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WELCOME TO AMINET SET 6 DISK d @{" Deutsch " link SET6d:Local/Misc/LiesMich/main} Copyright 1998 @{"Urban Müller" link Author} Welcome to disk d of Aminet Set 6. It contains all mods and music programs since Aminet Set 5. Check @{" what is where " link WW} for other disks. On this disk: 1010M of @{" mods " link SET6d:Local/Mods/main} sorted by style and rating 50M of @{" music software " link SET6d:Index/mus} released since Set 5 3M of @{" commercial " link SET6d:TurboCalc/English/TurboCalc.guide/main} software: TurboCalc 3.5 Information is also available on: @{" New features " link Features } What the previous CDs didn't have @{" Access software " link Software } Find, Prefs, and all the other tools @{" Customizing " link Custom } How to adapt Aminet CD to your taste @{" Troubleshooting " link Troubles } What to do if problems occur @{" What is Aminet " link Aminet } Information about our distributed archive @{" Accessing Aminet " link Access } How to download directly from Aminet @{" Submitting " link Submitting} How to get your software onto Aminet @{" Ordering " link Ordering } Where to order Aminet CDs and subscriptions @{" Disclaimer " link Disclaimer} Legal mumbo jumbo plus virus warning @endnode ============================================================================ @node Author "About the author" The guy who selected, arranged, documented and sorted the contents of this CD for you is me, Urban Müller, the main administrator of Aminet. All the support software is from me, too. You can reach me at Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. if you have any feedback about this CD. Of course this CD would not have been possible without the help of the countless people involved in the administration of Aminet, not to mention the thousands of uploaders. Special thanks go to: Matthias Scheler - for co-moderating Aminet and writing PowerGuide Robert Michl - for most of the German descriptions Martin Schulze - for beta-testing and other help with Aminet Lars Eilebrecht - for beta-testing Thomas Strauß - for beta-testing Yours truly.... Urban Müller @endnode ============================================================================ @node WW "What is where" These are the directories of Aminet Set 6: Disk a (Tools): @{" util " link SET6a:Index/util} @{" comm " link "SET6a:Index/comm"} @{" docs " link SET6a:Index/docs} @{" text " link SET6a:Index/text} @{" disk " link SET6a:Index/disk} @{" dev " link "SET6a:Index/dev"} Disk b (Gfx) : @{" pix " link "SET6b:Index/pix" } @{" gfx " link "SET6b:Index/gfx" } Disk c (Fun) : @{" demo " link "SET6c:Index/demo"} @{" game " link "SET6c:Index/game"} @{" biz " link SET6c:Index/biz} @{" misc " link SET6c:Index/misc} Disk d (Mods) : @{" mods " link "SET6d:Index/mods"} @{" mus " link "SET6d:Index/mus" } Disk a additionally contains copies of files from the other CDs, since there was some space left. The files copied are all files newer than Aminet CD 23. Disk b has a database with thumbnail version of all pictures in Local/. Disk c has lists of the best games and demos in Local/. Disk d has a modules index, sorted by quality and style, @endnode ============================================================================ @node Subscriptions "Subscriptions Subscriptions Stefan Ossowski's Schatztruhe GmbH in Germany offers subscriptions. See this @{" order information " link Ordering}. You may want to ask you local dealer if he offers subscriptions, too. @endnode ============================================================================ @node OlderCDs "Previous Aminet CD's" Previous Aminet CDs As you probably know, the Aminet archive has much more material than fits on a single CD. If you want all of it, you need all Aminet Sets (each set contains 4 CDs). If you always want to be up to date, check our @{" subscriptions " link Subscriptions}. To obtain older material, you'd normally get the appropriate Aminet Set; single CDs may be out of print. @{" Aminet Set 5 " link AminetSet5} The complete Aminet since Set 4, and OctaMed SS (Jun 97) @{" Aminet Set 4 " link AminetSet4} The complete Aminet since Set 3, and DirOpus 5 (Jan 97) @{" Aminet Set 3 " link AminetSet3} The complete Aminet since Set 2, and Imagine 4 (Jul 96) @{" Aminet Set 2 " link AminetSet2} The complete Aminet since Set 1 (Nov 95) @{" Aminet Set 1 " link AminetSet } The complete Aminet on a newly made 4 CD set (Jan 95) @endnode ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- @node Aminet22 "Aminet CD 22" Aminet CD 22 - The latest stuff and Wordworth 5 SE Aminet CD 22 contains close to 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from Nov 1st. This CD is completely filled with new material, there was no room for anything else. The contents are (when uncompressed): 930M of software newer than Aminet CD 22, consisting of: 450 Mods 300 Games 300 Utilities 250 Communications programs 800 Files of other categories The commercial highlight of the CD is the word processor Wordworth 5 SE Aminet CD 22 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet21 "Aminet CD 21" Aminet CD 21 - The latest stuff and Personal Paint 6.4 Aminet CD 21 contains 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from Sep 1st. This CD is completely filled with new material, there was no room for anything else. Some of the new stuff even had to be omitted. The contents are (when uncompressed): 970M of software newer than Aminet CD 20, consisting of: 550 Mods 250 Games 250 Utilities 200 Pictures 200 Communications programs 600 Files of other categories The commercial highlight of the CD is Personal Paint 6.4 Aminet CD 21 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet20 "Aminet CD 20" Aminet CD 20 - The latest stuff and Wildfire Aminet CD 20 contains 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from Jul 2nd. This CD is completely filled with new material, there was no room for anything else. Some of new stuff even had to be omitted. The contents are (when uncompressed): 970M of software newer than Aminet CD 19, consisting of: 650 Mods 300 Pictures 250 Utilities 250 Communications programs 200 Games 800 Files of other categories The commercial highlight of the CD is the animation processor WildFire. Aminet CD 20 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet19 "Aminet CD 19" Aminet CD 19 - The latest stuff an CanDo 2.5 Aminet CD 19 contains 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from May 1st. This CD is completely filled with new material, there was no room for anything else. Almost 700M of of new stuff had to be omitted. The contents (when uncompressed): 940M of software newer than Aminet CD 18 Consisting of: 450 Mods 300 Utilities 250 Games 250 Pictures 250 Communications programs 700 Files of other categories The commercial highlights of the CD are CanDo 2.5 and AmiAtlas 1.3 (the latter only in German). Aminet CD 19 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet18 "Aminet CD 18" Aminet CD 18 - The newest stuff and XTreme Racing Aminet CD 18 contains over 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from March 1st. This CD is completely filled with new material, there was no room for anything else. In fact, almost 300M software from The Party 96 had to be omitted. The he space is used as follows: 1033M of software newer than Aminet CD 17 Consisting of: 700 mods 400 pics 300 tools 250 communications programs 250 games 700 files of other categories Also included is the 3D racing game XTreme Racing. Aminet CD 18 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet17 "Aminet CD 17" Aminet CD 17 - The newest stuff and PersonalWrite Aminet CD 17 contains close to 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from Jan 2nd. This CD is completely filled with new material, there was no room for anything else. The space is used as follows 941M of software newer than Aminet CD 16 Consisting of: 500 mods 350 pics 250 tools 250 communications programs 150 demos 700 files of other categories Also included is the commercial word processor Personal Write. Aminet CD 17 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet16 "Aminet CD 16" Aminet CD 16 - The newest, the best, and 1700 mods Aminet CD 16 contains close to 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from Nov 2nd, only one month after the previous CD. Apart from the new software, the CD concentrates on mods. The space is used as follows: 610M of software newer than Aminet CD 15 370M of mods from various sources 30M of top downloads These consist of: 1700 mods (!) 200 pics 200 tools 150 comms programs 500 files of other categories Aminet CD 16 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet15 "Aminet CD 15" Aminet CD 15 - The newest, the best, and 200 MPEG movies Aminet CD 15 contains close to 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from Oct 4th, only one month after the previous CD due to fast growth of Aminet. Apart from the new software, the CD concentrates on movies. The space is used as follows (uncompressed): 470M of software newer than Aminet CD 14 250M of MPEG movies 70M of top downloads These consist of: 200 MPEG movies 200 mods 200 communications tools 200 utilities 150 pictures 500 archives of other categories Aminet CD 15 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet14 "Aminet CD 14" Aminet CD 14 - The newest, the best, and 300 biztools Aminet CD 14 contains about 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from Sep 1st. Apart from the new software, the CD concentrates business tools. The space is used as follows (uncompressed): 840M of software newer than Aminet CD 13 110M of business software 70M of top downloads 8M of commercial software: TurboCalc 2.1 with manual The freely distributable part is composed as follows: 500 mods 350 communications tools 300 pictures 300 business tools 250 utilities 800 archives of other categories Aminet CD 14 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet13 "Aminet CD 13" Aminet CD 13 - The newest, the best, and 200 anims Aminet CD 13 contains about 1 gigabyte of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from Jul 1st. Apart from the new software, the CD concentrates on animations and animating. The space is used as follows (uncompressed): 780M of software newer than Aminet CD 12 (410M newer than Set 3) 200M of integrated animations 20M of top downloads 2M of registered shareware: The animation editor MainActor MainActor is probably the best animation editor for the Amiga; it knows many formats including MPEG. The freely distributable part is composed as follows: 450 mods 300 utilities 300 communications programs 250 pictures 200 animations 900 archives of other categories Aminet CD 13 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet12 "Aminet CD 12" Aminet CD 12 - The newest, the best, and 900 mods Aminet CD 12 contains, again, about 1 gig of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from May 1st. Apart from the new software, the CD concentrates on music and music making. The space is used as follows (after decompression): 760M of software newer than Aminet CD 11 (yet another record) 300M of music modules, many of them multichannel 75M of music software, the complete mus/ directory 10M of instruments for composing 10M of top downloads from Aminet 5M of commercial software: OctaMED 5, Symphonie 2.4 and SoundFX OctaMED V5 is a very popular editor for music modules with up to 8 tracks. It has no restrictions but is not the latest version. The tracker Symphonie has a built-in 14-bit playing routine that achieves a high sound quality. The version on CD is restricted to 8 tracks. Finally there is the excellent sample editor SoundFX (registered version) in its 68000 version only. The freely distributable part is composed as follows: 900 mods from Aminet and other sources 400 music related programs 300 utilities 300 communications programs 900 files from other categories plus 700 instruments in large archives with a separate index. Aminet CD 12 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet11 "Aminet CD 11" Aminet CD 11 - The newest, the best, and 700 maps Aminet CD 11 contains, you already guessed it, about 1 gig of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from March 2nd. Apart from the new software, the CD concentrates on maps collected from various sources. The space is used as follows (after decompression): 670M of software newer than Aminet CD 10 (all time high!) 150M of high resolution maps covering most areas of the world 80M of top downloads 20M of commercial software: XiPaint 3.2, full version XiPaint is a nice 24-bit paint program that works gfx boards and just about any image format. It is licensed to the buyer of the CD only, and not freely distributable. Check the upgrade offer that comes with it. The freely distributable part is composed as follows: 500 mods, most of them new 200 utilities 200 communcations programs 800 programs of other categories plus 700 maps in 24-bit JPEG format, covering most areas of the world. The maps have an index that is sorted by continent, and a search facility. Aminet CD 11 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet10 "Aminet CD 10" Aminet CD 10 - The newest, the best, and 2000 fonts Aminet CD 10 contains, once more, over 1 gig of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from January 3rd. Apart from the new software, the CD concentrates on fonts collected from various sources. The space is used as follows (after decompression): 520M of software newer than Aminet CD 9 330M of fonts, each font in several formats 170M of top downloads ... plus two special highlights: PageStream 2.2, unrestricted, with manual+upgrade deal TypeSmith 2.5 (latest), slightly restricted, with similar deal These two excellent programs give you an absolutely top of the range DTP combination. They are licensed to the buyer of the CD only, and not freely distributable. The freely distributable part is composed as follows: 650 mods, most of them new 300 utilities 300 communications programs 700 programs of other categories plus 2000 fonts in Postscript, Intellifont and bitmap format, stored in large archives but easy to preview and extract. All fonts are hinted for better appearance, and most fonts are available in all formats. Aminet CD 10 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet9 "Aminet CD 9" Aminet CD 9 - The newest, the best, and 900 games Aminet CD 9 contains, as usual, over 1 gig of freely distributable software. The newest archive included is from November 4th. Apart from the new software, the CD concentrates on games from various sources. The space is used as follows (after decompression): 500M of software newer than CD 8 (280M newer than Set 2) 330M of games 100M of electronic books 100M of top downloads These consist of: 930 games (directly startable) 640 mods 300 docs 140 pictures 90 demos ...plus 2400 utilities of all kinds. Aminet CD 9 costs US $19.95 or DM 25. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet8 "Aminet CD 8" Aminet CD 8 - The newest, the best, and 2000 mods Sorry, no detailed information available. Check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet7 "Aminet CD 7" Aminet CD 7 - The newest, the best, and 9000 pictures Sorry, no detailed information available. Check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet6 "Aminet CD 6" Aminet CD 6 - The newest, the best, and 1800 demos Sorry, no detailed information available. Check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet5 "Aminet CD 5" Aminet CD 5 - The newest, the best, and 1000 games Sorry, no detailed information available. Check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet4 "Aminet CD 4" Aminet CD 4 - The newest, the best, and 1700 mods Sorry, no detailed information available. Check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet3 "Aminet CD 3" Aminet CD 3 - The newest and the best from Aminet Sorry, no detailed information available. Check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet2 "Aminet CD 2" Sorry, no detailed information available. Check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node Aminet1 "Aminet CD 1" Sorry, no detailed information available. Check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node AminetSet "Aminet Set 1" Aminet Set 1 - The complete Aminet on 4 new CDs As you probably know, there is a big archive behind all those Aminet CDs. Aminet Set finally brings you the complete archive on four newly created CD-ROMs. If you already have several Aminet CDs, buying the Aminet Set still makes sense for the following reasons: 1. Even if you have all Aminet CDs, you still lack a lot of software from Aminet. And the less CDs you already have, the more additional software you get from the set: If you already have The set gives you an additional Aminet CD 1,2,3,4,5 467M of Aminet software Aminet CD 2,3,4,5 512M of Aminet software Aminet CD 3,4,5 851M of Aminet software Aminet CD 4,5 1191M of Aminet software Aminet CD 5 1681M of Aminet software 2. Aminet Set 1 presents its data more nicely than the previous CDs. As you can see on this CD, all games and demos can be started directly, the images are in a nice image data base, and the modules are presented in a list that is sorted by style. Also, there are a lot of German descriptions as well as a Fish and a SaarAG index. This is missing on the older CDs but present on Aminet Set, so buying some of the same data a second time can make sense. 3. Aminet Set 1 is better organized than the previous CDs. Until now, the Images from Aminet have been scattered on all the Aminet CDs. Aminet Set brings them all on the same CD, just as all other types of data. Also, using Aminet Set you can search the complete Aminet very quickly and easily, including a very fast full text search of all the .readme files. Aminet Set costs US $39.95 or DM 59. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node AminetSet2 "Aminet Set 2" Aminet Set 2 - The new Aminet on 4 more CDs As you probably know, there is a big archive behind all those Aminet CDs. Aminet Set 2 brings you the complete new archive on four CD-ROMs. If you already have several Aminet CDs, buying the Aminet Set still makes sense for the following reasons: 1. Aminet Set 2 completes Aminet Set 1 to give a complete snapshot of the Aminet archive. 2. Aminet Set 2 presents its data more nicely than the previous CDs. As you can see on this CD, all games and demos can be started directly, the images are in a nice image data base, and the modules are presented in a list that is sorted by style. Also, there are a lot of German descriptions as well as a Fish and a SaarAG index. 3. Aminet Set 2 is better organized than the previous CDs. Until now, the Images from Aminet have been scattered on all the Aminet CDs. Aminet Set brings them all on the same CD, just as all other types of data. Also, using Aminet Set you can search the complete Aminet very quickly and easily, including a very fast full text search of all the .readme files. Aminet Set 2 costs US $45 or DM 59. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node AminetSet3 "Aminet Set 3" Aminet Set 3 - The new Aminet on 4 more CDs, plus Imagine 4 Aminet Set 3 contains close to 4 gigabytes (when uncompressed) of freely distributable Amiga software on 4 newly mastered CDs. There are 9000 archives from the following categories: 2000 Mods (directly playable) 1500 Images (directly viewable) 1300 Games (directly startable) 800 Communications programs 400 Demos (directly startable) 3000 Utilities and applications Aminet Set 3 contains all the Aminet data found on Aminet CD 9 to 12 plus 250M of other software that was on none of these: 170M of integrated modules and 80M of 3D objects to go with Imagine. This software will not appear on any subsequent CD. Only 150M of the software on Set 3 were found on Set 2 already. Also, 400M of material newer than Aminet 12 are included. Included in Aminet Set 3 is a completely unrestricted version of the excellent ray tracer Imagine 4.0 (only one version behind the current edition). There is also a tutorial for it (in English and German) plus additional docs, but no manual. Also, there are upgrade discounts for the following programs found on the CD: - Imagine can be upgraded to the latest version for $125 + shipping - XiPaint can be upgraded to the latest version for DM 59 + shipping - OctaMED can be upgraded to SoundStudio for UKP 25 to 30 incl. shipping - The Imagine PD CD can be obtained for $20.00 incl. shipping, $10 off Aminet Set 3 costs US $45 or DM 59. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node AminetSet4 "Aminet Set 4" Aminet Set 4 - The new Aminet on 4 more CDs, plus DirOpus 5 Aminet Set 4 contains close to 4 gigabytes (when uncompressed) of freely distributable Amiga software on 4 newly mastered CDs. The newest archive on is dated January 3rd CD 16. There are 7700 archives from the following categories: 2800 Mods (directly playable) 1200 Images/Anims (directly viewable) 700 Communications programs 500 Games (directly startable) 400 Demos (directly startable) 2100 Utilities and applications Aminet Set 4 contains all the Aminet data found on Aminet CD 13 to 16 plus 510M of software that is newer than Aminet 16. Only 40M of the software on Set 4 was found on any earlier Set. The commercial highlight on Aminet Set 4 is Directory Opus 5.11, which is almost the latest version. Also included are some programs from earlier Aminet CDs like TurboCalc 2. Aminet Set 4 costs US $35.95 or DM 59. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode @node AminetSet5 "Aminet Set 5" Aminet Set 5 - The new Aminet on 4 more CDs, plus SoundStudio Aminet Set 5 contains close to 4 gigabytes (when uncompressed) of freely distributable Amiga software on 4 newly mastered CDs. The newest archive on is dated June 1st. There are 7700 archives from the following categories: 2300 Mods (directly playable) 1200 Images/Anims (directly viewable) 600 Communications programs 600 Games (directly startable) 400 Demos (directly startable) 2300 Utilities and applications Aminet Set 5 contains all the Aminet data found on Aminet CD 17 to 19 plus 500M of software that is newer than Aminet 19. For the first time, the Set contains material (hundreds of megabytes) that won't appear on single CDs for lack of space. The commercial highlight on Aminet Set 5 is the music editor OctaMED SoundStudio in its latest and unrestricted version. SoundStudio can handle up to 64 simultaneous tracks in 16-bit quality. Aminet Set 5 costs US $35.95 or DM 59. @{" Order info " link Ordering} Also check the @{" other CDs " link OlderCDs}. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Features "New features" New features of this CD New for CD 22: - PicZoo now uses configured image viewer New for Set 5: - Unpacking stuff using FindKit no longer requires unneeded CDs New for CD 18: - Updated Aminet upload instructions - New MED player for DeliTracker - The following index files omitted due to lack of space: New_* Aminet_Age Aminet_Name Aminet_Dir.accel (search acceleration) and info/adt/ADT_CD* info/adt/ADT_SET* New for CD 17: - FullFind and Find now consistently use PowerGuide - Bug with Find highlighting wrong areas of description fixed - Aminet access info updated - New German subscription info New for CD 15: - @{" PowerGuide " link powerguide} 1.21 used - FindKit problems with PowerGuide fixed New for CD 14: - There is a new AmigaGuide alternative on the CD: PowerGuide. If you've currently selected AmigaGuide or MultiView as text viewer in 'Prefs', you may want to enter PowerGuide there. @endnode @node PowerGuide "PowerGuide" PowerGuide PowerGuide is a faster alternative to AmigaGuide with some extra features. Those features include a search facility and the ability to display the results of an external program in the same window, which is used for the 'Find' buttons on this CD. Select the 'About' menu item to see what you're using now. If you have saved a configuration with AmigaGuide/Multiview as your text viewer, I suggest you run @{" Prefs " system "AMINET23:Prefs"} to change that, ie enter PowerGuide as your text viewer. On the other hand you can get rid of PowerGuide if you safe preferences with Multiview as your text viewer. You may want to @{" test drive " system "SET6d:Tools/PowerGuide SET6d:ReadMe"} PowerGuide first. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Software "Access software" Workbench --------- Browsing: The first thing you will want to do is browse the contents of the CD. The best way to get a quick overview is having a look at the overview in this document; the very first links. Another method is to check the file Local/New_Dir (if you already have the previous Aminet CD) or Local/Index_Dir. Wherever you see a list of files with descriptions, you can click to archive name to start an unpack tool. You will be asked for a destination directory (the default can be chosen in 'Prefs'). After you hit return, the archive gets unpacked to where you selected. For some types of files, you can click a middle button (called 'Start' or 'Play') to view look at the archive contents directly. Some index files play directly without asking (e.g. the Modules and the Games index). In all index files you can view the .readme file for an archive by clicking the description. Searching: After you've become familiar with the contents of the CD, you will often want to search for a specific keyword in the contents of the CD. Just double click the 'Find' icon on the top level of the CD, enter the case insensitive sub string or pattern you want to look for, and you will be presented with a list of files that match your sub string anywhere on their line. You can also search the New_* and Index_* files in Lists by clicking them first and then shift- doubleclicking 'Find'. The resulting document will be of the 'View' type for the toplevel Find program and of the 'Extract' type for all other Find programs. The NewFind and AminetFind search the the list of new files and the list of all Aminet files. If you drag any of the FindKit drawer in Tools/ anywhere onto your hard disk, you can do searches without having the CD in your drive. Using the FullFind program in the Tools directory, you can find any word in any readme of this CD. If your word is a prefix of a word in a readme, it will match. To prevent that, append a $ to your search word. You can enter several search words, separated by blanks, to see only the documents which contain all of them. See also the documentation for the tools in question: @{" Inspect " system "SET6d:Tools/View SET6a:Tools/Docs/Inspect"}, @{" Find " system "SET6d:Tools/View SET6a:Tools/Docs/Find"}, @{" FullFind " system "SET6d:Tools/View SET6a:Tools/Docs/FullFind"} and @{" Prefs " system "SET6d:Tools/View SET6a:Tools/Docs/Prefs"}. CLI/Shell --------- Using a shell is not the recommended way to access this CD. However you sometimes have no choice, e.g. when working under UNIX or MSDOS. To get familiar with the contents of the CD, I recommend having a look at the file Aminet/INDEX which contains a complete list of all files on the CD in plain ASCII. More ASCII index files found in Local/, they end in .doc. If you find a file you are interested in, for example, docs/mags/cd32bits-0694.lha , then execute the following commands: cd Aminet/docs/mags lha e cd32bits-0694.lha ram: to unpack the contents of that archive to RAM. If you don't have the archiver LhA yet, you can obtain it from the Tools/ directory on the CD. To locate all files that contain foo anywhere in their file name, directory name or description, execute the command search NONUM Aminet/INDEX foo or just use the Aminet find tool: find foo which will output an AmigaGuide document and display it. If you want to find the files on any Aminet CD, use: find IN Aminet foo For further information read the documents on Find, FullFind and Inspect in Tools/Docs/. Useful stuff ------------ There is a very limited number of unpacked utilities on this CD in the Tools/Useful directory. They are all related to accessing the files on this CD, and you should think about installing them on your HD. - AmiCDROM is an excellent CD-ROM file system. In the improbable case that your CD filesystem has problems with the Aminet CD, just use this one. - ARCHandler lets you access the Aminet CD (or any other file system) as if all the lha files on it were directories, ie you don't need to unpack anything. Great stuff. - Degrader can disable all the advanced features of accelerated Amigas, getting many hardware-bashing demos and games to run. - ToolAlias can map one default tool name to another. This is useful if you can't change the default tool of a file but want to use a different viewer. - TrashMaster creates an App-Icon on your Workbench where you can drag icons to delete them. Handy to clean up after an archive has been extracted to RAM:. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Custom "Customizing Aminet CD" Customizing Aminet CD As you know all too well, CDs cannot be written to. This CD, however, gives you a limited possibility to shape it according to your taste. There are two possibilities, select the links for documentation: The @{" Personal " link Personal} index in the Local drawer is an Aminet CD index like all the others, with viewing and readme displaying capabilities. The only difference is that you decide what's listed in it and what not. @{" Clones " link Clones} are tiny files that pretend to be one of the items on the Aminet CD. You can create, rename and arrange them as you like, and you can put them in WBStartup or ToolManager docks. Of course you need the CD in the drive when you want to use clones. @endnode ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- @node Personal "Your personal Aminet CD index" Your personal Aminet CD index In the Local directory you find, among various static index files an index called 'Personal'. In the beginning it's empty. If you click 'add', you are asked for a search pattern. You can click any of the shown items to to add them to your personal Aminet index. However you need to close your Personal index and open it again in order to make the changes visible. If you press the 'sort' button, the index will be sorted by directory and subsorted by file name. Duplicate lines will be eliminated. Again, you have to close and reopen the index. With the 'edit' button, finally, you can make any changes to your personal index using your favourite editor. setenv EDITOR to determine the editor. Always use line operation (like deleting lines, inserting lines from Aminet/INDEX or reordering lines). Again, you need to reload the index to make the changes visible. The index looks as if it were stored on the CD. This is not the case, of course. The contents are stored in the file S:Aminet-PersonalX, where X is the number of your CD. You can edit or delete it there. Apart from that, the Personal index behaves like any immediate view index; ie if you click a mod in the Personal index, it will play immediately. So have a look at your @{" personal " system "SET6d:Tools/Personal"} index. @endnode ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- @node Clones "Clones" Clones There's a few things that you cannot do in a normal Aminet CD index. For example you cannot put an item from the Aminet CD index in a ToolManager dock or a Directory Opus gadget. That's what clones were created for. Clones pretend to be the Aminet file you created them from. You can move them around, arrange them and delete them as you like. Clones can be started from CLI or from the Workbench, where they have an icon that reflects their type. Starting a clone is equivalent to clicking the according archive name in the Aminet CD index, except for the fact that the action (playing, game or demo starting) will be performed without asking for confirmation. Of course you need to have the Aminet CD in the CD-ROM drive when you start a cloned program. To create a clone, start the @{" Cloner " system "SET6d:Tools/Cloner"} program. It asks you for a pattern and displays the files matching that pattern. You then click the item you would like to see cloned, maybe change the destination path in the upcoming requester, and hit 'Create' to confirm. Each clone takes about 3K of disk space. