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A squad has to be hand-picked for each mission and individual characters skills like lock-picking and computer hacking. Weapons will range from knives and clubs to rocket launchers, and impact and smoke grenades, machine guns and missiles. The scenarios will be set in multi-level complexes, making it easy tor an unwary platoon to be ambushed. Only the graphics are complete at the moment, with the gameplay and main bulk of coding still to be done, although Julian Gollop, the brains behind tS and LS2, is confident that it will meet its December release date. MEDITATION Eight into four doesn't go. Especially if you’re talking about Amiga music. Now there’s a reliable package that will give your machine eight-channel stereo sound. OctaMED V2. From the Amiganauts, is a low-cost music package that boasts many incredible features; notation can be entered on screen, something that only appeared in Deluxe Music Construction Set and Sonix, a print feature that turns your music out to paper in manuscript form, and the package simulates eight channel sound - which is impressive as the Amiga only has four channels.

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Document sans nom EXCLUSIVE!
most comprehensive racing simulation ever. Commence with the
ultimate head to head duel - the Ferrari F40 against the
Porsche 959. Then race the Supercars, including the Ferrari
Testarossa and Lotus Turbo Esprit. Want to improve your street
cred? Then race the MUSCLE CARS including the 63 Corvette Sting
Ray' and 67 Pontiac GTO". Try the CALIFORNIAN CHALLENGE, a
bruising 7 leg road race with no time to admire the beaches or
girls. Or stay closer to home and race the EUROPEAN CHALLENGE -
wind through the valleys of Switzerland, scorch through the
French Riviera and blast along the German Autobahn at full
Are you in shape to tackle this gruelling sports compilation? Enter the fast lane in the original TEST DRIVE simulation as you drive 5 dream machines at speeds close to 200mph. Sharpen your golf skills with the lifelike animation and numerous strategy options of MEAN 18. Test your swing at Turnberry, St. Andrews, Pebble Beach and other great courses in FAMOUS COURSES VOLUMES I & II. HARD BALL! Is so real and action packed that if you wear the kit whilst playing, you might just get it dirty!
THE CYCLES wraps you around the chassis of the fastest bikes ever built as you compete in the International Grand Prix of motorcycle racing.
Grip 'til your knuckles turn white to hold onto a 3200hp powerboat as you race the 3D courses of POWERBOAT U.S.A. A smooth swing and nerves of steel are required before you tackle )ack Nicklaus round THE GREATEST 18 HOLES OF MAJOR CHAMPIONSHIP GOLF and THE MAJOR CHAMPIONSHIP COURSES OF 1989.
Screen shots from various formats AVAILABLE ON YOUR AMIGA - £29.99 All Compilations Available on PC - £34.99 & C64 DISK £24.99 ) 1991. Accolade Inc. All rights reserved.
I he best in entertainment software.
TEST DRIVE puts you behind the wheel of 5 performance cars in a driving simulation guaranteed to pump your adrenalin.
HARD BALL! Puts you in the thick of the action, on the mound and at the plate. Bet you’ve never played crazy golf like MINI-PUTT, the wackiest mini-golf game in the world! APOLLO 18 is a stunning simulation of man's flight to the moon, where you direct every stage of this mission to the lunar surface.
ACCOuMjlt JncAetm fir The best in entertainment software!
A compilation of all-out action thrills and spills.
In 4TH & INCHES you take the bruises from the meanest defence and hopefully hand them out to the coolest quarterback. Run the defence in FAST BREAK, a basketball game that's so lifelike you can even hear your opponent hit the deck. Only the best can hold their nerve and race the elite drivers of Formula One on the GRAND PRIX CIRCUIT. Join America’s top pilots BLUE ANGELS and become a legend as you dive and soar through the skies.
Vrrrti vr r; The best in entertainment software!
A compilation of 4 classic action simulations.
SERVE AND VOLLEY captures the tension and tears of international tennis. TKO puts you on the canvas face to face with a mean opponent.
RACK ‘EM brings the tension and machismo of the pool hall to your computer. STEEL THUNDER - you take the controls of America's latest tanks in war zones where battle tension is red hot.
Vrrm r r The best in entertainment software " Accolade Europe l id.. Bowling House, Poinl Pleasant, Wandsworth, London SWI8 IP Tel: 081-877 0880. Fa : 081-877 3303.
London EC1R3AU Tel: 071 251 6222 Fax: 071 490 1094 Distribution • BBC Frontlme Lid.
Park House. Park Road.
Peterborough PE1 2TR Tel 0733 555161 Subscrptions - PO Box 500.
Leicester LE99 OAA Enqutenes • Tel 0858 • 410510 Order Line (answerphono) 0858 - 410888 Back Issues -P.O. Box 500.
Leicester. LE99 OAA Tel 0858 - 410510.
ISS 0265 -721X 26 GET RICH QUICK Moke your fortune using your AMIGA os o business portner.
30 CREATE YOUR OWN LOGOS Design Your Own motifs using Dpainl.
50 SUMMER FUN What's hot in the arcades this season?
70 LONGER LASTING Which shoot 'em ups and platform games can outlast an RPG?
1 56 FINGERBOBS Put PD games, utilities, ond all of your favourite bits and bobs on one disk - and then access them, with the press of a key.
Eyes right, as Thunderhawk swoops In tor an exclusive review.
110 VFM.
136 DEMOS.
148 AMOS.
150 Q&A.
174 NEXT MONTH THE DISK ARMALYTE - a complete level ol Thalamus's playable blaster.
STAR TREK TRIVIA - test your knowledge ol Kirk. Bones, and Co. With this neat trivia game.
MM - we haven't got the famous black chair or Magnus, but this Mastermind variant will stretch your grey matter just as tar.
FREDDY'S BACK • well, in picture form.
Virux X - a brilliant virus killer - stop those virii!
PING PONG - all the thrills and speed ol the real sport in our lull game.
HEAD CLEANER ¦ sell-explanatory but extremely useful.
FORMATTER - who needs to mess about with Workbench with this utility?
CALCULATOR - just install this and summon it whenever it is needed.
FIX DISK - lost a tile, or deleted one by mistake. Fret no more with Fix Disk.
MEMCLEAR - leaves you to play with when you need it most.
¦••¦ft** Ol Audfl Bureau ol CtrcwMMn 71 72 72 74 76 80 85 88 91 95 ledge eat ack ind er just arm.
P :d of nit ibout sum- eby k. th when 96 1 60 Scanned And Delivered Scanners are put to the test in our gruelling Head-To-Head benchtest.
161 Power To The People Electronic Zoo unveil a nifty Workbench system. We put it put through its paces.
166 DeluxePaint on Film Can you teach an old dog new tricks?
168 Sounds Familiar Music XII and Protracker 2 are made to jump through the hoops.
60 As ever, we are miles ahead of the so-called competition in the games review stakes. We bring you exclusive reviews of Thunderhawk from Core, Domark's Thunderjaws, and King's Quest V from Sierra. In addition, we also take a look at Deuteros, Armalyte, Maupiti Island, and the long-awauted Hunter. There's plenty of wheat, but how much is chaff?
Win a CDTV (page 34) Win a copy of WMS and Roboshift (page 49) Win a copy of Dpaint 4 and get the chance to become an inventor (pagel 78) TECHNICAL COMPETITIONS 60 THUNDERHAWK 64 CARDINAL OF THE KREMLIN BATTLECHESS II SLIDERS SWAP KING'S QUEST V ELF MOONBASE ARMALYTE LORDS OF CHAOS AND DATA DISKS THUNDERJAWS BILL AND TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE HUNTER 102 MAUPITI ISLAND 105 DEUTEROS 105 WILD WHEELS 107 ATOMINO 107 JACK NICKLAUS' MAJOR COURSES 108 BRAIN BLASTERS 108 CHALLENGE GOLF 109 TANGRAM 109 CRICKET Thunder hawk leads our reviews this month, and, as the summer drought starts to leave us, a
new wave ot big titles starts to arrive. Domark's Thunderjaws is finally here, as is Ocean’s Elf and Wild Wheels. In addition, we get our hands on Hunter and King’s Quest V - and both are classics.
VIRTUALLY HOME You’ve read the hype now own the machine.
Virtual Reality is available as a home unit, so you can blunder around in your own alternate universe without anyone ever knowing.
Provision trom Division is the complete home VR kit. It comes with the host computer, stereo goggles, fibre optic glove, headphones and all the necessary software to get it running. The sophisticated computer uses clusters of chips and software dedicated to separate tasks within the system, such as synchronising the stereo images and controlling up to 4Mb of 16-bit sampled sound. It is also rumoured that a British company is working on developing a low-cost VR system based around the A2000, which will include glasses and headphones, but no glove.
Provision’s £30,000 price tag puts it out of the reach of most people, so it s being targeted towards design and business where an accurate 3D representation of an object is essential. Could this spell the end for the architect’s model?
DRIVING FORCE DbbJyjJ yi'j'Azbjj ivt Tui'jA JteaJH; ¦Jjja D=jy UJJ-JiUAI yyi iyj- yii bijjuis Sha si-i i iijy Uij-ius yjjyi'y ypyyiysuJa yjjjjyujjsad .. Commodore have confirmed that an Amiga CD-Rom drive will be appearing before Christmas.
The A690 will be compatible with all CD-TV software and it’s rumoured that it will cost under £300, almost £100 less than was previously thought. There’s also speculation that the CD-TV could be facing a £100 price cut, but this isn’t likely until the end of the year.
Meanwhile, Commodore have upgraded the CD-TV to make it compatible with A2000 and A3000 keyboards, but Commodore cannot confirm whether or not they'll be producing a black version for the machine . There's also a new type of CD-TV control unit due for release soon. Containing a trackball, it will be compatible with normal Amiga Joysticks.
If you want to see a CD-TV in action, Commodore have arranged a series of demonstrations at the Troccadero London on the 8th, 15th and 22nd of August which will be hosted by Steve Woodmore, the world’s fastest talker who features on the Guinness Disk of Records.
BITMAPS STEAM AHEAD The one-game-a-year Bitmap Brothers have gone into overdrive. So tar 1991 has seen Speedball 2 and Gods with Magic Pockets soon to follow, and next will be a game that’s quite unlike anything they've done before.
Chaos Engine is cross between a traditional shoot 'em up and a role-playing game. It features six heroes, three of which can be controlled by one player in a simultaneous game with a Victorian, steam-powered computer.
Each character has his own set of attributes, such as speed and strength, which can be improved between levels, along with a huge arsenal of weapons which can also be enhanced.
The aim of the game is to the destroy the Chaos Engine, a monstrous machine responsible for ripping apart the very fabric of space and time. The four levels will be inhabited by creatures from key stages in Earth's history, thrown together by the emissions from the out- of-control Engine.
It's that time of year again when the entire software industry descends on London and the Buzz team goes and gets hammered on expenses. The European Computer Entertainment Show 1991 is the country’s premiere showcase for new hardware and games, and all the top software houses will be exhibiting along with Commodore and their fabled CD-TV.
The venue is the newly-built Earls Court 2 on Friday 6th, Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th of September.
Admission is £7, but by turning to page 82 you can get money off advance tickets and read about what CU will be doing at Europe’s biggest computer show.
ARM-Y MOVES Think Limited have come up with a low-cost example of what human-replacement-labour of the future might be like. The Alfred Arm is designed to work with all types of Amiga.The operating software is designed to be used by people with very little experience of computers, using a simple command structure and programmable variables for the movement.The package retails at £399 from Prudential Building, 46c High Street, Ardington, Birmingham B23 6RH. Tel: 021 384 4168.
AMOS-ING According to Europress Software their latest additions to the AMOS range will 'bring Virtual Reality to the home of every Amiga user'.
AMOS 3D, the first of two new products, works with the basic AMOS pack to supply it with a series commands designed to help create and manipulate 3D objects. The second pack is the AMOS Compiler, which converts AMOS Basic into machine code, making some instructions run up to six times faster.
TEST DRIVE II: THE COLLECTION Summertime’s well and truly here, and what better way to spend it than cruising down the Californian highways in an open-top Ferrari? Test Drive 2: The Collection from Accolade is a compilation featuring their smash-hit sports car sim Test Drive 2: The Duel, Supercars and Muscle Cars which add a further 15 modern and classic cars to the basic game, and European and Californian Challenge which gives the game two extra courses. Burning into the shops now.
DOUBLE DOUBLE BILL Cinemaware’s first compilation is about to hit the shops, mixing history with sport. TV Sports Football puts you in control of a top American football team, complete with cheer leaders. TV Sports Basketball is in the same vein as Football, mixing arcade with management. Lords Of The Rising Sun casts you as a twelfth century Japanese warlord, caught up in a power struggle.
Finally there's Wings, a World War One flight sim. Double Double Bill should hit the shops next month.
VIRTUAL WORI a foothold in the compilation market tl of Freescape games. Virtual Worlds c Total Eclipse and The Crypt, the unre Master where you once more have to forces of evil. All the games are writte behind 3D Construction Kit. Virtual W next month.
FLIGHT OF THE INTRUI Of The Intrud pletion. The g A-6 Intruder, I piloted by the ground target messages wit on actual ma( sions as well ..... jrumman built MiG's NVA in-flight n based ilan mis- CD-TV FALCON Mirrorsoft's hugely successful Falcon is set for a July take-off on CD-TV. The basic game format will be unchanged from the Amiga version, although it will now feature speech from the control tower and other pilots. For new pilots, there’s a trainer mode which contains speech and video footage of the plane’s weapons in action as well as a detailed description of the aircraft and how to fly
GALACTIC New from veteren C64 programmer Stavros Fasoulos is Galactic, his first game in nearly three years. Galactic is a shoot 'em up with no overall objective. It's designed so that anyone can pick it up and get going without having to worry about saving the known universe. This is Stavros' first game since being conscipted into the Finnish army.
UMS PLANET EDITOR Designer worlds are all the rage at the moment, with Powermonger 2 and SimEarth on the way. Microprose's addition to this genre is a bolt on planet editor for UMS 2. The editor allows you to customise terrain, weather patterns and create armies based on any period in the time and virtually any scenario.
TWILIGHT 2000 World War Three has broken up and most of Eastern Europe has been left a desolate wasteland. You play a tank commander fighting in what's left of Poland, trying lo stop the all conquoring enemy from advancing further. Twilight 2000 is being programmed by US-based Paragon software and will be released through Entertainment International early next year.
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IT ANT NO PROBLEM BSC; ' If creating a world or managing a city isn’t challenging enough tor you, try spending a few years as an Ant.
From Maxis, the creators of SimCity and SimEarth, comes SimAnt, a game that puts you in charge of your very own ant colony. By directly controlling one ant you influence the behaviour and actions of the colony as they try to conquer a suburban back yard. Laying scent trails can point the workers towards food, or steer them clear of danger. Also, the queen needs protecting and enemy raids need to be beaten back. Hazards come in the the form ot spiders, rival red ant colonies and humans armed with cans of Ant-A-Way.
Much of the game is based around Pulitzer prize- winning book, The Ants, written by Harvard University biologists Bert Holldobler and E O Winston, which takes an in-depth look at the social behaviour of ants.

C. ..79 99 ..2999 E S ... 269 99 rE
...79 99 BEETLE S ABOUT Team 17 have got the
licence to beat all licenses. Roll over Schwarzenegger, the
Love Bug’s back.
Joyride is a diagonally scrolling driving game based on Herbie, the petrol-driven star of Herbie Goes Bananas and Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo. It will feature 7,500 screens, hooligans, speed humps, police and other less predictable hazards designed to thwart Herbie in his quest to find his sweet heart. Help is at hand, though, as improved engines, gearboxes, headlights and nodding dogs(?) Are scattered along the road to aid our beloved VW Beetle. Sadly the game will be 1MEG only What next we ask? The Sound Of Music?
599. 99 MEGATRAVELLER 2 A mere three months after the release of
Megatraveller, Paragon are already working on sequel that
will dwarf It’s predecessor The unoriginally-titled
Megatraveller 2 will contain over 130 worlds; over ten times
a many as the original. The planets will also feature more
locations and less restrictions on movement and weapons.
Additionality, there will be more characters central to the plot to give the game a more ‘story-book’ feel. The space travel section is also being improved, the combat system is being made more straightforward and it’s being sped up. In addition, the graphics will be improved and the jerky scrolling that plagued the original has been eliminated.
Characters from the original Megatraveller can be upgraded and used in the new quest. Skills that weren’t used in the first game will now come into play, along side more complicated problems.
Megatraveller 2 should be in the shops for Christmas.
Next time you go to the dentist for a filling, it could be that his (or her) tutor, test subject and study notes all came from an Amiga.
- Kings College Dental Hospital undergraduates are new using a
unique interactive media system to study their trade. The
system is made up from a 25Mhz A3000 with 5Mb RAM running
CanDo, Dpaint lit and The Art Department software. Digitised
pictures, animation, diagrams and sample sound effects are used
to guide the students through complex procedures such as root
canal therapy.The sound effects comprise of sampled drill
effects and suction tubes, but Buzz can’t confirm whether or
not the trainee orthodontists get a digitised scream if they
FLY GUY Trilogic are now offering a non-standard hard drive package with could upsel a few of the old favourites.
The NEC-produced Dataflyers come in 56Mb and t30Mb sizes and are compatible with the Amiga when connected with a SCSI lead. The new range of drives are only 25mm high, feature autoparking heads, a read write speed of only
1. 5M bits a second, a quick start-up feature, a two year
guarantee, and come with a SCSI lead to connect to your
machine. For At 500 and A2000 users the Dataflyer comes as an
internally connectable hard card, which costs less than the
A500’s external model.
BIG, BAD AND UGLY With Wrestlemania slamming into Britain this summer, it was always odds-on to become part of a softco’s licence collection.
Once again it's Ocean heading the buy-up bandwagon. World Wrestling Federation is already in development, featuring most of the heroes of the square ring such as the Hulkster, Seargent Slaughter, Virgil and The British Bulldog - AKA good old Davy Boy Smith. In America, WWF bouts regularly attract crowds in excess of 10,000, they don't come for the wrestling, though. Each bout is a carefully-scripted battle as characters like The Undertaker and Ted Debiowski, The Million Dollar man, grapple it out for the cash.
SUICIDE IS PAINLESS EAT MY SHORTS Commodore are set reenact their PC sales strategy on the Amiga by including a tutorial video in every package.
It’s rumoured that Video One (reviewed this issue) will come free with their new Cartoon Classics bundle. The package will come with Dpaint 3, which will be outmoded by Dpaint 4, and the video which explains how to get the most out of the software. Commodore have also signed The Simpsons, which isn't due for release until September, for the pack,. That means Bart will star alongside Lemmings and Captain Planet in a bundle which Commodore expect to sell 150,000 of by Christmas.
To some it's the God of games, to others it's like a disease which Just keeps spreading. Love it or loath it, Lemmings is here and it Just keeps on going.
The latest addition to the Lemmings legend is a construction kit. This gives you a full level designer, with which you can create custom built levels that contain all your favourite hazards. You’ll also be able to determine the number of special Lemmings. If you don't fancy creating levels you could try the data disk which is due out next month bringing dozens of new levels to suicide starved gamesters.
Lemmings is also due to Infect the arcades next year in coln-op form. Data-East are cur- ¦ rently producing a track-ball operated arcade machine based on the original computer format. Is there no escape?
THE WORKS Gremlin have announced their preliminary entries for the Christmas software 9llJt- The first is Harlequin, a platform game which it’s claimed will feature some of the best animation yet Sseen on the Amiga. The Warp Factory are currently working on this, their first major project.
Lii Next is Vldeo Kld'is a shoot 'em up set in the world of movies. The CC her0 has to ,ravel across different film cliches such as wild west and (3 gangster land. It’s being programmed by Twilight who are currently working on Ocean's troubled Darkman.
BULMER BURGLED was taken’alon9 with a varie|y o'0,her s'o«- Kevin can live without the hardware and isn’t bothered about naming names, but what he does "TT s°ale ,hat wil1 be on the computers' hard disk. So, it you havt ahUiJ TV V T2s release' bul ,here is some stuff on there that is vali able to Kevin but worthless to anyone else. And if you can help, then we’ll throw some software as a bonus - and strictly no questions will be asked.
As an 6lite member of 'MERLIN' you will be employed specifically to defuse crisis situations around the world without provoking full scale war.
Control Thunderhawk in what is proclaimed to be "The fastest 3D graphic system to appear on any home computer".
Available on ATARI ST. COMMODORE AMIGA and P. C. Suite C. Tradewinds House. 69 71a Ashbourne Road. Derby DE3 3FS Telephone: (0332I 297797. Facsimile: I0332I 381511 New Products From Checkmate Digital High quality RGB output for your Amiga J,™ AI?'ET“m rS y0aJ"!h rc5°'Ue r* RGB imagCi °" )our slandard 1084 RGB "“"«*• They are pure RGB. No. Smeary composite. No other graphic 50 li,,lc! And an ,hc software ,o ™ii ,s rr~Evcn -2 « «hn»»5S- System Features :
* Paint. Render, cvt ip s w
* 18 24 bit colour modes
* 256 512 color register modes
* RGB pass through
* Screen overlay underlay
* Screens pull up down & go front back
* View with an
* Animate via Page Flipping " Works with
* Completely
* NTSC encodefc3
* S-VHS encoder co
* PAL & NTSC co!
* Uses only RGB .
* FCC Class B. UL iTsted
* Works w std Amiga monitors
* Does not use Amiga power it :•. !• B use blitter IF. 24 hi 'ilh
CLUT flour standard IFF; RGB8 and RGBN; Rangel smooth
¦zO.ARZl.AHAM, 18 bit eanl ih ; UPB8 teus||ps;%K
Allof.hU2iMM iiWl available UpgntueFrom BBS service* | Color or
256 256coloA JVV Maiie col ryanii-aUasfcycfcl Prints via Auto
enhance MVFpalcUp | Writes IFF24.GU7 %Q L (recessing software
Jiffr various Itions. And much more.
Fax 071-254 1655 The Hyper Drive System.
This exciting new system is the optimum upgrade for Amiga A500 owners, satisfying their needs for future expansion.
Includes the following:-
* Checkmate A1500 Expansion System. 230.00
* Checkmate 200watt, Surge protected Power Supply. 79.00
* ICD inc ADSCS1 2000 Hard disk controller. 130.00
* Checkmate A2000 adaptor card 68.00
* Fujitsu 45mb High Speed, Auto-Park SCSI Drive. 239.00
* 62mm High Power Fan . 25.00
* Hyper Helpers Software from INOVAtronics 49.00 Normal Price
£811.00 Hyper Drive System Price Only £ 699.00 inc VAT & P&P
You still have room for a second Floppy Drive , Accelerator
Card, upto 15 Mb of Ram. And a Flicker Free Video Card. Ring
For Details.
Larger Drives available:- 105Mb + £125.00, 184Mb + £300.00 LASER SQUAD 2 Rough justice comes to the universe with Blade Software’s tollow up to hugely popular Laser Squad. This time, a crack platoon ot troops, armed with a huge array of vicious weapons, have to rid the galaxy of criminals, rampant robots and nutty aliens.
Programmed by Mythos Games, Laser Squad 2 will be set in the same style as its predecessor, only with improved graphics, an enhanced user interface, and a dozen missions. A squad has to be hand-picked for each mission and individual characters skills like lock-picking and computer hacking.
Weapons will range from knives and clubs to rocket launchers, and impact and smoke grenades, machine guns and missiles. The scenarios will be set in multi-level complexes, making it easy tor an unwary platoon to be ambushed.
Only the graphics are complete at the moment, with the gameplay and main bulk of coding still to be done, although Julian Gollop, the brains behind tS and LS2, is confident that it will meet its December release date.
MEDITATION Eight into four doesn't go. Especially if you’re talking about Amiga music. Now there’s a reliable package that will give your machine eight-channel stereo sound.
OctaMED V2. From the Amiganauts, is a low-cost music package that boasts many incredible features; notation can be entered on screen, something that only appeared in Deluxe Music Construction Set and Sonix, a print feature that turns your music out to paper in manuscript form, and the package simulates eight channel sound - which is impressive as the Amiga only has four channels.
A price and release date haven't yet been set, but it’s expected to sell for £10.
OctaMED VI is currently available although it lacks many features of its successor, as well as harbouring many bugs. Existing V1 owners will be able to pick up V2 at half the cost.
WARE SAVED Ailing American software giants, Cinemaware, have been saved from closure by a Mirrorsoft buy-out.
Cinemaware started the year with debts In excess of $ 1,000,000, forcing chairman Bob Jacobs to halt current projects and make compulsory redundancies. Since then there has been much speculation as to whether Mirrorsoft could come up with a package suitable to Cinemaware’s creditors. The Maxwell-owned firm will now complete all Cinemaware’s existing projects such as Rollerbabes, but with several key programmers now working for rival companies the label's future is unclear.
Jacobs’ new company, Acme Interactive, will still develop for the Cinemaware label with Mirrorsoft now in control of European publishing.
BUDGET MANIA Gremlin are also out to comer the budget market, with their aggressively titled new label GBH.
The initial releases are Cloud Kingdoms, Kid Gloves, James Pond, Thunderstrike, Resolution 101, Impossamole and Footballer Of The Year
2. Gremlin have also signed a deal to publish what's left of
Millennium’s back catalogue at a £7.99 price point.
Meanwhile Psygnosis have launched a budget label of their own which will bring previous releases, such as Barbarian, back into the limelight.
SCHOOL'S OUT Europress Software are set to crown a successful year with the follow up to the enormously popular Fun School 3.
Fun School 4 will contain more problems designed around the national education curriculum and more and varied reward routines to keep the kiddies playing longer.
So far the original Fun School series has docked-up sales in excess of 300,000, outstripping most top-selling games.
Following on from that there will be a range of educational products aimed at over 12s as well as two packs tied into major licenses.
CHUCK UP II you’re fed up with supersonic flight sims with ultra-smart weapons, Chuck Yaeger’s third computer outing could he right up your runway.
The game is currently doing the rounds on the PC, where it’s receiving rave reviews, but Electronic Arts have yet to confirm a release date for the Amiga version, although it’s likely to be early next year.
Chuck Yaeger's Air Combat is set across the three wars that Chuck actually fought In. World War Two has you up against the Reich, or zapping American bombers In your Messerschmitt. Korea features the first jet aircraft while Vietnam introduces modern aerial warfare in the shape of guided missiles and radar. You won’t fly alone either. Wlngmen accompany you on missions, reporting on enemy activity and picking off bandits when they feel like It.
Win a GAME GEAR The Sega Sensation!
The Sega Game Gear is the latest hand-held sensation to come out of Japan, and you could be one of the first in your neighbourhood to get your hands on it as we're giving one away! We'll bung in a free game too! So... f OKTARI f VIOEO CAME SYSTEM 'f U. tV S SjiMjnntz wc in ““ *-r Call 0898 299225 Win a SUPER Pocket a Pool Table!
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The Nintendo Super Famicom is probably the most eagerly awaited new console to hit the streets ever!
We've got our hands on one, and as much as we'd like to keep it ourselves we'll be giving it away along with a Commodore monitor and the brilliant game "Super MarioWorld"! So if you'd like this lot heading in your direction sometime soon, give the number below a call right away!!
0898 299273 Calls cost 34p (cheap rate) and 45p (at all other times) per minute including VAT.
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For details of winners please send a SAE marked "Winners List" to the address shown. It you do not pay the bill please ask permission before you call as the average length of call is 5.5 minutes.
1 This excellent new drive not only loads your disks, but it protects them Irom virii too! A switch at the hack turns on protection mode, preventing all bootblock virii trom getting onlo your disks. II also features integrated back-up hardware. Price £65.00 Details: Power Computing. Unit 8. Railton Rd. Woburn Industrial Estate.
Kempston. Bedford.
Tel:(0234)843388 2 This replacement power supply otters 30% more power than the original Commodore unit. Ideal it you want to add loads of peripherals without blowing your machine up! Price: £39.99 Irom Power Computing (see above) 3 Don't wear out your parallel port, plug in up lo (our peripherals with this data switch box.. A (lick ol the wrist switches between them.
Prices trom £20.00 Details: Ace- Pyx, 25 Albyns. Langdon Hills, Essex.. Tel (0268) 415110 4 Conned your TV monitor up with this cable. Variety ol types available. Prices Irom £10.00. Ace- Pyx (see above) 5 Unreliable mice can be a Ihing of the past with this bargain-priced optical mouse. It has a long tile as the buttons are the pnly moving part. Sound ergonomic design ensures that it (eels just right in your hand. Price: £29.95 Irom Golden Image.Tel (081)365 1102 6 Store over 150 disks in this stylish, drawer type disk box. Fully stackable, it's the ultimate in disk storage. Price: £18.00
Irom Ace- Pyx (see 3 above) 7 Prolecl your keyboard (rom dusl or accidental spills. This transparent . Soft vinyl cover moulds to the shape ot each key, whilst still allow ing you to type. Price: From £10.00 from Kador. Tel (0443) 740281 8 This computer toolkit contains all every gadget you need. Price £20.00 from Ace-Pyx (see 3 above) 9 A handy stand to support your printer and both paper and printouts. Prices Irom £15.00 supplied by Ace-Pyx (see 3 above) L ON YOUR DISKS All you trigger- happy blasters will be well catered for as we give away a complete level of Thalamus’s Armalyte, and
this is supported by a full cast including MM, Star Tvek Trivia and Ping Pong, a superb Virus Killer, AMOS info, this month’s Star Picture, and a whole host of superb disk utilities including a head-cleaner and a disk repair kit.
LOADING YOUR DISK Insert It in the Amiga's - drive and it will auto- boot. An intro will appear, so press the left mouse button to skip this, and the menus will then appear. Then fust press the relevant key to load each item.
ARMAH Already a massive hit on the C64, and rated as THE essential blaster to own for that machine, Armalyte is finally here tor the Amiga, courtesy of Thalamus and Arc Developments. However, rather than convert the C64 game over lock, stock and barrel, Arc have completely rewritten the game to make the most of the Amiga's more powerful capabilities - and we've got an entire level to give to you!
The game's scenario tells of an alien invasion set to devastate Earth and - no surprises here - you are the only person capable of deflecting the attack. In the full game, the battle takes place against five levels, each of which has their own graphical theme.
For instance, whereas the original C64 game was set entirely against a metallic bas- relief play area, the Amiga game takes part In levels made up of marble, crystal and organic material, and the aliens contained within reflect these. In terms of gameplay, Armalyte is from the ‘old school' of blasters, with wave after wave of enemy ships to be destroyed as you progress through the horizontally-scrolling stages, which pave the way to an epic battle against a massive end-of-level guardian.
Our level takes you through the metallic level of the game and will give you a taste of what is to come. The ship is controlled using the joystick, with the firebutton sending a stream of lasers across the screen. As can be expected, contact with the enemy and the ground-based installations - not to mention the flak they spew - Is fatal, so avoid these whenever possible. Apart fromthat, there's very little to tax the brain, so you can get straight in and start blasting!
Ft* I I U, SirU M- M- W STAR TREK TRIVIA When your joystick can take no more, you'll discover Trek Trivia waiting in the wings to do to your mind what Armalyte did to your trigger finger. This entertaining quiz program will test your knowledge of the original series to the full. See if you can score 100%!
MM If Trek Trivia doesn't overload the grey matter, how about trying your luck at
MM. This classic puzzle game will challenge your powers of
logic and deductive reasoning to the full. When the game has
loaded, the computer will randomly choose a sequence of four
coloured squares for you to guess. You We're back to one disk
this issue, but it hasn't stopped us from cramming it full
with top-notch demos, utilities, and ideas. First of all, we
have a complete level from Thalamus’s Armalyte, and this is
backed up with brilliant and our usual plethora of brilliant
utilities and info.
LYTC not only have to work out the colours that the computer uses tor its sequence (from a choice of six colours), you also have to work out the order in which it positions them.
On the screen, you will see the game board and a control panel. At the top of the control panel are the six colours that you can select from. Below that are tour numbered boxes (1-4) that represent the four positions into which you can place a colour. To select a me, ime.
I- I m, obe way iteof nga d the lese et colour, simply click on it, then on the position that you want to use it in.
Grey at chal- ien ar will ur
i. You Below the position boxes, there are six boxes containing
letters, to speed up the colour selection process. They work
as follows; A=AII - Select a colour then click on A and all
positions will be filled with your selected colour. R=Repeat -
Once you've made one or more guesses, clicking on R will
duplicate your previous guess. This is useful when you only
want to change the colour of one square. C=Change - Change is
handy when you think that the computer has created a pattern
that only contains two colours. Clicking on C will reverse the
positions of your two selected colours. D Delete - This option
simply clears the current guess.
L=Look - Clicking on L surrenders the current game and makes the computer show you its colour sequence. Q=Quit - Ends the game and returns to the main menu.
When you have selected the colours that you wish to use as a guess, click on return and the computer will analyse your attempt. It will then show you certain information depending on how accurate you were. If you guess a correct colour, and it is in the correct position in the sequence, the computer will display a small black square beside your guess. If you guess the right colour, but it is in the wrong position, the computer will display a small white square. Your ultimate objective is to get four small black squares. Incidentally, the computer may decide to use the same colour two or
more times in a sequence, so be warned!
PING PONG As its name suggests, Ping Pong is a version of table tennis for two players with joysticks. When serving, press fire to throw the ball in the air, then fire again to hit it. To return the ball, simply press fire when the ball is in the light position. Moving the bat left or right as you hit it, will spin the ball across the table. Moving the joystick up as you hit it, will smash the ball. Moving the joystick down will lob it. That’s all there is to it. Have fun!
TUNE OF THE MONTH When you’ve finally had enough of games, how about listening to the Tune ol the Month, which you were probably vaguely aware of whilst the disk was loading. Composed by Marcus Attwood and initially entered in our 'MC Hammer' competition, this ten minute masterwork earns its composer a year's subscription to everyone’s fave mag.
If you think that you could do better, then send your entries to Tune of the Month at the usual CU address.
SCREEN OF THE MONTH Of course the perfect complement to music is graphics, and what better than our screen of the month ’Freddie’. The screen was designed using Dpaint by Matt Stubbington. Matt, who has recently been spending a lot of time working on graphics for the Sega systems, has just secured a job in America working for Punk Developments.
Fortunately for us, he sent us some of his fabulous graphics before he left. His prize will be winging it’s way to him just as soon as we find his address. Help!
To return to the main menu, press the right mouse button and select Quit from the menu at the top of the screen.
VIRUS X To protect your valuable disks, we've also included the ever popular Virus X virus killer. Just press F6, and Virus X will load and check disks placed info any drives.
Pressing F10 will take you to yet another menu absolutely packed with useful utilities.
HEAD CLEANER Head Cleaner is one for those of you who have bought a drive-cleaning disk only to find that there’s no way to make the external drive spin. Jusf insert your F3 to load it, and when the file requester appears, simply enter the name of the file you wish to load. Alternately you can type PPMore fllename to load a particular file, where filename is the name of the textfile that you want to load.
Pressing F4 will load PPAnim, and we’ve already included a simple animation to demonstrate how it works. The animation was created on Dpaint III in two bit planes. To load your own animations, type PPAnim filename to load and animate the file called filename .
Alternately, typing PPAnim will call up a file requester into which you can enter the name of the file you want to load.
Onds click the mouse again to stop the drive. Remove your cleaning disk and hey presto, one clean drive!
PPMORE & PPANIM PPMore and PPAnim are two programs to display tiles that have been compressed using the ever-popular Power Packer.
PPMore is a neat little program that allows you to read and print text files. Press SHOW IMAGE For those of you who with artistic tendencies, pressing F5 will call up the Load Image program. A quick click of the right mousebutton will show you the Disk menu at the top of the screen. Select Load and when the file requester appears, select the file that you want to load. What could be easier? As part of a demo, typing Loadlmage filename will automatically load the screen specified by filename . As an added bonus, the program can even print your screens provided you use the correct printer
FORMATTER If you’re sick and tired of all that annoying disk swapping when you want to format load it. When it’s loaded you'll be presented with a small box filled with options.
To format a disk, first click in the box beside NAME and using the backspace delete keys, erase what’s already there. Now type in the name that I you want to call your formatted disk.
Clicking on VERIFY, (which highlights it) I will tell the computer to check your disk I as it formats it. Although this takes longer, it ensures that your disk is safe to save information on. If you click on START the computer will automatically I format whichever disk is in the selected I drive, but if you select AUTOSTART the computer will wait until you insert a disk, I then automatically formats it without Won't Load?
In the unlikely event of your CU disk not loading, remove all external cartridges and peripherals and try again. If it still won't load, pop the offending disk In an envelope and address It to: CU DISK RETURNS PC Wise Merthyr Industrial Park Pentreebach Mid Glamorgan CF48 4DR waiting tor further instructions. Select your drive by clicking on DFO: (the internal drive) or any of the other gadgets from DF1: to DF3: Clicking on INSTALL then START will automatically install your disk so that it is bootable. To quit Formatter click on the dot in the top left corner of the window.
CALCKEY Isn't it strange that you can own a computer as powerful as the Amiga, yet still have to hunt around for a pocket calculator whenever you need to work out simple sums? Not any more! Calckey is a memory resident calculator that can be loaded without taking up screen space. When you want to use it simply press the ALT and = keys at the same time, and up pops a mouse-operated calculator. And when you’ve finished.
Click on the dot in the top left-hand corner to get rid of it, it's as easy as that. The beauty of this little program is that it's so tiny you can afford to copy it onto all of your utility disks and include it as part of the startup-sequence, thus making it readily available no matter what application you’re using.
FIXDISK This multi-talented program is just what you need to examine and repair damaged disks. Having clicked on the drive to check, you will have a wide range of options. Should any errors be detected whilst the disk is being checked, they will be pointed out to you. It is then simply a matter of using the appropriate option to repair the damage.
They will then test the disk and send a replacement as soon as possible.
Please don’t ring the CU offices regarding disk complaints as we honestly won't be able to help you.
Instead, there Is a PC Wise Helpline for any urgent problems. It’s open between 10:30 and 12:30 during weekdays and can be reached on: MEMCLEAR Because of the Amiga's flexible architecture a lot of memory is often wasted due to data being incompletely flushed from the system when you move from one project to another.
Memclear regains all of that wasted memory.
Include it in your programs to ensure the maximum operating memory at all times.
JS-id * (0443)693233 DISK TUTORIALS Continuing CU’s policy of providing disk based programs to accompany our magazine tutorials, we present three great items for your delectation.
KEYMACRO You can’t help but notice the superb Keymacro program as you load this month's disk; It’s responsible tor the menu that allows you to load all the other goodies. This invaluable program allows you to change the keyboard so that a single key press will perform many functions. These functions may be simple things such as loading another program, or more complex operations like running mini programs. A full tutorial, which also gives you an easy-to-follow ten step guide to using Keymacro on your own disks, can be found in FINGERBOBS on page 156.
AMOS MUSIC CYCLER In the June issue we gave you an intriguing routine to produce colour cycling in time to your choice of music. Now, for the benefit of AMOS owners we’ve taken things a step further. Now, not only can you colour cycle any screen in time to a piece of music, but you can also set the computer to load a variety of tunes to create a musical slideshow.You can find the program called disco lights in the AMOS directory of the disk. The tutorial begins in AMOS UNLEASf on page 148.
FONT GIVEAWAY Linking our feature on Logos this issue, with our Tricks with Type’ feature in the June issue, we’ve included another fantastic free font. This 48 point font is large enough to use with posters or adverts, and can be used with your favourite art package. There are full instructions on the disk to assist Deluxe Paint II users, and you can read this month's feature CREATE YOUR OWN LOGOS on page 30.
GETTING YOUR BACK-UP To avoid corrupting your disk, you may tind it worthwhile to make a back-up. To do this, write-protect the original CU Collection disk and copy the disk's contents to a blank disk.
To do this, load your Workbench disk and wait until the drive light goes out.
Now insert the CU Collection disk and click once on the disk icon that appears. This highlights the disk icon, so press the right mousebutton and a series of options will appear at the top of the screen. Move the icon to the 'Workbench' menu, and e the mouse pointer to the 'Duplicate' option.
You will be asked to insert the Workbench disk again, so do this and keep swapping disks as requested. Once complete, a new icon will appear with the words 'Copy Of CU Collection', so once again highlight the disk icon and this time use the 'Rename' command to retitle the disk to simply 'CU Collection' (or the title of the original CU disk).
A BEAUTIFUL PUZZLE GAME WITH ASTONISHING HIDDEN DEPTHS' "A good arcade adventure Is a joy to play...and there's no shortage of gameplav here.
If exploring and shooting's your thing, then there's enough here to keep you happv 'til the cows come home" THE ONE The strangest things happen in fairy tales - but nothing so strange as the experiences you will encounter on your travels as Cornelius the Elf. Your magic ring can cast many spells, increasing in power as you tread deeper into the mystical lands of gooks and goblins.
Even the castle guards, low-life beings with the IQ of a cold-steel rivet, are on a get-smart campaign. They may seem a little backward to start with, but these rivet-headed, bover- bullies will soon become cantakerous, tricky-dickies if you let them. Many wierd, villainous creatures and devious puzzles test your game-play technique and your gnostic powers. You can even control some of the background game features, allowing you to get to where you think you should be. Numerous secret areas lie deep within the forest where vital clues can help you with your quest, but beware... YOUR OWN GHOST
Jtfj What delights will the second generation of CDTV software bring? Rik Haynes explores some of the options... Our first few months in the happy land of multimedia have been busy ones. Commodore is confident that CDTV is making history on the streets. No surprises here. But there are black clouds waiting to darken our bliss If you thought consumers were confused about buzz words such as ‘edutainment’, 'intertainment' and ‘neomedia’, just try talking to a few of the software developers who are supposed to be supplying this new age of interactive education and entertainment.
The stumbling block is a simple one. Creating a half- decent multimedia title with oodles of lush visions and noises costs in the region of £200,000 per project. The only way to recoup this huge investment is by releasing the same project on a variety of platforms.
Sounds reasonable, until the dreadful truth dawns on you. CDTV is the only 'media miracle machine’ actually available at your local dealer. Thus, many people still aren't willing to commit themselves to costly software development which break the boundaries.
Meanwhile, the companies willing to take a chance are readying the next phase in CDTV seduction. Some of the larger companies and a few mavericks are redefining the way we'll look at software in terms of both content and general asethetics. What will Santa be leaving in your stocking this Christmas, then?
It may be something of an overused cliche, but it’s the software that counts over any fancy box of electronics. The development community is only just beginning to understand multimedia and the first wave of CDTV software reflects this initial bewilderment. These people have learnt from their mistakes first time round and are experimenting with new concepts.
The more general applications such as encyclopaedias will start employing partial screen motion video software technology called CDXL capable of generating 1 3-screen images at about 12 frames WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? Ouch, the CDTV vs Coi war - subtitled two rival machines in a small market with big potential - is getting very nasty indeed. The current corporate conflict is over Photo CD, a new way to store your camera snapshots on compact disc and make photographic developers heaps of lovely cash.
Amongst claims, counterclaims and hurriedly prepared press releases it emerges that Philips. Kodak and Commodore aren't quite sure what sort of equipment you have to be packing it you want to read a Photo CD. Philips Interactive Media Systems has announced your multimedia machine must conform to CD-ROM XA or Cdi standards. And guess what? The current version ot CDTV does neither.
According to Philips, the only products developed that have Photo CD compatibility just happen to be the Philips Cdi players due to be introduced in Japan and the USA later this year. Not so, say the Commodore people. They reckon Kodak needs Photo CD to work on the maximum number ot CD-ROM platforms possible and CDTV should obviously be top of the list as this is the only system on sale today. These teuding firms have until October to stop their squabbling and get it sorted. That's when Kodak will tinalise the Photo CD standard and start furnishing high-street photo finishers with the
necessary hardware to turn your holiday pics into digital data.
SING FOR YOUR SUPPER n had to happen sooner or later. The Japanese singing craze is now available on a selection of Karaoke discs which threaten to make full use of the Compact Disc plus Graphics (CD+G) capabilities of your CDTV. Without effecting the digital sound quality, these CD+G titles allow the lyrics of a song to be displayed on the screen while the musical accompaniment plays merrily in the background. Are you ready to murder your favourite tune with a unique interpretation? Nat King Cole will probably turn in his grave when you plug the microphone into your hi-fi and start war
bling Some Enchanted Evening to your hearts content. This, unfortunately, is just the beginning. Arbiter is planning to release roughly 40 disks costing just under £40 a piece. These discs each hold around 18 tracks. A quick scan of the catalogue produces such gems as Incense & Peppermints, Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days ol Summer and Your Good Girls Gonna Go Bad, along with more mainstream Karaoke hits as Frosty The Snowman, Never Gonna Give You Up, Please Mr Postman, and, of course, Fame!
Per second. Whereas Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective (ICOM Simulations) uses Video-mation, a custom digitisation process that allows video to be displayed at 15 frames per second.
This murder mystery title based around Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous sleuth was produced in the same manner as a short feature film. A script writer was contracted to compose dialogue, 25 actors were cast for 50 speaking parts, more than 70 period costumes were designed and 25 Victorian-era sets built.
ICOM programmers then digitised the video and blended therruwith computergenerated graphics and hand-drawn illustrations. The dialogue audio was also digitised and synchronised with the video scenes. ‘With our technology, the player can take on the role in a movie and interact with real people,' claims creative director Ken Tarolla.
In addition to big- profile projects from ICOM Simulations and Psygnosis, there are many enhanced games on the horizon.
The emphasis is on user-friendliness and harnessing the better features found on the CDTV - high-quality sound, expansive storage space and a guarantee of one megabyte of RAM to play with.
Software like SimCity (Maxis lnfogrames) is really showing the way. The new version of this award-winning town planning game incorporates a complete set of scenarios from around the world, 25 minutes of music, and supports five European languages. Future CD-ROM games from Maxis will also include Hypertext-style windows filled with facts and trivia. Bet you can't wait for SimAnt!
Commodore claims there is a mad rush to get more titles released, but no- one is willing to divulge sensitive facts about the second generation of product.
'Although there's plenty of good stuff under development, we can't talk about specific titles until the publishers themselves are prepared to announce what they’re doing,’ confirms a Commodore spokesman.
We'll be taking a close look at the good, bad and ugly sides of the current crop of CDTV software next month.
Until then, enjoy yourself and always look both ways when crossing the road.
SINK THIS PUTT! Armchair golfers beware! The CDTV adaption of Jack kicklaus' Bolf promises a ‘virtual duplicate' of the Mulrfield Village Golf Club in North America.
Accolade unleashed a group of photographs onto the famous 18-hole course in order to capture over 8,D00 digitised images. ‘Photographs were taken from all angles,' describes producer Chris Bankston, ‘We tried to take into account that the ball can land or roll anywhere. People should actually feel like they're playing golf with Jack Nicklaus.'
LETTER of the month AVE!
I read your review of Cohort with considerable interest as I have thought seriously about whether to choose it over EA'S Centurion. My interest stems from my career as an archaeologist, working on Roman sites and artifacts tor the past twenty years or so (amongst many others) - so it’s a bit of a busman's holiday, but fun anyway!
I thought your readers might also like to know something about the packaging of Cohort which has a splendid illustration of a Roman Centurion on the front cover. The person shown is in fact Mr Chris Haines who belongs to 'The Ermine Street Guard'. The Guard have been researching the Roman Army for many years and are widely held to be the leading exponents on military tactics.
Anon, Hitchin, Herts.
Centurion and Cohort are very different games dealing with aspects of the empire in different ways. Overall, though, we think Centurion has the edge through presentation and ease of use.
14 AND OUT Congratulations on the great new look magazine. It’s really good to see you concentrating on the serious side of computing rather than just the games (though please don’t go totally technical and concentrate solely on the technical stuff - I still love games!). In addition, even though I only need a fairly low standard wordpro- cesser, I still want to get the-'- work up to a reasonable standard can you recommend a good one for beginners?
Disk 14 was great but how the hell do you play Gravity! I can see it’s something special, but you haven't even printed a key list or anything.
If you could just print a play- through guide I'd be grateful as you did call it a thinking man's shoot 'em up.
David Walker, Norwich.
It’s a little dear, but The Works! Is a good WP package. The playing guide was a little incomplete for which we apologise. The original manual was rather lengthy so we had to edit it down.
Unfortunately, we went too far and confused a lot of readers. Look out for a full playing guide next issue.
ALREADY THERE First of all, could you tell me what CU stands for? I think it’s cool the way your mag is getting involved in the technical side of things and I loved the 24-page supplement.
However, could you start reviewing PD utilities because it’s almost impossible to figure out which ones are the best just from the name alone?
Niall Murphy, Dublin.
CU has been published for over five years now, and we recently passed our hundredth Issue and are currently selling more than 100,000 copies a month.
The name actually stands for Commodore User which we were called when we covered the Vic 20 and the C64. Nowadays, the logo is more of an icon than anything else. As for PD utility reviews, Dan and Mat bring you two pages of 'em each month.
ONE FROM OZ Games in Australia cost $ 60 a time which is fairly exorbitant and therefore I rely on your magazine to provide reliable reviews on EVERY game, from the best to the worst.
I've noticed that you don’t do this and concentrate on a certain number each month. Is this because games companies sometimes refuse to have their games reviewed or is it for space reasons? If a company refuses to hand out review copies then obviously the game is poor and we should be told about them.
Mathew Kay, Australia.
Yes, sometimes companies do refuse to send out games to us before they appear in the shops. From our experience, this usually means the game’s a bit of a turkey and the company’s trying to sting the punter before the word gets out.
There's also only so many games we can realistically review each month - otherwise we'd have to increase the length of the working day! As a rule of thumb, only buy those games you see reviewed in CU - we only accept the best and so should you. If it isn’t here, it isn’t worth the money.
Could you please help me? I have a C64 and would like to upgrade it to an Amiga. What add-ons do I need to transform my machine into an Amiga?
B. Hayes, Chester.
Hahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahah - 'nuff said?
A SCOTSMAN WRITES... My name is Jim Bisset. My family are very poor so I have not got a computer like everyone else. Because you are very rich can you please give me an Amiga 500 and a telly?
Please say yes. If you say no, please tell me. If you give it to me, can I have some games as well?
Jim Bisset, Perth.
We usually ignore letters like this one, but Jim’s story really touched us and we had a bit of a whip round. Because we are paid such a lot of money for playing games all day, we managed to raise more than £3,000 with which we’ve bought you an Amiga 1500, a colour monitor, a modem, and a colour printer. We’ve also raided our massive library of games and selected the best 100 games ever published. All these goodies will shortly be on there way to you.
PS. Only kidding, Jim.
SEEDY-TV I get your fabulous magazine every month and of late you have had many exciting articles on the much awaited CDTV. I am very tempted to buy one of these machines.
However, I am unsure about a few points and was hoping you could put me straight. .
Could you please tell me if all disks are compatible with the CDTV and the soon to be released CD-ROM add on?
Will the CD-ROM add on be useable with 1 2 meg or what is the minimum memory required? As the CDTV does not come with a keyboard, what is going to happen to games that require typing? I occasionally do a bit of programming and as there is no keyboard, I am wondering how much this will affect me.
And last of all, I would like to compliment you on the new look CU Amiga. Keep up the good work.
This month’s reader's list is horn Kevin Weatherspoon, who hails from Bude.
1. Lemmings
3. Gods
4. Robocop II
5. Midnight Resistance WRITE TO CU, 30-32 FARRINGDON LANE,
D. Livingstone, Glasgow.
For more information read on... ST-EMULATION No ‘ST’ Emulator for the Amiga, huh? Try disk 506 from CLS, PO Box 7, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MK2 3YL. Tel: 0908 640763.
You are correct (as far as I know!) In stating that there's no software for an ST to emulate an Amiga - after all, you can’t put a quart into a halfpint pot!
D. G. Griffith, London AMIGA VS CD-TV Having bought a CDTV, I
read with great interest the article on it in the July issue.
I hope this becomes a regular feature. Here are my comments
for anyone interested.
The quality of the graphics are absolutely outstanding if the CDTV is connected to a TV via the aerial socket. With a disk drive connected and the CDTV booted from a floppy, the graphics are what you'd expect from the aerial socket. The sound of a standard music CD through a good stereo system is also superb - Commodore are using the latest CD system. I have even unearthed some CD & G CD’s: The Groovies - Flaming Groovies TECHY LETTER-WRITERS WANTED!
So far, this column has been used mainly lor sounding off about the state of the games industry, but we want to hear what you think of the hardware available. Not techy questions, though, they’re strictly for Q&A, but it you have any gripes, whines or even praises, then drop us a line at the usual Backchat address.
Fleetwood Mac - Behind the Mask Bonnie Raitt - Green Light (this is an import and not marked as a CD & G).
