 Presentatipn 'Aasfer Tvtafd 115
* • * * j
* ‘ Visionary 120 Printer Round-Up 126 PD Scene 138 ive PD
Competition 140 PD Utilities 147 dOcation Round-Up 154
Special Offers 159 Archiver Round-Up 168 At last, a ray-tracing
package that does more than just draw pretty pictures! Mat
Broomfield checks out Ray Dance’s latest advances in our
exclusive review.
ENTER THE ARENA Today's ray-tracing arena is a lively place, populated by the likes of Real 3D, Imagine and Sculpt AD, all of which can create life-like 3D scenes, complete with animated objects and roving cameras. Exciting enhancements, such as texture and bump-mapping, appear with every new release, and Ray Dance is no exception. However, to achieve these new features. Charles Comstock, the program’s creator, has gone right back to basics. Has he created a thoroughbred, or a graphical equivalent to Frankenstein’s monster?
THE DANCE BEGINS Ray Dance is a budget-pnced ray-tracing package which supports surface mapping, animation. 24-bit colour and a plethora of other standard' options.
However, there are several features which set it apart from other packages, including Automatic Plant Generation (the herbacious kind!), fractal support, and a low memory replicate option.
Its greatest point of departure from the ray-tracing norm, though, is that it's script driven, forsaking the user-fnendly. Mouse-controlled systems used by every package today. Although superficially this system sacnfices ease-of-use, at a deeper level it actually increases the user's control over the finished output. An object is defined using numbers and Keywords representing vertices, planes, and interconnections. It's then manipulated via a text file created on any standard text editor. This text file is also used to define the scene in which your object (or objects) reside, and the
way the scene will be viewed camera position, lighting, etc).
OBJECTS OF DESIRE It's in the area ot object detinition that Ray Dance demonstrates it's advantages. Because all objects are defined mathematically, far greater precision can be achieved. For example. It’s easy to define a cube in Sculpt or Imagine, because It has eight easily-positioned vertices, the positions of which can be calculated relatively easily. But try and draw a pentagonal dodecahedron (a solid with twelve pentagonal faces), and you'll soon run into problems!
With Ray Dance, providing you know the requisite mathematical formula, the program will calculate the rest for you. This is especially useful when drawing curved obiects which need to include a completely accurate degree of curvature (the supports of a suspension bridge, for instance). Consequently, this precision makes Ray Dance an ideal tool for professional and scientific users, as well as serious hobbyists who’d rather not sacrifice accuracy for user-friendliness.
A number of other tools are provided to simplify object creation, too. Extrude takes a two dimensional shape and converts it into a 3D one.
Although limited in its flexibility, it's ideal for creating logos because the designer can use his favourite art package to design it, and, using Extrude, instantly convert it into a three-dimensional object. Lathe is handy when the user needs to create circular objects, including plates and discs. A two-dimensional cross-section of the object can be rotated around 360 degrees to create a solid object, or by less if a completely round object isn't required.
One ot the most exciting object creation tools is the Tree function. This is used in the creation ol realistic plants and, obviously, trees - complete with leaves it required. This function uses a 'growth' algorithm that lets the user specify a range of variables before the plant is created. The diameter of the trunk will affect the overall size of the tree, and the branch height defines how spindly or bushy it will appear. By specifying the angle at which the branches grow, a variety of species can be created, ranging from an over-hanging Willow, a bushy Oak. Or a rocket-shaped Poplar The
funny thing about this option is it’s so simple, you can't help wondenng why nobody thought of it before!
Moving from trees to landscapes, and in the panorama department. Ray Dance offers two types of fractal creation. The first is the simple import or creation of fractal landscapes in much the same tormat as Vista or Genesis. The second is rather more simple, and creates a variety of landscapes based solely upon the Mandlebrot set These tend to be quite simplistic in appearance when compared to the output of Ihe former method, but. Nevertheless, they're still better than the plain or chequered backgrounds that usually accompany fractal pictures.
Once the outline of an object has been created, its realism can be enhanced further in a number of ways. To stad with, it needs fo be coloured, and Ray Dance allows the artist a 24-bit palette of 16.7 million colours (although they're not all visible on a normal Amiga). I particularly liked the Graduation option which allows the addition of rainbow colours to any face of an object, rather like the copper effects that turn up in a lot of demos.
LIGHTWAVES Rar-.ra.iugheeconiealun, way since the Amiga wotld was first stormed by th8 Juggler demo, which was writteo using an early program Imaginatively titled The Ray Tracer. Despite the razzamatazz of recent years, the end objective remains the same as it ever was; to create scenes which are as realistic as possible, using three dimensional objects and computer-calculated lighting and shading. It does this by taking a specific point on an object in the scene, and hack-tracing every ray of light that hits that point, taking Into account the surface properties of tho point. Ihe pro
cess Is repeated lor every pizel on the screen, and raguires a HUGE number ol calculations.
It’s been used to spectacular effect in a number ol films, including Star Trek, and is now recognised as an art form in its own right, resulting in animated films such as Luxe Junior, Red's Dream and The Train Who Could.
8ecause of the large number of frames required to create these films, even the fastest Amiga would take years to create a single ten minute section. The labs that create them use parallel processessing systems which are effectively dozens, or even hundreds of computers all linked together and working simultaneously.
DO THE BUMP The two most popular colouring options are the texture and bump-mapping facilities. Texture mapping takes an IFF picture and applies it to a selected object, so that the object has a picture stuck to its undulating surface. Bump-mapping also requires an IFF picture to operate, but rather than applying the picture directly on to an object, it takes the brightness values of the picture and converts them into pseudo-contours on the object. For example, if your picture consisted of black and white lines, the bump-mapped object would appear to be covered in ridges and troughs. In
fact, the contours of the object haven't been altered at all, it’s simply been coloured to look like it. There are two varieties of each of these options: wrap and project. Whereas Wrap actually folds the picture around the selected object, Project works rather like a film projector shining the picture on to the object from a particular direction. Unlike a film projector, the image also ‘shines through’ to the rear of the object as well - like those irritating little kids who interrupt the film with a series of hand-shadow bunnies and birds.
When the objects have been created and composed into a scene, the position and lighting style must be selected. Four types are provided, (star, lamp, infinite and ambient), each of which results in different spectacular effects.
Obviously, the scene is going to be useless unless you can see it, and that’s where the Camera functions come into play. The user needs to define from where, and Luxo Jnr is one ol the most famous lay-uaced 'IIIms'. II lea- tures an endearing anglo-poise lamp which is given a personality in the way it moves.
How, the scene will be viewed. The camera can be freely moved within a scene, and the zoom mode can magnify a certain areas if required. Even the amount of light entering the ‘lens’ can be altered, lightening or darkening the end result.
RENDERED USELESS Once everything is arranged to the user’s satisfaction, all that remains is to render (draw) the picture.
Ray Dance comes with two versions of the rendering program: one for owners of 68020 30 accelerators, and the other for owners of standard machines. The rendering engine (as Radiance calls it) has a nice point and click interface, from which the user can issue any commands necessary to create a picture.
There are two rendering modes: Wireframe and Ray-TracerWireframe simply draws a quick outline of the scene so that you can check its composition, but it’s one of the slowest wireframe modes I’ve ¦ ¦ At- -1----- KtSwlCt ever encountered. Ray-Trace produces a fullblown 24-bit picture. On an ordinary A500, this can lake hours to draw. Having said that, it seemed quite fast compared to other packages I've used, and compensates tor the slowness ot wiretrame mode. When drawing a picture, a HAM rendition is created on-screen so that you can get an idea of how the finished picture will look.
Unfodunately, there's no way to save this HAM version, so it you don’t own a 24-bit board, you’ll have to convert the finished picture via a package such as Art Department Professional.
At the rendering stage, there are a number ot attributes - shadows. Phong shading and haze, for instance - which can be toggled on or off. When switched off. Rendering times are greatly reduced, as is the realism ot the finished result.
Two counters display the percentage left to be drawn, and the time taken so tar. Ray Dance also supports animation, and can be used to define hierarchical relationships - the attachment ot one object to another so that they move as a single unit. The package also provides Tweening, whereby the user indicates certain Key Frames, and the software works out all animation in between them. This feature can then save hours of unnecessary work.
When rendering animations, they can be started and ended at any position within the sequence. This makes the rendering of a few trames at a time possible, saving much valuable rime, and is considerably more perferable than having to leave your computer running for hours or days on end.
RAY DANCE ... a I 11 glance SAMPLE PROGRAM This shod routine displays a goblet that has been texture mapped as wood and bump-mapped with worm trails. It look three hours 43 minutes to render in 24-blt colour on a standard A500. It doesn't include Ihe data to deline the shape ol the goblet as that is loaded separately.
CONCLUSION Ray Dance is an exciting package ottering many features not tound in other packages (tree growth, two types of fractal generator, algorithmic object detinition), and this is especially good at tne package’s low price. As it’s script-driven, potential users may be put off, but it’s actuallyfairly simple, and can be rapidly grasped. It’s a pity that the output is only in 24-bit IFF. As most users don’t own a conversion program or a board capable ot displaying the pictures. As you can detine objects in algorithmic form, though, you can create scenes which have hitherto unseen
accuracy, and this precision is Ray Dance's greatest strength.
Although it doesn’t otter enough to warrant throwing your other packages away, this is an ideal accompaniment for any other ray-tracer on the market, and new users may want to consider Ray Dance in preference to other, more expensive. Systems.
WHITE : C0L0R( RGB, 11.0,]»; DKGRAY : COLOR! RGB, [0.5. 0.5. 0.5I): BLUE : COLOR! RGB. 10.1, 0.0, 0.3]): GREEN : COLOR! RGB, I0.0,0.2. 0.1]): OULL : SURFACE! SIMPLE, 1.0,0.0,0.0,0); SHINY : surface! PHONG, 0.4, 0.8,0.9,10.0,0.0,0.0,
00. 0.0,0); ROCK : suriace! PHONG, 0.3,1.0,0.2, 8.0,0.0,0.0,
0. 0.0.0,0): canals: bumpmap! ’canals.ilbm”); wood :texluremap(
'wood.ilbm”); I! Object to import... tm1: texture! Plane,
wood, [0,0,01, [0,0.5.11. (-1,0,0),
400. 400,400. 3.2, SM00TH3IREPEAT); bm1: bump! Sphere, canals,
shiny, 3.0. [0.0.01. [0.0,11,1-1,0,01,3,2, NEGAT1VEIREPEAT):
gob: impori! Goblet1.bin [0,0,-1501. [30,30,30], 10,180,01,
[1,1.11.0): gob.color|14| = tm1; I replace yellow
gob.sudace[1| = bmt: ! Replace glossy II Lighting... star[
[15000. -8000,15000], [1.0,1.0,1.0], 1000): star( [-5000,
-2000,2000). 10.8, 0.7,0.7], 1000): ambienK [0.0,10000],
[0.3,0.3,0.31, [0,0,1], 0.0, 0.0); !! Ground and
background... background! PLAIN, [0.05,0.1,0.051); I! Camera
slult... CAMERA’POS x [0.-800,2001: CAMERA’TARGET
=[0,0,-30]; RENDER; A simple goblet can be quickly
transformed into something magical with Ray Dance’s
bump-mapping capabilities. First, a wood brush is projected
on to the goblet as a texture map. The worm trail pattern is
then used to give the impression of contours. Finally, the
new object is rendered in 24-bit colour.
EASE OF USE 70% VALUE FOR MONEY 85% EFFECTIVENESS 90% FLEXIBILITY 95% INNOVATION 80% OVERALL 84% What do you call the most superb role-playing . Adventure of them all?
? Four independent characters controlled simultaneously.
Stunning realism.
Complex interaction.
I deeply absorbing plot. Brilliant 3-D arcade action.
Superlative magic system.
Legend lias them From the team that brought you Bloodwyche, Legend takes role-playing to unimagined new heights in a richly drawn plot that will take even the most determined player 40 hours to unravel.
By combining all the best features of the best Rl’G's of old with a host of startling new features, Legend surges out of the pack to take pole position as the the finest role-playing adventure yet.
? Character generation system.
• The most powerful spell-casting system yet devised.
? Strategic decisions made on world map.
• Film quality animation.
? Constant and absorbing interactivity.
• Isometric dungeon viewpoint.
? Quests within quests.
Multi-tasking combat.
Available on PC, Arnica mu!
Atari S T. For your local dealer, contact: Slitnlscape International Ltd, I’rioritv House. Charles Avenue. Burgess llill West Sussex kill 5 9PQ. Tel: 0444 246333. Fax: 0444 248996 € Co nri lit 1992 Anthony Taxlitmc & Peter lanws. Publishcl under exclusive licence by Mindscape International I ttl.
• Full M68000 Assembler Disassembler • Full* retldenl sample •
Show and edit all CPU registei even write only registers •
Notepad • Disk har
• Show memory as HEX. ASCII. Assembler. Decim REMEMBER AT ALL
block • Write Siring lo memory • Jump to toecitlc idflmi • Show
Ram as Ism • Show Irozsn picture • Pley lag • Calculator • Help
command • Full taarch lealure • Unique Custon Chip Editor
allows you lo »oo and modlly all chip rsglalerg -
• how actual track. Disk Sync, pattern etc. • Dynamic Breakpoint
handli o wanning ism roPYnniHT act wanwHh HOW TO GET YOU Ft
ST4 2RS, ENGLAND. FAX 0782 744292 TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE 0782 744324 0782 744707
SHIRKS So you’ve got a burning desire to turn your Amiga
into a home electronics lab, but you don’t know how? Mat
Broomfield makes the connection.
WE HAVE THE TEKNOLOGY When you consider that most of us spend countless hours each week glued to our computers, it's funny how little we know about the fundamental workings of the machine - especially when you consider that, at a really basic level, almost any electronic device can be reduced to just a handful of simple components arranged in a specific way.
Tekno Amiga is a new product from sunny Sweden, and aims to teach the user about simple electronics whilst guiding them through a series of experiments. What makes it particularly interesting, is that it includes a circuit board which plugs into your computer, and allows you to combine the electronic monitoring facilities of your Amiga with the simple circuitry you'll hopefully go on to design.
CIRCUITS ACTIVATED The essential parts of the unit are a parallel interface which plugs into the Amiga’s printer port, and a nine-pin D plug for connection with the joystick port. However, to save the novice from accidentally blowing up their Amiga as they link the system up. The parallel port contains a small isolating circuit which will prevent any unsavoury accidents. In addition, the whole set-up is then linked by its two plugs by a seventeen-strand ribbon cable.
The circuit board is a 9x6" piece of transparent plastic, with 216 circular holes drilled into it. And in these holes, there is enough space for the supplied metal springs to be inserted and screwed down. Similarly, to aid the user as they attach the various wires, each of the holes is labelled to save any confusion. Also supplied are a selection of different components, including resistors, capacitors, LEDs and diodes. Before you can get experimenting, the springs must be inserted into the board and, despite the large number of holes, only thirty- two are actually needed. The manual
describes which holes to screw the springs into, and also tells of the best way to do it. Once they’re fitted, the springs protrude slightly from the underside of the board, whilst leaving roughly a centimetre free on the top side to play around with.
With the board set up and ready to roll, it’s time to make those first connections. Basically, this involves the linking of fourteen of the springs with a section of unshielded wire used to create a ground between three or more of the springs.
TEKNO AMIGA . . . A I i1 glance
• DIY electronics kii for the Amiga
• Provides lots of practical examples
• Manual not very explicit
• Ideal for schools
• Limited long-term appeal These are then attached to the ribbon
cable. This can be a very frustrating job, and the manual makes
no bones about it - in fact, it advises the user to ‘bite the
bullet'. Personally, though, I never really had any problems,
and found that most of the required connections could be made
in less than fifteen minutes.
ACTION STATIONS With the board set up, the experiments can begin - blimey, I’m starting to sound like Doctor Frankenstein! The first of these is basically a simple test to ensure that the board has been connected properly. The unit is supplied with umpteen different programs, four of which will play a sampled sound when certain connections are made. Because of the way the springs are positioned on the board, many of them can be touched together to form a simple digital (on off) switch. Ten of these (arranged in pairs) are monitored by the sound generator, and providing everything's working
properly, the user is rewarded by an abstract sound effect when he brings them together.
MANUAL LABOUR From that small step, it's on to greater things, whilst following the manual’s step-by-step instructions. However, for what is quite a complicated and novel piece of equipment, the pidgin English which it has been converted to is a little perturbing. Still, oddities aside, it's still quite an entertaining read and is even better than a few English manuals I could mention. It does, however, have an annoying habit of skipping crucial details, and often refers to parts which are not included with the basic kit, and seem to be assuming that the user has access to a reference book
they recommend you read - this last point is especially annoying when you encounter phrases like 'You’ve memorised the rhyme "The black gnome is null. One brown bear" etc, haven't you? When you have, load in the “Resistance" program and read page 2 of chapter 3’. In addition, the entire section on resistors is made even more difficult because you’re supposed to have already read The Electronic School's Basic book! It wouldn’t be so bad if they at least told you where to get the books from - after all, are we talking the Scandinavian or British Electronic School?
And if this book is so essential, why wasn’t it included in the package?
Gripes aside, though, the manual goes to great lengths to encourage the user to experiment on their own, even going so far as to include a little ego-boosting chant for you to say if you’re not feeling very imaginative.
The second section begins a Blue Peter-style demonstration of how to make switches using bits of cardboard and strips of Bacofoil. It continues by giving examples of how these can be adapted to create pressure-sensitive alarm systems, timers, and ball SMRKS games which will signal il you hit a Bull's-eye. These leam as you do' examples are very useful as they help get the creative juices flowing, and whet the appetite for further learning - essential in a tool like this. Another nice touch is that this method of tutorial and expenmentabon ties in with the new national curriculum, making
the kit ideal for younger users Progressing to more interesting topics (such as photo sensitive resistors which react according to the amount of light falling on them), yet more practical applications are suggested. How about a detector which tells you if someone's been rummaging around in your drawers? Younger Kids thrive on this secret agent stuff, and if the topic catches their interests then they’ll want to explore further - but don't think it's limited to them As the concepts are gradually introduced, and build on knowledge that's been learned from earlier experiments. This is an
interesting activity for adults, too - after all, how many times have you heard someone ADDRESS BOOK Tttmim+namtm fM.95 lor the task IN, MtfismUaNotroaNi
• cm to rie| oe (0753) 61 THE ELECTRONICS REVOLUTION Modem day
electronics owe their birth to observations made by Thomas
Edison in the early part of the century. He noticed that under
certain conditions, an ordinary light bulb displayed some
unusual properties. Foe some time, his observations remained
unexplained, until eventually an English physicist,
J. J.Thomson came up with an explanation which lead to the
development of the vacuum This newly- i scientists to
control electricity in ways that were hitherto undreamed of,
and it was also thanks to the valve that the first computers
were developed. In fact, early computers hold the dubious
distinction of being uum tube systems ever built, with ENIAC
(the Electronic Numerical Integrator and staggering 17,468
tubes, and was able to calculate up to 5000 mathematical
operations per second, 1000 times faster than its rivals of
the day.
I massively miniaturised in the quest for portability and designers, is to create machines which can perform over a trillion (a million million) calcu- These machines are (Tera-Oreek for a trillion Flop Floating Point Operation). The fastest computer in the world, Inters Touchstone Delta, can only operate at measly 13.9 billion calculations per second, f, in the quest for greater speed using parallel processors, room-sixed computers a say I wouldn't know one end of a computer from another?
This becomes evident in the latter parts of the manual when, using a specially extended version of Basic, the user is able to explore many binary functions, including Boolean logic. By connecting eight LEDs to the board, it can essentially be configured to represent a byte of data. By inputting different commands (in the form of Pokes), these lights can be used to show the status of usually hidden functions.
All in all. Tekno Amiga reminded me of an advanced version of those home electronics kits that you may have tinkered with as a kid. I was a little dubious about plugging it into my Amiga, but my fear was unjustified and I didn’t encounter any major problems. Because the Tekno uses cheap and easily available components the package also offers a twofold advantage: they can be easily replaced should you damage any - and I have no doubt that wear and tear and rapid loss of components will soon take its toll. Similarly, you can also buy additional parts if you want to experiment further. And
this adds to the package's already plentiful longevity.
CONCLUSION The manual could have been written a little more clearly, but, in a strange way, this vagueness lorces the user to experiment. And helps reinforce the subject matter. The package seems ideal for any educational environment, such as a school - particularly as it ties In with the new curriculum. A selection crVret-written programs enable you to monitor temperature and light changes over any period, create timers, pulse gauges, and a variety ol other tools. If you want to leam about electronics. This is a very good accompaniment. But go out and buy yourself a decent book on the
subject tool THE SOFTWARE Tekno Amiga corns, with a selection ol useful software fo help you pet the best out of it. Here's what you get: Sound 1-4: Four programs which play a sample when a switch is activated.
Reaction: A game to test your reactions when dosing flue switches.
Timer: A stopwatch program.
Speed: A program lor calculating the speed of a moving objed using analogue or digital inputs.
Calendar: A program which can be used to regulate your environment by adivallng lights, triggering burglar alarms, etc Pulse Counter: Counts digital and anal and can be used as a timer, or even as a movement sensor.
Nals Temperature: A routine which displays the temper ature via a thermal resistor. Can be used as a simple thermometer as part ol school pro|eds, or as part ol a thermally-adivated switch.
Light: Measures and displays the amount of light entering a photo-sensitive call. Again, rt can be used as part of class pro|ecls to monitor weather sunlight. Or. Alternately, can be incorporated Into more sensitive experiments - Resistance: A neat program to test your knowledge of resistors and their values.
Tekno Basic: A variation on Amiga Basic which include special commands to control the Tekno Amiga circuits.
VERDICT Plenty of educational value but let down by its manual EASE OF USE 85% VALUE FOR MONEY 70% EFFECTIVENESS 75% FLEXIBILITY 95% INNOVATION 90% | OVERALL 83% BRANDED 31“ DISKS SonyDSOD 135 TPI ..£7.00 per bo* Sony DSHD 135 TPI .....£16.00 per bo* Phone for price on larger quantities BULK 3s" DISKS DD BULK Our sitter company hat successfully Large or small users - Jf
i. .....£91.50 supplied the trade industry with we have
the prices JV » ......£41.00 disks for the past two
years. We sell for you!
' .....£360.00 buying power to you the customer. ,n JaOan hom 600 PIN numbered and carry a 100% quality control no quibble guarantee. Disk labels stppled- 400‘s .
3. 5* (10 capacity bo*) •SHmpak* (New see-through
•Slimpalc-)---------- £0.95 each 3 5* (10 capacity bo*)
see-throu* Vision 10- ..£1.00 each
3. 5- (40 capacity bo*) lockable dsk storage bo* .
... £3.50 each 3 5* (SO capacity bo*) Ockabie dsk
storage bo* .. - ...£3.95
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picture then colour it in
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Thank you.
CREDIT CARD HOTLINE - 24 HOUR SERVICE S (0782) 575737 Scotia Road. Stoke-on-TYent. England ST6 4HY If you have an Amiga and a video camera, the easiest way to make the most of this potentially-exciting combination is with a captioning package. With these, the user can create titles and captions for insertion between shots to make your videos more informative, interesting and professional.
Even better, used in conjunction with a genlock, the Amiga's graphics can be superimposed over a live video. To take it a stage further, you can then combine audio and visual data from several sources for a presentation - this is Multimedia.
Multimedia - the combination of computer graphics, text and audio - is one of today's buzzwords. It's such a complex concept that the trick is to create software which can handle multimedia presentations whilst still manageable.
Makki' .
Mums The expanding world of multimedia and video applications for the Amiga has drawn a lot of software into the fray. Chris Jenkins looks at two packages trying to find their way in a confusing world.
TV'SHOW & TV'TEXT Although there are inexpensive and easy-to-use packages - Alternative Image's Big Alternative Scroller, for example - for a more powerful combination you should check out Zuma's TV'Show and TV'Text. Originally available as two separate packages, they have been bundled into an excellent £159 compilation courtesy of UK distributor, Silica Systems.
Although TV'Show, the presentation program, and TV'Text, the font rendering module, would appear pretty complex to a video operator new to the the Amiga, they are still a great deal simpler than, say, Oxxi's Presentation Master, and the TV duo are more squarely aimed at the video production market.
Described as the special effects slideshow for graphics, animations and sounds’, TV'Show s packaged in a stout cardboard box with a spiral-bound manual and two disks; one containing the main programs, the other a selection of IFF-format clip art and backgrounds. On the program disk are a player program, which allows you to play TV'Show scripts without the main program, and the main edit program, which creates the scripts. Although the package can be run on any Amiga, you are recommded to install it on a hard disk to ensure that memory limitations aren't a problem when creating more complex
TV'Show is also compatible with all Amiga screen modes (including HAM, overscan and extra half- brite).
SCRIPTS The Edit program runs using the familiar system of pull-down menus and icons, and these are integral in the creation of TV’Shov s 'scripts'. A script consists of a series of events, where each event involves an object (either a caption or a graphic), an 'on transition' (the way the object appears onscreen), a duration, a colour-cycling option, a sound option, and finally an 'off transition'. String a load of these together and you have a scnpt - it's easyl To begin a new script, select New from the Project Menu, and give a name to the new script.
Next, move to the Create Event window. Each icon M m '«¦!.
SI liUEKi Ut r .'. TH W w iii E fie fc 1=3 llll 71 fn ? A fctlLilVills lil miB eaii» D Drop, Cost, Trmpml MB'fl Hliim kj*5j ai«mhata«; £j*i jJ Jfiliifi BBS?
• advanced effect* that can be achieved using TVTait- tha text
rendering pari o( the package. Al of tha r id In FF format and
Imported ready lor insertion Aa you can see. ThM can than be
uaed lo pnxfcm exactly a piece. For Instance, you can uee
old-style text lor, say. An lt;i -l: |i-»iimls cm lit* mmle
usihji imm|rs from (liber IIT within this area represents a
different type of event
- screen, object, animation, and so on - you just click on the
one you want, and this brings up another edit window with the
necessary options for the chosen event.
The utility's many parameters are set by typing numbers into windows, clicking on icons, or adjust- ing sliders. As you build up a series of events, you can specify whether they are to take place automatically in the final script, or if they are triggered by a function key - when adding titles to a video, either option can be useful Events can also be programmed to loop repeatedly until interrupted by a keypress.
ADDRESS BOOK Slliu Sy¥tem . 1-4 n»N IMH40X.Tll.M1 IMMM PrintlM One of the most impressive parts of TV'Show is its range of transitions. These allow you to introduce objects on-screen in over forty different ways, including fading . Directional scrolling, splitting, and appearing from beneath other objects.
Unfortunately, the manual is limited in its explanations of these, so experimentation is the key.
TV'Show can also cope with IFF Anim format animation files and if have created an animation using, say, Dpainl, they can be incorporated into your TV'Show scripts with ease. It can also handle sound, either by playing IFF samples or using the Amiga's text-to-speech routines. Both are useful in video production, whether it's adding narration to captions or appropriate music and sound effects to movies. Since the script is easily edited, any TV’SHOW TV* TEXT ... n I n I ii ii c e changes to the video can be incorporated into your scrlptor they can be merged or appended; a ScriptMover utility
also makes it easy to transfer the main file and any necessary to run it.
RENDERED FONTS As a presentation editor TV'Show is great, but it doesn't have facilities tor the actual creation of graphics or captions This is where TVTexI comes in. With a terribly inadequate menu supplied, it's just as well that TV'Texts font rendering and text- editing facilities are a doddle to use. The basic idea is to let the user create variations on the Amiga’s system fonts, or ol Zuma's large collection oI IFF fonts, to consequently create cafitions as IFF files which can be used in TV'Show.
TV'Text runs in either medium (640x200). Or high (640x400 interlaced) resolution using eight colours. You start with a choice of eight fonts, which are available in a number of sizes and styles. The New Text option allows you to enter a line of text, and alter the letter spacing. The Rendering Preferences screen is where the lun starts, though. From here, you can add three styles ofshadow (drop, cast and transparent) with variable depth and colour; strobes (repeated shadowing with varying colours); outline, edge and extrude effects; and lighting effects from nine different angles. These
preferences can then be saved for later use.
After positioning the text on-screen it can be cut and pasted, whilst other options allow you to squeeze, stretch and resize areas using the mouse and a set of crosshairs. Other options allow the rotation and justification of text with a grid. There are also options for creating assorted background effects, such as centred, vertical or horizontal gradations, riling and wallpapering. Along with the more rudimentary lines, boxes, aretes and ellipses.
There's an Undo function, too. In case you make any drastic mistakes.
The rendering and editing effects can be applied to IFF images loaded from other sources, and this means that your selection of backgrounds A useful TV'Text feature Is that IFF Mm can be imported from.
And graphics is virtually unlimited. The colour palette is also freely adjustable, and easy to adjust using the range, swap and copy functions. You can also control colour hue, saturation and value.
CONCLUSION The drawback with TV'Text is that it isn't actually a font editor - you cam build up typefaces pixel by pixel. On the other hand, with so many fonts available commercially or in via PD, why bother? With TV'Texts editing features you'll have a great time hacking lettering around and creating captions ideal for use with TV'Show. Together, these two programs make a powerful and reasonably-priced package which is ideal tor a wide range of video and multi media applications. Everything youll need is here, and this is an excellent introduction to all things Video.
Flexible and easy to use. Ideal for video production and multi-media 89% 79% 88% 87% 69% EASE OF USE VALUE FOR MONEY EFFECTIVENESS FLEXIBILITY INNOVATION OVERALL 78° PRESENTATION MASTER FAMILY HISTORY Aegis' Presentation Master from Oxxi comes from a long line of graphics and animation-based programs, it certainly shows the experience and knowledge of its programmers - however, this is at the expense of alienating the new user.
At £200, it's aimed at the pro or semi-pro market where time is money. Just reading the package’s enormous 200-page paperback manual could take days, and installing the program is a marathon task.
Presentation Master includes a full-featured object-oriented paint program, a 3D titling and text- rendering module, the ability to create business charts, and a slide-type presentation function (although it doesn't support audio functions). It operates using 24-bit internal colour files - but it’s quite happy to accept IFF graphics from almost any source - and it can output in the PostScript language used by laser printers, typesetting machines and other professional systems.
• m Imported Data rd » *0 ¦ ¦ "Tb _j_p i b ; GF1 INSTALLATION The
program comes on twelve disks, all of which are jam-packed with
modules, fonts, backgrounds and clip art. You need at least 2Mb
to run Presentation Master, but you don't need all the tutorial
routines, fonts, and graphic files installed simultaneously -
if you do it takes up 11 Mbl Unless you enjoy endless amounts
of disk-swapping and long waits, don't even think about using
the program without a hard drive.
A special installation 'script’ utility allows you to configure the program for your system and install it to your hard disk. However, all the data has to be decompressed, and this can take hours if you install the whole shebang. Once installed, your problems are only starting. Despite the manual's index and glossary, its pretty unwieldy - the installation procedure, for instance, isn’t documented until the appendices, and the 'fast startup' chapter is actually a long exposition of practically every facility of the program, rather than the quick demo you's hope for. Despite this, though, it
will teach you virtually everything you need to know.
Presentation Masters basic working unit is the 'slide'. There are four different types of slide - empty, black, picture animation and layered - and several default layouts combining text and pictures, although you can also design your own layouts.
LAY IT ON ME The most flexible slide is the layered type. This combines text and graphics in windows, initially bounded by dividing lines and marked by handles.
Each window - and there can be up to 50 - is known as a Layer, and on activation via the menu it can be edited. Comprehensive text processing functions allow the entering and editing of text in any Layer, and a moveable function box lets you such effects as italic, bold, and centering. ASCII Text can also be imported.
Once you have selected the first slide, others can be selected relevant menus. As an example, let's try a nice business presentation graphic - a bar chart, for instance. This time you want to work in a graphics window, so a graphics toolbox is automatically opened.
Wmmrmfrmm ...at a glance rd disk • IFF and FPS graphics blc. Creates Postscript output files BOXING CLEVER The graphics toolbox offers all the usual painting options of lines, polygons, fills, and zooms and uses a 256-cok ur palette featuring 16 basic colours, with the rest 'Dithered'. PM offers a family of default bar. Area and pie charts templates.
There are also options for vertical, horizontal, floating or parallel bar charts, and for other pie charts.
Pms‘third area of expertise is in object-oriented painting. In addition to the bitmap fonts, it can also handle IFF or EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) images, IFF animations and PolyText fonts. These are a special class of object which can be entered like text, and manipulated like graphics. The Paint Object menu lets you add shadowing, extrusions, edging, fills, rounded edges and other effects, and it's possible to completely redefine the shape of lettering or, using the paint functions, twist it into 3- D shapes. In addition, the colours and size can also be altered before saving them for use
in your Show.
ON WITH THE SHOW Shows are created using the Slide Sorter window.
This displays your selection of slides in a 'rack'and these can be played or edited by clicking on the relevant button. Between slides, you can also select a range of transitional effects including nine directional wipes, twelve styles of scrolling, and nine block-reveal patterned effects. The speed of transitions is adjustable, and it's also possible to create slideshows where a Parent slide has several Children. The ADDRESS BOOK operator can then choose in which prtclslun order racks of slides are shown by Distrfbatlon, selecting them with the keyboard. East Mouse, It's also possible to
define hotspots East Road on the screen so that clicking on a industrial Estate, particular area selects the next slide East Road, or series shown. The possibilities for SW19IAR multimedia applications are obvious, og, 543 35®,, Presentation Master shows can Prtci £199 be 'vulcanised' - that is, saved in a stand-alone form with all necessary graphics files.
These vulcanised shows can be played without the program itself, bul, of course, can't be edited.
CONCLUSION Unfortunately, I have to end by saying that Presentation Master is a very powerful and flexible package, but is probably too complex, unfriendly and unreliable to be worth recommending. The package baffled me several times by refusing to load graphics files for no apparent reason - and examining the manual threw up no clues either. It also crashed for no recognisable reason when I tried to perform simple tasks - moving from the slide preview display back to the slide sort window, for example. It's not surprising that, with 11 Mb of data to handle, the odd problem should arise, but
ifs disappointing that a program this professional is not better error-trapped.
Computer Use Ooftvs jg mr" J Complex, unfriendly, but undeniably powerful presentation package EASE OF USE VALUE FOR MONEY EFFECTIVENESS FLEXIBILITY INNOVATION 45% 60% 94% 89% 76% OVERALL 72% ’ If A O V : Cl.IP APT PACK ¦tauter y«w*Wwn Amga SpHI Um p «WW (» «* a mi 7 r* home azoiiib1
- £12.00
- £15.00- DDK) PACK (10 Itafe) Budhrain I (2 (ink* Hut™ 2 Vupn
-Mrnul H.r»»rf I T dV* dr Tnmrr* Quavi Nut-taikr' Ptxnanvu
Tmmfatr* May-*ap*n GKATSTAgmtrACK
- £12.00-
l) l| VIII IC.ENCEWARE This i* Ik .mean and * •»!* 14.50 per
di l GAMIN PACK Ttu* NTW 11 Dn* p*» i«ua Oprutta Imm 5Uf TM.
Ikn lUnuom Mora Snter Q»fc u»p* 5o» TlcxPK M* Uwq. PUS 1OA05
MORE 4*» Opra ndMr
- £15.00- iro » i a StrppK SOUND 11 IPO P DOGflCHT I iHP) (4»
LPI) T) IK. MAZE For p. tr (4 dl Oft* «?• II «CXP) MAI. PIP CUP
ART - D rr «D. aM »r P) DBIY CASH - tftt bt« Hull mnhmr I
MB) IP) MAGPIE CUPART morr *vMui pkluirC (I MBKP) M5GB.AI
YotMG AITI5T Sup« nUW hook Iof »t«*!swtv on » pkium1 IP)
AIT I - Ua id knln" augn )P PVIHMDIK Pl-N PACK ttauaur ms ad
1(1 MBKP) MflMNG WAY Of KUNG HI • wnrt qualm IW-.I on up **nr
on 2 Urir. 11 *) (PI CYAD Hn&aicputarpar'd MRKP) m ro rowo -
Good Lfc *» i »*i r» Bfc TC» H -Tr* p*» tecftuta _ (IMXPt
HMD WOVE MENU adventt-re tooujt - imt ««¦ udxrnturr* 11 MB) (P)
INVOK-t PRIMER Eudrnt IP) 1IVCDRAW • Pruluiv A ptlm in link il
dr»*lnp(l MB)(P) BXMTMAT1BC . _. Afx*-""” ABC ANGUS SHAPfS •
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COLLECTION We now slock disks No I -610 T-BAG COLLECTION ¦tasks
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"6 GI»«Gf STIUJT M»(A«IU. STAFFS STS IDA DISK SlIPFRDEALS GEM INF FIJI .45 MF21IO BBANDFD DISBS IOWA CettAtd 0 Teaed Mtft BFMDOX 10 ...Aft 25 * 0 50 P0P 30-------------------- ...AI695 * I 00 P0P 30______________________ A26.95 * 195 P*P 100_______________ A49.9S • 1.95 P0P PRICES INCH 1 If LAHFL' 0 VAT NEXT DAY CARRIEI ADO 66.50 Fumpr 0 BOW Pn.r on AppfcafOn DaaTASCAN ProGS THE scanner for your Amiga DaataScan Pro GS A superb high quality image capture package compatible with all Amiga's. Scan images trom magazines, books, photos, etc. (or I use with DTP and ART
• t IXMOO dpi resolutions.
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Supplied with a high speed interlace cartridge, which plugs into the parallel port, and a dedicated, regulated power supply.
Football Masters b the very latest Multi-Manager Football Simulator for 16 bit computers. After 4 years of development *ve are proud to announce the release of the most comprehensive football management game ever. It's waiting to test your skills rigty now! Features Indude:- M ult I-Manager game (or 1 to 4 Players. Three levels of difficulty.
Match highlights minute by minute, make substitutions or team changes at any time. Live injuries, yellow red cards and named goalscorers 1MB version has extra Graphics, animations and realistic digitised sounds. (An option can turn this feature off).
Full UK and European Cup itinerary Includes FA. League. Zenith Data, Leyiand Daf.
European. Cup Winners and UEFA Cups. All cup match rules have been made as accurate as possible. Two Leg Ties. Extra Time. Away Goal Rule. Seeded Draws. Byes. Etc. All 4 league divisions with play-offs and league expulsion.
Real initial, surname, league career records, height and age entered for all players as at the start of the 91 92 Season Five skiO ratings per player, separate five for goalkeepers Pius 15 other special attributes like Captain. Super Subs & Mobility A lively and real time transfer market, with an approach facility, negotiate wages and ontracts Plus loans, free transfers and trainees Unique and simple traeung system to mprove player skJs High quality printer facilities to list al the vital information Masses of historical statistics past games, players and manager Quick game data load and save
All screens updated quickly and displayed in a pleasant format, which is easy to use and comfortable to read Fully mouse operated. Printed instruction booklet with plenty of diagrams. A separate Editor is available to change saved initial details.
Software screen shot DaataScan Professional GS 2.02 Grey scale image capture software package supplied with the DaataScan hand scanner Features:
• Saves In the popular IFF file format.
• Convert to 16 true grey scales.
• Fully multi-tasking.
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UNBEATABLE PRICE £109-* £124.95 with Switch Box
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Daata Switch Box Enables you to connect two peripherals to the parallel port at the same time. Both the scanner and a printer can be connected to the Amiga and selected by a simple switch.
Al pnem nduda VAT and Dosage mmm CREDIT CARD HOTLINE 0234 84 33 55 HI d£ND£AL ...... Pandaal Marketing_Lld 44 Singer Way, Kempston, Bedford MK42 7AF There are many, many other little things that make this game tlie most addictive and accurate interpretation of a Football Managers season. It would be impossible to list all the features in this advert but we assure you that this is the best We have thousands of satisfied istomers from our previous edition of this game, many are still playing it 18 months after irehase See tfie order form below for details on how to order this Incredible game.
Available for all Atari ST's and Amiga's. PC version coming soflrv _(_ An amajing graphical strategic simulator that's fun for all the family. 0. 1 r 2 players on keyboard, mouse or )oystick. Pick your moves from the .election available and watch your animated warrior battle it out. Watch he energy bar indicators and plan your moves You can edit your very own new wrestler or amend a wrestler already created (16 are provided on the game to begin with) You can change any name, colour of tights, linings, flesh tone and hair together with aB the fighting skill values weight etc Instructions
are also provided which show you how to change the way any wrestler looks or you can create whole new ones. Amiga 1MB RAM Only £19.95 24 HOUR CREDIT CARD HOTLINE [D_(0702) ArsMrFbxKQtakOfikvll.Bv UVVJJ F O 0702H»13747| At last the time has come for all you Role-Playing gamers to dig out your dusty modules and convert them to 3D real-time, action-packed computer adventures. Interested? Dungeon Master Craig Erskine certainly is.
VISION ON If you’ve ever tried writing and coding an adventure game I’m sure you’ll understand the horrendous difficulties involved. If you've never even tried (which probably indicates a more sensible slice of the population) for fear that your brain may explode, now's your chance.
There is still a certain amount of sweat, though.
Visionary allows you to write either a text-only, text-graphic hybrid or graphic only adventure, using a'system rather like a high-level programming language. If you've used C or Assembler, you’ll know all about Source files, Compiling and linking. If you haven’t, you're about to undergo your first programming adventure.
IFF-Y GRAPHICS Visionary allows the user up to 25 graphic screens in memory simultaneously. IFF image files are supported, including HAM images. Within RAM limits these images can be imported from disk at any point during the game. Creating your own graphics can be a time-consuming task and your finished adventure will depend heavily on how good an artist you are. If you’re not the artistic type, don’t despair - find a friend who is.
ROOM TO MANOEUVRE Amongst its many features, Visionary offers up to 65,000 rooms and 65.000 objects to be created - enough to suit most people's needs. In addition, up to 4000 million characters of text are available to the user (roughly 50 telephone directories), and the package can make full use of IFF sound and graphics. It all sounds too good to be true.
Ot course it is. If you were to attempt an adventure with 65,000 locations you would end up with more than 2 million lines of code. Slightly unrealistic - so let's acknowledge that small is beautiful, and be happy with a slightly more modest tirst adventure.
IN THE BOX Visionary comes complete with two disks (a program disk and a graphic adventure demo) and a 160-page manual, a third of which is taken up with the coding for an example game. A further manual is supplied in the form of a Programmer's Handbook which comes with a third, separate disk containing a full graphic-text adventure. This second manual covers the actual game design and coding, while the first manual is more of a tutorial.
Not wanting to break with Adventure Creator lore, the manuals are very long and boring - by the time you’ve got to the end. You’ll have forgotten anything you learnt at the start. The only way to really find out what it’s all about is to jump straight in. This is made easier with the listing for a simple adventure supplied in the first manual. By having a quick look at it and viewing the general layout, you can see what your code should look like.
The first step in creating your adventure is to have a good idea of what you’re going to do. Once you have the basic idea (number of rooms, what you can do, etc) it’s off to your text editor for some serious programming. The Amiga comes with a usable(?) Text editor called ED, but a word-processor can also be used if you prefer.
Any WP will do, as long as it allows text to be saved in ASCII format.
Alternatively, you could go for Visionarys own editor: VIE - the Visionary Interactive Editor. VIE allows you to select graphics elements using the mouse and rapidly define your adventure map in an environment much like an ordinary paint program. This is an absolute must if you intend writing a serious Dungeon Master-style adventure.
SECRET CODING Visionary uses a system of special files to keep all the source code organized, and to keep individual files from becoming large and unmanageable.
There are five classes of source files, the first of which is the Adventure file which is the most important and easiest to write. This basically provides the system with key information such as the names of the other files, the password, variable names, and which room the player will begin the adventure in. There’s only one adventure file per game, but any number of the other related files.
The password is a neat idea which allows you to protect your program and prevent anyone from looking through your source code for a few hints.
The other four classes of file are Room, Object, Subroutine and Vocabluary. Once you’ve written the basic adventure file, your next job is to define your Room file. Each room must have any possible exits defined, along with the necessary sound effects and object information. Following this, it’s time to set up the areas on the screen which can be utilised by the mouse. Again, this is fairly straightforward: simply place all your objects, both moveable and immobile, and give the room a description. In the tutorial adventure supplied, this takes roughly 40 lines of code, and the process must be
repeated for every location.
Once the rooms are set up, the game’s objects must be defined, and this involves giving each an initial location and a brief description. You must also give each object a series of possible uses, and a set of object synonyms which the player can use. 'Sand', for example, might also be referred to as ‘dirt’, 'the ground’ or the floor’, as well as by its proper name. The only drawback here is that for a large adventure with a lot of objects you are going to have an awful lot of code. This is only to be expected, but restricting the number of objects might not be a bad idea. However, an
unfortunate side-effect of this is that incredibly huge adventures may be out of the question unless there is some brave-hearted Tolstoy blood in you.
There are a variety of tasks which must also be performed at the beginning of any game, such as loading in your nice graphics, adding sound effects and songs, new fonts, printing the game’s opening text, or defining click zones. To make this source code easier to find and deal with, it can be put in a a subroutine called Startup, which is only called for once. The Subroutine file is a special section of the code which performs key functions, and can be called from anywhere in the adventure. This makes it easy to perform a particular function repeatedly - movement inputs, clearing the screen,
redrawing the screen, or printing text, for example. The final file - the Vocabulary file - defines all the nonstandard phrases, words, and special functions. In the tutorial the load, save and help sections are also stored here.
The coding is fairly straightforward, if a little long-winded, and the screen's layout makes it easy to follow and use. A good structuring of your adventure's code is essential, as you will often come back to rework your code during the course of development, and a little thought at the start could save you many extra hours of code-scouring later.
COMPILER TIME Once you have completed your code, it's time to visit the Compiler. The Compiler is simple to initiate and is reasonably fast and translates the Visionary command language to machine-readable code. In the process, the source code files will be encoded using the password from the adventure file. This then prevents anybody from ripping off the nice graphics and sounds you’ve created.
BUG HUNTING Compilation complete, your adventure is ready for a little wrinkle testing. Like any other form of programming, debugging is the process of having the computer help you search for errors in your source code. Visionary's debugger utility, DBUG, allows the user to develop, play, and root out any bugs and errors in your adventure. The biggest asset of the system, though, is that it allows you to hunt them whilst actually playing your game. Instead of crashing, halting, or otherwise misbehaving, when the debugger runs across a problem or bug in your source code it allows you to look
at the source of the trouble, and even provides additional information to aid you in the correction of the error.
While the debugger program is running, commands can also be sent to the program for greater control of the debugging process. Easy-to-use commands are entered in the text interface of the game, just as the game text commands would be.
MISSING UNK The final stage to adventure stardom is the Linker, which miraculously transforms all those long nights and blinding headaches into the final executable format - hopefully a playable game.
There are several ways in which your code can be linked to speed your game up, but it will depend on the size of your adventure. The final output of Visionary will be a single file - the base size of your game program will be approximately 200k, plus your other flies, which in the case of the tutorial took a further 40K. Be sure that, before you link your final game, that you have enough disk space for the output file. Your adventure may be a lot larger than the turorial!
CONCLUSION Visionary has excellent potential if you're willing to spend a large amount of time and effort creating your own adventure. On the downside, the overall speed and response time leaves something to be desired.