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Troubles "Some common problems with the Aminet CD" Why are all file names upper case? ---------------------------------- For this CD, we have chosen to stick to the ISO CDROM standard. This means that the CD can be read on any system, but it also means that all files names are upper case. However, we also used RockRidge extensions, so file systems that understand them can still use mixed case. The AmiCDROM file system provided in the Tools/Useful directory will give you mixed case on the Aminet CD. Why can't I read some of the files with the Commodore CD file system? --------------------------------------------------------------------- Because it's buggy. The solution is the same as before: Install the AmiCDROM file system. It's works very nicely. Why do I have problems with by Xetec file system? ------------------------------------------------- It seems to have problems with our choice of CD formats. However version 2.0 was reported to work fine. If not, again, again: Install the AmiCDROM file system found on this CD. Nothing happens when I try to show that image/play that mod! ------------------------------------------------------------ The Aminet extraction software tries to be smart how every pic is shown or mod is played. However sometimes it fails. In those cases you can simply extract the archive and look at it by yourself. Also, you might be running out of memory, see below. I'm running out of memory! -------------------------- Viewing an image or playing a mod by clicking it in the index takes quite a lot of memory, since the index as well was the extraction program stay in memory while the picture is viewed. Solutions: - Set your extraction directory to something different from RAM:, e.g. an (existing) directory on your HD. This can be done using the 'Prefs' program. - Don't view the files directly from the index. Click on 'extract' first, then close the index, and open the directory your file was extracted to. Of course combining the two saves the most. I want to mount this CD on my BBS --------------------------------- We have Files.BBS index files in every directory, so some BBS programs can use the CD directly. Others understand our .readme format already. For MS-DOS BBSes use the index called FILES.MSD. If you would like to copy the files onto HD, you can use the file Aminet/info/adt/TRANSL.TBL (which shows origname and CD-name for each file) to restore the original file names. If you write any additional software or need indices in a different format, please contact me. I cannot use this CD with my CD32! ---------------------------------- This is due to a bug in the CD32 CDROM file system and occurs when you boot off the Network CD or something similar. You can circumvent this bug by mounting a small RAD: disk (about 49 tracks), copy the most important files from a Workbench CD there (c, libs, envarc) and boot off the RAD:. That should get the Aminet CD (and some other interesting CDs) to work. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Aminet "What is Aminet?" What is Aminet? --------------- Aminet is a library where software authors can place their freely distributable programs for others to download. The backbone of Aminet consists of about 20 computers all over the world that are linked to Internet, a computer network that connects most universities and many businesses in the world. Many other places, such as 50 BBSes, keep frequently updated copies of Aminet. Aminet is moderated. Whatever gets uploaded has to be approved before it is made available to the public. However there is no censorship; the only conditions for inclusion in the library are that every file uploaded has a description file in the correct format, and the archive itself is okay and virus free. What is unique about Aminet is that large amounts of data are made available to a wide audience within a very short time. If a programmer uploads his latest release to Aminet, he can expect that it will have been downloaded and tested by one thousand people within a week. If he finds a bug in his program, he can distribute an update to the whole world within twenty four hours. In that respect, freely distributable software works far better than commercial software. You may want to read about the @{" recent " system "SET6d:Tools/View SET6d:Local/Misc/30000"}, @{" older" system "SET6d:Tools/View SET6d:Local/Misc/10000"} and @{" ancient " system "SET6d:Tools/View SET6d:Local/Misc/5000"} history of Aminet, or find out where to @{" access " link Access} Aminet in your area. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Access "Getting access to Aminet" Where do I access Aminet? ------------------------- If you would like to get updated more often than is possible with a quarterly CDROM, you have several possibilities. By far the best way is getting yourself connected to the Internet. Several commercial networks allow access to the Internet, I however recommend a 'pure' Internet provider and not an (expensive) online service with (often inferior) Internet gateway. Once you have gotten Internet access you can use the following methods to access the latest Aminet files: - Mirrors. The normal way to access Aminet is by FTP, which comes with UNIX (program name is ftp). You can use any of the below sites. Most keep only recent files, but some have them all. Location Name Alias IP Files USA us.aminet.net ftp.wustl.edu ALL Germany de.aminet.net ftp.uni-paderborn.de ALL UK uk.aminet.net sunsite.doc.ic.ac.uk ALL Italy it.aminet.net ftp.cised.unina.it ALL Sweden se.aminet.net ftp.sunet.se ALL Australia au.aminet.net ftp.livewire.com.au ALL Germany de2.aminet.net ftp.cs.tu-berlin.de 40000 Germany de3.aminet.net ftp.uni-erlangen.de 15000 Germany de4.aminet.net ftp.uni-trier.de 4000 Germany de5.aminet.net ftp.uni-bremen.de 5000 Germany de6.aminet.net ftp.uni-stuttgart.de 3000 Germany de7.aminet.net ftp.uni-regensburg.de 3000 Germany de8.aminet.net ftp.uni-kl.de 2000 Germany de9.aminet.net ftp.fh-augsburg.de 2000 Germany de10.aminet.net ftp.dosis.uni-dortmund 2000 Germany de11.aminet.net ftp.aachen.aminet.org 1000 Germany de12.aminet.net ftp.tu-clausthal.de 1000 Austria at.aminet.net vienna.aminet.or.at 30000 France fr.aminet.net aminet.grolier.fr 25000 Sweden se2.aminet.net ftp.luth.se 15000 Croatia hr.aminet.net thphys.irb.hr 4000 Switzerl. ch.aminet.net ftp.eunet.ch 2000 Denmark dk.aminet.net sunsite.auc.dk 2000 Ireland ie.aminet.net atlantis.ucc.ie 1000 Spain es.aminet.net ftp.gui.uva.es 1000 Poland pl1.aminet.net ftp.man.szczecin.pl 1000 Poland pl2.aminet.net ftp.ispid.com.pl 1000 - ADT. This is a front end for FTP that allows easy access to Aminet. Get it from misc/unix/adt.c and compile it on your UNIX box by typing 'sh adt.c' - WWW. Mosaic or Lynx are a very decent way to access Aminet. Try the URLs http://us.aminet.net/aminet , http://de.aminet.net/aminet or http://uk.aminet.net/~aminet , where you can also find pointers to other Aminet sites with WWW support. - Telnet. uk.aminet.net strikes again. You can telnet there and log in as 'sources', which gives you a UNIX account where you can download the files on src using commands like 'sz' and 'kermit', or just browse around. - NFS. NFS mounting of the archive is possible at ftp.wustl.edu (see ftp://ftp.wustl.edu/README.NFS for details), at sunsite.auc.dk (see http://sunsite.auc.dk/SunSITE/access.html for details), at ftp.uni-stuttgart.de (path /serv/serv/pub/systems/amiga/aminet) and at ftp.cs.tu-berlin.de (path /export/mdd10/ftp/pub/aminet). - Samba. Use 'net use x: \\dk.aminet.net\ftp' to access to the Danish mirror using Windows file sharing. - Finger. To find out what's been uploaded to Aminet within the last week, enter 'finger -l Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.' Accessing Aminet without Internet ------------------------------------ - CD-ROM. More than 20 Aminet CDs are available from Stefan Ossowski, Germany (Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.) or Fred Fish (Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.). The CD costs DM 25 or US$ 18. For more info check www.schatztruhe.de or www.ninemoons.com . - Get internet access. Certainly the most comfortable way to access Aminet but sometimes expensive. - Aminet mailserver. The Aminet mail server can do various things for you, like doing finds and accepting uploads, but it does not send out binaries. Send HELP to Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. to find out more. - Bin mailserver. The Aminet site src.doc.ic.ac.uk has an email server that sends out uuencoded binaries. Send a message with HELP in the body to Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. or Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. . You can also use Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. to retrieve files from any Aminet site, but please use an American one to save bandwidth. Send HELP there for information, too. Germans try Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. or Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser., Canadians send HELP to Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. and Italias have a look at Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. - Modem. The following BBSes carry up-to-date Aminet files. Most have more phone numbers than we can mention here, call to see a list of the others. Also, many offer their files in ZConnect format. The list is sorted by phone number. Country Name FIDO Phone ISDN ------- ---- ---- ----- ---- USA (MS) The Gateway 1:3604/60 (+1)601 374 2697 USA (CA) Heavy Metal 1:202/1112 (+1)619 232 4919 USA (NC) The C: Dir (+1)919 787 6211 Canada RCN Networks (+1)418 653 3099 Canada TunnelVisio 1:153/910 (+1)604 535 9826 Canada MidnightMag (+1)905 796 2931 France Ramses 2:320/104 (+33)1 45845623 Italy Amiga Pro (+39)49 604488 Italy Glass Globe 2:332/118 (+39)577 959054 Italy SpeedOfLife 2:335/533 (+39)931 833773 Switzerland Amiga Micro 2:301/819 (+41)1 3001008 (+41)1 3001009 Switzerland Helvetica 2:301/723 (+41)1 3201781 (+41)1 3201777 Switzerland Dolphins (+41)1 8450936 (+41)1 8846028 Switzerland AmiCall 2:301/722 (+41)1 9804297 Switzerland Turicum (+41)1 9918501 (+41)1 9918503 Switzerland Dive-Inn 2:301/325 (+41)22 7518103 (+41)22 7518105 Switzerland Alphanet (+41)38 414081 Switzerland LogicPalace 2:301/706 (+41)31 7320051 (+41)31 7320044 Switzerland LINKSys (+41)61 3215643 (+41)61 3832007 Switzerland AUGS BBS (+41)62 7945041 (+41)62 7945049 Austria Amiga World 2:310/72 (+43)1 5044269 (+43)1 5047701 UK Elevate 2:251/18.0 (+44)1329 319028 UK Chaos Engin 2:259/15.0 (+44)1346 510727 UK Punters P. 2:250/361.0 (+44)1943 864070 UK Borg Homew. 2:250/344.0 (+44)113 2253772 Sweden Fabbes BBS (+46)13 175065 (+46)13 145066 Germany Surprise (+49)201 329761 (+49)201 8315005 Germany Art-Line (+49)202 596003 (+49)202 2546013 Germany T.O.M. (+49)202 595267 Germany Pleasure (+49)203 431366 Germany SMachine (+49)203 4061447 (+49)203 9940127 Germany Grisubox (+49)2065 24447 Germany Karma Designs (+49)208 670722 (+49)208 628951 Germnay Golden Gate (+49)2041 262769 Germany Future Line (+49)2041 686829 Germany Blue Moon (+49)2065 66407 Germany Waldspecht (+49)208 202509 (+49)208 851334 Germany TrkPool (+49)208 851476 (+49)208 851475 Germany Hardy Box (+49)2131 101990 (+49)2131 167212 Germany Delvinor (+49)2131 549457 (+49)2131 951253 Germany Newswire (+49)2154 5011 Germany Debuwi (+49)2236 83233 Germany Candys --- (+49)221 462138 Germany Darkness (+49)2273 1096 (+49)2273 910062 Germany X-RAY (+49)228 455893 Germany CBonn (+49)228 666588 Germany SID (+49)231 448496 Germany Blanker (+49)231 815739 (+49)231 9812094 Germany Fantasie (+49)2381 675700 Germany Stingray (+49)2385 6542 (+49)2385 910031 Germany Stardate (+49)251 262506 Germany ASBM (+49)251 791650 Germany Circus (+49)281 24001 Germany AMBO (+49)30 3739293 (+49)30 37401021 Germany TERM (+49)30 4537288 (+49)30 45470171 Germany Quick (+49)40 5479638 Germany ITHH (+49)40 6064098 (+49)40 60680341 Germany DOOM (+49)4223 8355 (+49)4223 95004 Germany Flight (+49)4442 72138 (+49)4442 920362 Germany Nexus-I (+49)5242 42065 Germany Black-Z (+49)6142 46278 (+49)6142 924080 Germany 48'er 2:2468/6020 (+49)6203 180293 Germany WestCoast 2:2468/9718.0 (+49)6221 761304 Germany RudisBox (+49)6253 86677 (+49)6253 972100 Germany HIT (+49)681 399426 (+49)681 372552 Germany Groenland (+49)6824 8444 Germany Titan (+49)6826 800391 Germany ***elOutside (+49)6838 84739 Germany BrainWave 2:246/2006.0 (+49)7071 78729 (+49)7071 971213 Germany DALLAS-BBS (+49)711 588146 (+49)711 5719063 Germany Amiga Univ. 2:246/1416.0 (+49)7195 920677 (+49)7195 940130 Germany Amiga Inside2:2476/539.0 (+49)721 841292 Germany Uplink 2:246/2320 (+49)751 96217 (+49)751 793316 Germany Fairytale 2:246/2300 (+49)7541 24362 (+49)7541 930232 Germany Melting Point 2:2476/825 (+49)7663 50103 (+49)7663 912013 Germany Predator 2:2490/1140 (+49)9131 14439 Germany LSD (+49)9133 9591 Germany Turtle 2:2490/1092 (+49)911 3241044 (+49)911 3241055 Germany Lizard (+49)911 476948 Germany Incubus (+49)931 781464 (+49)931 7900200 Australia Continental (+61)2949 4256 Australia 1990 Multi 3:690/758.0 (+61)9370 3333 Japan NIFTY-Serve (+81)3 5710 6400 - Anonymous UUCP. In Germany, you can access the Aminet files at the phone numbers of Brainwave BBS (see above) using the following entry. Download the file "Aminet:INFO" for more information. anarchy Any SER 38400 ATD BBS. ..\c ogin: uanon sword: uanon In Switzerland you can use the Alphanet BBS, ~/archives/aminet, with the login nuucp. - FIDO. If you want to file-request Aminet files, you can do so by requesting the file INFO from 2:246/2006.0. The BBSes which have a FIDO node number mentioned above allow file requests. - Mailing lists. If you want to get the list of new uploads mailed every week, send a mail with 'SUBSCRIBE aminet-weekly Your Name' in the body to Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. or if you want daily updates, just use 'SUBSCRIBE aminet-daily' instead. Replace 'Your Name' with your real name, of course. Keep the welcome mail in case you forget how to unsubscribe and for the password you get. - Usenet. A list of recent uploads is posted every week to the newsgroups comp.sys.amiga.misc and de.comp.sys.amiga.archive. - EZINFO. This is an internet BBS in Switzerland. Here you can download by Kermit or ZMODEM, but you need to be verified to become user. Modem dial 01 251 20 02, then type 'telnet b050' to connect to EZINFO. Also try telnet kometh.ethz.ch and 'call b050' from internet. - Aminet-on-disk. You can order single Aminet files (3 DM per disk) or per-directory subscriptions (2 DM per disk) from Martin Schulze, Parkstr. 14, 66806 Ensdorf, Germany. Phone: +49 (0) 6831 506171, email Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. . Send 3 DM in stamps or $2 to get an index disk with instructions. Aminet-on-disk is available on Amiga-Floppy (880k: 3DM, 1.76MB: 5DM), SyQuest 88/105/270MB and 128MB-Magneto-Optical. (DM 0.40 per Megabyte without media costs) @endnode ============================================================================ @node Submitting "Sending software to Aminet" How do I submit something to Aminet? ------------------------------------ If you are an author of freely distributable software, you may be interested to get your software onto Aminet. Aminet gets your software to a lot of people very quickly, and is free of charge for most of its users. If you would like to get your piece of freely distributable software onto Aminet and you don't have access to the Internet, you can check the BBSes listed @{" here " link Access} if they forward uploads to Aminet. The Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. accepts uploads by email, send HELP there for instructions. If all fails, you can still send a diskette (that will not be sent back, sorry) with your upload to Martin Schulze, whose address you find in the access list as well. Be sure to read the upload @{" instructions " link "SET6d:Local/Misc/Uploads/main"} very carefully. Faulty submissions are in danger of being deleted. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Ordering "Ordering subsequent CD's" Order information ----------------- A new Aminet CD appears every two months. You can expect about 800M of new software on every CD, plus the currently most popular files, plus enough files from other sources to fill up the CD to its limit. Check this @{" list " link OlderCDs} of available CDs. You can order subscriptions or single CDs from the following companies: Company Offerings ------- --------- - Germany/Europe Stefan Ossowski's Aminet CDs DM 25 Schatztruhe GmbH subscriptions DM 19.80 per CD Veronikastr. 33 D-45131 Essen Aminet Sets (4 CDs) DM 59 Germany Shipping national prepaid DM 6 Phone +49-201-788778 cash on delivery DM 9 Fax +49-201-798447 Shipping Europe prepaid DM 10 Shipping overseas prepaid DM 17 Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. All major credit cards accepted, they count as prepaid. Send cash as check or in a registered letter. Subscriptions don't include shipping. For money transfers use: Deutsche Bank Essen, Bank ID 36070050, Account number 257901900 - Germany/Europe/Worldwide for dealers: GTI GmbH Carl-Zeiss-Str. 9 79761 Waldshut-Tienhen Germany Phone +49-7741-83040 Fax +49-7741-830438 Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. - Canada/USA NATIONAL AMIGA Aminet CD's $39.95CAD 1229 Marlborough Ct. #1401 Aminet Set's $69.95CAD Oakville, Ontario L6H3B6 CANADA Fax: +1-905-845-3295 Phone: +1-905-845-1949 Email: Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. WWW: www.interlog.com/~gscott/NationalAmiga.html COD Shipping by Canada Post, Canpar or UPS.All Canadian orders can go COD either alone or as part of a larger order. Email is the best way to contact us. Most email is answered within 12 hours. - Italy C.A.T.M.U. s.n.c. (DICE italian dealer) Via G. Di Vittorio, 22 Aminet CDs 34900 Lit. 10023 Chieri (TO) subscriptions (4 CDs) 115000 Lit. ITALY Aminet Set call Fax: ++39-11-941.52.37 Shipping: Tel: ++39-11-941.52.37 pre-paid 5500 Lit. Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. on delivery 15000 Lit. Pagamento tramite bollettino postale su c/c postale n.28065100 intestato a: C.A.T.M.U. di Zamuner Giorgio & C. s.n.c. - Denmark Peter Broe Hvas Aminet CDs Kr. 119.- Amiga Soft subscriptions Kr. 119.- Jerbanavej 47. Aminet Set Kr. 259.- DK-4450 Jyderup DENMARK Voice/Fax: ++45 59 20 91 10 Shipping: Mail: Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. pre-paid 25.- cash on delivery 40.- subscriptions free Payment by cheque, giro, postal money order or cash. Have a look at the @{" older Aminet CDs " link OlderCDs}, too. @endnode ============================================================================ @node Disclaimer "The disclaimer" Disclaimer ---------- All files on Aminet have been virus checked. However, new viruses that were unknown at the time the CD was made could still have slipped through, so we cannot make any warranties. Thus you should run a virus checker on all programs extracted from the CD to be absolutely safe. Note that, although you have paid for the CD, you don't own all the programs in it. Some of them are distributed as Shareware, which means that you have to pay for its registration if you use it regularly. Please support the concept of shareware; if a program is worth using, it's also worth paying for. You're getting the FD software on this CD is free of charge. The price of the CD just pays for the collecting and presenting it, and for the manfacturing of the CD. amigaguide.library is Copyright Commodore Amiga Inc. All programs Copyright their authors except where noted otherwise @endnode ============================================================================

Document sans nom | Local files at Aminet Set 6d on 16-Feb-98
| Sorted by directory and file name. Age in weeks.
| A wide version of this file can be found in info/index/
|File Dir Size Age Description
|----------------- --- ---- --- -----------
antichri.lha mods/8voic 310K 19+Great DigiBooster module by Mafiu/VLB
cyber_wa.lha mods/8voic 189K 19+Great DigiBooster module by Mafiu/VLB
ears_kil.lha mods/8voic 212K 19+Great DigiBooster module by Mafiu/VLB
giantfic.lha mods/8voic 321K 18+GiantFiction - The best OSS module from
great_fo.lha mods/8voic 185K 19+Great DigiBooster module by Mafiu/VLB
MAD_T2TH.lha mods/8voic 703K 27+TributeToThunderdome - DIGI B. mod. by M
moonlit_.lha mods/8voic 107K 19+Great DigiBooster module by Mafiu/VLB
nimfa.lha mods/8voic 324K 19+Great DigiBooster module by Mafiu/VLB
outfly.lha mods/8voic 185K 19+Great DigiBooster module by Mafiu/VLB
Phonologic.lha mods/8voic 4K 31+MusicLine module called Phonologic
piano_ex.lha mods/8voic 179K 19+Great DigiBooster module by Mafiu/VLB
rz_synthsofpar.lha mods/8voic 119K 19+8 channel mod by doctor of sss
rz_visionsofpa.lha mods/8voic 81K 19+8 channel mod by doctor of sss
somethin.lha mods/8voic 155K 19+Great DigiBooster module by Mafiu/VLB
spirits.lha mods/8voic 155K 19+Great DigiBooster module by Mafiu/VLB
starrout.lha mods/8voic 176K 19+Great DigiBooster module by Mafiu/VLB
summer_r.lha mods/8voic 77K 19+Great DigiBooster module by Mafiu/VLB
vqrviath.lha mods/8voic 161K 19+Great DigiBooster module by Mafiu/VLB
waiting_.lha mods/8voic 128K 19+Great DigiBooster module by Mafiu/VLB
way_to_n.lha mods/8voic 278K 19+Great DigiBooster module by Mafiu/VLB
phd_love.lha mods/airon 516K 3 [ PHD ] - love in the stars by airon
ad_inferos.lha mods/atmos 179K 8+A module by Cobolt/Triumph. Atmospheric
battleplan.lha mods/atmos 86K 16+Battle Plan by Silvio Banzi
Biofurox.lha mods/atmos 123K 21+Ambient track by Bionic
Cosmos.lha mods/atmos 75K 25+Extra long atmospheric mod. Spacey Theme
Driller.lha mods/atmos 104K 32+Driller: Excellent mod based on C-64 gam
Galaxy.lha mods/atmos 153K 21+Atmospheric/electronic tune by Bionic
history.lha mods/atmos 643K 30+Mellow mod, 3rd place at Kindergarden '9
lsanity.lha mods/atmos 92K 16+Protracker MOD (Industrial)
phlwar.lha mods/atmos 88K 18+Dark Theme by Patrick Henz
t13n_hang.lha mods/atmos 141K 12+"Hangar_18" - [soft atmos] by ElbiE/t13n
tambures.lha mods/atmos 25K 35+Tambures - Another mod by Silvio Banzi
blk_brth.lha mods/blk 221K 30+ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW! 08/07/97
blk_dnsp.lha mods/blk 490K 32+ProTracker Module by bLACK sHADOW!
blk_thx1.lha mods/blk 3K 32+THX-TUNE by bLACK sHADOW!
blk_ywts.lha mods/blk 212K 32+ProTracker Module by bLACK sHADOW!
DayUnknown.lha mods/boray 276K 8+DIGI Booster module by Boray 97/12/01
helgon.lha mods/boray 90K 8+DIGI Booster module by Boray 97/11/02
IAmGenerated.lha mods/boray 152K 8+DIGI Booster module by Boray 97/09/15
OldFriends.lha mods/boray 156K 22+DIGI Booster module by Boray 1997/08/04
PsalmAP2Alt.lha mods/boray 155K 8+DIGI Booster module by Boray 97/09/23
Stranger.lha mods/boray 113K 35+DIGI Booster module by Boray 1997/06/07
Versions.lha mods/boray 648K 35+Unreleased versions of some Boray mods
1mal_ich.lha mods/chip 5K 23+Chiptune 1mal-ich
3LE_SKDJ.lha mods/chip 79K 26+Some really great chiptunes by Coma / 3L
4k_intro.lha mods/chip 1K 21+Chiptune from Turnips 4k Intro
Aacroll.lha mods/chip 1K 15+A Little weird chip by Trazer
AbsolutChips1.lha mods/chip 61K 26+Mods from AbsolutChips#1 by Sapphire
Aerokiller.lha mods/chip 2K 16+A chipy chip-module by Trazer
BlondesDB.lha mods/chip 52K 27+ChipMod By Blonde Lion.
CBS.lha mods/chip 1K 15+Captured By Satan.... weird name =\
Chipemup.lha mods/chip 2K 21+A chip song with 1 sample (Balrog Soft)
CUST_Guldkorn.lha mods/chip 83K 26+Guldkorns Expressen, DT/EP Custom module
Enlightment.lha mods/chip 73K 26+C-64 cover by Blonde Lion.
GavinsQuest.lha mods/chip 1K 14+THX Music Module by G.Lucas
MC68060.lha mods/chip 9K 31+MC68060 by Midnight Flip
MopzChipZ.lha mods/chip 104K 25+Chip tunes by Mopz of NC.Gamez
more_c64.lha mods/chip 11K 33+More C64 inspired modules
Oxammon.lha mods/chip 17K 21+Doskpop chiptune
persids4.lha mods/chip 144K 34+C-64 tunes in PlaySID onefileformat.
Refresher.lha mods/chip 4K 15+A great chip-mod by Modulator
resixfour.lha mods/chip 12K 7+Remix of some C64-tunes (MED-MMD1)
r_sweet.lha mods/chip 5K 17+"sweet impression" by racoon/c-lous
snc_darkness.lha mods/chip 8K 37+Chip mod with a particular melody
TakeMyHand.lha mods/chip 2K 9+.NRp. ChipCover by FaRMoR
Trazdance.lha mods/chip 1K 15+A super-mega hit by Trazer
VibrantCol.lha mods/chip 154K 12+Vibrants Sid Coll. bY viGO/bRONX
active.lha mods/cloud 111K 22+"Active U v.2" - [industry] by Cloud
aelon.lha mods/cloud 237K 9+"Aelon Land" - techno XM by Cloud
arctic.lha mods/cloud 149K 22+"Arctic Heat" - [partymusic] by Cloud
bacchic.lha mods/cloud 60K 22+"Bacchic2" - [demomusic] by Cloud
backreal.lha mods/cloud 104K 22+"Back To Real" - [synthpop] by Cloud
bananmos.lha mods/cloud 107K 22+"Bananmos" - [demomusic] by Cloud
belief.lha mods/cloud 47K 22+"Under Belief" - [demomusic] by Cloud
blowish.lha mods/cloud 104K 22+"Blowish" - [atmos] by Cloud
colstream.lha mods/cloud 147K 22+"Colourstream" - [techno] by Cloud
coozy.lha mods/cloud 66K 22+"Coozy Bite" - [groove] by Cloud
danceb.lha mods/cloud 92K 22+"Dance-Break" - [disco] by Cloud
die.lha mods/cloud 101K 22+"Die In Dreams" - [atmos] by Cloud
fragman.lha mods/cloud 82K 22+"Fragmantic2" - [synth] by Cloud
ggchip.lha mods/cloud 3K 22+"Gg Chip 1" - [chip] by Cloud
happyjoy.lha mods/cloud 189K 22+"Happy n' Joy" - [demomusic] by Cloud
heyho.lha mods/cloud 57K 22+"Hey Ho!!!" - [demomusic] by Cloud
horizone.lha mods/cloud 108K 22+"Horizone" - [partymusic] by Cloud
independ.lha mods/cloud 5K 22+"Independence" - [chip] by Cloud
jubil.lha mods/cloud 81K 22+"Jubil@@ 4 Fun" - [techno] by Cloud
kronen.lha mods/cloud 158K 22+"Kronenbourg" - [techno] by Cloud
movement.lha mods/cloud 149K 22+"Movement" - [synthpop] by Cloud
nonam.lha mods/cloud 135K 22+"Nonameyet" - [techno] by Cloud
oppna.lha mods/cloud 135K 22+"Oppna Landskap" - [lundell] by Cloud
policy.lha mods/cloud 61K 22+"Santa Policy" - [demomusic] by Cloud
razzle.lha mods/cloud 207K 22+"Razzle Dazzle" - [techno] by Cloud
relief.lha mods/cloud 266K 22+"Red Relief" - [partymusic] by Cloud
river.lha mods/cloud 215K 22+"Space River" - [partymusic] by Cloud
rudemood.lha mods/cloud 231K 22+"Rude Mood" - [partymusic] by Cloud
rulez.lha mods/cloud 93K 22+"Nordman Rulez" - [nordman] by Cloud
scary.lha mods/cloud 73K 22+"S.c.a.r.y." - [demomusic] by Cloud
sequence.lha mods/cloud 270K 22+"Sequence 7" - [partymusic] by Cloud
smurf.lha mods/cloud 125K 22+"Smurf n' Rock" - [smurf] by Cloud
snorkel.lha mods/cloud 43K 22+"Snorkel" - [demomusic] by Cloud
spwoop.lha mods/cloud 92K 22+"Spwoop" - [demomusic] by Cloud
therest.lha mods/cloud 14K 22+"Quest 4 The Rest" - [chip] by Cloud
vandra.lha mods/cloud 70K 22+"Vandraren" - [nordman] by Cloud
warez.lha mods/cloud 90K 22+"Warez By Night" - [synthpop] by Cloud
wasted.lha mods/cloud 185K 22+"Wasted Time" - [partymusic] by Cloud
wildblue.lha mods/cloud 40K 21+"Wild Blue Yonder" - [synthpop] by Cloud
yolk.lha mods/cloud 170K 9+"Yolk Song" - techno XM by Cloud
airlock.lha mods/crash 544K 6+6 channel spacey jazz mod - NEW OCTAMED
BlackOcean.lha mods/crash 95K 6+Short, slow and drudging, looping demo m
CenturyF.lha mods/crash 187K 23+Jungle / Trance
clandestine.lha mods/crash 116K 6+Looping demo mod, hopping beat with grin
DreamBurn.lha mods/crash 214K 23+Low toned, mellow groove
hplague1.lha mods/crash 77K 6+First movement of the evil trilogy of or
hplague2.lha mods/crash 115K 6+Second piece to the Hate Plague trilogy,
hplague3.lha mods/crash 123K 6+The final Hate Plague mod, an overdose o
cRn_AcidSympho.lha mods/crn 141K 26+"Acid Symphonies" by cORRoSIOn. Acid-Tec
cRn_Adult.lha mods/crn 155K 26+"Adult" by cORRoSIOn. Trance-Techno mod.
cRn_AduRMX.lha mods/crn 142K 26+"Adult rMx " by cORRoSIOn. Trance-Techno
cRn_AnuTheme.lha mods/crn 11K 22+"A.N.U.-Theme" by cORRoSIOn. Techno mod.
cRn_BeyondTheB.lha mods/crn 151K 26+"Beyond The Base" by cORRoSIOn. Trance-T
cRn_BloodySky.lha mods/crn 4K 26+"Bloody Sky" by cORRoSIOn. Chippy mod.
cRn_BuriedAliv.lha mods/crn 94K 26+"Buried Alive" by cORRoSIOn. Metal mod.
cRn_Cheek.lha mods/crn 83K 26+"Cheek" by cORRoSIOn. Techno mod.
cRn_Criminalit.lha mods/crn 81K 26+"Criminality" by cORRoSIOn. Metal mod.
cRn_DistortedC.lha mods/crn 214K 26+"Distorted Creation" by cORRoSIOn. Metal
cRn_DrugAlcool.lha mods/crn 67K 26+"Drug,Alcool & Disco" by cORRoSIOn. Meta
cRn_Experiment.lha mods/crn 76K 26+"Experimenta" by cORRoSIOn. Metal mod.
cRn_FeaOfADre.lha mods/crn 188K 26+"Fear Of A Dream" by cORRoSIOn. Metal mo
cRn_Flying2ThE.lha mods/crn 326K 26+"Flying to the Party " by cORRoSIOn. Tec
cRn_GlamourThe.lha mods/crn 13K 26+"Glamour-Theme" by cORRoSIOn. Techno-Pro
cRn_GoodNightm.lha mods/crn 63K 26+"Good Nightmare" by cORRoSIOn. Metal mod
cRn_HappyTerro.lha mods/crn 47K 26+"Happy Terrorist" by cORRoSIOn. Metal mo
cRn_Harakiri.lha mods/crn 99K 26+"Harakiri" by cORRoSIOn. Ambient mod.
cRn_Haunted.lha mods/crn 208K 22+"Haunted By Fear"(Fear Of A Dream Rmx).R
cRn_InDeathOfD.lha mods/crn 42K 26+"...In death of disco" by cORRoSIOn. Met
cRn_ItalianBoy.lha mods/crn 137K 26+"Italian Boys" by cORRoSIOn. Metal mod.
cRn_MetalPower.lha mods/crn 65K 26+"Metal Power" by cORRoSIOn. Metal mod.
cRn_NoMore.lha mods/crn 73K 26+"No More" by cORRoSIOn. Metal mod.