You may come across a CD by Anita Baker, called Rapture, marked as CD 8 G. It is NOT.
I connected the CDTV to my Amiga using a null- modern cable. Populous worked, but Battlechess wouldn't because I couldn’t enter the password codes as the system doesn’t have a keyboard. Loading from floppy, RVF Honda would not load, nor Chuck Rock. SWIV did and it’s just about playable with the remote controller. Of the six titles I have got, the packaging could be improved. Can I appeal to the software houses to put the disks in a caddy and then pack it in a box with decent instructions? It’s only because I’ve already bought the floppy versions that I know how to play it. I don’t regret
buying it at all, but we need a mouse, joystick and keyboard urgently before we can use the CDTV properly - AND a decent manual covering the computer side of it.
Also, if you get the chance to see the demo of Planetside which is on the Lemmings disk, I advise you to study it.
Look at the heat from the engines, the reflections on the nose cone, the smoothness ot the animation. If this is what is coming on the CDTV, then I just can’t wait. You won't get this on the A500. However, Planetside won’t load in if a floppy disk drive is connected.
With Cds there is no worry about having to make back ups, no swapping of disks, no worry about the data corrupting over a length of time.
CD’s can be damaged, though, despite what people may say. The main problem is scratching it, so be careful.
I. McMahon, Co. Antrim EGO BOOST As a relatively new reader of CU
Amiga and someone who doesn’t put pen to paper very often.
I've just had to go out ot my way to write and say how
brilliant your mag is. The presentation and contents are
excellent, no punches are pulled in the games and hardware
reviews, and credit is given where it is deserved. In this
world of pre-release hype, your reviews can save us a fortune.
The magazine is crammed lull of interesting tackle. For my
money, best of all are the tutorials; the inspiration from
these could spur us on to bigger things!
K. Rosenthal, Lancs.
WRITE ON I think your mag has become the best on the market since you changed it. The disks are also superb. All you need now is a hot poster every month. I recently heard that Cinemaware (the best game creators ever created) have gone bust. Is this just a rumour or have they really disappeared? Could you tell me what has happened to the group and if their games will ever be brought onto the market. Could you also tell me why Blackadder has not been licensed yet? Also will the Sony invention of writable Cds have any affect on CDTV?
S. Stretton, Holland The CD-TV isn’t capable of writing to Sony’s
optical disks. Even though Sony's disk have been available for
military and industrial use for three years now, there is no
sign of it becoming a commercial computer product. As for
Blackadder, we’ll have to wait and see. Check Buzz for more
info on Cinemaware.
.IcCLF-’EY " Whether you want to earn a little extra pocket money, or make a full-time living, there are dozens of ways that you can make your Amiga earn its keep. You don't have to possess thousands of pounds worth of equipment to make money, as there are many ideas that will only need a computer and a printer.
Many of the best ideas, which have been tried and tested for years, require little more than confidence and determination to become a success. Let's take a look at some of the ideas in detail... Your Amiga is a potential goldmine, offering an almost infinite variety of different ways to make money. Mat Broomfield reveals a few ways of boosting your income.
.¦e TYPING SERVICES This is probably the simplest and best proved of the ideas. There are already hundreds of people out there making a very successful living from this service.
All you need is a computer, a word processing package and a printer.
Obviously, the most important part of this service is the quality of the printed output, so the better the printer, the better the service you can offer. There are thousands of small businesses all over the country who are in need of people to produce professional-looking letters, etc. For the most part, all you will need to do is type and print their letters (perhaps on their own headed paper). It will take you a while to customise your page layouts to their specific requirements, but once that’s done you'll find that future work becomes much faster. A telephone is a definite asset as
it allows your clients to contact you at short notice.
You may find, however, that clients prefer to meet you on a particular day of each week or month to give you the work.
HINTS When canvassing for business, you will find it useful to prepare a portfolio of different styles of letter. An invoicing letter, a general purpose letter of introduction, an advertising letter, and product information letters are all frequently used. Try laying them out in different ways, on varying sizes of paper.
Invoicing letters don’t require such high quality paper or print quality as a letter of introduction, for example. The idea is to demonstrate that you are aware of the many requirements your clients may have, and are capable of fulfilling those requirements. When trying to find potential clients, business parks and government subsidised units offer you the most likely source of clients. To find out if there are any in your area, phone the local jobcentre or Enterprise Allowance Schemes. You will find that every area has these.
REQUIREMENTS Computer, Printer, Word Processor, Stationery, Telephone (optional).
Services’ pubushino Whilst many companies may have typewriters and computers, relatively few of them will own Desk Top Publishing (DTP) software. Traditionally, all work of that nature would be contracted out to a professional bureau, but there’s no reason why you couldn't approach these companies and offer your own rival service. Using a package such as Professional Page 2 or Pagesefter 2, you could quite easily produce pages that are suitable for internal newsletters, etc. If you have access to a professional bureau, then the sky’s the limit because these places can take your Amiga
disks and produce magazine-quality output.
So why should a company want to use a DTP service in the first place, when they can type stuff for free? If you want to make people read lots of boring-looking text, you have to make it look interesting.
A DTP package can make it really sparkle, adding a touch of glamour to every document. As with most ideas described here, the first thing you ought to do is produce some samples. You can either try to get hold of a variety of documents from different companies to make your samples sound authentic, or you can make up your own documents from scratch.
Whichever method you choose, unless you are already experienced at preparing page layouts, it's a good idea to take a careful look at the pages of any publications that particularly appeal to you. How many columns do they use per page? How wide are the margins? How wide are the spaces between columns?
And how much white space is there on each page? How do they incorporate graphics into their images? What sort of font styles do they use for headings and body text? As you can see, there are a lot of questions to be answered. Most of the problems will be fairly easy to solve, but the hardest thing to produce is a page which is aesthetically pleasing to everybody. Practice using different layouts and fonts styles. The type of letters that you use for titles can totally change the impact of a page.
When you actually manage to get some work from a client, how are you going to print the pages? If they want ten copies of a two-page document you could probably do it on your own printer, but what if they want a hundred copies of a ten page document, or a thousand?
It would take you forever to print them.
So you have to allow for duplication pMfTTn T I'M* ¦ costs at a local printers when giving your quotations. As you have not had to pay for layout costs, there is still a small margin for you to make a profit, especially on multi-page documents. Another thing for you to consider, is whether or not you are going to be able to include graphics in your documents. Simple things like graphs and charts can probably be drawn by hand, but photographs will can prol HINTS II printer, may like printing There a a permt pictures can cos REQUIR Digitise origin; servic If you doing this o Most origin name
alsot famih of at Tc place offeri famit HINTS A sample will have much more impact if it already includes a logo or herald belonging to the company you’re canvassing for work. If you feel that the potential rewards are worth it, you might like to get a copy of your intended customer’s design in advance. Headed notepaper is a good place to find this, so, if all else fails, you can always drop them a line. Awards and certificates don’t have to be printed on top-quality card, and most decent stationers should be able to sell you good quality heavy weight textured paper by the pound. This has the
advantage that you can buy it in a variety of colours, and you only need cates, some _ to spend a little money each time you buy supplies. If you want to set up a while-you-wait service, or do not have the artistic skills or patience to design your own awards, Award Maker is an excellent package made by Baudville and available for £39.95 from HBM (0753 68600).
This package offers you over two hundred ready-made awards and certificates, complete with a selection of typefaces and room to insert your own text.
Meat mem arev prosi rese: befo of be mors bool1 ask' mea aldq R data ning peo| cific proc grap coul ther deS' narr the sep you you
• pftotogropfty Jhwirif si- REQUIREMENTS Computer, Printer, Art
Package (optional), Award Maker (optional), Stationery.
SCANNING AND DIGITISING SERVICE There are thousands of people out there CERTIFICATES FOR SCHOOLS AND CLUBS Schools and local clubs often have regular events at which awards are given.
Generally, they give out the same tired old certificates year after year because it’s too expensive to commission new designs by a professional printer or artist. However, with a simple tool like Deluxe Paint, you are in a position to offer your own unique designs at fairly short notice. They can then take your designs to a professional printer to have them printed, or you can offer a printing service yourself.
Initially, you ought to design a portfolio of certifi- with graphics, some without. Include a selection that feature genuine or fictitious logos and crests at the top of them. Certificates that you may like to consider are First Place, Certificate of Promotion, Cup Winners, Best Student, Congratulations and Certificate of Competence. You may also like to include a few humorous ones, Worst-Dressed Teacher, Most Eccentric Employee, and so on.
You’ll find that you get far more detail HINTS When you have created a reasonable selection of samples, phone a couple of local printers and ask how much they charge for page layouts in various quantities. This will give you a good idea of what price your potential clients are paying already. Until you've established a reputation, you will want to make your prices substantially lower than the figure that they are already paying.
On high QUICK need to be scanned. Colour photographs are probably going to cost you too much to include, even assuming you have a colour printer capable of reproducing them.
REQUIREMENTS Computer, Printer, DTP package, Art Package (optional) Scanner (optional).
Fashionably Tote your service to any type of club. How about a Best Achiever award for women’s groups, or a Biggest Antlers award for the Freemasons?!
Once you have a list of potential customers, you will have to decide how to approach them. Do you want to send them a portfolio of your work, or would a personal visit work better? If you’re going to send them a portfolio of your work, it will have to immediately grab their attention, and therefore quality should be very high. You’ll also have to take into account postage and stationery costs. However, if you work by post you can cover a much wider area than if you visit each client on foot or by car. If you visit the potential clients personally, though, you will have a far better oppor
tunity to explain exactly what the service is that you're offering, and you may be able to strike up a rapport with them that will get you business where a postal advert for your work might not have achieved.
If you work in hi-res with Dpaint, but once your selection of samples is prepared, you will have to make sure that people know about your service. If you go to your local library, they should have a list of all clubs, schools and churches in the area. Sports clubs are always a good starting point, but you could offer who need items scanned or digitised.
Some of them are trying to put together magazines, newsletters, reports, etc. Others simply need real objects converted into a computerised format that they can edit. Whatever their requirements, if you are lucky enough to own either a scanner or digitiser, you could be in business.
The first thing that you’ll need to do is target your audience. If you’re offering a basic digitising service for home users, you’ll probably want to keep your prices fairly low, but rely on mass orders to make your money. If you are offering a professional service to local businesses (perhaps as part of a DTP service), you can probably charge more.
HINTS If you have access to a colour printer, such as the Xerox 4020, you may like to consider offering a digitising, printing, and picture-framing sen ice.
There are many people who would love a permanent record of their work, and pictures mounted on card and framed can cost less than 23.00 to produce.
REQUIREMENTS Computer Scanner or Digitiser, Printer (optional) AND GENEALOGY One of the most fundamental human interests is a desire to find out where we ' came from.
Most people know their family history as far back as their grandparents, and maybe a couple of generations beyond that, but very few people know about the origins of their family. Yet again, it is a service that people are willing to pay for.
If you enjoy reading, and don’t mind doing some hefty research and typing, this could be the ideal business for you.
Most libraries will contain books on the origins of both first names and surnames. If you are determined, you will also be able to find books that show family crests, and describe the heraldry of a given family name.
To start your business, you could place a small advert in the local paper offering to send people a history of their family name, and a description of the meaning of the first names of three members of the household. First names are very easy to research because prospective parents often want to research the names of ttjgir children before choosing them, and there are Tots of books available. Surnames are a little more tricky, but most libraries will order books for you by subject heading. Just ask for anything about the origins and meanings of surnames. Books on heraldry are rarer still,
but can be ordered.
Rather than create a massive database of names right at the beginning, you only need to add names as people actually ask for details on a specific one. You might like to use a word processor that allows you to include graphics. At the top of the page you could print the family crest or herald (if there is one). Below that you can describe the meaning and history of the name, perhaps including a section on the original pronunciation if known. On a separate page you can print whatever you know about people’s first names. If you use good quality paper, you could also offer a service whereby
you provide framed family crests, etc. HINTS A hand scanner or digitiser will save you hours of work drawing family crests. A two-minute scan will provide a quick grey scale image that you can then colour by hand using your favourite art package.
REQUIREMENTS Computer, Printer, Art Package, Scanner (optional), research material.
Programming You may think that your programming skills leave a lot to be desired, but there are hundreds of applications for programmers who only have a rudimentary knowledge of programming. A massive number of applications simply require programs that handle numbers or strings, and which have no graphical elements at all. Programs to work out statistics are a classic example. When national elections are shown on TV, their computer constantly has available a ready stream of statistics. Most of these statistics are gained by using simple maths (addition, division, etc) but on a very large
scale. Many newspaper astrologers use computers to assist them in their work. Some use custom- made programs to help them make their predictions, whilst others simply keep their forecasts on computer. Think about the requirements your local businessmen may have. Perhaps a local shop needs to keep accurate records of what products are selling, or a video shop needs some sort of control program to keep track of what films are being rented? You may find that your limited skills can provide them with exactly the sort of program that they’re looking for.
Perhaps you can come to some sort of arrangement whereby you provide them with the hardware to go with the program. Once you start selling complete systems, your profit margins can get even higher.
HINTS If you sell a program to anyone, try to include a maintenance contract in the arrangement.
This means that you charge an additional fee in return for limited upgrades and changes for the period of the contract. If you manage to sell a complete system, complete with computers etc, arrange the deal so that you are being paid a procurement fee for finding the equipment, rather than them buying the equipment from you. This means that the original retailer retains responsibility for repairs etc. REQUIREMENTS A computer, a programming language, imagination.
IF ALL ELSE FAILS If having looked at all of these moneymaking ideas, you still can’t seem to get started, there's one option that has been used to make money legally for thousands of years... Gambling! On the Amiga, there are now numerous pools prediction programs to help you work out the best crosses to put on your coupons.
They all work by analysing past performance between teams, and calculating the likely results of any confrontation.
Horse Racing programs such as CDS’ Turlorm attempt to do the same. There have been many claims about the success of such programs, but whilst some have achieved limited success, they take so much work to operate, it's probably easier to start your own business!
These are just a few of the numerous ideas for turning your hobby into a profitable full or part-time occupation. There are absolutely dozens of equally viable ideas just waiting for you to try them. No matter what skills or interests you have, there is a way to make money from them somehow. Do you like stamp collecting?
You could always offer people a disk- based database of British or foreign stamps and their values. If you’re an electronics expert, why not create little electronics projects and write short leaflets describing them for other buffs.
Someone out there is sure to be interested.
The important thing to remember is that virtually nothing comes handed to you on a plate. It's likely to take a lot of hard work before you are successful, but don't be discouraged by people who say 'You can't do that’. Provided it’s legal and you have the determination, you CAN do that... if you really want tol CR1AJ Whether you call it a brand, a logo, or a trademark, a small graphic symbol is often the main way that people recognise a company’s identity. Peter Lee shows you how to create your own.... Whatever their size, logos and trademarks are big business - for the people who design them
and the organisations which use them.
Ifs not what the symbols or name-styles actually show that matters, ifs what they represent, and the fact that you can instantly associate them with a particular company. McDonalds, Coke, Shell, Apple Computers are just a few of the companies whose logos give them an instantly recognisable identity anywhere in the world. You too could earn some cash - and produce artwork on your Amiga which someone could pay you for.
Logos can really be anything - from complex graphics to simple text in a particular style, and luckily the Amiga can handle both. But if you think your 9-pin printer's output is shabby, or the pictures you’ve taken from the actual screen are out of focus, don't give up hope. If the idea is sound, use it as a springboard - the potential is in your skill and the Amiga's capabilities.
F as mcri | FARM ...... Think about the sort of person who might be interested in your work. Take a look around your town, at the kind of businesses there are.
Concentrate on the smaller operations, or possibly newer arrivals, ie ones with a reputation to build, competition to pummel and no chance yet to choose a trade design from the local printer’s 19th century manual of quirky wood cuts.
When appraoching businesses, don't harp-on about how great your computer is and how it will work to promote a business. Leave that until after you have some concrete work to show off. Then you can start negotiating. Of course, you could try the 'foot in door’ approach if you feel confident, but people will take you far more seriously if you flatter their egos by doing something beforehand.
Be like the sea-front photographer; he snaps anything that moves, and makes a living out of the holidaymakers who later see the picture in a booth and buy it.
Having selected a potential client, the hard work begins - creating something eye-catching, and useful. It has to be used on things like displays, letterheads, business cards and so on; it has to be Logo ware a grabbed image, but be warned, you cannot use anyone’s face (or property for that matter) for promotional purposes without their consent!
OUTPUT There are a number of ways of transferring your message across from the Amiga, given that most of your prospective customers won't know an Amiga from a microwave oven. I favour two: the ordinary still picture taken from the monitor display, or in the case of an animated logo, a transfer to videotape.
For good results, the inexpensive MiniGen is recommended, which worked really well for me until I fried it to death in the serial port (not recommended), and the SuperGen, which I unique to his or her shop, and visible in a High Street full of competitors.. The simplest logos to do are manipulations of the shop name. The Amiga can score here because of the vast number of fonts which are available. One idea for a name-style can lead to a dozen or so similar creations, all using different fonts. If you have access to any clip-art (lots of which is available now, for use in DTP
applications) then by all means incorporate it together with the text. Or create your own - there are not many clip-art drawings available to specialist stores, for instance.
Whether you intend using an art package such as Deluxe Paint or a DTP program, both of which are ideal for our purposes, actual digitised pictures can be brought in and used to good effect.
The images have to be relevant, so anyone with access to a video digitiser will be able to select pertinent images. My example logo for Princess Coaches uses ON THE DISK To help create your own logos, we've added a 48 point stylish r poster font to the goodies on this month's cover disk, number sixteen . The font, called Basel, can be used with any art package, but Dpaint II users should read the info on the disk to learn how to use it with their version.
Use now. The benefit of an actual colour photograph is that copying bureaux now exist which will enlarge a photograph to A3 size in full colour, or even laminate it.
These make great and robust store signs if you clinch a deal. Slides are not so successfully enlarged, and in any event are harder to present to prospective clients. But if you do use slides, buy a portable slide viewer.... ON SCREEN TECHNIQUES People aren't as Impressed as they should be by computer images. They see only the best on TV and in magazines each day, and then believe that they must be a piece of cake to do if they are so commonplace. What does seem to go down well are surface textures: If you can create the Illusion of a name and logo cast in gold or carved in marble, you are
on solid ground. You are selling an illusion, and the more realistic, the better.
STONEWORK: For ordinary granite, a fine-brush mixture of a range of greys can be used. Spray-paint the required area with colour cycling on, and once the area has been covered, select Dpaint's smoothing option. With the smallest round brush, meld all the colours together, streaking in various directions. You should end up with a blurry mixture of dark and light greys. To make the text or logo appear as if it has been carved from stone, switch to the spare screen (press j on the keyboard), and select the size of font you want (choose anything over 30 points).Type your text in any colour.
Flip back to the first screen (press j) and copy the stone image into a brush, leaving the original there. Press j again to return to your text, and call up the stencil option.
Make your text colour the only colour NOT protected. When you OK the stencil requester, you will find the stone brush showing through the letters; stamp this down so that all the letters are filled with the stone texture. Free the stencil, pick up the letters as a brush and move back to your original screen.
Your text will now blend into the stonework as it has ANIMATIONS mated logos lor transler to videotape is very rewarding, though much harder to - break into. However, anyone who has , seen some of the standards set by peo- pie who videotape weddings will that they could do with some sophisti- cated Amiga help. If M If you do make any samples to send w T to your chosen targets, be sure to incorporate some wording on the display at all times - something like TEST or SAMPLE so that your work cannot be ripped off and not paid for. If the client likes it, and a deal struck, the wording can simply
be left off the finished animation.
Il exactly the same colour and texture.
IaSA-ti rout own To give the impression ot a highlight or raised lettering a drop shadow needs to be added. Select black as the background colour, position your text brush and click the right mouse but ton once.
Now move the brush and you'll see a shadow underneath. Choose a light grey or white as your background colour and do exactly the same, but move the brush a few pixels to the right, and up.
Click the right button, and a highlight has been created.Position the brush so that it has shadows along the lower edge.
The effect of a light source will be Top left: A very simple logo, where the setting sun conveys the image of romantic, faraway places.
Mid left: Precious metal with flared stone adding style to simple text.
Top right: Just your basic corporate logo.
e st ) SCREEN SHOTTING Taking pictures from your display screen is not too hard, though you will need to use an SLR camera to get a decent-sized sharp photograph. I prefer snapping away in the dark to avoid reflections on the screen, and at the design stage, I try to get the image away from the edges of the monitor, where the glass is curved. Use a tripod, or rest the camera on a sturdy surface to avoid camera shake, and don’t use a last lilm fast shutter speed combination otherwise you may get scan lines. Take a couple ot shots ot each screen, moving the aperture up and down a half
stop, and hopefully one will be bang on.
Deeper shadows and different coloured highlights.
GOLD: This is very effective, easy to do. Create a range of 16 colours as your metallic base. Make the first colour light yellow and colour Eight dark brown gold; now create a spread from the first to eighth colour. Copy the first colour to slot 16, and make a spread from there back to colour eight, the brownish one. You will now have a range of colours which goes from light to dark then back to light again. Using this range to fill text characters will create the illusion that they are gold. Using whites to grey in a similar way is a good way of mimicking silver.
To make the effect more realistic, smooth the letters so that the colours blend together.
Backgrounds and borders can also be made to resemble metals.
FAMOUS LOGOS Brand names and logos A lew household names - and how they came into being.
VELCRO - this clever fastening material was invented in Switzerland by M. de Mestral, who chose the name from the words velours crochet (meaning hooked velvet).
SPAR - this international grocery chain owes its name, and tree symbol, to the lad that Holland was the home ot the first group trading association, and the tir tree (adopted as the symbol) is called Spar in Holland (and it didn't hurt that the Dutch word for savings is sparen).
ST. IVEL - the name lor cheese products owes its existence to an advertising gimmick. The saint' was invented as part of an elaborate story by a West country cheesemaker, about monks in Somerset making tine foods to old recipes.
BIBENDUM - otherwise known as the Michelin Man. This inflated logo came about in the late 1890s alter the Michelin brothers (Edouard and Andre) saw a beer advert showing a bloated man raising a glass. The text read Nunc est bibendum - Now is the time to drink'. An artist amended the drawing to show the familiar tyre-shaped man we know today, and replaced the beer stein with a tin lull of nails and glass.
The words were considered appropriate to the firm's motto tyres swallow obstacles'.
LEGO - the lirm which makes the lamous children’s toy got its name Irom inventor Ole Kirk Christiansen, who turned to making robust toys after being made redundant in the 1930s. The word was created by the joining ot the Danish words leg and godt - play well. Lego bricks first got under foot in the 50s.
HMV - His Master's Voice owes its name to a painting, by Francis Barraud, which showed his dog Nipper listening to a gramophone. The Gramophone Company liked it so much, they bought it and adopted it as their trademark.
ADIDAS - the tamous sportswear name and logo comes Irom Germany.
The name incorporates the nickname ot businessman Adolf Dassler (Adi) and the first part ot his surname.
- AMIGA Very famous logos indeed!
Improved by several revisions.
Farm, Abbotts Ripton, Huntingdon. Cambs. PE17 3PU Order
Hotline: 0487 3343 Fax: 0487 3525 ACCOUNTS Arena
Accounls .... Home
Accounts .... Personal Accounts
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Data .. Superbase personnel
2 Superbase Prolessional 4 £ 35.99 £ 29.99 £299.99
EDUCATIONAL Fun School 2 Under 6 Fun School 2
6-8 ... Fun School 2 Over 8 .... Fun
School 3 Under 5 Fun School 3
5-7 ... Fun School 3 Over 7 ..
French Mistress .... German
Master £ 13.99 £ 13.99 £ 13.99 £ 16.99 £
16.99 £ 16.99 £ 13.99 £ 13.99 Italian
Tutor .... Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing
Spanish Tutor . Spell Book
4-9 Things To Do with Numbers .. ..
Things To Do with Words £ 13.99 £ 19.99 £ 13.99 £ 14.99 £ 14.99
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Deluxe Photo-Lab .. Deluxe Print
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34.99 £ 59.99 Digimate 3 ...... £ 25.99
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V2 .£ 99.99 Kindword
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Stream ...£ 99.99 Pen
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Page V2 £179.99 Protext
5.0 ......£109.99 Prow write
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Scribble ...£ 42.99 MUSIC SOUND
Transwrite £ 59.99
Wordsworth ....£109.99
AMOS ...£ 79.99 Audio master
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Prot ...£154.99 Deluxe Music Cons Set £ 49.99
MasterSound ..£ 32.99 Music
X £ 89.99
UTILITIES PERIPHERALS ¦A Meg Upgrade with clock £ 34.99 ' Meg
Upgrade without
3. 5* DSODllO) ...... clock... £ 29.99 £ 9.99 HOW TO ORDER
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card noWer and expiry date ORDER BY POSI Cheques or Postal
Orders payable to XONNECT INTERNATIONAL’ Please serx) name and
address and OAYTIME telephone number along with your order
FREE POSTAL DELIVERY (£ 10verseas! Please allow up to 28 days delivery
* Product Not Yet Released! All prices include VAT all goods
subject to availability _Prices subject to change without
notice E&OE.
Amiga 500 Dust Cover £ 3.99 Disk Cleaning Kit ....£ 2.99 Mouse Mat ......£ 4.99 Naksha Mouse £ 21.99 Dev Pac 2 .£ 44.99 Digiview4 .£119.99 Hi-Soft Basic ...£ 59.99 Lattice CV5 .....£169.99 VidiAmiga 6 Vidichrome £109.99 Vidi Chrome .....£ 16.99 Vidi RGB Splitter ... £ 64.99 X Copy Professional £ 34.99 Comp Pro Black .
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12. 99 Comp Pro Extra Clear . Comp Pro Combat extra... Comp
Pro Star Extra . Quickshot Python
Ouickshot Flight Grip Quickshot Maverick ...
Ouickstar Apache ...... Ouickjoy Top Star
Quickjoy Jetfighter ... STRATEGY SIMULATIONS At 0 Tank
Killer £ 22.99 Ft 9
Stealth .....£ 19.99 F29
Retaliator .£ 16.99 £ 22.99 £ 23.99 £
19.99 £ 19.99 £ 19.99 FtS Strike Eagle 2..... Flight
Simulator 2 .... M1 Tank Platoon...... Mig
29 ..... Sim Earth Team
Yankee ...£ 19.99
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3 magnificent CDTV. Are you ready for the technology of the
future? All you have to do is spot the ten differences
between the two screenshots of Magic Pockets the fabu the
screenshot which has been changed and cut out the picture.
The ouiv pSr .PUM,eo °Ut 01 ,he ba® 9ets ,he 900dies- '*’* so
ridicu- y eas? '*s untrue! Send your replies pronto to: MAGIC
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Road London EC1 3AU THE ALL-IMPORTANT RULES... Not open to
employees of EMAP Images or any company involved in the
production and distribution of CU Amiga or Renegade. Produc
magic pockets After almost a year in development Magic
Pockets is weeks away Irom completion. Sean Griffiths, the
programmer and designer for the game is busy putting the
final touches to the masteriece. Such tweakings to take place
include speeding up the pace, so that nasties will move much
will be reconstructed by musician Richard Joseph. There will
be a different mix for each of the four levels in the game,
so plenty of high qi extremely entertainment is in store.
ImpToving tl d fficul oHhTga eplav aame'A PS! °r 'n6,0L"l0VelS in ,h€ 2 Pte,S already has ex,remelv entertakimpn?lc S9HqUali,y muSical good-looking graphics, as one would expect from Mark Coleman, who also designed Xenon II. The ’ polishing and refining of ever more intricate backdrops and scenery additions should make this game a perfectionist's dream.
Perhaps one of the greatest attractions the game holds is that the music will feature a remixed version of Betty Boo's Doin' the Do. The 24-track master was obtained from Rhythm King and FA CDTV!
A HERE'S THE ORIGINAL NOWk I SPOT THE " DIFFERENCE cut this out and send your entry to the address on the opposite page
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• AV3Alisa V 1VA aaniDNI SBDIHd 77V TURTLES II They’re lean,
they’re green, and they’re back on the screen. Those awesome
Turtles are set for another bash at breaking into the world of
binary violence, and Steve ‘Sewer Far So Good’ Merrett was
there to watch.
IN DEVELOPMENT ler ate as the Hl us me liai me an
- -1 Put quite simply.
The Ninja (or Hero) Turtles.are big busi-_ ness. With licenced product ranging from figurines, wallpaper, and flasks to boxer shorts (Shredder Shreddies, anyone?), those lean and green amphibians have had their faces plastered nearly everywhere over the last year.
Unfortunately, though, their first foray into the world of computer games resulted in the - , „ normally invinci- * 1 ble heroes befalling the same fate as the likes of Judge Dredd and Captain America
- i.e. the game was pretty uncool.
At the time of release, a Turtles coin-op, featuring all the cartoon’s many oddball characters, was taking off in a major way in the A PIZZA THE ACTION However, with the film's sequel in development, Mirrorsoft announced a second Turtles game which, as expected, would be a conversion of the aforementioned Konami coin-op. Veteran development team, Probe, were signed for the conversion, reuiniting a number of the Viz team reunited for the coding and graphics honours.
With Martin Bysh handling the main bulk of the coding using his PC and Realtime’s ever-useful Snasm, the rest of the team is made up of Jeroen Tell and ex-System 3 bod, Hugh Riley, who are handling the sound and graphics country’s arcades, the platform-based Amiga game just couldn't compete - although this didn't stop it becoming the biggest-selling computer game ever.
SHELL SHOCKED respectively. In addition, the project's overall smooth running is being overseen by Joe Bonar. "Martin was chosen for the coding duties after the success of Vi.z”, says Joe. "The Turtles coin-op is very reliant on scrolling, and the basic premise isn't that different from Viz, leaving Martin with more time to add the coin-op's many neat touches.” Turtles II has been in development for seven months and has had each of its ten levels recreated by hand. Whereas coin-op manufacturers often aid a conversion's development by supplying details of its sprites and backdrops, Konami
were extremely reticent in their help, leaving Joe to play it right through and take shots of every item within the game and recording every effect before handing them to Hugh and Jeroen.
“Actually", Joe continues, “by the time Konami’s odds and sods arrived, we already had the graphics pretty much completed!” This threw up another prob- SOUNDING OFF Turtles Its sound is in the hands of Probe’s long-time musician, Jeroen Tell who was originally one ol The Maniacs 01 Noise team who produced a series ol tunes lor Hewson. Using a Yamaha SY77, each ol the game's tunes and effects have been created from scratch. “It's incredible", says Joe, "he just listens to a tune and can break it down into its sub-parts • all by ear!" In ail, GOK has been allocated for the game's music and
effects, and each level sports an incredible 70+ sounds, including a few speech samples. Any effect that couldn't be copied, was sampled and ported over to the Amiga using Noiselracker, and the result is an exact copy olthe game’s many effects.
Lem, as on seeing the size of the recreated sprites, Martin was in some doubt as to whether he would be able to use them. Luckily, it all went to plan and Hugh's sprites and maps were inserted using a specially-written home-grown map editor. “Hugh's graphics are brilliant", enthuses Joe. “He’ll sit at his machine with one of the screenshots and simply select the nearest colour from the Amiga's palette. Once he's selected the colours, he’ll put a picture together out ol them!" Even so, the process is still a long one, and it took Hugh several weeks to redraw every sprite and animation by
Mises have had to be made in porting the game over to the Amiga, and the coin-op's massive number of animation frames has had to be greatly reduced.
The coin-op’s sprites featured seventy frames per character which Joe claims was “a bit excessive", and these have been reduced to roughly thirty. “There’s no great loss in the action, though", he affirms, “and everything that was in the original coin-op - when a Turtle hits a wall or is regressed to a baby, for instance, has been included." This has been achieved by splitting Hugh’s sprites into their component parts of arms and legs and the memory this saves is the key to getting it all in. In addition, the Amiga version won’t have four players at once like its arcade parent, but a two-
player mode has been incorporated letting the players can select any one ol the amphibious quartet. Despite the few changes, though, Probe are confident that their conversion is the closest you are likely to get. You can find out for yourselves when it is released in November, coinciding with the second film’s release.
The sprites are broken down into their component forms and pieced together when a key sequence is needed. This makes animation considerably easier, and overlaying the assorted limbs and weapons on to a lighting Turtle saves valuable memory.
THEY DESTROYED EVERYTHING HE HAD ALL THAT HE LOVED EVERYTHING THAT HE WAS NOW CRIME HAS A NEW ENEMY AND JUSTICE HAS A BRAND NEW FACE FROM TM&© 1990 UNIVERSAL CITY STUDIOS, INC, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, LICENSED BY MERCHANDISING CORPORATION OF AMERICA, INC OCEAN SOFTWARE LIMITED . 6 CENTRAL STREET . MANCHESTER M2 5NS . TEL: 061 832 6633 . FAX: 061 834 0650 No less than nine years ago, when 'attic programmers' were at their height and hundreds of game-producing companies sprung up over night (only to disappear the following week), the oddly- named Orlando M. Pilchard stunned the BBC-owning world
with an odd platform affair called Frak! Starring a cutesy caveman called Trogg, Frak! Portrayed the little Neanderthal's exploits as he leapt from screen to screen armed with his trusty yo-yo.
The game, duplicated by Orlando from his front room, was probably the best platform game ever to grace Acorn’s machine, and is still rated as a classic today. More importantly, it is now set to make its Amiga debut... ¦,'BVIH'HI.I The possibility of a 16-bit Frak! Had been on the cards for ages, but didn’t get any further until an old friend of Pilchard’s, Justin Garvonovic, had the same idea. ‘Frak! Is a game that nearly everyone remembers.” says Justin. 'The response we’ve had to what we've done is really positive, and when I put it on people are having fits of nostalgia.’ Even more sur
prising is that the screens displayed here are the result of a mere ten days’ worth of work. ‘Although we've got the main code running,’ states Justin, 'what we've got is simply the BBC level data ported over to the Amiga; the rest is waiting for Nick to start work on the new levels and the level designer.' The work is pretty much geared towards Justin; he is handling the coding duties, whilst Nick is busy drawing out these additional levels. The original version Nick Pelling, creator of Frak! And duplicator of hundreds of BBC Micro cassettes and r f I disks when «- lhe game look , and
the ex- Obilus coder, Justin jT Garvonovic.
The name Frak! Came in one of two ways,’ Nick explains. ’First of all, it means ‘dinner jacket’ in Italian or something. Secondly, a dubious friend of mine went round for days saying nothing but Frik, Frak, Frok. And it kind of stuck.’ Nutt said.
Frakr s many adversaries range from white monkeys (based on Nick’s sister) to massive Honey Monster-style creatures. And they all return In the revamped game.
Was made up of three worlds, each of which were three screens wide; but for the Amiga version there will be four 'worlds’, which in turn are split into five levels of four screens each. 'We quite liked what Paul Shirley did with Spindizzy Worlds,' Nick adds, ‘and we were keen to have the original BBC Micro levels, AND a whole host of intricate new screens'.
With work on the level designer underway, the guys are pitching for an October release. ‘Funnily enough,’ says Nick, 'there isn't that much to do. Putting the levels together is priority, and the Trogg sprite needs to be beefed up a little. But apart from that it's fairly plain sailing.' Interest in the game has already been shown by industry stalwarts Virgin and Audiogenic, and we’ll bring you a further update when something concrete is hatched.
Wearing his rose-coloured specs, Steve ‘Those Were The Days’ Merrett takes a look at a surprise update of a very, very old favourite... lN3Wd013A3a N I PELLING MISTAKE...' One of the ‘old school' of programmers, Orlando - or just plain old Nick Pelling as he is now known - originally wrote games for Acornsoft, including Zalaga and Arcadians. On to more important matters, though, why the name Orlando?
'Well, I’m not called that any more. Programmers used to get a lot of ‘gosh wow' press, and I wanted a little anonymity.
This bloke I met knew my surname began with a P, so I told him it stood for Pilchard, and the rest sort of followed on!'
Actually, Nick's mates are an odd bunch, and during the development of BBC Frak! One even went as far as performing the 'Frak Walk’ which involved stooping down low and flicking his legs out occasionally whilst Nick sketched him frame by frame. 'The only problem was that he couldn't get out of the habit and walked like it for weeks,' Nick laughs.
Sweet-home Chicago it may be, but Mark ‘Howlin dog’ Patterson got lost at the Crossroads and ended up with Entertainment International’s very own Blues Brothers IN DEVELOPMENT Penitentiary. Surprisingly, game isn't tied into the fill lows the Brothers' attempt the stage following their reli prison. Unfortunately, not wants to hear them play.
Before they can take the their come-back show they n There was a lot scepticism as to how a cult movie based on blues rock could possibly be transferred to home computers. The result is a multi- directional-scrolling platform game that features both Jake and Elwood Blues, plenty of records and bad guys, and i fair smattering of Blues Brothers hits.
The movie closed with the Blues Brothers and their band playing out Jail House Rock in the Calumet County lect a number of items from a series of platform-laden and alien-filled screens.
Level one is the department store where Jake and Elwood have to ‘liberate’ some instruments. Hazards here range from ic gardeners armed with rakes to old tes riding out of control on trolleys.
Hardware sprites are used for the main characters as well as all the nasties, and this means that precious chip memory can be dedicated to the game and sound ut being clogged up with
68. , 'Is include a warehouse, a slippery toilets), sewers, the
concert hall. Each level con- bject essential to completing
Federal Bureau of Rock 'n' icence has to be obtained, along
with amplifiers and keys. Records are scattered throughout
the records, and collecting 100 earns an extra life.
There’ll also be icons which give a completely random bonus, which could be good or bad. In addition, to protect themselves, the two can pick up boxes and hurl at the bad guys, but carrying these limits the characters jumping ability. The Brothers can also fly in the game by holding on to helium-filled balloons, plus there's a possibility of bee costumes being included which will also allow them to defy gravity. It looks as though this might be inspired by the John Belushi's One Flew Over The Hornet's Nest sketch from Saturday Night Live.
The way Elwood and Jake are to be incorporated is still being debated. There IN DEVELOPMENT BLUE Name: Jake Blues Beal Name: Jacob Papageorge Dace of Birch: 7 24 52 NaCionaliCy: Serbo-CroaCion FirsC Offence: Armed robbery (although he claimed Che attendant pointed the gun at him), which was to raise money to pay for the band's hotel bill.
SOUNDS COOL Name: Elwood Blues Real Name: Elwood Delaney Date of Birth: 12 6 53 Nationality: American First Offence: Stealing a Calumet City Police car The Blues Brothers were the brain-children of comedians Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi.
Their first outing came In the original American version of Saturday Night Lise, where they starred alongside other aspiring comics, including Bill Murray and Chevy Chase. This was followed up with a movie written and produced by John Landis, the man behind the National Lampoon movies and the earlier Bill Murray vehicle, Stripes.
The movie did well enough at the boi office, hut since then has gone Irom strength to strength on video and is without a doubt the CU crew's fase lllck. It featured stars like John Lee Hooker, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Steven Spielhurg, Frank Or, Carrie Fisher and John Candy. It also spawned many classic quotes such as "We're on a mission from God" and “It's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a lull tank of gas, half a pack ol cigarettes, it’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses." “Let’s hit It."
Will definitely be a two-player mode, but the game's developers are still not sure whether or not it will be simultaneously onscreen. A machine link-up could also feature, where two Amigas can be connected via an RS232 interface lead so that two people can play simultaneously.
To keep in with the film’s ‘bluesy’ style, a number of their tunes are being included. Depending on the available memory, the tunes will either be reproduced from- scratch on a sound package, or incorporate a number of samples for instruments like trumpets and saxophones which are notoriously hard to emulate. The code for Blues Brothers, like most games now, was entered on a PC.
These fast machines speed up bug hunting and, as the program as to be dumped onto Amiga to run, you don’t lose your work should the game crash. So far the game has spent eight months in development, heading on a steady course for their October release date. Will Jake and Elwood beat the rap? Or will they be left singing the blues? Keep your eyes peeled for the up-coming Blues Brothers Rhythm and Blues Review.
LiWMWit'H Although the Amiga is well catered tor in the beat 'em up arena, binary pugilism has been sorely forgotten. Whilst countless programming teams beaver away producing stunningly accurate and fast martial arts games, the time-honoured ‘Gentleman’s Sport' seems to have been KO'd very early on. So why is it that companies shy away from what is surely an extension of the good old beat 'em up idea?
Could it be that the many rules and punches that boxing affords wouldn't make a particularly playable game? Even so, huge amounts of memory and technically-advanced dedicated chips have ensured that arcade-going boxing fans are well catered for. For example, Punch Out (which utilised special grip controllers, with which the player laid into his on-screen opponent) and, more recently.
Jaleco's Final Blow, currently in the process of conversion by Storm.
Sporting massive fullscreen sprites, Final Blow is the nearest an arcade game has come to faithfully recreating the grit and energy of boxing, with a range of easily- accessible moves and punches effected using the tried and tested joystick.
'From the offset we wanted to keep our version as close to the coin-op as possible, yet we also wanted to expand the gameplay as it tended to be a little limited,’ says Steve Hooper, the man given the unenviable task of recreating Final Blow on the Amiga. 'The original machine features five opponents and isn’t especially true to the sport's rules, so we felt obliged to make a few... er.. additions.’ So does he think that the limited gameplay aspects are the reason for the lack of computer boxing games? ‘Yes, undoubtedly,’ he confirms.
IN THE RED CORNER The original coin-op's gameplay is a relatively simple affair, with five huge fighters to defeat within the one-round bouts.
Although the massive sprites compensated for the fairly repetitive gameplay, for the conversion Steve, assisted by his graphics-supplying partner, Shaun McClure, sat down and worked out how to extend the game’s longevity - the addition of extra boxers and a series of options seemed the logical answer.
An extra five fighters were added, along with a two- player mode, a tournament and the ability to change the length of the fights and rounds. Likewise, another addition to the Amiga version is a certain strategic element to trading blows, with each fighter having specific skills and weaknesses. The coin-op relied on the player wading in and sapping the opponent’s strength with a volley of punches, but the Amiga version’s opponents will suffer from glass jaws or will play defensively, and these weaknesses must be exploited. In addition, whereas when a player was KO’d in the coin- op the
bout was over, Steve and Shaun have opted for In the red corner, we have the Featherweight Chump of the World, Steve ‘Punch Drunk’ Merrett, weighing in at an astonishing six stone three. Whilst in the blue corner we have the mean, lean, fighting machine that is Storm’s Final Blow.
A foregone conclusion?
Allowing the player a second chance, albeit with substantially reduced energy, before they stay down.
I Steve and Shaun started work on the conversion just over four months ago, and their first task was to somehow drag the sprites over from the coinop to the Amiga where they could be retouched. ‘This was a real nightmare,' says Steve.
‘When we went to access the sprites on the PC we found they had been broken down into tiny fragments, and it was up to us to put them all together into recognisable fighters. There were over 1500 individually paletted screens in all!' However, with the aid of a previously written map editor, Shaun was able to continue sifting through the required screens and recolour them with Dpainl III, whilst Steve laboured away on perfecting the game’s scrolling.
The ring scrolls horizontally during the all-important fight sequences to keep the boxers central. The ring spans two screens and is surrounded by parallax rows of spectators. It wasn’t recreating the scrolling that was the problem, however, was the actual ring itself. On searching through the arcade board's graphic data, Shaun found that the ring data was broken up into even smaller bits than usual and would have to be redrawn from scratch. Using film stills and tapes of boxing matches, Shaun put the ring together in a week, with all the original's lighting and crowd faithfully
Once the ring graphics had been incorporated into Steve’s routines, the real hard work began on the boxers and their animation. To make for more fluid animation and realistic moves, both the original coin-op and the conversion's sprites are broken down into their component parts of arms and legs, these are then individually moved around the screen. What this system loses in terms of programming ease, it makes up for in memory, but there have been a few short cuts. 'They are only small things,’ claims Shaun. 'For instance, rather than have the game load before each bout, the same
boxer's body is used with a different head and with different coloured shorts. Doing this lets us add more frames to each punch, and we’ve managed to squeeze in the five per punch of the coin-op which we're very pleased with.’ Hjfwumiun With 200K set aside for sampled effects and music, Steve and Shaun are on schedule to complete the game for its September release. Using his trusty PC and running Realtime’s Snasm system to convert the data to its host machine, Steve is
- i currently smoothing out the some of the game's tricky
animation details, ensuring that the players don't 'skate'
across the ring and that each of the seven punches is working
correctly. No mean feat when you consider that each separate
part of the fighter’s body has to be moved individually.
In the meantime, Shaun is busy trying to find a model for the Bimbette who walks across the ring between rounds, and is just putting the finishing touches to the ref who hovers in the background. In addition the game has to undergo rigorous play- testing to iron-out any remaining bugs or details the team aren't pleased with. As soon as these are worked out and implemented, we’ll be bringing you a full review of Storm's title contender.
M n 1 When the sprite segments were 'sucked' from the coin-op, it was up to Shaun to recolour and group them. With over 1500 sheets of sprites and odds and ends to sift through, the task took nearly three months of the game’s development time.
THE ROCKY ROAD TO SUCCESS Boxing is big boi office and no one is more certain ol Ibis than old Rocky Balboa himself, Sylvester Stallone. Stallone, who wrote and directed the original Rocky Him has gone on to rake in millions Irom the exploits of the punch-drunk Italian Stallion. With each Him, the diminutive lighter comes up against bigger odds and opponents only to win through in the expected clitf-hanger. However, not all boxing films are as predictable. Robert De Niro's classic. Raging Bull, depicts a young fighter within the circuit in a far better manner than the Rocky series, and even
the Mickey Rourke vehicle, Home Boy, was relatively en|oyable - which recently prompted ex-pro Rourke to re-enter the ring In real life. Other 'stars’ to enter the seedy world of pro lighting have been Stacey Keach (Fat City), Humphrey Bogart (The Harder They Fall - his last movie appearance), Errol Flynn (Gentleman Jim), and Paul Newman (Somebody Up There).
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If the first half of the year is anything fo go by, 1991 might turn out to be a vintage year for the arcade business.
On the one hand, you’ve got PCB technology turning out classics like Street Fighter II from Capcom, and halfway decent licences such as The Simpsons.
Also, on the hi-tech front, there are whizz-bang advances like Sega's R360 (that'll literally turn you upside down!), Time Traveller which uses pseudo-holograms, and the Virtuality, Virtual Reality system that opens up a whole new experience in gaming for the punter. Actually, that lot makes the 1990 crop of coin-ops look positively dated.
STREET FIGHTER II CAPCOM This one is the hardened arcade fanatics’ favourite this year, following on from the phenomenal success of the original Street Fighter. With even larger sprites and smarter graphics than its predecessor, Street Fighter Its gameplay is identical to that of the first - ie smash the living daylights out of your opponents
- but this time there is a joystick and six firebuttons to
contend with, rather than the original’s punch pads.
In all, there are eight characters for the player to control, ranging from a Green Beast to an Oriental Babe, and the range of moves changes slightly in accordance to their skills. The bad news is that Street Fighter II is a real money- grabber which will take a lot of dosh to become proficient at. The good news, though, is that you’ll have fun practising.
SIMPSONS KONAMI Recognise him? He’s one of the characters in the Konami licenced game of the popular cartoon series, The Simpsons. Faithful to the original source material, although at times it bears a disturbing similarity to the Konami Turtles game, there’s enough neat touches in The Simpsons to make it a real hoot. For one to four players, the only problem is that you can’t all be Bart.
GOLFING GREATS KONAMI If sport is your bag, and the football season doesn't start until late August, why not settle for a round of golf instead?
There's a good selection of golf games to choose from, but the discerning game player will make straight for Golfing Greats, from Konami.
Konami have some excellent sprite manipulation technology but have been slow in coming forward with great games to exploit it. But where Overdrive
- a middling driving game failed - Greats succeeds, with a neat
control INDY HEAT LEYLAND COUP system and great TV camera-like
pans across the course when you take your shot. So you won’t
come off the machine with an adrenaline high, but it requires a
sure touch and some intense concentration.
In the tradition of Super Sprint, Indy Heat breathes even more life into the old genre. A follow up to the brilliant Super Oftroad Racer, Indy Heat offers more power-ups and larger tracks.
However, beneath all these additions, the gameplay is every bit as addictive as that of Offroad, and, consequently, I can see this receiving a lot of dosh.
VENDETTA KONAMI Another fighting game, but still it’s playable. Vendetta may not have the large sprites of Street Fighter II, but with a four-player scenario, a few friends can get into it all at the same time. There are some great moves, gameplay, sound effects and animations, which deliver everything you could want from something like this.
You play the good guys, the Cobras, whose resident girlie has been kidnapped by the baddie Dead-End Gang. All you have to do is wade through the minions, do in the end- of-level bosses and repeat the process until the end of the game.
On the other hand, Sega has just released D.D.Crew, which has a remarkably similar format, with marginally different graphics and maybe mildly big- ~YL-££~ Take it up to 2Vi megs Amiga A500 2 meg expansion Here at last is the memory expansion board you have been waiting for! The V2000 will give you up to 2 megabytes of additional fast RAM.
The V2000 can be expanded in xh meg stages, from 'h meg to 2 megs, and it represents the best value for money available.
* Compatible with Kickstart 1.2 and 1.3
* Real-time clock calendar
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* Comes with full instructions
* Helpline available £104.95 Introductory price for inc VAT P&P
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Phone for details.
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Or you can phone our credit card IKITLJNE with your order todav (05351 66746.9 VAT registration No. 181 2908 62.
IMPORTANT NOTICI , TRAM DUPUCATINO Our commercial duplkaUng plant Is available for trade duplication. If you want 100 coptes or 5,000 then give us a ring and ask for Steve, we will gladK give you a quote, fast turnaround and high grade disks formats available IBM re. ST. AMIGA.
78. TV Holy Grail, a very good adventure
363. Thr Golden Fleece a text adventure (•) 418 Fynmir Fyrddir
Urr PD game, good fun
441. All nrw Psoedo Cop game. A Shoot cm up 458 Castle of Doom,
adventure with graphMs
477. Return to earth space rombot adventure 460 . Flaschbier. A
boulderdash Pit game
551. Ourdo and Monopoly 2 great games
562. Eat Mine, has 80 screens to play at 553 Retatalur and
Pbrman. 2 great games
555. [*H . A painter upe of game. Errat fun
558. Munler. An adventure playable preview 55S Bark to tV Pulute.
Playable preview 562 SpacrMiu. I good game* to play 644
Humir Zombtrs. A playable game preview
665. Killing Game Slum. Playable preview 688 Cybnvwi III.
Playable game demo 672 James Pond and Paradrmd piayaNe denXK
869. Ymp. A hunter type game, multi-levels 900 Blizzard. Fast
scrolling shoot 'em up
1014. Chinese checkers. Similar to solitaire Hmm'i.Mn 992 MED
V3.10. supercedes MED V3.0 (*)
1026. MU) V3.ll we bring K to you Ivret (•)
813. Stariiekkir VI 2 Soundlrackrr done
793. Rrd Sector demo maker VI 0 great! (*)
735. Frexl Base, a more fnendty data base 843 kanaM. A dfesk full
Icon utils 640 Mobrd VI.0. a movable object editor
623. C-Ught. Ray tracing program very good Soundtracfcer Profe
781. Wendy and lisa, picture* of IV pop duo 779 Twin Fwiks.
Picture* from the T show
758. YaMia Dabta Doo. Great cartoon picture*
667. FbtuiT Vuaons. More fantasy picture* 480 Saucy postcards.
Naughty hut nice
474. Madonna Slideshow, kits of pktun-s
472. Viz slideshow as seen In Amiga Htrnut
112. Space BubNn*. Terrific fantasy pics 739 Slideshow
Spectacular, superb ht-re* 964 (Ounlach fantasy slideshow 1
905. Countach fantasy Mkleshow 2 991 Bthnda Carlisle slideshow.
Great pics
993. Master Virus killer V2.1. Urriftt !!
877 NORTH C V1.3 a 2 disk set £198 898 Audio Magic Vl.l full of utilities 796 Crusaders does Genesis, superb «•)
794. In a Silent Way. Don't miss this disk!
980 Jane Live, eleven good tracts of musk.
770. .Arcane Music. II tracts for you to plav 767 TV 90CVOxygen
remix, colltxl N now (• 978 Give Me What I want. Sam R.x
sample 723 Sounds of DOB II. 17 tracts of music Cl 970 If
only I could. Sidney VoungMood sample 718 Revolutions by
Jean Michelle Jarre 848 A kind of magic, by Queen Sampled
716. Bomb IV Base. 8 fab tracks to listen to
703. 808 remixes from IV Beatmaster who else?