There’s a nice disclaimer at the start of the manual, which says the publishers take no responsibility for the quality and performance of the finished adventure. How good the game is depends on the plot and ideas, not on who converts the concept to a runnable program - so what they are basically saying is that, if your adventure isn't quite the epic you'd originally hoped for, don't blame them! It's totally down to yourself.
Visionary does make adventures easier to program, but even the most experienced Visionaries will need a lot of time and effort to come up with anything like Dungeon Master or Eye Ot The Beholder. It certainly makes you appreciate all the time and effort commercial programmers put into their games and makes the inflated asking prices of such games a bit more palatable to bear.
VERDICT Adventure creating kit which is the best presently available MED-ICATION As with the graphics, sound Is very important to the overall effect ot the adventure.
Visionary allows you to have up to 25 sound samples in memory at any given lime. Theoretically, you could play complete sections ol sampled music in this way, but the cost in memory terms would be prohibitive. A more sensible alternative is to use MED, which Visionary fully supports. Sound effects can help to build atmosphere in your game. Doors slamming, ghoulish laughter, distant screams, even the monotonous hum ol a computer or a ship’s engine all heighten the player's appreciation of the game. You should decide early on in your game development process just how many samples you are
willing to use, since this will determine how many disks your game is going to occupy. Keep In mind that incessant disk access will bother the player, though. Once again, if you're not a great composer, get some help with the music and sound effects.
EASE OF USE VALUE FOR MONEY EFFECTIVENESS FLEXIBILITY INNOVATION OVERALL 87% AMIGA AMIGA COMMODORE HARDWARE THAT’S A MOUSE A500 FW Step* ..... A1500 ...... A30CO 25Mhr * tOM b HD-------- A3CCC 25N*tf . 105Mb HD..™. A10B4S Cotour Monitor ..... AI960TiwyncMorWor ...... AW2CM3HD----- A1011 lft* 3.S'D*»---- A501 Dam Exponftlon Ctock A520 TV Modukitof AlSOOa A2(KOv.imWB2 A2000WB2 . AT Brtdgeboard A2000 WB2 • !2CMb 0
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S *»a 24X Modem ------- 9x«a2KC Modem PkM- Please make cheques postal orders payable to SOFTMACHINE All itoms sublect to availability All prices and manufacturers specifications subject to change witnout notice.
Please call us lot a price on any hatdwate, software or peripherals you may require but can't see listed.
Callers welcome. Our hous of business are
9. 30 HI 5.30 Monday lo Saturday.
AS prices Include VAT and UK detvery. EftOE All trodemorVs acknowledged pri SOFTMACHINE -!¦ 3 Dept AMC 3.20 Bodge Mouse. Bridge Street. Sunderland. SRI 1TE Sales Tel: (091) 510 2666 Enquiries Tel: (091)510 2777 Fax: 091)564 I960 Goods are not offered on a trial basis. Goods are offered for sale subject to our conditions of sale Move 7 PLOYED 1 0
P. AYER2 an«« It’s back to basics, as Tony Dillon gets to grips
with Europress’s ‘Baby’ version of their classic AMOS
programming language... EASY AS 1,2,3... very intimidating lor
the novice, and gives no real anchorage in encouraging early
progress Realising this. Europress have been busy on this new.
'L-piate' version - Easy AMOS.
In brief, Easy AMOS is a cut-down version ol the original package, with a lot more support for the programming novice. Help screens and menus, along with an excellently-written and presented As a practising BASIC programmer it's no wonder that I'm constantly praising AMOS within these hallowed pages For people like me. It offers programming power which is far easier lo use than BASIC. But what if you're one of the people who wants to team to program, but doesn't know where to start? AMOS, with its 500 commands can be manual, provide most of the required answers to any problems encountered in
the early stages of programming, and should see most people well on their way to success.
AMOS was originally designed as a triendly interlace between the user and the Amiga, and ottered easy access to the machine's hardware capabilities, without all the usual tedious mucking about with assemblers. An adaption ot the old Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code (BASIC) language, AMOS uses straightforward English commands that do exactly as they say.
And can be set out in a simple, logical format The tormat was an immense success, making AMOS second only to Dpainl 2 as bast-selling Amiga non-games software, and has currently sold over
45. 000 copies in the UK. Even though it provided the beginner
with a complete, easy language with which to start creating,
it didn't give any pointers as to what the budding Andrew
Braybrook or Archer McClean could actually do with their new-
tound skills - rather in the same way that comprehensive
schools teach you a whole bunch o uselul French phrases, but
you have to wait until A-Level standard before you team how
to hold a basic conversation. Easy AMOS is the A-level
teacher, and teaches you not only how to program, but also
goes some way into aiding understanding ot how to Implement
your knowledge.
MANUAL LABOUR The first thing you notice onu opening the box is the hetty 400-page manual. Flicking through this, it becomes apparent Just how well everything is presented and explained. No facet ol using the package is ignored, whether it's how to load and install the program, or advanced games creation techniques. Everything is accompanied by easy-to- enter examples and foil descnptions ot how each command can be used. To add a tun element to the manual, in the comer ol every page is a small picture, and these act as frames from a flick book, and when skimmed through follow the birth ol
the Easy AMOS. And follow its rapid aging process.
Also scattered through the manual are a collection ot amusing misquotes from such luminanes as Groucho Marx, Martin Luther King and Michael Stipe. These make the manual a delight to read, aw§ even to the more experienced programmer.
Next comes the installation program, a lengthy process which involves copying and unpacking the Easy AMOS files from the two master disks and dumping them on to three blank floppies. It’s impossible to run Easy AMOS from the master disks, and this ensures that the disks can’t be damaged by accidental use. The installation process takes about twenty-five minutes, but is the only delay before diving straight in and trying your first program.
At first glance, Easy AMOS bears a huge resemblance to the original AMOS - the only initial difference being the different screen colours. On closer inspection, there are several notable changes. For a start, the program greets you personally, the name entered during the installation process. Also, there are a few changes to the menu bar at the top of the screen. Options such as Help. Tutor and Bob Maker are now included - the first two options are the core of Easy AMOS. The Help option is provided as a more useful reference tool than constantly picking through the manual.
Entering a command in the main edit window and then accessing this option gives an instant description of the command, and describes exactly what it does and how to use it.
ADDRESS BOOK Etsy AMOS retail* for £34.99 and Is available from Europress Software, Europa House, Arlington Perk, Macclesfield SK10 4NP Similarly, the Tutor option takes you to the test tutor screen, which is unique to Easy AMOS. The aim of this is to help you examine Easy AMOS programs, and find out exactly how they work and what they do. Laid out as four screen windows, the tutor allows you to run a program using one of three speeds and check, test, debug, or simply watch a currently-initialised program. The window in the top-right comer is a shrunk version of the main program screen. In
this, you can watch the program running with a reduced display if the current screen is in low resolution, or as part of a screen if it is in any other format.
ICON HELP The next window is the icon window, positioned to the left of the shrunken screen. All icons necessary to run the program are shown here, and you can scroll around the screen and mark any specific parts of your program you wish to examine. All these windows are accessed via the mouse, and to run the program, simply click on one of the three speed icons. The first moves the program onto the next instruction, whilst the next runs the program at half speed, and the last running it at full speed.
It can be stopped by clicking on a stop icon.
Below this are two text windows: one for the current program’s line, and the other for relevant information. This could be anything from telling you that the line does nothing (as in a REM statement), to telling you which branch of a conditional procedure call the program is going to jump to, as well as informing the user of the current status of any accessed variables.
As far as I am concerned, the Tutor idea is a stroke of genius on the part of AMOS coder, Francois Lionet. It’s a huge aid to someone learning programming, and gives them a chance to U PG R AD IN G Existing AMOS owners can get hold ol a copy ol Easy AMOS lor a mere £14.99 - although surely anyone familiar with the original Is unlikely lo want to take what is effectively a retrograde step. Simply send your original AMOS program disk wild a cheque postal order payable lo Europress Sottware lo: Easy AMOS oiler, Customer Services, Europress Sottware Ltd, Europa House, Adlington Park,
Maccleslield. SK104NP. Similarly. Easy AMOS owners can upgrade lo AMOS lor only £19.99. If. However, you are an AMOS owner and would like leatures like the tutor screen, bul don't want a copy ol Easy AMOS, then AMOS 2, currently billed as AMOS Professional Is scheduled lo hit the streets at the end ol the year. This super- eipanded new language will contain all the new features of Easy AMOS, along with quite a lew surprises.
=:: E-i": iiL'c.v iw' i Above-. Yot another stunning Easy AUOS game, this time an Artanotd variant with all the bells and whistles.
What's more, the manual teaches you how to program It!
AMOS VS EASY AMOS OK. So Easy AMOS Is a cut-down version of AMOS, bat what exactly are the differences between the two?
Command* AMOS
Easy AMOS 350 Add-on command* Ye* No Animation language Ye*, AMAL No Dropdown Menu* Yes Ne Sprites Bob* Both Bobs only Runtime system Yes, RAMOS No Compiler Yes No AMOS 30 Yee No Sample Bank Ye* (Limited) Ye* (Advanctd) Screen Packer No Ye* Help United Advanced Price £49.99 £34.99 understand why certain routines are written in a specific way. Once that understanding is grasped, the art of programming becomes much more accessible.
CONCLUSION Don’t be fooled into thinking Easy AMOS makes programming an easy process. You’ve still got to put a lot in to get a lot out. Easy AMOS basically equips the novice with all the tools you need. The rest is down to you. Easy AMOS is an ultra-friendly package which can teach virtually anyone the fundamentals of programming. This it does brilliantly, and forms one of the strongest packages I have ever seen.
Wwa :aa=icihi‘ wi i ¦ L Another of Easy AMOS high spots, the Bob Editor Is a huge Improvement over the original's. It now features much mors options and eesy-to-identify icons.
EUROPPRESS £34.99 Teaches the bastes of programming. Perfect for beginners... EASE OF USE 96% VALUE FOR MONEY 88% EFFECTIVENESS 89% FLEXIBILITY 95% INNOVATION 92% OVERALL 93% FOOTBALL TACTICIAN Z E O - G THE SAMPLE-CD i£RIEf FOR DANCE PRODUCERS * ARTISTS DJ'S . PTTOGRAMJiiiS REMIXERS a tow. Football emulations came in two categories arcade and management. Few.
Ry. Ever bothered with the all-important STRATEGY which a success!id manager : master, both before a match when deciding on squad selection, and during the cn when high-drama. Real-time decisions must be made on tactics, substitutions.
» *ces and player deployment. But now. For the first time on any major computer, t is a superlative management game that encompasses all forms of soccer jgy: it is called FOOTBALL TACTICIAN.
I selection, needless to say. Remains a critical element in any successful Ugrv and here you wi be aided with a wealth of player data, never seen in any r program before. Gone are the days when a player was given a single skiB i Each player is now analysed in up to 20 different aspects, enabling you to ct the side best suited for the match in hand. And then to the BIG innovation of DTBALL TACTICIAN: full on-line, real-time involvement during the match! For i 'rst time ever, you will, as a manager, be able to alter your strategy : choose a ive or offensive system, mark certain opponents, drop
back some of your j if the pressure is tough, decide exactly when substitutions should be made.
F the off-side trap, go for quick counters, etc... With full on-screen commentary s minute-by-minute feed-back, you're as involved in the match as any of your rsl When you further consider that this game is written in 100% machine code i scores of other slow-motion offerings which are written in basic), that up to y two users can play this game at the same time, that accurate records are t on all 440 players in the first division, right down to their exact market valuation, r a built-in editor allows you to change any player's or manager's name, you will i that this is no ordinary soccer
manager. THIS is the REAL THNG. You're in
e. You manage your side before and during the match. Nothing is
left to chance, you rise to the challenge? Try FOOTBALL
TACTICIAN and prepare rself for the ultimate footbal
Amongst the many features: intelligent computer behaviour lively ‘sr market, ability to replay ANY match of the week with full entary. Three levels of commentary from highlights only to every ball challenge with all players named, ability to retrieve any 1 from the last 21 seasons, top scorers chart, friendlies. Speed . Twenty player squads including the VERY LATEST transfers 1 up to this very week, full European Cups program with every single ope an player accurately named, selectable positions, automatic i intelligent substitutions by computer opponents based on player ess. Fatigue and
tactics used; computer opponents will automatically »nae tactics to respond to situation on the field. ability to utilize I advantage any extra memory fitted, and many more!
F ER, wwe-sajvif 4 " A *£' Already Jn F Rp Demand... ’ 4 *• A F I L E O N E
* Over 60 Brcilgfff 100’s f Vocal ho»k*A val FX " Biting
sviitli. Dub ;tn.l sub basses ' dance-orientated percussion
including: ; Classic TR808 TR90flpR727 drum kits ° 120 Killer
snares * bass drums ; Techno and electro beats ftweccs *
Scratches FX * Over 100 original Drop-ins ¦ Sei-li l Alien +
rottp speech ° Oriental vocals * FX Ethnic times and other
instrument«FSpacev and ambient FX " Stabs - techno orchestral
horn guitar “Unreservedly excellent... an unbclicvablv
valuable addition to your sample liUarv... rhi* •l.ltmri..
»mrL- CD" • MUSIC TI.CHMUOCV. All: 11 “An exceptional and
extremely useful product... an invaluable tool (or the
professional sound technician" - DJ MAGAZINE. JULY 91.
“Stratton knows his business... if the quality of Datafile
One’s sounds is anything to go hv Volume 2 & } should be
unmissable" - INTERNATIONAL MUSICIAN. AUG **i And now just
released, an even deadlier selection... DATAFILE TW0 8 Over
100 Breakbeats * Another arsenal of over ISO soulful Vocal
hooks ad- libs FX * Kraftwerk-stvlc electro percussion 5 -10
killer basses inch an essential selection from Roland Juno 106
and SH 101 synths * Guitar FX » guitar rhvthm breaks * Tons
more Sci-fi Techno FX robots » Rol.inJ RS cV Alesis IIRI6B drum
kits * Complete human bcatbox 9 Stabs '¦ Ambient FX includes
uhalcsongs hirds ? Film atmospherics 8 Industrial pereussion FX
" Italo-house piano 9 Automotive FX horn blasts 6 Drop-ins ;
One-offs "The vocals & FX arc even more powerful... I saved
plenty of nn best stuff for Two and Three..." - Man Machine
Coming soon... The final chapter... DATAFILE THREE
• More sounds to blow the b“01s off a Rhino at 100 paces... All
Existing Customers Will Be Sent Info Order - Form Ahead Of
_ the most up-to-date football r ever, purchasers of FDOTBACL TACTICIAN will receive free , ers are transferred, injured or 'ued. As managers are sacked and teams promoted or relegated, s essential that up-to-date data disks should be made available to ? Serious user. Beyond the first year period, this service will be as an optional extra.
AMIGA and ATARI ST STE Double-aided disk.
- ease rush I copy of FOOTBALL TACTICIAN lown on AMIGA A500 lmeg
A500D A5QO 1 2 meg ? ATARI ST STED I To: Tim* Aid Spot*,
P.O.Box 306, Berkhamsted, Herts. HP4 3EP Englond I Please
send:____topics of ZERO-G DATAFILE ONI al £49.95 eoch inclusive
topics of ZERO-G DATAFILE TWO of £49.95 eoth inclusive
(International orders: Add £5.00 far tiprass
olr-mail heodllaj.)
II enclose o cheque postal order to the value of £_mode payable to TIME ANO SPACE* or | Pleose debit my ACCESS VISA MASTERCARD_ it:____ ____ ____ ____Expity Dote:__ .__ I Home (CopitoH): Intiols:_Surname: | Addtess (Capitols): __ . P*l ode .
Telephone orders: (0442) 870681 or Fax This To: (0442) 877266 Overseas please add £1 d&p TALKING BIRDS 0702 523607 5 Minster Close Rayleigh Essex SS6 8SF enclose cheque for Cig.95 ?
¦y Visa number is pea or Access ordersi same-doy dispatch king Birds are committed to ager ever, purchasers of F ite disks for a whole year! As f you're in to house rap or related styles, you know how important good samples an he. Owning these CD's will make a big difference to your creative output - isk anvonc who's used them, or read the reviews.
Call: 0442 870681 lor Viso Moslercard orders, or post or lox derails: Choosing the right bub- blejet printer is a difficult task. John Mallinson is here to help you make that all important purchasing choice.
HOW WE SELECTED THE PRINTERS Buying a printer the so days can be a pretty contusing affair there are so many types to choose from - from dot matnx to Bubbtefet. Daisy wheel to thermal transfer - and when you add to that Ihe huge vanety of features on offer and the vast differences in prices, it's not surprising that many consumers don't oven know where to begin Our companson lest is designed to bring you practical. Objective information on Bubblejel pnnfers.
Which are increasingly popular because of their high pnnt quality, lack of noise, and general value for money The pnnfers we’ve selectod are divided into three pnce bands. These are based on the manufacturers Recommonded Retail Prices and are intended as a rough comparative guide. If you shop around, you can expect to pay at least a third loss Each printer was tested with several programs to gauge how well il worked with standard Amiga software, its ease of use.
Speod and the quality of ponl BUDGET PRINTERS £400 Three of these machines are built around the same Canon print mechanism, and one is based on the HP DeskJet.
They are all priced under £400 and can be considered basic models, but nonetheless reliable ones. Next month we'll take a look at more expensive models.
Canon BjlOex The ‘original’ Bubblejet still gives value-for-money When it was released in 1990, the BJ10e was the first really high-quality portable printer, and it hasn’t been beaten yet. The 10ex (with Epson LQ compatibility) went on sale this year. A modified version of the original, it uses a 64-nozzle print head which produces 360 dots per inch (dpi).
Neat, sleek, and cleverly designed, it is just over A4 size and two inches thick, so it fits easily into a briefcase. Its normal working position is sitting flat on the desk; the top opens to reveal the paper- feed slot for single sheets and to provide a rest for the paper as it emerges. It can also stand vertically, supported by a flip-out foot, so that you can attach the optional sheet feeder or print envelopes through their own direct feeding slot. Envelope printing works very well, and although the feeder only takes 30 sheets, it really is essential for any but the most occasional user.
You can run the machine from the external transformer which comes with the printer, or from the (optional) rechargeable battery pack which fits internally. Battery life is good for about 40 sheets after a 10-hour charge.There are five push-buttons on the front to control paper positioning, print quality, and size. Some have two sets of functions, so it can be confusing finding out which set is operative - a few more indicator lamps would help here.The printer has two basic emulation modes: Canon Bubblejet (BJ) and Epson LQ, and with the former you can select either Canon or IBM compat
ibility. The printer works well in either mode, but there are significant differences - especially when you come to print graphics. You make print mode changes and various other settings with DIP switches inside the machine. Unfortunately, the manual, like most, fails to explain properly the use of DIP switches.
The two print qualities, High Quality and Economy, are produced at the same rate, but the second uses less ink. Both give good-looking and legible print. There are four built-in typefaces, but you can’t use all of these at the same time. If set to BJ mode you get Courier and Prestige, while in Epson mode you get the more attractive Roman and Sanserif faces (the latter are functional faces, like the one used on these pages). BJ mode allows two unusual features: printing in reverse (white characters on black), and printing onto a shaded background; but for reasons best known to Canon you can’t
print in italics. In Epson mode you can print outlined or shadowed characters and italics.
BJ1C chai seri f mode The print quality is excellent. To the naked eye it looks almost professional, and it's only with a magnifying glass that you can see that character outlines are a little irregular. Graphics printing and DTP output in Epson mode are disappointing; here, BJ mode is distinctly superior in speed and quality.
This is an amazing little machine, especially when you remember that a couple of years ago a dot matrix printer with much inferior print would have cost about the same.
The first of its kind and still not surpassed' 95% 78% 77% 80% 61% 64% 65% 92% DESIGN CONSTRUCTION EASE OF USE PRINT QUALITY SPEED FLEXIBILITY INSTRUCTIONS VALUE FOR MONEY OVERALL 75% Canon Roman Sans Draft Italics, t The Canon BjlOex produces good quality Courier and Sanserif typefaces. Undistinguished proportional Roman. Adequate for letters, probably not enough variety for longer reports.
SMALL PRINT PRICE: (RRPexVAT): £345 INK CARTRIDGE (700,000 CHARS):E17.99 RECHARGEABLE BATTERY PACK: £39.99 SHEET FEEDER (30 SHEETS): £54 TEL: 081 773 3173 AMERICAN FOOTBALL COACH on the Amiga (1 Meg only) "AMERICAN FOOTBALL COACH is a good game.. It's certainly worth a look as the game play is superior to many full-blown simulations. I'll end by saying that it's extremely tough to have a winning season because the Al (artificial intelligence) definately plays hardball. Are you tough enough ? " RE VIEW...STRATEGY PLUS ISSUE 16....FEB 1992.
YOUR TASK is to get LONDON'S name printed on the trophy in 5 years against some of the best coaches ever on your Amiga.
YOU HAVE important information via SKILL RATINGS (that work) and comprehensive match & season STATISTICS (that inform).
YOU WILL SEE on our special chalkboard every play of every match of every season: KICKOFFS.. PUNTS..RUN BACKS.. DROPPED CATCHES..SACKS..BLITZES..SAFETIES..BOOTLEG..DEFENSIVE LINE SHIFT .RUNS..REVERSE RUNS..INTERCEPTIONS..etc..etc but most ot all you will get REALISM..every play is a challenge in itselL.no matter how good you are or get..you will NEVER be sure of winning here..but when you do..it's a real achievement-winning the title in season 5 has been done..but only by the very best.
To get your chance..send cheque PO for C9.75 incl P&P and we will send your game within 24 hours ot money clearance.
- TEL: 0600 860706
MATCH STATS Your judgement will be put to the test in this
unique 4 minute maictl iuu simulation against accurately
simulated opposition. This is the measure of your team and your
most reliable source of information. There arc displays of:
match flow, two teams, player-with-thc-ball. Injuries,
discipline, substitutions, in-match tactics, goal scorers,
possession breakdown and performance assessment DIVISION ONE 92
REV 1 REVISION ONE TV best just got better* All updates that
has e been made to Division One 92 over the last ux months. In
addrtion "(The Midnight Oil) treat soccer in the sophisticated
way Americans treat their national games." -The Guardian THE
GAME Everyone has their own ideas on what makes a soccer team
nek* Here is the opportunity 10 put into practice your own
ideas. Operating from the English 1st division you must build a
squad to challenge for the league title, the FA and League Cups
and the 3 European trophies. And as players age. Rebuild the
team while holding off relegation.
SQIADSTRANSFER MARKET In a 3 squad system (1st team squad, reserve squad and youth squad), use the continuous intake of youth players and training program to create a squad whose skills reflect your ideas. Supplement these skills with carefully selected transfer market acquisitions. A* they age. Veterans fade and youngsters develop, keep an eye on the changing skills of your team SKILLS All players have a balance of 5 skills (no 'skill levels’) which you must develop CUSTOMISATION PROGRAM Customise the 43 by experimenting with your team Even more impnruni will be your judgement about the rnsn
‘toning squad. Use your own favourite players, or effect of the particular team balance or skill combuiation on the outcome of the match, and your local side How about as squad with We.
Subsequently a season of football. Suitable training can drvdopfentuBice skills. Beckenbauer. Best. Creyff. Maradotma ....?
Wd check oxea«w*bsimul* k! Jpto«twtl Match results *e ftom a rnqur .occer match Every pass. Tackk. Shot etc. a determioed by Ac players involved Yore choice of skills dan influences match remits Mmol arithmetic has been dumped Football knowledge o the name of the game expanded, a European transfer market added and a few more minor changes. An edit program and a customisation program have also been added. The manual has been expanded and the packaging improved.
EDIT PROGRAM. Edit the team and players that make up Divition One. Produce your own Division One, or Scottish League. British League. European League.
GcrmanSpanish French Italian...cic...eU:. Or even make up a league of all the best teams you've POSTAL SALES The Midnight Oil Depi TO I
18. Hazclmcrc Road.
Stevenage SG’ XRX HEAD COACH ====== ploy*, devise the gamcplans end develop Hie leeni.
V3 EEEE a Please supply: Hr Dlrevl n a a a ?
A Amiga Amiga 1 Meg Atari ST £19.93 £19.93 II owners: replacement disk £IJO (Pop Comp.i , bubble bubble 1 Get this printer or the Canon - ifs really a matter of taste' DESIGN 85% CONSTRUCTION 86% EASE OF USE 85% PRINT QUALITY 88% SPEED 60% FLEXIBILITY 61% INSTRUCTIONS 59% VALUE FOR MONEY 93% OVERALL 750 0 1; SMALL PRINT Brother HJIOOi Can a younger brother outperform its elder?
This is essentially the same machine as the BjlOex. Whether you buy this or the Canon really depends on your preference lor cream (Brother) or battleship-grey (Canon) plastic. The switches on the control panel are also slightly different.
Its pnnter emulations are the same, although the Bubbtejet mode here Is called HJIOOi mode. The Internal typefaces have been changed, and the Brother s Roman typeface is more pleasant than the rather blocky Canon version. The Brolher also allows a small print size which gives a maximum of 160 characters across an A4 page as against the Canon's 136 (useful for spreadsheets).
As you might expect, overall print quality and speed are exactly the same as the BJIO's. The manual Is obviously based on Canon's but is differently arranged and easier to read.
Brother H Roman cha Sans seri Draft modi Italics, I ©dot! 11 (RXtdl Shadowed PRICE (RRPexVAT): £345 INK CARTRIDGE (700,000 CHARACTERS): £17.99 RECHARGEABLE BATTERY PACK: £39.99 SHEET FEEDER (30 SHEETS): £54 CARRYING CASE: £39.95 TEL: 071 387 5060 bubble bubble Let down bv soar araohics orint- SMALL PRINT ing, otherwise excellent' PRICE (RRP ex VAT): £345 DESIGN 80% INK CARTRIDGE (700.000 CHARACTERS): CONSTRUCTION 82% £17.95 EASE OF USE 81% PRINT QUALITY 84% RECHARGEABLE BATTERY PACK: £39 SPEED 61% SHEETFEEDER (30 SHEETS): £54 FLEXIBILITY 56% TEL: 0494 471111 INSTRUCTIONS 78% VALUE FOR MONEY
92% | OVERALL 70% Star SJ48 Roman chai Helvet i ca Draft mod Italics, I ©y t Star SJ48 The Kings of the dot matrix enter the Bubblejet arena... All primers may well have been created equal, with the SJ48 being yet another re-working of the BJ 10 theme, but Star has given the SJ48 a slightly different control panel and a paler shade of grey The machine was the only one supplied with a sheet feeder, which also worked well on the Canon and Brother. The feeder is easy to lit and remove and has a slot in the back so that you can still print envelopes while it's in place - this doesn't exactly
make it the Aston Marlin Lagonda of Bubble|ets, but it's well worth the £54 optional extra tag.
Something that will ruffle your hair, though, is the odd decision on Star's part not to give the SJ48 a Canon Bubbtejet mode: instead it just uses Epson LO or IBM emulations. This is fine when printing text, but the Epson 24 pin graphics printing is slow and the results aren't as good as the BJ mode on the other machines The Star’s manual is comprehensible though - which will come as a relief to anyone buying a printer for the first time who wants to just plug it in and get going.
Blue moon... ... you saw me standing alone micronics The Business Series was designed for the rigours of the office. Which means it's better designed, packed with features and easy to use. But it's also affordable by serious home users.
Competitively priced, the range comprises seven dot matrix printers. From the LC-20, the new low cost printer to replace the award winning LC-10.
To the LC24-200 Colour at a price our competitors charge for black printing.
The blue Star logo. The mark of a better printer.
For more information, contact your local Star Registered Dealer or complete the coupon.
Star Micronics U.K. Lid.. Slar House. Peregrine Business Part, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire HP 13 7DL Tel: (0494) 47| III. Fu: 0194) 473333.
R. .. I'm standing alone
without any information on the • Star Business Series. Please
send me some.
Name .:______ | Address .... J Postcode ....Tel j ¦¦¦¦I HMSO preferred inTBBlI] For information, ring 0603 695250.
899. 96 589 95 699 95 iST BSMeg PORTABLE BARE SCSI IDE DRIVES
105M*g 64k CACHE QUANTUM 15 8Ms 2'0M»g 64K CACHE SYQUEST
44Mm removable SCSI SYQUEST BBMeg removable SCSI PANASONIC
rSCSI CASE, inc PSU INMATE *500 15002000 SJIStSTmSTm 219*
MAM 2M'4Knt i MlG HAM 1024*4 *0n* .MIC. AMO “I P ACIUPNT HT
HAVE YOU EVER CONSIDERED A TAPE J STREAMER II so. Then contact us lor more information on a WIDE range of SCSI Tape Streamers for All SCSI controllers including the A590.
naps *n«) I Amag ¦ • BR* tssst SOUND ENHANCER ?
HARDWARE OR 100% COMPATIBLE c rlAHUWAnt WITH ALL SOFTWARE 100% COMPATIBLE ON DEMONSTRATION AT: WITH ALL SOFTWARE '¦'¦-•".c™ cth.mbs.oom CALLERS WELCOME BY APPOINTMENT I IT-214 FILE & HD ITILS 3 HDClick (a program selector | Harddisk menu) & Fik Minder a utility for maintaining files and directories on hard disk.
UT-216 FILE & HD ITILS 4 DosControl .. .lire,tors i.h.I allows you lo control the operation of your Amiga with a single program. Last Hope a rescue utility for recovering data from (lumaged disks & PRFont will print examples of each of the fonts encountered on a disk.
UT-217 MULTIPLAYER VI. 17 the latest version of this IT-602 JOB MANAGER extends the Amiga Dos multitasking environment by providing features such as allocation of cpu cycles in any ratio to multiple cpu bound UNIQUE processes, default task priorities based on task name etc. Requires Amiga ~ 68030 40 versions
* Amiga Dos 2.IM or later includes 6800CV20 and FF-603 NOTIFY a
suite of Rexx programs that can be used to issue messages or
run commands automatically.
FI-607 FISH CAT A program designed to allow searching of icons. Pictures cun be drawn with deluxe Painl ui lo icons clc.
UT-014 AMIGA SYSTEMS TEST tests ram. Keyboard, graphics, sound, sprites etc. UT-044 MCAD a simple computer aided design drawing package with lots of features.
UT-064 COMPLETEC MANUAL V2.0 (4 disks) an excellent guidc tutonal fur anyone wanting to leam C. ITT-072 BANK’S V1.5 keep track of multiple accounts, generate reports budgets etc. lTT-997 NORTH C VIJ (2 disks) a very popular C compiler.
IT-199 FONTS (I disks) A collection of over 100 fonts IT-I39 DRAWMAP V2.30D A map drawing utility with Zoom, colour fill, add text, print, save IFF etc. UT-147 AMIG A BOX desk top publishing. A word procevsor & AZSPELL a very good word processor along with a spelling checker.
UT-IS5 LABEL MAKER VIJ create your own 3.5- labels in colour, graphics text import, load save print completed labels the entire fish library. Features very fast search and the ability to add new disks to the database.
IT-619 AMIGAZER V3.0 compute a view of the night sky using a database of 1573 stars for any dale, time of day.
Latitude click on stars for info about them.
IT-625 CANON LBP Canon Laser printer driver package, contains WB driver extra preferences program for additional options. Pagcstrcam drivers. Fontshop progam etc. Fully functional demonstration version.
GA-109 PETERS QUEST a simple multi platform game ideal for the kids.
GA-126 CARD SHARP a collection of solitaire type card “ ntcd.
WARFARE SIMULATOR a strategic game for budding generals G A-129 MIND GAMES a collection of 21 games to make you think a little, all but a couple work on Ihe plus.
GA-130 DIPLOMACY II a very good strategic game for 2 to ass . , . .
Type games designed to exercise ihe grey matter that sleeps between your cars.
GA-145 UNIQUE GAMES 25 SquaniNc. Jumper & Moulh- man 3 revitalised clones of arcade classics and very gtxxl too.
Handy music playing utility.
IT-218 ICON TOOLS 2 a set of tools for creating large k vork. Vcrv handy.
'.04 a help utility for tl icons IT- I9 AI)OC V7.04 a help utility for the Amiga. Allows you to have permanent help on any subject you want. Includes help files on all intuition and dos function calls.
IT-221 SHERLOCK a document analyser, by giving program I wo documents to examine it can work out it l were written by the same author IT-222 PRINT ITILITIES handy printer tools to help you fthcy for art packages.
FF-451 SNOOPDOS V|.2 monitors Amiga Dos calls and allows you to see what libraries devices fonts etc a program is looking for at start up. Very handy for installing new programs to your own disks.
IT-562 DKGRaDER degrades your machine to try and gel badly written programs to work.
IT-563 MIDI KEYBOARD Makes it possible to play midi keyboard* connected to the Amiga with a midi interface via the mouse or computer keyboard.
FF-568 CALORIE BASE designed toprovidc the caloric and fat count for recipes that do not provide this information.
FF-570 GADGET TOOLS BOX allows you to draw edit gadtools gadgets and menus and then generate the corresponding Cor assembly code for you.
IT-576 BUDGET a program to help manage personal finances.
IT-583 SUPERLOCK a very flexible security program that can lock out any or all the devices present on your system making access to them impossible. It can also optionally lock out the keyboard and the mouse.
IT-587 TMKBP the multi kickstart hoard project lets you buikl a kickstart rum switcher compatible with the Amiga » & 21110 that will hold and switch between up to 3 versions of kick start.
IT-590 SUPER Dl PER a very fast disk copier and formatter.
IT-593 ELEMENTS a very nice interactive display of the periodic table of elements. Includes general row Sc column information, plus a test mode.
11 -598 YAMAHA EDITOR LIBRARIANS 3 editor librarian UT-188 MES8YHD II a combination of McuyDos & Sid makes it c Dos disks UT-I8V AMIHASE PROFESSIONAL a very popular and easy to use database.
UT-192 HARD DRIVE ITILS I MRBackup. KwikBackup.
Click Dos II. FixDisk & Sectorama.
UT-ltlMCE (2 Disks) a C compiler with many features.
UT-197 THE AM PACKAGE II (2 disks) an excellent commodore 64 emulator with an interface available to enable a 1541 disk drive to lie linked to the Amiga.
IT-203 GRAFIX ITILS 3 Picbasc. Agraph & Frcepaint.
Agraph an excellent graph creator (or bar. Pie and line chans.
IT-296 RBASF II V5.9 a very good database easy to me handles V fields and up to 600 records.
IT-207 NCOMM V2.6 the latest version of this excellent IT-Jlli rKRiffvi.tc (2 dok.) Another highly rated comma package but for the Amiga plus only.
UT-210 F. DWORD V2.2 a very nice text editor with lots of features ideal for writing C source etc. UT-211 SUPER KILLERS V2.2 cure your virus problems with the latest virus killers. Includes bootX V4.4 IT-212 DISKF.Y ¦ powerful sector orientated disk monitor with lots of useful features.
HTL makes it childi play lo copy files from MSDos disks to Amiga GA-146 QUADRIX another puzzle game where you have to match up the symbols to dear each level.
GA-148 UNIQUE GAMES 26 - Rocky. Concentration V3.3 & Challenger 3 games 1st is a houldcrdavh type followed by a new version of the well liked concentration and challenger a very nice quiz program.
GA-149 LOTHIAN VI.92 A very impressive graphic adventure game in the vein of the ultima series Cheques payable lo ‘UNIQUE COMPUTING* DISKS PRICES ARE: I to 4 disks al £2.00 per disk 5lo 9 disks al £1.75 per disk “10 or more al £1.50 per disk Unique Computing. Dept E M. 114 Sailers Road.
Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne NB3 3UP.
Telephone: 091-284 7976 FAX 091-284 7976 for the DXI00. DXII. DX21. DX27. PB-OI and ivni IT-599 MOG a demonstration version of a commercial molecular graphic program.
Programs TXHIZsyi ihesizerv Olivetti JP150 An alternative look can be deceptive... bubble bubble Quite a different machine from the others in this group. If you sawed the print trays and control panel off an HP DeskJet you would end up with the JP150 - a slightly over-sized grey shoe box based on the HP print engine.
The top of the box opens up and extends to form a paper rest. The front flaps down to make a rather inadequate shelf for loading single sheets which you poke in through a slot. As with the Canon BJ300 there’s only a single paper guide here so it's fairly easy to put the paper in crooked.
The machine seems very underpowered in terms of bells, whistles and flashing lights with only a power switch and three control buttons. But just wait until you look inside. There, in a row across the machine, are 33 (count ’em) selectors - all much bigger and easier to use than other printers’ DIP switches which they replace. My initial reaction was one of horror, but on second thoughts this arrangement actually makes the printer simpler to use than most. There is a fashion to have lots of buttons and flashing lights on printers nowadays (as on hi-fi systems), but many of them are unnec
essary, and may just confuse the user.
The JP150 has three typefaces, Courier, Times Nordic, and Letter Gothic (Sanserif) which are handsome examples of their kind.
The Courier can be used in either portrait or landscape orientation, but only at one size (12 point), the other two can be printed at 6 or 12 points.
There is one slot which accepts cards for extra fonts, memory, or added emulations. Another more essential extra is a cut sheet feeder which holds 70 sheets and fits under the machine - unfortunately several urgent calls to Italy didn’t get one for us to test.
The Olivetti's HP emulation makes it work with any Amiga application that has a DeskJet or LaserJet printer driver. In its best quality printing mode it’s slightly slower than the other three in our budget group, but has a useful draft mode which is much faster.
When printing from First Word there was a 30 second delay before anything happened. This did not occur with Protext, so it must be a printer driver problem.
Easy to use, despite the clumsy single sheet feeding arrangements, this printer is very compact and quiet. Don’t be put off by its rather dull external appearance.
'Definitely the best of the budget printers we tested' DESIGN 84% CONSTRUCTION 89% EASE OF USE 82% PRINT QUALITY 80% SPEED 79% FLEXIBILITY 82% INSTRUCTIONS 83% VALUE FOR MONEY 95% OVERALL 80% SMALL PRINT PRICE (RRP ex VAT): £339 INK CARTRIDGE (700.000 CHARACTERS) £14.50 RECHARGEABLE BATTERY PACK: £69 SHEET FEEDER (30 SHEETS): £90 FONT CARDS: £61.90 128 256k RAM CARD: £TBA TEL: 081 785 6666 Olivetti J Courier Times Roma Letter Gothi Draft mode Italic, bo The Olivetti JP150 otters the best typefaces In this price range. A targe range ot extra tort cards makes It pretty versatile, but at over a
minute a page It s still a bit slow tor the office.
GROUP SUMMARY None of these four are heavy-duty printers, nor are they fast: they’re excellent for letters and so on, but not really designed for long print runs or lengthy documents. You will find print quality good enough for small volume DTP work.
Canon recommends a work rate of 100 pages a month, and the ominous sounding MTBF (mean time before mechanical failure) is reckoned to be 6,000 pages - this would apply to the Brother and Star too. Olivettis give an MTBF of 10.000 pages. By comparison, a laser printer at five times the price is designed to cope with 16.000 pages a month!
All three Canon-type machines are very compact and portable, cheap and good value for money. The differences between the Canon and Brother are very minor: the former looks more handsome, the latter has a better Roman font. The Star is disappointing, slower and not-so- good at graphics printing; even having a manual that I could understand doesn’t make up for those deficiencies.
The Olivetti shoebox is also small enough to be moved around (or put away) easily, but, without a battery option, can't be considered a truly portable printer. Single sheet feeding is not as easy as with the others - it really needs its sheet feeder. It has the best internal typefaces, a landscape printing option, you can expand its internal memory. And add more fonts. Although graphics printing is at 300. Rather than
360. Dpi the quality is as good as from the others, although
output is slower.
Bubble bubble Comparison Table: At the end of the day how do the ten bubblejets compare?
Printer Canon BJIOex Brother HJIOOi Star SJ48 Olivetti Size in cm (h,w,d)
4. 75,31,21.6
4. 75, 31,21.6
4. 75, 31,21.6
11. 5,34.2,14.7 Weight (kg)
1. 8
1. 8
1. 8
2. 9 Resolution 360dpi 360dpi 360dpi 300dpi Memory 37K 37K 37K 8K
Emulation 1 EP, I, C EP, I, C EP, I HP, EPX*, I* typefaces 4 4
4 3 Paper Feed2 SS, SP SS, SF* SS, SF* SS, SF* Interface 3 p P
P P Memory Cards N A N A N A 128 256K Font Cards N A N A N A
15 Speed (CPS 4 83 83 83 80 160 A4 Text Page 1'23" T21* 1'22"
1 ’06- 44" DTP Page 3’35* T4T 4'09" Graphic 1'04- 1'05- 1’14”
• Optional extra 1 HP=Hewlett-Packard DeskJet LaserJet, EP=Epson
LQ, EPX=Epson FX. WBM Proptinter. Ocanon Bubblejet 2 SS-single
sheets, SF=sheet feeder, TR=tractor 3 Pfarallel), Sfertal),
L(ocaltalk) 4 Manufacturers'rating How does a Bubblejet woik?
Bubblejet and dot matrix printers (DMP’s) both produce copy as a series of very small dots on the page. A DMP does this by firing needles from the printer head at the paper through a ribbon, the Bubblejet by spitting out minute ink droplets... The story goes that a scientist in Canon's labs in the early 70s touched a hypodermic needle with a soldering iron and noticed that ink splattered out of the neede 15 years later, this led to the first thermal Bubbleiet pnrrtets The pnnt head has a vertical row of up to 64 nozzles, each finer than a human hair, fed from an ink reservoir. In the wall
of each nozzle is a resistor which heats up to 300-400 C when a pulse of electricity is sent to it. The ink vaporises (1) lo form small bubbles, vrtich merge into a Larger one (2,3), and set up a pressure wave thal forces a blob of ink out of the end of the nozzle (3.4,5). The vapour bubble contracts as it cools and more ink is sucked from the reservoir into the nozzle. This cycle can repeat itself about 4,000 times a second with no moving parts to slow things H . Compared lo older Bubblejet pnntets. This thermal Bubbleiet' technique (called 'Bubblejet' by Canon) Is faster and much more
precise. Most machines have a single unit which contains both the ink reservoir and print head, so both gel replaced at the same time.
Bubbleiet manufacturers used to make dams such as laser printer quality at dot matrix price' Ihavenl seen that written for a while, which is probably because it's not true. The print quality of these machines is very good Indeed, but not as fine or sharp as on a decent laser. The print resolution (number ol dots per indi) may be Ihe same or higher than on most laser printers, but the dot size is larger and the edges of characters or lines are slightly rougher Inlqets used to need special paper. They don't these days, although ifs still worth experimenting with different weights and surfaces.
- fl.
• Take 2 is compatible with any Amiga.
• Supports 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and Ham colour modes.
• Load and Save IFF images or D. Paint Anims.
• Uses traditional animators Dope sheet layout.
• Up to 4 levels of animation and 4 channels of sound.
• Playback at 24 or 25 frames per second. (Real Time).
• Further manipulate your image within any popular art package.
• Add "Vidi-Amiga” or The "Complete Colour Solution” to digitise
your drawings or images directly from within Take 2. This will
allow you to draw with a pencil, its easier than a mouse.
- 1 lLL.L-L.L-L.Ui L These Images have been drawn APPLICATIONS _
with a pencil.
• Traditional animation.
• Storyboards
• Product presentations.
• Home line tester.
• Cartoon Productions, both visual and sound.
Take 2 is a must for computer artists and enthusiasts of any age. It will cater for both amateur and professional applications. So get the most out of your computer and open up your imagination to Take 2.
™ digitised m then coloured using D. Paint 3.
¦ ¦
• Comprehensive and easy to follow manual.
• Disks
• Sample sounds and animations.
• Animators Peg Bar (to hold your paper into position while
drawing or digitising).
Example line drawn animations for you to get started with.
¦ iSl, ¦ ¦ ROMBO PRODUCTIONS BAIRD ROAD LIVINGSTON SCOTLAND EH54 7AZ 0 (0506) 466601 FOR COMMODORE AMIGA (ALL MODELS) i 70 I IIANI I STREET (DCU) r M ' r M M M mi Cl AY CROSS c:ni-:sri:niii:i.i ML ML M M M ijerjbysinm: SI 5 9JF 024G HGGG05 DEMOS TD01 Classic Demos TD02 Slcalthv 11 TD03 Fleet Manoeuvre* TD04 Iraq Demo TD05 Coyote Strike Back TD06 Fraxion Horror TD08 Iron Maiden Slideshow TD09 Lotus Car Chase I DIO Robocop 2 Slideshow TDI2 Robocop 15 Seconds TDI3 Total Recall TDM Evil Dead Demo TDI5 Puggs In Space TDI6 More Aerocoons TDI7 Scanners Horror Demo X Rated TDI8 Scanners Horror
Demo X Rated TDI9 Popeye Meets Beach Boys Tl)20 Bloodsport Demo TD2I Nightmare On Elm Street TDK Crecpshow I TD23 Total Destruction TD24 Alpha Flight Demo TD25 And Lemmigs TD26 Enterprise Leaving Dock ID27 Crionics Mega Demo TD28 Fractal Flight TD29 Silent* Scroller TD30 Utopia Cartoon Slides TD31 Bunsen Burner TD32 The Link Mega Demo TD33 Ghost Pool TD34 Scoopex Seven Sins TD35 Disney Slideshow TD36 Sleeping Bag Demo TD37 Sysirm S Demo
11) 38 Share Sc Enjoy 46 GAMES TGOl Missile Command TG02 Ponioon
TG03 Jeopardy • Version of Risk TG04 Star Trek - The Game -
Disk 1 of 2 TG05 Sur Trek - The (amr . Disk 2 of 2 TC06 PD
Games-Disk I TC107 Tetris TG08 Packman 81 IG09 Monopoly TGIO
Games Glore TGI I Games Glore Inc: Chess. Daleks Sc Tron.
TG12 PD Games - Disk 2 TGI3 Flaschhier TG14 Video Tennis TGI5 Holy Grail TGI6 PD Games (Disk 3) TGI 7 Amiopoly TGI8 Tennis TC.I9 Diplomao TG20 Twintris TG2I Drip TG22 Popor TG23 Eat Mine TG24 Return To Earth TG25 Hack TG26 Pseudo Cop TG27 CC Games Disk 7 TG28 Mega Games Pack TG29 Blizzard TG30 Wheel of Fortune UTILITIES TUOI Ultimate Virus Killer TU02 Mega Udlity Disk TU03 Ami base TU04 Q Base. Spreadsheet TU05 Journal TU06 Text Plus TU07 (1J Tutor TU08 Spreadsheet TU09 Spectrum Emulator TUIO AM Emulator a’ 11 Crunchers Sc Virus KiUcrs 2 IIIIS GM Mum. Creator TUI3 Insanity Tools 01 TUI4 D Copy
TUI5 Fredltsh 340 TUI6 Speedhench TUI7 P Copy VS TU 18 C light Tl*19 Jar bench TU20 label Designer Tl 21 Btorthim TDK NorthC VI.2 TU 23 M C ad Tl 24 Hackers and Hacking TU25 Darksiar 2 TL 26 Darksur 3 TU27 Darksur 4 TU28 Sid VI .6 TU29 ST Emulator TU30 TSB Vector. Designer VI .1 TU3I PE UlIUV.5 TU32 1 Bag 43 Tl’33 Sidney Sc Friends TU34 ESA Udlides IT 135 A68K Assembler TUS6 XIS Disk IU037 The Magician Utils 1138 Red Devils Udliucs 4 TU39 Running Man Update Tl 40 Pendle Europa Udlides Tl’4l ICPUG Printer Udlides TU42 System Checker TU43 Tctra Copier TU44 Redsector Demo Maker TU43 Red Devil
Tl'46 Cryptic Udls TU47 label Maker TU48 Cad V TU49 Clip Art TU50 And Virus TU5I The Dope Intro Maker TU52 Intro Maker
II. '53 Visicalc Spreadsheet TU54 U Edit Word Processor MUSIC 1
MO I Debbie Gibson. Klecuic Youth Disk I TM02 Debbie Gibson.