cRn_OverTheme.lha mods/crn 5K 26+"Over-Theme" by cORRoSIOn. Techno-Chippy
cRn_RunToTheLi.lha mods/crn 76K 26+"Run To The Life" by cORRoSIOn. Metal mo
cRn_Senseless.lha mods/crn 86K 26+"Senseless" by cORRoSIOn. Techno-Progres
cRn_Smau96_The.lha mods/crn 75K 26+"Smau96-Theme" by cORRoSIOn. Ambient mod
cRn_SoundOfRev.lha mods/crn 48K 26+"Sound Of Revolutiond" by cORRoSIOn. Met
cRn_StillChipp.lha mods/crn 3K 26+"Still Chippy" by cORRoSIOn. Chippy mod.
cRn_Tgm.lha mods/crn 44K 26+"TGM" by cORRoSIOn. Metal mod.
cRn_Trbute.lha mods/crn 57K 26+"Tribute" by cORRoSIOn. Ambient mod.
cRn_TribalDevi.lha mods/crn 92K 26+"Tribal Devil" by cORRoSIOn. Metal mod.
cRn_TripToTheX.lha mods/crn 111K 26+"Trip To The X-Zone" by cORRoSIOn. Techn
cRn_ViolentDea.lha mods/crn 58K 26+"Violent Death" by cORRoSIOn. Metal mod.
cRn_WelcomeMrU.lha mods/crn 69K 26+"Welcome Mr.Unknow" by cORRoSIOn. Techno
cRn_YouLoseIt.lha mods/crn 47K 26+"You Lose It" by cORRoSIOn. Metal mod.
cRn_YouMustRem.lha mods/crn 88K 26+"You Must Remember" by cORRoSIOn. Metal
could.lzh mods/csm 273K 21+Rock/Pop XM module by CSM
synthstage.lzh mods/csm 485K 14+New tracks by CSM
synthvoices.lzh mods/csm 94K 35+Exp.track by CSM
totally_mad.lzh mods/csm 296K 34+Totally MAD Krazy track by CSM
ShardsOfAtonem.lha mods/ctp 238K 16+Shards of Atonement, techno/demo MOD by
20enero.mpg mods/darde 1.2M 29+MPEG Song -> "20 de enero del 2000" *by
ApagaLuc.mpg mods/darde 2.3M 29+MPEG Song -> "Apaga las luces del cuadro
AyManuel.mpg mods/darde 1.1M 29+MPEG Song -> "Que mal te veo, Manuel" *b
Berraco.mpg mods/darde 1.2M 29+MPEG Song -> "He de admitirlo, soy un be
CabaSoba.mpg mods/darde 2.1M 29+MPEG Song -> "Caballeros del Sobaco" *by
Camarero.mpg mods/darde 2.9M 29+MPEG Song -> "Camarero" *by FReDiuS*
CancIsa2.mpg mods/darde 2.2M 20+Mpg Audio Song *Cancion para Isabel 2*
CancIsab.mpg mods/darde 1.5M 20+Mpg Audio Song *Cancion para Isabel*
Carolina.mpg mods/darde 953K 29+MPEG Song -> "Carolina" *by FReDiuS*
ChicBarr.mpg mods/darde 3.6M 17+Mpg Song "Los chicos del barrio"
Culpable.mpg mods/darde 1.6M 18+Mpg Song "Culpable"
ElFinal.mpg mods/darde 782K 18+Mpg Song "El final"
EstaSola.mpg mods/darde 3.5M 17+Mpg Song "Y estaba sola"
Gargajo.mpg mods/darde 1.6M 20+Mpg Audio Song *Gargajo*
GuarrMia.mpg mods/darde 1.9M 29+MPEG Song -> "Guarra m a" *by FReDiuS*
HolaMuch.mpg mods/darde 1.5M 29+MPEG Song -> "Hola muchacha" *by FReDiuS
HumeMasa.mpg mods/darde 2.7M 17+Mpg Song "Un humedo masaje braguetiense"
JoSupMan.mpg mods/darde 1.0M 20+Mpg Audio Song *Jo!, Superman*
LaCaspa.mpg mods/darde 1.4M 29+MPEG Song -> "La Caspa" *by FReDiuS*
ManoMesa.mpg mods/darde 969K 29+MPEG Song -> "Con las manos en la mesa"
MiEnamor.mpg mods/darde 735K 17+Mpg Song "Mi enamorada"
NameVudu.mpg mods/darde 2.5M 29+MPEG Song -> "My name is Vudu" *by FReDi
NegrPuta.mpg mods/darde 1.6M 17+Mpg Song "La negra puta"
Odrusba.mpg mods/darde 1.1M 20+Mpg Audio Song *Himno de oDRuSBa*
ParaBebe.mpg mods/darde 4.9M 20+Mpg Audio Song *Y no paraba de beber*
Paranoia.mpg mods/darde 2.6M 20+Mpg Audio Song *Paranoia*
PaseMosq.mpg mods/darde 2.4M 17+Mpg Song "Paseando con la mosquita"
PrimeVez.mpg mods/darde 2.7M 18+Mpg Song "La primera vez"
RockBirr.mpg mods/darde 2.2M 17+Mpg Song "El rock de la birra"
Rq1Agony.mpg mods/darde 5.2M 20+Mpg Audio Song: Requiem I - The Agony
Rq2Death.mpg mods/darde 723K 20+Mpg Audio Song: Requiem - II The Death
Rq3Gap.mpg mods/darde 3.7M 20+Mpg Audio Song: Requiem - III The Gap
Rq4Funer.mpg mods/darde 3.0M 20+Mpg Audio Song: Requiem - IV The Funeral
Rq5Remin.mpg mods/darde 2.5M 20+Mpg Audio Song: Requiem - V The Reminisc
Rq6Grief.mpg mods/darde 2.0M 20+Mpg Audio Song: Requiem - VI The Grief
Rq7Obliv.mpg mods/darde 2.1M 20+Mpg Audio Song: Requiem - VII The Oblivi
Rq8Etern.mpg mods/darde 1.8M 19+Mpg Audio Song: Requiem - VIII The Etern
Rq9Renai.mpg mods/darde 4.9M 19+Mpg Audio Song: Requiem - IX The Renaiss
Travesti.mpg mods/darde 1.2M 17+Mpg Song "Travesti"
absintro.lha mods/demo 12K 17+Mod from ABS demo
fantasy.lha mods/demo 18K 17+A nice synthy type mod
Hedgehog.lha mods/demo 382K 23+Hedgehog by Estrayk / Capsule.
insanity.lha mods/demo 15K 17+A synthy type mod
LLL.lha mods/demo 37K 17+A rocky type mod
mamushka.lha mods/demo 15K 17+A wacky jolly mod
ops_as97.lha mods/demo 311K 8+"Funkadelic" by Oops! -#2 at Astrosyn'97
ops_bonf.lha mods/demo 204K 18+"Bonified Funk" by Oops! - #1 in SE comp
ops_duo1.lha mods/demo 436K 12+Oops! Duo Pack #1 - 2 brand new modules
phd_ode.lha mods/demo 244K 26 [ PHD ] - ode to jogeir by linus
slx_efile01.lha mods/demo 427K 8+DigiBoosterPro Demo Music
t13n_bicent.lha mods/elbie 29K 12+"A Bicentennial Man" - [synth] by ElbiE/
t13n_breakz.lha mods/elbie 161K 12+"Breakz n' Beatz" - [techno] by Elbie/t1
t13n_dress.lha mods/elbie 230K 12+"Dressed In Black" - [trance/goa] by Elb
t13n_extat.lha mods/elbie 237K 12+"Extatica" - [trance] by ElbiE/t13n!
t13n_just.lha mods/elbie 322K 12+"Just Hear" - [chill out/trance] by Elbi
t13n_party.lha mods/elbie 71K 12+"Party Time" - [synth] by ElbiE/t13n!
t13n_souls.lha mods/elbie 205K 12+"Souls" - [piano] by ElbiE/t13n!
t13n_sovjet.lha mods/elbie 3K 12+"Sovjet Anthem" - chipmodule by ElbiE/t1
t13n_sweet.lha mods/elbie 133K 12+"Sweet Silence" - [hardcore techno] by E
t13n_synIII.lha mods/elbie 76K 12+"Synthetic III" - [goa/trance] by ElbiE/
t13n_tripp.lha mods/elbie 219K 12+"A -Tripp- Into The" - [techno] by ElbiE
Am_I_Insane.lha mods/evrim 6K 6+Chiptune by eVRIMSSON
A_Time_2_Stand.lha mods/evrim 81K 6+A great movietrack by eVRIMSSON
Coorperator.lha mods/evrim 91K 36+A short module by eVRIMSSON & Bloody
Do_Dah_Bing.lha mods/evrim 231K 6+Crazy funky module by eVRIMSSON
Elctr_Symphony.lha mods/evrim 313K 20+Great competition module by eVRIMSSON
Friends.lha mods/evrim 5K 30+Very nice chiptune by eVRIMSSON
G_Intro.lha mods/evrim 143K 30+Spacemod & breakbeats by eVRIMSSON
Isnt_My_Day.lha mods/evrim 156K 6+Breakbeat tune by eVRIMSSON
Sur_Kill.lha mods/evrim 57K 20+Gametune "Survivor" KILL - by eVRIMSSON
Sur_Lvl1.lha mods/evrim 42K 20+Gametune "Survivor" Level 1 - by eVRIMSS
Sur_Lvl2.lha mods/evrim 81K 20+Gametune "Survivor" Level 2 - by eVRIMSS
Sur_Lvl3.lha mods/evrim 37K 20+Gametune "Survivor" Level 3 - by eVRIMSS
Sur_Lvl4.lha mods/evrim 60K 20+Gametune "Survivor" Level 4 - by eVRIMSS
Sur_Lvl5.lha mods/evrim 80K 20+Gametune "Survivor" Level 5 - by eVRIMSS
Sur_Lvl6.lha mods/evrim 75K 20+Gametune "Survivor" Level 6 - by eVRIMSS
Sur_Lvl7.lha mods/evrim 101K 20+Gametune "Survivor" Level 7 - by eVRIMSS
Sur_Lvl8.lha mods/evrim 197K 20+Gametune "Survivor" Level 8 - by eVRIMSS
Sur_Pause.lha mods/evrim 155K 20+Gametune "Survivor" Pause - by eVRIMSSON
Sur_Seq1.lha mods/evrim 48K 20+Gametune "Survivor" Sequence1 - by eVRIM
THX_Dont_You.lha mods/evrim 2K 11+THX V2.0 chiptune - by eVRIMSSON
THX_Easy_Ride.lha mods/evrim 2K 19+THX V2.0 chiptune - by eVRIMSSON
THX_Friends_A.lha mods/evrim 2K 19+THX V2.0 chiptune - by eVRIMSSON
THX_Moonlight.lha mods/evrim 2K 18+THX V2.0 chiptune - by eVRIMSSON
THX_Slow_Down.lha mods/evrim 1K 18+THX V2.0 chiptune - by eVRIMSSON
Uhm_Yibbe_Yah.lha mods/evrim 240K 19+Oldskool dancefloor - by eVRIMSSON
Wow_ThatRocks.lha mods/evrim 144K 30+Diskmag-tune X-Files #17 - by eVRIMSSON
Darkness.lha mods/exprt 39K 18+Symphonie Module by Expert/Inferno & Man
DTimeFINAL.lha mods/exprt 141K 26+Symphonie mod composed by Expert/Taski^I
FantasyRelax.lha mods/exprt 173K 30+Symphonie mod composed by Expert/Taski^I
FantLand2.lha mods/exprt 120K 20+Symphonie mod by Expert/Taski^Maniacs^In
Ghosts.lha mods/exprt 127K 13+"Ghosts of Evil" - 32ch module by Expert
GloomFuture.lha mods/exprt 87K 24+Symphonie mod composed by Expert/Taski^I
ImFantLand.lha mods/exprt 55K 27+Symphonie mod composed by Expert/Taski^I
JungleBeat.lha mods/exprt 40K 11+"Jungle Beat" - ProTracker (4ch) module
LandObliFINAL.lha mods/exprt 39K 26+Symphonie mod composed by Expert/Taski^I
Morning.lha mods/exprt 53K 13+"Joyful Morning" - 32ch module by Expert
MyLittleExp.lha mods/exprt 89K 29+Symphonie mod composed by Expert/Taski^I
NewHope.lha mods/exprt 39K 6+Symphonie module by Expert
NoName.lha mods/exprt 139K 18+Symphonie Module by Expert/Inferno & Man
PianoMa2.lha mods/exprt 38K 10+"Pian-O-Mania 2" - 16ch module by Expert
PianoMania.lha mods/exprt 38K 11+"Pian-O-Mania" - 16ch module by Expert
RaveCity.lha mods/exprt 361K 13+"Rave City" - 32ch module by Expert
Andalusia.lha mods/fby 145K 36+FBY 1993 4Ch 4:30 Spanish ethnic theme!
DVSSpace.lha mods/fby 429K 22+FBY 1997 4Ch 4:00 Winner at TIG'97
Ilys.lha mods/fby 633K 14+FBY 1997 16Ch 3:19 2nd place Saturne V
Koyto.lha mods/fby 148K 3+FBY 1998 6Ch 1:00 TRIP'98 Sex Sex Sex
SuperJazz.lha mods/fby 87K 36+FBY 1992 4Ch 2:10 Really fast jazzy!
Zenith.lha mods/fby 453K 23+FBY 1995 4Ch 5:30 2nd place at Gasp'95
Back.lha mods/fermx 150K 33+An Fermix Protracker 4 Channel module
ambientjungle.lha mods/fox2 187K 31+Old demo modules by The Fox II
atomic.lha mods/fox2 134K 31+Old demo modules by The Fox II
beloved.lha mods/fox2 54K 32+Old demotune
bfbs_acid_tune.lha mods/fox2 324K 31+Old demo modules by The Fox II
bouncing.lha mods/fox2 201K 31+Old demo modules by The Fox II
central_indust.lha mods/fox2 222K 31+Old demo modules by The Fox II
cokal.lha mods/fox2 260K 20+Old demo modules by The Fox II
cracktune.lha mods/fox2 11K 31+Old demo modules by The Fox II
darkesthour.lha mods/fox2 82K 32+Old demotune
death.lha mods/fox2 69K 32+Old demotune
deeplyheart.lha mods/fox2 89K 32+Old demotune
destruction.lha mods/fox2 140K 31+Old demo modules by The Fox II
driversong.lha mods/fox2 101K 31+Old demotune
elemental.lha mods/fox2 226K 20+Old demo modules by The Fox II
equinox.lha mods/fox2 66K 32+Old module by The Fox II
equinox2.lha mods/fox2 82K 32+Old module by The Fox II
equinox3.lha mods/fox2 73K 32+Old module by The Fox II
equinox4.lha mods/fox2 54K 32+Old module by The Fox II
equinox5.lha mods/fox2 43K 32+Old module by The Fox II
equinox6.lha mods/fox2 44K 32+Old module by The Fox II
equinox7.lha mods/fox2 96K 32+Old module by The Fox II
exam.lha mods/fox2 94K 32+Old demotune
fading_of_mars.lha mods/fox2 74K 31+Old demo modules by The Fox II
final_frontier.lha mods/fox2 164K 31+Old demo modules by The Fox II
first_encounte.lha mods/fox2 189K 31+Old demo modules by The Fox II
flutes.lha mods/fox2 61K 32+Old demotune
forbidden.lha mods/fox2 79K 32+Old demotune
forest.lha mods/fox2 69K 32+Old demotune
fruit.lha mods/fox2 398K 31+Old demo modules by The Fox II
funky_time.lha mods/fox2 176K 31+Old demo modules by The Fox II
groovedoos.lha mods/fox2 154K 31+Old demo modules by The Fox II
in_court.lha mods/fox2 93K 31+Old demo modules by The Fox II
it_stopped.lha mods/fox2 134K 31+Old demo modules by The Fox II
kanne.lha mods/fox2 38K 32+Old demotune
kemistry.lha mods/fox2 462K 31+Old demo modules by The Fox II
lostring.lha mods/fox2 64K 32+Old demotune
lost_paradise.lha mods/fox2 67K 31+Old demo modules by The Fox II
mission_from_g.lha mods/fox2 107K 31+Old demo modules by The Fox II
Naihanchidachi.lha mods/fox2 156K 20+Old demo modules by The Fox II
noisy.lha mods/fox2 48K 32+Old demotune
nothing.lha mods/fox2 126K 32+Old demotune
observing.lha mods/fox2 251K 20+Old demo modules by The Fox II
one_finger.lha mods/fox2 179K 20+Old demo modules by The Fox II
seekingheart.lha mods/fox2 41K 32+Old demotune
source.lha mods/fox2 50K 32+Old demotune
spirit_of_love.lha mods/fox2 66K 31+Old demo modules by The Fox II
starben2.lha mods/fox2 29K 32+Old module by The Fox II
starben3.lha mods/fox2 41K 32+Old module by The Fox II
starben4.lha mods/fox2 78K 32+Old module by The Fox II
starben5.lha mods/fox2 27K 32+Old module by The Fox II
starben6.lha mods/fox2 70K 32+Old module by The Fox II
starben7.lha mods/fox2 68K 32+Old module by The Fox II
starbend.lha mods/fox2 36K 32+Old module by The Fox II
swimming.lha mods/fox2 42K 32+Old demotune
tandstickor.lha mods/fox2 137K 31+Old demo modules by The Fox II
techno.lha mods/fox2 110K 31+Old demo modules by The Fox II
technoacid.lha mods/fox2 152K 31+Old demo modules by The Fox II
the_last_hour.lha mods/fox2 118K 31+Old demo modules by The Fox II
thrill.lha mods/fox2 32K 31+Old demo modules by The Fox II
why.lha mods/fox2 102K 32+Old demotune
whynot.lha mods/fox2 53K 32+Old demotune
funkythrust.lha mods/funk 525K 18+Funk Mod in 2 Parts by Olethros
Funky_st.lha mods/funk 231K 21+Tune from Intel Outside 3 Party
inx_jazzdune.lha mods/funk 179K 26+Funky/Jazzy tune by INT0XICATED
jazzjamminII.lha mods/funk 64K 8+Jazz Jammin II
Legions.lha mods/funk 387K 27+Light Jazz by Blonde Lion.
phd_came.lha mods/funk 528K 19 [ PHD ] - camel busters ep by linus
phd_lati.lha mods/funk 225K 22 [ PHD ] - latin playboy by linus
r_imass.lha mods/funk 58K 17+"infinite mass" by racoon/c-lous, from S
r_soul.lha mods/funk 18K 17+"exemption of soul" by racoon/c-lous
r_sublim.lha mods/funk 18K 13+"sublime" by racoon/c-lous, from "sublim
200bpm.lha mods/hardc 88K 31+200bpm by Midnight Flip
BlowYerSpeaker.lha mods/hardc 86K 30+The hardest gabber you ever heard!!
deadabo.lha mods/hardc 63K 33+Hardcore-gag by Bleeding Ears
Dead_Mouse.lha mods/hardc 59K 35+This is some kind of hardcore tune...
Digrydoo.lha mods/hardc 319K 30+More faaast GABBER!!!
DJH_Trip.lha mods/hardc 345K 3+Experimental hardcore in 5/4, 4/4 and 3/
ggabba.lha mods/hardc 83K 33+Hardcore-gag by Bleeding Ears
HHR_SM2.lha mods/hardc 531K 22+SpiegelMan2 by HappyHourRecords
jfz_redl.lha mods/hardc 264K 13+UK Happy Hardcore by Hyper/Jo!Nt FoRZe
narcoticbeats.lha mods/hardc 47K 8+In The Mix
owTenO.lha mods/hardc 99K 12+Hardcore rave by Mopz
ravettof.lha mods/hardc 221K 27+Techno #17 by M & M Das DreamTeam
Red_Alert.lha mods/hardc 405K 35+HARDCORE/Breakbeat by Johnny Z
relttrhy.lha mods/hardc 319K 27+Techno #16 by M & M Das DreamTeam
satans_nest.lha mods/hardc 117K 15+Satanic tune by Mopz of NC.Gamez
step.lha mods/hardc 171K 36+Intense gabba module by action/anadune
STG.lha mods/hardc 170K 31+Smash The Guitar
Stuttgart.lha mods/hardc 575K 29+Hardcore/Rave Module by Xenon/XTC DK
VanNelle.lha mods/hardc 147K 25+Chavez - van nelle core
wobbler.lha mods/hardc 86K 20+Chavez - wobbler (4ch-pt)
base_ole.lha mods/house 291K 13+Really Groovy Mod by Olethros
cantuc.lha mods/house 223K 3+DigiBoosterPro mod - 8chnnl...
glad2be.lha mods/house 190K 18+Dance Mod by Olethros (2 versions)
masterplan.lha mods/house 643K 5+OctamedSS TechnoHouse Track by Olethros,
AamuSarastaa.lha mods/huezo 69K 12+A Short Mid-Evil-Mod by Huezo
Arena.lha mods/huezo 165K 12+Soundtrack by Huezo
BlackCoffeeGr.lha mods/huezo 278K 12+Groove by Huezo
Black_CoffeeJz.lha mods/huezo 67K 12+Jazz by Huezo
GreenPlastic.lha mods/huezo 93K 12+StrippokerMusic by Huezo
HelloAgain.lha mods/huezo 336K 12+Music by Huezo
Homejuusto.lha mods/huezo 116K 12+Weird- and doskpop by Huezo
IAmComing.lha mods/huezo 87K 12+Doskpop by Huezo
Juhlavalmistel.lha mods/huezo 72K 9+A Short Mid-Evil-Mod by Huezo
KeisariKuolema.lha mods/huezo 87K 6+Mid Evil War Tune by Huezo
Kopteri.lha mods/huezo 236K 12+Some Strange style for Huezo
LostDreams.lha mods/huezo 43K 12+Doskpop by Huezo
November1995.lha mods/huezo 65K 12+Doskpop by Huezo
Prestidigitate.lha mods/huezo 53K 12+Doskpop by Huezo
Reikaleipa.lha mods/huezo 13K 6+Small chippie by Huezo
Suspicious.lha mods/huezo 53K 12+Doskpop by Huezo
TerminalIsland.lha mods/huezo 365K 12+Guitarpop by Huezo
Travelling.lha mods/huezo 211K 6+Doskpop by Huezo
Wanderi2.lha mods/huezo 150K 9+Doskpop by Huezo
Wandering.lha mods/huezo 113K 9+Doskpop by Huezo
WhenYoureGone.lha mods/huezo 165K 9+Sadpop by Huezo
dl01.lha mods/inst 729K 29+38 Drumloop-Samples
Curiosum.lha mods/instr 114K 10+Music by Jimy
msreg.lha mods/instr 8K 18+Reggea by Markus Schnell
Intro.lha mods/jogei 243K 12 Short mod by Jogeir Liljedahl
Memories.lha mods/jogei 123K 12 Slow, sad mod by Jogeir Liljedahl
moonlit.lha mods/jogei 183K 23+NEW fasttracker mod by Jogeir Liljedahl
suspiria.lha mods/jogei 149K 23+NEW fasttracker mod by Jogeir Liljedahl
untouched.lha mods/jogei 465K 23+NEW fasttracker mod by Jogeir Liljedahl
voyage.lha mods/jogei 435K 23+NEW fasttracker mod by Jogeir Liljedahl
dabitch.lha mods/jorma 41K 25+Dab Itch by Naksahtaja (Distorted monoto
kurkkukipu.lha mods/jorma 70K 3+Toilet Flush (Kurkkukipu remix) by Vesur
kysymys.lha mods/jorma 102K 5+Kysymys by Vesuri (Monotonic techno, fro
marginal.lha mods/jorma 26K 25+Marginal by PiirakkaMunalla (Stompin' Te
marmeladi.lha mods/jorma 103K 25+Marmeladi by Vesuri (Distortmatsku, from
odnaliab.lha mods/jorma 173K 26+Odnalia-B by Pekka Pou (Acid, 3rd at Ass
prophylaxis.lha mods/jorma 191K 3+Prophylaxis by Vesuri (Trance)
saint.lha mods/jorma 159K 25+Da Tonemonob Itch & Mela-di (3 module mi
tonemono.lha mods/jorma 10K 25+Tonemono by PiirakkaMunalla (Straight st
AreYou.lzh mods/jungl 141K 24+Happy Hardcore Jungle Tune by Istari
AutumTrans.lha mods/jungl 154K 14+Autumn Transitional - A Drum n bass MED
baaf.lha mods/jungl 348K 27+Baaf by Trivial/LoPro
Boon.lha mods/jungl 406K 21+Jungle Tune by ISTARI and TINTIN
corinth.lha mods/jungl 1.0M 8+A drum+bass .mod by Salty
dd_4u.lha mods/jungl 284K 16+4 You by Jammz of DD
dd_bc.lha mods/jungl 235K 16+Breakdown C by Jammz of DD
dd_dab.lha mods/jungl 274K 16+Da Beats by Jammz of DD
dd_drift.lha mods/jungl 343K 16+Drift by Jammz of DD
dd_hctd.lha mods/jungl 138K 14+Here Comes by Jammz of DD
dd_human.lha mods/jungl 70K 14+Humanist by Jammz of DD
dd_r2u.lha mods/jungl 486K 14+Rolling 2 U by Jammz of DD
Desire.lha mods/jungl 235K 33+Great mellow jungle by Vox
Dreaming.lzh mods/jungl 112K 16+D&B mod by TSt
Explict.lzh mods/jungl 313K 24+Nicey trance jungle tune by Istari
Ezoterrica.lha mods/jungl 318K 32+Guitar (?) ambient jungle by vox
ICF.lzh mods/jungl 252K 29+- ragga jungle module
ji_Derivation.lha mods/jungl 169K 36+Derivation - A med module by JaBi
ji_So.lha mods/jungl 174K 36+SO... - A med module by JaBi
Lopez_303Mach.lha mods/jungl 581K 8+Wild 303-Samples 4 remixin ! Nice MED!
Lop_303Machine.lha mods/jungl 581K 3+Wild 303-Samples 4 remixin ! Nice MED!
LostMind.lha mods/jungl 433K 22+Ambient/hard jungle by Vox
mylight.lha mods/jungl 280K 18+*My Light* by Dx0 - 4th at 4ChCompo TIG'
ode2.lha mods/jungl 523K 14+Inteligent d&b by istari
onyx.lha mods/jungl 741K 7+BarnAmiga'97 winner module by Cueder/Ozo
phd_b2at.lha mods/jungl 465K 26 [ PHD ] - back to atlantic by pirat
phd_yule.lha mods/jungl 346K 9 [ PHD ] - yuletide ride by rhino
PianoDream.lha mods/jungl 128K 13+Wild 303-Samples 4 remixin ! Nice MED!
Piano_Dream_sa.lha mods/jungl 128K 14+Wild 303-Samples 4 remixin ! Nice MED!