¦SS TV following are £1.98 each 2 disk sets
2. I should V so Lucky by KyV. 5 samples 856 TV power of love, by
Huey Lewis, sample 301 Dartstaris music 9.14 great tunes 417
Electric Youth by DebbK* Gibson, great!
420. Lumbcriaci song from Monty Python 478 Made In Heaven by KyV.
A full 6 mlns'
525. Flash by Queen, a great two disk set 968 Kdlowin you. By
Madonna great song
581. D-Mob musk- 4. 2 disks of good music 4
617. TV Byte Busters Mega demo, good 807 Evil Dead demo, for all
you Sycho's *
759. Amos Creator II demo, official release
751. Colour Cycling, superb effects get «!
750 Hud brain II a new disk from Bud bra in
656. Pussy IneraMp. Good graphic?* and game 655 L ineal game
demo, to show off your Amiga
654. Olympia, parallax satilllng at its best
598. (racial animation, super mandelhrots (•) 597 Cool fridge.
Superb Plasma effects here 547 Materialized, ciyptobumere
superb demo 539 Chromium, a great new deino by Scoopcx
• 516 Purple*, very large vector routines
321. Fractal fright animation, unusual demo 287 Colam Cates Mega
demo H.‘ worth getting
132. Dragons-demo 1. Has lovely raster effec ts
174. Ian « Mkts mega demo. 9 parts to this
982. Total Rebate, from the Steve Wriglu show 983 Total Retrial,
from IV Steve Wright show
984. Total Restyle, from IV Steve Wright show
985. Total Respray, from the Steve Wright show
986. TiXal Recount, from IV Steve Wright slrow TV demos Vkro
consist of 2 DISKS so each I demo costs LI.98.. please
remember 929 Maximum Overdrive, lots Vre 4 good
45. Krftms mega demo 8. One of tV best
66. Predators, great game to play as well
926. Mr Fbod. Hilarious sample of recotxl 199 Red Sectors, a must
for demo collectors 201 RAF' anotVr of tv classic demos 365
Budbraln. Over 18 yrs for this, sorry 537 Monty Python's
Secret Policemans Ball
614. Monty Python's Nudge* Nudge, more hum.
594 HH tV Road by Flash, multi pari demo TV following a
805. Franllin tV Fly. Hilarious and funny 763 BasketbaD player,
superb ray tracing
866. Ami versus tV Walker as revlewxl
913. Mare, smooth space fighter animation
917. Juggette amm. And Juggrtte tV revenge
633. Batman tV movie, funny and amusing
625. Juggler II. IV Juggler meets a lady
582. Stealthy II Manoevres. Great cartoon
291. Tlie Lotus Car chase from Agalron
865. Coyote Strikes tack, poor Roadrunner 101 TV very famous
•Gymnast' demo Education of Cool Cougar, very funny Puggs In
Space, a cute and funny demo
863. Iraq Vino. RaUrer comical animation 313 Revenge Horror Show,
for psycho's only 394 Sump Collector. AnoM but good demo
444. Fillet TV Fysh. Similar to Pug»* demo 631 Steves animations
I. lias 8 cute anims.
632. Sieves animations 2. Has 6 cute aniins.
789. Steves animations 3. Lias 6 cute anims 790 Steves animations
4. Has 5 cute anims.
791 Steves animations 5. Has 6 cute anims LPDI2 llypnutlel LPDI3 Jlgnunu Cl
I. P0I4 Ptay RsalrC) LP0I5 Anedsvh»reCl LTOI6 Rrverel 0 Cl IPD17
Dog flfft II Cl IP0I8 Iwclutawn rrM I.P0I9 WHO LPDI0 Wool
Factory Cl UTI20 Wooh
I. PDII Go Getter G«*(*) LPD2I Oulngot*) Westock from disk I to
49. Only 99p each SUMMRPUN ger sprites. You pay your money and
takes your choice, but my vote goes to Vendetta.
But ifs faster, much more fun and benefits from the addition of a popular Sega wobbly seat device.
STRIKEFORCE MIDWAY Have you ever played Defender? This is the game that is probably the all-time best Video game ever, but the original machines are a bit thin on the ground now. Midway has produce a 1990’s version, Strikeforce, lull of hoopy graphics, and very loud sound. The only trouble is that all these new additions have somehow spoiled the game, so I can’t really recommend it.
RIBBIT SEGA Frogger is back! Well, sort of, but this time around, ifs got brilliant graphics, slightly more varied gameplay and obscure Japanese proverbs between levels. Oh, ifs also been renamed as Ribbit. You still control your Froggie as it looks for things to eat, whilst avoiding deadly nasties. Fail to do this latter action, and you’ll croak it.
TIME TRAVELLER SEGA Sega’s new "hologram” technology has hit the streets and turned out to be a minor disappointment in some ways, although the end result is still worth several goes for the average arcade freak.
The bad news, though, is that the image projected into space is not truly holographic - it's a projection of a flat screen into space, using some clever mirror technology.
But still, what you get is a neat Dragon’s Lair style of game, which uses images of real people performing in front of you - it's incredible to watch. Give it a go.
RAIL CHASE SEGA Sega's newest is a real technical marvel, with a whole screenful of sprites moving at once. The scam is based on a sort of Indiana Jones-style adventure, the player searching for Inca gold and landing up on a mining truck, whooshing through the tunnels that make up the baddies' HO. Hotly pursued by the everpresent nasties on a rollercoaster, you must avoid their many attacks.
Viewed in first-person perspective, the player is armed with a gun (standard BR issue) with which you have to shoot down the enemies that appear on the sides of the track. Rail Chase is basically Line Of Fire with a season ticket, fm For those of you who prefer something a little bit more cerebral than the usual array of shoot 'em ups and coin-op conversion the future is looking very bright.
DDDQG U ROBIN HOOD Millenium go riding through the glen... THE GAMEPLAY: Taking us back to the leg-slapping days of Sherwood Forest’s green-clad do-gooder, Millenium have squeezed the man and the myth into a massive isometric Popu ousesque strategy affair. Assuming the role of Robin, the player is set the unenviable task of locating and recruiting Little John and eventually usurping the evil Sheriff. All these actions, whether they be raiding, firing arrows or simple planning actions, are effected using a series of icons at the side of the screen. In addition, as your strength and legend
grows, you will able to tap the magical Heme The Hunter's powers and blast people with fireballs and other accoutrements.
PLUS POINTS: Robir s scenario allows for a massive and involving game which draws from all of the character’s mythology. The inclusion of Heme and his powers is a to enhance the realism.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Originally, Robin was going to be a Wild West-based Populous beater, but the lack of scenarios eventually saw the cactus plains evolve into Sherwood forest and the cast of Indians and rootin’ tootin’ Cowboys into the Sheriff of Nottingham and Robin’s Merry Men. Work is being written predominantly for the PC, with the Amiga version some three months behind it.
However, Millenium are confident that it will be with us some time in October.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: From what we have seen, Robin Hood is going to be quite something. Graphically, the game is nothing short of brilliant, and the control system used (a very basic point ’n’ click system) is a doddle to pick up, yet very comprehensive. Humour is very apparent, too, with a variety of speech bubbles used to relay vital info and corny jokes. Definitely one to watch, wethinks.
It's all Greek to Electronic Zoo.
GAMEPLAY: Set within the mythical era of the Greek gods, Son Of Zeus's scenario tells of a tragedy that has befallen the many deities that inhabit Mount Olympus. An evil being has ensnared the gods within their mountain dwelling, and smashed the one artefact that could save them into a dozen pieces. These pieces have also been scattered throughout the known kingdom, and it is up to Zeus’s mortal son, Herakles, to retrieve the pieces. This task will take the brave hero through a massive scrolling 3D play area, which plays host to all manner of Gorgons, Hydras and other mythical beings in
order to retrieve the shattered relic. The play area is shown in a similar manner to that of Corporation, but all the important battle sequences are shown from a side-on point of view. However, whilst this makes the game sound like a complex RPG, Electronic Zoo have kept the puzzle element to a minimum to ease the player into the adventure.
PLUS POINTS: Son Of Zeus's play area is a well detailed and atmospheric land, made up of caves, shores, and dense forest. Within these graphically attractive plains are hidden a wide range of objects and creatures, all of which are well drawn and animated. In addition, the tasks are wide and varied - without being unnecessarily complex - and this makes a welcome change from the usual ‘heavy’ games of this ilk.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Aeon are a new company and, with the exception of a London Underground Simulator(l), this is their first foray into the world of Amiga gaming. Work has been underway for five months now, with the duo halving the many chores between them. With the main bulk of the game up and running, refinements are now being made in certain areas, such as losing some of the sillier nasties and smoothing off a few comers.
SONOFZEUS FIRST IMPRESSIONS: A cross between Dungeon Master and Corporation, Son Of Zeus looks as if it is going to be the perfect entry to the RPG adventure genre thanks to its simple gameplay.
However, whilst every effort has been made to make the game easy to get into, the game task is large enough to sustain continual playing.
Gremlin don't want to set the World on tire... UTOPIA THE GAMEPLAY: A cross between Populous and Sim City. Utopia involves the running and expanding of a "¦ moon colony. As with most games of this ilk, the game is pretty open-ended, although the ultimate ambition is to make your colony run smoothly and eventually get the quality of life up to 90%.
Using an isometric perspective, the play area can be explored via a series of directional icons and the many buildings and utilities are built and effected using another series of icons.
Among the buildings that can be built to make the standard of life bearable are factories, weapon bases, and stores, and, money permitting, a good balance should be struck. However, out to put paid to your plans of a new life are ten unnamed alien races who attempt to destroy your buildings or spy on you.
PLUS POINTS: Utopia's main advantage is its ease of use. Anyone who has been put off by the sheer size of Sim City or Powermongermll be able to get straight into Utopia as Gremlin have made a point of giving the game a balanced learning curve. This allows the player to explore the many icons in their own time, and gradually expand on what they all do.
Furthermore, the graphical style used is very appealing, with a wide range of impressive-looking buildings and devices.
BEHIND THE SCENES: Utopia has been in development for nearly five months, and the game has undergone a series of changes since it's inception. Initially, the game was to have been viewed from overhead, in a Sim City and Moonbase-style but this has since been changed for a nicer isometric perspective.
In addition, as with the game's cities, new features are constantly added as the game evolves.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Quite simply, Utopia is one to watch. The version of the game we have is already shaping up to be a Sim City beater, with deep yet easy to get into gameplay, and a task that is both fun and challenging. What's more, not all the intelligence routines were up and running when we played it, but already it is taxing and involving. Gremlin are hoping for a mid-September release, so start saving.
Up sections. However, not all the action is as limited. By collecting key spells from the map’s many villages and towns, fights can be bypassed with a spell or by recounting useful information to your prospective opponent.
PLUS POINTS: As in Psygnosis' forthcoming Gore, Moonstone features a ‘Gore Meter’ which allows you to determine how bloody the fight sequences can be. In addition, the actual adventure itself is massive, with plenty to do and a wide assortment of characters to interact with.
And, unlike most of the genre, interacting with Moonstones populace does actually make a difference.
Obviously the novel 'Gore' factor is going to entice the younger kids towards the game, but there is also sufficient gameplay and a long-lasting mission to keep the more ardent RPG adven- ture fan going. Graphically, it is still a little rough, with some weak Knight sprites, but these are apparently going to be changed later on. On the other hand, though, some of the enemy creatures that are to be fought are very impressive and well animated.
MOONSTONE fm missis BEHIND THE SCENES: Moonstone is the brainchild of Rob Anderson, whose previous claim to fame was a hand in Gray Matter's Fiendish Freddy’s Big Top'O’Fun. Rob has been working on Moonstone for six months, and has currently got the main bulk of the gameplay and maps in a recognisable form.
However, the fight sequences are still to be refined, and the interaction is currently being reworked. And, due to the mission’s complexity and the need for a lengthy development period, the game will be released just after Christmas.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: THE GAMEPLAY: Set within a massive mythical kingdom, Moonstone is a sprawling tale depicting the player’s attempts to find the many sections of the gem- stone. With five knights to choose from, the player must select the one with the best attributes and guide them across the mountains, plains and swamps which makes up the area. Living in these areas are a series of hostile creatures out for your character's blood, and these must be defeated in combat in one of the game's many beat 'em With 2 Years Our Incredible TOTAL Warranty pnce includes the clock _¦ _ 00 ! TOTAL
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SOUND Four channel sampled stereo rock or a Stock, Aitken and Waterman drum track? The higher the rating the higher you run the volume.
GRAPHICS Not just overall prettiness, but animation, style, design and the way the visuals fit in. So it doesn't have to be the prettiest game in the world to score high here.
Welcome to Screen Scene, the essential guide to Amiga games. Our reviews are timed to coincide with the release dates of the games themselves, so you won’t find any out of date reviews here, only up to the minute information from an experienced team of joystick journalists.
OVERALL The most important of the lot. And here's CU's rough guide to ratings:- 0- 29% Man, this stinks.
30-39% Phew, avoid.
40-49% Below par.
50-59% Worth checking out if you’re a fan of the game style.
60-69% Above average.
But with a lot of room for improvement.
70-84% Good but flawed.
85-92% ScreenStar, recommended.
93%+ Super Star, our highest accolade. Must not be missed.
SCENE SCREEN AMIGA SPEC MEMORY REQUIRED 440K SCROLL SPEED 6 COLLISION DETECTION 4 COLOURS ON SCREEN 32 LEVELS 48 DIFFICULTY LEVEL 8 HOURS TO COMPLETE 67 NUMBER OF PLAYERS 2 4 GRAPHICS STYLE SOME FRACTALS SYNTHESISED SOUND+ COIN-OP SAMPLES AMIGA SPEC Watch out for this addition to our reviews. The Amiga is the finest home computer that money can buy, and if we really feel that a game is pushing the boundaries of the machine we'll tell you how and why. Each and every Amiga soec will be tailored to the review. Some of the ratings are objective - eg number of onscreen colours, levels etc; others,
such as an assessment of the scrolling speed, are based upon the considered opinions of the CU Amiga team. All such subjective ratings are marked out of ten.
The CU Screen Star is for games scoring 85%-92%. It a Screen Star is awarded then you can be sure that the product will have reached a high standard in gameplay. Sound and graphics, and that it will have long lasting appeal.
CLAIMS TO FAME... Sieve James: He tripped up Acker Bilk in a Scottish indian restaurant (Steve is now known as the infamous Acker Hacker).
Dan Slingsby: None (that sums him up. Really).
Steve Merrett: Brian Cant opened the shop he worked in, and he once had a lift to his school fete by two Southampton players whose names he can't remember.
Mark Patterson: He screamed in admiration at Bill Giles one day, he once drank in the same pub as Les Dawson. He also bought flowers from Arthur Mullard at the celeb's stall.
Mat Broomfield: He sat opposite Siobhan from Bananarama.
Andy Beswick: He once sat opposite Kenneth Kendall on a train, and he was in a Transvision Vamp video.
David Corrie: A long time ago.
He got drunk in a restaurant and was told to go elsewhere by Wendy James when he tried to chat her up.
Tom Glenister: When out with Steve Merrett, he saw Mandy Smith and was upset when she smiled at Merrett rather than him.
Remzi Salih: She's met Russell Harty, Midge Lire, Chris Cross, and Su Pollard.
Fiona Keating: She once stood next to Elvis Costello at a concert.
If you’re a person who thinks that yokes belong with eggs and a turbo-prop is an old biddies go-faster walking stick, chances are you’ve never played a flight sim. Most people are put off computer flight games after taking a look at the hugely complicated controls and incomprehensible manual jargon, Thunderhawk from Derby-based Core Design attempts to break this mould with a mix of slick graphics and a simple control method.
Thunderhawk is based around a crack American helicopter team of the future who are kitted out with all the latest ass-kicking hardware.
Their job is to right wrongs, kick dictators where it hurts and battle for truth, justice, glory and mom's homemade apple pie.
On loading you receive an excellent animated intro with the President of the USA informing his chief advisor that the forces of evil are at work, and that it's got to be through a series of sorties into foreign countries.
The missions are divided into six groups of ten. Each of the six campaigns have an overall objective such as rescuing a Russian double agent or attacking drug barons in Latin America. The sub missions all contribute to the success of the campaign. In the rescue mission communication centres have to be knocked out, raids have to be executed against enemy strong-points to confuse them as to your overall objective, and a Chinook helicopter has to be escorted to the battlefield to make a dummy pick-up, confusing the Russians even further.
Each mission starts with a briefing from your commander-in-chief, who tells you what needs to be done and why. Then it's on to the planning room where you get a run through of the mission in true home movie style, complete with flickering projector.
SCREEN BEE GEE The intro sequence, brieling rooms, and other non-polygon graphics were produced by artist Jason Gee. The scenes where first sketched to paper then redrawn on the Amiga using Deluxe Paint 3. Despite Jason's aversion to digitised graphics he ended up scanning in a picture ot the Whltehouse to use on the first screen ot the Intro.
IHAWK External views are useful for locating what's shooting at you.
After sussing out the mission, its onto the arming screen. Tooling up with really hard weapons is simple.
Select the weapon you want, then click on the pylon where you want to install it. Most of the time a mixed payload is acceptable, but some weapons, such as bombs, have to be carried in pairs as a 1,000 pound bomb strapped to just one wing doesn't do the helicopter much good.
Because Thunderhawk is set in the future, its programmers have been able to take slight liberties with the weapons. The AIM-9L Sidewinder missiles which are currently used by the USAF have been upgraded to AIM- 10B and AIM-11F models, which are lighter and more powerful. Up to 188 unguided FFARs (Folding Fin Aerial Rockets) can be carried at one time or 46 Firestorm laser guided missiles. Other weapons include depth charges, fire and forget air-to- ground missiles, 500 and 1000 pound bombs, MWAR unguided missiles which spilt into four small warheads before hitting their targets, SMARM radar
seeking missiles, anti-runway weapon.
Penguin air-to-ship missiles and a 30mm cannon. Most of the weapons are based on actual equipment used by airforces today, although those in Thunderhawk have been redesigned to be smaller so more can be carried.
The control system is very simple. The mouse is used to fly the 'copter, select and fire its weapons, alter the engines' power and designate targets. The left button is used to fire weapons while the right one is used to select them. Holding the right button down, then moving the mouse forward or back, increases and decreases the power while pressing both buttons together changes targets. The keyboard is used .k c Hegenb ofttuare 16 iinben Martens, CfjtShJicb, Honbon &J4 2۩ Jfax: 081-995 1325 i?ours of opening loam to 6pm Ceiepljone: enquiry lines; 081-747 4757 081-742 1831 TOP TITLES
TOP TITLES COMPILATIONS AMIGA 1999 1599 1699 1999 1599 1599 1599 1499 1999 2199 1999 1599 2199 1699 1999 . 1599 1699 1999 .. 15.99 ... 21.99 1999
15. 99 ... 21.99 1699 1599 ... 16.99
15. 99
15. 99
18. 99 1599
15. 99 1699 1599
15. 99 18 99 15 99 2199 1699
15. 99 . 15.99 1699 . 16.99 16 99
15. 99 . 21 99 1899 1599
16. 99 1599 1599 22 99 1499 ... 17S9 1499 1699
14. 99
15. 99 1699
15. 99
15. 99 1699 1699
16. 99
15. 99 21 99 1899
15. 99
16. 99
17. 99 1499
16. 99
14. 99
15. 99
16. 99
14. 99 1599 1699 1699 1599 1599 . 1599 26 99 . 1599 1699 1699
1699 1599 1599 . 1599 1699 2699 2699
14. 99 1699 1599 1599 2199 1599 1699 1699 1699 1599 1599 1599
1699 1699 1999 1699 1999 1599 2199 1699
16. 99 15 99
16. 99
16. 99
21. 99 1999
21. 99
15. 99 1599 1699
16. 99
16. 99 1599 1899
14. 99
14. 99
16. 99
15. 99
12. 99
15. 99 Crime Wava .... Cruse lor the Corpse
Cyboronlll ..... aSXs'=:::::::: DasBoot DC*
Tracy ..... Dragon Lair .
Dragon Lair It (Time*aip) Dragon Nava Dragon
War*-------------- EmraMaoeesoltheDark.
Ipasoa Fl5StrMEagleli FieComdatftoi H 9 Stealth Fighter ... gSS-r.::.::: 0*fce Carve Up---------------- cSoi8t4r ::: Centurion Chaos Seiko Back ...„ ChaaaHQ ------ ChawHOI------------- Chuck Rock ChuckYeagorsATF... TITLE vasfflsr. ¦ a OMMinn sssssr.
AlOTankKHIer Armour Geddon--------- AktmcRcOolUI .. AW SOME .. BacktoBioGoldon Ago FeudalLorda Final CcnflKt .... Fatal Whistle ..... Ftghtot me Intrude.
Fore Play---------------- Goklot the Aztecs .
GunBoal GunaNp2000-------- HardDnvmit .... Harpoon (1 Meg I Odestr g Sim(A D JS& AjpfuWavcs Impenum indunopoksW ssa* BtlEIMisNj Lemnsnge. LmeotFae Loom .. Loot Patrol lohisEspni S'* Spy Snow Joke------------------ Space Ace .... Speer**! 11 .. SpmrkzzyWortds .... 9tarCor*oi------------------ Star Trek V ____________ Stnderll ____________ Soper Cars II ... Soper ot Road Racmg...... Super MonacoGP .. Sopremecy Smtch Blade II_______________ S »v ..... Team Suzuki .. Team Yankee TestDnvolll
Teenage Mutart Heroes Their Finest Hoor ______ The Punisher ..... TheSimpeon Toki TorvaktheWamor .. Total Reca* ToomamantGoB ... Tumoan Tomcahll ------------------ Ultimate Ride Ultimate V IMS II__________________ IM Squadron L«SS John Young Vaxme ---------------- Vendetta--------------------- Viz .
«•» NgtttreeO(Adwenture) am SSSr3 Arc .:~;: HS NanaR*™ 52 N*0 S *•» Voodoo tkghUnare Wanock The Avenger War Zone-------------- Wings (Halt Meg I ..._ Wings (1 Meg I-------- Whte Death 1 Meg) WoUpack .. Wonderland _______ Wrath ot the Demon Wpho* ..... 14 99 Zitra* 1599 Z-Out Nam1965-1975 .. as 699 Monkevbfc
16. 90 MU OS Mg29(Fulcrum). ... Mdmmerll .
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This box shows the helicopter's speed.
If the little square is at the top of the box the ‘copter’s Unguided weapons such as FFARs and the Cannon all fire towards the cross-hajrs
- V ____ Anything with a green box over it has been locked on
by the ’copter’s targeting computer. A going forward, if it’s
at the back It’s reversing. .
1 green box with a border means that it’s been acquired by your missiles.
Uj k The scanner shows all the targets that have infra-red and radar tracking.
_ f ~ I This box shows your current tarObjects such as optical guns don’t show up. In addition it Informs you when a unit has locked onto you with its weapons.
The information window tells you how much damage the helicopter’s sustained and how much ammunition you have left.
Get, it’s best used to gauge how close your shots are to it.
Only to launch flares, chaff and switch jammers on and off. Initially it seems a lot crammed on to the mouse, but once you can remember what’s what this turns out to be one of the most simple, but effective control systems on any Amiga flight sim.
Attention to detail is incredible. As enemy jets come in slow to pick you off with their cannons and turn to fly away, their engines glow as the reheats are switched on. Drop a depth charge into the ocean and there's a splash as it hits the water and a further, larger, splash as it goes off.
Enemy bullets can be seen as they streak towards you, a rare occurrence in any flight sim. Most of the extras aren’t noticeable at first, but help give the game far more depth.
The enemy come in all shapes and sizes. Surface-to- air missile batteries are a constant hazard, but they show up on radar and can be circumnavigated. Optically guided flak guns, however, don’t show up on any of your instruments. The first you know about them is when they open up with their 57mm cannons. Missiles can be jammed, or decoyed with flares or chaff, but this isn't guaranteed to stop them as the operators have visual CODE IT BE MAGIC?
All the coding was done on a 286 PC using Realtime's SNASM compiler. This allows graphics to be imported and the whole program to be dumped onto an Amiga.
Most ot the graphics and eltects were produced with home grown software written by Thunderhawk's coder Mark Avery.
These allow 3D objects to be drawn, coloured and spun through a ridiculously high number ol angles so that details can be checked and the overall look (as in this picture of a SCUD launcher) is correct. Another useful routine used in the design ol Thunderhawk was a mapping program, which was used to place all the objects in the game world.
Guidance systems for backup. Your helicopter can only sustain limited damage, and, as the hits build up, bits start going. The radar jammers are usually the first thing to go wrong, followed by the avionics and the machine gun. If the wings get blown off you lose all the weapons that were stored on them, and too many head-on impacts results in bullet holes in the canopy and knackered instruments.
Throughout its development, Thunderhawk has been geared towards action, and it shows. There’s plenty to kill and avoid, the missions are varied and it’s very easy to play. This is without a doubt the best helicopter simulation to hit Amiga, you’d be mad to miss it.
Mark Patterson CORE DESIGN £30.99 t Brilliant futuristic heli sim-he sure to buy it J GRAPHICS 89% SOUND 87% LASTABILITY 94% PLAYABILITY 94% OVERALL 94% | Anyone who has read a Tom Clancy novel will be aware of the author's obsession with the Cold War. It comes as no surprise, then, to discover that the latest Clancy book to be converted into a computer game involves the two Superpowers in a race against time to develop the first laser missile defense system.
Don't go crazy and launch all your aatellites in a ahort period ot time. As the months pass, technological advances could well make orbittlng satellites redundant.
In order to develop an effective defense shield, old satellites will need to be replaced.
Cardinal ot the Kremlin is Clancy’s third novel to make it onto the home computer, following in the tracks of Grandslam's The Hunt For Red October and MicroProse's Red Storm Rising. The complex strategy simulation begins with a US spy satellite report that the Soviets are building a sophisticated laser defense system close to their border with Afghanistan.
Although the project is still in its infancy, it represents a powerful threat to the balance of power and world peace. With the approval of the US President, it's up to you to hinder or disable the Soviet project while overseeing and coordinating the United States own defense programme.
Field tests carried out. As well as all this, a network of CIA agents have to be assigned to the Soviet project to leak information back to your scientists and the FBI called in to set up security at your own research To win the game, you'll need to delay the Soviet programme long enough for US technology to catch up and deploy a fully functioning laser defense system of its own. It’s not as easy §5 sHl ¦H'. W I jg| as it sounds, however, as there are a myriad number of tasks to be completed before such a system can be put in place. An experienced development team needs to be recruited
and a vast number of laboratory and research and devlepment labs.
Once you've received a briefing from the US President, you’re on your own. The first thing to do is to recruit department heads for each of the three main areas of 'Star Wars' research: Power, Software and Targetting. There are five eligible candidates for each department, so their past records have to be carefully vetted before a choice is made.
Once the departments are up and running, you'll then have to call in the FBI to enforce security. This can range from very lax to oppressive
- the higher the security level the less chance of secrets being
leaked or the KGB kidnapping a department head. However, if
it's set too high, the scientists will become disheartened
and their work rate will drop. This will also happen if you
push the scientists too hard - there’s only so many hours in
a day and if you ask too much of them, their productivity
rate will dwindle and the department head will suffer 'burnout'
and have to be replaced.
Each department needs to conduct a number of experiments before its work is complete. After each test, the working knowledge of each department is suitably expanded. For later tests you'll need to deploy a number ot satellites into orbit. It's important not to test when the Soviets are showing an interest in the project, indicated by a small bar on the screen, as they’ll learn most of your technological secrets.
While testing is in progress, your CIA operatives will be in the tield trying to infiltrate the Soviet project and gather information. You have a total of nine agents at your disposal, each of whom have their own personal dossier. From time to time, it will become necessary to withdraw them from active service if the KGB are showing too much interest in their activities. The more agents you assign to each of the Soviet research areas, the more info the agents will collect and the greater the disruption to the Soviet project.
While all this subversive activity is going on, both Superpowers are busy thrashing out an arms limitation treaty. To help stall the Soviets, if they look like they're ahead in the game, its wise to push for an arms treaty. This will delay the Soviets, giving you time to catch them up. If you're ahead, then it’s best to press on regardless.
Another valuable resource is The Archer, a hardened Afghanistan freedom fighter, who is kept supplied with arms by the CIA. He can be ordered to attack the Soviet’s Bright Star project, thus rendering the plant inoperable for a set time.
Attack too early, and the Soviets will be able to rebuild fairly quickly; but if you wait too long, you could be too late to stop their defense system from being deployed. Unfortunately, The Archer is only human so you can only use him once.
Cardinal of the Kremlin is a very complex and involved game. There’s rarely a moment with nothing to do - surely one of the litmus tests of a good strategy game. The main screen, The Strategic Control Centre, gives access to all the other subscreens with the information presented in the form of icons, graphs and neatly presented reports. The graphics are as polished as those in Virgin's top-rated Supremacy, and the game is equally as straightforward to play. When testing a program or launching a satellite, special animation sequences show you the results.
Even better, the strategy elements of the game are broken up by interactive arcade sequences. These take the form of a car chase when attempting to rescue kidnapped department heads from KGB operatives or a shoot 'em up attack on the Bright Star complex. The graphics here would not look out of place on a Spectrum, but help to inject a bit of fun into the preceedings.
Capstone have come up with a top-notch strategy, which is both engrossing and topical.
The scenario might seem a little dated, what with the dismantling of the Iron Curtain, the disbanding of the Warsaw Pact and the withdrawl of Soviet troops from Afghanistan, but the game is nonetheless a finely crafted simulation.
ACCOLADE £24.99 Dan Slingsby SUPERSELLERS Tom Clancy wrote Cardinal ot the Kremlin in 1988. It was an immediate best-seller with advance orders for over one million copies. Although the game follows the basic plot of the book, and principal characters such as The Archer and the Cardinal make an appearance, the outcome of the strategy is squarely in your hands.
F The Cold War's back and it's a bit of a hot item J GRAPHICS 85% SOUND 62% LASTABIUTY 82% PLAYABILITY 87%
- - _ As well as being a fabulously rich and successful author,
Clancy is also a 0| die-hard computer games fanatic. It's
little wonder that three of his books | have been turned into
computer games with more to come! Indeed, Clancy'c first novel,
Red Storm Rising, took its Inspiration from
* Mirrorsoft's Harpoon. Strategy games are definitely Clancy's
favourite games and, to illustrate the man's obvious good
taste, he also has a two-year subscription to CU Amiga on the
Psygnosis Every month, the Amiga is subjected to wave after
wave of shoot 'em ups, all of which boast even more
technically-advanced weaponry and are much better than the
others... honest.
That's why Blood Money was such a breath of fresh air. The first game to appear from DMA Design (who went on to rear those oh-so-cute Lemmings), Blood Money is a four-stage multi-directional scroller which incorporates everything associated with the genre. Safe within the confines of your helicopter, submarine, or spacecraft, the player is set the task of blasting a path through the many creatures that inhabit the area. Every time a creature is killed, they relinquish a gold coin which, when collected, can be spent in one of the many shops that appear throughout the game. It doesn’t
sound particularly original, and it’s not. But Blood Money is THE long-lasting shoot 'em up for the Amiga and has yet to be bettered.
OPERATION THUNDERBOLT Ocean With the shoot 'em up firmly stuck in a rut of horizontally and vertically scrolling clones, arcade manufacturers Taito wheeled out its biggest gun yet three years ago with Operation Wolf, a dedicated console with an Uzi mounted on the front of the cabinet - it literally blew the opposition away. Its conversion, however, couldn't do it justice, with far too much disk-swapping to give it the murderous flow it demanded. The sequel, Operation Thunderbolt, duly followed and by that time they had it cracked. The plot has barely changed, with terrorists holding the
passengers of a DC10 hostage, but the available firepower had doubled with a twin-player option and laser sights. The firepower is awesome and once you’re caught in the thick of a firefight its compulsive destruction. Operation Thunderbolt transforms the most pinko liberal wimpo conchies into trigger-twitching psychotics.
Recommendations don't come much higher.
SPEEDBALL II Mirrorsoft Most sequels are simply cash- ins on the popularity of their predecessors, rarely, if ever, capturing their unknown pleasures. Speedball II is guilty as hell on the first count, but the last charge is dismissed. Who wouldn't welcome an update which makes the original redundant, and that's precisely what The Bitmaps’ follow-up does.
Speedball 2, like many of the other classics here, skilfully mixes two styles of arcade game - the beat ’em up and the sports sim - and instantly hit on a classic blend. Based on the ’70s movie cult classic, Rollerball, it pitches two teams into a futuristic football match with a steel ball, body armour and full-scale violence without bothering to invent a rule book. The gameplay is furious and demanding, a sort of cross between body pinball and hurling, and the sequel simply steps It all up a gear with a bigger playing area and stormtrooper tactics.
Add to this the awesome sound effects and a thundering techno theme tune and you have a twice-over winner.
KICK OFF Anco When Anco decided to take a strike at the terminal headache of football slms it found the terraces lined with gold. No one since Commodore's own International Soccer, which was invented around the same time as the 64, had come anywhere near doing the world's biggest sport any justice. Programmer Dino Dini's creation isn’t much to look at, at first glance, but as soon as you master the creative but initially baffling control system, you realise it was created by someone who had an instinctive feel for the game. Kick Off combines awesome goalscoring power and teasing ball
skills with crunching, often illegal, tackles. There are glitches aplenty and the game is prone to seizing up at crucial moments, yet somehow this all adds to the flavour. And it’s for that reason you might want to avoid the sequel, which tidies up many of the faults, adds the ability to curl the ball but loses some of the rawness of the original. It also cuts out the ability to stop, turn on the ball and walk it past a bemused keeper into the back of the net. Do you want the blood and thunder of the English Game or a continental namby pamby substitute, because that what the difference
amounts to.
Increasingly, arcade games are being criticised for their lack of lasting appeal. Are all the eagerly-awaited coin-op conversions next month’s dust-gatherers? Not always. The Amiga has played host to some of the best arcade games. Mike Pattenden lets you know which ones give you thrills, spills - and value-for-money.
BLAST NEW ZEALAND STORY Ocean Cutesy conversions ten to make it over to the Amiga better than the new wave of graphically and aurally amazing shoot 'em ups. New Zealand Story is the perfect example. It’s one of those sickening cutesy game designs the Japanese specialise in, which for the most part are completely incomprehensible and glutinous. What saves the pathetic sight of a little yellow kiwi called Tiki hopping around the screen, flying and swimming underwater while trying to free its caged friends is the sort of devious gameplay national character generalisations stem from. The
conversion is near faultless, but that isn't what sets New Zealand Story apart from so many others, it’s just one of those unputdown- able games.
SCREEN NEBULUS Hewson The idea of the platform game is as old as the hills, and for that reason there are hordes of them out there, and you don’t have to be told that 90 per cent of them are crap. One of the main problems with the genre is that just about everything has been done with it - vertical jumpers, horizontal hoppers, it's a completely exhausted style. That’s when you come across something like Nebulus and you realise that there's no end to the interpretations and slants you can put on it. Nebulus takes the cutesy character angle and transports it to a rotating tower. A little
pug-nosed beast starts at the bottom of a sertes of towers and has to make his way to the top jumping gaps, avoiding flying nasties, hopping on lifts before time runs out. It's so addictive, that if its properties could be synthesised whole countries would grind to a halt. Add to that beautifully coloured backdrops and smart sound effects, and you have to be very tough not to get hooked.
RAINBOW ISLANDS Ocean This is one game that nearty didn’t appear after two companies fought it out. It was this kind of rivalry that continues to deny Amiga owners the double-edged joys of Nintendo’s Mario.
Islands, but how well you do it. Style is everything.
GREAT GIANA SISTERS Rainbow Arts That you can't actually buy Giana Sisters in the shops doesn’t stop it being a classic. That it's a total rip-off of arguably the greatest platform game ever - the infamous Super Mario Brothers- doesn’t detract from it either, but it does explain why you can't lay your hands on this clone. Once again Nintendo moved swiftly to put a stop to this game appearing on the shelves after it noticed the similarity. The German version substituted two punky girls for the famous New York Italians and gave the screen vaguely different layouts, but the gameplay is exactly
the same. Brick- headbutting, bonus collecting, hidden doorways, nasties, and utter addictivity added up to a watertight case. Rainbow Arts were caught red-handed which is why you should do everything in your power to find a version.
ARKANOID Discovery If we’re talking classic game contructions then ifs impossible not to mention the brickbusters. Based on a near archaic arcade machine called Breakout, Taito’s updated version sent quite a few people mad, and revived a *¦ LONGER LASTING BLASTS ics were simply downloaded) and it has as much depth as a page three model, but once you take control of that little yellow smiley and leg it round the screen it no longer seems to matter. Pacmania may look dated, but that doesn’t undermine its appeal.
BARBARIAN Palace If you come home in a barely restrained bloodlust and you're not the kind of person to take it out on the dog, then Barbarian is the answer. Questions were asked about its suitability when it was released, and it has to be admitted that few more violent and graphic beat'em ups have ever been created. It's simple sword combat is spliced together with a gruesome beheading sequence that so well done, you can’t wait to find another victim and remove his head as well. Brawn triumphs over brain here every time, but Palace’s sequel Barbarian II, followed the lead set by The Last
Ninja and gave the game an arcade adventure slant that takes it into another craze years after it had gone out of fashion. It also started a landslide of clones and sequels which never caught the flavour of this Canadian conversion. The idea is simply to use a paddle to knock down a wall of tiles, but as the wall breaks down, so the ball speeds up.
Bonuses make your job easier as the walls become ever harder to demolish, but trying to catch them can lead to disaster. The intensity of concentration needed to complete it at one sitting is awesome, but Arkanoid does wonders for your hand-to-eye co-ordination.
GAUNTLET II US Gold If arcade conversions find their way into this all-time classic list, then it's mainly because they invented a complete new genre or simply took it to the limit. Gauntlet did both. When it appeared in the arcades five years back it broke new ground as the first genuine multi-player game. Once again it was a skilful blend of styles, taking the ever popular D&D concept and throwing it in with maze exploration and tumultuous beat’em up action. As many as four players - a wizard, a warrior, his female counterpart and a goblin - could take part in a level by level search for
bonuses, and most importantly an escape route from the constantly generated ghouls that attacked you. Part of the fun was the whole buddy pact it engendered - you watch my back, I’ll watch yours. US Gold’s conversion of the sequel captured the style, action and, crucially, the sound its first efforts had missed.
PACMANIA Grandslam Quite who has the rights to this old classic isn't clear any longer.
You can go a long way back, probably as far back as the Dark Ages and find people playing this one because it has that beautiful simplicity about it that makes it timeless. It can't possibly stretch the Amiga’s capability (the graphBUDGET TITLES UNDER £10 «'» m urata_______ 1699 £698 untrtRACR*. ___ 1690 1699 Mdel «ni 1698 1698 1689 Hah* Scout 1698 £696 1698 1690 1680 1680 16® £6® £6® 16® £6® £6® £6® 16® 16® £6® £6® £6® £6® £6® £6® 1680 16® 1690 16® 16® 16® 16® 16® U® orders AMGA £16.99 £1696 N A £20.90 £29.90 £3690 l?390 123® N A £1990 £1699 £1699 £1699 £1690 £2190 £2190 N A £1690 £19 99
£1999 £1599 £1590 £1699 £1699 £1596 £1590 £1590 £1599 £15.99 £1590 £1699 £1699 £1699 £1699 £1999 £1990 £1599 £1599 £1690 £1690 £2190 £2199 £1699 £1690 £1690 £1690 £2299 t»QO £1689 £1690 £1490 £1400 £1699 £1699 £1999 £1999 £1999 £19.90 £1499 £1490 £1999 £1990 £1690 £1690 £1690 £1699 £1699 £1690 £1990 £1999 N A £1499 £1690 £1690 £10.90 £1099 £15.99 £1598 £1689 £1699 £1599 £1599 £1599 £1599 £1699 £16.90 £1690 £1699 £1699 £1690 £14.99 £1490 £1490 £1490 ST AMGA £16® £16® £16® £16® £16® £16® £23® £23® £20® £20.® £19® 119® £10® £10® £16® £16® £16® £16® £16® £16® £16® £16® £15® £15® £21® 121® £15®
£15® £16® £16® £19® £19® £16® £16® £15® £15® £16® 116® £15® £15® £21® £21® £14® £14® £14® £14® 119® £19® £23® t*t« £16® £16® £21® £21® £19® £19® £14® £14® £16® £16® £16® £1690 £1690 £16® £16® £16® £9.90 £9.98 £1699 £16® £15® £15® £16® £16® £16® £16® £21® £21® £18® £18® £15® £15® £16® £16® £16® £16® £2390 £2390 £2199 £2199 £15® £1589 £19® £19® ST AMKM £19® £19® £21® £21® £16® £16® £16® £16® 115® £16® £20® £20® £16® £16® £15® £15® £16® £16® £16® £16® £26® £26® £15® £15® H9»H6® He® lie® H6» KS® I IS 1999 £•5® 1599 KrM I' 399 1-5® 1-5® 1-6® 1-6® 126® 126* 123® 123® (16® H6» 125® 12*90 (15® l 5®
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£15® £15® £16® £16® £19® £19® £16® £16® £15® £19® £14® £14® £23® £23® £16® £16® £15® £15® £16® £16® £16® £16® H AMGA £M»£-4® 126® £26® £26® 126® 1-5® H5» 1-6® H6» 120® 12C99 lie® us® 1-5® 1.589 H5»ltS99 ... £16® £16® .. £15® £15® . £20® £20® £19® £19® ... £15® £15® ... £15® £15® ... £15® £1599 ... £19® £19® .. £14® £14® ... £15® £15® ... £19® £19® £16® £16® .. £16® £16® .. £14® £14® £15® £15® .. 114® £14® ... £16® £16® us® us® lie® 1-589 1*9® 1-9® 123® £23® H5KI5® ti6»t-6» Hi® 1-5® H69I-6® He® l a® 15® S-5® H9K £-9® la® |ia» I 8® H9® 1-9® 1.9® . £14® 114® . £19® 119® .. £19® £19® £19® £19®
£15® £15® £16® £16® £16® £16® Hem's Quart (1 Mag) Haro's Quasi (Grarrin) HR Street Blues------- Hudson Keek______ Hunter________________ Hydra ---------------- tnmotdl-------- moerum-------------- ixtanaMe 500 .... hterwpkr----------- tot lord-------------- aftdo
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A. D.S______________ Ajcam . Atari Storm___________
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A W.S O.M E ___________ Back to Da f M M .... Back the Gddan
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» Fox a-d S*. Chua AU. FIVE GAMES FOR ONLY £12® Please make cheques and P.O.'s payable lo Esgle Sotlwut. P.P is included in the UK. Orders under uam .
£5 please add 50p PiPper item. Europe: please add £3 per item. Elsewhere add £4.00 per item. If me ... ' _ Me you want is not listed please phone tor paces. Address:, 1 Computer Date-- I Title _ Price - | Price Postcode: Tel: Price _ Card No: Price _ Exp Date l09 Mailorder only_____-¦________AccessQ_visag_chequeq_p.o'sq_ We are fie longest estabMshed Atari deakt to fie UK. We have developed an e cu&cmer service pokey which means fiat we lost at Hardware Sdtwere prior to despatch to ensure thal goods amvc in wcrktog ada At fiaj&i ou prices are net I always fie cheapest we do endeavour to diet
ccnsrstonty good service ard backxp I 7?*s isn't fast our opnorx we wore voted 'Best Dealer 198& try fie readers d ST B magazne. Nd ter 'fie number d boxes shMterf. But lor quatty service Oi Site Warranty We have recently extended cu backup programme by dttmga 4 warranty as an optcn on aM Sts We akeady diet firs service on AM Star ototersa ftrtps mentors kskxl 512K Board £2691 With clock £2991
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installed £889 The Zydec 15Mb iftgrade board requires a
connection to the Garry chip.
Kickatarl 13 hstafed Indudes dock.
AM prices are cared at copy date 04 07 91 and are sutfect to change wfiout pa notice AM prices are accuale wttie stocks last Phene tarpto dale pices AM ptm I hdude W fiere are no hrdden extas (WYS WYCj Detvoy (n Martartd UK) is beta orders ova £100 (add £10 la next day courier detvoy AM prices avatatte cn Mat Order Shop pices may dtter ¦ ' uti I 7 Coku pmter Cckxr * mcnortfccn wntBj 226 cps 5 Resident NLQ fonts Bottom fmd Plah or (xJ tractor feed Paper parksto Star LC24 10 Star LC-10 Otizen Swift 24 pin Gtizen 1200* Citizen t24D ' Ml I I TDK Brand Data enable disable switch Daisy chain
'through" connector Low power consumption Now Only £34.00 Plea add £3 PSP k 200 DPI scanner, thermal printer and photocopier k Upto 16 grey scales or B W mode, k Compatible with Amiga and ST A500 computer £299.99 1Mb A500 Screen Gems Pack £369.99 £300.00 while stocks last GVPIA500 Hard drives hdude necdon moUded atySng Internal RAM expansion to 8Mb via SAM boards, Capadtieo from 52Mb 35“ ttna QuenbM mechariam kitemal Fen Gome switch and mini slot tor future expantkn Any ot above packs * Tenstar games, joystick, mouse mat add £30 GVP 52Mb £549.99 GVP 105Mb £669.99 A590 £299.99 Phone for latest
prices Philips 8833 MKII Colour. Stereo monitor £ 249.99 Cmdr 1084S Colour monitor * limited offer * £ 269.99 Philips 15" FST CUBE TV £ 269.99 The fliips XT FST Tv ndOs remote control Scart input. 60 tmer presets, sleep tmer and Fas text Al displays incUte Scart caUa Dedict CD from Mentos only, if boutfit with ccrrputer.
Ths Pttlps 8833 comes with fid Q months cn ale warranty.
Commodore Dynamic Total Vision £599.99 In stock now includes Welcome disk. Encyclopeda and voucher for Lemmings.
Phone for further details.
Inc VAT & Delivery Ainyaim ndud.BI*m atm ( DOS 401 286-12MHz M RAM suppled ipyradeaUe to 4Ax 80287 Co-Processor socket 4CM) ?4rra Had (tva 2x AI ard b XT Iree expansoi data kfcuse GEM 3 W Wxd ctoce d tx 525' ffcppy cr b 35* ftppy Mono VGA £73496 Colour VGA £83996 Colour S-VGAE83996 388u *1® Mhz 2M) RAM SLWtol i«vadeatte to »«). 80387sx Co-Processcr socket ACM) 24ms Had dive Ax AT and b XT free expanscn stots Musa chcce of b 525* fkppy cr ta 35’ ftppy Mono VGA £1040* Cokxr VGA E115956 Cokxr S-VGA£t2595(
388. .-20MHz RAM stppted twaleaUB to Xmx 80387 Co-ftcceascr
socket 4CM 24ms h«rd drve 4x AT and tx XT free mparscn
sbts, Mint b 525' fcpp y and tx 35* ffcppy More VGA £1255.
Colour VGA £1360* Colour S-VGAE1460* 3SO_ -23MH* 4M RAM amot nvMeaHe B Eml 32K Hut aclc RAM troer Co-Procran stxWX «Mj ?*nj Uvo. 4x H an » XT Irao ananson sBS Meuse U £25'loppy ard Ix 35 fcppy More VGA £178956 Cokxr VGA E1880* Cokxr S-VGAEB90* (0772) 203166 Fax 561071 How In Pm You can phone your Accent* or Visti card I details or send a cheque postal .mm!
Orders made payable to Ladbroke Computing International. Please sufficient clearance lime for cheques.
Shop & Mai order pramSaa 33 Ormsktrk Road. Prostarx Lancashire, FRI 2QPOpan Monday to SdurOsf ~sd from QOOam Dealer enquriee welcome. Ladbroke Corrputng 930am to 5-OOpm F fitomakond is a trading name of Walton Marketing Limited AM trade marks recogrmed The game ot chess actually dates back to the seventh century. Starting in India (and originally called Chaturanga) it spread through the Far East and into Europe to become the challenging, one- on-one wargame which we know today. On its way through China, however, chess took on a different shape and style to that of its more Westernised
counterpart, reflecting the more philosophical culture of that part of the worid. Battle Chess II is a simulation of this version.
Played on a 9 x 10 square board with the centre parted by a river, the aim of the game is the same as the more universal form of chess - to beat your opponent by placing his King in a checkmate position. Each player has a King, two Rooks, two Cannons, two Knights, two Ministers and five Pawns with which to do the job and, in much the same vein as International Chess, each piece has a limit on the direction and amount of squares which it can move. The game ends when either player takes the opposing King or places him in a stalemate situation, where the player has no legal moves available.
Chess has always been a relaxing computer pastime.
Battle Chess was one of the first to appear on the Amiga, and was critically acclaimed for its unusual graphical slant and, more importantly, its ability to play a damn good game of chess. Battle Chess II- Chinese Chess is, basically, more of the same but with an unusual board and different pieces. There are the usual difficulty levels and the like, and once you're into the program the computer plays a creditable game of what is, after all, a rather unusual pastime.
The humourous graphics which made the original stand out from the crowd are here in all their Oriental glory, complete with lots of fine animation and hilarious touches, such as various pieces scratching their noses if too much time is taken to make a move. Obviously, chess of any sort isn't everybody's cup of tea, and most gamers would much rather blast away at something rather than sit and sweat over that last dodgy move. But if you fancy something just a little different, which is good to look at and, more importantly, taxing on the little grey cells, there are far worse games available
than Battle Chess II.
Paul Rand ELECTRONIC ARTS £25.99 t A taxing sequel to the highbrow original... J GRAPHICS 80% SOUND 75% LASTABILITY 90% PLAYABILITY 90% OVERALL 87% CHESS HI CHIMESE CHESS 'RAM Quantun rnafcn THE PLAYERS 99 ! Miffs m
734. 99
839. 99
839. 99 104999
1159. 99
1259. 99
1259. 99
1369. 99 146999
1789. 99 B8999 199999 71 imjdir, Mm SW&P you to become familiar
with the game's many options and experiment by designing
your own levels. The various options include the size,
shape and colour of each piece as well as a time-limit for
each level (if you're feeling particulariy masochistic).
Best of all is the avalanche option which will send tiles
which have become isolated cascading down the screen until
they bump into another one.
Hopefully, some will match and thus disappear, and the process will continue until no other matching pairs are left.
Another useful ‘cheat’ is a cache of supplementary tiles which can be picked up and repositioned next to shapes which have become isolated or are proving difficult to shift. You can select both the avalanche and supplementary tiles options to come into play at the start of a game or when you’ve accumulated enough points.
Once you’ve become familiar with the game’s many quirks, it's into the game ¦ ¦ ¦akmg a leaf out of William I Gibson's Cyberpunk books.
I Palace have come up with what they call a cybersports ball-game of the near-future.
Despite the hackneyed scenario, the game itself is really rather good with a A host of options to allow you to cus- f tomise the game to your own tastes.
M Designed by Microids, whose only pre- vious games have been the above- mentioned Swap and Grand Prix 500, the action takes place on one of twelve available 3-D pitches, each with a series of gulleys, valleys, hills and oneway tracks to negotiate. Play is either two-player or against the computer, with each player taking control of a special metallic ball which has to be raced across the pitch in an attempt to scoop up a small electromagnetic-puck and blast French development house, Microids, are probably the last people you'd expect to come up with the year's most fiendishly addictive
puzzler. The Gallic team can usually be found designing computer car simulations for the gigantic Renault car company rather than programming one of the most infuriating brainstrainers of recent times.
The basic gameplay is incredibly simple. A board, consisting of a number of tiles of varying shapes, sizes and colours, has to be cleared by swapping the tiles around. When two or more tiles of the same colour come into contact with each other, they disappear and the player moves on to perform similar moves until the entire board is cleared.
That's the theory, but in practice it's a lot harder than it sounds.
The game is essentially split into two halves: a training mode and a multi-level competition. The training mode allows it into your opponent's goal.
The game can be played using a joystick, mouse or the keyboard with a choice of up-down or diagonal scrolling. If you challenge the computer you can select a full overscan screen or a split-screen, the latter showing the position of both yourself and your opponent. Two-player games are automatically split-screen affairs.
Before play commences, a further option screen allows you to select the length of each game, scroll-orienation, strength of fire, strength of attraction between puck and ball, maximum speed of ball, and the maximum time you can hold the puck. These options can be made to apply to both players or just your own - effectively giving you a chance to nobble your opponent before play has even begun!
Once you've ploughed through the myriad game options, it’s time for the match proper to begin. A graphic representation of each pitch gives an idea of the layout of the playfield.