Electric Youth Disk 2 TMOS Madonna - Hanky Panky TM04 Pet
Shop Bovs - Always On My Mind TMOS Jean M. Jarre-Dockland*
TM06 Music Invasion II TM07 Betty Bool TM08 Betty Boo 2 TM09
bgue Sc Jusdfv My 1-ove FREE catalogue with every order.
Make Cheques & Postal Orders Payable To: TTPD No minimum order. VIRUS FREE.
If you can not sec Ihe Disk you are looking for send us details and we will get it for you for no extra charge.
PRINTER GOOD IDEA ALWAYS A Silica presents some great offers on
the award winning range of high quality matrix printers from
Citizen. Each Citizen printer is built in the UK to exacting
standards, ensuring superb reliability and output.
Our confidence in Citizen's quality is such that we are pleased to include a 2 year guarantee with every printer.
Plus, if you buy a Citizen printer (not inkjet) from us, we will give you the Silica Systems Printer Starter Kit (worth £29.38), FREE OF CHARGE!
FREE DELIVERY »«il tot ¦ Arnrtwe In to UK nertHnJ FREE STARTER KIT Woith E»3a With awry cottn tnw (ciduSlrqBW) tram SHU 2 YEAR WARRANTY Sicj (ton? Year wirxmy (ncUdog to tmlrr Mod) wBi na, Cttuoi piMei trom Stex WINDOWS 3.0 Frte WinJmn 30 drter :iu»s aeti Uie Siki Shutrr r FREE COLOUR KIT With emy PioM 9 ar : Sontl 24» pnmr FREE HELPLINE TkMcW Suwon hfWte optn duiirq otic* (cure MADE IN THE UK cman praters are nurufaduM) lo hqn sunduOs 144 CPS 80 COLUMN
• Citizen 120D* - 9 pin - 80 column
• 144cps Draft. 30cps NLO
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• Parallel or Serial Interlace
• Graphics Resolution: 240 x240dpi
• Epson and IBM Emulation
• Pull tractor & bottom feed
• FREE Silica Printer Starter Kit total value: mt ™ ™ SAVtHC: fiw
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pnnfc* cones « h a pantUW nterlace as ilaratefd II you re »Me a
serial Martes msieod.
Pleose state nl PRI 2125 when placioq your prOer S«ca.
• Citizen Prodot 9 - 9 pin - 80 column
• 300cps Draft. 60cps NLO
• 8K Printer Buffer . 3 Fonts
• Parallel Interface
• Graphics Resolution: 240 x240dpi
• Epson and IBM Emulation
• FREE Colour Kit
• FREE Silica Printer Starter Kit 192 CPS 80 COLUMN e Citizen Swm
9-9 pin -80 column
• I92cps Draft, 48cps NLO
• 8K Printer Buffer . 3 Fonts
• Parallel Interface e Graphics Resolution. 240 x240dpi
• Epson and IBM Emulation
• Colour OpOon available
• FREE Smca Printer Starter KM 192 CPS 136 COLUMN
• Ofiwrn Sw 9x ¦ 9 pin ¦ 136 column
• I92cps Draft. 48cps NLO
• BK Printer Butler . 3 Fonts
• Parallel menace
• Graphics Resolution 240 x240dpi
• Epson and IBM Emulation
• Colour Option Available
• Citizen S*dt24e-24 pin - 80 column
• 2t6cps Draft 72cps LO
• 8K Printer Buffer - 6 Fonts
• Parallel Intedace
• Graphics Resolution 360x360dpi
• Epson. IBM 6 NEC P6 Emulation
• FREE Colour Kit *¦
• FREE Site* Printer Starter KM
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• Epson and IBM Emulation
• Colour Option Available
• FREE Sika Printer Starter KM 192 cps 136 COLUMN
• Citizen SwM)24x-24 pin ¦ 136 cokrm
• I92cps Draft. 64cps NLO
• 8K Prater Buffer . 4 Fonts
• Parallel Interlace
• Graphics Resolution: 360x360dpi
• Epson. IBM and NEC P6 Emulation
• Colour OpDon Available
• FREE Smica Printer Starter KM 360 cps 80 column
• Cbzen Proiet - ink et ¦ 80 column
• 360cps Draft. I20cps NLO
• SO Nozde Hew) ¦ WnspaOUH47rB(A)
• BK Printer Buffer . 3 Fonts
• Optional HP Compatible Font cards
• Parallel Interlace
• Graphics Resolution 300x300dpi
• HP Desk et plus emulation 64 CPS 80 COLUMN
• Cmuen PN48 Notebook Printer
• Non-tmpact Prtetteg on Plain Paper
• 53cps LO - 4K Butter . 2 Fonts 1 This starter kit Mi htfpyou
j--1" ~fT_l to get you up md running I ‘ J teth your new dot
matrix or _ _ 171 I notebook primer when you
• Buy I Iron S*ca SyMwra 3Zi~Disk - Amiga & ST Drivers 3Yi~ Disk
- Driver for Windows 3 2 Metre Parallel Printer Cable 200
Sheets of Continuous Paper 100 Continuous Address Labels S
Continuous Envelopes_ PRINTER STANO Al accessories prce. Rdude
VAT and tree deivory Hatherlev Rd. Sidcup. Kent. DA14 4DX IE
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i. n h.yi p.ku, ii-oi ,.m_t., mo oei-x* row 1-4 The Mews,
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Before you deode when to buy your new printer, we suggest you think very careluly about WHERE you buy l Consider what il wi be like a lew months after you have made your purchase, when you may requre additional peripherals or software, or help and advce And, will Ihe ccrrparry you buy from contact you with details of new developments and products? At Silica Systems, we ensure that you wi have noTrng to worry about We have been established for over 12 years and with our unrivalled experience and expertise, we can now dam to meet cx* customers' requirements with an understanding which is s«cnd
to none. But don’t just take our word lor it. Complete and return tho ccupcn now lor our latest Free literatere and begn to experience the "Ska Systems Servof SILICA SYSTEMS II | Mr Mrs Miss Ms: Initials:...... | Address:_______________________________ fel (Home): -------------------- | Company Name (if appfcabte): PLEASE SEND A CITIZEN COLOUR CATALOGUE Which computers), d any, do you own? ™ Ei Ad55!l rnctemt Jsng?
Steve Keen takes another exhaustive look at the latest PD releases and sorts the wheat from the chaff. If it isn't reviewed here, then it's not worth buying... LEMMINGOIDS THE BOUNCER COLOURS Devils' latest fractal animation runs at the incredible speed of 50 pictures for every two frames of movement. It really is an impressive sight, especially with the swirly kaleidoscopic psychedelic colours they've used. The demo is not just confined to swirty pictures though, as it also incorporates rainbow- coloured landscapes, built up stage-by-stage running down the screen. The result is a futuristic
alien world that's quite breathtaking in its beauty. Original, entertaining and pleasing to the eye. Fractal freaks will flip.
Disk no: Colours Available from: Mr Micro, 30 Town heed, Klrkentilloch, G66 INL Price: £1.25 (including PAP)Tel: 041 777 Lemmmgoids is the result ot a splicing between two ol the most popular computer games in history: Lemmings and Asteroids The more traditional spacecraft associated with the old black and white arcade classic has been replaced by an umbrella and the gigantic rocks by huge Lemmings that explode inlo smaller versions every lime you shoot them until they disappear in a putt ot smoke All the humorous speech and sound samples have been retained from the original Lemmings puzzler
and the game includes a one or two-player option. The biggest bonus is the ability to load in ditterent sprites when you gel bored ol the green-haired imps. There are eight lo choose from, including Friday The 13th horror sprites and computers, and.
Just like their rodent counterparts, the additional graphics also break down inlo smaller versions.
Rather than stay the same, though, the computers break up into power-packs, mice, monitors and leads whilst Jason's ski mask incorporates axes, chain-saws, knives and eyeballs. Unfortunately, It's 1 Mb only, but anyone who has the memory is advised to part with their cash pronto.
Disk No: Lemmlngoids Available from: G. E. Robin.
46 Weller Drive. Cemberley. Surrey.
GUIS 2YA. Price: £1.25 (Including PSP) wv Jr * music Crack sampling leam. CytrarSine. Have mads a strange choice lor their latest track. Their computer disk version ol Kicks Like A Mule musical debut The Bouncer' fails to set the silicon world alight.
To give them credit, they have made some attempt at remising the original ditty and come up with an adeguato version ol a mind numbingly dire song.
Still, wo take encouragement Irom the lad thal nightclub bouncers are finally being portrayed in their true light at last. Sony Cybordine. But your song's not on Ihe play-list!
Disk no: 1717 Available trom:17 Bit 1st Floor Dtticus. 2 1 Market Street. WaketielO. WF11DH Price: Cl 50 (including PAP) Tel: 0024 366982 MICHAELJACKSON MEGA MIX A music domo H I T S Music Demo 12. A strange name lor a strange disk subject, namely Michael Jackson This is a three-disk mix ol some of Michael's most tamous songs. Some ol the tracks squeezed inlo Ihe code include 'Smooth Criminal'. 'Thriller' and 'Black and White'. All the samples were produced by Andy Gibson and are fairly clear, but each song only passes through the left channel However, an extra disk drive is mandatory if
you're to hear Ihe whole track uninterrupted Not bad if you're a Ian ol Wacko Jacko.
Disk no: MD12 Available Irom: H.I.T.S. 10 Hilton Terraco, Whlllawbum. Combusonds. Glasgow.
G72 IPO Price: C1 (including PAP) Tel: 041 641 2601 PUBLIC DOMAIN?
C 3 Welcome lo the Public Domain abote men's a wealth ol “™ Ine sollware available lor youi Amiga - ollen as good as. Il I nor beltei man a M ol tull-pnce coaimeicial programs For 4 me price el a Piss and a irttie manes le caver sucb things as I postage aal packing son can labs roar pek bee a staci ol grealgaaws sMdns demos nmuocmsadageWaHas Ike origins * Public Oomam go Pack lo me earls daps el competing when grands ol enlbnsiasls woold gel togelher and create original programs ot their own Those they would distribute freely between friends to garner recognition lor their coding skills.
Nowadays the PO scene has grown into a thriving industry with countless PO libraries serving an ever-growing number o’ enthusiasts Standards an mug all the lime PO Scene a bete lo ally rate all the best new releases as well as provide details ot the lull cost ot each disk (including postage and packing) and the address ol where to send your cheques postal orders Don't |ust sit there, start writing those cheques now!
QUADRIX Pu.... ___ Vet more AMOS games Ihis monlh and we kick ol with one ol the best. Ouadrix is an excellent example ol what's capable with Ihe games' creating tool. The ob|ed ol Ihe game is lo empty a square playing lield ol various blocks by pairing them with like cubes that come inlo Ihe arena via gaps in the lour walls. Bricks that are not coupled gather togelher in the centre to form a big block which can be manouvered and scrolled around with Ihe joystick in order to make the painng easier You have live lives which deplete as the bine runs out Every lime you complete a level, the
group oPblocks in the middle change Iheir formation adding to the frustration. The presentation and in-game graphics are based around an Egyptian theme and Ihe blocks represent some form ol hieroglyphic or elemental sign.
Ouadrix is a highly professional and entertaining affair that'll instantly appeal to puzzle freaks As tar as we are aware this is Geolfrey Sparks, an Australian programmer's first game And it Ihis IS anything to judge his tuture gaming creations by there's going to be a lot more to come. Alexey Pajhitnov watch your back!
Disk no:1732 Available trom:17 Bit tat Floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street. Wakefield. WF1 1DH M|k Price: El.50 (Including PAP) Tel: 0924 366982 fit AMY vs WALKER 2 animation Eric Schwartz is recognised as one ot the definitive Amiga cartoon animators. In this month's tree animation supplement we guide you through his best animation to date, A Day al the Beach. But tor now, just lo whet your appetites, here’s another example ot his current work. A VW2 is the sequel to the popular 1990 tlick, Amy vs. Walker. In the first demo Amy simply chased a miniature Walker, trom the film The Empire
Strikes Back, around an Amiga. It was short, but a significant example ol what Eric can do. This latest opus is very different and is more film-like The luckless Amy is sent diving for cover as a huge metallic monster's foot comes crashing down right next to her. In a fit of anger she manages to staple one of the beast's feet to the ground. The Walker tries to move and tumbles over, but doesn't give up the fight. It emits one last laser barrage before Amy scurries for cover.
A it ft X it t t -t »« IT'S A FINE DAY music dumo Those overworked brothers-in-arms, The Two Toms, have two new sampled disks out this month. As excellent as ever, their first is a cover ol Opus Ill's ‘It's a Fine Day', with an appropriately dreamy scene lor yoo lo peruse wtiilsl the sonics wash over you. However, Ihe real star is their version ol the Army 01 Lovers Obsession' track Even tl you hale Ihe group's camp exploits you can't fail lo be impressed by Ihe Toms' quality. There's no one in Ihe music sampling worid who comes close Disk no: 172SA (Its a FM...|. 1726A.MC lObsession)
Amiable tram: 17 M 1st floor Otficts. WakolielO. WF1 1XX Prieo: £1.50 per 41si (including P8P) Ttl: 0924 366982 •OU*' DIGfflAL DISCO 2 mualc daoio listen to the Richard Claydermanesque tracks.
Disk no: 2400 a 2401 Available from: PDSoft, 1 Bryant Avenua, Southend-On-Soa, Essex SS1 2YD Price: £2.50 (Including P4P) Tel:0702 46693 Yet more musical madness horn our crazy whacked out Finnish friends. Digital Disco 2 by 0 J Joge doesn’t break down any barriers in terms of originality, but the tunes are aimed at a more relaxed form of enthusiast. The Fins still haven't overcome the language barrier and insist on forcing you to read their inane Finglish before you can piay any music, which is a pity, as by the time you’ve waded through the gobbledygook, you're too worked up to
DRAGONLORD arcade game Dragonlord have pul together a brilliant collection ot seven of the greatest gomes to have graced the bome computer world. None are spectacularly polished as the emphasis has been firmly placed upon game-play.
The seven games include are Galatians. Asteroids.
Missile Command, Batata, Slime line, Bally Zolyx and, of course, the timeless Space Invaders. If you've always meant to get an oldies compilation, get this one. Relive the memories and wade in the nostalgia of classic video game heaven.
DU 10:1724 Available Iraont; lit 1st Flnor Offices. 2 1 Market Street. Wakefield. WFI 1DH Price: El .50 (leclndleg PSP) lei: 0924 381 RAVE HARD music demo Miga Master return to the hip computer music scene with a sample aptly entitled Rave Hard, because that's exactly what their disk does. The tune will appeal to those of you with a limited understanding of chord and note structure and matching Iqs. If you’re turned on by this monotonous drivel you deserve this disk, but it did nothing for me. The sample was put together by John Hodgson and is not the best example of his work. A far better
rendition of ‘musak’ can be found on his other disk No Scroochin’ Woman.
Repetitive music persists, but it is rescued from mediocrity by some weird and wonderful sampled speech that will keep the eyelids open.
Disk no: Ravo Hard Available from: NBS 132 Gunvillo Road, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 5LH Price: C1.75 (including PAP) Tel: 0903 529594 (.fsB WINNER TAKES ALL There'i only one prize on otter, but whal a prize It Is. T.000 disks drawn directly Irom PO Sott'a library are yours for Ihe taking! No namby-pamby runners-up prizes, just Ihe chance to win on extra special first prize. Go lor 111 RULES
1. Competition not open to EMAP or PD SOFT employees
2. Editor’s decision is final and no correspondence will be
entered into
3. It the prize ottered is not available, we reserve the right to
substitute a prize ol similar worth
4. This is a two-part competition and one coupon Irom both the
MAY and JUNE issue ot CU Amiga are necessary to enter
QUESTIONS Please answer the following multiple choice ques
tions and keep your answers safe until next month’s selection.
1. Eric Schwartz, famous for his Anti-Lemmings Demo and assorted
animations, lives in which country?
A. England.
B. Denmark.
2. What is PD software?
A. Free software, placed in the Public Domain, with the copyright
remaining with the original author.
B. I’ve no idea, but let me win the competition anyway because
I’m such an imbecile.
C. Incredibly expensive software that no one in their right mind
would buy.
Easy, eh? Keep your coupon and answers safe until next month, when you'll be able to enter our great 1,000 disk giveaway.
CU AMIGA PD SOFT COUPON NUMBER ONE Please cut out and keep this coupon until next month when we’ll be printing the second part ot this competition.
Ring us now! 0636 - 79097 we're programmed to help DELIVERY SERVICE and the keenest prices BEST OF THE AMIGA PUBLIC DOMAIN lUTILITIES DEMOS DISKS PRICES ADDWARE GAMES AG.01 Star Trek; Ctassicl (3D-MB) » SKSiuS 1ir chaSers tecutabie examples'(3 AG.03 Star Trek: (Agatron); (2D-MB) AG.05 Pacman 87; Multi level Classed AG.07* Board & Card names; Ciuedo etc AG. 10 Space Invaders; Arcade ClasasK: AG.14 Flaschetber . BoukJerdash style AG. 16 Castle Of Dome; Graphic Adv AG.18 Golden Fleece; Infocom quaMy AG.24 Drip • Chma Challenge. Frooper AG.27 Star Trek (USA); Great! (2D-M8) AG.29 Cheaa . Ties,
Tetriz Two. Etc AG.30 Twlntrle; Better than Tetris' AG.31 Simpsons; Shoot-em-up style AG.32 Legotrls; another Tetris game AG.34 Tile Game; Sliding block puzzle AG.36 Wlzzye Quest: Arcade puzzling AG.37 Rings ol Zon; Ultima style AG 38 Star Trek; The Arcade game AG.40* Metagalactlc Llamas; Class*' AG.42 Games Galore; Star Trek TrMa.
Pharoshs Curse. Monopoly.
AG.43* Grldrunner • Rebound. Invaders AG.44* Sorry . Missile. Blackjack etc AG.45* Seven Tiles; Speedbal style AG.46 Megaball; Arkanoid style AG.48 Diplomacy; war strategy game AG.49' Eat Mine; Emerald Mine Copy AG.51* Frantic Freddy; Platform game AG.S2 Block It; Superb Puzzle game' AG.53 Makamoto; Great Platform game AG.54- Downhill Shiing; Class-: game AG.55 Amos Defence; Great Shoot am c© AG.56 Assassins Games 11; Invaders.
Girl Action. LAssie Command etc AG.57* Battle force; Fantasy Action AG.58 Balloonacy; Great Bomber Clone AG.59 Squamble; Scramble verson AG.60 Asterolda; Arcade Classic!
AG.61 3 Player Tetris; Thple The Fun AG.62 Patience 4 Dominoes; As titled AG.63* Jet man; Spectrum Jetpac copy!
AG.64* Assaalns 1; Rollerpede. Tanx.
Caverunner. AMIGAds. Avatris AG.65* Skate Tribe; Skateboarding fun AG.66 Super Twlntrls: MEGA Teeis1 AG.67 Assassins 4; Jumper. Klondfce.G© Moku. Jumpy. Turbo Duel. Cracker AG.68* Assassins 4; Go Loony. Ra d and Retalitor Great SEUCK games!
AG.69 Marble Slide; Pipe Paruc style AG.70 Columne; Tetns Klax variation AG.71 Raphael; Game for Turlies tans AG.72 Air Warrior; Flight Simulator' tea®* CLIP ART AG.73" Battle Pong: Updated Pong game AG.74* Monopoly; tngksh game version!
AG.75 Wastelands; Great 3D adventure imKjfeAaSPL highly praised Ray Trace Stealthy Manoevre 11- Cartoon.
EDUCATIONAL Great Eric EDUCATIONAL il Innovation;: tha Fish; Grea Animations; Ki .emmln Demo; Amy at Movies 2; Another great E. Shwartz follow up. (4D-MB) Only C3.50 each!
Work 4 Play: 3 Educator* games tor Chidren Good' (MB) Word Factory; Educational Dogfight 2; Good Arcade game. (M8) Touchstones; Board game. (MB) Wordy; Word processor! Good!
Qulngo; Great Trivia quiz (MB) Flower Power; Great game! (MB) Big Top Fun; Educational fun. (MB) Shymer; Ktds Adventure game ;MB| T-Tecdraw; Good CAD package. (MB) Fracgen 11; fractal designer “u-i LlmvDon, uen Mirw chosen.
AG.80* Atlc Atec; Spcetnjm game copy AG.81* Cubulus; Superb Puzzle game AG.82 Shapes; Original puzzle game AG.83 21 Garnet; Includes: Missile Command, Space Invaders.
Cosmoroids. Bally 111. Egyptian Run, Backgammon AG.84 Mission X; Great shoot-em-up .12 Colour; Occasions. Transport. Slgi Electrical. Architecture.
13 Fruit, Vegetalbes. Kitchen 14 Women. Men. Boys. Gins. Babies 15 Cartoons, Anatomy. People 16 Alphabets; 52 dtterent!
17 Arrows. Borders. Stars. Humour FONTS GUARANTEED RETURN OF POST DELIVERY BYTEBACK Cheques, Postal orders or credit card facilities are available DEPT CU, 6 MUMBY CLOSE, NEWARK. NOTTS. NG24 1JE PD SCENE ASSASSINS VOLUME 20 oreads gams Hiding amongst a small collection of average PD games, there’s a monstrous arcade shoot 'em up to be found. Microbes is a mixture of puzzle and blasting as you pilot a space craft that races around the circumference of a large circle blasting microscopic amoeba that are constantly splitting and creeping towards the edge. The alien spawn multiply everytime
you hit them with your laser and creep from the centre of the circle until they escape from the line of fire and deplete your shields. It's a great PD game and rivals Llamatron for best shoot ‘em.
Disk no: 1749 Available from: 17 Bit, 1st Floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street, Wakefield, WF1 1DH Price: £1.50 (including P&P) Tel: 0924 366982 SS m B 1 AGAVRON SLIDESHOW slides how There are two things that get the CU PD office hacks excited. One is the arrival of a new Eric Schwartz demo and the other is loading up the latest offering from PD giant, Tobias Richter. The German maestro has come up with yet another impressive slideshow of upcoming animations, this time featuring graphic screens based on the Star Wars trilogy of films. There are more than 12 ray-traced pictures of the various mod
els used in the movies with appropriate starscaped backgrounds. The collection is presented with Mr Richter’s usual quality and is split into three sections: The Empire. The Alliance and Action. All the memorable space craft are represented ranging from the Alliance’s X-Wings to the Empire’s Tie-Fighters.
There are no fillers here and although the pictures are static they are so dynamic that they seem to thrust off the screen. Every pixel looks as though it has been lifted from a film still and even though Tobias covers the craft in extreme detail he always leaves us wanting more. Fantastic stuff.
Disk no: S019 Available from: Prodisc PD. 81 Middleton Hall, Kings Norton, Birmingham. B30 1AG Price: £1.25 (including P&P) Tel: 021 458 2404 GARFIELD slides How Own up! Who still buys the Daily Express just to read the Garfield strip? If you’re one of the many fans of the cuddly feline with the razor-sharp daws, then you could do worse than pick up a copy of this new Garfield-based disk.
There’s a huge collection of hand-drawn Garfields in Hi-Res mode, with 22 separate screens depicting over 40 different renditions of the orange orror. The drawings are in black and white and almost identical in style to the Jim Davis originals, suggesting that they are most definitely copied from his comic book strips. If you're a fan, like me, you won’t want to miss this excellent disk. Personalities cannot be bought, but they can be drawn!
Disk no: 1723 Available from:17 Bit. 1st Floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street, Wakefield, WF1 1DH Price: £1.50 (Including P&P) Tel: 0924 366982 CRAZY SUE platform game Yet another hybrid game sneaks onto the PD circuit. At first glance Crazy Sue looks like a cross between Mario and Rainbow Islands. A small girl sets out from her house armed only with a lollipop intent on overthrowing an evil wizard’s rule. On her journey, it’s necessary to travel through the monster-infested forest before getting to the Sage’s castle on the other side of the wood. The detail provided throughout would not look out
of place in a commercial game release. Sue waddles along like a toddler with her golden pony-tail flopping in the wind behind her and, when touched, her sprite transforms into an angel to float up to heaven. The monsters are not characterless either. They pulsate and undulate in an atmospheric manner whilst others speed onto the screen in whirling dervish Tasmanian Devil fashion, suddenly freezing to reveal their true identities. Each level necessitates locating a key to proceed and contains multiple points, coins and pick-ups. The game is only let down by the terrible tune, but you really
can’t afford to miss this great game.
Disk no: 2172 Available Irom: Virus Free PD. 23 Elborough Street, Swindon, SN2 2LS Price: £2.00 (including P&P) Tel: 0793 512321 PD TOP TEN A-Animation S-Sound U-Utility G-Game M-Miscellaneous 1 Amy at the Movies II A 2 Amy vs Walker II 3 Smash Telly! G 4 A Day at the Beach A 5 Lemmingoids G 6 Crazy Sue G 7 Shamen Remix S 8 Colours M 9 Ouadrix G 10 Dragonlord G Compiled by CU Amiga PETER'S QUEST platform game In the early days, games magazines got more enquiries concerning Mario’s conversion from the Nintendo to the Amiga than anything else. Although that’ll almost definitely never happen
(except tor the upcoming educational software Irom Mindscape) there are still plenty ot games out there that come close. Peter's Quest is one such game and although the game-play differs significantly it certainly look the business. Background scenery, blocks and animals included in the world could all have been lifted from the console adventures. Even the main sprite. Peter, wears identikit overalls to those of the Italian plumber.
However, this is where the similarities end, as most of the hero’s functions are not nearly as fluid or comprehensive. Peter must retrieve as many hearts and coins from ‘Mario Land' as possible so that he can rescue his girlfriend at the end of the 20-level world.The coins can be found inside certain blocks, but instead of being released by a quick bonk with the head, they must be located by crouching down and searching manually. Collected coins can buy certain goodies from an end-of-level menu. These range in price and usefulnes, and some of the gifts available include jet packs, extra
lives and super jumps. Although lacking the superb quality of the Mario series of games, this is great value for money and tremendous fun. If a little more attention had been paid to the main sprite’s manouverability and collision detection this could have been the best PD game for years. All is not lost, though, as there have been at least four revisions of the game already and hopefully the American programmer, David Meny, will go back and iron out these problems and come up with a true classic.
Disk no: 2396 Available from: PDSolt, 1 Bryant Avenue.
Southend-On-Sea, Essex SS1 2YD Price: £2.50 (Including PSP) Tel: 0702 466933 slideshow It's been a long time coming, but at last someone's seen the sense in putting together a collection ol pictures by Brian Bolland Brian's work is well known to comic book tans who've followed his career Irom early works as Fantasy Unlimited. Britain's first comic fan magazine. However, his first contact with fame came when he joined the 2000 AD team to draw the manic, futuristic cop. Judge Dread. He's now so popular that he rarely has time to scribble a complete strip and fills his time drawing covers from
such diverse podlums as album covers and Time Out magaize. Most will have seen his classic cover for the Batman Joker comic book novel, The Killing Joke, and is included on the disk. All the pictures are digitised and although they are not particularly fine examples of the process, or Indeed Bolland's work, they warrant more attention than many other comic slideshows I could mention.
DisktBolland 17 Bit, 1st floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street. Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF1 1DH Price: £1.50 (Including P»P) (Tel:0924 366982) It’* the ‘Strangest Demo Of The Month’ award time, and this is about as strange as they get. Viking Saga concerns, not surprisingly, an early segment of history from the nomadic warrior tribe, and tells of how they came to rest on our shores. With a mixture of animation and text, the quality of the demo wavers between the highly effective and the extremely inadequate. However, it’s presented with a certain Celtic charm and, although short, won't
disgrace anyone’s collection.
17 Bit, 1st floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF1 1 DH Price: £1.50 (Including PAP) (Te1:0924 366982) REAL THINGS animation Real Things is a collection of disks providing pre-drawn animations of professional quality. They include animals, people and objects expressly for use in demos and any other application you sare to put together and see fit to exploit the software with. Here we have a few examples of the kind of thing you can expect to find on the full-priced product. A few horses gallop and trot through forestry and pools of water.
Pretty accomplished stuff all things considered and the beasts are very lifelike.
However, they only last a couple of seconds before they loop. Unless you’re going to make use of the software by bringing them into your own demos there’s not much point in owning this, or indeed the commercial package either.
Disk no: 1778 17 Bit, 1st floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF1 1DH Price: £1.50 (Including P+P) (Tel:0924 366982) VIKING SAGA for he under 7 yew old's H5H TANK SIMULATOR A program fat lanoqixxtom Vhu**i pteosmg V28 WORD WRGHT A AMIGA SPEU. Corlans ' 9,000 wads & more words can be added V29 HOUSE HOLD rwintorv Means ol
• --H al your House hod possess-** V41 DPAINT ART Conatro kods
ol peSjns k» you ness around Wth loads WO your Dporf V48 TV »
wdeo graphics WFYxked win CUT, TICK & POST.....CUT, TICK & POST
jnd screens tor your video prodxtros.
Types Ol graphic sfytes PmL ictes an IFF peets i Otao the screen & Much More V*6 v«o PROOUCTION Ol Bom (Jsks ae ¦ with mdeo & Genlock ullltes ; disk Is nc* K»Sl I .Turbo. 79 CROSSWORD CREATOR 6 prog-am (Sal tross-ords UPDATED VERSION M MCAD PROGRAM-he otwet Drawing kr tie Amga.ie CAD IDUCATKJNAl: TYPING TUTOR A Smpkt Mich measures you* speed on tie keyboord : . POSTSCRIPT WTBBhtESTW .1.5 Oto-n lood i Scrrt Fanis to pur pnnter tico a loser Ponte 98 NORTH C .1.3 12) The most kirrojs C ge cn ite ArrigQ Endudes ol Hes requked 51 EYE OF THE BEHOLDER HINT BOOK Inc
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cosy Pecorrmrvnded tor ol f V350 BUSMUS CARD MAKBt Design your
own stness cords on the A rfgo V3S4 POS imunES No 13 :
FREECOPY, Pertores !-ded games cop, protectro so *at the user
con . " them on his her hord disk DCAT. Can create own disk
cctdoguo SCENERY. Creoles some cw i Iroctai based kind scapes
NUKE »1.« V358 GENESIS LANDSCAPE ScuW o Mculd am, iui
kindscac« in mxevs types 5 sizes. Shcrenate V361 PDS UTUT1B U
: MOOCONVBET, Fyogrom PLAYER, Progrom MULTI PlAYEfL (bogrom
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MOOULES IMUSiQ: VortouS moKrtes kr use wifi be OS Demo Mcker
V366 600 BUSINUS LETTERS There aie over 600 business t*ws on
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This is toe ktet CO uprMie tor toe Amos Programmer V4K0 POS
UTIUT1ES NO 1: PWHWG UTIUTie ype. FPShow. A£FD. Mew. Try Pn-il
FASTJET, A rog ram lor Deskje* 500 users you wart to use toe
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V413 WORKBB4CH 2 8 WORK STATION IhS S . Wstonolher workberxh done Isacolocsor of :: wlh ihe Workbench iherme (2) VAIS WDEO SCREENS! I. aert bock Qrcutod ¦res tor wdeo prodnicn work Nice back dops V4I7 SUPERBENCH & EXTRAS (2) An exelanl le-
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COMMANDS Ttia disk is bled w*v unlho con be used to
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Orot 90 JX V445 JRCOMM 1.02 This is Ihe kitesl version of Ihe
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Collect & som yax oOd’ess Ists on orr©uter Shorewe JX V47S
P.SUTE W.4 A cofcKtlon of programs cdkd P.Wrtto. a simple word
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P-Ronder end much mat more tnelenl disk JX V47? CHESS A CHISS UmfTlES 0 calechon of chess rdc*cd fLirdes. Programs A Uhhes J V4B1 THE RIPPERS GUIDE 6 ccltochon of haf) Ml ut Hies for people you rip Ochses & sounds jv JX V489 AM tpROFBSoNAL?I 1|Ssl“ updated verson oi Ite excelert CwabOSe progom now includes nroo excderl new features ?XV490AUSSYS© BINs is ihe latest verson PmI rood W Dos dsks and rra-ler ary tod lies to A frcm Ihe PC dsk Your Amgo $ o yar can do «wxk cn on IBM a an Amgo ond swop led tet-ecn ihcm JX V402 JAM PXWER .17 A JAM CRACKIR vio Abo tonkins on excelkrl rrusK r.ppar
program JX V493 0E5KBENCH O) This Is on exedtem AvyUienct repkicmenl with speclol Lillies.
JX V497 BEATRIX POTTB CUP ART An exelenl colection ol dp ad lor any DTP program or COOW J V498 TH*f SOUND MFW .10 Fnds Sdmon 1.
2 Wide. Horn cracker. Wue Canposet. Sajnd ironta. H*ose'Pra»oc«er. Swdrckler. Oaio. Sand sysletr, dmd rth«k« A Hoisepockc* JX veto STAR CHART .12 Thors cr cedar star pdnrg proaan wtti so inYesFrg taatres JX Vi09 MH v3i ms .s another codole lo Ihe Ubmale sound muse Eon* program JX VS10 UTTUBeoCH Tho watetekt roclocBTenl B tw fkp one t» Ihe new Am*» 5CCp Ccr-pute JX VSIS THE AAA PACKAGE v&O (2) A very (cmplele C 64 (mubkx Actual, runs lower hat 64 Pons 6« bone Tronskvs dsks bom yoo- ooand 64 dKk &ua wrth o shorewore leod.
JX V5I7 VOO A AAUN VTOCO DB. A program yr keepn rock on you ndeo tope ccHedlons RTAI* left you May large Anms on smoll Mem mocNnes JX VSW IMAGE IAB Patorms rrarry eflects bom simple averaging lo last touier borokxms Tools On Top. Coes totas. Iiiorbor* A ora, ba oe-enxkn JX vs» STUSTOR* used 10 creole ow* the Shoulder graphic roots fee Ihe 90 cteck news
* VS20 GRAPHICS : AORAPH CreOIM CWOurti bo and Irxi graphs
PIC8ASE, 9»ows reduced verscra al al your f* pxkres •• Perwres
JX VS21 PLOTTING A GRAPHICS PLOTXY. 4 poworiui Ml feaued pOtimg pockooe plans, a wel dcrvc conpuler aded rfoftmg progrom JX VS22 ARP VL3 : Conman vl.4. Mokes many oo2r°touM tocW«Siusas' S)Sls arte JX VS23 DICE C COMPUR (2 Mothew D&S M lea-ured powerM C ccrrrio A tnKrrar system.
JX V525 LABEL MAKER .13 An wcaleni disk prrong progrom wtt vndous new fecures J V524 DRAW MAP .3-1 (2) nil new grreroto orr, 16 too* cam «4t user ccrbol New VwMes nckde tvger reps wtb ntano Kundxes. Ireroved hap ah!
Prrlng 12Mb llkto verso-cndskV263l JX V52B POS UTLS 20: SUPBtOUPER, Ardher JX V529 FRACTAL A SCULPT 4d: Tree *4 CmOes scdwAdHeswtPieores Comm 4d. ESGen A Ctema JX V530 BUOGET fl progrom lo help rronogng persond fnances This is a update to dak V2B0 JX V536 CATALOOUf UTWTtS A tOlecKn d cdles caod m CottMue **J Wtao' Tope otecVns(B JX VS43 DISK STATION (21 An eadhrt wcrtbenct repixemom vWh buh in unites Ike 5.0 and others aV546 KOS PAPIT A porting wegan designed tot ton tockdes voKws cotourscrd speech J VS47 RADBOICH vl.« Anotver workbench replocmenl [rhaneemcnl disk JX VS49IUCTROCAD vU
Another Updcfcd on the cod downing prert wrlbenin Amos.
Or use with DeUsel 500 asc wit unto SO Uds.mr is CUCKDOStaonAm FllfFlNO A SUPERWEW JX VS82 OB.
Vepors domo«d dsks SWEEP. Free unused dtocated monon FONT ASSIGN Assarts tonts 10 Ihe S 5 path JXVS87 GEUGNTi FONts (2) A selection of Amtc JX VS92 MICRO EMACS Beetroot jX V603 POOL FORCAST xvdfcv J V606 SAMPLE MAKB1.1.0 Th', pcorjrom wrrls r a srrilor way to synlt-rasas jusf choose the wa* kxm. Oler it lo Wife & insert into ytu» sample J V607 PRO TRACKER v2.0 A musk Ed*X -tXt you can a calc irusx wlh. Also lood ony sorrpte J V608 DCOPY »2.0 This S b* besi ecocr yci.
Powertoil commords wlh deep scon modes JX V6H) GOCf SCORES vl.82 Gcf SCCrtS **Sl gx bow -ih o» chais to taro vox awoges upto doe J V611 FOOTBALL LEAGUE EDITOR Lpdolc ytur teogues posilons kx inslontootwli leogue Into.
JX V620 aspce 3-2 Orcuti anof s program
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slordord featorcs & More Ike Powerful search routines, use any
8-panl yVnigo loot & has a boil in «us checker J V624 M8 COPW
rtO Tito totes updae to that ocdtanl dok copy (xogram Perjures
2 ds* drhes j V625 NCOMM .20, Ps here *te long crwafed upoae to
the best moden retted program on the Amaa Also cantons o New
version of LHA«.
JX V627 DP ANT FONTS No's 1-J |3| The Ideal seeocn Fonts Or use wtr ony »• DTP Progrom O) JX V630 AAUCASH Another «-c»lert program to J* VAJ buNOfON MA5TIRI *SpS IFF maps for Ftls Dungeon Wader n load itvoo i Opoim J V63S IbcM EMULATOR This it the DesJ 18V.
Irnutolot which suipprols various cokxr mrolors urlke ol the others Vcied best shaewate cvogrom J V636 SHADES A FADES : TVJRBO TITU. Wdeo Bcr cspeoali, suitod kx nsertng (ttm subBttet STAR BLANK Sonks screen & despins a 3d Skr Fed , .WA. Mchu .. passrgb, NCC-1B6* RaiANT. Very g»d atom rtfeed JX AltO INTERPRKES. Leaves f« Star stolon dock NCC T70VA, Ihe CtoSSK oigrxil Animaton.
JXATI7 THE TWOK NCC-1B60, PeLori 6 Ihe NCC 1701-A-Cnlerprise MiNSCH ROBOTER JX AT18 TWOK-O. Anim NCC I860 A nom & NCC t70VA-Eneevprte* NCC 1089 Grtsson JX AT22 APPROAORNG VESSELS, ArimalOX Binor, FtOni Wrebome tordscapc by T Richter JX Am STAR TREK FLEET MANEUVER NIC-1940 FlTovef S by orrnMlan exNtart or.uc JX AT33 THE PROBE R. Aonxnon BUD OF PREY.
JX AT34 LEAVING SPACE OFFlCt Anbnolton DOCWNG. Anmatro bom stor ink ATTACK MCOE.
Brd cf Prey Seoul hp in Black mode JX 10*0 STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION. This gome d by Tory A M totosh vl 47 • JXMMI THE UUTMAT* STAR TRW 21 Gome by Tobias Rrhter Now-dh (rgtsh tosaochons S2222 STAR TRBC THE NEXT GENERATION This s totes quiz gome based on ihe Ned generato (2) JX SMAUGHO The STAR TRBC Gamebv Inc GusJcfeon US topad requrcs 1Mb & (31 asks j SMAU0156 *he STAR TREK Came by into Baba Tre Amencon wston 1Mb 612) dsks JX AMUSE19 TRSK73, A STAR TREK Bade SmukXO where yaj con attock klngoo & Porvjkxns JX V367 STAR TREK MF0RMATK3N A Datobase cf S too onatoal senes Very Oetoied JX V6M
THE FMAL FRCNm ISSUE I Ihs is o dsk rogoz re Dosed on Two deks both pacied 121 He ere too beo NY» 'Amo demo s bom cur cdtocl- K1(1 hem fie past 2 months Tho «Si aro Isfted bato*- J 1*88 RAY OF HOPE N BY MAOW 12 J 2028 IBB MANGAD MEGA DEMO J 2137 TK WHDfRE MEGA DEMO J 2250 OOYSSEY ALCATRAZ (3) Tho 5 disk space Odrtsey needs to been seen to be betoved Sril J 225* HARDWKED CRIONCS [2) J 2375 FEEL THE V1ML BY DKXTAL J 237* FLASH FOR FANTASY BY SANITY J 2391 RHYTHM NATION BY TLB (2) J 2400 DIGITAL OtSCO I BY CHROME CZI J 2404 SIGN EGO ANIM BY EVA CORTESE 01 J 240 DEVRS ‘COLOURS' MEGA DEMO IX l.r-1
.-.MI 11 v.vir. - |2I 2 Vb JX 1703 THE OATMG GAM A nm requin', (2) 2M JX 1642 SHUTTLE COCX Animation flMb) JX 1850 LATE MOHT & TEPMNAL Ann 1Mb JX 2013 ACUITY Anmotcn dsk (1Mb) JX 2021 WETNAM CO**UCT Antondlon flMbi JX 2133 GUU WAR CONFLICT (2Mb) JX 2307 AMY AT THE MOWESII (4) 1Mb 04, JX 2311 AMY W !*• WALKER H (21 3Mb JX 2384 AMY AT TK BEACH (21 FyoOley Ihe bes animation by ES to date. Eacotent 3Mb JX 2427 CAMOURFLAOE ANM Imb JX 2430 SKUNKS A MMKSPOGO JX SMAUG302 AMYHIST riroaixcs JX SMAUG303 BATMAN. ArtOtoer A afceui a t«rr« Fropeler pttne COO OK SMAUG30S MOW TO RUN. Hr irrason 2Mb j 1073
Tnws OBGtNAlThr, s »* ptoses' garr lo I JX 1420 DTIQS Tt s is l?ebest ? F«w« To»o gano jX *454 MfOA BALL An excellerl Arkonad game JX H86 SOUTAJRf A SOUTAJRi ROYAL Cad gores JX 1561 TrfTWtS I his is the t«l .erscm cA Te*B on Amga with 1 Woyer, 2 player A 3 Payer oplkni JX 735 ASTERIOOS TH[ CttGNAL Another old iJC 1W4 AJR WARRIOR The frsJ real Ught smulator on j 2018 JETMAN Anater Spadum ckisw cerwerted to Ihe orrigo ITS J«P» wnlh all Ihe ongnd saands JX 2022 SEA LANCE Thie 8rsl Sbert Service type sub war game wtNn our Amiga FO cotedon JX »S4 ATK ATAC A rcrdhon of Ihe game kom Ihe ongnol
Spectrum ccmpulet GracNc Maze odverlurc jX 2»1 ETHOS GAM* An ecceiknt rvew role c*Wng' JX 21*2*BATTll Cx’ir WAJtGAME 1 Skotsgy war gomes which bcrto need toad tog through rtb JX 2164 DtNGEON ON NADROJ Ihrs IS Me best Ckrvgecos & Crogans Public domoto tflie gome we "¦aw" WcwJ n a cr«j nrre . Reccmmerdad kx dl j 2171WESTIANDS An exelenl game, vnewed »n mas Mogazme -dh very gocd reviews j 2173 CARD GAMfS. Vortous cord gemes "led CrnbOoge. Bkie Moeru »0ng Fwencc & Hoar’s JX 2177 MiSSCN x: RAO I Thd is a Xoot em up gonw in ihe shyfo of SrttV & 1943. Very good gome JX 2178 SURVIVOR A space based
ahWure gome vdrtn Ihe Aiens iheme Nee eokxirfull graphics JX 217* ADVENTURES M HELL A coBectcrn d M games led. 9a ire*. Alkrds. Ring & Indtcaioo JX 2180 SKODA CHALLENGE An aacUect 4 player haRal gome-men in Amos Simple bui good fun JX 218S battlecars Exelenl Scttd 3d GropNcs Injrel around. »oc« down Ihe other cars & desxoy JX 21** PARACHUTE JOUST You are lalrg dawn to oo nh Snvstime the Axochute bom toe Other okvw JX 2219 NAPOLMC WAR SIMULATOR .5 0 Ar exeterl sirrUcAcr program. Sert dr«l by the Autvor JX 2220 STRATEGIC GAMES, EternO Rome, lords of Hosts, r hVaonshne An (xeliert colocnon cf
games JX 2221 «MM OAMIS 21 of Ihe best Mnd games lo J 2224 SWORD OF IHE WAMOOcX BaOS ICMS’ Eye d the Betado odrcnto-o game pxxked on bree W? II DMU JX Z26S HOLLTWOOO QUIZ. A nkel game wlti o choce al subtods DOW* jX 2272 BLACK JACK LAB Play Polar JX 2278 CARD SHARP A wry pcofass setoclro ot sottoiie type cord games jX 227* SUB ATTACK VLOCcrtrOlh '_tX 2280 CMPLOMANCY.2 0 ••• tooseh based on WortJ Wor 1. A very c JX 230 REVENGC OF T« MUTANT 1 JX 2357 SPACE POK» The' akemolhe Poke, Gome JX 2411 TOTAL WAR The board rpme version of BS JX 2412 FORMULA 1 SIMULATOR flnocilvc smutotor JX 241* MOBGHT
TUB tucetenl odvenlore Game JX AP0329 AMOS FRLXT MACHINE I As rear OS passable to the fra! Mochtoe tound to Pubs & Arcodes JX SMAUG312 AM MORIA till This 8 Pie tolesl update w fte Onginol Mono aJwrtae gome Beber crapfia ndntetoralodvroA-ctedOolxcaWii Allied fish disks ore VWIKtochdWi but inowoge of Ctl 5he»rra, Delegated to run seme of tone programs Mast programs mil wak wito Wb 2 04 JXAPOI51 UNDERSTANDING AMOS Ihe Amas Tutorial Prog-om 0t» A rruisl j AP03J4 KmnASt *20 lhs ts cr easy. Tomr* ond Pb-Elto , OdoDase -heh can trode 10X00 records jF57*OCTAMH .10CbAmu*e3k*.vh«h-as orgrrtVdmsgncij
tor m»ng must: tor frc-jnxrnsidaTOk gomes, Oil bf -a-ks -01 as a OarO- (*fu mu« program os Ol OctaMEDiStoeB-charrWvwsnnofftfD J F580 WORLD DATABANK *2.2 Using a doto base from the 04. This pogrom -11 plot -arid mops J F5«J SUP1RSPEU A globd spWrq chwcler rtor checksyourspdtogrvomoner-hi* program you ore tyang under Comes Wto a 90CO word fficlicnoiy.