SNDofW.lha mods/jungl 256K 29+SOUNDs oF waTErP!P@ Jngle-Ambnt-ChILL0Ut
Ventilator.lha mods/jungl 180K 2+Relaxing jungle music by Xenon/XTC DK
zu_spaet.lha mods/jungl 221K 27+Urban climax > very cool d&b-track
Kiahma.lha mods/kaa 84K 36+Another Fine Tune done by me
NoLaws.lha mods/kaa 98K 36+Another Fine Tune done by me
LEAD_PrimFuzz.lha mods/lead 801K 33+[LEAD] Primitive Fuzz - Breakmetal Blues
LEAD_StEarBtr.lha mods/lead 297K 33+[LEAD] St Ear (The Better Part) - Noiseb
LEAD_TrtSpace.lha mods/lead 310K 11+[LEAD] Mr Turtle In Space - Acid by LEAD
1by1.lha mods/mark 52K 35+Mark Salud's swing rock music module
1stop.lha mods/mark 81K 30+Mark Salud's rock music module
2par.lha mods/mark 71K 36+Mark Salud's new age music module
3dmelt.lha mods/mark 71K 23+Mark Salud's dance music module
4djam.lha mods/mark 57K 19+Mark Salud's wave-dance music module
abpar.lha mods/mark 71K 33+Mark Salud's swing music module
adan.lha mods/mark 76K 23+Mark Salud's rock music module
afthe.lha mods/mark 45K 33+Mark Salud's dance music module
aglaw.lha mods/mark 131K 32+Mark Salud's powerdance music module
alfri.lha mods/mark 112K 30+Mark Salud's dance music module
alhi101.lha mods/mark 100K 19+Mark Salud's guitar-rock music module
allmy.lha mods/mark 34K 27+Mark Salud's slow music module
alpar2.lha mods/mark 71K 23+Mark Salud's techno-funk music module
andan.lha mods/mark 86K 27+Mark Salud's dance music module
andgoes.lha mods/mark 86K 36+Mark Salud's fast-tempo music module
andyou.lha mods/mark 58K 30+Mark Salud's slow music module
anohot.lha mods/mark 47K 21+Mark Salud's dance music module
ansum.lha mods/mark 59K 35+Mark Salud's jazz music module
asini.lha mods/mark 89K 31+Mark Salud's contemporary jazz music mod
aslogo.lha mods/mark 35K 31+Mark Salud's slow music module
asprop.lha mods/mark 66K 34+Mark Salud's dance music module
augshu.lha mods/mark 49K 27+Mark Salud's swing music module
augwind.lha mods/mark 56K 35+Mark Salud's slow music module
awinit.lha mods/mark 92K 26+Mark Salud's rock music module
beyours.lha mods/mark 61K 35+Mark Salud's slow music module
bimac.lha mods/mark 46K 26+Mark Salud's dance music module
bodreams.lha mods/mark 50K 36+Mark Salud's waltz music module
boff2.lha mods/mark 62K 25+Mark Salud's hiphop music module
brigdays.lha mods/mark 57K 19+Mark Salud's slow music module
brski.lha mods/mark 91K 30+Mark Salud's new age music module
cantkeep.lha mods/mark 55K 32+Mark Salud's dance music module
cawat.lha mods/mark 77K 30+Mark Salud's slow music module
clawsof.lha mods/mark 80K 32+Mark Salud's rock music module
coday.lha mods/mark 60K 25+Mark Salud's swing music module
comcli.lha mods/mark 43K 25+Mark Salud's power music module
cosy.lha mods/mark 18K 34+Mark Salud's countryblues music module
crtb.lha mods/mark 73K 19+Mark Salud's rock music module
ctynif.lha mods/mark 132K 27+Mark Salud's new age music module
datra.lha mods/mark 99K 31+Mark Salud's dance music module
dreamrom.lha mods/mark 34K 26+Mark Salud's slow music module
drrck.lha mods/mark 68K 21+Mark Salud's rock music module
dyrd.lha mods/mark 37K 36+Mark Salud's swing-beat music module
echork.lha mods/mark 58K 27+Mark Salud's rock music module
ehigh.lha mods/mark 67K 33+Mark Salud's powerdance music module
evefan.lha mods/mark 73K 21+Mark Salud's rock music module
exone.lha mods/mark 191K 32+Mark Salud's wavedance music module
fefor.lha mods/mark 43K 32+Mark Salud's slow music module
girgo.lha mods/mark 93K 27+Mark Salud's rock music module
grex.lha mods/mark 48K 33+Mark Salud's dance music module
hapmom.lha mods/mark 32K 36+Mark Salud's pop music module
heayou.lha mods/mark 41K 27+Mark Salud's waltz music module
hiwi.lha mods/mark 106K 31+Mark Salud's rock music module
hrsend.lha mods/mark 51K 23+Mark Salud's rock music module
hun2.lha mods/mark 58K 25+Mark Salud's pop rock music module
imwar.lha mods/mark 151K 31+Mark Salud's dance music module
ingood.lha mods/mark 29K 34+Mark Salud's swing music module
jambam.lha mods/mark 82K 36+Mark Salud's rockdance music module
laday.lha mods/mark 46K 22+Mark Salud's swing-style music module
lets97.lha mods/mark 51K 35+Mark Salud's swingpop music module
locini.lha mods/mark 65K 31+Mark Salud's new age jazz music module
lomoo.lha mods/mark 58K 25+Mark Salud's contemporary jazz music mod
macab97.lha mods/mark 104K 19+Mark Salud's new wave music module
madr.lha mods/mark 65K 27+Mark Salud's rock music module
midreb.lha mods/mark 162K 27+Mark Salud's rock-dance music module
ndfun_ss.lha mods/mark 119K 27+Mark Salud's dance music module
niclb.lha mods/mark 81K 30+Mark Salud's rock music module
nobro.lha mods/mark 79K 33+Mark Salud's new age jazz music module
onedmon.lha mods/mark 80K 23+Mark Salud's dance music module
opno14.lha mods/mark 91K 19+Mark Salud's 14-bit music module
ouhi.lha mods/mark 81K 27+Mark Salud's rock music module
outit.lha mods/mark 66K 31+Mark Salud's swing music module
palmof.lha mods/mark 75K 19+Mark Salud's rock music module
pepuz.lha mods/mark 62K 26+Mark Salud's swing music module
playcool.lha mods/mark 88K 35+Mark Salud's dance music module
powup.lha mods/mark 155K 19+Mark Salud's wave-dance music module
prec.lha mods/mark 28K 34+Mark Salud's slow music module
pwrstr.lha mods/mark 87K 36+Mark Salud's powerdance music module
reju.lha mods/mark 67K 33+Mark Salud's mellow jazz music module
robna.lha mods/mark 73K 27+Mark Salud's dance music module
rte95.lha mods/mark 76K 32+Mark Salud's poprock music module
runevil.lha mods/mark 90K 19+Mark Salud's dance music module
senoe.lha mods/mark 51K 26+Mark Salud's pdance music module
sfways.lha mods/mark 50K 36+Mark Salud's rock music module
smimon.lha mods/mark 52K 26+Mark Salud's swing music module
snfn.lha mods/mark 41K 30+Mark Salud's swing music module
socl.lha mods/mark 93K 33+Mark Salud's swing music module
space_t.lha mods/mark 66K 35+Mark Salud's scifi dance music module
sprup.lha mods/mark 120K 22+Mark Salud's mellow rock music module
stilleve.lha mods/mark 48K 34+Mark Salud's new age music module
strob.lha mods/mark 84K 33+Mark Salud's rock music module
sumfe.lha mods/mark 66K 27+Mark Salud's dance music module
tgam.lha mods/mark 58K 26+Mark Salud's guitar-pop music module
thelk.lha mods/mark 71K 23+Mark Salud's power music module
tibe.lha mods/mark 39K 32+Mark Salud's new age music module
tiway.lha mods/mark 92K 31+Mark Salud's mellow jazz music module
tost.lha mods/mark 58K 33+Mark Salud's dance music module
tren.lha mods/mark 42K 34+Mark Salud's dance music module
tripp.lha mods/mark 38K 36+Mark Salud's swingpop music module
triways.lha mods/mark 45K 34+Mark Salud's dance music module
trufol.lha mods/mark 42K 27+Mark Salud's slow music module
tup97.lha mods/mark 136K 27+Mark Salud's pop music module
twini.lha mods/mark 47K 27+Mark Salud's swing music module
t_bomb.lha mods/mark 84K 36+Mark Salud's powerdance music module
unwild.lha mods/mark 55K 35+Mark Salud's rock music module
wafor.lha mods/mark 54K 33+Mark Salud's slow music module
wakebeat.lha mods/mark 89K 30+Mark Salud's dance music module
wgdown.lha mods/mark 63K 26+Mark Salud's dance music module
wicty.lha mods/mark 46K 32+Mark Salud's rock music module
wimm.lha mods/mark 55K 25+Mark Salud's slow music module
wismi.lha mods/mark 29K 27+Mark Salud's swing music module
wiwor.lha mods/mark 83K 25+Mark Salud's dance-pop music module
wonjam.lha mods/mark 95K 34+Mark Salud's dance music module
wsover.lha mods/mark 55K 23+Mark Salud's contemporary jazz music mo
wwblu.lha mods/mark 68K 27+Mark Salud's contemporary jazz music mod
yngpar.lha mods/mark 54K 32+Mark Salud's slow music module
yohap.lha mods/mark 41K 31+Mark Salud's swing music module
yolo.lha mods/mark 52K 23+Mark Salud's slow music module
yolook.lha mods/mark 68K 33+Mark Salud's Eurodance music module
yothap.lha mods/mark 60K 19+Mark Salud's reggae swing music module
you_3.lha mods/mark 41K 35+Mark Salud's fast-tempo wave music modul
yowork.lha mods/mark 48K 30+Mark Salud's dance music module
zoop97.lha mods/mark 75K 27+Mark Salud's jungledance music module
Shoot_Star3.lha mods/maxym 724K 15+10ch FastTracker2 module. Spacey song
3_hilrmx_med.lha mods/med 190K 13+B.C.'s MED remix of "The Hillside"
AK_FlyTr.lha mods/med 336K 14+Dream - OSS Module by AudioKiller
AK_Frnds.lha mods/med 350K 14+Amb - OSS Module by AudioKiller
AK_Hands.lha mods/med 226K 14+Love - OSS Module by AudioKiller
AK_Journ.lha mods/med 214K 14+Amb - OSS Module by AudioKiller
Alcohol.lha mods/med 152K 18+Alcohol-induced Soundstudio mod!
bc_acid.lha mods/med 116K 36+Crunchy, chewy techno module! (MMD1)
bc_bc.lha mods/med 268K 7+"B.C." - self titled eastern ambience
bc_cinco.lha mods/med 199K 32+Mexican-style breakbeat techno in 5/8
bc_crooz.lha mods/med 77K 36+Tropical/Calypso MMD1 by Bobby Clark
bc_death.lha mods/med 136K 21+"Death Ray" - Goa-trance electricity.
bc_dream.lha mods/med 92K 34+"Dream House", soft ambient house music.
bc_dunew.lha mods/med 174K 36+Atmospheric new age, desert music in 7/4
bc_elect.lha mods/med 146K 17+Electrochemistry - psychotrance by B.C.
bc_fil13.lha mods/med 135K 36+Ska-blues-breakbeat music in 13/8
bc_human.lha mods/med 146K 34+"Humanity" - Super Mega-happy technopop!
bc_kings.lha mods/med 106K 36+Reggae/rock style music (MMD1)
bc_mega1.lha mods/med 310K 36+A Megamix of my favorite Aminet mods.
bc_melod.lha mods/med 66K 25+A melodic techno/dance tune (MMD1).
bc_penta.lha mods/med 180K 25+"Pentagonic" mega-hyper 5/4 oddtrance go
bc_range.lha mods/med 246K 17+"Acid Rangers" Old West frontier trance
bc_rave.lha mods/med 233K 35+A haunting exotic trance techno tune
bc_rio.lha mods/med 68K 36+A peppy little latino tune (MMD1)
bc_ritmo.lha mods/med 144K 21+Latin flavoured house trance dance!
bc_space.lha mods/med 157K 21+"Space Flight" - spaced-out goa trance.
bc_tr808.lha mods/med 235K 7+"Asteroid Trip 808" - tripdance by B.C.
bc_twili.lha mods/med 154K 3+"Twilight" - melodic synthpop by B.C.
bc_vortx.lha mods/med 139K 7+"Vortex" - acid drum n bass by B.C./NoAf
bc_wind.lha mods/med 100K 35+Remix of Diesel's "WithTheWind.mod"
C64Tunelet.lha mods/med 34K 6+*64 TUNELET* COVER BY RECOIL
CalmInTheRain.lha mods/med 90K 27+OctaMedSS-slowfunk by Rickard Johansson
Collection.lha mods/med 6.8M 36+Every song Sniper has made!
control.lha mods/med 128K 18+4-track fast(ish) dance mod By A.Atkins
crosover.lha mods/med 74K 10+Genocide's Metal Mayhem Vol.2 Part 1
digitald.lha mods/med 213K 18+12-track OSS mod By A.Atkins
endtime.lha mods/med 79K 10+Genocide's Metal Mayhem Vol.2 Part 2
epitaph.lha mods/med 62K 10+Genocide's Metal Mayhem Vol.2 Part 3
flux.lha mods/med 157K 18+12-track OSS Dance mod By A.Atkins
Hard303_Mod.lha mods/med 117K 33+Module based on JSW music
HB_NextPhase.lha mods/med 93K 8+8th HOLOBOYS release: Fast beating 8-Ch!
HB_Silent.lha mods/med 78K 8+6th HOLOBOYS release: My last 4-Channel!
HB_Snowfall.lha mods/med 82K 10+7th HOLOBOYS release: A cool 8-Ch MMD2 !
hmr_12mt.lha mods/med 475K 21+One year old octamed modules (4)
hmr_love.lha mods/med 264K 21+Smooth love techno octamed module
hmr_plx1.lha mods/med 360K 21+Trancy mind trip octamed module
hmr_proc.lha mods/med 177K 21+Minimalistic groove funk octamed module
hmr_visi.lha mods/med 2.3M 34+Debut album release from Transient
IllBeBack.lha mods/med 159K 27+OctaMED Soundstudio-Module by Rickard Jo
ImFeeling.lha mods/med 136K 27+OctaMED Soundstudio-Module by Rickard Jo
infinity.lha mods/med 495K 14+12ch OCSS trance module by IMMORTAl
ItsNotThe.lha mods/med 126K 15+OctaMedSS Atmos/Pop by Rickard Johansson
I_Hate_Techno.lha mods/med 138K 19+MED-Module by Faroul
JSW_Mod.lha mods/med 74K 33+Module based on JSW music
LaEsperanza.lha mods/med 984K 5+Hardtrance MMD3 module by IMMORTAL
LonelyStar.lha mods/med 42K 16+Slow Melodic Module by Rones
LostDream.lha mods/med 174K 36+Nice pleasant song by SNIPER.
Maryjane.lha mods/med 187K 33+Tune by paddyWack made with Octamed.v5
miles_apart.lha mods/med 803K 30+Miles apart - tONID^aNADUNE - 16ch/16b/O
mitnacht.lha mods/med 155K 10+Genocide's Metal Mayhem Vol.2 Part 4
MoreThanMusic.lha mods/med 216K 8+MoreThanMusic - whole song
Motions.lha mods/med 124K 11+A new rock MMD3 from The_Highlander
MoveYaBody.lha mods/med 315K 16+Cool DanceTune By KNs for OCSS
mutantbi.lha mods/med 241K 29+Octamed Modules
nAnCiFier_G.lha mods/med 230K 29+My first module with real vocals - quite
nightmar.lha mods/med 989K 3+PSyChOhOuSe mod by IMMORTAL(MMD3)
Oriental.lha mods/med 201K 6+*ORIENTAL MIX* BY RECOIL
quantum.lha mods/med 123K 18+4-track spacey/dance mod By A.Atkins
raystorm.lha mods/med 281K 13+8-track OSS mod By A.Atkins
raystrm2.lha mods/med 181K 19+Remix of Raystorm By A.Atkins
redshift.lha mods/med 100K 18+4-track MMD3 moody mod By A.Atkins
rose.lha mods/med 34K 10+Genocide's Metal Mayhem Vol.2 Part 5
ScorpioRemix.lha mods/med 168K 8+Theme tune for Scorpio BBS -Remix-
screamin.lha mods/med 555K 12+10ch hOuSe mod by IMMORTAL(MMD3)
Softmix.lha mods/med 96K 27+OctaMedSS-slowfunk by Rickard Johansson
SometimesIt.lha mods/med 370K 27+OctaMED Soundstudio-Module by Rickard Jo
SOU_Visuals98.lha mods/med 153K 10+Octamed mod - remix of "Visuals" by Dese
stringsp.lha mods/med 107K 12+Strings of Paradise - The best OSS modul
StupidNM.lha mods/med 151K 11+Nice slow melody tune for OCSS on 06/11/
technoid.lha mods/med 162K 3+Technoid, a longish dance tune.
TestThisBass.lha mods/med 389K 16+OctaMed Soundstudio module
tomorrow.lha mods/med 1.7M 3+*COOL* dREAMHOUSE MMD3 mod by IMMORTAL
tst_burp.lha mods/med 143K 15+Manic acid frenzy octamed module
tst_drea.lha mods/med 140K 15+Deep trance journey octamed module
tst_nuts.lha mods/med 198K 2+Smooth dance styled 10-track MMD3 module
tst_wast.lha mods/med 215K 10+Smooth electro dance 10-track MMD3 modul
warriors.lha mods/med 83K 10+Genocide's Metal Mayhem Vol.2 Part 6
Accord.lha mods/melod 99K 31+Module by Espen Olsen
Akkurat.lha mods/melod 53K 31+Module by Stian Str m
ATomatsong.lha mods/melod 32K 31+Module by Stian Str m
Bassis.lha mods/melod 20K 31+Module by Stian Str m
Del1.lha mods/melod 48K 31+Module by Stian Str m
Dreamer.lha mods/melod 153K 30+Slower tune with more melody
Dreaming.lha mods/melod 91K 33+Module by Espen Olsen
EscapeFuture.lha mods/melod 150K 29+Remake of old gametune by Xenon/XTC DK
Fishin.lha mods/melod 48K 33+Module by Stian Str m
fuckydea.lha mods/melod 334K 37+First horror XM by MICHI
FunTime.lha mods/melod 148K 33+Module by Stian Str m
GitarSS.lha mods/melod 46K 33+Module by Stian Str m
ItsGitarDay.lha mods/melod 154K 33+Module by Stian Str m
knighthood.lha mods/melod 125K 34+Atmosphere of knighthood
MarianPrayer.lha mods/melod 399K 17+Symphonic type MMD3 song
meditation.lzh mods/melod 119K 37+'Meditation' By Claudio S.M.
MorkeOgKulde.lha mods/melod 23K 33+Module by Stian Str m
ms_agt.lha mods/melod 309K 8+Melodic Song by Markus Schnell
ms_elove.lha mods/melod 148K 10+Eternal Love
Name2.lha mods/melod 74K 33+Module by Espen Olsen
NewOne.lha mods/melod 53K 33+Module by Stian Str m
NoName3.lha mods/melod 60K 33+Module by Stian Str m
notfree.lha mods/melod 22K 31+Module by Stian Str m
Pianissen.lha mods/melod 10K 31+Module by Stian Str m
silent.lha mods/melod 58K 30+Piano&harmonica sentimental slow tune
Squirrel.lha mods/melod 138K 33+Module by Stian Str m
SS_STygg.lha mods/melod 28K 31+Module by Stian Str m
Stian.lha mods/melod 32K 31+Module by Stian Str m
SynthMad.lha mods/melod 36K 31+Module by Espen Olsen
sy_loft.lha mods/melod 58K 8+Slow love song by Sync
sy_shore.lha mods/melod 98K 8+Slow melodic song by Sync
Theguitarman.lha mods/melod 142K 33+Module by Stian Str m
Tivoli.lha mods/melod 47K 8+Tivoli - A module by Cobolt/Triumph. A t
Tomatsaus.lha mods/melod 34K 33+Module by Stian Str m
utopia.lha mods/melod 252K 23+'Chill out' melodic tune
VoxIndefessa.lha mods/melod 133K 8+Vox Indefessa - A module by Cobolt/Trium
Xfoez.lha mods/melod 60K 31+Module by Stian Str m
AmaEnd.lha mods/melom 88K 36+Amazed Endtune (synthpop/endtune)
AmaIntro.lha mods/melom 127K 36+Amazed Intro (atmosphere)
CastleChip.lha mods/melom 1K 36+Castle of Chip (chip)
Chamber.lha mods/melom 64K 36+The Chamber (orchestral)
Classique.lha mods/melom 264K 36+Classique Plastique (synthpop)
DreamsDark.lha mods/melom 287K 36+Dreams of Dark (film/orch)
EleIntro.lha mods/melom 148K 36+Elements Intro (synth/atmosphere)
ET.lha mods/melom 273K 36+Extra-Terrestrial (synthpop)
FastIllusions.lha mods/melom 155K 36+Fast Illusion (synthpop)
Flush2.lha mods/melom 111K 36+Flush 2 (synthpop)
FonyDreams.lha mods/melom 188K 36+Fony Dreams (synthpop/jazz)
GhostsMelo.lha mods/melom 117K 36+Ghosts'n'Goblins (synthpop)
HallHob.lha mods/melom 289K 36+Hall of Hobbits (film/orch)
HallHobMix.lha mods/melom 324K 36+Hall of Hobbits Mix (film/orch)
Hazyday.lha mods/melom 80K 36+Hazy Day (fastmod/pop/jazz)
Heart.lha mods/melom 362K 36+Heart of China (synthpop/atmosphere/orie
HongKong.lha mods/melom 229K 36+Hong Kong (synthpop/oriental)
IcePalace.lha mods/melom 464K 36+The Ice Palace (film/orch)
Industry.lha mods/melom 338K 36+Industry (pop/atmosphere)
Krasnapolski.lha mods/melom 11K 36+Krasnapolski (orch/chip/polka)
LittleSoldier.lha mods/melom 279K 36+Little Soldier (pop)
Magnified.lha mods/melom 37K 36+Magnified (fastmod/synthpop)
Medieval.lha mods/melom 191K 36+Medieval Mind (atmosphere/orchestra)
Modulation.lha mods/melom 152K 36+Modulation (synthpop/mag)
PacMag30.lha mods/melom 102K 36+PacMag 30 (synthpop/mag)
PacMag31.lha mods/melom 137K 36+PacMag 31 (synthpop/mag)
Pastelpop.lha mods/melom 142K 36+Pastel Pop (synthpop/mag)
Quicktro.lha mods/melom 10K 36+Quicktro (C64 style)
Roadkill.lha mods/melom 16K 36+Roadkill (fastmod/synthpop)
SC1.lha mods/melom 1K 36+SC1_MLM (fastmod/chip)
SirensYunar.lha mods/melom 451K 36+Sirens of Yunar (film/orch/underwater)
Surprise.lha mods/melom 275K 36+Surprise (fastmod)
Telly.lha mods/melom 42K 36+On the Telly (tv-theme/pop)
Twisted.lha mods/melom 504K 36+Twisted Cinema (film/orch)
TwistedII.lha mods/melom 845K 30+Twisted Cinema II (26-ch film/orch)
Velvet.lha mods/melom 34K 36+Velvet (fastmod/synthpop)
Walking.lha mods/melom 150K 36+Walking (synthpop/mag)
Waves.lha mods/melom 61K 36+Waves (synthpop)
WhereTea.lha mods/melom 13K 36+Where is the Tea? (cover/chip)
1st_try.lha mods/misc 78K 20+Chavez - 1st try 2... (4ch-pt)
advance_ole.lha mods/misc 339K 8+TripHop-like mod by Olethros
aire_borne.lha mods/misc 266K 7+Aire-Borne
Antio.lha mods/misc 85K 22+ProTracker module by AMiVAG
a_waitress.lha mods/misc 82K 6+'A Waitress Shame'. tWiLEk/rAMjAM 1994
back_pages.lha mods/misc 27K 10+Music with a Swing to it...
base_ole.lha mods/misc 291K 13+Really Groovy Mod By Olethros
bc_gone.lha mods/misc 183K 34+"Gone Forever" by Paradise Decay. Remix
BD_Tchaikovsky.lha mods/misc 36K 2+Benn Daglish module
BreakOut.lha mods/misc 336K 22+FastTracker module by AMiVAG
C64_4CH.lha mods/misc 420K 33+C64 inspired MOD files
C64_S3M.lha mods/misc 540K 33+C64 inspired S3M files
C64_XM.lha mods/misc 441K 33+C64 inspired XM files
Caveman.lha mods/misc 160K 22+ProTracker module by AMiVAG
Chriminey.lha mods/misc 115K 16 Mod by Osborne
chz_destruct.lha mods/misc 217K 9+Chavez - De.Destruction (4ch pt)
concrete_waves.lha mods/misc 151K 10+Remember "Jay's Song" from Sonix?? ... H
Crimson.lha mods/misc 46K 27+THX-Module by Blonde Lion
crystalmotion.lha mods/misc 211K 22+Fine symphonic-techno tune by MindWalker
CW_Mind.lha mods/misc 31K 27+M.I.N.D. - from CyberWorld -
CW_NoFuture.lha mods/misc 112K 27+NoFuture - from CyberWorld -
CW_Test02.lha mods/misc 29K 27+Test02 - from CyberWorld -
CW_The_Rythm.lha mods/misc 111K 27+The Rythm - from CyberWorld -
cyfrowy.lha mods/misc 124K 20+Cold Wave module by Sonic
dcn_TP7.lha mods/misc 133K 5+Dascon/Essence - 3rd at TP7 (4 Ch.)
dgLive.lha mods/misc 256K 24+Dr. Avalanche - Digressing Live
dgLive_RMX.lha mods/misc 279K 24+Chavez - Digressing Live -REMIX!
Dragonflight.lha mods/misc 136K 27+Dragonflight-Title
dreams_over.lha mods/misc 208K 10+An original.. another slow depressing on
dreamworld.lha mods/misc 144K 10+An original.. another slow depressing on
Edge.lha mods/misc 55K 22+ProTracker module by AMiVAG
Edge2.lha mods/misc 127K 22+ProTracker module by AMiVAG
edreams.lha mods/misc 67K 29+"Escaping Dreams" by Markus Schnell
ele_bina.lha mods/misc 258K 5+Binary millenium #009 by elektrik empire
ele_city.lha mods/misc 204K 5+'the city limits' #010 by elektrik empir
ele_hang.lha mods/misc 220K 2+'hangover' #013 by elektrik empire
ELE_KITC.lha mods/misc 356K 9+Kitchen maid #007 by elektrik empire
Ele_mind.lha mods/misc 124K 15+"in my brain" compoced by acidpimp/elekt
ele_nons.lha mods/misc 288K 5+'its non sense' #011 by elektrik empire
ele_ryth.lha mods/misc 104K 3+'the rythm' #012 by elektrik empire
ELE_THAT.lha mods/misc 101K 9+That lesund thing #008 by elektrik empi
Ele_twit.lha mods/misc 85K 11+Strugling acid no#006 by elektrik empire
Ele_unbr.lha mods/misc 226K 14+"unbreak" composed by sami/elektrik empi
Ele_velo.lha mods/misc 300K 15+"velocity ep" compoced by sami/elektrik
Eloy.lha mods/misc 422K 6+Three awesome modules by Eloy
extfhel.lha mods/misc 146K 22+2 years-old death module
fala.lha mods/misc 102K 20+New Wave module by Sonic
farty.lha mods/misc 37K 18+Widdy's MOD made with farts & burps.
flying.lha mods/misc 231K 10+An original.. another slow depressing on
funkydis.lha mods/misc 66K 13+Mtut > groovy elektro-synth-mixture
gameshow_mod.lha mods/misc 25K 34+Gameshow Music
Gazozem_.lha mods/misc 268K 22+FastTracker module by AMiVAG
Girl_cmo.lha mods/misc 165K 23+Chicago move on - another mortimer T. ma
Girl_ita.lha mods/misc 221K 21+Italian Juice
Girl_los.lha mods/misc 285K 27+A new mod by Orlingo
Girl_Yoko.lha mods/misc 191K 19+The Yoko Fan
gs_coa4.lha mods/misc 392K 5+Genetic Source - Coa Part 4 (4ch-PT)
gs_coa4dtdedit.lha mods/misc 289K 5+Genetic Source - Coa Part 4 Puls Remix
gs_confused.lha mods/misc 104K 5+Confused
gs_east.lha mods/misc 136K 5+East End Sun
gs_freeze.lha mods/misc 217K 5+Genetic Source - Freeze your Brain
gs_recy_rmx.lha mods/misc 437K 3+Chavez` 24ch digiboostermod (recycling)
gs_time.lha mods/misc 152K 5+Genetic Source - Time (4ch-PT)
gs_trackline.lha mods/misc 168K 5+Genetic Source - Trackline
Hyperatlantic.lha mods/misc 369K 22+ProTracker module by AMiVAG
ia_outlw.lha mods/misc 588K 31+[iA] rel. #112 - Outlaw - Drum`n`Bass mo
ia_rhesu.lha mods/misc 606K 31+[iA] rel. #114 - Rhesus minus - Drum`n`B
idpz.lha mods/misc 98K 6+'Into Dark Park Zoo'. tWiLEk/rAMjAM 94
intx_thetimes.lha mods/misc 148K 33+Kind of Synth by Int0xicated
I_LikeTheBass.lha mods/misc 113K 11+I Like The Bass
Joelbitar.lha mods/misc 93K 8+.NRp. Funky Oldskool by FaRMoR
Land.lha mods/misc 293K 22+ProTracker module by AMiVAG
LittleSandra.lha mods/misc 223K 16+4-Channel DigiBooster Song By Blonde Lio
long_gone.lha mods/misc 112K 32+MMD3 module.
loveinvein.lha mods/misc 79K 6+'Love In Vein' by tWiLEk/rAMjAM 1992
Macke.lha mods/misc 400K 27+PartyMod by Blonde Lion
maximum.lha mods/misc 42K 6+'Maximum Overdrive'. tWiLEk/rAMjAM 1993
MD_PTmix.lha mods/misc 67K 25+Protracker Module by *BPM*
Metalaxe.lha mods/misc 265K 22+ProTracker module by AMiVAG
mING.lha mods/misc 170K 20+Chavez - mING! (4ch-pt)
Mline_tunes.lha mods/misc 42K 15+2 cool MusicLine-module from Mr.Chaos of
mo_hum.lha mods/misc 492K 35+(mono) - Humfree EP by Bogdan
mo_nat.lha mods/misc 307K 34+(mono) - Nat-A-Tat-Tat by Vim!
mo_pin.lha mods/misc 188K 32+(mono) - Ping Bong by Relief + Skizo
mt_al.lha mods/misc 319K 3+(mono) - Alien Limbs EP by Dune
mt_ant.lha mods/misc 419K 6+(mono) - Antigotchi by Jazz + Fndr
mt_as.lha mods/misc 428K 12+(mono) - As in cockroach by Whiskas
mt_dna.lha mods/misc 228K 12+(mono) - Retro Dna by Dreamfish
mt_grc.lha mods/misc 162K 16+(mono) - Green Colour Yellow by Zyad
mt_inf.lha mods/misc 366K 25+(mono) - Infinite EP Distance by Whiskas
mt_klu.lha mods/misc 576K 9+(monotonik) - Klusterpunk EP by Distance
mt_lost.lha mods/misc 183K 27+(mono) - Mono Techno Sublabel Debut Hit!
mt_mar.lha mods/misc 1.1M 16+(mono) - Denmark ep by Distance
mt_ot.lha mods/misc 518K 21+(mono) - Otsuki by Dharma
mt_rid.lha mods/misc 393K 9+(monotonik) - Twisted Riddim by Dreamfis
mt_sha.lha mods/misc 383K 19+(mono) - Shaman's Nature by Substance
m_100.lha mods/misc 129K 12+(mono) - 100% Sh*t by Vim!
m_aft.lha mods/misc 343K 27+(mono) - Aftertouch EP by Substance
m_back.lha mods/misc 139K 29+(mono) - Mono Backdrops! by Blandest + D
m_ber.lha mods/misc 638K 27+(mono) - Amber Beats EP by Relief + Skiz
m_bra.lha mods/misc 231K 33+(mono) - Braah by Whiskas
m_cok.lha mods/misc 273K 19+(mono) - Cokal by TheFoxII
m_crre.lha mods/misc 232K 29+(mono) - Crystal Rain(MT Remix) by Twili
m_dist.lha mods/misc 286K 21+Distortion Paranoid by Substance
m_dto.lha mods/misc 262K 12+(mono) - D-Tour by Relief + Skizo
m_ech.lha mods/misc 337K 10+(mono) - Echtzeit (rmx) by Jazz + Fndr
m_evil.lha mods/misc 315K 10+(mono) - Evil Banquet EP by Zyad
m_ken.lha mods/misc 193K 21+Ken Dodd Attitude by Vim!
m_mag.lha mods/misc 540K 25+(mono) - Magic Milktunnel by Whiskas
m_nor.lha mods/misc 455K 8+(mono) - Norman by Vim
m_phonk.lha mods/misc 744K 35+(mono) - Da Phonk EP by Substance
m_phu.lha mods/misc 288K 21+(mono) - Phuck Det Er Varmt by Relief +
m_play.lha mods/misc 377K 16+(mono) - Plays with himself by Mortimer
m_post.lha mods/misc 520K 20+Post-Subi Comedown EP by Subi
m_pulse.lha mods/misc 320K 21+(mono) - Pulse of Life XL by Relief + Tw
m_sha.lha mods/misc 358K 26+(mono) - Shade by Dharma
m_siz.lha mods/misc 355K 18+(mono) - SizableChunk Of Beats
m_slam.lha mods/misc 358K 21+(mono) - Wu-Tang Slam EP
m_tam.lha mods/misc 412K 6+(mono) - Tama's Kingdom by Muffler
m_ted.lha mods/misc 1.1M 8+(mono) - Teddy Bear Magix by Ice Climbe
m_unre.lha mods/misc 377K 31+(mono) - Unreal EP by Dreamfish
nightstorm.lha mods/misc 124K 26+Chavez - nightstorm
oldswing.lha mods/misc 40K 35+Oldswing - Another mod by Silvio Banzi
Pee_anna.lha mods/misc 103K 3+By one of 'Many More'
perklove.lha mods/misc 193K 11+Perkuchione love ! by UnIsOn
phd_batt.lha mods/misc 244K 9 [ PHD ] - the battlefield by dane
phd_forg.lha mods/misc 467K 19 [ PHD ] - forgive by pirat
process.lha mods/misc 29K 6+'The Process' by tWiLEk/rAMjAM 1992
psychotic_60s.lha mods/misc 62K 10+Psychotic 60's Rock
RBY_DWYW.lha mods/misc 184K 20+Do What You Want by Ramboy
recycling.lha mods/misc 124K 26+Chavez - recycling
rosja.lha mods/misc 85K 20+Disco Polo module by Sonic
r_t_m.lha mods/misc 10K 6+'Ride The Midway'. tWiLEk/rAMjAM 1994
salsa.lha mods/misc 29K 13+HairyDrummer's first (and probably last)
shards+splinte.lha mods/misc 86K 13+HairyDrummer's third Heavy Metal mod upl
Shepherd.lha mods/misc 118K 22+ProTracker module by AMiVAG
Shephrd_Acous.lha mods/misc 79K 22+ProTracker module by AMiVAG
Shock_Waves.lha mods/misc 93K 11+Shock Waves (mod)
Silly.lha mods/misc 196K 3+By one of 'Many More'
sixinrow.lha mods/misc 50K 19+Chavez - Six in ROW (4ch-PT)
slx_commando.lha mods/misc 321K 23+DigiBoosterPro Version of the CommandoGa
slx_fantasy01.lha mods/misc 332K 31+FantasyMOD
slx_nutrap2.lha mods/misc 310K 16+4Chn 8Bit ProTracker
Sorrow.lha mods/misc 156K 22+FastTracker module by AMiVAG
Stairway.lha mods/misc 407K 22+Symphonic rock by MindWalker - Mod ver
tfo.lha mods/misc 4K 6+'The Final Option'. tWiLEk/rAMjAM 1994
TheSea.lha mods/misc 162K 22+FastTracker module by AMiVAG
Thrust.lha mods/misc 154K 27+Module by Blonde Lion.