Where the goals are and the position of the puck, and then a proper in which the computer devises level after level of devilishly clever screens for you to clear. Each one gets progressively harder, with the player aiming to score a set number of points and stars or wipe out all the shapes. All the options available in the training mode are present at different times and in different combinations. One minute you could be facing a screen full of tiny multi-coloured squares with an avalanche option but no supplementary tiles, and in the next level come across a screen packed with three colours
of triangles and a time-limit to boot.
Incidentally, for some mathematical reason I probably can't even start to understand, the last combination is the hardest of the lot to clear!
Swap is a belter of a game, smartly presented, with functional graphics and Far left Avalanche! The cascading shapes fall to Earth.
Lett Design you own levels with this handy trainer option.
J PALACE £25.99 some excellent samples of smashing plates. Every time a number of shapes disappear, one of several crockery breaking sounds escapes from the Amiga, which is highly amusing if you think of the lengths that the programmers must have gone to get such samples.
Unfortunately, the game is a bit too easy at first. If you complete a level quickly, you're allowed to skip subsequent stages. I raced through to level 96 within twenty minutes of picking it up, but after that things did get progressively harder and thus more rewarding.
With a staggering 999 levels. Swap should come with a public health warning attached to it... Dan Slingsby £ Absorbing and addictive puzzler - unputdownable! J GRAPHICS 70% SOUND 75% LASTABILITY 80% PLAYABILITY 89% OVERALL 83% Above. The option screen contains a wealth ot Information and lets you customise the game to meet your own personal requirements. It's possible to alter the performance of both your own ball, your opponent's sphere and the game's electro-magnetic puck.
Arcade fanatic. However, after a bit of fine tuning, it's possible to master the controls and start to pull off some amazing plays. The graphics are functional, giving a sense of depth and proportion to the 3D layout and the sound is just sufficient to create an electric atmosphere with metal- bashing noises in abundance. Although fairly varied, the number of pitches is a bit disappointing, but apart from that one complaint this is a fun and very fast ball-game.
Special walk-through demo takes you on a close-up guide around the pitch. Each pitch is graded according to difficulty so that, by the time you've reached pitch twelve, you'll have encountered anti-gravity zones, brake zones, trampolines, ice, oneway lanes, speed lanes and speed humps amongst many others.
Set at the wrong level, Sliders could prove too fast for even the most experienced PALACE £25.99 £ A fast, frantic and fun arcade ball-game.
9 GRAPHICS 75% SOUND 60% LASTABILITY 79% PLAYABILITY 80% OVERALL 79% | Dan Slingsby When they come write the annals of computer adventures, one series that will feature high up the list are the King's Quest games from Sierra.
Roberta Williams, the cofounder of Sierra-On-Line, designs the series, and now the latest installment has been released for the Amiga.
The game first saw light on the PC, and it shows. There are a grand total of eight very handy for exploring each screen. Previous Sierra games relied on rather tedious typing to input commands, and this is a vast improvement. A joystick or mouse can be used, and even the keyboard can control Graham’s movement.
Typing can still be used, and in fact this is often the easiest way to get the command recognised by the program.
The puzzles themselves Graham soon discovers that the evil Mordack is behind the abductions, and travels to the entrance of his lair - probably a good time to save!
Are quite original, but anyone who’s played the more recent KQ adventures will have an inkling of the thought processes behind Roberta Williams' games, thus making them fairly easy to solve. In fact many of the problems are somewhat too simplistic, and have been 'balanced' by the presence of puzzles so idiosyncratic that only the most lateral of thinking stands The interface used in this game brings the King's Quest series up to date, and more acceptable to Amiga owners. The top of the screen contains an icon bar with icons tor Walking, Travelling (walking over distances avoiding obstacles),
looking, Action, etc. When an icon is selected the cursor changes into that icon, making it easy to perform the desired action on the screen. Let's say you want to get a magic bean from your character's pocket and plant It in the ground, first select the Inventory icon, selct the bean then go to the Action icon and click on the part of the ground you want. This is obviously much less hassle than manipulating the parser until you stumble across the correct verb.
H%Vzhoen Sierra claim to be able to turn a PC game into an Amiga version within three weeks which is certainly a vast improvement over the turnaround of most companies. Although Amiga owners will still have to make do with an obscene number of disks, it does mean that games such as Leisure Suit Larry V, Conquests of the Longbow and Space Quest l should appear soon. As usual, Sierra's commitment to customer support means that Amiganuts hopefully won’t be treated like second-class citizens, as they are by many US companies.
A chance of beating them!
Luckily, the sheer size of the game (and it is HUGE) means that nobody is in great danger of finishing it quickly.
The graphics are a wonder to behold. Using 32 colours from the Amiga's palette may not seem like much, but the artistry that's patently gone into the backgrounds turn this into a visual delight. The animation is of a high quality as MOUSE ACTIVITY well, although tor obvious reasons the majority of effort has gone into the main sprite.
Little 'blink and you’ll miss them’ touches are everywhere, rewarding the attentive player with whimsical sights. As with previous games in the series, it's worth saving the game then doing something silly - just to get a glimpse of the results!
The aural side of the adventure hasn’t been neglected either. Having been ported over from the Roland PC version the music is enjoyable, but keep a hand near the volume control. In-game music is tied to events such as playing an instrument or entering a tavern. A stereo monitor or TV helps to get the best out of the sound effects.
Sierra's greatest asset is the quality and effort put into their games, and this is the perfect example. The slight drawbacks, however, include a tendancy to make their games slightly too cute, in an effort to interest their younger customers. These criticisms hold true for King's Quest V, but don't let that put you off.
With games of this outstanding quality appearing on the Amiga it helps to raise standards in general. It’s user-friendly (except for the disk-swapping), glorious to look at, and pitched just about right between neophytes and more experienced adventure players.
King’s Quest V has a lot to offer, and anyone thinking of trying adventure games should make this their first purchase. It's witty even if the jokes are groan-inducing some of the time, but the challenge maintains its serious nature. Sierra have produced another winner, and the games-playing public benefit more than anyone.
Matt Regan t Sierra have come up with the goods yet again! J GRAPHICS 88% SOUND 78% LASTABILITY 90% PLAYABILITY 85% OVERALL 89% SIERRA-ON-LINE £40.85 Iew development c panies are fairly c mon-place, but it is very rarely that their wares are up to the standard of 1 Written by newcomers, Nirvana Systems, 0 com- | bines Pyjamarama-style arcade adventure puzzles with some of the prettiest graphics this side of Nutv In addition, supporting this top-notch presentation are i plethora of brain-squeezir puzzles, rounding off one of the best games in this crowded genre.
In fact, the only down-poi of the whole game is the rather staid scenario. All is _ not well in the magic woods. I Although the sun shines brightly and the furry little ani- j mals of the forest are hop around merrily, a sense c foreboding strikes at the f of Cornelius the Elf. And, indeed, calamity is just around the corner. Elisa, the light of Cornelius' heart, has been captured by Necrilous The 'Not Very Nice'. Surely one of the understatements c the year, considering that the mad schemer is planning on giving Elisa a bath in a boiling vat. ‘Frying tonight!’ as Kenneth Williams said during
a similar situation in Carry on Screaming.
Elf must be the nearest thing to an environmentally- friendly game. Selective killing is an important feature, which means the player must be selective in their destruction. A cuteness rating keeps score of the number of twee characters shot, and there's much hissing and booing if you kill wee beasties such as butterflies. However, losing popularity is not the only drawback. Although it is still possible to complete the game, if you’ve shot too many defenceless animals, you may not be privileged to see the full end sequence. So the moral of this tale is don’t be a meanie, and be kind to
cuddly animals.
'oo 3.
There are eight levels of forest, ruins, and swamps to wade through before reaching the Castle of Necrilous, where Elisa is being held. It is at this grim fortress that you must locate and destroy the winching mechanisms used to lower innocent victims to their deaths. On your journey, you will find many useful objects scattered about the landscape. Collecting herbs and pets will allow you to purchase pieces of equipment from the shops that are secreted throughout the game. Valuable commodities include power-ups, three-way fire, a magic force field and a flying machine. It's also possi
ble to buy inane hints. These include such gems as ‘Never eat pickles if you want to keep friends' and other such banalities.
A rather nice twist to the fairly traditional gameplay comes at the end of each stage. Outwitting the end-of- level guardians involves serious brainstorming, rather than a twitchy trigger finger. And the necessary puzzles are enjoyable and funny, containing more than an element of toilet humour! Defeating these guardians at the end of the levels endows Cornelius with a green crystal, which will prove essential for gaining access to Necrilous’ chamber.
Simiularly, a bonus is awarded at the end of each level, and is calculated by the number of bonus objects collected. Bonus objects are the small tokens dropped when monsters are shot. Hearts can be collected - not in the romantic sense - but for an increased health rating. Sharp shooters will prosper in this game, too, with an extra life awarded every 100,000 points.
A Kurt-like element of this game occurs when encountering objects which may sen e an important later on in the game. An interactive panel will give options such as ‘give’, ‘bribe’ and ‘identify’.
It is also possible to talk to the characters you meet, but the conversations are short, one- word affairs.
The graphics and design of the game are extremely good, with an impressive range of scenarios and monsters.
Every level is an adventure in itself, with exciting and busy shoot 'em up action. For example, the second level involves a trip to underground tunnels and deadly duels with IllHll SCENE mummies and rats. Level three is a swampy jungle with nasty aquatic creatures out for your blood. The colours and background graphics are full of intricate details, which are enhanced by dragons who rear their ugly heads, belching life-draining fire.
Elf is an extremely enjoyable game with many riddles and conundrums to sort through, it has an elfin charm all of its own. For people who think that small is beautiful, Elf will live happily ever after in the fairy kingdom.
Fiona Keating OCEAN £24.99 t Platform romp with more than a few surprises... J GRAPHICS 94% SOUND 80% LASTABILITY 82% PLAYABILITY 84% OVERALL 83% MILD GREEN FAIRIES In folklore, Fairies are supernatural beings who magically meddle in human affairs. Fairies are characteristically beautiful or handsome. It is thought that Fairies and people may become lovers, although some female fairies are deadly to their human amours. So watch out! There are many theories concerning Fairies. One is that they are the spirits of the dead. A more widespread tradition is that the Fairies are Fallen Angels. They
were following Satan towards hell, but were prevented from doing this and therefore remain in the woods and forests, either helping or hindering anyone who HEAVEN ELVES US The origins of Elves is thought to come from Germanic mythology. Usually diminutive in size and of male form. Elves are often of a mischievous temperament. They have often been attributed with causing diseases and evil dreams and are perhaps best known for stealing children and substituting changelings (weak Elf or fairy children). Prehistoric implements called Elf bolts or Elf arrows were believed lo be weapons with which
the little imps injured cattle or unwary folk!
JUST LOOK AT THE UNMATCHED RANGE OF FEATURES SAVE THE ENTIRF PROGRAM IN MEMORY TO DISK Special compacting techniques onable up to 3 programs to tit on one disk.
Now saves directly to disk as Amiga Dos - reloads independently of tho cartridge - even transfer to hard drive! Works with up to 2 Megs of Ram - even 1 Meg Chip Mem (Fatter Agnus).
UNIQUE INFINITE LIFE TRAINER MODE - NOW MORE POWERFUL Allows you to generate more and even infinite lives, fuel, ammo, etc. Perfect as a trainer mode to get you past that ‘impossible' level. Very easy to use.
' IMPROVED SPRITE EDITOR The full Sprito Editor allows you to vIew modHy the whole sprite set including any 'attached' sprites. RANGE OF IMPROVED FEATURES.
VIRUS DETECTION Comprehensive virus detection and removal features to protect your software investment. Works with all presently known viruses.
' SAVE PICTURES AND MUSIC TO DISK Pictures and sound samples can be saved to disk. Files are saved directly IFF format suitable lor use with all the major graphic and music packages. Samples are displayed as screen waveform.
Now you can slow down the action to your own pace. Easily adjustable from full speed to 20% speed. Ideal to help you through the tricky parts!
" RESTART THE PROGRAM Simply press a key and the program will continue whero you left off.
¦' FULL STATUS REPORTING At the press of a koy now you can view the Machine Status, including Fast Ram. Chip Ram, RamDisk, Drivo Status, etc. ' POWERFUL PICTURE EDITOR Now you can manipulate and search for screens throughout memory.
Over 50 commands to edit the picture plus unique on screen status "overlay" shows all the information you could ever need to work on screens.
No other product comes close to offering such dynamic screen handling of frozen programs!!
MUSIC SOUND TRACKER With Sound Tracker you can find the complete music in programs , demos,etc. And save them to disk. Saves in format suitable for most track player programs. Works with loads of programs!!
AUTOFIRE MANAGER From the Action Replay II preference screen you can now set up autofire from 0 to 10O%. Just imagine continuous fire power? Joystick 1 and 2 are set separately for that extra advantage!
DISKCODER With the new "Diskcoder" option you can now tag1 your disks with a unique code that will prevent the disk from being loaded by anyone else. 'Tagged ' disks will only reload when you enter the code. Vory useful for security.
' PREFERENCES Action Replay II now has screen colour preferences with menu setup.
Customise your screens to suit your taste. Very simple to use.
DISK MONITOR Invaluable disk monitor • displays disk information in easy to understand format. Full modify save options.
~ DOS COMMANDS Now you have a selection of DOS commands available at all times • DIR, FORMAT, COPY, DEVICE, etc. " DISK COPY Disk Copy at the press of a button - faster than Dos Copy. No need to load Workbench • available at all times.
- BOOT SELECTOR Either DFO or DF1 can be selected as the boot
drive when working with Amiga Dos disks. Very useful to be able
to boot from your external drive.
Full M68000 Assembler Disassembler ' Full screen editor ' Load Save block ' Write String to memory ' Jump to specilic address ' Show Ram as text ' Show frozen picture ' Play resident sample ' Show and edit all CPU registers and (lag ' Calculator Help command ~ Full search tealure Unique Custon Chip Editor allows you to see and modify all chip registers - even write only registers '¦ Notepad Disk handling - snow actual hack. Disk Sync, pattern etc * Dynamic Breakooinl handling ' Show memory;is Ht X. ASCII, Assembler. Decimul ' Copper Assemble Disassemble - now with sullix names HOW TO 0BT Yotm
FAX 0782 744292 TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE 0782 744324 72 W T A15 L 1=1 =“= .99 £. I C7 COMPLETE FOE THE AMIGA ADD A PROFESSIONAL TOUCH TO YOIJlt DRAWING CAD WORK ? With the Amiga Genitizer graphics tablet you can streamline the operation ot ? The Genitizer graphics tablet utilises latest technology to offer up to 1000 dpi resolution at the tip of a stylusl Complete 9" x 6“ digitizing area plus super accurate stylus combine to enable fast, accurate and easy control.
J Works by "mouse emulation" so the Genitizer will work with most packages where mouse input is the usual method - Deluxe Paint, Photon Paint, CAD Packages etc. etc. _ ? Supplied with template for Deluxe Paint. _| Full easy to follow instructions.
? This is the input method used on professional systems - now you can add a new dimension to graphics CAD.
? Fast input of drawing by "tracing" is made easy - plus "absolute reference' means you can move around the screen many times faster than by _? The Genitizer fits in the serial port of your Amiga 500 1000 2000 and "co-exists" with mouse.
JO Unlike a mouse the Tablet gives absolute co-ordinates so that tracking and menu selections are possible from the tablet face.
I ? A pressure sensitive switch built into the stylus tip activates the Tablet overriding the normal mouse input.
When you are not using the Tablet you have normal mouse control.
I U Complete system - Graphics Digitizer Tablet, Stylus, Deluxe Paint Template, Power Adaptor, Test Software.
Interface Unit plus Driver Program - no more to buy!
744324 ITS SHOWTIME This is your chance to join us at the all-important, all-spectacular, all celebrity European Computer Entertainment Show at Earls Court this September.
Just cut out the coupon below, bring it along to the venue, and earn yourself 50p off the usual admission fee of £7.
The ECES will be crammed to overflowing with incredible events: the best games players from Europe, USA and Japan will be competing in the World Games Championships, WR Industries will be allowing you to enter a virtual world and there'll be a Sponsored Gameathon where sports stars, musicians and TV, film and political celebs will be notching up the high scores. Match Magazine will be there hosting a special Kiek OH 2 tournament, plus there'll be national media coverage.
DNUNT4 DuftONSIMVION You read the exclusive preview here first - now be the first to judge for yourselves. In association with Electronic Arts, CU Amiga will be running tutorials on this fabulous new program, so come along to our booth and watch out for this fabulous exclusive.
Como along to tho KCIS on 6-8th September 1 £7 admission (£6.50 with coupon) at Ths lari's Coart 2 exhibition Contro, lari's Court, London.
9aa» 6pm Friday and Saturday; 9am-5pm Sunday.
This voucher entitles you to 50P off admission to CES 91 se present upon entry with NASA in the planning and logistics of the USA's prototype lunar base. With such expertise behind the game’s development, there's no denying Moonbase's credentials or authenticity and. Indeed, the hefty manual which comes with the game only serves to reinforce the research that's gone into its development.
The mouse-driven simulation starts with a barren moonscape (randomly generated each time a new game begins) on which a lunar colony has to be constructed. The main area of the screen is given over to a map of the immediate vacinity with a special 'Zoom Out' option for a bird's eye view of the entire area.
The game looks and plays like Maxis' Sim City, with a bank of icons representing the various buildings, vehicles M A good way to raise extra cash is to conduct a series of scientific experiments for NASA.
And other equipment which you can buy and place on the moon's surface.
Most of the units snap together like Lego blocks once they've been positioned on screen, but not all can be bought straight away as funds are sev- erly limited at first.
Most units need connecting up to an energy supply, so a photovoltaic array or fission reactor is an essential first purchase. So, too, are thermal radiators. Unlike Earth, the Moon has no atmosphere and generated heat cannot be carried away by convection. A battery of radiators are needed to syphon off excess heat and keep temperatures stable. If either fail to work, become disconnected or are insufficient to meet demand, then the moonbase will be MOONBASE Ever since 1969, when Neil Armstrong took ‘one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind' by planting his size 12 spaceboots all
over the lunar landscape, the building of a lunar colony has been the inevitable goal of a generation of NASA eggheads. Unfortunately, things are running a tad behind schedule, with little chance of even the most elementary moonbase making an appearance this side of the 21st Century.
In the meantime, US softco, Mindscape, have picked up the challenge of lunar exploration and come up with a complex simulation involving the construction and management of a lunar colony. Moonbase has been developed in conjunction with Wesson Industries and KDT Advanced Systems Group, the latter having worked closely SCREEN SCENE r MOONBASE SPACE CRAZY crippled, production halted and, eventually, fed-up crew members will pack their bags and head back to Earth.
Initial funding for the project comes from NASA and. Depending on the colony’s scientific worth, this will slowly decrease over a ten-year period until it finally dries up altogether. This obviously dictates the speed at which the colony develops - initial emphasis will concentrate on small-scale development with money-making mining interests taking precedent over recreational or scientific considerations. Once a strong cash-flow has been developed by mining minerals such as helium and oxygen, the infrastructure of the base can be expanded with working and living conditions suitably
O More lhan 600 million people watched the moonlandlng on TV, the largest collective audience ever to see an historic event (bar Char and 01 taking the nuptial vows, that is).
O Although the famous Apollo 11 mission was just one week long, the returning spacecraft splashed down in the Pacific Ocean only 10 seconds behind schedule.
O Neil Armstrong and Bun Aldrln became instant heroes after their successful moon landing, but who remembers Charles Conrad and Alan Bean? The pair were Involved In the second moon landing In November 1969, but the mission was blacked out when television transmissions tailed to work and so have gone largely unremembered.
O The moon Is gradually moving away from the Earth at the rate ot 0.1 inch every revolution. In about 7 billion years we won't be able to see It with the naked eye. Just thought you'd like to know,
o Because ot the tidal effect the moon everts on the Earth, our
day becomes a second longer every 62,500 years. 400 million
years ago the day was only 22 hours and 13 minutes long.
O The gravitational pull of the moon attects the fluid surrounding the brain In the same way as it atfects earthly tides. Coincidentally (or maybe not!), scientific tests have proved that when there's a lull moon, people's behaviour becomes more eratic and unpredictable, hence the term 'lunacy'.
E» ESSeEM U S SIGHS ANTI-NUCLEAR TREATY' JRT-!-AJ News of a ban on nuclear fission reactors has come a! The wrong time. Now you'll have to decommission the plants that you've |ust forked out for.
Moonbase contains a strong trading element. To become self-supporting, you'll need to fully exploit the Moon's natural resources, refine them and sell them on the open market. The game lets you trade in any of five commodities, ranging from water, helium and oxygen to electronic components and manufactured goods. However, a careful eye has to be kept on the financial markets because if you sell at the wrong time you could lose a fortune. To help, the sim provides a five year history of trading conditions and, once a communications beacon has been set up, the current prices of each
commodity will be shown on a ticker-tape display at the top of the screen. It’s not just conditions on the Moon which determine the price.
A depression or war on Earth will also affect the price you can get for your raw materials or finished products.
Helium and oxygen can be mined Setting up a hotel near an interesting crater can help generate much needed Income.
Straight away, whereas electronic and manufacturing installations cost megabucks and are best left until your bank balance is in a healthy state of affairs. Water, in the form of ice deposits, is almost imossible to find, let alone mine.
A number of random disasters can befall the colony such as a lunar lander crashing into the base, aphids destroying crops, or a nuclear meltdown wiping out all personnel and leaving the land uninhabitable. Bad management can also lead to costly strikes over working and living conditions, world markets may crash, and failure fo meet strict resupply needs could leave the base crippled.
Moonbase is a very complex simulation which requires the player to take account of a whole host of information and statistics in the planning of the colony. Sadly, the game is something of a flawed masterpiece and can be frustrating to play. As the manual freely admits, not every randomly generated scenario will contain water deposits. This wouldn't normally be a problem until you realise the soaring cost of importing water and the crippling effects this has on your yearly budget. I defy anyone to balance the books when nine tenths of costs go in providing the workforce with liquid
Another niggle is the constant interup- tion in play due to the program constantly updating itself. As the base grows II you don't provide the workforce with good housing or adequate R&R, they'll go on strike.
So the calculations the simulation makes grow ever more complex and the need to update itself grows ever more frequent. After a few years, the gameplay is interupted almost every few seconds which is a constant annoyance. The lack of any preset scenarios a la Sim City is also an unfortunate omission. Surely the game lays itself open to all manner of scenarios ranging from two competing superpowers in a race to develop the Moon's dwindling resources to NASA having fo redevelop a bankrupt colony.
Moonbase is an enjoyable simulation that'll certainly last the test of time, but there's just a nagging feeling that a little bit more could have been done with it.
Hopefully, the data disks shouldn't be too far behind... Dan Slingsby MINDSCAPE £35.76 t Competent, if slightly slow, moonbase sim... J 75% 50% 88% 78% 78% GRAPHICS SOUND LASTABILITY PLAYABILITY OVERALL "KKCKEV 'PROFFESSIONAL TRACKER 2.0 |One of th nos advancecHnus rogram B Amiga. Create amazing music as heard on your favourite |games and demos. PROTRACKER is easy to use, yet has some of the advanced features found on music programs which |cost four or five times the price, (and some features not| found anywhere else!). Save Songs, Samples and Modules, jand show your friends what
you can do. No musical experi-| ence is required to use this program, although it is an advantage. Complete with extensive and easy to use manual, a 'Quick Guide to PROTRACKER', and six disks full of| samples.
Making music has never been such fun.
• Increases computer memory from normal megabyte to I megabyte
• Includes disable switch incorporates high quality silver coated
pin connector
• 16 bit technology
• Fit in minutes
• Direct replacement of Commodore A50I expansion
• Includes "CHIPMEM OPTION" - Phone for details
• 12 month warranty
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Price includes VAT and post and packing Tel: 0582 491949 BRITISH MADE Send order with payment to: WTS ELECTRONICS LTD, Chaul End Lane, Luton, Beds LU4 8EZ AMIGA REPAIRS . S JUST £44.95 inc. ? Commodore registered repair centre ? Over 10 years experience with Commodore computers
* 20 qualified technician engineers at your disposal ? We will
undertake to repair your Amiga 500 computer for just £44.95
including parts, labour. VAT and post & packing
* Most computers should be repaired within 24 hours of booking
* Prices include full service check, overhaul, soak-test and
replacement of power supply unit if necessary ? Repairs to
keyboard and disk drive also included (£25 extra if these units
are unrepairable and require complete replacements)
* All repairs covered by a 90 day warranty your Amiga from 512K
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lUbmit your computer to ourselves for repair, enclosing rt
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rest. Ilf possible please include a daytime telephone number
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* If you require 24 hour courier to your door, please add £5 else
your computer will be sent back by contract parcel post.
WTS ELECTRONICS LTD STUDIO MASTER HOUSE CHAUL END LANE LUTON, BEDS, LU4 8EZ Telephone (0582) 491949 - (4 lines) WTS reserve (he light lo rcture machines that in our opinion are tampered with, to an extent beyond reasonable repair Awaiting the player at the end of each stage Is a massive guardian, and these spew torth all manner ot deadly bullets and energy bolts at the unsuspecting player.
The extra weaponry Is collected by shooting the blue pods which lino the play area. As they crack open, they reveal a smaller Icon which, when collected, add the likes ot three-way- (Ire and side-mounted guns to the player’s ship.
The crystal stage features an array of suitably crystalline creatures, such as snakes, and ground-based installations which unleash flak at the player’s ship.
ARMALYTE your ship's array ot weapons which include an R-Type-style beam weapon. To boost these pathetic armaments, though, a series of blue orbs line the route and, when shot, they reveal a tiny icon. This endows the craft with rear and side- should the ship come a cropper and lose one of its three lives.
When a level has been traversed, standing between you and the next stage IT'S A BLAST Newsfield-awned Thalamus have been at the forefront crea,u,e- designed ofshoot 'em up design since the company was launched in 1984. Sanxion was ,0 blend in wilh ,he ¦ Iheir first release, and was written by newcomer level's graphical Stavros Fasoulas. The game, a horizontal blaster, was theme. Then, once subseguently released in September, and Fasoulas again, its time to then followed it up with Delta, a last-paced blaster ,ake ''out be,ore * which drew its inspiration Irom R-Type, Nemesis, and nds you of
your sup- countless others. Unfortunately, Finnish Fasoulas was P*V of lives- then drafted to join the Finnish army lor two years' compulsory service. In the Now-while al1 meantime, Thalamus had signed another upcoming team. Cyberdyne Systems, lh,s doesn’t sound to produce Armalyte. However, Fasoulas is now back on Ihe scene with particularty inspiring.
Galactic, another tast-paced blaster which he is currently developing. "ls ,he graphical Lyberdyne System's jblaste sse that sets Armalyte apart i the rest. The backdrops leature acid-dripping spirals and huge gaseous swarms that burst out from nowhere. These creatures aren't just there for their looks, and avoiding them and their flak is essential it any progress is to be made.
However, these graphical enhancements tail to add a certain spark to the game's tried and tested gameplay and. With the likes ot Z-Out leading the way in the horizontally-scrolling arena, Armalyte comes across as a second division blaster.
Steve Merrett game ever to beige suitcase’s s Featuring six; a five-stage blast, which aban- its C64 step-father and opts for a series of organic and stone player mode of the first game is just you against the many waves of would-be space flotsam.
Armalyte is typical horizon- tally-scrolling fare, with the the C64 Armalyte won itself a of fans, and rightfully so.
Unfortunately, though, the status cannot be this Amiga I Infnrtt The story behir i game s development has more twists and turns than an episode of Falcon Crest, with the game originally in the hands of Steve THALAMUS £25.99 A solid but unremarkable shoot ‘em up 3 GRAPHICS 75% SOUND 67% LASTABILITY 71% PLAYABILITY 74% OVERALL 70% WHO ELSE CAN OFFER YOU THESE PRICES ?
COMPUTER ACCESSORIES M-----------------1S6 UxeePafcM-----------IK UrWutoPitoStotf ...595 35 S2S lib Cases .....K» 3i.'52SOaanKfc_____195 PC AT ft* Co* ......595 PC XT Oust Co*_________.5.95 Mctf RirwOCo* .3.56 132Coi Pm*e» Occwer 3B tvConQlfcuse Scfl«m2295 HWUAUTV RIBBONS: 4T UNBEATABLE PRICES ™° INC VAT LABELS For Qty's ot 100- ALL ABOVE BOXES CONTAIN TWO KEYS AND DIVIDERS 25 50 10
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390. .
525. .... 1 4 DATA CARTMOGES DC 2000 ......11.60
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mm caw ....14.79 Rewritable CPT DISKS
130.00 Cartisie
1mm340O . ORGIHAL LASER SUPPLIES Caron ,HP saesi wxr
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0. 0 “» 01 p Oly's below 100 @ 33p each: 250* @ 30p each: 500* @
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HARDWARE: 5I2K AMIGA 500 E329.99 A520 TV MODULATOR ...... FREE A501 RAM EXPANSION £9199 SOFTWARE - ENTERTAINMENT BART SIMPSON £2439 WPT PLANET & PIANETEERS.. £25.99 LEMMINGS ... £25.99 PLUS! 16 NIGHTS FREE HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION Eveiy Amiga from Silica comes with a FREE 72 page, full colour brochure with accommodation vouchers. These vouchers entitle 2 people to stay up to 16 nights in one hotel (or any number of hotels to a total of 16 nights) with accommodation FREE (you could take up to six nights for four people, or other options).
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Firebird ROCk 'n' Roll - By Rainbow
Arts ...... Skweek - sy us
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1234 SIDCUP SHOP: VM. Jg.™ ¦ ft: Silica Systems Ltd. Dept CMUSR-089m iTThe Ss. ISerteyRd. Sidcup,". QAM 4DX | Mr Mrs Ms: Address I I I Postcode SILICA SYSTEMS H SrtSuK0!0'™. K. buy four new AMIGA computer. Suggest mi think vory ceterully about 22!r™i “ kkS ¦ 'e” months eher buying your Amg,. Wtrsn ,ou rrrey require additional peripherals or solrwsre. Or hero and advico vrrth your now purchase. And will the company you buy Rom contact you w„h Oetarls c new products? AlSiltc sjwms. -a .mN you will have owning lo won, about. We neve Oeeo salablrshM lor ow. 12 yearVand. Wit' our unnva" ed
experience and sxpertlae. We can now claim lo meel our customers requirements with an understan Whocf omputef(s). If any. Do you own? ... png which O seedrw to none But don't lust tska our moMlortt. Complaia and return ihe'eoupin' ®0 Irtorature and begin to experience Ihe "Silica Systems Service" r With Blade Software's Lords of Chaos gaining a strong following with strategy and fantasy fans alike, Paul Boughton takes a look at the game and the newly released data disks.
In some quarters Lords of Chaos has been described as a role-playing game, but a number ot limitations and game aspects defy this classification. It isn’t really fair to compare it with the likes of FTL’s Dungeon Master or SSI’s Pools of Radiance because there’s only one character for the player to control, and the game’s Wizard Designer (a sort of construction kit) offers very little scope for character creation and development.
LoC operates on a far simpler, more accessible level and designers. Blade, call it a I fantasy strategy which, to be I fair, is probably the best description possible.
Between one to four play- I ers can take part, each controlling their own wizard, I and the surrounding scenario I is pretty standard fare. A war- I tom world is further ravaged I by an earthquake which has I shattered it into three separate and self-contained environments. The surviving wizards must compete against each other, exploring | and surviving these dangerous lands, and encountering magical monsters, tricks, traps, and assorted dangers.
Their aim is to become the Lord of Chaos of the title and further your power by collecting the many treasure caches that can be found within the surrounding areas.
Blade have opted for a 2D play area, and the resulting flat image gives the game a rather 8-bitesque look. The game does have its roots within the 8-bit machines, but I can’t help but think that a little more could have been done with the graphics and backdrops. In addition - and this is a fault with this style of game anyway - the sound is very disappointing and could easily have been used to add more atmosphere. However, looking beneath the weak graphics and overall presentation, there is in fact an easy-to-get-into game lurking in there. The game uses a simplistic ’point’n’click’ system
to access the action, and all the relevant movements are clearly set out and allow for smooth and logical action sequences. Even newcomers to this style of game should It.
N- el II it a ibe lay- rd, lario war- ied las a- ing ring 3r- ing irs.
3 md 3Ct- hes le 2D 9 a 3 but Kt- 1 xt of is ild idd ring :em II e ¦ irs i It s very hard to really guess a game's potential for lastability, especially with the addition of further expansion kits. Expansion Kit One - which obviously means that more are on the way - offers two new scenarios very much in the style of the original game. There's no attempt to move or improve the game it's just more of the same.
The two scenarios on the disk are The Island ol Iris and Tombs ol the Undead. The first contains treasures buried in hidden locations, and the main task is to buy spades to dig for hidden gold, diamonds, rubies and emeralds. The second world contains a magical tomb built by the once-powerful sorcerer, Goremarthe Indestructible. Somewhere in the tomb is the Staff or Goremar, the source of his power. Once again, and as in the first game's third scenario, it’s another single player scenario which proves a tad limiting.
In all, Expansion Kit One is an excellent value for money addition to the original Lords ot Chaos.
BLADE £8 i If you liked the original, here's more of the same J GRAPHICS 70% SOUND 69% LASTABILITY 73% PLAYABILITY 76% OVERALL 73% be able to get to grips with it within a matter of minutes.
Each wizard has quite a wide range of magical powers at his disposal. Depending on which world you are on, there are some forty-five spells to cast, ranging from the almost obligatory healing, fire bolts, and lightning, to teleportation brews, and ones that enchant the oncoming creatures and turn them into gooey grey blobs. The three lands are the Many-Coloured Land, which is overrun by the wicked Torquemada; the Slayer's Dungeon, which is named after the fearsome weapon which lies at the heart of the land; and the realm of Ragaril. The latter one causes real problems - Ragaril is an evil and
extremely powerful wizard, and play at this particular stage can only be attempted by one person.
The length of game and turn time can also be adjusted to pace the game or add a sense of urgency. This means that the game’s difficulty level can be altered slightly should you find the game a walk-over.
Also, the way the playing environment pieces together and opens up as it is explored is really nice.
Lords ol Chaos is an entertaining diversion but there's little to make you gasp, no real surprises, and no touches of real innovation. Perhaps it is intended for the newer adventurer, and if this is the case then it Just load up the original, slap in adventures new. OK, so it otters game, but missions are fun and nicely. The lastability mark is lower that tor the origi- _ nal game, though, because you only get two scenarios instead of three.
Expansion Kit One Is available from Mythos Games for £8, including packaging and postage.
Send a cheque or postal order payable to Mythos Games Ltd., at 19 The Rows, The High, Harlow, Essex, CM201BZ, Paul Boughton Enjoyable, but simplistic adventure lor beginners J GRAPHICS 70% SOUND 69% LASTABILITY 74% PLAYABILITY 76% muti SCENE the new disk, and you're off on no enhancements over the basic will prolong the life of the game OVERALL 74% BLADE £24.99 0782 575043 0782 575043 AMIGA SPECIALS Atmour Geddon .....17.49 l Herns Quest 17.49 Brat ......17.49 Monnshine Racer.
Platoon .... I Predator 2...... Killing Cloud.
Life & Death ...1 Moonbasc (Sierra) .
Mig 29 . I Heart of Dragon ..... Encounter .... I Cougar Force .. Toki ...... I Chuck Rock I Hill Slreel Blues .... I Hostages ..... I War one ...... I FI 5 Strike Eagle II...... I Midwinter 2 I Railroad Tycoon .... I Lemmings .. I Super Cars 2 .. I Viz ...... ¦ Swiv .... ¦ Alcatraz ..... Icolditz ¦ Turrican 2 .
13D Construction Kit... ¦ 41) Boxing U4D Driving I At’rika Corps . I Awesome (Psy gnosisl.
I Cohort ¦ Crystals of Aborca...... ¦ Das Boot .. I Wonderland .. ¦ Switchblade 2 I Pro Tennis Tour 2...... I Plight of Intruder I Skull & Crossbonc-s... AMIGA SPECIALS I Monty Python 8.99 Indy Joiks last cmsade 8.99 Zak Mckracken 7.99 UN Squadron 8.49 Line of Fire 7.99 Eswat 7.99 Nightshift 9.99 Mean Streets 9.99 Narco Police 9.99 Mighty Bomb Jack 9.99 Hard Driven 2 9.99 Moon walker 7.99 Lombard Rally 6.99 Forgotten Worlds 7.99 Predator 6.99 | Ninja Rabbits 6.99 I CJ Elephant Antics 6.99 Adv. Fniit Simulator 6.9 Jet Sublogic
8.99 BSS Jayne Seymour 9.99 Pub Trivia 4.99 Steve D. Snooker 8.50
S. T.U.N. Runner 5.99 Violater 6.99 AMIGA CLEARANCE |TV Sports
Basket Ball.... 14.99 Wolfpack (I meg) ....14.99 I
Warhead ...9-99 Forgotten
Worlds 6.99 Xenon’ ...999
Turrican ...8-99 Treasure
Trap ..6-99 Predator 2 ... 17.49
Teenage Hero Turtles.....14.99 Stun! Car
Racer ..9.99 Test
Drive 8.99 Grand Prix
Circuit .....8.99 4th 'N'
Iches ....8.99 Star Glider
2 ...8.99
Simulcra ..8.99 Rick
Dangerous ..9.99 P47
Thundelboll .6.99 Ninja
Spirit .....7.9‘ Kick
Off ...8.9-
Gravity .....7.9"
Hamrnerfisl .....7.9" Airboume
Ranger ......7.9 Automic Robokid ......8.9 Axels
Magic Hammer 7.9 Midwinlcr Bailie Squadron ..8.9
Cadaver .14.9 Dragons
Breed 9.9 Dvnasly Wars ..7.9 Wheels of
Fire ..14.9 Space Harrier 2 ...7.9
Wax .-7.9 Escape Robol
Monstere....8.9 Fantavlsion ...14.9 Hard
Driven ....6.9
Toobin ......6.'
A. P.B 6.' California
Games ......6.' Carrier Command ......8.'
Destroyer ..... Guardian Angels.
Gridstart Hot Rod.
Outrun... Fast Food Dizzy .. R Type ..... Fantasy World Dizzy FIS Interceptor .. Speed Ball ......8. Defender of Crown ....8. 3D Pool ....8. Top Cat ....7. Shcmian M4 ...7. North & South ....7. Op Wolf ...7 Name.... Addrcss, Postcode.
Please add Sop P&P per Game CLI AUGUST Total Amount Post to: CASTLE SOFTWARE Castle House, |2 Williams Clowes St, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trrent ST6 3AP A bit of a sleeper in its arcade form, Thunderjaws has finally made it to the Amiga after a six-month development time.
Unfortunately, though, the premise set by the game's brilliant scenario isn’t quite bome out by the game itself. Set in the not-too-dis- tant future, the voluptuous but thoroughly evil Madame Q has set up a sprawling underwater base and is kidnapping thousands of beautiful babes for her unnatural experiments.
Thus, with a shortage of well-rounded cuties about to hit the western hemisphere, the government has acted by sending in a team of experts to free the hostages and put an end to Madame Q’s meddling.
Converted from the obscure Tengen coin-op, Thunderjaws is the work of Neil Harding and Lloyd Baker, who have been battling with the conversion since January.
However, although the gameplay has been recreated faithfully, it still comes across lLS .21.99 ...6.99 .16.99
16. 99
18. 99
17. 49
21. 99 .6.99
17. 49
19. 99
17. 49
16. 99
17. 49
17. 49
16. 99
19. 99 .7.99
11. 99 .6.99
9. 99
1. 99
4. 99
6. 99
9. 99
9. 99
4. 99
7. 49
7. 99
7. 99
5. 99 THUNDERJAWS as tired and, frankly, far from exciting or
addictive. These problems have been inherited from the
coin-op, though, so fans of both the arcade parent and the
Amiga version of Rolling Thunder (which Thunderjaws is the
unofficial sequel to) should be happy with the conversion. In
all, Madame Q's aquatic base spans thirteen areas, and
standing between our two lantem-jawed heroes and the final
face-off are a series of horizontally-scrolling stages
featuring all manner of mutated and robotic nasties.
Before the game enters its familiar Rolling Thunder territory, the actual gameplay is split into two distinct gamestyles, with the two heroes initially left to swim through shark and mine- infested waters until they reach one of the bases.
Starting out in the murky seas leading up to the first base, the diver (or divers in two- player mode) start the game armed with a trusty harpoon and an unlimited supply of spears. From either side of the screen, cybernetic sharks. » SCENE THUNDERJAWS enemy divers, and assorted mines and chemical spillage appear, and these must be avoided or one of your three lives will be lost. The coinop's sprites were large and bold, with massive biomechanical sharks and suitably beefy divers pouncing on the unwitting player, and to say that the conversions’ sprites are a little disappointing is a
massive understatement. I understand that Domark were forced to reduce them so that the entire game could be squeezed into the Amiga, but the tiny divers and miniature sharks are far from impressive, can hardly be described as imposing or menacing and give the game an unfortunate 8-bit look.
DRAWING THE LINE... The recent batch of arcade machines enable the player to complete them simply by pumping wads of cash into them. And whilst these massive beasts feature incredible graphics, the added difficulty means that they are far from playable. This particularly affects conversions, too, and just recently a line has had to be drawn so that a good balance between playability and difficulty is kept, whilst ensuring that the changes don't impair the gameplay at all. Thunderjaws is a perfect example of this, and the original coin-op's extra weapons were scattered liberally through the
game and would expire just when they were needed the most.
However, The Kremlin's John Kavanagh (the leader of the Thunderjaws team) wanted to make the game as playable as possible, and asked Neil to come up with a better system. And the result does actually make a difference without sacrificing the closeness of the conversion.
Things start to look up on entering the base itself. The puny sprites of the underwater section are replaced by chunkier and more colourful characters, and there are some impressive end-of-level guardians. However, the animation undermines this initial good impression. As progress is made towards the wayward Madame 0, the levels start to expand with the addition of ladders which take the game away from the normally horizontally-scrolling area, and into a larger, eight-way- scrolling shoot 'em up.
However, as he struggles up the ladder, the animation on the main character is nothing short of laughable, and mars an otherwise good section.
These two gamestyles are swapped between as the two heroes progress, and the levels get harder as the enemy's intelligence is raised. The original coin-op was very cash-intensive, with the enemy attacking in their droves, and the necessary extra weaponry rarely available (unless more cash was inserted). In the cause of good gameplay, though, Neil has incorporated a system where the weapons appear slightly before you’ll need them, and this makes the game far more playable. I don’t want to sound unnecessarily hard on Thunderjaws because, as conversions go it is more than satisfying.
However, the disappointing graphics and animation let it down badly and make an otherwise playable game look worse than it is. The improvements that Neil has made over the coin-op make the game easier to get into and more addictive to play, but my overall impression is of a weak game.
A playable conversion, but one for die-hard fans of the coin-op and its predecessor only methinks.
Steve Merrett DOMARK £25.99 £ A playable but graphically weak conversion J GRAPHICS 65% SOUND 83% I LASTABILITY 79% PLAYABILITY 75% OVERALL 77% KIRK SAN DON DISI3 IISJU Credit Card Hotline 0302 887332.... All orders received before 3.30 pm will be despatched the same day.
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Titles below which is just a small selection from over 1400 titles in stock:
* Denotes 1 Meg only - (2D) Denotes 2 Disks GAMES 1174 Tarot -
The Inner You 891 Stamp Collector' 294 Pauls Freeware Coll 221
Moria * (Role - Playing) AMOS LICENCEWARE PRICED AT 902 Batman
The Movie * 362 Goldfish Disk 2 281 Werner game £3.50 PER DISK
903 Juggler 11* 366 Font Workshop 300 Star Trek * (2D) No's
1,2,5,8,10,14, are very good 957 Not Boing Again' 417 A - Team
Utils 321 La er Zone for children.
990 Franklin The Ry * 440 Harlech Utils 4 326 Megagames Vol 1 Disk 1 LPD1 Colouring Book 1035 Steve Vizard * 463 Virus Checkers 327 Megagames Vol 1 Disk 2 LPD2 Arc Angels Maths 1056 Coyote Strikes Back' 590 Wosname Database 328 Megagames Vol 1 Disk 3 LPD4 Thingamijig 1061 Late Night Terminal * 618 Master Seka V 1.60 329 Megagamea Vol 1 Disk 4 LPD5 Jungle Book * 1119 Basketball Player* 707 Clerk BO Megagames Vol 1 Disk 5 LPD6 Pukadu 1158 Action VI.0 725 Darkstar Utils 3 331 Megagames Vol 1 Disk 6
1. PD7 4 Way Lynx SLIDESHOWS 726 Useless Utils 332 Megagames Vol
1 Disk 7 LPD8 Work and Play * 212 Belinda Carlisle 785 Dynax
Utils 6
- ,v Megagames Vol 2 Disk 1 LPD9 Amos Assembler-needs Amos 292
J. M Jarre Docklands 877 Scenery Generator 351 Megagames Vol 2
Disk 2 LPD10 The Word Factory * 333 Oasis Fantasy V ol 1 910
Messy Dos 352 Megagames Vol 2 Disk 3 LPD11 Go-Getter' 375
Aagatron Slideshow 3 915 U - Edit Word Processor 66 Megagames
Vol 2 Disk 4 LPD12 Hypnotic Lands' 376 Aagatron Slideshow 4
965 Nag Diary Calendar 357 Megagames Vol 2 Disk 6 LPD13
Jigmania * 377 Aagstron Slideshow 5 966 Ultimate Icon Disk 409
Emerald Mines LPD14 Play It Safe* 378 Aagatron Slideshow 6 989
Master Virus Killer V2.1 414 Return To Earth * (Elite) LPD15
Arc Angels Shapes * 379 Aagatron Slideshow 7 1097 Med V3.0 *
534 Bionix LPD16 Revere 11 * 380 Aagatron Slideshow 8 1106 Med
V3.ll' 566 Jumpy LPD17 Dogfight 11 ‘ 382 Silents Fantasy Art
(2D) 1121 Exile Fonts 567 Tomtespelot LPD18 Touchstones 427
Joes Slideshow 2 1122 Dynamite Fonts 670 Holy Grail * LPD19 X
- It 50 445 Forgotten Realms 1124 Nib Copier 673 Train
Construction Set LPD20 Wordy (Processor)' 531 Sun Connection
111 1129 Ham Lab 686 Eat Mine (Boulderashy) LPD21 Quingo (3000
Questions) * 660 Hampics AMOS ED 690 Marathon Mine
(Boulderdashy) LPD22 LC10 Fonts 702 Fraxion Slideshow APD22
Fun School 3 Demo 742 Tennis * LPD23 E.S.P 719 Aagatron
Slideshow 9 APD59 Quiz Game* 865 Popeye LCD LPD24 Shining Way
Of KungFu' (2D) 722 Total Recall' APD62 Arcadia (Breakout) 879
Treasure Search (For the kids) (2 Disk set- price £5.50) 741
NightBreed APD85 Snakes And Ladders * 906 Golden Reece * (Text
Adventure) LPD25 The Mission * (Text Adventure) 743 Bruce Lee
APD96 Pair-It* 908 Blizzard (Shoot em up) ANIMATIONS 746
Addams Family * APD97 Dynamite Dick * 919 Turn Marble Slide 91
Probe Demo .
830 Fantasy Space Art (2D) APD103 Pick a Jigsaw Puzzle * (2D) 955 Tricky Senso-Pro 156 Puggs in Space 837 Sky Walker Digishow 1 APD110 Crossfire * 962 Starfleet 244 Walker Demo 1' 849 Sky Walker Digishow 11 APD115Balloonacv' 976 Yelp 245 Walker Demo 2' 854 Space Slideshow APD130The Wooden Ball m Spacepoker 291 Trackball Anim * 866 Scarecrow APD132 History Database * 009 Chinese Checkers 2% The Run * 882 Watership Down APD134Spectraspaint V2.0' 010 Wet Beaver Tennis * 408 Indiana Jones * 894 Chaos Rock * APD135Spacemaths * 012 Rings of Zon * 419 Gymnast * 898 Desert Island 11 APD137Tile Trial*
016 Quiz Master 425 Cool Couger * 933 Istari Slideshow APD138 Spanish Tutor 022 Simpsons 583 Fractal Right * 1026 Yabba Dabba Do APD142 Pair Crazy* 023 7 Tiles 611 Knight' 1066 Japan Culture APD146 Fruit Machine 024 Wizzys Quest' 652 Fillet The Fish 1094 Pentagon B W Slideshow APD149 Pontoon * 039 Zeus 666 Stealth 11 * 1096 Simpsons (Freehand) APD153 Missile Command 115 Megahall * (Breakout) 678 Ghostpool • 1102 Nemesis (2D) APD180 Dungeon Delver' (2D) 116 Sealance * (Sub Sim) 819 Iraq UTILITIES APD182 Pixie Kingdom* (2D) 147 Serene - S.E.U.C.K Game 858 Light Cycles'(2D) 28 Icon Development
APD184Towers Of Hanoi 149 Raid - S.E.U.C.K Game 860 Gold Statue' 127 Psfcudo-Ops Utils 1 APD190 Black Belt 14« Serene 11 * S.E.U.C.K 876 Porky Pig • 143 Phenomena Music Creator To all members: Send your current catalogue disk to us together with an order and we will update it free of charge.
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J. Nicktaus Gon and Championship Cou'ses Cycles and PoworDoal U S
A £21.50_ HIT MACHINE Soporcars. Skidz. Switchblade 4 Axols
Mage Hammer.
£17.50 CHALLENGERS Ftghwr bomber. Supers*. Kick Ofl Pro Tennis Toj A Stunt Car Racer _£21.50_ HOLLYWOOD COLLECTION Robocop. Batman the Movie. Ghosttxisters 2 & Indiana Jones the Last Crusade £21.50 SIERRA VALUE PACK Manhunler in New York. Goldrush.
Lelsuresult Larry £24.99 PLATINUM Strtder. Black Tiger. Forgotten Wolds & Ghouls And Ghosts £21.50 Virtual Reality Midwinter. Camer Command. Stun Car Racer.
Stargltde 2. Int Soccer Challenge £24.99 POWER UP Rainbow islands. Tumcan. Chase H Q. X-Out ft Altered Beast £21.50 (Special Oner) msm.
Va Souarcs ... i (1 Meg) Brigade (New).
Srassii CDTV A Bun For Barney Advanced Military System Baltlestorm CO-Remlx (Icon drlvencommends) Hound ol the baskervlles Sim city Wrath ol the demon FIST OF FURY Double Dragon 2. Shmobi. Ninja Warriors 4 Dynamite Dux _£21.50_ SPORTING WINNERS Daily Double Horse Rac-ng. Steve Davis Snooker 4 Bnan Cloughs Football Fortunes £17.50 COIN OP HITS 2 Dynasty Wars. Nmp Sp.nl, Vigilante.
Hammertist 4 Ghouls And Ghosts £21.50 PREMIER COLLECTION FlimBoS Quest. Last Ninja. Tusker & Int Karate - £17.50 SPORTING GOLD CaWornia Games. The Games Writer 4 Summer EdOons _£21.50_ Bs0lT»HC«?C* J 0u»ft ges ChmKrs cf Krmr CxnW Bntt Conjatfottanw GjTf el tsi, BxOl OeUMtWsCtKiyii O’agBnwFere £i« O Tie hrrc«tf he la** mrwsOws BOOKS ¦ Populous A’ctineclure I Architscturs 7 s »dRal*ne* (J»Mtf«rOai ?
Sing* Etrpn Stott d tte Sim Sate SwcsOve? 1 : ?c 3 25 12.50
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Card Type ......Expiry Date .. CU 08 91 "Mutant Hero Turtle*' i ihegaiaxy.
I 8 iRacng 4 Pooisl !
Manager Xenor 7 B D (Theodore) Logan, high school party animals and self-confessed cool dudes are destined for great things.
Namely, founding a religion and being idolised by future generations because of their most 'bodacious' Californian interpretation of both the English language and Heavy Metal music. However, this will never happen if they flunk high school. This looks very likely until Rufus, a messenger from BILL & TED S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE ill C .L. L.i. A ‘most excellent’ collection of 'historic heavyweights'.
SURF S UP DUDES! Two guys travelling back in time to locale famous historical personalities may sound like a bad plot Irom the T.V. show Time Tunnel, but only the terminally uncool and those who haven't yet seen the cult American comedy could possibly hold such an opinion. Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure is a tongue in-cheek adolescent romp through time with two mind-blowing high school dudes from San Dimas, California. These guys use loads of adjectives like most bodacious' and 'bogus, dudes' so be warned, it you don't like Sunny Slate surfing slang don't read this review or more
importantly, DON'T WATCH THE MOVIE!