Which you conedf. Odd lo or roptoce cccrpldef, JF590SLWERDUPER .2.01 A very lost ds*ec©rt«i kxmoner VccheO c©« wry QuvcHy mdeod J F59Sanalybm (2) An ifiergrotton of AnoVCok spreadsheet & RIM 5 Database monogament j F401PP vl« use his Pakh to kod Puw Pater fas n» am, oorrtod «od [iwessor le led Ptos a Urtt JF402 MATHS ADV A stoFtagom*-here ,a, toe ycuog aJwluter. Must ly » rsccpc toe Krgs MshS odrenue Alereoch room ihe quesfcns get hnW J F607 ANMf AOER V deo production ultit, to fade saccnsin&ou* An«t«rtenlWdeobasedutiity j F*21 It kon edba wth impcn & caport commends MULTRLAYW *117, Boa most
Mua-c progs modules J F62B LEGEND Of LOTHIAN vt 02 .sCtoorberture gome in Ihe wen ot tie Lrrnagomo series Inctodes edcertA aocNcs. Hades ot irorsws & puales o «« j F629 ROCKY Anatoer txxMadosh done This one : FRH POSTAGE A PACKMO lDAP1 NO CHARGE m Credit Card Hotline (0702) 466933 pn nft (CU35) 1 Bryant Ave, Southend-on-Sea, ESSEX, SSI 2YD 1 Budget T He *7 99 2 Budget Irfos *7.7* foch 3 Budget Me* A Over *7.00 Eoct BT3 ARCADE TPMAX BTSSUK WcftVX BHIMPOSSAMOU BTBSLBEPCAR5X BT* DBERBAU BTT1SHUFTUAJOC CAFIX ¦TH HARD WAN BT13 FANTASY VktLD 0CZ X BT15 VlflMIVrix BTOWOBOXMjSIVX BT17S.D.IX
APACHE FIKXT TITLES PRICED • *$ .** (och *8.00 Eoctlcr 2 8T67
ROCKET RANGER Superb GrophtcW od-mture BT68 BLOOOWYCH B'lldhl
RcAe WOWgGoflte BT*0 CAVTTAS One ol tie besi shoot om ups gomes
BT*3 MONTY PYTHCNS Strange Grcohkol oOvenkre BT** ITAUA 90 An
e«e!ert soccrr ccmpUcr oomo BT10* SUPER Off ROAO RACBt An
e.caieni super Scrim done with e-iro eBects & Spec-al weopcm s
ond PO-SotllUWOrfy hove FPPS Thebes, pock y« So dsks packed wlh
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sizes Fo use Wlh Opoini picgrcms o any Vdeo croducico unities
This pock has sore koto*, outstanding torts ond to crly OS
tKyg cyooo i 70 tonts to ptov wlh Best produced The Telephane
hotlne is open sn days a wee* bom 9om to 7pm (Week doysl & bom
lOom - 4pm fScfurdrwsl You ccr now cottad ony dsks ol our New
(urcpe lememter tool there a
o m»n cedar of 5 dsks. Al oders sert by A RVAL Free IN1WNAT10N
ORDERS ONLY Al oders ore sert b, Am Mat Pteiseadd2CfllMinmun
* 2.00 to toe toW of toe order, to-or® toe pastooe totemcnon
Cheques mus be drawn on a UK bonk UTILITIES VIRUS FREE PD Ltd,
1206 DATABASE WIZMO.GEEEWBietaW . 1694 VWO CAT ETC.iw* Hem who
- 1775 PACMAN COHERto.fa» to
• 1896 UUW«niAOCBtCCUKnON.bddW« .1925 RSI KMO MAKER HELP & 06XCT
e$ fem»LUT1JT*S»l**Lrfaicd**r
* 1999 AMIGA FOX DTPidM V« Uun r* .2000 3x DATABASE to-9«dew*a.
- 2001 PC EM GnK *wr
• 2012 VKTC* 8AUS HXT0* FOR BSHemum*
- 2014 RSI C£MOMAKB? DELUXE Jto fa fad* .2037 ASSASINS M£GA
BOOtJfMMIfci .2046 CXG1AIATORESS 60C*. To M t,
• 2050 WINDOWS BENCH VI 0 N» roer«rtec
• 2054 LABEL BASE V3.0JHHkr* .2056 tAND BULCtRV3 2 .0»-l tog am,
¦2057 IMPlOOER V4 00 ETC.baatbrea .2062 MESSY SD ZtensXtoetotap
ORGANIZER tot fc% * .2138 CLERK** .2147 UNLOCK AMOS *1 ton
uOtoiom .2148 »4R Baa-UP V5.02Atak.l«to»to.«
• 2150TAPE COVER C* ran aer at rc» ?2I52DAIAEASY 13.fa* (veto
set toil .2153 (1C BASE tot w Wiakto I* ye 4 .2154 LCD
CalCUtoentoE .2I57FREKOPTVI 4te-i.«.to|»
• 2156 FVOFESSKXAlDCOPY 3 A ; h** to ®» .2171 TEXT B4GM 3Mr* M
• 2175UNI COPY.tojfatej** .2176 AMIGA PUS imtS ImnsnkMiaV
- 2246 INSANITY TOOlS.MtotosAs .2281 PRINTER UTBStkdld .2306 MED
V3.2UBsw.rt rae®
ton.*..' .2315 ASSASSNS DISK CC4TERto,oto.w .2317 CRWORK VI 31
oi Kfiefapei
• 2318DRMOPTIMISER V1.0 toatototer .2319 TK SUPER KUEBS. TfdaUMU
.2320VCtO DAT VI.2. fat r*faee*a»«dd .2327 PRO CAIC VI .0.
tafaafacracfar .2329 FONT FARM tow. Fast «•*[** .2324 HASH COPY
V0.9. HW stajAl «»• .2356 AUD© AMMATKJN STUOO. We.
• 2356 PRO TRACKS! VI IB «M« ¦¦¦;nra .2359 HARD COVE UT11S Bod up
u* Oc .2360DYNAMITE FONTS 2. Ua»iM .2366 KSKSID V2.Q5. Nr-
version oi SC .2400 Ann VIRUS V4.2. to-.«80*0a«tl LOCKABLE DISK
BOXES 40 Capacity .£5.99 80
Capacity ...JE6.99 100
Capacity .~£7.99 you own Pago Seam 2 1 or 2.2 tben
.... _ 1 MEG ojr probeybly awoir o* iba coU cd odetng onH lo
your vsfcwore. Ibier not (hoop HUGO Page Stream fonts Wo con
supply you with a cofccJton ol 60 op quality Poge Stream fonts
for or*.
C9 W. *Kt's •eatrvdon. To toss than l7p nr for*.
60 FONTS FOR ONLY £9.99 'ossibly iba most imprauiwe 30 graphics .ve ever toon Tachnicedly amazing, with
• ery simphslc bul still odiclive gonnplay.
Orrd cuter ian you'd believe Never mind Space AcmI ol, ihto is how to rea*y show o" whal ihe Amiga con do."**** Only £5.00 Inr a 3 disk «•¦• Ask for our Great catalogue disk now. It Includes details of over 2000 disks. It’s given free with orders, or available scparally for only £1.00.
- ORDERING DETAILS Orders can be placed either through the post,
with payment being made by Cheque. Postal Order, or Credit
Cani. Payable to VIRUS FREE PD You can also Phone or fax your
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lines are open 9.30am-5.30pm Monday to Saturday. No Answer
Most orders are despatched within 24 hours, by first class post.
Postage is included on all UK orders. Oversea's orders please add 25p per title ordered.
PD PRICES PER DISK 1 Single Disk £3.00 6-10 PD Disks £1.75 21-99 PD Disks £1.25 Dcj« Vu Software £3.50 BAD BOYZ Liccnccware.O.OO FISH Disks .£1.00 Power Gaines .£2.99 JNK Disks 69p ea.ch igc in UK FR.EE GAMES (Dept CU) 31 Faringdon Rd, Swindon, Wiltshire SN1 5AR.
Tel: 0793 512321 512073 3 Fax: 0793 512075 BHH Amiga Public Domain mmm SHAPES to.to.to- ENSIGNA MAYHEM. Mato* TANXGAMf lm ia DOWNHUCHAUB43E. «c» GAIACTC FOOD FIGHT Cuto THE SIMPSONS, 'tolrriw* RETAUATOR . PACMAN. In AMIGADS wtoinw NIB8Y NIBBIE & MISSILE COMMAS POM POM . Tottadtotto.
.1520 .1529 .1538
• 1642 .1643 .1644 .1647 .1648
- 1709 .1760 .1771 .1774 .1777
- 1778 1780
• 1856 .1919
- 1981
• 1993 .1994 .1997 .1996 .2032
• 3008
* 2030
- 2031
- 2032 2042 .2055 .2097 .2073 .2047
• 20®3 .2061 .2063 .2069 .2091 .2092 .2101
- 2102 .2161 .2162 .2164 .2165 .2166 .2172
• 2240
• 2321 .2322 2328 .2354
- 2355 .2362 .2363 .2365 .2366 SYSTEM 4. Toto3to'3n ATKATAC
JUMPY. Tor tfr.pt to or 3 QUO 4 SUVA SEA-IANCE. Tdtrfa 1« MISSCN X (RAID 2|.MnWe« ARCADE CLASSICS, kfanfcdr.
F-14 TOMCAT toaito.aW BATTIE CARS. ToakApn
F. X.I btorrtod.
CRIBBAGE. Ctopt CRAZY SUE. 'Mfanlhtap.
SKY FLYER nl'to-to.. GALAGA92 Fartarie Won ip GAMES GAIORE 10 lawtorpfao- REVENGE OF Tl« MUTANT CAMELS NUMPTY ANO TV* ALIEN INVACOS JETMAN A Oowc X-FIRE AddiOivo BLACK BOX GAME A LENS shcotem up SMASH THEY GAME. Ft r*«toCfa BITS & BOBS A50(1 Dust Cover ..£2.50 Mouse Mat . ..£2.50 External Drive .... £59.95 Amiga Mouse .... £16.99 10 Blank disks .... ..£5.90 2-5 PD Disks. £2.00 11-20 PD Disks £1.50
100. PD Disks £1.00 . -A500. Comptflble, -¦ Not AMO.
Compatible A note lo all A500. Ownm.
Sane toks ecmain mar than ooe p*o*tan . And cm a large compilation compilation mx all pognens are guaraniced w be compatible.
- 1521 THE SIMPSONS SUCES Gath .1535 HEAVY MATH DEMO, ton .1571
• 1712 SM3NG MMAPC
• 1750 SUFNTS YCE' Wiba*e
- 1962-8 PINK FLOYD TV* WALL '.14
MOVIES 2 ton .2290-1 HARDWIRE, la**n
POTATO HEAD2 .2309 TAKE 2 MMO F-v, at*
• 2364 MAGIC 12 MAD MstSON. Greet «uB .2376 AMY Vi WALKER 2. 3MEG
• 2385 INNER MACNESS MMO .2389 SKUNKS . HUNCS. Bnfl S-alz orum
2391 RAZC* Top j«ol4, W .2281 ASSASSINS PRINTER UTLS. M
- 2300 RSI MMO MAKER V2.0. .2154 LCD CALC. Po-aAL cokulokx.
.2155 lABLERV3 0.ExafcnlaW«*ar .2157 FREE CC YVl 4. Removes profachon
• 2158 PROFESSIONAL DGOFY 3 Po-wM ?2165 DOOOY 2 Tha basOH .2171
• 2172 CRAZYSUE.OnoliUbwPDg .2176 AMIGA PLUS UtlS.lHsjosI Iw 4c
pfa .2240 SKY FLYER. Btillont shooPem up .2243 VOGUE UTRJTES.
Good colnhon
- 2290-1 HARDWARE. Totally omazing siu»
- 2295-9 ALCATRAZ 'OOOYSEY* C5 00 .2303 KIDS PANT. Boll part
- 2305 RAE8&KH 1 4 r«aorabtoRAM ** .2306 MED V3.2. Siupnb
• 2312 HARDWARE COP® Ra res demgle .2313 AMBASE PROFESSONA1 11.
G«i .2315 ASSASSINS C«SKCOP«. 20 a so
* 2317 DIRWORK VI .31. Grea Q .2318 DRIVE CFTVMJSER VI .0 Sp»d up
toli .2319 THE SUPER KlUERS toe BOOTX 4.4 .2320 VOEODATVI.2.
Su®*«4ocotaog* .2321 GAJAGA 92 Amating PD Swm up .2321 GAMES
GALORE 10. Thtlaiesr comp .2323 GATCeGRAfHC GALLERY to*tosW
.2327 PRO CALC VI.0. Po-w*u(l a*utota- 2328 REVEM3E Of THE
MUTANT CAMWS .2329 FONT FARM. Huge coJtocfcon of tools .2330
GAME TAMER V2.2. loodso cbwts .2331 ENVPRINTVI .MananiaMnw
.2332 PR LABEL VI. I Disk tobol molar .2333
SUPERDUPERV2.1.Capnod*-3S* .2334 FLASH CCBY W.9. EratortdaLapar
.2335 A64 PACKAGE V2.0. No-ptosCom .2336 SUPER UXX VI O Usda
yea ktatoord .2354 NUMm AND THE ALIEN NVAMRS
• 2355 *TMAN A dots* .2356 ALOOAMMATONS STUDIO totoaa .2357 DISK
REPAIRS toe FU Disk 1.2 .2359 HARD DRIVE UDLS Bockup ulils ne.
.2361 TYPTKi TUTOR topm® your l«)ing .2362 X-FREE.eolora2ptoye.gome ?2363 BLACK BOX GAME .2365 ALIENS SHOOT EM IP Wall -nckad .2366 SMASH TEUY GAME. FOg(mi C»CV .2368 MSKSID V2.05. .2376 AMY VS WALKER 2 3MEG. Toaz
• 2380 METAL DISASTER SplASREahn dm .2383 4C4GITSL DISCO 2.
BnMtoni staB .2386 A1EN BREED MUSIC MIX Noutb .2400 ANTI VIRUS
V4.26.Ji* iv he VC6.0I .2401 SERENE 111. Tutotasi&gmnesr .2402
MOVERS .2157 FREE COPY VI .4 Raw* tooarton
- 1873 SFECCY EMJLATCC 12 2158 10 CCPY V3 0 Vary aay ta iaa .1996
• 2000 3z DATABASE EosytausaC8ASE
• 1993 QUCK4SLVA -
• 2332 0CCPYV2.0 Tsalotwkm CMOS 2172 CRAZY SUE 2306 MEDVB.2 22901
* IF01 CaCUBNS BCCK Superb Ed Tfc
Grtol przztos
• LPD7 4 WAY LYNX 1 MEG AdJctoe HTC8 WC4K 4 ftAY I MEG Super Ed
Teoebes Icds sAty HPD15 ARC ANGEL'S 9WES U. fuzzy to* HF016
REVB® 11 Great tor
• LP017 DOGFIGHT 11 uppBptoyers 4P018 TOUOISTCNES
• LF019 X-n-50
• LFD20 WORDY Gren »ord proastor
• LF021 QUNGO HTO22 IO 2COFCNTS HF023 ESP Mind gowa .U024
Brllom HP034 MiOa HUNTER Snph HP035 T-TECIXIAW great design
• IP036 FRAGG&I 11 HPD37 ROOF MATHS far oges 711 HP038 AMOS ART
.LPD39 MAGIC FOHST 11 Hafcrm gone
• LF041 RESCUE Addictoe gone HHJ42 X-STTTCH Far bsrtirg petfans
HFD43 lAZB ZO* ** 2 (toyen 4FD44 FORMJJIA Cni CH4L1INGE
Svotigy HFD45 MUSC BOX Teoches music HFD46 ALAGHESCUPART HFD47
• UO60 TEOPIO SNAR Ward (tofcrei go*e
• IF063 WWBmwOMWlAVOAddnrta
HPD66 VOTll AVANAGER Boord gone
- UD67 CVA02Meg Add » HTO68 VIRUS BUSIER P fall*.
• LPD70 PAINTBOX GreolLitMmonpockoge HPD71 BATTU CARS Foal 2
(toyer rocmg.
• LP072 MOCTEIISLAND Stoptorolepfay 4PD73 AMOS DATABASE V3.01
Sirrple ta use.
HP074 SOLBGRAfES. 30 oo««r gorre HTO75 VOEO LAB Greet Video Mlng pockoge HP076 T TECMAZE Ssgerb puazla garm.
• LFD78 SFECTRA Logc puzzle go-e
• LF079 MUSC&KHK. For un AMOS.
U ptoy Seusd«ator usea »i*ien convirg hcnl!
UTO60 ICCNBANKEWTOR Fo.use-*AMOS. .IPD81 POCXSWO. Ml Feeds Fvedctar »fessional PD TEXT ENGINE V30 J9CX00I .PRO002
• F90003 .PRO004 .PR0005
• PRO006 J90W7
- wooio RCOIl .PRCOI2 J»PC013 RC014
• VPP0S THAJ&DUNG Beal up fe Lad dudes
• VFP06 LAS VAGAS Greet kutmodunesm
• VTTC8 FROST BYTE Great Pfaferm ton
• VPP09 JCXJSE TRAP see cbe-ta
• VFP10 FUJTC6 toa sorteol Shoet'ers ip
• VPPI5 FUGHT RATH 737 Figlt siw
• VPP25 5lk GEAR &eet rating ton
• VPP26 BATTIE VALLEY Superb sWon tp
• VPP27 ICE HOCKEY Super spor* kas .VPP28 JUVP*T
• VFP33 STEaComolMrylU robot
• VPP32 ARCHFE1AGOS Slrotagk 30 sA* .VFP33 RAD COMPANY Spare
Harter cfane
• VPP34 EYE CP HMUS More Hofcnr staB .VFP35 FROSECTC*
• VFP37 STAR BLAZE Fen Med vectos
• VTP39 STAR RAV Meg, Detorder dcre
- VTP40 ORCARGO 90 S»eet dmse
• VPP41 DEMOLITION BrecAculcfene
• VPP42 DOGS C WAR GnetCe to
• VPP43 FIGHTER AC90N Greet ShooYem
• VPP44 HATE 3D Zeros go-e
.2221 .2223
• 2225 .2232-3 .2242
• 2247-8 2260
- 2265 .2266
- 2267 .2268
• 2270 .2278 .2283 .2337 .2367 .2369 .23834 .2366 2387 .2406
* 0999 hardccpemusk: HIS MASTERS NCKSE Btoodybnll T AIT AN MUSIC.
SHADOW MUSIC. Greol music.
TEOPK3 MUSIC 2 Retro on SAS RIPS I. Mtaic moeUes F9T-K3 ALPHABET ST MIX BOMB THE BASS MEGA-BLAST REMI DOTAL C«SCO 2. Btoody Bnttort ALIEN BREED MUSIC MtX. Tbe best fishy BUST*SS rnnrn WET BEAVER MIX PNR Demo 1 meg MUD NUTTER MX Greet muaie mix IOOON BOYS MIX Terrie m UTHITIES SHERLOCK DOCUMENT ANALYSER Like its legendary namesake, Sherlock is going lo become renowned for its deductive powers. Simply by giving the package two documents fo examine, it can determine whether they were written by the same person, (aster than Holmes could say ‘Elementary’. The way Ihe program works is to use a given
document tor comparison and tor the user to feed other 'mystery' documents into the machine. Alter this has been done, the machine will creak and groan for a tew seconds, before churning away tor a while comparing letters within Ihe two documents. After a while, ii will produce a number - the 'Difference Index' - and the the lower this is, the more likely it is that the mystery document was written by the same author.
Sherlock Is very elementary to use, and its |f _ success rate at comparing different copy Is 11 worKS surprisingly good. By Splitting the documents into pairs of letters, and comparing how often certain pairings are repeated. As most of us have an individual style and grammar when writing, letter pairs occur at different frequencies in our work, and it's this individuality that enables Sherlock to come up with accurate results.
The larger the text file, the more accurate the results, and to increase the accuracy further, disputed documents can be compared against a number ot control files. Michael Cox, Sherlocks programmer, says that the process is even more accurate when performed using letter triplicates, but the required text file would have to be so large that it would be impractical. As it is, he suggests text files of at least 10K be used to produce meaningful results. Sherlock runs from CLI, and uses a single command with two arguments which represent the names of the control and disputed files.
Using it to process two documents totalling roughly 80K took a little under five minutes, at the end of which I was presented with a three-digit number.
In an all new, greatly- expanded PD Utilities section, Mat Broomfield brings you an in-depth look at the latest mouth watering goodies to his the Public Domain scene.
On running several examples ot my work as the control documents comparing them to other peoples' work resulted in numbers in the mid-200s.
However, comparisons of my stuff generated number s averaging 150 - so it seems that the program works!
Unless you’re planning to be a secret agent, this program doesn't have much practical use, hut it's certainly interesting to fool around with!
Incidentally, also on the same disk is World Databank, a map-drawing utility which will draw you a map of anywhere in the world, at any magnification, complete with national borders and major rivers. Simply enter the required longtitude, latitude, and zoom factor, and it'll do the rest automatically. Unfortunately, you cannot print out the results, and trie amount of detail doesn't increase with the magnification, but it’s an interesting program nevertheless.
DISKID: EDUCATIONS PRICE: 1-9 Disks at 1.25 each. 10. Disks 99p each. Postage free.
AVAILABLE FROM: Dlskorery, 108 The Avenue, Clayton. Dradtnrd, BD14 6SJ.
TELEPHONE: 0274 8800S6.
MOLECULAR CREATION AND DRAWING PACKAGE Imagine the scene: a tacky B-Movie spaceship is under attack from a weird rubber monster. As the green-painted Marigold rubber glove pushes through the craft’s doors, the rugged Captain rushes to his computer screen and calls up a series of pictures featuring molecules on them - voila! - invasion over. Thus, if you’re having problems with rubber nasties, then banish them away with MOG - the Molecular Graphics Generator which can display those all-important graphics .
Tacky scenarios aside it can also generate representations of real molecules.
Over the past hundred years, Scientists have come to realise that creating a visual representation of complex molecules and can greatly aid their understanding of the interaction between its different elements. At first, these molecules were created by joining plastic balls together with sticks, but the advent of powerful graphic workstations meant that computergenerated versions could be easily created - and are much easier to manipulate than their plastic counterparts.
MOG allows the creation of protein and organic molecules, and provides the would-be Space Commander with a number of basic building blocks to do so. In ‘create’ mode, molecules are shown as convoluted wire-frame structures, the vertices of which represent the binding amino acids. By clicking on a vertex you can find out the specific amino acid used at that point. Bonds can also be created or broken, tp create new molecules.
Once a molecule has been defined, it can be freely rotated across any plane, or altered in size.
If you’re happy with its aspect, you can then create a ray-traced or simple representation, which can be saved as an IFF screen. Unfortunately, as this is just a preview version, the rendering options have been disabled.
For most people, this will do nothing more than Packaging:
U. K. 60p Europe 1.50
R. O.W. 2.50 Disk Prices: I-10 1.25 II-20 1.10 21+ 95p VKO'Dl for
AMIGAPDTEL v:d 28-1450 c T TELEPHONE: 021-628-14!
Phone NOW for your FREE printed catalogue Open 24 HOURS a day 7 DAYS a week BRRCqm pqCHi BlqnH DliHi Unbrandud disks : 1 ¦ 49 49p each 50 - 99 47p each 100 + 45p each Branded Disks : 1 -49 59p each 50 - 99 57p each 100 + 55p each AD disks sre guaranteed error tree and oome with tree labels Soundtracker Pack (no! Plus) 1.1 disks 12.00 Educational Pack 1 age 5+ 7 disks 7,00 Educational Pack 1 age 5+ Educational Pack 2 age 11 + Utilities Pack all you need Business Pack (lames Pack 1 (not plus) Games Pack 2 10 games Graphic Utilities Pack Programmers Pack_ 8 disks 8.00 10 disks 9.50 8 disks 8.00 5
disks 5.00 10 disks 9.50 6 disks S.00 10 disks 9.50 I otcvt rv| u MEGA-024 At die Movies 114 disks I Meg + ¦ CA-013 Beatrix Potter Clip An S-019 Agatron Slideshow 11 D-011 Budbrain Production! 2 disks D-014 The Wall Megadcmo 6 disks I Meg D-017 The Voyage Megademo I Meg 0-044 Dolly Mixture 20 M-125 His Masters Noise 2 diiksinot plus) M-129 Banging Raves (not plus) U-093 Assassins Printer Utils U-095 600 Business Letters U-096 Mr Back-Up U-097 Kickstart V2.04 on disk G-002 Mega-ball 1 Meg G-029 Diplomacy G-030 Total War G-031 Pixie Kingdom 2 disks G-032 Peters Quest A-046 Stealthy Maneouver IT
anun Imeg A-047 Chase Animation 1 Meg A lOhou Pool I Meg_ TO ORDER : Either phone for your tree catalogue and then use the order form attatched, or write your order on a piece of paper and send it to us, together with a cheque or postal order made payable to Prodisc PD. To the address shown below. Please donT forget the approoriate postage M M MM Yes thats right Prodisc PD brings you 3 PUBLIC DOMAIN VIDEOS.
Firstly : THE CATALOGUE V1.0 - This is our catalogue on video with previews of many titles through out. FOR ONLY 4.50 OR SUBSCRIBE TO 6 ISSUES FOR 25.00 ERIC SCHWARTZ - AT HIS BEST : Now everyone no matter how little memory they have can see the work of the best cartoonist on the Amiga. FOR ONLY 5.50 TOBIAS RICHTER - IN SPACE : A video full of his best animations and pictures which takes no time to load and is a pleasure to watch. FOR ONLY 5.50 OR ALL 3 VIDEOS FOR ONLY 14.50 All videos are recorded on half hour branded tapes in nicam stereo. They are all made in association with MEDIA MACHINE.
36 BODELWYDDANAVE, OLDCOLWYNN, CLWYD, LL29 9NP 36 BODELWYDDAN AVE, OLDCOLWYNN, CLWYD, LL299NP Star Trek I (2) (P) Flaschlhcr Holy Grail NP) Card Game* (P) Supriiwintri* P) Wirsv*(£ic*t • (P) Return to Earth (P) I a+inatron 512K A * Bur Hash NP Downhill ( hallrI1RC (NP Dragon Cave (P) Mayhem (P) Mrx hlliRht RPG (P) Scum Haters P Sea lance • P Kl xn«likr- arri game (P) Survmx* RPG (P) l( G65 t ...I (. '1 t.
T a.N
t. T" (.71 Air Ace 11 P) Adventure Solution* I (P) Adventure
Solution* 2 (P) Man the Merciless (NP) Snake Pit (P) Game*
Cheat LiM vl.O (P) Parachute loud (NP) Costal (taverns (P)
Zeus-The (tame (P) Pick-lp-A-PuoIe • (P) Ghaimxiw Death •
Bran™ l i k I NP) Wordprocessor etc. 6 Disk* £6.00 Business
Pack 2 (P) DTP etc 7 Disks £7.00 Music Pack 2 P Startrekkrr
samples 6 Disks £6.00 Games Pack I (P) Arcade type 5 Disk
£!».00 mss Sifcmt-kc- (P) D2NS Ilypnouc Hammer II (NP) l 304
Utopia Total Confusion MUSIC MIO-MS9 Sample Sound* (P) M43
Protrackcr v I la (NP) M49 Star Irekker vl S (P) M77 MED vS.2
(P) M99 Classical Mum.
Ml50 The Wall (6) 2D (P) MIM2 Master* At Work 2 (P) ANIMATIONS DA227 Magician v2.0 (P) DA238 Star Wars 11 (P) DA258 Camouflage * (P) DA262 Real Pinball SD(P) EDUCATION
F. 6 Learn & Play (2) (P) E7 WordgamesVol 1 ElOTyping Tutor (P)
EllKidspaint (P) E12Simons Colours (P) PDUTILITIES create
pretty pictures, and allow them to fool around with molecules
that they don’t understand. For students studying Biology or
Chemistry at A-level or higher, it’s an ingenious tool which
will aid comprehension of their chosen subjects.
It’s easy to use, but for the ray-tracing option, a maths processor or accelerator is recommended.
DISKID: F599 PRICE: 1.00 per disk. P*P 50p per 10 disks or pari thereof.
AVAILABLE FROM: PD City, 119 Ballards Walk, Basildon, Essex.
TELEPHONE: 0268 412645. I J L ICON MANIA ICON CREATION PACKAGES To many people, icons are nothing more than the small pictures they double-click on to load a game or utility. To Ihe rest ol us, however, they can be things ol beauty (or at least interest), and are worthy ol more attention lhan they get.
As anyone who has used it can tell you. Workbench’s icon editor is extremely primitive. Luckily, though, a humber ol alternatives are supplied on this disk, all ol which are guaranleed to make icon creation a more enjoyable process.
The most useful program on the disk is called Icon Maker, and it allows the creation of an icon Irom any Dpainl brush - or vice versa - although it’s in the former capacity that it's most useful.
Before drawing an icon, a reference palette using Ihe desired Workbench colours must be saved. This is then loaded into Dpainl in medium resolution, thereby setting the working colours. Once you’ve drawn an image, it's then saved as a brush, which is loaded back into Icon Maker. It also offers Ihe chance to specify Ihe type and name of Ihe icon fhal’s to be created belore performing Ihe necessary conversion.
For fhose who can't be bothered to create their own icons, dozens ot ready-made ones are also supplied.
They cover all Icon styles, and include many of Ihe most popular images, including disks and brushes - in fact, il's one ol the most complete icon collections yet to appear. Iconlser. Another program on the disk, is useful in an entirely different way, as it creates icons for programs which don't have any. When dealing with individual files, this may not seem particularly useful, but it really comes into its own when applied to the entire contents of a directory or disk.
DISK II): ICON MANIA PRICE: 1-9 Disks are 1.25 each. 10* Disks 99p each. Postage free.
AVAILABLE FROM: Diskovery, 108 The Avenue, Clayton, Bradford, BD14 6SJ.
TELEPHONE: 0274 880066.
Iconlser is simplicity itself lo use: click once on Ihe Iconlser icon, and twice on that of the directory or disk to be Iconised. The program will scan Ihe selected dlredoty, and sub-directories, and add icons to any files that don't have one. This is extremely useful as it permits operations (such as copying, deleting, etc), on files without having to resort to CU or Shell.
Iconiser is also accompanied by a complementary program called 0e- con serwhicli has the opposite effect of the master program.
PRINT UTILITIES program’s running, all of the keyboard functions - Tab, line feed, space, etc - act upon the printer immediately.
This is ideal when printing envelopes and other one-off jobs which will need visual positioning of the characters.
For anyone who hates waiting while the printer chums out lengthy text files, Spooler is the answer you’ve been waiting for. It allows the user to set up a RAM or disk cache where print jobs are sent. The program then automatically reads and processes the jobs HANDY PRINTER TOOLS Despite their widespread use, printers probably cause Amiga owners more problems than any other hardware.
At first, they seem deceptively simple, but getting them to configure to your Amiga can be a real headache. This disk attempts to remedy some of the most often-encoun- The first requirement before any printing, is a compatible printer driver. If you own a mainstream printer, this is no problem, but if you own one of the more obscure Hewlett Packard or Canon machines, you’ll find it difficult to trace a suitable driver.
Included on this disk are drivers for the HP Deskjet Plus, the Deskjet C and the Canon PJ1080, which should stop your pics looking like Picasso on acid as they print out!
For the traditionalists among you, there’s an extra little program called Typewriter. At first glance, most people would say
* Why would I want my printer to simulate a typewriter?!’, but as
the author suggests, there are occasions when it’s more useful
than a standard printer. When BSB '*" .J ir r::_ SI HELP 1 1
TtsT m toe TiiRs 1 !B OH ¦: oe a:: OFF ¦ 0 I MDLTSFI rndir*
MMSakv us faras fw bis dvductivv rvassoiog and . Ifter i
fashisa, so Is this rvgun, for it cat urk sot ¦ of any pine of
tmt. Providtd it least one whims iter's work is avaitable for
cmparison, . In a really straight-fvnurd nay; give it Me piece
ot text as a (for cwarlsoo!, ad piece of nvsterv text, and it
tfill chn ¦ a utile (waring letters vithm the tue doxwwits, men
it's . ---------------”, called the bifft the uas vri JIG i i
avther as the control text.
Ill* works b* splittiog the docments into pairs of Jotters, then 4 oou often certain pairs are repeated, tecaese nost of ns bare ac Control! And Printer are two handy program* tor changing your printer's specification* without the need for fiddling with the escape codes of DIP 9wttches.
While you carry on with whatever you're doing.
Installation is quite straightforward via the CLI, and involves the copying of a selection of files to your printing disk, along with modifications to both the startup-sequence and the mount-list. The program works adequately, especially when using the RAM disk as a cache, but as it only intercepts text output to PRT, it doesn't actually speed up the printing ot graphics or DTP pages - still, you cant have evertything.
Finally, there are two complimentary programs called Conlroll and Primer. Once activated, these produce small icon-controlled windows which are designed to multi-task with word-processors and text editors.
Clicking on the various gadgets, the line and form feeds, pitch changes, print modes and other options can be changed. When you consider how fiddly making small adjustments can be. You'll find this an essential utility - and it will prove especiallyusetul for owners of printers which require these functions to be altered using extremely hard-to-get-at DIP switches. It's certainly become a firm favourite with me... DISKID: 1612 PRICE: 89p per disk. PSP 50p for less than 5 disks.
AVAILABLE FROM: 17 Bit Software, 1st Floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF11DH.
TELEPHONE: 0924 366982 "J PDUTILITIES lock command and anything written in BC PL (which it can’t handle). Output from the program can be redirected to the printer or a tile on disk it a permanent record is required.
This program is suitable for anyone with a moderate grasp of AmigaDOS, and is hound to be worth its weight in gold.
DPAInt Fonta DM 3 give* the user more than twenty fantaay- style fonta - aome of which are very similar to that used by Roger Dean.
Aimed for uee In pictures or In scroll terta. They're weird, lerge and very gusdy
- but certainly extremely effective!
Expect further additions to the eerfee very soon D-PAINT FONTS 2&3 SCREEN FONTS FOR ART PACKAGES ‘ SNOOPDOS FILE TRACER You’ve just spent three days assembling the ultimate collection of programs on a single disk, taking care to make use ot every last byte ol disk space. Everything runs perfectly except the last program. It seems to need additional tiles, bul which ones? The program isn't giving any clues. Welcome to the disk compiler’s nightmare! If you'd owned a copy of SnoopDOS, though, you could have checked what files were required before you started... Many DOS programs, utilities
especially, make routine calls upon different parts ot the Amiga’s Operating System in the course ot loading. It these calls are interrupted, perhaps because a file Is missing mis-localed. The program Is likely to fail. SnoopDOS is an ingenious program that monitors almost all such calls, and outputs a conslanl update o! What's happening.
By noting these details, you can be fairly sure ot including all essential files when you move programs from one disk to another.
The program is run from CLI and has ten optional parameters, to monitor specific types of system call, such as Execute or Open Operations. In its default mode, SnoopDOS intercepts all system function calls except the If you've ever longed for a font which was a bit out of Ihe ordinary, these disks are the besl thing you could have hoped for. Each disk contains twenty or more fonts saved as IFF screens which can be loaded into Dpaint or anything similar. To use them, simply load them into a spare screen, cut them out one letter at a time, and transplant them onto the picture you’re currently
working on.
Disk two contains a variety of plain, classical fonts which are all varieties of traditional typefaces - Helvetica, Times, Cal culator, Olde English etc. Disk three contains a stunning collection of full-colour fonts which are certain to liven up your screens or scrolling messages. Most of the fonts appear to have been influenced by fantasy artist, Roger Dean, and one or two of them are direct copies of his work. There are some ordinary fonts on this disk, too. But they've been Music lovers will be interested to hear about the latest module replay routine called Multiplayer. As its name
suggests, it can replay modules created by all the major music packages including MED, Soundtracker, Future Composer, TFMX, and many others.
It can also handle Powerpacked modules, and can ha used to create a continuous 'album' replaying numerous modules without the need lor user interaction. It’s even Arexx compatible! Operated either from CLI or Workbench, it’s easily the most powerful player available. Check it out!
MULTIPLAYER MUSIC MODULE DISK ID. D-PAWT FOMTS 2 A3 PRICE: 1-9 Disks are 1.25 each. 10* Disks will cost yoo 99p eacb.
AVAILABLE FROM: DtSkOIOry, 108 The Avenu Clayton, Bradford. 00146SJ.
TELEPHONE: 0274 880066. X. DISKID: F600 PRICE: £1 per disk. P*P is Sop per 10 or less AVAILABLE FROM: PO City, 119 TELEPHONE: 0268 412645 Some things were worth waiting for... The Editor HiSoft Devpac 3 Devpac Version 3 is here at last. The two earlier versions of HiSoft Devpac for the Amiga set a standard in 68000 assembly language programming which was hard to surpass, but we think that we've done it. This new package has had a complete facelift, from the editor through to the debugger; in fact so many features have been added and improved that we feel confident in the claim that Devpac
3 is the ultimate assembly language development system on the Amiga ... for now!
A new multi-window editor with bookmarks, mouse block-marking, macros, complete window flexibility (including multi-views on one file), extensive user configuration and full integration with the other Devpac programs. The editor makes use of Workbench 2 or 1.3 automatically.
The Assembler Improved and extended, the Devpac 3 assembler is now at least 40% faster than its predecessor (without pre-assembly), supports the full 680x0 range of processors including the maths co-processors and has a tremendous number of switchable optimisations. With the ability to pre-assemble files for inclusion, it can now claim to be the fastest assembler on the Amiga.
Highspeed Pascal The Debugger Devpac 3 is provided with a versatile debugger disassembler for bug hunting and ease of learning. You can have as many views on your program as you like, including its source code; then set breakpoints, single-step instructions etc. even at a source code level.
Again, there is support for all the new processors and the floating point chips.
Devpac 3 comes complete with all the necessary include files, a linker, many examples and a clear, helpful manual.
A At last, a new Pascal compiler for your Amiga; Highspeed Pascal. Compiling at close to 20 000 lines per minute on a humble A500 and with a fully integrated environment (based on the new HiSoft multi-window editor). Highspeed Pascal is the answer to your programming prayers.
The compiler is very close to the standard set by Turbo Pascal 5 on the PC and enables you to port programs directly from the PC or ST - even the BGI unit is provided for graphic compatibility. You can compile separate units, link with assembler or use the inline assembler provided and we also supply a special version of our 680x0 debugger which allows you to debug Pascal programs at a source code level.
The full Pascal language is supported including such worthy additions as structured constants, flexible string handling and absolute variables.
Highspeed Pascal comes complete with all the necessary files for ivorking with the Amiga’s operating system, a host of examples and 2 professional, ivire- bound manuals.
HiSott Devpac 3 and Highspeed Pascal are just two ol the products that we supply for your Amiga Other titles include: ProFlight.
HiSott BASIC. Extend. SAS lattice C 5 and HiSoft C For more details contact us at - HiSott, The Old School. Greenfield. Bedford MK455DE UK.
HiSoft ¦ 'V '. - ~.l. error detection is fully interactive HiSoft Devpac 3 (£69.95) and Highspeed Pascal (£99.95) should Ire available al your local computer shop now. If you have difficulty locating a copy, you can order directly from HiSoft by telephone using Access!Mastercard, Visa, UK debit card (Switch etc.) or by post with a cheque postal order. Mention this magazine when ordering to receive a £10 voucher redeemable against future purchases from HiSoft.
Highspeed Pascal Is remarkably friendly and easy-to-use High Quality Software Kosmos are specialist producers ot Educational Software designed to help you enjoy learning from your computer. Versions are available tor most popular home & business computers. Many ot our programs even allow you to add your own lesson material.
I Educational Software * Foreign Languages French, German, Science, History Geography English Words Spelling Arithmetic Football, Sport First Aid General Knowledge England, Scotland Natural History Write or telephone tor our NEW FREE 16-page COLOUR BROCHURE of Educational & Leisure software LET YOUR COMPUTER HELP WITH THE NATIONAL CURRICULUM Kosmoi Software Ltd, FREEPOST (no stamp needed In UK) DUNSTABLE. Beds. LU5 6BR Telephone 0525 873942 0( 875406 AA..Amiga Assist.AA If You need .. Testimonials from Audio Gallery Users: Help and advice on buying and getting started on your first Amiga
Vwr.Vthebc*U we war with the witrle- What a great g*cat teaming tool Plotaa Ml us know when you hate available Spuuah Au* tiatkrv 12... flunk • again for such a w.mdrrftii product You have a winter on »rair hands. 0r»ft*rWffr. II
r. fA If you need .. Help and advice on installing &
Tuition on- Xcad_Pro ( to advanced standard) Dpaint SuperBase
Pro4 ProPage Protext etc. etc. .???????
Hands on tuition and advice at very Reasonable jjttes _ Ring Me....David Bailie AA... ..Amiga Assist.. ...AA Telephone 071 - 603 - 4437 I've ia It I. rails mow Hun u*.
Have bought Ihi* rraicti «xncr had I known how | m depth it kft. A. ¦ foreign language Macfear. I 1 wally appreciate it. Thi* is a very high quality product . . Rate of Ihe flret computer 11. Programs
i. Ant'm. IA West
• 1 fora last vert imprruad »wh theu erf native ipckns that .
Mftware. C*4* Krjtd, IA klo
* lw wboia (iarman Diak ScL-l am very anpre.red with the totality
of the graphic* of this program and am excited about receiving
the entire I program. (ietnrivtUf, GA love it - will ha used in
conjunction with courwr being taken rat compact disk. (JR oni.
• All words and phrases Fully Digitized Speech
• Includes Dictionary. Pronunciation Guide. Quizzes
• 25-30 Topics such as Weather. Numbers. Food. Etc.
• For the Student, Traveler. Businessman, etc.
• Seven-Disk set includes Comprehensive Manual FairBrothers, Inc.
European Languages: $ 89.95 5054 S 22nd St. Oriental Languages:
$ 129.95 Arlington, VA 22206 ! ZZ.r4w,i....
(703) 820-1954 FAX (703) 820-4779 ItiMnrtlhlskraf UswMV *coo
CuM -n*NMifpnis Itcthn Meat UaMiiUoaM tSnkaa* Mm w HOW TO
ORDER Please send cheque p.o. payable to 'Crazy Joe s' to
S. YORKSHIRE SS51BL Amiga Public Domain Software PD GAMES! PD
USEFUL SOFTWARE 117 MONOPOLY (NP) popular ofcl board gam* 135 CAPO & BOARD GAMES (NP) OuMo ? Solitaire games 196 ELECTRIC TRAIN SET (NP) for when the kide are asleep!
316 RETURN TO EARTH (P) •Bfte' type space trading game 496 HOLY GRAIL • (NP) excellent text adventure 648 STAR TREK (USA) (2) * (NP) graphic adventure 680 LEARN 4 PLAY (2) (NP) maths, words and colouring for kklt 727 RICHTERS STAR TREK (2) (P) best version to date 766 TREASURE HUNT (NP) prrate treasure map game for kids 957 PIPELINE (P) assemble your pipe to keep the oil flowing 962 DRIP (P) rust the pipes, avoid the nasties arcade game 967 SNAKEP1T (P) nice •Caterpillar'clone 901 JEOPARO * (F 2 player game of world conquest 1004 GAMES 0»SK 9 (P) including Tetrbc MetaJbcal 1113 WET BEAVER
GAMES (P) funny demo plus Ping Pong 1230 DRAGON CAVE (P) Sokoban type game with excellent gfx 1520 BALLOONACY * (P) bomb the buildings 4 land your balloon 1539 MEGABALL (P) the beat breakout game around I 1544 SEVEN TILES (NP) futuristic football game like Speed ball 1577 FRUIT MACHINE * (NP) great fru« machine simulator!
1584 MSSJLE COMMAND (NP) stop incoming missiles 1591 QUIZ MASTER * (NP) excellent trrvM game 1670 WHEEL OF FORTUNE (P) Based on the TV show 1711 MENTAL IMAGE GAMES DISK (NP) 3 brill games!
1713 FRANTIC FREDDIE (NP) C84 favourrte platforms 4 Isdders 1720 CABARET ASTEROIDS (NP) faithful version of the classic 1746 VORO GAMES VOLUME 1 * (P) axerose the grey matter 1747 WORD GAMES VOLUME 2 *(P) and not the joystick I 1748 STRATEGY GAMES * (NP) ssrious stuff Including Sea Lance 1749 TRUCKIN' (2)(20)(P) run your own trucking company 1832 POM POM GUNNER *(P) WW2 arcade action - our No. 1 game 1879 SEA LANCE * (P) Trident submarine simulation 1882 SIMPSONS GAME (P) help Barf m the S.E.U.C.K game 1883 BIONIXII * (P) never-ending shoot'em up!
1905 J NICKLAUS COURSES 1 data disk only I 1918 AJR ACE II (P) excellent WW1 shoot 'em up 1926 NAPOLEONIC WARFARE SYSTEM • (P) war game umpire 2011 TW1NTRS ¦ (NP) 1 or 2 player Tetris done - very good!
2013 ZEUS (P) simple but addictive puzzle game 2018 DOWNHILL CHALLENGE (NP) fun on the ski slopes 2018 VAZZYS QUEST* (NP) wizard fun! Excellent game maths exerciser for all ages good stock exchange simulation explore and collect arcade game addictive puzzle funl 1 or 2 player arcade clastic 30 arcade adventure Jeff Minter classicl data disk only!
Excellent new SEUCK game!
Mkiter-t back!
Great shoot 'em upl
• mashing platform game skateboard frenzy!
Solitaire collection excellent kids adventure Columns China Challenge II aH A500. Compatible!
A new twist to Asteroids!
Addictive puzzle game for all Kick Off 2 fans!
DOPE NTRO MAKER (NP) 1893 591 BUSINESS CARD MAKER (P) 1896 632 MSH (MESSVDOS) (NP) 1906 642 C MANUAl 1914 661 PROGRAMMING DISK 1 (NP) 1951 682 SOUND APPS.(2)(NP) 1954 684 VIDEO APPLICATIONS (2)(P) 1987 901 THE COMMS DCK (NP) 1990 1022 AMOS UPDATE 1-32 (P) 2004 1095 DATABASE WORKSHOP(2)(P) 2012 1097 DPAWT ClIP ART (2)(P) 2058 1099 VIDEO GRAPHICS (4) 2168 1117 GENEAOIOGY * (P) 2174 1228 ST EMULATOR (GERM.)(NP) 2176 1273 C-IIGHT(P) 2180 1450 NEW SUPERKIUERS P) 2181 1451 ElECTROCAD VI .4 DEMO (P) 2182 1452 AMI8ASE (P) 2186 1536 NORTH C (PACKED) 2189 1537 NORTH C(UNPACKED)(2) 2190 1545 SPECTRA PA
SEND A STAMPED ADDRESSED ENVELOPE FOR OUR FREE LIST I LOADS OF TITLES TO CHOOSE FROMI VISIT OUR SHOP We stock commercial games, accessories, blank disks, etc. Open Monday to Saturday
(2) = Number of disks
• - 1 Meg, ** = 2 Meg, etc. (2D) ¦ 2 orves
(X) = Adults Only
(P) = A500 Plus Compatible (NF*) = Not A500 Plus Compatible DEMOS
825 BUD8RAIN 1 (2)(X)(NF) great 2 disk demo? Naughty bits!
895 A TRIP TO MARS (NP) demo with a dfference 906 MADONNA CARTOON ANIM *(NP) short digitised animation 935 MADONNA : HANKY PANKY (P) excellent Madonna sample 1033 AT THE MOVIES ** (NP) Ovee of a squirrel?