T_Mage1.lha mods/misc 163K 11+Techno-Mage mix 1
T_Mage2.lha mods/misc 146K 11+Techno-Mage mix 2
T_MageMix3.lha mods/misc 191K 11+Techno-Mage mix 3
vdo_reje.lha mods/misc 416K 31+The First Release by Voodoo
walkn_move.lha mods/misc 248K 24+Chavez - Walk`n move!
WFaster.lha mods/misc 88K 35+Walking Faster - by Silvio Banzi
Whittaker.lha mods/misc 358K 26+Quadra Module by Blonde Lion.
ForbidenDesert.mpg mods/mpg 5.2M 16+The Forbidden Desert - "Fantasy Rock"
merry.lha mods/mpg 2.2M 6+Christmas song for all you amigans
Milkyway.lha mods/mpg 3.1M 5+Spacemusic made by Raid
Powerplay.lha mods/mpg 2.3M 5+Rocktune made by Raid
nc_2fast.lha mods/ncase 30K 33+2 fast 4 u - MOD
nc_ants.lha mods/ncase 34K 33+Ants - MOD
nc_april.lha mods/ncase 77K 33+April - MOD
nc_astrl.lha mods/ncase 180K 33+Astral trip - MOD
nc_audiu.lha mods/ncase 80K 33+Audius sucimus - MOD
nc_back2.lha mods/ncase 164K 33+Back 2 da past - MOD
nc_berry.lha mods/ncase 140K 33+Up to the berrycape - MOD
nc_brain.lha mods/ncase 114K 33+Brain injury - MOD
nc_brght.lha mods/ncase 14K 33+Bright light night - MOD
nc_cares.lha mods/ncase 21K 33+Caress of wind - MOD
nc_chain.lha mods/ncase 179K 33+Chains of time - MOD
nc_chips.lha mods/ncase 14K 33+Chip shit - MOD
nc_chldp.lha mods/ncase 119K 33+Childporn bust - MOD
nc_chose.lha mods/ncase 28K 33+Choose don't loose - MOD
nc_circu.lha mods/ncase 232K 33+Circulus arcticus - MOD
nc_confu.lha mods/ncase 88K 33+Confusion in fusion - MOD
nc_corps.lha mods/ncase 3K 33+Corpses in rain - MOD
nc_dline.lha mods/ncase 157K 33+Deadline - MOD
nc_easyt.lha mods/ncase 158K 33+Easy trip - MOD
nc_etern.lha mods/ncase 116K 33+Eternal - MOD
nc_euroc.lha mods/ncase 16K 33+Eurochart compo chip - MOD
nc_fcing.lha mods/ncase 164K 33+Facing the change - MOD
nc_fettr.lha mods/ncase 137K 33+Fetters of time - MOD
nc_frest.lha mods/ncase 116K 33+Forest - MOD
nc_highr.lha mods/ncase 25K 33+Higher'n'higher - MOD
nc_icecl.lha mods/ncase 12K 33+Ice Cloud - MOD
nc_india.lha mods/ncase 177K 33+Indian summer sky - MOD
nc_infer.lha mods/ncase 126K 33+Infernal vision - MOD
nc_jahsp.lha mods/ncase 111K 33+Jah's people - MOD
nc_jumpn.lha mods/ncase 69K 33+Jumping 70's - MOD
nc_justa.lha mods/ncase 112K 33+Just another year - MOD
nc_justl.lha mods/ncase 78K 33+Just like me - MOD
nc_lady1.lha mods/ncase 128K 33+Lady 1 - MOD
nc_lady2.lha mods/ncase 120K 33+Lady 2 - MOD
nc_lady3.lha mods/ncase 173K 33+Lady 3 - MOD
nc_likea.lha mods/ncase 109K 33+Like a dream - MOD
nc_lost.lha mods/ncase 156K 33+Lost in eternity - MOD
nc_maidn.lha mods/ncase 57K 33+Maiden - MOD
nc_meetn.lha mods/ncase 97K 33+Meeting - MOD
nc_memry.lha mods/ncase 107K 33+Memory - MOD
nc_missn.lha mods/ncase 16K 33+Missing - MOD
nc_misty.lha mods/ncase 100K 33+Misty day - MOD
nc_mnday.lha mods/ncase 10K 33+Monday - MOD
nc_natty.lha mods/ncase 143K 33+Natty Dreddy - MOD
nc_nline.lha mods/ncase 91K 33+Nightline's colors - MOD
nc_noin1.lha mods/ncase 19K 33+No! Inhibitions 1 - MOD
nc_noin2.lha mods/ncase 22K 33+No! Inhibitions 2 - MOD
nc_north.lha mods/ncase 197K 33+Northern border - MOD
nc_packm.lha mods/ncase 10K 33+Pack musica - MOD
nc_peace.lha mods/ncase 98K 33+Peace of mind - MOD
nc_quart.lha mods/ncase 21K 33+Quarterror - MOD
nc_refle.lha mods/ncase 83K 33+Reflections - MOD
nc_resnt.lha mods/ncase 92K 33+Resent memories - MOD
nc_rowng.lha mods/ncase 61K 33+Rowing - MOD
nc_sick.lha mods/ncase 86K 33+Sick 2 b sick - MOD
nc_silvr.lha mods/ncase 208K 33+Silverwire breaks - MOD
nc_smrpa.lha mods/ncase 8K 33+Summer panic - MOD
nc_smuch.lha mods/ncase 108K 33+So much to give - MOD
nc_snorn.lha mods/ncase 18K 33+Snoring - MOD
nc_snowf.lha mods/ncase 14K 33+Snowflake - MOD
nc_space.lha mods/ncase 102K 33+Space girlie - MOD
nc_sulph.lha mods/ncase 114K 33+Sulphuric ash - MOD
nc_sundy.lha mods/ncase 100K 33+Sunday - MOD
nc_swtdr.lha mods/ncase 132K 33+Sweet dreams babe - MOD
nc_swtth.lha mods/ncase 82K 33+Sweet thoughts - MOD
nc_trifl.lha mods/ncase 95K 33+Trifling - MOD
nc_ufost.lha mods/ncase 234K 33+UFO-sight in the night - MOD
nc_unspo.lha mods/ncase 121K 33+Unspoken promises - MOD
nc_vanis.lha mods/ncase 58K 33+Vanished dreams - MOD
nc_victr.lha mods/ncase 137K 33+Victory - MOD
nc_viman.lha mods/ncase 216K 33+Vimanas over Mu - MOD
nc_water.lha mods/ncase 31K 33+Waterfall - MOD
nc_windw.lha mods/ncase 15K 33+Wind & water - MOD
nc_winpr.lha mods/ncase 158K 33+Winter princess - MOD
nc_winwi.lha mods/ncase 23K 33+Winter wind - MOD
nc_wormh.lha mods/ncase 18K 33+Wormhole - MOD
acidspace.lha mods/ooze 353K 6+"Trip To Acidspace" - [acid/trance] by T
bug.lha mods/ooze 394K 3+"Bug'o Metal" by TribaL
drunken.lha mods/ooze 2K 9+"The Drunken Sailor" - chip XM by TribaL
fire.lha mods/ooze 589K 30+"Don't Play With Fire" - 10ch [goatrance
fuck.lha mods/ooze 290K 30+"Fuck It All" - 12ch [hardcore] XM-modul
jesus.lha mods/ooze 109K 9+"Jesus" - techno XM by TribaL
julsaga.lha mods/ooze 574K 9+En Julsaga - hardcore by TribaL
monkey.lha mods/ooze 379K 30+"Moneky iLand" 18channel XM-module by Oo
ravy.lha mods/ooze 24K 17+"Chippy Ravy Groovy" by Tribal (ex Ooze)
readme.lha mods/ooze 1K 9+"Readme.Txt" - chip XM by TribaL
recrude.lha mods/ooze 321K 30+"Recrudescence Of Violence" - 14ch [drum
rmb.lha mods/ooze 818K 9+"Rmb - Reality Mix" - techno XM by Triba
tiny.lha mods/ooze 398K 30+"Tiny Trance" - 2ch [drum'n bass/goatran
ucklum.lha mods/ooze 3K 21+"Ucklum" - chipmodule by Tribal (ex Ooze
comeon.lzh mods/panik 142K 16+971022:Come on:House
pnk_hcmf.lzh mods/panik 116K 11+HardJungle: Hardkore MF (mod)
pnk_jltd.lzh mods/panik 112K 11+(IT)971118: Jilted?
pnk_me.lzh mods/panik 402K 11+(IT)971118: Mixed Emotions
unnamed.lzh mods/panik 203K 16+971022:Unnamed:House
absol.lha mods/piano 110K 32+Piano mod from the Lollipop Brothers
avemar.lzh mods/piano 25K 31+Pianomusic by Spliffy
Busoni4.lha mods/piano 111K 2+Busoni Piano Concerto, 4th movement
PianoEspen.lha mods/piano 70K 31+Module by Espen Olsen
PianoImpressio.lha mods/piano 261K 17+Bright Piano MMD3 song
PianoPlinger.lha mods/piano 100K 33+Module by Stian Str m
Syltetoy.lha mods/piano 52K 33+Module by Stian Str m
TaDetPiano.lha mods/piano 41K 33+Module by Stian Str m
3_green.lha mods/pop 269K 17+"Green Shine", dance euro-pop by RS3/NoA
Convex_t.lha mods/pop 229K 21+Theme tune with some guitars & trumpets
pls_cruise.lha mods/pop 108K 13+Mod by pulse^lgp. 1st place at halloween
slx_swd.lha mods/pop 610K 15+4Chn 8Bit PROTRACKER
12thecho.lha mods/pro 197K 6+Another moody one by Roz/Fit^Rno (pt2.3a
1k_notluv.lha mods/pro 35K 32+1k- A little mod By [1024]
1k_odeto.lha mods/pro 33K 32+1k- A little mod By [1024]
1k_wandt.lha mods/pro 112K 32+1k- A little mod By [1024]
3_atomic_mod.lha mods/pro 45K 13+"Atomic Frog" - drum n bass by RS3/NoAff
3_distrt_mod.lha mods/pro 182K 7+"Distorted Reality" - synthpop by RS3
3_hillsd_mod.lha mods/pro 175K 13+"The Hillside", Enigma-style, by RS3
4bits2.lha mods/pro 95K 35+PT module - 4 BITS 2 FLOOR (light trance
ArtificialLove.lha mods/pro 95K 11+A typic ballad by UnIsOn ;-)
Bzr_Mods1.lha mods/pro 1.0M 13+5 modules by Buzzer/Zenon
Csunday.lha mods/pro 276K 18+By Mr.Lou / Dewfall Productions.
cursum.lha mods/pro 144K 18+Cursum perficio (OLD Module) by Estrayk.
dancimator.lha mods/pro 52K 19+"Dancimator" - PT mod by Phantomas
dancingchiquit.lha mods/pro 61K 18+"Dancing Chiquita V2" - PT mod by Phanto
DangerInside.lha mods/pro 308K 23+Danger Inside by Estrayk / Capsule.
DarkGraphics.lha mods/pro 372K 23+Dark Graphics by Estrayk / Capsule.
drd_Baktepot.lha mods/pro 174K 9 4 channel pt mod by dr.death/eltech.
drd_Dancedel.lha mods/pro 251K 9 4 channel pt mod by dr.death/eltech.
drd_Digi_lig.lha mods/pro 250K 9 8 channel DIGI mod by dr.death/eltech.
drd_Doormat.lha mods/pro 15K 9 4 channel pt mod by dr.death/eltech.
drd_Jungles.lha mods/pro 189K 9 4 channel pt mod by dr.death/eltech.
drd_Oki.lha mods/pro 99K 9 4 channel pt mod by dr.death/eltech.
drd_Pianocol.lha mods/pro 89K 9 4 channel pt mod by dr.death/eltech & sp
drd_Sugarfre.lha mods/pro 243K 9 4 channel pt mod by dr.death/eltech.
drd_Voidofvo.lha mods/pro 54K 9 4 channel pt mod by dr.death/eltech & my
drd_Yahoooo.lha mods/pro 291K 9 4 channel pt mod by dr.death/eltech.
Each_time.lha mods/pro 119K 18+Each Time (OLD Module) by Estrayk.
Etr_DryBreath.lha mods/pro 137K 25+Metal module by ## Etrimon ##
Etr_EtrsHate.lha mods/pro 251K 16+Ultra metal module by ## Etrimon ##
Etr_FolMeFir.lha mods/pro 204K 25+Trance&Rave module by ## Etrimon ##
Etr_ImSorry.lha mods/pro 106K 25+Wonderful sad tunes by ## Etrimon ##
Etr_ItsMyTurn.lha mods/pro 410K 25+Sad melodic module by ## Etrimon ##
Etr_TellMeWhy.lha mods/pro 177K 25+Dance&rave module by ## Etrimon ##
Etr_Terradome.lha mods/pro 275K 23+Powerful film style mod by ## Etrimon ##
Etr_YrLoveSavM.lha mods/pro 227K 25+Wonderful lovesong by ## Etrimon ##
Euphonix.lha mods/pro 297K 33+Euphonix by Estrayk / Capsule.
ExoticLand.lha mods/pro 343K 23+Exotic Land by Estrayk / Capsule.
Faked.lha mods/pro 192K 18+Faked Destruction (OLD Module) by Estray
Fastbass.lha mods/pro 80K 18+FastBass (OLD Module) by Estrayk & D0lby
friend.lha mods/pro 101K 35+PT module - FRIENDS (module from IO3) (P
Future_shock.lha mods/pro 75K 18+Future Shock (OLD Module) by Estrayk.
glamour.lha mods/pro 43K 36+Intro mod by Corrosion Of Darkage
Gots.lha mods/pro 346K 18+Got's in da time (OLD Module) by Estrayk
HearIsUOnlyGod.lha mods/pro 176K 23+Hear is u only god by Estrayk & Evelred.
HeavyGoes.lha mods/pro 107K 13+Heavy Goes Techno - Composed by Nemesis/
Hive_of_guitar.lha mods/pro 117K 18+Hive of guitars (OLD Module) by Estrayk
IBAM.lha mods/pro 180K 2+HENRYMUSIC Protracker module.
Imnastic.lha mods/pro 277K 33+Imnastic by Estrayk / Capsule.
InnerPII.lha mods/pro 69K 18+Inner Planet II (OLD Module) by Estrayk.
InnerPIV.lha mods/pro 80K 18+Inner Planet IV (OLD Module) by Estrayk.
InnerPlanet.lha mods/pro 76K 18+Inner Planet I (OLD Module) by Estrayk.
LetsBeatLouder.lha mods/pro 88K 18+Let's beat louder (OLD Module) by Estray
live2.lha mods/pro 124K 35+DigiBooster Pro module (8-channel) - LIV
Lonely_N.lha mods/pro 120K 13+Lonely Nights - By Nemesis/Zenon
Longest.lha mods/pro 182K 18+Longest rearming (OLD Module) by Estrayk
Melannie.lha mods/pro 91K 18+Melannie rearming (OLD Module) by Estray
Nation_station.lha mods/pro 191K 18+Nation Station (OLD Module) by Estrayk.
NTB.lha mods/pro 8K 35+PT module - NTB (Poland)
nvx_3min.lha mods/pro 454K 26+Three Minutes by Ganja/NvX. 4th at Assem
Orbital.lha mods/pro 331K 33+Orbital by Estrayk / Capsule.
OutliveBlodnes.lha mods/pro 291K 23+Outlive Blodness by Estrayk / Capsule.
over.lha mods/pro 6K 36+Intro mod by Corrosion Of Darkage
paradis.lha mods/pro 134K 10+Synthie-Pop by MASTER_T.O.M.
paradise.lha mods/pro 134K 14+Synthie-Pop by MASTER_T.O.M.
Perpex.lha mods/pro 226K 18+Perpex (OLD Module) by Estrayk.
pha005_t.lha mods/pro 205K 11+"The Way Of Life V2" [Dance] - PT mod by
Pher_jaw.lha mods/pro 129K 18+Pher jaw (OLD Module) by Estrayk.
PILI.lha mods/pro 226K 2+HENRYMUSIC Protracker module.
rappingchiquit.lha mods/pro 38K 18+"Rapping Chiquita" - PT mod by Phantomas
Rising.lha mods/pro 40K 14+Rising - Composed by Nemesis/Zenon
R_u_really.lha mods/pro 108K 18+R u really sure? (OLD Module) by Estrayk
SilvaBul.lha mods/pro 355K 32+Created by Sonicwolf of the Fortunates
StellarFactory.lha mods/pro 33K 18+Stellar Factory (OLD Module) by Estrayk
subsourc.lha mods/pro 218K 26+Subsource by Hyper/Instinct UK. Made for
syfeliz1.lha mods/pro 191K 3+HENRYMUSIC module.
symphony.lzh mods/pro 419K 22+Orchestral module by Species
Thedream.lha mods/pro 381K 22+Dance, 80 style.
thefect.lha mods/pro 56K 35+PT module - THEFECT'S SONG (Poland)
train.lha mods/pro 158K 10+Protracker module by MIM
trans.lha mods/pro 14K 35+PT module - TRANCE'n'SPACE (dark trance)
VirtualGravity.lha mods/pro 139K 18+Virtual gravity (OLD Module) by Estrayk
water.lha mods/pro 80K 35+PT module - WATER WORLD (Poland)
Worries.lha mods/pro 144K 13+Worries On My Mind - By Nemesis/Zenon
X1.lha mods/pro 234K 33+X1 by Estrayk / Capsule.
XmasJoy.lha mods/pro 238K 9+Christmas Joy - By Nemesis/Zenon
angel_of_harle.lzh mods/rock 111K 34+Angel of Harlem(U2) - track by Crapman
brefco.lha mods/rock 59K 31+Old school metal song by the Lollipop Br
csm_Maybe.lzh mods/rock 1.5M 12+XM Song by CSM
Deadzone.lha mods/rock 257K 21+Piece of rock with flanged guitars
Direction.lha mods/rock 95K 8+Nice "Softrock" module.
doingwah.lha mods/rock 237K 11+Doing Wah... sick module
dtheme.lha mods/rock 17K 10+Dark rock-song
InnerAnger.lha mods/rock 272K 20+Cool Metal Inspirated Module by Jack. UT
Insomnia.lha mods/rock 141K 21+Tune from Gravity'96 Party
Lightning.lha mods/rock 113K 27+An Instrumental Metal module.
modsandanims.lha mods/rock 364K 8+Some mods and anims by Barry Newman
m_a.lha mods/rock 364K 8+Some mods and anims by Barry Newman
Paranoia.lha mods/rock 65K 16+HairyDrummer's second Heavy Metal mod up
phd_seas.lha mods/rock 365K 29 [ PHD ] - seas of cheese by linus
PhoneBil.lha mods/rock 65K 16+A rock mod in MMD3 SoundStudio format
Resolut.lha mods/rock 99K 21+Hard rock mod
R_O_F.lha mods/rock 168K 6+Realm Of Fairlight - mixed eVRIMSSON
snc_advent.lha mods/rock 167K 37+Black/prog Metal mod By Cancer/Snow Cras
snc_blackwd.lha mods/rock 118K 37+Black Metal Mod By Cancer/Snow Crash
snc_mortifier.lha mods/rock 37K 37+Metal mod by Cancer/Snow Crash
snc_north.lha mods/rock 181K 18+Black Metal mod By Cancer/Snow Crash
spinout_ole.lha mods/rock 477K 11+Rock Mod by Olethros (Octamed SS)
The_Flight.lha mods/rock 99K 7+Nice/pretty fast hardrock module
TurboGuitar.lha mods/rock 33K 34+Drowned-By-Guitar Module by Jools Henn.
Virtual.lha mods/rock 234K 21+Slow rock-synthetic tune by Bionic
12thecho.lha mods/roz 197K 2+Another moody one by Roz/Fit^Rno (pt2.3a
303megamix.lha mods/roz 652K 2+303 megamix! by Roz/Fit^Rno (pt2.3a)
6teasing.lha mods/roz 45K 2+60s 'rock' tune by Roz/Fit^Rno =) (pt2.3
abductedb.lha mods/roz 563K 2+6th at Abduction'97. By Roz/Fit^Rno (pt2
akkipika.lha mods/roz 137K 2+Stompy House Tune By Roz/Fit^Rno (pt2.3a
analogiment.lha mods/roz 363K 2+Very Rude Acidic Goa Track By Roz/Fit^Rn
antistatics.lha mods/roz 188K 2+Melodic Goa Trance By Roz/Fit^Rno (pt2.3
arndthwrld.lha mods/roz 128K 2+Daft Punk Remix By Roz/Fit^Rno (pt2.3a)
audiomister.lha mods/roz 123K 2+Variating House tune By Roz/Fit^Rno (pt2
aufzeich.lha mods/roz 347K 2+Some Hard Stuff By Roz/Fit^Rno (pt2.3a)
backintime.lha mods/roz 83K 2+70s Disco Tune By Roz/Fit^Rno (pt2.3a)
badmistakes.lha mods/roz 318K 2+Pop trance By Roz/Fit^Rno (pt2.3a)
bazzovrlowd.lha mods/roz 204K 2+Kind Of Remix By Roz/Fit^Rno (pt2.3a)
blueltlpe.lha mods/roz 70K 2+Slow diskmag tune By Roz/Fit^Rno (pt2.3a
braininfect.lha mods/roz 249K 2+Trip to the hop? lame? By Roz/Fit^Rno (p
cakewalk.lha mods/roz 44K 2+Nice'n'Short House Tune By Roz/Fit^Rno (
chiptunes.lha mods/roz 170K 2+Various Chiptunes By Roz/Fit^Rno!
cliprozmix.lha mods/roz 224K 2+Housy Acid Remix By Roz/Fit^Rno (pt2.3a)
colorsound.lha mods/roz 242K 2+Great Trance Pop By Roz/Fit^Rno (pt2.3a)
conductor.lha mods/roz 273K 2+Rippy Detroit Tune By Roz/Fit^Rno (pt2.3
dachat.lha mods/roz 128K 2+Nice'n'Shorty Tune By Roz/Fit^Rno (pt2.3
disappeari.lha mods/roz 107K 2+Fast Amigademo Tune By Roz/Fit^Rno (pt2.
doctorintheh.lha mods/roz 98K 2+Clever House Tune By Roz/Fit^Rno (pt2.3a
dominator.lha mods/roz 155K 2+Superchillyhousemix By Roz/Fit^Rno (pt2.
dontbeclever.lha mods/roz 148K 2+Clubby Stuff By Roz/Fit^Rno (pt2.3a)
doubleion.lha mods/roz 308K 2+Minimalistic Acidtune By Roz/Fit^Rno (pt
downperfect.lha mods/roz 85K 2+Multichannel mmd2 By Roz/Fit^Rno (Sounds
driftamix.lha mods/roz 191K 2+Drum'n'Bass Remix By Roz/Fit^Rno (pt2.3a
duludiauv.lha mods/roz 52K 2+Beuatiful Tune By Roz/Fit^Rno (pt2.3a)
eimahkujaoma.lha mods/roz 338K 2+Hard Compomod By Roz/Fit^Rno. Came 2nd a
electrocup.lha mods/roz 90K 2+Underground(?) Industrialism By Roz/Fit^
enjoing.lha mods/roz 85K 2+Traditional Diskmag tune By Roz/Fit^Rno.
eventforest.lha mods/roz 183K 2+Moody, Fast Drum'n'Bass By Roz/Fit^Rno.
exceed.lha mods/roz 170K 2+Hard Acid Tune. Has _nothing_ to do with
experience.lha mods/roz 70K 2+Minimalist Ambient By Roz/Fit^Rno.
fakedtrip.lha mods/roz 180K 2+Artificial Minimal House Tune By Roz/Fit
fantasyland2.lha mods/roz 207K 2+Variating House/Trance/Acid Tune By Roz/
footwear.lha mods/roz 401K 2+Trippy Drum'n'Bass Tune By Roz/Fit^Rno.
freshest.lha mods/roz 56K 2+Tiny Atmospheric House Tune By Roz/Fit^R
funkkarisen.lha mods/roz 76K 2+Funky Amigademopop Tune By Roz/Fit^Rno.
haadk.lha mods/roz 121K 2+90s 'Hard Core' Tune By Roz/Fit^Rno.
homelessho.lha mods/roz 185K 2+Fine Multichannel XM By Roz/Fit^Rno (FT2
hornsmurf.lha mods/roz 315K 2+Assembly'97 Multichannel Entry By Roz/Fi
insider.lha mods/roz 63K 2+Another Rude Acid Track By Roz/Fit^Rno.
ironwire3.lha mods/roz 144K 2+Cewl Guitar Tune By Roz/Fit^Rno.
itsnotimp.lha mods/roz 199K 2+Happy Housetune By Roz/Fit^Rno.
janeir0.lha mods/roz 108K 2+Music Straight From Rio De Janeiro;) By
just1.lha mods/roz 98K 2+Another Great Tribute To TB-303? Rules.
juukarhuseon.lha mods/roz 28K 2+Nice Little Funk Tune. By Roz/Fit^Rno. (
liquidcherry.lha mods/roz 145K 2+Very Atmospheric Drum'n'Bass Tune By Roz
lolander.lha mods/roz 103K 2+Fast Amigatechno Tune By Roz/Fit^Rno.
lonkero.lha mods/roz 38K 2+Another 'Demotune' By Roz/Fit^Rno.
lost_mind.lha mods/roz 131K 2+Moody Diskmagtune By Roz/Fit^Rno.
lunatic_silver.lha mods/roz 116K 2+Excellent 303 Slammer By Roz/Fit^Rno.
m0v1ng_wat3r.lha mods/roz 203K 2+Atmospheric Pop Tune By Roz/Fit^Rno.
make.lha mods/roz 207K 2+Marginal Music By Roz/Fit^Rno.
mierontie_11.lha mods/roz 81K 2+Acidy Electro Tune By Roz/Fit^Rno.
montezuma.lha mods/roz 82K 2+Moody Slow Tune By Roz/Fit^Rno.
morethanenough.lha mods/roz 320K 2+Moody multichannel mmd2 By Roz/Fit^Rno
my_headache.lha mods/roz 170K 2+Asm'96 entry. Atmospheric By Roz/Fit^Rno
newdimensions.lha mods/roz 149K 2+Nice Loveboat Tune By Roz/Fit^Rno.
nukkientalo.lha mods/roz 68K 2+Marginal Experimental Detroit By Roz/Fit
orbitalbundy.lha mods/roz 186K 2+Trancy Moody Ambient Track.
painful.lha mods/roz 280K 2+Underground Industrial
phace_it.lha mods/roz 198K 2+Hard House Tune
pikomalistic.lha mods/roz 206K 2+8ch minimalistic trance XM!
plasticfloor.lha mods/roz 248K 2+Extremely Groovy House Tune!
producing.lha mods/roz 95K 2+Slow Ambient!
propaganda.lha mods/roz 262K 2+Goaish Trance Tune
quarantine.lha mods/roz 184K 2+Kind Of Happy Big Beat?
re_lacks.lha mods/roz 107K 2+Very Mellow Triphop Tune
youdontcare.lha mods/roz 101K 2+Sad(?) slow demotune.
youknowican.lha mods/roz 273K 2+Extra Slinky Drum'n'bass tune!