The future, sent to save mankind appears giving them the chance to get an A+ grade by doing a 'most excellent' history presentation. This involves bringing dead dudes like Socrates and Freud back from the past to present day San Dimas, to relate their own real lite histories!
Equipped with a totally out of this world telephone booth, Bill and Ted have to dial historic dates and travel back to twelve different points in time to in the a lack fS dif Mlkey' appears at San Dimas High, as Bill & Ted's grades soar.
Pick up the requisite number of dead dudes. This is either six or twelve, depending on the difficulty level. Some dudes, like Napoleon will follow as soon as they are found, others need to be given appropriate objects, such as a fire extinguisher for Joan of Arc, before they will enter fhe Time Booth. These objects can be collected on various levels and stored for lafer use. Only two 'historical heavies' can be carried in the phone booth at any one time so you must return to San Dimas regularly to deposit them in the local shopping mall for safe keeping.
The graphics are colourful but poorly drawn except for some digitised screens from the movie. The duo are only represented as one inseparable sprite and, although the various historical characters are funny, there aren't very many. The best thing about the game is its use of sampled sound taken directly from the movie. If you gel something right the guys exclaim, 'EXCELLENT and if you get it wrong, 'BOGUS'.
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is fatally let down by a lack of depth both in the overall game design and on each level. It took me just seven minutes to complete level one the first time I played it, and level four (‘the most difficult’) doesn't require much practice to get right either. My advice is to spend a quid on renting the video first, then if you think it’s the ‘most excellent' comedy you've seen recently, and don’t mind spending £24.99 on a game that only takes an hour or two to finish, I can recommend this most 'bodacious' piece of software.
Alan Dykes ACCOLADE £24.99 i Too easy to complete, for real fans only.
9 GRAPHICS 64% SOUND 70% IASTABILITY 57% PLAYABILITY 65% OVERALL 57% COMMODORE AMIGA 500 NINTENDO SUPER FAMICOM SEGA MEGADRIVE NINTENDO GAME BOY . SPOT PRIZES ... SPOT PRIZES ... SPOT PRIZES ... DIAL - A - QUIZ Presents THE... JOYSTICKS, SOFTWARE & CASH ... WIN ... WIN ... WIN ... WIN ... WIN ... WIN ... WIN ... WIN ... For your eyes only ... STOP ... Agents Hyde and Seek killed in action ... STOP ... Sir Willoughby Smythe captured by Airport Security at Londons Heathrow ... STOP ... Smythe's luggage said to contain quantity of stolen Computer Prizes ... STOP ... Your Mission ... STOP ... Find
the Prize, answer the Question, and YOU could be THE winner... STOP ... BEWARE! Some cases contain Knock-out Gas... If you find THESE... You’re out of the Game... STOP... 0839- 121 - 166 All Spot Prizes are won Instantly.
II more than one person should locate the main prizes then all entries will be placed in a (inal Prize Draw.
It you are under 18 please obtain the permission ot whoever pays the telephone bill.
Calls are charged at 34p per minute cheap rate. 45p per minute at all other times.
DIAL 0228 512131 !!!
VISA ¦ Mi All prices inc VAT + P&P
3. 5" DSDD with locking box and labels 25 DSDD with
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3. 5" Locking Disk Boxes All contain Keys & Dividers.High Quality
1+ 3+ 6+ 50 cap £5.99 £5.25 £4.99 100 cap £6.99 £6.25 £5.99
ACCESSORIES Mouse mats ..... Monitor
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Labels ..£1.50 Mouse
house ... ..£1.99
3. 5 Cleaning Kit ..£2.95 Printer
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quality dust cover to your computer - protects from dust etc
ONLY £3.50 each !!
Our disks are probably the best in the world - we sell to librarys and shops etc. Don’t risk your data buy all your disks from:- . Wmmm UNIVERSAL OVERNIGHT DISTRIBUTION LTD UNIT 26, Enterprise Centre, James Street, Carlisle, Cumbria CA2 5BB TEL: 0228 512131 - 24 Hour WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN A £50 MAIL ORDER VOUCHER!!
DIAL: 0898 886 200 Calls Charged at 34p 44p a min. WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN Have YOU Won!? Call THE WINNERS LINE 0839 -121 -165 DIAL-A-QUIZ. P.O. BOX 11, SKEGNESS, LINCS. PE25 3NL Ever sal down to watch a blood’n’bullets movie and found yourself screaming at the hero to single-handedly take on the combined might of the enemy forces with his pop gun. Wipe out their impregnable installations with a single grenade, free the hostages, and save the day? Hunter, the long- awaited 3D epic from Activision, puts you in this one-man-behind-enemy-lines clichd and allows you to run riot where
Schwarzenegger, Stallone and Chuck Norris fear to tread.
The Hunters of the title are an elite band of troops who make Lee Marvin’s Dirty Dozen look like a bunch of wimps. A Hunter's job entails going deep behind enemy lines, blowing up strategic installations, assassinating key military figures, and causing general mayhem. As one of these super-troopers your mission is to take on a powerful invading force, single-handed by using whatever equipment you can get your hands on.
Each mission starts off at HQ, where you’re given your orders. After that it’s off to your hut to collect a map, a log book to keep track of mission targets, and a couple of Aerial Observation units.
When activated, the latter zoom a couple of hundred feet into the air and beam back a map of the surrounding area including positions of vehicles, buildings and people. Most buildings are civilian bungalows which contain little of importance. Hangers, on the other hand, often contain vehicles and assorted supplies. And, as with the real thing, powered transport requires fuel, and without a couple of cans of four star DON'T PUSH ME! Do you ever get the urge to strip tlown to youi boxer shorts, smeai your body with animal droppings and take on the entire army of some third world country?
No? Well some people must judging by the success of action films such as Rambo, Commando and Missing In Action. The Rambo films were written by, and starred, Sylvester Stallone. The first had him up against corrupt cops in America's deep south, in the sequel he took on the entire Vietnamese army for breakfast and rescued American PoWs In his lunch hour. The final film saw Stallone, his bazooka and baby oil taking on the might of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, Arnold Schwarzenegger was rescuing fair maidens in Latin America (Commando) and battling alien creatures on his days off (Predator). Veteran crumbly Chuck Norris ran riot In 'Nam (in his attempts to rescue the PoWs that Rambo forgot) in a film which grossed $ 26,000,000 but never made him a megastar.
It just goes to show that you don't need an army - just a hero with more muscle than brain, no conscience and 500 extras who don't mind being labelled 'gooks' and taking dives to make Mr Muscle look good.
Silenced by well-aimed helicopter rotor blades. Apart from being big, Hurler is also incredibly absorbing.
Although the missions have time-limits there are no constraints as to how you must complete them, and this flexibility is severely lacking in past attempts at accessible 3D games. If this had to be categorised, I suppose I'd call it a thinking persons 3D shoot ‘em up. Whatever it is it’s good and you should definitely check it out.
Mark Patterson you could find yourself without a ride.
Enemy vehicles are often the most convenient way to attack a target, especially the tanks which have large 80mm guns which can destroy anything with just three shots.
Naturally, the enemy are wise to your appropriation of their equipment and many islands are littered with tank traps, land mines and computer- controlled rocket batteries.
Even your helicopters aren't immune to enemy defences, and tracer guns blast hundreds of bullets into the air every minute whilst the deadly SAM batteries are always active. Control of land vehicles is very simple, using the forward and back directions of the stick to accelerate and brake, and the respective directions turning the vehicles. What is lacking, though, is a reverse gear, which would be very useful for faster evasive action. Also, control over the choppers is made slightly harder with a combi- MOTOR-VATION There's nothing stopping our hero from walking everywhere (apart
from on the occasional river), but its time consuming and very tedious to watch. To speed things up, a variety ol vehicles are included. Cars, jeeps, lorries and ambulances are all last and you can roll down the window to take pot shots at enemy troops. Guaranteed to deal with trattic jams are tanks, which come in two varieties.
Also, if you can’t be bothered to change from boat to wheels when you hit dry land you could try finding a hovercraft, which can go over any terrain. Finally, fly boys can try helicopters while environment Ireaks can settle for push bikes and windsurfers.
Your first target. Coax the old man Into giving you Info on the whereabouts of your next contact, tt you don't get any messages here you're on your own. It also pays to be cautious tf you're in a vehicle near an informant's house. One stray shot from a tank and your mission will be scuppered You've reached your first objective and It's well guarded. If landing is too risky you could always attempt a midnight parachute drop (this also earns you bonus credits when the helicopter runs out of fuel and crashes).
Nation of forward and fire increasing lift, and a reduction in thrust needed before the beast can start moving and killing. Points are recorded in the form of credits, and every time an enemy soldier, vehicle, or installation is blown up you get paid for it. However, if you blow up civilians, their property, or wildlife (yes there's flora and fauna in the shape of flowers, bulls, rabbits and birds), a fee is deducted from your account.
The graphics are consistently good throughout.
They're colourful, contain a nice amount of detail and don't slow down when the screen becomes cluttered. A few more frames of animation would have been nice for the main character and some of the animals, but this is probably only noticeable to haggard old computer journos.
Throughout the game your ears are assaulted with a barrage of sampled explosions, growls and the odd seagull squawk, which is easily ACTIVISION £29.99 £ One of the best twists within the 3D genre. J GRAPHICS 89% SOUND 84% LASTABILITY 89% PLAYABILITY 90% OVERALL 89% SCREEN BNESS PACK 5 DISKS 4.95 H-Plus V2.2E (word pro) 4 Databases including (.Clot (accounts), spread shed. Mead (graphic 2 spell checkers.
5K TOP VIDEO PACK 4 DISKS 3.96 Handing collection for video producers, includes iw credits, slideshow, video backgrounds coal effects, putem generator and more!!
IOGRAMMERS PACK 5 DISKS 4.95 r». Modula 2. Lisp, logo, pascal, north C V1.3 ?
Al disk.
RD DISK PACK 3 DISKS 2.97 VI06. HD utilities, easy backup, word, view 80.
SINNERS PACK 4 DISKS 3.96 Tutorial, quid copy. E.S.A. utilities, disk mas- V30.
IPARTPACKI 5 DISKS 4.95 nit disk I, counuch clipart 1.2*3, image lab pick is full of clipart for use with Dpaint, pagc- retc.)
BNTS PACK I 5 DISKS 4.95 fonts, various fonts, fonts disk 2. Cos- ¦politan fonts, large fonts (loads of great fonts for tint etc.) W ANGLIA COLOCRFONTS DISKS 4.95 5 disks full of original colourfonts pro- nJ here at Anglia, ideal for captions, titles etc. Dpaint .
VENTIRE PACK 5 DISKS 4.95 y Grail. Golden Reece. Castle of Dwm. Return Enh, World, Colossal. Adventure Writer.
AND BOARD GAMES 4 DISKS 396 Cribbogc. Monoploy. Mastermind and ES PACK 2 DISKS 1.98 Pro (Jigsaw game). Wordscaah.
1C GAMES 5 DISKS 4.95 . Spare invaders. Slot Cars. Fashbter (boul- done i. Missile command.
TRA GAMES PACK 5 DISKS 4.95 » Tiles. Balloonacy. Mayhem. Battkforcc.
Simply phone your order through or send a cheque or postal order. Please add 60p to cover post & packing.
Arcadia. (All of these games have received rave reviews from Amiga Magazines.)
GAMES PACK I 5 DISKS 4.95 Blizzard. China Challenge, Escape from Jovi, Paranoid. Moontxisc and Drip! (Probably the best game in PD.)
ITILITIES PACK I 5 DISKS 4.95 Clw Solace disk (26 Utils). Disknunier V3.0. Darksur Utilities 2.3 & 4.
ADULTS PACK I 5 DISKS 4.95 5 Disks full of ".Animations" 18 and over only.
ADULTS PACK 2J &4 5 DISKS 4.95 3 Different pads of five disks full of 'slideshows" 18 and over only.
EDUCATION PACK I 5 DISKS 4.95 German. Globe. Geotimc. Drawmap, Evolution.
Clouds, Formula. Airfoil. Gravity Sim. Weather.
Wave Maker. World Data Bank and Mure" (This pack is ooc of our best sellers and is itKrediblc value for money.)
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LEI59NR Tel: 0858 410510 TO : CU AMIGA SUBSCRIPTIONS DEPARTMENT, PO BOX 500, LEICESTER, LE99 OAA NAME ..." .. POSTCODE ADDRESS Murder mystery games on computer have been much neglected.
It’s a genre ripe for exploitation, especially with the new era of CDTV just around the comer. In fact, the only recent attempts - which include Vera Cruz, Cruise fora Corpse, and Operation Stealth (displaying a predominantly French slant to the genre) - have been graphically impressive, but lacking in the all-important gameplay area.
In addition, the games often lose a lot in the translation, with some very odd phrases turning up - a trait that seems to have been carried through with Maupiti. For instance, the box blurb says: 'When we arrived I immediately knew there would be a heated ambiance ... a very heated ambiance.’ There’s nothing I like more than heated ambiance - whatever that might mean!
Fortunately, though, these lingual 'oddities’ don’t detract from making this one of the best whodunits I’ve played.
It’s impressive graphically, superb in the music and sound effects department and plays simply and easily.
The plot revolves around one Detective Jerome Lange, the gumshoe who first made an appearance in Lankhor's Mortville Manor back in 1989.
His return sees him investigating odd goings-on at the eponymous Maupiti Island. A girl called Marie - or Mary if the contradictary box blurb is to be believed - has been kidnapped, so Jerome sets about solving the case by roaming the tropical paradise, and scouring for clues. During this time, several characters, both dodgy and seemingly normal, can be interrogated and clues are liberally dropped during the course of these conversations.
However, someone is out to stop your investigations and most of my sleuthing ended in murder - namely mine.
The game opens with Jerome in his cabin, and above this a series of icons and options are secreted within an attractive bamboo border. These are then accessed with the mouse, and enable Jerome to talk, take, read, argue, and question, along with a whole host of other options which appear as and when they are needed. There are some very nice animated touches, such as moving fans and butterflies, which add to the claustrophobic and oppresive atmosphere really well - you can feel the heat of the tropics coming off the screen!
Couple this with some amazing music and sound effects, and the development team have created a quality that's often lacking in computer games and vital in whodunits
- the all-important atmosphere. Occasionally, though, this
atmosphere is punctured by the aforementioned bad translations,
one of which informed me that, while searching my own cabin and
trying to lift a desk lid I was, 'badly raised’. Quite what it
meant, I’ll never know.
On entering a new screen, the game informs you of who else is within the room. And from here, the collection of clues begins. Anyone who is present has their name MAUPITI SCREEN BROUGHT TO BOOK If you enjoy computer crime - and we don't mean hacking - you might like to checkout these classic whodunit books.
The Daughter of Time (1951) by Josephine Tey, Penguin.
An investigation into the murder of the Princes in the Tower.
Was Richard III really the killer?
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (1926) by Agatha Christie, Fontana. This is the book that turned Christie into the Queen of Crime. We defy anybody to guess the ending.
The Hound of the Baskervilles (1902) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Penguin. A gigantic hellhound brings terror and death to Devon. Sherlock Holmes investigates.
The Hollow Man (1938) by John Dickson Carr, Penguin.
A clasic locked room murder.
And Then There Were None (1939) by Agatha Christie, Fontana. One of the most intriguing puzzles. Is the last person left living really the murderer?
ISLAND shown at the top of the screen, and simply by clicking the pointer onto their sprite, a conversation can be struck up. As their face appears in close-up, their answers come across via some rather robotic speech synthesis, and anything useful that is said can be committed to memory.
Once again, though, these conversations fall foul of the dubious translation. Take my questioning of Bruce, a rough-looking sea dog type, for instance. From the start I was thrown by his greeting: ‘Hello, sailor'. Was I hearing things? Rather worried, I pressed on. What did he think of the island, I asked? 'I like stopping at Maupiti. I have my little habits there,' he replied. I decided I didn't want to know about his little habits and moved on.
For the tougher characters, an option allows you to lay into them, but the manual recommends that you avoid this avenue as much as possible.
In addition, as an undercover sleuth, it will also draw attention to your movements and make your task even harder.
Although not up to the standard of Operation Stealth, Maupiti Island is a neat game let down by the dodgy translations. OK, so this is a minor point, but it can get annoying and I would have hoped that more care could have been taken. Even so, solving Marie’s (or Mary's) kidnapping should keep all you would-be Philip Marlowes and Mike Hammers busy, and is recommended for its novelty value alone.
T One of the best Whodunits to grace the Amiga... J GRAPHICS 85% SOUND 84% LASTABILITY 80% PLAYABILITY 85% Paul Boughton 47 3D Snooker .16.99 Titles marked * are not yet available and will be sent on day of release.
Please send cheque PO Access Visa No. And expiry date to : Dept CU08, Trybridge Ltd., 8 Buckwins Sq., Burnt Mills, Basildon, Essex. SSI3 1BJ.
Please state make and model of computer when ordering. P&fP inc. UK on orders over C5.00. Less than £5.00 and Europe add £1.00 per item. Elsewhere please add £2.00 per item for Airmail. These offers are available Alail order only..Telephone orders: mon-Fri 9am-7pm. Saturday I0am-4pm. Fax orders : 0268 590076. Tel Orders : 0268 - 590766 PREMIER MAIL ORDER 3D Pool .....7.99 I ? 24 99 jpg'**. *-T t»» 9* 30 Ccrssrueaor K* 32 99 40CW**- 699 A OueT 22 99 A °0 699 African Raiders 6 99 As».«©n Akarraz * »«9* 6*8
A1* SoO 16 99 AVCJS 299« AMOS 30* 24 99 AMCS Cor-OM" 1999 A a 16.99 Aaa*oc 2 699 A mos* Crt«*o- 1699 A*om.-*J 1699 Awesome 14 39 BAT -999 Batna-i **• Capeo Ouaadar 6 9 Ba:* to *• FuX'a 3 "6 99 Ba'Oi ’We ? 6 99 Bards Tale 3 ..16.99 Battle command .....16.99 Battle of Britain ....19.99 Battle Chess 2* ....16.99 Betrayal ..19.99 Beastbusters" .16.99 Bilty the
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* .. 16.99
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Up ......19.99
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Crossbones ....16.99 S xwc'-’ 5 99
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2 ...16.99 Soeedba
•’** Staiego' *6 99 Sle-enHertk, * -6 39 St-o Poker 2 • Ora 6
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-6 99 Sh.rje' i9 9ft 6 99 Swr Otede 2 16 99 Swrv 16.99 team
SuzuU «6 99 Team
Yankee .19.99 Teenage
Mutant Turtles ..16.99 Terminator
2- .16.99 Test Drive
3- ...16.99 The
Immortal (1 meg) .....16.99
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Off* ....14.99
Track Sun Manager 2 • ...16.99 too 6
• cvc»C«*oe 6 99 ¦ota necee ‘3 9*
• ooer 6 99 ’tfboc««enoe?‘ i8 9* 'urt o C- erge 16 99 IwmcKf. 9*
Tumcan 2 1699 IV bpcrts Kaskerba 4 ** TV Soois Fooaa ’99
LMS2:-W«g» 1**9 vto 1699 WbA*. ' 16*9 wartxas Meg) 19 » war
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BLANK DISKS Top Quality Unbranded Disks 10x3.5" 20x3.5"
DSDD.... 50x3.5" DSDD 100x3.5" DSDD.. Branded Disks
3. 5" DSDD____________________1.25 Each BATMAN THE MOVIE
ONLY £7.99
a thousand years after the catastrophic events experienced
in Millenium 2.2, Deuteros tells of mankind's 'new space age’
and the fortunes of the mutated humans that colonised the
solar system in the year
2200. The races are at war with each other and mankind, having
recolonised Earth (at the end of M2.2), has grown
complacent and consequently forgotten the space technology
that it developed for survival all those years ago.
8. 99
9. 99
3. 99 isks ..5.99
10. 99
23. 99
44. 99 The game plays and feels very much like its predecessor.
The main screen offers access to a number of sections, each
of which controls different elements of the development of
your space program. Additional options become available
throughout the game, but the initial stages see you assigning
people to train as researchers, marines and production
workers. Once trained, your researchers must invent the
various parts of a space shuttle before it can be assembled
and your crew can fly it into space. There are further types
of construction that can only take place in space, such as
galactic starships.
The graphics may have changed, along with most of the space craft, but it still follows the same linear sequence of events. Personally, I don’t think that’s a bad thing, but you might feel that the gameplay could have been enhanced, especially when you consider that titles such as Virgii i s Supremacy have clearly demonstrated what can be done with this type of game.
ACTIVISION £25.99 Space opera strategy game lacking depth... J GRAPHICS 60% SOUND 50% LASTABILITY 50% PLAYABILITY 75% OVERALL 70% Written by Red Rat, Who recently enjoyed success with MicroProse’s International 3D Soccer, Wild Wheels utilises the same 3D pitch but replaces the players of the former with a series of hotrods and a grossly over-inflated ball. Wild Wheels is a sport invented to relieve the pent up frustrations of our ecologically-sound future society, and is played by a team of six vehicles using traditional petrol-driven engines, rather than the electric or solar ones that Joe
Public has to drive.
The player starts the game with a team of weedy ‘Shrimp’ mobiles which are, frankly, not up to much. Play commences when a massive steel ball has been dropped into play with the subsequent action viewed from directly behind the player’s car. The screen then scrolls to follow the vehicle s every You start the game with a ‘Shrimp’, an e«»y-to-drive car which isn't the high- performance demon you really need.
And they're off!
Create metal-bashing mayhem as rival teams of cars aim to make scrap metal out of their opponents.
Movement across the pitch. The opposition’s cars immediately start to chase the ball, aiming to knock one into your goal. Win a match and you get to enter the speed shop, where the player is given the chance to buy a series of enhancements for more powerful vehicles before taking on the next of the ten computer-controlled teams.
A neat hybrid of the car and footy genres, Wild Wheels' is let down by the repetitive nature of its gameplay. The bonus goodies that appear during _ each match add a little further interest, but on the whole the action is very OCEAN £24.99 t Take this one for a test drive before buying... J GRAPHICS 65% SOUND 62% INSTABILITY 51% PLAYABILITY 70% DIAL-A-CHEAT-LINE I SOFT EXCHANGE OFFERS YOU THE BEST IN QUALITY, SERVICE AND PRICES. WE WILL BEAT ANY ADVERTISED PRICE IN THIS MAGAZINE. ALL OUR DISKETTES ARE OF HIGH QUALITY JAPANESE MEDIA Probably Ihe best unbranded disks available in the UK 3''.*"
DS DD 100% certified error free
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163. 99
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117. 99
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Screen Filler 14" dcolour .. 113.99
12. 50 Duxl Cover AmigafAian (keyboard) 14.49
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I ray ...110.99 Logitech 2 button mouse
.£26.99 Crip Clip copy
holder .16.99 Naksha
Mouse .. £33.99 All prices include
VAT. Post and packing in U.K. Overseas orders please write or
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6QA. TEL 0X1 653 9094 (24 hours order line) Acccss Visa
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ACCESSORIES 15.99 Disk Head Cleaner
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Manchester M15 4LY Proprietor: Jacqueline Wright.
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S’? SPACEBALLS Nfw r« pat«a M0 Oaf* Ml ne o o hoar PMC 844 EMULATORS Spectrum and Alan ST 788 • 764 CEREBRAL DCUGHtS Brin muaie 7*7 AMY VS WALKER Animator 1 M3 768 COTOTE 2 Cttesrc Arm tt 770 771 VIVALDI FOUR SEASONS SO 'I 777 DVHAMir FONTS Qal ttaa* 12 779 PHENOMENA EctS KOM demo11 795 lASERZOt* dr-oned 64 pama11 783 9RUN0 MUSC80I 8 cooUn Muac i.
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START COMPUTER SYSTEMS just send cheque po * order details to-, start, dept.cur, 20 holmside. Sunderland, sri jje addictive quality which keeps the player coming back tor more in the hope of getting 'just that little bit further'. Now, from Thalion, comes Tangram, a Chinese game that is over four thousand years old.
Each game has the player starting with an orange silhouette on the screen, and seven basic shapes to try and fill it with. There are five triangles of various sizes, one romboid and one square. The shapes will exactly fit the silhouette if fitted correctly. By pressing the mouse button, each shape can be M I any of the most addictive games rotated prior to placing them on the have also been the simplest to board. There are 200 different shapes to pick up and play. Tetris, fill and they range in difficulty from Arkanoid, Pipemania and Asteroids, to ‘impossible to get wrong' to 'no way are
name but a few, have an elusive but those shapes going to fit in there!'.
There's also a timer option which increases the pressure without lessening the fun.
The game’s graphics are functional and there's a choice of lively tunes to soothe your weary brow as you struggle with some of the more complex puzzles.
All in all, a brain-straining puzzler which should provide hours of fun and frustration.
Mat Broomfield THALION £25.99 t A good conversion of a classic puzzle game J GRAPHICS 60% SOUND 75% LASTABILITY 60% PLAYABILITY 85% OVERALL 70% Iow that the England cricket team are starting to prove their worth (at time of writing they’d just whomped the Windies in the first test and drawn the second), people are starling to tgke a N t * ft »=¥* c * W renewed interest in cricket sims. Unfortunately, Cricket from Soundware is a poor attempt at recreating the excitement of leather hitting willow.
The game starts with the team selections.
England, Australia, New Zealand and the West Indies are included and their respective team members can have their attributes for batting, bowling and fielding altered. Following this, the players step out onto the field for the opening over. It's at this stage the game takes its downward plunge from which it never recovers.
The action is viewed from behind the wicket keeper, regardless of whether your team is fielding or batting. The power of a bowl, the aggression of a fielder or the strength of a throw are all determined by pressing and holding down the fire button every time the fielding side bowl a ball.
Adding insult to injury, there’s an almost embarrassing lack of intelligence on behalf of the fielders. If the ball is thrown and lands next to a fielder he will, more often than not, just stand there doing nothing. This is highly frustrating if there's a good chance of running someone out.
A good shot earns a round of digitised applause along with comments such as 'and it looks like a four’ or ‘he’s been run out'. Apart from that, though, there is nothing to redeem Cricket. The awful control system is restricting, and the immobile fielders make for a frustrating game. I’d advise any tme cricket fans to steer clear!
Mark Patterson SOUNDWARE £29.99 6 Cricket sim with few redeeming features... J GRAPHICS 51% SOUND 73% LASTABILITY 40% PLAYABILITY 30% OVERALL 39% If you have a pair of checked trousers and an equally loud shirt, then tee off with Challenge Goll. The game takes you to the four comers of the globe to play in four megabuck tournaments, battling to sink that little white ball on grass which looks like a green carpet.
I Between one and four players can compete in Challenge Golf. It’s best to start with the driving range, which is a 10-ball practice ses- sion. If you're a quick learner, though, you’ll J soon be skilled enough to put yourself down as a pro. Otherwise, be honest and own up to m being a rank amateur or a novice.
Hitting the ball smoothly and correctly takes time with meters informing you of power and cun e. The indicator on the curve meter enables you to hook the ball to the left or slice the ball to the right. You know if you’ve hit a perfect drive by the satisfying thwack when you clobber the ball. Then you can sit back and watch it fly upwards and onwards. Upon reaching the green, patience is the answer to sinking the ball while the line of your putt can be adjusted by clicking on the left and right arrow icons.
The practice option lets you whack merrily away at a mountain of balls while tweaking your driving skills. However, once out on the fairway the game lacks the excitement of a real-life tournament and the feel of match play.
The graphics are functional rather than flash- harry, but fail to instill a sense of 'being there’.
Fiona Keating The wizards are revolting (and it’s not just their personal habits). Whichever one passes the test of IOZU will become the grand master and dominate the rest.
To pass this test the wizard has to defeat the dark side of his spirit by completing a series of memory puzzles.
A pattern is displayed at the start of each level, which then has to be reproduced by you. Unlike most games you don't control the pieces. Instead you operate a little wizard who has to scurry around collecting the pieces of the pattern as they fall from the heavens and then place them on the board.
Initially, the puzzles are easy, normally consisting of textured squares that look like Swiss crispbread. When a slice of crispbread is placed on the board in the correct position a little light flashes to let you know you’ve got it right. As the game progresses the patterns become far more complex, often resembling human intestines with bits of biscuit stuck on top (seriously!). Reproducing that lot from memory is almost impossible.
The presentation is very slick. There’s a good intro with sampled sound and a snazzy picture. The menu screen has a couple of finely animated dragons and there’s an option that lets you trade gold (points) for tips which is another nice touch. When you’ve scored 1,750 gold pieces you can take the IOZU challenge where you have to avoid a swinging pendulum.
Brain Blasters is fun to begin with, but after the fifth level, or so, the novelty value begins to pale. There’s a two-player mode where a couple of wizards can battle it out for the pieces but even this becomes boring. Devotees of memory puzzles in The Express will probably like this, otherwise you’d be well-advised to try before you buy.
Mark Patterson 67% 71% 63% 73% S A nice idea, but doesn't warrant the price tag j GRAPHICS SOUND LASTABILITY PLAYABILITY OVERALL 65% UBI SOFT £25.99 £ New goll sim which proves a bit hit-and-miss... J GRAPHICS 68% SOUND 67% LASTABILITY 65% PLAYABILITY 64% SCREE SCENE After Thalion’s Atomix, comes Psygnosis’ Atomino, another molecular puzzler where the aim is to join up a series of atoms to form a chain of molecules. Simple enough, you might think, but each atom has its own valance between one and four so that they need to combine with one, two, three or four other atoms before a complete
molecule is formed. Any left over and you've failed in your mission.
Each atom’s valance is represented by small stars which rotate around the atom. When one atom is place adjacent to another atom with spare stars, the two join together and one spare star from each atom disappears. When a complete molecule is created, it automatically disintegrates and the game moves onto the next, progressively harder level.
SHORTS Some levels require you to build the molecule within a confined space whilst others may challenge you to repeat a set pattern or build a chain up to a predetermined size. To the right of the main screen is a pit which slowly fills with extra atoms which need to be placed on screen; if the pit fill up to the top it's effectively game over.
There are also joker atoms which can be placed next to any atom and bonus rounds. The graphics and sounds are simple enough, but its the gameplay that's the clincher. Once picked up you won’t be able to put it down.
Tim Beer PSYGNOSIS £25.99 t Molecular puzzler that'll drive you to frustration, f GRAPHICS 68% SOUND 70% LASTABILITY 75% PLAYABILITY 79% OVERALL 77% As one of the best golf simulations available on the Amiga, Jack Nicklaus’ Greatest 18 Holes Of Major Championship Golf (phew, what a mouthful and there's more to come) has spawned a whole series of course disks and complementary products since its release in 1989. These have included Major Championship disks for '89 and '90, an international course disk and an Unlimited Course Design package.
Major Championship Courses Ot 1991 adds three famous golf courses, completing the collection to date and is designed to run in conjunction with either The Greatest Eighteen Holes or Unlimited Course Design, both of which represent the basic Jack Nicklaus' packages for use with add on course disks.
This is the catch because if you’re new to Jack’s golf game and fancy a round on Royal Birkendale (the only English course), Heseltine National, Minnesota (U S A) or Crooked Stick Golf Club, Indiana (U.S.A.), you'll have to shell out for one of the original games as well as this expansion disk.
Existing owners will immediately recognise the graphics as well as the nagging slowness of new screen scrolling and disk loading. I was hoping, even within existing limitations that the graphics would be brightened up or scrolling modified but no luck here.
Unfortunately. That said there's nothing seriously wrong with the way the game looks and I don’t think newcomers will be at all dissapointed.
The control system hasn't changed.
There is a horizontal shot aiming indicator above the main screen, a power bar on the left hand side and a club type and number indicator on the right hand side.
There’s also a wind direction clock above yet another, smaller bar indicator for wind speed. Combine shot controls and indicators for that dream shot and hopefully score a hole in onel The copy protection scheme involves being presented with a top view of one of the fifty-four holes on the disk, then finding it on the supplied I.D. booklet and entering its number. This is all rather annoying as the booklet is printed in blue ink on a dark brown background to make it photocopy proof - unfortunately it's almost unreadable.
Jack Nicklaus' Golf is still a very good game and for anyone who follows the professional golf circuit on T.V. Championship Courses 1991 will add three instantly recognisable courses to their Amiga circuits. However, there's nothing new apart from that so if you've already had enough of the ‘Bear’ you should really look elsewhere.
Alan Dykes ACCOLADE £34.99 I Nice new courses, nothing else added though. J GRAPHICS 81% SOUND 70% LASTABILITY 85% PLAYABILITY 80% OVERALL 78% WICKED SOFTWARE £4.99 OUT NOW CAUFORNIAGAMES There's sun, sea and frolics aplenty in California Games, a compilation of six highly-entertaining sports. Taking part in all six events is the most testing, but if you feel like taking it easy, then compete in the events of your choice or concentrate on one event to become a world champion! The graphics throughout are eye-catching and brilliantly coloured. Some of the best touches are in the background
details. For example, in the skateboarding event, the famous hills and signpost of Hollywood picturesquely frame your various manoeuvres of kick turns, hand plants and aerial turns. Next up, the foot bag event is the oddest and silliest of all with the player's on-screen persona kicking around a small bag, whereas the surfing contest seems more than a little hazardous with the player again attempting jumps and turns whilst trying not to fall into the drink.
84% no Egyptian can enter the afterlife when they die. You take the role of Mafdet, the cat goddess, entrusted to retrieve the precious volume. Collecting amulets along the way is extremely beneficial to your endeavours, as some provide extra life force, while others are needed to gain access to previThis adventure takes place in ancient Egypt, but don't expect Christopher Lee’s Mummy to be waiting around the corner. The malicious god, Seth, has stolen the Book of the Dead and vanished into the underworld. Without this book, ously hidden areas. Journeying through the many drab dungeons
and mazes is made a hazardous journey because of hostile bods wearing Egyptian headpieces. There are badly- animated swordfights aplenty, and a firm and sustained attack is the best way to make your foes disappear. Other nasties which impede your way are flying greenwinged gorgons who spew forth flames and an annoying wasp which follows your movements and is very difficult to swat.
I'm not too sure about the name Mafdet, but Polly Morphous would be a more suitable name, as the long-limbed heroine has the power to turn into cat in order to help pass some obstacles.
Sad to say, but Maldel provides little in the way of exciting gameplay. There’s very little variation or challenge in the adventure. However, the lurid graphics are one of the best things about the game, as the garish green and yellow hues used certainly make the game stand out. A game for those who aren't particularly bothered about the trivialities of dull and bog-standard gameplay.
48% Roller skating does not spring to mind as a particularly dangerous sport but, in sunny California, the odds of falling over banana skins or hazardous cracks in the road are extremely high. In fact, humour abounds in California Games.
The best lines come in the BMX racing. Take a tumble and droll captions like ‘What a bummer!' And 'Geek of the week’ will inform of what the computer thinks of your performance.
Probably the best in the series is the flying disk event, similar to a super-strength frisbee competition. Throw the frisbee as far as possible and line up the catcher to meet the disk with a flying leap! Attractive graphics of lakes and mountains complement a lively activity. California Games is an excellent compilation with plenty of diversity to keep you well occupied until the end of a long, hot summer.
Money too tight to mention?
Bank balance edging further into the red? Fear not! Fiona Keating takes a monthly look at cut-price budget and compilation games that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.
KIXX 1 6 OUT NOW £7.99 GAME OF THE MONTH FLOOD Floods hero is Quiffy, a chunky green creature who has to travel through numerous platform-packed underground levels in his bid to escape an ever-increasing water level and reach the outside world. Quite sensible really, as ol' Quiffy can't breathe underwater. Luckily, our little friend is a rather nifty swimmer and paddles about quite happily.
_____ This is defi- V- nitely a game for neat freaks as the aim is to collect as much trash as possible, and only when each level is squeaky clean can Quiffy move on.
There are 42 levels to hoover up, plus some extremely nasty creatures to contend with.
These beasties are definitely the highlight of the game. The scary ghost of Quiffy's aunt follows closely. Her touch is deadly, so complete a level double quick before being caught. Surely the weirdest of all, though, is the Psycho Teddy - a cuddly toy which has a terrible pair of gnashers in its stomachl Other mea- nies are as bad as their names would suggest: Bulbous Headed Vongs, Plonkin Qpnkins and Vacuous Gombos.
Fortunately, though, Quiffy can pick up'weaponry with which to protect himself, and his inventory contains flamethrowers, grenades and delayed action dynamite.
The sound effects are a notable feature ot this game. A huge splash can be heard every time Quiffy belly flops into the water, and a sickening gulping noise makes the stomach turn as Quiffy is munched by a vicious snail or a Lumpy Wanderer! Although the sprites in Flood are small, they are perfectly formed and don't detract from the excellent and imaginative graphics. A fair degree of difficulty will ensure that this game is played during many a drought or downpour.
ELECTRONIC ARTS OUT NOW £10.99 87% It's tough being Arnold Schwarzenegger. Your best buddies have been slaughtered and skinned in horrific circumstances and your jungle green combat gear is badly in need of a visit to the nearest launderette. Predator is army action in which staying alive is extremely difficult to accomplish. A very atmospheric game, partly on account ot the music, the suspense is built as the unknown 'Predator' stalks you from afar.
Only when the screen turns blue, and a triangular viewfinder appears, does it become apparent that you are being watched by the alien hunter. The only thing that Big Arnie can do is run for cover. On passing the skinned bodies of your buddies, a good way to get over them is by blasting everything in sight. Jungle warfare is all about surprise attacks so don 't be surprised by ambushes from lurking guerillas. Lobbing grenades certainly does the trick, but you only have three, so use them wisely. However, soldiers aren't the only hassle in the jungle, and it's wise to pick up one ot your
colleagues' dropped weapons when attacked by a flock of vultures. Predator is a shoot ’em up with very little to redeem it - you'd be better off buying the video, THE HIT SQUAD OUT NOW £7.99 6S% OF THE M 0 N’T H m CRAZY 1 CARS keep you piawg ton ABSOIUTE MUST' r C+VG tt’-YHtyfASrCOMMOl WATERLOO “---
- - V.v. VJ*- .» You don't have to be mad to play this game,
but it helps. It involves taking on the character and
personality of Napoleon to plan strategy and tactics to beat
Wellington at the famous battle of Waterloo. Waterloo is one of
the best wargames ever to grace a computer screen. The 3D
graphics are very detailed, showing villages, terrain fea
tures and army units. Using the mouse to click on various
locations will bring up details of the Generals commanding that
area and the distance from you. Very important factors to
consider if you wish to start attacking the area.
Waterloo is not a game to pick up and start playing in half an hour. It is a fairly complex game with a comprehensive list of commands to become familiar with. The chunky manual has masses of information, not only on playing instructions, but also on Napoleonic war- account of the Battle of Waterloo. A frustrating aspect of Waterloo, though, is its insistence on historical accuracy. All communication is forwarded by runners who are considerably slower than a walkie-talkie, so planning your moves in advance is advisable, otherwise a sluggish battle directive could lead to being caught
off guard by the enemy. Similarly, to have a closer look at the battlefield, you'll have to move to potentially risky positions in order to get into the thick of the action.
An option at the beginning of the game enables you to spy on the opposition, the computer informing you of the enemy's battle messages.
All's fair in love and war, as they say.
MIRROR IMAGE OUT NOW £9.99 85% Waterloo is a war strategist's dream come true. The overall view is excellent and there is a great deal to keep the midnight oil burning. Just beware of wearing funny hats, combing your hair forward and putting one hand inside your cardigan.
IMPOSSIBLE MISSION II The fiendishly clever Elvin Atombender is on the rampage and out to destroy the world. As the special agent returning from the C64-only original, you especially wish to stop Atombender as you are rather fond of planet Earth.
However, in Impossible Mission II there’s a nigh-on impregnable fortress to make your way around, and the object of the game is to collect and assemble the three-digit pass codes to gain access to Elvin's tower. Once inside, several musical sequences have to be collected.
Finding your way around the fortress is great fun: Where would you be without your trusty pocket computer? It's an invaluable device as it helps to assemble passcodes that lets you move from tower to tower. A built-in tape recorder will put together the musical sequence you need to get into Elvin's tower. The robots that patrol the area are loyal in the extreme and dedicated to their work. They range from Minebots which crawl around laying booby traps, to the self-explanatory Suicidebots.
All of the agent's moves are superbly animated, and he can take small steps, somersault and balance precariously, which allows him to perform certain actions others in the genre don't allow. The graphics are a treat with pretty hues of pink and purple providing the backdrops plus the complex network of corridors and rooms to explore. In all, Impossible Mission II isn't as good as its predecessor, but is still playable platform fare that represents excellent value.
KIXX 16 OUT NOW £7.99 84% New Showroom 232 Tottenham Court Road London W1 New Showroom 232 Tottenham Court Road London W1 Di COMPUTER SYSTEMS LTD w- PacK 1Mb w ~w PacK 1Mb 1Mb 1Mb PacK COMMODORE CARTOON CLASSIC PACK 1Mb 1Mb CLASS OF 90 s PACK Everything you need lor Art * Design * Word Processing AMIGA 500 + AMIGA LOGO, INFOFILE, LETSPELL.
MUSIC MOUSE, CBM EMULATOR, DELUXE PAINT II. D501 1 2 Meg upgrade. Mouse Mat 4 10 free disks ONLY £459.00 INC VAT AMIGA 500 MEGA PACK INCORPORATING AMIGA 500 *
• 5I2KRAM Three Manuals ' 1 Mb Disk Orive ‘ Operating System
* 4096 Colours -Built-In Speech
- Mouse ’T.V. Modulator
- Ertra 512s RAM with Clock AMIGA 500 + Lemmings. Captain Planet
Bart Simpson. Deluxe Paint III ? RAM board £359.00 ONLY £339.00
Extras 10 Games Man United. Totall Recall. Speed Ball II.
Xenon II. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Final Battle, Stunt Car Racer. Golden Axe.
Cadaver. Super Ofl-Road Racer, joystick, mouse, mousemat, duslcover.
Ten spare disks ? Box ONLY £399.00 INC VAT WITH 8833 MK II Cofouf Monde ONLY £569.00 8833 MK II Colour Monitor Only £549.00 w PacK THE BEST OF PUBLIC DOMAIN new PacK new ONLY Whl AMIGA 500 AXE PACK INCORPORATING ‘ 512K RAM ‘Three Manuals
• 1 Mb Disk Drive ‘ Operating System ‘ 4096 Colours ‘ Buit-«n
Speech ' Mouse Synthesis ‘ T.V Modulator
* 10 GAMES* Golden Axe, Hard Drivin', Phobia, Sainl & Greavsie,
Silk Worm.
Datastorm,Continental Circus, Turrican. Ninja Warriors Emotion ONLY £349.00 WITH 8833 MK II Colour Mor ONLY £549.00 AMIGA 500 SpeedBall PACK INCORPORATING
• 512K RAM ’ Three Manuals ' 1 Mb Dtsk Drive ‘ Operating System
• 4096 Colours ‘ Built-in Speech
• Mouse Synthesis
• T.V. Modulator
• MEGA PACK • Speed Ball H. Totall Recatl..Man United Xenon II.
Tfeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Final Battle. Stunt Car Racer, Golden Axe.
Cadaver. Super Off-Road Racer ONLY £349.00 4 WITH 8833 MK II Colour Mo Only£549.00 THE 24 CARAT DIAMOND P.D. PACK AMIGA 500 + The best 24 Titles available In P.O. software including SMI games. Fantasy games Word Processing, Amazin Grapht Demos, and Electrifying Art Pack * many more too numerous to mention £325.00 advent we £ of INW_S6CtoT DIAMOND DSN.
H'mmm'TTi.ooks likemyolp ENEMIES, The BOXSHlFT BANDtTs are uPTo Their evil V 'J, TRICKS AGAIN.' ttC.
Meanwhile , Down Town... That's -liie one I've soT-fe have ...)
- ftie AMIGA.' ), . .
J ' ( SIGH! I suppose) ( I COULP WORK A ***- HCVjR. J iWKAT -rue fAClbRV'' J BAD1Z ' b AMoNPash£ oePeJos-ro??eNH) M coukr road MeGASTo&a :!
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Xenon II. Teenage Mulant Ninja Turtles.
Final Battle. Stunt Car Racer. Golden Axe.
Cadaver. Super Oft-Road Racer. Joystick ONLY £369.00 WITH 8833 MK II Colour Moi ONLY £579.00 PIN PAC K the QUALITY AMIGA 500 ULTIMATE COLOUR PACK PLUS HOME OFFICE The ultimate word processor DTPpack ¦ Integrated Wordprocessor
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& South.
Silk Worm, Datastorm, Continental Circus.
Turncan. Emotion. Nmia Warriors ? Joystick onlv £369.00 WITH 8833 MK II Colour Monitor ONLY £579.00 PacK A590 20Mb Hard Disk with 2Mb RAM
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processor DTP pack ' Intergrated Word Processor
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as used in recording studios by the professioals)
* MIDI interface +512k RAM upgrade ONLYE399.00 INC VAT ThLCET
1H6M nothing would ctand uucairway DIAMOND captain Diamond.'
GOT A 500?
Mr DIAMOND’S WORLD OF AMIGA COMPARISONS = A Ford XR3 Fun for a while, looks great but lacks any real power compared with higher spec models.
A1500 2000 rev B = A Mercedes Designed for high performance and reliability A3000 = A Ferrari Quite simply the ultimate Now you understand the machines, you can improve your social standing with a great part exchange deal from Mr Diamond.
Don’t you owe it to yourself to drive the best? P X now available at all branches Well now you can, with DIAMOND P X throughout the U.K. A500 AMIGA A 1500 1Mb RAM,
3. 5" lloppy disk drive, base machine with 2x 3.5" floppy disks
and software pack £699.00 all above + Monitor with XT
Bridgeboard £899.00 £999.00 INCREDIBLE PX OFFER visit Mr.
Diamond and discover what your A500 is worth in part exchange
XT Bridgeboard
5. 25" floppy drive £149.00 AT Bridgeboard with either
3. 5" or 5.25" floppy drive £575.00 The NEW Commodore AMIGA AMIGA
3000-25-100 25Mhz, 100Mb hard disk An Incredible £2395.00 INC
Mr Diamond Incredible Offer with 1950 M sync monitor £2595.00
INC AMIGA 3000 4Mb RAM expansion £349.00 This machine is a
veritable workstation; it comes with Workbench 2.0 • The new
Commodore Multi tasking Operating System - It can run the
normal video monitor or a multisync monitor without having to
fit a flicker fixer It can even run under UNIX. This is the
machine to set the standard for professional use in the 1990
s. If you have reached Ihe limifs of the A500 then fake
advantage of the Diamond Part Exchange Upgrade Option. Swap
your 1 Mb A500 for an A2000 for ONLY £349.00 Mr. DIAMOND AMIGA
2000 PACK A2000 Rev. B 48Mb Aulobooting Hard Disk, 28ms
average access ONLY £995.00 With Colour Stereo Monitor ONLY
£1195.00 A2000 base machine Ex-demo A2000 £469.00 £645.00 PC
XT & AT Compatibility for AMIGA XT Bridgeboard
5. 25" floppy drive £149.00 AT Bridgeboard with either
3. 5" or 5.25" floppy drive £575.00 IVS TRUMPCARDS The IVS
Trumpcard is the lop selling SCSI hard drive controller.
Representing the latest in technology directly trom the USA,
it is the only controller to support IBM, Amiga and Apple MAC
partitions on one hard disk. This allows you to run software
for the three main hardware platforms on one machine. Only one
computer can do this.
HARD DISK DRIVES IMPULSE FUJITSU IMP52S LP 52Mb 9ms £229.00 M2612ESA-MJ IMP80S LP 80Mb 9ms £369.00 M2613ESA-MJ IMP105S LP 105Mb9ms £399.00 M2614ESA-MJ IMP170S 170Mb8ms £599.00 IMP210S 210Mb 8ms £659.00 SYQUEST 44Mb 28ms P.O.A. removeable cartdridqe drive TRUMPCARD FOR ABOVE add £115.00 90Mb 19ms £379.00 135Mb 19ms £379.00 180Mb 19ms £379.00 PHILIPS MONITOR EXTERNAL DRIVE
3. 5" external drive £54.95 8833 Mkll colour monitor inc. dust
cover and lead only £234.00 MEMORY UPGRADES HIGH RES 1024x768,
0.28 dot pitch Multisync Monitor £349.00 for your A1500 or
A2000 with the Supra 8Mb RAM board Bare Board £81.00 2Mb
populated £75.00 4Mb populated £149.00 6Mb populated £223.00
8Mb populated £295.00 SPEED UP your 1500, 2000 with a
Co-Processor board.
Phone for details SOFTWARE ICD 600 Mb Tape Streamer FLICKER FIXER Hard Disk Elots.OO £Lots.OO Elots.OO 20Mb Floppy drive Elots.OO Pro Page 2.0 £169.95 Pro Video Post £149.00 Propage Templates £34.95 Propage ClipArt £34.95 Pro Write £85.00 Sculpt Animate 4D £279.00 Broadcast Titler II £179.00 X CAD Designer £69.33 X CAD professional £229.00 Deluxe Paint III £34.95 Digiview Gold 4 £88.13 Pixmate £35.00 Vista £49.00 Distant Suns £36.00 Pen Pal £81.00 Cross DOS £25.00 Devpac Amiga £45.00 Hisoft BASIC £55.00 Lattice C V5.0 £149.00 Lattice C*+ £250.00 Hisoft Pro Flight £34.00 Pro Draw £81.00 Quarter
Back £35.00 Videotitler £100.00 Turbo Silver £100.00 Director 2.0
P. O.A 3hoton Paint II £23.50 Bars & Pipes £120.00 Excellence
£89.95 Pagesetter 2.0 £44.95 3agestream 2.1 £129.95 Pro Write
3.1 £89.95 Quick Write £34.95 Scribble Platinum £34.95
Transwrite £27.95 Platinum Works £69.95 fome Office Kit £69.95
Superbase Pro 4 £116.50 Hyperbook £34.95 Wordworth £85.00
FLICKER FIXER Get those flicker free high res modes, use the
Flicker Fixer Video Card £299.00 GVP PRODUCTS GVP COMBO board.
The SCSI hard disk controller with built in 68030 accelerator
and RAM expansion capability.
22MHz Combo with 1 Mb RAM £799.00 33MHz Combo with 41Mb RAM £1495.00 40 Mb SCSI hard disk £249.00 114Mb SCSI hard disk £449.00 GVP Series 2 RAM Card comes with 2Mb RAM as standard.
2Mb £200.00 4Mb £275.00 8Mb £345.00 GVP Series 2 RAM Card Bareboard £209.00 40Mb £369.00 52Mb Quantum 11ms £429.00 114Mb NEC 20ms £549.00 ICD Adspeed £175.00 ICO Flicker Free video ICD FFF 8 VGA Monitor £499.00 KCS PC Power board AT-Once £169.00 (2000 version also available) £199.00 £250.00 £235.00 NEXUS COMBO’S High speed Hard Disk Controllers taking up to 8Mb of on board RAM GENLOCKS Rendale £149.00 G2 £575.00 Bareboard £229.00 40Mb £389.00 52Mb Quantum 11ms £449.00 114Mb NEC 20ms £559.00 Obviously, when you carry as much stock as DIAMOND, you can’t advertise all your spares; but contact
your local branch and we guarantee you won’t find the part that you’re looking for at a better price.
So what is C.D.T.V. ? Are you confused by all the hype?
If you are , then why not pop into your local Diamond branch for a full working demonstration of this exciting new medium and have all the answers to all of your questions translated by experts from unneccessary gobledegook into plain easy to understand English.
GRFAT PART FXCHANGF OFFERS You will be surprised at just how generous Mr Diamond will be when yo trade in your old Amiga 500 for a C.D.T.V.
C. D.T.V. ROM, normally £599.00, only £349.00 when you PIX your
old Amiga 500 External Amiga A500 ROM Player ONLY £399.00
ENTERTAINMENT A* Dogs Go To Heaven. Electric Crayon £34.99
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Classic Board Games Psycho Killer Wrath ol the Demon Case ol
the Cautious Condor Battlestorm S*m City • Delender ol the
Crown Lemmings Xenon II Megablast Indoor Sports Many Roads to
Murder Snoopy Spirit ol ExcalOur Horse Racing Ninja Highschool
Comix Dinosaurs lor Hire Basketball Battlechess REFERENCE
£49.99 £39.99 £39.99 £54.99 £39.99 £54.99 £49.99 £34.99 £34.99
Hutchmsons Encyclopeadta Time Table ol Science & innovation
Time Table ol Bustness Politics Dr. Wellman The New Bases.