1229 BUD6RAIN 2 (NP) good as the first one? You judge!
1238 EVIL DEAD DEMO (X) * (NP) get them before they get youl 1453 MORE AEFOTOONS * (P) 3 Schwartz classics 1540 AMY .VS. WALKER ANIM* (NP) Eric Schwartz at his best!
1541 BATMAN ANIMATION * (P) funny Schwartz animation 1552 MAGICIAN ANIMATION 2* (P) simply magic!
1560 PHENOMENA ENIGMA * P) superb gfx and music 1628 DO THE BART. MAN* (NP) a must for aH Simpsons fans!
1707 DECAY : SIMPSONS DEMO * (P) should appeal to everyone 1753 UFE OF BRIAN (2) (P) sampie from the film 1841 ANTI LEM MIN' DEMO (2)(NP) - for Lemmas fans with 2 meg 1850 THE WALL (B)(20) (NP) * mammoth Pink Floyd six disker!
1856 BETTY BOO ANIM SUDESHOW (P) doing the Amiga 1885 ROBOCOP ANI MATlON * (P) digitised from the film 1900 SLENTS: ICE DEMO (NP) superb music and graphics 1902 VIRTUAL WORLD * (NP) 3D filled vector demo 1943 WNDSURFER ANIMATION (2)(F) * very good 1947 MR POTATO HEAD (P)* funny cartoon antics 1948 MR POTATO HEAD CHIPS ARE UP! (P)* more adventures 1958 CREATURE COMFORTS DEMO (NP) from the TV adverts 1982 30 PINBALL ANIMATION * (P) beautiful ray-tracing 2193 4 STROKE ENGINE ANIM (P) technical animation BLANK DISKS Call for latest prices!
DISK BOXES 10 capacity 99p 40 capacity £4.99 80 capacity £6.99 100 capacity £7.99 MICROBOTICS M501 512K UPGRADE WITH CLOCK, 16 CHIP A500 A500 PLUS £25.99 A500 PLUS 1 MEG UPGRADE Takes A500 Plus to 2 Megl £45.99 ACCESSORIES Mastersound Sampler ... £34.99 Keyboard Cover .£2.99 Prnter Cover ..£4.99 Monitor Dust Cover £4.99 Mouse Mat .....£2.99 2 piece Punter Stand £4.99 Centfcmcs Printer Cable .. £6.99 Mooulator Exten'n Cabl££1 2.99 Action Replay III (plusok) £59.99 Naksha Mouse ..£26.99 Roctec Dsk Drive......£59.99 Cumana Disk Drve......£59.99 1000 Dsk Labels £12.99
Stereo Auoto Leags......£3.99 Drive Cleaning Kit £1.99 Furry Mouse Ccver.....£3.99 Printer Rbodns Various In Stock We stock fija Vu Licenceware Full list on request PD GAMES PACKS GAMES PACK 1 (SOME 1 MEG - NOT A500*) 37 TITLES INCLUDING INVADERS, TETRIS, ASTEROIDS, MISSILE COMMAND, AND MANY MORE!
5 DISK SET ONLY £4.95!
SCHO© EDUCATION IN PD Education software is a strange beast. As their varied sub-games are played, can a child really learn anything from them? In the first of a regular series, Pat Winstanley takes a look at the many English Language Tutors currently available.
The educational software market, like that tor arcade games, is divided into three main sections by price. Al one end of the scale are the E20T30 packages with big. CoiourM boxes, at the other are Pubic Doman titles which come as a bare risk lor £2-£3 and now beginning to compete tor the middle ground S a range ol software houses ottering products around the £10 mark. What's the difference in the packages to make such a wide variation in costs to you. The consumer?
Full-price games are now being treated as serious product by large software houses and given the glossy promotion we see in the likes ot Magic Story Book and the Dsney series. Both these titles justify their prices due to the depth and extent ol programming in the games, not just their boxes.
PO producers however are also improving their products, one factor here being the avaiabity of AMOS which alows non-arcade titles to be pro- grammed by almost anyone to an acceptable quality and depth. As the demand tor educational products grows, educational software houses are recognising that many ol the full-price products on the market are simply not worth what is being charged, and that increased sales at lower prices both satisfy the customer more and at the same time satisfy the need tor profits. This is the basts ol the middle range.
For now, though, PO is worthwhile in two ways - as a taster to see what kind ol program appeals to a par Ocular child and to increase the range the child has to choose Irom Many PD educational titles are produced by hobbyist programmers using AMOS. Teachers and parents programming in the. Spare time have excel lent opportunities to nvolve children in the creative process, something larger software houses cannot always do.
Don ! Expect great depth or fancy graphics from PD tiOes and you won't be disappointed. What you will find, though, is a wealth of educationally valuable games out there tor a tew meagre pounds - and they may be more specified to your needs. This is a highly recommended route to take either on its own or in corv junoion with the purchase ol one or two tutprice packages. After al. As with school books, you can never have loo many education packages, as variety IS the key to absorbing the information.
EDUCATION V GAMES Should educational programs be ike video games?
UnM recently, almost al educational programs tor home use resembled those in schools: simple drifting exercises with no IriBs and generaly Kite m the way ol graphics. The educational aspect was the be a and end a. and woe betide the programmer who tried to jazz things up a little for the kids. Now mote and more programs are being released where the educational aspects are hidden away behind an arcade game.
Does it matter? When considering programs aimed lor home use. Yes it does. Children have had enough ol boring schoof when they come home. The last thing they want is to be plonked in front ol a screen M ol more work. It they want to use the com- puter at al they would rather have the latest shoot'em ip than a 1st ot sums or spetngs. Designers and programmers are beginning to recognise the with the result that the front end ol educational games are bepnning to resemble the latest chart-toppers. And this in turn is encouraging children to practise their basic skills without even realising it
At the same time, the power ol machines like the Amiga means that mainstream games are beginning to Include a great deal ol strategy instead ot the mindless beat-em-ups ot the past lew years. Games 1*6 Populous. Captive.
And Dungeon Master have become classics in part due to their hidden educational aspects - calculation, strategy and logic problems rather than the usual reftex actions.
Is academic software boring? Some ol the older games are. But newer ones need not be. However some children do suffer from detraction and those with short attention spans are often better oft with a very plain, simple program than one which llashes tancy animation at them while waiting lor an answer.
In the long run, each child is different but none will persevere with a program that doesn't interest them.
Choose wisely, perhaps having had a taster through Ihe PD market, or one ol the group packages such as a starting point, and you wil soon find what interests your child.
The most academealy socxW program «i the world is useless II your chid doesn't enjoy III DOS AND DON'TS Buying advice for parents DO 1 Choose programs that children will enjoy as well as team Irom. This is playtime, not homework.
2 Try the program with your child in the shop if possfcte.
3 Take recommended ages wrth a pinch ol salt.
Those suggested by publishers can be wildly inaccurate.
4 Look for programs which can be backed up.
Disks and children are not a happy combination.
5 Aim for a program the child can operate independently. This means looking for mouse and icon control options for younger children.
DON'T 1 Don’t worry if your child seems happiest with a program aimed at a younger age group. It will still be having useful practise 2 Don’t ignore arcade games - many have useful educational elements like mapping, buying objects and memory aspects - don’t forget physical co ordnation and reflex formation.
3 Most educational programs cover at least some elements of the National Curriculum, but don’t assume that any will cover them all.
4 Don’t assume any program wiB teach. Some will but they are few and lar between. Most offer only practise at skills already acquired.
5 Don’t assume your child can be left alone. Disk swapping and on screen instructions beyond the HENRIETTA'S BOOK OF SPELLS Age:7-14 SOFTWARE ROUND-UP Price: £25.99 Publisher: tander Software Address: 74 Victoria Crescent Road, Glasgow, G12 9JN IN BRIEF: Hopeless Henry has been fumed into a frog by the nasty witch, so the player must help Henry's wife, Henrietta, free him from this horrible fate.
This involves solving a variety of word and letter puzzles in the spooky castle. These are very simple in execution, but prove to be immense fun, and bridge the gap between learning and entertainment perfectly.
Probably the best spelling game around at the momerrt.Graphically, it's excellent, too.
Age:5-15 Price: £25.99 Publisher: Europress Software Address: Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield, SK10 4NP IN BRIEF: Designed to cover a wide range of spelling problesm encountered by both children and adults, this package offers plenty of flexibility in its five different games. A Set of word lists (5000 words in all) cover different types of difficulties such as vowel sounds, word families and irregular spellings. Overall, though, the package suffers from terrible screen design - which can make it hard on the eyes - and consequently short-lived fun.
VERDICT r u"r9j»: I r » This trtendty character Is a bookworm, as you will see on various screens during the game where his progress leaves neat round tunnels through various volumes.
Be nut .ui jm boy th At they In- pi.tv nut her L ». I U tl.tiUlv irJi ich ip.SFEUB.ooNiv St* CM DOCUMENTATION 60% EASE OF USE 71% THOROUGHNESS 85% LIKELIHOOD TO STIMULATE 27% LIKELIHOOD TO INFORM 34% ORIGINALITY 23% COMPATIBILITY WITH N. CURRICULUM 76% VALUE FOR MONEY 55% e .» el » b c 1 e r a | It | I j U I I I .. fl ''Jn u y h t~~[u Tv w H Iv 11 Here Is one ol the easier anagram screens, wtth a selection ot possible answers above to help the child choose.
Age: 7 - Adult Price: 29.95 Publisher: Lander Software Address: 74 Victoria Crescent Road, Glasgow, G12 9JN IN BRIEF: A useful series of programs for beginner readers using the 'look, cover and spell' technique as practised in many schools. Even young children can cope with a little parental intervention, and after a while theyll be strolling through its many scenes. A little weedy in places and often finicky to use. This is worth persevering with.
IN BRIEF: Aimed at youngsters, but also eminently suitable for adults, this program offers tutorial, game and spelling sections. The game consists of various words dropping from the top of the screen at different speeds, while the budding typist has to type them in before they reach the ground. Perfect for family tuition, it’ll help refine keyboard and language skills.
DOCUMENTATION 79% EASE OF USE 65% THOROUGHNESS 83% LIKELIHOOD TO STIMULATE 69% LIKELIHOOD TO INFORM 81% ORIGINALITY 57% COMPATIBILITY WITH N. CURRICULUM 93% VALUE FOR MONEY 90% OVERALL 80% THINGS TO DO WITH WORDS Age: 5-12 Price: £11.99 Publisher: Soft Stuff Address: 19 Quarry Hill Road, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 2RN IN BRIEF: This is a collection of three word games which encourage spelling in quite a fun way.
Anagrams. Jumbled Sentences and Word Hunt (make as many words as possible from the letters of another) are all simple to play, with little distraction. There are no frills, but this Is a solid workable package.
VERDICT DOCUMENTATION 21% EASE OF USE 67% THOROUGHNESS 72% LIKELIHOOD TO STIMULATE 86% LIKELIHOOD TO INFORM 83% ORIGINALITY 78% COMPATIBILITY WITH N. CURRICULUM 66% VALUE FOB MONEY 84% ALPHABET Age: 2 - 5 Price: Publisher: Disney Software Address: IN BRIEF: Everyone loves the Disney characters and this game is designed to make use of Donald Duck to help toddtors become familiar with letters in a fun way. The letters of the alphabet are hidden in Donald's house and the child must spot them and press the correspondng key so that Donald can catch them. Not bad. But supervision is recommended.
DOCUMENTATION 65% EASE OF USE 76% THOROUGHNESS 68% LIKELIHOOD TO STIMULATE 93% LIKELIHOOD TO INFORM 38% ORIGINALITY 88% COMPATIBILITY WITH N. CURRICULUM 30% VALUE FOR MONEY 66% OVERALL 6 5% BETTER SPELLING Age: 8-14 Price: £22.95 Publisher: School Software Ud Address: Tait Business Centre, Dominic St, Limerick, Ireland.
IN BRIEF: Only two activities are available in this program, spelling using the 'look, cover, see' method and anagrams, but the presentation is delightful and a positive draw for children. The main screen is laid out as a blackboard, complete with chafc and board rubber. As a question is answered a spinning tick or cross appears. After several correct answers, a bonus question appears giving a good incentive. The anagrams go down particularly wel.
DOCUMENTATION 44% EASE OF USE 83% THOROUGHNESS 69% LIKELIHOOD TO STIMULATE 85% LIKELIHOOD TO INFORM 77% ORIGINALITY 60% COMPATIBILITY WITH N. CURRICULUM 71% VALUE FOR MONEY 66% OVERALL 6 5% LEARN TO READ WITH PROF Age: 4 9 Publisher: Prisma Software Address: 29 St James Avenue, Upton Heath, Chester, Cheshire, CH21NB IN BRIEF: This series of programs is designed to take non-readers through from beginning to recognise words to constructing sentences. Although colourful animations play a part the emphasis is on simple controls and drilling of the basics. Four separate but interfnked packages
are available; 'Prof Plays a New Game','Prof LooKs at Words','Prol Makes Sentences' and Prof Hunts lor Words'. It's extremely thorough and sticks to the National Currdulum, but it suffers Irom a rather dodgy manual.
DOCUMENTATION 56% EASE OF USE 67% THOROUGHNESS 90% LIKELIHOOD TO STIMULATE 50% LIKELIHOOD TO INFORM 76% ORIGINALITY 75% COMPATIBILITY WITH N. CURRICULUM 93% VALUE FOR MONEY 68% OVERALL 67% LET'S SPELL Age: 4-9 Price: £11.99 (each pack) Publisher: Soft Stuff Address: 19 Quarry Hill Ftoad. Tonbridge. Kent, TN9 2RN IN BRIEF: At the Shops', 'Out and About and 'At Home' make up the Let's Spell series where the child clicks on an item of scenery then spells it using an onscreen alphabet. French language versions are also available, complete with accents. An excellent all- rounder. Which initially
hooks the user with its graphics, and keeps them there with its content.
DOCUMENTATION 76% EASE OF USE 91% THOROUGHNESS 75% LIKELIHOOD TO STIMULATE 63% LIKELIHOOD TO INFORM 67% ORIGINALITY 83% COMPATIBILITY WITH N. CURRICULUM 59% VALUE FOR MONEY 85% OVERALL 70% MAGK STORY BOOK Age: 5 -14 Price: £29.95 Publisher: Soft Stuff Address:19 Quarry Hi Ftoad. Tonbridge. Kent TN9 2RN IN BRIEF: As a change from straight spelling games, this program allows any child, whether a reader or not to create their own on screen picture book. Its extremely easy to get to grips with, and the story elements can be used from those provided on disk or words typed in and animated sequences
can be added at a later stage. An excellent package, but not consistent enough.
MONEY 92% OVERALL 87% Goldstar Comp uters (EC) Ltd.
P. O. BOX £, TVIDESLEY, MANCHESTCBy M» 7BN Utilities Uf7- Dcopy
V2 Brand NEW relcaseJan 92 UI7- Raaor took- Excellent disk
U25- Fonts A Surfaces- Cut and Paste U32- ( -light- Lapacid
commercial Tracer.
U33- M-C AD- Computer Aided Design pac U35J9T7- DariuXar Utab- Not 2 lo 4
ll. w- Avsaunv Boot UtiBtks- Excellent U42- SD VIM- The OmIy
directory util ?
U43 4 Catalogue worktop- Rather good U45 - 52- CLIP m- EIGHT daks'!
I) 54- Hard Disk Utflx- wouldn't be wahoot DM TSB Vector Drmgner-
For RSI (am kxtar l ob 5- Yet another !
Ipt 3D Sc*•«*- For Sculpt ownen 1 Utih 1- Brilliant disk Force Lrita 2- Seventy Utilibc* I meg rtrapaint VX2- Brilliant nval »Utik I - Excellent quality Hifh (Juaity Clip Ad 7 disks U03-S» U*4-0| UM-ll U118-I_____ 1II2I-Spectnfc
1) 129-Paacal Ct I I.3b- Flrctrocad «Td-
1) 143- SuperKillervK
1) 144- Hamlrab- Iff cod
1) 145- Total lltih 1-20
1) 152- Xmon Utih-Sev UI54- GariWtd Cbpad-
1) 142- DeArx Utik I- Unusual J UI79- Icon Magic- Excellent pre
UI72- DTP- Baaed oa the maigse LI 88- Programming 1-Lots of:
Ulf2- Night Flyer* 4- Excellent HI95- Opti Utik 2- Latest
vcrxk 1144- Opti Cnmun Uummu C UI97- C Dir Took- Stuffed full.
UI99- NUKE VIJ+ I Meet (ta I
1) 207- Printer Utik- By the Aaassu U299- Dynamite Fonts2- More
cut r (1215-Print Studio-The BEST prin U229 1-North C Compxler
2 disks
1) 222)3)4)5- C Manual V2 (4 disks) U224- Gelignite Font*-
1) 232- (.ehgnite Fonts 2- Matk Adc
1) 233 4- YY'indowsBench V2-Mik«c
112. 37- Insanity Took- 203 tools no API) 180 1- Dungron
Driver- Brilliant APD182D- Pixie Kingdom- Very grxxl APD314-
Blackjack Trainer- Supertv APD3IS- Sihrr Han A Ihe Enemy
tfD» fcwM Bert yet, gel U ' APD329- KruH Machine Brilliant
game Business & Serious M2- Yyordwnghi- Won*roec«or H04-
Cle«t- Accounting Bob- U-Edfc- Very powerful w mocmmc APD52-
Forms Rraly 1 initiated APD132- Family History Database
APD138- Spanish Tutor- Pretty good !
APD257- Cassette labeler- For the inlays Slideshows & Pics PI 1 2- Naaa Sideshows- Both I A 2 here P25- Roger Dron- Excellent sbdeshow P32- Agatron b- From Tobias Rich la P3 Agatron 8- More ftom T Ra -table P4A- Max's Ad- Very nicety dooc.
P89- Ad for Arts Sake- By HanibaF Bnll Animations (most tmt» A b- More Aerofoom- By Eric Schwartz.
At - Batman- Ttih is brilliant (by E S) All. Puggs in Space- Brilliant Al2-Bribe-The moat famous of all amms Bb Yangrtiv Brilliant music A graphic* ¦o- jean Michel Jarre- With good pics it8- Amigafkus- By Rod Baxter Bnll 119- Classix I - Mr Baxter strikes again !
120- Ciisbi 2- More of hi* formidable wk 04- APDC 11- Sound utilities 05- APDL 28- MUH UTIIJTIKS M2 lb- Drums M227- IN x!hms Sample*- i M230- Jean Micbel Jarre U M234- Delta Music Editor- Deja Vu (Incorporeb AMOS llcenceware) £ LPP5- Jungle Bungle- Supcrt Kfor kids. Icon driven.
- YY ork A Play- 3 cducaria for young kid*. Recommended
I. PD14- Play It Sale-Aimed at the young kid* about mfety LPD22-
LC10 200 Forts- Th»a
I. PD35- T-Tec Draw GRAPHICS Deluxe Paint
IV ..£69.99 Deluxe Paint m.aimocd nodo £19.99
Deluxe Print II ....£44.99 Spectra
colour ......169. W DigiView Media
Station.....£149.99 Walt Disney Anim.Studio £69.99 Imagine
Vi ......£224X9 Turbo
Silver .£49.99 Art Dept Pro
V2 .11169.99 Real 3D Pro VU £274.99 Sculpt
Animate 4D Pro... £2993* Pixel 3D
V2 £89.99 ProDraw V2
.....J39.9* Map Master for Imagine £4UP' Surface Master
for Imagine..£24.99 F15 Anim Brushes X 14.99 Red
Lotus Anim Brushes £14.99 Animfonts
I .£29.99 Animfonts 2 . £29.99
Animfonts 3 .£29.99 Animfonts
4 .£39.99 POP PUBLISH ERS Wisher V
1.1 ...£199.99 V2. 1149.99 im
VL2™ ......£149.99 m Fonts 1 X4959 m Fonts
Phis ..X49.99 m Business Forms.£29.99 m Quick
Forms....£2939 r2 .X59.99 Klip
Art .£39.99 £69.99 £39.99 £59.99 £24.99 .XI 49.99
U24f" kp-lt! Vol b- Mythological beads Educational & Games
G31 2- *ar Tdk-By Tobias Rxbtor G35- Board Game*- Includes
Monopoly G39- Flaachfaser- Excellent game GS - Shape*-
Absolutely brilliant 4 kids G53- «»- Very addictive tik game
G55- Sealanre Sub tfraicgy type game G42- POM POM Ginmer- Very
Good !
(.79- Skier- Excellent game G72- Snakrpit- Suitable for the kids.good (im- Peter’s Qucnt- Lovely graphics (.¦91- I readers Chib- Stock Market strategy APD59- Super (Juu- Excellent quiz game APD42- Arcadia- Nice breakout clone APDI10- Crossfire- Very nicely done APDI15- Bakmnacy- Superb for the kids APDI30- YY’oodtn Ball- BriUiant !!• APDI42- Pair Crazy Very good APDI 4b- Fruit Machine- For the addict n: Stsi»|.i M.eMr-Mlkai «|ua 6 V juxKi. - II fy.voy tmffM 74- gstr.m ML K H lemon Fhkdi A 79- Agstrun 33- Pn e Abint of prey AX3- Dkcovery Nhoito- Very good A87- Cm- L.hu. A Umcyek. Brilliant
A89- Agatron 22- Includes aproach * n AM Agatron 2 - Be Ik Huey Hclkop* A94 5- X-YY ing- Ratha brilliant acquca A9W- light Cyck- From Tnm and Bn AW 9- Anri-lemming*- 2 MEG AIM 112 3 4 5- Hie Wall- Excepttonl AI 7 8 9l - T1IK LANDING- 4 MEG Al 12- JuggHte II- Another hilariousK Al 15-Agatron 27-Book and others Al lb- Agatron 28- Disconnect, Beautil AI17- Agatron 29- Millenium Falcon, A124- Shuttlecock- By Eric Schwatu A124- Real 3D Anim- 'Real Pinball A127- Real 31) Antan2- T M and hafj Music LPD5I-l KicaI young artist- A ¦Ccpummforkid* 512k
I. PD52- 1X2 4 200 Fonts- Same a* Ipd22 but alao thrught to be
compatible with non 512k Clipart 3- 512k LPDS4- Magpies ( kpad
4- 512k V1.32- An update to the cwr version and enhanced. AMOS
VdS - C Text VIJ2- An nextension to mo& to allow you ini use
icon based fonts
I. PD45- POWER PLANNER- An address database and appointment
planner 512k
I. PD48- Virus Buster- KxrrUrnt by ROD |LPD73- Amos Database
V3.0I 512k ¦PD75- Vidro l-ab- Brilliant Video titeling
¦ackagc.Very easy lo use! I meg
1. 11X77- Ponerbase- Excellent 1 tneg LPD79- Music Engine-
Excelknt music playing routine lor Amos users AMOS LPDBI-Pouk
Pro VI.I Pools predictor and quite good. 512k.
Power Windows 2.5...... ......X69.99 PRESENTATION Scala ..... .. .£224.99 Scala 500.------------------- Hyperbook .. Can-Do .....£99.99 .....£59.99 £99.99 DATABASES Supeibase 4.0 Pro .. £199.99 LITERATURE Using Arexx(with disk) ...X27.99 The Imagine Companion......£24.99 Amiga Dos Manual XI 7.99 Supohase, The Book ....XIIS9 UK POSTAGE INCLUDED.
IF YOU ORDER 10 OR MORE, YOU GET A FREE ONE POSTAGE: UK and BFPO: Please add Sop to order.
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Per Disk Plu PovlMKe World: Please adil 4()p per disk QUALITY DOESN’T w s Rovenge (*) Whan ordering please make CHEQUES and P OS payable to: [BMlbhct MUM* Mtsa GAMES Jetman Abe Atac 1M (?)
Frandc Fmd&t Dragons Cava (?)
GhoatSNp A500 Plus Game Pack 121 al am) Truckin (2) ( ‘ Kler Cars (• Raphael 's f Card Shaip M OuonasJer (.)
FWW PftKKf & MUSIC Silent* Blues House (2) (?)
Hardwired (2) Anarchy Digital Innovation Divina Technohighl (») PMC Alpha Omega *) Total RacaN The Demo (?)
Amos 3D M Sients 'km' ( Utah Saints Remix (*) Andromeda Decaying Paradise (.)
SLIDESHOWS Terminator 2 (2 drives) 1M Divine Visions (2) (fantasy) 1M (*) KknWHde (.)
Betty Boo (?)
Rohocop 2 Advance HAM 1M (?)
Bruno's Box 3 (2) (?)
The Four Seasons (2) (?)
Alcatraz Odyaaay (5) 1M NB £4.50 i IN’S of d Department CU2 4 Flint Walk HAFtTLEPOOL Cleveland TS26 0TE TEL (0429) 263508 BUILD YOUR OWN ROBOT . .. J. AMOS4GFA
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protects wracn (Mug etio the LO Port No soidenng reaueed
mctedesrotey n ***£*£*”* mooute. Motor M sensor, reed swech
hgnt DUO 4 LEDs powertu aoftware on asfc • u Port mo FRII Guide
lo Amiga intartacing Additional relay modules Ol *5 Current
proiects Dy Swilchsoft 10 Port Owners BurgUr Alarm. Control of
model tanks. Control of a telescope, time-lapse cine camera,
robotic arm You own imagination and creativity are the only
Temperature 4 Light Eiperimenten Kit £11 95 Thermo & Photo sensors which plug into the analog mputs Software included Print out a graph of temperature vanabon m you home Save on fuel b«s The photo sensor could be used lor a mobile robot moves towards a SWITCHSOFT I
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M 011 ANALOG PtW . TR I10*.CK-78. Lo*.me. (Ml 023 MU « 0I2LATMPERC. TwMn. Catfu. Citmtv CraMli nt II0T) MS SOUND PX 013 GUITARS : AnowRk. EkcHK A Distorted •«.' (4I Each Duk H pneed at £2.50. my 10 tot £ 19.95. the Compile Collection foe £49.95 In addition. Sampler
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Address: SCULPT ANIMATE 4D If Sculpt 40 Junior has whet your appetite to all things 3D, and you are serious about creating mega-powered animation demos, you'll warn to upgrade to the ultimate in ray-tracing excellence Sculpt Animate 4D has all the features of the coverdisk version plus:
• Full ray-tracing
• Mirrored surfaces
• Distortion tools
• HAM 24-bit output
• Enhanced Animation facilities As a special upgrade support
offer to our readers, we will provide you with a full boxed
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provides greatly enhanced scnpt support (including Arexx
compatibility) and updated gadgets and requesters. Two versions
are provided for both Kickstart 1.3 and 2.0 users, as well as a
whole host of auxiliary files.
To take advantage of this special olfer simply send this coupon to Database Direct. They will provide you with a full version of Powerpacker 4.0 at the special price of only £12.95 .... coupon Dear Database Direct, please send me a copy ot Powerpacker 4.0.1 enclose a cheque postal order lor £12.95 made payable to Database Direct.
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Bart Simpson,
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Dotastarm, Grand Monster Slam, Kid Glow, Powerplay. RVF Hondo. Shufifepuck Cafe, Soccer, Tower Of Babel. Dungeon Quest, Emotion, Speedboll II, Shodow Of The Beast II, Car Vup, Corporation, Xenon IL Bock To The Future II, Cadaver, line Of Fire, Teenoae Mutant Ninja Turtles, St Dragon, Gazzo II, Gun ship.
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Garnet Switch to ditable HDD and memory or ditable HDD only I for full garnet compatibility. Quiet ? Reliable operation with cooling 1 fan User friendly installation + eoty upgrade.
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+ SCALA + Deluxe Paint IV, CM 1960 M SYNC MONITOR £3295.00 INC VAT AMIGA 1500 Specials A1500 GVP 52Mb ?8833 Mk II Monitor Al 500 GVP 105Mb ? 8833 Mk II Monitor all Mk II Monitors come with F19 Promotion f 1039 1971 C12M P X port exchange Amiga 500 For Amiga 1500 PROGRESSIVE PERIPHERALS 68040 Board for your Al 500 2000 50MHz Clock Speed 0Mb RAM £1499 4Mb RAM £1599 8Mb RAM £1699 AMIGA 1500 SPECIAL PROMOTION Comprising The NEW AMIGA 1500 PACK AMIGA 1500, 52Mb 9ms occess hord disk driven by the NEXUS SCSI hord disk controller with 2Mb of RAM which con vbe expanded in 2Mb steps to a maximum of
8Mb The NEXUS also comes with a suite of storoge software utilities. Floshbock, Powetbench, SmartCoche, Spoofit, DiskSurgeon, nstantformal, MemoryOoctor Utilities to enhance the control of your SCSI hard disks All DIAMOND 1 SCO's Come With The New Workbench 2.04 Softwore with the mochine comprises Deluxe Point III, The Works, Home Accounts, 3 Gomes (Puzznic, Toki and Elf), ond a book entitled "Get The Most Out Of Your AMIGA* ONIY £899 Or with 8833 Mk II Monitor ? F19 Promotion ONIY £1099 Or with Multisync Monitor and CBM Video Card (Flicker Fixer) ONIY £1349 FUSION 40 68040 THE LEADER IN
Let w*fc OVP (apeStere e Meuin «w 5.25* i Ihe equivalent of the H08» hord drive, but for ihe AMIGA 1500 ond 2000 This is Ihe very latest 24 bit Professional Video Adapter. H features 16 mtton colours, bvlt-in genlock, fticier fwer.
Home buffer, home grabfpe* ond digixpf keym Suppled wi*h Coltgori 30 modeling ond rendering softwore, SCALA IV24 video tiding sohwore. Pfes Macro Point 24- bit point pockoge Tho fastest accelerator cord and memory upgrade ovoilabfe from GVP Featuring 68030 CPU running at 50MHz . Oncard expansion to 32Mb RAM ond a SCSI hard Mokes your AMIGA run approximately 13 times faster
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foster ihon the stondord AMIGA 1500 2000.
This highperformance media bock up tope streamer device for the AMIGA uses industry stondord DC 150 canrdges Witi bock up speeds in excess of 6Mb per minute, ihe GVP WT150 is a fost ond efficient bockup method to offer peoce of mind for serious users The WTI50 tope streamer requirei SCSI interface such os IMPACT I performance gmng unrivaled power. With GVP'j innovative custom chip design, eosy and friendly installation and softwore. Ihe HC8 is both powerful ond simple to use 52Mb version £295 iosMb*«o. £425 oniy £739 ONLYE1785 oniy £599 oniy£1099 oniy£1499 SUPRA 8Mb BOARD FOR 1500 2000 CAPTAIN
DIAMOND 3000 "BASHER PACK" The New Commodore Amiga Al 500, V2.04 WORKBENCH with twin 3.5" floppy drives.
Multisync Colour Monitor, CBM Flicker Fixer (video card), 68030 40MHz Processor, 105Mb hard drive with 5Mb RAM and S W, Deluxe Paint III, The Works, Home Accounts + 3 Games - Puzznic, Toki, Elf.
ONLY £2399 INC VAT (reasonable money?)
AMIGA 1500 With Workbench 2.04 Software with the machine comprises Deluxe Point IN, The Works, Home Accounts. 3 Gomes (Puzznic, Toki ond EH), ond o book emitted ¦Get The Most Out Of Your AMIGA' ONLY C549 Or with 8833 Mk II Monitor ? F19 Promotion ONLY £769 Or with NO SOFTWARE ONLY £499 Or with NO S W ? MONITOR ONLY £719 Bareboord £89 £69 for 2Mb £207 *or 6Mb Add CIMforAMb Add £275 k* 8Mb NEXUS BOARD Bareboord 0Mb HD 0k RAM ONLY £ 149 RAM 0Mb 2Mb 4Mb 6Mb 8Mb No HD £149 £199 £249 £299 £349 52Mb HD £299 £349 £399 £449 £499 103Mb HD £399 £449 £499 £349 £399 DOT MATRIX PRINTERS IVS TRUMPCARDS ONLY
£79.95 Thr IVS Trumpcord is th lop soiling SCSI hard drive controller Representing the latest in technology directly from the USA. It is the only controller lo support IBM.
Amiga and Apple Mocintosh partitions on one hard disk This allows you to run software for the three main hordware platforms on one mochme Only one computer can do this.
STAR LC20 CITIZEN 124 D STAR 1C 24 10 STAR LC 200 STAR LC 24 200 COL SWIFT 9 COLOUR SWIFT 9 NEW SWIFT 24E COL XB 24 200 COL XB 24 250 COL £124.95 £179.95 £179.95 £173.90 £299.95 £179.95 £169.95 £269.95 £379.95 £469.95 ZA 200 COLOUR £299.95 ZA 250 COL £379.95 NEW SP2400 SEIKOSHAC129.94 PANASONIC KXP 1123 £159.95 OKI 380 SWIFT 9X SWIFT 24X NEW SWIFT 224 NEW SWIFT 224 COL £199.95 £259.95 £379.95 £229.00 £239.95 HARD DISK DRIVES FASTER DRIVES FOR LOWER PRICES.
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1. 3 ROM P.O.A. ROM Sharer £24.99 These prices do not include
fitting; however if you don't want to fit them yourself then
this can be performed by one of our Qualified Engineers ot any
I. 8M Printer Cable
2. 0M Printer Cable
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5. 0M Printer Cable 10M Printer Cable Centronics to Centronics
MONITOR LEADS £9.95 AMIGA CBM 1084 S £9.95 £11.95 AMIGA
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Last Christmas nearly 20,000 fake Philips 8833 MKII monitors were imported intcObis country by some unscrupulous retailers looking to make a quick buck out of you, tl iej B itish public.
B ! Warned these monitors wdiyelmWCMlty unsafe anfl'do not comply with Briti ih S£ fety standards. HOCK r --- If your regular supplier fobbed you off-with inferior goods go back and demand a efund. Note, product codes on the rear of all genuine UK monitors ended in either )5G or 55G, if yours did not, then you haven't got the real Mc-Cov. 10G was Manufactured for the Dutch market and 20G was designed for tboEaGBdStpither are safe working on a British power supply, Get_it checked betorelfsloQTafeliL... VMOM&ONLY EVER SUPPLY GMU ritiswStandard Philips 8833MHWM momotion only £229 inctfp a
amond AMIGA A TON OF FUN Yes, that's right, we're continuing our policy of giving you the best-value coverdlsks on any Amiga mag with a massive £120 giveaway of full-price programs. Not only that, but we’ll also have two of the hottest game demos around as well as a first look at Gremlin's Zool-the 'Space Ninja' they hope will be the Amiga's equivalent to Sonic The Hedgehog.
GAMES GALORE As usual, you'll read the first reviews in CU Amiga and next month's going to be no exception with exclusive examinations of Lucasfilm's Monkey Island 2, Readysoft's Guy Spy, and Rage’s Striker, a 30 soccer game unlike any you have seen or played before... NEXT MONTH If you thought the new-look CU Amiga was a good read, wait until you see next month’s issue! On sale May 26th, it’s bursting with amazing features on all things Amiga. For starters, all our usual in-depth reviews and product tests will be there, as well as new Buyer’s Guides on a whole range of products, ranging from
modems and joysticks to memory expansions and top movie licenses. There’s a report from the World Of Commodore Show in New York detailing all the latest developments and technical advances for the Amiga, and we’ll also be presenting more of our wonderful Blue Pages tutorials, featuring walk-through guides to popular PD and full-price utilities. It's all in next month's CU Amiga - you'd be mad to miss it... DO-IT-YOURSELF We kick off our DIY column with details of how to make a joystick mouse converter which can switch between the two at the click of a button. In coming months we'll be taking a
look at inserting accelerator cards, repairing joysticks, aligning drive heads and general Amiga repairs.
GET SERIOUS As usual, our in-depth reviews of serious software continue to set the pace. Over 30-pages of product tests mean we give the most complete coverage of any Amiga magazine.
Items for review next issue include Image Master, a 24-bit paint package, and V-LAB- a real-time video digitiser. Also on test will be the GVP Mk.2, a 24-bit card, and the new Power Scanner.
SHOWTIME Nick Veitch reports from the World of Commodore Show in New York. One of the biggest all-Amiga shows in the world, all the latest machines will be on display along with some heavy duty hardware.
Our 5-page feature details all the latest advances as well as showcasing some of the products you can expect to see appearing later in the year.
GOING PUBLIC Bigger and better than the rest, CU Amiga's PD Scene and PD Utilities columns cover the entire spectrum of the Public Domain and give the most comprehensive buyer's guide information of any magazine. Next issue also sees the start of our special ‘Amazing Worlds' feature which focuses on top demo groups from around the world.
Lit Software lor ihe Amiga PRO. I.( TE WITH my life was notn.no' UAZ 5 ?1 10. MR MEANS DEJA-VU LPDX6 N COMMAND. NEEDS AMOS LPDB5 MAGIC WASSOCKS.
• -»:-V -W: - A, K II- 1USH
I. OTS OF 1)1 l(is irom rm. RIICIM N K( in 1)1 IO P-NRTT M
Ml. Mil I M l I.K KNSKII TO 17-1(11 (I lease rude Iihsi demo's
Mill nol In- ataibdble from ant i idn-r Ann, Tel Ii- mure
Vangclis discography. A500 sound enhancer, roland bl 10 bank
LaWc midi note numbers + a selection of the latest Amiga music from Bjom Lynn and the boys. Back issues also available lei for details.
ORI)IRIN(, DISKS 17 1(11 SOI | N NKI II I IIMHIM (0924) 5669X2 NOW 2 I.INKS + OWNERS 17 - BIT SOFTWARE SPECIAL PACKSj CLASSICAL MUSIC I 15 Disks crammed full of useful programs for your new Amiga* disks are 1532. 1572.
1768. 1734.1733. all ihe above disks also work on 1.2 and 1.3 as
well only £5.50 THK r i.T.MATE VII SIC CREATION PACK 1750
AND PACKING COMPETITION If you're reading this in
Australia, you can WIN a CDTV!
Mi I oat of CU Amiga's Australian readers don’t stand a Dingo’s chance of winning our compos, as It takes months for their entries to reach us.
However, to make amends with our loyal Aussie readers, we’re offering one of them the chance to win a wonderful CDTV unit - guaranteed to work with their Antipodean Amigas. And for one runner-up, there’s a bundle of twenty games, whilst another ten will win one- year subscriptions to the amazing CU Amiga.
What do our down under followers have to do to win this superb device? It’s easy. Listed elsewhere on the page are five multiple- choice questions awaiting your attention. They’re all related to famous Aussies who have made It in Britain, 0 Name this famous Oz artist, seen to the right promoting Commodore's decrepit C64. Is it:
A. Kikky The Koala
B. Rolf Harris
C. Paul Robinson
D. Paul Keating 0 What was Kylie Minogue's first hit single
called? Was it
A. I Should Be So Lucky
B. The Locomotion
C. Any Dream Will Do
D. Paul Keating
- 0 Talking of Neighbours stars, who went on to star in Andrew
Lloyd-Webber’s ‘Joseph And His Amazing Technicolour
A. Ian Smith
B. The Twins
C. Jason Donovan
D. Paul Keating 0 Which one of the following isn't a popular
Aussie soap?
A. Home And Away
B. The Young Doctors
C. The Flying Doctors
0. Paul Keating © Name the incredibly talented Kangaroo who
starred in its own series:
A. Drippy
B. Dippy
C. Skippy
D. Paul Keating COMPETITION 6 Finally, there’s a tiebreaker to
help us determine the winner. Simply read the following phrase
and complete it in no more than ten words.
I love the Queen because... When you've answered all five of these Incredibly hard questions, simply pop them on the bach of a postcard, and address it to: Aussie Compo, CU Amiga. Priory Court. 30-32 Farnngdon Lane. Farringdon. London. EC1 3AU. England.
The compo closes on September the 30th 1992, so there's plenty of time to tie that Kangaroo down. Sport, and get those entries in. Any received after will be binned.
RULES: HO EMPLOYEES OF EMAP IMAGE OR THEIR FAMILIES CAN ENTER, AND NEITHER CAN ANYONE WHO DOESN'T LIVE IN AUSTRAILA. THAT'S IT, REALLY... THE SQUEEZE No manor how much data you squeeze onto a disk. It always seems that there's never quite enough space. A number ol solutions have emerged, ranging Irom data compression and archiving systems, to higher capacity disks and dnves. It's the former two methods that are the subject ol this article.
When it comes to the !
Crunch Data compression can be split into two basic categories: data specific systems, such as the graphics only JPEG, and generic ones which will work with any type ol data. Although data specific systems yield Ihe most impressive space savings, generic compression routines are lar more practical in everyday use thanks to their versatility.
Generic compression systems can be further divided into two categories: single or multi-tile.
Powerpacker Is probably the best known ol the single-file compression programs (see panel). For now. I want to look at multi-file systems, which are more commonly referred to as archivers.
ARCHIVE IT An archiver can be used to process the entire contents of a disk - or disks - and convert them into a compressed format which still retains all of the directory and file information, yet which is stored as a single block of data. Individual files and directories can then be extracted from this archived data block at the user’s leisure.
POWERPACKING Powerpackaris the best known lile compressor available, and as is often the case, it started life as a pro grammer's tool. Alter undergoing a series of revisions and upgrades. II was released commercially and is now available as version V4.0 It can compress data tiles or executable programs, and has been known lo achieve compression rates ol over 60V especially when used m iff screens.
« by a suite ol programs designed to manipulate Powarpackti files PPUort is used lor reading text.
There are many archrvers available, most of which can be found in the Public Domain. The most popular are LHArc. LhA. Zoo and PKAZip, all of which produce more or less the same end result. The two most important features of any archiver, are the speed at which it compresses and decompresses data, and the amount of compression it can achieve. Higher compression rates mean longer compression times, so a moderate balance of the two is usually chosen.
YOU'RE HISTORY The original archiver was created as a result of a compression formula called the Huffman algorithm.
This was used by Japanese programmer.
Haruyasu Yoshizaki. To write the first MSDOS archiver for use on Pcs and mainframes. Since then, the onginal algorithm has undergone several refinements, but still stands as the basis for all commonly-used archivers.
The most popular use for archivers is on bulletin boards, where modem owners can ring up and receive full programs via the telephone lines.
Each second of download time costs valuable money, so it s important to reduce the files to their smallest size. Despite their widespread use, though, there's still no single slandard for archivers, but users of certain bulletin boards or distribution networks tend to favour particular Disk space is always a problem, Mat Broomfield doubles up as he explores the avenues available for the bur* dened floppy user... I types. For example, the Fred Fish Public Domain disks generally use LHArc format, as do many CIX bulletin board users. Because they were originally used primarily by serious' users,
most archivers aren't intuition-driven and therefore don't have user-friendly menus or mouse-operated gadgets.
A SAMPLE SCRIPT Most archivers are script-driven, and require instructions to be issued via CLI or Shell. A typical instruction may look like this: LHArc -x a archive- name DF1.texf .doc The instruction compnses five main elements: switches, command, archive, filename and pattern.
Although I used ‘-x there are a number of possible switches. Their use is optional, but they can clarify the way the archive should proceed - for example whether items within directories should be included or not. The command (‘a’ in this case), tells the archiver what to do with the archive (ie whether to add or remove files, or perform some other operation) The archive simply indicates the name of the archive file to be read from or written to. If the user is adding files to an archive, but one doesn’t exist yet. One will be created with the name BUYERS GUIDE given 1 this section.
Filename is used to specify the file to be archived, however, if the name of a directory is given (OF 1 :c or DHO devs for example), the entire directory will be archived. Pattern, the final element of the instruction, can be used to filter out unwanted files. In this case, I've told the archiver only to access tiles that end in the characters 'doc'.
THE BIG ONE Despite their incredible power and flexibility, most archivers come unstuck when you want to transfer a large file from hard disk to floppy. If the compressed file comes to over 880k, most archivers are unable to split it so that it can be stored on several disks. There is how- ever, an American program which can do exactly that.
Quarterback Tools Is an invaluable utility which compresses even the largest ol tiles, automatically request- ing new floppy disks as It requires them. It schieves the highest rats of compression possible, but to do this It creates disks which cannot be read by the standard Amiga DOS. Most of the time this Isn't a problem, but sometimes It can be inconvenient - especially If you want to copy a single compressed file to another disk.
Ouartsrback Toots costs £52.13 plus VAT and can be bought from HB Marketing, Concorde Building, Unit 3, Poyle 14, Colnbrook, Berks. SL3 OLX.
ADDRESS BOOK There are hundreds of ways that these elements can be combined, giving endless archiving permutations, and virtually absolute control over the finished results. The manual lor LHA alone covers nearly fitly pages, so you'll appreciate It if I don’t explain every combination! Mind you, the results it otters are well worth the effort, and most users probably won't need to read beyond page ten In any case.
CONCLUSION To summarise, archivers can make your life easier by storing and compressing files in a single large block of code - an archive. Additional files can be added to this at a later date, or removed it they're no longer required.
M MW*hasin The date-stamping option allows the user to automatically create archives consisting ot files created or modified alter a certain date, making it an ideal way ol backing up data on a hard drive.
UqMMataaa. Cam tl lit Soflvin. T« lorMiua. WF110H Tel: 09?4 366MZ.
There are dozens of cheap archivers available, bul the best known is LHArc. Allhough LHArca and PKAzip are both inluition driven, and hence more user-lriendly. II you want serious compression, remember that it comes at the cost ol speed - but it could be worth that extra time. To summarise, archivers are very simple to use. Can save you loads of disk space - not lo mention phone bills - and are an essential utility lor any serious' user. Why not buy one today?
JARGON BOX FEATURES COMPARISON Because archive users are constantly looking lor the 'ultimate' program, this table shows the average results ot multiple compression and decompression ot 2Mb ol text, graphics and other data formats stored in multiple files, using multiple switches.
Archive - File containing one or more comp reseed files Archiver - Program usad to create an archive Bulletin Board - An oloctronic ‘meeting place’ where modem owners can contact using their computer.
2. 8:1
2. 6:1
2. 7:1
ZOO V2.1 CIX - A very popular bulletin board.
It comes as no great surprise to see that LHA comes first in every test as it's the most recently-released package. But if you look at the results for Zoo, you'll notice the clas- sic trade off: great compression rate, lousy speed!
Compression - The technique of reducing information in size whilst retaining its exact content.
Compression Ratio - The amount by which a fila Is reduced in size after compression. A ratio of 2:1 moans that it has been halved.
Decompression - The process of restoring a compressed file to its original size and format.
Huffman’s algorithm - The original formula used as the basis for most archiving systems.
JPEG - Joint Photographic Executive Group: A special compression technique for pictures that results in savings up to 97%!
LHA - The newest archiver which achieves high rates of compression and works vary quickly.