3_green_s3m.lha mods/s3m 269K 17+"Green Shine", dance euro-pop by RS3/NoA
R3_EvilDead.lha mods/s3m 64K 33+EVIL DEAD by Raato/RRR (includes tab)
R3_RisingForce.lha mods/s3m 86K 33+RISING FORCE by Raato/RRR
acidictual_ele.lha mods/sbc 57K 24+Acidictual elements - acid 4ch
acid_runnerrmx.lha mods/sbc 204K 24+Acid runner fistfunk remix - experimenta
acid_type.lha mods/sbc 119K 24+Acid type - acid 4ch
aftertouch.lha mods/sbc 331K 24+Aftertouch - jungle 4ch
ambient_trax_p.lha mods/sbc 138K 24+Ambient trax pt.i - native 4ch
aureoles.lha mods/sbc 466K 24+Aureoles - jungle 4ch
autumnal_equin.lha mods/sbc 146K 24+Autumnal equinox - ambient techno 4ch
burning_fuse.lha mods/sbc 141K 24+Burning fuse - experimental techno 4ch
cable.lha mods/sbc 119K 24+Cable - straight techno 4ch
capricorn.lha mods/sbc 345K 8+The capricorn - trance 4ch
carving.lha mods/sbc 174K 24+Carving - trippy acid 4ch
chiptunes.lha mods/sbc 223K 24+This archive includes 45 chiptunes by me
cloud_cycles.lha mods/sbc 169K 24+Cloud cycles - trance 4ch
Comfort.lha mods/sbc 241K 7+Comfort - mellow triphop 4ch
Decay.lha mods/sbc 104K 7+Decay to Infinity - old school elektro 4
delicate_bloss.lha mods/sbc 298K 24+Delicate blossoms - jungle 4ch
Different.lha mods/sbc 109K 7+Different Substance - experimental tranc
distorted_real.lha mods/sbc 140K 24+Distorted reality - darkstep drum&bass 4
dope.lha mods/sbc 493K 24+Dope - intelligent 4ch
Dream.lha mods/sbc 137K 7+Dream Infinity - hardcore/acid 4ch
dusty_filters.lha mods/sbc 276K 24+Dusty filters - trip hop 4ch
emotionalwaves.lha mods/sbc 115K 24+Emotional waves - intelligent 4ch
energy_step.lha mods/sbc 179K 24+Energy step - hardtrance 4ch
fantastiche_sl.lha mods/sbc 284K 24+Fantastiche_slachzeuger - intelligent 4c
farnesol.lha mods/sbc 94K 24+Farnesol - intelligent 4ch
Flow.lha mods/sbc 112K 7+Flow Into Trance - hardtrance 4ch
flutter.lha mods/sbc 52K 24+Flutter - experimental techno 4ch
f_lux.lha mods/sbc 42K 24+F-lux - techno 4ch
glamour_domina.lha mods/sbc 296K 24+Glamour domina - hardtrance 4ch
Global.lha mods/sbc 49K 7+Global Groove - hardtrance 4ch
Greenspace.lha mods/sbc 43K 7+Green Space Cola - experimental techno 4
hard_house.lha mods/sbc 100K 24+Hard house - techno 4ch
hartbreaker.lha mods/sbc 148K 24+Hartbreaker - hardtrance 4ch
hc_collection.lha mods/sbc 417K 19+4 classic hardcore tunes from 1994 - 4ch
holografik_sky.lha mods/sbc 79K 24+Holografik sky - hardtrance 4ch
Housextreme.lha mods/sbc 63K 7+House Extreme - hardtrance 4ch
house_extreme.lha mods/sbc 63K 24+House extreme - hardtrance 4ch
Ill.lha mods/sbc 76K 7+Ill - experimental techno 4ch
illuusio.lha mods/sbc 175K 24+Illuusio - techno 4ch
impulse.lha mods/sbc 71K 24+Impulse - hardtrance 4ch
jailbird.lha mods/sbc 403K 24+Jailbird - junglefunk 4ch
Landing.lha mods/sbc 65K 7+Landing on Planet Earth - trance 4ch
lost_soul.lha mods/sbc 202K 24+Lostsoul - hardtrance 4ch
Lovetribe.lha mods/sbc 77K 7+Lovetribe - dance/trance 4ch
lunatictrigger.lha mods/sbc 55K 24+Lunatic trigger - hardtrance 4ch
mamey_bay.lha mods/sbc 353K 24+Mamey bay - funk/triphop 4ch
minimalmanlive.lha mods/sbc 21K 24+Minimal man live - minimal acid 4ch
mixdown.lha mods/sbc 54K 24+Mixdown - experimental techno 4ch
momentsare4evr.lha mods/sbc 70K 24+Moments are forever - hardtrance 4ch
monotone.lha mods/sbc 127K 24+Monotone - experimental techno 4ch
monoton_rmx.lha mods/sbc 160K 24+Monotone-amber-mix - experimental techno
moon_project.lha mods/sbc 434K 24+Moon project - over 23 minute live track
my_paradise_of.lha mods/sbc 115K 24+My paradise of lust - hardtrance 4ch
nature.lha mods/sbc 210K 24+Nature - hardtrance 4ch
nightclap.lha mods/sbc 160K 24+Nightclap - my first trance mod ever 4ch
nightraver.lha mods/sbc 112K 24+Nightraver - club hop 4ch
northernlights.lha mods/sbc 133K 24+Northern lights - hardtrance 4ch
orange_dip.lha mods/sbc 172K 24+Orange dip - experimental techno 4ch
organic_func.lha mods/sbc 43K 24+Organic function - detroit/chigaco techn
Orgastik.lha mods/sbc 202K 7+Orgastik Hypnostist - experimental techn
parallel.lha mods/sbc 319K 24+Parallel - intelligent 4ch
phonetik_fix.lha mods/sbc 267K 24+Phonetik-fix - from the demo toltec9 by
phonk_phaq.lha mods/sbc 258K 24+Phonk phaq - trip hop 4ch
phthalate.lha mods/sbc 137K 24+Phthalate - intelligent 4ch
quaternium_18.lha mods/sbc 98K 24+Quaternium-18 - intelligent techno 4ch
rebirth.lha mods/sbc 127K 24+Rebirth - from the anim dataworld 2 by i
red_opossum.lha mods/sbc 470K 24+Red opossum - trip hop 4ch
red_warp.lha mods/sbc 113K 24+Red warp - techno 4ch
Seashell.lha mods/sbc 189K 7+Seashell - jazzy triphop 4ch
shamans_nature.lha mods/sbc 370K 24+Shaman's nature - goa/native/tribal/tran
shapechanger.lha mods/sbc 124K 24+Shapechanger - acid 4ch
skysea.lha mods/sbc 117K 24+Sky & sea - hardtrance 4ch
sladdfack.lha mods/sbc 154K 24+Sladdfack - intelligent 4ch
stellar_travel.lha mods/sbc 138K 24+Stellar traveller - intelligent 4ch
Sunrise.lha mods/sbc 59K 7+Sunrise - hardtrance 4ch
technocollecti.lha mods/sbc 204K 19+3 classic techno tunes from 1993-1994 -
Tension.lha mods/sbc 377K 8+Tension - Dance/Trance 4ch
the_loop_remix.lha mods/sbc 89K 24+The loop remix - remix of a track by e-c
towerhillst.lha mods/sbc 396K 21+Towerhillstreet jam - jazz/triphop 4ch
trips.lha mods/sbc 78K 24+Trips of orange capsules - trance 4ch
trisodium_fix.lha mods/sbc 199K 24+Trisodium-fix - intelligent 4ch
tundra.lha mods/sbc 40K 24+Tundra - hardtrance 4ch
United.lha mods/sbc 249K 7+United Frequencies of Love - hardtrance
united_frequen.lha mods/sbc 249K 24+United frequencies of love - hardtrance
Urban.lha mods/sbc 49K 7+Urban Drums - tribal techno 4ch
vernal_equinox.lha mods/sbc 121K 24+Vernal equinox - ambient house 4ch
Wandering.lha mods/sbc 66K 7+Wandering Spirit - hardtrance 4ch
washmylaundry.lha mods/sbc 347K 24+Wash my laundry - intelligent 4ch
wintermans_cig.lha mods/sbc 259K 24+Winterman's cigars - 4ch
Woh.lha mods/sbc 165K 7+World of House - house 4ch
zenith_aura.lha mods/sbc 99K 24+Zenith aura - hardtrance 4ch
AH97_MCH.lha mods/sets 4.9M 10+AMIGAniga HUNgarica '97 - multichannel m
bl_audio.lha mods/sets 671K 2+FIVE great MODs by Marek Hron
JOlsen_EP.lha mods/sets 714K 17+24 JO-modules (Eagleplayer) + 5 JO-PlayS
MiscMods_t.lha mods/sets 423K 33+Misc. Protracker modules, part t
MiscM_a.lha mods/sets 378K 33+Misc. Protracker modules, part a
MiscM_b.lha mods/sets 479K 33+Misc. Protracker modules, part b
MiscM_c.lha mods/sets 371K 33+Misc. Protracker modules, part c
MiscM_d.lha mods/sets 272K 33+Misc. Protracker modules, part d
MiscM_e.lha mods/sets 253K 33+Misc. Protracker modules, part e
MiscM_f.lha mods/sets 697K 33+Misc. Protracker modules, part f
MiscM_gvxy.lha mods/sets 215K 33+Misc. Protracker modules, part gvxy
MiscM_h.lha mods/sets 335K 33+Misc. Protracker modules, part h
MiscM_i.lha mods/sets 242K 33+Misc. Protracker modules, part i
MiscM_j.lha mods/sets 141K 33+Misc. Protracker modules, part j
MiscM_l.lha mods/sets 352K 33+Misc. Protracker modules, part l
MiscM_m.lha mods/sets 365K 33+Misc. Protracker modules, part m
MiscM_n.lha mods/sets 198K 33+Misc. Protracker modules, part n
MiscM_o.lha mods/sets 115K 33+Misc. Protracker modules, part o
MiscM_p.lha mods/sets 151K 33+Misc. Protracker modules, part p
MiscM_r.lha mods/sets 130K 33+Misc. Protracker modules, part r
MiscM_s.lha mods/sets 357K 33+Misc. Protracker modules, part s
OceanLoaders.lha mods/sets 137K 36+Collection of the best Ocean/Imagine loa
retro04.lha mods/sets 430K 31+Various mods by Phat-n-Phunky
retro05.lha mods/sets 218K 31+Various mods by Phat-n-Phunky
retro06.lha mods/sets 474K 31+Various mods by Phat-n-Phunky
retro07.lha mods/sets 231K 31+Various mods by Phat-n-Phunky
retro08.lha mods/sets 359K 31+Various mods by Phat-n-Phunky
SBcollection.lha mods/sets 970K 21+Silvio Banzi - Module Collection 93/97
trashcollectio.lzh mods/sets 495K 36+'Trash' collection By CC
1sight.lha mods/slc 454K 33+Love at first sight-XM By:SLiCE/Ryl
BeforeSleeping.lha mods/slow 134K 17+Slow, melodic guitar MMD1 song
cling_on_ole.lha mods/slow 378K 8+Moody Mod by Olethros
CytrynowaDolin.lha mods/slow 396K 27+Slow & beatifull module by Aruan (DB)
Forest.lha mods/slow 205K 23+Forest Of Silence by Estrayk / Capsule.
Nora_.lha mods/slow 187K 7+Slowly Mod by fLAW
pls_colours.lha mods/slow 82K 13+A pathetic mod by pulse^lgp. Very silly.
pls_first.lha mods/slow 72K 13+Mod by pulse^lgp. From "X-Files #16" dis
slowness2.lha mods/slow 74K 21+Slowness (new edit)
slx_4u2.lha mods/slow 110K 15+8Chn 8Bit ArtOfNoise Music
slx_fnt2.lha mods/slow 149K 23+DigiBoosterProMod by SLAXX
slx_fnt4.lha mods/slow 224K 8+DigiBoosterPro Music
slx_fnt5.lha mods/slow 267K 3+16Bit 10Chn DigiBoosterPro Music
slx_fnt6.lha mods/slow 221K 3+16Bit 10Chn DigiBoosterPro Music
slx_fntasy03.lha mods/slow 411K 15+12Chn 16Bit DigiBoosterPro Music
slx_lisnow.lha mods/slow 274K 9+DigiBoosterPro X-MAS TUNE
Trawka.lha mods/slow 438K 10+Trance by Drawer (32chn DBpro module)
AMPlus01.lha mods/smpl 588K 10+Extra samples set up for use with AlgoMu
AMPlus02.lha mods/smpl 567K 9+Extra samples set up for use with AlgoMu
AMPlus03.lha mods/smpl 577K 9+Extra samples set up for use with AlgoMu
ASecretPlace.mpg mods/smpl 3.6M 25+A Secret Place - Calm, melodic, soothing
A_Marte.mpg mods/smpl 2.9M 22+MP3 of "Estrada de Santiago" Portuguese
Bioform.mpg mods/smpl 3.6M 31+Bioform - Dance
BosqueFBY.mpg mods/smpl 3.9M 18+A Music made on MSX with MOONSOUND card
CitywalkFBY.mpg mods/smpl 3.6M 18+A Music made on MSX with MOONSOUND card
CosmicWinds.mpg mods/smpl 3.5M 25+Cosmic Winds - Cosmic, Jarre/Vangelis-is
Dance.mpg mods/smpl 854K 16+A Music made on MSX with MOONSOUND card
DawnOfAJorney.lzh mods/smpl 2.8M 26+Dawn of a Jorney - Adventure-rock (?)
DW_DarknessOnR.mpg mods/smpl 3.8M 32+Dynamic Wave - Darkness on Rome
DW_DWSphere.mpg mods/smpl 2.6M 32+Dynamic Wave - DW Sphere
DW_Krygenic.mpg mods/smpl 3.7M 32+Dynamic Wave - Krygenic
DW_SickBirdsRa.mpg mods/smpl 4.0M 32+Dynamic Wave - Sick Bird's Rage
DW_TimeRelativ.mpg mods/smpl 2.8M 32+Dynamic Wave - Time Relativity
DW_Xinuxoid.mpg mods/smpl 4.4M 31+Dynamic Wave - Xinuxoid
EarthChild.lzh mods/smpl 4.0M 26+Earthchild - World / Melodic Rock
FaeryWoods.mpg mods/smpl 4.4M 25+The Faery Woods - Fantasy / adventure /
GameoverFBY.mpg mods/smpl 1.5M 18+A Music made on MSX with MOONSOUND card
HeyZulu.lzh mods/smpl 4.7M 26+Hey Zulu! - Dance/Trance with a very sli
HumpajumpaFBY.mpg mods/smpl 900K 17+A Music made on MSX with MOONSOUND card
IceworldFBY.mpg mods/smpl 2.4M 18+A Music made on MSX with MOONSOUND card
IntoTheVoid.mpg mods/smpl 8.3M 31+Into the Void - Electronic progressive s
KidIcarus.mpg mods/smpl 3.7M 20+Mp3 by Blonde Lion.
lf1.mpg mods/smpl 1.3M 29+Mpeg3 Hard Rock file from "LOST FAITH"
lf2.mpg mods/smpl 2.4M 29+Mpeg3 Hard Rock file from "LOST FAITH"
Progress.mpg mods/smpl 3.9M 25+Progress - Progressive Synth-Rock (?)
ProjectX2Remix.lzh mods/smpl 3.6M 26+Project X2 Remix - Dance
Squish.lzh mods/smpl 3.6M 26+Squish! - Funky melodic pop/rock
Team17WormSong.mpg mods/smpl 4.8M 31+Team17 Wormsong - Humour/rock
vTx_UKTelSound.lha mods/smpl 90K 29+2 cool irc sounds !
s7_antim.lha mods/sonor 142K 37+Antimaterial - trance tune
s7_clasi.lha mods/sonor 246K 37+Classical Interruption - movie like soun
s7_comcl.lha mods/sonor 347K 37+Common Climax - fast techno tune
s7_dreah.lha mods/sonor 147K 37+Dream House - dream house tune
s7_ducks.lha mods/sonor 94K 37+Ducks `n` Cookies - funk tune
s7_elect.lha mods/sonor 213K 37+Electric Dust - techno tune
s7_esgib.lha mods/sonor 257K 36+Es Gibt Musik ! - dancefloor tune
s7_extre.lha mods/sonor 345K 37+Extreme 303ing - techno tune
s7_funky.lha mods/sonor 78K 37+Funky Elements - funk tune
s7_holid.lha mods/sonor 98K 37+Holidays In March - diskmag tune
s7_hypno.lha mods/sonor 255K 36+Hypnotic Pulse - drum`n`bass like tune
s7_inyou.lha mods/sonor 53K 37+In Your Eyes - diskmag tune
s7_madei.lha mods/sonor 57K 37+Made In Heaven - diskmag tune
s7_mindc.lha mods/sonor 12K 37+Mind Control.V1-- - chip tune
s7_natur.lha mods/sonor 326K 37+Natural Spirit - fast guitar tune
s7_nicea.lha mods/sonor 40K 37+Nice And Easy - slow guitar tune
s7_niceh.lha mods/sonor 41K 37+Nice And Harmonic - diskmag tune
s7_ovrtx.lha mods/sonor 340K 37+Overtax - crossover? with guitars
s7_reme3.lha mods/sonor 121K 37+Remember3 - diskmag tune
s7_sadtr.lha mods/sonor 191K 37+Sad Truth - slow, athmospheric tune
s7_saxns.lha mods/sonor 282K 37+Sax `n` Summer - slow guitar tune
s7_secre.lha mods/sonor 98K 37+Secrets - diskmag tune
s7_senso.lha mods/sonor 144K 37+Sensuous Whisper - slow guitar tune
s7_some.lha mods/sonor 438K 37+Sometimes - slow guitar tune
s7_some2.lha mods/sonor 499K 37+Sometimes Again - fast guitar tune
s7_sompa.lha mods/sonor 123K 37+Somewhere In Paradise - diskmag tune
s7_spaca.lha mods/sonor 145K 37+Space Activity - acid trance
s7_space.lha mods/sonor 17K 37+Spaceman - chiptune
s7_stent.lha mods/sonor 105K 37+Stentorian - slow guitar funk
s7_summe.lha mods/sonor 164K 37+Summer Evening - slow guitar tune
s7_thema.lha mods/sonor 182K 37+The Magic Cube - demo like tune
s7_there.lha mods/sonor 306K 37+The Remix Remix - dancefloor like tune
s7_thewa.lha mods/sonor 269K 37+The Wave - dancefloor like tune
s7_thewi.lha mods/sonor 127K 37+The Wind Chimes - slow guitar tune
s7_tranc.lha mods/sonor 135K 37+Tranceraven - techno tune
s7_trave.lha mods/sonor 99K 37+Travelling Thoughts - piano tune
s7_tthem.lha mods/sonor 65K 37+Title Theme - theme tune
s7_uno.lha mods/sonor 15K 37+Uno - chiptune
s7_virtu.lha mods/sonor 141K 37+Virtual Energy - techno tune
s7_wild.lha mods/sonor 12K 37+Wild - chip tune
303Emulator.lha mods/symph 303K 7+Goa Trance ( Symphonie 3.2+ )
AMDemo.lha mods/symph 54K 29+Acoustic Modeling Synthesis DEMO
Ballade.lha mods/symph 2.8M 25+Soft Techno (Symphonie 2.4f+)
BeeHuus.lha mods/symph 443K 29+Techno/House ( Symphonie 2.4f+ )
ComeToMe.lha mods/symph 719K 25+House/Trance (Symphonie 2.4f+)
DncOfTheClouds.lha mods/symph 172K 33+Synth Symphonie 2.4f+ by Dr.K.Oss
Exit.lha mods/symph 1.2M 25+Trance (Symphonie 2.4f+)
HelloRmx.lha mods/symph 1.1M 29+Techno/Trance ( Symphonie 2.4f+ )
Jenny.lha mods/symph 735K 7+Melodic SlowRock Symph 3.1f+ by Dr.K.Oss
Pyro1.lha mods/symph 309K 5+Classic Trance ( Symphonie 3.2b+ )
Pyro2.lha mods/symph 350K 5+Trance/House ( Symphonie 3.2b+ )
SonaThor.lha mods/symph 139K 29+Trance ( Symphonie 2.4f+ )
Sphere.lha mods/symph 492K 8+Classic Trance ( Symphonie 3.1+ )
SpiceGirlsSuxx.lha mods/symph 425K 31+Dance/Synth Symph 2.4f+ Pro by Dr.K.Oss
Warp9.lha mods/symph 408K 11+Techno/H.Synth Symph 3.1f+ by Dr.K.Oss
happyxmas.lzh mods/synth 2.0M 7+Happy Xmas Pack 97/98
JimPowerMix.lha mods/synth 110K 20+Protracker Module by *BPM*
military_aviat.lha mods/synth 78K 26+A good module from Int0xicated
psl_dsr.lha mods/synth 124K 12+Delphins Song Remix
psl_dsr2.lha mods/synth 152K 12+Delphins Song Remix 2 (DigiBooster Pro)
psl_dsrm.lha mods/synth 152K 12+Delphins Song Remix (DigiBooster Pro)
Synth05.lha mods/synth 192K 33+Module by Espen Olsen
_merger.lha mods/synth 221K 26+New mod by INT0XICATED
02_Hypnotised.lha mods/techn 86K 12+Techno by Delight!
04_IndianDream.lha mods/techn 119K 12+Techno by Delight!
06_Psychodelic.lha mods/techn 61K 12+Techno by Delight!
07_MovingMachi.lha mods/techn 73K 12+Techno by Delight!
08_DelightMake.lha mods/techn 121K 12+Techno by Delight!
4children.lha mods/techn 129K 18+Older never released track from Transpla
Acid200.lha mods/techn 126K 14+Nice rave module
acidcore.lha mods/techn 173K 23+DSS-Mod by Tipsy --> Rulleezz Acid Core!
AcidDrop.lzh mods/techn 105K 16+Weird Acid Mod By TSt
acidsymp.lha mods/techn 143K 36+Acid Techno mod by Corrosion Of Darkage
adultrmx.lha mods/techn 143K 36+Progressive-Ambient mod by Corrosion Of
Albumin.lha mods/techn 147K 12+Techno by Chromacyta!
Appiekap.lha mods/techn 234K 15+Trance/Techno Mod by PUNNIK !
Asshole.lha mods/techn 77K 33+Module by Espen Olsen
AttenDance.lha mods/techn 76K 17+Techno/Rave module by Lento/EBS
A_C_I_D.lha mods/techn 0K 30 --
bass.lha mods/techn 14K 13+.small.monoton.haus.tune.
BatteryAcid.lha mods/techn 382K 30+Wicked acid techno!
Bazuona.lha mods/techn 95K 6+Rave by Mopz of NC.Gamez
BD_Alien4.lha mods/techn 69K 23+"Alien 4, The Chaos" by Black Dragon/Hon
BD_Aminet98.lha mods/techn 88K 2+"AMINET 98" by Black Dragon/Honoo+LED+AP
BD_Auto.lha mods/techn 222K 3+"I'M NOT AUTOMATIC" by Black Dragon/Hono
BD_ChDream.lha mods/techn 89K 2+"Children Dream" by Black Dragon/Honoo+L
BD_ChGame.lha mods/techn 81K 2+"Children Game" by Black Dragon/Honoo+LE
BD_Donald.lha mods/techn 41K 24+"Donald Duck is DJ" by Black Dragon/Hono
BD_Dragon.lha mods/techn 73K 12+"Dragon Revenge" by Black Dragon/Honoo+L
BD_DrgonMIX.lha mods/techn 70K 12+"Dragon Revenge MIX" by Black Dragon/Hon
BD_HocPoc.lha mods/techn 144K 2+"Hocus Pocus" by Black Dragon/Honoo+LED+
BD_Honoo.lha mods/techn 318K 23+"Honoo Team" by Black Dragon/Honoo+LED.
BD_Hypno.lha mods/techn 62K 23+"Hypnotic Jungle" by Black Dragon/Honoo+
BD_Kaleidoscop.lha mods/techn 60K 12+"Kaleidoscope" by Black Dragon/Honoo+LED
BD_MarsA.lha mods/techn 106K 24+"Mars Attack" by Black Dragon/Honoo+LED.
BD_NSen2.lha mods/techn 113K 2+"No Sense Too" by Black Dragon/Honoo+LED
BD_Siren.lha mods/techn 63K 23+"Siren Song" by Black Dragon/Honoo+LED.
BD_Sora6.lha mods/techn 62K 23+"Sora 6 - Lagoa" by Black Dragon/Honoo+
BD_VirtualR.lha mods/techn 145K 11+"Virtual Reality" by Black Dragon/Honoo+
Beatz.lha mods/techn 294K 30+Medium/slow funky choon
Beat_Phobia.lha mods/techn 177K 34+4 channel pt-mod by pOW/sSP (Mod.Beat-Ph
blindlov.lha mods/techn 64K 10+Techno module by MIM
blk_alon.lha mods/techn 253K 35+ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW!
blk_cele.lha mods/techn 180K 35+ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW!
blk_dnsp.lha mods/techn 490K 34+ProTracker Module by bLACK sHADOW!
blk_ywts.lha mods/techn 212K 34+ProTracker Module by bLACK sHADOW!
blwater.lha mods/techn 241K 18+Dreamhouse by Markus Schnell
bonzaithun.lha mods/techn 230K 19+Dr.Avalanche`s "BonzaiThunders" (4ch-PT)
Boom.lha mods/techn 223K 10+16bit trance by Drawer (DigiBooster pro)
braindmg.lha mods/techn 117K 18+Older never released track from Transpla
brokenpiano.lha mods/techn 61K 19+Dr.Avalanche`s "Broken piano" (4ch-PT)
captured.lha mods/techn 105K 10+Techno module by MIM
champion.lha mods/techn 61K 22+Very oldie from Transplant
Chaosland.lha mods/techn 261K 30+Tune by Angeldust/R.N.O.
chran.lha mods/techn 112K 15+Awsome rave by Mopz of NC.Gamez
crs_601r.lha mods/techn 187K 10+CRS00003: "6-0-1 REMIX" mod by dominator
crs_blbr.lha mods/techn 96K 9+CRS00011: "black break" by phuzzy logik
crs_brnf.lha mods/techn 310K 7+CRS00022: "burning out fix!" by dominato
crs_burn.lha mods/techn 309K 7+CRS00018: "burning out" by dominator
crs_dbyo.lha mods/techn 143K 10+CRS00001: "DOWN BY ONE" mod by phuzzy lo
crs_deab.lha mods/techn 138K 9+CRS00006: "DEADBEAT" by dominator
crs_dimu.lha mods/techn 52K 10+CRS00002: "DIABLOS MUNDOS" mod by .A.
crs_dybi.lha mods/techn 109K 6+CRS00025: "dybijo" by phuzzy logik
crs_imat.lha mods/techn 114K 9+CRS00007: "imagine a tree" by .A.
crs_jzec.lha mods/techn 186K 6+CRS00024: "jebotezec" by paranoid & domi
crs_lime.lha mods/techn 64K 9+CRS00004: "LINEA METRICA" by phuzzy logi
crs_lthz.lha mods/techn 88K 6+CRS00026: "lethal zone" by domin8r
crs_pmtv.lha mods/techn 60K 7+CRS00019: "Primitive" by phuzzy logik
crs_pnb.lha mods/techn 239K 9+CRS00005: "perfectly normaL beast" by Al
crs_ranc.lha mods/techn 64K 9+CRS00009: "rancid raven" by phuzzy logik
crs_shis.lha mods/techn 147K 6+CRS00023: "shishtarsh" by dominator & pa
crs_spls.lha mods/techn 201K 7+CRS00020: "splash" by dominator
crs_stpe.lha mods/techn 123K 9+CRS00010: "stolen petardo" by dominator
crs_tgs.lha mods/techn 503K 7+CRS00017: "The Great Spirit EP" by Phuzz
crs_veka.lha mods/techn 100K 9+CRS00012: "vekaritihualtanaja" by .A.
crs_wotg.lha mods/techn 206K 7+CRS00021: "Wrath of the Guild" by phuzzy
crs_xtet.lha mods/techn 144K 9+CRS00008: "xternal eternal" by dominator
cyberpun.lha mods/techn 107K 11+Mixture between punk and techno.
CytrynowaAltan.lha mods/techn 599K 10+Trance mod by Doktor (DigiBooster pro)
demiseco.lha mods/techn 63K 19+Dr.Avalanche`s "Demi seco" (4ch-PT)
DJH_Mixes.lha mods/techn 309K 22+2 mods by DJ Hotcakes
djh_oa98.lha mods/techn 177K 6+THE LAST TUNE RELEASE OF 1997! (MMD1-3)
DJH_SHpE.lha mods/techn 202K 9+(Executable archive) The `sequal' to Be
DJH_SHpF.lha mods/techn 173K 9+(FastTracker 2 archive) The `sequal' to
DJH_SHpO.lha mods/techn 187K 9+(OctaMED SoundStudio archive) The `sequa
dNT_wOA.lha mods/techn 342K 3+"World Of Ascii Remix" bY dNT - Remix Co
dontlookat.lha mods/techn 45K 19+Dr.Avalanche`s "Dont`t look at me" (4ch-
Dream1.lha mods/techn 1.2M 12+RunMOD!mind.2MB-ChipRAM required!