Electric Cook goo* World Vista Atlas Amencan Heritage
Dictionary Complete Works ol Shakespeare niustrated Holy Bible
EDUCATION £34.99 £29.99 £24.99 £29.99
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Warriors, Table Tennis, Chess Player 2150, Datastorm, E-Motion,
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Dangerous, RVF Honda, Shufflepuck Cafe, Soccer, Menace, Blood
Money, Saint 8 Greavsie, Netherworld, Nightbreed, Slaygon,
Snowball Hell, Fastlane, Aton 500, Balistrix, Gold Runner,
Tower of Babel, Fantasy World of Dizzy, Star Blaze, .star Ray,
Terra Quester, Jupiter Probe, Bombuzzal, Days of Thunder, Dark
Castle, Dark Side, Prospector, Archepelagos, Terrorpods and
JUST CHECK THE PRICES Lemmings only £14,95, Bart Simpson only
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P. O.A.
P. O.A. £187.00 £153.00 £140.00
P. O.A. £4.95 £4,95 £4.95 £4.95 £4.95 £4.95 £4.95 £4.95 £4.95
£4.95 £4.95 We only sell new chips A590 Memory chips
0. 5Mb £17.60
1. 0Mb £35.25
2. 0Mb £69.00 A590 2Mb Populated £328.00 8UP BOARD 8, CHIPS Bare
Board (0Mb) £81.00 add cost of RAM to your specification 2Mb
+£69.00 4Mb +£137.50 6Mb +£206.00 8Mb +£274.00 DISK CONTROLLER
CARDS The GRANDSLAM, new SCSI controller from (VS. Extra
Parallel port - space for 8Mb on board RAM only £235.00 NEXUS
SCSI hard disk controller card - space for 8Mb on board RAM.
ONLY £199.00 The U.K. official importer PHILIPS 8833(U.K.) Colour Monitor with slereo sound + FREE LEAD & DUST COVER Only £229.00 ?F19 competition £245.00 DIAMOND Multisync Monitor Only£347.00 COMMODORE 1084 s Only £222.00 COMMODORE 1084 SD Monitor Only £234.00 DISKS FOR A LIMITED PERIOD WE ARE SELLING HIGH QUALITY 3.5" SONY BULK DISKS AT ONLY £0.35 EACH RIBBONS OKI 20 COLOUR OKI 20 BLACK PANASONIC KXP 1124 KXPl080'U2 3 JUKI 6100
AMSTRAD PMP4000 Deluxe Paint III Digipaint III Photon Paint II
Spritz Icon Paint Comic Setter Can Do VIDEO SECTION £34.95
£54.75 £23.50 £3.50 £3.50 £23.50 £89.95 £74.95 £27.95 Elan
Performer 2 Scene Generator DigiView Gold 4.0 £68.13 Rombo
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T. V. Show £48.95 Deluxe Video III £67.95 Amiga Vision £69.95 Art
Department £49.95 Art Dept Pro £124.95 Art Dept Pro conversion
Kit £59.95 Deluxe PhotoLab £49.95 Scala £169.95 AUDIO MUSIC
AUDIO All the latest and best audio and music packages from
Mr. Diamond al the keenest prices MusicX ver 1.1 £59.00
Perfect Sound £39.00 Audio Engineer £149.00 MasterSound £25.00
Quartet £33.00 MIDI l F £26.00 Keyboard £25.00 LHC Microsales
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'Even if our prices hatv increased, we will honour the prices in this advtrtisment on items in stoc as long as you bring it with you.
This PLVDQ'L applies only to customers producing or relying on this advertisment before the end of the month of publication.
It does not apply to competitors prices offered in closing down orstockcleorance salejr* Diamond Computers Ltd 84 Lodge Road SOUTHAMPTON TEL 0703 232777 FAX 0703 232679 Diamond Computers Ltd 406 Ashly Road POOLE - Dorset TEL 0202 716226 FAX Diamond Computers Ltd 227 Filton Avenue Bristol TEL 0272 693545 FAX 0272 693223 LAN Computer Systems 1045 High Road Chadwell Heath - Romford TEL 081 597 8851 FAX 081 590 8959 Following the God-gantuan success of last month’s level one playing guide, CU once again team up with the Bitmaps to make the road to divinity just that little bit easier.
GOD LUCK CHARM There is more than one way to complete each world, and no world needs to be fully completed to finish the game, Most of the hidden puzzles serve only as bonuses. If you find yourself stuck in a section which you think is impossible, retrace your steps as you may have taken a wrong turn into a bonus stage.
UNGODLY All monsters have attributes that define their strengths, weaknesses and behaviour. The hit point value determines how much damage it can take, and these can range from 10 for a weak WEAPONS TYPE COST HIT POINTS m KNIFE 2500 1 YES THROWING STAR 5000 2 YES MACE 7500 3 YES AXE 10000 4 NO FIREBALL 12500 5 YES HUNTER 15000 5 NO MAGIC AXE 15000 3 YES SPEAR 17500 6 NO TIME BOMB 20000 20 NO LIGHTNING BOLT 30000 25 NO ED BY In level lour the power of the axe increases to 12 hit points and its value to 17500.
Creature to 250 for a guardian.
Later on in the game the monsters become more intelligent, leading to more spirited attacks. As a general rule, don't kill thieves as they're usually needed to carry treasure.
RESURRECTION Extra lives are awarded at 50,000, 160,000, 300,000 and 500,000 points and then every 200,000. Fire crystals appear at 100,000, 250.000, 400,000 and 600,000 points.
These bonuses only apply if you play through from level one. If you use a SB" BY YES NO YES NO YES YES YES NO NO NO password to start from another level then bonuses equivalent to the number of levels skipped. For instance, by starting on level three the first extra life will be awarded at 300,000 points.
LEVEL 2 WORLD 1 The world key is located in the Gem Room on top of a platform which is too high to reach. To lower the platforms an ice, water and fire gem must be brought into the room in that order. Collect the key then exit through the door by lever 4.
Hidden Puzzles At the start of the level, walk to the right and press the first hidden switch. This will open a trap door. Go left and kill both centurions. If you have more than one life a gold key will appear. Bewarel Collecting this triggers all the traps throughout the world.
Climb down to the chamber below the one you started in. Walk right until a thief appears, hang back and let him collect the shield that's behind the spikes. Now drop the gold key to lure him back then kill him and collect the shield. Jump back over the traps, wait for your shield to run out, and pull the lever to reveal a treasure key and a thief who'll collect it. Zap him, collect the key and go to the treasure room (door five).
WORLD 2 Climb down the ladder to the platform under the narrow arc icon. Walk to the edge of the platform and jump onto the ladder on the right. Jump over the platform by lever one. Press the lever to blow up the trap below. Climb down.
Go down the first ladder to the right and get off at the first opening to the left.
Blow up the traps by pulling lever 1 then get the room key. Climb back up the ladder. Walk right and drop off the ledge at the next ladder. You should now be in the second pit. Walk right and go up the ladder, go right again and jump over the gap. Climb down the next ladder and This level isn't too much harder than the
- first. Watch out for j" spikes at the bottom Sof the pits. It's
often worth buying a freeze ||| potion to help you escape
from difficult situations, the disadvantage of this being
that it takes up a precious inventory slot.
You can follow our shortcut, but if you want to cash in on the extra cash, weapons and lives you'd better not cheat. It pays to collect as much cash as possible on the easy levels to buy weaopon power-ups for the tougher stages.
ends, puzzles and zillions of U monsters.
S Tread carefull; follow the map ||| and keep an eye out for hid den levers anc important objects.
Power-ups are essen tial here as the monsters can dish 01 as good as they take.
90 P.D. REBELS. 90 per disk per disk Over 1800 PD Disks packed with Goodies. Catalogue disk 70p returnable with first order.
THE SUMMER MADNESS SALE!!! N0 post + packing.
10+ Disks come complete with a 10 capacity box. NO HIDDEN EXTRA CHARGES.
Fish Disks 1 - 490. AMOS P.D. + Licensed. T. Bag 1-49. « = 1 Meg (2) = 2 Disks APDC. AMIGAS. SLIPPED DISKS. SNAG. PANARAMA, ETC. GAMES R1 Star Trek* (Strategic) R2 Star Trek (3) 2 Drives R3 Star Trek (2) New Version R4 Star Trek (2) Very Good R5 Flash Bier (Boulderdash Clone) R6 Return To Earth (Si-Fi) R7 Pacman 87 R8 Breakout Construction Set R9 Pseudo Cop (Shoot Em Up) R10 Holy Grail (Text Adventure) R11 Golden Fleece (Text Adventure) R12 Hack (The Classic D+D game) R13 Sonix (Super Shoot Em Up) R14 Fish Games (5) (Best From Fred Fish) R15 Battle Force (Strategic Game) R16 Bull Run (Civil
War) R17 Moria (D+D Game) R18 Tennis * R19 Games Pack 1 (Arcade Game) R20 Games Pack 2 (Arcade Game) R101 Electric Train Set R102 Master Of The Town R103 Treasure Hunt R104 Rings OfZon R105 Monopoly Cluedo R106 Boing (2) R107 Antep * UTILITIES R21 Word Wright (The PD Word Processor) R22 Clerk R23 Vlsicalc (Spreadsheet) R24 R.I.M (Great Data Base) R25 S.l.DV.1.6 R26 Flexbase (Simple Database) R28 Bank'n (Finance Package) R29 Jazz Bench R30 Quick Base R31 Ultimate Virus Killer R32 Ultimate UtiliUes 1 R33 Vedit (Text Editor) R34 Icon Magic R35 CU Tutorial R36 Virus X R37 Amiga Fox R38 Trooper
Fonts (3) (D Paint Etc) R39 C Manual (3) R40 Utility Disk Set (10) R108 RSI Demo Maker R109 Spectrum Emulator MUSIC R41 Med V.3.0 R42 Sound Tracker Set (10) R43 Sound Tracker R44 Noise Tracker R45 Sonix Inst Music Set (10) R46 Bart Simpson (3) R47 Amazing Tunes 2 (3) (Brilliant *) R48 D Mob 4 (Brilliant) R49 Star Trecker R50 Crusades Bacteria R51 Rebels Mega Blast R52 Crionics Neverwhere R53 Sound Of Silents R54 Games Music Creator R55 Pet Shop Boys R56 C Bit 90 * (Brilliant) R57 808 State Remix R120 The Wall Pink Floyd DEMOS R58 Bud Brain 1 (2) Over 18 R59 Bud Brain 2 R60 The Run (Amazing
Animation) R61 100 C64 Tunes R62 Mental Hangover R63 Fraxion Horror (Sick) R64 Kylie Demo (2) R65 Blues Brothers (2) R66 RAF mega Demo (2) R67 Elvira Demo * R68 Predators mega Demo R69 Puggs In Space * R70 New Tec Demo (2) R71 Viz Slide Show R72 Walker 1 * R73 Walker 2 * R74 Cool Cougar * R75 Madonna Slide Show (3) R76 Crusadas Genesis R77 KnightBreed Slide Show R78 USA Vs Iraq Demo R79 Total Recall Slide Show R80 Real Things (2) (Birds & Horses) R110 Bart Trek R111 Prisoner Demo R112 Trip To Make Crionics R113 Vectorcity R114 TSB Maximum Over Drive GOODIES R8i Dope inlromaker R82 The Probe
Demo R83 Fractal Flight * R84 Video Application (2) ' R85 Demolisher Utilities (2) R86 Clipart Set (5) R87 Boot Champion R88 Boot Writer R89 Education Set 1 (2) Age 6+ R90 Education Set 2 (5) Age 13+ R91 ST Emulator (It Works) R92 Messy Dos R93 Red Devil UtiliUes R97 N Comm (Modern Software) R98 Power Packer 2.8 R99 C Compiler R100 X Copy R115 Bunsen Burner Animation R116 Popeye Meats The Beach Boys R117 Cross Dos R118 64 Emulator R119 Typing Tutor SEND CHEQUES PO TO:
Hours: lO - 6.30 ?
Prices are per disk not per title.
Collect the teleport key. Go to lever 6 and pull it to close the first trap door in pit three. Pull levers 7, 8 and 9 to close each successive trap door in the third pit. You can now reach the bottom.
Open the two doors on the right then go through the one that's between levers 11 and 12, this should teleport you to the top of the fourth pit.
) RGES. | ks Enter the room to the right of lever 15 and collect the world key. To exit, climb down to the bottom of pit three and open the left-hand door, the world door is along the corridor on the left.
Extras There’s a chalice in each of the first three pits. Collect all three and take them to the ship room to get a treasure key. The treasure room is through the door next to lever 3.
The Shop Buy spears and power potions.
WORLD 3 This world is split into two halves, the mosaic puzzle and the candle puzzle.
If you look at the wall in the mosaic room you will see an incomplete picture.
Pick up the first piece of the picture which is on the right-hand side of the room, walk left and place it in the mosaic. Pull lever 1. Kill the two centurions and collect the trap key. Reset the lever to reveal a moving block, jump onto it and pick up the door key. Pull lever 2 to reveal the hidden door and pull lever 3 to move the block. Reset lever 2 to open the door.
Along the corridor are four rooms: the Crypt, the Apothecary, the Wizard's Study and the Armoury. Take the skull to the Crypt, take the Globe to the Wizard's Study and take the jar of herbs to the Apothecary to get the remaining three pieces of the mosaic. Return to the mosaic room and a teleport crystal should appear.
The Candle Puzzle Go left and keep killing the monsters until a trap key appears. Return to lever 15 and a block will rise from the floor, jump onto it and climb the ladder. Go up the next ladder and kill the gargoyle to get a spear token. Collect the trap key and climb down the ladder. Pull lever 17.
Go down the ladder, walk right, jump over the trap and pull lever 18 to close the trapdoor underneath lever 19. Use levers 19 and 20 to close the trap doors, go up and collect the trap key. Jump onto the moving block and go right.
Collect the candle from the ledge, pull lever 22 and go through the opening.
Make your way to the study, collect the door key and pull lever 26 to get to the dragon's lair.
The Dragon If you've found the big gem you can use it to draw the dragon’s fire, otherwise alternate between ducking and shooting.
Don’t kill the dragon when he's on the far right of the screen otherwise you'll lose some of the treasure.
MK°GT0HDESVAllEY °F The last two levels are reasonably straight forward -just follow the maps and you shouldn 't have many prob- tems(t). Here's a brief run-down of the toughest obstacles to overcome.
LEVEL 3 Go down to just beyond lever 1 then return to the start. Collect the trap key.
Go to block 2, which should move. Climb up and go right. Pull lever 23 and collect the maces, treasure key and wide arc.
Go to the final room to receive a power- up.
World 2 You'll need to take the ice and water to the ice room.
World 3 You need only to pulll levers 8, 9 and 11, don't touch any others.
LEVEL 4 World 2 requires you to return three implements to the alchemist's room.
To enter the bonus section collect the room key from the section above the first door then pull the first lever.
Drop the large crystal in front of the dragon. This should take the heat off, without gettting your pony-tail singed.
Nswsi clu i? i Don’t forget to play with levers! They often reveal bonuses when flicked twice.
Allowing you to destroy it HELPLINE ENQUIRIES WINGS I've been playing this game tor ages but I still keep getting shot down. Does anyone have a cheat or tip that will help me to complete it?
Alvin Pon. N1 INFESTATION Can anyone tell me where the key to the shuttle is? I’ve tried everything and looked everywhere. I’m about to throw my computer out of the window!
Dag Heine Bjoendal. N2 POWERDRIFT I have been playing this game for weeks and I can only get to level two. Has anyone got a cheat for infinite time?
Simon Anisudden, N3 HORROR ZOI JMBIES FROM THE CRYPT I cannot find the bomb on level 6 and keep getting lost in the caves. Can anyone tell me where it is?
Jon Webb, N4 RAFFLES This game is really getting on my nerves. I can’t get anywhere. Has anyone got a cheat for infinite energy?
Andrew Wood, N6 COLORADO I need help! Does anyone have a cheat for unlimited energy or gun powder?
Farle Mldtun, N7 CAVERUNNER I have been playing Caverunner Uom the CU coverdisk and I thinks it’s absolutely wicked. The trouble is I cannot get past the fourth level. Is there a cheat for infinite lives or a level skip?
I Anderson, N8 CORPORATION Can someone tell me where the computer terminal is on the game's starting floor? I have spent hours exploring all the rooms and using various objects to no avail.
Andrew Wood, N9 WARZONE I can't get past level three, it's more like Deathzone! Anyone got a cheat for infinite lives?
James Harrison, N10 SHADOW WARRIORS I can get to the third level on this game, but I never have enough lives to get any further. Has anyone got a cheat?
Jonathon Powell, N11 SWITCHBLADE Please could someone send in a cheat or poke for infinite lives? I have been trying to beat the third guardian for ages.
R Gordon, N12 BIONIC COMMANDO I have had this game since Christmas 1990 and I'm still no good at it. Is there a cheat for infinite lives?
Andrew Tracey, N13 XENOMORPH This game is becoming very annoying!
The manual doesn't help much and even with a hack I can’t get very far. Some doors won’t open, is this supposed to happend? What is the special weapons box fo,r and how do you change character?
A Gyford, N14 RAINBOW ISLANDS Does anybody know a cheat for infinite lives? I’ve tried the Q, W, E, R, T, Y and 3 credits cheat but it doesn’t work.
Please help as it's driving me insane.
Chris Warden, N15 MILLENIUM 2.2 How can I get the copper to build a colony? I know where it is but I can't land on the planet. Can anyone help me?
Peter Jansen, N16
B. A.T. Please help me! I can only get as far as the XIFO club
and when I try to enter a '?' Icon appears. When I make
another choice I am confronted by and invisible alien who will
not let me through the doors.
Daniel Higgins, N17 BAAL Has anybody got a cheat for unlimited lives or a level skip?
James Stringer, N5 NINJA WARRIORS I am having many problems with Ninja Warriors from Virgin. Could somebody please send me a cheat?
J Mansfield, N18 VOODOO NIGHTMARE Please, please could somone send in a cheat for Palace’s Voodoo Nightmare? I have progressed to the Temple of the Eagle but I either die or get stuck.
Paul Attenl, N19 TV SPORTS FOOTBALL Has anyone got a cheat to make the games a bit shorter? At one hour per match I can never finish a season.
Andrew Wood, N20 WRATH OF THE DEMON For months I've been trying to complete this game. I must admit I’m getting to the stage where I am bored stiff. I would really appreciate a cheat for infinite lives.
Simon Geary, N21 OPERATION WOLF Has anybody got a cheat for infinite ammo or energy? I have had this game for sometime now and I can’t get past the first level.
Jonathon Edwards, N22 XENON 2 Please could someone send in a cheat for infinite lives? My trigger finger’s getting sore and I can't get anywhere.
Gavin Broomfield, N23 MIGHTY BOMBJACK This is a great game but I can't get past level 3. A cheat for infinite lives or any help would be appreciated.
James Harrison, N24 JT CAME FROM THE DESERT I am totally stuck when it comes to finding the ants. Where the hell is their nest?
Could someone please tell me where it is and what to do when I get there?
David Sparks, N25 BOMBER BOB I think that this is a really excellent game, unfortunately I’m no good at it.
Does anyone have a cheat or poke for infinite lives?
Jonathon Smith, N26 RANX XEROX I must have been one of the only people in the world to have bought this game.
There must be someone else out there with a copy, so whoever you are could please send in some tips. I’m completely stuck!
Peter Batty, N27 ECO PHANTOMS This game is starting to drive me nuts. I can complete about 80% but I can't get any further than that. Those anyone have a cheat, poke or tips that will help me complete it?
Dave Blake. N28 SPIDERMAN I really enjoy this game, although I am now stuck at the halfway mark. Can anyone supply me with maps or tips as to how to get any further?
Mark Simpson N29 HOW TO USE THE HELPLINE IT’S EASY. Just send in your letter, marking your envelope with the appropriate code number if you are sending a response or mark it 'Enquiry' if you need some help. Post your letters to : Play to Win Helpline, CU, Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU. If you are making an enquiry include a few lines explaining why you need a poke, cheat, help etc. If you are replying to any of these enquiries, don’t forget to mark your letter with the reference code for the person you are responding to. If you send in more than one enquiry, please
put each one on a separate sheet of paper.
If you send in a response but have an enquiry too include them on separate sheets. That way we can file everything in neat alphabetical order.
BARDS TALE 3 I normally only play shoot 'em ups, but recently I've really got into Bard's Tale 2 from EA. As I haven't had much experience with the type of game I cannot get very far. Can someone send in some _ help?
Peter McWilliams, N30 DALEY THOMPSON'S OLYMPIC CHALLENGE I have broken joysticks and pulled my hair out over this game. Can someone please give me a cheat that will let me complete all the events.
Jon Harris. N31 KICK OFF 2 I know there’s probably no cheat, but I keep being beaten by all my mates on Kick Off 2. Does anyone know an infallible way to score goals?
Simon Price, N32 CAR-VUP I don't normally use cheats, but this time I’m making an exception. Can someone send me a hack for infinite cars? I'm no good as this game.
Robin AlHorth, N33 ROGUE TROOPER Can anyone out there lend Rogue a helping hand? Under my control he gets shot, electrocuted and burnt to death.
Can someone send in a poke for infinite troopers?
Gordon Farthing, N34 RESPONSES MANIAC MANSION (L31) After the glass has been broken in the piano room by Bernard, go into the sitting room and put the tape in the machine. The chandelier will break and the key is yours.
NIGHTBREED (L33) Try typing in RISEN FROM THE DEAD for infinite lives.
Alex Ogg, Oxfordshire ROBOCOP (M3) Type in SERIALINTERFACE on the titles screen then use F9 and F10 to skip levels and gain energy.
Alvin Pon, Surrey GREMLINS 2 (M4) Type in SINATRA on the high score table for infinite lives.
Alvin Pon, Surrey TURRICAN (LI 7) Type in BLUESMOBIL on the title screen to get 99 lives.
Mark Quinivan, Clwyd ARMY MOVES (MIO) The code for part one is 101069. On level one hold down ALT, 1 and D for invincibility. For level two hold down ALT, 1 and J. Alvin Pon, Surrey VOYAGER (M9) Enter WHEN THE SWEET SHOWERS OF APRIL FALL on the option screen to activate the cheat mode.
Alvin Pon, Surrey BRAT (Ml8) To terrorise the later levels try these codes: BISHIAMO, MIHEMOTO and SASUTO 20.
Alvin Pon AWESOME (M22) At the energy swop screen move the pointer to the shield icon. Now hold down + on the numeric keypad and press fire. The screen should flash.
Pressing the F keys during play will give you all the weapons, F1 disables the enemies and F6 will restore your energy.
Alvin Pon, Surrey CHASE HQ (M25) When the game starts type in INAGAR- DENIN (with no spaces). Press T during the game to reset the timer and press N to teleport to the next level.
Alvin Pon, Surrey MEGA BLITZ!
THE ONE STOP SHOP FOR AMIGA PD SOFTWARE PHONE 0782 208228 FAX 0782 281506 _THEJ3ISKS BELOW ARE ONLY A SMALL SELECTION FROM OUR VAST LIBRARY OF OVER 2000 DISKS ANIMATION UTILITIES DEMOS PDU 10 Word Processing.Data basing PDU 16 AirTunnel Simulation PDU 31 Fish 143 RIM Database PDU 32 Fish 144 Analytic spreadsheet PDU 43 Fish 203 Assembler & C eg PDU 44 Fish 215 Mandelvroom V2.0 PDU 45 Fish 2l 0 Scientific calculator PDU 46 Fish 213 lcons 300 in 8 colors) PDU 51 Fish 219 Astronomy program PDU 52 Fish 52 A Z Text Editor PDU 60 Fish 237 CLIprint PDU 70 Fish 193 Keymap Editor PDU 72 SID V1.06 The
ultimate disk util.
PDU 80 Fonts and Surfaces PDU 81 Dtsksalve 1.3 PDU 98 Celtics Demomaker PDU 99 Ham Radio ut ls(5 disks) PDU 101 Menu-Maker PDU 102 Label designer PDU 103 Icon-Maker PDU 104 Icon-Mania PDU 105 Crossword Creator PDU 118 Various CLI utils PDU 149 Icon Fun PDU 151 Fixdisk-disk repairer PDU 164 Games Music Creator PDU 168 Vaccine-Booster(Virus killer) PDU 169 QuickBase-Database PDU 185 ANC22 (Excellent utils) PDU 186 Falcon Bootblock Creator PDU 194 Pman Virus Killer PDU 200 Virus Killer Pro V2.0 PDU 207 Perfect Sound V1.93 PDU 257 F.sh 349 MED V 3.00 PDU 262 MED Modules PDU 318 Red sector demo
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concert Archaos muse disk £11-00 Bodeans Bordello 2 Bodeans Bordello 3 Bodeans Bordello 10 Bodeans Movies West Coast Cracker BFPO 1 .BFPO 2 Utopia 1 £11-00 Noise tracker Slar tracker Songs disks (3 disks) Insturment disks 4 disks) A must tor music makers £1100 PACK 6 New release peck This is a 10 disk pack containing all the latest demos form all the best groups e.g LSD.Ipec Eme Flashing byles etc. etc. This pack changes on a weeky basis.so is kept bang up to A must for only £12-00 WE ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS PLEASE MAKE CHEQUES AND PO'S PAYABLE TO P.D DIRECT AND SEND ORDERS TO:-
UNIT 3 DEPT CUA, RAILWAY ENTERPRISE CENTRE, SHELTON NEW ROAD.STOKE ON TRENT, ST4 7SH ¥ DEFENDER OF THE CROWN SHORTS Mirror Image’s lale of lore has you running off rescuing maidens while your castle is left unguarded and at the mercy of rampaging hordes. However, help is at hand! Press K while the second disk boots and conjure up a huge army of mighty knights.
IK+ R-TYPE The evil Bydo empire make their comback on budget. If all that's too much for you, enter your name as SUMITA.
(with the full stop) to get infinite lives.
Q Problems with your camshaft? Brake £ fluid running low? If your having trou- ble with Psygnosis’ compilation ™ re-release try entering your name as Z to get some extra help.
CHUCK ROCK APB Another compilation release. If driving and crimebusting are leaving you with too much paperwork enter your name as ALF on the high-score table to get infinite demerits.
A POKE IN THE EYE Send us your tips, your hacks and your solutions. There's a prize for every entry we print, ranging from games to subscriptions! Write the name of the game your hack Is for on the lop left-hand corner of the envelope and send it to:- Play To Win (Tips) - CU AMIGA 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London.EC1R 3AU.
MEGATRAVELLER Money talks in the world of Megatraveller, but it’s finding it that's the problem. Neville Tanner from London has devised a brutal get-rich-quick plan... Select 'create party disk', then delete everyone except for Alexandra. Create your five players and make sure that one is skilled with computers, one in mechanics and one with some medical skill. All must be able to use Battledress and energy weapons. Now generate a scout to use as a pilot, try to raise his skills in navigation and piloting as high as possible (my character is ranked four in both). The next character you create
should be enrolled into the army and re-enlisted until he’s retired at 62. Call him Amiga and take as much Living in the stone age isn't all belly-bumps and mammoth steaks. It has its hazards too in the form of rampaging dinosaurs and pterodactyls. Koen V. Brero has supplied some codes that should make life a little easier: ESTRANO tor tlymode.
MORTIMER to skip zones (use keys 1-4).
TURN FRAME to skip levels (use keys 1-4).
UNCLE SAMS for infinite lives.
The zone and level skips can't be used together.
Cash as possible for his benefits.
Select your team of five, including Alexandra, start the game, ignore the fight and go to the Starport. Enter it and deposit all but the lead character’s money in the bank. Withdraw all but one cred and give the money to the team leader.
Leave the building and divide Alexandra's equipment up between the party. Break the party, kill Alexandra. Regroup, go into the building and recruit Amiga and then repeat the process from the point where you deposited the money, only this time kill Amiga. Alternate between killing Alexandra and Amiga to earn wads of cash!
This month you're seeing the start of something big - the redesign of the Adventure Helpline. You've probably already noticed the extra page and the colour which obviously makes a big difference to the quality of the presentation. CU Amiga is dedicated to bringing you the best coverage in EVERY aspect of Amiga computing, and that means adventure RPG strategy fans aren't going to be left out! ‘So what?' I hear you cry, ‘it’s great to have colour, but how does that affect me?’ Well, for a start, the style and format of these pages isn't fixed. If there’s anything you particularly want to see,
write in and let me know. Mini-reviews and letters will be appearing soon, as well as tips and hints for popular games. I'll use screen shots wherever possible to illustrate solutions, so if you have a problem at a particular place then feel free to send in saved-game positions to indicate your quandary!
HELPLINE set in the land of Kerovnia where the player is encouraged to rob and steal to get The software industry in general may ahead). The set should arrive in the shops slow down in summer, but that doesn’t in ,tle nexl couple of months, priced at seem to be the case for adventures and £29.99. RPGs. Here's a look at what to expect * new Sl game, Shadow Sorcerer, during those long hot evenings. 's coming soon to the Amiga. It’s an iso- Virgin Mastertronic have announced metric RPG with the emphasis on the forthcoming release of the Magnetic combat, and neatly bridges the gap Scrolls
Collection Volume 1. Basically between simplistic games such as Curse these are old Magnetic Scrolls adventures °* Azure Bonds, and the more corn- repackaged and enhanced to make use of plicated RPGs such as Champions of the Magnetic Windows system first seen Krynn. Of course, what we are all waiting in Wonderland. Volume 1 comprises three ,or is ,he sequel to Eye of the Beholder... SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND The first request for help this month comes from Hannah Piekarz of Reading. She wants to know how to buy a ship from Stan, and how to get past the piranha poodles that guard the Governor’s
mansion. Her third query is where to find the Sword Master. I know this game has been selling like hot cakes, so someone should be able excellent games.
Fishl stars a goldfish who happens to be a secret agent, hot on the trail of the Seven Deadly Fins gang.
I’ve played the original version of this, and it's an absolute classic, full of bizarre humour and novel challenges. The other two are Corruption (a thriller set in London) and The Guild of Thieves (an adventure to help Hannah!
BARD'S TALE II Brian Kane of Bessbrook, County Down is having something of a tough time with this RPG. What should he say to the Stone Man (43N, 23E) to awaken him? In the temple of Nam (27N, 8E), who has to approach the altar or do you need a special item for something to happen?
Special items are causing Brian to tear out his hair. He's located a Nospen Ring, a Master Wand and a Master Key, but doesn’t know what any of them do!
Also, why are all the casinos closed?
Come on, write in with the answers if you know them.. KEEF THE THIEF A request for help has arrived from someone who signs his letter Squaddie, BFPO.
He wants to know how to get out of the tunnels behind the waterfall, so if anyone can help him write in to the column. He also wants to know what the underlying idea of the game is - what's the final goal of the quest?
C. Whitely of Kibble Bank, Bumley, is playing this Sierra
adventure but can’t get past the oil rig. C. knows that the
idea is to blow it up, by swimming out to it until the
distance in yards reaches zero
- but this is proving impossible! Does anyone know the correct
way of destroying the oil rig?
SPACE QUEST III Roger Wilco is in trouble again, this time while under the control of John Fairley of Dundee. He’s landed on the planet and then Arnold the Annihilator also touches down.
John goes to the gift shop and buys the thermal underwear for the next planet. As he walks out of the shop, Arnold grabs him but eventually lets go.
When he gets back to the ship Arnold catches up and kills him. How does he get into the ship and leave? It's your chance to get your name in print!
LEISURE SUIT LARRY III Adnan Ghaleb of Saudi Arabia feels left out. After all, he can't get into the party in Larry ! He doesn't have a secret number - but I’m sure that someone out there does, so drop me a line with the answer.
BLOODWYCH An Antipodean reader - Cameron Page of Western Australia to be precise - is unable to progress in the Dragon Tower.
He's in a room which has four switches in it; two are red and one is yellow, while on the floor is a green switch. There’s also a door that looks like it needs an iron key. Should Cameron have one at this point? He’s tried levitating, pressing the switches in different orders and look- HOW TO USE THE ADVENTURE HEIPUNE Write to me, Matt Regan, at Adventure Helpline, CU Amiga, Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU, with your problems and any useful hints you can give in response to those readers languishing in these pages! Make sure you include your full name and address, and I
will do my best to get back to you personally.
Ing for blinking walls. What should he do to get past this place?
WISHBRINGER David Bone of Sittingboume, Kent, is stuck in this humorous game on the Infocom budget label. He has eighty points out of the possible hundred, but can't find the glasses anywhere (I assume he means the 3D glasses). He’d appreciate some hints, as he's very close to the end of the adventure. Also, where is the broomstick?
HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY Two readers are having problems with this tricky adventure. David Bone of Sittingboume, Kent, is stuck on the Heart of Gold ship and doesn't know what to do next. Laura Williams of Streatham Common, London, is also stuck on the same ship, at the door that requests a sign of intelligence. She's gathered that it has something to do with having tea and no tea. They both plead for aid!
Joeri Piet (I think, I can’t read the signature!) Of Holland has supplied the solution to the problems experienced by Richard Lowe, who, if you remember, was ¦¦ unable to make coffee in the record- ing studio. Joeri says the answer is quite simple - ask Rod to make the coffee. While he’s doing that (and keeping the irate producer off your back), take the ferric oxide cassette out of the bin, go west (young man!)
Twice and open the doors and turn the switch. Go south, take the tape bin, go north twice then close the door and push the button so the producer can’t find you. Clean the tape player with the cleaner, set the dial on eight, and then play all the tapes. Now you’ll hear the code for the safe - go to the safe and open it then take everything inside. Thanks also to Wayne Kincaid of Barry, South Glamorgan for his reply.
DUNGEON QUEST Colin Doran was stuck by the castle, and John Thompson of Scarborough has sent in an exhaustive solution. Find the coin in the stable in order to pay the ferryman, and when you reach the other side of the river type, 'Get Rock’. Go east then south to the "Ml. BlUflU "IT* Mil PMSlblv itlf rm w tie fallovuw itwVsl hw:
* V«l. UtlMH ski,Id.
A, traditiaui. »•» Cwr'i rint Gel your rocks off with Dungeon Quest. I'm surprised about the response lo this -1 didn't think anyone liked it. Obviously throwing rocks at drawbridges is a popular sport!
Castle, and when you reach the drawbridge type, 'Throw Rock'. It usually misses the lever. If it does, return to the riverbank and get another rock - then repeat the process. Once in the castle search everywhere. Find the shield, sword, ring, letter, rose, codewheel, torch, and a candle.
3S DEMOS 002 SCOOPEX COW IRAQ MMO D0I3 BLDBRAIS GAMES G081 Star Trek 1 G082 Star Trek 2 3DK GO 8 3 Star Trek 3 G027 Moria (RPG) GO 4 7 Larn (RPG) G054 Hack (RPG) G010 Yelp!
GO 14 Drip 1 Meg G008 Chinese Chequers G056 Boing The Game GO 5 7 Boing Data Disk GO 9 3 Snake Pit G026 Monopoly UTILITIES U114 Complete C Manual 1 U115 Complete C Manual 2 U116 Complete C Manual 3 U117 Complete C Manual 4 U118 D-Copy by D-Mob U121 Mega Fonts A-E U122 Mega Fonts F-R UTILITIES U123 Mega Fonts S-Z U137 Dark Star 2 U138 Dark Star 3 U139 Dark Star 4 U140 Dark Star 5 U119 WordWrite MUSIC M101 Med V.3 Ml 02 Games Music Maker Ml 03 Sonix Tunes M104 Sonix Jukebox 8 Ml 05 Sonix Rock Ml 06 Sonix Beatles Ml 07 Oktalizer Ml 27 Studio Music 1 Ml 28 Studio Music 2 Ml 29 Studio Music 3 Ml 30
Studio Music 4 Ml 31 Studio Music 5 Ml 32 Studio Music 6 Ml 33 Studio Music 7
* I meg
(2) 2 disks Accessories also available see catalogue for details.
Just in. Judas cheat disk, approx 200 cheats and hints.
Catalogue disk available for £1.
Post and Packing 50p regardless of order size.
Please make cheques P.O. To SLAVE P.D. Send all orders to: SLAVE P.D. 4a Luffman Road, Lee, London, SE12 TEL: 081 851 8082 24HRS.
Data Field's Computer Club is a service operated by the Irish Amiga Owner's society, offering access to the largest
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magazine full of News, Letters, Hints, Technical Support,
comment on the current Amiga scene and contact other Amiga
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WILLENHALL, WEST MIDLANDS WY 13 3DT TEL: 0902 606728 All disles are now X5p each . 50p P&P.
For a free catalogue phone 0902 606723 and ask for Sharon or Alex. KAO Disks are also available from as little as 30p each call for full details immns IttM IVTR0MAKER 1013 QUCXCOPY
11) 14 CLIHELP
MEMMAKER a d v e n t u writes that the best way to escape from
this section is to refer to the manual where it states that
‘You will often notice things that would otherwise be
overlooked if your current party leader is a Diamond’. Yes,
it’s that simple! Make a Diamond the leader and look at the
back wall, which will flicker. It's a false wall, and there
are two holes for the tan and blue gems from the Serpent
Tower. Insert these to be teleported out of the Tower. If you
don't have a Diamond in the party, it’s more difficult but
still possible. Click one of the gems along the back wall
until it fits. Thanks David, but I’m sorry to read that you
think Bard's Tale II is 'utterly, utterly abysmal’, there are
many people who think otherwise.
LEGEND OF FAERGHAIL David Scott of Gravesend, Kent, has replied to the query of Sean Smythe about this RPG. He doesn’t understand what Sean means by the lack of instructions - he found them more than adequate!
David's never visited the level of the antimagic dungeon that Sean describes, but CHAOS STRIKES BACK David Scott of Edinburgh has also supplied the answer to the dilemma facing Dave Field of Lancing, West Sussex. Go to the cone-shaped room on level five (the one full of slime devils and blue hazes) and cast a fireball on the door at the thick end. Cast a Zo Kath Ra spell and hold it up to the eye to prove you are a wizard, then head to the Bridge section and go across.
Alternatively, enter the door at the thin end, go through the false walls and find the 'Wrong, Right, Left' message.
Press the left and then right buttons in the alcove to enable you to get the winged key from the central column. Now use the winged key at the other end of the room.
Either method gains you access to a chamber containing a chest - and in the chest lies the ruby key!
Says that the Orb is located on the first level of the 'easy' dwarven mines, and the mapping spells only work if you have the Orb - this mine is the one to the far north.
Walk past the Tree Master as if he wasn’t there. The Mithril ball will help you catch the vampire in the haunted castle (the Mithril ball is in the cellar of the Dragon Worshipper's Temple).
BLOODWYCH Paul Hardy of Sheffield was stuck in the Moon Tower, and, finally, someone has written in with a solution! Thanks to David Scott of Edinburgh (another David Scott, would you believe) Paul's woes are over, at least until he gets stuck again! David Trapped in a watery ... ... . Grave, reader Bill Lina I hope Paul Hardy used the classic cheat of starting in two-player mode p|e8ds (or neip.
Then killing off the other party for experience and supplies. It may not be very ethical, but it's certainly an effective way of starting the game.
OPERATION STEALTH Bill Ling of Grays, Essex, has been stuck in Operation Stealth for a while, unable to escape from his watery doom. He's been thrown into the ocean by a group of thugs abd can't escape from his bonds, let alone rescue the woman. From the information you've provided, Bill, it's fairly obvious where you've gone wrong. Near to the beginning of the game, when you enter the bank to change money, get two sets of change. Then, before entering the hotel after escaping from the cave, go to the beach and talk to the hombre selling trinkets. He'll sell you a rather unique bracelet which,
when operated, will free you from your bonds. Then swim to the girl, operate the bracelet once again.
Now you'll be able to swim to the surface if you're quick.
People then cooperate to beat the Quest and advance to the next stage. If it’s only you playing, or yourself and a friend, share the characters between you. This is the only way you can hope to get through the later levels.
Use the Barbarian and the Dwart for close combat, and keep the spell casters hanging back to use magic and search for treasure and secret doors. Keep the party together to make them less vulnerable to attack. Leave no stone unturned (or secret passage hidden); it's usually worth having to fight an extra monster or two if it gains you a scroll or weapon.
Risks are worth it.
TO BE CONTINUED... Hero Ouesl allows you to carry players over from one adventure to the next, as with most RPGs. Unfortunately, wounds aren’t healed between Quests, which makes your next tight tougher. Although there's nothing you can do about this, you can avoid problems by using healing potions and using different characters.
Be frugal when buying equipment, as there's not much point having someone buy tools if the Dwarf is in fhe party.
Armour will help protect fhe fighters and save having fo waste potions - conserve them for more difficult challenges. It’s well worth 100 gold pieces for a staff as Fresh from a bloody quest for tips, Matt “Orcs-a-lordy” Reagan surfaces from the dungeon depths with help for all prospective heroes.
CHARACTER BUILDING The first thing to do is to choose one of the four characters. While the choice is always yours when playing solo, you may not get the right character with other players. Therefore experiment with all tour characters, paying special attention to the Elt and Wizard - some scenarios demand a competent use of magic.
Avoid playing this like a normal RPG.
The original boardgame encouraged competition between the players (at least in (he first few Quests) so it’s best to play this as a multi-player RPG. In other words, if there are three or tour WIN this makes the wizard the strongest member ot the party.
THE FIRST QUEST The maze is a doddle, even with one character. There are a few secret doors, but as each level is designed on the same grid there’s a few blank areas. I found this distracting at first, convinced that there were more secret doors that I couldn't locate. Search out and kill the four or five goblins before anything else, as this prevents the party from being surprised while searching. The exit room is located in the middle of the level.
LEVEL TWO This is the Rescue of Sir Ragnar, and is a lot tougher than the first level. Use the characters effectively, ganging up on monsters to kill them quickly and avoid taking serious damage. There are about eleven or so creatures here, so be prepared to make a quick exit if things start getting dangerous. Use spells whenever possible to weaken opponents before closing in for hand-to-hand combat.
LEVEL THREE The party is now entering the Lair of the Ore Warlord, who's no push over! Equip the party with whatever they can afford before entering and make sure the barbarian or dwarf grabs the spear when they reach the weapons hold, which is in the top right-hand room. As before, be prepared to scoot back to the stairs if the party has suffered too much damage. If you’ve saved the game you can restart and hopefully learn from your mistakes!
EVER ONWARD The later Quests increase in danger and complexity. It's tempting to plunge the party into the final conflict for the sheer hell of it, there's no real reason not to.
You almost certainly won't get very far - the party needs some of the magic items found on previous levels - but it’s entertaining enough while the party survives.
Don't use the wizard to search as he can't keep the gold, which is infuriating if you didn't know (unlike me, carefully read the rulebook before playing).
LUEST OUT FOR A SPELL Magic Is vital to the game, but it's tempting to only use the obvious, 'major firepower' spells. These spells, such as Lightning, certainly have a good effect on the opposition (they fry them to a crisp), but don't underestimate the rest of the magic in the Wizard's repertoire. Flood, for instance, has an interesting result when cast on a room full of creatures, especially on the undead. The key here is to experiment - take a spell user for a spin and find out the best time and place to use each spell.
Use the map to keep track of monsters. A few good rolls can keep you a head of most nasties, so don't be afraid to run.
DEMOS M002 Groove is in the head M038 100 C64 tunes M040 Simpsons Do the Bart man. 3 rise M038 808 State remixers M071 D Mob music 2 M068 Madonna Spanky M016 Feel The Rhythm M017 Tecnotromc Mega Mix M021 Pet Shop Boys Suberbia M022 Crusaders Genesis 1 Meg M025 Digital Concert 111 M028 Digital Conced 6 M042 Betty Boo 2 discs MOW Miami Vice Remix M067 Maddona Vogue I Slides • Music M045 BAT Dance remix - Beatmaster M062 Phenomena Muse 1 18 wicked tunes' A001 Waker Demo 1 1 Mb A003 Waker Demo 2'11* AC06 Enterprise n dry dock'Anim 1 Mb AC08 Star Trek (teet manouver&Anim 1MD A011 The run
Antrrvcaf chase 1 Mb A012 Puggs m space, weird aken visits Earth A070 Coma Demo si*ert GFX & House A075 Probe sequerxe. Been on TV!
A076 New Tec Demo reel 3 2 Discs.
A094 Siar Trek cratl • Various Anms by T Richter A119 Budbran Mega demo-2 disks. Oemo over 18 A129 Bruce Lee'Animi Mb A134 Mike Tyson Arim 1 Mb A146 RSI Mega demo 2 dsks demo A180 Scoopex demo ¦ Mental Hangover A225 Horizon mega demo Seepirg bag by Shurken A250 Total Recall demo music and pics trom the film A261 Fra«ion horror demo .1 over 18 vrdeo horror No minimum order Free membership Speedy service All prices include P&P A262 Robo Cop 11. Demo sides and music A267 Rebels Mega dero A279 Iraq demo USA v Iraq A280 Viz slideshow A281 Fghler Animation Ann 1 Mb A282 Simpsons slide stow
Aam & slidesbyHA.C.l A021 Magctan and Juggler demo A030 Clothes Peg'Mb A033 Crionics Total Destruction A036 Fractal Right A055 Creepshow 1 A286 Nasa Shuttles demo Animation 1Mb A287 Bad Bart dub remix Slideshow * music MUSIC M0O1 Kylie Mmogue 2 Discs M036 Sound olSilents Send 75p for catalogue disk SOUND S001 Sound tracker Music programme (needs ST.QI) 5003 Games muse creator 5004 Med muse programme V3.0 ST0l 2lnstrument (fcsc lor sound tracker ST07 Samples disc la sound tracker 5005 Pro Tracker 2 (teclatest muse editor 5006 Med V3.11 1 meg only GAMES G045 Double Barrel i Mutants. X-Fire
G046 Double Barrel 2 A.T.C . Gridder G047 Double Barrel 31 Ping Pong . Chma Chalenge G048 Seven Tiles (NBS Disk G199) G049 Eat Hm Boutderdash Type Game G051 Frantic Freddie'Arcade Action G033 Drip 15leveb Arcade Action G037 TvnnTns 2 player Tetns G052 Pipeline’pipemania type game SPECIAL OFFER 10 PACK QUALITY DSDD 135TPI BLANK DISKS AND LABELS ONLY £4.75 inc 85 PER DISK (inc) Cheques & PO s payable to ABPD.
UTILITIES U001 Amibase Excellent Datbase U003 IFF Fonts and surfaces tor DTP U129 PDC complete C compiler U128 Power Pack proof version V3.0A cruncher U0O4 Workbench plus. Workbench replacement U0O5 Wordprocessor and label printer U007 Dope mtromaker U008 Space wnter Demo creator U009 RIM relational database U010 Visicalc spreadsheet U011 Jazz bench work bench replacement U012 North‘O'compiler U025 Business pack. Wordprocessor.
Spreadsheet & Database. 3 disc U060 K.O. Virus klers corrpilation U061 Master virus killer V 2 1 kills 124 viruses U065 M-cad Computer aided design U067 Crunchers compilation inc. power packer U070 D-copy backs-up protected disc (some) U073 Mandalbrot. PD compilation U099 ABPD utility disc. 30* Utils U105 Messy dos. Transfer PC files U221 Clipart lor DTP U040 Speedbench Workench. Replacement U045 Pendle Europa Utilities I Compilation U105 Messy Dos Read Write PC Fdes U107 Darkstar utilities I Compilation U109 SID CLI utilities Order 10-12 Disks get tree Simpack Osk Box Order 13-14 Disks
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PO Box 15, Dept CU2, Peterlee, Quality Amiga PD Co Durham. SR8 1NZ Tel: 091 5871195.
Vally PD Please make chequevTO’s payable to Vally PD' phone in your Access or Visa number (only 5 As or over) for thequickest cheapest high quality service possible! Why pay more?
* 1 meg!
Disko Now over 2100 disks in slock inc. Fish I -490. Tbag I -49 AMIGAs. Snag. Slipped disc, Panorama, Amicus the Amos library and the Amos Liccnccwarc I -25 as well as our own library! All arc priced the same except Amos Liccnccwarc which will be 3.50! (Standard price).
E3 fapcye meets Beachboyi: Finny!
Wrath of die bam demo: Fah!
Puggs in spa.-*: Quite in armsing drmo!
Dijeal Cental VI: Eicellent disk Slpstrcam demos: ioc folk* me * kaput Epk pevksac Frt game pevks*!
MP AonLabet ack*«g!l2) CrvsaJm Spa* drierti A much more!
Elvira demo: Eicellent demo o( game!
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U. Fih!
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(TO Prota demo Been on TV’ (W j 'angclisikmn Superb, deno" (05 Enktprer leases docks (ctj! * 011 Newtonscradle A 2 mxe: Brill* 012 The Ran Anne: F* car chase demo!* 034 Cool Cougademx Great Hrtoco Typer* 044 Super Ham Ors: Sunnirg (*!¦«' 050 Walker demo I: Great!* 051 Walker demo 2: EacefcM!* 052 CXI: Fafc ray traced an®!* 058 GtostpdAlkipEcrfleNawm!
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624 Batmin the Movie: Amming am!* 692 Miner AmmGocd link anim!* 775 Nwfiums Dynamic Hires: Ja»dn*per!
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Car (Vwn!
* 79 Frmklyn Fly: Brillam annucams!* 97* Aptron 30 Hypersfmce .
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Digital Detaiiy. Ctar de Lane etc. hh!
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Med V3.ll: Latest semen inc aidi! ««(*14 Partnns in crime trnsic 2: L«s of tunes!
Sdrms Mao hn.se: Gieal! (2) 911 2 960 PmrKks busk: Seme great fanes tot' 961 Ptwicks musk 11: Seme mere grew tunes 964 Alia mask: Eicellent mmac disk!
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Fish 375 APDI32 APDI76 APD205 Asrrumi Chet Scface: 26 utilrtks cn this disk'* TV'gri(Acv 4dis*stw330 Jantamh: Aliemnise Wcrtbeoh' kcnmanu: Great to make Icons!
Dwpe unonaker: Make you o.n now' Rim Database: Cool Daahnejrog' Rciibasc: Easy to use datahsae.
Home ah Wxd.nght Latalpirr e*!’ Analyticak: Sgeeadshret.* I'tdu Wxdprocessor program!
Fuh 334: FBM Gnphks cmveit GUI Scoird clipart good stufT 3 C Manual a 3 disks 2*5.
Sid VI b. Escdkrn direclay uUlily!
Poutqalcr 2.3b: The tot cmrrto!
Griptacs disk: Many useful [mgs here!
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Spcetnm cmubla A utilities' Deskbeneh'koiwbases: 3 disks Sgectnpaim V3c P* M pogram'* Hdy BiHc: Packed on 4 disks' Messydos * Sd: Easy PC Amiga' Ham tab VGA pan - Amip ham. Fab!
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1011 MrgataJI Ike best tirakoa game’* 1014 Tans AMIGAds Roilcrp e etc!
105* Pan pan Gumer Fab Beached game 1060 llolly-» od Trivia: Fscrfkre quu pur 1106 Sercir shew emq : A great N*e’ APD85 Resosi * Stakes A ladders!
APD* Pair it Maleh Ac cards!* APDIIO Crow Fire: Greai l»ls pw APDI35 Sinra ran A Sgsce maths APDIHQn Durgcsx Dcl.tr. 2 Asks APDI82 3Pis* Kingdon: 12 disks) APD230 Ames Astcnols: 4 .ersuns!* 4mm lActnitaarr USA) LPDI Ccdounng bexk: pe Khad art!* LPD5 Jmgk Bungle: Adsenturc program!* UW Wvxk A Play: 3 akacxmal games!
LPDI0 Wad Fjctixy: Spelling aid!* LPDI I GoGcnerGeudgamc!* LPDI4 Play it safe: Safely fa ImsV LPDI7 Dogfight Shew emq game!* LPDI9 X U-50 Gcod Com:!* LPD20 Wwdy: Nice Wxdprocessa.
LPD2I Quingn: Gexd qiiz game’* LPD23 ESP. Collect the letters!