LHArc - The most popular and best known archiver.
LHArca - A user-friendly version of LHArc using windows and menus.
Modem - An interface that lets computer owners transmit and receive data via a telephone line.
MSDOS - Microsoft Disk Operating System: the disk language used by business machines and Pcs.
PKAZip - Possibly tha most user-friendly archiver of all.
Script - A command or sequence of commands.
Zoo An older archiver that gives excellent compression rates, but takes a long time to do it.
AF MAXI MUSIC 1: Great Music. Something worth listening to.
AF DEMO S 1: The very best from the demo secne includes RSI. Coma. Confusion.
Motion and many more of the latest demo's.
D-Paint Tutorial: By A German Artist, A great tutorial Showing you how to produce great Logo's and Fonts using Deluxe Paint 111. Or IV Great Value You’ll be an artist in no time" MASTER Of THE TOWN (1 MEG) SCUM HATERS DRIP ..(FAMOUS!
WITH T»«S ZEUS HOLLYWOOO TRIVIA FLASHBIER NEAT 200 LEVELS H-BAIL. ARKANOID CLONE SUPER TWINTRIS BEST UQA'S, Amiga Introduction Package Weal lor beginners. And very usefuU for others Get everything that a new comer to the AMIGA needs in one package Copiers. Crunchers. Text i Editors and lots more to get you off to a great START.
LPO 4 THINGMAJIG-Great Jigsaw Style Game lor Kids 1 LPD 5 JUNGLE BUNGLE - Icon Driven Adventure Game LPO 6 PUKAOO 4 Sprites-Great Game * 600 Brill Sprites LPO 7 FOUR WAY LYNX-22 levels, I Full ot PUZZLES???
LPD11 Go Getter-Good Board Game , LP012 HYPNOTIC LANOS-Catch 1 Them Balls, Coming Irom Lanes LP016 REVERSIII-NEW IMPROVED | LP017 DOGFIGHT II ShootUmUp, 8 Player Game Feature... LP019 X-IT-50 - Shoot-em-up'" LP021 QUINGO - Brilliant Pub Quiz LP024 Shining Way of Kung-Fu-2 Oishs, Very Good, 5 50 1 LPD25 THE MISSION-A Greet Text Adventure ...Very Good , LP026 C.Y.A.O. - BOULOEROASH Type Game. Addictive 4 BrM 1mg LP039 MAGIC FOREST II-Brilliant Commercial Quality Game... LPD41 RESCUE - Reviewed M this Month's Magazine Very Neat LPD43 LAZERZONE-AVBryNice
Shoot-em-up Game Very Good LP044 FORMULA ONE CHALLENGE- NEW Highly Addictive, Good ....1 mg LP047 DIRTY CASH - NEW! The best I Fruit Machine Sim I’ve Seen "'¦REVIEWED LAST MONTH!!!!
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£q whdt's new? *or s,ar,ar*' *•'*• introduced a number of new columns. This month sees the start of regular monthly features on DTP, Programming, Education and Comms, and there'll be several others beginning next month, too. Don't worry if you're new to the Amiga, as each column will start off with the basics before moving on to more involved matters. Buyer's Guides, walk-through guides and software charts round off the package, so read and enjoy... 172 JOYSTICK BUYERS GUIDE Stuck (or a redly thoroughbred stick that doesn't go wonky after less than a week ol waggling?
Then read our comprehensive Buyer's Guide where we've put fifteen top sticks through their paces to find which ones make the grade.
176 BACKCHAT CU Amiga's letters pages have often been noted for allowing our readers to let off steom, ond this month is no exception. Why not join in the arguments already raging or create some controversy of your own?
178 STEP-BY-STEP This issue heralds the start of Step-by-Step Here, we'll be printing user guides to some of the most popular PD utilities which often come without proper documentation. If you're stumped on how to get the most out of a particular PD program, drop us o line ond we'll attempt to explain all. To begin with, we take o look ot SID, the popular disk organising utility.
180 HARD DRIVIN' if you ve got a Hard Drive but don't know who! To stick on it, here's a mini-Buyer's Guide to the best of HD-installoble games for your machine. If it isn’t here, it's not worth the bother.
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187 DOCTORIN' THE DISK Our three port look at the innermost workings of floppy disks reaches its conclusion, with Nick Veitch explaining how to repair a disk once its been damaged.
188 PROGRAMMIHG If you don't know Arexx from Andrex, then Nick Veitch is here to set you straight with the first in a series of features on the Amiga's most powerful programming language.
191 DTP It's that man Nick Veitch ogain, this time giving you the benefit of his in-depth knowledge of all-things DTP. If you've ever wanted to start your own magazine or design your own business cards, Nick's here to chart the way.
194 COMMS Dave Burns asks 'Who ya gonna call?' In the first installment of his regulor Comms column. This month, you'll find a beginner's guide to setting up your Modem ond communicating with the rest of the Amiga fraternity via the telephone lines.
196 INSIDE INFORMATION If gomes are your thing, read the only column that matters. Each month Rik Haynes looks ot the most exciting technical advances in gamer entertainment and casts his mind back to bygone times when men were real men, women were real women, and 16-bit gomes were, erm, not very good actually... 199 SOFTWARE CHARTS There bock! Yep, read the definitive software charts, as we list the top twenty movers and shakers as well os the best budget buys and who! The CU AMIGA teom are currently playing.
200 EDUCATIOH An area often neglected by other magazine, Mike Gerrard is on hand to begin the start of another regular column. This month, Mike takes a look at the uses to which the Amiga is being pul lo in schools and colleges up and down the country.
202 POIHTS OF VIEW Points of View also returns, which gives industry figures an excuse for a good rant about anything they feel like getting off their chest. This time LOGiN's European Editor, Rik Haynes vents his spleen over the sorry state of games development. He's not going to make many friends, that's for sure... There’s no such thing as the perfect joystick, but some come closer than others. In the first of a two-part fea- ture, CU put a selection of the finest joysticks through their paces.
Buying a Joystick la aaay.
Buying ona that doasn’t tall apart or atop working within a waak Is anothar matter antlraty. Facad with an andlass array ol rubbar- nackad wonders, each with Ms own ergonomic design and outrageous claims ol longevity, It's a thankless and costly task choosing which ona to pM against the likes ol Project X, Spaadball II or Rainbow Inlands.
II you’re lad up forking out a small fortune each month to replaca lauMy Joysticks, than tear no moral CU's crack team ol wagglers have bean busy over the last two months putting soma ol the finest Joysticks that money can buy through arduous routines and subjecting them to literally hours and hours ol solid play.
The result ol all this waggling? Probably the most comprehenslva Joystick reviews ever! To make things easy, wa've given each Joystick an overall scora as well as marks for Innovation, dura- bllHy, ease-ol-use, comfort I actor, and responsiveness.
Son max Price: £10.99 The handle's microswitches give an excellent response and, coupled with the stick s self-centralizing system, steel shatt and pistol grip, can't be faulted. It’s double-eight figure fits the hand well and the thing even looks the business thanks to a transparent plastic casing.
On the down side, the leaf spring firebutton gives little tactile feedback and is awkward to press lor any length of time. Cord length, at just over five teel is a bit on the small side, and the lack of an auto-fire facility is a distinct drawback. It's essentially a hand-held device as there's a tack of suction cups underneath the base ol the machine.
Instead, the stick is graced with supposedly non-slip rubber pads which slip and slide about a tabletop like Torvill and Dean in their heyday.
VERDtCTi Looks the business, but fails lo meet expectations.
INNOVATION 81% DURABILITY 72% EASE-OF-USE 77% COMFORT FACTOR 80% RESPONSIVENESS 72% € THE BUG Cheetah Price: £14.99 The Bug certainly lives up to its namesake: it’s incredibly tiny and would be an ideal starter stick for a young child Suitable lor either left or right-handed players, the device comes with a five-loot cable and two firebuttons placed at the front of its compact body. These are activated by the player’s thumb with the slick's shaft conveniently located towards the centre of the device. The main failing of the stick is its abysmally short shaft which allows little or no grip and.
Therefore, a subsequent loss of control II only manufacturers would realise that a knobbly end and long stick are essential ingredients in a successful |oystick and not sacrifice such aspects for gimmickry such as this.
VIRDICT: Looks cute, but plays like a brick.
INNOVATION 40% DURABILITY 60% EASE-OF-USE 30% COMFORT FACTOR 70% RESPONSIVENESS 59% OVERALL 52% € TORTOISE Cheetah Price: £19.99 This looks and plays like a joke.
Obviously aimed at the preteen age- group, the Tonoise consists of two units: a heavy duty stabilising body and an ’ergonomically' shaped control 'shell'. The hand Is supposed to fit smoothly over the shell at the top of which are three fire buttons to stab at Movement Is engineered by rocking the shell from side-to-side and top to Bottom, but this proves a cumbersome and ineffective control system which soon Becomes tiresome. Also. It's doubtful that small hands will get the most out of this device as they would probably fall short of the firebuttons due to the bulky nature ot the
VIRDICT: One to avoid!
INNOVATION 90% DURABILITY 10% EASE-OF-USE 10% COMFORT FACTOR 10% RESPONSIVENESS 10% OVERALL 11% ( NAVIGATOR JOYSTICKS Konlx Price: Cl 5.32 Despite Its weird design. Trie Navigator tits the shape ol the hand almost perfectly and gives a pistol- like grip. With the flrebutton positioned conveniently close to the user's trigger finger, rapid firepower is yours for the taking. Fully-functioning microswitches also mean you can hear and feel every dick and movement you make, My only real criticism, and It's a biggie, is the awful snaft. It's just too tiny and doesn't allow tne user to get a good
grasp of It during play.
Consequently, predse movement Isn't really on. Moreover, although the shaft is made of metal, the model under test broke down after only three hours of use. Not a very good recommendation, I'm sure you'll agree.
Cable length is a very good flve- and-a-half foot and the autofire mechanism kicks In when the flrebutton Is held down, ensuring a constant stream of bullets during play.
VIRDICTiStrong on ergonomics, weak og playability.
INNOVATION DURABILITY EASE-OF-USE COMFORT FACTOR RESPONSIVENESS 88% 45% 83% 88% 62% 58% OVERALL ( CRUISER Powerptay Price: C10.M The Cruiser has long been a favourite of mine. These days, the stick has metamorphosed from its sleek matt black beginnings into a multi-coloured machine which boldly mixes pinks, blues and greens in a tasteful display of overstatement The basic stick Is still very much intad. Though, and offers an easy-to- grasp handle coupled with solid construdlon and a special twist lock at Its base which offers three different resistances: loose, medium and stiff.
This is probably the stick s best feature, allowing you to alter the resistance to suit the type ot game you're playing. For instance, If you fancy a game of SpeedDall 2. A stiff senmg will allow you to turn your players on the spot, while flight suns are best played with the |oystick set to a loose setting, allowing for gradual movement rather then short, stacatto bursts.
The lead is an acceptable five fooler and the base ol the machine fits snugly in the palm of the hand.
There are also four suction cups at the base of the stick to help affix it to your table-top if you should so require. Two microswitch llre-buttons and directional control provide the icing on the cake.
VIRDICTi Overall, a brilliant stick, which stands up well to some serious waggling.
C SPEED KING Konlx Price: £12.25 11.25 Superficially, this looks cheap and shabby. Even its markings are the result of transfers overiaid on to the moulded plastic of the main body.
Aesthetically, It's a non-starter, but once you've summoned the courage to remove the L-shaped contraption from its box. It fits rather nicely in the palm of the hand with the thumb occupying a special grove and the index and middle fingers centred around the flrebutton.
During use, the stick gave a very good tactile response and the microswitches worked well. From my initial misgiving, the Speed King quickly became one of my favourite sticks and proved adaptable to any type of game, whether it be a platform Jumper or an aircraft Sim. Al six-foot, the lead was one of the longest we had in lor test Models are available with or without the autoflre feature.
VIRDICTi Looks aren't everything.
Definitely worth a lest.
70% 85% 80% 90% 80% 82% INNOVATION DURABILITY EASE-OF-USE COMFORT FACTOR RESPONSIVENESS OVERALL C CONTROLLER Quickshot Price: £9.99 Ouickshot proudly boast that they’ve sold more than 20.000.000 joysticks woridwlde. Over the years, they've built up a reputation for sturdily-built sticks, each with its own 12 month guarantee, and they've an incredible range of models to suit most tastes and pockets.
Having said that, they’ve Just tarnished their reputation by releasing a completely ridiculous stick. It's both clumsy to use and awkward to hold - the kiss of death in Joystick terms. It's double handlebar gnp is too small for an average-sized hand, especially when both thumbs are needed to operate the Joypad and firebutton positioned towards the centre of the stick. There is a second firebutton.
Positioned on the underside of the stick and operated by the index finger, but it's In such an awkward position that you'll soon tire of punching the pad.
Due to the lack of microswitches, you don’t get such a tactile feedback while the stick's in use. And the four- toot cable length is a bit on the short side. The joypad is also a pain - I've never got used to them, even though I own a Famicom, and much prefer the more traditional Joystick control method VIRDICTi It's solid construction is about the only nice thing that can be said about the Controller.
INNOVATION DURABILITY EASE-OF-USE COMFORT FACTOR RESPONSIVENESS OVERALL 80% 88% 45% 34% 46% 37% INNOVATION DURABILITY EASE-OF-USE COMFORT FACTOR RESPONSIVENESS OVERALL 70% 87% 87% 78% 82% 85% Euromax £34.95 The first thing that's noticeable is the springy feel ol the stick. It has just the right amount ol travel lor a good bash at virtually any last-paced arcade game and the fire-button perched on top of the shall is in easy reach ol the thumb. There are also two buttons on the base ol the machine, and the left one ol these alters the rate ol autofire by turning it clockwise or anticlockwise
Strangely, though, the base and stick buttons cannot operate at the same time.
The long thin shalt means you can easily wrap at lour lingers around it. But the cord length is a risible lour loot long. The shaft's microswitches give a positive feedback to movement, but the leaf spring lire buttons once agaxi prove a disadvantage m measuring performance. It’s especially noticeable on shoot 'em ups were you need to constantly monitor your firing rate - with a leal spnng this is almost impossible VIBBKTi Smart and styfish stick with plenty ol manoeuvrability INNOVATION 78% DURABILITY 88% EASE-OF-USE 89% COMFORT FACTOR 81% RESPONSIVENESS 88% OVERALL 86% 0 i]
STING-RAY Logic 3 Price: £13.99 When the Sbng-Ray joystick was fiist released. It caused quite a stir, due in no small part to Its absurd styling which makes It look Ike one ot those rayguns that Flash Gordon used to bandy about In thoae crumbly black and whiie earty-mommg so-l serials Despite such unfortunate comparisons. Ot perhaps because ol them, the Sting-Ray has gone on to become quite a papular joystick.
It fits the hand in a similar lashkm to a revolver with the handle nestling In the palm ol the hand and the ndex-finger ideally placed over the firebutton On top ol the 'barrel’ is the joystick's shaft, topped oH with a knobbly piece of plastic for the grip.
Overal. Its design a akin to Konix's Navigator, but the knobbly end to the shalt makes it an altogether more controiable aHair An auto-lire button Is also perched atop the mactvne together with two thruster buttons fixed to each fin. When pressed, these are repulerfy meant to make you speed up. But they’re placed in such a ridiculous position that it’s doubthk whether youl ever cal them into play. A six-loot cable rounds oft the package.
Euromax Price: £69.95 The Zoomer Is a specialist stick aimed at flight sim and drtvrig game enthusi-
s. Its yoke resembles a steering wheel with both top and bottom
bits cut away. It’s not small, as its 30cm tall by about the
same length width-wise Fire buttons are located on top ol each
atm and there’s an auto-lire knob on the base ol the machine.
Four suckers keep everything stable and the cable is a good
six-loot long.
I found that the Zoomer greatly enhances the realism ol flight simulators and driving games. The handte itselt has reasonable sideways rotation but the vertical axis is considerably less mobile. Because the up down and letVn yn movements are so different to each other, it overcomes the problem of sensitive joysticks which dwe when they should be turrxng and turn when you want them to climb.
It's not really suitable lor the likes 01 FI-Type and Sjpeedbaf. BiA load up Flight ol the Intruder ot FI5and youl have a ban It definitely adds a new dimension when playing these type of VERDICT: Costly, but essential lor Isght and txke sims.
INNOVATION 85% DURABILITY 73% EASE-OF-USE 78% COMFORT FACTOR 80% RESPONSIVENESS 76% INNOVATION 96% DURABILITY 89% EASE-OF-USE 89% COMFORT FACTOR 89% RESPONSIVENESS 93% OVERALL 79% OVERALL 92% VIWMCTi A superior stick with more options than the Stock Market INNOVATION 95% DURABILITY 88.% EASE-OF-USE 85% COMFORT 85% RESPONSIVENESS 90% JOYSTICKS SIGMA-RAY Logic 3 Price: £14.99 This one has the best grip of all the joysticks we tested. The pistol grip fits the contours of the hand beautifully, with both firebuttons within easy reach There's also a couple more placed at the base ot the stick,
just for good measure, as well as an auto-fire switch and single-shot option button. Style-wise, this is Ihe pick of the bunch, and in play the stick also excels, proving to have just the right amount of tension for flight sims although not quite so hot lor arcade-orientated games.
In-built microswitches ensure a positive feedback and the suction cups allow for table-top play as well as hand held action. Cord length is a minuscule tour foot, but the overall layout of the stick more than compensates for such shortcomings.
VIRDICTt Nice looks, solid construction, good value.
INNOVATION DURABILITY EASY-OF-USE COMFORT FACTOR RESPONSIVENESS OVERALL d THE ULHMAXE Euromax Price:£34.95 When we reviewed this in October last year, Dave Kelsey reportedly raved about Ihe machine's 'superb styling and rugged construction'. I can only assume he was the victim ol some hallucinogenic drug, as my thoughts couldn't be more different.
Obviously not a hand-held model, this table-top device is incredibly ugly and cumbersome. Admittedly, its sphencal hand-grlp proves to be a worthy feature when compared to some of the other sticks we’ve reviewed this month, but its unresponsive fire buttons give the machine a decidedly dull feel.
Perhaps its best feature is a vari- able-speed autofire button which can spew out a super-fast hail of shots at its top speed. Unfortunately, the machine also has its fair share ol minus points and the unresponsive helm makes arcade games a positive chore. Although It has a whopping six-and-a-hall foot lead (mistakenly put at 10 toot on the packaging!), the rest of the machine doesn't live up to expectations I found it slow to respond to tugs on the joystick shaft and rather too bulky for its own good.
VIRDICTi If you want a table-top joystick, look elsewhere.
INNOVATION 50% DURABILITY 70% EASE-OF-USE 70% COMFORT FACTOR 62% RESPONSIVENESS 55% OVERALL 57% Sonmax Price: £14.99713.99 This is the stick I've been using for «the last year and It's still going strong. Two firebuttons placed at either side of the unit mean that both right and lelt-handed players can use it, and the solid construction means the stick can pot up with as much wiggling as you can possible throw at It. Even Ocean s aging Daley Thompson's Decathlon would prove no problem to a stick of this stature.
The stick's long shaft and knobbly top prove invaluable in overall control and helps afford a nice, comfortable grip Micro-switched throughout, every tug translates in a nice, tight response and an auto-lire feature provides rapid bursts or a continuous stream of bullets. From Speedball to fl-Type, from Project X to the Addams Family, the Zip Stik handled all-comers.
About the only criticism that can be levied at the stick is its paltry lead of just over five foot. But that's nitpicking - play and enjoy.
VIRDICTi An essential purchase The undisputed King ol the sticks.
INNOVATION 79% DURABILITY 91% EASE-OF-USE 92% COMFORT FACTOR 92% RESPONSIVENESS 96% OVERALL 95% NEXT MONTH In the second half of this feature, we'll be reviewing yet another 15 sticks lhal have had lo endure a lour ol duly in Ihe CU ollices. We'll also he announcing Ihe winner of the CU AMIGA Joystick of the Year award. So join us nest month for another spot of waggling... G IHE ARCADE Euromax Puce: £19.95 Another firm favourite in the Cll offices. The Arcade has proved remarkably resilient to more than a year's worth of constant use. The fact that It has survived such duress is a testament to
its sturdy construction and solid design.
What you get for your money is a pretty basic sock with one firebutton and a long shaft with ball-handle. It might not be much to look at. But it plays superbly well and, if it wasn't for the leaf spring firebutton, would be one of the best sticks available.
The lack of options comes as a welcome relief as it seems to be the fashion these days to incorporate as many unessential gimmicks as possible merety to artificially bump up the price The back-to-basics approach is to be widely applauded and the matt black appearance of the machine, together with its triangle design, gives It a certain style all its own.
VIRDICTi Tough, resilient and very manoeuvrable INNOVATION 60% DURABILITY 89% EASE-OF-USE 89% COMFORT FACTOR 84% RESPONSIVENESS 87% OVERALL 86% KKKHp001*' BACKCHAT Am I the only person who hasn't fallen for Commodore's plentiful hyperbole? All that crap about the success of the CDTV and non-existent compatibility problems of the A500+ - who are they frying to kidl The CDTV has got to be the biggest pile of rubbish I've seen. I'm fortunate enough to work in a computer shop and. As a result, get to see all the latest software and hardware releases in detail - and if ever a piece of kit was
to be labelled a Dodo, It's the CDTV. OK. So the software is to blame as none of It is really up to the potential of the machine, but even so the unit Is overpriced and pretty much redundant. The idea of the CD medium is an excellent one, but as Commodore don’t seem that worded that the software currently available is tripe, it will be their own fault when it turns its toes up And when they finally get the add-on drive out. Well, do they really think that all of a suddenly everyone will support it? I don't think so... As for the 500* fiasco, this seems rather similar lo the furore that sur
rounded the release of the 128K Spectrum a few years back.
‘Complete compatibility1, the Sinclair ads shouted. 'Rubbish' claimed poor old Joe Public. I bet Commodore laughed their socks off when this happened - but it's funny how they are keen to play down the current incompatibility. Apparently, there are a mere tens games which won't run on the new machine - yeah, only because they've all been updated for the machine's launch. But. Even so, there's dozens of games which still won't work. In the Amiga, FULL GAME PLEA Who do decided that full-pnce games can't go on disks? I'm currently unemployed and have been for eighteen months Consequently. I can
t altord to buy all that many games and whilst I buy as much budget as I can (hoorah lor Kixx and The Hit Squad). I particularly liked the trend ot giving away tree games 011 magazines' cover disks OK. So they weren't exactly World-shattering in terms ot quality (need I mention Human killing Machine and Army Moves) but occasionally the odd gem turns up However, someone somewhere has decreed that lull- pnce games no longer nave a place on a coverdisk Why? What harm were they doing? Everyone I know used to buy them for the games and. Adding insult to miury. There now seem to be lull utilities
appearing on the disks instead This smacks ot double standards as it is simply bending rather than breaking Iheir laws. So is Ihere any chance of a lull game on your disk again -1 certainly hope so... Neil Benson. Surrey Personally, we are against full-price games AND utilities on the disk. Yes. We know that Sculpt 4D Junior and Powerpacker 3 are gracing this month's disk, but the main reason they are there is to compete with the other magazines which are giving away utilities. We have to do this in order to compete, but we feel that giving away a full piece ot software cheapens its worth
slightly - after all, someone slogged their guts out to release it in the first place, and then It's given away. Another thing is: just how many of the given packages are actually useful to you? After all. There's only so many who will use a sampler or word processor, and what about the rest? As long as the daft competition and rivalry between magazines and their disk content continues, then CU will be obliged to compete - either that or look like an unworthy rival. We are by no means an interior magazine and our sales prove this, but because someone got it into their head that they ought lo
give away a utility or game to bolster their sales, editorial content is no longer seen as the ultimate sales point. A pity really... Commodore have an excellent machine - and there's more than enough people out there willing to support it. All I ask is that they bear the public in mind more often - after all. We put them where they are today... Name and Addraaa Supplied INCENSED LICENCE... In reply to Milton Andrew letter regarding improvement in game licensing - what complete rubbish!
The computer game arena has now got to the stage where the lack of imagination in design teams means that film or TV adaptations fall into two distinct groups. I'm not talking about good and bad. But cutesy or multi-level. If Ocean. U.S. Gold or whoever aren’t ripping off Robocod in a totally unrelated game, they simply take a few scenes and turn the game into a puzzlers, a blaster, and a platform game. Who knows what will happen when The Waltons is fanned out for licence. I can imagine the advert now: See Jim-Bob leap through the air. Squashing the developers who want to pull down Pa's
workshop with his backside. Gasp as Mary-Ellen drives her push bike up a vertically-scrolling stage so that she can buy some flowers for her Mom.
Work out the tricky puzzle surrounding why every episode is the same...' Don't laugh, it could happen! Why not, after all The Godfather turned into a bland shoot 'em up and The Addams Family seem to be Mario's long-lost cousins from what I've seen Only one licence has tried anything new, and that is Ocean's RoDocop ill- it even beat the film with Its release datel Unless something happens soon, people like Dan Sjingsby, and the two Steves (Merrett and Keen), will be writing 'not another cutesyibitty licence', and the day that happens Is the day I sell my Amiga and buy a Megadrive before
it turns into one.
Jackie Ulmme. London It’s this kind of letter that makes Backchat worthwhile. I can see a little development team’s eye lighting up right now at the thought of your proposals for The Waltons game. Still, don't be too harsh on the cutesy games as they are still very playsble, regardless of how well they tie in - although I suppose, on reflection, that does make the over-priced licence a little redundant.
However, on the side of Ocean,
U. S. Gold and Co., they are trying to add variety, as witnessed
in Robo III. And Gremlin's Plan 9 has also taken a different
route, so don't sell up |ust yet... IMPORT-ANT?
I've noticed in recent issues of CU that a lot of your reviews are of imported utilities. The most recent example of this was your Turning Japanese review. OK. So we can order these from the overseas companies. But it's a costly and time-consuming business Is it possible to organise ways for us to get hold of the packages more easily? If not, how about reviewing them when they are officially available?
Ian Glynn. Southampton Most of the imports we review are already available In Britain. It there's anything you're Interested In, then ring around the assorted mall order people or visit your local software emporium and ask them to order it for you.
SOUND INDEED Many thanks for the April issue's music feature. It contained everything I needed to know about this potential minefield However, what I would have liked to have seen was a piece on famous pop people who use the Amiga for sound. I know the ST is used more because of its MIDI capabilities, but apparently the Amiga's flexibility is starting to win it more tans. So how about a list of such people?
Darren Vincent, Gibsqow We were going to Incorporate such a list into the feature, but the truth of the matter Is that very few musicians actually use the Amiga.
Whilst the likes of Julia Fordham, The KLF, and Imagination (remember them?) Use the ST, we could only come up with Snap using the Amiga. In addition. Snap's usage of the machine Is vary tenuous, and wo only have Demonware's word to go on.
GOT SOMETHIN' TO SAY? Cu amiga is the country’s fastest-growing magazine, and therefore the premier forum to air your views on anything connected with the Amiga scene. Your comments can make a difference so don't be indifferent, drop us a line today.
WHAT A PIG... I've seen it al now. I was flicking through my Apnl copy of CU having read the bulk of It. And came across your blue pages section. In my search lor OSA I stumbled across an ad page and was horrified by what I saw. Next to the usual classified ads and 0639 computer-related phone lines in Sell Out there's a picture of a woman sitting on a Pig's lap with the title -Confession Line' above it Quite what relevance these have lo anything to do with computers is beyond me. Do you really think that the kids who buy your magazine should be encouraged to ring up and find out the story
behind the sketch? Come on guys, give us a break and drop these childish lines. They don't exactly bolster your adult' image do they?
James Corwin, Dudley Hmmm. We can’t Mam to get Steve Keen off tbe phone to them... HP© BIAS?
There seems to be more and more RPGs appearing in your magazine these days. Al one point, adventure fans were lucky If they got a page dedicated to their favourite genre, but these days they seem lo be outweighing arcade games. I’m not complaining, but it seems that too many arcade games seem to be getting left out of your pages 1 favour of the RPGs. For instance, past issues have seen massive reviews of Dark Crypt. Castles. Eye Ol The Beholder.
Shadowtands. And Monkey Island.
Whilst you seem to forget the likes of Bonanza Brothers. Big Run, and Datkman. After al. If you had told me just how bad Darkman and Big Run were. I would never have bought them.
So what's the reason for this new adventure fad, then? Are you abandoning us arcade fans as you get more and more technical? I hope not.
WRITE TO CU, 30-32 FARRINGDON LANE, LONDON, EC1R 3 A U It's not a conscious decision, but we do feel that ss ws are limited on space, ws have to be selective In what we review - after all, there is only so much we can write In a month! The reason we Ignored Bonanza and Darkman is that we felt they didn't warrant mentioning (although most magazines seem to think that Bonanza Is the best thing since Frult'n'Flbre - strange chaps...). As a rule - but obviously this Isn't always the case - H ws don't cover a game, It's not worth covering. However. If you're still interested In a title we may have
missed, then go to the shop and try It before you buy It - It's saves a lot of heartache and money.
BASIC MATHEMATICS What on Earth was the Mathvision review about! Now I'm no expert on fractals and Mandelbrots (or whatever the re called), but it strikes me that they serve no other purpose than to look weird. I've been through your Mathvision review at least four txnes now. And still cant work out what Earthly use it has. Also, just how practical Is a package which the reviewer freely admits can take hours to display a picture? II you ask me.
Mathvision is a complete waste of time, and it didn't deserve the three pages you gave it Especially, when two hard drives were crammed into single page later in the issue In future. I'd much rather you left the fractal stuff to the acid-head Hippies who appreciate it - preferably in Blimey, keep your hair on I We try to cater for all tastes In CU, and as fractals are starting to take off In a big way It's obvious that we have a responsibility to cover any new advances - that way we can criticise them If they are Indeed useless and unwieldy. This was the case wtth the Mathvision review. Yea,
It does look good, but as we said many times, what good Is It? I'm sure fractal fans will argue wtth us. And If that's the case, they know the address... BACKCHAT MoStmMwi!1 I’ve been reading CU for over two years, and it has grown as I have from a games-only mag to an allround interest in the Amiga. However, whilst everything about the mag interests me (although I'm left a bit bemused by some areas), there is one area that really lets your magazine down - The Screen Of The Month. Who picks these? Stevie Wonder, by the looks of things.
Admittedly. April's piccy of the Fish was good, but some of the pictures have been no better than a seven- year-old's first attempts al using crayons. There was one In particular which stuck in Ihe mind: it was a picture of a tree drawn in grey, with a grey backdrop, and numerous other shades of grey Why did this win?
Was it Ihe only entry you received?
Anyway, whoever it S that selects them, shooting s too good lot 'em.
As your reviews are easily the one I agree wrth the most So come on, give us some more arcade excki- Dean Imroee. Glamorgan If I were you Dean. I'd sue them.
Your charm school, that Is... SHOWING OUT I read with interest the letter from the guy who said 'get down to a computer show if you want to get loads of kit cheap.' Yeah, that's all very well, but why is it whenever I go to a computer show I spend hours queuing (normally in the rain), and. By the time. I get into the haM or arena, it's packed to the gOte with literally thousands of equally fed up people. There's virtually no way of getting to the assorted stands or stopping to have a look at what bargains are on offer, and if I so much as pause to tie my lace up. I’m either trampled to
death or swept along like a drowning bit-part actor in Baywatch (I just wish there was someone blonde there to rescue me!). So whars the solution? Is there a way I can get past the massing crowds and get my freshfy-aquired copy of Robocop III home in one piece? If not. It would make me feel better to know that I may see you lot in the queue, tool Michael Glngoid. Canterbury Nope, you've got absolutely no chance of seeing us In the crowd ss we're fortunate enough to be given Exhibitor passes. If you desire one of these much sought-after goodies, just book a stand and you're away! But
seriously. If the queues are your main problem, most shows can supply tickets in advance which save you from the dreaded masses. You're still going to get hassled and bumped inside, but If you have a ticket AND turn up as soon as the show opens, you'll get an hour or so before the rest squeeze In. There are always ads for forthcoming shows, and ticket details are shown at the bootm. So simply send a cheque and - voila! You're away- A PIRATE RANTS Once again, you're another mag that preaches on and on about how naughty we pirates are.' Tut. Lut slap their wrist, what naughty people' - you
magazines really make me sick.
The reason I plrale games is simply because I can. I'm not going lo pay thirty quid for, say. Populous II If all I have to do is get a male to run me off a copy - I've got belter things to do with my money. I don't even agree with the so-called hackers who say we only do it because games are so dear, if they we re cheaper I'd buy more.1 Rubbish, my collection has nearly every game available on the Amiga in it - budget releases included Alter all. Even if I save seven or eight quid, it's still more for me. I had Robocop III before it was in the shops, I had Rainbow Islands before Ocean got It
from Microprose.
You name it. I've got it.
The argument that people like Ocean and Microprose will go under because of people like me is complete crap. I started with an Atari 800XL and all my games were copied then - Microprose ones included And when I updated to the ST, I carried on copying. What I'm saying is that piracy obviously doesn't harm these companies as they would have gone under by now. I'm sure you won'l agree and will rave on about what a bad lad I am', bul that will stop piracy about as much as Ocean's Robtxop III dongle!
A Nonymous, No Fixed Abode A Nonymoue - A Pillock, more like!
You’re ebout original ee you are clever.
You state that you've been copying games since youve owned an Atari.
What are you after a medal? Tile main reason the Atari Ams failed was because of the lack of software available for them - why? Because people copied It all the time. So now tell us that K doesn’t damage the Industry. By printing your letter we hope we've inflated your pathetic ego - end shown others whet a parasite you era... EASY DOS IT... © SID helps Wnpffy and speed ifi) the operation of hequentty-used AmigaDOS commands such as Copy and Edit.
All but the simplest AmigaDOS routines must be operated from CU or Shell. Not only does this rrvok e typing, you also have lo remember the lotmat ot the many commands To combat this. S D uses an icon- dnven rfispiay. With all the main commands accessible at the dick ot a mouse button.
MENU MASTER Once the ptogram has loaded, the screen Is split Into live distinct areas The largest two display the directories ol two drives, whie the rest display details d menu bars, path Helds, a command palette, and an extended selection ol functions gradng me bottom area ot the screen. The most Important parts, though, are the directory windows and the command palette.
These otter control ot most ot S Ds functions, and does away with the finicky typing usuaty Involved in such Usng these options, SID can perform many useful functions As wel as moving Nes from disk to dsk. It can be used to edit files or examine them. To get started, place a dsk in the dtlve, and dick on one ot the command palette's device buttons. These allow the user to view the contents ot any attached Amiga drive. Indudtog Haid Drives and the RAM Disk. On a slngte drive machine, thou i. Itw* be arao- maticafiy configured lo tun from DFO.
BIDDING PREITYsrPwuswneenbyFlotoa-basrKlhmMarto who slartod work on It in 1908 Smco ils conceplKXY it's undergone a development process lo rival that ol any commercial product. All tho hard work has paid oil. Though, as it has rosultod in a program considered by many to be the finest and most refcaMo directory utility will bo ottered to registered users first So how do you register'* The answer is simply one ol paying ihe tmy Shareware toe Shareware is a wonderfj «Jea that lets you try betore you Beneath each ol the directory windows, youl notice that the device names are repeated ThS means
you can view the directories ot two dSks simultaneously.
On selecting your drive, after a tew seconds loading, the current window wi 1st the disk's contents, and a scro* bar w» allow you to move up and down the kst if mere are lots of lies As the names appear, they are dBpiayed in two afferent colours Any name with a number lolowing them, ate the intfvid- ual files, and the numbers denote their size, whilst shaded names are further directories, which must be opened belore their contents can be viewed.
EDITED HIGHLIGHTS On cicking on one ol the tsted files, «s colours w* be invaded so that It S con- talned within a lighter bar The Ifie 6 now selected and S ready lor whatever operations you deem necessary For instance, if it’s a text file, clicking on the Read option will enable you to do just that, and, similarly, picture files can aSo be viewed.
Some functions (such as copy) can!
Be pertotmed when only one drectory S loaded, so ancXher drectory must be loaded with Ihe secondary device but- kxt ixxier Ihe amenity empty window.
As the new drectoty loads, you1 notice the big arrow between the two device bars flips to point In the opposite direction. This is called the flow arrow, and shows the direction that Information will travel when dual directory opbons are invoked. As only one drectoty window Is active at a (me, the flow arrow always points towaids the moat recanlty activated drive. To altar this, just cfick anywhere within the other window using the right mouse button.
When it conies to directory utilities, SID is among the best available. Mat Broomfield guides you through its inner workings.
STEP-BY-STEP Once you have two directories listed, you are ready to use the Copy and Move functions. Simply highlight the Nes lo be copied or moved, and click on me appropriate button in the command palette Whenever you select a He. Us window becomes ament, and the copy and move commands wil transfer data to the other directory.
SPEEDY GONZALEZ There are a number ol ways that you can speed up the process ot calling a drectory kst It you double-dick on a drectory name (within a drectory window) S D wi aulomaticaly replace me current fisting with the contents oI that dreckxy You can also quickly recal me previous listing by moving the cursor to the extreme edge ot the currant directory window, and clicking me left mouse button.
Above the flow arrow, you'l notice three buttons each containing smalet arrows, ( o »). These let you copy the dreckxy kstings fiom one window, drectly into the cither. For example, it you click on file rt it-facng arrow ( ), COMMAND SUMMARY PRINT EDIT . I •• XEOIT i-thesefcc VIEW Displays ihe seie XREAO ;«ysthe« MAKE DIR wind* COMMENT RUN s tty selected this option EXECUTE OTHER A blank button COPY MOVE Copies a He Iro OOP Duplicates a file it RENAME ats upareq DELETE USE PROTECT Cats up a re ST lets you specify* INFO AU NONE Desi'i*1! Ts .ill big PATTERN BYTES MEMORY Displays int ARC UNARC
¦ • ItS T ARC the contents ol the left-hand window wi be copied to the other. The double arrow in file midde, simply swaps Ihe contents ol the two windows Another way ot calling up a directory. Is by clicking Inside the Pam Field, and typing the name of me drectory you want to view, drganised (having made sure that you deleted anything that was already there).
As mentioned earlier, the numbers Mowing a He name Norm you ol Its size However, you can find (XX other useful IntonTiation, too - tor instance, what kind ot file they are or when they were created. To do this, put the cursor anywhere inside me extended function bar at the bottom ot the screen and click the left mouse button. You'll see a trash selection ot six options, again dupkcated tor each window. Although the default optxxi Is Size, you can alter It by clicking on one ol the other choices.
It you’re multi-tasking SID with other programs, you’ll be interested to know that it can be switched on and off without constantly reloading it. Simply click Shrink in the menu bar at me top ol the screen, and it will be reduced to a tiny easily-ignored bar while you use your other programs. To reactivate It. Click Expand to restore it to Its normal size Next month wel be looking at me configuration Ne and findng out how you can customise SfO lor your exact requirements.
ADDRESS BOOK You can buy SID from any decent PD retailer. I got mine courtesy ol POSott. Bryant Avenue Southend- on-Sea. Essei. SS1 2YD. Price:
2. 50 (including P4P) VIRUS FREE PD Lid. A FOR THE BEST IN AMIGA
PUBLIC DOMAIN SOFTWARE 31 Farlngdon Rd, Swindon, Wiltshire SN1
Tel: 0793 512321 512073 Fax: 0793 512075 SUPER DUPER V2.1 SPECTRUM EMULATOR V1.2 TEXT ENGINE V3.0 Ever wonted to run all your old 48K Spectrum software on the Available now,«he latest version of the best WordProcessor AMIGA* Wei now you con with this superb Emulator disk. Around Features include: Spell Check, Cut, Paste, Tabs, Super Duper is easily the fastest disk duplicator available, it con copy a disk in os little as 36 serconds.
AMIGA FOX DTP At last a PD desk-top Publisher with all the features of a commercial title. WYSIWYG. Ifs Amiga Desk Top Publishing at it's best. But best of all, it only cost's £2.00. DATA EASY V1.3 If your after a powerful, but not to difficult to use DataBase then your after this. If s extremely eosy to use, as the name sugests FREE COPY V1.4 If your fed up with having to type in pass words in on ol our favourite games, well no theres no need too. With this superb copier it wil take out Pass-word protection.
MESSY SID 2 Fed up with all the hassle of transfering PC files to the Amiga, well now you can do it with ease. Messy S«d 2 con i jfaod as well as download Amiga or PC files back and forth from one machine to the other.
AUDIO ANIMATION STUDIO With Audio Animation Studion you can have animation asweil os syncronised sound FX and speech, Definately a disk for the creative type.
LAND BUILDER V3.2 Land Builder can create amazing looking pictures of Islands and sea etc, you just tell it what sort of view you wont, ond hit GO.
NCOMM V1.921 If you've got a modem then you should have this disk, it not only contains the best PD communications package available, but a whole host of additional archiving files os well.
D-COPY V2.0 This it the latest version of the excellent D-MOB copier, ifs very fast and it couldn't be easier to use. Hundreds of features including Format, Nibble copy, Dos copy* ond the option to venfy your copy.
UNI COPY V1.0 A great new multi-tasking multiple drive copier, that can backup horn I drive to upto 3 Destination disks, it features various copy modes including Nibble ond Doss copy.
TITAN ICS CRUNCHER V1.2 Titanics have excelled * Hh this latest A* version of their brilliant and easy to use file cruncher. With most File compactors once you've auched a peice ol software ond want to run it, you have to wait for it to decrunch, but with this software your programs wil decrunch as they load.
Not A500+.
PROFESSIONAL D4!OPY V3.0 Fed up wih trying to backup software wih the Workbench?
Well now there's no need to, because with this great utility you con bockup software you've never copied before, ifs even belter than X-copy! Not A500* MED V3.2 The latest version of the best PD Music sequencer available.
Fuly compatible with the A500*, and it supports MIDI os well, easy to use, ond instructions ore easy to use.
TYPING TUTOR If you want to improve your typing skills, han look no further than this, TYPING TUTOR will enhonce your speed at the keyboard ond alow you to gready improve your knowledge of the keyboard layout.
SUPER LOCK V1.01 Super lock ollows you to lock either your Mouse or Keyboard, thus stopping anyone from using you mochine You con also stop other people from accessing your drive. By simply inputing a predetermined Password your system will be bock to normal.
COMPUTING DIAGNOSTICS V9.1 If your having minor problems with your AMIGA, then this disk may be of use. It wil test your mouse, keyboard, sound chips, graphics chips, and also your disk drive, ond give you onscreen informcAon on what it finds.
A64 PACKAGE V2.0 This is the latest version of the most powerful Commodore 64 emulator available for the Amiga. You can even load ond save C64 games, and programs in baste.
BOOTX V4.4 This is the blest and most powerful Virus dector Ailer available, it can search out and kil over 220 different Viruses including file viruses ond the Soddom Virus which attacks Disk Voibaton VIDEO DAT V1.2 If your Video collection is in a bit of a stole ond you can never find your favourite film then VIDEO DAT is what your after, k con catalogue hundreds of videos that can be found ond sorted in any order DIRECTORY WORK V1.31 Dir work is a great new QJ replacement that clows you to copy rename Delate etc any Me wihoul using CU, simply dick on he file you wish to copy select a
destination disk, and hit go. Essential lor the beginner.
VIRUS CHECKER V6.00 If you want to be sure you don't introduce a virus onto any of your disks hen get hold of a copy of this great Virus luler hat will run in the bock of your workbench, checking any disks lhats put in he drive os we* os the memory. Version 6 can detect over 150 Viruses, inc file viruses.
WINDOWS BENCH V1.0 If your sick of the look of your Workbench 1.3, then get a hob of his super disk, it wil transform your old workbench into something a bit more upto something a bit more upto date, not only hat but it oho contains a load of excellent utilities. Not A500+ AMIBACK V1.8 AmiBock is o profesional looking Hard Disk Bockup system, hat wil transfer al your DATA from your Hard disk to numerous floppy disks.
RSI DEMO MAKER V2.0 A great new version of THE BEST Demo creator available Features a host of new ond enhanced options, mcfadfag exploding fonts, and full Genlock support for Video Titling.
NOT A500* FIX DISK V1.2 Disk in drive DFO: corrupt, read write erroron DF1: etc, etc, if you've ever hod his sort of messoge appeor when you've inserted one of your disks into your drive, hen you'll know how frustrated you con gel when you con't get bock all your valuable data. Wei wih fix Disk your problems ore over, it con repair your currupt disks, and save any savable information, a must for anyone.
A full catalogue disk is available for £1.00. but i sent FREE with all orders.
BADBOYZ LICENCEWARE BAD001 X-SYSTEM.bo 4»fcplafcr*cmifeoM*g r. BAD002 NORRIS.ha* bwn highly pniiMd lor if. Cute GfX and great play, ifs a hard |ob anlroling None about but a huge amourt of iun.
BAD003 PHASE 2.b a greot new horizontal shoot-em up featuring 3 layers of paralax saolng and 5 in game tunes.
BAD004 DARK THINGS. I» written by ibeahorcf those 2, and feaAirts he same high tandard of graphics & sound Highfy unended os one of the best Licence-ware pkdorm games ooikhle.
BAD005 TRON 2000. B highly addictive Light Cydes done, 2 Players only.
All the above titles are only £3.00 eoch PLAY'n'RAVE ,- Do you wish you could produce bigger Molules in Sound- T rocker* Wei now you can With Sound-troctor on a standard Amiga you con only produce Mocfales of around 350K, but wih Pfay'n'Rove you can produce a TRAK upto 12meg fang on o standard 512K AMIGA. PIAYVRAVE does his by joining Modules together to in effect produce one big Module. Thus olowmg fang ond varied Troks.
PIAYVRAVE comes wih a TRAK player so you con produce bolianl PD music disks hat wil pfay continasly for hours without a break PIAYVRAVE b awrwuty only available from us for only £7.99 bsc PD DISKS PER DISK 1 Single Disk £3.00 2 - S PD Disks £2.00 6- 10 PD Disks E1 75 11 -20 PD Disks £1.50 21- 99 PD Disks £1.25 100 + PD Disks £1.00 Dojo Vu Sobwar. £3 50 . - A500* Compatible, - - Nol A500* BAD BOYZ licence am £3 00 Compalibl . A nota lo oil A500* FISH Did.. £1.00 owners, some disks contain more lhan Power Gomes £2.99 one program, and on a large INK Disks 69p each eomp.lo.ion not oil programs ore
Postage in UK FREE guaranteed»be eompolible.
ORDERING DETAILS Orders cm be placed either through the post, with payment being made by Cheque. PosuJ Order.
Or Credit Card. Payable to VIRUS FREE PD You cm also Phone or fax your order to us. Giving your cicdil card details etc. .. Our Phone lines are open 9.30am-5.30pm Monday to Saturday No Answer Phone.
Most orders are despatched wiihin 24 hours, by first class post.
Postage is included on all UK orders.
Overseas orders please add 25p per title ordered.
H you're one of Hie growing mosses who hove got a Hard Drive, you'll be wanting to fill it. CU takes a look at some of Hie better Hard Drive-installable games currently available.
Bond Movie (depending on your opinion of the spy’s adventures!).
One of the best sequels ever.