Fabiness.lha mods/techn 78K 8+13ch tEKNo mod by Johnny Z
fflukt.lha mods/techn 89K 31+Module by Espen Olsen
Fg98_Dub.lha mods/techn 184K 2+New techno From Dj Pie of Lunatic Produc
fictionaldream.lha mods/techn 103K 7+Rave by Maze
fighter1.lha mods/techn 32K 11+The last Fighter - Part 1 (Aminet-Remix)
fighter2.lha mods/techn 76K 11+The last Fighter - Part 2 (Aminet-Remix)
FinalFortune.lha mods/techn 50K 15+Trance-Dance-Techno by MrOLI !
Flowing_Sky.lha mods/techn 218K 2+Dream music by Ph0ton
fluffyii.lha mods/techn 189K 20+Mtut > housepowered track, some electro
Fly2Party.lha mods/techn 328K 36+Progressive-Ambient mod by Corrosion Of
Fraan.lha mods/techn 238K 30+A funky Tune.
frac_ss.lha mods/techn 572K 2+Trance/Techno Octamed SS Module
freermx.lha mods/techn 147K 20+Very oldie from Transplant
FreshAir.lha mods/techn 391K 10+Jungle by Doktor (DigiBooster pro)
genetic.lha mods/techn 56K 18+Older never released track from Transpla
gradient.lha mods/techn 47K 19+Dr.Avalanche`s "Gradient" (4ch-PT)
HappyVibe.lha mods/techn 37K 12+Techno by NoName!
hardattack.lha mods/techn 102K 18+Older never released track from Transpla
hardrave.lha mods/techn 108K 22+Very oldie from Transplant
hardtrash.lha mods/techn 68K 18+Older never released track from Transpla
hetup.lha mods/techn 108K 23+ProTrackerMod by Tipsy
HHR_A4A.lha mods/techn 113K 22+Acid4All-Remix by HappyHourRecords
hhr_soce.lha mods/techn 98K 7+Solar Eclipse by HappyHourRecords
Highpower.lha mods/techn 33K 31+Module by Stian Str m
highscore2.lha mods/techn 179K 20+Very oldie from Transplant
HipHop1.lha mods/techn 106K 31+Module by Stian Str m
HipJump.lha mods/techn 11K 31+Module by Stian Str m
HipOmHap.lha mods/techn 128K 33+Module by Roger Hauam
Hippahooligon.lha mods/techn 105K 33+Module by Stian Str m
histfut.lha mods/techn 116K 18+Ambient by Patrick Henz
Houseset.lha mods/techn 84K 36+Set of two Housemodules from Zw rks
Huff.lha mods/techn 87K 31+Module by Stian Str m
Humanoid.lha mods/techn 87K 25+Mod.Humanoid by Woober/dAT^sLT
Hurghada.lha mods/techn 227K 16+Breakbeat Mod by fLAW
ia_aska.lha mods/techn 85K 16+A New Module from cydrone/interactive
ia_flesh.lha mods/techn 131K 16+A New Module from cydrone/interactive
ia_fxw.lha mods/techn 100K 16+A New Module from cydrone/interactive
ia_key.lha mods/techn 83K 9+Turn The Key-=Club/Mellow=-Cydrone/inter
ia_mars.lha mods/techn 170K 16+A New Module from cydrone/interactive
ia_mompa.lha mods/techn 243K 9+Moments of Passion By cydrone/interactiv
ia_shake.lha mods/techn 76K 17+A New Module from cydrone/interactive
ia_storm.lha mods/techn 72K 16+A New Module from cydrone/interactive
ia_storr.lha mods/techn 70K 16+A New Module from cydrone/interactive
ia_thing.lha mods/techn 57K 9+The Things We Do - By cydrone/interactiv
ia_time.lha mods/techn 123K 9+Gangsta Time -cydrone/interactive- Remix
ia_trut.lha mods/techn 74K 29+A New Module from cydrone/interactive
ia_weird.lha mods/techn 112K 9+!WEiRD POWERS! -Jungle- By cydrone/inte
Incursion.lha mods/techn 271K 10+Trance mod by Doktor (DigiBooster pro)
infullfx.lha mods/techn 326K 16+Remix of The Ravebusters' "In Full Effec
InMyHouse.lzh mods/techn 141K 16+Rave mod by TSt
Joint.lha mods/techn 89K 27+A minimal module by KOLa/PnS!
JustTrance.lha mods/techn 366K 10+16bit trance by Doktor (DigiBooster pro)
KBD_WOR.lha mods/techn 263K 27+MODule # KengiBenDavid - Mod.WipeOutRM
lastnigt.lha mods/techn 75K 34+Fifi > hardhouse.track, minimalistic
lek.lha mods/techn 29K 22+Very oldie from Transplant
LesneUrodziny.lzh mods/techn 76K 27+Siuper Tecccno miuzik by Aruan
LHAB.lha mods/techn 153K 7+Breakbeat Music - By Lento
likehrd2.lha mods/techn 84K 18+Older never released track from Transpla
Lollypop.lha mods/techn 99K 34+Gabber tune by Rolex/Apt^Msv. 1st place
Lopez_RAPE.lha mods/techn 480K 14+R A P E ! by Lopez. Comercial-styled Hou
Lotec.lha mods/techn 93K 7+Lotec (techno, MED-MMD3) by Mixa
LoT_GR.lha mods/techn 264K 21+MODule # Latte of Texxid - Mod.GonRulz
lugnomania.lha mods/techn 74K 22+Very oldie from Transplant
madness.lha mods/techn 130K 18+Older never released track from Transpla
mASh_GoaTrip.lha mods/techn 219K 15+Str8 Techno by [mASh!]
mASh_Trmatixx.lha mods/techn 69K 15+[mASh] Distortionmod.ElectroNoiseTrip
MaxTrance.lha mods/techn 185K 10+Trance by Doktor (DigiBooster pro)
MemorialSong.lha mods/techn 162K 30+Tune by Angeldust/R.N.O.
mind.lha mods/techn 56K 18+Older never released track from Transpla
Moonwalker.lha mods/techn 118K 34+Atmospheric Techno tune by Rolex/Apt^Msv
MothaFucka.lha mods/techn 2.2M 10+Trance by Drawer (DigiBooster Pro 16bit/
msesum.lha mods/techn 61K 18+Dreamhouse by Markus Schnell and the Emp
mssec.lha mods/techn 158K 18+Dreamhouse by Markus Schnell
ms_phone.lha mods/techn 138K 8+Techno Song by Markus Schnell
mta_sell.lha mods/techn 209K 30+Sell Your Soul
NewDream.lha mods/techn 169K 14+Rave by Mopz of NC.Gamez
NoinimaUist.lha mods/techn 85K 19+Pyratronik: NoinimaUist 4:18
noisemessage.lha mods/techn 113K 19+Dr.Avalanche`s "Noise message" (4ch-PT)
nwp_bott.lha mods/techn 79K 7+(NWP 005) - Back Of The Track
nwp_dost.lha mods/techn 108K 7+(NWP 004) - Don't Stop
nwp_evbe.lha mods/techn 267K 9+(NWP 002) - Evolution Begins
nwp_htof.lha mods/techn 177K 7+(NWP 003) - Heart Of Fire
nwp_nemi.lha mods/techn 330K 3+(NWP 009) - Nevermind
nwp_nivi.lha mods/techn 126K 9+(NWP 001) - Nightvisions
nwp_slow.lha mods/techn 100K 6+(NWP 008) - Slipping on W.A.X.
nwp_sost.lha mods/techn 56K 6+(NWP 007) - Sound Structures
nwp_sync.lha mods/techn 83K 3+(NWP 010) - Synchron
OctRave97.lha mods/techn 178K 15+RAVE tune by MrOLI of DATISTICS
oorpiv2.lha mods/techn 68K 3+Funky tribally techno track by DJ TRAMP
oorpiv3.lha mods/techn 88K 3+Funky tribally techno track by DJ TRAMP
oorpivii.lha mods/techn 272K 3+Funky tribally techno track by DJ TRAMP
oorpix.lha mods/techn 131K 3+Funky tribally techno track by DJ TRAMP
oorpixi.lha mods/techn 272K 3+Harcoretechno track by DJ TRAMP
OpenYourBrain.lha mods/techn 307K 10+16 bit module by Doktor (DigiBoosterPro)
Opium.lha mods/techn 130K 23+DSS-MOD by Tipsy --> Techno, Hurry GO !!
Organ.lha mods/techn 186K 30+Melodic med
overdose.lha mods/techn 105K 18+Older never released track from Transpla
phd_ambi.lha mods/techn 445K 26 [ PHD ] - ambitious by basscadet
phd_bali.lha mods/techn 391K 33 [ PHD ] - balistic by heekend/penline
phd_bizz.lha mods/techn 316K 3 [ PHD ] - bizzare ep by various artists
phd_calx.lha mods/techn 306K 16 [ PHD ] - transparent calx by juice
phd_choc.lha mods/techn 453K 33 [ PHD ] - chocolate chips by basscadet
phd_chuc.lha mods/techn 293K 32 [ PHD ] - chuck-boom! by pirat
phd_clay.lha mods/techn 459K 10 [ PHD ] - ground of clay by psycho
phd_dest.lha mods/techn 320K 36 [ PHD ] - destiny by relief/mono^puzzle
phd_deto.lha mods/techn 929K 12 [ PHD ] - detonate by pirat
phd_eise.lha mods/techn 994K 2 [ PHD ] - eisenbahn by lone wolf
phd_fly.lha mods/techn 135K 36 [ PHD ] - flying house by pirat
phd_germ.lha mods/techn 144K 24 [ PHD ] - german brigade ep by ronny und
phd_haus.lha mods/techn 74K 29 [ PHD ] - hausmusik by ronny
phd_join.lha mods/techn 259K 13 [ PHD ] - join the dream by dane
phd_klub.lha mods/techn 969K 7 [ PHD ] - klub 28 by neemo
phd_lumi.lha mods/techn 343K 26 [ PHD ] - luminous by skyfusion
phd_magn.lha mods/techn 154K 13 [ PHD ] - magnetic layers by ganja/nerve
phd_mini.lha mods/techn 190K 13 [ PHD ] - minimal musik part 1 by ronny
phd_nite.lha mods/techn 216K 10 [ PHD ] - nighthunt by linus
phd_outo.lha mods/techn 539K 16 [ PHD ] - outo lintu by neemo
phd_psmt.lha mods/techn 133K 34 [ PHD ] - psmtr by juice
phd_soph.lha mods/techn 305K 26 [ PHD ] - sophia d. ortstein by hillie
phd_spac.lha mods/techn 178K 21 [ PHD ] - space age ep by ronny
phd_sub.lha mods/techn 491K 11 [ PHD ] - submarket by neemo
phd_wond.lha mods/techn 394K 6 [ PHD ] - wonderful christmas by pirat
phmchr.lha mods/techn 87K 18+Electric Body Music by Patrick Henz
PianoPower_94.lha mods/techn 86K 15+Older (1994) Piano Techno by MrOLI
Pipe.lha mods/techn 54K 34+Monotonous tune by Rolex/Apt^Msv
Pjux.lha mods/techn 68K 12+Very soft techno by Mopz
placid.lha mods/techn 174K 18+Older never released track from Transpla
pls_firesight.lha mods/techn 202K 13+Mod by pulse^lgp. From demo "Elements".
pls_resist.lha mods/techn 188K 13+Mod by pulse^lgp. 2nd at Berzan'97.
poltatai.lha mods/techn 26K 23+Intro Tune By Azazel+Skyfusion
PowerOfDoktori.lha mods/techn 280K 10+Jungle by Doktor (DigiBooster pro module
PrepareToDie.lha mods/techn 56K 12+Techno by NoName!
pt_fly.lha mods/techn 479K 35+ProTracker 4-Channel Mod "Let_your_mind_
pt_happy.lha mods/techn 315K 35+ProTracker 4-Channel Mod "HouseHappiness
pt_parad.lha mods/techn 948K 35+[ PT ] - ProTracker 4-Channel Mod [tEChN
pt_spiri.lzh mods/techn 686K 35+[ PT ] - "SPIRITUALITY" by >DEAF AID< (t
pt_stile.lha mods/techn 623K 35+ProTracker 4-Channel Mod "Stilet" [RAVE]
P_motion.lha mods/techn 176K 21+From Rush Hours Party '97
QlaMocy2.lha mods/techn 189K 10+Trance by Doktor (DigiBooster pro)
QlaMocy3.lha mods/techn 337K 10+Trance by Doktor (DigiBooster pro)
QuietBoom.lha mods/techn 96K 12+Some rave by Mopz
RBY_CND.lha mods/techn 85K 30+Cyanid - mod by Ramboy
RBY_Decalin.lha mods/techn 106K 32+Decalin - mod by Ramboy
RBY_DexD.lha mods/techn 177K 30+Dexothen-8ch - DBM by Ramboy
RBY_Dexo.lha mods/techn 177K 32+Dexothen - mod by Ramboy
RBY_Epoxid.lha mods/techn 102K 32+Epoxid - mod by Ramboy
RBY_Galli.lha mods/techn 97K 32+Gallium - mod by Ramboy
RBY_Glyko.lha mods/techn 149K 32+Glykogen - mod by Ramboy
RBY_Hydra.lha mods/techn 70K 32+Hydrazin - mod by Ramboy
RBY_Intro.lha mods/techn 64K 32+WarpTraXX-Intro - mod by Ramboy
RBY_Mesca.lha mods/techn 146K 32+Mescalin - mod by Ramboy
RBY_Mona.lha mods/techn 92K 32+Monazit - mod by Ramboy
RBY_Oxo.lha mods/techn 227K 32+Oxonium - mod by Ramboy
RBY_PDM.lha mods/techn 144K 20+Palladium - mod by Ramboy
RBY_PeMa.lha mods/techn 223K 27+Persecution Mania - mod by Ramboy
RBY_Praseo.lha mods/techn 99K 32+Praseodym - mod by Ramboy
RBY_Prola.lha mods/techn 50K 32+Prolamin - mod by Ramboy
RBY_Thaum.lha mods/techn 117K 32+Thallium - mod by Ramboy
Robotix.lha mods/techn 404K 30+More acid techno!
RootsRave.lha mods/techn 168K 13+Roots` Rave ... Techno Mod by fLAW/sCum
rtrhythm.lha mods/techn 195K 23+Hard house style med
rTr_BRAN.lha mods/techn 121K 22+RTR Brainsqualid MMD2 module
Sheim.lha mods/techn 179K 11+Rave by Mopz of NC.Gamez
SlainteMhorMix.lha mods/techn 275K 9+16bit trance by Doktor (DigiBooster pro)
slx_brave.lha mods/techn 161K 15+4Chn 8Bit PROTRACKER Music
slx_nday.lha mods/techn 271K 17+DigiBoosterPro Mod done by SLAXX
slx_newmodel.lha mods/techn 160K 11+DigiBoosterPro Techno Music
slx_pattack.lha mods/techn 812K 17+DigiBoosterPro Mod done by SLAXX
SL_733.lha mods/techn 180K 12+7.33 AM by Raptor & Midnight Flip of Spe
sndstech.lha mods/techn 221K 23+Protracker v3.61 mod...
space_fl.lha mods/techn 209K 19+Space techno module by Mafiu/VLB
sstechno.lha mods/techn 88K 20+Techno module by: Stian Str m.
SwG_Atrx.lha mods/techn 189K 16+Ataraxia of techno splotches PT!
SwG_Nose.lha mods/techn 136K 16+Moody techno mod in noseglasses
SwG_Papr.lha mods/techn 190K 6+.o.Pho-Goa Music for the masses in PT.o.
SwG_Pilf.lha mods/techn 170K 16+Headbashin' pillowfightin music PT
SwG_Rave.lha mods/techn 124K 16+303 bashin' rave/Techno/trance mod
SwG_WaxP.lha mods/techn 109K 16+Ambient/techno mod 4 channels PT
SynapticII.lha mods/techn 321K 8+A module by Cobolt/Triumph. Dance/Techno
Syrebad.lha mods/techn 23K 31+Trancey tune by Rolex
system.lha mods/techn 51K 18+Older never released track from Transpla
sy_whiterose.lha mods/techn 150K 7+Melodic techno song by Sync
TechnoParty.lha mods/techn 187K 25+An experimental Techno Module by Captain
TechOverride.lha mods/techn 183K 2+Nice rythmic techno tune made by Xenon/X
themix.lha mods/techn 305K 20+Very oldie from Transplant
The_Dream.lha mods/techn 62K 33+A nice Techno/Dance Module by /\/\anto.
The_Lonely.lha mods/techn 102K 15+Deeeeep rave by Mopz of NC.Gamez
the_origin.lha mods/techn 39K 19+Dr.Avalanche`s "The origin" (4ch-PT)
Transfiguratio.lha mods/techn 206K 9+.NRp. TranceRemix by FaRMoR
undertak.lha mods/techn 262K 19+Slow powerful techno module by Mafiu/VLB
unreal.lha mods/techn 86K 10+Techno module by MIM
vadera.lha mods/techn 105K 29+"The Vader Anthem" by Markus Schnell
vdo_asta.lha mods/techn 248K 30+The Fifth Release by Voodoo
vdo_daca.lha mods/techn 180K 12+The 19th voodoo release
vdo_groo.lha mods/techn 339K 19+The 14th voodoo release
vdo_lesb.lha mods/techn 378K 13+The 16th voodoo release
vdo_liqd.lha mods/techn 236K 30+The Fourth Release by Voodoo
vdo_marm.lha mods/techn 274K 13+The 17th voodoo release
vdo_mayf.lha mods/techn 313K 31+The Second Release by Voodoo
vdo_mela.lha mods/techn 334K 21+The 10th Release by Voodoo
vdo_myal.lha mods/techn 157K 24+The Seventh Release by Voodoo
vdo_opti.lha mods/techn 394K 8+The 20th voodoo release
vdo_phar.lha mods/techn 330K 26+The Sixth Release by Voodoo
vdo_popi.lha mods/techn 135K 21+The 9th Release by Voodoo
vdo_reje.lha mods/techn 416K 31+The First Release by Voodoo
vdo_rerm.lha mods/techn 291K 30+The Third Release by Voodoo
vdo_swee.lha mods/techn 332K 22+The Eighth Release by Voodoo
vdo_thet.lha mods/techn 419K 3+The 23th voodoo release
vdo_thin.lha mods/techn 362K 20+The 12th Release by Voodoo [MOD]
vdo_xmas.lha mods/techn 842K 7+The 21th voodoo release
vdo_zeph.lha mods/techn 413K 20+The 11th Release by Voodoo [XM]
Virtual_SE.lha mods/techn 358K 32+Techno/Dance module by Mar2 M.
Warning.lha mods/techn 238K 20+Hard drums hardcore by Vox
WhenIWokeUp.lha mods/techn 248K 8+.NRp. Trance by FaRMoR
Wonder.lha mods/techn 155K 6+Rave by Mopz of NC.Gamez
XMas1995.lha mods/techn 52K 11+XMas-Song-Medley by MrOLI / DATiSTiCS
ZwK_daVe.lha mods/techn 33K 31+ZwK # great House Mod from Zwoerks
ZwK_Genetic.lha mods/techn 39K 31+ZwK # great House Mod from Zwoerks
ZwK_mONO.lha mods/techn 21K 31+ZwK # monoton House Mod from Zwoerks
ZwK_olD.lha mods/techn 109K 31+ZwK # great, old House Mod from Zwoerks
ZwK_SpaWn.lha mods/techn 52K 31+ZwK # great House Mod from Zwoerks
alien.lha mods/tranc 366K 19+NEW track from Transplant
alien89.lha mods/tranc 394K 6+89 RMX track from Transplant
Atlantis.lha mods/tranc 697K 29+Trance Module by Xenon/XTC DK
BlauweBanaan.lha mods/tranc 332K 18+A Trance/Techno Mod By Punnik !!
BoughOfYou.lha mods/tranc 341K 9+Dr.Avalanche`s "A bough of you" (PT)
chemical.lha mods/tranc 324K 19+NEW track from Transplant
clearstr.lha mods/tranc 177K 18+Trance study by Olethros
CountDown.lha mods/tranc 36K 9+Dr.Avalanche`s "Count down" (PT)
d2dp.lha mods/tranc 186K 10+Jazzstep by istari
Dejected.lha mods/tranc 115K 9+Dr.Avalanche`s "Dejected" (PT)
digifree.lha mods/tranc 294K 11+DigiBoosterPro TranceAcid Music
EnterTheRealm.lha mods/tranc 263K 9+Dr.Avalanche`s "Enter the realm" (PT)
Excursio.lha mods/tranc 67K 9+Dr.Avalanche`s "Excursio" (PT)
Factory.lha mods/tranc 193K 21+Psychedelic goa trance
farts.lha mods/tranc 57K 10+Future Arts (Aminet-Remix)
FlexibleWorld.lha mods/tranc 216K 9+Dr.Avalanche`s "Flexible World" (PT)
flyingplanet.lha mods/tranc 327K 32+Flying Planet by Thunder
freezinNCE.lha mods/tranc 183K 2+Trancemodule (OctamedSS)
GoaMania.lha mods/tranc 192K 9+Dr.Avalanche`s "Goa Mania" (PT)
Gradivus.lha mods/tranc 104K 6+Hardtrance MOD by TSt
hardfluf.lha mods/tranc 123K 32+Mtut > brainimalistic hardtrance.track
hhr_sunev.lha mods/tranc 134K 30+SundayEvening - mod by HappyHourRecords
hypnotis.lha mods/tranc 273K 18+Bangin' Robert Miles style med
Indigestible.lha mods/tranc 176K 9+Dr.Avalanche`s "Indigestible" (PT)
LeaveMe.lha mods/tranc 7K 9+Dr.Avalanche`s "Leave me" (PT)
Max.lha mods/tranc 1.5M 10+Trance by Drawer (DigiBooster Pro 16bit/
mexicana.lha mods/tranc 74K 29+"Mexicana" by Markus Schnell
Millennia.lha mods/tranc 364K 30+Acid trance with a killer beat!
Mixed_Fruit.lha mods/tranc 594K 35+Trance tune by Rolex/Apt^Msv from TG97
moonchild.lha mods/tranc 266K 19+NEW track from Transplant
Protoplasm.lha mods/tranc 158K 6+GOA mod by TSt
psl_str.lha mods/tranc 119K 12+Sonic Trance Remix
psy_trance.lha mods/tranc 721K 10+16bit/22chn trance by Drawer (DBpro)
rby_pfh.lha mods/tranc 178K 7+Peaceful Harmony MOD by Ramboy
rby_tdr.lha mods/tranc 330K 7+THE DREAMER DigiBoosterPro-MOD by Ramboy
Recolor.lha mods/tranc 368K 15+Trance Mod by PUNNIK !
Reflection.lzh mods/tranc 159K 29+Trance mod by TSt
rph_woobing.lha mods/tranc 441K 34+By Raphiel/Oxygen - genre trip-hop/tranc
SadReality.lha mods/tranc 128K 9+Dr.Avalanche`s "Sad Reality" (PT)
Shadowfaith.lzh mods/tranc 175K 35+Trance mod by TSt
slx_bigstar.lha mods/tranc 578K 31+TranceMOD
slx_bipbipboo.lha mods/tranc 213K 15+8Chn 8Bit ArtOfNoise Music
slx_drm1.lha mods/tranc 258K 15+8Chn 8Bit ArtOfNoise Music
slx_drm2.lha mods/tranc 166K 15+8Chn 8Bit ArtOfNoise Music
slx_drm3.lha mods/tranc 183K 15+8Chn 8Bit ArtOfNoise Music
slx_drm4.lha mods/tranc 138K 15+8Chn 8Bit ArtOfNoise Music
slx_drm5.lha mods/tranc 151K 15+8Chn 8Bit ArtOfNoise Music
slx_fredmix.lha mods/tranc 262K 15+8Chn 8Bit ArtOfNoise Music
slx_free.lha mods/tranc 362K 18+16Bit and 24 Tracks DigiBoosterPro Mod
slx_mydream.lha mods/tranc 137K 15+8Chn 8Bit ArtOfNoise Music
slx_vsterne.lha mods/tranc 247K 15+8Chn 8Bit ArtOfNoise Music
slx_wai2.lha mods/tranc 1.6M 17+36Chn 16Bit DigiBoosterPro Music ReMix b
slx_wait4u.lha mods/tranc 432K 17+34Chn 16Bit DigiBoosterPro Music
sommar.lha mods/tranc 359K 19+NEW track from Transplant
sommar89.lha mods/tranc 392K 6+89 RMX track from Transplant
SpaceActivity.lha mods/tranc 145K 9+Dr.Avalanche`s and Marc`s "Space Activit
SpaceNights.lha mods/tranc 168K 13+Space-Nights ... Trance Mod by fLAW/sCum
spEEdBall.lha mods/tranc 408K 30+Trance/HouseHop by Johnny Z
StrangeRhythm.lha mods/tranc 36K 9+Dr.Avalanche`s "Strange Rhythm" (PT)
Strzal2.lha mods/tranc 508K 10+16bit/24chn Trance by Drawer (DBpro)
Substance.lha mods/tranc 169K 6+Hardtrance/GOA by TSt
SunHearts.lha mods/tranc 116K 9+Dr.Avalanche`s "Sunshine and hearts" (PT
Sunshine.lha mods/tranc 99K 9+Mod.sunshine and hearts
TheNightComes.lha mods/tranc 331K 29+Spacy music by *housemeister*
TimeLess.lha mods/tranc 296K 22+Mix of soft and hard trance by Vox
VBiohazard.lha mods/tranc 51K 8+Dr.Avalanche`s "Virtual Biohazard" (PT)
abientot.lha mods/uns 76K 3+A bient t... by UnIsOn
activemo.lha mods/uns 77K 3+Active Moove by UnIsOn
aflash3.lha mods/uns 116K 3+AmigaFlash3 by UnIsOn
agencetr.lha mods/uns 122K 3+Agence by UnIsOn
aloneint.lha mods/uns 30K 3+Alone In The Castle by UnIsOn
annivers.lha mods/uns 137K 3+Anniversaire by UnIsOn
anothero.lha mods/uns 78K 3+Another One ? by UnIsOn
anous.lha mods/uns 108K 3+A Nous by UnIsOn
aqualog.lha mods/uns 96K 3+Aqualog by UnIsOn
arriverd.lha mods/uns 86K 3+Arrivee Du Groupe by UnIsOn
artilove.lha mods/uns 95K 3+Artificial Love by UnIsOn
asparkin.lha mods/uns 183K 3+A Spark In My Heart by UnIsOn
atlantap.lha mods/uns 97K 3+Atlanta's Panic by UnIsOn
aurevoir.lha mods/uns 33K 3+Au Revoir... by UnIsOn
baboolmix.lha mods/uns 125K 3+Ba Bool Mix by UnIsOn
babydol.lha mods/uns 7K 3+Babydol by UnIsOn
banata.lha mods/uns 45K 3+Banata by UnIsOn
bgspart96.lha mods/uns 306K 3+Bugs Party 96 by UnIsOn
blackman.lha mods/uns 33K 3+Blackmaniac_(c)1993 by UnIsOn
bloodandf.lha mods/uns 103K 3+Blood And Fire by UnIsOn
byefrmam.lha mods/uns 6K 3+Bye From America by UnIsOn
champsel.lha mods/uns 8K 3+Champs Elysee by UnIsOn
chipiti.lha mods/uns 10K 3+Chipiti by UnIsOn
chipitun.lha mods/uns 8K 3+Chippitune by UnIsOn
condiment.lha mods/uns 1K 3+Condiments&aromates by UnIsOn
darkmusi.lha mods/uns 46K 3+Darkmusic by UnIsOn
delzetim.lha mods/uns 185K 3+Delete The Time by UnIsOn
destiny.lha mods/uns 15K 3+Destiny by UnIsOn
destrgen.lha mods/uns 188K 3+Destroy Generation by UnIsOn
dmssys2.lha mods/uns 47K 3+Dms System2 by UnIsOn
drawahea.lha mods/uns 30K 3+Draw A Heart by UnIsOn
duobatsy.lha mods/uns 23K 3+Duo Bat Synth by UnIsOn
duogrbat.lha mods/uns 38K 3+Duo Grat Bat by UnIsOn
end.lha mods/uns 46K 3+End by UnIsOn
entree.lha mods/uns 23K 3+Entree by UnIsOn
etmusic.lha mods/uns 3K 3+E.t.music by UnIsOn
eucalyps.lha mods/uns 35K 3+Eucalypsya by UnIsOn
extremtu.lha mods/uns 63K 3+Extreme Tune (Long) by UnIsOn
fourthzk.lha mods/uns 12K 3+4i me Music by UnIsOn
ravenbra.lha mods/uns 216K 3+#raven Brain# by UnIsOn
thirdzik.lha mods/uns 18K 3+3 me Music by UnIsOn
DJsEcstacy.lha mods/voice 285K 32+Cool Mod By Arash Tavakoli aka HyperionT
Esykdag.lha mods/voice 53K 31+Module by Espen Olsen
FyFaenPsycho.lha mods/voice 40K 31+Module by Espen Olsen
Greatfitzn.lha mods/voice 204K 33+Module by Roger Hauam
ortouch.lha mods/voice 561K 8+The Orion Touch !