LPD24 Way of Kurg Fb! 2) 5.TO* LPD25 Die Musaxi Fab ahmlure'* PRECIOUS P.D TEL: 0622 725353 DEMOS P653 Robocop 11 Game Demo P545 Two Player Soccer League P617 X - Press Psygnosis (1 meg) P654 Lemmings Game Demo P547 Wheel Of Fortune P618 X - Press 1 (Samples) P655 E-Swat Game Demo P568 Dungeon Delver (2 disks) P6I9 X • Press 2 (Samples) P656 Not The Nine 0 Clock News UTILITIES P620 X - Press 3 (Samples) P657 X • Press Megademo 11 P663 BCC Utils 1 P621 Nineteen - Paul Hardcastle P658 X - Press Megademo 1 P664 BCC Utils 2 P622 Nepalm Death Live Corruption P457 808 State Remixes P665 Fred Fish
105 P623 Betty Boo - Doing The Boo (2 disks) P263 Arnold Schwarzeneger Demo P666 Fred Fish 38 P624 Robocop - Music Demo (Bad Language 15+) M0I0 Blus Brothers (3 disks) P667 Trainer Maker P625 Viz Slideshow 1*504 Brain Wave P668 Print Utils P626 Crionics Mega Demo P486 Bruce Lee P669 Print Utils 2 P627 Stealthy Collection P496 Car And Unicycle P670 Business Progs P628 Robocop Anlm (From Film) P375 Cool Cougar P671 BCC UtUs 3 P629 Plane Glass Ball Demo (Good) P287 Dry Dock - Star Trek P672 Gigantic UtUs 1 P630 Flight Anlm P517 Fast Cars P673 Sun Dragon Utils 1 P631 Huey Anlm (Helicopter Demo)
P499 Fractal Flight (1 meg) P674 Digital 1 Utils P632 Balls on a Mirror Anlm (1 meg) P440 Global Trash P675 Origin Design P633 Highland Sword Anlm (1 meg) P421 Ian And Mic Demo - (S- Express Music) P599 D Copy P634 Agatron 35 - Dog Fight Anlm GAMES U034 Dark Star P635 Wraith of the Domain (Game Preview) P659 Air Ace 2 U032 Demollsher P636 Star Wars - From Film (1 meg) P660 Star Trek Next Generation Game P428 Dlgl Tech Utils P637 Phenomena Enigma P661 Star Trek Trivia Quiz U018 Game Music Creator P638 Abyss Compilation (Various) P662 Sea Lance P539 Igpug Printer UtUs 1 P639 Bass 2 Megademo P287
Little Wizards P540 Igpug Printer UtUs 2 P640 Dragons Lair 11 Preview P306 Drip (1 meg) Brilliant!!
P353 Label Designer P64I Gorezone Mag - Horror Mag P325 Jumpy And Others P459 Music And Message (Boot Maker) P642 Evil Dead 11 - Horror P59I Middle East Mania P603 Night Club (Clip Art) P643 Train Construction (Construction Set) G005 No Ones Mine 5 P432 Pure Coppiers P644 Iraq Flight Demo (1 meg) P302 Pac Man P395 Screen Designer P645 Watershlp Down (Slideshow) PI 75 Push P296 Speedbench (Fast Loading W B) P646 Walker Snap + Bottlehead (1 meg) P585 Puzzle Pro P352 Sludlo Rippers (Sound Rippers) P647 Deathstar Megadcmo (1 meg ? 2 disks) P379 Return To Earth P349 ZX Spectrum Emulator P648 Elvira
Game Demo P177 Running Boy P438 Zodiac Compactors P649 Dr Who Theme Music P593 Snake Pit U027 Wlzdbase (Easy To Use Database) P650 Punk Croc (Australian Demo) G051 Star Trek The Game (2 disks) U013 Crosswaord Creator P651 Light Cycle (1 meg + 2 disks) P548 Stone Age P652 Scanners (2 disks) - From Film P310 Track Record CALL US NOW TO JOIN ON 0622 725353 TO ADVERTISE IN AMIGA THE C 0 M F CAH.lL JOIN OUR PRECIOUS PD CLUB TODAY TOTALLY FREE!!
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SHOWING our... Pentagon and Drifters have put together a top-notch black and white slideshow for fantasy fans which includes dragons, warrior women and pictures of a similar ilk. Similarly, grapple fans and blue-rinse grannies alike will want to get their sweaty mitts on Weird Science's digitised slideshow of Hulk Hogan, Sgt Slaughter, the Undertaker and their pals from the World Wrestling Federation. Whatever happened to Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy, that's what I want to know?! Sigh, Saturday afternoon sport just isn't the same since Dickie Davis got the push... 17 Bit, Disk 1104,***
NBS, Disk D460,
* ** SUPPLIERS’ GUIDE A Bit On The Side: 8 Thorald Place, Kirk
Sandall. Doncaster.
ADS PD: 7 Park Crescent, Worthing. W Sussex BN11 4AH.
Kryptonite PD: 28 Clitton Gardens. Golders Green. London.
NBS: 132 Gunville Road. Newport, Isle 01 Wight. P030 5LH.
PD Soil: 1 Bryant Avenue, Southend - On -Sea. Essex SS1 2YD Sector 16:160 Hollow Way, Cowley. Oxlord Seventeen Bit: PO Box 97. Wakefield. WF1 1XX.
Soltville. Unit 5. Stratfield Park. Electra Avenue. Waterlooville, Hants, P07 7XN.
Three Counties: 76 Sussex Gdns. Hucclecote. Gloustershire, GL3 35P.
Vally PO: PO Box 15, Peterlee. Co Durham.
Virus Free PD: 23 Elborough Street, Swindon, SN2 2LS.
X-SYSTEM New from Virus Free is X-System, siveware game where a percentage of each sale goes to the air competent first release in which the player has to repel an alien invasion by boarding their attack dreadnought and disabling its electrical systems. In order to reach the ship, each player has to navigate their way through an asteroid belt which, unfortunately, is the most boring pari of the entire game. If I hadn’t been given the level codes for the rest of the game, I probably wouldn’t have bothered to progress past this section. Once you’ve actually made it onto the ship, the game
starts to pick up with an arcade platform puzzle affair. This involves using a combination of interlevel transporters and platforms to reach critical power supplies which, once disabled, shuts down the protective forcefields allowing access to other parts of the ship. Once the power’s knocked out the transporters are also rendered inoperative causing more problems. 1 Meg required.
Virus Free, Disk X-System, ?** BASS ATTACK Drifters member, Bass MC. Has released a blistering technomix of funky tunes backed up with some hard-edged graphics and colourful displays. Definitely worth a listen.
17 Bit, Disk 1116, ?** TAKE TO THE SKIES BOMBS AWAY Megagames Volume 2 is another cracking collection of games, including a text adventure which pits you against the corporate might of Atrashi as you seek to bring the computer conglomerate to its knees. Best of all is a complex plane sim. Air Warrior, which lets you pilot a number of fighters and bombers from both the first and Second World Wars. Choose from such classic aircraft as a WW2 Mustang, Spitfire or Flying Fortress and a First World War Fokker or Sopwith Camel, amongst many others. Completing the package is a Solitaire-type game
and a picture-moving puzzler.
Three Counties, Disk Number G23, **** DOG EAT DOG Take to the skies in this arcade dogfight game which allows up to four players to take part in aerial combat or one player to take on seven computer controlled opponents! The sky is also full of AA fire, heatseeking missiles and even napalm- spewing planes. Chocs away, Ginger.... 17 Bit, Disk LPD17, ** AIR ACE Looking a tad similar to the smash-hit arcade game, 1942, Air Ace II has been constructed using Palace's Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit and is a massive vertically-scrolling blast-in-the-skies affair. Taking control ot a First World
War biplane it’s up to you to single- handedly take on the Hun. With the sky packed with enemy planes, including the Red Baron and gigantic Blimps, and flak continuously rising up from enemy mortar emplacements, Air Ace II is a more-than-competent blaster.
Softville, Disk FF469, *** AUDIO RECALL After we recommended a batch of Crusaders music disks last month, we’ve been inundated with readers wanting to know what other disks the group have out at the moment.
Audio X isn’t new, but it's certainly a brilliant sonic blast, containing six tracks by Dr. Awesome as well as a Deep Purple remix. Stay tuned' for further releases... NBS, Disk M076, **** The Anti-Lemmings Demo is just what it claims to he as Eric Schwartz's Stealth Fighter makes a timely return to blast the furry green and blue critters into so much Lemming dust.
The 2 minute-long animation begins with our kamikaze friends merrily making their way to the top of a cliff only to be straffed with machine gun fire from the passing Stealth Fighter overhead. Hot-footing it to safety, the hoard of rampaging Lemmings are held up in their tracks by a Stopper who. Unfortunately, is trampled underfoot as the mob attempts to make their escape. All is to no avail, however, as the rest of the Lemmings are cut down, the last being blown up by air-to-ground missiles.
It's an excellent tribute to one of this year's top games and, as always. Schwartz's animation is fantastic. There's also a competent soundtrack which mimics the game's inane tunes as well as sampled gun fire and assorted other FX. Definitely the most outstanding demo of'91.2 Meg.
NBS, Disk Numbers P044 & P045, ,1 BRYANT AVENUE,SOUTHEND-ON-SEA,ESSEX, SSI 2YD CREDIT CARD HOTLINES (0702) 466933 612259 PDSOFT.(CU UTILITIES FROM OUR FAMOUS VARIOUS COLLECTION GAMESSELECTION V017 VCThecalcukolorspreodsheeiThere V236(ST27TOST35)INST1«JMENTS(10) set m the future time of Robot Worriours.
Ismorethotoneprogramonthisdisk. V245I T'1 |TO T40IVOCAIHSTRUMSI41 1203AMIGAIOSAnASTtPOIOSVorionl V020RAYTRACERExcellentprog-amK, V251KT41) F « DINSTRU (2) 1244 MISSILECOMMAND Fred Fsh F444 allow you logenerateray tracing imoges V253IST44T0ST45iPERCUSSlONINST(2) 1246THEOALACT1CFOOOFIOHT V023 APPOINTMENT CALENDAR: NAG SSImm mpSSSSSSS&l !;i " SrlLelLS'V'en sanelectronicappolnimentcolendar Amiga musk modules HighleyRecomened ceren Game V024BANKNWiliollowyoutokeepyour V257CROSSDOSV4 00b Read ondWree '2S4STARTREKIheSItoo(Emupgome bartkoccount In perfect baloncewith ease
isM.MSOOSIABosnDisksonlheAtnlgo V027QUtCK0A5EAMoltwseMonogenv V259 MED v3.10E!randnewversion which 1259TWINIRISTwopeoplnc°nployol entutilityKeeparocordolallyour Inends Includes Med sonns«.oNewMed Ployed 21 VhtSR&LCHECKRCurrenlglossafV |viiliStnUSVERSK»E3.0Thisd.skis TMOPACKMANVeiynMyeisidholthe contoins9.000wofds Mofecanbeodded noijusionuppoiepul.ocoinplellyNew V029HOUSEHOU)tEVENIORYPiovides|p,J,mm ThisdiskeomehiahlvrecomenedI 1328WHEiLOfFORTUNEOneolthe the means of maintaining HH possessions v262 FOUR NtW bKk C 5P«fr$ Su per besiQuiz s.AslheserlesonTelevtsion V041 OPAtNT
ARTCcnaltnsloadSofplcS Duper.Turbocopy.SonirycopySPCopy "“JSSHSBESSHSH!
Or to messaround with, also use with DTP v263DRAWMAP30Genetatella1 Globes 1341 DOWN HILLSKIINGArcodeGame V048TV GRAPHICS & VIOEO GRAPHICS oSSSSSSSS Wm Earth ' Various utllihes for Video Production (8) y264 PD-SoftVOLB-VIRUS KILLERS Bq 1370HACKLITED-rtgeons&Drogons V073SMAREWAREEXTRASGANA BlOlhef. Berserker. ZeroVirusS NoVirus grophlcs.PointerAWmotor&otherutilities V265PD-SoftVOL9:Menu writer Angus 420DTRISPtayedTetrisWell,Thisisthe V074 FIX A DISKRecoversasmuchas COO¥ mnx imploderondlFF2Src’ best version to Dote (With 2 Player optionl possible from onydefeclivedisks V266 FLETCHER
UTISVQ11:CQNVMACF 1452AM*OMEOASimiloftoHock Pogue V082 WHITE UGHTNING&A-COPYT wo Convert Mac fonts to the Amiga POST Po s t 58Mo£®A ITH'B TAR AN0,° ISSSSSBSESSSEBSi JBESSaSSSSS This is the best DemocreatofPtogidmdisk generates manyvofiousdiftetenlSlyles 1509 DESTINATIOEEMOOW BASE V086VIDEO PROOEJCTlOfE (21 Both disks v24BAAEKJAADVENTUEV iileV0uf0wn 1333LANII(AD*0(Advenluro ioine Pocked withvoriousvldeo&genioekutils Te*tod,enlures&swopwithyourlriends V090DCOPYATETRACOPVAnothechwo V269BUSSINESS PENNYVEtSEACCOUNTS 1535lARN(ADAD(AtfwtnluceGaihe dlskcopWswMicxccllcntlmprovmenls
V10B AMI8ASEV3.76"hiSiSlheW0S' V270 PRINTER DRIVERS UPDATE DISK 1550 SHAPESNewleEnsvonanlgome popu lor Amiga Database. Very gooddisk Contains over 80 Drivers. Inc Canon BJ V109PR1NTSTUDIOEicel)onttofprinting Citiien24SwittC(* ur&MonoandMo.e SiS55fiSSSJS2!!51 pktureorfext.Prinlerusersneedthrsdisk V27T MEG AFONT PROGRAM Program to 1563GREYSLAYERBARABR1ANGAME yil8QUECKCOPYRequite5Twodiskdlives((eqteiex(pnts SourI 0,,,Fv ;7|2i 1»M n«M«»ERRI».DAiM V121EEYPERBA5E: DATABASE PROGRAM V273 FRACTAL CONSTRUCTION SET used »•» NflKACKAIontasygomeYi kh VT23RIM:lARO€ DATABASE PROGRAM
,09ene.ole»etotedltoc.dls.llkeSie.plnsk, IfflgaM stotetn,,e'heAmyMI2,2°l | V131 C-UGMTSimp(ePayTTOCingProgrom V2740ICECSYSTIM|2|Dilll nslnlergroled RokkERPEOEAspoceogedvosicin V132IST-1SJPSYGNOSIS INSTRUMENTS £„wtomentsyStem.»2.06.ISYE1.lchlncludes Sounds (or use with any music progrom 0(ompiler.ossemble .linkec8,supportlibs ‘ Is* *.. V134PAGESETTERCUPARTV1 9&V2.0l2lv274DISKPR1NTV2.7PrinTslobelslor3 5 T62ITETRIXL«leondsimp(eTemsgome V147JR-COMM: MODEM PROGRAM disks.Prima.il,lo.smallPDLibrarydlsks ’422 (OREOPCOPIWESTYEa.game V150(ST-l6(To(SI-20|lnsIrurttentsl4) V277FORTRAN-77V1 3cCompl)et
linkers simutarmconcepttolhegamePtSK.
VISB PAGE CUP.RTISI mntmesuppoaltbrar, ANSlcompa.ible VISPTHEVIRUSKIILERCOIIECTIONII V27BEAANOHPANGMondelBrolPlotlet H24lORDOPHOSTCHiSSGame VI66 THE C MANUALThese disksconta n V279 CROSSWORD CREATOR AD'c-aram 1663 PROPERTY MARKET GAME over70FutyexecuWWeexamp.es (3) ,hatcrea1escrosswordpuzzles.v£sSn3 3 VI69 THE RIPPED MOOULE5 COLLECTION V280 BUDGET Aprogram to heipwlh 1665 BATTLE FORCE ROLE PLAYR4G TheDisksarefullwithMusic&Samplesll0lmoOQQ,nQDersoft0|fi,y,n(ec VERSIONl 302 1434QUIZMA5TERNUMBERII V179CLOUO AND FRACTAL PROGRAMS V281MANOANIMV1.2NewMondelBrol 1888 ESCAPE FROM X V1 III Vorious
Utilities for the Froctal Generators, onlmatwnproaromwhichrseosytouse. 1701 NAPOLEONIC WARSIMUIATOR V191 MASTER VIRUS Kl LLER Vi rus Checker V282 EDUCATIONAL: SPANISH TUTOR 1702 THE STAR TREK TRIVtA GAME and Killer with an Excettent Searc h option V284 BUSSMESS: MCAD PROGRAM The VI92 A-GENE DATABASE FomityTreeDofa object Drawing Program for the Amiga InformationPrcxiro'r With Database V285 EDUCATIONAL TYPWG TUTOR A V193 THE EMULATORS Covers Various Simplefutorwhichmeasuresrypingspeed . . __ Formats which mdudesCBM, I8M-PC & V2B6DKB RAY TRACING PROGRAM New APD052 FORMS REALLY UNLIMITED S TIIBM
& ST Programs requires two drives! I,aCer wrth excellent Etfects. But complex(3l APO085 SNAKES ft LADDERS GAME V194MRBACKUPHDThiS NewVersiOh V2 89 SMAN MAN DALBROT Another new APO097 DYNAMITE DICK GAME Not on of redFshYet. NewfromtheU S A updated Froctal generating program APO102CHAINSAW DEATH GAME* V195 GRAPHIC INTERCHANGE ChOf 1 V2?1 POSTSCRIPT INTERPRETER VI. 5 The AP0110 CROSS FIRE GAME* BetweenAtoriSl PCGrophtcslotheAMIGA SoftwOrebosedPosl«rlplinterpreterllMb) APD115BALLOONACYGAME* V210ARP(V1.3)WB1.3.2 Inslollthisprog V292 CHEQUE BOOK ACCOUNTANT V.09 APD13 2 FAMILY HISTORY DATABASE
Excellent way tokeeptrockofyourCheques AP0134SPECTRAPAINTVERSI0N1.5 V213(ST-21)H0USEMUSICINSTRUMENTS V293NCOMMV1.7Theontycommunica- AP0146 FRUIT MACHINE SIMULATOR Vol I Itho 5-amp es have Remned Bock tonpackageyouwillneedri ModenProg APOl 51 UNDERSTANDING AMOS T h e V214STARTREKKERVERSIONV1.3Th sis V294EO'SMEDMUSICMOOULESTheres AmosTutoriolProgramDisk.Amust osoundtracker like program. Bui Better vorj0usmoSKmodulesforusewithMED APO163THESAMPLEE0ITORV1.2 V215 DISKMASTER V3.2 CcpyS tiles from V295C64EMUlATORHetpstoassiStC64 AP0176 AMOS DATABASE MASTER one *sk»oanother DISKSALVCorrecfs users
upgrading to the Amiga Ful'l64bOSlC AP0180 DUNGEON DELVER GAME (2) diskerrors. Disk recomended for HD users V296PUZZlESFourdiffecentvona!ionsof AP0182PIXIE KINGDOM GAME (2) V216SPECTRUM EMULATOR VERSION 1.0 word pu legomes By Russell Mason APD184 THE TOWERS Of HANOI Includes Gomes including Chuckie tag -------------------------- -------------------------- S3™~ VC®2CUPAirTCOUtCnONP«CK ; ¦ V2.01. Kills S. Prolectsallotyour disks disks DIKked with Poge Setter Type Ar1(8! V220tST22TOST26IINSTltUMENTS(SI VonPlAYiBtADtOOCATKWAliBldkk V229SOM[C !XAAkPl£SVEISKWI.O Bootdmo SraTOUSWhef programs
»232TBACTALCMATO«V ltS OWV12 V016 THE FISH TANK SIMULATOR Another excellent Generating Program 0477 FRACTAL FLIGHT ANIM v2.1 1569 DO THE BARTMAN (REMIX) 0662 CRIONICS PRESENTS: THE 1571TRIACI Presents Muse seleclior MADONNA MEGA DEMOS (2) 1578GLOBALTRASHBYSILENTS A 0664 BUDBRAIN MEGA DEMO (2) Truly superb interactive demo. This 0792 ALIENS MEGASAMPLE(2) has to be one of the besl disks ever 0804 MICHEAL JARRE EQUINOXE 1582 AMY The squire takes 0 wrench 0814 MICHEAL JARRE DOCKLANDII toTheWalker Excellent Animation 1*1 082 2 MADONNA NUDE PICTURES 15 86 PAPA DON’T PREACH Mus by
0882HOUSEMUSICInstruments Madonna AnotherExcellentdisk bytheBeotmasterTreeDlsksfulU3)1592ITSONYOUBYMCSARThisis 0883 808 STATE HOUSE MUSIC the best house musk sample. (2.2D) 0948 MAXIM UNOVERDRIVE(2) 1599 BUDNBRAIN III By Flash produc 0957 PRIME 90 MRGA DEMO tlons Somenew & Excellent sections 0959 THE BEST DEMOS OF 1990 1609 STEALTHY 3 New Animalionsfl 0960D-MOB REMIXED MUSIC (2) 1610 THE VECTOR DANCE By Cult 0962 FANTASTIC ART DISKS(2( 1618 KGB MEGA DEMO This disk Is 0965 THANET SOUNOTRACKER tototy brilliant & reoty well presented MOOULES COLLECTION (6) BeitersectionsthotBudbroinll(2l
Un Arced & Roody to Ploy 0847 HEYTRlSvery hard Tetris variant 0850 TURRICAN Hthroe playablelevels 0982 MONOPOLY&CLUEDOGAMES 1073 TETRISirsveryFost&Responsrve 1088MEC H FIGHT A role playing gome
Some more Modonno music 1235 THELOOKA DIRE STRAITS 1236 VOCAL
ATTACK HI Remixed house musk The flame Arrows 13)
1238ANARCHYSystem Violation Mega demo Another Excellent 1242
1332SCHWARZENEGGER Mho Total Remix. Washing Advert 134 3
presents Wrierd Pictures 1351 THE BARTMAN MUSIC (3) 1404 EMIGMA
DISK 1431DONT MISthe Party Zone house musk ByiheBeatmaster
1441PIASMUTEX1991 by The flame Arrows Madonna Musk 1451 JARRE
CONCERTS MUSIC Production by Jeon M. Jarre 14551 LOVE TECNOLOGY
MUSIC House musk By IheBeaimosler.
1471 ACES OF THESKYAgatrons latest animation of two pkmes I*) 1485 BASS MOW LO WCANU GO Another Excelled house musk 1499TOPLESSGIRLLSSHOW Some more lop lessgirfy pktures.
1516 ANARCHY NEW MADNEESI Anarchys latest musk disk 1547JETSETOVERLOAD’ IheMIV F491B stores, sorts & searches (or information F492 SUPERBASE PROTrial version complete w«h sampteapplicalionVl .0 F495ANALYT1CALC SPREADSHEET This version is nowdiredty executable.
F498FREECOPY isunlike mostcop*ers II removes the disks copy protection.
F499 MATLABA New Fortran Package 1029 THE USS ENTERPRISE ANIM' 1030 BIRD Of PREY ANIMATION * 1031THEFIEET MANEUVER ANIM* 1032 THE WRATH OF KHAN ANIM* 1033APPROACHMGSTARTREK* 1060 STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION 1081 THE ULT1MATESTARTREK(2) 1107 STARTREKKIN SONOI2.20DI 1254 STARTREK THE SHOOT EM UP 1349AMERICAN STAR TREK latest wdh extra sound ft graphlcsl*2D.2) 1465NCC---------- NEW DISKS From: USA 1700ANTl-l£NNINGS AniMATKDN PO-Sofl Present the 1Mb version of this excellent ft Funny Animation 12) 1703 THE DATING GAME ANIMATION Eric Schwartz's lateslanim Production Very Good Irequires3Mb) 12) V301
EYE Of THE BEHOLDER: HINT BOOK wnh Mops ft Much. Much More V302 MAVERICK COPIER!!.. Best V303 C ROSSOOS V4.02a An update.
i. ’ t is .I.- ' Amiga Public Oomoln dbks, | ALSOCOMES WITH A
Cnly£1.50 FRED FISH BOOKLET Ieverwantedacompletedescriptionof oil the Fred Fish disks on Paper’Well, the entire lisl is now ONLY available | from PO SOFT over 90Pagesrevealir*g everything about every program in rhis rangeosdescribed by Fred Fish.
(Currently Up to DbkF530| Thli Includes Sorted Index Of Every il0nty£2.50 LI - SPACE BLOB :Pkjt1ormGomes*nilanoMonicMtf er L2 - MR DIG (1Mb) Eattheearlh. Munch Ihecherriesond OvO-d thcevil mon sters An Oil Iime orcodecloss convertion L3 -Q-BOID Shooiblocksupwardsiofilliheshopesbefore thescreen fallsapon you Played Tetris when try this variant.
15 - SUBCULTURE R-Typedonewhereyouhavetoshoot down waves of space ships flying towardsyou. All 5 leve 17 - DIZZY LIZZY (1Mb) Aboulderdoshdonewilhextra large graphks. Colledall Ihediomondsft ovoid the monsl L8 - UZZYS FUNTIME SHAPE. CLOCK PICTURE ft KEYS, MONEY, SEASONS ft MOUSE (2 DISKS) Both Have been reviewed in AMIGA Formal Issue 23 Ijune 1991) Educational L11-TRONDIMENSIONX(1MB) ftrillianlliqhtCyclesGome :ok ur Pock 4 |FFP4|Sixdisks pod | with a voried assortmeni of coloured | fonts inmanycolours,shapesft sizes. For use with Dpaint programs I or any Video production utilities. This I
latest has some tolaly outstanding fonlsond for only ElSlheygiveyou over 70 fonts fo ptay with. Have fun PRICES ARE PER DISK
- 5Dbks2.50 6-10Dlsk*2.25 lll-20Duks2.00 21-49 Diiksl.751
|50-99Dbkll.50 100*Dlsk»1.25 With Ucepion to Lkenceware.
Speciol Public domom Pocks&Blonk»»K»o Whcnaidc'lr
XXXOiikspleaseslale Ihol | youareowlSYeorsokl ORDIPStxSPATCHt D
Oolimes belter IhaMhe Amos Sprite grabber progrom A must for
113 - BOUNTYHUNTER(1Mb) Takeluckylukethrougha Graphicadvenlure. ExceBentarcade shoot outswhereyou conioll the Gun. Then ndeyour horse ft lokeout the bad guys.
CW1 - BASSOMATIC (2 DISKS):SomeCruSOdefSMuSk CW2 - TUFF ENUF MEGA DEMO (xcellent production with various Great seciions. Inc iheCrusodersCartoon choroter IPLLASt CMOTITHI DnXNl VKRSWHINORCCttflGB'PKtr.f OR POST.| AUPROSINauWV A1.1st CLASS POSTAL COSTS& PACKING 3BYPOST: |Pl(AStStNOACHiOUf OPPOSTAlCeDLPSMADl PAVABLI TO SOniMPtCUAAYllMTANIAVl. SOUTH! NO-CN SEA K11XSSI7YD »JINClUWT «fCUOW»*7WULSWH(NOSTXIttNGBVPOST.rOUSOAy( |!MI PHONI NUIV«P&*«XIHAW C*W«D»OMUSNRM N ORDERS: u i nepiessr ntbyabmaii r»nxf!«anoh»rspi iamadij in| llV.NIV.JMI I lie N‘IkNA"lO'lAl A*4LRl jlT£APCOPC «| IlVi.i e . Ri. APOl
)* COPY) THE PUBlk OOMAIN DISKS THAT YOU REOUIRE DUSTS (ALL ARE FREEOf CHARGE): WE NOW OffEB A LASER PRINTER SERVICE IE tf YOU WOULD LIKE 4ATI0NON ANY 01 OUR PUBLIC OOMAIN D6KS JUST ASK DEMOS AND IT CAME TO PASS... An unusual entry on the PD scene. Now you can get The Bible on disk, including both the Old and New Testaments. All the famous stories are there in fheir complete form. Squeezed onto four disks, the digital version of The Bible brings Christianity into the 21st Century. Vally PD, Disks 992,993,994,995, *** GO MENTAL CLASSIC PD Here’s a golden oldie megademo from Scoopex which is
appropriately titled Mental Hangover and is packed to bursting with psychedelic bobs, filled vectors and stencil vectors aplenty.
Definitely one for the collection. 1 MEG only.
ABOTS, Disk Mental Hangover, **** AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT... With classic lines such as ‘Immanuel Kant was a real pissant who was very rarely sober' and 'Heideggar, Heideggar was a boozy begger who could think you under the table', Monty Python’s Philosopher's Song is a rib-tickling drink-a-long ditty designed to cure any hang-over blues. All we need now is tor some enterprising soul to sample my all-time favourite, the SPAM song.... Seventeen Bit, Disk 1137, ** SHUTTLE SERVICE The amazingly productive Eric Schwartz, fast establishing a reputation to rival that of Budbrain
or even Tobias Richter, has released yet another classy animation onto the PD circuit.
This latest anim features two Stealthlike space shuttles playing a game of shuttlecock (what else?) With a floating satellite. Inspired! 1 Meg required.
NBS, Disk D615, **** TIME OUT Timex have certainly come up with one of the best presented demos we've seen in recent months. The German team have designed a Turricanesque landscape and a sprite which has to be guided over the plat- form-packed terrain to reach a number of doors. Each door contains another part of the demo.
Unfortunately, the content is not up to the overall presentation, containing a lame Lotus tribute, a few far-from-laughable Manta jokes and other assorted tomfoolery. Still, worth a took for the novel approach... NBS, Disk 291,** M2?6 THE SECT: MEGA-CONCERT ---------------- AL PEPSI: f1000QAMRWD! KV SttSd «*).... I NBS PUBLIC DOMAIN SOFTWARE M2» METAL-------------- MB7* SILENTSBUIESHOSEMISICGAME 2drt *0...... PM.' RIOGLERIflKgl ...... PWAS Axm£MMN38DGW)(2dBtL2Mgl . GREAT GAMES VOL 2II M| ---1------- SERENE 11 wg) .. MEGABALL ..
ZEUS GO LOOBY 11 lap----------------- ASSASSINS G AME COAHUTMN .. MEGABALL . tfVTNTlii------ - ¦*3 »yt mit,, cun * matm*' 5**W»»M,S»USTU*''l ‘ i«t irpmtm* loom «««"»' At ta W.** • »* " •» » •*** •»* _____-«WM' a* !te:¦"»«*•••• _ P-oW***** a«6p ***¦«¦**»*«* ....Slate. hmran. Ad «rc «rp tu rnrti* pftnl cflcch lUcttp«Mwn*i?NH«'» if.)wluJ«.colniI«iT«n«m SatomiiHi!
3T CMMtfSS !«*»•» try haic «aaqb"U .
Cl* rASTA»lO A Mr* 6a»*iaWJI0 _ GLOBAL TRASH BY SliNTS VECTRA: SINKING DEMAND 11 *cf)..... THE PA1SABU WC*LD .....’ MORE THAN MUSIC (M 269) Another of ihc brilliant mu'ic diski from ALCATRAZ. Well over 10 mins long.
4 must for all AMIGA music fans.
Great animated intro, do not miss it.
WWF SLIDESHOW IS 4601 Weird Science bring you a great slideshow » all your I'avourile WWF wrestlers. All is super Hi-Rcs colour too.
THREE COUNTIES PUBLIC D01 FREE Printed catalogue with reviews. „ _ FREE Postage with orders over 10 disks. Uufsl D = No of disks f
* = 1 Meg per disk | Under 10 Disks Please Add 60p Postage Sc
Please make cheques & postal orders to Three Counties PD Send to: THREE COUNTIES PD (CU), PO BOX 162.
GLOUCESTER. CIS SSN. TEL: (0452) 61S231 A brilliant sei of animations which are all amusing jokes. Good artwork. And a good 10 mim of cnleruinment. Some jokes may offend!
2 disks set. I meg required, iccrt PG1 ANIMATIONS A77 Amy v'* Walker * manly due to .idiculout ad prior eating Afar „ ihc t*u .aloe, md be bra » *r»* »oo m v...... Mac norc (1 !*«¦¦* «c jmng ool of busincrt.
A65 Space Shuttle • A36 Tron Cycles 2D * A4I Star Want 2D* A13 Probe A40 Huey Helicopter • A67 Batman A59 Iraq Anim A74 Juggette 2 • LATKSI PUBLIC IK MAIN ......VtiyBcdjpawualimnliuMJiJiGoMdii. .Eurlkrt [tom fa thi That) m* tint.
..Hin*n.« InraTdhciaain)Artm Heavy!
..... Cowl) 6c tw »c tax era *ai (r«i ifctft .. CtnbnuWofta: irpml lig kr M 6e hfpi* fcn« __________________JlBMfnt.Sl hyhwiWwfl.helennnfvGcallum.*. ...... TV pne or: A( Ax Sa Imi. AdS4faAAlpoi ......(anccieaxlrth&cSka cnlpCreuniU.
________ „.Jfy»«iUeBit*aijinrviH«c«MrM*«ni«t ________________ Tte»»wfkV(idhiiKpu*f«n: ......Olaj pa *mi li SEICK _____________3 P* T"‘ Urtlftic*. Inr*. Fit* 2 «l»««W S«rt 6c W c.o Bo*™* ck« e-JiMe a PO Wl «oc»« f«i bJ 4 Al Ulc .
____ ftnrVJ.axn Km.M. to A6I Laura! Hardy 2D • A29 Epic* A75 F- 16 1.5 meg DEMOS D45 Kickboxer D50 Evil Dead 2 2D * D26 Budbrain 2 D33 Max Overdrive D49 Simpsons D57 TSL Silents D58 Demo's I
1) 64 Phenomena D66 Sounds of Bob 11 D69 Arch Demo D35 Popeyc LCD
D44 Traffic Lights D46 Katheris D47 SAE39 MUSIC M54 Hello ween
2D * M55 808 State Remix M18 DannLsh Know How M30 Dockland M29
Mo art M38 Master Beats M56 Spaced Out M43 Came Boy Music M44
Stay A Bit Longer M51 Parlencrs N Crime GAMES G50 Star Trek
NGTC 2D 1 G4I Space Killers G46 Megaball G23 Air Warrior G21
Robocop G5I Star Trek vl.85 2D * G45 Antep Adventure G49
Sealancc (Sub Sim) G52 Airace (Plants) G53 Conquest G37 DC 10
Inst Sim G36 Mech Flight (Role) G22 Tennis G6 Return To Earth
GI6 Impact G42 Track Record G47 Seven Tiles
C. 48 Frantic Freddy G18 Battle Force UTILITIES U6 C • Compiler
UI2 Pacal U9 Cli Help U15 Messy Dos U22 CAD U20 Ghostwriter
U5I Master Virus U76 202 Utils U83 Mcmopad U84 Journel U48 C.
Manual B2 Clerk B3 Finance B4 Database B13 Amigafox B7 Nag US5
Jazz Bench U40 DTP Fonts U42 Bowls U47 Star Chart U23 Clip Art
Fred Fish 450 - 470 more of everything in catalogue.
(D = No of disks) LATEST AMOS PD AND LICENCE WARE Ptcwsc Note: Bk AMOS PD------------------------- £1.50 prr disk AMOS Licencewaie -----------------£3.50 per di*k LICF-NCEWAKF 0.50 PER DISK. A PROPORTION OF THIS GOES TO THE AUTHOR )AKT| COLOL'RINC BOOK (GAME) nttNO.AMAIHi lOAMElRiNGLEWNGLE.----- (GASCl nJKADO ... (GAME) 4 WAY LYNX--- (EDOCi WORK AND PLAY (EDOCl T1K WORD FACK*Y .. (G AMEl GO-GETTER--------- (GAME) HYPNOTIC LAND (GAMEi JtGMAIN'A-------- (EDLOPLAYirSAfE------ (GAME) REVERST 2 .. (GAME) IXXMGMT 2------- (GAME) X -IT • 50------------- (UTll WORDY----------
(QCKlOCINOO---- ilhlhcio posts---------- (GAMElBP ..... (GAMEI THE SHINING WAY Of i GAME I THE MISSION .
I. «»«»K !
WE ALSO SUPPLY 1 HE Ki DISKS KAO bulk branded di*ki...60p each KAO unbranded disks M)p each BKANDF.D DISKS (Bovcd ..... KAO------------------------ TDK Amiga Duel cover (LXYl LC 10 dust cover ...... Mouse Mats- Mouse House ...... IOYST1CKS Pro 50C0------------------ CRUISER .... KONIX SPEED KING- .49.99 ..£10-50 .41130 ...43.30 ...45.75 44.95 ...45.75 AM.... 'ORDERING DETAILS' Please make cheques PO payable lo NBS. And send lo: NBS ll»ept C) I Chain Lane Newport, Isle of Wight PO30 SQA TELEPHONE (09831529594 821983 FAX (0983) 821599 I 9 All NIIS Public Domain Software...! I 25
AMOS Public Dorouin..4I.SO 2 Free disk for every 10 ordered. (UK only) Otherwise remember to add 5Op to total order for postage and packing.
All order, (up to 2kg) sent by first class mail. Please add 3 )p for recorded delivery, if required Overseas orders. Please add 23p per disk (EEC) World 5( p per disk for postage ftt packing.
(I Kg l Tide ay. Ildt Grotto* ft* i 1 meg) S r*k gw*F u«'»"« «¦ ________ll «w») An k«i dnwWitrMf juw.
- ----1I Kg. A foil pme ot go* «ukly.
... ______.______(I meg) I tafajtaxal pne l« ihMrm Tdlifg thetiiwuai: ....• I meg) A sedim W Kiroy pane. Goal tror-ata* Cm MfafM .(I meg) A «o) ,uo|»iifi *om«i ol Mui *o.ld n«4* * p«xJ««nl gene. Wvert a look _______ _Jl nrgi Smilu * Uu Nats ___________________________11 ¦etfMmNm MU me aaimtai til I tKt) A irr.1 Kta u. uln a 6e tone m ycaig ,-Nkta. T«1 ______________At eptoW nwh ia|rcol M S'™ .1 Kg.Apnefa.pk.tiaymU.l6oriVo.taxu.aovaimmHVV.N-id HtKV . A» onemil id coam W6I (rexnW mJ «aiv*fk »tih k' l de»(gm.
S! Lee* o( (tcililKu ml Fp-m canunNe fa jralog ______________ 1 mtglAqiU Nngopme .WOqKlua!!
...fatal Oily 10 laull lOein fcnh)ito IclO a ICJXI (rnkt am fuiDc (ttt. Irme oukI i)r (void lo cdko fa '«Om E S. ml P -Gcol ten cm up (2 *i£'« I Kg £5 Joi Ewlfai bi «l en M gine «nco m ita 1wkiI u te. (I Kg) Having problems -ill) ihc m.xlulaior uisktng out the hack ol your Amiga? 1VA not wide enough? Keep knocking ii out? Solve all these problem, with the NBS MODULATOR EXTENSION KIT.
EkiOMhn cables for Ihc modulator & phot** output.
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BACK TO THE ms Turbo Mart from crack outfit, Pendle Europa, has put together a polished slideshow full of disparate digitised images culled from the 1950s. The hi-res show includes such items as the distinctive bullet nose of a 1950 Studebaker car, Dan Dare from the pages of Eagle Comic, a 1958 Sapnet telephone (honest!), and a fifties ad for Alpha-bits breakfast cereal. Each picture has accompanying text and music.
ADS, Disk 651A & B PLAT IT AGAIN, SAM The PD scene is choc full of interesting examples of individual creativity which is one of the joys of compiling this column.
Nowhere else can you find such a disparate collection of material and, even though much of it is misguided or plain awful, there are always gems to be found. This short animation from Paul Traversley adequately sums up the mixed bag of disks we receive each month. It's an extremely short anim of a piano, viewed from a number of different angles. It’s fairly accomplished, but nothing really spectacular but it manages to encapsulate the sheer diversity of what's on offer. Do yourself a favour and invest a few pounds in finding out what PD is all about.
Kryptonite PD, Disk A251, ** READERS1 DEMOS Two more outstanding art disks this month. Lancashire's Alastair Carter makes a welcome return to Demos with a demomc-looking picture while Lee Martin of Bristol has come up with a terrific Ghengis Khan portrait.
PD TOP TEN A-Animation S-Sound U-Utility G-Came M-Miscellaneous 1 Anti-Lemmings Demo 2 Meg A ”l 2 Darkness Megademo 2 M 1 1 1 3 Vivaldi (2 Disks) S m 4 Star Trek Megademo (2 disks, 1 rs i D0 meg) A 1 5 Shuttlecock A D!
6 The Bible (4 Disks) M i «E, 7 The Assassins G
I. 1 8 Crusaders' Bass-o-matic S 9 WWF slideshow M 10 The
Simpsons A Compiled by PROTUS PD FAMOUS FIVE One of the best
game collections currently available on the PD circuit is
definitely this one put together by The Assassins. For your
money you get five top quality games including Tanx, an
updated version of an old Speccy favourite in which one or two
players attempt to blow each other’s tank to kingdom come.
It’s not that easy as the landscape is randomly generated and
each player must adjust the elevation and range of their
tank’s gun turret and take into account the prevailing wind
and the force of gravity in calculating their shots. Also
included is Roiier-pede, a new version of the decade-old
Centipede coin-op. AMIGAids (which is a polished clone of
Asteroids), Avatris, a three- player Tetris, and Cave Runner,
the Boulderdash clone which featured on our coverdisk a couple
of months back. Each game is immensely playable and, collected
together, the pack could easily hold its own against
full-price software.
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Ml25 JUSTIFY M- --------- _________REMIX GREAT REMIX.
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WHEN ORDERING PLEASE GIVE THE FOLLOWING DETAILS : THE TITLES YOU WANT. YOUR ADDRESS CLEARLY. YOUR TEL NO (IN CASE OF ANY QUERIES!) AND PLEASE AKE CHEQUES A PO'S PAYABLE TO TARGET PD NOW IN STOCK : FRED FISH 1-500. T-BAG 1-50. AMOS PD 1-248. AMOS LICENCEWARE 1-25. PANORAMA. SNAG, AMIGAS. AMICUS. SLIPPED DISK. PLUS OUR OWN TARGET PD LIBRARY FULL DEMOS. UTILS. GAMES ETC.!! _ For the very best reviews of PD Utilities and AMOS Shareware read the only column that matters... RED SECTOR DEMO MAKER If you’ve always wanted fo fry your hand at programming a megademo, but haven’t a clue about how to go
about it, now's your chance. Amaze and impress your friends with 'incredible' vector graphics and a million (well, nearly) bobs on screen at once, by using this nifty and very user- friendly demo maker pul together by crack German outfit, Red Sector, who used the utility to construct their CEBIT '90 demo last year. Various fonts are available as well as scroll routines to hammer out your own personal greetings, but best of all are the Noiselracker and Soundtracker modules and the easy-to-use logo creator, which mean you can put together an impressive routine in a matter of minutes.
This could be just the thing if you want an easy entry to the world of demo-making, as it is both simple to use and very comprehensive. A worthwhile investment.
Seventeen Bit. ***** GOLF Last month we featured a handy ten-pin bowling utility that helped you keep check of your performance with a battery of statistics. This month, it's the turn ot golf fanatics everywhere to slaver at the mouth, as this useful disk will help keep a track of how many eagles, birdies and hole-in-ones you manage to achieve over the course of an entire year, and give a good guide to your overall form. Compare statistics over a range of courses or keep a log of how you faired against individual players.
Seventeen Bit, Disk 1073,
* ** ICON MAGIC Icon Magic allows the user to create and
customize their own icons and mouse pointers. The utility works
with Disk, Drawer, Tool, Project, Trashcan or Device type icons
and supports most known printers. It's possible to edit up to
16 colours out of a possible 4096 and has a special magnify
option which lets you edit icons in both normal or magnified
modes. There's a bank ot ready- to-use icons on display with
useful tutorials to take you through the various stages.
NBS, Disk UB13, ***** CROSSWORD CREATOR So, you think you're rather good at the Times' Crossword, do you? Well, here's the answer to your dreams. The Crossword Creator actually lets you create your own crosswords of varying complexity and difficulty. So, now you can not only till in the answers but make up the questions, too!
Seventeen Bit, Disk 1071, *?
This two-disk utility includes a letter tor almost every occas- sion tram standard work replies to 'Dear John' notes.
Just click on the letter of your choice, type in the relevant parts and - hey, presto - an instant, well-written document.
600 LETTERS VallyPD, Disk F465, *** FORMS REALLY UNLIMITED Well, would you believe it?
Here's a utility that’s actually quite useful! Although fairly basic, this AMOS program allows the user to create any manner ot forms such as invoices, statements, inventory lists, letters, and tax returns amongst many others. You name it, this program will do it.
Perspective PD, Disk POM,
useful DIY demo maker is this slideshow construction kit which
allows you I IFF graphic files and i AMOS LICENSEWARE Designed
by Mat Fascione, Quingo is a hybrid of the pub quiz and the
housewife's fave game, bingo. Ias to correctly answer's topics
such as sport, TV A Film, Geog fH ;“ a Ume limit. Each
question is accompanied by three answers, only one of which is
correct. For every correct choice, a number is lit up on a
bingo card at the top of a screen and extra points awarded for
complete lines or a Full-house. Answer Incorrectly and you lose
points and a credit is deducted from your overall score.
ABOTS. AMOS Disk 21, ***** as a sequence of pics with suitable musical accompaniment.
H you’ve ever wanted to emulate the |azzy slideshows ot such groups as Weird Science or Pentagon, here’s your chance.
Seventeen Bit, Disk 1133,
* **** We mentioned Master Virus Kilter 2.1 a couple of months
ago in Rarkchat and have been swamped with letters ever since.
MVK 2.
(the latest version) is known as the virus killer. Programmed by Leclercq Xavier, the disk can track down 124 viruses and is constantly updated months .
When a virus infects a disk it nas sevem '••¦ays cl damaging . l information A vrus may modify ¦MMUHdW) the ns'a'.i a hootlilock of its own. Or substitute a file on a disk for Hfcli-- J rDWon" Caused files on a disk, usually in the C directory Master virus killer first checks the bootblock to see if it matches up to the Amiga’s standard bootblock. It then compares it to all known virus or utility bootblocks If it !n uJ Ji |™0|(S for hlnck MVKmW give you the chance to wipe it out. Ml K then iooks lor other types of virii, such as the disk validator virus. Return oMhe Lame Exterminator, which
is accessed each time a disk is loaded, WII'mvK also gives'you the opportunity to routine on each disk. Every time the disk is loaded the routine will hunt for virii and prevent them from in eeting the d sk. Many PD com panies now install virus protection routines on their disks as a matter 01 MVKdoes require a little effort when checking ai disk, Iaui. Then iit s better to be safe than soriy, eh? Look out for an update in the next couple of months. Recommended.
Seventeen Bit, Disk 894. ***** ..... AMOS LICENSEWARE ... A challenge issued over a brandy in the smart gentle- ttououoomf SX*. » man's club leads our hero on a wordy text adventure to Bl0*in*P uphold his reputation as the most accomplished |a8e m explorer in London. Programmed and written by Jim ninxw ad tea _ -- MacBrayne, The Mission is in *re immM£ number of commands funny in parts.
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L S A this campaign is organised by ANY INFORMATION ON PIRACY SHOULD BE PASSED TO F.A.S.T. (THE FEDERATION AGAINST SOFTWARE THEFT) TELEPHONE 0386-833501 FOR INFORMATION LEADING TO A PROSECUTION & CONVICTION Would-be programmers and AMOS fans, this is your lucky day because here with the first of an occasional series of tutorials is the world’s foremost AMOS expert, Len Tucker.
Amos mam Shapes, one of the many AMOS PD games available.... _l • n luAu • n _ ¦nnc Si m SH 1 ; [ix: m EH ¦ Fred mi: ¦ m | . 5 ft.
N H n 11 = Kit, but the 16-bits had yet to play host to such a utility. With its own simplistic programming language, STOS was the perfect entry for those who wanted to put their machines to more use. And, naturally enough, STOS was set to appear on the Amiga, under the decidedly Emmerdale Farm title of AMOS.
IN THE BEGINNING... Roughly three years ago, Database Software, whose only previous claims to fame had been a trio of rather dire arcade games, stunned the ST-owning public with a game-creating package called STOS. The idea of game or sprite creators is nothing , __ new, and the 8 bits were well catered for with the likes of Hurg, Mirrorsoffs Sprite Factory, and, more notably, Palace's Shoot 'em up Construction n-i After what had seemed like an eternity, AMOS had arrived. Would it be as good as all the magazine reviews claimed, or would it be a waste of hard-earned cash? Thankfully, the
resultant package proved to be every bit ABOUT THE CODER Aaron Fothergill, author of this month's coverdisk program and many others, Including the excellent TOME map editor extension for AMOS, runs the AMOS Club. For a tenner (Overseas £15.00), you get six Issues of the club newsletter and access to the AMOS Helpline, and can be contacted via Database Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wlrral, L65 3EB.
As powerful and easy to use as its ST predecessor, and has proved a god-send among the many struggling programmers out there which is apparent in the brilliant catalogue of AMOS-written games that Database produce.
On a more personal note, having AMOS has made computing come alive for us. It has not been easy, but learning never is. Using some very basic knowledge from the past, adding what was needed from the AMOS manual, and after many phone calls to Aaron on the AMOS Club Helpline, we produced our first two programs within four months of getting AMOS. Database put us in the direction of the AMOS P.D. Library, run by Sandra Sharkey. This was a vital step in giving us the confidence to go on and produce more programs. An outsider will often come up with a suggestion that will improve your finished
BACK TO BASICS The purpose of us being here is to talk you through the AMOS program on the coverdisk, and hopefully help you to get more out of the commands which are special to AMOS. The program, by Aaron Fothergill, changes the colours of a screen in time to the beat of the music playing. Once everything is loaded, all the colours are changed to colour 0 (black) and then pushed back onto the screen in a rhythm controlled by the Vumeter.
• I.
A The first part of the program initialises the computer ready for the work in the main program. It includes the commands 'Autoview Off and 'Autoview On'. Anything put in between these two commands will not be updated on the visible screen. So if you want to keep any large graphical alteration to your display hidden until the whole operation is complete, this pair of commands will do the trick. The next stage then initialises the variables used and turns on the music, if there happens to be any here at the time.
LOOP THE LOOP Now for the main loop of the program. On the press of the spacebar, the program increments two variables before looking for the lowest numbered picture and song on the disk and loading them. It will then load in each set of pictures and songs numerically as required until it has loaded the highest- numbered picture and music file. And when the variables are reset, the program begins the loop again.
Next, the full colour register is loaded into a variable for later manipulation by the music.
The bit that changes the palette and rotates the colours is in the subroutine called "PALCHANGE". This subroutine picks the colours displayed from the palette in the following way. The colours are put into batches of four by the program; the first from each batch is displayed, and followed by the others, before it loops. The final control is decided by the Vumeter control inside the main loop. This causes the colour changes to take place in time with the beat of the music causing the very interesting colour rotation effects. The best effects will be achieved by clever manipulation of the
palette inside an art package and a specially drawn screen rather than using just any picture.
NAME THAT TUNE The files that can be loaded into the program must be converted to an AMOS-accept- able form and named as follows: Pic(number).IFF and Song(number).IFF. They should then be stored in two directories of their own, called Pic and Song for the program to find and load in numerical order as previously described. If you want some off the shelf music, Luke Miller’s music from the AMOS P.D. Library is set up and ready to be loaded into your own Disco Light show. To see how the colours are controlled, try out some of the changes included in the panel.
Contact Points. AMOS P.D. Library, do Sandra Sharkey, 25, Park Road, WIGAN. WN6 7AA.
With the growth in popularity of console machines such as the Megadrive, the Super Famicom and even Commodore's own CDTV, where does the Amiga fit into the picture? Is it going to be superseded by these keyboardless upstarts, or are there new things on the horizon to help our beloved machine remain the fastest- growing home computer in Britain today?
In the Amiga's early years, it suffered greatly from having been targetted at the wrong market. That's to say Commodore were charging such a high price for the machine that it was out of the range of most home users, especially games players. After a couple of years during which the Atari ST became a runaway success, Commodore Want to know how to fit a left-handed dangle widget into a right- handed wiggle loop?
Martin Rayner will find out the answers for you.
Realised their mistake, and re-priced the Amiga to compete in the home market.
Until that time, the Amiga had developed a reasonable base of manufacturers who were producing technically-orientated software and hardware, such as digitising tablets, word processing packages, etc. Even after the Amiga became cheap enough to buy as a games machine, it took a few years for the new price to have any significant impact, and although there were many companies producing software and hardware, the machine was by no means being stretched to its limits. The D-RAM shortage a couple of years ago came just as the Amiga was beginning to gain mass popularity, and this unfortunately
meant that it was very expensive to buy memory expansions. This, in turn, meant that it was not particularly viable for games manufacturers to produce EPSON DX100 PRINTER I’ve been in the computer field | for many years now, having
- ¦ owned a Spectrum, C64 and now an Amiga. I’ve been reading CU
regularly since you reviewed the VIC 20 version of Commando.
(That's funny, there wasn’t onel Steve Merrett).
I’ve bought a second-hand printer (Epson DX 100 daisy wheel) without manuals etc, as I could never afford to buy a new printer. When I set the printer up and switched on, everything worked correctly. I selected the driver from the preferences menu (I’ve tried EpsonX and EpsonX(old), and then tried testing it by using the notepad and print files from Workbench but nothing happened.