4D BOXING Mindscape £24.99 Sports Sim The programmers have thrown everything they’ve got into 4D Boxincfs impressive polygon graphics. The boxers look like those square-jawed computer removal men in Dire Straits’ Money For Nothing video. The fourth dimension is supposed to represent the realism obtained when playing the game, by the way. The simulation is very comprehensive and enhanced by the number of stats provided. Instant replays can be obtained from a number of angles, too. There are 40 boxers to Fight, but a promising game is let down by the lack of visible damage you can see
inflicted on your opponent. However, it’s still the best recreation of the sport on the home computer to-date.
With the arrival of the Amiga Plus and its 1 Mb of memory, many companies are beginning to design their games expressly with expanded machines in mind.
Better graphics and more realistic sound are just two of the advantages when taking on the extra 512k, which most companies are starting to regard as standard. You might think that adjusting the size and detail of games can only be a good thing, but with this increase in memory and quality comes a price.
Whilst some floppy users are content to struggle with and lengthy access times, an ever-increasing number are turning to hard drives to speed the gaming process up.
However, due to software houses’ fears of piracy, many refuse to make their products installable, leaving many angry purchasers with an expensive mistake on their hands.
It’s with these people in mind that we’ve put together this guide to just a few newsworthy, and not so newsworthy products, for you to cast your hardened eyes over. There's something here for everyone and, rest assured, all are hard drive compatible.
BIRDS OF PREY Electronic Arte £34.99 Right Simulation One of the finest flight sims ever.
Featuring dozens of planes, including the B-2 Stealth Bomber, Boeing 747 and the Hercules transport. Some of the more nippy planes are a little hard to control. However, all's not lost as a useful auto-pilot system can fly you to the game's many missions before you take over.
BLACK CRYPT Electronic Art* £25.99 RPG Huge levels, excellent graphics, atmospheric music and sound - at last, there's an adventure that rivals Eye Of The Beholder for the RPG crown. The animation leaves a little to be desired and there are only two save game positions, but apart from these bug bears you can’t fault this game in any respect. Constant progression is assured due to the ideal level of difficulty that’s been set. A great game that’ll take up many a hard drive.
CADAVER Imageworks £24.99 Arcade Adventure Pays homage to the outstanding isometric 3D games produced by Ultimate in the 'Golden Age’ of arcade adventures. The Bitmap Brothers pack Cadaver's five levels with quality puzzles and graphics. If only the d added a bit more action, we would have seen a classic.
CRUISE FOR A CORPSE DelphlneAJS Gold £25.99 Advantura Gripping stuff from the Parisian software developer. An Agatha Christie-style murder mystery using the fantastic Cinematique system.
Has been criticised for being a bit slow, but a hard drive goes a long way to restoring anyone's faith in this product The clues that must be gathered by the French detective Raol, are quite difficult to discover at first.
Once you get into the swing of things, though, progression is a lot swifter, and you can experience some of that famous French atmosphere with some brillianfly-executed animation scenes to rival Another World. Cmise is full of flair, especially the black and white flash-back' sequences.
DEATH BRINGER Empire £25.99 Arcade Beet 'Em Up Truly stunning graphics with over 36 levels of parallax scrolling. The 30 levels that make up Deathbringefe wortd are superb to look at, with colourful and detailed backdrops and a whole array of monsters, including guardians who occupy up to three quarters of the screen. The game is badly let down by its limited control over the barbarian warrior. This proves lo be more frustrating than the game is entertaining.
ELVIRA: MISTRESS OF THE DARK Accolade £29.99 Graphic Adventure An excellent adventure which utilises gory full-screen graphics and an original plot. The fabled female puts in a few appearances during the game, so adolescents and true red-blooded men won’t be disappointed. Much better than the sequel, simply because it’s much more fun.
FLAMES OF FREEDOM MicroproM £34.99 ArcadWStretegy Effectively Midwinter 2. From the original game s author, Mike Singleton, Flames Of Freedom is a technically awesome 3D adventure, with 1.000 intelligent characters to meet, dozens of weapons and vehicles to use, and - 1,000,000 square miles of terrain to explore. This is the nearest a computer game has come to a James Mindscape £25.99 Sports Sim Immediately comparable to Stunt Car Racer, Mindscape's version is not quite as good. Race against the dock or one of six opponents who range in skills and tactics from Bemie Rubber to Skid Vicious.
The racing conditions are just as diverse, as you can go off-road radng or spin the loops and jumps on tarmac. Certain sections will really test your skills as you have to top 100 mph whilst spinning 360 degrees through the air to dear a ramp. The courses have been guaged perfectly and there’s a good balance between stunts and radng to make the game both interesting and a challenge. A replay facility lets you see the action again, and can be used to pick up tips. Rather than contesting with the aforementioned Stunt Car Racer for top billing, this is a welcome alternative.
GRAND PRIX Microprose £34.99 Race Driving Sim Hot radng action from Geoff Crammond, the author of the award- winning Stunt Car Racer. Realistic, fast-moving and excellent 3D graphics with up to 16 tracks for you to choose from.
HARERAISING Infogrames £25.99 Animated Adventure A hard drive is an absolute necessity to have if you want to play this game
- it’s probably the first hard drive- only game, and a very brave
Once you’ve got into the game it’s easy to see why. Cartoon graphics and digitised speech has been directly lifted from the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit and the back- grounds look as though they've been crafted in Disney's Hollywood-based Animation Studio. There are hundreds ol Irames of animation and more objects to be found to interact with man inside an Anne Summers boutique!
LORD OF THE RINGS Electronic Art« lnt*rplay £25.99 RPG A fabulous interpretation ol J.R.R. Toikeln's master-work with point and click Icon interface and a series ol graphic and text screens to push the fantasy forward. Anyone who's found themselves immersed in the Tolkein fantasy world before, will find mis the closest they've come to stepping into the little folks' shoes.
MEGATRAVELLER 1 Paragon Empir* £29.99 RPG An entertaining and totally absorbing adventure experience, based around the popular RPG book. The game contains a huge amount ol puzzles, some ol which will take you days to solve. However, be warned, Megalraveller I is not for the foolish and definitely not lor the beginner, so only battle-scarred RPG veterans need apply.
Domark £29.99 night Sim Ex-Bntoh Aerospace Night simulator team. Simis, created something for all you techie desk-top pilots. A first- rate package which comes complete with a 128-page colour booklet full of Information and photographs of the respected Soviet fighter. However, Fulcrum still needs an injection of energy for its lacking gameplay. A lew more missions wouldn’t have gone amiss, either.
PIPEMANIA Empire f 24.99 Puzzle The crazy puzzle game that's seen dozens ol imitators on the Public Domain circuit. The task is as simple as it is addictive. Water pressure is building up in the main pipe and is just about to blow. You have to build a senes ol tubes lor the water to go through when it eventually bursts out of me tap. The different pieces of pipe drop In on you in random shapes so you have to think ahead and reserve sections you may need later. Great fun and leaves you thinking that you can always do better.
POPULOUS 2 Electronic Arts £29.99 God Sim Using the same game principle as its popular predecessor. Populous, the sequel surpassed everyone's expectations. Try to become more powerful than Zeus by defeating the opposing hordes that would invade your continent. The more battles you win. The more powers are bestowed on you.
Choose to be me God ol Storms or King of Fire, and invest in mastery of the winds or a combination of all me elements. An added feature is the sudden appearance ol different creatures from Greek mythology who stride across the land causing havoc indiscriminately. Two versions are available and 1 Mb owners will be treated lo even better sound effects and graphics. Fabulous, you'll come back to it again and again, so get it on your hard drive now.
POWERMONGER Electronic Arts £29.99 Strategy Powermonger is one of Bullfrog's games that's been totally thrown in the shade by the hugely successful Populous series Although often paired off with the giant God sim.
Powermonger is in fact nothing like its prestigious stable mate. You take the role of a ruthless warlord who must bribe Ihe meek, spy on the sinister and destroy the destructible!
This is a more realistic simulation man Populous and incorporates such effects as rivers, hills and settlements. All the people, battles and action are completely at your finger Ups and can be rotated around and zoomed in on at will Great fun and more demanding than the others.
ULTIMA 6 Mlndacap* £29 99 RPG Every game in the Ultma senes is a masterpiece in Its own right. The collection has sold over a million units worldwide and won more awards man Walt Disney. The basic core of me games revolves around Ihe battle between good and evil and the latest addition to the lamily is no exception.
By lar me best Ultima game In existence and almost perfection in an RPG environment. Most other games pale in compadson. You'll need at least 1 Mb to run it. And ol course the fun is doubled by the use of your hard drive.
RAILROAD TYCOON Mlcroproe* £29.99 Strategy Build yourself a railroad empire in North America or Europe during the heyday of locomotion. Each territory has Its own economy, products and resources. Players must choose me right train engine and rolling stock for the job and keep the equipment up- to-date. The game has an exhausting amount of detail and depth.
SIM CITY Infograma* £29.99 Strategy The game that started it all. God Sims', as games of mis type have come to be known despite the fact that they're not all true to the name's description, can be found in mo6t software shops these days in a variety of forms. However, this classic urban planning simulation, although looking slightly dated against the modem competition, still cuts the mustard and Is also available bundled with Populous in a classic nostalgia pack. Take the destiny of the world's greatest cities in hand and build factories, airports, fight crime, pollution, * collect taxes
and balance the budget.
Natural disasters also plague your lands so keep building If you want to survive.
THE GODFATHER US Gold £30.99 Shoot Em Up A classic example of the misuse of a film license. Probably due to no fault ol their own. US Gold's Mafioso epic bares little resemblance to the Brando Padno masterpieces. Dogged by copyright problems, this average ptattorml Operation Wolf-type affair does its best to recreate old New York with some fantastic back-drops and digitised sounds. However, with the absence of any recognisable characters and the tough difficulty level, the game pulls on a pair of concrete moon boots from the beginning.
US Gotd LucaafUm Gama* £25 99 Graphic Advantura There's not much you can teach the George Lucas team about creating top-quality interactive entertainment.
This game is superb in every respect: gorgeous graphics, seductive sounds and heaps of humour. The swashbuckling pirate adventure has absolutely no typing Involved and incorporates a terrific use ol dialogue that's fun to read and refreshing to find. Once again 1 Mb is required, but its memory extremely well spent.
WILLY BEAMISH Dynamlx £34.99 Graphic Advantura Willy Beamish spans an incredible 12 disks and not being able to store it on a hard drive would make playing the thing nearly impossible. Believe us we tried, forget about mapping the game, we had enough trouble trying to keep track of all Ihe floppies. Willy is a child ol the Maculkin variety - obnoxious and American Bungling his way through his 'Wonder Years', Willy's only ambition Is to take part In, and win. The national Nlntari video game championships. By going through the game worfd and collecting objects you'll get the youngster closer
to his goal. As you might have guessed, with mis amount of disks the game is very graphic intensive and the smallest action takes an amazing amount of disk swapping and accessing Even when runrang from the hard drive interruption ol the' game is so regular as to render it a prime case lor suicide. The linear game play doesn't allow for any mistakes and often leads to dead-end situations. The animations are impressive, but excruciatingly slow, and only those with the patience of a saint will let mis product out of their house without it leaving on me inside of a full up bln liner.
LEISURE SUIT LARRY 5 Sierra £34.99 Graphic Advantura The first of the Larry games were a mixture of mouse point and click control and text input. Thankfully me programmers quickly did away with the type and the games have gone from strength to strength The adventures of the sexist nerd are not to everyone's liking, but you can rest assured that most of the fun is earned out with several tongues thrust firmly into cavernous cheeks With this, the latest in the senes, Larry has really (alien on his (eel, and whilst working for a mafia boss he is persuaded to host a new soft pom show where
me host must locate the sleaziest old boiler in America and lead her into bed. With three possible candidates in mind Larry jets ofl immediately to find his women.
Graphically and sonically. Mis is me best Latfer adventure yet. There's nothing that fans ol the games will find new. Except that it seems to be slightly easier than the others. The control system has been moderately improved upon and the game deserves to be in any adventurer's Itxary HARD NEWS Don’t think we've left you floppy Iicorc mil in Ikn rnlrl II unit haven ! Go! A hard drive and don ! Have a clue which one lo gel our resideni lechnical genius. Nick Veilch. Has pu!
Logelher ihis hst ol !he Top live drives that can grace your machines Now there s no excuse for slacking' TOP 5 HARD DRIVES 1 GVP 2-Silica (52 Megabytes); C369 2 RicHard - Diamond (52 Megabyles) C349 3 A590 Plus - Commodore (40 Megabytes) C370 4 Data Flyer - Hard Cache (80 Megabyles) £370 5 IVS Trumpcard - Diamond (52 Megabytes) C320 I'm going to start this month’s Q&A by asking for your help.
One of our most frequently-asked questions is “How do I set up my printer?"
Obviously, we don’t have access to diagrams and DIP switch settings for every printer available, but that’s where you come In... If you own a printer, and you've got It working perfectly (ie. Printing graphics as well as text), I'd like you to send In the following information: the make and model of your printer; the emulation mode used; the run .U.|4AW . k« uir swiicn positions, xne printer driver you use: where you pot it from It It didn't come with Workbench; end anything elae that other readers might find uaeful. I'm especially keen to hear from you If you own an unusual or obscure
printer. The Information will be compiled Into a definitive printer database which will then be used to help other readers as the need arises.
As If the knowledge that you're helping your fellow readers Isn't enough, we'll be giving a tree subscription to one of the people who writes In.
MAC EMULATOR I purchased an Amiga 500 at Christmas with a view lo doing some of my office work al home. I was under the impression that it was easy to transfer files from one machine to another, but for the life of me. Leant
* hid a way lo get tiles from my A500 to the Macintosh at work Do
you have any suggestions?
P. Drewsley - Bradford There are two solutions that spring to
mind. The first one Is to buy the A- Max II Macintosh emulator
for your computer. It consists of a small Interface which
plugs Into the external port, and Into which you can plug a
Mac drive.
You'll need to buy the Mac ROM chips, system disks and drive separately. As the complete set-up comes to over £350, you might prefer to look at buying a Mac classic, which costs roughly £600.
Alternatively, transfer your flies via a PC disk. All you need Is a blank PC disk and any Amiga to PC copying utility, (MeaaySID 2, for instance). Copy the Amiga files onto the PC disk, and use the Mac's Apple File Exchange utility to transfer them. You can buy A-Max II lor £t69.95 from Entertainment International. Unit 4.
Stanneta North Trade Centre, Basildon, Essex.
Tel: 0268 541126.
XE PAINT I’ve been trying to leam to use Dpalnt, but I’m not having much luck. I heard that there was a tutorial video available. Is this true, and if so. Where can I get it from?
Mitch Morgan - Worthing, East c u You're right, there is a ? Video avail- y able, and it's called The Deluxe Paint III Tutor, it's nearly three hours long, and covers all the basics, from menu selections and brush creation to animation. It costs £29.95 and is available from Audition Computer Services, 35 Broad Street, Stamford, Lines, PE9 1PJ.
Tel: 0780 558888.
PRINTER DEVICES I find It impossible to print any of my work from Dpalnt
III. I have a monochrome Epson printer which works well with
everything else, but when I try to output from Dpainl I
receive the message 'Can’t open printer ,in device'. I
only have an unex-
• panded Amiga.
Does that make any dif- ference?
Secondly, can you tell me which is the best DTP or word processor which will let me print text and graphics on the same page? The results must look professional, but I don’t have much money to spend.
Damn Sutton - Spalding.
To print an image, the disk from which you loaded Dpalnt must contain three files: a printer driver, a printer device, and a system configuration file. The printer driver tells the computer which printer you own (Epson, Qume, etc.), and can be found in the DEVS PRtNTERS directory.
The printer device is used to ensure that only releTUTOi vant Information Is sent to the printer end It lives In the DEVS directory. The system configuration file tells the computer which printer driver to use, and Is created when you set the preferences, and It also resides In the DEVS directory. If any of these files are missing, you won't be able to print.
Don't let your Amiga-related questions remain unanswered - especially when Mat Broomfield is here to help... The easiest way to get them onto your Dpalnt disk la to copy them from a disk that you can already print from. Alternatively, If you boot from a disk that works (your Workbench disk for example), and load Dpalnt from there, your art package will automatically use the preferences and printer configurations from the boot disk.
Most DTP or graphic word processor packages cost upwards of fifty pounds, and the best of these for pure DTP Is Professions Page, and Penpal or Worcfworth for graphic word processing.
However, Amlgalox Is a PO offering which Is reputed to be OK, and only costs a pound or so. You can get It from NBS (disk 4U616) at 1 Chain Lane, Newport, low, PO30 5QA.
SSSSol I'm using an A3000 in my office pnmartly for word processing and some limited databasrng. As I own a garage. I was hoping that I could also use it to help with our accounts. I was looking for a package which auto- "tatically WV. Generates fr invoices for BgyH a our parts WV' suppliers. Do you know of any suitable packages, and, If so, who can I purachse a copy from?
Richard Venables - Tankereley Yea, System 3 will do what you went end more, ft han- dies stock control, sates ledgers, cssh flow and. Of course, Invoicing. It costa £59.99 and you can buy It from Dlgita Intarnatlonal Ltd, Black Horse House, Exmouth, EX8 1JL. Tel: 0935 270273.
2. 0 UPGRADES I’m a little confused by the differences between
the new Amiga Plus and the older
1. 3 1.2 machines I understand that a new Kickstart .¦¦¦a. ROM
and Workbench rs A JR required, but other than that I’m in the
dark Can my old Amiga be upgraded to a Plus, or do I have to
sell It and buy a new one? What's all this talk about Internal
and external RAM and last RAM?
How important is it to own an Amiga Plus in terms of the new software that's coming out?
David Roberta - Treown.
The new Amiga Plus features a number of ma|or enhancements. Including the ability to use up to 2Mb of chip RAM (for better sound and graphics handling), an Improved DOS and Operating System, and scalable font support.
For games players, the
2. 0 doesn't really make that much difference aa moat games are
written to the specifications of the older machines. However,
'serious' users are generally very impressed with the new
machine, and find It much better to use than the older Amigas.
The 2.0 upgrade kit won't make your A500 fully compatible with the Plus as It only Includes the new Kickstart chip and Workbench disks. To taka advantage of all the new features (especially the higher amount of Chip RAM), you'll also need to buy new ECS Denise end Agnus chips, which cost £37.55 and £60.18 respectively.
You can buy the chips from CPC, 180-200 North DaaW r- . ¦ - .--Li noau, rrwion, Lancasnirs, PR1 1YP. Tst:0772 555034.
You can buy the 2.0 Systems, 1-4 The Mewm, Hathertey Road, Sidcup.
Ksot.DA14 4DX.Tsl: 081 3091111.
QUE?nofis If I were to purchase a GVP hard drive, would 4 be nsc- essary to upgrade my hall meg *500 first? Also, what upgrade would you recommend lor the hard drive?
© No. You wouldn't have to upgrade your computer first You can add up to 8Mb of memory on the GVP drive, and I would suggest that eithar 2-4Mb Is a reasonable starting place. If you're only playing games, you're unlikely to need more than two, though. Remember, If you’re going to upgrade to the full 8Mb, you must use 4Mb chips as you upgrade.
VANISHING ACT I recently bought an A500 Plus and a Commodore 1230 printer. After hours of trying to use the printer, I just can't get it to work. I copied the Epson X printer driver onto the Workbench dek from the Extras dak. But ¦ ¦» cant get any further W because ¦fiyiw* Ihere s no notepad in the as there was with older Amigas.
Tve been told that I may have to buy a word processing disk, is mis true? Is there any way that I can use me printer with Dpaintlll.
Because if s got lo be a lot cheaper than buying one?
Rve Bled printing Irom «. But when I select Prsif Irom Ihe menu, aH I get on the screen is 'Cannot open primer driver’. I have a copy of someone etses Workbench
1. 3 disk, will that help?
TLEyre - Goole. North i why you need Notepad to make your printer work. It's basically |ust s third-rate word processor and was probably omitted from the Amiga Plus versions because It was so dire.
You can create text files using the Memacs program found on your Workbench Extras disk.
Once you've saved a file to disk, you can print it by opening a Shall or CU window and typing: PRINT (filename) retum .
Substitute the name of your file where I've written (filename). This simply outputs your file to PRT: the printer device, but doesn't support text styling such as bold, underline, etc. For that, you will need a word processor, and whilst there are many good ones available, Scrtbbbl is my personal favourite, and can be bought for less than £30. Better still. CU gave away a free word processor called Taxi Plus on the December 91 coverdisk.
As for printing from Dpaint, refer to the reply I Devices), to find out what’s going wrong.
SPEEDY SHELL I've recently purchased a 1,5Mb memory upgrade for my Amiga 500. And I was wondering it I can use this extra memory when using Shell . I was hoping to change the Workbench © sequencesol can load the entire C directory Inio RAM. And also tell the computer to look to the RAM disk lor die C directory This would save time lor things such as Me transfers, because with only two drives.
I'm forced lo keep inserting the Workbench disk eveiy time I try to copy from any other disks.
Graham Allsop - Programmers often copy frequently-used command* to RAM lo save time, and the new Amiga Plus even has some on ROM to make things quicker still. All you have to do Is open a Shell or CU window and type: COPY C RAM: rs*um» ASSIGN C: RAM: retum The computer will now automatically look to Ihe RAM disk for all C com- 88828 At the moment I'm studying for my GCSEs and next September I hope to go to sixth form college to do an A- level in Computer Scaenc" Rll; Apparentty.
LNWr the cortege uses the Archimedes, and wad be programming using C and Basic. At the moment, towns 1 Mb A500 and a second disk drive. Are there any able lor the Amiga, preferably PD. Or could I simply program on the Amiga and transfer the tiles straight over to Archimedes disks?
Please help or I may have to do Alevel Economics To the best of my knovrt- edge, there are no Archimedes emulators available for the Amiga, nor are there ever likely to be. Because the Archimedes works very differently to the Amiga, and features Reduced Instruction Set Chips (RISC)-It would be like trying to get an Amiga emulator tor the Commodore 641 Having said that, both C there's no reason why you couldn't use your Amiga to work out programs for college, print them out, and adapt them to the specific requirements of the Archimedes. C source cods consists of a standard text Me. And I'd
be very surprised If yotf can't find a way of converting that directly to your college machines. Can anyone help?
ASK THE EXPERTS comwtereish I'm fourteen years-old and have tried programming in Basic, but now I'm thinking of giving up to try machine code. The biggest probmastering a language is reading and understanding the books that are supposed to help you leam. They use a lot of words which they don't explain, making it very hard to understand. Can you recommend a book that would help me to understand machine code, and how to program games? Why do programmers use machine code instead ol Basic, what's the difference ¦ Richard (No Surname Given) - Many people have trouble understanding Teach
Yourself type books, and a number ol publishers have produced books which are easier to understand. Machine code (assembler) Is the hardest Amiga language lo learn, so if you're having trouble with Basic perhaps you're not yet ready to try assembler. C could be a better Basic, as It's more powerful and allows access to many features unavailable In Basic. Whereas Basic uses Keywords and expressions which are In English (Let a=13. For example), at best machine code consists ot pneumonic* which are not very easy to understand (LO A 13).
If you're determined to leam machine code, you may be Interested In the the Abacus Me Amiga Machine Language', which you can order from most high-street bookshop.lt you change your mind and go for C, Mastering Amiga C'ls one ot the better titles, and can be ordered from Bruce Smith Books, PO Box 382, St Albans.
Herts, AL2 3JD. Tel: 0923 SSSs 4- I'm currently using my A500 with a Star LC24-200 colour printer. I'm using the Epson Q printer driver, and. Whilst
- a... this gives me V,- acceptable results. I won dered if the
output could be improved if I used a LC24-200 driver, instead
ot 200 I'm not sure if there Is a specific LC24-200 driver
available. I doubt It However, It the printer can emulate the
Epson X series, your output la unlikely to be Improved anyway.
The best wiy of Improving the output of any dot matrix printer,
especially a colour model, Is by using an Invaluable program
called Flexidump, Care Electronics, 800 SI Albans Road,
Watford, Herts. WD2 6NL.
Flexidump features optimised colour and monochrome printing, end uses improved drivers for ell common dot matrix ART I recently purchased a set ol clip art disks Irom 17 Bit software. And although I can load them nto Kxxl Words and Dpax*. I have problems
- 1 c . Clipping them In ©order to isolate a usable single image.
Also, when loading lam into Dpaint.
The colour palette changes, presumably because the
• nages are supposed to be black and while, and are nol intended
lor coloured output?
J. M.Jarvit - HMS Roofce.
Most clip art Is saved In medium resolution brush format, and Includes a sin* gle Image ready to Import directly Into your OTP package. The 17 Bit stuff includes screens containing lots ot Images, which need to be cut out as you require them. The easiest way Is to simply load them using the Picture Load option trom Dpaint. And cut out each image as you require it using the Pick-Up Brush Icon. The new brush can then be saved via the brush menu, and can then be easily Imported Into your DTP package.
Dpalnfa palette automatically changes to that of the screen being loaded, (but not If It s loaded ss a brush). As most dip art Is Mack and white, your assumption about the palette colour change Is correct However, you can always Increase the number of colours using the Screen Format option. If you want full-colour dip art )ust colour In the stuff you've already got I ssssu.
I'm having a little trouble with a TV monitor I have bought.
As my monitor was getting a bit old (and pans of it staned falling off!), I decided to buy a new one, and opted lor a ® Goldstar model.
I the one I pur- | chased had a Scan Input so I could conned both computer and aerial into it simultaneously.
There's only one problem: the brightness, contrast and colour settings can't be altered when in computer mode. As many of my games are a bit on the dark side, I often find that I literally can't see a thing. The shop dkkiT have an answer, nor did my local electronics store.
Perhaps you can offer a solution?
I can offer t tlone. Although I can't guarantee that either will provide a solution. Most monitors and Tvs that accept Scart Input, allow the adjustment of the brightness and contrast of the picture, but not Its colour. Recently I heard about a range of Mitsubishi TV monitors which requlrs a special type of Scart lead In order to register the full presence of the computer signal. These leads Include a custom chip called a Jungle Chip, which apparently solves the problem.
They cost about £16 and can be bought from Meed more Ltd, 28 Farriers Way. Natherton.
Merseyside, L30 4XL Tel: 051 521 2202. Alternatively.
American company The Memory Location, manufacture a special lead which Increases the voltage (and consequently, the brightness) of the RGB signal. The lead Is called The Video Crisper and costs £25.00 plus Import tax and VAT, and can be ordered from 396 Washington Street Wellesley. MA 02181, USA. Tel: 0101 817 237 8846.
I was reading the January issue and I noticed a letter from Steve Franklin in which he said something about the A690 CD ROM. What is it and what does it do?
Nick Martignettl - Truro, Cornwall k The A690 CD ROM is the T soon-to-be- released ROM drive lor the Amiga. It plays read-only CD ROM disks which can contain over 800Mb worth ol data, and is essentially designed to turn an Amiga IntoaCDTV.
Incidentally, It's now bean renamed the A570 so that people won't confuse It with Commodore's new cut-down Amiga, the A500 (due to be released In May).
While reading the January issue of CU, I came across a review ol a PD utility called Sozabon C’, a program for writing C programs as far as I can make out. In the review it says C is one ol the most popular languages on the Amiga. Offering the power ol machine code, but only MV slightly KvkJnkB • harder to learn than Basic... I immediately assumed that C programs were those things that you find n the C directory on most DOS disks, so I decided lo load one Into a text editor. I loaded MedPlayer. A C program lor loading and playing MED tunes Expecting to see no more than a page of writing
containing some variation on Basic, you can imagine my surprise to find three pages of ASCII gobbledygook! Now if that's what you call slightly harder to learn than Basic, then I must have learned a different version of Basic to everyone else! Is this what you have to write in order to create a C program, or is that just the compiled version that the Amiga reads, or have I just been completely misled?
Kevin Whittaker - Crook.
Yup, you've been completely misled! C programs have nothing to do with the stuff In the C directory. The programs are written using an ordinary text editor, and they use proper' words such ss 'define', 'case', etc. This text file Is then eventually complied Into pure machine code which runs at optimum speed.
The Amiga’s Operating System was written In C, but II you looked at It, It would appear much the same as the MedPtayer Die you looked at - a meaningless jumble of numbers.
If you have any questions of a remotely technical nature, we'll do our best to answer them. Send your letters to: 08, A, CU Amiga, Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU.
JSSSSiBSi I’d just like to say I'm truly appalled by the fact that Commodore should bring oul a new Amiga which isn't fully compatible with ALL software. I am. Of oourse, referring to the Amiga 500 Ptus.
And I begrudge paying £400 «for a brand new machine.
I onlytodis- I cover that ' I'm forced to spend Another £60 on 1.3 ROMs and a ROM sharer.
S. Hodgee - West Yorkshire To be fair, the problems are not
entirely due to Commodore. Any companies who are interested
In developing Amiga software can purchase a developer’s pack
which carefully outlines how they should and shouldn’t pro
gram the computer.
Provided developers work within these guide-lines, software will (theoretically) remain compatible with all future versions of the Amiga. Unfortunately, to squeeze the very best out of the machine, programmers often Ignore this manual and do their own thing, to their ultimate detriment.
Ptus Do you know ot any version of Soundtrackeror MED which works on the A500 Plus? I have two, Aloiaetracker and Protracker, but neither works. Is MED
3. 0 better than the Noisetracker variants, and if , so, in what
t way? Is MED
• compatible with most samples like Protracker?
Kevin Whittaker - Crook. Cumone Protracker 1.1 and 2.0, and OctaMED 2.0 and higher certainly work on the Amiga Plus. MED Is much better then the other Soundtrackmr clones In every way. It provides more powerful editing fecilities, accepts a wider range of samples (synth- sounds. Raw. IFF. Hybrid, 5 octave), and gives you a wider selection of special effects. It's also capable of loading Soundfrscker-com- patlble modules. The latest version, OctaMED Pro, Is due to be released shortly, and can be purchased exclusively from Amlganuts United, 169 Dale Valley Road.
Hoi tybrook. Southampton, sot sax.
I've recently starting messing around with my Amiga with an eye to producing graphics and perhaps even moving on to coding. However, all my pictures and pathetic code millions ot disks, and I've started to lose track of what goes where. If I had the time (or Ihe indination). I would sit down and plough through them all, but it seems such a thankless task I honestly canl be bothered. So is there a utility which will enable to to select key data or pics and dump them individually from one disk to another?
Actually, if it was fairly cheap, that would be a major bonus.
Ian Quince - Portsmouth The perfect answer to your problems is callsd SID.
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Only £12.99 BLANK DISKS CTORIN- Doctorin’ the disks You’ve
seen how a disk works, you’ve seen why it works. Now, in the
final part of this monumental series, Nick Veitch takes a look
at what happens when they don’t work.
© Tract-; 1** Cyl 74 Head 1 hat- been decoded.
You nay Cry co gee a ocCter copy, format anJ write tM* track backp -ave iead thi*. Track »o fr«n a file, or select a itcu track to be examined.
I REIKV lluaiTC II mu II rin»~iri savi lfteSri i) eYSi*r;7T5“wUTr i c I oaaoaoo? Oaooa4DS oaoaaoj4 aaoaoaao i 0 MO I 00000000 00000405 00000004 QOOOOCCO I OK I flLLOC art a nothing wrong wMt your dak, apart trom ¦ bad checksum flnNat try and raad tfw track m many tUnaa LATI NKHfT CRISIS It'll be late It's always better when it's late And you'll be tired, that's ]ust the way it goes. It may even be your fault: a little too quick at the eject button, or accidentally dropped from an upstairs window. Anyway, however it happens, wherever it happens, sooner or later you're going to get a disk
When this occurs you’ll find the human race divided into two distinct categories. Firstly, there are the aggressive types who may say a few rude words before grinding the offending floppy Into the carpet or (my favourite) carefully cupping the disk In the left hand before giving It a swift right to the soft sectors. Remember to gel a grown up lo help you pick out the plastic splinters afterwards The other sort is the one who raises one eyebrow slightly, brings a pensive finger to their lips and tries to work out which of the many disk tools will be the best for retrieving all that lost data.
The whole object ot this series is to turn you from the former into the latter.
DIAGNOSIS The first thing to do is to discover whether there is in fact any hope of retrieving any of the data.
Recoverable damage is the sort of damage caused by the disk being near a weak magnetic field; a minor virus attack; the Amiga being turned off whilst the disk was writing; ejecting the disk before Amiga DOS was finished with It; or accidents ly asking AmigaDOS to do something you didn't really want it to do. Non recoverable errors are caused by: putting the floppy in your motorcycle bag; pouring coffee, tea or diet Ribena through the little slot at the front; and cupping the disk In your left hand and giving it a swift right.
If you have a vague idea of what is wrong with the disk it will help you in trying to get the poor little thing spinning with the best of them again. The next stage is to run a copy of Fixdisk. What do you mean you don't have a copy? Oh well, you're stuffed men. I mean, you could edit all the hash table entries (see part 2) using DiskX or another hex editor, but it would take a very long time. Get Fixdisk. It's available from any good PD library.
Whatever you do. Don't use Diskdoctor. The 'utility' provided with Workbench. It's a quack, a sawbones, a back-street abortionist. If you were on a deseri island and all you had was a floppy of Diskdoctor and a damaged disk the sane thing to do would be to write 'send me Fixdisk on Dtskdoctofs label and stuff it in a bottle.
THE OP II your error is simply a validation error (the sort ot error caused by accidentally turning off me machine whilst the disk is in motion) then you have no real worries. Fixdisk will validate the disk by going through the blocks and resetting me checksum for each. In fact, if you are operating under Klckstarl 2.0. me system will attempt to validate the disk lor you. Since this routine is In the 2.0 ROM A more disturbing occurrence is a read wnte error. There are two types of these. The first Is when AmigaDOS comes across a track that has some physical damage so that the data is
impossible to read - and there's very little which can be done about these. The second type of read write error is when AmigaDOS can physically read me disk but It can't make sense of it.
As we have seen, the actual data stored isn't simply a stream of numerical data, a lot of the Information stored on me disk is organisational in nature; me stuff which tells AmigaDOS where it's going and what to expect when it gets mere.
If you have a readtwrite error, Fixcksk wilt attempt to ffead a copy of the data You may be lucky and find mat only the CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check or checksum) is causing bother, In which case you will not have lost any data. It may be a god idea to duplicate your disk using Xc«)y first It Is possible for Fixdok to take a guess and rewrite the data back to me damaged track. This way you may lose some ol me data but at least AmigaDOS will be able to read your disk without blowing you a raspberry.
Files with blocks in the danger zone may be a bit wrecked - remember each block points to the next In the chain. If one block is damaged, AmigaDOS may not know where to find the next In the chain. But. As I'm sure you remember from last month, the file header also contains mis information, so In effect you have two ways of finding out which blocks go where. Fixdisk will give you me option to reconstruct a file from me header or from block links.
If you have simply deleted a file you wish you hadn't, then you may be in luck. When a file is deleted, me blocks themselves don’t disappear, AmigaDOS simply removes that file's entry In the directory. All Fixdisk or any other 'undelete' routine has to do is search the disk lor the file header. As long as you haven't saved any other files to disk with me same name and as long as none of me deleted files blocks have been allocated elsewhere, It's a fairly simple matter for Fixdisk to reinstate the entry into the directoiy table.
IKE RECOVERY ROOM You can never really trust a once-knackered disk again. If you have a hard error (physical damage) the best thing to do is chuck it immediately. Don?
Leave it lying around where you may be tempted to use it again. If you do have some damage on your disk that you can't rationally explain, always check for virus activity. If you have a branded disk you should send It back for a replacement A tot of people forget that their disks have a warranty. The disk is no good to you anymore and you may even get a letter of apology as well as a replacement.
So, there you go. You now know what to do with your damaged disks - get Fixdisk. Ok, so we could have told you that in the beginning but that wouldn? Have been much fun. At least now you know what Fixdisk is doing while the drive light is flashing. You never know, someday It may save your data.
Mind your 'e TIFF Commands id | UNIVERSAL Save Port Loid Color Controls BaIancing f hpr : R nflnn ( ) Comp ReD isplav p ut Pa tli?
Garden it
- I_ Icanceljii,,,.
Trop_uisua t 1 HI Res Overscan To start off our regular series on how to communicate with your Amiga, we take an in-depth look at Arexx, the powerful scripting language which can cure terminal Schizophrenia in your work and applications.
Execute Op Inage Infornation No Inage W: 0 H : 0 'BYE, 'BYE BASK It can't have escaped your notice that a lot ol applications are proudly proclaiming Arexx compatXxMy So what is Arexx and what's the fusa? How is it possible that a mare scripting language can mean so much to so many? And why is Commodore releasing al Workbench 2.0 machines with Arexx Instead ot Basic?
Arexx (which is pronounced "A pause Rex') is nothing more than an interpreted language. It s a variant on Rexx. Which was used on some IBM mainframes to write utility macros which would automate a repetitive or complicated sequence of tasks Arexx keeps the keywords and syntax of Rexx but adds lots of Amiga-specific code and library calls which allows the user to call up proper Amiga menus and alert boxes.
Perhaps most interesting ol all. Arexx is a lypeiess language. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to type it in, it means that there is only one kind of variable, in this case a string.
CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING: * Concat example * Texl="hours Irom Tulsa" Time-12 string = 2*Time Text SAY “My favourite song Is" string THIS WOULD PRODUCE: 'My favourite song is 24 hours Irom Tulsa."
This example shows off many of foe languages little foibles. First off. Every Arexx program or macro must begin with a comment. This is an attempt to force the programmer into writing at least the minimum amount ot documentation. Arexx is fairly easy to understand, but there are lew things more annoying than having to run a program before you can tell what it does. OK, so the filename may give it away, but it you're like most mad programmers you probably have drawers full of experiments tentatively named 'plop', 'ptoppy' or, in rare cases, 'ptoppiesf.
The second interesting thing is the variable declaration. Notica lhat we haven't put in any funny dollar signs or otherwise declare the string specifically as a string or me number specifically as an integer, floating point or whatever The next line does me trickey bit - multiplying the number by two. Adding a space and the string to the end. Note mat mere are no data type transfers required, as all variables are created equal. In tact, much to the disgust ot other language programmers. Arexx is case insensitive.
MULTIPLE PROCESSES Arexx was designed to enable and control the flow of information between diflerent tasks on a multitasking computer. This means it has a wealth ot complex and powerful string operators which can be built up very easily. It also makes it particularly suited to the Amiga.
As everyone should know by now. Mo Amiga is a true multi-tasking machine - i.e. more than one task can execute instructions simultaneously. What most people don't realise is mat mis multi-tasking is going on most ol me time, even it you are just running an application from Workbench.
In order to keep track ot what's happening all the time, AmigaDOS has a system ol ports and addresses. This means that all tasks can have a pigeonhole’ where messages can be sent from Workbench. It is extremely easy tor Arexx to sat up a port to handle the flow of Information from any other application which has also opened a port.
This means that Arexx takes a role rather like that of a General on me battlefield - it accumulates information from other tasks and acts on it sanding out instructions to specific tasks or sometimes Just to any task mat Is listening.
Arexx may be very small in itself, but the overheads in memory terms ot setting up a large message and port structure means that, unless you have 1 Mb or more, you'll And It difficult to interact with professional application software.
SADNESS: MUTT 1 The good thing is that Arexx was included with Workbench 2.0, so everyone who bought an A500 plus has got a copy The sad thing is that many of rnem are not aware of it lurking on the Extras disk.
Commodore have made no real anempt to provide a manual or guida which would actually leach people how to use the thing. Most people don’t oven know how to launch an Arexx script from the CU (type "rx space filename").
There are several books available to guide bom the novice and me veteran through the complexities of Arexx - and, although it’s very flexible, intuitiva. And logical, it can be quite intricate when It comas to balancing tasks. The best tor new users is probably the Abacus title 'Using Arexx' which comes with a disk and is moderately priced (tor a oomputer book, anyway) at £27.99. If, however, you are financially challenged then we strongly urge you to stay tuned to this space where over the coming months an amazingly Intuitive and easy lo understand guide to the Amiga's script language
will be appearing. As well as explaining the workings and strucure ol the language we will be demonstrating programming techniques (useful In any language) and providing examples on the coverdisk for you to try in the privacy of your own disk drive. It you want to improve your understanding of the Amiga and how it works, we'll see you here next month.
PROGRAMMING RECUR(RECUR(RECUR(SION))) RETURN Z END The first part of the program is fairly Irrelevant. It's basically a front end to accept an Input and call the fact1 procedure. The first line of the function Arg i is simply the way that values are passed between the main program and the procedure.
The variable a' In the procedure is a local variable which accepts the initial value ol *z After checking to see if 's' Is one (in which case the value of ¥ factorial is 1 and this answer is returned), we then proceed to the main engine of the routine.
We know that the factorial of n is equal to n times the factorial of n-1 (e.g. 3! » 6.4! - 4' 3 * 2*1-4*31- 24). So we just use this to calcualte the answer. What will happen Is that the factorial functions will be called again, this time for a value one less than before. This procedure is repeated until we ask for II (which, of course, is t).
Returning that value means that the previous function call can also return a value and so on.
Until the final answer is obtained NO COMPLICATIONS Obviously, this is going to take iust as long as performing the operation in a loop and can run up huge memory overheads (If your number is really big) but, as stated before, this Is merely to show how recursion operates. There Is a certain satisfaction to be derived from letting the problem solve itself. In complex iterative processes the recursion technique is essential and easier to understand, not to mention less complicated to write in the first place.
This listing does not provide for error checking, so if the number entered is not a positive integer you may run into some difficulties Recursion is not only useful if you are having difficulty with your fluid mechanics. Fractal programs make great use of recursion - especially things like tem or tree simulators. Some may have a random element thrown in, making all the much more difficult to use conventional linear programing techniques.
Besides, recursion is good and makes for a wacky flowchart.
Each month, well be hying to give you a hint about a programming technique. These tips may not be spe- otic to any particular language but since this is the first in an occasional Arexx series, it seems fair that the first example shoiid be in Commodore’s wonderful scnptmg language A recursive algorithm is one which is called again and again as part ol an iterative process Why bother Welt, iteration is a technique used by mathematicians when they are in a hurry. Instead ol solving a problem by pure algebra or calculus (which can get a bit tricky), they prefer sneaking up on it - taking a guess
and seeing how close It was to the actual answer, before modifying this guess and trying again until they get it right.
The algorithm here is not an iterative process, because they tend to be so complex that the actual programming technique would be lost. In this routine we are simply calculating the factorial of a number. This is defined as: Nl - N • H-1 • N-2 • ... M-(N-2) • 1 OK. So we could construct a FOR loop and multiply sucessive values of TV until we got the answer, but that isn't as elegant and is a dangerous habit to get into - for some programs you may not be able to tell where the loop should end.
HERE IS THE LISTING: r factorial processor showing the use of 7 I" a salt calling recursive routine' r v NEXT MONTH We'll be examining Arexx in more detail and discovering how to deal with multi-process communications.
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serial port. One MIDI in, two MI Dl out and thru. Only £24.99_ Switchable Atari and Amiga compatible mouse 260DPI 2 Button Mouse £1499 300DPI 3 Button Mouse £19.99 Supra 500XP Hard Drive High performance SCSI hard drive offering all the features and performance you would expect from a Supra product. Support of upto 9 megabytes of ram. Low profile 11ms zero noise hard drive. Small compact side fitting drive. Performance that leaves all competitors in the dark age. Bus pass through the SCSI out. External SCSI address selector.
Superb software with auto format and backup software.
Supra 45MB 20milli auto park £349.99 Supra 52M B 11 mini auto park £399.99 Supra 106MB 1 Imilh auto park £499.99 Built in high performance Phillips pal encoder enable perfect video fades. External colour, contrast and limminance controls allow total control toenhance video input. The built in RG B split • ter allowsdigitised images to be grabbed from camera or recorder and fed through the genlock Key inverter allows foreground and background to be switched in and ouL Full superimposing with keyhole effect PAL Genlock £349.99 Also available to support Hi-8. S-VHS £449.99 GSJ Gold Pro YC Genlock
1CD AdlDE A500 AM J Card AdlDE delivers incredible speed and performance in a very small package. Features include auto- booting from Fast File System partitions, A-Max II support and more.
Cardonly £169.99 40MB £299.99 52 MB £349.99 105MB £449.99 A* 26.
High performance S-VHS genlock with built in fader, key inverter. Studio quality results from a unit that has no competition at its price. Used by the French television studios and gives breathtaking quahty at VHS + S-VHS leveL Fully modular so that frame freeze and multi colour keying through chroma keys can be added. Total control use the video with colour, contrast and luminance. Built in RGB sphiter. £649.99_ Internal & External floppy Super-Card Ami II is a hardware and software backup system that plugs into your Amiga’s disk drive port. Features indude: - Fast DOS copies; copy in Amiga
Dos disk in 45 seconds Verify option: The only hardware copier capable of verifying data!
Parameters: duplicates disk protection exactly. Gets rid of protections schemes. £4499 RAM 256K x 4 DRAMS £4.99 1MB x 1 DRAMS £4.99 IMB x 9Simms £44.99 Direct replacement requires no case modification £49.99 External slimine floppy drive £59.99 Includes free software Quality artwork is one thing but how do you transfer that quality to your DTP document? Nick Veitch investigates how to put pixels onto paper.
From the original is lost, but once again, it isn't really going to matter if you only want to print it out In black and white.
To confuse things further there are two types of digitisers. There is a plain digitiser, like the well known Drgrvrew. And then there are grabbers A grabber Is a special type of digitiser, like Rombo's VkM system, which grabs all the information in one go. The internal electronics are slightly more complicated. But essentially a grabber is just a very last digitiser.
Which is better? Well, plain digitisers usually give better results because they can more accurately analyse the data over a period of time.
Unfortunately, this means you need a very still video image to begin with - so you're going to have to buy a camera. With a grabber, you could just as easily grab images of the video or the TV (but remember you could be infringing someone’s copyright if you use it in your publication) although.
PICTURE BOOK It would bo a pretty boring publication that had nothing but words in it -1 Know I've read some ot them. A little bit ot artworK here and there can make all the difference to the reader. Even it you don't use photographs, there are many ways you can liven up your document with |ust computer drawn Illustrations.
Artwork is also very usetul for tilling space.
There is an ancient Greek myth about a chap called Procrustes. Now, this guy was a bit mad. So the only things he lived tor in life were his iron bed and his large axe. On weekends and bank holidays. Procrustes used to hang out on mountainous paths and kidnap people. When he got them home, he would put them on his bed and do a bit ol measuring If they were too small for the bed he would stretch them a bit, and it they were too long it was party time for mister axe, but it they titled just right... well, of course, no-one fitted just right.
Its the same with the copy in any document you care to write.
Artwork is very usetul because you can always make it bigger or smaller or chop bits off, or even stretch It in certain circumstances.
CJuwEreEOM?°K " The trouble most people seem to have with artwork is where to get it Irom. Well, the simplest place is obviously to use Dpaint Although version IV doesn't handle 24-bit images, it can use HAM (which is roughly equivalent to 12-bit) and should be more than adequate it you are only outputting mono or using a dot matrix colour printer. The only trouble with this is that you must be able to draw alter some tashion - besides, you might want just a picture of a person or a particular object Here we come across a common problem - how to get something Irom the real world into the
domain ol the computer. When it comes to artwork you have two choices. The one you are probably most familiar with Is a video digitiser.