patzer.lha mods/voice 453K 18+Patzerjoopy (EP) Jebber & Punnik
PC_Hurts.lha mods/voice 1.7M 3+The follow up to "The Intel Outside" - O
winill.lha mods/voice 566K 8+Windows illusion
6581_4_ever.lha mods/voy 1K 11+THX 2.0 tune by V0yager
singin.lha mods/voy 1K 11+THX 2.0 tune by V0yager
7thheven.lha mods/wmr 731K 10+WMR: "7th Heaven" by DJ Joge
aoaries.lha mods/wmr 350K 13+WMR: "The Age of Aries" by Crux
armed.lha mods/wmr 164K 12+WMR: "Armed" by Raper
atmos.lha mods/wmr 201K 12+WMR: "Trance.Atmospheric" by Balistic
beez.lha mods/wmr 458K 12+WMR: "Beez" by SideWinder
biomnkby.lha mods/wmr 176K 12+WMR: "Bionic Monkey Boy" by Skullsaw
bldstone.lha mods/wmr 221K 16+WMR: "Bloodstone" by Loki
blues.lha mods/wmr 143K 12+WMR: "Deborah's Song" by The Prof
bn_aevea.lha mods/wmr 274K 16+WMR: "Aevea" DJ Beanz/ACiD
b_nsane.lha mods/wmr 364K 13+WMR: "My Insanity" by Blurry
c20_328.lha mods/wmr 8K 12+WMR: "March 28th" by Klaws
chains.lha mods/wmr 250K 12+WMR: "Chains of Iron" by Ackers
cleared.lha mods/wmr 302K 16+WMR: "Cleared For Take-Off" by Messiah
closet.lha mods/wmr 324K 12+WMR: "Monster in the Closet" by Cyber...
cosmicof.lha mods/wmr 482K 12+WMR: "Cosmic Outflow" by Falcon
c_whendr.lha mods/wmr 544K 12+WMR: "When I Dream" by Chimp&Z
dd_trvlg.lha mods/wmr 284K 16+WMR: "Travelling" by DD/Aurora+Gemini
deathweb.lha mods/wmr 232K 13+WMR: "Rave on the Web of Death" by Darkn
deepcvr.lha mods/wmr 269K 12+WMR: "Deep Cover" by Aftab Hussein
elf_mind.lha mods/wmr 508K 16+WMR: "Mind Machine" by Elfstone
elw_fall.lha mods/wmr 311K 13+WMR: "Fall From Sky" by Elwood
endrmx.lha mods/wmr 134K 12+WMR: "End Meets End" by J. Devlin
evoluti2.lha mods/wmr 592K 12+WMR: "Evolution" by Motion
extreme.lha mods/wmr 181K 12+WMR: "Extreme Existance" by Frizzlefried
extvoid.lha mods/wmr 138K 12+WMR: "Ex Turn Void" by CyberCerberus
feedback.lha mods/wmr 3.2M 13+WMR: Feedback music disk
fm_cott.lha mods/wmr 411K 16+WMR: "Cotton Woll" by Mellow-D
ftb_find.lha mods/wmr 383K 12+WMR: "Find Yourself" by Rowie
gd_ato.lha mods/wmr 267K 16+WMR: "Ato" by GD
gravitat.lha mods/wmr 113K 16+WMR: "Gravitational Pull" by Salvorite
hate.lha mods/wmr 480K 16+WMR: "Hate!" by Harlequin/Success
holdlin.lha mods/wmr 222K 16+WMR: "Hold the Line" by Libertine
hotdog.lha mods/wmr 299K 16+WMR: "Exit Hotdog Seven" by Caramel
imprvztn.lha mods/wmr 500K 16+WMR: "Improvization" by SoundGod
inverse.lha mods/wmr 5K 12+WMR: "Inverse Science" by CyberCerberus
k_jmars.lha mods/wmr 203K 16+WMR: "Jamaican Mars" by CD/KFMF
k_lodge.lha mods/wmr 382K 16+WMR: "Lodge of the 3 Globes" by Maelcum
k_motif.lha mods/wmr 587K 16+WMR: "(Messing With) Motifs" by Mick Rip
landward.lha mods/wmr 97K 16+WMR: "Landwards" by Musaya/Newlook
lostiacl.lha mods/wmr 136K 16+WMR: "Lost in a Cloud" by Cardiac
lunarmas.lha mods/wmr 148K 13+WMR: "Lunar Mass" by Pfister
lz_image.lha mods/wmr 484K 13+WMR: "Images of Terror" by LioZ
machina.lha mods/wmr 390K 12+WMR: "Deus Ex Machina" by CyberCerberus
mc_absen.lha mods/wmr 159K 13+WMR: "In Absence of Minor" by ManChild
midnight.lha mods/wmr 344K 12+WMR: "Midnight" by Soulfunk
mixmaste.lha mods/wmr 264K 12+WMR: "Mixmaster" by Mixmaster
mi_nowrd.lha mods/wmr 216K 12+WMR: "Not With Words" by Ming
m_rem1b.lha mods/wmr 204K 16+WMR: "Tribute (DMF Remix)" by Dreamfish
m_stomp.lha mods/wmr 405K 16+WMR: "Stomping on Elephantus" by Mystica
nasty_d.lha mods/wmr 79K 12+WMR: "Nasty and D (D and Nasty)" by W...
nb_oafk1.lha mods/wmr 178K 12+WMR: "Dawn of Pendragon" by Nightbeat
nb_rangr.lha mods/wmr 241K 12+WMR: "Ranger Song" by Nightbeat
ned_hard.lha mods/wmr 347K 16+WMR: "Hard Night" by Grgy/NeDeBo
nv_funk.lha mods/wmr 137K 16+WMR: "Demo Funk" by Nova/ACiD
n_rat.lha mods/wmr 519K 13+WMR: "Rat in a Cage" by ZackmanO
n_sform.lha mods/wmr 274K 12+WMR: "Shadowform" by Nemesis
offtopic.lha mods/wmr 298K 16+WMR: "Off Topic" by Obuk
outer_cl.lha mods/wmr 160K 16+WMR: "Outer Cloudlands" by Eye-Oh
pocoloco.lha mods/wmr 180K 12+WMR: "Pocoloco" by KimiK
psycho.lha mods/wmr 178K 16+WMR: "Psychopet's Night Out" by Phanatik
puredev.lha mods/wmr 160K 12+WMR: "Pure Devotion" by CSM
rr_phony.lha mods/wmr 339K 12+WMR: "Cacaphonium" by BizKid
sf_walls.lha mods/wmr 69K 16+WMR: "The Walls Are Crying" by Brokenhea
si_wrft.lha mods/wmr 356K 12+WMR: "Winter Frost" by Skull
sk_fe.lha mods/wmr 238K 12+WMR: "False Emotions" by Skull
smi_sttr.lha mods/wmr 243K 16+WMR: "Street Trance" by Joker
sonata01.lha mods/wmr 75K 12+WMR: "Sonata 01" by Chris and the Clones
stars.lha mods/wmr 115K 16+WMR: "Stars" by McBear/Absence
steppin.lha mods/wmr 155K 12+WMR: "Steppin'" by Alex Noble
sufvar.lha mods/wmr 331K 12+WMR: "Suffering Variety" by Shrift
s_giggle.lha mods/wmr 195K 16+WMR: "Giggle of the Fairies" by Shudder/
tf_sbmrg.lha mods/wmr 449K 16+WMR: "Submerged" by Numb Lock
thebells.lha mods/wmr 195K 12+WMR: "The Bells" by Chris & the Clones
tmasakre.lha mods/wmr 588K 16+WMR: "The Masakre" by YoSFiTS
uberfunk.lha mods/wmr 300K 16+WMR: "The UberFunkMeister" by Alex Noble
undpress.lha mods/wmr 265K 16+WMR: "Under Pressure" Rage/Jade
use_pen.lha mods/wmr 544K 16+WMR: "When the Penguin Slides" by DustBi
vmc1infi.lha mods/wmr 153K 16+WMR: "Infinite Dreams" by Killer Kid
vrb_tuz.lha mods/wmr 115K 12+WMR: "Tuzie" by The Virtual Reality Band
w0contin.lha mods/wmr 235K 16+WMR: "Continuum" by W0zz
wi_castl.lha mods/wmr 68K 12+WMR: "The Castle" by Wizo
WMR.lha mods/wmr 1.0M 16+Initial WMR reviews & info archive
WMR_wk31.lha mods/wmr 76K 15+WMR: New reviews for week of 10.27.97 (w
WMR_wk32.lha mods/wmr 51K 13+WMR: New reviews for week of 11.03.97 (w
WMR_wk33.lha mods/wmr 53K 13+WMR: New reviews for week of 11.10.97 (w
zan_stup.lha mods/wmr 249K 16+WMR: "Stupidity" by Zanti/ELQ
5thDimension.lha mods/xceed 141K 27+Synthesizer mod from "UnDeRwAtEr" [PT]
7thSeal7thSign.lha mods/xceed 343K 27+Tekkno-prodigy style, 2 place at IO4[PT]
area51.lha mods/xceed 231K 27+Strange tune, a little bit psycho [PT]
Berlin1931AD.lha mods/xceed 287K 27+Tune styled in music of the 30's [PT]
Blackness.lha mods/xceed 34K 27+Short techno-trance tune, 125 bpm [PT]
CircularSaw.lha mods/xceed 42K 27+Hard, wild & fast Prodigy styled tune-PT
DirtyMinds.lha mods/xceed 244K 27+Trance techno tune [PT]
DoubleBubble.lha mods/xceed 16K 27+Old, short tune with nice melody [PT]
DrivinLicence.lha mods/xceed 62K 27+Typical blues mod,with lead harmonica PT
Emergency.lha mods/xceed 178K 27+Fast&dynamic tekkno/psycho trance [PT]
Escape.lha mods/xceed 7K 27+Fast and weird chip tune [PT]
FireBall.lha mods/xceed 82K 27+Fast and melodic synthesizer module [PT]
FunnyForest.lha mods/xceed 12K 27+Funny polka chip tune [PT]
Galaxy.lha mods/xceed 220K 22+Fast synthesizer, melodical tune [FT]
Gusting.lha mods/xceed 25K 27+Synthesizer, chip-sounding [PT]
HappySnoopy.lha mods/xceed 19K 27+Very short funny module [PT]
Interfere.lha mods/xceed 164K 27+Weird,psychodelic, elements of acid [PT]
It.lha mods/xceed 17K 27+Chip-ragga-dance with nice melody. [PT]
Katiusha.lha mods/xceed 68K 27+Katiusha - russian song [PT]
LetsGo4aRide.lha mods/xceed 67K 27+Country module [PT]
Lifetime.lha mods/xceed 118K 27+Jazzy/funky mod with lead piano. [PT]
MarszTurecki.lha mods/xceed 8K 27+Chip-version of Mozart's melody. [PT]
MoveTheGroove.lha mods/xceed 171K 27+Funk/rock mod from Primavera party [PT]
MultifruitJuic.lha mods/xceed 24K 27+Short module with very nice melody [PT]
Reach_The_Top.lha mods/xceed 61K 27+Funky tune written 4 PolishCharts#1 [PT]
Recollection.lha mods/xceed 52K 27+Synthesizer soft techno module [PT]
Reincarnation.lha mods/xceed 192K 27+1 of my masterpieces!U can't miss it[PT]
Relationships.lha mods/xceed 106K 27+Slow tune with beautiful melody [PT]
SandGlass.lha mods/xceed 230K 27+Synthesizer module with nice melody [PT]
Sensuality.lha mods/xceed 401K 22+Slow, sentimental, guitar ballad [PT]
SentimentTalks.lha mods/xceed 222K 27+Sentimental mod with lead sax&piano [PT]
Sidmani1.lha mods/xceed 8K 27+Chip module -imitation of C64's msx [PT]
Sidmani2.lha mods/xceed 9K 27+Chip module -imitation of C64's msx [PT]
Sidmani3.lha mods/xceed 17K 27+Chip module -imitation of C64's msx [PT]
Sidmani4.lha mods/xceed 19K 27+Chip module -imitation of C64's msx [PT]
Soundtronic.lha mods/xceed 119K 27+Music from the game "Lazarus" [PT]
Synthm02.lha mods/xceed 5K 27+Chip module [PT]
Synthm03.lha mods/xceed 5K 27+Chip module [PT]
Synthm04.lha mods/xceed 4K 27+Chip module [PT]
Synthm05.lha mods/xceed 9K 27+Chip module [PT]
Synthm06.lha mods/xceed 6K 27+Chip module [PT]
Synthm07.lha mods/xceed 6K 27+Chip module [PT]
Synthm08.lha mods/xceed 6K 27+Chip module [PT]
Synthm09.lha mods/xceed 8K 27+Chip module [PT]
Synthm10.lha mods/xceed 8K 27+Chip module [PT]
Synthm11.lha mods/xceed 9K 27+Chip module [PT]
Synthm12.lha mods/xceed 14K 27+Chip module - Hans Kloss r00lz! [PT]
Synth_Reggae.lha mods/xceed 81K 27+Experimental reggae module [PT]
Temptation.lha mods/xceed 467K 27+Another of my master pieces! [PT]
The_Chase.lha mods/xceed 279K 27+Fast and dynamic tekkno (155bpm) [PT]
The_Real_Art.lha mods/xceed 120K 27+Fast and very dynamic tekkno [PT]
ThinkinBoutHer.lha mods/xceed 9K 27+Slow tune with very nice melody [PT]
ToFlyAway.lha mods/xceed 68K 27+Funky module, with lead piano [PT]
TowardsTheLigh.lha mods/xceed 133K 27+Melodical synthesizer, nice harmony [PT]
Transmutation.lha mods/xceed 224K 27+Trance mod from "dIsGuSt" by cAmOrRa[PT]
Travel2Chiplan.lha mods/xceed 5K 27+Another fast chip module [PT]
Underwater.lha mods/xceed 233K 27+Intro mod of "UnDeRwAtEr" - pC demo [PT]
up_n_x.lha mods/xceed 19K 6+GoA-tRANz form APX intro "UP 'N X" [PT]
Voyager.lha mods/xceed 170K 27+End-part mod from "YACDT!" demo by [PT]
7Minutes.lha mods/xm 90K 34+Slow Techno-Module by Rones
Beatif.lha mods/xm 385K 22+Melody XM-Module
bgr2.lha mods/xm 95K 18+Modern-baby-techno-Teddy-Bear
fantasy.lha mods/xm 455K 32+Melodic Module (C.Z.Tunes)
Infinity.lha mods/xm 194K 34+32 channel xm-mod by pOW/sSP (Infinity.x
Instance.lha mods/xm 712K 3+A old XM module composed by Estrayk.
kivledal.lha mods/xm 135K 35+8 channel XM module by Jan R. Haugan
mystical.lha mods/xm 156K 35+10 channel XM module by Jan R. Haugan
Over_t_o.lha mods/xm 141K 21+Trance dedicated to the memory of Ozir/H
piano.lha mods/xm 41K 32+XM piano module.
PowerDance.lha mods/xm 758K 22+Dancefloor XM-Module
Pushy.lha mods/xm 316K 34+24 channel xm-mod by pOW/sSP (Pushy.xm)
relief.lha mods/xm 92K 18+By Mr.Lou / Dewfall Productions.
SpaceSympho.lha mods/xm 567K 22+Soundtrack XM-Module
TAOR.lha mods/xm 157K 23+The Art Of Remember - 8 channels module
tomorrow.lha mods/xm 153K 35+10 channel XM module by Jan R. Haugan
traxjes8.lzh mods/xm 2.2M 22+XM tracks by Jes8
unknown.lha mods/xm 351K 37+An orrible XM by MICHI (not too much)
village.lha mods/xm 22K 32+XM module.
AproSYS.lha mus/edit 54K 26+Musiceditor with realtime synthesized ef
ays_t210.lha mus/edit 194K 16+"THX Sound System v2.1 full Version" by
ays_t21f.lha mus/edit 57K 16+"THX Sound System v2.1f bugFixed Version
ays_t21n.lha mus/edit 41K 10+"THX Sound System v2.1n (Deli-/Bang-)Pla
ays_thx2.lha mus/edit 157K 26+"THX Sound System v2.00 full Version" by
camd.lha mus/edit 36K 31+CAMD system (Excellent library for midi
DBpro217a.lha mus/edit 227K 6+128 channel tracker; XM, MOD, DBM export
DBP_gui_d.lha mus/edit 14K 35+German amiga-guide for Digibooster profe
DigiBooster1_7.lha mus/edit 156K 2+Digi Booster 1.7 full (8 chn tracker)
MTRS_Demo.lha mus/edit 18K 27+Multi track recording system demo
MusicBugs.lha mus/edit 465K 5+Cool music making program..... MusicBugs
Protracker_fix.lha mus/edit 385K 18+ProTracker362 and 4beta2 repair
pt315.lha mus/edit 95K 30+Protracker 3.15
s3mrip.lha mus/edit 8K 36+Rips samples from S3Ms, saves as 8SVXs
samplee.lha mus/edit 130K 15+A fast 16-Bit Sample Editor
samrate15.lha mus/edit 12K 33+Changes pitch of 8SVX samples
SinED.lha mus/edit 232K 3+V1.30 16-bit sample editor/generator.
SymphDcS.lha mus/edit 22K 33+Symphonie SWEDISH docs by Jonas sterbe
SymphDEMO.lha mus/edit 97K 5+Symphonie 3.2 feat. Resonant Filters eve
SymphDoc_D.lha mus/edit 27K 33+Symphonie GERMAN docs - the Original
SymphD_E.lha mus/edit 21K 33+Symphonie ENGLISH docs by Michel Visser
SymphD_PL.lha mus/edit 24K 33+Symphonie POLISH docs by Adam Zalepa
SymphEDIT.lha mus/edit 124K 18+Symphonie III feat. NG GUI System
Xto8SVX.lha mus/edit 7K 36+DataType Sound converter
05rw_base.lha mus/midi 77K 6+Manager for KORG 05R/W. V1.0 (MUI)
AutoMapper.lha mus/midi 22K 3+YAMAHA TX16W Tool v1.0
Bartok33.lha mus/midi 42K 30+Finale of Bartok's 3rd Piano Concerto
cccc.lha mus/midi 13K 22+Bars & Pipes Tool for generating cyclica
ccpre.lha mus/midi 7K 22+Bars & Pipes Tool for prefixing CC messa
chromatic.lha mus/midi 5K 8+Bars&Pipes chromatic transpose tool
Cs1xed1_4.lha mus/midi 416K 14+MIDI-Editor Yamaha CS1x Version 1.4
Euterpe.lha mus/midi 639K 3+MultiMedia Sequencer v1.14 (BugFix)
get_funk.lha mus/midi 170K 19+MIDI Song in Music-X, SMF and Bars and P
gg2_midi.lha mus/midi 2K 33+MIDI driver for COM ports on GG2+ Bus
Gmpgui.lha mus/midi 109K 14+GUI for GMPlay (v1.6)
Gmpgui14.lha mus/midi 100K 31+GMPlay GUI using CANDO library (v1.4)
GMPlayer.lha mus/midi 2K 2+Makes GMPlay easy to use.
GMPlayGUI15.lha mus/midi 134K 34+Nice GUI for GMPlay1.3!!!
gmplaymui12.lha mus/midi 14K 31+MUI frontend for GMPlay V1.2(Stipey)
gmtones1.lha mus/midi 3.0M 32+High Quality Tonekit for GMPlay1.3 (1/2)
gmtones2.lha mus/midi 2.9M 32+High Quality Tonekit for GMPlay1.3 (2/2)
gx700man.lha mus/midi 445K 22+Roland GX-700 Guitar Effect MIDI manager
KaraoFIX.lha mus/midi 47K 20+Fix some KAR files to run with MidiPlay
KaraoFR.lha mus/midi 55K 20+Convert MS-DOS KARAOKE for Midiplay (for
KorgMAN.lha mus/midi 90K 22+Korg 05RW,X5,X5DR,03RW - Librarian V1.8
markovmidi.lzh mus/midi 20K 13+Algorithmic midi music application
MGMI.lha mus/midi 39K 31+Interface for GMPlay1.3
midiIn.lha mus/midi 49K 32+MIDI controlled 16bit unlim. sample play
MIDIMon.lha mus/midi 10K 36+Monitors any device for MIDI packets
midit.lha mus/midi 98K 35+OctaMED -> MID/SMF converter v2.8b (MUI)
MidiTracker.lha mus/midi 343K 14+Midi composing software, tracker-style w
MrMIDI.lha mus/midi 60K 2+GUI frontend for GMPlay using MUIRexx
MSE.lha mus/midi 198K 3+MIDI SYStem EXplorer - PatchEditor+MORE
MTools.lha mus/midi 44K 16+Five new tools for Bars&Pipes
MusicXMagic.lha mus/midi 13K 31+Tutorial, Music-X and ARexx
MusicXRexxMacs.lha mus/midi 52K 24+New Arexx macros for Music-x.
qs300.lha mus/midi 32K 12+Yamaha QS300 Voices Guide V1.00
qs300patched.lha mus/midi 12K 2+Patch editor for Yamaha XG/QS300 v0.3
qs300_13.lha mus/midi 54K 5+Yamaha QS300 Voices Guide V1.3
Rach4_1.lha mus/midi 57K 20+.MID sequence of Rachmaninoff 4th Piano
RandomNumbers.lha mus/midi 13K 16+Random number generator for Bars&Pipes
SamX21.lha mus/midi 386K 2+A powerful MIDI-driven sample player (us
scaler.lha mus/midi 7K 22+Bars & Pipes Accessory/Tool for scaling
splitter.lha mus/midi 12K 25+Bars & Pipes Accessory for splitting one
tm.lha mus/midi 7K 22+Bars & Pipes Transport Monitor Tool
tools.lha mus/midi 126K 20+A Collection of Bars & Pipes Tools and A
travel.lha mus/midi 160K 19+MIDI Song in Music-X, SMF and Bars and P
VectX1.lha mus/midi 347K 13+MIDI Vector Synthesis on the Amiga
XGHelper.lha mus/midi 12K 21+Turn channels on/off on your DB50XG
303Scripter.lha mus/misc 37K 22+Script File Generator for Jeroen Schell
ahiusr.lha mus/misc 287K 13+Retargetable audio v4.16, User's Archive
AHI_turkce.lha mus/misc 1K 15+AHI & AHIPrefs Turkish Catalog
AIFF2Studio.lha mus/misc 4K 13+Convert AIFF (mono/st/8/16) to Studio 16
BeatBox.lha mus/misc 368K 17+BeatBox v1.0 - A Drum Machine for the Am
ExoticRip32.lha mus/misc 339K 27+SoundRipperV3.2 (88 Formats)
GreenDayz1_06.lha mus/misc 56K 3+Green Day Lyrics Viewer
JoinAIFF.lha mus/misc 3K 13+Join 2 AIFF files to one stereo file
m2s_v12.lha mus/misc 56K 18+Extracts samples out of modules
mCD_disks.lha mus/misc 13K 18+29 disks descriptions for CD players - 1
MergeAIFF.lha mus/misc 16K 5+Joins AudioIFF files. Source included.
mp3enc.lha mus/misc 247K 11+Mp3 encoder. (v0.3)
mp3i.lha mus/misc 14K 3+Writes the Title, Author, etc into MP3s
MPTool.lha mus/misc 33K 13+Calculate the total duration of your MPE
MTRS.lha mus/misc 18K 27+Multi Track Recording System
MUIGMPlay10a.lha mus/misc 8K 35+GuRUMEd MUI_GMPlay 1.0a for GMPlay 1.3
MusicIn.lha mus/misc 195K 20+MPEGaudio encoder, speedup
musiker_aw.lha mus/misc 306K 35+Composes music V1.32, MUI V3.3 required
octarexx.lha mus/misc 10K 12+3 useful Octamed SoundStudio Arexx scrip
Optim19.lha mus/misc 10K 18+ProTracker/NoiseTracker module optimizer
PLSTsearch10.lha mus/misc 7K 14+A search-tool for PLST files generated b
ps3mrec.lha mus/misc 21K 8+V2.1. Creates samples out of modules
QTrip.lha mus/misc 5K 21+Rip`s QT-Sound out of Quicktimemovies
resonance.lha mus/misc 12K 2+Analog resonance for Octamed SS ( Arexx
RiPIT150.lha mus/misc 113K 2+RiPIT v1.50 - Multiformat Ripper
S16Reg2Files.lha mus/misc 2K 12+Studio 16: Convert Regions to files
S16StampRegs.lha mus/misc 2K 11+Studio16: Copy SMPTE from file 2 Regions
sidconv100.lha mus/misc 6K 27+SidConverter V1.00 - Util for converting
smtdemo1.lha mus/misc 327K 33+3 new environments for SMT
SPiScope.lha mus/misc 6K 26+V1.29 of SPi-Scope
Studio2AIFF.lha mus/misc 2K 13+Convert Studio 16 files to AIFF files
svxtool.lha mus/misc 27K 24+Makes object code out of SVX files
TB_303.lha mus/misc 748K 9+Generates TB-303 like sounds
thxripper4.lha mus/misc 20K 35+THX-Module ripper
AHIRecord.lha mus/play 15K 18+Advanced AHI HD-Recorder V1.5
AHITool.lha mus/play 17K 37+Powerful B&Pipes sample player using AHI
AHI_NotePlayer.lha mus/play 15K 13+AHI noteplayer (1.8) for DeliTracker
AModPlay.lha mus/play 69K 24+V1.58 of the multiformat mod player.
BMG.lha mus/play 37K 33+Mpega GUI - v1.041
CdBS_AAM0_51.lha mus/play 413K 22+Delitracker's ModPlayer for Art&Magic mo
ChaoZGui_090b.lha mus/play 62K 23+ChaoZGui 0.90b - Gui for Mpega 3.1+
CLITracker98.lha mus/play 23K 6+Small feature-packed ProTracker&Clones p
DBproDeli.lha mus/play 11K 2+DBPro player (1.14) for DeliTracker
DBproEagle.lha mus/play 11K 2+DBPro player (1.14) for EaglePlayer
dc_mp3r2.lha mus/play 165K 20+DC^mp3gui - Gui interface for Mpega v3.3
DiamondGUI11.lha mus/play 35K 14+V1.1 of the most usable GUI for MPEGA
DoSoundv2_71.lha mus/play 151K 21+Muirexx Point and Click wav player for A
EaglePlayer.lha mus/play 1.1M 22+V2.00, comprehensive sound replayer
EP_JasonPageN.lha mus/play 7K 37+EaglePlayer Jason Page New external repl
hippoplayer.lha mus/play 686K 8+V2.42, module player. Try it!
MedPlayer.lha mus/play 26K 14+Nice little play for OctaMED Meds
MPEGA.lha mus/play 258K 22+MPEG I,II & III audio decoder V3.3 (6802
mpegagui.lha mus/play 26K 21+Gui4CLI frontend for MPEGA incl. MP3Tool
mpegahi.lha mus/play 60K 6+MPEG audio player with GUI
MPEGAPlayer.lha mus/play 29K 9+MPEG Audio DeliTracker player V2.50 6802
mpgagui34.lha mus/play 174K 6+THE real Gui for MpegA V3.0 and up
MrMPEG.lha mus/play 53K 5+GUI frontend for MPEGA using MUIRexx
MYST_D1.lha mus/play 681K 2+YM2149 soundchip emulator Musics Data #1
MYST_D2.lha mus/play 708K 2+YM2149 soundchip emulator Musics Data #2
MYST_D3.lha mus/play 632K 2+YM2149 soundchip emulator Musics Data #3
MYST_D4.lha mus/play 491K 2+YM2149 soundchip emulator Musics Data #4
MYST_D5.lha mus/play 347K 2+YM2149 soundchip emulator Musics Data #5
MYST_Main_v10.lha mus/play 267K 2+YM2149 soundchip emulator v1.0 (Main)
NASP_1.lha mus/play 520K 19+V1.11 - Amiga Sample Player for D.J.'s
Play16.lha mus/play 178K 22+Multi format sound player, supports AHI
Play16daemon.lha mus/play 2K 26+UPD replacement with many added features
PlayAY.lha mus/play 52K 22+PlayAY package (mostly useful with DeliT
PlayDT.lha mus/play 19K 36+DataType Sound player
playerek3.lha mus/play 39K 16+V3.25 PT/Med Sprite equ, xpk,lha,lzx,pp
PPlayer.lha mus/play 61K 16+Pentagram-Player! Ultimate raveplaying t
PreludeAMP.lha mus/play 67K 3+PPC MPEG audio player for Prelude
PtPlay.lha mus/play 84K 18+V2.1 MOD/MMD/THX player, browser support
RudeMED.lha mus/play 16K 35+A MED module player
RudeSAMP.lha mus/play 16K 35+IFF/8SVX Buffered Sample Player
Sid4Amiga.lha mus/play 163K 29+Sid4Amiga - Plays C64 Sid Files with AHI
Sid4Ami_Sup.lha mus/play 355K 30+Sid4Amiga_Sup - IXEMUL V46 libraries!
sidplay.lha mus/play 169K 6+A Commodore 64 Music Player/Emulator v1.
sidplay_r2.lha mus/play 168K 11+A Commodore 64 Music Player/Emulator v1.
SID_Searcher.lha mus/play 29K 3+Plays not-converted SIDs! v1.99g (980122
SongPlayer.lha mus/play 138K 24+Cool and powerfull audio player V1.0 680
SoundPlayer.lha mus/play 181K 36+SAKU-V1.2-Play sound samples from HD
SPlayer_v1_8.lha mus/play 107K 7+GUI for Mpega and Play16. Major Update
SPLibDev.lha mus/play 173K 26+SuperPlay-Library V7.2 (Dev)
SPLibUsr.lha mus/play 69K 26+SuperPlay-Library V7.2 (Usr) plus SuperP
SS.lha mus/play 21K 35+Plays not-converted SIDs! V1.14 (970611)
SSCli.lha mus/play 7K 35+Shell/Cli version of SID-Searcher, V1.00
tBs_AMG2.lha mus/play 276K 30+-[ aMIPEg v2.0 ]- GrEaT MPEGA Interface
TheMpegaGUI.lha mus/play 122K 10+A very nice gui for Mpega, with commodit
tinyplay.lha mus/play 17K 36+A 16K multiformat sound/module player.
xPlay.lha mus/play 18K 35+A player for XPK-packed IFF/RAW samples

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