Please could you help me to get my printer and Amiga to work together by telling me what position the DIP switches have to be in and what printer driver I use?
Where am I going wrong?
J. Taylor, Loughborough, Leicestershire There are a number of
possible solutions to your problem. In the first place, have
you made sure that your printer is actually online when you
try to make it print? There is a switch on it somewhere to do
this, and unless it is actually online, it's not waiting to
accept print information from the Amiga. Assuming it is
on-line, you should find that any Epson driver will make it
work In text mode.
Being a daisy wheel, it is not in fact capable of proper graphics in any case, but the codes required to make it print normal characters (letters, numbers, etc) are standard whichever driver you are using. As for the DIP switch settings, there's no way that I can tell you the correct settings for these without seeing a manual. If anyone out there can help with the manual, or the switches, please drop me a line.
CDTV VS AMIGA Now, at long last, the CDTV has been launched. So when will the CD-ROM drive for normal Amigas become available? Also, is the CDTV that much better than the normal A500 or is it just the sound that has been improved?
David Walker, East Hading, Norwich Whilst there are no firm release dates available for the A690 (CD-ROM), there are rumours afoot that September is a possible launch date, it seems highly likely that Commodore will at least release it in time to cash in on the Christmas spending sprees. As for making a comparison between the A500 and the CDTV: they are targetted at entirely different markets, and as such I’m not sure if a direct comparison is really valid.
Commodore are vociferously claiming that the CDTV is not a computer, despite its distinctly com- puteresque attributes. They prefer instead to use phrases such as 'home entertainment centre’ when referring to their latest innovation.
Whatever terms they use to describe it, it does have many points in common with the Amiga. The greatest difference, is the games exclusively for the one meg machines. As D-RAM prices tumbled in the latter part of 1989 and into1990, RAM expansions became one of the most popular purchases for Amiga owners. As a result, one meg software began to appear, tentatively at first, with such titles as Space Ace, Dungeon Master and Deluxe Paint III leading the way.
As Amiga owners began to realise that they would be at a disadvantage with only a half-meg machine, sales of RAM expansions went through the roof.
This precipitated a RAM price war, which resulted in the present situation where you can pick up a half meg without a clock for twenty five pounds. Also, it was now viable for software houses to produce one meg only software, and more complex and cerebral titles began to appear. With their appearance, the machine became attractive to even wider audiences. Today the Amiga appeals to virtually every user type. It is satisfying to technophiles and gamesters, amateurs and professionals alike. As the user base for the Amiga continues to spiral upwards, it becomes worthwhile for hardware
manufacturers to invest in major projects such as graphics boards and hard drives. Take a look in the news section of any Amiga mag, and you're almost certain to see new hardware available on a monthly basis. With each new piece of hardware that hits the shelves, the Amiga becomes even more powerful, fulfilling more and more of the requirements placed upon it.
For graphics it is already used by Disney, Channel 4, and BBC TV, and as an animation tool it is being used by professional studios the world over. Its processing power has apparently been harnessed by Lever Brothers to run their soap powder production lines.
Radio One Djs have been using its sampling abilities to create their jingles for years, and the pop group Snap couldn't live without the Amiga when it comes to composing their records.
So back to the question: does the Amiga have a future in the light of all the new consoles that are hitting the scene? The answer must surely be a resounding YES! With each new development, the Amiga becomes ever more popular, the question seems not to ask whether the Amiga has a future, but to look at greater diversification of its uses.
Inclusion of an optical drive that reads information stored on CD type disks as opposed to 3.5 inch floppies. These Cds have a massive 650 megabytes of storage space, and this information can be accessed far faster than if it were stored on normal disks. It has the same .
Graphics modes as the Amiga range, so software run on the two machines is likely to look very similar, though the storage capacity of the Cds makes it far more viable to include lots of very detailed graphics, especially in software that doesn’t require animation.
The CDTV has the further advantage of being able to play CD sound tracks and effects whilst you play games. The main problem seems to be the exclusion of a keyboard with the package. This means that with applications that are keyboard-oriented. Many people currently feel that it's worth waiting to see what becomes of the A690 before committing themselves to the expense of what may be a very costly executive toy.
ANIMATION How good Is the animation program on Deluxe Paint?
Is it worth the £35 upgrade?
David Walker, East Harling, The animation facilities offered by both D-Paint III and IV are very good for certain types of animation.
If you want to create a magnificent animation featuring will help you only in as much as they allow you to view and play the frames of your animation as you draw them. Neither package will actually draw the different stages for you if you want to see legs and arms moving realistically. If you're creating animations that involve objects moving In perspective, like a tank driving away from you, or if you want to create an animation in which the animated objects simply move in a specified direction, then these packages are ideal.
Initially at least, you will not characters running all over be able to use the machine the screen, these packages Other packages, such as Aegis Animator and Fantavision, try to calculate limited In-between frame animations, and although they’re better than D-Palnt at this type of animation, they are still very limited.
Ray-Tracing packages, such as Sculpt 4D and Turbo Silver, allow you to create genuine 3D objects and animate them in almost any way. The big disadvantages with these packages is the amount of work that’s Involved in defining your objects in the first place.
Also, unless you have a faster maths chip, you'll also find it takes absolutely ages for the computer to actually calculate and draw your animations using these 3D packages. Using HAM mode several hours rendering time per frame is not unusual, and the inclusion of reflective surfaces into your picture can increase this time considerably.
For most people, the only viable way to create impressive animations is to sit down with D-Palnt III and draw each frame by hand.
SCREEN OFFSETS On my Workbench disk the screen was partly oft the side of the TV by about halt a cen- J t timetre. This I
* ? Corrected with ' Preferences, but obviously on self-booting
games this has no effect.
Is this normal as I am using a telly and not a monitor?
Paul Hunt, York.
You might try adjusting the horizontal shift dial at the back of your TV if it has one. This will simply allow you to slide the picture across the screen without changing its size.
Alternately, you could try compressing the horizontal dimensions of the screen picture assuming your TV has a dial to do this (some do). With most software the above options should work perfectly, but there are some titles that display their images on an overscan screen, or even the new super overscan. These two screen modes, Intended to give full-screen width images, actually place strips of the picture outside the width range of both Tvs and monitors alike. In this case, it hardly seems worth adjusting the dimensions or location of your entire screen just for the sake of a couple of pieces
of software!
Is it worth my while struggling with CLI and SHELL or does Workbench do every-
* ?« thing anyway?
Cathy Sylvester, » Southampton.
I Yes, It Is worth your while struggling with CLI and Shell.
Shell is actually a more advanced form of CLI, so you only need bother to learn that. They both use the same commands in any case. Workbench offers some rudimentary tools, and there are some more useful ones in the various directories on the Workbench disk, but there are some functions that can ONLY be performed using Shell CLI.
Advanced copying and file renaming commands, complete disk directories, and multi-command batch files are just some of the things you will be able to do! Should you ever decide to go on to learn another language, such as C or Machine Code, a basic knowledge of CLI will be essential. Apart from the fact that it will be needed to switch between text editors, compilers and other tools, an understanding of CLI Is a useful basis for understanding more about the way the Amiga works.
OPTICAL CHARACTER RECOGNITION PT 3 In the June issue's Questions and Answers a reader asked for a piece of software with the ability of recognising text by a scanner. In an older issue of the great German Amiga Magazine I found an article about such software. Unfortunately the software is offered with another type of scanner. I’m not as familiar enough with this technique as to say whether the software can work with your reader's scanner or not. An important fact mentioned in the mag is that the system often crashes if the user makes even the slightest mistake, although the software may
have been updated by now. To contact the distributor, write to: Reis- ware, Postfach 36, D-5584 Bullay, Germany. Tel 06542 2086 2087. Fax 06542 21017.
Oliver Gumtau, Glinde, Germany Looking at the pictures that Oliver has kindly sent us, the software is running on a Cameron Handy scanner, one of the earliest Amiga scanners to hit the scene. What more can I say. Thanks very much for your help, Oliver. You win a free subscription for this month’s best letter.
* CANON PRINTER DRIVER Following your review of the Canon BJ-10e
bubble jet printer in the June issue, I bought one from my
local Dixons who assured my that I wouldn't have any problems
using it with my Amiga.
No matter which printer driver use with it, the graphics always come out looking jumbled. I have not been able to find an actual BJ-10e driver anywhere, can you help?
Richard Mansie, Hotwells, Bristol The BJ-10e is capable of emulating two different printers: the IBM Proprinter X24E and the Canon BJ- 130E. There's a specific driver available for the BJ- 10e, which has been released on the PD circuit.
If you are having difficulties finding the driver, Kryptonite PD have kindly offered to copy it for any readers who send them a blank disk and a stamped addressed envelope.
Kryptonite PD can be contacted at 28 Clifton Gardens, Golders Green, London NW11 7EL BUDGET RAY TRACING Having read reviews of various ray tracing packages in numerous other magazines (sorry!), I decided that I would like to try my hand at it. As my budget is very limited (I’m a student) I decided to test the water by buying Artronic's C Light package. I know I’m probably just being dumb, but I can't seem to get it to do anything except draw spheres, cubes, tubes, and rectangles. I know it doesn't let you do surface or texture mapping, but the only effects that I'm able to produce are
dithered looking blocks of solid colour with some very unimpressive shadows. I read on the back of the packaging that it was 'A complete ray tracing system for generating 3D pictures and animations’. What am I doing wrong?
Carlo Pellici, Southend on sea, Essex Of all the ray tracing packages I’ve seen, C Light is undoubtedly the worst.
Most ray tracing packages allow you to create your 3D objects using primitives.
Primitives are simple objects such as cubes, spheres, torii, spirals etc, which you can then modify to create far more complex shapes. In most packages, these primitives are just the starting point, and many subtle modifications can be made to them to create objects that fit your exact requirements. In C Light, these primitives are almost as complex as you can get. Spheres can be squashed, cubes can be elongated and rotated, but the basic shapes more or less remain the same. As for surface textures and colours, let’s just say that C Light handles them with about as much sophistication as a
toddler attempting to recreate the Cistine Chapel with a felt tip pen.
Needless to say, I'm not impressed with the package, even at the budget price that it was originally sold at. I believe it's now passed into the public domain, but even for £1.00 I would think twice before buying it.
In terms of state of the art ray tracing packages, Sculpt Animate 4D still rates very highly. Real 3D is the latest contender. It boasts texture and bump mapping features, 24 bit- plane support said to be invariably user friendly.
With versions starting at around the £140 mark, it's not cheap, but then quality never is!
PROTRACKER TUTORIAL I was very happy to . See The Canon BJ- 10e may be a great printer, but finding drivers for it isn't easy .
A stamped addressed envelope & blank disk to Mat at the CU offices will get you a copy for nothing Protracker on the June cover disk, and the tune was really great.
There’s just one problem; how do I write my own songs? I read through the instructions on Protracker (when you press the HELP key) but I didn't really understand them. Do you plan to print a tutorial?
Stewart Johns - Reading, Berks Mat tells me that he had no plans to print a Protracker tutorial, although a series of song listings, complete with samples on the coverdisk, was a possibility. However, he says that if enough people write in to him via Q&A, he may well reconsider and print a complete tutorial. If you are interested in seeing either idea in the pages of CU, drop us a line.
The actual specifications of Commodore’s CDTV seem all- but obscured by the media hype that has surrounded its development and launch. Only now are the true merits of the system becoming apparent.
HAM RADIO Is it possible to boadcast computer signals in the same way as radio signals Roger Heights. Gwent Yes it is, although you'll need specially written software and custom equipment. One thing you need to check out is the legallity of the frequencies the code has to be broadcast at. MIDIcode, for instance, can only be broadcast at an illegal frequency.
SOFTWJ PD FANATIC If you’ve written any neat programs, fun games, incredible utilities, or anything that you think other people might want to see, why not turn your hard work into hard cash?
Unlike mags that offer to pay you £1000.00, we won’t promise you the earth, but if we use your programs you may get paid a small fee, and if your stuff is exceptional you could earn up to £500.00. We are interested in seeing anything that you’ve written, so come on, don’t hold back. You may not rate your tiny routine to work out every prime number between one and five, but it could be just what somebody else needs.
We’re also very interested in seeing any outstanding PD that hasn’t already been doing the rounds for years.
Please put your programs etc, onto a standard 3.5inch AmigaDOS disk.
Full documentation should also be included on the disk.
Address Phone Program Size (in K) Program Name .
Additional files required by main program Brief Summary of what your program does Type of Program: GRAPHICS MUSIC PACKAGE ?
IMPORTANT You must sign this declaration before your programs will be considered; The above named program(s) are submitted for exsclusive publication in CU Amiga magazine. It they are wholly my own work and I agree to indemnify EMAP Images against any possible legal action should copyright problems arise.
Signed .....Date ... COMPETITION WINNERS 0 tif al I i n Only one winner this month culled from the numerous entrants in our MC Hammer competition. There were over fifty entries in the end, with the occasional one still arriving. It was a tough competition to judge, but in the end the variety and originality of Gary Master's tune took first honours. Incidentally, could the author of Bill Mason's Gone, and Wendy Tucker's Found please contact me as I’ve lost your address. Thanks.
BRILLIANT MACHINES 1 Are you that great, British eccentric? Do you perhaps know someone who’s doing something wacky with their Amiga? Have you pushed our favourite machine beyond all reasonable bounds?
If you can answer yes to any of the above questions, CU Amiga would love to hear from you - and thrill to the thought of seeing your ideas splurged across the pages of over 100,000 copies of this magazine.
If you think that you can help, please drop me a line at the CU offices. Address your letters to; SME I Mat Broomfield, My Brilliant Machine, CU Amiga, Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU.
Put all of your favourite bits and bobs on one disk and then access them with the stroke of a key. Martin Rayner introduces a great new utility called KeyMacro, which will do away with entering commands via the CLI, and shows you how to create your own professional-looking menus.
HOW IT WORKS Keyboard macros are simply sequences of commands, which are executed using a single key press.
To use the program you must create a script file using a standard text editor. This script file specifies the required key definitions so that when you activate Keymacro it can update its own key list. Although there are two Macro types available, Key and Command, we will only be using Key for the purpose of this article. An explanation of both macro types can be found in the docs file on the coverdisk.
MACROFACT Keyboard macros can:
• Save you time
• Help you to avoid typing repetitious commands
• Prevent you from having to remember complex command sequences
• Allow you to create professional menus easily USAGE All
Keymacro commands follow the same format: MACRO
KEY CONTROL+K= "EXECUTE LOADER" The macro type is followed by
the key combination to be pressed to execute the macro
definition. This combination consists of the keyboard qualifier
and the key.
A qualifier is an additional key to be pressed with the main key to activate the required function. A qualifier MUST be DISK SIXTEEN A SAMPLE KEYMACRO SCRIPT FILE So that you can see how all this works in practical terms, here’s an example of the type of file we used to create this month's coverdisk. You can find the exact file that we used in the S directory.
Keymacro 1.8 Key none+1 = “loadimage pics pic3.iff n” Key none+2 = “trektrlviaW Key none+3 = "mm n” Key none+4 = “noiseplayer -p2 modules solid state anthem n” Key none+5 = "loadimage pics pic1.ifNi Key none+6 = "vlftn" Key none+7 = “ppmore fontinfo n” Key none+8 « “ppmore amosinloNn” Key none+9 = “ppmore sampleinfoNn" Key none+0 = “type menuTNn Keymacro startup macroEYi" THE KEY FACTS The first keyboard ever invented had no shift-key mechanism; ft wrote In capital letters only. Strange as It may seem, a double keyboard was introduced in the late 1800s.
It contained twice the number of keys - one for every character in upper and lo Hard to believe, but for many years t ble keyboard and the shift-key machln jockeyed for position as the number i Apeilijjl' I" 'jlfj|~ The almost universal layout of t on keyboards Is the so-called ( tem. It may seem a random selection I In fact especially designed so that le commonly used sequentially (like i are separated, so that In the old, old ( typewriter usage, the possibility of j the keys was reducqtL- How long have you ever stayed at a key- C board? The record for the longest duration Is 264 hours by
Violet Gibson Burns In 1985.
Fancy yourself as a super-fast win kid?
The quickest speeds on a keyboard are an amazing 216 words per minute by Stella Garnard on an IBM machine.
RAMIGA Right Amiga key Along with the qualifier key you will also need a key to attach the macro expression to.
You may use any key on the keyboard, including function keys, cursor keys etc. MACRO EXPRESSION KEYS:- F1 F10 The function keys TAB ..The tabulator key ESC ..The escape key SPACE. The space bar RETURN The return key ENTER The enter key (Numeric Pad) DEL ..The delete key BACKSPACE...The backspace key HELP .The help key LEFT .The cursor-left key RIGHT The cursor-right key UP ...The cursor-up key DOWN The cursor-down key A TEN STEP GUIDE TO INSTALLING KEYMACRO ON YOUR OWN DISK.
1. Load Workbench and format a disk.
2. Open the Cli from Workbench and install your formatted disk.
3. Using the makedir command, make the following directo- ries:-
C Devs Devs Keymaps L Libs S
4. Using the copy command, copy the following files from the
directories of the cover disk to the same directories on your
Type to the C Directory Setmap to the C Directory Keymacro to the C Directory Mount to the C Directory Mountlist to the Devs Directory GB to the Keymaps Directory (inside the Devs Directory) Keymacro-handler to the L Directory Null-handier to the L Directory Arp.library to the Libs Directory
5. Copy any additional files that you know you are going to need.
For example, if you are going to include PPMore on your disk
you will require "Powerpacker.library" in the Libs Dir.
6. Load up a text editor or word processor as you will need to
write the following files:- A Keymacro.config startup-sequence
A Menu You can name the menu anything you like, but the other
two files must be named as titled.
7. You must have the following routines listed within your
startup- sequence. Setmap GB Mount Null: Keymacro Type menu
8. When you have finished writing a file save it to your disk.
Startup-sequence to S Dir. Keymacro.config to S Dir. Menu
9. Now is the time to check that all files needed have been
copied to the disk and placed in the correct directories. Is
that program you wanted, on the disk and listed on your menu.
10. That's it! Reset your Amiga and load your new disk.
Given, but if you want a key to work on its own without a qualifier, enter the word NONE at this point. Next, an = sign is needed to tell the macro to execute the following string. String is the name given to any sequence of characters that are enclosed in quotes. The string must be enclosed in quotes and the characters n can be used to indicate the return key function.
KEYMACRO QUALIFIERS:- NONE No qualifier (For single character key press) CTRL Control pad LSHIFT Left shift key RSHIFT Right shift key LALT Left alternate key RALT Right alternate key LAMIGA Left Amiga key (Commodore key) TRIAL AND ERROR I decided to start compiling my own utility disks some years ago. I was getting fed-up with having to load one disk after another for the sake of one or two programs that I needed to use. What I really wanted was all of these programs on one disk, menu driven and able to load with a single key press. To begin with the task seemed daunting but with patience and
perseverance I completed my first disk.
To cut a long story short, the program needed a special routine located in the SYSDIR. This fact was not mentioned anywhere on the disk, including the Docs.
Once I had found and copied the routine, Bingo! It worked. If you find yourself in similar circumslances here are two points to remember.
1. It may be that you need a command routine (eg Load, Run or
Execute) preceding the program name.
2. A special file may be required in a specific directory.
EXAMPLE:- You would like the head-cleaning program on your disk. Its called head cleaner on the menu hut the program is named Scrubber. The Scrubber program needs the special Ram handler (on the cover disk) to he inserted in the L directory. You will also need a load routine in the C directory. The string to execute should read "load Scrubber". Trial and error it may he hut I think the results are worth the effort. Have fun!
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Where's your cor Ask the newsd ISSUE 8 JULY AUGUST 1991 £1.95
AMIGA and ATARI ST £25.99 Thalamus, 1 Salum House, Callesa
Park, Aldermaston, Berkshire RC7 4QW Tel 0734-817261 YOU'RE ON
Your ship may be state-of-the-art but can one small craft survive the mighty savagery of the Aalans?
You have no'choice: you're tne only survivor of Armalyte Force destroyed on the fringes of Delta Space.
And if you don't eliminate the alien horde Earth will die.
Enter the forbidden zone give 'em hell!
Armalyte is classic shoot-'em-up action on five stunning levels of annihilation galore a brilliant blaster to knock others for six!
You’ve heard about hand scanners being used with desk top publishing (DTP) programs, but you may be pleasantly surprised at how easy they are to use. Martin Rayner looks at two reasonably priced units from Pandaal and Golden Image.
I was mildly surprised to find that the only differences between the two units are in the software and packaging. Pandaal and Golden Image are offering identical scanners. Golden Image buy their software in from the States, whilst Pandaal actually write their own. This is not an uncommon practice, and is used by many companies in the computer market, especially with printers. In this case, both companies have chosen to use the Marstek Hand scanner (M105).
Marstek are one of the best manufacturers in this field today, producing quality mice and scanners for many companies.
A CONCISE DEVICE There are four controls situated on the body of the scanner. The start button and the scan mode switch are situated on the left-hand side, Whilst the right-hand side supports the brightness control and the resolution switch.
The start button has to be kept depressed whilst scanning, and the scan mode has settings to scan text or photos. There are three photo settings available, offering a choice of dot densities, or dither patterns. The resolution switch has four settings ranging from 100 to 400 dots per inch (DPI). The higher the resolution, the more detailed an image will appear once scanned. If the images are to be used in D-Paint, higher resolution scans simply produce larger pages, rather than more detailed screens.
Pandaal suggest that the brightness control is best left in the central position, but this is not correct. The setting will entirely depend on what it is you are scanning. Colour pictures scan better with a light brightness setting, whereas black and white pictures and line art benefit from a darker setting. When in operation, a green light is emitted from the underside of the scanner to inform you that all systems are go. If you try to move the unit too quickly when scanning, a red LED lights up to warn you.
THE SOFTWARE As I stated earlier the only way in which these two packages differ is in their software, although Pandaal also include a metal strip to help you to keep the scanner straight during scanning.
BITS AND BOBS Both of the scanners reviewed come complete with their own powerpack and SCANTECNICS Commercially scanners have been around tor a long time, mainly in the form of large flat bed machines. Desktop hand scanners started to surface a few years ago and now many magazines and designers tlnd them invaluable in their work. The prices are now dropping to a more affordable level bringing them within reach ot the home computer owner. The hand version uses a contact type image scanner to read the image of an original during digitisation. The scanner consists of numerous yellowish-green
LEDs arranged in parallel rows. These provide the light source which will illuminate the original during the ‘read’ operation. The light reflected, according to the contrast of the original, is passed back through the converging rod lens array (optical fibers). The light is then passed directly on to the Charged Coupled Device (CCD) and converted into an electrical signal. To enable the computer to recognize the signal they are then passed through an analogue to digital converter.
Interface connection cartridge
(ICC) . The ICC is connected to the parallel port (printer port)
with a ribbon cable (approx 6ins in length). The power
supply jack and the scanner lead then connect to the ICC.
You will require a suitable three pin plug to connect to
the Pandaal powerpack. The Golden Image powerpack uses the
two pin razor adaptor type plug. Golden Image include a
razor adaptor within their packaging, but this is not con
sistent with British safety standards. There is no insula
tion on the live and neutral pins.
PANDAAL HANDLE Pandaal offer a slim twenty- page manual designed for speed and ease of use. This is great if you like the instant “hands on" approach to handling new hardware. The Pandaal software is auto booting and when loaded presents you with two windows and an icon task strip. The strip consists of eight icons that control the functions such as load, save, scan, zoom, print etc. There is a blank image window and a settings window. The settings window is used to change the page type A4 A5, resolution, width, height etc. There are also four pull-down menus titled project, image,
clipboard and scan. From within the image menu you can operate standard features such as cut, copy, delete, paste, invent etc. The clipboard menu gives you image manipulation control for rotate 90°, flip horiz vert, invert and zoom.
GOLDEN IMAGE VISAGE Two books accompany the Golden Image scanner. One is the owners' manual, which r SELL OUT TO BE SEEN IN SELL-OUT CALL DAVID CORRIE 071 251 6222 £1,000 WILL BUY A LOT FOR YOUR AMIGA. Send S.A.E. and will explain everything needed to earn money In your spare time at home. What have you got to lose
D. Alder. I USE YOUR WITS TO BEAT THE COMPUTER 142 langland Road.
Milton Keynes MK6 4HX DE LA SOUL IS DEAD... But I am not. If there's any Amiga owners out there wanting to make new contacts please send lists and discs to Colin, 16 Groce Avenue.
Bexleyheath. Kent DA7 4NN 100% Reply Hello Gino you bore!
AMIGA SOFTWARE FOR SALE! £150 per disk, also fasf contacts wanted Write to: Kenneth Ellingsen. Box 111 2831. Raufoss.
Norway AMIGA SOFTWARE FOR SALE! Both the latest and older software are sold for £1.50 per disk. To obtain my lists info, write to: Thomas Torp.
Skogbrynet 16C. 0283 Oslo 2, Norway AMIGA PD 4 Disks full of Cheats.
Solutions and Utils. Only £3 inc. PSP Send for this ultimate Offer from
J. Webb. 17 Fairlie Avenue.
Mansfield. Notts. NG19 6RH Digitising Services Send us you* paroles ot videos ono -a* tend mem Dock with a disk r«»rt wth ft ccfout (a 09w) mages dnd a itee we ociive sioeshow wrn live p*c« a ONIVE2.50 per disk Write to: The fastest!
Funniest trivia game on your phone!
Call now 0839 44 22 70 AMIGA CONTACTS WANTED Latest stuff only. UK only please, write to: Gino, 205A long Lane.
Bexleyheath, Kent. DA7 5AF (Colin, you are fat!)
AMIGA CONTACTS WANTED Send Disks and Lists for 101% Reply to Jdnn Rindsem. Kaly Arnesons. GT9.
7650 Vbrdal. Norway AMIGA DEMOS TO SWAP. Wanted people to swap PD Demos 100% Reply. Send lists disks to Greg Hindley. 6 Rushmoor Ave, Ashton- in-Makerfield. Nr. Wigan. Gtr.
Manchester, WN4 8XH I-----------------1 PLEASE CAN I HAVE AN AD IN SELL OUT Lineage - 30p per word to private idividuals - 20 words uln.
40 words maximum, 40p per word to Trade, 20 words »in - 40 words ma Semi-display - tlS for S.C.C.Rlng 071 251 6222.
All classified and semi-display advertising is pre-payable.
All classified ads are subject to space availability.
WARNING II is illegal to sell pirated copies of computer games The only software ihsi can be sold legitimately through our classified section are genuine tapes disks or cartridges bought from shops or by mail order from software houses SAY THAT AGAIN!
Jargon explained for beginners; BIT - A bit Is the smallest unit of computer memory. All data is stored in bits and bytes (eight bits equal one byte). A single bit has two possible values; 1 or 0.
Is a seven-page quick quide to installation and controls.
The other publication is called Touch up a lull blown 171- page tutorial. Touch up is manufactured in the United States by a company called Migraph, and claims to be “The complete design tool for high resolution monochrome images". Touch Up was specifically designed by Migraph for editing and manipulating massive bitmaps. You will need to make a backup copy of your Workbench disk before you load the Touch Up disk. The reason for this is because Touch Up needs to install fonts on to your Workbench disk. Unfortunately, the software had some sort of clitch in it and the program kept crashing. I
did manage to contact Golden Image but their response was far from satisfactory, claiming that faulty software was not their responsibility. Touch Up will do all that the Pandaal software does and much more.
CONCLUSION The hardware is identical!.
The price is identical!. The deciding factor must be the software. If you like quick, reliable, no frills software then the Daala Scan fits the bill nicely. On the other hand if you have plenty of patience and don’t mind reading hefty manuals and suffering frequent system failures. Touch Up will fulfill your requirements.
BITMAP - On a two-colour picture, each pixel Is represented in computer memory by a single bit. If the bit is switched on (1), the pixel is one colour, and if the bit Is off (0), the pixel is another colour. A monochrome image is usually represented in memory by many hundreds or thousands of bits. This representation is called a bitmap.
Colour images consist of two or more overlapping bitmaps and are called bitplanes.
COLOUR BIT DEPTH - This is only important if you are scanning full colour images. The bit depth ability of a scanner is determined by how many grey levels it can detect. If a scanner can only detect black and white it is classed as a one-bit scanner. Scanners that can detect four grey levels (like the one reviewed) are two-bit scanners, a four-bit scanner can detect up to sixteen grey shades, etc. A top of the range twenty-four-bit scanner gives a photographic quality image and can sense 16.8 million different colours. If you are using a standard dot matrix printer a two-bit scanner is quite
DITHERING - The process of using varying dot densities to represent colours other than black and white.
DPI • Dots per inch. A scanner translates graphics into dots when translating it into digital information. DPI Is the number of dots that it divides a single inch of paper into, when performing this process. Most scanners have a resolution switch with a range between 100 to 400 dpi.
PIXEL - This acronym of the words ‘Picture Element' describes the tiny rectangles that makes up the computer screen. The number of pixels vertically by the number of pixels horizontally is the term used to measure resolution.
TOP TO BOTTOM I would like to mention two other hand scanners that are also available. At the top end of the market is the Sharp JX- 100 costing approximately E600 (Sharp 061-833-0226). The Sharp JX-100 is supported with Scanlab 100 software from ASDG incorporated. If you think the price is high their JX-600 costs over £13,000, Ouch! At the lower end of the scale is the Geniscan from Datel (Datel 0782-744707). Datel have recently dropped the price of their scanner to £129.99. This is the cheapest scanner that I know of and it comes complete with the new version III software.
PRODUCT TEST POWER r Take control of your Amiga - with a little help from Electronic Zoo’s Workbench Management System (WMS). Michael Pugh takes us on a guided tour of this new budget-priced productivity package that turns your Amiga into a Filofax-style organiser and much more.
CHOICES. CHOICES EVERYWHERE WMS is an effective tool to help with the smooth running and planning of both your life and your computer. It can help keep all those important dates (such as the dentist and mother-in-law's birthday!) With its built-in calendar. The calendar configures itself using the- Amiga’s clock, but if it isn’t battery backed up then you will have to re-enter the time and date whenever you turn your computer on. The calendar also allows you to pick a date and then type BEGINNERS START HERE The DEU (Decisive Environment Unit) allows the new (or even eiperienced) user to know
what his her Amiga is doing. It Informs you what error codes actually mean (in English!), gives Shell CLI command descriptions, and gives all the ASCII character values. This program can take the frustration out of using the Amiga shell, as you no longer have to memorise each command or constantly hold the manual In your hand! I would recommend two floppy drives lor use with the WMS, and would personally prefer it on a Hard Drive.
Ihrttmk | JL ¦w JL w TWJ , i “T hhH t=*r T-SST S asst I ¦ in .[-at r rufftw =f T m If Tf ~ Tn sj Ttff Tfl
- fa! U! Fa' nf fa| fa1 “a* * it -J -J 1 X WMS Is memory
resident, yet offers such useful utilities as a calender and
appointment book.
In any relevant comments. Additionally, it has a search feature that allows you to look up a certain date or event. Imagine never forgetting your wife's birthday ever again!
'Telemate' keeps your business and private telephone numbers separate (a nice touch, I think) and has a powerful search command to find any particularly elusive numbers. It’s easy to use and, if you have a modem connected, the program will dial a selected number for you.
All phone numbers and calendar entries can be printed out and WMS uses the standard printer preferences.
'Memoed' is a bit like the Notepad on Workbench, but much more sophisticated. It allows you to cut text and place it wherever you want, and has powerful text search and replace commands.
Once again you have a print option - in fact, almost every program on WMS has a print option. Well done, Electronic Zoo!
The ‘Anytime’ option lets you call up the correct time in a variety of styles, including Roman Numerals, written English, or Hex among others.
ONE FOR THE ARCHIVES Squeeze Box is a particularly powerful feature of WMS, It allows you to archive (or compress) a group of files into a single file, saving valuable memory. You can select files in different directories and squeeze them all together into a single file and, when you need to use FILO FACTS In 1986,anew breed of banker wee born. Whereas banks had previously been controlled by boring grey men In equally dull suits, the boom In the money market brought with It a new high profile kind ol character; the Yuppie.
These hard drinking, loud mouthed, free spending nouveau riche came from all walks ol life, but the one thing that they had in common was the fact that they were utterly obnoxious. One of personal organiser, otherwise known as the Fllolax (named alter the largest manufacturer). These glorllled diaries were seen by many as a tangible symbol ol success, and custom made diamond encrusted versions even appearing. When the stock market died in October 1987, so did the Yuppies. Fllofaxes appeared to be more durable, and are now cheap enough lor most people to afford.
Them again, it will decompress them into the correct directories (if they still existl).
You can use the formats Zoo and Lharc for archiving the files (they are two of the most popular), and unarchive them using in ARC, Lharc, Warp or Zoo. Don’t ask me why you can’t use all four for archiving, though.
Many bulletin boards (accessed via a modem) have programs available in archived form - transferring these to your computer is cheaper on the phone bill, as your Amiga wouldn’t need to use the phone line for as long. The real power in the Squeeze Box utility is that it lets you select files from any one, or all, of the directories on your disk s.
Squeeze Box is especially useful to Hard From Ihe sublime to the rldlculoue. Tell the time In halt a dozen waye, or Interpret those nssty errors.
Disk owners, because you can back up the entire contents of your hard drive onto floppies. Compressing your files would mean using only a few disks, instead of the usual 10 or so. While on the subject, WMS can also be installed on your Hard Drive for even greater flexibility.
ANALYSIS The File Manager actually scans the drive of your choice and then displays all the directories and files that it finds on them. Unfortunately, it doesn’t show the file status such as Read, Write, Deletable etc. However, you can run a program by simply selecting it and pressing enter. WARNING - don't select one of WMS files and try and run it while in the File Manager, or the system will crash!
And now, the star of the show - The Button Editor. With this option you can create buttons to perform whatever function you may desire. You follow a very simple (and well documented) process in which you can ’program’ a button to perform a specific task. For example, if you wanted to keep a list of your entire record CD tape collection on disk and you use a database to browse through (and find) song titles, and the like, you could program a Power Button to load in your database program and music data automatically. With just one click of the button you'll have all the information you need,
which means no more messing around with icons and windows. You can program a Power Button to do almost anything, with a little effort. With the ability to include WMS in your Amiga’s startup-sequence (and reduce it to an icon on your WorkBench screen), this program is really user friendly and will definitely find a place on my Amiga (high praise indeed!). A really good buy, and future upgrades have also been promised.
PRODUCT TEST DELUXE PAINT- THE MOVIE Mat Broomfield goes to the movies to see a new idea from Video One - Deluxe Paint tutorials on video tape.
If you've ever wanted to master some of the more subtle uses of Deluxe Paint III, or Desk Top Video, but don't have the patience to sit down with a manual and read read it from cover to cover, this could be the product for you.
Studio One are a Scottish company who have been strong advocates of the Amiga as a broadcast quality video tool for some time. Now they’ve decided it's time to share some of its secrets with the general public. Their first release in the Desktop Video series devotes itself to showing D-Paint III users how to create professional looking titles and video effects.
TV TEACHER The video starts very sedately with Scottish presenter lain Anderson showing us how to load D-Paint (from Hard drive only). He then shows us how to select the screen resolution and number of colours. At this point I was beginning to fear that the video was to be excessively basic, and that it wouldn't be able to offer me anything. On top of this, Iain's very broad accent irritated me, and the sound quality was pretty dreadful. I’m sure I could hear lorries driving around outside, and the constant static hiss was distracting.
Nevertheless, I'm glad that I persevered.
TALKING PICTURES One of the first things that lain talked about was how to create shadows on text. Although the subject matter is hardly original, Iain’s fluency with the package was a delight to see. He explained how to set up your own palette and create a spread of colours from it. Again, fairly simple stuff, but Iain's speed with the software was impressive, even though, I must warn you again, he’s no presenter; he often seemed to lose track, before very quickly regaining the thread of what he was saying. The problem, I think arose from the fact that lain tried to keep a constant running
commentary going all the time he was working. I would have thought that it would have been preferable to record the sound and video separately then letters and twirling intros.
The video was concluded with a very quick introduction to the ways that D-Paint could be used with a Video Genlock to integrate your graphics with video film.
CONCLUSION At the end of the video, I thought ‘Oh. Is that it?’.
It seemed rather short for twenty pounds, especially when you can buy a multi-million pound feature film for only ten. The tutorial also seemed to be rather schizophrenic, aiming at the absolute novice one moment, then rushing off at breakneck speed with only the experienced users able to keep pace.
It also helped to be familiar with the commands of the program beforehand. But, despite its negative points, I have to say that I warmed to the video. The sound may be lousy, but the skill of Iain’s tuto- SHORT BUT SWEET Having demonstrated the palette options, lain went on to show us some incredibly simple but effective techniques for creating a marbled background. He then demonstrated how to use some of the Mode options to create multi-coloured shadows, bas-relief effects and highlights.
Once again, his proficiency was extremely impressive, and my mind was bursting with ways that I could apply the techniques he'd demonstrated.
Having explained a quick but effective method for creating chrome effect lettering, lain progressed to perspective and animation. He illustrated various techniques for creating moving title credits, count down clocks, sparkles on rial left me brimming with enthusiasm to PROFIT FROM YOURMKRO Video One could have made a decent quality, properly scripted soundtrack.
Have a try for myself. If you have the money, and a keen interest in D-Paint III, I suggest that you take a look at this video. After all, it's less than the price of many games, and the skills it teaches you can last a lifetime. Price £19.99 + £1.50 Post and Packing. Details from: rYRWM MVW . The first thing I noticed about Prolit From Your Micro, is how thin it is. For your moflby, you get a 62-page manual, of which ten pages are advertising, and a further twenty-six pages are not related to any specific business plans, dealing with subjects like equipment, etc. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS The
book, by K. Chadwick B.A, was written sometime prior to 1988, and therefore doesn’t cater specifically for the Amiga.
However, many of the schemes described within it would work equally well with any machine.
Mr Chadwick suggests that your minimum requirements to make money with his ideas is a computer, a phone, and a decent printer. Pity Intraset don't mention that in their advert, but anyway... TEN GOOD IDEAS The book actually details about ten money making ideas, and gives information about such matters as tax, insurance, the data protection act, and other important business considerations. It also talks about choosing a name for your business and canvassing for trade.
The actual ideas are completely sound, but like most successful ideas require you to be determined in your application of them. The information given about each GET RICH QUICK A less advisable way to get rich quick, is to take advantage ol the credit card boom. One American man. Dubbed 'Mr Plastic Fantastic’ owns 1208 valid cards, and is worth more than $ 1.5 million in credit. The cards cost him nothing to acquire, but it must cost him a fortune in headache tablets trying to work out his monthly accounts!
Plan is useful and relevant, but I felt that the ideas were perhaps covered too briefly to assist the less resourceful reader.
MORE PROFIT It was with great scepticism that I noticed adverts at the back of the book which offer more complete guidance on some of the subjects supposedly explained in this volume.
In fairness, I cannot say that the book doesn’t deliver what it says it will. It does. Just don’t expect your business to come ready made on a silver platter. It will require serious work and research to implement the ideas that are so briefly outlined in the pages of Profit From Your Micro. Price £14.95 Details from Intraset Ltd (02572)76800 AMIGA MEGADRIVE ST PC NINTENDO GAMEBOY C64 SEG L FAMICOM SPECTRUM LYNX PC ENGINE GAME GEAR .
PRODUCT TEST KEEP ON TRACKING Those of you who bought the June issue with Protracker 1.0 on the cover disk will already know how great it is. Now it’s just got even better with the release of Protracker 2.0. s a music editing and sequencing package, Protracker 1.0 was a very user friendly and powerful package. It included all of the features found in its belter known forerunner, Master Soundtracker, plus some that were uniquef. Now Crowborough Computers have decided that it is time to update the package and give it a professional release.
SAMPLE IT Many of the new additions add valuable enhancements to the package, the most useful of which is surely the built in sampler. Using any standard piece of sampling hardware, it is now possible to sample extra instruments from within the package. The sampling software is actually quite good, and it otters SAMPLES UNLIMITED On thing that I was particularly pleased to see included with Protracker 2.0, Is the first flue Instrument disks In the ST-series, (ST-00 to ST-
04) . I'm not absolutely sere II.
These are the official ST disks, but the ones that I looked at certainly seemed to be. In any case, it's a real treat to acquire flue disks of top quality samples In one go.
The user a selection of sample editing tools that will prove more than adequate for most people’s needs. It also includes a couple ot volume editing options that I haven't previously seen on cheap samplers.
PROTRACKERS DO IT MANUALLY An invaluable addition is the inclusion of a full manual. Despite the fact that the manual is only 30 pages long, with an extra six-page quick-start guide, it seems to otter all the instruction that you're likely to need. The one exception to this is in the section covering commands. Instructions for all of these type of packages always seems to assume that everybody understands terms such as Vibrato and Glissando.
It’s not that the instructions are bad; they just don’t go into quite enough detail.On the subject of Effects, there are several new ones available including Vibra, which adds vibrato (a kind ot vibrating, trembling sound) to a note whilst changing its volume.
Another addition is the Tempo gadget, which allows you to change the tempo ot a song whille it’s playing. This makes it much easier to decide the opti- mumspeed at which to play a tune.
Remaining enhancements include improved file requesters and setup customising routines and more 'hot' keys tor faster and easier use. Protracker 2.0 claims to be able to load ALL Soundtracker and Noisetracker tiles, and to be 100% bug-free and virtually crashproof. Further updates are also promised.
CONCLUSION All in all, quite an accomplished package. I wonder if it justifies the price tag UP PERISCOPE Quadrascope, one of the new features, allows you to see the actual waveform of each instrument as it plays. Although this seems like a cosmetic addition, people who are used to editing samples will find it far easier to identify which channel particular instruments are playing on at a glance.
Considering the quality of PD software, but I would probably have paid the asking price just to get the sample disks! If you loved Protracker 1.0, then this would seem like a good purchase.
Considering the hours ot pleasure that you will get from it, it still represents considerably better value than most activities Price xxxx Details from: Crowborough Computers (0892) 667122 N IN THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE OF CU AMIGA MORE GAMES The summer slump has now reached its end, a wide range of top-quality licences and original products are starting to appear. Watch out for Gremlin’s Pegasus, System 3's epic, Myth, and the the long overdue Nebulus II. We'll also be taking a peek at Sierra's Heart Of China, Cruise For A Corpse (yes, it actually looks set to appear at last!), and Team 17’s
Alien Breed.
Play To Win re-emerges from its summer hols, too, as Mark Patterson teams up with the coders of all the best games to bring you the low-down on King's Quest V, Hunter, RBI II, Adventure and games Helplines and as many others as we can squeeze into the choc-a-bloc issue.
So, if you're serious about games and want to get the lowdown first and in great detail, you know where to ITHOOCJ It. In RHI . . ’-»Tir-r
- ¦'V TTiRV rTr'.'*' .rw» ’¦1) • • . i Move over Sehwartzkopf,
the Aliens are Stormin' the Earth.
MORE PAGES DEVOTED TO 'TECH' ANIMATE YOUR MOTHER And Pee Wee Herman, a plastic model of Bart Simpson, or anything else you'd care to make move. Learn how to cheat at animation using Rotoscoping.
READERS FEATURES Watch out for the start of an occasional series of articles inspired by you, the reader. And we kick off with hints 'n' tips from the creator or these stunning, hand drawn Prince pictures.
HOW IT WORKS - SOUND SAMPLING Sampling sound is now oge of the most popular activities on the Amiga. We show you how it works, and how to make the most ordinary sonic grab sound spectacular.
MODEMS GALORE Plug yourself into the global village as CU Amiga takes the lid off modems. Learn how they work, how to get instant PD, how to set up your own bulletin board, and how international conferencing is producing excellent advances in the world of graphics and sound.
REVIEWS Watch out for our usual brace of informative reviews, including tests of the latest products from the 16-bit Computer Fair, plus a head-to-head comparison of the latest in word processing packages.
G. S.F. ...... .....147 PLC
SUPPLIES . 169 ACCOLADE..... .2,3
A B.O.T.S. ... .....93 HARWOOnS ..... SILICA SHOP .... 87 AMIGA BANDITS ... .....134 HOBBYTE ... 58 SPECIAL RESERVE .... 8 ANGLIA PD .. ..99 INPHOLINK . 57 SIERRA ...... 179 BCS ..57 LADBROKE . 70 START . 108 BLITTERCHIPS .... ..52 LEGEND .. 62 STRICTLY PD ... 144 BRENLEE .... 140
MICROMAIL 48 SOFTWARE CITY . 94 BITCON .... .....147 MATRIX ... .....130 SELL OUT .. 16?
CROWSBOROUGH ... .....83 MAILORDER MICRO 33 SOFT SWAP ..... 57 CASTLE ..90 MUSIC TRIVIA ... .....168 SLAVE PD .. 130 CORE DESIGN . ..11 MEGABLITZ .....126 SOFT EXCHANGE ...... 108 CONNECT INT . ..33
N. B.S .....140 THALAMUS
18 TARGET PD 144 CARE .... Cl HR
AMIGA ... 99 147 ONE STOP
.. 19,112,180 ......147 TOPAZ
U. O.D .. 140 96
..117 118 119 PD SOFT .
......138 VIRGO DEVELOPEMENTS 53 DATEL .. ....78,79
P. M.R ...... ......147 VALLEY PD
134 DIAL-A-QUIZ .... .....106
..... 141 DATAFIELD ..
EVESHAM .... 130 ....36,37 PC.
......104 WTS
..69 PD REBELS ...... ......122 17
BIT .. 14?
E. C.E.S .. ....46,47 PREMIER PD
.... ......130 3 COUNTIES .....
LlllilAl. DREAMS TO DIGITAL DREAMS 31 BERWICK STREET SOHO LONDON WC1 ¦LEASE ALLOW IK D.VS FOB 1 M IVI1K V TRADE ENQUIRES WELCOME PROFILE The Amiga world is so dominated by games players, that it’s very easy to forget how powerful the machine can be in the right hands. You’ve doubtless heard rumours about the Amiga being used at NASA and in the Houses of Parliament, I though it was high-time to find these elusive people who really put their machines to work. My search lead me to Basildon, where I discovered a real rags to riches story, all revolving around our favourite computer.
In the first of a series, Mat Broomfield hunts down one of the people who is really making his Amiga earn its living, SEDA’s Bill McCarthy.
Then Bill met a draftsman named Clive Watts. Clive had been working from home on his A500 producing small scale drawings. Bill invited him to join the company, which he did, moving from computer to manual drafting. Clive soon settled in, but to quote Bill McCarthey “His handwriting was so bad that we decided it was better for him to use the Amiga". So Clive’s work was switched over to a one megabyte A500 running XCAD, which he used while working at home.
EARLY DAYS On a remote industrial estate in Basildon, located on top of an ex-fumi- ture workshop, sits the plush offices of SEDA Engineering. SEDA began life about fifteen months ago when industrial engineer and draftsman, Bill McCarthy, decided to set up his own drawing and design business. Initially, all SEDA owned were several drawing boards, and a handful of orders.
A THORNY START Soon after, SEDA secured a contract to produce a major new product for Thom Lighting. Thom were currently producing a new kind of lightbulb called a 2D lamp, a loop-shaped bulb which used less electricity and was environmentally friendly... At that time SEDA, were using two major machines which performed their jobs at different rates. The bulbs had to be manually transported from one machine to the other, slowing down production. To get round this SEDA needed a machine that would transport the bulbs from one machine to the other and fully automate the process. The result was a
massive and complex conveyor system which integrated existing technology with some new designs created by Bill, Clive, and the third team member Paul Foster.
Most of the drafting was performed on Clive’s A500, although the final stages used an A2000 because of its higher speed. The results were then A SUCCESS printed on an AO size HPGL compatible plotter.
Ness complete with manufacturing workshop and drawing rooms. They also have one of the best technical libraries in the country, and can supply industry standard clips (graphics presented as computer legible numbers) anywhere in the world. And what role has the Amiga played in the life of this business? As Bill McCarthy’s puts it: "The Amiga 500 was the jumping board to success for our business, and the flexibility of the system beats the sketching method hands down'.
INDUSTRY BEATER When I asked about XCAD Pro (their drafting software), I was told that a recent DTI survey had compared it against the industry standard Autocad and had said, 'Comparing XCAD on the Amiga against The success of that project meant that SEDA could afford to buy more equipment for the office. They purchased an A1500, an A3000 and moved from XCAD to XCAD Professional.
A HAPPY ENDING SEDA currently use four Amigas for its computer drafting work, although they do still use manual drafting when computer illiterate staff are hired for particular jobs.
The company has gone from being a one- room cottage industry, to a full-scale busiDESIGN A FORTUNE Your chance to win one of three copies of D-Paint IV, and create a Hardware add-on that will actually go into production!
You’ve just read the story of SEDA's phenomenal success thanks to the Amiga. Now the company wants to put something back into the industry, and is looking for a new product to manufacture. That’s where you come in, because the guys at SEDA are so busy, they just don’t have the time to come up with a design themselves.
WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO You have to come up with a design for a new Amiga peripheral. You can present your design as an annotated drawing, or as a written set of design specifications, or both. You can even send in a D-paint disk containing a drawing or drawings of your design if you prefer. Your peripheral could be a reworking of a current design, like a new Amiga console, dr a super deluxe mouse holder, or it could be something completely new, like a remote control disk inserter or a hydraulic keyboard overlay. Literally anything goes! Whatever your design, it must be practical, and something
that you think other people would like to use. You can enter as many times as you like.
THE LEGAL BIT Please note that all entries submitted automatically become the exclusive property of SEDA Engineering.
Your designs must be original and understand that by entering It In the CU Amiga SEDA competition you automatically transfer your patent rights to SEDA Engineering in return for a percentage of the profits should the design be commercially manufactured.
WHAT YOU WIN The three best designs will receive a copy of Deluxe Paint 4 (when it’s released in September). If any of the designs are good enough to actually produce, then SEDA will manufacture your design on a commercial basis. You will then be invited to their factory for a day, where you will see how your design has been turned into reality.
You will also receive one of the first finished versions of your design. As if that wasn't enough, anyone creating a marketable design will receive a percentage of all profits should the design go into production!
All entries should be in by the 26th October, so we’re giving you tons of time to think up your designs.
Send your entries to: Design-an-add-on Competition, CU Amiga, Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London, EC1R 3AU ...and Bring the Family!
Roberta Williams returns to your computer screen with the most wonderful King's Quest ever!
T M his time your whole family will journey with Good ¦ King Graham and Cedric the talking oui through A the eerie gloom of the Dark Forest, across blazing deserts, over vast mountains andoceans in search of the missing royal family of Daventry. The vivid game scenes, lifelike animation and breathtaking soundtrack will transport you on a fabulous journey to another tvorld where characters will actually s teak to you and each other in their own voices. ’ No typing is required, so t family members of alt ages can travel along It ’s not like playing a game - Fxperience the magical world of King
's Quest V, and discover why more people.
Have played King's Quest than any other computer game series in history.
• CD-ROM version only ==»’ My head is ihumpin'. '''' and my
heart ' is Dumping the adrenahn around every veeeel ol my
hyper- tenie ."dy - the driving unit', that wii he shoe-horned,
wedged Una Colt 45 into It's imhter, as I am placed into the
command seat ot my vehicle - ready to enter the l -ena of play.
And combat.
"Wild Wheels they ral us. Combatants wno play a "jamc" - a game where there are two . »ys to lose... down on points or down on fuel the fuel ol Wei Our W lor actum art the finely honed mas.e- eces ol engineering... machines that will Oute-ase the opposition, men them, crush them, detonate them into a mdhon wv e-hot, speeding grains ol shrapnel. The Tdt si death1 ‘n which many ol _ OCEAN SOFTWARE LIMITED 6 CENTRA STREET MANCHESTER M? 5NS heart ol this mechanoid beast, Its engine pushing out every ounce ol power to keep me lust ahead, and dedverhtg a heavy, sickening blow into my back as It
accelerates at my command. Taking aim, I thm up every muscle ready lor the great burst the deafening scream as I unleash my lethal messenger... and its message - "GAME OVERI" But that's lust hah the game story Now YOU enter the arena... ENJOY THE SHOW!
TELEPHONE: 061 832 6633 FAX: 061 834 0650
• dttandmyheart n tt*e adrenalin around evnny vessel ol my hyaer
if, dial wdl no shoe-homed, wedged tike a Colt 46 :ed Into Ote
command seat ot my veMde - ready to 6 combat.
TELEPHONE: 061 832 6633 FAX: 061 834 0650 1 amiAnm w ft A wnnwi nw

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