A digitiser looks at a video image, samples it (in much the same way as a sound sampler works), and then reconstructs the image into an Amiga display mode. This means that a lot of the colour data presuming you want a picture ol your pet cat, it wilt be a bit easier buying a camera anyway rather than waiting for Tiddles to appear on Jonathan Ross Aside from allowing you to grab from video recorders, a digitiser will also mean that you don't have to nail your pet cat to the floor while the image if grabbed (a normal digitiser can take around 10-15 seconds to digitise one lull frame).
A camera needn't be expensive either. For a start you don't need a Camcorder, just a camera.
In the old days when video recorders were still new and very tew people had one. You could buy video cameras to go with them. These were just camera units and had to be attached to the VCR if you wanted to record what was going on. They didn't catch on too well because earty VCR decks weren't exactly portable and not many people could think ot potentially interesting films they could make in a five-yard radius from the comer ol their living room. Some of these earty cameras have survived, though, and can be found in those funny backstreet electronic shops that you can only ever find your way
to once.
A better bet is the growing market in security equipment. There are lots of Closed Circuit TV systems around that rely on a cheap black and white camera. Okay, so it's cheap, but it's quality is probably still good enough for your newsheet or whatever. Mapfins (0702 556001). Purveyors of quality electronics to the cognoscenti, are offering a high quality mono camera (which even supports infrared) for only £129.95 - a lot cheaper than any Camcorder. You can get colour cameras as well.
SCANNERS The other method of real world data capture is via a scanner. A scanner is a bit like a short sighted digitiser and camera built into one. The optical scanning device actually comes in contact wtth the object to be scanned (usually separated by a piece of glass or plastic). The first obvious advantage of this is that you get a much clearer image. The major disadvantage is that you can only scan flat images (NB it is much safer and less messy to take a photograph of Tiddles and scan that rather than try to flatten the poor beast). Scanners are also capable of a greater range of
resolution and OFTWARE CITY Unit 4, B.D.C., 21 Temple Street, Wolverhampton. WV2 4AN.
Tel: 0902 25304. Fax : 0902 712751 CALL US ON : 24 HOUR CREDIT CARD HOTLINE 0902 25304 fflfcr are less susceptible to outside influences.
There are a wide range of scanners available.
At the cheaper end of things are hand scanners.
These are cheaper because the manufacturers haven’t included a big case or a motor to drive the scanning head along - you have to push it by hand. A small wheel monitors the speed the head is travelling and scales the incoming data appropriately. This is more effective than it sounds, so as long as you go at a reasonably steady speed you'll be fine. The only major difficulty is going in a straight line, but you can usually construct some sort of scanning box or use a ruler to help you.
The other sort of scanner is a flatbed. This is much more impressive-looking and produces a more reliable result. The Sharp JX series are generally regarded as the best but for their high price they would need to be.
PflCTU REWARE Instead of buying all this equipment and struggling with it yourself you could always get someone else to do it for you. One such person is Nik Williams.
Using broadcast-quality video equipment, he has digitised loads of images and grouped them together in sets. His motorbike stuff is excellent, but he does have lots of shots of all sorts of things.
The best thing of all is that he's a great guy and can usually help you find a particular image. The disks are very cheap considering the amount of time and effort that have gone into them. In fact, even if you do have a digitiser or a scanner, you may still want to get some pictureware images because they are such high quality. Give Nik Williams a call on 0792 470503 or write to Aspect House, 21 Brynmill Crescent, Swansea SA2 OAL.
• m** Thl« scone shows some of the difficulties you may come
scross when scanning artwork. The scans Is a little dark and
could pose prohiems when printing. Also, the odd fringe Is
caused by scanning a picture In a screened procedure - a
magazine, for Instance.
FROM SCREEN TO PACE A funny thing happened on the way to the printer.
It’s a rare image you grab yourself that comes out perfect. There will always be some sort of mess, a nasty colour bias or perhaps some smeggy noise bits that need tidying up.
The basic stuff you can do in Dpaint- changing resolutions, cropping images, altering colour values - but for really pro work you need a specialised art preprocessor. Currently, these come in two flavours: Pixmate and Art Department Professional. Pixmate is excellent for creating weird effects but sadly lacks a 24-bit option. ADPro has 24-bit capability but is a bit useless at weirdo processing effects. It is also a lot more expensive.
Some of the effects you can achieve are shown in the box-out on this page, but even if you are not after any particular effect it is useful to load your image into an art package before you incorporate it into your DTP package
- if only to check it is in the right format. Hi-res or interlace
won’t mean much to your DTP package because it’s dealing with
pages and not screens but the aspect ration may get screwed up
if you are using a funny format. Usually it is a good idea to
translate everything into lo-res on Dpaint. It doesn’t matter
if the image will no longer fit on the screen, the other bits
will be saved and you can be sure that the aspect will be
This is by no means an exhaustive treatise on how you should go about adding art to DTP but we hope it has given you a few more ideas about how to improve your efforts. Happy processing.
Popular Effects And How To Do Them Duotones ore images which contain two inks (and therefore three colours). The image is usually processed exactly the same, but with a different screen angle for each colour, giving a deeper tonal range between the background and the primary ink. This effect can be fudged in Dpaint using the palette requester.
In 16-colour mode with o greyscale image select the third darkest colour Add a bit more blue I for exam ¦ pie) and then spread this colour to the third lightest.
This will give a fairly good simulation for your colour dot matrix or laser.
A greyscale vignette is simply a greyscale which has been masked so that the background disappears.
You can easily do this in Dpaint by using the irregular brush tool to cut around the edges of the image or you could white for black) it out with o brush. Art Department has a Remove Isolated Pixel function which is very handy for removing scanner noise. These are useful for runarounds. To alter the tone of the image you could over exaggerate the highlights on the image if you have a similar palette setup os in the previous example, simply change the three lightest values to pure white and then spread from about third lightest to third darkest This sort of effect is particularly effective
on pencil or line and wash illustrations Line art is good. For a start it doesn't take up half as much room as a 16-colour image because it is only one bitplane. Thus a hires interlaced screen takes up (1(640x512) 8) 1024) * 40k uncompressed! With standard IFF compression (os used by nearly every art package on the Amiga) this could come down to oboul 9k (because the compression routine is more effective on a single biplaneI If you simply change displays in Dpaint to 2-colour mode you will get a line art image However, you may lose some detail doing this. A more effective way is to use the
stencil option to mask the background and colour in all the areas of detail you are sure you want to keep.
Always remember when preparing images to leave enough of a margin around the edges This makes for easier placement and avoids nasty bits ofwhiteordork space creeping into the edges of your picture boxes.
Linking your Amiga to a Modem can help you communicate with the rest of the world. Dave Burns takes a look at Comms for beginners... ALL MOD COMMS Comms, like many other computer terms, is an abbreviation. In this case, it stands tor Communications, and involves two or more computers communicating via a telephone line.
It may be hard to believe, but with the addition ot another piece ot hardware to your set up, every character you type can appear almost simultaneously on a computer screen anywhere in the world!
So what is this marvellous piece ol hardware which turns your computer into a communications device?
The answer is a Modem, which is yet another abbreviation, this time standing for MODulator- DEModulator, These small devices connect your machine’s RS232 port to a telephone line and send a coded (Modulated) signal down the line to the receiving Modem, which turns the signal back into something the computer understands (Demodulated). In this way, your Amiga can Talk' to a PC, or a BBC can 'Talk' to a Spectrum.
There are many types ot Modem available, (ram a V21 to a 9600HST at prices ranging tram a tenner second hand to £1,000. Modems, like computers, are many and varied - the speed ol operation (Baud rate), the standard (the comms method and style ot operation) and the different lights, sounds, etc, all help to make choosing a Modem as difficult as choosing a computer - with one major difference. When you buy a Modem as a separate item, it will work on most machines. Let's have a look at some of the varieties available.
Nosur The most widely used type of Modem is a Hayes Standard or Hayes-compatible Modem. Just as most printers are Epson compatible, most modems are Hayes-compatible. Suffice to say that the first question to ask yourself when buying a Modem is Ts it Hayes- compatible?' It it isn't, then put it down and find one that is. Now that we have found our standard, what speed do we want? Speeds start at 300 and go up to 9600 and beyond!
The quicker the speed, the less time it takes to send or receive information. Just to confuse matters, these are often referred to in the form of V numbers, and refer to how many bits per second are transmitted and received. The Modem in the shop may be referred to as Hayes-compat- ible V22bis which means very little unless you know the V numbers.
1. V21 - 3OOtx 3O0rx
2. V23 - 75tx 1200rx
3. V22 • 1200tx71200rx
4. V22MS - 24001 x 2400rx
5. V32 - 96001x 9600rx
6. HST ¦ 450 tx 1440Orx
7. V32bla - 14400tx 14400rx Most modems offer not only the V
number stated, but all the lower speeds as well. You may be
offered a V21 at a good price, but it would be a false economy
as the time spent transmitting and receiving will cost a
fortune. The minimum you would want is a V22. The ideal Modem
will be a V22bis giving you a speed of 2400 out and 2400 in.
5.6, and 7 in the chart above are not really needed unless you
plan to spend a long time on the telephone So we have estab
lished that we Ideally need a Hayes-compatible V22bis Modem.
SMOOTH OPERATOR To operate the Modem, after connecting it to your computer and telephone line as per the instruction manual, you need to convert your keypresses into something the Modem will understand. Just like a printer, you need a 'driver-, in this case, terminal software. The most basic will be just a blank screen with a flashing cursor, while complex software will enable you to dial, connect, and complete the log on sequence with one simple keypress or mousecllck.
But why stick to one on one? The whole idea ol a Modem is to enable you to expand your horizons. This is what a Bulletin Board is all about. A Bulletin Board System (BBs) is generally set up and run by a fan of computer comms and run from his or her home. This person, known to users as a Sysop, runs the board for no profit, which very often runs at a loss, but benefits by making many friends in the computer world. Having said that the board is ran from home, though, this does not mean that it is a sub-standard service Most Sysops, quite nghdy. Are very proud of the service they provide.
BITING THE BULLET What you will find on a bulletin board is a set of areas or conferences that deal with a certain topic - general chat, sales and wants, adventure Before we even try to use a Modem, it might be worthwhile having a quick look at what it is going to cost to nm. Remember, you are using the telephone line, and BT do like to grab their pound of flesh. You don't need a special telephone line to use a Modem, and the charges for a Modem call are the same as a local call using voice. So, if you phone a local number the cost per minute is the same as for a spoken call.
Now we're set up, let's look at what we can do with a Modem Well, one thing is to pass messages and files to another Modem-ownmg friend.
RECOMMENDED BOARDS All Nit following boards ban networking taclllfios, so everything yoe lease on them will also appoar on Hie other boards In this list. Han fun, and should you wish to contact CU Amiga via your Modem, leave a message on any ol these boards and wo'll pick It up at tho Hotel.
The following UK boortis an port ol tho WortOwtli FNET Hotwort: Lightlinders Place 020-248-5723 Micro-Mola 081-316-7402 The Penthouse 071-930-3903 Sheffield All. Solution 074-232-5232 Track 83 095-385-1351 Stealth BBS 053-255-7739 System X BBS 090-461-2934 The Laser Dome BBS 027-258-4352 InterNet 029-639-5935 The Hotel BBS 063-483-1389 The Tavern 081-445-6514 Maverick Deviation 067-081-3603 The Games Machine 027-460-6670 Fortress BBS 081-317-3158 Reachout CBBS 027-058-3278 Sanitarium BBS 048-040-3375 Quantum BBS 021-707-0681 COMMS games, etc. This is where you can leave messages to other
users, either by name, or open to all.
You will also find areas where you can download and upload software, and even where you can send E-Mail to another user. Unlike general messages, E-Mail is totally private and can only be read by Ihe person you have sent it to. You will also find on all boards the option to 'Page the Sysop'. If ever you have a problem, or don't understand something, then use this option and the Sysop, If he's around, will come on line and speak to you directly via the Modem.
Now you have a Modem, know what a bulletin board is, and are ready, let's gocall a board. If you have the option somewhere on your software, set the Baud rate to the highest your Modem has (1200 or
2400. For example), set the configuration to word length 8
bits, no parity, and 1 stop bit (8N1), and go into ter
minal mode. Now lest the Modem is ready by typing AT
Retum . AT is the Hayes command for ATTENTION. A command
is about to follow You should have an Ok report, which
means everything is fine. Now we will go onto a board. The
example that follows is for Ihe HOTEL Bbs in Rochester,
Kent, but if you know the number of a board in your area,
then use that number. Ashort list ot recommended boards
can be found on the left of this article.
Type in ATD 0634831389 Retum All being well, the Modem will now be clicking and purring. By typing Ihe above instruction, you have alerted the Modem to a command coming (AT) and told it to dial (D) and given the number you want it to dial.
Providing the number is not engaged, the phone at the other end will ring.
And, on being answered, you'll hear (if your Modem has a speaker) a short high-pitched whistle. This is a sound sent out by your Modem to the Modem at the bulletin board.
What it’s saying is 'Hi, I wish to communicate with you. I'm running at a speed of (whatever you set) and set to 8N1' This will be followed by a very short squeal from the other end which Is 'Hi, I have matched speeds with you and am now alerting the software so that your user can see what Is happening'. The next thing you’ll see Is a welcome screen, followed by some prompts for your input. In the case of the Hotel It will ask you to enter your name, or 0 if you are a new user. This is known as the 'Log On Sequence' and, as a new user, you will be asked a brief series of questions, such as
name, phone number, etc. You will also at some stage be asked for a password This is MOST important. The password »• lo make sure that nobody else can log on in your name, so don? Forget it.
Ot pass it around. The only people ever to see your password are you and the Sysop. Now that you are ON LINE' follow prompts and menus lo discover Ihe wonderful world that has lust opened up to you. It you get stuck, remember that on each menu there is a help command, and most Sysops will be only loo happy lo offer much- needed assistance.
In next's month Comms feature. We'll be taking a look at a few of the bulletin boards in greater detail and we'll also be giving you the low-down on the best Modems to purchase.
BULLETIN BOARDS' CODE OF CONDUCT There are a number of important rules and conventions to follow when using a bulletin board.
• Always fill in the registration pages correctly and truth
• Try to leave or respond to messages each time you log on.
• Avoid using bad language or messages that may cause offence.
• Do not ‘trough' a board (ie. Log on, download everything and
log off).
• Never drop your carrier, always log off properly.
What are Ihe mosl popular amusement machvies today0 I! London's Trocadsro centre on an average Saturday afternoon is anything to go by, R360 and Virtuaiity Irom Sega and W. Industries are enjoying a comlortable lead on the unongviai pack ol standup blast and beat envups tret have fled our arcades lot Ihe past decade. These next generation dedrs are heralding a growing and very lucrative type ot video game with added spice, or. To put it another way. Movies with motion.
As the arcade industry looks for exciting new concepts to tempt an ever more sophisticated and diverse audience, motion simulators are finally making their presence felt. Rik Haynes reports... information From the latest advance in motion simulators and arcade juggernauts, to the monthly games charts, Rik Haynes gives us his expert opinions on what's hot and what's not, in the ever-busy computer world... SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL Perhaps Ihts is »» dtimate torm ol eecaptsm? Such seixdahon technology was first developed back in the 1960s to train (et fruiter pilots without risking their expensive
planes. As the hardware became more advanced, whole missions cata be tried in umpteen tK- lerent ways and practised to perfection It was inevdable that Ms neat expertise would leak out into the entertainment industry sooner or law.
Sensorama was one ol the first, and still the most radical, ideas to surface.
This prototype motion picture system ootid take the viewer Into 'another
• rodcT w i 30 wide vWon. Motion, sweo sound, wtnrf. VfixaOcns
Most starting ol al. Aromas Nobody was willing to back such a risky venture in Ihose days. What does a Space Invader smel Bta, anyway?
FAIRGROUND OF THE FUTURE A CCD Cart is. In essence, the futuristic version ol a fairground bumper car. Players participate in Ihe game' by manoeuvring electrically-operated carts eguipped with a CCD camera to gather up the lighted dob embedded in the Door. It's rather like aa automotive version ol Pecman. The person with the largest number ol dob when the time has expired wins A maximum number ol II vehicles b passible aad these mobile cabineb can seal two people. Each cart carries a large-size shock absorbing bumper to handle Ihe nasty collisions, though an emergency button inside can be used
al any lima II an accident occurs during the game. It's a shame but Sega currently has no plans lor a European launch lor this remarkable amusement machine.
No, Disney would be the company to characWisticaly grab a sice ol the action ahead of ire competrtron.
Drawing ipen ihe imagination and wizardry of George Lucas, the man who gave us Star Wars and Indiana Jones.
Disneyland entered a new era ol theme park entertainment w«i the introduction ol SW Tours ei 1987. People achafty M what they saw. Creating a sensation ol reaism previously ixxnefched You don't need mifions ol dollars and a bunch ol Disney Imaglneeis to create a fun experience, Vtou i Sega has been adting sensation to video games lor over seven years now.
II started win HangOn. Where players sal on file replea ol a motorcycle and rocked from left to ripfi to harufie any bends ri file era* A airing d hychauft cafiy-enbanced ccsvops fofiowed - Space Hamer, (Xt Run, Motumer, Poweranfland Galaxy Force II-otn noting in the alorementloned R360 This gody contraption was. In lad a video game console tat corid revolve 360 degrees ri al drectons - back and todh. Refit and left ktohon sukness rs almost guaranteed from a quick ride fei fies baby. The DynamK Direct Declension Brest Out System (D3BOS) Irom TaSO rsbasxaty «360 bull lor twol In Japan, this Is
big business and fs likely to become increasingly important in file new shopping mals and rrUbplax enemas spmguig ip across Europe. These ridas provide an experv ence lew can easly target There's another big plus tor file further progress ol motion smulatars they entertaxi a very broad market including adults, children, students and tounsts Redilusion's Commander, its racsnfiy lainched iwoeeal sWerachve enaettarmerx surniator, comes wfih Idtfi resoUion graphics. CD stereo sound and software exclusively designed by LucasArts Entertainmert, file company reeponatrle tar lujpily reapectBd
Amiga games Ike Monkey Istanrfand Thee Rneel Hor.
RerfiHusion is promieing a variety d games scenarios tar tie system, indud- fiig Hie Ikes ol air combat and submarine warfare, which wil 'exploit the platform to sut al tastes and rter- ast grcxps'. Hopelufiy. File talents ol Industrial Light & Magic. Lucasftn's special ellects dhrision in charge d tie stunning visuals seen dulng fftns 8 a Return ol file Jed and Tetmuiator 2, wit also be brou H into play. 'Our world beating Ifi it svruiator expertise ensures the moat reafistic experiences.'
Assures Redlkjsnn What fife, chfc and spfe does tie future hold, fiien? Randal Water ol Autodesk once envisioned a bizarre virtual reafity notion known as the cyberspace playhouse, where the auct- ence wotfid be given a role in their very own or mdbplayer three-dmensenal skraJakon.
With enthusiasm and profit n such plentiful abundance, how much target wifi It be before a sex simulator arrives?
• Bio-Challenge, tie first effort horn Delphlne. Suddenly hit our
Amiga screens Sadly, any sickness evident n later epics Ike
Cnase for A Corpse arto Another World wasnl yet wsfxn the grasp
ol these pioneering deeigners and programmers. As a result, the
game quickly dsappeated without a trace In those dark days,
Delphine was best known as Ihe French record compeny
responsible lor the success ol conventional musician Richard
• US Gold brtefly flirted with a low price tor titles such as
Vigilante, Last Duel and Human Killing Machine. The most
significant reason contributing towatds the subsequent failure
ol Ihe label remains a secret to this day - was it Ihe £15
price point or the sad games themselves?
• AnI Gupta, amiable boss d Anco, visaed the offices ol neatly
every computer games magaztoe in the country. His humble
briefcase contained an earty prototype ol what would become the
world's most famous tootle simulation. Everybody who saw Me2
Offwas impressed with me fast pace and the lact that they
simply couldn't stop playing it. The rest, as they say, is
• Psygnosis had something really groovy looming on the horizon.
This protect from newcomer Reflections world Weraly beat the
competition into submission with an overload cf colour, hard
sampled sorsids and smooffi paralax scroing. Shattow Ol The
Baasl certainly was a visual least. The third outing In Ihis
approved senes ol arcade adventures should be out soon
• Games sottware took a surreal twist when Logobon unleashed
Archipelagos on an unsuspectng public. Following along similar
lines to Firebirds brilliant The Sentinel, this action strategy
production was blessed with tasty 30 graphics and that often
neglected Ingredient. . Originality.
• Martech. A smal publisher responstoie tor lacklustre
productions ike Nigel Mansell and Phantom Fighter, flnaly dosed
down. Founder David Martin now works tor Gremlin where he
hetoed secure the rights to Ihe forthcoming Mansel driving
• The chequebooks were in evidence again this monlh, as the
biggest and smallest software houses scrambled lor licenses to
prestigious movie and music properties including Mad Max, Iron
Maiden and Dirty Harry What happened to these games, eh? On a
lighter note, at least The Edge tailed to deliver anything
connected with Yelowhead Street This dire action cop show, a
sort ol cross between Miami Vice and Dempsey » Makepeace from
Yoikshire Television, never even made It to a second senes The
Edge dxtot step there, though. The first 24-hour music video
station was also targeted tor gamt- nation. Players were
supposed to become rock stats on MTV and, er. Mat was about it.
Thanktuly, we heard nothing more oI this appeltng idea.
• Electrocoin dabbled in the dwindling coln-op conversion market
with Time Soldiers and Mr Do!
More'classics'were promised but none actually appeared.
• Ftlty years alter the real Battle ol Britain, Lucasfilm Games
and US Gold reived Their Finest Hour with a smashing air combat
game which desen edy won the CU Screenstar medal ol honour. It
St* knocks Ihe socks off games which solely rely on speed,
long ange radars and handy air-to-air mo- siles. Midwinter, the
mammoth creation Irom Maelstrom Games and Microprose, was
another top scorer in mis issue.
• Legendary Amiga artist Tobias Richter boldly doodled where
norone had drawn before with a selection oI glorious sketches
of Star Trek's USS Enterprise. Does this guy ever find the time
to sleep?
• Bob Jacob ol Gnemaware was fie ol enthusiasm tor me CDTV and
his enhanced compact doc version oI It Came From the Desert
There w* be a new ndustry that w* knee Ihe music, movie and
sottware hdustnes to work together1 We re stil waiting tor mat
one. Bobby ONE YEAR AGO
• Buzz revealed Ocean had snapped up The Addams Family, US Gold
wanted a Young Indiana Jones and Team 17 was attempting to
emulate the violence ol cult 70s movie Roileiball.
• Dan Stngsby tracked down pictures ol veteran TV detectives Ike
Steve McGatretl Irom Hawax FiveO. Starsky S Hutch. Dixon ol
Dock Green. Cdumbo and Charfe's Angsts Why dto he bdhet?
Krisalis had done such a good job with the Amiga adaption ol Hff Street Blues that he was a bit bobby dazzled
• Sally Systems Limited ran a recruitment advert lor programmers
who landed the idea ot helping dyslexic children by producing
me right educational software for schools, private tutors and
• Psygnosto *d a again. With our CD-based Fractal Engine we can
do Star Ware, Top Gui, The Last Starfighter and anything ol
that *.' Said co-lounder Ian HelheringBn, 'People wff feel as
it the re playing me movie' The first batch ol Fractal Engine
games are st* in production and should be ready for release on
Ihe CDTV and other systems later this year.
1 Jay Miner 2 Manic Miner 3 Fay Miner Answer (1) Jay Miner «s the dnp genius who designed the fancy bits and bobs which went into the Amiga almost ten years ago Although our fave machine was actautty known as the Lorraine back then. Mr Miner and the rest ot his team at Amiga Computer Inc wanted to create, without a shadow of any doubt, the ultimate games computer Their lack ol compromise almost crippled the whole company. Thankfully they hnally managed to produce a complete power staton capable of the best games desktop video, dance music, and much more. Thanks. Jay... WHAT’S THE ODD ONE
1 Thunderhawk (Core Design) 2 LHX Attack Chopper (Electronic Arts) 3 Gunship (Microprose) Answer (2) LHX Attack Chopper is the only hehcopter simulation out of the three that isn’t currently available on the Amiga. Cheer up! EA promises a conversion of this top game will appear sometime in the summer... WHICH ONE OF THESE GAMES DIDN’T COME FROM THE ASSEMBLER OF KEVIN BULMER?
1 Terminator 2 (Ocean) 2 Corporation (Core Design) 3 Deuteros (Activision) Answer (3) Ian Bird was Ihe person responsible lor Oeuleros.
This strategy-laden sequel to Millennium 2.2 has gained quite a lew Ians since launch. Apart Irom Terminator 2and Coiporation. Dear Kevin was also Ihe brains behind Basil - The Great Mouse Detective Gremlin | Gaunt3 1 (US Gold) and Mas* (GretrWn).
- AA _us£ your fVvOICE TREASURE island OUTWtflW
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INSIDE INF 1 PROJICT X (Tmki 17 Software) s”ftKcharts the Comhg straight In at number one, Team's blistering arcade- quaity shod ’em up mlgtit come cn fax asks, but its certainly worth a blast Sal over sK massne levels and featuring some huge sprites, the game 6 undoditedy tie new berct-mark (a Amga short 'em ips W tud muse, adienpacked screens ard more pcfch fan Mr Sheen are you ting - gelthis CU Amiga Screens*. 32% a BLACK CRYPT (Electronic AH*) EA's egcflPG. In tie same style as Organ Mas* are Eye & ho Bohctxt. B eel fi one enormous duigecn and B packed
* «i sane ol»» most dewfeh puzzles and trace ever seen n •
computer game The kjeh gaphcs and exceient soue effects
complement and already exedfent game. CU Amga Screens*. 90% 3
FORMULA ONI ORAND PRIX (Mlcroproaa) This cne seems to have
laken ip permanent resident h Ihe top Bn ovec Ihe Iasi lew
norths and no wonder. Gedl Crammond has designed what
Bundoubtedy the best racing c* srn available. Everything 6
super sick and siper-lastwth tree levels ol da* and courses
dawn up km videos ol tier reaHte couraetperts. Outstanckig
s«dl. CU Airiga Supers*.
93% 4 AIM AIRBUS (Tfcalioii) The Bvei ddstatntiSSgtsm borders cn tie pedanlc at «mes bul neverfiefeGs. Tfe B an eng-cssrig simuis*cn I Thafcn can be beleved. You sfouto be arte to ptot tie real ting I ycu mas* t*. For people who wart a break tom tie routne ol ttastng enemy Mgs to dr CU Amiga Rated 81% s C deatt IhB B a pedect reap*.
5 HARLEQUIN (Gremlin) Granin's latest ptatorma has you talcing Hie ide ol Haifequh, a lanky and somewhat gormless sprite who has to traverse twenty-tour huge levels n search ol lour pails ol a broken heart On your travels you have to contend with a variety ol switch related puzzles, spmgioaded lloors. Ilyng storm docks and other such werutiess. Need vw say mere? CU Amiga " -----*91% Hie one tated to make fogarfeandweconsequertfy not reviewed n CU Amga The game puis you to charge ol a bend d»g« mercenaries, toud whom have to compfeBuanous arnerronsr mesons. There are a truck toad d optens to
wede tirouch at «ry n-presswe and de*ed. But once you reach tie arcade seefcn when tB msston begns. The game tats apart Yawn ILVIRA II (Accolade) The busty one returns lor another rpptog RPG adventure wtidi IhB Irne sees the plaver attemptng to track down Bvlra's kidnappers and s« her free Irom her movie studto centres.
Atmospheric graphics and some weHhought out levels make this an engrossing game, tut nd a patch on the gory ortgnal.
Yet ancBier RPG makes the tp twenty and tis B one d tie best Takng coned d tou vwrOerng aJverBaers. You mat
• dt you vraytorcurtimassrve caves and dungeons n search of
yeureartty reman* Fea*esTegesRuolcscapel(7*rg toefnque which
cast crrrousfy dark'hxbwscn each level and efectro atmosptiere.
CU Soeens*. 91% 9 ULTIMA 6 (Origin) There snpiy ant any otier
game out there wth the depti d the Utrna saga It at begins one
sOmy right when, al* stull- hg xjr *» with pizza and a renn d
1 Lore Li*y a mysterkXB tght warpe you inlo the tantasac reams
d Brtanrie al the start of a magical guest ThB 6 certairiy the
best in the U*ma senes and has been especially recoded lor the
Amiga. A fantasy roleplaying Ireal CU Supers*. 95%.
10 Tmis THE FOX fntita) Andher new entry and deservedy so. Set over sateen levels, the race is on k tack down Hus’ ktctoacped grty. Fcxy. In your way are swordwleldtig ncmatlc trtesman. Botfc trowing d»n and outs, sldn head tiugs and al klncB d nasties IhB B defcaer, the French teem s most pcSshed datam game yet even bet* han the axfamed 6Uas Sotiers CU
* .91% 11 CASTISS (Electronic Arts) Touted as a Mrddte Ages'Shi
Qly, Castles lets the player _ design and bu*J their lantasy
caste and then defend it Irom at- comers. The more complicated
your desOt the longer it wB take to build, and you’re liable to
run out or cash if you get too carried away. Ctoce you've buB
your castle, youl then have to defend I don envious Cats who
desperately wart to take possess* dyoir abode. CU Amiga
Semens* 88%.
12 ROBOCOD (Millennium) SB henyig n trere. IAemtm's James Pcnd charac* resir- lacas n a sopedup sequel Thn *ne he's totted out witi a bionic midrtl which lets oc* Wiy Mend erpend hB body upwards. There are CIS ol taps and puzzles anted about each levrel and some ol the grsphcs are very dataled Sulfers Irom poor socEng h parts. CU Supers*. 93% 13 JIMMY WHITT'S SNOOKER (Virgin) Vwhout doubt the best snooker game to have grated any heme compuW or video game. The simple user-rtertace lets you altemfC amcst any shot hiagnabie and Ihe attention to detail B superb. Lofe of rice touches, suth as a ly
wandering KT06S your mori* and facepufcig bals. Actl a tumorous element to tie proceedngs. CU Screens*. 90% 14 ANOMt WORII) (l *»Mni UA Gold) ?ephrie's ccrrK book adenture cpene ip a new style ol gamepfey. Ifs a Mant mar of anmalcn. Puofeig and arcade shoot 'em tp. The game raw** around a research analyst who's been cafepuJtod r*y anot* Anenscn. Surprises at every twist and uru vwti He Bit to tie magneton Not to be mBsed CU Screens*, 91% 15 POA TOUR GOLF (Electronic AH*) ThB B prcbably tie best Gcang game in hBtory, 11 wasn't * quite a did necessary dsk swapping and the released Mctoprose's
gcttog epic. The game B SB chatenging, witi over 16 pro golfers to compete against, over several ditferert tournaments. The action replay facility B annoyingy al the ccnv pu*s dscrefcn. But somehow at the more rewarding when guachieve a she* deemed wortiy ol IhB accolade. CU 14 UISURE SUIT LARRY V (SUrra) lovable tad, Larry, S arrenty watng to a cable pom darnel and. As tie ra*igs Bke a no6e *ve. Mr Big ccmes ip w*i tie e ra*igs take a nosectve. K idee of a tadcy and Dale'slyfe show. Lany B poked to host fie show and E given tie task of taring down tie s* ' ' " nBtmsedto JoH bcier n tie couiy
Irreradcn 6 kneed to tie constant doting of tie mouse bum to skp tioudi tie reams of ten Nearing tie end of Is nn. CU Amiga Rated 87% 17 POPULOUS 2 (Electronic AH*) Qie d tie best games ever released. No kiddng. BasBaly tie same gameplay as ftputocs, criy everything has been improved to perfection. Try to become rrore powerful than Zeus by defeating a series d Greek Gods and mythcfogcal creatures. A genuine classic. CU Amiga Supers*, 97% IB PINBALL DREAMS (21H Contury) Designed by top demo out*. Stents, there are kxr tables on d*. Al based cn reaNIe tables txr tailed up so tiat ctpyrighls
aren't rfniged Each table B tree screens Icng and tiere's an adegrale seleclion d souid effects, but inevCabfy the *ae tael d tie real twig B lest CU Amiga Rated 83% 19 INDY HEAT (Storm) Ls)*ids stperb corvcp makes I onto tB Amga and 6 a very datable conversbn. Al ts cptons are n pace, ndudng tie atimportart tubos. And eah rare tack teaues seme devious tuns and ragged straigis-UntatnaBly, tBre are orfy ten cne-screen tracks to compde over and Ihrigs become a bit pedestrian after a whie. OJ Amga Rated 8Cns.
20 LEMMINGS (Piygnosi*) There can't be many people who dom own a copy d thb inluri- alingy addictive game. Over a year in he charts, and ifs st* seErig. A testament to its ori iatly and biiliant gameday. The base aim B to gticte a gog) d lemnings acrcee a horizontaly scrcing landscape. On tieir way, tie mcpfcp tribe dspfey tie* suddal tendencies by attempting o jump d any crnverienl Bdge. By using a set d icons, fs possbfe to gjde tiem to safety aEiougi tiere’s ateo a dewous puzzle cr cbstade to solve cn each level CU ArrvgB Srperea 94% Chart MICROBYTE CHARTS From Ihi* month onward*, CU Amiga
have teamed up with Microbyte, a nationwide chain of computer store*, to bring you the very best Amiga chart* appearing in any magazine. Using Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS)
• ystems, Microbyte can monitor each title's performance on a
daily basis, thus providing the most up to date information at
the click of a button.
TOP TWENTY AMIGA GAMES - Full Price 1 RAINBOW ISLANDS (Hit Squad) 2 JAMES POND (GBH) 3 F16 COMBAT PILOT (Action 16) 4 1st DIVISION MANAGER (Codemasters) 5 KICK OFF 2 - Giants of Europe (Anco) 6 TOYOTA CELICA RALLY 7 POPULOUS (Star Performers) 8 PAPERBOY (Encore) 9 ROBOCOP (Hit Squad) 10 MIDNIGHT RESISTANCE (Hit Squad) Chart supplied by retail chain, MicroByte well schooled in the In the first of a new monthly educational column, Mike Gerrard takes a look at the intriguing uses to which the Amiga is being put to in classrooms up and down the country.
Mm naiu mnntklw rnlnmn SCHOOLS OUT the PC was a business machine, the Amstrad PCW a word-processor, the Amiga a games machine and the BBC an educational machine. At last people are waking up to the iact that to regard the Amiga as purely a games machine Is like having a car and only ever revving the engine. While it IS a supreme games machine, it is also ideally suited lor conventional tasks like word-processing, lor art and music, and lot specialist subfects ranging Irom creating knitting patterns to helping with dyslexia. In a world ol cross-curricular activities, what better than a
cross-curricular computer?
An increasing number ol education authorities are saying 'Could do better1 when it comes to the computers they've been used to using In the classroom. They're turning their backs on the traditionally approved' machines like the BBC and Nimbus, which have long had a stranglehold on the British education system, and are looking instead to more exciting and economically priced computers - like the Amiga, which is roughly halt the price ol the Acorn Archimedes In the past, micros have been stuck with labels: SHAPE SHIFTING Art and design is an area where the Amiga is proving particularly
popular, with its easy ability to manipulate shapes, and the chance to doodle and experiment with patterns and colours. The Amigaknit program is used in the Home Economic departments of many schools, allowing pupils to create designs on-screen, and then either print them out to any Brother knitting machine, for an instant cardigan. Presumably they use a scarf socket?
The Blake School in Bridgewater, Somerset, usos the Amiga 500 for art design and appreciation. Their IT co-ordinator, Mel Potty, feels it important that tho pupils come to see the Amiga as another artistic tool, like a brush or a pioce of charcoal, but one that's capable of its own uniquo results. It isn't only skilled artists who benefit from the computer, however, as the Blake School has found, in particular, that pupils with reading and writing difficulties respond well to the Amiga. A computer is infinitely patient, and allows all pupils to work at their own pace, but children enjoy
helping each other much more when a computer's involved, creating an air of cooperation rather than competition.
To bring the story round full circle you have tho activities of Kent Education Television, otherwise known as KETV, and definitely not to be confused with KYTV. This specialist educational video production company uses three Amiqa 2000s and three Amiga 500s at its studios in Dover to help produce top-quality graphics for its videos which, amongst other things, help to teach teachers how to teach. And not a computer game in sight.
GOING TECHNO To gel the most out ol using computers in schools, you naturally need more than a single aged BBC-B machine, locked away in the stationery cupboard, and meant to provide lor the needs ol a class ol 35 children. Most modem schools have whole armies ol Amigas. Such as the Dayncourt School in Nottingham, where 24 machines provide the school with one ol the most up-to-date Information Technology departments in Nottinghamshire. Here pupils can use software packages that would cost the individual home user an arm and a leg: Deluxe Paint, Deluxe Print, Publisher's Choice. Pen Pal and
Superbase, for example.
Another well-equipped school is the Feltham Community School in Middlesex, with 27 networked Amigas, mostly in the computer room, with others dotted around the school in the art, music and drama departments, and in the school library.
The art department uses Deluxe Pain! And various animation programs, one Amiga is used for textile design, others are being used to produce a school promotional video, and there's a flourishing Amiga- based Desktop Publishing set-up which not only provides lor the school s own needs but raises funds by doing work lor local businesses The man responsible lor this activity is Tony Loughlin, Feltham's head o( Business and Information Studies. One advantage the Amiga has, he says, is the so-called High Street effect.
'Many pupils now have 16-bit computers like the Amiga at home. They use them anyway, they're excited by them, they like using them. They can no longer say, 'Oh, the BBC’s the boring old school computer that's got dreadful graphics’. Even the Archimedes, as good as it is. Is the computer you only find in schools, not in Dixon's window or the average kid's bedroom. It's the Amiga you find them using there. Can you imagine them coming into school, alter spending several hours playing games which have slate-ol-the-art graphics and sound, and the teacher having to try to excite them with a
technically Inferior machine? Plus they can do their homework on them, and just bring the disk in to wotk on the same machine at school. II also encourages them to see their Amiga at home as more than just a machine lor playing games on.'
EDUCATION Another effect, to Commodore’s delight, is that where Amigas are introduced into schools, a high proportion of teachers end up buying one for themselves. It's a snowball effect in that once the kids have become hooked at school they or their parents might also buy a machine to use at home.
GOOD ALL-ROUNDER The versatility of the Amiga, and its wide use in lots of creative areas like film-making and design, benefits everyone. To expand on Tony Loughlin's point, it isn’t the Archimedes and it certainly isn’t the Nimbus that you find being used in design studios, TV studios, theatres, offices, music studios and just about everywhere else. This wide-ranging use creates a wide range of software, and schools can buy this too - and usually at an educational discount. Where a machine is perceived as being an educational computer, like the BBC, this Inevitably has an effect on software
developers who specifically target educational needs. If asked to design an art package for use in schools, would you come up with Deluxe Pahit? And whaf s the point of mastering educational software in school, when you then leave and are faced with a range of different machines? There aren't too many BBCs in use in offices.
Obviously, schools aren't merely choosing Amigas because they’re cheap and pupils are likely to have them at home. Educational demands still have to be met. There are two ways of approaching the National Curriculum,’ Tony Loughlin of Feltham School explains. 'One is to follow it absolutely, to say that we have to cover this and that, and therefore allowing that to dictate your timetable. But there is another more creative way to go about it, which is the way we want to do it, and that is to decide what it is you want to do, in terms of project work and so on just as you did before, but then
look at it carefully and creatively and be able to say, right, well in doing that project we are going to cover A, B, C and D on the National Curriculum. And the Amiga is ideally suited to this more creative approach.'
R Dayncourt School In Nottingham has ono of th n Can the Amiga satisfy the demands of the National Curriculum for music, though? The Atari ST has usually been regarded as superior to the Amiga when It comes to music, because it began with the advantage of having its own MIDI port, but that hasn’t deterred the Birmingham Local Authority who recently invested in no less than 105 Amigas. Primarily for use in art and music. They are currently being evaluated in Birmingham’s eighty secondary schools, in particular at the Joseph Chamberlain College. Here a music technology centre has been
created, and teachers are being trained in the use of the Amiga in music, In readiness for the new National Curriculum for music.
There are an untold number of uses to which the Amiga can be put. Educational establishments up and down the country are continually refining the way computing is taught. Gradually, the Amiga is moving out of its specialist ghetto and being used In math lessons, in physical education, art and design and many other areas on the school timetable.
Over the next few months we’ll be taking a look at some of the more interesting ways in which the Amiga has been put to work In the education field as well as reviewing all the latest software and technical innovations. If you’re a student at a school or college which uses Amigas extensively, why not drop us a line and tell us about it?
POINTS OF VIEW IHMGS1HKT MAKE YOU 80 How many times have you bought a game that's, frankly, below standard? Rik Haynes, European Editor of LOG* iN, asks if the Amiga has a bright future if publishers keep producing such rubbish?
D1JA VU rs a familiar story: the eager software company, out to hustle for fame and fortune, spends a large amount of cash securing the rights to a hot movie license from Hollywood, development budgets and schedules are stretched beyond their limits to accommodate the new game, and with little time and money left to get a product out on the streets, comers are freely cut. The end result is a disappointing game (Ocean's Darkman and U.S. Gold's The Godfather immediately spring to mind) that’s hardly worth the asking price.
Ocean, at least, have gone some way to rerSify- ing past offences with the release ol Robocop 3 and The Addams Family. However, poor software Isn't solely restricted to film licenses', and the situation begs the question Why does this happen?'
And, more importantly, Can it be prevented?'
As players clamour lor more sophisticated games, better quality and more imagination is going to be the order of the day. There are no short-cuts to success. It's getting very hard for the mavericks to produce a stunning game on their own. Three of the best-selling Amiga games of recent times - Formula One Grand Prix (Microprose). Robocod (Millennium) and Jimmy White s Snooker (Virgin) - could be the last of the great creations from minnow companies who are being financially pushed out by the bigger fish.
Games like Populous II (EA Bullfrog) and Shadotvlands (Domark Teque) took a group of designers, programmers, artists and musicians many months to produce. A creative group ol game engineers often bounce new concepts off each other, so it's important that these smaller sweatshops are encouraged in order to keep new.
Fresh, and untainted Ideas coming. Ideas that are not induced by profit.
SEEDY CD... Whilst the development fraternity makes its first steps into the new age of CD-ROM, the situation ol lacklustre gameplay is going to get lar worse.
Costs wiH rise dramatically, while flashy presentation will try to make up for a lack of depth and playability. I doubt whether many outfits are going to take the sort of risks which result in something special. Let's face it, most ol the stuff released so far on CDTV just doesn't make the grade. When It comes to CD-ROM, designers in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto are way ahead of their counterparts in Manchester. Birmingham, and Croydon. Konami, for instance, has even set up a special technical institute in Kobe, to study the heavy concepts of making good CD games which take lull advantage of the
incredible machine s capabilities The British division of Commodore can't even issue a permanent release date for the A570 CD-ROM let alone get the product itself out Only Psygnosis, with the Fractal Engine, has shown this level of commitment to CD-ROM hardware and software.
So, what are other publishers in the UK and across Europe doing lo ease this difficult transition period? Not a lot, actually. Surprisingly few companies are willing to invest in the future. They're too busy scrambling to make a killing on the 16-bit consoles from Nintendo and Sega, whilst dreaming of the day when that blustering old IBM PC becomes the ultimate games computer. Investment and training are seen as the key ingredients of a winning formula in Japan. Far-sighted managers in the land of the rising Yen have therefore set up schools to teach students how to create best-selling
video games. If only Commodore had a strong presence in the Japanese market, then we could also possibly benefit from the results of this Samurai spirit.
Many observers have suggested Commodore should exercise a tighter control over the quality of software released on the Amiga and CDTV.
Nintendo is ruthless in this regard. It cleverly used such a scheme to turn around the devastating video games crash In the USA eight years ago.
This crafty Japanese corporation decided that there were simply too many mediocre games being released on other formats, and made sure this mistake wasn't repeated on Nintendo's Entertainment System. This could be the reason behind the smart card slot on the new Amiga A600 model? It would certainly make such a 'quality assurance' policy easier to implement - especially if Commodore is secretly sitting on a massive smart card stockpile in the Far East. The illegal copying of software would also become more difficult for the average hacker, cracker, pirate or whatever they call themselves
these days. The downside is that smart cards are bloody expensive when compared to floppy disks. Cds and cartridges. Thus, the price of games would probably increase if they are used.
ETERNAL HOPE I freely admit that the Amiga holds the potential to bridge the gap between video game console and expensive personal computer, but is it going to have an easy ride? I don’t think so. Japanese and American firms aren't Interested. Only the Europeans, the British and Germans in particular, still have the incentive and capability lo push the Amiga further. It's going to be a crying shame if nobody is willing, and able, to handle the challenges ahead. Fast action is required to catch up.
Publishers and developers must make a few tough decisions and plough more back into research and development. The channel ot communication between punter and publisher should also be opened. Inform the offending company and.
Through the letters pages ot CU Amiga, fellow players of the reasons behind any discontentment. It can't end there, though. New talent needs to find a forum to showcase ideas and work, and all the cowboys need to be frozen out. Only then will the Amiga stand a chance against the consoles.
LOQ-IN le Japan’* loading computer gam* magazine.
TOP TEN PERSONAL AMIGA HATES 1 Workbench has lo be lootoO from disk 2 Old sofhnrt refuses lo sort on now mochines 3 A floppy disk can bo damaged If It's removed while the drive Is walking 4 Increasing cost of gamos Is a pain In th* ass 5 Games that Ignore any additional floppy disk DRIVEa shouldn't ha allowed i TV modulator coeld have boon bsilt la 7 Floppy disk drives continually click it thera Isn't a disk Insida them I Th* position of Bo on of! Switch on th* power block roally sucks 9 Most CDTV software Is crap 19 Why are wo still salting tor Ih* A579 CD-ROM drtvo?
FLIP-Reverses the sample between pointers.
PLAY CUT-Replays the contents of the cut buffer.
Ml COM IX Sound Sampler DISTRIBUTOR IELNQ CENTRESOFT (U.K.) 021 625 3388 GEM DISTRIBUTION (U.K.) 0279 42842 GOLDHIll ASSOCIATES (EXPORTS) (44)819062009 HB MARKETING (U.K.) 07SJ 686000 Other features include . . .
* Fully multi-tasking
* 3D animated icons.
' UNDO function.
* Compatible with workbench 2.0.
* Runs perfectly on the new A500P.
* Mono sampling up to 52KHz.
* Stereo sampling up to 26KHz.
* 4 or 8 bit sampling.
* Thru-port for printer or Vidi digitiser.
* Stereo 3.5mm jack plug and lead.
Rombo Productions Baird Road. Livingston SCOTLAND EH54 7AZ Tel: (44)-0506 466601 Fax: (44)-0506 414634 Sim Ant Ants. You've shared your food your home and your planet with them, you've stepped on them sprayed them cursed them and bombed them.
Now you can be them.
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